Orgy wife

Behind the outward serenity and closed doors of middle-class suburban homes, we find people tormented by the same problems that have afflicted men and women throughout the ages.

While Americans today are leading "the good life", enjoying material comforts unheard of in other countries, people still find themselves in an emotional turmoil, reinforced by the increasing alienation of our lifestyle.

Tracy Sommers is a typical young suburban housewife. She is surrounded by material comforts. Yet her boredom and her husband's increasing neglect lead her into acts she never dreamed herself capable of. With each day, she finds herself set more irretrievably upon a path from which there is no turning back.

ORGY WIFE is a novel about the problems that may confront any woman when she makes the fateful decision to ignore society's prohibitions.


Tracy Sommers sat in her living room wearing a thin silk nightie, fussing nervously with her long brown hair as she waited for her husband to phone. She was lovely and restless. To pass the time she had picked up a book.

It was just another trashy novel, with a lurid cover. There had been several of them in a bookcase in the back room. They had been left behind by the last occupant of the apartment.

She ordinarily wouldn't be caught dead reading such a book. But tonight she was so lonely and bored. And the writing was so frank and erotic.

The book was about a girt named Cynthia.

On the first page she was lying sensually across a mattress. Her thighs were warm and tense.

Her cunt was wet from thinking about the hot blowjob she was going to give to the man, named Jeff, when he arrived.

Tracy put the book down. She had never given a blowjob to Jim, her husband, even though he had tried to make her do it. It wasn't that she had anything against his cock. It was big and thick and beautiful, and she loved to have him fuck the daylights out of her with it. But it was the thought of all that yucky sperm shooting into her mouth that bothered her. Still, men seemed to think it was so important. Some day, she guessed, she would have to try.

She returned her eyes to the book. The author was now describing Cynthia's body. Her tits were full and ripe as high and firm as a teenager's. Her nipples were round and swollen and pink.

Tracy looked down at her own nipples, visible through the sheer fabric of her nightie. They were large, dark and puffy. She smiled as she remembered the way men liked to lick and suck them. Cynthia had nothing on her when it came to that.

Cynthia, according to the book, had a waist that was temptingly narrow. Her long elegant thighs attracted lustful attention wherever she went. Her ass was shapely and firm. And so on, and so on.

Reaching for a cigarette, Tracy put the book down. She drew the smoke into her lungs and looked at the clock. It was already 12:30. Jim still hadn't called. And he'd promised to phone before ten!

How long could these business meetings go on anyway! She was very restless now. The stirrings of desire awakened by the book increased the impatience she already felt.

They had been married less than a year. Most of that time, it seemed to Tracy, Jim had been away on business. She knew all the stock answers. He was laying the foundations of future success, developing a solid clientele and a reputation. The investment business in which he was a partner was new and needed a lot of energetic input in the beginning.

But all Tracy had for consolation was the memory of the night they had spent together before he left for New York. They had quarreled at first over his long absences. And Tracy was upset because Ann Vincent, one of Jim's partners in the new business, always accompanied him on these frequent trips.

The idea of them checking into hotels together just didn't sit well with Tracy. It wasn't that she didn't trust Jim. But he was human, wasn't he? She knew how attractive Ann Vincent was. And didn't men get horny if they hadn't fucked for a few days?

The fight they had had over this brought Tracy to tears. But seeing her this way had transformed Jim's anger. He had gathered her in his arms, wiping away the tears. He had carried her to their bed and placed her on the cool sheets, kissing her face, her neck, the tops of her tits.

"Oh, baby," he whispered. "Don't you know that you're the only one I care about?"

He removed her blouse, caressing her neck and her naked shoulders, freeing the clasp of her bra. Then his lips crawled all over her tits, making them throb with passion. He sucked her soft nipples until they tightened into erection. Then he began to bite them gently, his desire growing as he heard her moan under his touch.

His lean hard body pressed against her. She could feel his stiff cock begin to throb urgently against her thigh. Overwhelmed with desire for him, she reached for his bulging prick and squeezed it through the cloth of his pants. She felt him shudder as she touched him.

"Oh, baby, baby..." he moaned.

His hands found the zipper of her pants. He opened it quickly and slipped his hand down into her wet crotch.

"Oh!" Tracy gasped, quivering with anticipation.

He got his fingers under her panties and slid two of them into her juicy cunt, fingerfucking her rapidly. With his other hand he grasped her full jouncing ass. They writhed together passionately, panting with urgent need.

Jim buried his face in Tracy's voluptuous white belly. While his hands massaged and rolled her full springy tits, he began to flick his tongue over the smooth flesh of her stomach, going lower and lower.

Tracy moaned and twisted beneath the touch of his hands and his clever tongue. He was going to eat her, and she loved to be eaten. And afterward he was going to cram her full of his big delicious cock and fuck her nearly to death! And she could hardly wait!

Even now Tracy could feel her body responding. And it was only a memory, not the real thing! She wondered why she could ever doubt him after the blistering, heavenly fuck he had administered to her that night.

But without even saying it, she knew the reason -- Ann Vincent. It was that woman. Tracy had never liked her, or trusted her either. There had always been something sly and condescending about Ann. She seemed somehow capable of anything. My God, Tracy thought, what if they're doing it right now!

But she knew that was silly. Trying to get her mind off the subject once and for all, she again picked up the book and began to read. The man in the book, Jeff, was arriving home to find Cynthia already asleep. She had kicked away the bedcovers, revealing her skimpily clad body. Jeff took off his clothes and approached the bed. He couldn't take his eyes off Cynthia's swollen pink nipples pressing against the translucent fabric of her nightie as she breathed.

Even when Cynthia lay on her back, her ripe young tits stood up firm and proud. Jeff felt his cock stirring as his eyes traveled over her lush body. The nightie had climbed up Cynthia's thighs, leaving the vulnerable slit of her young pussy exposed.

Very aroused, Tracy pictured the scene in her mind's eye. She shut her eyes and stretched sensually across the sofa. More than ever she wished Jim were here. She wanted him to fuck her. She wanted to feel him part the lips of her pussy with his fingers and slip his tongue into it.

Unconsciously her fingers trailed down between her legs. Her probing fingertips found the folds of her moist cunt. As if her hand had a mind of its own, it began massaging her quivering clit, seeking the right spat.

"Ohhhnnnn!" Tracy moaned softly, totally absorbed in her sensual fantasy.

But suddenly she realized what she was doing. She jerked her hand away and sat up straight. How humiliating! She had not masturbated for years! To think that she was reduced to this! Sitting here fingerfucking herself, all because her husband would not come home and do it to her that way it was supposed to be done!

Again she couldn't help thinking of him and Ann Vincent. She could almost see them at one of their meetings. Ann accidentally brushing against Jim, luring him with her pouty moist lips. Until they kissed urgently. Jim crushing her pliant body to his own hard torso. Ann skillfully grabbing his thick cock, already stiff and straining inside his pants.

Both of them tearing away each other's clothes! Freeing their hot yearning bodies! Then suddenly falling on the bed like two lust crazed animals! Tracy could almost see Jim's big throbbing shaft plunging deep into the wet fleshy folds of Ann's pussy.

"No, no, no!" she cried out.

Tears sprang to her eyes. She cursed herself for thinking such horrible thoughts. Determined to stop both the thoughts and the urge to make herself come, she decided to go to bed. She would lose herself in sleep in the morning everything would be okay again.

She went upstairs, got into the bed, trying not to feel lonely, and switched off the light. Her mind drifted back to the book she had been reading, to Cynthia. She wondered what it would be like to be so wanton, to do all those depraved and filthy things. Maybe she would give Jim his fervently desired blowjob when he came back.

She fell asleep and very quickly began to dream. She was in a bedroom, but it was not the same bedroom where she had fallen asleep. It was a large dark room. The bed where she lay was in a pool of light.

She could see Jim's shadow moving toward her through the darkness. Suddenly he was pressing against her, the warm angular hardness of his body both reassuring and arousing. She could feel his prick growing slowly, pointing toward her oozing cunt as he caressed her tits.

He sucked and nipped her sensitive nipples until they began to stiffen and throb excitedly. Her full breasts flushed with heat. His hand reached down and found the silken crevice between her thighs. He gently massaged the erect nub of her tingling clit with his fingertips.

Then, suddenly, he was on top of her. His body was heavy and his touch brutal, not at all like Jim. He seized her thighs roughly and yanked them apart.

Jim's tongue wandered over her unresisting body as his strong fingers brushed the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs. He dipped his face down into her groin and she felt his tongue jabbing at her wet cuntlips. Tracy whimpered and moaned with hot pleasure.

She had a strange feeling that they were being watched, as if the room were a bizarre theater and the bed she lay on a stage. But she couldn't worry much about it, because his tongue was driving her insane with sexual passion.

It burrowed in and out of her seething cunt, fucking her clit until she was cawing with helpless lust.

Tracy's body was filled, with it, churning and writhing. She was overcome with feverish lust, with a fierce desire to be ravished, to be fucked and fucked until she couldn't see straight.

Her firm silky thighs flexed as she tilted her pussy up frantically onto the invading tongue, bucking wildly. Panting and straining, her whole body shook with pent-up sexual tension.

"Fuck me," she begged, almost sobbing with need. "Oh please, fuck me, fuck me! Fuck me!"

And in a second he was on top of her again. He rammed his massive throbbing prick deep into her gluttonous pussy. Tracy cried out in pain. She had never remembered it being so big! She felt almost as if she would be torn apart by the brutal thrusting of his lust-swollen cock.

But he wouldn't stop. And she didn't really want him to. He squirmed and twisted too, jamming his gigantic cock up into her. She went wild with excitement as she felt the massive spear of flesh battering and piercing her spasming quim. A surging oceanic sweep of killing ecstasy began to lift her, higher, higher. She gave into it, yearning, her body arching frantically toward a blinding climax.

Suddenly Tracy bolted awake. Somehow the sexual excitement of her dream was so intense that she could not remain unconscious. Oh, but it can't stop! she thought. Her body was drenched with a film of sweat. Her muscles quivered with unslaked pulsing desire. It can't stop! she thought. God, I need to be fucked! Oh Jim, Jim! I need you to fuck me so bad!

Feverishly she ran her hands up and down her smooth body. She stroked her stiff aching nipples and squeezed her throbbing breasts. Her hands then roved wildly over her thighs and hits, dipping into her crotch.

With insane frenzy her hands began to manipulate her hungry pussy. Her fingers moved into the slimy wet furrow, a wedge of fingers, fucking in and out. Tracy writhed with hot passion as the sensations of fucking poured through her quivering body.

"Oh yes, God yesssss!" she moaned softly. Even though she had not masturbated for years, she remembered how to give herself what she needed. She found her erect clit with the fingers of one hand and stroked it rapidly. Her other hand played with her gushing pussy, rubbing it, then fucking it crazily.

Her need was so urgent that she fucked herself far more brutally than any man had ever done. She rammed her wedge-shaped hand deep into her wet aching pussy, raping it, nearly getting her whole fist into it.

"Ohhhhhh! Ohh God, oh God!" she moaned, panting and twisting as the erotic sensations increased.

She pulled her thighs apart to open her slavering pussy even wider, at the same time rubbing her clit so hard that she thought it might come off. Her body arched, and her probing fingers jabbed deeper and deeper into her flooding cunt.

Suddenly she felt the unmistakable shuddering feeling deep in her belly, as if she were giving birth to a climax. Her rapid hands worked furiously in her sopping-wet slit.

"Unh! Unh! Oh yes, yesssss!" she grunted, thrashing wildly on the rumpled sheet.

She gritted her teeth and clenched her whole straining body, digging her heels into the mattress, flinging her yearning cunt up into her flailing hands. And suddenly the bomb of her pent-up orgasm burst.

"OHN! OHHNNN! AAAUUUNNNGGGIIIEEE!" she wailed, coming in fast furious spasms that shook her writhing body. "UNH! UUNNGGHHHEEEE!"

The hot thundering spasms wrenched her flipping body, shocking her with fierce pleasure. As she was only rarely able to do with Jim, she had one new orgasm right after another, coming in a stream of climaxes that left her panting and jerking as each new ecstasy raked her helpless body.

"AAAAHNNNOWWNNNGGG!" she howled as yet another orgasm squeezed heavenly sensations out of her quivering flesh.

Tracy's body was crazed with sexual abandon. It was so intense that it frightened her, though there was no way she could stop it. And anyway, she didn't want to. Her hips twisted and thrashed. Her throbbing pussy was a boiling volcano of sexual excitement.

I want it to go on forever! she thought. Her steaming pussy shook with ecstasy. Her body was wracked with convulsive shudders, her tits heaving and rolling, her nipples throbbing.

Writhing wantonly, she savored every tingling thrill that coursed through her. She did not stop until she knew her body could not come any more.

Gradually her passion began to subside. She was so tired she could barely drag her hands out of her cunt and let them flop beside her on the sheet. Oh God, that was good! she thought. I never knew it could be, that good!

She lay still in the silence for a few moments, now that the room was not filled with the wheeze of her own panting and moaning. Slowly she gathered her senses. She shuddered with shame and humiliation again as she realized what she had done.

But I couldn't help it! she sighed, feeling a tear slip down her cheek. I needed it. I still need it! She grabbed a pillow and held it against her tits, wishing it were the strong hard masculine body of her husband.

"Oh, Jim, I wish you'd come home," she whimpered.


Tracy felt better the next morning. God, how could I not feel better? she thought, recalling the hot pleasures of the multiple orgasms she had given herself.

She went into the bathroom to take a shower, wondering why she didn't feel guilty about it. Oh well, she thought, I just won't let myself think about it. I wouldn't want it to get to be a habit. I won't be jealous any more either, she promised herself. I know Jim loves me.

The warm water beating down on her naked body made her feel sensually aroused again. She ran her soap-slippery hands all over her firm upthrust tits and between her legs. Her cunt ached to feel a real cock in it. She could almost feel Jim's fat, stiff prick sliding up into her clasping slit.

She remembered the time on their honey moon when they had fucked in the shower. If he were here she would make him do it all over again. When she had had her climax, both of them had nearly gone deaf from the sounds of her screams reverberating off the shower tiles.

Oh, I can hardly wait until he gets home, Tracy thought.

Somehow she got through the day. She planned a fantastic meal just to show him she was not jealous, or even mad about his forgetting to phone her the previous night. And she spent the afternoon shopping for the ingredients and dreaming about how hot and long they would fuck when he got home.

After all, since he hadn't been screwing Ann Vincent, as Tracy had now firmly decided he wasn't, then he would be horny, too. Just as horny as she was. He'd been away for three days, hadn't he? Wasn't that enough to make a man just about climb the walls?

She was just beginning to cook the mushrooms when she heard the taxi drive up outside. Then the front door swung open and Jim walked in. He had a broad but tired grin on his face.

"Hi, honey," he said. "Did I ever miss you."

They embraced quickly. Jim squeezed her tightly, kissing her with rough passion and letting his hands roam down to her high firm ass. Tracy could feel his large cock swelling in the crotch of his pants, pushing against her thigh.

But in spite of the fact that it was the cock she dreamed of, she couldn't help the return of last night's feelings. What if he had been sticking it into that whore, Ann Vincent? Unable to help herself, she shrank back from his demanding kiss.

"What's the matter, honey?" Jim asked.

"Nothing. Oh... nothing," she said softly. "I have to go check the mushrooms before they burn."

"The mushrooms! But what about me? I've been gone three days. All I did during that time was dream of your luscious body. Don't make me wait any longer."

"I thought it was a business trip," Tracy said spitefully.

But she didn't know why she said it. He seemed to be perfectly honest about it. He didn't act like be had anything to hide.

"It was!" Jim barked. "So what the fuck's the matter with YOU? Don't you want me?"

"Of course I do," Tracy murmured. "But..."

"But what?"

"Nothing. I'm probably just tired," she said.

"Next thing you'll be telling me you have a headache," Jim said.

