Ever horny wife

In many cases today's marriage is seen as a business and/or social arrangement between consenting adults rather than a continuing expression of love.

The results are obvious: casual, promiscuous infidelity; a lack of concern for the partner and the children; the breakdown of the nuclear family; and the use of others for thrill-seeking-and often deviant-purposes as an end in itself instead of as a means of showing devotion and affection. Too often a loving veneer masks a core of, at best, unconcern, at worst, depravity.

EVER HORNY WIFE is the story of one wife, outwardly normal, who discovers an eagerness to satisfy her lustful cravings in the arms of other men and women. A shocking story, true, but also a mirror of our times.


When they were only blocks from the house, Melanie Hunt knew her husband wanted to fuck her. That knowledge had two effects on the young wife. She was horny enough to fuck. It had been days since Barry's big cock had pushed inside her cunt. Even now she lubricated just thinking about getting her rocks off.

On the other hand she was annoyed at Barry. So while she was horny, even frustrated, fucking Barry held little appeal for her.

Maybe it was inevitable, but she was tired of Barry taking her for granted. Everything had to be his way. They fucked when he was in the mood. She could be throbbing with need, but if he didn't want to fuck they wouldn't fuck.

He thinks just because he's a man he can call all the shots, she thought. Anytime he wants it, he makes a grab for my pussy.

The worst part was society was on his side. Even with all the noise the libbers made, it was still a man's world.

Stop acting like a spoiled brat, she told herself. Barry's a good husband. He makes a nice living. The money you make from the job you get will be yours to buy whatever you please. If Barry wants to stick it to you, what the hell. You're horny enough. Lie back and enjoy it.

She began to get excited as they sped down the freeway. She linked her arm with his and crossed and uncrossed her long legs.

Sometimes she pictured the way Barry's cock looked as it slipped into her hot hairy pussy. Just thinking about it made her hotter.

Part of her dissatisfaction stemmed from the party they just left. As usual there was a lot of drinking and a lot of fooling around. People loosened up so when they boozed up.

She'd seen a couple in an upstairs bedroom. The woman's skirt was up to her waist and the guy was sucking her cunt. During the day he was a lawyer and the woman was a friend of Melanie's who had two children and a hardworking husband.

She caught another couple out on the patio. The woman's skirt was up and they were kissing. It was obvious his cock was out and he was rubbing it against the woman's belly. The man was one of Barry's best friends and the woman was a first grade teacher at the local school.

The hypocrisy disgusted her. Most of those people pretended to live proper lives. Yet it was clear if they weren't fucking around, they wanted to. Hypocrites, all of them.

Now Barry moved his hand up her thigh.

"The minute we get in the house we're going to fuck," he said.

"That's okay with me." She squeezed his arm and spread her legs. "I'm sure in the mood."

What she didn't say was that she was in the mood, but not for him. She was in the mood for some strange man who would make wild love to her. Someone who didn't belch after dinner. Someone who didn't fart at regular intervals and frequently fail to shower for days on end. Someone like Walter Philips.

Don't think about him again, she told herself, clutching Barry's arm. You're becoming obsessed with the man.

True to his word, the moment they entered the house Barry led her into the living room. Without pulling the shades he unzipped his fly.

His cock was half-hard. The way he was acting you'd have thought he had a good hard-on in there. The room was dark and she didn't care if someone was watching. It was sort of exciting to worm her fingers inside his shorts and feel for his balls.

"My cock," Barry said, guiding her fingers over his prick. "Pump it."

She squeezed his still-rubbery cockmeat. She pumped it a few times and felt his cockhead swell up.

After a few minutes of pumping, she released his prick. It uncoiled, blood pounding into his cockshaft. It was almost totally stiff. Just the way she liked it.

He grunted when she wrapped her fingers around his fucker and moved the skin up and down. He dropped down into a chair and made her fall to her knees before him.

Melanie tried to concentrate on the feelings in her pussy. She was very wet and hot and her nipples tingled. Barry's prick swelled up and stiffened until it felt like a slab of steel.

"Pump it," he said.

She worked her fingers up and down his seven-incher. The loose outer skin pulled taut over his prick. His cockhead swelled up now, purple and mushroom-shaped and gushing thick white cream.

"Get your mouth on it," he said.

She loved sucking cock, but she hesitated. They always did what he wanted. Just once she'd like to direct the sex action.

But she knew arguing would do no good. Barry didn't understand why she bitched about their sex life. He fucked her a couple of times a week. What more could a woman want?

Sometimes she pretended she was fucking a stranger. Someone exciting and mysterious. An affair was so much more exciting than marriage.

Barry's cock touched her face now. She rubbed the tip against her cheek and took it into her mouth.

Bored or not, she loved having a prick in her mouth. Even as a teenager she loved blowing. In the early days of their marriage she sometimes came when she sucked Barry's cock. "Keep sucking," he said now.

He leaned back in the chair and her resentment increased. He was comfortable and relaxed while she did all the work. As usual. She lowered her eyes when he gazed down at her.

Barry felt good. He was proud of her looks and liked the way men looked at her. It turned him on to know other men wanted to fuck her. Every time they went to a party he came home hot. Just seeing her lips stretched wide around his cock was enough to make him come.

What a body. Her ass was thrust out now as she sucked him. Her skirt was tight and it rode up to the top of her thighs. Her skin was smooth and soft as velvet. Her tits were big and round and fully packed with bite-size nipples.

He couldn't resist reaching down and pulling her skirt up to her waist. Her bikinis left nothing to the imagination.

Her tits spilled out of the top of her dress and nudged his legs. She slid the ring of her lips halfway down his cockshaft. The woman gave a hell of a blow-job.

Melanie thought hard as she sucked him. She didn't want him to come in her mouth because she wanted to get laid. There was a fine line to be drawn when you sucked cock. If you sucked too expertly the guy usually came. And if the guy was Barry you usually went to sleep horny. Yet if she didn't do a good job, he let her know it. There was no winning sometimes. She bobbed her head up and down on his upthrust prick. No winning at all.

"Play with my balls," he said.

Melanie managed to tide her annoyance. Everything was for him. So far he hadn't touched her, except for a brief swipe on her ass.

But to avoid an argument she worked her fingers inside his fly and fingered his nuts. He grunted and patted her head.

At this point Barry wanted to shoot off. His cock ached to come and fill Melanie's mouth with jism. But then she'd bitch about not getting laid. He decided to hold off making a decision for a while.

"Oh, fuck!" he growled. The decision was no longer his to make. He was coming and his cock was jerking and bucking and spewing.

Hot jets of jizz shot into Melanie's mouth. His orgasm had taken her by surprise and now she was choking and coughing as she struggled to swallow every drop of his load.

She moaned around his gushing cockhead as she rubbed her tits against his legs. A gob of spunk dribbled out of her mouth and wet her chin.

Damn! He'd never fuck her now. Or if he did, it would take her hours to get his cock hard again.

When he was through coming, Melanie pulled her mouth off his prick and sat back on her haunches. She was aware of the come dripping down her chin, but she left it there.

"Good sucking, hon," he said, rising up and striding from the room. "Let's go to bed. I'll take care of you in bed."

A spark of resentment flared inside the horny young wife. I'll take care of you. His way of taking care of her was to touch her clit for a minute and roll over and go to sleep. Some taking care of.

In any event, the idea of a nice neat fuck in their bed bored her. She thought about the couples at the party. Men liked her. Lots of men came on to her. It would serve Barry right if she took a lover. Not only would it serve him right, it would give her a lift she needed badly. Walter Philips' face flashed before her eyes. No, she thought firmly. He knows I'm married and he's too much of a gentleman to hit on a married woman.

Marriage. What a lot of bullshit they gave girls about marriage. It was supposed to be what every woman needed. In truth it was boring and dull. Sex was much more exciting when it took place between two single people.

Marriage. After two years she no longer felt much passion for Barry. Strange cock was what she craved. Strange cock and a slick tireless tongue.

As she undressed for bed she remembered the good times. During the early days of their marriage they stayed in bed most of the time. They fucked until they were exhausted and then they lay in each other's arms and touched and kissed.

That time didn't last long, and now they had the rest of their lives to be bored and restless. At least she did. She didn't know if Barry was bored or not and she didn't much care. At least he got what he wanted from her. She was the one who usually went to sleep dissatisfied.

She still loved him, but what was love without sexual excitement? It was true Barry could be witty when he was in the mood. And he loved her. She could depend on that. But there was a nagging feeling inside her that something was missing. She desperately needed to find out what that something was.

Every time they returned home from a party Barry was turned-on. She wondered if some time during the evening he'd been alone in an upstairs bedroom with one of her friends. The thought didn't disturb her. It excited her.

When she was naked, she lay down on the bed and switched on the radio. Barry was in the bathroom. She opened her legs and wondered how he was going to take care of her.

She touched her jaw. She wasn't in the mood to suck him again. She predicted he'd used his fingers. Fingers were okay if you were a thirteen-year-old with hot pants. A married woman deserved better.

The window was open and the cool breeze wafted over her crotch. She closed her eyes and pretended she was about to be joined by a stranger. Someone whose physical appearance was different than Barry's. Someone slim and quiet, the opposite of Barry's muscular aggressiveness.

She was taking a typing course at the local community college. Her teacher was a quiet slim man by the name of Walter Philips. She found herself wondering again and again what kind of lover he was. He looked gentle and tender.

But she was sure he had a big cock. There was no mistaking when a man had a big prick. When Mr. Philips sat down behind his desk, she saw him unobtrusively shift his cock to the side of one leg.

Her course would be over in a few weeks and she would be ready to go out and find a part-time job. Maybe then she'd be able to settle down and not be so restless. Or maybe she'd be tempted to have an affair. Staying home, she had settled into a routine of housework and shopping with girlfriends. Working even part-time would present her with limitless opportunities to meet men.

She was still wondering what Walter Philips was like in bed when Barry walked into the room. He was naked and surprisingly his cock wasn't totally limp.

As he moved toward the bed his cock swayed between his powerful thighs. He smiled when he saw Melanie stretched out on the bed.

He lay down next to her and reached for a cigarette. He inhaled deeply while she lay perfectly still with her legs spread wide. She had a tiny smile on her face. He wondered if he could get away with a hand-job tonight.

He gazed at her fondly. She was a hell of a good looking woman. Fucking her wasn't as good as it once had been, but what the hell, they'd been together too long to expect fireworks.

He'd never been faithful to Melanie, but she need never know it. Everyone knew guys needed more sex than women. Still, Melanie was a horny dish. More demanding than most women.

He didn't want her to find out about his women. Hell, he loved her. But a man needs variety. Can't eat chicken every Sunday and still enjoy it.

Still, occasionally he sensed that Melanie was less than totally happy. If she was unhappy it wasn't his fault. He paid for her typing course when she told him she wanted to get a job. He didn't mind if she wanted to get some dumb job and he'd even let her keep any money she made.

Tonight I'll give her a good fuck, he thought. Maybe I've been neglecting her lately. No need to let her think she's just a hole to fill when I'm in the mood.

He finished his cigarette and rolled onto his side to face her. His cock touched her side and she opened her eyes.

She tried to hide her disappointment. She'd been thinking about Walter Philips. She smiled at Barry as he touched her hair. She felt her cunt dry up despite her horniness.

Just thinking about her typing teacher made her pussy bubble and steam. Now that she was faced with Barry and his predictable cock she almost lost the urge to get laid.

Barry leaned over and casually shoved a finger into her cunt. He didn't seem to notice that she'd dried up. There was still enough lubrication in there to fool him. Or maybe he didn't care if she was wet or dry. He just wanted to get it over with.

He fingered her pussy for a few minutes. As usual she responded. Her cunt clutched his finger on the in-stroke.

She was sorry to see her typing course end. She would not only miss seeing her teacher, she would be faced with going out and getting a job. She didn't relish job-hunting. But it had been her idea and now she'd have to follow through on it.

Her eyes closed, she thought about Walter Philips. Soon her cunt was wet again. Barry thought she was responding to his finger. He moved his thumb over her clit and decided to use his hand to bring her off.

He had no idea his wife was fantasizing about another man's prick. She kept her eyes tightly closed when he added a second finger to her pussy. Instead of the strange cock she craved she had Barry's fingers.

Her body responded to his caresses. But she wanted more. She reached for his prick.

"Fuck me," she said.

With a groan, he climbed on top of her and slid his cock into her cunt. A thrill of pleasure surged through her. She kept her eyes closed and pretended it was Walter Philips on top of her grinding his pubic bone onto her clit.

She jerked her ass and hips. Barry held her ass and guided her movements. She wrapped her legs around his back and used her cunt-muscles to squeeze his prick.

She needed time, but she knew he would come any minute.

"Kiss my tits," she sighed. In the old days he loved sucking her big, pink-tipped tits.

"Come on!" he rasped.

She came, but it was far from satisfactory. Her cunt automatically clutched Barry's cock, but his harsh words turned her ecstasy to shit.


Melanie felt the bulge in his crotch pushing against her belly. She tried to control her excitement.

It was her last day of typing school. Everyone had left, but Walter Philips asked her to stay and chat with him. Now he held her in his arms and smiled sweetly.

"I had to talk to you before you left," he said.

"I'm glad," she said.

"I've been impressed with your typing skills," he said, his eyes on her tits.

She lowered her lashes. "You're an excellent teacher. I feel confident of getting a good job because of you."

He held her around the waist and gazed from her tits to her eyes and back again. He cleared his throat.

"If you have any trouble finding a job let me know. I have friends in the business community."

Her excitement was mounting. If he didn't kiss her soon she'd scream.

"I'd appreciate any help you can give me." She shot him what she hoped was a brave little smile. "You see, it's important that I get a good job. My marriage isn't too solid."

"I'm sorry," he stammered. "I understand how it is. My wife and I have gone our separate ways for years. If it wasn't for the children..." His voice trailed off.

Finally! Melanie placed her hands on his upper arms. His arms weren't thick like Barry's. They were thin, but well-muscled.

He had her backed up against his desk and suddenly he moved his hand down between them and touched her tits.

"You're being naughty," she said. "I can't seem to help myself." His eyes were so gentle and soft.

She'd dreamed about this moment for weeks. But now that it was finally happening she wondered where they would go. They couldn't lie down here in the classroom. Or could they?

"I'm crazy about you," he said, stroking her tits.

"I've thought about you a lot," she said, biting her lip to keep from moaning.

"Dare I hope you return my affection?" She batted her long lashes. "I find you a very attractive man."

She stood motionless as she lifted her skirt. Her pussy was very wet. Her panties were soaked.

My first affair, she thought. My first affair and I'm not even nervous. I'm dying for it.

He stood back and gazed at her wet crotch. Her cunt-hair was clearly visible through her sheer bikinis.

"Dare I hope your sweet pussy is wet?" he said.

His old-world manners turned her on. "Can't you see?" she said, spreading her legs and lightly stroking her muff through her panties.

In a moment his hand was inside her bikinis and his fingers were firmly stroking her hungry cunt.

"What if someone comes in and finds us like this?" she said.

"Most all of the classes are over for the day. The psychology department is holding a meeting, but don't worry. They never come down here."

She squatted down as he thrust a finger into her cunt. He reamed her cunt-hole and used his thumb on her clit.

"You're embarrassing me," she said. "My poor pussy is flooding your hand."

He smiled tenderly. "You have nothing to be embarrassed about. There's nothing lovelier than a juicy cunt."

