Daughter comes first

It has been said that every person has some dark passion in his soul, some hidden secret, desire or whim that may never surface to be seen even by the closest confidante. Such a secret can be evil or sinister, or it may be trivial and trite.

In America, such passions are easily submerged and hidden by the complexities of modern every day life. Yet sometimes these dark passions surface, and the headlines scream of someone's antisocial behavior or, in some cases, illegal acts. In fact, hardly a day goes by without these hidden passions coming to the fore and resulting in big news.

DAUGHTER COMES FIRST is a dramatic representation of a mother and her daughter who dare to let their most base desires come to the surface, who dare to indulge their taboo cravings. They are the exceptions in our society -- people who are willing to accept the consequences, be it reward or punishment, for allowing themselves to become completely liberated. Their story is a startling insight into the lives of people who dare to let it all hang out.



Diane thought her daughter was appropriately named. She had been watching the changes come over Pepper during the past few months. In fact, she had been waiting for the changes.

Pepper was a small girl, almost tiny. She was delicate, energetic, bubbling with cheerfulness, outgoing in personality. Everyone was a friend of hers, whether she knew them or not.

Pepper was hot. She was like the seasoning, and she seemed to be getting hotter with each passing day. Her curiosity was unbounded on the day she had come running home, so excited she could hardly talk. Her light-green eyes sparkled with delight, and her body actually shook.

She had seen a young couple on the beach, partially concealed by the old, rotting pier. The couple, of course, had been naked. Pepper had seen the girl fondling the boy's cock, and it had fascinated her. To her young eyes, his cock looked like a monster. And she had seen the enormous balls dangling between his legs. Her eyes were huge as she watched them. She had not been close enough to hear more than sighs and gasps, but those sounds, coupled with what she was seeing, had been enough to create a strange feeling between her golden, slender thighs.

She had seen the girl spread her legs without shame and the girl's hairy pussy had fascinated her. When the boy started touching the girl between the legs, it felt to Pepper as if he was touching her that way.

The boy and girl were so absorbed in their desire they never saw Pepper watching. There had been a lot of kissing going on, an awful lot of touching. But the part Pepper had liked best of all was when the boy rolled onto the girl and shoved his enormous cock into the girl's hairy cunt. The girl had yelped in a soft way and wrapped her arms around the boy's back, lifting her legs and locking her ankles about his naked ass. They had squirmed and writhed together as if they were wrestling, but Pepper knew there was more to it than that. She had wrestled many times with boys, but they had never stuck their cocks into her.

She watched the boy's naked ass bounce up and down, hunching faster and faster. His balls swung while the girl clawed at his back, urging him on with mewls and grunts. She did not understand when the boy rolled off the girl and they both lay there, side by side, breathing heavily. It seemed to Pepper that, after such an exciting thing, there should be more than just heavy breathing.

She had run home, her legs shaky, breathing hard. She raced into the house and began chattering to her mother about what she had seen, not making much sense to Diane.

"...put it in, Mother," she bubbled, dancing about with excitement. "I saw him do it! Honest I did!"

"Slow down, Pepper," Diane had laughed. "You're getting away with yourself. Slow down and make sense."

The relationship between Diane and her daughter had always been an unusual one. There were hardly any secrets between them, and they talked to one another like very close friends, or sisters confiding in one another. As Pepper became older, it was common for Diane to comment about the appearances of some young boy or man they saw. She encouraged her daughter to speak about her innermost desires, her dreams and wishes.

When Pepper mentioned a young boy she thought was cute and that she was in love with him, Diane was quick to tell her daughter to go ahead and kiss the boy if she wanted to. She urged her daughter into close relationships with her young playmates. It not only amused Diane to see her daughter grow, to watch her develop an interest in boys, but it excited her to think of Pepper in sexual situations with them.

She had told Pepper bluntly that day her daughter had just seen a boy and girl fucking. "They were fucking, baby," Diane said. "He put his cock in her pussy and they fucked."

"Fucked?" Pepper repeated.

Diane had to hold back a delighted laugh. Pepper had looked so sweet and innocent. Yet, it was exciting to Diane, thrilling to hear her daughter saying the word fuck.

And now, since that day, Pepper often sprinkled her conversation with the word fuck every chance she had. She used the words cock and pussy almost constantly when she talked to her mother.

Also, since she had seen that young couple near the old pier, Pepper had been determined to get fucked. And today was the day, she told herself.

Pepper had gotten out of bed this morning with a tingle in her slender, yet very shapely, body. She had met a boy her age on the beach the day before. She thought he was the best-looking boy she had ever seen, and he was interested in her. She had let the boy kiss her, and it made her lips warm. The boy lived in the city, and he seemed to know more about fucking than Pepper did. She didn't really know anything except that a cock was supposed to go inside her pussy. But this boy seemed to know all about it from the way he talked.

She hurried through breakfast and was out the door before Diane knew what was going on.

Pepper wore her small polka-dot bikini, her slim thighs flashing in the warm sun as she ran down the beach where she had agreed to meet the boy. Hardly anyone was on the beach this early.

The boy was not there, and she felt disappointed. Sitting on the warming sand, she thought about kicking him in his balls when he showed up. She had heard her mother tell her father that one time and she liked the way it sounded.

She had a sandcastle started by the time the boy arrived, and all thoughts of kicking him in his balls evaporated.

"Hi," she said, almost shyly.

"I had to eat breakfast," the boy said, making a face. "I hate breakfast, don't you?"

"I like it," Pepper replied.

They were quiet for a while, the boy fidgeting and Pepper anxious. Neither seemed to know how to start this off. Finally, the boy said: "You didn't change your mind, did you?"

"No, did you?"

"Then you still want to do it?"

"That's what I came for," Pepper replied.

"Let's go."

They held hands shyly, walking toward the rotting pier. They walked beneath the pier until they were concealed. They stood in awkward silence, each waiting for the other to do something.

"Aren't you suppose to take your bikini off?" the boy finally asked, blushing and not looking at Pepper.

"Don't you know?" she asked. "You told me you did it before."

"I lied," the boy confessed.

"Do you know what we're supposed to do?" Pepper wanted to know.

"I thought you did," he said, shuffling his feet in the sand.

"We're supposed to get naked. You do it first," Pepper said.

"Aw, you go first," the boy replied, shuffling his feet nervously. "You do it first, then I will."

"Okay," Pepper agreed.

She untied her halter, letting it fall to the sand. The boy tried not to look at her.

"You're supposed to watch me get naked," Pepper told him.

He looked then, his eyes wide, his mouth open. "Golly!" he gasped.

Pepper had small titties with pink nipples that were already hard with excitement. She opened the tie strings at her hips and the skimpy bikini bottom fell to her feet. The boy's mouth was hanging open as he stared at her.

She had a light growth of dark fuzz on her cunt. Her pussy lips were swollen now with excitement as she stood before him. She was waiting for him to undress. The front of his trunks had something bulging at them.

"Are you going to just look at me?" she said. "You're supposed to be naked, too. Take your trunks off. It's not fair for you to see me and I can't see you."

The boy was nervous as he slipped his trunks off. Pepper gazed at his cock, thinking it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. He didn't have any more hair there than she did. His prick was not as big as the one she had seen a few days ago. Her heart started beating hard, and she shivered with a thrilling sensation. Her cunt burned and her clitoris was so swollen that she couldn't keep her legs together. Her eyes burned as she looked at his cock, and her hand itched to touch it.

She recalled she had seen the boy and girl touching each other.

"Can I touch it?" she asked. "I think we're supposed to touch each other."

"You first," the boy said.

Pepper took his cock in her fist. She recalled the girl had moved her hand up and down. So Pepper moved her hand up and down.

"Ouch!" the boy groaned.

"It's not supposed to hurt, I don't think," Pepper said, holding his cock. The hard feel of his prick was so exciting to her. She pushed and pulled on his prick, and the boy tried to get away.

But Pepper had become so excited she wasn't going to let him pull his cock free. When the boy stepped back, she followed, grasping his cock hard.

"I have to go," the boy said, almost in tears. "I better go!"

"Don't you want to do it?" Pepper panted, gripping his cock. "I want to! Come on, let's do it!"

"I don't want to any more," the boy said, almost in tears. "I better go home now."

Pepper was a little confused. He had given her the impression yesterday that he had fucked lots of times. He had lied to her, bragging about it. Well, even if he didn't know how to do it, she did. She had seen it happening. And Pepper wasn't going to let him get away from her. She loved hanging onto his cock this way, thrilled by the hardness of it. And her cunt was burning, needing something.

Pepper tripped the boy and threw him to the sand. Before he could twist away, she jumped on top of him, pinning his arms above his head. She straddled the twisting boy, and she felt a thrill shoot into her body. Her cunt was pressing against his lower stomach and that excited her. She could feel his cock throbbing against the cheeks of her ass as she held him down.

"Let me go!" the boy yelled.

"You're going to do it!" Pepper said. "You're going to do it with me!"

Instinctively, Pepper slipped her ass backwards, lifting her crotch. She still held the boy's hands above his head. She felt his cock against her burning cunt. She twisted her little naked ass, and suddenly yelped.

The head of the boy's cock had penetrated her pussy.

Pepper had not yelped with any pain; it had been a yelp of sudden pleasure. Her eyes went wide and her mouth hung open with surprise. Experimentally, she lowered her ass slowly, and she felt his cock going in her pussy. Her cunt was stretching as she lowered herself, and the more it stretched the better it felt. She had never felt anything so good in her entire life, and she understood now why that girl the other day was whimpering and writhing in the sand.

She felt the lips of her cunt grip his flesh now, and his cock was all the way in her. She sat there, impaled, still holding him down. Her naked little body shook and her sweet titties swelled. The expression on her very pretty face was of awed delight.

"Oooooooooooh, that really feels good," she murmured. "Ohhh, it feels so good!"

Tentatively, she moved her ass, wiggling it. Her clitoris scraped his cock, and she felt her senses reel with pleasure. Finally, she began to lift and lower her ass slowly, never leaving his cock completely. She was afraid if she pulled off of him she wouldn't be able to get his cock back in!

"Oh, don't you like it?" she asked the boy, her eyes blazing into his. "Don't it feel good? I like it! Don't it feel good to you?"

The boy was no longer fighting against her. He lay there, very still. He still looked as if he was going to cry, but he wasn't trying to get away any longer. Pepper moved her ass in a tight circle, whimpering as she felt the pleasure in her naked little body soar until it was bubbling hotly.

She began to bounce her ass up and down, riding his cock, striving to achieve an even greater sensation. The hardness of his cock inside her, throbbing at the sensitive walls of her cunt, sent shiver after shiver of ecstasy racing up and down her spine.

"We're fucking!" She shouted excitedly. "You got your cock in my cunt and we're fucking! Ohhh, I'm fucking! I'm really fucking! I'm fucking you! Fucking... fucking... fucking!"

Pepper loved the stretching of her cunt, the feel of his hard cock throbbing inside. Her pussy was very wet, burning up with a heat that she had never dreamed of. Every nerve in her naked body was tingling, every fiber soaring.

"Fucking! Fucking! Fucking!" she chanted in a thick, little-girl voice. "Ohhh, we're fucking! I love it! Golly, I love to fuck!"

Her sweet, round ass bounced and bobbed faster now. The pleasure was guiding her, making her hips move of their own free will. She closed her hot inner thighs against his waist, fucking almost frantically.

Something was happening inside her, down in her lower stomach. Her cunt was pulsating and throbbing so hotly she was almost afraid. Yet the pleasure that filled her pussy would not let her stop. She was bouncing up and down on his cock, no longer in control of her body. She was getting so hot.

Mewls and whimpers and sighs bubbled from her tight throat, and her hips began to churn furiously as the pleasure intensified.

"Ohhhh! Ooooh! Ahhhh!" she gurgled hotly. "I feel... I feel... I don't know what I feel! Ohhh, but it sure is good!"

The boy's cock was deep inside her tight little cunt, and she was pounding up and down furiously, banging the throbbing lips of her cunt onto his flesh. Her naked ass shivered, and she trembled as things began to happen to her. It was happening to her body and her mind and she felt as if she couldn't take much more of that delicious feeling. Her tight titties were going to burst, explode from her chest. She was panting so heavily.

Faster and faster her ass went, around and around and up and down. Gasps gurgled from her and her honey-blonde hair swirled loosely about her face. She was shaking almost violently.

"I'm going to... something is going to happen!" she squealed. "Ohhh, I want something to happen! I want it!"

She felt the boy move suddenly, and for a moment it shattered her exquisite feeling. He arched his cock up into her cunt, and she churned even more frantically.

"Ohhh!" the boy grunted.

"Ooooh," Pepper wailed.

Something had happened. She felt his cock swell and jerk inside her burning cunt then she felt a warm liquid spewing into her pussy. She went stiff for a moment then felt her body explode. Everything suddenly went out of whack, and she shuddered. It seemed as if her pussy was having a fit of some kind. But it was such a good feeling she didn't want it to ever stop.

Pepper slammed her cunt down hard on his prick, mewling loudly as she came off. She ground her convulsing cunt onto his cock, feeling nothing except pure, sweet ecstasy.

The next thing Pepper knew she was lying on the sand, her arms and legs sprawled wide. She was on her back. When she opened her eyes, she saw the boy was getting quickly into his trunks. She struggled to a sitting position, watching his cock disappear as he pulled his trunks up.

"Let's do it again," she said, her eyes glowing still. "Come on, let's do it again!"

The boy was looking down at her with huge eyes, eyes that seemed frightened. He started backing away. "I can't stay," he said. "I have to go back."

"Fraidy cat!" Pepper taunted him. "You told me a lie! You never fucked a girl before! Go on, fraidy cat!"

She watched the boy run across the sand. She laughed at him. She found her bikini and put it back on, feeling moisture between her thighs. Now, even the tightness of her bikini bottom made her feel good down there. Her cunt was still warm and glowing with pleasure, and she giggled as she started walking slowly along the beach.

More people were out now, and she felt like yelling at the top of her voice: "I got fucked! I got fucked!"

Now, as she passed a boy or group of boys, her eyes went first to the front of their trunks. She used to look at their faces first, but now she knew about their cocks, and that was where she looked first. Her tight little cunt tingled as she eyed every male. She wasn't aware that her green eyes were flirty; it was just her nature.

Pepper had a natural way of peeking at a male with her eyes slightly downcast, a hint of invitation in her eyes, promises of wild, wanton pleasure if they were brave enough to try her.

She had done something that thrilled her, that sent burning excitement roaring like an out-of-control forest fire through her exquisite body. She just had to tell someone of her discovery.

Pepper began running as fast as she could toward her home.


"I got fucked!" Pepper burst into the door, yelling almost at the top of her voice. "Mother, I got fucked!"

She ran into the living room, then skidded to a stop.

Diane was sitting there on the couch, but next to her was a man Pepper had never seen before. He was in a pair of trunks, and nothing else. He looked younger than her mother, but she couldn't be sure. Older people looked about the same to Pepper.

"You're back already?" Diane asked.

Pepper saw that her mother was holding the man's hand. She didn't understand. She had never seen her mother with any man but her father. Not that she cared; it just surprised her.

When her mother divorced her father, she had not been shattered. She didn't even know him. He was never around, never played with her. She had not even missed the man. She had been pleased when her mother said they were going to live permanently at the beach house. She loved the beach because it was warm most of the year.

She stood looking at her mother and the man. Her eyes flirted.

Diane laughed. "Did I hear you say something honey?"

The man was looking at Pepper, a nervous smile on his face. But his eyes took in the slender beauty of the girl, her titties, round hips and creamy, golden thighs. Pepper saw his interest, and felt pleased.

"She said she got fucked," the man said, grinning at Pepper.

Diane looked at her daughter, her eyes shining, and she, too, smiled. "Is that what you said, Pepper?"

Pepper nodded shyly, folding her hands in front of her body and moving one bare foot about on the carpet. Diane left the man and came to her daughter. She leaned down and looked into Pepper's green, sparkling eyes. There was mischief flashing in her eyes. Diane took her daughter by the shoulders and pulled her tight, hugging her.

"I wondered when that would happen," Diane whispered.

Pepper trembled against her mother, still feeling excited. She looked past her mother at the man, who sat there grinning back at her. Her eyes opened wide when he cupped his cock and jiggled his hand.

Pepper giggled, burying her face against her mother's shoulder.

Diane took her hand and turned around. "This is my daughter, as you've heard," she said to him. "Pepper, this is Hank. He stopped by for a cup of coffee."

In truth, Hank was there because Diane had asked him to be there. She had been talking to him the past few days after meeting him near the house on the beach. She had openly told him she was alone in the house most mornings until late after noon. This morning, after her daughter had gone to the beach, Diane thought for sure Pepper would be out until at least lunchtime. There had been enough time for her to fuck Hank.

"Coffee?" Hank snorted. "I don't even like coffee."

"Be nice," Diane teased, sitting back down beside him. "My daughter is here, remember."

"That don't seem to make much difference to her," Hank pointed out.

"Pepper and I have a... an understanding," Diane said, running her hand up and down his muscular, tanned arm.

"So it seems." Hank looked at Pepper in a bold way. "Yes, I would say you do."

Diane was wearing tight, white shorts and a very skimpy halter. She was a tall, slim, curvy, beautiful woman of thirty-two. Her hair, like Pepper's, was a golden honey-blonde, but her eyes were a hot, deep blue. Like Pepper, she was well-tanned.

Pepper didn't want to leave right now. Yet, she felt -- sensed -- that she had interrupted something between her mother and this nice-looking man. She wondered if her mother was going to fuck him. If that was the case, Pepper wasn't going anywhere; she was going to stay and watch.

"Are you going to fuck him, Mother?" Pepper blurted.


Hank laughed, amused. "We were," he replied, taking Diane's hand and placing it on his cock. Diane tried to pull her hand away, but he held it there.

"Yes, that's just what we were about to do -- fuck!"

"Hank!" Diane gasped, shooting a look at her daughter. She saw the gleam in Pepper's eyes, saw her pink tongue lick out over her moist lips, and she saw that Pepper was gazing with a burning interest between the man's legs. "Pepper, why don't you go play on the beach, darling?"

"I want to watch," Pepper said, her voice quivery. "I want to watch you fuck him!"