Tracy tried not to respond to that, but she couldn't control herself. Images of Jim and Ann Vincent fucking, flitted through her brain, making her nearly sick to her stomach with jealousy.

"Are you sure you were so lonely?" she asked coyly.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Jim demanded.

The tone of his voice frightened her and she wished she hadn't said anything at all. She had only seen him really angry a couple of times, but it wasn't anything she wanted to see again.

"I want to know what you mean!" Jim demanded harshly.

"Oh nothing. I just thought that... maybe Ann Vincent kept you from being so lonely."

"Ann Vincent!" Jim exploded. "Are you going to start all that again? I thought we settled that before I left."

"All I know is that you forgot to call me last night. And you promised."

"Maybe next time I should take a chaperone along. A man, of course. So he can report back to you that I was a good boy!" Jim said sarcastically.

Frightened, Tracy tried to backtrack, to avoid the confrontation that now seemed inevitable.

"Oh, Jimmy, let's forget I said anything. I've just been tired, that's all. Come on, honey, let's have dinner. I made a special dinner for you. I'll mix you a pitcher of martinis first."

"Tracy," Jim interrupted, "are you insinuating that something went on between Ann and me while we were away?"

"No, Jimmy, it's nothing!" Tracy exclaimed.

"You're lying," he shouted. "Here I work my ass off for you, trying to get you everything you need and want. What do I get in return? You don't even trust me when I go away on business for three fucking days! What's the matter with you? Don't I show you how much I love you? Don't I think about you every second when I'm away from you? I've been working hard these past three days. This deal was very important. When I get home, I expect to be welcomed, kissed, hugged, made love to. What do I get instead? More ridiculous fucking stories about Ann Vincent. It was the same thing last time and the time before that! When are you going to stop it! I'm sick of it!"

"Don't shout at me!" Tracy screamed.

He glared at her. A violent mixture of desire and anger pulsed in his eyes. Tracy had to look away down at the floor.

"I really do have to check the mushrooms," she said timidly.

"Fuck the mushrooms!" Jim yelled hotly. "I don't know what's wrong with you, but I've had it! I can't take any more of this nonsense."

He stormed off in the direction of the bedroom, lugging his suitcase. Tracy went glumly back to the kitchen, stirred the mushrooms and prepared the steak for broiling. She didn't know why she had brought up the subject again after swearing to herself that it was finished. She felt embarrassed and humiliated.

She mixed the pitcher of martinis she had promised. Then she took two glasses and the pitcher and went looking for him, to apologize. She found him in the bedroom, still unpacking.

"Hi, darling," she whispered, filling a glass for him. "I'm so sorry for what I said. I've missed you so much, I guess I went kind of crazy for a minute. Please forgive me."

Her words softened Jim's anger. He clinked his martini glass to hers and smiled.

"Don't you know there's no one for me but you?" he asked, draining his glass.

They embraced again, holding each other tightly. Jim could see her loose, full tits move under her shirt. The sight made his prick stir with lust. Her eager mouth found his and she kissed him with alarming intensity.

Tracy fought back her thoughts of him and Ann Vincent together as she pressed her lips wantonly into his, probing his mouth with her tongue. She was determined to show him how much she loved him. She would make him understand how much she needed him. Jim strained forward, pushing his hard throbbing prick against her thigh. His body was tense with excitement and lust. Tracy's head reeled at the thought that she could arouse him so strongly.

But suddenly she pulled back. Her face twisted in a strange smile. Almost before she knew what she was saying, the words came out.

"Is that better than she does it?" she asked. "Does Ann do it better than that?"

Jim exploded in fury. "What!" he shouted.

He shoved her roughly away. "You bitch, Tracy!"

"Don't you dare call me that," Tracy whispered spitefully. "You can save that kind of talk for her."

Furious, Jim's hand lashed out instinctively and slapped her cheek sharply. Tracy screamed. She fell back onto the bed, terrified. Dazed, she felt her bruised cheek, still stinging from the slap.

"You've never hit me before!" she cried.

"Maybe I should have done it sooner!" Jim shouted. "Maybe it would have put an end to this bullshit! You don't deserve to be treated any better than a common whore."

"Jim!" Tracy wailed. "How dare you!"

"I'll show you how I dare," he said grimly as he grabbed one thigh and flipped her over onto her stomach. Tracy's whole body began to recoil as she realized what Jim must have in mind.

"Oh no, Jim, please!" she whimpered. "Please, no!"

"Yes? You little bitch!" he growled, his voice sharp with urgent lust.

She wriggled toward the middle of the bed, trying to escape. But he pushed her down with one strong hand between her shoulders, mashing her tits against the sheet. Tracy couldn't move. She felt his sharp hand begin to slap the firm globes of her jutting ass.

"Owwohhh! Jim, no!" she wailed in protest.

The slaps were sharp and stinging. But they felt strangely exciting, too. Jim spanked her naked ass ruthlessly, each blow of his hand coming harder and harder. Tracy screamed with pain, writing, trying to get away. But his hand held her down mercilessly.

Suddenly he stopped. But then she could feel his fingers spreading apart her asscheeks. Her bowel clenched wildly as she felt him exploring the tiny puckered hole of her rectum.

"Ohhhnnnn!" she moaned, shocked and thrilled as she felt one of his fingers invade her asshole.

It was completely new for her. It was somehow so totally new that she was caught up in the spell of it. The erotic excitement transcended the revulsion and slight pain.

"Mmmmmmm," she moaned as he began fucking her asshole gently with his finger.

Then, abruptly, deliberately, he jammed the thick finger all the way up her ass, piercing her rudely and violently.

"Aaannnggghhh!" Tracy groaned.

Now it hun. The pain was sharp and shocking. She writhed and whimpered.

"Jim! Stop! Ohhh, please stop! It hurts!" she pleaded helplessly.

But her tortured moans only aroused Jim more. He wanted to punish her more severely for her irrational jealousy. He jammed his finger further, in and out of her tight anal passage. Tracy screamed in terror and pain.

"Aaannnggghhh! No! Oh, please stop!"

Tracy pulled away, raking the bedspread with her clutching fingers, trying to escape his probing hand. But he would not let her move an inch. Finally she sighed with relief as she felt his finger pop out of her tortured asshole.

But that was only because things were getting worse. He pulled her hips back toward him, forcing her to kneel. She had to support herself on her elbows and thrust her ass up into the air. Just like an animal! she thought with shame.

"Oh God, please don't!" she begged.

She could feel his hand digging in her pussy. What was he doing? God, it felt wonderful! Oh God, put it in me, put it in me! she thought wildly. Fuck me, fuck me!

But then she felt smearing her own copious pussy-juice in the crack of her ass. Then she could feel the hard bulbous head of his swollen cock exploring her asscheeks. It nudged against the puckered ring of her anus.

"Please!" she cried out between sobs. "Please, Jimmy, don't!"

"Shut up!" he grunted through clenched teeth, fiercely aroused by what he was about to do.

Suddenly Tracy felt as if she had been invaded by a hot spear. His prick was as stiff as an iron rod. He inched it mercilessly into her virgin asshole. Tracy's whole body inched forward on the sheet, trying to avoid the relentless cock.


She couldn't even think. Her entire body was aflame with intense spasms, both pleasurable and painful. She could feel her husband arching over her, his gigantic stiff cock buried in her wildly throbbing rectum. She felt him stiffen and thrust, heard him grunt, and howled with pain as it sank deeper into her asshole.

"Ohhhnnnnn God, no, no!" she wailed. "Please no! God, it hurts so bad!"

But her anguish only increased his sadistic streak. He grabbed her hips and began fucking her asshole sharply with quick rabbit-like thrusts.

"Awwoonnngg! Unhg! Awwoonnggg! Ungh! Ungh!" Tracy panted and coughed, feeling totally used, debased and dirty.

Jim's dangling balls slapped against her swollen pussy. Tracy gritted her teeth and tried to make the distant pleasure she felt take over from the searing pain. Each thrust of his fierce prick stretched her asshole further, allowing him easier entry. The cruel strokes came harder and faster.

"Anngghh!" Tracy grunted. "Oh no! Noooo! Ungh! Nooo!"

She felt like he was ripping her ass apart with the fiendish spike of his rock-hard prick. He fucked her like a madman. What had she done to deserve this torture? He pulled her hips back into him, spearing her rectum savagely with his killing prick.

"Ohhhnnnn... ohhhnnnnnn God!" she wailed, tearing the sheet with her fingernails, tossing her head helplessly.

But somehow beneath the agonizing torture of it she could feel a crazy perverted pleasure. Hot sexual spasms coursed through her trembling body, too, overshadowed by the pain, but unmistakable. Her erect clit scraped against the sheet each time he fiercely impaled her on his stiff tool. Wild sparks of pleasure sprayed through her writhing flesh.

"Ohhhhnnnnn," she moaned. "Ohhhnnnnnn yessssss!"

Even the pain slowly, turned from the unbearable to delicious. Now her asshole was stretched enough so that his rough fucking of it didn't hurt so badly. The voluptuous warmth of sexual pleasure spread quickly through her body. Does this mean I'm going to come? she wondered. Will I let him treat me like this and then have a climax anyway?

"Ohhhnnnnnn, Jimmy! Urnmmmmm! Oh God!" she panted, now churning her ass back and up into his wild thrusts.

Jim was grunting and groaning now, too. His body was sweating and, tense, alive with fierce passion. The animalistic excitement of the act was so intense it was almost unbearable for both of them. He increased the tempo, plunging his swollen prick still deeper into her tight clasping asshole.

He rammed back and forth, driven by a crazy need. And Tracy received each lunge with gasping bliss. She worked her hand down into her crotch and began rubbing her wet hardened clit frantically.

"OHHNNN, GOD, YES!" she gasped as the wildly intense sensations in her cunt and her asshole converged.

Jim reared up like a stallion, ripping his huge prick deep into her, making her yowl with fresh pain and unbelievably intense pleasure. Impaled and skewered on his stiff meat, she suddenly felt the floodgates burst. The orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks.


Her body was wrenched with ecstasy, convulsed and wracked with pleasure. And she could feel Jim coming right behind her. Her wild thrashing and howling seemed to tear the jism right out of his pumping cock. He gave a loud grunt as his body stiffened. His lingers bit into the flesh of her thighs as he gored her ass with his iron pipe of a cock.

"Oh, baby! Oh, honey!" he cried out. "Ummpphhh! Ohhnnnggg!"

And Tracy could feel the hot jets squirting into her ass. The sensation excited her so much that it brought on another orgasm.

"Anghhh!" she gasped. "Oh God, I'm coming again! Fuck me, honey! Fuck me, fuck my ass!"

Even though his climax had just about destroyed him, Jim consented. He jabbed her ass again and again with his cock, while Tracy again wildly massaged her clit. Within seconds another agonizingly sharp climax gripped her.

"OHHHNNNN! OH GOD, OH SHIT, OHHHNNNNIIIIEEEE!" she shrieked as it seized her quivering flesh. "Ohhh yes! Oh yes! Mrnmmmmm! Annhhhh! Oh yes, yes!"

When she was through coming, he took his cock out of her asshole and quickly got dressed. It had been such an overpowering experience that Tracy wondered why he didn't want to prolong it. Hadn't she paid in full? Hadn't he had the satisfaction of making her come even while he humiliated and tortured her?

She glanced up at him, tears in her eyes, hoping for an answer. But she saw in his eyes nothing but icy contempt. Even after what you've done to me? her eyes begged him. She wanted to say to him, God, Jimmy, I never knew sex could be so good. I've never come like that in my life. It was true, too.

But she didn't want to give him the satisfaction, not the way he was looking at her. His eyes drifted down over her naked ass, where his cum was leaking out of her rectum now. But the expression in his eyes seemed to say that she was the pervert, as if she had asked him to fuck her that way. And I did! she thought with sudden horror. I really did, didn't I!


In the morning Jim left the house for work before Tracy even woke up. To be reminded of what they had gone through last night was the last thing he wanted. Her disgusting jealousy. His uncontrollable sexual rage. It had all happened with such shocking suddenness.

Of course he couldn't, completely forget about it. His prick was still sore from the tight pinching of his wife's virgin asshole. The image of her beautiful body wriggling under him, impaled on his relentless cock, wouldn't leave his mind. It had been perhaps the supreme orgasm of his life.

He couldn't forget the cause of it either. It was Tracy's unreasonable and never-ending jealousy of his boss, Ann Vincent. Christ, he couldn't deny that Ann was a great-looking woman. But that had nothing to do with anything.

He had, long ago realized that business and pleasure didn't mix. And on top of that, he thought Tracy ought to respect his intelligence more. If he were going to have an affair with Ann, he certainly wouldn't do it when he was on a business trip with her.

Give me a little credit at least, he thought, remembering his wife's childish petulance. He was so preoccupied with his irritating memories that he walked right past his secretary and into his office without saying good morning. But she buzzed him on his intercom.

"Good morning, Mr. Sommers," she said, her voice pouting. "You must've had a very tiring trip if you couldn't even stop to say hello."

"Oh, I'm sorry, Angie," he said. "I really didn't mean to. Got a lot on my mind. How's things?"

He knew his secretary had the hots for him, too. What would Tracy think if she knew about Angie? If anything, she was even more beautiful than Ann Vincent.

Angie's voice suddenly drooped over the intercom. "They were all right until now," she whispered. "Here comes the boss. She called earlier to see if you were here yet. She wants to go over those new contracts."

"Well, good morning. I see you finally made it," Ann Vincent's voice preceded herself into his office.

Jim glanced at his watch, feeling nervous for some reason. Ann walked across to his desk. Her firm confident stride gave a slight bounce to her high full tits. Jim had noticed it in the past, but somehow he was fascinated by it now.

She was really a stunning woman, tall and slender, with rich chestnut hair that fell in a glossy curtain down her back. Weekends in the country had given her skin a rich healthy tan. He knew that she was about thirty, but she only looked twenty-five.

Jim couldn't help staring at the forward sweep of her large tits under her blouse as she leaned forward to hand him the contracts. He felt a tingling sensation in his crotch as he whiffed her expensive perfume.

"You look like you've been up all night," Ann said. "Did you go out on the town with your wife, even after that long trip?"

Jim turned his face evasively. He didn't want to reveal the emotional turmoil he had been going through.

"No," he said. "I'm just still tired from the flight, I guess."

"I know what you mean," Ann said. "As soon as I got home last night I tore off all my clothes and jumped into bed. I went out like a light."

Jim couldn't help seeing in his mind the picture of her tearing off her clothes. She sat on the edge of his desk, exposing her long tanned thigh through the slit in her skirt. Jim caught himself looking at it with undisguised hunger. He wanted to kiss the marvelously sleek tanned skin. He turned his face quickly away.

"Domestic problems?" Ann asked with false brightness.

Jim was startled by what she said. Could she read his mind? He giggled nervously.

"Nothing serious," he said.

But Ann knew he was lying. She squirmed around on his desk as if to make herself more comfortable, flexing her tawny legs. Jim looked at her velvety thighs with desperate lust.

"Is she jealous?" Ann asked.

"How did you know that?"

"Oh, it's not unusual, you know. You've got a woman for a boss... I know that I'm... well, not unattractive. She's bound to get suspicious. Did you work it out?"

Jim nodded, silently, ambiguously.

"Well," Ann changed the subject briskly, "I'll tell you why I wanted to see you. The hotel suite we've rented for next week's convention is ready. I thought we could both go over and check it out, make sure it will suit our clients needs. We can go over these contracts in the cab. You don't have anything scheduled that would interfere, do you?"

"Oh, of course not," Jim said, unable to take his eyes off her legs as she slithered down off his desk.

They had rented the Presidential Suite in the city's most elegant hotel for the use of the company's clients during the three-day convention. The price was exorbitant, but as soon as they saw it they realized that it was worth the money.

"My God, it's fantastic!" Ann said as they stepped inside the suite. "It's beautiful!"

