Mom wants golden showers

Today's middle-class Americans maintain a stable outlook which often masks the turmoil existing behind drawn blinds.

There is alcoholism, promiscuous sex for the adult and teenager alike, and, for some, the breakup of marital relationships as a result of wife-swapping. The children observe their parents' so-called "mature" lifestyles. The mark is made, the effects last a lifetime.

This is a story of a young mother and an episode of debauchery where personal relationships mean nothing and the satisfaction of the senses means everything. What happens to these characters is a startling revelation of how events can alter personalities, how fate plays with all.

Business as usual is the daily norm, but is it? Not for these people -- outwardly, yes, in reality, no.

MOM WANTS GOLDEN SHOWERS -- a novel with a lesson for those unaware of what is really happening behind many of America's closed doors.


Janet was confused.

After years of living alone, she now had the twins with her. She wasn't accustomed to the noise they made, the sudden burst of giggles from Shari, or the teasing laughter of her brother, Barry. She wasn't used to the racing and wrestling in the house. She wasn't used to reminding them to take their baths at night, or checking their clothing, or doing so much laundry, or preparing so much food.

Most of all, Janet wasn't accustomed to the lack of modesty her twins showed. She had been shocked to find they thought nothing of using the bathroom, either bathing or taking a piss, with the door left wide open. She was shocked at the words they sometimes used, words like shit, cocksucker, motherfucker.

Janet couldn't deal with it.

She couldn't even talk to her twins about their behavior.

She was too embarrassed.

All her life, Janet had been passive, obliging those stronger than herself. She wasn't meek, but she was simply a woman that took joy in pleasing others. She was quiet, often times exhibiting a shyness that was somewhat deceptive. Her shyness was an attractive aspect of her personality, but beneath it was a smoldering passion.

Yet, Janet's passion was a problem, too.

She could not be the aggressor. She required leading, being told, and perhaps even forced. In that way, Janet could justify her raging, lusty hungers. Janet knew she was lying to herself, but no one else did. She wanted to be aggressive, to reach out and take what passion, what erotic pleasures others seemed to accept so easily, but she just couldn't do it. She was ashamed of the bubbling hungers in her body, of her burning, demanding cunt.

Her passive nature had lost the twins for her when her husband divorced her. She simply could not fight for them, not in public. She gave in too easily, and her ex-husband had used that to gain the twins. Now, he was dead, and she had them.

But she didn't know what to do with them. They had been with her only a week, and Janet had walked past the bathroom when her son was climbing into the shower, and she had seen his body. She had seen his ass and his cock and balls.

As Barry slid the shower doors closed, he had glanced at her unconcerned.

Now Janet was trying to concentrate on knitting, but the blare of the television was making her head ache. Shari and Barry were sitting on the floor, absorbed in the stupid game show, with grown men and women jumping up and down and screaming like a crowd of idiots. She never could understand how anyone could become so excited over winning a little money.

Putting her knitting aside, Janet massaged her temples, wishing she could simply turn the television off. Shari and Barry were dressed for bed.

Barry wore pajamas, and Shari had on a baby doll gown that Janet considered a bit too revealing. She could see the way Shari was leaning over, her elbows on her knees, her chin in her hand. And she could see how the top of her skimpy garment fell away from her chest. She could see a pink nipple there, and so could Barry.

Janet could not resist a peek at the front of her son's pajamas. But even as she glanced there, a flush crept over her face. She was sure that his cock was outlined, but then again, it could be her imagination. She was having trouble with her imagination lately. She thought she had seen her son's cock very hard inside his pants earlier that evening. She thought she had seen Shari brush the back of her hand over his crotch, thought she had heard a lewd giggle her daughter made at the brief touch.

Crossing her legs, Janet folded her arms beneath her tits and tried to see what was so interesting about grown men and women in strange costumes jumping about and screeching at something the show's host had said.

A movement drew her gaze back to the twins.

She turned toward them. She saw Shari's small hand on her brother's knee, and it was moving, caressing slowly. She noticed her son responding to the touch by his sister, his cock was clearly outlined inside his thin pajama.

Janet's breath caught in her throat, and she couldn't speak. She could only sit there and watch the display of erotic touching between her twins. She stared at Shari's hand sliding along her twin brother's thigh. Janet stared as if mesmerized, unable to move. She saw Barry lean close to his sister and whisper to her. Whatever it was Barry said, Shari giggled and quickly darted her hand to his cock.

Janet swallowed her gasp of surprise.

Shari closed her fingers about her brother's cock, feeling through his pajamas, playing with his prick, stroking it. Janet could hardly believe what she was seeing. She felt as if she should say something, let them know she could see what they were doing, tell them to stop.

Shari was moving her little hand on Barry's cock, actually jacking him, Janet saw. Janet's eyes became wide, but they became glassy, too. She didn't want it, but she was reacting to what she was watching. Her tits swelled up tightly, her nipples throbbing with stiffness, and her cunt started to pulsate in the crotch of her panties.

Janet was hardly aware that she was rocking her crossed foot, the rhythmic ripples of her inner thighs caressing her cunt. She was only aware of what she was seeing, what she was feeling.

As if they were alone, Shari slipped her hand into the waist of her brother's pajamas, and it was obvious to Janet that Shari was holding his cock, perhaps squeezing it, stroking it. Both Shari and Barry kept their eyes on the television though, as if they weren't doing anything except watching the program.

Janet wondered how her daughter could do something like that, with her sitting on the couch, in the room with them. How could such a sweet, lovely little girl be so blatant? How long had they been doing that? Did her ex-husband know? Did her ex-husband teach them, do it with them? Did he allow such a wicked thing?

Janet gazed with fixed eyes at her son's crotch, watching Shari's hand move. Barry was breathing faster, and Shari pumped faster. Now and then, Shari would look down at her brother's lap, too, her eyes shining brightly. The shoulder of her baby doll gown had fallen to her upper arm, and her small, sugary tit was exposed.

Janet's foot rocked faster, her cunt very juicy now, making the crotch of her nylon panties very wet. Her cunt had not been so wet in a very long time. She had not felt the sensations of that delicious, pulsating heat in along time. Her clit was inflamed, itching, throbbing.

Moisture was forming on Barry's pajamas where the head of his cock pressed. Janet could see it become a larger circle, see Shari's little fist pump up and down, jerking on Barry's cock.

Janet's tits rose and fell as she fought to keep her breathing even and quiet. Her eyes stared with moist heat, her lips parted.

Before Barry came, Shari slipped her hand from his pajamas, her bright eyes glancing into her brother's. They had passed a silent message to each other, and they stood. Neither looked at Janet as they started from the room. Janet saw her son's cock shoved hard against the front of his pajamas, and she noticed they were holding hands as they walked. The hem of Shari's baby doll didn't quite cover the ruffled, little-girl panties on her small ass.

Sensing the twins were leaving the room out of excitement, Janet sat on the couch, her body shaking, all kinds of ideas running through her mind. She waited as her cunt throbbed, and decided she had to see what they were up to. But Janet knew that no matter what it was, she would be unable to say anything to them.

Her legs trembled as she stood up. She felt nervous, apprehensive, unsure of herself. She walked quietly down the hall, and just as she suspected, Shari and Barry were in his room, and they had not bothered to close the door. They were so confident, and Janet couldn't understand why.

She looked in.

Her daughter had removed her baby doll gown and her ruffled panties hung on one ankle. Shari was lying back on Barry's bed, her slim legs opened wide. Janet saw her daughter's tits. They were small, with little, pink nipples jutting up with hardness. She saw Shari's naked body, her flat stomach, and the sugary slit of her pink, little cunt. She could even see Shari's tiny clit strain up from her cunt-slit.

Barry was on his knees between Shari's open legs. He had removed his pajama bottoms, but not his top. Janet saw his cock stick out in full hardness, his cock-head smooth and swollen, his prick-shaft throbbing. She saw his hairless balls, tight and hot looking. Barry had his hand near his sister's cunt and he began to stroke his cock with his other hand. Shari was gazing at his prick hotly, gasping softly, eager, willing.

"I get to put it in next week," Barry said to his sister.

"I can't wait, Barry," Shari mewled softly, twisting her naked, little ass on the bed. "I sure do wanna feel it in me!"

Janet couldn't breathe. They were talking about fucking, but why wait until next week? What significance was that? Janet didn't know.

"I do, too," Barry replied, stroking his cock as he caressed his sister's pussy. "You sure look hot and tight, Shari."

"You know my pussy is tight," Shari giggled softly. "You've had your finger in it a lot of times!"

"Do you think my cock will fit okay?"

"You know what Daddy said!" Shari replied. "He said your cock would fit just right."

Janet's mind was spinning. Her ex-husband did know!

Barry leaned forward, pushing the head of his cock against his sister's cunt. He smashed his pisshole upon her small clit. Shari gave a soft squeal, shoving her cunt to him.

Holding his cock against his sister's cunt! Barry pumped his fist back and forth. Shari held her small ass up from the bed, her chin tucked down, her young eyes glittering with a passion that surprised Janet.

Janet was so fascinated by what she was watching, she stood in the open door, and the twins could have seen her if they had looked that way.

"I like to feel your cock push on my cunt," Shari moaned. "I like the way it smashes me!"

"I bet you'll cum again, Shari," Barry moaned, jacking on his cock faster. "I bet you'll cum when I do!"

"Ooooh. I wanna cum," Shari gurgled. "I love to cum, Barry! I bet when you fuck me! I'll cum and cum for a long time!"

"You like it when I cum on your cunt, Shari?"

"Oh, yes, Barry!"

"I'm gonna cum all over your cunt, Shari!"

"Hurry! I wanna feel your jizz on my pussy!"

Janet leaned against the door, hardly believing what she was watching and hearing.

Shari loved it. Her little ass was twisting, pushing up, wanting the pressure of her brother's cock on her hot, little cunt.

"Are you ready! Shari?" Barry grunted.

"I'm ready, Barry!"

"Okay, here it comes!"

Janet saw his cock gush, saw his prick spray hot cum-juice over his sister's cunt. She watched it with smoldering eyes, and she watched Shari writhe her naked, little ass wildly, gurgling. Barry jerked at his spewing cock, drenching his twin sister's cunt completely.

"Ooooh, now I'm cumming!" Shari gasped. "Oh, it's so good, Barry! My pussy is cumming."

"I see it," Barry groaned, watching his sister's cunt-lips pulsate, glistening now with his sister's cum-juice.

Since his cock was not spurting, he pulled it away, and sat on his heels staring at his sister's cunt as Shari twisted her ass about in rapture.

Janet slipped out of sight, leaning against the wall near the open door, her eyes closed. She was trembling badly, and her cunt was burning with a fierce heat that was strange, a heat she had not felt before. The crotch of her panties was soaked, and she could even feel her pussy juices slide slowly along her inner thighs. Her tits felt as if they were going to burst from her chest, and her nipples ached with stiffness. She wanted to move, to flee to her room, but her legs were wobbly. She was afraid if she moved now, she would fall. She listened to the heavy breathing of the twins then their soft words came to her.

"Next Monday, Barry said. "I get to fuck you next Monday, Shari! Are you looking forward to it as much as I am?"

"You know I am, Barry," Shari replied. "You know I've been wanting you to fuck me for a long time. I bet if Daddy wasn't dead, he'd say we could fuck now. Whats a few more days, anyway?"

"We promised," he said. "We promised Dad we wouldn't fuck until our birthday."

"It sure is hard to wait that long," Shari complained. "I like it when you use your finger in me, or my own fingers, but I wanna feel your hard cock in me awful bad!"

"Well, Monday is our birthday, and we're gonna fuck all night!" Barry promised. "And we'll fuck every day, too!"

Janet had not remembered the twin's birthday. So that was why they had to wait. Her ex-husband had known all the time, and they had promised him to wait until their birthday. But what else had they been doing? What had they been doing with their father? What had their father taught them, told them?

"Do you believe what he said about Mom?" Barry asked.

Janet held her breath, listening closely. "Sure, why would he tell us a lie like that?" Shari replied.

"I don't know," Barry answered. "But I think he was right. Mom hasn't said anything to us yet, and I'm always taking a piss with the door open."


Janet was apprehensive. Her ex-husband had told them the truth. She couldn't say no. Just about anyone could manipulate her. She didn't want to be hurt, especially sexually. She didn't even want to be degraded or humiliated. It just happened that way. If someone understood that part of her personality, they could use her for any purpose they wanted.

She was passive, she allowed it. She experienced pleasure when she was degraded, humiliated. She didn't want to feel pleasure, but that was the way it was, and she couldn't do anything about it. Her husband knew that, and now the twins knew it.

Monday, Barry would fuck his sister, and Janet couldn't prevent it from happening. She couldn't talk to them, let them know she had watched the night before, listened to what they said. They would fuck each other, and Janet knew she would be trying to watch, unable to stop herself or the fucking.

Monday. Five more days.

She tried to read, but her attention wouldn't focus. There was too much distraction.

Shari and Barry were wrestling on the floor, and even when Barry kicked a figurine from a small, fragile table, shattering it, Janet couldn't say anything. Barry had sent her a glance, but she flushed and pretended to be too absorbed in her book to even notice the breaking sound it made.

Barry wore cut-off jeans and nothing else. Shari had on a pair of her extremely tight shorts and a boy's shirt. Janet watched as Barry let his sister pin him to the floor and climb on top of him. But instead of sitting on his stomach, Shari spread her body on top of her brother, and Janet noticed her tight, little ass moving, grinding. Barry had his arms about his sister's waist, and he was pushing his cock up at her gently moving crotch.

My God, Janet thought. They're almost fucking right in front of me! Shari is rubbing her cunt on his cock, and if they didn't have clothes on, Barry's cock would be poking at his sister's cunt.

She noticed her son looking at her as his sister wiggled on top of him, and although she was blushing deeply, she couldn't say anything. Barry grinned at her, and she quickly lowered her eyes to the book. But the words blurred, and she kept lifting her eyes to watch Shari's wiggling ass. Shari spread her slender legs along the outside of her brother. Janet could see the tightness of those shorts, Shari's crotch, the creamy, inner smoothness of her long, young thighs.

Janet saw Barry slide his hands down to his sister's ass and cup Shari's little ass-cheeks, bringing a moan from Shari. Barry was watching his mother as he pushed upward on his sister's hips, and Janet gasped softly when she saw the head of his cock push from the frayed leg of his cut-offs. It was only a quick peek, then Shari smashed her pussy back onto his cock, hard.

But Barry had seen his mother's reaction. He had seen the sudden flare of heat in his mother's eyes, heard the soft gasp she made. He cupped his sister's tightly clad ass and clung to Shari's ass-cheeks openly as he watched his mother. He pushed his cock up to his sister's hot, little cunt, making Shari squeal softly with sensation.

Shari's young body trembled, and the cheeks of her little ass clenched. She pressed hard onto her brother's throbbing cock, and whispered into Barry's ear, "You made me cum."

Janet barely heard the words.

After a moment, her body shivering, Shari climbed from her brother. She sat on the other side of him, facing their mother. Shari saw the head of his cock sticking from his cut-offs. With a soft giggle, she pulled her brother's cock from the leg of his shorts. Barry lay still, gazing at their mother.

Janet's gaze burned on his cock, unable to avoid seeing it. She stared as if hypnotized, her book now resting in her lap.

Shari looked up at their mother, and with a hot expression in her young eyes, closed her fist about her brother's cock and began to wantonly jack it. Both Barry and Shari stared at her, and Shari's tight fist moved up and down his cock. Janet was blushing; she could feel the heat on her face, but there was nothing she could do about it.

"Wanna play with his cock, Mother?" Shari giggled, the sound lewd. "Wanna play with Barry's cock?"

Janet couldn't breathe. All she could do was sit there and stare at her daughter's hand moving on her son's cock.

"It's very hard, Mother," Shari said, almost whispering. "Barry can get a real big hard-on, and its fun to play with. He can squirt, too, Mother. I can make Barry cum so hard, it goes way up in the air. Wanna see me make him cum, Mother?"

"No," Janet whispered. "Shari, don't do that!"

There was no strength in her words. Her eyes told of her inner turmoil.

"I wanna jack him off, Mother!" Shari giggled. "I like to hold his cock. He sure can squirt it high! Wanna see how high I make him cum, Mother?"

"No!" Janet said, trying to put force behind her words, and failing, as usual.

"I bet Mom wants to feel it," Barry said. "Maybe you're right, Shari. Maybe we have to make her do it."

Janet began to tremble.

"Please," she whispered. "Don't... leave me alone, please!"

But she was staring at her son's cock, seeing Shari's small hand pump up and down, making his smooth cock-head swell and bulge, his pisshole opening wetly. She knew if they made her touch his cock, she couldn't resist. She wasn't strong enough to resist. Her cunt burned wetly, her cunt-lips puffy inside her panties, her clit throbbing with knotted hardness.

