Naughty stepdaughter

There is something about adolescence that encourages young people to try the unknown, the forbidden. The illicit, the taboo, seem more attractive and exciting somehow. Maybe this is because most young people feel their rights have been infringed upon for long enough, and now is the time for them to "do their own thing". And perhaps it is strictly a biological phenomenon.

This is the story of a young girl who dares to try the unknown. Emily Collins is a teenage girl trying to find herself, trying to find out what makes her budding body tick, tying to find out what life is really about. Like many young people, she often learns things the hard way.

NAUGHTY STEPDAUGHTER is a story about a time that everyone must face, the fragile moment between childhood and maturity. It is a frightening and confusing time, but one which holds lessons which will remain for a lifetime.


Emily Collins wanted David Wayland the first time she set eyes on him. Most of the boarders at the rooming house Emily's mother and stepfather owned were strictly of the local variety -- local being Pine Ridge, a sleepy Southern town of less than three thousand -- but David Wayland was decidedly different. Young, well-dressed, and strikingly handsome, David had only recently graduated from Halpern Springs College and was spending the summer in Pine Ridge before starting law school in the fall.

To Emily's mother Edith, a red-faced woman not yet forty who seemed always to wear the same apron around the house, the young man said only, "I need same peace and quiet, that's all."

"You'll get plenty of that around here," Edith assured him, motioning for Emily to come and meet the new boarder. "Anyway, my daughter here will show you to your room. I get enough trips up those stairs as it is. Emily, this is David Wayland. Be a good girl and show him around."

"Yes, ma'am." Emily smiled brightly, then headed up the stairway in front of the young man. "Follow me," she added to David.

Emily was beautiful with a flowing mane of golden hair and huge, expressive brown eyes. In a skimpy halter top that barely restrained the jiggling of her tits, and skin-tight denim shorts that hugged her round little ass, the shapely teenager moved up the stairs with a supple, almost fluid grace.

"This your first time in Pine Ridge?" Emily asked politely when they reached the second-floor landing. She knew beyond a doubt that the good-looking young man stared at the sensuous wiggle of her firm young body, her shorts so tight that each rubbery cheek of her ass rounded tautly beneath them when she moved. "Is it?"

"That's right," David answered somewhat breathlessly, right behind her. "This is going to be sort of a vacation for me."

"That's always nice," Emily said sweetly. "A vacation, I mean."

Opening the door to his room, Emily stepped aside and let David pass by. It was a small room, clean and orderly, but certainly nothing to write home about. The young man inspected it without comment, then turned and smiled at Emily.

"This'll do fine." David nodded pleasantly. "Say, what was your name again?"

"Emily," the pretty blonde told him. "And if you need anything -- anything -- just give me a yell." Emily saw his eyes drop only briefly to her perfectly round tits, the points of her large nipples almost poking through the material of her halter top. "The bathroom's down at the end of the hall. Come on, I'll show you."

When she opened the bathroom so that both of them could look in, Emily managed to brush her firm tits across his arm. She pressed herself to David for just a moment then slid away as if she hadn't even noticed the warm contact. "It's just your common, ordinary john."

David was glancing at her nervously. "How old did you say you were?"

"I didn't say," Emily smiled, showing even white teeth. "But, since you asked, I'm eighteen."

"Eighteen, huh?" he nodded. Then, with a sigh, "I guess I'd better unpack and get settled in."

"Remember," Emily held his gaze for a moment longer. "If you need anything, give me a call."

"I won't forget," David promised.

Alone in her small bedroom downstairs, Emily closed the door and locked it. Then she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her denim shorts and pushed them down, stepping over them when they dropped down around her slim ankles. Wiggling out of her panties next, she tossed her underwear aside and climbed on the bed in only her halter top.

On her back, Emily spread her dimpled knees and cupped the hairy bulge of her plump young cunt with both hands.

"He's such a doll!" the half-naked girl breathed hotly, her imagination running wild with thoughts of David Wayland. "He's just so damn good-looking!"

Deftly, Emily separated the slick lips of her pink pussy with her agile fingers. Ignoring the trembling nub of her sweet clit for the moment, she slowly pushed a fingertip up into her juicy cunt, her breath catching with a sharp gasp.

"Ummmmm!" Emily murmured dreamily, then began sliding her finger in and out of her tight young pussy. "Oh, David, David! Ummm! God, does that feel good!"

Soon, the girl's breathing came in ragged heaves, her body so damp with sweat that her halter top was clinging to her flesh. She could see the dark outlines of her nipples through the almost-sheer fabric, the rubbery tips so swollen they felt ready to burst.

The hot juices of Emily's throbbing cunt kept brimming over, a slick trickle of oily liquid coursing down between the firm cheeks of her naked ass. Groaning, she pushed another finger into her wet snatch.

"I'm almost there!" Emily whimpered quietly, squirming on the bed with an undulating wiggle. Feverishly, she shoved her fingers deeper in her slippery pussy. "Ummm! Ummmmmm! My little cunts on fire! Uhhh!"

The whole room smelled of the young girl's dripping snatch, the lush odor growing still stronger as she fingered her cunt faster and harder. Her huge brown eyes closed to half-slits. Emily gulped for air as she slid her fingers around in the hot wetness of her hairy cunt.

Then, Emily slid her thumb over and nudged the faintly-quivering jewel of her erect clit. She shuddered with the keen sensation she got in return, her bare loins suffused with the most delicious of pleasure.

"Uhhhh!" she moaned, spreading her damp thighs wider. "My pussy's throbbing and tingling like crazy! Ummm! It's dripping all over the bed!"

With the flat part of her thumb, Emily pressed at her distended clit until she was shaking uncontrollably. She crammed her fingers up her pink cunt even more furiously, sliding them in and out as fast as she could.

"Ohhhh God!" she suddenly moaned, the first spasm of her climax ripping through her pulsing cunt. "Ohhhhh! God! I love the way it feels to come! Ohhhhh!"

Working at her juicy pussy with both hands, Emily wriggled frantically, her naked hips twisting and her heels digging into the bed. She jerked her bare ass up with a shuddering groan, her thighs spreading open as wide as possible.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Emily gasped, her cunt sucking at her fingers when her slick cunt-hole contracted wetly. "God, I'm coming so much! Uhhhhhh! It's almost too much to take! Ohhhhh God!"

And, panting for breath, the half-naked girl tensed until every muscle in her young body stood taut, then finally sagged into the bed with a hoarse, whimpering cry.


That same afternoon, Emily went about doing the chores she was assigned during the summer months when she wasn't in school.

Standing in the large, ramshackle garage, she tried to jam two bags of garbage she'd carried from the house into the already-filled cans. At the sudden sound of the garage door closing, Emily jumped with a start, dropping both bags and letting the garbage spill across the floor.

"Now, look what a mess you've made." Jack Barker, Emily's stepfather, said slowly, shaking his head. Tall and ruggedly-built, he stood blocking Emily's path. "Didn't that mother of yours ever teach you anything?"

"What do you want?" Emily glared at the brawny man, the one enemy she had in the world. "Get away from me!"

The simple fact of the matter was that Emily hated Jack Barker through and through, and with good reason. For her stepfather, a mean sneak of a man, had a disposition better suited to a rattlesnake. And, worst of all as far as the shapely blonde teenager was concerned, he took every chance he could to put his hands on her.

"There's no sense in making any noise," Jack said quietly, reaching behind and flipping the clasp on the door so it couldn't be opened from the outside. "Your mother's off shopping, and you and I are alone!"

Backing up slightly, Emily stammered, "What do you think you're going to do? Are you crazy?"

The brawny man laughed easily, his cold eyes taking in his shapely stepdaughter's ripe body. "Not crazy." He moved towards her. "Just fixing to get some of that little ass you're so fond of showing off! Hell, I see the way you prance around in those tight shorts, just begging for it! Now, come here to me!"

But, her back to the cluttered corner of the garage, there was nowhere for Emily to run to. Her stepfather grabbed her arm roughly and pulled her close to him.

"Damn you!" she cried, tears burning her eyes. "Let go of me! Let go!"

"Keep fighting, and I might have to get nasty!" Jack suddenly growled menacingly, then shook Emily violently by the arm until her teeth were chattering. "You behave yourself if you know what's good for you!"

Terrified, Emily glanced down and saw the throbbing bulge in the crotch of the big man's pants. She exhaled shakily, then turned her face away abruptly when Jack used his free hand to pull down his zipper.

"Get down on your knees, Emily!" he ordered, shaking her again. "Go on, a little dirt ain't going to hurt you!"

Still refusing to look at the man, the crying girl got clown on her bare knees on the dirt floor of the garage. Jack entwined his fingers in her long blonde hair, then tightened his grip and turned her pretty face to his crotch.

"Oh, God!" Emily whimpered when she saw her stepfather's huge cock standing stiffly in front of her face. She clamped her eyes shut. "Leave me alone! Please!"

But the chunk-like man shook Emily by the hair, making her open her eyes again. "Suck my dick!" he ordered, pulling her head forward. "Open your mouth! Go on, suck my dick right now."

Trembling uncontrollably, Emily stared at Jack Barker's jutting prick in horror. The shaft of his cock was as thick as a gnarled root, the head of it swollen and throbbing. Emily swallowed hard, both frightened and yet strangely excited by the sight of it.

"Put my cock in your mouth!" Jack snapped. "Do it, damn it, or you'll wish you had!"

On her knees in the dirt, Emily leaned forward and took the fleshy head of Jack's twitching prick in her mouth. She shuddered, her breath uneven with her crying, and started sucking on her stepfather's mammoth cock.

"That's the way!" the big man moaned, his grip tightening on Emily's golden hair. "Suck it harder! Take as much of my dick as you can get in your mouth! Uhhh!"

With her moist lips stretched around the man's pulsing cock, Emily slid her mouth down along his thick cock-shaft. Tears streamed down her pretty face, her eyes closing again. The girl sucked at Jack's throbbing cock wetly, her warm mouth covering so much of it that his thick cock-head was touching the back of her throat.

With a shuddering groan, her stepfather began working his hips back and forth slowly, his jerking cock beginning to slide in and out of Emily's mouth.

Jack ordered, "Grab my cock with your hand! Jack me off while you're blowing me! Go on!"

Reaching up, Emily encircled the throbbing shaft of Jack's upright prick with her slender fingers. She squeezed, then started moving her hand up and down. The fear that she felt was still with her, but mixed with it was a sudden fascination at what she was doing. Oddly, she found herself growing excited.

Jack stood with his feet wide on the garage floor, his hips moving faster as he pushed his long prick repeatedly to the back of Emily's throat. He breathed to her, "Suck my dick harder! And jack me off faster! Damn, if you ain't giving me the best blow job I ever had! Suck it!"

With her hand, Emily pulled at the crude man's standing prick as quickly as possible. Her lips made soft slurping sounds as she sucked at his cock, her blonde head beginning to bob. The sudden realization that Jack planned on shooting off in her mouth somehow only increased the rising lust she felt, her eagerness to taste his hot sperm growing by the moment.

Taking as much of his cock in her mouth as she could, Emily knelt in front of her stepfather and blew him feverishly. She sucked at his prick with all her might, her hand jerking up and down a mile a minute.

"Christ, you're going to suck my dick right down your throat!" Jack Barker gasped. "Use your tongue on it, too! Uhhh! Blow me till I come in your mouth, little girl! Uhhhh! You're going to get a mouthful of cum for sure!"

Still sucking his prick hotly, Emily started darting her moist tongue back and forth across his swollen cock-head. The slender teenager teased at the man's wildly-throbbing prick with just her pink tonguetip, flicking it all around the fleshy tip of his prick.

She took her stepfather's cock still deeper in her wet mouth, her lips stretching wide as they slid down the jerking shaft of his prick. She was soon swallowing over half of his thick cock-shaft, her hair flying as she bobbed her head faster.

"Here I go!" Jack blurted suddenly, his stiff prick jerking even stiffer in Emily's mouth. "You're going to be drowned in cum in a second! Uhhh! Suck it, Emily, suck my cock as hard as you can!"

With her sweaty hand moving furiously, Emily clamped her lips tightly around Jack's rigid cock and sucked her smooth cheeks in. She made loud sucking noises, her reward a sudden mouthful of spurting cum when her stepfather started shooting his wad.

"Suck all the cum out of my nuts!" he groaned shakily, his fingers gripping his stepdaughter's silky hair tightly. "Swallow every drop of it!"

Sucking feverishly, Emily gulped down the large man's sticky cum as quickly as it filled her mouth. She swallowed stream after thick stream of it, pulling at Jack's throbbing cock even harder with her hand as his own spurted out.

She mouthed his prick until the last dribble of his hot sperm squirted against her tongue, then swallowed that and pulled her head back.

"Jesus Christ, that was great!" Jack breathed, still hanging onto Emily's hair so she couldn't get away. "Hell, you take to a cock better'n any woman I ever met! Even your ma can't suck a dick the way you do!"

Stiffening at the reference to her mother, Emily asked quietly, "Can I go now?" She wiped at a dribble of cum running down her chin with the back of one hand. "Are you finally through with me?"

"Hell, no, I'm not through with you!" Jack laughed crudely. "Get up and come over here with me!"

He led the trembling teenager to the far corner of the garage, then pushed her down onto a makeshift bed of old blankets, rags and newspapers. Stepping out of his pants and shorts as he kicked his shoes off, the big man never took his eyes from the cowering girl.

"I'll tell my mother if you rape me," Emily said as calmly as she could manage. "You'll go to jail!"

"Just one word from you to the wrong person, and you'll get a broken neck! You remember that, little girl! I'm not fooling!"

And he grabbed the front of Emily's halter top and yanked it up. Her bare tits jiggled into view, her sleek flesh damp with sweat and her large nipples hard and pointy. She shrunk back from him.

"Christ, what a set of knockers for a kid!" he said with a tremor in his voice. "My God, they're perfect!"

He pushed Emily's halter top up hither and cupped her naked tits in his hands, fondling them feverishly. Pulling at the girl's rubbery nipples with his fingertips, he soon had them throbbing with desire in spite of Emily's resolve to ignore what he did to her.

"You're hurting me!" she whimpered when he squeezed her tits particularly hard. "Stop it!"

With a harsh laugh, Jack slid his hands down Emily's slim middle and quickly unzipped her tight denim shorts. Tugging hard, he yanked her shorts down to her bare feet. Next, while Emily sat watching wide-eyed with fear, he slowly rolled her damp panties down and yanked them off also.

"Spread your legs!" Jack told her, giving the flat of her firm thigh a stinging slap to show he meant business. "Open up so I can get at that sweet little pussy of yours!"

Starting to cry softly again, Emily lay back helplessly and let her bare thighs drop open. She shivered uncontrollably when she felt her crude stepfather's finger slide up into her slick cunt, a muffled groan escaping her parted lips when he plucked at her tingling clit.

"You like that, huh?" He took his time exploring the sobbing girl's juicy snatch, his fingers dipping into and squishing around in her lush, wet cunt-hole. "Damn, you got a really tight cunt! I'll probably shoot my wad just trying to get my dick in it!"

"Go to hell!" Emily cried, terrified beyond words. "If you're going to rape me, do it and get it over with!"

"You'll be begging for my dick before I'm through!"

Spreading the trembling girl's round thighs wider with his hands, the ruggedly-built man climbed on top of her. Emily groaned when he put his weight fully on her, then groaned again, sharper, when she felt the swollen head of his cock slide in between her moist cunt-lips.

"It's going to hurt!" Emily gasped, suddenly filled with mindless panic. "Damn it, get the hell off me!"

Scratching at her stepfather wildly, she struggled with all her might to get free. She twisted her naked hips frantically, rolling around on the pile of blankets and newspapers, but Jack was just too strong for her to break free from.

"That's it, get all excited!" The big man laughed, grabbing Emily's flailing arms and pinning them down. "Fucking you's going to be like riding a bucking bronco!"

And, while she struggled to get away, Jack started pushing his mammoth prick into her tight young snatch. Then, when he met the resistance of her hymen, he gave a thrust that speared his throbbing cock right through it.

"Ohhhhh God!" Emily wailed, pain lancing through her wet snatch. "Ohhh, it hurt! Damn you! Ohhhhh!"

Ignoring her cries, he inched his stiff cock the rest of the way into Emily's slippery pussy, forcing it up her steadily.

Emily could feel the slick walls of her hot cunt gripping her stepfather's throbbing prick, her hairy crotch alive with sensation. Still struggling, she soon found that the more she squirmed, the wetter her pussy became.

"Goddamn, your cunt's tight!" the husky man groaned when his huge cock was buried to the hilt in his stepdaughter's pulsing snatch. "It's sucking at my dick already!"

Without warning, he started sliding his massive prick in and out of Emily's wetly-gripping cunt, pushing it up into her with thrusts that made her squirm even more.

"It still hurts!" Emily gasped hoarsely, shuddering every time Jack's twitching cock plunged into her tight cunt. "God, I hate you more than ever, you son of a bitch!"

But soon, Emily was groaning softly and struggling less to get away from the big man on top of her. The pain in her young pussy gradually faded, and then was replaced with throbbing pleasure as Jack hammered his hard cock into her cunt-hole.

Her hot juices oozing out of her hairy snatch, Emily began squirming her bare ass into the pile of blankets, her damp thighs parting wider and her erect clit quivering wildly.

"I don't hear you complaining!" Jack laughed, driving his rigid cock still farther into Emily's slippery pussy. "The way you're wiggling your little ass, you must be loving it! Damn, I can't get over how wet and hot and tight your cunt is!"

With one plunging thrust after another, the rough-looking man pounded every solid inch of his jerking cock into his pretty stepdaughter's juicy snatch. His naked hips whipped up and down between her sweaty thighs, his crotch grinding into hers every time he slammed his prick up into her hot pussy.

Sprawled underneath him, Emily kept taking a deep breath, holding it for a moment, then exhaling loudly. The fiery itch between her legs became more lewdly insistent with each shuddering stab of his big cock, her slick pussy sucking at his thick cock-shaft wetly.

"You're going to make me come!" Emily swallowed hard, wriggling her entire body. "God, your big dick is going so deep in my cunt! I can feel it sliding all the way up my pussy! Uhhh! It's just so fucking big and stiff! Ohhhhhhhh!"

Unable to control herself, Emily dug her bare heels into the sides of Jack's churning thighs and spread her knees outward. She began pushing her dripping cunt as deep as possible in her pulsating cunt-hole. The moist inner lips of her tight snatch caressed the entire length of Jack's pistoning prick, the girl's oily juices flowing still more heavily.

With her halter top binding her just above her firm tits, Emily wiggled and squirmed with every muscle in her sleek body.

"God, it's so good!" she groaned, wrapping her bare legs around his and then pumping like mad. "Uhhh! Every time your big dick rams up my pussy, it takes my breath away! Harder, push your cock up me harder! Ohhhhh! I'm going to come! I can feel it! Uhhh! I love the way your cock feels sliding in and out of my cunt!"

"I thought you would." Jack gasped brokenly, his breathing heavy and getting heavier. "Your pussy's throbbing like hell around my dick! Keep pumping your little ass like that!"

He let go of Emily's arms and went for her bare tits with both hands, his hips churning up and down with a fury of motion. He slammed his mammoth cock to the juiciest depths of Emily's cunt, pistoning his hardened meat into the girl with one rampant thrust after another.

Groaning with the sheerest of pleasure, the pretty girl kept throwing her hairy cunt up to the large man and grinding her crotch into his. Emily wanted only to feel his huge cock spearing deeper and deeper into her wet snatch, all other thoughts gone from her mind.

"Push your dick up me even faster!" Emily urged between clenched teeth, her dripping pussy aflame with lust. "Faster, faster! Screw my snatch off! Ohhhh God! Shove your hard cock up my cunt as hard as you can! Harder! Keep fucking me harder!"

Relentlessly, Jack drove his throbbing cock into Emily's slick pussy until the young girl was moaning and sobbing with wanton delight. The sexy teen pumped feverishly with her thighs and hips and ass, her lithe arms sliding around her stepfather's neck and hugging him tight.

She gasped in ecstasy every time the muscular man's hard prick glutted her sweet cunt with twitching hardness, her cries growing still shriller when the base of his cock pounded into her distended clit.

"Ohhhhhh!" Emily gurgled, lost in the waves of intense pleasure washing over her. "Yes, yes! God, yes! Fuck the hell out of my pussy! Cram your stiff cock up my pussy and make me come! Uhhh! Ohhh! Make me come my brains out! Ohhhhhh!"

With an urgency born of raging passion, the slender girl clutched at Jack's back and shoulders, her hot thighs straining and jerking as she pumped fast and furiously.

