Naughty nympho wife

Although Americans appear to the rest of the world as frank and open people, the truth is often the opposite when it comes to relating on a personal basis. This is particularly true regarding sexual matters.

The fact is, Americans are only now beginning to learn to discuss sex and sexuality with candor and usually that is within the limits of marital sex.

While no one is advocating sex as the main topic of conversation, and while sexual privacy is very important to most people, many adults harbor fears about themselves and their sexual behavior that could be erased if they were more aware of other people's behavior. Most of us have been brought up to be at least slightly ashamed of anything sexual, and it is frequently reassuring to discover that we are not different, naughty, or even perverted in our sex practices. In discussing sex with others, people find out how truly normal they are.

NAUGHTY NYMPHO WIFE -- a frank story of one young woman's approach to sexual honesty. A story with a lesson for us all.


She was alone at this party. Candice hated being alone at a party. She told herself it was Martin's fault. Martin was her husband and he was to be here with her. Instead he was out of town on one of his business trips. She was a married woman and she ought to be with her husband at a party like this.

She felt lonely. She knew some people here but most of them were single and more carefree than she was. Nearly all the people at the party seemed to be having a good time except her. You're depressed, she thought. Was she depressed? Not in general, no. But maybe she was depressed about her life. She was twenty-eight and she wasn't that satisfied with things. She thought a woman of twenty-eight ought to feel better about her life than she did.

What did she have to feel blue about? It certainly wasn't her looks. She could tell by the way men looked at her what they thought about her. And Martin, too. She had what men liked. The right curves, the height, nice legs, a firm little ass that showed up well in a tight dress. Martin said she had the face of an angel and the body of a whore. Or at least he'd said it a thousand years ago when they got married. These days he hardly looked at her body, let alone talk about it. He was too wrapped up in his career in that rotten job he had that took him all over the country. Someone ought to put up a billboard telling women never to marry a national sales manager. Don't marry anyone who does a lot of traveling. What happens, is you wind up at parties without your husband.

She had a good job of her own. She managed a busy art gallery in the center of town and she liked the work. Many of the artists were crazy and some of the buyers were snobs, but all things considered she liked the business and she liked her job.

The other women at the party all seemed to be enjoying themselves. They seemed relaxed, laughing quietly at someone's jokes, sipping their drinks. Candice thought the women looked chic. She was sorry she hadn't worn something more daring. Maybe what she needed was to be less conventional. Was she that conventional? You're getting drunk, she thought. She was on her third vodka highball and she was starting to feel them.

It occurred to her that maybe it was better to be single. She guessed most of the girls and women at this party were single. They looked it, anyway. And the men, too. She thought most of them looked like single people on the make. One girl across the ram sat on the floor with a great deal of thigh showing. Bare white thighs above the tops of her black net stockings, one of the straps of her garterbelt clearly visible to anyone who bothered to look. Candice never wore stockings like that. She didn't even own a garterbelt. She had black net pantyhose, but she hadn't worn them tonight. She had on her ordinary beige pantyhose and now she wished she'd worn the black net. She could show them what a knockout pair of legs looked like. She had a pair of black pumps with four inch stiletto heels that she hardly ever wore because she thought they made her look too much like a tramp.

But women were wearing shoes like that now. Martin certainly liked them. The last time she'd worn those shoes they'd gone out to dinner and then at home he'd made her walk around with nothing on but the shoes and a string of pearls. She'd felt so self-conscious doing that. But then they laughed together about it and afterward Martin fucked her silly on the living room rug.

I ought to have worn the shoes tonight, she thought. Just to have the men here look at her that way. Just to make her feel better.

"Well, well," a man's voice said, "if it isn't the queen of the empire, Candice Leonard. My heart-throb, my one and only love."

Candice sighed. "I heard you'd be here. If you don't keep your voice down, I'm disowning you."

His name was Al Gorman. He was a painter and the gallery where she worked made a great deal of money selling his paintings. He had thick dark hair and dark eyes and for the past year he'd been making passes at Candice every time he came to the gallery. She always fended him off. In the gallery it was easy. Here at this party she thought maybe it wouldn't be so easy. She hated scenes and she did not want a scene at this party with Al Gorman.

"Can I sit down?"

She nodded. There was room beside her. She couldn't tell him not to sit down.

"Candice, you hate me."

"I don't hate you."

"Then come to bed with me. We'll find a bed somewhere and try to break it."

"Oh Al. You know I'm married."

"Where's your husband?"

"He's not here. He's out of town this week."

"Then now's our chance. I'm going to bring bliss into your eyes."

And that's how it went. She had to joke with him about it. He was always so insistent. He was saying the same things to her now that he said in the gallery. But somehow this was different. She felt him sitting so close to her. She could smell him, a mix of aftershave and tobacco. He was certainly masculine, certainly attractive with those dark eyes and brawny arms.

He flirted with her. He teased her about Martin leaving her alone. She said she wasn't a child and she could be left alone without being gobbled up by the wolves.

"I'd sure like to gobble you," Al said, dropping his voice and gazing into her eyes. "I'll make a feast out of you."

She blushed. She looked around to see if any of the others were noticing them, but everyone had their own thing going. At first she tried to turn Al off, but then she eased up on him and just went along with it. She did know him. She did like him. When he put his arm around her shoulders and nuzzled her ear, she let him do it. It was nice to have her ego stroked. She enjoyed it. Martin hardly paid any attention to her any more and now it was nice to have a man's attention again. Yes, it was certainly nice.

Then someone turned down the lights in the room. Not completely off, but down enough so that suddenly the people who had paired off had more privacy. They had soft rock on the stereo, mellow music that made Candice feel both sad and elated at the same time. She needed someone. When Al kissed her, she resisted at first. But then she yielded and gently kissed him back. Don't think of Martin, she thought. She liked the taste of Al's mouth. They had never kissed before and she discovered she liked it.

The kiss ended. She relaxed in his arms and they listened to the music. Then he kissed her again and this time there was more of an urgency in it. She accepted his tongue. She moaned against his mouth when he put his hand on her tits.

His hand felt so good. He was a lover. She could tell by the way he fondled her tits that he was a man who knew how to fuck a woman. She had a sudden bout of guilt. She felt sorry for Martin. This was the first time since her marriage that she'd done anything like this. Necking at a party with another man. It seemed so crazy.

Her mouth remained glued to Al's while he stroked her tits. She opened some of the buttons of his shirt and she ran her fingers through the hair on his chest. He had more hair on his chest than Martin. She liked hairy men. On the chest and down on the belly and then around the cock and balls. Al had such thick hair on his chest and she guessed he'd have a lot of it down there where she liked it. You're flaking out, she thought. No, she wasn't flaking out, she was just so damn hot she was trembling.

He continued kissing her. His fingers worked at the buttons of her blouse, and then his hand was inside to fondle her tits through her lightweight bra. He scooped one of her tits out to get at her nipple. She was turned on. She quivered with excitement. Her tits were always so sensitive and she loved the way his fingers rolled and pulled at her nipple.

She heard a woman moaning somewhere. When Al broke the kiss, Candice turned her head and looked across the room. Despite the dim light, she could still make out what was going on. The girl she'd been looking at before, the one with the net stockings, was on the rug with a man's head between her legs.

"Oh God," Candice whispered to Al.

He chuckled. "Turn you on?"

"I didn't think the party would be like this!"

"What's the difference? People do what they want these days. As long as it doesn't harm anyone, what's the difference. I'd like to boff you just like that. I bet you taste as good as an ice cream sundae!"

"Oh Al."

He chuckled again. He had her bra loose now, her tits naked in his hands. He whispered in her ear, told her he liked the hang of her tits, the weight of them. He said he'd like to paint her nude, maybe the lower part of her body draped in a towel, her shoulders forward to show the weight of her tits.

"I like it when they hang a little," he said. "Come on, let's find a bed somewhere."

"No, we can't. Listen, Al, we can't. We really [missing text]."

He paid no attention to her. He leaned down and took one of her nipples between his teeth. He held her tit in his hand and sucked on her nipple. She moaned. It felt so good. Yes, she would go to bed with him. She knew she would. She would do anything he wanted. As he sucked her tits, she slipped her hand into his lap and searched around for his cock. A quiver went through her when she found it. Al Gorman's cock. It seemed so crazy to have her hand on Al Gorman's cock!

She was turned on. She squeezed his prick through his pants, feeling the hardness of it, his knob, the length of his cock-shaft. She could tell he had a big prick. She liked big ones, big thick cocks. She liked them circumcised, his cock-knob clean and shaped like a helmet, his piss-hole leaking fuck-juice when they were hot. But of course they were all nice, cut or uncut. Men thought too much about cocks. For a woman it was enough for a cock to be hard and thick enough to stretch her cunt-hole. In any case she had Al Gorman's cock twitching in his pants and it felt lovely.

She finally agreed to go with him to a bedroom. It was either that or have him force her to do something right there in front of everyone. She wasn't that brave. She wasn't like that girl in the net stockings. Candice saw that the girl was getting fucked now. The guy who'd been eating her now had his body between her legs. The others were watching, grooving on it as they sipped their drinks and fondled each other. Candice was annoyed that no one had warned her the party would be this wild. But she couldn't do anything about it now. Al was pulling her out of the room and she was as hot as he was to find a bed. She needed fucking and Martin was a thousand miles away.

Al found an empty bedroom, led Candice inside and closed the door. She was thankful he left the lights off. She felt too guilty to have the lights on while they were fucking.

In a moment they were on the bed together. They kissed again, a hungry wet kiss that brought a moan to her throat. Al's hand moved between her legs for the first time. He stroked her thighs through her pantyhose, and then her pussy. His fingers danced over the nylon covering her cunt-flesh. He tried peeling her pantyhose down and he had some trouble. She had to help him. She raised her ass so he could strip her pantyhose and panties down and off her feet.