She leaned against the desk and trembled with excitement as he moved his free hand inside her sweater. Now his fingers touched her bra covered tits. She sucked in her breath when he lowered his head and sucked the tip of one of her tits.

The feel of his warm breath on her face covered tit made her weak.

"Mr. Philips, you're really driving me crazy," she said.

"Call me Walter, Melanie," he said.

So he had read her signals after all. She had quietly teased him for weeks. Now he was aggressively stroking her and she eagerly responded. Oh, yes, she wanted it.

He nibbled her tits through her bra as he stroked her pussy. She moved her hand to his crotch and traced the hard outline of his cock.

"My darling," he breathed.

"Keep doing that," she said, fondling his prick through his pants.

He blew her a kiss. She shivered with lust at the feel of his cock pulsating against her hand. She wanted him if he had to take her on the bare floor.

She closed her eyes and rubbed vigorously on his cock. How exciting to finally get what she'd dreamed of all these weeks!

She was more than ready for an affair. She was more convinced than ever that her happiness depended on a fulfilling sex life. If Walter found her attractive, why not enjoy what he could offer.

"Take my cock out, dearest," he said.

Almost faint with excitement she found his zipper and yanked it down. She stuffed her hand into his fly and brought his prick out. Her fingers shook as she wrapped them around his cockshaft. His cock wasn't as big as Barry's, but it wasn't fully stiff either. And maybe he was nervous. Whatever, she wanted him inside her.

"I like you very much," she whispered in a sultry voice. "Very, very much."

"I sensed you returned my affection."

The feel of his hot pulsating cock on her hand drove her wild. She pumped it, rhythmically stroking his prick in an attempt to make it harder.

With a chuckle he bit down on her nipple, still through her bra. "It will get harder and bigger, dearest," he said. "And when it's good and hard I want to fuck you."

He clamped his lips down on her tit. As he nursed on her lace-covered tit cockjuice gushed from his pisser and wet her hand.

She wanted him in her mouth or cunt or ass. Anywhere and everywhere. She'd wasted enough time being a faithful wife. It was time she started living.

Using her free hand, she scooped his balls out into the air and squeezed them while she pumped his prick.

"You may as well take my bra off," she said.

"You're getting it all wet anyway."

"In a minute," he said. "I like teasing you like this."

"I like it, too," she panted, tugging at his cock. "I love that! That's good too. Jesus, Walter, where did you learn how to suck a tit?"

He beamed at her while she fingered his hairy balls. He stopped sucking her tits long enough to guide her onto a chair.

"Sit down, dearest," he said. "I'd like to put my cock between your lovely tits."

She began unhooking her bra. "Shall I take it off now?"

"Yes, take it off and let me see your lovely boobies."

She shivered with lust. Her pussy was on fire. Her little clit throbbed. She needed loving badly. She would get it soon, too. She had a feeling she would get it in spades.

After unbuttoning her sweater she removed her bra and sat down on the chair. She stared intently as he moved forward and shoved his prick between her tits.

Pushing her tits together, she cradled his cock between them. She massaged his prick with her tits. Soon he was moving his cock up and down inside her cleavage.

"That's the way," he said. His eyes glittered and a huge grin split his face. "Let me fuck your titties, dearest. That's the sweet thing. Yes, yes, lovely titties."

Melanie said little. When she was thoroughly aroused she never talked much. Her eyes were fixed on his cock. It was inches from her mouth, but she couldn't reach it. She knew he was teasing her. She loved being teased. Sweet, sweet Walter.

Sometime she thought she was a nymphomaniac. One man had never been enough for her except for Barry in the early days of their marriage.

She was taken by surprise when Walter suddenly dropped to his knees between her legs and buried his face under her skirt.

Moaning softly, she opened herself to him. In a flash his mouth was against her pussy. She squirmed her ass, pumping her cunt at his face. He had a slick tongue and he knew how to use it.

She threw her head back and relished the feelings that overwhelmed her. She loved having her cunt licked. She tanged her fingers in his hair. Still moaning softly, she forced him to exert more pressure on her sensitive cunt folds.

Hefting her tits in her hands, she pulled on her nipples as she gazed at Walter's head. It felt strange to have a man between her legs in a college classroom. Strange, kinky and fun.

She wondered if he'd really help her find a job. Would she see him again after today? Deep down she really didn't care. He was serving his purpose right now, licking her cunt and sending her soaring with his lips and tongue and teeth.

He was an excellent pussy-eater. It was apparent he'd had plenty of experience. He flicked her clit with the tip of his tongue until she thought she'd lose her mind.

It was difficult to stay seated on the hard backed chair. She squirmed her ass and wiggled around. A flood of juice oozed from her pussy and drenched his mouth as she came.

He lapped up her cuntjuice with tender strokes of his tongue. She quivered with lust. She was ready for more. If he wanted to suck her for the next hour she was more than willing to accommodate him.

Finally he stopped licking, kissed her clit tenderly and got to his feet.

"Bend over, dearest," he said, leading her toward her desk. "Bend over and lean on the desk. I'll take you from behind."

Dizzy with excitement, she bent over the top of the desk, shoulders down and ass in the air. His belt was open and his cock was out, but other than that he was fully dressed. He stood behind her, his hands stroking her ass.

"So lovely," he murmured, squeezing her asscheeks.

Her heart pounded when he touched her pussy. She was drenched with his saliva and her own thick juices.

"I'm going to put it in now," he said.

"Yes, put it in!" She could hardly wait for him to enter her.

"Here it comes, dearest."

"Stick it in!" The words tumbled out before she could censor them.

He was pleased at her eagerness. "Yes, I'm putting it in now." His cock in his fist, he rubbed his cockhead up and down the slit between her fleshy cuntlips and found her cunt-hole.

Grunting softly, he plunged his cock all the way into her juicy cunt. When he lunged forward, he pushed her further across the desk. She moaned at the feel of his cock inside her. At last her fantasy had come true.

"Keep doing that," she said. "Keep going in deep like that. I love it. I love it."

"Dearest, you've such a sweet pussy," he said.

"Do it hard," she gasped.

He lunged in, sending his cock deep inside her cult.

"Like this?" he said softly.

"Yes, like that. Hard and deep."

He slammed into her, his hands squeezing her hips and his balls slapping her clit. She reached down and fondled his balls on the in stroke. She cradled them against her clit momentarily.

"Are you almost there?" he said. "Yes, yes!"

Throwing her head back, she cried out as she climaxed. Walter grunted and then bellowed as his cock exploded inside her.

"Oh, dearest!" he said when he fell forward on top of her.

They stayed that way for a moment. Then his cock slipped out of her and he helped her up.

She turned to face him, surprised at the look of passion in his eyes. When he kissed her, she naturally thrust her tongue into his mouth.

If he wants more it's okay with me, she thought.

They kissed and hugged and Melanie began to wonder what else he had in mind. His cock hung limply. There was no way he would be able to fuck her again. It wasn't long before she realized he had other, more exotic ideas.

He had her sit down on the chair again and spread her legs wide. He pulled another chair over and sat a few feel away.

"Play with yourself," he said, squeezing his prick as he gazed at her raunchy cunt.

Trembling with raw desire, the horny young wife moved her hand between her legs and touched herself.

On an impulse, she wet her fingers with her juices and his jism and used the same fingers to caress her tits.

Walter grinned and nodded. "I love it!" he hissed.

Melanie felt she could do anything and not have to be embarrassed in front of this mild mannered, sweet man.

"Make yourself come," he said. "I'd rather you did that," she said coyly. He moved his chair closer and fingered her cunt. He opened her cuntlips with his thumbs and rubbed her clit.

"What a darling little clit," he said. "I'm glad you like it." He reddened. "I like to think of myself as an expert on female genitals. I must say you have one of the loveliest pussies I've ever had the pleasure of licking."

"You can lick it again if you like." He chuckled. "Stand up." When she rose up, he wedged his hand inside her asscrack and found her asshole. Using his index finger, he wet down her assbud and thrust the finger inside.

Melanie moaned and clung to him by wrapping her arms around his neck. When he thrust another finger into her cunt-hole, she knew she was in for a whole new experience.

"Do you like this, dearest?" he said.

"You bet," she giggled.

As he fingered both fuckholes, he bent down and sucked one of her giant nipples. She trembled with pleasure at the feel of his eager mouth licking and nibbling her tits.

One arm around his neck, she encouraged him by stuffing one tit into his mouth.

After a while he stopped frigging her and she was thrilled and surprised to find his cock was hard again.

Her face flushed and her naked tits bobbing around, she took his prick in her hand. It wasn't totally stiff, but it would do. It was certainly hard enough to get into her.

Dropping to her knees, she pressed her face against his balls and licked his cock. She lapped her tongue all over his ball-bag and sucked one of his nuts into her mouth.

"Dearest, that's delicious," he said. She took turns sucking his balls. She took one and then the other into her mouth. Finally she released them. His entire hairy ball-bag was wet with her saliva.

The teacher held her head and pushed his prick into her mouth. She opened her jaws wide and let him enter her throat.

He fucked her mouth then, using it like a cunt. At the end of each stroke his cockhead slammed against her windpipe.

When he came, she was ready for it. As his cock exploded and split her lips apart she swallowed his thick rubbery jism.

At the end he took her into his arms and squeezed her ass. She kissed him and spread her legs. He touched her pussy and she rode his finger until she came.


The weeks passed. Walter arranged several job interviews for her, but Melanie found the offices boring.

One day after a particularly boring interview she walked into a downtown coffee shop for lunch and ran into an old boyfriend from high school.

His name was Dustin Elliott and they had dated on and off for several months. Melanie remembered vaguely that he had a fetish for assholes. She also remembered fondly more than one quick fuck in the basement of the high school.

"Christ, it's been a long time," he said. "And you're sexier than ever. How've you been?"

Melanie smiled and batted her lashes. They sat down at a table together and discussed the old days.

Dustin had done well. After graduating from college he found a job at an advertising agency as a creative director. Now he was sympathetic and interested when she told him she was looking for a job.

"One of the vice-presidents at the agency is looking for a part time secretary."

"An ad agency sounds interesting. But I don't have the experience."

"With your looks you don't need experience. I'll arrange an appointment if you want me to."

She agreed and he took her phone number down.

"It's nice of you to help," she said.

He shrugged; "One thing. Some of the guys at the agency take advantage of the girls who work for them and try to screw them. I know you're not into that sort of thing, being married. Just be firm about it if someone comes on to you and you won't have any trouble." He coughed softly, an old nervous habit. "Unless, of course, you're into that kind of thing."

Melanie nodded thoughtfully, but avoided answering him directly. What she didn't say was that meeting men was her sole reason for working.

"I can take care of myself," she said. "I'll talk to Porter first thing in the morning."

"Gee, I'd appreciate it, Dusty. I really would."

He turned to her, his eyes glued to her tits. "How are you going to thank me?" He grinned and sipped his coffee.

She saw the gleam in his eyes. "How would you like me to?" She was in the mood and he'd always had a randy cock when they were younger.

"The agency keeps an apartment near here. I happen to know it's not being used this week." He cocked an eyebrow.

"You just said you assumed I wasn't interested in that sort of thing."

"I say lots of things. Anyway, I saw the way you looked. Hell, sex is sex, right? Marriage is okay, but fucking's where it's at."

A half hour later, Melanie found herself in a lushly furnished apartment on the top floor of the most expensive high-rise in town.

"Not bad, huh?" Dustin said. He walked into the kitchen and returned with a six-pack of beer. "Beer all right or do you want wine?"

"Beer's fine."

They settled down on the sofa, talking and drinking the beer. The tension between them increased. They both knew why they were there, so when Dustin pulled her into his arms and kissed her she responded eagerly.

Soon she melted against him as they kissed. He stroked her tits and moved a hand under her skirt as he frenched her.

"You always did have great tits," he said.

"Do you still love ass?"

"More than ever..."

Her skirt bunched up around her waist, he rubbed her cuntmound. Shoving his hand inside her panties, he touched her beaver.

"You always had one of the hottest pussies around," he said.

"It hasn't changed much."

He slipped a finger over her cunt and grinned. "Wet as ever too."

He stuck the wet finger in his mouth and licked off her cuntjuice.

She held his face and kissed him all over. The touch of his fingers on her cunt made her knees weak.

"Same old Dusty," she said. "You always did know how to get to me."

"At the agency they call me Dustin."

"I'll remember that when I see you around if I get the job."

"Be nice to Porter and you'll get it."

"Nice?" She bit his lip as he stroked her cunt. "You'll do just fine. Spread your legs and give me a little more room."

She opened her legs for him. He zeroed in, stroking his fingers up and down her pussy-slit.

She was so open and so wet he easily screwed a finger inside her sopping cunt-hole. She pressed herself at him to urge him on.

He pushed her down on her back. She squirmed and giggled as he fingerfucked her. She pulled his face down and kissed him.

"What's your wife like, Dusty?" she said. "She's a sexy bitch," he said, biting her ear. "If she's so sexy how come you're here with me?" She tongued his ear.

"Because you were always such a good cocksucker and you were the only girl in school who'd let me fuck her in the ass."

"Oh, Dusty, you haven't changed a bit."

Again and again, she thrust her tongue between his teeth. Finally he groaned and unbuttoned her sweater.

Together they removed her sweater and bra. In a moment he was nuzzling her bare tits and working his lips over her massive nipples.

"They're like two little rocks," he said.

"You always did know how to suck them." The feel of his lips and tongue on her nipples and his fingers in her cunt drove her wild. She cradled his head against her tits and forced more titflesh into his mouth.

"Suck it hard, Dusty," she said. "Like in the old days."

He pulled his finger out of her cunt and concentrated on licking and sucking her tits. He lashed her nipples with the tip of his tongue and bit down on the tips.

"You always were the hottest cunt in school," he said. "All the guys said so. The biggest tits and the tightest cunt. And the only one who'd take it in the ass."

"If you're a good boy I'll let you stick it in my ass now."

He shook his head as he licked up and down the valley between her tits. "Not today. I've got an urge to stick it in your pussy, Mel. It's been a long time. Takes me back to my childhood." As he spoke he worked his fingers over her cunt folds.

The horny young wife was on fire. Her pussy was flooded with juice. Some of it ran down her thighs and wet the sofa beneath her.

"Get your hand on my cock," he said, his tongue lapping her tits.

"Gee, I thought you'd never ask." She rubbed the hard mass between his legs and found the tab of his zipper.

"Rub it a minute," he said. "You always did give a good hand-job."

"But I haven't even touched it yet."

"What you're doing now is subtle. Good touch, Mel." He clamped his lips over one tit and sucked hard.

She continued stroking his cock through his pants. "It's hard, I can feel it. It's real hard."

"I remember how you loved giving head. I've been thinking about it."

"Want me to do it now?"


She pulled his zipper down and reached for his prick. She brought it out in the air. It filled her hand. His cockhead was dripping. She salivated. She was in the mood for a good long blow-job.

She smeared the juice oozing out of his pisser over his cockhead. He stretched out. She climbed around and engulfed his cock knob with her lips.

"Oh, yeah," he said.

She began sucking, happily drooling over his fuckhole while she tossed her hair back over one shoulder.

He held her head and guided her mouth. She gobbled up half his prick shaft and then scooped the rest in so deeply she soon had his swollen cockhead jabbing the back of her throat.

She held it a moment. He stroked her hair, but held her head tightly in his hands. She slowly dragged her lips down his cock until she was able to clamp her teeth around his cockhead.

"Go, baby, go," he chanted.