Emily's stepfather squeezed her naked tits feverishly, his hands opening and closing on her quivering flesh and his fingers tugging eagerly at her swollen nipples. And then, to the wiggling girl's surprise, Jack slid one large hand down along her sweaty body and dug in under her bouncing, undulating ass.

"Shove your hard dick farther up my cunt!" Emily wailed, feeling the man's fingers probing between the sweaty cheeks of her ass. "Fuck me till I can't walk! Ohhhh! It's so good! It's so damn good having your huge prick in my snatch!"

With a sudden cry, she tensed when she felt her stepfather jam one finger straight up her taut asshole. Wiggling frantically, Emily gulped for air, then went rigid all over when her climax slammed into her.

"Uhhhh!" she groaned. "Ohhhh, it's so good! You're making me come with your stiff cock! Ohhhh! My cunt's spasming like crazy! Uhhhh!"

Emily's wet pussy tightened around Jack's stroking cock with a quick series of moist tugs, her bare legs stretching out until her toes spread apart. She felt his stabbing prick jerk wildly within her clenching cunt-hole, and then his hot cum geysered out.

"I can feel your cum squirting up my pussy!" she gasped, her head rolling from side to side. "You're filling my cunt up with your sticky cum! Ohhhh! My snatch is melting! Uhhhh! I just keep coming! God, keep fucking me! Fuck me ragged!"

"That's just what I'm going to do!" Jack moaned, sticking his finger still deeper in Emily's pulsing asshole. "That's exactly what I'm going to do!"


"You sure have been quiet tonight," Maureen said to Emily as they got ready for bed. "Usually, you talk my head off!"

Maureen was Emily's best friend, a dark-haired, blue-eyed girl who was spending the night with her. Slender and willowy, Maureen had tits that were no more than a handful each and an ass that was almost too small to be noticed.

"I'm not in a very talkative mood." Emily avoided her friend's eyes. "I guess I just don't feel very well."

Both in cotton nightgowns, the two young girls climbed into the big bed and got comfortable under the covers. Emily reached over and turned off the light, then lay staring into darkness for several long moments, trying to decide whether to tell Maureen about her rape or not.

"I'm going to play with myself." The slim Maureen giggled suddenly and reached out and touched Emily's arm lightly. "Do you want to race?"

She shook her head in the darkness. "I'm not really in the mood tonight, Maureen. You go ahead, though."

"Let me know if you change your mind," the dark-haired girl whispered.

Lying next to Maureen, Emily suddenly felt the bed begin to jiggle. Spending the night together often in the summer, it had become common practice for the two teenaged girls to masturbate as they lay side by side, each of them hurrying to beat the other to a blistering orgasm. As of late, Emily and Maureen had taken to helping each other out, the object of the race then to bring the other to climax first.

But tonight, still shaken by the episode with her stepfather, Emily was not eager for any form of intimate contact.

"I'm getting really close to coming!" Maureen breathed with a muffled giggle. "My panties are sopping!"

Without answering, Emily sighed. She could hear her pretty girlfriend's breathing getting quicker, could feel the jiggling of the bed become more insistently obvious. Slowly, her cunt filled with oily moisture as the picture of what Maureen was doing under the covers formed more clearly in her mind.

"Oh, let me help!" Emily finally gave in, reaching for the dark-haired girl. "I'm getting horny just listening to you!"

Sliding her hand up under Maureen's long nightgown, Emily trailed her fingers along the girl's bare thigh until she reached the wet crotch of her panties. She squeezed the plump mound of Maureen's hairy cunt through the soaked fabric, Maureen sliding her fingers out of her snatch and giving Emily room.

"You do mine, and then. I'll do yours." Maureen giggled still again, spreading her firm thighs. She jerked with a soft moan when Emily's fingers slid under the crotch of her panties and into her dripping cunt. "Ummmmm, make it good for me!"

Moving closer to the slim girl, Emily darted her fingertips up and down along Maureen's trembling and very slick cunt-lips. She probed into the juicy center of the dark-haired girl's pussy, sliding her finger in and out until Maureen was shaking uncontrollably with pleasure.

"Wow, your cunt's dripping wet!" Emily murmured, swallowing loudly. "I can feel your cunt sucking at my finger! It keeps opening and closing and grabbing at me."

"It's supposed to!" Maureen breathed, shivering with girlish delight. "Play with my clit some! You know how fast that makes me come! Mmmmm! Your finger feels fantastic in my pussy!"

Lingeringly, she slid her finger up until it was pressed against the tiny nub of Maureen's highly-sensitive clit. Emily enclosed the erect stub with a thumb and forefinger, tugging at it gently while Maureen squirmed beside her.

"Ohhhhh!" Maureen groaned brokenly, her pretty face dotted with sweat and her mouth hanging open. "It won't take long! Ohhh! Keep squeezing my clit like that! Press it! Uhhh! My pussy's dripping down into the crack of my butt! God, can you smell it?"

"Uh huh," Emily nodded, concentrating on what she was doing. Centering her attention on Maureen's throbbing clit, she tugged and squeezed it feverishly. Her movement was hindered by the other girl's tight panties, but still Emily managed to bring the girl to a state of panting and wiggling excitement within moments.

With her other hand, Emily squeezed Maureen's bare thigh, then moved up until her fingers were pressed into the girl's hairy crotch. Sliding her fingers down into the sweaty crack of Maureen's ass, it was an easy matter for Emily to find the young girl's tightly puckered asshole.

"My God, what are you doing?" Maureen cried out when Emily's finger speared up into her slick rectum. "Uhhh! You're making me shake all over! What a wild sensation! Ohhhhhh! Stick your finger all the way up my ass! And keep squeezing my clit! Squeeze my whole pussy!"

Jabbing her finger still deeper into Maureen's gripping asshole, she cupped the girl's hairy cunt with her other hand and squeezed it rhythmically. Maureen's oily juices poured from her pink snatch, the slick excess spilling between Emily's fingers.

Kicking her thin legs suddenly, Maureen gasped, "I'm starting to come!" She thrashed beneath the covers, her breath coming in rasping heaves and her expression contorted into one of pure lust. "Ohhhh! My cunt's going crazy! It keeps throbbing and closing up! Uhhhh! Keep fingering my pussy for me, Emily! Uhh! Ohhhhh!"

So close to the wildly wriggling girl that she was partially on top of her, Emily pulled at Maureen's cunt with her fingers while the girl jerked and groaned. She kept pushing her finger straight up Maureen's wetly-clenching asshole, both of her hands under the girl's damp panties.

"Ummmm!" Maureen moaned shakily, spreading her hot thighs wider under her clinging nightgown. "Damn, I'm coming my ass off! Keep cramming your fingers up my cunt and asshole! Uhhhhh! I'm coming so much!"

When Maureen finally let out a last gasping groan and sprawled out lifelessly, Emily sat up with a quiet giggle.

"Now it's my turn!" Emily smiled, raising herself up slightly and pulling her nightgown over her head. She quickly wiggled out of her panties and then was stark naked. "You get naked, too!"

She helped Maureen off with her nightgown and panties, then both of them snuggled together under the covers. With her bare legs tangled between the pretty dark-haired girl's, Emily hugged her tight.

Maureen said softly, "I'll use my mouth on your pussy if you'll do the same thing to me after."

Silent for several moments, Emily giggled at length. "All right, that might be fun!"

Rolling onto her back, Emily spread her damp thighs eagerly. She watched as Maureen ducked under the covers and made her way down between Emily's parted legs.

"Your cunt's already sopping wet," the thin girl breathed from under the covers. "God, I can really smell it!"

"Lick, it, don't smell it!" Emily giggled back tensing when she felt Maureen's fingertips close on her thick cunt-lips. "Hold my pussy open and lick me right up the middle!"

Under the covers, Maureen pressed her face into Emily's hairy crotch and darted her moist tongue up between her quivering cunt-lips. She tongued her way into her juicy snatch with a fervor, smacking her lips loudly and sucking at Emily's hot pussy.

"That's it!" Emily stiffened, her mouth dropping open with the sheer thrill of having her cunt eaten for the first time ever. "Ummm! Lick it and suck it and kiss it! Wow, I'll come really fast, Maureen! Suck my cunt all over. Push your tongue deeper! Ummm! Deeper!"

Maureen lapped her wet tongue straight up into Emily's throbbing pussy, her face pressed into the naked girl's crotch. She probed with her tonguetip into Emily's slippery cunt-hole, licking feverishly at the moist, pink tissue within.

Groaning with delight, Emily squirmed her bare ass into the bed with a jerky, wiggling motion, her strong young thighs parting yet wider so Maureen could get at her cunt better. She could feel her heart pounding away.

"Ohhhhhh!" Emily moaned, trembling violently from her head to the tips of her pretty toes. "Suck my snatch right down your throat! Hhhhhh! I'm going to come like mad! God! It feels so good with your tongue sliding around in my pussy! Lick it deeper! Stick your tongue as far up my cunt as it'll teach!"

The dank-haired teen tinder the blankets and sheets suddenly pushed a lone finger up into Emily's twitching asshole, ramming it in deep and then sliding it in and out.

Emily jerked with a groan, her naked body wiggling frantically as Maureen sucked her pussy and fingerfucked her asshole. Drenched with sweat, she writhed on the bed, her slender hips starting to pump slowly when she pushed her juicy cunt tighter against the other girl's face.

"Your pussy tastes great!" Maureen gasped hoarsely, all the while darting her tongue in and out of Emily's dripping snatch. "You're about drowning me with your juices! They just keep gushing out of your pussy!"

The slick river of Emily's flowing cunt-juices soaked Maureen's cheeks and chin with oily moisture that had a smell all its own. The deeper the thin girl rammed her tongue into Emily's hot cunt, the more Emily's slick lubrication oozed out. Squirming and wiggling more feverishly than ever, Emily jerked her bare hips up and down time and again, her slippery cunt gaping open and grinding into Maureen's sucking mouth. Emily could feel the girl's tongue slide up along her moist cunt-lips and light on her pink clit, the sensation causing the lithe blonde to shudder uncontrollably.

"Ohhhh, you're right on my clit!" Emily gurgled, reaching down and locking her fingers together behind Maureen's head. She pulled the other girl's face still more into her throbbing snatch, working her hips up and down still more frantically. "Suck it really hard! Bring me off with your mouth! Ohhhh! My clit's tingling like anything! Keep using your tongue on it like that!"

With her head nestled between Emily's sweaty thighs, Maureen used just the very tip of her wet tongue to tease at her pulsing clit. At the same time, Maureen relentlessly drove her finger farther and farther into Emily's clenching asshole, stretching her puckered anal slot open as she did so.

Concentrating on Emily's erect pink clit, Maureen tickled and teased at it with her tongue until she finally gasped with the onrushing pleasure of her orgasm and clamped her thighs tightly around Maureen's head.

"Ohhhhhhh God!" Emily panted, her bare ass jerking up off the bed and bouncing when it dropped back down. "I'm coming, Maureen! You're making me come with your tongue! Uhhhh! Keep licking and sucking my cunt! Keep cramming your finger up my butt! Ohhhhh! I'm coming!"

Pumping with her straining ass and thighs, Emily groaned through one climax after another, Maureen sucking at her pussy wildly until Emily had climaxed three times in quick succession.

"Oh wow!" Emily gasped at last when Maureen's warm mouth slid away from her cunt. "Maureen, that was fantastic! I thought I'd die, it felt so good!"

Scampering out from under the covers, Maureen sat up with a lewd smile. Even in the near-darkness of the bedroom, Emily could see her own slick cunt-juices glistening wetly on Maureen's pretty face.

Brushing her dark hair back away from her smooth forehead, Maureen giggled excitedly, "Now suck my cunt for me! I'm so horny, I'll probably come as scion as your tongue touches my pussy!"

"Squat over my face!" Emily said just as excitedly.

The sexy brunette seemed unsure. "Gee, I don't know -- what if your mother checks on us? I'd never get back under the covers in time!"

"She won't check," Emily assured the girl. "Come on, sit on my face!"

Trembling with anticipation, Maureen threw one bare leg over Emily's head and came down with her hairy cunt over her mouth. The thin girl gripped the headboard of the bed and steadied herself, then slowly lowered her bare ass until her juicy cunt was pressed to Emily's mouth.

"Lick it good!" Maureen breathed, shaking with desire. "Stick your tongue all the way up my pussy!"

From where Emily lay, she could see up along the gentle curve of the other girl's bare groin. As she started mouthing Maureen's swollen cunt, she brought both hands up and cupped the girl's ass from behind.

"Ohhh, that's good!" Maureen murmured when Emily sucked her slick cunt-lips into her mouth. "Ummm! It sure beats using a finger! Ohhhh! Suck my snatch, Emily! Suck it!"

With her face crushed against Maureen's crotch, Emily licked up into the thin girl's pink pussy eagerly. She probed with her tongue into Maureen's tight cunt-hole, sucking at the wet flesh feverishly as she ate out her horny girlfriend.

Maureen, her slender thighs tensing, started pumping up and down, her bare little ass wiggling as she squirmed on Emily's face. The slick opening of her throbbing cunt oozed hot wetness, her juices spilling nonstop into Emily's sucking mouth.

"Don't stop licking my snatch! Shove your tongue deeper in my cunt! Ohhhh! Emily! God, you're sucking my pussy so well! It's like getting sucked at by a wet vacuum cleaner! Uhhh! Damn, my cunt's getting so wet!"

Swallowing Maureen's trickling cunt-juices as they coursed into her mouth, Emily sucked the girl's trembling pussy with a frenzy of rising lust. She could see the thin girl's tits jiggling up and down as Maureen pumped, her little nipples swollen to rubbery hardness. With both hands under the girl's wiggling ass, Emily helped her along, pushing when Maureen moved up and pulling when she came back down.

With her knees on either side of Emily's head, Maureen worked her dripping snatch against Emily's mouth, shuddering with wanton pleasure with every dip of her naked hips.

"Push your cunt down my throat!" Emily urged, smacking her moist lips all over Maureen's hot pussy. "Grind your snatch into my mouth harder! God, you're dripping all over the bed! Who'd ever believe so much fun could be so messy? Keep pumping your ass, Maureen!"

Hardly needing any encouragement, Maureen groaned and gasped as she squirmed for as much wet contact as she could get between her lush cunt and Emily's mouth. She kept pushing her hairy crotch into her face as hard as possible, her shivering moans pouring from her ups as she got closer to the orgasm she wanted so badly.

"I'm going to come really quick!" Maureen breathed, her blue eyes wild with passion. "Just keep sucking my cunt as hard as you can! Use your tongue all over it! Ohhhh! I can't get over how good it feels when your tongue goes up my cunt! Uhhh! My pussy's throbbing and tingling like hell!"

With Maureen's hot pussy gaping open over her mouth, Emily kept spearing her tongue up into the girl's pulsating cunt-hole and licking all over the pink side of it. She made soft slurping sounds with her lips, her own excitement mounting as she ate Maureen's juicy snatch.

Soon, Maureen was literally bouncing up and down, her thighs straining until her sleek muscles jerked again and again. Her firm little ass was so sweaty that Emily could hardly hang onto it, her ass-cheeks rounding and then flattening as the girl pumped up and down.

"I'm almost ready to come!" Maureen managed to gasp between shuddering groans. "Just a little longer! Uhhhh! I can feel my cunt beginning to tighten up! It's throbbing like crazy! Lick it, Emily! Lick my pussy and suck it even harder? Uhh! Ohhh! Your mouth is so hot and wet!"

Wriggling up and down with her entire body, the dark-haired teenager relentlessly crammed her slippery cunt into Emily's mouth. She shook from top to bottom every time Emily's moist tongue darted across her distended clit, her hands gripping the headboard so tightly her knuckles were white.

"I'm coming right now!" the wildly squirming girl suddenly groaned, her face twisting into an expression of exquisite pleasure and almost-pain. "I think I'm going to pass out! Ohhhhh God! My cunt's exploding like mad! I'm coming my snatch off! Ohhhh! Uhhh! Suck my cunt until I can't even walk! Suck it, Emily! God, I'm coming and coming! Ohhhhhh!"

From underneath, Emily kept sucking at Maureen's spasming pussy frantically, working her tongue up into the young girl's wetly-clenching cunt-hole and making Maureen groan all the louder.

"Don't stop eating my snatch!" the thrashing girl on top gasped hoarsely, her hot pussy gushing her slick lubrication. "Make me come as many times as you can! Ohhhhhh! It's almost too good!"

Without letup, Emily mouthed her pretty girlfriend's pulsing snatch until Maureen finally groaned and sat down fully on her face. Her damp thighs locked around Emily's head, Maureen sat catching her breath and shaking all over.

"You're smothering me!" Emily moaned, trying to pull her head out. "Come on, Maureen, I can't breathe!"

Giggling, Maureen rolled off of Emily's head and sprawled out on the bed flat on her stomach. Emily crawled over to her and gave the thin girl a hug.

"We'll never get to sleep at this rate," Maureen laughed softly when Emily's warm hand closed on her pussy again.

"I sure hope not!" Emily giggled.


"I'll come back over later this afternoon," Maureen said the next morning as she dressed. "Maybe we can go to a movie or something. We might even meet some boys!"

"Okay." Emily smiled, pulling her robe on but not bothering with her slippers. "I'll see you later."

As soon as her slender girlfriend was gone, Emily headed for the bathroom. She showered quickly, her thoughts once again turning to David Wayland, the young man she thought she might actually fall in love with.

Then, in only her long robe, she made sure her mother and stepfather weren't around, and then headed straight upstairs. Stopping at David's door, she listened for a moment, then knocked lightly.

"Who is it?" David called out sleepily through the door. "Who's there?"

"It's ate," she called back softly. "Emily. I want to talk to you."

She hard him shuffling around in the room, and then the door opened and he stood there staring at her.

"Hi!" Emily smiled brightly, walking right in. The sight of David in his beige pajamas and with his hair rumpled made the sexy girl's heart-beat quicken. "I just felt like seeing you. Can I sit down?"

"Suit yourself. Now, suppose you tell me what you're doing here in only your robe?"

"I'm naked under it," Emily said easily, ignoring his question. "Really, stark naked."

She sat down on the bed, letting the robe fall open slightly to reveal one bare thigh. Smiling again, Emily lay back across the bed and stretched out languorously.

"Listen, you'd better behave yourself!" the young man said nervously, glancing at the door.

Not a girl to give up so easily, Emily sat up again and shrugged her robe back off her smooth shoulders. Her bare tits arrested David's gaze immediately, her dark nipples tilted slightly upward and outward.

"My God!" David gasped hoarsely, unable to look away. "Give me a break, Emily! If your folks catch us, they'll cut my balls off!"

Calmly, Emily cupped her exquisitely-round tits in her hands and offered them to the young man with a total lack of shame. She spread her knees so that her robe parted in front, her hairy cunt peeking out at him in wanton invitation.

"I'm yours for the taking!" she breathed hotly, her lush lower lip pouting. "I want your hard cock in my snatch!"

Obviously shocked by Emily's shameless behavior, David walked back and forth across the room, glancing over at her every couple of seconds. That he couldn't make up his mind was evident, but Emily could tell by the huge bulge in front of his pajamas that she would soon be getting her way.

"My pussy's already throbbing!" she giggled wickedly, sliding a finger down into it as the man watched spellbound. She pushed her finger up into her tight cunt, then held it up for him to see. "Look how wet my little snatch is!"

"Oh, Jesus Christ!" he blurted in exasperation.

Yanking off his pajamas, he literally leaped on top of the young girl and pinned her to the bed. His stiff cock was enormous, the thick rod of male meat twitching and alive.

"Shove your dick up me!" Emily groaned, pulling the front of her robe the rest of the way open. "Fuck me silly, David!"

Half on and half off the bed, Emily braced her feet wide on the floor and spread her damp thighs. When David shoved his throbbing prick all the way up her tight snatch, she groaned brokenly, her arms sliding around his neck.

"Ummmmm, what a big cock!" the girl gasped, clamping her hot thighs to the young man's naked hips. "Push it deeper! Ummm! I can feel your dick jerking in my pussy! God, it's so damn hard!"

"Try not to make a lot of noise," David said, his hands digging in under Emily's firm bare ass. "We don't need the whole building to know what's going on."

"Fuck me!" She started moving her ass around in a tight little circle on the edge of the bed, her slippery cunt sucking at David's huge prick. "Make me come with your big dick!"

Stroking his stiffened cock out of Emily's slick cunt until only the thick head was wedged in her, he took a deep breath and then slammed his cock back into her snatch. Pumping quickly, he drove his jerking prick into Emily's cunt with thrusts that raised her bare feet right off the floor.

