Two horny cousins

Most of us lead two lives -- real and fantasy. The housewife imagines herself leading a life of luxury, surrounded by jewels and furs. The businessman imagines himself away from the rat race, painting or fishing by a quiet lake. The school age dreams of one day having wealth and power. And then there are sexual fantasies -- wild dreams we seldom expect to come true, desires we often suppress.

In this story, an attractive teenager finds her suppressed fantasies suddenly brought out into the open, brought to life as she never imagined they could be. With just the right stimulus, she discovers in herself an irrepressible appetite for sex, a carnal craving she never thought she could exploit.

TWO HORNY COUSINS -- a story dealing with a sexual dilemma that confronts all of us in one form or another. An account of one girl's solution to a nagging frustration.


"Get down!" Fern said. "They'll see you!" Penny giggled and eased herself back down onto the beach blanket.

"So what? So they see me! What do you think they'd rather get -- an eyeful of saltwater or an eyeful of tits and ass?"

"You have a dirty mind," Fern said, parting the tall sea grasses and looking down on the beach below. From up here on top of the dunes, she could see up and down the beach for miles. To the north, she could see the pier at Flagler Beach, and to the south, the Ormond Beach Pier. And beyond both piers, far beyond both piers, she could see to where the Atlantic coastline dissolved in curtains of sea mist.

"Are they looking?" Penny asked.

"No, they're not looking, thank God! If they were, I'd be putting on my bikini faster than one of them falls off his board."

"Oh, sure you would!" Penny said, and she reached over and pinched Fern's hanging left tit -- right on the nipple.

"Ouch!" Fern fell forward. She reached underneath her chest and rubbed her injured nipple. It stung terribly, as if some vicious sea crab had nabbed it with pincers. She kicked at Penny, trying to claw her sadistic cousin with her toenails, but Penny rolled off the blanket laughing.

"Sorry," Penny said, "but I just couldn't resist. It was hanging there so pretty and pink just dying for a love-pinch."

"Love-pinch, my ass!"

"If you insist," Penny said, and before Fern knew what was happening, Penny darted her hand at Fern's exposed ass and pinched it even harder than she had pinched her nipple.

"Damn you!" Fern said, and she kicked out viciously.

Penny escaped again, rolling in the sand and holding her gut from laughter.

"Shh! Not so loud," she said. "They might hear us." And she laughed even harder.

Fern lay on her side, rubbing her pinched asscheek. She couldn't quite see where Penny had pinched her, but she was positive that the spot had already turned black and blue.

"I wish they'd hear us," Fern said. "I'd love to see them come up here and take care of you."

Penny smiled wickedly. "They'd take care of you, too."

"I'd run away," Fern said. "Then I'd sneak back and hide in the sea grass, and I'd watch them take care of you."

"Mmm! Heaven!" Penny said. "I'd love it."

"That's what you say now," Fern said.

"That's what I'd say then, too."

"They're mean. Daytona boys are tough. And the surfers are the toughest." Fern wasn't sure about her statements, but they sounded good.

Penny rolled her eyes and sighed. "Mmm! Just how I like 'em -- mean and tough. I can handle it honey."

Fern wrinkled her nose and stuck out her tongue at her cousin. Penny was a hopeless case. Whatever Fern said, Penny knew better. Typical Chicago girl, Fern thought, and she thanked God she'd gotten out of that city before she'd turned into a smart-mouthed Chicago girl herself.

Penny smiled triumphantly and slipped back onto the blanket. Before Fern could resist, Penny threw her arm over her cousin's shoulder and pulled her close.

"Sorry," Penny said. "Forgive me?" And she kissed Fern on the nose.

"I suppose," Fern said, resting her chin on her hands and pretending to relax.

But she wasn't relaxing. She was tense, coiled up inside, ready to spring on Penny if she should try anything funny again. She was half hoping Penny would make a move. She'd be ready for her this time.

"Good," Penny said, parting the sea grasses and looking out over the scene below.

Warily, Fern looked out with her. The Atlantic was green today, and glittering with sun. A half-dozen young surfers bobbed up and down in the surf, each waiting for his own personal wave. The boys looked like shiny bronze birds way out there perched on their boards of yellow, blue, white, green, red.

Surfers had always fascinated Fern, the way they sat out thereon the ocean all day long and played with the waves. She guessed that the surfers fascinated her as much as the waves fascinated the surfers.

"Hunky," Penny said, as one of the surfers got up on his board and weaved his way along the curl, of a wave. "Look at all those muscles. Mm! Love to get my teeth into him!"

I bet you would, Fern thought. You'd chew him up like a lioness.

"Think he's got a big one?" Penny asked.

"How would I know?" Fern said.

"Just thought you might have seen it, honey."

"I might have," Fern said. "But then, they all look about the same to me."

"Not if you look at them close," Penny said, glancing at Fern smugly.

It was as if Penny knew, as if she knew that Fern had never seen a cock up close. Lord, if Fern told the truth, she'd never hear the end of it.

She could just hear Penny back in Chicago: "You wouldn't believe my cousin down there in Florida. Listen to this girls -- my cousin is a teenager and she's never been fucked! Can you believe it? A virgin! And, get this -- she's never even seen a cock up close. She spies on the surfers from up on top of her sand dune, watches them change clothes down below. Occasionally she sees a cock, but from that distance she can't tell whether the cockhead's skin-headed or cut."

"Close up, they all have big ones," Fern said.

"You don't say?" Penny said. "Oooh, I just can't wait to see those hunks get down here and slide out of those wet shorts. Are they about ready to hang up the surfing, honey?"

"How would I know?" Fern said. "Some o' them surf until dark. They don't all parade out of the water at once. And a lot of them don't even change clothes down there in the bushes."

"Maybe none of them do," Penny said. "Maybe you've made the whole thing up. Maybe I'll have to stand up again and jiggle my tits to attract their attention."

"Don't you dare!" Fern said, and she regretted that she'd ever brought Penny here to her secret sunbathing spot. If the surfers ever found out about her spying on them she'd never feel safe up here again.

Penny smiled wickedly, then looked back at the ocean.

Fern turned her eyes back toward the glittering green, toward the bronze gull-like boys bouncing on the water. She gazed out at them, thinking. The sunny ocean, the salt breeze, the cries of seagulls and boys -- these always lulled her into thoughts and daydreams. She thought now, especially about Penny.

Penny reminded her a lot of a witch. Not of a haggard old witch on a broomstick, but of a ruby-lipped, ruby-clawed witch who could make a Playboy centerfold.

Penny had those glittering raisin eyes, those gleaming white teeth, that black hair as silky as a black widow's web -- that hair that hung nearly to her ass. And what an ass! And what tits! Penny was built as well as any seductress Fern had ever seen in her father's Playboys, but unlike those Playboy girls, Fern was only a year older than herself.

Fern wondered whether in another six months or so she would develop a figure as super as Penny's.

Her own figure wasn't bad. Her tits were as big as any tits in her gym class, and bigger than most. She had a skinny waist and a nicely rounded ass. Her tan was good, her smooth skin coated with a fuzzy golden down that glittered in the sunlight. And she was pretty, with green eyes and fine blond hair. Her hair wasn't as long as Penny's, reaching to a few inches above her waist, but if she let it grow for a few months it would be just as long.

Maybe Penny kept picking on her because Penny was jealous of her blond hair. The first thing Penny had said when Fern and her parents had picked Penny up at the Daytona Beach Airport three days ago was, "Love your hair, Fern." Then later, when she and Penny had been alone, Penny had said: "Do blonds really have more fun, honey? We'll have to see about that."

Well, Penny seemed not only to be seeing about it, but seeing to it, seeing to it that Fern did not have more fun. After three days of Penny's smart mouth and her sadistic little shenanigans, Fern was having less fun than she'd had in a long time, and she couldn't wait to ship Penny back to Chicago.

Another whole week, Fern thought, another whole week to wait before Penny leaves. Would she survive the wait?

Penny squealed. "Oh, look! He's coming this way. You think he'll give us a look at his thing, honey?"

"If you'll keep quiet and not give us away," Fern said.

"Or if I get up and wiggle my ass at him," Penny said.

"Don't you dare!" Fern whined.

Penny chuckled. "Better not dare me, honey. I ain't no chicken."

"Only kidding," Fern said.

"Sure you are honey." She smirked. "This hunky little blond better have a nice piece to drool over or I might just jump up and start flagging in the rest of them."

Oh, Lord, have a nice piece! Fern caught herself thinking. At least take your pants off. Do something to satisfy her.

"Hey, he's only a teen," Penny whispered.

The blond surfer had dropped his red board at the top of the beach and was stepping into the scrub vegetation at the foot of the sand dunes. Once inside the clearing in which he'd hidden his towel and clothes, he unfurled his towel and began vigorously drying his tousled hair.

"He's at least in his teens," Fern said.

"A teen. I thought you said there were hunky guys surfing out here."

"He is a guy. What did you expect -- the Hulk?"

Penny sighed. "Ho-hum! You mean they're all little kids out there, then?"

"They're teenagers. What do you want?"

"He looked like such a hunk out there. Now look at him. I'm taller than he is."

"Why don't we just go home?" Fern said.

Penny grabbed Fern's arm.

"Wait! He's taking off his shorts." She giggled. "Let's see what he's got."

The young surfer was bent forward, tugging his stiff wet shorts off over his feet. His asscheeks looked like cream-white melons in contrast to his deep-brown legs and back.

"Cute ass," Penny said. "OK, puppy, turn around and show us your pecker."

The teen straightened up. He stretched. As he turned to the side, Fern could see his cock dangling over his brown nuts. The snakelike cock gave a small jump. Suddenly the teen was pissing. A silvery stream of piss arced out four or five feet and pooled in the sand.

Penny giggled. "Hey, this is fun. So that's the way guys piss. They really squirt it, don't they?"

"You mean you never saw a guy piss before?" Fern whispered.

She felt like laughing, and she would have, too, had she not been more concerned with safeguarding her hiding place. She couldn't affold to get Penny riled. No telling what Penny might do.

"No," Penny said. "I suppose you have, though, Peeping Tom!"

"A few times," Fern said, not wanting to rub it in too much. She'd actually watched boys piss countless times.

The teen stopped pissing and squeezed and shook his cock.

"He's jerking off," Penny whispered excitedly.

"He's just squeezing the piss out of his cock," Fern said, feeling superior to her cousin for the first time. "All the guys do it -- squeeze it and shake it."

The teen continued to shake his cock. In seconds, the boyish cock stood straight up in the air. He let his prick go and stood looking down at it, hands on his hips.

"Looks like he squeezed it and shook it a little bit too much," Penny said. "Look at that pecker twitch. Oh, Fern, I want it!"

"Not so loud!" Fern said. And Fern was sure Penny was going to crawl right out of their hiding place and slide like a seal down the dune until she landed at the boy's feet.

At that moment, however, the boy's cock flexed. He began to wag his cock like a dog wagging its tail.

"Wow!" Penny whispered. "Never saw a guy do that before."

"Just keep quiet and watch, and you'll see him do a lot more," Fern said.

"How do you know?"

"Because I've had experience," Fern said. "Because I know how to keep quiet and watch. I've seen guys do things you wouldn't believe."

"Like what?"

"Just watch. You might learn something." Penny stared at Fern for a moment, then went back to watching the boy. Fern felt more at ease. Penny had a wide-eyed childish look; she was curious now. Maybe she'd behave herself. Fern smiled, feeling motherly.

The teen wrapped his right hand around his cock and began to beat it. His cockhead swelled and glowed purple. Down below, the boy's fat nuts flopped up and down. The teen had turned toward them now, and Fern could see his tongue between his lips, could see his half closed eyes.

"Shoot it, honey," Penny whispered.

"He just started," Fern said. "Give him time."

The naked teen worked his fist up and down the length of his cock, stretching and tugging at the cockskin, caressing it. The muscles of his brown arm bulged. The muscles of his abdomen danced. He wiggled his toes and nodded his head.

"He's feeling good," Penny said. "I can always tell when a guy's feeling good. Look at the way he's licking his lips." She licked her own lips. "Oh, honey, let me suck it!"

"Calm down," Fern said. She was feeling hot herself, especially when she heard Penny say she'd like to suck the boy's cock. Fern herself had always had the crazy desire to suck on a boy's cock, but she'd never known that anybody else shared such a desire. Often, Fern sucked on her thumb while she rubbed herself off, pretending that her thumb was a boy's cock. She couldn't believe that girls actually did such a thing.

When Fern heard guys say things like "Suck me," she always thought it was just a smart mouthed figure of speech.

The teen jerked on his cock faster and faster. His balls bounced wildly up and down. All at once, he shoved the middle finger of his left hand into his mouth, then yanked it out. He turned once more so the girls could see him in profile, squatted slightly, arching his willowy back and turning up his ass. Then he shoved his moistened middle finger between his asscheeks and wiggled it up his asshole. His skinny brown body shivered.

"What's he doing?" Penny asked.

"Shoving his finger up his ass," Fern said. "I know that, silly. But why's he doing it?"

"Maybe it feels good," Fern said. "Didn't you ever do it?"

"Of course, but I ain't a guy. I never saw a guy do it."

"A lot of them do it," Fern said. "I've seen a lot of them do it?"

Fern felt like laughing. Maybe she knew more about boys than Penny -- Miss Playboy Centerfold, Miss Chicago Whore.

The young surfer wiggled his ass in circles, working his finger in and out of it. He pumped his cock as if he wanted to pull it out of his loins. His wheat shock of hair danced. All at once, white gobs of jism shot out of his cock.

"He's coming," Penny squealed. "Oh, he's coming, he's coming! Look at him shoot! Oh, I can almost taste it! Mmm."

The boy's cum pelted the green leaves of sea grapes. Some of it pelted the sand. A half dozen times, the explosions of thick white cum hung in the air of the clearing. A half-dozen times, the boy's skinny body shuddered, his loins bucking. Finally, he straightened up, pulling his finger out of his asshole, releasing his cock.

The spent cock wagged up and down. The teen milked it, caught the cum on his hand, and licked the cum from his fingers. He shoved the middle finger of his left hand into his mouth.

Boys are worse than dogs sometimes, Fern thought, watching the teen suck on the finger that had been up his shithole.


Penny let the parted veil of sea grasses rustle shut once more, concealing herself and Fern from the sight of the surfers. The teen who had jacked off had quickly dressed in dry clothes and had left, red surfboard hugged under his arm.

"Wild!" Penny said. "Never saw a guy do it all by himself before. And that finger up the ass..." She rolled her eyes and shook her head.

"That was nothing," Fern said. "I've seen four or five of them get together and do it. You ought to see the white stuff fly then. It's like fireworks on the Fourth of July."

Penny stretched, lifting her white tits high. The sun gleamed off her dark nipples. They were big nipples, and they appeared to quiver. Except for the whiteness of Penny's tits and loins -- the areas usually covered by her bikini -- the rest of Penny's body was a deep bronze, tanned in only three days by the intense Florida sun. Most northerners who came to Florida after months of winter suffered blistering burns from the sun if they tried to tan too fast, but not Penny. Penny was already as dark as Fern, and Fern's tan was permanent. Fern had had a perpetual tan since moving to Florida from Chicago seven years ago.

"Ooh. I love being naked out here," Penny said. "I feel so free. Just being naked makes my cunt feel good. If I were you, I wouldn't even bother bringing along a bikini."

"I don't mind a bikini," Fern said. "Besides. I never know when I might have to make a quick getaway. One of these days, one of those guys might spot me up here."

The real reason was that she didn't want to show up in the locker room at school with tanned tits and asscheeks. All the other girls would tease her. They'd call her a nudist, taunting her the same way they taunted Suzy Hintz, whose parents were nudists. Suzy Hintz had brown tits and a brown ass, and all the girls claimed she was a whore, that she fucked like a mink, that every guy at the nudist camp had fucked her fifty times.

"You'd love it," Penny said. "This place is a perfect love nest. Instead of watching the guys jack off, you could bring them up here and suck them yourself." She licked her lips. "Mmm! All that sweet cock! All that hot cum! Honey, when's the last time you sucked cock?"

Fern felt a hot flush spread through her skin. "I can't remember."

"Can't remember?"

"I mean, I'd rather not say. I don't want to talk about it. My sex life is my own business. What I do behind closed doors and all."

Penny laughed. "Aw, come on! I'm your cousin. Remember?"

"I don't care. Some things are private."

"How many bays have you fucked?"

"None of your business."

"Ever lick a boy's ass?"

"No comment."

"Ever sniff your dad's nuts?"

"You're crazy."

"Ever eat a pussy?"

"Are you kidding me? You're really crazy." Penny laughed like a witch. She rolled over on top of Fern and pinned her to the blanket, grinding her hot tits against Fern's tits, churning her kinky black muff at Fern's open crotch.

Fern's heart thudded. She stopped breathing for a few moments, then filled her lungs with a sharp inhalation.

"What are you doing?" Fern gasped, shoving her hand into Penny's face. "Get off me, damn it!"

Penny's hands closed around Fern's wrists, her nails cutting into Fern's flesh. She forced Fern's arms down alongside her shoulders.

"Fuck me, honey!" Penny said, biting at Fern's mouth. "Come on, honey, let's feel good together. I got hot watching that puppy stud squirt his cock juice. Come on, baby, let's rub our muffs together and come. Oooh, feels good already!"

Fern strained to throw Penny off. She twisted her head away, trying to avoid Penny's kissing, biting mouth.

"Leave me alone," Fern whimpered. "I don't want to do this. This isn't right. Please, Penny. I'll tell, Penny. I'll tell!"

Penny laughed. "Go ahead. Think I care?" She sucked Fern's neck like a vampire, drawing a lump of flesh into her mouth and munching on it.

Fern went limp. The feeling was strange. It was as if Penny were sucking the life out of her. A wave of relaxation slithered through her body. Her cuntal walls contracted, and a trickle of warm pussy juice leaked out of her crotch.

Penny sucked up more mouthfuls of neck flesh, breathing hotly and cooing. She bit Fern's chin, then kissed Fern on the mouth, drooling warm saliva down Fern's throat.

Fern groaned. Nobody had ever kissed her before. The feeling of naked flesh against her own was something completely new to her. She tingled all over. Her skin tingled, and she tingled deep inside her pussy. She relaxed her mouth, letting Penny shove her tongue inside. Penny's tongue tickled her throat like a warm snake. She closed her lips around Penny's tongue and sucked, licking the slippery bottom of Penny's tongue with the top of her own. Penny released Fern's arms, and she wrapped them around Penny's back, massaging the soft skin of her cousin's shoulders with trembling hands.

Penny raised her head, giggling. "So, this little chick's getting warmed up. Getting horny, Pink Tits?"

"Mm!" Fern said. "Mmm!"

She was aware now that her ass was wiggling on the beach blanket, that she was humping and churning her crotch against the hot wiry cunt mound of her cousin. She wrapped her legs around her cousin's ass, trying to draw the hard pussy mound up inside her own pussy. She wanted to fuck. She wanted to be fucked. She didn't care whether her cousin was a boy or a girl. All she cared about were the sexy feelings surging through her cunt, the hot feelings making her tingle all over.

"Fuck me!" she muttered. "Oh, please, fuck me!"

Penny laughed, humping until their bellies clapped together. She ground her cunt mound at Fern's squirming pussylips. At times their jelly-filled tits rubbed together nipple to nipple, and hot needles of pleasure shot through Fern's tits.

Fern squeezed Penny to herself and rubbed, rubbed every possible inch of her naked flesh against Penny's. She strained to kiss and lick Penny's lips, to chew Penny's chin, to bite her neck. She strained to rub the hot feelings out of her spread pussy.

"I love you, Penny!" she gibbered. "Love you, love you, love you! Oh, fuck me, fuck me! Uh! Uh! Oh, yes!"