And it was. The furniture and wall hangings were elegant and sumptuous beyond belief. Jim walked around the first room dazed, as if in a royal palace. He had never seen anything like it.

"Come see the bedroom," Ann yelled from the end of a long hallway.

"It's unbelievable," he said.

The room was decorated like the boudoir of an extravagant prince. One whole wall was a mirror. Another wall was a huge fireplace. The bed was bigger than any he had ever seen.

"It's costing us a fortune," Jim said. "But now that I've seen it, I'm tempted to believe it's worth it. It'll pay off in prestige."

"You bet it will," Ann said. "It's worth every penny in terms of our image."

She tested the mattress.

"Mmmmmmm," she hummed, glancing at Jim. "Nice and firm."

Now they looked into each other's eyes fully for the first time that days. To Jim it seemed that he was seeing her for the first time as a woman, not as his boss. A sexy and exciting woman.

Jim turned his head away, remembering Tracy, feeling embarrassed. He couldn't do anything that would prove her suspicions right. Not after last night. He wandered back into the drawing room, spying a bar in the corner. Ann followed him.

"How about a drink?" he said. "I know it's a little early, but I could use one."

"Fine," Ann said, grinning. "So could I. We might as well relax before we go over these contracts."

He mixed the drinks, watching Ann as she took off her jacket. He was used to the fact that she never wore a bra. She did it, he knew, because it gave her an intangible but definite advantage in negotiations with other businessmen.

In the past he had tried to ignore it. But now as she stood before the mirror combing her hair, he couldn't ignore the swollen flubs of her nipples moving under her blouse. His pulse quickened, and a stirring began in his groin.

"Here you go," he said, carrying Ann her drink.

She took the glass from him. "What shall we drink to? Your marriage?"

Jim looked at her sharply. "Maybe it would be better to toast the firm."

"Oh, of course. How silly of me. The firm!"

They clinked glasses and sipped the Scotch.

They sat down on the sofa. As they drank they did not talk. Instead they gazed more and more body into each other's eyes. Ann reached out one finger and began to trace Jim's hairline.

"You've got beautiful hair," she whispered. "Thank you," Jim replied nervously. "So do you."

"Jim," she said, gazing at him steadily. "I think I know what's going on. I think Tracy isn't giving you what you need right now, isn't that it? This world, our world, is something she doesn't understand like we do. Isn't that right?"

Jim nodded, mesmerized. His cock was already swelling, elongating, pulsing.

"She doesn't have to know about this," Ann continued. "Unless you want her to know. This is between us."

She moved closer and whispered into his ear.

"I can give you what you need. And I can give it to you the way you want it. All you have to do is ask."

Jim looked hard at her. Her deep brown eyes swirled with sensual heat and the promise of wild excitement. He reached out for her. They embraced quickly, kissing hungrily.

Ann's mouth was like a leech on his. "Oh, Jim!" she gasped.

Everything that had been pent up for so long between them, ignored and put aside, was now let loose. Jim kissed her neck, her face, running his fingers through her rich chestnut hair. Ann slithered her long tongue into his mouth, exploring the soft wet flesh urgently.

Her hand quickly moved down into his crotch. She squeezed his thick throbbing cock.

"God, it's so big!" she murmured into his ear hotly. "Why didn't you ever let me know you had such a big one!"

He moaned as she grabbed the soft sac of his balls through his pants. He quickly found the buttons of her blouse and undid them. Then he slipped his hand inside and filled it with the warm resilient flesh of her tits.

His fingers brushed her large swollen nip pies, feeling them grow tense and erect. He felt arrows of hot lust shoot through him as Ann nibbled his ear. The sensation made his cock stand up and throb wildly.

"Like that?" she whispered.

Jim groaned with pleasure. She began kissing his neck, then sucking it, giving him a sharp hickey. It made him shudder with lust. No woman had ever been so wild and passionate with him before.

"Do you warn me?" she whispered.

"Oh baby..." he moaned.

They began tearing at each other's clothes. Jim got her blouse off and lifted one large breast toward his mouth. He flicked the swollen brownish nipple with his tongue, making her gasp with delight.

"Suck me honey, suck me," she whimpered. "I love it!"

He sucked her nipple into his mouth greedily. Ann threw back her head and sighed, pushing her quivering breasts into his face.

"The other one, too!" she gasped. "Suck both of them!"

She lay on her back while he scooped her firm tits up in both hands. He mauled the tall erect nipples with his mouth, sucking and nipping them until she was writhing with uncontrollable pleasure under him. She mewled with delight, tossing her head wildly on the sofa.

"Ohhhnnnn, suck me, suck me!" she moaned. "God, it feels good!"

But even though she was wild with passion, she tore at his belt buckle and his fly while he sucked her. She slid his pants down his thighs and got her hands under his shorts, grasping the thick twitching meat of his stiff cock.

Jim gasped as he felt her nimble fingers caressing his prick. She cupped his balls, with one hand and kneaded the swollen head of his cock with the other.

"Jesus, it's so big," she panted. "I want to feel it in me. I want to feel your huge cock in me, Jim!"

She cried out with hot pleasure as he got his fingers under her panties and into the greasy furrow of her cunt. He massaged her clit almost roughly, feeling somewhat triumphant now that his boss was wriggling in passion under him, begging for his cock.

"You like that?" he asked through his teeth.

He grasped her wet pussy fiercely, thrusting two fingers deep into her tight slit. He fingerfucked her rapidly, sucking her distended nipples passionately at the same time.

"Yes, oh God yessss!" she hissed, writhing helplessly.

Somehow he felt with Ann that he could unleash the wildest furies of his lust and that she would take it and want more. She was not like Tracy, with whom he always had to hold back something, afraid he would offend her by the monstrous depth of his desire.

"Fuck me," Ann panted, half-moaning with delirious need. "Fuck me, put your huge prick in me, please!"

"Come in to the bed," Jim said.

"No, do it right here! I can't wait!" she demanded.

Quickly he slipped out of his pants. Ann skimmed her panties down her legs and off her ankles. She stretched up her arms to him. She lay back on the sofa, spreading her thighs, the whole wet flaming seam of her crotch vulnerable to him.

Jim crouched over her, looking deep into her eyes, which were murky with desire. He lodged the head of his bobbing cock in her warm cuntlips and plunged the fat shaft deep into her.

"Aaaowwwnnnggg!" she groaned with pain and pleasure. "Oh God, it feels so good! It's so big!"

He did not lose his control. He fucked her with slow patience, sliding his thick cock in and out of her clasping pussy. He kissed her mouth as he fucked her, then lowered his mouth again to her tits. He sucked her nipples again until she was cawing helplessly with mindless pleasure.

"Mmmmmm! Aaghhhh! Ohhhnnnn!" she moaned, writhing and pumping under him.

She undulated her hips, thrusting her wet clinging pussy back up onto the patient thrusts of his cock. She scissored him with her long legs, bucking more urgently as time passed.

"God, I've wanted to fuck you for so long!" Jim gasped, surprising himself by the admission, feeling instantly embarrassed and slowing down his rhythm.

"Oh, don't stop! Don't stop!" Ann begged him. "I've wanted you to fuck me, too! God, you do it so good! Do it harder, please! Fuck me harder, honey!"

Her wanton words and fiery eyes intensified his lust. So that's how she wanted it! Not a gentle and interminable fuck like Tracy usually needed in order to come. Ann wanted a true fucking.

Now he really began to ram her without mercy. He bounced her quivering ass off the bed as his cock speared her blossoming pussy repeatedly.

"Squeeze my ass! Squeeze my ass!" Ann chanted wildly to him. "And fuck me harder, harder!"

He did as he was told. In the back of his mind a small misgiving began to grow. Was he being used! Wasn't she telling him how to fuck her, the same way she would tell him how to handle a certain client?

But the pleasure of the act was so stupendous that he couldn't be bothered with doubts. This wild, beautiful sex-crazed woman was thrashing about under him, begging for more. He squeezed her firm round asscheeks savagely in his hands, at the same time plowing her trench viciously with his fierce hammering cock.

"Yes... ohhhh yesssss!" she sighed, grunting softly with each piercing thrust. "Ungh! Ungh! Unh!"

Jim knew they were both about to come. He knew neither of them could stand this incredible intensity without bursting. His own cock felt ready to explode in torrents of jism. And he could tell from Ann's delirious moaning and the tense spasms of her writhing body that she was close to a climax.

Suddenly a bright idea dawned in his head. He would show her who was boss of this moment. Not you, baby! he said to himself, gritting his teeth.

Abruptly, without missing a stroke, he grabbed both of her legs behind the knees. He flung them forward and up, pinning her knees back into her tits. Her ankles kicked high in the air above his ears.

Ann looked at him as if stunned, first with terror, then with hot excitement. Her eyes glanced down at the monstrous thick shaft of his cock protruding from her gored pussy. Now he could penetrate her more deeply than ever. And she yowled with fresh pleasure as he began to fuck her savagely.

"Aaoowwnngggg! Oh! Oh God! Aaoowwnnngggg! Ungh!" she moaned and grunted as he rode her ass up off the sofa, drilling her soupy quim with sharp jabs.

"Oh, Jesus, I'm going to come!" she panted.

Her body was bent nearly double beneath him. He felt her warm flesh shuddering uncontrollably, her tense body flexing as her orgasm began. He put his hands on her tits and twisted her nipples, pinching them sharply just as he buried his thick cock in her juicing cunt as far as it would go. Then he held it there and shook their groins together vigorously.


At nearly the same moment the cum tore itself out of Jim's raging cock in wild spurts. He released her legs and grabbed her upper body, crushing her tits against his chest as he pumped jets of hot jism into her, fucking and thrusting wildly, groaning with unbearable pleasure.

The joy of fucking Ann Vincent was so great that he didn't want to stop. He drove his huge cock brutally into her, using her as he would never use his wife. His eyes were glazed with madness as he emptied his spurting cock completely into her receptive pussy.

And Ann received his savage strokes eagerly. She closed her eyes and dug her fingernails into the rippling muscles of his back and shoulders.

"Oh, baby, yesssss! Ohhhhh, baby, yesssss!" she sighed, taking every bit of savage fucking he wished to give her.

Jim's lust gradually diminished. He lay back next to her on the sofa, withdrawing his cock from her clinging pussylips, exhausted and satisfied. Ann looked at him through her half lowered eyelids.

"I didn't know what I'd been missing," she purred, patting his half-slackened prick.

"Neither did I," Jim said, giving one of her large firm tits an affectionate squeeze. "Maybe we should've done this sooner."

Ann smiled lazily. He could see that she had no plans to call an end to what had just begun. "Well," she said, winking conspiratorially, "better late than never, eh?"


When Tracy awoke the same morning to find Jim already gone, she thought it was probably just as well. Her asshole still throbbed from the merciless fucking he had given it. She knew that neither of them would be able to pretend it hadn't happened.

And even though the whole assault had given her an incredibly powerful orgasm, she still felt it was an astonishingly cruel thing for him to do. And yet she knew she had egged him on. Oh, why do I do it? she wailed to herself. Why can't I stop being jealous?

She decided she would make it all up to him. She would go into town and buy herself a new dress. One of those filmy, sexy ones Jim always wanted her to wear. Then she would come home and prepare a fantastic dinner. They could have the intimate candlelight dinner she had planned for last night.

And then they could have a long slow smoldering lovers fuck, instead of the obscene brutality of the past night. Before she got out of bed she felt her ravished bottom with her fingers and winced. She realized that the very thought of it, no matter how painful it had been, made her cunt flush excitedly with fresh juices. God, I never came like that in my life! she thought. But she put all that behind her now. She showered and dressed and rode the train into the city. Soon she was walking the sidewalks with the throngs of people, feeling happy and refreshed. The department store windows were all gaily decorated with new fall clothes. She couldn't help stopping to gaze at the new fashions.

Finally she arrived at the bank. She was preoccupied with the evening's, menu as she stepped into the bank's revolving glass door. Suddenly there seemed to be more and more resistance as she pushed on the door. She looked up and saw the big grin of Rich Peterson, one of Jim's fellow workers, on the other side of the glass.

"Tracy!" he called out. "What a surprise! What are you doing here?"

"Oh, why hi, Rich."

She had known Rich from the days when she worked at the same investment company where Jim and he worked. She had been a typist. Before Jim had come to work there, she had gone to lunch several times with Rich.

He was always trying to get her into bed, but at the same time he seemed to respect her wishes. If he felt any bitterness when she finally married Jim, he never showed it. He had wished them both happiness. But in her present overwrought state, seeing Rich was like seeing a long lost friend. He was so understanding, he cared for her.

Rich grabbed her in his familiar bear-hug and squeezed her tightly. The greeting was a little more intimate than she had expected, but she didn't try to get out of it. She could feel with delight her firm tits mashed against the hard muscles of his chest through their clothes.

"How are you, baby?" Rich asked. "It's great to see you again. You know, since you left the office things have been pretty dull."

"OW, don't be silly," Tracy said. "How're you?"

"Just great," he said, standing back and looking her up and down. "You sure look terrific. What are you doing in town anyway?"

"Just some shopping."

"Say, it's almost noon," he said, glancing at his watch. "Why don't we have a bite to eat together? It'll be like old times."

"I really shouldn't. I'm planning a special dinner for Jim tonight and I have to get home and get started."

Rich's brow furrowed. "He didn't tell you."

"Tell me what?" Panic began to pulse in her body.

"He and Ann Vincent are going to the Bond Club banquet tonight. Absolutely essential. Usually lasts till midnight or later."

"Oh, God, no, he didn't tell me!" Tracy exclaimed. "Maybe he tried to phone me. That's probably it. Maybe I can reach him at the office."

"I don't think so," Rich shook his head. "He and Ann went out this morning to check out the Presidential Suite we rented at the Clift Hotel for the upcoming convention. They probably went to lunch afterward. One of their little intimate conferences."

Tracy turned away, tears welling up hotly in her eyes. Oh damn, she thought, I don't want him to see me like this!

"Hey, what is this?" Rich said, turning her face toward his with a tender hand. "Is it something I said?"

"No... nothing, really."

"Look, come and have lunch with me," he said, taking her arm gently. "I think you may need a shoulder to cry on. I've got one here just aching to be used."

"Maybe they're still there," she whispered, suddenly struck with the crazy thought that she could catch them in the act. "Rich, do you think they might still be there? At the Clift Hotel, in the suite?"

"Gee, I don't know. They might be."

She knew he wanted to fuck her. She knew he had always wanted to fuck her. She used this now, snuggling up to him, rubbing his elbow with her full breasts, batting her eyelashes at him. No matter how vulgar and it seemed, it worked.

"Take me there," she said with determination.

"Don't you think that's going a little far?" he said.

"No. If he's diddling around with Ann Vincent, then I want it all out in the open."

"I thought that's what might be bothering you," Rich said.

Tracy looked at him pointedly. "Why did you think that?"

Rich shrugged. "Office gossip. You know..."

"No, I didn't know!?" Tracy said. "I guess I'm the last to find out. Are you going to take me there, or am I going to go myself?"

Rich shrugged again and hailed a passing cab. By the time they arrived at the suite it was empty. The two couples had missed each other by only a few minutes. As they moved through the richly furnished rooms, Tracy felt the fury growing within her.

She could picture Jim and Ann Vincent here, kissing and caressing, laughing behind her back at her. She saw the empty glasses and crushed cigarettes by the wide sofa in the sitting room.

"Well, it looks like somebody was here, all right," she said, barely suppressing her spite. "Looks like they had a good time, too."

She sat down on the sofa, furious with Jim. He and Ann Vincent were fucking after all! It was as plain as anything! And after all his protests of innocence! He was just a shifty liar!

"Ah, here it is," Rich said, finding the door to the liquor cabinet. "I'll bet you could use a drink to... steady your nerves?"

Tracy bit her lip, refusing to cry in front of him. She knew he had only her best interests at heart. But she couldn't let him know how devastated she was. She turned her head away quickly to prevent him from seeing the first hint of her tears.