Janet stared upon her son's cock, her daughter's fist pumping it. She sat there and trembled, knowing they had her, controlled her, and possessed her passions now. And, Janet knew, if they pushed the right buttons, said the right things, touched her the right way, she would be their toy, something for them to play with, to use, to enjoy in any manner they desired. And she was helpless to stop it.

Shari pulled her hand from her brother's cock.

Barry stood, his prick sticking from his shorts, quivering up and down. Janet saw his piss-hole drip.

Barry moved toward her.

"No," Janet moaned. "Please, don't... go away! Barry I'm your mother! Don't! Leave me alone, please! Oh, please, don't!"

But Janet didn't move, she stared at her son's cock as he approached her, her eyes filmed with desire.

Barry stood close to her now, and Shari had joined him. Shari lifted the book from Janet's lap, and Janet sat passively, waiting, knowing what was about to happen and that she was powerless to stop it.

"Let's look under her dress," Shari said. "Let's take a look at her cunt, Barry."

"Shari, don't, please!" Janet sobbed. Barry lifted his mother's dress high. Both Barry and Shari peeked, seeing her long legs, her panties. Janet pressed her thighs together, a feeble effort to conceal her cunt.

"Let's see her tits," Barry said.

"Yes, I wanna see how big her tits are!" Shari giggled, and her hands pulled their mother's sweater up to her chin.

Janet sat stiff, trembling. Her bra was filled tightly, but that didn't prevent Shari from shoving the cups upward, exposing her tits. Tears came into Janet's eyes, and she tried to keep them closed, to keep from staring at her son's cock. But she couldn't close them, couldn't stop looking at his hard-on. She heard her daughter and son gasp as they gazed at her revealed tits. She had full tits, round and firm, with stiff nipples. Her tits stood out proudly on her chest, succulent and satiny.

"Daddy said Mother loved to have her tits sucked," Barry said, his voice sounding awed. "Wanna try it, Shari? Wanna suck her tits?"

"Please," Janet cried softly, lifting her hands and cupping her naked tits. But Barry pulled her hands away. They had released her skirt, but the hem was high on her long, slim thighs, almost at her lap. When her son pulled her unresisting hands from her tits, she looked up at him, pleading in her wet eyes.

"Dad was right!" Barry said, triumphantly. "We can do anything we want with Mom. She didn't try to stop me from moving her hands off her tits, Shari!"

"I told you, silly," Shari giggled.

"I'm gonna suck her tits."

"Barry, please don't!" Janet whimpered as her son sat at her side and placed his hand on her tit.

"I'm gonna suck it anyway, Mom," he replied. "I wanna suck your tits and taste your nipples."

"Do it, Barry!" Shari urged, sitting at the other side of her mother. "Go on, suck her tit!"

Janet rested her head on the back of the couch, closing her eyes. She sat with her hands at her hips, shaking. She felt her son's hot, wet mouth close over her tit. She moaned. She felt her daughter cup her other tit, squeezing it, playing with her nipple. Janet's hips moved, writhing in a subtle way on the couch. She couldn't stop her hips from moving. Her cunt was on fire and the harder she tried to stop writhing her hips the more she twisted them.

"She's getting hot!" Shari gurgled.

Janet felt her daughter suck her tit. The two young mouths pulled hard at her nipples, and the sensation shot down her body to her cunt. Janet whimpered as she felt a small explosion between her thighs, feeling her orgasm radiate along her crotch. She moaned.

The twins sucked her tits for what seemed a long time to Janet. When they lifted their mouths, she felt the cool air on her wet nipples. She was afraid to open her eyes, afraid to look at them. She made a feeble attempt to pull her wrist away when she felt her son take it, but her muscles refused to obey. She groaned as she felt her fingers wrap about her son's cock then she was lost completely.

Janet squeezed her son's cock hard.

"Ahhh!" Barry moaned in pleasure. "That's nice, Mom! Squeeze my cock! Jack my cock, Mom."

Janet's fist moved up and down her son's cock. She didn't try to stop, knowing it was hopeless.

"Jack him off, Mother!" Shari cried out with excitement. "Make Barry cum! He cums hard and an awful lot! You'll see, Mother!"

"No!" Janet sobbed. "I don't want to do this! Please, don't make me do this!"

But the twins paid no attention to her, and her fist paid no attention to her frantic orders from her spinning mind. She held her son's cock tightly, jacking up and down, feeling his cock throb in her hand. Her cunt was running with juices.

"Let's take her panties off," Shari said. "I wanna see Mother's cunt!"

"Don't touch me!" Janet said weakly.

Janet peeked from her slitted eyes as her son pulled her fist off his cock, her fingers trying to cling to him. Barry shoved her skirt to her waist, and Shari opened Janet's legs. Both kids looked down, seeing Janet's drenched panties.

"Come on, let's take her panties off!" Barry said.

Janet's body turned stiff, but as they began to tug at her skimpy panties, she went limp. Her panties were dragged to her knees, then off her feet. She couldn't close her knees when Barry grabbed one, Shari the other. They opened her legs, spreading them wide.

"Ooooh, look at her cunt!" Shari gasped. "She's very wet! Her pussy is wetter than mine gets, Barry!"

"I like that cunt-hair," Barry said.

"Lets play with her cunt!" his twin sister urged, scooting her small hand up Janet's thigh. "Wow! Her pussy is wet and hot!"

Janet felt her daughter place her palm over her cunt, and her hips lifted, pressing against Shari's palm.

"You touch her pussy, Barry."

Barry did. Janet groaned as she felt her son's finger slide into her cunt. Her hairy cunt-lips grasped his finger, trying to pull it deeper. She balled her hands into fists, trying to stop the movement of her hips, but they jerked up and down despite her efforts.

"She's fucking my finger!" Barry giggled.

"I see!" Shari replied. "Listen, Barry. Daddy was right. You can see he was right now. Why don't you fuck Mother?"

"You think I should?" Barry asked.

Janet found it difficult to believe they were talking like that about her, as if she weren't there. She was simply a body to them -- a body to touch and play with. She felt her pussy respond in a fiery hunger as her son probed it with his finger. If he fucked her, she knew there was nothing she could do to stop him. He would put his cock in her cunt and fuck her and she would go wild.

"Go on, stick your cock in her cunt!" Shari urged. "I wanna see you fuck Mother! Fuck her in her pussy, Barry!"

"We're supposed to wait until our birthday!" Barry replied. "We promised."

"That's me, silly," Shari said. "We promised Daddy we wouldn't fuck each other until our birthday. We didn't promise anything about not fucking Mother, did we?"

"Well, I guess not."

"Go on and fuck her!" Shari moaned hotly. "I wanna see your cock up her hairy cunt, Barry! I bet Mother will love it! Remember what Daddy said! She goes wild when she's fucked!"

Janet watched her son as he moved between her legs. She didn't resist as they pulled her ass to the edge of the couch, nor did she resist as her legs were opened wider. She was holding her breath, still trying to keep her passions under control, quickly losing her fragile grip on them. She saw her son pull the crotch of his cut-offs wide, and his cock and balls were completely exposed.

Shari took hold of his cock. She stroked his prick as Barry pushed his hips between Janet's spread thighs. As his cock came close, Shari turned it loose.

"Poke her!" Shari cried excitedly, leaning over her mother's hips to watch. "Fuck her cunt."

Barry touched the tip of his cock to his mother's swollen clit.

"Oh, God!" Janet yelped, and her hips shot upward.

The head of her son's cock slipped into her cunt, then Janet grabbed his hips and jerked him forward hard, driving his cock completely into her pussy.

"Oooohh, look at that!" Shari gurgled. "She wants you to fuck her! Barry!"

"Fuck me!" Janet screamed in passion. "Ohhh, fuck me in my cunt! Fuck my pussy! Ahhh, your cock is so hard and my cunt wants it so much! Fuck my cunt! Give my cunt that hard cock! Fuck my cunt and squirt it to me and make me cum!"

"Wow!" Barry groaned, feeling his mother's cunt grip his buried prick. "Dad was right!"

"Fuck her good, Barry!" Shari squealed, sliding her fingers through the silky hair of her mother's cunt. "Do what she wants! Fuck her and cum in her and make her cum!"

Janet plunged her cunt up and down, sliding her pussy on her son's throbbing cock, taking his prick as deep as she could, grinding her hips frantically, gasping and crying with ecstasy. She pounded her cunt up and down, making wet sounds as her hairy pussy-lips smashed at the base of her son's cock.

"Ahhh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" Janet sobbed, her ass humping and churning wantonly. "My cunt loves a hard cock! Mother's cunt needs that hard cock! Fuck Mother's hot cunt! Fuck Mother in her hot, wet cunt!"

She was so wild; her head twisted from side to side, her hair flying about her contorted face. She gripped her son's hips with tight fingers, pushing and jerking him, driving his cock in and out of her cunt swiftly. She shot her ass up, then down, then in tight circles of intense rapture.

Shari, her young eyes gleaming as she watched her brother's cock slide in and out of their mothers hairy cunt, began to squeeze her mother's tits.

"Ohhh, pull my fucking tits off, Shari!" Janet cried. "Pull my fucking tits off! Fuck me! Fuck me and squeeze my tits and ram your hard cock up my hot cunt and fill it with cum-juice!"

Janet jerked her cunt up and down, grinding in a frenzy on her son's cock. She could feel his prick throb deeply, feel the exciting friction, the delicious stretching of her cunt. She could feel his young balls beat against the crack of her hot ass, and she smashed her satiny thighs against his, squeezing him between them, then flinging her legs wide apart with total abandon. She began to scream, her orgasm ballooning hotly inside her pussy.

"Ohhh, make me cum!" she shouted. "Fuck my cunt raw, but make me cum! Please, make me cum! My cunt is on fire and I have to cum."

"You're so wet, Mom," Barry groaned, ramming his cock back and forth, meeting her churning cunt. "You're so wet and hot!"

"Yes, I am! I'm so wet and hot!" Janet sobbed. "My cunt is wet! My cunt is hot! My cunt wants to fuck! Mother's cunt wants to fuck your hard cock!"

Shari lowered her mouth to her mother's swollen tit, pulling Janet's nipple into her hungry mouth. She clutched Janet's other tit as she sucked hard, her face turned to watch her mother's hairy pussy hump up and down on Barry's cock.

"Suck my tit, Shari!" Janet yelled. "Suck my fucking tit off! I don't care! Chew my fucking nipple! Ooooh, Barry, you're about to make me cum!"

Barry was choking, his balls very tight. He stared down at his mother's hot cunt pounding on his cock. He felt as if his mother's cunt was chewing and sucking his prick, trying to get his cock deeper than possible. He was close to cumming, and was overwhelmed by the sensation. It was much different than his sister jacking him off, or him jacking off onto Shari's cunt.

"Ohhhh, now!" Janet screamed.

But she squeezed tightly on her son's cock as he shot through her. She rammed her hairy pussy to the base of his cock, grinding and straining, screaming out her rapture shamelessly.

"I gotta cum!" Barry groaned.

Shari jerked her mouth off her mother's tits. "Cum in her cunt! Shoot it up her fucking cunt, Barry."

"I am!" Barry groaned.

The scalding juice of his balls erupted from his cock, spraying the clutching walls of his mother's greedy cunt, filling her. Janet screamed again as her orgasm increased in power. Her mind was going blank, the ecstasy almost more than she could stand. She came and came, her cunt clutching her son's gushing cock hungrily. She wondered if her orgasm would ever stop. It was starting to be painful, then suddenly, her cum was over.

"I don't believe it!" Barry said, pulling his cock from her pussy, looking down at her glistening cunt-lips. "Daddy sure told us the truth! What a hot piece of ass when you make her fuck!"

"I told you!" Shari giggled. "Daddy wouldn't lie to us about that."

Janet shoved her skirt down, her shame burning on her face. She couldn't look at her twins.


That night, Janet cried herself to sleep. She was ashamed of what happened, but on the other hand, she had enjoyed it. She always enjoyed being forced to fuck. But it had been her son that fucked her, her daughter watching. Somehow, that created such a feeling of humiliation in her, that before she went to sleep, she fondled her cunt to another orgasm, which only deepened her sense of shame.

Janet didn't understand why she was that way. She had never understood it. Janet was a slave. She was a slave to her own wild passions. She was the slave to anyone with that knowledge. And now her twin son and daughter had that knowledge.

She spent a restless night, and when she woke up that morning, she didn't want to get out of bed. She didn't want to see Barry or Shari. She didn't want to look into their young faces, see her shame in them. They had her now, and she would be their slave if they pushed.

She sneaked from her room after showering and dressing, but it didn't do her any good. She could not avoid the twins. They were in the kitchen already, both of them waiting for her. She began to prepare their breakfast without a word, trying to avoid their knowing eyes. She felt them watching every movement, and Janet was reacting, becoming excited, despite all her efforts.

She drank coffee as they ate, still avoiding direct eye contact with them. Barry had put on jeans and a t-shirt, and Shari wore a frilly, little dress. Her dark-blonde hair was brushed and pulled back into a ponytail. She was sweet, so very sweet, Janet thought, peeking at her daughter secretly.

Janet wore a housedress, summery yellow, with white, lacy trim. She had finished her second cup of coffee when she suddenly became aware that she had not put her bra on. That was unusual. She never went without a bra, yet she was naked under the top of her dress. She had, she remembered with a relieved sigh, put panties on.

"Four more days," Shari said.

"For what?" Barry asked.

"Our birthday, silly," she reminded him.

"Hey! You're right!" Barry grinned. "I can hardly wait?"

"Me, either!" Shari squirmed in her chair. "What are we gonna do today?"

"Play with Mom," he said.

Janet's body jerked, but she didn't lift her eyes. She was sitting there at the table, her hands folded in her lap, as if she were waiting for directions.

"Play with her cunt, huh?" Shari giggled.

"Yeah, and her tits and everything. Maybe I'll fuck her again."

"I like to watch," Shari said. "I'll sure be glad when I can feel your cock in my pussy."

Janet lifted her head, forcing herself to look at them. "Please! Don't talk that way."

"Why not, Mom?" Barry asked.

"It isn't... nice," she murmured, lowering her eyes again.

"The fuck it isn't!" Shari giggled. "You like to hear it. You just pretend you don't wanna fuck, Mother."

Janet's cunt was throbbing again. She sat with her hands folded in her lap, feeling her pussy grow wet and hot.

"Let's have her play with her own cunt," Barry suggested.

"That's no fun," Shari replied. "You've seen me do that so much, I thought you'd like to fuck for a change. Did it feel good, Barry? I mean did Mother's cunt feel real good on your cock?"

"Yeah!" he grinned. "It's wet and soft and hot. I like to fuck her. I bet your cunt will be like that, too!"

Janet could tell she was the first to fuck her son. She was a bit surprised that they were waiting until their birthday. They were both so eager, so hot. They were in torment waiting. At least, Janet was the one Barry had fucked last night.

"Hey! Mom?" Barry asked. "How did you get this way? I mean, so hot and all?"

"I don't know," Janet said in a soft voice.

"You mean all I have to do is just tell you I wanna fuck you, and you'll do it?"

Janet nodded her head.

"See? Daddy was right!" Shari giggled.

"I saw that last night," Barry replied.

He got to his feet and moved behind his mother. Janet felt his hands slide over her shoulders, down to her tits. She moaned softly when he squeezed her tits and her body shivered.

"Nice tits, Mom," he said then slipped his hands inside the top of her dress. "Hey, no bra!"

"Take her tits out!" Shari squealed. "Take her tits out so I can see them."

Janet sat without moving as her son exposed her tits. Her cunt dripped into her panties, and she was shivering, waiting, wanting.

Barry fondled her tits awhile, pulling and twisting her stiff nipples then he pulled his hands away. Janet sat with her tits showing, looking down at her folded hands. She heard her son fumble with his pants, and she closed her eyes.

"Don't do that, Barry," she whispered. "Please, don't make me do anything more. You've done enough to me already."

"Ahhhh, a little more won't hurt, Mom," he said, pulling his cock out of his pants. He rubbed his cock through her hair, and Janet felt it, knowing his cock was dripping, the juice getting in her hair.

"Mmmm, soft hair, Mom. Mom, I bet you'd suck cock."

"No," she whispered.

"Sure you do!" her son said. "Dad said you sucked cock."

"No! Barry! I don't," she moaned. "Please! Don't make me do that. It's... it's not nice."

"But you like to suck cock, Mom," he said, sliding his cock past her ear, touching his swollen cock-head on her cheek. "Dad said you loved to suck a hard cock!"

Shari was staring, her eyes glowing, a grin on her sweet face. She watched her brother rub his cock on their mothers face, watched as Janet licked her lips, saw Janet's naked tits lift and fall as she began to breathe faster.

