The neighbor's naughty wife

In many cases today's marriage is seen as a business and/or social arrangement between consenting adults, rather than a continuing expression of love.

The results are obvious: casual promiscuous infidelity, a lack of concern for the partner, the breakdown of the nuclear family and the use of other spouses for thrill-seeking and deviant purposes and as an end in itself instead of a means of showing devotion and affection. Too often the loving veneer masks a core of, at best, unconcern, at worst, depravity.

THE NEIGHBOR'S NAUGHTY WIFE is the story of Jan Wilson and her shameless search for sexual gratification outside her marriage. For Jan, the search ends happily, but for others like her -- who can say?

A shocking story, yes, but also a portrayal of our present, a minor of our times.

Jan Wilson smiled up at her husband as he handed her a Bloody Mary. It was a Sunday morning and the young couple was lounging around the living room, completely relaxed in the privacy of their home. Jan was watching her husband's muscular body as he walked across the room in his brief jockey shorts. She particularly liked the big bulge encased in his tight cotton underwear.

She had known Ted Wilson since her junior year in high school when he, a senior, was the captain of the football team and Jan was a cheerleader. From the time they first met, there had never been anyone else in their lives. They were married when Ted was a sophomore in college, and because of finances, Jan quit school and took a job to help them out until Ted graduated. Now, at twenty-five, her husband was making a very good living as a promising young architect.

Jan, wearing only a brief pair of panties and a bra, was lounging on a sofa, reading the Sunday paper. She was a trim girl with slim hips and firm little breasts, capped with luscious big nipples. The girl had large expressive green eyes, and her lovely young face was framed with short brown hair.

"Gee!" she smiled at her husband. "This is sure a lazy day."

"It sure is," he answered, sipping his drink as he leaned against the mantel.

Getting up, Jan walked across the room and put her arms around his muscular body.

"Gosh, I love you," she whispered, pressing her half-open lips against his.

"And I love you," he smiled, cupping the cheeks of her tight little ass in his hands.

"Honey," she said, "let's have breakfast on the patio. It's such a lovely morning!"

"Sounds great," he replied, releasing her warm body. "I'll need all the nourishment I can get."

"Why?" she giggled, knowing what he meant.

"Because, after breakfast I'm going to spend the rest of the day in bed with my sexy roommate."

"Okay," Jan smiled, gently rubbing the bulge in his underwear. "You clear up the patio while I start breakfast."

Ted went into his room and put on a pair of cut-offs, and then walked out onto the patio.

Instinctively, he glanced through the shrubbery at the garden next door, wondering if the cute little redhead was lying there as usual. She was there, her sensuous young body and big round boobs deliciously exposed in her very brief bikini. A new family had moved in a few weeks ago and Ted had noticed how their young red-headed daughter spent most of her time lying half-naked in the garden. She was only a high school kid, fourteen or fifteen years old, but with the most sensuous body he'd ever seen.

Young Becky Adams was reclining on the chaise longue when she heard the man next door come out on his patio. She was aware that he had been noticing her ever since she'd moved into the house with her parents. Although Becky had often seen how much attention the man paid to his lovely young wife, she still enjoyed having him ogle her through the bushes.

Watching him through her half-closed eyes, she saw the handsome neighbor stating at her from behind the shrubs. Pretending to be half-asleep, the voluptuous teen-ager spread her soft thighs open and dropped her fingers down against her cunt that was barely covered by the skimpy bikini. She could see the man staring at her with his mouth hanging open as he watched her fingers lightly caressing her pubic area. He was stealthily moving closer to the shrubs to get a better look. Becky secretly enjoyed the excited expression on the man's face as he watched her fondle her nearly naked body.

Casually reaching up, she untied the strings to her bra, and removing it, let her big bare breasts spill out. Cupping her soft full breasts in her hands, she teasingly caressed and pinched her big cherry-hard nipples with her fingers. Through her half-closed eyes, she could see the wild expression on the neighbor's face as he moved closer to the shrubs to get a better new.

Ted Wilson couldn't believe his eyes as he stared at the lovely little redhead writhing on the lounge, massaging and squeezing her big luscious tits. His cock was throbbing madly as he watched her fingers gently twisting her rock-hard nipples. Although the girl was only a child, the erotic scene was driving him wild.

Finally releasing her breasts, Becky reached over and picked up a rat-tail comb from a table beside her. Drawing her knees up and opening her legs, she began lightly tracing the skin of her bare inner thighs with the slender handle of the comb. She was thoroughly enjoying teasing the excited young man who was watching her.

Secretly watching his wild expression, Becky pulled back the leg band of her bikini and slowly inserted the handle of the comb into her slippery little slit. She pressed gently on the comb, feeling the thin smooth tail moving an inch or so into her wet cunt. She stirred it around delicately in her juice-drenched hole, feeling the cool smooth surface rub against her sensitive cuntal walls. Wriggling it around in her excited body, her pussy tingled deliciously as the smooth plastic touched the warm, slippery flesh of her sensuous fuck hole.

Watching him as he peered through the bushes, she saw that he was frantically, rubbing his crotch.

Realizing what he was doing only added to her excitement. He was a handsome young man, and from the size of the big bulge he was rubbing, Becky decided he must have a hell of a big cock. Writhing excitedly on the lounge, she continued probing her juicy cunt with the tail of the comb while gently squeezing and twisting her hard nipples with her free hand.

Ted stared in disbelief as she removed the comb and placed it back on the table and then, lifting her hips, she slipped out of her brief bikini bottoms. He could see the juicy pink lips of her young cunt nestled between the soft red hairs that gleamed like burnished brass under the bright morning sun. It was the most beautiful little cunt he'd ever seen in his entire life. He could see little droplets of moisture glistening on the slippery smooth inner flesh of her open vagina.

Reaching down and teasingly parting her cuntlips with her shameless little fingers, she heard an excited gasp from beyond the shrubs. She squrmed and moved around on the lounge until her hot open slit was pointed directly up at the neighbor's unbelieving eyes. Thrilled with the knowledge that she was being watched, Becky suddenly thrust her middle finger deep up into her juicy slit.

Lurching wildly on the lounge, her finger was frantically plunging in and out of her hot slurping cunt. Knowing that she was being watched only added to her intense excitement. Thrashing madly on the chaise, she was suddenly aware that the neighbor had dropped his fly and was enthusiastically stroking his big hard pole. The sight of the man's stiff cock added more fire to the flames already burning in her trembling little body.

His eyes riveted on her juicy, slippery slit, and hers on his big throbbing honker, the two people frantically stimulated their own bodies. Completely wild with lust, Ted's hand was flying up and down the stiff rod he was grasping so tightly. His big purple glans was poking angrily out from his clenched fist. He was aware that the young girl was staring at him with wide-open eyes as her middle finger plunged in and out of her slurping cunt, but in his excited state he continued violently stroking his bunting cock.

"Ted, honey," he vaguely heard his wife calling from the kitchen.

Crazed with excitement he continued rabidly jacking himself off.

"Ted," she called again. "Where are you?"

Suddenly brought back to reality, he quickly shoved his cock back through his open fly. Drawing up his zipper, his hard honker throbbed painfully in the confines of his tight cut-offs.

Visibly shaking, he walked toward the house in a complete daze.

"What's the matter?" his wife asked, noticing his shaking hands and flushed face.

"Nothing," he stammered, staring at his wife with a wild expression in his eyes.

"Breakfast's almost ready," she announced, turning back to the stove.

"Fuck breakfast!" he gasped in an excited voice as he grabbed for his young wife, who was still clad only in ha panties and bra. "Let's get in bed!"

"But it's all ready!" she argued.

"Forget it!" he snapped, clutching her arm and dragging her down the hall.

Throwing her on the bed, he quickly dropped his shorts, revealing his big stiff cock pointing savagely into the air. Jan had never seen her husband in such an excited state, and his sudden dominance was quite thrilling. His sexual approach had always been rather calm and routine, but this emotional attack was pleasantly new to her.

Lunging onto the bed, he tore her panties to shreds with his trembling hands. Grasping the hard flesh of her firm little breasts through the thin material of her bra, he could feel her stiffly erect nipples burning against his palms. Clutching her hand, he pressed it against his hard throbbing cock. She could feel his big blood-bloated glans nosing wetly against her palm as she tenderly squeezed the deliciously hard organ.

"Oh, honey," she whispered as she rubbed the head of his cock against her bare hot tummy.

Ted moved his hands softly over her little breasts, feeling her hard excited nipples pressing against the thin material of her bra. With his other hand, he began stroking the soft flesh of her naked inner thigh.

"Oh, Ted, darling," she moaned as the tip of his probing finger touched the slit of her hot vagina. She involuntarily arched her hips when his finger slipped through her juicy little opening. She shuddered in ecstasy as she felt his thick finger plunge up through the sensitive inner flesh of her quivering little fuck hole.

Closing his eyes, he visualized that his finger was plunging in and out of the luscious red-fringed pussy of the young teen-ager next door. He vividly envisioned the young girl's slippery little cuntlips sucking and grasping at his embedded finger.

He slipped his other hand under the thin material of her bra, rolling and tweaking the erect nipple between his fingers. She arched her hips, and his finger sank up to his palm in her slippery slit as she writhed against his hand. She shuddered with delight when his finger found the swollen head of her clitoris.

"Oh, God, that feels good," she whispered, unconsciously wrapping her fingers around his big hard shaft, sliding his foreskin up and down the throbbing pole of flesh. "Oh, darling, it feels so good!"

Frantically stroking and squeezing the throbbing organ, she could feel the seminal fluid oozing out of the end of his big bloated glans. Her fingers wet with the secretions, she began spreading them up and down the length of his shaft until it glistened with the slippery fluid. Her hand continued sliding up and down the sensitive pole.

Moaning frantically, Ted pressed his lips against her hot open mouth, swirling his tongue deliciously around hers. Wild with excitement, he ripped off her bra and hungrily sucked one of her big swollen nipples into his mouth. Rolling her onto her back, and grasping her around her shoulders, he crawled between her legs, pressing his hard body against the girl's soft warm flesh.

Spreading her legs, she could feel his big hard shaft pressing against her inner thighs. The feel of the big loated tool burning against her naked flesh was driving her wild with excitement.

Ted could vividly see the little red-headed bitch next door writhing under his body. He could feel her naughty little hands stroking his lurching cock.

Frantically clutching his big wet shaft, Jan guided it toward her steaming-hot slit. She was trembling with expectation as it moved closer and closer to her juice-drenched cunt.

Reaching down and cupping her firm little ass in his hands, Ted drew her hot young box toward his slowly advancing honker. A shudder racked his body when his sensitive glans probed against the slippery open lips of her trembling pussy. He had never been so sexually aroused in his entire life.

Mewling beneath him, Jan opened her thighs even wider, and arching her hips up, she snaked her legs around his waist, offering the full length of her hot slit for his penetration.

"Do it, honey," she sobbed, screwing her cunt up against him. "Put it in, baby, put it in!"

Clutching frantically at his ass, she drew him toward her, feeling his deliciously hard pole slither through her eager opening. As his big cock slithered up into Jan's sucking cunt, Ted visualized that it was being lewdly swallowed by the slippery pussy of the little red-headed neighbor. Feeling his bloated cockhead slip through the hot juicy lips of his wife's vagina, he gave a mighty thrust, driving it deep into her trembling belly with one savage stroke.

"Aaaaauuuugggghh!" she screamed as his unusually big cock sliced up through her sensitive flesh.

Grasping his buttocks even tighter, she arched her hips and drew him further into her lust-crazed body. It was only when she felt his big glans pressing against her womb and his massive balls nestling in the soft crack of her ass that she realized he had fully penetrated her.

Lying perfectly still on his wife's writhing body, he visualized his cock buried deep in the red-fringed little slit of the sensuous teen-ager next door. His eyes closed, he could clearly see her long red hair splayed across the pillow and her parted little lips smiling up at him. He could even feet her big, soft breasts squishing against his chest as his wife's excited little pussy sucked and squeezed at the base of his cock.

"Oh, darling," Jan whispered, relishing the feel of his rock-hard shaft buried deeply in her hungry, clasping cunt. "You feel so big and hard!"

Slowly at first, he began pumping his super-hard cock in and out of her gasping hot fuckhole. The soft flesh and ridges of her cuntal walls rubbed deliciously against his slithering penis. Driving his cock in and out at a steady rhythm, a stream of hot cuntal juices squished out of her grasping slit, saturating her squirming little ass. Her mouth gaping open, her hair flailing from side to side, Jan was thrusting her hips up to meet every stroke of his plunging honker.

Never had the girl fucked with such abandon. For the past few years she had held back, not wanting to be disappointed by Ted's usually premature ejaculation. She had been left hanging so many times by his early climaxes that she rarely let herself go. But today was different. She could tell from his sure, strong thrusts that he was going to carry her over the threshold of sexual ecstasy.

"Oh God, I love you," she whispered, covering his lips with her wet open mouth.

He could feel her lurching frantically beneath him, and realized that his wife was rapidly approaching her orgasm and he prayed that he could hold back until she had climaxed. He had shot his load prematurely too often, and he didn't want to disappoint her again.

Knowing that if he didn't bring her off soon it would be too late, he began ramming her with faster, harder strokes, hoping to quicken her orgasm.

He suddenly wondered how it would feel to be ramming his throbbing shaft into the slippery pink slit of the little prick-teaser next door. The thought of the naughty little girl's soft naked thighs wrapped around his waist only lent more flames to the burning fire in his tingling balls.

Their slippery bodies pounding recklessly into each other, her hard little breasts burning deliciously against his chest, the young couple pounded toward their inevitable climax as his juice-slick cock tore violently in and out of her hot grasping cunt.

The way she was frantically grasping him in her arms, gripping him with her ankles and thighs, he could tell her orgasm was rapidly approaching. Listening to Jan sobbing and gurgling beneath him, he knew it wouldn't be long now.

"Oh, God, honey!" she squealed as he drove harder and deeper into her quivering body. "Fuck me good, darling! Fuck me good!"

Ted suddenly wondered what the brazen little teen-ager next door sounded like when she was being fucked. He could vividly picture her writhing on the chaise longue, plunging her finger in and out of her hot little pussy.

Jan was tensing for the inevitable orgasm that was building up in her body. It was only seconds away, and this time, she knew she would reach it. A wild thrill gripped her body as she started up over the crest. How she loved her beautiful husband who was carrying her to the very apex of sexual fulfillment.

It was at that moment that she suddenly felt a torrent of hot semen gushing up into her cuntal passage. She could feel it spurting against her cervix.

"Don't stop," she sobbed, clutching at his ass, frying desperately to keep the spent cock against her throbbing clitoris. "Please, darling, I'm starting to come! Please don't stop!"

The screaming girl was only a split-second away from an overwhelming orgasm. She frantically raised her hips, trying to bring herself off by rubbing ha swollen clit against the base of his jerking, shrinking cock.

"Don't stop, honey!" she screamed hysterically. "Please, darling, I'm starting to came! God, honey, I was coming! I was coming! I was coming!"

Her husband's prick gave two or three feeble jerks and slipped out of her frustrated cunt as he rolled over on his back.

"You rotten bastard!" she shrieked. "You dirty rotten bastard! Don't ever touch me again!"

Grasping at her cunt, she tried to bring herself off with her trembling fingers, but it was too late.

"I'm sorry," Ted gasped, humiliated with his performance. "I just can't control myself."

"Oh, shut up!" she cried, breaking into uncontrollable sobs. "That's the last fuckin' time you never going to do that me."

He reached his hand out to try and console the trembling girl.

"Don't touch me," she sobbed, pushing him away. "I never want you to lay a hand on me again."

As his wife continued crying hysterically into her pillow, Ted got up and took a shower. Reentering their bedroom, he put on his denim cut-offs and left, quietly closing the door behind him. Filled with remorse, he wandered through the house, hating himself for his lousy sexual performance. He wandered out onto the patio, and glancing over at the neighbor's garden, he noted that the little redhead had disappeared.

Later that morning as he tried to concentrate on the paper, Jan walked into the room and sat on the arm of his chair.

"I'm sorry, darling," she said in a low flat whisper. "I didn't mean what I said. I was just awfully upset."

"You don't have to apologize," he sighed. "It was my fault."

"I love you, darling," she whispered, kissing him lightly on the cheek. "Now if you'll forgive me, I'll fix us some breakfast."

The next day Jan was nervous and restless. She loved Ted very much, but their frustrating sex life was bothering her more than she wanted to admit. When she'd finished straightening up the house, she decided to drive over and talk to Lois Evans. Lois, older than Jan, was a very attractive woman in her early thirties. They had worked together when Jan was helping Ted through school, and their warm friendship had endured through the years. Jan often sought her friend out for counseling, and she'd found through the years that Lois' advice was usually very helpful.

"You seem nervous today," the older woman smiled as they sat in her kitchen, sipping coffee.

"Not really," Jan answered, unable to bring up the subject that was bothering her.

"Come on, Jan," Lois urged. "Something's bugging you."

"I guess I'm sexually frustrated," she blushed.

"You -- sexually frustrated?" laughed the older woman. "How could you be frustrated with that beautiful big man you have?"

"I can n-never r-reach an orgasm," Jan stammered nervously.

"Have you consulted a doctor?" her friend asked.

"It's not me," she replied. "It's Ted."

"Why is it Ted?"

"He simply can't control his ejaculations," Jan answered. "It's always 'wham, bam, thank you, ma'am."

"Well, honey," Lois smiled. "That can be worked out with patience and practice."

"But, Lois," Jan continued, "you don't know how frustrating it can be."

"Oh, yes, I do," the older woman sighed. "George hasn't made love to me for over five years. Not since the baby was born."

"What?" gasped Jan. She knew that Lois' husband was in his fifties, but he was such a robust man.

"That's right," Lois smiled. "George has completely lost any desire or need for sex."

"I can't believe that."

"Well, it's true," Lois replied, getting up and pouring them another cup of coffee.

"How can you stand it?" asked Jan.

"I have lovers," was the woman's direct reply.

"You don't!" Jan gasped. "I don't believe you."

"It's true, honey," her friend replied. "I enjoy affairs that no one knows anything about."

"But, how could you?" gasped the startled young girl. "That's wrong."

"By most people's standards, yes," the woman continued. "But I'd be climbing the walls if I didn't have an occasional sexual release."

Jan just stared at her friend, unable to believe that Lois would be unfaithful to her husband.

"Me you suggesting that I take on a lover?" Jan suddenly asked.

"God, no!" Lois gasped. "That's the last thing I'd suggest. The problem between Ted and you can be worked out between yourselves, but my case is hopeless."

"Does your husband know?" Jan asked.

"He probably suspects," Lois continued, "but under the circumstances he never questions me."

"Do you really think that Ted and I can work out our problem?" asked Jan, a trace of hope in her voice.

"Certainly," smiled her friend. "You should consult a good doctor together, and I'm certain he'll be able to help you."

The subject of their sex lives was dropped and the conversation turned to chatter of a lighter nature. Jan felt much more relaxed as she drove home after a light lunch.

When she was only a few blocks from home, her car began to sputter, and then it stopped completely. Getting out and lifting the hood, she peered in at the engine, although she knew nothing about cars.

Within a few moments, a pickup truck stopped, and a stocky young man carrying a can of beer walked over to her.

"What's the trouble?" asked the dark-haired boy, dressed in a T-shirt and jeans.

"I don't know," she smiled, happy that someone had stopped.

After first surveying her smooth shapely legs beneath her white shorts, the boy looked in at the engine. Getting into her car, he turned the ignition, but nothing happened.