"I'll have whatever you're having," she said in a strangled sort of voice.

She stared out the window while he fixed the drinks. What should she do now? Ask for a divorce? If she brought it up again, would he perform another brutal rape on her as he had done last night? The fucking hypocrite!

She noticed her reflection in the glass of the window. Her face was drawn and tense. Dark circles ringed her eyes. Her mouth was compressed into a thin tight line. She tried to loosen up as Rich approached with the drinks, but it was difficult.

"Cheer up," he said, handing her a martini. "I'm sure everything will work out all right. You shouldn't jump to conclusions."

Tracy didn't trust herself to speak. Instead she drank off about half the martini in one gulp, feeling it warm her blood instantly. Suddenly she felt odd being alone with Rich. It also seemed almost as if she could smell the stench of sex odors left by Jim and Ann Vincent. Feeling funny, she stumbled toward the sofa. Rich caught her arm.

"Don't be afraid," he whispered. "I don't bite."

"Oh, I know that," she half-giggled.

"You just need to relax. Come and, sit down with me on the sofa over here. Here, I'll bring the martini pitcher over."

Feeling giddy but really not caring about anything, Tracy sat down on the sofa. She kicked off her shoes. Then she drained her martini glass, which instantly filled up again as Rich stood over it with the pitcher.

She was feeling the effects of the alcohol now. She was giddy and flushed. All she wanted to do was forget everything. That fucking hypocrite, Jim, her husband! Somehow Rich had turned on soft music, which filled the room pleasantly.

Tracy began to feel drowsy, and warm. She stretched out on the sofa, lying back and feeling the tension drain out of her. She felt Rich slip a pillow under her head and smiled at him without opening her eyes. Then she drifted, drifted dreamily...

It was impossible for her to know how long she slept. When she awoke it was to the feeling of hands unbuttoning her blouse. Thinking she must be dreaming, she didn't open her eyes until she felt the clasp between the two cups of tier bra being unfastened.

Suddenly she recalled where she was! She opened her eyes with a start. Rich was crouching over, completely naked. She couldn't help noticing the hard-muscled virility of his bronze body and the stiffness of his throbbing cock. His hands were already cupping her naked tits.

"No!" she cried out. "Oh no... no!"

"Shhhhh," Rich whispered soothingly. "It's going to be okay. Just trust me, Tracy. It'll be okay."

She knew she should hop up and run screaming from the room. He hadn't even asked her if she wanted to do this! But somehow she was paralyzed by his soothing, hypnotic voice. And his clever hands on her body made her pulse with excitement.

Oh, I've got to stop him! she thought. But she was unable to move. Rich's face was filled with hot desire for her. As he lowered his mouth to her swollen nipples, she could feel her heart beat madly. She thought of Jim and Ann fucking right here, where she was lying now, just hours ago. And the thought made her enraged with jealousy and the desire for revenge!

"Ohhhhhnnnnn!" she moaned as his mouth closed over one of her nipples.

"Tracy, you're so beautiful," Rich murmured as he sucked her nipple, removing the rest of her clothes at the same time with his hands. "I've never seen such a beautiful body as yours."

"Oh, God!" she gasped, knowing she wanted him to fuck her, shocked by her own eagerness to commit adultery.

Now they were both naked. She ran her hands all over his hard lean body. Rich began to explore her body with his mouth and fingers, tenderly probing and searching. He kissed her in places where she felt she had never been kissed before, certainly not by Jim, who had fucked her more than anyone else ever, had.

At the same time she let her hands wander down to Rich's groin and grasp his thick twitching prick. She was fascinated to note that it was just about the same size as Jim's, fat and long, its shaft as rigid as an iron pipe. She wanted to feel it sliding in and out of her, driving her into mad cries of abandon.

But suddenly another idea struck her. What perfect revenge it would be! It was what Jim had always wanted. Now she would give it to Rich instead.

She began twisting her body around so that she could reach his groin with her mouth. Rich realized what she was doing and made it easier for her.

"I want to stick you," she gasped softly.

She held his large pulsing cock in her hand and swallowed dryly. It thrilled and terrified her. She had never had a cock in her mouth before. She leaned her body up so that he could sit in a comfortable position on the sofa.

Her eyes were riveted on his huge bulging cock. It rippled with engorged veins. Its massive head was bulbous and glossy. God, he's going to came in my mouth? she thought in a brief charge of panic.

But she couldn't turn back now. Rich caressed her cheek with the knuckles of one hand. Then he dropped the other hand to her tits, squeezing them and twisting the thick nipples gently. He was breathing hard, too.

"You've never done it before, have you," he whispered.

Tracy shook her head slowly. "But I want to."

"Are you sure?"

She nodded. Then she opened her mouth wide and put her lips over the flaring head of his cock. She lowered her head and felt the huge thing slide past her lips and teeth and ride along her tongue toward her throat.

Rich gasped sharply. His hands closed over her cars and she sucked his cock deeply into her mouth. Rich groaned and panted. Tracy swirled her tongue around his straining prick, bathing it in warm spit. She took it all the way into her mouth, then let it out slowly, sucking hard as it withdrew.

She still wanted him to fuck her, now more than ever. Her whole trembling body cried out for it. What if he came in her mouth and then he couldn't fuck her? She would die of need!

But she had never felt anything like the hot hard prick that stabbed her throat, filling her mouth with straining rigid flesh. The thought of her own relief left her as she gobbled him. She gagged with crazy joy when he twitched his hips convulsively and fucked upward into the roof of her mouth.

An enormous feeling of power came ever her, which increased her sexual arousal. She had the key to his satisfaction in her mouth! She could manipulate him, control him, give him an orgasm or refuse to. She let his rearing cock slip out of her mouth and kissed and tongue-stroked it up and down its length. Rich groaned and panted.

My God, I never knew it could give a man so much pleasure! she thought, sucking it back into her mouth again. She realized from the familiar jerky tension of his body that he was very close to coming. But her own need to be fucked receded behind her excitement at having brought him to this pitch of sexual excitement.

Already she could taste the preliminary fluids that came before his climax. To her surprise, the taste did not sicken her. Instead it aroused her further to know that he was so close. Oh, God, you're going to come, baby! You're going to camel she keened to herself, sucking him crazily. I'm going to make you come! I'm going to drink you and swallow you! Come, baby, come!

She grasped the root of his cock with her hands, pulling the stiff pole up straight and then plunging her head up and down on it. She crammed her mouth full of it, trying with her lips to touch her fingers that were coiled in his pubic hair.

Rich stiffened and gagged on the intensity of the sensations in his prick. Panting fiercely, his strong hands forced her head down.

"Aaaoounmmphhhh!" he grunted. And before Tracy knew what was happening, her mouth was filled with hot spurting fluids. So much of it spouted out of his flexing cock that she could do nothing but swallow quickly so as not to be drowned in warm jism. And the more she gulped, the more seemed to spill into her mouth.

She drank it greedily, wondering how he could have so much. The horror she thought she would feel at swallowing cum was nonexistent. Thirstily she licked and drank his jism until no more would come out of his prick.

Then and only then did her own needs take over. She noticed that even though he had come, his cock didn't fall down.

"God, you've sot to fuck my cunt, too!" she gasped.

Quickly she straddled his thighs with her knees and lowered her soupy pussy directly onto his cock. Her whole body shuddered with fantastic premonitions of ecstasy as she felt the long shaft ride up into her.

"Oh, Rich," she begged, "fuck me! Fuck me, too! Fuck me hard, fuck me fast, before he wilts!"

"Fat chance of that," he grinned, crushing her body against his roughly.

Tracy soon realized that he was right. His phenomenal cock -- unlike her husband's -- after he had come, showed no signs of losing its power. Furthermore, Rich's sexual appetite seemed to have increased rather than diminished.

His strong fingers bit into the silky flesh of her back. His mouth found her neck, her shoulders, her throbbing tits. His lips tore at her sensitive nipples.

She bounced her cunt up and down on his tall, stiff tool, shimmying her hips with wicked abandon. She squealed and whimpered with uncontrollable passion as he fucked her up and down mercilessly.

Tracy had never fucked in such an unusual position before. The novelty of it excited her even more. She held his head in both hands, feeding her aching nipples into his wild mouth, grinding her pussy down into his up-jerking cock.

"Ohhhhnnnnn, God, ohhnnnnn, God, Rich! God, it's so good! Fuck me! Ungh! God, it's so good! You fuck me so good!"

Rich seemed to get back his initial strength as he fucked her. Soon he was holding her squirming hips, jamming her wet slit down onto his upthrusting root. Finally he wrestled her down onto her back on the sofa.

"I want to fuck you hard," he whispered, panting wildly now.

"Oh! And I want you to!" Tracy moaned, raising her legs in the air.

Her pliant body wriggled and thrashed under him as he began to plow her fiercely. He speared her wet pussy again and again with his long cock, bringing cries of mad passion from her constricted throat.

"Oh! Ohnnnnnnn, God, I'm going to come, baby! Hard, hard! Ohhnnnnn, yesssssss!"

Suddenly the long thin knife of Tracy's orgasm began to cleave her in two. She felt like her body was being torn apart by the hot blinding force of her climax.


Her body was convulsed in a hundred spasms by the intense pleasure that pulsed through her. She grabbed Rich and pumped her cunt into his cock, wanting him to come again too, if he could. But he was more interested in making her enjoy the full depths of her own orgasm. He kept fucking her until the last ounce of pleasure was squeezed out of her hotly throbbing pussy.

"Oh, God! Oh, Jesus!" she gasped as the intensity of her explosive climax finally waned. "God, Rich, if I'd only known you would fuck me that way a long time ago!"

Rich grinned. "Honey, if you'd stuck with me instead of Jim, you could've had a thousand just like that one."

Tracy gave his cock a sharp friendly pinch with her talented cunt muscles. She kissed him passionately on the mouth.

"Ummmmm," she smiled. "Does that mean I'm too late to start."

Rich could hardly believe his good fortune. "As a wise man once said," he grinned, "it's never too late."


Tracy was relieved to find that she barely had to talk with, her husband that evening. He came home late from the dinner he had attended with Ann Vincent. Tracy had already been in bed. They had merely grunted at each other. She had fallen asleep by the time he crawled into the bed. He didn't bother her.

She awoke the next morning to the sounds of him fumbling around in the kitchen, making his breakfast. She stayed in bed purposely, so that she wouldn't have to talk with him.

She didn't feel hate for him any more, not after what she had done with Rich. Although she supposed she would have to let Rich fuck her many more times before she was even with Jim. God only knew how many times he had screwed Ann before yesterday.

But thinking about it in terms of how many times either he or she fucked someone else didn't really interest her. What disturbed her most was how dramatically things had changed between them, all in the space of a single day.

Her life had been so simple and happy before in comparison to what it was now. Now it seemed hopelessly complicated and ugly to her. She couldn't help feeling a guilty twinge of hot pleasure when she recalled fucking with Rich yesterday. But she wondered if she shouldn't just call a halt to the whole thing right now, in the very beginning. Before it all got out of hand.

She was still in bed when the phone rang. It was Rich.

"I couldn't keep my mind off you after yesterday," Rich said, sounding bright and eager.

"Oh, Rich, I..." Tracy stammered, not knowing quite what to do.

Now that she actually heard his voice, the reality of what they had done yesterday came back to her, and she felt a sense of revulsion at her wickedness. Don't feel that way, she told herself. Jim did it to you first, fucking around with that slut boss of his! You don't have to feel guilty for letting Rich fuck you. Just remember how good it felt.

"Tracy, are you there?" Rich's voice was insistent. "Come on, speak up."

"I... I'm here," she said meekly. "You know, Rich, I was thinking. What we did yesterday..."

"It was great, wasn't it I haven't been able to get my mind off you."

"Yes. It was great," Tracy whispered.

She couldn't deny that, could she? She remembered having his big pulsing cock in her mouth. She remembered it erupting, sluicing her mouth with warm cum. Even that had been great. She remembered him sucking her tits while she bounced up and down on his tall prick. That had been more than great.

"Why don't I come over right now?" Rich asked. "He's left for work, hasn't he? We can have a long time together."

"I... I don't think so," Tracy murmured.

Why don't you have to go to work? she thought. Do you make it a habit to stay home and fuck other people's wives while they're off earning a living?

"What? You mean you don't think he's left for work yet?"

"No," she said softly. "I mean I don't think we should see each other any more."

"What!" Rich barked angrily. "Why not?"

"I don't know. It just makes me feel..."

She wanted to say cheap, but somehow she knew it would probably make him blow up. And it wasn't really fair, anyway. She knew he had desired her for many years, even before she had met Jim.

"It just makes me feel bad somehow," she said. "Like I'm not being fair to him."

Rich laughed. "Is he being fair to you?"

"I suppose not. But it must be harder on him. Working next to her all the time, you know."

God! Now I'm making excuses for him! she thought. It made her cunt want to accept Rich's offer. The idea flashed through her mind of inviting him to come over and fuck her brains out all day long. Anything to put Jim's affair with Ann Vincent out of her mind.

But at the same time she realized that she couldn't go to bed with Rich in the same bed where she had experienced so many sweet moments with Jim. Regardless of their present troubles, they had shared many beautiful moments in this bed. It would be almost a sacrilege to let anyone else fuck her in it.

"I want you, Tracy," Rich murmured insistently over the phone. "I want you. I want to kiss your body again. And lick your fantastic nipples, and suck your little clit. I want to make love to you the way you deserve."

His words made her body tremble. She wanted to feel him doing everything he was promising. And he knew she was close to yielding. He kept whispering sexy possibilities to her.

"Can I... come over there to your place instead of you coming over here?" she asked meekly.

"Of course!" he said eagerly. "Come right over. I'll be waiting."

When she got there she was surprised and slightly alarmed to find not one man but two waiting for her. Rich opened, the door to his apartment, ushered her in, and introduced her right off.

"Tracy, this is Cliff," grinning as if she should be pleased at this disturbing development.

"Hi," she said, shaking his hand demurely. She tried to ignore the way he was looking at her. The way they both were looking at her, in fact. They didn't even seem to care about concealing their obvious lust.

Tracy couldn't help noticing how handsome this Cliff was either. She dearly hoped that he was going to quickly excuse himself and leave. But while he was there, she didn't mind smiling flirtatiously at him. He was tanned and lean, with a rich shock of blond hair and a muscular body.

On another occasion she wouldn't mind getting it on with him instead of Rich. She even caught her eyes drifting down to his crotch now and then, as if she could guess the size of his tool. God, what kind of a girl am I becoming! she thought, embarrassed. I was never this way before this awful experience!

"Row's about a drink?" Rich offered.

"Fine," she said, sitting down on the empty sofa.

Rich disappeared into the kitchen, presumably in search of the liquor. She looked over at Cliff and caught him staring at her tits. She hadn't worn a bra today. What was the point? she had thought. Rich was just going to take it off her anyway.

She hadn't counted on meeting anyone else but Rich. Her thick plump nipples made big bumps in the cloth of her blouse.

"Rich didn't tell me you were so beautiful," Cliff said.

"Oh... thank you," Tracy said, feeling uncomfortable. "But I really wish you wouldn't stare at me that way."

"Why not?" he said as he raised his eyebrows.

"It's rude."

"You hear that?" Cliff said to Rich, who came back into the room carrying three drinks. "She says I'm rude for staring at her."

Rich handed one of the drinks to Tracy. She noticed that his eyes also swept over the protruding buds of her nipples where they showed through her blouse.

"She's right," he said to Cliff. "You'll have to forgive Cliff," he said to Tracy, "When he wants something he doesn't know how to pretend he's uninterested."

The sound of that made Tracy more nervous than ever. Even though he was handsome, she wanted Cliff to leave. But it would be just as rude of her as he had been to ask him to leave out loud. Hadn't she come over here to fuck with Rich? Then why couldn't he be the one to send his friend away? And quickly, too.