"Put it in her mouth, Barry!" Shari mewled. "I wanna see your cock in Mother's mouth!"

Janet felt her son turn her head, turning her lips toward his cock. She felt his smooth cockhead slide on her cheek, the wetness burning her flesh.

"Suck it!" Barry hissed, rubbing his cock against his mother's tightly closed lips. "Suck my cock, Mom! Give me a hot blow-job?"

"Mmm," Janet protested.

But her tongue touched his cock, and she wasn't sure she pushed her tongue out by design or if it just happened. She sobbed then opened her mouth. Barry plunged his cock into his mother's mouth.

Janet tasted the hard heat, and her eyes closed.

Shari giggled, staring at her mother's stretching lips, seeing her brother push his cock all the way into Janet's mouth, his fly crushed at her lips.

"Suck him off, Mother!"

Janet made one attempt to push her son away, then she began to suck wildly, moaning. She threw her arms around her son's hips, clutching the cheeks of his ass through his jeans, darting her face back and forth, stabbing her son's hard cock into her mouth with furious movements, gurgling wetly.

"Suck, Mom, suck!" Barry groaned, grabbing his mother's shoulders tightly, thrusting his cock back and forth, fucking her gobbling mouth. "Suck my cock... eat it up, Mom!"

"Oooh, look at her suck," Shari cried. "Mother sure loves a cock in her mouth, Barry! Ohhh, cum in her mouth! I wanna see you cum in her fucking mouth, Barry! Make her swallow your... make her eat your cock and eat your cum-juice!"

"I am, Shari!" Barry moaned.

Janet sucked hard, her lips burning, sliding wetly. She ran her tongue about the exciting hardness of her son's cock, licked at his swollen cock-head and piss-hole as she pulled back, only to shove her mouth onto his cock in a frenzy again. Her pussy was clenching wetly, her clit tight.

"I'm gonna cum in her fucking mouth! Suck my cock, Mom, and make me cum in your fucking mouth!" Barry cried.

"Mmmm!" Janet wailed, eating her son's cock, frantically, squirming her ass on the chair, and squeezing her thighs against her boiling cunt. She held his ass tight, jerking him forward, driving his cock deep into her mouth.

"Ohhh, this is great!" Barry groaned. "Suck me hard, Mom! Suck my cock! Ahhhh, I'm gonna shoot a fucking load right down your throat, Mom!"

Janet began to sob with passion. She burned with hunger for his cock. She sucked and gobbled wantonly, trying to get his smooth, swollen prick-head into her throat. Her tongue lapped, her lips tight.

"Ooooh, Mom, suck Barry's cock," Shari squealed. "Suck his cock now. Make him cum in your mouth! Ahhhh, this is gonna make me cum, too! Oh, Barry, my cunt is on fire!"

"Finger-fuck it, Shari!" her brother growled. "Fuck yourself and cum! I'm gonna fill Mom's mouth!"

Shari jumped from her chair and ran around the table. She jerked her dress to her waist, and grabbed one of her mother's hands, pulling it from her brother's ass.

"Feel me up, Mother?" Shari demanded. "Play with my cunt, and suck Barry's cock off!"

Janet felt the wet heat of her daughter's cunt as her hand was pushed into the girl's tight panties. She began to rub at her daughter's cunt. She pushed her finger into Shari's tight, wet pussy. Shari held Janet's wrist, fucking her mother's finger, wiggling her own tight, little ass and squealing with ecstasy.

"I'm about to cum, Mom!" Barry shouted.

Janet groaned, sucking as hard as she could, smashing her pantied cunt onto his knee. She felt his cock swell and jerk in her mouth. She tasted the seeping juices dripping from his pisshole. She felt her daughter's young, hairless cunt grip her finger, sucking at it, as if trying to draw her finger deeper into Shari's satiny fuck-hole.

"Ohhh, now, Mom!" Barry yelled, grinding against her face. "I'm gonna cum now!"

His hot gush of cum-juice splashed across Janet's tongue. Her own cunt exploded into a tight orgasm. Janet gulped wetly, swallowing as her son's cock squirted time after time into her mouth. Jizm burned down her throat, and Janet was crying with rapture, grinding her spasming cunt shamelessly at his knee.

"I'm gonna cum, too!" Shari squealed, smashing her cunt hard onto her mother's finger. "Ooooh, feel my cunt cum, Mother!"

Janet sobbed, her mouth filling time and again with the sweet taste of her son's cum-juice. She felt her daughter's cunt clench in orgasm about her buried, finger. Her own cunt, so wet and hot, suddenly convulsed with tight spasms. She jerked her son forward, her hand clutching his ass, her lips crushed at his open fly. Her tongue went wild as he kept spurting cum into her mouth.

"Ooooh, it's so good!" Shari whimpered, grinding her small ass as she held her mother's wrist, pumping her tight cunt onto Janet's finger. "So good, so good, so good!"

Janet gulped and swallowed frantically, her tongue and throat burning in a way that made her shake all over, her cunt losing the strength of her orgasm. Still, she clung to her son's cock with her mouth, her tongue licking. She dug her fingers hard into his ass, pulling him as tight as she could against her face. Her hand between Shari's hot thighs was slippery with the sweet juice of the girls sugary cunt.

When her son began pulling back, Janet wanted to keep him there, hold his cock inside her mouth. But she didn't resist when he loosened her hand on his ass, then his cock fell from her mouth. She allowed Shari to move away, and once more, Janet sat still, her hands folded in her lap, eyes down.

Barry giggled softly, lifted his mother's pussy wet hand, and brought it to their mother's face. "Lick it off, Mom," he said and pushed her wet hand against her mouth. "Taste Shari's cunt too."

"That's not nice! Barry!" his sister said.

"Mom thinks so, don't you, Mom?" Janet lifted her eyes but she was shy.

"Don't you like it, Mom?" Barry insisted. "Yes," Janet whispered softly, her lips wet.


Barry and Shari touched and felt each other anytime they were in the mood, which seemed all the time, and whether Janet was present or not. They had learned that all they had to do was tell her to shut up if she attempted to stop them. And Janet would shut up.

Yet there were times when they talked to her freely, chattering about friends and thoughts, talking to her like a son and daughter would with their mother. There were times when they acted like the youths they were, and times when they seemed older. There were times when Shari seemed to still have an interest in dolls, and Barry in guns and toy cars.

Pulling at a knitting mistake, Janet watched her son lean down and run his tongue in a circle about his sister's nipple. Shari cooed softly and twisted her shoulders. If her tits had been larger, they would have shimmied. Barry closed his lips around his sister's tit and sucked, pulling her skirt up to her waist. Janet watched him slide his hand into the elastic waist. Shari wiggled her little ass and opened her legs wide for her brother.

"Oooh, Barry, finger-fuck me!" Shari squealed softly, arching her hips upward. "Finger-fuck my pussy!"

Janet rested her knitting in her lap, watching them, her eyes smoldering. Seeing them sent chills through her. Fascinated, she leaned forward, eyes shining as she watched her daughter's panties move, knowing her son was fucking his finger into her succulent cunt.

Barry lifted his face and looked at their mother.

"You like to watch, Mom?" he asked. "Pull your dress up, Mom. Pull it up and open your legs. Show us your hairy cunt Mom!"

Janet's fingers inched her dress up slowly, opening her thighs at the same time. For the first time in her life, Janet felt she would have lifted her dress without being told.

As she lifted her skirt, she watched Barry pull at Shari's small, nylon panties. Shari helped her brother with them, lifting her legs and jerking her panties from her feet. Janet saw the prettiness of her daughter's ass, the quick flash of her little cunt while her knees were back.

Janet had her dress to her waist, her legs parted widely. She shoved her ass to the edge of the couch, the tight crotch of her panties bulging slightly, cupping her hairy cunt. Her eyes smoldered as she watched her son kiss his sister's quivering, little stomach. Shari gurgled in pleasure, spreading her slender thighs wide. Janet stared at the sugary slit of Shari's young cunt, seeing her hairless cunt-lips shine with wetness. She saw Shari's tiny clit strain upward. When Barry brushed Shari's clit with his fingertip, Shari shot her hips up with a cry of delight.

Barry looked up at his mother, his eyes hot as he rubbed at his sister's bubbling, little pussy. "Take your panties off, Mom. Show us your hot, hairy cunt."

Obediently, Janet slipped her nylon panties off, and opened her legs wide again. Both Shari and Barry gazed at her pussy, looking at the puffy pinkness, her soft cunt-hair.

Janet shivered with growing pleasure, her hands resting palms-down on her naked thighs.

"We gotta wait until Monday," Barry said, "before we fuck, but we do other things. Wanna see what we do, Mom?"

Janet nodded her head.

"Let us see how you play with your cunt, Mother!" Shari said. "Show us how you make yourself cum!"

As the twins watched, Janet began to rub and stoke her pussy, twisting her inflamed clit gently, stoking the wet lips of her twat, sliding her palm up and down the lips. She felt slightly humiliated to be fondling her cunt in front of them.

As Barry and Shari watched her, Janet worked a finger into her cunt, thrusting her finger in and out slowly, then up to her distended clit again. Barry ran his tongue in hot swirls along his sister's lower stomach, and Janet stared hard. When she saw the tip of her son's tongue flick about his sister's clit, she moaned softly, her cunt clutching at her finger.

Barry licked his sister's clit using only the tip of his tongue. He made delicious, wet sounds, and Shari was twisting her little ass, mewling with pleasure, her legs wide apart. One small hand rested on the back of her brother's head, but she was gazing hotly between Janet's thighs.

With a little push, Shari directed her brother's mouth. Janet gasped softly as she saw Barry's tongue licking up and down the hot, little slit of her daughter's cunt. Unconsciously, Janet licked her lips, swallowing, her ass writhing as she agitated her sensitive cunt for their visual delight. Her other hand smoothed and parted the soft curls of her cunt-hair. Janet piped as she watched him dip his tongue into that sweetness.

"Ooooh, Barry, suck me off," Shari gurgled, squirming her crotch against her brother's face. "Mother, wanna see Barry suck my cunt off?"

"Oh, God!" Janet whimpered, stabbing two fingers into her cunt swiftly.

"He can make me cum hard with his tongue," Shari giggled lewdly. "He can shove his tongue way up my cunt and make me cum hard! I can't wait to get his cock in my pussy! I'm gonna fuck his cock off Monday!"

"Monday..." Janet moaned, her eyes glazed in passion as she watched her son bury his face into Shari's steamy, hairless cunt.

Shari lifted her slim legs and wrapped them about her brother's head, locking his face tight between them. She humped her little ass up and down, making soft sounds of pleasure.

Janet stared at them, working her finger into her cunt faster and faster. Finger-fucking herself before them, watching Barry suck Shari's cunt at the same time sent tremors of lewdness through her body.

Within a few minutes, Shari was squealing loudly, rocking her naked ass up and down, smashing her pussy onto her brother's mouth.

"Oooooh! Ahhhh! Barry! You're gonna make me cum so fast!" Shari yelped, clinging to her brother's neck with her hot thighs. "Fuck my cunt, Barry! Ooooh, tongue-fuck my cunt! I'm gonna cum, Barry!"

With a shudder, Shari came. Her small body bucked and squirmed, her pussy clutching her brothers darting tongue. Barry was holding his sister's bouncing ass in his hands, sucking hotly. Janet could see that his cock was very hard, pressing at his pants. She wished he had taken his cock out, so she could see it again.

"Ohhh, that was good!" Shari moaned as she calmed down, her ass flopping to the floor and her legs releasing Barry's head. "I love to cum so much!"

Barry sat back on his heels, his cock straining at the front of his pants. Janet stared at his cock-bulge, working her finger into her cunt faster, her hips grinding. She was gasping and panting, her eyes wet with scalding desire.

"I think Mom is hot," Barry said. "Look at her shake her hot ass."

Janet began to grind her hairy pussy harder onto her finger. "I think I'll get a taste of Mom's cunt," Barry said, his voice low.

Janet pulled her finger out of her pussy. She left her legs wide apart. "Barry, you shouldn't I mean, I wouldn't like it if..."

But Barry paid no attention to her. He walked toward her, his gaze burning on her wet cunt. The insides of Janet's smooth thighs glistened with pussy-juice, as did the curves of her shapely ass. She trembled when her son placed his hands on her knees then slowly slid his hands up. The feel of her sons hands on her thighs made Janet shake with anticipation. She watched his face lower, his tongue slip from his mouth and lick at her satiny thighs.

Shari came scrambling over, sitting at her mothers side, watching her brother, urging him on. She shoved her mother's blouse open, and Janet didn't protest as her daughter began to play with her tits.

Janet waited breathlessly for her sons tongue to touch her cunt. But Barry was taking his time, teasing her in a way that made Janet twist and want him to hurry.

Barry worked the tip of his tongue into the wetness of his mother's inner thighs. He licked at her wet thighs, making Janet shiver with sensation. He protruded his tongue way out and lapped the juices off the curves of her ass-cheeks, then placed his mouth upon her cunt. His tongue moved up and down her pulsing pussy-slit, his nose buried into her soft cunt-hair. Janet wanted to grab his head, hold his face tight against her cunt, wrap her legs about his head and neck the way her daughter had. But she slumped there still afraid to do anything that would displease them. But as her son stuffed his tongue into her cunt, her hips shoved upward and a moan of ecstasy came from her throat.

"Wrap your legs around his neck, Mother," Shari suggested. "Barry loves to feel hot legs around his head when he sucks cunt."

Instantly, Janet draped her slender legs over her son's shoulders, smashing her satiny thighs hard about his neck, pressing her bubbling pussy hard onto his mouth.

Her mind spun.

"Ohhh, suck me!" she yelled. "Suck my cunt! Eat my hot, fucking pussy, Barry! Oooob, chew on my cunt... eat my pussy!"

Shari giggled.

"Tongue me... tongue my cunt!" Janet moaned. "Ohh, Barry, tongue-fuck me! Suck Mother's cunt!"

She twisted and pulled at her mother's nipples, making Janet groan with sensation. Janet could feel her son's tongue stab, feel her pussy clench. She could feel her inflamed clit at his lip.

"Ohhh, suck that cunt! Suck my hard clit!"

Janet grabbed her son by his hair, pulling his mouth upward until her clit slipped into his mouth. Barry sucked hard, his tongue fucking her clit swiftly. "Ooooh, suck it, suck it, suck it!"

Barry was holding his mother's ass, his penis pressing at the creamy smoothness, lifting her cunt to his face. He sucked and licked and fucked wildly, making his mother thrash about.

"Ohhh, I want your cock out of your pants!" Janet yelled. "I want your hard cock out I want to see it... play with it! Ohhh, I want you to fuck Mother, Barry! I want your hard cock up my cunt, in my mouth! I want to be fucked! Suck your cock! Eat your hot balls up!"

Shari giggled. She was pulling at her mother's nipples, watching her brother suck their mother's cunt. She knew what her mother was feeling.

"Oooh, I'm going to cum, Barry! My cunt is going to cum in your fucking face!" Janet whined. "I'm going to cum in your cunt-sucking mouth! Ooohhh, suck me hard!"

With a violent thrust, Janet rammed her over grinding heated cunt onto her son's mouth, frantically, her hot thighs clutching his neck, her heels beating at his back. She smashed her hands to the back of his head, trying to get her cunt tighter and closer to his sucking, licking mouth. Her body trembled then became stiff and a scream exploded from her lips.

Barry dug his fingers into his mother's grinding ass, sucking the hot juices from her pussy. His cock was about to burst out of his pants it was so hard. He rubbed his mouth up and down his mother's hairy, wet cunt, his tongue lapping as she came and came.

Janet felt her orgasm fade, and she moaned softly as her legs slipped from her son's shoulders. She slumped on the couch, legs wide, breathing hard, eyes closed. There was a big smile spread over her lovely features.

"Are you gonna fuck her now, Barry?" Shari asked. "Are you gonna fuck her cunt now?"

Barry was shoving his pants down, his cock aching with hardness. When Janet opened her eyes, she saw that his face was wet with the juices of her cunt. She wanted to grab him, kiss his pussy-wet mouth, lick her juices from his face. But she remained passive. Inside, she was boiling.

"Let's show Mom what you do for me!" Barry said.

"Oooh, yes!" Shari squealed with eagerness, jumping from the couch. She still had her skirt on, and her blouse flapped open around her small, exciting tits. Somehow. Janet thought her daughter looked more erotic that way than if she were naked.

Shari sat on the floor, spreading her legs around her brother's feet.

"I don't suck cock, Mother," Shari said. "I don't like it when a cock is in my mouth. I have a hard time breathing. But I sure like to lick one!"