"Have you any idea what it is?" Jan asked.

"I think it's in the wiring," the swarthy young man answered, sauntering back to his pickup. Tossing the empty beer can into the cluttered bed of the truck, he returned with a fresh beer.

"D'you have far to go?" he asked Jan.

"Just a few blocks," she replied.

"Well," he continued after taking a big gulp of beer. "I think I can fix it to get you that far."

Taking the aluminum tab from the can, he twisted it around the ends of two wires.

"Now try it," he suggested, holding the door open for the girl.

Turning the key, she was relieved to hear the engine spring to life.

"I'll follow you in case it stops," he said, draining the can with a big gulp.

Jan was filled with relief as she turned her car into the driveway. When she got out, she saw the battered pickup stop at the curb.

"What do I owe you?" she smiled as he walked across the lawn toward her.

"Gotta cold beer?" the young man grinned. "Sure," Jan giggled, "come on in." He couldn't take his eyes from her tight little ass as he followed her through the door. Sitting on a bar stool in the kitchen, he quickly gulped down the beer that she'd offered him.

"Another one?" she asked politely. "Sure," he slurred.

This was the first time that Jan had realized the man was half-drunk.

"What's your name?" she casually inquired. "Tony," he replied.

"Tony what?" asked Jan.

"Just Tony," he slurred in a thick voice. "What's yours?"

"Jan Wilson," she answered nervously, realizing that the young man was quite drunk.

"Any relation to Ted Wilson, the architect?" he asked.

"Yes," she answered proudly. "He's my husband. Do you know him?"

"Not really," he laughed, taking another sip of beer. "I work in construction, and I've seen the prick walking around the sites in his fancy clothes."

"That's not the way to talk!" she snapped. "Shit," he chuckled, walking over the fridge and helping himself to another beer. "Us guys do all the Goddamned work while dudes like Wilson live in these fancy houses with cute little cunts like you for wives."

"Will you please get out of here!" she gasped. "Sure," he slurred, "if you'll let me kiss you good-bye."

"No!" she shouted. "Get the hell out of here!"

"Not 'til I've kissed the fuckin' architect's fancy little wife."

"You filthy bastard," she gasped. "Get out!"

Reaching, he grasped her arm and pulled her up against him. As she opened her mouth to scream, he pressed his big callused hand over it.

"If you let out one cry," he hissed, cruelly twisting her breast with his free hand, "I'll knock your fuckin' head off."

When he released her, the frightened young girl stared at him with disbelief, her nipple burning with pain.

"Wait until I tell my husband about this," she sobbed.

"And I'll tell him you invited me in because you wanted to be fucked by a real man," he growled at her.

Jan just stared at him. She suddenly realized that after her husband's futile sex performance yesterday, he might believe the man.

It was like a horrible nightmare. Jan was terrified by the swarthy beast that had invaded her home.

"Now, let's calm down," he smirked, grasping her arm and dragging her into the living room.

"Please," she sobbed. "Stop hurting me."

As she slumped back on a chair, he placed himself in front of her, feet spread and his arms folded across his massive chest. He was like a giant towering above her trembling body. Slowly reaching down, he lowered the zipper of his fly. Reaching in, he withdrew his big thick semihard prick.

Jan stared at the big swelling organ as he lewdly slid his thick, rubbery foreskin up and down the shaft. Having never seen any other cocks but Ted's, the girl couldn't believe the length and girth of the half-hard cock.

Opening his belt buckle, the man dropped his pants to his ankles. His huge, crinkly scrotum and belly, covered with black curly hair, were dramatically exposed beneath his white T-shirt. As much as she feared and detested the burly man, the sight of his big cock and balls sent a little flame tingling through her loins. She stared with fascination as his big cock continued swelling and hardening as he lewdly slid the thick foreskin up and down his throbbing shaft.

"Touch it!" he gasped excitedly.


"I said touch it!" he shouted, grasping her hands and wrapping her fingers around the sinewy pole.

Her little fingers couldn't possibly encompass the girth of the gnarly shaft. She could feel the hot blood surging through the veins throbbing against her fingers. Staring at it with fascination, it throbbed and lurched like a wild animal in her clenched fist. It thrust out from the mat of black hairs that covered his huge scrotum and belly.

Filled with fear and disgust, Jan was nonetheless fascinated by the ever-hardening pole of flesh. The sinewy shaft burned deliciously against her fingers. Clutching the stiff throbbing cock in her hands, Jan felt a strange excitement ripping through her loins.

Unaware of what she was doing, the girl began sliding the thick, rubbery foreskin back and forth over the sinewy pole. She could feel every bump, vein and muscle slide under her hand as she moved the skin up and down his lurching honker.

"Now, suck me off," the man demanded in a low threatening voice.

"What?" she gasped, unable to believe what she'd heard.

"Put it in your mouth," he repeated in a louder voice.

"No," she sobbed, tears running down her face. "I can't! I can't!"

She had heard of this vile act, but had never thought of doing it. In all her married years, Jan's husband had never suggested that she perform this disgusting act, and now this filthy beast was demanding that she suck him.

"Suck!" he demanded in a harsh voice.

"No!" she whimpered. "No! No! No!"

"You rotten bitch!" he roared, gasping her hair and pulling her face toward his swollen cock. "Suck me!"

Through tear-filled eyes, she could see his big purple glans only inches away, a drop of seminal fluid oozing out of the small hole. The pain was almost unbearable as he twisted and pulled her hair, drawing her mouth closer and closer to the big cock. The girl knew she would vomit if the filthy thing touched her lips.

"Please," she sobbed. "I can't do it."

"Open your fuckin' mouth!" he screamed, cruelly twisting her hair.

Unable to withstand the pain any longer, she opened her trembling mouth. She could faintly smell the musky aroma of his cock as it passed beneath her nostrils toward her half-opened mouth.

"Wider!" he shoted, giving her hair another vicious twist.

Half gagging, the tormented girl opened her mouth as wide as she could. Trying not to choke, she closed her eyes as the big rubbery cockhead slipped through her parted lips. She gulped and opened her mouth even wider as the long thick shaft slid along the top of her tongue until it nudged at the back of her throat.

Jan had expected to gag at the feel of a penis in her mouth, but to her surprise, the feel of the smooth flesh sliding over her tongue was rather exciting. The way the rubbery hardness of throbbing cock filled her mouth sent little shivers of delight ripping through her loins. And to her surprise, the taste was not as bad as she'd expected. It was faintly salty, but there was a strong bittersweet flavor that actually excited her.

Clamping her lips tightly around the base of his glans, she remained completely motionless, secretly savoring the evil excitement induced by the throbbing penis that was pulsating wildly in her warm mouth. Filled with shame and disgust, Jan couldn't understand why she was actually enjoying the feel and taste of the vile organ, nor could she understand the delicious little tremors of excitement that were flaming through her body.

Her cunt began burning and itching with excitement as he grasped her head in his hands and began pumping her mouth back and forth over his throbbing cockhead. The feel of his big shaft slithering in and out of her mouth, the feel of his distended veins sliding over her tongue and lips, was the most ecstatic sensation she'd ever experienced.

Within a matter of minutes, she was sucking and slurping frantically on the luscious cock that he was thrusting in and out of her willing mouth. The strange excitement was almost more than she could stand. Releasing the head of his cock from her grasping lips, Jan began licking the entire length of his shaft, running her hot, wet tongue up and down the sensitive underside of his throbbing pole.

The man was trembling with excitement as she began sucking and licking his big hairy scrotum. The entire length of his swollen shaft was glistening with her sweet warm spit.

Tony began lurching violently when the girl again took his big bloated cockhead into her hot open mouth. Grasping the cheeks of his ass in her hands, she pulled him closer as she sucked harder and deeper on his swollen cock. His big muscular body was jerking and lurching frantically as the delirious girl madly sucked on his big screaming honker.

Little Jan wasn't prepared for the torrent of white-hot semen that suddenly gushed into her throat. Choking and sagging as the thick juice filled her mouth, she continued sucking and swallowing, thrilled at the exciting new taste of male sperm juice.

When she'd sucked out the last drop, the exhausted man dropped heavily into a chair. He stared at the woman's excited flushed face as her tongue licked at a drop of semen that was dripping out of the corner of her trembling mouth. He noticed that she was absently clawing at her excited pussy through her shorts.

"Take your clothes off," he suddenly ordered.

"What?" she asked in an excited whisper.

"Take your clothes off," he repeated. "We've gotta take care of your steamin' pussy."

As if in a dream, the dazed girl stood up and disrobed.

Tony stared at the lovely naked body standing in front of him. Her slim smooth legs tapered down from the pink moist pussy nestled in her soft brown pubic hairs. The girl's small firm breasts thrust out, exposing the biggest, hardest, cherry red nipples he'd ever seen. With her big green eyes and half-parted lips, her lovely little face was a picture of pure innocence.

With a wild roar, Tony jumped up and hurled the girl onto the couch, burying his face in the warm moist softness of her damp open thighs.

Jan was too startled to resist when she felt his thick tongue slither up into her trembling slit. The feel of the rough little taste buds of his tongue sliding over the sensitive flesh of her open cuntlips was driving her crazy. Never in her life had she ever felt a tongue or lips against her pussy, and this new, erotic experience was beyond her wildest imagination. She involuntarily arched her hips up, pressing her juicy slit tighter against his mouth. Screaming with the intense ecstasy of his big swirling tongue in her fuckhole, the girl was frantically twisting and squeezing her own throbbing nipples. She almost fainted when his probing tongue finally located her hard, erect clitoris. Swirling his tongue deliciously around the sensitive bud, he sucked it into his mouth.

"Oh, Christ!" she screamed, running her fingers lovingly through his head of thick black hair. "That feels so good, Tony! It feels so fuckin' good!"

Her pleasure-racked little body was lurching so violently that Tony had to grasp her asscheeks to keep her squirming slit against his slurping mouth.

"Tony! Tony!" she squealed. "It feels so fuckin' good, so fuckin' good!"

The man's face was drenched with the sweet hot cunt juices that were flowing out of her open quivering hole. Her pubic hairs, saturated with a combination of Tony's saliva and her own pussy juices, glistened under the bright afternoon sun that was pouring through the window. The sex-crazed girl was only dimly aware of the delicious sucking, slurping sounds coming from the man's mouth as he frantically worked on her open slippery fuckhole.

"Suck! Suck! Suck!" she sobbed cadence to his swirling tongue.

The intense pleasure was almost beyond her endurance. The lurching girl felt that she was floating through the ceiling of the wildly spinning room.

"Oh God!" she screamed, tearing frantically at the man's hair. "I'm coming, Tony! I'm coming! I'm commuiiiinnnnggggg!"

With a final thrust of her hips, she collapsed sobbing and trembling to the couch. The man slowly removed his mouth from the exhausted girl's pussy and, standing up, removed his T-shirt and shoes.

Opening her eyes, Jan saw him kneeling between her legs. His massive body, covered with thick black hair was crouched over her, his huge swollen cock clenched in his fist. His eyes were filled with a terrifying lust as he guided the big purple cockhead toward her wet open cunt. Once again she was filled with revulsion at the thought of the brutal man entering her body. Their oral sex had been bad enough, but what he was attempting would make her a party to adultery. In her mixed-up mind she was able to rationalize what they had already done, but adultery was another thing.

"No," she sobbed, pressing her thighs together. "Please go away and leave me alone."

"So I'm not good enough for Miss Prissy," leered Tony.

"It's not that," she answered in a low frightened voice. "I've never been unfaithful to my husband."

"Shit!" he laughed. "You just sucked me off!"

"But that's different," she argued.

"Jesus Christ!" he bellowed. "I can't understand you cunts that're married to fancy jerks like your husband. You think that being a cocksucker is okay, but a little lovin' outside your old man's bed is bad."

"I didn't say that," she protested, trying to push him away.

"Listen, Miss Fancy Cunt," he hissed, cruelly twisting her breasts. "I'm gonna fuck you, and it'll be the best Goddamned fuck you've ever had."

"No," she sobbed. "Please stop! You're hurting me!"

"Listen, bitch," he shouted, grabbing her throat with his big hands, "I'm gonna fuck you, or break every bone in your Goddamned body!"

Mentally and physically defeated, she turned her head away and closed her eyes. Her lovely young body was trembling as she felt his rough hands part her smooth, lush thighs. Still not looking at him, she soon felt his big rubbery glans brush against her quivering pussylips. Clenching her small fists and biting her lip, she waited for the terrifying penetration. She could feel his hot swollen glans pressing against the tight opening of her vagina.

"Aaaaaaagggggghhbhhh!" she screamed when with one mighty thrust he drove his massive honker up into the depths of her painfully stretched tunnel. The excruciating pain was almost more than the ravished girl could endure.

Opening her tear-filled eyes, she saw his evil, sadistically grinning face leering down from above. His massive shaft had so cruelly distended her cuntal walls that it felt like her loins had been split apart.

With his thick bloated cock buried deep in her belly, the young woman stayed perfectly motionless, dreading the moment he would start pumping it in and out.

"Please be gentle," she whispered, tears streaming down her cheeks.

To her surprise, he slowly withdrew until only his big glans remained within her trembling cuntal opening, and then with an unexpected tenderness, he carefully slipped the big sinewy shaft back deep into her quivering passage. The stretched walls of her cunt involuntarily clutched at the big throbbing cock that was embedded in her body.

Once again, Tony eased his big stiff honker out until only his bursting cockhead remained in her wet grasping cunt, then slithered it back with another gentle thrust. This time she felt delicious little needles of fire as his thick shaft slid against her sensitive cuntal walls.

Slowly at first, and then with increasing speed and power, he began driving his massive organ in and out of her trembling body. Beginning to relax as the initial pain subsided, her warm lubricating juices began flowing around his thrusting shaft. Her cunt was soon deliciously alive to the feel of the juice-slick cock sliding in and out against her excited, sensitive cuntal tissues.

Listening to the obscene slurping sound of his cock pumping in and out of her hot slippery slit, she unconsciously wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders and writhed her cunt up against the base of his thrilling honker. Her big erect nipples burned with excitement as they rubbed against the thick mat of hair on his heaving chest.

"Oh, God," she sobbed as the throbbing pole of flesh tore up into her belly, his big lusty balls slapping noisily against the soft cheeks of her ass. Never in her life had her cunt ever been so deliciously filled with cock. With every mighty stroke she was being carried to a higher plane of ecstasy.

She no longer had any thoughts of her husband or anything else except the beautiful big prick that was sluicing up against her cervix. The massive cock was pressing out against every tingling nerve of her widely stretched cuntal walls. She had never dreamed that a penis could ever fill her cunt so completely. It was rubbing against every exposed nerve in her throbbing, sucking fuckhole.

"Oh God, Tony!" she gasped, covering his lips with her hot open mouth. "I've never been fucked like this in my life!"

He answered by driving deeper and harder into her sex-starved body.

The ecstasy was almost more than her pleasure-ravished body could endure as she began tensing for her orgasm. Lurching with excitement, she was fully aware that for the first time in years she was going to experience a mind-blowing climax.

Feeling the lovely girl's body tensing and straining toward the ultimate in sexual satisfaction, Tony suddenly withdrew his juice-drenched cock with a loud slurping sound.

"What the hell are you doing?" screamed Jan, gasping for his big bloated shaft.

Squatting on his knees between her open thighs, he sneered at her as she tried to grab his slippery, juice-drenched honker.

"Please?" she sobbed, her lovely young body trembling with lust. "Please, Tony, put it back in me."

"Why?" he laughed.

"Please fuck me," she whispered, frantically grasping for his slippery hard cock.

"Does the fancy architect's bitchy little wife want me to fuck her?" he taunted.

"Yes," she sobbed, "yes!"

"Beg me," he sneered.

"Please, Tony," she whispered, still grabbing at his prick. "Please fuck me, honey. Please fuck me!"

"Can I fuck the fancy architect's wife any time I want to?" he bargained.

"Yes, darling," she begged. "You can fuck me any time you want to."

"Any time?" he repeated.

"Yes," she sobbed. "Any time. Any time. Please, honey, fuck me! Please fuck me! Please fuck me!"

Reaching out and grasping his big slippery honker with two hands, she guided it toward her eager, open cunt.

"Oh, God!" she screamed as he suddenly thrust it in with one hard vicious stroke. Never had a penis felt so good. The bigness of it completely filled her cunt, pressing out so deliciously against her widely stretched cuntal walls. The massive pole of flesh was stimulating every excited nerve end in her sucking, grasping fuckhole. The intense pleasure produced by the big plunging cock was almost more than the hysterically writhing girl could stand.

"That's it, baby!" she squealed, thrusting her flaming cunt up to receive every vicious plunge. "That's it, honey! Fuck me good, baby! Fuck me good!"

The room was filled with the lewd sharping sounds of his big juice-slick cock slamming into her slippery hot inner flesh.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" she screamed in cadence with his thrusting rod.

Her arms around his shoulders, her legs scissored over his waist Jan was riding his throbbing cock to the very highest plane of ecstasy. The exquisitely intense pleasure was miles beyond her wildest dreams. She was unaware of everything in the world except that big cock that was sawing into her lust-racked flesh.

"That's it, baby," she sobbed, sinking her teeth into his shoulder. "Oh, Christ, honey, fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Every thrust of his big plunging honker was lifting her little ass several inches off the cushion. She had never taken such a delicious battering in her life.

The lurching girl wasn't prepared for the intense orgasm that enveloped her. The moment she felt his white-hot semen gushing against her grasping cuntal walls, she exploded into a climax that was so intense it frightened her. Never had she experienced such exquisite pleasure. She lurched and writhed against him for several minutes as wave after wave of unbelievable ecstasy washed through her shuddering body.

"My God," the exhausted girl gasped a few minutes later as she stared at his thick soft penis flopped over his hairy leg. A sticky rivulet of semen was still clinging to the end of the big monster.

"Thank you, Tony," she whispered. "Thank you very much."

"You're some hot bitch, once you get fired up," he smiled.

Lying completely relaxed, for the first time in years, Jan watched the man slowly getting dressed.

"Will I see you again?" she finally asked.

"Sure," he grinned, "just call me the next time your horny little cunt starts itching for a good fuck."

"Where can I reach you?" asked Jan.

"Just call me at the Wagon Wheel Tavern," he grinned. "I hang around there almost every afternoon. If I'm not busy servicing another broad, I'd be glad to come over and take care of you."

"Thank you," she answered with a hurt expression on her face.

"Don't forget," he smiled as he opened the door. "It's the Wagon Wheel Tavern."

It was only after Tony had gone that the enormity of the vile affair filled her mind. The girl couldn't comprehend how she, Jan Wilson, could have participated in, and even enjoyed, the debauchery that she'd shared with a crude, loathsome stranger.

Sitting completely naked in the living room, her exhausted body glistened with perspiration as she watched a trickle of sticky semen oozing out of her tender, swollen cunt. She couldn't believe that it had been deposited in ther body by a stranger's big cock.

Shuddering with revulsion, she walked into the bathroom to shower and cleanse her ravished body. Even after several minutes under the scalding shower, the girl still felt filthy, both inside and out. How could she ever face Ted after what she had done this afternoon? She tried to rationalize that the man had physically forced himself on her, but she couldn't explain away the fact that she'd enjoyed it, had actually begged for more. God, how she dreaded facing her husband when he came home. She wondered how she could ever let her husband touch her defiled body after she'd indulged in such a filthy affair.

Waiting for her husband to return, she mixed herself a very dry martini, something she rarely did when she was alone.

