Hot horny daughter

The onset of puberty inevitably brings with it the dawning awareness of sexuality, of a child's inherent masculinity or femininity, and the struggle to put that sexuality into proper perspective with internalized standards and parentally prescribed teachings.

For some, the transition occurs with relative ease. For others, the change is marked by tension and anxiety, and a growing awareness that their world is not shaping up as expected.

For Candy Jones the dawning awareness of her own sexuality and the budding of her young body have brought many problems and confusions. But once Candy gets over her initial fears and inhibitions, she finds herself enjoying, indeed reveling, in her natural sexuality.

HOT HORNY DAUGHTER the story of a teenaged girl's struggle to make her own personal journey into adulthood, a struggle evolving behind the facade of her day-to-day existence, yet inexorably leading her onward into maturity. A work of fiction that could be about the girl next door. Or one's own daughter.


It was shortly after ten o'clock in the morning and Russ Reed was sitting on a lumpy couch sipping a beer. Wearing a pair of pants and an undershirt, he seemed oblivious to the cracked plaster and the run-down condition of his messy house. The forty-year-old man's wife had left him for another man, and since then, he'd only worked enough to collect unemployment insurance.

He was just about to go into his kitchen for another beer when someone knocked on his front door. Answering it, he found little Candy Jones standing on the dilapidated porch.

"Hello, Candy," he smiled. "Come on in."

"Hi, Mr. Reed," grinned the little girl who lived next door.

"Why aren't you in school?" he asked as she plopped herself down in a chair.

"I'm too shittin' tired."

Russ couldn't explain why, but he was strangely fascinated by this rather slutty looking youngster. Most kids her age wore jeans and blouses, but Candy always wore extremely short skirts and tight sweaters. Never wearing a bra, the young girl's unusually large tits always rolled and jiggled around suggestively under her tight sweaters.

The youngster's face was a bit broad, yet quite pretty, and there was a deep sensuality about her gray eyes as she gazed out invitingly from beneath her sultry, half-closed lids. She had a rather wide mouth with full sensuous lips and strong white teeth.

She was strangely attractive, the girl had long brown hair that usually appeared to be rumpled and messy, but this morning it looked like it hadn't been combed for a week.

"I came over for a cigarette," she finally spoke as she threw one leg over the arm of the chair, completely exposing her little white panties to him.

"Damnit, Candy," he argued. "You're too young for cigarettes."

"Don't give me that crock of shit." The cute youngster giggled. "You know I've been smoking since I was twelve."

"Why don't you have any of your own?" he asked.

"Because a couple of guys dropped by last night and we smoked mine all up."

"Is that why you're too tired to go to school," said Russ, handing her a cigarette and matches.

"I guess so," she giggled. "My mom shacked up with one of her boyfriends after work last night, so I invited a couple of guys over to lay me and they almost fucked me to death before they were finished."

"Jesus Christ!" He grinned at the horny little slut. "Don't you ever think about anything except screwing?"

"Do you know the Rodger twins from around the corner?" she asked, completely ignoring his remark.

"I know who they are."

"Well those two guys don't have the biggest cocks in the world," gagged Candy. "But they both came and came and came in me last night. Shit, I've never seen kids shoot so much jizz in my life."

"No wonder you're too pooped to go to school."

"Mr. Reed," she suddenly asked. "Don't you like me?"

"Of course I do," he answered. "I like you very much."

"Am I ugly?"

"Certainly not. I think you're quite pretty."

"Then why don't you ever try and get into my pants?"

"Because you're just a little kid," was his answer.

"I might be a kid," she grinned. "But I'll bet I have the hottest cunt you'll ever find."

"Good," he smiled, looking at her little blatantly exposed panties. "Let the Rodger twins enjoy it. They're more your age."

"I've been fucked by a man," the cute youngster suddenly announced.


"Old man Kurtmier down at the deli."


"That's right," beamed Candy. "He lays me in the back room of his store about once a week."

"Are you shittin' me?"

"Nope," she giggled. "He thinks I let him screw me because he gives me free cigarettes and candy, but I really love his big man-sized cock."

"I can't believe you," he gasped. "You're still just a little kid."

"You wouldn't think I was just a kid if you saw the way my hot little cunt comes all over Mr. Kurtmier's big boner."

Russ stared at the youngster, suddenly wandering how it would feel to bury his cock up between her legs.

"Wanta try me?" she whispered, moving over next to him on the sofa.

It was becoming tougher and tougher on Russ to resist the tempting youngster.

"Please fuck me," Candy softly crooned, reaching over and resting her fingers on his crotch. "I've got a clean pussy."

"I'm sure you have," he mumbled, knowing he should remove the youngster's hand.

Glancing down at her shapely thighs under the short skirt, he could almost visualize them wrapped around his naked body as he pounded his cock into her tight young pussy. It was a crazy thought, but fucking this cute little slut would be one helluva lot of fun.

"You're getting a neat hard-on!" She giggled, lowering his zipper and whipping out his stiff prick.

No longer wanting to stop the youngster, the electric-like thrill of her cool fingers around his naked cock shaft was driving him wild.

"Let's go into your bedroom," she whispered, leaning over and running her hot wet tongue around the rim of his big cock knob. "You won't be sorry."

With all resistance completely smashed, he took the youngster's hand and led her into his room.

"This is neat," beamed Candy, bouncing onto the unmade bed. "We can really fuck up a storm in here."

He smiled at the cute youngster, not knowing quite what to do with her now that they were alone in his room. He stared at her lush tits jiggling up and down in her sweater as she bounced on the bed, her tousled brown hair flying wildly around her radiant young face. Her almost innocent-like youthfulness was an exciting thing to see when she finally jumped up from the bed.

Unable to control himself any longer, the lecherous man frantically pulled her sweater off and threw it onto a chair. Standing with his hard prick poking out of his open fly, he gawked when her firm young tits spilled out nakedly in front of him. Not only were her deliciously bare tits unusually large for a youngster, but she had the biggest fucking nipples he'd ever seen on any woman.

"Do ya like 'em?" she grinned, seeing how he was staring.

"They're beautiful!" gulped the man.

"Wanta suck 'em?" the horny little slut giggled, cupping her tits and thrusting her nipples up toward his mouth.

Laying the cute youngster back across the bed, Russ threw himself over her, covering one of her erect titty-buds with his lips. The delicious texture of her big tasty nipple in his mouth caused his stiff cock to throb even more violently through the open fly of his pants. Shaking with uncontrollable lust for the child, he sucked as much of her big tit into his mouth as possible. Sucking deeply, he swirled his tongue wildly around her turgid nipple.

Finally releasing it, he directed his attention to Candy's other tit.

"Oh, Mr. Reed," she excitedly panted, thrilled by the feel of his hot wet tongue on her sensitive flesh. "That feels so fuckin' neat."

When the depraved man finally released her tasty nipple, he began washing the entire surface of both luscious big tits with his tongue. He feverishly licked every inch of her heavenly big tits until the soft flesh was glistening with his spit.

Wildly aroused by the erotic taste of her horny young body, he worked his slavering mouth down over her flat tummy until he reached her darling little navel.

Having saturated her entire upper body with his saliva, Russ began tearing at her skirt, pulling it down over her curvaceous young hips.

When he'd tugged the garment off over her ankles, he slipped his fingers under the waistband of her panties and ripped them off with one violent tug.

"God," she giggled. "I thought you didn't wanta mess around with a little kid."

Not bothering to answer, the insanely aroused man stared wildly at the patch of soft brown pussy hair nestled around the youngster's coral-tinted cunt. The inner flesh of her oozing slit was glistening with droplets of slippery cunt juice.

Gently parting the cute slut's thighs, Russ lowered his face down against the moist warmth of her cunt. As he lashed out with his tongue, the erotic taste and aroma of her juicy cunt sent a wild shudder racing through his entire body.

Clawing at the rumpled sheets in ecstasy, Candy squeezed her soft young thighs against his juice-drenched face. Some of the kids she knew, as well as old man Kurtmier, enjoyed drinking the slippery juices, from her hot little pussy, but no one had ever sucked her with as much passion as this man.

"Oh, shit!" she squealed, grinding her cunt up tighter against his slavering mouth. "You really know how to eat pussy, Mr. Reed! Christ, what a cunt-lapper!"

After spending several moments licking the delicious juices from deep within the child's fuckhole, Russ withdrew his tongue and gently sucked her little erect clit between his lips.

"Oh, fuck!" the youngster squealed with delight when the man began twirling his lips and tongue around her sensitive clit. "Shit, that feels neat!"

Candy could feel an orgasm building up in her loins as the neighbor continued sucking and teasing on her quivering clitoris.

"Oh, don't stop, Mr. Reed!" she sobbed. "Just keep suckin'!"

Feeling the horny youngster's hot little body writhing under the obscene caresses of his slurping tongue and lips, he attacked her pussy with additional fervor.

"Oh, Mr. Reed!" she shrieked. "Here I come! I'm creaming... creaming!"

The cute little slut was shuddering with shameless ecstasy as her hot young cunt exploded all around his mouth.

"Oh, Mr. Reed," she whispered a few moments later when the man pulled his drenched face from her hot pussy. "Please take your clothes off and fuck me."

Standing up and disrobing, Russ stared down at the naked youngster who was spread out so deliciously to receive his throbbing cock.

"Please hurry," she whispered.

Needing no further urging, he crawled between her open thighs. Reaching down and grasping his rock-hard shaft, Candy slowly guided it up toward her hotly dripping cunt. Her luscious body tingled with excitement when she felt his super-hard cock-knob pressing wetly against the slippery opening of her cunt. Raising her hips to assist his penetration, she felt his big cockhead slipping between her hot juicy cunt lips.

"Goddamn, you're a hot little bitch," Russ whispered, feeling his big prick rubbing against the warm slick flesh that was deliciously squeezing his throbbing cock-knob as it slithered up through her grasping pussy tissues. The feel of his man-sized prick moving deeper and deeper in her pussy sent a wave of ecstasy washing through her.

Mewling with joy, she couldn't believe it was her forty-year-old neighbor's prick that was slowly filling her horny little cunt. Grasping his sinewy ass, she scissored her soft young legs up around his back, screwing her hot young pussy up around his advancing cock.

Trembling with excitement, he could feel his big swollen cockhead slipping wetly between the slick hot lips of her sweet slit. The deliciously tight little opening was stretching wider around his big cock-knob as it slid inch by inch into her juicy cunt. Russ continued pushing slowly ahead without a pause, the entire length of his sensitive cock shaft ignited by the luscious feel of her hot wet cunt flesh squeezing against his quivering prick.

"God, Mr. Reed," she whispered, snaking her legs up higher around his back as his prick sank deeper and deeper into her stretched cunt. "I love that big prick of yours."

When the full length of his cock was completely buried in her juicy cunt, their naked bodies fitted deliciously together. The smooth clinging flesh of her hot cunt squeezing against his swollen boner seemed to make it even thicker and harder. Names of uncontrollable lust were burning throughout his entire body as Candy's cunt muscles sucked and milked his throbbing cock shaft.

The lewdly coupled pair was soon rhythmically fucking up and down on the bouncing bed, her naked young body responding perfectly to his. They were both giving and receiving more pleasure than either of them had ever experienced.

Candy was excitedly screwing her hot little pussy up tightly around his juice-slickened cock shaft, enjoying the heat of his big hairy balls bouncing against the deep crevice between her widely splayed asscheeks.

"Oh, sweet Candy," he whispered down to the child who was looking up at him with so much passion on her pretty little flushed face. "This feels so good."

Speeding the tempo of his long sweeping thrusts, he was driving her hot little ass deeper and deeper into the softness of the bouncing mattress. As he lunged steadily back and forth, his steel-hard cock shaft was sending wave after wave of rapturous delight surging through her naked flesh.

The pretty youngster was completely lost to the world of reality, lost to everything except the wild passions that were swirling and spreading throughout her little adolescent body. Her baby-soft lips were parted in ecstasy, her eyes glazed with lust as her long disheveled hair flailed wildly around her glowing face. The youngster's smooth young thighs were locked around his lurching waist, her nails clawing into the bare flesh of his shoulders as his big hard prick slurped noisily in and out of her hotly dripping cunt.

"Oh, Mr. Reed," she sobbed, half afraid of the unbelievable ecstasy that was burning through her seething loins. "It's so good, honey... so fuckin' good!"

"I know," he panted. "But I can't last much longer."

"Don't shoot yet!" she cried. "Wait'll I come! I'm almost there!"

Suddenly a frantic sensation swept through her body, and she could feel a wild spasm up high between her legs that soon spread throughout her body.

"Oooooooh!" she squealed. "Don't stop! I'm gonna come! I'm gonna come!"

She could feel her cunt muscles convulsing around his big thick cock as the wild ecstasy began spreading out from her pussy. Her nails were digging deep into the man's naked flesh, her toes curling under as she was totally consumed by an overwhelming orgasm.

"Oh, shit, I'm coming!" she screamed, almost out of her mind from the intense pleasure. "Oh, God, how I'm coming... commmmmmiiiiiinnnngggg!"

The youngster's writhing body was lurching wildly beneath Russ as he continued driving his lusty cock shaft deeper and harder into her little climaxing cunt. Candy's mouth was gaping open, trying to scream out the joy she was feeling, but unable to utter a sound.

Gasping for breath, she was acutely aware of his big cock pistoning in and out of her lust inflamed fuckhole. The feel of his big prick still pounding up into the depths of her fuckhole only served to further the intensity of her prolonged orgasm.

"Okay, baby!" he suddenly panted, slamming his cock wildly up her gash. "Here it comes!"

"Oh, yes!" she shrieked with elation, suddenly feeling a torrent of hot cum splattering against her sensitive cunt walls. "Fill me with it! I love it!"

It spewed out in wild spurts, flooding her little adolescent fuckhole to overflowing.

"Oh, Mr. Reed," she whispered when the last drop of jizz had dribbled out of his rapidly shrinking prick. "You're sure some sweet fucker."


It was late afternoon when Candy finally crawled out from between the rumpled, jizz soaked sheets. Though her little cum-filled cunt felt a bit raw, it was glowing from all the heavenly fucks Russ had given her all cuffing the day. Slipping into her clothes, she returned to her own house that was just as dilapidated and run-down as Russ Reed's dump.

Entering the house, Candy saw her divorced mother painting her nails while her older brother, Tony, was slouched in a chair watching television. Because of the way her mother's blonde hair was piled high on her head as she sat in a gaudy sequined dress, it was obvious to Candy that she was going out for the evening.

"Where the hell have you been?" Tony growled at his little sister.


"You weren't at school today."

"So what!" snapped Candy as she flopped down in a chair. "It's none of your damn business whether I go to school or not."

"The hell it isn't!" shouted her brother. "I don't want to see a little kid like you drop out of school."

"Then go piss up a tree," giggled Candy. "I'll do whatever I please."

"Listen to her, Mom." Tony turned to his mother. "Can't you make the little shit go to school?"

"Candy?" the woman, asked. "Why didn't you go to school today?"

"Because I didn't feel like it."

"That's no excuse."

"Well, it's the truth!" snapped Candy. "I was too shittin' tired."

"Damn you, Candy!" her brother shouted. "You shouldn't talk to your mother like that!"

"Oh, go fuck yourself, you asshole!" she screamed.

"Goddamn you kids!" their mother spoke up. "Can't you do anything but right?"

"He started it," argued Candy.

"I don't give a shit who started it," said their mother in despair. "I want you both to shut your mouths."

The conversation was suddenly interrupted by the sound of a horn out in front.

"That's Cliff Corby," said their mother as she quickly rose to her feet. "He's taking me out and I'll probably stay with him tonight, so don't expect me home."

"Hi, Cliff," she beamed as she hopped into the car with the rather attractive man.

"Hello, Viola," Cliff smiled. "Where would you like to go this evening?"

"I don't care," she giggled. "As long as there's a nice bouncy bed around, I'll be happy."

"I thought we might drive out to a motel by the beach," suggested Cliff.

"That's great," Viola smiled, resting her head on the back of the car seat and raising her short skirt up a bit higher.

Later as the powerful car swept around a wide curve in the highway, giving them a panoramic view of the ocean sunset, Viola took his free hand and pressed it between her thighs.

"Oh, Cliff," she whispered when he wormed his finger through the leg opening of her panties and into the scalding hotness of her excited fuckhole. "That feels so good."

The idea of fingering the horny woman wildly excited the man, and he could hardly wait for them to get to the motel. With his finger plunging rapidly in and out of her hotly dripping cunt, the insanely aroused woman was frantically grinding her ass around on the juice-slickened seat as he pulled the car into the motel entrance.

Cliff immediately registered, and once in the room, Viola rapidly removed her sequined dress as she watched Cliff frantically tear his clothes off. The slutty blonde woman was standing in nothing but her panties and bra when her lover finally dropped his shorts, letting his swollen boner spear straight up in front of his belly.

Grasping Viola's shoulders, Cliff flung her down on the bed. She'd never seen Cliff in such an excited state, and she was finding it quite thrilling. Viola had been well fucked by another man last night, but the horny broad was now more than ready to be fucked by this lover.

Dropping onto the bed with her, Cliff tore her panties to shreds as he yanked them down aver her shapely legs. Then, grasping the resilient flesh of her big full tits through the material of her bra, he could feel her stiffly erect nipples burning against his palms. Clutching at her hand, he wrapped the horny woman's fingers around his throbbing cock.

Feeling herself getting hotter and wetter between her legs, Viola was acutely aware of his big blood-engorged cockhead nosing wetly against her palm as she passionately squeezed his swollen prick.

"Oh, honey," she whispered, rubbing the bloated head of his boner against her soft bare tummy. "I've never seen you so fuckin' hot."

Panting excitedly, Cliff moved his hands across her big full tits, feeling her hard nipples pressing out excitedly against her bra. As he lovingly fondled her tits, his other hand was teasing up and down along the quivering flesh of her inner thighs.

"Oh, sweet Cliff," she whimpered, feeling the tip of his probing finger brush across the slippery lips of her hot cunt. Viola arched her hips up when his finger slipped through the juicy opening. The beautiful woman shivered with ecstasy as she felt his thick middle finger sinking deeper and deeper into the slippery hot flesh of her sizzling fuckhole.

