Horny naughty nun

Who can judge a person's reactions during stress situations? The prisoner of war who gives in to his captors' demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors -- both must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or a positive experience.

In HORNY NAUGHTY NUN, Sister Mary Grace finds herself in just such a situation. Abused by a priest, degraded and forced to perform abnormal sexual acts, she nonetheless finds within herself hidden resources, a strength of character she never realized she had.

Sister Grace suffers through an unspeakably horrible experience, but she comes through with her sensibilities intact, knowing she is more of a woman.


Sister Mary Grace had asked Father Ryan to hear her confession in his study. She never could have confessed her terrible sins in the church, in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. Besides, she knew for a fact that Mother Mary Aloysius ease dropped on the nuns confessions.

But she feared it had been a mistake. Kneeling beside Father Tom Ryan's chair, she was struck more forcefully than ever by his resemblance to Peter O'Toole. Guilty though she felt about her sins, reciting them made her feel squirmy and damp.

"... and I let him kiss my-my private parts," she was saying in a small voice.

Father Ryan seemed amused. "Do you means Sister, that you let him eat your cunt?"

She gasped with shock. That was just what Rocco had called it. It was what she had called it, too, in the grip of her sinful excitement. "Eat my cunt, Rocco!" She had said.

"I thought such wards were sinful, Father. I meant to confess that I used them when... when we were doing it."

"When you were playing sixty-nine with this boy from your English class?"

"Isn't it sinful to say..." she found that she could not repeat the phrase, "words like those?"

"Not very. I can't absolve you, Sister, unless I know exactly what you're talking about." He saw that tears were rolling down her cheeks, and he dried them with his stole. "Please use the plain words for your acts, Sister. You have my permission."

"All right." She felt her cheeks burning as she forced herself to say, "He ate my cunt and I sucked his cock."

"And you enjoyed all this?"

She lowered her eyes. "Yes, Father. I enjoyed it very much."

"Is that all?"

Sister Grace felt cheated. Father Ryan seemed not the least bit shocked or angered by the sins that would damn her forever to hell. He looked wearily amused, like an indulgent parent hearing of a favorite child's minor misconduct.

She knew it was wrong to try to shock him, but she hoped she would as she said. "I did it with a nun, too. Father. I happened to pass by her cell, and I couldn't help staring at her, in just her shift, with her long, gold hair... she called me in and -- well, we ate each other's cunt."

"And you enjoyed it?" He remained unshocked. "Did you come?"

"Three times, Father. The thing is, we can't stop. We've been sneaking into each other's cell every night for the past two weeks."

He sighed. "I'll have to speak to this other nun. Give me her name, Sister."

"Father, I couldn't!"

The priest swiveled his devastating blue eyes on her and turned her to icily. "You took a vow of obedience, Sister, as well as one of chastity. Give me her name."

"Sister Ursula," she whispered.

"The one with the walk." He smiled.

It surprised her that the priest should have noticed Sister Mary Ursula's sexy little strut. She said she found it impossible to modify her walk, even though Mother Aloysius had disciplined her for it more than once.

When she had been silent a while, he prompted. "And that's all?"

"No, Father. Even now I find myself harboring impure thoughts about you -- urges, really."

"Please be specific."

"I can't help thinking how good it would feel..." Her voice failed her.

"If I ate your cunt?"

She began sobbing. She could only nod wordlessly. His strong hand squeezing her shoulder was meant to be comforting, she was sure, but it only made her cunt squirm hotly.

Father Ryan gave her absolution and a penance so light that it seemed to trivialize her sins, ten Hail Marys and an equal number of Our Fathers. But then he insisted that she accompany him in praying for strength to resist her carnal urges, and he knelt beside her.

Far from giving her strength, his close proximity unleashed her weakness. She couldn't concentrate on her prayers with the manly smell of tobacco and aftershave, slightly tinged with whisky, in her nostrils. She trembled when she felt his hand caressing her ass.

"No, Father, I..." Turning to protest, she was silenced with a deep, tongue-tangling kiss. She had kissed Sister Ursula like this, but never a man.

His hand slipped unnoticed beneath her habit, but she soon noticed it when it slid up her thigh and touched her cunt.

He said dryly, "I thought nuns were supposed to wear underpants, Sister."

"Father, the linen ones they give..." she found it impossible to think while his finger slid up and down the wet groove between her cuntlips, but she forced herself to speak, "... they're just too... they rub against my cunt and make me feel hot all the time."

"You should wear them all the same, Sister." As he spoke, he concentrated on unpinning her wimple and cowl to reveal her long, lustrous black hair. "Resist the temptation, and offer it up to Our Lord. If the temptation becomes unbearable, come to me -- at any hour of the day or night."


"God understands weakness of the flesh, Sister, but He's less willing to forgive its perversion. It was His plan that men and women should fuck. Sinning with me would be less grievous than lying with another nun or sucking some schoolboy's cock."

Her cunt felt so hot and wet and squirmy, her nipples tingled so deliciously, that his words made wonderful sense. Her habit was cast aside, along with her cotton stockings and boots and her chaste bra. She was naked except for the tattered scapulars she had worn since she was twelve. Father Ryan was naked, too. His cock was just as hard and stiff as it could be, and a bead of juice twinkled at its inflamed tip.

"Father," she whispered hesitantly, "I'm a virgin."

"It's an insult to Our Lord, to give up fucking without knowing what it's all about," he said as he felt her tits and turned her mind to mush. "I'm going to show you what it's all about."

He wriggled up to lie on top of her and push his bulging cock-head into the hot lips of her cunt. The priest was crazy about her big nipples, almost as big as the tips of her thumbs now that they were hot and erect, and he couldn't decide which he loved to suck the most. The hot flashes surging down to her cunt from her tits almost compensated for the pain Sister Grace felt as Father Tom forced his huge cock into her virginal cunt.

It was not an unbearable pain, perhaps no worse than biting her tongue and knowing she'd drawn blood. She'd felt far worse in a dentist's chair. But the location of the pain made it scary. He was ripping his way into the center of her body with his big cock. She sobbed and begged him to stop, but it was like begging a truck to stop running you over. He just kept pushing in with the relentless, merciless strength of a machine.

She wanted him to suck her tits, though, and as her cunt shrank from his cock, she thrust her tit-mounds hard against his mouth. The cross he wore about his neck dug almost painfully into one tit as he sent the other to heaven with his greedy mouth.

She tried to pull her cunt away from him, but both his hands were dug into her ass like iron claws, and he pulled her tight against him as he bulled his cock inward. She started to scream as something in her cunt snagged and ripped, but he covered her mouth with his and silenced her with a tongue-tangling kiss.

And then his cock was slipping in strongly and steadily, the easiest thing in the world, stuffing her cunt and scratching itches she hadn't even known she'd had. She wound her long, lithe legs around the priest's muscular back and urged him, using all the words she had thought were sinful, to fuck her till she shit.

Father Tom needed no urging. He belted his big cock in and out of the nun's virginal cunt like a boxer's fist. He was hurting her, her cunt was sore, but she could no more have stopped him than a chain-smoker could have suspended his vice because of a sore throat; the pleasure more than made up for the discomfort. And although Sister Grace had never smoked, she knew that fucking was an infinitely more pleasant and addictive vice. How in God's name would she ever stop, now that Father Tom had shown her that his cock and her cunt were the lock and the key to paradise?

But stopping was the last thing on her mind now, with the priest's cock bursting in and out of her tight, clinging cunt at a speed that rattled her teeth and jangled her bones. She wanted to go even faster, and she bounced her ass up from the floor of the rectory study to bang her hipbones against his and syncopate the fucking.

Father Tom's crucifix no longer dug into her tits. It was pressed against her flat belly as he concentrated on her tits with manic dedication. Both Rocco and Sister Ursula had sucked on her tits -- the only ones who'd ever done it but nobody had done it like Father Tom. He worshipped them with his lips and tongue, and he revealed them to be the triggers of explosive nerves in her hot young cunt that kept going off like strings of firecrackers. Her own fingers and the mouths of Rocco and Sister Ursula had taught her what it was to come, but that had been a grammar-school lesson. Father Tom's cock was giving her a post-graduate course in orgasms it was almost scary to Sister Grace, the way one climax led up to another, until it seemed she would be transubstantiated by the priest's big cock.

The horny young nun's tits and cunt were inflamed beyond her wildest dreams of religious ecstasy, but now the priest revealed a new mystery by tickling her asshole. She spread her legs wide, releasing his back, so he could play with that puckered rosebud of unexpected sensation as much as he wanted to. She wondered if he could fit his finger in her asshole, or even his cock, but he seemed content to tickle it with just the tip of his finger. She writhed and squirmed like a hooked fish under the combined assaults on her cunt, her asshole and her tits.

"Hail Mary!" she screamed in an effort to find vent for the surgings and burnings in her cunt, and it never occurred to her that this might be blasphemy. But the Lord was with her and He had never been before, and the fruit of her womb was a huge prick. Surely, too, this was the hour of her death, when the God who was coming to life within her cunt would blow her away like the flame of an altar candle.

How had she survived all these years without a cock in her cunt? Sister Grace was twenty-two years old. She had turned down innumerable offers from horny young men who had wanted to plug her hole, and she intensely regretted every single one she had turned down now. But it made no difference, because Father Tom Ryan was plugging her cunt-hole, and doing it as she knew it was meant to be done. It was as if she had lived all these years without knowing what water was for, and now, after an intolerable thirst, she was getting a drink.

She lay beneath Father Tom like a discarded dishrag, arms and legs spread wide, simply accepting the slipping and sliding miracle of his plunging cock. But when he propped himself up on his arms to look down and see his cock pushing and pulling in her cunt, she couldn't resist peering down between her tits to see it, too.

She wished she hadn't looked. His big cock was bloody, and her drooping thighs were running with the blood and cunt-juice that had spattered out of her. He had busted into her virginal hole like a battering-ram, and she prayed that he hadn't done her a serious injury. Her head swam with nausea, but even so, she couldn't help staring. No sight on earth or maybe even in heaven could compare with the big, bloody length of that hard cock as it disappeared into her painfully stretched cunt-lips and appeared again. Again she imagined that she might die; she was sure that dying involved the same total loss of control that fucking did.

She had never before noticed how big her clit was, so much bigger than Sister Ursula's. It peeked between her cunt-lips and her blood matted cunt-hair like the pink nose of a kitten. She wanted to rub it, it felt so hot and loaded with lust, but she didn't dare, for fear that Father Tom would think she was hopelessly sex-crazed.

But then she screamed when he rubbed it himself, manipulating her red-hot cunt-button with his fingers as he fucked her. It was as if the final nail had been pounded into Our Lord's wrist, and that pounding and that nail were buried deep in the intricate convolutions of her cock-hungry cunt.

"Don't just lie there," Father Tom grunted, burning and crisping her soul with his big, blue eyes, "fucking is a sport for two persons."

"Oh, yes!" she screamed, pummeling him with her sweating loins as she pumped her cunt up from the floor to engulf his bloody cock. "I was afraid -- I didn't want you to know... how much I love to fuck, how much I love you to fuck me, Father!"

"Don't be ashamed of it," he whispered as he clutched her ass and drove his prick to meet her thrusts. "If you're going to sin, throw your heart into it."

He rolled over on his back. She knelt astride his hips, puffing and pushing her hot cunt up and down on his upright prick. He guided her with his hands cupping her ass, one of his fingers still tickling her hot asshole.

She loved this fucking position. She felt completely in control, staring down at her father confessor's sweating body, his crucifix glittering on his chest, his eyes eating up her tits, as she raised and lowered her itching, aching but utterly cock-crazed cunt on his upright prick. Looking down below her belly, she could see her black-muffed cunt accepting every inch of his bloody cock, then revealing it to her fascinated gaze. The Seven Sacraments had been joined by one her catechism hadn't told her about, and it was called fucking.

Something new was happening. She squealed with shock as his big prick seemed to extend itself and touch depths it couldn't possibly be touching. Meanwhile its thick length throbbed in her cunt like an overworked heart.

She cursed herself for an idiot as she realized that the priest's cock was doing in her cunt just what Rocco's had done in her mouth; he was spurting cum into her. His face twisted, his body writhed, he was unable to do anything to contribute to the fuck, so she hammered her ass up and down on his thighs and swallowed him with her cunt, taking every last ounce of his jetting cum.


Sister Grace spent the next few days in a spiritual turmoil. No matter what glib reasons Father Tom advanced, she knew deep down in her heart that fucking him was wrong. But on an even deeper level, deep down in her cunt, she knew that she loved it.

Father Tom had told her to come to the rectory at any hour of the day or night for "special counseling" if she felt the sinful urges that had led to her sin with Rocco and Sister Ursula. She felt those sinful urges even more now, but most of them were directed at Father Tom, and she didn't dare go see him.

A day or so after he had fucked her, Mother Aloysius called her into her office. Father Tom had told the Mother Superior that he was assisting Sister Grace with a thorny spiritual problem, and he asked that she be permitted to come to him whenever she needed his help. Mother Aloysius had looked suspicious, and it was obvious she wanted to know all about it, but she had given Grace permission to visit the rectory at any hour without asking any embarrassing questions.

After fucking Father Tom, Sister Grace had been plunged from the height of ecstasy to the depths of despair. As she had wept bitter tears, he had tried to comfort her.

Taking her left hand and indicating the ring on her finger, he had said, "You are a bride of Christ, are you not, Sister?"

"Yes, Father. That's what makes it so."

"And who is it, Sister," he had interrupted, "who takes the place of Christ in your life? Who is His stand-in at the celebration of the Mass?"

"A priest -- you, Father Tom."

"Exactly! And in this instance, I have only taken His place as your bridegroom. I am only doing the Lord's work for Him, Sister, and you should count yourself privileged."

"I-I'll try, Father."

His words had comforted her at the time, but now she knew that she had sinned with him. There was no one she could talk to -- certainly not Mother Aloysius, fat and ugly and stern, who punished the nuns savagely for the slightest suspicion that they were entertaining impure thoughts.

And Sister Ursula, her dearest friend... how could she even look Sister Ursula in the eye, now that she'd betrayed their secret to the priest? She had avoided her ever since. And Sister Ursula hadn't dared sneak into her cell this week, because Sister Mary Phrygia, the night proctor, had been more than usually diligent in making bed-checks the past few days, popping in and out of the cells at all odd hours.

Last night she'd even gotten down on her knees to check under Grace's bed with a flashlight at three in the morning.

Even as she was thinking about Sister Phrygia, the door opened. Sister Grace closed her eyes and pretended to sleep. But the footsteps on the stone floor was soft as a whisper, and the door was reclosed quietly. Grace dared to open one eye.

"Sister Ursula!" she cried when she saw the long blonde hair in the moonlight, flowing like a river over the shoulders of her white nightdress.

"Shh! Don't worry." Ursula peeled off her nightgown and slipped naked into Sister Grace's bed. "Sister Phrygia is snoring at her desk."

Ursula began rolling Grace's chaste nightgown up over her hips, eager to get at her curt and her big tits after so many days of frustration. Sister Grace wanted to confess that she'd betrayed her, but she was so excited by the nearness of the blonde nun's naked body, she wanted Ursula to eat her cunt so badly, that she didn't dare speak. She was afraid that her friend might get mad at her and leave.

"Oh, I just love your tits!" Sister Ursula moaned, slipping one of Sister Grace's big nipples into her mouth as soon as her tits were bared.

Sister Grace sighed and pulled her nightgown all the way off. Her busy hands fondled Ursula's bare tits, not as big as her own, but firm and young and perfectly shaped. She squeezed the other nun's nipples the way she knew she loved best, and Ursula groaned with pleasure around her mouthful of tit as the two naked nuns writhed and squirmed lustfully on the narrow bed.

Sister Grace's hand soon found its way down to the woolly-soft curls of Sister Ursula's cunthair, already damp with little beads of cunt-juice that had seeped out. Her cunt-lips were slick with juice, too, and it just bubbled over onto her fingers when she probed the crease between Sister Ursula's cunt-lips and slipped her finger into her scalding hot cunt-hole.

Sister Ursula wriggled up to kiss Grace on the mouth and let her reach her hot cunt more easily. Their tongues tangled lecherously together as Grace slipped her finger deeper and stroked the hot pudding of Ursula's cunt. Sister Ursula had never been fucked, but a girlfriend she'd had in high school had busted her cherry with her tongue, so that her cunt was as open and receptive as Sister Grace's.

Alarm bells suddenly went off in Grace's head. The instant she touched her cunt, Ursula would know that she was no longer a virgin! And Ursula's hand was on her thigh now, moving inexorably toward her hot pussy.

"What's wrong?" the other nun whispered when Sister Grace twisted away from her questing fingers.

"My cunt is sore," Sister Grace said, and that was partly true, although the soreness of Father Tom's fucking had almost gone away. "I... when you didn't come to me, I was fingerfucking myself..."

"I'll kiss it and make it better," Sister Ursula said in a hoarse voice as she wriggled down until her head was at the level of Sister Grace's hips. She grabbed her ass and rolled her forcibly onto her back, although Sister Grace was so eager for the other's tongue that not much force was needed. She spread her legs wide the minute Sister Ursula tried to push them open, baring her hairy, steaming cunt to the other's greedy mouth.

The first touch of her tongue felt so good that Sister Grace was unable to contain a cry that was far too loud, and Sister Ursula pinched her ass hard to remind her of the danger they were in. Sister Grace made an effort to control herself as the other nun licked her way around her juice seeping cunt.

An itchy little scab had formed on the membrane ruptured by the thrust of Father Ryan's cock. She had tried not to scratch it, but it had been a pure torment, and now Sister Ursula's tongue found it and licked it, relieving the itch.

She gasped with pleasure as the other nun's tongue went deeper, rolling around in the slimy bath of her cunt-hole.

"You weren't kidding, you finger-fucked yourself, Sister," Ursula giggled, but that was all she had to say about the fact that Grace was no longer a virgin. Now that she had full access for her tongue to go to the depths of the other's cunt-hole, she had no intention of wasting time on speech.

Sister Grace bit back her cries of pleasure, but she couldn't keep herself from whimpering softly as the other nun's tongue explored the humid interior of her cunt, touching nerves and probing areas of excitement that only the priest's cock had touched before. Grace spread her legs painfully wide, as if trying to turn her cunt inside out and let the sexy blonde sister have it all for her greedy lips and tongue.

Sister Ursula was obviously having so much fun sucking and licking her hot cunt that Sister Grace felt a little envious, and she pulled and tugged at the other young nun's smooth shoulders in an effort to convey what she wanted without speaking. She succeeded, and Sister Ursula wriggled around until her curvy ass, gleaming white in the moonlight falling through Sister Grace's little window, was poised right over the other's face.

Sister Grace had only to extend her tongue to have it touch the hot, wet flesh of Ursula's cunt. She used only the lightest of touches, dancing her tongue up and down the other's slick cunt-lips like a butterfly, but it made Sister Ursula give a muffled groan against her own cunt and it provoked, a fresh seepage of sticky cunt-juice that soon smeared her chin and trickled over her throat.

But her teasing approach frustrated her as much as it did Ursula. She hungered to get her tongue in there and really do some cunt-eating. She gripped the other nun's smooth ass and pulled it down, pressing her hairy, wet cunt tight against her thirsty mouth. Sister Ursula wriggled and moaned with pleasure, redoubling her own efforts on Grace's cunt to pay her back for the thrill.

