Double duty daughter

Of all the modal institutions which have had to endure change and weather criticism, the family concept is, perhaps, the moat pronounced. Subjected to the undermining forces of alcoholic, the use of drugs, marijuana, and the advent of mate-swapping, the family unit has undergone numerous change in the wake of social advancement.

DOUBLE DUTY DAUGHTER is the story of how some people adjust to the liberated moral standards within the family unit. Beset by such common problems as jealousy, age differences, and unfaithfulness, the characters in this story find an unusual solution to their dilemma. Their method, that of incest, may well be considered unusual or shocking, but is nonetheless successful.

DOUBLE DUTY DAUGHTER -- a novel of fiction for entertainment. A reminder that what is debased and perverted for some may well be normal for others.


Linda Newman, clad in nothing but a sheer black negligee, puttered about at her vanity table, nervously watching her husband in the mirror. Tom was sprawled naked on the bed, idly fondling his partially hard cock while he watched his lovely wife brushing her wavy blonde hair.

It was obvious that he wanted to fuck.

Linda sighed in exasperation, wishing this had been one of Tom's nights to just peck her on the cheek and go directly to sleep. She loved to fuck with her darkly handsome husband, but tonight she had foolishly promised her pussy to both of their young sons.

Each boy had discreetly approached her after dinner, neither of the naive youths realizing she was fucking the other one regularly, as well.

Linda brushed her hair far longer than usual, glancing demurely at her husband's naked body in the mirror while she considered the situation. She had never fucked either of the boys while other members of the family were in the house, and she knew it would be risky. But she figured she could invent some excuse to stay up after she got Tom off, then sneak into the boy's rooms, one at a time, and have some fun with their stiff young pricks.

Tom Newman, who had no inkling of his wife's incestuous activities with their sons, lay on the bed stroking his hard-on, vainly imagine big that his was the only cock that ever got inside his pretty wife's pussy.

He had the self-confidence of a successful man, because he owned a thriving auto dealership and had provided well for his family. Tom was thirty-eight and Linda was a couple of years younger, and they lived in a ranch-style house in the suburbs with their three children. Jay, the oldest boy, then there was Gloria, their only daughter, and Danny, the youngest boy.

To all outward appearances, the Newmans were a rather typical upwardly mobile American family -- not the kind of people who might be the subject of neighborhood gossip. They fairly reeked of respectability.

But -- unknown to her husband or the neighbors -- Linda Newman was a woman whose wanton depravity knew no bounds. She had been sucking and fucking with her sons ever since they were old enough to fuck, and she had been considering lapping her daughter's sweet young pussy.

Still brushing her hair, Linda smiled, watching in the mirror as Tom lazily stroked his stiff prick, waiting for her to join him in bed. It seemed all the Newman males were horny tonight. Linda felt a bit horny, herself. She thought perhaps it was the stars or something. Well, she couldn't let a house full of stiff cocks go to waste -- so she would just have to lay siege to an army of standing cocks and hope nobody got short-changed.

But Linda did prefer the boys to her husband these days. She hadn't realized, when she had promised each of the boys a secret rendezvous tonight, that she would have to fuck their father first. That was exasperating. It almost made Linda wish he would get interested in seducing their daughter Gloria. The kid was certainly old enough to fuck -- even if she did still wear knee socks and keep her blonde hair in a ponytail.

The woman knew that was only wishful thinking, though. She could never dare to suggest that Tom fuck their daughter. No, that would never do. She and Tom were different, and she couldn't expect him to be able to cope with such a thing. He was a sweet and wonderful man, but far too unimaginative to appreciate the subtle charm of incest...

"Are you gonna brush your hair all night, honey?" Tom finally asked, jacking on his big hard-on. "I'm hot."

"You seem to be having a good time all by your self," she said, grinning at him in the mirror as she put her brush clown.

Then she turned on her vanity stool and faced her husband, her voluptuous tits almost falling out of the front of her negligee where it was open to her navel. Her silky blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders, and her blue eyes sparkled as she gazed at her handsome husband, whose hairy balls were bouncing as he stroked his stiff prick.

Tom still had an athletic physique, despite his age. But slight traces of middle-age paunchiness were beginning to show around his waist, and a hint of gray had appeared in his thick black hair in the past few years. He had a dark complexion, and his body was very hairy.

He smiled at his wife, wagging his hard-on lewdly at her.

"Clot over here, woman," he said with macho bravado. "Get over here and sit on this."

"Just what I had in mind, darling," Linda said, pretending to be more interested than she actually was as she looked at his cock and licked her luscious red lips. "It's been over a week."

She stood, letting her black negligee slip from her shoulders and flutter to the floor. Her magnificent body gleamed like alabaster, her large and firm tits jutting out proudly, tipped with reddish-brown nipples that stood out from her large pebbly-fleshed nipples. The curly blonde hair of her cunt glittered in the lamplight like a mass of golden threads covering her pussy mound.

Tom's dark eyes ran over his wife's naked body, and his fist pumped a bit faster on his cock. A glistening droplet of pre-cum emerged from his piss slit, quickly glossing the head of his circumcised cock.

Linda stepped over to the bed and crawled between the man's sprawled legs, grasping his hairy thighs with both hands. He held his hard prick upright for her as she lowered her head.

She took his cock into her mouth, clamping her soft lips just behind the flared ridge of the cock head as she began to suck and swirl her tongue against the sensitive underside of his cock knob. His hand left his prick and went to the back of her head, and he pushed her down, forcing her to take more of his big fucker into her hot sucking mouth.

"Oooh, yeah!" he gasped, curling his fingers into her silky blonde hair. "Suck that cock, baby!"

Linda moved onto her knees, thrusting her bare ass in the air as she angled her neck for deep-throating her husband's cock. Her dangling tits rubbed against the insides of his thighs as she bobbed her head, taking more of his nine-inch prick into her mouth each time her head descended...

She forced her head down hard, fucking his prick into the tightness of her throat as her stretched lips sank to the hairy base of his prick. Her eyes watered from the stress, but she was beginning to enjoy it, and she could feel her pussy juicing up as she anticipated sitting on that big fucker.

"Aw, shiit!" Tom gasped, loving the sensation of having his cock buried balls-deep in the woman's mouth and throat.

Bobbing her head rapidly, Linda fucked her pretty face on her husband's up thrust prick while she ran her hands all over his belly and abdomen entwining her long delicate fingers in the thick black hair there. She knew that Tom loved it when she worshipped his body, and she did adore the man, so she always let them know it.

As she moved up and down, sucking his cock noisily and rubbing his hairy abdomen with both hands, she enjoyed the sensation of her stiff nipples rubbing against his inner thighs. The wiry hair there titillated her nipples, causing them to tingle.

Tom began moaning loudly, thrusting his hips up to cram his entire prick into her mouth. When he felt the head of his cock deep in the hot tightness of her throat and her warm lips clasping the thick base of his cock, he grabbed her blonde head with both hands and held her down.

Linda suddenly realized he has about to cum. But she didn't want him cumming off yet, because her pussy was hot now and she wanted it stuffed with cock meat.

Quickly, she lurched upward, slurping her mouth from his prick, which flopped back with a wet thud against his belly.

"I thought you wanted rue to sit on it," she said, resting her chin on his hip as his prick throbbed visibly near her face.

"You get me so damned hot," he said, not daring to touch his ready-to-shoot cock. "I was about to go off."

"You relax a minute, honey," she suggested, kissing his wet cock lightly. "I want this thing in my pussy... but I want it to last a little while."

"Yeah," he rasped, caressing her wavy hair fondly! "I wanna fuck you, but I better cool down first."

Carefully avoiding touching her husband's ultra-sensitive prick now, Linda licked his furry balls lovingly, pushing her hands beneath each of his thighs. While she lapped around his balls, she pushed his legs up, exposing the dark and hairy crack of his ass.

"Yeah, yeah!" he urged excitedly, raising his legs higher. "Lick my ass, baby... I love that!"

She knew he loved having his ass licked, which was why she wanted to do it. Peering past his spit-wet prick where it lay stiffly against his stomach, she smiled sweetly at him. Then she ran her tongue down past his heavy balls and into the crevice of his ass. Her tongue rustled through the mass of curly black hair that lined his ass crack until she found the taut pucker of his asshole.

Fucking the tip of her tongue into her husband's hot asshole, she used both hands to squeeze his hairy buns, separating his ass cheeks widely with her thumbs. Her stiffened tongue began to slither in and out of his asshole in rapid movements.

"Goddamn!" Tom blurted, keeping his legs elevated as he uncontrollably squirmed his ass against her face. "You sure know how to make a man feel good, baby yeah... lick my butt!"

Linda grasped his muscular thighs again and started running her tongue up and down his exposed ass crack, her warm spit matting the dark curly hair around his asshole as she licked faster.

Her pussy was juicing heavily now, and she could feel rivulets of cunt juice streaming down the insides of her thighs as she got hotter and hotter. Sucking Tom's big cock and licking his hairy ass had aroused the woman, and her cunt was ready for some good hard fucking now. For the moment, Linda forgot the aggravation of having to fuck with her husband before she would be able to fuck her cute young sons who were waiting in their rooms at this very moment. Right now, she wanted to fuck Tom.

Sitting back on her heels, she let Tom lower his legs on either side of her. Then she fell forward, sliding up onto his prone body, pressing her big tits against his hairy chest. She brought her lips to his as his strong arms went around her, and they kissed while she wallowed her wet pussy against his hard-on where it lay pressed against his belly.

"I want you to fuck me," she whispered, her lips still touching his as she gazed into his brown eyes. "I need your big cock in my hot cunt."

She knew that kind of talk drove her husband wild with lust, and she wanted him wild with lust now.

"Let me eat a little of that sweet pussy first," he said, urging her to crawl upward by tugging at her upper arms. "Then I'm gonna really give it to you."

Linda quickly crawled over Tom, dragging her satiny, stiff-nipple tits over his face as she went. His lapping tongue swiped at one of her nipples as it passed near his mouth. A moment later, she was straddling his head, pushing her drooling pussy against his mouth.

Tom wrapped his arms around his wife's heart-shaped ass, hugging her as he slithered his tongue up and down the slimy gash of her cunt. Her pussy was very runny now, and he could taste the delicious flavor of her cunt juice. He swirled his tongue among the pinkish inner folds of her pussy, lapping up her cunt nectar hungrily.

She began writhing her ass, mopping his mouth and chin with her creamy cunt.

He spanned her soft ass cheeks with his big hands and fucked his tongue into her cunt hole, sucking at the surrounding cunt flesh while he tongue fucked her. The woman's squirming caused her rigid clit to rub against the bridge of his nose, and she moaned with all the delightful sensations.

Linda's moaning grew louder when Tom withdrew his tongue from her fuck-hole sad began lashing her clit with his fluttering tongue tip. She shuddered with ecstasy, suddenly creaming all over his face.

He squeezed her ass harder and duped wildly at her cunt, sucking up her pussy cream as it oozed out. The tangy flavor of a hot creaming cunt aroused the man even more, and his hard cock lurched upward over his hairy belly, drool big a glistening filament of clear pre-cum.

Knowing that he was getting too aroused again, the man pushed his wife away gently, licking his juice-slimed lips.

"Sit on my cock now, baby," he urged. "I'm so fuckin' hot I'm about to explode!"

Linda scooted back down over his body and gabbed his cock, guiding it to her descending pussy as she straddled his loins on her knees. She and Tom both watched as her slippery cunt lips spread around the spongy head of his prick, engulfing the cock knob as she sank down.

"Awww, yeah!" he exclaimed happily as he felt his prick being sheathed by her hot wet pussy. "All right!"

Linda's big tits dangled over his chest as she leaned forward and fucked her cunt down onto his prick. He grabbed her satiny thighs and squeezed them as he watched his nine inches of cock meat being sucked into his wife's cunt. She kept descending until her pussy lips were stretched tautly around the thick base of his prick, which filled her cunt deliciously.

She gasped with the stuffed sensation, the pleasure of it causing her tongue to hang out. She sat still for a moment, savoring the lovely feeling of being crammed full of hot cock meat.

His hands went to her dangling through and he started kneading the smooth tit flesh eagerly, his dark eyes scanning his wife's sexy body.

"You're still a beautiful woman," Tom whispered, tweaking her rigid nipples. "Nobody would ever dream you had three kids."

She smiled down at him, rubbing her delicate fingers over his brawny chest.

"And you're still a gorgeous Teddy bear of a guy," she said. Then she leaned over and kissed him briefly. "My sweet, big-cocked Teddy bear."

Tom enveloped her in his arms, and she squirmed her ass, grinding her blond cunt hair into his black crotch hair and causing his embedded fucker to churn against her pussy walls. While she writhed on his prick, she kissed her way down his broad neck and across his shoulder. Using one hand to push his arm outward, she licked lovingly at the thick tuft of dark hair in his armpit, enjoying the faint aroma of his manly sweat and the salty flavor of his armpit. She licked there until the black hair of his armpit was plastered to the skin in wet swirls.

Raising up again, Linda adjusted the angle of her body so that her sensitive clit would rub against the hard shaft of her husband's prick, then she began to undulate her hips, fucking herself on his wonderfully rigid cock.

"Aw, yeah," he sighed, clinging to her hips. "Fuck it, baby... fuck it good!"

Linda hung onto her husband's shoulders, fucking her pussy rapidly on his up thrust prick. He grabbed her swinging tits, mauling them with eager fingers while her hot cunt fucked up and down on his throbbing cock lance. Her wavy blonde hair cascaded forward, covering the fronts of her shoulders in a golden curtain as she gyrated wildly on his prick.

As she fucked her husband, he pinched the stiffened tips of her tits, adding an interesting dimension of pain to the pleasure she was experiencing. And, while she fucked up and down as fast as she could, she kept her body angled forward so that her cunt rubbed against the shaft of his cock.

Intense spasms suddenly racked the lurching woman's pussy, and a huge orgasm surged through her loins, causing her to whine and gasp blissfully. Her cunt coated his cock with warm cream, causing their fucking to generate lewd suctioning and slurping sounds.

Pussy cream burbled out around Tom's cock as her cunt slid up and down the cock shaft, deluging his hairy balls in wet warmth.

The obscene slurping sounds her pussy made on his cock made the fucking all the more exciting to Tom, and his cum-laden balk felt as if they were rumbling as his climax swept over him.

Insanely aroused, he drew one of his wife's creamy tits to his mouth and sucked as much tit meat into his mouth as he could, swirling his tongue around her stiff nipple.

The man gasped around his mouthful of tit flesh as his cock tingled and burned, jetting jism into her writhing pussy. He shivered all over, his muscles tensing as he shot his cum-load in a series of explosive bursts.

Linda could feel Tom's creamy cum gushing into the depths of her body, coating her cunt walls with a warm slime that mixed with her pussy cream to further lubricate his cock. She bounced crazily on his prick, banging her foaming cunt lips against his hairy groin.

In his excitement, the man bit his wife's tit too hard, causing her to whimper. But she kept fucking, plunging her slippery pussy up and down on his cum-gushing prick until he finally released her tit and fell back, exhausted.

She lay on top of him for a few minutes, rating her head in the hollow of his shoulder. She could hear his heartbeat -- very rapid at first, then slowing as his spent cock went limp in her swampy cunt. A moment later, his wilted prick slipped from her cummy clit hole, forced out by involuntary spasms of her pussy muscles.

Then she heard him snoring.

Linda raised up and looked at her sleeping husband's face, and she grinned as she remembered the two stiff young cocks still awaiting her in other parts of the house.

"Good night, you big Teddy bear," she whispered, kissing him softly on the cheek.

Then she slipped quietly out of bed and went to the bathroom to wash up before she went after her young sons cocks.


Drying off her freshly washed pussy in the bathroom, Linda wondered which of her two sons she should fuck first.

The boys were both wonderful, but in very different ways. Jay the oldest, was mature enough to be sexy in a very manly way, and she always enjoyed his macho aggressiveness. But, on the other hand, little Danny was so sweet in his youthful teen innocence that fucking him always seemed deliciously wicked.

She knew both of the boys were waiting for her, but she couldn't have sex with both of them at the same time. Neither of them knew she was fucking the other. And she wanted to keep it that way, fearing ugly complications if they ever realized the full extent of their mother's depravity.

Covering her nakedness with her black negligee, Linda decided she should go to Jay's room first. He was so impatient, he might come looking for her if she didn't show up soon.

She left the bathroom, slipping quietly through the master bedroom -- where her husband was sleeping soundly now. Hurrying down the hallway past Gloria's closed bedroom door, she opened Jay's door and entered quickly, closing it behind her.

Jay was lying on his bed, clad in nothing but his blue bikini underwear. He had one knee propped up, hands cupped behind his head, listening to some rock music at very low volume. He was a strikingly handsome teenager, his blond hair and brown eyes creating an interesting contrast.

"Damn, it's about time," he said, sitting up on the edge of the bed. "I was about to give up waiting and beat off."

"Oh, don't do that," Linda laughed, coming across the room to join him on the bed. "That would be such a terrible waste."

She sat down beside her son, immediately groping at the bulging crotch of his briefs as she kissed him on the check.

"What the hell have you been doing, anyway?" Jay demanded, reaching into the front of her negligee to stroke her cunt slit. "I thought you must have gone to sleep or [missing text]."