"The unveiling," he said with a chuckle. "Candice unveiled!"

Even in the dark, she was embarrassed. She knew how wet she was. Her fuck-juices always flowed heavily when she was turned on and she knew what he would find down there. She groaned as his fingers touched her. He worked his fingertips through her sopping cunt.

"Like Niagara Falls," he said.

"I shouldn't be doing this."

"Never mind that crap. Go on, take my cock out. Unzip my fly and take it out."

Yes, she did want to. As he stroked her pussy, she unzipped his fly, fished inside for his cock and brought it out. His cock snapped to attention when it came out. She fingered his cockhead and found that he was uncircumcised. She liked the other kind better but this was a nice one. She rolled his foreskin back and forth over his cock-knob.

He licked her ear. "Nice?"

"You're big."

"Yeah, I'm big. Big fat salami for this wet pussy. I bet you like them big."

She said nothing. She was excited. She loved the feel of his hot cock beneath her fingers.

"I want to eat you," he said. "I can't let all this fuck-juice go to waste. Do you like having your pussy sucked? Do you like it?"

"Yes, I like ft." She was sure he was teasing her. How could a woman pot like it? She always came like crazy when Martin went down on her.

Al slipped away from her. The room was dark but she could see him moving around. He peeled his pants and shorts off. Then he was on the bed again with his head between her legs. She groaned as he pushed her knees back. She groaned again when he clamped his mouth over her cunt.

She was sorry now she couldn't see him. She wanted to see what he looked like naked. He had a strong body and she guessed he would look very masculine because of all the hair.

His tongue felt so marvelous. He licked up and down, pushing between her cunt-lips, sucking at her fuck-juices. Niagara Falls, he called it. Well, if he was thirsty he would get enough of it. She wanted to scream with happiness each time his tongue rasped against her clit. She never had any trouble coming when she had her pussy eaten. She could feel it working now, the pleasure building, that tingling feeling and then the beginning of the rush. She pumped her ass as she came. Al kept her knees pushed back, but she pumped her ass as she went off.

Finally he came up for air. He wiped his mouth on his sleeve and leaned over her to kiss her. "I sure got a mouthful."

She quivered. "I get very wet. I'm sorry."

He chuckled in her ear. "I like it. You get wet and I get hard. That's a good match, isn't it?"

She pulled away from him and twisted her body around to get her head on his belly. Al sighed as he lay flat on the bed. She ran her fingers around his crotch, over his belly and thighs and then close to his cock. Yes, he was hairy. All that curled hair down there. And she could smell him. She had the male smell of him in her nose. She moved her face closer to his cock and balls and sniffed at them. She loved the smell of a man's crotch. Martin never knew how much she loved it. Just smelling Martin's balls always made her crazy with lust.

Extending her tongue, she started licking around the thick base of Al's cock. His cock was on its side. She moved it with her fingers so that it lay straight up along his belly. This exposed the underside of his cock and now she licked it up and down. At the same time she ran her fingertips over his hairy ball-bag. She felt the big balls in there. She felt each egg with her fingers. She lifted the whole bag in her hand and rolled his balls around.

"Christ, get your mouth on it!" he said.

She giggled quietly and finally took his cock knob between her lips. Men were always so anxious to get sucked. She could feel Al's cock throbbing in her mouth. The heat of it was lovely, the heat and the taste and the smell of his balls. She took more and more of his cock in her mouth, all the way down until she had most of it inside. Then she pulled back slowly, pulling at his cock-skin with her lips, pulling his foreskin over the rim of his cock-head.

She was turned on by his cock. It felt good in her mouth. Big and fat, the skin so soft, almost like silk, and yet underneath was the hard muscle to ream out a cunt-hole. She'd been crazy about cocks ever since the first time she touched one. Crazy about touching them and crazy about sucking them.

She played with his balls again, lifting the sac, rolling the eggs with her fingers. She was on her knees now, her head bent over his crotch, her mouth moving slowly up and down the hard shaft of his prick. She loved the taste and feel of his hot cock-flesh. She didn't care if he came. She would take his jism. She liked to hold Martin's balls when he came in her mouth. Poor Martin. She felt so guilty about kneeling there on a bed with another man's cock in her mouth. Her saliva flowed freely over Al's cock-knob and cock-shaft and down to his balls. What a nice cock he had. She kept his foreskin pulled all the way down as she rolled her tongue over his big cock-head, around the rim and over his piss-hole.

He made her stop. "You keep doing that and I'll shoot off!" he said. He made her lie down on her back and then he climbed between her legs and used his arms to get her knees back to her tits. She moaned as she felt his cock-knob pushing at her cunt, nuzzling around to find her cunt-hole. And then finally his cock was inside, his cock-head and then his cock-shaft, his big cock stretching the mouth of her cunt-hole as she moaned and rocked her knees.

His head came down and he chuckled in her ear. "You're a hot piece of ass. The first time I saw you, I knew you were a hot piece of ass!"

She quivered under him. "Fuck me. Stop talking and fuck me!"

He laughed and swung her legs over his shoulders. Now when he pushed her knees back to her tits as she was wide open to him. He started fucking her, slamming his cock in and out of her cunt, the bed shaking each time he pounded her.

They were still half-dressed. She thought it was crazy to be fucking with clothes on like a pair of kids at a party or in the back of a car.

But she liked it. The fucking had an excitement that was never there when she did it with Martin.

She humped her ass at Al's plunging cock. God, how hot she was. She loved the way he pounded her. She loved the feel of his big cock sliding in and out of her stretched cunt-hole. All she cared about now was the fucking. There was no guilt anymore. This was the first time she'd fucked another man since her marriage to Martin, but now she felt no guilt about it. Maybe tomorrow she'd feel guilty as hell. Yes, she would, she knew herself. Tomorrow she'd feel guilty. She'd feel so terrible about fucking Al Gorman.

He was such a good fuck, so strong and forceful, his balls slapping against her asshole each time his cock rammed her cunt. One of her girlfriends had once joked that a woman never knew what a man was like until she had his balls tapping against her asshole. Al's big hairy balls felt so good down there. She rolled her ass on the mattress, fucking her cunt on his sliding cock.

Then suddenly she felt his hand on her ass, his fingertip pushing at her asshole. She groaned and tried to push his hand away. "Don't do that."

It was too late. He had his finger inside. She guessed he'd used her cunt-juice to lubricate it. His finger slid all the way inside her ass and it felt marvelous. She was embarrassed by the idea that he had his finger up her ass, but she loved the feel of it.

Then she came. She rocked her knees and grabbed at his arms and moaned as the orgasm blew its way through her cunt. She was so hot and the climax was so good. She held on as he continued fucking her. She pumped her cunt at him and she came again and at the end of this one she suddenly felt the wet down there and she understood she'd pissed all over him.

Al laughed when he realized what had happened. "That's great," he said. "It's great that you can come like that!"

She was mortified. She moaned as she squirmed around under his plunging cock. Then at last he came, grunting and snorting as the jism boiled out of his balls to fill her cunt. She felt so wide open, so totally female as he dumped his come in her fuck-hole.

"I pity whoever sleeps in this bed," he said, grunting as he rolled off to the side.

Candice shuddered. Then she giggled as she cuddled against him.


She was in a blue funk of guilt for three days. She was thankful Al Gorman stayed away from the gallery. Then finally Martin was home again and Candice told herself the best thing was not to think of Al Gorman. What she had to do was think of Martin.

She still loved him. He was still her husband. He was still the man whose company she enjoyed most. She felt so guilty about cheating. She argued with herself about it. One side of her head reminded her she'd been alone at the party that night, alone and depressed and vulnerable to Al's advances. She couldn't be blamed for being so vulnerable. But the other side of her head said she wasn't a child, she ought to be responsible for her actions.

The second night Martin was home, she talked him into taking her out to dinner. He wasn't that eager for it, but she kept insisting until he agreed. They dressed and went out to a quiet restaurant. They had a few drinks and during the meal Martin seemed more relaxed.

Candice thought Martin looked tired. She thought maybe he was working too hard. He seemed to be down both physically and mentally. She tried talking to him about it, questioning him about how he felt and about his job.

"The job's okay," he said. "But you might as well know that I'll be out of town again in a few days."

Candice groaned. "Oh Martin."

"That's the ballgame."

"I hardly see you anymore."

"Look, we've talked about it."

"I hate being alone at night."

So they talked about it again. All the old arguments for and against his job. The money was too good for him to leave.

"You can find some way to keep busy in the evening without me," he said. "If you want to get out, there's always Frank."


"Yes. Frank. I'll tell Frank to take you out to dinner sometimes."

Frank Mason was Martin's best friend. They'd been friends for years, ever since they'd been at college together. Candice hadn't seen much of Frank since Frank's divorce.

"I think you ought to get another job."

"Candice, I can't get another job. Now now. It's not the right time for it. Maybe in six months, but not now."

She decided not to dwell on it. It would serve no purpose to have an argument with him about it. He would do what he wanted anyway. He was building a career, and if she was lonely on occasion he couldn't see that as reason enough to make a severe change in his plans.

"I want chocolate mousse for dessert," she said. "I want something suicidal."

Martin laughed. "Now you're talking. After chocolate mousse you'll be in a good mood again."

She was determined to enjoy the evening. She had the mousse and then coffee, and then after that she held his arm as they walked out of the restaurant to the car.

"That was good," Martin said.

"Let's make some whoopie when we get home."

He chuckled. "Sure, why not?"

You've got to work at it, she thought. A marriage doesn't make itself good, you've got to work at it.

When they arrived home, she left him in the living room and she went upstairs to change her clothes. After she had her clothes off, she decided to wear nothing at all, except maybe a pair of shoes. She liked the way her legs looked when she wore heels. She went downstairs wearing nothing but, a pair of high-heeled sandals. Martin whistled when he saw her. "Oh boy."