She drank the Scotch that Rich had brought her, feeling the smoky warmth bloom in her stomach. She thought it was very strange that no one said anything. Cliff still made no effort to leave. Instead the two men just stared at her.

Tracy felt embarrassed. But at the same time the whiskey and the hot relentless stares of the two men aroused and excited her. She could feel her cunt moistening and her nipples tightening, throbbing. She wished Cliff would leave so that she and Rich could fuck. The memory of yesterday's fuck and her wildly pleasurable orgasm returned to her.

Suddenly Rich was sitting next to her on the sofa. He put his arm around her. With his other hand he took her drink out of her hand and sat it on the coffee table.

"You know," he whispered seductively, "Cliff would really like to join us, if you don't mind."

As he was speaking, he nuzzled her ear and kissed her neck, sending sharp shivers up her back. His hand covered one of her tits through her blouse, his fingers pinching her nipple softly.

It was all so arousing that it almost obscured what he had said. The outrage she ordinarily would have felt came a moment too late.

"What?" she half-moaned in surprise. "Ummmmm," she sighed as his mouth found hers, his tongue slithering between her lips. "You've got to be kidding."

"No," he murmured, still kissing her. "I'm not kidding."

She opened her eyes and glanced past his cheek just in time to see Cliff unzipping his pants. He stood and pushed them down his legs. His long ropey cock fell out and began jumping and rising. Tracy watched it, fascinated. It was bigger than either Rich's or her husband's.

Suddenly she remembered where she was, and what was happening. She began squirming, trying to escape Rich's grasp. But he held her down on the sofa. A wide grin spread over his face. Her struggling only heightened his lust.

"Ohhhhnnnn no, you can't be serious!" Tracy panted, trying to squirm loose. "Let me go!"

"Tracy, honey, you should rein," Rich murmured. "You just don't realize how much fun it'll be. Think about it. You won't have to stop just because one of us comes. The other one can just take over."

In the back of her mind Tracy had to admit that the idea sounded delightful. But right now it sounded horrible! To go to bed with two men at once? One of them a total stranger? No! She wouldn't do it! It was deceitful and sick for them to expect it of her! Who did they think she was!

"Oooooohhhh let me go!" she growled at Rich, squirming wildly. "What do you think I am, a whore?"

"Oh certainly not. Certainly not," Rich said, grinning.

He was resourcefully undressing her as she struggled to get away. Her wild wriggling had loosened her blouse and hiked her skin up around her thighs. Rich got the buttons of her blouse open with little trouble. He slipped it off her shoulders and his mouth was all over her tits before she knew what was happening.

It was impossible for Tracy to ignore the sensations his lips caused on her nipples. Her breasts were very sensitive, even more so because of the mouth-mauling he had given them only yesterday. She felt an incredible hot gush of lust stream through her own body as he sucked her greedily.

At the same time she felt other hands, Cliff's, tugging at her skirt. He skimmed it quickly down and off her shaking legs. Then she felt him slide off her panties.

"Ohhhhnnnnn, please no!" she cried out. "Please no! Don't do this to me, please!"

But no matter how loudly she protested, she knew that a part of her wanted it. Wanted them to ravish her and fuck her passionately. Both of them. Wanted to feel their hard driving pricks in her, and their demanding hands and mouths all over her quivering flesh.

She only half-fought against Cliff as he forced her thighs open with his strong hands. She felt him crouching there, felt his quick breath on the inner flesh of her thighs.

"Aaanngghhhhh!" she moaned as his lips found the swollen buttery petals of her pussy. "Ah! Oh, God!"

He ate her cunt slowly and skillfully. Tracy went into a slow burn, feeling her cunt pulse with fantastic new sexual, excitement. Cliff ate her the way she had never been eaten before. He licked the slick inner walls of her slit with his long tongue, creating hot new sensations she never knew were there.

He gave her smoldering pussy a long agonizingly sweet French kiss, driving her to such heights of lust that she totally abandoned her initial reluctance. Her own wild hands fluttered over her writhing body.

She cupped her throbbing breasts, feeding them into Rich's thirsty mouth. Then her hands darted to Cliff's head, bobbing between her legs. She caressed his hair, then pulled his head to her cunt.

"God, don't let it stop!" she groaned, panting as his tongue toyed around the edges of her clit. "Don't let it stop, don't let it ever stop! Oh! Oh, God, suck me! Fuck me!"

Now that he knew her resistance was at an end, Rich quickly slid off her and undressed. Tracy arched her back, yielding totally to the undulating sensuality of her body. She moaned with unbearable pleasure as Cliff's tongue rooted in her flowing pussy.

She had never felt anything like it. His lips on her aching clit were indescribably gentle. He flicked it softly with his tongue, and she almost exploded on the spot. God, how can I be so close already? she wondered. Still, she knew that one orgasm would only be followed by more and more stupendous ones.

"Ohhhhhhh, God, it's good!" she panted, slowly rolling her pelvis in rhythm with the tongue-fucking he gave her cunt.

Rich was naked too, now, and he sank back onto her, rubbing his long stiff prick on her tits. She looked down, relishing the sight of his swollen ripply cock jabbing her excited nipples.

He nestled it in the valley between her tits. Tracy pushed the two firm globes around it with her hands. Then he began drawing the rigid member back and forth.

"Fuck me, oh, baby, fuck my boobs!" she moaned, going delirious. "Come all over my boobs!"

But even though she would love it to happen, she knew he wasn't going to do that, at least not yet. They had only started to fuck her. Rich wouldn't want to spoil it by coming too soon.

He looked down into her face as he fucked her between her breasts. "Do you like it?" he asked.

"God, yesssss!" Tracy moaned.

"Do you want us to fuck you now?"

"Yes! Ohhhhh, yes! Can't you see I'm dying for it?"

He glanced over his shoulder at Cliff, who was still licking her wet pussy with skill and passion, bringing her ever closer to the brink of a climax.

"We'd better go in on the bed where we can spread out," he said, half to her, half to Cliff.

Cliff stood and nodded. Together they scooped up Tracy's naked body and carried her into Rich's bedroom. Cliff roughly pulled down all the bedcovers with one hand and they dumped her on the bottom sheet.

Tracy realized that this was it. She trembled half with fear and half with incredible sexual excitement. There was no backing down now. They were going to fuck her, both of them.

Almost before she knew what was happening, they hoisted her legs straight up in the air. Cliff kneeled by her head and held her legs up by the ankles while Rich lodged his thick cock in the wet lips of her pussy, driving it home.

"Ummmggphhh!" she gasped, feeling the ramrod of his prick pierce her abruptly. "Ohhhhnnnn!"

He began fucking her slowly and steadily, his large cock inching in and out of her pussy. She opened her eyes and saw Cliff's huge half-erect prick dangling over her half-parted lips. Completely obedient to both their wishes, she opened her mouth and took it in.

It began to swell and stiffen as she sucked it lovingly. Cliff's hands went to her quivering breasts. He squeezed and rolled them, pinching the nipples. It drove Tracy wild. She wished he could suck her nipples while she was sucking his cock.

Her sexual excitement became more and more frenzied. She bucked her cunt up into Rich's thrusts, feeling his massive stalk ride deep into her. She took Cliff's prick as far into her mouth as it would go, clinging to it with her wet lips as he withdrew it.

She lost all track of everything but the joy of being fucked like this, by two men at once. She didn't know how she could have been so reluctant. It felt so good! Her writhing body streamed and coursed with hot pleasures.

"Ohhhhhnnnnn fuck me, fuck me fast, fuck me hard!" she moaned to them as Cliff removed his cock from her mouth.

Now Rich held her legs, up and apart while he continued to sink his thick cock slowly and thoroughly in her tight quim. Tracy was delirious with pleasure, but she missed Cliff. She wanted both of them to be fucking her, and when she opened her eyes to look for him, she saw him swabbing his stiff prick with lubricating jelly.

Mesmerized, she watched the huge pole of twitching flesh grow shiny and slick from the lubrication. Then it suddenly dawned on her what he intended to do. There could only be one reason for him to grease his cock like that. He was planning to stick it one place where it wouldn't easily go.

"Ohhhhh, God, nooooo," she whimpered, half-sighing with faint resignation.

She realized there wouldn't be any way to prevent it. She even wondered if she wanted to prevent it. His cock just seemed so huge and stiff, that was all. And both of them at the same time! They would rip her apart!

As if they sensed that she might try to put up a struggle, Rich rolled her body onto her side and Cliff's hands parted her round asscheeks almost before she realized what was happening.

"Now hold still, baby," Cliff panted. "I'm gonna take us all to heaven."

Rich dropped her legs now and held her upper body tightly in his arms. His fat cock was still embedded deep in her streaming pussy. She felt the swollen head of Cliff's cock nudge the tight ring of her asshole. Then involuntary tears squirted from her eyes as she felt it invade her rectum.

"Aaaoowwwnnnngggg!" she moaned.

Her body writhed uncontrollably. Cliff's fiendish, monstrously huge cock slid all the way into her ass, lubricated by the grease. Now she was impaled and skewered on both of their pricks, pinned between them.

She panted and moaned and cried. The sensations in her body were so intense that she could not distinguish pleasure from pain. The wild pulsating spasms rippled through her straining hot flesh.

"Ohhhnnnggggg, God, God!" she cried out. "It hurts! It feels so good!"

They both began to fuck her, as she had known they would. Tracy gritted her teeth and shuddered with intense pleasure as she felt the two stiff ramrods thrusting slowly in and out of her cunt and her asshole. She could feel their ripply stalks rubbing together through the membrane that separated their two havens.

She had never known such pleasure was possible. Their hands stroked her shuddering body as they fucked her. Rich's hands squeezed her ass, parting her cheeks, then pushing them together around Cliff's plunging cock. Cliff reached around her and caressed her breasts, squeezing and twisting them more roughly as the fucking tempo increased with their heightening passions.

Now the three of them were locked together and fucking like crazy. Pinned between their hard striving bodies, Tracy panted and groaned, impaled on the two plunging cocks. Far off she could feel the sharp knife of her orgasm hurtling toward her. She gritted her teeth, instinctively knowing that it would tear her to pieces.

Both men were close, too. They fucked her now with rough violence. Their hands and mouths mauled her quivering flesh. The rigid poles of their long pricks speared her asshole and pussy fiercely, without mercy. They ripped and tore at her pulsating, writhing body. And Tracy whimpered and moaned, clawing with delirious pleasure at each fresh penetration.

"Aanngghh! Ongh! Ohhnnnn! Agghh! Ahhnnnnngggg!" she grunted and coughed as the fiendishly hard pricks probed her deeply.

Closer and closer hurtled the knife-like feelings. God, I'm going to come so hard, it's going to kill me! she thought wildly. Frantically she began pushing her groin down onto their rearing cocks.

"Oh, God! Oh, God..."

Suddenly the knife split her in two. She was scalded and wrenched by a torrent of coming. The orgasm pulverized her with excruciating spasms.

"AAAUUNNNGGGHHIIIEEEEEEE!" she screamed at the top of her lungs.


Her body thrashed and squirmed between Cliff and Rich, who still pinned her tightly and fucked her fiercely. Both of them were about to come, too. Cliff ripped his gigantic monster of a cock deep into her rectum. The violence of his thrust sent her over the edge again. A fresh hot bolt of coming ruptured her.

"AANNGGGHHHH! OOHHNNN! AAAANNNGGHHIIEEEEE!" she wailed, whinnying helplessly as the unbearable pleasure wracked her body.

And the wild spasming of her cunt and asshole seemed to draw the cum right out of the men, too. They groaned, their bodies clenched powerfully. Suddenly she felt the hot rocketing spurts flying into her.

"Ohhnnnn! Oh, God... oh, God!" she moaned, smiling as she felt the two enormous cocks empty themselves into her ass and pussy.

She lost track of the minutes and seconds as the three of them were welded together in an incandescent eternity of agonizing pleasure. But finally she noticed that all of their bodies had slackened. They lay loosely together now, gasping and panting, their flesh tingling.

Tracy herself felt exhausted and plundered. On the other hand, she had to admit that she had never known physical pleasure could be so intense.

"Ummmmmm," she grinned, kissing Rich. "Thank you. Thank you for forcing me to do this. You know I wouldn't have done it otherwise."

"It was our pleasure, baby," he murmured, grinning back.

"Ummmmm, and thank you, too," she said, turning her head and seeking Cliff's mouth with her own.

She wiggled her ass on his still half-erect prick as they kissed. And she was surprised to find that even after that stupefying climax, her body was ready for more. And it was a good thing too, because they weren't finished with her.

Both of them withdrew their cocks from her groin only to offer them to her mouth. And Tracy sucked them long and skillfully. During the afternoon they fucked her again repeatedly, both individually and together. And by the time five o'clock arrived, Tracy felt she would never need to be fucked again.

A lifetime of fucking in one afternoon! she thought. Nothing could surpass this. But my God, what's come over me? I've gone from a faithful housewife to a nymphomaniac adulteress in only two days.


For days afterward Tracy couldn't help recalling the hot passionate afternoon of fucking with two men at once. Just thinking of it made her body quicken and throb with excitement. And guilt. It was both the height of sexual pleasure and the depth of degradation.

She and Jim were more estranged than ever. They barely spoke, let alone make love. And that, coupled with her own guilt, made Tracy realize that the only way to wipe out this whole business was to go right to the root of it. Ann Vincent.

It had been her jealousy of Ann Vincent that had started the whole damn thing. And once she had discovered that her husband actually was making it with Ann, despite his denials, she herself had felt justified to do anything to get back at him.

And that had led to the afternoon during which she had let Rich and Cliff fuck her in every imaginable way. She could almost still feel their swollen cocks rooting roughly in her rectum and her, pussy. She could feel warm dollops of their cum splattering her tits and belly as they fucked her repeatedly with wild abandon.

But you wouldn't live your life that way, she understood. How many afternoons like that could a girl take? She really wanted to make up with Jim, to heal the breach between them. She wanted him to give up Ann, and she would give up future orgies of the sort she had gone through with Rich and Cliff.

She finally decided resolutely that the only way to accomplish that was to confront Ann Vincent herself. She would ask Ann to relinquish Jim, to end the affair with him. It would not only be in the interests of her own marriage, but also of Ann's business. She would point out that the longer Ann's and Jim's affair went on, the more it would breed dissension among their fellow workers, the other employees of the firm.

So one night when she knew that Jim had gone to a basketball game with another friend, she got in the car and drove to Ann Vincent's apartment house. It was one of those elegant, expensive places on the north side. It had a fountain out in front and a doorman who didn't want to let her in until she said she was Jim Sommers' wife.

He told this to Ann Vincent through the intercom. She seemed surprised but said to send Tracy on up. Ann lived in the penthouse. It seemed to Tracy that the elevator took forever to get there.

When she finally reached the top floor, she was herself surprised to see Ann Vincent lounging in the open doorway of her elegant apartment. She was smoking a cigarette and holding a drink. She had a superior smirk on her face.

But most surprising to Tracy was what she wore. Or rather what she didn't wear. For Ann Vincent had on only a sheer peach-colored babydoll nightie. Her stunning long creamy bare legs were completely naked. Her full jutting tits pushed up the gauzy fabric, and the dark circles of her plump nipples were clearly visible through the thin mesh.

"Hi," she said somewhat sarcastically, Tracy thought, if that was possible. "Tracy, isn't it? Jim's wife?"

Tracy nodded. "I... I'd like to talk with you about something."

Ann smirked again as if it was no secret to her what Tracy wanted to talk about. She beckoned Tracy to come inside. Tracy followed her into the apartment, shutting the door quietly behind her.

She tried to keep herself from staring at the naked or nearly naked parts of Ann Vincent's body, but it was difficult. She could see why Jim had wanted her. Ann was extremely beautiful. Tracy didn't know why she was so drawn to her. She guessed it must be all the fucking of the last couple of days. Maybe it had sexualized her, made her hyper-sensitive to bodies or something.