"Ohhhh, it's too much!" she groaned, hooking her heels behind David's knees and starting to jerk her ass up off the bed. "Faster, faster, faster! Ream my pussy out! Push your hard dick up my snatch with all your might! Ohhh! I love it! God, you're fucking the shit but of me!"

His expression intent, David hammered every inch of his solid cock into Emily's wetly-gripping pussy. He squeezed the sweaty cheeks of her bouncing ass with his hands, his fingers digging into her soft flesh as they slid towards her damp ass-crack.

Meeting each of his thrusts with one of her own, Emily kept shoving her swollen cunt out and taking his spearing prick as deep as it would slide up her cunt-hole. The feel of his thick cock-shaft sliding back and forth in her slippery pussy drove her wild with desire, the wet friction it created making her moan with one sobbing cry after another.

"Give it to me good!" Emily urged breathlessly, tightening her hot thighs around the young man's hips. "Cram your cock up my cunt till I'm coming like crazy! Ohhhh God! What a fucking you're giving me! Harder, hump me harder!"

Straining with every muscle in her supple body, the squirming teenager ground her crotch up into David's, her thighs pumping frantically.

"Your cunt keeps squeezing my dick!" David gasped, his face pressed to Emily's. "Christ, you must be the best piece of ass in the state! Uhhh! And your body's so damn firm and rubbery! Damn, you're a great fuck! Every time your cunt swallows my dick, it doesn't want to let go!"

Digging her heels into the backs of David's muscular legs, Emily writhed beneath him, her bare tits sliding around under his broad chest. She could feel her rubbery nipples growing even harder, her tits firming up as her excitement mounted.

His hips churning, David pounded his rigid cock still harder and faster into the young girl's dripping snatch. Each thrust more urgent titan the last, he plunged his prick repeatedly into Emily's sweet pussy with all of his considerable strength.

"Fuck me right into this bed!" Emily moaned, trying to spread her knees wider. "Shove your dick up my cunt till it bottoms-out! Uhhh! I can feel the big head of your cock pushing up into my snatch! Push it deeper! I want all, of your hard prick in my pussy! Uhhhhh! I can feel the big head of your cock pushing up into my snatch! Push it deeper! I want all of your hard prick in my pussy! Uhhhhh! Fuck me, David! Fuck me as hard as possible!"

She wiggled beneath him, throwing her juicy cunt up to meet each of his shuddering cock-thrusts and groaning until she was hoarse. The stabbing head of his prick barreled into her tight pussy, filling her with a sensation she wouldn't have traded for the world.

David panted for breath, the plunging strokes of his long prick getting steadily more violent. His crotch pounded into Emily's, the hard base of his prick battering into her tingling clit and pressing it flat.

"You're going to make me come!" Emily breathed. "You're going to fuck me till I'm coming my brains out! Ohhhhh God! My pussy just loves the feel of your stiff cock!"

With teeth clenched, he started pistoning his throbbing cock up Emily's slippery snatch with an almost maniacal fury. Harder and still harder, he drove his prick into the juiciest, tightest depths of the pretty teenager's pulsating cunt.

Emily's response was to gasp with approval, her thighs jerking and straining feverishly beneath the young man. She felt his fingers spread open the cheeks of her writhing ass, his fingertips probing into her hot asshole and stretching it open.

"Go ahead!" the sexy girl groaned. "Finger my butt while you're screwing my cunt off! Stick as many fingers up my asshole as you can! Uhhhh! My pussy's spasming like mad!"

Sliding his hands farther under Emily's firm ass, David managed to push two fingers together up her pulsing asshole. He pulled at the rubbery opening with his knuckles, jabbing his fingertips into her slick rectum.

And then Emily, her erect clit blossoming when the full impact of her staggering climax blasted into her cunt, shrilled wildly and wrapped her arms and legs around David.

"Uhhhh!" she gasped, straining until the cords in her neck stood out. "God, I'm getting my nut! Fuck me harder! Harder! I'm coming, David! Ram your cock up my pussy harder! Ohhhhhhhh!"

Hammering his cock up Emily's clenching cunt furiously, David grunted and then started shooting his wad. His hot cum jetted into her wet pussy in thick spurts, filling her quivering pink cunt-hole with liquid warmth.

"Your cunt's sucking the cum out of my balls!" David groaned, his prick squirting stream after stream of sticky sperm into Emily's spasming cunt. "Oh, Christ, it feels good! It feels like I'm coming a damn quart! Uhhhhhh! Your pussy just keeps sucking my dick!"

"Keep fucking me!" Emily moaned passionately, gulping air hungrily. "I can feel your cum squirting up my snatch! I can feel it filling up my cunt! Ohhhhhh! Uhh! Wiggle your fingers around more in my asshole!"

Their bodies fused together, Emily and David pumped and squirmed until neither could move. They sagged weakly, then Emily's bare ass slid down off the edge of the bed and she dropped to the floor. David's cock slid out of her tight cunt. He landed on top of her, the two of them lying in a sweaty heap against the side of the bed.

"Jesus Christ, can you screw!" David gasped, totally exhausted. He dragged himself into a sitting position next to Emily, who had lost her robe in her rapid descent to the floor. "I'll bet it takes a week for me to get another hard-on! I think you got every drop of cum in my nuts!"

Emily smiled, at him, her head lolling against the edge of the bed. "Your dick will be hard again before you know it!" she promised, reaching for it. "I'll give you a hard-on to beat all hard-ons!"

David merely watched in amazement when Emily leaned over his hairy crotch and took the fleshy tip of his prick into her wet mouth. He jerked slightly, getting comfortable, then let out a deep sigh.

"I loved the way you fucked me," the naked blonde told him, sucking on his prick. With her hand, she gripped his cock-shaft and started jacking him off. "You made me come so good! Ummm! I like the way your dick tastes! If I didn't want you to hump me again so much, I'd make you shoot off in my mouth so I could swallow your cum!"

"Are you always this horny?" David laughed, cupping one of her bare tits as she leaned over him.

"Only around men I really like. See, you're already getting hard again!"

His prick indeed was staffing to stand up, his thick cock-head reddening and beginning to throb. "Listen," David started, "I've got an idea. How about if I screw your little asshole? Do you think you'd like that?"

Bobbing her pretty head up and down over his twitching cock, Emily managed to say, "Gee, I don't know. It sounds like it'd hurt!"

"You'll love it!" the young man assured her. "Let's do it!"

Finished, Emily raised her head and smiled at David warmly. "How's that for a hard-on?"

The good-looking young man's cock stood straight and stiff, the veined shaft of it pulsing. David shook his head with a laugh. "Now can I fuck you in the ass?"

Emily was thoughtful for a moment, then smiled with a little shrug. "If you want to that badly, I guess you can try. But you've got to stop, if I tell you to. Okay?"

"Sure." He nodded eagerly. "Get on your hands and knees on the bed!"

The naked couple climbed up onto the bed, Emily getting on her hands and knees with her bare ass stuck out. She wiggled her hips lewdly, giggling when she fit David's hands spreading the rubbery cheeks of her ass.

"Don't hurt me!" she breathed tremulously, dropping clown onto her elbows and resting her face on her crossed forearms. "And don't forget to finger my pussy so I can come, too!"

Pressing the warm tip of his rigid cock against Emily's slick cunt-lips, David coated the swollen tip of his prick with her oily juices. Then, crouching over the naked girl's body, he guided his cock-head to Emily's stretched-open asshole and pushed with his hips.

"God, that's tight!" Emily shuddered, feeling just the head of David's throbbing cock pop into her rubbery asshole. "Uhhhh! Go real slow!"

Steadily, the young man shoved his hard cock up Emily's gripping rectum, his hips working back and forth as he forced his prick into her round little ass.

With his twitching cock buried halfway in the young girl's tight asshole, David paused to catch his breath for only a moment. Then, straining, he drove the rest of his cock into Emily's asshole.

"It's so big and hard!" she groaned, sweat dripping from her face. "Your cock's filling my asshole right up! Uhhh! It feels like I have to run to the bathroom!"

"You'll get used to it!" David laughed, sliding his prick back out of her clenching rectum and then slamming it back in immediately. "Christ, is your asshole tight! It's so damn slippery and hot!" Slowly at first, the solidly-built man pistoned the frill length of his stiff cock up into the squirming teenager's pulsating asshole. He slid his hands down under her slender hips, cupping her crotch and shoving his fingers up her juicy pink cunt.

"Ohhhh God!" Emily moaned, wiggling her bare ass back into David's crotch and taking his stroking prick still deeper in her rectum. "That feels goat! Every time your big dick spears up my butt, it makes me shudder! Hhhhhhh! Ream my asshole out with your hard cock! Faster, David, faster! I love it when your cock slides up my butt!"

Leaning over Emily so far that his chest was pressed tightly to her back, David hammered his solid prick into the sexy girl's hot asshole with thrusts that became increasingly more urgent. He gouged his fingers up into her slippery pussy eagerly, wiggling them around in her wet cunt-hole until Emily was shaking uncontrollably.

Gasping for breath, the naked girl kept pushing the sweaty cheeks of her firm ass back into the young man's hairy crotch, her groans piercing the air every time his hard prick jabbed into her asshole.

"God, fuck my butt off!" she moaned, pumping her hips frantically. "Drive your dick all the way up my asshole! Deeper! Push your dick all the way up my butt! Fuck my asshole raw! Ohhhhhh! Squeeze my pussy! Uhhhh!"

Bedsprings creaking, the naked couple gasped and groaned as their passion mounted by the moment. Sweat poured off both of them, their young bodies writhing and twisting and their action getting steadily more intense.

Emily's pretty mouth worked soundlessly, silent urgings pouring from her lips as David pounded his thick cock straight up her slick rectum. She could feel his meaty prick pushing into her tight asshole, his stiff cock-shaft sliding in all the way to his balls.

Harder and faster, David's stiffened prick rammed up into her trembling, wetly-gripping asshole, glutting her slippery rectum with throbbing male meat.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Emily gasped with one panting moan after another. "Fuck my ass fill it's sore! Hhhhhh! You're reaming me out with your huge prick! I just love the way it feels!"

He squished his probing fingers around in Emily's dripping pussy, finger fucking her pink snatch feverishly while he crammed his cock up her throbbing asshole. He pulled at her hairy crotch with both hands, squeezing her plump cunt and lifting her knees right up off the bed.

With her knees in the air, Emily pushed her legs back and clamped her hot thighs around David's, her slender back arching as she pumped her round ass. Her pretty face resting on her folded arms, she wiggled and squirmed with her entire body, taking the young man's stroking cock into her virgin asshole and loving every inch of it.

"Your asshole's sucking on my dick even more than your cunt did!" he groaned. "And your cunt's dripping down the inside of your thighs! Christ, pump your ass faster! Take my dick all the way up your ass!"

The wet suction of Emily's puckered asshole made loud sucking sounds around the thick shaft of David's pistoning cock, the rubbery ring of her anal opening stretched wide open.

Emily kept pushing her sweaty ass back, into David's crotch, his cock spearing so deep in her rectum, she started crying out. Urgently, she worked her bare hips with a wiggling, corkscrewing motion, her slick asshole sucking and pulling wetly at the young man's hard prick.

"Make me come!" Emily began moaning over and over, the feel of David's fingers in her pussy making her shudder from top to bottom. "Squeeze my cunt really hard! Push your fingers all the way up my snatch and make me come! Uhhhh! I'm getting so close! Keep fingerfucking my cunt-hole while you screw my butt!"

The feel of David's pistoning cock suddenly jerking wildly made Emily stiffen with a muffled groan. She felt the full force of his thick cum squirt up into her pulsing bowels, his cock stabbing still deeper in her rectum when he started getting his rocks off.

"Ohhhhh, I can feel it!" the naked teenager panted, her light asshole filling with David's spurting sperm. "Come in my butt! Shoot all the cum in your hairy balls straight up my ass! Uhhhhh!"

Squirting Emily's slick rectum full of sticky cum, he squeezed her hairy cunt furiously.

"I'm coming, too!" Emily blurted, shivering violently. "Ohhhh! My cunt's tightening up! And I can feel my asshole grabbing at your dick! Uhhh! Push your dick still farther up my ass! Fuck my asshole ragged!"

Again and again, David drove his squirting cock into the wet depths of Emily's pulsing rectum, his balls bouncing crazily and his hips whipping back and forth feverishly.

"Ohhhhhh!" Emily groaned hoarsely, her thighs locked behind her and around David's. "Keep sticking your dick up my butt! Fuck my ass raw! Make me come until I can't stand up! Ohhhhhh! Faster! Slide your cock in and out of my asshole faster! Uhhhh! It's just so damn good getting my little butt fucked!"


Emily lay on a blanket in the back yard, taking in the sun in her brief bikini and thinking about David Wayland, when she noticed Rodney Blake approaching her purposely.

He was the mechanic at the local gas station, a small, swarthy man about forty who lived in the morning house. Smiling as though to show his one gold tooth that glinted in the sunlight, he squatted down next to the slender girl as if to talk to her.

"What is it?" Emily asked, glancing at him. She always felt uneasy around him, his dark eyes seeming to strip her naked whenever he stared at her. "Is something wrong?" she asked a bit nervously when he ran his hand through his greasy black hair but said nothing.

"Everything's fine," Rodney nodded, licking at his lips when he glanced about somewhat nervously himself. "I just want to talk with you for a minute."

"Well, what do you want?" Emily was suddenly aware that he was trying to peer down the front of her bikini.

"I'll make it real simple," the dark man almost hissed. "My rooms right next to that Wayland kid's room. I couldn't help but listed with all the noise you two were making. Shit, that kid was fucking your brains out and you were loving it!"

"What are you saying?" Emily gasped, sitting up and looking around to make sure no one was in earshot. "Mr. Blake, I don't know what you're up to, but..."

"Call me Rodney. Anyway, the way I figure it, that Wayland kid'll go to jail sure for humping a girl your age. Even if I can't prove it, the cops will do a lot of snooping around. You can imagine how much that would upset your mother and stepfather, knowing that kid screwed your little ass off!"

"Just what do you want?" Emily knew even before she asked. She got a cold chill just thinking about letting Rodney Blake touch her. "If you think that I'd let you..."

Rodney cut her off again. "What's a quick piece of ass going to hurt? I get on, I come, I get off. It's simple!"

Trembling, she brushed her blonde hair back away from her face and said as steadily as she could, "That's blackmail!"

"Exactly," Rodney Blake smiled, showing his gold tooth again. "That's exactly what it is. Sharp kid."

Refusing to look at the swarthy man who stood naked before her, Emily quickly wiggled out of her skimpy bikini and then climbed onto Rodney's bed. Closing her wide brown eyes, she spread her bare thighs and waited for him to get on top of her.

She was more than a little surprised then when she suddenly felt the man's tongue lick wetly into her gaping pink snatch. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Emily gasped, her eyes popping open. "Stop it!"

Rodney, his face between Emily's damp thighs, complained bitterly, "Jesus, a guy's got a right to eat a girls cunt if he's going to fuck her, ain't he? Ain't that the truth?"

Unsure whether this was the case or not, Emily finally shrugged helplessly and lay back on the bed. She held back her tears, clamping her eyes shut again, and tried to ignore what the greasy man was doing to her.

"Damn nice pussy!" Rodney grunted, burrowing his nose and mouth into Emily's slippery cunt. He licked and sucked loudly, at her wet snatch, probing as far up her tight cunt-hole as he could with his tongue. "Sweetest little cunt I ever ate! Really, kid, you got a box just made for eating!"

Pretending not to hear, Emily nonetheless found it impossible not to pay attention to what he did to her young cunt. Taking the thick lips of her pussy in his fingers, he held her pink snatch open while he lapped moistly straight up the center of it. Expertly, the small man licked right to her tingling clit and started flicking his tonguetip at the quivering nub of keenly-sensitive flesh.

"Uhhhhh God!" Emily groaned before she could stop herself. "Ohhhhh! You dirty son of a bitch! You fucking bastard! Uhhhh! You're turning me inside out with that long tongue of yours!"

Encouraged, Rodney enclosed the trembling girl's pink clit with his lips and sucked wetly, his tongue all the while darting back and forth over the very tip of it.

It was with the utmost reluctance that Emily spread her strong young thighs so he could get her better, her hot pussy throbbing with desire as Rodney kissed and sucked at her erect clit. Involuntarily, she started pumping her slim hips, bending her knees outward as she pushed her lush cunt into the man's face.

"Go with it, baby!" Rodney coaxed, slurping his lips on her juicy snatch loudly. "Work that cute ass of yours up and down! That's it! Rub your pussy all over my face!"

Groaning softly, Emily wiggled on the bed mindlessly while Rodney ate her pussy. She kept spreading her, young thighs and grinding her hairy cunt against his mouth, her cries of ecstasy growing steadily more in tense as she neared a mind-blowing orgasm.

She could feel the slick moisture of her pink match seeping down into the rubbery crack of her ass, her tight asshole coated with oily wetness. As the greasy-haired man nuzzled his way into her snatch, Emily squirmed her bare ass around on the bed.

"You're making me come!" she gurgled, crushing her hairy crotch into Rodney's face when her ass jerked up. "Hhhhh! You're making me come, you bastard! My cunt's throbbing like crazy! Uhh! Suck my clit harder! Ohhhh God!"

Eagerly, Rodney mouthed Emily's wildly-pulsing clit the entire time she climaxed, his lips pressed to the quivering nub while she gasped and wriggled frantically.

"Ohhhhhhhh!" Emily panted, her breath catching in her throat again and again. "I'm coming so damn much! Uhhhhh! Suck it! Suck my pussy! You're turning me inside out with your tongue! Ohhhhhh!"

Twisting and kicking, Emily shuddered with each flurry of spasming tremors that raced through her dripping cunt. Finally, exhaling slowly, she rolled her big brown eyes upward and lay still.

"Did you get your nut?" Rodney asked, his face drenched with the girl's oily juices. Without waiting for an answer, he scrambled on top of her and positioned himself between her bare thighs.

"Did you get off?"

Still trying to catch her breath, Emily managed to gasp, "Couldn't you tell? My God, I was coming like a maniac!"

"Just checking," Rodney nodded, showing the gold tooth again.

He held her hot thighs apart with his hands and shoved the throbbing, head of his stiff cock into the slick opening formed by Emily's gaping cunt-lips. Then, sliding his hands up to grip her naked hips, he pushed all of his large prick into the young girl's tight snatch.

"Ummmm!" Emily couldn't help moaning with pleasure. "You're making it too good for me, you son of a bitch! You're raping me, and here I am actually enjoying the way your dick feels! Damn you, you're turning me into some kind of cock-hungry slut! Uhhhh! It's such a delicious feeling having your big prick filling my cunt!"

"Relax and enjoy it," the swarthy man advised, I staffing to piston his rigid cock into Emily's juicy pussy. "Hate me after if you want to, but for now, just enjoy it!"

And before she could utter a word, Rodney began pounding his hard cock up into Emily's slippery cunt with such a fury of passion that she groaned with the wildest of pleasure. Stroking his long prick in and out, of the young girl's hot snatch, the gas station mechanic gave her the most brutally violent fucking of her life.

Trying to resist the lust raging through her quaking loins, Emily kept her arms at her sides and fought the impulse to pump her hips. She bit into her lip, lying as still as she could.

"Jesus Christ, your little twat is tight as hell!" Rodney gasped, ramming his stiffened cock repeatedly into Emily's quivering pussy. "Come on, Emily, move your ass! Give in! You know you love the way I'm humping you! Let go!"

"Oh God!" Emily gasped.

Overcome by the passion building within her, Emily finally let out the deep breath she was holding and wrapped her lithe arms around Rodney's thick neck. She hugged the greasy-haired man to her locking her damp thighs to his hips and beginning to squirm.

"Fuck me flat!" the girl moaned, her ass wiggling. "Drive your hard dick straight up my cunt! Make me come with your big cock! Uhhhh! Ohhh! Deeper! Shove your prick deeper! Let me feel all of it sliding up my cunt! Uhhh!"

Nuzzling his face into the hollow of Emily's neck, Rodney pressed his sweaty body even more tightly along hers and plunged his twitching prick into her wetly-hugging cunt with thrusts that grew ever more brutal.

Emily met every one of the man's fervid cock-thrusts with an upward thrust of her hairy snatch, her wet pussy swallowing Rodney's pistoning cock right to the hilt. She gulped for air frantically, her mouth hanging open and her eyes glazed with lust.