Shari shoved her tongue out of her small mouth and began to lick at her brother's cock. Janet watched hotly, seeing Shari's little, pink tongue slide up and down the shaft of Barry's cock, flicking at his hot balls. Shari seemed to enjoy licking his swollen cock-head most of all, because that was where her tongue stayed most of the time.

Shari had one small hand on her brother's naked ass, her other closed about his cock skin. But she never pulled her fist over his cockhead. That was for licking. She licked her lips about her brother's pisshole, licking it hungrily as she jacked his cock.

Barry moved his hips forward. "You want to lick my cock this way, Mom? You can lick it when Shari's finished."

Janet was bending over, watching intently as Shari sucked the head of Barry's cock, Shari's small fist pumping in short, quick jerks. Barry's tight balls bounced and jiggled in movement. Janet listened to the happy, wet sounds her daughter made and found her cunt quivering again.

Despite what Shari had said about sucking cock, Janet noticed her daughter would take Barry's rounded cock-head between her lips, although that was all. Mostly, Shari sucked Barry's piss-hole and jacked him. But seeing that was making Janet steam, and she panted hotly as she leaned forward, her naked tits dangling slightly. She knew the picture she presented to her son, her tits exposed and herself to her children.

When Barry took his mother's hand and pulled it to his balls, Janet eagerly cupped them, feeling her daughter's little fist brush her fingers. She manipulated her sons balls, squeezed and twisted them tenderly, her lips parted as she stared hungrily at Shari's lips sucking the tip of his cock. She felt the fullness and heat of her son's hairless balls, and that enhanced her wanton sensations.

"Suck him! Shari!" she hissed. "Suck his hard cock! Suck Barry's cock off! Make him cum, Shari! Ooooh, make his hard cock squirt! I want to see his prick spurt that hot juice!"

Shari's fist pumped faster and faster on her brother's cock. Juices were starting to seep out of his piss-hole. With her lips pressed about his piss-slit, Shari sucked hard, swallowing as her mouth filled. She was moaning softly, sucking and licking at his piss-hole greedily. She had done that so many times for Barry, she knew when he was ready to cum. She licked her tongue furiously at his piss-hole, jacking him faster and harder.

"Oooh! He's about to cum, Shari!" Janet groaned. "Ohhh, baby, take it! Take his hot cum-juice... suck it out of his hot balls! Eat his cock, baby!"

"I'm getting there, Shari," Barry grunted. "Lick faster! Mom, squeeze my balls!"

Janet squeezed, and Barry groaned.

A spurt of hot cum-juice flew out of his pisshole, coating his sister's licking tongue. Quickly, with a squeal, Shari pulled her lips away, opening her mouth wide. She stopped jacking her brother's cock, aiming his prick-head at her mouth. Janet watched her son spurt his hot juice into his sister's mouth. His cock was two inches away, and it was beautiful to watch.

But Barry twisted suddenly.

Janet grunted as her son finished cumming in her face.

"Right in your cock-sucking face, Mom!" Barry panted, spraying cum all over his mothers face, even in her hair.

Janet, surprised at his abrupt movement, clung to his balls, feeling his jism spurt into her face, felt it drip down her cheeks. Her eyes closed and she felt hot all over.

"That's what I do for Barry!" Shari giggled when her brother finished cumming. "I can't breathe very well with a cock in my mouth, Mother, so I suck the tip and jack him off, and then he came in my mouth!"

Janet sat with her face dripping cum-juice, her cunt throbbing with the need to cum again. Her face was twisted with passion, eyes glowing glassily.


"I love to taste cum-juice," Shari said.

Janet was horny, wanting them to do something to her, anything that would make her cum.

But they didn't seem interested in her now. They had gotten her very excited and now they didn't want to touch her, Janet thought.

"I love it when Barry squirts cum-juice in my mouth," Shari said, "but when I'm bigger, I bet I can suck cock and breathe well enough. I learn fast, you know."

Barry sat on his heels his cock and balls drooping, but Janet remained fascinated. She would have loved to have his cock and balls inside her mouth. She wasn't surprised when her daughter stood on her knees near her and kissed her. She tasted her daughter's lips on hers, then Shari was licking her face, lapping her brother's cum-juice from her flesh. Shari made little, purring sounds as her tongue licked everywhere, her small hand sliding between Janet's thighs and fondling her hairy cunt.

"Mmm, it tastes good that way, too!" Shari giggled when she finished licking her mother's face. "I guess I'd lick cum-juice no matter where it was, even out of your hairy cunt, Mother."

"I think you two are terrible," Janet said softly.

"You do?" Shari asked. "I thought you were enjoying this! Mother!"

"You know a lot about me, it seems. But, lately, I find myself more willing to participate than wait until I'm told what to do. Its strange, but maybe I'm getting over that old feeling."

"That would be nice if you did, Mom!" her son said. "Its fun to make you do these things, but I'd like it best if you would do it on your own."

"I think I would too," Janet replied softly. "But... I don't know what's wrong with me, but I love to be humiliated, sexually."

"That's what Daddy told us," Shari said.

"I guess I'm weird, huh?" Janet grinned.

"Not to me!" Barry replied.

"Thank you, honey," Janet said softly, meaning it.

"But I bet I can really make you embarrassed," he said, grinning at her. "If you feel good being embarrassed! Mother, I can really do it."

"How?" Janet asked.

"Want me to?"

Janet hesitated then she nodded her head quickly, suddenly feeling shy again. Whatever her son had in mind, if it humiliated her, she wanted it.

"That's what I'm made for," she said softly.

"Made for what, Mother?" Shari asked.

"Anything you want."

"Anything?" Barry asked.

Again Janet nodded. "I'm made for whatever you want of me. I'll do anything you ask, because that's what I am."

"What are you?" her son asked.

"I'm a whore!" Janet whispered, her face flushing. "I'm a whore and a cunt and a cocksucker. I'm whatever you want, me to be."

"A whore sells her ass! Mother," Shari said. "You don't do that."

"But I will," Janet answered softly, looking at her daughter. "I'll sell my ass if you want me to. I'll fuck anyone you say, as many as you want me to fuck. I'll suck cock off, eat cunts, tongue-fuck assholes, if that's what you two want me to do."

Janet's voice was very low and soft as she spoke, her eyes downcast shyly, her hands folded passively in her lap.

"But why do we have to make you do it, Mother?" Shari asked.

"Because... that's what I'm made for."

"Bullshit," Barry snorted.

"But it is," Janet said. "I'm made to give pleasure, in any way and form. Being forced makes me feel good, and it's the only way I really enjoy sex."

Barry was thinking, his forehead frowning. He was looking at his mother with strange eyes. Then he laughed. "If that's true, Mom, then me and Shari are gonna have a lot of fun with you."

"It's true," Janet said softly.

Barry stood up, facing her.

"Lean back and open your legs! Mom!" he said.

Janet did, spreading her legs wide apart. She watched him, almost warily, yet expectant. "What are you going to do?"

"Nothing much, Mom," he replied, then began pissing on her.

"Oh!" Janet yelped, her hips jerking as his hot stream of piss splashed on the thick hair of her cunt.

"Barry!" Shari gasped. "You're pissing on Mother!"

"Well, she wants to be humiliated, doesn't she?" Barry asked, aiming his cock so he pissed upon the pink lips of her pussy, drenching her cunt with hot piss.

Janet was panting, her hips lifting, her legs straining to open farther apart. She offered her hairy cunt to his piss, feeling as if she were about to cum. She moaned and clutched at her naked tits, her eyes rolling dreamily.

"No one ever pissed on me before," she moaned.

"I am, Mom," Barry replied. "I'm pissing on your fucking hot cunt! I'm gonna drown your fucking hot cunt in my piss!"

"Ohhhh, yes, yes!" Janet cried. "Oh, piss on me. Piss on my fucking, hot cunt! Ahhh, piss all over my pussy! Drown my fucking cunt in piss -- hot, sweet piss!"

Shari stared at her brother's cock, watching his golden piss spray over their mother's cunt. Shari had seen her brother piss many times, and at first it had excited her, but then it became commonplace. But watching him piss on their mother's pussy made Shari's little cunt pulsate wildly.

With hot squeals, Shari stood up on the couch, straddling her mother. She used her fingers to open her sugary cunt, and offered it to her mother's mouth. Janet stared at her daughter's cunt, seeing Shari's small clit bulge, her pink cunt-lips begging for a tongue or cock. Janet slipped her hands up the backs of her daughter's thighs, cupping her tight, small ass and pulling Shari's pussy to her mouth.

"Oooh, suck my cunt. Mother!" Shari groaned as she wormed her crotch to her mother's face. "Suck my pussy and make me cum!"

Barry, still pissing on his mother's cunt, saw Janet's hands hold his sister's little ass. He leaned forward and dragged his tongue along Shari's asscrack, licking up and down. When he pulled back, he could see his mother push her open mouth onto that sweet, hot slit of his sister's cunt.

"Eat her cunt out, Mom," he said. "Tongue fuck Shari in her little pussy!"

He shook his cock, sending the last drops of his piss onto his mother's stomach. Janet moaned as she buried her mouth into her daughter's soft, yielding cunt, sucking and licking hungrily. The heat of Shari's young cunt excited Janet very much, her tongue pushing into the tightness, darting in and out. She held her daughter's little ass tightly, straining as hard as she could into Shari's scalding cunt.

As Barry's cock hardened, he slipped it to his mother's piss-wet cunt and rammed it in hard. Janet squealed into Shari's cunt as she felt her pussy being filled by her son's prick. She shot her hips upward, grinding as he began to fuck her.

Barry grabbed his mother's hips, watching her churn her hairy pussy onto his cock, then lifting his eyes to see his sister's naked ass right before his eyes. Janet pulled at Shari's small asscheeks, and Barry watched his sister's pink asshole flex. He moved his face forward and took a long swipe of her ass with his tongue. He tasted the heat of Shari's young asshole, and Shari squealed.

"Ooooh, Barry, you've never done that to me before!"

Barry grunted and began to fuck his mother's cunt fast and hard, licking and sucking his sister's asshole.

"Mother, Barry is licking me in the ass!" Shari squealed. "Ooohh, he's licking me in my ass with his tongue! Ahhh, this is really good! Getting my cunt sucked and my asshole sucked out."

The wickedness grabbed at Janet. She pulled her daughter's ass-cheeks as far apart as she could. Knowing her son was sucking Shari's little asshole, his cock pounding into her cunt, she found that hot taste of Shari's hairless cunt sweeter and sweeter.

Janet probed into Shari's cunt with her tongue, pushing as deep as she could, wiggling her tongue about. Her eyes glanced up, seeing her daughters pretty face contorted with the wild sensations she and Barry were giving her. The juices of her daughter's cunt dripped directly into her mouth, and Janet found eating cunt as delicious as sucking a hard cock.

Barry pressed his tongue hard at his sister's asshole, and Shari gave a squeal, trying to work her pussy against her mother's mouth and her ass onto her brother's face at the same time.

"Barry, stick your tongue up my asshole!" Shari sobbed. "See if you can tongue-fuck me in my asshole!"

Janet spread her daughter's ass open wide, trying to help her son get his tongue into Shari's tiny asshole. Barry pushed his tongue hard against his sister's asshole and with a few wiggles, it shoved past her tight shit-ring.

"Ohhh, that's wonderful!" Shari moaned. "Oooh, Mother, he has his tongue up my ass! Barry, fuck my ass with your tongue! Ahhh, this is very good! Suck my cunt! Mother! Suck my asshole, Barry?"

Janet rammed her hips up and down, her son's cock jabbing, the friction along her sensitive cunt-lips and cunt sending sparks of wanton excitement through her body. She pumped her ass frantically, fucking her son's cock while sucking as hard as she could at her cunt. Knowing that Barry was eating Shari's cute ass increased her wild passions until she could hardily stand it. Her pussy was bubbling and clutching at Barry's cock, squeezing, swelling, expanding, gripping, all at the same time.

Shari was crying with ecstasy, holding the back of her mother's head, pressing hard at her mouth, and still able to feel her brother's tongue plunge in and out of her fiery, little asshole. She was gasping between sobs of rapture, her eyes open and glazed with, wet heat.

"Ooooh, I'm really gonna cum!" Shari wailed. "I'm gonna cum all over the place! Oooooh, I'm about to cum in your fucking mouth. Mother! Eat my ass, Barry! Ohhh, eat my asshole! I'm gonna cum!"

Janet felt her daughter's hairless, little pussy grip her tongue, felt Shari's contractions pull at it. Behind Shari, Barry's tongue was captured by the sudden squeeze of his sister's asshole. His cock pushed hard into their mother's cunt, then he began to gush hotly, flooding Janet's pussy.

Janet cried out, the sound muffled because her mouth was spreading hard into her daughter's convulsing cunt. Her cunt went wild with contractions, puffing and sucking at her son's cock desperately.

When her body calmed! Shari rested her pussy against her mother's face, her slim legs shaking. Janet didn't mind: she enjoyed the wet heat of Shari's sugary pussy on her mouth. She felt her son's cock soften inside her pussy and a cool breeze on her cunt as her son pulled free. Janet was still drenched in piss, and her cunt hair was matted wetly, her pussy dripping cum juice over the curves of her shapely ass.

Barry sank to the floor, breathing hard. His mother remained as she was, her ass hanging over the edge of the cushions, her legs open. He saw the gleaming wetness on her hairy cunt and ass.

Shari wasn't ready to move her pussy out of their mother's face yet. "Mother, guess what?"

"Mmm?" Janet replied, licking very gently at her daughter's cunt.

"I gotta piss!"

Janet's eyes opened, and she began to push at her daughter's hips.

But Shari refused to move. She was looking down at her mother, giggling wickedly.

Janet managed to shove her daughter's cunt a few inches out of her face, but then Shari sprayed hot piss right into Janet's face before she could turn her head.

"I gotta piss Mother," Shari laughed. "I couldn't hold it back, so I gotta piss right here."

Barry could see his sister's lovely, little cunt spray her golden piss onto their mother's face, watch it splash there, run along Janet's neck and to her naked tits.

"Piss on her. Shari!" he urged. "Piss in her cock-sucking face! Piss all over Mom!"

"Im trying to!" Shari giggled.

Janet cried out, but her cunt was responding to the degradation. She moved her hands from Shari's hips, and with the hot piss gushing into her face, she began to finger-fuck her cunt frantically, twisting her hips.

"That's it, Mom!" Barry urged, laughing. "Fuck your hot cunt! Shari, keep pissing on her fucking face! Mom is gonna make herself cum with her fingers! Piss in her face... piss all over her!"

By the time Shari finished pissing, Janet still had not cum. She rammed her fingers, all four of them into her cunt brutally. Shari spurted the final drops of her piss into her mother's face, then pulled away, turning to watch the frenzy of Janet's finger-fucking.

Janet heard her daughter's lewd giggles, but she was burning up with the need to cum. She knew she was showing her uncontrollable passion to her son and daughter, but she couldn't help herself.

Her face dripped with piss and her cunt was still wet with cum, and her fingers felt Barry's cum-juice inside her cunt as she frantically pushed them in and out.

Suddenly, with a wild scream, Janet lurched her cunt up onto her fingers, cumming very hard. She was wild with ecstasy, and Shari and Barry watched, grinning.


Janet was trying to hide from the twins. She was staying in her room, letting them fend for themselves. She was afraid -- afraid of herself, her emotions, her desires.

Shari and Barry had opened her up the day before, humiliated her horribly. They were getting her to do things she didn't want to do unless her cunt was boiling. And they knew how to get that started.

In her room, with the door closed, she lay on her bed, thinking about the twins and what they had done with her. She tried to deny her pleasure, tried to tell herself she didn't enjoy her son cock fucking her, didn't enjoy his prick in her mouth, squirting... squirting. She tried to deny her pleasure of the taste of her daughter's sugary, soft, fiery, wet cunt, the rain of hot piss they had spewed over her pussy and face.

She knew she was lying to herself.

She loved what they had done to her.

She was ecstatic to be a participant.

So why hide from them? she wondered.

Janet had showered, washed her hair, and she was fresh and clean, smelling wonderful from her scented soap. She lay with her panties on, her tits naked. The window was open, letting in a gentle breeze. Her hand moved slowly about her body, feeling her flat stomach, her hips, her satiny fleshed thighs.

Janet's nipples perked up from her slow caresses, becoming rubbery stiff. She pinched them, twisting them tightly and turning them loose, feeling a wonderful tingle there. Rolling onto her back, she cupped her tits, lifting them, bringing a nipple toward her chin. The tip of her tongue barely reached her nipple. She swirled her tongue about her nip, tasting it, her eyes closing.

She remembered the taste of Barry's cock spurting into her mouth, how hot and thick and sweet his cum-juice was. She remembered how she had felt with her face pushed against her daughter's soft, young cunt. She recalled the wet heat of Shari's cunt; the softness pressing onto her mouth, the way Shari's sweet cunt gripped and squeezed her tongue when she came.