Soon she was bobbing her head up and down, moving the ring of her lips back and forth on his prick. She swirled her tongue over his cockhead and sucked up the cream dripping from his piss-slit.

She was hot with lust as his cock lurched around her mouth. Jesus, it was so much better than sucking Barry. So much more exciting. A different cock made her feel like a different woman.

"Hold it, honey," Dustin said. "If you don't stop I'll cream your tonsils and then you won't get fucked."

A string of cockjuice dribbled from her lower lip. "I wouldn't mind that."

"But I would, babe. Take your clothes off and let's do this right. My balls are turning purple from your mouth. Let's fuck."

They undressed quickly. They lay down on the bed and shared a beer.

He spent a few minutes giving her head. Then he mounted her, draped her legs over his shoulders and shoved his prick into her cunt.

Melanie was a little disappointed that he stopped sucking her so abruptly. But it was a good fuck and she came quickly.

After she came, he continued ramming in and out of her spasming pussy. His strokes were forceful and he deliberately rubbed his pelvic bone against her clit.

Her ass tilted back and she fought for a while he was going to finish up in her asshole. But soon he was clutching her ass and roaring as he filled her with jism.

It was over too soon. He slipped over and rolled onto his back.

"Good fuck," he said, reaching for a beer. She turned to face him. "Will I see you again?"

"Sure. We'll be working in the same office."

"Are you so sure I'll get the job?"

He took her hand and placed it over his prick. "Give Porter a fuck like you gave me and it's yours."

"So you'd like a job here, would you?" Porter Lang was a tall, distinguished looking man of about forty. He sat on the edge of his desk as they chatted. Melanie was impressed by his office and his manner. He looked like a top executive. His clothes and manner were impeccable.

"Advertising has always interested me," she said.

Lang smiled and glanced down at her application. "Have you ever done this kind of work?"

Melanie blushed. His eyes bore into her, pausing at her tits and legs. She was accustomed to having men stare at her, but his eyes seemed to see right through her. "No, I haven't."

"It's a strange business," he mused, moving behind his desk and picking up a paper weight.

"It must be very exciting."

"It's that, and ft's hard work too." He stared at the paper weight and then back at her tits. "I'll be honest. I look for traits in my staff that you don't learn in secretarial school. Do you understand what I'm saying? I'm a busy man with tremendous responsibility. I must have people, especially women, around me to help me carry the load." He moved around the desk and stood before her.

She knew what he was saying. Dustin had made it very clear. She gazed up at him and smiled.

"I understand exactly what you're saying and I want the job."

With a slight nod, he walked over to the door. He snapped the lock and turned back to face her. Then very calmly and methodically he removed his jacket and opened his fly.

"Get on your knees," he said.

She had his cock out in a matter of mounts. She crouched between his legs and took his cockhead in her mouth.

"You'll go far here if you want to. Full-time or part-time. Keep sucking right there. As I was saying, you'll go far here."

She slid her lips halfway down his limp cock shaft. When he told her to take it all in, she quickly complied.

"When it's hard, you won't be able to take it so easily. You know how to get it hard, don't you?"

He thrust in and out of her mouth for a moment, chuckling softly as she struggled to breathe. She formed a ring of her lips and covered her teeth. Then she used her mouth like a cunt and fucked his cock.

She sucked him for what seemed like an hour. It was actually about ten minutes. Finally his prick was rigid and he pushed her away.

"Good mouth," he said smoothly. "I don't have much time. Bend over that chair and we'll take your panties down. Let's have a look at your cunt."

Turned on by the sucking, her pussy oozing with lubrication, she did as he said. When she was bent over the arm of the chair, he moved behind her and yanked her panties down to reveal her asscheeks.

"I love seeing a woman this way," he said, squeezing her ass and prying her cheeks open. She craned her neck and gazed back at him with surprise when he knelt down and began kissing her ass.

"Tastes good," he said, working his tongue into her asscrack and licking her assbud.

He continued licking her asscrack, but he used a finger to poke around her asshole. Her legs were spread wide, her high heels digging into the rug. She had trouble keeping her balance, she was so turned on.

"You're going to work out just fine," he said, rising up and rubbing his cock against her ass. "Feel how hard my cock is? It's all for you. I've got ten minutes before my meeting. Where do you want it?"

"Wherever you want to put it," she said boldly.

She moaned when he moved his prick up and down her ass crease. He wet his cocktip down with her cuntjuice and moved it back to her asshole.

"I prefer assfucking," he said. "But don't worry. I won't hurt you." As he spoke he loosened up her asshole with his fingers.

Another ass man, Melanie thought. Well, why not? I've always enjoyed it.

She hung onto the chair and held her breath as he shoved his prick into her shitter. It was months since she'd had a cock up her ass and it felt good.

"Three days a week, you say?" he said, lunging in and filling her shit-chute with his cock.

"Yes," she gasped, clinging to the arm of the chair.

"What a sweet ass," he said, holding her hips and thrusting. "We'll have a good time. You'll see. By the way. Don't wear panties any more. I want to be able to get to you quickly."


Melanie worked for Porter Lang for three weeks and then quit her job. Everything was going well until he asked her to fuck two of his clients while several top executives watched. She knew then advertising wasn't for her.

One afternoon when she was out shopping she ran into Walter Philips. He greeted her warmly.

"You look as lovely as ever," he said. "Did you ever find a job?"

She brought him up to date without mentioning why she'd left the agency. She was pleased to see him. She would never forget the man who had been her first lover since her marriage.

When Walter told her he was on his way home, he asked her to join him. Since she had nothing better to do she agreed.

"On days when I get home early Polly always fixes an elaborate tea," he said.

Melanie knew Polly was his wife. For some reason she was startled to hear his wife would be home.

"I think about you a lot," he said then. "Then why haven't I heard from you?" He frowned. "Polly becomes very demanding when she thinks there's someone else. If you came home with me and meet her she won't suspect anything's going on between us. What I mean is, then we can see each other occasionally."

"To tell you the truth, I'm confused." He sighed deeply. "I know it's hard to understand. But you'll see. Polly can be very charming. It's when we're alone that she becomes another person."

Melanie was smart enough to know he was spouting bullshit, but she went along with him. If he got his kicks out of bringing his mistresses home with him, it was all right with her.

"Anyway," he said, "I've told Polly all about you," he said.

"You have?"

"She likes to hear about my work. She gets so bored at home, poor dear. You'll see when you have children. So I try and keep her amused with my own career."

Melanie detected a strange look in his eyes. She was almost sorry she'd agreed to go home with him for tea. She hated tea. And anyway Polly was probably a dried up old prune who talked about nothing but baby formulas and diapers.

"Polly will like you," Walter said.

"What makes you think so?"

"Before we were married she went to art school. You're so pretty and she has an artist's eye for beauty."

They continued chatting about Polly and the children on the drive to the Philips home. When they arrived, Melanie was surprised to find herself introduced to a stunning redhead with a shapely figure.

"So you're Walter's latest," Polly said, extending her hand. "I'm the wicked witch of the west, in case you haven't guessed."

"Polly, behave yourself," Walter grinned. "Well, this one's lovely," Polly said, eyeing Melanie. She patted the sofa cushion next to her. "Sit down and tell me what Walter's been telling you about me. He changes his story with everyone."

Melanie was slightly confused. So this was the woman Walter was stuck with because of the children. She was not only gorgeous, but she was built like a movie star. She looked about as maternal as a magazine centerfold.

"Well, I was expecting someone a little different," Melanie admitted.

The elaborate tea turned out to be cocktails and caviar. Polly was more than friendly. She all but ignored her husband as she directed her remarks to Melanie.

"You're married, of course?" Polly said.

Melanie nodded. "Very much so."

Polly touched her hand. "I know what you mean. Walter, why don't you go out to play."

Walter giggled. "Oh, Polly."

Melanie finally realized they were playing a game and soon it was clear that she was some sort of participant. Polly took every opportunity to touch her hand or arm or thigh. Once her fingers even grazed Melanie's tits.

At first Melanie backed away, but soon, as she realized what they were up to, she decided to go along with them. Besides, she was horny. She'd never had any sexual contact with a woman. It might be a kick.

She recalled the lovely fuck with Walter in his office at the school. Was everything he said a lie? Was it all a cover for his kinkiness?

Her reverie was interrupted by Polly's hands. They were all over her now, openly stroking and caressing.

Melanie felt hot and wet between her legs. Whatever the couple were attempting, it was working. She was getting turned on.

As they were sipping fresh cocktails, Polly turned on the record player. Melanie flinched when Polly pulled her to her feet. She had never danced with another woman and it wasn't long before she found herself involved in more than dancing.

Polly was an exciting dancer. She moved like a stripper, gyrating her ass and shaking her tits to the beat of the musk.

They kept refilling Melanie's glass. After a half hour of dancing with Polly, pausing only to drink more champagne cocktail, Melanie trembled with excitement and anticipation.

It was a while before she became aware of something strange happening. As Polly whirled her around the room, she slowly stripped Melanie's clothes off.

She started with her belt and her sweater. After a while Melanie was down to her panties and bra. It all happened so quickly and Melanie was so excited she barely saw it happening.

"You've got big tits, of course," Polly said, standing back and admiring her.

Moving to the side, Polly motioned to Walter who was sitting on the sofa watching them. He rose up, took Melanie into his arms and danced off with her.

"She's in a good mood today," he said, nodding toward his wife.

They danced slowly to the jungle beat of the music. Melanie watched over Walter's shoulder as Polly undressed.

When Polly was down to her bra and panties, she cut in on Walter and took Melanie into her arms.

Before Melanie had a chance to speak, Polly pushed her bra straps down and exposed her tits. Then she swooped down and sucked one of Melanie's tits into her mouth.

Melanie found herself staring down at Polly's head as the redhead nursed on her tit-globes. She looked toward Walter and was amused to see him jerking off.

"I hope you don't mind," he said. "When she's in this kind of mood it's hard to say no to her."

Does he think I'm a complete asshole?

Melanie thought. They planned the whole thing. "Shut up, Walter," she said. "It's okay. I like it."

He grinned sheepishly, still tugging on his cock. "Dearest."

She winked as Polly moved from one tit to the other. She widened the spread of her legs at Polly touched her cunt mound.

"Oh, Jesus!" Melanie groaned, squirming against the redhead's searching hand.

"I'm normally a vegetarian," Polly said, "but your tits are really delicious."

Melanie heard a sound of children laughing and she frowned.

"Are the children around?" she hissed. "Does it matter?"

"Why, I don't know."

Polly snaked her tongue into Melanie's mouth. "Don't worry. They know enough not to bother Mommy and Daddy when we're busy."

As the two women kissed and caressed Walter moved up behind Melanie and squeezed her ass. He had taken his clothes oft and his half-hard cock poked her.

A stab of fear and apprehension surged through Melanie when Polly began peeling her panties down.

"Don't tell me you've never done it with another woman," Polly said.

"I haven't," Melanie murmured. She shivered when Polly ran her hand between her legs and touched her cunt. Walter was still behind her, clutching her ass and chuckling at his wife's remarks.

They bring home women for each other, Melanie thought as Walter screwed his finger into her cunt.

What a marriage! She thought about Barry and their deteriorating relationship and envied the openness of the Philips'.

Walter shoved a second finger into Melanie's cunt and wiggled it around. Polly dropped to her knees and began licking her beaver until it was wet with saliva.

Walter fingered her pussy and squeezed her tits while his wife licked her mound. Polly took Melanie's hand and moved it over her own jiggling tits. For the first time ever, Melanie felt another woman's stiff nipple.

Suddenly Polly disappeared and Walter forced Melanie to face him. His lips were on hers, demanding and hard and very unlike the man who had first made love to her in the classroom.

She tried to ask where Polly had gone, but then his tongue was in her mouth and she couldn't speak. Walter was becoming another person before her eyes. He was becoming aggressive.

He kissed her so hard she had trouble breathing. His hands were all over her, pawing her cunt and pinching her ass and tits.

She was stunned by the change in him. "Where's Polly?" she managed to sputter.

"She went to see to the children."

His body even felt more powerful as he pressed tightly against her and kissed her. Suddenly he was an animal. A jungle animal whose only aim was sexual fulfillment.

She was breathing hard and her tits rose and fell with every breath she took. Walter uttered a groan and buried his face against her tits.

He licked and sucked her tits gently. Then abruptly he calmed down and he was the Walter she knew and admired. Tender and loving and sweet.

"Polly's watching from the kitchen," he confided. "She loves watching."

Hot tremors of excitement radiated from Melanie's pussy. Her cunt was flowing with juice and the juice was running down her legs.

Knowing Polly was watching was a turn-on. If only Barry were more adventurous.

Now Walter's fingers dug into her ass. "So lovely," he breathed in her ear. "Fuck me, Walter," Melanie said. "Yes, my dearest. Soon."

"Is Polly going to watch?" she said. "Yes." He hesitated. "Of course she's not alone."

Melanie blinked. "Not alone." Walter winked and seized her hand. "Come. We'll take a look."

They moved toward the kitchen. The door was open a crack and they peered in.

Polly was in the arms of a strange man. They were kissing. Both of them were completely naked.

Everything was happening so fast and yet the thing that fascinated Melanie was the flaming red thatch between Polly's thighs. She had never seen cunt hair so red.

The man was young and big and hairy. He had two fingers in Polly's cunt. Polly held onto his prick, which Melanie couldn't see too well. She turned to Walter, but he was watching raptly and hushed her.

"Isn't she adorable?" he said. Melanie turned her attention back to the couple in the kitchen. Polly's cunt sucked on the man's fingers.

Melanie was fascinated. It was all so kinky and wild. I love it, she thought. It's what I've missed in my marriage.

Polly flicked her tongue over her lush lips as the strange man fingered her cunt.

"Who is he?" Melanie whispered.

"I don't know," Walter said.

Polly pulled the man's head down to her tits. "Suck them, lover."

She ruffled his hair as he started sucking. She reached for his prick and he winced as she squeezed it.

Suddenly she turned toward the crack in the door and winked. Melanie pulled back, but Walter grinned.

"She knew we were here right along," Melanie said.

"Of course, dearest."

Walter stood behind her and cupped her tits in both hands. "Shall we return to the living room?"

Melanie shivered against him as he caressed her tits. She wanted to watch the couple in the kitchen, but she also wanted to get laid.

She glanced at Walter's prick. It was hard. She was torn between wanting to fuck and wanting to stay and watch Polly get reamed.

"In a minute," she said, her eyes on the strange man as he jammed a finger into Polly's asshole.

Polly was bent over the table with her ass in the air. The man thrust a finger into her cunt. The redhead spread her legs wider and shifted her ass around to give him more room.

Melanie was aware of Walter's hand moving sensuously over her ass. Polly was panting with excitement in the kitchen as the dark-haired man frigged her cunt and asshole.

It was a few moments before Melanie realized that Walter was crouched down behind her with his tongue on her asshole.

She breathed deeply as Walter dipped his fingers into her cunt and licked her shitter. She was dizzy and overcome with passion.

Struggling to maintain her balance, Melanie leaned against the wall and opened her legs.

At that moment Polly leaned against the back of a chair while the strange man entered her from behind.

He thrust his cock in and out of Polly's red haired cunt. Melanie's legs shook as Walter entered her. He reached around and clutched her tits as he stroked.

"Isn't this wonderful?" Walter hissed.

"Don't talk," Melanie said. "Fuck."

There were so many sights and sounds and feelings, the cheating wife felt overjoyed by it all.