As Sister Grace's tongue probed the depths of Sister Ursula's cunt, scooping out hot cuntjuice and swallowing it down, she found her nose pressing into the other's asshole. Remembering how good it had felt when Father Ryan had tickled her own asshole while they were fucking, she transferred her tongue to Sister Ursula's puckered ass bud and slipped her tongue into the other nun's asshole.

Sister Ursula squeaked with surprise, but she didn't resist the unprecedented intrusion. After a moment of tension she relaxed, spreading her legs wide to let Sister Grace's tongue slip deeper into her hot, tight ass. She squirmed her hot cunt against the other nun's chin, giving herself a double thrill.

Having wet the other's asshole thoroughly with her spit, Sister Grace moistened her finger in the simmering cauldron of Ursula's cunt and slipped it up her ass. This time, Ursula muttered a mild protest, but Sister Grace was sure it would feel good to her, so she kept going despite Ursula's reaction. It took a little longer for the blonde nun to get used to this, but when she did, she heaved a deep sigh and reined her asshole fully to let Sister Grace fingerfuck it.

Sister Grace hoped that Ursula would do the same for her, and she wasn't disappointed. She curled up her ass invitingly, presenting her tingling asshole, and Sister Ursula slipped a cunt slimed finger deep inside it while she continued to eat the hot brunette nun's cunt. She gave Grace an extra thrill by reaching down to feel her big-nippled tits, again, and they were so hot and tingling that Ursula's squeezes felt almost as good as the work she was doing on her cunt and her asshole.

Sister Grace was wildly excited, she was enjoying this bout of cunt-licking and asshole fingering enormously, but something was missing. She still hadn't come yet despite Sister Ursula's best cunt-licking efforts and her own cunt lusting frustration, and she seemed no closer to an orgasm now.

She hoped Father Tom's cock hadn't spoiled her for these pleasures with Sister Ursula, but she feared that was the case now that she had been fucked, she needed a big cock in her cunt to renew the pleasure that the first time had given her. She squirmed and wriggled, rubbing her cunt against Sister Ursula's face in an effort to churn it up and get it hotter.

She was shocked when a new thrill unfolded in her hot cunt. At first her dazed mind couldn't quite cope with it it seemed almost as if Sister Ursula's tongue had turned into a cock.

But even as she entertained this absurd idea, the truth struck her. Sister Ursula had slipped her thumb into her curt. Sister Ursula's thumb was nowhere near as big as Father Tom Ryan's cock, but it was big enough to give Sister Grace the extra little thrill she had been looking for. As soon as her thumb was deep inside her cunt, Sister Ursula rubbed its ball against the tip of the forefinger stuck in Sister Grace's asshole, massaging the slimy wall that separated cunt and asshole between the two fingers, and giving it a thrill that no even a cock could give.

It was so good that Sister Grace screamed with pleasure, but her cry was muffled by the hairy blonde cunt pressed tight against her mouth. It got even better when Sister Ursula concentrated all of her tongue-action on Sister Grace's cunt-button, the ultimate trigger of her sexuality, sucking it between her lips so she could give it a real flogging with her wet tongue.

Bucking and squirming, whimpering and gasping, but still licking the other's cunt and finger-fucking her hot asshole, Sister Grace felt herself being born up on angels' wings and through the gold gates of paradise. But even as she came, the door of her cell was flung open and she heard a strangled cry of horror.


"You wicked sisters!" Sister Phrygia hissed as the two naked nuns hastily disengaged from each other, blushing furiously in the glare of the lamp that the night proctor had snapped on. "Shame on you!"

Stem and lean and tall, Sister Mary Phrygia had the posture of a drill instructor and perhaps even the mentality of one. She was feared almost as much as Mother Aloysius by the younger nuns.

Nothing escaped her stone-cold blue eyes behind their glittering, rimless spectacles, and she seemed to have a preternatural instinct for uncovering sins of the flesh. She had ferreted out a picture of Sylvester Stallone that Sister Mercita had cleverly concealed -- or so she had thought -- in a pocket she had slit in her mattress. More seriously, she had caught Sister Theresa in the very act of playing with her cunt one night. The one time she had caught Sister Grace -- for smuggling food into her cell -- she had acted as if that sin were every bit as grave as the others.

In all such instances, the offenders had been turned in promptly to Mother Aloysius for punishment. As she cringed on the bed and stared at Sister Phrygia, she could almost feel the Mother Superior's broad leather belt cracking down on her naked ass once more.

"Please, Sister, please!" Grace sobbed, clutching her nightgown in a wad to hide her tits and her cunt from the older woman's piercing gaze. "Don't tell Mother."

"Silence!" Sister Phrygia hissed, her frightening spectacles flashing from Grace to Ursula and back again. Grace had never before seen a hint of color in the nun's pale face; the fact that it was now red seemed a very bad sign.

Sister Ursula, clutching the sheet against her nakedness, was shaking so badly that she could not speak at all. The tall nun strode to the bed, whipped the sheet away from her and jerked her legs apart. Her hand dove between Ursula's thighs to her cunt so quickly that Ursula screamed with shock, and Sister Phrygia slapped her hard across the face.

"I told you to be silent!" she whispered.

The hand that had touched Sister Ursula's cunt was wet and glistening. She sniffed it, then made a face. "Oh, you foul creature! The Devil will dance with you in the deepest pit of hell for your unnatural sin. Get down on your knees before Our Lord and beg his forgiveness, Sister."

Sister Phrygia jerked Ursula from the bed and all but flung her toward the crucifix hanging on Sister Grace's wall. Sister Ursula tried to take the bed sheet with her, but Phrygia tore it away and made her kneel naked on the stone floor. Then she turned on Grace and tore the concealing nightgown away. She surveyed her nakedness from top to toe, slowly, contemptuously, and Sister Grace felt that she would die of shame.

Then Sister Phrygia grabbed Sister Grace's hand and sniffed at it. Her lip curled with distaste as she demanded, "Where did you stick this finger, Sister? Well?"

"I-I..." Grace found that she couldn't speak as Sister Phrygia squeezed the very finger she had been sticking up Sister Ursula's asshole.

"You don't need to tell me, you filthy creature. I can smell it well enough. Get down beside your companion in degeneracy and pray for the salvation of your warped soul, you animal!"

She grabbed Grace and flung her down beside Ursula, who was sobbing bitterly as she prayed, the tears trickling down to her quivering lips. Sister Grace yearned to comfort her friend with a touch or a ward, but she knew that Sister Phrygia would never stand for that.

As the younger girls sobbed and prayed, the older nun strode back and forth behind them, rattling her rosary ominously and muttering to herself under her breath. She seemed to be in a fearful rage. The only shred of hope that Sister Grace could cling to was that Sister Phrygia had done nothing, thus far, to draw attention to her discovery. She had spoken in a whisper, and she had kept, the other two from crying out.

Grace stole a glance over her shoulder at the angry woman pacing the floor behind her. She had never noticed it before, but Sister Phrygia's stern, angular face was almost beautiful, especially now that she had put her glasses aside. Her green eyes were tilted like a cat's over high, prominent cheekbones, and she had a cleft in her chin that might have been called charming in another woman. Her white skin had a pearly translucence. She had been distracted from noticing these things by Sister Phrygia's thin lips, her austere eyeglasses, her martial bearing, and most of all, by her nasty disposition.

Sister Phrygia now knelt between the two naked young nuns. She clasped her hands and bowed her head as if in prayer while Ursula and Grace recited fervent Hail Marys.

But instead of joining them, she said, "That's enough! Be quiet. Will you forgive me, Sisters?"

"Forgive you?" Grace asked, baffled.

"Anger is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, Sister, and so is... Envy. I gave way to both when I saw you in each other's arms."

Sister Grace was shocked to feel Sister Phrygia's cool, dry hand caressing her ass, but she didn't dare pull away. She saw that her other hand was caressing Sister Ursula's deliciously rounded, pink and white ass, too.

"Then you won't tell Mother Aloysius?" Sister Ursula asked, wriggling closer to the older nun.

"Not if you... if you..." Sister Phrygia's voice had become a cracked whisper, and she seemed unable to complete her thought, but Sister Ursula finished it for her. "If we let you join us?"

"Yes." Sister Phrygia gave an alarming giggle and squeezed both of their asses almost painfully tight.

Realizing that it was her only hope to escape a beating from Mother Aloysius, Grace gave her answer by hugging Sister Phrygia and kissing her on her cool, dry lips. The older woman responded avidly, slipping her tongue deep into Grace's mouth and wriggling it against hers.

Just as eager as Grace to avoid a whipping, Sister Ursula began undressing the night proctor while Sister Grace kissed her. She soon revealed a shiny helmet of coppery hair that complemented Phrygia's green eyes deliciously and made her look suddenly younger and more feminine. When Ursula removed her bra, she revealed surprisingly large and shapely tits with stiff nipples. Sister Grace sucked on one of them while Sister Ursula took the other in her mouth, and Sister Phrygia lay back on the floor with a groan of satisfaction as the two younger nuns sucked her tits and pulled off the rest of her clothing.

Sister Grace wriggled her way down to Sister Phrygia's red-haired cunt, already leaking glistening cunt-juice. In contrast to her mouth, the lips of her cunt were plump and rosy, reminding Sister Grace of a fat little doughnut -- a doughnut with a gooey center, Grace found when she got her tongue inside the lips.

Although Sister Phrygia must have been between thirty-five and forty years old -- Sister Grace's estimate would have been ten years higher, before they stripped her habit -- her cunthole was so tight that she had trouble squeezing her tongue all the way in. She had managed to remain a genuine virgin for a lot longer than Grace or Ursula had, and Sister Grace felt a pang of remorse for her own weakness. But that didn't stop her from enjoying her weakness as she squeezed her tongue all the way in and sampled the sticky syrup of Sister Phrygia's virginal pussy.

The red-haired nun's lean thighs writhed more eagerly as Sister Ursula sat an her face. Looking through the bush of her cunt and between the twin peaks of her surprisingly firm tits, Grace could see no more of her, face than the bottom of her chin pressed tightly into Sister Ursula's cunt hair as the younger nun knelt over her head. From the sinuous writhing of Sister Phrygia's white throat, Grace knew that she was drinking hot cunt-juice and relishing every drop.

Grace's lustful eyes slithered up Sister Ursula's nude body, glowing with a fine sheen of sweat, lingering on her rosy nippled tits as they jiggled in time to the slow and sensuous rubbing of her cunt against Sister Phrygia's mouth. When she at last looked up to meet the blonde nuns' wide blue eyes, Sister Ursula winked at her, and both of them were hard put not to giggle as they ate and were eaten by the stem disciplinarian who had formerly been the terror of their lives.

Sister Grace winked back and spread her legs invitingly, opening her black-muffed cunt wide to Sister Ursula's eager gaze. Ursula wet her lips with her pretty pink tongue as she saw the wet cunt displayed so invitingly before her, and in the next instant she had leaned over to duck her head between Grace's widespread thighs.

The circuit was now closed, with Sister Ursula eating Sister Grace, Sister Grace eating Sister Phrygia, and Sister Phrygia eating Sister Ursula, and just as if it were an electrical circuit, it seemed that a surge of fresh lust flowed among them through this three-way connection. Whatever Grace did to Phrygia's hot cunt inspired the older nun to eat Ursula more eagerly, and her eagerness was translated to Grace's cunt by way of Ursula's mouth.

With Sister Phrygia's asshole staring her right in the eyes, Sister Grace vividly remembered the older nun's shock and horror when she'd sniffed the finger she had been using on Sister Ursula's ass-chute. She suspected now that Phrygia's reaction had been faked, or perhaps her shock and horror had been a genuine reaction to her own secret desires.

Sister Grace moistened the very same finger in the trickling liqueur of the redhead's cunt and slipped it into her prim, pink asshole. Sister Phrygia stiffened with shock, and her ass clamped down hard on the intruding finger as she tried to resist it, but Sister Grace was determined. Sister Ursula had liked this, and she herself knew how good it could feel, and she was determined to give the older nun the same thrill whether she thought she wanted it or not.

While she squeezed her finger up her ass, she redoubled the efforts of her mouth on her cunt, and Sister Phrygia was obviously torn between an urge to wriggle away and a burning desire to keep her cunt in contact with Sister Grace's eager mouth. Her lust won out; she pressed her hot cunt even harder against Grace's lips and simultaneously relaxed her asshole, permitting the younger nun to stick her finger all the way to the hand into the tight, dry tube.

Much as Sister Grace loved playing with the red-haired nun's cunt and asshole, she loved even more the work that the hot blonde nun was doing on her own wet cunt. Sister Phrygia's cunt-eating seemed to have inspired Sister Ursula to outdo all her previous efforts, and she was slurping and guzzling like mad at Sister Grace's sizzling cunt, sucking her cunt-lips deep into her mouth so she could stick her tongue into Sister Grace's pussy hole farther than seemed possible. The stabbing of her hot tongue seemed every bit as thrilling as Father Tom's cock had been, and Grace humped her hips wildly to rub her cunt even harder against the other nun's pretty face and get that hot tongue even deeper into her itching pussy hole.

Now that Sister Phrygia had gotten used to the feel of Sister Grace's finger slipping and sliding in her asshole, she obviously began to love it. She spread her legs wider and pushed her ass back against Grace's probing finger. Her virginal cunt was too tempting a target to resist when she spread herself out like this, so Grace took a leaf from Sister Ursula's dirty book and pushed her thumb into the redhead's oozing cunt.

"Sister! Stop, oh, please stop, I'm a..."

Sister Grace guessed that Sister Phrygia was going to tell her that she was a virgin, but she didn't get a chance; Sister Ursula was so hot that she couldn't bear to have the older nun's mouth away from her cunt for a moment, and she locked her head in her strong young thighs and pulled her face back into her cunt again before Phrygia could finish her protest.

But Sister Grace doubted that her thumb would change Sister Phrygia's virginal status. Virgin or not, Phrygia had obviously had a finger in her cunt before, and although Sister Grace's thumb might stretch it a little more, she was sure that was all it would do.

She told Sister to relax and let it happen. The redhead tried to squirm away, and she said something that was muffled by Sister Ursula's cunt, but Sister Grace persisted, hooking her finger in the older nun's asshole to make sure, she didn't get away.

Realizing how determined Sister Grace was, and that she couldn't escape, Sister Phrygia did her best to relax. Sister Grace's thumb slid into her cunt slowly, but it slid in, and her hot cuntjuice seeping around it eased its slide. Soon it was buried in her cunt just as deeply as her finger was buried in her asshole, and Grace was able to try some of the same tricks that Sister Ursula had used on her own cunt and ass. She wiggled the thumb and finger in lecherous circles, rubbed them together, pumped them at varying rhythms. Sister Phrygia's last reservations were demolished by this assault, and she moaned against Sister Ursula's cunt as she wriggled and writhed and enjoyed Sister Grace's finger-fucking to the fullest.

Grace had been neglecting her tongue-work, but now she went back to work on Phrygia's stiff little clit with vengeance, fluttering her tongue against it furiously. The muscles of the redhead's thighs and belly jerked and spasmed as she came, and Grace felt the flaming angel wings beating in her own cunt again as Sister Ursula made her come, too.


"It gratifies me, Sister, to know that you haven't felt one sinful urge since I heard your confession," Father Tom Ryan said, his big blue eyes boring into her with almost manic intensity. "Not one impure thought, not one single itch, not one little twitch of desire in that hot little cunt of yours. It must be truly wonderful, Sister, to be so completely free from human frailties and the temptations of the flesh that afflict other humans."

"I..." Blushing, Sister Grace lowered her eyes in shame.

"Because if you had been tempted," Father Tom continued, rising from his desk and pacing about his study like a caged beast, "you would have come to me for counseling, as I told you to. Right, Sister?"

"Father..." She wanted to tell him that what they had done was wrong, and that it would have been wrong to come to him for even more fucking. But she found it impassible to tell him what she thought. She had been drilled from earliest childhood to respect priests and obey them. She knew it was wrong to fuck him, but since he said it was right, it must be right. She was so confused and embarrassed that she wished she could melt through the floorboards of his study and disappear forever.

His course around the room had taken him behind her chair, and now he shocked her by gripping her shoulders in both hands. He shocked her even more by demanding, his lips almost brushing her ear. "Pull up your skin, Sister. Show me what sort of underpants you're wearing today."

"Oh, Father -- I'm not -- I told you how they make me feel -- I..."

"Your skirt!"

She reached down with trembling fingers and drew the hem of her ankle-length skirt all the way up to bare her shapely legs and her black furred cunt. She wore only her boots and white cotton stockings that reached to mid-thigh.

The priest gave her a reassuring squeeze before moving around her chair and kneeling between her legs. He brushed her cunt-hair aside gently with his fingers. She winced and squeezed her eyes shut when he pried her cunt-lips apart.

"Your cunt seems to have healed nicely, Sister," he said, and he moved closer until the hot breath of his words tickled her cunt. "This time, it won't hurt at all."

"Oh, please, Father... don't," she said, but her last word came out as a passionate, sexy moan when his tongue touched her pussy.

Sister Grace spread her booted legs wide as hot lightening-forks of desire flickered through her cunt from the touch of Father Tom's hot tongue. He slipped his hands under the cheeks of her ass and raised her cunt to his mouth as a thirsty man might raise a brimming bowl, and she was utterly lost. She tore at her habit, casting it aside until she was writhing naked in the chair. Then she stared at Father Tom's cassock while he removed her boots and stockings. Not once did he lift his tongue from her simmering, trickling cunt, and soon they were both naked.

She licked her lips at the sight of his bulging cock, but she didn't dare ask him for it. She would have loved to feel it in her cunt or even in her mouth, but she forced herself to hide the deepest depths of her lust. Yet it was impossible, really, to disguise how she felt when his mouth was on her cunt and he could feel for himself how hot it was. The odor of her own sex-crazed cunt rose to her nostrils and turned her on even more as his tongue and his saliva turned it to wet jelly.

Father Tom just loved her cunt. He seemed even hotter to eat it than Sister Phrygia or Sister Ursula were. He stuck his long tongue out all the way while he sucked her cunt-lips into his mouth, and it seemed that his tongue could penetrate just as deeply as his cock.

She cried aloud when he slipped his hands from her sweating ass and slid them up to her tits. It felt so good, the way he squeezed and stroked her hard nipples, that she could no longer disguise how much she wanted him to fuck her.

"Fuck me, please, Father! I want your cock in my cunt -- I need it -- please!" she gasped.

He rose and lifted her, carrying her in his arms to the big leather couch on the other side of the room. She reached down to fondle his stiff, protruding cock as he walked.

Both of them froze in that position as a sharp knock sounded on the door. Without waiting for a response, Father John Flynn strode into the study. He opened his mouth to speak. It stayed open.

"Please come in," Father Ryan said, continuing his interrupted walk to the couch and speaking as smoothly as if he were delivering a sermon on Sunday. "Sister Grace has a problem similar to your own. She's given up the pleasures of the flesh without actually knowing what they are. I think you two can help each other in a unique way."

"Are you suggesting..." Father Flynn was aghast.

"I fucked her once, for her own good," Father Ryan said. "If I fuck her again -- well, Sister might suspect that I was only indulging my carnal appetites, when actually I'm only trying to help her. This time, I think you should fuck her."

"Please, Father Tom, no!" Grace whimpered. "I want to fuck you..."

"He's got a cock," Father Ryan said, laying her down on the couch and stroking her hot cunt with his hand. "Or so I believe. Isn't that all that really matters? Isn't it?"

"Oh, Father..."

"Admit it!" he said harshly.

"Yes," she sobbed. "I'll fuck him, if you say so."