Later that afternoon, as he drove his car into the driveway, Ted Wilson noticed the red-haired teen-ager standing on her front lawn.

"Hi!" she called to him as he got out of his car.

"Hello," he smiled, watching her saunter over to him in a pair of shorts and T-shirt. The way her big luscious boobs rolled around under the shirt, it was obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra.

"I'm Becky Adams," she smiled, walking up to him. "I'm your new neighbor."

"Y-yes," he stammered, "I've seen you around."

"And I've seen you," she half smiled, brazenly staring down at his crotch. "I've seen a lot of you."

They both knew that she was referring to the morning they had both masturbated in full view of each other.

"I'm Ted Wilson," he stammered, looking into her big saucy eyes. Her moist, baby-soft lips were smiling up at him as she teasingly flicked them with her tongue. He had never seen such a brazen, lovely little face in his entire life. She looked even younger up close, but every movement of her animated face and body exuded sex.

"Hi, Ted Wilson," she smiled, reaching up and brushing her lush red hair back from her face. Raising her arm, the girl's T-shirt pulled up, exposing the dimpled navel in her smooth little belly.

"It's certainly nice to have such a lovely little lady for a neighbor," he grinned with embarrassment.

"Thank you, and I hope we see a lot of each other," she giggled, boldly looking down at his crotch again as she walked away.

Ted stared at her cute young ass until she disappeared around the corner of her house.

Jan was sitting on a sofa sipping her second martini when Ted entered the house, his thoughts still on the little teen-aged prick-teaser.

"Hi, honey," he smiled, kissing her lightly on the cheek. "Looks like the cocktail hour is early this evening."

"I just felt like a drink," she grinned, the gin having started going to her head. "Let me fix you one."

"Thanks," he replied, dropping into a chair, his thoughts still on the child next door. He knew that he would never touch the youngster, but her brazenness certainly excited him.

During dinner, his cock gave a wild lurch every time he thought of little Becky Adams' soft lips. Jan was pleased that her husband was preoccupied with something else, as she was in no mood for conversation. Her thoughts were on nothing but the terrible affair she had indulged in during the afternoon. The girl actually loathed herself for the filthy, vile acts she had performed. How could she possibly allow her fine loving husband to touch her filthy defiled body again?

"Would you care for a brandy?" she asked her husband casually after dinner, hoping that the alcohol would numb her tortured mind.

"You're really hitting the sauce tonight," he smiled.

"I'm rather tired," she answered nervously.

"Okay," her husband continued, "I'd love a brandy."

Later that night when Ted suggested that they go to bed, Jan was half-smashed on the four brandies she'd consumed. Lying in bed, Jan was only dimly aware of her husband's presence as the warm alcohol surged through her veins.

Ted tried to sleep, but thoughts of the little red-headed prick-teaser had given him a powerful erection that made sleep virtually impossible. Knowing how sexually inadequate he'd been with his wife yesterday, he was at first reluctant to approach her. His painfully hard cock felt like it was ready to explode. Unable to control himself any longer, he reached over and drew his wife into his arms.

Half-numbed with brandy, Jan could feel his fiery prick burning against her stomach through the thin nightgown. She was filled with repugnance as she felt him lifting the hem of her nightie. Since that afternoon, the thought of sex had been sickening to the mentally tortured girl. She lay numbly in his arm as his free hand moved slowly up her inner thigh. She gave a shuddering lurch when his finger brushed against the swollen flesh of her ravaged cunt. The ruthless pounding of Tony's big cock had left her vagina tender and sore.

"Please, not tonight," she whispered.

"Oh, God," he sobbed, his throbbing cock aching for release.

Filled with remorse, Jan was aware that she shouldn't make Ted suffer for her filthy behavior. She knew it wasn't fair to reject him for her vile sins. She could tell from the heat and stiffness of his cock, that the man was aching to unload his sperm into her cunt, the same vile cunt that a loathsome stranger had filled with semen earlier that day.

Reaching over and gently taking his throbbing cock in her hand, she slid his foreskin up and down his excited shaft. A faint tingle rippled through her pussy as she unconsciously recalled the massive cock she'd been caressing earlier that day.

Finally releasing her husband's quivering prick, she spread her thighs and rolled him over on top of her. She bit her lip to keep from screaming with pain as his cock slid through the raw torn flesh of her swollen pussylips. As the flow of her cuntal juices mounted, the lubricating fluids began easing the pain. When at last he'd fully penetrated her, she recalled how Tony's big bloated cock had so completely filled her grasping fuckhole. Rememerbering how deliciously it had pressed out against her widely stretched cuntal walls, Jan unconsciously screwed her cunt up tighter against the base of her husband's stiff prick.

In the darkness of the room, Ted could visualize Becky Adams' soft little mouth smiling up at him as she squirmed her juicy young cunt around the base of his trembling cock. He could see her lustrous red hair flowing across the pillow while she cradled his naked body between the soft flesh of her bare thighs.

Thinking of the young prick-teaser, he began wildly thrusting his raging cock in and out of his wife's slippery cunt. Knowing he couldn't last much longer, he pounded faster and faster, eager to fire out the big load of semen that was screaming to be released.

Frantically clutching to her plunging husband, Jan was remembering how Tony's cruel big honker had ripped through her trembling flesh that afternoon. Thinking about the crude boy's massive cock seemed to stimulate Jan. She felt the excitement rising higher and higher in her body as she thought about Tony's big thick sinewy shaft.

"That's it, baby!" she suddenly squealed. "Fuck me, baby, fuck me!"

She could visualize that big brutal slab of hard flesh plunging into her lurching fuckhole.

Covering his wife's open gasping mouth with his parted lips, Ted could feel the little neighbor girl's tongue flicking naughtily against his. He could feel her deliciously wet slippery lips sucking his excited tongue into the warmth of her mouth.

With her thoughts completely centered around Tony's big thick honker, Jan was vaguely aware that she was racing toward a climax. Every thrust was bringing her closer and closer to the fulfillment she'd never experienced with her husband.

"Fuck me, honey, fuck me!" she sobbed hysterically as she lurched and writhed under his pounding body.

Driving harder and deeper, Ted could feel his bunting cock slithering in and out of his neighbor's tight little pussy. He could vividly see the drops of cuntal juices glistening on her downy red pubic hairs as his slippery hard cock slid between her tight pink little cuntlips. The feel of the child's hot cuntal walls squeezing and sucking against his shaft was driving him crazy. He could feel his climax building up in his sperm-bloated balls.

The feel of her husband's thick semen gushing into her fuckhole triggered Jan into a wild, screaming, lurching orgasm that was so intense, it left her shaking and trembling long after the climax had subsided. It was the first time they had ever enjoyed a mutual orgasm, and both of them had been vicariously fucking someone else.

For the next few weeks, Jan tired to keep herself busy by redecorating their bedroom and den. As time passed, Jan was able to push the memory of that filthy afternoon from her mind. She tried not to remember it, and when she did, she seemed able to disassociate herself from the lewd scene. Sex with her husband had vastly improved and she was reaching orgasms most of the time, though it was only when she closed her eyes and thought of Tony's big brutal cock that her husband was able to bring her to a climax.

Sitting in the kitchen one morning, nibbling on a piece of cold toast, her body was filled with a nervous tension. The night before, her husband had ejaculated just as she was approaching a climax, and this always left her tense and frustrated. There was a burning, itching feeling in her pussy. Every nerve in her body was stretched as taut as a violin string.

Putting down the half-eaten piece of toast, Jan decided to take a hot bath, hoping that soaking in the warm water would relax her tense body. She ran the water as hot as she could stand it, and then lowered herself into the steaming tub. Lying back in the deep suds, she began luxuriously soaping herself. A delicious ripple surged through her body when the washcloth moved across her genitals. Her hands lingered in the sensitive area as she lay back in the tub, thoroughly enjoying the pleasant sensation.

Closing her eyes, she slipped her finger into her excited slit, seeking her sensitive clitoris. A delightful shudder raced through her loins when her probing finger slithered against the erect little bud. Within seconds, her finger was sliding wildly in and out of her writhing, soapy little pussy. In the past, Jan had not been too successful reaching an orgasm by masturbating, but this time her excited young body seemed to be responding to her finger manipulations.

With her eyes shut tight, the vision of Tony's big hard cock unconsciously materialized in her mind. Her finger plunging in and out of her soapy, slippery slit, she could vividly picture the lewd monster thrusting up from between his hairy legs. Time after time, she almost reached a climax, but her frantically plunging finger was inadequate to carry her over the crest. How she wished that Tony's massive cock were in there to trigger the orgasm that her frustrated body was screaming for. Once more, with the vision of the man's big honker on her mind, she almost made it, but then she slid back to reality, more frustrated than ever.

Quickly getting out of the tub, she wrapped herself in a big Turkish towel, and walked dejectedly to her room. Her body screaming for sexual release, she threw herself on the bed and once more began rubbing her throbbing clitoris. How she wanted to fill her aching cunt with a huge cock like Tony's! But she didn't want the crude bastard near her. The shame of the last performance had been bad enough to live with, and she didn't want to start it all over again.

Lying there, her finger idly caressing her trembling clit, she thought about her friend Lois Evans. She recalled how Lois had told her that she was having affairs, and Jan wondered how it would be to have a secret lover taking care of her sexual needs. Plunging her finger in and out of her writhing slit, Jan closed her eyes and tried to conjure up a vision of a handsome young man making love to her. No matter how hard she tried to picture a handsome sex partner, her mind could only see Tony's big gnarly cock moving menacingly toward her trembling pussy. She knew that she would never do it, but she ached to have her cunt filled and stretched by the loathsome man's big brutal honker.

Getting up from the bed, she walked into the living room, still wrapped in the heavy towel. She was trembling, and her breath was coming in gasps as she dropped into a big chair and lighted a cigarette. Her cunt was itching and burning like it was on fire, and Jan valiantly kept her fingers away because that only added to her excitement without relieving it.

"Oh, shit!" she sobbed hysterically, and walked over to the phone stand and looked up the number of the Wagon Wheel Tavern. When she'd dialed the first three digits with her trembling finger, she quickly hung up. She knew it was shameful and disgusting to even think of calling that vile creature. She had thought of calling him for this last and only time, but her better judgment forced her to hang up the phone.

Walking into the kitchen for a glass of cold water, she could feel her hot cunt juices dripping down her leg from her burning open cunt. The open swollen lips of her slit rubbed together as she walked, exciting her even more.

Returning to the living room, she walked unsteadily to the phone and dialed the forbidden number. No matter how wrong it was, no matter how crude he was, she needed Tony's big cock to fill her screaming cunt.

"Wagon Wheel," a man's voice answered.

"Is... T-Tony there?" she asked in a thin, stammering voice.

"Who's calling?"

"What difference does it make?" she half whispered. "Is he there?"

"How the hell can I knew whether he's here until I tell him whose calling?" the man's voice snarled.

"It's Jan. Jan Wilson," she stammered in a low, breathless voice.

She heard him set the phone down and there was a long period of nothing but the sound of a loud juke box and the din of voices.

"Hi," she suddenly heard his crude voice. "How's the fancy architect's little sex machine today?"

Filled with revulsion, she was unable to answer.

"What's the matter?" he laughed. "Have ya got a cock in your mouth?"

"Tony..." she sobbed, filled with shame.

"D'ya wanta fuck?" he interrupted.

"Yes, Tony," she whispered in a trembling voice.

"You're lucky," he laughed, "I'm free today."

"Please come over Tony," she half sobbed, strangely excited by his crude self-assurance. "I want to be fucked."

"Okay, honey," he laughed, "get your clothes off and I'll be right over."

"I'll leave the door unlocked," she said as she hung up, her whole body trembling deliciously with anticipation.

Still wearing only the towel, she dropped into a chair to wait, her fingers gently massaging her open, dripping slit.

She opened her eyes a little later when she heard the front door open. Tony was standing there in the same jeans and T-shirt that he'd worn the first time she had seen him.

"How's my favorite little cocksucker?" he grinned arrogantly as he swaggered across the room.

Jan didn't answer. She was too startled by the sight of the huge blond man who followed Tony through the door.

"Who's that?" she gasped.

"This is Whitey," he smiled. "He likes to fuck, too, so I brought him along. I figure he can relieve me between loads."

"Get out!" she screamed. "Get out! Roth of you!"

Without answering, Tony reached out and tore the towel away from the girl.

"See, Whitey," he laughed, turning to his friend, who was staring at the naked young girl cowering in the big chair. "I told you the little cocksucker had a great body."

"Don't call me a cocksucker," she sobbed, vainly trying to cover her breasts and cunt with her hands.

"Why not?" he laughed. "You gave me the best blow job I've ever had."

Jan looked over at the other man. He was wearing only jeans and his big chest was completely exposed. He had a ruggedly handsome face. Jan was both embarrassed and frightened, knowing how ruthless and arrogant Tony was, and his friend just staring at her with cold, sinister eyes.

"You phoned and said you wanted to be fucked," Tony sneered. "So we're here to service you."

Standing directly in front of the cringing girl, Tony removed his T-shirt and dropped his pants. As usual, the man wasn't wearing shorts and his massive organ was jutting up proudly from his swollen, hairy scrotum.

Even though both embarrassed and scared, an excited thrill raced through Jan's little body when she saw his magnificent honker. The thick, gnarly cock was even bigger than she'd remembered it. She couldn't believe that the throbbing monster had ever been able to penetrate her little body.

"Hey, Whitey," he laughed, turning to his friend. "Drop your pants and let the fancy architect's little cocksucker get a look at your beauty."

Within a matter of seconds, the man was standing nude, his cock thrusting into the air. It wasn't nearly as thick as Tony's, but Jan was surprisingly excited by the long, slim, smooth penis.

"His cock ain't too big around," laughed Tony, holding his own big swollen glans only inches from Jan's lips. "But it sure serves his purpose. Old Whitey would rather ream out a girl's soft little asshole than her cunt."

Staring numbly at Whitey's long, thin cock, she suddenly felt Tony's big, hot, rubbery glans probing against her lips. The exciting pungent male aroma was deliciously filling her nostrils. Jan had almost forgotten how the musky odor and the randy taste of his cock had so completely excited her.

"Open your mouth!" gasped Tony.

Without a moment's hesitation, she opened her mouth as wide as possible, suddenly eager to feel the texture of the big throbbing organ. Shivering with delight, she felt the deliciously exciting cock sliding hotly over the top of her sensitive tongue. When his huge glans was nuzzled against the very back of her throat, she could feel his big thick shaft throbbing with life in her sucking, slurping mouth. Moving her hot lips up and down over his quivering cock, she cupped his massive scrotum in her hands, gently massaging his balls while one finger teasingly probed around his asshole.

From the way the man began to tremble and shake, she knew he was enjoying every second of her lewd ministrations. It excited her to know that she could give so much pleasure to the only person capable of giving her sexual fulfillment. Slowly, her feeling of revulsion at the things she had done with Tony in the past seemed to fade. What they were doing might be considered lewd and vile by others, but to Jan it was the ultimate in human sensuality. Sucking excitedly on his big throbbing cock, Jan decided that the millions of people who passed through life without ever experiencing the forbidden pleasures of wanton sex would never fully reach their sexual capabilities.

Her mouth avidly working on the man's blood-bloated glans, the young housewife decided she wanted to enjoy every sex experience available, regardless of how vile and filthy it might seem to others. She didn't want to spend the rest of her life sexually frustrated.

Tracing her finger like a fluttering butterfly around his puckered anal opening, she had a sudden strange desire to feel Whitey's long, smooth cock slithering up her asshole.

Her whole body flaming with sexuality, she began sucking harder and deeper on Tony's lurching cock. From the way his body was jerking, the girl knew that he'd soon be fifing his hot load of semen into her eagerly slurping mouth. Through the corner of her eye, she saw Whitey, slumped in a chair, frantically stroking his long smooth cock as he watched the girl's wet, slurping mouth sucking off his friend.

Tony's whole body gave a final frantic lurch as his big trembling cock squirted a thick load of semen into Jan's waiting mouth. Sucking and swallowing deliriously, Jan was able to enjoy the full load as it gushed and flowed into her throat. It was only when she'd sucked out the last drop that she released the shrinking penis from her grasping lips.

"Don't," she suddenly gasped at Whitey, who was frantically stroking his cock toward an ejaculation. "Don't waste it!"

Jumping up and dashing across the room, she grabbed the man's stiff prick and quickly inserted it into her mouth.

"God, honey," she whispered between slurps. "We can't waste that fuck juice when I love it so much."

Smiling and closing his eyes, Whitey lay back on the chair, anticipating the best blow job he'd ever had, and little Jan didn't disappoint him.

Stepping out of the shower, Lois Evans briskly dried herself with a large towel. Turning around, she surveyed herself in the full-length mirror. She was secretly bothered because of the way her husband had sexually ignored her for the past few years. Studying herself in the minor, she was pleased with the reflection. In her early thirties, Lois had an extremely lovely body with full hips, slim waist and firm high breasts, topped with deliciously big juicy nipples. Her beautiful blonde hair was parted on the side, falling in soft waves to her shoulders. The shimmering golden bush above her pubic area was proof that she was crowned with naturally blonde hair.

Staring at the reflection, Lois couldn't understand why she was so completely ignored by her husband. The men that she'd been involved with in the last few years had all commented on the beauty of her body.

Thinking about the problem she was having with her husband, her thoughts drifted to Jan Wilson. She hadn't seen, nor talked, to the girl since she had visited her a few weeks ago, filled with frustration over her husband. Lois wondered if the problem between the couple had been resolved. She was a little disturbed at having disclosed her occasional sexual transgressions to her young friend. She hoped that Jan hadn't thought she was suggesting that the girl take on a lover.

Thinking about Jan, Lois decided to drive over and see her. Her little daughter, Sally, was spending a couple of days at her grandmother's, so it was a convenient time to spend the afternoon with Jan.

Being a warm summer day, Lois decided to skip hose, and slipped into a short little summer dress. Lightly applying a natural lipstick and running a comb through her hair, the girl dashed out to her car.

Arriving at Jan's house, she noticed her friend's car in the driveway and hurried up the walk. As she always did, Lois casually opened the door and walked into the house. Stepping out of the bright sunlight, it took her eyes a few moments to adjust to the semidarkness of the room. She was conscious of gasping sounds, and as her eyes became accustomed to the light, she stopped dead in her tracks.

A naked man was slouched in a chair, his eyes closed, his head lolling on the backrest, his widely spread legs stretched out in front of him. Little Jan Wilson, completely nude, was kneeling between his leg, frantically sucking on the man's hard prick. Another naked man was kneeling behind Jan, and clutching the girl's hips, he was plunging his cock in and out of her cunt from behind.

Lois was only a few feet away when she first saw them, and was too startled to retreat from the scene. When her eyes became adjusted to the darkness, she realized that neither of the men was Ted. The man in the chair who was being sucked off was a big rugged blond, and the person that was pumping his cock into Jan's slurping cunt was a stocky man, his muscular body covered with thick black hair.

"Oh, Christ," she heard Jan say between sucks, "that's it, Tony, baby! Fuck me hard honey! Shit, I love that big cock!"

Glancing down, Lois couldn't believe the girth of the big honker that was slamming into her friend's little fuckhole. It was bigger around than Jan's ankle. Lois' body began trembling with excitement as she watched the big, gnarly, juice-slick cock slashing up into Jan's wet slit.