"Your prick's so big!" Polly shouted.

Melanie fell forward as Walter reamed her. He seemed to become more excited at the sound of Polly's voice urging the man on.

How good Walter's cock felt inside her! It wasn't as thick as Barry's or as long as Dustin's, but he knew how to use it.

Suddenly Polly turned around and faced the man, who entered her again. He pulled out abruptly and thrust in. Polly raised one leg to open her cunt. She leaned against the edge of the table as he fucked her.

Once he pulled out and placed the tip of his prick against her clit. A look of total surprise crossed Polly's pretty face.

"More, Chuck," Polly said. "Give me all of it."

His cock disappeared inside Polly's pussy. Walter pulled out of Melanie's cunt and urged her to drop to her knees.

She automatically opened her mouth and accepted his juice-drenched prick. She sucked gluttonously, her eyes on Polly and Chuck.

Occasionally the thick base of Chuck's prick protruded from Polly's pussy. At those times, Walter thrust his prick deep inside Melanie's throat.

Chuck's prick thundered up Polly's cunt while Walter fucked Melanie's mouth. The door was halfway open now and Polly openly stared at them.

Chuck seemed vaguely aware of other people around. It was obvious he didn't care. He wanted to get his rocks off the fastest way possible.

Suddenly Polly writhed wildly. Chuck threw his head back and bellowed. Walter's prick swelled up in Melanie's mouth, signaling his approaching orgasm.

Melanie's eyes opened wide when Walter began coming. His jism filled her mouth, his cock jerking and twitching on her tongue.

He finished up in her hotly sucking mouth and they returned to the living room where he sucked her off.

Polly and Chuck disappeared somewhere and after a while Melanie left for home. It had been a wonderful adventure, but one she wasn't sure she wanted to repeat.


His hair was salt and pepper grey and his name was Jimmy Dunn. He wore a perpetual tan and a ready smile. He was bare-chested and barefoot and he sat next to his swimming pool and gazed fondly at Melanie.

"Stand up and let me look at you," he said. Melanie looked at Barry. Jimmy was Barry's boss and they were spending the afternoon at his pool.

"Stand up," Barry said, his eyes closed as he faced the sun.

Melanie shrugged and rose up. Bowing slightly, she smiled, wiggled her ass and sat back down on her chaise.

"How'd you ever get such a pretty wife?" Jimmy said.

"Just lucky, I guess," Barry said.

Jimmy was a bachelor and occasionally he invited the Hunts to his home to use his pool. Sometimes the men talked business. At those times Melanie tuned out.

For some reason today felt different to Melanie. Barry kept looking at his watch and then at Jimmy. Finally when Jimmy went to use the toilet, Barry told Melanie he was leaving.

"I've got to get back to the office," he said. "There's no reason why you should leave. Stay and be nice to Jimmy. It won't hurt when promotion time comes up."

She didn't mind staying. She enjoyed the glamorous surroundings and Jimmy's banter. She was between jobs anyway and had nothing better to do with her time.

Barry kissed her goodbye and told her he'd be working late that night. She was glad she wouldn't have to worry about dinner. Maybe Jimmy would invite her to stay for one of his legendary barbecues.

She stretched out on her lounge and lowered the straps on her bikini. She wondered if Barry suspected she was cheating. He said nothing and seemed totally innocent of her affairs.

She wondered if Jimmy would make a pass at her. He never had. He stared at her a lot and sometimes made her stand up so he could get a good look at her body. But he never touched her. At least not yet.

When Jimmy returned, he sat down on his lounge and gazed at her.

"Barry gone?" he said.

She nodded. "Yes, you're all alone with me."

"Scared," he said, his eyes boring into her tits.

"Scared?" she grinned.


"How come you don't get married and share all this with some lucky woman?"

"I'd rather play the field."

"How old are you, Jimmy?" She thought he was about fifty.

He cocked an eyebrow. "None of your business," he growled.

"Oh, you're not so old."

He chuckled, his eyes fixed on her bulging tits. "Not too old to appreciate a good set of tits when I see them."

Melanie looked down at her chest. She tugged at her bikini, then gave up. "Sorry. Should I cover up?"

"Don't you dare."

He was gazing at her strangely when she turned to face him. Her pussy twitched at the expression in his eyes.

"If you want to take that thing off and get an all-over tan I won't mind," he said, rising up to join her on her chaise.

She trembled when he touched her warm thigh. So he was finally making a pass. Well, it was about time.

Anyway, she had nothing to feel guilty about. Barry had left her alone with him. If anything happened it would serve Barry right.

"The sun would burn my tits to a crisp," she said.

Jimmy faced the sun as he stroked her thigh. "Come on, I'll beat you across the pool," he said absently.

She shook her head. "I like it here." Suddenly she wanted him to take her in his arms. She didn't know if it was the lush surroundings or his burly chest. She found him attractive at this moment and that was all that mattered.

His fingers edged up her thigh, closer and closer to her cunt-mound. He still stared up at the sun, his eyes covered by black glasses and his expression inscrutable.

"Jimmy, I believe you're trying to tell me something."

He pushed his glasses down and gazed at her. "Maybe I am."

Suddenly a maid appeared with a tray of drinks. He waited for her to leave before running his fingers through Melanie's hair.

He looked at her pretty pouting mouth and her long dark hair. He wet his lips and touched his glass to her bare belly.

She smiled up at him, sipping her drink and feeling her pussy heat up. Barry had left them alone. Maybe it was fate that they got together. He placed his drink on a nearby table and took her hand in his. "You're warm," he said.

"Maybe I've had too much sun."

"Do you want to go in the house?"

His fingers touched her cleavage for a moment and then moved back to her belly.

She breathed deeply. Her tits bulged over the top of her bikini.

"Do you?" she said.

"I'd like to." He stroked her long dark hair, his eyes locked with hers.

She sat up. She placed her hand on his arm. "I'm interested," she said softly.

"I thought..."

Her lips parted and her pink tongue darted out. She leaned over and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

"Let's get in the house," he said in a husky voice.

Once they were in the house, he led her to his bedroom and took her in his arms. Her sun warm body melted against his. She parted her lips as they kissed and she circled his neck with her arms.

He kissed her hungrily, his body shaking. "I sent Barry back to the office purposely."

"Kiss me." Her tongue responded fiercely to his kisses.

"You're a sexy little thing. Jesus, I'm a shit for doing this to Barry."

"He needn't know."

She wanted him to stop talking. She bit his lips and plunged her pointed tongue in and out of his mouth.

He probed her mouth with his tongue. He locked his lips against hers and seemed to devour her.

They sat down on the bed, his hand resting on her thigh. He stroked her, gently at first and then insistently. She sensed that he would be a lusty lover. Not gentle, but bold.

His lips moved from her mouth to her throat and from there to her ear. His hand was on her tits, stroking and caressing and teasing her nipples to erection.

She gasped when he tore her bikini top off. Her tits spilled out and his lips kissed and sucked and demanded.

He took one of her nipples between his teeth and bit it hard, sending shock waves through her. His hands caressed her other tit and stroked her belly.

When he kissed her again, she pulled her lips from his and gazed into his eyes.

"You won't tell, will you?" she said.

He smiled. "Do I look crazy?"

"That's right," she said, rubbing his thigh. "Barry would kill you."

"I'm not so sure."

"What did you say?"

"I said I'm not so sure he wouldn't find it exciting to know I fucked you."


"Don't bother your pretty head. Just make me feel good. Get your hand on my cock. You made it hard. Take care of it."

She touched his crotch and felt his hardness. Was it true? Would Barry find it exciting to know his boss was about to fuck her?

"Take it out," he said, moving her hand inside the waistband of his trunks.

As she clutched his prick he closed his big hands over her tits.

"It's so big," she said.

"Finally, I get to see the best set of tits in town."

Pushing her down on her back, he removed his shorts. She gazed at his prick, creaming her panties at the sight of his powerful fuck pole.

He stared hungrily at her massive nipples as she lay back breathing deeply. He reached for her, cupping her tits in his fists.

Her tits throbbed with the hunger that raged through her entire body. Her nipples were taut and the colored portion was puckered and dark pink.

"You've done this before," he said. "Admit it."

"Why, Jimmy, how can you say that," she smiled. "I'm just a little old housewife, faithful to my dear sweet husband."

"Bullshit." He grinned as he squeezed her tits. They were spongy and hot, throbbing with raw desire.

"Do you want to be my mistress?" he said. "I don't know," she panted. "I'm so damn mixed-up."

"How long have you and Barry been having problems?"

"Don't let's talk about Barry." Once again he covered her warm moist lips with his eager mouth. He slipped a hand between her legs and felt the warm wetness of her slit.

"You really need it, baby," he said. Melanie let out a soft moan as the older man teased his finger up the hairy fringes of her cuntlips.

She pumped his prick weakly as he reached back and tickled the delicate ring of her asshole. Using the same finger, he caressed her juicy cunt until the horny housewife moaned out loud.

"If you don't fuck me soon I'll lose my mind," she said.

"How's this?" he said, taking her clit between his fingers and squeezing it expertly.

"It's good for starters," she said.

"Your pussy's creaming all over my hand. I should have taken care of you long ago."

Melanie moaned and writhed on the bed. Her pussyjuice flowed hotly as he manipulated her at.

"I'm going to love fucking this tight little cunt."

Her bikini bottom was halfway down her thighs. Jimmy pulled it down to her feet and removed it completely.

He spread her creamy thighs apart and crouched down to explore every inch of her. She had never felt so exposed or so vulnerable. And she had never felt so excited.

She watched his eyes as he gazed down at her splayed thighs. He stared excitedly at her raunchy-looking pussy-slit with its thick covering of bristly dark hair.

She gazed at his prick sticking out from the thick growth of hair that covered his balls. He looked powerful and strong and she wanted him. They had flirted back and forth for months. In her heart she'd known that one day they would get it on.

The wealthy executive seemed to sense her need. He knew she wanted his cock inside her.

Crawling between her legs, he guided his cockhead toward her juicy treasure.

She trembled and gasped when the swollen head of his prick brushed her gaping cuntlips. She panted for breath when he wedged it between her juice-slickened lips and pushed in.

Unable to control her wild lust, she raised her legs, clamped down around his back and yelled for him to fuck her.

"Don't you worry, little lady," Jimmy said above her. "I'm going to fuck you. I'm going to fuck..."

"Don't be afraid to be rough," she said. "I like it rough."

"I figured as much."

He began fucking her with deep, but slow strokes. Her cunt grabbed his prick with every thrust. She pulled his head down. He kissed and licked her tits.

"Stop wiggling around so much," he said. "Jesus, I've never felt such a tight cunt."

Melanie arched her back and ground her cunt against his prick. "Give it to me good," she hissed. "Really stroke it to me."

Her hot wet silt hungrily grabbed his prick. She whipped her ass of the bed and pounded herself at him.

"Give it to me," she yelled.

He began thrusting more vigorously. His come-filled nuts slapped wetly against her ass. His cockshaft rasped against her clit, sending shock waves of pleasure through her entire body.

She clung to him, desperate for release, her creamy juices boiling up around his thrusting prick. "Harder! Fuck me harder!"

Suddenly he roared, discharging a torrent of thick spunk into her writhing pussy. She threw her legs around him and came with him.

Afterward she dozed off. Within moments she was awakened. Jimmy had buried his face in her hot, sticky cunt.

She smiled as she stroked his hair. "Why, Jimmy, you're a lover," she said.

Although her orgasm had been intense, she was ready for more. Jimmy's talented tongue teased her sensitive clit. She clamped her thighs around his head and toyed with his hair.

It was obvious that Jimmy loved pussy. Becoming his mistress would help Barry get ahead in the company and provide her with regular sex outside her marriage. She decided to give it consideration.

"Were you serious when you said that before about being your mistress?"

He licked and sucked her newly aroused pussy. "Sure."

Melanie moaned from the intense pleasure coursing through her cunt. Jimmy's tongue was tireless. It seemed to be all over at once, on her slick cunt folds and pushing inside her pussy-hole.

"Oh, God, you're driving me crazy!" He raised his head. "There's a price to be paid."

"Whatever it is I'll pay," she said. He licked the sensitive spot between her cunthole and her asshole. He lapped up her pungent juices as quickly as they boiled out of her pussy.

"You like to suck cock, don't you?" he said.

"I love it."

"I'm going to let you bring me up again." In a moment his hairy legs straddled her face and his limp cock nudged her lips. If this was what he meant by paying a price it was okay with her.

She started with his balls. She fondled their hairy surface and cupped them tenderly in both hands.

With the starch out of it, his cock wasn't very big. She took the whole thing in her mouth and sucked it clean.

It stirred and expanded. Trembling with excitement, the oversexed wife licked the flared rim surrounding his cockhead. It's good, she though, it's damn good.

It was two weeks later that Barry received a promotion. Melanie waited to hear from Jimmy. Weeks went by before she asked Barry what was happening at the office.

"Oh, didn't I tell you! Jimmy got married to an eighteen-year-old beauty queen. The old bastard is acting like he invented cunt. He's swaggering around like a high school jock."

"Nice," Melanie said, forcing herself to smile. The prick, she though. Mistress indeed!


Melanie quickly forgot about Jimmy. Barry's career prospered and he was traveling more than ever. His absence gave her more freedom. She was grateful to Jimmy for that.

She turned down two invitations from Dustin and one from Walter. She found she got her kicks from strangers. If she saw a man more than a few times she became bored. She loved variety.

If occasionally she craved a more normal life, she wasn't the sort of woman who stayed depressed. She was basically a realist. Life wasn't a bowl of cherries, it was what you made it.

She found she enjoyed going out by herself occasionally and even having dinner alone. She liked good food and wine and enjoyed the attention a lone attractive woman inevitably received.

One night when Barry was out of town she put on her sexiest dress and went downtown to one of the better steak houses in town.

She ordered a good bottle of wine and a T-bone steak with fries. Sometimes food was even better than sex. She sat back, waited for her wine and surveyed the room.

Most of the nearby tables were filled with couples. She was feeling pleasantly high after her first glass of wine when a nice looking young man approached her.

She smiled up at him, quickly calculating his age. He was a year or two younger than she. That sort of thing never bothered Melanie. In fact she found herself drawn to younger men recently.


She batted her eyelashes. "Hello."

"I'm not a masher." He looked so sincere she laughed.

"What a disappointment."

He grinned. "I know what you're thinking. That I'm some fresh young guy on the make."

"Are you?" She gazed up at him boldly.

"Well, yes and no. May I sit down?"

She nodded and he took the seat opposite her. "What does yes and no mean?" she said.

"Yes, I'm on the make when I see a pretty woman like you. But no, I'm not just a fresh young guy." He hesitated. "Actually I got fired today and I'm trying to forget my troubles." He gazed at her anxiously. "I was treating myself to one last good dinner before I hit the pavement. But I'm depressed as hell. I was wondering if you'd help cheer me up."

He smiled so pleasantly Melanie was tempted to pay his check. Instead she poured him some of her wine.

"I'd love it. Here's my food. I'll eat and you talk."

She attacked her steak while he sipped her wine and talked about his ex-boss. She ordered a second bottle of wine and between them they polished it off in record time.

The drunker she became the more amusing the young man was. His name was Wayne and he had a good sense of humor and a sweetness that tugged at her bean.

By the time two hours had passed she knew she would go to bed with him. She had planned to go home and wash her hair, but since Barry was out of town she decided to live it up.

"Do you live near here?" he said.

"Not far. Why?"