"Do you like my shoes? I just bought them yesterday."

"I like the shoes and all the rest of it."

But he didn't seem that enthusiastic and it worried her. She went to the bar and poured some vodka into two glasses. She added an ice cube to each glass and carried them back to where he was sitting.

"Martin, do I still turn you on?"

He looked at her as she handed him his drink. Her tits were hanging over his face. He reached up and took hold of one, his hand cupping the tit and pulling at her nipple. "What do you think?"

"I don't know, I'm asking."

He put his drink down. He made her put one foot up on the sofa next to him and he slid his hand along the inside of her thigh until he found her cunt-lips. He began tickling his fingers in her cunt, probing between her cunt-lips to touch her cunt-hole and then her clit. He had a good touch. She closed her eyes and quivered as he worked his fingers over the outside of her cunt.

"Nice pussy," he said.

"Do you still like it?"

"You know I do."

She sipped her drink, standing there while he played with her pussy. Then she finally put her drink down and she sat down next to him. She unzipped his fly and brought his cock out.

"Here's the big prick!" she said with a giggle. The booze was getting to her, yes, he did have a big prick. She adored his cock. His cock-head was magnificent, a fat juicy plum of a cock-knob, the rim sharply sculptured and the helmet shape perfect. It was the sort of cock she'd dreamed about as a girl and now she had a husband who had exactly what she wanted. If only they could get the knots out of their marriage.

Focus on the cock, she thought. Forget about the knots and Martin and Al Gorman. Focus on the cock.

She rubbed her thumb over his piss-hole, spread his fuck-juice around his fuck-knob.

"Take your pants off," she said. "I'm going to suck this thing."

"Let's go upstairs. Let's get on a bed."

"No, down here first. I want to suck it down here."

He did what she wanted. He slipped his pants and shorts down to his ankles and she bent over him and took his cock in her mouth. She sucked on his cock-knob as though it was a lollipop. She loved the taste of it. She loved the feel of his hot flesh in her mouth. He patted her head, ran his fingers over her neck and told her how much he liked it.

We're good together, she thought.

She tried to remember how many times she'd sucked his cock during the six years of their marriage. Maybe a thousand. A thousand sucks and a thousand fucks. She touched his balls. The sac was tight and she guessed he was close to coming. She didn't want him coming in her mouth. She wanted a hot fuck and if he came in her mouth she guessed he'd be finished. She pulled her mouth off his cock and told him now they could go upstairs.

"I want this salami in my cunt," she said. He chuckled as he rose. "You never called it that before!"

She blushed and avoided his eyes. "It's a big salami!" The word came from Al Gorman. That night at the party, Al had called his cock a salami. She wanted to kick herself for using it with Martin.

They went upstairs together. In the bedroom they undressed and Martin walked into the bathroom and closed the door. Candice lay on the bed waiting for him. She was so hot. Sucking his cock always turned her on. She slipped her fingers between her cunt-lips to feel her fuck-juices. She was soaked, all right. Her clit was stiff. She rubbed up and down the side of her clit and pulled the foreskin back to expose the tiny knob.

When Martin came out of the bathroom, he found her with her fingers in her cunt. She made no attempt to pull her hand away. She opened her legs even further and rubbed her cunt while he watched her.

"Fuck me, Martin!"

He was on her in a few moments, mounting her, climbing between her raised legs to get his cock in her cunt. She groaned when she felt his cock-knob push inside. She rocked her knees and told him to fuck her.

It was not one of their best nights. She could tell Martin was too tired. He went through the motions, but she could tell he wasn't that excited by it. She tried to get the angle right so she could get some friction on her clit. But then Martin was coming and what happened for her wasn't much of anything. One more boring fuck. She held onto him as he dumped his come in her cunt. Then he was finished and he grunted as he pulled out and rolled off her body. Don't cry, she thought. She wanted to cry but she knew she shouldn't. Fucking Martin wasn't nearly as exciting as fucking Al Gorman.

Later, when Martin was asleep, she rose up and left the bedroom. She was too restless to sleep. She went down to the living room, turned on the TV and sat watching it in the dark. She kept the sound low. Let Martin sleep. He'd blown his rocks off in her cunt and that's all he cared about. Then she told herself it was her own fault because she'd been the one who'd suggested they fuck. She'd asked him to fuck her and he'd fucked her. What more did she want?

What she wanted was what she'd had from Al Gorman, some excitement in the fucking and the big bang at the end in her pussy. She touched her cunt now. She was still swollen from the fucking with Martin. She closed her eyes and thought of Al Gorman. That party. The two of them wrestling on the bed in the dark. His hairy balls. She frigged her clit. She wondered what it would feel like to suck Al Gorman's hairy balls. She came like that, thinking about Al Gorman's balls, her fingers diddling her cunt as she quivered on the sofa. On the TV some jerk was selling floor wax. She stuck three fingers in her cunt and started working herself up again.

A few days after Martin left town again, his friend Frank Mason showed up at the gallery. Candice hadn't expected him. She thought maybe he'd call, but she didn't think he would come to the gallery. She hadn't seen him in some time and she was surprised at how well he looked.

"Divorce seems to agree with you," she said. Frank laughed. "It's like a monkey off my back!" He sold real estate and he was doing well. He looked around the gallery awhile, and then he came back to Candice. "Martin wants me to look after you."

"I don't need looking after, Frank. I'm a big girl and I can look after myself."

"Sure, sure, but in the meantime you can go out to dinner with me and we can both look after ourselves at the same table."

They bantered about it. She quivered when she realized he was looking at her tits. She was wearing a silk blouse and her tits were prominent. Frank was always open in the way he looked at her. Even when he'd been married, he'd never tried to hide his interest. Only now it seemed to mean something more. Maybe it was because of Al Gorman. She'd broken the ice now, she'd fucked someone besides Martin. She had a sudden heat in her belly as she realized she wouldn't mind fucking Frank Mason.

Candice, you're crazy, she thought, he's Martin's best friend. It was one thing for Frank to look at her tits, it was something else to fuck her. She was sure he wouldn't go that far. Frank and Martin had known each other so long.

She finally agreed to go out to dinner with him that evening. "We split the check."

Frank shook his head. "The hell we will! You're my date!"

He walked out after that. She watched him go and wondered what it would be like to fuck him. She liked the way he walked. She wondered what his ass looked like when he was naked.

Candice, you're terrible, she thought.

She'd never looked at Frank like that before. It was all Martin's fault. They'd had such a lousy fuck last night and she was still horny. She was a horny little girl and Frank Mason's ass was looking very good.

It took a while for her to calm down, but then suddenly Al Gorman came into the gallery dragging one of his paintings. He put the painting in the back room and then he came out to her desk and looked down at her with a grin. "I've been thinking about you."

"Don't think too hard, it might ruin your career."

She was embarrassed as they talked. This was the man she'd fucked just a few days ago. He'd sucked her cunt and then she'd sucked his cock and then he'd fucked her brains out on a strange bed. He was standing there so close to her, he almost had his crotch in her face. She trembled as she remembered the taste of his cock in her mouth.

"You're a tough cookie," he said.

"I'm not tough, I'm married. And I want to stay married."

"Okay, okay."

He turned away from her and started talking about his work. Suddenly the sexual interest was gone and he was all business. She found herself unhappy about it. In the back of her mind she'd hoped he'd ask to see her again. She might be willing if they could do it carefully. But he seemed uninterested now. They were back to where things had been in the past. They'd fucked just once and she guessed that, as far as he was concerned, it was nothing special.

Poor little Candice, she thought. She was always so stupid with men. She was happy when Al finally left the gallery. She didn't care about his new painting. He could take his damn painting and stick it up his hairy asshole. At five-thirty she closed the gallery and went home to get ready for Frank.

When she arrived at the house, the first thing she did was mix herself a martini. Then, after looking through the mail and finishing half the martini, she stripped her clothes off and climbed into the shower. Once the water hit her, she felt better. She started thinking about Frank Mason. She wondered about him as she lathered her body with soap. She found herself doing more than just getting soap on her skip. Lathering her tits worked her up a little, and then when she did her pussy the effect was even greater. She was horny. She could feel the tension in her pussy and the stiffness of her nipples confirmed it.

Later, when she dressed for the evening, she became turned on again. This time she decided to do something about it. She stood in front of her vanity table with one foot on the bench and masturbated while she watched herself in the mirror. She liked to do it like this, watching her cunt get whacked off in a mirror. She could see her fuck-juices glistening on her fingers.

It didn't take long. She rubbed all of her cunt until she was close to coming and then she used two fingers directly on the shaft of her clit to finish it. She moaned and pumped her ass as she came. She could easily climax two or three more times, but she stopped right there.

You're a horny little girl, she thought. Was she becoming a nympho? She'd never been so obsessed with sex before. Then she told herself she wasn't obsessed at all, she was just a normal woman with normal needs. It wasn't her fault Martin had lost interest in her. Other men still found her attractive and sexy. Martin's best friend certainly looked at her as though he was interested.

She decided to wear the black pumps with stiletto heels. She found some smoke-colored pantyhose and pulled them on. She wondered what Frank was like in bed. You couldn't tell much about a man just by looking at him.

People always had two personalities, the one you knew and the one they fucked with. Maybe the one they fucked with was the real person and the other one just an act. She often felt that way about herself. The way she was in bed was closer to what she was and what she wanted to be.

She thought about Frank fucking her and it made her hot again. No, she wouldn't whack off any more. She forced herself to think about something else. She turned the TV on and watched a stupid sitcom until finally the doorbell rang and Frank was there. With a sigh of relief, she grabbed her purse and went to meet him. He had a smile for her when she opened the door.

"Right on time," he said. "Don't you like that? Don't you like a man to be punctual?"

