Mother's new lover

Many people feel an overwhelming attraction to other members of their own family. When suppressed, this attraction often leads to agonizing emotional troubles. When expressed, this stigma sometimes means feelings of guilt and shame that are almost impossible to overcome. Indeed, incest is a subject that has been shunned by society from the earliest memories of man.

Those of us who have these unfulfilled desires are often driven to torment over our needs. These desires have driven people even to the brink of insanity -- or worse.

MOTHER'S NEW LOVER -- is the story of a woman and her teenage son who are forced by their desires to come to grips with turbulent emotions. What happens to them when they confront these emotions together reveals their ability to be honest with themselves and to be unafraid of their own inner feelings.


Mr. Clark looked up from his desk at the big titted woman across from him.

"I suppose you know why you were called for this meeting," the high school principal said.

"No, I don't," Jean Francis said. "Dave told me you wanted to talk to both of us, but he didn't say why."

Dave looked, down at the floor. He wasn't worried; he knew his mother would understand. Still, though, he hadn't been able to tell her what he'd done.

"Well," Mr. Clark began solemnly. "It seems Dave and a few of his friends were caught peeking into the girls' locker room."

Dave could feel his mother's eyes on him. Big deal, he thought. So he had wanted to see some naked girls. There was no reason to make a federal case out of it.

"They climbed up on the roof of the athletic office so they could see through the window. Now that was bad enough," Mr. Clark was saying. "But to invade the girls' privacy is quite another matter."

Ho hum, Dave thought to himself. Who cares. The old creep is probably getting off by telling her about it.

"Well, I'll make sure that he never does it again," Jean said. "We're going to have a talk when we get home."

Mr. Clark went on in the usual way for a while, talking about discipline and decorum. Dave kept his eyes on the floor.

Finally, they were free to go.

"I'm sorry we had to call you in," Mr. Clark said to Jean before they left. "But this is a serious matter."

"Of course," Jean said as she and Dave turned to go.

On the way out to the car, Dave felt slightly humiliated. He didn't want his mother to know how horny he was. But as a typical young kid who never had been fucked, horniness was the driving force of his life.

"Dave, really," Jean said to her son when they were in the car. "What ever made you do it?"

Dave just shrugged his shoulders if his mother didn't know, he wasn't going to tell her.

"Were you really that eager to see naked girls?" she asked.

"Well, you don't see naked girls every day." Dave said.

"No, I guess you don't. Look, Dave, I know that a boy your age has certain, ah, difficulties," Jean said. "But getting in trouble will just give you a bad reputation. And that will only make things worse. No girl is going to want to have anything to do with a peeping Tom."

But his mother's words only made Dave's prick stiff again. He hoped she would keep talking. This conversation was the most exciting thing that happened to him since he had peeked into that locker room the day before.

Then Dave heard his mother giggle. Surprised, he turned to look at her for the first time since they left the principal's office. Her heavy tits bounced slightly as she laughed. But what was so funny?

"I remember when I was in high school," Jean said. "We used to peek at the boys in the pool. We would look under the door that separated our locker room from the pool. We could only see the boys up to their chest. But we got to recognize them by their..."

Jean was suddenly quiet. Dave felt his face burning with excitement.

"Well, anyway, we never got caught," Jean said.

Then Jean and Dave both laughed.

Dave was glad that his mother took the whole thing so well. But gladness wasn't the only thing he was feeling. As he looked at the profile of his mother's tits, he remembered a set of naked jugs that he'd seen through that locker room window.

He would never forget the sight of those girls cavorting around naked. Mary, one of the sexiest chicks in school, had come out of the shower with her huge tits sticking out and her furry muff glistening with water. And Joyce bent over to pick up a sneaker, showing Dave how her tits could sag low from her chest. The cunts and asses and tits the boys had seen were burned into their memories forever.

And now Dave couldn't help thinking that his own mother would look just as sexy if she were naked. His prick was stiff all the way home.

As soon as they got home Dave went to his room. Although he'd jerked off a half dozen times since peeking into that window, he was still in a frenzy.

He stripped and lay on his bed. Then, bringing the scene he'd seen in the locker room to mind, he grabbed his prick and began stroking.

Than was just about to start dinner. She went to ask her son what he would like to eat, but before knocking on his door, she heard a sound that made her hesitate.

Putting her ear close to the door, she heard a rhythmic creaking of bedsprings. The sound excited and gladdened her. She knew the boy was jerking off and that excited her. But his horniness reminded her of her own sad condition.

Jean had been widowed when Dave was a toddler. Ever since then she had to depend on an occasional date and her own flag on for sexual relief.

As she listened the imagined the sight of her son stroking his pricks Jean's excitement grew until it dominated her. She surprised herself when she sank to her knees and put her eye to the keyhole.

She knew she was behaving just as her horny son had the day before. But she didn't care. When her sexual appetite was aroused she had to feed it.

Peering through the keyhole, Jean had a view of the foot of her son's bed. There his feet could be seen. They were rocking slightly. The rest was left to her imagination.

Jean's excitement rose quickly. Before long, she pulled her skirt up around her waist and crammed her hand into her panties. Her cunt was soaking with slippery juice as she wrapped her hand around the mound of plump flesh.

She began panting in heat. Her middle finger curled into the lips of her cunt. Keeping her eye on boy's bouncing feet, she slipped her finger right up her flowing pussy.

"Huh-h-h-h," she gasped as her lust took over.

She tried to keep her sounds of lust quiet. After all, what sort of example would she be to her son if he caught her jerking off while peeking through his keyhole?

As Jean wiggled her finger high up her soaking cunt she wished she could see mote of her son's body. Watching his feet wag was exciting, but seeing his cock with his fist wrapped around it would really be a treat.

But she had to settle for what she would get.

With one hand still in her pants, she fished her left tit out of her blouse. After squeezing that heavy globe she pushed it up toward her face, leaning on the wall near the door, she lowered her face and sucked the hard nipple into her mouth.

In that kinky position, Jean climbed, toward a climax. Jerking off had become a way of life for her. But this was the first time she had peeked through her son's keyhole.

As she neared her ecstatic peak she began shaking so violently she was afraid she might topple over. If that happened she would give away her position to the masturbating boy. She had to get to the privacy of her own room so she could come like she loved to -- with frantic shaking and desperate moans.

With her hand, still crammed into her pants and her finger up her cunt Jean got up. In a crouch, she scuffled to her own room.

As she entered her bedroom, she caught sight of herself in the mirror above her dresser. The sight amazed her. She was hunched over, her legs were spread and her knees bent. Her skirt was draped over her wrist as she kept fingering her pussy. A white tit hung out of her blouse, its pink nipple gathered into a knot of flesh.

It was a strange, but exciting, sight. She remained crouching where she could watch herself once again she began sucking her tit.

Jean's body bobbed up and down on her bent legs as she kept fucking herself with a strong middle finger. Her tongue moved in circles around the nipple in her mouth. And as she watched her obscene posture in the minor, she kept an imaginary picture of her son in mind.

Although her hand was cramped inside her underpants and pantyhose, she managed to get another finger up her drooling cunt and place her thumb on her cunt. With her cunt handled like that she could bring herself off easily.

"O-o-o-o-o, o-o-o-o-o, o-o-o-o-o," she gasped as her brain was drowned in sexual bliss.

As her orgasm exploded in her head, she dropped to one knee. Her tit got away from her and wobbled crazily. But she still had a grip on her cunt. Her fingers fucked her continually and her thumb drilled her cunt.

By the time her orgasm had run its course, Jean was lying on her side like a hit-and-run victim.

She lay there for a while with her hand still in her pants. This was something new, she realized. How had Dave's getting into trouble by peeking into the girls' locker room led her to this kinky behavior?


"Yeah, she was totally naked," Dave was saying to Phil. "Her tits were bouncing like basketballs. God, I'd love to get a hold of those knockers."

"So would I," Phil said. "I'd be satisfied to just see them."

Being caught peeking into the girls' locker room had made Dave and his buddies sort of heroes among their classmates. And Dave loved telling all his friends exactly what they'd seen.

Dave, Jim and Bob, the three convicted voyeurs, felt proud of themselves. But deep down they realized that what they had seen had just made them hungrier for what they really needed -- to feel their cocks sinking into a cunt.

As Dave and Phil talked outside the cafeteria after lunch, Phil tried to imagine the sight Dave was describing. But his vision was interrupted.

"Here comes Mary now," Phil said.

Dave looked around. He hadn't seen Mary since she had stepped out of the shower naked. Now as she came toward them with her big tits hidden in her blouse, Dave felt as if the wind had been knocked out of him.

Although she was fully clothed as usual, Dave could still see her naked and dripping wet. It was almost too much to bear.

"Hi, Dave. Hi, Phil," Mary said as she stopped to chat.

"H-h-hi," Dave croaked.

"Hello," Phil said.

"Dave, are you going to Nancy's tonight?" Mary asked. "She said you might be there."

Dave was planning to go to Nancy's. But he didn't know that Mary would be there. Parties always provided an opportunity to grab a chick and do some necking.

"Y-yeah," Dave said.

He would have said more, but his throat was constricted. His mouth was dry and his cock throbbing. If he hadn't known what seeing this chick naked would do to him he might have passed up the chance.

"Well, I'll see you there," Mary said.

All Dave could do was make a strange face and nod. Mary walked away looking over her shoulder with a puzzled expression.

"Gee, I'm going to Nancy's too," Phil said. "Maybe I can get something from that chick. You really got me excited about her, Dave."

"Yeah, I feel the same way," Dave said.

"Well the next time you see her you'd better not get so tongue-tied. She probably thinks you're sick."

"God, all I could think of was how her tits looked," Dave said.

For the rest of the day Dave was in a nervous state of lust. He knew that if he played his cards right he could get Mary's tits into his hands. He might even be able to suck them. But if he didn't get somewhere with some chick, he was going to be hornier than ever.

That evening on the way to Nancy's, Dave was shaking in his shoes. He had made up his mind to try to get Mary's tits into his hands. And now that his mind was made up he would have to try.

On the way to the party, Dave ran into Bob, who was also on his way. They walked along together, talking about what they'd seen when peeking through the locker room window.

"I'm going to see if Mary'll neck with me," Dave said. "I just have to feel those tits of hers."

"I was thinking the same thing," said Bob. "But you go ahead. I'll try for Betty."

Dave remembered that Betty had been in the locker room too. He could still see her gorgeous body as she stood naked, drying herself.

By the time they got to Nancy's, Dave was shivering and as white as a ghost. But he was still determined to take a stab at Mary's tits.

After staying on the sidelines of the crowded party looking for Mary, Dave began to calm down. He thought she might not show up after all. Then he saw her. In an instant, his body tightened and sweat broke out on his brown.

But Dave was a determined guy. As soon as he spotted Mary he headed in her direction. Fighting his way through the crowd, he was oblivious to the tits and asses he bumped against on his way to her.

"Hi," he said when he finally reached the girl.

"Oh, hi," Mary said.

Dave was fighting to maintain control of himself. But it wasn't easy. Mary looked almost as good now as she had naked in the locker room. She was a short girl. Short and wide, with her tits protruding far out in front of her. Her hips were broad and her ass round. Dark eyes and hair added to her appeal.

Now that he'd said hello, Dave didn't know what to do. All he knew was that he had to grab those jugs that were inches away from his chest.

"I hear you got into trouble yesterday," she said. "Had to bring your mother to school, huh?"

Now Dave was in worse trouble. Just how much did she know? When he didn't say anything, Mary continued.

"I heard you were peeking in the girls' locker room after school," she said. "I was in there then. Did you see me?"

What was going on? Did she want him to admit he'd seen her so she could slug him? Dave wondered.

"Uh, well," he stammered.

"So you did see me," Mary said.

Dave grinned sheepishly. He couldn't understand why this girl was taking it so well.

"How did I look?" she asked still without a hint of anger.

"Terrific," Dave said with a sigh.

Dave wiped his wet forehead. This was it, he realized.

He reached for the girl's hand. When she didn't pull it away, the boy almost thought he would faint. Dave was getting more optimistic about his chances -- a dangerous thing to do.

"Let's go somewhere less crowded," he said. Mary smiled at him and nodded. With a pounding heart, Dave led her toward the back of the house.

They slipped into an unoccupied bedroom. So far Mary hadn't said a word. Dave was so nervous he could have died. But the hope of feeling her tits kept him going. Who could tell? He might even get fucked.

When he closed the door there was just enough light to make out the girl standing beside him.

They embraced. Dave kissed Mary, slipping his tongue deeply into her mouth. He felt her huge tits press against his chest. The two pointy jugs seemed to send an electric current through him.

As they stood kissing, Dave began maneuvering toward the bed. He had slipped one hand down over Mary's firm ass. Though the heavy material of her jeans he could feel each firm cheek and the crack between.

He finally got the girl to sit at the edge of the bed. They continued reaming each other's mouths with their tongues. Dave had one hand on the girl's ass and the other on her side below one mammoth tit.

Then, ever so slowly, he brought his hand up until he felt the bottom of the tit where it began to flair outwards.

Dave froze. But when the girl didn't pull his hand away, he brought it higher. Then he had his fingers around the big knocker. The palm of his hand was pressing against it. He squeezed.

None of the chicks in his crowd wore bras, including Mary. All that separated his hand from her tit was the thin material of her jersey. And Dave could feel the living softness of her jug as his hand massaged and squeezed it.

"Dave, tell me what you thought when you saw me through the locker room window," Mary whispered.

"I thought you were beautiful," he said.

"What did you think about my body?"

"I thought I wanted to feel you, all over," Dave said breathlessly.

"I like the way you handle me," Mary said.

Dave's head was spinning with passion. He'd felt a few tits in his time, but none like this enormous one. And Mary's words were giving him courage.

He let go of her tit just long enough to pull the hem of her jersey out of her jeans. Then he slipped his hand under it and moved it over the swollen jug. Now, with her naked knocker in his grip, Dave was more excited than he'd ever been.

His cock was throbbing painfully in his pants. The pressure of simmering gism made his balls ache. He would give his life to fuck this chick. And he might get her a lot cheaper than that.

As his hands moved around in her jersey, he kissed her neck and nibbled her ear. He could feel her chest beginning to heave as she breathed harder.

If only he could get her as hot as he already was, he might have a chance, Dave thought.

"Was I the sexiest girl you saw in the locker room?" she asked.

"Oh, yes, by far," Dave said truthfully.

With that, he gently pushed Mary down on the bed. They lay side by side with their legs hanging over the edge.

Dave thrilled at the way Mary's tits slipped slightly to the sides as she lay down. But her tits still stood proudly, high on her chest. And Dave's hands kept roaming over them.

But it was time to unveil those treasures. Every time the boy took another step with her, he felt the tenor that she might stop him. But, still, he pressed on.

Lifting his face from the nape of her neck, Dave looked down at her chest. Then he began lifting her jersey. When he saw Mary arch her back so he could pull that garment up, he knew he was going to get a real treat.

Suddenly her tits lay bare, exposed to his eyes, hands, and mouth.

After staring for a few seconds, he dropped his face onto one of the snow-white mounds. He burrowed his mouth into that softness, looking for her nipple like a new-born kitten suckling for the first time.

"M-m-m-m-m," Mary moaned softly.

Dave felt her put her arms around his head as he sucked her stiff nipple into his mouth.

With his hands, he scooped up the tit-flesh that wouldn't fit into his mouth.

"Oh-h-h, Dave," Mary groaned. "That feels so-o-o-o nice."

Now it seemed that peeking through windows was kid stuff. This was the real thing. Dave was going wild. But there was a long road ahead before his dream would come true. Would Mary be as free with her cunt as she was being with her tits?

With her tits conquered, Dave had to continue the long march. Now that Mary was panting with lust, he thought the time had come.

He took a nipple between his teeth and fluttered his tongue over it. Mary hugged his head tightly. Then Dave moved a hand over her crotch and slipped it between her thighs.

He held his breath. But the girl didn't do anything about the fingers that were nuzzling between her denim-clad thighs just below her crotch. And although her cunt was still safely hidden, Dave could feel the moist heat radiating from it through her jeans.

Still doing his best to keep Mary's mind on her tits, he pressed his hand against the crotch of her jeans. Knowing his fingers were a fraction of an inch from her wet cunt made Dave bite down a bit too hard on her nipple.

"Ow-w-w," Mary cried softly. "Not so hard, Dave."

By now, Dave was too wild with lust to fool around. He moved his hand to the button that held Mary's jeans closed. Attacking the button with frenzied fingers, he had it opened before long.

Then he slid down the zipper. He'd never been so close to a pussy before.

In his eagerness he began acting clumsily. As soon as he felt the smooth skin of her belly under his fingertips, he began sliding them down toward her cunt.

He came to the elastic top of her panties. His fingers tucked themselves under it and kept moving. Then he was combing through the curls of her cunt.

"O-o-o-o, Dave," Mary whispered.

Dave was aware that she was moving in a sexy squirm under him. Her back arched again. Her legs spread.

Shoving his fingers deeper, he came to the crack. Now he was a wild man. Snorting through his nostrils into soft tit-flesh while his mouth sucked a nipple, Dave tried to shove his hand further into her pants.

He had the tip of his middle finger snuggled into her crack. But he could only reach the very top of the cunt. Her jeans were hugging her cunt too tightly for him to get his hand in further.

But now that his hand was touching that longed-for pussy, Dave couldn't give up. Nor could he be satisfied with merely tucking his fingertip into the top corner of her cunt. He had to have that gash opened for his examination.

Retreating from her tits, Dave pulled his hand from her pants. Sitting up, he surveyed his progress so far.

Mary looked beautiful lying there with her jersey over her tits and her jeans opened. But Dave was determined to excavate further.

Grabbing the waist of the jeans, he began tugging.

When Mary grabbed his hands, though, the boy felt his heart sink. But he couldn't give up. Not when he was so close.

"Please, Mary," he gasped. "Just let me pull them down a little."

As he begged he kept tugging. Finally, Mary lifted her ass slightly, and her pants began to come down.