Penny laughed like a child on a carnival ride. She clawed Fern's neck, clawed her shoulders. Letting her full weight crush Fern down, Penny threw her hands down around Fern's asscheeks. Her fingernails dug at Fern's ass, sending hot, aching sensations through Fern's pussy flesh.

Fern wiggled her ass furiously, then relaxed, letting her orgasm take over. The beautiful spasms filled her pussy, swirled through her asshole, shot up her spine and down her legs. She held on, half laughing, half crying. She loved to come more than anything else in the world, and she'd never come like this before wrapped up in soft naked flesh.

"Ohhhh!" Fern moaned. "Mmmmm!"

Penny licked Fern's flushed face. "You feeling it, honey? Huh? I can tell you are."

Fern crushed Penny to herself until her orgasm ended. Then she fell back, panting. She was aware suddenly of the rustling of the tall grasses, of the shrieking of sea gulls, of the droning of the surf. As Penny rolled off her, she felt the breeze lick across her open, wet cunt. She was sweating. Even her nipples were moist. The sun warmed her naked body. She felt naked, free. Even if it meant tanning her tits and ass, she was going to lie up here in the nude often from now on. And she was going to rub herself off out here. An orgasm out here in the open air felt sexier than an orgasm behind the locked door of her bedroom.

Penny crawled forward and peered out toward the beach. "They're still out there," she said. "I don't think we missed anything."

She moved backward, letting the grass curtain close. She raised up on her hands and knees, showing Fern her ass. She had an ass and cunt like the women Fern had seen in Playboy.

She peered at Fern over her shoulder. "Well?"

"Well, what?" Fern asked.

"Well, are you just going to gawk at my pussy? Don't you notice anything about it?"

Fern was dumfounded. "Looks like a cunt to me," she said. "A wet cunt. Careful, you might sunburn it."

"It's already burning up," Penny said. "Don't you know a horny cunt when you see one?" She wiggled her ass. Her deep-pink cuntlips pouted, and a few drops of clear pussy juice oozed out and dripped onto the pink beach blanket.

Fern giggled, feeling embarrassed. What was Penny trying to prove?

"I think we should go home now," Fern said. "It's a long bike ride, and we don't want to be late for dinner."

"You expect me to ride a bike in my condition?" Penny asked, frowning at Fern as she continued to peer over her shoulder. "Honey, I'd slide right off the seat."

Fern laughed. "Let's go."

Penny backed up suddenly, shoving her ass close to Fern's face. Fern could, smell her cousin's sweaty ass, could smell her juicing cunt.

"Penny, what are you..."

"Lick it," Penny ordered. "But Penny..."

"Lick it or I'll sit on your face and squash your nose."

Penny wiggled her ass closer. Fern felt wet cunt hairs fickle her nose. The smell of hot pussy was so potent that Fern felt dizzy.

"Come on, baby, don't fight me," Penny said.

"Oh, all right!"

Closing her eyes, Fern licked blindly. Kinky hair, hot wet cuntmeat, slick pussy juices -- all against her tongue.

"Eeeeeek!" Penny squeaked. "Eat my pussy!"

She rotated her ass, settling her cunt down over Fern's lips and nose.

Fern felt as if she'd just been slapped in the mouth by a sizzling steak. Penny's cunt threw out heat like a blast furnace. Fern could feel pulse beats in Penny's cunt slabs, and hot pussy juice ran down over Fern's chin. Fern twisted her head, gasping for air.

"Yeah!" Penny sighed. "Chew on it! Make me come!"

Penny's cunt seemed to suck, seemed to open up and engulf Fern's lips and tongue, to swallow up even her nose. Suddenly, Fern found herself trying to burrow deeper into her cousin's hot pussy flesh.

Penny rotated on Fern's face, keeping her cunt glued to Fern's sucking lips as she straddled Fern and lay on her. Spreading Fern's legs wide with her hands, Penny plunged her face into the girl's cunt. All at once, Fern felt something warm and wet wiggling into her pussy. Penny's tongue! Fern could hardly believe it.

"Sweet baby cunt," Penny mumbled. "Mmm! Mmm! Tastes so good; I'm gonna eat it up."

Fern groaned. The feel of Penny's tongue up her cunt was enough to make her scream.

Her cunt flesh prickled through and through with hot feelings. Eat me! she wanted to scream, but her own mouth was full of pussy. As Penny slithered her tongue in and out of Fern's cunt, Fern twirled her tongue deeper and deeper into the other girl's cunt.

They were locked in a sexual embrace, eating each other furiously. Fern had the strange feeling that she was sucking on her own pussy. All she saw, all she smelled, all she felt and tasted with her mouth was pussy. And all she felt between her legs was a hot mouth gnawing at her pussy flesh, sucking at her clit, licking out her inflamed fuckhole. She hugged Penny's quivering ass and rocked against her naked cousin. She wanted to come again, desperately needed to come again.

Penny twisted her face insanely, driving her tongue in and out of Fern's cunt, driving her nose up Fern's cuntslit, munching at Fern's pussy flesh as if devouring the meat of a ripe melon.

Fern let her hips move spontaneously in response to the stimulation of Penny's mouth. She didn't care if Penny tore off her pussylips, if Penny shoved her entire head inside. It all felt too good to bear. Fern didn't care about anything but the feelings surging in her loins. And the better she felt between her own legs, the more wildly she chewed and sucked at Penny's juicing pussy.

She's coming, Fern thought. I've made her come. I've really made her come! The thought felt almost as good as Penny's tongue quivering inside her cunt. The awareness pulsed through her head and down her spine, and joined with the feelings in her loins. The thought set off her own orgasm.


The sweet, heavy scent of spring blossoms blew in through the window, along with the chirping of the night insects. Occasionally, a flying beetle banged into the screen, trying to break through to the light in Fern's bedroom. Through the screen, Fern could see moonlit palm leaves fluttering in the heavy-scented breeze. A palmetto bug landed on the screen and walked across it fearlessly.

On the bed beside Fern, Penny sat naked and filed her toenails, grabbing all the while. She hadn't bothered to dress after her shower.

"Now, take your dad," Penny said. "He's much better-looking than my dad. They might be brothers, but your dad is definitely better looking."

"He's younger than your dad," Fern said. "Not that much. Maybe three years younger. How old is your dad -- thirty-five?"

"Thirty-six," Fern said.

"Well, two years then. My dad's thirty-eight. But it's not because your dad is younger, it's because your dad gets lots more exercise that he's better-looking. My dad sits around so much that he's starting to get a double chin. One of these days when he comes creeping into my bedroom after midnight. I'm just going to say, uh-uh, go find yourself a fat girl to fuck." Fern laughed. She didn't believe a word of it. Ever since Penny had arrived, she'd been mentioning that she and her dad fucked behind her mother's back. Incredible! The more Penny bragged about her sexual exploits, the more Fern believed that Penny was full of beans. She was even beginning to wonder whether Penny wasn't just a virgin, like herself.

"I'm not kidding," Penny said. "I'll tell him that right to his face. He might have a big cock, but I like hard stomachs as much as I like big cocks. Like your dad's, honey. I like the way the muscles ripple, on his stomach."

"He works out at the spa three days a week," Fern said. "Does, a lot of exercise, I guess."

"Bet he works out in bed quite a bit, too," Penny said with a dirty grin. "Your ma's always smiling. I bet he gives it to her, with all those muscles and all."

"Will you shut up?" Somehow Penny knew just how to keep embarrassing her. "They probably don't even do it any more. My parents aren't like that."

She couldn't imagine her parents having sex. Not only was the idea thoroughly embarrassing, but it just didn't seem possible. Her mom turned red every time she heard the word "sex" mentioned, and her dad was a real gentleman. Sure, he had his Playboys, along with a few wilder magazines that he kept hidden in his study, but Fern couldn't imagine her dad looking at those magazines with anything more than mild amusement.

"You can't be serious," Penny said, lifting her pink toes up close to her eyes to inspect them.

"I'm serious," Fern said. "My parents just aren't like that."

Penny kissed her own foot, then set it down and began work on the toenails of her other foot. She'd kiss her own ass if she could get at it, Fern thought.

"When's the last time you spied on them after bedtime?" Penny asked, her lips pursed as she concentrated on filing her toenails.

"What do you mean?" Fern said. "I've never done that. I believe in respecting people's privacy."

Penny chuckled. "Like you respect those surfers' privacy?"

"They're just teens," Fern said. "I'm talking about people."

"Some of those teens are older than you are," Penny said.

"Who cares?" Fern said. "I don't want to talk about this any more. Don't you ever think about anything but sex?"

"Not much else," Penny said. She left off her nail-filing for a moment to scratch her cunt. Before resuming her filing, she lifted her fingers to her nose and sniffed them. "Doesn't matter how many baths I take a day, honey; my cunt always smells like cunt."

Fern lay down and closed her eyes. "You're disgusting!"

Penny laughed. "Thanks."

Fern held her eyes tightly shut, trying to concentrate on the night sounds. Against the sawing sound of Penny filing her toenails, Fern could hear the insects chirping, the palms rustling, and the far-off hum of the surf, the surf that almost never stopped. The surf tonight sounded like a distant train. If she concentrated on the sound of the surf, she'd be asleep in no time.

Penny could sit up all night, filing her toenails, plucking her cunt hairs, kissing her own ass. Fern didn't care. She'd had enough of Penny for one day. Now she needed some sleep.

Funny, Fern thought, how she had looked forward to Penny's visit. She hadn't seen Penny in seven years, not since she'd moved to Florida from Chicago. How stupid of her to have thought that Penny would be the same as when she had last seen her! Penny had changed into an entirely different person. And all this talk about sex -- it was too much!

Thank God, Penny had arrived on Friday. Thank God, Fern's parents had taken them to Disney World and Cypress Gardens. Thank God for the family picnics on the beach. Had it not been for these things, she would have had to spend the last three days alone with Penny. By now she'd have probably gone nuts. Maybe she'd go nutty by the end of the week anyway, but what could she do?

If only Penny wouldn't keep acting like such a sex maniac. Not only did Penny continue to embarrass her in private, but Fern felt embarrassed being with Penny in public. Penny eyed the boys as if they were chocolates in a candy store. Talk about raping with the eyes! Penny was worse than the most horny guys at school. She had flirted shamelessly right in front of Fern's parents, had flirted at Disney World and Cypress Gardens, had flirted with half the guys in Daytona Beach.

Penny sometimes seemed to be making eyes at Fern's dad. Impossible! Not only was that an embarrassing thought, but it was ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous!

"Having a heart attack or something?" Penny asked.

Fern opened her eyes. The room looked strange for a few moments, as if Fern were returning to it after a long trip. Penny sat there like a permanent fixture, as if she'd claimed the room for herself.

"I was almost asleep," Fern said.

"You were breathing real hard. I thought you were having a bean attack or some kind of fit." Penny laughed, then grabbed Fern's hand. "Let's go."

Fern pulled her hand away. "Go? Where?"

"Don't get so uptight, honey," Penny said. "We're going downstairs to find out if Mommy and Daddy are sleeping or making whoopy." She stood up.

"You're crazy!" Fern said. "Lie down here and go to sleep."

"You're crazy," Penny said, smirking. "I never go to bed this early. Coming along? Or are you gonna wait for me to get back and give you a report?" She turned and marched toward the door.

"Get back here!" Fern blurted. "Damn it, Penny!"

Penny giggled, disappearing into the dark hallway without another word.

Fern jumped up. She ran to her closet and tore through her clothes, searching frantically for her bathrobe. It was nowhere! She wanted to scream. Then she realized that not only was Penny not wearing a bathrobe, Penny wasn't even wearing a nightgown. Penny was as naked as a Playboy centerfold.

Christ, I'm losing my mind! Fern thought. Losing my mind! She spun around and charged blindly into the dark hallway.

The hallway was longer than she had ever realized. She felt her way along the walls, stumbling in the darkness. She got to the stairway and began to feel her way down, clinging to the railing. The stairway and the downstairs were black. It was the darkest night she had ever seen.

At the bottom of the stairs, she turned and tiptoed through the living room, stumbling against a chair and nearly breaking her neck. She was sure Penny had put the chair in her path on purpose.

The door that led into the short hallway to her parents' bedroom was open. She knew immediately that Penny was down the hallway. Her parents always closed that hallway door when they went to bed. She stepped through the doorway and looked down the hall.

A light was on in her parents' bedroom. It shone out into the hall. Penny stood next to the bedroom door, peering inside. As if she had heard Fern, she turned around and motioned for Fern to come closer. Fern crept down the hall, trembling and holding her breath.

She wanted to grab Penny by the hair and drag her out of there. The nerve of Penny!

Spying on Fern's very own parents in their bedroom.

Penny turned again as Fern came near. In the dim light, Fern could see an absolutely wicked smirk on Penny's face. Fern scowled at her, but Penny ignored her and turned back toward the door, peeking into the bedroom.

Fern listened, but she heard nothing. She crept to Penny's shoulder and peered around it into the bedroom. For a moment, she saw nothing -- only an empty bed flanked by night stands and softly lit table lamps. But then she realized that her mind had blinded her -- in the middle of the bed, suddenly materializing as if by science-fiction magic, lay her mother and dad, coupled in a sexual embrace.

Her mom lay on her back, her legs spread, her ass propped up by a thick pillow. Her dad lay on top of her mom, his loins between her legs, his cock plunging in and out of her cunt. Fern could see her dad's big nuts flapping against her mother's ass as he fucked, could see his cock gleaming like an oiled tusk as it pistoned in and out. Her dad's back muscles and asscheeks were contracting as he fucked. And suddenly Fern was aware of the sounds of her parents' lovemaking -- of their deep, heavy breathing, of her dad's grunts and her mother's sighs, of the squishing sound of her dad's cockshaft as it worked in and out of her mother's cunt.

Penny glanced at Fern, her smirk saying: I told you so, honey. Fern ignored her, and focused her eyes back on the fuck scene.

As Fern watched, she became aware of more and more things that she'd been unaware of at first. The bedsprings made a barely audible creaking sound to the rhythm of her dad's fucking. Sweat glimmered on her dad's back. Her mother's legs jerked and her toes seemed to curl with every fuck-thrust. Her mother and father grunted and moaned in rhythm, her father sounding like a bull, her mother like a whimpering girl. The smell of sweat and pussy hung so heavy in the air that it seemed to drip.

"Oh, Russ!" Fern's mother gasped. "Oh, Russ, yes!"

"Jesus, you're hot tonight," her dad said. "You swallow some Spanish fly or something?" He rotated his ass, corkscrewing his gleaming hard cock into her pussy.

The woman groaned. "Oh, honey, keep it up like that! Drives me out of my mind!"

She hugged his ass with her legs and kicked at his asscheeks. Her ass churned, her wide open crotch seeming to vacuum her husband's cockmeat in and out of her cunt.

The man went crazy, writhing like a snake on top of his wife, grinding his prick at her pussy furiously.

"Oh, baby, baby, baby!" he grunted.

The woman whined. Her toes clenched. Her fingernails tore at her husband's back.

"I'm coming, Russ!" she whispered excitedly. "Again, darling -- I'm coming again!" Her ass jerked as if it were being pelted with buckshot.

The man fell on her, his back rounding as he hammered his cock in and out of her. His fucking hips appeared to move independently of the rest of his body.

"Baby!" he gasped. "Oh, baby, baby!" His head snapped back and his ass vibrated with spasms.

"Shoot it!" the woman moaned. "Fill me with your cum!"

She ran her fingers through his thick blond hair, petting his head quickly and firmly, as if trying to soothe a frantic child. All the while, her legs shivered rhythmically from the spasms shaking her cunt flesh.

"Fuck youuuu!" the man moaned.

"Fuck meeee!" his wife moaned in answer. "Cream me real good!"

A stream of sticky white jism trickled down over the woman's ass, and Fern shivered suddenly with the full realization of what she was seeing. That jism was real. Her dad had actually shot his cum into her mother. Her parents were actually fucking! But how could that be?

Fern had the momentary urge to run into the bedroom and to touch her parents, to run her hands over their naked bodies to make sure that they were real, that they weren't just a hallucination.

Penny grabbed her hand and pulled her away from the door. "Come on, honey. I think you've seen enough," she whispered.

As Penny led Fern down the hallway, Fern stared back toward the faint light coming from her parents' bedroom. As Penny carefully closed the door that led into the hallway, Fern heard a giggle come from her parents' bedroom. It was a dirty giggle, unlike any laugh Fern had ever heard from her mother.

That wasn't my mom, Fern thought. That was somebody else. Penny's just trying to trick me.


The noon sun glared down on the boardwalk, frying the sunbathers seated on benches along its length. The boardwalk at Daytona Beach was a couple of blocks long. At one end, an amusement park hummed with shooting galleries and with screaming people risking their lives on its rides. The northern end of the boardwalk was quieter, with a vacant and rarely used outdoor stage. Along the front edge of the boardwalk, those strolling or resting on the benches could look out over the two or three lanes of beach traffic between themselves and the gray-green surf.

It was low tide, the spring tourist season, and the beach was hopping. Fishermen cast their lines from the long pier that jutted out into the Atlantic. Teenagers playing with Frisbees dodged the beach traffic to make spectacular catches. Teens ran in and out of the surf, slapping their bare feet on the wet white sand.

The boardwalk area was the nucleus of tourist madness in Daytona Beach, and Fern had always avoided it, preferring her secluded dunes miles north of the city -- had always avoided it, that is, until today. Today Penny had dragged her cousin down here. They'd ridden down on their bikes, pedaling endlessly down the hard-packed beach until they had finally arrived at the boardwalk. Now, Fern slumped on a bench, sweating and exhausted.

Penny sat next to her, brushing out her long hair. She tossed her head, and offered the brush to Fern. Fern took the brush and began untangling her own wind-blown hair.

"So many guys!" Penny said. "Just like I heard -- guys everywhere. Oooh, look at the cock-bulge that one has!" She stood up to ogle a teen who had passed by.

"Sit down!" Fern said. "He might see you."

"That's what I'm hoping," Penny said. "What's wrong with you, anyway? How do you expect to get fucked if you don't show the hunks you're interested?"

"I thought we came down here to go on some rides. That's what you told my mom." Fern tore at her hair with the brush. "Ouch!"

"Careful, honey," Penny said. "You'll go from blond having fun to bald having no fun. What was I supposed to tell your mommy? Me and Fern are going out cock-hunting?" She chuckled. "Maybe I should have told her the truth. She probably would've come along. We could've got a ride down."

"Cut it out," Fern said. "So my parents do it. They're married. They're supposed to do it."

Fern hadn't slept much last night thinking about the scene in her parents' bedroom. She had sat up most of the night, reviewing the scene in her mind, while Penny had slept soundly beside her, an I-told-you-so smirk on her face.

The worst part of it all wasn't the vision of her parents fucking, however. The worst part was that the scene had turned her on. She couldn't get the image of her dad's huge cock out of her mind. And his balls -- those fat swollen balls of his that had flogged her mom's ass as he fucked! Too much!

"Why do you get all red in the face every time I mention either one of your parents?" Penny asked.

"I don't," Fern said. "It's just that you have a dirty mind. Don't you ever think about anything but sex?"

"Not much else," Penny said. "Name me one thing better than a hot cock."

Fern tossed the brush back to Penny. "You're hopeless."

She leaned back, closing her eyes and letting the noises of the boardwalk fill her ears. Might as well be in the middle of a carnival midway, she thought -- or out on a freeway. Oh, to be miles from here, up on her dunes! She would lie there relaxing in the sunshine. Nothing to worry her. She'd peek through the sea grasses and watch the surfers dress and undress. She'd watch them piss and jack off. And then she'd rub herself off, pretending they had fucked her.

"He likes you, honey!" Penny said excitedly.

Fern jumped. She sat up and rubbed her eyes. The sun was fierce.


"That puppy likes you," Penny said. "Look at the way he's strutting around there, trying to show off."