"Can I get you a drink?" Ann said.

"Oh... just whatever you're having," Tracy stammered.

Ann went to the bar and poured a martini for Tracy from a tall frosty pitcher. She walked over and handed the glass to Tracy, her eyes carefully taking note as Tracy couldn't help looking at her body again.

"Let me guess," she said. "You want to talk about Jim."

Tracy nodded.

"How did you find out about us?"

"Just a lucky guess, I suppose," Tracy murmured. "After all, you two spend so much time together."

Ann smiled, remembering. "Your husband is very hard to resist," she said.

She sat down on the sofa across from where Tracy was sitting. She crossed her shapely bare legs. The babydoll nightie traveled up around her hips. Tracy couldn't help staring at the pinkish slit of her hair-fringed cunt.

God, what am I doing! she thought, looking away with embarrassment.

"You don't have to be upset," Ann said boldly. "I don't mind you looking if you want to."

What does she mean by that? Tracy thought. "I wasn't looking at anything," she said.

"Of course you were," Ann said calmly. "You were looking at my cunt."

"No I wasn't!"

"Don't be nervous, Tracy," Ann purred. "I won't tell anybody."

Suddenly she uncrossed her legs and spread her thighs. She ran her hands down into her groin, rubbing herself, parting the lips of her pussy. Tracy could see the wet glistening inner folds. She couldn't take her eyes off the woman's cunt.

God, what's happening to me! she thought. I've never done anything like this in my life!

"You know," Ann said suggestively, "I can think of a great way to make you forget what Jim and I did."

She got up and came over to Tracy. She caressed Tracy's cheek with one finger. Tracy felt the excited blood pound behind her ears. My God, on top of fucking with Jim, she's a lesbian, too! she thought. She pulled away from Ann sharply.

"I'm not like that!" she said. "Don't touch me!"

"You can't deny that you were interested. I saw you looking at my body."

"No!" Tracy said, not knowing what else to say.

"Maybe you'd like to see it better," Ann said, smiling.

She pulled the babydoll nightie off over her head and flung it across the room. Now she was totally naked, standing in front of Tracy. She posed seductively, showing off her gorgeous, shapely body.

Even though she was scandalized by what was happening, Tracy couldn't take her eyes off the woman. Ann's full upswept tits were amazingly round and firm. Her brownish nipples were thick and swollen, the centers long and pointed. Her stomach was sleek and silky, her waist narrow, her hips flaring.

"I... I think I'd better leave," Tracy said self-consciously, stumbling to her feet.

But Ann didn't budge one inch. Consequently her tits brushed Tracy's blouse, and her mouth was only inches from Tracy's lips.

"I don't see why you can't give in to your feelings," Ann whispered. "You look at my body like you wish you could eat me alive."

Am I really? Tracy thought. She didn't even have to answer the question. She knew that Ann Vincent was right. But I'm not that way! I'm not a lesbian! I've never done it with a girl in my life!

"But I'm not that way!" she repeated to Ann.

"There's always a first time," Ann whispered, nibbling at her full lips with her mouth.

Tracy didn't resist. In fact, her mouth effortlessly melted against Ann's. She allowed the girl's tongue to slither between her lips. She didn't try to stop Ann from unbuttoning the buttons of her blouse as they kissed.

She couldn't deny that she didn't want whatever was going to happen to stop. Her body pulsed wildly and trembled. God, I'm not like this! I'm not like this! she repeated to herself. Why am I letting her do this to me?

For Ann was now taking off Tracy's blouse. Her mouth was on Tracy's neck, on her bare shoulders. Her lips were more gentle than a man's, more subtle. She kissed the shallow dents under Tracy's clavicles as her fingers worked to unclasp Tracy's bra.

"You're so lovely, Tracy," she breathed.

"But I'm not like this," Tracy protested softly, quivering as she felt her bra unfasten.

"Neither am I," Ann whispered. "But I want you."

Ann's firm naked breasts brushed Tracy's, now also naked. Their nipples kissed. Tracy felt the fire in her blood leap to life. Her body seemed to throb with fresh lust. Ann's hands found her full out thrusting tits and squeezed the firm globes.

"Ohhhhnnnn!" Tracy gasped uncontrollably.

She cupped Ann's warm breasts in her own hands. God, what are we doing! she thought. But she couldn't stop herself. Ann's mouth was on her body, causing pleasure and excitement wherever it moved. Ann's lips crawled over her tits.

"Oh, God!" she gasped aloud, her insides clenching with excitement as she awaited the feel of Ann's lips on her nipples.

But Ann was not like any other lover, any male lover. She took her time, exploring Tracy's body with slow smoldering passion. Her lips kissed and sucked every inch of Tracy's throbbing naked tits except her nipples.

Once in a while her mouth approached the swollen, aching buds, but then veered away. She kissed the bulging undersides of the firm fleshy globes. She kissed the warm deep valley between them.

"Mmmmmm, you have such beautiful boobs," she murmured, squeezing them, brushing the sensitive nipples lightly with her thumbs.

"Ohhhhnnn!" Tracy moaned.

Her knees quivered. Her breasts throbbed with heat. Still Ann's clever leeching lips explored the round globes, avoiding Tracy's nipples. Tracy was amazed at how quickly she grew frantic with need. The exquisite tension was killing her.

She had never realized before how sensitive her breasts and nipples actually were. Her body trembled uncontrollably. She wanted to be sucked, and fucked, quickly, thoroughly, even brutally if necessary. Her mind couldn't help darting to the time when Rich and Cliff had fucked her at the same time. With them reaming her ass and cunt she had bussed out. And yet that wasn't the desire she felt now. Instead she wanted to feel her body melting together with Ann Vincent's. It was different from anything she had ever felt. She wanted this agonizingly sweet tenderness to go on and on.

"Let's go in on my bed," Ann whispered, tugging Tracy's arm.

Tracy went as if hypnotized. She stood silently beside Ann's king-sized bed while Ann undressed the rest of her. Then the two of them settled onto the sheets, Tracy on her back, Ann crouching over her.

Ann's eyes were dark and swirling with hot lust. She kissed Tracy's mouth again, kneading Tracy's throbbing breasts with her hands at the same time.

"You're so beautiful," she murmured repeatedly against Tracy's lips. "So beautiful."

"So are you," Tracy gasped back. Ann went back to exploring Tracy's quivering naked body with her mouth. She didn't go below Tracy's waist, but her lips went everywhere above it. Tracy writhed and moaned with pleasure.

Her breasts throbbed and ached. She found Ann's head with her hands and tried to draw the girl's mouth toward her flaring nipples.

"Suck me!" she gasped. "Please! Suck me!"

"Mmmmmmm," Ann responded. Her wet tongue flicked one of Tracy's swollen nipples.

Her tongue coiled wetly around the other nipple, and she quickly sucked it into her warm mouth.

"Annggh!" Tracy groaned, overcome with pleasure. "Ohhhh, yesssssss!"

Incredible desire spread through her body as Ann began to suck her tits in a way no man ever had. Her lips seemed to leech pleasure out of the pulsing nipples. She was slow and patient.

Most important, she didn't grow tired and stop sucking. She kept on and kept on until Tracy was going crazy with pleasure. She bunched up Tracy's breasts and pushed the large nipples together so that she could suck them both at once.

Tracy moaned with bliss as she felt both of her nipples sucked into Ann's working mouth at the same time.

"Ohhhnnnn, God!" she panted. "God, yes! It feels so good!"

Now she felt Ann's hand between her thighs. Ann's fingers dipped gently into the wet groove of her cunt, sawing rhythmically back and forth. She lightly pinched Tracy's aching clit between two fingers, digging the tips of them into Tracy's steaming slit.

The sensations were almost too intense for Tracy to bear. In the back of her mind, she couldn't help wondering if Ann had been lying about never having done this before. She seemed to be so expert at it.

But Tracy's body wouldn't let her think or care about anything but the fantastic pleasure she was feeling. She surged and writhed, arching her back, clenching her shuddering thighs as Ann's hand in her pussy rubbed faster and faster.

"Unhhhh!" she whimpered, tossing her head as Ann's lips mauled her throbbing nipples fiercely. "Ohhnnnn! Unnhhhh! Ah!"

Her hips churned spasmodically. Her whole body quivered and strained with pent-up lust. My God, she's making me come! Tracy thought wildly. So fast! She's fucking me and making me come before I even realized it!

And Ann, knowing how close Tracy was, began to fuck and suck her more passionately. She rubbed Tracy's wet pussy wildly, scissoring her clit, softly and relentlessly pinching it. And she sucked Tracy's stiff throbbing nipples sharply.

Tracy was shuddering and keening through an orgasm before she knew it. Her body flipped and gyrated with her comes.

"AANNGGGHHHHH!" she cried out, her pelvis bucking into Ann's flailing hand. "OH! AANNNGGHHIIEEEEE!"

Both she and Ann knew that she was on a plateau of sexual excitement that could be maintained indefinitely with skill. But Ann now wanted to get there, too. And Tracy was filled with the desire to bring her up.

She drew the girl close and began kissing her everywhere, exploring Ann's luscious body as Ann had earlier explored hers. The thought flashed through her mind that she wasn't surprised Jim would want to fuck this woman. Tracy wanted to fuck her, too.

While Ann continued to fingerfuck her gently, Tracy licked Ann's wide puffy brown nipples until they sprang erect and stiff. Then she sucked them wildly, drawing them deep into her mouth.

"Nnnnneeeee!" Ann squealed softly. "Ohhhhh! Yesssss!"

Their warm bodies writhed and coiled together. Tracy was surprised at how naturally it all came to her. She squeezed and sucked Ann's firm round tits, then dipped her mouth lower.

She kissed Ann's warm flat midriff, her quivering soft belly. God, I'm going to kiss her cunt! she thought wildly. Who could ever have predicted this?

Ann's shaking thighs yawned open as Tracy slithered down her squirming body. Tracy kissed her inner thighs. She could smell the thick musky odor of Ann's oozing pussy. Suddenly she opened her eyes and looked at the wet pink-lipped gash.

Ann's glistening pussy was beautiful. Tracy extended her tongue and licked the whole slit from top to bottom, then up again.

"Aaannnnnnn!" Ann gasped, her body stiffening. "Oh, God, yes!" she panted.

Tracy explored the wet furrow with her fingers, sliding two of them up into Ann's crack while she continued to flick the nub of Ann's distended clit with her tongue. The sensations drove Ann crazy with lust.

"Oh, God!" she gasped, her hips jerking frenziedly. "Fuck me, honey, fuck me hard! Eat me, suck me! Make me come!"

Her words excited Tracy. She jabbed her tongue deep into Ann's wet cunt repeatedly. Meanwhile her fingers, greased with Ann's pussy juices, slipped down between the girl's firm jouncy asscheeks.

With her forefinger she tickled the ring of Ann's asshole, just to see how the woman would react. Ann's whole squirming body clenched sharply as she realized what Tracy was suggesting.

"Yesssss!" she hissed softly. "Do it, do it!" Slowly Tracy worked her finger into Ann's tight rectum. Ann whinnied with pleasure as Tracy's finger slid into her ass.

"Unnneeeee!" she squealed bucking her hips wildly now.

Tracy was overcome with sexual excitement. With her free hand she began digging again in her own flowing, pussy, rubbing her clit frantically. God, I've never felt anything like this! she thought. I love eating her! I love it!

She buried her face in Ann's streaming cunt, sucking and tonguing it with crazy lust and passion. I just want to eat you and eat you, and fuck you and fuck you! she thought crazily. She began fucking Ann's asshole vigorously with her finger. Soon it loosened enough for her to insert another finger.

She fucked Ann mercilessly with, both fingers, watching the smile of contorted pleasure that spread across the girl's face. Ann's hands flew frantically over her jouncing tits, pinching and twisting her own stiff nipples.

"Unh! Unngghhh!" she grunted as Tracy fucked her closer and closer to a climax.

Oh come, baby, come, come! Tracy thought. She closed her lips over Ann's wildly swollen clit and sucked passionately. Suddenly Ann's body arched and stiffened. Her taut muscles began to quake spasmodically.

Tracy jammed the thumb of the hand that was embedded in Ann's ass into her wet pussy.

She shook the girl's whole crotch sharply, sucking Ann's clit fiercely at the same time. And suddenly Ann was wrenched by an orgasm that tore the cries out of her throat.

"AANNGGHHIIEEEEE!" she screamed, her body flipping out of control. "OH! OHHNNNGGGGIIEEEEE! AANNNGGHHIIEEEEEEE!"

By masturbating while she ate Ann's pussy, Tracy had maintained her own plateau. Now, as Ann's orgasm subsided, she squirmed around so that her thighs were parted over Ann's face. She lowered her dripping cunt down to Ann's welcoming mouth and felt shivers course down and up her spine as Ann's tongue slid into her hot crease.

Again she slipped her tongue into Ann's slit. Now they were both on the same level. The sixty-nine position was perfect for them as they softly and patiently licked and sucked one another into climax after climax.

Before the night was over, Tracy had climaxed more times than she had ever done before in a single session. And Ann Vincent claimed to have done so too. Exhausted, they slept a few hours in each other's arms. But when they awoke in the morning, they hungered again for more fucking. Tracy had four more orgasms before breakfast, and three more afterward. The only thing that stopped them was the fact that Ann had to go to the office for an appointment.


It seemed like she had hardly spoken to Jim for weeks. They each managed to move around the house without giving one another the opportunity for conversation. Instead they grunted questions or replies, ate and cleaned up mechanically.

Even though they slept in the same bed, they retired at different times so that the necessity for sex would not arise. Jim often came home late. Tracy knew he had been fucking Ann Vincent. But she herself managed to arrange a fuck with Ann at least twice a week. And on the other days she saw either Rich or Cliff.

So she was not exactly dying of neglect. It was a mark of how she had changed that she was amused by it, instead of scandalized. The Ann Vincent part, was especially titillating. Here she and her husband were fucking the same woman. The only thing that made her pout a little was that Ann was getting double the fun out of it.

One night she was lying in bed, feeling warm and drowsy but unable to sleep, when she heard Jim coming in the front door. She had been thinking of that afternoon, which she had spent with Cliff. He had fucked her silly with his gigantic cock. She smiled and tingled all over just at the memory of that huge pile-driver ramming in and out of her juicy cunt.

Even though she had been completely satisfied that afternoon, thinking about it had aroused her again, making it impossible to sleep. Her body was warm and alive, her cunt oozing, her nipples tight and tingly. She tried to feign sleep as Jim came into the bedroom, but it wasn't easy.

She kept trying to remember when they had last fucked. Was it that time he fucked me in the ass? she wondered.

She heard his shoes drop as he flung them into the closet. Then suddenly he was speaking to her.

"Are you awake? Tracy?" he asked softly.

"Ummmmmm," she groaned drowsily.

She felt the mattress sink as he sat down next to her on the bed. He shook her shoulders gently.

"Why don't you wake up a minute so we can talk," he said.

"What do you want to talk about?" she mumbled, refusing to lift her head from the pillow.

"How about you and Ann, for starters?" he said.

Tracy felt a horrible feeling grip her stomach. He knows! she thought. But then sooner or later he had to find out. She knew that. Curiously enough, his voice didn't sound angry.

She turned her head toward him reluctantly and struggled up on her elbow. She saw his eyes dart quickly to her tits, which were clearly visible through her sheer nightie. Sex fiend! she thought. He comes home from fucking Ann's ears off but then can't take his eyes off my titties.

"How about you and Ann?" she replied.

Jim looked sheepish. He stood up from the bed just as quickly as he had sat down.

"I'm thirsty," he said. "I'm going to get myself a Coke. Want one?"

"No thanks," Tracy said.

He went to the kitchen and returned a moment later with a frosty bottle of Coke in one hand. Again he sat beside her on the bed. Again he looked at her breasts as if he would like to devour them.