Unable to believe what she was seeing, Lois dropped into a big chair, her eyes on the three lurching bodies. She stared as if hypnotized at Tony's massive cock slithering in and out between Jan's widely stretched cuntal lips. The pink, wet flesh of the girl's open vagina was saturated with her abundant juice as it sucked and slurped against the deliciously slippery cock. It was the most erotic sight Lois had ever seen.

"Fuck, Tony, fuck!" Jan muttered, her mouth continuing to ravish the big blond's cock. "Bang me harder, baby! Fuck me good!"

The sight of the huge honker driving up into Jan's slippery fuckhole, and the sound of her excited cries and moans, was driving Lois wild. Watching them, she could feel the hot juices dripping out of her own itching hot cunt. Not realizing what she was doing, Lois pulled up her short skirt and slipped her finger through the leg of her brief panties, thrusting it deep into her dripping little slit.

Massaging Whitey's balls and sucking frantically on his smooth trembling prick, Jan was almost beside herself with the sweet agony of Tony's thick hard cock slamming viciously into her pleasure ravished fuckhole. Nothing had ever totally excited her as much as being debased by these two crude men. It was complete ecstasy to be subjected and sexually violated by them.

"Fuck me, Tony!" she frantically, screamed. "Split me open, honey! Bang me harder!"

Wildly rubbing her own erect clitoris, Lois stared at Tony's big cock as it began slashing harder and deeper into her young friend's lurching cunt. Each thrust made a delicious slurping sound as it squished more juice out of Jan's grasping little fuckhole.

"Take this, you fuckin' slut!" shouted Tony, slamming his cock in with all his strength. "Take this, and this, and this!"

"Oh, yes, baby!" squealed Jan. "That's it, honey! Rip me open!"

Lois couldn't believe that this lewd young woman was her quiet, reserved girl friend. By now, Lois had slid down on the chair, her head against the back and her legs spread wide open with her feet planted on the floor, her finger racing madly in and out of her pleasure-crazed cunt. Stopping momentarily, she quickly removed her juice-soaked panties to make her throbbing slit more available to her plunging finger.

With Tony's big honker driving more brutally into her steaming cunt, Jan was sucking violently on Whitey's lurching prick. From the way his body was jerking, the frantic girl realized that Whitey was almost ready to fire the hot thick load she was eagerly waiting to taste. Although she knew it was coming, she was still startled when it suddenly gushed into her mouth. Frantically sucking and swallowing the thick, slippery fluid, she exploded into her own shuddering orgasm induced by Tony's savage thrusts. Lurching and shuddering with the intense ecstasy, her knees collapsed and she fell onto the floor, Tony's cock slipping out with a loud sucking, slurping sound.

"You bitch!" he roared as he teetered on the verge of ejaculating.

Roughly grabbing at the girl so that he could ram his cock back up her hole, he was suddenly aware of Lois slouched in a chair, her lovely legs spread wide as her fingers tore at her juicy slit.

He could see the girl's pink open cuntlips surrounded by her golden, juice-drenched pubic hair, as her finger slid in and out of the slippery opening. Tony didn't know who she was or where she came from, and didn't give a damn.

Scrambling excitedly to his feet, he grabbed Lois' hand from her pussy and roughly pulled her to her feet. Throwing her onto a couch, he ripped her dress and bra to shreds. As excited as she'd been, Lois was frightened as the man crawled between her legs, his massive hairy body looming over her and his thick gnarly cock thrusting up from his lust-swollen scrotum. Pressing one hand on her shoulder to keep her down, he grasped his lurching cock in the other, guiding it toward her trembling little fuckhole. His big hard shaft was glistening lewdly with Jan's sticky cunt juices. It was a formidable sight to Lois as it advanced closer and closer to her golden-fringed slit. She couldn't possibly see how she could ever accommodate the throbbing giant.

"Oh, Christttttt!" she shrieked when he drove it deep into her belly with one brutal, searing thrust.

Little Jan couldn't believe it when she turned around at the sound of the scream and saw her friend lying naked under Tony's big muscular body. Staring with unbelieving eyes, she could see Lois trembling and biting her lip in pain. She couldn't understand where Lois had come from, and what she was doing naked on the couch.

"Stop it!" she heard Lois scream. "Please, don't! You're hurting me!"

"Shut your fuckin' mouth!" roared Tony, slapping his hand over her face.

Little Jan smiled to herself, knowing what a fantastically delicious fuck Lois would get when the initial pain of the vicious entry subsided. She watched his big shaft sliding in and out of the limp, unresponsive blonde's cunt. Slowly at first, she saw Lois' arms gently snake round his shoulders as she pressed her open mouth against his, opening her thighs to give the man easier access to her fuckhole. Jan could almost feel theecstasy that was flowing through her friend's body as Lois arched her hips, screwing her cunt up tighter against the base of Tony's wonderful big honker. Jan knew that the initial pain had subsided and that her friend was going to get the most fantastic fuck of her whole life.

Lying her head back on Whitey's leg, Jan began gently massaging his limp prick while she excitedly watching the lewdly locked couple writhing in ecstasy on the couch.

"Oh, God, that's a big cock," she heard Lois whisper as she gently nibbled the man's ear. "I've never been filled with so much prick in my life."

Jan knew how her friend felt. Jan knew how Tony's cock pressed out against every stretched tissue in her pleasure-racked cunt. The way it completely filled her fuckhole, produced an intense sweet agony that could never be described. It had to be experienced, and once a woman had experienced it, she'd give up husband, home -- even her self-respect -- to enjoy that exquisite ecstasy again.

"Christ, that's good!" Lois was sobbing, thrusting her cunt up to receive every delicious stroke. "It's so fuckin' good baby, so fuckin' big!"

Watching the erotic scene on the sofa, Jan could feel Whitey's cock beginning to throb and swell in her hand.

"Oh, God, what a beauty!" screamed Lois, drawing her knees up higher, exposing even more of her creamy slit to his battering honker. "What a cock! What a fucker!"

With each penetration, Jan could see her friend's juicy cuntlips following the massive shaft into her body, and when he'd withdrawn it, they would reappear, grasping and sucking at his massive pole. Her hot cunt juices were foaming out of her grasping slit, flowing down over her drenched ass.

Staring at the writhing couple, Jan was lightly sliding her fingers up and down Whitey's smooth long shaft that was once again hard as steel. Jan found the slim hardness of his cock very erotic. Leaning over, she flicked the top of it with her warm wet little tongue.

Glancing back across the room, Jan could see the other couple lurching even more violently on the couch, their naked damp bodies slapping noisily together.

"Fuck, baby, fuck!" Lois was screaming as she lurched and clutched at the big muscular body heaving above her. Her smooth naked legs were flying in the air, her golden hair flailing wildly across the cushion as her head lolled crazily back and forth. Eyes glazed, she was staring blindly at the crazily spinning ceiling. She had never experienced such intense ecstasy in her life.

Spurred on by the girl's sexually aroused screams, Tony was pounding his mighty shaft up her squirming fuck tunnel with a brutal ferocity. The room was filled with the sound of his big balls slapping against her soft juice-smeared asscheeks. Every vicious thrust was crashing deliciously against the screaming girl's womb.

Frantically grasping the cheeks of his ass, Lois pulled him tighter against her violently lurching body. Locking her heels behind his knees, she continued screwing her pussy tighter and tighter around the base of his brutally slashing cock.

"Fuck, baby, fuck!" she squealed. "Christ, you're good, honey! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

Grasping frantically at her lover's plunging ass, Lois' finger was lightly probing around the ring of his puckered anus. The light, feathery touch of her finger circling his sensitive anal opening sent wild sensations streaking through Tony's asshole.

Jan felt a tingle ripple through her loins. Rapidly stroking Whitey's hard slim cock, she stared at her girl friend's finger teasingly circling Tony's quivering anus. The sight of Tony lurching as Lois rammed her finger up the man's ass sent a wild, exciting tremor racing through Jan's body.

"D'ya like that, baby?" she heard Lois whisper. "Do you like my naughty finger up your asshole?"

"Christ, yes!" gasped Tony, lurching more violently. "I love it, baby! I love it!"

"Then take this, honey," she giggled, sinking her finger deeper into his squirming anus.

Jan was almost out of her mind with excitement as she watched her friend's finger sink deeper and deeper into the hot darkness of the man's forbidden hole.

"Jesus Christ!" gasped Tony as the girl's lascivious finger rotated around in his rectum.

"Like it, baby? Do you like my finger?" she giggled, swirling her finger even faster in the slippery darkness of his asshole.

His answer was to slam his cock up her slit with even more violent strokes. Lois could feel her orgasm building up in her deliciously battered body. Every vicious thrust of the man's mighty cock was bringing her closer to the precipice of her impending climax.

Watching her friend's finger plunging in and out of the man's quivering anus was blowing Jan's mind. She couldn't understand why, but the obscene sight was one of the most exciting things she'd ever watched. She could almost feel the finger slithering in and out of her own tight little anal opening. With her depraved young body burning with lust, Jan continued frantically stroking Whitey's hard prick.

"Oh, Christ, I'm coming!" Lois screamed as her swirling finger found the plunging man's prostate, triggering a wild gush of semen into her cock-filled fuck tunnel. "I'm coming! I'm coming!"

The feel of his thick, hot semen spewing into her body sent her into a screaming, lurching orgasm that she would never forget. Tony collapsed over her trembling body, her finger still embedded in his anus.

"Whitey?" Jan suddenly whispered, trembling with excitement. "Will you shove your prick up my asshole?"

"Christ, yes!" he gasped. "Roll over. Ass fuckin' is my specialty!"

Rolling over, she turned her soft little bottom up to his leering eyes.

Kneeling behind her little turned up ass, Whitey parted the soft cheeks of her lovely young buttocks. Lowering his face, he gently blew his warm breath against the lewdly exposed hole of her anus.

"Oh, God," she mewled as his warm breath caressed her sensitive flesh.

The young girl's body shivered with ecstasy as she felt his hot wet tongue lewdly licking her anal opening. Feeling his tongue probing against the elastic ring sent another wave of excitement rippling through her body.

"Oh, my God," she shuddered, feeling the hot, muscular tip of his tongue darting through the sensitive opening. His tongue was actually moving in and out of her dilated anal opening, sending wild lustful spasms flaming through her trembling body. Being tongue-fucked in the asshole was obscenely beautiful to the writhing girl.

Removing his tongue from her quivering anus, he began licking the deep furrow of the girl's buttocks. When she was completely drenched his hit hot spit, he spread apart the moistened cheeks with the forefinger and thumb of one hand, and then suddenly thrust the middle finger of the other deep into the tight little hole.

"Eeeeeeeggggghhhhhh!" she screamed as the fiery digit ripped up through the sensitive passage.

He continued plunging and twisting his finger around in the warm, buttery depths of her lurching rectum, widening the passage to make the penetration of his cock less painful. Whitey finally withdrew his finger and grasped his cock, guiding it toward her trembling orifice.

Putting one arm around the kneeling girl's waist, he eased his bone-hard cockhead up against the distended hole of her anus.

Lois and Tony were excitedly watching the lewd scene as Whitey prepared to penetrate the young girl's asshole.

"Give it to her, Whitey!" shouted Tony as Lois gently stroked his rapidly swelling cock. "Rip the little bitch open!"

His cockhead firmly planted against her anal opening, Whitey tightly grasped her hips, pushing with all his strength. Slowly at first, the tight, elastic ring began yielding to the ruthless pressure, then his taut, rubbery glans suddenly burst through the cruelly stretched hole.

"Eeeeeegggggghhhh!" she screamed in agony as his cock ripped through the torn tissues of her asshole. Clutching her hips even tighter, he continued easing his throbbing shaft inch by painful inch up into the young housewife's painfully stretched rectum.

Sobbing, little Jan could feel the head of his cock cruelly tearing and splitting open the tender tissues of the sensitive flesh. When she felt his big swollen balls pressing against the wide crevice between her asscheeks, she realized that his cock had fully penetrated her tight, hot rectum. His cock firmly implanted in her body, he slowly moved his hand down from her waist, slipping a finger through the warm slippery lips of her slit.

Though her body was writhing with pain, the feel of his probing finger gently caressing her clit sent an exciting flame tingling through her flesh. The pain in her widely stretched rectum seemed to recede as it was slowly replaced by the ecstasy induced by his finger on her clitoris. Slowly at first, she could feel his cock moving in and out of her hot, squeezing anal passage. The initial pain of the penetration of her virgin asshole was now being replaced by an intense pleasure as she felt his smooth cock gliding in and out of her slippery, buttery rectum. Without realizing it, she was thrusting her ass back to receive every smooth stroke of his plunging tool.

Glancing up, she saw Tony's massive cock throbbing up from between his hairy muscular legs.

"Tony!" she gasped excitedly. "Shove that prick in my mouth! Please, Tony, ram it down my throat!"

Without a moment's hesitation, he walked across the room, dropped to his knees before the girl, and guided his cock into her wide-open mouth.

Clamping her lips tightly around the base of his big swollen cockhead, she began furiously sucking the delicious piece of male flesh. It was complete debauchery. She had reached the very lowest level of debasement that her lust-crazed body had craved. Her whole beautiful world was filled with nothing but cocks. Her slurping mouth was filled with cock. Her luscious little asshole was being ravished by a cock and her slippery slit was filled with fingers massaging her sex-crazed clitoris. She had never felt so debauched and happy in her life. She wished that her fumbling husband could see how these men were debasing her, carrying her to the very apex of total depravity.

Masochistically enraptured, she frantically thrust her ass up to meet the vicious strokes of Whitey's battering shaft while her mouth slurped and sucked on the other man's lewdly swollen cock.

Watching the erotic scene, Lois was frantically plunging her finger in and out of her hot, slippery, gold-fringed slit. The sight of Whitey's sleek smooth shaft gliding, in and out of Jan's widely distended asshole was blowing her mind. She vowed that before the afternoon ended, she too would be initiated into anal intercourse.

Still clawing and tearing at her own pussy, Lois suddenly jumped up and ran across the room. Dropping her knees behind Whitey, she frantically rammed her middle finger up his asshole.

The sudden fiery pain made him lurch, driving his cock even deeper into Jan's gasping rectum. The feel of Lois' finger swirling around in his forbidden hole only served to further excite the man.

"Fuck her, honey, fuck her!" Lois screamed, urging him on with her deeply implanted finger.

"Fuck the shit out of her!"

With Whitey's cock slamming viciously into her guts and his finger gliding salaciously over her clitoris, Jan could feel an intense orgasm building up in her trembling loins. From the way Tony's cock was throbbing and jerking in her mouth she was vaguely aware that he was on the verge of ejaculating.

Spurred on by Lois' lewd, swirling finger, Whitey was in the throes of his final vicious plunges, feeling his own climax building up in his sperm-bloated balls.

Jan clamped her sucking lips even tighter around Tony's big glans when she felt his thick semen gushing into her slurping mouth. Sucking and swallowing frantically, she was in heaven. She was just starting over the crest of her own orgasm when she felt Whitey's white-hot sperm juice squirting up into her grasping, sucking rectum.

The room was a bedlam of sobs, shrieks, moans and gasps as the three people reached their simultaneous orgasms. Watching them collapse into a pile of limp, wet flesh, Lois rolled onto her back and began frantically sliding her finger around her slippery hard clit. Within a matter of seconds, she too exploded into a shattering climax.

A few weeks later, little Becky Adams was sifting in her living room brushing her silky pubic hairs when she heard a car stop in front of the Wilson house. Looking through the window, she saw a lovely blonde woman sitting behind the wheel and a moment later, Jan Wilson came down the walk. The two women were giggling as Mrs. Wilson got in the car. Watching them drive away, Becky wondered who the strange blonde was. For the last two or three weeks, Becky had often seen her coming and going from the Wilsons' home. Sometimes she was alone, but usually there were two young men with her.

Becky's thoughts turned to Ted Wilson. She realized that he was a happily married man, but there was something about him that really excited her. She couldn't forget the wild expression on his face as they had masturbated in front of each other that morning. It always aroused Becky when she recalled how big and hard his cock had looked when he stood there pumping his hand up and down his thrusting shaft. The little girl was obsessed with dreams of sucking and fondling the man's sex organs, but was aware that he would probably have nothing to do with a girl as young as she, even if he wanted to. Yet she knew that she'd once excited him to the point of masturbation.

Slowly returning to the couch, Becky pulled her short skirt up and resumed stroking her silky red pubic hairs with the soft brush. Little Becky was totally obsessed with her genitals, and had been since she was seven or eight years old. When she wasn't masturbating, which she indulged in several times a day, Becky was either brushing or combing the silky red hairs, dusting her vagina with soft powders or even applying aromatic oils to her gential area. With both parents working, she spent long leisurely days enjoying her juicy little silt. She had one obsession other than her cunt, and that was older men's pricks.

It had all started when she was a young child, and with a man that she later realized was one of those funny uncles. Uncle Fred had been married to her mother's sister, and after his wife's tragic death, he never remarried and was always a welcome guest in Becky's home.

She loved her uncle deeply and spent long hours cuddled on his lap. Becky's parents encouraged the warm relationship between the little girl and her uncle, as it seemed to take his mind away from his loss. Becky could vividly remember the first time he'd slipped his finger up through the leg of her little panties and gently probed at her pussy. As young as Becky was, she knew that what he was doing was naughty. Her mother had always scolded the child when she touched her privates, so she was completely aware that no one else should touch her. Becky often recalled the exciting tingle that rippled through her pussy when his finger first made contact with her little slit. She subconsciously knew that she should stop him, but it felt so good that she rationalized that it was okay as long as she wasn't touching her cunt with her own hands.

From that time an, sitting on Uncle Fred's lap was the most exciting thing in the world as his finger slithered in and out bf her lurching little body. The child could hardly wait for his frequent visits to her house.

One afternoon her mother had to go shopping and left the child with Uncle Fred.

"Oh, Uncle Fred," she had whispered, climbing onto his lap. "Will you finger me?"

"Take your panties off and I'll do something better," he smiled.

When her little cunt was bared, he picked the child up, and carrying her to a sofa, placed her on her back. Becky would never forget the wild thrill when he opened her thighs and started licking her quivering little pussy. The pleasure was so intense that it was almost unbearable, and looking back at it years later, Becky realized that what she had felt had actually been her very first orgasm.

"Would you like to lick mine?" he had whispered when Becky had regained control of herself.

"Do men have pussies?" she asked.

"No," he smiled, "men have big lollipops."

"You're teasin'," she had giggled.

"No I'm not."

"Prove it."

Becky would never forget the shock she felt when her uncle lowered his zipper and brought out his big hard honker. Until then, she'd had no idea what a man's sex organs looked like. The sight of the hard fleshy pole almost frightened the little girl to death. After staring at it for a long time, she reached out with childish curiosity and tentatively touched it with her fingers. To this day, Becky could vividly remember how excitingly hard and hot it was to her touch.

"See," he had smiled. "I do have a lollipop."

"Can I lick it?" she had asked.

"Certainly, darling."

That had been the beginning of the most exciting time of the girl's young life. He taught her how to jack him off as well as blow him, and as her reward, he would either finger-fuck or eat her little cunt.

It was during this period that she began dusting her pussy with scented powders and burshing the soft downy little pubic hairs that were beginning to appear. She wanted her little cunt to be clean and pretty for her wonderful uncle.

Then one day, he suddenly stopped coming to the house, and Becky never saw him again. Years later she heard rumors that he'd been sent to prison for child molesting. As the years sped by, the young girl never forgot her uncle's beautiful big cock.