"Pepper!" Diane gasped. "That isn't how to talk..."

"I thought you two had an understanding?" Hank laughed, cupping Diane's fingers around his swollen cock. "Why can't the kid watch?"

Diane could not resist squeezing Hank's throbbing prick. Her fingers tightened on it, and she gave a soft whimper. Pepper watched with huge eyes, excitement burning in them.

"She's too young," Diane said, but she continued squeezing his cock. "She isn't old enough to see that."

"She just came running in here, all excited and out of breath, yelling that she just got fucked." Hank laughed. "And you think she's too young? Come off it, Diane."

"But I'm her mother," Diane protested weakly. "Sure, with an understanding," the man pointed out.

Diane squeezed his cock hard, moving her fingers up and down. Pepper stared, fascinated, feeling that nice sensation between her legs again.

"Yes, understanding," Diane whispered thickly. "I'm going to watch, Mother," Pepper said firmly. "If you're going to fuck him, I'm not going anywhere except right here."

Diane looked at her daughter, speculating. There was no doubt Pepper was excited, interested and very aroused. She felt Hank's hand on her tit, squeezing into her firm, shapely flesh. She sighed. "Why not?"

Diane leaned forward so the man could unhook her halter, and her tits came free. Pepper stared at her mom's tits, seeing the large nipples. She was becoming more excited by the second, shifting from foot to foot. When her mother stood up and began peeling her shorts down, Pepper moved closer.

Diane was not the bashful kind. She had a beautiful, curvy body and knew it. She enjoyed sit ting on the beach in a revealing string bikini and feeling the eyes of men and boys on her. She stood tall and proud in her nakedness, her shapely tits arching up, nipples very erect. Her waist was flat and smooth, hips rounded. She had a bush of thick pubic hair a little darker than her honey-blonde hair. Pepper had seen her mother naked before, but it was different now.

Hank was getting out of his trunks quickly, his eyes taking in Diane's naked beauty. His cock sprung free and when he kicked his trunks away, Pepper thought his cock and balls were the most fascinating things she had ever seen. His prick was even larger than the cock of the boy under the pier, she thought. His balls were heavy and full, and he had so much hair there, she couldn't understand why the rest of his body had none, except, of course, on his head.

"Lovely, isn't he?" Diane said to Pepper. She grabbed Hank's cock and stroked it, her other hand hefting his balls, railing them about. "Doesn't Hank have the most beautiful cock and balls, Pepper?"

"Fuck him, Mother!" Pepper gasped. She was running her small hands up and down her hips excitedly, gazing hotly at what her mother was doing to the man. "Fuck him! I want to see you fuck him, Mother!"

The man lay back on the couch, his cock standing stiff, aimed at the ceiling. Diane crouched for a moment, still jacking on his throbbing cock. Then she flung one leg across the man, guiding his cock to her hairy, wet cunt.

Pepper moved on trembling legs, going closer, her eyes burning on her mother's naked ass. She leaned down and watched as her mother rubbed her wet cunt lips with the head of his dripping cock, and it sent ripples of pleasure racing through her small body. Her cunt was tingling and burning and swelling and she was mewling with desire.

"Ooooooh!" Diane moaned as she fitted the head of his hard cock into her cunt. "That's good, so fucking good!"

Pepper peered at the cock stretching her mother's pussy. She could not resist reaching out to run her fingertips over it before he shoved his cock all the way in. Then her mother slipped her cunt down, and Pepper felt the hot lips of her mom's cunt as her hand was pressed between them.

"Move your hand. Pepper!" Diane grunted, grinding her naked ass. "Get your hand out of the way!"

Pepper pulled her hand free, sliding it along the man's thigh. She lifted his balls, gazing with hot eyes as her mother's naked ass began to bounce up and down, her pussy sliding on his prick.

"You have a hot cunt, Diane!" Hank groaned. "I would not have believe it was so fucking tight! Ride my cock, baby! Fuck my cock! Wiggle your ass, Diane!"

"I am, I am!" Diane yelped as she slammed her ass up and down. "I'm wiggling my ass! I'm fucking your hard cock!"

Pepper pulled at Hank's balls. The man yelped.

"Not so hard, damn it!"

Pepper giggled and began fondling his balls gently, watching her mother's curvy, smooth ass flex as she churned furiously. Now and then she caught a peek at her mom's asshole, and Pepper thought for sure it was winking at her. She had one small hand between her legs, rubbing at her cunt hotly, feeling it twitch and burn.

"Come here!" Hank groaned.

"Me?" Pepper asked.

"Yes, you!" Hank found her hand and pulled her toward his head. Diane was sitting upright on his cock, churning her ass, grinding swiftly. Her firm tits were jiggling from the movement. The man slipped his hand between Pepper's thighs as her mother fucked up and down on his cock.

"You have a hot little pussy here," he said. "Your little cunt is just as hot as your mother's, I'd say!"

Pepper wiggled her crotch against his feeling hand, holding his wrist. She began to slide his hand back and forth between her thighs, rubbing her pussy on his fingers, watching her mother's naked body jiggle and bounce and twist on his cock.

She didn't know how it had happened, but suddenly she was standing there wearing only the top of her skimpy bikini. She was naked from her titties down, and the man was probing a finger into her cunt. She stood spread-legged, humping her hips back and forth. She was cooing with pleasure.

"This is almost the same as being fucked!" she yelped. "I like this, too! Ohhh, do it faster! Please, do it faster to my pussy!"

Diane was watching with hot, gleaming eyes as Hank shoved his finger up her daughter's twat. She banged her cunt up and down on his throbbing prick with erotic delight. Her firm, shapely tits jiggled, and she was panting.

"Fuck her, too!" Diane wailed. "Fuck Pepper's little cunt, too! Ohhh, Hank, fuck her! Fuck me and fuck my daughter!"

"Golly, yes!" Pepper bubbled hotly. She was whipping her hips about wildly, gripping his wrist with both hands. His finger felt bigger than the cock of the little boy this morning, and she was trembling with ecstasy once again.

"What a couple of hot cunts!" Hank grunted, his eyes turning from Diane's churning hips to Pepper's wriggling crotch. "You two are pretty fucking hot!"

"Oh, God, yes!" Diane wailed with ecstasy, writhing faster and faster atop his throbbing cock. "Ooooh, your cock is so fucking big! I love it, love it!"

Pepper's eyes were huge. She had never felt so excited before, not even this morning when she had to force that little boy to fuck her. She could hardly keep her eyes off her mother's jiggling tits, at the churning of her crotch. Sometimes she could see the man's cock, glistening wetly, as her mother banged up and down, and sometimes she could only see her thick, curly hair pressing into his wiry hair.

Her small, tight ass twisted as Hank probed his finger in and out of her cunt. She had lifted one foot and placed it on the couch near him. Her legs were wide apart, and she held herself upright by bracing one arm on the end of the couch.

Diane, churning furiously now, gazed with burning excitement at Hank's finger running in and out of her daughter's slippery, scantily haired twat. She watched her daughter's sweet hips moving back and forth. Her emotions soared erotically, and she gasped for air.

"Fuck her!" Diane grunted thickly. "Fuck her hot cunt! Fuck her hot little pussy!"

Pepper was trembling, her tight twat pumping on the man's finger frantically now. The same thing she had felt under the pier with the little boy was coming back, only it seemed to be coming on much stronger this time.

"Qoooo! Golly, golly!" she yelped. "It's going to happen again! Ooohhh, Mother, it's going to happen... again!"

Hank stabbed his finger fast, feeling the heat of Pepper's delicate, very young cunt. His cock felt as if it were being seared by Diane's hot cunt. He, too, was very close. His prick was throbbing and swelling, tingling inside the moist tightness of Diane's hairy pussy.

Diane felt his cock swelling, jerking. The head of his prick seemed to have grown twice its normal size, filling her burning cunt to capacity. His cock went deep, so deep, into her steamy cunt. She sat on his cock tightly now, not bouncing. She writhed and twisted and ground her pussy against the base of his cock, feeling her clitoris throbbing hotly. She clutched at her tits with both hands her fingers digging into the firm, shapely swells. Her nipples felt like fire in her palms, and she began to mewl and wail softly.

Pepper heard the ecstatic wails of her mother. Her own little cunt was about to climax, and she was hardly aware that she was making the same sounds. Her small hips churned.

Hank, too, was grunting now, arching his hips up to shove his cock deeper into Diane's cunt. His balls had become very tight.

Suddenly, Pepper felt the man jerk his finger free of her dripping cunt. "No!" she groaned.

"Please, no!"

Hank quickly gripped her small, tight ass cheeks, pulling her quickly toward his face. Pepper looked down just as his lips pressed hard into her cunt.

"Oh!" she moaned in surprise. Then the ecstasy of his tongue racing about her throbbing little clitoris flooded her shaking body. "Oooooooooh, golly, golly!"

She grabbed his head and began to bang her cunt harshly against his face, whimpering in delight at this new feeling. The man's tongue raced all over her cunt, licking every inch of her burning cunt, even at her legs.

"I'm coming!" she heard her mother shouting. "I'm coming! Ohhhh, fuck it, fuck it! I'm coming! My pussy is exploding! I'm coming, you hear! Fuck me! Fuck me! My cunt... my cunt is... exploding! Ooooooooooh... Ohhhhhh! Oh... oh!"

Pepper, gripping the man's head tightly and banging her cunt against his mouth, suddenly squealed loudly. "Oh, Mother, Mother!"

"You, too? Are you coming, too, darling!" Diane shouted. "Ohh, come, baby! Come in his cunt-sucking mouth! Tongue fuck her, Hank! Fuck my sweet baby with your pussy-licking tongue! Come, Pepper!"

Diane felt the man's cock blow off inside her convulsing twat. She yelled loudly again, grinding furiously on his face as come juice splashed into her cunt. She was coming very powerfully, the spasms gripping her until she was almost mindless to anything but the pure, sweet ecstasy.

Pepper was sure the man's tongue was inside her cunt. It seemed to fill her pussy the way his finger had. Her legs were very weak, and that beautiful sensation between them was causing her to gasp and pant and whimper.

Then Pepper fell away.

She sprawled on the floor, her legs wide, her body shivering as though suddenly chilled. But she was far from being cold. Her cunt continued to throb, but not as intensely as before. She lay there, making soft whimpering sounds.

Diane still sat on the man's cock, her orgasm finished. She felt his cock softening inside her cunt as she looked down at Pepper. Her daughter's little cunt throbbed visibly. Diane could see the pink lips twitch, and the glistening tip of her clitoris was still inflamed.

Finally she got off Hank. Diane knelt next to her daughter, caressing Pepper's slim, golden tanned thigh. "Okay darling? Pepper, are you all right?"

Pepper opened her eyes and smiled up at her mother. "Ooooh, golly!" she murmured. "That was... fantastic, Mother!"

Diane laughed. "You're a mess, baby. Go take a shower."

Pepper got to her feet, still shaky, but becoming stronger. Diane and Hank watched the pretty girl leave the room, watching her enticing little ass.

"Isn't she beautiful?" Diane asked as he pulled on his trunks. "Isn't Pepper just about the sweetest little thing you've ever saw, Hank?"

"That she is," he replied. "And she's certainly a hot one -- like her mother."

Diane chuckled. "So it seems."


"How about eating out tonight?" Diane asked Pepper. "I don't feel like cooking."

"Fine with me, Mother."

It was almost seven in the evening, and Hank had been gone for hours. Pepper and her mother had talked like two very close friends. When Pepper told how she had to force the boy to fuck her under the pier, how he had bragged about his knowledge and the girls he had fucked, Diane laughed.

"You aren't suppose to force them, honey," she said. "If they don't want to fuck, leave them alone. They aren't worth it."

"I know what you mean," Pepper giggled. "Like Hank, huh? Golly, he sure does have a big cock!"

"It only looks big to you." Diane laughed. "But it is a nice size, all right."

"Can he fuck me, Mother?" Pepper asked with huge eyes. "Can he?"

"We'll see, darling. He's here only for a few days. But there's plenty more just like him on the beach every day. There's a beach full of ready, hard cocks!"

"I like living here," Pepper laughed.

"I've noticed," Diane replied. "My sweet little hot-ass." She hugged her daughter fondly.

Both wore dresses that evening. They walked to a seafood place a few blocks down the road. The night was very warm, with a full moon. Diane and Pepper walked slowly down the road, feeling alive and tingly, holding hands and chattering away. They laughed a great deal, making jokes about sex, each other, and some of the people they saw.

"He's got a hard-on," Pepper said, pointing to a man talking to a woman. "See how it sticks out, Mother?"

"Don't point, baby," Diane said. "Yes, I would say his cock was hard. Beautiful, isn't it?"

"I'd like to fuck him," Pepper giggled.

"And he'd probably die with pleasure to fuck you," Diane laughed. "But never go after a man with another woman, unless she's willing, too."

They arrived at the restaurant and both had the seafood platter. Two men -- boys, really -- were lounging outside. They were still in trunks, and their hair was wet, meaning they had been in the ocean.

Diane felt the boys looking them over as they walked out of the restaurant. On an impulse, she made her ass move in a more sensuous way.

"Twist your ass, honey," she said to Pepper. "I think we're about to be picked up."

Pepper giggled softly and began to twist her ass in the gentle, but enticing, manner that Diane had taught her. It was not gross or vulgar, but if a man was interested and knew what the wiggle of her ass meant, they would quickly approach.

They paused about fifty feet away from the two boys, looking around casually. Diane let her eyes gaze in their direction, with a slight smile on her face. The two boys tossed their cigarettes away and came toward them.

"Hi," one of them said. "Doing anything?"

"Not particularly," Diane replied, smiling at him. "Just taking a walk."

The other boy then said bluntly: "How much?"

Diane turned toward him, a sneer on her pretty face. "How much for what?"

"For a fuck," the boy said.

"Let's go, Pepper!" Diane took her daughter's hand and they started away.

"Hey, wait!" the first boy called. "Goddamn it, Joe, you fucked it up for us! Why can't you keep your fucking mouth shut!"

Diane stopped and faced the boys. "We aren't what you think, little boy," she said. "We don't sell our ass to anyone."

"Hey, I'm sorry," Joe replied. "I thought you..."

"I know what you thought." Diane turned an icy look at him. "That's the trouble with guys... they think every ass is for sale. When are you going to wise up and realize some of us fuck for the fun of it?"

"Hey, that's all right!" the first boy said.

"Do we understand each other?" Diane asked.

"Lady, we sure do!" Joe replied.

They laughed, all four of them. Pepper found her small hand being held by one of the boys, and she saw her mother's waist being embraced by the other.

"How about the beach?" Joe said. "No one is there. Well, maybe a few people, but they won't notice. By the way, I'm Joe and he's Frank."

Diane smiled, her arm going around Frank's waist.

Pepper was shivering with excitement. She had already gotten fucked once today, and a finger had gone into her cunt and then a tongue. Everything was happening so fast, and she loved it. She saw Frank slip his hand over her mother's ass, watched him squeeze it. Her mother laughed softly and returned the squeeze to his ass.

They arrived at a place on the beach near the water. Two blankets were there, and the boys said they belonged to them. The nearest people were over a hundred yards away. That didn't bother Diane; she had seen couples screwing on the beach at night. They would only be another couple fucking, and no one would bother them.

Pepper and her mother lay on the blankets with the boys. Joe ran his hand over Pepper's titties. "How old are you?" he asked her.

Pepper started to reply, but Diane cut her off. "She's old enough to fuck."

"I don't want any trouble," Joe said, starting to draw away.

"I'm her mother," Diane said, caressing Frank, stroking along the bulge of his trunks. "You won't have any problems."

"Shit, a mother-daughter team!" Joe said. "I've heard of that before." He sat up and looked at his friend. "Frank, we better drop this. After we fuck them, they'll ask for plenty, and if they don't get it, they yell rape! I know how this shit works. Come an, Frank, let's haul ass."

But Frank's cock was gripped by Diane's hot fist. He had one hand up her dress and was stroking her cunt through her panties. He looked at his friend, then at Diane. "Is that it, lady?" he asked.

"Your loss," Diane said, starting to move away. "Come on, Pepper. It looks like we got some real fuck-ups."

"Wait," Frank said suddenly, grabbing Diane's wrist. "Did you say Pepper?"

"Pepper's my daughter," Diane said.

"You know Hank?"

"Of course," Diane replied.

"He told us about you and Pepper," Frank said. "Hey, Joe, this isn't a deal like that. You remember what Hank said before he left?"

Joe was interested again. "Yeah," he grunted, slipping his hand underneath Pepper's skirt. "Two hot cunts, he said."

Diane lay back down, snuggling against Frank. Her hand went into his trunks and grasped his throbbing cock. "Oh, Frank!" she cooed. "You have a nice cock here! I'm going to love it! Ooooh, so big!"

"Hold my prick, baby," Joe said, taking Pepper's hand and placing it on his cock. "Hold my cock!"

Pepper was writhing already with delight as she ran her hand over his bulging hard-on. She twisted her little ass about with increasing pleasure. Her cunt was bubbling as it had with Hank. When Joe leaned forward and shoved his tongue into her mouth, she began to suck hotly on it, mewling softly.

"Let me get your panties off," Frank whispered to Diane. "I have such a hard-on, it's going to bust if I don't get it in you!"

"We can't have you coming off until it's up my cunt, can we?" Diane laughed as she lifted her ass.

Frank pulled her panties off. He shoved her dress to her waist, and Diane spread her legs wide. Frank climbed on top of her and she eagerly gripped his cock, pulling it to her waiting, burning cunt.

"Ooooo!" Diane sucked in air as his prick entered her cunt. "That's nice, Frank! That's very nice!"

Pepper turned her head sideways and watched Frank fucking her mother. She saw her mother lift her legs, her ass raising for him. She lifted her own little ass when she felt Joe pulling at her panties. She pulled her dress to her waist, thrilled to have the warm breeze caressing her naked little cunt. Unlike Frank, who had simply shoved his trunks down, Joe removed his completely.

Pepper peered down, wanting to see his cock. The moon was full. She saw his cock. His prick looked as large as Hank's. Her pussy throbbed eagerly as she felt his cock brushing along the puffy lips of her wet cunt.