Moaning with passion, Cliff slipped his other hand under the thin material of her bra, rolling and tweaking her turgid nipple between his fingers. As his finger sank up to his palm in her slippery cunt, Viola arched her hips up and writhed her hotly oozing cunt against his hand. A shudder of ecstasy streaked through her body when his blunt fingertip brushed across the swollen head of her clitoris.

"Shit, that feels good," she whispered, lovingly wrapping her fingers tighter around his thick cock shaft, sliding his foreskin up and down the fleshy hard cock. "It feels so fucking good."

Passionately stroking and squeezing the throbbing prick, she could feel his slippery seminal fluid oozing out from the end of his big bloated cockhead. Her fingers wet with the clear oily secretion, she spread it up and down the length of his boner until it was glistening with the oozing fluid.

Moaning with lust, Cliff pressed his lips against her moistly open mouth, letting his tongue swirl around in it. Half-crazed with excitement, he suddenly ripped off her bra and began hungrily sucking on one of her big swollen nipples.

Finally crawling on top of the nakedly writhing woman, he wedged his hips between her open thighs and the head of his cock against her juicy open cunt lips. Spread out over her, Cliff could feel the warmth of her, soft body, the fullness of her tits flattened against him and the smoothness of her inner thighs squeezing against his hips.

As their lips blended passionately together, their tongues alternately pushing and pulling, Viola was lustily writhing her naked cunt up against him. Cliff could feel the beautiful woman trembling with anticipation as her moistly hot pussy lips rubbed maddeningly against the bloated head of his cock.

"Oh, darling," she softly moaned.

The horny blonde could feel seminal fluids oozing out against her naked flesh as she continued caressing and nibbling at the tip of his cock with her overheated cunt lips. Feverishly writhing her open pussy against the head of her lover's swollen boner, she was filling his loins with lustful passions.

Pulling his lips and tongue from her mouth, he began sucking noisily on a big juicy nipple as he reached beneath her and cupped her soft asscheeks in his palms. He squeezed a delicious handful of sweet soft ass meat between his fingers, feeling her shiver with delight.

"Jesus, honey, please hurry and fuck me," she whimpered, hotly writhing her wet, open cunt mouth up against the pulsing head of his prick.

"God, baby!" he gasped. "You're really gonna get fucked tonight!"

"Yes! Yes!" she excitedly squealed. "I want you to fuck me to death!"

As he usually did, Cliff brought her up to such a wild state of arousal that she could barely contain her sanity. The beautiful blonde was dying to feel his big thick cock fucking deep into her belly with all his power. Tonight she wanted to be fucked deeper and harder than she'd ever been fucked in her life.

"Oh, God, honey," she begged. "Please fuck me now! I can't wait any longer!"

Moaning beneath him, Viola opened her thighs even wider, and arching her hips up, she snaked her legs around his waist, offering the full length of her hot cunt for his penetration.

"Hurry!" she whimpered. "Put it in, baby! Put it in!"

Clutching frantically at his ass, Viola tugged him toward her, feeling his hard meat slithering through her hot slick pussy opening. When the bloated head of his prick had passed between the hot juicy lips of her cunt, he gave a frantic thrust, drilling it deep into her writhing belly with one lusty thrust.

"Aaaaaaauuuggg!" she cried as his hard prick sliced through her sensitive cuntal flesh.

Grasping his ass even tighter, she arched her hips and drew him farther into her lust-crazed fuckhole. It was only when she felt his big cock-knob banging against her womb that she realized he'd fully penetrated her.

"Jesus Christ, honey," whispered Viola, relishing the feel of his rock-hard cock shaft buried deeply in her hungry cunt. "Your cock feels so unusually big tonight."

Starting slowly at first he began pumping his super hard prick in and out of her hotly grasping cunt.

The soft fleshy ridges of her cunt walls sucked and squeezed so deliciously against his swollen prick.

Driving his cock in and out at a steady rhythm, she felt a sticky steam of hot cuntal juice was oozing out from between her pawing pussy lips. Her mouth gaping open and her head flopping from side to side, Viola was frenziedly slamming her hips up to meet every deep thrust of his plunging prick.

"Oh, God, this feels good," she whispered, covering his lips with her hot open mouth.

Losing all control of himself, Cliff began tilling into her with a wild ferocity as the hot cunted woman squealed and writhed beneath him. He was swiveling and twisting his hips, fucking bit hard meat into the horny woman was pussy from every conceivable angle.

As he screwed his prick harder and deeper into her lurching belly, Viola was fucking her cunt back up at him with all her strength. Mowing in wanton ecstasy, the oversexed slut was her hips up with such power that she was actually lifting them both off the bed.

"Fuck! Fuck!" she squealed, opening and closing her thighs around him as he feverishly pounded his cock into her wildly aroused cunt.

Viola's mouth was gaping open, her head rolling crazily from side to side as she frantically spiraled her hotly sucking cunt up and down the length of his thrusting boner. His long hard strokes were almost blowing her mind as be relentlessly pounded his hard meat into her scalding pussy.

Wanting to fill her horny pussy with jizz, Cliff began pounding his lust-hardened cock in and out of her with a savage intensity, always fucking deeper and harder. Skewering her to the bed with his rigid boner, he was fucking into her like a mad bull.

As she grasped her thighs and forced her knees back against her tits, the entire length of her furry cunt was exposed to him. Bent back in this obscene position, she was rotating her hips in shameless undulations as he feverishly pounded the full length of his thick shaft into her pussy.

Viola's pussy had been almost fucked to death by another lover last night, but right now she was more aroused than she'd ever been in her life. With her entire body aflame with lust, the bleached blonde was aware of nothing but their coupled bodies as her scalding cunt pulled and sucked on his plunging prick.

With his lips welded hotly to hers while his tongue slithered in and out of her mouth in a wild fucking motion, Cliff, too, was aware of nothing but the feel of her smoldering pussy writhing around his boner.

"Oh, shit, this is good," panted the wildly humping man as he feverishly drilled his swollen cock into her slippery cunt, his bloated cockhead pounding against the very end of her churning fuckhole.

"God, honey!" she helplessly moaned. "Your cock has never felt so Goddamned big!"

Becoming more aroused with every hard thrust of her lover's steel-hard prick, Viola wrapped her naked thighs tightly around his wildly humping body. Whimpering and moaning with ecstasy, the horny blonde was passionately screwing her oozing cunt up around his juice-slickened cockshaft, desperately trying to suck more and more of his cock into her writhing belly.

"Oh, darling!" sobbed Viola, pulling his face down to hers, drilling her slippery hot tongue deep into his panting mouth. With their passionately parted lips wetly welded together, her tongue was sensuously entwined around his.

Wantonly rotating her hips beneath him, the oversexed blonde couldn't seem to get enough of the man's big boner as the searing lust mounted with every heavenly plunge of his wildly driving prick.

"Oh, yes," she sobbed in ecstasy. "Just fuck my ass off, you, big-cocked beauty!"

Still thinking about filling her cunt with cum, Cliff was increasing the tempo and depth of his thrusts.

"Fuck it to me, baby!" squealed Viola, loving the way her lover's prick was fucking into her, filling her tingling pussy with heavenly pleasure. Her hotly clinging cunt was hungrily welcoming every deep thrust of his plunging prick. This wild fuck he was giving her was the most exciting thing Viola could remember. Clinging passionately to him the half-crazed woman was wildly bucking and writhing beneath him.

Still thinking about the hot load he'd soon be shooting into her, Cliff once more increased the tempo, driving even harder as he pounded into her cunt. Humping wildly above her, Cliff could feel Viola's hot slick cunt sheath expanding and contracting around the tingling nakedness of his big cock as it plowed in and out.

As she slammed her loins up to meet his deep thrusts, the lusting blonde's experienced pussy was feverishly milking and sucking on his bloated cock shaft. Eagerly meeting his pounding body with her own, Viola was welcoming each cunt-splitting plunge. The horny woman's oily juices were flowing all around her lovers' juice-slickened dick as he feverishly fucked his prick in and out of her insatiable cunt.

"Harder!" she shrieked. "I'm gonna come!"

The wild ecstasy in Viola's feverishly hot pussy was almost driving her out of her mind. Clinging desperately to her lover as the rapture mounted and mounted, she felt as if she might virtually explode if the feeling became more intense.

"Oh, fuck it, darling?" she screamed. "Fuck my cunt!"

The feel of his hotly burning cock pistoning in and out of her sizzling cunt was almost more than the insanely aroused beauty could stand. The lovely blonde's face was distorted with raw passion as her head rolled crazily from side to side on the sweaty, rumpled pillow. Viola's glazed eyes were staring wildly at the ceiling, her face a blend of both passion and lust as she wantonly writhed beneath her lover's wildly humping body.

The squealing woman finally reached a point where she didn't think she could stand another moment of this agonizing ecstasy, yet she didn't want it to ever stop. She just wanted to ride his heavenly cock for the rest of her depraved life.

"Fuck it to me! Fuck me good!" she screamed, violently throwing her cunt up to receive every hard plunge of his ready-to-shoot prick.

Pounding into her with all his power, Cliff could feel himself rushing wildly toward an explosive ejaculation. Feeling his seething sperm boiling around deep in his balls, he could hardly wait to empty his hot load into her belly.

"Yes! Yes!" Viola hysterically squealed as Cliff fucked harder and deeper. "Make me come!"

The aroused woman's body was filled with such an intense heat that she felt as if she were being devoured by the flames. It was a boiling heat that raced from between her horny legs up to her tingling nipples. The intense ecstasy was the wildest thing she'd ever experienced.

"Oh, Christ, darling!" she screamed. "I'm coming... coming!"

She was suddenly swallowed by an explosive climax as her orgasmic juices began flooding hotly around his plunging cock. Desperately clinging to her lover, Viola was jerking spasmodically beneath him as the orgasm completely engulfed her.


Coming home from school early one afternoon, Candy heard low moans coming through the partially open door to her brother's room. Glancing in, she was completely stunned to see Tony fucking Cathy Morse, a cute little redheaded girl who lived across the street. The naked girl was kneeling on the bed, her full rounded asscheeks presented up to her brother's thrusting cock. She was cradling her head in her arms and her big soft tits were filling his hands as he fucked into her juicy cunt from the rear.

Staring excitedly, Candy could see her brother withdraw his throbbing boner on the backstroke. After getting a quick look at his juice-slickened boner, Tony drilled it back into Cathy's little upturned cunt again.

"Is this enough cock for you?" she heard her brother pant.

"God, yes," sobbed Cathy. "That's a real beauty."

"Then suck it for a minute," he whispered, pulling his stiff prick out and rolling the cute redhead onto her back.

Straddling her chest on his knees, Tony quickly inserted the head of his boner into her willing, waiting mouth.

"Oh, my God," he moaned, feeling her lips pulling and sucking on the end of his prick.

Candy was getting, hotter and wetter between her legs as she watched the erotic scene on the bed. She hadn't dreamed that her brother had such a beautiful cock and she was dying to suck it herself.

"Oh, God," Cathy sobbed. "Stick it back in my cunt. Fuck me with it before I go crazy."

Candy held her breath as she watched her brother move down over Cathy's sensuously squirming body. For a moment the two figures seemed to be perfectly still as Candy breathlessly waited. Then her brother began slowly rocking up and down above the girl, gradually fucking his lust-engorged prick through the flaming red curls of her pussy.

After finally drilling his cock deep into her receptive body, he withdrew his thick gleaming column of cock enough to briefly reveal it to his little peeking sister before he fucked it back in again. Cathy squealed with delight when he once more withdrew and slammed his cock back in.

Candy had never seen anything as exciting in her life as Cathy wrapped her shapely legs around Tony's body and dug her heels into his sinewy ass, straining to pull him deeper into the raging warmth of her hungry cunt. Her lovely body seemed to flex as she arched up and slid her copper-furred pussy back up over his lewdly glistening cock. Her soft white asscheeks lifted completely off the bed as she struggled upward, passionately trying to take even more of his prick into the fleshy pink folds of her desire-filled cunt.

Deliciously naughty sounds filled the room as the cute redhead fucked her tightly gripping cunt up and down over his lust-inflamed boner. Candy could hear her brother's cum swollen balls slapping wetly against Cathy's little puckered asshole.

The wildly screwing couple humped ceaselessly on, completely lost in their wanton lust, oblivious to everything except the rapture of this heavenly fuck.

"Oh, my God!" Candy suddenly heard the nakedly writhing girl scream. "I'm coming, Tony! Cream me good!"

Afraid of being caught watching them, Candy quickly slipped into her room where she took off her panties and began masturbating.

That night after their mother had gone out, Candy and her big brother were watching television in the living room. Candy had just taken a shower and was wearing nothing but a terry cloth robe.

"Tony?" Candy suddenly turned to her brother. "Did you have fun fuckin' Cathy this afternoon?"

"What are you talking about?"

I saw you screwing her. She giggled.

"So what?" he snarled.

"Did it feel good?"

"Of course it did."

"I'll bet her pussy isn't as hot as my horny little cunt."

"Don't be stupid," he sneered. "You're still a dumb kid."

"That's what you think." She giggled, whipping off her robe. "Does this look like a little kid's pussy?"

"Have you lost your marbles?" he gasped, staring at his sister's cute naked body.

"Nope," she answered, squirming around on the couch. "I just wanta be fucked."

"But you're only a kid."

"Big deal," she giggled. "Every guy in the neighborhood has fucked me except you."

"Are you serious?"

"You can bet your ass I am." She grinned up at him. "And you better take it before I change my mind."

Fully aware that he shouldn't mess around with his little sister, Tony began slowly disrobing as he stared at her slippery young cunt that was so provocatively exposed between her widely spread legs. Slippery pussy juices were seeping out, shimmering like jewels on the downy soft pubic hairs that swirled so daintily around her cunt crack.

Finally dropping his shorts and letting his hard cock spring free, he threw himself down on the couch with her, burying his face between her soft teenaged thighs. Grasping her hips with his strong hands, he thrust his tongue deep into the juicy warmth of his little sister's sweetly scented cunt. The taste and aroma of her young pussy was driving him wild. His thick tongue was slashing at her clit, swirling frantically around in her tasty fuckhole as he lapped up and down the length of her juicy slit.

Tony had eaten a lot of pussy in the last two or three years, but he'd never found one with the scent and taste as sweet and fresh as his little sister's. Burying his nose into her silky soft pussy hair, he was lustily lapping up the delicious fluids that were seeping out from between her hot open cunt lips. He could feel Candy quivering with passion as his tongue slashed deeper and deeper into the hot moistness of her juicy cunt.

"Oh, Tony," she sobbed with joy. "That feels so fuckin' good."

Tony could feel his kid sister's hot juices boiling around his tongue as he lapped at the sweet flesh of her drooling pussy. Never in his young life had he tasted anything as incredibly good as his horny little sister's hot cunt.

Partially withdrawing his tongue, Tony began teasing her quivering clit with the tip of it.

Sucking her hard clit between his lips, he could feel Candy's entire body tensing for a climax.

"Oh, Tony!" she squealed, grinding her hot pussy up against his juice-drenched face. "I'm gonna come, honey! Don't stop! Keep suckin'!"

Her wild orgasm was so intense that it took several minutes before the youngster fully recovered from it.

"Oh, Tony," she giggled, seeing the throbbing hardness of his cock. "We've gotta take care of your beautiful hard on."

"We sure do," he smiled. "What do you suggest?"

"How about a hot fuck?" She giggled, putting her arms around him and pressing her little naked body up against his.

Facing each other, the cute girl could feel the length of her brother's thick prick burning against her belly as they lasciviously ground their stomachs together. Candy could feel the drops of seminal fluid oozing out of his excited cockhead, coating her soft skin. Reaching down and grasping his prick, she squeezed it in her palm, feeling the sticky secretions squishing between her fingers. It felt warm and gooey and exciting, sending sweet hot sparks racing through her cunt.

She suddenly had a wild desire to nibble on his wonderful prick for a few moments before they started fucking. The cute little nymphet began licking his cockhead, eagerly lapping up the sticky fluids that had oozed out of the tiny hole on the end of his prick.

"Gee, Tony," she smiled up at her brother with her juice-coated mouth. "Your prick sure tastes neat."

Once more lowering her head, Candy wrapped her hot moist lips around his hard cock-knob. Sucked deeply on his prick he could feel him trembling with excitement. It pleased her to be giving her big brother so much pleasure.

Resting her face in the wiry nest, of thick cock hair just above the base of his shaft, she was able to examine his wonderful cock as she joyously licked it. His cock was thick and bumpy with big veins throbbing just below the tightly stretched skin. His shiny cockhead glowed with a purple lustiness, wanting to unleash a torrent of jizz into her mouth or cunt.

"Gosh, honey," she whispered, lightly flicking her juicy tongue around his swollen knob. "I just love the taste of your cock."

Opening her mouth as wide as possible, Candy lowered it, feeling his prick sliding over the top of her tongue until it nudged at the back of her throat. Moving her head up and down with a low sensuous rhythm, Tony fucked wetly between her passionately sucking lips.

"Oh, my God!" he panted, clutching wildly at her long, brown hair. "That feels so good, Sis! Christ, that's wild."

Pleased that her brother was enjoying it so much, Candy decided to suck a little longer before they started fucking.

"Holy shit, Sis!" he sobbed, frantically writhing around on the couch. "That's fantastic!"

It was hard for Tony to believe these talented lips belonged to his little sister.

"Mmmmmmm," he softly moaned.

Not wanting him to come until his cock was in her cunt, Candy pulled her lips from his prick and crawled back up into his arms.

"Tony," she whispered. "Are you ready to fuck?"

"Shit, yes!" he panted.

Quickly rolling onto her back and lewdly spreading her soft young legs, Candy drew her knees almost back against her tits, brazenly exposing her pussy from asshole to clitty.

"Here it is," she giggled, pointing down at her pussy. "Now enjoy it."

Staring between her open thighs, Tony could see the slippery juices dripping out of her cunt and down over her sweet young ass. He could clearly see the hot, slippery inner flesh of her juicy cunt as the teasing child parted the cunt lips with her naughty fingers.