Dave's eyes bulged as he saw her hairy cunt rise above the horizon of her lowering jeans. Even in the dim light of the room, her dark pubic hair could be clearly seen against the whiteness of her skin.

He managed to get her pants halfway down her thighs when she stopped him again. But that was low enough.

Dave threw himself on top of the girl, kissing her gasping mouth. His hand went to her crotch. When he wrapped his hand around her defenseless cunt now he felt his body hum with unleashed passion.

Mary was writhing beneath him. Her hips wiggled and her tits rolled.

Dave concentrated on his exploring fingers. He felt the long mouth of her crotch, measuring it from corner to corner. After spending hours studying pictures of cunts, he thought he knew tern pretty well. But his fingers felt like strangers as they crept over that territory.

Dave was surprised at how her cunt reached all the way down between her thighs. When he found the rear corner of that crack he was amazed at how wet it was. Those loose lips were drooling a slippery juice. With delight, Dave realized that that juice would let his prick glide smoothly into that pussy.

"Hut-u-u-u," Mary gasped when she felt a finger enter her.

With his long middle finger, Dave began probing bet pussy. Just inside the hairy lips he found wet ridges of slippery flesh. Then, examining those folds, he found the entrance to her cunt.

Feeling Mary's body tense suddenly, Dave sent his finger swimming up that flowing cavern.

"Oh, Dave," Mary whispered. "That feels so good, so good."

Dave could tell that this, tunnel was made to hold his cock. Its slippery smooth walls would feel exquisite on his prick, he knew.

As he moved his finger around in that soaking cunt, Mary began thrusting her hips as though she were being fucked. How could she stop him from fucking her now? Dave wondered. And how could he let her? He was a raving maniac.

As he explored her cunt he found that he could make Mary cry out and buck her hips by rubbing a certain spot near the top of her gash. Dave remembered hearing about a little button in a chick's cunt that really drove them wild when it was rubbed. He knew he'd found it.

Because he loved the way Mary thrust her hips and moaned when he played with that button, he kept his finger wiggling on it.

It was amazing how wild this chick was getting, Dave thought. Lifting his face from her tits, he looked at the wild beast she had become.

Her face wore a wanton expression of lust. Her tits rolled from side to side as she writhed uncontrollably. Dave had never seen anything like it. And he was proud of himself for bringing her to this state of passion.

Dave thought that this was the right time to take the last step in his quest. All he had to do was get his cock out and slip it into her.

But when he took his hand from the writhing girl's cunt, she gasped, grabbed his hand, and put it back to work.

"Don't stop," she cried. "Rub me. Keep rubbing me."

"But, but I w-want to fuck you," Dave stammered.

"Keep rubbing me," Mary said through clenched teeth.

Dave had no choice. The condition Mary was in demanded that he do what she said. He kept his fingers moving back and forth over the hard, little bump he'd discovered. But he still kept trying to free his cock with his other hand.

The whole bed was heaving like a boat in a storm by now. Dave continued watching Mary as she threw her body around crazily.

"Oh-h-h-h-h, oh-h-h-h-h, oh-h-h-h-h!" she wailed in a crescendo of passion.

Finally, her body curled up as she lifted her head and shoulders from the bed. Then she straightened out, lifted her shoulders again, and collapsed limply. She pulled Dave's hand from her cunt. After her storm of lust, she was now surprisingly quiet. Only her tits moved as her chest heaved in deep breaths.

Dave scrambled to pull down his pants. Mary seemed to be waiting for him.

But before he could get his pants below his jerking prick, Mary came alive again.

"No," she said. "Don't."

Dave couldn't believe what he'd heard.

"But I want to fuck you," he said. "I thought you wanted me to."

He pulled his pants down to his knees suddenly. His cock sprang out and twitched mightily. Dave noticed Mary's eyebrows raise as she took in the sight.

But when he tried to mount her, she stopped him. Her legs were clamped together. Dave never felt so bad, so disappointed.

"I'll tell you what," Mary said. "I'll jerk you off."

He couldn't refuse. There was already a pearly drop of gism at the tip of his cock. And having this chick jerk him off would be exciting, he thought. But it still wasn't what he'd been after.

Dave sat back. Mary leaned over his lap. When he felt her delicate fingers take his cock into a firm grip his body stiffened. It had never felt so good when he grabbed his own prick.

It was obvious that Mary knew what she was doing. She began sliding his loose skin back and forth. Slowly at first, then faster, she pumped. But it was over almost before it had begun. In less than a dozen strokes, Dave's cum was erupting in a fountain of cream.

"Oh!" Mary said in surprise when she saw how high the gobs of gism leapt from his cock.

She kept pumping until very drop of cum had been wrung from him.

Dave had to admit that it was the orgasm of his life. And even if he still hadn't gotten fucked, this surely must be the next best thing.

"Wow, you really shot a lot of that stuff," Mary said as she wiped the gism from her hand with a tissue.

"Yeah. But I really wanted to fuck you," Dave said.

Mary just smiled. "We'd better get back to the party," she said.

She pulled up her pants as Dave watched. He was mopping up his cum as he saw her cunt disappear with regret. But he was no longer ignorant of that mysterious region.

"You go ahead," he said to Mary. "I'll be out in a while."

Dave wanted to contemplate what had happened. He sat there sniffing Mary's pussy odor on his fingers.

Now he realized that he shouldn't have kept tickling her cunt. If he'd waited, he could have brought her off with his prick. Then they both could have come in the best way.

Still, the hand job had been nice. And he did get a chance to study a cunt. But Dave had to get fucked, and soon. He was going out of his mind with the desire to plunge his cock into a hot cunt.


Ever since Jean peeked into Dave's room and saw his bouncing feet on the bed as he jerked off, she seemed to have a permanently leaking cunt. Every man she saw seemed a possible fuck. But she hadn't had a date in a while and there were no new prospects.

Jean worked in an office full of uninteresting married men and older women. The few guys worth fucking she had already fucked.

Letting her hands drop from the keyboard of her typewriter, she let them fall into her lap. Taking a fast look around, she noticed that, as usual, no one was paying any attention to her.

Under her fingers, her cunt was wet and hungry. Jean began to breathe faster as she thought of doing something outrageous. But only outrageous measures could give her relief. Usual masturbation wore off before her fingers were dry.

But when Jean did something really exciting, she could forget her horniness for hours at a time.

Now her brain was buzzing with a kinky idea. She casually slipped her skirt up her thighs toward her cunt. Then she pressed her fingers against the damp place on her pantyhose where her cunt lay hidden.

Damn pantyhose, Jean thought. In the good old days she would have had a garter belt and regular stocking son, and her cunt would have been available to her creeping fingers.

But no one was looking, so Jean quickly leaned forward and lifted her ass from her chair. At the same time, she pulled her pantyhose and panties down.

Now she could feel the cool seat of the chair on her bare ass. Her cunt was wetting the chair and her ass. Although she was going into a desperate fit of lust, all the other people in the huge office were still busily typing and filing and talking on the phone.

Jean tucked her fingers into her crotch. Her pantyhose and underpants were down far enough so she could finger-fuck herself easily.

As she slipped, a finger into her soaking cunt she began shifting papers around on her desk so that she would appear busy.

With her finger up her snatch she knew that she would have to rub herself off. She was too horny to be satisfied to merely diddle for a while. And she had to do it at her desk to make it truly exciting. After all, she jerked off so frequently it became second-nature, like breathing.

But this was a new wrinkle. Jerking off right at her desk was just the sort of thing she needed to provide a little thrill in her dull life.

Jean pushed her slender middle finger high up her cunt. The rest of her hand was crammed into the softness of her hairy mound. It would be easy to finger herself and remain quiet and still. But attracting attention to what she was doing would make for a bit more excitement than she wanted.

With her head bent over the papers she was shuffling back and forth, Jean looked like a woman at work. No one would wonder where her other hand was.

She wiggled her finger, sending a current of kinky lust through her. Opening her mouth, she breathed hard but quietly. When she heard her chair squeaking she stopped her ass from wiggling and increased the twisting of her finger.

When she touched her clit with her thumb she couldn't help gasping. But she turned that gasp into a yawn. No one expected that there was a secret masturbator in their presence.

Jean moved her ass to the edge of her chair so that her cunt was hanging over the edge. That way she could tickle her asshole at the same time that she fucked her pussy with her finger. And now she was using her thumb more vigorously on her cunt.

"Here you go, Jean," a voice suddenly said above her.

Jean looked up. There was Mark, the office boy. He was holding a big stack of folders out toward her.

"The boss said you were waiting for these reports," Mark said.

She had been waiting for them, but she didn't need them now. But there was nothing to do but take them. She reached for the stack of folders with her free hand. The stack was much too big to hold in one hand, though.

When the folders began sliding, about to spill, Jean automatically pulled her hand from her cunt to rescue them. She heard the elastic of her undies snap. The unmistakable odor of her sizzling cunt drifted to her nostrils.

Jean felt her face turn red. If she could smell her cunt, she figured, Mark could too. And how could he have missed the snap of her underpants?

The papers finally landed on her desk. Mark was retreating fast. But Jean caught sight of his face before he turned around and walked away. He looked as though he'd walked into a bathroom and found someone already in there.

Jean could have died. She had never been so embarrassed. Why did she have to do something so stupid? She wondered.

Then, suddenly, she felt totally different about the situation. And before she knew what she was doing, she found herself rushing after the office boy.

She hadn't even pulled up her pants. As she walked quickly she felt a nice breeze evaporating the juice on her cunt and thighs.

"Mark," Jean called as she spotted the boy in the hallway.

Why hadn't she thought of this before? Mark was a good-looking kid. And she'd noticed a good-sized lump in his crotch. Jean had always been a crotch-watcher.

The boy turned and stopped. Jean could see that he was still flustered from interrupting her masturbation. Now he looked so young and innocent that Jean felt like a dirty old woman. But that didn't stop her.

Jean was a normal and polite, although horny, woman. But now she felt herself changing into another sort. Like Jekyll and Hyde, she could feel herself sinking into a new personality.

By the time she caught up with Mark, she felt like a whore hustling on a street corner. She needed what this kid had, and she was going to do what ever she had to get it.

"Mark," she said sweetly. "Did you realize what was going on back there?"

"W-what do you mean?" the boy asked, flustered.

"This is what I mean," she said as she waved her odorous fingers under the boy's nose.

She almost laughed when she saw his eyebrows shoot up. Leaning close to Mark, Jean whispered into his ear with lots of hot breath.

"I was jerking off under my desk," she whispered.

She was pressing a tit into the boy's side and clinging to one of his arms.

Mark didn't say a word. And it looked like he couldn't have even if he tried. He was dumbfounded.

"But I've got a better idea," Jean said. "You've given me an idea."

Jean took the boy by the hand and led him down the hall. When she came to a door without a name or number on it, she stopped. Mark gulped loudly. He knew that this was the storeroom, a spot where people came occasionally to fuck.

"After you," Jean said with a wave of her arm.

Mark's eyebrows were doing a dance on his forehead. But he opened the door and went into the room.

After beginning to jerk off and then stopping, Jean was dying to get at this young kid.

Jean had never been in the storeroom before.

But she'd heard stories about others who had sneaked into it for fucking. She looked around at the boxes of stationery and spare desks. Yet it looked cozy enough.

Jean faced Mark who was standing there, shaking slightly.

"I was jerking off, but after seeing you I changed my mind," she said as she put her hands on his shoulders.

She took a step forward, touching the boy's, chest with the point of her big tits. Suddenly, Mark came alive. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed, her.

Jean couldn't believe the eagerness of this kid to had just been acting more like a scarecrow than a stud. She was getting a fast lesson in the horny ways of young boys.

Mark's tongue entered her mouth. A second later she felt his fingers sink into one of her tits. The bay was devouring her with every atom of his body. And Jean was handing herself over to him to do with as he liked.

He began pushing Jean to a pile of boxes while he kept his tongue writhing in her mouth and his fingers squeezing her tit. The boxes were stacked to the height of a bed, and there were enough of them for two people to stretch out on the pile. It wouldn't occur to Jean until later that there was a reason for the boxes being stacked that way. At the moment, all she could think of was the boy attacking her.

Jean fell back onto the boxes. Mark fell on top of her. In that position, the boy grabbed both of her tits, still kissing her madly.

"M-m-m-m-n-n-n-n-n," Jean hummed.

She was so glad she had gone after the boy. This was better than sitting at her desk and jerking off.

Mark suddenly lifted his face from Jean's. His fingers began fumbling at the buttons of her blouse. When he had them opened, he pulled the sides of the blouse aside, exposing her tits clad in her bra. Then the kid dug his finger under Jean's body, trying get at the bra's snap.

"Hey, take it easy," she said softly. "I'll do that."

She sat up, reached behind her, and in a second had the bra unfastened. Mark watched the white cups fall away from her tits.

Jean wasn't sure if the boy was experienced enough to appreciate how her tits hardly changed shape without support from the bra. They sagged slightly, but only enough to make them look heavy and soft.

But the boy wasn't interested in looking. Lifting the bra, he thrust his face into the softness of those shimmering tits. Jean fell back under the onslaught of Mark's sucking mouth.

No one had handled her tits like this since she had been a teenager. She'd forgotten what it was like to fuck as though the earth were about to end. But she knew she would remember after this.

Jean pressed her chin to her chest as she watched the boy devouring her tits. He was holding them and stuffing his mouth full. Then he nuzzled his face between her knockers and kissed her breastbone.

But it wasn't long before the boy was reaching under her skirt. Jean knew that a surprise was waiting for him there. Mark lifted his face from her tits when he felt her pantyhose and undies rolled down to her cunt.

"I didn't even have time to pull up my pants," Jean said. "I was afraid you'd get away."

The boy laughed with Jean. But she could act that nothing could interfere with his last. He hadn't even said a word since she ran him down.

And now Mark was grabbing Jean's cunt as eagerly as he'd gone after her tits.

"U-u-u-u-u," Jean gasped as she felt her cunt entered with a rush of fingers.

She spread her legs. The busy fingers were crawling over every inch of exposed pussy, creeping up the cave, tickling her clit, and flipping over the ridges of her inner lips.

"Ah-h-h-h-h," Jean sighed.

But she didn't want to come. One of her favorite things was to suck a cock while she was in the grip of passion.

"Wait," she said as she grabbed Mark's hand. "Pull down your pants."

Those were probably the only words that could have stopped the boy from fingering her pussy. But coming from Jean, those were magic words.

Mark hopped off the boxes and unfastened his pants. In another few seconds he had them down around his ankles. And Jean was staring at a huge, throbbing prick. The sight almost hypnotized her.

"Oh my God," she breathed as she slipped off the boxes. "What a gorgeous cock."

Mark stood there watching Jean sink to her knees in front of him. He shivered when he felt her finger tips on his shaft.

"Me you going to suck me off?" he asked in a quavering voice.

"I'm going to suck you, but I think I'll save your gism for my cunt. I love to feel a cock exploding in my cunt." Jean said.

She expected this young kid to say, "Oh boy!" or something like that. But he just shivered.

She lifted his balls in her hand, weighing them. Then she slid her fingers along his shaft until she came to the golf-ball-sized head. She pressed the taut skin of the cock-head, testing its softness.

Then she slowly brought her face to the twitching prick. Her tongue slipped out, and she licked the hot bulb.

"Huh-h-h-h," Mark gasped as he felt her soft wet tongue wipe his prick-knob.

Jean noticed that the boy's knees almost buckled. But she kept him standing as she opened her mouth wide and took his cock into it.

"M-m-m-m," Jean hummed with satisfaction.

She loved the feeling of a fat prick-head stuffed in her mouth. She could feel the thing pulsating powerfully. Pressing her face forward, she forced the cock deeper until reached the back of her throat.

With Mark's balls still lying in her palm, Jean began moving her head back and forth, sliding the boy's prick over her tongue. But she did it slowly, without giving the cock too much friction. She wanted him to last. After all, this prick had to give her cunt a good reaming before it spewed its load.

"Oh-h-h-h, God!" Mark cried.

He ran his fingers through Jean's hair and massaged her shoulders. She was pretty sure this kid had never felt anything quite so good before. Jean had received a lot of compliments on her sucking technique, so she knew she was good at it.

Her tongue wiggled and slithered under Mark's cock-head. Then, sliding his cock out until her lips were around its collar, she fluttered her tongue over the tip. Mark's body doubled up at that treatment. His prick popped out of her mouth. He grunted.

Jean took a step forward on her knees. She recaptured his cock. By that time it was jerking and bucking more powerfully than ever.

Jean thought she could make the kid last longer now if she just held his prick motionless in her mouth until the throbbing subsided. So she kept her mouth wrapped around it, but she didn't move her tongue or slide hei head. And although Mark tried fucking her face by moving his hips back and forth, Jean merely held him by the balls until he was still.

While holding his cock in her mouth, she tickled the tender area between his balls and asshole. With her other hand, she ran her fingernails up and down the back of the boy's thighs.

When his cock was calmer, Jean took her mouth from it. It looked so beautiful as it shone with her saliva, she couldn't wait to get it up her cunt.

Without rising from her knees, Jean turned her back on the boy. She bent over, resting her elbows on the floor. Now her ass stuck out toward the kid, her cunt peeping out below. And her pantyhose and undies were still rolled down to just below her crotch.

"Come on, Mark," she said breathlessly. "Fuck me."

The boy dropped to his knees. His prick slapped Jean's ass before he got it into the right position. Looking down between her tits and legs, Jean could see the boy's balls hanging. Then she inched her hand between her legs, found his shaft, and brought it to the waiting lips of her cunt.

As soon as the blunt tip of that prick touched her mound, Jean let out a cry of desperation. Then, as she felt her pussy spreading to accommodate that thick cock her voice rose in a joyous wail.

She could feel his prick slide deeply into her. It was longer than she thought she realized when she felt him bump into the end of her cunt.

But when he started pumping, Jean knew the flail fury of teenage sex. The boy went wild. His hips slapped her ass with loud claps. She could hear him gasp with each lunge. And she watched his balls swing as she looked down between her legs.

But the sensation of the big cock sliding in and put of her cunt was the greatest treat, by far.