"I was hoping you'd invite me over." She hadn't mentioned being married, but he must have noticed her wedding band.

She glanced down at her hand. "You must have noticed I'm married."

He nodded thoughtfully. "Well, my place is out. My roommate's home."

Twisting her ring, she considered taking him home with her. She didn't like bringing men to her home. It seemed indelicate somehow to fuck a strange man in Barry's bed.

"I guess we'll have to say goodbye here," she said.

He leaned closer, taking her hand. "I was just beginning to feel good too. There must be somewhere we can go."

She was tempted to take him home with her. The poor guy had just lost his job. A good hot fuck would do both of them good.

"There's a motel not far from here," he said.

"I couldn't let you spend the money."

"It's not expensive and it's not fancy, but I really want to be with you."

He looked so sincere she couldn't resist. "We'll split the cost."

Actually she liked going to seedy motels. There was something exciting about getting fucked on a mattress that had seen plenty of action. And Wayne was such a nice boy.

She finally agreed to the idea of a motel and before long they left the restaurant for a place down the road. Once they were alone in the motel room everything happened quickly. Wayne approached her from behind and wrapped his arms around her waist.

He planted hot teasing kisses over her neck and ears. Melanie took his hands and moved them a few inches up to her tits.

He groaned and buried his face in her long mane of hair. She felt dizzy and mellow from the wine, and very horny. Since they were so near the bed she slumped down and he followed her.

Suddenly he was on top of her. The sweet, self-effacing young man kissed her boldly. He thrust his slick tongue into her mouth and groped for the buttons on her dress. Reaching inside, he clutched her tits, fondling them.

His aggressiveness set her cunt aflame. She felt the old excitement surge through her body. She loved a new affair. The first time a man fucked her was the most exciting.

She returned his kisses with abandon. She stroked her hands over his body, concentrating on the mass between his legs.

They were two young animals in need of each other. His tongue dove into her mouth again and again. She sucked it hungrily and gave him her own to suck.

She felt thick jelly-like moisture seeping from her pussy and soaking her panties. She felt her juices bubble up in her wildly churning cunt.

He sensed the heat in her. "You're so sweet," he said. "SO sweet. You feel so good. Mmmmm, tongue me. You taste good too."

He released her tits and moved his hands up her skin. She opened her legs and his fingers quickly reached her clit.

"You're so wet!" he hissed, running his lips down her throat to her cleavage. "So wet for my cock. My hard cock."

With an urgency that needed no words, she undressed and he bent his head to her cunt. He parted her soft horny cunt folds and extended his tongue to her petals.

She leaned against the pillows and hooked her legs over his shoulders. He licked her clit and pussy-meat as she thrust herself at him.

Her wanton hunger aroused him. He stuck a finger into her cunt and licked her love-organ. He searched for her asshole and thrust another finger inside.

He seemed to enjoy her strong responses. The more she moaned and writhed the more vigorously he licked and fingered her.

"Oh, baby, you're making my cock like a rock. It's like a piece of steel. Do you like a hard cock up your cunt or do you like it up your ass? I'll put it wherever you want it. It stays hard a long time, and after I come it gets hard again fast. Oh, baby, you're so hot in there. You're so hot and juicy you're making my balls turn blue."

Melanie was barely aware when he took his prick out. When she saw it, she greedily opened her mouth wide. He straddled her face and stuffed his cock into her eager mouth. She sucked it a moment and then plunged her lips to the base of his fuck pole.

He quickly assumed the sixty-nine position. Spurred on by the way she eagerly sucked his cock, he ate her cunt with the same enthusiasm.

She circled his cockhead with her tongue as he circled her clit with his. She hungrily sucked the jizz out of his pisser as he suctioned the juice out of her hole.

When he made a detour to her asshole, she managed to lash her tongue over his shitter. Together they devoured each other. No man had ever excited her cunt quite this way.

She worked tirelessly to blow him. She wanted to give him the best cock suck of his life. Moaning and humming around his prick, she sent her throat vibrations surging through his fuckrod.

"Oh, baby, you're the best," he said, licking her cunt. "Oh, baby, baby, what a tongue. Oh, fuck, you're gonna suck the come put of my balls. Oh, fuck, use that tongue on my cock. Use that tongue."

The horny young wife felt herself floating closer and closer to come-heaven. Wayne sucked her fiercely, his tongue wedged inside her cunthole and vibrating her clit.

Then she was coming, wildly, writhing around under him, pushing her cunt at his sucking mouth. Her cries of joy were muffled by his prick and then he was coming and she was swallowing his thick, bitter-sweet spunk.

"Oh, baby, fuck me with that mouth," he said. "Oh, baby, do that with your tongue again. Oh, shit, swallow it all down."

They lay still for a short time when both of them were sated. Then simultaneously they began making love again.

She insisted on crawling between his legs and licking his prick while he rested. As he had promised, his cock quickly came to life. Opening her jaws wide, she filled her mouth with his fuckmeat.

Wayne had never expected the brunette to be such a sexpot. Usually the big-busted ones who exuded raw sex were a flop in the sack. But this one was different. She gave as good as she got. And she couldn't seem to get enough of any of it.

He lay back and immersed himself in her sucking mouth and groping hands. Her hot mouth felt like a cunt. Again his prick swelled up to its full dimension under her ministrations.

Melanie was in heaven. There was nothing better than a mouthful of cock to set her pussy humming. She slid the ring of her lips up and down his prickshaft and flicked her tongue over his most sensitive spots.

He gripped her head and thrust forward, sending his cock soaring into her throat. Melanie felt her cunt grow warm and wet again. Soon they would fuck. That was always the highlight of the sex act to the faithless wife.

Her sucking grew noisier as she worked her tongue and lips in a frenzy. As she goaded him to greater excitement, she herself became a seething mass of sexual need.

His cock was good as new, stiffer than before he came. Her mouth was slick and juicy, like a cunt.

Now for a good fuck, Melanie thought, rolling onto her back and holding her arms out.

"Fuck me," she said. "Climb into the saddle and fuck me."

Wayne hovered over her and cupped his mouth over her tits. He ran his tongue over her nipples, sending shivers of delight through her body.

As he sucked and licked her stiff nipples, one hand was exploring her hot wet bush. He stroked it with his open palm, running his fingers through the bristly hairs.

Each time he touched a new spot on her cunt, Melanie moaned and strained against him. He was making her wait. That was good. When he finally fucked her, it would be better for having waited.

Finally he nestled against her. Their bodies fit well together. They kissed, tonguing each other and exchanging saliva.

She clawed at his arms and shoulders. "Why don't you stick it in? You do fuck, don't you?"

He nuzzled her neck. "No, I only suck."

"That big salami that's poking into me tells me something different."

Slipping down and moving his arms under her ass, he raised her pelvis. Then he fitted his cock to the mouth of her cunt.

Melanie felt the energy emanate from his prick to her pussy. Her heart pounded so fast she had trouble breathing. She thought she might faint from the sweet anticipation. She was obsessed with having his big cock inside her. Why wouldn't he put it in? Maybe he wasn't kidding when he said he didn't fuck.

Suddenly, when she least expected it, he lunged forward and sent his pulsating cock into her with one glorious thrust.

She shrieked. "You do fuck. You're in so deep I can taste it."

"Oh, you sweet pussy, you," he murmured, giving her only his cockhead at the mouth of her cunt.

He teased her clit with the tip of his prick and always when she least expected it he entered her again.

"Give me all of it!" she cried when he withheld himself for more than a minute. "Give me your whole cock, you bastard! Fuck me!"

He began pumping vigorously and non-stop. Her juices welled up, drenching him. They writhed and twisted and squirmed. He muttered obscenities and she yelled and strained against him.

At one point Melanie thought he would split her in two with his surging cock. It felt like a piece of steel inside her cunt-silt.

When he rolled her over onto her hands and knees and entered her from behind, he was able to penetrate her even more deeply.

"My God! My God!" she gasped, sobbing with joy. "It's so damn good!"

"Keep fucking," he said. "Keep fucking back at my cock. Keep it going. I can go on forever. Keep it going and fuck that cock."

He pumped her non-stop for what felt like an hour or more. She came so many times she lost track.

His cock never lost its starch. When she heard him growl, he stopped thrusting for a while and simply left his cock embedded inside her until he recovered his control.

At intervals he reached around and caressed her hanging tits. Her nipples felt like two bullets, they were so hard.

And she wanted more and more and more. She cried out for it, begged for it, and he gave it to her. His cock no longer felt like flesh and blood. It reached into her farther than any cock ever had.

"You fuck me so good," she panted. "You fuck me so damn good."

"Come again," he said.

"I'm packed so full! I don't think I can come again. I'm so full of your cock."

"Give me one more," he coaxed.

"I'm coming!" she screamed. "I'm coming! Don't stop!"

Her body was wracked with a passion she had never experienced before when she came. He sent a gusher of thick come into her cunt and she felt herself drowning in her own ecstasy.

Her pussy muscles sucked the come out of his balls as he pounded her. He grunted as she finished up, making animal sounds deep in his throat.

"That was some fuck," he said later when they were dressing. "I feel a lot better now."

Melanie stepped into her three inch pumps and giggled. "I know exactly what you mean."

He smiled shyly. "Did I say anything before that turned you off?"

He had changed back into the sweet earnest young man who had first approached her in the restaurant.

"You did everything right, sweetie. And I mean everything."


For days Melanie thought about Wayne. He had excited her tremendously and she wanted more adventures and less ordinary sex.

She began to think about other kinds of sex and her thoughts drifted to an old friend from high school who she hadn't seen for months.

Maggie O'Brien was a natural leader. In high school she was always the first to try new things and there was nothing that frightened her.

It was Maggie's influence that had made Melanie lose her virginity at the age of thirteen. And it was Maggie who had tried to talk her into making love girl-style. At the time Melanie had refused. Now, thinking about it again, she had an urge to try it. They saw each other occasionally, but nearly a year had passed since Melanie had seen her old friend.

Instead of phoning ahead she decided to surprise Maggie and drop in without warning. She drove to Maggie's apartment complex and took the elevator to the sixteenth floor.

As she pounded on the door, it suddenly occurred to her that Maggie might not be alone.

Let her still be sleeping, she thought, let her still be sleeping and alone.

In a moment the door opened, and Maggie stood there in a sheer robe looking sexier than ever. She yawned, scratched her head and threw her arms around Melanie.

"Mel, honey," she said as they embraced, tits rubbing and lips touching. "You're lucky I don't have some dude here with me."

"I came over on an impulse," Melanie said. "I felt like being with you."

Maggie gazed at her for a long moment. A tiny smile lit her face. "I'll make some coffee and we'll talk about it."

Melanie was glad to have the strong hot coffee. The two women sat down in Maggie's cluttered living room to chat.

Maggie had never married and Melanie could see she was still the same old hippie. Her apartment reflected her personality. Nothing matched, there were wild paintings on the walls and nothing on the wooden floor but huge velvet pillows.

Maggie dropped down on a bean-bag chair and yawned again. Her hair was blonde and it hung down her back to her waist. In the old days she had ironed it. Now it hung down in frizzy curls, suiting her mature looks perfectly.

"Still with Barry?" she said.

Melanie took a long swallow of her coffee. "Yes, but I'm swinging." The two friends had always been very open with each other. Melanie felt no compunction about confiding in Maggie.

"Yeah, I saw Dustin and he told me you and he made it a few times."

"To tell you the truth he'd only one of many."

"Good for you. I never could see fucking the same guy every night."

"The problem is the more I fuck around the more I seem to need it."

"Tell mother Maggie all about it."

Starting with the first time she cheated, Melanie told her friend about every affair she ever had.

"And now I'd like to try something a little kinkier," she finished.

Maggie had listened politely, her eyes widening at times and looking thoughtful at other times.

"You left something out," Maggie said.

"I know. I remembered that you used to talk about balling other girls. You even tried to talk me into it a few times."

"And?" Maggie smiled, cocking an eyebrow and sipping her coffee. "Now you'd like to try pussy?"

"Yes, I think so."

"You've never tried it?"


"I've been balling women pretty exclusively lately."

"But you said before..."

"That was just talk. I haven't fucked a guy in a month or two."

"Have you turned into a lesbian? You always liked men so much."

"I still do. I love them. I adore cock. But I find I need cunt once in a while to give myself some space. Women are good when I need to think. Guys are too aggressive. They want to take over your life."

As Maggie spoke she rose up and moved to the sofa next to Melanie. She took her hand and squeezed it.

Melanie felt a thrill rage through her. It was what she wanted. It was why she was here. She was nervous as a cat, but wildly turned-on.

She turned to Maggie and breathed deeply. She had purposely worn a low-cut blouse that showed a lot of cleavage.

Maggie's face was flushed. Leaning forward, she touched her lips to Melanie's. Suddenly the two women were holding each other, their tits pressed together like four cushions.

Melanie's brain whirled. She couldn't remember ever being so excited. She had been raised to think anything other than heterosexual love was perverted. But she didn't believe it. Her body told her it was going to be a wild, wonderful experience.

Maggie's mouth felt so good on hers. Her tits felt so exciting touching her own. When Maggie moved a hand to Melanie's bare thigh, Melanie was aware of the softness of her touch and the delicacy of her hand.

She realized that another woman would know exactly where to kiss and touch and stroke. It was wonderful to be in the arms of someone who knew how it felt to have a tongue or finger up her cunt.

Maggie's tongue was everywhere in her mouth. It was at once tender and demanding. It was soft and warm and smaller than a man's. It was even better than Melanie expected it would be.

Melanie allowed her thighs to fall open as Maggie's fingers crept toward her crotch. She trembled as she waited for those fingers to touch her pussy. But Maggie teased her by moving her fingers to within an inch of her cunt and then withdrawing them.

"You bitch," Melanie breathed against Maggie's mouth when Maggie took her hand away.

"Who's a bitch?" Maggie said, nipping Melanie's lips as she stroked her tits.

Maggie's kisses took her breath away. She knew how to handle tits too. She stroked and caressed very gently. Again, her dainty hands and soft touch felt sensual and wildly erotic, very different from a man.

Pulling her mouth away, Maggie concentrated on fondling Melanie's tits.

"What took you so long?" Maggie smiled. "I wanted to suck your tits years ago."

"Some of us take longer to grow up," Melanie said. Her cunt cried out to be touched.

Maggie stopped stroking her tits and deftly began unbuttoning her blouse. Melanie's bra was flimsy and sheer and Maggie licked her lips at the sight of her friend's tits.

"I'll have them for breakfast," Maggie said, fondling Melanie's tits.

In a moment, Melanie was naked from the waist up. Maggie studied her tits from every angle, clucking her tongue several times as she examined her nipples. When she touched them, Melanie groaned out loud.

But it was when Maggie bent down and kissed them that Melanie trembled. The feel of Maggie's moist feminine lips on her tits was thrilling. Why did I wait so long? Melanie thought.

"Say something," Maggie said. "Do you like it?"

"I love it. You've got me so turned on I can't think straight."

Maggie's slick tongue was all over her tits.

When she wasn't licking, she was rubbing her smooth face against Melanie's tit-melons.

Suddenly Maggie released her. "Take the rest of your clothes off," she said as she threw her robe open.

Melanie got to her feet and finished undressing. She left her panties on, preferring to wait for Maggie to remove them.

When she faced the blonde, she saw that Maggie's eyes were focused on the dark triangle between her legs.

Suddenly changing her mind, Melanie removed her panties. Maggie grinned and briefly touched her pussy-mound. A pulsating throb tore through Melanie's pussy.