"Push your dick farther up my cunt!" Emily urged hotly in the swarthy man's ear. "Run your hard prick all the way up my pussy! Uhhhh! It's going so deep! Faster, you dirty son of a bitch, fuck me faster! God, I hate you, but you're fucking the shit out of me! Ohhhhh!"

He hammered his jerking cock into the juiciest depths of her lush pussy, his hips churning feverishly as he pumped on top of her.

With every stabbing jab of the man's prick into her slick cunt, she gasped with delight and tightened her damp thighs around his pistoning hips. She lay sprawled on the bed with her juicy cunt wide open to him, her bare ass wiggling and jerking as she pushed her crotch out at the man.

"Go deeper!" she groaned, her whole body shiny with sweat. "Ram your big dick up my snatch with all your might! Fuck me till I can barely breathe! Uhhhh! I love the way your cock feels sliding so far up my pussy! Ohhh! You're screwing my cunt off!"

Hugging Rodney to her, Emily could feel her firm tits pressed into her chest, her dark nipples swollen and throbbing. She worked the entire length of her naked body against his, straining for all the warm body contact she could get.

Emily worked her bare hips up and down feverishly, wiggling them in a jerky circle that ground her pulsating cunt into the base of Rodney's plunging prick. The distended nub of her pink clit tingled wildly every time it was flattened and squeezed. The pleasure lancing through the girl's naked loins was almost more than she could take.

"You're fucking me to death!" Emily managed to moan between ragged sobs of ecstasy. She shuddered deliciously with the pummeling her sweet clit was taking, her body straining. "Uhhhh! Cram your stiff cock up my cunt until I can't walk! Fuck the piss right out of my pussy! Uhhh! Your dick's so hard and big and warm! It's making my cunt throb like hell! Push your prick deeper! Ohhhh God!"

The slender girl clutched at Rodney's shoulders, her arms flailing. Furiously, she pumped with her ass and thighs and hips, her heels digging into the backs of Rodney's knees. Then, slowly, she started working her straining thighs up along his, crossing her ankles and heading for his lower back.

His breath harsh and getting harsher, Rodney pounded his throbbing cock into Emily's tight snatch with a relentless frenzy of excitement. His thick cock-shaft was encased in her slippery cunt-hole, the head of his prick jabbing deeper into her slippery cunt-hole, the head of his prick jabbing deeper into her pussy with every thrust.

"I'm starting to get my nut!" Emily suddenly cried out hoarsely, locking her legs around Rodney's hips. She squeezed him with her hot thighs, the wet passage of her pink cunt gripping his pistoning prick. "Ohhhhhh! I'm coming like mad! Fuck me! Slam your dick up my pussy as hard as you can! Uhhh! Uhhhhh! My pussy's grabbing your dick! Ohhhhhh!"

Triggered by her cunt-clenching climax, Rodney groaned low in his throat and began squirting warm cum up into her slick pussy. His cock twitching, he spurted sticky streams of am into Emily's tightening snatch while he gasped out with pleasure.

"Fill my pussy with your cum!" the writhing girl moaned, her eyes closed to half-slits. "Shoot all your hot cum right up my cunt! Uhhh! I'm coming my brains out! Pound your big dick up my snatch harder! Fuck me silly while I'm coming! Ohhhh! Harder! Fuck me right into this bed! Ohhhhhh!"

Rodney's hips pumped frantically while his jerking cock spurted thick sperm into Emily's pulsing cunt, his face growing red and his breath coming in rasping, heaves. He dumped his full load of cum into her pussy, then ground to a halt that left, them both breathless.

"Jesus, you fuck like a mink!" Rodney panted when Emily's legs dropped down from around his hips. "You squeezed my ass off with those hot thighs of yours! Goddamn, what a hump!"

Actually blushing at the unbound enthusiasm she'd shown during her rape, Emily turned her pretty face away from the small, swarthy man and said nothing. When he slid his sticky cock out of her cum-filled cunt, she gave a quiet gasp, but still wouldn't talk to him.

"Listen," he continued, "I heard that Wayland kid fucking your ass in the next room there. At least, I could hear you begging him to ram his dick farther up your asshole, so I assume that he was fucking your ass. Anyway, it seems only fair that I should get a shot at your asshole, too!"

"You're crazy!" Emily blurted, glaring at him when he got off of her. "I'm not going to lie here and let you screw me in the butt!"

"Be reasonable. Look, get my dick hard again real quick. Then, I'll fuck your ass just as quick. And then, you can go and we'll never have to do this again."

"Do you promise this is the last time you'll ever bother me?" Emily sat up. "If you promise never to even talk to me again, then I might do it just to get rid of you."

"Of course, I promise," Rodney nodded, sincerity oozing from his very pores. "One quickie in your ass, and that's it!"

Knowing it was the only way she'd ever get rid of the man, Emily took his cock in her hand and started jacking him off. She squeezed his prick, pulling at it, until Rodney said, "Use your mouth on my dick if you want to get this over with in a hurry."

"Damn you!" Emily cursed him, but leaned over his crotch and sucked the smooth head of his prick into her mouth. With her eyes closed, she sucked the small man's cock while she jacked him off. It didn't take long before Rodney's prick was as hard as a rock.

"You do good work, kid," Rodney smiled evilly. "Now let's get this dick of mine up your ass!" And he quickly got off the bed.

Emily didn't resist when the man made her get on her hands and knees across the bed. She watched as he moved up behind her and braced his feet wide on the floor. A moment later, pulling her back until her knees were right at the edge of the bed, Rodney started working his stiff cock up into her tight asshole.

"What a perfect ass you have!" Rodney breathed, standing behind her out-thrust bottom. He spread the taut cheeks of her ass wider with his fingers and pressed his groin up against her. "Your asshole's gripping my cock like a vise!"

Not saying a word, Emily groaned softly when she felt the thick shaft of the man's rigid prick sliding up into her quivering rectum. She clenched her teeth, her naked body trembling uncontrollably while Rodney's hard prick was forced up her ass.

"It hurts a little!" she finally complained when his throbbing cock was fully encased in her wet asshole. "God, for a little jerk, you've sure got a big dick!"

"Just for that, I'm going to fuck your asshole till it's raw!" Rodney hissed, his annoyance evident. "Grit your teeth, you cunt!"

Savagely, the man standing behind Emily pistoned his solid cock back out of her gripping asshole and rammed it back up her rectum so hard that she gasped. With one brutal thrust after another, he drove his thick cock into the young girl's slippery rectum until, she was shaking from head to toe and gasping for breath.

"Do you like it?" he asked angrily, still upset over her remark. "Hey, I'm talking to you, kid. How's my dick feel going up your ass?"

Steadfast about not answering him, Emily felt his thick cock-head battering up into her pulsing bowels, his cock-shaft filling her slick rectum almost to bunting. He dug his nails into the soft flesh of her wiggling hips, pulling her bare ass back into his hairy crotch every time she jerked forward with a muffled groan.

"Jesus, your asshole's sucking me off!" Rodney gasped, pounding his prick still more savagely into Emily's stretched-open asshole. "You're giving me a blow job with your butt! Uhhhhh! Your asshole's so tight, it's making my balls tighten up into the base of my dick!"

Relentlessly, the small man plunged his twitching cock to the hilt in her sucking asshole. He reamed out her wet rectum with every inch of his solid prick, pistoning it into her asshole again and again.

"I love it!" Emily found herself moaning. "Push your cock even farther up my butt. Fuck my little asshole! Ohhhhh! It feels so good when your dick rams up my ass! God, I love it! Screw my ass till it hurts! Do it harder! Fuck my asshole really hard!"

She could feel the slick pink lips of her cunt gaping open, her lush juices dripping out of her pulsating cunt-crack and dropping to the bed below. The harder and faster that Rodney hammered his throbbing cock into her tight asshole, the wetter and tighter Emily's young snatch got, her excitement at a fever pitch.

"Use your fingers in my pussy!" the wriggling girl urged, thrusting her bare ass out at Rodney so that his prick speared still deeper in her hot asshole. "Fingerfuck my cunt while you're humping my butt! I want to come! Ohhhh! Your dick's going so far up my ass! I can feel it pushing all the way into my asshole! Uhhhh!"

Sliding his hand down under Emily's pumping hips, Rodney gouged his fingers up into her hairy snatch and started working them in and out. He pulled at her swollen cunt, separating her slick cunt-lips and probing into her juicy cunt-hole.

"You're dripping all over the place!" the man breathed, still plunging his cock into Emily's wetly-sucking rectum. "Your tight little pussy keeps grabbing at my fingers! Christ, kid, you must be the best piece of ass in the country!"

Working her sweaty ass back and forth, Emily sobbed and groaned with wanton joy as she took Rodney's pistoning prick right up her throbbing asshole. She wiggled her naked body feverishly, her knees perched on the edge of the bed as the man standing behind her drove his cock yet farther up her hot asshole.

She could feel the puckered ring of her anal slot stretched open around Rodney's hot, stroking cock-shaft, her asshole twitching wildly as his prick cleaved into it.

"Make me come!" Emily gasped, her cunt filled with her moist lubrication. "Finger my pussy till I come! Uhhhhh! Push your fingers the rest of the way up my pussy! Ohhhhh! Your dick feels so good when it rams up my poor little butt! Uhhhh!"

Wriggling his fingers around in Emily's gaping pink snatch, Rodney shoved his cock up her clenching asshole with all his might. He managed to find her tingling clit and then squeezed it with his thumbs. Emily's response was to shudder violently and start coming.

"Ohhhhhh!" she wailed, pushing her hot asshole back on his rigid cock. "I'm coming, you bastard! Uhhh! Squeeze my pussy! Uhh! Ohhhhh God! You're making me come! I can't believe how good it feels!"

Her slippery asshole tightened around Rodney's plunging cock and sipped it wetly, her rectum sucking the cum right out of his throbbing prick. The man's cum jetted up into her quivering bowels, filling her tight asshole with hot liquid.

"I can feel your cum shooting up my butt!" she moaned, pumping her naked hips with unbridled passion. "Fill my ass up with your wet cum! Uhhhhhh! I hate you, but I love what you're doing to me! Ohhhhhh! You're fucking my ass off! Don't stop! Keep cramming your dick up my asshole!"

And Rodney, determinedly, did just that.


Maureen, in tight jeans and a summer blouse, came back that afternoon just like she said she would. She walked up to Emily, who was once again in the back yard sunning herself, and plopped down on the blanket beside her.

"Still want to go to the movies?" she asked, playfully snapping the strap of Emily's bikini. "Well?"

"I can't." Emily, sprawled on her stomach, raised herself up on her elbows. "My folks are going to be gone for a while, and I have to stick around and watch the house."

"Damn," Maureen murmured. "I was hoping to meet some boys this afternoon. You know, I haven't even had a boy kiss me since I broke up with Herbie Johnson." She giggled impishly. "He always said I gave the best blow jobs in town!"

"Really?" Emily's brown eyes widened slightly. "You never told me that -- I didn't know you'd ever sucked a boy's dick!"

"Sure." Maureen colored slightly. "Anyway, I wish I had a nice, warm cock to suck right now. I really enjoy doing that, especially when I get a hot mouthful of cum!"

At the point, both young girls looked up when Randy Crandell, the paperboy, wandered into the back yard. His sack of newspapers slung over one shoulder, he was a slender boy with large blue eyes and dark, curly hair. The boy glanced at the two pretty teenagers, with only casual interest, then took a paper out and tossed it onto the back porch with an expert flip of his wrist.

"There's your chance," Emily giggled. "I'll bet Randy's got a hard little dick!"

"Hi, Randy!" Maureen called out to him brightly. "Come here a minute, will you?"

"I was just kidding!" Emily whispered to her as the boy approached. "What are you doing?"

"Come on, Emily, it'll be a riot," Maureen whispered right back without turning. "Let's get his pants off!"

"What's going on?" Randy asked when he stood before the two girls.

"We need some help moving something," Maureen said softly, her eyes falling on the boy's crotch. "Could you give us a hand?"

"Sure, I guess I can help," the boy shrugged, setting his sack of papers down. "What do you want me to move?"

Emily, glancing at the boy's crotch also, said with a quick smile, "It's in the -- uh -- the attic. It'll only take a minute."

"Okay," Randy nodded, then followed the girls to the house, both girls giggling back and forth.

Once in the dimly-lit, cluttered attic, Maureen closed the door behind the three of them and turned to Randy. While Emily stood watching nervously, the dark-haired girl reached right for the boy's crotch. Maureen squeezed his cock through his jeans, Emily at the same time grabbing him from behind and holding his arms pinned to his sides.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Randy struggled, his eyes darting about.

"We're just going to play with your dick," Maureen said matter-of-factly while she yanked down his zipper. She unbuckled his belt, then pushed his jeans and underwear down. "God, his dick's already stiff!" the girl giggled to Emily, who still held the boy tight. "Look at it!"

"You two are crazy!" Randy gasped, tensing when Maureen's warm hand closed on his upright prick. "Good God!" He yelped when Emily stripped him.

Gently, Emily then eased both herself and the boy down onto a pile of old carpeting so that he lay with his legs stretched out in front of him. "Suck his cock, Maureen! Make him shoot off in your mouth!"

"Don't let him go," Maureen breathed, getting down on her knees between Randy's legs.

She opened her mouth and took the head of Randy's upright cock between her moist lips. Randy jerked with a quiet moan, his prick twitching wildly as Maureen slowly swallowed it.

"I don't believe this!" the trembling boy moaned, no longer struggling to break Emily's grasp. "Uhhhhhh!"

Lingeringly, Maureen sucked on Randy's throbbing cock until she had as much of it in her mouth as she could get. Her eyes closed, she started bobbing her head up and down, her wet lips sliding along the length of Randy's stiff cock-shaft.

Lying beside the boy on the pile of discarded carpeting, Emily managed to unhook the back of her bikini top. Her bare tits jiggled free right in Randy's face, the young blonde's dark nipples already hardening.

"Suck my titties," Emily coaxed, pushing one against his mouth until his lips parted to take in her ripe nipple. "Ummm, that's it!"

The boy mouthed Emily's tits feverishly while Maureen knelt between his legs and sucked his standing prick. With a flurry of little sucks and kisses, he brought her rubbery nipples to stiff attention. His eagerness was so apparent, that Emily finally released her hold on him.

"You're making my nipples throb! Suck them, Randy!" She took his head in her hands and pulled his face tighter to her warm tits. "Umnnn, that feels great!"

Down between Randy's legs, Maureen was taking the boy's rigid cock right to the back of her throat with every bob of her pretty head. She jacked him off with her hand, her slim fingers tight around his throbbing cock-shaft and pistoning up and down quickly.

"You're sucking my dick right down your throat!" Randy gasped around a mouthful of Emily's warm tit. "Suck it harder, Maureen! Uhhh! Keep using your tongue like that! Damn, you're making me shiver!"

On his back on the pile of carpeting, the boy started working his naked hips up and down slowly. He pushed his stiffened prick still farther into Maureen's wet mouth, groaning with the feel of it as she slurped her lips all over his solid cock-shaft.

Emily was leaning over the boy, her breathing quickly getting uneven as he mouthed and fondled her bare tits. She could feel his lips sucking at her swollen nipples, his tongue flicking back and forth across the very tip of first one and then the other.

Emily guided Randy's fingers down the front of her bikini bottom. She gripped his wrist, pushing his hand until his fingers were wiggling in the matted hair that covered the plump mound of her throbbing cunt.

"Play with my pussy!" Emily breathed hotly to the boy, spreading her thighs. She groaned softly when Randy's finger found the slick crack of her pink cunt and slid into it. "Ummmm! Push your finger all the way up my snatch!"

Sucking Emily's naked tits and fingering her juicy pussy, Randy kept trembling uncontrollably with the blow job Maureen was giving him. The young girl was jacking him off feverishly, her hand tightening around his twitching cock-shaft and jerking up and down with a fury.

"I'm going to shoot my wad!" the boy suddenly gasped, tensing when his ass raised shakily off the pile of carpet. "You're going to get a mouthful of cum, Maureen! Uhhhh! I'm going to shoot off and fill your mouth with cum!"

True to his word, Randy let out a loud groan and started shooting thick streams of milky cum into Maureen's mouth almost immediately. His sticky sperm surged out of the fleshy head of his throbbing prick, a river of cum pouring into the young girl's throat.

"God, you're sucking all the cum right out of my dick!" Randy shuddered. "Uhhhh! Your mouth feels so great on my cock! Suck it, Maureen! Keep sucking my dick!"

Gulping and swallowing noisily, the young dark-haired girl mouthed the boy's squirting prick until all his cum was drained out of his cock. She squeezed a last dribble of hot sperm from his prick, swallowed it with a breathless giggle, then sat up with a bright smile.

"How was that?" Maureen asked the boy. "Did it feel good when you spurted all your cum into my mouth?"

"Heck, yes!" Randy moaned, his face pressed into Emily's firm tits. "I couldn't believe how good it felt!"

Getting up quickly, Emily shimmied out of her bikini bottom and then stood stark naked before the young boy. "If I get your cock stiff again, will you screw me?" She asked, displaying her considerable charms for Randy's feasting eyes. "Will you put your dick in my pussy?"

"Sure!" He nodded eagerly, taking in Emily's shapely thighs, firm tits, rounded ass and hairy cunt. "I'll do anything you say!"

"What about your paper mute?" Maureen giggled, already unbuttoning her blouse. She peeled her blouse off, unhooked her bra, and then stripped the bra away from her firm body. "Won't your customers be mad when they don't get the paper on time?"

"Fuck 'em!" Randy laughed, staring at Maureen's bare tits. Her nipples were hard and pointy pink tips of rubbery flesh. "I'll tell them I was kidnapped!"

And he laughed at that, his laughter cut short when Maureen kicked her shoes off and started wiggling out of her tight jeans. Pushing her jeans and panties down over her slim hips, she let the garments fall to her ankles. She kicked them away from her feet, standing just as naked as her girlfriend.

Both nude girls went for the boy, Emily climbing up on his chest with her knees on either side of him. She straddled him, her wet cunt gaping open and glistening.

Maureen, moving quickly, positioned herself over Randy's face so that she was facing Emily. With her knees on either side of the boy's head, she lowered her hips until her juicy pussy was hovering directly over Randy's mouth.

"Lick my pussy!" Maureen sighed, leaning forward and wrapping her lithe arms around Emily's neck. The two naked girls pressed together, tit to tit and cheek to cheek. "Put your tongue in my cunt, Randy!" Maureen urged.

She dropped down slightly so that her gaping pink snatch covered the young boy's mouth, a long, shivering moan escaping her when Randy speared his tongue straight up her wet cunt-hole.

"Ummmm!" the dark-haired girl breathed, wiggling her bare ass around on the boy's face while he licked her pussy. "Run your tongue up and down along the lips of my cunt! Uhhh! Suck it, Randy! Suck my pussy!"

Emily looked back over her shoulder and wasn't too surprised to find that Randy's cock was standing up and stiff again. It twitched with excitement, the smooth head of it swollen and red. Giggling, she slid her firm little ass back until she was right against the boy's upright prick.

"Lick my pussy right up the center!" Maureen groaned, her arms tightening around Emily's neck. The two girls squirmed together, their nipples brushing against one another. "Goddamn, Randy, your tongue feels fantastic between my legs! Uhhhh! Suck my cunt as hard as you can! Suck it and lick it and kiss it! Ohhhhhh!"

The boy writhed into the pile of carpet, his face crushed against Maureen's hot hairy crotch. He mouthed her juicy cunt feverishly, smacking his lips and probing with his tongue into her tight cunt-hole.

Emily, her thighs tensing, raised herself and aligned the dripping mouth of her wet cunt over the head of Randy's stiff prick. Hugging Maureen's neck, she sat down slowly on the boy's cock, taking it up her hot pussy with a quiet gasp.


After Randy dressed and left to finish his paper route, Emily and Maureen decided to play around in the attic some more before they went back downstairs.

Naked and sweaty, Maureen plopped herself down in an old, badly battered armchair. Smiling wickedly, she spread her slim legs and hooked her knees over each cushioned arm, her hairy cunt opening wetly.

"Come here and lick Randy's cum out of my pussy!" she said lewdly, wiggling her bare ass provocatively. "Suck his cum right out of my snatch!"

Emily moved to the young girl and sat down cross-legged in front of her. She peered straight up into Maureen's wet pussy, the frothy residue of Randy's thick sperm seeping slowly out of her sexy friend's pink cunt-hole and dribbling down onto her tightly-puckered asshole.