When Becky had just passed her twelfth birthday, she eagerly gave up her virginity to a young boy across the street. He had been the first of several boys who had balled the highly sexed girl, but none of their little hard pricks were like her uncle's wonderful big cock. She became more and more obsessed with thoughts of big, man-sized honkers. Getting no fulfillment from the younger boys, she now kept to herself, preening her little pussy, and masturbating with fantasies of man sized cocks that she realized were not readily available to girls her age.

Sitting in the living room, lovingly brushing her smooth shimmering bush, Becky's thoughts continued returning to her neighbor, Ted Wilson. She hadn't seen a grown man's cock since her uncle disappeared, until she saw Ted Wilson jacking off in his yard. She couldn't seem to erase the beautifully obscene sight from her mind. Every time she masturbated, she could see her neighbor standing in front of her, stroking his magnificently big cock.

When she finished brushing her cuntal hairs, Becky stood up and lowered her short dress over her otherwise naked little body. Walking into the kitchen, she decided to make hot dogs for her lunch. She was just putting water into the saucepan when she saw Mr. Wilson turn into his driveway. As always, the sight of the man sent hot flashes burning through her loins. She had never seen him come home during the day before, and she was curious about what he was doing.

Ted Wilson saw his wife's car when he drove into the driveway, and cheerily called her name as he entered the house. He was darned disappointed when he discovered her note, saying that she had gone out with Lois and wouldn't be back until early evening. Because Jan had been so tired lately, they hadn't had sex for several nights, and being in a super horny mood, Ted had decided to drive home, hoping for a nooner.

Having informed his office that he was taking the rest of the day off, he decided to scrape up some lunch. He had just taken a carton of milk out of the refrigerator when the doorbell rang.

"Hi, Mr. Wilson," his little red-headed neighbor smiled when he opened the door.

"Hello, Becky," he grinned, his eyes immediately drawn to her big bra-less boobs, rolling salaciously around under the thin material of her dress.

"I need help," she nervously stammered, her soft warm eyes pleading up to him. "Our power has gone off and I don't know a darn thing about the fuse box."

"Let me put this milk away," he answered, still holding the carton. "I was just starting to fix lunch."

"Oh, I'm sorry to have disturbed you," she whispered.

"Not at all," was his reply. "Just let me put this milk back in the fridge."

Quickly putting the milk away, he followed the girl across the lawn to her house.

"Where's the fuse box?" he asked as they entered.

"It's in the utility room, just off the kitchen," Becky replied, leading him through the house, her smooth bare thighs deliciously exposed beneath her extremely short dress.

Indicating the door to the utility room, Becky watched him leave, and when he was gone, she quickly hopped up onto the high counter top of the sink. Deftly raising her short skirt and opening her thighs, she made certain that he couldn't miss the sight of her pubic hairs when he returned through the door.

He had only been gone a few seconds when the stove light came back on, indicating that power had been restored.

"It was the breaker switch," he called from the other room.

Becky smiled to herself, knowing that she'd pulled the switch.

"Now, Becky, if you ever..." he stopped short as he walked back into the room, his eyes drawn to her half-exposed little slit.

"Yes?" she coyly smiled.

"If y-you ever h-have that trouble again," he stammered, trying to regain his composure, "it's the switch on the bottom left."

"Gee, I sure appreciate this," she smiled, sensually swinging her legs from the counter top.

"It was no trouble," he blurted, his eyes nervously glancing at her lusciously exposed thighs.

"Why don't you stay and have a bite to eat with me?" she suddenly suggested, jumping dawn from the counter. "I was just gonna make some hot dogs."

"No thanks," he smiled. "I don't want to put you to any trouble."

"It's no trouble," she giggled, reaching for one of the big weenies on the counter. "You don't know what I can do to a hot dog."

Smiling teasingly at the man, Becky slowly put the end of the weenie between her full, moist lips. Slowly and sensually she slid it into her mouth.

Ted stared as if he were in a trance as she sensuously wrapped her moist slippery lips around its fat length and pushed it slowly in and out of her mouth, her teasing eyes looking directly into his.

"Mmmmmmm, what I can't do to a hot dog," she sighed, removing it from her mouth and running her tongue up and down the length of the obscene-looking sausage.

Ted knew that he should get out of the house, but he stood frozen, watching the weenie slither back into the brazen little girl's hot open mouth.

Winking suggestively at the man, she made wet slurping sounds as she sucked on it while her fingers wantonly stroked, the part that was protruding from her mouth.

"I wish you'd stay," she whispered, slowly removing the weenie from her lips with a soft slurping sound. "I'll show you what I can really do to a hot dog."

Staring into the young girl's sensuously pleading eyes, Ted could feel his stiff cock churning around in the confines of his pants. He fully realized that no matter how desirable the child was, he would be heading for big trouble if he laid a hand on her. It could mean his wife, his job and even prison if he messed around with this little teen-aged prickteaser.

"Are you going to stay?" she whispered again, brazenly rubbing the tip of the weenie against her hard nipple that was visible under the thin material of her dress.

"No, th-thank you," he stammered, still unable to get his feet moving.

"Please," she said, hopping back up on the counter top. Daintily kicking off her sandal, she reached out and gently probed his crotch with her bare toes.

"Ya got a hard-on," she giggled.

Ted didn't answer. He was staring between her thighs at the girl's shimmering red pubic hairs that had been exposed when she reached out for him with her foot.

Smiling teasingly at the man, she picked up the weenie and slowly inserted it between the soft pink lips of her lovely little pussy. Unable to remove his eyes from the erotic scene, Ted Wilson was visibly shaking. The sight of the lewdly shaped sausage slithering up into the depths of her hot little cunt was blowing his mind.

"God, this feels good," she whispered, sensuously sliding the piece of meat in and out of her steaming little hole.

Ted could see the weenie glistening with her thick, creamy cunt juice. He could vividly imagine his own hard cock slithering in and out of the child's deliciously hot little fuckhole.

"Here," she giggled, taking his hand and placing his fingers around the end of the sausage that was protruding from her moist, shimmering cuntlips, "Please weenie-fuck me."

As if dazed, the man began mechanically moving the lewd object in and out of her sucking, grasping little pussy. His eyes only inches away from her slit, he could see the little droplets of juice glistening on the soft pink flesh of her deliciously open cuntlips. He had been obsessed with the girl's genitals ever since that morning they had masturbated in front of each other, and now he was stimulating it with a weenie.

"Honey," she suddenly whispered, removing his hand and sausage from her excited little pussy, "may I touch your cock?"

"No, Becky!" he gasped. "What we're doing is ridiculous. Now I have to get out of here."

"Okay," she smiled down at him, "but please let me touch it for just a second."

"Don't be silly," he replied.

"Shit," the girl giggled, jumping down from the counter top and clutching at his crotch. "It's no more silly than you jacking off in your backyard."

Before he could say a word, the girl had lowered his zipper and her deft little fingers were grasping his hard throbbing cock. The feel of her fingers against the bare, stretched skin of his penis sent a wild flame searing through his balls. His resistance completely collapsing, he allowed the girl to draw his lurching organ out of his open fly.

A wild tremor raced through her little body as she stared wide-eyed at the beautiful big hard shaft she was clutching in her two hands. It was like holding her Uncle Fred's magnificent cock once again. Ted's was the first man-sized cock she had seen since her childhood, and at last she was holding a big thrusting honker like she'd been fantasizing about for years.

Releasing his hard penis, she quickly unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants down around his ankles. She followed this by removing his shorts, and then reaching up, she next took off his shirt.

When he was completely naked, she led the unresisting man into the living room where she seated him on a couch. Kneeling between his legs, she tenderly took his big stiff cock in her excited hands. A long-time dream was coming true for the little cock-crazy girl.

Firmly holding the base of his shaft in her hands, she lowered her mouth down toward his big blood-bloated cockhead. It felt so deliciously big and hard as she lightly brushed her half-opened lips against the big rubbery glans. Her hot little tongue darted out, lightly flicking against his sensitive male flesh. Swirling her tongue around the end of his swollen cockhead, she could feel her neighbor's body trembling beneath her.

Smiling up at the excited man, she began running her tongue up and down the entire length of the big shuddering shaft. She could feel it swelling and throbbing as she teased her wet tongue up and around the base of his glans. Snake-like, she delicately flicked her tongue into the tiny slit in his cockhead. Then slowly lowering her lips, she took the whole of his big glans into the moist warmth of her little mouth. She could feel him lurch as her soft slippery lips slid over the big swollen knob. Her lips tightened around the ridge just below the head, trapping it securely inside the hot moist cavern of her mouth.

"Oh, Jesus!" gasped Ted, staring down at his shaft of hard, sensitive flesh buried between the sucking, baby soft lips of the little red-haired girl.

"D'ya like this?" she whispered softly, temporarily releasing his prick from her mouth.

"Christ, yes," he gulped, clutching at the seat cushion.

"Gee, Mr. Wilson," she giggled, "that's the neatest cock I've ever sucked!"

Reaching down, he gently caressed her flushed little cheek.

With his big hard cock thrusting up from his lust-swollen balls, she could feel it jumping in her grasping fingers as she lowered her mouth and began lapping and licking it with her swirling little tongue.

Becky ran her tongue up and down the entire length of the squirming man's cock, soaking it from tip to base until the entire shaft was glistening with her warm abundant saliva. Reaching up under his stiff penis she tenderly cupped his balls in her hands, and lowering her lips, she sucked them gently into her mouth. Delicately sucking his balls, she salaciously tongue-washed the exciting, crinkly skin of his swollen scrotum.

Ted could see her luxuriant red hair brushing over his thighs, her face buried deep between his legs. The only sound in the room was the wet, smacking sound of her slippery lips and tongue sucking and slurping on his big cock and balls.

Raising her mouth, she again closed her lips around his sensitive cockhead, while she continued gently kneading the hairy, spit-soaked scrotum with her fingers. Stroking the base of his hard cock with the thumb and forefinger of the other hand, her slippery lips began sucking rhythmically up and down his shaft.

"Oh, my God," he moaned, grabbing at her long red hair as he felt the softness of her tongue swirling around the head of his cock as her sucking lips slid up toward the tip of his prick.

The feel of his cock sliding over the sensitive taste-buds on the back of her tongue was driving the girl wild. Continuing to suck and slurp on his saliva-drenched cock, little Becky glanced up at the man she was sucking off. He was looking down at her with an expression of adoration in his eyes.

"Do you think I'm naughty?" she whispered in a teasing little voice.

"Christ, no!" he gasped, lurching in his seat. "You're the most wonderful little girl in the world."

"Am I a good cocksucker?" she teased, smiling coyly at him as she flicked the tip of his cock with her tongue.

"Shit, yes," he panted, squrimming frantically on the couch.

"Are you gonna squirt my mouth full of nice hot jizz?" she whispered.

"Yes, honey!" the man gasped. "Yes, sweetheart, you're going to get a real mouthful!"

"Oh, good," she giggled, thrusting his cock back in her mouth.

Her hot slippery lips tightened around the shaft, taking it deeper and deeper into her mouth until she felt his big swollen cockhead nudging against the back of her throat. Then, slowly raising her mouth with a deep sucking action, she swirled her tongue along the underside of his lurching shaft.

Her tongue darted deliciously against his shaft as it slithered in and out of her throat.

Ted was unconsciously thrusting his hips up to meet every downward plunge of her slobbering mouth.

"Suck, baby, suck!" he gasped, half-crazed with the feel of her wildly pumping little mouth slithering over his bursting penis. His hands wildly clutching at her flailing red hair, he was frantically thrusting her head up and down over his raging honker.

"Suck it, baby, suck it!" he gasped, wildly pumping his cock into her open, slurping little mouth.

His breath coming in short hot gasps, his hands curled in her hair, he was pushing her mouth down tighter over his plunging cock.

"Suck, honey, for Christ's sake suck!" he shouted. "I'm almost there! I'm gonna fill that fuckin' hot mouth of yours!"

His frantic cries only served to further excite the little girl, and she continued sucking deeper and harder on the big thrusting cock. She was eagerly waiting for him to shoot his load into her grasping mouth.

"Oh, Christ," moaned Ted, wildly tearing at her hair, pushing her mouth down tighter around his jerking cock. "I'm coming, baby, I'm coming!"

A ripple of ecstasy raced through her body when Becky felt the delicious warm fluid gushing against the back of her throat. It was the first time she'd tasted sperm since her Uncle Fred had disappeared. Spurt after spurt of the thick liquid was squirting into her slurping mouth as she frantically sucked and swallowed the tangy fluid.

A few minutes later when Ted was recovering on the couch, Becky removed her brief dress, and settled her soft naked little body into the mans lap. The feel of her bare warm skin against his caused his limp cock to give a slight lurch. The lush soft breasts and big hard nipples that he'd admired from afar were pressed against his face. Opening his lips, he sucked one of her cherry-hard buds into his mouth, gently swirling the nipple around his tongue. He could feel her young body trembling with ecstasy as she snaked her soft little arms around his neck.

Finally releasing the deliciously hard nipple from his mouth, he looked into her soft warm eyes. She looked like a mere child, a dribble of sticky semen dripping out of the corner of her half-parted, baby-soft lips. Drawing her flushed little face down, he covered her eagerly parted mouth with his. Holding her gently in his lap, her little tongue probing through his lips, he could feel her hot excited cunt juices oozing out of her open slit and dripping onto his naked thighs. The taste of his own sperm juice on her soft lips was strangely exciting to the young man.

"Ted?" she whispered, lightly nibbling on his ear as she reached down, gently fondling his rapidly swelling penis. "Will you fuck me?"

The though of inserting his cock into her pink, creamy little slit was very exciting, but Ted realized that it was absolutely out of the question.

"Honey," he whispered, brushing his lips against her cheeks and burying his nose in her hair. "There's nothing I'd rather do, but it's impossible."

"Why?" she asked, still playing with his fully erect cock.

"How old are you?"

"Almost fifteen."

"Then," he smiled, "that's the reason."

"But I'm big enough," she giggled.

"Yes, honey," he smiled, slipping his finger up into the soft moist furrow of her quivering cunt. "you're plenty big enough."

"I've been fuckin' since I was twelve years old," the child argued.

"I'll bet you have," he laughed, lightly slapping her juicy little bottom.

"Please," she begged, wrapping her arms around his neck. "I want to come, honey, I want to come, too."

"Becky," he whispered into her ear, "I'd love to lick your pussy."

"Will you bring me off?" she eagerly asked. "Yes, dear," smiled Ted. "I'll give you the wildest tongue-fuck you've ever had."

"Oh, good," she giggled, rolling onto her back and parting her young thighs. "Start suckin'!"

When Lois picked Jan up that morning, they headed out the old river road toward Knight's Ferry.

"This should be quite a day," giggled Jan as she relaxed beside her friend.

"Shit," Lois laughed. "Every day's a great day since we met those studs."

"Sometimes I can't understand how I ever tolerated that dull sex life with Ted," sighed Jan, thinking of her husband's ineptitude as a bed partner.

"Do you feel guilty?" Lois asked.

"Well, sort of," Jan sighed, "but I could never go back to my old life. Nothing seems to matter except those beautiful big cocks in my mouth, in my cunt or in my asshole. Right now my whole life is one big delicious orgasm, and that's the way I like it."

"But where will it all end?" asked the older girl.

"Shit, I don't care," Jan giggled. "I just love being mauled by those big hard bodies with their hard cocks ripping into me. The complete debasement of it afl is so exciting. Their crude vileness almost drives me mad. I sometimes wish I could just wallow in a tub full of their hot sticky semen. There's something intensely exciting about the depravity of it all."

"You're really hooked on cock!" Lois laughed. "I can't quite explain it," giggled Jan, "but the only time I feel really alive is when there's a thick prick squirting hot juice into my mouth, another firing scalding semen up my stretched asshole, and big strong hands squeezing and tearing at my naked flesh."

"Christ, Jan," laughed Lois. "You make me horny when you talk like that."

They drove along in silence for several minutes. "What kind of a deal is it going to be, today?" Lois asked.

"Shit," giggled Jan, "who cares as long as we get fucked? Tony called and asked us to meet them at the Anchor Tavern in Knight's Ferry. He said he had a special surprise."

"Where the hell is the Anchor Tavern?" asked the blonde.

"He said it was on the river docks in Knight's Ferry," Jan replied.

When they arrived in the small town, Lois turned the car down toward the river. They soon came to a dock area where several river barges were being loaded and unloaded. Driving past the docks, they soon saw an old two-story building that extended out over the river on weather-beaten pilings. A faded sign on the side of the building identified it as the Anchor Tavern. Tony's old battered pickup was parked out in front.

"Christ," gasped Lois, "what a fuckin' dump!"

"Well," Jan laughed, "let's go in and find out what the next surprise is."

Walking up the two rickety wooden steps, they opened the door and walked in. The smoky, half-filled room reeked of stale beer and urine. They immediately spied Tony and Whitey sitting at the bar with a group of men. All conversation in the room stopped as the customers stared at the two exceptionally pretty girls walking over to Tony and Whitey. It made Lois a bit nervous the way the leering men ogled her legs. They were blatantly staring at the girls' figures, not even trying to hide their lewd interest.

"Christ, you're late," Tony snapped, not making any attempt to rise.

"I had trouble finding a babysitter for Sally," Lois stammered.

"Well, let's go," he snarled, taking Jan's arm and leading her toward a staircase in the back of the tavern. Lois and Whitey followed.

Upstairs they found just one big room with scattered chairs and two big lumpy beds against one wall. There were no carpets, and no curtains on the dirty windows.

"Is this your idea of a surprise?" gasped Lois, looking at the filthy surroundings.

"What do you want, the Waldorf?" Whitey sneered. "Now get your clothes off."

The girls immediately obeyed, folding their clothes over the backs of wooden chairs. Then, walking over to Tony, Jan put her arms around him, rotating her hot naked pussy against the familiar big bulge in his crotch.

"Hurry up, honey," she whispered, pressing her firm breasts against his chest. "Get your own clothes off. My hot snatch can't wait much longer."

"Not today," he replied. "This time we're sharing you with some of our friends."

"What?" they both gasped.

"That's right," Whitey cut in. "We've invited a few friends to come up and fuck you."

"In a pig's ass!" snapped Jan. "You must be out of your Goddamned mind!"

"Shut up!" shouted Tony, slapping her sharply across the face. "You'll do whatever I tell you to do!"

"I won't," she sobbed through tear-filled eyes. "I won't! I won't! I won't!"

Roughly grasping her short brown hair, he forced her to her knees in front of him, and then pulled out his thick limp cock.

"Make him hard," he hissed, twisting her locks.

Reaching out and clutching his flaccid prick in her trembling hands, she began eagerly licking the big purple cockhead. It was soon as hard as a rock and little Jan was sliding it deep into her throat, her body filled with the intense ecstasy that only his delicious cock could ignite. Slurping frantically on the magnificent honker, the girl was once more transplanted to the exciting realm of total sexuality. Nothing else mattered in the world except her blind desire for Tony's magnificent fuck machine.

"Do you like that cock?" he whispered in a soft voice.

"Yes, honey, yes," she gasped between slurps.

"Then," he shouted, pulling her to her feet and throwing her across the bed, "start servicing my friends or you'll never see or touch this cock again!"

"I can't," she sobbed.

"Listen, you bitch!" he shouted, bending over her trembling body. "Those guys have paid me twenty bucks apiece to fuck you, and I'm not going to let them down!"

"What?" she shrieked, unable to believe her ears. "Yes," he repeated. "Twenty bucks to fuck you and watch each other fuck you."

