Swinging sister

How many married people realize only after a number of years have gone by that their "partner for life" is to them what the albatross around the neck was to the Ancient Mariner? The divorce statistics answer: too many.

Those we least suspect are often ripest for a break-up. Living outwardly normal lives, attending the local PTA meetings together, hosting backyard neighborhood barbecues, their inner lives are a sham. Initially refusing to admit a mistake and correct it, they simply go through life on their own, often finding solace in the bottle or back-street love affairs.

For Sherry Marshall, the young Mrs. in this story, solace comes in an entirely unexpected form which is sometimes perverse and taboo, but leading to, perhaps, resolve.

SWINGING SISTER -- a story of a woman whose shaky marriage is subject to relentless pressures brought on by the illicit adventure she finds away from her spouse. A story which is a backdrop for many in today's society.



Sherry's new husband giggled. "I want to do everything, Mrs. Marshall. That's why I waited until our wedding night!"

True, Sherry thought, they had waited until they were married.

And that was probably the oddest thing that had ever happened to Sherry.

She had realized in her senior year of high school that she wanted adventure and lots of sex before she settled down. That was what had made her apply for a job as flight attendant for Global Airlines. She would see exotic places, make a good salary and meet handsome men.

Five years of flying gave Sherry her fill of it. Not that she hadn't enjoyed it all -- she had. But Sherry was a rational, intelligent girl, who planned her life very carefully.

So, after five years of flying, it was time to settle down. She looked around and finally found Don Marshall. He was perfect -- handsome, thirty-years-old, and an up-and-coming young attorney with political ambitions.

She dated him, between flights, for six months. During that time, attentive and charming though he was, he never laid a hand on her, no matter how hard she tried to get him into bed.

"Save it, honey," he had told her so often. "Everything's better when it's preceded by anticipation!"

So Sherry saved it. She even stopped fucking her flight crews and the men she met on trips.

And that morning they had been married.

And this night, Sherry had six months of no sex stored up in her pussy. She planned on getting it all out in one night!

Sherry rolled her tits against her new husband and her nipples grew hard against his flesh. Under the sheet, he ran his hand, down her back and over the bulges of her asscheeks. He stroked and patted them through the panties which matched her shortie gown.

"Mmmmm," she purred. "I like that."

Her own hand snaked down to find his cock, which she clutched and began to stroke hotly. It stiffened. God, what a stud he was! Maybe he had been right. Maybe waiting for it had been a smart thing.

Sherry chuckled to herself. Sherry, once she had decided that she was ready, had never waited for it.

Not even when the only available cock had been her own brother.

Sherry had caught her brother Ken fucking her best friend that afternoon. It had made up the young girl's mind -- if Ken was getting it, she should be getting it, too. And the logical person to get it from was Ken himself!

Ken was sitting up in bed, reading a magazine, that night when Sherry walked into his room and sat on the side of his bed. She wore cotton pajamas that were tight across the front of her budding tits.

"Ken, we've got to talk something over."

"Yeah?" her brother replied, still keeping his nose buried in the magazine.

"Dad and Mom won't be back until very late tonight," she purred.

"Yeah, I know. So what?" He put aside his magazine.

"Do you remember all those games we used to play? When we were younger? You remember... Doctor, Nurse?"

Ken's face reddened. This blush ran clear down across his naked chest.

"Yeah, I remember. Jeez, Sherry, why do you have to bring that up? You better go back to your own room."

"Why can't I stay here, Ken? Who's gonna know?"

Ken felt his dick begin to rise beneath the sheets. His heart was palpitating and there was a lump in his throat. "Why should you want to stay here?"

Sherry smiled. "Because, silly, I get a little lonely, too." Her voice took on a little-girl tone. "Those were fun games, Ken. But we always stopped before anything really happened!"

He chuckled slightly. "That was a long time ago, Sherry. Then we didn't know what was supposed to happen!"

"I didn't have any tits then." Her words shocked him. Ken had never heard his sister be quite so blunt. "It couldn't, have been much fun for you then... but I've got tits now! I've grown since then! Wanna see?"

The lump in Ken's throat got bigger and he could feel his cock getting harder and harder as she talked. He wanted to shake his head no, and tell his sister to go back to her room. But, instead, he slowly nodded.

Slowly, deliberately, Sherry started to undo the buttons on her pajama top. Ken waited with bated breath, breathing heavily, as her fingers moved.

Would she? Or was she going to tease him. He'd been teased by a lot of girls. He never thought he would be teased by his sister, let alone go any further than mere teasing.

Suddenly the top was unbuttoned. Her young hands pulled the pajamas apart, revealing full, pointy tits. They were crisply white, with hard, pink nipples. Ken was sure he'd never seen such a beautiful pair of jugs in his entire life. His breathing became more labored as she leaned toward him.

"Want to touch them, Ken? Want to touch your sister's titties?"

His prick was on fire now and his voice was husky as he answered, "It's wrong, Sherry!"

"I didn't ask you that," Sherry said. "I said, do you want to touch them?"


"Then it's not wrong," she smiled, leaning even closer until her perfectly formed, conical tits with their pointy ends were nearly in his face.

Ken reached out a tentative hand and felt one luscious mound. It was soft yet firm, and the nipple was hard, tickling his palm as he stroked it.

A soft moan escaped Sherry's full lips.

"Does that... does that bother you?" Ken stammered.

She nodded her head slightly. "Oh, yes."

His hand closed harder over her tit and he felt her nipple throb against his palm. His cock began to stiffen, to throb and pulsate.

Sherry reached down and felt the bulge in his pajama pants. She searched for the opening, dipped in and found the hardened flesh.

"We shouldn't... do this," Ken gasped. "It's wrong." Her fingers were exciting him almost beyond endurance.

"Why is it wrong?"

"You're... you're my sister!"

"Don't you like playing with my titties? Doesn't it feel nice?"

"Yes," he admitted. "It feels wonderful."

"And don't you like my hand on your dick?" she smiled, giving his flesh an extra squeeze.

"Yes," he groaned.

Sherry jumped up, and for a few dreadful seconds, he believed she was going to run off, but she quickly shed her pajamas. He stared at her stark-naked body. Her thighs were now a woman's thighs, and her tits, still girlish, were growing into a woman's rounded bosom. The triangle of hair over her pussy was thick, but it didn't conceal the outer lips of her cunt.

Naked, Sherry crawled back into the bed and took off his pajamas. She caressed his chest, his nipples, his flat belly, his thighs -- and then she paused at his prick. She cupped the balls.

"Never saw it so close before." There was wonder in her voice. "You have more hair than I do. You even have hair on your belly." Then she lowered her head and planted a kiss on the head of his cock.

His dick jerked as he felt the pressure from her lips. He hadn't expected this from her; he hadn't expected anything. How much did she know? He suspected she knew much mote than he did.

Sherry smiled up at him. "We're both naked, and we're alone, Ken. We don't have to pretend any more. I want to get fucked, brother, dear! And don't tell me I'm too young. If my pussy can get this wet and your prick can get this hard, then we're old enough to fuck! I've been finger-fucked plenty, and now I want the real thing!"

Was it the last shred of decency that made him cry out? He didn't know. He was too young to figure it out, to rationalize. But he did cry out. "But why me? I'm your brother!"

"Yes," Sherry hissed, her eyes dancing wildly, almost crazily. "You're my brother and I want you. I don't know why and I don't care. We have the opportunity... right here and right now... and we're going to take advantage of it!"

Her head swooped down and her mouth captured his rock-hard prick. She licked it, rubbed her teeth against the head and licked and squeezed his balls.

When Ken was almost ready to burst, she got on top of him, guided his cock to her cunt, lowered herself onto the shaft which sank into her gooey cunt part way. She winced. A twist of pain crossed her face.

"What is it?" he cried out.

"It's okay, silly, it's just my cherry. Just be still. I'm going to force myself down all the way onto you so that your prick will break it. I want you to have my cherry, Ken!"

She raised her ass, then, after a second's pause, quickly lowered herself still farther, so that the head of his dick burst through her maidenhead.

She didn't cry out, but instead gasped, sat up and stared at him. Her tits rose and fell with her uneven breathing. Then she started to raise and lower herself, his big dick going in and out of her ruptured pussy. She tweaked Ken's nipples hard, hurting him, making him cry out in pain.

"Ohhhhh, Ken, darling, your big prick feels so good in me! It hardly hurts at all!"

"Jeez, Sherry... I oh, my God, it does feel good!"

"Your cock is thick, and hard, and it fits just right. That's why I wanted you to have my cherry, Ken! Oh, fuck me, darling brother! Fuck up into me as I fuck down over you!"

"It's wrong, it's wrong, it's wrong," Ken chanted.

But she only laughed at his protests. Then a strange look, foreign to Ken, came over her face. He realized it was the look of passion, a fact that both pleased and frightened him. She moved rapidly over his cock and he responded. But he didn't reach his climax. Sherry moved like a demon, baring her teeth as spasms hit her from every angle. She climaxed and groaned and then lay on top of him, kissing his face.

"Ohhhh, that was wonderful," she purred. "But you didn't make it, did you?"

He shook his head, no.

"Do you want to?"

Ken nodded.

Sherry felt his prick inside her, still hard. She wiggled and he groaned. "I'll take care of it!" She climbed off of him and saw that his prick was slimy from the juices of her pussy. Seeing his dick standing straight up from his pubic hair like that made Sherry all the hotter.

She had at last tasted sex, and she knew she would never get enough of it.

Her head lowered until her lips practically touched his throbbing cock-head.

"Oh, my God, Sherry, what are you going to do?" Ken gasped.

"I'm going to put my mouth over your cock!"

"But how do you know about that?"

Sherry giggled. "I've seen Elsie do it to you... behind the garage."

"Oh, Jeez... But..." Ken could say no more. His sister's hot, velvet mouth was enveloping his hard dick.

Sherry took just the head of his big cock on her tongue. At the same time, she put her hand against the seeping lips of her pussy. The mixture of her brother's cum and her own hot cunt-juice flowed freely from her splayed lips. Gingerly, she rubbed until her whole hand was awash with her fuck-juices. Then she returned it to his cock and continued to stroke him.

It was fascinating, for her to watch bow the head inflated as she squeezed his thick shaft. She put her head on his belly, facing his prick, so she could see it better.

As her hand moved, a tiny trickle of silver fluid oozed from the opening in the cock-head and swooped down in a web-like strand to fall on his belly. Sherry couldn't resist the impulse to spear the drop with her tongue. She rolled it around in her mouth, savoring its salty tang, then she swallowed it.

"Suck it," Ken said, his voice startling her.

He drove his fingers into the already juicy hole between her gaping thighs. "Ohhhhh, yes," Sherry cooed, squirming against his hand. She opened her legs wider and lifted one knee so that he could get his fingers clear inside her cunt.

With a loud growl, he forced her head down to his lap. He abandoned her cunt with his other hand and used it to grind and guide his twitching cock.

"Suck it!" he repeated, steering the swelling, blood-filled head to her parted lips.

Sherry groaned, half in protest and half in desire. Her hands replaced his around the base of his prick. Her tongue flicked out, hotly laying the bouncing head.

His hips bucked up. Her lips parted around the head and a few drops of fluid spurted onto her tongue. The taste was wonderful to her. She made an "O" of her mouth and rolled her eyes up at him. She dropped one hand to his balls, cupped them, and gently drew the bulbous tip of his cock into the moist warmth of her mouth.

The contact tore a strangled cry from Ken's throat. "OH, SIS! SISSSSS!"

His fingers locked tight in her long hair. He pushed her head down, down, down the incredible length of his prick. He closed his eyes and savored the delicious sensation, grinding his hips, forcing his meat deeper and deeper. There was a roaring in his ears. A tidal wave of cum seeping up from the working fingers teasing his balls.

"Go up and down on it," he urged. "And suck it at the same time!"

Sherry's head began to hammer up and down on his rigid shaft. She squirmed and quivered like a snake on the bed beside him, sucking and milking his throbbing pole.


Sherry lifted her head from his cock. She wanted him to come, but she wanted to come again with him. She wanted to feel that hot, steaming juice surging up into her belly.

She pumped his meat a few more times and then sat back. "Now, you get on top of me and you do the fucking!"

Ken hesitated for a second, then mounted her. She reached for him, took his jerking prick in her hand and brought it to the opening of her hole. His ass moved, driving his rod deep into her cunt. He started moving in and out of her, deeper, deeper into her pink meat.

"Give it to me!" she cried. "Give it to me good. Fuck me! Fuck me good, Ken! I want to be fucked by you! Play with my titties!" she groaned as she scratched at his chest.

He played with her tits and her nipples were hard from the excitement. He kept driving into her, feeling the warmth and wetness of her cunt clinging hungrily to his prick. He had never felt anything like it before in his young life.

"Ohh, don't hold back, Ken darling," she pleaded. "Let go! FUCK ME!"

Ken drove his cock into her hole as far as it would go. Her hips came up to meet him as he thrust forward to ram her spurting cunt.

"That's it, that's it! Ohhhhh, fuck me... fuck, Ken, fuck my cunt!"

He smiled down at her, loving the pleasure he was giving and getting. He thrust harder, the strokes becoming longer and longer, the sound of wet flesh against wet flesh accompanying each movement. The meat of her pussy was tight but at the same time moist and slick. It gave off an odor that filled his mind with desire.

He moved his hands to her ass, taking one luscious cheek in each palm. She moaned again, louder, and ground the lips of her cunt hard against the thick base of his prick. Her hard clit was getting the full benefit of his long cock-shaft.

"I love it!" she shrieked. "I love your cock! Don't stop... go, GO!"

"I love it, too, Sis," Ken moaned. "My dick is loving your sweet pussy!"

Her hips pumped faster, matching his pace and rhythm. He savored the sensations the young girl's flesh produced. He was aware of every inch of his prick as it slid in and out of her slit. Her cunt seemed to suck at his wide, swollen cock. He spread his legs, placing his feet against the end of the bed so he could drive into her even harder.

He looked down into his sister's lust contorted face. She fucks good, he thought, as her legs wrapped tightly around his back. Her heels dug into his hard, lean asscheeks. The sounds that filled the room were animal-like.

"Oh, fill me up! Fill me up!" Sherry screeched, her body a mass of heaving, bucking flesh.

Then they were coming together, in wave after wave of quaking passion. Her cunt pulsated and throbbed. Ken could feel her muscles contract and expand as she poured her hot juices over his driving cock. Her hole was sopping wet and getting wetter as he poured his meat deep up her channel.

"You didn't come yet, did you?" she panted.

"No, Sis, I want it to last!"

Groaning loudly, she clutched at his cock and fucked him, enveloping his meat with her cunt like a glove. Then she became a whirlwind, gyrating, twisting, pounding the root of his prick with her soft cuntal lips.

"Oh, Sis, easy!"

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK!" she chanted. "Come with me!"

He was ready. He plunged to the hilt in her soft cunt and held there, letting her inner muscles bring him off. Her cunt contracted as his cum hit her womb in blast after blast of hot juice.

"Take it, Sis, take it!" he cried, his hands holding her tightly by the hips.

"OH, SHIT, GOOD! GOOD FUCKING!" the young girl yelped.

Her moans and cries of pleasure only served to quicken the result. She felt his dam burst. The entire, tremendous volume of his cum shot out the long length of his prick in hosing of sperm. It shot in great globs into her arching, bucking body.

Her belly swelled with his cum. She came and still he continued spurting. She slithered her cunt from his cock and whirled, planting her mouth over the gushing fountain. Her throat worked in spasms, swallowing until his flow was reduced to a trickle which she leaned forward and licked.

"Jesus, you come good!" she gurgled.

Ken laughed. "That's because you fuck so damn good!"

Sherry smiled. "And I'm going to fuck a lot better, big brother! You'll see... we're gonna teach each other everything there is in the world about fucking!"

And that's exactly what they had done, Sherry thought, as she nestled closer to her new husband.

Then Don was pulling her frilly pink panties off as she wriggled the straps of her nightie down over her shoulders and her luscious tits popped free. The big globes jiggled temptingly, their rosy nipples standing up hard.

She saw his cock, and it was enough to make her forget her brother's -- and most of the other cocks she'd had in her long career of fucking.

"Mmmmmm, you've got a beautiful dick, Don," she breathed.

He chuckled. "I never thought of it as beautiful, exactly."

"It is, believe me. I love it! Use it on me, will you?"

"I figured on doing that," he said. "Do it now. Get on top of me and do it, now! Hard!" she said, and then suddenly held him by the shoulders and looked up into his eyes. "Don?"

He saw the strained look in her eyes. "What's the matter?"

"I don't shock you, do I? I mean... you know that I'm a girl that's been around a little bit. I've told you that."

Don chuckled. "I know, baby, we've been over all that. And don't worry about it."

"Good," she smiled. "Now fuck me!"

He rolled atop her, settling between her creamy thighs, and bent to lick her tits, twisting this way and that, while she held his cock in her warm hand and plowed its tip up and down her open, ready slit.

When he was ready to start fucking, his entire shaft slipped into her cunt with no effort at all. Sherry flexed the muscles of her inner pussy around him, and he felt as if he were caught in a wet vise.

"It's great the way you do that!" he groaned, breathing heavily as he looked down at her, his hair falling at each side of his face.

"I've had a lot of practice," she admitted. "Now really fuck me, Don darling! Make it last. I can reach several comes with a man if he knows how to space it out!"

Don began to pull and thrust, pumping his long, thick prick in her clinging, slippery flesh.

His nerve ends danced. She was hot, all right. Good fucking. She moved with him in the right way -- not too fast at first, just a gentle bobbing with a twisty jerk that he liked. He fucked stronger.

"Uuuuh! Mmmmmmm!" Sherry panted, and grasped his shoulders so hard he could feel her sharp nails breaking skin. She pulled her feet back along the bed, raising her knees higher and gaining better leverage against the mattress.

Then she suddenly put her hips into rapid motion and cried, "Let me have it! Fuck me hard, but don't come!" She wailed and her rhythmic pumping abruptly turned into spastic jerks. Don felt ripples running up and down her body as she pressed snugly against him. His deeply embedded prick twitched, but he didn't come.