"Wow, he must have shot a gallon of cum up your snatch!" Emily observed with a giggle, taking the slick lips of Maureen's juicy pussy in her fingers and pulling them still wider apart. "Your cunt's just filled with it!"

"I know," Maureen breathed, wiggling her bare feet in the air playfully. "I can feel it squishing around inside my pussy!"

Holding the slim girl's swollen cunt-lips, open, Emily leaned forward and ran her wet tongue up the center of her quivering cunt. She felt Maureen tense with a muffled groan and settle deeper into the overstuffed chair, the dark-haired girl's sweaty ass perched on the edge of the cushion.

"I love having your mouth on my pussy!" Maureen half-giggled and half-moaned, her tingling clit distending slowly. "Suck my cunt fill I come, Emily! Then I'll do the same for you! Ohhhhh! That feels like heaven! Stick your tongue up my cunt!"

Leisurely, Emily lapped into Maureen's dripping cunt, her tongue licking away the sticky excess of Randy's cum. She swallowed a mixture of cum and cunt-juices, her mouth working feverishly as she ate her girlfriend's hot pussy.

"You're bringing me right up out of this chair!" she moaned. Maureen's thighs strained against the arms of the chair, the sleek line of her muscles standing taut. "Take your time sucking my snatch, Emily! Ummmm! Your tongue feels great sliding in and out of my pussy! Ohhhhh!"

Emily sucked the trembling girl's cunt hungrily, lapping the cum out and then moving to the girl's quivering clit. Fastening her mouth to Maureen's erect clit, Emily sucked it while she flicked her tongue around it wetly.

Maureen's eyes rolled back and she dropped her pretty mouth open, her breathing ragged and steadily getting more so. Sweat beaded on her flawless skin, her body alternately tensing and then relaxing as Emily mouthed her deliciously-sensitive clit.

"I'll come in no lime flat!" Maureen groaned quietly, fondling her own tits with both hands while Emily nuzzled up into her juicy cunt. "God, Emily, you're sucking my pussy like I love having it sucked! Ummmmm! Keep kissing at my clit! It's tingling like anything! Ohhhh! Damn, I must be a nympho or something, the way I love coming so much! Uhhh! Suck my clit harder!"

But instead of sucking Maureen's throbbing clit harder, Emily trailed her moist mouth down the length of the girl's pouting cunt-lips, sucking wetly all the way. Her pretty face shiny with Maureen's flowing juices, she slid her tongue across the tight little muscle separating the girl's cunt and asshole.

"God, what are you doing?" Maureen gasped, her head rolling from side to side on the overstuffed chair. "Ummmmm! That's different!"

Emily licked around Maureen's puckered asshole, darting her tonguetip into the tiny hole every now and then and teasing at it. Soon, she had her lips pressed tightly to Maureen's rubbery anal slot and was probing with her tongue into the shaking girl's hot asshole.

"Ohhhh, is that wild!" Maureen breathed, scooting her sweaty ass forward so Emily had more room to work in. "Shove your tongue all the way up my butt! Ummmmm! God, is this perverted! I love it!"

Spreading the rounded cheeks of Maureen's ass apart with her fingers, Emily explored as much of the girl's tight rectum as she could reach with her tongue. She could feel Maureen's taut asshole throbbing against her lips, her ass-Cheeks pressed to her face.

Slowly, Emily slipped her tongue out of Maureen's twitching asshole and lapped her way back up along the girl's trembling cunt-lips until she was once again sucking at Maureen's trembling pink clit. With just the very tip of her tongue, she nudged and tickled and teased at Maureen's distended clit until the young girl stiffened with a gurgling cry.

"Keep sucking my pussy!" Maureen sobbed, her orgasm flashing through her dripping cunt like a streak of jagged lightning. "I'm coming, Emily! Keep eating out my snatch! Ohhhh! Uhhh! Use your finger in my butt! Ohhhh!"

Mouthing her throbbing clit, Emily poked two fingers up into the girl's taut asshole, shoving them all the way up her slick rectum and wiggling them round feverishly.

"Uhhhhhh!" Maureen gasped, shuddering with the spasming pleasure ripping through her pulsing snatch. "My cunt's throbbing away! Ohhhhh! Suck my cunt harder! Suck it, Emily! Ohhhhhhhh!"

Emily kept right at Maureen's pulsing clit, her lips and tongue working at the fleshy pink nub until Maureen sagged into the chair with a long, shuddering groan.

"Ohhhh, my little pussy's tingling!" Maureen sighed contentedly, her feet dangling in the air over the arms of the chair.

"I especially liked the part where you started tonguing out my asshole! Uhhh! I can hardly move!"

Moving back out of the way so that Maureen could stretch the kinks out of her legs, Emily stood up and gave her own hairy pussy a quick squeeze. It throbbed at her touch, her clit becoming instantly erect.

"God, am I ever horny!" Emily shivered, probing with a lone finger up into her slippery snatch. She slowly worked her finger in and out of her tight cunt-hole, trembling with the sensation it sent racing through her naked loins. "Now you can eat me!" she giggled to Maureen.

But before Emily could get into position so that Maureen could tongue her match, both girls glanced at one another at the sound of a loud groan.

"What was that?" Maureen asked nervously, looking around. "It sounded like someone moaning!"

"It sure did!" Emily nodded, listening intently. She heard it again, a loud groan that ended abruptly. Pointing, she said, "It sounds like it's coming from under that pile of old carpeting!"

"My God! Go see what it is!"

Cautiously, Emily pushed the corner of the pile of discarded carpet aside with her foot. Under the stack of carpeting, she could see the edge of an air vent set into the floor. She pushed the carpeting more to the side.

"It's an old heating duct," Emily said quietly, motioning for Maureen not to make any noise. The sound of wildly erratic breathing drifted up through the unused air vent. "It's coming from the room below, but I can't see anything," Emily said, peering through the wide-mesh grill. "Help me move this carpeting over some more."

As quietly as possible, both naked teenagers pushed the stack of old carpeting aside until the meshed air vent was fully exposed. Jiggling the lever that would have once controlled the flow of heated air, Emily's eyes widened at the sight before her.

Through the air vent, both girls could see right into the room below. The naked couple on the bed just beneath them were locked in a fervid embrace. The woman was a pretty redhead of about thirty, her bare thighs spread so wide that her knees were flat against the bed. On top of her, cradled between her legs, was a well-built man of about the same age who was ramming his cock up her cunt as fast as he could pump.

"Damn, he's fucking her to death!" Maureen whispered, stretching out on a long, wide piece of carpeting to watch. "Who is it?"

"It's Peggy Norse," Emily whispered back. "She's the nurse over at the Pine Ridge Clinic. That guy must be her boyfriend."

Emily and Maureen lay side by side on the large piece of carpeting, their pretty faces just over the edge of the vent.

The naked redhead in the room below was groaning and squirming, ha hands clutching frantically at the man on top of her. She worked her bare hips up and down feverishly, her gaping cunt swallowing the man's pistoning cock with every shuddering thrust of his hips.

"God, I can smell her cunt." Maureen giggled breathlessly, her eyes wide and staring. "I'm getting horny just watching them!"

"It looks like Peggy's loving it!" Emily whispered, trembling with excitement.

In the room below, Peggy started working her pumping thighs up over the man's churning hips, her slim ankles crossing behind him when she tightened her legs around the man. The sexy redhead's face was bathed in sweat, her eyes closed and her mouth working with her heavy breathing.

The bedsprings creaked wildly, the room filled with the sounds of the woman's panting groans. She kept wiggling her bare ass into the bed and pushing her hairy cunt out at the man, her groans growing louder as he pounded his stiff cock into her cunt-hole.

Emily suddenly whispered to Maureen, "Hey, you're supposed to be sucking my pussy! You got to come and I didn't!"

"Oh, all right!" Maureen answered, reluctant to stop watching the couple in the room below. "But try not to make any noise when you start coming! They'd hear you for sure!"

"I won't make a sound," Emily promised, not taking her eyes from Peggy and her boyfriend. The naked redhead was wriggling all over the bed, her sweaty legs tensing and untensing as she pumped her bare ass. "Anyway, I'll try not to make a sound!"

Sitting up she slid along Emily's supple body and crawled in between her parted legs. She squeezed the rounded backs of her firm thighs, inching her hands up until she was cupping the smooth cheeks of her little ass.

"I can't get at your cunt like this," Maureen whispered to the girl. "You'll have to get up on your knees!"

Watching the humping couple in the room below, Emily got up on her knees and stuck her bare ass out. The slick pink lips of her wet cunt pouted open, her cunt glistening with moisture. Resting her chin on her folded hands, she waited eagerly for Maureen to start licking her snatch.

"Your pussy's sopping!" she said, and then fastened her mouth to Emily's swollen cunt and started sucking feverishly. "Christ, it's dripping like hell!"

Probing with her moist tongue, Maureen lapped up into Emily's juicy cunt from behind, licking at the pink surfaces she found there. Her hands squeezed her out-thrust ass, her fingers digging into Emily's soft flesh.

"Ummmm, that's fantastic!" Emily murmured, wiggling her bare ass as her dark-haired girlfriend kissed and sucked at her quivering pussy. "Push your tongue farther up my cunt! Lick me really good, Maureen! Uhhh! Your mouth is so hot on my snatch! Suck my pussy and bring me off! Umm! Lick my cunt all over!"

The naked redhead that Emily watched so closely was jerking her ass ur off the bed and throwing her pussy up to the man fucking her, his cock sliding deep in her cunt-hole and making her gasp with pleasure. Peggy writhed beneath him, her firm tits pressed into his broad chest and her hot thighs hugging his hips.

The muscular man's entire body strained, his ass whipping up and down faster with every thrust of his prick.

"Did they come yet?" Maureen whispered from where she sat licking Emily's throbbing pussy. "Did he make her come?"

"No," Emily answered shakily. "He's still screwing Peggy's brains out!"

She could feel Maureen's mouth sucking wetly at her swollen cunt-lips, licking and kissing at the pink insides of her tight snatch. Maureen darted her tongue up and down along the length of Emily's hair cunt, dipping into the sweet passage of the girl's pulsing cunt-hole every now and then.

Emily shuddered deliciously with the sucking Maureen was giving her hot snatch, her pink clit so swollen that the merest touch sent shivers racing down her slender spine.

"Suck my cunt right into your mouth!" Emily groaned softly, fearful of alerting the writhing couple in the room below. "Lick and suck it and kiss it! Make me come with your mouth! Uhhhh! My whole crotch is tingling! I love the way you eat me! Ohhhh!"

It suddenly became obvious to Emily that the sexy redhead getting humped had started to come. The naked woman began squirming with a frenzy of lust, her body straining and jerking as groans of pleasure poured from her pretty mouth.

"Peggy's getting her nut!" Emily relayed to Maureen. "She's going crazy down there! He's fucking her silly!"

Burrowing her face up into Emily's gaping cunt, Maureen smacked her lips wildly at the glistening pink flesh of her pulsating cunt-hole, her fingers at the same time sliding towards Emily's tight ass-hole. The dark-haired girl crammed two fingers up into Emily's clenching rectum, pushing her fingertips as deep as she could into the sexy girl's stretched-taut asshole.

"Ohhhhhh!" Emily panted suddenly, her young body rocked by the jolt of her searing climax. "I'm coming! God, I'm coming like mad! Suck my pussy, Maureen! Ohhhhhh! Damn, your fingers are jabbing all the way up my butt. Uhhhh!"

Groaning with delight, Emily shuddered through the rippling spasms of her orgasm, her slippery cunt contracting wetly and spilling a slick trickle of her oily lubrication into Maureen's mouth.

"Ummmmm!" Emily gasped, pushing her quivering pussy back into Maureen's face. "Shove your tongue straight up my snatch! Ohhhh! Lick my pussy out! Lick it, Maureen! Uhhhhh! Uhhhhh!"

Her knees sliding apart, Emily's firm body dropped to the carpet, her legs stretching out behind her and her wet cunt sliding away from Maureen's sucking mouth.

"God, that was a great come!" Emily breathed, trembling.

In the room below, the naked couple on the bed lay still.


After dinner that evening, Emily's mother told her, "Dear, I've got an ad in tomorrow's paper for the one vacant room left. Could you run up and make sure it's straightened? Just fluff the pillows and dust a bit."

"Sure, Mom, I'll do it right now."

"Thanks." The older woman smiled. "Here's the key."

Taking the key from her mother, Emily headed upstairs. Foremost in her mind was the thought that she'd hurry and clean the room, and then knock on David Wayland's door as soon as she was through. She hadn't seen the young man since their morning encounter, and she was eager to feel his body pressed to hers once again.

Upstairs, Emily unlocked the door to the vacant room and went in. She made sure the wastebaskets were empty, the bed was made, the window sills were spotless, and that the dresser was dusted.

Satisfied that the room was clean, the young blonde turned to leave and ran right into Jack Barker.

"Well, isn't this cozy?" Emily's stepfather smiled, stepping into the room and closing the door. "It looks like we're all alone again."

"Let me by!" Emily said slowly, suddenly trembling with fear. "My mother's right downstairs..."

"And that's where she's going to stay," Jack cut her off. He moved toward the pretty teenager. "Don't yell, or you'll get hurt!"

Emily tried to avoid his grasp, but he was too quick for her. The big man grabbed her arm and spun her around, pushing her at the same time so that the girl fell sprawling across the bed.

"Oh, God!" Emily whimpered, kicking her legs wildly. "Get your hands off of me, you dirty pig!"

"Your fighting don't fool me none." He laughed crudely, already taking off his shoes and pants. "I know better -- you take to a dick like a duck to water! Hell, you were begging for my cock the last time I fucked your little snatch!"

She stiffened with a choked gasp when her ruggedly-built stepfather began yanking down her tight jeans. To no avail, she struggled to get away from him.

"You bastard!" Emily croaked, tears stinging her big brown eyes. She thrashed helplessly as Jack pulled her jeans and panties off, then grabbed for his thick wrists when he reached for her blouse. "Damn it, I don't want you to touch me!"

Ignoring her protests, Jack pulled the front of her blouse open so hard that her buttons popped off. He stripped the blouse off the girl, then, holding her down, unhooked her bra and stripped that off also.

"This'll have to be a quickie!" he said, climbing on top of her. "Your mother thinks I'm up here fixing the bathroom sink! 'Course, what she don't know won't hurt her."

Naked and squirming beneath the brawny man, Emily groaned when she felt his stiff cock start to slide up into her hot cunt. She tensed as he pushed his prick the rest of the way into her pussy.

"Ohhhhh God!" she gasped, shuddering when Jack started right in pumping on lop of her. "Your damn dick is almost too big for my little cunt! Uhhhh! It's going so fucking deep."

Pinned to the bed under the big man, Emily moaned every time his throbbing cock plunged to the hilt in her slippery pussy. Unable to contain the lust rising in her, she was soon squirming with wanton pleasure and shiny with sweat. Her breath grew uneven, her pretty mouth opening and closing as she gasped for air.

Her muscular stepfather pounded his twitching cock into her wet pussy with thrusts that became steadily faster, his hips churning up and down between the young girl's sweaty thighs.

"It feels so good!" Emily panted, wiggling on the bed. "Your hard cock keeps going so far up my cunt! I can feel it stabbing all the way up my cunt-hole! Uhhh! I can't fight it! It's just too good having your huge prick in my pussy!"

Digging his large hands in under Emily's squirming ass, Jack yanked her hips up so that her pink cunt ground into the base of his cock. He drove his jerking prick still deeper in her tight snatch, reaming her gripping pussy out with every solid inch of his mammoth cock.

Emily finally hooked her feet behind her stepfather's legs, her thighs straining as she pumped against the man. She took his plunging cock straight up her hot pussy with one hoarse groan after another, her body writhing beneath his.

"Push your dick deeper!" Emily began urging, her strong, young thighs pumping feverishly as she threw her slick cunt up to the man. "Cram your stiff cock up my pussy as hard as you can! Harder, damn it! Uhhhhh! Make me come! Push your dick all the way up my snatch and make me come!"

He slid his hands down into the damp crack of her ass and poked a finger into her taut asshole. He pulled at her rubbery asshole until she was writhing with a near-mindless frenzy of passion.

"You ain't fighting me off now!" Jack rasped, cramming his thick cock into his young stepdaughter's juicy cunt with pistoning strokes that made her tremble and shake. "Your little pussy's just loving the dicking I'm giving it, ain't it? Ain't it?" he persisted stubbornly.

"Yes, God, yes!" Emily shuddered, her bare ass wriggling on the bed as she strained to take every inch of the man's massive prick into her tight snatch. "You're giving me the fucking of my life! Ohhhhh! It feels so fucking good getting fucked by you! Uhhh! My pussy's just gushing juice all over the place!"

Emily's hot cunt quivered with excitement so deliciously intense she could hardly bear it. The pistoning shaft of his solid prick glutted the wet passageway of the girl's pulsating cunt-hole, his swollen cock-head barreling into her tight snatch as far as it would reach.

Wiggling and straining, she pumped furiously beneath her stepfather, her slippery cunt sucking at his plunging cock every time it stroked back out of her wet cunt-hole.

Her sweaty ass bouncing, Emily groaned, "Fuck me hard and long! I want as much of your stiff cock as I can get! Ohhhh! Push it deeper! Uhh! You're fucking me so good! I love your big dick when it slides up my wet cunt! Ohhhh! Shove your dick farther up my pussy! Fuck me flat with your huge cock!"

Emily's stepfather gouged deeper into the naked girl's slippery asshole. He pushed two fingers up her tightly-gripping rectum and worked them in and out quickly, fingerfucking her puckered asshole while he drove his throbbing cock still farther into her pink cunt.

The squirming girl grabbed the brawny man's shoulders, her nails raking across his flesh. She kept pushing her hairy young cunt out at him, grinding her pulsing clit into the base of his stroking cock and gasping with the feel of it. Tue faster he hammered his huge cock into her quivering pussy, the more Emily loved it.

"I'm getting ready to come!" the girl croaked, shuddering from head to toe. "Pound my pussy to pieces with your hard prick! Fuck me harder, you son of a bitch! Fuck me till I can't even stand up! Ohhhhh! You've got me so damn hot!"

The shivering spasms of Emily's climax made her slick cunt-walls grab at Jack's pistoning prick, her slippery pussy squeezing his throbbing cock-shaft until his sticky own spurted wetly.

"Ohhhhh, I'm getting off!" Emily moaned, her hot cunt filling with her stepfather's thick sperm. "I can feel you shooting your wad up my snatch! I'm coming, you bastard son of a bitch! Ohhhh God! You're squirting so much cum up my pussy!"

As he squirted his hot cum into Emily's tightening cunt, he jabbed his fingers yet deeper in her asshole, the girl stretching out beneath him with a shuddering gasp.

"I'm coming like a maniac!" Emily blurted out, her body shaking uncontrollably. "It's so good! My pussy's throbbing around your big click! Ohhhh! Fuck my snatch off! Make me come and come! Ohhhh! Push your fingers up my asshole as far as you can!"

His hips whipping up and down frantically, Jack pounded his spurting cock into his pretty stepdaughter's gripping cunt with a frenzy of unrestrained lust. He humped the young girl until both of them groaned wearily and stopped moving.

"Christ, you've got a nice pussy!" the big man breathed, raising up off the naked teenager slowly. He slid his long prick out of her quivering snatch, a thin strand of his cum dribbling across the girl's bare thigh. "I never fucked a woman who loved it as much as you do! You just love taking a dick!"

Turning her face aside, Emily was filled with shame at the way she'd lost control of herself once again. It seemed to her that as soon as a man's cock was in her cunt, she'd do almost anything to keep it there.

"I got to get going," he said easily, standing and then picking up his clothes. He dressed quickly, then glanced down at her sprawled across the bed. "You'd better make the bed before you leave."

A moment later, Emily was alone in the small room again.

Shakily, she got up and pulled her clothes back on. Then, still trembling, she remade the bed, smoothing out the bedspread she and her stepfather had mussed up.

As soon as the bed was back in shape, Emily left the room, locked the door behind her, and headed for the upstairs bathroom.

Once in the bathroom, Emily locked the door and quickly wiggled out of her jeans and panties.

Using a dampened wash cloth, she slowly wiped away every trace of Jack's thick cum from her hairy pussy. Then, wrapping the wet wash cloth wound one finger, she probed up into her juicy cunt and cleaned herself as well as possible.

Finished, she dried herself off, squirmed back into her panties and tight jeans, and then headed back down the hall. As badly as she wanted to see David Wayland, Emily decided that she really couldn't face him after what had just happened to her.

But, as she passed his door, the young man suddenly pulled the door open and poked his head out. "Hey, Emily! I thought I recognized your footsteps. Come on in!"