A bare-chested teen in jeans and sandals was sauntering a short distance down the boardwalk, looking back over his shoulder. His dark eyes appeared to sparkle as his gaze met Fern's. Fern looked away.

"Of course, he's too young for me," Penny said. "I prefer them older -- much older if possible."

Fern's heart was pounding hard. She felt herself flushing. Penny was right -- that teen wanted her. She could tell by the look in his eyes. The boys in school often looked at her like that. She could tell they wanted her. But they couldn't have her. No-no way they could have her. She wasn't ready for fucking yet. Her pussy ached for cock, but she wasn't ready yet to be fucked.

And their cocks were so big, so hard. They'd rip her apart with their cocks -- they'd split her in two. No, not yet.

Maybe she'd be ready after high school -- or maybe after college. When she was married, she'd be ready to be fucked. Certainly, she would be ready then. She thought of her dad's monstrous cock ramming in and out of her mother's split-open cunt. How could her mother take that? How could any woman take that?

Penny shook her.

"Fern!" she whispered. "He's almost here again. Smile at him this time. He's hot. His prick's hard, sticking down the leg of his jeans."

Fern trembled. She tried to stop herself, but she couldn't stop trembling. She pushed away Penny's hand.

"Leave me alone," she said. "Just leave me alone."

"What's the matter?" Penny whispered. "Scared? Sure, you are. You're scared!" She laughed. "I'll fix that." She jumped up. "Hi there!"

"Hi!" the boy said.

"I'm Penny, and my girlfriend here is Fern." Penny grabbed Fern's arm and turned her around.

"Hello," Fern said, hardly able to hear her own voice.

She wondered if she'd spoken the word or had only mouthed it. She could sense the teen standing there in front of her, but she was looking past him, gazing at nothing.

"Hi!" the teen said. "I'm Pete."

"Hi, Pete," Penny said, and Fern said hello again too.

"Hey, Pete," Penny said, "you wouldn't mind keeping Fern company for about an hour, would you? I've got to meet somebody, and I hate to leave Fern here all alone. She's a tourist here and all."

"What?" Fern said.

"Just be quiet," Penny said, chuckling. "You didn't know about my little date, did you, honey? Well, Pete here will keep you company -- won't you Pete, honey?"

"Well..." Pete said uncertainly.

"Good!" Penny said, tapping Pete on the cheek. "Good boy."

"But Penny, what about the..."

"Meet me back here in an hour or two," Penny yelled over her shoulder. She was already trotting away, her asscheeks nearly gyrating her bikini panties off, her tits bouncing like water-filled balloons.

"But..." Fern tried to protest one last time. But Penny was gone.

"Where you from?" the teen asked.

Fern looked at him directly for the first time. She was still trembling, but not quite so hard. "North of Ormond," she said. "Penny's the tourist -- from Chicago. She likes to bullshit people."

"Oh," the teen said. He was trembling slightly himself. He puffed up his chest and sucked in his already tiny waist.

Cute, Fern thought, the way he's trying to look like Tarzan. And she thought his brown eyes were cute too. His eyes matched his hair, and it hung to his shoulders in back and to his eyebrows in front.

"Want some beer?" the teen asked. "My brother's got some up in his van."

"Well..." Fern wavered.

She wanted to tell him that she didn't drink. At least, her parents had never allowed her to drink. But before she could tell him so, the teen was pulling her up by the hand.

"Come on," he said. "It's parked about a block from here, up on the street. My brother works one of the concessions. We'll have the van all to ourselves."

She silently accompanied Pete to his parked van.

The beer was bitter, but for some reason Fern liked it, and by the time she'd finished her can of beer she felt funny inside -- loose, bubbly. She giggled for no reason at all.

"Want some more?" Pete asked. His teeth were very white.

"Sure," Fern said. The teen popped open another can of Old Milwaukee and handed it to her. Fern enjoyed the way the little puff of beer mist sprayed from the can as the teen popped off the tab. The van seemed to fill with the scent of it. Fern raised the cold, sweaty beer can to her lips and drank some more.

The teen eyed her, matching each of her swigs of beer with one of his own. His dark eyes appeared to flicker, as if small fires had been built behind them. In the soft golden light of the van, his brown hair took on a bleached blond hue.

The rear compartment of the van where the two of them sat drinking was upholstered in thick red carpet. Thin yellow curtains covered the windows on all sides, allowing plenty of light through while insuring privacy. A foam rubber mattress covered with a soft beach blanket padded the floor of the van.

Fern felt secure, almost as secure as she felt in her secret nest on the sand dunes. She liked being with this boy. He was cute, and she loved the smell of him -- sweaty, like a man.

The teen finished his beer and unstrapped his sandals. His feet were very brown, almost browner than his bare torso, as brown as his short nose, as brown as his big hands. He unsnapped his jeans and unzipped them. Fern could see a few curls of dark pubic hair.

"Mind if I take off these jeans?" the teen asked. "They're hot." He lifted his ass and began wriggling out of them.

"No," Fern said.

She was watching him with utter fascination. The teen appeared to be moving in slow motion, and so gracefully. Fern giggled, feeling all ticklish inside.

The boy's prick popped out and snapped up hard against his brown belly. It stood there, pointing straight up in the air and twitching. His prick looked incredibly long, the purplish cockhead tapping above the boy's navel, the thick root of it sweeping down into the boy's swollen ball-sac. Fern had, never seen a prick this close up before. It looked bigger, harder, and smoother than she had imagined any prick would be. She wanted to touch it -- but at the same time, she wanted to jump out of the van and run away.

The teen dropped his jeans and sat there cross-legged, watching her. "More beer?"

"No thanks," Fern said, setting down her empty can. "I think I've had enough." Her words came out slowly, like stretched bubble gum. She had to laugh.

The teen laughed too. Then, his face turned funny, more serious.

"Ain't you hot in that bikini? Must be ninety degrees in here. Why don't you take it off and cool off?" His voice trembled ever so slightly.

Fern giggled. "I don't think I should do that. I think Penny's waiting for me. Better go." Again, her words came out all stretched and funny-sounding.

"She said an hour or two," the teen said. "We ain't been here more than fifteen minutes. We got plenty of time. Come on, take off your hot clothes." He showed his white teeth.

Fern giggled again. She really didn't want to giggle, but she felt those tickling sensations inside her skin.

"I'd better not. I'm not that hot."

"Sure you are," the teen insisted. "You've got sweat dripping off your nose." His voice trembled more now. His cock tapped against his stomach like an impatient foot tapping the floor. Fern watched his cock with fascination and a mounting uneasiness. The arrow-shaped cockhead appeared to be swelling like a balloon. Thick veins puffed out along the cockshaft. The boy's nuts rolled slowly in their sac.

"Here, let me help you," the teen said, and his hot paw fell an her shoulder, clawing at her bikini strap.

Fern jumped as if she'd been branded. "Leave me alone!"

The teen jerked his hand away. "I was just trying to help." His voice came out weak, almost a whimper.

Fern sat there, fuming and rubbing her shoulder. The teen looked like a frightened puppy -- a puppy, that's what Penny called a younger boy. Fern could see why now. He looked like a puppy that had just been hit with a rolled-up newspaper for pissing on the furniture.

She began to laugh. The teen frowned, looking even more terrified. Fern laughed harder. She held her belly.

"What's wrong?" the teen said. "I don't get it."

Fern roared, rolling on the mattress, hugging her cramping belly. Her laughter came out in slow motion. She rolled in slow motion, feeling dizzy. She was drunk, crazy drunk. This seemed hilarious.

The teen fell on her. His naked body was hot as a furnace, twice as hot as Penny's body had been yesterday. The teen was hard, all bone and muscle. And his cock throbbed against her belly like a red-hot steel pipe. His breath reeked of beer. His teeth were sharp. She could feel his heart like a pounding fist against her breast.

"I want you," the teen muttered. "I wanna feel you naked. I gotta!"

His hard knuckles ground at her spine as he fumbled to untie her bikini top. He was strong for his size, lifting Fern's torso as if she weighed nothing. The bikini top came loose and he ripped it off her tits.

"Ohh, man!"

Fern's tits felt like quivering jelly mounds as they fell free of the bikini cups. She felt shamefully naked. The teen filled his hands with her tits, squeezing and rubbing them. Corkscrews of pleasure shot through her tit flesh. Her cunt contracted. She felt herself melting, going helplessly limp.

"Don't," she muttered weakly, drunkenly. "Don't, Pete. Please let me go." She pushed at his head as a token gesture of resistance, but she knew she was helpless -- weak, very weak.

The teen got his hot fingers under her panties and began tugging them down her legs, whispering and muttering to himself in a way that sounded drunk. His flushed cockshaft stuck to his belly as if glued, quivering crazily. A few drops of thick clear liquid oozed down over the back of the cockhead.

He yanked the panties off over Fern's feet, making Fern gasp at her complete nakedness. Na boy, no man had ever seen her completely naked before, at least not since she'd sprouted tits and cunt hair. She clamped her thighs shut, giggling out of embarrassment.

"You're pretty," the teen said, staring at her. He looked her naked body up and down, swallowing hard. "Let me fuck you."

Fern shook her head, still giggling involuntarily. "I don't wanna," she said. "It'll hurt. Your cock is so big."

"No it won't," the teen said. "It'll feel real good. That's what a prick's for -- fucking. And that's what a cunt's for, too." He tried to pry her legs apart. "Come on, let me in."

Fern tightened her legs. "It'll hurt. Leave me alone."

The teen looked at her as if he were about to cry. "Come on, Fern. My prick aches. It's gonna split open if I can't fuck you."

"Then let it," Fern said. "Better than splitting open my cunt." She laughed, but she felt uneasy.

The teen crawled up over her, straddling her, sitting lightly on her belly. He was going to beat her up -- Fern just knew it. That's what guys did before they raped you -- beat you up. The teen grabbed her hand and guided it to his cock.

"Feel it," he said. "See how hot my cock is? See the way it's jumping? My prick aches, Fern. It wants to fuck."

Fern closed her hand around his prickshaft. It jerked in her hand. She couldn't believe how hot his cock was, or how hard it was, or how silky-smooth. Hot juice bubbled out of the slit in the prickhead, making Fern's hand slippery as she felt the boy's cock up and down. She stroked the cock lance in the way she'd seen the surfers stroke their own cocks. The swollen prick shuddered like the back of a stretching cat. Pete groaned, humping his skinny hips.

"Let me fuck you before I come!" Pete said. "You've got me so hot, Fern. I've never been so hot!"

Fern smiled uneasily, but she felt less giddy than before. Heat flushed through her face now, and she realized that she was trembling. She felt herself sobering. She swallowed hard. Her cunt ached, filled with hot pokers of sensation. She stroked Pete's cockrod faster, licking her lips as she watched the purple prickhead throb, watched the piss-slit open like a mouth. She expected to see white gobs of jism burst out at any moment. She squinted, in case some of the stuff flew at her eyes.

"Please, Fern," the teen whined. "Oh, please! I ain't never fucked before. I just gotta do it!"

"Sorry," Fern said, and she leaned forward to kiss the head of his cock. The boy's pre-cum was sweet, and she licked across the piss-slit to taste some more.

"Wowww!" the teen said. "Oh, mannn!"

And he fell forward, ramming his cock at her lips. He shinnied up over her tits and straddled her neck, continuing to jab his cockhead at her mouth.

Fern twisted her head away from the dripping cock. As the purple-headed cockrod thrust at her, it appeared to grow bigger and bigger. It became a monster, a hot, dripping, murderous monster.

"Let me go!" Fern wailed. "Let me go!"

Pete's cock filled her mouth, gagging her. She gasped for breath.

"Feels good!" Pete said. "Suck it, Fern. Suck it and lick it. Mmm!"

He humped, shoving his cock into Fern's throat, bouncing his nuts on her chin. His cock leaked pre-cum, and the hot boy-fluid coated Fern's throat as it trickled down into her stomach.

Fern's jaw ached. She thought her lips would split. The boy's cock was as thick as a wrist. He might just as well have shoved his fist into her mouth, the way he was stretching her lips. And his cock was so hot. It burned the roof of her mouth, burned her tongue.

"Lick under the cockhead," Pete said, wiggling his ass. "Suck it a lot under the head. That's where it feels best."

Fern darted the tip of her tongue at the backside of the prickhead savagely. She would lick him just as he wanted. She'd wear his cockhead right off.

Pete bucked his hips, driving his cockshaft down her throat, grinding his balls at her chin, scouring her nose with his pubic hair.

"Feels good," he gibbered. "You're doing good. Oh, I love it -- love getting my cock sucked!"

Fern gagged and choked, gagged and choked, at times nearly passing out from lack of air. The boy's pre-cum ran down her throat in periodic bursts, as if small dams had burst inside his loins, releasing their reservoirs of boy-juice. His smooth, slick cocklance pistoned in and out of her mouth and throat, fucking her face as easily as if it were fucking her cunt. The big cock pounded in and out, throbbing rhythmically.

Fern's resistance loosened. Her mouth and throat relaxed her tongue flapped lazily at the backside of the boy's sliding cock. She swallowed his pre-cum when it flowed. She opened her eyes and watched his brown abdominal muscles contracting above her, watched his face contort, watched his eyes roll.

As she relaxed, as she gave up and stopped resisting, she began to feel the sensations caused by the boy's mouth-fucking. Her lips, her throat, the entire inside of her mouth -- all tingled with sensations she had only felt before in her loins. She became aware of her nipples tingling, and she began to rhythmically clamp her legs together, squeezing her inflamed cuntlips and clit between them, milking the sexy feelings out of her cunt.

Her cunt was hot. It was drooling pussy juice. She was slippery between the legs. Her cuntlips squished together. Fingers of hot cunt juice ran down and tickled her asscrack. She was suddenly enjoying sucking the boy's long horny cock. She didn't care if he fucked her face all day. She would just lie here and enjoy it.

She felt flutterings against her lips -- little heartbeats at the base of the boy's cockshaft. She inhaled the heavy, musky scent of his curly-haired groin, a mixture of sweat and of something else, of something distinctly boyish, distinctly masculine. She felt zinging vibrations transferred from the boy's cock down through her tongue and lips. She listened to the teen muttering -- telling her or himself or the world about how good it felt to be fucking a girl's mouth, about how good it felt to get your prick sucked by a pretty girl.

Fern relaxed even more, cooing deep in her throat. She rubbed the boy's grapefruit-sized asscheeks, juggling the smooth little orbs in her palms. She stroked his lower back. His skin was hot, and she felt prickles of excitement pass into her hands. His cock flexed, almost lifting her head off. His ass shuddered.

"I'm coming!" he gasped. "I'm coming!"

Fern jumped, unprepared for the flood of spurting jism that filled her mouth and throat. The stuff was warm, and it shot out of the boy's pulsating cock like water out of a squirt-gun.

"Ohhh, mannn!" the teen moaned. "Suck it out!"

Fern sucked, swallowing one hot spurt of cum after another. The jism was sweet and salty, alkaline-tasting, unlike anything she'd ever before tasted. She thought it tasted like boy -- like the essence of boy. She sucked hungrily, greedy for all he could give her, all the jism he could feed her. She loved his warm, spurting cum. It was like something she'd been craving the taste of all her life. She mouthed the pulsating cock and sucked. More! she thought. More! Give me all of it!

Pete gasped. His body shuddered. More hot cum shot down Fern's undulating throat, rolling down into her stomach, nourishing her.

Fern cooed and sucked, moaned and sucked.

All of it! She thought. All of it! Mine! All mine!


Russell Stevens paced the floor of his motel room, trying hard not to shoot off in his pants with each step he took. His cock was stiffer than it had been in years. He hadn't been this horny probably since he was seventeen, not since the days when he used to fuck those hot teenager teases, those little bitch sluts he'd gone to high school with.

God, that was a long time ago! Nineteen years since he'd been seventeen. He was getting old. But shit, he didn't feel any different -- at least, not today. Today he felt seventeen again. He might easily shoot off in his pants before she arrived -- very easily. He squeezed his cock like a young teen trying to keep from pissing in his pants, then checked his watch for the twentieth time.

She said she'd meet him here at noon. Maybe he'd told her the wrong motel, or the wrong room number. Christ! But what could he do now? Call home and say to his wife, "Norma, honey, has Penny left yet?" Norma would suspect something right off the bat. She already suspects something, he thought.

His wife had been acting strangely ever since Penny arrived. She'd been flirting with him during the day and throwing herself at him at night. Her cunt hadn't been so hot and juicy since the first few times he'd fucked in the back seat of his dad's Chevy at the drive-in theater. Christ, she was a hot little bitch in those days! And now she was trying to be that hot little bitch again -- because she suspected, suspected that he had eyes for another cunt. And she was right -- damn right!

The first person he'd noticed among the crowd of newly arrived passengers at the airport four days ago was a foxy black-haired teenager chick dressed in jeans and a tight -- a very tight -- T-shirt. What a pair of tits! Nipples practically poking holes in her shirt. And the way she moved, wiggling her ass slowly, like some chick you rarely see anywhere except in the movies. Christ! Every Goddamned male in the airport was drooling over her, and she knew it. He could tell that she knew it.

And then, Christ, she walked right up to him -- up to him! And Christ, she was his niece, Penny -- his very own niece. The last time he'd seen her she'd looked like a runt tomboy. But now -- oh Christ -- Christ, she'd changed.

Russell checked his watch again. Twelve-twenty-five. If she didn't show up, he'd throw himself out the window of the motel room. The room was five stories up, enough to do the job. He laughed, at least tried to. The black haired Lolita had driven him out of his head. Christ, here he was, locked in a motel room he'd rented under an assumed name -- at fifty bucks a night yet, and for the next five days -- waiting for his brother's teenage daughter to show up and spread her legs for him.

Christ, that was almost as bad as waiting here to fuck his own daughter -- not that he hadn't daydreamed about it at times. Shit, it was only natural. Fern was as sexy in her pink blond innocence as Penny was in her sultry dark sensuousness. What could any guy with functioning balls do but get the hots for the pretty blond? It was only natural, he'd told himself again and again. Even if Fern was his own daughter, it was only natural to once in a while have fantasies, to once in a while ache to get inside her pussy.

Twelve-thirty. She wasn't going to show up. He knew it -- she wasn't going to show. Maybe she'd just been toying with him. She had the capability to destroy a guy. He could tell that from the moment he'd first seen her. Even if she did show up, even if she let him sink his prick into her cunt, she could always blackmail him later. She was wicked, devious. Anybody could see that. But, oh, Christ, that made her even more desirable, made him want her even more!

Come on, you bitch, he thought. And he undressed, dropping his clothes on the floor where he stood, letting his painfully hard prick spring free into the air. If she came, he'd be ready for her. If she didn't, he'd jerk off all over the motel's blue shag carpet. As he cupped his balls, feeling how bloated they were, how near to bursting with cum, the door vibrated with quick, skipping knocks.

"Uncle Russ? You in there? Uncle Russ? I'm here. It's Penny, Uncle Russ." She shouted loud enough for the first floor of the motel to hear her.

Russell fumbled with the safety chain. Now why in the hell did I double-lock the door? he wondered, trying to shush up the dizzy bitch at the same time.

"Quiet down, Penny! Not so loud! Shhhh!" He got the door open, and Penny bounced in, wearing a bikini that showed half her asscrack and the top edges of her areolas. He wondered if she was late because she'd been arrested for indecent exposure.

"Uncle Russ, you're beautiful," she said, running her hands up and down his back and over his bare ass. Then she reached around and grabbed his cock. "Oooh, you're all ready for me! I can't wait!"

Russell almost shot off from the touch of her hands. "Wait," he gasped, "till I get the door closed."

He trembled as he double-locked the door again. The brass safety chain rattled against the doorjamb as he fought to steady his hands.

"Was anybody out in the hall?" he asked. "Do you think anybody saw you come in here?"