"Oh-h-h-h-h, a-h-h-h-h-, oh-h-h-h!" she wailed.

Jean felt the wide collar of his prick-knob sliding back and forth in her soaking tunnel. Her pussy was opened wide as it was filled with the stiff monster, then it collapsed as his cock was withdrawn. Each stab of that mighty pillar sent a wave of pure bliss through the panting woman.

"This is what I need," Jean told herself. If only she could get a fucking like this whenever she felt the need for it, she would be a happy woman. And without it, she was doomed to misery.

"Uh-h-h-h, uh-h-h-h, uh-h-h-h-!" Mark grunted with every plunge of his cock.

Jean began moving her hips in the same rhythm as the sliding cock. Now his prick was moving faster and harder. The slaps of hips against ass was louder.

Then the hot sensation in her cunt told Jean that she was being filled with gism. And her own orgasm had only just begun. In an effort to hurry her climax, she reached around her hips and grabbed one of Mark's hands. She pulled the hand to her cunt.

"Rub me right there!" she gasped as she put the boy's finger on her cunt.

He rubbed hard, with a fast wiggle. Suddenly, Jean's orgasm exploded. And with his spewing cock rushing in and out of her cunt, she was hit by a ton of ecstasy.

"I love it!" she screamed. "Ow-w-w-ww-w-w-w!"

Her body was being jolted by the boy's hips as he kept thrusting. With all her strength, she braced herself so the boy wouldn't knock her over.

At the height of her joy, Jean caught herself thinking about her own son again. Was his prick as fat as the one that was fucking her? she wondered.

Could Dave give her this glorious satisfaction?

Jean's orgasm ran its course. The boy stopped fucking her. Then her cunt was suddenly empty. She was vaguely aware of Mark pulling up his pants behind her. But she merely remained on her elbows and knees with her ass out thrust.

"I've got to get going," Mark said. "I've got a lot of things to do."

Jean didn't even answer. She would have liked to thank him and tell him how wonderful the fucking had been. But she was thinking about Dave.

Getting fucked by a horny kid had been a revelation to her. And now Jean couldn't stop wondering if her own son could perform like that. She didn't know why Dave seemed so sexy to her all of a sudden. After all, she couldn't fuck him. He was her son. But, still, the boy remained on her mind.

She might have stayed there all day if she wasn't brought back to reality by the sound of the door opening. Quickly, she rose to her knees and slipped her skirt down over her ass. Then, looking over her shoulder, she saw Karen and Chuck, two fellow office-workers.

"Oh, we didn't know..." Karen said.

"That's all right," Jean interrupted. "I was just leaving."

She didn't feel the least bit embarrassed, nor did she wonder why. She was still preoccupied with thoughts of Dave and his young cock.

"Have fun," she said with a straight face to Karen and Chuck as she passed them in the doorway.


After fucking Mark at the office, Jean was in an even hornier mood. Although her cunt was taken care of, she found that there was still a hunger deep within her that was crying out to be fed.

When Dave came in the back door and Jean saw him, her worst fears were confirmed. Even though she'd been fucked a few hours before, she felt a strange attraction to her son. Looking up from the food she was preparing, she stared shamelessly at her son's bulging crotch.

"What's far dinner?" Dave asked.

"Uh, hamburger," Jean said when she pulled her mind off the kid's prick.

But he couldn't get that other meat off her mind. Rather than hamburgers again, she would have loved to eat Dave's hard cock.

"Go wash up and give me a hand," Jean said.

She knew it was going to be difficult for her if she didn't get over her lust for her own son. She would just have to find a way to expend her lust in other ways. Maybe she could fuck Mark more often. Fucking at the office would help. Then, with a little more sex here and there, she might be able to forget her hunger for her son.

But when Dave came back into the kitchen Jean felt her pussy contracting in greed. She dug her fingers into the raw hamburger, but her brain was full of ideas about Dave.

"How about making a salad?" she said to the boy.

To herself, she was saying, "I know he could fuck me as well as Mark."

Remembering Mark's wild, teenage technique made Jean's pussy drool all during dinner. She would look up at her son and imagine his face hovering over hers with a blissful expression. She imagined his cock ramming up her cunt as she writhed in ecstasy beneath him.

By the time dinner was over Jean was a horny wreck. Her body was covered by sweat and her crotch was awash with leaked cunt-juice.

"Dave, honey," she said in her sweetest voice. "Would you mind doing the dishes tonight. I have a slight headache. I'd better lie down."

"Ok, Mom," Dave said.

Before leaving the boy, Jean took a good look at [missing text].

He always wore those tight jeans that showed off his huge cock and balls. Then Jean tore herself away from the sight and hurried to her room.

She didn't really have a headache. Rut she did have a tingling cunt. And it needed quick attention.

Tearing her clothes off, Jean grabbed the hairbrush with the long handle that she liked to jerk off with. She lay down on her bed, her legs spread and knees bent in fucking position. She brought the hairbrush to her crotch.

How many times had she repeated this masturbatory ritual? Countless times. But now she was doing something she'd never done before she was imagining Dave mounting her.

Just the thought of fucking her son gave her an added thrill. And with the recent experience with a teenage fucker, she could fantasize very realistically.

She brought the hard plastic handle of the brush slowly to her cunt. As she parted the lips of her soaking cunt with the brush handle she pretended that her boy was whispering in her ear. In her fevered imagination, she heard the boy tell her how beautiful and sexy she was.

Then she slid the brush handle into the flowing tunnel of her cunt. It was still slightly sore from the terrific fucking she'd received that afternoon. But that only made it more exciting.

When the handle was as far up her pussy as she could get it, she stirred it around, stretching the satiny flesh in that chamber.

She loved to have a cock wiggling around like that in her pussy. Mark hadn't been skillful enough to give her that treatment. But she now imagined teaching Dave all those tricks that made fucking so wonderful.

Stirring her cunt with one hand. Jean grabbed one of her sagging tits with the other. She squeezed that soft mound of flesh hard, like Mark had squeezed it that afternoon. Jean knew that Dave would squeeze her tit like that, too.

Jean had big and supple tits. She had no trouble sucking her own nipples. All she had to do was lift her head slightly and shove the tit toward her face. And that's exactly what she did now. But in her lustful mind, she was imagining that it was Dave sucking her.

Jean had a lover once who could fuck her and suck her tits at the same time. That was another trick she would love to teach her son.

But this time, Jean was moving the brush handle in and out of her cunt. With every in-stroke, a jolt of pleasure surged through her. And with every outstroke, Jean felt her body crying for more.

As her wrist worked hard, sliding the handle like a fucking prick, she wrapped her mouth around one of her nipples. The pink coin of flesh was puckered into a hard knot. And she felt a joy rising within her chest.

"Oh, suck me," she whispered to her imaginary lover.

Obeying her own words, Jean bit down on her tit. She filled her mouth with the nipple and surrounding territory and bathed it in hot saliva.

With the exertion of her pumping hand, the hairbrush handle was moving at least as fast as Mat's prick had moved that afternoon. Her cunt was getting a real work-out. And in response, Jean's hips were shaking and her legs trembled.

"Uh-h-h, uh-h-h-h, uh-h-h-h-h," she gasped with the pleasure of her mounting lust.

Her hips began bucking, meeting the plunging handle. She threw her head from side to side in a fit of ecstasy.

Already her orgasm was getting ready to burst deep in her cunt. But she decided to delay the explosion. After all, the longer she stretched out the bliss, the longer she could put off another attack of horniness.

She slipped the handle from her cunt. Her tit escaped from her mouth and sunk back to her chest with a heavy wobbling.

Then, sitting up, Jean peered into her pussy. With her elbows between her legs to help hold her in that folded-up position, she spread the lips of her pussy with trembling fingers.

She could see the glimmering inner lips shining with her slippery juice. And when she began tickling that soaking slot she had to gasp loudly with the resultant thrill.

But something suddenly distracted her attention. Her eye was drawn from her crotch, across the room to the door of her bedroom.

A chill like a sword blade ran through her as she realized that in her eagerness to jerk oft she hadn't closed her door completely. And in the narrow space at the door's edge, she could see a dark shape against the light in the hallway.

Dave was watching her jerking off! Jean felt like dying. If she could have shriveled up and disappeared she gladly would have.

Sure, she had peeked at him jerking off. But she had only seen his feet bouncing with the rhythm of his pumping hand. And besides, Dave was a teenage kid -- he was supposed to jerk off. But she was an adult, an experienced fucker.

As all these thoughts flew through her mind, Jean struggled to hide the fact that she knew the boy was watching. The only thing worse than getting caught was to let the boy knew she was aware of him watching her, she thought. But how could she get out of this embarrassing situation? And what was she going to do with her overflowing passion?

Remaining in her masturbatory position, Jean continued tickling her cunt, although more slowly. Outside the door, just as she expected, Dave was standing in a trance. Not only had he never seen anything like the scene he was now observing, but there wasn't a chick in the world he would rather see in that perverted position.

He thought he'd been horny before, but with that sight before his bulging eyes, his prick was threatening to tear through his jeans.

Even rubbing Mary off the other day hadn't prepared Dave for this. Watching his mother tickling her cunt in that bent-over position was more than his horny imagination ever had come up with, and he'd had some far-out fantasies.

Dave finally was able to react to the unbelievable luck he was having. He tore at his belt buckle and pants, and he soon had his throbbing prick out. He grabbed the beast in both hands. Although he was dying to run to his mother and offer her his cock, he began sliding the loose skin back and forth.

Now that Jean was used to the fact that Dave was watching, she let herself go.

At the threshold of her climax, she dropped down on her back again. Her tits shivered on her chest. She spread her legs. Her hand clutched her hairbrush.

With the knowledge that Dave was watching she brought the handle of the brush to her cunt again and stabbed her drooling gash.

"Oh-h-h-h!" she gaped loudly as the handle of hairbrush disappeared in her cunt.

Then she was madly plunging it in and out. With her head thrown back and her mouth opened wide, bet body shook and twisted. Her arm was a blur as she kept that brush sliding incredibly fast.

Dave timed his pumping fist with the movement with his mother's hand. His mother's gyrations were so wild they were making the memory of Mary's orgasmic twitchings pale in comparison. Although Mary had gone wild when he rubbed her off, his mother was moving with five times as much energy.

Of course Dave didn't know that part of his mother's movements were for his benefit. If he had only known that his mother was putting on a show for him, Dave would have been even wilder with lust.

"E-e-e-e-o-o-o-o-w-w-w-w!" Jean screamed as her orgasm erupted.

And at the same time, Dave began firing shots of gism at his mother's door. His orgasm was blinding intensity. But it was nothing compared to Jean's. She was realizing how much more exciting it could be to show her jerking-off to someone, rather than watch another person in their masturbatory endeavors.

Even when all his cum had been wrung from his prick, Dave stood staring at his mother. She was lying still now. Her legs were still spread, but her knees were straight. Her tits were still as they sagged toward the sides of her body. And except for, the rising and falling of her chest, Jean was motionless.

Dave couldn't mop up his spilled gism without pushing his mother's door open. But there wasn't much chance that she would notice those wet pearls before he had a chance to wipe them away.

Putting his prick away, Dave continued watching his mother. After all, he didn't get much of a chance to study such a beautiful sight. And, already, his prick was refilling with blood. He would be ready to spill another load before long.

Jean was still enjoying putting her body on display for her son. But now that her passion had been spent, she felt dizzy from what she had done. Dr. Jekyll had returned. Reaching for the sheet, she dragged it over her, lowering the curtain on the most fabulous show Dave had ever hoped to see.

When she was covered, Jean noticed the dark shape disappear from the edge, of her door. The boy would be in a wild state, she realized. But when she put on her robe and was on her way to the bathroom, she noticed just how excited he had been.

There on her door was the proof that Dave had joined her in ecstasy. The thought of the boy standing outside her door jerking off while watching her do the same gave Jean a perverted feeling that was greater than her already kinky wood.

It was as though they had already committed incest. And to carry that idea even farther, Jean bent down and, with her finger, wiped the boy's cum from the door.

Then, with a wave of perverted inspiration, she licked the goo up and swallowed. By the time she got to the bathroom, Jean had to rub herself off again. With the taste of gism in her mouth, Jean was able to have a quick orgasm without much effort.

When Dave heard his mother leave her room to go to the bathroom he took the opportunity to clean up after his recent orgasm. But when he got to his mother's door and found the drops of gism gone he felt a shiver run down his spine.

Try as he could, he couldn't make himself believe that the gism had evaporated or had been accidentally wiped by his mother's robe as she walked by. But the only other possibility was that she knew he had watched her and had jerked off!

But that was impossible. If she knew he was out there, she never would have kept jerking off, Dave thought. But if she hadn't known he was out there, and only discovered his gism by accident...

Dave felt his face burning. He was consumed with shame. No matter which way he looked at it, his mother knew that he had peeked and jerked off at her door.

Back in his room, Dave thought about what he could do about the situation. He thought of running away from home. But that wouldn't be much fun. He was still hoping for another chance to watch his mother jerking off.


In the days following the show Jean had put on for Dave, neither of them said much to the other. Jean was embarrassed for what she had done, and Dave was embarrassed about jerking off outside his mother's door.

But they both kept jerking off in private. Jean fucked Mark, the office boy, a few more times. But the more she fucked him, the more desperate she got for her son's prick.

Jean knew she needed a new outlet for her horny rage. It was either that or give in to her incestuous hunger.

So how could she find a new source of sexual satisfaction? She'd done just about everything -- she could think of at one time or another.

One afternoon as she sat at her desk thinking about her sexual problem, she decided to find Mark for a quickie. At least fucking that kid again would let her get some work done that afternoon.

She began panting as she left her desk in search of the office boy. He wasn't in sight, though. Jean began stalking the halls in search of her prey. And the more she looked for him, the more she needed him.

Like a big game hunter, Jean kept a sharp eye out for the boy at every turn. She was getting so eager for his cock that when she found him she would have trouble keeping her head. She felt like tackling him and raping him.

As Jean passed the storeroom she felt her heart sinking. How she would have loved to be in there fucking her brains out!

Then, just as she passed that door, it opened. Out stepped Karen, the chick she'd run into there after her first visit. Karen smiled at Jean, but remained lingering in the doorway. Jean couldn't see who Karen was with. As she smiled back, Jean began to suspect something strange was afoot. Karen had never been coy about her visits to the storeroom before, or about whom she was with.

Jean turned the corner of the hallway, but something told her to take a look back to see what was going on. After all, Karen might have had Mark in there with her.

Sticking her head around the corner, looking back toward the storeroom, Jean saws Karen strolling toward her, and at Karen's side was Sarah, an equally sexy chick. They saw Jean peering at them, but Jean disappeared before she could see their reaction to her peeking around that corner.

Jean was shocked at her discovery. Karen and Sarah had been in the storeroom together! So, Karen was a lesbian besides being hot for stiff pricks.

Jean kept searching for Mark. But she couldn't forget what she'd discovered. And the discovery was having an effect on her. Maybe lesbianism was what she needed to keep her mind off fucking her son.

Finally, Jean spotted Mark. He was coming down the hall toward her. As soon as he saw her, he recognized the look of lust on her face.

Jean looked around to make sure no one was in sight. Then she grabbed the boy, pressed her tits to his chest and grabbed his stiffening bone through his pants.

Jean led the boy to the storeroom. In a few seconds, they were plugged in and fucking with all their strength.

But even with that boy's prick in her cunt, Jean kept thinking about Karen and Sarah. Would Karen be willing to show her some lesbian fun?

When Jean's cunt had been pacified, she went looking for Karen. There was no point waiting. Jean needed help, and the sooner the better. Jean went right to Karen's office. There was no one else there, so Jean sat at the edge of Karen's desk and began her pitch.

"I'm sorry I was so nosy," Jean said. "I was looking for Mark, and I thought he might be with you."

"That's all right," Karen said. "But I do like to be somewhat discreet with Sarah. She's a bit uptight about making it with chicks."

"Well, you can tell her that I won't say a thing to anyone," Jean said.

"Good, I'll tell her," Karen said. "By the way, did you find Mark?"

"Yeah, but I'm getting slightly tired of him. In fact, I'm getting slightly tired of fucking. Yet I'm always horny. Maybe I need a change."

Karen looked up suddenly and her eyebrows rose. Jean knew it was obvious what she'd meant. And there was no use beating around the bush. She wanted Karen badly now. Her cunt was oozing so freely she thought there would be a wet spot on the back of her skirt when she stood up.

"Oh, Karen, I need some help," Jean said. "I've been horny for weeks, and no amount of fucking seems to help."

"Well maybe I can help," Karen said. "If you'd like me to, that is."

"I'd love it," Jean gushed.

Jean saw how Karen was looking at her body.

Straightening her back, Jean thrust out her tits and pulled in her belly. Jean knew she had a nice body, and she wasn't worried that Karen wouldn't like her.

And there was no doubt that Jean would like Karen's body. Karen was younger than Jean. Her body was shin and curvy. Small tits and narrow hips made Karen look boyish. A nice quality in a lesbian, Jean thought. And Karen wore her brown hair cut short. All in all, Karen looked something like Dave. But Jean didn't admit that to herself.

"Have you got a half-hour right now?" Karen asked with a sly smile.

Jean's body reacted immediately to that invitation. For the first time since discovering Dave peeking in at her masturbation, Jean felt a genuine pang of passion.

"Y-yes, I do," Jean said.

The thrill of what was about to happen made Jean's cunt contract and her nipples stiffen. What exactly was Karen going to do to her? And what would Karen expect from her? But Jean was ready for anything.

Following Karen down the hall to the storeroom, Jean kept her eyes on the swaying ass in front of her. Through the tight material of Karen's skirt, Jean could see her firm ass-cheeks. Jean's mouth was watering now with anticipation.

At the storeroom door, Karen turned and smiled at Jean. Jean tried to smile back, but her face was frozen with excitement.

They stepped into the room. Karen wedged the door with a broom handle. Then she faced Jean and reached for the buttons on tier own blouse. Jean followed Karen's example, unbuttoning while watching her new friend.