"I had to fuck your father tonight," Linda said casually. "He's asleep now."

Abruptly, Jay knocked his mother's hand away from his crotch and scooted away, glower big at her.

"The hell you did?" he said angrily. "What'd you do that for?"

Linda laughed, patting his leg. "He is my husband, you know."

"Yeah, I know," Jay said, barely tolerating her hand on his thigh. "But you promised me a good time tonight, Mom... shit."

Linda was mildly amused at the way Jay seemed jealous of his father, but she knew it could be serious if she let him pout too long.

"Honey," she purred, dropping to her knees between his legs, "I didn't have any choice in the matter. But there's only one cock I truly adore, and it's this one."

She pulled down the elastic waist of his briefs, exposing his cock and balls quickly, then she started licking his prick as if it were an ice cream cone.

Jay groaned, and his limp cock instantly began swelling under her attentive tongue. He seemed about to protest, wanting to punish his mother for fucking with his clad first. But he was hot, and her lapping tongue felt so good on his cock that he couldn't bring himself to bicker with her any longer. He began stroking her wavy blonde hair affectionately, watching her lick his prick.

"Take off your gown," the teenager suggested. "I like to see you naked."

"All in good time," Linda whispered, laying his cock head with her tongue as she pushed back the foreskin. "I can't stop right now."

The woman loved her son's uncut cock, and she was glad now that she and Tom had decided not to have their sons circumcised. To her, there was something excitingly nasty about an uncut cock.

Jay ran one hand down his mother's slender neck and into the neckline of her negligee, grasping one of her big tits and squeezing it. He found her nipple erect, and that pleased him.

She stood, shedding her, negligee, then crawled onto her son's bed.

Jay, who was never exactly tender in his lovemaking, rolled Linda over onto her back and scrambled up over her, straddling her lovely face.

"I'm gonna fuck your face," he said, rubbing his wet prick against her lips. "I don't want to fuck your cunt... not right after Dad had his cock in there."

"Oh, aren't we touchy tonight," Linda murmured, licking a droplet of pre-cum from his piss slit. "Well, whatever turns you on, honey. I love your gorgeous cock any way you want to give it to me... you know that."

"Yeah, I know," he said arrogantly. "So take it!"

Linda let the youth cram his hard-on into her mouth, and she began to suck as he began to fuck. His big prick plowed into her throat immediately, gagging her for a moment, until she relaxed her throat muscles. Her hands went up to his bare ass and she caressed his lightly hairy ass cheeks while his cock fucked in and out of her mouth and his balls bumped against her chin.

While he fucked his mother's mouth, Jay maneuvered into a position so he could stroke her pussy with his foot.

She humped upward instantly, pressing her hairy cent against the boy's tees and they slicked up and down her sensitive pussy lips. Then he pushed his big toe into her cunt, wiggling it and making her moan around his cock.

Linda was getting aroused again now, and her cunt creamed, lubricating her fuck-hole for her son's toe. She began to lurch, fucking at his foot, and soon three toes were jammed in her wet pussy.

"Damn," Jay panted, still fucking his mother's mouth. "I think Dad must've stretched your... feels like I could cram my whole foot in there."

She nodded vigorously, causing his prick to almost slip from her mouth. But he came down hard on her face then, fucking in deeply and mashing her cock-stuffed lips against his hairy groin. At the same time, he pressed harder with his foot, gasping in surprise when all of his toes wedged into his mother's slippery cunt.

Linda bucked her ass, fucking her coat on Jay's toes. It was a strange feeling for the woman, and she loved the sensation of having her cunt lips stretched out of shape that way. His toes weren't in very deep, but her pussy lips were grossly distended around the forward portion of his foot.

"Jesus Christ!" the boy muttered, fucking his mother's mouth violently while she squirmed her creaming cunt on his foot. "You're one hot bitch, Mom."

Jay's words were music to his mother's ears, because she wanted to be a hot bitch for him.

Linda sucked cock and fucked her cunt on Jay's foot, running her hands all over his muscular body. Her sensitive fingertips explored the furry crevice of his ass, the soft hair on his buns, the thicker hair on his thighs and the smooth skin of his back. Then she grabbed his ass with both hands, pulling him down hard against her face, as if wanting his balls in her mouth along with his prick.

Abruptly, the teenager reared up, yanking his spit-soaked cock from her mouth. She gasped as his foot left her cunt, and in the next instant he was sliding down over her and fucking his raging hard-on into her pussy.

"Oh, yes!" Linda whined, clawing at her son's back. "Fuck me, baby... fuck your mother with that big beautiful cock!"

Her lovely legs went up and she locked her ankles behind his ass while she clung to his brawny back. He began fucking her cunt with barbaric cock-thrusts, causing her to grunt with each impact of his stomach against her. His mouth clamped onto the tip of one of her wobbling tits and he slicked hard, swiping his tongue rapidly over the rigid nipple!

"Oh, dear God!" Linda moaned. "Fuck me, you gorgeous young stud... give me your cum!"

Jay raised up, grabbing his mother's hips to elevate her loins. Then he increased the violence of his fuck-thrusts, jolting her naked body and causing her big tits to shake like mounds of whipped cream on her chest. Linda spread her legs, planting her feet flat on the bed to either side of him while he held her midsection aloft and fucked her wildly.

Linda was creaming all over the youth's plunging cock shaft, which glistened with cunt juice and caused lewd suctioning sounds on every fuck-thrust. So much pussy cream was flooding her cunt hole that a milk froth formed around the inner rims of her cunt lips.

"Oh, Mama!" Jay suddenly blurted. "Gonna cum!"

"Give it to me!" she rasped. "All of it!"

The sinewy muscles of Jay's athletic body suddenly rose into bold relief and he shuddered all over, feeling nit his balls were rumbling.

Then he gasped as his vibrantly tingling cock belched the first shot of his cum-load into his mother's pussy.

Linda pulled him to her, kissing him passionately while he pumped her cunt full of hot jism. She could feel each powerful blast of the boy's cum splashing against the sensitive walls of her pussy, and she felt his body flinch at each discharge as he flooded her guts with cum.

Then, as his climax subsided, Jay lowered his mother's hips back to the bed and sank dawn on top of her, flattening her huge tits against his smooth chest. She was still kissing him, holding his head with both hands, entangling her fingers in his blond hair while she clenched and relaxed her cunt muscles in an effort to suck every last drop of cum from his balls.

After they broke the long kiss, mother and son lay there for a minute, breathing hard and caressing each other fondly. Linda felt Jay's warm cum burning from her pussy as his prick softened, some of the fuck-slime running down into the crevice of her ass. And she could feel his loose balls dangling between her thighs, all the jism they had contained now warming her cunt.

Jay finally raised up, slithering his cummy prick from her pussy. He sat on the edge of the bed, looking at his mother's naked body.

"Hey, that was one hell of a good fuck, Mom," he said, patting her on the hip. "Maybe I ought to let Dad warm you up more often, huh?"

"You weren't bad tonight, yourself," she said, smiling as she got up. "But I'd better get out of here... before we get caught."

As Linda stood to slip on her negligee glistening streams of her son's cum ran down her inner thighs. Her pussy was still tingling from the rough fucking he had given her. Fastening her negligee at the waist, she bent over and kissed Jay briefly on the forehead.

"Feel better now?" she asked.

"You bet," Jay said, grinning at her while he wiped his cummy cock with his blue underwear. "Just what the doctor ordered, Mom."

"Good," she said, rubbing the nape of his neck in a motherly way. "I'd better get back to bed before your father misses me." She pecked Jay on the lips. "Good night, sweetheart."

"Night, Mom," he said. "See you at breakfast."

Linda left Jay's room hurriedly, glancing up and down the hall to be sure nobody saw her come out. Then she furtively ducked into the bathroom across the hall to cleanse her well fucked pussy one more time, already anticipating a romp with sweet little Danny.

When she crept into her youngest son's bedroom, Linda was greeted by a sight she had not expected.

The nightstand lamp was still on, and Danny was sprawled naked on his back, sound asleep one hand still clasping his cock, which was swathed in his wadded-up red briefs. It was obvious from the big damp stain on the crumpled briefs that the kid had jacked off and shot his cum-load into his underwear, then fallen asleep immediately.

"Why, you little devil," Linda murmured, realizing the horny youngster must have given up on her. "What a waste."

But she knew, from past experience, that Danny's cock could easily be revived. With the remarkable potency of youth, the boy had sometimes climaxed as many as three times in one session for his cock-hungry mother, so she wasn't too dismayed at this unexpected turn of events.

Removing her negligee, Linda crawled naked onto the young boy's bed, gently unclasping his fingers from the wadded-up briefs he had wrapped around his prick. As he pulled the red fabric away, a string of slimy cum stretched out between the tip of his limp cock and the material. Tossing his soiled underwear on the floor, she sat there a moment, admiring her naked son.

Danny had coal-black hair, like his father, and the same dark complexion. He had very little hair on his body yet -- just a few wisps of black hair in his armpits, and a sparse growth around the base of his uncircumcised prick. He still had a very boyish body, not particularly muscular, but firm and smooth.

"Pretty baby," Linda whispered, leaning over to kiss the sleeping youngster's tummy.

Then, after licking at the depression of his navel, she ran her tongue down his belly and took his soft prick into her mouth, sucking -- tasting congealing jism. She used her fingers to bunch his flabby foreskin up past the head, then she ran the tip of her tongue around inside the foreskin, savoring the flavor of his leftover cum.

The woman's blonde hair cascaded forward over her shoulders, gleaming golden against the boy's dark flesh while she sucked lovingly on his cock. Within a few seconds, his prick began to respond, swelling and stiffening in her hot sucking mouth. She started bobbing her head, sliding her soft lips up and down the stiff shaft of his cock while her fingers caressed his hairless balls and the smooth crack of his ass just beneath.

Danny's long dark lashes fluttered and his body jerked as he awoke to the wonderful sensations of a hot blow-job. He raised his head, his dark eyes peering at his mother's bobbing blonde head at his crotch.

"Oh... hi, Mom!" the surprised youngster chirped, grinning cutely at her. "I guess I must've fell asleep."

"You certainly did," she said, coming up off his prick. "After you played with yourself and came... you naughty boy!"

"Gee, I'm sorry, Mom. But I was so hot, and I didn't think you were ever gonna show up."

Linda crawled up over her son, dragging her stiff-nipple tits sensuously over his smooth body as she moved atop him. She held his head with her hands, kissing him while she writhed her hot cunt against his hard-on.

"Still want to fuck me?" she whispered, nuzzling the tip of her nose against his.

"What do you think?" he grinned, intentionally causing his twanging-hard cock to twitch against her cunt mound. "Don't I always wanna fuck you, Mom?"

"Yes," she giggled. "Too often for your own [missing text]."

"No such thing as too often, when it comes to fucking." He squeezed her firmly rounded ass cheeks. "So... can I? Huh?"

"You know that's why I'm here," she said. "But first, let me worship your adorable little body for a few minutes. Okay?"

"Sure," the youngster said. "I like it when you lick me all over and everything."

Linda chuckled. "I bet you don't like it half as much as I do," she said. "You're so damned cute."

She kissed him again, then she moved downward, licking all over the kid's satin-smooth chest, circling the tip of her tongue around each of his small brown nipples. While she sucked each of his nipples, her hand caressed his cock and balls and she pressed her big tits against his side. His hand went to one of her tits, kneading the voluptuous tit flesh eagerly.

Then she moved down farther, leaving a trail of wet kisses on the young boy's chest and abdomen. As her mouth caressed his hard flat belly, she saw his stiff prick twitch as he anticipated her next move. But she teased him by delaying touching his cock with her mouth, licking all around his hairless balls and tickling just beneath his balls with her darting tongue.

Danny responded by spreading his legs, and his mother was quick to take advantage, running her tongue down into the smooth crack of his ass. The kid's prick stood at an angle above his stomach, jerking and throbbing while his mom's hot wet tongue probed at his sensitive asshole.

When Linda pushed her hands beneath the boy's thighs to lift his legs, he cooperated eagerly, drawing his knees back almost to his chest and exposing his young ass to her gaze. She kissed each of his sweet little buns adoringly, then looked up between his drawn-back thighs, past his hard-on to his handsome face.

"You want mother to suck your ass?" she asked.

"Um-hmmm," he murmured, seemingly embarrassed and turned on at the same time by her lewdness. "If you want to."

"You know I want to," Linda said, biting gently at one of his round little ass cheeks. "I could suck your darling ass all night long... if I wasn't so hot for your cock."

"Do it, Mom!" he urged, squirming his upturned ass against her face. "It makes me real hot when you do that. I like it!"

The horny mother licked up and down the a hairless ass crack, causing him to youngster shudder with forbidden thrills. Then she forced her tongue into the tightness of his asshole and began tongue-fucking him while she squeezed his marvelously firm ass cheeks with both hands.

Danny bold his knees back against his chest, gasping with delight while his mother fucked her tongue in and out of his ass. Then, when she began sucking voraciously at his asshole, the boy moaned and kicked his elevated feet above her blonde head. And, unable to control himself, he reached between his upthrust legs and began stroking his stiff prick.

"Naughty boy!" Linda blurted, raising up and yanking her son's hand away from his cock. "You save that for me, okay?"

"Suck it, Mom," Danny rasped, lowering his legs onto her shoulders and lurching upward. "I'm so hot tonight!"

Linda really wanted him to fuck her, but she couldn't resist his beautiful cock. She lowered her head and took the boy's cock into her mouth, sucking lovingly while he clamped his smooth young thighs against each side of her head. Ass he began to suck, she gently pushed one finger into his wet asshole and began to finger-fuck his ass.

Danny had an unusually large prick for a kid his age, and it was all Linda could do to take all of his prick into her mouth. But she did, bobbing her head rapidly, taking her son's cock to the balls on each descent of her soft warm lips. As she pumped her head up and down, he kept his thighs clamped against her ears, unintentionally making it difficult for her.

"Oh!" the youth suddenly blurted. "I'm about to shoot, Mom! Wait! Stop! Mommy!"

But Linda didn't stop. She quickly decided she wanted a mouthful of Danny's delicious boy-cum, so she kept slurping at his vibrant prick and finger-fucking his hot little ass.

The boy nearly crushed his mother's head between his legs as he climaxed, his clasped thighs holding her all the way down on his cock. His warm slimy jism gushed into her throat with such force that air wheezed from her nostrils.

With her lips still at the base of Danny's cum gushing cock, the wanton woman let her tongue slither out and lap at his hairless young balls. Cock cream flowed from her open lips, coating the root of his cock and running down onto his balls, and she made lewd lapping and slurping noises, wallowing her face in his crotch. Severe bursts of cum exploded at the back of her throat, some of it gushing down her gullet and the rest draining from her slurping, auctioning lips at the base of his cock.

His climax subsiding, Danny went limp. His legs fell away from his mother's head and he lay back, panting.

"I wanted to fuck you, Mom," he whined, feeling her tongue lapping sticky cum from his balls. "Why'd you do that?"

Linda raised up and smiled, creamy cum still glistening on her red lips.

"Because I just adore your sweet jizz, honey," she said, licking her lips. Then she grinned. "You wanna fuck me now?"

Danny's distressed expression vanished, and he smiled cutely. "Sure, Mom!" He patted her cheek affectionately. "Just gimme a few minutes. Okay?"

"That's my baby," Linda purred, feeling her pussy juicing up again as she kissed her son's cummy cock.


Danny lay back, still panting in the aftermath of his climax. His mother nestled between his sprawled legs, her dangling tits touching the insides of his thighs. Although the youngster had just filled her mouth with cum, his geaming cock remained rigid, jutting up at an angle above his stomach.

"You're incredible Danny," Linda said, licking lazily at his pink, hairless balls and caressing his slimy prick. "You've truly got a perpetual hard-on."

The boy raised his head, looking at his stiff cock jutting up in front of his mother's pretty face.

"You think there's something wrong with me?" he asked, his brow furrowed with concern.

"God, no, honey!" Linda laughed, patting his hip fondly. "It's every girl's dream to have a lover like you... a handsome young man with a perpetual hard-on." She kissed his cock affectionately. "You're a living fantasy, sweetheart!"

"Aw, Mom," he said, smiling cutely despite an obvious tinge of embarrassment. "You're just saying that."

"I never say anything I don't mean," Linda assured him. "Now, you just lie back and relax a few minutes... while I worship your sweet young body."

Danny lay back, his dark eyes staring at the ceiling while he relished his mother's compliment, his hard-on still standing proudly.

Linda moved onto her knees and ran her hot wet tongue up the kid's belly, her blonde hair tickling his flesh and her hanging tits dragging against him as she licked her way up to his chest. Then she began licking all over his satin-smooth chest, nibbling enticingly at each of his small brown nipples. The boy's nipples quickly became rigid under her attentive tongue. And, as she moved about, the stiff nipples of her dangling tits titillated his abdomen, causing goose bumps to dot his sensitive flesh.

"You are so beautiful," the woman whispered adoringly as she licked his chest and sucked at his nipples. "I never get enough of you, Danny."

Still gazing at the ceiling, the boy smiled faintly and began to caress his mother's silky hair affectionately. He did adore being adored, despite his bashful nature.

Linda pushed one of her son's arms up and licked hungrily at his armpit, where there were just the faintest beginnings of some dark hair. She loved the clean taste and sweet fragrance of the youngster's skin.