"Didn't see anybody," Penny said casually. "Why?"

"No reason," Russell said, sliding the safety chain into the catch at last. Because I could be put away for twenty years if anybody caught me in here with you, he thought to himself. Dizzy little teenage bitch! And he turned around.

Penny held out her arm's to him. "Here I am, you big sexy man!"

And she wrapped herself around him -- stark naked. She'd stripped in the few seconds it had taken him to lock the door. Her nipples poked into his abdomen like hot spikes.

"Oh, I've waited so long to feel you. I could tell you wanted to fuck me, even at the airport." She licked at his hairy chest.

Russell's cock jerked, shot through with hot needles of sex-sensation. He pushed the girl away, holding his breath. His cock stood straight up, quivering dangerously close to orgasm. Don't waste it, he told himself. Hold [missing text].

"What's wrong?" Penny asked, looking stunned.

"You got me so hot that I almost came," he said, forcing a laugh. He was shaking so hard he could hardly stand. "What took you so long?"

Penny lifted one of her tits and licked the nipple. She grinned up at him devilishly. "Had to ditch Fern," she said.

"Fern? You came down here with Fern? For God's sake, you didn't tell her anything, did you?" The little bitch didn't have a brain in her head. She had it all down in her cunt.

"Of course not," Penny said. "We rode down on our bikes -- to the see the carnival on the boardwalk, I told her. She met a friend, and I sneaked off. Told her I'd meet her back there in an hour or two."

"Thank God!" Russell said. "Fern can't ever find out about us. I mean that. Do you understand, darling? She can't ever find out."

Penny cupped both her big tits and juggled them up and down, as if trying to hypnotize him with them. The little girl had huge cherries, almost purple, and larger than silver dollars.

"Of course, Uncle Russ," she said. "I ain't that stupid -- to tell Fern that me and her daddy are lovers."

Lovers! he thought. Oh, Jesus Christ! And he'd done nothing yet but rent this room and arrange to meet her here.

"I've rented the room until the day you leave," he said. "I'll be free from work every noon hour, and maybe a little longer. If you can get here by noon, we'll have more time." His voice quavered, sounding so unlike his own.

She smiled wickedly. "Oooh, this is just like a soap opera."

Her eyes fell, on his cock, following its throbbings. She licked her lips, and as she did so Russell almost shot off in the air. She was the sexiest female he'd ever laid eyes on -- and there she stood, all his, and salivating over his cock. She was like a girl out of his wildest dreams.

Penny stepped toward him suddenly, and slid down his body as if he were a greased pole. Her hard nipples felt like hot fingertips against his skin. She fell to her knees, hugging his ass and kissing his swollen balls while she cooed like a baby getting its bottle.

"Christ, Penny!" he gasped, running his fingers through her soft hair. Her scalp was warm, and it moved under his fingers.

"Mm! Uncle Russ!" Penny mumbled, sucking on his balls.

Then she buried her pretty nose under his nuts and licked toward his ass. Russell felt as if he had a hundred wriggling tongues up his asshole. He braced his hands on her shoulders to steady himself.

Penny licked all around his balls. She sucked his nuts into her mouth one at a time, gently massaging each with her tongue and teeth. Liquid sounds came from her mouth, and she continued to coo. The cum bubbled in Russell's balls, getting ready to erupt.

"Penny," he said, "maybe we should get onto the bed. You know, before I..."

She giggled and squealed, cutting off his words. Her hands wrapped around the base of his cockshaft and she bent it down, half chinning herself on it, it was standing up so hard and strong. She lapped at the underside of his cock with wet, wide strokes. As her tongue wiped across the rear of his cockhead, Russell felt his prick nearly split down the middle with need. He wrapped his fingers in her hair and impaled her face on his cock. His cockrod slid straight down her throat -- all eight inches of it. He felt her nose squash against his hairy groin, felt her chin bounce against his bloated, rubbery balls, felt the muscles of her hot throat quiver around his cocklance.

"Suck it!" he grunted. "Suck off my prick!"

He fucked at her face, driving his cock in and out of her mouth, in and out of her throat.

A strange feeling of power filled him, a strange feeling of meanness.

No female had ever before sucked his cock. He'd never fucked any woman's mouth. All he'd ever done was fuck cunt. When he'd been in high school, the girls just didn't do that sort of thing -- they'd probably never heard about cocksucking in those days. And Norma, Norma wouldn't do it, refused to do it. He had asked her a few times, but she'd looked at him as if he were crazy. He didn't ask her any more.

Penny clawed into his asscheeks, squeezing them, massaging them. She bounced her head up and down wildly, growling in her throat like a dog fighting for a bone. Her throat undulated, her tongue churned; she slurped and munched, licked and kissed. Her mouth and throat felt as hot and tight and writhing inside as any cunt Russell had ever fucked. She was a Goddamn cocksucking bitch -- hot, sexy, sweet -- and she was his niece, his very own niece!

Russell lifted up and down on his toes, dancing with pleasure. He groaned loudly, grunting like a bull. He didn't care if the whole motel heard him, didn't care if the whole world heard him. Goddamn, he was fucking a teenage girl's mouth, his very own niece's mouth! And he didn't care who knew it! In fact, he wanted the world to know it -- the entire world!

"Suck my cock!" he grunted. "Suck the cum out of my prick! Oh, yeah, suck my cum out and swallow it!"

Penny rolled her pretty black eyes up at him. They were glazed with lust, glazed with pleasure. She looked as if she were in the grip of a perpetual orgasm. Spit gushed down over his balls, making her chin squirm against them. Her hot nipples rubbed at his thighs. She moaned insanely, sucking hard. Russell couldn't stand this another second.

"I'm coming!" he gasped. "Oh, sweet Jesus, mmmmm -- ohhhhhhh!"

Hot pokers of cum zipped through the core of his cock like greased ropes. His hips jerked, jolted by spasms of pleasure. He clung to his niece's warm head, drowning her with his cum.

"Every drop," he grunted. "Take it all. Ohh, Christ!"

Penny moaned, her throat contracting as if it were a spasming cunt. She was swallowing every drop, sucking down every fucking drop! Russell couldn't believe it, but he writhed, pumping his whole load of hot cum down his niece's throat.


Pete slid his cock out of Fern's mouth, milking it between his thumb and fingers. His brown thumb wiped a white pearl of cum off the tip of his cock, from between the purple lips of his piss-slit. The sunlight coming through the yellow curtains made the thick gob of cum glisten like a pearl as it clung to his thumb. Fern reached for his hand and sucked the luscious pearl of cum off his thumb. The handsome teen smiled down on her with his dazzling white teeth.

"You like jizz?" he asked.

"Mm!" Fern said, shaking her head. "Tastes good!"

The teen smiled as it delighted. "You really like the taste of cum?"

"You better believe it!" she said.

"Shit!" He grinned as if quite satisfied with himself. "Wait till the..." His voice trailed off.

"Wait till what?"

"Nothing," the teen said. "I forgot."

He looked down at his rampant young prick, it was still stiff as wood, and it twitched with the rhythm of his heart. He grabbed his cock and stroked it.

"I'm still horny," he said. "Can I fuck you now? Please?"

Fern watched the boy's nuts moving in their brownish-pink sac. She lifted her head and kissed the cute sac.

"OK," she said. "You can fuck me now. But be gentle."

There! She'd said it. She couldn't believe she'd said it, but she had. The smell of the boy's balls, the lingering taste of his jism in her mouth -- they joined to make her more drunk than any beer could. The beer seemed to be wearing off now as fast as it had washed over her brain and made her woozy and giddy. If she was drunk now, it wasn't her brain that was drunk -- it was her loins. Her cunt pulsated with deep waves of excited longing. She imagined her pussylips opening and shutting, opening and shutting, calling the boy's cock to them, sucking the boy's cock into her pussy.

She spread her legs wide, wider than she'd ever spread them in her life. She performed a full split for the brown, sweaty teenager. He was all bone and muscle, and she loved him, and she wanted now to feel him inside her body. She wanted to feel his cock sliding in and out of her cunt-fucking her.

The teen quivered like a stalk of sea grass in a breeze. He kneeled between her legs, looking one moment like a barbarian and the next like a frightened chipmunk. His prick pointed straight up at the ceiling, and it appeared to have grown an inch or two. The meaty cockrod quivered even more intensely than the teen himself. He gazed between her spread legs, drooling. Spit leaked from one corner of his mouth and dripped from his chin. He didn't seem to notice. He was panting loudly, like a winded dog.

"I'm gonna fuck you," he muttered. He sounded crazy, and he had a crazy look in his eyes. "I'm gonna shove my prick in you and fuck you good."

Fern began to feel uneasy. "Be gentle," she said.

"Gentle," the teen said, repeating her word like an echo, and he fell into a push-up position over her.

His cock pointed at Fern's face as she looked down toward it. She could feel the boy's hot breath on her tits and belly. He was panting over her, lusting over her -- and as vulnerable as Fern felt, she couldn't help but feel like giggling with the knowledge that she was so desired.

"Fuck me!" she said. The words flew out of her mouth without any conscious thought. "Oh, Pete, fuck me! Now!"

"Oh, mannn!" the teen moaned. "Oh, wowww!"

He lowered his stiff fuck-pole to her crotch and jabbed, pounding his hot cockhead at her bottom, at her asscheeks, at her hairy pussy mound.

Fern wanted to scream with joy. She wiggled her ass in wild circles.

"Is it in me?" she panted. "Is your cock in me?"

"Not yet," the teen muttered, humping blinding, jabbing his stiff cock all over her slick crotch.

"Put it in," Fern gasped. "I wanna be fucked, Pete! Oh, please, I wanna be fucked!" Hot juice leaked out of her cunt, making her bottom slicker and slicker.

"I'm trying," the teen panted. "I think it's almost in!"

Then Fern felt it, felt his bloated cockhead lodge between her cuntlips like a pulsating ember. She squealed. It felt marvelous. I'm fucked! she thought. I'm fucked!

The teen wound up his ass and screwed his cockshaft into her -- ramming his prick in to the hilt, falling on her with a wild cry of pleasure and triumph.

Fern's virgin cherry popped like a light bulb. Her mouth and eyes gaped wide open. Another light bulb exploded in her head, like a flash of light behind her eyes. For a split second, she thought she had died. She felt nothing. Then her feelings returned, returned in all their intensity.

"You're killing me!" she screamed. "You're tearing me apart!"

"Shut up!" the teen snapped, and he groaned loudly, bouncing his ass between her legs as he clapped his hand over her mouth. "I'm fucking you, and there ain't nobody's gonna stop me. I'm fucking you -- hear! I'm fucking you. Oh, Jesus!" His eyes rolled and he ground his teeth, all the while pounding his teenager cock in and out of her bleeding, ravaged cunt.

Fern wrapped her legs around the boy's bobbing ass. She clamped his ass tightly, trying to slow his savage fucking. The while van was bouncing. Fern could hear the creaking of the shock absorbers. The teen had her pinned down, helpless. All that hard, angular bone, all that sinewy muscle, pinned her to the foam rubber mattress and writhed upon her, knocking the wind out of her lungs, crushing her.

"Oh, man, this is good," the teen muttered. "This is really good. Feels great! Oh, wow!"

His chestnut eyes were wildly intense. His tongue flicked serpent like back and forth across his lips. Fern couldn't help but to think of him as a zombie in a trance. One part of her, her loins, throbbed with intense searing pains -- while another part of her, her mind, paused to watch the boy's reactions to his fucking. She was fascinated by his reactions.

"Fuck!" the teen gasped. "Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck!" He showed his white teeth in a part sneer, a part-smile, part-grimace.

Fern tried to imitate him, tried to give him the same look back. She began to think of the teen as a tomcat, a mating tomcat, whining as if he were either in intense pain or intense pleasure. And she began to think of her self as a she cat, a mounted she cat, with her tom's horny barbed cock tearing at her cunt. Without even knowing she was going to do it, she began to chew at the boy's hand, to gnaw at his fingers and to whine. The teen yanked his hand away and replaced it with his mouth, with his hot mouth full of white teeth, and as she whined he gnawed at her lips.

Fern felt her nipples harden into steel hard spikes, felt her clit grow and stiffen almost painfully. With curled toes, she clawed at the boy's humping ass. She rippled her fingers down the bones of his snaking spine, then stroked circles on his lower back with her palms. She bit at his mouth. Their teeth clicked together. She shoved her tongue into his mouth and felt his dripping tongue slide into hers. She swallowed his warm spit with the same hunger that she had swallowed his jism. Her cunt contracted rhythmically, sucking at his cock, trying to swallow his cock up inside her, trying to swallow all of him into her pussy.

"I want you," she mumbled into his mouth. "All of you."

And the rending, searing pains in her cunt melted into feelings of pleasure -- intense, nearly unbearable pleasure. She'd never in her life felt so good. She groaned loudly, in-folding the squirming teen in her flesh, crushing him against her, sucking him into herself. She sank her nails into his back, she sucked at his tongue; she gyrated her ass like a fan, trying to make a whirlpool of herself, a whirlpool that would suck the hot teen in and drown him -- drown him in her hot cunt flesh.

"I'm gonna come!" the teen gasped. "Jesus, here it comes!"

His eyes appeared to glaze over with a film of pure lust. His lean body shivered, as if every cell of it were quivering, every cell of it on the verge of orgasm. His prick bucked inside Fern like a spastic snake. And he came, driving hot gushes of jism into the writhing walls of her cunt.

"Shoot it!" Fern said, stroking his lower back as if milking his spine -- as if milking the feelings through his loins; as if milking the jism out of him.

She cooed lazily, clamping her cunt to the rhythm of the boy's ejaculations.

"Fill me up, beautiful. Give all your cum to me. Mmmm, yes!" She stroked his ass with the soles of her feet. She smiled, lightly chuckling, wetly licking the beads of sweat off his hot, contorted face.

The teen groaned long and loud. He lay on Fern, almost motionless, as she stroked his back and head. His ass twitched up and down, shuddering as he spurted a fresh load of jism into her pussy. Again he spurted, then again and again. At last, his ass stopped shuddering, his cock stopped spurting. He sank down onto Fern, his cock making small, post orgasmic jerks. He panted as if he'd just finished a long sprint, and his heart banged so hard in his heaving ribcage that Fern could feel its throbbings more than she could feet those of her own heart.

"I did it," the teen said, smiling with closed eyes. He rubbed his cheek against Fern's nose. "I did it. Oh, Jesus!"

Fern held him for a while, feeling the heat of his body, feeling his heartbeat and the pulsations of his un-softened cock inside her cunt. She continued to stroke his back and head and ass. Her hands slid easily over his sweat lubricated muscles, and the toned young muscles responded to her touch with small shivering twitches. She slid her fingers up and down his moist asscrack. His warm asshole quivered as she rubbed it, nipping at her fingers. She rotated her middle finger against his tight asspucker until it began to relax, to open up, to suck at her finger. All at once, her finger slipped up the boy's asshole as far as it would go.

"Hey, man, what are you doing?" the teen muttered, tightening his ass and sucking in a lungful of air.

Fern wiggled her finger gently inside his hot, moist asshole. At the same time, she began to rock her hips. "Fuck me," she whispered. "Fuck me more, darling."

"Too tired," the teen said. "All fucked out."

Fern wiggled her finger more quickly inside his asshole, at the same time beginning to work it in and out.

"Fuck me," she said again. "You're so good at it." She rocked her loins faster, clamping her cunt with a lazy rhythm, forcing his cock to slide in and out of her pussy in short flicking motions.

"Let me rest awhile," the teen said. He relaxed, letting Fern slide her finger in and out of his asshole, letting her fuck his cock as she rocked her hips.

She drove her tongue into his ear, lapping it out. "Wiggle your prick," she whispered. "You don't have to move, just wiggle your cock."

The teen smiled, keeping his eyes closed. He wiggled his cock inside her cunt.

Fern let out a short squeal. The boy's prick felt like a hot wagging tail inside her pussy. She responded by wriggling the walls of her cunt.

"Keep wiggling it," she said. "I love the feeling." She felt his cock squirm inside her cunt. "Eeeeeh! Oh, honey, fuck me!"

The boy's ass started to move, his abdomen to contract, his prick to slide easily in Fern's slippery cunt.

"That's it, darling," Fern said, rubbing her hands in quick circles up and down his back. And she wriggled under him, feeling his hard body lift slightly from her and begin to writhe. His elastic spine became like the undulant surface of the sea, and his asshole began to throb inside, sucking at her probing middle finger.

The van rocked, the shock absorbers creaking once more.

Pete braced his elbows on the mattress, holding his upper torso up and humping his hips to the rhythm of Fern's fuck-thrusts. As he drove down into her, she rammed her pussy up at his marble-smooth cockrod. Their hipbones bumped together, their bellies smacked. Pete clenched his teeth, staring down into Fern's eyes.

Fern clenched her own teeth, putting all her energy into meeting her young lover's cock thrusts. Her cunt felt as if it were swelling inside, as if the slab like walls were inflating and tightening harder and harder around the boy's pistoning cock. Her pussylips were swelling, and her clit seemed to be thickening and hardening, getting ready to burst. The hard surface of the boy's hot cockshaft filed her clit with long, intense motions. With each thrust of the cock into her cunt, she wanted to scream. The feelings screwing through her cunt and asshole were next to unbearable, and she thrilled to the realization that she was fucking, really fucking. She was being fucked by a hot, naked boy -- all bone and muscle and spunk. He was her lover, her own lover.

"Fuck me!" she grunted. "Fuck me -- fuck me -- fuck me -- fuck me -- fuck me!"

"You're so tight inside," the teen said. "You're so hot. You're skinning my cock. Oh, Jesus, you're skinning it!" His eyes wobbled. Sweat dripped from his nose. The muscles of his straining torso defined themselves as if carved out of pure bronze.

Fern felt dizzy. She squirmed deliriously under the humping teenager. Hot twisting needles seemed to drill into her tits, into her toes, into the tips of her fingers. Her loins filled with hot grating sensations. Her clit throbbed. When she closed her eyes she could visualize her clit throbbing between her cuntlips, throbbing against the oiled, sliding prickshaft. The tip of her clit tingled, the pit of her asshole tingled. She clawed at the boy's back, dug her heels into his asscheeks, rammed her middle finger up his hot quivering asshole.

The teen tensed. His asshole contracted with spasms, a ball of hot flesh inside seeming to swell up spastically against Fern's finger. His prick flexed wildly, spurting out cum. He whimpered, his ass bucking uncontrollably.

"Squirt!" Fern whined. "Oh, Pete!"

And then she came -- came as she had never come before.

"Ohhhhh!" she wailed. "Ohhhh, Peeeeete! I love youuuuu! Eeeeeeh!"

Her loins shook like a machine gun gone wild. Her body filled with flashes of light, with explosions of pleasure. She could feel her toes crossing and clenching and twisting. Her cunt sucked and devoured the boy's spurting cock, became one with it -- one mass of seething, writhing sex-flesh. And she clung to the boy, held on to him for her life, melted into him, became one with him.

"Ohhhhh, fuck!" the teen grunted, the jism squirting endlessly from his cock. And Fern purred, sucking her tomcat dry.


Russell's cock softened slightly, and Penny let it flop out of her mouth. She held the base of it, jiggling it, making it bounce and shake like a heavy hunk of steak. Her raisin eyes crossed as she followed its every quiver. She smiled mischievously, suddenly milking his cock from base to tip with a firm tug of her hand.

"Beautiful!" she said, eyeing the gob of white cum she'd just milked from his cock. Then, like a frog, she flicked the sticky gob from the tip of his cock with a quick snap of her pink tongue.

The lightning-quick stab of her tongue at his cockhead made Russell shiver, made a flood of prickles shoot through the core of his cock, and made his cock swell once more to full hardness.