Nervously, Emily smiled back at David and walked into his room. She perched on the edge of his bed, crossing her denimed legs, and tried to seem casual.

"What's wrong?" David asked as he closed the door. "You look really tense. Is anything wrong?"

"Oh, I'm fine," Emily said easily, feeling better just being around the young man. "There's nothing wrong at all."

Moving beside her, David slid his arms around Emily's slender middle and kissed her full on the mouth. Their tongues met and entwined, their lips sucking at each other eagerly.

"You kiss so well!" Emily giggled, lying back on the bed and pulling David down with her. "Do it some more!"

With his arms tight around her waist, the young man kissed her feverishly. He slid one hand up under the back of her blouse and undid, her bra strap, his hand then sliding around and cupping one bare tit warmly. His mouth hot against hers, he moved his other hand down and unsnapped her jeans.

"Ummm, this is fun!" Emily giggled softly, stiffening slightly when David's hand slid down into the front of her panties. She felt his fingers probe into her young cunt, his breathing getting heavy as he explored the lush wetness of her cunt-hole. "Push your fingers deeper!" the girl urged with another muffled giggle.

"I've got a better idea," David said quietly, then tugged down Emily's jeans.

Within moments, both of them were stark naked. David's cock stood straight and stiff, the rigid shaft of meat throbbing and ready for Emily's tight young snatch.

"I feel like getting screwed in the butt!" Emily smiled lewdly. "Put your dick up my ass!"

And, kneeling beside the bed, she leaned over and stuck her bare ass out at David. Giggling, she reached behind her and pulled the rubbery cheeks of her ass apart until her puckered asshole was stretched open.

"I'll fuck your ass anytime you want!" David laughed, getting down behind Emily.

Taking only a moment to wet the thick head of his hard cock in her cunt, the well-built young man then lined his cock up with Emily's throbbing asshole and shoved his hips forward.

"Uhhhh!" Emily tensed, clenching her teeth when David's big prick pushed into her hot asshole. "Shove your dick up my ass with all your might! Goon, make it hurt! Uhhhh!"

"Take a deep breath," the naked man advised. "I'm going to cram my cock up your round little ass with just one thrust!"

And that was exactly what David did, his long prick spearing up Emily's trembling ass with a thrust that took her breath away.

"Ohhhhh God, your cock's filling my asshole right up!" she groaned, shuddering. "Now screw my butt off!"

Leaning across the bed, Emily felt the man's stiff prick start sliding in and out of her wetly-gripping rectum, his cock-thrusts pushing the fat head of his prick all the way up her hot asshole. She groaned with the keen pleasure his pistoning cock gave her, the rounded backs of her firm thighs tensing.

From behind the young girl, David pushed his thick cock into her tight asshole as fast as possible. His hips churned back and forth, his hard cock sliding up her ass faster and faster with every stroke.

"Fuck my asshole!" Emily moaned, pumping her naked hips. "Ram your dick up my ass as hard as you can! Ohhhhh! That's it, David! Ream my butt out with your big dick! Uhhh! Your cock's twitching like crazy in my asshole!"

Pumping against the naked girls wiggling ass, David started sliding his hands up and down along her firm body. Lingeringly, he caressed her bare tits, her slender hips, her sweaty ass and her straining thighs, and then did it over and over while he crammed his throbbing prick up her slippery asshole.

Emily could feel her pink cunt tingling away, her juices flowing out of her slick cunt-crack and running down the insides of her bare thighs. She ground her hairy cunt into the edge of the bed, her clit tingling as she rubbed it against the bed.

"Squeeze my tits some more!" she groaned, thrusting her bare ass back into David's hairy crotch and feeling his rigid cock plunge deeper in her wet asshole. "Play with my tits while you're screwing my ass off! Uhh! I love it! God, it's just so good having your hard dick going in and out of my butt! Harder, fuck my ass harder, David! Shove your cock up my ass!"

"I'm fucking your ass as hard as possible!" the young man gasped. "Damn, your asshole's tighter and hotter than your pussy!"

Sliding his hands under Emily, he grabbed her firm tits and began fondling them. Plucking at her rubbery nipples, he tugged at the puckered tips until they hardened under his fingers.

"Your cock's stretching my asshole wide open!" Emily gasped, working her naked hips back and forth with a frantic, wiggling motion. "Hammer your big cock farther up my butt! Push it up my asshole till I'm shaking all over! Ohhhhh!"

The quivering nub of the girl's clit was pressed again and again into the edge of the mattress, her pussy gushing wetness that spilled from her hairy snatch nonstop.

David slammed the full length of his stiff prick into Emily's wetly-sucking asshole with every thrust of his hips. He squeezed her bare tits feverishly, leaning over her as he reamed out her wiggling ass.

"I love screwing your butt!" the young man breathed into her ear as he hammered his cock into her slick rectum. "I'm going to shoot a gallon of cum right up your little asshole any second now! Uhhh! Damn! Your asshole's going to suck the cum out of my nuts. Your butt's so damn tight and wet inside!"

Squirming back against the stroking action of his prick, Emily kept pushing her sweaty ass out at the man. She shuddered uncontrollably with the wild sensation of having his jerking cock buried in her tight asshole, her body straining as she tried to take his prick still deeper.

"Give me your dick as deep as you can!" Emily urged holly, her hands clutching at the bed. "Cram your cock straight up my asshole with every bit of your strength! Ohhhh God! My poor little asshole's being fucked raw! It's throbbing so much! Uhhh! Fuck my butt faster, David! Fuck my butt as fast and as hard as you can push your cock!"

With a relentless fury, David plunged his thick prick to the hilt in the squirming teenaged girl's hot rectum. He drove his cock up her wet asshole so fast, Emily's stretched-open anal opening made obscene sucking sounds around his cock-shaft.

Wiggling back and forth with her slim hips, Emily kept grinding her dripping pussy into the mattress, her clit erect and sending shivering pleasure lancing through her loins every time she jerked forward. The thick lips of her pussy gaped open, their slick surfaces leaving wet imprints on the sheet that covered the mattress.

"Faster, faster, faster!" Emily groaned. "Fuck my asshole till it's all red and sore! Push your dick deeper in my butt! Ummm! That one went all the way up my ass! Ohhhhh! You're going to make me come like crazy! I can feel it starting! Hold me, David! Hold me while I'm getting my nut! I want your arms around me tight! Ohhhhhh God!"

Emily groaned out her pleasure as her climax burst within her throbbing snatch, her hips jerking forward when she ground her clit still more feverishly into the edge of the mattress. Her slick asshole clenched wetly at David's jerking cock, squeezing and caressing it from top to bottom.

An instant later, David's prick jerked still stiffer and started squirting milky cum into Emily's sucking asshole.

"I'm getting my rocks off!" David gasped, shuddering as he pushed his prick into Emily's hot rectum. "I'm filling your butt up with cum! Uhhhh! My dick's throbbing like a son of a bitch!"

The young man's sticky cum spurted into her slippery asshole in wet, thick streams that quickly filled her pulsing bowels.

"Yes, yes!" Emily croaked hoarsely, her eyes gazed over with the spasming pleasure shuddering through her bare loins. "I can feel your cum shooting up my butt! It's so damn hot! Ohhhhh! God, your cock's jerking like hell in my asshole! Uhhhhh! Hump my ass off!"

Her twitching asshole already dripping David's cum, Emily squirmed and pumped frantically while the naked man plunged his cock right to his nuts in her pulsing rectum.

"Ohhhh, it feels so good!" Emily groaned, her face shiny with sweat and her breathing one rasping sob after another. "I'm coming so damn much! Do it harder, David! Cram your dick up my asshole harder! Ohhhh God! It's almost too much to stand! Uhhhhhh!"


Late the following afternoon, Emily sat quietly alone in the cluttered attic waiting for the action in the room to begin. In her snug denim shorts and skimpy halter top, she kept glancing down through the mesh grill of the heating vent for signs of Peggy's boyfriend.

The shapely redhead apparently waited for the man also, for she lay naked on her bed, casually smoking a cigarette. From where Emily sat, she could see that the firm mounds of the woman's bare tits were tipped with exquisitely-large nipples of deep scarlet, the points of them tilted upward only slightly.

The flat expanse of Peggy's sleek stomach and groin led Emily's prying eyes to the kinky patch of red hair that covered the joint of her firm thighs, the thick lips of her cunt partially visible through the mat of curly hair.

A soft knock at Peggy's door signaled the arrival of her boyfriend, and she jumped off the bed with an eager giggle. Standing behind the door to shield her nakedness, the sexy redhead let the man in quickly.

"You're late," Emily heard Peggy say. "I've been lying here with a wet pussy for over half an hour!"

The man laughed good-naturedly as he undressed. From what Emily could see, he was tall and muscular with sandy brown hair and the biggest cock she'd ever seep in her young life. Not really getting a close look at it the day before, Emily took her time staring at the man's standing prick.

"Do you want it in the mouth, the asshole, or the cunt?" the man asked Peggy, moving for her as soon as he was completely naked.

"Surprise me!" Peggy giggled, and grabbed the man's huge cock with one hand. "You know, you've got the hardest dick I've ever seen!"

Since it was Emily's plan to fingerfuck herself while she watched the couple screwing, the pretty blonde teen unsnapped the front of her tight shorts and pushed her hand down into her panties. Pushing her fingers up into her juicy snatch, she leaned over to see better.

Unfortunately, it was at that moment that Peggy happened to glance up, and the two women made eye contact.

"Good God!" the naked redhead blurted, staring at Emily. "What are you doing up there? Emily! I know that's you! What are you doing there?"

Swallowing hard, Emily managed to stammer, "I was cleaning up the attic, that's all! I wasn't trying to spy on you or anything!"

Almost screaming through the grill, Peggy told her, "You get down here this instant, young lady! I mean, right now!"

Trembling with fear at having been caught, Emily quickly resnapped her shorts and headed down to the naked redhead's room. She cleared her throat, then rapped lightly at Peggy's door.

"Get in here!" Peggy snapped, hauling her in and closing the door behind her. "Now, I want an explanation!"

Since Peggy and her boyfriend were both still naked, Emily found herself staring at the man's throbbing, upright cock as if in a trance. Without meaning to, she murmured, "God, his dick's as big as a house!"

She flinched with embarrassment as soon as she said it, but Peggy and the man couldn't help laughing.

"I'm Andy," the man with the huge prick told Emily with a smile. He took Peggy's arm and drew her aside, then the two of them talked in whispers for several moments.

When Peggy turned back to Emily, she asked her, "Would you like to join us?" And the shapely redhead reached out and stroked Emily's arm lightly. "Do you want to have a threesome with us?"

It didn't take Emily long to decide. "All right. My pussy's already dripping wet!"

While Peggy took Emily's halter top off, Andy tugged the barefooted girl's shorts and panties down. His massive cock jutted out in front of him, and Emily took it in her hand and ran her fingers up and down it.

"Your dick's as hard as a rock!" Emily breathed, squeezing Andy's jerking cock. "And it's throbbing like hell!"

"Who wants to get humped first?" the solidly-built man asked the two naked young women.

"Fuck Emily first," Peggy suggested with a smile, caressing the pretty teenager's bare tits fondly. "Such pretty nipples, Emily!"

Peggy and Andy led Emily over to the bed and eased her down onto her back.

"Wait!" Emily giggled, still holding onto the man's twitching prick. "Let me get on top -- I'd rather sit on a dick that big than have it shoved up me!"

When Andy stretched out on his back on the bed, Emily climbed on top of him. She squatted across his hips, her dripping cunt poised over the throbbing head of his enormous prick.

Peggy took Andy's upright cock in her hand and held it as Emily lowered herself onto it.

"It's so big!" she breathed, shivering when she felt the tip of the man's cock slide in between her slippery cunt-lips. She wiggled her slim hips, trembling as she sat down. "God, it's filling my pussy up!"

Peggy slid her hand out of the way as Emily's pink cunt swallowed the full length of Andy's gigantic cock slowly. Then the woman climbed up behind the slender teen and cupped her firm tits, squeezing them gently while Emily pushed her tight snatch the last inch onto the naked man's standing prick.

"My God, you've got the tightest cunt I've ever seen!" Andy gasped when his massive prick was fully encased in the young girl's slippery cunt-hole. "It's already sucking on my dick, and we haven't even started pumping yet!"

"Well, your cock's stretching my pussy wide open!" Emily murmured softly, leaning back into Peggy's naked tits and bracing herself against the woman. "Hold me tight, Peggy!"

Tensing her round, young thighs, Emily started pumping up and down slowly, squirming her bare ass as she impaled her juicy cunt repeatedly on Andy's throbbing cock.

With Peggy holding her from behind, the horny teenager drove her hot pussy down onto the man's upright prick with one bouncing thrust of her hips after another. She groaned with the feel of Andy's huge cock sliding wetly into her cunt, her body straining as she took his mammoth prick all the way up her cunt-hole.

From underneath, Andy began pumping his hips and pushing his long cock up into the wriggling teenager's dripping pussy. He shoved his massive prick fully into her hot cunt with every upward thrust of his hips, his swollen cock-head pushing aside the girl's pink cunt-walls and filling the space between.

"Keep fucking me with your big, hard dick!" Emily groaned, shuddering with the delicious sensation his pistoning cock gave her young snatch. "I want to feel every thick inch of it going up my pussy! Ohhhh God! Your dick's the biggest thing I've ever had in my cunt! Uhhhh! It makes me shake every time it rams up my pussy!"

Wiggling up and down against Peggy, Emily could feel her eager hands squeezing and fondling her bare tits. The woman pulled at her ripe nipples with her fingertips. Emily's response was to tremble all the more.

"Christ!" Andy gasped, his eyes wide and his expression intense. "Your little cunt's got a wet grip on my dick that just won't quit! Uhhh! You're going to get a bucket-load of cum up your snatch!"

"I hope so!" Emily managed to giggle breathlessly. She hammered her slippery pussy onto the man's enormous cock with all her might, her thighs straining and her bare ass bouncing up and down with a fury of motion. She could feel every solid inch of his mammoth cock slamming up into her wet cunt-hole, the slick walls of her snatch gripping his prick from head to base.

"Cram your prick farther up my cunt!" she urged, leaning back into Peggy's arms as she pumped. "Push your dick into my pussy as hard as possible! Deeper! Shove your cock deeper in my pussy! Uhhh! I can feel the tip of your cock stabbing up into my cunt! Ohhhh! Slide your prick in an out of my snatch as fast as you can push it! Faster, Andy, fuck me faster!"

From behind, Peggy pulled Emily's bare back into her round tits, the redhead's pointy nipples pressed into Emily's soft flesh. She hugged Emily tightly, moving up and down with the younger girl as Emily pounded her hairy snatch onto Andy's stiff prick.

Sweating and groaning, Emily relentlessly drove her wet pussy down onto the rigid shaft of the man's huge cock, her cunt making soft sucking sounds as it gripped his prick.

"Shoot your cum up me!" she gasped hoarsely, her pussy dripping hot liquid onto Andy's hairy crotch. "I want to feel your sticky cum spurting up my cunt! Uhhhhh! Your dick's so damn hard and stiff and big! Fuck me harder, Andy! Harder! Ohhhhhh!"

Emily's bare ass wiggled frantically as she bounced up and down, her tits jiggling under Peggy's cupped hands and her nipples throbbing. She kept giving her hips a quick twist every time she sat down, tightening her hot pussy around Andy's stroking prick and making him gasp with pleasure.

Sweat poured off the young girl's naked body, her face dotted with drops of moisture and strands of her blonde hair streaked across her forehead. She worked her ass up and down feverishly, groaning and panting as she took the man's enormous cock straight up her juicy snatch.

"My God, Emily!" Peggy giggled behind her, fondling her bare tits with both hands. "You fuck like a maniac! You seem to love Andy's dick even more than I do!"

"It just feels so good!" Emily moaned, shuddering uncontrollably. "His cock's so huge! It's filling my cunt to bursting! Ohhhhh! Uhh! I can feel every inch of Andy's big prick pushing up my snatch!"

The naked man hammered his hard cock up into Emily's slippery cunt with one ramming thrust after another, his hips churning beneath her. Sliding his hands down, he gripped her pumping thighs tightly, his fingers digging into her soft flesh.

"Harder, fuck me even harder!" Emily panted, pumping as fast as her hips would move. "Drive your cock up my pussy till I come! Make me come with your giant prick! Uhhhh! I'm getting really close! Faster, faster! Ohhhhh! Uhhh!"

Tensing beneath her suddenly, Andy's face reddened and he gasped with a low cry. Gushing streams of wet cum suddenly jetted into Emily's pulsating snatch, Andy's cock quivering violently as he shot his wad.

"I can feel your cum going up my pussy!" Emily managed to groan a scant instant before her own staggering orgasm tore through her cunt. "Ohhhhhh! I'm getting my nut! I'm coming! Hold me, Peggy! Squeeze my tits! Uhhhh! Fuck me, Andy! Fuck me silly! Ohhhh! Your cum's shooting all the way up my cunt!"

She ground her hairy crotch down into his, shivering wildly with the feel of his hot sperm being pumped into her juicy snatch. The young girl's hips worked up and down and back and forth with a fervid wiggling motion, her tight snatch sucking wetly at the man's shooting cock.

"Uhhhhh!" Emily gasped, bringing her dripping pussy down on Andy's cock harder and harder. "My cunt's throbbing like hell! Your cum's filling my pussy up! Uhhh! Fuck the piss out of my cunt!"

Ramming her juicy pussy down on the man's prick until she was through coming, Emily then sighed with a quiet whimper and sagged back into Peggy's arms. "Ummmmm," she moaned softly, nuzzling her head against Peggy's shoulder. "That was really good!"

Peggy giggled, "Now you'll have to help me get Andy's cock stiff again so he can screw me in the butt!"

As soon as Emily lifted tier hot cunt off of the man's prick, both she and Peggy went for it with their mouths. Taking turns sucking Andy's limp cock, they soon had it stiff and twitching again.

"God that was quick!" Emily breathed, staring at Andy's upright cock.

"Will you eat my pussy while Andy fucks me in the ass?" the sexy redhead asked, getting on her hands and knees on the bed. "I'll come like anything if you suck my cunt!"

When Peggy raised one knee, Emily slid under her lengthwise so that the redhead's gaping pussy was directly over her mouth. Likewise, Peggy's face was right above Emily's wet cunt. "Scoot your ass down some!" Emily asked.

Peggy spread her knees wider on the bed so that her juicy cunt dipped down, her bare inner thighs trembling.

Gripping the pretty redhead's slender hips, Emily pulled her down still more and fastened her mouth to Peggy's quivering pussy. She licked up into the woman's hot cunt-hole, exploring with her tongue.

"Ummmm!" Peggy moaned softly, at the same time dropping her face down into Emily's hairy crotch. "I'll eat you while you eat me!" And she started sucking on the young girl's gaping snatch with a flurry of little kisses and licks. "Oh, you have such a sweet little pussy!"

"Hey, don't forget about me!" Andy laughed, getting up behind Peggy's bare ass.

"Who could forget you?" Emily giggled, still licking wetly at the naked redhead's dripping snatch. "Co on and stick your dick up Peggy's butt!"

From where she lay kissing and licking the red-haired woman's throbbing pussy. Emily could see Andy's stiff cock slide between the rubbery cheeks of Peggy's ass. She watched as the fleshy tip of Andy's cock pressed against the other woman's puckered asshole. A moment later, she felt Peggy tense as the swollen head of Andy's cock stretched open the woman's tight anal slot and disappeared into it.

"Push your dick all the way up my ass!" Peggy urged, still sucking on Emily's young cunt. "Come on, Andy, shove it up there!"

As Emily watched closely, the man forced the full length of his thick prick into Peggy's twitching asshole, his hard cock spearing into her rectum with a quiet, sucking noise. Andy's hairy balls hung right over Emily's eyes, his cock buried to the base in Peggy's rubbery asshole.

"Christ!" Andy breathed, slowly stroking his cock back out of Peggy's hot rectum. "Your asshole seems to get tighter every time I fuck it."

And, while Emily watched from underneath where she sucked the redhead's throbbing pussy, Andy started pushing his long cock in and out of Peggy's tightly-gripping asshole.

"That's good, that's so good!" Peggy groaned, wiggling her bare ass and taking the man's prick as deep as she could. "Ream my butt out with your big, hard dick! Fuck me in the asshole as hard as you can! Hhhhhh! God, that's good!"