"I wish you wouldn't look at me like that after you've come home from fucking her," Tracy said.

"It seems that you know a little about fucking her yourself," Jim said.

Tracy shook her thick brown hair contemptuously. "That was purely an accident," she said. "I went there to ask her to stop seeing you. She gave me something to drink, and before we knew it..."

"Ann told me the rest," Jim said.

"Then I guess there's nothing else to say, is there."

Tracy put her head back down on the pillow and acted as if she were going back to sleep. But she was still not able to. The thought that she had not fucked with her husband for weeks disturbed her. All this other fucking that both of them were doing was sick. If they only had each other, if their relationship could only be like it had been before all this sickness, then things would be better.

Remembering her afternoon's fuck with Cliff had already got her excited. Now the thought of Jim fucking Ann excited her even more. And if she and Jim could now fuck, that would just about polish off the day. Oh, he probably won't even be able to get it up after fucking Ann all evening! she thought with disgust.

She opened one eye slyly and saw him emptying the Coke bottle. He had drunk it very fast. He must've been thirsty! she thought. She could see him and Ann Vincent in the throes of a torrid fuck, screwing so furiously that they became dehydrated.

It made her jealous. I can fuck you as well as she can! she thought. I don't know why you have to go to her!

Suddenly she felt Jim pulling down the bedcovers. She felt his hands on her ass, under the flimsy cloth of her nightie.

"What are you doing?" she asked curtly, though she knew what he was doing and didn't object a bit.

"Admiring your beautiful ass," he said.

"Yeah," she purred. "Last time you admired it so much you fucked the slit out of it, even though I asked you to stop."

"Mmmmm, you're all wet," he murmured. "You must have been just waiting for me to come home."

"I was dreaming that Ann was licking my pussy," she said out of spite.

"Oh, I don't think she could lick it any better than I could," he said softly.

His hands on the full moans of her ass were arousing her incredibly. He dipped his fingers down, into the wet crease of her pussy, and Tracy gasped with pleasure. She was bathed in warm bliss, not paying attention to what he was doing, just enjoying it.

Suddenly she felt something icy cold and glassy slide into her cunt from behind.

"Oooooo! God, what's... that? Annhhhh!" she gasped.

Wild shivers of pleasure gripped her flesh. She lifted her head awkwardly, trying to look back over her shoulder.

"How does it feel?" Jim asked.

At first she didn't know how to answer him. But as he began fucking her with the neck of the Coke bottle, the pleasure became excruciatingly intense.

"Wonderful!" she panted.

She felt him straddle her thighs in order to fuck her more skillfully with it. The sensations in her pussy were totally new and wild. The coldness of the bottle excited her fantastically. He held it with both hands and twisted it as he plunged it into her.

"Ohhhhhnnnnn!" she moaned, tossing her head on the pillow.

She gyrated her hips, now fucking back up into the bottle as Jim drove it into her juicy cunt.

"Ohhhnnnn, God, it's wonderful!" she moaned. "Ohhnnn, fuck me, fuck me."

Jim twirled the bottle as he jammed it into her slit. He pushed it in and out of her slowly, relentlessly, making her shiver with pleasure. Tracy burrowed her face down into the pillow. Even the bizarre strangeness of being fucked by a Coke bottle couldn't prevent her from bussing out on the experience.

Her whole body dissolved in sexual tremors. She was panting uncontrollably, her ass churning back and up into the probing thing.

"Unnngghhh! Oh, God! Unnggghhh!" she groaned, feeling Jim begin to jab it into her more fiercely as he knew she was about to come.

"Oh, Jimmy, Jimmy!" she gasped.

"Are you going to come?" he asked, bending down over her back.

"Yes! Ohhhhnnn, God, yesssss! Fuck me! God, do it fast! Do it hard!"

She grabbed the pillow with both hands as if to hold on for dear life. Her writhing body jerked with fire. Jim pushed the bottle in and out of her streaming pussy at a fantastic rate. Suddenly the dam burst. A sharp orgasm wrenched her.


Hot jolts of coming shot through her flailing body. The sharp spasms of pleasure ruptured her cunt. She gagged and panted into the pillow, feeling the climax rake her sensitive flesh.

She was still coming as she felt Jim turning her over onto her back. The Coke bottle was still embedded in her throbbing pussy as she felt him pulling her nightie off over her shoulders.

"Oh! Oh, Jimmy, keep fucking me!" she begged. "I'm still coming! I can still come! Fuck me with it, please!"

But he wasn't about to deny her the pleasure of it. Jim got about as much pleasure doing it to her as she got from receiving it. But he wanted to have her naked under him as he did it to her.

Tracy knew that he had got the idea of doing it to her this way because he had suddenly wanted to fuck her but couldn't. He had spent the evening screwing Ann Vincent. God only knew how many orgasms he had already had. He couldn't make his cock stand up again. So he had hit on the idea of the bottle, which now was giving her such excruciating pleasure.

Now with his wife totally naked under him, he returned his hands to the bottle and began fucking her with it again. Tracy nearly swooned with hot pleasure.

"Ohhhnnnn yesssss!" she moaned, arching her back.

"You like that?" he asked, rotating the neck of the bottle, drawing it along her swollen clit.

"Aannngghhh!" Tracy groaned. "Oh, God, yes! Fuck and fuck me, honey!"

She ran her fluttering fingers over her aching tits and nipples. She cupped them and he bent down with his mouth, sucking first one of her nipples and then the other. Tracy shivered with wild passion, feeling the lust shoot through her squirming body. Within minutes she began to come again, her second orgasm.

"Oh, God, I'm coming again, Jimmy!" she gasped. "OHNNN! AANNNGGGHIIIEEEEEE!"

The climax convulsed her body. The pleasure was stupefying. Her quivering flesh pulsed with molten honey. She groaned, digging her elbows into the mattress, grinding her cunt up into the ravishing bottle in his hands.

"Jesus, more, more!" she panted. "Do it to me more! Fuck me more! Please, Jimmy, please! Fuck me with it!"

Somewhere far off a part of her could hear this crazy demented begging for more. Her voice sounded to her like that of a totally degraded and enslaved sex fiend, a fucking addict. She would die if he stopped, if he quit fucking her as he was right now, with the bottle.

She couldn't help it. She would give up fucking forever tomorrow if only it would go on and on right now. Her body was convulsed and wracked by sharp sexual spasms. Her voluptuous flesh strained and quivered, trying to climax again. She clamped the muscles of her pussy around the neck of the bottle, as if it were a cock.

She gyrated her hips in rhythm with Jim's thrusts, chanting huskily, "Fuck me... fuck me... fuck me..."

And then a fresh climax would wrench her. Her beautiful naked body would clench and shudder. The honey fire poured through her with wild intensity.

"NNNEEE! OHNNN! NNNEEEE!" she whinnied, twisting and writhing crazily as Jim raped her climaxing pussy.

Watching her repeated coming had the desired effect on Jim. His cock swelled and stiffened. The rigid stalk jumped between his thighs.

Tracy realized what had happened. She could feel the warmth of his big stiff prick against her leg. She wanted him to put it into her. It didn't matter that only an hour ago he had been putting it into Ann.

He had driven her into such a frenzy with the bottle that she couldn't control her craving for his cock. She wanted to feel it inside of her everywhere. She wanted to suck it. She wanted to feel it plunging into her asshole and her cunt. She wanted all of it.

But she realized all that was impossible.

"God, fuck me, Jimmy!" she gasped, touching his twitching tool with her frantic fingers. "Put it in me! Quick! Please! Fuck me with your cock!"

He withdrew the Coke bottle from her cunt and replaced it with his prick, driving it deep into her with all the power of his body.

"Ummph!" Tracy grunted as she felt it penetrate her.

The Coke bottle had been wild, but it had not sunk very deep into her pussy. She had forgotten how long her husband's cock was. It seemed to probe the very depths of her womb as he plunged it in and out of her. "Ungghhh! Ohn! Oh, God, Jimmy yes!" she chanted into his ear.

Just as it had taken him a long time to get a hard-on, it also took him a long time to come. But he fucked her fiercely, throwing her legs up into the air and ripping his cock so deeply into her flooding pussy that Tracy squealed uncontrollably.

She was coming almost immediately from the moment she felt his prick slide into her. She clung to him with her arms, pushing her throbbing breasts up into his hard chest. Her hips bucked and churned wildly, meeting his hard thrusts. She moaned and whimpered, crying out sharply when every fresh orgasm wrenched her.

"OH! ANNN! OH GOD! ANNN!" she screamed, her body flipping and wriggling in the throes of a new climax.

He fucked her for ten minutes before he finally began to come himself. Tracy had four more climaxes during that time. She could feel his body stiffen urgently, and knew how close he was.

"Oh yes, baby! Oh yes!" she panted, clamping her pussy-muscles around his thrusting prick. "Come in me! Come in me, baby! Fuck me hard, hard! Come in me!"

But she didn't know whether she could withstand the wild pile-driving fury of his final assault on her. He raped her like a demon. His hands tore into her fleshy asscheeks. He buried his cock deep in her juicing channel, riding her ass up off the mattress.

He groaned and stiffened. She felt his prick erupt deep in her slit. Tracy clamped her thighs around him, pumping like crazy for her own big one. She could feel her swollen clit rubbing against the rigid edge of his spurting cock.

"Oh, God! Oh, Jesus!" she gasped as she felt it approach. "UNGH! OOOHHHNNN! UUNNGGHHHIIIEEEE!" she wailed as a final pulverizing climax ripped her in pieces.

Locked together, they rolled over sideways on the mattress as the pleasurable intensity of their orgasms throbbed through them. Finally Tracy kissed her husband's mouth. It seemed now as if all the sickness of the past weeks was behind them.

"Nice to have you back," she whispered in a sultry voice.

Jim grinned. He gave her a short sharp thrust with his still-stiff prick for good measure. "It's sure nice to be back, baby," he grinned.


When Jim got to work the next morning his cock still ached from all the fucking he had done. Three times with Ann. Then that exciting business with Tracy when he got home. It had been years since he had fucked that much in such a short time!

He was so preoccupied with all the work he had been neglecting that he barged right past his secretary without saying hello. But for Angie, apparently, that was the last straw. He was surprised a few moments later to look up from his desk and see her standing at the door.

"Hi, Angie," he said. "Sorry I forgot to say hello. Something I can do for you?"

At this she smirked and shut the office door behind her. "Maybe... and maybe not," she said mysteriously.

Jim had been so involved fucking Ann Vincent and his wife that he realized he hadn't really looked at Angie for weeks. And yet, as he had long known, she was probably more beautiful than either of the other two. In the past, in fact, he knew that he tried not to look at her much because of the temptation she provided.

But now he couldn't help looking at her as she walked slowly toward his desk. Her long rich auburn hair swished around her shoulders. Her high full breasts pushed out against the cloth of her blouse. Her round hips swiveled below tier slender waist.

Angie's full sensual lips formed a mocking pout.

"You've been a busy boy lately, haven't you?" she said sardonically.

"Uh... what do you mean by that?" Jim stuttered nervously.

"I can see the way the boss looks at you. It's almost like she remembers something. And she likes the memory."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Jim said.

He went back to the papers on his desk, trying to appear busy. Yet at the same time he could feel his cock, sore though it was, swelling and pulsing. What Angie was driving at was not totally lost on him.

It became even clearer to him when she walked around the side of his desk. She stood next to him, reaching out one finger to caress his cheek.

"Somehow I can't help it," she said in a husky whisper. "I sort of feel cheated."

"I really don't know what you're talking about, Angie," Jim said nervously.

"I feel like she's getting what I've wanted all these years." Jim looked up from the papers on his desk and found that his eyes were on a level with her out thrusting tits. Her slim fingers were still caressing his jaw, his lips.

"What's that?" he said absently, his cramped prick throbbing and jumping.

Slowly Angie sank to her knees in front of his chair. Her skillful fingers had his fly unzipped before Jim even realized what she was doing.

But he couldn't help shuddering with pleasure as he felt her cool fingers dip beneath the elastic of his shorts.

She grasped his hot prick and released it from his underwear. The long stalk sprang erect instantly, aching and pulsing wildly. Angie looked at it dreamily, trapping the root of his cock in the circles formed by her thumbs.

"God, it's beautiful!" she gasped.

"I'm... glad you think so," Jim remarked, feeling foolish, also wishing there was a lock on his office door.

Immediately she began to make love to his twitching cock with her mouth. And Jim discovered that she was no amateur at it. She swirled her tongue around it, peppering the rigid shaft with tiny hot kisses. Her warm velvety wet lips closed over the throbbing head of his cock and leeched pleasure from him that was so intense that Jim was soon gagging and clenching his teeth.

"Ummmmm, does that feel good?" she whispered.

"God, yes!" he gasped.

"Ummmmmm, he's such a beautiful big monster! After all these years that I've been waiting to do this. How could you stick it in her, that bitch, and ignore me? I'm better looking that her, don't you think?"

"As a matter of fact, I do," Jim said honestly.

Angie was more beautiful than anybody, particularly at this moment. She had a way of getting almost all of his cock into her mouth, down her throat. The sensation when she did this was almost deathly intense.

Now she was unbuttoning her blouse at the same time as she sucked him. She struggled out of it, then unsnapped her bra.

"Now," she said, showing him her gorgeous high round breasts, "I'll bet my titties are better than hers, too. Right?"

Jim was in no mood to deny her anything. And when she began smothering his saliva-wet cock in her naked warm breasts, he nearly went bananas.

"Ohhhhh, you like that, don't you," she sighed.

She rubbed her breasts and nipples all over every inch of his straining prick. Jim wondered how he could hold back. He thought his cock might just erupt if she kept this up, and shoot cum all over her lovely firm boobs.

"Don't you want to fuck me?" she asked softly. "Wouldn't you rather fuck me than her, that cold bitch cunt of a boss?"

Jim couldn't say anything. He was panting and squirming with wild sexual arousal.

"You've always wanted to fuck me, I can tell," Angie murmured, going back to sucking his cock, speaking at intervals. "But you didn't want to mix business with pleasure, I guess. And then, fucking her if she wants you to it's a good way to get ahead, I guess. God knows, I don't have anything to offer you but my body."

"Ungh!" Jim grunted as she began to massage his balls at the same time that she swirled her velvety wet tongue around the bulging head of his cock.

"Come on, Jim. Come on and get down here on the floor with me," she said, tugging him down off his chair.

"But there's no lock on the door!" he whispered.

Already Angie had kicked off her skirt. She was skimming silky red panties down her tawny thighs. She was incredibly luscious. Jim felt his cock pound and twitch fiercely. He wanted to fuck her more than anything in the world.

"Who cares?" Angie whispered back urgently. "I want you to fuck me! Don't you want to fuck me?"


"Oh, God, do it then!" she panted.

Her fingers tore at his shirt buttons as he kicked his shoes and pants off. He got his hands on her warm twisting body. She was supple and wild in his anus, more beautiful than Ann or Tracy. He didn't know how he could have resisted her this long.

His lips found her breasts, exploring them passionately. He tongued and sucked her swollen pink nipples until Angie was panting deliriously.

"God, yessss!" she hissed. "Hard, suck me hard!"

She jacked him off frantically as he sucked and mauled her erect nipples. Mysteriously he felt all the soreness vanish from his prick. It was raring to go, a thick twitching tool of fuck-crazed flesh, eager to plunge deep into the buttery slit of this phenomenal woman.

Jim devoured her body like a maniac. He sucked her tits until she was crying out with pleasure. Then his mouth dipped lower, over her firm palpitating belly, down to her inner thighs. His lips crawled over the silky skin. Angie shuddered with delight.

Suddenly he invaded her cunt with his tongue, slithering it deep into her slit. "Aawwoonngggg!" Angie moaned.

"Shhhhhh!" he warned her. "You'll have to be quiet. What if somebody hears us?"

"I'm sorry," Angie panted. "But it drives me crazy! I love you to eat my pussy!"