Father Flynn couldn't turn her to jelly with his eyes the way Father Ryan could, but he was cute, as all the younger nuns often whispered to one another. He was boyish and ethereal looking, and there had been some speculation that he might be queer, but he rebutted that slander by tearing off his cassock and other clothes and lying down on the couch beside Sister Grace. His cock was even bigger than Father Ryan's, and it was soon snuggled tight against her belly as he stirred the wet custard of her cunt with probing fingers and kissed her hard on the mouth. Soon he reversed his position on the couch and resumed the work that Father Ryan had begun so expertly by lapping her cunt with his tongue.

Father Flynn's cock as so close to her eyes that it looked as big and thick as a fire hydrant, and every bit as red, and she shuddered at the thought of his sticking such a big prick inside her newly opened cunt. She spread her legs wider to let him give her cunt a real working over with his eager mouth. She felt her cunt getting even looser and hotter than before as her cunt-juice flowed out to mingle with his spit.

He was even more enthusiastic about eating her cunt than Father Ryan was, but he seemed much less skillful. He more than made up for this lack of experience, though, by his frenzied dedication to exploring every inch of the new marvel beneath his hot mouth. He licked each fold and crease, he seemed determined to suck on each and every one of her cunt-hairs, and it was obvious how badly he wanted to get his wiggling tongue to the very bottom of her slimy cunt-hole. Meanwhile he kneaded and squeezed her ass-cheeks with the same eagerness, as if he'd never had a woman's ass in his hands before.

She was just itching to take his great big cock into her own mouth, but she felt bad about doing it with Father Ryan watching them. He sat at his desk, his head propped on his fingers as if in prayer or meditation, but she could feel his blue eyes burning into her naked body.

She clasped her fingers around Father John's cock and marveled at its burning heat, its bulging size, it's quivering stiffness. She peeled the skin up and down, making Father John groan like a damned soul, and he writhed his hips to rub his prick against her clasping fingers as if trying to fuck her dainty hand.

She glanced guiltily at Father Ryan, and it was as if he could read her mind and knew how much she wanted to suck, the cock so close to her mouth. He flicked his hand in an impatient gesture, giving her permission. Needing no further encouragement, she puckered her lips and pulled the fat head of the young priest's cock right inside the pucker. Rocco, the student from her English class, had told her how he thought a blowjob should be given, and she did it just the way that he had taught her, pumping her lips up and down on his thick cock while she flogged it with her tongue.

She realized for the first time that it was a lot more fun to suck a cock than it was to suck another girl's cunt-button. There was a lot more meat to work with and suck on, and every inch of it seemed alive and packed with hot, lustful juice. This was indeed one of the pleasures of the flesh, and Father Ryan had been dead right in saying that she didn't know anything about them. But now that she was learning so much about those pleasures, how would she ever be able to give them up?

She threw such thoughts aside and let herself be swept up without reservation in the pleasures of cocksucking and cunt-eating. She sucked Father Flynn's cock just as deeply into her mouth as she possibly could, but there was still plenty of it left out in the open air to divert her busy fingers.

She found a new pleasure to be enjoyed in feeling the priest's balls. Concentrating hard on her first blowjob, she hadn't paid much attention to Rocco's, but now she satisfied her curiosity fully about their shape and size and weight and texture as she sucked the priest's cock. The skin around his balls seemed to have a life of its own, shrinking tightly around them when she tickled it, and his cock seemed to get even bigger and harder.

The priest's hands were having a love affair with the hot young nun's ass, feeling and squeezing and delighting in every separate square inch of her rosy ass-cheek while he ate her cunt. She loved it, but she would have loved it a lot more if he had been giving even half of that devoted attention to her burning nipples. She rubbed them against his belly to relieve their almost unbearable tension, but that wasn't nearly so much fun as she would have liked.

The rubbing of her hand nipples against his belly drew his attention, though, and before she could pull his cock out of her mouth and beg him to feel her tits, he let go of her ass and grabbed them.

Sister Grace grunted with pleasure around her big mouthful of cock as Father Flynn groped and fumbled with her tits. He knew less about tit-feeling than he knew about cunt-eating, not even seeming to realize that her nipples were the only really sensitive parts, but his avid desire to feel them all over and possess them with his hands, much as she was feeling his balls, made her warm to him even more than she would to Sister Ursula's practiced skill.

The priest and the nun were soon every bit as hot as two horny young people could be in their naked embrace, rolling from side to side, writhing against each other, trying to feel every square inch of each other's skin and trying to suck their soul out through cock and cunt. Father Flynn moaned around his mouthful of cunt and Sister Grace groaned around her mouthful of cock, and the vibrations of their moaning and groaning added an extra tickle to what each tongue was doing to the other.

They had abandoned themselves so completely to their mouth fucking that they hardly knew what they were doing, and Sister Grace suddenly tingled with shock when she felt herself about to roll right off the couch. She was even more surprised when a pair of strong hands that were not Father Flynn's -- for he was still eagerly groping her tits -- grabbed her ass and pushed her back up.

She realized that Father Ryan had grabbed her. The priest's big prick stuck up at a jaunty angle from his cock-hair, and it was dribbling clear fluid in eager anticipation. Sister Grace had a suspicion that his prayers to resist temptation had failed, and that she would soon get a taste of his cock, too. But at this point she didn't give a damn. She wanted all she could get.

Sister Grace returned her full attention to the cock she already had in her mouth. She was on top now, her hot cunt pressed down on Father Flynn's mouth. She pumped her lips up and down on his upthrust prickshaft, slithering her tongue all around it and jerking the thick root with her fingers, while she wiggled her ass to swab his face with her mushy cunt. She felt Father Ryan feeling her ass while Father Flynn squeezed her tits, and she clenched and unclenched her asscheeks sensuously under the older priest's caresses.

She thought that Father Flynn's clumsy cunt eating would never get her off, but at that moment, seemingly by pure accident, he discovered her cunt-button and began to play with it, flipping it this way and that with his tongue. She nodded her head eagerly, bobbing it up and down on his cock, to encourage him, sucking even harder and licking more furiously. He got the idea and concentrated solely on her clit, shooting her up to heaven on the tip of his tongue. Just as her orgasm was turning her mind to mush, the hot cock in her mouth throbbed like an overworked heart and began pumping hot cum into her greedy throat.


As soon as Sister Grace released Father Flynn's dwindling cock from her mouth, having swallowed every last hot drop of his cum, she rolled from his supine body and sat up. She had time only for a few gasping breaths before she found Father Ryan sticking his cock in her mouth as he stood before her.

She tried to protest that she hadn't even caught her breath from the last blowjob, but the priest took her head firmly in both hands and kept her from rejecting the cock in her mouth. The young nun would have sighed with resignation if she could have. She breathed deeply through her nose, inhaling the rich aroma of his cock and balls, as she concentrated on sucking his cock.

Father Ryan was determined to push his cock far deeper than she wanted it or believed she could possibly take it. She found herself about to gag as the big knob at the end pressed into her throat, and she wrapped her fingers around the root of his prick in an effort to slow him down, but Father Ryan took her hand away.

"Relax, Sister," Father Ryan said. "Just relax your throat completely and let it slip down inside. Say a little prayer to our Blessed Mother for help, and I'm sure you'll be able to do it."

With her head held firmly in his hands and his cock inexorably squeezing deeper, Sister Grace decided to trust him, since she seemed to have no choice. She fervently recited a Hail Mary in her mind. Whether the prayer was answered, or whether it served to take her mind off what she was doing, she didn't know, but somehow Father Ryan managed to push his cock all the way into her mouth without choking her.

She wouldn't have believed it possible, but every last inch of the priest's big cock, as she verified with her exploring fingertips, was buried in her mouth. Her nose was pressed so tight into his curly cock-hair that she could hardly breathe at all, and his big balls were squeezed against her chin. The head of his cock seemed to be somewhere down between her big tits.

Slowly and carefully, Father Ryan pulled the spit-slicked length of his lust-reddened cock out of the nun's mouth and slipped it back in again. She found that it went down all the way much easier the second time, and she found that she liked the feeling. She remembered to use her lips and tongue to suck and lick his cock while it was slipping in and out of her mouth.

Without taking his cock out of her eager mouth for an instant, Father Ryan knelt on the leather couch and sat back on his heels, guiding Sister Grace along with him. She knelt on the couch before him, crouching down on her hands and knees to work on his cock. In this position, it seemed up to her whether she wanted to suck his cock all the way down her throat or not, and she found that she did. She bobbed her head up and down, taking his cock all the way down each time she lowered it.

The firm young cheeks of her ass were presented to Father Flynn, and he couldn't resist them. She wriggled her ass with delight as she felt him kissing it all over. He began slowly and carefully wriggling his tongue down the deep crease of her ass, as if determined to lick out every last drop of her sexy sweat. She whimpered with pleasure around the cock in her mouth when she felt his tongue gliding around the tingling rim of her asshole.

While he was licking and kissing her ass, Father Flynn made a grab for her tits again, but she restrained his hands, determined to show him how it ought to be done. She wished she could tell him what she wanted, but she didn't want to release Father Tom's cock from her mouth for a moment, nor did she think he would let her.

Taking the fingers of Father Flynn's right hand in hers, she guided them to her big, hard nipple and showed him how she wanted it squeezed. He got the idea immediately and began caressing both her hot nipples with his fingers as he cupped the perfect curves of her tits in his hands.

Meanwhile he had rolled his tongue into a stiff rapier and was rapidly fucking her asshole with it, his lips pressed tight against her ass. Sister Grace just loved it. His tongue was longer and stronger than Sister Ursula's, and he knew how to use it just like a little cock. She raised her ass and thrust it backward more fully, then reached back with her hands and spread her asscheeks wide so he could get his tongue as far as possible up her hot asshole.

Remembering how much fun she had had playing with Father Flynn's balls, she now did the same with Father Ryan's. She was surprised to find that his balls were bigger than the younger priest's, although his cock was smaller. The feel of the big, round balls inside the hairy sack really turned her on, and she couldn't resist taking his cock from her mouth for a moment to go down and give them a good licking.

Father Ryan wasn't at all displeased. He spread his knees wide to let her have free access to his balls, and she slipped her tongue in and out of his ball hair to lick them all over. His cock rubbed hotly against her cheek, leaking hot cock-juice on her face and into her shiny black hair. Sister Grace found that she could give the priest's balls an even more thorough licking by sucking them into her mouth and working her tongue round them there, although it was a real mouthful.

Father Flynn had abandoned Sister Grace's whole to work on her cunt with even greater fervor. He pushed his mouth so firmly against her hot, open pussy hole and stuck his tongue so deep that he seemed on the verge of climbing right into it head-first. Her cunt squirmed and rippled with excitement at his eager cunt eating, and she could feel its hot syrup drooling down her thighs, even though Father Flynn greedily tried to lick up every last drop.

She could have let him eat her forever, and she almost forgot all about his big cock. Knowing nothing about men, she had assumed that a blowjob would be enough for him and she hadn't dreamed that he could get his cock up again so soon. But he could, and she felt a tingle of shock as she realized that he had straightened up to kneel behind her and that his enormous prick was now squeezing into her inexperienced cunt. It was just as stiff as ever, and it seemed even bigger than she remembered, impossibly bloated and thick, when she felt it pressuring her cunt-lips aside and pushing them into her recently virginal hole.

"Oh no, please Father!" she cried, spitting out Father Tom's balls for a moment. "You're too big -- I couldn't possibly..."

"One size fits all, Sister," Father Ryan said, gently stroking her soft hair. "Just relax your pretty little cunt and let it happen. You'll see."

Talk about getting a camel through the eye of a needle! That would have been a breeze, or so it seemed to Sister Grace, compared to getting Father Flynn's herculean cock through the eye of her cunt. It felt big as the dome of the Vatican as he pushed it relentlessly into her tender pussy.

She was annoyed with Father Tom for being so brutal, and she resolved to get him back by teasing him. Instead of putting his cock right back in her mouth, as he obviously wanted her to do, she took her time about licking it first.

She swirled her tongue all around the thick root of his cock while her soft hair drifted tantalizingly against the juicing tip. Father Ryan's cock was so stiff and hard that each touch of her tongue made it quiver like a fiddle -- strong on the verge of snapping. Then, ever so slowly, she began to work her tongue up his cockshaft, fluttering around it like a butterfly dancing on a gladiolus. Father Ryan gave a gratifying groan of torment and his cock swelled even stiffer and redder, until it seemed that it might blow up in her face like an over-inflated balloon.

But teasing Father Tom's cock could hardly make up for what Father John Flynn was doing to her poor cunt. It felt almost like she was a virgin all over again, and she expected some part of her cunt to rip painfully at any moment as his bulging prick stretched it wider and wider.

Even though it hurt, she wanted it badly by now, and she wiggled her ass around in an effort to find some position that would permit him to squeeze his cock into her cunt more easily. She breathed deeply against Father Tom's cock and as she tried her best to relax, and she knew from his groans that the touch of her hot breath on his quivering prick was almost as exciting as her tongue had been. Now that it was so hard and hot, his cock fairly reeked of musky maleness, and the odor just drove her wild when she inhaled it deeply.

The odor of Father Tom's cock seemed to do the trick. Her excitement was translated into a veritable flood of cunt-juice as her cunt turned to jelly, and she was amazed and delighted when Father Tom's cock began slipping into her cunt like a finger into a pot of honey.

She had almost forgotten about her blowjob, but she now remembered, and licked more hastily in her effort to reach the end of his cock and suck it once more into her mouth. She was just beginning to roll her tongue around the velvety knob of his cockhead when it went off like a bomb, spurting hot cum into her eyes and nose.

Shocked and embarrassed, Sister Grace didn't know what to do, but Father Tom did, grabbing her forcibly by the hair, he jammed her mouth down over his still-shooting cock so that the last thick rope of jism splattered against her tongue.

She sucked greedily, hoping for more. Even though the main force of his climax had been spent against her pretty face, the nun managed to suck quite a few drops out.

Father Tom had told her that it was a sin to swallow cum, but he said nothing about that now, and she couldn't believe that anything that tasted and felt so good could really be wrong. It felt like liquid fire as it slid down her throat, and she bitterly regretted the loss of all the hot jism she could feel running down her face. She knew it was the Lord's intention that every last drop of cum should wind up inside a fertile and unprotected cunt, but on the other hand, the Lord surely didn't want a nun to get pregnant, so maybe it wasn't as wicked a sin as Father Tom had suggested. She would have to ask him later.

Now that Father John had gotten his cock all the way inside her at cunt and was squeezing it in and out at a steadily more rapid tempo, it felt just like it belonged here. She couldn't imagine why it had been so difficult at first to admit his cock into her cunt. It was a tight squeeze, but nothing had ever felt so delicious to her cunt, not even Father Tom's fucking or Sister Ursula's cunt-licking.

She found to her delight that the could make the fuck even more interesting by moving her ass to a different rhythm from that of Father Flynn's plunging cock. She twisted it this way and that, sometimes humping it back to slap against his flat belly to make the strokes of his cock seem even longer and more delicious. She experimented with her cunt-muscles, squeezing his cock the way she would squeeze Sister Ursula's finger, and she was gratified to hear Father Flynn groan with pure pleasure as the slimy tube of her cunt slithered and writhed around his hard cock.

Father Ryan's cock seemed to have been completely sucked out now, and she reluctantly let its limp but still-thick length slide from her mouth. Giving way to an almost unbearable temptation, she wiped the cum from her nose, her cheeks and eyelashes with her fingers, and licked them off assiduously. She expected Father Tom to chide her for doing this, but he merely watched with what seemed amused interest. She felt a slight qualm when she saw that the wedding-band symbolizing her marriage to Christ was smeared with cum, but she licked that off, too. The cum from her fingers didn't taste quite so good as the cum spurting fresh from a cock, thought, so she made a vow never to let such an accident happen again.

Now that she'd saved all the cum she could, she nuzzled her head down on Father Ryan's thighs and gave herself up completely to the pleasure of Father Flynn's fucking. The younger priest was every bit as hot as she was, and each one of the strokes of his big cock seemed harder and deeper and faster than the last. She had to clamp her teeth together to keep them from rattling to the insistent rhythm of the priest's frenzied fucking.

He hadn't forgotten the lessons she'd taught him about tit-feeling, and he'd even gone on to teach her a few things about it as he experimented with her luscious tits. His pinching and pulling and stroking of her hot nipples had made them hard as rocks, and they stuck out from their pebbly pink halos like the tips of her thumbs. Each touch of his newly, expert fingers sent a flash of hot lightning straight down to her cunt, igniting new nerves and switching on engines that she hadn't even known she possessed. She whimpered and groaned, her saliva drooling unheeded onto Father Tom's thigh as she abandoned herself utterly to the incredible pleasure of fucking the young priest.

The cock-crazed young nun thought that the priest was fucking her as fast as anyone could fuck, but she was proved wrong. He had been kneeling upright, presumably to let Father Ryan get a good view of the fucking-action, but now he was galloping into the homestretch, and he leaned over her like a jockey over a horse and threw his ass into high gear.

Her previous orgasms had been like the beating of angels wings in her cunt, but now, as Father John's cock began throbbing and spurting hot cum into her, it was as if a host of six-winged seraphim were thundering their pinions in her skyrocketing pussy and bearing her up beyond the throne of God.


Sitting between them on the couch and letting them taking turns kissing her as they groped her tits and thighs and ass, Sister Mary Grace couldn't say which of the cunt-hungry priests she liked the best.

Father Tom Ryan was devastatingly handsome, but his electric-blue eyes were almost too intense, sometimes even crazy-looking. His blond hair was going gray at temples, which made him look distinguished, but she had to admit that his body was somewhat on the flabby side.

By contrast, Father John Flynn had a great body, lean and hard from his dedication to jogging and tennis. The younger nuns would go out of their way to catch glimpses of him in his running shorts, and they spent much time giggling about the size of the bulge at his crotch. Sister Grace could now tell them -- although she surely never would -- that the wildest speculations about the size of his cock were true. His body was slight, though, and his hair was fine and nothing-colored, she guessed he would be bald before long. His horn rimmed glasses made him look more intellectual and trustworthy than Father Tom -- to tell the truth, Father Tom reminded her less of that Irish movie actor than he did of the Devil himself, and she had been having nightmares recently in which that was who he really was. Father John's best feature was his enormous cock. Unfortunately it lay limp in her hand now as she kissed him.

Turning to kin Father Tom, she decided that she liked him best, because his prick was stiff and hard again, and she gave her a nice, hot handful to feel.

"Sister," he murmured as he probed her cum slimed cunt with his fingers and she spread her legs wider to let him in. "Forgive me. I tried to resist temptation, but I just had to fuck your pretty mouth."

She just murmured lazily as she played with his hard prick.

"I'm doing this for your own good," he said, "and you mustn't think that my only motivation is just."

"Yes, Father," she said, peeling his prick up and down with her fingers as she half-turned to let Father John kiss her and feel her tits. As soon as she had finished giving the younger priest a long, tongue-tangling kiss, she turned and bent down to take Father Tom's cock in her mouth.

"No, Sister," he said, gently drawing her away from his stiff cock. "Help me resist that temptation."

"Please, Father -- my cunt is kind of sore from Father John's big prick. Can't I blow you again?"

"No," he said, and she winced at her own presumptuousness. "Father John, would you please go to the closet and get my chrismatory. The flash used for baptism would be appropriate."

Sister Grace knew that a chrismatory contained three flasks of chrism, or scented and consecrated oil, one used for baptisms, a second for anointing the sick and a third for the dead. Did he really mean to put the holy oil on her cult just to ease its soreness? It seemed sacrilegious, but she had to accept that be knew what he was doing better than she did.