"Good... ohhhh, good!" Sherry cried, sighing. "Now just hold it inside me! Don't move!"

He thrust forward against her, feeling the full cushions of her tits. He continued to support most of his weight on his knees and elbows. She was running her hands up and down his sweating body, and her warm mouth sucked hungrily at his lips.

"Now get off and kiss me a little," she said.

"Get off?" He pushed himself up on his arms and looked at her.

She smiled cozily. "Yes."

"But I didn't finish. Damn it, Sherry, I'm still hard!"

"I know, darling," she smiled. "But, I told you, I want everything from you tonight... and I do mean everything! I don't want to shock you, darling... I just hope you won't be surprised at what I want. Now slide down and eat me!"

"Okay," he grinned, "I think I understand."

Don was full of passion. It grew stronger by the moment. Since he'd been denied temporarily the opportunity of reaching a climax in her cunt, he concentrated on what he could do to that magnificent body of hers.

He rooted at her heaving, quivering tits, smearing his wet mouth back and forth across them. He licked at her rugged, upthrust nipples, swabbing them with his lips. He grabbed her tits with both hands and jiggled the soft, satiny globes against his cheeks as he stroked his tongue up and down her cleavage and breathed in her expensive perfume.

"Ohhhhh, yessss, that's good... so good," Sherry whimpered. "Now down, honey... down to my pussy! Lick it! FUCK IT WITH YOUR TONGUE!"

Don's head went down across her juicy pussy until his wet tongue found her soft, fleece-lined pubic mound. He tried to eat the tuft of hair and the fatty mound that concealed her clit. Sherry rocked against him gently and moaned, begging him to suck her cunt.

He grasped her thighs and wrenched them far apart, until she had to cry out with sudden pain. He reined the pressure slightly, but continued to hold her wide open. He gazed at the pink meat of her cunt.

The fumes of her arousal assaulted his nostrils. Her pussy was awash with lust. He stroked her soft lips with his thumbs, brushing the hairs back. He stuck out his tongue and licked along the sensitive edge of one of her cunt-lips.

"Ohhhh, God!" Sherry exclaimed heatedly, and her hips jerked.

His tongue lapped in and out of the open gash of her pussy. He sank his tongue as deeply as it would go up her channel, and he suctioned his lips against the folds of her cunt. Sherry kicked her legs, brushing them against his head, then drummed her heels against his back. He bit at her cunt and slurped at it savagely.

"Shit... shit... shit!" she panted.

He flapped his tongue against her clit, then seized it between his lips and sucked. She almost passed out. Her orgasm began bubbling up. Just as it was about to rip loose, he quit lapping her and started to lift his head.

"UUUUUUHHH!" she cried, and gripped the back of his head, forcing him down against her cunt once more. She pushed her cunt forward, hard, crushing it to his mouth.


An orgasm ripped through her, spreading its warm tendrils into every area of her body, numbing her brain with delight. She wailed and shook as he continued to lick and suck at her clit until he was certain she'd had a full come.

He straightened up and swiped at his wet mouth with his hand.

"I've got to fuck you now, Sherry," he panted. "I just got to!"

"Yesss, yes, baby, now you'll fuck me!" To her new husband's surprise, Sherry flipped over onto her hands and knees and waved the dark crease of her ass and her fur-lined pussy between her butt-cheeks in his face. "But I want it in my asshole! I told you I wanted everything tonight, and right now I want to get fucked in my butthole. I can't help it if I shock you, but I want it every which way I can get it... tonight, and forever... from you!"

Don was amazed, but he was so hard and throbbing that anywhere she begged him to put it was all right with him.

Sherry closed her eyes and lay with one cheek against the pillow, her hair fluffed around her face. Her legs were spread widely, and she could feel his cock-head sliding up her slit until it was probing at her asshole. His stiff cock throbbed so tightly with blood that, to Sherry, it felt brittle.

"Oh, darling, my dearest, you're all man!" she cried. "FUCK ME, FUCK MY ASSHOLE WITH YOUR BIG MEAT!"

"I feel like I'm all cock now," he groaned, breathing heavily. "My dick's so full it feels like it's gonna bust!"

"Then fuck me with it... send it into my ass!"

Don did just that, in one vicious, hard driving plunge. A gasp erupted from his throat as he looked down at the full length of his big meat sliding effortlessly into her asshole. She was tight, and wild. It turned him loose.

Voluptuous sensations came to him from his cock as her tight ass-ring circled it. Harder and harder he pumped into her. Her flesh grabbed at him suckingly. He groaned and arched forward, driving his big prick again and again to its maximum possible length in her asshole.


"Jesus, hot, hot, hat," he hissed and chanted, as he jabbed fiercely into her asshole.

He kept fucking her fast, feeling his cock swell painfully inside her bowels. He couldn't help himself; he knew he was about there. Sensing this, Sherry threw her own hips into frenzied motion, cramming her hot asshole back over his meat as their bodies crashed together. She furiously sawed against his plunging cock.

"Yesssss!" she panted. "Oh, God... fuck! Oh, Don, screw me... screw me... screw me, screw me! OOOHHHHHHHH!"

She got there just as he let go, and they quaked and heaved, the cum spurting out of him as her hot asshole convulsed. His eyes rolled back in their sockets, and he clenched his fists as the thrill of the intense come shook him to the marrow of his bones.

They fucked steadily the whole first week of their honeymoon, pausing only to go out now and then to eat. Then it was right back to bed and each other's bodies.

It was Sunday night, going into the second week of their glorious honeymoon, when Sherry had the first indication of things to come. She awoke just before dawn, with her ass against her husband's lap. In her sleep, she had wriggled against him until his dick was ramrod stiff. Now it lay nestled in the crease of her ass. He was awake.

"I love you, honey, I really do," he said softly.

"I know you do, darling, I know you love me," Sherry whispered into the darkness.

Then his voice became solemn. "Yes, I don't think there's any doubt of it, after all."

"What the hell does that mean?" she giggled.

"Oh, nothing, baby. It's just that, first thing in the morning, I have to be gone for a little bit... business."

Sherry didn't think anything of it; she assumed he meant a few hours. "Then fuck me now, darling! Ram your beautiful prick right up my ass!"

He found her ass-channel with his throbbing cock-head and shoved. He took her easily in her ass, and reached around with his hand to stroke the button of her clit. They both came gloriously in just a few lunges, and then drifted back to sleep.

It was mid-morning when Sherry awoke. She was alone in the bed. She scampered to the bathroom; no Don.

And then she saw the note: "Honey, I'll see you tonight. It may be late... don't wait up for me. Love always, Don."

Sherry thought noting of it, until, six days later, and he still hadn't fucked her again. She couldn't figure out what was going on, until Don explained that half of the honeymoon was pleasure, and the other half was business.

It soon became evident that, business took up a great deal of time, and soon Sherry was being left alone most of every day and every night. She was furious. She wanted Don. She wanted cock!

It was then she met Rico Dietz.


Thirty times! At least thirty times she and Don had had sex during the first week of their honeymoon. During the second week? Once! Just once! Sherry was disgusted. And she was totally frustrated. She was willing to do anything to break the boredom and put out the fire in her hot pussy -- the fire that her husband had started but hadn't totally extinguished.

It was the last day of their honeymoon, the last evening, in fact. And, once again, Don had insisted that his business had to come first. He left, telling her that she would have to eat alone in the hotel dining room.

Instead of the dining room, however, Sherry chose the bar.

Inside the bar were lights and people and noise, and immediately Sherry felt her loneliness and boredom begin to slip away. A small dance band at one corner of the room played popular music. The whole room was made of panels of veined glass, running from the floor to the ceiling. It was dim, comfortable. There were stools at the bar, and three men sat at one end, tall glasses before them, deep in conversation.

Sherry paid no attention to them and slipped onto a stool nearest the door, the one farthest away from the three men. The last thing she wanted to do was advertise herself as a pickup, even if that might be what she was there for.

She finished her first drink and signaled the bartender for a second. He was just setting it in front of her when a voice sounded in her ear.

"Let me buy the little lady's drink."

Sherry whirled on the stool. "No, thanks, I can buy my... oh, my God! Rico Dietz!"

"Hello, beautiful. How's married life?" The tall, handsome Global Airlines First Officer slid onto the stool beside her.

"Married life is married life," Sherry said, wrinkling up her nose. "It's both good... and bad."

"I told you," the pilot said. "You aren't cut out for it, honey."

Sherry looked back at her drink, her forehead wrinkling. She wouldn't admit to Rico that he was right. Out of the corner of her eyes, she checked his wide shoulders and long, tall, masculine body. On overnight trips, she'd spent a lot of time in bed with Rico. Her pussy juiced a little when she thought of how long and thick his beautiful cock was... how it had felt in her ass and in her pussy all those times. Rico was a wild one, married, but he never let that stop him.

"When did you start the Bermuda run?" Sherry asked, shifting around until her knees were between the pilot's spread thighs.

"This is my first trip down. Lucky me, running into you on your honeymoon. Ain't that the shits?"

"What's that supposed to mean?" Sherry laughed.

"It means that all the stews on this run are either professional virgins or dogs," Rico chuckled, dropping his hand to her knee.

"You mean, the great Rico Dietz isn't scoring tonight?" Sherry said, letting her eyes roll down to the bulge in the front of his pants.

Rico's hand tightened, on her knee. He smiled, somehow reading the message in her eyes. "I don't know, Sherry. Is he?"

Twenty minutes later, they were in a rented car heading for the outskirts of the city. Rico had suggested that they just go up to one of their rooms, but Sherry vetoed that immediately. She told him there was no way she would dare to do it in the hotel, even in his room. She didn't want her husband, or any of his business acquaintances, to see her coming out of another room. And her room was out of the question. Ergo, they get a car and find an out-of-the-way motel.

Rico had agreed wholeheartedly. Anything to get back in this lovely girl's pants.

He drove nervously. His cock was already hard in his pants, as he tried to spot a motel along the side of the road. He stole sidelong glances at Sherry's huge tits as they threatened to spill from the top of her gown. Damn, he thought, I'm glad marriage hasn't changed the best little piece of ass I ever had!

And enormous tits were not Sherry's only claim to fame. She was statuesque all over, with a bearing that suggested nothing but class. She had a long, aquiline nose and wide set green eyes. Her hair was probably her most notable feature, in addition to her tits. It was very red and extremely thick. When she was flying, Rico remembered that she wore it up, but now it was down in a tousled style that suggested sexual abandon. Her red hair, he knew, was real. It matched the fur on her marvelously fuckable pussy. Rico knew, because he'd been down there and had eaten her cunt many times in the past.

Beside him on the seat, Sherry shifted nervously, running her cunt across the expensive leather through the material of her dress. She had meant to wait until they reached the motel, but she could see the rise in the front of Rico's trousers. She couldn't hold back or resist.

With a little mewling cry, she covered his crotch with her hand and her fingers nimbly worked at his zipper.

"Wha... what is it, baby, can't you wait?" Rico croaked, hunching his hips toward her rummaging hand.

"No, no! I can't! I can't wait, Rico, I've got to taste your beautiful meat!" she cried, freeing his massive prick from the confines of his shorts and fondling it hungrily.

Rico chuckled. "Do you do this with your husband?"

"Never mind that, Rico. Forget my husband. This is between us. Why I'm doing it is none of your fucking business!"

"Suits me," the handsome man said, flipping the adjustment on the seat and sliding it back as far as possible, just as she squeezed his balls.

In no time, Sherry had his big cock rock-hard. By the time they hit a straight stretch of empty highway, she could wait no longer.

"Guess what?" she said.

"I wouldn't even try," he laughed. "I've never given a guy a blow-job in a moving car!" She moaned and groaned as she slid to her knees on the floorboard. "I plan to remedy that right now!"

"Baby, you can have my dick any way you want it." Rico reached down, pulled her dress clear up to her hips, and slipped his hand into her panties as her beautiful head went into his lap.

"Big, beautiful, hard cock," Sherry moaned, as his fingertips explored the gooey crevice between her firm butt-cheeks. Then his finger found the tiny opening of her asshole. Teasingly, he circled the little rubbery ring, pressing softly inward and retreating again as her hands worked furiously on his dick.

"Suck it, baby. Suck my dick!"

"And you finger my holes while I do, Rico!" she laughed. "Just like the good old days... when I was single and didn't give a shit!"

She lowered her face closer and closer to his eagerly awaiting prick, until she felt the spongy tip brush against her lips. A drop of cum had oozed from the end of his meat, and it clung to her full, sensual lips. She speared it with her tongue and then swallowed the musky juice.

Rico was already panting. He wanted her whole head over his meat. He prompted her by sticking two fingers up her asshole. It worked. Her head came down over his cock and her hands started working furiously on the root of his shaft.

With her lips, she slipped the foreskin back and forth tantalizingly over his rubbery cock-head, as Rico groaned with pleasure above her and ground two fingers into her cunt to go along with the two already in her asshole.

Sherry reeled with excitement as she swirled the moist softness of her tongue over the throbbing tip of his hard prick. He began pumping his ass upward, flexing his buttcheeks automatically, fucking into her beautiful, sucking mouth.

Hot pools of warm saliva mixed with his seeping cum on her tongue. Her right hand kneaded hungrily on his cum-bloated balls, while her left continued to pump up and down on his slippery dick.

Rico's hot cock slipped wetly in and out of her ovaled lips, sending fires of lust raging through her body. She could feel her cunt juicing all over his plunging fingers. Gently, she began undulating her asscheeks up behind her, mewling soft, low animal sounds around his thick, lunging cock as she finger-fucked herself with his hand.

As her sucking intensified, and her hand rhythmically kneaded his balls, she could feel the exploding point drawing near. She knew he couldn't hold out much longer. And great swirls of heat were building up inside her thrusting body as she sucked with a fury on his throbbing prick.

"I'm coming, baby!" Rico panted. "Keep sucking! Oh, damn, keep sucking on my dick!"

Sherry's cheeks ballooned as the white-hot streams of thick cum started spurting against the back of her throat in steady, rhythmic torrents. She went on hungrily sucking the end of his dick, eagerly swallowing every drop in order to keep from choking.

And then she moaned as, finally, her clit responded to the finger-fucking of his two fingers. She came as she sucked the last drops of jism from his spewing prick. She felt her knees tremble in fatigue and shock. Sweat was shining on his forehead as she lifted her head from his meat and smiled up at his face illuminated by the dash lights.

She leaned back against the seat, with her skirt still up around her waist. "Hot, hot," she mumbled. "Just couldn't wait to get to the motel. Drive faster, Rico. Hurry up! Please, hurry!" She pulled her panties off and stuck them in her purse, then slid again down in the seat, with her skirt back up around her waist. Moaning and groaning, she spread her thighs and then used her thumbs to spread the lips of her syrupy cunt.

Without any warning, she made an arrow-like fist of her thumb and forefingers and rammed it up into herself.

"Jesus, honey, you are hot!"

"You're damn right I am," Sherry gasped, wildly fist-fucking her cock-hungry pussy. "Hurry up and get the fuck to a motel!"

Now her whole fist slid into her cunt without the slightest resistance. She looked down, and all could see her wrist caressing her clit. Wildly, the hot redhead began to fuck in and out of her expanded pussy.

She quickly was hanging on the edge of a second orgasm. Almost immediately, her mouth hung slack as she tossed her head from side to side and moaned out her release. Wet, sucking noises filled the car as she rammed her wrist faster and faster up into her hungrily gyrating cunt.

And then, with, a long, sensual moan, she finished pushing her throbbing pussy down over her hand, and held it there for a long time.

"Did you get it?" Rico asked.

"I got it," Sherry retorted, pulling her skirt back down over her luscious asscheeks. "But I didn't get enough. Just wait until I get you in that motel!"

And she wasn't kidding. There was no mistaking the heat in her body and mind the second they entered the motel room. Her dress came off with a whooshing sound, and she immediately started to fumble with the back of her bra.

As if he had never seen or fucked her before, Rico stood transfixed by her beauty. He'd never seen another woman built like her, before or since. Her legs were unbelievably long and so perfectly shaped it seemed as if they'd been sculpted. Her tits were huge, at least forty inches, but totally without sag or droop. They thrust up and jutted out magnificently. Her nipples seemed to be straining to be fucked and bitten and licked. Her eyes were crystal clear, a light green emerald color. They were penetrating and cold, yet somehow charged with a heated sexuality that only enhanced the stunning beauty of the rest of her body.

And then she was totally naked, shivering and shaking at the foot of the bed. She looked up at Rico. "Goddammit, you asshole, come on! Get naked! I want your cock again... only this time I want it right in here!" As if to emphasize her words, she lay back on the bed and threw her legs high in the air. They spread invitingly, and Rico could look down and see the gleaming juice running from her cunt down across her asshole to puddle on the sheet.

They were both a little drunk, and that made it all the better. Any inhibitions Sherry might have felt about fucking Rico were quickly lost as he fell between her hot thighs.

"Is this... all... mine?" Rico grinned, grabbing a handful of red pubic fur and smothering his head between her big tits.

"It's yours, for now, bastard. Now get on with it!"

"I got it up, I'll get it on, baby!" He returned the pressure on her thigh with his cock, forcing his hard prick up toward her pussy.

The sudden contact of hard cock-meat on her cunt-fur thrilled Sherry. She could feel his pulsating, throbbing prick-shaft crawling its way up and down her hot slit, growing with a life of its own.

"And I thought this was going to be a dull evening!" she laughed.

"First, baby, I'm gonna taste this sweet pussy. You don't know how rotten I felt when I heard you were going to be married."

"I wanted to get married, Rico. But, dammit, I want to get fucked, too!" It was more talking to herself than to this handsome man, but then his words brought her back.

"I want to love your pussy, to lick it and tongue-fuck it until you're screaming for more, baby," he hissed.

Sherry groaned and spread her legs even wider apart. "Yes! Take it... SUCK MY CUNT!"