Penny giggled, her eyes seeming to flare brighter as his cockshaft swelled. She wrapped her warm hands around the spit-slick cocklance and began jerking it off.

Russell put his hand on hers, stopping her cock-jacking. "Why don't we go over on the bed, darling?" he said. "I have something better in mind."

Penny giggled, standing up slowly. Halfway up, she cupped her large, cream colored tits and caught Russell's cock between them. "Ever tit-fuck a girl?" she asked, moving buck and forth so his cock slid between her warm tits.

"Oh, Jesus!" he said, fucking between her tits. "You're some woman!" She had the softest, smoothest skin between her tits that he'd ever felt. As he fucked, her hard purple nipples poked into his balls. "Oh, shit!"

If he didn't watch out, he was going to shoot off right between her tits. He'd love to do that, but not today. Today he needed to get inside her, needed to shoot off into her hot little pussy. With a sigh, he grabbed her under the arms and hauled her the rest of the way to her feet.

She giggled, squeezing his cock as she leaned forward to kiss him. Her thick, padded lips were hot, and they made Russell's lips tingle. She shoved her thick wet tongue between his lips and licked the roof of his mouth. The tip of her tongue titillated the back of his throat, and a warm flood of her sweet saliva gushed into his mouth like honey. Russell caught her, wrapping his arms and one leg wound her, driving his tongue in and out of her mouth, humping his aching prick between their bellies. She a dreamgirl, a pure sex-pot.

Let's run away together, he wanted to say.

Just you and I -- let's run away together and spend the rest of our lives just as we are now. I want you, he wanted to say. You're the best thing a man could ask for. You're all I've ever wanted.

Penny pushed him away. "I thought you wanted to go over on the bed," she said. "I thought you had something better in mind."

She whirled away from him and leaped onto the bed, crawling on her hands and knees to the center of the mattress and waiting for him there on all fours. As she waited, she arched her back and turned up her beautiful full ass, wiggling it seductively while she grinned at him over her shoulder. Her raven hair was so long that it hung over her shoulders and along her arms and swept the powder-blue bedspread.

Russell stared at her. His impulse was to leap up on the bed behind her like a billy goat and to ram his splitting-hard cock up her cunt. That's what she wanted. He could tell. From the way she was panting, from the way she was rotating her ass, from the way her entire bottom appeared to twitch and pulsate like the ass of a bitch in heat -- he could tell that's what she wanted more than anything. But he held himself back. This was too good to rush into. A girl like Penny needed to be savored. He must take his time.

He walked slowly around the bed, taking in every luscious inch of her. Her tits hung down pendulously, swaying, purple-capped. They were as big as the tits of a nursing mother. As she arched her back, her tiny belly sucked in, making her waistline no bigger around than his thigh -- possibly even smaller. She was tan, richly browned by the Florida sun, but her ass and tits were creamy white, and they made him think of expensive ice cream. He walked slowly around behind her again. She was panting audibly, her warm young flesh quivering.

"Come on, Uncle Russ," she said. "What are you waiting for? Shove that big cock in me. I wanna feel your cock in me."

She arched her back even more, turning up her ass until he could see her pink clit poking out from between her dripping, hairy cuntlips. Her cuntlips spread apart naturally, letting him see deep into her seething cuntal canal. She looked frothy inside, and the walls of her cunt appeared to writhe. Her asspucker, which glistened in the center of her asscrack like a pink star, twitched as if with a pulse beat. Russell felt a warm trickle roll down his lower jaw, and he realized that he was drooling.

"You've got the most beautiful ass I've ever seen," he muttered. "Jesus, you're hot!"

How in the hell had his brother ever produced such a prize piece of female ass? I bet you've been fucked plenty, he thought. I bet the boys ride you more than The Lone Ranger rode Silver. He staggered up onto the bed behind her. The intoxicating aroma of her cunt and ass made his mind reel.

Penny watched him, seductively wetting her full ruddy lips with her tongue. Her big round ass rotated like a fan, hypnotically drawing him toward it, making him want to dive into her ass and lose himself inside it forever. Were her cunt or asshole large enough, he thought, he'd crawl right up inside her, becoming one body with her.

"I love you, Penny," he muttered. "Oh, I love you. I want you always."

He lowered his lips to her steaming wet cunt and he kissed it, feeling the heat of her pussy, the electricity of it, pass into his lips. His nose touched her warm young bottom, and he felt her asscheeks quiver. He shoved out his tongue and he licked front one end of her cunt to the other, then over her asscheeks, then up her asscrack. As his tongue passed over her succulent young asspucker, he could feel it nibble at him.

Penny let out a long, pleasure filled sigh. "Ohhh, Uncle Russ! Feels so good! Oh, Uncle, do my pussy, do my asshole. Suck my cunt."

Pussy juice leaked out of her cunt and dripped from the kinky black hairs of her cunt mound. Russell lapped at the warm stream as it ran out of her cunt and sucked the delicious liquid from her cunt hairs. The teenager sex juice was as tasty as the juice from a tart apple.

"Penny, darling Penny!" he mumbled, his mouth full of cunt hairs and thick slabs of cuntmeat. "Sweet, so sweet! Mmmm! Mmmmmm! Love you, love you!" He sank his teeth into the hot, spongy slabs of her pussy, feeling the tart juice squeeze out around his teeth, feeling the warm pussy juice drip from his chin, some of it rolling down his neck.

Penny's entire ass appeared to throb like a hammered thumb. Russell could hear the cunt juices bubbling inside her, could hear the sucking, squishing sounds deep in her cunt. He mashed his mouth between her spread pussylips and wriggled his tongue into her cuntslit. The hot walls of her fuckhole undulated around his tongue, caressing it, sucking it. Sex-juice seeped into his mouth, and he swallowed it greedily. He sucked at her cunt like a wino at his bottle. Her pussy juice was sweeter, more intoxicating than the finest wine he'd ever tasted.

Penny squealed. Her naked body squirmed and writhed like the body of a belly dancer in slow motion. She humped her ass, rotated it, drove her cunt hard into Russell's face.

"Eat me, Uncle RUSS!" she gasped. "Suck my pussy!"

Russell twisted and pistoned his tongue inside her cunt. Her sex-flesh writhed like a mass of snakes. Her clit twitched against his lower lip and he nipped it with his teeth.

Penny whined. Her cunt sucked at his tongue spastically. Cunt juice leaked out of her pussy like warm water from a squeezed sponge. She reared up, reaching back and clutching his head to her bottom.

"I'm coming!" she gasped. "Aieeeeeeh!"

Russell growled, twisting his face frantically between her cuntlips, driving his tongue so deep into her pussy that the root of it ached, sucking down the tasty young cunt juices that bubbled out of her. He couldn't believe this was happening. She was his niece. She was the most beautiful female he'd ever seen. And he was eating her pussy, sucking her, licking out her spasming teenage cunt. He drove his head at her fiercely, wanting to bury it inside her cunt.

Within a minute, her orgasm was all over. He pulled his throbbing, juice-soaked face away from her cunt. As he tried to catch his breath, he couldn't resist smooching her pink young asspucker. The little pucker still quivered, and he slipped his tongue between its tight walls for a few seconds, getting a taste of her succulent asshole. The pretty pucker pulled at his tongue, trying to suck it inside her ass. "Uncle Russ," Penny said in a teasing tone, "you've got a naughty tongue -- licking out girls' assholes!" She chuckled. "Mmm! Feels good. You can lick out my shithole any old day."

"Naughty girl," Russell said. "Naughty niece!"

He loved the idea that she was forbidden fruit. Not only was she only a teenager, but she was his niece, his brother's daughter. The only way what he was doing could be more forbidden, more wicked, would be for Penny to be not his niece, but his very own daughter. Just for a moment, he imagined himself licking Fern's young asshole, and his cock and asshole were shot through with thrills even more intense.

Christ! he thought. Jesus Christ! And he put the perverse thought out of his mind.

Penny was back down on her hands and knees, arching her back and turning up her ass with the same apparent excitement she had displayed before she'd had her orgasm.

"Well," she said, "how long does a horny girl have to wait to get her cunt plugged? Daddy never takes this long to get his prick in me."


Penny chuckled. "I mean the older guys," she said. "I always call the older guys Daddy."

"Oh," he said.

Maybe she was just trying to be cute, he thought. Or maybe she was serious about calling her older fuckers Daddy. Maybe she was trying to play games. Then again, maybe her tongue had slipped. Maybe her dad did fuck her. With a daughter like her, could any man resist?

Penny reached back and grabbed his cock, making him groan from the contact. After licking out her pussy, after sucking down her cunt juice and filling his head with the aroma of her ass and cunt, Russell's cock was so stiff and horny again that it was difficult to believe he had shot his cum down her throat a short while ago.

"Eeeek! It's so hard!" Penny said, working the cockskin along the prickshaft with her soft hand.

Then she tugged, guiding his cockhead between the lips of her cunt. As his cockhead nestled in the slippery recess of cunt flesh, a long spear of pleasure shot through his cock, making him think he was going to come before he got into her pussy. He grabbed her hand, pulling it away.

"Easy!" he said, taking a deep breath and trying to hold his cock still. "Easy, darling -- I almost lost it!"

Oh, Christ, don't let me lose it, he prayed. Not before I've fucked her juicy cuntmeat, not before I've felt her pussy suck my prick.

Penny remained motionless, like a statue. Even her cunt remained still, the pussy walls going slack, although he could feel a pulse beat inside her cunt, and could feel her seething heat. Slowly, the crisis passed. The cum in his nuts sank back down and the super-tight feeling in his cock eased. Both he and Penny sighed in unison. The little bitch was amazing -- she could sense what he was feeling in his cock.

"Now can we fuck?" she asked, and he could feel the motor in her young cunt begin to rev.

"Oh, my little baby!" Russell cried. The words seemed to materialize without thought. "Oh, you fucking little sweetheart!" He yanked his cock out of her until only the cocktip of it touched her cunt, then he rammed it back in.

Penny giggled, wiggling her luscious young ass in tight little circles. "Wowww!" she said. "Eeeeek! Let me feel it!"

Russel arched his back and fucked. He let loose, digging his fingers into Penny's cream white ass to brace himself while he let his hips swing with complete abandon. His cocklance fucked in and out of her pussy with long, forceful strokes. His cum-glutted nuts swung heavily, vibrating each time he whacked her upturned ass. Pussy juice ran out of her cunt and dripped from his balls. The cunt juice felt good, like warm syrup.

Penny grunted in rhythm to his fuck thrusts, her lithe young body shivering as if his cock were electrically charged. A deep valley formed along her spine and tiny droplets of sweat ran together in the valley and formed a fine stream of female sweat.

Russell leaned forward and slid the tip of his tongue up the brown furrow of her back, tasting the sweet sweat of his niece. When he straightened himself, he began fucking harder, faster. The feelings shooting through his cock and balls were building to an unbearable peak. He ached to shoot off into her pussy, but at the same time, he wanted to go on fucking her forever.

Penny tightened her cunt, increasing the pressure on his cockrod each time he thrust in. The slippery liquid sounds caused by their fucking came faster and faster and faster. Penny jerked wildly, her ass becoming a blur. She fucked with such deft speed that her body seemed to hum. She began to gibber insanely to herself, cooing and gyrating and whimpering as if possessed. Her cunt writhed inside like a hand, working the cock skin unbearably over the shaft of his cock. He fucked and fucked and fucked -- harder, harder, harder. He felt sex-sensations all through his body -- in the pit of his asshole, even in his toes.

Penny shrieked, jerking, bouncing on the mattress. Her cunt clamped his cock feverishly. He felt as if his cock were going to pop out of his cockskin like a banana out of it's skin. An intense surge of feeling inflamed every cell of his cock, and he felt the jism spring in his nuts. With a fierce inhalation of breath, he let go.

"I'm coming!" he bellowed.

At that same moment Penny groaned as if someone had shoved a broom handle up her ass. "Coming!" she gasped. "Coming -- with -- you!"

And they whined -- both whined like mating cats.

Russell felt his cum gush the length of his cockshaft and explode into her cunt. He felt his balls contracting, swelling and contracting. He felt his cock swell up and harden until he imagined that he was lifting and waving his pretty niece in the air with his cock alone. His body shuddered each time the cum shot out of him. Penny's body shuddered from his explosions, and she writhed from the intensity of her own orgasm. At one point, she craned her neck to look at him over her shoulder, and he saw her eyes rolling ecstatically, with hardly more than the whites showing. At that moment, he shot cum into her pussy with such a wild spasm of pleasure that flashbulbs seemed to explode in his skull.

"Ohhhhhhh, Penny!" he gasped. "Oh, my darling Penny!"

And Penny giggled, giggled like the young schoolgirl she was. And she cooed, cooed like a teenager slut.

"Keep squirting, Uncle Russ," she whispered. "I want all of your cum."

She clamped his cock rhythmically, milking him -- milking the cum out of him, milking out his strength. And he gave it to her, gave it all to her -- gave it to her willingly.


Fern marched from one end of the boardwalk to the other. The noon sun made the concrete warm under her feet. The wind tugged at her hair. She winced upon hearing another wolf-whistle.

A group of boys had been whistling and shouting at her for the last ten minutes from their perch atop the upper deck of the boardwalk. She feared looking at them. That would only encourage them. It was a bad day all around. Penny had once again slipped away without Fern being able to tail her. Pete had apparently stood her up. And the new bikini Penny had insisted she buy was cutting into her cuntslit. It was much too tight and much too small.

The new bikini was white, as white as the puffy clouds that floated above in the noonday sky. It made her tan look twice as dark, made her hair look twice as blonde. But it was tiny -- extremely tiny -- and it was a size too small, besides. She had tried to tell that to Penny in the swimwear shop when she'd tried it on, but Penny knew better. How did she expect to get the boys' cocks waving if she was going to buy another baggy bikini? And Fern had given in. She always gave in. Penny had had her own way about everything all week long. Fern was disgusted with herself.

Well, for what the thought was worth -- by tomorrow night Penny would be gone, flying the friendly skies back to Chicago. And she could stay there the rest of her life, for all Fern cared. Fern didn't care if she ever saw her smart-mouthed cousin again.

"Hey sexy, why don't you come on up here and talk to us?"

Fern purposely looked out at the beach, looked in the opposite direction, pretending she hadn't heard the boy's taunt.

Another whistle. "Hey baby, I can see half your hot ass!" Laughter. "Woweeeeeee!" More laughter. Another whistle.

Fern strode toward the carnival area of the boardwalk. She was sure all eyes on the beach and boardwalk were staring at her now. Why didn't those assholes shut up? Couldn't they see that she hadn't the least intention of even acknowledging their existence? She felt completely naked, completely exposed. The bikini barely covered her nipples. In fact, she had to continually hike up the tit-cups to keep the upper parts of her cherries from showing. And in back -- she knew the teen was right -- half her ass, crack and all, was gyrating under the white glare of the sun as she walked. It's Penny's fault, all Penny's fault. Where in the hell is the bitch, anyway? Fern had half a mind to jump on her bike and ride the long stretch of beach home without her. Penny might learn a lesson that way.

Penny had pulled the same trick all week -- drag Fern along to the boardwalk, then suddenly disappear, abandoning her for two hours. What Penny did during those two hours she would only talk of vaguely. "Got me a man," she would say -- and that's all. But from the wicked glint in Penny's eyes, Fern guessed there must be more to it than that. And Fern was curious, dying to know what it was that Penny had been up to. Today, with Pete not showing up, Fern would have had the chance to find out more, but Penny had disappeared like a genie during the few seconds Fern had taken to fill her mouth from the drinking fountain. And now Fern was out here all by herself. What was she to do for the next two hours?

At the carnival end of the boardwalk, Fern went down some steps to walk on the beach. One thing she had to do during the next two hours was take a piss, and now was as good a time as any. After the long bike ride down here, her bladder had filled up. Then too, she'd anticipated fucking Pete in the back of his brother's van again today, and her horniness, added to her full bladder, seemed to increase the need to relieve herself. As she walked up the beach, past sunbathers on beach towels and hordes of walkers and automobiles, she resisted an urge to grope her aching pussy. Suddenly, she needed to piss very badly, and the bikini panties cutting into her cuntslit only made her feel worse.

She headed toward the northern end of the boardwalk, the quiet area with the outdoor stage. Shown sure she remembered toilets in that area, quiet, seldom-used toilets. The toilets opened off a secluded, tunnel-like hallway that flanked the stage. She wouldn't dare use the main toilets in the central area of the boardwalk. That pack of smart aleck boys was seated on the upper boardwalk, just above those toilets. She wouldn't go over there if her bladder were bursting. In fact, she was slipping along the beach below the boardwalk right now to avoid having them see her again.

When she reached the stage area, she climbed the rock steps up onto the boardwalk and slipped into the passageway to the toilets. The passageway was cool and damp, refreshing after the pounding of the hot sun on her head and shoulder. She found the rest room and pushed the door open. The room was blessedly deserted. As the door swung shut behind her, the din of traffic and carnival and human hordes stopped like a suddenly switched-off tape recording. She heard only the slow, soothing dripping of a faucet.

She pulled off her panties and eased her ass down on the one toilet in the restroom. There was no door on the toilet stall. With a sigh of bliss, she let her piss go. It hissed out into the toilet in an endless waterfall, and her loins filled with the pleasure of relief.

Fern sat on the toilet awhile after squeezing out the last of her piss. A few drops of piss still dripped from her blonde cunt hairs.

She thought of Pete, wondering what had become of him today. Every day since that first day he had fucked her, he had been waiting for her at that bench on the boardwalk where they'd first met, had been waiting for her at noon like a faithful dog awaiting its mistress. And then, each day, he had stuffed his cock in her pushy, had fucked her good and proper, like a faithful stud. She couldn't get enough of his cock. Now that she'd lost her virginity, she craved cock like she never had before. She awoke in the middle of the night, her mind obsessed with visions of fucking, spurting cocks, and she rubbed herself off repeatedly to allow herself to sleep.

Oh, Peter, my angel, she thought. Where are you? How can you abandon me like this? She felt not only forlorn, but extremely horny, and she began to rub her finger up and down her cuntslit. She closed her eyes, leaning back against the wall behind her. The hot feelings swirled up through her pussy, and she rubbed her pussy harder, spreading her legs until her knees braced against the sides of the stall.

The rest room door squeaked open.

"There's our honey cunt," a voice said, and the face of a wicked-looking teen appeared at the half-open doorway.

Fern clamped her legs shut and dove for her panties, trying to cover herself with them. "Get out of here!" she shouted. She tried to sound authoritative, but her voice trembled. "This is a women's room. Get out of here."

The teen chuckled, pushing his way into the room. Behind him, two more boys pushed in, nearly stumbling over the first boy. They gawked at her like zoo visitors trying to get a good look at an exotic animal.

"I'll be!" the first teen said. "She was jerking off." And they all looked at each other as if they'd never heard of such a thing.

The three of them were dressed in dirty frayed cut-off jeans, so short that the pockets hung out the legs. Their cocks bulged in their jeans like bunched socks. All three boys had long, shaggy hair, either natural blond or sun bleached, and all three looked grubby and sweaty, as if they'd spent days in the sunshine and salty sea wind. All of them were about eighteen, and they looked smart-ass tough.

"You like jerking off?" the second teen said, grinning at her.

"I'll scream if you all don't get out of here," Fern said, her voice getting more uncertain with each word.

And they all laughed at her, laughed as if she'd told them a big joke. She realized, then, that these were the boys who had been taunting her from the upper boardwalk.

"Take off your top and let me see them knockers of yours," the third teen said.

"Please," Fern said. "Let me out. My dad's waiting for me outside."

They were silent for a few seconds. Then the third teen laughed roughly, and the other two joined him. "Now let me see them knockers," he said again, and he took a step towards her. His hands and feet were huge, and he had firm brown muscles that were thick with veins.

"OK!" Fern said. "Just stay away."