With her knees spread wide on the bed, Peggy managed to work her ass back into Andy's crotch and grind her pussy into Emily's mouth at the same time. She shuddered convulsively as she pumped her naked hips, her wet cunt gaping round Emily's mouth.

It was an easy matter for Emily to tongue her way up to Peggy's distended clit. The redhead's reaction when Emily's lips enclosed the quivering nub was to strain with every muscle in her firm body.

"Ohhh, Emily!" Peggy groaned, her hips already pumping frantically. "I love the way your tongue feels darting all over my clit! My pussy's quivering like crazy! Ohhhh! Suck my clit harder, Emily! Suck my whole pussy! Ummm! I'll come so damn fast like this! Ohhhh!"

Emily could feel Peggy's moist mouth sucking feverishly at her pussy, Peggy's tongue licking from Emily's tingling clit right down to her taut asshole. She squirmed her bare ass around, pushing her cunt tighter against Peggy's mouth and loving the feel of it.

Just above her eyes, Andy's nuts swung back and forth quickly as he crammed his mammoth cock into Peggy's throbbing asshole, the thick shaft of his prick sliding out slick with moisture only to ram back in an instant later. Emily could see every vein on his cock pulsing with excitement, her big brown eyes wide as she watched Peggy getting her ass fucked.

"Harder!" the wriggling redhead moaned to Andy. "Push your cock up my asshole harder! Shove your dick up my butt with all your might! God, it feels like a flagpole ramming up my ass! Ahhhhh! I can feel your cock throbbing like mad in my asshole!"

Savagely, Andy bent over Peggy and hammered his thick cock into her slippery rectum with a brutal intensity. His hard prick pistoned to the depths of her wet rectum, his balls swinging wildly just above Emily's face.

Emily kept tonguing across Peggy's pink clit, toying at it until she was gasping and groaning. She alternated between licking the fleshy nub and sucking it, lingeringly working at it as she watched Andy's pistoning cock.

Peggy's hot pussy dripped so much oily juice that Emily's mouth kept filling with it. Swallowing noisily, Emily sucked and kissed still more eagerly at Peggy's throbbing pussy.

"Keep tightening the cheeks of your ass up like that!" Andy groaned shakily, plowing his huge prick yet faster into Peggy's sucking asshole. "That feels great!"

As Peggy's naked hips pumped, she would clench her ass-cheeks together with every ramming thrust of the man's gigantic cock. She strained to tighten the rubbery cheeks of her ass around his stroking cock-shaft even more, her muscles in her thighs standing taut.

"God, Peggy, you're sucking him off with your butt!" Emily giggled from below, taking it all in. "I can't even believe you can take his huge cock that far up your asshole!"

With her strong thighs around Peggy's head, Emily kept working her hot pussy into the redhead's mouth. Both naked women groaned and shuddered as they ate each other out, their tongues probing deeply into the slickest regions of their cunts. Just as eagerly as Emily, Peggy kept rubbing her pulsing cunt into the young blonde's mouth.

While the two groaning women sucked at each other, Andy drove his hard cock into Peggy's hot asshole with every ounce of his strength. As fast as possible, he pushed his throbbing prick into the woman's rubbery asshole and stroked it back out just as quickly.

"You're fucking my ass raw!" Peggy gurgled, thrusting her bare ass out at the man and taking his reaming cock still deeper. "Push your cock up my asshole till I can't even walk! Uhhhh! Your big prick's going so damn far up my asshole! It's stabbing so fucking deep! Harder, Andy! Shove your still dick up my butt even harder!"

Panting for breath, Peggy still managed to suck Emily's gaping pussy with a frenzy of lust. She pushed her tongue as far up her wet cunt as it would reach, lapping all around the glistening interior of Emily's pulsating cunt-hole.

Emily suddenly groaned, "You're making me come, Peggy! Ohhhhh! Suck my pussy right off! Put your whole mouth on my cunt! Uhhh! Your tongue is turning me inside out when it slides around in my snatch! Keep licking up into my cunt!"

Moaning, she clamped her sweaty thighs to Peggy's face and wiggled all over. She bounced her firm ass around on the bed, her legs tensing as she climaxed over and over.

"I'm coming my ass off!" Emily gasped, her face crushed into Peggy's hairy snatch. "Ohhhhh! Keep sucking my pussy! Suck it hard, Peggy! I'm melting into the bed! My cunt keeps spasming so much! Ohhh God! What a terrific come! Uhhhhh!"

An instant later, Peggy stiffened with a sharp moan and then let out a whimpering cry. She shuddered violently, her wet, pussy like a hot suction cup around Emily's mouth.

"Ahhhhh God!" Peggy panted, squirming her naked ass back into Andy's crotch. "I'm coming! Shove your dick farther into my asshole! Uhhhh! I'm shaking from head to toe! Ohhhhh!"

Andy tensed, his expression showing the immense relief that overwhelmed him as his thick sperm poured into Peggy's wetly-clenching asshole. He pumped his spurting cock up the redhead's squirming ass frenziedly, squirting hot jets of milky cum into her pulsing rectum.

"You're filling my butt up with cum!" Peggy hissed, jerking again and again with the climax rippling through her tight cunt. "Ohhhhh! God, all three of us are coming at the same time! God, it feels good! Uhhh! My cunt and my asshole are quivering like anything!"

Emily, still sucking feverishly at Peggy's spasming cunt, squirmed beneath the naked woman, her feet kicking as she climaxed.

"I'm still coming!" Emily moaned. "Keep eating my pussy, Peggy! Make me come till I can't stand up! Ohhh! It's driving me wild, it feels so good! I'm shuddering! Ohhhhh!"

The three of them ground their sweaty bodies together frantically, groaning with the tingling pleasure overpowering them. And then, when the delight they shared reached a fever pitch, peaking, all three collapsed into a mound of sweaty, trembling flesh.


"There's Randy," Maureen told Emily as the two girls sat in the back yard again. The pretty brunette called out to him, "Come here, Randy!"

"Here we go again," Emily, in her bikini, giggled as she sat up. "But this time, let's take him in the garage!"

The boy walked up to the girls and nodded to them with a friendly smile. "Hi," Randy said.

Wasting no time, Maureen asked, "Do you want to fuck us again? We've been waiting for you."

The curly-haired boy seemed uncertain. "It'd be a little awkward today. I've got another kid helping me with my route." He pointed across the street. Delivering papers on the other side of the street was another boy. Tall and gangly-limbed, the boy tossed a paper on a porch, then moved quickly to the next house.

"Invite him over," Emily giggled suddenly, excited by the prospect of all four of them naked together. She took the crotch of her bikini and pulled it back so that Randy could see her hairy cunt. "See? My pussy's already wet!"

"God!" Randy sighed, eyeing the pretty girl's slippery cunt. "Oh, what the hell!" He cupped his hands over his mouth and yelled to his friend across the street, "Hey, George! George!"

The tall boy stopped and turned, a paper still in his hand.

"Come over here!" Randy called the boy. "Hurry up!"

Out of breath after running over, the thin boy glanced at the two sexy girls, then asked Randy, "What is it?"

Emily cut in, "We've got something to show you in the garage." Both girls stood and headed for the garage with Randy. "Come on, George," Emily coaxed, wiggling her bikinied ass provocatively. "I think you'll like what you see!"

When the four of them were in the garage, Emily closed the door tightly with a knowing smile. Her mother's large car took up most of the cleared floor space, so she suggested, "Let's all get in the car! George, you can get in the back with me!"

"For what?" the tall boy asked nervously, growing even more nervous when Maureen and Randy climbed into the front seat and left him alone with Emily. "What are we going to do?"

"Well, I'll show you, silly!" Emily chided him, pulling open the back door and literally pushing the boy into the car. "You'll thank me later!"

It always had amazed Emily how quickly Maureen could squirm out of her jeans and panties -- always on a moment's notice -- and today proved to be no exception. Almost instantly naked from the waist down, Maureen was already tugging down Randy's pants.

"What is this?" George gasped with fear, his eyes darting about like a trapped animal's. "My God, you're all taking your clothes off!"

Emily stripped naked before the trembling boy could blink, her bare tits jiggling delightfully.

"Don't panic," she told George gently, scooting over so that he was pushed into the corner of the back seat. "Here, give me your hand."

When he didn't offer it, she took his hand anyway and guided it between her bare thighs. When his fingers grazed the soft hair covering her crotch, she pressed his hand to her warm cunt.

George's mouth dropped open as if he was going to say something, but then he didn't. Instead, his fear quickly changing to eagerness, he slowly pushed a finger up into Emily's very tight and very wet cunt.

"Ummm, that's it!" she sighed, spreading her damp thighs. "Play with my pussy till it's good and slippery! Ummmm! That feels so good! George, I love it!"

Glancing over to see what the couple in the front seat were up to, Emily could only see the top of Maureen's head. The dark-haired girl was rolling her head from side to side, Randy nowhere to be seen.

"What's going on?" Emily asked the girl, trying to see the boy but unable to. "Is he going down on you or something?"

"Uh huh," Maureen nodded, swallowing hard. "Randy's sucking my pussy really good! Uhhh! He's licking right on my clit!"

Turning to George again, Emily quickly reached over and yanked down his fly before he could stop her. She pulled his stiffened cock out, squeezing it until the head was throbbing and blood red.

"What a nice dick you have!" she told the boy who was still probing into her juicy cunt with his fingers. "It's so hard!"

Fumbling with the boy's belt, the nude girl managed to get the front of his pants opened. Struggling, she pulled his pants and underwear all the way down.

"Come here," she told him quietly, wrapping her bare arms around George's neck and pulling him to her. She sprawled back on the seat, dragging the tall boy down with her. "Put your cock in my pussy!"

"Just shove it in?" George asked, his naked hips cradled between Emily's parted thighs.

"That's right. Just shove it in!"

Gripping Emily's slim hips with both hands, George slowly pushed his twitching cock into her slippery pussy. Inch by inch, he buried his prick to his hairy balls in her warm snatch, then paused to catch his breath.

"I can't wait to start!" the young girl giggled.

She began working her hips up and down with a lazy, undulating wiggle that caused her wet cunt to slide back and forth on George's stiff prick. Groaning, Emily kept lifting her sweaty ass up off the car seat and pushing her crotch out at George's, her slick pussy taking his cock right to the hilt.

"That feels great!" George gasped, beginning to pump his hips and meet each of Emily's upward thrusts. "Keep doing that! Do it faster!"

Kissing the boy's face wetly, Emily started squirming beneath him, her hot thighs urging him on as she pumped. She wrapped her legs around his, her bare ass wriggling up from the seat and then dropping back down.

"Fuck me faster, George!" Emily breathed into his ear. "Shove your stiff dick up my cunt as fast as you can! Uhhh! You really catch on quick! Ohhhhh! That's it! Harder! Faster!"

Trembling violently, the thin boy hammered his throbbing prick into the juiciest depths of the squirming girl's hot cunt. His ass bobbed up and down with a quickness that became steadily more urgent, his hard cock pistoning faster and still faster into Emily's tightly-gripping snatch.

"Fuck me really hard, George!" the girl moaned, pressing her face close to his. "Ohhhh! Your stiff dick is going so deep in my pussy! You're screwing my snatch off! Uhhh! Pump faster! Uhhhhh!"

Emily squirmed her naked body all over the car seat, sweat beading all over her silky flesh. She repeatedly pushed her juicy cunt out at George, his prick stabbing deep in her tight cunt-hole. With one gasping groan after another, the pretty girl worked her dripping pussy against the pistoning motion of the boy's rigid cock.

"Go really deep!" Emily urged him, tightening her slender arms around his neck. "Push your dick as deep as it will reach in my snatch! Give my pussy every twitching inch of your cock! Uhhhh!"

Sobbing with pleasure that made her shudder, the giggling girl felt George's hands slide down around her squirming hips and gop the cheeks of her warm ass.

"Stick your fingers up my asshole!" the girl panted. "Use your fingers in my butt while you're screwing me, George! Go ahead!"

She tensed with a shivering moan when the boy probed for and found her throbbing asshole. A moment later, she felt George's thin finger jab up into her slick rectum.

"Your asshole's too tight!" the boy groaned, trying to work his finger up into it. "It keeps grabbing my finger and holding it!"

"Push really hard!" Emily told him, shuddering when the boy finally managed to drive, his finger up her clenching asshole. "Stick your finger all the way up my ass!"

Gulping air frantically, George kept pounding his solid cock into the wiggling girl's slippery cunt.

He started working a second finger into her hot rectum, his knuckles stretching her puckered asshole open as he pulled at it.

"Ohhhh, you're fucking me like crazy!" Emily groaned, her juicy snatch brimming over with wetness. "Ram your dick tip my cunt, George! Really ram it up there! Uhhh! Your cock's throbbing so much! It's making my whole crotch tinge when you shove your dick up me! Ohhhhh God! It feels fantastic when your cock slides up my pussy! Shove it deeper!"

The strong smell of Emily's dripping cunt filled the small confines of the car, her slick juices flowing from her pink cunt-crack and trickling over the cheeks of her sweaty ass.

George plunged his twitching cock into her tight cunt-hole with a wild fury of unbridled passion, his balls bouncing and his hips jerking up and down feverishly. The hard base of his pistoning prick banged into Emily's distended clit repeatedly, squeezing and flattening it until the young girl was shaking uncontrollably right to the tips of her wiggling toes.

Emily breathed hotly, "It feels so good having your cock in my pussy and your fingers in my ass! Ahhh! You'll make me come if you keep humping me like this! Ohhhh! I can feel my pussy beginning to tighten up around your hard prick! Faster! Fuck me even faster! Cram your stiff dick into my snatch as fast as your hips will move!"

The boy kept wiggling his fingers around in Emily's hot asshole, his jerking prick all the while cleaving still deeper into Emily's wet cunt. He drove his stiff meat into her hotly-sucking pussy with ramming thrusts that made her squirm wildly, his crotch grinding into hers tighter and tighter.

She squeezed him with her shapely legs, the boy's hips sliding up and down between her damp thighs.

"Yes, yes!" Emily gurgled, throwing her slippery cunt up to meet every one of George's hammering cock-thrusts. "Make me come! Hurry, George, hurry! Push your cock up my snatch till I'm coming like hell. Harder! Slam your cock up my pussy harder! Uhhh! I want to come! It's getting close! Ohhhh!"

Every straining muscle in the naked girl's body suddenly jerked taut, her cries of ecstasy breaking loose from her throat. Gasping and groaning, Emily locked her strong thighs around George's churning hips and squeezed as hard as she could.

"Your pussy's sucking so hard at my dick!" George just had time to moan before his young cum started pouring out of his throbbing cock. His wet sperm spurted into Emily's gripping snatch and filled her with liquid warmth. "Oh God!" the boy shuddered. "I'm squirting cum all over your cunt!"

Clutching at George, Emily shakily jerked up off the car seat with a whimpering moan. Her slick cunt held his shooting prick tight, sucking at it as his sticky cum gushed up into her.

"Don't stop fucking me!" the squirming girl gasped, her orgasm sending rippling spasms of delight coursing through her hot cunt. "Ohhhhh! Shoot all your cum straight up my pussy! I'm coming! Ohhhhh God! Fuck me, George!"

With his fingers deep in her asshole, George pumped his thick cum into Emily's slick cunt with one pistoning thrust after another. He pushed his cock as far into her juicy snatch as it would reach, hammering away at the girl as she writhed beneath him on the car seat.

"Keep humping me!" Emily croaked hoarsely, her hot pussy quivering with pleasure. "Ahhhhh! Your dick's filling my pussy with cum! Shoot your wad all the way up my cunt! Ohhhh! It feels so damn good with your prick sliding in and out of my pussy! Uhhhhhhh!"

The thin boy finally went limp on top of Emily, his breath hot against her face and his crotch coming to rest on hers. He exhaled slowly, swallowing loudly, then slowly got up.

"George, that was wonderful!" Emily giggled happily, kissing his cheek fondly. "Really!" When he climbed off her, she sat ur beside him.

In the front seat, Maureen's moaning gasps became suddenly intense, her head rolling back and her breath catching in her throat. It was obvious that Randy was eating her pussy, and even more obvious that she was coming.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Maureen groaned, shuddering with passion. "I'm coming like mad! Suck it, Randy! Suck my pussy! Uhhh! Keep using your tongue on my clit like that! Ohhhhhh! Goddamn, you're sucking my cunt halfway down your throat! Uhhhh!"

With a final lurching jerk of her naked hips, Maureen dropped her sweaty ass back into the seat and let out a low moan.

"The whole car smells like your cunts!" Emily giggled to the girl.

"It sure does!" George laughed, any shyness he might have had now gone. "What can we do next?"

"For starters, we can get your dick hard again!" Emily smiled as she leaned over into the boy's lap. "Just sit there and relax."

With her bare tits pressed into George's leg, Emily sucked his warm cock into her mouth. She held his sticky prick with one hand, squeezing it while she worked her moist tongue over the fleshy head of it.

"You've got a nice dick!" she told the boy as she ran her lips all over it. "It's just the right size for my little cunt!"

Trembling, George settled back into the car seat and watched while Emily kissed and licked wetly at his cock. Soon, he was moaning softly, his prick starting to stand up again.

"It's getting hard now!" Emily breathed, sucking at the smooth head of the tall boy's prick.

"I know!" George laughed, shuddering with the blow job girl was giving him. "Suck my cock harder! Suck it, Emily! Uhhhh! Your mouth's so wet and hot!"

Slurping loudly, Emily sucked at George's hardening cock until it was rigid with lust. The fleshy head of his prick throbbed warmly in her mouth, her tongue sliding around it in wet circles.

Then, giving the thin boy's upright cock a playful kiss, she straightened.

"Let me sit in your lap!" Emily asked with a wide-eyed smile of anticipation. "Okay?"

"Sure." He kicked his pants and underwear off from around his shoes. "Get on!"

In the front seat, Maureen and Randy were already going strong. Neither could be seen, but it was clear from their heavy breathing -- punctuated often by her sharp whimpers and groans -- that Randy was humping Maureen's brains out.

"Let's try to come before they do!" Emily said to George as she slid onto his lap and came down facing him. Her legs circled on either side of his hips, she lowered her juicy cunt onto his standing cock. "Ummmm, your dick's already throbbing like crazy!"

Working her naked hips around, Emily managed to take the boy's hard cock all the way up her tight snatch, her arms wrapping around his neck when she had sat down fully.

Hanging onto George's neck, Emily began bouncing up and down in his lap, her slippery snatch sucking wetly at his rigid prick as she pumped with her thighs and hips and ass. Her bare tits bobbed and jiggled, her large nipples swollen into rubbery points.

"Your cock's stabbing so far up my cunt!" she breathed moistly, hugging the tall boy's neck tightly. "Uhhhhh! I can feel the tip of your prick jabbing all the way up my pussy! Play with my titties, George! Squeeze them until they're tingling! Ohhhh!"

Eagerly, the boy reached up and cupped Emily's firm tits with both hands. He fondled them feverishly, squeezing and stroking her silky flesh, then started tugging at her taut nipples with his fingers.

Bouncing still faster, Emily brought her slippery pink pussy down on George's stiff cock as hard as she could. Her bare thighs twitched as she pumped, her round little ass wiggling up and down frenziedly as the pretty girl impaled her hot snatch on George's throbbing cock.

With a shuddering moan, the boy suddenly started working his hips up and down and pushing his prick into Emily's wet cunt-hole.

"Ohhhhh, I love it!" Emily panted, her whole body tingling with mounting excitement. "Shove your dick deeper! Push it right up my cunt! Uhhhh! That's it! Ohhhh! Make me come! Bring me off with your stiff cock! It feels so fucking good!"

Squirming up and down, she could feel her hot pussy sucking at the tall boy's upright cock. She started twisting her bare hips back and forth as she pumped, her slippery cunt-hole tightening around George's twitching cock-shaft wetly.

From underneath, George hammered his rigid cock up into Emily's dripping cunt with a frenzy of motion. His ass kept jerking up from the car seat, his hands squeezing Emily's sweaty tits as he pounded his prick right to the hilt in the young girl's pulsing snatch.

"Your pussy's so damn hot!" he gasped, shuddering all over. "Keep sitting down harder on my dick! Take my dick as deep as you can in your tight little snatch! Uhhhh! My cock's throbbing and twitching like hell! And your cunt keeps tugging at it!"

"Fuck me harder and faster!" Emily urged him, her bare thighs slapping against his. "Ram your cock up me! Drive your dick up my pussy till I can't even breathe! Ohhhhhh God! You're reaming my pussy out with your stiff cock. Uhhhh! My cunt's on fire!"