Unlike Jean, Karen didn't wear a bra. As soon as she slipped her blouse off, Jean was treated to the sight of twin mounds of white flesh. Her tits were a handful, but no more. And a dark-brown cone of stiffened flesh stood out at the tip of each one.

"You're beautiful," Jean gasped as she reached behind her to unfasten her bra.

"So are you, honey," Karen said when the bra dropped from Jean's tits.

Jean felt the weight of her own tits resting on the ribs beneath. She was proud of her tits, but sometimes she wished she had a smaller, firmer pair like Karen's. It would be nice not to wear a bra and not have her globes flopping and slopping around when she moved, but Jean could tell that Karen was impressed with what she saw on her chest.

Karen was already lowering her skirt. Jean soon had a view of Karen's body clad only in a tiny pair of bikini undies.

Karen stood with her hands on her hips while she waited for Jean to catch up. It took Jean a little longer than usual to strip with the distraction of Karen's body before her.

Karen was so slim and delicate it looked as though a stiff wind could blow her away. Jean was eager to see what it felt like to wrap her arm around that thin torso. And again, she had to ignore the similarities to her own son's slim body.

Jean was trembling by the time she stepped out of her skirt. Karen was still standing in front of her, waiting. Then, when Jean was in a similar state of undress, Karen stepped forward.

"This is going to be wonderful," Karen said.

Jean was speechless. She stood mute as Karen reached for her tits. But as soon as she felt Karen's small hands on her huge knockers she let out a deep moan.

No man had ever handled her tits so tenderly, so erotically. Then Jean felt the firm points of Karen's tits pressing on her own. And Karen's face was moving close to hers. Jean's eyes closed and her mouth opened.

The two kissed. So this was lesbianism, Jean thought as her tongue met Karen's.

"M-m-m-m-m," Karen hummed sexily.

Locked in a tight embrace, the two women crushed their tits together. Their nylon clad cunts ground against each other. Jean was feeling a thrill like no other she had ever known. If anything was going to free her from her slavery to the desire to fuck her son, this was it.

Jean was bigger and stronger than Karen, but she let the younger woman lead the way. After all, this was new territory to Jean. And Karen obviously knew it well.

Jean reached into the pile of compressed tit-flesh between them. She took one of Karen's tits in her hand. This was the first tit she squeezed that wasn't her own. And it was more thrilling than she had ever imagined.

And Karen reacted immediately to the caress of her tit. She leaned into Jean's hand, pressing her hard nipple against her palm. She let out another moan of joy.

"Come here," Karen said when she took her mouth from Jean's.

Walking backwards with Jean's tits in her hands, Karen led her to the plateau of boxes. Karen let her lithe body flow onto the boxes, and Jean followed.

They kissed again and attacked each other's tits. Jean loved the way Karen's tits clung to her chest no matter what position she lay in. It was so unlike her own boobs that hung and shook with every movement.

After some kissing and tit-play, Karen jumped up. Standing high over Jean's face, she grabbed the pair of undies that clung to her crotch. Jean could already see the dark patch of pubic hair through the thin material, and a wet spot was visible beneath her cunt. But Jean was still eager to see Karen's naked pussy.

With quick movements of her slender arms and legs, Karen stripped the panties from her ass. Jean found herself looking up at her friends' bare twat.

Jean gasped as she saw the pink mouth of Karen's crotch. Her hair was thick and curly, but the gash was opened slightly, the inner lips slightly protruding.

"Oh, Karen, baby," Jean cooed.

Then Karen combed her fingers through her own pubic curls and spread the lips of her cunt. She wiggled her hips in a kinky dance as she showed Jean the pink depths of her pussy.

Jean couldn't believe how gorgeous a cunt could look. She lifted her hips and pulled off her own panties. Then she spread her pussy-lips. And she was happy to see Karen's eyes move to her cunt.

Karen stepped to where Jean lay, straddling her hips. Then she lowered her cunt to Jean's. With an arching back she began kissing and sucking them. Jean felt the heat of the cunt sitting on her belly. And Karen proved to have the same exciting way of sucking tits as she had massaging them.

"I'm so glad I saw you coming out of here with Sarah," Jean said. "This is fabulous."

"And you're fabulous," Karen said into the pile of tits she was working on.

As Karen kissed Jean's tits, her delicate hands kept working on them, too. She would gather them together, holding the nipples close and wiping her tongue over both of them. Then she would move the loose tits in circles. Or she would kiss one and hold the other in both hands.

But before long, Karen was moving her limber body down Jean's well-padded body. Jean knew where Karen was going, and the thought thrilled her.

Karen kissed her way down Jean's belly. When she arrived at her belly button, she paused to ream that pit with her tongue. But that was only a preview of what was to come.

Karen's hand preceded her face to Jean's cunt. Jean spread her legs as she felt Karen's fingers entering her.

"Oh, God," Jean moaned. "Karen, you're, a genius at fingerfucking."

But Karen was too busy to answer. Her mouth was already into the hair that covered Jean's plump mound. Jean spread her legs wider and shoved her cunt out as much as she could.

But Karen was taking her time, making Jean squirm in eagerness. Karen kissed the moist areas of Jean's thighs. Her tongue traced the triangular shape of the mound. But she didn't dip into Jean's opened slot yet. Only her finger moved along Jean's wide cuntal mouth.

"Come on, Karen," Jean whined. "Suck me. Eat me."

Her words must have touched Karen's head. Suddenly, Jean felt the tip of Karen's tongue entering her.

Jean arched her back when she felt that strong tongue tip moving through the lips of her pussy. She knew right away that this was going to be a very special cunt lapping. Karen's tongue was moving along the dripping slot, getting deeper with each lick.

Before long, Karen's tongue was wiggling between Jean's inner lips and over her cunt. She was using a light yet vigorous technique, bringing Jean to the apex of lust.

"Uh-h-h," Jean groaned. "No one has ever eaten me so beautifully."

In answer, Karen reached up and grabbed Jean's tits. Now as her tongue tickled the inside of Jean's cunt, Karen gave Jean's tits a sexy massage.

"Oh-h-h-h, Karen," Jean moaned. "Oh-h-h-h-h."

Jean was in heaven.

Now Karen's tongue was reaching up her juicy cunt like a small but eager prick. And Karen's fingers were sunk in the pliable softness of her tits. Jean was in a vise-grip of pleasure and loving it.

When Jean's hips began an involuntary thrusting, though, Karen had to let go of her tits so she could hold on. Karen gripped Jean's thighs as she struggled to keep her face in Jean's jerking cunt.

Jean rose quickly to a climax. Now that her tits were free, they did a crazy dance on her chest as she squirmed. And the waves of blinding joy rushing through her made her forget everything else in the world.

"O-o-o-o-o-o!" she wailed.

Karen clung tenaciously to Jean's thighs and kept her tongue fluttering over Jean's cunt. Only when Jean begged for her to stop, did Karen lift her face from Jean's crotch.

Jean looked like she'd been through a marathon. Her hair was stuck to the sweat-soaked skin of her forehead and neck. Her mouth gaped as she tried to catch her breath.

But in her exhaustion, Jean knew that Karen would expect repayment. Already, Karen was reclining near Jean, showing Jean her spread crotch. And Karen was looking expectantly into Jean's eyes while she ran her hands through her own pubic hair.

"I've never done this before," Jean said as she began crawling between Karen's legs.

"I know, honey," Karen said. "That's all right. Just eat me like you like to be eaten."

As Jean watched Karen's cunt getting closer, she felt a new surge of excitement. Although she'd just come, now she knew the excitement of perversion. She was going to do something that would brand her as a lesbian.

Making herself comfortable in the vee of Karen's spread legs, she studied her cunt. She never thought a pussy was very beautiful before. But now she saw it in different terms. As she looked at the pink slot waiting for her tongue, it seemed very beautiful indeed.

Karen spread wider. Now Jean could clearly see the inner lips as they stretched open. And the odor of Karen's steaming juice bathed Jean's face.

Jean put her hands on Karen's thighs just below her cunt. With Karen's pussy framed like that, Jean brought her mouth to it. But before sticking her tongue in the gash, she ran her lips over the bristling hair. She filled her nose, with the funky smell.

Then, as she stuck put her tongue, Jean looked up over the horizon of Karen's belly. Beyond Karen's firm tits, Jean saw her looking back at her with a smile.

"I just know you'll love it," Karen said in encouragement.

Then Jean began probing with her outstretched tongue. As soon as the tip of her tongue met the wet flesh in Karen's snatch she felt something inside her snap. Suddenly, all hesitancy was gone.

Jean began covering the spread slot with hungry licks. Her tongue moved faster and faster at it moved from corner to corner of Karen's cunt. Jean stuck her tongue up Karen's flowing cunt-tube, then drilled her cunt.

Jean knew she was going wild and that she would do a better job if she slowed down. But she couldn't. She was in a frenzy of cunt lapping.

"Oh, hey," Karen grunted. "Jean, wow." Jean's face was wet with smeared juice as she licked and sucked every corner of Karen's pussy. Her nose and chin were getting into the act, too, in her eagerness.

Before long, Karen began to squirm. Now Jean had to hold on. But she held on tightly and didn't miss a stroke.

"I'm going to come," Karen moaned. "Uh-h-h-h."

When Jean heard that, she pressed her tongue hard against Karen's clit and kept it wiggling. Jean could hear Karen's body thrashing around on the hard surface of the boxes. She was really going wild. And Jean felt proud of herself.

Karen finally pushed Jean's head from her crotch.

"Wow," Karen said. "You really made me come like crazy. That was wild."

"Well, it was my first time," Jean said again.

"It was great," Karen assured her.

Jean was wiping the juice from her cheeks and chin. Being covered with that slippery fluid was an extra benefit of her new skill, Jean thought.

"Thanks," Jean said. "I really needed to do something really wild. I've been so horny lately I've been on the verge of fucking my own son."

"Really?" Karen asked with genuine interest.

Jean saw a chance to talk about her obsession with an understanding person. She told Karen how she had peeked at her son and how he had peeked at her. And she told her that whenever she fucked Mark, she pretended that it was her son Dave.

"Well why not just fuck him and be done with it?" Karen asked.

Jean was shocked. In all the time she'd been hot for her son, she had never once considered giving in to her incestuous desires. And now Karen was suggesting just that.

"But that's incest," Jean said.

"So what?" Karen said. "Incest, lesbianism, they're all fun. And no one gets hurt. What's the harm."

"Gee, Karen, I don't know," Jean said. "Well, now you're a lesbian," Karen said. "The other perversions can be just as exciting. But it's up to you."

The women dressed and went back to their offices. Jean told Karen that she'd love to have some more fun with her. And Karen agreed.

But now Jean knew that lesbianism wasn't the answer to her desire for her son. Especially with Karen's attitude toward Jean's problem, it was now worse than ever.


While Jean was fucking and sucking cunt at her office, Dave was working on his own horniness. He tried to get together with Mary again. After all, a hand job was nothing to sneeze at in Dave's condition. But had hadn't managed to make a date with her.

Also, he kept trying to get another peek into his mother's room while she was in one of her tits of self-induced frenzy. But that hadn't paid off either.

So Dave was reduced to jerking off with his skin magazines. He would get together with Bob and Jim, the guys he'd been caught with peeking into the girls' locker room. They would go over again and again the sights they'd seen.

"We should have smashed through the window and attacked all those chicks," Bob said.

"Sure, now we could be in reform school talking about chicks," Jim said.

"If you think we should have attacked them then, why shouldn't we attack some now?" Dave asked.

"All right, all right," Bob said when he realized he'd been foolish. "But, Goddamn it, I sure am horny."

"Yeah, who isn't?" Dave said.

"What about Gloriosky Gloria?" Bob asked suddenly.

"Who?" Dave said.

"Are you kidding?" Jim asked.

But Dave was too interested in any possibility to let it go by without finding out who his friends were talking about.

"Hey, who's she?" Dave demanded.

"Oh, she's a crazy old lady who lives near the tracks," Bob said.

"They say she used to be a whore, but she got too old and fat," Jim added.

She didn't sound too exciting, Dave thought. But he was horny enough to want to know more about her.

"What does she look like?" he asked. "Weird," Jim said.

"Yeah, the guys used to go over there and she would dance for them. Strip sometimes, too," Bob said.

"Well let's go have a look," Dave said. "It can't be any worse than hanging around here all afternoon."

Since the guys were hanging around in front of the drugstore and there wasn't a chick in sight, they agreed to take a walk to Gloriosky Gloria's.

"That's her house," Bob said when they'd walked a while.

Dave looked at the small house in the middle of a trash-strewn field. The house needed a coat of paint and a lot of repair. But it looked interesting, too.

"I wonder if she's still here," Jim said. "I haven't heard of anyone coming here in a while."

They walked up to the door. There wasn't a sign of life. But before they could knock, a huge figure appeared in the doorway. The boys stopped dead in their tracks as they looked into the dim light surrounding the woman who now faced them.

"What do you boys want?" a gravelly voice asked.

"Hi, Gloria," Bob said. "We just thought we'd drop by to see you."

The big woman in the doorway didn't say anything at first. But now the boys could see her more clearly. The figure was taking on a definitely feminine shape as their eyes grew accustomed to the dim light in the doorway.

Now they could see an enormous set of tits protruding. Beneath her tits, the rest of Gloria could be discerned. She wasn't shapelessly fat, but she was huge. Her hips were very wide, and they would have been even wider if it wasn't for the tight dress that contained her.

"You boys been here before?" Gloria asked.

"No," Jim said. "But we heard about you. You used to be a dancer, didn't you?"

That seemed to be the right thing to say. Suddenly the big woman stepped forward. Daylight flooded over her, giving the boys their first good look at her.

She was a spectacle. In her black, tight dress her body seemed to be exploding. Overflowing tits shimmered above the low-cut neckline. Her stomach bulged, but not too much. Her wide hips tapered down to reasonably sized thighs. She was barefoot.

Although none of the boys would have admitted it, they were all experiencing growing pricks. This woman wasn't as bad as any of them expected.

"Yes, I was a dancer," the woman said. "And I still [missing text]."

As she said that, her eyes flashed. Now the boys noticed how her face was painted. Her mouth was bright red, the red area overspreading her lips. Her eyes were framed with cat's-eye-shaped smears of mascara. That eye make-up made the whites of her eyes flash like diamonds.

None of the boys had ever seen, or imagined, anything like Gloriosky Gloria. And they were hoping she would entertain them.

"Would you like to see me dance?" Gloria asked tern.

"Sure," they all said in unison.

Immediately, the big woman began bending her knees rhythmically. Her huge body rose and fell, her tits bouncing. Then she began taking small steps toward the boys. Her arms rose and waved with the beat of her rising and sinking body.

She danced down the low wooden steps of her house. With eyes flashing, she weaved her way among the boys. They stood staring at the incredible sight.

Gloria was shorter than any of them, they realized now that she was beside them. Her enormity was strictly in width. But, still, she wasn't too gross to fuck, they thought to themselves.

As Gloria danced, she tapped the boys on their shoulders. She was moving more vigorously now, and her body shimmered and quaked inside her dress. The boys began to close in around her. Finally, they formed a tight triangle around her as she turned around and around.

"Well, how do you like it?" she asked as she kept dancing.

"Terrific," the boys said in unison.

But Gloria backed out of the triangle of boys, backing toward her door.

For a few seconds, the boys thought the show was over. And they each felt a sharp pang of disappointment. But then they noticed that Gloria's hands were moving in a come with me motion.

Bob, Jim and Dave looked at each other before following the disappearing woman. They could tell by the expression on each other's faces that they were all interested.

It was Bob who first started after Gloria. But Jim and Dave were close behind.

They went into the house, finding themselves in a cluttered room. But they didn't pay much attention to their surroundings because Gloria was still dancing. She seemed to be dancing more wildly, if it wasn't merely the closeness of the room that made it look that way.

In the privacy of the house, the boys were hoping for a more erotic dance. They had heard that she'd been a stripper, after all.

"What sort of dancer were -- I mean -- are you?" Bob asked.

"You'll see," Gloria said with a cackle.

They would see? But what would they see? Every one of the boys were hoping to see the tits that were bouncing heavily in Gloria's dress.

Gloria slipped a shoulder strap off one big shoulder. Although nothing was showing now that hadn't been showing all along, that gesture was enough to make the boys' cocks leap in their jeans. They had never seen a real strip tease, so they were especially vulnerable to the tricks of that trade.

After a minute or so, Gloria slipped the other strap off the other shoulder. Now the only thing holding up her dress were her tits themselves.

The old girl had a lot of energy. She'd been dancing for a while, and despite her bulky shape she wasn't even breathing hard. Gloria knew how to get teenage boys worked into a wild tit of lust, too.

"In the places I used to dance, the audience would encourage us," Gloria said. "It helps, and it makes it more fun."

At first the boys didn't know what she meant. But Bob figured it out. He'd seen strips in movies and had heard about them.

"Take it off," he yelled.

Those were the secret words. As soon as Bob had uttered them, Gloria's dancing became more frantic. But she still kept her tits hidden.

"Take it off," Dave yelled.

Jim clapped his hands to the beat of Gloria's swaying ass.

Gloria pulled her arms from the straps resting on her chubby arms. But, still, her tits remained in the dress.

The boys were going wild. They never wanted to see anything as badly as they wanted to see Gloria's tits. And they didn't even realize that their eagerness was due to the stripper's skill. Of course, their horniness had a lot to do with it, too.

Finally, Gloria took the top of her dress in her hands and, ever so slowly, began lowering it. The three boys' eyes began bulging until they were flashing as brilliantly as the dancing woman s.

Her enormous jugs began to come into view as her dress front was dragged down. But before her nipples appeared, Gloria stopped lowering the dress front.

"Take it off, take it off!" the boys cried.

Once again, the dress began descending. Then, suddenly, her tits were let loose. The huge nipples swung and hopped as her tits did a dance of their own.

The boys moved closer to the dancing woman. Gloria had kept her tits hidden until they would have the greatest impact. And now that they were exposed and moving wildly, the boys couldn't believe what they were seeing.