Janet's hand stroked lightly along the bulge of her pussy beneath her panties. Her cunt was swelling, her pussy-lips turning puffy. She felt her clit strain and knot. Parting her legs, Janet rubbed her fingertip up and down the slit of her cunt, feeling the exciting moisture seep through the crotch of the nylon.

"Ohhh," she mewled softly, pressuring the hardness of her clit.

Her mewl became a purr, and her ass writhed. She closed her eyes and thought about being with the twins, her imagination running wild. She would do anything they wanted, anything. They could piss on her, all over her, her tits, her cunt, her face. She'd let them piss inside her cunt... into her mouth.

Janet slipped her hand under her panties, her fingers sliding through her soft cunt-hair, reaching for her bubbling cunt. She bent her knees, holding them open, working the tip of one finger in and out of her cunt, feeling the juicy tight ass, the heat, purring softly as she excited herself.

She heard the door open, but kept her eyes closed. She didn't pause with her fingers, but kept stroking her cunt inside her panties.

Shari and Barry slipped into their mother's room, not making any attempt to be quiet. Janet felt them standing at the side of her bed, knew they were watching her. She didn't feel embarrassed. She felt excited and hot and hungry.

Janet wanted them to rip her flimsy panties from her ass. She wanted Barry to ram his deliciously hard cock into her cunt and fuck her hard and fast, make her pussy explode over and over. She wanted Shari to smash her sweet, wet cunt onto her mouth, so she could lick it all the time with Barry fucking her cunt as hard as he could.

Slitting her eyes, she saw them.

Shari was holding her brother's cock, squeezing it, making his cock-head bulge, his little pisshole wet and slippery. Shari pumped on her brother's cock as they stood watching her. Janet saw that they were naked.

Her eyes opened all the way. Shari dropped to her knees in front of her brother, licking her pink, little tongue about the smooth head of his cock, tasting his seeping juices. Barry remained standing, watching their mother.

Janet shoved her panties downward, exposing her fan-shaped pussy-hair, letting her son watch as she moved her finger in and out of her cunt. Janet pushed her hand to her son's cock and closed her fingers around it, pumping his cock slowly as she watched Shari's little mouth suck his cock-tip. Janet squeezed her son's cock hard, drawing upward, forcing out the hot juices into Shari's mouth.

"Suck it!" Janet whispered. "Suck your brother's cock, baby! Let me squeeze that sweet juice out, squeeze it into your mouth."

Shari drew back, the tip of her tongue on her brother's piss-hole, and Janet pulled hard on his cock. She watched with glittering eyes as her daughter licked up the juices. She turned onto her side and began to jack her sons cock faster, her breath panting. She moved her face close, watching intently.

"Mom, you're gonna suck my ass!" Barry said. Janet jerked away, but kept holding his cock. She looked up at her son, whimpering softly.

"No! I didn't... I'll suck you, but don't make me suck you ass."

Shari stood up, licking her wet lips, her eyes bright. "He's gonna make you suck his ass anyway, Mother!"

Janet didn't try to resist when they shoved her onto her back. Her body was limp as they positioned her, a pillow under her head. Barry swung his leg over her chest, squatting above her tits. His cock jerked and throbbed, his balls swinging. Shari shoved her brother's balls about their mother's nipples, and Janet moaned with the feel of them. Shari squeezed one of her mother's tits making Janet's nipple bulge in hardness.

"Rub her fucking tit with your ass, Barry!" Shari cooed. "Rub Mother's tit with your hole!"

Janet couldn't resist looking. She dipped her chin down and watched as her son placed his hot hole against her nipple. Barry squirmed his ass, feeling his mother's nipple rub his tight ass pucker. His cock had juices running out of his pisshole, down his cock-shaft toward his balls. Janet lifted her head and licked at his balls, tasting the throbbing heat of his cock as her tongue went from the base to his cock-head. She made an attempt to get his cock into her mouth, but Barry drew back.

"You want to suck my cock, Mom?" he asked. "You have to lick my asshole first. That's the only way you're gonna suck my cock."

"Barry, don't tease me," Janet sobbed.

"I'm not teasing! Mom," he replied. "You suck my asshole, then you can suck my cock."

"Rub her face with your balls," Shari suggested. "Rub her fucking face with your balls, Barry!"

Barry scooted forward, his balls dangling in their mother's face. Janet felt the heat of his balls before they touched her lips. He squatted above his mother's face, leaning over and watching her. He dragged his dangling balls back and forth, caressing her lips with them.

Janet's lips tingled, and her cunt throbbed. She tried to keep her lips closed, but they parted, and she darted her face upward. Barry's balls were in her mouth, her lips pushing to the base of his cock. She sucked and licked. Her eyes opened and closed as her legs scissored, pressing at her pussy, then opening, over and over.

"Suck his balls, Mother!" Shari giggled, watching as she squatted at their mother's side, her pink, little cunt showing wet with juices. Shari rubbed her own cunt with the tips of her fingers, then smeared the juice on her mother's lips. "Taste my cunt too, Mother, now you can suck Barry's balls and taste my pussy!"

"Mmmmm," Janet whimpered, her tongue running about her son's balls wetly. She moved her lips, tasting the juice of her daughter's succulent cunt.

Shari leaned over, taking the piss-hole of her brothers cock between her lips, sucking and licking. Janet watched, her passions flaring. She moved her hand to Barry's cock and began to jack it. Her cunt soaked her panties, and her clit swelled painfully. Her other hand darted down her body. She began to fuck her cunt with four fingers in a frenzy, her ass beating up and down on the bed.

"My ass, Mom," Barry cried. "You gotta suck my ass!"

He moved his hips forward, his balls pulling from her mouth. His cock pushed into his sister's mouth, straining Shari's lips like a rubber band. Shari struggled to suck Barry's cock, managing only his cock-head in her young mouth.

Janet feverishly ran her tongue about the crack of her son's hot ass. She licked at the smooth inner surfaces, circling the crinkle of his asshole. She rammed her fingers frantically into her cunt, making juicy sounds, not caring.

"Suck me!" Barry groaned. "Ohhh, suck my cock, Shari! Mom, suck on my asshole! Hey, this is real good! I bet I can cum a lot this way!"

Janet gripped one of his thighs tightly, her lips pressing at his hot, tight asshole, sucking his shitter as hard as she could. She whipped her tongue about his ass-pucker, moaning. Her son's balls pressed against her nose, barely allowing her to watch Shari suck his hard cock. Her mind was reeling with intense ecstasy. She felt wanton, lewd. Her cunt was clutching at her fingers, ready to cum.

With a muffled squeal, Janet jammed her tongue past the tight, hot ring of her son's asshole and felt his shitter hold tightly. She darted her tongue up and down, fucking her son in his asshole with it. She listened to the hungry squeals of her daughter, watching her stretched lips struggle to slide down onto the shaft of Barry's cock. But no matter how hard Shari tried, her mouth was just too small to get his cock inside.

"Ohhh, Mom! Ohhh, Mom!" Barry said. "Your tongue... you're fucking up my fucking asshole."

Janet plunged her tongue as deep as she could, fucking hard, throwing her ass into the air as she buried her four fingers deeply into the boiling tightness of her pussy. She was moaning. She felt a huge organ swell inside her cunt, felt her clit bulge like a miniature cock.

Janet could feel her son's whole grip her tongue, pull on it, flex. His balls seemed to become hotter on her nose, tighter. Shari was sucking as hard as her little mouth could, holding his cock-head between her lips, her tongue twisting at his piss-hole. A glance showed Janet that her daughter, too, was finger-fucking her dripping, little cunt. Janet wished she could get her son's cock and her daughter's cunt both in her mouth.

"I'm gonna cum!" Barry moaned. "Ohhh, shit, I'm gonna cum so fucking hard!"

Janet felt her son's hole clamp around her tongue once then again.

Shari made a wet sound as hot cum-juice gushed into her overfilled mouth. Her young throat worked to swallow quickly, but jism spewed from the tight corners of her lips, running down the shaft of his cock to his balls into Janet's face.

Barry twisted and jerked as he came, smashing his ass onto his mother's face, grinding the way she did with her cunt when she came. Janet sobbed as her pussy closed about her buried fingers, her contractions powerful. She heard Shari's wet squeal, a squeal that told her Shari was cumming, too.

Janet pulled her tongue out of her son's asshole and raced her mouth and tongue to his juice-covered balls. She licked hungrily at his hot juice, her pussy squeezing her fingers time and again. She raced her tongue up the shaft of his cock, lapping up his cum greedily.

Shari finally had to turn his cock loose. Her mouth was filled with creamy cum-juice, and she had to swallow. Just as her mouth pulled free, Janet closed her mouth around it just in time to catch another spurt over her tongue. Barry, still cumming, rammed his cock into his mother's mouth, groaning. Janet sucked up and down only twice, then Barry plunged his cock to her throat, holding there, his body shaking as he finished cumming down her throat.

Barry climbed from his mother, sitting cross-legged, his chest heaving up and down. Janet sprawled on her back, her legs spread, her drenched fingers resting on the soft hair of her cunt. Shari was sitting by Janet, still gasping from the force of her own orgasm. A drop of jism gleamed on the tip of Janet's nose, and Shari leaned over, licking it up.

After what seemed a long time, Shari giggled. "Mother, you tore your panties off. You'll have to throw them away now."

"I know," Janet said softly. "I don't care, I have more."

"Maybe you should stop wearing panties, Mom," Barry said. "You'd look pretty, going without panties. Just think, your cunt would be ready anytime I got a hard-on!"

Janet looked at her son, her eyes soft. "Barry, do you really love to fuck me?"

"Sure, Mom," he said.

"I mean, really love to fuck me?"

"If I didn't. I wouldn't," he said. "You have a really hot cunt, Mom. It feels like your pussy is gonna blister my cock, and you do things with your cunt that make me cum awfully hard. Yes, I really love to fuck you!"

"I'm gonna get fucked Monday," Shari giggled. "I can't wait. It's my birthday present, Daddy said," Janet's thoughts went to her husband. "Would you tell me something, honestly?"

"Sure," Barry replied.

"Did you two do these things with your father?"

"No," Shari replied. "He wouldn't let us."

"Then why did he tell you about me?"

"Because he liked to watch us do things with each other, Mother," her daughter answered. "He liked to look at my cunt and watch Barry jerk off on it. He liked to see me play with my pussy, too. But he didn't know I was sucking Barry's cock."

"But why did he tell you about me?"

"I guess he wanted to excite us, Mom!" Barry said. "It did, too."

"I can tell that!" Janet replied. Barry was getting hard again. He had been sitting there as they talked, feeling his mother's cunt with one hand, his sister's pussy with the other. Now and then he would lift his fingers and taste their juices, and it was making his cock stand up hard again.

"What are you going to do with that hard-on now, honey?" Janet asked, her voice throaty.

"You want it, Mom?" he grinned.

"I'll always want it!" she whispered, wrapping her fingers around his cock. "Ooooh, are you... you know, embarrassed now, Mother?"

"No," Janet replied.

"You don't feel ashamed that Barry is gonna fuck you?"

"No!" Janet said, her voice firm. "I was, of course. But now I just want his cock in me. I want you to fuck me and fuck me... ohhh, baby, fuck Mother now!"

"In the ass?" Barry asked.

Janet's eyes widened.

"No! Not there!" she said, knowing she couldn't stop him from fucking her ass if he wanted to fuck her there.

"That's where I'm gonna fuck you now, Mom!" Barry said.

Janet squeezed his cock very hard.

"All right," she said softly. "You can fuck me in my ass. But baby, please don't hurt me. I've never done that before. Be gentle, will you?"

"Mom," he said, "come on, turn over on your stomach."

Janet turned, apprehensive. She just knew ass-fucking was going to hurt. Barry's cock was long, and she could almost feel pain in her asshole already. She lay on her stomach, her full tits flattening out. She heard her daughter breathe with excitement, then felt their hands touch the shapely cheeks of her ass.

"Pull your knees up, Mother!" Shari said, as if she knew exactly how to take a cock into her ass. "Pull your knees up and stick your ass up here for us."


Janet drew her knees beneath her body, feeling as if she were so very exposed.

"Nice, huh, Shari?" Barry said.

"Mother has a lovely ass, Barry!" her daughter replied. "I hope my ass is as pretty when I grow up!"

"You have a cute ass, Shari," Barry said. "Nice and little, and I bet you'd be able to really shake it when I get to fuck you Monday."

Shari giggled.

"I know I'm gonna shake it," she said. "I'm gonna shake my ass so hard, you'll think your cock is gonna come off in my cunt."

Janet listened to them, her ass high in the air, her torn panties wrapped about one knee. She could feel the spreading of her ass-cheeks, feel her cunt so open and vulnerable. Her asshole tightened as she waited for the touch of her son's cock.

A wet tongue touched the cheek of her ass, making her shiver. She didn't know whose tongue it was, but it didn't matter. The tongue swirled slowly about the creamy flesh of her ass, then she felt a tongue on her other ass-cheek. Janet whimpered with pleasure.

Suddenly, a wet tongue scraped across her hot asshole.

"Ohhh!" she moaned, startled.

"Tastes good," Barry said. "You wanna taste Mom's asshole, Shari?"

"Oooh, yes!" Shari hissed.

"Shari, please..." Janet whispered.

Shari ran her tongue between the spreading cheeks of her mother's ass, her little tongue lapping up and down. Janet felt her daughter's tongue probe into her hairy cunt a few times, then lick back to the pucker of her whole.

"My turn," Barry called, his voice low with excitement. "If you wanna suck her hairy cunt, Shari, you have to get under her."

Barry pushed his face against his mother's ass, his tongue swishing about wetly. Janet, her hips moving, darted back, and her son's tongue slipped into her asshole.

"Ohhhh, please!" she wailed.

"Fuck her ass, Barry!" Shari urged. "Fuck Mother's hot ass with your tongue!"

Janet moaned as her son darted his tongue in and out. She tried once to squeeze her asshole tightly, but failed. It felt to her as if his tongue was long and thick, filling her asshole.

Shari moved her hand below her mother's stomach, and felt Janet's hairy cunt.

"She's really wet, Barry! Mother's cunt is so wet she's dripping all over my hand! I think Mother wants a cock up her ass!"

Barry pulled his tongue from his mother's asshole.

"Yeah! I know she does!" he said, his breathing fast. "And I'm gonna fuck her ass, too! I'm gonna rip her ass open with my cock!"

"Let me help!" Shari gurgled.

Janet felt her daughter pull at her ass-cheeks, trying to spread them farther apart. Her asshole seemed to bulge out lewdly, and she squeezed tightly. All that did was bring giggles from the twins.

Barry pushed the head of his cock against his mother's asshole.

"Ohhh, Barry!" Janet cried out. "Be gentle, please!"

"I will, Mom," he replied.

And lunged.

Janet screamed as her asshole tore apart. The sudden thrust of her son's cock surprised her, but it didn't hurt as she had been expecting. She felt as if her asshole were stuffed, filled with his hard, throbbing cock. She felt the way her son's cock throbbed against the gripping ring of her asshole, and her senses reeled. Her naked body trembled, and her ass seemed to sway and beg for him to fuck it.

Janet's fingers clawed into the sheets, and tears came into her eyes, they were tears of beautiful, sweet rapture. She was startled that ass fucking felt so good. Never in her wildest dreams had she thought a cock up her asshole would feel that way. She had been expecting pain, and she had felt pain, but only when her son lunged into her so fast and hard. But now, no... only a tremendous sensation of a full ass and that sweet, sweet pressure.

She couldn't speak, nor could she move. She had her ass high in the air, her shit-ring stretched more than she believed possible, trembling with the most delightful sensations. Shari was still holding Janet's ass open with her small hands, and her son wasn't moving yet.

"You're sure in her ass, Barry!" Shari giggled lewdly. "Your cock is really up Mother's ass! All the fucking way!"

"Yeah!" Barry groaned, feeling the tightness, the ring of his mothers asshole clutching his cock harder than a fist ever had.

"Ohhh, it's tight and hot!"

"Go on, fuck her! Barry!" Shari urged. "Fuck Mother in her ass! Fuck her up the ass! Ram her hot asshole, Barry!"

Janet made a groan, part sob and part whimper. Her ass was shaking as if begging for his cock, and her crinkled shitter gripped his cock with a tightness that was almost impossible. She was sure she could feel the swollen head of her son's cock inside her stomach, almost to her throat, as if she were choking on it.

She felt his cock throb powerfully, his balls pushing against the hairy, wet lips of her inflamed cunt. As her ass pressed back at her son, Janet was surprised at her body's cooperation. Her ass moved without direction from her mind, as if it wanted more of that sweet, exquisite sensation.