Candice teased him. "Two minutes late." She closed and locked the front door, took his arm and walked with him out to his car.

They talked about where to go and finally decided on a steak house. When they arrived, they had a drink at the bar first. Frank complimented Candice on her appearance.

"You're a knockout," he said. "I always thought Martin was a lucky guy." He looked her over as they sat beside each other on the bar stools. "Great body. Great legs. Honest, Candice, your legs bring out the beast in me!" Candice chuckled. "I never knew you liked my legs that much."

"I like the rest of it, too!"

"But you're what they call a leg man."

"Yeah, I guess so. High heels, nylons, garterbelts."

"Do men really get turned on by those things?"

"This man does."

In a short while they entered the dining room and sat down. Candice was happy. It was nice to be out with Frank. She liked the way he talked and she liked the way he looked. She felt good. Maybe it was because she had no reason to feel guilty. The whole thing was Martin's idea. He was the one who had told Frank to take her out. Well, here they were doing what Martin wanted.

She'd always liked Frank. She'd always thought he was sexy. She was glad that she'd worn the pumps with stiletto heels. They did make her legs look good.

"Tell me about your love-life," she said. Frank chuckled. "I'm not retired yet."

"I think you'll get married again."

"The hell I will. At least not for a long time." She wanted to ask him about his women. Did they all have nice legs? Did they wear garterbelts? Did he fuck them while they had their nylons on? Men were really so strange. They all had their little quirks. Martin had a thing about her mouth. He said watching her mouth on his cock was the most exciting thing in the world. He said when they'd first met it was her mouth that had got to him. Maybe it was just a line, but she liked it. She liked the idea that Frank was crazy about her legs.

After the meal was finished, she talked Frank into coming back to the house for drinks. He wanted to find a disco somewhere, but she said she was too tired. And she was. She'd worked hard all day and tomorrow she'd be at work again.

"I'll be more comfortable at home," she said. When they were inside the house, she went to the bar to fix a drink for each of them. Frank came up behind her and kissed her neck. Just a light kiss at first, and then he pressed against her back and kissed her neck with more conviction.

She quivered under the kiss. She couldn't help leaning back against him. "Frank, you're his best friend."

"So what."

She said nothing more. She had no idea what to say and there was nothing she wanted to say. She turned around and in a moment she was in his arms and he was kissing her mouth.

A thrill ran through her when his hands moved over her body. In all the years of knowing him, this was the first time he had ever touched her. He moved both hands between them to cup and squeeze her tits through her dress. Then his hands dropped down to her waist and around to her ass. He cupped her asscheeks, squeezing and rolling them gently.

She moaned under his mouth and pressed against him. She could feel his cock against her belly, the hardness of his prick pushing at her. She wanted to touch him but she held back. His hands felt so good on her ass. Then he whispered in her ear: "Let's get our clothes off."

She said nothing. She was afraid to break the spell. Like two dancers in a choreographed duet, they faced each other and stripped their clothes off. Right there in the living room with all the lights on. The two drinks she'd mixed were still standing on the bar. Frank had seen her in a bikini a few times, but of course he'd never seen her naked. Now she was naked in front of him. And he was naked in front of her.

He had a nice body, lean and muscled. His cock was erect and it looked delicious. He had a long circumcised cock and she was amused and excited by the way it curved to one side. His balls were drawn up tight under the base of his cock-shaft.

Frank noticed the way she looked at his cock. He curled his fingers around his cockshaft and slowly stroked it. "Meet Frank Mason."

"Mmmm, I like it!"

"And I like you!"

She blushed as he looked her over. Somehow it felt so perfect to be standing there naked in front of him while he inspected her body. She watched his cock weaving back and forth and it tuned her on.

"Now the other side," he said.

She looked at him. "The other side?"

"Your ass. Turn around and show me your ass."

She quivered with excitement as she turned her back to him. "It's not my best feature."

"The hell you say."

"I thought you said you were a leg man!"

"I'm an ass man, too. Christ, what an ass, Candice. It's perfect!"

"I don't believe you."

Suddenly he was down there behind her, kissing her ass, running his tongue in her ass-crack.

She groaned and trembled at the feel of his lips. "What are you doing?"

He paid no attention to her. For a moment she thought she'd lose her balance and fall down. His mouth was all over her ass, around and then inside her ass-crack. He pulled her asscheeks apart with his hands and lapped his tongue up and down in the deep valley between them. A shudder ran through her as she felt the wetness of his mouth. She bent forward. She grabbed hold of the bar, bent forward and moved her legs apart. All right, do it, she thought. No one had ever done it before, but now she wanted it. She groaned as she felt his lips and tongue against her asshole.

"Oh Frank!"

Yes, he was doing it. She could feel his wet tongue lapping her asshole. She couldn't help wiggling. She thought it was so lewd to wiggle her ass while a man was kissing her like that, but she couldn't help it. The feel of it, the idea that he had his tongue back there, was driving her crazy.

"Frank, please stop!"

"Just hold still a moment!"

"It's too much."

"Just hold still!"

And then she felt it. His tongue pushing inside, drilling inside her asshole like a wet snake. The feeling was unlike anything she'd ever experienced. Not like a finger. A finger was hard and unyielding. Frank's tongue was something else. She loved it. She folded her arms on the bar and rested her head on them. She pushed her ass back at Frank's mouth to get more of his tongue inside her ass.

"Oh, that's awful!" she said with a groan. His tongue in her asshole. Frank Mason's tongue up her ass. This certainly wasn't what Martin had in mind. She giggled at the thought. No, this was certainly not what Martin had been thinking about.

Frank finally pulled his face away from her ass and rose up. He took her arm and they hurried to the sofa. She lay down on her back expecting he would mount her and fuck her, but he told her to turn over and get on her knees.

She did what he wanted. At first she was afraid he would try to put his cock up her ass, but then she felt his cock-knob pushing at her cunt-hole and she relaxed. He just wanted to fuck her from behind. She liked the position. Martin never did it that much, even though she always liked it.

She and Frank both groaned when his cock slid inside her cunt. She shuddered as she felt his long curved cock sliding inside her cunt channel. It was like being stabbed with a long curved sword.

You're crazy, she thought. He was fucking her with a cock, not a sword. Sword or no sword, she loved it. She didn't care that it didn't last too long. Frank fucked away in her cunt, his belly slapping against her ass, and then he grunted and started shooting his jism in her pussy.

"Christ, you're a great fuck," he said. "I've been wanting to do this for years!"

And he was a great fuck, too. She hadn't thought that long about fucking him, but now that they were doing it she was in heaven.


She told herself it was a way to save her marriage. For days Candice could think of nothing but the time she'd spent with Frank. One day she'd wallow in guilt and the next day she'd argue with herself that it wasn't her fault and anyway it was a way to save her marriage. She couldn't hear the thought of divorcing Martin, and if she could have a sex-life outside marriage maybe divorce was unnecessary.

Martin was still out of town when Frank spoke to her again. Frank called her at the gallery to make a date for that evening. Candice felt no reticence about seeing him. She agreed immediately. She hated games. Maybe the cute thing was to resist at first and then yield, but she hated games like that and she told him right out that she'd see him. Frank said he'd pick her up that evening at eight.

Shortly after Frank's phone call, Kelly Reed, one of the new women painters came in. No one was in the gallery and Candice was glad to have someone to talk to and help her forget about her marital problems.

Kelly was an attractive girl with short blonde hair and a graceful body and an air of determination about her. She was aggressive, sometimes almost brusque in the way she talked to people. She did oil paintings of women, mostly nudes and some of them boldly erotic. Candice didn't know much about Kelly. She thought Kelly was a talented painter, but they hadn't talked much in the few weeks that Kelly had been connected with the gallery.

Now they had coffee and, chatted about the gallery and Kelly's paintings. "I ought to have a show," Kelly said.

Candice nodded. "You will, sooner or later."

"What do I do to get Harold to see that I need a show?"

Harold Miller was the owner of the gallery. "You just talk to him," Candice said.

Kelly frowned. "I'm not going to fuck him. Fm sure not going to fuck him." She looked at Candice. "Do you make it with him?"

Candice shook her head. "He's not like that. He stays close to home."

"They're all like that. I've been around long enough to know what they're like."

Kelly walked around the gallery awhile, and then she came back to Candice and said: "Why don't we have dinner together sometime? I'd like to get to know you."

Candice nodded. "All right."

"You're married, aren't you?"


"Is it working?"

Candice shrugged. "Sometimes."

"That's too bad. You're too pretty to be unhappy. I like the blouse. I wish I could wear clothes like that. If I wear a blouse like that, it hangs on me like a rag. Someone ought to design blouses for girls without tits."

Candice chuckled. "Oh, you're not that bad. I think you can wear anything you want."

"I'd like to paint you sometime. Maybe we could talk about that when we have dinner. I'd like to do a nude of you. Would you have any interest in that?"

Their eyes met and Candice suddenly realized that maybe Kelly was gay. Candice was flustered. "I don't know. I've never been painted like that and I don't know."

"Well, we'll talk about it sometime, okay?"

Kelly waved at Candice as she left the gallery, and Candice sat there wondering about the girl. Girl or woman. Candice thought Kelly couldn't be much younger than she was. An interesting girl. But if Kelly was a lez, Candice would shy away. She wasn't into that. She didn't think she needed anything like that. She had nothing against gay women but she wasn't about to start up with one.

You're a little girl who needs a cock, Candice thought. Yes, she did. She started thinking about Frank again and their date that evening.

It was an early day for Candice, a day when the gallery closed at three. She decided to shop for some clothes. She wanted a new dress and maybe some other things. She went to a fashionable store where she bought a white summer dress with a plunging neckline. The salesgirl said Candice looked marvelous in the dress. "Is there anything else you'd like?"

Candice said yes, she might want some lingerie. "A garterbelt, I think. Something in black."