It had been years since Melanie had seen Maggie naked. Now she gazed at the blonde's slim but lush body. Her tits were so full they sagged slightly. But their fullness made them more sexy. And her nipples made Melanie's mouth water.

As Melanie stared at her friend's pussy and ass, her cunt throbbed with excitement. Soon she would take those tits in her mouth. Soon she would breathe in the essence between Maggie's thighs.

The two women stood perfectly still and gazed at each other. Melanie saw hunger in Maggie's eyes and knew they reflected her own.

In unison they took a step forward, their tits touched. They held each other tight.

"Maggie!" Melanie sighed, feeling she was embarking on the most wonderful adventure of her life.

"I feel the same way," Maggie breathed, pressing her tits against Melanie's.

Maggie's big nipples grazed Melanie's equally big ones. Their round bellies ground together and their cunt-hair intertwined.

"Your body is better than ever," Maggie said.

"Yours too."

Maggie's hands dropped to Melanie's ass when they kissed. Melanie stroked Maggie's back. She struggled to breathe as her emotions overwhelmed her.

Maggie's ass was surprisingly trim considering the ripeness of the rest of her body. Melanie instinctively explored her asscrack, finding it daintily shallow. She moved her fingers into the girlish crease while Maggie pressed her pussy forward.

"Mmmmm," Maggie said as their tongues dueled. "I like that."

Now Melanie felt her friend's hand on her ass. Maggie pried her asscheeks apart and teased the deep dark crease.

Suddenly the tension was too much for Melanie and she broke the kiss. "Let's get into bed."

Once they were on the bed Melanie couldn't resist making a grab for Maggie's tits. The perversity of touching another woman's boobs spurred her on.

"You're a natural," Maggie said, closing her eyes and lying back passively.

"Have you had a lot of female lovers?"

Maggie smiled and thrust her chest out. "Enough to know a natural when I see one."

Melanie hovered over her, closing her fingers over Maggie's big tits. Maggie's stiff nipples dug into her palms. She cupped both tits and lowered her head. How exciting to kiss another woman's tits!

With a small moan, Melanie took one of Maggie's nipples in her mouth. She felt a throb rip through her cunt.

"Oh, baby, suck my boobs!" Maggie said. I'm a natural tit-licker, Melanie thought. She knew instinctively where to kiss and lick and how to tease Maggie's nipples.

She held both tits in her fists and licked one nipple slowly and thoroughly until it was shiny with her saliva. Then she quickly stuffed as much tit as would fit into her mouth.

Maggie's eyes shot open and she winked. "You love it, don't you?"

Moving from one tit to the other, Melanie nodded her head. "Am I doing it right?"

"Just keep doing what you're doing," Maggie said. "Oh, baby, you're going to be one terrific cunt lapper."

As she spoke, the horny blonde pushed Melanie's head down. Melanie trembled with excitement. Maggie wanted her to suck her cunt. Oh, God, here I go!

"Lick me," Maggie said, pushing Melanie's head more firmly now.

Melanie released Maggie's tits and slid down between her legs. Maggie pulled her knees back and planted her feet wide apart. It was an open invitation and Melanie quickly took advantage of it.

She pressed her hot lips to Maggie's belly and tongued her belly button. The fragrance of Maggie's cunt wafted up to her nostrils.

The pungent aroma jolted her back to reality. She had tasted her own cuntjuice many times. She'd blown many pricks that had just come out of her cunt and she licked her fingers when masturbating.

But pushing her face between another woman's thighs was different. And licking another woman's pussy wasn't the same as tasting her own juices.

Her misgivings quickly disappeared. One glance at Maggie and she knew she wanted to continue.

The blonde raised her legs gracefully. "Do it," she sighed. "Kiss me there."

Melanie's mouth was an inch away from her cunt. She realized in that moment how lovely Maggie was. She could see everything. Maggie's blonde bush and the delicate pink cunt folds winking out at her.

And her clit! Maggie's clit protruded at the top of her slit, almost begging to be licked.

Hands under her ass to raise her pussy, Maggie pried her cuntlips open and waited. Melanie sensed her impatience. Maggie had never been a patient person.

To appease her, Melanie rubbed a fingertip up and down her glistening pussy-slit. Slick was the word to describe the way Maggie's pussy felt. Slick and hot.

Using both hands, Melanie spread her inner folds. Maggie's cunt looked like a blossoming flower from this angle.

"Oh, baby!" Maggie cried when Melanie stuck her face into her crotch.

Extending her tongue, Melanie kissed Maggie's wetness and licked her bristly bush. She tasted her salty-sweet juice and decided she liked it.

Soon her face was covered with her friend's cuntjuice. She bathed her cheeks and chin and nose in Maggie's vital juices. She tongued her cunt hungrily and pressed the tip of her tongue into her pussy-hole.

Her saliva mixed with Maggie's juices. Without hesitation she proceeded to flick her tongue into the most intimate parts of the other woman.

"Oh, baby, you are a natural," Maggie said, writhing around under her.

Stiffening her tongue-tip and encouraged by Maggie's praise, Melanie snaked her tongue into the blonde's cunt-hole and lapped up her thick pussy-cream.

Maggie wiggled her hips, forcing Melanie's tongue more deeply into her cunt. Melanie thrust a finger into her cunt and licked her clit.

She did everything to Maggie that she enjoyed herself. She didn't want it to end. Even though she knew her turn would come, she wanted her face wedged between Maggie's thighs forever.

"Give me your tongue!" Maggie cried, guiding Melanie's mouth by grabbing hold of her hair.


"Here. My clit."

Melanie fluttered her tongue up and down the blonde's clit. At the same time she buried two fingers in her cunt-hole.

Maggie gyrated and thrashed wantonly. Melanie fingered and licked and sucked and kissed. She was getting off on the cunt lapping.

Maggie's cunt drippings were all over her face and hair and fingers. Maggie groaned.

"I'm almost there," she said. "Keep sucking my clit. Bring me over."

Melanie quickly vibrated her tongue over her friend's clit. With every stroke of her tongue, she thrust two fingers into her cunt.

Maggie grunted hoarsely, her cries growing louder as her orgasm engulfed her. Melanie kept working her tongue and fingers until Maggie firmly pushed her face away.

Maggie lay back with a smile on her face, her body covered with perspiration. She breathed deeply, her tits and belly quivering. Her legs were splayed open as she raised her arms in the air.

Melanie crawled into her arms and they kissed. Maggie patted her tits and ass and told her what a good orgasm she had.

"Baby, you really brought me off," she said. "That was the best. I'll do the same for you when I get my breath."

"I love it," Melanie said simply. "I never thought I'd like it so much."

"Be careful. It might become addictive."

"No, not me." Melanie snuggled against her friend and automatically began kissing her tits.

After lying still for a while, Maggie climbed over Melanie and crouched between her thighs.

She buried her face between Melanie's tits and placed a hand on her cunt-mound. Melanie let herself be kissed and fondled. It was her turn, after all.

Fingers touched her cunt-slit and teased her asshole. Melanie moaned when a slim feminine finger slid wetly into her pussy.

"Tell me what you like," Maggie said, lips pressed hotly to Melanie's gaping cunt.

"I like it all," Melanie said, clamping her legs around her friend's blonde head.

Gently, Maggie forced her to open her legs.

"I can do a better job if you don't cut off my breathing."

"Oh yes!" Melanie cried, letting her legs fall open.

One finger sawing into Melanie's cunt, Maggie used her tongue and lips and teeth on her clit.

Maggie's face disappeared from view. All Melanie could see was the top of her blonde head and the long golden hair cascading down her back.

But, oh, the softness of Maggie's tongue! Oh, the loving touch of her female tongue!

"Do you love it?" Maggie hissed, her tongue traveling expertly over Melanie's cunt.

"I love it."

Tilting Melanie's ass back, the blonde let her tongue trail from her clit to her ass crease and back again.

As Melanie approached orgasm, she squeezed her tits and opened her mouth to scream. Nothing came out of her mouth but a long breathless sigh.

"Don't stop!" Melanie whispered. "Oh, God, please don't stop!"

Trembling violently, her brain reeling, she came. It scorned to last forever and when it was over the vibrations still surged through her.

Maggie climbed around and embraced her. "Now you've made love to a woman, you'll never be the same again, babe."

"That was quite an experience," Melanie said, still trembling with the afterglow of her climax.

"Honey, any time you want to do it again, just call. You're one pussycat who's always welcome."

Melanie quivered and held her arms out. "Maggie...?"

The blonde snickered. "You want some more, don't you, baby?"

"Open up, then. Open that pretty cunt, here comes my tongue."


The next day Melanie was horny again. The cunt lapping session with Maggie had turned her on. Now she wanted more new adventures.

Far the past weeks she'd noticed young Josh Patterson around the neighborhood. Josh was about fifteen and most of the families on the street hired him to mow their lawns and do other light chores around the house.

Melanie hired the boy occasionally, but it was only recently that she noticed how grown up he'd become. He had suddenly sprouted facial hair and his voice had deepened. There was a delicious looking mass between his legs that seemed to pulsate, whenever she wore a tight sweater.

Josh was due to arrive any minute to mow the lawn. She always told him to come into the house whenever he wanted to use the bathroom or sip a cold drink.

She decided that one way to find out if he was a man was to let him see her naked body. Better yet, if he caught her masturbating it might give him ideas she would find exciting.

Since he was due soon the horny wife undressed and opened the bedroom door a crack. Josh liked to use the upstairs bathroom and to get there he had to pass her bedroom.

She pulled the shades and switched on the night-light so he could see her when he walked by. She paced back and forth while she waited for him to arrive. The electric mower was in the yard, but he usually came into the house before he got started.

As the minutes went by, she surveyed her image in the mirror. Her tits jiggled as she moved. Her pussy looked raunchy and ready for some fucking.

May as well start here, she thought as she touched herself. Then she noticed Josh in the yard and she giggled. She was so keyed up after her lesbian affair with Maggie.

Staring at her image in the mirror, she squeezed her tits and played with her cunt while she watched Josh in the yard.

He wore a tight tee-shirt and tighter jeans and from time to time he glanced up at the house as he effortlessly pushed the electric mower across the lawn.

Come upstairs and pee, she thought. But it was a half hour before she finally heard the downstairs door open and close.

A thrill surged through her as she ran to the bed.

Her heart pounded as the boy climbed the stairs. She ran to the door and opened it a few more inches. Racing to the bed, she lay down and began jerking off.

Moaning softly in order to attract his attention, she buried a finger in her cunt while she tossed her head from side to side.

Suddenly she knew the boy was outside the door watching her. She writhed her ass and thrust her fingers in and out of her pussy.

She didn't dare look at the door for fear of meeting his eyes. She wanted him to have a few minutes to watch her jerk off before she sat up and confronted him. Still, she managed to gaze at him out of the corner of her eye as she finger fucked herself.

"Oh, I'm so hot!" she cried as she stroked her tits and fingered herself.

Josh, held his hand, over his crotch as he watched the sight on the bed. He couldn't believe his luck. For years he'd jerked off while fantasizing about Melanie Hunt. He thought she was the prettiest, sexiest looking woman he knew.

He studied her through veiled eyes. He was obsessed with pussy and here he was gazing at the prettiest woman in the neighborhood as she jerked off. What luck.

Her tits heaved and quivered. The teenager could see the thickness of her beaver and the stiffness of her nipples.

Melanie enjoyed exhibiting herself before him. She let her legs fall open and pulled on her big flopping tits as she masturbated.

"I'm so horny," she sighed out loud.

Josh rubbed himself through his jeans. He had come upstairs to pee, but forgot about his need as he gazed into the room.

Melanie's cuntlips seemed to be grabbing her fingers. Shit, it must feel good to fuck a woman like that. Her cunt looked so ripe and juicy. So different from the girls he knew.

As if reading his mind Melanie shoved a pillow under her ass to raise herself up and more readily expose herself to the boy's gaze.

Now he could see everything as her fingers sliced into her hot cunt-hole. His balls ached and his prick felt like a piece of steel.

He wanted to take his cock out, but he didn't have the nerve. What he really wanted was to walk into the room and climb on top of Melanie Hunt, but of course he didn't dare. He shouldn't even be standing here watching. Spying on her, really.

Feeling the boy's eyes on her made Melanie even hotter. She wanted to share the experience with Maggie. She would tell Maggie all about it if there was anything to tell. She wanted the boy in her bed, but was uncertain as how to proceed.

Pretending to shut her eyes tight, she saw the teenager take his prick out and stroke it.

"I need fucking so badly," she moaned out loud.

She wanted and needed to come, but she was overly excited and her orgasm eluded her. She thrust her hips forward and her tits tumbled about with abandon.

"I need to come so bad," she cried, plunging her fingers all the way into her cunt.

Out in the hall, the boy was mesmerized. He pumped his prick frantically as he watched the sultry brunette jerk off.

He knew it was sometimes hard for girls to come. He wanted to burst into the room and help her. Women were so complicated. She might be furious at him if he made his presence known.

He squeezed his prick. It twitched in response. His cock had never felt this hard before. He pumped it furiously as Melanie tossed her legs in the air.

"I'm coming!" Melanie cried. Her orgasm was less than satisfying so she continued fingering herself. Having Josh near and yet so far was driving her crazy.

She pretended to collapse in a heap on the bed, but she gazed into the hall through lidded eyes. He pumped his cock so vigorously she knew he would soon come if he kept it up.

Get him into this bed this minute, a little voice inside her said sternly. You deserve it. He's a randy kid. Just what you need to satisfy the burning sensation in your pussy.

Suddenly she leaped off the bed and threw the door open. She gasped as she stared at the boy and his giant prick.

"Why, Josh, what are you doing there?" she cried.

His mouth fell open and his fingers stopped moving. He held his prick in his fist and shot off.

His fuck-scum hit her in the tits. She leaned against the door and watched his face crumble as he came.

When he was through, he ran down the hall to the bathroom. She knew he was overcome with shame so she waited a minute before following him.

"Open the door, Josh," she said softly. "I'm not angry at you."

When there was no reply she knocked again. There was still no answer so she turned the knob.

The door was locked. "Josh, open the door," she said. "I'm not angry that you spied on me. I sort of liked it. Open the door, Josh. Let me make it up to you."

When the door opened, Josh stood in the doorway. His face was crimson and he had trouble meeting her eyes.

She stood before him, naked and more beautiful than ever. Her cunt quivered with emotion and her eyes glittered.

"I knew you were out there watching me and I planned it," she laid in a rush. "Do you know what I'm saying, Josh? I wanted you to watch me. I'm horny and that was my way of turning you on."

The teenager's eyes widened. Despite himself, his prick began growing again. "You wanted to turn me on?" he said in a dazed yoke.

She took his arm and guided him back to the bedroom.

"Come," she said, rubbing her tits against his arm. "Come with me."

Back in the bedroom they threw their arms around each other. Melanie's body was, damp with perspiration and cuntjuice and the residue of the boy's jism was on her tits.

Her big tits poked his chest. She took his hands and moved them over her ass.

"I want you to touch me all over," she whispered, kissing him with her tongue and lips and teeth. "And I want to touch you all over too."

The boy's prick stabbed her belly, but the rest of him was still fully dressed. She kissed him again and again, devouring him with her hungry lips. She took his hands and moved them to her chest.

"Feel them," she said, as his fingers closed around her tits. "Feel my heart beating. You've made me so hot, honey."