Shari, her small hands stretching her mother's ass wide apart, leaned over, peering at her mother's asshole, seeing how stretched it was around her brother's cock. The tip of her wet, little tongue darted, brushed at the base of her mother's spine, and pushed downward. Shari tried to probe the ring of her mother's asshole, but her brothers stomach was smashed hard against it. Barry, seeing what his sister was trying to do, pulled his cock back, moaning with the hot grip his mother's asshole had on his cock. He pulled slowly and Janet cried out. When the head of his cock was caught inside her hot shit-ring, he stopped pulling.

"Ooooh!" Shari gasped, flicking the tip of her tongue at the stretched ring of her mother's asshole, swirling her tongue against the shaft of her brother's cock.

Janet could just barely accept that added sensation. Her cunt throbbed and dripped, slippery juices running along her inner thighs. She felt her daughter's tongue lick, and she clutched the sheets of the bed tighter.

Shari's little tongue licked swiftly, her breath hot over Barry's cock and her mother's stuffed asshole. Shari made a soft, purring sound as her tongue ran up and down the shaft of her brother's cock, feeling and tasting. Her little cunt was bubbling as hotly as her mother's, becoming just as juicy.

"Ahhh, Shari!" her brother moaned.

Shari released her mothers ass-cheeks, finding they stayed spread without her help. She shoved her hand underneath her mother and moved her fingers through Janet's soft pussy hair until she touched her mother's clit. When her eager, small fingers agitated her mother's distended clit, Janet gasped, and began to swing her ass wantonly.

Shari drove a finger into her mother's cunt, fucking it, and licked about Janet's creamy, smooth ass with her wet tongue. Her eyes stared hotly at her brother's cock inside their mother's asshole. Shari sneaked her other hand behind her brother's ass, between his thighs. She cupped his balls, finding them wet with the juices from their mother's cunt. Manipulating her brother's balls, squeezing and twisting them, she urged Barry to fuck Janet in her ass.

"Oooh, Barry, fuck her ass! Fuck Mother's hot ass! Ahhh, it looks wonderful, Mother! I can see Barry's cock in your hot ass, Mother! Fuck her... ram her hot, fucking asshole. Barry!"

Janet's asshole closed as tight as possible around the head of her son's cock. But it wasn't to prevent him from stabbing inward. Her shifter closed from reflex, from ecstasy. Janet pushed her knuckles to her mouth, not believing how good it felt.

"B..." she moaned. "Barry, fuck me! Ohhh, baby, fuck me hard! Hurry, baby, fuck my ass! Ram that cock up Mother's asshole! Fuck that ass... that hot asshole! Ooooh, please; please! Fuck me in the ass! Tear my hot ass apart! Ram it to me! God... oh, God, fuck my ass, Barry!"

With his sister's face out of the way now! Barry clutched his mother's naked hips and drove his cock forward hard and deep. Janet let out a wail. Her asshole burned hotly, and the slight pulsating pain did nothing but make her feel better. Her asshole felt the way her cunt did when she was about to cum. The tingling, the burning, the hungry sensation -- it was all there in her ass.

Barry fucked his cock back and forth, watching his mother's asshole cling to his cock. He twisted his face with hot excitement, fighting to keep from cumming too fast. His mother's asshole was so much tighter than her cunt.

Shari stared at his cock plunging back and forth. Her small tongue kept licking at their mothers trembling ass, tracing a wet pattern about Janet's satiny ass-cheeks, over her spine and the small of her back. She worked her finger into her mother's pussy, stabbing in and out and rubbing hard at Janet's painfully swollen clit. She gripped her brother's hot balls tightly, her small, naked body shivering with lewd sensations.

"Ohhhh, God!" Janet moaned. "Oh, God! Oh, my God!"

Her asshole took her sons cock, took the wild battering. The slapping sounds of his stomach striking the cheeks of her ass sounded beautiful to her. Each time Barry rammed his cock into her asshole, Shari's hand holding his balls smashed at the puffy lips of Janet's hairy cunt.

"Ooooh, yes, baby, yes!" Janet begged, shaking her ass. "Ram it, Barry! Ram that cock! Ahhh, fuck Mother's ass, Mother's hot ass! Mother's tight, fucking ass! Oh, my asshole, my asshole is so stretched! My ass burns and tingles and... ahhh! Barry, Barry! I love it. Barry! God, I love your cock up my ass!"

Shari's eyes burned as she watched her brother's cock fuck back and forth. She watched the ripples of their mother's tight ass when his lower body smacked against the cheeks of Janet's naked ass. Shari's cunt was on fire, as wet as her mother's cunt. She wanted to dig at her pussy, plunge the fingers from both her hands into it, fuck her pussy raw as she watched Barry's cock pound into their mother's asshole. But she wanted to play with her mother's hairy cunt more, hold her brother's hot, balls.

Barry grunted with ecstasy, jerking his mother's ass back as his cock went forward, burying deep into the heat of her tight asshole. His vision blurred, and he could hardly watch. His balls were throbbing in his sister's hand, loaded with boiling juices. The way his sister was pulling and twisting his balls, he was fighting to hold back his cum, the need to cum growing and growing.

The friction of her son's cock sliding along the pucker of her asshole was making Janet sob and tremble. She was going to cum. Every inch of her crotch was on fire, and she felt as if she were going to cum with every part of her naked body. She had never felt that much sensation before.

"Oh, make me cum!" she screamed. "Barry, make Mother cum! Ooooh, fuck my ass and make me cum! My cunt... my asshole... everything is going to cum! I'm about to... about to explode! Ohhh, God, fuck me! Fuck my ass! Fuck it... fuck it!"

Janet, with the ballooning orgasm driving her, shook her uplifted ass wildly, taking her son's cock with delight. She thrilled to the battering her asshole was getting, not caring if her asshole was stretched a mile wide now. The desire to have her son cum inside her asshole, to take every precious drop of his cum-juice up her ass, was driving her out of her mind.

Janet had never wanted a cock to cum inside her so much. She wanted her son to cum and cum, drown her asshole with that sweet, hot juice from his hot, young balls. She wanted jism in her ass, in her cunt, in her mouth, all at the same time. She lifted her head, shaking as she screeched in ecstasy. She strained her ass to his cock.

Shari lifted her face and stared at Janet's asshole holding Barry's cock, rubbing furiously at her mother's inflamed clit, making wet sounds with her eager fingers. She squeezed her brother's balls, almost losing them from the swiftness of his stabbing cock.

"Fill her ass, Barry!" Shari squealed. "Fill Mother's fucking ass with cum-juice! Squirt cum up her hot, fucking asshole! Cum in her fucking ass!"

"Yeah, yeah!" Barry grunted, his face twisted with agonized torment.

"Now!" Janet screamed. "Cum in my ass now!"

A scream boiled out of Janet's throat as she came. Everything let loose at the same time and a ripping sensation of boiling heat swept from her feet to her head. The contractions of her exploding cunt caused her asshole to grip and flex and suck on her son's cock.

Shari saw her mother's asshole flex around Barry's cock, and she pulled at his balls.

Barry yelled, straining as deep as he could into his mother's fiery, sucking asshole. His gush of cum-juice sprayed the soft walls of Janet's ass, intensifying her rapture. Her orgasm went on and on as if it would never stop.

"More, more!" Janet shouted, shaking her ass. "Oh! Keep cumming! Squirt it up my ass! Pump it in my asshole! Oh, God... don't ever stop cumming in my fucking ass!"

Exhausted. Barry pulled from his mother. There was a wet sound as his cock slipped out of her tight asshole. Janet cried softly with loss. She was so weak she couldn't stretch out. She remained with her knees beneath her body, her ass high in the air, ass-cheeks parted. She rested her head and shoulders on the sheets, her fingers no longer clutching. Her eyes were closed as she panted, shivers running about her satiny flesh.

Shari leaned past her mother's ass, her hot eyes seeing the throbbing of her mother's pussy lips, the glistening wetness on Janet's inner thighs. The dark hair was matted with juices near Janet's cunt.

With a soft squeal! Shari pushed her face against her mother's cunt, licking quickly, dipping her tongue into it.

"Ohhh, Shari," Janet moaned.

Shari ran her little tongue as deep as she could into her mother's cunt, working it about, tasting the hot juices, her young lips sucking as her throat swallowed.

"Ohhh, you'll make me cum again, Shari!" Janet whimpered, shaking her lifted ass gently. "You'll make Mother cum again!"

Shari darted her tongue into her mother's hairy cunt, fucking in and out. When she pulled her tongue out, she closed her lips about Janet's hairy cunt-lips, sucking them then lapped her tongue about her mothers twitching clit.

Barry sat watching his sister, still panting from his wild fucking of his mother's asshole.

"You sure like to suck that hairy cunt, don't you, Shari?" he asked.

Shari moaned, sucking at her mother's cunt. She fluttered her eyes and saw the wet pucker of her mother's asshole. With a soft squeal, she lifted her face, pressing her lips about their mother's asshole. Shari began to dart her little tongue in and out. She tasted her brother's cum and with soft moans began to finger-fuck her hairless, pink cunt frantically. She sucked and licked at her mother's asshole hungrily, pulling cum-juice from it, her slim throat swallowing. Her hand moved in a frenzy at her sugary cunt.

"Ooooh, Shari!" Janet wailed. "My cunt, baby! Suck my cunt! You're about to make me cum again, baby! Ooooh, please, suck Mother's cunt! Take your tongue out of my asshole and push it up my hairy cunt! Hurry, you're making me cum!"

With a moan, Shari lowered her face and jammed her tongue as far into her mother's steamy cunt as she could. Janet screwed into orgasm. She pushed her wet, hairy pussy hard onto her daughter's face, her tits bursting from the tight feel in them.

As she licked at her mother's hot cunt, Shari's fingers smashed into her own pussy and she strained with soft yelps, her orgasm finally bursting.

"Fucking cunts!" Barry laughed. "If I don't have a hard-on, you eat each other!"


"You can fuck me tomorrow!" Shari said to her brother.

"Yeah, it's Monday," he grinned. "Our birthday."

Janet was looking forward to seeing them fuck as much as they were. She pictured many times her son's cock moving into Shari's sugary, hairless cunt. She wanted to see her daughter's pussy open up for her son's cock. She wanted Shari to enjoy Barry as much as she did.

With surprise, she realized how comfortable she was with her twins.

She felt no shame or embarrassment with them. She was enjoying being naked before them. She didn't feel the need to be forced, or used. She still wanted to be their slave, be told to do wild, wicked, delicious things, but not as much as before. Now she involved herself eagerly, even asking to suck her son's cock, or lick her daughter's pussy. She handled them both constantly, always touching and feeling them up. She was happy, very happy.

She didn't know why that change had come about, nor did she care. She liked the way she was now. She walked about the house in her panties or nothing at all, feeling good, not embarrassed. It was very enjoyable to put her lovely, slender body on display.

"You really don't have to wait until tomorrow, you know," Janet said.

"Yes, we do, Mother," Shari replied. "It's our birthday present to each other. Barry is gonna give me his cock, and I'm gonna give him my cunt."

"Wrapped, I suppose," Janet laughed.

Barry said, "That would be nice, but we've already opened the packages, Mom. We've seen the goodies."

"And I like what I've seen!" Shari giggled, grabbing for her brother's cock.

"If you want to wait until tomorrow," Janet said, "you can still take it up the ass, Shari."

Shari's eyes went wide.

"Aw. Mother, I can't do that. I already think Barry's cock is gonna hurt my cunt."

"You saw me do it," Janet replied, "if I can, you can. An asshole will stretch just like a girl's cunt, you know. A cock is never too big. At least, I don't think so."

Shari eyed her brother's cock as if seeing it for the first time. Barry had half a hard-on, but as he heard what his mother said, his cock lifted quickly into full hardness.

"Why didn't I think about that?" he said, grinning at his sister. "I could have put my cock in your ass a long time."

Shari licked her lips, eyeing his cock warily. She felt her asshole tighten.

"It looks awfully big for my ass," she said softly. "Mother, are you sure? I'm not as big as you are, you know."

"I'm almost sure," Janet said. "Want me to help make it easy for you, honey?"

Shari nodded her head, but she still watched her brother's cock with wary eyes. Janet went to the kitchen and returned with a small jar of honey.

"Honey for a honey!" Janet smiled.

"You're gonna rub that on me?" Shari asked.

"It will make your little asshole nice!" Janet said. "And then, after Barry is in your little ass, I'm gonna lick it. Your little ass may be sweet, baby, but this will make it even sweeter!"

Shari leaned over, on her hands and knees. Janet knelt at her daughter's tight, cute ass, smearing honey about Shari's tight ass-crinkle.

Shari giggled. "It's cold, Mother."

"Not for long," Janet answered, rubbing honey about Shari's asshole and her soft, satiny inner ass-cheeks. "It feels like your little ass will melt your brother's cock. God, you're hot on this pretty asshole, Shari!"

Janet kissed one creamy ass-cheek. She didn't stop at smearing honey about her daughter's asshole, but rubbed it at the sugary lips of Shari's cunt too, even putting honey inside her daughter's cunt. Shari giggled lewdly, twisting her pretty, naked ass.

"You could just keep on pushing your finger in my pussy! Mother," she said. "I'll cum if you..."

"I know you would!" Janet laughed. "You're just a little hot ass!"

Barry, watching his mother smear honey on his sister's ass and cunt, stroked his cock as he waited. He watched the pink pucker of his sister's asshole grip and flex, and knew it was going to be tighter than his mother's ass. His balls were full and hot with juice, and he really didn't mind where he squirted it.

After she had smeared honey all about her daughter's ass and cunt, Janet kissed each asscheek, running her tongue over Shari's young, firm ass-flesh. The taste of honey on her daughter's ass-cheeks made her tremble with excitement. She ran her tongue down into Shari's ass-crack, probing against her daughter's asshole for a moment.

"Mmmmm, very hot, baby!" Janet mewled and swirled her tongue. "Very hot and very, very sweet!"

Gazing at the hairless, pink cunt pooching from her daughter's thighs, Janet wanted to bury her face into it, suck and lick it, but she forced herself into patience. Shari would certainly love it, but Barry was sitting there with a hard-on that looked as if it were about to squirt cum-juice to the ceiling.

"Come on, Barry," Janet said, her voice throaty with excited eagerness. "Now your sister is ready. Her little asshole is slippery with honey, waiting for your cock."

Shari held her breath as her brother knelt by her uplifted ass. She wanted to turn and watch, but that was impossible. Her little cunt sucked inward, and she purred softly, not knowing what to expect.

Janet grasped her son's cock at the base, squeezing tightly, watching his cock-head bulge. She made a soft, hissing sound as his piss-hole opened, dripping juices.

Barry pushed his cock to his sister's honey coated ass.

"Oooooh," Shari whimpered as she felt his cock touch her asshole. "I'm not sure about this. I'm not at all sure I wanna get fucked in the ass! Mother!"

"Yes you do," Janet said softly, rubbing the swollen head of her son's cock against her daughter's crinkling asshole.

Barry, feeling the heat of his sister's pink asshole, couldn't wait. He pushed forward. Shari felt the pressure on her hole and couldn't breathe, her eyes bulging. So far his cock felt good to her.

"Just a little," more Janet whispered.

Barry pushed.

Shari's tight asshole began to spread, give in to the pressure. Shari gasped once, then held her breath again. Her asshole was opening, stretching, and she felt the smooth head of her brother's cock go in. Her mouth gaped and she resisted the urge to pull away from him.

"Just a little more," Janet moaned, finding herself very excited to watch. Her hairy cunt throbbed tightly, seeping juices along her thighs. "Just a little more and your cock is in her little ass, Barry."

"Ahhhh," Barry moaned with sensation.

"Ooohhhh!" Shari yelped.

The head of her brother's cock was in her ass. "Oh, I don't believe it! Mother!" Shari squealed. "Oooooh, my... my asshole!"

Shari wasnt yelping from pain. She was yelping because she could feel the head of her brother's cock in her ass, and it was very, very good.

"Ooooh, if it feels this good tomorrow in my cunt," she groaned, "I'm gonna be fucking all the time?"

"Now, you can fuck her little ass, Barry," Janet said.

Barry held his sister's hips, sliding his cock back and forth gently.

"Tight!" he panted. "So fucking tight!"

"I like it!" Shari squealed, pushing her creamy little ass back. "I like it, Barry! Ooooh, fuck me! Barry!"

Janet sat on her heels, watching as her son fucked his cock back and forth. It was beautiful to her, seeing her son fuck his twin sister in the ass. Janet wondered if perhaps she had a bit of voyeurism in her personality, and decided if she did, she enjoyed it.

The honey on Shari's ass made it easy for Barry's cock to move back and forth. Shari wiggled her ass, the friction exciting her.