"You're crazy," gasped Lois. "I'm getting out of here!"

"Shit, that mob of horny dock workers would kill you if you tried it," laughed Whitey.

"Call 'em in," ordered Tony, walking over and pushing Lois down on the other bed.

Whity went to the top of the stairs and shouted down. Soon the room was filled with eight or ten men leering down at the naked girls spread out on the beds.

"I drew high card," slurred a big heavyset man in his mid-forties. His head was clean shaven, but his face had a two-day stubble of red whiskers.

Pulling off his dirty gray sweatshirt, his belly spilled over his belt.

Jan stared in disgust at his big mottled cock as he dropped his pants. Without bothering to remove his shoes, he crawled up between the girl's limp, numb legs. She knew it would be suicide to try and fight off this mob of horny half-drunk beasts. Jan realized that the only way to avoid bodily injury was to tolerate their assaults.

"Shit," he laughed, reaching down and touching her small firm breast. "You've sure got little tits for a twenty-buck whore."

Hearing him refer to her as a whore, and feeling his fat hands tearing at her bare flesh, a shudder of revulsion churned through Jan's body.

Jan closed her eyes in disgust, feeling his big hand pawing between her naked legs, spreading them apart. She could feel his hard cock brushing against her thigh as he guided it toward her unresponsive slit. She could smell the stale beer on his vile breath as he crouched over her trembling body. Feeling the head of his cock nudging between her cuntlips, she bit her lip to keep from screaming out. She clawed at the dirty sheet as she felt his cockhead slowly pushing through her tight, dry opening.

"Oh, God," she half whispered as the blubbery creature painfully drove his shaft up into her reluctant fuckhole.

Jan disdainfully turned her face away when the loathsome creature tried to kiss her. The stench of his breath and the scratching of his whiskers were revolting to the ravaged girl.

She could feel his fat belly sliding back and forth on her stomach as he drove his cock in and out of her cunt. He was now thrusting harder and deeper into her body, his big flabby balls slapping noisily against her little bare bottom.

"That's it, Duke!" she heard a nearby voice shout. "Give it to her!"

Opening her eyes for the first time, she saw a group of excited men gathered around the edge of the bed, their eyes only inches away from Jan's slit. One of them, a gaunt man in his sixties with a trickle of spit drooling from his gaping mouth was violently stroking the stiff cock that was protruding from his fly.

Jan stared with unbelieving eyes at the group of excited faces gathered around the lurching bed.

In spite of herself, Jan began to feel that familiar tingling sensation inside her cunt as the cock continued ripping into her body. The feeling started slowly at first, then began to build as her cuntal juices started to flaw. The revulsion she felt far the big brute was imperceptibly turning to pleasure. It was impossible to know when her distaste turned to pleasure, but she suddenly realized that she was thrusting her cunt up to receive his driving strokes.

God, how she loved the feeling of a hard cock sliding in and out of her fuck tunnel. That exciting fantasy of being debased was taking control of her sex-crazed mind. There was something deliciously erotic about the excited faces around the bed watching her little body being ravaged by the lurching man above her.

"Fuck her good, Duke," one of the excited observers gasped. "Give 'er the works!"

"Yes, Duke, honey," Jan whispered, clutching his shoulders and wrapping her little legs tightly around his waist. "Give me the works, baby, fuck me good!"

"D'ya like this cock, baby?" the thrusting man gasped.

"Yes, honey, yes!" she squealed. "Fuck me hard, Duke, fill me up!"

Her mind was reeling with ecstasy as the lusty man continued slamming his pole into her flaming fuckhole. The group of excited onlookers stared at the girl's slippery cunt-juices oozing out of her little pink slit every time his hot slippery cock slurped noisily up her sucking, hot fuckhole.

"See that, fellows!" she squealed to the excited faces gathered around her lurching body. "Can you see my hot little cunt getting fucked? Christ, it feels good, and I'm gonna have every one of your cocks in there before I'm finished!"

The older man was still frantically jacking off, his glazed eyes riveted on the girl's wet little slit.

"Here, honey," she excitedly whispered, grabbing his cock. "Let me give you a hand."

The trembling old man's cock gave a wild lurch when she wrapped her soft young fingers around the throbbing stiff shaft.

"That's it," she whispered into Duke's ear, still stroking the other man's cock. "Fuck me good, baby, fill me up!"

With her hot inner flesh sucking and grasping at his plunging cock, she could feel him driving deeper and deeper into her lurching body.

"Take it, baby!" he grunted, thrusting his shaft in with a wilder intensity. "Take it, honey! Take it all!"

His pounding cock was swelling harder with each violent thrust. Sweat was dripping onto Jan from his slippery body. His legs quivering with excitement, the man was only seconds away from exploding into her delicious little body.

When he slammed his hot slobbering mouth down over Jan's half-parted lips, his stubble and foul breath didn't even bother the excited little housewife. Completely out of her mind with lust, she swirled her tongue around in his open mouth, feeling his jerking cock slamming in and out of her wet cunt.

"Take this!" he suddenly shouted, throwing his head back and thrusting his shaft up deep into her belly. "Here it comes, baby, here comes the juice!"

"Yes, honey!" she squealed. "Squirt me! Squirt me! Fill me up!"

Still frantically stroking the old man's cock, she felt Duke's thick hot semen gushing into her belly.

"Take it, baby," gasped the lurching Duke, "take it! Take this fuckin' juice!"

Quivering beneath the lurching man, Jan could feel spurt after spurt of semen squirting out of his deeply embedded cock. Opening her eyes, she was once again aware of the glazed eyes and drooling mouth of the old man she was masturbating.

Feeling his old hard cock jerking frantically in her hand, she realized the trembling man was on the verge of ejaculating. Gently drawing him toward her, she quickly inserted his prick between her lips only seconds before he squirted a thin stream of semen into her mouth.

Sucking the last drops from the rapidly shrinking penis, she was aware of a pair of rough hands parting her thighs and a hard cock ploughing up into her slippery fuckhole that Duke had recently vacated. She didn't know whose cock it was, and didn't give a damn. She had been on the verge of an orgasm when Duke climaxed, and she just wanted another cock to fill her excited hole.

Thrusting her pussy up to help her new partner's entry, she could hear Lois squealing and writhing in ecstasy on the other bed.

Looking up at the face of the man above her for the first time, she was pleased to see that he was a big clean-cut kid in his late teens.

"Hi, honey," she giggled, wrapping her arms around his neck. "Are you gonna do something naughty to me?"

"Oh, I'm gonna fuck you good," he muttered. "I'm gonna get my twenty bucks' worth. I'm gonna screw the shit out of you!"

"Do it," she whispered, screwing her semensoaked slit up tighter against the base of his deeply implanted shaft. "Fuck the shit out of me. Your tool feels big enough to do the job!"

"You're gonna get it now, baby!" he gasped, violently thrusting his honker back into her excited fuckhole. "You're gonna get more cock than you can handle!"

"Try me," she giggled, grasping his asscheeks and pulling him deeper into her sexually inflamed cunt.

The young man began slamming his big shaft up into her guts with a brutal ferocity. Each brutal thrust jolted her little ass up off the bed. The brutal force of his vicious plunges was literally driving the writhing young housewife out of her mind. The big cockhead pounding her cervix was producing more pleasure than the lurching, screaming girl could handle.

"Harder, baby, harder!" she screamed. "Give me all you've got! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

Jan was dimly aware of the excited onlookers as they cheered him on. Most of them had dropped their pants and were frantically stroking their stiff cocks as they shouted encouragement to the lurching youth.

"Harder, kid, harder!" she taunted, frantically clutching the young man in her arms.

"Take this, you fuckin' whore!" he shouted, rearing up and slamming his cock up her flaming hole with a ferocious brutality.

The word whore strangely excited the girl. There was something wildly erotic about being considered a whore, and the debased girl reveled in the defilement of being identified with the lewd word. She luxuriated in the depravity of being a whore. She loved having big hard cocks slamming into her slippery, semen-drenched slit. She loved all the excited faces looking at her naked debased body. She loved being treated like a common whore. She found it extremely exciting to be floundering in this cesspool of depravity.

Her head lolling back and forth in ecstasy, she caught a glimpse of Lois on the other bed. The blonde was on her knees between a man's spread legs, her mouth slurping wildly on his erect penis. Another man was kneeling behind Lois, driving his hard cock deeply into her receptive asshole. The sight of the big round shaft sliding through her friend's widely distended anal opening only served to excite Jan even more. She could hear Lois screaming with ecstasy as the big hard cock ripped deliciously into her slippery rectum.

Each frantic thrust of the young man lurching over her writhing body was bringing Jan closer and closer to her own orgasm. The feel of the virile young man ruthlessly slamming his steel-hard cock into her belly was blowing Jan's mind.

"Christ, baby," she gasped, "you're sure some fucker!"

Spreading her thighs even wider, she snaked her legs over his shoulders, raising her open slit to take even more of the stiff plunging honker. His cock was driving deeper and deeper into her sex-crazed little body. The brutality of the youth's violent thrusts was literally rattling her teeth.

She could feel her rapidly approaching orgasm building up in her writhing loins. Every nerve and muscle in her body was tensing for the impending explosion that was about to engulf her.

"Faster, baby, harder!" she screamed. "Fuck me good, baby! I'm gonna come! I'm gonna come!"

From the feel of his frantic, short, fast strokes, Jan could tell that the young man was rapidly approaching his own climax.

"That's it, honey," she sobbed. "Squirt me good! Fill me up!"

The feel of the boy's hot thick semen gushing into her grasping fuckhole triggered her overwhelming orgasm.

"Christ, baby!" she screamed, lurching under his trembling body. "I'm coming, honey! Squirt me full! Squirt me, baby. I'm coming! I'm comiiiiinnnnnggggg!"

The room was whirling madly around the half-crazed girl as wave after wave of ecstasy flowed through her writhing body. The pleasure was so intense that Jan lost all sense of reality. Her body seemed to be floating, suspended on a sea of sensuality. Still violently lurching under her mate, she slipped into a deep chasm of darkness.

Slowly recovering from the most intense orgasm she'd ever experienced, Jan felt a strange, pulsing sensation in her tingling pussy. Opening her eyes she saw a strange face looming over her and another cock slithering in and out of her semen-soaked fuckhole.

"Fuck me good, baby," she whispered, covering the stranger's lips with her hot, open mouth. "Fuck me hard, honey! Make me come again!"

The rest of the afternoon was a blur of new faces and bodies, a parade of cocks passing through her always-eager fuckhole. She had lost track of the orgasms she had experienced, some intense, some only minor.

It was late afternoon when the last cock was withdrawn from her sore, exhausted little slit. Slowly standing up, big globe of semen dripped out of her cunt, dribbling down her sweaty, shaking legs. Lois was lying completely exhausted on the other bed, her lovely body in a pool of sticky sperm-juice.

"Christ, what a day!" she smiled up at Jan.

"You can say that again," the younger girl sighed, trying to wipe the dripping semen from her legs with a dry corner of the soiled sheet.

"That one bastard sure gave me a good ass-fuckin'," Lois giggled. "He sure knew how to stir a gal's rectum!"

"I saw that," laughed Jan. "I thought you were gonna blow your mind."

"I damn near did," she smiled, recalling the delicious ass-reaming she'd had.

"Christ," Jan giggled, "the second stud that got me, actually knocked me out."

"What?" asked Lois.

"He gave me such an orgasm that I fainted," she explained, remembering the shattering experience.

The girls had just finished dressing when Tony and Whitey entered the room. They hadn't seen the men since early that afternoon.

"How was the party?" Tony grinned at Jan. "The boys tell me you're the two hottest whores in town."

"Thanks," she giggled, "and I've learned that your cock isn't the greatest in the world."

"Whose is?" he grinned.

"Some big kid about nineteen years old," she laughed.

"Jesus Christ," Tony roared with laughter, "you're talkin' about Billy Joe Connors! That was the kid's first piece of ass and old Duke paid for it."

"My God," Jan giggled. "If that was the kid's first performance, I'd sure like to be his permanent instructor."

"Was it as bad as you thought it would be?" Tony asked, putting his arms around the girl.

"Christ, no," she laughed. "It was a fuckin' ball!"

"How about you?" Whitey asked Lois. "Did you enjoy yourself?"

"Well," Lois giggled, "would an old maid enjoy herself in a carrot patch?"

"By the way," Tony smiled, handing Jan two twenty-dollar bills, "here's your share of the take."

A little tremor of excitement raced through her body as she clasped the bills in her hand. She was a real fuckin' whore and the realization of it sent an exciting tingle through her tender, battered little cunt.

When Ted returned from Becky's house late that afternoon, his mind was filled with mixed emotions. Although he knew that it was all wrong, fondling the young girl had been extremely exciting. When he'd gone over to check the fuse box for the girl, he certainly hadn't expected to spend the afternoon playing with her pussy. He abhorred what he'd done and knew it would never happen again, but he couldn't deny the intense pleasure it had given him. He could still feel her soft, slippery lips sliding up and down his responsive cock. She might be a mere child, but she was sure a fantastic little cocksucker. The memory of his tongue sliding into her juicy pink slit sent a wild shudder streaking through his body.

Sitting by the kitchen table, he couldn't seem to believe that it had really happened. He didn't know how he could possibly face his adorable wife, knowing he had molested their young neighbor. He realized that Jan knew nothing about it, yet his conscience was driving him crazy.

It was almost seven o'clock when Jan finally got home.

"Hi, darling," she smiled, kissing him lightly on the cheek. "I'm sorry I'm so late."

"That's all right," Ted answered, his mind filled with shame.

"How did your day go?" she asked, more out of politeness than interest.

"I've been home since noon," he replied in a flat voice. "There wasn't much going on at the office."

"What a shame," Jan sighed. "If I'd known, I wouldn't have gone with Lois."

Staring at his wife, Ted noticed how frail she was beginning to look. Her skin seemed unusually pale this evening, and he could detect a darkness under her eyes.

"Me you feeling all right?" he asked.

"Sure," she giggled. "Why?"

"You look tired."

"I am, a little," Jan smiled, thinking of all the cocks that had been banging into her this afternoon.

Later, when they went to bed, Jan was happy that Ted hadn't made any sexual overtures to her. Her little pussy was too torn and sore to have another cock rubbing against her tender inner flesh. Her ravished little body was interested in nothing but sleep.

Lying beside his wife, Ted felt too guilty about his afternoon to make any advances. Although he had a frantic hard-on, he felt unfit to lay a hand on the lovely girl he'd married. His screaming hard-on had been induced by the exciting memories of little Becky's lascivious tongue and fingers. Visions of the child's mischievous lips sliding over his honker kept Ted awake for hours.

It was a couple of weeks before he saw the child again. Returning from work one afternoon, he was surprised to find Becky sitting in the living room with his wife.

"Hi, honey," Jan smiled up at her husband. "You know Becky Adams, don't you?"

"Certainly," he grinned nervously. "Hello, Becky."

"Hi, Mr. Wilson."

Ted almost shit his pants as he looked into the child's sensually teasing eyes.

"I'm helping Becky with her preserved flower arrangement," Jan explained. "It's a school project."

Ted was stunned. He didn't realize that the two knew each other that well.

"Now," Jan continued to Becky as she applied a gluey substance to the stems. "This is the crucial part. You must hold these stems in this exact position until the glue is thoroughly dry. That takes about twenty minutes."

The phone rang and Ted went into the kitchen to answer it.

"It's for you," he said, returning from the kitchen. "It's Lois."

"Hi, Lois," Jan said into the phone.

"Hi, whore," giggled Lois. "Whitey just called and they've lined up two Johns for us this evening."

"G-gosh, Lois," stammered Jan, "I can't get away."

"It won't take long," her friend argued. "They're from out of town and have to catch an early plane."

"Where are they?" Jan asked.

"We're supposed to meet them in room eight-oh-four at the Southerland Hotel," Lois whispered.

"Gee, I don't know," Jan hesitated.

"We're supposed to be there in fifteen minutes," Lois explained her friend. "Tony's already collected a hundred bucks from each of them, and you and I get fifty of it."

"Okay," Jan hesitated, still unsure of what she should do. "I'll meet you in the lobby in fifteen minutes."

Becky and Ted were sitting quietly in the living room when she returned.

"I must run over to Lois'," she explained to her husband. "I'll be back in a couple of hours."

"What's it all about?" Ted asked.

"I really don't know," Jan stammered. "She's upset about something."

When he didn't answer, Jan ran into her room to change.

"Becky," she said when she returned in a summer pantsuit, "you'll have to keep those stems pressed together for at least another fifteen minutes."

"Okay, Mrs. Wilson," she smiled, strangely excited about being left alone with Ted.

Kissing her husband lightly on the cheek, Jan flew out of the house.

"Looks like we're gonna spend a quiet evening at home," Becky giggled, a naughty little twinkle in her eyes.

"No, we're not," Ted laughed. "As soon as those stems are dry, I'm chasing your cute little am out of here."

"That'll be fun," she taunted. "My cute little ass is bare under this dress."

"I'm sure it is," the man grinned. "I don't think you own a pair of panties."

"And my pussy is all slippery and wet, too," she giggled, suggestively running her tongue around her parted lips.

"Yes, Becky," he smiled, picking up a newspaper. "I'm sure your pussy is wet. Now will you let me read?"

The girl sat quietly holding the flower stems together. Watching the man across the room, Becky could think of nothing except his big man-sized cock. She hadn't thought of much else since the day she'd spent most of the afternoon caressing and sucking the wonderful thing. She could tell by the way he was leafing through the paper that he wasn't really concentrating on it, and that pleased the girl very much.

"We could play house," she suddenly spoke up.

"What?" Ted asked.

"We could play house," she repeated.

"Is that glue dry yet?" he asked.

"I think so," Becky sighed, laying the flower arrangement on the coffee table.

"Good night, then," she said, pretending to read the paper.

Determined to get her own way, Becky pulled her skirt above her hips, and lying back on the couch, she inserted the stems of the flowers into her excited slit.

"Mr. Wilson," she giggled, "do you like my flower garden?"

Looking up, his eyes almost popped out of his head. Her smooth young thighs were spread open, lewdly exposing the small bouquet sprouting out of her shimmering wet cuntlips. Smiling at him through half-closed eyes, the girl was sensually toying with her big swollen nipples through the thin material of her dress.

"Want to pluck a flower from my little garden?" she teased, running her tongue around her soft wet lips.

He didn't answer. His cock was lurching frantically in the confinement of his pants. He couldn't take his eyes away from the smooth bare skin of her thighs that led up to her little flower-stuffed pussy.

"Do you want to pluck a flower from my hot little garden?" she repeated.

"Becky," he whispered in a hoarse voice, "will you please go home?"

"No," she answered, standing up and pulling the brief dress over her head.

Shaking her long red hair back from her pixie face, she removed the flowers, placing them back on the table. Ted knew he'd never be able to resist her as he watched her walking slowly across the room toward him. Her big ripe breasts jiggled sensuously with every step. The shimmering red pubic hairs around her slippery pink slit gleamed like burnished bronze. He could hardly breathe as the lovely child moved closer and closer.

Removing the paper from his numb hands, Becky settled her soft, warm little body into his lap. He could feel her hot nakedness burning through his clothes. Encircling her shoulders with one arm, he cupped her soft little ass in the palm of his other hand, his fingers slipping into the soft warm crevice between her asscheeks as he drew her lovely young body against his. It was complete heaven to hold her warm responsive little body in his arms. The feel of her total nakedness sent wild flames shooting through his trembling body.