His lips traveled down her warm belly and nuzzled in the curly fur of her pussy. He used both thumbs to press the center of her pussy open. He widened the crack. Pink lips peeled back to reveal their inner flesh, hot membranes of a much deeper pink. His nose was assaulted with a heavy perfume.

He looked up at her. "Smells mighty nice down here," he said quietly.

Sherry groaned and rammed her crotch against his face, burying his nose in her pussy hair and getting herself a deeply planted kiss well inside the soft, wet lips of her pussy.

"Mmmmmmm... tastes nice, too," he gurgled, kissing her inner cunt-lips again.

Sherry grunted at the feel of his tongue slipping in and out of her moist hole. His stabbing tongue flogged her quivering clit until her belly shivered and fluttered.

She couldn't hold still. Her whole body was writhing and twisting under his hands and tongue. Thrills surged through her, and an uncontrollable need for release was rising in her drooling cunt.

"Oh, Rico, please... please put your beautiful cock inside me! I need it, honey... I need to feel it pounding my cunt!"

In answer, Rico started licking harder and harder at her clit. Beneath his tongue, her erect, slippery clit swiveled and pounded. Her fingers dug into him and her head rocked back and forth on the pillow; every breath she took was a sighing sob.

"Now, please... NOW! I'm coming! I'M COMING!"

He clamped down hard on her clit with his tongue and teeth. She had to clap a hand over her mouth to keep from shrieking as she came and came, shuddering all over in a violent release that had her jerking and bucking on the bed with the violence of her orgasm.

She was still coming, panting and flowing inside, when Rico scrambled up and onto her. One swift jerk of his hips sent his great, hard throbbing cock deep into the hairy slit of her cunt.

"AAAAAGGGGHHHHHH!" Sherry cried, convulsing.

He fucked in arid out of her slippery pussy with hard, fast strokes that made his inflated balls slap against her hot, clasping asshole.

Then, suddenly, she was writhing in a different way beneath him.

"What's up... what's wrong?" he said, panting, still fucking like a madman.

"Let me... let me on top," Sherry gasped. "I want to feel the full brunt of all that meat up in me!"

Rico slipped his dick from, her cunt with a slurping, plopping sound and fell to his back. Quickly, Sherry threw her leg over his belly and reached between her quivering thighs for his rigid hunk of hard male meat.

The gooey, elastic opening of her pussy was spread open above the quivering head of his prick as she held it in her hand and readied it. She guided the hot, fleshy fuck-rod up to her desire-moistened cunt, teasing the head along her slit with tantalizing slowness.

Rico groaned ecstatically, and she crooned, "Do you like that, baby? Do you like that?"

"Ohhhhhh, yesssss," he bubbled.

Then suddenly, without warning, she dropped and impaled herself on his meat as if it were a knife and she were hot butter.

"Aaaaaaggghhhh!" she groaned as the full length of his giant cock filled her cunt, slamming painfully against her back wall.

She sat hard against his balls, feeling them bulging with cum against her ass and the crack between. She began immediately to bob up and down, leaning forward on her hands spread wide out on either side of him. Her full, lush tits bobbed wildly, the pink erect tips brushing his chest.

Her pussy climbed his cock to the very crest, and fell back to sheath it completely. The sensitive muscles of her warm, wet pussy clasped his pole tightly, squeezing it, releasing it, squeezing it again.

"Oh, Jesus, baby, that's it," Rico groaned up at her, taking one asscheek in either hand and kneading it almost savagely in his passion. "Fuck it! Fuck it, baby! Oh, honey, ride my prick and make me come!" Sherry's cunt was one throbbing area of exquisite joy, so great a joy that she strove like she had never striven before to reach the pinnacle of the orgasm which was swirling through her. This was beautiful, this was wonderful... fucking was wonderful! She could never give up having all the cock she wanted... having all the fucking she needed!

A tiny twinge of guilt racked her body as she thought of her new husband, and then remembered all the cock he had denied her that week, and started fucking Rico even harder.

His fingers were digging into the soft, firm flesh of her creamy ass now, manipulating the fleshy mounds. His finger slipped into the crevice between her asscheeks, spreading them wide to expose the tiny ring of her puckered asshole. He could feel with his fingertips the outward-pulling of her pussy-lips as she drew up on his hardened shaft, the inward contracting of the tight walls when she drove down on his blood-swollen meat.

He teased his finger back up to probe the puckered slit, slipping the nail inside and, in so doing, bringing mewls of pleasure from Sherry's hot mouth. He was seized in that moment with a wicked urge to ram his finger deep -- deep into her asshole.

"I want to shove my finger all the way up your beautiful shithole!" he gasped.

"Yesssss!" Sherry hissed, further incited by the idea of her tight ass-channel being penetrated by his fingers again. "Yes, do it, Rico honey! Put it up my asshole! Do it now, nowwwww!"

Almost brutally, he drove his finger inside the spongy slit to the first knuckle, spreading the tender hole wide ta accept his driving finger. Sherry's first reaction was a gasp, but then as her passage became accustomed to it, she felt only pleasure. She drove backward and down on the finger, skewering it into her asshole all the way to his palm; at the same time, she heaved and clasped her warm, moist cunt down on his upward driving prick as she endeavored to draw all of it into her squirming aunt.

"AAAAIIIIEEEEE!" she wailed. "Uuunnngggghhh, oh, Rico... God, I love it! I love your prick in my pussy and I love your finger in my butt! I love it, Rico! I love it, love it, LOVE IT!"

The words bubbling from her lips caused Rico to lever up off the bed, driving his giant cock deep into her cunt, ramming his finger madly in her asshole. She thrust down and back, down and back in a wild fucking rhythm, driving the swollen head of his prick hard against her womb, embedding his finger to its fullest length in the soft darkness of her tight, warm ass.

Sherry reveled in the gushing sounds his driving meat and his finger made as they fucked in and out, jerked back into her cunt and her asshole. They increased her lust so that the spiraling crescendo of her orgasm climbed higher, higher.

And then they were both coming, exploding, heat waves of passion surging from his cock to his brain, from her pussy to the tips of her tits and on up to her brain. She gushed hot cuntjuice down over his cock, his pubic hair, his belly, his balls and thighs as he filled her quaking, hungry cunt with his white-hot cum.

They both screeched through their climaxes, and then Sherry fell to the bed, her cunt slipping off his now-deflating meat.

She looked at the clock. It was late. She was positive that Don would be returning to their hotel room soon.

"I have to get back. Hurry, Rico, get dressed. I've got to get out of here."

"Shit, honey," Rico said poutingly, "you know me. I'm good for at least two more times tonight. Let's fuck some more!"

"No, dammit, I can't. I've got to get back."

"Fuck you!" he hissed, grabbing her arm. "I want some more!"

Sherry looked down at his deflating cock. She wanted more, too, but she knew from past experience that it would take Rico at least half an hour to get his meat up again. She couldn't wait that long.

"No! Please, Rico, we've got to go!" She shrugged away from him and started climbing into her clothes. Yes, she did want more cock... but hopefully she would get it from her husband when she got back to the hotel.

Grudgingly, Rico climbed into his clothes.

He drove her back to the hotel and was still bitching when he walked her into the lobby. He left her at the elevator, and she saw him head for the bar. Well, she thought, it was just as well.

Her pussy was already throbbing for her husband's cock as she let herself into the room.

Don was there, all right, snoring loudly. In desperation, Sherry walked to the bed and shook him roughly. He groaned, his eyes opening slightly, then closing again. He rolled away from her. She could smell the booze on his breath. Obviously he was passed out cold.

"Shit, shit, shit!" she hissed to herself as she stripped and showered. "The bastard! I should have fucked Rico the rest of the whole damn night!"

When she climbed into the bed, she again tried to rouse Don, playing and sucking with his cock. It did no good.

She lay beside him for nearly an hour, her fingers running up and down the slit of her own pussy. With her free hand she continued to massage her husband's cock, hoping against hope that it would rise and she could fuck him right in his sleep. It still did no good.

At the end of an hour, she heard a light tap on the door.

Oh, damn, she thought, as she slipped from the bed and pulled a light robe around her see through negligee. She padded to the door and opened it, forgetting to hook the chain.

Instantly, Rico's shoulder was against the door, pushing her back into the room. From his eyes, Sherry could tell he was deliriously drunk, and from the huge bulge in the front of his pants, there was no doubt about what, he wanted.

"You fool! You fucking, damn fool! What the hell are you doing in here?"

Rico leered and grabbed for her. She could smell the heavy scent of hard booze on his breath as he savagely pulled her against his body.

"I'm going to finish the fucking we started," be hissed, slurring his words.

Sherry glanced at the bed. Her husband hadn't moved. Could we? Don is out... completely out. But no, she thought, what I did tonight was vile enough without doing it right in the same room with my brand new husband!

But by that time, Rico's hands were all over her body, ripping and tearing at her soft flesh beneath the thin, diaphanous gown.

Sherry tried to push him away, but then she felt his finger ram the material of her robe and negligee into her ass. It drove her wild. She was forced to admit to herself that she wanted his cock again.

Still she slapped her legs tightly together when she felt his other hand trying to get under her negligee and reach her already-wet pussy. Yes, she wanted this handsome pilot to fuck her again, just as he had only an hour before.

"You want it, you little bitch, don't you?" Rico whispered. "You know damn well you want my cock again. And the bartender downstairs said your old man is drunker than hell. He's probably so passed out he'll never know!"

Sherry looked up into his handsome, tanned face. He was leering at her. Fuck it, she thought. Fuck Don, fuck Rico... fuck me!

She stood on tiptoe and pressed her lusty, hungry lips to Rico's mouth. Her eager tongue was doing the work now, probing into his mouth. She grabbed his wrist and pulled his open palm to her quivering tit-flesh.

She gave a satisfied gurgle when she felt him squeezing her soft boob. His other hand had now found her cunt, and his fingers were running up and down her slit.

He pressed into her warm cunt-lips so firmly that he could feel the puffed outline of them as her juice ran stickily into his palm.

"You're going to undress for me, aren't you? And then we're gonna fuck all over again, aren't we?" he murmured softly to her, his mouth nibbling at her earlobe.

Sherry stood back from him. She was shaking like a leaf, but she knew that he was right. She gave another quick look to the bed and her husband. He was soundly asleep.

Quickly, she hoisted her gown over her head, and then her negligee. In no time, she was stark naked. Rico quickly followed her lead, pushing down the zipper on his trousers and letting his aroused cock spring clear.

Sherry had made up her mind. Brazenly, she moved to the bed and lay down beside her husband, with her legs spread wide.

"Come on, you fucker, give it to me!"

Rico chuckled. It was all he could do not to laugh out loud as he lay down on Sherry's opposite side. She held him while he bent his face to her nipples and sucked her tits loudly. At the same time, his hands were busy between her thighs, working her cunt. Her thighs closed tightly about his wrist as he sent shivers of pure lust through her with the actions of his four fingers deep inside her hot pussy.

Then he maneuvered into a crouching position in front of her and pressed his mouth to her belly. Sherry opened her legs wide and gasped.

"No, don't eat me! Dammit, don't eat me... fuck me!" she hissed.

Rico leaned up and she reached between her splayed thighs to grab his hard meat and bring it down to her moist cunt.

Neither of them had noticed that Don had rolled over on his side in the bed, and was now facing towards them. His eyes were now opened, mere slits, and he was watching his bride fucking an unknown stranger right beside him.

Don Marshall knew it must be a dream, an erotic but horrid dream. This couldn't actually be happening. This couldn't be his wife, his bride of two weeks, with her arms around the neck of a handsome stranger, her hands clenched, her body swaying and fucking against the man above her. It couldn't be his Sherry, could it? It was a dream, that's all. It had to be a dream!

Don's eyes closed again. His lids were so heavy, and he felt sick. It was the sound of his wife's voice, throaty and sexy, that made him open his eyes again.

The dream was still there, right on the bed beside him.

"Now, now, damn you! Fuck me, I'm there! I'm coming... fuck me your dick clear up into my throat!"

It was Sherry's voice -- Don couldn't remember a dream where the voices had sounded so real. He fought to keep his eyes open, but soon lost the fight.

Rico was chuckling as he fucked his hard meat into Sherry's willing cunt. This is wild, he thought. I've never done anything quite so kinky before. I'm actually fucking one of the most beautiful pussies in the world, right next to her husband! Suddenly, he wanted more.

He leaned close to Sherry's ear. "Turn over!"

"What?" she gasped, not understanding his words.

"Turn over!" he repeated, chuckling silently as he pulled his cock from her cunt and grabbed her hips. "Turn over and get on your hands and knees! Face your husband while I stand by the side of the bed and fuck you, doggie!"

Sherry was hot, too hot to give a damn any more. She did what he asked, rolling over on her hands and knees, facing Don. And then, as Rico rammed up into her cunt from the rear, she realized what his warped mind wanted her to do. And she wanted to do it. Rico wanted to watch her suck her husband's cock while he fucked her cunt from behind.

Fuck it! she thought. Why not?

She took Don's limp dick in her hand and brought it up to her lips. She swallowed it completely as she felt the first orgasm hit her pussy from the battering of Rico's cock. Don's dick immediately started getting hard in her hot, wet mouth.

Weird, she thought, wild and weird. But so what? Two cocks are always better than one!

Inch by inch, Don's cock got hard enough to slither over her tongue and down into her throat. She could taste the fluid that kept dripping faster and faster from her husband's meat into her mouth. She swallowed it greedily, and opened her jaw wide to take the remainder of his prick into her throat. She could feel the sperm-tube along the underside of his cock vibrate wildly against her tongue.

At the same time, the meat in her cunt was expanding, its girth building in the head until she knew she was going to get cum from both ends.

Both the cocks were coming!

Don's prick strained in her mouth, pounding in her throat. He was groaning and grinning in his sleep, calling her name. Then she knew he was there, would come very soon. She sucked harder.

"Ohhhhh, shit, fuck, cunt, prick! My cock's on fire!" Rico hissed from behind her. "It's coming! My dick is coming! Take my juice up your cunt, you bitch, take it!"

And then both cocks were shooting, one spurting hot white cum deep into her belly, as the other shot into her throat. Sherry drank down the first spurt and sucked harder for the second from Don's cock. Her fingers tickled his balls, urging them to give up their full load into her greedy mouth. Her husband's dick was buried in her face clear up to his balls. The head throbbed and spurted its last load into her belly. She removed it and flicked the cock-head clean. Using her hands, she squeezed the last few drops of sperm from the deflating shaft, just as Rico expended the last of his jism into her ass from behind, and then pulled out.

Sherry rolled around and stood before Rico...

"Well, you son-of-a-bitch, will that hold you now?" she hissed into his darkly tanned face.

"Yeah, baby, that's good for now," he replied, shoving his dick back into his shafts and dressing. He moved toward the door, then turned and leered at her. "Let's hope we meet in the same city again some time! S'long!" And then he was gone, and Sherry was sitting on the side of the bed, weeping.

It's going to be all right, she told herself, it's going to be all right. When we get back home, I'll make sure it's all right! This won't happen again!


Nothing changed during the first year of their marriage, and, during the second year it got worse. Don joined a larger law firm and his cases got bigger and more important. Often his work took him out of town for weeks at a time. And when he was in town, he was a Friday Night Fucker.

The ritual was always the same. He would come home, drink two martinis, have dinner, work for two hours and then crawl into bed.

"It's Friday, darling."

"I know."

A little time on the tits, equal time for the ass, a finger up her cunt and Don was ready.

"I'm ready, honey. I'm hard!"

Roll over, stick it in, pump, pump.

"I'm coming, honey!"

"Good for you."

Roll off and start to snore.

Sherry started drinking, and thinking. She wished she hadn't quit flying. If she were in some far-away city, she wouldn't feel so guilty about committing adultery.

Don went out of town for a week, and Sherry started looking -- mostly at the high-school kid, Bill Watson, who came every Saturday morning to mow the lawn.

But she resisted. God, she thought, that would be the pits... fucking kids!

Don missed two Fridays in a row, and then came home very late on a third. Sherry had been drinking much more than usual.

The fourth glass of Scotch was well on its way toward being emptied when she heard the muted rumble of Don's car, and still she could not find peace for her heated flesh. The vibration reaching her from the slamming of the front door almost made her scream. It was a sexual heat and yet it was not. The tingling, the excitement, the itch, were all in the same places, all gave off the same sensations, yet they seemed to be far removed from anything as physical as sex.

Don came into the bedroom on tiptoe, then relaxed when he saw that his wife wasn't asleep. He saw the bottle of liquor and the slightly glazed cast of her eyes. He frowned, but said nothing.

"You don't have to be quiet," Sherry said, her voice too loud.

"I didn't know whether you'd fallen asleep with the light on."

He sat down in a chair and removed his shoes and socks. She could see the lines of fatigue etched into the skin of his face. She could see the dark pockets beneath his eyes and she noticed the slight difficulty he had making his eyes focus. He was dead on his feet.

But Sherry didn't care.

She wanted his cock.

"It wouldn't have mattered if I were asleep," she said, her voice, lower now. "I would have wanted you to wake me up."

She pushed herself higher against the pillows and let the blanket drop to her waist. Her upper body was covered only by the diaphanous material of her nightgown. The light coming from her right side made the material completely transparent. Her tits were completely revealed to her husband and she knew it. She knew the heavy ripeness of the white globes drew his eyes and she knew her hardening nipple did not escape his notice.

Don rose from the chair, his feet bare, and stripped off his trousers and shirt. Then, clad only in his shorts, he went to her and sat down on the edge of the bed. He put his hands flat on the mattress on either side of her shoulders and leaned down close to her face. It was the most romantic thing he'd done in months.

Net hands touched his arms and slid up to his shoulders to lock behind us neck. He let her pull his face even closer and just before their lips met he said, "Don't you think you've had about enough to drink for tonight?"

"Yes, darling," she breathed, searching for his mouth with her own. Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut and her arms were pulling down hard. His face touched her own and she found his mouth. Her lips softened and parted and she traced the outline of his closed lips with the fiery tip of her tongue.

