No cherry cheerleader

Immoral people, capitalizing on the innocence of others to attain their goals -- a story as old as man. The Bible, history books, law books -- all contain examples.

And when the innocent victim is young, the story is so much the sadder.

Kelly Branson, the young girl in this book, is the victim of immoral people, finding herself caught in a web of depravity and perversion she never dreamed existed.

NO CHERRY CHEERLEADER -- the shocking story of an innocent girl learning the sordid truth about human nature. A story with a lesson for our uncaring society.


Kelly Branson had just started her first year at Harvard High School, a private girl's academy. She walked down the hall of the school, looking delicious in her blue school skin. Her dark blue knee socks encased her slim, perfectly tapered teen legs, and her blue and white saddle shoes added to the effect.

Her white sweater, which completed her school uniform, fit her tightly and emphasized her budding tits which stuck out like juicy-ripe lemons. Her trim belly was flat, her hips supple, her ass a work of art.

There was no doubt about it, Kelly was one of the most beautiful and sexiest young teenagers who had ever walked the halls of Harvard High.

Her long brown hair was parted in the middle and braided into two long pigtails that had white ribbons tying the ends. The pigtails flopped over her shoulders as she walked. Her fine ass waved and wiggled under the tight little skirt.

Her five-one body was compact, her face one of youthful beauty, her cheeks flushed with pink blush, her juicy lips glistening with a pink gloss, and her brown eyes sparkling.

Kelly was just learning that men were attracted to her. In the summer before she started at Harvard, she noticed the way they stared at her as she walked through the mall.

She liked the way men looked at her. It excited her, and she wondered if there was something wrong with her for getting so tuned on by the way older men admired her.

Right now Kelly was headed for Mr. Clancy's office. He was her English teacher. She wanted to ask him about an assignment she didn't understand.

She came to his office, then without thinking, without knocking, opened the door and walked in.

Mr. Clancy was a handsome man in his forties. He was tall, lanky, had brown hair, a rugged manly face, and a well-muscled body.

He was sitting at his desk, masturbating, his prick hard and creamy, his hand jerking wildly.

Kelly gasped. "Ah! Ooooh, I -- oh! Excuse me, sir!"

The surprised teacher looked up at the darling student, who looked so splendidly alluring her tight sweater, her tiny skirt, knee socks, and saddle shoes.

Kelly bit her lower lip, and her face took on an astonished expression.

Her young eyes stared at Mr. Clancy's big prick. It was big, long, and thick.

"I-I thought I'd locked the door!" Mr. Clancy gasped, his jerk-stroke slowing to a dying pump.

"Jeepers, I better go," Kelly said, turning to leave his office.

"No, don't, don't. I was just thinking about you, Miss Branson. Come in, close the door. Lock it, will you?"

"Oh, gee, I better not," Kelly said, still gawking at his rigid prick.

But she made no move to leave other than her first turn. She trembled. Her heart thumped wildly.

Then she said, "Thinking of me?"

"Yes, that's what I was doing."

"Thinking of you and jacking off to you," Mr. Clancy said, taking the chance of his career, for he knew the young girl could report him to the headmaster and his teaching would be over for good.

Kelly stood holding the doorknob. She was excited. Her heart raced. What should she do? She'd never seen a man's prick before and she was fascinated.

There was her teacher sitting in his chair with his cock out, the tip all creamy and gooey, his hand clutching the thick, long stalk. What should she do?

"Well, what are you gonna do it I close the door, sir?"

"Finish masturbating to you, Kelly. Finish what I started, and you can watch if you like."

He started jerking again on his big prick. "Oh, wow!" Kelly gasped.

She closed the door and locked it, then leaned against it as she watched the handsome English teacher jerk on his prick.

Mr. Clancy's eyes gazed at Kelly's loveliness, and his hand thumped his prick with hot, quick jabs.

"Kelly," he panted. "You're so damn pretty! So damn sexy-looking!"

"Were you really thinkin' about me?"

"Yes, dear."

"And doin' that -- masturbatin' yourself like that while you thought about me?"

"Yes, oh yes!"

Kelly had her hand on the door for a quick exit, for she had not yet made up her mind about all this. She was fascinated by the masturbating teacher, but she was frightened. She was so young and inexperienced in these ways. She made a move to open the door. Her best instincts told her she should leave.

"No, don't go. I'll give you an A on that assignment the class is doing if you'll stay!" Mr. Clancy gasped.

"And I stay?"

"Well, okay, I guess."

Mr. Clancy was beating his prick-meat with a lewd, slurpy stroke. He was on the edge of his chair, hunched over.

"God, you're fine!" he gasped.

"Gee, well, thanks, sir, but..."

"Would you pull that little skirt up for me?"

"Huh, my skirt? Up? No."



"I'll give you an A on the first test of the term if you will."

Kelly thought his offer over. Her mother wanted her to get good grades, and she'd been told she would get ten dollars for every A on her report card.

"Just pull it up a little?" Kelly asked.

"Yes, up over your panties."

Kelly didn't know what to do. She kept watching Mr. Clancy jerk his hot cock, his hand pounding, his prick spurting.

But an A on her assignment, an A on the first test -- it was a great temptation, but not as great as the hot intense stare that Mr. Clancy was fixing on her. His admiring face fascinated Kelly.

"Well, okay, I'LL pull it up," Kelly said. She reached down and lifted her little blue skirt, fingered the pleats, and hiked it up over the pair of snug, white panties that gloved her crotch like cellophane. The wiry brown curls of her fuzzy cunt-hair pressed against the nylon undies, making a puffy dark spot at her crotch.

Mr. Clancy's eyes opened wide.

"Oh, yes!" he cried. "Damn! Yes! Shit!" Then he came. His big cock spit out a high, arcing load of cum. The dream shot upward in big hot, thick jets.

"Oh, ohhhh! Ah! Jeeez!" Kelly gasped. She stood in sheer elegance, her little skirt held up, her fuzz-fucker pussy a little muffin of intrigue.

Her face registered excitement, fright, and amazement as Mr. Clancy jerked his prick and spewed thick wads of cum that flew as if they were in slow motion, spit high, then splattered on Kelly's bright, shiny saddle shoes.

"Oh, oh, ohhh! Ahhhhh!" cried Mr. Clancy.

Kelly looked up from his squirting prick and saw the look of pure pleasure on his manly face.

"Kelly! Kelly!" he moaned.

Kelly stood frozen in wonderment at the hot globs of jism that jetted from Mr. Clancy's spitting cock.

"You look so good!" he panted.

She kept her skirt up. She didn't know when she was supposed to let it down, and Mr. Clancy kept pumping, and the jizz kept flying.

He was hunched forward on his chair, beating his prick with short, hot chops. The copious cock-cream made a big puddle of thick juice at her feet.

"Ohhhh! Ahhhh, this feels good!" he sighed.

His hand was soaked with cum. Kelly trembled all over. Her pussy was all wet, splashing teenybopper cunt-juice into her white panties.

Mr. Clancy fell back in his chair, his cock dripping, his hand jizz-covered. He heaved a long, heavy sigh. Kelly dropped her skirt, unlocked the door, and fled down the hall.

She raced down the stairs to the girls' room, ran into a toilet stall, pulled her skirt up, tugged her panties down, and sat down on the cool, shiny-black stool. She slid out to the edge. Her legs were apart, her white panties a tight stretch of nylon just above her knees.

She sent her hand diving into her little cunt-bush and started finger fucking.

She came immediately.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" she whispcred. "Ahhhhhhhhhh!"

It felt so good to her. Soooo good. She let the pleasure-tingle tickle her into a shuddering orgasm.

"His prick, his prick!" she whispered softly to herself. "His prick was so big and hard! So hard! And it shot stuff all over the floooorrrrrrhhhhh!"


Kelly stayed locked in the toilet stall. She was a good little finger-fucker, and she diddled herself off two more times, each orgasm flooding in on top of the other, and if anyone could have seen the lovely young darling sitting on that stool, her sweet skirt up, her white panties pulled tight at her knees, her knee-socked legs apart as far as the panties would let them go, and her hands between her legs, one fingering into her little pussy and the other twirling her clit, they would have seen a beautiful sight, because Kelly looked like a regal princess as her face revealed the pleasure her finger gave her, as her body shook and stiffened with each wave of ecstasy.

She thought about her teacher and the way he jacked off to her. It was a scene she would never forget. "Oh, gosh, I never saw a prick do that! Jeez, I never even saw a prick! And he showed his to me!"

Kelly finally left the toilet, but she had missed her history class. Harvard High was strict about girls missing class, but Kelly had gotten carried away in the toilet stall. The last thing on her mind was school.

She knew that later in the day, or tomorrow she would have to explain her absence to the headmaster, Mr. Roth.

Kelly finished the day and rode home on the bus, and the driver left her off in front of her house. Kelly's mother worked as a legal secretary and usually got home late.

Her mother scraped and saved to send her daughter to a fine school. Kelly's father had divorced her mother several years before. She barely remembered him.

She went in and went to her room. Her books went flying to the corner. She stripped off her short school skirt, then walked back down the stairs to the kitchen for a Coke.

As she passed through the living room. The door to the house opened and her Uncle Frank came in.

His mouth dropped open when he saw the sweet teen queen. Kelly was just as surprised. She stopped.

He gazed at her incredible body, the tight white panties, which were cummy and soiled at the crotch, her white sweater, knee socks, saddle shoes, her pigtails.

"I -- ah -- your mother -- I told her I'd drop off this camera she wanted fixed at my shop. I well, of course, I have a key -- but, ah," he said, his eyes busy taking in the exciting sight of Kelly standing there. "But your mom said you both get home late. I didn't know anyone would be here or I would have knocked."

"I didn't have cheerleading practice tonight," Kelly said.

She saw almost the same passion on her uncle's face, the same admiring stare that Mr. Clancy was giving her, and it excited her.

"Sometimes these cameras need a good cleaning, that's all. It's fine now."

"I'll tell Mom," Kelly said.

Then she noticed the leaping hard-on in her uncle's slacks.

"You've become a beautiful young lady, Kelly," he said.

"Gee, thanks, Uncle Frank."

"Well, here's the camera," he said, holding it out.

He watched her as she walked toward him, her hips swinging.

"Why don't we just try it out once and make sure. I could take a picture of you," Frank said.

"Ah, well, I don't have all my clothes on and..."

"That's okay, you look fabulous like that, Kelly," Frank said, raising the camera and snapping off a picture.

Kelly looked at his crotch again. His cock was like a big banana in his pants, sticking out hard and long. She trembled at the sight.

The picture popped out, and Frank let it develop as he studied it. He noticed Kelly looking at his hard-on.

Frank out the picture in his pocket. "Yup, it works fine."

Then they stood there looking at each other. Kelly didn't know what to do.

Frank finally looked down at his erection and said, "I guess it looks like I got a little excited, Kelly."

"Uh-huh," Kelly whispered.

"Have you ever played I'll show?"


"Would you like to play, Kelly?"

"Ah, I dunno, Uncle Frank, I mean -- I don't know how."

Kelly could see the throbbing of his big prick in his pants, thumping at his crotch wildly as she watched it. She'd never seen anything so exciting. A man with a hard-on that looked as though it was going to punch right out of his pants.

"It's real easy. I show you and you show me."

"Gee, I dunno," Kelly said.

"I'll unzip and show you this," Frank said, pointing to his prick, which pulsed against his trousers.

Darling Kelly looked again at Frank's bulging crotch. "Jeez, you wanna show that to me?"

"Would you like to see it, Kelly?"

"Well, gosh, you're my uncle and stuff... I don't know if..."

Frank began unzipping his fly.

Kelly watched intently. He unbuckled his belt and opened his slacks. They fell down around his ankles. His shorts were all wet. His big prick curled against the thin cotton.

He stripped the shorts down off his thighs and his thick prick snapped up, wobbling in a wild slap against his belly. It was hard, handsome, long, and as thick as a big flashlight.

"Oh! Ooooh, gawd!" Kelly gasped, her eyes wide as she eyed the immense prick.

"Would you like to take some pictures of it, Kelly?"

"Huh?" Kelly murmured, still staring at Frank's ten-inch prick.

"Pictures. Want some pictures of my prick?"

"Yeah," Kelly whispered hotly.

She took the camera and flashed off a photo, then Frank fisted his brick-hard cock and she took another. The tip of his prick was bubbling, foaming, squirting.

Kelly took another picture. "Now you, Kelly," Frank said.


"You show me."

"Take my pants down?"

"Yes, and let me see your pussy, okay?"

"Well, uh-huh, okay, I guess," she said, putting the camera on a table, still staring at Frank's huge prick.

Frank grabbed the Polaroid quickly. Kelly thumbed her white panties, tugged them down on her thighs and showed him her beautiful little pussy.

"Like this, Uncle Frank?" Kelly asked.

Her pussy was covered by wiry brown fuzz. Frank's mouth dropped open as he licked his chops. What a sweet young beauty, he thought.

"Yes, yes, Kelly, like that! Nice! Real nice!"