Groaning and panting, the slender teenaged girl squirmed frantically as she sat down on George's upright cock. She could feel the thick head of his cock stabbing straight tip her cunt, his jerking cock-shaft tilling the moist space between her glistening cunt-walls.

"God, you're fucking me silly!" the pretty girl gasped, her sweaty ass straining. "Drive your hard dick even farther up my snatch! Give it to me really good! Uhhh! I'm trembling! Harder, harder! Shove your cock up my pussy harder! Ohhhhh!"

Emily's breath came in panting gasps, her face drenched with sweat and her eyes glazed. She kept pounding her hairy cunt onto the boy's solid prick with every ounce of strength she had, her wet cunt-hole gripping his stiff meat tightly.

The tall boy suddenly slid his sweaty hands down from where he was fondling her tits and cupped the sweaty cheeks of her ass. Squeezing until his fingers dug into her ass-cheeks, he started pulling her up and down still faster.

"You're making me come!" Emily wailed, stiffening with a sudden groan when her tight pussy began quivering wildly. "You're making me come with your hard dick! Ohhhhh! Pump faster, George! Slam your cock up my pussy even faster! Uhhhhh!"

She shivered violently as her climax blossomed within her wet cunt, the feel of George's cock sliding up her cunt-hole driving her wild with pure delight.

A second later, the young boy's creamy cum blasted up into Emily's pulsating snatch, his cock jerking and twitching. He moaned loudly, cramming his squirting prick still deeper in the sexy girl's tight cunt-hole and grabbing at her sweaty ass.

"Shoot your whole load up me!" Emily breathed, her pussy contracting around George's rigid prick with a series of wet grabs. "Uhhhhh! I can feel you getting your nuts off in my cunt! I love the way it feels to come! Ohhh God! It's great!"

And then Emily cried out with a last gurgling whimper and let every muscle in her sleek body relax.

"We won!" Maureen giggled from the front seat. "We finished so quick that we've been sitting here watching you two hump!"

Before Emily could even turn around to answer her, the door to the garage was yanked open. She glanced up just in time to see Jack Barker stride in and then stop abruptly when he noticed the four naked teenagers in the car.

"What the hell is this?" Emily's rough-looking stepfather shouted. "Get out of that Goddamned car! All of you -- move it!"

Scrambling to pull their clothes on, the four kids piled out in various stages of undress. They stood shaking as Jack looked them over slowly.

"We weren't hurting anything!" Maureen was bold enough to say as she tugged up and then snapped her tight jeans.

"Shut up!" he snapped. "All right, all of you get the hell out of here! And you're lucky I'm not going to tell your folks!"

When. Emily, back in her bikini, started to walk away with the other three, Jack grabbed her arm roughly. "Not so fast, little lady! You've got some explaining to do!"

Blinking back tears, she watched as Maureen, Randy and George disappeared in a hurry, Maureen calling back to Emily, "I'll call you tomorrow!"

"What have you got to say for yourself?" Jack asked.

"Nothing," Emily sniffed. "I don't have to answer to you. You're not my father!"

"I'm glad I'm not!" the ruggedly-built man laughed. "Now, strip off that bathing suit and lean over the hood of the car. Do it, or I'll teat your little ass black and blue!"

With no way-out, Emily sighed with disgust and took off her two-piece bathing suit. While she did so, her muscular stepfather dropped his pants and stepped over them. The he pushed down his shorts. "Get over the hood of that car!" he told her again, slapping her bare ass hard. "Go on!"

As soon as she bent over, the hood of her mother's car, her stepfather stepped up behind her and pressed the length of his stiff cock between the cheeks of her sweaty ass.

"You fucker!" Emily groaned when the large man started pushing his throbbing cock up her hot asshole. "Ohhhhh! Damn you!"

It took several long minutes for Jack to wedge his prick into her tight asshole, but as soon as he did, he began stroking his cock in and out of her slick rectum furiously.

With the side of his forearm against Emily's naked shoulder blades to hold her down, he rammed his jerking prick up her wet asshole with thrusts that made her gasp.

"Your dick's going so far up my butt!" Emily moaned, her bare ass beginning to wiggle involuntarily. "You're hurting my asshole! Uhhhh! You mother-fucker! Goddamn your fat ass! Uhhhhh!"

Brutally, the solidly-muscled man slammed his thick prick into his young stepdaughter's tightly-gripping asshole. He held her bent over the car, her face and bare tits pressed to the hood.

Groaning and sobbing, Emily once again found herself getting turned on by what he was doing to her. She swallowed several time in rapid succession, her breath getting progressively quicker as her stepfather reamed out her slippery rectum with his big cock.

"I love how you stop fighting after I fuck you for a while!" Jack laughed, his meaty prick barreling up into Emily's tautly-stretched asshole without letup. "Christ Almighty, your little bare ass is squirming all over the place! You must like having my dick up your asshole!"

Shaking uncontrollably, she took the man's pistoning cock up her slick rectum and loved every throbbing inch of it. Hating him or not, she was powerless to resist the rating lust building in her young and highly-responsive body.

With a shuddering jerk, she started working her ass around in a tight circle, pumping her hips so that Jack's prick jabbed still farther up her wet asshole. She ground her sweaty ass-cheeks back into his hairy crotch, wanting his hammering cock to slide as deep as possible in her hot rectum.

"Ohhhh, it's good!" Emily blurted, her legs trembling so badly she thought she'd collapse. "Uhhhhhh! Push your cock deeper! Fuck my little asshole till it hurts! Harder, you bastard! Cram your dick up by butt harder. Ohhhhh! God, it's too damn good to ignore!"

His hips whipped back and forth with a fury of lust as he plunged his jerking cock into the hot depths of his teenaged stepdaughter's wriggling ass.

With his free hand, he managed to get at Emily's hairy cunt, pushing his arm in between her bare groin and the fender she was bent over. He squished his stubby fingers around in her juicy cunt-hole, squeezing her pussy until her slick moisture oozed out and ran down her bare inner thighs.

"Make me come, you cocksucker!" the naked girl moaned, shuddering with passion and hatred at the same time. "Fuck my ass raw! Uhhhh! Keep playing with my cunt! Ohhhhh! I'm going to come! Ohhhhh! Harder, hump my ass even harder!"

The pulsing passage of her asshole tightened around Jack's stroking cock, pulling wetly at it until the man's thick cum exploded in hot jets from the tip of his prick. A torrent of sticky sperm gushed up into Emily's sucking rectum, Jack groaning as he shot his rocks.

"Damn, are you coming a lot!" Emily gulped, squirming back into him. "You're filling my asshole to the brim with your cum! Uhhhh! My cunt's spasming like anything! Ohhhhh! I'm getting my nut! You son of a bitch, you always fuck me best of all! Uhhhhhh!"

Emily corkscrewed her rubbery ass into the big man's crotch, her tight asshole sucking his shooting cock straight up it. She moaned and squirmed until she was too weak to move, Jack's prick filling her hot rectum with even hotter liquid.

"I think I'm dying!" she gasped, lying across the car lifelessly while her stepfather pounded his thick cock up her tight asshole one last time. "Ohhhhh God! I think you've fucked the life out of me!"


As soon as Peggy got borne from work at the clinic the next day, Emily went up to her room to see her. Sitting on her bed, the young girl said, "Peggy, I've just got to talk to someone about something that's been driving me crazy."

Wiggling out of her white uniform, Peggy smiled. "Sure, go ahead. What's the problem?"

Haltingly, Emily told her about her stepfather's assaults. Without leaving anything out, Emily was in tears by the time she was finished talking to the pretty nurse.

"I just don't know what to do!" she sniffled.

"He's going to keep raping me whenever he feels like it. He won't leave me alone!"

Peggy was thoughtful for a long moment. Finally, she said, "I've got an idea that might work."

Standing just outside the garage, Emily listened to Peggy talking with Jack Barker. When she'd heard enough to know that all was going well, the slim teenager dashed into the house unobserved and made her way quickly to the attic.

Carefully, she set a small thimble right on the edge of the heating vent that looked down upon Peggy's room. She glanced about the attic, then headed back downstairs.

"Mom, I can't find my school yearbook anywhere," Emily said when she walked into the kitchen. "Do you know where it is?"

Her mother, busy at the sink washing dishes, nodded, "It's up in the attic with all that stuff we put away last month. You'll find it if you look hard enough, dear."

"I've looked everywhere up there," Emily insisted. She sneaked a quick glance through the window and saw Peggy and Jack coming out of the garage and towards the house. To her mother, Emily said, "Could you come up and help me find it? Please?"

It took some doing on the young girl's part, but she finally persuaded her mother to help her. The woman took her apron off and followed Emily to the attic.

"It must be around here somewhere," the girl's mother said, rummaging through several old boxes. "After all, I can't imagine any one stealing a school yearbook."

Edging over to the mesh grill of the heating vent, Emily glanced down through it while her mother continued to search. In the room below -- and clearly in view -- Peggy stood naked beside the bed. Next to the sexy redhead, and naked also, stood Jack Barker, his rigid cock jutting stiffly from his hairy crotch.

"I've been wanting to screw you since you first moved in here!" Jack told Peggy with a coarse laugh. He reached for her with both hands. "You've got a hell of a body, Peggy!"

At that precise moment, Emily nudged the thimble into the vent with her foot, causing it to fall through the grill and all the way down to the bed below.

Emily saw Peggy glance over at the thimble.

"Help!" she suddenly screamed at the top of her lungs, her hands just as suddenly scratching wildly at Jack's face. "My God, he's trying to rape me!"

"You crazy cunt!" Jack yelled with surprise, trying to protect his face from Peggy's clawing slaps. "Jesus Christ, you're flipping out of your fucking mind!"

Turning around at the sound of her husband's voice, Emily's mother saw the exposed vent. She moved over and peered down through it, her eyes opening wide at the sight of Jack, naked and trying to restrain Peggy.

"Get away from me!" the naked redhead kept screaming. "I told you I didn't want anything to do with you! Let me go!"

Shaking with rage, Emily's mother screamed through the vent, "Jack, you son of a bitch! What do you think you're doing? That's the last straw, you bastard! I'm throwing you put today!"

Stunned at seeing his wife's face peering down on him, Jack stammered, "Edith, I can explain! I swear to God, I can explain!"

"There's nothing to explain!" the woman snapped, standing and pointing a finger through the grill at the man. "I expect you to be out of this house before the sun goes down! And that's final!"


In her tight jeans and an almost-sheer blouse, Emily stood before David Wayland's door and knocked lightly.

"Hi." She smiled when he pulled the door open.

"Feel like having some company."

"Come on in." David glanced at the wiggle of her ass when she walked into the room. "Damn, I'm getting a hard-on just looking at you!"

Emily sauntered over to the bed and sat down. She giggled, "Well, bring it here!"

When David moved over in front of her, Emily pulled down his zipper and reached into his pants for his cock. Finding it, she pulled the young man's hardening prick out into the open and kissed the thick head of it moistly. In response, David's cock stiffened.

"You weren't kidding about getting a hard-on!" Emily breathed, starting to suck his cock while he stood there. "God, it's harder than ever!"

"At least let me sit down," David laughed, moving down beside the sexy girl. "Damn, don't choke on it!"

"I know what I'm doing!" Emily laughed at his concern. She took his rigid trick to the back of her throat, tightening her wet lips around his cock-shaft and sucking as hard as she could. Then she slid her mouth back up along his upright prick. "I just love sucking your dick! Will you shoot your cum in my mouth for me?"

"Your wish is my command," the man said, and lay back across the bed with his hands behind his head. "Damn, you do know what you're doing!"

Leaning over the good-looking young man, Emily sucked his standing cock wetly until it was throbbing wildly in her mouth. She squeezed his cock-shaft with her hand, pulling at it as she flicked her moist tongue all around the smooth head of his cock.

"I'll come so much, I'll drown you!" David sighed, his hips jerking slightly. "Suck it harder, Emily! Take as much of my cock as you can get in your mouth! Uhhhh! Your mouth is so hot and wet!"

Eagerly, she started jacking David oft her hand whipping up and down quickly on his prick. She mouthed his twitching cock all over, sucking at the swollen tip of it and then trailing her moist tongue down along the rigid shaft of it.

"Come in my mouth!" Emily urged, wanting to taste his creamy sperm. "I want you to shoot off down my throat! Come on, David! Squirt all your cum into my mouth!"

Giggling impishly, she started bobbing her head up and down over the young man's crotch, her hand moving quickly as she jacked him off furiously.

"This won't take long!" David gasped, trembling. "Uhhh! Suck my dick right down your throat! God, Emily, what a great blow job! Suck it! Suck my cock until I shoot my wad!"

Hurrying him along with her hand and mouth, Emily smacked her lips all over the man's jerking prick. She swallowed it as far as it would go in her throat, sucking him off with a frenzy. And then, she felt his cock jerking even more wildly, her actions beginning to pay off.

"Give me your cum!" Emily breathed, sucking and kissing at David's throbbing prick. "Shoot off, David! Let me have your hot cum!"

With a shuddering groan, the young man clutched at the bed with both hands. His stiff cock jerked again, then started shooting hot ribbons of milky cum into Emily's waiting mouth.

"Suck harder!" David gasped, his body shuddering repeatedly. "Suck my prick as hard as you can, Emily! Uhhhhh!"

As quickly as David's thick cum gushed into her mouth, Emily swallowed it. She sucked on his squirting cock feverishly, excited by the feel of his wet sperm running down the back of her throat.

Moments later, David's head lolled on the bed and he moaned, "You got it all, Emily! My dick's as empty as it'll ever be!"

Leaving him on the bed, she got up and quickly got undressed. She tossed her clothes in the corner of the room, then spent a minute pulling David's pants off. Next came his underwear, and then his shirt.

"You must be horny as hell!" David laughed at her eagerness. "I feet like I'm being raped!"

"You are!" Emily, naked and ready, grinned. "I'm going to force you to push your big cock up my cunt! Get it hard again!"

Some time passed before David's prick was stiff once again, but as soon as it was, Emily grabbed it and pulled David down on top of her.

"Fuck me good and hard!" she coaxed, spreading her damp thighs for the young man. "Push your dick up me and screw me flat into this bed! Make my pussy tingle!"

With a soft laugh at the naked girls exuberance, David slid his hands under the firm cheeks of her ass and lifted her slightly. When Emily's thighs parted and her hot pussy opened wetly, the handsome man pushed the entire length of his thick cock up her cunt-hole.

"Ohhh, I love it!" Emily moaned quietly, putting her hands on his broad shoulders. "Your prick is throbbing away in my snatch!"

Squeezing her bare ass, David started sliding his long cock in and out of Emily's tight pussy easily. Gradually, he increased the speed of his thrusts until the girl was groaning pleasurably and pumping her firm young thighs.

"Go faster!" Emily purred, her body starting to tremble uncontrollably with the feel of his prick pistoning into her cunt. "Push your dick up my pussy faster! Uhhh! And harder! David, fuck me harder! I want to feel your cock slamming up my snatch! Ohhhh! It feels so damn good being with you! You always fuck me so good!"

Wiggling around, she began jerking her naked hips up and grinding her hairy cunt into the hard base of David's stroking cock. She shuddered as her erect clit was pressed flat, the tingling nub of pink flesh being pummeled again and again as she pumped.

David pushed his hard cock into the young girl's juicy pussy with thrusts that made her bounce on the bed, his hips whipping up and down frenziedly as he glutted her tight cunt hole with every solid inch of his stabbing male meat.

"Screw me to death!" she breathed into David's ear. "Shove your dick deeper! Pound my pussy to pulp with your stiff prick! Uhhhh! My little cunt's tingling! Fuck me harder still! Fuck me so hard that I'll never forget it! Ohhhhhh!"

David pulled the sweaty cheeks of Emily's bouncing ass apart until her puckered asshole was stretched open tautly. He jabbed up into the girl's slippery rectum with two fingertips, then slid his fingers all the way up her ass.

Stiffening, Emily groaned till she was hoarse, her pussy gushing juice that spilled down into the crack of her ass and covered David's fingers. She pumped her slim hips frantically, taking the full force of the young man's hammering cock straight up her pulsing cunt.

With a muffled gasp, she started working her slender legs up over the handsome man's churning hips, her squirming ass raising up off the bed as she crossed her feet behind his back.

"My pussy's wide open for you!" Emily moaned, tightening her bare thighs around David's hips. "Drive your big, hard cock up my cunt right to your hairy nuts! Let me have your cock as fast and as hard as you can push it up my snatch! Ohhhhh!"

Her naked loins quaking with lust, the girl strained with her entire body, the cheeks of her ass rounded tautly as she worked her pussy up and down. She took David's plunging prick as deep as possible in her young cunt, her slick cunt-lips gaping open and sucking wetly at the man's thick cock-shaft.

With his fingers buried in Emily's gripping asshole, David began sawing his knuckles in and out of her taut anal opening. He pounded his cock into her gaping cunt with a savage intensity, his balls bouncing around and slapping into the upraised cheeks of Emily's ass.

"Your pussy's so damn slippery!" David groaned, his hips working up and down faster and faster. "It's getting hotter by the second! And tighter! It's so damn wet!"

"That's because your big dick's sliding into it!" Emily moaned to him, her sharp nails digging into his shoulders. "Ohhhhh! You're fucking the shit out of me! I can feel your cock jabbing so far up my snatch! Uhhh! Keep poking your fingers up my asshole! Finger my butt while you're cramming your dick up my cunt!"

David's breath came with an endless series of rasping heaves, his whole body shaking as he plunged his cock into Emily's slickly-clenching snatch. Pumping furiously, his stabbing cock-thrusts grew more urgent with every stroke of his twitching prick.

"Harder!" the sweaty teenager panted, squeezing the man with her bare thighs. "Piston your cock into my cunt with all your strength! Fuck me right into this bed! Ohhhhh God! I can feel the juices from my snatch running down into my asshole!"

His fingers slick with the girl's flowing lubrication, David kept jabbing his fingers all the way up her pulsating rectum. Her tight asshole grabbed at his fingers, clenching around them as he fingerfucked Emily's wildly-bouncing ass.

"My cunt's starting to spasm!" Emily groaned, her breath suddenly getting even quicker. "Uhh! Shove your cock farther up my pussy! I'm going to come! Ohhhhh! Faster! Fuck me as fast as you can with your huge cock! I'm going to come right now!"

Clawing at David's shoulders and back, the lithe teenager moaned shakily as the bomb-blast of her climax shuddered through her slippery young cunt. She strained up from the bed, the sleek muscles in her thighs and ass quivering.

"Uhhhhhh!" Emily wailed, her wet pussy slamming shut around David's pistoning prick and squeezing it tight. "I'm coming so much! Fuck me still harder! Give me your stiff cock right up my cunt! Uhhhh! Harder, hump me even harder! Ohhhh!"

Twitching wildly in Emily's wetly-contracting snatch, David's solid cock began squirting wet strands of hot cum. His sticky sperm geysered out of his prick, shooting up into Emily's cunt-hole in thick spurts.

"Fuck me harder!" Emily gasped over and over, the slick walls of her tight pussy sucking at the young man's hard prick. "Fill me with cum! Squirt all the cum in your dick up my pussy! Ohhhhh! It's so good having your cock in my snatch! Uhhhhh!"

Pumping his hips feverishly, David squirted every drop of his wet cum into her gripping cunt, his eyes closing then when he suddenly relaxed on top of her with a weak groan.

"Jesus, I'm drained!" the well-built young man sighed, swallowing hard.

"Not for good, I hope!" Emily giggled softly. "I've still got a little asshole that needs screwing!"

"Oh, God," David moaned. "I'm not sure I can get my dick up again! I think you've fucked me to death!"

Emily uncrossed her slim ankles and let her sweaty legs drop down from around David's hips. She sprawled beneath him, groaning when he slid his long prick out of her sopping cunt.

"Say, I was meaning to ask you," David said when he rolled over beside the naked teen. "What was all that yelling and screaming down the hall about this afternoon? It sounded pretty serious."

Reaching for David's sticky cock, Emily explained, "Oh, it was no big deal -- my stepfather decided to move somewhere else, that's all."

"You don't sound very upset about it," David said, lying back and stretching out while she pulled at his prick with both hands. "You almost seem glad that he's gone."

Emily shrugged. "Having him gone is no loss, believe me. Anyway, let's give you another hard-on!"

"Damn, you're always so eager!" David laughed. "What's the big hurry?"

Smiling, Emily said, "Since you're only going to be here for the summer, I figure we should get as much fucking in as possible. Don't you agree?"

"Who could argue with logic like that?" The young man shook his head with another laugh.

"Not me!" Emily giggled, and took David's cock into her mouth.


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