The salesgirl smiled. "Something sexy?"

Candice tried not to blush. "Yes, why not?" You're acting like a Salvation Army girl, Candice thought. There was no reason why she had to be embarrassed about buying a sexy garterbelt. She was doing it for Frank, of course. She wanted to please him tonight. She'd surprise him with a garterbelt and nylons and maybe that black negligee that she'd worn only a few times for Martin. Frank said he was turned on by lingerie and tonight he would get what he wanted.

The salesgirl brought out a collection of things and Candice finally chose two lace garterbelts, one red and one black. She bought half a dozen pairs of conventional nylons that she thought were too expensive.

The salesgirl shrugged. "They're getting popular again and the price may come down soon. What about panties? I've got crotchless panties in black lace or red lace. They'd go with those garterbelts."

Now Candice did blush. "Crotchless panties? Oh my!"

The salesgirl chuckled. She brought out two boxes, opened one and held up a pair of crotchless panties. "Nice? After the garterbelt and nylons turn him on, this will get him directly to the main course!"

Candice did not buy the panties. She thought that was too much. Too blatant. Like wearing a sign that said suck my pussy. Maybe some women could do it, but she couldn't. At least not yet. She was changing and maybe someday she'd have enough confidence to wear panties like that. She paid for what she'd bought, found a taxi outside the shop, and hurried home.

The first thing she did when she arrived at the house was to climb into a bubble bath. She groaned with pleasure as she lay back in the tub and reined. A hot bath always felt so good.

She thought about Frank and their date. It was like being single again. It was such fun to be anticipating a hot date with a man later on in the evening. Frank did turn her on. They'd fucked only once and the newness of the affair was terribly exciting. She hadn't felt that way about Al Gorman. She found Frank much more exciting than Al Gorman, and as she lay there in the tub she quivered as she thought about him.

After the bath she dried and perfumed her body and made up her face and then she began trying on her new lingerie. She had to decide what to wear and she wanted to see what she looked like.

You're like a kid with a new box of candy, she thought as she unwrapped what she'd bought.

Candy for Candice. She tried the black first, the black lace garterbelt and sheer black nylons and black high-heeled sandals. When she looked in the full-length mirror, she was thoroughly shocked.

Oh wow, she thought. Like something out of a sex magazine. Candice Leonard dressed for fucking, it was different than being naked. The garterbelt and stockings and shoes made the nakedness completely erotic. No wonder men were turned on by it. She was turned on herself. She loved the way her cunt-bush looked below the frame of the wispy black garterbelt. And the nylons made her legs look so lovely.

During the next hour she had a ball trying on the garterbelts with various shades of stockings and shoe styles. She was soon turned on enough to feel the wetness in her cunt and she had to masturbate a little to get the edge off. She stood in front of the full-length mirror as she rubbed her pussy. She thought she looked so whorish wearing nothing but stockings and high heels. But she did like it. Some women were wearing stockings like this now and she decided she'd be one of them. Goodbye pantyhose. They were too warm in summer anyway, and certainly not as sexy.

She wondered what Martin was doing at that moment. Did he ever get lonely when he was traveling? He was always with a team of salesmen and she assumed they spent their evening together playing cards or something. Martin wasn't the type to go off alone at night. At least she didn't think so. He was usually too exhausted by nine o'clock to do anything except watch TV.

Her fingers felt so good in her pussy. She rubbed her cunt-lips and between them and down in her cunt-hole. She avoided her clit. She was too hot now to touch her clit without going off at once. She wished she had a man to go down on her at that moment. This was the time when she liked a tongue best, when she was already hot and her pussy wet and swollen. Men didn't understand enough about women. When Martin went down on her, he either did it at the wrong time or didn't stay down there long enough. She knew Frank was a better lover than Martin. She was sorry now that she hadn't bought the crotchless panties. What a turn-on it would be to have Frank suck her off while she was wearing those panties. The red ones. Red crotchless panties. She thought about Frank's mouth on her cunt, his tongue whipping her clit.

Then she thought about the first time Martin ever went down on her. It was in Bermuda on their honeymoon, the second night they were there. He made her lie on the edge of the bed and then he got down on the floor on his knees and started gobbling her pussy. It was the only time he ever did it that way, on his knees on the floor like that. When he ate her cunt these days, it was always sixty seconds with her flat on the bed. With Martin it was always more kissing than eating.

She turned her body to look at her ass in the mirror. She liked her ass. She thought her ass had a nice shape and she hoped it would stay that way forever. She quivered as she remembered the way Frank had kissed her ass the last time they were together. That certainly turned her on. How could a woman fail to get turned on by that? His lips and tongue in her ass-crack! That wet tickling tongue on her asshole!

Martin never did anything like that. He never did anything to her ass, not even a finger. And of course she wouldn't dream of asking him.

Not Martin. She wouldn't ask Martin to do anything like that. She couldn't imagine Martin licking her asshole. God, it made her hot to think about Frank doing it. She hoped he'd do it again tonight. He was the first to do that. No one had ever done that to her before. She wondered if he did it to all his women. She touched herself there. She kept her right hand on her pussy and used her left hand to touch her asshole. She rubbed back and forth over the tight grommet. Then she raised her left forefinger to her mouth and sucked it to get it wet.

"You're a bad little girl, Candice." She slipped the finger inside her ass to the first joint and gently wiggled it around. "Yes, you're a bad little girl!"

She wondered what Frank really thought about her cheating on Martin. It seemed crazy to be so intimate with Martin's best friend. Well, how much of a best friend was he? They were both cheating on Martin.

She never finished the masturbation. She decided not to have a climax until she was with Frank. Sometimes the tension was nice. Rubbing her pussy always gave her some relief even when she didn't get off. She felt marvelous now. And she knew what she wanted to wear. In a few minutes she had everything on. Black net stockings, the red garterbelt, high-heeled sandals, a black and white summer dress. She would save the new white dress for Martin. That way she would feel less guilty.

God, she hoped he never found out about Frank. There was so much danger in what she was doing. She had to be careful.

You're not the only one, she thought. Millions of women everywhere were having their fun on the side. And the men, too. And how many marriages were happy? Half the marriages were ending in divorce, so where was the happiness?

She gave herself a final check in the mirror again. Amusing herself, she slowly lifted her dress to look at the tops of her black net stockings and the red straps of her garterbelt.

You're a sexy bitch, she thought. Candice Leonard, you're a sexy bitch.

They had dinner in a seafood place and then after that she agreed to go to Frank's apartment. She thought it was safer anyway. She didn't want her neighbors knowing anything about what she was doing in the evening.

She loved being with Frank. She liked him much better than Al Gorman. Frank was fun to be with and he was always a gentleman. Except she hoped he wouldn't be such a gentleman once they had their clothes off.

She could feel the erotic tension once they were inside his apartment. Frank mixed some drinks and they sat outside on his balcony in the warm night air.

"Here's to us," Frank said.

Candice sipped her drink and then looked at him. "We've got to be careful, Frank. I don't want Martin ever to find out."

Frank chuckled. "Then don't tell him. He certainly won't learn anything from me. I just hope he doesn't suddenly decide to keep you busy!"

"I feel guilty."

"The hell with that. If he gave you what you wanted, you wouldn't be her. Isn't that right?"

She felt so awful about Martin now. "Yes, I guess so."

"Come on, Candice. You can't be in the dumps on me tonight. We're going to have a good time. That's why we're here, remember?"


"Smile. Show me a smile!"

She smiled. "All right, I won't think about Martin anymore!"

"That's better." He leaned towards her and they kissed. She opened her mouth and accepted his tongue and in a moment she was carried away.

Never mind Martin, she thought. She was having the time of her life with Frank. Her excitement was so intense, she could feel herself trembling.

Then he broke the kiss and looked down at her legs. He touched her knees, slowly pushed her dress back along her thighs. "Show me your legs!"

A quiver ran through her. She pushed his hand away and used her own hands. "Can anyone see us?"

"No one can see us," Frank said.

She pulled her dress all the way back until her white thighs were visible above the tops of her black net stockings.

Frank gave a low whistle. "Fantastic!"

Candice giggled. "Do you like them? I just bought them today. The garterbelt is red!"

He moved closer to her and kissed her again. This time he slipped his hand between her thighs. His fingers found her cunt-mound. He stroked the bulge of her pussy through the nylon of her panties. Once again she wished she'd bought those crotchless panties. With an open crotch, his fingers would now be touching her bare cunt-flesh.

As he continued kissing her and stroking her cunt beneath her dress, she moved her hand to his lap and felt for his cock. When she found it, she closed her whole hand over it and squeezed it.

He broke the kiss again. "Come on, let's go inside!" They rose with their drinks and moved off the balcony and into the living room. Candice felt wonderful. She liked the way he didn't rush things. It was still early and they had the whole night ahead of them. She was so thankful now that she'd been clever enough to buy the garterbelt and nylons.

Frank kissed her again, took her drink out of her hand and told her to take the dress off.

"Let me see what's underneath. Let me see what you bought."

She found it terribly exciting to strip for him. She slipped out of the dress and stood there in her underthings while he looked at her. She could see the heat in his eyes. She took her drink from him and sipped it and then handed it back to him. Reaching behind her back with her hands, she unsnapped her bra and peeled it off. Her tits swung back and forth as her body moved. Her nipples were hard. She felt so turned on. She cupped her tits in her hands and pulled gently at her nipples.

"I'm doing things with you I never did with anyone," she said.

Frank chuckled. "Well, that's good. Now the panties."

The panties came off. She was thrilled by the lewdness of it, the exhibitionism. It was marvelous to be standing there in front of him wearing nothing but a garter belt and nylons and heels, her tits and pussy and ass naked under his gaze. She felt more female than even before, more female and ready for fucking.