A glob of cum splashed to the floor. "Ooooh, sheezzz!" Kelly gulped. "Do what I did," Frank said. "Play with it."



Kelly slid her hand between her legs and rubbed her cunt.

"Shit, yes!" Frank gasped, and fired off the camera. His cock squirted another wad of cum.

His big prick was so damn hard that it looked as though it might explode the way it throbbed so intensely.

Kelly fiddled and fucked her hand between her legs as her uncle finished off the roll of film in the camera.

His cock kept shooting. Cum bubbled from the tip.

Kelly was hot, her pussy wet and juicy as she fingered her tight little fuck-slit.

"God, you look good," Frank said. Kelly liked to hear that. "Do I?"

"Oh, Kelly, yes! Yes, you look wonderful I've always liked you! I've watched you grow up, and now you are a lovely young lady! Oh, shit!" Frank gasped, putting the camera down. He grabbed his cock.

Kelly was fingering herself fast now.

Frank fell to his knees in front of her.

Little Kelly was so hot she thought she might catch fire.

Frank tongued her fingers as she diddled her pussy.

"Uncle Frank!" Kelly yelped. "What the -- what are -- what's goin' on down there?"

His snaking slid through two fingers and found her juicy young pussy-slit.

"Ah! Oh! Ahahaahaahahahahhhhhh!" Kelly screamed.

Frank slapped his tongue at Kelly's hot cunt, slicking, licking, flicking, and clicking.

"Ah! Ahhhhhhhh!" Kelly cried, never having felt such pleasure.

Frank reached behind her and cupped her ass, clutched her curvy little asscheeks in his rough, manly hands, squeezing as his tongue fucked Kelly's cunt.

Kelly looked down at her lapping uncle.

Her heart thumped. She shook all over. She knew she was going to cum.

Frank found her clit and twirled the tip of his long, wet tongue at it.

"Aw! Awww! Poooofffffff!" Kelly yelped, then came. She shook, shuddered, and tingled. "Oh, awwwwww! Oh! Uncle Frrrrannnnk!"

Frank stood up and let Kelly tingle, watching her dip her hand to her pussy and finish off the orgasm, then finger herself into another.

Frank fisted his prick and pumped hard. He shot his wad, blasting out a stream of cream that hit Kelly's tummy in big, thick gobs, then dripped down onto her jerking hand.

They both heard Kelly's mother pull out front.

Kelly was puffing, huffing, and still cumming. Frank had poured out a milky load of jism all over her.

Kelly pulled her panties up and raced up the stairs.

Frank wiggled on his slacks and shorts, zipped up, and waited for Angie, Kelly's mother.


Angie walked in.

Kelly had scooped up the photos of Frank, and Frank was just sliding Kelly's photos into his back pocket.

Angie was thirty-nine, and she looked good in a red mini-skirt, black sweater, red heels, and dark nylons. Her auburn hair was thick, long, and it was combed over to one side. Her lips were red and thick, her eyes brown.

"Oh, I didn't expect you, Frank," Angie said.

"I wanted to bring your camera back. It's fixed now."

Kelly was up in her room, wiping the dripping cum from her tummy with her white panties. She hid the panties so she could wash them later. She was still trembling from her experience with her uncle.

She heard Frank leave, and she rushed to the shower. She came out, slipped a pink towel around her, and heard her mother call to her.

Kelly went downstairs.

"Mr. Clark is taking me out to dinner tonight, so I'll be late, okay, honey?"

"Sure, Mom."

Kelly went back to her room as her mother showered. She slipped into a pair of jeans and pink sweater. She looked good, the jeans hugging her tight, young curves like a slick wrapper.

Kelly read a magazine for a while, then went down to the living room and watched some TV.

Kelly answered the door when Mr. Clark rang the bell and walked in to pick up her mother for dinner.

He was in his forties, tall, handsome, and was dressed in a blue suit with a vest.

Kelly ushered him in, walking in front of him, her luscious hips swinging, her gorgeous teen-queen ass rolling in the tight jeans.

She introduced herself, and Mr. Clark sat down on the couch to wait for Angie. Kelly sat across from him, her hair in a sweet ponytail, her bangs on her forehead, and her pink sweater tight against her tits. They pushed against the material like two little oranges.

Mr. Clark gazed at her, and Kelly saw the hint of admiration in his eyes. She liked the look he was giving her, as though he was about to lick his lips in a lewd slurp.

Kelly's eyes dropped to his crotch. She saw that he was getting a hard-on.

"You are a very pretty young lady, Kelly," Mr. Clark said.

Kelly smiled. "Thanks, sir."

She was indeed pretty, and she was also as sexy as hell. No man could look at the beautiful little schoolgirl without some tremor of excitement just wondering how it would be with such a bundle of charms.

Kelly enjoyed immensely the effect she was having on Mr. Clark. He positioned his hands and arms on his lap as he tried to cover the growing hard-on between his legs.

She sat forward on the couch in a rather sexy way, her back straight, her sweater pulling in salaciously at her ripe tits.

Mr. Clark eyed her tits. His face was flushed. Kelly felt a gooshy wetness in her panties. But then her mother came strolling in, looking fabulous in a black dress, nylons, and white high heels.

Mr. Clark got up, pulling down his suit coat to hide his hard-on. He smiled at Angie, took her arm and they left.

Kelly watched some more TV, then went to her room.

The phone rang and she answered it. "Kelly?"

"It's your uncle."

"Hi, Uncle Frank."

"I was looking at the pictures I took of you."

"Ah, mmmm, you were?"

"Yes, and they look good, Kelly, real good."

"Do they?"

"I got a big hard-on just lookin' at 'em."

"Ooooh, Uncle Frank!"

"And I'm playin' with my prick!"

"Ohhhh! Huh?"

"Yeah, I'm jerkin' off to your pictures."

"Masturbatin', Uncle Frank?"

"Yes," he huffed over the phone. "Gawwwwwd!"

"Why don't you look at the pictures you took of me and masturbate?"

"Oooooh, should I?"

"I want you to."

Kelly pulled out his pictures. She'd been teasing herself by not looking at them, saving them until she went to bed, and now she stared at her uncle posing for her with his hard cock in his hand.

"Are you lookin' at 'em?"

"Yes," Kelly said.

"Are you masturbating?"

"Not yet. I got on all my clothes."

"Take 'em off!"

"Okay," Kelly said, then laid the phone down.

She stripped down to her pink bra and panties, tugged the panties down to her knees and lay back down on her bed.

She slid her hand into the fuzzy muff between her legs and started playing with her pussy.

"Are you doin' it yet, Kelly?"

"Mmmmm, mmmmm!"

"Oh, shit, I'm jerkin' to you, Kelly!" Kelly held a picture of Frank, the one of him clutching his cock, the cock-head all bubbly and foamy. She fucked a finger into her pussy, while the other hand rubbed around until she found her clit.

"These pictures of you look so damn good, Kelly. I'm gonna jerk to 'em every day."

God, the way he talks, Kelly thought.

"Are you doin' it, Kelly?" Frank whispered lewdly.

"Mmmmm, mmmm!"

"Tell me."

"Tell you what?"

"That you're doin' it."

"I'm... I'm doin' it!"

"Doin' what, Kelly?"

"You know. Tell me."

"Tell you what, Uncle Frank?"

"Tell me you're finger-fuckin'!"


"Well, aren't you?"


"Tell me, please tell me, I wanna hear you say it, Kelly."

"Okay, then. I'm finger-fuckin', Uncle Frank."

"Oh, good, good, Kelly. Do you like it?"

"Yes, I like it. I like it!"

"My prick's so hard, Kelly."

"Oooooh, Uncle Frank, you shouldn't talk that way."

"I'm lookin' at your picture and jerkin' my cock to you."

"Ossshhheeeez!" Kelly hissed, fingering wildly between her legs. "Kelly, you look so damn good, honey!"

"Do I?"

"Yeahhhh, real damn good! Oh, shit! Oh, fuck! My cock's squrtin' all over!"

"Where's Aunt Jane?"

"Out, so I'm lying nude on the bed, jackin' off to you, Kelly."

Kelly diddled her pussy. It felt good. It felt real good. She could cum at any time, she knew. She slowed her swirling fingers, keeping herself on the edge.

"I wish we were fuckin'!" Frank gasped. "Oh, gawwwd, Uncle Frank!"

"You ever fucked, Kelly?"

"Mmmmm, no."

"I wanna fuck you!" Frank panted. "Jeez, Uncle Frank!" Kelly gasped. Kelly was looking at the lewd pictures of her uncle posing for her with a big, stiff hard-on. She finger-fucked her pussy hotly.

"I'm gonna cum, Kelly!" Frank panted. "Cum with me, will you?"


"I'm ready. I'm gonna squirt right -- nowwwwwww," Frank yelled.

Kelly came with him. "Ooooooh, ahhhh!" she cried. She looked at Frank's huge prick in the picture and envisioned it squirting wildly. She stiffened. Her sweet, fine little body lifted off the bed and shook as the ecstatic feeling of orgasm shimmered through her.

"Kelly, Kelly, Kelly!" Frank moaned. "Jeez! Ah! Oh! Ohhhhhhh!" Kelly yelped, loving the feelings that came over her.

"Kelly, I'm cummin'!" Frank gasped. "Me, too, Uncle Frank!"


Kelly dressed in her school uniform the next morning and went to school. She looked great. Her tight blue skirt with the pleats swirled on her lovely thighs, the way it swished in around her fine, hot ass. Her tight white sweater pushed out with her teenage tits.

Kelly had her brown hair in a ponytail, slicked back on top of her head with cute bangs on her forehead. She was a stunning young lady, and there was no question about that as she walked down the hall to her first class at Harvard High.

But then she was called to the headmaster's office. She knew it was because she'd missed a class the day before when she was masturbating in the girls' room.

Mr. Roth was waiting for Kelly in his plush, thickly carpeted office. He sat sternly behind a huge polished desk. He stood up as she walked in. Kelly had only seen Mr. Roth a few times around Harvard. He wore a three-piece gray suit with a blue and red tie. He was handsome, wore glasses, and had graying hair. Kelly guessed he must be in his forties.

"Come in, Miss Branson, sit down."

Kelly took a chair in front of his desk, and Mr. Roth sat back down.

"You missed class."

"Yes, sir."

"We are very strict about that here, young lady. No one misses classes while they are here in the building, unless it's an emergency."

"I wasn't feeling well." Kelly said.

"Then you should have reported immediately to the school nurse. But you didn't."

Kelly knew she couldn't lie anymore.

"What do you have to say?"

"Nothing, sir. I'm sorry."

"You'll come back here to my office after school, and you'll sit in the detention room over there," he said, pointing to a small room with a study table and a desk off to the right of his office.

Kelly nodded, and Mr. Roth ushered her out of this office.

Kelly returned to Mr. Roth's office after school and he put her in the detention room with her books. It was a barren, depressing place, no windows, just the chair and table. She sat down and began studying.

But her mind wandered, and she couldn't help but think about Mr. Clancy and how he had masturbated to her. Then she thought about her Uncle Frank and the pictures of his big prick.

She gooshed in her young panties, got all hot, trembled, and felt as though she might explode. She shook off the wave of desire, studied some, dreamed some more about Mr. Clancy, and finally decided to slide her hand down between her legs under the table.

Kelly slid her legs apart wide under the table and pushed her hand up under her skirt. She rubbed on the crotch of her panties and felt a sweet shiver of delight sweep through her as she sighed quietly to herself and whispered, "Oh that feels good!"

She slid down a little on her chair, opened her legs wider, rubbed fast on her panties, then finally ducked her hand down into the pink undies and slicked her finger in her slushy cunt.

"Ahhhhhh, yeahhhh!" she whispered softly. "Good, good, good! Ahhhhh!"

It did feel good to the young darling. She couldn't think of anything better. She finger-fucked faster, her hand knuckling out the crotch of her panties, her little blue skirt up around her waist, her legs set wide apart.

Mr. Roth barged in and caught her.

Kelly's eyes were closed, her face wrinkled erotically with pleasure.

"What -- what -- what are you doing, young lady?" he screamed.

Kelly was shocked, stunned. A ripple of fear spread through her, a wave of fright. She quickly withdrew her hand from her panties, tugged them up as best she could, pulled her skirt down, then faced the headmaster.

"I said, what are you doing?"

"Ah, well, nothin', Mr. Headmaster."

"Uh-huh," he mumbled, and strode quickly to the table. He stood over her in a manly-stern pose.

Kelly trembled.

"What are you -- what were you doing, young lady?"

"Nothin', sir."

He grabbed her hand, brought it to his nose and sniffed her fingers. "Ah-ha, yes! Just as I thought! You were masturbating, weren't you?"

"Ah, no -- you know I wouldn't..."

"Don't lie to me!" he gasped.

He held her hand by the wrist, sniffing her dripping fingers. "I can smell it. I know. You were masturbating. Why, you should be ashamed of yourself, Miss Branson!"

Kelly huddled in her chair, a lovely darling who thought the world was coming down on her.