She reached back and untied her bikini top, slowly letting the tit-cups slide off. The bikini top fell to her lap, and the cool air of the room nibbled at her tits. She felt shamefully naked.

"Man!" the teen said. "Look at them knockers! Shit!" And the other two boys muttered in agreement. Fern could feel their eyes all over her.

"Spread them legs," the first teen said, his tongue hanging halfway out of his mouth. "Let's see that horny fuckhole!"

Fern was about to beg them again to let her go, but they were all leaning forward, ready so pounce on her, and she could do nothing else but do as they said. Her knees touched the walls of the toilet stall, and she felt the air probe between her pussylips like cool fingers.

"Shit!" a teen muttered. "Beautiful!" And the room echoed with smacking lips and words of lust.

Fern stared toward the boys' feet, afraid to look up at them, afraid of the lust and meanness she was sure to see in their face. Their huge feet rippled with veins and thick tendons, their big toes black with street grease. Then their shorts fell, one after another, covering their dirty feet until they stepped out of them. Fern knew that the boys were naked now, their cocks waving in the air like clubs. She could smell their balls.

"Ever suck cock?" one of the boys asked, stepping toward her like a panther.

She looked up just in time to see the writhing muscles of his veined belly move against her face. His big cockhead slapped against her cheek, burning it. He filled his hands with her hair and yanked.

"I asked you if you, ever sucked cock!" The other boys laughed.

"Yes," she squeaked, and the teen yanked her hair again.

"Little slut!" he said, and he rammed his cock at her mouth, bruising her lips against her teeth. "Suck my prick!"

He rammed again, and Fern's mouth opened automatically, and his thick cockrod sank into her throat, choking her. As she struggled for breath, struggled, to control her gagging, all the boys laughed, and the teen fucking her mouth started banging his belly at her face.

"Give it to her!" one of the boys said excitedly.

"Drown her with your cum!" the other urged. And they laughed like hyenas.

Fern chomped down on the boy's cock, wanting to bite it off. It was a huge piece of prickmeat, longer and thicker than Pete's -- and it was steel-hard, tasting of sweat. The head of his cock throbbed in her throat like a heart.

"Oh, baby," the filthy teen said, "suck that cock! Hey, man, you're a real sucking slut."

He yanked her hair, making tears run from her eyes. His heavy balls banged her chin. His wiry, sweat-scented groin ground at her nose. The other boys whooped and clapped.

"Come on, man," one of the boys snarled, "choke her with jizz."

"Yeah, man, don't hog her," the other said. The teen raping Fern's mouth muttered fuck-words to himself, screwing his bucking cock in and out. All at once, he braced himself on the rim of the toilet and forced his big toe up her cunt.

Fern gasped. Despite the situation, despite her fear and loathing, a shiver of lust shot through her cunt.

"He's toe, fucking her!" one of the boys said. "Man, look at that hot chick's cunt -- sucking his toe like crazy!"

"Hey, man," the other said with a laugh, "you've got pussy juice dripping off your big toe, man!" And the teen sliding his cock in and out of her throat laughed, jerking her head faster over his cockshaft.

"She's like hot liver inside, man," he said, wiggling his toe in hard circles.

And Fern felt her eyes roll. Her entire crotch and asshole filled with throbbing sensations. It wasn't only the filthy boy's big toe fucking the sensitive meat of her cunt, but it was his big salty cock massaging her lips and gums and the walls of her throat -- it was both these things which were filling her with lust -- a raging lust.

All at once, Fern wrapped her arms around the boy's ass. She wanted his cum now, wanted to taste the thick salty stuff gushing down her throat in hot streams. She inhaled deeply of his masculine scent. She sucked hard, churning her tongue at the underside of the boy's thick cockrod, licking him exactly in the way Pete had taught her to lick.

The teen went crazy, almost dancing on one leg. The big toe of his other foot plunged in and out of Fern's cunt as if it were a cock. The teen gasped. His loins shuddered. His cock flashed with a teeth-shattering hardness. Heavy bursts of cum glutted Fern's throat. She gagged.

The other boys clapped, shouting for the fucking teen to drown her. Fern swallowed as fast as she could manage, her mouth filled with the scent and taste of cock and jism. Still, she couldn't swallow it all. The boy's cum was too thick; it was coming too fast. She felt gobs of the precious stuff leak from her mouth and roll down her chin. A sticky gob of cum glued itself to her tit. Another hot gob splattered on her nipple. A mass of thrills shot through her tits and cunt flesh simultaneously, and she spasmed.

She let herself go now, groaning loudly. Her ass bucked, her pussy chewing the boy's hot toe. She cooed, relishing the taste of the boy's cum. She was being mouth-raped, and she was loving it.

Fuck me! she wanted to scream. All three of you horny bastards, you filthy pricks -- fuck me! Oh, please, fuck me to death!

Before she had even finished coming, she got her wish. The boy's deflating cock flopped out of her mouth. As she tried to catch it again, hungry for any last drop of cum still oozing through his piss-tube, the teen flung her forward onto the concrete floor. His toe popped out of her cunt, and Fern rolled herself into a ball, crushing out the spasms of her ongoing orgasm. But the boys would not let her alone to finish.

Hands grabbed her, stretched her out, lifted her. A hot hunk of cockmeat kissed the lips of her spasming cunt, and suddenly she was impaled on another cock. The teen lay on the floor, and the other boys had impaled her on his upright cock as if on a fence post. Fern whined, her orgasm renewed, her pussy filled with an almost painful lust.

"Lay on him!" a voice shouted.

Hands stretched her out on top of the fresh youth now sliding his cock inside her cunt. The teen crushed her in his arms. His hot mouth engulfed her lips, and his thick tongue filled her mouth, dripping spit. As his tongue quivered and flexed in her mouth, his cock quivered and flexed in her cunt. The muscles of his arms bulged against her back. His chest was very hard. She could feel his ribs, his vibrating muscles, his beating heart.

Hands pulled on her legs and spread them out wide. She wiggled her ass and humped, squeezing out the last exquisite sensations of her orgasm. She felt the boy's hot cock sliding in and out of her pussy. She felt hands spread her asscheeks, felt a warm tongue lick her asspucker. The teen eating her asshole drooled. A river of thick spit leaked down her asscrack, wetting her bottom, further wetting the cock of the teen fucking her.

The teen who had raped her mouth squatted in front of her. His big cock hung there between his legs like a sand-filled nylon stocking. The purple head still glistened with her spit. A gob of white cum hung from the tip, dozing from the piss-slit. Fern forced her mouth away from a deep kiss with her fucker and stretched her neck to get at the other boy's luscious pearl of cum. Her mouth was wide open, and she shoved her tongue out as far as it would go.

"Suck," she gibbered. "Let me suck!"

"Goddamn!" the squatting teen said, and he waddled closer, letting Fern catch his cock and suck the heavy, spongy monster all the way into her hot mouth. The marble of cum rolled down her throat, and she moaned with satisfaction, then sucked, hungry for more. The cockshaft began to harden immediately.

Behind her, the teen who had licked her ass tickled her asspucker with his finger. As he wiggled his finger, her asshole relaxed, allowing him to slide his finger in an inch, then tightened, catching his finger and holding it. The teen twisted his finger, and all of it slid up her asshole. Fern held her breath for a moment, tensing, then let go, wanting to laugh. She loved the feel of a finger up her asshole. Ever since she'd first seen her spied upon surfers wiggle their fingers up their own assholes while they jacked off, Fern had delighted in the sensation of her own finger up her asshole while she rubbed off her pussy. She wiggled her ass appreciatively. The cock in her mouth was fully hard again, and the cockshaft throbbed as she sucked it. The teen under her wriggled, rubbing his chest against her big tits, screwing his huge cock inside her juicing pussy. The teen behind her rammed his finger in and out of her asshole quickly, then suddenly yanked it out. Fern groaned, wanting to tell him to shove it back in.

Hands forced her asscheeks apart. Suddenly, a throbbing ball of prick meat nestled between them, twisting against her asspucker. Her asshole, still tingling from the boy's finger-fucking, began to open. The ball of hot cockmeat slipped an inch up her asshole. Fern tensed, wanted to scream. She realized now what was happening. The teen was shoving his cockhead up her ass.

She jerked, crazy to free herself. The teen beneath her squeezed the breath out of her. The teen in front of her hugged her head and choked her with his huge prick. The teen behind her collapsed, ramming all of his hot cocklance up her ass. Fern thought she'd been split in half. Another blade of pain shot through her asshole and up her spine. Her eyes rolled back, and everything went black.

When she awoke from her brief blackout, she struggled for a few moments, feeling herself assaulted from both ends.

She felt like a blimp being pumped full of helium. The boys' cocks each seemed to be endlessly long, sliding like oiled tusks in and out of her three fuckholes. The three cocks fucked with different rhythms -- one cock sliding slowly in and out of her throat, one cock jerking inside her cunt with quick, short strokes, and the last cock slicing in and out of her asshole hard and fast. The teen fucking her asshole groaned. He chewed Fern's shoulders, drooling all over her. Fern gave up struggling. She was beginning to feel good. She thought about how cock-stuffed she was, and the thought filled her loins and head with swirls of lewd excitement.

The boys muttered, telling themselves, telling each other, telling the concrete walls of the rest room about how good they felt. They called Fern names, called her filthy names, sweet names muttered words of love and words of hate. The cool room was filled with grunts and moans. As Fern's cunt and asshole got juicier, the squishing noises of the teens cocks inside them increased. Fern's loins prickled with billions of tiny thrills. She wriggled her stuffed ass, wanting to come, aching to come with three cocks throbbing inside her.

The ass-fucking teen said, "Wowwww! I mean, she's tight, man. And I can feel your prick jerking in her cunt, man. I can feel it sliding right against mine. Oh, man I feel it, man!"

"I feel it," the teen fucking her cunt said. "Jesus, balls, do I feel it! Oh, shit, I'm gonna come! Oh fuck!"

He began to shoot, groaning as if in pain. Fern watched his blue eyes widen, watched him grimace, feel his gasping breath against her neck. At the same time, the warmth of his cum filled her cunt. She tried to suck with her pussy, tried to vacuum the jism out of his nuts. The teen rolled his head. His spurting cock jerked spastically.

The teen fucking Fern's ass laughed. "Your pricks like a jumping fish," he said.

"Christ!" He fucked faster, smacking his hard belly against Fern's firm ass. "Christ, she's tight! I'm getting ready to cream. Yeah! I can feel it almost coming."

He worked his cock in circles, fucking down into Fern until his wiry prick hair scoured her ass.

"Here it comes, baby," he groaned. "Ahhhhhhhhh! Wowwwwwww!" And he laughed, blasting jizz up her asshole. "Feels great!"

The teen fucking Fern's throat suddenly yanked his cock out of her mouth. He fisted his prick and pumped it frantically. Fern watched the piss-slit gape, watched the thin skin of the purple head nearly split. The teen grunted. His bloated nuts banged back and forth under his jerking fist. Like magic, a thick snake of white cum leaped out of his piss-slit and glued itself to Fern's cheek. The cum was hot as melted wax. Fern's mouth gaped. More hot cum shot out and Fern caught it, swallowing it down with an insatiable lust and hunger. Before the cock could spurt again, Fern caught the head of it in her mouth. The cockhead throbbed like a heart, and it was hot. She tongued the piss-slit, tasting the salty jism, feeling it squirt. She sucked. A stream of cum shot down her throat.

Fern was stuffed with cock, squirted full of cunt. Her head filled with the aroma of alkaline jism and masculine sweat. She had never imagined that anything could be this exciting. A voice inside her chanted -- fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Every inch of her skin -- inside and out -- tingled. Her lips began to spasm. Her tongue, her throat, her entire mouth throbbed. She felt her toes curl, felt the tip of her spine shiver as if touched with an electric wire.

The boys gasped.

"Her cunt's got teeth!" one of them said.

"She's gonna pop the head off my cock!" the other said.

"Christ, what a fucking wild asshole!"

Fern sucked and came, sucked all three cocks simultaneously and spasmed. The sensations sweeping through her body became so intense that for a moment she wished she were dead. At that moment, she blacked out again.

She woke up on the concrete floor, vaguely aware of the steady dripping of a faucet. Just barely, she could hear the high-pitched squeals of girls out on the beach. They sounded miles away. She wiped the jism off her face. As she struggled to her feet, cum trickled down between her legs. Her asshole and cunt throbbed.

She looked at herself in the mirror and laughed uncontrollably.


Fern had never hitchhiked. Her parents had warned her against it. Especially in a tourist area like Daytona, hitchhiking was dangerous. Rapes and murders occurred only too frequently.

As Fern stepped onto the Ormond Beach entrance to the beach -- the northernmost entryway for beach traffic -- she tried to forget about the murderers. Besides, she told herself, no murderer in his right mind would pick me up right here on the beach, in plain sight of all these people. Rapists were another story. After yesterday's gang bang in the restroom, rapists no longer scared her. She was ready for any rapist she might encounter -- and willing. She sucked in her belly, lifted her tits, and put her thumb up in the air.

The late morning sun warmed her half covered tits. She really didn't care today how much of her tits or how much of her ass was exposed to the ogling eyes of passing males. In fact, she wished she could let her bikini drop away from her body. Her tits would jiggle in the sea breeze. She'd spread her legs where she stood, letting the wind curl up between them and lick at her pussy. And every male on the beach would look at her, would gaze at her and want her. And she'd fuck them -- every last one of them.

She'd had a dream just last night. The guys were lined up on the beach for miles, their pricks at full mast -- all waiting to fuck her. What a dream! What a wild dream!

A pickup truck with roll bars and extra wide tires roared off the ramp and onto the beach. The shiny blue pickup shot past her, nearly running over her toes. Fifty yards down the beach, it skidded to a stop on the hard-packed white sand. A head craned out the passenger window while the driver's face pressed to the rear window like a face on a TV screen. The rear tires of the truck spun in reverse for a few seconds before the truck shot backward as fast as it had gone forward. Within seconds, it skidded to a stop next to Fern.

"Howdy, sweet stuff," the passenger said. He was a fat college-age guy with windblown red hair. Even from where she stood, Fern could smell beer on his breath. "Hop in."

"Yeah, baby, get in between us," the driver said. He was a dark-haired guy of about the same age as the passenger, and he sounded slightly drunk.

Two days ago, Fern wouldn't have climbed into a pickup with these guys if they were the last men on earth. But today, still giddy after yesterday's gang bang, she told herself, What the hell. And she climbed in, sliding over the passenger's fat bare legs and squeezing in between the two grinning guys. She didn't have to glance at their crotches to know that their fat pricks were trying to burst out of their shorts. She could tell by the way they were breathing, by the way they were looking at her, that they were both ready to cream in their pants. She could feel their hairy thighs trembling on both sides of her.

"Where you going?" the driver asked, draping his hairy arm around her neck.

Fern shivered a little. These guys were in their twenties. These guys were men.

"The boardwalk," Fern said, smiling at him and giggling.

"You got yourself a ride, honey," he said. The red-haired guy put his sweaty paw on her thigh. "How old are you, sweet stuff?"

"Old enough," Fern said, giggling some more.

She felt herself flushing, but she was enjoying her shyness and embarrassment. She caught him winking at the driver. The driver put the pickup in gear and started cruising slowly down the beach.

What a switch, Fern thought -- from Daytona 500 racer to Sunday driver. And she knew why the guy was driving, like a snail. He wanted to make the ride down to the board walk last. Maybe he was hoping to feel her up a little. The thought made her pussy tingle, and she squirmed a little.

"You got a boyfriend?" the redhead asked slowly stroking her thigh.

"Of course," Fern said. "His name is Pete. His brother's got a van. He's probably down on the boardwalk right now. I meet him down there a lot."

"You and Pete ever make out?" the driver asked, eyeing her out of the corner of his eye.

"Sure," Fern said. "All the time."

"Ever go all the way?" the redhead asked. His fat paw kneaded her bare thigh, moving closer to her pussy.

"Sure," Fern said. "Lots of times." The two guys half-sighed, half-choked. The redhead's hot paw slipped under her bikini panties. His finger wormed between her cuntlips. All of a sudden, Fern felt it wiggling deep in her pussy. The redhead muttered something under his breath and began to work his finger in and out. His other hand unzipped his shorts and hauled out his prick. It was a big red cock, and clear juice was bubbling out of its piss-slit.

"You're a hot honey, ain't you?" the redhead said.

His voice had changed, sounding crazed, and for a moment Fern wondered if murderers had voices that sounded like that. The redhead wrapped a fat paw around his cock and began to pump it. The clear juice ran down over his knuckles like tears.

"Hot baby chick," the driver said, his voice sounding more sober.

He let go of the steering wheel for a moment to unzip his shorts and free his prick. The big cock sprang out of his pants, quivering vertically in the air as he reclaimed the steering wheel. Meanwhile, his other hand slid down Fern's back and under her panties. A finger snaked down her asscrack. The finger prodded her asspucker a few times, then twisted, sliding up her asshole. Fern squeaked out a sigh. She wriggled on the seat, wanting to squeal.

"Like that, baby?" the driver asked, his voice breathy.

"Mmm!" Fern moaned.

And to show him how much she liked it, she reached over and grabbed his hot cockshaft, milking it slowly from cockhead to base, working the skin back and forth, up and down, the way Pete had taught her.

"Christ!" the driver said. "Oh, baby!" And he humped in his seat as he drove.

The redhead grabbed her other hand and guided it over to his cock. His prickrod was as slippery as if it had been oiled, and Fern's hand milked up and down his cockshaft with a squishing sound. The big red cock squirmed in her hand like a slippery fish. The redhead moaned, working his fat ass in circles, grinding his finger inside Fern's warm, moist cunt.

Fern stared straight ahead, wriggling on the guys' fingers while she pumped their hot cocks. Their cocks were big, bigger than Pete's, but no bigger than the cocks that had plugged her yesterday. The only thing new about these cocks was that they belonged to older guys, to men instead of teenage boys, and that made them somehow extra exciting. She pumped them determinedly, wanting to bring them off fast, wanting to see if their jism was in any way different, in any way thicker and richer than the jism of the teenage boys she'd spied upon or fucked.

Fern's eyes glazed, her vision alternately blurring and clearing as she gazed trance-like out the windshield of the pickup. On the far left the aqua-blue surf dashed over the white sand, swirling around the ankles of waders and walkers. Ahead of the pickup, a line of vehicles stretched for miles down to the boardwalk, and for miles past it. People scurried between the slow-moving cars to get to the water. The beach was its usual self, a beehive of humanity.

Fern smiled to herself. Here she cruised, part of the procession, riding the stiff fingers of two men, beating off two men, while the crazy beach scene hopped all around her -- all these thousands of people unaware of what she was doing.

"You're hot," the redhead muttered in Fern's ear.

"Christ, yes!" the driver said. "She's like an oven inside. Jesus, what a hot teenage ass!"

And Fern pumped their cocks faster, feeling the hot cockmeat throb and jerk in her hands. If Penny could only see me now, she thought. Wouldn't she be jealous? Penny deserves to miss out, though, sneaking off alone on her very last day in town.

Fern had been determined to stick with Penny every second today, to stick with her and to find out what her cousin had been up to every noonday all week. But Penny must have sensed Fern's determination today, because she'd disappeared on her bike without a word to Fern that she was leaving. That's what had prompted Fern's hitchhiking -- she'd be able to brag to Penny about how she had hitched down to the boardwalk with some hunky guys while Penny had pedaled down all alone, exhausting herself. Fern had never expected this, though, had never expected what was actually happening. She chuckled to herself. Penny will never believe this. But who cares?

At that moment, like an apparition, Penny appeared ahead of them, her black hair trailing along behind her in the wind, her white ass bulging out of her bikini, her sexy brown legs pumping her bike furiously.

"Slow down," Fern said.