"See bow hot and ready it is," she whispered, pleased by the excited expression on her big brother's face as he ogled her sweet little pussy. "Now fill it with your nice hard cock."

Crouching dawn between her legs, Tony lifted them and placed the backs of her knees over his broad shoulders.

"Ready?" he smiled, moving his pelvis forward until the head of his cock slipped easily through the tight little opening of her cunt.

"Oh, yes," she purred, feeling the tip of his prick in her juicy cunt.

Tony didn't drive any farther. He just wiggled his cock around in the slippery entrance, letting his cock shaft rub against her clitty.

"Deeper!" she panted, trying to lift her cunt up farther around his prick. "Drive it in deeper!"

Still teasing his cute little sister, Tony continued moving his cockhead wound just inside the entrance of her dripping cunt.

"Please," she sobbed, arching her hips up, trying to get more of his prick into her horny young hole. "Please don't torture me any longer. I want that prick buried all the way up in my guts."

Deciding, to get down to the heavenly pleasure of fucking the cute little kid, he suddenly lunged forward, driving the full length of his cock all the way up her pussy.

"Oooooooh!" she squealed with delight when his thick cock shaft drilled up through the slippery flesh of her fuckhole.

With his throbbing cock buried to the hilt in her squirming belly, Tony had never fucked such a hot, tight cunt in his life. The way her soft juicy cunt walls squeezed against his pulsing boner was the most incredible thing he'd ever experienced.

"Oh, Tony," she sobbed, frantically screwing her hot little-pussy lips up tighter around the base of his thick cock shaft.

Reaching beneath his little sister, the boy was goosing and kneading his fingers into the soft wriggly flesh between her quivering asscheeks as his thick boner glided in and out between her sucking cunt lips.

"Oh shit, Tony, that feels so good," moaned Candy as her brother's cock pumped into her little inflamed fuckhole.

As he parted her asscheeks, her frothy young cunt also seemed to spread as his boner pounded deeper into her pussy in a series of fast, jabbing strokes.

Christ, how her big brother could fuck! Candy had been screwed by dozens of cocks during the past couple of years, but she'd never experienced anything like this. The power of his lusty strokes was filling her body with a wild ecstasy that was almost driving her wild.

"Oh, sweet fuckin' Jesus!" she squealed as his cock speared into her pussy from a different angle while he continued goosing into her soft young ass, his middle finger teasing around the sensitive ring of her asshole. The way he was changing the angles and tempo of his thrusts, he was fucking into her like she'd never been fucked into before. The slippery hardness of his bloated cock shaft was pulling the hood back and forth over her cunt, sending the delicious ecstasy racing through every nerve of her writhing body.

"Oh, sweet Tony!" she squealed, pulling his big heavy body down tighter against her own, feeling her full young tits being flattened under his broad chest as his cock slammed in and out of her tightly clinging cunt. "I love it, honey! I love it!"

Feeling her big brother's prick drilling rhythmically into the scalding depths of her tight little cunt was pure heaven for the near hysterical youngster. In all her young life, the cute little slut had never been as thoroughly fucked as she was now. The unbelievable joy was beyond her wildest dreams, each stroke carrying her to new heights of ecstasy.

There was nothing Tony enjoyed as much as fucking, but nothing had ever equaled the passion of his little sisters. Crazed with the feel of her tight hot cunt, he was fucking into her with a wild frenzy, his steel-hard cock shaft storming furiously into her writhing belly, sending wave after wave of unbelievable rapture streaming through her shuddering young body.

Feeling her brother shift into another position that suddenly gave her even more pleasure, she lifted her legs off his shoulders and snaked them around his violently humping body, writhing her cunt up tighter around the base of his slippery, plunging prick.

"Oh, Tony!" she squealed. "I've never been fucked like this in my life!"

"Do you like it, honey?" he panted.

"I love it! I love it!"

"I'm glad," he gasped, still fucking feverishly into her little lurching fuckhole. "Because you've got the sweetest little piece of ass in the whole world."

"Good!" she cried, slamming her cunt up to receive every delicious plunge of his fantastic cock. "Am I gonna get a nice big cunt full of jizz?"

"Shit yes!" he gasped. "And soon!"

"That's why I want!" she squealed with elation, feeling his rock-hard boner pounding into her pussy like a pile driver.

Mewling with pleasure, the horny little girl was frantically writhing her ass on the sofa, each of his thrusts bringing her closer and closer to a climax.

"Christ Sis!" he panted, pounding deeper into her pussy. "You're sure a hot little fucker!"

"I know!" she squealed. "That's because I love it so much!"

Her cries of ecstasy seemed to spur him on, and he began violently increasing the force and tempo of his frantic screwing.

"Fuck honey, fuck!" Candy was hysterically screaming as he poured it to her at an even faster tempo, literally lifting her ass off the sofa with every powerful thrust.

Candy's battered cunt had never experienced anything as wonderful as this. Not only did Tony have a nice big cock, but he really knew how to please a girl with it. Locked lewdly to her humping brother, Candy felt her cunt squeezing and massaging his swollen prick, sucking and milking it with a wild frenzy.

Tony's tingling prick was aflame with, the fiery lust that was reaching every nerve in his body. Feeling a booming climax building up deep in his loins, he hoped he could hold back until his little sister reached hers.

"Oh, honey!" she suddenly screamed, locking her arms and legs tightly around his lurching body. "I'm gonna cum! I'm cummmmmiiiiinnnnngggggg!"

As the wild orgasm exploded all through her body, Tony fucked harder and deeper into her cunt, wanting to prolong her climax, wanting this to be the most intense she'd ever had.

"Oh yes!" she screamed when she felt his white-hot cum spurting into her cunt. "That's it honey! Squirt me good, you sweet fucker! Just keep squirting!"

Writhing her cunt up tightly around the base of his cock, she clung passionately to him as spurt after spurt of slippery jizz spewed into her little quivering fuckhole.

"Oh Tony," she whispered when her big brother finally pulled his limp wet prick out of her. "That was the best fuck I've ever had."

"Candy," he said to her a few minutes later when they'd fully recovered. "Would you let some of my friends fuck you once in a while?"

"Sure, I'd like that," she beamed. "I'm getting sorta tired of these young kids' little pricks. I need bigger cocks now."


Two or three weeks later, Russ Reed was sitting on the broken step of his front porch, sipping a beer. It was a warm spring evening and it was too stuffy to sit in the house.

Glancing next door, he saw Viola Jones sitting out on her front porch. He and the brassy blonde always spoke, but they didn't know each other all that well. Being alone, he decided to walk over and visit with her for a little while. Taking his can of beer with him, he walked over to where the woman was seated on her porch.

"Hi Russ," she smiled us he sat down on the step.

"Hello Viola," grinned the man, taking a sip of his beer. "Do you mind if I join you for a little while?"

"Shit no," beamed the coarse woman. "I was hoping you'd drag your ass over here."

"Where's Candy?" he asked, realizing that he hadn't seen the youngster for two or three days.

"Probably in her brother's room," she giggled. "They don't know I'm wise to them, but they can't keep their hands off each other since he got into her pants a few weeks ago."

"Really?" he gasped.

"Don't act so surprised," laughed Viola. "I know you've been screwin' the kid, too."

Russ just stared at her, shocked by the casual way she accepted the fact that he'd been fucking her daughter.

"I know everything that goes on in this crummy neighborhood," she smiled as she crossed her legs.

Russ had often thought what a hot piece of ass she'd probably be whenever he saw her softly rounded ass wriggling provocatively under her short skirts. Now, sitting on the step and looking up between her legs, he wondered how tough it would be to fuck her.

Seeming to read his mind, the blonde slut slowly re-crossed her legs to give him a lingering view, pleased that because of the warm evening, she wasn't wearing any panties. A delicious little tingle rippled through Viola's loins when she saw the wild lust in his eyes as he gazed at her cunt. There was nothing that the sexy slut enjoyed more than a brand-new cock, and the prospect that her neighbor might fuck her was making her cunt churn with desire.

"Do ya like it?" she asked with a naughty smile.

"Like what?"

"My pussy," she whispered. "You're sure staring at it. Haven't you ever seen a hot little pussy before?"

"Of course I have," he excitedly grinned as she moved over and sat down on the step just above him.

"I'll bet you've never seen one as hot as this little devil," the horny blonde giggled, pulling her skirt up around her hips and spreading her legs wide apart to give him a better view. "Why don't you touch it and find out how hot the fuckin' thing is?"

Trembling with excitement, he reached up and inserted the tip of his finger into the woman's lewdly exposed cunt.

"Stick it all the way in," she panted. "Twist it around in there."

Russ couldn't believe the sucking hotness of her slippery pussy when her moistly clinging cunt flesh closed around his deeply embedded finger.

"Is that hot enough for you?" she heatedly whispered.

"God, yes."

"Then let's go over to your place," she suggested, "my damned kids would hear us in here."

Taking her hand, he quickly led her over to his house and into his bedroom.

"Ready?" she whispered as they stood in his bedroom.

Before he could answer, she quickly lowered his zipper and delved her hand through his open fly, wrapping her soft cool fingers around the thick nakedness of his throbbing prick.

"Oh baby," she hotly whispered, squeezing his big oozing cockhead in her palm. "I sure need this big beauty in me."

Viola quickly stripped and spread her naked body out on his unmade bed.

Staring at her juicy open cunt surrounded by soft delicate swirls of golden hair, Russ began rapidly removing his clothes. When he finally dropped his shorts, Viola stared hungrily at his cock. The trembling woman never failed to be excited by the sight of a prick. Staring at the erection that was spearing up from his hairy balls, she felt flames of hot desire. As many times as she'd seen swollen cocks, the horny woman never ceased to be fascinated by every new prick she laid eyes on. Though his prick wasn't the biggest one she'd ever seen, it was much larger than average. His boner was thick and sinewy, marbled with a network of blue veins just under the tightly stretched skin.

Sitting up on the edge of the bed as he moved toward her, Viola could hardly breathe because of the intense excitement she was feeling. Staring as if hypnotized by his big throbbing cock, she watched a drop of seminal fluid ooze out from the tip of his grossly swollen cockhead. Watching a second drop of the sticky, slippery fluid dripping out, Viola let out a moan of passion and wrapped her trembling fingers around the thick stalk of his cock.

"Oh God, Russ," she whispered as her fingers began sliding up and down his steel hard shaft. "This is such a beautiful prick."

Excitedly stroking his prick, she could see more drops of seminal fluid oozing out from the small slit. The excitement in her loins increased as the slippery juices leaked onto her fingers, lewdly oiling them as she spread the obscenely slick film up and down the entire length of his cock shaft.

While the horny woman lovingly stroked his hard meat, Russ reached down and began fondling her big bare tits, wanting to further arouse her.

"Mmmmmmm," whimpered the woman, opening her mouth wide to receive his prick when she felt his fingers curling into her long blonde hair. "Feed it to me, baby."

"Oh, my God," moaned the heatedly aroused man.

"Stick it in my mouth," she hotly panted. "I wanta taste that beauty."

The man could hardly believe that this voluptuously beautiful woman was actually begging to suck his cock. Staring at her full red lips, he was trembling with anticipation.

"Hurry," she whispered. "I wanta suck that beauty."

More excited than he'd ever been in his life, Russ moved his hips forward, easing his hard slick cock into her open mouth.

"Mmmmmmm," she hummed, her horny pussy dripping with lust as she felt his big swollen cock-knob sliding over the top of her tongue until it nudged against the back of her throat.

"Oh Jesus," he groaned as he felt the hot suction of the woman's lips around his prick.

The beautiful blonde was thoroughly aroused by the delicious texture of his boner. Slurping noisily on his drooling cockhead, she was thrilled by the warm salty taste of his hard meat as it slid against her tongue and cheeks. She loved the musky flavor of his gnarly cock, and each thrust of his prick into her mouth further turned her on. Since the first time she'd ever tasted a man's hot slippery cum, Viola had always been more than ready to suck them off.

Becoming more excited with every gulp of his tasty boner, she began writhing her hot ass around excitedly on the edge of the bed. Throwing her arms around his thighs, she pulled him closer against her, trying to take even more of his wonderful cock into her mouth.

Tugging hard, Viola suddenly pulled the man down on the bed with her and nuzzled her face against the big hairy nut-sac that was hanging just below his stiff-standing boner.

Staring down at the woman as she licked and kissed his balls, Russ thought how beautiful she was.

"You're some broad," he whispered down to her.

"You're just saying that 'cause I'm licking your nuts," she giggled.

"Well, that helps," grinned Russ as she flicked her wet tongue all around his sensitive flesh.

With her chin resting against his asshole, she began licking under his balls. The crinkly skin of a scrotum always excited her when she washed it with her warm slippery spit. Lying on her belly between Russ' outstretched legs, she lifted his thighs over her shoulders, raising his asshole up in front of her face. Lightly caressing his prick and balls with her naughty fingers, Viola began blowing her soft warm breath against his sensitive shitter.

"Jesus Christ!" he moaned when the thumb and forefinger of her free hand spread the sinewy cheeks of his buttocks so her moistly hot breath could blow on his lewdly exposed rectum.

"Holy shit!" gasped Russ when the pointed tip of her hot slippery tongue snaked out and began bathing his tingling shitter.

Wanting to tease him more, she pulled her tongue away from his sensitive asshole, working it up over his sperm-bloated balls, and on up to the underside of his throbbing shaft. The hot wet caresses of her talented tongue on his knob was driving the man wild.

"Like it?" she whispered up to him.

"Fuck yes!" he gasped, staring down at her sparkling eyes peering up at him from behind his throbbing prick.

She once more lowered her face until her nose and mouth was again buried between the soft warm flesh of his asscheeks. His entire body gave a violent shudder when her obscenely exploring tongue probed hotly at his distended king.

"Oh my God!" he groaned in ecstasy when he felt the hot wet muscular tip of her tongue slip through the tight ring of his asshole. "Gad baby, does that feel good!"

Almost out of his mind from the intense feelings, Russ could feel her tongue streaking in and out of his fiery skitter, sending a frenzy of uncontrollable spasms sparking throughout his lurching body.

"Holy skit!" he roared, feeling the woman tongue-fucking, his rectum while her nimble fingers expertly stimulated his prick and balls.

When Viola withdrew her tongue from his burning asshole, she lifted her head and closed her juicy hot lips around his swollen cock knob. There was something about the taste and texture of a man's big cockhead that never failed to thoroughly excite the horny woman.

He was staring down at her as she took more and more of his thick prick into her mouth. The thing that added to the intense pleasure was the way, she looked up at him with that teasing expression on her face as she sucked on his cock. Her naughty laughing eyes were always on his while she licked and slobbered over his thick boner.

"Jesus Viola!" he gasped, staring at her mischievous expression as her ovaled lips sucked and pulled on the head of his prick.

"God, Russ," she whispered as she released his thick prick from her mouth. "I need this big hard cock in my horny cunt."

"Roll over," the man panted. "That's what I need too."

Staring excitedly at his throbbing hard-on as Russ crawled up between her open thighs, Viola could see a slippery string of her saliva hanging lewdly from the tip of his big purple cockhead. Farther down his swollen shaft, she could see red smudges of her lipstick on the slippery skin of his throbbing boner.

"Jesus Russ!" she whimpered when he parted her legs and moved his big muscular body up between them. "Shove it in me!"

Shivering with anticipation, she could feel the head of his drooling prick rubbing against the parted lips of her cunt. Moaning softly, she watched him grasp the thick base of his shaft and guide the tip of it between her flowering cunt lips. Viola moaned excitedly when she felt his hard cock parting the lust-swollen lips of her pussy.

"Oooooooooooh, God, it's so nice and big and hard," she whimpered, raising her hips and spreading her thighs even farther apart, trying to help him with his penetration.

"Christ baby, you're so nice and hot," he panted as the tip of his cock slipped through the slippery opening.

Wanting to give him his best fuck ever, she began writhing beneath him, trying to screw her cunt up around his throbbing prick.

"Oooooooh, shit!" she squealed with joy. "I can feel it going in me!"

Now that his huge knob had passed through the slippery opening of her cunt, Russ gave a hard thrust and drilled almost half of his prick into her clasping cunt.

"Oh fuck, it's good," she moaned from the mind-blowing pleasure it was giving her.

Little beads of perspiration stood out on Viola's upper lip as she writhed and twisted beneath him, taking inch after inch of his hard boner into her hotly squirming pussy.

"Oh Jesus, honey," she whispered when a bit more of his lusty cock sank into her. "You feel so fuckin' good. God, this is such a nice big cock."

Completely carried away by the intense pleasure of his wonderful fuck-tool buried in her belly, she began excitedly digging her nails into his back and shoulders.

"Oh yes! Yes!" she screamed when Russ started fucking into her with long powerful strokes. Her pussy had never been so deliciously screwed in her life, and the way his big cockhead was pounding against the very end of her cunt was driving her wild.

With his steel-hard boner-drilling deep into her guts, the aroused woman could feel his lusty balls slapping lewdly against the soft cheeks of her ass. The pleasure was further intensified by the feel of his hairy chest rubbing back and forth against her hot swollen nipples. Squealing with excitement, she pulled her knees back until they were almost against her shoulders, offering even more of her juicy cunt to his hard pounding cock.

"Ooooooooh, baby!" the horny blonde cried out. "Fuck it to me, honey! Give me all of that big cock! Give me more!"

Her ass and thighs were soaked with the slippery juices that his plunging boner was pumping out of her oozing cunt. There was something obscenely thrilling about the sound of their wet flesh slapping together as the unbelievable pleasure mounted in their humping loins.

Raising his hips a bit, the lust-crazed man began driving his stiff cock almost straight down into her churning cunt, the top ridge of his shaft sawing against her tingling clit, bringing shrill screams of joy from his wildly aroused neighbor.

"Harder baby, harder!" she shrieked, writhing around wildly under his delicious assault. "Just fuck the piss outa me! I've never, felt anything so fucking good in my life!"

Gasping and puffing above her, Russ increased the power and tempo of his strokes, trying to further please the horny woman.

"Yes! Yes!" she screamed, gasping for breath as her big tits jiggled and danced under his pounding attack. "That's the way to fuck! Oh shit, what a fuckin' bull you are!"