"No, no, I wasn't!"

"I told you not to lie to me. Pull your skirt up."


"I want you to pull your skirt up! And do it right now, do you hear me?"

"Do it!"

Kelly raised her skirt.

Mr. Roth hunkered over her chair, reached dawn and patted the crotch of her panties with his fingertips.

"Yes, just as I thought. Oh, my, my, my! These panties are sopping wet," Mr. Roth said, his hand pressing harder against the slick, cummy nylon.

Kelly looked down at his hand between her legs, his fingers against her pink panties.

"Your finger smells like it, your pants are all wet, yes, my dear, you've been masturbating. Now, don't like to me!" he exclaimed, leaning closer. Kelly thought his glasses were fogging up, but she wasn't sure.

"You were masturbating!"

His hand rubbed harder.

"Oh, you are a naughty girl, Kelly, a very naughty girl," Mr. Roth whispered.

"But, sir..."

"Tell the truth or it will be your last day at Harvard School."

His hand rubbed faster, harder. "Yes! Okay, yes! I was!"

"Uh-huh, just as I thought. Masturbating while on detention. Oh, my! Naughty, naughty, naughty!"

He tugged her panties down, revealing her little cunt.

"See!" he gasped. "Oh my! It's all wet there!"

He stuck his finger in Kelly's hot little pussy.

"Oh, yes, see? It's simply soaking! Oh, my! My, my, my! Such a naughty, naughty girl!"

His finger fucked in and out-in and out-in and out-making a sweet slurping noise. Kelly reclined obscenely on the chair, looking up into his handsome face and wild eyes.

"Oh, such a naughty, naughty girl," he whispered.

Kelly was filled with excitement. Her headmaster was hovering over her, bending from the waist, his suit bulging lewdly with a huge hard-on, his finger fucking in and out of her pussy.

"You were masturbating! Tell me!"

"I was -- I was masturbating, sir!" Kelly panted.

"Such a naughty, naughty girl. Tell me. Tell me you're a naughty little girl."

"I'm a naughty little girl," Kelly said.

"A very naughty little girl."

"I may have to expel you from Harvard for this awful behavior, Kelly," the headmaster whispered as his free hand slid under her white sweater and up to her tight bra. He uncupped her fine teenage tits and then he squeezed the firm, juicy melons.

"Oh, ohhhhh!" Kelly gasped. "You must repeat over and over that you are a naughty little girl. Do it!"

"I'm naughty, sir. I'm a naughty little girl."

"You were masturbating."

"I was masturbating. Oh, ohhhh, ahhhhh! Sir!"

"My, my, my," Mr. Roth whispered sternly, still hunkering over Kelly in his perfect suit, his crotch looking like there was a hammer in it.

His finger was still fucking in Kelly's cunt. "Yes, yes, I can tell now that I've tested you, you certainly were masturbating."

Kelly was about to cum.

"Don't kick me out of school, sir!" she gasped.

Tiny beads of pretty sweat formed on her forehead. She spread her legs wider.

Her panties were in a pink stretch around her knees, and Mr. Roth's cock was thumping in his slacks like a wild animal of some kind.

Then Kelly came.

She stiffened, lifting off the chair in a shivering arch. Mr. Roth's finger found her clit. He twiddled the little bud and sent Kelly steaming into a fabulous orgasm.

"My, my, my, my, my," he mumbled as he watched the young girl climax.

"Ah, oooooooh!" Kelly cried. "My goodness," Mr. Roth sighed, his finger slicking and clicking in the young pussy.

"Ah, oooh, ah, oooh!" Kelly exclaimed. Then she flopped back into the chair, heaving heavy breaths, her tits bobbing in her white sweater.

"Oh my, this is what you like, isn't it? You like feeling like this?"

"Mmmmmmm!" the frightened student murmured.

"You like to masturbate, don't you, Kelly?"

"Well, I..."

"Just tell the truth!"


"I thought so. I thought so. Do you do it often? Do you masturbate a lot, Kelly?"

"How many times a day?"

"In the morning when I get up, and I always do it when I go to bed."

"In between?" Mr. Roth asked. "As much as I can!" Mr. Roth took his finger out of her pussy.

It dripped with cunt-juice. He held it up, looking at it. "How many times a day? How many? Tell me how many times in one day you've done it."

"Eleven!" Kelly gasped.

"Oh, my, my, my, my, my! Eleven! Eleven times in one day! You are such a dirty little girl! Eleven times! Oh, my!"


Mr. Roth stood over Kelly. His cock was throbbing in his pants. She lay back, tingling from her climax, confused but excited that he was interested in her, but scolding her.

She didn't know what to think. Mr. Roth stripped her panties down, then took them off. "These panties are soaking wet. Do you know that, Kelly?"

"Naughty, very naughty."

He laid the panties on the desk. "I should make you get up and write on the blackboard how naughty you are."

But instead he moved in front of her, leaned against the small table and unzipped his fly.

Kelly's heart leaped. "What if I took this out?" he whispered. Kelly stared at his cock-bulge. "I guess I shouldn't," he said, zipping his pants.

"Oh, please! Lemme see it!" Kelly gasped.

"Oh, you are naughty, aren't you, Kelly?"

"Yes! Yes I am!"

"Are you sure?"

"I wanna see!"

"My, my, my, my, my," Mr. Roth mumbled, unzipping his fly again.

We loosened his belt buckle, slid his pants down, and his cock thumped around in his shorts -- which were all gummy, cummy, and foamy.

Kelly slid her hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy.

"Oh, my! Playing with yourself again, huh? You are a dirty little girl, Kelly."

Kelly rubbed her pussy and stared at the throbbing cock inside his shorts.

"You'll have to repeat it over and over for punishment. Tell me that you're a dirty little girl."

"I am. I am a dirty little girl."

Mr. Roth pulled out his enormous hard-on.

"Oh, jeeeeeez!" she gasped.

The headmaster's cock was a full ten inches of bulging meat. Thick! Long! And a string of cum dripped from the apple-red prick-head. His big balls were bagged in a pouch of wrinkly skin. They looked like a couple of golf balls.

His pants dropped to his ankles.

Kelly fingered her cunt.

"I am a dirty little girl!" she panted.

"That's right, keep saying it, because that's the only way you're going to redeem yourself with me, the only way you'll ever stay in school here, and I know how much your mother wants you to have a good education."

"I am a dirty little girl!"

"Yes, you are," Mr. Roth said, standing against the table, his cock sticking out in a beautiful arc.

The prick-tip gushed out a drop of cum that spewed at Kelly and hit her white sweater.

Kelly's mouth dropped open in a sweet pink oval.

Mr. Roth clutched his immense prick and started stroking it slowly, very slowly, pulling the skin back in a lewd pump so that his huge, round cock-tip looked like a red ripe plum with sugar syrup on it.

"Ah! Oooooh!" Kelly panted hotly, her eyes glued to the big prick, the slow pump.

"You're not saying it," he said.

"I'm a dirty little girl. I'm a dirty little girl. I'm a dirty little girl. I'm a dirty little girl!" Kelly gasped.

"And you love to masturbate, don't you?"

"Yes, I love to masturbate!"

"I'll bet you do it all the time."

"Yes, yes!"

"How many times a day? Tell me right now!"

"Every morning when I wake up, every night before I go to sleep."

"And between then?"

"Whenever I can," Kelly panted, her legs cocked wide open, her hands playing on her pussy.

"That's what you were doing when you skipped class, weren't you?"


"Oh, my, my, my! Masturbating and skipping class! You are naughty, Kelly!"

"I know, sir!"

She stared at his lewd pumping. He eyed her finger-fucking, her luscious body, her bobbing tits, her darling face, now flushed more pink than ever, her wet, juicy pink lips.

"How many times, I mean, the most in one day, have you done it, Kelly?"


"Oh my!" he screeched.

"I know it, it's too much, isn't it, sir?"

"I should think so, my dear, but if it makes you feel good..."

"Oh, it does, it does!" she cried. "My, my!"

"Do you masturbate a lot?"

"Do you, sir?"

"Of course not!" he snapped. "But would you now, sir?"

"You want me to, Kelly?"

"Yes, yes, pleeeeezz!"

"Oh, you are a dirty little strumpet! My, my, my, my!"

He started jerking harder and faster on his cock, squirting big splats of cum at Kelly. A juicy wad hit her belly just above her hands.

"Oooooh, sir!" she cried.

"You like it when I do it like this, fuck my prick with my hand?"

"Uh-huhhhhh! Yesssss! Oooohhhh yes, sir!"

Mr. Roth pumped his prick for her. Kelly's mouth was wide, her eyes were glazed and her hands fiddled and fucked at her little pussy.

Kelly stiffened. She knew she was about to cum. She lifted off the chair, bucking her hips obscenely, and finger-fucked her pussy.

Mr. Roth jacked wildly, jerking furiously on his long stiff prick.

"Ahhhhh! Ohhhhhh!" Kelly yelped.

Mr. Roth came. His prick blasted a huge spray of cum that flew through the air and splashed all over Kelly, hitting her blue skirt, her white sweater, her thighs, her masturbating hands.

She looked up at his face, saw the pleasure etched in his handsome features, then looked back down at his spitting prick. It was too much for the young girl. She tingled into a hard climax, shuddering furiously, shivering like a dog shaking off water, and swooning into ecstasy.

"Oh, damn!" Mr. Roth cried. "Damn you, Kelly! You dirty little bitch!"

"Sir! Sir!"

She had never felt better. A glorious orgasm swept through her fine body in wave after wave of erotic pleasure.

She thought Mr. Roth would drown her in his spray of hot cock-cream. She got it in the face with a huge glob of cum that hit her between the eyes and dripped down her nose, then hung from the tip of her nose like snot.

It was the most exciting moment Kelly had ever had -- her headmaster was shooting off at her while she shook with orgasm.

He pumped hard, and he looked good. The sight of him masturbating really thrilled Kelly. She fingered her cunt, bucked her hips wildly off the chair at him, and let him spray her all over with his hot, thick load of cum-cream.


Kelly slumped back into the chair. Mr. Roth dipped to his knees between her legs. He slid her sweater up and pulled her tits out, leaned in and kissed each nipple tenderly, then trailed his tongue down over her fluffed-up skirt, licked at her thighs, and moved onto her pussy.

"Ohhhhhh, shhhheeeeez!" Kelly yelled. He licked up and down her gummy cuntslit. Kelly spread her legs wide, pushing her ass at him, whirling her hips thrusting her pussy into his face.

Mr. Roth licked like a wild dog at her little cunt. Kelly was shaking so badly she thought she might faint. She looked down, watching the headmaster gobble at her pussy.

Cum still dripped from her nose. There was cum on her thighs. Mr. Roth chewed and sucked at her sweet cunt, sending tingles of delight and pleasure singing through Kelly.

"Sir!" she moaned softly. "Ohhhhh!"

Mr. Roth slid his hands under Kelly's round ass, lifted it, then feasted greedily on her young cunt, sucking all of her pussy into his mouth, then chewing on it voraciously.

"Oooooh, Mr. Headmaster!" she gasped. "Darn!"

She came in a glorious moment of erotic joy.

"Oh, gawwwwwwwd!" she cried.

Mr. Roth felt her tremble. His tongue flicked wildly at her pussy, tickled her clit, and brought Kelly to a frothing climax.

He let her down, and again she slumped into the chair.

He stood up. His cock was hard again. He fisted the long shaft, stood up, and leveled it just inches from Kelly's little pink mouth.

"You are such a naughty girl," he whispered. "Now, lick my prick."


"Lick it. Suck my prick."

"I've never done that, sir. Ever!"

He smiled. "Well, now you can, if you like."

Kelly stared at the throbbing, dripping cock. She glanced at Mr. Roth's handsome, manly face. She slid out to the edge of the chair, her back rigid, her sweater up over her tits. Her legs were still set apart, and her pussy was all slick and wet.

She reached out and clutched Mr. Roth's cock midway along the prick-shaft, wrapping her little fingers around the stiff cock, her pink fingernails tightening in a good grip.

Kelly stuck out her tongue and sloshed the pink tip all over Mr. Roth's cock-head, licking away the thick cum.

"Oh, myyyyyy!" he gasped.

Kelly squeezed his cock tightly, cupped his big balls in her other hand, then she sucked the big prick into her mouth. Her little pink lips sucked around the cock-head. Her cheeks puffed.

"Ohhhhh, yesssss!" Mr. Roth cried. "Suck it, you dirty little girl! Suck me!"

Kelly felt a tinge of excitement at his lewd words. She sucked in and out, sucking the best she could without any experience -- and she found that she liked sucking cock, really liked it! She had the big prick-tip in her mouth. She sucked and licked.

"Yes, yes, you dirty little cocksucker!" Mr. Roth panted. "Yes, yes, yes! Ohhhh, so good!"

Kelly had to catch her breath. She took his prick out of her mouth, gulped for air and glanced up into Mr. Roth's hot, passionate face.

She panted, then moved her pink tongue over the bright red prick-head, licking lewdly, beautifully.