"I'm going about as slow as I can," the driver said, "especially under the circumstances."

"Follow that girl on the bike," Fern said. "She's my friend."

"Well, well," the redhead said, "maybe she'd like a ride, too. We could throw her bike in the back."


"Why not?" The redhead frowned at her suspiciously.

"She'd-she'd tell," Fern said. "She's got a big mouth. And she's a virgin besides. She's real religious. She'd probably scream for the cops if she saw us in here doing this."

The driver laughed. "She don't look like no religious virgin to me. Ooowhee! Look at her move that half-bare ass!" He pulled up alongside Penny, drooling disgustingly.

Fern dove down out of sight. "Please," she said, "don't let her know I'm in here. Just follow her. Please!"

She twisted, then fell into the driver's lap, sinking her mouth down over his cock. His fat cockhead lodged in her throat, and she sucked frantically. The driver pressed the brake pedal, moaning as Fern had hoped he would.

"All right, baby," he said. "Anything you want. Just keep on sucking my cock like that. Christ!"

"Damn, she's a hot one!" the redhead said. He pulled down Fern's panties. She felt the sunshine that streamed through the windshield warming her bare ass. The redhead worked his fat fingers between her legs, tugging at her pussylips.

"You keep your hands on the steering wheel," he said to the driver. "And let me take care of this honey's pretty ass."

As Fern sucked the driver's jerking cock, the fat redhead drove fingers up her cunt and up her asshole. Fern couldn't tell how many fingers were inside her. It felt like handfuls.

The driver screwed his ass in circles on the vinyl truck seat. His cock stood up out of his groin like a billy club. His bloated nuts rolled over in their hairy sac, and Fern cupped them, feeling them in her palms like warm soft eggs. As she bobbed her head over the throbbing cock, twirling her tongue along the underside to get at the most sensitive parts of his prick, she squeezed his spongy balls rhythmically. His cock quivered, then began to flex.

"Shit. I'm coming already!" the driver gasped. "Holy hell, what a mouth! Oh, Christ!" An electric shudder zinged through his thick cock, and his cum squirted down Fern's throat like thick warm milk. "Oh, baby!"

He gripped Fern's head and worked it wildly up and down over his bucking cock.

"Take the steering wheel," he said to his buddy, and Fern felt the fat guy's fingers zip out of her cunt to grab the abandoned steering wheel. The truck swerved and horns blasted outside.

"Hey, you screwballs, watch where the fuck you're driving!" It was Penny shouting. She sounded very close.

"Get fucked, bitch!" the redhead shouted, and then he laughed.

"Up your ass!" Penny yelled back.

Fern sucked the last of the warm cum from the driver's deflating cock, then pulled her head from his prickhead and kissed it. "You taste good," she said, and she meant it.

"I bet I taste even better," the redhead said, pulling her towards him.

Fern shifted her position, taking care to remain low. The redhead's cock was glued to his fat belly, and thick gobs of pre-cum still bubbled from his cocktip. He forced his cock away from his belly and shoved it into Fern's mouth.

"Ah, baby! You got a soft mouth." He wiggled his fat ass, working his cock in circles in Fern's mouth.

Fern sucked at the slick cock, cleaning off the coating of male lubricant. As she swallowed what she'd cleaned off, more lubricant oozed from his cockhead and slid down her throat. Fern didn't understand it -- this guy put out as much lubricant as other guys did cum. She didn't mind though, because she liked the taste. She compared the pre-cum to sap. Whereas cum was more like syrup.

"Oh, mannnnn, suck it!" the fat guy moaned. "I ain't never been sucked like this. Oh, shit! She's got a tongue like a calf."

"Don't she, though!" the driver said with a laugh. "Just wait'll she gets your jizz coming. She's got a throat that sucks like a whore's cunt." He laughed again, then pinched Fern's ass.

All at once, Fern felt fingers inside her fingers in her cunt, and probably the guy's thumb up her asshole. The driver's hand seemed to grip her entire bottom, squeezing at it as if it were a sponge. And like a sponge, Fern's cunt responded, oozing out the pussy juice.

The redhead bounced his ass. His balls flopped up and down. His thick cock stretched Fern's mouth, pulling her lips tight, making her jaws ache. The fat guy's cock was perhaps a little bigger than his buddy's and, from the pre-cum it put out, it was twice as slippery. The inflamed cockmeat slid in and out of Fern's mouth as if oiled.

"Lick, lick, lick," the fat guy said. "Suck the cockhead, baby. Suck the cockhead right off. Oh, Jesus, what a Goddamn mouth! Christ!"

"Shut up and shoot," the driver said. "The traffic's getting heavy, and I need help keeping the bitch on the bike in sight."

As he talked, he jerked his fingers and thumb in and out of Fern's fuckhole, making her moan. Her bottom throbbed hotly from all the sucking she'd been doing and all the finger fucking she'd been getting, and she knew she had to come. She turned up her ass at the driver and writhed.

"She's juicing like a slut who ain't been fucked in a week," the driver said. "Christ, she's making a puddle on the seat." He chuckled, whipping his fingers inside her pussy.

Fern held, the redhead's cock between her lips and twirled her tongue around the prickhead. The big cock squirmed, and Fern almost lost it. She caught it farther in her mouth and churned her tongue at the underside of the cockhead, at the magic pleasure strand that Pete had taught her about. The big cock throbbed, jumping. Fern clamped her mouth around it tightly and sank down on the prickrod, feeling the bloated prickhead pulsating deep in her throat. She sucked hard, trying to vacuum the cum out of the fat guy's balls.

"Here it comes," the fat guy said, grunting like a pig. "Oh, Goddddd, ahhhhh!"

His cum burst out of his cocktip like whipped cream out of a spray can. His cum was very thick and very sweet -- rich, Fern thought, as rich as the redhead, was fat. She sucked gently, easing the thick cum out of the young man's prick, letting it float down her throat in wads as puffy as clouds.

"Look at that teen bitch eat cum," the driver said. "Holy Christ!"

He twisted his fingers in Fern's fuckholes, and she came. Her orgasm seemed as easy and flowing as the fat guy's cum sliding down her throat. It tickled. She giggled as she sucked, giggled as she spasmed.

Feels good, she wanted to tell them, but her mouth was stuffed full of cock-throbbing, cum-spurting cock. She let out a small squeal and wiggled her ass. They'd surely get the message, and from their exclamations, she knew that they did.


Each time the elevator door opened, Fern hung her head and stepped out of the elevator, muttering a hello to anyone who was stepping in. She then strode down the red carpet of the fifth-floor motel hallway and made a left where the L-shaped hallway turned.

She was self-conscious about prancing up and down the hallway in her ribbon-sized bikini, and about having to step out of the elevator again and again. Although the people entering the elevator were different each time, Fern had gone in and out of the elevator so many times that she felt these people could sense what she was up to.

After an hour and a half of pacing up and down this hallway, after an hour and a half of slipping into the open elevator to hide, and then slipping out of it again to let paying motel customers ride down to the beach, Fern was beginning to think of herself as a ghost, as the ghost who haunted the fifth floor. At the end of the hall, she wheeled around to begin her journey back to the elevator. In the red carpet ahead of her, she thought she could see a trail, a trail warn in the red carpet by her own bare feet. She had to stop this, had to get out of here. She would give Penny another few minutes, and if Penny didn't show her face by then, Fern would split.

Fern pushed the button, calling the elevator back up to the fifth floor. It took forever to arrive, and now, after having waited for it so many times, it seemed to take longer than forever. It was like a dog called too many times. It was tired -- wanted to rest. Fern pressed the button again and again. Not that it would speed up the damn thing. She just needed to do something with her hands.

She hated waiting -- waiting for poky elevators or waiting for devious cousins. The possibility was that Penny would never show her face. Maybe Penny hadn't even gotten off on the fifth floor, but had instead gotten off on some other floor while Fern's attention was distracted for a second. That would be like Penny -- to slip away in a blink.

The elevator door opened, and Fern stepped in. The door closed, and she leaned against the wall, waiting. She could be rolling in bed with two college guys now, she thought disgustedly. Those two guys in the pickup truck were college guys down on vacation from Virginia. They had begged her to go back to their motel room with them. They'd said they'd even pay her, pay her to let them fuck her. She smiled. If she took money, that would make her a whore. Maybe being a whore wasn't half so bad. Those men turned her on. She loved their man-sized cocks. Oh, why keep thinking about them? They were gone now, and here she stood, freezing her bare ass off in an air-conditioned elevator. All because of Penny.

Fern had followed Penny from a distance after the guys had let her off. She'd slipped into the lobby of this motel just as Penny was entering the elevator. She'd watched the floor indicator above the elevator door in the lobby. She was sure that Penny had gotten off on the fifth floor.

What was Penny doing up here? Who was she seeing? The unanswered questions made Fern want to wring Penny's neck. If she ever found out the answers, she was going to tell Penny that she knew all about her secret goings-on.

The elevator began to move downward. On the third floor, a fat middle-aged man in a baggy swimsuit stepped aboard carrying his beach towel. He stared at Fern all the way down to the lobby. Fern could hear him breathing heavily. When the door opened to the lobby, he stood there, unmoving. Fern glanced up at him. He was red as a salmon, and he smiled in a silly way.

"After you, my dear," he said, extending his arm to show her the way out.

"I'm not getting off here," Fern said.

"Oh," the man said. "Oh, oh." He blushed even redder, then waddled out the door. As the door closed behind him, he was looking back at Fern with an even sillier grin.

Fern pushed button five, and the elevator started back up. Silly man, she thought, but she was smiling. She felt a sense of power. That man wanted her. Almost every man and teen she passed wanted her. They'd do almost anything for her. They'd crawl for her. They'd give her money. She really hadn't realized that before. She'd always been too shy, too embarrassed to take a good look at the males around her. But she was looking now, and she was seeing more and more to smile about.

At the fifth floor, the door opened. A couple was walking down the hallway -- a young couple. They looked like newlyweds. The woman was walking funny, as if she had pissed in her bikini. As they entered the elevator, Fern greeted them and stepped out into the hallway. She's been well fucked, Fern thought as she began her last trek down the hallway. The new bride had undoubtedly been a virgin until her wedding night. Fern felt gleefully satisfied. She herself was only eighteen, and already she'd been fucked by four boys and had sucked off two others. She knew all about fucking. The man who married her would marry an experienced woman.

At the end of the hall Fern made her final pirouette. She had wasted an hour and a half, but she wasn't going to waste any more time. Back to the elevator. As she reached the corner where the hallway turned, she heard a door open. She stepped back out of sight just as Penny came out of a room.

"See you tonight," Penny said, and she wiggled down the hallway and rang for the elevator. Her black hair was tangled and, even from where Fern stood, she could see purple hickeys on Penny's brown calves. Penny bounced into the elevator and was gone.

Fern stood there for a few moments as if she'd just been hit over the head. She was right -- Penny had gotten off on the fifth floor, and Penny had been visiting somebody, just as she had told her. But now, for a look at the man who was supposed to be in that room. How could she get a look at him? Knock on the door and say, "Hi, just wanted to get a look at you"? She almost laughed out loud at the idea, but without really considering what she was doing, she walked straight up to the door and put her ear to it. She heard some shuffling sounds inside. She pressed her ear harder to the door, straining to hear more.

It was a horrifying sound -- the sound of lock mechanisms sliding metallically, clicking suddenly. And before her mind could tell her to react, before she could coil her strength and spring away from the door, she found herself riding with the opening door. As she crashed into the motel room, she felt her heart lift up and lodge in her throat, and she let out a defeated shriek. She'd had it.

"I was just..." she started to say, but she was interrupted by the pained voice of a man.

"Oh, my God! My God!" he said. "I can explain. I'll explain everything."

Fern gazed up at the man, aware that her mouth had dropped open as if her jaw muscles had become paralyzed. Her father stood above her looking like he had a bad case of the flu.

"Daddy?" she said. "Daddy?"

"I can explain," he said, lifting her to her feet. His hands shook, and they felt almost limp to Fern. She stood up more under her own power than due to his lifting. As be closed the door, Fern looked around the room.

The large bed -- the center of attraction in the room -- was a jumbled mess of sheets and pillows. The curtains were drawn, filtering the full strength of the sunshine, and causing the room to glow with a sort of midday twilight. The air of the room was thick and musky, heavy with the scent of sweat and cum and female sex-juice. The scents were unmistakable. Over the last week, Fern had come to know these scents as well as she knew the scent of the ocean.

She turned toward her father, feeling almost dizzy. She realized fully what had been going on here. Strangely, all she could think of to do was laugh. And she stood before her father giggling, as if she'd lost her mind.

Her dad looked at her with a sick, drooping grin on his face. "You won't tell your mother?" he said. "I can explain it all. We can make a deal. We can work something out. You won't tell your mother, though, right? Right, darling? It was her doing. She kept after me. I couldn't help myself."

As he talked, he seemed to be shrinking. He began to look to Fern like a little teen called in before his school principal. He looked vulnerable, like a squirrel helplessly trying to avoid the talons of a diving hawk. And the more vulnerable, the more helpless he appeared, the stronger, the more in control Fern felt. Although she was looking up at him, she felt as if she were looming over him and looking down.

She smiled as he made his excuses, and she unfastened her bikini top. The small white cups dropped soundlessly to the floor, and her woman-sized tits hung there in full sight of her father.

Her dad's mouth moved, but no sounds came out. He looked sick, on the verge of collapse.

He looked ecstatic. He looked horrified. His eyes focused on her tits like a cat's eyes on two fat pigeons.

Trying to remain upright, wanting to maintain her tits in full view of her dad -- as if letting them out of his sight would break the spell they cast over him -- Fern squatted slightly and slipped down her bikini panties, lifting her smooth legs high as she stepped out of them. She straightened herself, moved backward, and eased herself back onto the mound of sheets and pillows on the bed. She tossed her head to straighten her hair. Then, staring straight into her father's eyes, she licked her lips seductively, at the same time spreading her legs as wide as she could manage. She felt completely naked, completely open. A warm trickle of cunt juice oozed out and slid over her bottom. She contracted her loin muscles, making her pussylips pout, making them spread and close like the lips of her mouth.

"Take off your clothes, Daddy," she said. "Don't you wanna fuck your little Fern? I'm a better fuck then Penny, Daddy. Just let me show you."

Her dad groaned. He yanked off his tie and nearly ripped the buttons off his shirt trying to get it off. He tripped stepping out of his shoes, then tripped again as he struggled out of his trousers. A tiny pair of underwear -- men's bikini shorts, hardly larger than Fern's panties -- hugged his tight loins, bulging at the groin as if he had a salami stuffed inside. The huge cockbulge throbbed, and Fern couldn't bear to wait another moment.

"Let me see your cock, Daddy," she said. "Quick, Daddy, it's a big one. Let me see your cock. Oh, quick!"

Her dad hauled off his shorts, and his prick jumped out. Fern sighed. It was huge -- bigger then the cocks of any of the boys or young men she'd yet fucked or sucked. It stood straight out from his crotch, pointing slightly at the ceiling, and throbbing like an excited heart. A shiny drop of pre-cum balanced at the pricktip, and down below, balls the size of eggs plumped up his blond-hair ball-sac.

Fern's dad moved toward her, his cock wagging heavily. Bloated veins hugged the shaft of his cock. His swollen cockhead was the color of raw liver. His cock looked like a long, muscular snake. His prick lance looked as strong as did the rest of his body. Her dad was solid muscle, and tanned beautifully golden.

Fern was in love with her father, had always been in love with him -- she realized that now. She held up her arms to her dad.

"Make love to me, Daddy. Do whatever you want to me. I'm yours."

He no longer looked like a cowering school-boy. He looked like a golden angel, like the most wonderful, most handsome man on earth. The muscles of his torso writhed as if made of living steel. The veins of his belly looked like blue rivers. He was pure strength, pure man, and he was going to fuck her.

He sank down, kneeling on the floor between his daughter's legs. His blue eyes glistened under thick brows. He lowered his face to her pussy mound and kissed it. His lip were hot, and little shivers of pleasure shot through Fern's cunt.

"Oh, Christ," he muttered. "This can't be happening. This just can't be happening."

Fern shoved her throbbing pussy at his face. It's happening, Daddy, she thought. Then she said, "Suck it, Daddy. Lick my hot pussy."

Her dad muttered a few fuck-words, then fastened his big wet mouth to her cunt slit. He bit into the tender flesh of her outer cuntlips, spreading her hot fuckhole wide with his thumbs. His tongue shot out and worked its way up her crotch like a spongy cock. The tip of his tongue flicked here and there along her pussy slot, licking out the juicy folds of her cunt.

Fern kicked her legs up into the air, pointing her toes like a gymnast. The feel of her dad's tongue inside her cunt was enough to drive her crazy.

"Eat me, Daddy," she said. "Eat me. Eat my pussy."

Her dad groaned, twisting his face, munching at her cunt slabs, drilling his hot tongue in and out of her pussy slit. His teeth felt like knife blades as they sliced across her clit. A flash of pleasure shot through her cunt. She wrapped her legs around her dad's head and felt her ass jerking. She realized suddenly that she was coming. Her orgasm seemed to well up out of nowhere, filling her asshole and cunt.

"Oh, Daddy, Daddy, I'm coming -- coming! Ohhhh, yes!"

She rolled herself into a ball, wrapping her arms and legs around her dad's twisting head. She heard him gasping for breath, heard him frantically slurping at her quivering pussy, felt his soft bushy blond hair against her skin as she hugged his head. Her orgasm gnawed its way through her cunt flesh with quick, easy, rhythmic bursts. In half a minute, it was over. Her arms and legs uncoiled from around her dad's head and she fell back.

Fern's dad smiled at her. His face was as red as his cockhead, and her slick cuntal juices glistened on his chin and nose and cheeks. He crawled up over her and kissed her. She could smell and taste her cunt juice on his face, could feel his prick against her belly.

"Do I taste better than Penny?" she asked.

"Much better," her dad said.

And she hugged him, kissed him, and began to lick her cuntal juices off his lips, off his face.

"You're a kitten," he said, smiling as she licked his face. "Penny's more like a she cat, a fully grown she cat. She snarls a lot, while you purr. You're more like, sugar, and she's more like molasses."

She only had a vague idea of what he was talking about, but it sounded good to her, so when she finished licking his face she shoved her tongue into his mouth. Their mouths crushed together, wide open, and they sucked on each other's tongues. Fern loved her dad's tongue. It was a huge tongue and she loved the taste of it, loved the feel of it against the sensitive tissues of her mouth. As she sucked on his tongue, she felt his prick jumping between their bellies as if she were sucking on it. She reached down and grabbed his cock.

"Your prick's so big, Daddy," she said. "And it's so hot." She stroked the swollen cockhead with the tip of her finger. "Let me suck it, Daddy. Let me see what your prick tastes like."

Her dad sighed. "Oh, baby, you're too much!"

He did a push-up off her, then crawled up over her, straddling her neck and sitting back on her cushiony tits. His cocklance looked as big as an arm, and it throbbed, flicking off a hot gob of pre-cum. The sticky gob clung to the tip of Fern's nose, and she licked it off with the tip of her tongue, tasting her dad's fuck juices for the first time.

Her dad smiled down at her, and she smiled back up at him. She could feel the heat of his asscheeks on her tits, could feel the heat of his cock as it pulsated over her faces. Suddenly, she had a crazy thought.

"Sit on my face for a second, Daddy," Fern said. "Let me suck on your asshole."

"Oh, Christ! You're more than a guy can take."

He lifted up, and sat back down on her face, wiggling his dark asscrack down over her nose and lips. Fern inhaled the musky scent of her father's ass. The aroma made her head woozy. Then she kissed his asspucker, licked his asscrack from one end to the other, and finally shoved her tongue inside his asshole. A shiver passed through her dad's ass.