Somehow she managed to transmit her passion and need to him. His body came down to crush her tits, and his tongue began a searching of its own. Her hands left the back of his neck and traced the muscles of his shoulders and sides. They roamed up and down his back, bumping along the ridges of his spine until they came to the elastic waistband of his shorts.

"Wait, darling," Don said urgently, pushing himself away from her. "I need a shower. I must smell like a goat."

"I don't care," Sherry whispered hotly. "I don't want to wait!"

He ignored her plea and rose from the bed. With growing horror, she saw him strip away his shorts and turn his back on her to go into the bathroom.

It'll be too late then, she cried silently. I need you now!

In desperation, she pulled the slit of her cunt open with her left hand and rammed three fingers of her right hand up her pussy.

Her hips rocked and her body writhed on the mattress. The sheets touching her skin were like tongues of flame. Wait, she told herself, just a few minutes! She raised a hand against her tit, seeking to still the excited movements of her flesh. But instead of quieting her flesh, the touch of her own hands excited her even further.

With a groan and sigh of disappointment, she gave up the struggle to hold herself back. Wildly, she rammed her fingers in and out of her hot cunt and rubbed the heel of her hand against her aching clit.

In a few moments, her body stiffened. She was rigid, every muscle locked tight. Her stomach fluttered and her nostrils flared, and she ground her teeth to keep from screaming.

Then, when she slumped back to the bed, she heard the shower, stop. In a moment Don was back in the room. And she couldn't have cared less.

He saw the change in her immediately and a look of relief flashed across his face. The shower had revived him slightly, but he really didn't have the strength to do justice to his wife's needs.

He came to the edge of the bed again and this time kissed her forehead. His hand lightly caressed the curve of her hip. And then he was gone, around to his own side of the bed. Twenty seconds after his head hit the pillow, he was snoring.

With a sigh, Sherry turned out the light and rolled up into a tight ball, her knees drawn up to her tits and her arms wrapped around her legs. Sleep was an escape from the confusion and self-doubt -- and it came quickly.

The following afternoon, Sherry ran into Toni McLoud while she was shopping. The two girls had often flown together, but had never become what one might call close friends. There was a rumor among the stews that Toni liked her sex a little kinky, and had it as often with other girls as she did with men.

In the old days, Sherry would have never gone along with such a thing. But now, stuck with a boring marriage and no sex at all, she started looking with interest at the pert blonde's petite but well-stacked body.

"I guess I'll never get married," Toni said, and then giggled self-consciously. "I don't think I'd want to be tied down to one man."

Or one woman, Sherry thought, or one man in bed at a time! There was also a rumor floating around that Toni had taken on a whole flight crew once during a hotel room party in Madrid.

Conversation continued, along with more wine, and before she realized it, Sherry was pouring out practically the whole story of her miserable marriage. Then she was agreeing to an invitation to stop by the girl's apartment for a drink.

There was a look in the blonde's eye that told the whole story as she handed Sherry a drink and settled in beside her on the sofa.

A little more small talk and Toni came right to the point.

"Look, Sherry; why don't we both quit beating around the bush?"

"What do you mean, Toni?" Sherry said, knowing full well the girl's intent.

"I know what you know about me," the blonde smiled. "I swing both ways. Oh, I dig men, but every once in a while some woman turns me on enough to make me want her body. And, when I met you today, well..." Toni left it hanging and shrugged.

Sherry made her decision quickly. She set her glass on the coffee table and stood. "Well, I hope I don't disappoint you, Toni. I've never done it with another woman before!"

The blonde grinned. "Honey, you're gonna be surprised at your own instincts!"

Sherry hesitated. "Oh, Toni, I don't know what's wrong with me... I don't know what I'm really looking for."

"Satisfaction, honey. Sexual satisfaction."

"Can I have that with you?"

"You can try!"

"I feel like a whore!" Sherry cried bitterly. "Don't be silly. Look at it this way. Don is driving you to other men or women. Make the most of it!"

"I... I don't know..." Sherry suddenly felt alone.

"Think about it. Think about it good, honey. You can have your fun right now. Come to me, Sherry, let me take care of you." Toni's voice was soothing, gentle.

Sherry walked to where the blonde was sitting and knelt in front of her. Toni's hands found their way into the opening of her blouse. Sherry sighed as she felt her tits being fondled.

"I love that," she purred. "You're so gentle with me, Toni. I wish Don was gentle the way you are."

"Sit on my lap, baby."

Sherry sat on the other girl's lap, her tits exposed. Toni fingered a nipple, felt the tip grow hard. "Does that feel good, baby?"


"What would you like me to do?" the blonde breathed, pushing Sherry's bra up and freeing her pendulous globes completely.

"God, honey, you're huge!"

"Kiss 'em," Sherry pleaded. "Kiss my breasts!"

Toni eagerly bent her head and kissed the white tit-flesh that rose and fell in a steady rhythm, tonguing the erect, throbbing nipple.

"Oh, God," Sherry groaned. She moved on Toni's earlobe with her teeth and bit.

Toni felt sudden sensations shooting through her cunt as she kissed the deep valley between Sherry's tits, then the inner curves, then the nipples. She lifted the pendulous breasts in her hands and her mouth worked greedily on the hard nipples.

Sherry stuck her tongue into Toni's ear, and delighted at the blonde's response. Toni groaned in passion and worked harder on Sherry's tits, kneading, kissing, biting.

Then, suddenly, Sherry wanted more. She wanted everything. "God, Toni, let's do it!" she cried. "Let's do everything!"

She slid from Toni's lap and the blonde started working on her skirt, and then her panties.

Sherry was awash with both desire and fear. She moved closer and soon everything was forgotten as Toni's fingers slipped over her hips, rushed in back and gathered up her ample asscheeks. As the gentle, talented fingers manipulated, Sherry closed her eyes. She stepped closer and moaned softly as Toni pressed her face against the matted hair of her russet covered pussy.

"Beautiful," the pretty blonde girl whispered as she continued brushing her lips against Sherry's naked belly. "I love it."

"We shouldn't..." Sherry said one last time as she slowly started to drop to her knees in front of Toni. She looked down at her jiggling, pointed tits and clamped her eyes shut. "We really shouldn't be doing this."

"You want me to touch your pussy, don't you?" Toni said, her fingers gently combing through Sherry's auburn thatch. "You want me to finger you and lick you and tongue-fuck you, don't you?"

Sherry gasped and let her gaze travel slowly down Toni's body. She placed her hands on her hips, waited a long moment, then weakly moaned and jerked the girl's body desperately against her own. She hugged as tight as she could, then pushed Toni slightly until both of them tumbled to the floor.

As Sherry's huge tits tumbled against Toni's face, she buried her lips between them and moaned with desire.

"Ohhh, God, beautiful... beautiful big soft tits!" One of her legs eased between Sherry's. Her thigh moved upward until it pressed hard against the splayed lips of the redhead's dripping pussy.

"Yes, oh, God, yes, rub my cunt! Tease it, tease my clit!" Sherry cried, as she clamped her thighs over Toni's and rammed her furry cunt against the giri's violently rubbing leg.

"I want to do it to you," Toni cried as one hand cupped the fullness of the redhead's tit and her lips laved the nipple of its twin. "I want to suck you, eat your pussy. I want to fuck your clit with mine. Oh, God, Sherry, I want to do everything to you!"

The girl's fingers trailed lovingly up and down her pink slit, from the peak of her clit to the center of her asshole. Sherry loosened the muscles of her ass and allowed Toni's fingers to probe. The girl's nails lightly flicked across the tender ass-flesh.

"Ohhh, Jesus, oh, yes, that feels good! That feels wonderful! Your finger... harder with your finger, Toni!"

"Your pussy's so wet, darling, so soaking wet!" Toni sighed.

A cold sweat broke out on Sherry's body as she felt a finger enter her asshole and Toni's thumb jam up inside her hot, syrupy cunt.

"The bedroom, darling! It will be better and more comfortable on the bed," Toni rasped.

Sherry nodded and both girls clambered to their feet. They leaned toward each other and moved down the hall to Toni's bedroom.

When they were inside, they once again faced each other. Sherry leaned forward and touched Toni's lips with hers. She let it grow hot, then hotter at the other whimpered softly and slipped her arms behind Sherry's back to draw her closer. Toni's lips were hot and moist and, as Sherry eased her tongue toward them, Toni let out a little cry and pulled her face away, burying it in Sherry's neck. She kissed the hollow of the redhead's neck and heaved a sigh, a deep sigh, as her arms tightened hard around the other girl.

"I want you, baby, I want you," she breathed.


Sherry fell into the bed, with Toni close behind her.

"I can't believe it," Toni said softly as she stared at the lush hips and the rounded cheeks of Sherry's ass. Lightly she touched her and turned her, staring at those heavy, firm tits with the shiny wet nipples. This time Sherry stared back as she moved closer. She looked into Toni's eyes.

"Everything?" she asked.

"What do you think?" Toni said as she threw herself into Sherry's arms.

When the girl's hand's raced down Sherry's back, she cried out, as if her skin had been asleep for years. It was as if the pores had been locked shut and everything was inside, then snapped suddenly free when those fingers eased over her buttocks.

"Oh, yes, yes, YES!" she cried as her fingers found Toni's fleshy asscheeks and tugged hard. She crushed her tits to the girl's breasts, her belly to the girl's belly, and hungrily gripped Toni's hair, turned her head and dove for those sweet lips.

Each grew weaker as the kiss continued. Their breaths hissed through their nostrils. Their lips echoed the soft moans that thundered from their throats.

When she could stand it no longer, Toni spun Sherry around, pulled her soft buttocks against her belly and sped her hands over the front of the redhead's body, cupping those soft tits. Then she eased one hand down between her legs until she could comb her fingers through Sherry's russet cuntal fur. She stared at the luscious mound.

As she looked, Sherry parted her legs, showing her cunt, leaving nothing at all to the imagination. And as Toni stared at the thick mound, Sherry knew there was no running away. There was no running away, from the desire she felt to have her cunt eaten and licked and sucked by the mouth of this beautiful young girl almost at once, as the blonde's sucking mouth and lips worked back and forth, in and out, of her excited cuntal ridges.

She reached farther around Toni's head until her hands met and her fingers entwined behind her neck. When her hold was strong and secure, she spread her thighs wider apart and pulled with all her strength.

Sherry moaned, trying to absorb all of this pleasure. The moan quickly turned into a hissing sob of exquisite joy as Toni's lips found their way back to her hotly stimulated cuntlips.

"Your tongue! Give me all your tongue, darling!" she gasped.

With a loud grunt, Toni thrust her tongue into the redhead's seething, juice-seeping hole and settled in to steadily suck and slurp her excited pussy.

Sherry pulled harder on the captive head, holding it firmly against her cunt as she wound her thighs around the girl's head so as not to lose a moment of the delicious sensation.

Her thighs shook and quivered nearly out of control, making it hard for her to maintain her position on Toni's face. The girl was really warming to her work, causing Sherry's cunt to pulsate to the point when it would burst into wild, uncontrolled orgasm.

Her throbbing, bouncing asscheeks began to flail crazily back and forth on the bed, driving the warmth of her flowering cunt around and over the plunging tongue. It would be soon, she knew, as she rocked back and forth, lowering and raising her cunt against the joyful hardness of the cock-like tongue that fed on her pussy.

"I'm coming!" Sherry squealed. "Oh, God, I'm coming!"

Her ass thrashed up and down convulsively as she seemed to float six inches off the bed. Her entire body was bathed in a warm flame as her face twisted and contorted like something not quite human. Her voice rose into a shrieking wail of lust as the last spasms of her come washed through her body.

She flopped to her side and looked down at Toni's juice-covered face still between her thighs. "God, Toni, I see what you mean! Get it when and where you can!"

Toni smiled up between Sherry's heaving tits. "That's right, honey. We'll have to do this often."

Sherry spent the rest of the afternoon wallowing in the bliss of Toni's body. When she got home, it was as if Don hadn't even missed her.

"Did you find everything you needed, honey?" he asked, barely looking up from his work.

Sherry looked at the back of his head. She hadn't gotten a cock, but she had gotten more comes than she could remember. "Almost, darling. I almost got everything I needed."

It became a weekly afternoon meeting in Toni's apartment. For awhile, Sherry was satiated. But even the bliss that her pussy could get on the blonde's hard tongue and sucking lips waned beside the thought of a cock. Since she hadn't been insisting that Don fuck her, at least every Friday night, some of those even started slipping.

And then one night, she and. Don attended a banquet. They drove both cars because, after the banquet, Don had a business meeting.

It was quite late when Sherry started the drive home alone. She suddenly spotted a familiar figure walking along the side of the street. It was Bill Watson, the handsome young man who took care of their yard. Sherry felt an involuntary twitch in her pussy. She tried to ignore it, but when she pulled over to inquire what he was doing out alone so late and saw the bulge in the front of his jeans, she couldn't help herself.

"Had a flat tire on my car, Mrs. Marshall."

"Hop in, Bill, said. I'll give you a ride home!" Sherry called, knowing full well what she was going to do.

The boy crawled into the car and they chatted as Sherry drove on down the highway. Then, suddenly, the young man gave her a startled glance when she turned off the main road and climbed high in the hills above the city, to a place that everyone knew was a lover's lane.

"Neither one of us has to be home right away, do we, Bill?"

His silence told her that he'd already gotten the message. Sherry wanted to be careful and not pressure the boy, but she didn't have much self-control left. She was too hot to let this young stud get away from her, especially when she had him in the car with her and no one would be the wiser. She remembered all the times she had thought about doing this very thing while watching Bill mow their lawn.

Well, now she planned on doing it!

She found a spot some distance from the earlier cars that were there, and noticed that in most of them there were no heads visible. The itch of hot desire in her pussy was stronger than ever. Bill shifted in his seat. Sherry was getting nervous; his cock was bulging out hard. Why did these kids wear their jeans so fucking tight?

She could tell he was looking at her tits. She took a deep breath, deciding that her best bet was to be blunt with the boy, to come right out with it.

"Do any of your girlfriends have tits as big as mine?"

Bill's face turned a bright crimson and he shook his head from side to side.

"I couldn't help but see you stare at my breasts, Bill. Do you like them?"

"Jeez, Mrs. Marshall... I'm sorry, I just couldn't help it."

"Don't apologize, Bill. I'm flattered. Sometimes I like to have men stare at my tits. Do you think I'm very pretty?"

The boy seemed to be getting some self-confidence as he turned full to face it. "Jeez, Mrs. Marshall, I think you're beautiful! All the guys in my class..." He stopped and blushed again.

"Do your friends like the way I look?"

"Oh, yeah and the way you walk, too."

Sherry shifted in the seat, bending toward him slightly as she moved closer. The silence between them was deafening. The boy was afraid to look down at the dark cleavage between her globe-like tits that bulged like two ripe melons.

"Bill, you know why I brought you up here, don't you?"

He nodded. "I think so."

"Well, let's get started then!"

"Jeez, Mrs. Marshall..."

"Sherry... why don't you start calling me Sherry if we're going to fuck?" She kept her eye on his young face. It was obvious that he was scared to death. She could imagine why. To the boy, such a turn of events was astounding -- an older woman was offering herself to him completely.

"Don't you want to, Bill?"

Suddenly his face was animated. He was leaning toward her. "Yes! Oh, God, yes, I do!"

"All right, then, don't be shy. Just unbutton me!"

Obediently, the young man slid nearer to her. His trembling fingers reached for the buttons on the back of her dress. Sherry breathed deeply, practically smashing her big tits into his face as his fumbling fingers unbuttoned her garment.

Then her dress was down to her waist and she slid it the rest of the way off to let it puddle on the floorboard of the car.

"There they are, Bill. There are my tits, just for you. Go ahead, darling, do what I know you want to do!"

He let his hand slide forward a little. He sprang like a jungle animal pouncing on her full tit. His other hand hurried to her other breast and his mouth forced its way against her lips. His body was, strong as he forced her into the seat. With difficulty, she struggled to push him back.

"Bill, honey, you're too rough."

He pulled off in embarrassment.

"That's what you should do, but a little more gently. I'm not going to run away. Now, try it again. Why don't you just kiss me lightly and gradually work into it? It'll be much nicer, you'll see!"

He edged toward her again. He was a little calmer now. Sherry parted her lips and rolled her head back as he came forward. She waited for his moist lips to touch hers. Her cunt ached.

He placed tiny kisses all over her face. His lust was so strong that he was bouncing her each time his face came to hers. Then he darted back to kiss her skin in another spot. He was holding her too tight. She managed to get one hand on the front of his shoulder and press against him, causing him to loosen his strong hold on her soft body.

"Work up gradually, you'll last longer."

She showed him how to kiss without a word. She just gently pressed against him, let her hands slide up his body and entwine around his neck. His mouth slowly moved forward and, half-open, came to rest on her neck. He gently exhaled on her smooth skin.

"Oh, Bill, that's it! You're terrific!" Sherry sighed.

Even in the limited light, she could see the look of pride on his face as his eager mouth turned up in a broad smile. He drew his long hair off his face with one hand; the other played with her soft neck.

"I'm glad we're here," he rasped.

"So am I."

He knelt on the car floor. He removed his shirt, and in the moonlight his tanned body looked even better than it did in the daylight. He was a well-built kid, with all the special virtues of youth. He was undoing his fly when he gave one last glance at her to see if she really wanted to go through with this. He didn't have to. As soon as he saw the look in her eyes when his hard cock popped free of his shorts, he was no longer afraid.

"Oh, honey," Sherry moaned as she pushed her panties down over her hips and let them dangle off one ankle while she spread her thighs on the seat, "are we ever gonna fuck good together tonight!"

That was all the impetus the young man needed. Suddenly he was over her, balanced on his toes and fingers, as he suspended his athletic body above hers. The tip of his dick touched her leg as he hung above her. Sherry reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck. Her lips puckered and she moved her head up to his, letting her hair fall straight back.

"Kiss me, baby... kiss me and fuck me!"