"You dirty little girl," he whispered.

"Mmmmm, mmmmm!" Kelly moaned, taking him into her mouth again. "Mmmmm, mmmmmmm!"

She hummed as she bobbed in and out on his slick, big prick.

"Pricksucker!" Mr. Roth gasped. "Dirty cocksucker girl! Beautiful little bitch!"

"Mmmmm, mmmmmmm!"

He humped own his hard prick-shaft a big bulge of meat between his crotch and Kelly's juicy mouth.

"Suck me off, damn you!" he cried. "Suck it off, Kelly!"

She worked hard, felt his prick bulge in her mouth, then tasted the first splash of cock-cream as he blasted his load into her mouth.

Kelly thought she might choke. She gulped down the thick goo. It tasted good. She kept sucking. Mr. Roth's cock spit more jizz into her mouth, pouring it down her throat, and she slurped and slurped before finally taking his prick out of her mouth.

Thick cum dripped from her lips down onto her chin. He kept cumming, squirting frothy cum-cream all over Kelly's pretty, young face.

Her bangs were matted to her forehead, slick and gooey with his cum. Her nose dripped big drops of cock-juice. Huge splats of cock-cream stuck to her cheeks then trickled down around her chin, her neck.

"Oh, sir!" she whispered.

"Kelly! Kelly!" he cried. "I'm cummin, honey!"

"On my face!" she moaned.

"Cumming, cumming!" he panted, "Yeahhhh, cummmmming!" Kelly whispered. "Shootin' all that stuff on my oh, Gawwwwwd, here comes some more!"

She closed her eyes as another big glob of spunk spewed from his cock onto her face.

When he had finally shot all his cum, he slumped against the table, his chest heaving.

Kelly fell back in the chair. She was drenched with the headmaster's cum.

"Oh, you darling little girl," he whispered, then fell to his knees and started sucking her cunt again.

"Oh, jeez, sir! Again? You gonna do that again?"

His tongue held the answer as it moved up and down her pussy-slit.

But the headmaster had other things on his mind. He licked her pussy, then lifted up, fisted his cock, and rubbed the big prickhead all over Kelly's cunt.

She tucked in her chin and looked down at the big prick foaming on her wiry, fuzzy little cunt mound.

"Let's fuck," Mr. Roth whispered. "Awwww, jeez, noooooo! I've never done that," Kelly said, stiffening in the chair.

"Don't you wanna fuck, Kelly?" His cock felt good as he rubbed it all over her pussy, up and down the cunt-slit, then shoved it in.

"Oh! Ooooh, shit!" Kelly yelped. "My, my, you talk naughty, Kelly!"

"But, sir, you got your big hard-on in my pussy and stuff."

"Should I stop?"

"I -- ah, no, no! Oh, shit!"

"That's it, Kelly, talk to me, tell me to fuck you."

"Oh, sir! Should I?"

"Yes! You'd better, that's all I have to say, you better."

"Fuck me, sir! Fuck me then!"

He fucked in and out, sawing his giant prick in and out of Kelly's pussy.

It felt so hot, hard and warm in there, Kelly thought, and she loved the feeling of the big hard thing as it squished back and forth, in and out.

Mr. Roth looked into her beautiful young face, her brown eyes, her fabulous lips and cheeks. His fuck-hot prick kept humming.

"Now we're doin' it, Kelly! Now we're fuckin'!"

"Shit!" Kelly cried.

She couldn't believe she was in the headmaster's detention office taking the headmaster's hard cock in her little pussy, but she was, and she loved the feelings it gave her.

She spread her legs wider, moved her hips in a hot swirl and flicked back at the older man, much to his delight and pleasure.

"Say fuck for me, Kelly."



"Fuck!" she screeched. "Louder! Say fuck me!"

"Fuck! Fuck me!" He fucked harder now, his balls swinging, his prick fucking deeper into Kelly's tight pussy.

"Ah! Oh! Shit! Fuck!" Kelly babbled. "You dirty little girl!" Mr. Roth gasped. "You dirty old man!" she cried. "Dirty little bitch!"

"Dirty old bastard!"

"Oh, Kelly, we're fuckin' so good, darling!"

They were indeed. The sound of his prick in her pussy, a steady clicking, slurping, slushy sound, filled the little room.

Mr. Roth's cock was creamy beyond description as he fucked it back and forth in long, hot strokes. Kelly watched how he he moved it in and out. She loved the sight of his prick in her cunt. Her little heart pounded. She tingled all over.

"Oh, jeez!" she moaned. "Oh, sir! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! Is that what you want me to say?"

"Yes! More, more, more!"

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!" Kelly gasped quickly and loudly.

"Oh, shit!" he cried.

Then Kelly felt it, the spritz of tingling delight that gripped her body, the pure pleasure of orgasm, the wonderful feeling of fucking on a prick.

She came.

Mr. Roth shot another load. This time it splashed into Kelly's cunt. Her face was still dripping from his last outburst. The cum on her legs and belly had caked and dried.

She lifted out of the chair, swirled her hips at his punching stroke and fucked him off.

It was a fuck she would remember the rest of her life.

"I love it!" she yelled. "I love it!"



She turned.

It was Pam Naughton. Pam caught up to her in the hallway at Harvard School.

"Are you going to cheerleading practice?" Pam asked.

"Harvard Boys are playing in just three weeks. I guess we should be ready to do some neat routines," Pam said.

"I'm just lucky I made the squad," Kelly said. "I didn't think a freshman would ever make it."

"You were great in tryouts," Pam said. "How could they have ever stopped you?"

Pam was a junior at Harvard and in her second year of cheerleading. She was an adorable blonde with a supple, juicy, young body, ample hips and big tits.

"Listen," Pam said. "Tomorrow do you want to go with me to Deck Card's TV Dance Party over at channel five?"

Kelly had seen the show, which appeared every Saturday morning. It was a local show, and Deck Card was the popular host.

She had always wanted to go, but thought she was too young. "Are you going?"

"Sure," Pam said. "I go every Saturday I can. It's fun to show off for the camera, and boy, have they got some horny cameramen over there! If you do sexy moves, they zoom right in on you and shoot right up your skirt if they can. I love it. Don't you love to show off, Kelly? I mean, isn't that one of the reasons you wanted to be a cheerleader?"

Kelly had never heard it put so blatantly. She never thought about admitting the truth. Sure, that's the main reason she went out for cheerleading, to show her stuff. She loved to show off, and in junior high she had learned the pleasures of having a bleacher full of boys and men gawk at her.

"Sure, I'll go with you, Pam," Kelly said. "Great, meet me at the pizza parlor at one and we'll take a bus downtown. I'll show you the ropes and explain everything about the show."

Pam flashed a beautiful smile, waved, and walked away.

Kelly started down the hall.

"Oh, Kelly!" Pam called.


"Wear somethin' real sexy if you want some camera time!" Pam smiled.

Kelly nodded.

The next day Kelly met Pam at the pizza parlor. She looked fabulous in a tight black mini of slick denim and a tight pink sweater. She topped the ensemble off with pink high heels. Her brown hair was fixed perfectly in pigtails. She had worked a long time to get everything just right.

Deck Card was a good-looking hunk, and Kelly wanted to impress him. She tingled everytime she thought about being on TV, showing off her stuff.

Pam had a tight black halter over her big tits, a bare midriff, a short black skirt, and she wore black high heels.

Pam's blonde hair was swept up on one side, then pulled over into a sweet ponytail. She radiated pure, fresh, Midwestern warmth.

"Now remember," Pam said, "they like you to move. What happens is we all get out on the floor and move, dance, and you don't have to dance with anyone, just move while the camera pans around. Then when they find something they like, they come in on you and feature you. I've only been to the show twice, but they've featured me four times, only for a few seconds, but they had me all alone, once for nearly twenty-five seconds."

"Just dance?" Kelly asked.

"Well, you got to move sexy. Like swinging your hips. I do a little bump, like cheerleading, and oh yes, sexy expressions, or cute expressions. That's what I noticed when I watch."

The girls went into the studio.

A director came out and gave them instructions. The place was crowded with kids. He told them to always move, to look like they were having loads of fun, and if Deck Card picked them out to interview, to be open and friendly.

The show started. Deck Card came out and did an opening, then introduced a Madonna song.

Kelly and Pam started moving. Kelly looked good in her short black skirt. Her pink sweater bounced with her young tits, and she managed to work her hips in a slow whirl, pumping forward, around, around, then back in.

Pam bounced wildly, her tits jiggling in the black halter.

"Don't forget the red light on the camera," Pam whispered to Kelly. "If it's on, then the camera is on."

Kelly danced, moving sexily, and each time she raised her arms, or pushed out, her pink sweater lifted to show a bare stretch of her tight tummy. Her tits bounced deliciously.

She saw the cameraman move in on her. The red light came on. She knew she was on TV, and she felt a surge of excitement, of power. She licked her lips, left her mouth open in a sexy little O, then swished her hips to the right, the left, and put her hands up over her head. Her pink sweater raised, showing a slash of tummy between the top of her black skirt and the pink material. Her tits pushed hotly at the sweater.

The light stayed on and Kelly performed. Then the cameraman got both Pam and Kelly in a close-up, moved back so he had fully body shots of them, then moved in again for a close-up of Kelly's pretty face.

The record ended.

Deck Card came back on with a personal story about how he had met Madonna. Then he introduced another record and the kids started dancing.

The camera swept over the crowd of bobbing, weaving teens, and once again found favor with young Kelly. And once again she did her best to show off for the red light that seemed like a magnet to her.

When the record ended, Deck Card took the microphone into the crowd and asked kids their names and ages. Kelly thought she'd faint when he came to her.

"You?" he asked, smiling.

"Kelly Branson, freshman, Harvard Girls."

He nodded and moved the mike in front of Pam.

"Pammy Mann, junior, Harvard Girls."

"All right, nice to have you girls here from Harvard today," Deck said as he moved on to more teenagers.

It was a grand day for Kelly. She loved dancing in front of the camera, and she liked the attention, the gawking eyes of the horny directors and cameramen.

The show ended, and as she was leaving with Pam, Deck Card came over to them. "I want you girls to come back again next week, okay? And if you're as good then as you were today, I want you to be regulars on my show."

The young darlings were flabbergasted.

"Gee, really, Mr. Card?" Pammy gasped.

"You got it, honey." He smiled, then turned his attention to Kelly.

Their eyes met. His expression changed to steamy attention. He looked her up and down.

"How 'bout sneaking back to my dressing room in a few minutes, girls?" he whispered.

"Huh? Really?" Pam mumbled.

"Yeah, just slip down that hall in a few minutes. You'll see it, the door with my name on it. I'll leave it open, just come on."

He walked away.

"God! Did you hear that, Kelly?"

"Jeez," Kelly said. "Do you think we should?"

"Are you kiddin'? Damn right we should! I'll bet Deck Card doesn't ask many girls to his dressing room. And he wants us to be regulars too! Shit!"

The girls waited, then slipped down the hall to Deck Card's dressing room. The door was open for them, and they went in.

"Hi, girls, come on in," he said, locking the door after them. "Wanna have some fun?"

"Sure," Pammy said.

"If we do have some fun, girls, you can't say a word about it. Besides, I'd deny it, and no one would believe you, okay?"

Then Deck Card reached out with both hands and petted the girls' pussies, rubbing them through their skirts.

"Jeeeez," Kelly gasped.

"God, Mr. Card!" Kelly panted. He had a big hard-on that pushed at the crotch of his slacks. Kelly saw the huge bulge and gulped.

"Yes, you girls were very good on the show today," he said, his hand moving up and down between their legs. "Next week, Kelly, you wear a shorter skirt, okay, way up there? Got to keep the ratings up with skirts up, dig?"

Kelly nodded.

"And you, Pam, you wear a shorter skirt too, and a tighter bra. Just wear a regular bra, it's the style, you know."

"Yes, sir," she said.

His hands were under their skirts, rubbing into the soft warmth of their cunts.

His cock throbbed against his tight slacks. "I don't have much time. You girls wanna fool around, or drop by next week after the show and we'll pick it up here? That is, if you wanna. Of course, you can't tell anyone that you ever came to my dressing room or that we ever did anything like this," Deck said, dipping into the girls' panties.

"I could jack you off real quick," Pam said, "if you want me to."

"Aw, how sweet. That's really sweet, honey," Deck said.

"I could help her," Kelly said.

"Well, now I'd be a fool if I passed up an offer like that, wouldn't I?" Deck Card said, sifting down on a chair, unzipping his fly, taking his pants and shorts down, revealing his massive hard-on.

The darling girls knelt on each side of their hero, and each clutched his long cock. Pam had a grip around the top, while Kelly got a good firm grip at the base. They staffed jerking.

"Ah, yes, girls, very good, very good! Where did you learn that?"

"Practice," Pammy whispered.

Deck smiled, skidded down on the chair and spread his legs, which made his cock look bigger and longer. The girls pumped harder and faster on the immense prick-stick.

"Aw, yeah, girls! I can tell you are both gonna be big hits on my TV show!"