"Now isn't this a nice evening at home?" she whispered, her little tongue darting around the lobe of his ear, her nails lightly tracing the back of his neck.

Without answering, he covered her velvety breast with his excited open mouth. His tongue slithered around the big hard nipple and then captured the erect bud between his teeth. He nipped playfully on the throbbing nipple.

"Oh, God, that feels good," she whimpered, pressing his face down tighter against her breast. "Suck it good, baby, suck it good!"

Closing her eyes, the wanton little child surrendered herself to the exquisite pleasure of his slurping lips. When he rolled the nipple around in his mouth, she trembled with delight, and she sobbed with ecstasy whenever he nipped it lightly with his teeth.

He began rotating the palm of his hand over the soft shifting globe of her other breast, teasing the nipple so that the tender bud of flesh hardened, standing stiffly erect under his gentle caress.

"Oh, honey," she whimpered, "that's so good. Do you like playing with my titties?"

"Christ, yes!" he gasped.

"Honey," she suddenly said, sitting up straight on his lap, "please take your clothes off."

"I d-don't think we should," he stammered, looking at his watch.

"Oh, shit," the little girl giggled, "she won't be home for a couple of hours."

When he didn't answer, she began unbuttoning his shirt. A wild thrill raced through his body when the shirt was removed and she began unbuckling his belt.

"You're cute," she giggled when he was completely disrobed, his big hard cock thrusting up from between his legs.

"So are you," he smiled, gently brushing the hair back from her excited little face.

"I wish we could play house every day," she giggled, gently grasping his shaft and brushing the big hard cockhead against her erect nipples.

A shudder raced through his body as her hard little tittie-buds caressed the sensitive underside of his throbbing glans. Then, pressing her face against his hot cock, she wrapped her silky-soft hair around the excited shaft. Sensually sliding the hair up and down his hard fleshy pole, she could feel him writhing in ecstasy.

"My God!" he gasped as she sensually stroked his cock with her thick lush hair.

"Do you like fucking my hair?" she giggled.

"God, yes," he sighed, his entire body trembling with the intense excitement.

"Would you like to fuck me?" she whispered.

"Yes," the man sighed, "but I won't."

Settling her naked body more comfortably in his lap, she spread her thighs.

"Then finger-fuck me," she giggled, taking his hand and guiding it toward her open little pussy.

Ted felt a tightness in his chest when his finger first touched the warm slippery flesh of her cuntlips.

"God, that feels good," she whispered as his finger began moving up and down against the edge of her warm fleshy slit.

The warm softness of the girl's quivering little fuckhole felt so good to his probing finger.

"Finger me good, honey," she moaned, covering his lips with her moist open mouth, "finger me good."

Crazed with excitement, he plunged the length of his finger into the hot depths of her smoldering young body.

"Oh, God," she whispered, screwing her little cunt up against the palm of his hand. "That feels so good!"

Her young body began squirming excitedly as Ted swirled his finger rapidly around in the slippery passage.

"Finger me good, honey," she whispered, looking down at his finger slithering around in her slippery little fun-hole.

Squirming around on his lap, her thighs were spread wide open, one leg around his waist and the other over his shoulder. Ted stared at his finger plunging in and out of the lewdly open slit. His finger was saturated with the hot creamy fluid that was squishing out between her quivering little cuntlips.

"Oh, that's so good," she sobbed, her hand pumping violently on his big swollen shaft. "It feels so fuckin' good!"

Her hair was flying wildly around her face, her eyes closed in ecstasy, Becky screamed incoherent words. From the way her little body was writhing around his finger, Ted realized that the child was rapidly approaching an orgasm.

"Oh, Christ!" she suddenly squealed, pushing her cunt up tighter against the invading finger. "I'm coming! I'm commmiiiinnnngggg!"

Ted held her tightly in his arms until the climax had completely subsided.

"Was that good?" he asked.

"Oh, yes," she whispered, kissing him on the cheek, "but I wish you'd fuck me with that big man-sized cock of yours."

"You're sure persistent," he smiled.

"Since I was just a little kid, I've always wanted to feel a man's big shaft in my body," the girl said in a low whisper.

"You told me the other day that lots of boys have screwed you," laughed Ted.

"Sure," she giggled, "but they were just kids with little pricks. I want my cunt filled up with a big hard cock like yours."

They sat quietly for a long time, Ted's fingers unconsciously twirling the child's big ripe nipple.

"I want you to fuck me," she whispered, breaking the silence.

"No," smiled Ted, tenderly kissing her cheek. "I think you're better off letting the young boys enjoy you."

"Shit," she snapped, "I haven't let a kid screw me for two years!"


"Who wants one of their silly little pricks messin' around in my pussy?" she giggled. "I want yours."

"I'll bet you didn't have these big boobs two years ago," be smiled, caressing one of her big lush orbs. "Boys get bigger, too, I'll bet you could find a kid your age with a nice big honker."

"I'm not gonna look," she laughed, lightly touching the tip of his cock. "I've found the big honker I want."

Ted felt his prick give a wild lurch at the feel of her fingers on his sensitive glans.

"Poor dear," she suddenly whispered, "you haven't shot your load yet."

"That's right, honey," he gasped, his body tensing with excitement, "I haven't shot my load yet."

"Do you want to fuck me?" she eagerly suggested.

"Yes, Becky," he smiled. "I want very much to fuck you, but I'm not going to do it."

"Okay," she giggled. "Do you want to shoot your load in my mouth?"

"Christ, yes!"

She quickly lowered her hot little mouth over his big straining cockhead.

"Honey," she suddenly asked after she had taken three or four slurps, "shall we sixty-nine?"


"Did you ever sixty-nine?" she asked.

"No, I haven't," he replied.

"Jesus Christ," she squealed with delight, "are you in for a heavy trip! Stretch out on your back and get ready for the wildest time of your me."

Ted knew what sixty-nine was, but had never performed it with Jan and was more than happy that little Becky was going to initiate him to it.

Becky quickly straddled his face on her knees, and facing toward his feet, she slowly lowered her mouth down toward his big thrusting cock. Ted stared at her hot slippery cunt hovering just above his face. He could see the pink moist flesh on the inner lining of her pussylips. Droplets of juice were gleaming on her silky damp pubic hairs. A small stream of cunt cream was oozing out of the slippery little hole. His body was throbbing with anticipation as he grabbed her buttocks, gently lowering the inviting pussy down toward his open mouth.

Reaching up with his tongue, he traced it up and down the moist furrow of her trembling open slit. The taste of her delicious cuntal juices almost blew his mind. Grasping her hips more firmly, he pulled her down against his face, his tongue slithering deeply into the deliciously hot hole.

Feeling his excited tongue racing into her slit, Becky closed her eyes and moved her mouth down over his cock, taking almost half of it in the first gulp. Salaciously swirling her tongue around it, she took his shaft deeper and deeper into her mouth until she could feel the big rubbery glans nudging against the back of her throat. Taking long deep sucks on his cock, she could feel Ted's thick tongue lapping in and out of her trembling slit with slow, sensual strokes. The wet, slurping sounds of his mouth and tongue working on her slippery cunt were almost as exciting as the feeling of it.

Crazed with the feel of Becky's grasping lips sucking on his cock, Ted pressed his mouth up tighter against her juicy cunt. He nibbled excitedly at the soft sensitive flesh just inside the opening. His tongue slithered up between the soft folds of her cuntal lips, reaching far into the warm juicy hole. He swirled it around in the depths of her dripping honeypot until it found her clitoris.

"Oh Christ!" she screamed, his cock still deliciously embedded in her mouth. The feel of his tongue flicking at her helplessly quivering clit was almost more pleasure than her taut nerves could endure. When he thought she could stand no more of the intense ecstasy, he removed his tongue from her clit and sensually swirled it higher into the juicy tunnel. She could feel it lapping both sides of her cunt, licking and caressing her sensitive membranes until she couldn't keep from screaming with the intense pleasure.

"Christ!" she shrieked. "I'm gonna explode! Oh, shit, honey, it feels so fuckin' good!"

Clasping her ups around his cock again, she began sucking with a deep, intense suction. To Ted, it felt like a vacuum cleaner was drawing his balls right up through his trembling shaft. Her mouth began flying up and down on the big cock that was warmly encompassed by her slippery lips. She thrilled to the taste of it against her tongue, the feel of it nudging against the back of her throat, the sensual pressure of it on her lips. She sucked fast, then slow, then fast again, following the same tempo and rhythm of the thick tongue that was swirling in and out of her trembling slit.

Her mouth bobbing frantically up and down over his glistening cock, his lips and tongue lapping in and out of her juice-soaked slit, the two lurching, sweating bodies were lost in a frenzy of ecstasy. The little girl's abundant cunt juices were flowing into his slurping mouth while a little rivulet of perspiration ran down the crack of her ass, dripping onto his juice-drenched face. Feeling his ejaculation approaching, it felt like his big bloated cockhead was going to explode.

Little Becky was sucking with all her strength when the lurching man fired his big hot load into her throat. The feel and taste of the hot thick fluid gushing out of his cock triggered the young girl into her own mind-shattering orgasm. Writhing in ecstasy, she could feel wave after wave of delicious semen surging into her grasping mouth.

They remained locked in the lewd sixty-nine position until they slowly recovered from the ecstasy that they had carried each other through. Holding him tenderly in her naked arms, Becky licked his juice-smeared face clean.

"God, that was wonderful," Ted sighed, gently rubbing the soft cheeks of her ass.

"You're sure my kind of neighbor," she giggled, playfully squeezing his limp penis.

"We've got to play sixty-nine again sometime," smiled Ted.

"Honey," she suddenly asked, "are you ever gonna fuck me?"

"Yes, Becky," he sighed, tenderly kissing her cheek, "I'm going to fuck you."

"When?" she asked excitedly.

"I don't know," he whispered, "but it's inevitable. I know, now, that it's bound to happen."

"Gee," she giggled, "it's gonna be so fuckin' good!"

About two months later, Jan Wilson checked into the motel room that Tony had reserved for her. Her customer wasn't due until eleven o'clock that night, but she'd checked in at six because she had nowhere else to go. She'd told her husband that she was going on a weekend trip with Lois, and it wouldn't seem right to have left the house at ten-thirty at night.

She felt restless and didn't know what to do for the next few hours. She absently wondered what her bedmate would be like, but it really didn't make much difference. They had all become a parade of cocks with unknown faces. The original excitement of her sexual liberation that had started her on her sex binge had begun to fade. She no longer looked forward to new cocks with the wild anticipation she had in the past. She often wondered why she kept whoring when she certainly didn't need the money. It wasn't because of Tony, as her initial interest in him had waned considerably and it was only rarely that they had any physical contact.

What she really enjoyed were the quiet evenings she spent at home with her husband. Since Ted had stopped his frantic sexual attempts, she had found him an unusually good companion. It had been weeks since he'd last made any sexual advances, and Jan had found this very relaxing.

Jan had seriously considered giving up whoring completely, now that the excitement of more and bigger cocks had subsided. She had accepted fewer and fewer appointments in the last few weeks and had only agreed to turn this trick tonight because Tony was unable to find another girl. She thought about Lois who had checked out a few weeks ago. Her friend had found a lover and no longer had any desire to sell her body for kicks. Although she no longer practiced with Jan, Lois did help her with alibis and excuses, making it easier for her to get away from the house at night.

With nothing better to do, Jan decided to walk down the street and get a cup of coffee at a little diner about a block from the motel.

When she returned to her motel room, the girl went into the bathroom and showered. When she had finished, she dried herself briskly, powdered her body and slipped into a short, black transparent negligee that she knew would please her guest when he arrived.

Dropping into a chair to wait, she hoped her tired cunt would be able to handle the man when he arrived. It was so ridiculous to be balling these strange men when she didn't need the money.

Sitting there, she firmly decided that this would be her last trick. After tonight, her brief time as a prostitute was over. She wished that as soon as she'd serviced her client, she could go home to her husband, but she knew that she had to spend the rest of the night in the motel room because he thought she was out of town.

Hearing a light rap on the door, she got up and answered it. "Hi," she said coyly, surprised to see two rather pleasant-looking men.

"Are you Jan?" the first one asked.

"Yes," she answered, glancing at the second person.

"I have a date with you this evening," he continued.

"But I was only expecting one guest," she stammered, confused at the sight of the second man.

"This is Bill," he smiled. "He's a friend of mine from out of town and he's looking for a little action."

"Hi, Bill," she smiled, liking the man's open face. "Come on in and join the party."

She was pleased at the way both men stared at her big cherry-hard nipples that were clearly revealed through her almost transparent gown.

"My name is Gerald," the first one volunteered as they stepped through the door.

When the guests were seated, Jan stood in front of them, aware that her little triangle of pubic hairs could be clearly seen through her negligee.

"Would either of you gentlemen care for a drink?" she volunteered. "I have either Scotch or bourbon."

"No thanks," Bill leered, "I had something else in mind."

"Hey," she giggled, turning to Gerald "your friend's pretty horny."

They all laughed.

"Okay," she smiled, "let's get down to the subject of fuckin'."

"That's it!" Gerald laughed. "I came to fuck!"

"Don't worry, baby," she whispered, "you're gonna get the juiciest fuck that you've ever had."

Bill removed his coat, and Jan walked over and seated herself between them on the couch.

"Okay," she giggled, pulling up her shot negligee, teasingly rubbing her finger against the slippery lips of her blatantly exposed slit. "Who gets his cock into my hot little pussy first?"

They looked nervously at each other, their throbbing cocks very visible in their pants.

"Shit," she laughed, lightly touching their hard bulges, "you both have big enough cocks to choke a horse! Who goes first?"

"Me," grinned Bill, getting up and removing his shirt.

"You look pretty dangerous," Jan giggled, referring to the way his cock was thrusting out against the front of his pants.

Slipping out of her little gown, she smiled at him, pleased at the way his eyes were admiring her fresh young figure. Walking over to the bed, she rolled onto her back, lewdly teasing her open pussy with her fingers.

"Hey, Gerald," she giggled, "are you just gonna ut there and watch Bill screw me?"

"No, I'll go in the bathroom until it's my turn," he laughed, standing up.

"By the way, Bill," she smiled, "haven't you forgotten something?"


"Money," she giggled. "I don't fuck for nothing."

"Oh, I'm sorry," he stammered, reaching into his wallet and handing her some bills.

Carefully counting them, Jan placed them in her beg that was on the bedside table. Glancing back at him, Jan was surprised to see Bill putting his shirt on again.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Okay, baby," the other man sneered, walking across the room and holding his badge in front of her eyes. "I'm Sergeant Knolls with Vice. Now get your little ass out of bed. We're taking you downtown."

"Why?" she gasped.

"We're bookin' you," he snapped, "that's why."

"You fuckin' creep!" she screamed.

"Hurry up!" the other one urged. "Get some clothes on or we'll drag your bare as into the station."

"What are you going to do to me?" she asked, suddenly frightened.

"Book you."

"Please," she sobbed.

"What's your name? Your real name?"

"Jan Wilson."

Reaching into her bag he took out her wallet.

"Shit," he mumbled, handing it to his partner. "This little broad has a pile of credit cards."

"Probably stolen," Bill laughed. "These tramps don't have credit cards."

"No," she sobbed. "They're mine."

"Look, Sarge," he said, handing the wallet back. "The address on these cards is in Fremont Heights."

"Shit," Sergeant Knolls laughed, "these cards must be stolen. Whores don't live in that neighborhood."

"Where did you get these credit cards?" Bill asked the trembling naked girl.

"They're mine!" she shrieked, tears pouring down her cheeks and dropping onto her breasts. "They're mine!"

"Let's call this Jan Wilson in Fremont Heights and see if she's had her credit cards stolen," Sergeant Knolls suggested.

"Please don't," she sobbed. "My husband doesn't know what I've been doing."

"He will," Bill laughed, "if you really have one." Searching frantically through her bag, Jan dragged out a passport that had been issued to her last year.

"Here," she sobbed, thrusting it at the sergeant, "I'm Jan Wilson."

He studied it for a moment and handed it to Bill. "She's Jan Wilson, all right. It's a fairly recent picture."

"Then what the hell are you doing here?" snapped Bill. "You don't need the money."

"It started out for kicks," she sobbed, her naked body trembling with fear.

"Have you ever been booked?" the sergeant asked.

"No," Jan cried. "Never!"

"Call headquarters," he turned to Bill. "See if they have anything on a Jan Wilson at that address."

"So the little housewife peddles her as for kicks," he said, glaring at her.

She didn't answer. Jan dropped to the bed in a flood of hysterical team.

"She's never been booked," Bill sighed, returning from the phone. "There's a couple of speeding violations, but that's all."

"Jesus Christ!" Knolls sighed. "This is the Goddamnedest thing I've ever run into."

"We've wasted enough time on the little bitch," Bill sighed, looking at the girl with disgust. "Let's book her. At least we know her real name."

"Come on," the sergeant said softly to the girl. "Get dressed. We have to take you in. Do you want to call your husband and have him meet you there?"

"Christ, no!" she screamed. "It would kill him! He doesn't know! He doesn't know!"

"He will," sneered Bill.

"Please," she begged. "Let me go. I promise I'll never do it again."

"Listen to her," snapped Bill. "A few minutes ago she was squirming around on the Goddamned bed, playing with her fuckin' pussy and anxious to take us on for a few bucks, and now the little tramp's beggin' for mercy."

Sergeant Knolls didn't answer. He was staring at the tear-stained face of the seemingly helpless girl.

"Oh, God!" she sobbed. "I'll lose my home, my husband and everything! Please don't do it to me!"

"Shit," Bill shrugged, "you did it to yourself. Don't blame us!"

"Bill," the sergeant said in a low voice, "let's let the kid go this time."

"Why?" he gasped.

"She's not a hardened criminal," he replied. "She's never been booked, and if we book her now, she'll have a record. She's all fucked up, but I think we should give her this one last chance."

"You're the boss," Bill grumbled. "But any broad that whores on her husband when she doesn't need the money is a rotten bitch."

"Listen, Mrs. Wilson," the sergeant said, turning to the naked girl. "Put your fuckin' clothes on and get home. If I ever pick you up again, I'll throw the book at you. If I ever see you on the street alone, I'll pick you up. This is your last and final chance, so get the hell out of here and go home where you belong."

When Jan was finally alone in her car, she didn't know what to do. How could she possibly return home this late at night when her husband thought she was on an overnight trip? And if she didn't go home, she knew she would be arrested.

She thought of driving over to Lois' house and spending the night there, but if the officers were secretly following her, she knew they'd pick her up for not driving directly home. Completely terrified, she drove slowly toward Fremont Heights. Noticing a car driving behind her, she made a right turn. The car followed her. She made a left turn, the other car did the same. Now certain that she was being tailed by the officers, she headed directly toward her home, not wanting to be picked up again.

Turning into her driveway, she saw the other car stop across the street with its lights turned off. She knew that they were going to make certain that she entered her house. Jan could see a light in their bedroom window, and knew that Ted was awake. She didn't know how she would explain this late arrival, but she was crying for the safety and comfort of her husband's protective arms. Getting out of the car, she searched her bag until she found her house keys, and walked slowly up to the front door.

Earlier that evening, Ted had been idly watching television when Becky walked in without ringing the doorbell.

"Hi, stud," she giggled, walking across the room in a brief pair of hiphugger cut-offs and a loose halter top. "I figured you were lonesome tonight, so I've come to keep you company."

"And why would I be lonesome?" he asked in a cool voice, slightly irritated by her unannounced entrance.