While his mom licked at his armpit, Danny grasped one of her hanging tits, kneading the pliant tit flesh with eager fingers and rubbing the stiff nipple with his thumb. Then, when Linda's lapping at his armpit became intolerable, he started giggling and pushed her away.

"Tickles, huh?" she said, letting her weight come down on him, mashing her huge tits between their bodies. "You're so sweet, honey."

Then she pressed her lips to his, holding his young face with both hands while she kissed him passionately, lolling her tongue inside his mouth. The boy's arms went up around his mother's back and he hugged her sucking at her probing tongue while he gazed into her pretty blue eyes.

While they kissed, Linda squirmed atop her young son, enjoying the feel of his rock-hard prick against her belly.

Danny's hands swept down his mother's smooth back to the lush curves of her lovely ass. He grabbed two handfuls of soft ass cheeks and squeezed hard, nibbling at her lips and writhing beneath her weight. He could feel the warm wetness of her cunt juice wetting his balls.

Unable to wait another minute to feel her son's cock in her cunt, Linda elevated her ass slightly -- reached down to angle his hard-on for penetration. He adjusted his position slightly, jabbing the tip of his prick into the hot slimy gash of her pussy.

Linda eagerly sank down again, taking all of the kid's big fucker into her cunt.

She moaned and sucked at his tongue as the lips of her descending pussy clasped the thick base of his prick. Then, squirming her ass and churning his cock in her cunt, she began kissing and biting at his chin and neck, running her fingers frantically through his mop of black hair.

"Oh, Danny," she whispered, kissing his throat tenderly, "I love you so, sweet baby... I love your cock in my pussy... love for you to fuck the cunt you came out of when you were born... love it!"

That turned the boy on when his mother talked about how he had first emerged from the pussy he was fucking now, and he began lurching beneath her, trying to get some friction started between his cock and her cunt. He was still clinging to her softly rounded ass, lurching upward with such force that the woman almost bounced atop him.

"Oh, you are hot tonight!" Linda exclaimed happily as she began pumping her ass to meet his fuck-lunges. "Yesss! Fuck your mother, you precious little angel! Oh, yesss! Like that!"

The youngster set his jaw firmly, a look of grim determination on his face as he bounced his ass off the bed wildly, fucking upward into his mother's cunt. Her coordinated hip movements caused her cunt to meet his cock violently on every thrust, and their stomach's slapped together noisily. Danny seemed to want to show his mom just how manly he could be, and he clung to her hips, forcing her up and down faster -- almost as if he were using her pussy to jack himself off.

"Oh. Jesus!" Linda gasped, going with it and letting the boy use her that way. "You are so macho sometimes, Danny... ungh... ungh... it just... ungh... thrills me to death!" Abruptly, Danny stopped moving and pushed his mother up into a sitting position astride his loins. He grabbed both of her voluptuous tits, grinning lewdly up at her.

"Fuck yourself on my cock, Mom," he urged, squeezing her tits almost painfully. "You like it like that, don't you?"

"I sure do, honey," she admitted, adjusting her knees on each side of him as she sat impaled on his prick. "You know I do."

Linda leaned forward a bit, supporting herself with her hands on the kid's shoulders. Then she began to gyrate her hip and pump up and down at the same time, fucking herself joyously on his cock. He clung to her tits, watching her pussy sliding up and down on his glistening cock lance as she bounced atop him.

Coat juice gurgled out around the youth's embedded prick, wetting his nearly hairless crotch and his pink little balls. The wetness of his mother's pussy excited him even more, the obscene slurping sounds of their fucking adding to his arousal.

Raising his head, Danny began to suck at one of his mother's jiggling tits, nipping lightly at the stiff nipple with his teeth. At the same time, his free hand went to his crotch, and he rubbed his mother's hairy pussy with his fingertips, feeling where her slippery cunt lips were distended round his prick. It thrilled the boy to feel her stretched pussy lips sliding up and down on the juice-coated shaft of his cock, and he became so excited that he bit her nipple too hard.

"Ungh!" Linda grunted, the sharp pain in her tit momentarily overshadowing the pleasure in her pussy. "You little devil!"

She leaned back abruptly, yanking her tit from the kid's sucking mouth. Putting her hands on his knees, her big tits thrusting upward as she leaned back, she began humping madly, fucking herself at a rapid pace on her son's cock. Danny held onto her firm and satiny thighs and remained motionless, letting the woman fuck herself into a mindless state of bliss on his up thrust prick.

Danny watched with rapt attention while his gorgeous mother gyrated atop him, pleasuring her pussy on his prick. And the dreamy expression on her face pleased him, made him feel like he was all any woman could ask for. The kid had never fucked anyone except his mother, but lick obvious delight led him to believe he was going to drive the girls wild -- just as soon as he got up the nerve to approach a girl for fucking.

Linda kept bouncing crazily, her up thrust tits jiggling like great mounds of gelatin. Her zany hip movements caused her son's cock to jab at the juicy walls of her cunt from a multitude of angles, sending jolts of vibrant sensation through her loins.

As the wanton woman continued to abuse herself on the boy's prick, she felt the first hot surges of orgasm spreading through her guts. As her orgasm swelled, she fucked harder and faster, causing the bed to bounce. The clatter big of the headboard against the wall brought her back to reality for a moment, and she adjusted her fuck-lunges to keep the noise down.

But when her orgasm increased in intensity again, Linda lost all self-control and began lurching even more wildly, coming down with such force that her slippery cunt lips threatened to slurp up her son's balls along with his cock. Her tongue hung out as she creamed profusely, drenching Danny's cock with the juices of her arousal.

The headboard started clattering against the wall again, and Danny released his grip on his mother's thighs to reach up and hold it. But when he grasped the top of the headboard to stop it, it kept banging, mashing his fingers against the wall with every bang.

"Ouch!" the kid yelped, releasing his grip on the headboard. "Mom! Settle, down, for Christ's sake, we're gonna wake up everybody in the house!"

"I can't stop!" she cried, suddenly leaning forward again to grasp his shoulders as she kept fucking. "It's too damned good, honey! Oooh, shit!"

The noise from the headboard hitting the wall increased as Linda fucked herself into a frenzy on her boy's cock. Her eyes looked wild, and her tongue lolled out as she creamed furiously, her pumping pussy generating loud suctioning sounds.

Quickly, Danny crammed the corner of a pillow between the headboard and the wall, bringing an end to the loud clattering.

And Linda raged on, clawing at the boy's chest and smothering him with kisses while she gyrated her ass and churned her creaming cunt on his hard fucker in a non-stop orgy of self-abuse.

Because Danny had already climaxed nice once by hand and another time in his mom's mouth -- he was able to endure the onslaught of hot fucking for a long while this time. He smiled and cupped his hands behind his head, seeming to take pride in his staying power while the woman entertained herself on his prick.

Frantic with lust for the boy, Linda kept fucking her hot slippery cunt up and down on his cock -- all the while kissing and biting at his face, neck and shoulders with uncontrollable passion. He kept his hands locked together behind his head, as if merely tolerating her lustful assault on his body.

Something about the boy's arrogant posture only served to inflame Linda's passion even more. She pressed her face into his armpit, displaying her sense of humility in the presence of such youthful and masculine beauty by licking first one armpit, then the other. She adored her young son, and she wanted him to know it.

Linda's pussy never stopped moving while she slurped at her boy's armpits. Her lovely ass pumped rhythmically as she fucked her cunt up down the entire length of his gloriously hard prick. She was making such long strokes now that his cock head almost slipped out of her wet pussy each time she moved upward. But, each time, she plunged down quickly again, her cunt making slurping sounds as it gobbled up the kid's prick again.

While she fucked, the horny woman began sucking at one of Danny's nipples once more, swirling her tongue around the stiff little tit and biting gently, then sucking again. All the while, her hands roamed frantically over the boy's smooth young body. His youthfulness made her feel extremely wicked, and that wickedness only enhanced the forbidden thrill of incest for her. He was her son... and be was so very young... and so very beautiful.

"Oh, Danny, baby!" Linda cried out against his chest, writhing her cunt on his ever-hard cock. "I love you so much!"

"I love you, too, Mom!" he murmured, finally putting his arms around her again. "You always make me feel so good."

Linda, who was by now sweating from her frantic fucking, rested her head in the hollow of his shoulder and kept pumping her creaming pussy on his prick. Her sweaty tits stuck to the boy's chest, and her gyrating ass gleamed with perspiration.

"Oh, Mom!" Danny suddenly gasped, squeezing her tightly in his arms. "I'm... I'm gonna shoot again."

"Yesss!" she hissed against his neck, damping it strong cunt muscles on his throbbing cock. "Fill your mother's pussy up with your hot jism, sweet baby! Give it to me!"

The youngster writhed beneath her, clawing at her back and locking his legs around her hips as his cum-load erupted into her squeezing cunt. She felt the warmth other son's jism as it filed the depths of her pussy, and she shuddered with incestuous excitement.

When Danny sighed and went limp, Linda lay atop him for a minute, enjoying his still-hard prick inside her cum-slimed cunt.

"You're still hard," she whispered, kissing him on the check. "Mind if I entertain myself on that thing a bit longer?"

"Why not?" the boy laughed, amazed at what a horny slut his mother could be. "Help yourself, Mom."

Linda grinned wickedly as she sat up and raised her ass, puffing her gooey cunt off his prick. The kid's rigid fucker slapped back wetly against his belly, but she grabbed it quickly and held the cock shaft upright, settling down again and nudging the cock head against her asshole. She had been fucked so much tonight that her pussy was almost numb, and she wanted the exotic sensation of a stiff cock up her ass now.

Danny lay there passively, his hands resting on his mother's satiny thighs while she eased herself down, fucking her tight asshole onto his cum-slimed prick.

"Ummm, that feels lovely," Linda whispered, sinking down until Danny's cock was filling her ass. "Very nice."

The exhausted youngster smiled cutely and yawned as his mom began undulating her hips, fucking her hot ass on his perpetual hard-on. As she bounced atop him, her heavy tits jiggled and her ass cheeks thumped against his balls. Danny didn't seem very interested anymore, so Linda stimulated herself by kneading one of her tits with one hand while she diddled her stiff clit with the other, all the while plunging her ass up and down on the kid's cock.

She was so consumed by incestuous fuck-lust that she didn't even notice Danny falling asleep. Throwing her head back, she closed her eyes and increased the tempo of her fuck-lunges, taking all of her young son's big prick into her hot ass guts with each downward movement. Her hand left her tit and she reached back to caress Danny's hairless balls, feeling with her fingertips where her tight ass ring was slamming down repeatedly to the slimy base of his hard-on.

When Linda glanced at her son again, she was surprised, and mildly amused, to discover that he was sound asleep -- even though his cock remained fully hard. There was a pleasant smile on his face, and his hands had fallen from her thighs and lay limply together on his belly now.

"Precious little angel," she murmured, reaching out to caress his handsome young face lightly. "Mother loves you so much."

Then the woman began humping frantically again, slamming her ass down onto the kid's up thrust fucker with increasing force while she fucked three fingers roughly in her cum-sodden cunt. Her aggressive motions caused Danny to stir feebly, and his dark lashes fluttered, but he didn't wake up.

After a few more minutes of abusing her own asshole on her son' stiff prick, Linda was once again glistening with sweat and her pussy was creaming on her fucking fingers. As she orgasmed, her asshole snapped tautly around the base of Danny's embedded cock.

The gripping spasms of Linda's hot ass guts on his cock stimulated the youngster into yet another climax, and she was delighted to feel his cum-load bursting forth inside her ass while she orgasmed on her fingers.

Danny's eyes opened suddenly and he sucked in a deep breath as his sore balls gave up one more load of cum for his insatiable mother.

Linda bent forward and kissed the boy, running her fingers through his black hair while she wallowed her mouth against his and squeezed his cum-spouting cock with her strong ass muscles. He shivered all over, his legs jerking and his balls aching from too much cumming.

Satisfied at long last, the wanton woman let her boy's cock slip from her cum-filled ass as her lips left his. Then she flopped over beside him, breathing hard from her prolonged exertion.

Danny yawned again and snuggled against his naked mother, draping one arm across the big creamy mounds of her tits and resting his head against her shoulder. Within seconds, the kid was sound asleep again, snoring lightly.

Linda lay there staring at the ceiling, evaporating sweat cooling her heated body. Danny's cum was still drooling from her cunt and from her abused asshole, wetting the sheet beneath her. She could feel the young boy's hot breath against her shoulder as he snored, and his arm across her tits felt warm to her. With motherly concern, she touched his forehead to check for a fever, quickly deciding it was only sexual heat.

Her hand strayed down to her young son's crotch, and she found his cock soft, at long last. She smiled happy to know she had finally relieved the boy of that aching hard-on he'd had alt evening. And, while she clung to Danny's limp cock, Linda squeezed her pussy muscles, causing more of the boy's jism to burble from her cunt hole and run down into the crevice of her ass. It felt nasty, and she liked it.

Linda yawned and sat up, realizing she had better get back to her room before her husband missed her. She pulled the covers up over her sleeping son, then slipped into her negligee. She bent to kiss Danny softly, then stood there a moment, savoring the events of the night, cum and cunt cream still running down her thighs.

He'd had her pussy filled with cum by her husband and both of her sons in one evening. And the naughtiness of going directly from bedroom to bedroom -- taking on one stiff cock after another in quick succession -- had thrilled the depraved woman to the core.

Yes, it had been a deliciously wicked evening. And the only thing Linda Newman felt guilty about was that her young daughter Gloria was being left out of all the fun.


Eight months had passed, and the results of Linda Newman's wanton behavior were all too obvious now.

She was very pregnant.

One morning, while she was hurrying to get breakfast ready for her family her immensely ballooned belly seeming to get in the way of everything -- she was thinking about how things had happened.

When the morning sickness had first begun, she had thought she must have the flu. But when it kept recurring, she had suddenly recognized that all-too-familiar syndrome. It had been a long time since her last child, Danny, was born. But those early symptoms of pregnancy were unmistakable, and Dr. Grant soon confirmed Linda's own diagnosis. It was a late pregnancy, to be sure, but it was real.

Linda's first impulse was, to terminate the pregnancy -- without even letting Tom know about it. She realized at once that there was no earthly way of knowing whose baby she was carrying. There had been a lot of incestuous fucking going on in the Newman home, and the possibility that she had been impregnated by one of her sons unnerved Linda. And, too, she felt that she was too old to be having another child.

Unsure about what to do, Linda revealed her pregnancy to her husband, seeking his opinion. To her surprise, Tom was delighted at the prospect of a new addition to the family and urged her to have the baby. She agreed, keeping her secret reservations to herself.

During Linda's previous pregnancies, Tom had always abstained from fucking her during the last few months of each pregnancy, fearing he might cause damage to the child in her womb -- even though Dr. Grant had assured him that was an unnecessary precaution. Linda thought Tom's sexual abstinence at those times probably had more to do with her unsightly condition during the last few months of pregnancy.

Because of her husband's behavior, Linda had expected Jay and Danny to lose interest in fucking her as her pregnancy progressed.

But a strange thing happened. Both of the boys -- each of them convinced the child in Linda's womb was his -- became more and more fascinated with their mother's developing pregnancy. And, unlike their father, they did not lose interest in sex with her. Quite the contrary, in fact. Jay and Danny both seemed turned on by their mother's huge belly, and the bigger she got the more they wanted to fuck her.

Never one to let a hot pussy smolder unnecessarily, Linda was delighted by the boys' reactions. Being pregnant certainly had not affected her usual need for a steady supply of stiff young cock. Tom often wanted her to give him blow-jobs, but he would not fuck her now. So Linda was glad that her young sons had no qualms about fucking their very pregnant mother.

This was definitely a much happier pregnancy than her previous ones had been -- even though she did have those previous pregnancies to thank for the hard young cocks that were keeping her happy through this one.

"Eeeek! Mommy!" Gloria shrieked as she ran into the kitchen. "Make him stop it!"

Linda turned from the cook stove to see Danny pursuing his sister with a live lizard, and he was giggling and jabbing the creature at her face.

"It's gonna bite me, Mommy!" the little blonde cried, cowering behind her bloated mother.

"Danny!" Linda snapped. "You put that thing back in its cage this minute and stop terrorizing your sister."

"Aw, all right, Mom," the boy said.

He left the kitchen, taking the offending creature with him, and Gloria seated herself quickly at the breakfast table.

"Boys!" the girl scoffed, piping some orange juice. "How come they always like to play with icky, slimy things?"

Linda chuckled, putting Gloria's breakfast in front of her.

"Don't worry, darling," she said. "When you get a little older, you'll learn to enjoy playing with icky, slimy things, too."

"I don't think so," Gloria said, pouring ketchup onto her scrambled eggs.

While Gloria ate hurriedly so she could get off to school, Linda fixed her ponytail for her. The girl still wore knee socks, even though she was in high school now, and her habitual attire made her seem even younger than she was.

Tom came in, dressed for another day of business, looking very debonair in his conservative suit and dark tie. He walked over and patted Linda's swollen stomach affectionately.

"How's the new Newman this morning?" he asked.

"Fine, fine," Linda said, pecking her husband on the cheek. "Except for a few kicks of protest when I first got up this morning."