"You think so?" Pammy asked, leaning over and kissing the tip of his bubbling prick.

"Oh, shit, honey, yeahhhhh! Kiss my prick like that!" Deck Card gasped.

Kelly took a cue and slid her tongue onto the tip of his cock, and both girls licked the bubbling cum, swirling their pink, young tongues at the bulging cock-head as they pumped and jacked the stiff cock-shaft.

"Oh, babies! Darlings!" Deck cried. Then he came. He squirted his load on their pink mouths, spewing thick, hot cockjuice at their faces as he sighed lovingly for them.

"Ahhhh, boy, oooooh!" he moaned, his prick splashing globe of cum at their little mouths.

The girls kept pumping, and jerked him dry, leaving him wilted on his dressing-room chair. He finally pulled them off his dripping prick.

"Good. Very good, girls. Now don't forget to wear shorter skirts and come back next Saturday. You're gonna be big teen dancing stars on my show."

Both girls were thrilled to even think about such a wonderful possibility, and they chatted about it all the way home.

"We actually masturbated Deck Card! Can you fucking believe it?" Pammy exclaimed. "Whew, jeeez, no! Too much," Kelly said.


That night, Pam's mother went out with her boyfriend, and Pam watched some TV in her room, still thinking about the experience at the TV station, and thrilled about appearing on camera as a regular next week.

The phone rang.



"It's your Uncle Frank."

"Oh, hi."

"I saw you on TV today."

"Gee, really?"

"Yeah. God, YOU were great! Very sexy!" Kelly felt a tingle of power. "Oh, yeah?" she said. "What were you doin' watchin' that program, Uncle Frank?"

"Well, just looking in, you know, but you were terrific! That little black skirt, whew, and the pink sweater, Kelly, the pink heels, the way you were dancing -- God, it got me so hard!"

"Huh? I did, I mean, it did?"

"You did, Kelly."

"Got you on a hard-on, Uncle Frank?" she asked cutely, a shiver of excitement sweeping through her young fine body.

"Yes, a big one, Kelly, and I taped you. I've been running it back all day, jerking off to you."

"Gawwwwd!" Kelly gasped. "You didn't!"

"Yes I did, and I've jacked off to you five times today so far."

"Jeez, five times?"

"I was just dancin' and stuff."

"The way you moved your hips, honey, the sexy smile, it was all too much. I thought you were gonna pull that skirt up over your panties a couple times, the way you kept sliding it up with your hands while you danced. Oh, oh, I'm watchin' the tape right now, Kelly."

"Are you?"


"Are you playin' with your prick?"

"Yes!" he gasped.

"And watchin' me on TV," Kelly whispered.


"Ooooh, wow, you're naughty! Real naughty!"

Kelly slid her black skirt up over her tight pink panties, dunked her hand into the cute undies and rubbed her pussy.

"Oh, Kelly!" Frank sighed into the phone hotly.

"You doin' it right now?" Kelly asked.

"Yes, jackin' off to you -- I love it!"

"Is it all big and stuff?"

"Yes, darling!"

"Oh, shit, Uncle Frank!" Kelly gasped, a wave of erotic heat burning through her. "Do it then!"

"What? Do what, Kelly?"

"Jerk your prick to me!"

"Oh, yeah! I am!"

"You cock-beater!" Kelly cried.

"Yes! Yes I am, darling! A cock-beater!"

"Pump on your prick!"

"Honey, I'm gonna cum to you!" Frank shouted.

"Jerk it, Uncle Frank! Jerk your big prick! Make it squirt all over. Make it shoot all that gooey, icky stuff all over. Jerk fast and hard on your prick, Uncle Frank, really pound -- ooooohhhhh, yeahhhhhh! Pound your prick, Uncle Frank!"

"I'm poundin'!" Frank gasped.

Kelly reached over to her dresser by the bed, opened the drawer and withdrew the picture she had of Frank jerking off.

"I'm lookin' at your picture, and you are lookin' at me on TV," Kelly whispered. "Kelly, Kelly!" Frank panted. "Masturbate it off!"

"My sixth time to you when I do!"

"Shit," Kelly murmured, her hand jerking in her panties, her finger playing on her cunt.

"I'll bet there was a lot of cum pumped to you today, Kelly," Frank whispered lewdly.

"Ohhhhh, shit, huh?"

"I'll bet guys all over town fucked their fists and shot their wads to you today, just like I'm about to do."

"Fuck your fuckin' fist! Fuck your fist!"

"I'm cummin'! I'm cummin'!" Frank yelled.

Kelly felt a tickle of pleasure tingle through her as Frank yelled and panted about cumming.

When he'd finished, he said, "I wanna come over and jerk off to you some day soon, okay?"

"Yeahhhhhh!" Kelly purred obscenely. Kelly hung up and lay back, her hand still in her gooey panties, her finger slowly pleasuring her pussy, her body tingling with satisfaction. She loved masturbation, and it excited her so much to hear how men would tape her TV appearance and jack-off to it.

She didn't know how long she lay there, but she was abruptly jolted from her mellow haze by the front doorbell.

She pulled her panties up quickly, wiped her dripping fingers on her bedspread and went downstairs.

It was Frank.

"I drove by and saw that your mother was out."

He walked past her, and Kelly shut the door.

"I came over to jerk off to you," he said.

"Oooooh, jeeeez, okay," Kelly said.

His eyes gazed at her young body with a blaring hotness.

"Better do it up in my room," Kelly said, "just in case my mom comes home."

They went to Kelly's little bedroom. Frank took his clothes off and sat down on her bed. Kelly stood a few feet away from him, leaning against the wall. His cock was bloated and big from so many pumpings, but it was incredibly hard, and it shot up from between his legs, straight and rigid, the cock-head cherry-red.

Kelly stared at the handsome prick. Frank clutched the cock-shaft in his hand and pumped up and down very slowly.

Kelly tingled with excitement as she watched his lewd stroke.

"Mmmmmmm, you look so damn good, Kelly!"

"Do I?" she asked, giving him a little sexy smile and sliding down on the wall so her black skirt pulled up high on her thighs.

"Do what you did on TV, Kelly."

"Like kinda move my hips like this, Uncle Frank, like I was standing there dancing and stuff?"

"Oh, yes, like that, darling, yes!"

"Oooooh, that looks good, Uncle Frank, the way you're playin' with your big prick like that! Jeeeez!"

"Pull your skirt up!"

"All right, I'm gonna," Kelly said, and she lifted the skirt along her hips, sliding it up until Frank could see her gooey-wet pink panties.

He let out a hot sigh of appreciation. Kelly reached down, dipped her hand into her panties, knuckled out the crotch and finger-fucked her cunt.

"Oh, yeahhhh, that looks good!" Frank panted.

"I'm gonna pull my panties down and show you my pussy, Uncle Frank. Like this," Kelly said.

She thumbed her pink panties, her skirt held high against the wall behind her. Then she tugged them down, pulling her undies to her knees and letting Frank see her beautiful little cunt.

"Yes, yes, your pussy!" Frank moaned.

"You like it, too, huh?"

His answer was obvious in the faster strokes he applied to his cock, masturbating the thick prick like a champion, pumping the juice out of the tip, so Kelly could watch it dribble down the prickshaft and fall on his knuckles.

"Beat it! Come on! Faster! Come on, you peter-beater! Beat it!"

"Oh, Kelly!" Frank gasped, entranced by Kelly's rolling hips and the way she pushed her pussy at him. He sat hunched over on the edge of the bed, pounding wildly on his prick.

Kelly loved watching the man masturbate. She didn't exactly know why, and she wondered if all young girls enjoyed turning on men the way she enjoyed it. She supposed that they did.

She stuck her hand between her legs and rubbed her cunt, then stuck her finger in. Frank whipped his prick, making slurpy sounds as he jerked up and down on the bulging fuck-stick.

He licked his chops as he stared at Kelly finger her pussy, her sweet way of standing there, so sexy, young, beautiful, intently watching his cock.

"Ooooooh, beat on it faster like that!" Kelly moaned, "I like it! I like it! Faster! Yeah, go fast! Naughty guy! Jerk off! Jerk off to me!"

He came suddenly.

Cum flew from his prick. Rig wads hit the rug in front of Kelly.

"Owwwwwoooww!" she cried. "Wow!" What a sight. She loved it. Loved the way his cock exploded and spit out all that thick cock-juice.

"Oooooh, Uncle Frank!" she moaned, fingering faster and faster in her pussy, until she brought herself off with him.

The next thing Kelly knew, Frank had her on the floor. He was mounting her, sticking his big, squirting prick into her little cunt.

Kelly felt the hard cock slide in. "Ahhh, jeeeez!"

"Honey, let's fuck!" Frank whispered. "Fuck, yes, fuck!" Kelly cried. Frank thrust. His balls banged her tight ass. His big cock fucked in and out. He slid a hand under her bucking ass, then stuck a finger up her ass. Kelly crossed her sweet legs around his back.

"You're fuckin' me!" Kelly whispered. "Yes, fuckin' you, sweet dear!"

"Naughty guy, fuckin' me on the floor in my bedroom! And you're my uncle too! You are naughty, Uncle Frank!"

"I love you!" he shouted.

"Oh, fuck! Fuck me! Fuck your little darling!" Kelly cried.

He fucked her good. His cock moved in and out. His big hunk of hard cock pleasured Kelly until she thought she might scream with pure joy.

She loved the way his balls slapped her ass.

She stiffened, then started bouncing her ass up and down on the rug until she came.

Frank fucked furiously on top of her, then finally heaved out a long sigh as he drained into her the few last drops of cum he had left in his vast reservoir of cock-juice.


Kelly and Pammy headed for Mr. Roth's office. The headmaster had sent word he wanted to see them immediately.

"What's he want?" Kelly asked.

"I'll bet it's because we were on the show dancing."

"Oh, God, really? You think so?"


"What will he do?"

"He always holds the ace that he will kick you out of school, but the last time he had me in there I let him fuck around in my panties and he let me off."

"Yeah, he did some stuff with me, too."

"Well, it's either that or take lots of shit at home for getting kicked out."

"I don't wanna go through that with my mother," Kelly said.

"Let me handle the talk. I know what to say."

Kelly nodded and the girls went into his office.

The handsome headmaster rose from his desk. He wore a three-piece gray suit.

He bid them to sit down and the girls took the two big chairs in front of Mr. Roth's desk.

"I have had reports about you girls, lots of calls from upset parents that you were on some dance show on TV and that your behavior on camera, in public, was lewd and salacious."

The girls sat in silence. Both looked good enough to eat in their sexy little uniforms. Kelly's tanned legs, her pretty face, and Pammy's long blonde hair in a ponytail, her big tits pushing at the white sweater she wore. Her blue skirt rode high up on her thighs.

Kelly nervously adjusted her blue knee socks, then pulled them up tightly around her calves.

"We cannot tolerate that kind of behavior, girls, you know that. How could you have done such a thing?"

He walked around the desk and leaned against it, standing sternly over the cute schoolgirls.

"Naughty, naughty girls! Well, what should we do? Should we discipline you?"

"We were just dancin', sir," Pam said. "Yes, I heard all about it."

"Well, we'll show you. You'll see, there was nothin' wrong with what we did. Lots of other kids were there too." Pam said.

She got up and Kelly followed. They stood in front of Mr. Roth.

"We were dancing like this," Pam said, starting a slow movement, rolling her hips sexily.

Kelly swirled her hips, slid her hands to her thighs, and slowly slid her school skirt up on her thighs.

"Well, those other students don't go to Harvard," Mr. Roth said, his eyes bugging open as the girls moved teasingly in front of him.

"My, my, my," he whispered. "That is very naughty dancing you girls are doing. You like to do that kind of dancing, don't you, girls?"

"Yes," Pam said.

Kelly nodded.

"You like to be sexy and tease men, don't you?"

"Uh-huh," Kelly said.

"Yeahhhh, you bet." Pam smiled, her lips wet.

Pammy lifted her school skirt up on her waist and showed Mr. Roth her snug white panties. Kelly raised her skirt and stood with her legs, set wide apart, rolling her hips, pushing her pink panties at Mr. Roth.

"Oh, you naughty girls! That's filthy!"

"Yeah, but you like it, don't you, sir?"

His eyes were glazed. His cock was like a hunk of iron in his pants. Both girls saw the bulge at his crotch, the bend of his throbbing cock-stalk.

Mr. Roth's mouth watered. Such pleasure, to have two young beauties like Kelly and Pam, standing before him, holding up their blue skirts, showing him their candy panties.

They kept moving like they were dancing, Kelly smiling sexily, looking from Mr. Roth's hot eyes, his impassioned, handsome face, to the thumping bulge in his slacks. Pammy was thumbing the elastic edge at the top of her white undies, teasing the headmaster heartlessly.

"Nasty little girls!" Mr. Roth gasped. "You like to do that so you get men hot, don't you?"

He stroked the hard bulge in his pants.

"Yeah, that's what I like!"

"And make 'em so hot they have to masturbate," Kelly blurted.