"I want it in me!" she shouted, arching her ass into the air. "Come on! Put your cock in me! I want you to fuck me, damn it! Qooch, my cunt is on fire! Put your hard cock up my cunt and fuck it!"

Joe smiled. "Hot little cunt, aren't you?"

"Fuck me!" Pepper wailed, churning her hips. "Fuck me! I want to get fucked!"

Pepper grabbed Joe's naked ass and pulled, at the same time shoving her cunt against his cock. When his prick entered her pussy, she gave a loud yelp.

Diane, churning her cunt up and down against Frank's stabbing cock, heard her daughter. She looked over at her.

"Fuck him, Pepper!" she urged, banging her ass up and down and holding Frank tight against her tits. "Fuck his cock off, baby! Show him what a hot cunt can do! Fuck him, fuck him, Pepper!"

Joe was kneeling above Pepper on his hands and knees. His ass was being gripped by her hands as she tried to force his prick deeper into her clasping cunt. He was amazed that this little girl could be so eager and hot for it. He felt as if his cock had been caught up in a fiery vise, as if it were being devoured by her pussy. He was almost afraid to thrust the full length of his cock up her cunt, afraid it would hurt her.

But Pepper had no fears. She tugged at his ass, her fingers digging into his ass cheeks. She lifted her ass as high as she could, twisting furiously.

"All of it!" she groaned. "I want all your cock up my cunt! Give it to me, damn you! Shove all of your cock up my cunt!"

Her small, exquisitely tight pussy grabbed at his cock, and she moved her naked little ass hard and fast. Pepper wailed with delight as she felt her pussy stretching, filling. It was so good to her, she thought she would start coming before the boy even fucked her. She lifted her legs and locked her ankles around his waist, banging up and down. She was cooing with pleasure.

"I'll be damned!" Joe said, fascinated. "She's fucking the shit out of me! What a cunt! Fuck it, little girl! Fuck my cock! I don't even have to move... she's fucking the shit out of me!"

"You're damn right!" Pepper grunted, her hips flying. "You're damn right I'm fucking you! I'm going to fuck your hard cock off!"

"I believe it!" Joe grunted, thrusting his cock in and out. "Your cunt is so fucking hot, it's going to melt my cock?"

"Hold my hand, Mother!" Pepper shouted, searching for Diane's hand. "Ooohh, hold my hand! Golly, this cock is so big! Ooooh, it fills my cunt so much! I love, it, Mother! I love this big cock in my pussy, fucking me!"

"I know, baby," Diane said, her voice gasping as she clasped her daughter's hand. "I know! I love it too! Ohhh, Frank, fuck me, fuck me! Fuck the piss out of me!"

"I'm trying, baby," Frank grunted.

"Give it to me!" Pepper wailed, clutching her mother's hand tightly. "Joe, Joe, fuck me! Ohhh, please, fuck me! I want it! Fuck me! You're so hard and it fills my pussy so good! Ooooh harder, Joe, harder!"

Pepper's cunt was throbbing so hotly, she knew she would be coming soon. She flung her crotch in a frenzy against Joe, gyrating instinctively. Joe's cock was getting bigger and bigger inside her deliciously stretched cunt. Her pussy had never been stretched so much before, and she was almost out of her mind with intense pleasure. She could hear her mother whimpering, and she tightened her grip on Diane's hand. Through a blurry haze she could see her mother's naked ass churning violently as Frank fucked in and out of her cunt frantically. The sounds of heavy breathing, panting, filled her ears, but her own whimpers seemed to be the loudest. As though from a great distance, she heard her mother wailing and moaning.

"I'm coming!" Diane shouted, scissoring her creamy thighs around Frank's pounding hips. "Ohhh, I'm coming! Oooooh, it's so fucking good! I love it, love it! My cunt is coming and coming and it's never going to stop!"

Her mother's voice seemed to trigger the ecstatic sensations filling her small body. Pepper began to moan in a rising voice, twisting her head about, her honey-blonde hair flying, her eyes rolling.

"Oooooo! Ohhhhh! Oooommmmm!" Pepper moaned. "Ohhhhh, it's happening! Ohhhhhh, it's happening, Mother! I'm coming too! Oh, golly, golly, golly! I'm coming, Mother! More! Please give me more! I want more cock! Ohhh, fuck me! Fuck my cunt! I'm really coming!"

Pepper felt the swollen head of Joe's cock banging deep inside her cunt. Then she felt her pussy being splattered by thick come juice. Her orgasm increased in power, and she thought her whole body was about to explode. She shoved her fine, sweet ass hard against him, feeling his balls banging against her curvy, hot ass cheeks. She held his ass tightly in one hand and her mother's hand with the other.

Then she slumped. She was almost unconscious, whimpering and shivering with the glowing heat that continued to spread through her body. Her little titties were still swollen, and her pussy throbbed in such a delicious way.

When she became aware of her surroundings, she found she was alone with her mother. Joe and Frank were gone.

Diane was sitting next to her daughter, running her hand through Pepper's blonde hair gently.

"Oh, Mother," Pepper sighed.

"I know, baby," Diane whispered gently. "It was good, wasn't it?"

Pepper trembled and hugged herself, giggling softly. "It was real good, Mother! Qooooh, I want to fuck all the time!"

"I know the feeling," Diane laughed. "Rut right now we're going home. Come on, little hot-ass!"

"What about the blankets?" Pepper asked. "Where did Joe and Frank go?"

"Leave the blankets. They're coming back later and sleep on the beach."

"Oh, let's sleep here with them!"

"No, baby," Diane said, taking Pepper's hand. "We sleep in our own bed. Leave your panties; let the boys have a remembrance."


It was amusing and deliciously thrilling to watch Pepper now, Diane thought.

They were sitting on the beach, both in skimpy bikinis. Diane wore a string bikini, and the creamy cheeks of her ass were a golden tan. Pepper, however, wore the conventional bikini, perhaps a bit less scanty. Diane was used to being looked at, and as the hot sun beat upon them, she found that Pepper was drawing an equal number of eyes.

She looked her daughter over, and saw that Pepper was growing up quickly. Her titties were still quite small, but forming very sweetly. Her thighs and legs were slender, and not quite as gangly. She was filling out very nicely, Diane thought. In a few years Pepper would be a real man-killer.

But that was not the cause of her amusement. Pepper could not keep her eye off any male. And Diane noticed that Pepper's eyes usually lingered on the front of those trunks. She knew what was going on in her daughter's mind because she loved looking also. She enjoyed speculating on cocks and balls, wondering how they would feel slipping into her cunt, how hard they would be in her hand. Thoughts like that made her cunt tingle so deliciously.

Pepper, too, had similar thoughts as she openly looked at the bulges of those tight trunks. It had been two days since she and her mother had fucked Joe and Frank, and although Pepper was on the beach almost constantly, she had not found the opportunity yet to get herself another hard prick. Men looked at her, eyes burning with desire, but because of her youth, they shied away. The boys also looked, their expressions indicating their obvious interest, but they seemed shy, inexperienced.

Diane loved the way her daughter looked at the men and boys. She also knew of Pepper's frustration. She had gone through that for some time until she decided to be a bit more bold. Pepper was not experienced enough to know the subtle, sly little tricks a woman used to draw the attention of man. Her obvious flirting was amusing, but even that made same of the males turn away.

Diane lay back on the blanket, stretching out in the hot sun. She let her legs slide apart as she placed her hands on her flat stomach, closing her eyes. Diane knew her crotch was revealed, and that some of her curling hairs peeked from the tightness of her bikini. She also knew men and boys would look directly between her legs.

Pepper pulled her knees up to her small titties and rested her chin upon them, her eyes gazing steadily at a particular man. He was in his late teens, she thought. She had chosen him because he seemed more interested in her than the others. His trunks were not tight, yet she could see the lump of his cock and balls well enough. The man was sitting on the sand, facing her, his right knee up and his other leg stretched out. Pepper was almost sure she could see the head of his cock.

Then the man smiled at her, and with a deliberate movement he lifted the leg of his loose trunks. Pepper saw that it was the head of his cock she had been looking at. Her eyes widened and a smile spread over her sweet, pretty face. The man, still holding his trunks to one side, ran a fingertip over the head of his cock, while grinning at Pepper. Her eyes flashed at the man as her smile spread.

The man looked around, then closed his fingers around his cock and jacked it suggestively. Pepper's little cunt responded with a thrilling throb.

Getting to her feet, she moved toward the man, stopping at his outstretched foot.

"Hi," she said cheerfully, and squatted before him. "My name is Pepper."

The man stopped touching his cock, but left the head exposed. He gazed with admiration at Pepper, his eyes fixed at her crotch. The head of his cock lifted, and Pepper grinned widely as she watched his prick become hard.

"Do you like that?" the man asked.

"I like it," Pepper said, her voice soft and somewhat quivery.

"How would you like to play with it?"

Pepper lifted her eyes to his. She saw the hot desire there and her small body trembled with a quickening response. She stood up. "Let's go under the pier," she said.

The man stood up quickly, ignoring the fact that his cock bulged out, obviously hard. His prick was really straining against his trunks, Pepper saw. Boldly she took his hand and started pulling him toward the pier. It was about two hundred feet away and she was anxious.

Beneath the pier, Pepper felt his cock, making a small, husky sound. She squeezed his cock hard, then pulled the leg of his loose trunks aside. Looking down, she saw pre-cum dripping from his piss hole. Wrapping her fingers about his cock, Pepper jacked on his prick, breathing hard now.

"It's so hard!" she squealed. "I love it when a guy has a hard-on! I just love a hard cock!"

"Why don't you jack me off?" the man suggested. He fondled her small titties through the thin top of her bikini, pinching and twisting as best he could at her rubbery nipples. "Your hand is hot. You know what you're doing, don't you?"

"Of course," Pepper replied. "I'm not a little girl."

The man chuckled. He slipped one hand behind her and cupped the cheeks of her small ass. Pepper shivered with excitement, her fist pumping swiftly on his cock.

"You like being jacked off?" she asked him.

"I love it," the man groaned, arching his cock forward. "I love it, especially by a little sweetheart like you."

"I want to look at it," Pepper said, dropping to her knees. She shoved the wide leg of his trunks to one side.

"Look all you want."

She exposed his cock and balls. His balls were quite hairy, and looked heavy to her. She fondled his balls, gazing with hot eyes. His cock was straight and very hard, throbbing in her fist. She watched his piss-hole dripping cum, and a thought began to form in her mind. While the man looked down at her in surprise, Pepper impulsively leaned forward and kissed his cock.

"Little cock sucker, huh?" the man chuckled.

Pepper didn't even hear him. She found the feel of his prick against her lips thrilling. She looked at his dripping piss-hole again, then stabbed the tip of her tongue gingerly against it. She tasted the juices seeping from his piss-hole, and her mind was suddenly filled with brightly colored lights. She felt faint with sudden delight.

Pepper shoved her face forward and began to lick the smooth, swollen head of his cock. She loved the way his cock throbbed against her tongue, the slippery juices that coated it. She was making throaty sounds, whimpering sounds, as she licked his prick.

"Lick on it, sweetheart," the man urged. He held the sides of her face, looking down. This was such a pretty little girl, he thought, almost sugary sweet. It excited him to have this innocent young face against his cock, and he pulled Pepper into his crotch. "Ahhhh, good!"

Pepper found the man smearing his cock and balls over her face. She loved it! It thrilled her, excited her. She loved the way his hairy balls tickled her cheeks, nose and chin. She loved the hot hardness of his cock against her lips and cheeks.

Then the man pulled his cock back. He held her cheeks, his prick jerking before her face. Then Pepper felt his prick on her lips. The head pressed at her lips, slippery, and the man pressed a bit more. The only thing Pepper could do was open her mouth. The man shoved his cock into her mouth. She found her lips stretched wide, her mouth full of hard, throbbing cock.

"Mmmmm!" she moaned. "Mmmmmm!"

"Eat it, sweetheart!" the man urged. "Eat my cock!"

Pepper had not thought it possible, but he began shoving more of his hard cock into her mouth. Her lips were already stretched, and then she felt that smooth head probe against her throat. She choked and the man pulled his cock back a fraction of an inch. She gripped his legs to balance herself, her fingers digging into his flesh. Her cunt was twitching hotly, becoming very wet. She wished she could take her bikini bottom off.

"I'm going to fuck you, sweetheart!" the man grunted. "I'm going to fuck your hot, sweet mouth!"

Pepper's eyes were huge. She was on her knees before the man, and he was now pumping his cock back and forth, fucking her mouth. Pepper loved it. She closed her lips around his throbbing cock tightly, thrilled by the way his cock slid back and forth between them. She loved the way his cock scraped her tongue and the roof of her mouth. He fucked her mouth with short stabs. Her mind was reeling with pleasure now. The man held her cheeks, fucking in and out between her stretched lips.

Gurgling softly, Pepper let the man fuck her mouth. She wanted to suck, but since he seemed to know more about this, she held her head still and let him thrust his cock in and out. She gazed at the hair on the base of his cock, while taking about half his prick into her mouth. His cock was dripping quite a bit, and after some experimentation, Pepper found she could swallow as her mouth filled. The taste of his juices sent ripples of pleasure through her small body, making her titties swell and her nipples throb. Her cunt was burning and her clitoris was tingling.

"Little cock sucker!" the man grunted. "Fucking little cock sucker! Eat my prick, sweetheart! Eat my cock, you hot little cock sucker! Suck it, suck it!"

That was what Pepper wanted to do, but she couldn't move her head now. He was holding her rigid, banging his cock back and forth into her mouth. His prick seemed to be growing. Her lips continued to stretch until she thought they would split at the corners. But she didn't want him to stop. Pepper had never had a cock in her mouth before, and she had only been fucked three days ago. But despite her lack of experience, she was bubbling with a steamy heat that she could not control. She wanted cock all the time, every second of the day. Every man she saw was a potential fuck partner and she wanted them all! She was learning something new right now, and she loved it as much -- if not better -- than having his cock up her hot little cunt. It was different, much different, but it was also so good. She thrilled to the way his hard cock filled her mouth, burning against her clasping lips. Would he come in her mouth? What would it taste like? Would she be able to let him come in her mouth?

Then Pepper wanted him to come off in her mouth. She didn't care what it would taste like, she wanted it! She wanted him to squirt his come juice into her mouth desperately. She wanted it as badly as she had wanted to get fucked, maybe even more so. She wished she could suck on it, move her mouth up and down.

"Ahhh, eat me, little cock sucker!" the man groaned. "Eat my cock, you little hot cock sucker! Ohhh, sweetheart, you've got a hot mouth made for sucking cock! Ooooh, you sweet, sweet cock sucker!"

He was plunging his prick faster into her mouth now, faster and with more excitement. She clung to his thighs, her little body shaking so much with pleasure that she was afraid he would pull his prick free before he came off. And she wanted to taste his come juice! She wanted it spewing into her mouth, over her tongue, down her throat.

"Uh... uh... uh!" the man grunted, holding Pepper's cheeks tighter, as though afraid she would jerk her mouth free at the crucial moment. "I'm almost there, sweetheart! I'm about ready to come!"

Pepper hung onto his thighs, ready to gobble his cock if he tried to pull it free. Then the man went rigid, his cock throbbing powerfully between her lips.

"There!" he yelped. "I'm coming, sweetheart! I'm coming! Ahhh, good, so fucking good! Eat it up, cock sucker!"

Pepper felt and tasted the first spurt of his come juice as it splashed over her tongue. With the first taste of come on her tongue, Pepper's mind seemed to explode with blinding lights. Her cunt convulsed so much that she almost fell back with ecstasy. But she managed to cling to him as his cock squirted and squirted into her mouth. She was hungry for his come juice. She managed to swallow, but not all of it. Some of his thick come juice dribbled from the tight corners of her mouth and onto her chin. She was mewling softly with ecstasy as she sucked. Her little ass writhed as she came.

"Swallow it, cock sucker!" the man groaned. "Swallow my fucking come juice! Take it all, hot cock sucker! I'm coming in your fucking little cock sucking mouth! Swallow it!"

Pepper could hear him, but as if from a great distance. Her mind was numb to his pleasure, only accepting the ecstasy that flowed through her body.

Before she was aware of it, his cock was pulled from her mouth. Pepper gave a whimper of disappointment, falling back on her tight ass. She saw, through blurry eyes, the man walking quickly away.

"Come back!" she moaned, not knowing her voice was too low for him to hear. "Please, come back! I want to do it again! Please."

Pepper sat under the pier for a long time, the taste of his cock still throbbing on her lips, the taste of his come juice lingering in her mouth. Finally, smiling to herself, she began walking back to where her mother was. People looked at her, but she was oblivious to them.

She dropped down next to her mother, her eyes reflecting a strange expression. Diane sat up and looked at her daughter. "What's wrong, Pepper?"

"Nothing, Mother," she replied, turning her misty eyes toward her. "Should something be wrong?"

"What's that on your chin?" Diane saw the glistening drop of come juice. She reached out and wiped it off with the tip of her finger, then brought it to her mouth. She ran her tongue across her finger. "Oh, I see," she smiled. "You've been sucking a cock, haven't you, darling?"

"Oh. Mother!" Pepper giggled naughtily. "This man went with me to the pier, and he put his cock in my mouth and he fucked me that way, then he came off and I came off and it tasted so good and..."

"Wait, Pepper," Diane laughed. "Slow down. I don't understand what you're saying."

Pepper slowed her speech. "This man, Mother. He took me under the pier and he fucked me! But he fucked me in my mouth, of all places!"

"He did?" Diane asked, amused at her daughter's obvious surprise.

"Yes, Mother," Pepper laughed. "He put his cock in my mouth and fucked me that way. And he came off, too!"

"And of course you loved it?"

"Ooooh, yes!" Pepper squealed. "He didn't want to fuck my cunt, Mother! He wanted to fuck my mouth!"

"You're learning kind of fast, aren't you?" Diane wiped the rest of the slippery come juice from her daughter's lips and chin. "Well, one thing you must learn, honey, is when you suck cock, wipe your mouth after becomes. People can see what you've been doing."

"Have you ever sucked a cock off, Mother?" Pepper asked with excitement. "Have you?"

Diane laughed again. "You kids! You think you discovered fucking and sucking! I was doing that long before you were born, and so was just about every woman around here. Of course I've sucked a cock off."