"Wouldn't the one for the sick be better, Father? Since my cunt is sore?"

Father Tom chuckled and gave her a hug, avoiding an answer by sucking one of her tits into his mouth. After a few seconds of his talented tonguing, she no longer cared about getting an answer.

When Father Flynn had returned with the desired flask, Father Ryan surprised her, instead of putting the holy oil on her cunt, he smeared it all over his cock. Soon his prick, scented of balsam, was sticking up as stiff and hard as it could be in its slick coat of oil.

"Turn over, Sister," he said, guiding Sister Grace onto her hands and knees on the couch.

She needed no second invitation. The two priests had been kissing and feeling the cock hungry young man for a good fifteen minutes now, and it had been even longer since Father John had fucked her. Sore or not, her cunt was hot and ready for his cock, and she squirmed her ass invitingly as she raised her cunt to an idea angle for penetration. She felt the head of his cock pushing hard against her.

"Jesus, Mary and Joseph!" she cried. "Father! You-you're in the wrong hole! Put it in my cunt -- please!"

"Now, hold still and be quiet, Sister. You said your cunt was sore, and it's time you discovered another pleasure of the flesh. It's time your asshole was baptized, and I'm using holy oil to do it. Would you reject it?"

"Oh, Father, I just can't? It hurts! Please don't stick your cock in my ass!" she sobbed, trying to avoid his greasy prick, but prevented from moving away by his strong hands.

"Father John those seminary experiences you told me about must have taught you a thing or two -- can you tell Sister Grace how to make it easier for herself?"

Even in her extremity of anguish, Grace noticed that Father John blushed charmingly. He muttered, "Just make believe you're taking a shit, Sister. That's the trick to relaxing your asshole."

It wasn't easy. Against her will, her asshole clamped tight and seemed trying to crawl up into her body to get away from Father Tom's cock. Even with its coat of holy oil, it felt like he was trying to shove a railroad spike up her asshole.

But whether her asshole liked it or not, he was getting in. She sobbed bitterly against the pain and struggled to follow Father John's advice, but some inhibition against taking a shit in the rectory's study with two priests watching prevented her from relaxing. She begged for a little more time, but Father Tom was so hot and horny that he couldn't wait, his cock kept drilling painfully into her ass.

Overcoming her inhibition at last by force of necessity, she found just the right combination of muscles and pushed her asshole out lightly. The result was miraculous. Father Tom's cock began sliding in even more easily than an especially large turd might have slid out. Her asshole was still sore from her earlier resistance, but that pain began to fade and grow dull as she tingled with a thrill of accomplishment.

That wasn't the only thrill she felt, either. Her asshole had always been particularly sensitive to pleasurable sensations; she loved it when Sisters Ursula or Phrygia fucked it with their fingers. But their fingers were nothing compared to the size and length of Father Tom's hard cock. It rubbed and squeezed against deliciously sensitive areas in her asshole that their fingers had never touched, and whose existence she had never even begun to imagine.

She squealed with horror when Father Tom began to pull his cock out, because it felt like she really was taking a shit, and it mortified her. It took her a moment to realize that all she felt was the withdrawal of his big cock, and by that time he was pushing it in again. The second outward stroke was less traumatizing, and by the third or fourth thrust and withdrawal of his oiled cock, she had fallen completely under the spell of asshole-fucking and was loving every minute of it.

The holy chrism on his prick enabled Father Ryan to fuck her asshole just as fast as he wanted to, and soon he was shuttling in and out of her asshole almost as rapidly as he could have fucked her cunt. His big, hairy balls squeezed her cunt on each inward stroke, and they were soon smeared with the copious leakage of her cunt-juice.

Her cheek rested against Father John's hairless thigh, and she had a delicious view of the rising and thickening of his enormous cock as he watched her getting fucked up the asshole. She reached out to take his prick in her fingers, at that touch was all his cock needed to regain all its former starch. He twisted his hips to present the bulging head of his cock to her mouth and she didn't need to be told what to do with it. Soon the cock-crazed nun had a prick in her asshole and one in her mouth, too.

Father John was eager to try the trick that Father Tom had taught her, and he tried at once to push his cock down her throat. She resisted, grabbing his thick cockshaft with her fingers to prevent him from pushing it too far. Father John's cock was not merely longer than Father Tom's, it was much thicker; it looked as if it could choke a horse, let alone a young nun who had only just learned how to swallow a cock.

"You can do it, Sister," Father Tom urged as he continued to fuck her asshole. "You had doubts about taking my cock in your cunt and your asshole -- O ye of little faith! Just say a little prayer and swallow it down."

Chastened by this rebuke, Sister Grace took her hand away from Father John's cock and said another Hail Mary in her mind, perhaps the most fervent and heartfelt prayer she had ever addressed to the Blessed Virgin. Once again, it worked. The head of Father Flynn's cock felt as big as a baseball as it squeezed into her throat, and his prickshaft seemed as long and thick as a baseball-bat, but she was able to open her throat and let it slide down without gagging. It went down so deep that it seemed as if Father John's cock was going to collide with Father Tom's somewhere in the vicinity of her stomach.

Father Tom began feeling her tits while he fucked her ass, and Sister Grace writhed and squirmed to rub her hot nipples against his fingers and get the full benefit of his tit-feeling. Hot tingles lanced down to her empty cunt, but they only served to remind her how empty it was.

She reached back to touch Father Tom's cock, hoping to redirect it into her cunt, but his oily prick was moving so rapidly in and out of her ass that she couldn't get a proper grip on it. Pushing against the inside of her cunt from her asshole, it was like the ghostly echo of a fuck, one that served to inflame her hot cunt without a hope of satisfying it. She couldn't tell them what she wanted, either, once he had gotten his cock down her throat, Father John kept it there, fucking her mouth in short, jerky strokes and never removing his cock far enough to let her speak.

It embarrassed her to do it, but she surreptitiously slipped her hand onto her cunt and began fondling her own cunt-button. The instant thrill of the touch mote than made up for the shame she felt at so wantonly playing with her cunt in the presence of the two priests.

She feared that one of them would reprimand her if he discovered what she was doing, but her fears were groundless. Father Tom discovered it almost at once, and he only chuckled as he kept on fucking her ass. Emboldened by this, she rubbed her cunt more firmly.

"Stick your finger in your cunt, Sister," Father Tom urged.

That seemed impossible. Her cunt was being squeezed from behind by his cock, the tube shut down by the pressure of his cock up her ass. Her cunt-hole opened and closed like a drooling little mouth in time to his ass-fucking thrusts.

Nevertheless her cunt was so hot and wet that she was able to slip her finger in with no difficulty at all. As soon as it was inside, she realized that she could trace the hard outline of Father Tom's cock in her asshole by pressing her finger against the sensitive membrane separating the two fuck holes.

She soon caught on to what the priest wanted, and she began rubbing his cock from inside her cunt. He gasped with pleasure as he felt this extra tickle in her tight asshole, and he made his strokes deeper and stronger as he relished the tingling slide in and out of her ass.

Grace whimpered with delight around the big cock stuck down her throat, for the fingering action inside her cunt felt, every bit as good to her as it did to Father Tom. She pressed her thumb against her clit and rubbed it from side to side as she slipped her finger in and out and wiggled it against the big cock up her ass.

Father John at long last pulled his cock out of her throat so he could feel some of her hot tongue-action on his sensitive cock-head. Sister Grace took a few deep, gasping breaths and cleared her throat of cock-juice before going to work, but once she did, she devoted her best efforts to swirling her tongue around his bulging cock-head.

The two priests humped the young nun faster and faster, Father Tom driving his prick hard in and out of her asshole while Father John fucked her somewhat more gently in the mouth. She writhed and twisted and rippled her sweaty body between them, hardly knowing which cock was giving her more pleasure, or whether it was the action of her own hand that was the star of the show.

She gave a muffled scream when Father Tom came, squirting a huge wad of cum up her asshole, then a second that seemed every bit as hot and thick and creamy. As his cock kept spurting, he stepped up the pace of his assfucking, lubricated now by cum as well as holy chrism. He gripped her hips to give him more leverage for a fast and furious asshole-fuck.

Father John instantly took up the slack of her tits, but as soon as he got his itching hands on them, it was as if he had found the trigger of his own orgasm. She gasped as he began hosing hot jism into her mouth. She swallowed all she could and sucked for more, but she couldn't swallow it all, and she felt some trickling down over her lip and chin as he continued to blast her mouth full of cum.

Swallowing and sucking and writhing her ass to give the priests as much pleasure as she could, the horny nun continued to pump her cunt with her flailing fingers, massaging her cunt-button and plunging her finger in and out of her sticky pussyhole. Before long, she felt her cunt expanding to engulf her mind and soul until nothing was left but a tingling, satisfied cunt.


Sister Mary Ursula worked in the kitchen at St. Corinthia's High School, and her duties were usually finished before school let out for a day. Sister Grace was therefore surprised to see her friend hurrying down the corridor to her as she locked the door of the home room she had charge of. Sister Grace had been grading papers, and it was now after five o'clock.

"I have to talk to you, Sister," Ursula said.

"Sister, maybe I ought to tell you..."

"No!" Ursula interrupted her belated confession. "I have to tell you. It's difficult, but... well, I told everything in my last confession."

"Everything?" Grace echoed.

"Father John wanted my name -- and yours, too, and Sister Phrygia's, before he would grant me absolution. I had to tell him! I thought Father John might understand, him being so young and cute and all -- if I waited another week, I might have gotten Msgr. Lafferty for confession."

Msgr. Leo F.X. Lafferty, the rector of the parish, had been on leave to comfort his dying mother in the Old Country, leaving Father Ryan in charge. Rumor had it that he was now on his way home. He was notorious for his harsh penance's, once having ordered Sister Grace to kneel at the altar rail all night long when she confessed to playing with her cunt.

"Don't worry," Sister Grace sighed. "I confessed, too -- to Father Tom. And he wanted your name."

Sister Grace began to describe her experiences with the two priests, but Sister Ursula interrupted with her own story, which was much the same. She had been ordered to the rectory after confession, where Father John and Father Tom had fucked the piss out of her, for her own good, they said.

"There's one sin I didn't confess," Sister Ursula giggled. "You want to see something interesting, Sister? We have to hurry, though."

She refused to tell Grace what she had in mind, but Ursula's excitement was contagious, and Grace followed her all the way down to the furnace room. She pulled Sister Grace behind a row of ancient boilers, where she began removing her habit.

"Sister, I can think of better places..." Grace began.

"No, Sister, it's hot down here -- you'll sweat like a pig if you keep your habit on."

Helping each other undress, the two young nuns were soon wrestling and giggling as they tried to feel each other up. They quieted down as they heard a sudden commotion beyond the wall of the boiler room. Ursula directed Grace to one of two holes bored into the wall.

Sister Grace found herself looking into the shower of the boys' locker room. The basketball team had just finished practice, and a dozen naked and muscular boys stood soaping themselves under the showers. Sister Grace had never even imagined seeing so many cocks in one place at one time, and she glanced eagerly from one to the other as the boys unknowingly displayed them to her. The two nuns began feeling each other's cunt as they kept their eyes glued to the exciting sight.

"Hi, Sisters!"

Turning in shock from the peep-hole, Sister Grace found herself confronted by Rocco Calabrese, the recipient of her very first blowjob and a star of the basketball team. He and red-haired Jack Noonan blocked their exit. Both were naked and dripping from, the shower, where they must have overheard the two nuns, and both had stiffly erect cocks.

"Why don't you come and take a shower with us?" Rocco said, picking up Sister Ursula and slinging her over his shoulder. She was afraid to scream, but she pummeled his back with her fists as he carried her out.

Sister Grace saw no point in struggling -- nor did she really want to get away. She gave Jack's hard cock a good feel while he carried her to the shower in his arms.

A cheer went up when Rocco carried Sister Ursula into the steamy shower-room packed with muscular naked bodies, but it took on a note of surprise when Jack carried Sister Grace in. From their comments, she realized that the boys had known about Sister Ursula's spying and had been waiting to catch her at it. She herself was an unexpected bonus.

Sister Ursula was still protesting and struggling, but she didn't stand a chance against the horny young ballplayers. They pulled her down to the wet floor, and two boys held her arms while Rocco pulled her legs apart, climbed on top and began fucking her with no further preliminaries.

They didn't have to use force with Sister Grace, who was just itching for a cock in her cunt. She turned away from the boys and gripped a bar that ran around the room at waist height. Leaning forward on it, spreading her legs and presenting her voluptuous ass to their eager eyes, she found that she couldn't control a giggle as she said, "Well, what are you waiting for?"

Sister Grace wriggled her hot ass seductively as she stood leaning forward, and Jack Noonan needed no further invitation. She felt his big young cock, just as stiff and hard and hot as she could possibly want, slipping into her cunt.

Her cunt was already simmering from having peeked on the boys and played with Sister Ursula, and nothing that had happened since then had dampened her eager desire to fuck.

With Jack fucking her vigorously, with five or six boys with hard cocks watching every move and impatiently waiting for their turns, Sister Grace realized that she was having the time of her life. The priests -- especially Father Tom -- had intimidated her and kept her off balance.

But she felt comfortable and even in control with the young members of the basketball team. She knew that this was the dumbest thing she had ever done, and that the story of this gang bang would spread like wildfire among the students and perhaps even beyond the school, but she was so hot to fuck that she just didn't give a shit at this point. She wanted all the cocks she could get, and as she gazed through the billowing steam at the stiff, red pricks around her, she knew that she might have even more than she handle.

Everything combined to arouse her, the hot needles of the shower drumming down on her ass, the heady smells of soap and sweat and virile balls, the slick tiles under her bare feet. The whimpers and pleas of Sister Ursula as Rocco raped her -- whimpers and moans that were gradually turning to sensuous grunts as she began to enjoy the fucking against her will.

The coarse compliments that the boys were paying her own big tits and her well-rounded ass, but most of all, the relentless, driving thrust and return of Jack Noonan's cock up her dripping, squirming cunt as she wriggled and pumped against its hot length.

Knowing almost nothing about fucking, she had not even known for sure that the position she had adopted was a practicable one, but now that the fucking was well under way, she found that it was an absolutely perfect posture for fucking. She could lever her big ass back hard and fast against Jack's flat, hairy belly with her dainty feet planted firmly on the floor and her hands gripping the bar. Each fresh, inward stroke of his big cock seemed to give her swollen cunt-button an extra-special squeeze as he fucked her hard and eagerly from the back.

His cock was nowhere near so big as Father Flynn's prick, but he was so stiff and hard, and he was fucking her with so much youthful and athletic energy, that its size just didn't seem to matter at all. It was like a blinding blur of fleshy pressure in her cunt, and it fit her cunt just as snugly as the air fits into a balloon.

She experimented with all the wiggles and squeezes of her lithe young body and her simmering cunt that she could think of. She thrust back first one firm ass-cheek and then the other, alternating their punches against his belly. She squeezed her cunt so tight that he had trouble pulling his cock out, then loosened it so that he slid in slickly and quickly on his next inward stroke.

She spared a glance for Sister Ursula and saw that the sexy blonde nun had given up her protesting and had flung herself completely into the spirit of fucking Rocco. Her legs were wound around his back and her ass was slapping hard and noisily against the floor as she humped up to meet his strokes. One of her tits was buried completely in his mouth, and her face was red and twisted in a mask of insatiable lust.

She concentrated once more on the thrusting of Jack's prick into her own cunt. She knew that he was going to make her come like she had never come before -- but at that very moment she was bitterly disappointed to feel his cum jetting into her squirming cunt, and after only a few more delicious strokes, his cock had softened so much that it slipped right out of her.

But before she could even utter the sinful words that she was struggling so hard to repress, another boy stepped right up to take Jack Noonan's place and slipped his cock inside her cum-slimed cunt without even so much as introducing himself. She was amazed to find her cunt responding immediately, her level of hot and horny excitement building from just the point where Jack had left her.

It didn't seem to matter at all who was fucking her, just as long as his cock was inside her cunt and moving at a good clip. The knowledge of this excited her almost as much as the fucking did.

The boy almost immediately grabbed her tits when he had his cock inside her cunt, and she loved him for it. She loved him even more when he demonstrated, with his pinching and stroking and pulling of her stiff and tingling nipples that he knew just how to handle them, and she thrust her chest forward to push her big tits even tighter into his hands. Meanwhile she pushed her ass back to make sure she was getting every last possible inch of hot young cock into her sizzling and cum dipping cunt.

Her long black hair hung heavily in her eyes like Spanish moss, but she flung its wet weight back over her shoulder so she could take another quick look at what Sister Ursula was up to. Another boy, Vito Squilace, had replaced Rocco Calabrese and was fucking the blonde nun now, fucking her from the back while her luscious mouth was clamped tight around the cock of Walter Finnegan. She pumped her mouth and her cunt at different, intricate rhythms, and she seemed to have no reservations at all now about what she was doing.

Seeing Sister Grace's interest, Vito winked at her while he was fucking Sister Ursula as if to assure her that he planned to take his place on her own line as soon as he had finished. And she amazed herself by winking back and blowing him a kiss.

"Am I doing it right, Sister?" the boy who was fucking Sister Grace asked earnestly.

Suspecting from his question that he had never done it before, Sister Grace suppressed a giggle that might have hurt his feelings. Twisting and writhing her ass even more sensuously to show how much she loved the feel of his cock in her cunt, she said, "You're doing wonderfully... and maybe it would be even better if you could fuck me just a little bit faster?"

She was shocked to discover that she had created a Frankenstein, she simply had not known how fast a young athlete could fuck when he put his mind to it. She was forced to grip the bar as tight as she could in order to keep from being driven headfirst into the wall as he unleashed a machine-gun burst of fucking strokes that seemed on the verge of unhinging her bones from one another.

As soon as she got used to his fast and furious style, though, she found that she could brace her feet and hold her ass up firmly to meet him halfway. She found that she could do even more as she fell into the spirit of the thing, and into the rhythm, and began slamming her ass back at a dizzying rate to meet his strokes and match his tempo.

Before she even suspected it was going to happen, she realized that he was blasting her into orbit with his frenzied style of fucking. With her cunt throbbing in the grip of a surging orgasm, she even tried to speed things up a bit by slinging her ass around.

Gripping her tits like fleshy handles, he had to hold her up to take his cock as his thrusting escalated and her orgasm unstrung her knees. She floated in a daze of steamy tingles and spurting cum as she felt his cock going off like a rocket in her hot cunt.

Sister Grace could have used some breathing space after that second boy fucked her, but the other young men were just too hot for her delicious cunt to give her a moment's rest. Those boys who had not yet gotten a piece of either nun were beginning to grumble loudly that the others were taking too long.

"You'll all get a turn," Sister Grace gasped, trying to calm them down before the orgy could turn into a riot. "I want to fuck everybody, and I will -- at least once!"

She was about to add that she would appreciate some time out, but she felt still a third cock slipping easily up into her cum-slimed cunt, a third pair of hands squeezing her tits and fondling her ass. She started to sigh with resignation, but it turned into a profound sigh of pleasure as the big cock squeezed all the way up into her cunt.

She wriggled back to take every last inch of this new cock into her cunt, and soon she could feel his crinkly cock-hair pressing down and tickling her asshole as the head of his cock buried itself somewhere in the deepest depths of her cunt.

She realized that she didn't need a time out, or want one, as the pressure of the stroking cock aroused her just as readily as if she'd never come at all.


Just as it had been with the second boy, Sister Grace had no idea who was fucking her, and she didn't really care. Somehow it made it seem more sinful, not to care, so she looked back over her shoulder.