Jim loved to eat it, too. He began gobbling her wet quim with wild hunger. It was a beautiful cunt, thick-lipped and flowing with juice. He used his fingers, too, devouring her crazily. He had wanted to be slow and tender with her, but desire drove him to be rough and demanding.

But Angie seemed to love it. She begged him to eat her and suck her hard, hard. Her lovely body writhed wildly on the floor as he slurped and sucked her cunt passionately.

"Oh! Ohhhhh!" she moaned. "Do it hard, yes! Ungh! Oh God, Jim! Eat me, suck me, suck my clit! Oh, that's it! Yes! Ungh! Ahhggnnnnn!"

His face was smeared with her fragrant pussyjuice, but he pushed his mouth into her cunt with more and more urgency. Her breasts jiggled seductively as she rolled and churned beneath him, barely able to withstand the wild pleasure his tongue aroused in her aching pussy. Finally the urge to really fuck her overwhelmed him.

Placing his knees behind her ass, he hooked the head of his cock into the gaping red hole of her open pussy. Then with his arms he scooped her legs up into the air, forcing her thighs back onto her breasts.

Then, with one powerful swoop, he pronged her with his cock, sinking it as deep as it would go. Angie's beautiful face dissolved in bliss.

"Aaanngggghhh!" she grunted softly as the full length of Jim's big cock slid into her. She opened her eyes briefly and looked up at him. "God, you don't know how bad I've waited for this!" she sighed.

Jim realized that he had been waiting for a long time too. At first he fucked her slowly, wanting to savor the full pleasure of her incredible body undulating under him. Their warm panting breath came in rhythm as they ground their hips together.

Jim pulled his long cock all the way out to the edge of her clinging pussylips before plunging it all the way back in again, making her wince with pleasure-pain as the head of it rammed against the back wall of her cunt. Angie's frantic fingers bit into the flesh of his back. She writhed and arched her back, pushing her firm breasts and stiff nipples up into his chest.

"Ohhhnn... uhn! Annhhh!" she whimpered softly as he slowly slid his long cock in and out of her. "It's so big!"

"Am I hurting you?" he whispered.

"No. It's just so big. Anngghhhh! Oh! Oh!"

He began to fuck her more roughly, spearing her tight pussy with sharp quick jabs. Jackknifed beneath him, Angie looked clown at the thick stalk of his prick sunk in her puckering cunt. In and out, in and out, it plowed her fiercely. She rocked beneath him, her body flexing uncontrollably with each thrust.

"Don't you like fucking me better than her?" she panted, biting her lower lip as his cock ripped up into her...

"Baby, I like fucking you better than anybody," Jim panted back.

"I'm so close," she whimpered. "But I don't want to come. I want to go on and on."

Jim stepped up the pace. He raped her vulnerable pussy mercilessly, cramming every inch of his straining cock into her oozing slit. Relentlessly his prick hammered her, rocking her ass up off the floor, piercing her savagely.

"Oh, God, I'm going to come!" she cried out. "God, do it hard, fuck me hard, fast!"

Her fingernails raked his back spastically. Strangled sounds of passion fought their way out of her throat. Her buckled body strained and surged under him as she flung her spasming cunt up into his vigorous thrusts.

"Oh yes! Oh yes! Unh! Unh! UUNNGGHH!" she wailed suddenly, spilling over with come.

Her ear-splitting shriek shocked and surprised Jim who remembered that the door wasn't locked. Quickly he grabbed the nearest piece of clothing, which happened to be his pants. He stuffed the pantleg into her mouth.

"Shhhhhh!" he said, still fucking her rapidly. "Don't let anybody hear you!"

"Oh!" Angie panted. "I can't help it! Annggghhhh!"

"Angie. I'll have to stop."

"Oh no, don't stop!" she gasped, pleading with him. "Don't stop, don't stop! Ummmmmm! Oh yes! Fuck me! I'm going to come again. That's it... that's it! Don't stop!"

Somehow the risk they were running excited Jim as much as her cries of ecstasy did. He felt the sap rising in him, too. The jism was burbling and building up pressure in his prick. He began to fuck Angie's beautiful body with lustful abandon. He plowed and rammed her slippery pussy ferociously, impaling her on the plunging pike of his tearing prick.

And Angie squealed softly with delight. She bucked and squirmed, delirious with fuck pleasure.

"Put it in my mouth!" she gasped. "Put it in my mouth again! I'm going to come! Oh, fuck me, fuck me, baby! It's never been so good. Fuck me, Jim!"

Quickly Jim stuffed the pantleg into her mouth again, hearing her muffled whimper explode into a muted shriek as her face suddenly was torn by her wrenching orgasm.

"Aanngghhiieeeeeeee!" she screeched into the cloth, her body flipping and churning in sexual convulsions.

And this time he came right along with her. The cock spouted cum deep into her flexing pussy, pulsing with fire, jerking out long strings of jism. He groaned and fucked her wildly, emptying his spurting prick into her. Then he released her legs and fell forward onto her body. She drew him down on top of her and licked his ear, squeezing his cock with her cunt muscles.

"God," she gasped, "I don't know what I'd have done if I had to go through my whole life without that."

"Well, we'll never have to guess, will we," Jim grinned, glad that he hadn't missed it either.

It wasn't until he heard the doorknob turning that he remembered the risk they had taken.


Tracy had awakened on the morning after her husband had fucked her with the Coke bottle feeling as if life had started all over again. Fresh and happy, she had barely been able to part with Jim when he left for work.

It seemed to her as if all the complications of the past few weeks had been wiped out completely by the blistering ecstasies of the past night. That was all behind them now. They had rediscovered a simple and pure happiness in each other. Sex with other people was something neither of them needed any more.

As the morning wore on, she kept thinking about the previous night. She got so hungry to see Jim again that she decided to surprise him for lunch. So she put on her best dress and caught the train into the city.

Though it was still too early for lunch when she arrived, she thought she would drop by his office anyway, just to let him know she was there. Then she would go shopping or something until noon. She was slightly surprised not to find his secretary at her desk outside his office.

But maybe Angie had gone off to the powder room, Tracy thought. I'll just barge right in on him and surprise him, she thought. Won't he be shocked to see me?

She opened the door and walked into his office. But his chair was empty, too. She glanced around, wondering where he could've gone. And then she saw the four entangled legs on the floor, sticking out from behind Jim's desk.

Quickly she walked around beside the desk. And there was her husband on top of Angie, both of them entirely naked. His prick was still in her, his cum leaking out the edges of her pussy. Involuntary tears formed in Tracy's eyes.

"Oh, God, Jim!" she cried out. "You bastard! How could you! Oh, God... how could you!"

She shrieked, then turned on her heels and fled from the office. The sight of the two of them still glassy-eyed and breathless from fucking their brains out on the rug of his office was too much for her to take. The anger and hurt wrenched her gut.

Rich Peterson must have heard her loud shriek because, as she dashed down the hallway, intent on getting out of the building, he opened the door of his own office and snatched her into it.

"Tracy, what's the matter?" he asked. "Calm down, okay? Look, calm down and tell me what's the matter."

She let Rich enfold her in his arms. She wept against his muscular chest, suddenly remembering how many times she had laid her head there, during past weeks after he had fucked her silly.

As she wept, she couldn't help thinking how easy it would be to get even. Through her tears she explained to Rich the sight she had just witnessed. But at the same time her hand went to his crotch. She found his large limp cock with her fingers and felt it twitch and lengthen as she manipulated it through the cloth of his pants.

"I'm sure it was an... accident," Rich mumbled, not knowing what to say, enjoying the feel of her hands on his cock.

"Of course it was an accident!" Tracy sobbed. "They didn't expect me to barge in on them!"

"Well... I mean, maybe they..." Rich stammered, at a loss for words.

Why he was trying to apologize for Jim's infidelity was beyond him anyway. He bent his lips to Tracy's long smooth neck and began to kiss her ardently.

"Want to get even with him?" he murmured.

"God, you bet I do!" she spit out. Quickly Rich unzipped the back of her dress. Their mouths met and Tracy raped his with her tongue, breathing hotly.

She wanted to forget what she had just seen. Her whole new world seemed to be falling apart. After last night she had thought that she and Jim would never need anyone else again.

"Oh, God, fuck me, Rich!" she panted into Rich's ear.

She helped him undress her. She quickly unfastened her bra and shed her panties while his lips worked like leeches on her tingling nipples. Her tits pulsed with fire.

She stripped off his shirt, then his pants. She knew they could actually fuck without being undressed, but she wanted, to feel his naked body against hers. She stripped off his shorts and got her hands on his big delicious cock, which had given her so much pleasure during the past weeks.

"Oh, put this big beautiful monster in me quick!" she gasped.

"Over here," he said.

Tracy followed obediently. He brought her to his desk and pushed her down on top of it. Her ass was perched on the edge and her thighs splayed widely, revealing the red puckering seam of her open cunt.

Half-delirious with need, Tracy wanted to ask if this wouldn't, ruin all his work that, was spread out over his desk. But she knew that he wanted to fuck her like this for reasons of his own. And she wanted him to get on with it so much that she wasn't about to question his motives.

Rich stood between her thighs. He took his thick jumping cock in one hand and guided it into her swollen wet pussylips. Tracy watched it slide into her, penetrating bet completely. She shuddered with unbelievable pleasure.

"Ohhhnnnnnnn!" she moaned, falling into a near swoon.

Rich put his hands on her hips and began to push and pull his large cock in and out of her. He did it with such slow patience that Tracy thought she was going to become unglued before he ever started to ram and rip it into her. Her whole body streamed with sexual pleasure. She was panting and grunting with urgent need already.

"Ohnnnn... ungh! Oh faster... baby, faster!" she gasped.

"Oh, you don't want to do it too fast, do you honey?" Rich grinned, continuing to fuck her in steady rhythm. "You don't want it to be over with too quick."

"No," she gasped. "But God, it feels so good! I want you to really fuck me hard."

"Oh, I will," Rich whispered. "I sure will."

"Anngghhhhhh!" she groaned as he bent over and began to suck her nipples again.

She held his head in her hands, pushing her throbbing breasts up into his clever mouth. It was working. The sensations were so intense that she couldn't think about seeing Jim on top of Angie. Or the cum already leaking out of Angie's pussy.

All she could think of was the fiendish power of Rich's long fleshy stalk riding in and out of her. She could feel it scrape along her wildly aching clit, spraying hot arrows of lust through her cunt. Just the sight of the huge thing protruding from the clinging lips of her pussy was enough to make her shiver with pleasure.

But suddenly out of the corners of her eyes she realized that there were other people in the office. They were being watched! She tossed her head from side to side. There was Ann Vincent, watching them, her mouth wide open in astonishment. On the other side of the desk stood Jim, with Angie by his side.

"Oh my God!" Tracy cried out. "What are you all doing here!"

"The question might better be, what are you doing here?" Ann said in a wry sultry voice.

Rich chose this moment to begin fucking her more roughly. He sank his large cock deep into her juicing cunt, lunging into her fiercely.

"Ungh!" Tracy gasped, feeling her body pulse with hot need. God, what would it be like if they all fucked me, all at once? she found herself wondering. And she could see that they were wondering it, too. Even Jim!

Both he and Angie were still naked. Tracy glanced down at his groin and saw his prick swelling and twitching. He was rubbing it slowly with one hand as he gazed, almost hypnotized by the sight, at her and Rich.

Well what were they waiting for? she wondered. If they all wanted to fuck her, why didn't they go ahead and do it? Were they waiting for her to invite them? She had never done anything like that before, any more than they had.

And Rich began to fuck her more and more vigorously. Soon she was losing control of herself. She tossed and writhed on the desk under his hammering, thrusting cock, grunting and panting as her pleasure increased.

"Unh... ohhhnnnnnn, oh, God yesssss!" she panted, clamping her thighs around his hips and pumping back. "Fuck me! God, everybody fuck me!" she appealed to them.

And they seemed to respond directly to her invitation. She could sense them moving toward her. Out of the corner of one eye she could glimpse Ann quickly stripping off her clothes.

At the same time she felt Angie's hands beginning to stroke her naked flesh, Angie's lips on her quivering tits. And suddenly Jim's familiar cock flopped into her face. She opened her eyes and looked at it, becoming more excited, by the second.

My God, it's actually happening! she thought wildly. They're all going to fuck me! Me!

She took her husband's long swollen prick into her mouth and began to suck it passionately. Rich continued to fuck her spasming wet cunt steadily, while Ann and Angie began to kiss and devour every available inch of her naked body. Each of them sucked one of her tits until she thought the throbbing globes were going to explode.

Meanwhile Jim's cock began to get fat and rigid again in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around it, delirious with fuck desire. God, fuck me, fuck me everywhere! she thought wildly.

"Fuck me, too, Jimmy, fuck me, too!" she begged him.

"We'll have to get her down on the floor," she heard Jim say to Rich.

Suddenly all four of them were lifting her trembling body. They lowered her to the floor. She felt Rich's cock slide right back into her pussy again. But Jim was behind her. She could feel his hands in her asscrack.

She glanced aver her shoulder and saw what he was doing. He had his hand in Angie's cunt, getting it wet with her pussyjuice, which he then used to swab Tracy's asshole. Tracy shivered with anticipation.

"Oh, God, oh, God yesssss!" she panted, twisting and rolling crazily as she waited for the impalement.

She turned her head back to find Ann's thighs splayed in front of her face. The long wet seam of Ann's juicy cunt stared her in the face. Instinctively she stuck out her tongue and began to lick it. Ann gasped and shuddered, closing her eyes with bliss.

Suddenly Tracy felt the tip of her husband's cock slip into her tightly shut rectum.

"Anngghhiiee!" she whimpered.

She clenched her entire body and shook wildly as the entire long shaft penetrated her ass. But now she knew that no pleasure could surmount this. She nearly passed out with ecstasy as they all began to stroke and suck and fuck her body passionately.

Speared in the cunt and the asshole by the fierce cocks of the pumping men, she shimmied her hips and pushed her impaled loins down onto the rigid tools. Ann's flowing cunt mashed into her mouth as she tongued and sucked it wildly. And Angie's mouth was all over her tits, sucking and pulling fiercely at her aching nipples.

"Aaaanngghhhhhh!" Tracy moaned and twisted, feeling her climax welling up within her like a hydrogen bomb.

And all of them grew closer and closer to coming, too. They panted, coiling together, mashing Tracy's struggling body between them. They used her viciously, the two men raping her front and back, their rearing cocks lifting her body off the floor with their powerful thrusts.

"Oh God, oh God!" Tracy gasped. "I'm going to come! Everybody's going to come!"

The fucking became unbelievably intense and furious. Ann clamped her thighs around Tracy's head, pumping wildly. She began to come with shocking speed, squealing as the bolts of pleasure shot through her body.

"OOOHHNNNNIIEEEE!" Ann cried out as the spasms wracked her flooding pussy.

The juice from Ann's climaxing cunt flowed into Tracy's face. But she was too delirious to care. The two gigantic cocks ripped into her body, each thrust bringing her closer to a killing orgasm. Suddenly she felt her body ruptured with bursting bombshells of coming.

"ANNGHHH! OH! AANNGGGHIIIEEE! UNGHH! OH GOD! OH FUCK ME! OH! OH! AAANNNNNIIIIEEEEEEE!" she wailed, scorched and shattered by the biggest orgasm of her life.

But if she thought they would be finished with her after that, she was wrong. The excitement of all these naked bodies seemed to keep the men's pricks stiff, and they kept on fucking her relentlessly. When she could finally come no more, they turned to the other two girls. And by the time the men themselves were exhausted, the two girls turned back to Tracy.

By the end of the afternoon, she had lost track of how many orgasms she had experienced. But in the hot throbbing flush of sexual exhaustion, she somehow knew that it wasn't over yet. She and Jim may not have found what she had hoped to find that morning. But somehow she wondered if this wasn't a better thing to find after all.


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