Pepper looked at her mother, a new light shining in her eyes. She moaned softly and pressed her thighs together. "Oooh, I want to come again! I love to come!"

"Kind of hot, huh?" Diane teased.

"All the time, Mother," Pepper giggled.

"I'll tell you what," Diane said, getting to her feet, gathering their blanket. "Let's go back to the house."

Without question, Pepper followed her mother.

She was a few feet behind, and she gazed at her mother's nearly exposed ass. The string bikini was tight between the checks, leaving them both exposed. Not many women wore those, Pepper knew, and her mother looked better than any of them.

In the house, Diane went about pulling all the drapes. It wasn't that she wanted to conceal themselves, but it helped to cool the inside from the hot sun. She leaned over the couch, one knee on the cushions, adjusting the drapes. Pepper gazed at her mother's ass then suddenly she began to run her hot little hands over the cheeks.

Diane turned and looked at her daughter over her shoulder. "You like my ass, baby?"

"I've never felt it before, Mother," Pepper said, cupping both cheeks of her mother's ass. "I like the way your ass feels."

Impulsively, Pepper leaned over and kissed one cheek after mother's creamy ass, then giggled.

Diane stood upright, facing her daughter. Deliberately, she pulled at the tie strings on her hips. The small triangle of her bikini fell to the floor. Pepper gazed at her mother's hairy cunt, her eyes burning with a new excitement. Somehow her mother's pussy looked different, much different. She reached out and ran her fingers through the soft curls.

Diane stood waiting to see what her daughter would do next. She wanted to tell Pepper what to do, but she also wanted Pepper to do it on her own.

Pepper ran her fingers between her mother's hot, smooth thighs, cupping her bushy cunt. She felt wetness then she wormed a finger up her mother's twat.

"Oooooh!" Pepper cooed as she moved her finger about. "You're hot in there, Mother! Your pussy is all wet and so hot... just like mine!"

Diane spread her feet, unable to stop a wiggle of her ass. She took her daughter's wrist.

"Let me, Mother!" Pepper mewled, thinking her mother was going to pull her finger free.

But all Diane was doing was holding her daughter's hand there, pumping her pussy on the finger. "Do it, baby!" she urged. "Finger me, Pepper! Qhhhh, finger my cunt, honey!"

Pepper slipped to her knees before her mother, kneeling as she had with the man beneath the pier. Her face as on a level with her mother's cunt, and she stared hotly at it, watching her finger move in and out. The lips of her mother's pussy looked swollen to her, and the tip of her clitoris was glistening wetly.

Suddenly Diane was holding the back of her daughter's head, pulling her forward at the same time she spread her feet farther on the floor. Her mother's hairy, wet cunt came closer to her face, and Pepper was hardly breathing, waiting, anticipating.

Then without any effort from her mother, Pepper quickly shoved her face into that hairy cunt, kissing and licking furiously. She felt her mother's hot thighs pressing at her face then her nose was buried into that thick hair, her lips tight against her mother's pussy, her tongue racing over the distended clitoris.

"Ohhh, baby, baby!" Diane whimpered, grinding her cunt against her daughter's face. "Qooooh, that's sweet, honey! That's so fucking sweet! Lick it for me, darling! Lick it! Lick Mother's cunt! Ohhh, so good!"

Pepper's tongue flew all about her mom's wet pussy. Her tongue slipped up her mother's cunt, and she began to dart in and out like a cock. She ran her hands around and gripped her mother's trembling ass cheeks, holding them tightly. She made gurgling sounds as she sucked and licked, ecstasy filling her small body. Her own cunt was boiling again, and she knew what that meant now. She was going to come again, just by eating her mother's twat.

"Ooooh, suck... lick!" Diane moaned as she whipped her crotch back and forth against her daughter's face. "Suck me, Pepper! Lick my pussy! Ohhh, honey, suck Mother's cunt! Eat my hot cunt, baby!"

Pepper was sucking and licking and fucking in a frenzy now, holding her mother's tight ass power fully, her fingers clawing between the cheeks.

"Oh, Pepper, Pepper!" Diane wailed loudly, grinding brutally against her daughter's face. "I'm going to come! Oh, God! Baby, baby! You're going to make Mother come! Tongue fuck my hot cunt, baby! Ooooh, there, there! You're making me come, Pepper! You're making me come with your sweet, sweet tongue!"

Pepper felt her mother's snatch convulse around her stabbing tongue, and more juice entered her open mouth. She swallowed with ecstasy, and her cunt exploded again. She was coming in wave after wave of ecstasy as she sucked and licked her mother's twitching pussy.

Instinctively, Pepper closed her lips on her mother's clitoris, flicking her tongue rapidly over it. Diane was shaking, gasping, arching her cunt against Pepper's mouth. Pepper clung to her mother's ass, holding her cunt tight against her face, afraid her mother would pull it away. She was shuddering with her own orgasm and her face was becoming smeared by the slippery juices that flowed from her mother's cunt.

Then Diane turned loose of Pepper's head, falling back onto the couch, panting. Pepper sat on the floor, gasping for air. She stared between her mother's spread thighs, gazing into her hair-lined cunt. Her mom's cunt still twitched.

She leaned forward and kissed her mother's pussy tenderly, then lay back on the carpet, her mind floating with erotic thoughts.


"Hank will be here tonight" Diane told Pepper. "Oh, good!" Pepper hugged herself. "I like him, Mother."

"As long as it's a cock, you like it." Diane laughed at her daughter's enthusiasm. "It isn't really the man."

"But, Mother, I really do like Hank," Pepper insisted. "He's nice."

It was now late afternoon. Pepper was glowing with a healthy tan and a love of life. She was wearing shorts and a halter. The shorts were tight, cupping her perky ass like a second skin. Her little cunt was outlined, the puffy lips revealed. Diane loved to see Pepper dressed this way, even more than in her bikini. Somehow it was more arousing, she felt. Pepper's slender thighs were a golden tan, as was her whole body, except for the stark white strips where she wore her bikini. Diane, too, was tanned the same way.

Diane wore shorts and a tight tank tap. It was becoming on her, somewhat sensual.

"I want to show Hank what I learned," Pepper said.

"What did you learn, baby?"

"To suck cock, Mother!" Pepper said, wondering how her mother could ever forget that.

Diane was amused at Pepper's childish delight about something that came natural to a hot-assed woman. But Pepper was a child, she realized, so anything new -- different -- would be a delight to her. She recalled how Pepper had gone after her cunt the day before. There was nothing wrong with that, Diane thought. It had been delightful, and she had come in such a delicious way. She knew that her daughter came almost every time she did something sexually.

They had talked long into the night, and both had revealed many things to each other. They had giggled and blushed and laughed and talked. They had touched each other and sucked on the other's titties. Then when their excitement had become too much to contain, they had finger fucked each other to wonderful orgasms.

This day, while on the beach, Pepper had boldly approached a number of teenagers and men, but they had all refused her, afraid of her age. Pepper had been very disappointed, frustrated. She couldn't understand their fears, and sometimes it made her angry when they turned her down. She thought everyone loved to fuck. If her little cunt throbbed to fuck, then it seemed to her that all those guys on the beach should have throbbing cocks.

But now, knowing Hank was going to visit this evening, she felt better. She kept the image of his hard cock in her mind constantly. Hank's prick was the largest cock she had ever seen. His prick and those heavy, hairy balls fascinated her tremendously. Every time she thought of Hank's cock, her cunt would pulsate in such a delicious way and her clit would swell into hardness.

But then, at six that evening, Hank called and had to beg off. He had to work late. Pepper was more disappointed than her mother, and she showed it by stamping about in childish anger.

"I bet he doesn't have to work at all," Pepper said. "I bet he found another girl he likes to fuck better than you, Mother."

"Perhaps," Diane said, smiling at her daughter's anger. "But we can't blame him, can we? Look at what we did with Frank and Joe?"

"But Hank is supposed to be..." Pepper couldn't find the right word. "I thought he was nice, Mother. I thought Hank liked us. He even kissed my pussy, Mother!"

"Most men will kiss pussy, honey," Diane said. "And Hank is nice. He's very nice."

"He's a bastard!" Pepper said. "That's all he is, just a bastard!"

Before Diane could say anything else, Pepper had left the house and trudged along the beach. Most of the men on the beach had a girl with them.

She walked along the beach, tracing the water line, kicking at the moist sand. Then she came up on a boy alone. He was sitting on a small towel, looking out at the sea. He was about eighteen or nineteen, and his body had drops of water as if he had been in the ocean. His black hair was still wet, she saw. Pepper slowed until she was five feet from the boy. She gazed directly at him.

"Hi," the boy said, looking up.

"Hi," Pepper replied. "What are you doing?"

"Just looking at those waves," the boy said. "You know how it is. Wondering where they started and how they got here."

Pepper sat down beside him, looking at the sea. "Who cares about those damned old waves."

The boy looked at her. "What's eating you, kid?"

Pepper turned and gazed into his eyes. He had dreamy eyes, she thought. He wasn't bad looking at all. His hair was longer than she liked, but that didn't make any difference. She was almost afraid to tell him what she wanted. She thought maybe he would turn her down, too, just like the others.

"I wish I was older," she said.

"Hey, don't be in a rush, kid," the boy said. "Enjoy yourself. Don't be in a rush to grow older."

"How can I enjoy myself when..." She paused, hoping he wouldn't think she was too young, then blurted: "How can I enjoy myself when all the boys think I'm too young to suck their cocks!"

The boy's eyes popped wide. He stared at Pepper. "Huh?" he grunted, surprised.

"I like to suck cock," Pepper said bravely, "and all these shits think I'm too young!"

They looked at each other. Then the boy spoke. "You're not too young."

"I'm not?" she asked, pleased. "I'm really not too young to suck cock?"

"You're never too young for that, kid," the boy laughed. "Whatever turns you on... that's the way to live."

"Does it turn you on?" Pepper asked anxiously.

"Sure. Most things turn me on."

"Would you let me suck your cock off?" Pepper asked bluntly.

"Right here?"

"Why not?"

"What if we're seen?" the boy asked. "The sun hasn't gone down yet."

"Do you care?" Pepper challenged.

The boy laughed, looking around. There was no one within a hundred feet of them. "Not if you don't," he said.

Pepper giggled and reached over to caress the front of his trunks. They were tight fitting, and she wished they had been the loose boxer type. She felt his cock growing beneath her hot little hand. She squeezed on it. The boy lifted up and slipped his trunks down just far enough so his cock and balls were exposed. Pepper eagerly gripped his prick and began to jack on it. Her eyes, hot and eager, watched his cock swell until it was throbbing hard in her hot hand.

The boy leaned back on his elbows as she stroked his prick. Pepper scooted about until she was lying on her stomach between his spread legs. She started licking at his cock and balls, her tongue moist. His cock was so hard, so hot against her tongue. Her little cunt began to throb and twitch in the tight confines of her shorts. She pressed her pussy against the sand, writhing her small ass and cooing as her tongue lapped against his balls. Then she licked up the throbbing shaft. She flicked her tongue about the smoothly swollen head, then over his piss-hole. It was moist there, and she ran her tongue tip about the flaring hole.

"Ahhh, you're good, kid," the boy grunted in a husky voice. "You really know how to lick a cock, don't you?"

"Oh, yes!" Pepper squealed. She sucked the head of his prick between her lips. She held him tightly and ran her tongue all over the deliciously smooth head. With a soft, excited mewl, she gobbled more of his cock into her mouth, and found she could get all of it inside. This delighted her, and a thrill shot through her small, writhing body.

"Your mouth is hot, kid!" the boy grunted heavily, his eyes almost glassy as he watched her bobbing face. "Hot and wet! Suck it, kid! Suck my cock! You're really good at this!"

The words were music to Pepper's ears, and she strived to give him the best blow job she could. What she lacked in experience, she more than made up for with hungry enthusiasm. Her lips raced up and down his throbbing cock, her tongue fluttering every chance she got. She could feel all that wonderful heat growing between her long, slim legs again, and she around her cunt against the sand. The boy could see her ass cheeks bunching and flexing, and that increased his burning need. Her hot, wet mouth was sending chills of pleasure through his body, and he forgot about anyone seeing them. He lifted his ass, pumping slowly into her mouth.

He could feel his discharge bubbling in his balls, and Pepper's hot, hungry mouth was going to have him spewing very soon.

"Kid, you're going to make me come in a second!" he grunted. "I'm about ready to come!"

Pepper lifted her mouth off his cock and looked up into his face. Her eyes were filled with desire. "I want you to come!" she squealed. "I want to taste your cock coming in my mouth! Come in my fucking mouth, please!"

Pepper gobbled his cock deeply again, sucking rapidly up and down, her honey-blonde hair swirling from her frenzied motions. She felt his cock jerking between her lips. She moved her mouth faster and faster on his cock. Her chin banged against his balls and her fingers clawed at his hips. Her cunt was burning and about to explode, and she writhed her pussy mound hard against the sand. She was making squealing sounds deep in her throat. Her eyes closed.

"Ohhh! Ahhhh!" the boy whimpered, arching his cock up. "I'm coming, kid! Ohhhh shit... there! You got it, kid! I'm coming in your fucking mouth! Suck it down! Suck my come down your cock sucking throat, kid!"

Pepper tasted his come-juice splattering into her mouth. She squealed loudly around his spurting cock, banging her cunt furiously against the sand. She was coming, too, coming strongly. Her mouth was filled time and again with his come juice, and her slender throat worked in a frantic attempt to swallow every drop. She sucked upwards on his cock until she had only the head clamped between her lips. Her tongue lapped furiously around his flaring, spewing piss-hole. She sucked and drank and gurgled with ecstasy.

When he was finished, she lifted her face and giggled. "I could suck cock all day long!" she said.

"I believe it," the boy sighed, feeling as if she had just sucked his balls up his cock. "Damn, you're a good cock sucker, kid!"

Pepper sat up as he pulled his trunks back on. She looked around. The sun was just now sinking, and no one was paying any attention to them at all. "No one saw us," she said.

"Disappointed?" the boy asked, amused.

"I'd watch if I saw it," she giggled.

"Maybe they didn't know you was sucking me."

Pepper frowned slightly. "Hey, do you want to get fucked?"

"You fuck, too, huh?" the boy teased her.

"Of course," she said, pouting childishly. "I fuck, but I think I'd rather suck cock instead. I'm not sure yet. I'm kind of new at it."

The boy laughed. "You don't act new."

"You didn't answer my question."

"I'm always ready to fuck."

Pepper jumped to her feet. "Dome with me, then."


"My house," Pepper said. "It's just a little ways."

The boy hesitated. "I don't know, kid. Your folks home?"

"My mother is."

"Oh, no!" The boy drew back. "That's trouble."

"Don't you want to fuck my mother?"

"Huh?" He looked startled. "What did you say?"

"Don't you want to fuck?"

"You said fuck your mother."

"Who else?" Pepper said, pouting. "Don't you want to fuck my mother?"

"This is crazy," the boy replied. "What's your name, kid?"


"Well, Pepper, I've heard of weird things, but your mother?" He looked at her. "Is she petty?"

"My mother is the most beautiful woman on earth!" Pepper said. "And she's hot, too! She loves to fuck -- you'll see! Come on, don't start being a fraidy-cat now!"

The boy stood up. "Okay, Pepper, I'll take a chance."

She grabbed his hand and started skipping on the sand, chattering happily. "Her boyfriend was supposed to come tonight but he has to work. And my mother is hot and she was looking forward to getting fucked. Now you can fuck her."

When they arrived at the house, Diane was sitting on the patio facing the sea. "Mother, this is..." Pepper stopped, giggling. "I don't know your name," she said.

"Mike," the boy answered, looking at Diane. He seemed wary. "Pepper, your daughter, said I... well, hell."

Diane smiled at the boy. She was lying on a redwood lounge, her long legs crossed. "I can well imagine what my daughter said. Don't be shy. I'm Diane." She turned to her daughter. "Pepper, bring the boy a beer, please."

They sat and sipped at beer until the moon came up. Diane had set the boy at ease by this time. "I suppose my daughter said you could fuck me," she said.

The boy looked startled by the sudden comment. "Well, yes. That's what she said."

Diane laughed, a low, throaty sound. "She's right, you know."

"Oh, shit!" the boy gurgled. "She is?"

Diane nodded her head, licking her lips suggestively. "Don't you find me attractive?"

"You're b-beautiful!" Mike stammered. "Like Pepper."

Diane stood up and stripped on the patio. Mike's eyes bugged out as she watched, seeing her flawless tits, her hard nipples. His eyes gazed at the thick bush of curling hair that surrounded her cunt. Pepper giggled softly.

"Like me?" Diane murmured, posing, her hips arched forward. The moon bathed her in silvery light.

Mike's cock swelled and throbbed inside his trunks. He twisted in the chair, unable to pull his eyes from the inviting beauty of this tall woman.

"Take your trunks off, Mike," Pepper said. "You got to be naked, too."

Eager now, no longer afraid, the boy ripped his tight trunks off, his cock springing free. When he kicked the trunks away, his prick stood upwards, almost touching his stomach.

Diane grabbed his prick and pumped it. "Nice," she murmured as she kissed him. "This is a very nice cock, Mike. I'm going to love having it in my cunt."

She turned her back to him. She leaned over the padded lounge chair, waggling her shapely ass at him. "Put it in me now, Mike!" Diane murmured hotly. "Stick your cock up my snatch! Hurry, please hurry!"

Mike felt Diane's wiggling ass, his cock brushing against her ass cheeks. Diane reached between her thighs and grasped his prick, bringing the swollen head to the wet lips of her twat. She heard the boy suck in a breath as his prick slipped into her fiery cunt.

"All the way in me!" Diane yelped excitedly. "I want your cock all the way in my cunt!"

Mike drove his cock into her hard, and Diane squealed with pleasure. Pepper got to her feet and moved close, wanting to see his cock stabbing into her mother's bushy cunt. She leaned over so she could see past the spreading cheeks of her mother's creamy ass. She watched Mike's cock thrusting in and out. She ran her hand down behind Mike and gripped his balls.

"Fuck her, Mike!" Pepper squealed excitedly.

"Fuck my mother good! She loves it. Give it to her, Mike! Mother loves a hard cock up her cunt! Fuck her! Fuck her!"