Glancing down between her widely spread legs, she let out another squeal of delight when she saw his thick juice-coated cock plunging in and out of her hot sucking pussy. There was something obscenely beautiful about the way his slick boner plunged into the soft folds of her cunt, and then pulled her clinging pussy lips out with it as he withdrew.

"Jesus Christ!" she sobbed. "I've never felt anything so fuckin' good in my whole life!"

Viola's swollen tits were jiggling lewdly as his slick juice-coated prick pounded into her. No longer fully aware of what she was doing, the beautiful slut was clawing at the cheeks of his humping ass, trying to pull his prick even deeper into her writhing belly. Her ears were filled with the sucking sound of his thick prick plunging in and out of her tight juicy fuckhole.

"Oh my God!" she screamed as the man drilled harder and deeper into her hot slippery cunt. "Fuck, honey, fuck!"

With the obscene words spilling from her mouth, Viola could feel her orgasm rushing toward her like a runaway freight train. She was almost out of her mind with ecstasy, as his fantastic prick rubbed against every nerve in her tingling cunt. Thrusting her crotch up to meet every thrust of his plunging boner, she was still grasping his asscheeks, trying desperately to pull even more of his wonderful cock into her.

As their sweaty bodies ground together, Russ began slamming his hard meat even faster and harder into her slippery cunt.

"Oooooooooh, fuck!" she shrieked. "Faster baby, fuck faster! Fuck me harder!"

Frantically increasing the tempo of his strokes, Russ could feel that glorious sensation building up in his balls that signaled the rapid approach of his ejaculation.

"Oh, sweet fuckin' Jesus!" Viola suddenly screamed, waving her legs around crazily in the air. "I'm nearly there! Make me cum! Make me cum!"

The wild ecstasy was almost more than the aroused woman could stand as his cock pounded harder and deeper into her belly. "Oh God honey! I'm cumming... cumming cummmmmmmiiiiiiinnnnnnnggggg!"

Wanting her to have the wildest climax of her life, Russ was fucking into her with all his strength, literally lifting her ass off the bed with every lusty stroke.

"Ooooooooh fuck! Fuck!" she cried, feeling her neighbor's hot jizz gushing into her belly. "Give it to me good baby! I'm cumming! Fill me up! Oh shit, how I'm cumming!"

Shuddering violently, she ground her cunt up around the thick base of his belching cock shaft, feeling spurt after spurt of his white-hot sperm squirting into her pussy. This was the most intense orgasm she'd ever experienced, and she smiled up dreamily at the man above her as he continued emptying his hot load into her sperm-drenched cunt.


The following day, Candy decided to cut school again and let Russ Reed fuck her. She was in an exceptionally horny mood and when she found that the man wasn't home, she decided tp take a walk through the park.

After watching the ducks in the pond for a little while, she sat down on a bench, her hot young cunt itching to be fucked. She'd been sitting there almost ten minutes when a rather attractive redhead in her late twenties or early thirties seated herself next to Candy on the bench.

"Hi," blushed Candy when she saw how the woman was staring at her bare thighs under her short skirt.

"Hello," the redhead smiled. "You're sure a pretty little girl."

"Thanks," the youngster nervously muttered.

"I'll bet the boys can't keep their hands off you," the woman continued.

"Most of them can't," Candy laughingly admitted.

"Does it annoy you?"

"Shit no," the little girl giggled. "I like it when guys feel me up."

Their conversation suddenly stopped when a pack of dogs came roaring down the path. They stopped right in front of the bench where one of them mounted a bitch who was in heat. Candy got a quick look at the dog's pointed red cock just before he drilled it into the female's furry little cunt. It was a quick and noisy fuck, and the moment it was over, the bitch raced back along the path with all the dogs in hot pursuit.

"Jesus," giggled Candy, feeling all hot and itchy between her legs. "That was sure a wild fuck."

"It certainly was," said the woman, excitedly looking at the cute youngster.

"She sure seemed to enjoy it," grinned Candy.

"Have you ever been screwed by a little boy?" asked the woman, her eyes starting to get glazed with lust for the child.

"Lots of times," Candy answered. "But I like a man's big cock better."

"Do you like to fool around with men?"

"I sure do."

"That's a coincidence!" exclaimed the woman. "My husband just loves to mess around with cute little girls."


"Yes, darling. What's your name?"


"Hi Candy," beamed the woman. "I'm Judy."

The youngster smiled broadly at her pretty new redheaded friend.

"What do you like to do with men?"

"Well," Candy grinned. "I love to be fucked by their big hard cocks, and it's sure fun to suck them off."

"Oh, Candy!" beamed Judy. "We just live over on the other side of the park, and I know my husband would love to meet you."

"Is he home now?"

"No," Judy answered. "But he'll be home in a few minutes."

"Does he have a big cock?"

"He sure has," beamed Judy. "Would you like to come with me and see for yourself?"

"I-I guess so..."

"Oh, honey," the redhead gushed as they rose from the bench. "The three of us will have so much fun today."

When they entered the woman's rather lavish apartment, Judy led the youngster into the den.

"You sure have nice big tits for a kid," smiled Judy as she stepped in front of Candy.

"The guys seem to like 'em," giggled the cute little girl.

"May I see them?"

"I guess so..."

Judy reached out and lifted the front of Candy's tight sweater.

"My God!" Judy gasped when she saw the beautiful big nipples thrusting out from Candy's large firm tits.

Unable to control her perverted desires, Judy closed her thumbs and forefingers around the youngster's big turgid titty-buds.

"Gee, Judy," Candy whispered. "Your fingers are so nice and soft."

"Thank you, dear."

Their brief intimate moment came to a quick halt when Judy heard her husband open the front door.

"Excuse me for a minute honey," Judy smiled, turning to leave the den. "My husband just got home."

The woman could feel her heart pounding in her breast as she hurried into the living room.

"Oh, Clint!" panted Judy, throwing her arms around her handsome husband. "Wait'll you see the one I found this time!"

"What are you talking about?" he asked, looking at the excited expression on his wife's lovely flushed face.

"She's in the den," Judy panted. "She's the cutest, fuckin' little nymphet I've ever found for you."

"What's she like?"

Judy smiled. "She's horny as hell. Come in and meet her."

Candy was standing in the middle of the den when the woman reappeared with her husband. Turning around, the cute youngster was staring at the most handsome man she'd ever seen in her life. He was tall with broad shoulders and his beautifully chiseled features were crowned with a thick head of sandy colored hair. He was wearing slacks, an open neck shirt and a beautifully tailored sport coat.

"Clint," Judy beamed at her husband, "this is Candy and she's going to spend the afternoon with us."

"Hi Candy," he smiled, his eyes hungrily moving over her cute figure.

"Hello," the youngster blushed, looking into the man's lusting eyes. It made Candy's little cunt tingle as she saw how he was ogling her body. Here was a man she'd really love to fuck.

"Oh, Clint!" Judy excitedly laughed as she rushed over and lifted the youngster's sweater. "Look at these cute big tits!"

"They're magnificent," he smiled, stepping forward and pressing his palms over the firm flesh of her hot young tits.

"And Clint," Judy continued as her husband gently fingered Candy's big erect nipples, "she just told me how much she loves to fuck and suck cocks."

"Do you?" he grinned at the darling youngster.

Smiling, Candy nodded.

"Maybe we could have a little party," he whispered.

"Do you wanta fuck me?" Candy asked in a soft low voice.

"I sure do," he grinned.

"Okay," giggled Candy. "Let's start fuckin'."

Judy quickly led them down the hall to the master bedroom where a big king-sized bed was against one wall.

"That's our playpen," laughed Judy, pointing to the bed.

Her fingers trembling with excitement, Judy gently removed Candy's sweater while Clint took off her skirt and lowered her panties. The man's cock was throbbing violently in his pants as he carefully surveyed the youngster's naked body.

"You're beautiful," he whispered, turning to temporarily leave the room.

When he'd gone, Candy turned her attention to Judy who was undressing beside the bed. When the woman had stripped down to nothing but her bra and panties, Candy lay back on the flowered sheets admiring her beautiful figure. Judy's long red hair contrasted beautifully against the whiteness of her naked flesh. Little Candy almost gasped aloud when the woman unfastened her bra, letting her big luscious tits spill out.

"Gee," Candy whispered. "You've sure got beautiful tits."

"You're sweet," smiled Judy, rolling her brief panties down over her curvaceous hips.

Little Candy was thrilled by the sight of the lovely woman's cunt. She was fascinated by the soft shimmering bush of red pussy hair that swirled around her pink pussy. Judy's cunt was obviously swollen with excitement, and her open wet pussy lips were deliciously exposing the juicy inner flesh of her hot slit.

Her observations were suddenly interrupted when Clint reentered the room. He was naked, and his magnificently thick cock was thrusting up boldly in front of him. There was an arrogance about his steel-hard boner that sent delicious, shivers up and down the child's spine. There was something about the way his prick throbbed that reminded Candy of a wild animal, and she could hardly wait to tame the magnificent beast with her own little cunt.

As he approached the bed, clutching the biggest Goddamn cock she'd ever seen, little Candy rolled onto her back and spread her shapely young legs to receive it.

Trembling with excitement, Judy crawled onto the bed next to Candy so she could watch her husband slip his big cock into the juicy little pussy that she hoped to get when he was finished with it.

As Clint moved up between her legs, Candy reached down and parted her tight cunt lips to receive his monstrous prick. Her entire young body shivered with delight when she felt the hot hardness of his massive cockhead probing against her juicy cunt. She soon felt his cock parting her slippery pussy lips as he slowly drove his cock up into her pussy.

Trembling with a burning lust, Judy watched her husband's big cock slipping between the sweet wiggly cunt lips that she'd soon be sucking.

"Oh, God," Candy whimpered, feeling his thick boner stretching her cunt mouth until she thought it would split. Biting down on her lip to keep from screaming, she could feel his cock stretching her pussy wider and wider. Little beads of cold sweat were standing out on her upper lip and forehead. The pain was almost more than she could stand, and she was about to scream at him to stop when the big cock-knob slipped through.

Realizing how tight the youngster was, Clint remained perfectly still, waiting for her stretched cunt to become accustomed to the bigness of his throbbing cock.

When a few more moments had passed, Clint began pushing his swollen prick a little deeper into the youngster's tight squeezing pussy.

Once the big fat head of his prick had gained entrance, the rest of his prick was less painful for the girl. Clutching him tightly in her arms, Candy could feel his big meaty cock slowly sinking deeper and deeper into her widely stretched fuckhole. Feeling his big hairy balls nestled softly between her splayed asscheeks, Candy suddenly realized that she'd taken the full length of his throbbing boner. Holding him tightly in her arms, the youngster luxuriated in the knowledge that her little cunt was completely filled with his huge cock.

Candy began moaning with delight when Clint started slowly moving his big hard prick back and forth in her tight pussy. The wild ecstasy was soon almost more than the child could stand as his massive cock shaft pressed and rubbed against every nerve in her stretched fuckhole. The intense joy she felt in her cock filled cunt was beyond her wildest dreams.

"Oh shit!" she sobbed as his big hard prick rubbed against the sensitive ridges of her grasping pussy. It was a total bliss beyond anything she'd ever felt in her life, and as he quickened his strokes, the intense pleasure mounted and mounted in her quivering loins.

Watching her husband's powerful prick plowing in and out between Candy's juicy pink cunt lips was driving Judy was staring at the big juice-slickened shaft slurping in and out between Candy's hotly sucking pussy lips, Judy began wildly fingering her own erect cunt. Staring as if hypnotized, she watched the hot stream of slippery juice oozing out from between the clasping cunt lips that she'd soon be sucking and licking.

"Oh Clint!" Candy squealed as she thrust her squirming crotch up around the thick base of his glorious cock. "It's so good, baby! It's so fuckin' good!"

Licking her lips as she frantically fingered her own aroused pussy, Judy watched Candy's cunt as it grasped and sucked on Clint's massive prick. A steady flow of fluids was running down over the youngster's cute creamy ass as she thrust her hips up to meet every plunge of the man's marvelous boner.

"Fuck baby, fuck!" Candy screamed, wrapping her shapely young legs more tightly around his heaving body. "Oh sweet Jesus, this is so fuckin' good!"

The feeling of the man's cock shaft plunging into Candy's pussy flesh was almost mind boggling to the little nymphet. Never in her life had she dreamed of such intense joy. Screaming and clinging tightly to the handsome man, she could hardly comprehend the wild ecstasy that was flowing hotly through her little naked body.

Candy was screwing her hot juicy cunt up as tight as possible around the thick base of his plunging cock, loving the way his big lusty balls slapped wetly against her asscheeks. She was screaming as the man's huge cock drove deeper and harder into her sizzling hot fuckhole.

"Harder baby, harder!" she squealed, feeling his powerful thrusts tattling her teeth, literally lifting her ass off the bed. "Eeegghh! That's it! Bang me, baby! Bang me!"

Judy's fingers were working madly on her own dripping slit as she watched Candy's cunt-lips sucking and grasping at Clint's big slippery boner Judy could hardly wait to thrust her tongue up into the youngster's hot wet fuckhole.

"Oh shit, I love it!" Candy was squealing, her slim little legs waving crazily in the air as the handsome man continued fucking into her cunt with his massive cock. "Keep fuckin' my hot pussy! Ooooooooh, don't ever stop!"

Candy's cute face was contorted with lust. She was aware of nothing in the world except this glorious boner that was pistoning in and out of her sizzling fuckhole.

"Oh yes!" she shrieked as she nibbled at his shoulder. "Christ, it's so fuckin' good! Oooooh, fuck it to me! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

Judy was frantically digging into her own horny pussy with one hand and pinching her luscious big tits with the other as she hypnotically stared at Candy's little cock-filled cunt lips. The sight of her husband's sleek prick plowing into the girl's pussy was driving her wild.

By this time Candy was in a complete daze, a victim of her own passions and the magnificent cock that, was filling her cunt. She was completely unaware of reality. She never wanted to stop fucking, her cunt wanting this to last through eternity.

Watching Candy's desire-swollen cunt lips sucking on her husband's prick was completely blowing Judy's mind. The soft elasticity of the youngster's juicy cunt was driving the woman mad. She could hardly wait to suck and tongue Candy's juice-slickened cunt. Knowing that she'd soon be sucking on the child's pussy was further arousing the woman. She loved to be fucked by her husband's magnificent cock, but she had this lust for a sweet little girl's juicy cunt.

"Oh shit!" Candy shrieked. "Fuck me good! I'm almost there... almost there!"

The child's entire body began lurching and jerking as her cunt squeezed and sucked his hard-driving prick. Desperately holding onto his lurching body, Candy scraped his back as convulsive spasms took complete control of her young body.

"Oh sweet fucker!" she shrieked when she felt the man's hot cum gushing up into her little exploding cunt. "Keep squirting, honey! I'm cumming... cummmmmiiiinnnnggg!"

Clint continued pounding his cock in and out of her sweet young cunt until he'd filled her writhing belly full of hot slippery jizz. When his exhausted body collapsed over hers, he was still spewing cum into the youngster's sperm-filled pussy.

The moment Clint pulled his limp spent prick out of her cunt, Candy saw Judy leaning over her.

"Judy!" Candy exclaimed. "What are you doing?"

"Relax darling. I just want to kiss you sweet little pussy."

Candy was completely dazed. She couldn't believe that a woman would want to fool around with her cunt.

"No, Judy!" the youngster cried out. "Please don't!"

Candy knew she shouldn't let a woman kiss her down there. She just couldn't do it. It was different when a man licked her pussy, but she could never allow a woman to do it.

"Why not, sweetie? I can give you a better tongue-fuck than any man."

The woman's soothing voice seemed to calm Candy's fears. The youngster had always enjoyed it when guys went down on her, so why not let this pretty lady suck on her cunt?

"Okay," Candy relented. "Go ahead and lick me."

With a little moan, Judy suddenly buried her face into the soft wetness of the youngster's open pussy, reveling in the feel of hot young pussy flesh against her mouth.

"Oh, Judy!" Candy squealed with delight when the wildly aroused redhead's tongue found the sensitive tip of her erect clitoris.

"Oooooooh, sweet suckin' Jesus, that feels neat!"

Little Candy was soon beside herself with joy. It was pure ecstasy to be lying there with her legs spread wide open while Judy's talented mouth and tongue worked on her pussy.

Judy momentarily pulled her mouth away from the hot wetness of Candy's crotch to gaze at the cute little cunt she was licking. Between the damp tendrils of pussy hair, she could see the slippery pinkness of the youngster's open slit and the hard nub of her shiny clit throbbing so excitedly. From the way the youngster was panting, Judy knew that Candy was about to climax.

"Oh, Judy!" sobbed the convulsing child. "Please keep suckin'! I'm almost there!"

Grinding her cunt up tighter against the woman's sucking mouth, Candy was floating on a cloud of unbelievable ecstasy. Each stroke of Judy's tongue against her tingling clit was bringing her closer and closer to that supreme moment.

"Yes! Yes!" squealed Candy. "Suck my fuckin' cunt!"

The youngster was writhing so wildly that Judy was having a hard time keeping her lips on Candy's squirming slit. From the way the cute little kid was lurching, Judy realized the moment had arrived.

"Judy!" Candy suddenly shrieked, clamping her juice-drenched thighs tightly against the redhead's face. "I'm cumming! Oh shit, I'm cumming... cumming cumming!"

Little Candy lurched and writhed around on the sweat-soaked sheets until the traumatic orgasm had passed, and when Judy moved her face from between her legs, the youngster saw Clint approaching her with a brand new hard on.


A few days later as Candy was loafing around in the house after school, her brother walked in with his friend, Frank Barber. Frank was a handsome boy who'd been over to the house several times with her brother. Though they always spoke to each other, Candy didn't know him very well because the youth was so extremely shy.

"Hi, Frank," she beamed at him when they entered the room.

"Hello Candy." He blushed, staring at the cute little youngster in her brief shorts and halter.

"Candy?" Tony turned to his sister when Frank sat down. "May I see you in the kitchen for a minute?"

Excusing herself, the cute little youngster followed her big brother out of the room.

"Honey," he whispered when they were alone, "do you like Frank?"