"Jan told me that she was going out of town tonight," she answered, sprawling next to him on the couch.

"You and Jan seem to see a lot of each other," he mumbled in a sarcastic voice.

"So," she continued, ignoring his remark, "I decided to sleep over here tonight."

"Just like that?"

"Sure," Becky giggled, resting her head on his shoulder. "I told my folks that I was spending the night with a girl friend."

That was the first time he'd noticed her little overnight bag an the floor by the front door. He didn't know what to say. With her head on his shoulder, he could smell the clean freshness of her hair. He suddenly recalled how exciting it had been when she'd entwined the soft silky strands of her hair around his hard cock. Looking down, he could see her big cherry-ripe nipples under the loose halter tap. The thought of spending the whole night with the horny little sex kitten stirred his loins.

"So you think you're going to spend the night here?" he teased, slipping his hand inside the halter and gently twisting her big hard nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

"Yep," she sighed, lightly resting her hand on his crotch.

Ted realized that this was going to be the night, and they settled back on the couch watching television. Neither of them wanted to rush things. This was definitely the time that both of them had known would eventually come, the time when she would at last feel his man-sized cock buried deep in her sex-hungry cunt.

Snuggled in his arms, they spent the next couple of hours lazily watching television, their hands lightly fondling and caressing each other through their clothes. They were both savoring the excitement, and anticipation of the coupling that would soon take place.

Jan nervously watched the darkened car across the street through the living room window. After a few minutes, the car slowly drove, away. Afraid to face her husband, Jan stood in the darkness by the window for a long time. Once more the car appeared, after slowing down in front of her house, it finally drove away.

Jan realized that she would be shadowed for a long, long time. She was thankful that she had decided to quit hustling, even before her near rest. Happy to be back in the secure safety of her house, she slowly walked toward the bedroom, still not knowing how she would explain her arriving home in the middle of the night.

Jan was hardly prepared for the scene that greeted her when she entered the room. Illuminated under the soft glow of the bedside lamp, she saw two tangled naked bodies lurching on the rumpled sheets. The room was filled with sighs and moans, as well as the slurping sounds of their sucking mouths. She quickly recognized her husband, spread out of his back with his mouth buried in a girl's cunt as she squatted over his face, frantically sucking his cock in the traditional sixty-nine position. To say that Jan was shocked would be putting it mildly.

Unable to move, Jan stood staring at the lewd scene. She was well aware of how often she had performed this act with strangers during the last few months. But seeing Ted enjoying it seemed impossible.

Her first impulse was to go over and tear the strange bitch's hair out, but remembering her close call with the police and her recent sex escapades, she just stood watching them. Still unable to believe what she was seeing, the young wife dropped wearily into a chair.

"Oh, Teddy," she heard a familiar little voice whisper between slurps, "you've got the neatest fuckin' cock in the world and it tastes so good!"

Jan almost jumped out of her chair when she recognized little Becky Adams' voice. She couldn't believe that her husband could be having an affair with a fourteen-year-old high school kid. From the amount of semen that was oozing out of the child's slit and dribbling down onto her husband's juice-drenched face, it was obvious to Jan that her husband had already fired a couple of loads up into the girl's little fuckhole.

Even though Jan had been eagerly selling her body to anyone with enough money and a cock, she was furious tb see her husband enjoying the fruits of another person. He had never to the red to lick her cunt, and here he was, slurping away at a mere child's semen-caked slit, and obviously enjoying every moment of it.

She was furious as she sat there watching the little neighbor girl frantically sucking her husband's cock, a cock that Jan had never tasted. From their intimate knowledge of each other's bodies, Jan realized that the couple had been having an affair for a long time. No wonder he hadn't been making sexual advances to Jan. It was obvious that her husband was getting all the sex he needed or wanted from the little teen-aged tramp next door.

Now Jan realized why her husband never objected to her leaving the house at night and never bothered to question her when she returned. He wanted her away so he could suck and fuck that little red-headed bitch's cunt.

"Christ, Becky," she heard her husband gasp. "I'm gonna come, honey, I'm gonna come!"

"Squirt, baby, squirt!" the child squealed, her little face bobbing frantically up and down over the man's jerking cock. "Fill me up! Squirt me full of hot ji..."

She never finished the sentence because a torrent of slippery hot semen gushed into her mouth from the lurching man's cock.

Jan sat quietly listening to the girl sucking and swallowing the spurting fluid. Unable to stand the scene any longer, Jan quietly slipped out of the room. Filled with both jealousy and hate, Jan decided he could have the fucking little bitch, the house, the furniture and everything. She was leaving.

Picking up her keys, Jan headed for the front door. Just as she was about to leave, she saw the reflection of car lights pierce the darkness of the living room. Glancing out, she saw the patrol car moving slowly down the street. Completely exhausted, she sank into a chair, tears running down her face. She realized that if she left the house that night, the only alternative would be jail.

Lighting a cigarette, she tried to unravel her confused thoughts. Here she was, a prisoner in her own home, while her husband was happily banging a little snot-nosed kid in her own bed.

Snuffing out her cigarette, Jan decided to go into the bedroom arid confront them and throw the rotten little tramp out of her house. She was about to enter the room when she heard Becky's little voice.

"Teddy," she heard the girl whisper, "do you like the way I suck you off?"

"Christ, yes," he laughed. "You're the best blow job I've ever had."

"Better than your wife?" she asked.

"I've told you before," he answered. "Jan has never offered to suck me off."

"Gee," the young girl giggled, "if I were your wife, I'd suck you off every night."

"I'll bet you would," he laughed. "You're the hottest little cunt I've ever known."

"Good," she giggled. "Now, are you gonna fuck me again?"

"SUN," he sighed, "as soon as this thing gets hard."

"It won't take me long to harden him up," Jan heard the girl giggle.

"I'm sure you're right," he sighed.

"Teddy," she heard the girl ask after a long pause, "am I a good fuck?"

"The greatest," he replied. "Better than your wife?"

"Yes, honey," he answered, "better than my wife, much better."


"I love Jan very much," she heard him continue, "but she is a very innocent girl for her age. She knows very little about sex and doesn't seem anxious to learn."

"Why don't you teach her?" the girl asked. "If I were to lick her pussy," he laughed, "she'd scream for the police and have me put away."

"If you love her so much," Becky asked, "why do you fuck me?"

"Because," he continued after another long pause, "we needed each other. You were too sexually mature to get any satisfaction from the little dicki on kids your own age. You needed a man-sized cock to satisfy you, and Jan wasn't interested in me. She had become reluctant to my advances. We were two people that needed each other."

"I'm sure glad we met," the girl sighed.

"So am I," Ted laughed. "But Becky, you must find a young boy that can satisfy you. I'm a married man, and this can't go on forever."

"I'll never find a kid with a cock as neat as yours," she giggled.

"You'll find him," sighed Ted. "Just start looking around. You'll never find him by sulking around in your house all the time."

"Okay," she promised. "But your cock's hard again. What do you want to do with it?"

"I want to slam it up into your hot little pussy," answered Ted. "I want to fuck the shit out of you."

"I'd like that," Jan heard her giggle, and squirm on the bed. "Start fuckin'."

Jan walked back into the living room, not wanting to disturb them. He thought she was so fucking innocent. She wondered what he would have thought if he'd seen her writhing and lurching with a cock in her pussy, another stuffed into her eager mouth and a third one rammed up her asshole. My God, she had been denying her husband the delicious pleasures she'd been sharing with any man who offered her a few bucks. She no longer hated the little red-headed brat next door. At least the kid had given him a lot more pleasure than Jan had been prepared to offer. Completely exhausted, Jan dropped onto the couch, and covering herself with a coat, she dozed off into a fitful sleep.

When Ted and Becky awakened the next morning, they eagerly resumed their sexual activities. It was almost noon when he kissed her and let her slip out through the back door so her parents wouldn't see her leaving the house.

Returning to the bedroom, Ted changed the sheets and made the bed before showering and shaving. It wasn't until he finally walked into the living room that he discovered his wife sleeping on the couch.

"What the hell are you doing on this couch?" he gasped as she opened her sleep-filled eyes.

"I didn't want to disturb you and Becky," she yawned.

He stared blankly at his wife. It was obvious that she was now completely aware of his affair with the little neighbor girl.

"I'm sorry," he stammered, glancing nervously at the floor, unable to meet his wife's eyes.

"Why be sorry?" she asked. "Wasn't she a good lay?"

He didn't answer.

"Well," she repeated, "wasn't she a good lay?"

"Yes," he whispered, "she was."

"Then don't be sorry," she laughed, standing up. "I'm going to shower and change, then I'll fix us something to eat."

Watching her lovely slim body leaving the room, Ted couldn't understand how she could be taking his infidelity so calmly.

After a silent breakfast, Ted wandered into the living room to read the morning paper. Leafing idly through the paper, he was conscious of Jan entering the room and sitting down in a chair with a second cup of coffee.

"Well," he said, "say something."

"I've nothing to say," she replied, sipping her coffee.

"There must be something," Ted snapped.

"Not really," sighed Jan. "What is a wife expected to say when she comes home and finds her true love in her bed fucking a little high school chippy?"

"What are you going to do about it?" he asked. "I don't know," was her reply. "I'm not sure what I'm going to do."

He returned his attention to the newspaper. Watching him, Jan wondered what would have happened if she had interrupted his little affair last night with a phone call, asking him to come downtown and bail her out for whoring. Would he have forgiven her?

The drab day dragged on, neither of them speaking except when necessary. Early in the evening, while she was preparing their dinner, Jan mixed them a martini.

They were sitting quietly in the living room sipping their cocktails when the doorbell rang.

Answering it, Ted was both startled and embarrassed to see Becky standing there, attired in a pair of tight cutoffs, slit up the sides to display as much bare flesh as possible. Her braless boobs were clearly defined in the tight T-shirt she was wearing.

"Hi, Mr. Wilson," she bubbled in an animated voice. "IS Mrs. Wilson home?"

"Y-yes," he stammered. "Come on in."

"HI, Jan," she smiled, walking over to Ted's wife, the lower chunks of her soft little asscheeks peeking out from beneath her tight cut-offs. "I wondered if you still had any of that special glue left. I'm working on another dried flower arrangement and I've run out."

"Hi, Becky," answered Jan in an overly sweet voice. "Yes, I think so. Let me look."

Jan quickly returned with a tube of the sticky substance.

"Oh, thank you, Jan," Becky smiled radiantly at the woman. "I sure appreciate this."

"It's nothing," Jan answered, not asking the girl to be seated. "You can share anything I have."

"Thank you, Jan," Becky giggled, looking lovingly at Ted. "I'll remember that. Well, I must leave now, and thanks again."

"Not only is she the most obvious flirt I've ever seen," laughed Jan when the little girl had gone, "she's a real exhibitionist."

Ted didn't answer.

"I'll say this," she continued. "That kid sure has a cute little ass."

"Can't we change the subject?" grumbled Ted.

"Does her little ass feel warm and soft when you touch it?" she continued, ignoring his request to skip it.

Ted got up and left the room.

Later than evening, Jan announced that she was tired and went to bed. Not knowing what to do, Ted remained in the living room, trying unsuccessfully to concentrate on a television movie. He wondered if he was expected to spend the night in the guest room.

Finally, he flipped the set off and joined his wife in their bedroom. Her even breathing indicated that she was asleep, so Ted began disrobing without turning on the bedside lamp. Although both of them had always slept in the raw, Ted had a strange feeling that under the circumstances he should wear pajamas, but soon discarded the idea.

Getting into bed, he clung to his side of it, not wanting to upset Jan by touching her. Lying on his back with thousands of thoughts spinning through his mind, he was conscious of his wife stirring in the bed.

Suddenly, and without warning, he felt Jan's warm little hand gently cupping his limp, cold penis. Too startled to move or speak, he could feel her fingers sliding his loose foreskin back over his flaccid cockhead. He could feel Jan moving around in the bed, and before his reeling mind could grasp what was going on, he felt her moist soft tongue slithering around the sensitive head of his prick. He couldn't believe that his shy young wife could possibly be licking his cock.

Within seconds, his prick had exploded into a massive shaft of throbbing hard meat. The feel of her hot juicy lips sliding down over his swollen cockhead was the most delicious feeling he'd ever experienced. Little Becky's mouth had excited him, but there was a sensual strength to his wife's sucking lips that was virtually blowing his mind.

"Oh, Christ," he gasped, unable to control his voice any longer. "That feels so good, Jan! It feels so Goddamned good!"

It should, she thought to herself, taking his throbbing cock deep into her throat as her lips sucked savagely around the sensitive shaft. You're not being sucked off by some little high school tease, you're getting it from a professional cocksucker, and baby, nobody knows more about sucking cocks than your shy, innocent little wife!

She could feel him lurching and writhing beneath her and it filled her with excitement. This was the first time she'd ever tasted or felt her husband's cock in her mouth. It was tremendously exciting to know that it was her husband's own sweet cock she was sucking. Her talented tongue was expertly working over every sensitive spot that her professional experience had taught her.

She had vowed to herself that when she was finished with him tonight, he'd never look at that little red-headed brat again.

The deep suction of her mouth as her clasping lips slid up and down over his glistening cock was almost more than the writhing man could stand. It felt like she was sucking his asshole right out the end of his bursting cockhead.

"Jesus Christ!" he screamed, digging his fingers into her soft hair. "I'm coming! I'm coming!"

Giving a big powerful suck, she literally drew the hot juice up from deep in his groin. She loved the feel and the taste of his thick warm fluid gushing into her throat. It was the first time she had ever tasted his semen, and it was the most delicious, sweetest cock juice she'd ever sampled.

"My God, Jan," he sighed, slowly recovering from the explosive climax, "how did you learn to do that?"

"Shhh," she whispered, covering his mouth with her open, semen-drenched lips, "don't talk, honey, just relax."

For the next few minutes, she lay perfectly still, cradling his face against her firm little breasts.

"Honey," she finally whispered, "would you like to lick my pussy for me?"

Once again he was startled by his wife's request. He couldn't believe that she had really asked him to suck her little cunt.

"What?" he asked, wanting to make sure he had heard correctly.

"I asked you to tongue-fuck me," she giggled.

Still unable to understand his wife's new attitude and language, he quickly buried his face in her furry little muff before she could change her mind. Her naked thighs squeezed deliciously against his cheeks as he pressed his lips up against the juicy opening of her little hair-fringed slit. His nose buried in her sweet-smelling pubic hairs, he thrust his tongue up between her moist fleshy cuntlips, probing to locate her sensitive clit.

A wild shudder racked Jan's body when she felt his broad thick tongue slither through her slit, reaching deep into her hot young box.

Never in all her recent experiences had Jan ever felt a tongue reach in as deeply as Ted's.

"Oh, Christ!" she squealed suddenly when he began swirling his tongue around in her fuckhole, slithering it against every nerve of her cuntal walls.

Withdrawing a bit, he flipped his tongue up against her throbbing cunt. His mouth locked tightly over her cuntal lips, Ted's tongue began lightly flipping her clitoris back and forth. After a few moments of this, he slowly took the sensitive little bud between his lips, playfully nibbling it until Jan was literally screaming with ecstasy.

"Oh, my God, honey!" she shrieked, hysterically thrusting her cunt up against his mouth. The little brat next door might have been a pain in the ass, but she'd sure taught Ted to eat pussy. Never had Jan been eaten out with the skill that Ted was displaying.

"That's it, baby!" she screamed, tearing at her breasts with her wildly clutching hands. "Suck, honey, suck! Jesus Christ, baby, I'm coming! I'm coming!"

It was several minutes before her quivering body began calming down from the shattering orgasm.

"You're some pussy eater," she giggled, stroking her husband's stiff cock.

"And you're something worth eating," he said to his lovely young wife.

Ted was lying on his back, his stiff prick thrusting up against his flat stomach, reaching above his navel. Taking it in her fingers, Jan held it straight up, then released it, watching it spring back against his belly with a sharp, loud slap.

"That's some honker," she giggled.

Jan suddenly straddled his body, and resting her weight on her knees, she reached down and took his stiff dick in her hands. Lifting it, she pointed it straight up into the air. Raising herself a little higher, she placed his cockhead against her open, juicy slit and then slowly lowered herself dawn aver the bone-hard shaft.

"Ohhhh, God," he gasped, feeling the tight slippery lips of her cunt sliding down over his hard cock.

"Do you like that?" she whispered, smiling down at him as she slowly lowered her cunt further down around his lurching cock.

"Christ, yes," he moaned. "Jesus Christ, that feels so fuckin' good!"

Inch by inch she continued lowering herself down over the deliciously hard shaft. She could feel it slithering against the sensitive nerves of her sucking, grasping cuntal walls.

Her writhing face thrown back, her eyes closed in ecstasy, she continued moving down until her little asscheeks were resting on his thighs. When his shaft was completely embedded in her clutching fuckhole, she remained perfectly still, enjoying the feeling of the blood pounding through the distended veins of his throbbing cock.

"God, that feels good," he whispered, looking up into her smiling, half-closed eyes.

"I know," she whispered. "Cunts are supposed to feel good. That's why we have them."

Slowly she began rotating her pussy around the base of his deeply impaled shaft. The circular movement caused the big honker to swirl around in her like a giant drill.

"Oh, God," he moaned as she speeded the rotation of her slippery slit. "Faster, honey, faster!"

"Hang in there, baby, we're just gettin' started," she panted.

Leaning forward and bracing her weight on his chest, she began humping up and down on his deliciously hard tool.

"Oh, God," he gasped at the feel of her sucking, grasping cunt sliding up and down over his cock. "That feels so fuckin' good!"

"I know! I know!" she sobbed, crazed with the incredible sensation that ripped through her excited body every time her cunt slammed don, driving his shaft deeper into her squirming belly.

Crazed with excitement, she began humping faster and faster, almost out of her mind with the feeling of his bloated cock slamming brutally into her hot cunt.

Ted was frantically thrusting his hips up to meet every plunge of her swirling cunt.

"That's it, baby!" she screamed, feeling him responding with his mighty upward strokes. "I'm almost there, honey, almost there!"

The incredible ecstasy had almost reached the agony of pain when Jan exploded into a mind-blowing orgasm. Sobbing and lurching with the intense pleasure that enveloped her, she threw herself forward across Ted's chest.

His cock aching for release, Ted rolled her over while she was still in the throes of her climax and rammed his cock deeper into her convulsing fuck tunnel.

Recovering from the orgasm, Jan was vaguely aware of being on her back, Ted's big cock slamming into her body. She couldn't believe that he was still going, and with even more power and determination with every pounding thrust. Never had he dominated her so completely, and the feel of his steel-hard cock slamming into her cunt was lifting her toward another orgasm.

"God, baby," she sobbed, throwing her legs over his shoulders, splaying her slit up against him to better receive his battering thrusts, "you're the best Goddamned fucker in the world!"

On and on they went, every wild plunge of his cock lifting her higher and higher toward the ultimate of ecstasy.

"Squirt me, baby, squirt me!" she screamed, dimly aware that she was on the crest of another huge orgasm. "Squirt me full! Jesus Christ! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

Feeling his semen gushing into her fuckhole was almost more than she could stand. The feel of it spraying her excited cuntal walls propelled her over the top. Screaming and clutching at him, she was vaulted into a star-spangled world of ecstasy, a world of such intense pleasure that the hysterical girl would never forget it.

Floating back to reality, she covered her husband's mouth with her softly parted lips. Her husband was the greatest lover in the entire world, and for the rest of her life she would enjoy his luscious cock in the warmth and safety of her own home.


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