Mike could hardly believe what was happening. Diane's cunt was hot and wet and so very tight, it surprised him. His cock drove in and out swiftly. The sounds Diane made, the soft, mewling gasps of intense pleasure, were all part of his erotic dreams. And the way this little bit of a girl-child held his balls while he fucked her mother was making him almost dizzy with ecstasy.

"Oh, good pussy!" he mumbled. "Good cunt, Diane! Good, good pussy!"

"Good cock!" Pepper giggled hotly, fondling his balls. "Goddamn good cock! And Goddamn good pussy! Fucking good pussy and fucking good cock!"

"Yeah, yeah!" Mike grunted, driving his cock in and out of Diane's cunt faster and harder now.

"Fuck me, Mike!" Diane wailed, swinging her upturned, naked ass furiously. "Fuck the piss out of my hot cunt! Give it all to me! I want all that hard cock fucking my cunt!"

"Come in her!" Pepper shouted, squeezing his balls in her hot little hand. She also had a tight grip on one of her mother's swinging tits. "Come in my mother's hot cunt! Spurt come juice up her hot, hairy cunt, Mike! Mother loves it! She loves come juice spurting up her wet pussy!"

"I'm going to!" Mike grunted, grinding hard against Diane's shaking, naked ass. "I'm going to come in her hot cunt!"

"Now! Now!" Diane yelled, grinding back into him. "Come in me now, Mike! Ohhh, hurry! I'm coming! Oh, God I'm coming! Now, Mike, now!"

"Ooooh!" Pepper whimpered as she felt his balls draw tight, then the spasms as he discharged into her mother's fiery cunt. "Ohhh, that's it! Fill her hot fucking cunt with your come juice! Fill her pussy... fill it!"

Pepper was dancing about with excitement, turning loose of her mother's tit and rubbing at the crotch of her shorts with hard motions.

Diane slumped down, her legs unable to hold her up. Mike's cock came free, glistening in the moonlight. Pepper quickly dropped to her knees in front of him and sucked his cock into her hungry mouth. The taste of his prick and her mother's cunt juice sent her mind reeling with ecstasy. Her own little pussy bubbled over into a fantastic orgasm.

When she released his cock, Mike was staring at Diane's trembling white ass, then down at Pepper's glowing face. He ran a hand through her hair, then caressed Diane's ass cheeks. "I'll be Goddamned!" he mumbled.

A few minutes later they were sipping beer, except Pepper, who had a Coke. Pepper was the only one still dressed. Mike sat on the edge of the lounge, where Diane had sprawled out. He was running his hand up and down the inside of Diane's creamy, smooth thigh, playing now and then with her curling cunt hair.

"Was it good, Mike?" Diane asked, smiling at the boy. "Did you enjoy us?"

"You fucking better believe it," he said, poking at her twat.

"Don't be a stranger then," Diane said. "The house is always open... for a hard cock like yours!"

"You mean that?"

"Of course," Diane said, caressing his thigh. "We love it, as you just found out."

"Who would ever believe this," Mike murmured.

"Then don't say anything," Diane replied. "Just come around when you feel the need. Pepper and I are always here, and we're always ready."


The next day was overcast, and the beach was cool.

Diane and Pepper had fun talking. Although it was cool outside, the house was very comfortable.

"It looks as if we're going to have a summer storm," Diane said, looking at the heavy sky. "We need same rain, I suppose."

"I don't like it," Pepper said. "No one is at the beach. I can't find anyone to suck."

Diane laughed. "Are you sure about that, baby?"

"I don't see anyone," Pepper said.

"Maybe you aren't looking in the right direction," Diane replied, naming her hand between her thighs. She wore only a pair of flimsy bikini panties, and the curls of her cunt hair could be seen. Her nipples had been hard all morning long. "And also you have too many clothes on, honey."

Pepper turned from the large window and looked at her mother. Diane was standing near the couch, one foot hiked up onto the arm, knees apart. Her mother's face was glowing and there seemed to be a flush on her cheeks.

Pepper giggled naughtily. "You're right, Mother," she said. "I was looking in the wrong direction."

Pepper saw the gleam in her mother's eyes, then she lowered her gaze. Her mother pulled the crotch of her panties to one side and caressed one puffy, hairy cunt lip. Pepper began to shiver with excited desire.

She went to her mother and ran her own hand up the hiked thigh, felt the curls of her mother's cunt. While Diane held the crotch of her panties aside, Pepper worked a finger up her mother's twat. "You're hot as I am, Mother," she said. "We get hotter all the time, don't we?"

"So it seems, honey," Diane said in a low, husky voice, wiggling her ass as Pepper fucked her finger in and out. "So it seems."

Pepper pulled her finger from her mother's wet pussy and brought it to her lips. She began to suck on her finger as if it were a cock. Diane's eyes became much brighter, and she began to undress her daughter. "You still have too many fucking clothes on, Pepper."

She undressed her daughter until Pepper was naked. Diane ran her hands about Pepper's deliciously sweet titties. She twisted at her sensitive nipples gently, then lowered her mouth to suck on them for a bit. Pepper was starting to dance about with bubbling, steaming excitement. One of her hands was on her mother's knee and the other at the back of her head, holding her mouth against her tit.

"I want to suck you, Mother!" Pepper squealed body. "I want to suck your cunt, Mother!"

Diane pulled her mouth off her daughter's tit, giving the nipple a last kiss. Pepper went to her knees quickly and Diane arched her crotch forward. Pepper kissed wildly and hotly at the crotch of her mother's panties, her tongue licking, tasting the moisture that seeped from her mom's hairy pussy. She gripped her mother's shapely ass with both hands, mewling with delight. Diane held her daughter's head tightly between her thighs, sighing and gurgling.

"You're so sweet to me, baby!" Diane murmured in a thick voice. "You're such a sweet daughter! Lick it for me, Pepper! Ohhhh, I love it when you lick my cunt!"

Diane pulled the tight crotch of her panties to one side, and whimpered as she felt her daughter's tongue lapping at the seeping split of her twat. When Pepper sucked at her distended clitoris, Diane jerked with ecstasy.

"Ooooooh, sweet! So fucking sweet, Pepper!"

Pepper shot her tongue into her mother's slippery cunt and began to fuck it in and out furiously, her mouth wide open, her eyes blazing, her nose buried into the soft hairs. Her tongue went as deep as she could force it, wiggling around inside her mother's bubbling snatch. Diane's cunt churned against Pepper's face.

"You love to suck, don't you, honey?" Diane murmured. "You love to suck cock or cunt, don't you, baby?"

"Mmmmmm!" Pepper replied, thrusting her tongue in and out of her mother's clasping cunt. "I love it, Mother!"

"Eat me, baby!" Diane encouraged. "Eat Mother's hot twat! I love being sucked, darling! Tongue me, baby, tongue me! Ooooh, Pepper, baby, honey! Suck my cunt! Lick Mother's hot pussy, Pepper!"

Pepper gurgled into her mother's pussy. Her tongue licked up and down the throbbing cunt lips, twisted about the swollen clitoris, making her mother sigh and mewl with intense pleasure. Diane was on the verge of erupting into a shuddering orgasm. She held the back of Pepper's head, grinding her pussy furiously against that sweet face.

"Oh, baby, baby! You're going to make me come! Darling, sweet, sweet darling! You're going to make Mother's cunt come! Eat it lick it! Ohhh, Pepper, tongue fuck me! Tongue fuck Mother's hot cunt!"

Stabbing her tongue up her mother's wet cunt swiftly, Pepper clawed at her ass, her fingers digging into the firm flesh, pulling Diane's trembling pussy lips tight against her devouring mouth. Her eyes were shining with a bright light of pleasure.

She felt the contractions of her mother's snatch on her tongue at the same time that she heard her mother's wail of ecstasy. She ran her tongue as deep as she could, licking swiftly. Her mother came. Pepper was thrilled at the way those hairy cunt lips seemed to grip her tongue.

Diane pulled her crotch away from Pepper's face gently, dropping to her knees and hugging her daughter tightly against her naked tits. "That was so good, baby," she murmured against Pepper's honey-blonde hair. "You lick my cunt so sweetly!" She ran her hands down and cupped Pepper's tight little ass, slipping a finger from behind and between those enticing thighs. She rubbed her daughter's cunt, finding it wet and hot.

"I've got to take care of that," Diane whispered throatily. "We can't have you going around with a hot pussy, can we, darling?"

"Are you going to lick me, Mother?" Pepper asked as Diane pulled her to her feet.

"We'll see, honey. Come on, let's take a look around the house."

Puzzled, Pepper held her mother's hand as they went into each room. "What are you looking for, Mother?"

"You'll see."

Finally Diane saw what she wanted. It was a long, slender vase. She took the flowers out of it. Holding the vase, she led her daughter into the master bedroom. She searched about in the nightstand until she came up with a lubricated rubber. Pepper watched her mother fit the rubber over the slender vase. "Are you going to fuck that, Mother?"

"I'm going to fuck you with it, Pepper," Diane said.

Pepper's eyes went huge. "It looks almost like a cock, don't it?"

"When a girl is as hot as you are, and there isn't a hard cock around," Diane said. "Lie on the bed, baby."

Pepper lay back, her legs dangling over the edge. She held her head up to watch her mother.

Diane knelt between her knees. She ran her hand over Pepper's scantily-haired cunt and pulled those sugary lips apart. Bringing the rubber-coated vase up, she began working it into Pepper's cunt, going slow. Pepper's eyes burned as she watched the vase entering her pussy.

"Golly, Mother!" she squealed as the vase slipped a few inches into her tight pussy. "It sure feels good! Just like a cock, only harder!"

"You'll love it," Diane said, beginning to thrust the vase in and out of Pepper's pussy. She used her other hand to twist and rub Pepper's small, swollen clitoris, making Pepper's body shudder with pleasure. "That's beautiful, honey! Oh, God, such a beautiful sight!"

"I like it, Mother!" Pepper gurgled. "I like being fucked with it!"

Diane began kissing her daughter's shaking thigh, fingering Pepper's clitoris as she fucked the vase back and forth. She loved the way her daughter's cunt clung tightly to it, stretching sweetly. Her tongue came out and she ran it over Pepper's creamy, smooth thigh. She worked her tongue close to Pepper's steaming clitoris, then flicked the tip over it.

"Ooohhhh!" Pepper yelped with the sudden pleasure.

Her pussy was burning up, melting with the ecstatic sensations the vase sent through her naked little body. Diane's tongue fluttered on her daughter's sweet clit, her fingers keeping the tight, wet lips apart. She closed her lips around Pepper's clit and began sucking it hard.

"Oh!" Pepper yipped, grinding frantically against her mother's face. "Mother, that's so good! Suck me there! Suck me right there! Oh, golly, suck me right there! Fuck me, Mother! Suck me and fuck me!"

Diane thrust the rubber-covered vase back and forth into her daughter's stretched, hot little cunt. She sucked on the rigid clitoris, her tongue flicking the sensitive tip. Pepper was shaking and mewling with ecstasy, her body twisting with the boiling pleasure. Pepper could feel the steaming waves of pleasure growing, rippling up and down her lovely body.

Neither of than could hear the rain drumming on the windows. The only thing Pepper was aware of was the swelling intensity of her ecstasy, the sensations in and around her pussy. Diane stabbing the vase up Pepper's twat, tasting the throbbing clitoris that she held tightly between her lips. Nothing existed in the world for them at this moment except themselves, and what they were doing. It was all they wanted -- all that mattered.

Pepper was grinding her cunt up against her mother's face and the vase in a blinding fury. Her mother's hot lips sucked on her clitoris in such a way that sent her spinning, and her tongue flicking rapidly over the tip of it was about to drive Pepper up the walls.

Diane felt thrill after thrill roaring through her body as she licked and sucked on Pepper's cunt. Her tongue lapped frantically at the pussy. She wanted more. With a jerk, she pulled the rubber-covered vase from her daughter's cunt and quickly pressed her mouth against those wet, seeping lips. She sucked all of Pepper's cunt, lips and clitoris into her mouth, moaning softly as her tongue raced up and down. Finally she shot her tongue deep into her daughter's cunt, stabbing like a small cock, fucking back and froth. Her top lip pressed against Pepper's rigid clitoris, her hands underneath the grinding ass, holding her cheeks tightly.

Pepper's ecstasy soared. "Oooooh, yes, yes! Ohhh, golly, Mother! That's it, that's it! Fuck me, Mother! Oh, fuck me with your tongue! Fuck my cunt... Oh, Mother, Mother! You're going to make me come! Lick me, fuck me, suck me!"

Diane knew Pepper was very close. Her tongue delved deeply. She felt Pepper's tight little ass trembling, then her daughter slammed her pussy hard into her face.

"Oh, there, there!" Pepper yelled. "I'm coming, Mother! Oh, golly, you're making me come! Mother, oh, Mother! My cunt is exploding! Do it! Tongue my twat, Mother! Tongue me... suck me! I'm coming, coming!"

Diane felt the contractions of Pepper's pussy on her tongue. As Pepper arched high and ground her cunt against her face, Diane squeezed those tight ass cheeks, lapping at the dripping juices that seemed to flood from her daughter's boiling snatch.

"No more!" Pepper groaned. "Please, no more! Mother, stop! I can't stand it! No more, please!"

Diane pulled her mouth away, smiling up at her trembling daughter. Pepper's face was flushed with the intensity of her orgasm, and her sweet little nipples throbbed. She lay on the bed, totally relaxed, as if every muscle and bone in her beautiful, young body had suddenly turned to liquid.

Now she could hear the rain. Getting to her feet, Diane took a tissue from the box on the nightstand and wiped her mouth daintily. Then she walked to the bedroom window and looked out at the rain.

There were a few die-hards on the beach, she saw. She stood there in her panties, watching the rain while Pepper sprawled on the bed, her legs wide apart and her cunt still tingling deliciously.


It rained all that day and most of the night.

But when morning came, the sun was out and as hot as ever. The beach looked dry, the rain having soaked into the sand. Already people were arriving.

Pepper remained at the house with her mother after breakfast. She was losing interest in going to the beach. She sat on the patio facing the sea, watching the people. There was a group of young boys and girls playing volleyball about a hundred feet away, and she could hear their squeals and yells. At the opposite side, three young men were lifting weights, flexing their muscles in a show-off attitude. Pepper had never been drawn to men and boys like that. They were too muscle-bound, and she considered their bodies grotesque. That was one group of men that did not interest her in the least.

Yet she loved the small trunks they wore. The trunks were hardly more than jock straps and they emphasized their cocks and balls. That she was definitely interested in. Only a few days ago she had been watching them and one boy lost something from inside his trunks. It was a wad of tissue, and Pepper had giggled at his embarrassment. She knew he had stuffed the tissue into his trunks to make his cock and balls look larger than they were, the way a girl would stuff a bra if she had small titties.

When she told her mother about it, Diane had laughed and said she had fucked one of those muscle boys and his cock was a disappointment to her. "They should lift weights with their cocks," Diane had said. "They make every muscle bulge except the most important one!"

Pepper sat at the round table on the patio. She was wearing her bikini again, and her honey blonde hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail.

Now and then some man or teenage boy would see her, walk closer to inspect this unusual beauty. But as they came close, their interest dwindled swiftly. Pepper looked too young.

She kept searching the beach, hoping to see Hank or Mike, even Frank and Joe. But they weren't there. It was the middle of the week, and she supposed they had a job someplace. Pepper never thought about people earning a living; her mother never seemed to work. She had once asked Diane about it, and her mother said they had enough money.

Pepper wondered why she wanted a hard cock in her mouth instead of in her cunt. She enjoyed being fucked, of course, but she would rather suck a cock. She would rather have a hard cock than a cunt. Pepper sucked pussy only if there weren't an available cock to be had.

The past few days had given Pepper some insight to herself, to her desires. She loved the taste and feel of a hard cock inside her hot, wet mouth so much that she knew she would let the boy do anything he wanted with her body... as long as he let her suck him off. The boy could fuck her if that was what he wanted, but only if she could suck his cock off either before or after he fucked her.

Diane came out of the house and joined her daughter, carrying a frosty bottle of imported beer.

"See anything interesting, honey?"

"No," Pepper replied.

Diane was wearing tight shorts and a halter, her creamy thighs exposed to the crease of her shapely ass. Her nipples were outlined like twin buttons against the halter. Her hair glittered in the bright sunlight.

While they sat there, a few men, seeing Diane, approached to look at her closer. But when they saw Pepper sitting there, they would quickly go away. It amused Diane.

"Those assholes are looking for a beach bunny," she told her daughter. "You know, a fast fuck and see you later, baby. We don't need cock suckers like that."

"If they only knew us, huh?" Pepper giggled.

Diane laughed. "They'd have the time of their fucking life, that's for sure."

"Do you think Hank will come today, Mother?"

"I think so. You kind of like him, do you?"

"I'd love to suck his cock," Pepper replied, shivering with the idea.

"You're becoming a regular little cock sucker, aren't you?" Diane said, laughing with delight. "I did, too, when I was your age. It's new and exciting, but when it settles a bit, when the fire isn't as hot, honey, you'll find fucking is just as good."

"I don't ever want this fire to go out," Pepper said, brushing a hand between her thighs. "I like it too much."

"Oh, it won't go out, baby," Diane smiled. "It just won't burn as hot. It's better when you take your time instead of doing it so quickly."

"It makes me feel like coming just talking about it," Pepper mewled softly, pressing her hand against her bikini crotch, not giving a damn who saw her.

"Look!" Diane pointed. "There's Hank now." Pepper looked jumping to her feet and yelling happily. "Hank! Come on over!"

The man waved and trotted toward them. He came up to the redwood railing, panting slightly from the short run. "Hi, girls."

Pepper's eyes went to the front of his trunks immediately. His cock and balls bulged so hugely. She wanted to stroke them, and her cunt tingled. But it was her lips and tongue that seemed to have the burning desire. Her eyes glowed hotly and she licked her lips.

"Come on up and have a beer with me," Diane invited, sending her daughter for the beer. She told Hank about meeting his friends, and that Frank and Joe thought they were whores. They had a big laugh about it. Pepper sat close to Hank on the circular stool around the table, her hot hand resting on his thighs. Diane was on the other side of him.