She sighed deeply as the young man descended. She loved the feel of his body, and she liked it even better when she felt his hard cock slide through the wet lips of her pussy. He was big, and fat. That was good, she thought. At last she'd get a good hard cock to fuck her!

He grew more excited by the feel of her breath on his neck. It made his blood boil. He tried to stroke her, but his dick slipped out of her gooey slit. Quickly, Sherry found his cock with her warm, soft hand and guided it once again to the entrance to her aching hole.

"Just move your hips, baby," she cooed. "Just move your hips!"

Bill followed her instructions, and soon was fucking her with gusto.

His lust transferred itself to Sherry, who began to breathe in rhythm with his thrusts. Then her hips moved in a circle and she could feel the hard girth of his meat constantly making contact with her throbbing clit. It was driving her wild. Every instinct the boy had was perfect.

He smiled and circled her with his arms. Sherry felt more female in his embrace than she had in a long, long while.

"Let's get in the back, Bill!" she gurgled. "Hurry, we'll have more room and we can fuck even better!"

The young man quickly did as she suggested. He pulled his dick from her syrupy pussy and vaulted over the seat, then reached to help her. She fell on top of him, her huge tits crushing into his strong chest. He moved to put her on the seat.

"No, you stay there... just like that!" she breathed. "Just lay back and let me on top!"

She pushed him backward and swung her body over his. She poised, and an instant later she came crashing down on his waiting, upthrust cock.

With the delicious impact of her cunt sloshing down tightly around his prick and her pelvis grinding down hard on his, Bill grabbed her around the shoulders.

Sherry writhed as she felt his cock churning wildly around inside her. He drew back his haunches and slammed up into her again and again. Her hard nipples bit into his chest and the softness of her pussy-fur mashed firmly into his pubic hair. Fluids ran down the shaft of his prick as he struggled and squirmed to ream deeper up into her tight, warm pussy. Her arms were clasped tightly around the middle of his back.

She hunched her muscular thighs into him once, then again, and then again, reaming his cock deep into her and bumping it into the mouth of her womb. She screamed in ecstasy and opened her thighs wide.

Slowly but surely, they started slipping off the seat. They hung there upside down with the blood running to their heads. Bill pushed himself upward six inches toward her feet and then let himself fall back up tight into her cunt with a delightful sucking sound. Again and again he did that lift-and-drop that pounded her swaying cunt unmercifully.

The way her pussy was beginning to clench and the way she threw her hard nipples into his chest, squirming and twitching her pelvis, he knew that he was driving her over the edge. The thumping jolts in his pulsating cock told him that he would soon unload his cum up her spasming hole.

"Fuck! FUUUUUUCK!" he bellowed into the night air.

He began to come. As he came, Sherry threw her legs around his waist. The movement of her legs flipped them suddenly from a heads-down to a heads-up position.

Just as a load of cum squirted deep into her cunt, he moved slickly between her sweaty thighs to land on his back in the center of the seat. He continued to come as a hot mouth closed down over his cock and sucked up everything. Soft, caressing hands tickled his writhing, orgasming body and wet kisses closed over his navel, nipples and mouth. He spasmed over and over and over, coming and coming until his prick became limp as a dishrag.

Then Sherry pulled him back over until he was on top. "Keep it up, darling!" she gasped. "Keep fucking!"

"I can't," Bill moaned.

"Yes, yes, you can!" she hissed. "You're still hard enough!"

"No... no," he said, but felt his sagging cock slip again into her hot cunt.

Sherry managed to get two more solid comes on his wonderful prick, and then rolled him again to his back. She dropped to her knees on the floorboards in front of him, and took the fullness of his young cock into her mouth.

His dick hardened up at once when he felt the velvet glove of her warm lips and inner mouth-flesh start to suck him. He groaned and lunged into her head, entwining his hands in her hair, pulling her beautiful face down over his meat.

"Feel good, baby?" Sherry purred, mumbling around her mouthful of cock.

"Yeah, yeah, beautiful... suck it! Suck my dick!"

"All the way?"

"Oh, God, yes, Sherry... Mrs. Marshall... suck it! Suck my dick ALL THE WAY OFF!"

Sherry did, swallowing his delicious cum when he shot like a fountain into her throat. She loved it, and at last she felt satiated.

But he wasn't. Like an animal, Bill had one last fuck left in him. He threw her to her back on the car seat, and again plunged his mighty prick into her cunt-flesh.

Ah, youth! Sherry thought gleefully, as she spread her thighs wide and relaxed. The young boy's fuck threw her almost painfully into the upholstery as he abandoned all control and shoved his hard meat to the limit in her belly.

Then again his musky juice gushed into her steamy cunt, swimming around with her own juices and seeping out in droplets to stain the seat of her car.

She felt spurt after spurt of his cum flood her, and the slower, calmer pumping action of his muscular hips as he poured a sea of cum into her pussy.

"Enough?" she panted at last.

"Yeah," he grinned down at her, pulling his shriveled meat from her body. "Oh, God, yeah. I've never been fucked like this in my life!"

And you probably never will be again, honey, Sherry thought as she dressed.

All the way home she implored Bill to not say a word about what had happened between them. Now her fear and her guilt had overcome her passion. She could only hope, as she dropped the young man off at his house, that Bill wouldn't be sniffing around her whenever he got hot.

As she pulled into her garage and went into the house, Sherry vowed to herself to leave the boy alone and get back together with Toni as soon as possible.

The blonde stewardess was much safer than the boy.


Sherry managed to stick to her vow not to see the boy, Bill, or to have anything more to do with him sexually. He tried to call her, and one Saturday morning, with Don out of town, he tried to barge his way into the house, practically begging to fuck her.

It was all Sherry could do to say no, but she managed.

But it became harder and harder, when two weeks went by and Toni didn't call her. Sherry started calling the blonde herself, another thing she said she would never do. But now she was desperate.

At last she reached her.

"Toni, it's Sherry. You haven't called in such a long time!"

"Yeah... I've... I've been busy," Toni stammered in reply.

"Too busy for me, darling?" Sherry said coyly.

"Well, you know how it is, honey... I've had a lot of flights. A lot of the girls are on vacation." There seemed to be a hint of reticence in Toni's voice. But Sherry plunged ahead anyway. Just heating the blonde's voice on the other end of the phone was already making her tits swell and the lips of her hot pussy quiver.

"I'd like to see you, Toni."

"You mean now?" Toni said, a hint of alarm in her voice.

"Of course now, darling!" Sherry insisted. "Don's out of town and we can spend the whole evening and the night together. We've never been able to do that before!" When there was no immediate answer from the other end, Sherry plunged ahead. "Please, Toni... I need to see you."

There was a long hesitation, then at last Toni sighed. "If you're sure you want to, Sherry, come ahead. The door will be open, just come on in. I'll be waiting for you." Then she chuckled lightly, and the phone went dead.

Sherry's hands were shaking as she dressed and practically ran to her car.

Twenty-five minutes later, she was turning the knob of Toni's apartment door. True to the blonde's word, the door opened easily. Sherry stepped into the apartment, closed the door behind her, and then heard feminine whines and groans coming from the bedroom.

Sherry ran to the bedroom door, and then stopped dead, stifling the gasp that rose from her throat at the beautiful sight she saw.

Toni was on the bed, on her back, with one arm resting over her eyes. Her long, tanned legs were splayed wide apart, as if she were about to be fucked.

But Toni was fucking herself. Sherry's eyes grew round and her own body began to shake with passion as she watched the blonde comb her fingers through her wide patch of downy pubic fur. Then her finger spread, and Sherry could see the glistening pink skin of her cuntslit.

The fingers pulled and tugged at her pussy until the raw red meat of her inner cunt was exposed to Sherry's keen, all-absorbing eyes.

"Ohhhh, yessss, ohhhh, fuck me, fuck me!" Toni groaned aloud. "Play with me, play with my pussy! Finger my cunt! I want it! Oh, God, I need it!"

Sherry's eyes followed the girl's hands as they trailed up and down her spectacular body. The blonde hair covering her pussy gleamed wetly. Toni's tits were hard and firm. They were full without being grotesquely heavy, and the nipples were large and perfectly round, showing a touch darker than the creamy white of her tits. All in all, Sherry thought, the blonde had a glorious body. And it's all going to be mine!

Suddenly, Toni's eyes were open and she was smiling at Sherry.

"Did you like my little show, honey?"

"You little bitch!" Sherry laughed, stripping herself naked as she run across the room to the bed. She landed on the blonde's bed and showered her tits, her belly and her inner thighs with hot kisses. Toni's strong hands turned her over, and she was doing the same thing to Sherry; laying her soft body with kisses and caresses.

"DO you want it? Do you want to be fucked and sucked?" Toni rasped.

"I'm starving for it... for your tongue, your lips," Sherry moaned. "My belly hurts it needs your tongue so much!" And, God, how she did need it!

Sherry spread her legs wide and lifted her cunt as an offering. Toni stared with her big blue eyes while Sherry showed her the inner flesh of her cunt.

"Just relax and enjoy it honey," Toni husked, lowering her face to the russet pussy.

Sherry did as the girl said, spreading her lop farther apart and pushing her head back deeply into the pillow. Her eyes closed as she felt the entrance of Toni's hard, wet tongue between her cuntal lips.

"Oh, shit, that feels good, Toni. It feels fantastic!"

Toni buried her head between Sherry's heated thighs. Her tongue found the wet lips of her pussy and split them. Then the long, probing tip was fucking in and out of the hole, Toni's upper lip pressed hard against the erect clit.

"Ohhhh, yes, yes! Oh, God?" Sherry cried. "Suck my pussy, darling! Eat it!"

"Is it good? Do you like your pussy tonguefucked like this, baby?"

"I love it... I love it all!"

Toni lifted herself up. "Just close your eyes, honey... that's it, close your eyes and relax while I eat and suck your pussy!"

Then the tongue was back again, harder and more expert than before. But, somehow, Sherry thought, something was different. It was strange... it felt like there was a beard on Toni's face, scratching the tender flesh of her satin pussy. But the tongue went harder and harder into her, and the scratchiness seemed to excite her clit as nothing had ever excited it before. So she thought nothing of it, and gave herself up completely to the thrills that the tongue and scratchiness were giving her pussy.

She groaned with joy as she jerked and lifted her asscheeks in an effort to relieve the intense pressure that was building in her cunt and clit. The tongue was now going up and down her wet cunt-slit with a vengeance.

Then the unmistakable odor of pussy assailed Sherry's nostrils. Toni's voice reached through the lust-caused haze of the redhead's mind. "Suck my cunt, Sherry! Oh! God, honey, suck my cunt! It's all so beautiful!"

But how can that be? Sherry asked herself. How can Toni's pussy be above my face? She realized, that the voice was over her head... Toni wasn't eating her pussy. Her eyes flew open and she looked down through her raised legs and wide-spread thighs. My God, it's a man!

"You remember First Officer Harry Partlin, don't you, Sherry?" Toni giggled. "He's flown with you several times."

"And fucked you almost as many!" Harry laughed, lifting his face from her syrupy pussy.

Still groggy from the need for sex, Sherry pulled her mouth away from Toni's pussy and tried to wriggle away from Harry's vise-like grip on her thighs.

"What are you doing... Jesus, stop it!" Sherry cried.

"Oh, come on, Sherry," Toni said. "I mean, it isn't as if Harry hasn't fucked you before!"

"I know," Sherry cried, "but, Jesus, not with three in a bed."

Then both Harry and Toni laughed heartily. "Suck on my cock a little, honey," Harry grinned, lifting his big body to the bed and pointing his dick in Toni's direction. "Suck my meat while I explain to Sherry the ways of the world!"

Toni gleefully rolled over and sucked the full length of the man's hard shaft down her throat.

"Jesus!" Sherry gasped.

Harry smiled. "That's right. Toni sucks cock just as good as she eats pussy. And once on a trip she had me try it out... I liked it and we got it on good!"

"You're both crazy... out of your fucking minds!" Sherry squealed.

"Are we, Sherry?" he replied. "Toni's told me all about your problem. You have one man, one husband, and you ended up a frustrated wife, didn't you? Well, Tony likes sex with both men and women, and whenever we fly together, we swing together. Come on, Sherry, you'll like it... believe me!"

"No, no, I won't!" Sherry cried, unable to take her eyes off the appearing and disappearing cock. She couldn't believe all that meat was actually going down Toni's throat. It was fascinating.


"No! It's disgusting!"

"It's beautiful," Toni breathed, lifting her lips from Harry's prick and smiling up at Sherry. "It's so beautiful." She gently swayed the rigid pole of his cock back and forth before the redhead's eyes like a pendulum.


"Suck my cock a little, Sherry. Put your lips around the head and suck."

"No... please... not with both of you," Sherry pleaded. But she was powerless to stop Harry's hand as he gently pushed her head down to his belly. She had to admit it. She liked it. She liked his cock and she had loved the tender, expert way he had eaten her pussy.

Then she couldn't stop, even as she felt Toni's hair fluff against her belly, her tongue leaving a wet trail toward her pussy. She was kissing Harry's belly, then his navel. Toni's tongue nuzzled her clit and her hands went around the cheeks of Sherry's ass, puffing her pussy into her face.

Sherry thought of her husband, and how revolted he would be if he ever found out his wife's true lust. She shuddered with the knowledge of her own carnal desires -- desires that overcame her morality to the point of having sex with another woman... and now, a man and a woman!

But the thoughts were too far beneath layers of lust, and fingers of sexual need forced them down and strangled their voices.

Sherry looked at herself and at Toni in the tall mirror beside the bed. The women were beautiful, with huge, hot tits, perfect bodies, beautiful faces, hairy cunts that seemed to pulse with desire.

Sherry's lips and tongue worked between Harry's legs and gently, over his balls as Toni thrust her tongue as far as it would go into her cunt. The tongue and lips worked her clit while she sucked cock. Her hands worked around and massaged the solid cheeks of Harry's ass.

"Don't play with it, Sherry, honey," Harry groaned. "Suck it! Take my dick into your mouth and suck it until it juices! Toni... Toni, baby..."


"Move around here so I can suck your cunt at the same time."

Sherry felt the other girl move on the bed without ungluing her mouth from her cuntlips. She felt the tongue caress her slit from clit to asshole when at last Toni had settled her own pussy over Harry's face.

Sherry kissed the base of his bouncing dick, letting her lips slide warmly along the shaft. Then her mouth went over the head of his big prick.

They sucked loudly on each other until both the women came. Then curiosity and lust got the best of Sherry.

"Oh, Jesus, Harry, fuck me! Fuck me with your cock and I'll eat Toni!"

She rolled on top of him and clawed at Toni's hips until the blonde was standing in a half-crouch in front of her face. Toni rubbed the wet lips of her pussy over Sherry's face as the redhead reached between her legs and groped for Harry's giant cock.

"Yes, yes, Sherry, that's what you want, isn't it, baby? You want a cock in your cunt and a clit in your mouth. Admit it, Sherry, admit it... that's what you want!"

"I... I... I don't know. I don't know what I want!"

Her voice trailed into an agonized wail as Harry's arm caught her neck and held her down while Toni's cunt came closer and closer to her face.

"Noooooo!" Sherry groaned as she tried to push his arm away and wrench herself free of his grasp.

But then she knew she couldn't help herself. The aroma of Toni's pussy as too strong to ignore. She grabbed the girl's hips and pulled her hot cunt over her tongue. Quickly, she ran her tongue into the blonde's slit as she lowered her own cunt-meat over the throbbing hardness of Harry's cock.

She felt their pubic hair entwine as his cock was in her to the root. At the same time, she ground her upper lip against Toni's clit and rammed her tongue as far up the girl's cunthole as it would go.

And then Harry was squirming from beneath her, pulling his cock from her cunt. "Eat her, Sherry! Eat Toni while she's on her back, and you bend over the bed. I'll fuck you doggie while you're eating her... that way I can get farther up in you!"

Quickly, the two girls shifted until Toni was lying flat on her back on the bed, groaning, her thighs spread wide, her own thumbs parting the lips of her juicy pussy.

Then, without any warning, Harry poured the full length of his crushing cock into Sherry from behind. Sherry leaned forward, putting her weight on her elbows, staring straight into Toni's gaping pussy.

"Harry's fucking you, sweetheart," Toni sighed. "I can see his beautiful dick going into you from behind. Eat me, baby, eat me at the same time!"

Harry reached around Sherry and cupped her dangling tits in his hands. He squeezed the nipples, feeling them grow tighter and harder against his palms. He continued to ram his cock relentlessly in and out of her tender cunt with a steady rhythm. His belly struck lightly against her creamy ass on each inward thrust, and Sherry spread her legs a little wider, opening herself up even more as the strokes of his hot cock built up her lust to a fever pitch.

"You like it now, don't you, honey," Toni hissed up at Sherry.

"Yes, damnit. I love it!"

The sight of Toni lying beneath her, with her cunt-lips spread, and Harry's cock wrenching in and out of her cunt like a pile driver, was the most exciting thing Sherry had ever experienced.

Sherry could feel her cunt getting hotter, wetter, to allow his big meat to slide in and out faster and faster. She rested her head on the swell of Toni's belly in front of her, and stuck her ass as far in the air as she could. It presented her cunt at an even better angle for Harry's pummeling meat.

Harry gripped her thighs in his hands, pulling her back and forth against him as the speed of his fuck built. He was so hot for her now that he didn't want to waste any time by teasing himself, dragging out the action. He wanted to come, to let go the burning pressure that was building up in his prick and getting more insistent with each slippery thrust and withdrawal.

Sherry was making little noises in her throat, groans and giggles and gasps. They grew into grunts of encouragement in time to the rhythm of Harry's fucking.

Then they were both screaming at her.

"Suck me! Oh, my God, suck my cunt!" Toni shrieked.

"Fuck me! Fuck your ass back at me! Ram your cunt over my meat!" Harry hissed.

Sherry began pumping her lovely legs back, alternately stretching them and relaxing them, clenching and unclenching her asscheeks. She used every trick that she knew to force her pussy to rub and fondle his cock and melt it with her steaming cunt-flesh.