The teenager filled his hands with her tits. She pushed his jeans down and slid her hands inside his shorts.

Shoving his head down, she encouraged him to kiss her tits. Opening his jaws wide, he gobbled up her tits hungrily.

She sighed with pleasure as he tongued her nipples and stroked her tit-globes. His prick still stuck out of his shorts, swaying like a club as he moved. She began moving backward toward the bed. The boy's lips were clamped to her tits as they made their way across the room.

"Get naked," the horny wife said.

Almost reluctantly the boy released her tit from his mouth. Melanie tugged at his tee-shirt as he dropped his shorts.

Sinking to her knees before him, Melanie yanked his clothes off his feet and took his pulsating prick in her hand.

The boy could tell by the way she stroked his prick that Melanie was different from girls his age. She had a surer touch and a wild look in her eyes. She touched his cockhead in ways that no girl ever had. And she stared at his prick with something like adoration in her eyes.

Still crouching before him, she fingered his cockshaft, squeezed his cock-knob and hefted his balls. Then with a hungry sigh she brought her face to his prick and rubbed the tip over her cheeks and lips.

"I love your cock," she said happily.

"Did you really want me to watch?"

"Yes, but let's not talk about it any more. Let's just enjoy each other."

The boy's chest puffed up. Let's just enjoy each other, she'd said. She talked to him like he was a stud or something. Jesus, what a woman!

His knees buckled when she kissed the moist tip of his prick. He tangled his fingers in her thick dark hair.

"Uh, Mrs. Hunt?" he said, dizzy with the passion that consumed him.

"What Josh?" Melanie said.

"Do I have to finish the yard?"

"No!" she snapped.

Trembling, the boy fell back onto the bed. Melanie followed him, her lips clamped shut around his cock.

"Jesus, can we fuck?" he said.

She abruptly spat his prick out. "Yes." Without another word she climbed over him.

He stared at her open-mouthed as she straddled him. No girl had ever done this to him. All the girls he knew giggled when he fucked them and lay perfectly still until he came. Melanie fairly sizzled with passion. Jesus, her tits were flopping around!

He watched every movement she made, fascinated by her aggressiveness. Hovering over him were two big tits and nearing his cock was her gaping, hairy cunt-hole.

He lay still while she grabbed his cock and lowered her pussy over him. The boy watched his cockhead part her outer cunt lips. He groaned when her tight cunt devoured his prick.

She leaned forward and covered his chest with her tits. His cock was embedded inside her and she squeezed it with her strong cunt.

"Kiss me," she whispered, plunging her tongue into his mouth.

"Jesus!" he gasped, but she cut off his words with her tongue.

"Suck my tongue," she said, suctioning his tongue into her mouth.

"Am I doing it right?" he said, desperate to please her.

"Hold my ass," she instructed the teenager. She adjusted his hands on her ass. "Move them around. Stroke. Yes, like that. That's nice."

All the while she kissed him she left his prick inside her. At intervals she squeezed his cock with her pussy and at other times she just held him inside her.

His balls ached, but he knew he didn't dare come yet. He knew instinctively that this was a woman who demanded satisfaction. He wanted to give it to her so she'd let him fuck her again.

Melanie moved up and then down again, her cunt gripping the teenager's cock. She could tell by his expression he was very hot and almost ready to blow his wad. His cock jerked against the velvety lining of her pussy. There was something very sweet about teenage cock.

"Can I suck your tits?" he said shyly.

Melanie teased him by waving her tits over his face. "I'll think about it," she said.

She sat back and reached behind for his balls.

She rolled over and let his prick slip out of her pussy.

"Let me suck it," she said, hovering over him and sliding her lips halfway down his prick.

He groaned, but said nothing. Her tits grazed his thighs as she took more of his prick into her mouth.

"Don't you dare come yet," she said. "I won't," he blurted. Melanie decided not to take any chances. She released his cock and went to work on his balls.

She widened the spread of the boy's legs and licked his balls eagerly. His hairy bag was full of jism. She was half tempted to suck him off. Teenage-jism would be mighty tasty about now.

Still, she wanted to fuck. Climbing back over him, she shoved his prick inside her and began moving her hips up and down.

With every bounce her cunt tugged at his cock. The boy threw his head back and groaned as she fucked him.

"Jesus, Melanie!" he cried.

She quickly expelled his cock and leaned over him, pressing her tits against his chest. "What is it?" she purred, peppering his face with kisses.

"That feels damn good," he said. She began fucking again. She moved her pussy up and down while she watched his cock disappear inside her.

She released it momentarily and gazed down at his randy cock. It shone with her juices and swayed deliciously.

"I don't want you to come until I tell you," she said, positioning herself on her side and taking him inside her.

In this position he wasn't able to enter her as deeply, but he would last longer. She crossed one leg over his hip as they fucked.

"I never did it like this before," he said. "Just keep sucking and concentrate on controlling your orgasm," she said. "Kiss me." She opened her mouth to accept his tongue. "Keep kissing me."

After a few more strokes she climbed over him again. Now her ass and hips rose and fell more rapidly. Beneath her the teenage boy pumped his ass and stroked.

Soon he was the one who was fucking her wildly while she threw her head back and let him ram her.

When her young lover felt her pussy grab his prick and contract around it, his orgasm erupted.

"Come inside me," she said. "I want to feel you come inside me."

I balled a woman yesterday and a teenager today, she thought. And I'm looking forward to tomorrow and whatever excitement I can find.

Josh's face contorted as he came. Her own rapture was complete, but she continued bouncing over him.

"Keep going," she said. "Your cock is still hard. Keep fucking. Don't stop."

He continued ramming into her. Even though his balls were drained, his cock hadn't lost its stiffness.

"Yes!" she screamed as she fell forward and let her tits flop over the boy's chest.

She lay there for several minutes, limp and sweating as she struggled to breathe.

His cock was still inside her, but it was shrinking. Even though her lust was satisfied, she squeezed his cock with her talented pussy.

"Come back tomorrow and finish the lawn," she said, rolling to the side and reaching for a cigarette.

The boy climbed off the bed and searched for his clothes. He gazed at her heaving tits and juice-washed cunt. When he smiled, she knew he'd return.

Jumping off the bed, she wrapped herself in a robe and went to the bathroom to pee.


Melanie barely had time to recover from her wild afternoon with Josh when she received a phone call from Wayne Edwards. He had a new job and wanted to celebrate his good fortune with her.

When he arrived the next day, her jaw dropped. He had brought a friend along. It suddenly occurred to her that Wayne had a very special kind of celebration in mind. After a moment's hesitation she invited them in.

She no longer had any compunction about seeing men in her home. It was hypocritical to fuck every randy prick around and yet hesitate to do it in Barry's bed.

"Hi, Melanie," Wayne said with his sweet shy smile. "Since I've had such good luck, I wanted to celebrate with my two best friends. This is Dudley. He's a great guy. I'm sure you two will like each other."

Wayne looked anxious as Dudley flashed Melanie a grin. "I hear you were real nice to my friend here when he got canned."

"Wayne's a very nice guy," she said, feeling slightly flustered and wondering how much Wayne had told him.

She served drinks and snacks and soon they were chatting like old friends. Wayne talked about his new job and Dudley told a few off color jokes that broke the tension.

Dudley was in his early twenties with blonde hair and a slim body. Melanie squirmed her ass restlessly. She was beginning to wonder if they had come over only to chat.

A half-hour passed and she became bolder. "Listen, guys, what's going on? I don't want to sound like a sex maniac, but we all know the score. I've never made it with two guys before and I'm dying to try it. What do you say?" Both men grinned. Wayne chuckled. "What did I tell you?" he said to his friend. "Isn't she great?"

"I'm ready," Dudley said. He sat forward on his seat. "Wayne told me what a good time you two had that night."

Melanie felt a tremor of excitement surge through her as they surrounded her on the sofa. Dudley took hold of one hand and Wayne the other.

"I'm sure glad you're game for three-way sex," Wayne said. "I told Dudley you were the horniest chick I ever met." He kissed her hand and draped his arm around her shoulders.

Dudley placed his hand on her thigh and continued sipping his drink. Melanie sat meekly between them, feeling her excitement mount.

Dudley leered suggestively when he stared at her tits. She had a feeling he was a stud in the sack.

A sweetheart in the living room and a tiger in bed, that was Wayne, she thought. Dudley, for all his youthful grin, seemed more worldly wise. Older for his years than Wayne.

"And when I get my first paycheck," Wayne was saying, "we're all going out for a big steak."

"Wayne tells me you're a great cocksucker," Dudley said suddenly.

Wayne groaned and Melanie's jaw dropped. Only Dudley seemed totally at ease.

"What can I say?" she said finally.

Dudley ran his hand under Melanie's skirt. "Old Wayne tells me you do things with your mouth that send a guy to heaven." He winked as he stroked her stocking top.

Melanie's head began spinning. As if aware he'd said the wrong thing, Dudley refilled her glass and set it before her.

"Watch your mouth," Wayne muttered.

Melanie took a big gulp of her scotch. "Oh, don't worry," she said. "He's a little blunt, but then so am I."

She finished her scotch and handed her glass to Dudley to be refilled. He skillfully poured it full, all the while edging his fingers closer to her crotch.

Wayne stroked the back of her neck. "I can't take this guy anywhere," he whispered with a chuckle in her ear.

"Do you guys always work together?" she said. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up as Wayne kissed her ear.

"Whenever we can, beautiful," Dudley said, unhooking her garter and pushing her stocking down to her knee.

"I can't wait to fuck you," Wayne said, sounding more like his aggressive self suddenly.

Melanie had drawn the blinds before they arrived and the room was dimly lit. She turned to Wayne now and kissed him.

Dudley grinned. "You've got a great mouth for cocksucking," he said. "I can't wait to feel that lower lip on the underside of my cock."

She giggled happily when he reached inside her blouse and grabbed a tit. He had a good touch. A man who knew how to fondle a tit usually knew how to fuck.

Dudley felt his prick swelling in his jeans as Melanie kissed his friend. He fondled her tits and watched her tongue whip in and out of Wayne's mouth. He could wait his turn. This chick was going to be dynamite.

Wayne snickered as he lashed her tongue with his. He met Dudley's eyes and winked. He had bragged about fucking Melanie and promised to share her with his friend. Now they surrounded her and soon they'd be pounding their pricks into her cunt.

Melanie didn't look or act like a prick-groupie. She had, a sexy but expensive aura about her. Yet the minute he saw her in the restaurant he knew she was a cock-hound. A hot-assed, horny-cunted cock-hound.

When the men began undressing her, Melanie didn't protest. When she was naked, one of them fondled her tits and the other reached for her ass.

With her eyes closed she didn't know who was touching what and didn't care. Someone ran the edge of his hand between her pussy-lips.

"She's wet and ready," Dudley said.

They were standing now. Dudley was behind her, reaching around and clutching her tits. Her nipples stiffened quickly under his touch. Wayne was standing before her, stroking her cunt.

She was having another adventure and loving it. Two cocks would soon be filling her up. One in her cunt and maybe another in her mouth.

The alcohol had loosened her up. She admitted to herself that she was nervous when they first arrived. But now she was relaxed and tuned-on. She was more than ready for the perverse thrills that awaited her.

Again she closed her eyes and gave herself over to the sensations flooding her body. Both men were fondling her. One had a finger deep in her cunt. One was stroking her tits and squeezing her nipples.

She knew she was being used and she didn't care. She was using them too. Everyone used everyone else. That's what life was all about.

When she opened her eyes, Wayne was taking his prick out. They guided her onto the sofa and made her lie on her belly.

But it was Dudley who stood behind her with his prick out. She craned her head to watch as Wayne pushed her legs apart so Dudley could enter her.

His prick felt huge as it reached deep, inside her pussy. She beard Wayne pull his clothes off and steeled herself for the onslaught of Dudley's thrusts.

Her ass hung over the edge of the sofa. She trembled all over. She felt both vulnerable and sensual. As Dudley worked his prick in and out of her hot cunt-hole she welcomed him with a shriek of passion.

She almost wept when he pulled out, but shivered with lust when Wayne took his place. Now Dudley climbed onto the sofa and began licking her tits. Thrills shot up from her pussy as Dudley's lips and tongue on her nipples almost made her come.

Wayne grunted and growled in response to the clinging of her cunt on his prick. With every thrust her pussy held his prick tight, almost imprisoning it in her depths.

Her cunt had never been snugger, despite all the fucking she did and maybe because of it. She raised her chest and fed Dudley her tits while Wayne pounded her pussy.

"Didn't I tell you she was terrific?" Wayne said. "You love it, don't you, baby? You love having a cock high up inside you."

"I love having your big cock inside me," she said. She trembled as Dudley gobbled up her tits. "In fact, I can't wait to have Dudley's cock in me too."

Wayne pulled out of her twit too abruptly. She wiggled her ass and turned her head. Her pussy longed for more reaming.

"Someone fuck me!" she cried. Wayne hesitated before plunging his cock back inside her. His cock swelled to even larger dimensions inside her clasping cunt.

Dudley climbed to his knees and held her chin while he shoved his prick into her mouth. Her fantasy had come true. She had a cock in her cunt and another in her mouth. What more could a girl ask for?

Melanie felt like a receptacle for their pleasure, but in truth she loved it. She was skewered, fore and aft, with no will of her own. Yet it was clear to both men she was having the time of her life.

She plunged her cunt back at Wayne's driving cock and slid her lips halfway down Dudley's thick cockshaft. She lashed her tongue over his cock head and coned the cream from his pisser. For a slim man he had a very thick cock.

The only thing missing is a third cock for my ass, the horny wife thought.

She wondered if all women needed as much sex as she seemed to need. She had friends who walked around horny, but there were others who could take sex or leave it. She couldn't understand them. All her adult life she'd had an unquenchable itch between her legs. Now she was dousing the flame almost daily and she'd never been happier.

Wayne was tirelessly fucking her. His cock filled her pussy, moving in and out and rasping against her clit.

"Screw it," he muttered from time to time.

"Screw my prick."

After a while he pulled out and lifted her up onto the sofa. She lay back on the cushions and looked up anxiously at the two men.

Dudley finished undressing and quickly climbed on top of her. Pulling her head forward, he thrust his bulbous cockhead back into her mouth.

She sucked it gluttonously, aware that Wayne was jerking off and pointing his cock at her face.

Soon Wayne climbed between her legs while Dudley sat on her chest. While Dudley plunged his prick into her mouth Wayne stroked his into her cunt.

She couldn't move, but that made it all the more exciting. She was helpless and quivering with desire. While her mouth worked nimbly over one prick, her cunt sucked hungrily at the other.

Dudley's balls crashed into her nose with every stroke. He almost cut off her breathing, but she didn't care. Struggling to breathe was part of the pain-pleasure of the double-fucking.

Dudley growled as he fed her his cock. "What a mouth," he muttered. "Suck it, woman. Suck my cock!"

Her mouth was soft and moist and supple. Her lips molded themselves to his fuckmeat like a leather glove. The chick could suck.

Wayne drove his prick into her depths while he watched his friend fuck her mouth. He plowed in and out, stopping to rest at intervals.

After Wayne came he disappeared into the kitchen, and Dudley and Melanie went upstairs to bed. As they stretched out, he stared at her naked body. Leaning over, he began kissing and biting her tits.

"I haven't fucked you yet," he said. Holding her tits in his hands, he licked one nipple and then the other.

"Fuck me now," she said. "While Wayne's downstairs."