"He's sort of shy," she answered. "But I think he's neat."

"Would you let him fuck you?"

"Shit, yes!" she excitedly grinned.

"Good," smiled Tony. "But there's something I think you should know."

"What's that?"

"He's a virgin."

"How come?"

"Because he's always been too bashful," he explained. "So I told him you'd probably be happy to give him a piece of ass."

"Gosh, yes," she giggled. "I'd like that."

"Good," smiled her brother as they walked back into the living room. "Then I'll cut out and leave you two alone."

When Tony had gone, Candy moved over and sat down next to Frank on the couch.

"Tony says you'd like to screw me," she whispered, sitting as close to him as possible.

"Yeah," he stammered. "I'd like to if you don't mind. I've never screwed a girl, before..."

"Then why don't you start by kissing me," smiled Candy, turning her softly parted lips up to his.

As she passionately tongue-kissed the trembling youth, Candy lowered one of her hands down the front of his pants. She was immediately rewarded by the feel of his cock starting to throb and swell under her touch.

"Oh, Frank," she giggled when their lips momentarily parted. "You naughty boy, you're getting a hard-on."

"I-I know." He blushed, unable to believe that a girl was actually playing with his prick.

"It feels like a nice big cock," she whispered, giving his cock a loving squeeze through the material of his pants. "Why don't you show it to me?"

"Are you serious?" he panted.

"I sure am," giggled Candy, quickly pulling his zipper down.

Reaching into his open fly, she pulled his throbbing boner out.

"Jesus, Frank!" she whispered, running her soft cool fingers up and down the length of his thick prick. "It's a real beauty. I'll bet this thing can really make a girl's pussy hot."

Candy was pleased that his thick cock was every bit as big as her brother's, even if the young man's sexual maturity was another matter. It was obvious to her that she'd have to make the advances if they were going to fuck. But she knew it wouldn't take her long to show him the ropes.

"Frank," she smiled, releasing his throbbing prick from her grasp. "Why don't you take your clothes off so I can play with your balls?"

Now feeling horny as hell, the blushing young man quickly stood up and removed his pants and shorts.

"Take your shirt off, too," she whispered, staring at his stiff virile cock as it throbbed back against his belly. Not only did his swollen boner turn her on, but the sight of his big lusty balls had her humming with desire.

"Oh, Frank," she whispered. "I can't wait to be fucked by this beautiful prick."

"God," he stammered, swallowing nervously as he stared at the cute little youngster in her brief shorts and halter. "I-I don't even know where to start."

"You can start by taking my clothes off." She giggled.


"I said take my clothes off," she whispered. "I want you to play with my horny little body."

Panting with excitement, he began kissing her, thrilled at the way her sweet young tongue was exploring his mouth.

"Play with my tits," Candy whispered, momentarily pulling her lips away from his. "I want you to touch me all over."

His trembling hands suddenly began rising over her soft little body, down over her bare back, around her waist and up to the firm big tits that were pressing out against the material of her halter. Moaning, she squirmed wantonly against him, rubbing her bare midriff against the hardness of the throbbing prick.

"Hurry," she panted. "I want you to undress me."

Suddenly his trembling fingers were tearing at the knot of her halter. Shaking too much to untie it, he ripped it off, letting her swollen tits spill out in front of his eyes.

"Jesus, Frank, take it easy," giggled Candy. "We've got all day. Just slowly undress me like you're unwrapping a precious package."

"I'm sorry," he stammered with a sheepish grin on his face. "I told you I've never messed around with a girl before."

"I know," smiled Candy. "Just do what I tell you. I'll show you what to do."

Grinning at the pretty youngster, Frank reached out and began caressing her firm tits, his fingers causing her erect nipples to swell even harder.

"Why don't you kiss them?" she hotly whispered, turning onto her back.

Leaning over her, the inexperienced young man pressed his lips to one of her swollen tits, sending shivers of fiery passion throughout her body.

"Mmmmmmm," she moaned. "Now suck it."

With his earlier shyness now completely gone, Frank opened his mouth and took her creamy tit into it while his tongue swirled around her tingling nipple, making her horny little body writhe madly from the intense pleasure. When he had that tit completely soaked with his spit, he took the other one into his mouth.

"Jesus, honey!" she gasped when he finally released her tit from his mouth. "Please finish undressing me!"

Quickly lowering the zipper on Candy's shorts, he peeled them off as she arched her hips up to help him. Next he grasped the waistband of her brief little panties and pulled them down over her shapely legs, revealing her pink little pussy that was peeking through the triangle of sparse pubic curls.

Letting out an excited groan, the young man drew her naked body into his arms, mashing her big full tits against his bate chest. His hard prick was burning into her dimpled belly. Completely overwhelmed by the feel of a girl's naked flesh for the first time, he quickly rolled on top of her, his big swollen cock throbbing urgently against her thighs. Passionately kissing her moistly parted lips, he reached down until he found the soft bush of hair between her parted legs. Moving his mouth down from her lips, he gobbled one of her swollen nipples into it, making her squeal with wanton pleasure.

"Oooooooooooh, shit!" she whimpered with rapture, her hips jerking upward when his finger made contact with her oozing cunt. "Stick it in me, honey! Ram your finger up my cunt!"

Spreading the slippery lips of her pussy with his fingertips, he could feel her hot juices oozing out. Completely overwhelmed by what was happening, Frank wormed his middle finger into the soft folds of the first cunt he'd ever seen or touched.

"Oh my God!" she moaned, her body stiffening and jerking with joy.

"Does it hurt?" he panted, starting to pull his finger out.

"Fuck no!" she gasped. "Ram it in deeper! I want more of it in me!"

Frank could feel his heart pounding madly in his chest. He shoved the entire length of his finger into her hot slippery hole. As his thick middle finger twisted and screwed around in the fiery depths of her cunt, Candy was wantonly undulating her hips, writhing her pussy around the length of his invading digit.

The horny young girl shivered with ecstasy as his lips left her tit and slowly kissed their way down to her adorable belly button.

"Oh Frank," she heatedly panted. "Kiss my pussy."

"What?" gasped the inexperienced young man.

"Lick my cunt," she excitedly whispered, "I love a tongue in my pussy."

The idea of licking a pissy pussy almost made him gag at first, but thinking about it, he decided to at least try what his pretty little instructor had asked him to do.

"Oh, yes?" sobbed Candy when he lowered his face down toward her steaming crotch.

A delicious warmth streaked through the youngster's naked loins when she felt his warm breath on her open pussy lips. Staring down through half-closed eyes, Candy watched the handsome youth's face disappear between her widely spread legs. She let out a soft whimper of delight as his tongue snaked out and made contact with her feverishly aroused cunt lips.

"Oooooooh, Jesus Christ!" she screamed, almost losing control of herself when his tongue suddenly stabbed into her hot juicy slit. Frantically humping her hips up and down on the couch, she reached down and curled her fingers into his hair, pressing his mouth tighter against her swampy cunt.

Excitedly licking a pussy for the first time in his life, Frank was becoming more aroused by the taste and aroma of her juicy little pussy. Seeming to instinctively know how to bring her the most pleasure, he was swirling his tongue around in the youngster's highly aroused pussy. Reaching beneath her, he slipped the tip of his finger into her tightly puckered rectum.

"Mmmmmrnm! Odoooooooh!" whimpered Candy, feeling his tongue lapping against her tingling clit while his finger twisted around in her hot little asshole.

Sobbing and moaning from the intense pleasure she was feeling, Candy squeezed her soft naked thighs more tightly against his juice-drenched face. The overpowering rapture was racing so rapidly through her horny little body that she could hardly comprehend what was happening. As his tongue brought her closer and closer to a climax, her entire body began tensing and jerking.

"Oh Frank!" she cried out, pushing his face from her smoldering cunt. "Now shove your cock into my pussy! I need a hot fuck!"

No longer the least bit shy, Frank quickly moved up over the little girl, lowering himself between her widely parted thighs. Moaning with excitement, Candy reached down between their bodies and wrapped her fingers around his throbbing cock shaft. Shivering with anticipation, she guided his pulsing cockhead toward her hotly waiting fuckhole.

"Now push," she whispered as she parted her slick, slippery cunt lips with his big cock knob. "Just push slow and easy until it's all the way in up to your balls."

Clinging tightly to the inexperienced youth, she could feel his hard cock sinking deeper and deeper into her juicy twat.

"Oh my God!" he moaned into her ear when the entire length of his shaft was completely buried in her tight little pussy. "It feels so hot and squishy in there!"

"You better believe it's hot and squishy," giggled Candy. "Just wait'll you start fucking your cock in and out."

Moving slowly with an almost imperceptible motion at first, his movements gradually becoming more overt as he began flexing his hard prick around in her little squeezing fuckhole. He continued increasing the tempo and power of his thrusts until his hard cockhead was banging against the very end of her scalding slit.

Suddenly feeling his body starting to tense and stiffen, signaling that he was about to have a premature ejaculation, Candy decided to suck the inexperienced young man off so their first fuck wouldn't be just another quicky.

"Get off," she whispered, pushing against his chest.

"Did I do something wrong?" he panted, his voice filled with disappointment.

"No." She giggled when he'd pulled his juice-slickened cock out of her tight little cunt. "I have a nice surprise for you before we start fuckin' again. Roll over on your back."

When he'd done as she suggested, Candy moved down and lowered her mouth over his cock, delightfully licking and rolling her tongue around the sensitive underside.

Then raising her head up slowly, she slid the bloated head of his prick across the roof of her mouth while she lightly tickled it with her tongue. Then she plunged her lips back down again, thrilled at the way his cock probed at the very back of her throat.

Staring wide-eyed at the beautiful young girl, Frank could hardly believe what was happening to him. The sight of what she was doing was almost as exciting as the feel of it. The pleasure he was experiencing was almost more than he could stand as he watched her face bobbing up and down over his wet glistening boner.

Trembling from the sensual pleasure, Frank was clutching the cushions as her lips and tongue sucked and slurped all around the tingling skin of his naked prick. Nothing else mattered to the youth except the suction of her wet, warm lips around his hard cock.

Candy could tell from the way his body was beginning to tense and jerk that he was ready to shoot his hot load. The horny girl had learned that sucking a prick was almost as much fun as being fucked by one, and now, thrilled at the prospect of this handsome young man squirting her mouth full of cum, she was trying to please him, to give his big prick every possible thrill.

"Oh shit, it's good!" he moaned. "So fuckin' good!"

Candy slid her tongue down along the blue veined underside of his throbbing cock shaft until she found his balls. She licked and bathed the soft crinkly skin of his scrotum until it was glistening with her saliva.

"Oh, my God!" groaned Frank when she finally raised her head and wolfed down on his big cock-knob again. "I can't stand much more of this!"

Candy could tell by the way his cock was lurching in her mouth that he was ready to shoot his load. Without any further warning, the youth let out a wild sob as great gobs of seething sperm suddenly gushed into her mouth. Candy swallowed fast and hard, but she couldn't handle the vast amount of jizz that was belching out of his exploding cockhead. It was seeping out between her prick squeezing lips, huge quantities of it dribbling down over her chin.

"My God, Candy!" panted Frank when she'd feverishly sucked out the last drop. "That was fantastic!"

"I know," she whispered, gently squeezing his limp prick with her fingers as she wiped her lips with the back of her other hand. "But you're gonna like it when you shoot off in my cunt a lot better."

For the next few minutes she gently played with his limp cock until it started to swell again in her fingers. Excited at the prospect of being balled by the handsome youth, she continued stroking his cock until it was as thick and hard as it had been before the blow-job.

"Okay, honey," she giggled, releasing his boner and rolling onto her back with her thighs widely spread for him. "Here's my horny little cunt again, so start fucking it."

The naked little girl moaned with excitement as he crawled up between her legs and pressed the head of his thick cock shaft against the hot slippery flesh of her cunt lips.

"Oh shit, it feels so nice and hard," she whispered, spreading her thighs even wider apart as she arched her pelvis up to help him. Half-crazed by the moist heat of the girl's horny cunt, Frank plunged forward, sinking about half of his thick cock into her. The cute little blonde moaned and rocked herself from side to side on the sofa as he worked more of his hard prick into her writhing pussy.

Suddenly he was all the way in, and Candy could feel the young man's lusty balls rubbing between the soft cheeks of her ass while her oily juices foamed hotly around the length of his deeply embedded prick.

"Now pump it in and out," she hotly whispered, screwing her steaming cunt up tighter around the thick base of his shaft. "That's what fucking is all about."

Raising up on his knees for leverage, Frank began driving his prick in and out of her hot, tight cunt. Feeling the top ridge of his prick rubbing hard against her swollen clit, Candy made no effort to stifle her squeals of delight.

"Harder, honey, harder!" the naked little youngster cried out. "Just fuck the shit out of me!"

Having never experienced such intense pleasure in his life, Frank was rapidly increasing the power and tempo of his deep thrusts. Feverishly fucking into her as the darling youngster panted and writhed beneath him, he could feel her big lush tits jiggling against his chest as their bodies ground hotly together.

Staring down between her widely splayed thighs when Frank raised up on his elbows, she could see his bloated cock plunging in and out of her juicy, sucking pussy. She'd never watched a prick working in and out of her cunt, and the sight of her swollen pussy lips squeezing and pulling on his juice-slickened cock was the most exciting thing she'd ever seen.

"Oooooooooh!" she screamed as a powerful orgasm suddenly hit her. "Oooooh, shit! I'm cumming... cumming!"

At the very height of her climax, she felt his hot jizz gushing into her belly. Thrilled by the feel of the hot juices filling her spasming pussy, her cunt muscles clamped more tightly around the length of his spurting shaft, milking out more and more of his spewing cum.

"Oh God!" she whispered a few minutes later as she lay in his arms, slowly recovering from her heavenly climax. "That was fantastic."

"I know," he grinned. "I've never felt anything so good in my whole life."

"I'm glad you enjoyed your first fuck," she smiled. "And from now on my horny little cunt will be available any time you want it."


A few evenings later, Candy was sitting home alone because her brother was spending the night with a friend. It was a rather warm evening and the youngster wasn't wearing panties or a bra under her little summer dress. Candy was watching television when her mother suddenly walked in with two men, and it was quite obvious to the youngster that they were all a little drunk.

"Hi Mom," smiled Candy, surprised to see her mother home so early.

"Hello sweetheart," Viola giggled as she brushed a lock of blonde hair back from her face. "These are my friends, Cliff and Randy."

"Hi," smiled Candy, wondering why her mother had brought the men home with her.

Excusing herself, Viola walked into the kitchen and mixed herself and the men a drink and poured a Coke for Candy. Returning with the glasses, Viola sat down next to Cliff while Randy moved over and seated himself on a sofa next to Candy.

"Well, here's to sex," grinned Viola, raising her glass.

"I'll drink to that," Cliff responded.

Sitting next to Viola, Cliff gazed at her daughter's bare thighs as the youngster sat across the room with Randy.

"This is nice," smiled Viola, taking a sip of her drink as she snuggled up closer to Cliff.

He could feel the soft pressure of Viola's warm thigh against his leg as he took a swallow from his glass. As always, the nearness of this blonde slut really turned him on, but the sight of her cute daughter across the room was adding fire in his loins.

When the drinks were finished, Viola asked Candy to mix another round. Candy's braless tits rolled around under the thin material of her dress as she moved across the room.

Seeing that Cliff's attention was on her little daughter's bouncing tits, Viola opened her thighs and squirmed around a bit, giving Randy a lingering view of her nakedly exposed pussy. She was pleased with the expression in his eyes when they focused on her silky bush.

Cliff's prick gave a sudden lurch when young Candy once more seated herself across from him. This time she crossed her legs, giving him an unobstructed view of her darling little slit. Her wet pink pussy lips were openly displayed before his drooling eyes.

"Oh, Candy," her mother said in a teasing voice. "Close your legs, honey. You're giving Cliff a big hard-on."

"Don't scold me," the youngster giggled. "Your own cunt isn't exactly hidden from Randy."

The man blushed.

"Please," Viola continued as she brought her knees together. "You're getting Cliff all worked up."

The excited man said nothing as he continued staring at the youngster's deliciously exposed slit.

"See," Viola giggled, placing her hand on the big bulge in the front of Cliff's pants.

"You're giving him a hard-on."

"Randy's got a boner, too," grinned Candy, grasping at the man's stiff prick.

"Darling," Viola said, "earlier this evening I was telling these men how you let your big brother and all the other guys fuck you."

"So what?" grinned Candy.

"That's why I brought them borne," her mother continued. "Would you let them fuck you, too?"

"Sure," grinned little Candy. "They can if they want to."

"Then why don't you check their cocks out for size," Viola suggested.

"I wonder which one is the biggest," giggled Candy as she reached for Randy's fly.

Within a matter of seconds, both mother and daughter were holding the men's big pricks in their hands.

"They look about the same to me," Viola declared. "I can't see any difference."

"I think they should take their pants and shorts down so we can get a look at their balls, too," Candy suggested.

"I think so, too," smiled her mother, gently fondling Cliff's hard boner.

Deciding this was going to be one helium party, the two men quickly discarded every garment they had on.

"Well," Cliff grinned, standing completely naked. "Who wins?"

"Yeah," asked Randy as he stood next to the other man. "Who's got the biggest cock?"

"We'll have to inspect them very closely."

Viola giggled as she and little Candy walked up to them.

"This is a nice one," Candy smiled, wrapping her fingers gently around Cliff's big thick boner.

"Here's a real beauty," Viola observed as she began sliding the foreskin back and forth over Randy's throbbing prick.

"I wonder which one tastes the best," giggled little Candy, dropping to her knees in front of Cliff.

Holding the base of his shaft in one hand, the cute youngster began lightly running her tongue around and over his big shiny, cockhead. There was a heavy manly taste to his big bloated prick that sent wild shivers racing through her hot wet cunt. When she'd thoroughly licked it with her tongue, the horny child sucked his big cock-knob deep into her moist young mouth.

Cliff shuddered as he felt and saw her sweet lips slide over his quivering cockhead. It was wildly exciting to look down on her radiantly innocent little face and see her sucking lips wrapped around his bloated cock. Her hands were gently fondling his big lusty balls while one naughty finger teased delightfully around his asshole.