She still didn't know him. He was not in any of her classes, and she was no basketball fan. The puzzled look on her pretty face seemed to embarrass him, so she turned and faced the wall again, and she gave his cock an extra-hard squeeze with her cunt to let him know how much he was pleasing her.

As he began to stroke in and out of her cunt at a slow and steady rate, she realized that she would know his cock, at least, if he ever fucked her again. It was almost as big as Father John Flynn's prick, and she had come to the conclusion that she liked cocks just as big as she could possibly get him.

But what made this particular cock especially distinctive was a wicked curve in the shaft that rubbed her cunt in a way that no cock had ever quite rubbed it before, and to touch sensitive spots in her slimy cunt-hole that had never been touched.

She spread her feet a little wider on the wet tiles and pushed her ass back and up to make sure she was taking every inch of this unusual prick. At least it seemed unusual, based on her very limited experience. She was bound to get a lot more knowledge of the subject before the afternoon was over, since there were at least a dozen boys in the shower. She guessed that each of them would want to fuck her and Sister Ursula at least once apiece. She tried to turn her mind away from this scary prospect and enjoy the moment.

That wasn't hard to do, now that the boy had begun to speed up his fucking and had started playing with her sensitive tits. The odd shape of his cock made it seem like it was going into her cunt like a corkscrew, and the curious sensation began to set off little tingles and squirmings in her cunt that told her it was building up to another climax.

"Fuck!" Sister Grace surprised herself by yelling. She had been trying to maintain what dignity she could in this impossible situation, to show a certain cool detachment -- to be in the world but not of it. But that sincere cry was torn from her soul, and as her excitement boiled over, completely out of control, she kept babbling, "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

"Yeah," she heard Sister Ursula groaning loudly, endorsing her sentiments. "Yeah!"

She heard the boys snickering and making more rude remarks at her expense, but she didn't care, not as long as the one who was fucking her with his big, curved cock kept ramming it in and out of her hungry cunt-hole; not as long as the rest of them fucked her, whatever they might think of her, again and again until her burning lust for cock was satisfied.

She rattled her ass back against his belly to meet his strokes, making them seem even deeper and faster. She gave her newly discovered cunt muscles a workout, too, sliding and rubbing them against his cock in a way that tantalized and further aroused her cunt as much as it did his prick.

At last she felt herself being swept away even further than she had been the first time, until it seemed that she had neither body nor mind, and that she was nothing more than a slippery friction of cunt against cock. It suddenly got even more slippery as the hard cock in her cunt began hosing her full of juicy cum.

Sister Grace wound up on the tiled floor without quite knowing how she'd gotten there. The shower beat down hot and hard on her face, and someone had the sense to turn it off before she could drown in her dazed and helpless state of orgasmic ecstasy.

"Are you all right, Sister?" a boy asked, kneeling by her side. His words didn't register, nor did his identity, the only thing she was fully aware of was the fact that his cock stuck out stiff and hard and red.

"Gimme cock," she moaned, grabbing it and peeling it. "Stick it in my cunt and fuck me!"

"Yes, Sister," the boy said, lying between her wide-flung knees and guiding his steely-hard prick into her sopping pussy.

Her cunt was so full of cum now that his cock seemed to drop into it like a stone into a well. She could hardly feel it as he began to fuck her, the tube of her cunt was so thoroughly greased with jism. But as she regained her senses fully, she brought the muscles of her cunt back into play once more, and made an effort to squeeze him.

He gasped with pleasure as he felt a sudden new friction added to his strokes, and she groaned in return as the delicious sensations stirred up the fire once more in her jellified cunt. Trying to hold his cock as it slipped in and out was like trying to climb a greased pole, except that it was infinitely more fun. She couldn't even slow down the rate of his fucking with her squeezes, but they made the wet slide a little tighter and filled her with delicious tingles of reviving fuck-lust.

She realized now that the current occupant of her cunt was Martin O'Brien, one of her better students and -- she had always thought secretly to herself -- a real hunk. His sky-blue eyes and soft blond hair were those of Raphael's angels, but Michelangelo couldn't have improved much on his body; as a matter of fact, Michelangelo would probably have sculpted him with a dinky prick, and Martin was filling her to bursting with a virile young cock that was even bigger than the last one.

Now that she was lying on her back, her big tits stuck up firm and shapely beneath his eyes, and he just couldn't resist getting his mouth on them. She screamed with such complete and unashamed pleasure at the touch of his lips and tongue on her nipple that he stopped licking and looked up at her with concern, as if afraid that he'd done something terribly wrong to his English teacher. She grabbed him by his lovely blond hair and pulled him right back to work on her hot tit, babbling apologies for screaming and encouragements for him to keep going.

She raised her long, lithe legs to wrap them around Martin's writhing back and raised her hot cunt to meet his thrusts. His balls did a merry dance on her tingling asshole as he steadily picked up speed with the smooth surging power of an express-train leaving a station.

The other boys who'd fucked her had been young and strong and athletic, but Martin was a real athlete, and the difference was devastating, fucking him was like dancing with a professional dancer whose slightest movement was totally controlled and rhythmic. Her ass slapped wetly against the floor as she struggled to meet his strokes and match his skill, but she had the nagging suspicion that she wouldn't be able to do justice to his incredible talent for fucking until she'd had a lot more experience herself.

He wasn't complaining. On the contrary, he was moaning around her tit as if he was having the time of his life, and the hot work his tongue was doing on her tit was proof enough that he was enjoying it. Sister Grace relaxed, regaining some of her confidence, and she too, began to moan and whimper as she reveled in the hot, fast stroking of his big cock in her cunt.

She wanted to give him something special, tough, to show him how much she appreciated his talent, and then she recalled what she'd done for Father Tom. She took her wet thumb and slipped it up her asshole. So much cum had trickled down over her ass from her overflowing cunt that her thumb went sliding in like a hot knife through butter, and soon it was snug inside her hot fuck tube.

Just as she had been able to rub Father Tom's cock by sticking her thumb in her cunt when he'd been fucking her ass, so she was able to use her thumb in her asshole to rub Martin's cock in her cunt. She suspected from his gasp of shock and delight that he'd never even imagined such a thing, but as he felt her rubbing the soft membrane against the underside of his cock with her thumb, he groaned and shuddered with undiluted pleasure.

He tried to give the luscious young nun something special, too. He complicated his in-and-out thrusts by twisting and grinding his ass between her legs in erratic circles, stirring her cunt as one might stir a pot of soup with a long handled spoon. Every last inch of her slithery cunt was touched and rubbed and prodded by these varied and unpredictable strokes of his cock, and Sister Grace howled with pure ecstasy as the gates of heaven swung back and forth inside her cunt with a thudding that was like the heartbeat of the universe.

Still he didn't stop fucking her, and she didn't stop coming. Just when she thought her orgasmic activity was about to level off, he thrust his cock into her again and pumped it up to a new and unexplored plateau. Her cunt seemed to explode in glittering fragments when at last he clutched her ass in both hands and blasted a load of hot cum into her cunt that seemed to double the reserve already there. As he continued to fuck her at an even faster rate, grunting and spurting cum, she felt his hot jism splashing out onto her thighs and almost as copiously as the shower had splashed on them.

"Try to be a little more quiet, Sister," cautioned a voice that was strangely deeper and more assured than those of the others.

Opening her eyes, she realized that Martin had left her and that she was about to be fucked by Mr. Shaw, the basketball coach. His bald head, gorilla-furred chest and slight paunch contrasted sharply with the trim, smooth bodies of the boys she had been fucking, but his cock was every bit as hard as any of theirs, and therefore every bit as desirable to her in her cock-hungry delirium. She kissed him eagerly and opened her cunt to the deep thrust of his cock.

"Take off your whistle," she murmured, stroking his smooth head.

His whistle had been digging painfully between her tits, but now he twisted it around to lie on his back, and she sighed with pleasure as he gathered her tightly in his arms and she felt her nipples prickled by his copious mat of fur. Her cunt was prickled even more deeply by his cock as it slid into the greasy and well traveled groove. Soon his balls were squeezing fight against her asshole, his cock-hair was woven indistinguishably into her cunt-hair, the head of his cock was buried deep inside her taut young belly, and he was trying to eat her tonsils with his tongue. She had never once, she was sure, thought of Mr. Shaw as a sex-object, but he certainly tilled the bill now, filled it just as fully as he was filling her red-hot cunt.

She winced when he began fucking her, and he guessed correctly, before she could mention it, that her back was sore from the pounding on the tiles that Martin O'Brien's strenuous style of fucking had given it. She sighed with profound relief when the heavy basketball coach rolled over to let her be on top.

She heaved an even more profound and heartfelt sigh when she felt how much deeper his cock seemed to go in this position. She wriggled her ass around and sank down even more to impale her cunt on his prick. He cupped her ass in his hands to guide her up and down as she did all the work.

Able to survey the shower room now, she saw that it seemed even fuller of young men. There were eight of them lined up behind Mr. Shaw, each with a hard cock and just itching to get at her cunt, and at least as many waited for Sister Ursula, who was still taking on the boys two at a time. Her lovely blonde hair looked like a drowned rat's, her body was sweaty and lobster-red with her exertions in the steamy room, but she was sucking and fucking with just as much eager energy as ever. Sister Grace supposed that she herself looked no better, but the boys' hard cocks made it obvious that the two pretty nuns were still just as desirable as they could be.

Her view of Sister Ursula's activities was blocked abruptly by a boy who stood in front of her, standing astride Mr. Shaw's supine body with his cock presented to her mouth. She knew what he wanted, and she didn't bother to check his identity before slurping his hot cock right in between her pretty lips. She grabbed his hard young ass to pull him a little closer, and the leverage she got from this grip enabled her to bounce her cunt up and down a lot faster on the coach's upright cock.

The coach was still holding her ass to help guide her as she fucked him, so her bouncing tits were fully available to the boy she was blowing, and he took advantage of the opportunity to give them a thorough, lascivious feel. They were already a little sore from being groped by so many eager young hands, but the soreness vanished like a candle in a hurricane as his nipple-pinching fingers drove her excitement up to a feverish pitch. She moaned rhythmically against the cock in her mouth as she pumped it with her lips to the same beat that her cunt was pumping the coach's cock.

The cock she was sucking tasted oddly familiar. Rolling her eyes up, she saw that it belonged to Vito Squilace, whom she had seen fucking Sister Ursula, and that what she tasted on his cock must be her cunt-juice. It was a delicious combination, the spice of the sexy nun's cunt overlying the basic taste of cock, and she licked off every bit of this savory coating and swallowed it down as she sucked his cock.

She expected that Mr. Shaw would have more control over his prick than the horny young men, but, it seemed like she had hardly been fucking him very long at all when his cock blasted upward into her cunt like a geyser, seeming to replace in one shot all of the cum from her previous fucking that had leaked out onto the coach's hairy balls. The hard spurting and spattering of his cock was just the touch she needed to spin her off the edge of the world again, and she felt as if her bones had turned to neon lights in the grip of the biggest orgasm yet.

She was so excited that she forgot to swallow Vito's cum at first when it came shooting into her mouth, and she bitterly regretted all the hot jism that dribbled from her slack lips of onto her hot nipples, but soon she forced her mind back to the task of sucking and managed to swallow a real mouthful of the sticky cream.

The cocks came hotter and faster after that, as boys so long frustrated that they had been on the verge of pounding off their cocks, took turns fucking her mouth and her cunt. She writhed all over the tiled floor, seldom out of the grip of at least one pair of strong young hands, seldom without a cock in her mouth, a cock in her cunt, and at least one cock in her hand. Her tits and her ass and her thighs were squeezed and stroked and fondled until -- as she didn't discover until next morning -- they were black and blue, but she couldn't get enough cock or drink enough cum, and she kept crawling back for more, even after horny Sister Ursula had thrown in the towel and begged the boys to give all their attention to Sister Grace.


Sister Mary Phrygia was furious when the two younger nuns told her that they had been forced to implicate her in their confessions. And they had been forced to do so, for both Father John and Father Tom had threatened to withhold absolution from them unless the nuns named names, they both firmly believed that they would turn in hell forever unless their sins were forgiven by a priest.

The older nun was shocked when she heard what had happened to Sisters Grace and Ursula after that, how the two priests had fucked them every way they could think of, and she even suggested telling Mother Aloysius about it. Fortunately, she reconsidered. Though she had earned the Mother Superior's trust and favor, she still might feel that leather belt on her ass if everything were known.

From the way Phrygia pumped her for all the details about fucking the priests, the way her face grew red and the way she stammered when she asked, Sister Grace came to believe that the slim redhead would very much like to feel one of the priest's cocks in her virginal cunt, but Sister Phrygia refused to admit this.

One day the three of them, were summoned urgently to the rectory. Sister Grace merely assumed that Father John and Father Tom had gotten a sudden urge to fuck, and she thought little of it until she found herself in the study face to face with Msgr. Leo F.X. Lafferty. The old priest had returned from the Old Country without warning.

The terrible-tempered rector sat behind his desk in his massive chair, with Fathers Ryan and Flynn standing at his sides and looking especially holy. He glared at the three nuns standing before him, looking the way God might look at the Last Judgement.

"I am told that strange things have been happening at St. Corinthia's during my absence?" he said, his eyes darting like cold, colorless lightning to freeze the heart of each guilty nun in turn. "Unnatural acts, secret sins, forbidden loves, clandestine, rendezvous, dangerous alliances, lesbian lubricity -- a scroll that catalogued your filthy sins would stretch from here to hell and back again. The infernal serpent is writhing rampant in the bedchambers of the convent, and we must exorcise his foulness. Take off your habits, Sisters!"

"Please, Monsignor, give me another chance!" Sister Phrygia wailed, failing to her knees. "The only life I know is the one I've pursued these twenty years -- the life of a bride of Christ. To give up my habit..."

"Bride of Christ, is it!" the old priest thundered. "You wicked slut, you don't deserve a tongue to speak His name -- a tongue tempted to lick at the foul cunt holes of your fellow nuns. Christ was a man, you silly woman, a man with a cock, and so is God the Father, and how in the holy name of Christ do you suppose the Holy Ghost got the Virgin Mary pregnant if he wasn't a male spirit? A love of cock is therefore the first step toward the love of God, and you sure as hell won't get there by licking cunts."

"And," he roared at the quaking nun, "I told you to take off your habit, not give it up. I believe that Father Ryan's advice to this poor, deluded creature," here he stopped Sister Grace's heart for a moment by gesturing angrily at her, "... was eminently correct. There are too damned many frustrated virgins in that convent, starting with you, Sister, and such a situation can only lead to the vilest and most perverted varieties of sin."

"All of you, take off your clothes!" he shouted. "Let me see the full, shameful nakedness of those bodies that have so wickedly tempted one another."

Sister Grace had been so terrified that she thought she might faint dead away on the spot, but midway through this tirade, Father Tom caught her eye and winked. She suddenly realized as she listened more closely to his words that the rector, for all his show of outrage, was just as hot to fuck them as the other priests had been. She stripped completely and made no effort to hide her nakedness. Nor did Sister Ursula, who had also caught on and was so bold as to give Msgr. Lafferty a sexy smile. But his scary eyes were fixed on Sister Phrygia, who was doing her best to conceal her tits and her cunt with her hands.

Msgr. Lafferty was assisted out of his cassock by the younger priests, and he was soon as naked as the nuns. Sister Grace gasped at the size of the cock projecting from his white bush, the biggest cock she had yet seen.

"Lie down and spread out, Sister," he said to Phrygia, "and you other two -- show me the sinful things you've done to her."

Frightened and humiliated, the redhead did as she was told. Sister Ursula instantly lay on the floor beside her to kiss her and feel her cunt. Sister Grace was a little shy about joining them, but an impatient gesture from the rector drove her to her knees beside the older nun. She took one of Sister Phrygia's nipples into her mouth and began licking it.

Frightened or not, Sister Phrygia could not resist the work on her tits and cunt that the two pretty young nuns were doing under the watchful eyes of the three priests. Her nipple hardened and stiffened as Sister Grace squeezed it between her lips and tickled it with her tongue.

She slipped her hand down Sister Phrygia's belly and managed to slip her fingers in among those of Sister Ursula, where she discovered that the redhead's cunt was just as hot and wet as it could possibly be.

"Have you fanned the fires of her concupiscent cunt yet?" Msgr. Lafferty demanded, and when the two younger nuns said that they had, he knelt between Sister Phrygia's lithe legs and pushed them wider apart. He bent down to kiss it, running his tongue all around her plump cunt-lips and thrusting it deep into her hot pussy hole.

Sister Phrygia moaned with pleasure while the rector was eating her cunt, but her moans changed to protests when he scrambled up and began nudging the head of his enormous, dripping cock into her virgin cunt.

Her face twisting with pain at the exorable intrusion, Sister Phrygia screamed and clawed at the rug, but Msgr. Lafferty was absolutely relentless and merciless. His face grew even paler than it normally was, and sweat beaded his forehead, but he gritted his teeth and pushed his cock hard into the tight cunt of the fortyish virgin.

When Sister Ursula stroked Sister Phrygia's forehead to comfort her, the rector nodded encouragement, but when Sister Grace tried to feel the older nun's tits and keep her in a state of excitement, Msgr. Lafferty drew her hand away.

"No, Sister," he said firmly but not urgently. "We are trying to cure her corrupt and perverted tendencies. If you want to take part, you may lick my balls."

"Yes, Monsignor," Sister Grace said, and she wriggled down to lie behind the old priest and slip her tongue around the hairy sack of his balls. She was fully aware that she was presenting her bare ass to the younger priests, and she moved it in slow, inviting circles, spreading her knees wide and raising her cunt to let them know clearly that she would like nothing better than a stiff cock in her cunt, but no one took the invitation immediately.

She could see little more from this perspective than the rector's skinny ass, so she rolled over on her back and got her head between his knees. In this position, his enormous cock was right over her nose as he bulled it into Sister Phrygia's tight cunt. As Sister Grace licked Msgr. Lafferty's balls, she marveled at how widely the redhead's cuntlips were forced to stretch to accept the monstrous intrusion of the priest's cock.

Sister Grace spread her own legs wide, rubbing her hot ass against the carpet and thrusting up her cunt in even bolder invitation, and at last that invitation was accepted. She felt strong male hands caressing her cunt and fondling her tits, but she had no idea at all which of the other priests it was, or whether -- as she suspected -- it was both of them who were feeling her so eagerly. Her cunt squirmed wetly and her nipples hardened under the attention, and she sighed against the rector's balls as the stroking and probing hands stirred up delicious pangs of cock-hunger in her wet and ready cunt.

Soon the old priest's cock was squeezed so tightly into the nun's tight cunt that Sister Grace could see nothing at all. But the smell and the warmth of the humid, oven-hot darkness, with cunt-hair and cock-hair tickling her pretty face, were every bit as exciting as the sight of the cock squeezing into the cunt.

It was not long before Msgr. Lafferty's cock came sliding out again, coated with blood and cunt-juice. Sister Grace could not resist the temptation to give the rector's cock a thorough licking, swallowing the heady mixture down, and he approved, holding still to make sure she did a complete job.

Sister Phrygia's cunt-lips glowed red as a Christmas-tree bulb, they were stretched so painfully tight around the giant head of the Monsignor's cock, but he had no mercy on her at all, and he shoved right back into her cunt as soon as Sister Grace had licked his cock painstakingly from one end to the other. The red haired nun squealed with pain as the second deep stroke tore into her cunt, but Sister Grace noted that the squeal ended with a rather coy whimper that suggested the older nun was beginning to appreciate the hitherto unexplored pleasures of fucking.