"It feels like I gotta shit," she moaned. "But better!"

Janet parted her own knees and caressed her hairy cunt as she watched, her eyes burning. She used her other hand to shove beneath her daughter's body, cupping Shari's small tits. She fondled one tit, making her daughter giggle with greater pleasure. When Janet saw Shari work her tight, little ass back and forth with the stabbing motion of her sons cock, she scooted to Shari's head.

"Eat my cunt, baby," Janet whimpered softly, sliding her pussy under her daughter's face, spreading out on her back, her legs wide. "Suck my cunt while you take Barry's cock in your asshole! I'm so hot and wet, Shari! Please, baby, suck Mother's wet, hot cunt!"

Shari didn't hesitate. With her brother's cock creating that delicious fire in her asshole, she lowered her face and pressed, her mouth onto Janet's wet, hairy pussy. Janet grabbed the back of her daughter's head and began to grind her cunt onto Shari's sucking mouth. Shari thrust her tongue into her mother's cunt wildly, sliding her small hands underneath Janet's bucking, naked ass, clasping Janet's ass-cheeks as her mother bucked her cunt up and down.

Barry banged into his sisters asshole, shoving her face tight against their mothers cunt. Shari whimpered, feeling his cock ram deep into her scalding, little asshole.

"Fuck ass, Barry!" Janet screamed. "Fuck her little ass! Oooh, Shari, suck me, suck Mother's cunt! Eat my hot cunt, baby! Fuck her in that cute asshole, Barry!"

Shari wiggled her ass as best she could. Her face was jammed onto her mother's fiery cunt with each lunge of her brother's cock into her asshole. Shari didn't mind; she loved it. She gripped her mother's naked ass as tight as she could in her small hands, sucking in a frenzy at Janet's hairy pussy, driving her tongue in and out, then chewing with her lips at Janet's inflamed clit.

Shari began to sob with the exquisite sensation. The urge to pull her ass from her brother's cock and make him fuck her now in her cunt was strong, but somehow she resisted it. She wanted his cock badly inside her hairless pussy, but they had promised their father not to fuck until their birthday. Still, the feel of his cock in her asshole was fantastic, and Shari knew if it felt as good in her cunt, it would be worth the wait.

Barry was grunting as he watched his cock stab in and out of Shari's tight, steaming asshole. His balls smacked her honey-coated cunt wetly as they swung back and forth. He knew he was smashing Shari's face onto their mother's cunt, but he couldn't help it.

The feel of his sister's asshole taking his throbbing cock was so good, he couldn't even slow down. Shari was trying to wiggle her ass, but their ass-fucking prevented much movement. The best she could do was shove back as he came forward, then he beat her face onto their mother's juicy cunt.

Janet was making choking sounds, unable to form words. Her throat was constricted, and she pounded her hairy cunt frantically onto her daughter's sucking, licking mouth. She bent her knees, holding her legs as far apart as she could, straining her cunt onto Shari's mouth almost desperately.

Janet could see her son's contorting face, see her daughter's cute, naked ass, but in a blurry sort of way. Her tits swelled, crushed together from her upper arms as she held the back of Shari's head. Her nipples strained with aching hardness.

Shari felt her asshole expand, her cunt throbbing with a heat that she had never felt before. She didn't believe she could be so hot, so wet, by taking her brother's cock into her asshole. She sucked very hard at her mother's clit, then jammed her tongue into Janet's satiny cunt as deep as she could, darting back and forth, her lips sucking at the puffy, hairy mouth of her mother's cunt. The heat Shari felt radiated from her hairless cunt, flowing outward until it reached her toes, the top of her head. Her inner thighs felt as if someone were touching her flesh with matches.

Barry was straining, his balls tight. He felt as if his sister's asshole were sucking and chewing on his prick. When he pulled back, it seemed Shari closed her asshole so tight that his cockhead refused to come out. He was about to cum, and his balls hurt and his cock hurt and he felt so good, he began to groan.

"Oh, God, I'm going to cum!" Janet screamed, and smashed her cunt hard onto her daughter's face.

Shari, her tongue rammed deeply into her mother's cunt, groaned, her pussy convulsing explosively, her asshole pulling hard at her brothers buried cock.

Barry yelled and spurted hotly into his sister's asshole.

Janet could almost feel her son cum inside Shari's ass. Knowing Barry was cumming into her daughter's asshole excited Janet very much. It increased the power of her own orgasm, and it seemed that Shari was plunging her tongue harder and deeper into her cunt. Janet rammed her spasming pussy onto her daughter's face, and Shari sucked with a strong greed. Janet could barely see her son ram his hips against his sister's ass, her vision was so blurry.

Shari felt as if her asshole had been flooded. And still her brother gushed into it. She could feel his hot cum-juice spew deep into her hot asshole, feel the throb of his cock against her clutching shit-ring. Her cunt became tight then loosened, over and over as her orgasm boiled up and down her little, naked body.

Barry thought his balls were falling off. He had his face lifted to the ceiling, his eyes clamped tightly, yelping as he came. By the time he finished, he couldn't stay on his knees. His cock came out of his sister's gripping asshole with a wet sound, and he fell back, gasping heavily.

Janet, her cunt no longer in spasms, continued to grind her hairy cunt onto Shari's face, feeling Shari's wet tongue stroke her hair lined cunt-lips softly. She watched Shari's little ass wave in slow motion, and finally, very gently, Janet pulled her pussy away.

"Oh, God!" Janet cried softly. "That was strong!"

Shari sat back on her heels, wiping at her pussy-wet face, giggling girlishly, her eyes bright as she watched her mother drag herself to the near wall.

Janet's shapely tits rose and fell swiftly while she rested, her nipples not as tight now. Her cunt kept tingling deliciously, her face glowing as she smiled at her children.


Everyone stayed awake late that night. Shari and Barry were very excited about their birthday. They were giving each other a present, one they had waited a long time for. Janet thought it was exciting for Barry to give his sister his cock, and Shari to give her brother her cunt. A fuck for a birthday present, a gift of Shari's virgin pussy.

"Well, you're not a virgin any place else, that's for sure," Janet said. "You've had your brother's cock in your mouth and now up your little ass. All you have left for a cock is that little cunt of yours, baby."

"I know," Shari said. "I can hardly wait for Barry's cock to go in it, too. If it feels as good in my pussy as it did in my ass... ohhhh I'll want his cock all the time."

"You already do," Janet observed.

Janet lay in the center of her bed, with Shari on one side, Barry the other. She was spread out naked, and they were sifting with crossed legs, playing with her body, touching her tits, her cunt, thighs. Now and then, they would lean over and suck on her tits. It felt good when they both felt her cunt together. She enjoyed it when they each pushed a finger into her cunt and worked them around.

They had pulled her long legs wide apart so they could get to her pussy better and Janet wasn't resisting at all. She wasn't embarrassed with them, either. They still played the game, though. She pretended to be shy and unwilling, protesting when they touched her, but it was pretense. They knew, and she knew, how much she wanted it.

Janet held her sons cock in one hand, her other hand cupping her daughter's succulent cunt. The heat of Shari's hairless pussy on her palm felt very good and she enjoyed feeling it more than her own. She wagged her son's cock in her hand, cupped his balls and massaged them. Her hips wiggled about on the bed as they opened her cunt, poking fingers into her, leaning down to kiss her pussy or take a swipe across the wetness with a tongue.

"I wish I could suck you both at the same time!" Janet whispered hotly. "I'd love to eat that pretty cunt and suck that cock together."

"You can try, Mom," Barry said, scooting toward his mother's face and lying back, opening his legs.

The idea came to Janet immediately as she turned onto her stomach, facing her son's crotch.

"Oh, I can!" she cried. "Shari! Get on top of your brother. Sit on him and shove your cunt onto his prick."

Shari scrambled onto her brother's body, sitting on him and pushing her cunt to his cock. She leaned back, almost lying on his chest. Janet scooted between their thighs, and rubbed the head of her son's cock about her daughter's cunt. She pushed the head of his cock to Shari's hairless cunt and tried to get Shari's cunt-lips around his cock-shaft. But Shari's pussy was too small. She pushed the shaft of Barry's cock against her daughter's cunt then she pressed the head of his prick to Shari's asshole brushing his cock-head up and down.

Shari giggled with sensation, feeling her Mother rub Barry's cock from her asshole to her cunt. Barry, although unable to see, shivered with sensation, fondling his sister's small tits as she leaned back.

Janet stared hotly at them. Her face so close to Shari's sugary sweet cunt and her son's young cock sent fiery emotion through her naked body. She smashed her hairy cunt onto the bed, grinding, feeling her pussy throb in response to the pressure. She pushed her mouth forward, kissing her son's balls then rubbing her lips up his cock-shaft to Shari's cunt. She kissed Shari's juicy, little cunt-slit, and placed the head of Barry's cock against it. Her tongue darted, and she licked at the smooth head of her son's cock and her daughters cunt at the same time. The exotic taste, the feel of cock and cunt on her tongue, brought a low groan of erotic hunger from Janet.

"Ooooh, Mother, you can do it!" Shari gasped. "You can lick us both at the same time!"

"Mmmm sweet!" Janet purred. "Sweet and hot!"

Her tongue ran up and down the shaft of her sons cock, swirling about the juicy lips of her daughter's cunt. She pushed the swollen head of Barry's cock against the slit of Shari's pussy, and twirled her tongue hungrily about them. The taste made her own cunt bubble and drip against the sheets.

Janet clenched the cheeks of her own shapely, naked ass, mewling softly as she swirled her tongue about Shari's small, knotted clit and the tip of her son's cock. She wondered if she could make them both cum at the same time, and she began to kiss and lick them quickly. She slipped her hands up and down her son's thighs and hips, then her daughter's, excited by the contrast of their flesh.

"Oh, Mom, it feels good!" Barry moaned.

"It sure does!" Shari squealed.

"God, you better believe it!" Janet gurgled. "I can taste both of you! Hot, sweet, juicy cunt and hard, dripping cock!"

Barry clutched his sister's small tits hard, her pink, little nipples boring into his palms. His cock throbbed against the slit of his sister's cunt as his mother ran her tongue about it. Shari squealed and wiggled her hot, little ass on her brother's stomach, looking down her body, eyes bright with excitement.

Janet breathed swiftly with emotion. The heat of Shari's cunt and Barry's cock against her face and mouth was almost too much. She swirled her tongue up and down his hard prick-shaft, licking his tight, hairless balls, then to her daughter's pulsating cunt. She drew Shari's inflamed clit into her mouth and sucked hard, flicking the sensitive tip with her tongue. She could probe her daughter's clit and her son's piss-hole at the same time, and found it as good as she suspected it would be. Her son was dripping juices from his piss-hole, mixing with the juices of her daughter's cunt, and Janet was licking and tasting them together.

"Suck my cock, Mom!" Barry urged.

"Mmmmm," Janet whimpered pulling his cock away from Shari's cunt and swallowing it. She pumped her mouth up and down his prick a few times, but then lifted and rammed her tongue into Shari's cunt. The head of her son's cock poked at her neck and chin, and she began to feverishly suck cunt, then cock, her tongue in constant motion.

"Oooooh, Mother, I bet you can make us cum!" Shari squealed. "I bet you can make us both cum! Make Barry cum on my cunt, and lick it off, Mother!"

Janet licked and sucked and kissed frantically. As much as she enjoyed the feel of Shari's cunt and her son's cock on her tongue and in her mouth, the desire to lap Barry's cum-juice off her daughter's sweet cunt was strong. To taste his creamy cum-juice and Shari's pussy juice together would make her cum, she knew.

She pushed Barry's cock against Shari's cunt, his cock-head almost slipping inside. She looked at the stretching of her daughter's hairless cunt, the tip of Shari's clit resting on the swollen head of Barry's cock. Her tongue ran up and down the throbbing shaft of her son's cock then swirled about Shari's knotted clit.

Janet placed Barry's piss-hole against Shari's clit, and sucked them both, moaning as her passion bubbled hotter and hotter. She grasped her sons hot balls in her hand, squeezing them, urging Barry to cum. Her other hand stroked her daughter's satiny thigh, trying to cup a small chunk of Shari's ass. Her tongue flicked up and down, swirling wetly over the head of her son's cock, then over her daughter's bubbling cunt.

Now and then, Janet pulled Barry's cock to her face, sucking at his piss-hole, loving the juices that coated her tongue. Then she jammed her tongue into her daughter's soft, hairless pussy a few times.

"Ooooooh, faster, Mother," Shari gurgled. "Ohhh, my cunt is burning up and I can feel Barry's cock and your tongue on it! Oh, Mother, lick us! Lick both of us! Lick my cunt and lick Barry's cock!"

"Eat us up, Mom!" Barry groaned. "Suck my cock and Shari's cunt! Make us cum together, Mom!"

Janet was trying hard. She made her tongue and lips fly about that swollen cock-head and boiling, juicy cunt. Barry's cock throbbed in hardness, and was dripping on his sister's cunt. Shari's pussy was becoming wetter and wetter with sweet juices. Janet found she had to swallow more often, and she did so with delight.

"I'm about to cum!" Shari squealed. "Ohhh, Mother, my... I'm... my pussy, my cunt... I'm gonna cum!"

Janet sucked hard, her tongue flicking, striving to make her son's cock spurt when his sister's cunt contracted with orgasm. Barry was squirming his ass, groaning as he squeezed his sister's tight, pretty tits.

Suddenly, his cock gushed.

"I'm cumming!" Shari screamed as boiling cum-juice splashed over her young, hairless cunt. "I'm cumming, Mother!"

Janet's tongue flew wildly, tasting the creamy sweetness of her son's hot balls, and her daughter's juicy cunt. Janet smashed her own pussy hard against the mattress, grinding frantically, clutching her son's hip with one hand, her daughters thigh with the other. Barry came hard all over his sister's cunt and Janet licked with hungry sounds, swirling her tongue about Shari's juice-coated clit.

The clenching of Janet's hairy cunt against the mattress was very powerful, her clit throbbing with spasms. The taste of their juices almost drove Janet out of her mind. She couldn't get enough, her tongue all over Shari's hot, little cunt and the head of her son's cock.

When the orgasm faded away from Shari, Janet drew the head of her son's cock between her lips, getting a final spurt of cum-juice in her mouth. For a moment, she sucked at his cock, sliding her lips up and down as his prick softened then she pushed her face hard onto her daughter's cunt, driving her tongue past Shari's tight cunt-lips and deep into the satiny heat.

"You did it, Mother," Shari giggled as she sat upright, her cute ass burning on her brother's chest. "You made us cum together!"

Janet grinned, her face shining with wetness. She watched her daughter pull Barry's hands over her thighs and place his fingers at her cunt. Barry opened his sister's hot pussy and while he held her tight cunt-lips open, Shari caressed her clit with the tip of her finger. Janet thought it was one of the most erotic sights she had ever seen.

"Don't you two ever get tired?" Janet asked. "I just made you cum and already you're feeling each other."

"We love it, Mother," Shari replied, and leaned down to take her brother's cock into her mouth. When Barry's prick was soft, Shari could get it all between her lips, and she sucked it often that way, taking her mouth off when his cock turned hard. As she leaned forward, her ass slipped back and her little pussy pressed onto Barry's face.

Janet wasn't surprised to see Barry clutch his sister's naked, little ass and bury his mouth on her pussy, licking it. Janet sat up and leaned back, spreading her legs, watching them. She fondled her own cunt, sliding her hands through her soft cunt-hair. She understood their passion; her cunt, too, kept tingling, hot and wanting more.

After a few minutes, Shari rolled off her brother.

"I can wait a little while to cum again," she said. She sucked her brother's cock, giggling softly. "Besides, your cock isn't hard now, Barry."

"Keep sucking and it'll be hard," he replied.

Janet laughed. "All boys brag so much. You think your cock will stay hard, dont you?"

"It does, most of the time," he said.

"I'll say it does," Shari said. "For the past year, Mother, Barry has walked around with a hard-on almost all the time."

"He won't anymore," Janet said.

"Why not, Mom?" Barry asked.

"Because your sister and I will make sure, that's why."

"I guess you're right!" he said softly. "A guy can't enjoy a hard-on at all. Someone is always sucking or fucking with it."

"Isn't that what a hard-on is for?" Shari asked. "I thought that was what a girl was supposed to do with a hard cock!"

"That's exactly what a girl is supposed to do with a hard-on honey," Janet said. "Never let a hard cock go to waste."

"If you two are so fucking smart," Barry said. "What does a guy do when his cock isn't hard?"

"I don't know," Shari said.

Janet felt a flush creep over her face.

"Mother, I thought you were over that shyness," Shari said. "Why are you blushing now?"

"Because I know what a guy can do with a soft cock," Janet said softly.

"What?" Shari asked.