"Yes, just as I thought! You're little cockteasers," he said, unzipping his fly. He pulled out his big prick.

"Ooooh, wow!" Pammy gasped.

"Shhhheeeeez!" Kelly murmured.

Mr. Roth grabbed his prick and started pounding the throbbing stalk relentlessly as he watched the pretty young maidens flaunt their beauty.

He leaned against the desk. "Come over here, girls, come closer."

Pam and Kelly moved up to him on each side.

He let go of his prick and slid his hands into the gummy sweetness of their panties, feeling, their cunt mounds. His cock throbbed and spit two big globs of cum.

"You little whores," Mr. Roth said, dunking his hands into their panties, threading his fingers through the coils of cunt hair between their legs.

Then he started finger-fucking them.

Pam reached out and grabbed his cock. So did Kelly. They got a good stroke going on the stiff, long stalk, pumping in time with each other as Mr. Roth fucked their teenybopper pussies with his fingers.

"Little whores," he whispered. "You gonna cum, Mr. Roth?" Kelly asked, pumping hard on his prick, amazed at the thick juice that sprayed out in short little spurts.

"You little slut," Mr. Roth said, his hands busy in their panties.

"Yeah," Pam said.

"I wanna see you girls masturbate for me," he said, his voice trembling.

"Us?" Kelly gasped, startled.

"Yes, yes, you!"

"Will you drop any discipline and stuff then, sir?" Pam asked.

"Yes, just do it!"

Pam turned to Kelly. Mr. Roth took his hands out of their panties.

Pammy pulled her panties down to her knees, and Kelly did the same. Then Pam reached down and stuck a finger in Kelly's cunt. Kelly did the same thing to Pam.

"Oh, girls!" Mr. Roth cried. "Do it, girls, do it to each other like that!"

"Gawwwddddd!" Kelly drawled, looking over and watching him beat his big prick.

Then she glanced down at the way Pam played with her pussy. She felt good. Excited. On the edge. She loved it.

"Finger me!" Pam panted. "Damn, finger me, Kelly!"

"Yeah, finger her, Kelly!" Mr. Roth yelped.

"Oooooh, shit, I'm gonna cum!" Kelly moaned.

"Cum! Cum, cum, I wanna see you girls finger-fuck and cum! Cum!"

He pumped obscenely until he sprayed his load at the masturbating schoolgirls. Pam really fingered Kelly good, and she tingled with the glorious feeling of orgasm.

"Shit!" Kelly cried.

"I'm gettin' it!" Pammy screeched. "You little whores!" Mr. Roth gasped, his hot, slick load pouring quickly.

Both girls jerked forward slightly at the waist, both shuddered, their pretty mouths open as if they were about to kiss.

"Oh! Feels good!" Kelly cried, then, as another tingle of the sweet delight zipped through her beautiful face, registered an expression that looked as though she'd just sucked a lemon.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" she shrieked.

"Oh, you sweet girls, cum! You cum so good! Looks so good!" Mr. Roth panted as he jerked his big prick, pumping out another load at the girls.

"Keep finger-fucking," he added. The girls finished their orgasms, then stood there breathlessly, tingling all over, their fingers still inside each other's cunt.

Mr. Roth stroked his creamy cock. His hands and fingers dripped with the thick, hot cock-juice. Kelly watched him play with his cock.

"That felt so good! Didn't it?" the headmaster asked.

"Yessssss!" Pam hissed. "Cumming is wonderful, huh?"

"It's the best! It's the very best!" Kelly whispered.

"Should we cum again, girls?"

"Yeah," Pam said quickly, "let's cum some more."

"Wanna, Kelly?" he asked.

"Yes, I wanna cum again! Cum some more!"

Mr. Roth stood beside them as Pammy and Kelly faced each other, still fingerfucking. He stuck out his cum-soaked hands and curved his arms around the girls, then fanned the sticky cum over the cheeks of their tender, young asses.

"Oooooh, such nice asses, girls!" Mr. Roth sighed.

His hand swirled in semi-circles as he felt the girls' asses, the sweet slick curves of their fine teen-queen rumps.

He smeared their ass cheeks with thick cum.

Kelly felt him slide his linger up and down the crack of her ass. It was an exhilarating feeling. He did the same to Pammy, who fucked her finger faster into Kelly's cunt.

Then Mr. Roth stuck his fingers up their assholes and started fucking in and out of their tight little shifters.

"Oh, ah!" Kelly gasped.

"Shit, he's got his finger up my shifter!" Pam gasped.

"Ali, sweet little girls! You look so good! I'll fuck your asses while you fuck each other, and you can reach out with those free hands and clutch my prick for me!"

They grabbed his cock, got a good grip and pumped sideways, jerking him real good as he fingered their assholes.

"You sweet little bitches!" Mr. Roth mumbled.

"You big dicker," Kelly said. "Yeah, you're the one, Mr. Roth, stickin' your finger up our fuckin' asses like that. You should be ashamed of yourself, doin' that and makin' me and Kelly fuck each other with our fingers like this."

"Yeahhhhh, yeah!" Kelly gasped.

"Little whores! Sweet darling fuckers!"

"Big bad headmaster!" Pammy moaned, jerking with Kelly on his long, stiff prick.

"Fuck Kelly with your finger, Pammy!"

"That's what I'm doin', sir. Huh, Kelly?"

"Darn right she is, Mr. Roth, and it feels real good. Your finger up my ass like that feels good, good, good, gooooood, too!"

Kelly panted and shuddered. "Let's cum again, girls."

"Yeah, cum!" Kelly whispered. "Shit, yeahhhhh!"

"Fuck, girls, fuck your fingers!"

"I love it!" Pammy yelled, tossing back her head, her blonde hair swinging. Her mouth was a big, wet O. She was cumming and she was feeling good.

Seeing her start into a climax made Kelly cum. Mr. Roth came with them, shooting as they jerked his cock.

Pammy kept fingering her, and Kelly jabbed Pammy's pussy with her finger the whole time she was cumming, and as she did all that, she managed to watch the thick flow of cock-cream from Mr. Roth's big prick.

"Sweet little whores!" Mr. Roth murmured. "Darling little whores! I wanna eat your delicious little pussies!"

Kelly floated off into such climax that all she could remember from them on was wave after wave of ecstasy as Mr. Roth licked her pussy and Pammy sucked on her tits.

She wilted.

Mr. Roth's tongue lapped at her in long spirals of sweet sensation, and Pammy gulping on her budding tits really made her lose all control. She simply hung there, suspended in rapture.

"Jeeeeez!" Kelly wheezed.

Then suddenly she was on the floor, lying there in her white sweater, her blue knee socks, and her blue and white saddle shoes.

Mr. Roth mounted her. He fucked his cock into her cunt. Kelly's knees came up. Her feet were planted flat on the floor, and she lifted her hips off the carpet and bumped at Mr. Roth's prick.

"You guys are fucking!" Pammy whispered. She was on her knees over them.

"Yes, fucking! He's fucking me! The headmaster is fucking me!" Kelly moaned.

Mr. Roth fucked harder. His balls thumped in sweet slaps at Kelly's pretty ass.

"He's a naughty man for fucking you like this, isn't he?" Pammy whispered.

"Yeah, he shouldn't be fuckin' me," Kelly said.

"Oh, you whores!" Mr. Roth cried. He was so hot he thought he might cum and die.

Pammy paddled his hairy ass. She slapped with an open hand, clapping him some good ones as he pumped up and down on Kelly, his hard cock like a huge piston as it fucked in and out.

"I'm spankin' the headmaster, because he's naughty and he needs a spanking."

"Spank him real hard, Pammy!" Kelly yelped.

"You stop fucking Kelly, you pervert!" Pammy cried.

"Yeah, stop fuckin' me right now, Mr. Roth!"

He fucked faster and harder. His cock made thick, slurpy sounds as it fucked in and out of Kelly. Pam spanked his bobbing ass.

"My sweet little girls, my darling pussy queens, my hot little sluts! Mmmmmmm, such sweethearts!"

"You big bad fucker!" Pam yelped.

"His cock's so big in me!" Kelly sobbed. Pammy slapped his pumping ass. Kelly lifted her hips, swirling them up at his strokes. She stiffened, then came as he poured a cum-load into her pussy.

"Ahhhh, yeahhhhh!" Mr. Roth yelled.

"Shit! We're cummin'!"

"Now?" Pammy panted.

"Yeahhhh, ohhhh, ah, ah, ah, shittttt! Right now!" Kelly shouted.

Pammy fingered her pussy as she spanked the headmaster. He was lost in a humping paradise on top of Kelly, who had fallen back on the carpet and lay there shaking, shuddering, and swinging her head from side to side, her ponytail swishing like a snake on the floor.

"Oh, shit, you guys!" Kelly gasped.

"Dirty fuckers!" Pammy sobbed, her body shuddering, her whole system shivering with a beautiful ecstasy.

Kelly felt so damn good. She lay there cumming and wishing it would never stop.


Kelly had gone out for cheerleading at Harvard and she had made the squad. The girls cheered for the Harvard boys. Their school was across the street from the girls, and football season had started, and the Harvard boys were having their first game.

Cheerleading turned out to be the thrill Kelly thought it would be, performing on a field, showing off her stuff to a bleacher full of boys and men, and some women. She strutted her goodies, did the routines with the other cheerleaders with a flair, a certain style. She looked sexy-sweet in her tight black uniform. On the front of the sweater was the imprint of a tiger's mouth.

The sweater pulled in against her growing tits, and they were juicy and ripe as they pushed back at the tight material, sticking out like two big oranges, hard, round, juicy.

The tiny black skirt flared out in inverted orange pleats high on her gorgeous thighs. She had on black knee socks and orange tennis shoes. Her hair was done in pigtails, parted in the middle, her bangs on her forehead.

Kelly was stunning, and she looked great to the men in the stands. She could see their hot stares, and she liked the attention, which made her hot down in her bright orange bloomers.

She knew that she was going to love being a cheerleader and that she would have many exciting experiences associated with it. She looked wonderful swinging her hips next to Pam out on the field.

Pam and Kelly left the game when it was over. They decided to get together later that evening over at Pam's house.

"I'll have the place to myself, and we can use my mom's dildo and fuck each other. We can see some porno videos on the VCR, too."

"Jeez, okay," little Kelly said.

She went home and found her mother and Mr. Karl Carson there. They had just pulled in as Kelly walked up to the house. They all went in and Angie fixed Mr. Carson a drink.

Kelly went into the kitchen, said she was going up stairs the back way, but stayed in the kitchen and peeked through the door at her mom and Mr. Carson.

He looked about fifty. He was tall, had sandy hair, and wore glasses.

Angie, Kelly's mother, sat at the bar in a tight black skirt, pink blouse, heels, and black hose.

"Well, you know I could use the promotion," Kelly heard her mother say. "Not only for the prestige, but for the raise in salary. It costs a lot of money to raise a teenaged girl, send her to a fine school, all that."

"Well, I'm certainly considering it," Mr. Carson said.

"Okay, good." Angie smiled. "I'll go take a quick shower and dress. Have a couple drinks."

Mr. Carson nodded, and Angie went upstairs. The shower went on and Kelly walked into the living room. Kelly walked to the bar. "Hi, Mr. Carson, how you doin' tonight?"

He gazed at her youthful beauty, her curves bulging all over the uniform. "Fine, fine. How are you Kelly? Did you have a game today?"

"Yes," she said.

"You look real good," he said.

"Aw, it's just my uniform, sir."

"I'll bet you're a good cheerleader," he said.

Kelly could see how hot he was for her. His passion was reflected in his eyes, his intense face.

"You gonna give Mom the promotion?"

Kelly asked.

"I've been thinking about it," he said. Kelly lifted her little black skirt and showed him her bright orange bloomers.

"You can feel if you wanna, Mr. Carson," she whispered.

He was astounded, delighted. His cock throbbed, really throbbed to a stiff hard-on. It knifed up in the crotch of his trousers. He reached out and slid his fingers into the crotch of the orange pants, tenderly feeling, as though he were caressing a bar of gold.

Kelly looked down at his slow-moving hand.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, go ahead, feel me there if you wanna. Yeahhhh, like that!" Kelly said softly.

He rubbed her pussy. She eyed the bulge in his slacks. His fingers scratched her cunt, sucking and sliding on the crotch of her tight silk bloomers.

"I can pull 'em down if you want me to," Kelly said.

"Lemme do it!" he gasped, and slid from the stool at the bar. He leaned against it, thumbed Kelly's pants and tugged them down on her thighs to reveal her sweet pussy.

He stood back and admired the delicious looking nymphette's golden charms, the curls that surrounded her beautiful young pussy, her sleek legs, the thighs perfectly pure and white.

Kelly's lips were glistening. Her pretty, young face radiated enchantment, and her brown eyes had a hint of challenge in them.

"My, God, you're beautiful!" Mr. Carson gasped.

Kelly kept staring at the bulge in his slacks.

"You got a big hard-on, sir," she whispered.