Sister Grace's own cunt had been fingered every which way by the horny priests, and now she felt something that was hot and hard and moist, and infinitely bigger than a finger, pressing firmly into her hot pussyhole. Her consciousness of her cunt had been significantly raised over the past couple of weeks, and she was able to recognize instantly the cock squeezing into her cunt as young Father John Flynn's big prick. Although, with her eyes so close to the bloody behemoth of a cock that Msgr. Lafferty was now stroking steadily in and out of Sister Phrygia's cunt, she could hardly think of Father John's cock as big anymore. It was big enough to suit her cunt, anyway -- she shuddered at the thought of fucking Msgr. Lafferty, and she hoped Sister Phrygia would fully satisfy his elderly itches. She spread her legs wide and raised her cunt to take Father John's cock as deeply as she could.

A hot duet of rhythmic whimpers and heartfelt grunts nearby told her that blonde Sister Ursula and Father Tom Ryan were fucking, too, faster and more vigorously than the other pairs of nuns and priests in the room. Sister Ursula's now well-used cunt squished and sucked more wetly than Sister Phrygia's tight cunt-hole, and Sister Grace shivered with delight at this sound that she had learned to love so well. She loved it best when she heard her own cunt making that wetly plopping music around a cock, but even hearing the sounds from others excited her.

Father John Flynn was taking his own sweet time about giving her the fucking she lusted so hotly for. He slowly and deliberately relished every inch of his slide in and out of her hot cunt. She wriggled her hips and pounded her ass against the rug urgently in an effort to get the priest started at a pace at least as good as the one the rector was maintaining as he pushed his cock in and out of Sister Phrygia's cunt. But Father John refused to be rushed by the horny young nun, and his cock slowly crept in and out of her cunt while he licked and sucked at her tingling nipples and fondled her ass.

Even old Msgr. Lafferty was fucking Sister Phrygia faster than Father John was fucking her. She could no longer give the rector's cock a proper licking, it was slipping and sliding in and out of Sister Phrygia's cunt too rapidly for her tongue to keep up with it. Even licking his balls was difficult, the way they were bouncing around so wildly on her upraised face. She thought about sucking his hairy balls into her mouth, but she decided not to, as it would only slow down his fucking and Sister Phrygia, judging by her whimpers and groans of delight, and by the way she was slinging her trim ass around now, wanted her fucking just as fast as she could get it.

At a loss where to put her itchy tongue, she tilted her head back and stuck it into Sister Phrygia's hot asshole, hoping the Monsignor would not notice her relapse into perverted amusements. If he did notice, he was too busy fucking the slim redhead to say anything about it, and Sister Grace found the courage to stick her tongue even deeper into Sister Phrygia's asshole and wriggle it around lecherously.

She moaned against Sister Phrygia's sweaty ass when Father John at last stopped teasing her with the agonizingly slow sliding of his cock and began to fuck her in earnest. Moving her hands aimlessly in a delightful daze of pleasurable fucking, Sister Grace found her right hand resting on a quivering mound of flesh with a hard point that could only be Sister Ursula's tit.

Sister Grace could not resist the impulse to feel and squeeze it as it vibrated sexily to the hot rhythm of Father Tom Ryan's fucking, regardless of what the rector might think about it. She half-suspected that Msgr. Lafferty really didn't care whether the nuns were eating each other, but that he had seized on that issue as a way of intimidating them and bending them to his will. She stroked his skinny old ass with her, free hand, and even that felt good in her present state.

With a big, juicy cock now shuttling in her cunt just as fast as it could, Sister Grace felt that she was in heaven, and she knew she was when a choir of the heavenly host began to thunder a fervent Sanctus in her cunt.


The three naked nuns knelt meekly before Msgr. Lafferty's chair as he lectured them further. Sister Grace found it hard to concentrate when his huge cock was hanging down before her eyes like some ripe, exotic fruit between the skinny branches of his legs. He had swabbed Sister Phrygia's virginal blood from it, and it was just as clean and tempting as it could be to her itching, cum-oozing cunt, but it was limp.

"Now, Sister Grace," he said, startling her back to attention by mentioning her name and drawing her closer between his knees, "why don't you try sucking on this, and see if you don't like it better than a smelly old cunt?"

She already knew that she liked sucking cocks better, but she murmured dutifully, "Yes, Monsignor."

"Have you ever sucked a cock, Sister Phrygia?"

The red haired nun was still sniffling slightly from the pain of his huge prick's forced entry into her virginal cunt, but she pulled herself together and said, "No, Monsignor, never."

"And you there, Blondie, what's your name?"

"Sister Mary Ursula, Monsignor, and I'd love to suck your cock."

"Well, you'll get your turn, and you, too, Sister Phrygia. What are you waiting for, Sister Grace, the conversion of the Jews?"

Sister Grace started guiltily. She had thought it would be impolite, to start sucking his cock while he was still lecturing them, and his rebuke embarrassed her. She took his limp cock in her hand, and she was amazed by the weight of it. It was red and sore-looking from its recent ordeal in Sister Phrygia's tight cunt, and she licked it very lightly and gently from one end to the other and back again. Even though Msgr. Lafferty had wiped the blood off, it still tasted deliciously of Sister Phrygia's cunt, and that added an extra spice to the cock-taste that she had come to know and love so well only recently.

Msgr. Lafferty's huge prick still showed no sign of life after she had licked it all over, and she began to wonder if the old priest could really get it up again. If he couldn't, he might blame her, and she felt compelled to work harder with her mouth. She slipped his big cock deep between her lips and sucked it in just as far as she could.

"Make a vacuum with your mouth, Sister, suck really hard," the rector murmured, spreading his legs and pushing his limp cock even deeper. "That will get it up."

Sister Grace obeyed, not daring to question the rector's boast. She emptied her mouth thoroughly of air until her cheeks pinched in painfully against her teeth, and she kept a tight seal on his big cock with her voluptuous lips. The stretching of the old priest's cock into the vacuum of her hot mouth could not have been any less painful to him, but he nodded eagerly and urged her to keep sucking on his cock just as hard as she could. She wriggled forward on her knees, bracing her hands on his thighs and sucking so hard that tiny lights began to dance in her eyes.

To her intense surprise, Msgr. Lafferty's cock began almost immediately to swell up, as if it were a sort of reverse balloon that could be inflated by sucking on it.

Soon she could fit only the first third of its heroic length inside her mouth. As his cock erected, she had to rise partly from her kneeling position to keep up with it. She was soon genuflecting on her right knee while she pumped her lips up and down on the head of the rector's cock. It not only swelled and stiffened to her sucking and licking, but it began to radiate a sexy heat that seemed to travel right down to her cunt and warm it up.

She winced with horror when Father John said, "Show Monsignor how you can swallow a cock, Sister. When I told him about that, he refused to believe it."

She wished desperately that he had kept quiet about that, and then she instantly regretted her disrespectful wish. But now that he had spoken, everybody wanted her to try -- even her supposed friend, Sister Ursula -- and foremost in his urging was Msgr. Lafferty, who tried to ram his prick down her throat before she could prepare herself.

But she wondered if she could ever be prepared for swallowing a cock this size. Now that she had her mouth on it, it seemed twice as big as Father John's cock, not just in length, but in its swollen girth, as well. She didn't believe her throat could stretch that wide.

She was able to wrap both of her dainty hands around the shaft of his cock while still taking as much of its fat length into her mouth as she could, and she did this for a minute to restrain Msgr. Lafferty's efforts to strangle her with his cock. He might have persisted if she had not captured his attention by jacking him in two directions at once with her hands while pumping on his cock with her puckered lips. She kept her tongue in constant motion, too, slipping it all around the bulging head of his prick and making him gasp with lust in time to the swirling strokes of her hot tongue.

But she realized that she would have to make the attempt, and she struggled to compose her mind with a prayer even more fervent than she had said when trying to swallow the younger priests' smaller cocks.

At last, knowing that she could delay this test no longer, Sister Grace reined her throat and tried to stifle her gag-reflex as she lowered her lovely face toward the rector's lap, accepting inch after slow, gristly inch of his cock down into her gullet.

"That's the way, Sister, suck it all in," Msgr. Lafferty murmured as he spread his skinny legs wide and she took more and more of his prick down her throat.

The other nuns and priests murmured with amazement as they watched. Soon Sister Grace had taken so much cock in her mouth that she was obliged to remove her left hand from the quivery-hard shaft. There was still enough of his cock left for her right hand to encircle comfortably, though, and she tried to fight down a feeling of panic as she thought about taking so much more into her throat.

She suspected that the head of his cock was nearing her stomach, and it seemed that she just would not be able to take one more inch, but Msgr. Lafferty wanted her to swallow every last bit of his cock, and he reminded her to keep her tongue in action while she was doing it.

"Let me feel her tits, Monsignor," Sister Ursula said shyly. "Maybe it would help her."

Msgr. Lafferty gave his grudging approval. Kneeling close beside her, Sister Ursula began feeling her tits, taking the tingling nipples between her deft fingers to squeeze them and pull them just the way she knew from experience that Sister Grace loved. Since Msgr. Lafferty had permitted this much, the blonde nun grew even bolder, and bent down to take one of Sister Grace's hot nipples into the wet warmth of her mouth.

Sister Grace had no idea whether Sister Ursula's tit-feeling and sucking had any effect on her ability to swallow the huge cock in her mouth, but it felt absolutely delightful. She wished Ursula would feel her cunt, too, but the blonde wasn't quite bold enough to do that under the rector's watchful eye.

Although she wasn't at all sure how she had managed to accomplish it, Sister Grace had now swallowed so much of Msgr. Lafferty's gigantic prick that she was able at last to remove her right hand from its grip around his thick and hairy cock root. She transferred the hand to Msgr. Lafferty's balls, squeezing and fondling them while her lips slid even lower toward his lap. She found it difficult even to breathe through her nose now, her throat was so clogged with cock, but she took as deep a breath as she could and held it in preparation for the final assault.

"Bless us and save us!" Msgr. Lafferty cried, and the others echoed his amazement with similar exclamations. Even Sister Ursula murmured with surprise around the tit in her mouth, and the vibrations of her voice gave Sister Grace's tight nipple an extra special tickle.

The rector's mild oath and those of the others had been occasioned by the fact that Sister Grace had at last managed to swallow his prick. She wriggled her head around to make sure that she had gotten every last possible inch of it, but there was just no more to be swallowed. She could feel the hair of his balls tickling her chin.

Now that he had his cock deep down in the nun's throat, the old priest could no longer restrain himself, and he began bouncing his ass up and down in his chair to rub his prick fully on its moist and delicious sheathing of her wet flesh.

Sister Grace feared that his determined drilling might choke her or at very least upset her stomach, but soon she was able to settle down and take his eager mouth-fucking with ease.

She was unable to resist surreptitiously slipping her hand down to feel Sister Ursula's hot and juicy cunt. As soon as she had done so, she felt a hand fingering her own cunt that she guessed to be the hand of Sister Phrygia, who knelt closely on her other side. She spread her legs to let the redhead slip her finger deep inside her, slithery pussy.

"All right," Msgr. Lafferty said, sinking back in his chair. "I wish each of you to take a turn -- you there, now, the recent virgin, let's see how you suck a cock."

Horrified, Sister Phrygia protested that she had never sucked a cock, and thought it would be sinful to do so. Sister Ursula begged just as loudly to be allowed the next turn, and Sister Grace would have objected, too, but she didn't want to take his big cock out of her mouth for a minute to join the argument. While they argued, she sucked harder and pumped faster, hoping to get some cum to drink.

Finally Father Flynn grabbed her firmly around the waist, giving her tits and her cunt a good feeling in the process, and dragged her off the rector's cock. Father Ryan dragged Sister Phrygia forward. Gripping her firmly by the neck, he jammed her head down and forced her to take the Monsignor's big, red cock in her mouth.

Both excited by her display of cocksucking virtuosity, Father John and Sister Ursula continued to feel and kiss Sister Grace, but she wanted to watch the older nun sucking the rector's cock, and she tried hard not to be overwhelmed by Sister Ursula's cunt-licking and Father Flynn's tit-sucking. Msgr. Lafferty was obviously enjoying himself too much to notice Sister Ursula's flagrant flouting of his wishes.

Sister Grace couldn't remember when she'd seen anything quite so exciting as the sight of the red haired nun's ascetically lovely face with an enormous, stiff cock sticking out of it. It seemed she could barely fit her thin lips around his bulging cockhead, and her jaws were stretching wide to accommodate it. She was doing her best, though, and her cheeks bulged out here and there as she rolled her tongue around the big cock in her mouth. The novice cocksucker could maintain only an imperfect seal with her lips, if she had made that much noise eating her soup in the refectory, Mother Aloysius would have taken her belt to her ass, but in this situation the slurpy, sucking noises made Sister Grace shiver with delight.

Sister Grace couldn't resist slipping her hand down between the trim, freckled cheeks of Sister Phrygia's ass to feel her cunt, still drooling with the rector's cum, but the older nun tried to wiggle away from the touch. She might have been worried about what Msgr. Lafferty would think, but Sister Grace suspected that she rejected the touch because her cunt was sore. Grace rolled over on her back and slithered her head beneath Phrygia's cunt in the hope of kissing it and making it feel better.

"Sister..." Father John began in a cautionary tone, but he decided that he would rather suck her tits than give her spiritual advice, and he went right back to work on them.

Although Sister Phrygia had rejected the touch of Grace's fingers, she just loved the touch of her tongue, and she settled her cunt down on Grace's mouth and wiggled it. The delicious taste of cunt-juice and cum, spiced with the redhead's virginal blood, was the final touch that Sister Grace needed to transubstantiate her cunt, and she moaned in orgasmic ecstasy against the wet cunt in her mouth as Ursula's tongue transformed her own cunt to fire.


Sister Grace squeezed her thighs together and rolled slightly to one side, unable to take one more touch of Sister Ursula's wet tongue on her throbbing cunt. Gasping for breath, she clutched Sister Phrygia's ass and lifted her cunt from her mouth so she could catch a breath of air.

She saw that the older nun's plump cunt-lips were even redder than the hair that framed them from the stretching that Msgr. Lafferty's giant cock had given them. A pink-stained mixture of the nun's cunt-juice and the old priest's cum still oozed from the center of the rounded doughnut that was the redhead's cunt, and Sister Grace licked her lips in anticipation of sucking it all out.

Looking up through Phrygia's curly red cunt bush, she could see her small but perfectly formed tits and Msgr. Lafferty's hairy balls. From this angle, his cock seemed to soar up like the Washington Monument to the point where Sister Phrygia's lips capped it. Catching her eye as Sister Grace peered up from beneath her cunt, Phrygia winked at her and wriggled her ass provocatively. Sister Grace giggled and slid back to get her tongue on Sister Phrygia's cunt once again.

"That shameless nun is eating a cunt again, Father!" Msgr. Lafferty cried, as if only now noticing what was going on between his feet. "Give her a good fucking, to remind her what it was that the Creator intended to go where."

"Yes, Monsignor."

"No, you don't have to stop doing that, Sister," the rector said, nudging Sister Grace's head with his toe when she made as if to scramble out from beneath Sister Phrygia's cunt. "Do it while you're fucking, and you'll soon see which you like best."

"Thank you, Mon..." Sister Grace's polite response was cut short when Sister Phrygia jammed her cunt down on her mouth and swabbed it against her lips.

She wasn't sure which priest had replied to Msgr. Lafferty, but she instantly recognized Father Tom Ryan's cock when it was inserted in her still-simmering cunt. She realized that she was beginning to develop a sinful pride in the sensitivity of her cunt and its ability to tell one cock from another. During the second or third round of the orgy with the basketball team, she had discovered that she'd been able to identify at least seventy per cunt of the boys by the feel of their cocks in her cunt.

She hadn't come down completely from the orgasm that Sister Ursula's lips and tongue had unleashed, and she moaned against. Sister Phrygia's cunt as she felt Father Tom's cock generating new waves of sexy electricity in her cunt as it stroked in and out of her hot pussyhole. She lifted her knees to let him go in deeper and stroke tingling nerves that the blonde nun's tongue hadn't been able to touch.

She had sucked quite a bit of cum and cuntjuice out of Sister Phrygia's hot cunt, but now the redhead seemed determined to frustrate her further efforts. She kept pushing her ass backward, perhaps to force Sister Grace to concentrate on her cunt-button, but Grace wasn't quite ready for that yet, she wanted to guzzle down all the delicious fucking-juice she could.

Sister Grace wriggled tighter against Father Tom in her effort to follow Sister Phrygia's cunt-hole with her tongue. Abruptly her chin was stopped short by something that she recognized from its shape and slight scratchiness as Father Tom's chin, and she realized what was happening. The priest was licking the redheaded nun's asshole while she was eating her cunt, and Sister Phrygia had been shifting back to get as much of his tongue up her ass as she could.

Sister Grace was delighted with this delicious conjunction of their mouths on Sister Phrygia's cunt and asshole, and she slipped her tongue out to tease Father Tom's. They played a little game of tag around the rim of the redhead's hot fuck holes with their flickering tongues.

But such tongue-games were only the garnish on the meal, and the rich red meat of it was deep down Sister Phrygia's cunt, where Father Tom was fucking her deep and hard and fast. He didn't neglect her tits while he was tonguing Phrygia's asshole, either, and he kept both hands on them as he fucked Sister Grace, his skillful fingers fine-tuning the electric tingles that flowed down from her hot nipples to her wetly squirming cunt.

"Now it's your turn, Sister Ursula," Msgr. Lafferty said.

Sister Phrygia took the rector's big cock out of her mouth with a deep sigh that might have signified relief; just as it had been for her cunt, it was an awfully big cock for her first blowjob, and Sister Grace imagined that her jaws must be sore from stretching to accommodate it.

Now that Sister Phrygia no longer had to suck Msgr. Lafferty's cock, she and Sister Grace and Father Tom could arrange themselves to continue their threesome in greater comfort. Father Tom and Sister Grace rolled onto their sides as they continued their fucking, and Sister Phrygia lay with her left leg between their bodies and her cunt and asshole between their mouths. Phrygia's toes pressed into Grace's belly, but that minor discomfort could easily be ignored while Father Tom was fucking her so delightfully and the redhead's cunt was so deliciously open and available to her mouth.

Before resuming her cunt-eating, though, she turned to see what Sister Ursula was up to. Her sleek blonde friend looked so sexy, with her shapely ass resting on the pretty pink soles of her feet as she knelt before Msgr. Lafferty, that Sister Grace could have just eaten her up.

But then Sister Phrygia reminded her whom she ought to be eating by pulling her head back into her crotch, and Sister Grace just had time to see Ursula slipping the rector's cock into the pouted "O" of her sensuous lips before she found her face buried in wet cunt-flesh.

It was fun to watch Sister Ursula sucking a cock, but she found that it was even more fun to eat a cunt, and fucking was the most fun of all. Father Tom was really ramming his cock into her cunt at full speed now, spattering her hot thighs with her own cunt-juice as his plunging prick dredged it up and splashed it out. Her cunt seemed to feel more vibrantly alive and sensitive each time she fucked, and she was also sure that she was getting better at it each time. Father Tom's sighs and groans of pleasure as he shoved his cock in and out suggested that he believed her cunt had vastly improved, too.