Frank was obviously also affected. He stared at her, his eyes feasting on her as they moved over her body. He hadn't looked at her ass yet. He was having his fill of her legs and cunt-bush and tits. She wondered if he had a hard-on. Yes, of course he did. She could see the bulge of it, and when she'd felt him before, his prick had been halfway there.

"I ought to take a picture of you," he said. Candice groaned. "Oh Frank, we can't."

"Maybe some other time. Anyway, you look gorgeous!"

She saw herself now in one of the living room mirrors. Bare pussy and swinging tits. She did look gorgeous. God, what a turn-on.

Frank unzipped his fly and brought his cock out. He sat there stroking his cock while he looked at her. She thought it was incredibly sexy for him to do that. She watched his hand slowly pumping his cock. She thought how exciting it would be to watch him jerk off all the way some time. His jism shooting put of his pisshole. She'd never seen a man do that. She couldn't imagine Martin doing it.

Frank called her to him and she stepped forward. She stood between his legs as he raised his hands to her tits. He pulled at her tits, forcing her to bend over him. In a moment he had his mouth on her tits, his lips and teeth nibbling at her nipples.

After that he made her turn round so that he could play with her ass. She quivered as he fondled her ass-cheeks. He made her bend forward all the way.

"Spread your legs and grab your ankles!" he said.

She did it. Her body was limber enough and she often did it during her exercises. She thought it was terribly lewd to be so spread open for him. Her cunt and ass in his face. He stroked her thighs and ass and then he started sucking her cunt from behind. This was the first time a man had sucked her this way and she loved it.

When he had his fill of her cunt, he moved his mouth along her ass-crack to her asshole. She moaned as she felt his lips touch her grommet. She felt so wide open. He started licking her whole and the feel of his tongue was unbelievably delicious.

First he licked and then he started sucking. Now the feeling was more intense. She felt his tongue push inside. He slithered his tongue in and out of her ass as she maintained her bent over position. She was beginning to feel the strain of bending over, but somehow it added to the pleasure of the feel of his tongue in her ass. Frank Mason's tongue in her ass. Martin's best friend was sucking her asshole. "Frank, I can't hold this position much longer!"

She straightened up. He pulled his mouth away, squeezed her ass-cheeks and chuckled. "You like getting your ass gobbled?"

"Yes, I love it!"

She felt him fooling with her pussy again. Then she felt his fingers carrying her cunt-juice to the crack of her ass and her asshole. She closed her eyes and groaned as he slipped a finger inside. He churned the finger around gently inside her shit-tube. "Relax, Candice. Just let yourself go and relax."

He reached over to a small table, opened a drawer and brought out a small bottle of something. She looked over her shoulder and found him pouring something out of the bottle onto his fingers. "What's that?"

"It's nothing, just a little body oil. Bend over a little, not too much, just a little."

She did what he wanted. She was so turned on, she could feel her heart pounding in her chest. She was afraid to ask what his intentions were. She moaned as she felt his finger push inside her ass again. This time the entrance was smooth and easy. Then he pulled the finger out almost to the end and joined another finger to it. A shudder ran through her as she felt his two fingers slide inside her lubricated asshole. "Oh, Frank!"


"I shouldn't let you do this."

He laughed at her. He told her he could tell she loved it. He screwed his two fingers around inside her ass and told her she was getting loose now. Soon he had his fingers fucking slowly in and out of her asshole.

"I'm going to come!" she said. She couldn't help it. The feel of his fingers in her ass was marvelous and she was completely wiped out. She dropped a hand to her cunt and started rubbing her pussy while he finger-fucked her ass.

She came in a moment, squirming her pussy beneath her hand as he reamed her asshole. "Oh my God!"

After she recovered, he pulled his fingers out of her ass and he rose and kissed her. "I'm crazy about you!"

"I've never been this way with anyone!" He led her into the bedroom and she sat on the bed and watched him undress. He had a huge hard-on, his cock long and curved the way she remembered it. She wanted to suck his prick, but he told her to kneel on the bed with her ass facing him.

She hurried to obey. She knelt there with her ass raised and her head and shoulders down on the mattress. He ran his hands over her ass and over her cunt-lips, and then suddenly she felt his cock-knob pushing at her cunt-hole, pushing inside, his long curved cock sliding into the wet cavern of her pussy.

She groaned and cried out. It was so good. His cock was so hard. She churned her ass around and begged him to fuck her.

He was amused at her impatience. "Just take it easy."

"I can't. I want you to fuck me!"

"Patience, baby."

She felt his fingers at her asshole. He was oiling her again, something thicker. "What are you doing?"

"Getting some Vaseline in your ass."

"Oh God!"

"You've never had your ass fucked, have you?"


"I thought so!"

"I'm afraid, Frank."

"Just relax and enjoy it!"

Her excitement washed out her fear. When he was through greasing her asshole, he pulled his cock out of her cunt and she felt his cock-knob pushing at her asshole. His fingers had opened her ass and now she forced herself to relax to open herself even further.

Then she groaned as she felt him go in. She felt his cock-head stretching her sphincter. He gave it to her slowly, urging her to relax, going in some, then pulling back, then going in some more.

He gradually worked his cock inside her ass. She felt the pressure, the invasion in her shit tube. She'd always wondered what it was like to have a cock in there, and now that she had it she realized it was indescribable. Complete penetration. Complete submission to the male. The remarkable thing was that the pain was minor. He'd loosened her ass enough so that she felt hardly any pain at all. Then in a moment even the minor pain was gone completely and a hot pleasure took its place. "Oh Frank!"

"It's all in. It's beautiful, baby. You've got a lovely ass."

He started fucking her ass slowly. He slipped one hand underneath to fondle her cunt-hole and clit and that drove her wild. The feel of his cock moving in and out of her ass was a marvel, but the diddling of her clit while he did it was sheer bliss. "Fuck me, Frank! Fuck my ass!"

The pace quickened, the fucking more steady now. Then finally he started grunting as his jism boiled out of his balls. She came with him, her asshole clamping down on his thrusting cock to suck the fuck-juice out of his nuts.

At last she cried out and fell away from him, exhausted, demolished, her mind in a whirl as she realized she'd had the strongest orgasm of her life.


So now Candice was involved in an affair with her husband's best friend. Her days were filled with thoughts about her next meeting with Frank, and when they were together her excitement was intense.

If Martin was aware of a change in her mood, he never showed it. Candice continued to see Frank whether Martin was in town or out of town. She learned there was always some way she could manage to be alone with Frank for a few hours. She was thankful now that Martin's job kept him so busy.

Sometimes she felt guilty about what was going on. When Frank sensed it, he consoled her, told her it was all Martin's fault. She realized that both of them were being terribly disloyal to Martin. But having sex with Frank was too exciting to give up. Sometimes they would lie on his bed an hour with his cock slowly moving in and out of her ass as they talked about Martin.

Frank was such a good lover. He knew just what buttons to push. He knew how to keep her in a state of constant excitement. And of course the danger of what they were doing made it even more thrilling.

By the time the first month of their affair passed, Frank was fucking her ass almost exclusively. She didn't mind. She loved it now. She always had better orgasms with his cock in her ass. She would rub her clit herself. In the beginning Frank rubbed her clit while he fucked her ass, but then later on he told her to do it herself. He would slide his cock slowly in and out of her ass while she rubbed herself with her hand. Then, when she came, he would finally shoot his come-load in her shit-hole.

"I'm getting ruined back there," she said to Frank once.

He chuckled. "The way you toss around, it doesn't look to me like you're having any trouble with it."

"How come Martin is never interested in my ass? You've been his friend so long, how come he's so different from you?"

Frank teased her. "Would you like me to ask him? The next time I see him, I'll ask him about it!"

She loved Frank's cock. He had such a lovely cock. She could take him in her ass so easily now. She was used to the feel of him back there. He usually did it from behind. They would fool around awhile and then she would get on her knees and he would stand on the floor behind her. Sometimes they did it somewhere else and then she would bend over something. He once fucked her ass at night on the balcony of his apartment. He had her leaning over the railing with her skirt raised and his cock plowing in and out of her shit-hole while she looked down at the street below.

She loved it. It was thrilling to know that someone might be watching them. It was thrilling to fuck outside, to feel the air on her naked ass. The first time they did it on the balcony, she was so excited she pissed all over the railing when she came. Frank teased her about it for weeks. He was always amused when she pissed during an orgasm. He said it proved how lusty she was. "You're a hot-cunted woman and there's no way you'll ever be happy with just one man!"

Maybe it was true. She certainly thought about sex all the time. She spent her days anticipating the next time with Frank.

She knew he had other women. She wasn't the only woman he was fucking. She saw traces of it sometimes, an earring, lipstick on a glass that hadn't been washed yet. They never talked about it. She was satisfied with the way things were going and she didn't care what he did with other women. She would never leave Martin for Frank. The fucking was great but it would never be more than that.

Sex with Martin continued to be as dull as ever. It was all routine. Even when he was in the mood, it was all routine. Compared to sex with Frank, fucking Martin was just horribly dull. She never thought about whether it would change anymore. She had Martin as a husband and Frank as a lover. She had a job she liked and two men in her life and what more could she want?

Then one day Frank began talking to her for the first time about the other women he had. Candice resisted at first, she didn't want to hear about them, but Frank insisted.

"Don't be so traditional," he said.

But she was jealous. When he started telling her about a girl named Peggy, Candice found herself so jealous she couldn't take it. "I don't want to hear anymore!"

Frank was amused. He said she ought to meet Peggy. He said he thought they would like each other. "She knows all about you and she wants to meet you!"

At first Candice was furious. She was angry that Frank would talk about her to another woman. Then she realized that what Frank really wanted was for all three of them to be together. And evidently Peggy wanted it, too. He said Peggy was excited by the idea.

Candice was shocked. "Frank, I've never done anything like that."