Standing next to Cliff, Randy was also trembling with excitement as Candy's mother sucked and licked on his big crinkly nut-sac. She was lightly trailing her middle finger around his quivering shiner. Viola's hot wet mouth was deliciously alternating between his spit-drenched balls and his quivering rectum.

"Oh God!" he gasped when the blonde slut finally took his cock deep into her throat.

"Do you like it?" gulped Viola between sucks.

"Shit yes!" he panted.

"Hey," giggled Candy, finally releasing Cliff's prick and jumping to her feet. "Let's go into Mom's room and fuck up a storm."

Hurrying down the hall to the bedroom, Candy and her mother discarded their clothes, and the four naked people spread themselves out on the bed. Lying on their backs, mother and daughter were nestled between the men, Viola next to Randy and little Candy by Cliff.

Turning onto her side and facing Cliff, Candy began grinding her hot wet slit up against the man's hard cock flesh, his big thick cock sandwiched between their writhing bellies.

"Oh Cliff," she heatedly whispered. "Please fuck my hot little cunt. I can't wait any longer."

A strange sensation gripped Viola's body when she heard her daughter begging to be fucked. She'd known for a long time what a horny little kid she was, but this was the first time she'd ever actually witnessed the child's wanton behavior.

Rising onto her elbow, Viola glanced over at her cute young daughter. The girl was on her back with her legs spread wide open to receive Cliff's boner as he knelt between her thighs. It excited the woman to see Cliff's cock slowly advancing toward her daughter's juicy cunt. Watching it slip between the youngster's cute cunt lips, Viola could almost feel Cliff's big prick entering her own hot fuckhole. A strange thrill raced through the woman's body as she watched the big cock sink deeper and deeper into her daughter's juice-slickened pussy.

When Cliff's big boner had fully penetrated the youngster's hotly dripping cunt, Viola watched Candy sensually snake her legs around the man's waist. Viola could almost feel her own thighs wrapped around his muscular body.

At first Viola had been a bit apprehensive when she saw Cliff's long thick shaft entering her daughter's juicy cunt, but the erotic sight was now exciting her more than anything she'd ever witnessed. When the man began slowly pumping his throbbing cock in and out of the cute youngster's little slit, Viola leaned over until her eyes were only a few inches away from Candy's cock-filled pussy. She could see little beads of cunt juice gleaming on the soft pink tissues of her wet shiny cunt lips. A little trickle of hot twat-cream was being forced out from between Candy's sucking pussy lips by the pressure of Cliff's big plunging prick.

Viola excitedly watched the rivulet of juice that was dripping down over the youngster's sweet young ass. The exciting sound of Cliff's thick prick squishing and slurping into her daughter's hotly sucking cunt was driving the woman wild. She could feel every thrust of the man's hard meat in her own horny slit.

Viola stared with fascination at Candy's pleasure-ridden face. The youngster's head was thrown back, her long brown hair cascading over the pillow as her glazed eyes stared at the ceiling. The youngster's mouth was gaping open, her tongue flicking in and out between her wet trembling lips while she writhed and moaned in ecstasy. Viola could almost feel the ecstasy that was etched on her daughter's cute face.

Watching the erotic scene. Viola was feverishly masturbating Randy's stiff prick while his middle finger was zipping in and out of her hot wet cunt.

"Oh God!" Viola heard her little daughter whimper as the youngster clutched Cliff more tightly in her arms. "That's suck a neat big cock."

By now Viola was almost out of her mind with excitement. Her grasping fingers were sliding up and down over Randy's lurching shaft at a blinding speed as she vicariously felt every sensation that was surging through her daughter's cunt. Viola could actually feel Cliff's hard prick pounding deep into her own fuckhole as she watched.

"Fuck honey, fuck!" little Candy was screaming as she writhed beneath the man's lurching body.

Crazed with excitement, Viola ground her cunt around Randy's invading finger as she frantically stroked his throbbing cock. The woman was losing all sense of reality as she stared at Cliff's cock fucking into her little daughter's cunt.

"Fuck her good, Cliff!" Viola began screaming her emotions completely out of control. "Fuck my baby good!"

"Christ Mom!" Candy sobbed, out loud. "This guy can really fuck!"

"I know! I know!" Viola shrieked. "Why do you think I go out with him?"

Viola was staring with wild fascination at Cliff's shiny cock as it slithered in and out of the youngster's pussy. The entire surface of his big gleaming cock shaft glistened with the slippery thick juices that were gushing out of her daughter's scalding slit.

"Fuck her good, honey!" Viola was hysterically screaming at Cliff. "Fuck the piss out of her! Fuck my baby good!"

"He is, Mother! He is!" Candy squealed as she felt the man's big meaty prick slamming deeper and deeper into her cunt. "Christ, can he fuck! Oh shit, how he can fuck!"

Between the screams of the woman and child, the squeaking of the lurching bedsprings and the hot wet flesh slapping against hot wet flesh, the room was a bedlam of noise. Even in her wild mental state, Viola was aware that Cliff was on the verge of shooting a hot load of cum into her daughter's cunt.

"Come on, Cliff!" she cheered. "Give it to her, honey! Fill my baby with your sweet hot jizz!"

"Oh, sweet Jesus!" Candy squealed, suddenly feeling a torrent of hot wet sperm gushing into her belly from his exploding cockhead. "I'm coming! Jesus Christ, how I'm coming... coming!"

Slowly drifting back to the world of reality, Viola watched her daughter and Cliff collapse into each other's arms. Then she suddenly realized she was still stroking Randy's throbbing prick.

"Oh, honey," she sobbed, feeling his hard boner throbbing in her grasp. "Please fuck me, darling. Christ, how I need a fuck!"

"And I need a cunt!" he panted.

"Hurry," she whispered, rolling onto her back and spreading her soft moist thighs, exposing her slippery cunt to his eager eyes. The soft pink lips of her juicy cunt gleamed up at him from the nest of golden pussy hairs.

As Randy dropped to his knees between her silky-smooth legs, Viola excitedly grasped his throbbing cock, slowly guiding it toward her hot, dripping pussy. Trembling with excitement, she rubbed the hard head of his prick up and down against the hot slippery furrow of her open slit, enjoying the feel of his cock knob sliding against her juicy cunt flesh.

"Oh, sweet Randy," she sobbed when the man rammed the entire length of his cock into her cunt with one long swooping thrust.

Watching them from the other side of the bed, Candy could hardly believe that the naked bitch who was cradling Randy's humping body between her lewdly opened thighs was actually her own mother. The sight of her mom's big soft tits rubbing against the man's bare chest was a sight that Candy would never forget. There was a pagan sensuality to the slutty movements of her mother's hips as she writhed her sopping cunt around the man's plunging prick.

"That's it, Randy," Viola sobbed, sucking on his ear. "That's the way to use a cunt!"

The sight of the voluptuous blonde writhing under Randy's body was almost blowing Cliff's mind as he and little Candy watched with total fascination. Even though he'd just shot a big load of cum-cream into Candy's sweet pussy, his cock was once again throbbing with excitement.

The sight, of Randy fucking into Viola's horny cunt was a real turn-on for Cliff. The lusty blonde's big full tits, her creamy soft thighs and her radiant face really excited him. God, how he wanted Randy to hurry and shoot his load so he could get his own hard cock into the beautiful slut's talented pussy.

Viola was only vaguely aware that the other couple was watching them. Her every thought and feeling was centered around the long rigid prick that was fucking in and out of her sucking cunt. With her shapely naked thighs wrapped snugly around the man's waist, Viola was grasping at the checks of his ass, pulling him deeper and deeper into her pleasure crazed cunt.

"Jesus Christ!" she squealed. "Give it to me good, baby! Fuck me harder!"

Cliff and little Candy stared in silence as they watched the way Randy was viciously slamming his cock into her mother's pussy while she screamed and cried for more.

It didn't seem possible that a man could take such a sexual beating, but it was obvious to both of them that Viola was thoroughly enjoying every deep thrust. Randy began pounding his prick into her hotly fucking cunt at an even faster tempo as she frantically clawed at his thrusting ass.

"That's it, sweetie!" Viola squealed with delight. "Faster, baby, faster! I'm almost there! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

Cliff stared excitedly at the naked blonde writhing, beneath Randy's powerful attack. Her long bleached hair was splayed all across the pillow as Viola tossed her head from side to side. Her mouth was open as a stream of frothy saliva oozed out from her trembling lips. With her eyes squeezed shut in a wild frenzy and her nails clawing cruelly at the bare flesh of Randy's ass, she desperately tried to pull more cock into her inflamed fuckhole.

"Oh, Christ, baby!" she sobbed, thrusting her cunt up around his plunging prick. "I'm almost there! Oh, fuck it to me!"

The intense ecstasy was almost more than she could, endure. Viola suddenly felt an unbelievable orgasm building up in her lurching body.

"Squirt, baby, squirt! Fill my cunt!" she shrieked. "Cream me good! I'm gonna come! Christ, I'm coming. I'm commiiinnnggg!" Just as the sex-crazed woman exploded into her body-jolting climax, she felt Randy's hot jizz flooding into her trembling pussy. Pulling his handsome face down, Viola sucked his tongue into her hot open mouth as she felt spurt after spurt of hot cum filling her belly.

"God, that was wonderful," she whispered into his ear. "That was just fantastic."

When Randy's exhausted body rolled away from hers, Viola was suddenly aware of Cliff kneeling beside her, slowly stroking his brand new hard-on.

"Hi, honey," she whispered to him. "You'd better put that beautiful big prick into my cunt while the oven's still hot."

With a roar of lust, Cliff threw himself over her naked body, driving the full length of his cock up into her jizz-filled fuckhole with one wild thrust.

"That's it, honey," she giggled, wrapping her legs around his waist. "Just start fucking. I want to be screwed all night long by you guys."

"Me, too," little Candy giggled, stuffing Randy's wet limp prick into her mouth. "But I've gotta get this cock hard again."

"Don't worry," Randy smiled. "I'm sure you will."


One afternoon when Viola had a day off, she noticed Russ Reed sitting on his front porch. Being in her usually horny mood, and having not seen the man since he fucked her several weeks ago, she decided to walk over and see him.

"Hi, Russ," she called out as she approached him.

"Hello, Viola," he grinned, thinking how sexy the lusty blonde looked in her short tight skirt. "It's been a long time since I've seen you."

"It sure has. Have you been gettin' plenty of ass?" she teasingly asked.

"Enough," he smiled.

"Are you still fuckin' my little kid?"

"Once in a while," was his answer. "She's sure a horny little bitch," laughed Viola. "She let a couple of my boyfriends get into her pants the other night."

"How about you?" he laughed. "Are you gettin' enough?"

"Don't talk silly," the woman giggled. "I can't ever get enough."

"Then come on in the house," he smiled. Once they were inside, Viola sat down next to him on the lumpy sofa.

"God, I sure need your big hard cock," she grinned.

"How long has it been since I fucked you?" he asked.

"Weeks," she answered.

"Well then," the man grinned. "We better make up for it today."

"Don't worry," giggled Viola. "I'm gonna fuck you silly this afternoon."

"Good," he laughed. "Because I'm just about as horny as I've ever been in my life."

"God, Russ," she whispered, removing her blouse as she seductively spread her legs. "I'm sure in a horny mood."

"I know," Russ smiled as Viola took his hand and slid it up along the smooth flesh between her thighs until his fingers brushed against her cunt.

Thrilled that she wasn't wearing panties, he lowered his mouth down to her moistly parted lips as he eased his thick middle finger between the slippery folds of her hot, fleshy cunt lips.

"Oh, Russ," she softly whispered, resting her hand on the big bulge that was throbbing against the front of his pants. She could feel his muscular body jerk with excitement as she lovingly caressed his hard boner through the material. The horny woman was becoming more aroused by the second, feeling her hot pussy juices creaming around his finger as he slipped it farther up into her scalding slit.

As he once more lowered his face to hers, Viola covered his lips with her hot open mouth, her honey coated tongue entwining around his. Locked in a deeply passionate kiss as their burning bodies writhed together, Viola lowered his zipper and released his throbbing dick.

"Oh, sweet Jesus," she whispered at the feel of his thick shaft of hot meat pulsing in her fist. "This big beauty is sure hard and hot."

Having not been with the horny woman for quite a while, Russ began plunging his finger deeper and faster into her creamy slit as she skillfully skimmed the thick, rubbery foreskin up and down over his bone-hard shaft. Happy that the horny blonde had removed her blouse, be buried his face in the fragrant hollow between her big naked tits while his finger continued slithering in and out of her slippery pussy.

Excited about having his hard prick again, Viola lowered her hot open mouth down over the throbbing cockhead. God, how good it felt as his thick prick eased between her slippery lips, slithering over her tongue until it nudged at the back of her throat. The rigid fullness of his throbbing meat filling her mouth was pure ecstasy to the super-horny woman. Her entire body was shivering with delight as she sensually slid her tongue over and around every tingling inch of his big cock.

Smiling up at the man, she began slowly bobbing her mouth up and down over his big meaty cock, thrilled by the feel of it sliding in and out between her wetly sucking lips. The way he was writhing and moaning in ecstasy only seemed to further arouse Viola.

"Jesus Christ!" he moaned the intense rapture of her sucking mouth giving him almost more pleasure than he could endure. "I'm ready to shoot my hot load!"

"Not in my mouth." She giggled, removing her lips from his prick. "I want you to empty your first load info my cunt."

As she released his throbbing prick from her mouth, Viola stood up and led her neighbor to his unmade bed. Removing her skirt, she spread her naked body out on the rumpled sheets to watch him disrobe.

As the man turned away from her to undress, she stared excitedly at the hard masculinity of his broad back, his lean naked buttocks and thick muscular calves. The man's body was so beautifully proportioned that she felt a thrill streaking through her overheated loins.

Smiling at him, she watched his movements as he walked toward the bed with his thick cock spearing up arrogantly from between his legs. She could feel her heart pounding wildly as he moved onto the bed beside her. Pressing her body against his, Viola traced her fingers lightly over the man's arm, gently rubbing her leg against him until it came to rest between his sinewy thighs.

"Mmmmmmmmm... Russ," she whispered, closing her soft fingers around the rigid thickness of his prick. "You'll never know how much I need your beautiful cock."

"You're gonna get it, baby," he panted. "Today I'm gonna give you a special treat. Turn over on your belly."

"Why?" she asked in a puzzled voice.

"We're gonna do something different," he answered. "Trust me, you're gonna love it."

The man was going to do something that he'd dreamed about doing ever since he'd first seen the slut's naked body. The horny woman's hot ass was something to behold, and the man could hardly wait to fuck it. He'd never ass-fucked anyone in his life, but he had an uncontrollable desire to fuck her creamy bunghole.

With the woman spread out on her stomach, he didn't know exactly how to proceed without frightening her. He knew she would probably enjoy it, once she tried it, but Russ felt confusion about approaching her.

Tenderly kissing the back of her neck, he reached around her body and cupped her firm tits that were pressed against the mattress.

"Ooooooooh," she whimpered as his fingers tweaked her swollen nipples. Viola couldn't explain why, but she felt a strangeness in the way his hands were grasping and pulling almost cruelly on her tits. The man had never acted this way before. In the past he'd been rather tender with her, but now he was brutally squeezing the soft flesh of her tits and ass.

Even though he was being rougher than usual, she felt a strange excitement at the way he was dominating her today. There was a certain fierce kind of lust in his hands as he heatedly kneaded her pliant tits while writhing his hard cock against her softly rounded asscheeks. Viola couldn't explain why, but his overly aggressive behavior was sending waves of a new kind of excitement coursing through her body.

She suddenly felt a fiery hot passion in her belly as he rubbed the thick hardness of his turgid boner against her quivering asscheeks, and the pleasure was quickly intensified when he began sliding his smooth cockhead back and forth in the deep crevice between her fleshy buns. Viola still didn't know what the man had in mind, but she no longer cared as the sparks of ecstasy streaked through her wildly aroused body.

Finally releasing her tits, he sat back and spread the soft cheeks of her ass apart with his hands. Then, before the woman realized what was happening, he roughly drilled the tip of his thick middle finger into her puckered rectum.

"Eeeeeeeekkkkk!" shrieked Viola, more from surprise than pain as she instinctively pulled away, trying to free herself from his invading finger.

Completely fascinated by the sight of the woman's tight little anal ring squeezing around his embedded digit, he forced it even deeper into the buttery hotness of her squeezing asshole.

"Jesus Christ!" she shouted back aver her shoulder to him. "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

"Just relax," he whispered, worming his finger even farther into her tightly clenching skitter. "You're gonna love it before we're finished."

"I don't give a damn what you do to me," she panted. "But just don't be so rough."

Then suddenly it dawned on her. He was going to ass-fuck her! She'd never dreamed that anyone would ever fuck her back there, but she was glad that Russ was going to do it to her now. The horny slut had often wondered how it would feel to have a bloated cock shoved up her ass.

"Okay, baby," panted the man, grasping her hips and lifting Viola onto her knees. "Up you go."

Her smooth buns looked so temptingly soft and round and inviting. Using his thumbs, Russ gently spread the silky white cheeks of her buttocks apart, delightfully exposing the crinkly little hole that was going to receive his throbbing prick. Then grasping the smooth flesh of her hip with one hand, the wildly aroused man eased the bulbous head of his boner up against the lusty blonde's tight little rectum with the other.

A smile spread across Viola's face at the thought of what he was going to do to her. She'd often thought about this depraved act and now at last she was going to feel a man's hard cock buried to the hilt in her tingling asshole.

Leaning forward, Russ could hear Viola's excited breathing as she pressed her ass back against him. He pushed as hard as he could, but the tight little ring of her asshole resisted the pressure of his prick against it. Then giving a sudden lunge forward, the head of his cock popped through the tiny opening of her ass passage.

"Oh, God! Oh, God!" she cried out. "That hurts, Russ. I want it as much as you do, but take it easy for a minute!"

Thrilled that the wildly aroused woman wanted to be ass-fucked, the man tried to be gentle for her sake, but in his state of excitation, he continued shoving, forward.

"Aaaaaaaauuuggg!" she gasped. "Not so fuckin' fast! Just take it easy until I get used to that big thing in my ass!"