He was so excited he thought his heart would give out and that he'd die on the spot. He slid his hands around Kelly and cupped her ass in a hot but tender clutch.

"Oh, God, what an ass! What a beautiful little ass!" he panted.

The asscheeks, so smooth to his manly touch sent shimmers of desire through Mr. Carson, the likes of which he hadn't felt in years.

He kissed her lips, pulling her close, his fingers pinching into the cheeks of her ass, his cock thumping wildly in his pants.

"You can feel my pussy if you wanna, sir," Kelly whispered. "But you better hurry before Mom comes down."

He slid a hand around and dipped down between them, his fingers threading into the fuzzy wonders of Kelly's little schoolgirl, cheerleader cunt.

Kelly reached over and rubbed on his hard-on.

He broke their kiss, panting, hot as fire. His finger slid into her pussy.

Kelly took his cock out. The prickshaft was at least three inches thick. The head was purple and creamy, like a big beet. Kelly gripped the snub-nosed prick in her little hand. He had about seven inches of quivering cock-meat.

The hot hardness felt good to Kelly. She liked the feel of his thick prick in her grip.

She pumped.

He finger-fucked her.

"You gonna give Mommy that promotion, sir?" Kelly asked.


"I'll suck your prick if you'll do it. If you give her the promotion and the raise, I'll suck you off."

"Jeez!" he gasped.

How could he refuse.

"Of course, of course," he said. "I'll be happy to give her the raise."

Kelly bent over. His hand slipped off her pussy. She ducked down on his prick, kissed the tip with her pink lips, held the cock-shaft down at the base, then tried to suck the big cock-head into her little mouth.

She finally got it all in her mouth. He had jaw-breaker prick. She sealed her sweet lips around the top of his cock, plunging her pink mouth down onto the meaty prick.

Mr. Carson was lost in sweet ecstasy. He thought he must be dreaming. It was too much -- a darling young cheerleader sucking on his thick prick.

"Ohhhhh, darling!" he moaned. "Suck me, little darling, please keep sucking like that!"

Kelly glanced up, then bobbed down again, up and down, up and down, up and down she went on his hard cock, her little lips like a suction cup.

"I wanna fuck you!" he panted.

Kelly slid her mouth off his prick. "I dunno, do we have time?"

"Let's try."

"Jeez, fuck?"


"Okay, but hurry, sir."

He took her orange bloomers off, lifting her up so that she straddled him on the barstool, her legs dangling over the sides of his. His prick stuck up between her thighs. He fisted it and held the cock-shaft. Kelly placed her hands on his shoulders, lifted up, then came down on it.

"It's so darn big and stuff!" she whispered. "I dunno if it'll go in!"

But it did. The thick prick almost split her open. Her little pussy-lips were stretched around the meaty cock-shaft.

Kelly looked precious sitting on top of the older man. He held her tiny cheerleading skirt up on her waist as Kelly bounced up and down slowly on his slick prick.

"Oh! This is wonderful!" Mr. Carson gasped.

Kelly wrapped her arms around his shoulders, then fucked in little swirls up and down on his prick.

"Oh, fuck me! Fuck me, Kelly!" Mr. Carson panted.

"I guess I am," she whispered. "I love it! Fuck, fuck! Fuck me!"

"That's what I'm doin, sir. I'm fuckin' on you."

"Faster, harder!" he moaned. Kelly bounced up and down wildly on his prick, dancing with hot fuck-strokes, her little ass slapping on his thighs when she came down from a high bump.

His big prick bulged in her cunt.

Kelly fucked faster.

He bucked up off the stool, fucking his cock up into her sucking cunt. Kelly felt so damn good she wanted to scream.

Then she felt the hot gush of cum splash into her cunt. She rode him faster, bucking on him like a champion rodeo star.

He held her ass, cuddling her in on his hot prick.

She bumped up and down, fucking the older man until his prick let loose a hot load of cock-cream up into the little girl's pussy.

She fucked faster, sliding up and down on his cumming prick until she felt a sweet vibration of her own, a hot hum of giddiness, a sweet fuck-hot thrill that radiated through her and made her buzz all over.

"Fuck me!" Mr. Carson gasped.

"That's what I'm doin', dammit!" Kelly whispered, letting her orgasm knife her like quivering arrow.

Kelly finally slid off Mr. Carson. Her little cunt had been fucked raw. Her thighs were glistening with fuck-juice. She found her orange bloomers and slipped them on.

"Oh, Kelly!" Mr. Carson whispered.

Kelly dropped her cheerleading skin. She had some caked cum at the corner of her upper lip.

"Mom will be down soon," she said. "I better go."

"I wanna see you again!" Mr. Carson panted.

"Well, I dunno," Kelly said, "maybe -- I mean, if you wanna, you know?"

"I do, I do!" he gasped. "That was the most exciting few minutes I've ever had!"

Kelly smiled. "I could probably jerk you off sometime."


It was a fresh Monday morning and Kelly was walking to school. A big Buick pulled up along the curb.

Frank rolled down the window and called to Kelly.

"Gee, Uncle Frank, whatcha' doin' around here?"

"I had to see you," he said intensely. "Huh?"

"Get in. I'll give you a ride to school."

Kelly slid in beside him in the front seat. She smelled good. She looked fabulous. Her pretty face was blushed with pink. Her lips were red, her brown hair was in a high-bob ponytail. The little blue skirt pleated in swirls on her thighs.

"Were you just drivin' around waitin' for me to go to school?"

"Yes," Frank said, "and it was worth the wait. You look absolutely lovely this morning, Kelly."

Kelly looked over at him and caught him eyeing her tits and legs. His rugged face looked handsome. He smelled sexily of aftershave. Then Kelly saw the big hard-on bulging at his crotch.

"Jeez!" Kelly whispered.

Frank saw her staring at his aching prick. "I know, I've been hard for hours thinking about you, Kelly."

"Oooooh! You still beating off to that tape of me dancin' sexy on TV?"

"Yes, yes, all the time!"

His hand came over and he caressed Kelly's smooth, sweet thigh, lifting her skirt even higher.

Kelly watched him lift her school skirt, lay it back, and looked up into his face as he saw her bright pink panties all muffed out at the crotch by the fuzzy garden of her cunt-curls.

"Oh, God, that looks good!" Frank panted, licking his lips. "Take my cock out for me, will you?"

"You gonna jerk on it, Uncle Frank?" Kelly asked, unzipping his fly.

She reached inside and got hold of his big cock, worked it around, and yanked it out.

"Shit!" she exclaimed. "It's throbbin' all over!"

Frank rubbed Kelly's pussy through her panties.

"Mmmmm!" he moaned.

Kelly clutched his big prick in her tiny hand, curling her pink fingernails around the thick cock-shaft as far as she could get them and giving his prick-stick a good squeeze. A shot of cock-juice jetted joyously up into the air and splashed on the dash.

"Gawwwwwwwd!" Kelly gasped. "It's enormous!"

Frank was shaking so badly, driving with one hand, trying to concentrate on the road, the cars, while he played with Kelly's panties, he thought he might die.

"I gotta park somewhere," he mumbled. "There's a place over by school. Take a right here."

Kelly guided Frank to a road that curved through a grove of trees behind the school. He pulled off and parked.

"There's not many cars that come through here 'cause it's a dead-end up ahead."

"Take your pants off and finger-fuck for me, Kelly!" Frank gasped.

Kelly lifted her ass off the leather seat, slid her pink undies down and took them off. Frank pulled his pants and shorts down. His cock waved and wobbled. Kelly took her panties and dangled them teasingly on his cock, swishing them over the top of his hard-on.

She fingered her little pussy with her other hand. Frank clutched his cock.

Kelly slid over to the corner of the seat, leaned against the door, set her legs apart, her blue skirt up, and cocked her knees. She rubbed her pussy, and her panties dangled from her hand sexily.

Frank pumped his cock.

"Jeeeeez, you're jackin' and stuff again! You're masturbating to me!"

"Yes, I love it! I love it when you fingerfuck like that! Feels good, doesn't it?"

"Yeahhhh," she said, watching him jerk on his massive prick.

"Oh, Kelly!" Frank gasped.

"Beat off! Beat your cock-meat for me!" Kelly moaned.

"Will you give me your panties. I wanna take 'em home with me," Frank said.

"My panties?"


"What for?"

"So I can jerk off in 'em all day!"

"Oh, gawwwwwwd! Ooooooh, jeez! Jerk in my panties?" Kelly mumbled, fingering faster into her cunt. "Mmmmmmm, I'd love just thinkin' about you beatin' off in my pants. That's so dirty, Uncle Frank."

"God, Kelly, I love you," Frank said. "Wanna fuck me?"

"Yes, yes!"

"Okay, let's fuck," Kelly whispered.

He got up over her. Kelly lay back on the seat, her skirt high. Frank guided his cock and thrust it deep into her juicy little pussy.

"Uncle Frank!" Kelly exclaimed. "Jeez, you're fuckin' me in your car right by the schoolhouse! Shit!"

His balls banged her ass with hot loud thwacks. His huge prick fucked in and out of her cunt. Kelly wrapped her legs around him. She wound her arms around his broad shoulders, then she bounced up and down on the seat of the car.

"Fuck it!" she yelped.

"Kelly, Kelly!"

"Fuck me, Uncle Frank! Fuck me!"

Her urging got Frank so hot he started humping her like a machine, his body slamming up and down, his cock sliding in and out like a well-greased bar of iron.

Kelly loved it.

"I love to fuck!" she screamed. "I love you!" Frank yelled.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck! You fuck-guy!"

"I'm hot for you, baby!" he panted. "So Goddamn hot for you!"

"That's what you like. That's why you masturbate to me all the time, Uncle Frank. You like to get hot to me and cum, don't you?"

"Sweet little bitch!"

He fucked as fast as he could go now. Kelly was in sweet, delicious ecstasy.

"Uncle Frank!" she screeched. "You better not let me catch you jerkin' off to anyone else but me!"

"I won't! I won't!" Frank panted.

Then they fucked hard and fast, really screwing off a good hot piece of ass. Kelly bounced under him. Frank hammered her hard.

Suddenly he pulled out, lifted up to his knees and grabbed his cock. He jerked on it wildly and came. A stream of jizz sprayed down on Kelly. She slid her hand to her pussy and fingered her clit. She twisted her head to miss a huge glob of cum that flew at her. Splashes of cock-cream gooshed onto her sweater. Frank jerked wildly on his spewing prick, and Kelly came with him.

"Ahhhhhhhhh, shit!" she yelled when the good feeling overwhelmed her.

The sight of her uncle masturbating and the sight of his huge manly cock spurting thick wads of goo were so captivating to Kelly that she simply lay there cumming over and over again as she watched the magnificent blast of cream from Frank's prick.

He soaked her in cum.

And when it was finally over, Kelly didn't know what she was going to do with the cum on her. Could she clean it off and still go to school?

She dabbed at her face with a Kleenex, then mopped her sweater. She used some Kleenex to dry her thighs.

She looked up and Frank was masturbating to her again.

"You better not do it again, Uncle Frank. I gotta get to school."

"One more time."

"No I can't."

"Please, Kelly. You jack me off real fast. Please!"

"I told you, I can't."

"I'll do anything for you, Kelly, if you [missing text]."

She liked the way he pleaded. He sat slowly stroking his cock. "I would pump you, but I gotta get to school, really, Uncle Frank."

"You know that new bike you wanted?" he whispered.


"I'll buy it for you if you'll jerk me."

"Gee, that's an expensive bike."

"But I'll buy it for you."

"Naw, you don't have to do that," Kelly said.

She slid over to him. She had her panties in her hand.

"No, I wanna buy the bike for you darling,"

"Well, all right, I'll jerk you off, but we gotta hurry, and you can't go squirtin' all over me either," she said.

Kelly grabbed his big prick and started jerking her little fist up and down, hammering him good. She held her panties up over the top of his prick, jiggling them on his prick-tip as she jerked.

"I wanna cum in your panties!" Frank moaned.

"That feels sooooooo good, Kelly!"

"Ooooh, yeah? I'm goin' fast as I can."

"It's beautiful!"

"You gonna cum?"

"Yeah, for you, in your panties, Kelly!"

"You gonna cum?"

"Yeah, for you, in your panties, Kelly!" Kelly draped her pink panties over his cock and pumped his load into the thin material. Gushes of chunky spunk spit into the panties as Kelly pumped like a little pro on Frank's cock.

"I love you!" he cried. "I wanna buy you that bike!"

"Yeah, buy me a new bike for beatin' you off like this in my panties, and then I'll ride it around, fuck myself off on the seat, and you can come over and lick it. You can lick the seat!"

She jerked abusively, sadistically on his long prick.

Frank shook, shuddered, spewed cream into her panties, and moaned, "Oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhhooooooo!"

Kelly kept him cumming. "You'd like that! Lick my bike seat!" Frank thought he might pass out. Kelly pumped him dry, but his cock stayed hard. When Kelly finally realized he was going to keep his hard-on, she let his prick go.