When Hank felt Pepper's hand climbing up his thigh, he wrapped an arm around her shoulders and hugged her tightly. "A little hot, huh?" he teased.

"More like a roaring bonfire," Diane laughed. "Pepper has been sitting out here all morning watching for you."

Hank slipped a hand over Pepper's tit, squeezing it. Pepper gurgled with delight and pressed closer to him. They had their backs to the beach, and she ran her hand over his bulging cock and balls.

Hank wrapped his arm around Diane's shoulders and pulled both of them close. Diane nestled one firm tit against his chest, leaning her head down to lick one of his nipples. Her hand met her daughter's at his crotch, and they sat there, both feeling his cock up and giggling about it.

"You two have a hot ass, huh?" he laughed, squeezing a tit in each hand.

"Don't we always?" Pepper giggled as she squeezed his balls. Her mother's hand was tracing the outline of his growing cock.

"Let's go inside," Diane whispered in a thickening voice.

Pepper jumped to her feet and began to tug at Hank's arm. "Come on, Hank!" she squealed. "I want it awfully bad!"

Diane stood up, laughing. "Pepper is hot to suck your cock, Hank."

He followed them into the house, his eyes burning on the sway of their beautiful, shapely asses. His cock was bulging hard against his trunks, and his balls tingled hotly. As soon as he had stepped into the room, Pepper was grabbing for his cock. Diane had moved to the couch, stripping her shorts away. Hank stood there, watching Diane expose more and more of her luscious body, teasingly, while Pepper was about to pull his cock off in her eagerness.

Pepper began to push and tug at his tight trunks, having trouble. "Come on, Hank!" she yelped. "Help me, damn it! Help me get these fucking trunks off!"

His hands joined hers, and soon he was kicking the trunks away. His cock stood out from the wiry hair, thick and long, the head looking like a small plum, cum dripping from the flare of his piss-hole. His balls were tight at the base.

Diane stood near the couch, the huge window behind her.

"What if someone sees you?" he asked Diane as Pepper began jacking on his throbbing cock.

"Fuck them," Diane laughed. "Let them have their little pissy thrills." She lifted a foot and placed it on the cushions of the couch, spreading her knees wide. She began to fondle her hairy cunt, watching her daughter jacking on his huge prick.

Hank was pulling at the ties on each of Pepper's hips, and the tiny bikini slithered to the floor. He had to lean over a little to feel her bubbling cunt. "I'd like to fuck this little pussy, just once," she said in a hoarse voice.

"Okay with me," Pepper said, "but you have to let me suck your cock, too!"

Hank patted her small ass. "Oh, a cock sucker, huh?"

"The best cock sucker you'll ever find," Pepper giggled, looking very young and sweet. "I'll give you the best fucking blow job in your life!"

"Damned if I don't believe you," Hank said, laughing at her eagerness. "But first let me fuck your hot little cunt."

"Okay!" Pepper yelped with pleasure. She turned and skipped eagerly to the couch, sprawling back on it with her legs wide. She began grinding her little ass, her eyes blazing. "Come on, Hank! Stick it in me! Fuck me quick... so I can suck it!"

Diane watched Hank drop to his knees between her daughter's spreading thighs. His cock looked so huge, as if it was too large for Pepper's little cunt. But she wasn't worried. Diane knew a pussy could stretch enough to take the largest cock around.

Pepper lifted her cunt, her smooth, hot thighs gripping Hank's hips. She had her head up on the arm of the couch, watching with huge eyes.

Hank ran the dripping head of his cock up and down the moist, quivering lips of her cunt, over her exposed clitoris. There was hardly enough hair on Pepper's cunt to matter, and this fact appealed to Hank.

Diane slipped to her knees beside her daughter and reached over, pulling Pepper's pink cunt lips apart to help Hank. "Do you think we should use a lubricant?" she asked. "Your cock is so big and Pepper's cunt is awfully little."

"I went it this way!" Pepper yelled, shoving her pussy against the head of his cock.

Diane held the puffy lips of her daughter's pussy apart as Hank began to press the head of his cock into her. She was surprised to see his swollen cock head go in so easily.

Pepper's pussy stretched as Hank shoved more and more of his huge cock into her body. Pepper felt the filling sensation and mewled with delight, her eyes becoming glassy. "Oooooh, that's so big in me! Ohhhh, it feels so fucking good! Do you have all of it up my cunt, Hank?"

"Almost, baby," Diane answered. "His cock is almost all the way in."

Then Pepper felt his hairy balls against the cheeks of her upturned ass. She squealed with pleasure. "It's in me now, Mother! Ohhh, it seems like it's way inside my belly! Fuck me now, Hank! Fuck me now!"

Pepper's hips moved, jerkily, up and down as Hank began to stab back and forth. "Damn, she's tight!" he panted. "Pepper, your cunt is so fucking tight! Hot and tight!"

"Fuck her good, Hank!" Diane squealed, watching his hard cock probing Pepper's twat. "Fuck her hot little pussy good! Look at her cunt stretch, would you! Oh, Pepper, you're getting fucked good!"

"Golly, yes!" Pepper wailed, arching her hips up when Hank plunged into her cunt. "Fucking good! Fuck me good with that hard fucking cock! Fuck me, Hank! Ohhhh, fuck the piss out of my pussy!"

"Hot little ass," Hank growled as he gripped her gyrating hips, stabbing in and out of the tightly gripping heat of her twat. "Tight, hot cunt!"

"Fuck it!" Diane mewled, watching Hank's huge cock slip in and out of her daughter's snatch. "Fuck her hot little ass, Hank! Ooooh, that's beautiful!"

Diane had shoved one of her hands underneath Pepper's squirming ass, holding a cheek tightly. Her other hand was gripping Hank's ass. Just watching his thick, hard cock penetrating her daughter's little cunt sent Diane into trembling pleasure. Her cunt felt as if she, too, were getting fucked. Her twat burned hotly, her clitoris throbbing.

Pepper felt as if his cock were a telephone pole filling her cunt. There was no pain at all, just a filling, stretching, extremely delicious pleasure. She tried to pump her crotch up and down, to meet his powerful thrusts, but she seemed immobilized, impaled by his cock. Her hands clawed at the cushions of the couch. With her head propped up, she still couldn't see his cock going in and out of her cunt, but she could see his pubic hair as it banged against hers.

"Ooooh, golly, golly!" she gurgled. "You're so fucking big... in my cunt, Hank! I love it, love it so fucking much! Ahhh, shove it all the way up my cunt! Fuck it good, Hank! Fuck me until I piss all over the fucking place!" Then Pepper's eyes popped wide. "I'm coming! Ohhh, I didn't even feel it starting! I'm coming! Ohhh, fuck it! My pussy is coming!"

Her naked little body shuddered violently and she was now clawing at her titties, ripping away the bikini top and twisting at her nipples almost brutally. Her cunt was flexing very tightly around Hank's cock, almost so tight that he was having trouble moving.

"Ohhh, shit!" Hank grunted. "Your cunt is too fucking tight! Damn, your pussy is squeezing my cock! You're going to make me come!"

"Let me have it!" Diane yelled, pushing at Hank's hips. "Let me have it in my mouth!"

Hank yanked his cock free of Pepper's convulsing twat and, as the head came free, Diane's mouth was quickly on it. She sucked his cock deep into her mouth, resting her cheek on her daughter's cunt mound, sucking hard. She whimpered with delight as he suddenly began spewing into her mouth. The hot, thick come juice splashed against the back of her throat, and she rapidly flicked her tongue as she swallowed. She could feel her daughter's cunt writhing against her cheek.

Hank held the back of Diane's head as he came, grunting as he flooded her mouth with his come juice. Then he slumped to the floor, breathing in a labored way. Diane rested her head on her daughter's cunt mound, feeling the tremors slow until Pepper was lying still. She moved only when Pepper started to sit up.

"Oh, golly!" Pepper said huskily, a huge smile on her pretty face. "That was really something! I thought that cock of yours was going to rip me to pieces, Hank. I loved it." She turned to her mother, who was now sitting on the floor.

"Mother, you sucked his cock off," she accused in a pouting way. "You got his come juice, damn it! I wanted to suck him off!"

Hank, recovered somewhat, laughed. "Just give me a beer or two and I'll be ready again."

Pepper jumped to her feet. "I'll give you all the beer you want if it makes your cock hard." She ran off, giggling, her naked little ass jiggling cutely.

"Don't she ever get tired?" he asked Diane.

"Are you disappointed, Hank?"

"Shit no!" he snorted. "I can handle the both of you any day."

"You're full of shit," Diane smiled. "You men all think you can fuck all day long."

Hank grinned. His cock was already starting to swell again. Diane watched it, and Pepper giggled with delight when she came back into the room.

"This time," Diane said, "I get it up my cunt." Pepper sprawled on the floor, shoving her face quickly into Hank's crotch. "I want to suck on it first, Mother."

Pepper smeared Hank's crotch. "I want to suck on it first, Mother."

Pepper smeared Hank's balls with moist, hot kisses, finally stabbing her tongue along the throbbing shaft. She held his cock in her hand, running her tongue over the smoothly swollen head, mewling with pleasure. Diane saw her daughter's sweet ass writhing as her tongue circled Hank's cock.

Pepper moved her tongue around the smooth head of his cock, tasting it, loving it. She then swiped the tip of her tongue over his dripping piss hole, lapping away the seeping juices. She probed the tip of her tongue against his piss-hole, as if trying to enter it. Then, with a sigh of pleasure, Pepper engulfed half his thick cock into her mouth and began sucking up and down.

"Damn you're good. Pepper!" Hank grunted. "Sweet, hot little mouth, baby! Suck it honey! You sure have a tight, hot little mouth, just made for cock sucking!"

A muffled giggle came from Pepper as she tried to gobble more of his prick into her mouth. She was not able to because his cock was so big, but she tried anyway.

The hardness of Hank's cock sent ripples of delight through Pepper. She had wanted to have his prick inside her hungry mouth since she had first seen it. His cock seemed hotter and harder than any she had sucked off so far. Her little cunt was steaming again as she writhed her sweet ass about. Her mouth seemed as filled as her pussy had been, and her lips were stretched so deliciously.

"I knew Pepper loved to suck cock," Diane said, getting down to watch this, "but I had no idea she was starved for it! Suck it, baby! Suck Hank's big cock! Suck it until he blows off in your sweet mouth!"

Pepper gave a grunt of delight as her lips raced frantically up and down his prick. Her eyes gleamed with wicked pleasure. She felt his cock throbbing between her burning lips. She tried to suck harder and faster. Her naked little body was shivering as chills of ecstasy ran up and down her spine. The cheeks of her ass were bunched tightly, then started flexing. Moans of greedy pleasure bubbled from her stuffed mouth.

"Oh, shit, Pepper!" Hank grunted, holding still so he wouldn't ram his cock down her throat. "You're going to have that cock squirting any fucking second! Ohhh, suck it, you hot little cock sucker! Suck it!"

Pepper felt his cock throbbing powerfully in her mouth, and her pleasure soared. She knew Hank was ready to spurt into her mouth, and she was prepared for it. She closed her tightly stretched lips even tighter on his prick, bobbing up and down furiously.

Diane watched her daughter, seeing the goose bumps rising on her creamy, tanned flesh. Those bumps were all the evidence she needed to know that Pepper would rather suck a cock off than fuck it. She knew what Pepper was feeling since she, too, had experienced the same delight at her age. Diane caressed the trembling cheeks of Pepper's hot ass.

Hank was now gritting his teeth with ecstasy, his cock tingling in Pepper's hot, sucking mouth. His eyes were slitted as he leaned back and looked down at Pepper's pretty face. Pepper was so young and so very pretty. Pepper's mouth was so wet and getting hotter by the second. He saw her eyes rolling in her head, and he, too, realized the intense pleasure the little girl was feeling.

Then Hank grunted.

Pepper felt his cock lurch between her lips. Suddenly her mouth was filling with the delicious taste of his come juice. It splashed over her tongue, coating it, and Pepper wailed with delight. Her slender throat tried to swallow his come juice. But her mouth was filled too fast, and she couldn't contain it all. Some of the pearl-white come seeped past her tight lips, but she sucked up and down as fast as she could, swallowing what she could.

"Eat it up, baby!" Diane said in a hoarse voice. "Suck it up, Pepper! Swallow his come juice! Drink it down, honey! Suck his fucking cock! Suck it good!"

Pepper did not want to relinquish his cock when he had finished, and Diane had to lift her daughter off him. Pepper's eyes were glazed, bright. She sat on the couch, leaning back, legs wide. Her little cunt, with hardly any hair on it, throbbed. She glowed with the flush of pleasure.


Hank had dinner with them that night.

His bragging earlier about taking care of both of them, no matter how hot they were, proved to be just that -- bragging. He was good, Diane knew, but he wasn't that good. She had enough sense not to tease him, though. Besides, she knew that she and her daughter were a fraction hotter than most women and it would take a superman to keep them fully satisfied.

It seemed, Diane thought, that she and Pepper were getting hotter each day. She had always been a hot-ass, and now she knew that Pepper was, too. Yet, both of their cunts boiled more and more. Perhaps it was because they were getting fucked regularly now, not in a hit-and-miss way as before. Pepper was also bolder than before too.

Pepper would approach any man and bluntly ask them to let her suck their cock off. Since she was having quite a bit of success, despite the fear of some men concerning her age, Diane thought seriously about using the same tactics. Diane had always let men know she was available by her eyes and her body movement. Yet, her daughter was more successful than she was.

They sat on the patio after dinner, sipping on cold beer. The beach was not as crowded, and people were leaving. Soon, the only ones left would be young lovers or men and women stepping out on husbands and wives. Those people usually spent the night on the beach, or most of the night, away, fucking and sucking until they were totally exhausted. Many times Diane and Pepper had seen them, using binoculars and giggling about what they saw.

As dusk came on, Pepper thought it was great fun to sit with her titties naked. If anyone should come close they would get a thrill, she laughed. Diane did not attempt to make her daughter cover up. It was exciting to her, too. She stripped. Soon, all three of them sat on the patio, naked, laughing about their bravery.

The moon come up, full and bright. There were not many people left now on the beach, and those that were on the beach, were too involved in their erotic activities to pay any attention to three naked people sipping beer on a patio.

Hank's cock was again hard, standing up from his crotch strongly, his balls resting between his thighs. He was sprawled back on the lounge chair, unmindful that his cock rose up beautifully. At one side of him Pepper sat in a padded chair, her knees apart. She was playing with her cunt, watching Hank's cock with eyes that were again burning with desire. Diane sat at the round table, but facing away from it. She held a bottle of beer between her knees, watching her daughter rubbing at her almost hairless cunt. It was fun, she thought, sitting here this way without any feelings of shame or guilt. It was the way it should be.

There was enough light from the full moon so Diane could see clearly, and it was beautiful to her the way Hank's cock stood up so strongly. It was beautiful to see her daughter sitting there, feeling herself up, watching Hank's huge prick and hairy balls. Her own cunt was starting to tingle and twitch in that burning, pleasant way again, and she could not resist the impulse to fondle her pussy. She was close enough to Hank to reach out, and she did so, her hand jacking up and down his throbbing prick. Pepper scooted her chair closer and began to fondle his hairy balls. They were so large and her hand so small, she could hardly cover them with one hand.

"You two have hot cunts again?" Hank asked, laughing with pleasure as they caressed his cock and balls.

"We always have a hot cunt," Pepper replied with a wicked giggle. "You know that by now, Hank."

"That's kind of obvious, isn't it?" Diane chuckled. "Besides, I don't see you complaining."

"Hell, I'd never complain about that," Hank said. "I like pussy, girls, and there are days when I can't get enough."

"All my days are that way," Pepper giggled, tugging at his balls and making him yell. She leaned over and kissed the head of his cock. Opening her lips, she took the smooth head of his prick into her mouth, sucking on it. Diane's hand continued to jack his cock, her fingers and thumb brushing her daughter's lips.

"Don't make him come, honey," Diane said in a thickening voice. "I want his hard-on up my cunt pretty soon. Suck it if you want, but don't make him come yet."

Pepper pulled her lips up until she had them wrapped around the very tip of his cock, her tongue licking about his piss-hole, wiping away the oozing juices. She loved the slippery feel of that juice on her tongue, and he dripped so much that she had to swallow frequently. She continued to fondle his heavy balls. Moist sounds came from her sucking, licking mouth. The sounds were enough to excite her mother, and Diane jacked faster on his throbbing cock with a tight fist.

"Let me have a taste, baby," Diane said, slipping to her knees on the rough, wooden floor of the patio. "Let me suck his cock for a minute, Pepper."

Pepper lifted her mouth and Diane lowered her face. She placed his cock between her lips and slowly went down. Pepper watched, amazed to see her mother take every inch of Hank's thick, long cock into her mouth. She wished she could take it all. His cock looked so sweet and delicious to her.

Diane held Hank's cock deep in her mouth, her inner cheeks working on it, squeezing and loosening. Hank moaned with the fiery pleasure that her mouth gave him. He was sure Diane could make him come off this way, without sucking up and down.

Diane sucked up from his prick, then ran her tongue along the side of it. Pepper shoved her face close and began licking the other side of his cock. As mother and daughter licked up his cock, their tongues met at the swollen head. Hank watched them lick each other's tongues, then start back on his cock once again.

"Oh, shit, girls!" he groaned. "I don't know if I can take both of you licking my cock this way! Damn, your tongues are so fucking hot and wet, you'll make me come a couple of fucking gallons!"

"Don't we wish!" Diane laughed softly. "Don't we wish you could."

Pepper sucked on his cock as her mother talked to Hank, but then she moved aside and let her mother take a turn.

Hank watched them in the light of the moon, watched them taking turns sucking his prick. First Diane would take his prick into her mouth and suck up and dawn, then she would hold his cock toward her daughter's face. Pepper would suck as much as she could into her mouth, giving him a strong suction upward, and then Diane would go down on him. Diane took every inch of his prick into her mouth. His cock was tingling and his balls throbbing.

Diane sensed Hank would come very soon if they kept this up. She stood up. "I'm going to fuck it!" she squealed throwing one leg over him.