"Goddamn, I still can't believe it," Tom said, slapping Linda on the butt. "Three on the hoof, and one in the oven!"

Gloria giggled, almost choking on her eggs.

"Really, Tom," Linda said, shoving him gently toward his chair at the table. "Must you be so crude in front of Gloria?"

"Mornin', Mom," Jay said as he bounded into the kitchen, dressed for school and carrying his books. "Hi, Dad."

He was immediately followed by Danny, and everyone sat down while Linda put their breakfast on the table. The boys wolfed their food down and were gone before Tom and Gloria had finished, so Linda sat down in one of the chairs, resting her hands on her bulging belly. Through her dressing gown, she could feel occasional movement inside her body, and she smiled to herself, still wondering who the father really was.

Gloria finished eating and suddenly pushed her chair back, raising one knee and putting her foot on the corner of the chair so she could adjust the buckle on her black patent leather shoe. Her skirt slid back on her raised thigh and there was a sudden flash of pink panties that caught Tom's attention. The man stopped with a cup of coffee halfway to his mouth, his dark eyes riveted to his daughter's panty-clad crotch.

Linda quickly noticed that Tom seemed mesmerized by the sight, and she glanced at Gloria.

The pretty youngster's creamy thigh and sweet ass cheeks were revealed, and the dark slit of her cute little pussy was clearly visible through the sheer nylon panties.

There seemed to be a long, frozen moment before Gloria put her leg back down and Tom brought his coffee cup the rest of the way to his lips to sip at it. And it was at that moment that he realized his wife was aware of his unnatural interest in their young daughter, and he gulped, looking terribly guilty as he averted his gaze and began glancing over the sports section of the morning paper.

Linda smiled knowingly, realizing that since Tom was no longer fucking her because of her pregnancy, little Gloria was probably looking pretty good to him. She wished that she could tell Tom it would be all right with her if be wanted to fuck their daughter. But she knew she couldn't say such a thing to the kindly man, who simply wouldn't understand such permissiveness.

Still, she couldn't help hoping her husband would eventually weaken and seduce the kid. After all, Gloria had a right to some fun, too.

"You'd better get going, honey," Linda said to Gloria, "or you're going to miss the school bus."

"That's all right, hon." Tom said, without looking up from his newspaper. "I'm going that way in a minute... I'll give her a lift."

"I'll just bet you will," Linda muttered, grinning.

"What?" Tom said, glancing up at her.

"Nothing, darling," she said, getting up to clear the table. "Oh, damn... my aching back."

"Are you okay, honey?" Tom asked, sudden concerned.

"Of course," Linda said, patting his shoulder. "When you get this pregnant, your back hurts... it's normal."

Shortly, Tom and Gloria left. And Linda sat down to a hot cup of coffee, wondering if her husband had ulterior motives for offering their daughter a ride. She certainly hoped so...

In the car, Gloria's short skirt rode high, revealing her shapely legs above the tops of her knee socks. Her father, acutely aware of the young girl's charms now, seemed unusually befuddled by the rush-hour traffic. He took several wrong turns, and Gloria kept trying to direct him to the school, but he had soon made so many wrong turns that she didn't even know where they were.

"Are you all right, Daddy?" Gloria asked when she realized they were driving into the park, which was nowhere near school.

"Of course, I'm all right, honey," Tom said, reaching over to pat her bare thigh while he glanced in the mirror to be sure there were no cars behind them now. The park was deserted at this early hour. "I'm just... er... uh... I thought we'd take the scenic drive this morning."

"Scenic drive?" she said, looking around. "Daddy... this is a dead-end road. It just goes up to the top of the hill and stops there."

"Oh, really?" he said, his hand remaining on her thigh. "Oh, well... it's a nice view up there, don't you think?"

Gloria became more conscious of her father's hot hand on her bare flesh, and she blinked rapidly, staring at him as if she had never seen him before.

"Daddy, I have to be at school in a few minutes. We just don't have time for any scenic drives."

Abruptly, Tom slammed on the brakes, stopping right in the middle of the deserted road. He put the car into parking gear and suddenly flopped, over onto the seat, pushing his daughter's skirt up and cramming his face into her panty-clad crotch.

"Eeiii!" the young girl shrieked, her eyes widening as she tried to slither up the back of the car seat -- which only made it easier for him to get his face between her silken thighs. "God, Daddy! What are you doing? Daddy! Stop that!"

"Oh, Gloria, Gloria!" he muttered, biting at her pussy through her flimsy panties while he held onto her slim thighs to hold her still. "My [missing text]."

The bewildered youngster began pounding at the back of her father's head with clenched fists while she squirmed in his strong grasp.

"Daddy! Have you lost your mind? Stop it!"

"I can't!" he gasped, yanking her underwear down to reveal her nearly hairless cunt. "Aw, God... what a cute little pussy!"

"I'm gonna tell Mother!" Gloria screamed, still pounding futilely at the back of his head. "Now, stop it, damn it!"

The girl's fists were too small to hurt the man, and at the moment he didn't care what she did. He would worry about all that later. Right now, he was driven by a compulsive lust that knew no reason. All he knew was that his young daughter was so beautiful he couldn't stand it, and he wanted her. His prick was hard and throbbing in his slacks, and he was salivating over the little blonde's adorable pussy.

Clinging to the writhing girl's hips, Tom forced his tongue into her tiny cunt hole and began to fuck it in and out rapidly. Her skirt fell down over his head as she struggled to free herself, but he hung onto her and kept tongue fucking her. As his tongue sank in deep, he felt the barrier of her cherry.

Discovering that his daughter was still a virgin aroused the man even further, and he slurped madly at her pussy while he squeezed her firm little ass cheeks.

"Don't do that, Daddy!" Gloria cried, tears making her lovely blue eyes glisten. "God, Daddy... this is sick."

"I'm sorry, baby," he said from beneath her skirt, his hot breath scorching her spit-wet pussy. "I can't stop myself... I want you so bad!"

Then he began eating her sweet young pussy again, at the same time pushing her rolled panties down over her knee socks with frenzied movements of his hands. Quickly, he grabbed her bare buns again, squeezing her cute ass with both hands while he fucked his tongue in and out of her cunt, occasionally fluttering the tip of it against her clit.

"Ungh!" she gasped when she felt his tongue flapping against the sensitive bud of her clit. "Ooooh! Daddy, don't!"

The car was still idling, and Gloria was still halfway up the back of the seat, her panties down around her ankles and her dad's hand up under her skirt. She twisted this way and that, looking to see if anybody was coming. There were no other cars in sight. She began pulling at her father's thick black hair in exasperation, terrified of the marvelous sensations his mouth was causing in her virgin pussy.

Sensing that Gloria was beginning to weaken, Tom intensified his lapping of her clit sucking at the stiff little nubbin in between laps.

"Daddy... don't do that," the youngster begged, almost whining now. "Please don't... don't do it... don't... oooh! Oh, God! Yeas! Do it, Daddy... do it!"

Suddenly, she pulled her skirt up and fucked it around her waist so she could see her dad's face down there between her thighs. In the next instant, she had her small hands on the back of his head, pushing his face against her cunt as she humped at his mouth.

Tom moaned with satisfaction at his conquest and began fucking his tongue into her hot little cunt hole again, driving it as deep as he could before her cherry prevented any deeper penetralion. Keeping his tongue buried in her tight pussy, the man closed his lips over her downy cunt lips and sucked hard, wiggling his tongue inside her. He felt her trembling hands clinging to the back of his neck now as she fucked her cunt on his tongue.

"Oooh, Daddy," Gloria purred, stroking his hair and clenching her cunt on his probing tongue. "That feels so good!"

She kept watching the road, only now she was hoping nobody came along. She wanted the delightful sensations her father was giving her to last forever. School and all that no longer mattered.

Then the young girl was suddenly overwhelmed by powerful surges of hot sensation in her loins, and she began to shudder rapturously. She had never had a real orgasm before in her life, and at first she didn't know what it was. She thought perhaps she was going to be sick and faint dead away or something. But Tom kept up his frantic tongue-fucking, bringing his cute little daughter to the brink of orgasm with smooth expertise.

Gloria's body, stiffened and she cried out hoarsely as her trembling pussy creamed all over the man's slithering, flapping tongue. Fabulous sensations fluttered through her creaming cunt, and she vibrated from head to toe, totally consumed by the hot passion that raged in her trim little body.

Sucking the profuse flow of cunt cream from his daughter's pussy, Tom pushed his hands up under her blouse and squeezed her tits, finding them pertly pointed, but not fully developed. The naughtiness of what he was doing thrilled him, and he moaned happily into her sopping wet pussy.

The man was so hot by now that he was afraid he might cum in his pants if he didn't get relief -- but he knew he must not, under any circumstances, succumb to the temptation to actually fuck his daughter. Eating her out was wicked, but he didn't consider it incest. If he didn't actually fuck her, it wouldn't be incest. And he certainly would not take his own daughter's cherry -- that would be about the trashiest thing a man could do.

Finally sitting up, Tom glanced around apprehensively while Gloria slid down into the seat, still panting from her orgasm. There were still no other cars in the vicinity.

For a moment, father and daughter looked everywhere except at each other. When their eyes did finally meet, there was a fleeting moment of guilt for each of them, and it showed. But Tom was still hot, and his guilty feeling was short-lived.

"You... you're not mad at me, are you, angel?" Tom asked hoarsely.

"No," Gloria said in a meek voice, a faint smile curling her pouty lips. "It was... it was... exciting."

"You're telling me," the man said, unfastening his trousers and opening the front. "I'm so horny I'm about to explode."

Gloria watched with wide eyes, as her father pushed the front of his Jockey shorts and hauled out his colossal hard-on and hairy balls. Clear pre-cum glistened on the circumcised head of his blue-veined prick. And when he stroked his cock shaft a couple of times, the piss slit gaped open and more of the slimy fluid emerged, coating the purplish-pink cock knob with a gleaming film.

"God, Daddy!" the girl gasped, staring at his cock. "It's so... so... big!"

"Have you ever seen a cock before?" he asked, holding his immense hard-on upright.

"Only in pictures," she admitted, staring intently.

"Well," he said, jacking his tingling prick slowly and enjoying her awed look, "they come in all sizes, honey. This one's probably a little bigger than average, but not remarkable."

"Looks pretty remarkable to me," she murmured, boldly reaching out and curling her small fingers around the huge cock shaft.

Tom drew his hand away and let his daughter play with his cock for a minute. She ran her small fingers all over his prick, curiously squeezing and stroking and rubbing it. Warm pre-cum ran down the cock shaft, wetting her fingers, but she didn't seem to mind.

"You want to put your mouth on it, honey?" he rasped.

"What?" She glanced at him, seemingly started.

"Girls like to do that," he assured her. "They say that the juice that comes out tastes good."

"Really?" she said, considering it seriously. "Did the juice that came out of me taste good to you?"

"Like the Nectar of the Gods," Tom said. "Couldn't you tell how much I loved it?"

"Yeah," she said uncertainly. "It did seem that [missing text]."

"Go ahead, try it," he urged. "You'll like it."

Slowly, the young blonde lowered her head, using both hands to hold her dad's hard-on upright. She licked tentatively at the pre-cum that coated his cock head, and he could tell right away that she didn't find it too repulsive. She licked again, tasting more this time. His prick jumped at the touch of her soft little tongue.

"Come on, baby," Tom whispered. "Put it in your mouth and suck a little... you'll like it, and it'll feel good to me, too."

Cautiously at first, Gloria opened her mouth and slid her ovaled lips down over the huge head of her father's prick. When she closed her hot lips just below the flanged ridge of the cock head, Tom flinched with pleasure and let out a long sigh of satisfaction.

"Aw, yeah, baby," he murmured, stroking the back of her head lightly. "That's it, honey suck your daddy's prick!"

Still clinging to the hairy base of his cock with both hands, Gloria began to suck, moving her head up and down slightly at his urging. He leaned back in the car seat, watching his pretty little daughter sucking his prick. He could hardly believe this was really happening -- it had all come on so suddenly. But he was damned glad it was happening.

The girl let one hand slip down to caress his hairy balls, feeling around curiously, venturing into the furry crack of his ass beneath his balls with trembling fingers. Her dad was very hairy, and that fascinated the inexperienced youngster.

Suddenly, Tom couldn't take all the exciting stimulation another moment. His heavy balls drew up closer to the base of his prick, and his prick pulsed hotly in Gloria's sucking mouth. A vibrant tingling sensation began in his balls and seemed to electrify the length of his colossal cock.

He was about to climax, and he didn't know what to do. He thought he should warn his daughter. But he didn't. Instead, he put his big baud on the back of her blonde head and held her down forcefully on his prick.

Frightened by his sudden aggressiveness, Gloria struggled to rise up, but his superior strength kept her down.

In the next instant, hot cum gushed from the tip of the man's cock, quickly filling his daughter's mouth. She gasped and gurgled as her dad's cum-load flooded her mouth and streamed down her gullet.

"Take it, bitch!" the sex-crazed man demanded, holding her head down.

Cock cream filled the young girl's mouth. And, although she tried to open her lips and let the slimy goo out, her dad's cock was so big she couldn't open her lips much wider than the circumference of the cock knob in her mouth. So much of the man's cum found its way down her throat, while a few milky ribbons steamed down his cock shaft.

When Tom's climax subsided, he released his grip on Gloria's head, suddenly feeling he might have gone too far, too soon.

Gloria sat up quickly and spat a mouthful of cum right onto her dad's lap, soiling his slacks. Along filament of jism hung from her chin for a moment, until she wiped it away with the back of her hand.

"You son of a bitch!" she said hatefully, glowering at him. "That stuff tastes like shit!"

"Gloria! Watch your mouth," Tom said, suddenly feeling it necessary to regain paternal control.

"Ha!" she shouted. "You watch my mouth!"

And she spit in her father's face.

Tom felt anger rising in him, and he wanted to slap his daughter. But, at the same time, he realized he had treated her very badly -- and fearing drastic repercussions if she ever told her mother. He pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped her cummy lips carefully, trying to show the concern he felt now.

"I'm so sorry, Gloria," he said. "I just don't know what came over me, honey."

"It's because mother's pregnant," Gloria said, settling into her seat and pulling her panties up. "You can't fool around with her now, and you just went crazy. That's what it is."

"Yeah, something like that," Tom said, wishing he had thought of that before she did. "Yes, I suppose that's it."

He tried to clean up and mess of milky cum his daughter had spit in his lap, but there was still a big wet stain on the dark fabric. He pocked away his cock and balls and fastened his pants.

"Just take me to school," Gloria said, folding her arms against her tits after she had made herself decent. "And let's try and forget this ever happened. Okay?"

"Yes," Tom said eagerly. "Let's try to forget it happened. We won't ever speak of it again."

She pointed a finger at him threateningly. "And don't let anything like this ever happen again Daddy. And I mean it."

"Certainly not, angel," he said, turning the car around and heading back down the hill. "Trust me."

But Tom Newman could still taste his daughter's delicious cunt juice on his lips -- and he was already wondering when the next opportunity to eat some of that sweet young pussy might arise.


A few weeks passed, and Linda still didn't know what -- if anything -- had happened between Tom and their daughter. She noticed they seemed to be avoiding each other, and that led her to suspect something had happened. She was dying of curiosity.

It was a Saturday night, and Tom had gone to a football game with some men from the auto dealership. Jay was out on a date with some cock-crazy little bitch, and Gloria had gone to a pajama party at a girlfriend's house. Danny was alone in the den, watching MTV.

Linda had decided to fuck little Danny this evening, since everybody else was gone, and he was available. And she figured he was thinking the same thing. But the kid was bashful, and usually waited for his mother to make the first move.

Stepping out of the shower, Linda dried herself off quickly, then stood and looked at herself in the big mirror. She didn't like what she saw. She was so pregnant now, she thought she looked like a giant pear with legs -- not a pretty sight. She didn't blame Tom for not wanting to fuck her these days. But she was thankful that Jay and Danny, each believing the baby to be his, were so fascinated with her pregnancy that they had continued to enjoy fucking her.

Putting on a dressing gown that wasn't particularly revealing, Linda tied the sash around her immense stomach and left the bathroom, headed for the den.

Danny was still watching MTV, and the den warn filled with raucous music while some weirdo transvestite cavorted and yelled on the TV screen. Danny was slumped on the sofa, feet up on the coffee table, hypnotized by the music.

He had nothing on but a pair of scruffy-looking jeans.

Linda sashayed into the den with as much feminine grace as her bloated condition permitted and sat down beside her youngest son.

"Hi, Mom," the boy said, never taking his eyes from the TV.

"You shouldn't be watching this garbage," Linda said, her hand settling in his crotch to squeeze his cock-bulge. "It's enough to warp a young person's mind."

"Aw, I don't take it seriously," the youngster said, smiling and spreading his legs invitingly for his mother. "It's just entertainment."

Linda picked up the remote control from the coffee table and switched the set off, her other hand never leaving Danny's crotch.

"I prefer other forms of entertainment, myself," the woman said, squeezing his cock bulge again. "You don't have any underwear on tonight, do you?"

"Nope," he said, grinning mischievously. "I was kind of expecting you, you know?"

He leaned over and snuggled against his mother, running his hand lightly over her immense belly while she rubbed his hardening prick through his jeans.

"How's my kid doing?" Danny asked, caressing her distended stomach lovingly.