The wildly turned-on man tried valiantly to enter her more slowly, but he was unable to control himself as he grunted and shoved until there was only about an inch more to go.

"Jesus, Russ," she whimpered. "That Goddamn thing feels so fuckin big in me."

Wanting to bury the last inch or so of his prick into her steaming shitter, Russ pulled back until only his big knob remained encased in her ass, then he slammed forward, drilling the entire length of his enormously swollen prick into the burning depths of her bowels. Now every last inch of his bloated cock was throbbing hotly in her tight rectum as his sperm-bloated balls rubbed against the hot wetness of her pubic hair. The backs of her naked legs were pressing against his muscular thighs as he held her against his deeply skewered boner.

After letting his thick cock soak in the heavenly warmth of her squeezing asshole for several moments, her cruelly stretched shitter slowly adjusted to the bigness of his prick. He slowly pulled back, thrilled at the way her rectum clung to his cock shaft like a hot wet glove. Then flexing his hips, he drilled the full length of his prick back up into the depths of the woman's helplessly impaled ass. Soon he was rhythmically fucking into her, and as her tingling asshole adjusted to the bigness of his lusty boner, every thrust was bringing squeals of delight from deep in her throat.

"That's it, baby!" he panted as Viola began slamming her ass back around his plunging prick. "That's the way to do it!"

This rectal fuck she was getting was even better than she'd thought it would be. The horny woman had never experienced anything to equal the heated length of his thickly throbbing cock pounding up deep into her shitter. The friction of his cock rubbing against the slick, slippery walls of her tightly squeezing rectal passage was enough to blow her mind.

"Jesus, that's a tight asshole!" he cried out with pleasure, the ecstasy building in his loins as the squeezing walls of her asshole massaged and sucked on the length of his aching prick.

He could feel the slippery flesh in Viola's rear depths clinging hotly to his boner as it squished in and out of her scalding shitter.

Her whimpers and moans only served to further arouse the wildly fucking man. His head was snapping back and forth with each deep thrust of his cock as the wild waves of unadulterated pleasure tingled up and down through his blood-engorged cock.

Humping wildly back at him, Viola felt warm and wet with passion. Her squealing mouth was gaping open as wave after wave of wanton pleasure flooded through her burning rectum. Kneeling obscenely beneath the lustily fucking man, she could feel the mounting ecstasy and she suddenly wondered if it was possible to have an anal orgasm.

"That's it!" Russ cried out, almost out of his mind with his depraved lust.

"That's the way to fuck, baby. Give me more of that hot asshole."

Lost in her own wild passions. Viola was feverishly fucking back at him, frenziedly writhing her hot rectum around the plunging length of his prick. Each backward-thrust of her horny ass was bringing her more and more exquisite pleasure.

"Oh, sweet corn-holin' Jesus!" she squealed. "Your big hard cock feels so good in my ass!"

The blonde slut continued moaning with passion as his lusty balls slapped rhythmically at the slippery wet cunt hole below her shitter. Not only did his swollen cock feel fantastic in her rectum, but the forbidden nature of what she was doing added to the excitement. As the intense pleasure increased, the woman was almost out of her mind with ecstasy as she slavishly kneeled beneath this wildly fucking man, eagerly submitting to his sodomy as his powerful cock drilled harder and deeper into her quivering asshole.

"Oh, Russ, I love it! I love it!" she squealed in rapture, wriggling her hot shifter for all she was worth as she arched her back, tilting her lewdly stretched ass up hoping to get more of his hard meat into it.

"That's it!" he gasped as his big slippery cock pounded in and out of her tightly clinging rectum. "Good girl, just keep fuckin' back at me, baby! Jesus, what a hot little asshole!"

Spurred on by the sound of Viola's depraved cries of lust, he began fucking even deeper into her with long sweeping strokes that almost knocked the woman off her knees with every lusty plunge. Wanting to give the screaming bitch even more pleasure, Russ reached around her waist and grasped her hot slippery cunt.

Feeling his finger massaging her clitty sent an unbelievable ecstasy through her bucking, thrashing body. Almost out of her mind from the pressure of his prick in her tingling shitter and the vibration of his finger on her clit, she began feverishly wriggling and humping back against him, her naked body shuddering from each belly-jerking thrust of his boner.

Suddenly aware that the man was about to shoot his hot load, every part of her body writhed and bucked back against him, her big swollen nipples prickly with desire as her full tits jiggled up and down beneath her.

"Ooooooooooh, shit!" shrieked the near hysterical woman, writhing her ass back more frantically against him as she felt herself rushing toward a bell-ringing climax.

"Oh, fuck!" gasped the man when he suddenly felt his scalding sperm shooting up through the length of his tingling shaft. "Here it comes! Here comes the jizz!"

"Good!" shrieked Viola. "Fill my ass with the fuckin' stuff!"

Squealing filthy obscenities as she tossed and bucked beneath him while his prick filled her shitter with his swirling jizz, Viola could feel her own orgasm starting to envelop her.

"I'm coming!" she screamed with rapture when the wild climax exploded throughout her body. "I'm coming, Russ... commmmmiinggg! Commmmiiiinnnnggg!"

Writhing through her heavenly climax, Viola could feel his throbbing cockhead shooting thick wads of cum deep into her spuming rectum, followed by lesser amounts of slippery jizz until his balls were completely empty.

"God, Russ," she whispered a little later as they lay in each other's arms. "That's something I've always wanted to try."

"Me, too," sighed the man. "Did you like it?"

"Fuck, yes," she giggled. "That was the wildest thing that's ever happened to me."

"I'll say one thing," he laughed. "You sure know how to wiggle your ass."

"And you sure know how to make a broad wiggle it," she giggled, giving his limp prick a loving squeeze. "My whole is still tingling."

"Is it a nice feeling?"

"It sure is," grinned the horny woman. "But now I want to feel my cunt tingle, too."

"What do you suggest?"

"Oh, you big dumb turd," she giggled, crawling down and slipping his limp prick into her mouth. "Maybe you'll figure it out when I've sucked the damn thing hard again."

Recalling how she'd heard little Candy squealing with joy when he was balling her last night, Viola decided he must be a fantastic young fucker. The depraved woman had indulged in every variety of sex there was except incest, but now she was suddenly anxious to feel her son's hard cock up between her legs.

Deciding she'd never be satisfied until the boy had screwed her, she slipped into the bedroom and removed her panties. Returning, she seated herself in a chair across from where he was sitting on a couch.

"Honey," she smiled at him, sensually crossing her legs. "You didn't get much sleep last night, did you?"

"What do you mean, Mom?"

"You were so busy screwin' your little sister," she giggled. "I didn't think you got any sleep."

"You mean you could hear us?"

"Shit, yes," laughed Viola. "It sounded like you were fuckin' her to death."

When the boy didn't say anything, Viola slowly crossed her legs, giving him a lingering view of her blonde beaver. From the wild expression on her son's face, she could tell how much he was thoroughly enjoying her naughty little peep show.

"Is she fun to fuck?"

"Sure," she grinned. "She's sure got a hot little pussy."

"She must have inherited that from her mother," giggled Viola, recrossing her legs to give him an unobstructed view of her oozing cunt. "I'd still rather fuck than eat."

Tony laughed.

"Tony," she suddenly asked as she moved over and sat down next to him. "Do you fuck a lot of girls?"

"I get my share."

"That's good," she whispered, placing her hand on the big bulge in the front of his pants. "I'll bet you have all the equipment to give them a real good time."

When the boy didn't answer, his mother deftly lowered his zipper. "Mind if I check out your plumbing?"

"Be my guest, Mom," he grinned, suddenly realizing that he'd soon be fucking her.

"That's a real beauty," she whispered as she lovingly reached in and drew his cock out.

Trembling with excitement, the big muscular youth pulled his mother into his arms, covering her softly parted lips with his own hot mouth. With their slippery wet tongues entwined in a heated kiss of passion, Viola took his free hand and guided it up along the soft warm flesh of her naked thigh until his middle finger found the hot juicy opening of her wet cunt.

"Oh, Tony," she whispered, clinging hungrily to her son's stiff prick while his thick finger slurped noisily in and out of the hotness of her aroused cunt. "Let's go into my bedroom."

Entering the bedroom, Viola quickly removed her dress and sat on the edge of the bed watching Tony as he hurriedly took his clothes off. When the handsome boy stepped in front of her, she gently grasped his hard prick and covered his cockhead with her lips.

"Oh, God, Mom," he gasped as she sucked him with a ravenous passion. "That feels so good."

Reaching between his legs, Viola began fondling her son's bloated nut-sac, her fingers gently teasing his sensitive balls.

"Shit, Mom," the boy panted as she pumped her hot moist lips up and down over his big slippery boner. "That's so good!"

Excitedly staring down at his mother as she sat on the edge of the bed mouthing his prick, he was thrilled by the way she was holding the thick base of his shaft in her loving fingers. Feeling the delicious softness of her warm lips around his cockhead, he could feel her talented tongue licking circles of liquid fire all around it.

"Oh, sweet fuckin' Jesus!" he panted, digging his fingers into her long blonde hair as he stood in front of her.

"Christ, your cock tastes good!" wailed his mother, momentarily drawing her mouth back a little to taste the rich seminal fluids that were oozing out from the tip of his knob.

Excitedly twirling her naughty tongue all around his tingling cockhead, she began rhythmically sucking the boy with all the skill she'd learned over the years. Watching her, Tony could see her wet ovaled lips pulling and sucking on his cock as it disappeared in and out of her hot juicy mouth. His loins were instinctively jerking back and forth to meet every plunge of her slippery lips. His thick young shaft of male meat disappeared with each plunge of her mouth, only to reappear all slippery and wet from her warm spit when she raised her head. Viola's tongue was licking and lapping hungrily at his cock as her soft clinging lips slid up and down over it. He could see her luscious big tits bouncing as she raised and lowered her face over his big juicy boner. On and on she sucked, each plunge of her mouth carrying him to new heights of ecstasy.

"Suck, Mom, suck!" he cried out, no longer able to control his emotions.

At that moment, he didn't give a shit about anything in the world except his mother's hot sucking lips.

As the horny slut sucked frantically on her son's prick, he could see little beads of perspiration forming on her upper lip as she slurped hungrily on his juicy meat. Her eyes were glowing with excitement and her cheeks were damp and flushed as she brought the boy closer and closer to a jizz-shooting ejaculation.

Unable to stand the intense pleasure any longer, the young man pulled his prick out of her mouth and, pushing his mother back on the bed, he threw his body over hers, covering one of her big erect nipples, with his sucking mouth.

"Oh, yes, honey," she giggled with delight. "That's it, baby. Suck my fuckin' titties."

With his hot lips clasped moistly around her distended nipple, he rubbed and squeezed her luscious big tits with his hands. It was amazing how both his mother and his sister had such, a fantastic pair of tits.

The feel of his lips and tongue on her nipples was arousing the woman to new heights of excitation.

"Oh, honey!" she suddenly squealed. "Eat Mother's pussy, baby! Lick my cunt!"

As he moved down over her body, Viola spread her legs wide apart, planting her feet firmly against the mattress, arching her open, smoldering pussy up toward his mouth. His handsome young face smacked into the soft wet lips of her cunt. Writhing in ecstasy, Viola was pressing urgently on the back of his head, forcing his mouth deeper into her hot cunt flesh.

The wild musky scent of her humid slit and the tangy taste of her dripping pussy juices were driving the boy crazy. He licked deeply into his mother's heavenly hole as she feverishly ground her hot cunt up against his juice-smeared face. Tony's mouth was working erotically against the pouting lips of her pussy while his tongue rhythmically stroked her erect clitoris, filling the ecstatic woman with wave after wave of pleasure.

"Oh, darling!" she squealed with joy when her son suddenly shot his tongue back up into the hot wet depths of her cunt.

Tony couldn't get over how sweet and fragrant her hot cunt smelled and tasted as her luscious pussy juices dripped over his tongue. Clutching wildly at her writhing ass, he pulled the woman's frothy cunt up tighter against his wet, sucking mouth. Plunging and twisting his tongue around in her steamy fuckhole, he could feel all the sensitive little ridges around the soft flesh of her cuntal tissues.

"Oh, Tony!" she squealed, writhing her pussy up tighter against his hot slavering mouth. "It's so good, Son! Jesus Christ, it's good!"

The bedroom was filled with the delicious sounds of his tongue and lips sucking and licking noisily on his mother's foaming cunt as she squealed and shrieked with ecstasy. With his face completely drenched with the sweet juices gushing out of her writhing slit, Tony was working hungrily on her hot wriggly cunt flesh.

"Oh, darling!" she sobbed. "It's so good, baby! It's so fuckin' good!"

Throwing her head from side to side, Viola's bleached blonde hair was flying crazily around her flushed face while her hands were digging into the back of his head, trying to pull his mouth up tighter against her slippery cunt.

On and on the boy sucked while his slutty mother came closer and closer to a climax. The way Tony's tongue was lashing at her clitty was driving the woman out of her mind.

"Suck, baby, suck!" she suddenly screamed, "I'm coming, darling! Mother's coming! Don't stop, you beautiful cunt lapper! I'm coming... coming!"

Viola's entire body was shuddering with ecstasy as she damped her soft naked thighs against his face, letting her hot cunt climax all around his tongue.

"Jesus, that was good," she whispered to Tony a few minutes later when he got up to take a piss. "You sure had my cunt humming."

Returning from the bathroom, he found his mom still spread out deliciously on the bed.

"Oh, Tony," she whispered, rolling onto her back and lewdly spreading her soft creamy thighs. "Fuck me, darling. Give Mother that big hot cock."

Trembling with excitement, the youth knelt between her widely splayed thighs, staring at the steaming pussy he'd soon be fucking. Her hair-fringed cunt lips were lusciously parted, revealing the pink moistness of her inner flesh. Her slippery slit was shimmering with the hot juices that were dripping out of her cock hungry gash.

His cock probed for the opening, and then came a scalp-tingling thrill as he drove the full length of his stiff prick up into her hot slippery pussy.

"Oooooooooh!" Viola sobbed with passion as his hard boner streaked into her lusting pussy.

Clutching at the sheets, the woman screwed her hot cunt up around his rigid shaft. It was pure heaven to feel his bloated balls pressing against her soft bare ass.

"Oooooooh, you beautiful big stud," she whispered, wrapping her arms and legs around the muscular youth, pulling him tightly against her. "Now give Mother a nice hot fuck."

Her son began pumping his cock in and but of her hot, sucking cunt. Giving him as much as she was receiving, her belly was humping and her soft naked thighs were rubbing against his heaving flanks as her bare heels dug into the crack of his thrusting ass.

The insanely aroused young man was fucking into his mother with a wild lustiness, and she was receiving his thrusts with the same deep passions. She was wallowing in the incestuous depravity of being screwed by her own son. She reveled in the pure joy of feeling her son's hard boner jabbing vigorously into her juice-slickened fuckhole while her big tits jiggled against his smooth young chest.

At first the boy tried to fuck slow and deep, but his sperm-laden balls were too excited and he was soon slamming his cock in and out at a devastating tempo. Viola was more than ready to be fucked with unrestrained vigor, and she was responding passionately to every stroke of his rigid cock, drumming her heels into his ass, goading him on to a more frenzied pace. Viola was gasping, moaning, crooning and squealing as her son fucked his cock into her hot slippery cunt. Each wild thrust from his jack-hammering cock was penetrating deeper and deeper into her sizzling pussy.

"Oh, Tony, that feels so good," the woman whimpered, screwing her naked body up tighter against his to better enjoy the lusty cock shaft that was drilling into her totally aroused cunt. She could feel every delicious inch of his big prick rubbing against the sensitive flesh of her scalding pussy.

Resting for a moment as he lay perfectly still over his mother's soft naked body, Tony could feel her grasping cunt muscles milking and squeezing on his throbbing prick. With his stiff cock buried to the hilt in her smoldering cunt, he clung to her, savoring the closeness of her squirming naked body.

Viola had never felt so deliciously wicked in her life as she lay there with her big hot tits burning into the flesh of her son's bare chest. She could feel his throbbing cock pulsing against the stretched walls of her tingling cunt, filling her with an incestuous ecstasy that she'd never experienced before. It was pure heaven tote lying still while her son's prick throbbed deep in her quivering cunt. Lifting her knees, Viola snaked her shapely legs around his hips, and digging her bare heels into the crack of his ass, she screwed her horny hot cunt up more tightly around the base of his deeply embedded cock.

Raising himself slightly, Tony slowly withdrew his cock shaft until only his bloated cockhead remained inside her cunt.

"Aaaaaaagggghhh!" she squealed with delight when he drove his prick back into her pussy with one powerful thrust that ignited every nerve in her cunt. "God, how I love you!"

"And I love you, Mom," he whispered, slowly withdrawing his cock shaft and slamming it back in with even more force.

"Oh, honey!" she gasped as his virile young prick drove up through the hot wet flesh of her slit. "It's so good, baby... so fuckin' good!"

Looking down beneath his naked chest and belly, Tony could clearly see his big juice slickened cock sliding in and out of his mother's pussy. Her rosy cunt lips seemed to be nibbling and sucking on his glistening boner as it slithered in and out of her foamy cunt. The boy had done a lot of fucking in the last two or three years, but he'd never experienced anything as fantastically hot as his mother's fuckhole.

Pausing a moment with his boner still deeply buried in the woman's cunt, he began slowly rotating his pelvis in a circular motion, causing his prick to twist around in her hot cunt.

"Oh, my God," she moaned with rapture.

The cock-crazy woman, was almost out of her mind from the exquisite joy she was receiving from her son's twisting, screwing prick. His stiff cock was grinding around erotically against every tingling nerve in her cunt, vibrating against her quivering clit.

"Does this feel good, Mom?" he whispered, wanting to please his mother as much as possible. "Do you like the way I'm screwin' my hard cock around in your pussy?"

"Fuck, yes!" she squealed, frantically rubbing her big hard nipples against his chest. "I think I'm gonna come!"

Wanting his mother to experience a bell ringing orgasm, he screwed and ground his throbbing shaft around deeper and harder in the convulsing hotness of her inflamed cunt.