"Don't you want him to see us?" His eyes laughed at her, amused by she knew not what.

"It's not that," she said, then she suddenly cried: "Ooooohhhh, yessssss!"

He crouched over her crotch and spat on her clit. "That's cunt! I think I'll have a taste."

She moved her hands to her inner thighs and stroked, her cunt-hair. "Yes, kiss it," she said.

Extending his long tongue, he licked her cunt from clit to asshole.

"Hot pussy," he said.

"Oh, Dudley, do that!" she shrieked as he worked his thumb over her clit and thrust a finger into her pussy.

Soon he had two fingers into her cunt and he used them like a cock to excite her senses.

She wondered where Wayne was and if he planned on joining them. In a way she wanted to be alone with Dudley. She wanted to concentrate on one cock for a while.

While Dudley lashed his tongue over her cuntslit, she reached for his cock and squeezed it. She shivered when he thrust a finger into her asshole. Soon he was holding her like a bowling ball. He had a finger in her cunt and another in her ass as she clutched his prick.

"You're bringing me off," she said.

Just then, Wayne entered the room. He climbed onto the bed and straddled her face.

"Take it, baby," he said, shoving his limp prick into her mouth.

She sucked it hard as she came. She shuddered and moaned around the plug of cock in her mouth, squirming wildly as the come-spasms shook her.

When the hot waves of pleasure washed over her, she automatically sucked Wayne's entire prick into her mouth.

Dudley stopped sucking her cunt. Now he tilted her ass back and drove his prick into her assbud.

Melanie quivered between the two friends. Wayne's prick was beginning to stiffen. Soon it would be hard enough to give her another good hard pounding. She shivered with anticipation as she lapped her tongue up and down his asscrack.

She bucked her ass back at Dudley's cock. She loved having her asshole stuffed with prick.

She swallowed and struggled to breathe around Wayne's prick. She held onto his balls and pressed them against her nose and cheeks.

When Wayne pulled out of her mouth, she closed her fingers around his fuck-stick.

"Beat it," he said.

She loved the feel of his pulsating cock in her fist. "Like this?"

"Yeah, but don't shoot the moon. I want your ass too."

Dudley was still drilling his cock in and out of her shitter. She was open and loose and anxious for a come-enema.

"I'm gonna shoot," he cried.

"I'm ready," she said, yanking on Wayne's cock-skin.

When Dudley shot off in her asshole, she turned her attention to Wayne. "Stick it in my ass," she said.

"Look at her," Dudley snickered. "I never saw a cock-hound like this one!"

Wayne made her roll onto her hands and knees and he entered her asshole from behind. It hurt when he entered her, but the pain didn't last long.

She crashed through one orgasm after the other. Her lust completely overwhelmed her.

Since this was Wayne's second fuck, he didn't come that quickly. He gave her a long haul in her ass, solid stroking in and out, occasionally screwing his hips to widen her bunghole. She loved the deep feeling. Her asshole felt a mile wide and yet his cock still felt like a baseball bat. She still had Dudley's jism up her ass and soon Wayne would add his own spunk to his friend's load. I love it all, she thought. Her life was complete whenever she was fucking, it was as simple as that.


"I like my coffee black and hot." The man pointing across the room at the electric coffee pot was Robb Williams. He was an engineering consultant and Melanie was working for him as a typist.

"When it's done you can bring me a cup to my office across the hall." His eyes flickered over her ass. "Bring yours too."

Melanie filled the coffeepot and waited for it to perk. Getting this job had been a lucky stroke. This was her first day and she wanted to make a good impression. The work promised to be interesting and would leave her plenty of time for her other interests which involved sex, sex and more sex.

The engineer's office was in his home. Melanie knew he was married, but she hadn't met his wife yet.

In any event there was little doubt in her mind that her new boss was interested in other women. The way he leered at her was evidence of that.

When the coffee was ready she poured two cups and carried them across the hall to his office.

When he watched her move toward his desk, his eyes darted from her tits to her ass. Robb Williams knew a hot-cunted bitch when he saw one. Melanie had sex written all, over her.

He felt his cock lurch when she bent over the desk and showed more thigh than necessary. She had bold eyes and a pouty mouth. There was a hunger about her and an electric-like energy emanating as she moved around. He found her very exciting.

As he moved some papers around his desk, he watched her. He didn't give a damn if she could type or not. He had a woman who came in every evening and banged out his reports. He liked having a pretty woman around during the day. That was why he hired Melanie. The typist before Melanie had quit in a huff just because he wanted to fuck her in the ass. She was a sweet thing, but a little too naive.

He thought about his wife and the lousy fuck they had the night before. Thank God, Liz went out every day. She let him stick it to her occasionally, but the next day she always went out and spent a load in the stores. Wives are whores, he thought. Someone ought to write a book and tell it to the world.

Melanie sat down next to his desk and sipped her coffee. She gazed at him and since he looked deep in thought she didn't disturb him. He was probably thinking about something important.

She found it exciting to be working for a man like Williams. She had never known a man like him before and was impressed at the row of books on the desk bearing his name.

If she had known what was on Robb Williams' mind she'd have been amused and excited. At that moment he was wondering how she would react to a stiff cock pushed between her thighs.

He knew he would have her. It was only a matter of time. Gazing at her long thick hair and shapely legs, he didn't want to wait long. His cock lurched around. I'm like a fucking teenager getting hard-on, he thought.

"Is the coffee okay?" Melanie said.

"Yeah, great."

"You haven't even tasted it yet." She reached across the desk and pushed his saucer closer to him.

"It's good, it's good," he said, smacking his lips.

She took a deep breath and glanced around. "When do I go to work?"

"What's your hurry?"

She shrugged. "It's your money."

"Do you do everything as well as you make coffee?" He openly stared at her cleavage.

She pulled her shoulders back and thrust her tits out. He was coming on to her. She was horny enough to take the bait.

"It depends on what you mean. I'm better at some things than others."

As she spoke she crossed her legs, extended her tongue and deliberately licked her cup before sipping her coffee.

"That's some tongue action you've got there."

She laughed. "That's one of my talents."

"What do you lick besides cups?" Leaning forward with his arms on the desk, he grinned.

"What do you have in mind?" she said. The way she figured it they'd be in bed in five minutes. Thank God I won't have to type today, she thought.

"Do you fuck?" he said.

She nodded, her heart pounding with excitement. "Yes, do you?"

His eyes raked over her legs. "You bet." He seemed to be thinking. "I'll bet you can't type to save your life."

"Oh, I can type all right, but I'd rather fuck any time."

He threw his head back and laughed. "Finally, an honest woman. I've never hired a typist who didn't swear she loved her work. 'Oh, I'm so excited to be working for an engineer!'" he said in a falsetto voice. "I had a little blonde here who creamed her jeans, she was so impressed." His smile disappeared. "But you're not impressed, are you? You've been around."

She gazed at him coolly, somewhat disconcerted by his change in mood. She decided to brazen it out.

"You bet I've been around."

He grinned and his eyes crinkled and she knew she'd made the right response.

"Come here," he said.

Rising up, she walked around the desk and sat on the edge near him. His face reddened as he gazed at her. He stared at her bare thighs and the ripeness of her tits as they pressed against her blouse. Even through her bra her nipples were clearly evident.

He whistled. "I think I've met my match," he said.

Melanie smiled and cocked an eyebrow. "I think I have too."

They gazed boldly at each other. Robb's cock throbbed in the confines of his pants. Melanie had a wild look in her eyes. He glanced down and their eyes met. She laughed. She had noticed the throbbing lump in his fly.

Her tongue flicked excitedly over her lips. She wanted to kneel down and bring his prick out, but didn't want to appear too aggressive.

Robb was a big man, and his cock looked big, but you could never tell. Actually she didn't care. Big or small, they all felt good in her pussy.

"If that thing needs some air why not take it out?" she said.

He stared at her with disbelief. He had never met a woman so brazen and her words filled him with wild excitement.

"You do it," he said, his voice husky and low.

She reached down and let her fingertips trail over his crotch. "It would be a pity to waste this big thing." She lightly caressed the lurching mass of imprisoned cockmeat.

He inhaled her perfume and her female fragrance. She smelled hot as she stroked his cock through his pants.

He hoped to God Liz was buying out the stores. If she came home she might disturb them. The bitch didn't care who he fucked, but sometimes she surprised him by walking in when he was in the saddle. It gave her the edge over him for a while. The last time that happened she went out the next day and bought a mink coat.

Now Melanie's fingers became more insistent as she stroked his prick. This one's worth a fur coat, he thought.

"This hunk of meat wants to get out," she said, reaching down and tugging at his zipper.

She slipped off the desk and crouched beside him. He swung around and watched her release his swollen prick.

They both stared at his big, oozing cockhead and then at each other. He smiled sheepishly.

"What are we doing sitting here?" he said. "We can stay here," she purred, unbuttoning her skirt.

"We sure can," he said, rising up and watching her strip.

In a matter of minutes her blouse and bra were off. She tossed her bra carelessly onto a chair and seemed totally unselfconscious of her big, bouncy tits as she stepped out of her skirt. She left her panties on. She saw him eyeing her slit through the wet crotch of her bikinis. Let him take them off, she thought.

The engineer had never seen anyone lovelier. His hard-on thrust out of his fly as he gazed at her exquisite body.

She stepped back and teased him by licking her lips and slowly caressing her tits. She took her stiff nipples between her fingers and pinched them.

Dropping her tits, she bent down and let them flap in the air. One hand found her pussy and she combed her fingernails through her cunt-hair.

All her cheating had taught her what men liked. And what they liked were women who were wild and uninhibited.

It was easy for Melanie to be uninhibited. She loved sex and thought it was the most natural, most enjoyable thing in life.

Robb whistled and grinned as she moved to the center of the room and danced around lewdly. She was putting on a show for huh, all right. She was playing with herself, the gorgeous slut.

She was combing her cunt-bush with those long lethal-looking nails. She was showing him the pink wet folds of her cunt. She was tossing her hair back and enjoying herself. Damn, he'd never seen anything like it in his life!

Melanie actually pulled her cuntlips open and revealed her clit. She still had her bikinis on, but they hid nothing. And she looked even sexier with her hands jammed in her panties. Damn, his cock was getting hard!

"Don't you want to touch it?" she said in a cool clear voice.

"Jesus, yes!"

She rubbed her bristly cunt-bush. "Do you want to stick your cock in here?" Wetting a finger, she touched it to her slit.

"You bet, sister!"

He strode toward her and grabbed her arm. He shoved her onto a sofa. Her legs splayed open as she gazed up at him with wild, smoldering eyes.

"Well, do it," she murmured as he undressed. "Stick it in and fuck me."

"I'm coming," he muttered, tripping over his pants as he removed them. "Shit, I'm coming!"

When he was naked, he hovered over her. His big cock stood out proudly from his hairy balls. He climbed on top of her and was about to enter her when she stopped him by closing her fingers firmly over his cock.

"I like your prick," she said.

"Let me stick it in."

"Wait a minute. Let me look at it."

He frowned. "Jesus, you've got me so fucking hot. Let me stick it in."

She squeezed the root of his cock and coned a drop of cream from the tip. "It's better if you wait."

"Fuck that!" Unable to control himself, he dropped down over her and tried forcing his prick inside her.

She was too fast for him and closed her legs. "Touch my tits," she said. "I like having my tits kissed."

"Oh, Jesus!" His face was crimson as he closed his fingers over her soft pliable nipples. He kneaded them impatiently. They overflowed his fingers and she purred as he tweaked her nipples.

She opened her legs and he thrust his cock inside her thighs. She trapped it, but still wouldn't let him penetrate her.

"Why won't you let me get in?" he said, perspiration dripping down his face.

"I want it as much as you do, but I need a little more time."

His shaking, excited hands were all over her, roaming her tits and ass and stroking her thighs. She raised her legs in the air as he touched her cunt. He pushed a finger inside her and flicked her clit.

"Now!" he panted, trying to stick his cock inside her.

"Not yet," she said, stubbornly locking him out.

She loved torturing him. Here he was, a hotshot engineer, and she had him begging for her pussy.

"You're driving me crazy," he said, burying his face against her tits.

"Suck it some more," she said, shoving a tit into his mouth.

After a few minutes her tits were so thoroughly kissed and licked she wanted nothing more than to have his prick inside her.

She raised her legs up and opened her cunt to his cock.

"Now, stick it in," she breathed. "I want your big stiff cock in me now."

Beads of perspiration dripped from his forehead to her tits as he positioned himself in the saddle between her thighs.

Melanie held her knees back until they pressed against her tits. Her thighs were wide open and her bristly slit beckoned to him.

His fingers shook as he guided his cock toward her slick cunt. A wild tremor raged through her as his cockhead rubbed against her pussy-flesh.

She held her ass up with both hands, barely breathing as his cockhead probed her cuntlips. When he finally thrust it into her velvety wet softness, she sucked in her breath and wrapped her legs around his back.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" she chanted. "Fuck me hard. No gentle slit. Bang me hard. I love it."

He was a big man. His eyes glittered when he flexed his muscles and drove the full length of his lusty cock all the way into her over-eager cunt.

"You hard-cocked bastard, fuck me!" she yelled.

"You little slut, you're tight as a teenager," he hissed, pulling out and leaving only his cockhead inside her. "I think I'll drive you a little crazy."

He thrust in and pulled out again. She moaned and tossed her head.

"Show you who's boss," he snickered. He grimaced. "Ooooohhhhh, baby, tight as a clam."

To Melanie's delight he began fucking her hard and deep with a ferocity that took her breath away. He split her in two and when she thought he would tear her delicate membranes he began thrusting slowly.

She kept her legs locked around his back. She used her cunt-muscles to welcome him with every stroke.

"You're sucking the cream out of my balls," he muttered.

She wrapped her arms around his neck. "That's the idea."

The wonderful pre-orgasm sensations began to engulf her. Her pretty face contorted. She opened her jaws wide and clamped her teeth down on Robb's shoulder.

When he pulled back, she bit her lower lip until she drew blood. She was all animal now, all raw desire and urgent need.

Robb reached under and grabbed her ass, pulling her cunt more tightly around his fuck wand. In this position he was able to thrust his prick even more deeply into her insatiable depths.

"Bloodsucker!" he rasped.

"Oh, shit, that's it!" she yelled as she came. After her orgasm subsided, Robb began thrusting more viciously.

"Tight-cunted bitch!" he growled, corkscrewing his cock into her. "Sucking the come out of my balls."

She lay still and let him pound her. Her lips parted and her tits bouncing, she watched his face as he thrust his energy-packed prick into her pussy.

Weird noises gurgled from his throat as he clawed her asscheeks. Robb thought of his wife. If that bitch walks in now and ruins it, I'll kill her.

He'd never met a girl like Melanie. She writhed around like a wild-woman. She was all hot cunt and big tits and moist mouth.

He remembered that he hadn't even tried her mouth yet. He slammed into her, tempted to finish off in that sexy mouth.

There was no time. Robb felt his climax begin and started thrusting with incredible power into her.

"Come in me! Came in me! Come in me!" Melanie cried.

Lunging wildly, his cock exploded deep inside her orgasming pussy. Locked together, hearts pounding, they finally lay still.

It's heaven, Melanie thought. She wouldn't last with her husband, she knew that now. Another few months and they'd certainly split. She didn't care any more. She knew now she could take care of herself. What she needed was a man like Robb Williams, a man who could satisfy her. There had to be millions of them out there. She smiled to herself as she wondered how long it would take to try out a million men.


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