"Fine," Linda said, kissing the top of his head. "But I wish you wouldn't keep insisting this baby is yours, honey... it could just as well be your father's, you know."

"Aw, Dad's too old to make babies anymore. That's gotta be my kid in there."

"Danny," Linda said patiently, holding his chin and making him look up at her, "your father and I are about the same... and I'm obviously not too old to make babies."

Danny giggled and shrugged. "Well, I still think it's mine," he said, patting his mom's belly. "And, if it is, just think... my little brother will be my son, too! Wild, huh, Mom?"

"Might be a little sister," she reminded him. "Well, whatever," the boy laughed, sprawling back against the back of the sofa.

Linda recognized her son's body language. When he sprawled back so invitingly that way, he wanted her to remove his jeans and suck his cock. He was a very passive boy, and always liked for her to initiate things.

Always glad to oblige Danny, Linda quickly unfastened his jeans and pulled them down over his feet, tossing them aside. His stiff prick sprang up as the jeans went down, bobbing lewdly. Linda bent down, taking his hard-on into her mouth. He lurched upward eagerly with his hips, fucking all of his cock into his mother's hot sucking mouth.

As Linda began to bob her head, she felt the kid's warm hands slide inside her dressing gown to fondle her tits, which were somewhat larger and heavier now than in the past.

The very sparse hair at Danny's groin always reminded Linda of what a truly naughty mother she was, seducing such a young boy. He had a big prick on him, and he was certainly not a child anymore. But he was in that transitional period from boy to man, still becoming what he would be. And that made him a very exciting sex partner for his depraved mother.

Linda caressed the kid's balls while she sucked on his cock, driving her lips down to the thick base of his cock every time her head went down. And, each time, his cock head fucked into the tightness of her throat for a moment, the hot sensations making him squirm and groan.

"Don't make me shoot," Danny said, squeezing his mom's big tits. "I wanna fuck you."

Linda raised up. "Since when did cumming in my mouth ever keep you from fucking me later?"

"Yeah... but I wanna fuck you first tonight."

"That's more than okay, honey," she said. "Let's go your room."

"Naw," he said, frowning. "I wanna fuck you right here in the den. We never did it here. It'll be different."

"It'll be dangerous, too," Linda said seriously. "We could get caught."

"That's what makes it exiting," Danny said, laughing as he untied the sash to her dressing gown. "Okay?"

Linda stood, letting him remove her gown. "I never could say no to you -- you little devil!"

The dressing gown fell away, revealing Linda's naked body to her young son, who still sat on the sofa, also naked. His dark eyes scanned her bloated belly and her hairy pussy while his prick stood at attention.

Danny leaned forward, grasping his mom's hips as he planted sweet kisses ill over her massive stomach, working his way down to her clit.

Linda sucked in a deep breath in her mounting excitement. Danny had never licked her pussy before, although he sometimes kissed all around it. But it was apparent that he had gotten his nerve up tonight and was going to go for it at long last. As the youngster's tongue rustled through her blonde cunt hair, she shivered with the thrill of anticipation.

Sure enough, this time the kid went all the way, running his hot tongue into the steamy gash of his mother's pussy. At first, he only licked tentatively along the inner rims of her puffy cunt lips, cautiously taking his first-ever taste of pussy.

But a moment later, his arousal soaring, the kid plunged his tongue into the pink inner folds of his mom's cunt, lapping very aggressively. Then, digging his fingers into the flesh of her hips, he began fucking his tongue in and out of her cunt hole.

"Oooooh!" Linda squealed, gripping his head with both hands. "That feels so good, honey! I love it!"

She wished she could see his sweet young face jammed against her hairy cunt, but she couldn't. Her big belly hung out so far that she hadn't seen her own cunt in over a month, except in a mirror. And this was a sight she had longed to see.

Danny had played with his mother's pussy enough that he was aware of the sensitivity of her cunt so he ran his tongue upward and swirled it around that stiff pinkish nubbin, causing Linda to shudder with excitement.

"Suck it, Danny," she whispered urgently. "Suck my clit!"

The young boy obediently sucked her rigid clit into his lips, sucking so hard he made lewd suctioning sounds. Then his tongue slid downward again, slithering into the woman's hot wet fuck-hole. He wiggled his tongue inside her cunt while his lips moved against the glistening folds of cunt meat he had revealed by using his thumbs to spread her cunt lips.

"Oh, baby!" Linda gasped, entangling her fingers in the son's thick black hair. "You're a natural at cunt-lapping! What a sweet little pussy-eater you are! My God!"

Danny drew back and looked up past his mom's immense belly, smiling at her, cunt juice glistening on his mouth.

"You like it?" he asked, wanting to hear her.

"Danny, baby," she said, caressing the sides of his face, "when you start dating, if you do that for the girls, I guarantee they'll do anything you want. You're going to drive those girls at school wild."

He pinned triumphantly. "You really think so, Mom?"

"Hey you've driven me wild," she said, pushing him back and moving in to straddle his legs. "And I want your cock in my cunt, right now!"

The boy leaned back while his pregnant mother carefully put her knees on the sofa to either side of his hips and brought her drooling cunt down to meet his up thrust fucker. Still grinning with macho pride, Danny helped her to position her cunt so the tip of his prick came in contact with her pussy gash. She couldn't see, because of overhanging belly, but she felt the spongy head of his cock touch her pussy.

"Ummmnm," she purred, tantalizing herself by moving her cunt gently against his hard-on for a moment. "I want it so bad."

"You really want it, Mom?" he teased, poking his cock at her wet pussy with short little jabs that didn't really penetrate. "You want my cock? Huh?"

"Yessss!" she hissed, licking her lips and pinching the kid's small brown nipples. "Give it to me!"

"Okay, lady," he said. "I'm gonna really give it to you... now!"

With an upward lunge of his loins, the youngster fucked every last inch of his prick into his mom's pussy, causing her to gasp from the sudden penetration. Then she responded quickly by hunching downward, shoving the kid's ass back down to the sofa cushions and plastering her gripping cunt lips around the base of his cock.

As Linda began to fuck up and down, her big stomach rubbing against her son's abdomen, his hands went to her tits and he began rubbing her stiffened nipples between his fingers. His own little nipples were becoming stiff and pointed as she kept pinching them -- giving him a bit of pain to contrast with the divine pleasure of feeling her hot cunt sheathing his prick.

Linda leaned down and kissed Danny while she fucked her cunt on his wonderfully stiff cock. He mauled her big tits and she kept pinching his little tits, causing him to moan and groan with mixed pain and pleasure. He was a very responsive teen, and it thrilled the depraved woman to use him this way.

Danny had been leaning against the sofa back, but as the incestuous fucking got hotter, he gradually maneuvered around so that he was lying lengthwise on the sofa. Linda went with him, pumping her pussy on his fucker without letup as they moved into the new position together.

Because she was so terribly pregnant, Linda's fat belly kept bumping against her son's abdomen with every downward plunge of her pussy. It was irritating to her, but it seemed to excite the boy, who was convinced he was the one who had knocked her up. He even ran his hands over his mother's distended stomach at times while they were fucking, seeming to delight in the knowledge that she had a baby in there.

When they finally broke their prolonged kiss, Danny looked up into his mother's pretty face, gazing into her blue eyes. She continued to fuck slowly on his prick.

"Mom... do you... do you think my cock's touching the baby when it goes all the way in there?"

"No, honey," Linda laughed. "Women are made so that can't happen... don't let it worry you."

"Oh, I wasn't worried," he chirped brightly. "I thought that might make it... you know... more exciting."

"You silly boy!" Linda exclaimed, appalled at how perverse he was becoming. "You say the craziest things."

Danny suddenly looked a bit embarrassed, so Linda comforted him by bending down to kiss him again. Her big belly mashed against his stomach while she undulated her pussy rhythmically on his stiff fucker and probed his mouth with her tongue. She was reaching back with one hand, caressing his cum-laden young balls while she swallowed her cunt on his cock.

"Oooomph!" Danny suddenly grunted into his mom's mouth, breaking the kiss. "I felt it, Mom! I felt the baby kickin' inside of you. I felt it!"

Linda had felt it, too. She sat upright again, smiling down at her boy, keeping his prick buried in her pussy.

"You really do act just like a proud father, Danny," she said. "But I'm glad you'er enjoying this pregnancy so much."

"I love it!" he said enthusiastically, gripping her satiny thighs and wiggling beneath her. "I mean, how many guys get to experience anything like this? I'm fuckin' the same pussy I came out of... and there's a baby in there, where I came from... and it's probably my kid, too. I mean... damn... this is wild!"

Linda chuckled and bent to kiss him on the forehead. "Yes, it is a little on the wild side," she said, stroking his temples. "But I feel sure we're not unique in the world, Danny. There are probably a lot of families that have had similar experiences."

Danny closed his eyes and ran his hands smoothly over his mother's swollen stomach while she fucked herself at a leisurely pace on his prick. Her pussy was hot and wet inside, and he could feel her slippery cunt juices basting his prick as her arousal increased.

Abruptly, Danny's eyes flew open and he raised up, supporting himself on his elbows. He looked alarmed, and Linda stopped fucking.

"What's the matter, baby?" she asked.

"Mom... something just hit me that I never had even thought about before." His expression was tense. "Jay... Jay isn't my father, is he?"

Linda burst out laughing, which made Danny indignant. He glared at her menacingly.

"I wanna know!" he demanded. "Am I Jay's son?"

"Certainly not," she assured the teen. "Jay wasnt even old enough to fuck yet when you were born."

Danny's eyes narrowed. "Has he ever fucked you, Mom?"

"Of course not," Linda lied. She suddenly felt nervous, now that the subject had arisen. "Jay wouldn't interest me in that way, honey. He's coarse and vulgar and insensitive -- not sweet and adorable, like you."

"You sure?" Danny persisted, still suspicious.

"Cross my heart and hope to die," Linda said, feelings this was one instance it which honesty would serve no useful purpose. "You're the only guy who fucks me, sweetheart -- except for your father. And be doesn't count, because he's my husband."

Finally, satisfied that his sudden suspicion had been groundless, Danny smiled sweetly and lay back on the sofa.

"Let's fuck," he said. "I wanna cum on the baby."

"Danny!" Linda blurted, trying to keep from laughing. "You are just terrible tonight." She pretended to slap him, just brushing his check lightly. "If you keep saying such awful things, I'm going to have to spank you."

The youngster giggled, using his hands to force his mother to move up and down on his cock. "C'mon, Mom... let's fuck!"

Linda began pumping her hips again, pleasuring her pussy on the teens rock-hard fucker.

But she was thinking now, thinking about the irony of having threatened to spank Danny. He was her son -- but he was also her lover.

Having such a young lover was a fabulous experience for the middle-aged woman. But there was sometimes trouble in paradise. How could she demand that her lover clean up his room and take out the trash and get his homework finished? One just didn't deal with a lover on that level. And yet, Danny was still just a teenager. He needed guidance and discipline at times, even if he was fucking his mother.

It was a dilemma Linda had not yet come to terms with. And it caused their relationship to have a schizophrenic aspect at times.

"Wow, Mom!" Danny cried, lurching now to meet Linda's fuck-thrusts. "Your hot pussy feels so damned good on my cock!"

She kept fucking, smiling down at him. "And your big cock feels damned good in my pussy you sexy devil, you!"

As Linda really got into the fucking again, she leaned back and supported herself by placing her hands on Danny's knees. Her heavy tits and her huge belly jiggled as she fucked her cunt up and down on her son's wonderful prick. And, as her pleasure increased, she began to moan and loll her tongue out, keeping her eyes closed as she became lost in the bliss of it all.

Danny's hands roamed his mom's body, caressing her tits and her satiny thighs, but always returning to her bloated belly. The teen loved fucking his pregnant mother, and he couldn't keep his busy hands off her big stomach.

Lost in a daze of fuck-lust, Linda began to cream on her boy's cock. It wasn't an over whelming orgasm for her this time, but rather a warm surge of soft and mellow sensations that made her feel all creamy dreamy. She kept fuck savoring the warmth that seemed to radiate from her cock-stuffed cunt as her wondrously gentle orgasm went on.

But when Danny's climax hit, it struck with a vengeance.

"Oh, Mama!" the youngster blurted, digging his fingers into the stretched flesh of her belly. "Keep fuckin' me! I'm gonna shoot my jizz all over that baby in you! Yeah!"

Linda opened her eyes, smiling down at the boy as she increased the tempo of her undulating movements, fucking her cunt on his stiff prick. Her overhanging stomach bumped rhythmically against the kid's hard flat belly as she bounced up and down. His fingers dug harder into her stomach as his arousal soared.

"Careful, honey," she cautioned. "Don't hurt the baby."

Danny's hands went to his mother's swollen tin, and he began thrusting his hips upward from the sofa cushions, meeting her pumping pussy with rough cock-thrusts.

Linda felt the kid's cum-load explode hotly in the depths of her cunt. His fingers sank deeper into her tits, and she clenched her cunt muscles on his cum-spurting prick while she went on fucking up and down at a steady pace. The increased friction sent new sensations through Danny's climaxing cock, and he groaned with intense pleasure as he filled the pregnant woman's pussy with his jism.

When his mother reined her pussy muscles, mixed cum and cunt cream ran down onto the youngster's balls.

She leaned down to kiss him tenderly on the lips while she reached back and squeezed his hairless balls, wanting every drop of his sweet cum in her greedy cunt. As she kissed him, her dangling tits brushed over his smooth chest, tickling his sensitive skin and causing him to shiver. Mother and son embraced, enjoying each other quietly now as the boy's cock softened in her cum-drenched cunt.

But a moment later, the mellow after flow of their orgasms was shattered by the sound of the front door slamming...

"Good God!" Linda blurted, sitting bolt upright astride her son's loins. "Somebody's come home early!"

Terror-stricken, she clambered off the naked kid and grabbed for her dressing gown, which was on the floor. Danny's slimy prick was still dripping as he leaned from the sofa and picked up his jeans quickly.

"Mom? You still up?" Jay called from the nearby living room.

His words sounded a bit slurred. Then there was a bumping sound and some clattering, as if he had fallen against an end table or something.

"It's Jay," Danny gulped, frantically trying to get into his jeans. "He's drunk again."

Linda tied the sash to her dressing gown nervously, watching Danny as, in his panic, he got one foot into the wrong leg of his jeans. She glanced nervously toward the den doorway while the youngster struggled with his pants, inadvertently pulling the one leg of them wrong side out in his haste to correct the situation.

Jay called to his mother again, and she could tell he was in the hallway, very close now.

Linda and Danny looked at each other, both horrified. The teen was still naked, and Jay was about to walk in on them.

In a blind panic now, the naked youngster -- jeans in hand -- darted behind his father's big black leather recliner and knelt, out of sight. Linda plopped down on the sofa and grabbed a magazine, pretending to be reading. Then she suddenly realized she had the magazine upside down, and she righted it quickly.

Jay staggered into the den, clad in jeans and a sleeveless T-shirt. Linda noticed a couple of the metal buttons on his jeans were not fastened. He was obviously bombed.

"Oh, hello, darling," she said, glancing up from her magazine. "You're home early."

The blond youth sat down on the arm of the sofa, smirking stupidly at her.

"Hi, fat lady," he said, reaching boldly into her gown for a handful of tit. "Wanna fuck?"


Linda bit her lip, hating it because her youngest son -- who was hiding naked behind the nearby recliner -- was hearing his big brother talking to her that way. She hadn't wanted sweet little Danny to ever know she was fucking Jay, too, because she knew it would break the kid's heart. He was so sensitive.

Quickly, the panic-stricken mother decided to try and pass all this off as merely a manifestation of Jay's drunkenness.

"Jay Newman!" she snapped, trying hard to sound indignant as she slapped his hand away from her tits. "What on earth had gotten into you? You can't talk to your mother like that!"

"Why the fuck not?" he demanded, stepping around to sit down beside her. His arm went up around her shoulders. "If we can do it, we can damn well talk about it. Right?"

Linda tossed her magazine onto the coffee table and yanked the blond youth's arm from her shoulders. She didn't know what to do. She couldn't tell Jay Danny was there, because the kid was stark naked behind the recliner. How would she explain that?

"I'd better get you to bed," she said, rising and tugging at Jay's arm. "I think you've had one too many tonight, young man."

But Jay's other hand darted inside the front of her dressing gown and he grabbed a handful of pussy this time, causing her to flinch. She knew Danny's cum was still drooling out of her well-fucked cunt.

"Shit!" Jay exclaimed, grinning. "You're wet as all hell! I bet you've just been sittin' here, waitin' for me to get home... waitin' for some good stiff cock. You sleazy slut. You're always hot."

Linda backed out of his reach quickly, closing the front of her dressing gown modestly over her bulging belly.

"Jay," she said sternly, "if you're rehearsing for college next year, you've picked the wrong woman to practice on. If you don't settle down I'm going to slap your face... and I mean it." He leaned back and laughed at her, running his fingers suggestively inside the partially open fly of his jeans.

"What the fuck's the matter with you tonight, Mom?" he said, titillating his swelling cock inside his jeans with his probing fingertips as he stared in confusion at her. "You're always hot for my cock."