"Oh, sweet fuckin' Jesus, honey!" she suddenly cried out. "I'm coming, baby! Oh, shit, how I'm coming!"

As Viola screamed and writhed through her profound orgasm, her son raised himself slightly and began pumping his stiff boner in and out of her exploding cunt a bit more rapidly, the top ridge of his cock shaft rubbing against her tingling cunt.

"Oh, Tony," she gasped. "Haven't you come yet?"

"Not yet, Mom."

"Then give it to me good, honey," panted the woman. "Make me come again."

"Is this better?" he asked, raising his hips still higher to put more pressure on her sensitive clit.

"Shit, yes!" she squealed. "You're the neatest fucker in the whole world..."

Anxious to shoot a big, hot load into his mother's cunt, he began streaking his cock in and out at a much faster tempo.

"That's what I want!" the woman cried. "I want my cunt filled with your sweet hot cum!"

With her son's hard prick rubbing against her quivering clit, Viola screamed. A steady stream of cunt juice was seeping out of her hot slit as her slippery pussy lips grasped and sucked on his plunging cock. Speeding toward his own climax, Tony was elevating his hips even higher, his steel-hard rod lifting her ass off the bed with every violent thrust.

"Oh, sweet shit!" she squealed. "I'm gonna come again, honey! Keep fuckin', baby! Keep fuckin'!"

Excited by his mother's squeals of joy, the youth began driving harder and deeper with every stroke.

"Okay, Mom!" he panted between lunges. "Are you ready?"

"Shit, yes!" she squealed, thrusting her slippery cunt up to meet every plunge of his powerful cock. "Shoot me full of it!"

Pounding madly into his mother's fuckhole, he was desperately trying to hold back, waiting for her to start climaxing.

"Fuck, honey, fuck!" she screamed.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

Realizing his mother was on the very brink of her second orgasm, he began driving his lusty cock into her with more savage thrusts.

"I'm coming again!" she suddenly shrieked, locking her legs around his waist. "Squirt me full, honey! I'm coming... coming!"

As her orgasm overwhelmed the woman, she could feel her son's hot cum gushing wildly out of his spurting cockhead as wave after wave of his thick slippery cock-cream splattered against her quivering cunt walls. The hot jizz filled her pussy to overflowing and seeped back out around the shaft of his deeply embedded boner, flowing out between her swollen cuntlips and down over her slippery wet ass. Holding the handsome youth in her arms, she tenderly rocked him while his prick gradually softened in her soggy cunt.

"Oh, God, Son," she whispered, covering his lips with her hot open mouth. "That was wonderful."


When Candy returned from the movie later that evening, she saw Russ Reed sitting on his porch, and she walked over and joined him. They'd been chatting about ten minutes when Candy glanced over toward her own house and saw her naked mother and brother spread out on the bed. The couple had been in such a hurry to start fucking that they hadn't bothered to pull the shade down.

"Look at that," she giggled to Russ. "It looks like my brother's gettin' a piece of Mom's ass."

"It sure does," grinned the man.

"Shall we go aver and surprise them?" whispered Candy.

"Why not?" laughed Russ.

Moments later when they walked unannounced into her mother's bedroom, Viola was spread out with a big glob of cum oozing from between her cunt lips while Tony was slumped next to her.

"Wow," grinned Candy. "It sure looks like you guys are having fun."

"We are," smiled her mother. "Tony just popped his nuts in me and we're waiting for his prick to get hard again."

"Do you mind if I help him along?" asked Candy, seeing the delicious amount of half-dry sperm that was still clinging to his limp cock.

"Help yourself," grinned Viola, getting up from the bed. "I think I'll mess round with Russ for a while."

As Viola led the man across the room to a couch, little Candy moved onto the bed with Tony.

"Hi, honey," she whispered, taking his limp prick in her hand. "Let's have a little party."

A delicious thrill rippled through the youngster's loins when she felt his lusty prick starting to throb and swell in her grasp.

Resting her head against her brother's bare chest as he took her in his arms, Candy began gently stroking his rapidly expanding cock.

"Oh, look," she teasingly giggled. "You're getting a naughty hard-on."

She soon felt her brother's entire body trembling with excitement when his throbbing boner reached a full erection. The feel of the velvety-soft cock skin stretched so tautly over his pulsing prick made her shiver with desire. Feeling that familiar burning and itching between her legs, she began stroking his throbbing shaft a bit more rapidly.

Now pumping frantically on his cock, Candy was blissfully conscious of his hand moving up under her skirt. Shivering with excitement, she felt him cup her smooth panty clad ass in his hand and pull her willing body up more tightly against his. Still clutching and stroking his exciting cock, the youngster offered him her moistly parted lips and sensuously wormed her sweet young tongue into his mouth. With their hotly exploring tongues entwined in a passionately deep kiss, Candy continued caressing his swollen prick.

When Tony momentarily released her from his ardent embrace, Candy saw that her mother had dropped to her knees in front of Russ and was noisily sucking on his stiff cock.

The thrilling sight of the man's thick boner buried in her mother's hotly slurping mouth was almost more than Candy could stand.

Tearing herself free from Tony's arms, the youngster quickly lowered her mouth down over his blood-engorged cockhead. God, how she loved the slightly randy taste of a man's prick. She thrilled to the smooth rubbery feel of his bloated cock-knob as her hot tongue swirled all over it. Ovaling her lips more tightly around his cockhead, she lovingly licked up and down over the sensitive underside of his lurching cock shaft.

"Oh, Candy," panted Tony. "Please take your clothes off."

Anxious to be naked for him, the horny youngster quickly stood up and disrobed. When she turned back toward the bed, her handsome older brother stared hungrily at the cherry-hard nipples standing out from her swollen, goose-bumpy areolas. As he reached up and pressed on her hard titty-buds, they sprang back like taut springs. Pulling his cute sister down into his arms, he began gently squeezing and fondling her luscious young ills. Candy was soon squirming in ecstasy as hot cunt juices dripped out of her itching slit.

"Oh fuck, that feels good," she whimpered, feeling his hot mouth and tongue working over her firm big tits and nipples.

Lowering his head, Tony began bathing her soft flat tummy with his tongue. Then he parted her creamy thighs and moved his face up into her smoldering crotch.

"Ooooooooh, shit!" she gasped, lurching violently when she felt his hot tongue come in contact with her sensitive cunt lips. Feeling his tongue swirling into her juicy cunt, she involuntarily raised her hips, pushing her slippery pussy up tighter against, his slavering mouth.

Frantically clutching at the sheets, she bit her lip to keep from screaming out in ecstasy. Jesus, how she loved having her horny cunt licked and floating on a delicious wave of sensations, she was vaguely aware of the sounds of Russ' moans and her mom's slurping mouth as the woman was passionately sucking him off on the sofa. The erotic sounds from across the room seemed to add more fire to her own wild lust. The rapture in Candy's writhing, loins was suddenly intensified when Tony's probing tongue made contact with her quivering little clitty.

"Oh, fuck, it's good!" she shrieked, no longer even trying to conceal her wild passions. "That's it, Tony! Suck me good! Suck me good!"

With her head thrown back, mouth gaping open and her eyes staring blankly at the wildly spinning ceiling, Candy was feverishly squishing her frothy cunt up tighter against his mouth. Her naked thighs held his face if, vise-like grip as he swirled his tongue against her hard little clitty.

Over an the couch where Russ had just shot his load into their mother's mouth, a little rivulet of jizz was dribbling from the corner of Viola's lips. They watched Tony going down on his little sister.

"My God," Viola giggled. "He's really eating her out."

"He sure is," laughed Russ.

"Shit," she panted. "I wish it was my cunt he was licking."

Excitedly watching the young couple, they could see that Candy was almost out of her mind with ecstasy. The cute little youngster was screaming and lurching like a maniac, curling her fingers into Tony's thick head of hair, forcing his mouth down tighter against her hot cunt.

"Suck, honey, suck!" she screamed. "I'm coming! Don't stop, honey! Don't ever stop, I'm coming... commmmmmiiiinnnggg!"

Russ and Viola excitedly watched Candy writhe and lurch through her intense orgasm, and it wan full five minutes after it was over before the exhausted youngster was able to sit up.

"Jesus, honey," she whispered to her brother. "You sure know how to eat pussy."

"Tony," his mother called out to him. "Do you wanta go down on me now?"

"Sure," he grinned. "I'll eat all the pussy I can get."

"Not yet," giggled Candy, throwing her arms around him, "I owe him a blow-job first."

"Let's make it a three-way affair," giggled their mother.

"How do we do that?" Candy asked.

"Well," answered the horny woman, "if I sat on the edge of the couch with my legs spread out, Tony could get on his hands and knees and eat me out. Then you could lay on your back between his legs and his cock would be right above your mouth."

After experimenting a bit, they were able to position themselves as their mother had suggested.

"Hey, Mr. Reed," Candy called out to the man who was slowly recovering from his recent blow-job.

"Would you put a pillow under my head?"

"Sure," he grinned, bringing one over and propping her head up on it.

A tingle rippled through the youngster's loins when she looked up and saw Tony's hard prick and dangling balls just above her face.

Gently grasping the base of his thick shaft, she eased his bloated cock-knob into her mouth.

Thrilled by the musky taste as she gently sucked on his throbbing cock, she began caressing his lusty balls.

The weight of them, the thick curly hair and the soft crinkly skin of his bloated nut-sac, all seemed so exciting to her touch.

She sucked deeply air his puking cock-knob for several heavenly moments before size released it from her mouth and began licking her wet tongue up and down over the sensitive underside of his throbbing boner. She could feel his muscular body shuddering with delight as her lips and tongue wised his swollen prick. Alternating between sucking at his cockhead and licking his shaft, she continued caressing and playing with his nuts. She felt him lurch slightly when the tip of her finger brushed across the sensitive ring of his puckered rectum. The mound of his mouth noisily sucking and slurping on their mother's oozing cunt had an erotic effect on Candy, cawing her to suck deeper and harder on his prick.

Almost out of his mind from his sister's teasing tongue and lips, Tony began involuntarily pumping his cock in and out of the youngster's sucking mouth, God, how she loved the feel of his big bloated hard-on sliding back and forth between her lips. He was literally mouth-fucking the horny little girl and she was loving every depraved moment of it.

Suddenly feeling a delicious warmth burning in her cunt, Candy glanced down between Tony's legs and saw Russ Reed down on his knees, sucking on her pussy. Candy was in complete ecstasy with the sounds of her brother's tongue and mouth sucking and slurping on their mother's juice-soaked slit, the feel and taste of Tony's boner slithering in and out of her mouth, and now Mr. Reed's tongue thrusting in and out of her horny little fuckhole.

Suddenly feeling Tony's body jerking excitedly, Candy realized he was almost ready to shoot his hot load. Opening her mouth wider, trying to get even more of his thick meat into her throat, she began teasing his rectum with her fingertip. Sucking deeper and harder on his thick prick, Candy could hardly wait to taste the hot jizz he was about to release. With her lips sucking and pulling deeply on his throbbing shaft, she was feverishly writhing her hotly dozing pussy all around Mr. Reed's plunging tongue.

Suddenly she felt Tony's prick jerk as he lurched violently, shooting a thick stream of hot cum into her mouth. Gush after gush of the deliciously slippery jizz shot into her throat, but no matter how fast she swallowed, some of the tasty discharge was leaking back out from between her cock-sucking lips.

While Candy was sucking wildly on her brother's squirting shaft, Russ Reed brought her to a bell-ringing orgasm with his tongue on her clit. Throwing her head back in ecstasy, Candy accidentally released Tony's spurting cock from her mouth and it continued shooting hot sperm all over her face and hair.

Only dimly aware of reality as she writhed through her wild climax, Candy heard her mother squealing with joy as she exploded into her own orgasm.

"Jesus Christ, that was fun," panted Tony a few minutes later as they slowly recovered together on the couch.

"You're not shittin'," giggled Candy. "That was the wildest thing I've ever done."

"Now when do we get down to some serious fucking?" asked Viola, reaching over and gently squeezing Russ' hard prick.

"As soon as you are ready," he grinned. "I'm the only one that didn't come."

"I'll sure take care of that," giggled Viola, taking his hand and leading him toward the bed. "I think it's time you fucked me again."

Trembling with anticipation, the oversexed woman threw herself onto the bed.

"I'm ready," she whispered up to the man, holding her arms out to him as she lewdly spread her shapely legs.

The moment he was on the bed with her, she quickly snuggled up against him. Lying with her head cradled in Russ' arms, she traced her fingers lightly over his smooth broad chest while she pressed her deliciously warm, moist cunt against his groin.

"God, I'm horny," she whispered, lightly nibbling on his ear. "I'd like to stay in this bed and fuck forever."

"We'd starve to death," laughed the man.

"I wouldn't," she giggled. "I'd suck all of my nourishment right out of your tasty cock."

Snuggling up closer against her handsome neighbor, Viola slowly teased her hand down across his flat hard stomach until her fingers made light contact with the crisp curly pubic hairs just above the base of his prick. Shivering with expectation, she moved her fingers in, around and through the thick mat of hair, thrilled by the exciting texture of his tangled bush. As she reached farther down, a searching warmth surged through her loins as her fingers touched the throbbing flesh of his cock. Closing them around his throbbing erection, she gave it a loving squeeze. Starting to stroke his beautiful boner, Viola could feel the hot juices oozing out from between her legs as she slid the soft foreskin up and down over his swollen cockhead.

"Jesus, that thing feels good," she whispered.

"Feels fuckin' good to me, too," he laughed, feeling that delicious throbbing in his swollen shaft. Anxious to taste his prick again, Viola crawled down and rested her face against his stomach.

Grasping the thick base of his boner, she slowly guided his swollen cock-knob toward her mouth. Suddenly flicking her tongue out, she dipped it into the tiny wet slit on the end of his cock. She felt her neighbor tremble with excitement from the teasing contact of her naughty little tongue. Now opening her mouth wider, the horny blonde lowered her lips down over his prick and enclosed all of his sensitive meat in her moist warm mouth.

"Oh, you sweet cock-suckin' bitch!" he panted, staring down at the soft juicy lips working over his throbbing prick.

Sucking hungrily on his tasty boner, she thought how good it would feel in her cunt. Unable to control her passions any longer, Viola quickly released his prick from her mouth and facing the man, she straddled his loins on her knees. With her cunt poised just above his bloated knob, she braced her hands on his chest and began lowering her pussy down toward the throbbing erection.

"Oh, fuck!" Russ softly moaned, feeling his hard knob brushing against her slippery hot pussy lips.

Her voluptuous body was quivering with excitement as she felt his smooth cockhead pressing out against the tight walls of her stretched cunt as it eased through her slippery opening. Trembling from the intense pleasure, she could feel every vein and ridge on his shaft rubbing against the sensitive tissues of her hotly grasping cuntal walls. When his rigid prick was fully buried in her hot belly, Viola sat still, enjoying the feel of his deeply embedded cock filling pussy.

"Jesus Christ, this feels good," she whispered, bracing her hands on the man's broad chest.

Russ was soon violently thrusting his hips up to meet every downward plunge of her hot juicy cunt.

"Oh, yes!" she squealed, suddenly throwing herself down over his body with his cock still deeply buried in her horny cunt.

"Mnnmmmnmm," moaned Russ when she covered his lips with her hot open mouth.

"Your cock feels so good," she excitedly whispered, thrusting her tongue between his lips.

She was soon bouncing frantically up and down over his boner as the ecstasy in her loins increased.

Wanting to feel his hard meat pounding even deeper into her pussy, Viola suddenly rolled the man over on top of her.

"Oh God, I love your fuckin prick!"

She squealed as he started drilling his hard dick in and out.

"Oh, shit! Piss! Fuck, I love it!"

With her legs wantonly spread and her ankles locked around his back, she was feverishly throwing her loins up to give him deeper penetration into her obscenely splayed cunt. The man's lust-stiffened prick was now speeding into the woman's hot fuckhole without mercy, pounding in her slippery cunt like a pile-driver.

"Oh, sweet fuckin' Jesus!" screamed the near-hysterical blonde. "Give it to me good, honey! Split me open."

In response to her lewd urging, Russ began increasing the force and tempo of his wild fucking, further encouraged by the feet of the blonde bitch's sizzling Clint sucking hotly around his pistoning cock.

"That's it, you sweet fucker!" she sobbed, grinding her cunt up tighter around the base of his plunging prick. "Goddamn, can you fuck, baby! Shit, what a beautiful cock!"

The slut's face was contorted with a mask of fiery passion, her entire body writhing with lust. She was aware of nothing in the world except the big thick slab of cock flesh that was plunging madly in and out of her hotly sucking pussy. She could feel every ridge and sinew of his wonderful prick rubbing against the tingling nerves of her burning cunt walls. Feeling the hardness of his thick boner plowing into her simmering loins, the cock-crazed woman wanted the fucking to last forever. She never wanted to eat again, walk again, talk again, sleep again or see anyone else again. All she wanted was to feel his hard prick plunging into her pussy all through eternity.

"Oh, shit, Russ!" she screamed with wanton delight. "I love this cock of yours! Keep fuckin' me hard, baby! Oh, harder! Harder! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

The lusty blonde was on the very brink of her rapidly approaching orgasm. Pulling her knees farther back, she dug her bare feet into the crack of his ass to urge him on.

"Oh, sweet Jesus!" she squealed, scratching his broad naked back with her nails. "I'm gonna come! Oh, shit, I'm almost there!"

Inspired by her frantic cries, the man increased the tempo, driving his cock deeper and harder between her flailing legs.

Feeling his own climax rushing up on him like a runaway freight train, he drove as hard as he could into the depths of her ready to explode cunt.

"Oh, Russ!" she screamed, pounding his broad back with her clenched fists. "Make me come! Make me come!"

Giving a final deep thrust, he blasted a torrent of white-hot jizz into the woman's convulsing pussy.

"That's it, baby!" she shrieked, feeling his scalding cum filling her spasming fuckhole. "I'm coming! I'm commmmiiinnnggg!"

Later as the well-fucked woman was recovering from her climax, she glanced across the room at her son and daughter. Seeing how the boy was tenderly holding his little naked sister, Viola decided she must have the two sweetest kids in the whole world.


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