"Baby," he said. "Oh, my baby girl! Licking Daddy's ass. Sucking Daddy's ass! Christ, where have you been all my life? Oh, shit!"

Don't you dare! Fern thought, giggling.

And she twirled her tongue inside her dad's asshole in the same way she had twirled it inside Penny's hot pussy just a few days ago. That day on the dunes with Penny hadn't been long ago at all. But so much had happened to Fern since that day. It seemed as if half her life had occurred within this past week.

Her dad lifted up, then sat back down on her tits. He had his cock in his hand and he was pumping the prickshaft. "You want a taste of this old dong, baby?" he asked. "Then you better take it quick. I'm about ready to blow my wad. Christ, I haven't been this horny since I was a teenage kid!"

Fern opened her mouth, hungry for her dad's cock. She felt her eyes cross as she watched his cockhead approach her lips. She could smell his prick, could feel its heat. Then, all at once, she could taste it. His prick tasted salty, and it filled her mouth like no other cock ever had, a big meaty cockrod that she wished she could sink her teeth into and suck on forever. The apple-sized head of his cock lodged in her throat, stretching her throat as if she'd had a fist rammed down it.

A shudder went through her dad's cock. His balls rolled against her cheeks as his sac draped her chin. With a grunt, he began to suck, sliding his overgrown cock in and out of Fern's mouth, in and out of her throat. Fern's lips tingled with the feeling of the smooth cockshaft stretching and rubbing them. Her tongue, her gums, her throat, her whole mouth tingled.

When she sucked cock like this, Fern had the feeling that her cunt had moved up into her face. When she sucked cock, her mouth and throat felt almost as good as her pussy did when it was getting fucked. She churned her tongue at the underside of her dad's sliding cockshaft. More than anything else in the world, she wanted to make him come, wanted to taste his jism.

Her dad grinned down at her, fucking his cock in and out of her mouth. She could see all the beautiful muscles of his chest and abdomen rippling and dancing. Sweat dripped from her dad's face and fell on her face. She loved it, wished she could taste it. She twisted her head on the mound of bedclothes and pillows. She purred and growled like a cat. Give me your cum, Daddy, she thought. Feed me your hot cum!

Her dad drove his cocklance in and out of her mouth faster. Her lips flapped back and forth, tugged and stretched by her dad's sliding cockshaft. Her throat, the roof of her mouth, her entire head throbbed with sexual feelings. Her eyes crossed as she watched the huge cock sliding in and out, in and out, and she began to get dizzy. She began to feel the way she did on that day when she drank Pete's beer. She wondered whether ft was possible to get drunk on cock.

She thought: Oh, Daddy, feed me your cream! Please, Daddy, feed me!

Her dad grunted like a bull. His cock swelled harder than marble. His cum gushed out in a hot, rolling waterfall.

Fern swallowed. Her dad's cum was thick and smooth. The taste of his cum, the smell of it, filled her head like an erotic perfume.


It was the young surfer Fern and Penny had watched jack off two weeks ago. Fern hadn't realized that it was him at first -- she'd watched so many surfers jack off in these bushes aver the last few years -- but after she'd been sucking on his cock for a few minutes, it struck her that he was the one.

He arched his back and turned his ass up as she sucked his prick, and as she cupped his small wiggling asscheeks, juggling them in her hands like grapefruit, a vision of this same teen standing down below her hideaway jerking off flashed through her mind. If Penny could only see me now, she thought. And remembering how supposedly experienced Penny had been stunned to see this very teen slip his finger up his asshole while he jerked off, Fern slid her finger down his asscrack until her fingertip found his asspucker. With a wriggling motion, she slipped her finger up his asshole to the hilt.

"Ohhhh, mann!" the teen moaned. "Feels real good." He grated his ass around Fern's finger while he fucked his cock into her throat.

Water dripped from the boy's shaggy yellow hair, splashing down on Fern's face like salty rain drops. Rivulets of saltwater trickled slowly between the ridges of his brown abdomen, then joined together to stream down into his fine groin hair.

As Fern sucked his cock, she imagined herself making love to a handsome merman fresh out of the ocean. She loved to get her hands on these sun-washed, wind-washed, sea-washed young surfers within moments after they'd emerged from the water. Their balls were pulled up tight against their groins, and their pricks were always stiff, their cum ready to burst out in hot fresh streams. Give me your cum, she chanted in her mind, Feed me your delicious cum!

The teen groaned, and something swelled up like a balloon against Fern's ass-fucking finger. His cockshaft flexed, his nuts hummed, and his cum shot out in throat-piercing streams. Fern's thoughts always worked like magic. The moment she mentally begged them to feed her cum, they fed her. The teen danced on his toes, his voice cracking as he muttered his pleasure.

Fern sucked the last load of jism from the boy's prick, then felt him go slack. As his cock slipped out of her mouth, her finger slipped out of his asshole. The half-hard cock hung twitching against her nose, and she sucked his prick up one final time, tasting a few drops of jism as they oozed out. The teen drew her hand to his mouth and kissed it. Then he sucked on the finger that she had shoved up his asshole. "Why'd you do that?" Fern asked him.

"No reason," he said shyly.

"You like the taste of ass, don't you?"

"Maybe," the teen said. "Hey, why don't you take off your bikini? I'll lick your ass if you want me to. Then I'll fuck you, if you want me to. I love fucking. I'm real good at fucking." His cock sprang back up, pointing at the sky. Fern kissed his big prick-knob.

"I'd love that, darling," she said, standing up, "but I've gotta go now." She stroked his fuzzy cheek and kissed him. "Maybe next time." The teen was as tall as she was, but she felt like his big sister, or even like his mother.

"When's next time?" the teen asked, feeling her firm tits.

"I'll be around," she said. "I'm around here a lot." She squeezed his hot fuck-pole and turned to leave.

Another surfer, an older one, and dripping wet, almost ran into her. "Hey, Fern baby, how about a blow-job?" He grinned, cupping her chin in one hand and planting a juicy kiss on her lips. She slipped her tongue into his mouth for a few seconds and darted her tongue all around.

"Love to," Fern said, and she meant it. "But I've gotta meet some boy. Next time, honey -- I'll be glad to suck your cock."

"Shit!" the surfer said, but he kept grinning. Fern groped his cock-bulge, then slid past him out onto the beach. She could still fell his big cock in her hand, and as she walked her juicy cuntlips squished together.

She heard yelling out on the ocean. A half dozen surfers perched atop the waves were waving and calling to her. She waved back at them, squinting from the sun's glare on the water.

Oh, well, she thought, a person can't have everything all at once. She couldn't have six or eight surfers and her dad all at the same time. Too bad that her dad could only meet her during his noon hours. The surfers always appreciated a good blow-job or a good fuck just before lunch -- or in place of it. Oh, well, roast of the surfers will still be around later in the day. They went for blow-jobs and fucks before going home to dinner, too. She'd be back later.

Leaving her surfers behind, Fern ran down the beach a quarter of a mile to the path that cut through to the highway. She pulled her bike from under the bushes, where she'd hidden it, then jumped on and pedaled back up the highway in the direction from which she'd just come. In a few minutes she swung off her bike, hid it in her old spot, then followed her secret trail to her hideaway in the sand dunes carrying along her beach blanket.

Her sunny nest was waiting for her, still undiscovered by anyone else. She felt good as she spread out the blanket on the warm sand. The wind caressed her hair. This was her place. She felt very secure here. She slipped out of her bikini, then lay face-down on her blanket, wiggling herself into a comfortable position. The sun passed over her body like a warm hand and, as she spread her legs, the wind licked her cunt and asscrack. She sighed, ready to receive her dad.

The sun's rays stroked her asscheeks, kneading them like the treading paws of a cat. Her ass had turned brown, along with her tits. She couldn't bear to bind herself with a bikini any more when she didn't have to -- and here in her hideaway she surely didn't have to. Spring vacation ended today. Tomorrow she'd be back in school, and the girls in the locker room would take one look at her tanned tits and ass and they'd snicker, knowing she'd been sunbathing naked. And then they'd ask her how many times she'd been fucked over vacation. Fern smiled to herself -- if she told them the truth they'd never believe her. That's what she would do -- she'd tell them the truth, and then they'd leave her alone. No use taunting somebody who didn't get upset.

She parted the veil of sea grasses and looked down. The teen she'd sucked off moments ago was walking down the beach, his surfboard under his arm. Out on the ocean, one teen was up, riding a gentle wave. The other boys sat on their boards, bobbing like sea gulls. In the clearing below the older surfer she had refused to suck off was jacking off quickly. Fern groaned as she watched him shoot his thick jism all over the grass. What a waste! she thought. Why couldn't he have waited? She'd be back down there this afternoon.

"Aha! Caught you!"

Fern's heart stopped for a moment, and she nearly jumped out of her nest. She moved to turn toward her father, but he stopped her.

"Stay just like that," he said. "Let me enjoy you just like that. Such a pretty cunt -- like candy."

"Don't scare me like that, Daddy," Fern said, looking over her shoulder and watching him undress. Her heart had begun pounding, and it was throbbing so hard that she could hear it in her head.

"Sorry, darling," he said. "Didn't mean to. I really didn't sneak up on you. You were so engrossed with looking down below, I guess you didn't hear me. What's so interesting down there, anyway?" He smiled as if he knew.

"Nothing," Fern said. "Just guys surfing."

"Oh?" He raised his eyebrows, stepping out of his briefs. His beautiful eight-inch cock was up and throbbing already. "How many time have you brought those surfers up here?"


"Are you sure?"

"Of course!"

"And they don't even know about your place up here?"

"Of course not!"

"Because I'd hate to have those guys walk in onus and find me fucking my own daughter."

"They won't," Fern said. "Besides, even if they did, how would they know you're my dad?" She and her dad went through this line of discussion every time he met her here. She wondered how many more weeks it would take before he relaxed.

"Just want to be sure," he said.

"Sure, Daddy," Fern said. She spread her legs even wider, turned up her ass and wiggled it at him. "How long's a horny pussy gotta wait?"

"Oh, shit!" her dad murmured.

And he fell on her naked body licking her back like a mother cat licking its kitten. Then he slid down, licking her ass and pussy, and chewing on her legs. Finally, he lifted her feet one at a time and sucked on her wriggling toes.

Fern giggled and purred. Her dad really knew how to make her feel good. She loved the way he licked and sucked her all over. None of the boys ever made love to her like that. All the boys wanted was to shove their cocks into one of her fuckholes and fuck in and out until they shot. They always hurried so.

"Eat me, Daddy," she begged. "Eat me up!" She squirmed as he sucked on her toes, then squealed as he nibbled up her legs and began to lap at her cunt. "Lick my pussy, Daddy. Lick my hot young pussy. I've got a creamy young pussy. Oh, suck my cunt, Daddy, suck it!"

She knew that her dad loved to be reminded that she was his daughter. And she loved to talk dirty and to remind herself also that she was his daughter. This dirty, crazy talk turned her on even more, and she knew, that fuck words drove her dad wild.

He munched at her pussy as if at a ripe cantaloupe. "Mmmmm! You're so good, honey. You're so sweet. I could eat my baby's sweet pussy forever. Mmm! Mmm! My little girl! My little slut!"

Fern shrieked. My little slut, he had called her. She loved the word -- slut. And she was a slut, maybe more of a slut than her sophisticated cousin from the big city. Penny may have had a head start on her, but Fern was going to make up for that. Penny may have lost her virginity years ago, may have been the first to fuck Fern's father, but Fern was going to make up for it all. Fern had dozens of surfers to fuck now, and she knew now how to pick up guys on the boardwalk. And then she had her horny dad to take care of every day, and she was certainly going to start living the guys in school a look at her hot wiggling ass, starting tomorrow.

Could she handle them all? Of course! She was a slut now, an insatiable little slut.

"My little candy-crotched slut," her dad muttered. "Come on, little cream-puss, show me how hot you are." He bit into her pussylips and rammed his tongue up her cunt, twisting it in mad circles. A rash of prickles flooded her steaming pussy.

"Oh, Daddy," she grunted, "I'm gonna -- gonna -- come!"

And she felt her cunt explode inside like a pack of firecrackers.

"Suck me, Daddy," she whined, bucking her loins at the beach blanket. "Suck meeeeee!" And then she giggled. In half a minute, her orgasm was all over.

Her dad climbed up on her and kissed her neck. She turned her head to lick his face. His mouth and cheeks tasted and smelled of her cunt. She sucked her pussy juice off his skin and kissed him.

"Fuck me, Daddy," she said. "Fuck your little girl's pussy."

She sighed, feeling just as horny as if she'd never come. Ever since Pete had taken her cherry almost two weeks ago, Fern's cunt had been insatiable. Before losing her virginity, an orgasm used to satisfy her -- for a few hours at least. Now she felt just as horny after orgasm as before it, and sometimes she felt even hornier. She was becoming accustomed to several climaxes in a row now each time she fucked.

Her dad rubbed the pulsing head of his cock between her pussylips. His cockhead felt like hot silk, and it spread her pussylips very wide, making her moan from the wonderful stretch. Her dad still had the biggest, thickest cock she'd yet seen, and he surely knew how to use his prick better than any of the boys and young men she'd fucked. He had experience. She thought about her dad's cockshaft sliding up her mother's cunt, and the thought turned her on. She wondered whether her mother would get turned on by the thought of her husband's prick fucking her daughter's cunt. Maybe someday she'd know the answer to that. She daydreamed sometimes about she and her mother lying side by side -- ass up, as she was lying now -- and of her dad mounting her and then her mother, and then her again, and then her mother again, until he'd filled both their cunts and assholes with his wonderful hot cum.

"Here goes, baby," her dad said. He crashed down on her with the full weight of his bone and muscle. His cocklance roared up her juicy cunt like a hot greased billy club. His belly, the skin stretched tight over it like the skin on a drum, smacked her elevated ass.

"Uhhhhh!" Russell cried.

Fern nearly blacked out. When her dad fucked her cunt like this, she always saw flashes of light. For a moment, she felt as if she were being cleaved by a machete -- but then she felt the pleasure, the exquisite pleasure of the stretching of her pussy.

"Ohhhh, Daddy," she moaned. "Fuck me -- please!"

Her dad was fucking before she'd even got the words out. His cock sliced in and out of her pussy like a tusk lubricated with hot oils. His huge balls flogged her ass when he fucked fast, then twisted against her cunt mound when he ground down into her pussy hard. Fern could feel his cockhead like a fist in the pit of her cunt, could feel his prick throbbing hot. She imagined the beautiful silky purple of her father's cock -- and it was deep inside her pussy, inside her very own pussy. It was enough to make her want to scream.

"Daddy!" she gasped, pinned to the beach blanket, grinding her tits down into the soft sand-padded material. "Oh, Daddy, yes! I feel so good, Daddy -- so g-g... ohhhhh!"

She came again. Her orgasm welled up without warning, and it shook her cunt hard, making her curl her toes until she nearly clawed her soles with her toenails. She chewed her fist, letting her dad fuck the orgasm through her loins. When it was over, she laughed. For a few moments now, her dad's cock inside her pussy would tickle.

"My little slut!" her dad gasped, and at that moment he yanked his cock out of her pussy, nearly turning her cunt inside-out.

Fern squealed with laughter, and her dad laughed, too.

"Now for your other twitching fuckhole," he said. "Now for that tight little shithole of yours. I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you, little girl!"

He pried apart her asscheeks, ramming two fingers up her ass immediately. Fern tensed for a moment. As many times as she'd been ass fucked, she was always tight, at first, and the initial feel of fingers up her asshole always stunned her.

"Put your cock up my ass, Daddy," she said in a pouting tone. "I wanna feel your big cock up my little shithole."

Talking dirty like that helped her to relax, made her feel sexy, made her reluctant asshole ache for cock. As her asshole began to suck at her dad's fingers, she knew it was already to take his cock.

"Please, Daddy," she said, and this time she meant it. "Shove it in, Daddy. Shove your prick in."

Her dad's thick fingers slid out of her asshole. She felt her asshole remain open after his fingers had slipped out, feeling the wind blow across her open asspucker. Before her pucker could close, her dad lodged the head of his cock in the opening and leaned into her. Her asshole engulfed his huge cockhead, and both he and Fern groaned.

"Fuck it in, Daddy," Fern gasped. "Fuck it -- ohhhh!"

Her dad's eight-inch cock slid up her asshole until his cock hairs tickled her asscrack. Fern was stuffed. Her ass felt, as if it would burst. Her dad's cockhead pulsated in the pit of her belly.

Her dad panted, chewing and drooling on her dainty neck. Chills flashed over Fern's neck and shoulders. Her spine tingled. Her asshole throbbed.

"You're my tight-assed little girl," her dad muttered. "Oh, baby, I could stay inside your sweet ass like this until hell freezes over." He pulled his cock back, then rammed it back into her ass. "Ahhh! Tight! My tight-assed filly."

In and out his cock slid, with short fuck thrusts at first, then with longer and longer fuck-thrusts. Within moments, he was fucking her ass with the full length of his cock. His cocklance slid in and out of her asshole with the same oiled rhythm with which it had fucked her juicy cunt.

Fern forced her legs apart wider, turned her ass up higher. Her dad's cock reamed her out deep and wide, but she ached to be fucked even deeper, ached to feel her asshole stretched even wider, stretched out even deeper. She reached back and tugged her buttcheeks apart.

"Deeper, Daddy," she moaned, twisting her head with pleasure. "Deeper -- harder -- deeper! Ohh, Daddy. Yessss!"

Her eyes rolled with pleasure, and she began to pant and gibber. She moaned loudly, almost laughing, working her ass in circles around her dad's plunging cockrod. Her loins filled with the hot sensations of fucking. These were feelings she had first fully experienced only two weeks ago, but now they seemed old, as if they'd been a part of her all her life. She felt now as if she'd been fucking all her life. It was hard to imagine that two weeks ago she'd been a virgin, that only two weeks ago she got her kicks by spying on masturbating surfers while rubbing off her virgin pussy.

Her dad's hard belly whacked her ass with a skull-vibrating rhythm. He was solid muscle, and he was putting all of his strength into fucking her, into reaming out her pleasure filled asshole. He writhed on top of her, his hips bouncing almost mechanically, his huge cocklance pistoning inside her ass like a pile driver. He gnawed at her neck, almost tearing her flesh. His thick fingers found her big tits and squeezed them. He caught her nipples, rolling them between thumbs and fingers, screwing spear-like tingles through her tits.

"Ohh, Daddy, I'm coming! Ohhhh, Daddyyyy!"

Her orgasm began in the pit of her asshole, began in her nipples, began in her cunt, at the tip of her spine -- all simultaneously. She thought she was going to die. Her orgasm overwhelmed her, shaking every cell of her body. She sucked up a mouthful of blanket and chewed it.

"My baby!" her dad moaned, his mouth filled with her ear. "My fucking little slut! Ohh, Christ!"

He wrapped around her like an octopus. His prick inflated like a blimp, turning hard as marble. His cockshaft plunged into her spasming asshole mercilessly. His cum shot out, shot out in scalding streams. Her asshole filled quickly, making his cock sound like a plunger as he fucked her ass. She felt jism bubble out of her asshole and cream her own gushing cunt.

"I love you, Daddy," she gasped. "Oh, I love you so much. I love you to fuck me. Oh, Daddy, fuck my ass! Ram it! Squirt it! Eeeeeh!"

Her dad blew her insides apart. He crushed her in his arms. He devoured her with his mouth. Shudders passed through Fern's asshole. Her cunt felt like an erupting volcano. She chewed her blanket and moaned until it was all over.

Her dad popped his cock out of her ass and collapsed beside her on the blanket, panting.

Fern crawled on top of him, wiggling into a comfortable position on his sweaty muscles. She covered his mouth with her lips and kissed him deeply. After lying on top of him awhile, she reached back, and guided his hard cock up her juicing cunt, wriggling herself down on his prick to the hilt.


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