Gloria bent forward. As she moved her ass in obscene wiggles, her tits hung low, swinging like wrecking balls. Then she scooped them up in her hands.

She stood, and moved toward each of the boys with her tits swaying mightily from side to side. But before the boys could reach out and grab a handful of tit, she would dance away from them. "Take it off!" Dave yelled in a fit of sexual greed.

His friends echoed his words. The small house was filled with an unceasing cry for more skin.

Gloria obviously loved it. Her red mouth was curled in a smile, and her black and white eyes flashed like lightning.

When the boys saw her grab her dress again they each felt a rush of excitement in their crotches and heads. It looked like they were going to see more of this strange woman's body. And then, who knows what might happen?

Gloria's dance changed now. It became a writhing and twisting movement as she shed her dress like a reptile shedding its skin.

The tattered black dress moved down her belly, which began shimmering like her tits as soon as it was free. She wasn't too fat to have a shape. And her tits and hips were so exaggerated that her stomach seemed fairly flat.

When her dress was pulled just below her belly button, she stopped pulling it down. Her dance became a belly dance, shaking her tits even more vigorously than before.

And now she was moving around the room, getting closer to the boys. When she danced to within a foot of Bob, he reached out and grabbed one wobbling tit.

Gloria let him handle her globe for a few seconds before moving on. Then, when she danced to Jim, he grabbed both her tits. The look on Gloria's face made it seem that she loved having her jugs handled. But she moved out of Jim's reach before long.

By the time she got to where Dave was standing, his palms were wet with impatience. He grabbed her shaking boobs tighter than his friends had. Gloria had to grab his wrists in order to get her knockers away from him.

"Take it off!" the boys began hollering again. "Come on, Gloria, take it off!"

Her hands went to her dress, and the garment was pulled lower. The boys watched with hunger in their eyes. It was getting obvious that she wasn't wearing any underwear. And when that dress was a few inches lower, they were going to be treated to the sight of her cunt.

She turned her back on them. The crack of her ass came into view above the descending dress. Her ass was amazingly wide and it was shivering and flailing like a bowl of cream being whipped.

When her entire ass was bare, Gloria dropped the dress to the floor. She stepped out of it. Now she was completely naked. When she turned around, the boys were going to see something fantastic.

But being a pro, Gloria grabbed a pillow from a chair and held it in front of her cunt before turning. So when she turned, the guys could see everything except the hidden area behind the pillow.

But Gloria made up for the disappointment they felt at not seeing her cunt.

She pushed the pillow against her pussy and ground her hips. Then she moved the pillow up and down. She was jerking off with it, it seemed. And her face took on the look of lust the boys had seen on their own faces when they jerked off in front of mirrors.

By this time the boys were really crazy with passion. If they didn't get a chance to fuck this strange woman, they would each have to run home and satisfy themselves as well as they could.

But Gloria still had a few surprises. After grinding her cunt against the pillow for a while, she suddenly flung it into Dave's face.

The odor of a hot cunt hit him even before the pillow touched him.

The boys stared at Gloria's suddenly visible cunt. It was a thick carpet of curly hair. The mound was plump. All in all, it could have been the cunt of a teenage chick.

The boys began moving toward the naked, dancing woman. She began backing away.

But when she backed into a bed that was in a corner of the room, she let herself fall backwards. Her body hit the bed, making it bounce and creak.

But even lying on her back, her sexy dance continued.

"Who's first?" she yelled as she spread her legs.

For a moment the boys were still. They were staring into the spread gash she was showing them. There she was, waiting for them to do exactly what they'd hoped for, and they were frozen with shock.

It was Jim who came to, first. He stripped off his pants and jumped on top of the writhing woman.

When Dave and Bob saw their buddy stabbing his prick at the wide slot below, they began pulling down their pants too.

With his prick standing out in front of him, Dave knew that he was finally going to get fucked. His cock was going to know the delight of piercing a hot cunt. Of course, the conditions and the cunt weren't the ones he would have chosen. But that mattered little. This was going to be the real thing. Fucking!

Jim's ass bobbed as he pumped his prick into Gloria's cunt.

"That's it, kid!" the woman yelled. "Fuck my hungry, old cunt!"

Jim was giving her everything he had. He plunged and lunged. Before long, he was grunting with the joy of coming.

"Uh-h-h-h-h!" Gloria was yelling.

Dave got ready to slip between her legs as soon as Jim was out of the way. But Bob was also vying for second place.

Jim crawled away from the still-bouncing crotch on the bed. Bob and Dave began elbowing and shoving each other. They would have fought all day. But Gloria wasn't about to wait.

"Come on one of you," she yelled. "Get in my cunt. Nowwwww!"

Bob finally relinquished his claim. Dave climbed aboard the heaving bed and writhing woman. His hand grabbed his prick and tried to guide it to her pussy. But she hadn't stopped moving in the same dance she had started outside. He lunged at the moving target a few times. But each time his cock missed, glancing off the mound or slipping down to her fat ass.

Then he felt another hand on his prick. Gloria had grabbed him and was pulling him into her.

"Get in there!" she howled.

Dave felt his prick suddenly enveloped in the hot and wet pit of her cunt. And because of Gloria's constant motion, his prick was immediately sliding through the slippery grip of her cunt.

This was better than anything he'd ever felt before. A cunt was a marvelous thing. His prick was being stroked, tugged, sucked and filled with fabulous bliss.

With the joy and excitement of his first fuck, Dave was scarcely aware of the huge, rolling tits under his chest. He was swimming in a sea of stormy flesh. However, his senses only recorded the way his prick filled Gloria's pussy.

Dave quickly flew to the heights of ecstasy. His gism was simmering and ready to overflow.

"This kid really knows how to fuck!" he heard Gloria yell.

Then Dave felt the bullets of cream gushing through his cock. And with them, currents of joy jolted his brain. He filled the pussy he was stabbing with loads of his cum.

When he was empty, he let his body relax. But he was still being bounced on the bucking hips and rolling tits.

"Come on, kid," Gloria said. "If you're done, let someone else have a turn."

It wasn't easy to climb off her body with the way it was bucking. But with Bob's help, Dave finally vacated Gloria's body.

As Bob took his place, Dave stood there in a daze. The glory of getting fucked had left him stunned. It had been such a beautiful experience that he knew he could never go back to using his own hand.

From then on, Dave would need a cunt to wrap his prick in. But he didn't know where he was going to find a willing pussy.

When they had all had their fill of Gloria, they put on their pants, thanked her, and left. The woman was still lying on her back with her legs spread.

"Any time, kids," she said. "Come fuck me any time. Wheeeee!"

The boys were strangely silent as they walked away from their initiation into fucking.

"Jesus, what a weird chick," Bob said to break the silence.

But that wasn't what they were thinking. That was obvious.

Dave hit the nail on the head, though.

"I'm going to get fucked every day for the rest of my life," he said.

"Yeaaaaa!" Jim and Bob yelled in agreement.

Now they felt fortified. They were studs suddenly. The chicks had better watch out from now on.


After fucking Gloria, Dave was flying high. He thought about that experience so much that he began to wonder what was real and what his imagination had added to it. But one thing he was sure of -- he'd never felt anything so wonderful as sinking his prick into that old woman's pussy.

But that's not to say he'd forgotten how his mother had looked when he peeked into her room and watched her jerking off. And Gloria certainly hadn't looked anything like his mom.

Dave found himself watching his mother more carefully than ever. Now he knew the rewards in store for anyone who would be lucky enough to fuck his mother. After all, it would be fantastic to have a beautiful face looking up at you while fucking, Dave thought. And his mother's big tits would be perfect, to massage as he slipped his cock back and forth in her cunt.

Yes, he'd been fucked, but not satisfied. It would take a chick like his mother to make him truly happy.

Dave watched his mother moving around the kitchen as she prepared dinner. But when his cock got so hard that he had to jerk off, he slipped into his room. He pulled off his pants and took out one of the magazines that he had hidden under his mattress.

As he flipped through the pages of pictures, he was thinking about his mother. He tried to match up the pictures of naked chicks with the sort of body his mother had. Since he still had a vivid memory of his mother fingering herself, he knew what her body looked like.

The more the boy thought of his mother, the more excited he got. And he couldn't help wondering what would happen if he only dared tell her of his passion of her.

Staring at the picture that most resembled his mother, and imagining what it would be like to have his cock buried in her cunt, Dave jerked himself into a powerful orgasm.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Jean was just as excited as her son. Ever since her fling with Karen her incestuous hunger had grown.

Rather than taking her mind off her son, as she'd hoped, the cunt-sucking episode with Karen had made her aware of the possibilities that existed for sexual joy. Besides, Karen's words were still echoing in her head -- "Why not fuck him and be done with it?"

It was three days since Jean's lesbian fling. And those days had been a trial. She'd begun rehearsing seduction scenes in her mind. Imagining herself approaching her son in various ways, she would wind up under his pistoning prick. But the only thing these imaginary scenes did for her was to make her wild with lust.

And now, with the dinner cooking, Jean found herself in another of her horny spells.

If she were to get through the evening with her sanity, she would have to relieve the tremendous hollow feeling in her cunt. On her way to her room, she paused at Dave's door. Again, the telltale sounds of a creaking mattress told her that Dave was jerking off.

For a wild moment, Jean thought of entering that room. She even lifted her hand to the doorknob. But she couldn't go through with it.

Rather, she ran to her own room. She had pressed into service as a dildo a perfume bottle that was shaped roughly like a prick. And now she grabbed that bottle desperately. Holding the bottle in both hands, she brought it to her face and kissed it.

The only way Jean could save herself from attacking her son was to keep her lust under control. And this prick-shaped bottle was the only thing she could turn to at the moment.

After kissing the bottle, she stuck it into her mouth and sucked. She pretended that it was her son's prick. But she had to use all her imaginative powers to ignore the obvious differences between that cold glass and her son's hot cock.

Jean went to her bed and sat down on the edge. She spread her legs and lifted her skirt. Then she moved the wet crotch of her panties aside.

When she felt the cool air of the room on her soaking cunt, she gasped in desperation. Bringing the bottle to her drooling pussy, she spread the lips and inserted it.

"Huh-h-h-h," she gasped.

The bottle slid up her tunnel with the generous lubrication that flowed there. Her pussy stretched to tit around the bulky dildo. When it was all the way in and she was holding the neck of the bottle with her fingertips at the lips of her cunt, Jean began moving it roughly in and out.

She remembered how Mark, the office boy, had fucked her. She thought of her son in the next room, stroking his cock in horny desperation. And she fucked herself with that poor imitation of a hard prick.

But the bottle did the job. At least it gave her an orgasm. She tried to keep her moans of ecstasy down as her body shook.

When it was over, Jean lay there motionless. The bottle slipped out of her pussy and clunked to the floor.

Jean knew this was a futile effort. She would lose her mind if she had to live like this. Maybe she could send Dave to a boarding school and get a kid like Mark to live with her. As she thought about it, she began to think it might work. And by the time she got back to the kitchen to set the table, she had decided to ask Dave if he would like to go to a boarding school.

"Dave, dinner's ready," Jean called.

She was feeling better. Her recent orgasm and the thought of getting the boy out of sight by sending him away gave her the first hope of solving her problem without sinking to incest.

But as soon as Dave came into the room, all that was shattered. As soon as she saw him, she knew that she could never send him away. And she could never settle for Mark or any other boy. It would have to be Dave, she knew. She had to fuck Dave or lose her mind.

Jean managed to dish but the dinner. But she had no appetite for food. In fact, she couldn't even pretend to act normally.

"Are you all right, Mom?" Dave asked.

"Actually, don't feel very well, honey," she said. "I think I'd better sit down. You eat dinner."

"I'll eat later."

By the time Jean got to her room, she was so nervous she couldn't stop pacing the floor and biting her nails. She knew she was going to try to seduce Dave that evening. She had to. But nothing she'd ever done in her life scared her so much.

What will Dave do? she wondered. Jean knew he was horny. But she had no way of knowing if he would want to fuck his own mother. What if he were so shocked that he ran out of the house? He might run away from home, she thought.

But nothing could stop her now. If the boy wouldn't fuck her she would deal with that later. Right now, she had to decide on a plan.

Jean had been thinking about this for a long time. But she never thought she would actually go through with it. Fantasies were one thing, but actually seducing her son was quite another.

She thought of calmly telling the boy of her predicament. She would explain that she simply had to fuck him and that she hoped he wanted to fuck her too.

But that seemed ridiculous.

Next, she decided to give it everything she had. She could dress in her sheerest nightgown, the one that showed her tits and cunt off so well. Then she would sidle up to the boy and caress him. She didn't think the boy could resist the feeling of her tits and mouth.

But that seemed so cheap and tacky.

How does a mother fuck her own son? She would have to play it by ear. But, Goddamn it, she was going to have that kid that very evening.

When the knock sounded on her door, Jean almost jumped out of her skin.

"Yes?" she said.

"I just wondered if you felt any better," Dave said.

This was it, Jean knew. But she couldn't say anything. She wondered if she should call the boy in, but she couldn't speak.

"Mom?" Dave called.

The door opened. Dave's face appeared. Jean was standing in the middle of the room, looking back at him.

"You okay?" the boy asked.

"No," Jean managed to say. "No, I haven't been okay in a while."

Dave looked at his mother with a puzzled expression. What was wrong? he wondered.

"Oh, Dave," Jean said as she began walking toward him. "I don't know why, but I'm so horny I can't stand it."

Dave's mouth dropped open. He knew that his mother was horny, but he never expected her to tell him that. And why was she walking toward him with her hands outstretched?

"Dave, don't you understand?" she asked. "I need you. YOU!"

Dave was still standing there flabbergasted as his mother threw her arms around him. He still couldn't believe she meant what she'd said. The boy put his arm around his mother. After all, if she needed comforting, he would comfort her.

But there was something about this embrace that was not at all motherly. She was pressing her tits against him and grinding her hips. Dave wondered with horror if his mother could feel the hard lump in his jeans.

It was only when Jean kissed the boy with an open mouth and wiggling tongue that he got the message. But it was still so outrageous that he couldn't believe it wasn't a mistake or a dream.

But he was caught up in the fabulous sensations of his mother's body. Mistake or dream, he was going to take advantage of it. He met his mother's tongue with his own. His hands began exploring, one sinking to her ample ass, the other moving toward a tit.

Slowly, it began to dawn on Dave that his mother was actually giving herself to him. Incredible as it seemed, his most desperate hope was coming true.

Dave captured one of his mother's tits in his hand. His other hand was still full of plump ass-cheek. The fingers pressed into the valley of her ass through her skirt.

"Oh, Dave," Jean said as she kissed and licked his neck. "I don't know why, but I've been so eager to get my hands on you. I was going crazy with lust, and it had to be you."

Dave's head spun with the words his mother was whispering. But that didn't stop him from enjoying himself.

But he was still too stunned to take the woman as she wanted to be taken. Jean had to lead the boy on. She brought him to her bed, pushing him down and lying beside him.

Dave looked up at his mother's face, then down to her tits. Then he grabbed those big piles of softness. Her tits weren't as firm as Mary's, but they were firmer than Gloria's. Dave sunk his fingers into them, thrilling at the way the tits seemed to compress, molding themselves to his hands.

Jean bent her face down and kissed her son again. But rather than caress him, she began unbuttoning her blouse. When the buttons were unfastened, she sat up. With Dave watching in awe, she slipped off her blouse and bra.

He had seen his mother's tits before, but being so close, within reaching distance, was different. Dave studied the jugs that hung before him. The nipples puckered into knots of flesh as he watched. Then he grabbed them again.

"Dave, you do want me don't you?" Jean said as her son held her tits.

"Yeah, of course," Dave said. "I always thought you were the sexiest chick I'd ever seen."

Jean ran her hands over her son's shoulders. Dave felt his mother's knockers moving like Jell-O in his hands. He felt his mouth open and his face drawn to her tits as though by some sort of magnetism.

"Oh-h-h-h, suck me," Jean said when Dave's mouth arrived at one of her stiff nipples.

She fell back with Dave's face buried in the quivering softness of her jugs. What his mouth couldn't contain, his hands did. Sucking and kneading her tits, he seemed like a kitten with a ball of yarn.

As he filled his mouth with hard nipple and supple tit-flesh, Dave was amazed at the way his mother was reacting. She had wrapped her arms around his head, pulling his face into her tit. At the same time, she was rolling slightly from side to side and moaning. The thought that he was causing his own mother such ecstasy filled the boy with pride.

Dave's face roamed over the mountains of his mother's chest, exploring like a miner, staking claims here and there with his mouth and tongue.

"Harder," Jean moaned. "That's it. Suck me hard."

While he sucked, Dave's hand went to one of his mother's exposed thighs. As he dragged his fingers along the smooth skin of the inner thigh, he was almost consumed with passion. The heat from his mother's cunt was giving him a preview of the glory to be found there.

By the time his fingers met his mother's cunt, Dave was moving his captured prick against her side. He had never been so horny, and he knew he was in danger of spilling his load in his jeans. But he couldn't help it.

Fortunately, Jean had a slightly cooler head. She knew that he could waste an orgasm. Neither of them wanted to remove the fingers that were pressing Jean's damp mound under her panties, but she had to get that kid's cock out of his pants.

"Wait, Dave," she said. "Get undressed."

Dave did as his mother said. Even though it took a lot of will power to pull his hand from her crotch, the thought of being naked in her embrace was enough to make him obey.

He stood at the side of the bed undressing. His mother lay on the bed and unfastened her skirt. Then she lifted her ass and pulled the skirt down.

Dave hated to miss the second of sight that his jersey interrupted as he pulled it off his head. But when he saw his mother again, she was tugging off her underpants.

"Do you think I'm beautiful?" Jean asked.

"God, yes," he said without taking his eyes from her emerging cunt.

As Jean kicked her panties off her feet, she gave Dave a good view of her crotch. He could see her vertical smile through the curly hairs surrounding it. The lips were spread and they looked wet.

By that time, Dave's huge cock was sticking out, pointing at Jean and nodding its head. Dave noticed how his mother stared at the prong.