He was doing his groaning and sighing against Sister Phrygia's freckled, snow-white ass while he continued to lick her asshole, and the redhead writhed and squirmed between his mouth and Sister Grace's as if both tongues were giving her equal pleasure. Sister Grace believed that she had sucked every last drop of the Monsignor's cum out of the older nun's cunt, and that what she was drinking so eagerly now was undiluted cunt-juice. Sister Phrygia's cunt seemed to overflow with it as she got hotter and hotter, and her cunt was as wide open and relaxed as it could be to Sister Grace's wiggling, stabbing tongue.

"Holy Mother of God!" Sister Phrygia shrieked when Sister Grace at last turned her full attention to her clit, which was swollen just as tight as a tiny sausage on a red-hot griddle. The redhead bucked violently between them, battering Father Tom's face with her ass and Sister Grace's forehead with her cunt-bone as Grace sucked on her cunt-button and flailed it with her wet tongue.

Fully satisfied and unable to stand one more touch, Sister Phrygia pulled away from them and lay gasping like a beached fish, muttering a strange litany of mingled prayers and obscenities. With the redhead's cunt and asshole no longer between them, Father Tom and Sister Grace clung to each other and tried to eat each other's tongues as they began fucking with frenzied intensity.

Sister Grace was soon rolled over onto her back, so Father Tom could fuck her even more deeply and forcefully than before, and the fury of his fucking seemed about to rattle her bones apart. She pulled her thighs up tightly into his armpits to present her cunt at an even better angle, and he fucked her as if trying to punch out her spine with the head of his cock.

Father Tom's curses and grimaces puzzled her for a moment until she realized that she was unconsciously beating a tattoo on the small of his back with her heels, but she had no power to stop what she was doing as the stroking of his hard cock finally battered down the inmost gate of her sensuality and unleashed a tingling flood that swept her soul away. She felt hot cum pumping strongly into her squirming, sizzling pussy as she screamed and clawed and bucked her hips up to meet his last, vigorous strokes.

"Your turn again, Sister Grace."

She didn't know who had spoken or what he meant; in her present state, she hardly knew what language he was speaking in. But she was pushed and pulled and bullied to her knees by the others, and before she knew it she had a hot, stiff cock in her mouth. Only gradually did she become aware that she had taken Sister Ursula's place and was again sucking Msgr. Lafferty's cock, and by that time she had taken half its length down her throat with no fuss at all.

Glancing to either side, she saw that Father Flynn was now fucking an enthusiastic Sister Ursula as she writhed and twisted and bucked on the rug beneath him, and that Father Ryan was eating the cunt of Sister Phrygia, who had come down from her last orgasm and was eagerly starting on the way up again.

"We'll fuck the Devil out of you nuns yet," the rector promised, squeezing a few more inches of his monstrous cock down her throat. "Doesn't that taste better than a cunt, Sister?"

Sister Grace nodded, her bobbing head pumping up and down on the old priest's cock and making him groan with fresh excitement. Now that she knew she was capable of doing it, she loved sucking his great, big cock, and she tried to translate some of the fervor she felt into the hot action of her lips and tongue.

Eager to get it all, she sucked the rector's prick all the way down her throat in one daring gulp and began pumping her mouth and throat on it with unprecedented ardor.

Msgr. Lafferty could not stand the full force of her concentrated intensity, and she had hardly taken his prick in and out of her throat three times before he uttered a strangled cry and began hosing hot cream into the young nun's mouth. Sister Grace was delighted that he had begun shooting on the out-stroke, when the head of his cock was in her mouth and she could savor his cum on her tongue, rather than having it explode in the depths of her throat, where she would not have been able to taste it at all.

She swallowed hard and sucked for even more and she got all the hot cum she could handle. Old though he was, Msgr. Lafferty's balls held a reservoir of jism that was proportionate to the size of his cock, and that was a vast reservoir indeed. She had one moment of panic when it seemed she might drown on his cum, it was spurting out so thick and fast, but she swallowed hard, losing only a few drops that dribbled out over her sensuous lips and splashed onto her hot tits. When his prick had softened and dwindled in size, she wiped the cum off her tits with her fingers, then licked each finger carefully to make sure none of it was wasted. Glancing up, she saw the old priest watching this operation with lecherous interest.

She gave a cry of surprise as someone began pushing his prick up her asshole. She realized that her asshole was not as good at identifying cocks as her cunt -- not yet, anyway -- so she had to look over her shoulder to determine that it was Father Tom again. He had apparently fully satisfied Sister Phrygia's hot cunt with his mouth, and she was watching the insertion of his prick up Sister Grace's asshole as if speculating how it would feel to have a prick up her own ass.

Not just from the scent of balsam, but from the ease with which Father Tom Ryan was sliding his prick up her asshole, Sister Grace knew that he had broken out the holy oil, again. That had seemed almost sacrilegious to her, the first time, but Msgr. Lafferty, who was observing them with the intensity of an old bird of prey, made no objection. She stuck up her ass at a better angle for deep penetration.

At the center of so much attention, Sister Grace felt obliged to put on a good show of her newly acquired skill. She relaxed completely, recalling Father John's advice about taking cocks up the asshole, and Father Ryan's prick squeezed in with no discomfort at all. She let out a deep, shuddery sigh of delight when she felt his balls pressing tightly against her cum drooling cunt.

Msgr. Lafferty pulled his chair back to give the fucking couple more room, and soon Sister Grace was able to sink down on her elbows and stick her ass up at an even better angle for Father Tom's well-oiled thrusts into the hot tube of her asshole. Inflamed by watching, Sister Phrygia rolled toward them with the speed and grace of a sidewinder, and in the next instant her slim body was lying beneath Sister Grace, her mouth on Grace's cunt and her own wet cunt spread open invitingly beneath her face.

Sister Grace cast a nervous glance at Msgr. Lafferty, who was pulling on his prick in a determined effort to get it up again as he alternated eager glances between Sister Grace and her group and Sister Ursula and Father John, who were still fucking up a storm on their own. Understanding the question in her eyes, he rolled his eyes toward heaven and told her with a weary gesture to go right ahead and eat Phrygia's cunt, if she must. Sister Grace decided that she must.


Having been bent out of shape by the insertion of Msgr. Lafferty's gargantuan cock and then eaten in rapid succession by Sister Grace and Father Tom, Sister Phrygia's cunt bore little resemblance to the snugly folded doughnut that Sister Grace remembered from their first cunt eating session. It gaped like a wet, red cave under her eyes, with the aroma of hot cunt-juice rising from its depths almost like visible steam to her nostrils. Licking her lips in eager anticipation, Sister Grace went down on it like a hungry dog on its dish, now that Msgr. Lafferty had given his apparently reluctant approval.

Meanwhile Father Tom clutched her ass with clawing fingers and fucked her asshole with a will, making it hard for Sister Grace to keep her mouth just where she wanted it; her head was being pushed up and down on Sister Phrygia's cunt by the force of the hot thrusting up her ass.

Sister Phrygia had no complaints, though, because Sister Grace's nose was being rubbed firmly against her clit, and it tightened up hard as a little pebble from this action as Phrygia's excitement boiled up and the hot cunt-juice overflowed her steaming pussyhole.

It seemed as if Father Flynn had been fucking Sister Ursula forever, but now their fucking built up to a bowling, thrashing climax whose volume and intensity made Sister Grace wince. As soon as she had recovered, Sister Ursula was put to work on sucking Msgr. Lafferty's cock back into shape for more action. Able to watch her from the corner of her eye, Grace saw that Ursula was sucking his cock with every bit as much dedication and enthusiasm as she had recently given to her fucking.

She couldn't concentrate on Sister Ursula, though, not while Sister Phrygia was eating her cunt so greedily and skillfully. Sister Grace wiggled her ass to rub her cunt more thoroughly on the redhead's mouth, and her wiggling had the added benefit of making the cock up her ass rub fresh areas of excitement in her hot asshole.

She didn't neglect Sister Phrygia's cunt, either, but paid her back as well as she could for the work she was doing on her own cunt. By gripping the redhead's trim ass, she could steady herself against the vibration of Father Tom's asshole-fucking and concentrate on slowly licking her way up one cunt-lip and down the other with intricate, fluttering motions of her tongue. Sister Phrygia writhed and squirmed beneath her, testifying to the excruciating pleasure that Grace's cunt-eating gave her.

A huge shadow suddenly fell across Sister Phrygia's flexing and twisting legs, and Sister Grace glanced up from her cunt eating to see Msgr. Lafferty standing over them, his cock thrusting out like a boom from his skinny old body. Sister Ursula had gotten him just as hard and stiff as before with her hot mouth, and now she crouched behind him and kept tickling his cock with her fingers to make sure he stayed that way.

Taking a second look after a brief dip of her tongue into Sister Phrygia's squirming cunt, she saw that her blonde friend was doing more than just tickling the rector's cock; she was anointing it with oil, making its huge, red length gleam with a satiny sheen. It seemed a remarkable honor for a nun to be allowed to use the sacramental oil like this, and Sister Grace felt a twinge of envy that she immediately tried to atone for by a fervent Act of Contrition.

Halfway through her prayer, she realized what this preparation meant, and her asshole cringed so tightly around Father Tom's cock that he yelped. Putting her hand protectively over Sister Phrygia's asshole, which had never known even a normal-sized cock, she said, "You can't..."

"Eat me!" Sister Phrygia cried in the depths of Sister Grace's cunt, her voice wetly muffled. "Why did you stop? Lick my cunt!"

"You heard that, Sister?" Msgr. Lafferty said sternly but sadly. "The poor creature is still tangled in the sapphic snares of Satan. I must drive the Devil from all her sinful fuckholes." Sister Grace sighed with resignation, knowing there was nothing she could do to keep the rector from having his way, but she went down farther and gave Phrygia's asshole a good licking in an effort to open it up and lubricate it with her spit. Sister Phrygia loved this, as she knew, and the redhead wiggled sexily and opened up her asshole to Grace's probing tongue as she tried to stretch it a bit for the fearsome intrusion.

"Turn the poor sinner on her side," Msgr. Lafferty said, dropping to his knees beside the writhing and undulating trio.

She and Father Tom rolled onto their left sides, taking Phrygia with them. Not even suspecting what was in store for her, she kept her mouth buried in Sister Grace's cunt and kept eating it eagerly as they turned. Sister Grace returned to eating the redhead's cunt with a special tenderness as Msgr. Lafferty nudged her into exposing her asshole fully by raising her right knee and then guiding his cock toward her virginal asshole with his hand. Sister Ursula knelt beside them, her big blue eyes wide with wonder and curiosity as she watched the rector preparing to shove his cock into the prim pink bud of Sister Phrygia's asshole.

Sister Phrygia didn't react at first, perhaps thinking it was Sister Grace's thumb that was beginning to press its familiar way up her ass. But as the bloated purple mushroom of Msgr. Lafferty's dinosaurian prick stretched it wider and wider, and then wider still, she realized that something unprecedented was happening to her asshole.

She tried to struggle, but Msgr. Lafferty got a good grip on her hips, and Sister Ursula got into the act by grabbing her legs and making sure they stayed wide apart. With some misgivings, Sister Grace helped, them, clutching Phrygia's head with her thighs and pressing her cunt so tightly against her mouth that the redhead's screams and wails of shock and protest were all but unintelligible.

"You can do it, Sister," Sister Grace urged. "I'm taking a cock up my ass. See?"

Sister Grace knew that comparing Msgr. Lafferty's cock to Father Tom's was like comparing Notre Dame Cathedral to a storefront church, but her words quieted Sister Phrygia and she stopped struggling for a moment. From her position on Sister Grace's cunt, she was presented with a close-up view of Father Tom's cock sliding easily in and out of her asshole, and perhaps she tried to comfort herself with the sight. She even returned to licking Sister Grace's cunt, but her tongue work was now uncoordinated and lacked something of its former spirit.

Sister Grace threw her soul into eating Sister Phrygia's cunt, though, trying to take her mind off what was happening to her poor asshole. The drama was unfolding right before her eyes, so closely that the tip of her nose sometimes brushed the shaft of Msgr. Lafferty's prick. Prom this angle, it looked like a monstrous white python trying to force its way hungrily into a mouse-hole. The rim of Phrygia's asshole had turned purple with the strain, the skin so tight that it gleamed like a wet grape.

But the ass-fuck was progressing, although it was as great a strain on Msgr. Lafferty's cock as it was on the nun's asshole. The rector wriggled and squirmed, and attempted to force his cock into her like a plumber with no sense of proportion. Even so, inch after slow inch of his well-oiled prick kept squeezing their relentless way into Sister Phrygia's asshole.

Father Tom's cock felt so good as it slipped and slid in and out of her own comfortably snug asshole that Sister Grace could hardly remember what discomfort the first time had caused her. She was sure it was nothing like what Sister Phrygia was feeling the redhead had stopped eating her cunt altogether and was merely gasping against it as she tried to deal with the pain in her ass.

"Pretend you're taking a shit, Sister," Grace said, remembering Father John's advice to her that first time. "That's the way you relax it." Sister Phrygia had as much trouble as Grace had had, that first time, implementing this advice. For a moment Msgr. Lafferty's prick seemed to have stalled completely on its inward progress. Sister Grace left off her cunt-eating for a moment to peek over Sister Phrygia's upraised thigh, and she saw that the rector's face was twisted into a contortion of pain, and that his face was just as purple as the asshole of the nun he was trying to bugger. But his perseverance was boundless as he sweated and groaned and struggled to shove his cock up Sister Phrygia's ass.

The redhead uttered a long, groaning sigh against Sister Grace's cunt, and Sister Grace was pleased to see that her advice had apparently worked the Monsignor's cock had resumed its inward slide -- very, very slowly, it was true, but at a steady rate. She returned her mouth to Phrygia's cunt, concentrating her licking now on the redhead's hot clit, and as her excitement mounted from this tongue-work, she was able to take the rector's cock with greater and greater ease.

Sister Grace was intensely relieved when Sister Phrygia went back to work on her own cunt with all of her old verve and vitality. It seemed to signal that everything would be all right, and that the redhead forgave her for clamping her head with her thighs when Msgr. Lafferty first tried to fuck her in the ass.

Msgr. Lafferty was all the way in now, and he began fucking Sister Phrygia's ass with short, rapid strokes. The pressure of his huge cock made her cunt-Lips writhe against Sister Grace's mouth as if the cunt were returning her kisses, and the bouncing of the rector's big balls against her nose added an extra spice to the fun she was having.

Now that she was no longer concerned with Phrygia's problems, Sister Grace settled down to enjoy the delicious sensation of being fucked in the ass and having her cunt eaten while she in turn ate a cunt. She wanted to feel Phrygia's tits, too, but she was disappointed when she found that someone -- Father Tom, she thought was already doing it.

Now Phrygia began to annoy her slightly by taking her tongue off her cunt from time to time to lick Father Tom's cock as it slid in and out of her asshole. Sister Grace was about to grumble a complaint when Sister Phrygia, as if knowing the complaint was forthcoming and trying to prevent it, began feeling her tits. Her squeezing and pinching of her hot nipples more than made up for the occasional inattention to her itching cunt, and she moaned with pleasure against the other nun's pussy as the combined thrills of tit-squeezing and cunt licking began sliding her toward the glow of another orgasm. Sister Grace couldn't restrain a howl of ecstasy when she felt Father Tom's cock give a powerful throb and begin to spurt cum up her ass. The hot wads of jism allowed him to fuck her just as fast as be liked, and Sister Grace wanted to fuck even faster. She humped her ass back and forth to complement the feverish stroking of his prick in her cum-slimed asshole.

Sister Phrygia clung to her cunt like a leech to avoid being battered about her face with Sister Grace's cunt-bone, and she fluttered her tongue against Grace's clit at a tempo perfectly timed to correspond with Father Tom's assfucking. Sister Grace thought she had explored the depths of her orgasm to the fullest, but it was now as if a series of doors had been thrown open in her cunt and she was being sucked headlong through all of them to a climactic peak she had never before imagined.

When Father Tom's cock at last shrank and slipped out of her ass, she rolled away from Sister Phrygia's hot mouth and lay gasping for breath. Phrygia wanted her to eat her cunt some more, but Sister Grace had been entirely blown away by her orgasm, and she just couldn't organize herself sufficiently to comply with Sister Phrygia's pleas for more cunt-licking.

The Monsignor now rolled Sister Phrygia over on her belly and began fucking her ass like a maniac. She shrieked for mercy at the sudden escalation of his ass-fucking, but her shrieks turned to howls of ecstasy as Msgr. Lafferty reached beneath her thigh to finger her cunt while he was fucking her ass. His other hand got busy on one of her tits as he rammed his cock in and out between the quivering cheeks, and Sister Phrygia babbled an incoherent mixture of prayers and obscenities as the rector drove her wild.

The sight of this frenzied exhibition of fucking was getting Sister Grace horny again, although she would have thought that she had been thoroughly satisfied. It seemed that Father Tom, who had recently fucked her twice, would be out of commission for some time, and Father John, who had gotten his cock drained dry by Sister Ursula in their last fuck, seemed to be in no better condition.

But Sister Ursula was just as hot as she was, and when she extended a tentative hand toward the succulent blonde nun, Ursula flowed into her arms and began kissing her and feeling her cunt with eager fingers. Sister Grace worked her way down to Ursula's tits, sucking first one and then the other into her mouth and making the nipples just as hard as they could be.

She could have spent hours on Sister Ursula's shapely tits, but she was too eager to have her cunt eaten by the blonde, and she switched around to present her hot fuckhole to her tongue while she went down on Ursula's cunt.

By the time Msgr. Lafferty and Sister Phrygia had fucked themselves to exhaustion, Ursula and Grace were lost in each other's cunt.


With her tongue in Sister Ursula's cunt and her hands stroking her smooth, delicious ass, Sister Grace realized with a sinking heart that she was still entangled in Satan's sapphic snares, as Msgr. Lafferty so quaintly phrased it. There was no getting around it, she loved to eat cunts, and she loved to eat Sister Ursula's most of all.

Maybe there was some hope for her, though, because one of the most pleasant things about the blonde's cunt at the moment was that it was full to overflowing with Father Flynn's hot cum, and that made it especially enjoyable. But even if it hadn't been full of cum, she knew she would have liked eating it.

But even more than she loved eating her cunt, Sister Grace loved the feel of Sister Ursula's soft, wet, loving tongue against her own hot cunt. She spread her legs out wide to give the blonde nun free access to every inch of her hat crotch.

Sister Grace was lying on her back, with Sister Ursula's cunt pressing down wetly and hairily on her mouth, with the white cheeks of her ass curving up to fill her vision like twin moons rising over an odorous wet swamp. She couldn't see what the others were up to, but their silence suggested that they were intently watching Grace and Ursula eating each other.

But Sister Grace found that she didn't give a shit whether Msgr. Lafferty disapproved of what she was doing or not. Anything that tasted and smelled and looked and felt this good couldn't possibly be bad. God had created her five senses, after all, and each and every one of them was rejoicing in the pleasure of eating Sister Ursula's beautiful cunt and in turn having her own cunt eaten by Sister Ursula.

She wouldn't have the nerve to tell the rector any of that in words, but she made her feelings clear by slightly exaggerating the moans and whimpers of pure delight that rose spontaneously to her lips as she pressed them against the wet, sticky lips of the blonde's cunt. Sister Ursula's murmurs of pleasure, against her own cunt matched hers, and she suspected that the same thoughts might be going through her head.

She transferred her hands from Sister Ursula's gleaming white ass to her firm young tits, each of them a delicious and familiar handful. They were bigger than Sister Phrygia's tits, though nowhere as big as her own, but what they might lack in size they made up for in the absolute perfection of their shape and the springy tautness of their texture. Sister Ursula's sensitive nipples grew hard like two pencil erasers under the expert caresses of Sister Grace's fingertips, and the blonde wriggled her torso to rub her tits more firmly against her hands.