It was the final straw for Harry. Suddenly he felt his cock blasting its load up into Sherry as a dazzling glow spread upward from his balls and wiped everything out of his mind but the intense feel of her clasping pussy.

Sherry had been about to lower her face to Toni's thrusting cunt. But as soon as she felt the first hot blast of cum squirting into her inflamed pussy, she found herself dissolving, too. She gave herself up entirely to the wonderful sensation building in her body like a volcanic eruption. Liquid fire seemed to flow up from her cunt, the center of the pounding action, clear to the tips of her tits. She leaned forward and bit Toni's inner thigh to keep from screaming in the grip of her overwhelming climax.

Harry withdrew his cock from Sherry's pussy and pushed her forward into Toni's cunt. Then he sprawled on the bed beside her.

"Let's both eat her," he said.

At this point, Sherry was only too willing to do anything the other two wanted. She straddled Toni's belly with her knees and pulled the blonde's feet upward, spreading her knees outward.

And there it was, wide open to both their fascinated gazes... the plump lips of Toni's cunt, pink and soft, framed by her blonde curls.

"It does look good enough to eat, doesn't it?" Sherry gurgled.

Before Harry could respond, the redhead had bent forward, tossing her long hair back away from her face, to let him see just what she was doing. She touched the tip of her tongue to the upper end of Toni's cunt, where the blonde curls were the thickest. Leaning down for a better look, Harry saw her slide her tongue between the gooey lips and lick the pink slit all the way down to the end.

Underneath both of them, Toni started gyrating madly. "Oh, yes, suck it! Both of you, suck my cunt!"

Harry bent forward and pressed his lips against Toni's pussy, delighting in the firm, rubbery texture and in the way the little blonde's curls tickled the skin around his mouth. Her syrupy juice squirted between his lips as his tongue split them. Her clit was swollen, and it throbbed delightfully as he raft his tongue over its smooth surface.

Then both tongues were probing farther down, ramming inside Toni's hot, juicy pussy.

Harry and Sherry heard Toni's voice moaning, urging them both on to hurry and make her come.

Then Sherry was going wild on the blonde's hot slit. She was tongue-fucking Toni's cunt so hard and fast that she pushed Harry's face out of the way. As he watched Sherry feasting on the blonde's luscious meat, his cock got stiffer and stiffer. He needed more. He slid down and put his head under her upraised knee, spreading Toni's legs a little wider. He put his face in beside Sherry's, who was leaning over to lick her from above. Their lips met for a moment in a peculiarly exciting kiss, while their mouths were both touching Toni's pussy.

Then Sherry went to work on her clit, sucking it in between her lips, while Harry thrust his long tongue deeply into her pussy and began wiggling it around inside. He felt Toni's juicy flow increase as her cunt got hotter and hotter from the combined action.

Toni was moaning loudly now, and her body was writhing uncontrollably on the white sheet as the dual sensations penetrated her lusty brain.

"GOOD, OH, GOD, THIS IS GOOD AND WEIRD!" Sherry gurgled around Toni's pussy.

Harry licked his way upward, and their tongues tangled around the stiffened knob of Toni's clit. The delicious contact brought his excitement to a fever pitch and he twisted his body around on the bed so that his feet were at Toni's head, and he could feel his stiff prick rubbing against the firm smoothness of Sherry's thigh.

Sherry smiled around her mouthful of hot pussy, giving Harry's tongue another playful lick with hers. She bounced her body around until she was lying on her side, her ass pressed against Toni's tits. Her position presented her sopping cunt once again to Harry.

Harry felt the hot knob of his cock sliding around clumsily against Sherry's thighs and belly. But he didn't want to tear his mouth away from Toni's cunt for a second to look where he was going. He took his time about finding Sherry's pussy, enjoying the slide of his juicing cock over her soft flesh.

Then Toni opened her eyes and saw what he was trying to do. She wrapped her hands around his cock and began guiding it to the wet, juicy fleece of Sherry's cunt.

Harry felt the sensitive skin on the head of his dick being tickled by the redhead's pussy fur. And then his cock was being held and caressed tightly, deep inside the warm, wet clasp of her cunt.


Toni gasped.

"YES! FUCK AND SUCK!" Sherry shrieked.

They both kept sliding their tongues around Toni's hot clit, making it stiffer by the second, as Harry began slowly pumping his big meat in and out of Sherry's hole. Sherry had the added pleasure of feeling Toni's soft body against her back. It made up for the slight discomfort of her twisted position. She felt the blonde's big tits, with their hard nipples, rubbing her ass as she vibrated in time to Harry's fucking strokes.

Harry reached down to Sherry's own tits, cupping one in his hand and caressing it, squeezing the nipple until it was shriveled and hard as a pebble.

Harry also discovered that he could just squeeze his hand in under his cheek and, without stopping his tongue for a second, could shove his thumb deep into Toni's cunt.

"It's a shame you don't have two cocks," Sherry chirped, reaching down to catch Harry's meat between her thumb and forefinger as it slid in and out of her pussy. She felt the vibration of his thumb sliding in and out of Toni's pussy, and then knew what they could do. "But you could give it to us both, if you want to, Harry!"

"How?" the man rasped.

"Pull out of Toni's pussy for just a minute, and I'll show you!"

Harry did as she asked, and then knelt to one side, his big cock swollen and wet with Sherry's cuntal juices. Then Sherry turned around on the bed and embraced Toni. Toni responded eagerly, turning to face the redhead and enfolding her in her arms. Now the two girls were lying on their sides, their clits rubbing together and stimulating each other even more.

"Now," Sherry said, "get in between our legs, Harry, like that, and give me a few strokes, and then stick it in Toni and give her a few strokes!"

Harry was wildly fisting his cock as he looked down at the delicious tangle of reddish and golden pubic curls. They were mashed together in a juicy mass as the two girls rubbed their clits together. He slid his hips in between their legs, lying on his side and facing Toni's lovely back. He thrust upward and rammed his cock back into Sherry's juicy pussy. He thrust in and out a few times, and then pulled all the way out and guided his prick into Toni's cunt.

He'd only pushed the head of his cock beyond the wet threshold of Toni's cunt-lips, when he sensed the difference in pussies. Where Sherry had been wet but tight, Toni was loose and even wetter. Fucking her cunt, in comparison to Sherry's, was like sticking his cock between two slabs of raw liver.

But the crazy, insane way they were fucking was a totally new and different experience. His prick had entered a whole new world of slippery, sliding warmth and wetness. The farther he shoved it, the better it got.

"Oh, fuck!" Toni muttered, writhing and groaning, massaging Harry's cock and Sherry's stiff clit at the same time. "Fuck, FUCK, THREE-WAY FUCK! AAAGGG HHHH, FUUUUUUUCCCCCKKK!"

Harry's dick was in Toni's pussy all the way to the root now, his balls squeezing against the hot lips of Sherry's cunt. He never wanted to pull it out again. Toni was driving him wild with lust as she rubbed and tickled and squeezed. Her juices ran from her hot hole, scalding the length of his sensitive meat. Sherry bent down to suck one of the gorgeous blonde's tits into her mouth. The effect on her cunt was immediate, and she began licking and sucking on a nipple as if her life depended on it. It got even hotter and wetter, until her cunt was a slippery, squirming cauldron of liquid lust.

And then Harry was alternating between Sherry's pussy and Toni's pussy. He would take a few strokes in one, pull out, and then ram into the other. It was wild, wonderful, beautiful.

"Just make us both come, Harry, that's all we ask!" Sherry grunted, humping her ass up and down to take the most advantage of the strokes from his hot, hard cock.

Harry began to alternate faster and faster, flipping his dick from one to the other after only a few short, fast strokes, each plunging deeper inside the two girls.


Sherry screamed, while she rubbed her gorgeous breasts against Toni's tight nipples.

Somehow, Sherry's words penetrated the lovely blonde's sex-crazed brain. Toni slowly lowered her head to Sherry's creamy tit and began sucking the full, perfect breast into her mouth.

"Ohhhh, it's good! Yes, suck my tits!" Sherry crooned, loving the way Toni was pumping her lips against her swollen breasts.

Now Harry wasn't paying any attention to what the two girls were doing. He was too busy fucking them, flipping his dick from one to the other so fast that it seemed to Sherry that he was hardly missing a stroke in her cunt. His hands were busy, too, kneading and stroking Toni's golden flesh and Sherry's creamy skin wherever he could grab a convenient handful. Toni was close to a climax now. Her skin was flushing pink, covered with a glistening coating of sweat, as her breath around the tit in her mouth became shallow and gasping. She was grinding her ass around to rub her pussy as hard as she could against Sherry's clit and Harry's cock.

She was moving around so much that it was difficult to hit the luscious target with his prick whenever it slid out of Sherry's cunt. Her pussy contracted around his cock with an incredible burst of strength. Toni was holding him inside her hole tightly, milking his prick with the slippery walls of her pussy, pulling it and sucking it and making him grind into her even deeper than before.

In no time, Harry let out a yell of pleasure as he felt himself coming like he'd never come before. He poured a flood of hot juice into Toni's cunt that seemed to have no end. It was being sucked up right out of the depths of his balls by her hungry pussy, sucked down the hot length of his prick, and then swallowed in her moist meat.

"OHHH, HARRY, ME! ME, TOO!" Sherry cried, whose cunt was now being left out of the action.

"I can't help it, baby," he rasped. "She's got me trapped inside her pussy. Oh, Jesus, I'm coming again!" Then he was pumping more juice into Toni's pussy, and the girl was groaning louder, incoherent now, obviously in the grip of a wild come.

"Fuck me, ohhh, fuck, fuck, FUCK ME!" Toni cried.

The excitement around her was too much for Sherry -- the kneading of Harry's hands on her tits and ass, the rubbing of Toni's clit, which had reached a new height of intensity as Harry fucked her more and more vigorously. Sherry felt herself coming, too, and she shrieked with joy as she ground her pussy even tighter against Toni's hot cunt.

And then all three of them were exploding with wild intensity, until, at last, they rolled to their sides, gasping and breathing out their fulfillment.

Minutes later, Toni raised on one elbow. She looked down at Sherry as her tits fell across the girl's red hair. "You know, Sherry, that if you were still flying you could do this any time you wanted to... anywhere in the world."

Sherry nodded. She knew only too well the truth of Toni's words. But how in hell could she pull it off?


Every morning for the following week, Sherry braced herself to tell Don that she was going back to flying. And each morning it as the same result -- she couldn't do it.

And then along came another weekend, and a call from Toni.

"Party tonight, darling. Gobs of wild, crazy people doing what we love to do best!"

"I'm not sure I can, Toni."

"Oh, don't be a drag, Sherry. Besides, Paul Clemons will be there. The party's at his house!"


"Head of stew personnel," Toni replied. "I told you about him. Sherry, you said you wanted to fly again. Well, to get the job, you have to go through Paul. All the flight schedules are full, but be nice to Paul and I'm sure you could get on."

"Oh, Toni, I don't know..."

"Oh, come on! Believe me, Sherry, Paul is very easy to be nice to! God, what a lover he is! And, on top of that, it's my going-away party."

"Your what?"

"My going-away party," Toni replied. "I didn't tell you? I'm working out of London starting next month."

It was a blow to Sherry. Suddenly, she realized how much she had come to rely on the fuck-sessions at Toni's apartment. They had given her an outlet for her frustrations, and they had actually seemed to help her marriage. Don seemed calmer around her, now that Sherry wasn't constantly in need of his sex.

What would she do without Toni? Would she start cruising bars, picking up men? Would she try the relative safety of lesbian bars and replace the thrills she got from Toni with another woman? Or, worst of all, would she resume the dangerous liaison with the young man, Bill Watson?

"Well, Sherry?"

"What time does the party start?"

"Eight-thirty or thereabouts. And, remember, it's an all-weekend affair!"

"I'll be there."

Sherry rang off and quickly fumbled in her book for her brother's number.


"Hi, Sis."

"I need a favor. Fay is sick and you want me to take care of her over the weekend."

Ken laughed. "Sherry, my wife hasn't been sick a day in her life."

"She is now, Ken. I have to get out of the house for the weekend."

"Ohhhh, got ya, kid. Sure, no problem."

She then called Don.

"Wow, honey, that's short notice. Can you get a flight?"

"I've already got one," Sherry replied, breathlessly. "Eight o'clock."

"Okay. Want me to drive you to the airport?"

"NO! I mean... no, it's alright. I'll drive and just leave my car in long-term parking."

Then it was a long shower and meticulous care with her hair and makeup. At seven she packed a bag and left the house, wearing a severe business suit just in case any of the nosy neighbors remembered and would voice, to Don, how strange it was that his wife would board an airplane in an evening gown that revealed nearly all of her voluptuous tits down to their dark nipples.

From the look on the gas station attendant's face when Sherry walked from the restroom, now dressed in the gown, be thought it was strange.

But Sherry didn't give a shit about him.

It was almost eight-thirty when Sherry set the parking brake and switched off the ignition. The house was ablaze with light, and when she opened her car door she could hear the stereo blasting away. Her heart quickened and her tits swelled as she entered the house, full of anticipation. She knew that, within the hour, she would be soundly fucked.

Toni met her in the alcove. "Oh, hello, darling!" the blonde said. "I'm glad you're here. The party got going a little early!"

And when Sherry followed Toni into the living room, it looked like the party had started very early. The room was filled with the smell of smoke -- both the straight kind and the more acrid kind. The liquor had obviously been flowing like water, and no one she saw seemed sober.

A cheer went up from all the men when Sherry entered the room and she was spotted. She would soon discover that every beautiful woman who entered was greeted this way.

"Just mill around, honey, and make yourself at home," Toni said, as someone shoved a drink in her hand and pulled her away to talk about something that couldn't wait.

Sherry shrugged and headed for the bar. There was no bartender, so she mixed herself a strong drink. Then she found a relatively quiet corner and looked the crowd over. They were the kind of people she had expected -- loud, happy, and bursting with life and exuberance. Most of the snatches of conversation she overheard were about either flying or fucking, and most of the people were drunk. Yet it seemed to her that these people were enjoying themselves more at this one party than she and her friends had enjoyed themselves at all their parties.

Most of the girls were stewardesses, and even the ones who weren't tried to look like stews on the make... the wide smiles, the "What can I get for you?" eyes. And all of them wantonly displayed and used their bodies. The dancing was nothing less than vertical intercourse.

There wasn't much time for Sherry to see any more. Harry Partlin found her in her corner and whisked her out, onto the dance floor. In no time, she found herself doing what all the other girls were doing. And she liked it.

"You want to fuck me now or wait 'til later?" Harry laughed in her ear.

Sherry returned the laugh. "Dance with me some more and rub that big meat against me, and I'll tell you!"

They never got that far. During the second dance, a stranger cut in. Harry left her, with a pat on her ass, and whispered, "Live a little, honey, and have a good time!"

The new man dancing with Sherry was about forty, handsome and very self-assured.

He danced exactly as Harry had.

"I'm Paul Clemons, your host."

"I know who you are, Sherry," he laughed, running his tongue along her earlobe. "I've heard all about you. And I could hardly wait 'til you arrived."

With all the gorgeous girls in the room, Sherry knew his line was bullshit. But, nevertheless, she loved it, and ran her pussy ever harder over his stiffening cock as they danced.

By the end of the dance, Sherry was hot and he was hard. And they both knew it. Again, he leaned close to her ear.

"Want to smoke?"

Sherry nodded, and Paul pulled her across the room to a door that opened into a bedroom. She balked at first, until, in the dimmer light, she saw that there were at least two other couples in the room.

She moved inside, and Paul closed the door behind them. From a box on a table at the head of the bed, he drew out a thin cigarette made of brownish paper and yellowish tobacco. The others were variously seated or sprawled around the room, some of them smoking, others simply staring at the ceiling.

It was then that Sherry saw that all the men were totally nude, and the women were down to their panties. There was a sharp, sweet smell to the air in the room that Sherry recognized as pot.

They passed the joint back and forth until it was almost gone. By that time, Sherry was hotter than ever and she could feel her head swimming. More of her reticence disappeared as she watched one girl on the floor lean over and take a man's cock into her mouth. It really turned Sherry on. She wasn't totally high yet, but she knew that when the time came, she would give herself to Paul Clemons with virtually no resistance.

Suddenly, Paul seemed like a very old friend, someone she had known for years.

Then she was aware that the music from the other room had become louder, and the driving rhythm seemed to be reverberating inside the hollows of her body, inside the already seeping flesh of her hot pussy.

Her breathing quickened and her pulse kept time with the music. Now she was aware of the pleasure of pot and was greedy for more. Paul brought her another stick, which they shared and she flew even higher. Now the music was coming from inside her skull and it was nicer music than before. Much better.

Standing up, leaning against the wall of the bedroom, became too much of a drag. She relaxed and allowed herself to slide, down to the floor. Paul came down beside her, his swarthy face split by the whiteness of his teeth.

The sliding down had raised Sherry's skirt to the tops of her thighs, but it was too much trouble to pull down. Besides, why pull it down? Who was here to see her naked thighs? Only friends were here. Only warm wonderful people whom she loved.

The music was louder. She couldn't tell if it was the music inside her head or the music from the other room. All she knew was that it was the most magnificent music she'd ever heard... tom-toms. Every beat found echo inside her body. At first it was a generalized reaction. But as the music continued, she began to feel individual parts of her body responding.

The flesh of her tits seemed to swell and pulse with every beat, and her body broke out in a sweat. And when the music increased in volume and tempo, it was as if invisible fingers were prodding the secret curves of her cunt and ass, making the muscles twitch and jerk spasmodically, making the flesh swell against the bonds of the clothing.

Her skin seemed to be burning and her lips were dry. Suddenly, there was a hand against her skin, above the inside of the knee, adding more heat to her already seething flesh. She opened her eyes, located the hand, dark against her whiteness, hairs bristling from the backs of the fingers. She followed that hand to the arms to which it was attached, then up that arm to the shoulder, across the shoulder to the neck, and up the neck to the face. It was Paul, and he was smiling so nicely at her. She returned the smile and moved her legs to give him freer access to her pussy and inner thighs.