Janet looked at her sons prick. His cock was still a bit wet from Shari's mouth. She leaned over and kissed it, holding his prick-head up so she could press her lips to his piss-hole. She lifted up, and her face was very warm with heat, but her eyes were sparkling.

"He um... well, a guy can't fuck with a soft cock!" she whispered. "But he can piss!"

Barry laughed. "You like that, don't you, Mom?"

Janet nodded, her eyes downcast.

Shari grinned lewdly.

"You, too," Janet said softly.

"Where?" Barry asked.

Janet trembled. "In my cunt."

"You want me to piss inside your cunt, Mom?" Janet nodded her head.

Shari giggled. "But where do you want me to piss?"

"On my cunt," Janet said.

"Both of us piss on you?" Barry asked. "You want me to piss in your cunt, Mom, and Shari piss on it?"

Janet nodded, her blush bright and hot.

Barry and Shari gazed at her. Janet wondered what they were thinking. She began to feel she should have kept quiet. Maybe they were ashamed of her now. Maybe they didn't really enjoy pissing on her. But they seemed to enjoy it a few days ago, she thought.

She looked at them from lowered lashes, her gaze drifting from her son's cock to her daughter's cunt. Maybe they thought she was a little too wicked because she wanted them to piss on and in her cunt. Maybe they wouldn't do it, and maybe they wouldn't fuck her anymore because of it.

Janet wanted to be their sex slave, but she wanted them to suck and fuck her too, not just each other while she watched. If only she could make them understand that was what she wanted, to be a slave to their erotic desires. She was made to be used and abused and enjoyed in any and every manner, no mailer how degrading it was.

As the thoughts went through her whirling brain, Janet knew it was the truth. She sat there, head hanging down submissively waiting to hear what they had to say.

"Okay," Barry said.

"Me too, Mother!"

Janet shivered, almost feeling the hot piss in her cunt and on it right then. She leaned back on the bed, spreading her legs wide. Although her face was flushed, her eyes were sparkling with eagerness.

Barry slipped between his mother's thighs, stuffing his soft cock into her still-juicy cunt. He had to hold his cock inside otherwise the pulsations squeezed it right back out. Janet lifted her hips from the bed, gasping softly with anticipation.

Shari stood up, straddling her mother's waist, facing her brother.

Barry looked at his sister's hairless cunt.

"I just thought of something," he said. "I'm gonna get pissed on, too!"

Shari giggled and sent a quick spurt of golden piss out of her pussy.

"Hey!" Barry yelped as piss splashed over his hand and the base of his cock. "Shari, you're supposed to piss on Mom's cunt, not my fucking hand!"

"It won't hurt you, silly," his sister said.

"Piss in me, Barry!" Janet moaned. "Ohhhh, please, piss right in my hot cunt!"

She looked up at her daughter's sweet, little ass, seeing the slit of Shari's cunt between those parted thighs. She placed her hands on her daughter's ass, cupping Shari's ass-cheeks. Shari opened her cunt with both hands, ready to squirt her piss again, waiting for Barry to start.

"Well, I guess it's okay," he said. He dribbled a little piss out of his cock.

"Hard!" Janet wailed. "Piss in my fucking cunt hard, Barry!"

"Okay," he said then he began to piss a strong stream into his mother's cunt.

"Oooooh, God, that's beautiful!" Janet purred, feeling his hot piss fill her pussy. "Ohhh, harder! Piss hard in my fucking cunt, baby! Shari, let go! Spray Mother's hairy pussy with your sweet piss!"

With a lewd grin, Shari began to piss.

Barry yelped as his sister's piss sprayed his hand and matted the thick hair of their mother's cunt. He stared at his sister's cunt, watching her golden stream.

Janet, moaning with perverse pleasure, dropped her hands from Shari's ass and clawed her own cunt open, feeling Shari's piss sting against her clit, her son flooding her pussy with his piss.

Janet felt her pussy ripple, expand. The piss from her son filled her pussy and began to drip out, running over her shapely ass, down her asscrack and burning at her puckered asshole. She clawed her pussy as open as she could grinding her hips, seeing the hot stream of Shari's piss spew out of her succulent cunt.

"Ooooohh, piss in me! Piss on me! Ooohhh, this is so fucking good?" Janet sobbed. "Fill Mother's hot cunt with sweet piss! Oh, it's going to make me cum!"

Shari giggled wantonly, watching her piss splash about her mother's hairy cunt and her brother's hand. "This is fun!"

Barry's cock was squeezed out of his mother's cunt when Janet throbbed into orgasm. He pulled his prick back a few inches, and pissed up and down the puffy, contracting lips of his mother's convulsing cunt, his piss mixing with that of his sisters.

"Ohhhh, I'm cumming so fucking hard!" Janet cried. "Piss on me! Piss all over my fucking cunt! Ooooh, so hot, so very hot!"

Janet was still cumming when both Shari and Barry finished. When her pussy calmed down, she gazed up with hot eyes at her daughter's piss-wet cunt-slit and quickly pulled Shari's little ass back until she had Shari sifting on her face. Janet's tongue licked the piss from her daughter's sugary cunt wantonly, and when Shari moved aside, Barry was on his knees at her face.

He shook his cock, sending the last few drops of hot piss over his mother's protruding tongue.


Fresh from a midnight shower, the twins sat on their mother's bed, with Janet glowing in delight. "Did you really enjoy pissing on me?" she asked them.

"Oh, it was a lot of fun, Mother!" Shari giggled.

"It was okay," Barry replied. "I liked it best when I shook my cock off in your face though."

"You liked seeing your piss on my tongue, huh?" Janet grinned lewdly at her son. "Well, I enjoyed it, too."

"What if I wanted to piss in your mouth?" Barry asked.

"I'd let you," she said softly.

"Me too?" Shari asked, excitement in her voice. "Can I piss in your mouth, too, Mother?"

"Yes," Janet said softly. "Yes, you can, honey."

Shari and her brother looked at each other, eyes gleaming.

"Do you wanna do it, Barry?"

"Sure," he said. "If Mom wants us to! I want to."

"I think you two are forgetting something," Janet said.

"What are we forgetting?" Shari asked.

"Your birthday!"

"That's tomorrow, Mom," Barry said.

"No, it's now," Janet answered. "It's after midnight."

For a moment the twins didn't seem to comprehend, then both began to laugh.

"It is!" Shari squealed. "Barry! It's our birthday? You should fuck me... right in my cunt."

Janet watched them stare at each other. Their promise had been kept, they seemed almost awed with the idea of fucking each other.

"We don't really have to!" Barry said to his sister. "I mean, if you don't wanna fuck me, Shari, I'd understand. I can still fuck Mom anytime. Maybe you have a certain guy in mind you want first."

For a moment, Janet thought her daughter wouldn't say anything. She wanted to see them fuck very much, but she wouldn't urge them one way or the other. Maybe Barry was right, maybe Shari did have a boy in mind for her first little pussy-fuck. She could understand that. A girl getting a cock in her cunt for the first time was something special and should be given to a special fellow.

"I do have a special boy in mind," Shari said softly.

Barry's face fell, but he recovered quickly. "It's okay, Shari, I understand that. Girls are different than us guys. We'll fuck just about any girl first, but girls are different."

Janet was pleased to see his tenderness, his understanding. She knew Barry wanted to be first to fuck his sister's cunt, but he was very understanding about it. She wanted to see the twins fuck first, too. She didn't think her daughter would bring the boy she had in mind home with her so she and Barry could watch.

"It's you. Barry," Shari said in a soft voice. "You're the special boy I want to fuck me first."

The glow that came over Barry's face seemed to light up the whole room.

Janet let out a breath of air. She could watch after all.

"I'll be very gentle, Shari," Barry promised.

"You don't have to," Shari said. "You know we've had fingers in me, and plenty of times, too. It wont hurt. Not like it did when you fucked me in my asshole."

"Did that hurt. Shari?"

"No, not exactly," Shari replied. "Maybe when you first shoved your cock in, but only a little. After that, your cock felt real good."

"Well, are you two going to sit here and talk about it," Janet said, "or do I get to watch this fucking?"

"You can watch!" Barry said.

"Watch, my hot ass!" Shari giggled. "Mother, you can help us!"

Shari quickly scrambled about until she was flat on her back, her long, slim thighs spread wide. Her eyes shone with eagerness. Janet sat near her daughter's hip, seeing Shari's cute little cunt so ready for Barry's cock. Janet ran her hands over Shari's cunt feeling it softly. She parted Shari's hairless cunt-lips, making Shari's little clit bulge up. She leaned over and licked her clit a few times, making Shari wiggle her little hips and squeal.

Barry moved between his sister's thighs, his cock stiffening up, his balls hot and loaded. He was glowing with pleasure.

"I'll hold her cunt open," Janet said softly.

Barry moved the head of his swollen cock to his sister's sugary cunt and rubbed up and down her fiery cunt-lips. As often as Shari had felt him rub his cock on her cunt, it felt different that time. She felt a squeezing sensation in her cunt, a delicious sensation as she waited for her brother to fuck into her.

Janet watched with smoldering eyes, licking her lips as she held her daughter's cunt as open as she could.

"Oh, God, that's so sweet!" Janet whispered. "Stick your cock in, Barry! Fuck Shari! Ohhh, such a sweet, little pussy and cock!"

Barry inched his cock forward, and Shari felt her cunt open for him. The stretching sensations delighted her, and she gurgled as she arched her hips higher. The head of Barry's cock slipped into her cunt for the first time, and Barry paused.

"Ohhhh, you're so fucking tight, Shari," he groaned.

"Oooooooooh, yes, I am," his twin sister sobbed. "But I wanna fuck you! Barry, I wanna feel your cock in my cunt, fucking me! Come on, fuck me now! We've been waiting so long!"

Barry shoved his cock into his sister's cunt, and Shari gasped hotly as her pussy felt stuffed.

"Is it all in?" Shari whimpered. "Every bit of it?"

"Yes, baby!" Janet answered. "Every hard, fucking inch of your brother's cock is in your cunt!"

"Oooooh!" Shari sobbed with ecstasy.

Janet stared at them, seeing her son's cock buried all the way. It was beautiful to her. She felt her own pussy suck inward with sensations, and she leaned down, pushing her lips to her daughter's cunt, kissing Shari's spreading pussy lips and the base of her son's cock.

Barry gritted his teeth, feeling the scalding tightness of his sister's cunt wrapped about his throbbing prick. Then he began to move, stabbing his cock back and forth, fucking his twin sister in her cunt for the first time.

"Ohhh, you two are so sweet!" Janet moaned, staring at her son's cock fucking that sugary cunt of her daughter. "Oooh, fuck that little pussy, Barry! Shari, do you like it, honey?"

"I love it, Mother!" Shari yelped. "I love it so much! It feels like my asshole did... spread so open!"

Janet watched Shari's tight cunt scrape the shaft of her son's cock and as Barry pulled outward, Janet leaned over and ran her tongue about her daughter's cunt. She slipped her hand to her own cunt, and began to lick up and down her daughter's trembling body, her tongue flicking from Shari's hairless cunt to her pink nipples that strained in rubbery hardness.

"Fuck me, Barry!" Shari squealed loudly, twisting and grinding her crotch at him. "Ohhhh, your cock feels so big in my pussy! I love it, Barry! Fuck me in my cunt, right in my hot, little pussy!"

"I'm gonna fuck you, Shari!" Barry groaned, ramming his cock back and forth, banging at his sister's pussy hard, smashing into her puffy, tightly stretched cunt-lips, his balls smacking against her small, hot ass. "I'm gonna fuck your cunt and cum in it and fill you up!"

"Oooooh, I wanna feel your cum in my pussy! You've come on it so fucking much, and now I'm gonna get that juice in it!"

"You will, Shari!" Janet cried as she licked up and down Shari's satiny flesh. "Barry will fill your little cunt, just like he fills my cunt!"

Barry rammed his cock back and forth, staring at the way his sister's hairless cunt gripped him. His balls were very tight, very full. He thrust his prick deeply, holding it there, feeling his sister's cunt suck and pull at his cock, his balls resting in the crack of her hot, little ass.

"I can just hold my cock in and your cunt sucks it off, Shari!" he moaned.

"Ohhhh, I can feel it!" his sister squealed. "I can't make my cunt stop! It's doing it all by itself!"

"Let it suck!" Janet urged. "Oh, God, let your hot, little cunt suck his cock, baby!"

"It is! It is!" Shari cried.

Janet stared at her daughters pussy, seeing Shari's stretched cunt-lips pulsate. She watched her swollen, little clit throb against his cockshaft. She moved her hand out of her own caut and slipped it under Shari's ass. She cupped Shari's small ass-cheeks, leaning down to lick Shari's sweet pussy once again.

"I think I'm gonna cum!" Shari sobbed. "I think my cunt... ooooh, I am gonna cum!"

With a lurch of her hips and a soft scream from her throat, Shari exploded into orgasm. Her hips jerked then strained against her brother, his cock very deep inside.

"Ohhh, shit, shit!" Barry groaned, feeling his sister's cunt clutch his cock tighter as she came. His balls ached and suddenly his cock gushed. "Take it! Take it all, Shari!"

"Ooooh, I am!"

Shari's cunt pulled frantically at her brother's prick, his hot cum splashing along the smooth, velvety walls of her greedy pussy. The feel of a cock squirting into her for the first time made her scream over and over with ecstasy.

Janet watched them strain, both of them shaking violently. She was as excited as they were, and she stood on her spread knees, rubbing her hairy cunt with both hands as she watched, her eyes fixed upon that cock and cunt. She saw creamy juice seep from the gripping lips of her daughter's cunt, smearing over the curves of Shari's cute ass.

When Barry slowly pulled his cock from his sister's cunt, Janet couldn't wait any longer. She fell onto her back.

"Shari, sit in my face!" she urged. "Let me suck his cum-juice out of your hot cunt! Oh please, let me lick your cunt out right now!"

Giggling wantonly, Shari scrambled, about until she was straddling her mother's face. Before Janet could push her mouth to Shari's pussy, she felt cum-juice drip out of her daughter's cunt and into her mouth. She opened her mouth wide then pushed her tongue into Shari's cunt. She lapped and sucked and pulled her son's jism out of Shari's sweet pussy, swallowing hungrily, grinding her naked ass on the bed as her hairy cunt convulsed with a wild, crazy orgasm.

"Suck it out, Mother," Shari giggled, grinding her cunt onto Janet's face. "Suck it all out of my cunt!"

Barry rested, watching them, seeing his sister's little ass grind as she smashed her pussy onto their mother's face. He could, see his mother's hairy cunt open and close as she came. He shoved his hands to her cunt, rubbing hard to keep her cumming for as long as he could.

When Shari became weak, she slipped from their mother's face, slumping her head and shoulders, panting, her eyes bright with delight.

After a while, Janet, her face glistening wetly, said, "I guess now I wont be fucked so much."

"Why not, Mom?" Barry asked.

"Because you'll probably be fucking Shari all the lime," Janet replied. "I know you two have been waiting for this."

Shari and Barry were quiet. Their quietness bothered Janet, convincing her she was right, that Barry would fuck his twin sister from now on, leaving her out of it.

"You won't..." Janet began to blush. "You two won't do anything really mean to me, will you?"

"Like what, Mother?" Shari asked.

"You wont bring boys home and make me fuck them, will you? I mean, force me to fuck guys I don't know, maybe even girls."

Shari and Barry stared at her.

"What are you talking about, Mom?" Barry asked.

"Your father... he tried to make me fuck a friend of his," Janet said.

"Did you?"

Janet nodded her head. "He made me do it."

"But you're not that way anymore, Mom."

"Then you won't make me fuck them?"

Shari giggled. "Mother, we know a good thing when we see it. You don't think we're gonna share you, share your hot pussy, with someone else, do you?"

"I thought you might make me do it," Janet said.

"No way," Barry replied forcefully. "No, Mom. Me and Shari are gonna keep you for ourselves! No way are we gonna let you or make you fuck anyone but us!"

Relief flooded Janet. She had been afraid and there would have been no way she could have prevented it. She knew they could make her do anything they wanted, by just making her cunt boil. But they were going to keep her for themselves.

Barry, laughing, pushed Janet onto her back. "We're gonna have fun with you, Mom. But only me and Shari. No one else."

"What are you going to do with me now?" Janet asked, eager to do anything they wanted.

"Well, I don't know about Shari," Barry said, lifting to his knees. "But I gotta take me another piss, and this time piss in your fucking mouth!"

Janet's eyes slitted with heat.

She opened her mouth as wide as she could, and made a hungry sound as her daughter stood up, spreading her legs and peeling the sweet lips of her cunt open.

"Me, too!" Shari giggled. "Both of us are going to piss in your mouth, Mother!"

Janet writhed in perverse delight, waiting for the hot taste of golden piss to spray down her throat.


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