"Jeez, it's still hard and stuff!" she gasped. "My arm's sore from pumpin' so hard!"

"Do me some more!" Frank begged. "No, that's enough, Uncle Frank."

"One more time, pleeeez!"

"No, take me to school. You can come by at noon. Maybe I can sneak out during lunch and masturbate you in the car real fast for a few minutes."

"Oh, yes, yes! Wonderful! I'll be there!"

Kelly handed him her cum-soaked pink panties. "You wanted these?"


"God, I'll have to walk around school all day with my pussy right up there, easy to see and stuff," Kelly said.


Kelly sat with her mom at the kitchen table. She had gotten home from school late and still had on her uniform.

"I don't know how to put this, Kelly," Angie said, "but Mr. Carson has been so nice to me. He gave me the raise and promotion, and now there's a chance of getting a vice-presidency, and if that ever happened, it would be fantastic for both of us. Double what I'm making, and I'd be solid in my career. We could move up in the world."

"Gee, that sounds great," Kelly said, not revealing in any way that she'd had anything to do with, her mother's promotion.

"Well, he's a demanding businessman. He doesn't give anything up for nothing. He made me an offer, and if I agree, then I get the vice-presidency."

"Gee, what's the deal, Mom?"

"Well, honey, Mr. Carson seems very captivated by you -- and me. What I mean -- ah, well, he made a strange request. Well, perhaps it isn't so strange, I've heard it's a common male fantasy. Anyway, he's interested in us."

"Us? Both of us?"

"Yes, baby."

Kelly certainly wasn't going to say anything about how Mr. Carson had showed his interest in her before by fucking her with his thick prick.

"He'd like to take some pictures of us and stuff, as you say."

"Oh yeah?"

"Of course, I told him no, but he keeps suggesting it. Ever since he gave me the last promotion, he's been suggesting it."

"So, let's do it then. I mean, what could it hurt, Mom. I mean, if you get another promotion, double your salary, jeez, what could that hun?"

"Well, it's just not right," Angie said. "But, Mom, it's okay with me. I don't see what it would hurt. It might be lots of fun. Exciting."

Angie was surprised at her pretty young daughter's reaction. "Are you sure, Kelly?"

"Sure I'm sure."

"Well, okay, but we won't do one thing unless you agree to it, and unless I agree to it too, okay?"

Two days later, Angie and Kelly were getting ready for Mr. Carson's visit.

They were both nude, and Angie said, "These are the clothes he wants us to wear. I bought them. I paid for everything."

When the mother and daughter had finished dressing, they looked marvelous, both in tight, short black skirts. Both had on tight pink sweaters.

Angie's big tits looked like two juicy grapefruits pushing against the front of the sweater. Kelly's blossoming teen titties were smaller, of course, but splashed against her pink sweater as if she had a couple oranges under there.

They wore dark nylons, pink high heels, and under their skirt and sweater outfits, mom and daughter had on pink merry widows, pink panties, and tight garter straps hooking into the tops of the nylons.

Mr. Carson was overwhelmed with admiration and excitement when he saw them and immediately set about taking pictures of them -- both Angie and Kelly sitting on the couch sexily, both of them hiking up their skirts and showing off their pussy-packed pink panties, both of them standing in a dominating pose, holding their little skirts up.

"Take your panties down," Mr. Carson said.

"I dunno." Angie hesitated, looking at Kelly.

"It's okay, let's," Kelly said.

They both tugged their panties down and showed their pussies to Mr. Carson. He snapped several pictures of their beautiful cunts.

He had Angie pose with Kelly over her knees, spanking her daughter's fine, round ass. Then he posed Kelly spanking her mother's marvelous ass.

He took over a hundred sexy, hot, exciting pictures of the beautiful woman and girl, and they now stood with their skirts up and their panties back in place.

He set the camera down and went to them. His hands reached out and he petted their panties, feeling their cunts through the pink nylon.

"Now, now," Angie said. "Okay?" Mr. Carson asked Kelly. "Yeah, it's okay," Kelly said, looking at Mr. Carson's hard cock. It pushed the crotch of his pants out in a huge spike.

Mr. Carson reached into their pants. "Now wait just a minute, mister!" Angie barked.

But he was down in their panties, and his fingers were itching and fucking around in the curly patches surrounding their cunts. Kelly felt his finger fuck into her pussy.

"Oooooooh!" she whimpered.

"Honey, is he-is he..."

"Yeah, he's fingerin' me, Mom, fingerin' me!"

"He should stop."

"It's okay. Is he fingerin' you too, Mom?"

"Yes, yessss!" Angie huffed.

Mr. Carson's hands were deep in their panties, his fingers doing business with their pussies.

"He's got a hard-on," Kelly whispered.

"Take it out," Mr. Carson said.

"Should I, Mom?"

"Only if you wanna, honey."

Kelly reached out, unzipped his fly and got Mr. Carson's huge prick out. It was obviously the first time Angie had seen it, for she gasped in shock at the length and girth of his massive prick. The cock-head was bulging and dripping cum. A bubble cap of fizz jiggled down the cock-shaft and slid into the hair at the base of his cock.

"My God!" Angie gasped, her beautiful face registering amazement as she stared at Mr. Carson's prick.

"Play with it, girls," he whispered.

"I will, but Kelly won't," Angie said, slipping her womanly hand around the huge cock.

She shivered. Her fine body tingled all over as she grabbed the hard fuck-stick. It was as if she'd taken hold of an electric eel.

Angie got all hot.

Mr. Carson diddled in their panties, then he said, "I wanna have Kelly play with it too."

Kelly clutched his cock, and along with her mother jerked a good stroke on the thick prick-stick as Mr. Carson finger-fucked them.

The three of them were burning hot. Mr. Carson finally got down on his knees and took Kelly's panties down. He knelt there as she held her skirt up.

"Don't you dare!" Angie exclaimed.

But he leaned in and kissed Kelly's cunt.

"Awwww, honey, do you want me to stop him?" Angie whispered.

"Oooooooh, noooooo, Mom! Ahhhh, jeez. He's lickin' my cunt, Mommy!"

"I know, honey. I know."

Mr. Carson clapped his hands behind Kelly, pinched into her beautiful little ass and chewed greedily on her delicious young cunt, sucking and nibbling until she cried out in a little-girl whimper and came.

"Mom! Mom! Mom!" she cried.

"Awwww, baby, is he makin' you cum?" Angie gasped, watching Mr. Carson munch and gobble on Kelly's cute cunt.

"Yeahhhesssss!" Kelly hissed. "Yessss, cumming!"

"Oh, God! Oh, baby!" Angie whispered. Then Mr. Carson was on Angie's cunt, lapping like a wild dog.

"Ohhhhhh, ahhhh, phoooossshhhh!" Angie blabbered.

"Ah, jeez, Mom! He's doin' it to you now!" Kelly cried, hot and tingly from her orgasm, excited by the sight of Mr. Carson down on his knees, eating her mother's pussy.

"I know he is, Kelly! I know!" Mr. Carson clapped her ass with his hands, really chewing her cunt.

"Oh, shit, Mommy!" Kelly cried. "Oh, shit!"

"Ah, ohhhhh! I'm gettin' it!" Angie yelled.

"Mom, shit! Cum!" Kelly moaned, finger-fucking her little pussy, watching her mother's beautiful face wrinkle into a mask of pleasure as she tingled into climax.

The next thing Kelly could remember was Mr. Carson sitting on the couch. She and her mother were licking his thick prick.

"That's it, ladies," Mr. Carson said. "Angie, show your daughter how to suck prick, will you?"

"Like this," Angie said, slurping her mouth onto the big prick, ducking down, her lips locked around the massive cock-meat.

Kelly came as she watched Angie suck the man's big prick. She got so excited she couldn't help it. Then it was her turn. She did just as her mother had done, held the big cock at the base and sucked on the top, her young pink lips sealed in a plunger-like pucker.

Kelly didn't know how long she sucked on Mr. Carson's prick, but the next moment she was on the floor with him and her mother. She was sitting on Mr. Carson's cock, and Angie was sitting on his face. They were beautiful in their merry widows, their titties over the top, their dark nylons, their pink high heels. They sat facing each other, Kelly bouncing up and down on the big cock while Angie ground her pussy onto his gaping mouth.

Kelly watched her mother swirl her hips, and Angie watched the slide of Mr. Carson's prick in and out of her daughter's tight little pussy.

"Kelly, are you sure you should be fucking Mr. Carson like that?" Angie whispered.

Kelly just kept fucking and bucking.

"Oh, honey, you're fucking his big cock!" Angie whimpered.

"I know, Mom! It feels good, and you're pushing your cunt-stuff all over his face!"

"Ohhhhhmmmmmm!" Angie murmured.

She felt so good and so hot with Mr. Carson lapping her cunt that she never wanted him to stop -- and watching her daughter bounce so lewdly on the man's big cock had a thrilling effect on her. It was thrilling. It was fabulous.

Mr. Carson loved every second of his mother-daughter fantasy. And Kelly and Angie worked hard to make him never forget the ecstasy he was enjoying with them.

Then he was on top of Angie. He fucked her hard on the floor.

Kelly sat over them, her pussy dripping from the load Mr. Carson had shot in her.

Angie looked good on the floor, her legs hooked around the naked man. She fucked good. She knew how to fuck and she gave Mr. Carson a good ride.

"Fuck him, Mommy!" Kelly cried. "Fuck him!"

"I am, baby! I am fucking! We're fucking!" Angie moaned.

"I love you both!" Mr. Carson yelled. "Oooooh, shit that looks good, you two fuckin' like that! Darn, Mommy -- wow!"

"Does it, honey? Does it look good, baby?"

Kelly got the camera and flashed off some lovely shots of the two fuckers on the floor. Got them really fucking, really locked in a good old-fashioned screw.

Mr. Carson finally came. His cock spanned in Kelly's mom. Angie screamed with joy. She shuddered and had a series of orgasms that made her sob uncontrollably with delight.


Kelly lay on her bed in her room. She'd just returned from school. She had her blue skirt up around her waist, her white panties in a stretch on her thighs.

Her brown hair was splashed beautifully on her pink pillow. Her luscious young body looked good. Her face was impassioned, her pink mouth open, her tongue licking out at her lips.

She was beautiful.

Her fingers felt good between her legs. But she had something new to try. She opened the dresser drawer by her bed, took out a huge cucumber, and lay back again. She tucked the big cuke between her legs, sliding the tip up and down her cunt-slit.

She stuck it in.

"Ohhhhh, yeah!" she sighed.

She fucked her pussy with the cuke in long, lewd strokes, rolling her hips and bucking up and down obscenely on her little bed.

She thought about all the men who had masturbated to her, had shot cum all over her. She shivered with excitement.

"Gawwwwwd, I love it!" she whispered to herself. "I love it when men jerk off to me, and I love to see 'em do it!"

Fact was, Kelly loved to masturbate, and already had cum five times that day. Now she was about to cum again.

She wondered if all young girls like her masturbated and felt good like she did. She supposed they did. All the girls she knew played with their pussies, and they all liked to get men hot.

"I'd like to have a man jackin' off to me right now," Kelly mumbled. "I'd like to see him pumpin' like sixty on his prick -- yeah. Like that -- pump your prick for Kelly, you know you like it, you know I turn you on, you know you wanna see my cunt, you want to get in my panties, you wanna feel my titties! Yeah, come on, jerk to me, jack for me! Ohhhhh, yeah! I love it! I love it!"

Kelly gurgled as she fucked the big cuke in and out of her sucking pussy.

"Oh, yeah, I like to see you pump-fuck your prick like that!" she moaned.

Then Kelly had a fabulous idea. She would write a book about her experiences at Harvard High School, about her uncle, Mr. Roth the headmaster, Mr. Clancy, Mr. Carson, her mother, everything that had happened in highschool.

Yes, she'd write a good sexy book, and she would end the book by urging all the men who were reading it to jack off to her, to pump their big old pricks to her youthful charms.

"Oh, there will be so many of them masturbating to me!" she panted hotly. "Gawwwwwd, all those men reading my book and jerking on their big, squirty pricks!"

She fucked the cuke in her pussy. The big veggie was all slick with cunt-juice and it slid easily in and out.

"Yes, that's what I'll do. I'll write a book, tell it all, and get all those nice men who read my story to beat off to me."

The idea of it so delighted Kelly that she came better than she ever had. She simply lay there, vibrating on the bed with the best feelings a girl could ever experience.

"Ahhhh! Ahhhh!" she screamed. "Jerk it! Come on! That's it, pump to me! Pump to my little ass! Like to feel it? I know you would! Pump to my little pussy! Wanna feel it? Ahhh, ooooh, I know you would!"

She babbled incessantly as she continued to cum over and over and over again.

"Yes, yes! Come on, you nice men! Fuck your fists for Kelly! Yeahhhh, yeahhhhh, yeahhhhhhh!"

She envisioned all the handsome rugged men reading her book and shooting thick hot wads of cock-cream as they thought about her.

"I love you!" she moaned. "I love it when you masturbate hard and fast and shoot it like that!"


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