"All right, then try it and find out what it's like."

"I don't think I can."

"Sure you can."

"Have you ever done it with two women before?"

"What do you think?"

"I think you're a slimy bastard!"

But he had her interested. At first there was nothing but shock at the idea, but then as she thought about it more she realized she found it exciting. But she wouldn't let on to Frank how interested she was. She let him think she was giving in to his pressure in order to keep him happy. She finally agreed to make it with Frank and Peggy, provided they would do it while Martin was out of town. She couldn't do something like that and then go home to Martin afterward. That would be too much. "Is Peggy gay?"

Frank shook his head. "No, she's not gay, she just likes lots of sex!"

Like me, Candice thought. She was married to a traditional man and there was nothing traditional about her at all. There was nothing traditional about Frank either. He thought nothing of leading his best friend's wife into an orgy with another woman.

First he fucks me and then he corrupts me, Candice thought.

The real problem was that she was enjoying every moment of it.

During the following days she thought about nothing else except what it would be like with another woman and Frank. She knew she was going to find out some things about herself. She wasn't that stupid. At the least she would be naked on a bed, or somewhere with another woman. Frank said Peggy wasn't gay, but if Peggy was that interested in doing it, maybe Peggy was more gay than she realized. Candice thought she could accept being touched by another woman if Frank was there. The presence of a man would somehow make it tolerable.

Or she might even like it. Why not? There were people who said everyone was bisexual. Kelly Reed the lesbian was in and out of the gallery nearly every day now and Candice couldn't help thinking about what it would be like to make it with a woman. She wouldn't mind a woman going down on her. She wouldn't like to do anything like that in return, but she wouldn't mind getting it born a woman! Then it occurred to her that maybe Peggy wasn't that way at all. Maybe Frank had told Peggy the same things he'd told... Maybe he was conning both of them to get what he wanted. Maybe Peggy expected it was Candice who was gay.

What a rat bastard he is, Candice thought. He'll do anything to get what he wants. He has no scruples at all!

Frank set up their little party on a weekday afternoon the next time Martin was out of town. Candice found some excuse to get out of the gallery early. She was nervous as hell. She went home to bathe and change her clothes, and then about three o'clock she took a taxi to Frank's apartment.

This is the weirdest thing I've ever done in my life, she thought.

As she rode up the elevator to Frank's place, she was so nervous she thought about turning back. Then she thought about how angry Frank would be, and she told herself no, I've got to go through with it. Finally she was there, her hand trembling as she pushed the doorbell of Frank's apartment. Frank opened the door, smiled at her and kissed her, and then in a few moments she found herself in the living room being introduced to Peggy.

They were about the same age. Peggy was an attractive blonde, tall and leggy and chic-looking.

"Frank talks about you all the time," Peggy said. "And now you're here and you're even prettier than I thought. I was right to be jealous!"

Candice smiled. "I guess I've been jealous, too."

They hit it off. Candice liked her. Peggy had a great deal of poise and it was easy to be with her. Much easier than Candice had anticipated. She also realized that Peggy wasn't at all disturbed about Frank's plays for the afternoon. Candice now suspected that this wasn't the first time Peggy had done something like this. She was too sure of herself. She had to be experienced.

"We'll get some air on the balcony," Frank said. "You've both got bikinis somewhere. I'll make the drinks and meet you out there."

They were on the balcony nearly an hour, drinking and chatting about their lives. Candice was beginning to think maybe nothing would happen. Then finally they all went inside and Candice went to the bathroom. When she came out again and returned to the living room, she found Frank and Peggy kissing each other on the sofa.

Her pulse racing, Candice mixed herself another drink and sat down to watch them. She sipped her drink as Frank's hands roamed over Peggy's bare back. Candice realized how exciting it was to watch them together. She was turned on. Now she was certain something would happen. This was the beginning of what she'd been fantasizing about for days.

Before the kiss ended, Peggy had her hand on Frank's cock. She squeezed his prick through his swim trunks. Then she helped him sup the trunks down so that his cock and balls were exposed. The blonde ran her hand up and down his long cock and turned to smile at Candice. "We've both had this where it counts, haven't we?"

Candice said nothing. She was too excited to manage anything but a nod of agreement. Peggy seemed so cool about it. Candice quivered as she watched Peggy lower her head and go down on Frank.

The blonde had a sexy mouth. She sucked Frank's cock-knob, sliding the ring of her lips back and forth over the bulb, and then she took more of his cock in her mouth, the tube of his cock slowly disappearing inside her face.

Candice was impressed. She watched as Peggy took all of Frank's long cock. The blonde held her face pressed against his cock-bush a moment before puffing slowly back. She left a trail of saliva glistening along his cock-shaft, and then finally her mouth came off the tip of his prick and she licked her lips. "I love it when they're curved like a banana!"

Frank chuckled and pulled at the strings of Peggy's halter top. In a moment her tits were free, her nipples like two pink cherries stuck on the ends of her small tits. Frank tossed the halter away and palmed one of her tits. "Candice likes blondes!"

They both looked at Candice and Candice blushed. "I never said that!"

"Sure you did."

"Frank, I never said that!"

Peggy came to the aid of Candice. "Don't push her, Frank. You said no one would get pushed."

Frank shrugged. "Okay, okay."

Peggy smiled at Candice. "I'll feel lonely if you don't come over here and help me with him."

Candice realized she had to do something now. She had to either join them or call a halt to it. She trembled as she rose. She hesitated a moment, and then she walked over to them and sat down on the other side of Frank.

"All right, I'm here," Candice said.

Peggy wet her lips. "You can help me suck his cock. First we'll get his trunks off and then we'll take turns gobbling this beautiful cock!"

For the first time in her life, Candice shared a man with another woman. First they got rid of his swim trunks. Then Candice held Frank's balls while Peggy sucked his cock. Now she was sitting close enough to see every detail of the sucking. She squeezed Frank's balls as Peggy's mouth worked on his cock-head. Then it was Candice's turn. She went down on Frank while Peggy watched. Peggy reached over and unhooked the top of Candice's bikini to free Candice's tits.

Both women were bare-titted now. They took turns sucking Frank's cock. Frank finally came in Candice's mouth. She was caught by surprise and she almost gagged. When Frank finished shooting his come-load, Peggy moved to Candice and kissed her. Candice moaned and opened her mouth to give Peggy Frank's jism. The two women sucked on each other's tongues as they shared Frank's jism.

After that they went to the bedroom and the women finished undressing. Peggy did not hide her interest in Candice's body and Candice in turn, found herself turned on by the pretty blonde. Peggy had hardly any hair on her pussy, and Candice could see the blonde's pretty cunt.

Frank fucked Candice first. He made her kneel on the bed and he fucked her the way he always did, standing behind her with his hands on her hips. She groaned as his cock moved in and out of her cunt.

Then he pulled out of Candice and it was Peggy's turn to kneel on the bed. For the first time in her life Candice stood close by and watched another couple fucking. She found it incredibly exciting. She could see everything, Peggy's stretched cunt-hole, Frank's cock sliding in and out, his balls swinging against her cunt-lips.

Frank shot off in Peggy's cunt. He pumped hard as he came, his belly pounding against Peggy's ass. After he pulled out, Peggy turned around and made Candice touch her pussy. She wanted Candice to feel Frank's jism in her cunt.

Candice was shy about it, but she wanted to do it. She touched Peggy's cunt, ran her fingers up and down the jism-coated cunt and then inside Peggy's cunt-hole a little. Peggy's clit was so big and stiff. Candice had never touched another woman like this before and it turned her on. She was indeed discovering things about herself. She liked looking at Peggy and kissing her and touching her. She could be turned on by a woman as well as by a man.

All three of them lay on the wide bed and talked awhile. Peggy pushed Candice to tell her about what she did with Frank.

"I bet he's the same with both of us," Peggy said. "He's always fucking my ass and I bet that's what he does with you."

Candice admitted Peggy was right. "He's going to ruin me back there!"

Peggy chuckled. "Don't worry, you won't get ruined that easily. Once you get used to it, your body adapts."

The women worked on hank again to get his cock hard. This time they were all lying down and Candice was more comfortable. She felt good about things now. She liked Peggy. They were two women and one man and yet Candice did not feel that she and Peggy were competing with each other.

When Frank's cock was stiff again, Peggy wanted him to fuck her ass. "Candice wants to see how you do me. Isn't that right, Candice?"

Candice quivered as she nodded. Peggy was a woman and she knew all about what Candice liked. Yes, she did want to see it. She expected it would be marvelous to watch.

It was Peggy who insisted that Candice grease Frank's cock with Vaseline. Candice was thrilled by that, too. The whole thing seemed so crazy. She spread the Vaseline over the length of Frank's cock while Peggy was kneeling there waiting for it. Candice told herself she would never forget this afternoon as long as she lived.

When Frank's cock was sufficiently greased, Candice helped him get it inside Peggy's ass.

The blonde's pink asshole looked too small to take his prick, but as soon as his cock-knob pushed at her grommet, Peggy opened her ass and he slipped right in.

Candice held her breath as she watched. She thought it was beautiful. Peggy's asshole opened like a pink mouth and Frank slowly pushed inch after inch of his long cock inside her shitter.

Peggy groaned. "God, I love it!"

"Your ass is hot!" Frank said.

"Take it easy, not so fast."

"Come on, you can take a truck in there!"

"Frank, take it easy."

Candice's excitement was intense. She kept her eyes glued to the joining of cock and asshole. Peggy's little shit-hole was now stretched wide open. So that's the way I look, Candice thought. She realized how exciting it must be for Frank to look down and see his cock spearing her ass when he fucked her.

Reaching behind Frank and between his thighs, Candice found his balls and gripped them in her hand. She held his balls as he continued fucking Peggy's ass. His balls were hard and swollen and they felt good in her hand. She watched his greased cock move slowly in and out of Peggy's stretched shitter.