Diane straddled Hank, her cunt a few inches above his cook. Pepper reached underneath and held his prick while her mother lowered her bushy twat down. She watched his cock disappear into her mother's wet, eager snatch. When her mother's wet pussy came down against her fingers, Pepper turned his cock loose. She kept her cheeks on his stomach, feeling it ripple with pleasure. Her eyes glowed as she watched her mother lift and lower her pussy. She could see the tip of her mother's clitoris scraping the hard shaft of his cock, and she moved her hand toward it. She began to rub her mother's clitoris while Diane bounced up and down.

The sounds of their sighing, of their muffled whimpers of delight, went out over the bench. But no one heard them. Those few men and women still on the beach were making their own sighs and murmurs of pleasure. There was a slight, cooling breeze, but they didn't feel it; their bodies were far too hot.

"Oooooh! Ahhhhh!" Diane gurgled as she rode up and down Hank's prick. "Oh, so good! This is so fucking good! I love it... fucking out here! Oh, Hank, your cock is so damned hard! Your prick is so fucking hard in my cunt!"

"Your pussy is hot and tight, baby!" he grunted in reply. He slipped a hand down and began squeezing Pepper's small ass cheeks. "You and Pepper both have the hottest, tightest Goddamn cunts ever!"

"And mouths!" Pepper squealed. "Don't for get that Mother and I have the hottest cock sucking mouths, too!"

Diane was digging her fingers into her own firm titties as she moved her cunt up and down his hard cock. She pulled and twisted at her rigid nipples, cooing in a soft voice.

Pepper wiggled her naked ass against Hank's hand, spreading her knees on the wooden floor of the patio. "Stick your finger up my cunt, Hank!" she shouted. "Finger fuck my cunt, Hank!"

She gave out with a loud gurgle of delight when she felt his finger slip between her slender thighs, darting into her slippery twat.

"Oh, yes!" she mewled, wiggling her small ass. "Fuck my pussy, Hank! Golly, I love your finger in my cunt this way! Mother, I can see your twat fucking his cock! That sure is beautiful, Mother! Fuck him! Fuck Hank's big old hard prick, Mother!"

Diane began to bounce her ass up and down faster, feeling the burning sensation in her lower stomach. Her pussy gripped his cock hard, flexing as she came closer and closer to orgasm. She was now panting, and her fingers were digging harshly into her swollen titties.

"Ooooo! Ohhhh... Ahhhh!" she gurgled.

"Uhhhh!" Hank grunted.

His finger stabbed faster into Pepper's contracting cunt, making her squeal and whimper with delight.

"Obhhh, I'm going to come, Hank!" Diane yelped loudly, her hips churning now. She pumped her ass up and down. Her body was shaking as she churned atop him. "Oooooh, that big cock is going to make me come! Ahhhhh, fuck it, fuck it!"

"Me, too!" Pepper wailed, shoving her ass back into Hank's thrusting finger. "I'm going to come too! Oooooh, harder, Hank! Stab my twat harder!"

Dame's body shuddered at she came, her pussy closing tightly, hotly, on his cock. She wailed loudly, a long, drawn-out sound. Pepper made soft, yipping noises when her cunt went into convulsions. Diane sat on Hank, his cock still buried in side her cunt. Finally she pulled herself free and looked down at him.

"I'll be fucked!" she said, amazed. "You're still hard, Hank!"

He laughed, taking his finger out of Pepper's cunt. "I didn't come."

"Why didn't you?" Diane asked.

"Because I've got an idea I'd like to try," he said, mysteriously. "That is, if I can find a couple of hot-assed cunts willing to try it."

"Look no farther," Diane replied, stretching on her tiptoes, arms high above her head. Her tits arched out and her curvy ass jutted. "You've found two of the hottest cunts in the fucking state!"

"Don't I know it!" He laughed. "We'll give it a try, after one more beer."

Pepper went into the house for the beer, her sweet little ass jiggling. When she returned with two cold bottles for them, she sat and wondered what Hank had in mind. Whatever it was, it had to be exciting, she thought.

While they drank the cold beer, Diane and Hank chatted. Pepper discovered that Hank was about seven years younger then her mother. Pepper decided she preferred older men, not those of her age. Late teens and over, she thought, made the best fucking partners.

She was anxious to find out what Hank had in mind. The suspense grew in her, making her tingle with anxiety. Her small, perky titties stood firm, her pink nipples hard. Her cunt throbbed and her tiny asshole clenched tightly. When it clenched now, she felt a new tingle. She began to wonder about that. While her mother and Hank continued to talk near her, she ran her hand between her thighs and past her cunt. Slipping a finger into the warm crack of her ass, Pepper rubbed experimentally at her asshole. She stifled a sudden groan of pleasure, looking at her mother and Hank to see if they noticed.

But why should she care if they saw her rubbing her asshole? She thought. It no longer mattered if her mother saw what she did to her hot little body, and if Hank saw, that didn't matter either.

Pepper rubbed her tight asshole, feeling an unusual pleasure. It was different then when she played with her cunt. But it was very good, she decided. She began to develop some ideas.

"Okay, girls," Hank said, placing his empty bottle on the table. "What say we give this idea of mine a try?"

Pepper jumped to her feet, eager. "I'm ready!"

"We'd be more comfortable inside," Hank said. "How about the bedroom?"

"Let's go," Diane replied, getting to her feet.

In the bedroom, Hank had Diane lie back, her ass hanging over the edge of the bed. His cock had not lost any of its hardness, and it stood straight out from his hairy crotch. He moved between Diane's spread thighs. He pulled a couple of pillows underneath her ass so that her cunt was level with his cock as he stood there.

"Pepper, you put you head on your mother's stomach, facing me."

He pulled her forward until Pepper's chin rested on her mother's mound.

"I'm going to try and fuck you, Diane, in your cunt. And at the same time fuck Pepper in her mouth."

"Oooooo!" Pepper squealed. "I'll love that!"

"You came up with the craziest idea's, Hank," Diane laughed, wiggling her ass. "Let's try that!"

Hank pressed his cock into Diane's pussy. Pepper, her face close, saw his prick stretch the hairy lips. She was breathing hard with excitement already. She was lying on her side, knees drawn up. Hank probed into Diane's cunt until his cock was all the way in, then he withdrew it and shoved as much as he could into Pepper's mouth. Pulling his cock out of Pepper's mouth, he thrust back again into Diane's cunt.

He did this over and over, once in Diane's pussy, once in Pepper's mouth. As he fucked them both this way, Pepper moved her hand between her own thighs and began to rub at her burning twat. She kept her mouth open for his cock when he pulled from her mother's cunt, closing it with a sucking sound as he withdrew. Time and again Hank did this, first Diane's cunt, then Pepper's mouth.

Pepper slipped a finger into her pussy, darting it and out, her hips writhing with pleasure. She loved the taste of his cock and her mother's cunt when he stabbed into her mouth. Her lips were close to her mother's clitoris, and Hank did not have to move but an inch to fuck them both this way.

"Ohhhh, this is different!" Diane murmured hotly as she caressed her daughter's naked, shivering ass. "Where are you going to come, Hank? Up my cunt or in Pepper's mouth?"

"Wherever my cock happens to be at the time," he grunted. "I don't give a fuck where I come off, mouth or pussy!"

Pepper was breathing with excitement. She pulled her finger from her pussy. She ran her hand farther between her thighs, probing and rubbing at her tightly closed asshole, Diane, positioned in such a way that she saw what her daughter was doing, watched with hot eyes. Hank's cock stabbed deep into her cunt, making her sigh each time. Then he would take it out and move it to Pepper's willing, hungry mouth.

Diane's eyes opened wider when she saw her daughter pressing a finger against the pucker of her asshole. Realizing what Pepper was doing, she said in a hoarse voice: "Do it, Pepper! Stick your finger up your asshole!"

"Mmmm!" Pepper mewled around Hank's cock.

"Oh!" Diane wailed as it stabbed her cunt.

Hank gazed down at his cock as it came free of Diane's clinging cunt, glistening with moisture. Then he fucked Pepper's mouth. He felt the little girl's eager tongue lick at his prick as he entered her hot, hungry mouth. He loved the difference between the sensations on his cock, and he loved the difference between their sizes. His balls were tingling nicely as he went from cunt to mouth.

Pepper pressed her moist finger against her tight asshole, and she gave a soft yelp of delight as it entered. She moved her finger deeper, very slowly, savoring this new-found pleasure.

Diane watched her daughter's finger move deeper into her asshole. The pink tightness stretched around Pepper's finger, and Pepper was gurgling with pleasure.

"Let me!" Diane squealed, moving her fingers between the cheeks of her daughter's ass. "Let me do it for you, baby!"

Pepper pulled her finger out of her asshole and moved it back to her cunt. She began to finger fuck herself vigorously as Hank went from her mouth to her mother's pussy. Each time Hank pulled his glistening cock free of her mother's gripping twat, Pepper opened her mouth for it. Her finger stabbed in and out of her burning snatch swiftly, and she felt her mother's finger pressing at her tiny asshole. Pepper scooted her ass closer so her mother could get to her asshole better, and she gave a yelp of delight when her mother's finger penetrated her asshole.

"Ooooo!" Pepper mewled, wiggling her ass. "I like that, Mother! Ohhh, golly, I like that! Fuck my asshole, Mother! Finger fuck my asshole! Qooh, I'm finger fucking my cunt and you're finger fucking my asshole and I get to suck on this big old cock and it fucks your pussy! Ohhh, this is so fucking good!"

Diane gave a delicious chuckle at her daughter's hot excitement, working her finger in and out of that sweet, tight asshole. She could feel Pepper's finger inside her delicious young cunt, too. Her own pussy was boiling again with this erotic action, and she squirmed her ass on the pillows.

"You two are going to make me come!" Hank grunted. "I don't know how much longer I can keep this up! One of you is going to get my come juice!"

"Give it to me!" Diane yelled.

"Me!" Pepper yipped.

"My cunt!" Diane yipped.

"My mouth!" Pepper squealed.

Hank was having some difficulty. He shoved his cock deep into Diane's cunt, feeling it gripping him hotly. He wanted to press hard against her hairy crotch and come. But he pulled free, shoving it into Pepper's greedy mouth. His body was shaking.

Diane's finger was stabbing fast into her daughter's flexing asshole, and Pepper was plunging her finger in and out of her own cunt harshly. Pepper kept her mouth wide for Hank's cock. Just as he withdrew from her mother's hairy cunt, the head of it lifting to enter her mouth, Hank came.

The first glob of his come juice landed on Pepper's nose, but she caught the second spurt in her mouth just as he got the swollen head between her lips. Another glob landed on Diane's clitoris, but the next went up her cunt as he slammed swiftly into her.

"Oh, shit! Oh, shit!" Hank screamed.

Pepper's cunt exploded about her driving finger and Diane's pussy went into powerful spasms. She thrust her finger deep into Pepper's asshole, feeling it clenching tightly.

Then Hank sprawled across the bed, his chest heaving and his breathing loud. Pepper licked at the glob of come juice on her mother's clitoris, then crawled between them, snuggling up cozily.


It was late the next morning when they woke up. All three came awake at the same time. Pepper was still between her mother and Hank, and she had, in her sleep, taken hold of his cock. Her mouth was resting near her mother's succulent tit. When she opened her eyes, she closed her lips about the warm nipple, sucking gently at it.

"Stop it, Pepper," Diane said, pushing her daughter away gently. "Someone is knocking on the door."

Pepper sat up sleepily, rubbing her eyes. Hank rolled from the bed. "Want me to see who it is?"

"Okay," Diane said, then sat upright. "No, wait a minute. I'd better go just in case."

She pulled a light robe over her naked body and started out the door. She turned. "You two better get into something. I never know who might turn up here."

Hank looked around. He had left his trunks on the patio, and there wasn't anything he could wear. Pepper jumped out of the bed and tossed him one of her mother's robes. Shrugging, Hank pulled it on.

It was tight, but it covered him. Pepper ran nakedly to her room, where she found her own robe.

"Look who stopped by," Diane said, coming down the hallway just as Pepper came out of her room, tying the belt of her robe.

Pepper squealed happily, then flung herself into Mike's arms. She hugged him tightly. "I wondered if you'd visit again," she said.

Hank stepped into the hallway, looking ridiculous in the feminine robe.

Diane laughed. "Don't you look sexy," she said, then introduced them. "Mike, this is Hank."

The two men shook hands, each feeling uncomfortable. Diane saw their discomfort, and quickly said: "Come on, all of you. I'll make coffee and we can all get to know each other."

While they had coffee, Hank and Mike talked, finding they could get along quite well. Hank felt no jealousy. Neither, apparently, did Mike.

"This is the way it should be," Diane said. "No jealousies and no problems."

"There's enough cunt to go around!" Pepper giggled.

Later, when they were comfortably naked, Diane made breakfast for them, with Mike declining, saying he had already eaten.

Pepper still had her robe on and she allowed it to come open, swinging away from her body to show off her perky titties and slightly haired cunt. This, of course, caused both men to get throbbing hard-ons. Diane made a point of touching their cocks at every opportunity. Pepper, too, caressed them. At first, Hank and Mike would glance at each other, flush slightly, then found there was no reason for embarrassment.

"I don't know what we're going to do with all these hard-ons we've been seeing lately," Diane teased, sitting down beside Mike and gripping his cock.

"You'll think of something," Hank laughed.

"We usually can," Pepper replied, sitting in his lap and twisting her little ass on his throbbing cock. Her robe was open wide, and he cupped a small tit.

"And if we can't, I know fuck well you can, Hank."

"Probably," he replied, kissing Pepper and shoving his tongue into her mouth. Pepper wrapped her arms about hid neck tightly, sucking at his tongue and squirming her ass against his cock.

Diane and Mike were clinging to each other tightly, kissing each other wantonly. Diane was jacking on his prick slowly while Mike reached into her robe and squeezed a large, firm tit.

Hank leaned over and sucked Pepper's succulent little tit, getting all of it into his mouth. Pepper cooed and reached between her thighs for his cock. She pulled his prick up between her thighs, closing them hotly and tightly on it.

"Anyone getting hot!" Diane said in a thick, hoarse voice.

Pepper squealed and slipped out of her robe, then plopped back onto Hank's lap, his cock again between her thighs. She twisted about, and Hank's cock throbbed against her cunt. "I am!" she giggled.

A ray of sunlight came through the large window and bathed Diane's body. She spread her feet on the floor and began moving her hips in a tight circle. Mike sitting in front of her, stared with burning eyes. Behind her, Hank and Pepper gazed at Diane's ass, watching the cheeks writhe and bunch up as she moved. Hank's cock throbbed even more powerfully between Pepper's thighs, and her cunt started dripping.

Diane moved close to Mike, and when she arched her cunt toward his face, he grabbed her by the ass and pulled it tight, his tongue licking up and down her cunt.

"Ohhh, nice!" Diane bubbled hotly. "You lick a cunt very nicely, Mike!"

"Lick mine!" Pepper yelped, climbing onto a chair, facing Hank with a thigh on each side of his face. "Lick my cunt, Hank!"

Hank took hold of Pepper's twisting little ass, drawing her hairless pussy to his face eagerly. He ran his tongue up and down her crotch, tasting the sweet flesh of her twat. Pepper yelped and gurgled as the pleasure burned through her.

"Inside!" Pepper groaned, grinding her cunt against his face. She had her hands against the wall behind the chair to brace herself. "Stick your fucking tongue inside my cunt! I want to be tongue fucked, Hank! Fuck my pussy with your tongue! Qhhh, please, fuck me with your tongue!"

Hank ran his tongue deeply into Pepper's tender cunt. He fluttered it about, thrusting it like a cock. Pepper banged her crotch against his mouth, making sounds of intense delight.

"Oh, eat my twat, Mike!" Diane called down at the boy between her thighs. "Suck it up, Mike! Suck my twat! Lick my cunt! That's it, that's it!"

"Ohhh! Please, harder!" Pepper was yelling almost at the top of her lungs. "Harder, Hank! Fuck my cunt harder with your tongue! Golly, golly... I love it! Tongue fuck the piss out of my twat, my snatch, my cunt!"

Hank held her small, tight ass in his hands, keeping her dripping cunt tight to his mouth. His tongue ran in and out swiftly.

Diane's legs were becoming weak. She was shaking as she held Mike's face tight to her grinding cunt. His tongue was lapping swiftly at her seeping pussy, scraping at her distended clitoris. She could see her daughter's naked body as though through a heavy fog. She tried to concentrate on Pepper's bunching ass cheeks, on the way her small body excitedly writhed and twisted. She was close to coming off, and if Mike continued lapping so wickedly at her cunt this way without slowing down, she would explode.

The yelps of Pepper's ecstasy came to her ears, increasing the roaring there. Her stomach churned and rippled, and her cunt was on fire.

"Come!" Pepper squealed. "I'm going to come! Ohh, eat me, eat me, eat me! Ooooh, almost there! So fucking close! Lick it, Hank! Ohhh, lick my hot cunt! I'm just about to... Ohhhhh!"

Pepper suddenly slammed her cunt hard into Hank's face, grinding her hips furiously. Her small body was tight and shuddering.

"I'm doing it! I'm coming! Qoooooh, so good! So fucking good! I'm coming!"

As if the words of her daughter were the trigger, Diane suddenly erupted into a violent orgasm on Mike's delving tongue. She held the boy by his head, holding his mouth against her spasming pussy. She was yipping and moaning and mewling loudly, her head thrown back and her face contorted.

Both men had enormous hard-ons. Both of them smiled as if they had accomplished the impossibe. Seeing that Diane and Pepper were tired, Hank brought out a beer for himself and Mike. They sat sipping the beer, watching as Diane and her daughter recovered from their orgasms. When Diane sat up, Hank passed his beer to her.

"Have a sip," he said. "It will get your motor going again."

"It's only idling," Diane grinned, sipping from his bottle.

"I believe it," Mike laughed.

An hour later, all four were still in the living room, a couple of empty bottles nearby. Pepper had drunk two soft drinks, and she felt as if she had gone without a good fucking in weeks. She was ready again. She idly fondled her pussy, her knees drawn up with her chin resting on them, watching the three adults on the couch. Pepper had her hand behind her thighs and was running her fingers up and down the puffy lips of her cunt.