Sister Ursula just loved squeezing and kneading Sister Grace's rosy-white ass, but she knew how much Grace liked having her tits fondled, too, so she reluctantly withdrew one of her hands from the brunette's smooth asscheeks and reached back to squeeze her nipples. Sister Grace sobbed with pleasure, arching her back like a bow to thrust her tit up into Sister Ursula's hand.

Sister Ursula now discovered that Sister Grace's asshole was full of Father Ryan's cum, and she sucked on it eagerly to transfer the sticky jism to her mouth. Grace curled up her ass to present her asshole to the blonde's mouth and let her suck to her heart's content. Sister Ursula's pretty chin pressed firmly and delightfully into her cunt-hole as she sucked at her ass.

Now that she had sucked every last drop of cum out of Ursula's cunt, Sister Grace paid her back by turning her own tongue to the blonde's asshole and licking it slowly and tantalizingly around the rim. Sister Ursula wriggled her ass with delight at the touch, and redoubled her fervor as she licked Grace's ass.

But each nun was drawn back to the other's cunt as if by a magnet of irresistible sexuality, and almost simultaneously their hot mouths connected with their even hotter cunts. Sister Grace moaned against the cunt on her month as she felt Sister Ursula's long and supple tongue squirming and circling deep inside her pussy like a snake, and she lashed and flailed her own tongue vigorously in Sister Ursula's slithering fuckhole, Sister Grace's frantic moans rose to muffled screams as Ursula pinched her big, swollen clit between her lips and pattered her tongue rapidly against its slick surface. She humped and writhed and bucked, rubbing her ass raw against the carpet in a transport of cunt-crazed ecstasy as Sister Ursula's tongue opened the heavens and descended like a fluttering dove into her cunt.

Even as Sister Grace was coming, she had the presence of mind to duplicate Sister Ursula's work with her own lips and tongue on the blonde's smaller clit -- smaller, but every bit as tight and hard and hot as her own. Sister Ursula matched her, groan for groan and whimper for whimper, as the two of them dissolved in climactic bliss.

"Drastic measures are obviously required," Msgr. Lafferty said darkly, but his words hardly registered on Sister Grace's ears, still ringing from the tight clamp of Sister Ursula's thighs in the last violent spasms of her orgasmic frenzy.

Sister Grace was pushed and pulled this way and that as Sister Phrygia and the three priests disentangled the cunt-crazed young nuns. She felt limp as a rag doll, incapable of independent motion or coherent thought, as they pulled her out from under Sister Ursula's lithe body.

She realized that the moment of truth had arrived. Half carrying her under her furry armpits, the two younger priests were leading her to Msgr. Lafferty, who lay back on the rug with his big cock sticking up like the upright beam of Christ's cross on which they meant to crucify her cunt. It was one thing to watch with disinterested curiosity while the rector stuck that fantastic prick into Sister Phrygia, but it was quite another to realize that he meant to stick it into her, and she struggled feebly, begging for a little more time to prepare herself.

"Don't worry, Sister," the rector said, "all that cunt-eating must have gotten you as wet and open and ready as you'll ever be."

That might have been true, but the sight of his huge cock had the same drying and puckering effect on her cunt that the sight of a lemon would have had on her mouth. As if it had a mind of its own, and that mind was driven mad with fear, her cunt tried to crawl up inside her belly.

"No," she whimpered, "please!"

Her pleas had no effect on them, except that Msgr. Lafferty's cock got even stiffer, so stiff that it quivered slightly to his heartbeats with the sensitivity of a tightly stretched steel wire. Her fear seemed to turn him on even more, and a bead of cock-juice oozed from his bloated cock to twinkle like an ornament at the top of a Christmas tree. She would have loved to lick it off and suck his cock, and she told them so, but Msgr. Lafferty was determined to put his cock in her cunt this time.

Seeing, that her impalement on this monstrously over-sized prick was inevitable, no matter what she did or said, Sister Grace gulped for breath and made a determined effort to relax and compose herself as the two young priests brought her astride it and made her squat down.

Soon Sister Grace felt the burning-hot head of Msgr. Lafferty's cock pressing tight against the lips of her cunt. She was unwilling to look, even though it felt even bigger when she couldn't see it. From the sense of touch alone, it was, as if he was trying to push his fist into her cunt. She made it clear, though, that she wouldn't run away, so the two other priests let her go and allowed her to take the rector's prick up into her cunt at her own speed. She hesitated, unable to move, but Msgr. Lafferty made no effort to rush her.

She believed that the best way might be to squat down hard on the rector's prick and take it all at once to get it over and done with, but she found she was simply not able to find the courage for such a drastic attempt. Breathing deeply and evenly, she eased herself down as quickly as she dared, which was not very quickly at all. She resisted Msgr. Lafferty's efforts to push his cock in deeper by straining his hips up.

Sister Grace was almost certain that she had taken most of the rector's cock into her cunt by now, she felt so thoroughly filled and stuffed, but when she reached down to verify this impression with her fingers, she was appalled to find that she had thus far succeeded in accepting little more than his bloated cock-head into her tender young cunt. She bit her lower lip and resolved to try harder as the old priest grew impatient and tried to drag her hips down with his clawing hands.

She tried bouncing up and down on his cock, hoping to fuck him without taking its full length, but these motions only encouraged him to push his cock harder upward, and she felt more and more of it squeezing inside with each of her strokes. She felt as if she were about to be split wide open by the impossible intrusion of his cock.

Brushing aside her curly black cunt-hair with her fingertips to take a peek at the action, Sister Grace saw that her cunt-lips looked tight as the skin of a red balloon inflated to the point of bursting. Seeing Msgr. Lafferty's cock sticking up between her thighs as it was, it looked almost as if she had a third leg, it was so big and thick. She shuddered and closed her eyes as she strained to squat down a little lower.

Sister Grace knew that her cunt was no longer dry and puckered, as it had been when she had first begun trying to admit the rector's oversized cock into her cunt. The hot pressure of his big prick had turned her on, and she felt her pussy juices seething around the bloated pillar of cock-flesh that impaled her straining body. Her cunt had turned to jelly, but she found that even jelly can be compressed only so tightly, and Msgr. Lafferty's prick wasn't moving much faster than it had at the beginning. She really wanted to take every inch of his cock now, but that desire didn't seem to help much.

But now that he was so close to his goal, with only three or four inches of his cock exposed beneath her widely distended cunt-lips, the old priest went wild with lust to have it all, to bathe his prick to the root in the tight, slithery simmer of Sister Grace's inflaming cunt.

He gripped Sister Grace by the hips with his clawlike fingers and began pulling her down with all the strength in his wiry body. She squealed with terror and pleaded for a little more time, but the rector was, deaf to her entreaties as he grunted and grimaced and groaned, dragging her cunt down inch by slow inch to swallow the bulging root of his cock.

Weeping more from fear than pain, for she really believed that the Monsignor might seriously hurt her cunt with his colossal cock, Sister Grace was jolted out of her sobbing by the pressure of his big, hairy balls against her asshole.

She gazed down between her projecting tits to see that his white cock-hair and her black cunt-hair were mingled together in a salt and pepper tangle. Not one fraction of an inch of his cock was visible through the thicket of their mixed hair, not even when she brushed it aside with her fingers in an effort to find his cock. She gave an experimental wiggle and assured herself that she had every last bit of his prick inside her. Her fears evaporated, and she gave vent to something midway between a giggle of pleasure and a groan of lust.

It had been scary, but now she experienced the excruciatingly pleasant sensation of having every inch of her cunt stretched tight as a small rubber glove on a very large hand. She prayed that he wouldn't stretch her out of shape for smaller cocks, or reduce the pleasure she took from them, because she would have been willing to bet that there were very few cocks in the world as large as Msgr. Lafferty's.

She could have just sat there forever and relished the exquisite sensation of fullness in her cunt, but the rector had no intention of letting her do that. Still gripping her hips, he raised her and lowered her on his upthrusting cock until she got the idea and began moving her cunt up and down of her own accord. She braced her palms on his bony chest for more leverage, and began to bounce her ass up and down on his thighs at a faster and faster pace.

Soon his enormous cock seemed to glow within her cunt, turning it to billowy clouds of fuck-lusting fire. She pumped her ass far more vigorously than before, slinging it from side to side to scratch every last inch in her tumultuous cunt with the hard flesh of his bulging cock.

She collapsed gasping on his chest, unable to move for a moment as the orgasm surged through her cunt. It seemed to escalate from the pressure of his chest against her tingling nipples, and she squeezed him harder to make the most of it. Meanwhile the rector continued to push his prick slowly and deliciously in and out of her cunt from below.

Lying on Msgr. Lafferty, with her ass sticking up under the eager eyes of the others, Sister Grace was pleased by the odor of balsam that suddenly seemed to fill the room. But then her pleasure turned to horror as one of the priests began trying to stick his cock up her asshole.


"No!" Sister Grace screamed, and she tried to wriggle away, but her situation was absolutely hopeless, she was transfixed up the middle by Msgr. Lafferty's cock as securely as a butterfly skewered by a collector's pin; his bony but strong arms now wrapped her in a tight grip, and the priest who was trying to bugger her while the rector fucked her had an equally firm grip on her ass.

She could only hope that her sobs and pleas would arouse their pity, but they were pitiless. The oiled cock kept grinding relentlessly into her asshole. Even before she twisted her neck to peer over her shoulder, she was certain that it was Father John Flynn, whose cock would have been thought huge in any company that didn't include Msgr. Lafferty, and she found that she was dead right. She was certain that they would split her like a pair of wedges in a log.

Sisters Ursula and Phrygia added their pleas to those of Sister Grace, but Father Flynn just kept on pushing his cock up her ass. Sister Ursula actually grabbed Father Flynn and tried to make him stop, but Father Tom seized her and pulled her away, none too gently.

Meanwhile Father John Flynn was making slow but steady progress in sticking his cock up Sister Grace's asshole. The nun resigned herself to the inevitable and tried to relax the tight passage into her creamy ass, but it seemed nearly impossible with Msgr. Lafferty's cock filling her cunt so completely. There was only so much space that the two holes seemed to share, with only a thin membrane between them, and Msgr. Lafferty's cock seemed to be taking the lion's share of that space.

Bracing herself on her hands, Sister Grace raised her hips to let almost half of the rector's huge cock out of her cunt. Both priests gripped her firmly, suspecting that she was only trying to get away, but she assured them that she was only trying to find some room in her tightly compressed asshole for Father Flynn's cock.

Her strategy seemed to be working. Soon the younger priest's big cock was up her asshole just as far as the rector's was up her cunt. Their cock-heads pressed together against the skin separating Sister Grace's cunt from her asshole, and she had to admit that the insignificant bit of skin was being turned to tingling fire by the hard pressure of the two big, juicy cocks.

Its intrusion made easier by its coating of oil, Father Flynn's cock took the lead, but soon Msgr. Lafferty had caught up with him, and both cocks were pushing into her itching fuck holes at the same steady pace. Sister Grace believed that she knew exactly how a Thanksgiving turkey might have felt, and she feared that she might soon be beyond feeling if the two priests kept up their efforts to perform this seemingly impossible act.

She gasped with surprise when she realized that it wasn't impossible at all, for both their cocks were now buried to the hilt in her cunt and her asshole. Reaching back to confirm it with the touch of her fingers, she discovered that Father Flynn's balls and those of Msgr. Lafferty were squeezed tightly together in her crotch, with not an inch of either cock available to her exploring hand. She tickled their hairy balls, making sure that all four of them got a good stroking and squeezing, and the two priests groaned with delight at the young nun's teasing work.

She herself sighed with intense relief when she came to the conclusion that they hadn't broken anything with their simultaneous intrusion, but her sigh changed subtly to one of intense and sexy pleasure as she realized just how good it felt to have those two big cocks filling her up just as full as she could be. It felt even better when Father Flynn pulled his cock out of her asshole and pushed it in again, and this time he was able to push his cock in with no difficulty whatsoever.

Sister Grace exercised some of her sexiest wriggles and squirms in an effort to get Msgr. Lafferty's cock moving in her cunt as well, but it soon became apparent that he was stuck. His cock was pinned inside her cunt by the pressure of Father Flynn's prick in her asshole, and his body was immobilized by the combined weight of the nun and the younger priest.

He was smiling with pleasure, reveling in the feel of his big cock pressed so snugly by Sister Grace's slithery cunt, but he could only gasp the words. "Ease up a bit, Sister, and then I'll be able to fuck you all you want."

Sister Grace tried to take some of the weight off the old man by supporting herself on her elbows, but it did little good. He could breathe a bit easier with the weight off his chest, but he was still pinned down at the hips.

Msgr. Lafferty's cock gave a few feeble wiggles in her cunt, but that was not nearly enough to satisfy Sister Grace's cock-hunger, nor his eagerness to move freely in her cunt. She tried bouncing up and down on his prick, but the cock in her asshole restricted her movements, and she found it difficult to coordinate her bouncing with Father Flynn's hot asshole fucking, for he hadn't let up for a single stroke.

Acting on a sudden inspiration, Sister Grace nudged Father Flynn into going along with her as she rolled onto her side. Msgr. Lafferty, moving along in time with both of them, sucked in a deep breath as soon as their weight was removed.

But just as soon as the rector caught his breath, he began plowing her cunt with his cock just as fast as she could want, syncopating Father Flynn's hot thrusts up her ass. The grinding, high-pressure fuck in her cunt and asshole drove Sister Grace wild, it was so good.

Sometimes both cocks were buried to the limit in her clutching fuckholes. Sometimes one was on its way in when another was on the way out and sometimes both were almost all the way out of her cunt and her asshole at the same time. She would plead desperately for both priests to shove their pricks back inside her again even more desperately than she had pleaded with them not to do this in the first place. She would have been willing to admit that they had known what they were doing in attempting to fuck her like this.

Floating in a daze with her eyes closed as the two big cocks plunged in and out of her, Sister Grace sighed with new pleasure when she felt a wet, avid mouth that she assumed to be Msgr. Lafferty's sucking on one of her tingling tits.

She was therefore shocked when the rector himself said sharply, "Stop that, Sister! If you want something to lick, go down and lick my balls."

Snapping her eyes wide, Sister Grace saw that it was Sister Ursula who had been so bold as to lean over the old priest's shoulder to kiss her tit -- right under his nose. Nor did Sister Ursula obey him when he objected to it. She sucked and licked Sister Grace's tit even more carefully and lovingly. Sister Grace reached out to hold her there in case the rector succeeded in intimidating her.

"You go right ahead and do it, Sister," Sister Grace said, and she summoned up the nerve to clamp down on Msgr. Lafferty's cock just as hard as she could with the well-exercised muscles of her talented cunt.

The old priest pleaded with her to ease her grip, but Sister Grace didn't give an inch, remembering how utterly merciless he himself had been when fucking both her and Sister Phrygia with his cruelly outsized cock. Thinking about those things, she made the clutch of her cunt even tighter on his cock.

"Monsignor, you don't really think it's wrong -- you can't, not with all the things you've done to us. All that preaching about how wrong it is to eat cunts -- you were just trying to scare us, and humiliate us, and make us do what you wanted. Am I right?" Sister Grace had no idea where she found the strength to speak up to the rector like this, but she summoned up even more courage and clamped down even harder on his imprisoned cock. "Say it's all right for her to do what she's doing."

"Oh, all right, it's not that bad," he grumbled. "But please... relax a little bit, Sister. Your cunt feels like a bear-trap."

Sister Grace cased up the clamping pressure of her cunt to the point where he groaned with relict and then she kissed the old priest, slithering her tongue sexily against his to let him know how much she appreciated his words.

Sister Ursula hadn't taken her mouth off Sister Grace's tit for an instant during this exchange, and now she redoubled her efforts, squeezing it and pulling it with the ravenous enthusiasm of a nursing wolf-cub.

Deciding to give the Monsignor a special treat for being so generous and understanding, Sister Grace rolled over on top of Father Flynn so that Msgr. Lafferty could fuck her faster and more vigorously from the top. Father John was somewhat hampered now hi his efforts to fuck her asshole, but he did his best, and Sister Ursula clung to her left tit like a leech as the position changed.

Msgr. Lafferty was a spry old man, and he fucked her every bit as vigorously as any of the boys on the basketball team could have fucked her. Sister Grace's teeth chattered in time to his furious fucking as their bellies strummed and bumped together and their hipbones banged against each other's in their fucking frenzy.

Her new position left Sister Grace's right tit exposed, and Sister Ursula had been feeling it with her fingers, but now she pulled them away as Sister Phrygia knelt down beside them to join the fun. Msgr. Lafferty didn't even bother to keep up his pretense of disapproval, now that his true motives had been revealed to all by Sister Grace. Instead of objecting, he reached down to fondle one of Sister Phrygia's tits.

Sister Grace slipped her hand in beside, the rector's to fondle Sister Phrygia's other tit, and the redhead wiggled with sexy pleasure as she bucked all the harder and licked all the faster at Grace's nipple. A momentary entanglement with Father John's arms revealed that he was feeling the other nun's cunts while he fucked Sister Grace up the asshole.

Sister Grace couldn't help wondering what Father Tom Ryan was doing all this while, but no sooner had she formed the question in her mind than she found his cock in her mouth.

Father Tom knelt astride her head and guided the tip of his cock against her lips, rubbing cockjuice all over her mouth as if he were using a tube of lipstick. She tolerated this teasing for only a few minutes before her hunger for cock got the better of her, and she slurped his prick right in between her lips.

Msgr. Lafferty had been forced to pull back and kneel upright to make room for the interposition of Father Tom, but he was able to fuck her just as fast as ever in this position, and Father Flynn, no longer burdened with the rector's weight, was able to build up the speed of his ass-fucking to the hot pace he had maintained earlier.

Sister Grace now knew what it meant to have one's cup run over; she had a cock in her mouth, a cock in her asshole, and what must have been the biggest cock in the world in her cunt, while two hot nuns ate her tits. She felt like a human banquet-table, but she felt so desperately wanted by everyone, that it was as if only starving beggars had been invited to the banquet.

And no table could feel pleasure, but every nerve and vein and fiber of Sister Grace's hot young body sang with it as she writhed and twisted against the hungry mouths and lustful cocks. Hot hands were hungry, too, and busily engaged on every inch ofhose of Father John, who was fingerfucking Sisters Phrygia and Ursula. But whatever he did to them was instantly translated through their mouths to Sister Grace's tits.

She sucked hard on Father Tom's cock, wanting to give him something special as the man who had busted her cherry and initiated her into this wonderland of sexual ecstasy. She tried to convey with the pumping of her hot lips and the swirling of her wet tongue something of the gratitude and even love she felt. She sucked him all the way down her throat and moaned against his hot prick.

Perhaps because he had the tightest squeeze of all in her hot asshole, Father John came fast, his prick spurting hot cum in her ass. She shrieked as the spray of wetness triggered an eruption of angel-wings in her cunt, wings that bore her higher and higher and seemed capable of doing it forever.

Then Msgr. Lafferty came, grunting inarticulately. She wouldn't have believed the old man had so much cum in him, but he was flooding her cunt and pumping still more as he lashed his cock faster and faster in the cum-slimed tube of her clutching cunt.

She sucked harder, and she was rewarded at last with the hot spurts of Father Tom's cum. She drank it down just as greedily as her cunt and her asshole were drinking, and it seemed like a magic potion that transfigured her orgasm and turned the pounding angle wings into billows of pure white light.


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