But when she began slipping off the bed, Dave really got a thrill. Somehow he knew what she was after. And the idea of giving it to her was spectacular.

Dave watched his mother sink to her knees before him. Her face was inches from his jerking prick. With his eyes bulging and his jaw quivering, Dave saw his mother lift her hands to embrace his stiff and bucking cock.

When her slender fingers took the bone in a tender grip, Dave's knees almost buckled. But he stood trembling, waiting for the inevitable ecstasy of a motherly blowjob.

"Such a lovely prick," Jean cooed as her fingers played along the thick shaft.

Then she lifted his balls in her palm. Next, she leaned forward and pressed the swollen head of the cock to her cheek. With eyes closed, Jean stroked her son's cock all over her face.

"It's so big and strong," she whispered. "So hard, so beautiful."

Then Jean faced the twitching tool. Dave saw her tongue flash, and he felt the hot wipe of her tongue on his taut prick-knob.

"Oh, Mom!" he gasped. "God!"

Jean licked the prick, gingerly at first, then more hungrily. Her face moved in circles as her tongue traveled all around the fat head. Then she measured the length of the missile by running her tongue from pee-slot to balls.

By that time, Dave was shivering with overwhelming passion. But the best was yet to come, he knew.

And it didn't take long. His mother opened her mouth and took his cock into it. She had to open wide to accommodate such a fat prick, but that was no problem. Dave thought the sight of his mother's face with his prick sticking into it was the most incredible thing he'd ever seen.

"M-m-m-m," Jean hummed on the cock in her mouth.

Dave threw his head back in a rush of ecstasy. The feeling of his mother's hot and talented mouth around his prick was more than he expected.

It was like having his cock held in the best possible way. Not only did it feel outrageously sensational to have her tongue wiggling under the head of his prick and her teeth biting into it, but the thought of this kinky treat almost was too much to bear.

"I never felt anything so good," Dave said.

With one hand on her son's ass and the other caressing his balls, Jean began moving her head slightly back and forth. That caused Dave's prick to slide over her tongue and through her lips and teeth. And her tongue began moving around the head.

When Jean moved her face forward, his cock would reach to the back of her throat. Dave could see his mother's nose getting closer to his pubic hair with every thrust of her face as she swallowed him deeper each time.

"Og, uh-h, oh," Jean grunted as the huge muscle gagged her.

Dave knew that his mother was putting everything she had into sucking him. And he loved her for it.

But Jean was being careful. She didn't want to bring the boy off in her mouth. After all, her cunt was still crying out for the bulk of his prick to fill it.

Dave was trying to concentrate on the thousand individual pleasures of getting sucked. His mother's hands and tongue and throat and teeth each added its own thrill. But his ecstasy was so great that the pleasure melted into a pool of passion into which he was sinking.

He stood there, transfixed in frozen lust, while his mother did her magic. When he felt her finger lips entering the crack of his ass and when his prick began sliding right down her throat, his lust increased without his actually knowing what was happening.

"Oh-h-h-h-h-h. Ah-h-h-h," Dave moaned as if in a delirium.

Jean knew how to bring a guy to the threshold of coming, then keep him there. When she felt her son's cock begin to buck more strongly in her mouth, she stopped thrusting her head back and forth. She merely held his cock-head still and concentrated on massaging his balls and ass.

By the time she took her mouth from Dave's prick, it was bigger than ever. And there was a pearly drop of gism glistening at the opening.

Dave swayed as he watched his mother back up and lift herself up to the bed. He'd never seen anything so beautiful. She moved to the middle of the bed, arranging herself in fucking position.

With her legs spread and cunt gaping, she waited for Dave's prick to enter her.

"Come and fuck me," she said.

Dave was moving clumsily and awkwardly. Although, he was eager, the blowjob had left him stunned. But he managed to climb onto the bed and over his mother.

Dropping down on the softness of his mother's tits, Dave began maneuvering his prick to her coveted pussy. At the same time, he grabbed at her tits and covered her mouth with his own.

In his mad ecstasy, he tried so hard to pierce her cunt he didn't even get close.

"Hey, hey, slow down," Jean said soothingly.

Dave tried to do as she said. But the poor kid was in such a tit of desire he couldn't help himself. Then he felt his mother's hand take his cock into a firm grip.

Relaxing, Dave let his mother bring his prick to her cunt. Following his cock, he lowered his hips. Then he felt the bristling hair on his mother's mound. Concentrating as hard as he could, Dave felt his prick probing his mother's cunt-lips.

The next thing he knew, he was experiencing again the delight of having his prick bathed in the depths of a pussy. But his mother's cunt was so much tighter that the other one he'd penetrated. Gloriosky Gloria couldn't compete.

And just as he'd suspected, having a gorgeous chick like his mother beneath him made it so much more exciting.

"Uh-h-h-h-h-h!" Jean cried as she was filled with the enormity of her son's prick.

She remembered fucking Mark at the office, and hoped that Dave could fill her as well. Now she knew that he could.

"Ah-h-h-h!" Dave moaned when he felt his prick being milked by his mother's cuntal cavity.

After the blowjob, his cock was very sensitive. And the treatment it was getting now was making Dave squirm and pump his hips wildly.

With every jab of his cock, he felt his mother's cunt stretch around his battering ram. But every time he tugged it, her cunt seemed to be trying to hold him in.

With her son plugged in deeply, Jean wrapped her arms and legs around him. And they kissed with spastic tongues.

"O-o-o-o-o-o, O-O-O-O-O-O, o-o-o-o-o-o," Jean repeated with each onslaught of Dave's powerful cock.

"Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h," Dave responded.

Singing their lust into each other's mouths, the fuckers worked crazily at thrusting their hips rhythmically at each other.

"Ah coming," Jean, gasped around the tongue thrust into her mouth.

But Dave understood what she was trying to say. He was about to come too. And now his prick pumped faster and deeper. Their stomachs slapped together noisily.

When his orgasm hit, Dave was almost driven out of his mind. Nothing had ever made his brain light up like that.

As his gism flowed, Dave felt the tremendous quakes of his mother's body beneath him. And he knew that she was experiencing at least as much ecstasy as he.

They kept fucking until they were limp and covered with sweat. Even after they stopped, their bodies would give an occasional residual twitch, moving the monster of Dave's prick in the tunnel of Jean's cunt like a hibernating bear tossing in his sleep.

"Oh, God, Dave," Jean gasped. "That was the best, the absolute best fuck I've ever had!"

Dave almost said, "Me too," but he caught himself in time. After all, it was only his second fuck.

"I can't believe how good it felt!" he said instead.

"Oh, honey," Jean said as she squeezed him tight. "I don't know what made me need you so much, but I'm so glad we did this."

"Me too," Dave said.

They lay like that for a long time. Dave's cock shrunk, but stayed in the heat of his mother's cunt. But with Jean playing her fingers over Dave's ass and back, she had the treat of feeling the boy's prick grow to a stiff beast again. And as soon as it did, they began sliding it in and out.

When they'd fired themselves out, they had each had about four climaxes. And still, they lay in each other's arms, glorying in each other's bodies.


When Dave awoke the next morning and found himself in his mother's bed, the scene of the night before came back to him in a flash.

He was alone in bed now. His mother had gone to work, and he had to get up for school. But somehow he knew that he couldn't go to school that day. If he did, he would be a zombie all day as his mind replayed the fucking of the night before.

His mother would understand, he knew. Besides, it was so nice lying there in the bed that had been the location of the sublime ecstasy. And the perfume of his mother's body still lingered.

For hours, Dave lay there thinking about the fucking he'd done. He also wondered if he would get another chance at his mother's cunt. But even if he didn't, he would always have the memory of their marathon fucking.

When hunger drove Dave from bed in the afternoon, his prick was still stiff. He knew he couldn't jerk off, though. He didn't think he could jerk off ever again. Not after knowing the bliss of his mother's pussy.

When it was time for school to get out for the day, Dave dressed and went out. He thought he would look for his friends. But he knew he couldn't tell them about his mother. And looking for Mary or the other girls he'd always wanted to fuck wouldn't be much fun now either.

So Dave wandered around where he wouldn't meet anyone. He was still talking about the fucking he'd done. Making himself comfortable in the dark, he tried again to recreate every second of the joy he'd experienced.

Before long, it was time for his mother to get home. Now Dave's cock was throbbing. He wanted to be home to greet her with his naked prick.

He got home before his mother. Undressing, he climbed back into her bed. Lying there with the sheet held high over his body by his stiff prick, he waited to hear her drive in the driveway. To amuse himself, he thought again about how he and his mother had spent the previous night.

When he finally heard his mother's car outside, the tent of the sheet began rising and falling, pumping air out past Dave's face.

"Don't tell me you haven't been out of bed all day?" Jean said when she entered the room.

"I did get up for a while," Dave said. "But I didn't go to school. You're not mad, are you?"

"No, but don't try to take advantage of me now that you're my stud," Jean said as she began peeling her clothes off.

Watching her son's cock bounce under the sheet, she stripped quickly.

Dave felt as much excitement now as he had the night before. The sight of such a sexy body doesn't wear off so soon he learned.

Jean slipped under the covers with her son. They shoved themselves together in the middle of the bed. In a few seconds they were as hot and excited as they had been the night before. But this time, Dave vowed to keep a cooler head. He wanted to study his mother's body and learn its secrets.

To begin his lessons, he wrapped his hand around her cunt. The tip of his middle finger rested at the loose lips near the rear corner of the gash. There, warm, slippery juice was already seeping.

Bending his finger, Dave moved it between those lips. Now he could feel the satiny lining of that slot. The inner lips met his finger with wiggling softness.

"M-m-m-m," Jean moaned at the joy of having her pussy played with.

Exploring, Dave came across a peculiar ridge of flesh near the top of the slot. When he touched it, his mother immediately jerked her body and grunted. Then Dave wiggled his finger, and the wiggling was transmitted through Jean's entire body.

Dave had discovered the clit in Mary's cunt when he had made his first foray into that territory. And he was gad to see that his mother reacted the same way the younger girl had.

And making his own mother shiver with passion gave him a bigger thrill than doing the same to a chick his own age.

"Oh, Dave, Dave, oh-h-h-h-h-h!" Jean cried as her son filled her with sexual rapture.

As Dave examined his mother's cunt, he became more and more interested. He knew that his fingers could never tell him all he wanted to know. He would have to look into it.

With a wave of his arm, he threw the sheet off them. Then he began sliding down the gorgeous curves of her body.

As he neared his destination, Jean spread her legs in anticipation. Dave climbed between her legs and stared at the junction. Already, the musky odor of her honey pot was intoxicating him.

Dave saw how the hair on his mother's pussy thinned out down between her thighs. There, the lips were almost bald, so the slot showed clearly.

Below her pussy, her twin ass-cheeks looked like ripe fruit. But it was her cunt that fascinated the boy.

He put his fingers to the sides of his mother's pussy, spreading the slot. It opened as though it really wanted to. And there before his staring eyes was the revealed beauty of her cunt.

Dave studied the shape of the inner lips and how they lined the entrance to the cavern. He saw how those inner lips came together at the top of the slot where they hid her clit.

But the most exciting feature of her cunt was the hole. Dave could see darkness beyond the opening. With two fingers he spread the inner lips. Shiny, silken skin lined that chamber. And because it was wet, it glistened and shown.

"I love to be looked at like this," Jean said. "It's so exciting!"

Dave looked up at his mother's face and smiled. He was relieved, for he was afraid she might not like him peering up her cunt. But she was proving to be more kinky than he'd ever imagined.

Dave stuck his finger into her soaking tunnel. And although he'd had his finger in there before, actually seeing it disappear up that cave was fabulously exciting.

"Oh-h-h-h," Jean sighed and shivered. "You know what else I love?"

Dave felt a hot flush cross his face. Somehow, he knew what his mother was going to say. And it made his heart pound.

"I love having my cunt licked," Jean said, just as Dave had expected.

Staring into her cunt was one thing. But sticking his tongue in there was something else. Not that the idea didn't thrill Dave. His head was spinning with passion.

Yet there was something about actually lapping a pussy that made him pause. But if his mother wanted it, he knew he would give it to her. After all, she had given him heaven itself.

Slowly, Dave lowered his head. As the odor of simmering pussy-squeezings grew stronger, Dave's mouth began to water so much he actually drooled. His saliva fell into the waiting gash where it mixed with the wetness there.

When he was close enough to lick the pussy, Dave was getting a better look than he'd expected. And it was a gorgeous sight.

He noticed how his mother's ass, below her drooling cunt, was wet with leaked juice. Hut the time for looking had passed. Now was the time for action.

"Go ahead, honey," she said softly. "I think you'll like it."

Dave thought he'd like it too. But when he touched that wet, slippery cuntal interior, he found he loved it.

The taste was delicious-like the smell, but better. And feeling that slippery flesh under his tongue was great too. But the best part was the kinkiness of it.

"A-a-a-a-a-a-h-h-h-h!" Jean cried.

Dave never heard his mother make such a deep, satisfied sound. Cunt-lapping was something very special, he realized.

While he moved his tongue around in her cunt, Dave looked up over his mother's belly. Beyond her rolling tits, he could see her face. She had her head turned to one side, and her face was the picture of pure bliss.

Jean had arched her back, her arms were raised over her head, and her hips moved in a slow, sensuous dance. She had her legs spread wide, her knees pulled up, her feet wagging in mid-air.

"Oh, Dave," she moaned. "That's great, heavenly! Um-m-m-m-m."

Dave followed the motion of his mother's hips with his face. His tongue moved everywhere his fingers had gone. Of course, he couldn't reach as high up her tunnel with his tongue, but he tried.

He covered her cunt with broad strokes. Then he used the tip of his tongue to trace the inner lips. His mother seemed, to like it best, though, when he stuck his tongue into her tunnel and wiggled it.

That was only the case until he put his tongue to work on her clit, however. When he licked that little bud, his mother's hips went wild. She began moving her hips as she had when his prick was in there.

"You're a great cunt-lapper!" Jean said. "Oh-h-h!"

Dave wanted to tell his mother how much he loved lapping her. But he had to be quiet for the moment. But he knew he was letting her know by the way he was throwing himself into the cunt-sucking.

When his tongue began to ache from the exertion, Dave concentrated on her clit. He remembered how he had brought Mary off by rubbing her cunt with his finger. So, he reasoned, he should be able to make his mother come by rubbing her cunt with his tongue.

And as he fluttered his tongue over that hard kernel, it soon became clear that he was right. In no time, she was bucking and throwing her body around in a tit of orgasmic energy.

"Y-y-y-yeah," she grunted. "Oh, Dave, I'm c-c-coming!"

Rut Dave knew that. He was still watching her over the horizon of her belly. He could see how she held her tits in her own hands, and how she threw her head from side to side. Sweat was glistening all over her like diamonds.

Then Jean began thrusting her hips so violently that Dave was thrown from her crotch.

"N-o-o-o-o!" Jean screamed. "Don't stop!"

She forced herself to be still while the boy regained his hold. He put his tongue back to work. But Jean wasn't able to take much more. With a squeal, she pushed his face from her cunt.

"That's enough," she said. "Oh, my God! That was fantastic."

Sucking his mother's aunt had driven Dave to the brink of horny insanity. His prick felt as though it was about to burst. And he was eager to get it into his mother's soggy cunt.

But when he mounted her, she gave him a surprise.

"Oh, my cunt's too tender to fuck now," she said. "But I have an idea."

Jean lifted her knees to her tits. Her crotch rolled up, exposing her little asshole. But Dave didn't get the message until she reached down and spread her cheeks.

"Fuck my ass," she whispered.

Dave had been surprised when his mother asked him to eat her. So this request almost knocked him over.

"You don't have to if you don't want to," Jean said when she saw how shocked the boy was. "But I think you might like it."

Dave thought he might like it too. But it was such a kinky idea that it took him a while to accept it.

Looking at that tight aperture made it more inviting, though. He wondered how it would feel to sink his prick in that narrow chamber.

Jean's asshole was covered with a mixture of saliva and cunt-juice. There wouldn't be any trouble sliding his prick in, he thought.

"Yet, okay," Dave finally said.

"Good," Jean said. "I like to feel a fat prick up my ass every now and then. It feels so good."

Dave brought his prick to her asshole, aiming at that tiny target. Jean held her cheeks spread.

Looking down, Dave saw below her empty cunt how his fat prick-knob pressed on the tight hole. Although his cock was rock-hard, at first it merely throbbed against his mother's second entrance.

Then, suddenly, his prick began to sink into it. Dave watched as his prick was devoured.

"H-hah-h-h-h," Jean gasped as her ass was stuffed.

"Ah-h-h-h," Dave sighed at the peculiar sensation.

When his lips were leaning against his mother's ass-cheeks, Dave knew that this was going to be a real treat. Having his prick in his mother's ass was very different from sticking it up her cunt. Her ass held his cock fighter. And since it was drier in this slot, there was more friction.

And, of course, the mere idea of doing something so wild made the sensations all the more exciting.

Dave began pulling and pushing his prick. It slid back and forth in that tight grip of ass-sleeve. What a fabulous experience, the boy thought.

Supporting himself on straight arms, Dave managed to keep watching the action at his mother's asshole. His cock would appear and disappear. The snug pit stretched around his invading cock, tugging and stroking him.

And all the while, Jean's cunt stared up, empty and gaping, at Dave. Looking at her hollow pussy kept reminding him that he was doing something so weird that he'd never even thought of it before.

"Oh-h-h-h-h, Dave," Jean cried. "I love it! I love feeling your huge prick up my ass!"

It didn't take long for Dave to feel his gism rushing. Then he was filling his mother's ass with it. Dave noticed how the gism made his prick slide with a different sensation suddenly. But his brain was short-circuiting with ecstasy, and he was only aware of the sensations through a cloud of joy.

When his prick had been emptied of every drop of gism, Dave stopped sliding it back and forth. But it left it in that tight tube while he smiled warmly at his mother.

"Gee, Mom," he said. "You sure do have some great ideas."

Jean laughed. "You'll have plenty ideas yourself when you've been thinking about fucking for as many years as I have. Now pull your prick out slowly so it doesn't hunt."