Diane sat between Hank and Mike, a hard cock in each hand, stroking them as the men caressed her body. Diane was mewling softly as she jacked on their cocks. Pepper did not feel left out; she enjoyed watching her mother at times. But she could not watch very long. Within half an hour Pepper was so hot she was beside herself and had to take hold of something besides her own little cunt.

She moved close until she was sitting at her mother's feet. She cradled their balls, tugging gently on them. Then she got to her knees and leaned over Hank, running her tongue over his dripping cock. She licked away the beads of moisture at his piss-hole, then turned and did the same thing to Mike's cock. She loved the way those smooth cock heads tasted. Pepper opened her mouth and sucked on the swollen head of Mike's prick, her tongue racing about the piss-hole. Then she went to Hank.

Her pretty face moved from one cock to the other, with the three adults grinning down at her.

Pepper was thinking about sucking them off, seeing which cock would spurt and fill her mouth first. Her hot, wet lips began to gobble more of each cock in her mouth.

Diane saw the excitement burning on her daughter's pretty face, saw the eagerness in which she went from cock to cock. Her cunt was throbbing again, and watching Pepper sucking them certainly didn't help any.

"Let's get fucked, Pepper!" she said in a hoarse, loud voice. "Let's get fucked, honey!"

Diane got up from the couch.

"But I want to suck them off, Mother!" Pepper protested. "I want to see which cock will come in my mouth first!"

"You can play that little game later," Diane said. "I'm so fucking hot right now, I want to get fucked! Come on, baby, don't be selfish; let me have one of them!"

Pepper relinquished Hank's cock to her mother. Diane slipped to her knees and began sucking on it, staring hotly into her daughter's eyes, who stuffed her mouth with Mike's throbbing prick. They sucked the men for a while, their eyes twinkling at each other.

But Diane had other ideas.

Pulling her mouth from Hank's cock, she twisted about until she was on her hands and knees, waggling her naked ass in the air, her titties dang ling. She looked over her shoulder at Mike and Hank. "Come on, you two! Let's get to fucking! Pepper, get down here beside me... and we'll get fucked!"

Pepper quickly complied with what her mother wanted. She waved her cute, round ass at the men, her eyes gleaming in wicked invitation.

"Let's fuck them!" Hank said. "Come on, Mike! They want it so bad, let's fuck the piss out of those hot cunts!"

"Oh, yes!" Diane moaned. "Do that to us! Fuck the piss out of our cunts!"

Mike knelt behind Pepper, his cock brushing the creamy cheeks of her little ass. Hank was on his knees behind Diane.

"Hurry up!" Diane urged, waggling her ass as Hank inserted his cock into her throbbing twat. "Ohhhh! All the way! All the fucking way!"

Pepper reached between her thighs and pulled Mike's prick to her hairless cunt, squealing with heat. When Mike's throbbing cock entered her wet pussy, she let loose a long wail of delight. Her small ass began to hunch back and forth as Mike drove deeply into her tight snatch. She placed her head on the carpet, turned sideways to watch her mother's titties jiggle as Hank banged forcefully into her from behind. She listened to the grunts of pleasure her mother made, her own mingling with them.

"Oh... Oh...!" Pepper grunted as Mike banged into her cunt, his fingers gripping her hips and pulling her ass back as he thrust forward. Pepper could feel his balls swinging, slapping against her. "Oh, so fucking good, Mother! Mike's cock is so hard and so deep in my cunt! I love it, love it so fucking much! Give it to me, Mike! Give all that hard prick to me!"

They were close enough to each other that their thighs touched, and Diane managed to reach back and take hold of Mike's balls, twisting them as he slammed his cock into her daughter's fiery snatch.

"Oh, God!" Diane whimpered. "Fuck me, Hank! Bang me, bang me! Ahhh, your cock fills my cunt up so nicely! Fuck it, fuck it!"

Pepper's face was scraping the carpet as Mike's thrusts became more powerful. She could feel his cock pulsating hotly in her cunt. It was swollen and thick and stretched her little pussy even tighter. Her eyes were rolling around in her head. Pleasure was registered on her pretty face, and she was gasping hotly. The moist sounds of Hank's and Mike's cock stabbing their wet cunts filled the room, mingling with the hot, excited breathing of all four.

Pepper's titties tingled and ached, her nipples brushing the carpet. Even that sensation filled her small, trembling body with delight. Her mother was still up on her hands, her head hanging down now as ecstasy filled her. Diane's mouth was open as she panted, her eyes closed, her face twisted with intensity. With each thrust of Hank's cock, her tit ties jiggled wildly.

"Ooooo, I'm not going to last much longer!" Pepper whimpered, shaking her round little ass. "I won't be able take much more of this! I'm going to melt away! Ohhh, it's so fucking good, so fucking good! Fuck me fast, Mike! Fuck my pussy hard! Ooooh, you're going to make me come... any fucking second!"

"I am, too, baby!" Diane shouted, "Drive that cock in me, you big-pricked bastard! Fill my cunt, Hank! Ohhhh, God, my pussy is burning... burning! Fuck me, Hank! Ohhhh, I'm so close! Fuck it and make me come!"

"Tight cunt!" Mike grunted, driving his cock deeply into Pepper's gripping pussy. "Ohh, what a tight, hot cunt! That pussy is on fire, Pepper! I've never felt such a tight, hot pussy in my fucking life!"

Hank was panting heavily now as he thrust powerfully into Diane's clasping cunt. His cock was throbbing and swelling even more, the head so sensitive as he banged her that it was making him grit his teeth. "Hot fucking ass! Tight, wet, hairy pussy! Slam your fucking ass back at me, Diane! Come on, bang your ass back! I'm going to flood your hot, hairy cunt!"

Mike, too, was yelling. "I'm going to fill your little pussy, Pepper! I'm going to came so fucking much, you'll feel my come juice spurting out your fucking ears!"

"Come in me!" Pepper wailed. "Come in my cunt!"

"Shoot it to me, Hank!" Diane yelped. Then she screamed as her cunt exploded. "Oooooh, yes, yes!"

Pepper's young cunt felt tighter on Mike's cock as he drove it in and out furiously, his balls drawing up. He clawed at her small hips, holding her shaking ass tight against his lower stomach. He held himself this way for what seemed like a long time. Then the warmth of his come juice was flooding into her in rapid squirts. When she felt his cock jerking and spewing into her cunt, Pepper went into convulsions. Her pussy seemed to blow apart and every nerve in her body twanged as she came.

Both females shuddered in a violent manner. Diane's titties ached, her nipples now dragging on the carpet as she lowered her face, her arms too weak to hold her up. She was making soft grunting sounds. Her eyes closed. There was a deep flush on her face.

Pepper was vaguely aware that Mike's cock was no longer inside her still pulsating cunt. Her knees were still drawn beneath her body, her creamy sweet ass in the air, the round cheeks shivering. Her pussy lips were puffy, and it was dripping, the insides of her thighs now slippery. She panted, unable to move, too weak even to straighten her legs out and lie down.

Diane had fallen flat on the floor, her legs spread wide, her cunt still throbbing. Her round ass shook now and then as a tremor of pleasure shot through her. There was a big smile of satisfaction on her lovely face, but her eyes remained closed. Her breathing was slowly becoming normal.

Hank and Mike were back on the couch, looking down at the mother and her daughter, watching those pretty bodies shake, listening to the soft mewls that came from them.

"How about another beer, Mike?" Hank asked. "It looks like we fucked them out."

"I'm not so sure," Mike replied, grinning. "I don't think they'll ever be completely fucked out."

Diane rolled onto her back, grinning up at them. "Don't start getting a big head," she said. "Unless it's on those cocks. My daughter and I can handle a dozen like you two."

"I believe it," Mike said. "I have no doubt about it."


It was now late in the afternoon. Pepper and her mother sat with Hank and Mike on the patio, the remains of an early dinner before them. The beach was still crowded, and the sounds of laughter came to them.

Both Diane and Pepper wore short beach robes, with nothing beneath them. The two men had put their trunks back on, despite the giggles and of Pepper saying they were fraidy-cats to be outside naked. Each had an iced tea before them. There was just enough breeze coming off the sea to be comfortable.

The two men had finally become comfortable with each other, joking and laughing along with Diane and Pepper. Conversation was easy as if they all had known each other for years. Diane and Pepper were very affectionate toward the men, not discriminating between them.

Pepper was standing next to Hank, one of her feet cocked on the bench at the table where he sat. Hank's hand was underneath her short robe, cupping and fondling her sweet little ass.

Diane stood behind Mike, her arms draped over his shoulders lovingly. Now and then she would tease his nipples by pinching them lightly. All four were facing the beach. It would be at least another two hours before the sun went down.

Suddenly Pepper lifted her hand and waved. "Mother, there's Frank and Joe!"

"I see them, honey," Diane replied. She then called out loud enough for Frank and Joe to hear: "Come on over and have some tea with us."

"Oh, shit," Hank muttered under his breath.

"Someone else, huh?" Mike asked.

"This is getting crowded around here," Hank replied, pulling his hand from Pepper's ass.

Diane watched Frank and Joe trotting toward them, then she turned to Hank. "What's wrong, Hank. They're friends of yours."

"Yeah, but who needs them right now."

"There's enough pussy to go around," Diane teased him, ruffling his hair. "Don't start getting jealous now."

Frank and Joe came up, greeting Hank. They looked quizzically at Mike, and Diane made the introductions. Frank and Joe weren't concerned about their competition. They climbed onto the wooden patio and sat down, taking the iced tea that Diane poured from the big pitcher. None of the four men seemed to have much to say to each other, however.

There was a long minute or so of silence, and Diane finally said: "All right, you studs. This is enough of this cold-shoulder shit! If you guys are going to sit there glaring at each other, you might as well leave. Pepper and I will do just fine."

"Aw, hell, Diane," Hank said, grinning foolishly. "You know how it is."

"I do not know how it is," she said. "All I know is what I see. You four guys are acting like kids. What's the secret, anyway? Pepper and I have fucked every damned one of you guys."

"Hell," Frank said. "It don't make any difference to me how many comes around."

"Mother and I can fuck all of you!" Pepper piped up in a small voice. "We can fuck every one of you, and you guys know it."

She was still standing next to Hank, her foot still cocked up. She leaned down and took his hand, placing it back under her short beach robe and on her creamy little ass. "There, see!" She lifted her robe just enough to show the others that Hank was holding her naked ass.

Diane looked around at the crowded beach. "Maybe we should all go inside," she suggested.

She led the way through the sliding doors, her ass wiggling. The robe clung to her curvy ass, and the creases of her cheeks were exposed. The others followed.

Diane stood in the middle of the floor. She dropped her robe, exposing her titties to them. Slowly, she let her robe fall to the floor, and she stood naked. Their eyes showed growing excitement. She cupped her titties, squeezing them, the nipples protruding through her fingers.

Pepper moved next to her mother and unbelted her beach robe, and it, too, fell to the floor. She giggled as the four men turned their eyes to her. She spread her feet on the carpet and arched her hips forward. She peeled the sweet lips of her cunt apart, making her hips go in a tight, erotic circle.

"That's making a couple of hard-ons," Diane said in a soft voice.

Pepper saw that the trunks in front of each man was bulging, and she giggled with excitement. "You guys might as well get naked," she said. "That is, if you're interested in our cunts!"

The discomfort among the four men evaporated very quickly. They ripped their shorts from their bodies in a rush, and Diane and Pepper found themselves gazing with hot desire at four beautiful hard cocks.

"It looks like gang-bang time, Pepper," Diane laughed.

Pepper squealed and went to her knees before Frank and Joe, grasping their cocks in her hot little hands. She jacked back and forth on them, her eyes going from one to the other. Diane knelt before Mike and Hank, doing the same as her daughter.

Pepper began kissing at the tip of each cock, running her tongue about those now-dripping piss holes. She went from one to the other, mewling happily. Diane, too, was kissing first Hank's cock, then Mike's.

"I'm going to suck two cocks!" Pepper wailed. She stuffed Frank's prick into her mouth. She sucked back and forth greedily as she jacked on Joe's cock. Then she turned her pretty face and sucked on Joe, while jerking Frank's.

"Mmmmmm," Diane murmured. "Sucking these two cocks makes my cunt so hot!"

"Mine, too!" Pepper squealed, hardly taking time from sucking to speak. She was eagerly going from cock to cock, her eyes shining with delight. Her little pussy was bubbling hotly, and her round tight ass swayed while she sucked from one to the other.

Diane became so excited she quickly dropped to her hands and knees. "Fuck me!" she shouted, waggling her ass in the air. "One of you, fuck me! I don't give a shit who, but I want one of those hard cocks up my fucking cunt! And I want it now!"

Hank went to his knees behind Diane, thrusting his cock quickly into her burning, slippery twat. Diane gave a wail of pleasure and began to rock her ass back and forth. She turned her head and saw Mike standing there, looking as if he were lost, his cock throbbing up and down.

"Come here, Mike," Diane murmured hotly. "Sit in front of my face! I'll suck you off while Hank fucks me!"

Mike sat on the floor, spreading his thighs out and his cock jutting upwards. Diane opened her mouth and gobbled his cock deep, with a hand on each side of Mike's hips.

Pepper turned and watched her mother, seeing her face bob up and down on Mike's cock, then watched Hank's thick cock stretching her hairy cunt.

"Qooh, me too!" she squealed, twisting about and getting into the same position her mother was in. "I want to eat cock and get fucked at the same time, too!"

Frank was behind her waving little ass quickly, and Joe moved to Pepper's head. Pepper yelped with pleasure as Frank's cock slipped into her cunt, and she began arching and grinding immediately. She stared at Joe's hard, throbbing cock a few inches from her face, her eyes hot, savoring the anticipation of getting it into her mouth.

Then, with a hot squeal, she slipped her lips over Joe's prick, sucking on it swiftly. Her naked body shivered as both cocks stabbed into her at the same time. Frank began humping his hips up and down, and Pepper was being buffeted between them. She loved it, making soft mewls of delight as she sucked furiously on Joe's cock.

Sucking sounds from her mother came to her, along with wet, fucking noises. Pepper was so excited she knew she would not be long in coming. Then, as she sucked, she remembered what it had felt like when her mother had fucked her in the ass with her finger. She lifted her mouth from Joe's cock, and in a high, excited voice, shouted: "Up the ass! I want it up the ass!"

Diane heard Pepper. She pulled away from Mike's cock, turning to look at her daughter. "What did you say, Pepper?"

"I want it up the ass, Mother!" Pepper groaned, her naked body shaking. "I want to be fucked up the ass!"

"That sounds good to me!" Diane laughed huskily. "Come on, Hank! Shove that big cock up my fucking asshole! Fuck me in my asshole, Hank!"

Pepper was pulling her pussy off Frank's pounding cock. "Me, too! Fuck my asshole, Frank! Come on, I want you to fuck me in my ass!"

"I don't know," Frank said, peering down at her tiny asshole. "You look kind of little to me, Pepper."

"No, I'm not!" Pepper yelped. "Come on, stick it up my ass!"

Diane was arching her ass back against Hank's pressing cock, feeling the pressure. She was whimpering as she forced her ass back, and then she yelped as his big cock popped into her asshole. "Oh! It's in there, Hank! Fuck it, Hank! Fuck that big cock all the way up my asshole! Ohhh, that feels so good, in my asshole! Give it to me now, Hank! Fuck my ass!" And she began to gobble hotly at Mike's cock once again.

"See!" Pepper yelled. "Mother is getting fucked up the ass! If my mother can do it, so can I! Come on, Frank, put your cock in me! I want your cock up my fucking ass, Frank! Ohh, fuck me, please! Fuck my asshole! I want it so much... in my ass!"

Frank shrugged and pressed the head of his swollen cock against that tight, tiny hole. Pepper grunted as he increased the pressure. She arched her ass up, pushing back, making softly. It felt as if her asshole was on fire, and the pressure was growing.

Diane lifted off Mike's cock again, turned her head to see Frank shoving his cock into her daughter's asshole. "It will go in, Frank!" she urged hotly. "Press harder! She can take it up her hot ass! Come on, fuck Pepper in her hot little asshole!"

Pepper pressed back harder, thrilled with the pressure against her tight asshole. She could feel Frank shoving forward, and then she gave out a long yelp.

"Ohhhh! Golly, golly! I've got it, Mother! I've got a cock up my asshole! Oooooh, does that feel great! I love it, a cock up my hot ass! Fuck it, Frank! Fuck me up the ass! Ohhhh, good!"

Frank shoved the full length of his cock into Pepper's squeezing asshole, then holding her hips, he began to fuck in and out. Pepper wailed with pleasure, then began to suck in a frenzy on Joe's cock. She felt as if those two throbbing pricks were meeting each other someplace inside her fiery body. It was the greatest sensation she had felt so far.

She was so involved in her ecstasy that she hardly heard Hank screaming that he was going to come up her mother's asshole. She heard Mike shouting that he was coming. Then she had no more time for anything. Her small body was in the clutches of a fantastic orgasm. She was coming wildly, muffled sounds of ecstasy bubbling from her cock-stuffed mouth. Joe's prick suddenly gushed into her mouth, and she began to come again, wave after wave of delicious, steaming orgasm. She swallowed quickly, her tongue lapping at his spewing piss hole. Then Frank rammed brutally up her ass, holding his cock deep inside the tight heat... and came off.

Pepper felt his come juice filling her tight little asshole, and she was growing very weak with all the orgasms shooting through her body. When Frank pulled his cock free of her frantically tight asshole, Pepper felt as if it had been stretched forever. She rolled away from the two men, sprawled on her back, legs and arms wide, her small titties heaving up and down. Come juice glistened on her lips, and her cunt and asshole clenched and unclenched. She trembled in the glowing ecstasy.

Diane looked at her daughter, a smile on her lowly face. She, too, was sprawled on the floor. "About ready for more, honey?" she asked.

"Ooooh, Mother!" Pepper mewled happily. "Give me just a second, and I'm going to get a cock up my ass, up my cunt, and one in my cock sucking mouth! I'm going to fuck every one of these cocks, one after the other!"

"Oh, shit!" Hank mumbled. "Maybe we better go out there on the beach and bring in a few more men."

"You just might have to do that," Diane laughed.

"Do it!" Pepper giggled, reaching for the nearest cock.


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