Linda sighed in exasperation. "I have never been hot for you in any way whatsoever," she insisted. "Your imagination's just running wild because you're plastered." Again she tugged at his wrist. "Now come on, Jay. I'm going to tuck you in for the night, and I'll expect an apology in the morning, after you sleep it off. Get up!"

"I am up," he said with a smirk, flopping his hard on out and wagging it at her. "See? My cock's big and stiff just for you, Mom. Wanna suck it? Huh?"

A shudder of self-loathing went through Linda as she thought of Danny hearing all this.

And, aware of the youngster's suspicions about her and Jay, she realized she had to act swiftly. Although she didn't really want to do it, she lashed out angrily, slapping Jay's hard across the jaw.

"Don't you ever talk to me like that again, young man," she said. "I'm your mother, and don't you forget it!"

Jay's hand went to his tingling cheek, and he stared at his mother in utter bewilderment for a few seconds, his hard prick still clasped in his hand.

"Damn, Mom... that hurt," he said, frowning at her.

Linda stood there, her hands on her hips, her swollen belly bulging out, glowering at Jay. "I think you'd better go to your room," she said, her voice quavering. "We'll discuss all this tomorrow morning."

The confused youth rose to his feet and started to step past his mother. But, before he had taken his second step, anger suddenly welled up in him. He stopped abruptly and grabbed her by each shoulder, forcing her to look him in the I face. His brown eyes blazed with his anger now.

"You cock-suckin' bitch!" he barked, gripping her shoulders so hard it hurt her. "What the hell is this prim-and-proper mother shit you're tryin' to pull here, anyway? What the fuck's your problem? You playin' some kinda head game with me? Huh?"

"Please... don't do this, Son," Linda whispered nervously. "Just go to your room and gate bed. All right?"

Jay stood there, gripping her shoulders and glaring at her. His cock, which was still hard, jutted from the open fly of his jeans.

"No, it's not all right," he said. "I just wasted the whole Goddamned evening with a prissy bitch that wouldn't put out... and I'm still horny." He shook her menacingly. "And I'm gonna fuck you, Mom... whether you like it or not."

His gaze never leaving her face, the youth untied her sash and opened the front of her dressing gown. She shivered as cool air wafted over her bare tits and her cum-drenched pussy. But she dared not move. Jay was very drunk, and she knew he was about to become violent if he didn't get his way. He seldom got this drunk, but when he did, he was crazy, and Linda was afraid of him.

Slowly, Jay sank to his knees, licking down between her voluptuous tits and out over the massive curve of her stomach on his way down. The trembling woman flinched as she felt his tongue move through her cunt hair and into the slippery slot of her just-fucked pussy.

Linda glanced around toward the big recliner, feeling a surge of shame cause her to blush when she saw little Danny pecking with wide eyes while Jay lapped at her cunt. Hating what was happening -- but unable to alter the course of events without the risk of inciting Jay to violence -- she pulled the front flaps of her dressing gown together, covering Jay's blond head in an effort to conceal the sight from Danny. But it was a futile move, because Jay pushed the fabric aside, angrily yanking the gown from her shoulders.

Danny kept peering around from behind the recliner, seeing his naked and very pregnant mother standing there passively while his big brother slurped at her pussy. The kid seemed to be in shock, like someone witnessing a horrible accident but unable to stop looking.

Abruptly, Jay rose to his feet, glaring even more angrily at his naked mother.

"You smell like sex," he said in disgust. "No wonder you don't wanna fuck... you cheatin' bitch!" He grabbed her bare shoulders and shook her, causing her tits to wobble. "Who the hell's been fuckin' you while you're carryin' my baby? It's sure as shit not Dad. Who is it?"

Linda stuttered and stammered, but there were no words that would not hurt. Danny or outrage Jay. She didn't know what to say.

Exasperated when his mother couldn't utter a coherent sentence, Jay backed her toward the sofa and forced her to lie down on her back. Her immense belly jiggled as she layback, looking up at her drunken son in fear now.

"You make me sick," he said, kicking his sneakers off and stepping out of his jeans. "But I'm gonna fuck you, anyway... it's better than beatin' off."

"Oh, no, Jay," she whined, trying to get up. "Please don't."

"Stay there, damn it!" he snapped, shoving her back down.

Naked now except for his athletic socks and T-shirt, Jay clambered atop his mother, straddling her face and jabbing his stiff fucker at her mouth.

"There," he growled. "Suck it a little bit before I fuck you, bitch... that's how you usually like it. Right?"

He didn't give her a chance to respond. With a quick lurch of his ass, he jabbed his hard-on into his mother's mouth and fucked his balls deep. She gagged, startled by the sudden invasion of cock meat into her throat. Her convulsing throat muscles only served to stimulate his prick, and he began fucking her mouth excitedly-fucking every inch of his big cock lance between her ovaled lips with every thrust.

From behind the recliner, Danny watched with mixed fascination and horror.

His big brother's bare butt pumped vigorously as he fucked their mother's lovely face with unrelenting violence, his hairy balls slapping against her chin each time his prick sank into her gulping throat.

Danny was about to spring from his hiding place and assault Jay, make him stop abusing their mom that way. It was awful! But the youngster held back when he saw his mother's hands go up to caress Jay's ass. Danny gulped, swallowing hard when he saw her begin squeezing the older boy's buns affectionately while he fucked her mouth. She liked it! Realizing that, the kid crouched back behind the recliner again, still holding his jeans in his hands.

Linda's mind was in turmoil now. She did so adore it when her oldest son got rough and aggressive with her... it turned her on so fiercely that she couldn't resist any longer. Even though she knew little Danny was watching, she couldn't keep her hands from caressing Jay's brawny body while he plunged his prick in and out of her sucking mouth. The depraved woman simply loved it when her studly son took her by force that way, and now her arousal was becoming obvious.

"Yeah, you love my big old cock, don't you, Mom?" Jay panted, banging his balls against her chin as he fucked her face. "You always did love my cock, ever since I can remember."

"Um-humph!" she agreed, squeezing his muscular ass checks and urging him on. "Mmmmm!"

Behind the rediner, Danny's shoulders slumped as he was forced to realize that his mother was a cock-crazy slut, and that her adoration of his body wasn't such a special honor, after all. He bit his lip and frowned, knowing now that the baby his mother carried could just as well be Jay's, or their father's. As the pride of fatherhood evaporated, the distressed youngster began to see his mother as she really was, and his heart sank.

"Yeah," Jay panted, fucking away at Linda's mouth. "You love cock more than any bitch I ever met. Fuckin' whore!" He gave a couple of especially brutal thrusts, banging his hairy groin against her lips as he fucked his prick into her throat. "Shit, I bet you even played with my little pecker. Sleazy slut of a mother!"

Jay's vicious words thrilled Linda, arousing her even more. She ran her hands all over his muscular thighs, over the firm curves of his ass and onto his brawny back, moaning around his prick all the while.

It was then that Danny noticed his own cock was rock hard again. Although he had not been consciously aware of it, the young boy had been aroused by the very depravity of what was happening. His arousal quickly overshadowed the shock and disgust he had felt, and he curled his fingers around his throbbing prick and began to stoke it while he watched his big brother fucking their mother's face.

Still unaware of Danny's presence in the room, Jay abruptly pulled his spit-glisteing prick from his mom's mouth and scooted back into position to fuck her. As he moved back, his wet cock and hairy balls dragged over Linda's swollen belly.

"Gonna fuck you good now, fat lady," the blond youth said as he forced a cushion beneath her ass to elevate her crotch. "And, while I'm fuckin' that hot cunt of yours, you're gonna tell me who's already been there before me tonight. Understand?"

Linda closed her eyes and lay there passively, knowing the truth could not be concealed much longer. And yet, despite the anxiety she felt about that, she felt her pussy juicing up as she anticipated her oldest son's cock fucking into her. She knew Jay had been right -- that she was all the things he had said she was. She only hoped Danny would understand that she did love them both.

Jay spread his mother's knees wide apart and nudged the head of his prick into the glistening pink folds of her gaping pussy. The horny woman gasped at the contact, wiggling her hips in a silent plea for all of his stiff cock up her hot cunt. But she kept her eyes closed, waiting.

With a single barbaric cock-thrust, Jay fucked into his mom's pussy, causing Danny's and to squish out around his plunging pricked foam into her cunt lips.

"Ungh!" Linda grunted, jolted by the impact of her son's stomach against hers as he fucked her. But her arms went up around him at the same time. "Yes! Oh, yes, Jay... fuck me!"

The drunken youth began pumping his ass wildly, fucking his cock balls-deep into his mother's slippery cunt. Her belly we so immense that he had to support himself on stiff arms while he fucked her, to keep his cock going in and out at the best angle.

Linda grabbed Jay's bare ass and squeezed his muscular buns while he fucked her cum-sodden cunt. Her tits and big belly vibrated from the power of his rapid cock-thrusts, and she grunted each time his long prick fucked into her. And, as Danny's cum foamed out around Jay's pumping prick, Linda ran her hands up under his T-shirt and clawed at his brawny back, locking her legs around his lurching hips.

"Now, tell me who's been fuckin' you," Jay demanded, staring down into his mother's face while he plundered her pussy with his prick. "Who's jizz is that in your pussy?"

Linda's lower lip quivered as she gazed up into Jay's dark eyes. His blonde hair was all tousled now, and he looked wild. She couldn't bring herself to answer him.

"C'mon, slut!" he yelled angrily, fucking into her so hard that he nearly smashed his balls against her groin. "What son of a bitch has been fuckin' you while you're carryin' my baby? I wanna know!"

"This son of a bitch!" Danny shouted, finally stepping out from behind the recliner. "You wanna make something of it?"

Startled, Jay stopped fucking, keeping his cock buried in his mother's cunt as he stared open-mouthed at his naked little brother. Linda twisted her neck to see Danny, and she noticed at once that his prick was jutting out, stiff with arousal. She sighed with relief.

"Jesus Christ!" Jay exclaimed in disgust, shaking his head. "You been lettin' that brat fuck you? God, Mom! How could you?"

"He's very sweet," Linda murmured, still staring at Danny. "And he does have such a nice cock."

Outraged by his mother's brazen honesty now, Jay slapped her so hard the impact caused her big tits to wobble.

"You make me sick," he spat.

"Don't you hit her!" Danny yelped, bounding to his mother's defense.

Before either Jay or Linda realized what was happening, the youngster was trying to pull his older brother off their mom. A struggle began, and Danny propped one knee up on the arm of the sofa for leverage as he tried to topple Jay. The kid wasn't really aware of it, but the position brought his crotch directly over their mother's face.

Looking up at Danny's hard cock and hairless balls and the crevice of his cute little ass, Linda was suddenly seized by a compulsion to suck him off. It flashed through her mind that it would be deliciously wicked to suck one of her sons off while the other one fucked her.

And so, while the two boys struggled atop her, the wanton mother took her youngest son's prick into her mouth and began to suck. As she filled her mouth with Danny's cock meat, her hands went up to grip his hard young thighs, and she began wiggling her hips, sucking at Jay's cock with her pussy.

Danny suddenly stopped jostling with his brother when he felt their mom's soft warm lips slither onto his prick. He and Jay both looked down between his legs at the way her lips were clamped around the youngster's prick like a red suction cup. Danny was mortified at first, but Jay quickly broke into a wide grin.

"Go for it, little brother!" he rasped, enjoying the way her cunt was snapping at his own cock. "Mom's a fantastic cock-sucker!"

"I know," Danny sighed, his gaze riveted to the way Linda's lovely lips were squirming about the base of his prick. "She eats jizz, too."

Jay laughed. "All women eat jizz, you dummy," he sneered.

Danny shrugged, looking embarrassed by his lack of experience. Then his gaze moved to their mom's massive stomach.

"I wonder whose baby it really is," the kid murmured, looking at the way Linda was fucking her cunt upward onto Jay's cock.

"Who knows?" Jay said, undulating his hips slightly to meet Linda's motions. "Let's face it, Danny... our mom's a slut. Hell, she's probably fuckin' the paperboy, too. Could be anybody's baby in there."

Linda was hearing all this, and she longed to tell them she would never fuck anybody except her beloved husband and her adorable sons, because she loved them all. But her pussy was full of Jay's cock meat, and she had Danny's sweet prick stuffed down her throat -- and it was such a marvelously wicked thrill for her that she didn't want to talk about anything right now. All she wanted now was for both of her handsome boys to fill her with jism from each end at the same time.

She began moving her head, slurping hungrily on Danny's cock while she increased the tempo of her undulating loins, pleasuring her pussy on Jay's big stiff fucker.

Both boys, caught up in the excitement of the moment, began to maul their mother's huge tits. Danny started fucking her mouth and Jay lurched faster between her legs, giving her all of his long prick with every fuck-thrust. The wauton mother moaned blissfully around Danny's cock... "Aaaiiieeee!"

Gloria's loud shriek startled the incestuous trio, and they separated in a flurry of motion, all of them looking toward the doorway.

The young blonde was leaning against the door frame, visibly shaking with her hand to her mouth as she stared in shocked disbelief at her pregnant mother and her brothers. She looked pale and weak.

"Good God," the girl finally said, her voice tremulous. "First Daddy... and now this. Have you all gone mad?"

Before anyone could respond, Gloria's eyes rolled strangely and her trembling increased, then she just slid down the door frame, collapsing in a limp heap on the floor.

"Oh my!" Linda gasped, jumping up from the sofa. "She's fainted dead away!"

"Silly little twat," Jay said arrogantly as he sprawled back and stroked his slimy hard-on. He glanced at Danny. "You ever think about fuckin' her?"

"You asshole," Danny said under his breath as he jumped up to follow his mother over to where Gloria lay on the floor.

But, while Linda knelt to see about her unconscious daughter, Danny was looking at how the young girl's dress was hiked up to her hips, revealing an enticing view of her panty clad crotch. His dark eyes surveyed the sleek flesh of her pretty thighs where it was exposed between the tops of her knee socks and her rumpled skirt.

"Poor child," Linda murmured, kissing Gloria's forehead and stroking her temple. "What a hell of a thing for her to walk in on." She glanced up at her sons. "Danny, bring me my gown. And you boys get dressed, quickly now." Then she looked down at her daughter's pretty face again. "I suppose it was merciful that she fainted. Maybe we can convince her it was only a bad dream or something."

Danny tossed Linda's dressing gown to her and hurried to get into his jeans. But Jay just sat there, sprawled back on the sofa, playing with his stiff prick.

"I wonder if she's still cherry," the older boy muttered, looking at his little sister's pink panties.

"Jay!" Linda snapped, adjusting Gloria's skirt quickly to conceal her little-girl charms. "Get your clothes on and help us get her to her room... right now, boy!"

"Aw, Mom," Jay whined as he got up and picked up his pants. "You're such a party pooper."

Linda tied the sash to her dressing gown as Danny came over to her, fastening his jeans and looking down at his unconscious sister.

"I wonder what she meant," the boy said. "She said something about Dad just before she conked out."

"Yeah, I heard that, too," Jay said, walking over to join them. He was still only had in his T-shirt and socks, and was holding his jeans in one hand. "I bet the old man's been bangin' little Gloria while we've been bangin' Mom. Why, that sneaky old son of a bitch!"

"No, I don't think so," Linda said, noticing that Jay's hard-on jerked with excitement when he spoke of such things. "If anything like that was going on, this wouldn't have been such a shock to her."

Suddenly, Gloria began to stir, moaning and rolling her head from side to side on the carpet.

"Jay!" Linda barked. "Get your damned jeans on!"

But it was too late.

The young girl opened her eyes, at first only seeing a blurred image of her mother and brothers. But, a second later, her gaze focused on Jay's hard prick, which was still glistening with their mom's pussy juice.


Gloria went into hysterics at the sight of her big brother's stiff and slimy cock.

Linda cuddled the crying youngster in her arms, trying to comfort her. Deny, who had his jeans on now, shrank back in embarrassment, wishing he had a shirt to put on. But Jay, who never suffered from modesty, just stood there stroking his cock and laughing at his little sister.

Gloria kept whimpering, but she couldn't take her eyes off Jay. She watched his hairy balls bouncing as he jacked off, and she seemed simultaneously fascinated and horrified by the sight.

Linda hugged her daughter against her huge stomach, putting her hand over the girl's eyes to shield her from Jay's obscene display. The distraught mother knew there was no way now that Gloria was going to believe she had merely dreamed she saw the boys fucking their mother -- Jay had taken care of that. So there was nothing to do but deal with the reality of the situation.

"Honey," Linda said, taking her hand away from Gloria's eyes, "you know, there are all kinds of love. What you just saw was... well, it was..."

"I know what I just saw," the girl said, sniffing as she cuddled against her mother's bosom. She sounded disgusted, but kept cutting her eyes upward to glance at Jay's cock. "It was an orgy."

Linda, still on her knees, rocked the youngster in her arms protectively. How could she possibly explain or justify incest in a nutshell? And this was certainly not the best possible way for a kid to be introduced to incest. It was a difficult situation, and she just didn't know what to do.

"Baby," Linda whispered, "you have to understand there are so many different kinds of love in this world, and sexual love between people in the same family isn't really so unusual as you might think. It happens sometimes that..."

"Daddy ate my pussy!" Gloria blurted, still watching Jay beating his meat. "And I sucked his dick!" Her wide-eyed gaze shifted to her mother. "And I liked it."