Dave withdrew from his mother's asshole and snuggled up beside her. With a mother like this, he thought, he would be a champion fucker in no time.


The next time Dave was with Bob and Jim he found himself in a typical conversation about chicks and fucking. He couldn't tell his friends about his fun at home, so he kept quiet. After all, one slip of the tongue and his incest might be known.

But when Jim suggested going back to Gloriosky Gloria's place, Dave said no. After all, Gloria had been alright in a desperate situation. But now that he had one of the sexiest chicks in town at his disposal, he could hardly bring himself to fuck Gloria again.

And Dave hated to see his friends wasting their time on that old whore, too.

"What do you want to fuck her for when there are so many nice chicks around?" he asked.

"So many nice virgins, you mean," Jim said.

"Yeah, I know," Dave agreed. "But it's up to us to get those virgins laid."

"I'd rather fuck Gloria than waste my time with those tight-assed cunts," Bob said.

"Well, you guys can fuck old Gloriosky, but count me out," Dave told them.

"What makes you so particular all of the sudden?" Jim asked.

Oh, how Dave wished he could tell them. He was proud of his new girl friend, even though she was his mother. And he knew all his friends would be mad with jealousy. He knew too, that each of them would be gad to fuck his mother if she looked like his.

But Dave stuck to his secret. And he remained adamant about going back to Gloria's.

"Well, do you have any other suggestions?" Bob asked him.

"We could go over to Barb's. The chicks all hang out over there on Saturdays," Dave said.

"Dave, have you forgotten?" Jim asked. "We've been there. We've necked with those cunts till our balls ached. No thanks."

"Yeah, I know," Dave said. "But maybe we've been doing something wrong. After all, chicks like to fuck -- at least some of them do. Maybe if we make them ask for it we'd do better."

"Yeah, sure," Bob said. "What are you going to do? Twist their arms? They'd probably rather lose an arm than let us fuck them."

"Well, I'd still rather take my chances over there than go back to Gloria," Dave said. "That old whore was alright once, but twice would be pathetic."

Dave could tell the guys were listening and paying attention to what he said. He didn't know it, but he was speaking with the authority of experience.

"Come on," Dave said. "Let's take a walk over to Barb's. We'll talk about strategy on the way."

To Dave's surprise, his friends agreed. He was feeling very much in control, but he didn't know why. He thought fucking was merely fucking; he didn't know that it made him more confident and worldly in the eyes of his buddies.

"We'll get the chicks necking," Dave said as they walked along. "But when they stop us from gabbing a tit or cunt or whatever, we stop everything. Just make sure they're breathing hard before you go for their tits."

"But that's what always happens," Jim said.

"No it isn't," Dave said. "When they stop us, we keep trying. That way, they can still have the fun of being kissed and pursued without giving up anything."

"I don't know," Bob said. "It sounds like I'm going to have aching balls again."

"Well, it could be worse," Dave said. "You could fall in love with Gloriosky."

The boys laughed. But they didn't have much hope of Dave's plan working out. He sounded as though he knew what he was talking about, though, so they went ahead.

At Barb's house, the boys found Sue, Fran and Barb. But soon after they arrived, Mary and Beth showed up.

When Dave saw Mary his prick began stiffening. He remembered how he thought he was going to fuck her, but wound up with a hand job. At the time it was fantastic, but now it seemed like small potatoes. Still, he would like another crack at her.

Now there were five chicks and three guys, though. But after some fooling around, Sue and Fran said they were leaving. With three and three, the boys began to get hopeful.

Bob went right over to Barb and sat down. His arm went around her shoulders. They kissed with the others looking on. Teenagers aren't used to having privacy anyway, so necking could go on even with an audience.

But Dave knew that privacy would be necessary if he were really going to score. So he stood up and motioned for Mary to go with him. He led her into the kitchen.

"I've been hoping I'd run into you," he told her. "Didn't your mother tell you I called?"

"Yeah, I'm sorry I missed you," Mary said. "But that was over a week ago."

"Yeah, well, I've been busy this past week," Dave said. "But it's still nice seeing you."

He stepped toward her and put his hands on her hips. She leaned into his arms. They kissed like lovers who'd been parted for years.

With this young chick in his arms, Dave knew that his mother wasn't enough. He needed other chicks too -- chicks his own age. After conquering his mother's body, he was looking for new cunts to stake his claim on.

As their tongues intertwined, Dave and Mary pressed their bodies together. Dave was surprised at how firm Mary's tits seemed now that he was used to his mother's. And she was shorter than his mother, and she smelled differently. Dave found himself getting as excited as he used to get in his virginal days.

But he also knew that he was handling this chick differently than he had the last time they were together. He couldn't know for sure, but his technique had changed since he'd gathered some experience.

And Mary seemed to be responding to him differently, too. She seemed to be melting in his embrace.

"Let's go find a comfortable bedroom," Dave said.

Mary didn't reply, but he knew she would follow him anywhere.

The last time he led this chick to a bedroom, he had been just as excited as he was now. But he felt more confident now. And he knew he wasn't going to settle for a hand job.

Dave didn't waste any time reaching for one of her tits. It surprised him to find out how he'd forgotten the size and firmness of them. But the only tits he'd handled lately had been his mother's. So holding Mary's huge jugs was as thrilling as it had been the first time.

"Let's lie down," Dave said.

Again Mary silently obeyed. Dave reached under her jersey for a handful of naked tit.

So far so good, he thought. But he wouldn't go any further until she was panting. And then he would continue only as long as she didn't try to limit him. Dave was determined to take his own advice.

For a long, leisurely time, Dave and Mary lay there, tasting each other's tongues. Gradually, she began to breathe harder. But Dave wasn't losing his head as he used to. It was only when she was covering his face with her hot breath that he lifted her jersey to suck her tits.

It was terrific to have a different pair of boobs to play with. Dave found that he could do entirely different things with these firmer tits than he could do with his mother's. For instance, he could kiss all wound them without lifting them off the ribs on which they reclined. And he could nuzzle his face between them and feel them on each of his ears.

When Mary was hot and writhing slightly, Dave thought he would move on. But he was going to be cool about it.

"Pull down your pants," he whispered. "I'll pull down mine."

He could have unfastened the girl's pants like he'd done last time. But he wanted her, to know that he wasn't fooling around.

Mary looked at him strangely. She hadn't expected him to say that. But Dave just smiled at her as he unbuckled his belt.

Dave had his cock out by the time Mary began unbuttoning her pants. But then she hurried to catch up. Remembering how she had resisted baring her cunt the last time, Dave couldn't help being optimistic.

Mary opened her pants, but didn't pull them down. She looked at Dave with sad eyes, as if to say, "I'd like to pull down my pants myself, but I'm a virgin and shy."

But Dave didn't mind giving her some help. He grabbed the top of her jeans and Mary lifted her ass from the bed. And her pants came down. And down they went until they were off her feet. After all, if she was going to get fucked, she would have to be able to spread her legs.

Mary lay with her legs closed, knees bent to one side. She covered her hairy mound with one hand, but not protectively, merely in modesty.

Dave snuggled closer, pressing his stiff and burning cock to her wide hip. Then he slipped his hand between her mound and her own hand.

As they kissed again, Dave pressed his fingers between her thighs. Mary let her legs sag opened, exposing her wet cunt to Dave's strong fingers.

"I've been thinking about since the last time," he said.

"I've been thinking about you, too, Dave. And I couldn't forget how your prick looked when the white stuff came out of it."

Dave realized that she was at least willing to jerk him off again. But he promised himself that he wouldn't settle for less than a genuine fuck. And if she didn't let him fuck her, he wasn't going to rub her off. Let her do that herself, he thought.

Dave slipped a finger into Mary's cunt. She gasped and spread her legs wider. He could tell immediately that her cunt was tighter than his mother's -- and his mother's was pretty tight. It was going to be nice getting his prick in there!

"Hold my cock," he said softly.

Mary reached over and took the throbbing beast in her small hand.

"I love the way it twitches," she said. "It feels like it has a life of its own."

"It does," Dave said. "And a mind of its own, too."

Dave reached higher up Mary's cunt. Then he added another finger to the one already in there. Yes it was a tight pussy, all right. But it could hold his prick, Dave thought.

"Oh-h-h-h-h," Mary moaned. "That feels so good!"

Her hand began sliding the skin back and forth on Dave's prick. It wasn't easy for him to stop her. It felt terrific, but he didn't want to get suckered into a hand job again.

"Don't do that," Dave said. "It'll make me come. Just hold it, squeeze it, but don't jerk me off."

Dave saw Mary look at him from the corner of her eye. She was beginning to get the message.

And Dave was taking it easy on her cunt, too. He wasn't going to bring her off until his prick was pumping in her juicy snatch where his fingers now dallied.

He moved his fingers around inside her, exploring and enjoying the terrain. He also massaged the wiggly inner lips and tickled her asshole.

Dave was keeping track of Mary's passion. She was now breathing hard and her cunt was flowing freely. But her hips weren't writhing. Maybe he'd scared her by telling her not to jerk him off. Now she knew what he wanted.

Dave slid his finger through the slippery flesh of her cunt to her clit. He began massaging it gently. And Mary began responding.

"Oh-h-h-h-h, oh-h-h-h-h!" she gasped. "Dave, that's sooooo nice!"

Now her hips were moving. Dave felt her wiggling, then pumping her hips. And her breathing increased too. Her hand was still wrapped around his prick, but in her passion, she could only hold on.

"Oh-h-h-h-h!" Mary cried in an agonized voice. That was Dave's cue. She couldn't get much more excited without coming, he thought.

Dave took his hand from her cunt. And as he did, he saw the girl's eyes open wide. Did she know what was coming? She must have, Dave realized. Yet she hadn't stopped him.

He began to mount her. She looked up at him with a strange expression. Dave recognized the look of combined shock and lust. She knew she was going to get fucked, and there was nothing she could do about it.

"No, Dave. Don't!" she gasped.

Dave amazed himself with his next move. He rolled off her, sinking onto the bed beside her.

"But don't stop!" Mary cried. "Came on, Dave. Rub me off."

"No," he said. "That's kid stuff. If you want to fuck, I'd love to fuck you. But you'll have to rub yourself off if that's what you're into."

"Oh-h-h-h," Mary moaned.

Dave was in a fit of desperate passion himself. But even if he had to hobble home to his mother to relieve his aching nuts, he wouldn't rub this chick off -- or let her jerk him off.

"Come on, Mary. You'll love it," Dave urged in a soft voice.

He saw the girl reach for her own cunt. It occurred to him that watching her jerk herself off would be fun. And if she didn't do it, he would have to ask his mother to do it for him sometime.

Mary's hand stopped before reaching her pussy, though. She was looking at the ceiling, her body writhing slightly.

"It'll be great for both of us," Dave said.

He had put his hand on the girl's thigh. But he refused to touch her cunt except with his prick.

"Okay," Mary said. "Fuck me. Hurry."

Dave smiled. But he didn't hurry. Slowly, he got into position between Mary's legs. She was looking into his face with passion now. Then, using all the skill his mother had taught him, Dave threaded his prick between the wet and eager lips of her cunt.

The expression on Mary's face as she felt his prick entering her would live forever in Dave's memory. He could not tell that she was surprised at the sensation. And at the same time, he could read a message of grateful delight on her pretty features.

"M-m-m-m-m!" she moaned desperately. "Oh, God!"

When his prick was sunk to the hilt in Mary's cunt, Dave let it lie there twitching. Her pussy was gripping it as though it had been waiting a long time for the chance.

Then, ever so slowly, Dave lifted his hips, sliding his cock out until its collar wore Mary's inner lips like a necktie. And Mary's face registered every bit of ecstasy that movement gave her.

Down went Dave's hips and his prick stuffed her again. And as it did, it squeezed a tone of pure bliss from her mouth.

"M-m-m-m-m, m-m-m-m-m, oh-h-h-h-h," Mary sang as Dave fucked her.

"How do you like it?" he asked breathlessly. "I love it!" Mary cried. "I love it!" Dave let his weight rest on Mary's huge tits as his ass rose and fell. His prick moved expertly, making a circular motion every now and again as his mother taught him.

Before long Mary went wild. She had more energy than Jean, if less finesse. Her hips jerked up to meet Dave's down-stroke. But she would lose the rhythm, her desperation getting the best of her.

But Dave loved riding that bucking bronco of a virgin. He had never imagined a chick going so crazy about a fucking. But then he was going crazy himself. Even after all the fucking he'd done with his mother, he was still capable of losing his mind to ecstasy.

"Oh, Dave!" Mary cried. "This is wonderful! Wonderful! Oh-h-h!"

"Y-yeah, I know," Dave gasped. "Oh, I've wanted to fuck you for so long."

"I think I'm coming," Mary said. "But I've never come like this before."

Dave rammed his prick deeply, then withdrew it as far as he could without letting it pop out. His rhythm was fast and steady. But most important, it was powerful.

Suddenly, Mary began shivering. And her voice broke into a quavering wail. She was coming, Dave knew. He kept fucking with the same steady rhythm although the girl was going wild beneath him.

"E-e-e-e-o-o-o-o-w-w-w-w!" she screamed.

"I'm going to come too!" Dave gasped.

With Mary's tight cunt milking his prick, his orgasm was going to be fantastic -- at least as strong as any his mother had given him.

"Ah-h-h, ah-h-h-h, ah-h-h-h!" he cried with every stroke.

Both fuckers writhed and jerked as they were devoured by delirious rapture. Their hips kept thrusting automatically. They held their sweating faces together. Mary's tits provided a cushion between their heaving chests.

When they finally stopped, they were both glad that things had worked out as they had.

"I don't know why I didn't do this long ago," Mary said. "It was so good!"

"Yeah, I wish we'd fucked long ago too," Dave said.

Dave was thinking about all the horniness he and his friends had gone through just because girls like Mary wanted to keep their virginity.

But Dave also felt proud of himself for overcoming Mary's reluctance. He wondered how his buddies were doing. And he wondered if they had taken his advice.

After lying around with Mary for a while, Dave suggested that they get dressed. Ordinarily he would have liked to fuck a second time. But now he was eager to tell his friends of his success and see if they had done as well.

They dressed and left the bedroom. At first the house seemed empty. But then the sounds of someone in a sexual fit came to them.

Looking at each other with a smile, they shared the happiness of knowing that they weren't the only ones who were willing to enjoy themselves.

"It's coming from that room," Mary said pointing to a door nearby.

"Should we peek?" Dave asked.

"Why not?" Mary said.

They tiptoed to the door and bent down. Being a gentleman, Dave let Mary have the first peek. She put her eye to the keyhole, then motioned to Dave to have a look.

Through the keyhole, Dave saw Bob and Barb on a bed. Bob was kneeling, facing Barb, who was reclining on a few pillows. But they weren't even touching each other. Bob had his own prick in his hand, jerking off and Barb was rubbing her cunt.

As they each took care of their own pleasure, they moaned and grunted as though they were fucking.

It was an exciting sight, Dave thought. But he felt sorry for Bob. It could be worse though. He could be home jerking off with a magazine.

Mary and Dave went into the living room to wait for the others. When they were all back in the living room, Dave suggested to his friends that they leave.

They said good-bye to the girls, promising to call them again.

"Well, how'd you guys do?" Dave asked.

"Great," Jim said. "I did just what you said, Dave. When Beth tried to stop me from grabbing her tit, I grabbed her cunt instead. Then, she pulled my hand away from her cunt, but I put it right back. Finally, she was so hot, she let me finger-fuck her."

Jim passed his finger around for his friends to sniff.

"That's not what I said to do," Dave said. "Oh well, at least I fingered her," Jim said. "What happened with Barb?" Dave asked Bob, even though he'd seen what happened through the keyhole.

"Well, it was pretty good," Bob said. "I didn't get fucked. But she, ah -- she gave me a hand job."

"Wow!" Jim said, impressed.

Dave didn't say anything. His friends would have to help themselves to get fucked. Or maybe their mothers would help them.

"What happened to you and Mary?" Bob asked Dave.

"I fucked her!" Dave said.

"Really?" his friends asked.

"Yup, I took my own advice and it worked perfectly," Dave said.

He told them all about his fucking with Mary. Telling them was fun, but he was already looking forward to getting home to his mother.


When Dave got home he found something he hadn't expected. As soon as he walked into the door, sounds of passion filled his ears. There had been a time when sounds like those would have excited him. He would have wanted to investigate and peek.

But after fucking Mary and then peeking at Bob and Barb jerking off, he was hardly in the mood to peek at his mother fucking.

And Dave was also experiencing his first jealousy. Of course, his mother never said she wouldn't fuck other guys. And he'd just fucked another chick. Still, he wished he could go to his mother now and fall into her embrace.

Dave went to his room. But the sounds reached him there too. He was getting angry that his mother had brought a guy home to their house -- the house where their lust reigned.

But despite his anger and jealousy, Dave couldn't help getting excited by the sounds. And as he listened, he tried to picture what was going on.

He could hear his mother's voice crying out in delicious passion. But she sounded different somehow. When he fucked or sucked her, her cries were deeper, more resonant. Dave couldn't help wondering what was going on to make his mother sound so different. Was she getting fucked in some new way.

Despite himself, Dave got horny enough to want to solve the puzzle. He went to his mother's door and put his ear against it. The moans were louder, but he couldn't tell why more than he already knew.

There might be a chance of his looking into her window, he thought. So with his hard prick throbbing in his jeans, Dave went outside. He wandered over to his mother's bedroom window, looking around to make sure none of the neighbors were watching.

When he saw that his mother's window was open, his heart leapt. Near the window, the sounds could be heard again. Now they were louder, more desperate, and sounding less than ever like his mother.

The shade had been pulled down, but a breeze was holding it away from the screen. The closer Dave got, the more he began to hope he'd see something.

He took a quick look around again for nosy neighbors. Seeing none, he moved his face to the window. As he peered into the dim light of the bedroom, he had a suspicion that he was going to find something particularly kinky.