The calluses of his hand made her flesh tingle and her nerve ends screamed with delight as he brushed up and down against the silky flesh. Then his smoothly shaven cheek was pressed into the hollow of her throat and his lips were tracing lines of fire down to the swells of her tits.

One of his hands moved from her thighs to her tits. The fingers insinuated themselves beneath the material of her bra and lightly caressed the pebbly flesh surrounding her nipples.

Everything he did seemed right. Each touch of his hands and lips not only brought pleasure, but seemed like the only thing in the world to do under the circumstances. She had a body and he had hands and, obviously, they belonged together.

"I want to take your clothes off," he growled into her ear, wet from the tip of his tongue. "I want to undress you, and thee I want to fuck you."

"Yes, yes, yes! Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Sherry chanted, spreading her long legs even wider.

She moaned aloud as she felt the fabric of her dress loosen around her chest. The next sensation was even greater as she felt the elastic of her bra drop away, and her huge tits burst into the coal air.

Then a hand completely covered the swollen and aching mound of her tit.

Paul rolled against her and Sherry, even in her drugged haze, realized that somehow he had gotten all his clothes off. He was totally naked, and the rigid hardness of his cock was pressed against her thigh.

"I want your body, Sherry," he hissed. "I want your cunt."

"Take it," she groaned. "Take my pussy and fuck it!"

Now the groaning and writhing from the other couples in the room came to Sherry's ears. She turned her head around to see the girl who had been sucking the man's cock beside them now on her back. Her legs were thrown high and wide in the air, with her ass held by the man's hands. His face was between her thighs, greedily slurping and licking her gyrating pussy.

Beyond them, on the edge of the bed, Sherry saw the second couple. The girl was screaming for the man to fuck her in the ass as she knelt with her knees on the floor and her elbows on the bed. Behind her, the man gently cased his prick into her ass-channel an inch or two, and then lunged forward, burying his cock to the hilt.

Sherry smiled. She could almost hear the man's balls splat against the girl's pussy below as he ruptured her asshole with his hard meat.

And then Sherry's attention was brought back to her body as Paul Clemons slid between her quivering thighs.

"How do you want it the first time, baby?" he growled.

"Straight and hard," Sherry rasped.

He took one of her hands and moved, it down to his swollen, throbbing meat. She closed her fingers over the giant prick, squeezing first and then moving her hand in a slow up-and-down rhythm on the shaft.

"You're huge!" she breathed. "So huge! I can hardly wait to feel it inside my pussy, Paul! Oh, Paul, fuck me with it... fuck me with your big beautiful cock! Now!"

Paul groaned and lunged forward, shoving his dick up her hole. With a loud cry of pleasure, he rammed all the meat he had up Sherry's crack. He shoved and shoved until his knob touched something at the end of her cunt.

He fucked her swiftly and thoroughly, exciting her with the hard, rhythmic thrust of his cock. Her insides became sopping wet and she gasped loudly, moving in tempo with him, bucking spasmodically when he shot a wad of juice into her.

"You came?" she cried. "Oh, you came too quickly, but, my God, I'm coming, too!" Spasms of passion racked her luscious body. She reacted like a woman gone crazy, almost violently crushing him with the vise of her thighs, tightening her cunt so that his prick was squeezed almost painfully.

"One more?" he grinned down at her.

"Yes, oh, yes! But let's do it another way. Ohhhh, I love the way your dick rises, just like a pole, straight up!"

"Get on top of me!"

Paul lay back while Sherry straddled him, bringing her hot body flush with his, raking his face with her slick-wet lips. He felt the cushions of her heavy tits, felt the sensual rhythm of her hips.

Sherry aimed his cock, rested her hairy cunt directly atop it, gathered her breath and sinking down.

He parted her easily, neatly, bringing a deep sigh from her lips. She lowered herself, taking it all in, more and more, until the lips of her pussy came to the base of his prick and juice overflowed, leaking along his balls.

"Oh, shit, this is paradise!" she gasped.

He fucked into her, straining himself to rise, feeling her juicy, hot cunt swallow all he had to offer, feeling the muscles within her oily pussy gripping and milking his prick. It was paradise for him, too.

"Fuck me, Paul! Fuck my ass off! Oh, God, I'm leaking like a river!"

"I'll fuck you, baby. I'll fuck the living ass off you. I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked!"

She was giving his cock a bath in her hot flesh. She could feel the juicy effects of her fucking spewing from the lips of her pussy to soak his balls and pubic hair.

She groaned as she felt the flow of her come build deep in her belly and start for her clit. Paul felt it, too, as he curled and sloshed his prick in her cunt with ever-increasing depths and speed.

"Oh, shit, baby, I'm gonna come... I'm comin' real good!" he cried.

"ME, TOO!" Sherry shrieked, reaching around her squirming body to fondle and squeeze his balls. "Pound your prick up into me, Paul! HURT ME WITH YOUR WONDERFUL COCK!"

His prick was pulsing on toward a devastating orgasm as her boiling pussy pounded up and down his shaft. He could feel great gushes of hot liquid searing the base of his dick as Sherry started her come.

Her thighs slapped his. She braced herself for the overpowering onslaught of released passion. A great gasp erupted from her throat and her thighs flew apart, even wider. Paul burrowed deeper into the gooey folds of her cunt-flesh, his cock vibrating wildly to bring her off.

And it happened for both of them.

He shoved his prick tight up into her seething pussy. One long stroke and then another. Then an explosion racked both of their bodies. It was a frantic, leaping stroke that cracked in Sherry's pussy like a whip and sent his cum rocketing solidly up her hole.

When she felt his jism cascading into her, she reached her own climax. His cock stuck deep in her and she gripped it tightly. At the same time, she threw her legs wide on either side of his body and began a series of wild, bicycle-like gyrations that rotated her pelvis in every direction at once.

Paul bellowed aloud at the overwhelming and excruciating pleasure that raced through the head of his cock as she throbbed and cried her way through her come.

Sherry kept up her manipulations until his prick was soft enough to slip from her grasp. Then she rolled over and sighed contentedly.

Her mind was still in a drug-filled haze, and her pussy was still hot for more cock. She reached over and grasped Paul's now-deflated meat. It was no good, she could feel it. He would need time to recuperate. But she couldn't wait. She didn't want to wait!

And then she heard a voice at the door. Toni's voice.

"Hey, gang, come on!" she called into the other room. "It looks like the party's in here!"

Sherry heard feet approaching her on the floor, and then hands were picking her up, carrying her. Gently, her body was placed on the bed, and she sensed someone beside her. She opened her eyes for just a second and rolled her head to the side. It was Toni, smiling at her. And already a tall blond man was working wildly above Toni's equally blonde body, shoving his dick with relentless fury in and out of her pussy.

"Don't you just love to fuck?" Toni giggled to her friend.

Sherry could only nod as she felt another body join hers on the bed. She looked down through slitted eyes. It was Harry again. He hovered between her thighs, with his rigid meat pointing directly at her pussy. He was grinning at her as his eyes roamed around the bed. Sherry's eyes followed his gaze, and she saw several more men waiting their turn.

Her foggy mind suddenly comprehended theirs intent. They were all going to fuck her!

No! she thought. Oh, no, that's not the way it should be. One cock at a time, yes, but not a horde of them!

She tried to writhe away from Harry's grasp, but two of the men grabbed her arms and held them fast above her head.

"What's the matter, Sherry, honey?" Harry chuckled. "You wanted some cock, didn't you? Well, you're going to get it, baby!"

Suddenly Sherry felt self-conscious about her nakedness, and wished there was somewhere she could hide. Her tits heaved as her breathing quickened. Her heart beat double-time, and she could feel the sweat breaking out on the palms of her hands. She hadn't counted on this. Suddenly she was afraid of them. They seemed more like beasts than men. They studied her like animal waiting for the kill, their eyes cruel and their mouths twisted into leers. She could feel the searing glares as they dissected her body, ripping at her tits and pulling away the furry mat of hair that covered her cunt.

Uselessly, she tried to defend herself from them by tightening her legs. Harry only laughed and spread them again.

Then she saw their cocks... all hard and all pointed at her.

Harry was speaking. "Gentlemen, I give you Sherry Marshall, and all her charms! Believe me, she's as lovely a piece of ass as you'll ever stick a dick into! First of all, notice her tits. What fine plump melons they, are! Look how the rosy nipples rise at the slightest provocation!"

No! Sherry's mind screamed. No, no, no! Not this way! I don't want it to happen this way. I'm a woman... not a piece of meat!

But the men were playing with her tits, her ass, her thighs. And Harry was running the huge knob of his hard dick up and down her slit, pausing now and then to grind it against her erect clit.

Sherry felt herself slipping. There was nothing she could do about it. And, suddenly, she knew it. She choked and started playing with her tits, thrusting them out to her audience, taunting them all with her voluptuous body. As she admitted it to herself, she became what she wanted to be... totally uninhibited. Suddenly, there was no fear or humiliation -- there was only desire. She was as much a beast as they. A whore hell-bent on getting fucked by as many cocks as she could.

She saw all the rigid pricks around her as a huge challenge. There were suddenly no threat at all.

"Spread your legs, honey," Harry ordered gently. "Show us all your beautiful hot pussy!" He pushed her back, intending that she stay flat on the bed. But Sherry propped herself up on her elbows and smilingly watched as Harry proceeded to spread and display her pussy.

As the big man spread her legs wide apart and, in turn, her cunt, someone shoved another joint between Sherry's lips. She dragged deeply on the cigarette, holding the smoke as long as possible in her lungs. It helped. It helped so much that she helped Harry, and stretched her cunt as wide as she could.

He separated the soft, pink lips of her pussy so that everyone could appreciate the glistening, cum-dripping flesh. The erect clit at its top was still excited, and stood out beyond the lips, straining to be touched and massaged.

Then Harry was bending his head between her thighs. Even wider his fingers opened her hot slit. Sherry's body jumped at the touch of his tongue and raised itself off the bed at the shock of the contact.

She moaned a long sigh as his talented tongue delved between the parted lips of her pussy. He licked the inner edges of her cuntlips, his hot tongue occasionally touching on the fingers that held her pussy apart. Sherry began to swivel her ass under his eager mouth, pushing her excited clit up into his face.

She closed her eyes and sighed again. She needed this... wanted it more than anything in the world. Just as she needed every fucking she had ever gotten. But this time it was different. She was free... not driven to lust but plunging into it with no holds barred. She flexed the muscles of her ass so that her pussy mound jerked up and down erotically.

"My clit!" she cried suddenly. "Lick my clit, you damn cunt-lapper!"

The hard stub was on fire with excitement, and when Harry touched it with the curled tip of his tongue, it felt like balls of flame were bursting inside her.

"Ohhhhh, yes, yesssss," she grunted. "Oh, lick me, eat me! It feels so GOOD!"

He licked and massaged the tender bud, rolling it with his tongue and pushing it back and forth and finally using his teeth to seize it and gnaw at its hard tip. He locked his mouth over it and sucked it up between his teeth, stretching it until Sherry screamed that she couldn't stand any more.

She panted and pumped her hot pussy up and down into his face. Her body was wholly absorbed by the erotic impulses Harry's mouth was shooting into her. Abruptly, his head withdrew from between her legs. She felt the shock of cool air on her overheated meat. She held her lips open so that her cunt gaped like a hungry mouth waiting to be fed.

"Ohhhh, DON'T STOP!" she cried. "Eat me, suck me! Anything, PLEASE!"

For a moment, no one moved. Then a short, dark man came forward. Sherry's eyes went immediately to his cock. It stood out stiff and hard from between his massive legs. It was the biggest cock she'd ever seen. The man was built like a Goddamn horse! Even in her drugged state, Sherry knew she couldn't take it. The head alone was a massive knob as big as her fist. She wanted to be fucked... to be totally stuffed with cum and cock... but what confronted her now was frightening. It could split her apart. Her hands slid between her legs.

Her intent was to protect herself from this giant. But in her movement, her sharp nails raked across her incredibly aroused clit.

"Shit! Oh, shit, shit, shit!" she yelled wildly. Horse-cock or not, her pussy burned and throbbed from the sucking it had just received. It was impossible to stop now. She needed a cock... any cock. She looked back up at the short, stocky man hovering over her.

"Okay, come on, horse-cock!" she chided. "Get on with it!"

The man with the elephant-size prick hastily climbed on the bed and kneeled between her legs. He gripped the base of his heavy meat and held it poised above her waiting slit.

Sherry writhed in anticipation. "Hurry up!" she hissed. "Get on with it, you bastard. Fuck me!" Her ass joggled up and down beneath him.

Slowly and carefully, he guided his giant tool toward her cunt hole. Sherry felt its hot, rough surface as it contacted the wet lips of her pussy, and her body thrilled to the touch of it.

She anticipated his first lunge. She knew the cock was capable of splitting her wide open, but she wanted it nevertheless. She reveled in the thought of the pain it would bring her.

She felt the huge head butt into her, and then, with a sudden surge, it was inside, its huge head buried in the depths of her cunt, straining against her sides, as if it would push the shit right out of her.

It couldn't possibly go any farther, she thought, but still it continued to penetrate. She went wild with pain. Even the pot was ineffective as the enormous cock bore into her, relentlessly stretching and forcing her cunt flesh to yield.

She was positive she could take no more of it, and she begged him to stop. He only grunted and pushed in. The others laughed and urged him on.

Sherry looked down between her legs, and hysterically screamed at him again. He was only half-way in!

He stopped then, and flexed the huge rod, making the mammoth head swell and then recede. Along with the withdrawal, Sherry's pain also receded. Slowly, very slowly, she became re-stimulated as he eased the huge tool in and out of her with short, stroking motions. He was more gentle now, and the cum dripping from his dick lubed her cuntal track so that what was once too much for her soon became not enough.

Gradually, he fed her more and more of the incredible cock until, at last, she was taking the whole prick and fucking it.

Never had Sherry been fucked like this. The huge cock pressed so full and so hard against her cuntal walls that her whole lower body felt stuffed.

And each stroke of the mighty piston drove her higher into fuck-heaven.


Sherry screamed, as she fucked at a maddening pace against the giant rod embedded inside her.

She writhed and hunched her over-filled pussy back and forth over his horse-cock. She answered every thrust with one equal to his. He fucked her faster and faster, until it was at a furious tempo, ramming his huge meat in and out of her slit as if determined to cum in her throat.

Sherry squealed with fuck-madness and locked her legs around his thick waist, bumping and spinning her ass around the massive cock-stump. She felt like she was going to take off. She thrashed against him, trying to take him with her. Her pelvis collided with his in resounding smacks. Their bodies crashed together and pulled apart only long enough to get leverage and additional momentum.

Sherry screamed and sobbed.

He grunted like a rutting animal. Sweat poured off his body, dripping frequently into her mouth. To her it was an aphrodisiac, and the taste and smell of their body-juices spurred her to greater heights.

Her arms clutched at him and her long nails dug and raked at his back as he pounded his great prick into her again and again, up and down her gooey cunt-hole.

She felt as if the giant cock were pounding against her tits, so far was it into her now, and she could feel tremendous heat surge through her tits. Her mouth gaped open. She gasped convulsively.

And then she came.

When she came, it was like a bomb exploding in her gut. A raging inferno spread through her body, scorching every nerve ending it touched. She shrilled crazily. As though her scream was a signal to come, he responded with a jetting tidal wave of jism and flooded her cunt, finally cooling her fiery pussy.

Sherry lay exhausted. Her pussy still felt magnificent... tired but satisfied. She lay there staring up, happily spent and still doped up enough not to notice the developing soreness in her body.

The man dismounted and his big cock popped out of her cunt with a loud sucking sound, leaving a round hole in its place. A milky fluid rolled out from between her legs. The animal scent mingled with her juice made nostrils flare and impatient cocks bob and spit cum.

Dimly, Sherry became aware of the others about her... of the many swollen cocks still pointing at her. She studied them. The realization of what they wanted, intended having, overcame the influence of the pot. It was impossible to think that they might want more of her than she'd already given.

But they did. And they got it!

The pain nearly made her faint. A heavy thrust of cock, and she was giving in willingly once more. She was turned into an insatiable whore.

She took them all on... one by one.

Then at last, she was down to the last three, and all three of them were fucking her, all at once. She had a cock in her cunt, a cock in her asshole, and a huge cock shoved all the way down her throat which she lovingly and loudly sucked.

Sherry was completely suspended off the bed now by the two pricks being driven into her cunt and shit-hole. She was shuddering as the waves of agony and bliss tore through her cunt and asshole. She was shuddering as the waves of pain ripped through her, her belly puffed and swollen, filled with the gigantic cocks.

Slowly, they fucked into her with long, hard strokes. Holding her by the hips, they fucked her up and down. She was only a mass of quivering flesh, begging to be fucked. Her hips lurched up and down on the swollen hunks of male meat, screaming at them to fuck her harder, to ram deeper, ever deeper into her body. Her head twisted wildly from side to side, her hair whipping crazily around the cock she sucked, as her climbing orgasm tortured her body.

Suddenly, there was a wild, wailing cry from all four of them, and Sherry's body accepted the cum from all three pricks as her pussy exploded in a nerve-shattering orgasm.

It was then that she passed out.


Much to Sherry's surprise, Don only shrugged and nodded when she returned home Sunday night and told him that she was going back to work, back to flying.

That night she disrobed carefully, in the dark, so Don wouldn't see the bruises on her body.

Monday morning she arose early, before Don, and showered her aching body under blasting-hot and then ice-cold water. When she could actually feel her flesh turning blue she turned the water off and quickly stepped out of the shower.

The rest of the bathroom was still warm and misty from the hot shower and she thanked God for that. A towel applied briskly to her skin got the circulation going once more and covered the blue with a tinge of red. In the mirror over the sink she gave herself a rueful smile.

Perhaps it was true with all people, but at least with her the shock of the cold shower in the morning, the physical discomfort, always made the world look better. Everything seemed to brighten.