"Good heavens!" Linda gasped, startled by the kid's confession, rather than the fact it had happened. Then she smiled, stroking her daughter's head affectionately. "Why, that's just wonderful, honey! I mean, it's wonderful that you liked it."

"Let's fuck her!" Jay cried, dropping to his knees and pushing her skirt up. "She's ready for it!"

"Jay!" Linda snapped and she slapped his hand away from the prone girl's crotch. "Will you settle down, damn it?"

"Dad ate your pussy?" Danny asked incredulously, peering over Linda's shoulder at Gloria. "And you sucked him off?"

"Yes," Gloria admitted, her sniffling subsiding now. "And I loved it... except I didn't like it when he shot goo in my mouth."

Danny glanced at Jay. "And you told me all women like to eat jizz... liar!"

"Hell, she's just a beginner," Jay laughed, wagging his cock at her. "But you're ready to learn, aren't you, little sister?"

"I... I think so," the girl murmured, staring up at her half-naked brother.

"Are you still a virgin, sweetheart?" Linda asked quickly.

"Yeah," Gloria said meekly. "Daddy never did... you know."

"Well, shit," Jay said, leering as he moved in between his sister's legs again, "we'll take care of that in short order."

"No!" Gloria yelled, kicking at him vigorously till he backed off. "I... I want... I want Daddy to do it."

Jay sat back on his haunches, his hard-on jutting up from his hairy groin. "Why, you little shit! I wanted to fuck you!"

"Leave her alone, Jay," Linda said firmly. "A girl has a right to be choosy about her very first fuck."

"I'm horny," Jay said, wagging his hard-on as if to prove it while he glanced around at them all. "I gotta fuck somebody!"

"Don't look at me, you crazy asshole," Danny said.

"I'm not that horny," Jay said, laughing.

"I have an idea," Linda said, grinning wickedly. "Your father should be getting home soon. What if he found all of us going at it... including Gloria? What do you think he'd do?"

Jay laughed. "Probably get a gun and shoot us all."

"I don't think so," Linda said, a naughty gleam in her eyes. "He's already messed around with Gloria, and I'm sure he wants to fuck her. The only thing stopping him is common decency... and we can remove that obstacle quite easily."

Danny gasped in shock. "You want Dad to catch all of us... doing it?"

"Yes," Linda said, reaching out to pat his jean-clad ass. "It's the only way... Tom's such a damned decent man, he'll ever do what he was... unless he's convinced there isn't a shred of decency left in Gloria."

Gloria giggled, sitting up at last. She shook her ponytail into place, grinning impishly.

"I like that idea," she said brightly. "Let's do it!"

"All riiight!" Jay cried enthusiastically. "I get to fuck her first!"

"No!" the young girl shouted, clamping her legs together. "I want Daddy to do it first."

"Nobody fucks Gloria," Linda said seriously. "Her cherry is reserved for her father. It's only right."

Danny frowned. "Then what are we gonna with her?"

Linda chuckled, struggling to rise to her feet, her huge belly making it a bit difficult.

"Boys," she said condescendingly, "I'm surprised at both of you. Surely you must know there's a hell of lot a girl can do and still be technically a virgin."

"That's true," Gloria giggled, reaching out to grasp Jay's gleaming hard-on. "You've got a pretty dick, Jay... it's different than Daddy's dick, but it's me!"

Jay became tense with renewed arousal when his cute little sister curled her small fingers around his big cock lance and pumped up and down a few times. The stroking caused the foreskin to make a lewd slurping sound as it popped back and forth over the flared ridge of the cock head.

"You hot little bitch!" the teen rasped, leaning forward to run his hands up her white knee socks and beneath her dress to the crotch of her panties. "I bet you're gonna be just like Mom once you loosen up."

Linda and Danny watched in fascinated silence as Gloria let Jay feel her up while she jacked slowly on his stiff fucker.

He pushed his fingers inside her panties, trace big the slit of her pussy eagerly with his fingertips.

"You're wet," Jay said solemnly as he finger fucked her hot cunt gash. "You like my big cock?"

"Uh-huh," the young girl sighed, leaning forward and getting onto her knees. "I think it's pretty."

Gloria lowered her head as Jay went up onto his knees, their combined motions causing his glossy cock head to meet her soft warm lips. She fucked her tongue out cautiously, tasting their mother's tangy cunt juice on Jay's prick.

"Don't shoot off in my mouth," she warned her brother. "If you do, I'll bite your dick."

Danny giggled, and Linda had to stifle a chuckle.

Abruptly -- as if forcing herself to do it before she chickened out -- Gloria took Jay's prick into her mouth and began to suck. And, while she slid her warm lips up and down his throbbing boner, she used both hands to push his T-shirt up, revealing his hairy stomach and muscularly ridged abdomen.

Realizing his little sister was getting off on looking at his body while she sucked his cock, Jay peeled his T-shirt off and tossed it aside. Then he sat back on his heels while the cute youngster kept bobbing her head on his prick and running her small delicate hands all over his muscular body.

Danny stood there watching with wide eyes while Linda pushed Gloria's dress up, bunching it over her back. The girl kept sucking her big brother's cock while Linda grasped her pink panties and pulled them down to the tops of her knee socks, revealing her adorable little ass.

Glancing up at Danny and smiling lewdly, the woman leaned over and began kissing her daughter's up thrust ass, running her hand between the girl's thighs to probe at the wet slit of her little pussy.

Gloria moaned happily around Jay's prick and wiggled her bare ass against her mother's face.

Linda grasped the young girl's firm and satiny thighs and pressed her face into her ass crevice, running her hot moist tongue up and down the kid's ass crack -- and lapping at the lower edge of her furry little pussy at the bottom of each stroke.

Gloria, wildly aroused by her mother's titillation of her pussy and ass, sucked madly on Jay's prick while she fondled his hairy balls with one hand and caressed his ass with the other. She pumped her head up and down frantically, taking as much of the teens cock into her mouth as she could. But the girl was inexperienced, and she was unable to take all of his fucker, no matter how hard she tried.

Becoming more bold when she sensed her daughter going with it now, Linda plunged her tongue into the girl's sweet little whole and began tongue-fucking her ass. With a motive in mind, the woman slobbered all over the girl's whole, lubricating it with spit while she went on fucking her tongue in and out. And, while she did that, she continued probing at Gloria's steaming pussy with increasingly deep jabs of two fingers.

Watching his sister sucking off Jay while Linda licked her ass was too much for young Danny. He opened the front of his jeans and began to stroke his hard cock excitedly while he stood there and looked on.

Linda sat up and turned her head, taking her youngest son's hard-on into her mouth. While she sucked on Danny's cock, she kept one hand between Gloria's thighs and continued diddling tin young girl's hot little pussy, strumming at her rigid clit and fucking two fingers in as far as the teens cherry would permit.

Gloria was shuddering with wild arousal now, and she was going after Jay's cock as if her life depended on getting a mouthful of cum despite the face she had forbidden him to cum in her mouth. It was obvious the girl was horny beyond endurance.

Linda drew her head back, leaving Danny's prick shining with her spit. She nodded toward Gloria's bare, up thrust ass.

"Get over here, Danny," she whispered. "On your knees... so you can fuck your sister."

"What?" Danny gasped dumbly, not moving. "You said we couldn't fuck her."

"Fuck her ass," Linda whispered in a throaty voice, "not her pussy. Come on, honey... quickly, now!"

She pulled Danny forward by his cock, and as he moved his jeans slipped down onto his thighs. Jay silently nodded his approval as the young boy knelt behind Gloria.

Suddenly thrilled by the prospect of fucking his pretty sister's ass, Danny became overly enthusiastic, jabbing his spit-wet cock roughly into the wet crevice of her upturned butt. His cock slid through their mom's spit and nudged her virgin pussy.

"Un-un!" the little blonde cautioned, lurching to get her pussy away from her little brother's cock.

Exasperated, Linda grabbed Danny's stiff fucker and guided it to the rosy bud of Gloria's asshole. The girl flinched, but she kept slurping away at Jay's prick and didn't seem inched to resist being ass-fucked.

Danny pushed forward a bit, forcing the head of his cock into Gloria's tight ass. She groaned in pain as her ass ring spread around the kid's advancing prick, but she didn't try to stop him.

Linda clung to Danny's bare ass and urged him on. He held onto his sister's hips and shoved again, fucking about half of his cock into her hot ass. Gloria gasped around Jay's prick, and her sphincter spasmed on Danny's embedded cock shaft, which only enhanced the wonderful sensations for him.

One more thrust fucked Danny's prick into the balls, causing Gloria to grunt and shudder with mixed pain and pleasure. Then the boy began humping, fucking his big prick in and out of his sister's shitter in long slow strokes, plowing in balls-deep each time.

Jay had shoved his hands down the neck of Gloria's dress and was squeezing her pointed little tits eagerly while her hot sucking mouth continued to pleasure his prick. The blond youth found himself hotly aroused by the way his little sister's hands roamed his body, exploring his masculinity. She was acting as if she wanted to eat him up, and he liked that.

Grabbing Gloria's long blonde ponytail, Jay pulled upward on it, forcing her to come up until her lips almost slipped from his prick. She forced her mouth back down on his prick, and he kept puffing her head up by her ponytail, taking masochistic pleasure in her desperation to get all of his big fucker back in her mouth each time. It looked as if he were controlling a cock sucking puppet.

Meanwhile, Danny was increasing the pace of his fucking, plunging his entire rigid prick into his sister's hot ass guts. Her bunched-up dress kept falling back, and the boy kept pushing it up again, enjoying the sight of his glistening cock fucking in and out of her cute little ass. He was fucking so fast now that his naked butt was almost a blur, and his hairless balls were slapping up between her thighs with each thrust, bumping against her drooling pussy.

Linda struggled to her feet again, untying her dressing gown as she watched her children with a new sense of pride. She was so happy that they were able to get along together under these new circumstances. And she was especially pleased to discover that little Gloria was every bit as depraved as she was. The young girl as getting rammed by brotherly cocks from both ends at once now, and obviously loved it.

Smiling with pride now, the pregnant mother shed her gown and went to her knees with a grunt beside her kids, who seemed virtually unaware of her now as they became lost in a fog of incestuous lust.

The horny youngsters kept sucking and fucking while their mother lay down on her back between Danny's knees. She pushed his knees farther apart and scooted beneath his and Gloria's crotch, grasping the boy's hard smooth thighs as she raised her head to lap at his swinging balls.

While Linda licked at Danny's hairless young balls, she watched his glistening prick fucking in and out of Gloria's ass-hole, just above her face. The lurid scent of ass fucking excited the woman, and she began licking at the slimy base of Danny's prick each time it slithered from Gloria's ass. Her tongue touched the girl's stretched ass ring as she licked the cock that was fucking in and out, and Gloria squealed around Jay's cock, thrilled by the nastiness of what her mother was doing.

After a minute of licking at Danny's prick as it slithered in and out of Gloria's shitter, Linda scooted a bit farther up beneath the youngsters and began licking her daughter's pussy.

The woman had always wanted to lap Gloria's cute little pussy, and she shivered with forbidden thrills as she tasted the young girl's delicious cunt juice. She ran her tongue up and down Gloria's pussy gash a few times, teasing her clit with fluttering motions of her tongue tip repeatedly. Then, clamping her mouth onto the youngster's cunt lips, she fucked her tongue deeply into her virgin pussy, sucking madly at the same time.

Gloria whined and moaned with glee around Jay's cock, still forcing her mouth back down onto his up thrust cock lance each time he pulled upward on her ponytail. The more he pretended to try to keep her mouth from his prick, the more hungrily she went after it.

The girl's inhibitions were swept away in the surge of fuck-lust caused by her mother's tongue in her pussy and her little brother's cock fucking her ass. She began to cream an Linda's probing tongue, and the woman only sucked and slurped with more eagerness, feasting on her daughter's sweet cunt cream.

It was a divine moment for Linda Newman.

She knew that her daughter was in an erotic paradise, getting stuffed with cock meat from both ends while a tongue fucked her virgin pussy. And the mere knowledge of how much intense pleasure Gloria was experiencing so excited Linda that she began to cream, too.

Cunt cream burbled from the pregnant woman's spasming pussy, even though nobody was touching her pussy at the moment. As she licked and sucked at Gloria's adorable little pussy, she felt her own cunt cream running down into the crack of her ass.

Linda rubbed her thighs together rapidly bringing some additional sensation to her creaming but untouched cunt, and her belly shook like a huge mound of gelatin. She felt a few little kicks of protest from within her bloated be fly, but she kept squirming and rubbing her legs together like a cricket while she sucked up the sweet nectar of her daughter's precious pussy.

Gloria's dress kept falling down, interfering with her mom's rabid cunt-lapping and annoying Danny, who was still fucking her ass with zealous enthusiasm.

Seeing the problem, Jay yanked up hard on Gloria's ponytail, lifting her head away from his glistening prick. The cock-hungry girl clung to his hips, her tongue hanging out as she struggled to capture his cock with her mouth again.

"Just a fuckin' minute, Gloria," Jay said impatiently. "Let's get your dress off. Okay?"

Still kneeling, with Danny fucking wildly at her ass and her mother lapping her pussy, the young girl extended her arms and let Jay pull her dress off over her head. She never wore a bra, because her tits weren't big enough to need one. So now she was naked, except far her white knee socks and the pink panties that had been pushed down around her knees. Her mother's head rested on the panties, between the kid's knees, and she continued to tongue-fuck her daughter's cunt with relentless energy.

Gloria's little tits hung down slightly as she bent forward to take Jay's prick back into her mouth, and when he gabbed her tits again, he found the nipples stiff and hot. Still sitting on his heels, he began to fuck upward at her willing mouth while he looked down over her slim back and watched his little brother's prick fucking in and out of her ass.

While Linda ate Gloria's creaming cunt, she could feel Danny's balls brushing against her tits occasionally as he went on fucking the girl. The woman reached up between their thighs and felt where the boy's hard cock was fucking in and out of his sisters clasping ass ring. The base of his prick was slimy with warm ass juices, and that only excited the wanton woman more. She fucked her tongue deeper into Gloria's orgasm pussy, feeling the young girl's cherry with the tip of her tongue.

Gloria, thrilled out of her mind by the erotic sensations bombarding her cute little body, was lurching back and forth between her brothers now. She was fucking her ass onto Danny's prick as she went back, and impaling her throat with more and more of Jay's prick on each forward lunge. Linda clung to Gloria's slender hips and kept moving her head to keep her sucking mouth on the girl's cunt...

Suddenly, they all heard the front door open and close.

"Linda?" Tom called from the living room. "Are you in the den, honey?"

The four incestuous fuckers froze for a moment.

"Keep fucking, kids... don't stop," Linda urged, reaching around to slap Danny's naked ass. "Daddy's home!"


"Good God Almighty!" Tom Newman gasped.

Home from the football game, he was standing in the doorway to the den, an expression of utter horror and bewilderment on his handsome face. It was enough to make any decent man's hair stand on end, coming home and finding his entire family -- including his very pregnant wife -- involved in an incestuous orgy.

The man stood frozen in the doorway, unable to believe the scene of lusty depravity at his feet. They were all still on the floor. Sweet little Gloria, naked except for her knee socks, was on her hands and knees. Danny, keeling behind her with his jeans crumpled down around his thighs, was fucking her in the ass. Jay, naked except for his athletic socks, was sitting back on his heels, and yanking sadistically at the girl's ponytail while she fought to keep sucking his prick.

Linda was stark naked, her belly looking mountainous as she lay on her back on the floor. Her head was beneath Danny's and Gloria's crotches, and she was slurping madly at Gloria's pussy and clinging to Danny's bare ass while he fucked the girl's ass. Dewdrops of cunt cream glistened in the woman's blonde pussy hair, and the gaping pink slot of her pussy contained a pool of milky juices that seemed to bubble like a cauldron of hot cream...

Jay was the only one of the group facing Tom, and the youth was still drunk enough that he felt no fear, much less shame.

"Hi, Dad," he said casually, yanking at his sister's ponytail with one hand and squeezing her tit with the other. "Who won?"

The astounded man stuttered and spluttered, unable to form a coherent sentence as his dark eyes scanned the naked bodies of his sucking, fucking family.

Danny glanced over his shoulder at his father. "Hi, Dad," he squeaked nervously, looking ashamed. But he kept fucking Gloria's ass.

Linda stopped lapping at her daughter's cunt and twisted her neck, peering up at her husband from beneath the tangle of legs that straddled her.

"Oh, darling!" she said happily. "I'm so glad you're home. My cunt's in desperate need of some attention. Would you mind tongue-fucking me, while I finish getting Gloria off?"

"Jesus Christ!" Tom blurted, backing away as the full impact of their depravity hit him. "You're all insane!"

"Maybe so," Linda agreed. "But it's a marvelous kind of madness. Do join us, darling... I know you'll love it, too."

She returned to sucking at Gloria's cunt, thrusting her hips rhythmically to tempt her husband with her own gaping, creamy cunt. Her pregnant stomach undulated like a mound of pudding.

Outraged by their nonchalance in such a situation, Tom lunged forward and grabbed I Danny's shoulders, jerking the kid backward violently. Danny's cock slurped from his sister's ass as he fell back onto the carpet.

"You can't do this!" the man yelled as he went for Jay. "It's wrong!"