Just as his eyes began to focus through the screen, Dave simultaneously guessed and saw what was going on. But although he had guessed it at the last moment, the sight was still incredible.

He could see two naked bodies on the bed. A woman lying back, and someone between her legs with her face pressed to the junction of those legs. But the woman lying back wasn't his mother. He'd never seen her before.

His mother was curled up between that strange chick's legs, sucking her cunt. Dave pressed his face closer. He knew that the screen was going to leave a gray pattern on his forehead, but that didn't matter.

Not since peeking into the girls' locker room at school had Dave seen anything that excited him so much.

Dave watched the strange woman moaning in lust. No wonder the sounds weren't familiar, Dave thought. His mother was moving her head slowly in a nod. Dave could see that his mother was giving that chick a leisurely cunt lapping.

Dave didn't know if he was less jealous now that he knew it was another chick in bed with his mother rather than a man. But he did know that he was very excited.

He stepped up on a stump near the window so he could get a better look. And although the window shade would slap against the screen occasionally to block his view, he could see enough.

The woman his mother was sucking was great looking she had small but beautiful tits. And as she had her cunt licked, she would grab her own tits and squeeze them. Then she would release her tits and wrap her anus around her head. It was obvious that she was in an extreme state of passion.

Suddenly, Dave's foot slipped from the stump he was standing on. He felt himself going down. Then he was lying on the ground in a heap. But he heard himself grunt as he hit the ground, and he guessed that he might not be the only one who heard.

Sure enough, his mother was suddenly looking down at him from the window.

"Dave, what are you doing?" Jean asked. "Come on in here."

Dave looked up at his mother. He was speechless. But what did she mean by telling him to come in? he wondered.

"What?" he asked. He was still dazed by the fall.

"I said come in here," Jean repeated. "We've been waiting for you."

Waiting for him? Wow. Dave jumped up and strode to the back door.

His jealousy had evaporated. Now he was full of kinky expectation. Every time he thought he'd done everything there was to do, his mother came up with something else. Was there no end to her perverted imagination?

When he got to his mother's bedroom door, Dave felt a pang of shyness. After all, he was about to meet a sexy, naked chick whom he'd never seen before.

"This is Karen," Jean said as Dave came into the room, "She works at the office with me."

"Hi," Dave said to the woman on the bed.

"Hello, Dave," Karen said. "Your mother has told me a lot about you."

That was obvious. If his mother was inviting him to join them, she must have told this new chick about their incest.

When Jean had gone to the window, Karen had begun tickling her own cunt. And that's what she was doing when Dave entered the room.

"Get undressed, honey," Jean said as she climbed back onto the bed.

Jean got into her cunt-lapping position again as Dave pulled his clothes off. Being in the same room with his mother while she was sucking another woman's cunt was pretty kinky even for an experienced kid like Dave. He was more excited than he'd been in a while -- at least an hour. When Dave was naked, he went to the bed. But he didn't know exactly what to do.

Karen noticed the boy's confusion. She held her arms out to him and Dave climbed into her embrace. They kissed.

Lying next to this newcomer while his mother lapped at her cunt was wild. Dave grabbed one of Karen's small, firm tits, once again thrilling to the infinite variety those fruits came m.

"I've been lacking forward to meeting you for a long time," Karen said as she took Dave's prick into a tight grip.

Dave looked down to Karen's crotch where his mother's eyes could be seen just over the hairy mound. His mother seemed to be smiling at him with her eyes. Dave smiled back.

Then the boy sank down onto Karen's body. His prick was taken from her, but he didn't mind. He took one entire tit into his mouth.

"Oh, Jean, your son really is good, just as you said." Karen purred.

Now Dave felt another hand on his prick. While sucking Karen, his mother had grabbed his cock. Dave was learning that two chicks were more than twice as good as one.

It was great having Karen's tit in his mouth. It was small enough for him to gobble up in its entirety. And the nipple was harder than any he'd ever sucked.

But before long, he was sliding farther down Karen's body. Dave moved beside his mother between Karen's legs. He nuzzled his face into Karen's crotch beside his mother's sucking face.

"Oh, this is spectacular!" Karen moaned as she spread her legs as wide as she could.

Jean moved over, giving Dave a chance to get a few licks into Karen's cunt. They took turns lapping her oozing pussy. When Dave was licking Karen, his mother would nibble at his ear. Then Dave would do the same for his mother when she stuck her tongue into Karen's cunt.

Taking turns like that, they brought Karen to a state of writhing rapture. And as they licked Karen's cunt, Dave and Jean had their hands in each other's crotches.

"O-o-o-o-o, ah-h-h-h-h," Karen moaned.

Jean relinquished her position at Karen's cunt, leaving it to Dave's hungry mouth. Why take turns when there was plenty for everyone? Jean thought.

Jean swiveled around on her ass, sticking her crotch in Karen's face and bringing her own face to Dave's prick.

Dave watched his mother out of the corner of his eye as he kept lapping Karen's cunt. He was proud to be that sexy bitch's son. Then he felt his mother take his prick into her hands. After squeezing his cock lovingly, he felt her hot mouth on it.

While sucking her son's prick, Jean had presented her pussy to Karen. And although Karen was in a fit of passion, she put her face to the offered cunt and began licking.

Now all three of them were connected face-to-crotch. They sucked and licked each other happily and eagerly. Every now and again, a muffled gasp or moan could be heard.

Dave knew that Karen was closing in on her orgasm. So he tried to keep his licks away from her clit. But Karen was too far gone. Her hips were jerking and she was trying to grind her clit into Dave's mouth.

"N-n-n-n-n," Dave heard Karen moaning into his mother's cunt.

Dave had no choice but to bring Karen off. Making her wait any longer would just spoil her climax. So he put his tongue to work on her clit. Karen went wild.

Dave could see Karen over the fuzzy curve of her cunt and although her head was hidden between his mother's thighs, he saw how her orgasm was making her quake.

Suddenly, Karen lifted her face from Jean's pussy and let out a desperate wail of joy. But being a skillful lover, she replaced her crying mouth with her hand in Jean's cunt. That way, Jean's journey to her own climax wouldn't be interrupted.

"Oh-h-h-h-h, God!" Karen moaned.

But then, as soon as she was able, Karen put her face back into Jean's cunt.

Dave let up on his licking since Karen had already hit her peak. He began relaxing and enjoying the thrill of his mother's mouth on his prick.

"Wow," Dave said to Karen. "It was great watching you come."

In response, Karen reached down to his face and stroked his cheek. And all the while she kept sucking Jean's cunt.

Dave could feel how his mother's sucking on his cock was getting more eager as she neared her own climax. Her mouth was chomping on his prick, her tongue lashing it like a crazed snake. And Jean was making whimpering sounds in her throat as Karen drilled her tongue into her cunt. Dave could feel the vibrations of his mother's moans in his prick as she sucked him.

Dave loved lying back with his prick in his mother's mouth, watching Karen suck her cunt. He saw his mother's body begin to twitch as she was about to explode. Her tits quivered and her hips shook. And her face around the cock sticking into her mouth was distorted in an expression of extreme joy.

But Jean wasn't going to bring Dave off in her mouth. With the two chicks to fuck, Dave was glad. He would need all his gism for their cunts.

"M-m-m-m-m," Jean hummed on her son's prick as she came.

Jean lifted her mouth from Dave's prick, leaving it jerking desperately. Then Jean moved beside Karen, hugging and kissing her.

With his prick throbbing, Dave couldn't imagine a better sight, two lusty chicks in each other's arms. And their cunts were waiting for him.

But before filling either of those soaking slots, Dave looked them over. He made himself comfortable among the chicks' tangled legs. Putting a hand on each cunt, he studied the differences between them.

Both women spread their legs wider, letting Dave explore deeply into their pussies. And Dave loved having a finger in each of them.

"Fuck me," both chicks said at the same time.

They laughed at the coincidence.

"Fuck your mother first," Karen said. "I can wait."

"No, honey," Jean said. "Let Karen have your prick first. After all, she's our guest."

Although Dave had been doing a lot of fucking lately, he hadn't had two cunts handed to him like this before. He thought there must be a special way to take advantage of this wild situation.

"I can fuck you both," he said. "Just put your cunts together."

Jean and Karen looked at each other. The kid had a kinky idea, and they loved it. So Jean got on top of Karen as though she were going to fuck her. And as they kissed and crushed their tits together, Dave looked between their stacked-up crotches. Two cuntal mouths drooled in anticipation of his cock.

Dave crawled between their legs and brought his twitching tool to the cunts. He leaned on his mother's ass, and stuck his prick up her tunnel.

"Oh-h-h-h," Jean moaned into Karen's mouth as she felt her son filling her pussy.

But Dave didn't pump his prick into that familiar cuntal embrace. Rather, he let it lie there, then pulled it out. Then, lowering his hips slightly, he brought his prick to the cunt beneath. When he sank his cock in that pussy, he found that Karen's was a tight one. She squeezed his prick with the well-trained muscles in her snatch.

But Dave didn't pump his prick into that slot either.

He pulled it out, and put it back into his mother's cunt. Having his prick milked by one cunt after the other was a thrill he'd never had before.

Back and forth his prick moved. Into and out of one cunt, then the other. And each time he entered one of those pussies, a different voice let out a happy sound.

With a little practice, Dave was moving his prick quickly from cunt to cunt. He was fucking them both with a steady lunging, as though he were fucking only one. Of course the chicks were only getting half a fucking, but after having their cunts sucked, that was enough. Besides, they had the pleasure of their kissing and their tits mingling.

"Ah, ah, ah," Dave began grunting when his gism came to a boil.

He didn't want to interrupt his rhythm even though his first shot of gism was fired between plunges. And Karen felt that hot bullet hit her ass.

But the second shot was fired right into Karen's cunt. And she felt it and cried out in joy.

Dave gave each woman a fair share of his cum, even though he'd spilled a lot of it on their thighs and asses. Even when his prick had stopped firing, he kept it traveling between those cunts until it became too limp. Then he fell off the stack of asses.

The women kept kissing and rubbing their tits together though. Dave hadn't managed to give them another orgasm since he had to divide his fucking between them. But he wasn't worded. These lusty chicks could come any time they wanted.

And now they were ready to come again.

With Dave watching, they arranged themselves in a sixty-nine embrace. First they licked up the remains of Dave's orgasm. Then they put their tongues to work to give each other an orgasm.

By the time they finished moaning into each other's pussies, Dave was ready for more fucking. And so it went. It was hours before they got out of that bed.

Once again Dave had moved up the ladder of perverted experience.


Dave was sitting in the soda shop with Bob and Jim. They were talking, as usual, about chicks. Dave still hadn't told his friends about his fucking his mother. But now that his mother had brought Karen into their secret, he was wondering if he should.

But Dave had decided that he'd better ask his mother before he told his friends about them.

"The hand job that Barb gave me was great," Bob was saying. "But next time I think she'll..."

Bob had stopped talking suddenly. Dave and Jim looked at him and found him staring at something with bulging eyes. They spun around to see what had affected Bob so powerfully.

Dave was surprised to see his mother walking toward them. He was even more surprised to see how she was dressed. Of course she always dressed well and looked sexy. But Dave had never seen her looking like this.

Jean wore a broad smile. But it went almost unnoticed. Her tits showed clearly through a transparent blouse. The blouse wasn't buttoned. Its sides were tied together below her tits so it held them like a hammock. Her flat belly was bare. Her tight slacks were cut below her belly button.

"Hi, boys," Jean said as she wiggled up to them. They all said hello without taking their eyes from her huge tits.

"I thought it would be fun to have a cookout in the yard, Dave," Jean said. "And all you fellows are invited, too."

Dave immediately became suspicious. He never dreamed that his mother would want to fuck his friends, but he should have known better. And now there could be no doubt about what she was up to.

"So, see you all about five?" Jean said. "Don't be late."

The boys began muttering that they would be there and wouldn't be late. But the sight of this gorgeous woman still had them tongue-tied.

"Holy shit," Jim said. "I hope she wears that outfit at dinner."

"Yeah," Bob said. "God, what a sexy chick. Dave, I didn't know your mom was so beautiful. I've seen her a lot, but she never looked like that before."

"Well, I think it's a phase she's going through," Dave said.

For a long time, the conversation centered on Jean and her tits. Now Dave knew that it would be all right to tell his buddies about him and his mother. But he thought it would be more fun to let them be surprised. And they were going to be very surprised.

For the rest of the afternoon the guys hung around talking about fucking, chicks, and most of all, Jean. They couldn't wait until it was time to go over to Dave's.

"Why don't we go over to your place now?" Bob suggested. "We can shoot some baskets before dinner."

"You just want to ogle my mother's tits," Dave teased.

"Well, I can't say that I didn't like looking at them in the soda shop."

"Like looking at them?" Jim said. "Your eyeballs almost popped out."

"Yeah, and I suppose yours didn't?" Bob said. "Gee, Dave. How can you see that chick every day and not go out of your mind?" Jim asked.

"What do you mean?" Dave asked. "She's my mother, after all."

Jim shut up. But Dave could barely keep from laughing.

They went to Dave's early, but Jean wasn't there. They killed time by shooting baskets in the hoop Dave had on the garage. But their hearts weren't in it. Scarcely a basket was made. And the guys looked around expectantly every time a car was heard driving down the street.

Finally, Jean pulled into the driveway. She stopped the car well out of the way of the boys' basketball game. But she knew that the game was going to end when they saw her.

Climbing out of the car, Jean made sure her tits bounced playfully. But she hid them when she lifted the bags of groceries from the car.

"Here, let me help you with those," Bob said rushing to Jean.

"I'll help too," Jim said.

"Thanks," Jean said as she handed the bags over.

When the boys took the bags, Jean made sure her tits got in the way. And she loved the look on their faces as their fingers poked into her soft tits.

Jim and Bob carried the bags into the house. Dave hung back and walked beside his mother.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Jean asked Dave. "What could you be thinking?"

Dave shook his head in mock bewilderment. But he was smiling, and Jean could tell he was happy about what was about to happen.

"Don't be a prude," she whispered to her son. "This is going to be fun."

The boys put the bags on the table and were standing back waiting for Jean and her swaying tits. When she came in with Dave close behind, she noticed all eyes drop to her chest. Jean's cunt was already wet with the anticipation of all the hard cocks she was going to get to play with.

"Why don't you guys go out and start the fire," she said. "It has to burn a while before it's hot enough for the steaks."

Reluctantly, the boys went out. Jean watched them from the window. And she couldn't help taking her tits into her hands as she planned her strategy.

Dinner went as planned. The boys ate quite a lot in spite of their preoccupation with her tits. But Jean knew they were going to need their strength.

"There is ice cream and cake for dessert," she said. "Bob, would you help me take these dishes into the house?"

Bob jumped up eagerly. He filled his arms with the dishes Jean handed him. Then he followed Jean's swaying ass into the house.

Jean stood beside the boy as he emptied his arms of the dishes.

"You know, Bob," Jean said. "I've always thought you were very sexy."

Bob's jaw fell to his chest. But before he could lift it again, Jean stepped up to him and placed her opened mouth to his. Her tits flattened on his chest. It took the kid a few seconds to realize what was happening. But as soon as he did, his tongue responded and his hands went to Jean's tits.

But she disentangled herself from him. It was cruel, Jean knew, but she couldn't help enjoying the boy's horniness. Besides, she had to get Jim turned on, too.

"Here, take these clean dishes out," she said to the shocked boy.

When Bob left, Jean called Jim in.

Jim came into the kitchen and found Jean leaning against the refrigerator.

"Come here, honey," Jean said. "I couldn't help noticing that you've been staring at my tits all through dinner."

Jim looked even more shocked than Bob had. But before the poor kid turned and ran, Jean took his hands in hers and put them on her tits.

"And I've been watching your crotch," Jean said. Then she kissed him.

By the time she pulled her mouth from Jim's, Jean was ready. And she knew that the boys were. She went to the door and called Bob back. Then she grabbed Jim again.

Bob came into the room just as Jean was reaching for Jim's crotch. Jean held an arm out to Bob, and after hesitating a second, he rushed to her.

"Here, squeeze my tits," Jean gasped as she thrust her chest at the boys.

They filed their hands with her hanging tits. She kissed each of them in turn and reached for their pricks. She had been watching the boys' crotches, they'd been hard since she drove up the drive.

"Well, what would you like for dessert?" she asked. "Ice cream, cake, or me?"

The boys didn't answer. But Jean could tell by the way they were massaging her tits and kissing her face that they preferred her.

"Come with me," she said.

As she led them out of the kitchen and toward her bedroom, she called Dave.

Once in her room, she began stripping. She took her clothes off slowly, giving the boys a tease. When her tits were loose, she showed the boys how they could swing and jump. The boys thought about Gloria and the strip she'd done for them. But this was different. Besides being sexy, Jean was truly gorgeous.

She pulled her slacks down slowly. Now the boys could finally take their eyes from her tits. Her hairy mound could be seen through her undies.

"Aren't you boys going to undress?" she asked. Immediately, the boys began pulling their clothes off. Then Jean lowered that last garment, her tiny panties.

Keeping her eyes on the boys' amazed expressions, Jean backed to the bed and lay down. Spreading her arms and legs, she motioned to the boys with a curling finger. They ran to her, throwing themselves on top of her.

When Dave came in, he saw his mother lying under his friends. Their faces were buried in her tits, and their fingers were mingling in her spread cunt.

Dave slowly undressed. He would let his buddies have the first turns. After all, they needed it more.

And it wasn't long before Bob was between Jean's legs, thrusting his prick deeply into her twat. It didn't take him long to come. And Jean seemed stuck in an orgasm beneath him.

Jim pulled Bob away as soon as Bob had stopped pumping. Jim took over with more energy than he'd ever expended before. When Jim had shot his load, Dave took his turn.

"Oh, I've wanted to be fucked like this for a long time!" Jean cried. "Oh-h-h-h-h!"

"Jim, come here," Jean said, pointing to the area in front of her. "Bob, get behind me."

Both boys did as she said. And as Dave watched, she got them plugged into her cunt and asshole.

The boys fucked her from both directions as Jean and Dave smiled at each other.


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