She brushed her teeth and fixed her hair quickly, then abandoned the bathroom to Don. He would shower and shave and dress while she was fixing breakfast. She carefully wrapped a large bath towel around her body to hide most of the bruises. Don was awake and stripped out of his pajamas, waiting for the bath.

"Good morning, darling," Sherry said.

His only answer as he passed her was a mumbled, "Good morning."

Something was wrong, and Sherry knew it. His retort tore into her heart. Could he know? Could he have possibly guessed what she had been up to? She wanted to run to him and throw herself into his arms. But he was already inside the bathroom, and the door was closed.

She sighed and slipped into a quilted housecoat. Her feet kicked into a pair of slippers and she stayed in the bedroom long enough to put on some lipstick. It always paid to let the husband leave the house in the morning with a good taste in his mouth, with a good picture of his wife in his memory.

She made the coffee first, filling the percolator with water, adding grounds to the basket, plugging the thing into the socket. Then she prepared the frying pan and the bacon and eggs, but didn't start them cooking. There would be time enough for that when she heard him slam the bathroom door. It was the way he signaled her every morning.

For herself, she made a bowl of hot cereal, boiling the water and adding the cereal grains. While everything was cooking, or waiting to be cooked, she sliced a grapefruit in half and then sectioned it. The bathroom door slammed just as she finished with the grapefruit, and she swung into action.

Into the toaster went four slices of bread. Then four slices of bacon went into the frying pan. She was just turning the bacon when Don came into the kitchen. He swung his long leg over the back of the chair, pulled the four slices of toast from the toaster, buttered them, and turned to his grapefruit.

Sherry broke three eggs into the frying pan and while they fried she drained the grease from the bacon. After she turned the eggs over, she shut off the light under her cereal and poured it from the pot. When she slid the bacon and eggs onto the plate, the coffee stopped bubbling and there was a split second of silence in the kitchen.

The routine hadn't changed in years. It always worked. It had taken them a long time to set up this routine, but it worked like a charm. Everything got done and nothing got cold, and they always ate their breakfast together.

But something was different this morning. Sherry could sense it. The routine was boring, but she had gotten used to it. Now there was an added something, and she couldn't put her finger on it.

Don busied himself with his bacon and eggs while Sherry ate her grapefruit. Then she had her cereal while he had his first cup of coffee. She cleared a few of the dishes away while he gathered up the things he was taking into the city with him. When he was ready, he walked to the door and Sherry stood up on tiptoe for her kiss.

"I don't think I'll be home until very, very late tonight, Sherry," he told her, as he picked up his briefcase and paused at the front door. "Oh, by the way, there's a note on the pad for you to call your brother Ken. He's in a motel here in town. It seems that Fay left him. As a matter of fact, she wasn't home when he got there last Friday night."

And then Don was out the door and Sherry heard his car start before the full realization hit her.

Don knew -- there was no question about it, now. Only the details weren't in the open, but he could probably guess most of them. Her alibi, her brother's wife being sick, was blown to hell.

"How did it happen?" Sherry asked, sipping her drink and studying her brother over the rim of her glass.

"It was bound to happen," Ken shrugged. "Hell, Sherry, I'm just like you are. Marriage bores me. I've been fucking around for months. It was only a matter of time before Fay found out. Then it was only another matter of time until she left me."

"She picked one hell of a time to do it!" Sherry laughed.

"Yeah. Hey, Sis, look, I'm sorry I screwed you up."

It was Sherry's turn to shrug. "I guess it was only a matter of time until I screwed up. It was bound to happen, the same as you. I think I've been bored with Don ever since the beginning. Did I ever tell you I fucked another guy during our honeymoon?"

Ken threw back his head and laughed. "No shit?"

"I not only fucked him, we did it in the same bed with Don while he was asleep!"

Her brother's laughter went up an octave. "Sis, you're something else! But then, I guess we both are. It seems we're both alike."

"Yeah," Sherry nodded, "I guess we are."

She began studying her brother with a keener eye. He was so handsome and virile. He, as a boy, had been more of a man than her husband. Her tits began to swell with passion in her bra as she remembered all the times she and her brother had made it together when they were kids.

Yes, she thought, Ken had, probably been the best lover she had ever had.

And that was saying a lot.

It was as if there were some outside source controlling both her mind and her body as Sherry set her glass down and stood up. She walked to the bed where her brother, naked to the waist, sat staring at her.

Sherry stopped directly in front of him.

Ken's face was crotch-high and his eyes were boring into the puffy mound that her thick cunt fur made in the front of her tight skirt.

"Do you remember when we were kids? How we used to make it together?" she whispered.

"Do I? How could I ever forget it!" he replied, letting his eyes drift up to meet his sister's.

The woman who stared back at him reeked with sex, as glaring and bold as a neon sign. From her smoldering green eyes to her ripe creamy tits, half-exposed from the unbuttoned top of her blouse, to her plump hips to her generous thighs and long, stunning legs.

Sherry was the embodiment of pure sex.

Suddenly, Sherry gathered her skirt in her hands and pulled it clear up to her waist. Her russet pussy gleamed at her brother through the thin, filmy nylon of her panties.

"Do you remember this?"

Ken could only gurgle, his body shaking as his tongue came out to wet his dry lips.

"Does my pussy still do the things for you that it used to, Ken?"

He didn't answer her with words. Instead, he stood, undid his belt and his zipper. He sat back down on the bed as his pants dropped to his ankles. His huge cock -- the cock that had given Sherry so much pleasure in the past was like a long ten-inch-thick spear sticking up from his groin-hair.

Sherry couldn't help it, she had to laugh. "Jesus, you must still be hot far me!"

"Oh, believe me, Sis... I've never stopped being hot for you."

Sherry took a few steps backward from him and began removing all her clothes, a piece at a time, carefully building with each piece of discarded garment, the throbbing of his hard dick. By the time she was stark naked, they were both more than ready for sex.

And then Ken was seeing her as he had seen her before. Suddenly, Sherry was no longer his sister -- she was a beautiful, redheaded piece of ass, waiting and wanting his hard cock. He kept staring at her body -- her beautiful face, her large ripe tits, and the auburn hair at the junction of her hips.

He got up off the bed and walked to a spot in front of her. He dropped to his knees and placed his face squarely into the damp fur between her legs. The odor of pussy-juice assailed his nostrils and he began to eat her while she was standing.

Sherry moaned and pushed her pelvis forward, giving him better access to her cunt with his tongue. She began to squeeze her tits with one hand and run her fingers through his hair with the other.

"Ohhh, eat me, Ken. Just crawl right in there and go for it!"

Ken was totally mesmerized by the gleaming pink lips of her gorgeous pussy. Even as he knelt and lowered his head between her thighs, he told himself that he had to break the hold that his crazy sister had over his cock. But even as his head parted Sherry's thighs, he knew he was hooked. He knew they were both hooked. Pay was lost to him and Sherry's husband was lost to her. That left them with each other.

And, somehow, Ken knew that it was always meant to be.

Then his tongue was licking her flesh until it shone. Around and around her thighs he roamed, and then back up to her pussy. The hard red tip of his tongue parted her slit and she could feel the heat of his saliva dribbling into her crack.

"Oh, God!" Sherry cried, when his tongue drove into her wet hole and his upper lip mashed against her clit. Up and down, around and around went his tongue inside her.

His head moved back up across her belly while his hand continued to gently caress her pussy. She was squirming with sexual heat and her cunt was overflowing with steaming juices. Hands and tongue were all over her, assaulting her body with a sensual force that was getting her hotter and hotter.

Ken took his mouth from her tit and kissed her, ramming his tongue into her mouth hungrily. At the same time, he finger-fucked her, making her ass wiggle in response. Her clit rose to his touch and pulsated with lust.

She moaned out her need and wrapped her arms around his neck. She held onto him tightly, their open mouths grinding together.

Ken pulled his head back slightly. "Jesus, you're a bitch... a cock-hungry, ball-busting bitch."

"I know it, lover. And I know you dig it. Now get me off!"

Back down across her belly went his face and that hot, darting tongue that seemed to never get dry. His head was between her thighs, the tongue licking their sticky wetness. Then he mashed the lips of his mouth against the lips of her cunt and his tongue slithered into the slit and up her fuck-hole.

Then Sherry was pushing his head away from her gyrating cunt. Ken rolled his head up until his eyes met hers. His chin still caressed her cunt-lips and her hard clit between them.


"Yes, you darling fucker! Yes, my great big fucking brother! Come on, let's FUCK!"

Ken swept his sister from her feet, carrying her to the bed. He gently deposited her as her body shuddered with anticipation.

"God, Ken, why did we ever stop fucking each other?"

"I dunno, Sis. But I know we're gonna rectify it... right now!"

He dropped his hand to her knee and moved it upward, between her smooth, silky thighs, until it came to rest at the top of her hairy slit. His fingers found their way between the wiry hair and her oozing cunt-lips.

Sherry shivered at his touch. She felt her clit stiffening under a massaging thumb while his finger ran along the moist, warm slit. She reached down and fondled the long, hard line of his throbbing prick.

"I want your cock," she cooed, rolling over to face him.

Her voice was husky with wanting. Her fingers slowly massaged the heavy foreskin back and forth over the jerking cock-head. She could sense the blood throbbing vigorously into his large, expanded prick-tip. Droplets of thick white cum had already begun to seep from the tip, smearing wetly against her delicate fingers.

She lay beside him and they kissed, a lingering, tongue-clashing kiss that said it all. They were flesh against flesh and their tongues told each other what they wanted.

"You're so hard," she moaned. "You're hard as a fucking rock."

"I'm hard for you, Sis... for you," Ken breathed.

She moaned softly, feeling his prick come alive in her hand.

"Good... that feels good," he groaned, cupping and kneading her fleshy tits.

"I want you," she gasped. "I want to feel all of this pounding prick inside me, tearing me apart!"

Her voice trembled and grew fainter as she moved down his body. For a brief moment, she hesitated at his crotch. Ken's body stiffened, then relaxed to the sudden surrounding of her warm, pouting lips and darting, caressing tongue. The skin on his prick tightened. He opened his legs, his hard cock pointing upward. She felt his hands on the back of her head. Then he leaned over her, caressed her hair, her neck, her armpits. He ran his fingers along her smooth bare back.

"Oh, God, honey," he gasped. "Be careful. I'll come in your mouth!"

Sherry let his prick slip from her lips. The big cock glistened with her saliva. "I want it in my cunt, Ken. I want you there, right there! Feel me... fed my pussy! See how wet I am?"

His hand went to her crotch. He felt the moist warmth of her cunt.

Her thighs were slightly spread and the skin gleamed with perspiration and the moisture that had seeped from the steaming walls of her pussy. He could see the pink lips of her pussy buried in the thick mat of her hair.

"You're beautiful," he gasped.

Sherry grasped his cock and pulled the dripping head to her cuntal mouth. She felt him tense and gasp as the head of his dick was slipped between her pussy-lips.

"Now, Ken, darling... NOW!"

He sent half of his cock into her in one lunge. Two more quick, hard thrusts and his prick was fully embedded, up to his balls.

Sherry moaned and hoisted her ass from the bed, giving his cock full access to her hole.

"Good... good, good!" she cooed.

He started stroking -- in and out went his prick, up and down went his ass. Smoothly and slowly he fucked her juicy pussy. It felt wonderful. His cock was long and thick and hard.

He slid his prick out until she could see his cock-head at the rise of her cuntal slit. Then, viciously, he slammed it back into her pussy again.

"That's it... that's it! Oh, shit, that's beautiful, Ken!"

"You've got such a tight pussy," her brother panted. "It's so nice and tight and wet!"

"Fuck me, Ken! Oh, darling, fuck me hard make me come! Make me squirm on your beautiful cock!"

He started fucking faster and faster. Soon he was whipping his big prick in and out of her hole with stunning force and regularity.

"Your pussy feels delicious, Sis! God, what a piece of ass!"

Sherry moved her hips in unison with his, pumping up and down furiously, catching every thrust squarely in her eager cunt.

"Yes, yes, fuck, fuck, fuck! Oh, I love it! I LOVE IT!"

Ken grinned down at her, loving the pleasure he was giving and getting. He thrust harder, the strokes becoming longer, the sound of wet flesh against wet flesh accompanying each movement. The channel of her cunt was tight but at the same time moist and slick. It gave off a wondrous odor that filled them both with desire.

He moved his hands to her ass, taking one cheek in each palm. Sherry moaned again, louder, and ground the lips of her cunt hard against the thick base of his meat. Her hard clit was getting the full benefit of his long staff.

"I LOVE IT!" she shrieked. "I love your cock, darling Ken! Don't stop... go, GO!"

He managed to shove one finger, and then two, into her already-filled cunt, increasing the pressure on her clit.

"I love it, too, baby," he groaned. "My dick is loving your pussy!"

Sherry's hips pumped faster, matching the pace and rhythm of his. She savored the sensations that her brother's big cock produced. She was aware of every throbbing inch of his prick as it slid in and out of her slit. Her cunt seemed to suck at his wide, swollen meat. He spread his legs, placing his feet against the end of the bed so he could drive into her even harder.

Her legs wrapped around his back. Her heels dug into his hard, lean asscheeks. The sounds that filled the room were animal-like.

Two animals in heat, pounding away at each other's flesh, seeking release. She could feel it coming. Starting at the base of her spine, building, building and rising toward her clit.

"Oh, fill me up! FILL ME UP!" she shrieked, her body a mass of heaving, bucking flesh.

They were coming together, in wave after wave of quaking passion. Sherry's cunt pulsated and throbbed. She could feel her muscles contract and expand as she poured her hot juices on Ken's spurting cock. Her hole was sopping wet and getting wetter as her brother poured stream after stream of white hot liquid into her.

They both came as they had never come before, with each other or anyone else. But still they couldn't get enough.

Ken pulled his dick from her syrupy pussy and was immediately licking his way down between her big tits, across her belly and into the fur of her cunt.

"Ohh, yesss, yesssss, eat me again!" Sherry rasped, pushing his head hard between her thighs. "Give me pleasure again with your wonderful tongue! Oh, shit, I want it, I need it SO BAD! I want everything from you, Ken... your tongue, your cock, your everything!"

"Yeah!" he moaned, and mashed his face between her thighs.

"Yes, yes... kneel down and suck it! Your tongue there, now my clit! Oh, shit, it's good! My pussy's gushing with juice!"

He gently teased her throbbing little clit up and down, mashing, pinching the bud between his thumb and finger. His tongue was driving inside her cunt now.

Sherry's legs trembled. She put her hands on his shoulders, her fingernails digging into the hard muscle and flesh. Her tits rubbed against each other as she squeezed them together. "More, more, give me MORE!"

He spread her legs even wider apart. He knelt down between the firm columns of her flesh and brought his face to her heated crotch. He laved her slit, then licked the thick, silky lips of her pussy.

He ran his tongue over the moist folds of her cunt. He loved it, and the hard tip of his driving tongue told her so.

Sherry screamed with sheer ecstasy. Her thighs did a fitful dance, up and down, slamming, spreading, her body convulsing as his hands grasped the cheeks of her ass.

"I want it now... now, NOW!"

"Take it!" he yelled, returning her eagerness. "You've only got one hole left, Sis and I'm gonna fill it!"

"Yes, YES!" she squealed. "That's where I want it! I want your beautiful dick up my ASS!"

She rose to her knees before him and savagely pushed him back onto the bed. His cock again stood erect like a telephone pole. She straddled him and positioned the head of his mighty cock at the hole of her ass.

Then she moved down slowly, her wet thighs and hips just above him. Lower and lower she came, down, slowly down, touching his body, then resting on him, twisting so that her asscheeks rubbed hotly over his raised thighs, spreading her hot juices over them and his cock.

"My dick is ready for you, baby," Ken sighed.

"And I'll take it!"

She gently caressed her asshole with his thick pole. Then her hips came down, guiding her hot asshole, until she at last feasted on his cock, her asshole clutching his throbbing hardness inside her.

"Ohhh, shit, shit, shit! You've got it all! You've got all my dick up your ass!"

"Yes, yes, I can feel it!" Sherry gurgled. "And it feels so fucking GOOD! It's so beautiful up my ASSSSSSS!" She began bouncing gleefully, with total abandon, on the thick rod of his cock. "Hunch up with your hips, darling! Drive your meat as hard as you can up my shit-hole! Harder, you big fucker, HARDER!"

Ken's hands gripped the soft flesh of her hips and pulled her up and down against him until his prick was buried to its root inside her hot asshole. As he hunched up and down into her, each thrust became more forceful than the last. Sherry closed her eyes and panted, going faster, faster.

And then she screamed as the spasm of ecstasy went ripping through her pussy.


"Yes, more," she panted. "Just... just a second!"

She lay on top of him for a moment, trying to catch her breath, while he explored her asscheeks with his sweaty hands. Then she rose up and began to move her hips. His hands slipped around to the front of her creamy body, cupping her swaying, jiggling tits.

As she bounced and rotated her succulent body above him, he caressed her big jugs, his fingers and thumbs rolling and rubbing at the hard tips.

Ken closed his eyes and let Sherry ride his thrusting cock. Her legs squirmed up beside him so she could get more of his prick into her ass, and he felt his big shaft hitting bottom as her butt dropped on his thighs. He held back his cum as he pumped into her. Her steady moans of pleasure erupted in squeals of ecstasy as she worked up to yet another peak, shot over, and started the climb all over again.

Finally, he lost control. When she felt her body tightening with excitement, his grunt of satisfaction mingled with her shrieks of delight, and he shot his boiling cum into her ass, his body tingling from the pleasure rippling through him.

Sherry collapsed beside him, exhausted, and the room was filled with their hoarse breathing as they relaxed in the afterglow of ecstasy. Ken saw the smile of satisfaction on his sister's face. He had done his job well.

"Was it good, baby?" he asked, a smile of total innocence returning to his face.

"You know it was," she smiled. "And I'll never let it get away from me again!"

"What's to become of us?"

Sherry's smile widened. "It already has, darling brother. We're together now... and it looks as though we're destined to stay that way. You'll go back to work, I'll go back to flying... and there's always the in-between time!"


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