In the next instant, he was shoving Jay back, causing him to topple backward. His cock threatened to leave Gloria's sucking mouth, but the young girl went with him, keeping her lips clamped around his prick as he fell back.

"Gloria!" Tom shouted. "For God's sake!" He grabbed his daughter's ponytail, yanking her head up and forcing her to abandon her big brother's prick. Linda was crawling out from under Gloria's crotch, alarmed by her husband's unexpected violent reaction.

"What kind of a lousy mother are you?" Tom demanded, still holding onto Gloria's hair while he glowered at his wife. "How long has all this been going on behind my back, anyway? God!"

"And just what kind of a father are you?" she countered as she sat up. "I know about you and Gloria. What makes you think you're any better than me?"

"Daddy!" Gloria whined, trying to make him turn loose of her ponytail. "You're hurting me!"

Tom released Gloria, letting her fall over like a sack of potatoes while he and his wife tried to stare each other down.

Linda wondered if perhaps she had overestimated her husband's capacity for understanding. She had never seen him so angry.

Abruptly, Gloria reached up and grabbed her dad's crotch with both hands, rubbing his cock-bulge with one hand and unzipping his trousers with the other.

"I've saved my cherry for you, Daddy," the young blonde whispered. "I want you to fuck me."

Tom sucked in a deep breath and his eyes seemed to bug out. He suddenly began shaking all over, his wilting gaze moving quickly from one family member to another. They, couldn't tell now whether he was shaking with anger or lust. The boys hurriedly scooted out of reach, just in case he got violent again.

Actually, the bewildered man was shaking with self-loathing, because his pretty little daughter was hauling out his cock, and he couldn't bring himself to stop her. The moment her warm hand clutched his bare prick, it began to swell and stiffen. And, before he could react, the need in his balls overruled his conscience.

Gloria had opened his pants and pushed the front of his underwear down, exposing his cock and balls. He stood frozen, but visibly trembling as she curled her small fingers around his stiffening fucker, staring at it with adoring eyes.

"I need your dick, Daddy," the youngster purred. "I want you to be the one to make a real woman of me."

The others watched in fascinated silence as Gloria took her father's cock into her mouth and began to suck. Fondling his hairy halls as her pretty lips slid up and down on his cock shaft. His prick sprang into full hardness immediately in her hot sucking mouth, and she mewled with ecstasy as she began to bob her head, fucking her face on her daddy's huge prick.

Tom moaned helplessly with the disgrace of it all.

He had seduced Gloria that morning in the car -- forced her to let him eat her out and then made her suck him off. Now, trying to understand all that was happening here, he imagined that traumatic event in Gloria's life must have set off this whole hideous chain reaction of incest in their home. The poor child must have gone berserk and seduced the entire family after that. Of course! That must have been how all this happened. And obviously, he reasoned, it was all his fault. He was the one who had gotten out of line to begin with. How could he blame the rest of them?

The man's hands went to the back of his little daughter's head and he began to respond to her cock-sucking efforts by fucking gently at her mouth. His big hairy balls swung, bumping against her chin as he fucked her willing mouth.

When he realized his wife was smiling knowingly at him, the man just shrugged and rolled his eyes, a sheepish grin curling his lips. He was lost now in a mounting storm of fuck-lust, and right and wrong no longer meant anything to him. All he could think about was that his beautiful young daughter wanted him to rip out her cherry with his big cock and that prospect was driving him wild.

"Take off your clothes, darling," Linda suggested, still sitting on the floor and watching. "She wants you to fuck her."

"Yeah!" Jay urged. "Fuck her, Daddy! Go on!"

"She wants it!" Danny piped up. "Give it to her, Daddy!"

Tom hesitated, glancing from one eager face to another while Gloria slurped noisily at his raging-hard prick. He still just couldn't quite believe this was real -- the whole family urging him to take his young daughter's virginity. It was outrageous. But it was exciting as hell, too!

Unable to resist the lurid temptation of the moment, Tom quickly unbuttoned his shirt and whipped it off, revealing his extremely hairy chest. Instantly, Gloria's hands went up to explore the manliness of her daddy's chest and furry belly, but she kept sucking hungrily at his cock.

Linda crawled over to them and pulled down her husband's pants and underwear, shoving them to his ankles while Jay pulled the man's shoes off. Tom stepped clumsily from his wadded-up pants and shorts with his wife's assurance, his prick never leaving his cute daughter's mouth. He was naked now, except for his black socks.

The blonde woman sat back on her haunches, her huge belly jutting between her knees, airing the sight. Like an artist creating a scene, she decided to leave Gloria's knee socks on the girl, and to let Tom keep his dark socks on. That somehow made, the scene look more naughty than total nudity to her, and she did so adore naughtiness.

Gloria finally released her father's spit-slickened prick from her mouth. Remaining on her knees, she took both his hands and drew him down. The man sank down, lying atop his little daughter, who welcomed him into her arms.

Their lips met and they kissed passionately, his throbbing hard-on jutting between her silken thighs and nudging the crevice of her ass. He could feel the inviting wetness of her virgin pussy against his belly.

For Tom, it was a tender moment of erotic anticipation, and he wanted to draw it out as long as possible.

"Fuck the bitch, Dad!" Jay blurted, destroying the sweet tenderness of the moment. "Pop her cherry!"

"Must you always be so fucking vulgar, Jay?" Linda said, frowning at him. "Just be quiet now. This is a very special time for Gloria."

But Tom Newman was just as eager to get into his daughter's cute little virgin pussy as Jay was to see him do it. So he raised his hips, maneuvering until the head of his cock came to rest against the girl's slippery cunt slit.

"Do it, Daddy," Gloria panted, clinging to his shoulders and pressing her small tits against his hairy chest. "Fuck me!"

Tom nudged the tip of his pulsing prick into the gash of the youngster's pussy, separating her cunt lips and slowly pushing in between the wet inner folds of her cunt. He gasped with delight at the hotness and tightness of her pussy. Then he shoved again, fucking into the warm depths of her cunt hole -- until his cock head encountered an obstruction.

The nervous man hesitated, contemplating a hard thrust that would send his prick ripping through his daughter's cherry. The anticipation was delicious.

Abruptly, Gloria slammed her hips upward, impaling herself on her father's massive cock lance in a single lunge that tore out her cherry and sank the man's prick balls-deep into her cunt.

"Eeewww!" the young girl cried, her eyes going wide as a momentary flash of pain shot through her loins. "Ohhhhhh, Lord!"

Startled by his little girl's aggressive action, Tom felt the warmth of her cherry blood bating his cock. She clung to him and lowered her ass back to the carpet, and he went with her, keeping the full length of his big fucker buried in her pussy.

"Oooh, Daddy!" Gloria gasped blissfully as the pain was replaced by pleasure. "Oh, yes!"

She raised her legs and clamped them about her father's hips, keeping her arms wrapped around his neck as she began to squirm beneath him.

Shuddering with forbidden thrills, Tom began to move, fucking his big thick cock slowly in and out of his little girl's violated pussy. He could hardly believe he had taken his pretty daughter's cherry -- and right in front of the whole family, at that.

Jay leaned forward for a better view as his dad began fucking his little sister. He could see Gloria's cunt juice, tinged with a bit of scarlet cherry blood, glistening on the man's blue veined prick as it slithered in and out of her cute little pussy.

"All riiiight!" Jay enthused. "About time that little cock-teaser got what's comin' to her. Fuck her brains out, Dad!"

"You asshole," Danny said, glaring at his older brother.

"Both of you shut up!" Linda snapped. But then she smiled, lying back and spreading her legs obscenely to expose her wet cunt. "And stop neglecting your mother... just bring those lovely hard-on over here and give it to me."

Danny responded quickly, jumping up to finish removing his jeans. But, while he was doing that, Jay crawled hurriedly between their mom's sprawled legs and started trying to cram his stiff fucker into her cunt.

"Aw, man!" Danny complained, trying to shove Jay aside. "I wanna fuck her now... you already fucked her tonight."

"But I didn't finish," Jay protested.

"Danny's right," Linda said, supporting herself on her elbows and looking down pest her mountainous stomach. "Let him fuck me this time. Anyway, I want a mouthful of your cum, Jay."

The blond youth shrugged and moved aside, letting his little brother move in between their mom's legs. Danny tried to get into position to fuck her, but found that, with her lying flat on the floor, her big belly made it difficult.

"Get on your hands and knees, Mom," Danny suggested, urging her with his hands.

While pants and groans from Gloria and Tom's fucking filled the room, Linda got onto her hands and knees for Danny. The woman's big tits hung down pendulously, and her belly hung almost to the floor as the weight of the baby within was pulled downward by gravity.

Danny got on his knees behind his mother, looking at the dewy gash of her cunt just below the pucker of her asshole. Jay crawled around and sprawled on his back, presenting his up thrust hard-on to her, and she quickly took his cock into her mouth and began to suck.

Linda grunted around Jay's prick when Danny fucked into her pussy from behind. His cock slid in easily, lubricated by the juices of her intense arousal. The three of them began to move, coordinating their motions so that Linda was rocking back and forth between her two sons, fucking her throat on the blond youth's prick and fucking her ass on the dark-haired kid's prick. Each of the boys thrust his hips to meet her movements, so that she was totally impaled on hard cock meat at each and alternately, gorging herself on forbidden prick.

While she rocked between her sons, Linda watched from the corners of her eyes as Tom went on fucking their daughter a few feet away. The lewdness of it all only added to the thrills already surging through the wanton woman's body.

Gloria had her stocking-clad legs wrapped around her dad's hips, and she was clinging to his hairy ass cheeks while he pounded his immense prick in and out of her tiny cunt, his cum-laden balls slapping against her upturned ass with every cock-thrust. The young girl clasped the man's ass with her small hands, as if trying to pull all of him into her needy pussy.

Tom was sucking avidly at one of Gloria's small tits while he fucked her, and she was so excited she kept rocking her head wildly from side to side, flailing the carpet with her swing big ponytail. The little blonde seemed delirious with the forbidden pleasure of incest.

The Newmans' den was soon filled with the pungent aromas and obscene scuds of hot fucking. Flesh slapped against flesh, cunts and mouths slurped on hard cocks, and those sounds were punctuated by ecstatic sighs and moans. Everybody was getting what they wanted.

Linda, still basking in all the incestuous thrills her two boys were giving her, kept watching Tom and Gloria. The woman was immensely pleased with her family's acceptance of this strange new lifestyle, and she was especially happy that she had finally been able to break down Tom's inhibitions. It was just wonderful to see that big brawny man fucking his swat little daughter at long last. It all seemed so very right now.

The boys were also watching their dad fuck Gloria, and the sight had them so turned on that they couldn't hold back their climaxes any longer.

Danny hung onto his pregnant mom's hips and pumped his ass wildly, fucking her slurping cunt with staccato cock thrust. He was fucking her so fast now that she could no longer keep up with him, and she quit trying, giving all her attention to sucking on Jay's ready-to-explode prick.

Jay grabbed his mother's head and held her down forcefully, fucking upward into her mouth with increased urgency as the cum seemed to rumble in his balls.

"Gonna cum!" Danny warned, his hairless young balls drawing up to his groin as he fucked frantically. "Yeah... yeah!"

"Here comes my jizz, too, Mom!" Jay rasped, raping her mouth violently with his jabbing fucker. "Take... suck me dry!"

Linda was thrilled beyond belief when both boys climaxed simultaneously, their pulsing pricks shooting hot cum into her mouth and cunt at the same time. She moaned in bliss, gurgling on Jay's thick cum-load and clenching her creaming cunt on Danny's cum-gushing cock. And, all the while, she was still watching her husband fucking their daughter from the corners of her eyes. It was the most thrilling moment of Linda Newman's entire life.

Like some erotic chain reaction, the incredible excitement spread next to Tom and Gloria, who were watching the boys fuck their mother while they engaged in their own incestuous fuck.

Gloria was already creaming profusely on her dad's prick, and now he began to gasp and pant, stepping up the pace of his fuck thrusts. He began fucking so hard and fast that his big prick caused the youngster to grunt loudly every time it plunged into her pussy.

"Yesss!" Gloria hissed, still clinging to her dad's hairy as with her necking-clad legs. "Let it go, Daddy... fill my pussy up with daddy cum."

"Ummmm!" Tom enthused around a mouthful of sweet little daughters-tits. "Urnhummm!"

The man abruptly fucked his huge prick balls deep in her cute little pussy and stopped, clenching his ass cheeks and gnawing at her tit mound while he moaned and groaned like an animal. Then his cum-load burst forth, flooding her cunt with its first-ever dose of manly cum.

Gloria's blue eyes went wide when she felt her father's cum-load exploding into her pussy, coating, her stretched cunt walls with its slippery warmth. She gasped, creaming again on his jizz-spouting prick. Her stiff nipple tingled in the man's hotly sucking mouth, and her no-longer virgin pussy spasm on his cock.

The young girt finally stopped squirming and relaxed, letting her lop fall limply to each side of her dad's knees. She looked up into the man's dark eyes, silently thanking him for making her a real woman in the best possible way -- with his fatherly prick.

Their lips met and they kissed, both of them feeling mellow in the warm afterglow of a marvelous fuck. Gloria could feel slimy cum bubbling from her cock-stuffed pussy and cum fling down into the crack of her ass, and the nastiness of the sensation only enhanced the sense of incestuous fulfillment she was feeling.

Linda and the boys had finally separated, and the three of them lay panting on the carpet, watching Tom and Gloria. Linda lay on her side, her bulging belly concealing her cummy cunt.

Tom continued to lie atop his young daughter, enveloping her in his strong arms and kissing her on the mouth while he moved his ass slowly, still fucking her cum-drenched pussy with his softening cock. Gloria clung to her father's shoulders, loving the feel of his partially wilted prick squirming inside her cunt while his hairy balls rubbed against her wet pussy lips.

Jay lay on the floor, panting with exhaustion as his spit-wet prick shrank and curled over to lay against his thigh. Danny was on his knees, behind his mother, his perpetual hard-on still jutting out as he watched his father and sister. They were still making love, even though the hot fucking was over.

Beaming with satisfaction, Linda reached back to curl her fingers around Danny's ever hard cock while she kept watching her husband and daughter. It was a lovely, tender moment for her, and she was feeling tremendous pride at having brought this new dimension of love to his wonderful family.

"Ungh!" Linda suddenly gasped, jerking all over. "Ungh!" She sat up abruptly, looking startled as she held her immense belly with both hands. "Oh! Umph!"

"What's the matter, Mom?" Danny asked, moving around to look at her with concers.

"You all right, Mom?" Jay asked quickly, moving closer.

Tom and Gloria broke their kiss, both of them looking toward Linda.

"I... I think I'm going into labor," Linda said nervously, still feeling of her cramping stomach. "There are... bad pains... yes, I'm sure I'm starting labor."

"Good Lord!" Tom exclaimed, pulling his limp prick from Gloria's pussy as he got up. "Are you sure, honey?" He crawled over to her, feeling her stomach with his hand. "The baby's not due for another two weeks."

"I'm sure," Linda laughed, jerking again with a sharp pain. "I've been through all this three times before, you know... I ought to know what labor pains feel like by now."

"But it's too soon," Gloria said, coming over to join them.

"Don't worry, darlings," Linda said, trying to soothe her alarmed family as they gathered around her. "Two weeks isn't premature enough to be serious... I suppose it was just all the excitement tonight."

"We'd better get you to the hospital," Tom said nervously as he began getting into his clothes quickly. "Jay... you call Doctor Grant and tell him we're on the way to the hospital."

"Sure thing," Jay said as he jumped up and ran to the phone.

"I bet it's gonna be a little girl," Gloria said, helping her mother into her dressing gown.

"I betcha a dollar it'll be a boy," Danny said.

"You're on!" Gloria answered. "One dollar."

"Oh," Linda said, tying her sash, "I do hope it's a boy!"

"I just bet you do," Tom laughed, fastening his belt. "Me... I'm sort of hoping for another."

Linda smiled at her husband. "I thought you had your heart set on another boy."

"Well," Tom said, grinning, "that was before I realized just how wonderful daughters can be." He patted Gloria's bare ass, his dark eyes scanning her cute body. "You know?"

"Yes, I know," Linda said, putting her arms around Tom and kissing him briefly on the lips. "Kind of changed your tune now, haven't you? You big Teddy bear."

"Doctor Grant's gonna be there," Jay announced, returning from the telephone.

"Ungh!" Linda grunted, her womb jolted by another sharp pain.

"Let's get moving," Tom urged, taking his wife by the arm.

Linda glanced back over her shoulder at her two naked sans and winked at them. "Now, you boys don't do anything with your sister that I wouldn't do," she cautioned. "Okay?"

"Sure, Mom," Danny said obediently. After their parents had left the den, the three youngsters all looked at each other uncertainly for a moment.

"Don't do anything she wouldn't do?" Gloria said, giggling as she felt her father's cum still running down her thighs.

"Shit!" Jay laughed, slapping Gloria's bare ass. "That pretty much leaves the field wide open, so... let's fuck!"

Gloria giggled again, grabbing for Danny's hard cock as she felt Jay's fingers slide beneath her ass and into her cummy cunt. Danny began feeling of his sister's pert little tits as she squeezed both boys' cocks.

And the three kids tumbled onto the floor together, laughing happily and eager to further explore the unique and forbidden world of incest.


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