Finally Frank pulled out of Peggy's ass before he came. He told Candice to kneel on the bed. "From Peggy's ass to your ass. That'll make the two of you asshole buddies!"

Candice blushed and quivered as she climbed onto the bed. Frank could be so crude sometimes. But maybe that was why he turned her on so much. His swinging cock had just come out of Peggy's asshole and maybe the way he talked was appropriate.

Frank lost no time getting his cock inside Candice's ass. He put it in too fast and he hun her. She cried out and made him slow down.

"I won't let you do it if you hurt me," she said.

He did it more slowly then, his cock pushing inside her ass an inch at a time until her shit tube accommodated itself to his prick. Then he pulled slowly out again and he began fucking her carefully.

Peggy started fondling Candice, first her hanging tits and then her cunt. Candice moaned when she felt Peggy's fingers on her clit. The blonde's touch was precise. She knew exactly what Candice needed and before long, Candice could feel her climax approaching.

But Frank came first. He clenched his teeth and grunted as he shot his come-load in Candice's ass. He said her ass was tighter than Peggy's. Candice came when she felt the new wetness in her asshole. Peggy's fingers continued rubbing Candice's clit until Candice was completely wiped out.

When Candice finally rolled away on the bed, she saw Peggy on her back with her hands between her legs. The blonde was holding her cunt open with one hand and frigging her clit with the other hand. Candice watched it. She watched Peggy get off. A shudder of excitement ran through her as she watched the fuck-juice oozing out of Peggy's cunt-hole.

After that Frank dozed off and Peggy moved closer to Candice. It seemed natural for them to kiss. Their arms went around each other as they worked their tongues together.

"I like you," Peggy whispered.

She fondled Candice's tits. She moved her head down and sucked one of Candice's nipples. Candice closed her eyes and thrilled to the feel of Peggy's mouth on her tit. Peggy sucked Candice's nipples and then moved her mouth down to Candice's cunt-bush.

"What a gorgeous cunt!" Peggy said.

And the next moment she had her mouth on Candice's cunt and Candice groaned with pleasure.

It was like nothing she'd ever known before.

A woman's mouth on her cunt. She'd thought there wouldn't be any difference, that a woman's mouth would feel the same as a man's. Now she knew she'd been wrong. She could feel the difference, all right. She opened her legs as wide as possible to give Peggy more room.

Go on, eat me, Candice thought. Suck the cream out of my cunt-hole. Suck my clit until I scream!

Frank opened his eyes and chuckled when he found them together. He ran his hand over Peggy's ass and then between her ass-cheeks to tickle her cunt-hole and asshole. He brought his juice-soaked fingers up to Candice's mouth and told her to suck them. Candice opened her mouth and started sucking his fingers with abandon.

She was so hot. The feel of Peggy's lips and tongue in her cunt drove her wild. Her crotch was such a mess now after the fucking by Frank, and yet Peggy seemed to love it. Candice wondered if she ought to try it. She sucked on Frank's fingers and wondered if she had nerve enough to suck a woman's cunt.

As if reading Candice's mind, Peggy shifted her body, straddling Candice to get her crotch over Candice's face. Frank pulled his fingers out of Candice's mouth and pinched one of Peggy's hanging tits.

Candice looked up at the blonde's cunt. The sparsity of cunt-hair made it easy to see everything. Peggy's inner cunt-lips protruded out of her cunt-slit like two pink flags.

Yes, I want it, Candice thought. She reached up to fondle Peggy's ass with her hands. Then she pulled on the blonde's ass, pulled Peggy's crotch down to her mouth. Peggy moaned against Candice's cunt and sank her cunt down on Candice's face.

For the first time in her life, Candice licked and sucked another woman's cunt. She soon had the taste of a hot pussy in her mouth. Now she knew what it was like for a man. She could understand why they liked it. Great waves of excitement ran over her as she held onto Peggy's luscious ass.

Peggy's tongue and lips were working on Candice's clit now. The buzzing started, the rush to a climax. Candice found Peggy's clit with her lips and pulled on it. She tongued and nibbled the little protrusion of flesh at the top of Peggy's cunt-slit.

Candice went off. She humped her ass up and down, fucking her cunt at Peggy's mouth. She used her nose on Peggy's clit and fucked her tongue all the way inside Peggy's cunt-hole.

Peggy squirmed her wet cunt on Candice's face as she had her own orgasm. A flood of cuntjuice poured out of Peggy to drench Candice.

Frank finally broke them apart. He'd been sitting there stroking his cock while he watched them. Now he made Peggy get on her knees. He licked her asshole, swirling his tongue outside and then inside her shitter. Then he brought the knob of his cock to her grommet and pushed it inside.

"Play with her cunt," he said to Candice. "Get her off while I fuck her ass."

Candice leaned over Peggy, kissed her neck and fondled her little tits. Then her hand moved along Peggy's belly to find her cunt. Quivering with excitement, Candice slipped two fingers inside Peggy's cunt-hole while she worked her thumb on Peggy's clit.

She could feel Frank's cock on the other side of the wall. She could feel his cock in Peggy's ass with the fingers she had in Peggy's cunt. She fucked Peggy's cunt-hole in tandem with Frank's cock. When Frank's cock came out, she pushed her fingers in. Then her fingers came out as Frank fucked his cock into Peggy's wide-open ass.

Peggy blasted off. She had a huge orgasm that left her shaking and groaning. When Frank pulled his cock out of Peggy's ass, he dangled it in front of Candice's face.

"Come on, you can have my come-load!" he said.

Candice looked at his prick. His cock had just come out of Peggy's ass, but it looked clean. He was about to shoot off.

Yes, I want it, she thought.

She leaned forward and closed her mouth over his cock-knob.

Frank grunted. He held his balls with his left hand and stroked his cock with his right hand. He watched Candice's mouth as she sucked his cock-head.

"Here it comes," he said, and the next moment his jism was spurting out of piss-hole and Candice worked her throat muscles as she swallowed his jizz.

I love it, Candice thought. She felt Peggy between her legs again, the blonde's mouth on her cunt. She had the taste of Frank's jism on her tongue and the feel of Peggy's lips on her clit. She wondered how much more she could take. Then she told herself the question was stupid. She could take whatever they had to give her.


"Here's a toast to good times," Martin said. "That's the only way to deal with the crap in this world!"

There were four of them at the restaurant table. Martin and Candice and Frank and Frank's new girlfriend Susan. The evening was Martin's idea, and it was the first time Candice and Frank had been together like this since the beginning of their affair.

She didn't like it. She was uneasy. She felt awkward and guilty and afraid Martin would somehow read her mind or Frank's mind and learn what was going on. And she was also jealous about Frank's new girlfriend. This girl was even prettier than Peggy. Candice was determined not to let Frank talk her into a threesome again. No, the hell with that. She'd see him if he wanted it, but it had to be the two of them alone.

Nothing happened during the dinner. Frank was careful not to let anything slip. He behaved just as he always did with Martin, and Martin seemed oblivious to the fact that his best friend was fucking his wife regularly. Frank, in fact, saw more of Candice's cunt these days than Martin did.

When the evening was finally over, Candice was relieved. She hadn't said much to Susan and she was glad about that, too. Maybe Frank would understand she wasn't interested in repeating what had happened with Peggy.

At home with Martin, tired after the ordeal, Candice went directly to their bedroom and started undressing. Martin looked in and offered to make her a drink, but she said she'd already had too much at the restaurant.

"You go ahead," she said. "If you feel like drinking, do it."

He came in with a highball in his hand. She had her blouse off, and after she put the blouse away Martin set his drink down and he came over to unhook her bra. He stood behind her, helped her slip off the bra and then closed his hands over her tits. "Here's the best pair in town!"

Candice leaned back against him. "Did you have a nice time tonight?"

"I always have a nice time with Frank. What do you think of Susan?"

"She seems nice enough. I wish he'd get married."

Martin chuckled as he squeezed her tits. "Frank doesn't care about marriage anymore. He says he's having too good a time being single."

"I'll bet he is."

"Christ, I love these tits. Come on, let's fuck!"

Yes, she wanted it. She rubbed her ass against his crotch and told him to give her a few minutes in the bathroom first. She slipped away from him, walked inside the bathroom and closed the door.

My husband and his best friend, she thought. Each was so different from the other. She finished undressing in the bathroom and then she cleaned her pussy and ass. A sudden idea came to her and with a quiver she reached for the bottle of baby oil she kept on a shelf. Yes, why not? Maybe she could get Martin to finally do it. She oiled her asshole, dripped some oil on her middle finger and then worked her finger around inside her shitter. Now if she could coax him into fucking her ass, she'd be ready for him. God, she did love to be poked back there! Even her finger felt good.

Martin had such a gorgeous cock and she knew it would feel wonderful in her ass. He's my husband, she thought. He's the one who ought to be fucking my ass, not his best friend.

Martin was naked on the bed when she came out. He'd finished his drink and he was waiting for her. "You look good," he said. "Maybe I've been neglecting you."

"Well, maybe you have."

She slipped onto the bed and kissed him. He ran his hand down her back and squeezed her ass. "Does the little girl want a lollipop?"

"Yes, the little girl loves a lollipop!" She went down on him, scooting around to get her face over his crotch, and then she took his cock in her mouth and started sucking. He had such a nice cock-head, a fat and juicy plum of a cock-knob. She always loved sucking his cock. Tonight she wanted it even more than ever. Somehow it made up for the turmoil over Frank. She sucked Martin's cock, tickled his piss-hole with her tongue, then the underside of his cock and even his balls. He was never enthusiastic about her sucking his balls, not like Frank was, but she did it anyway. She took each ball in her mouth, worked it around and then spit it out again. Finally she pulled away from him, rose up on her knees and then lowered her head onto the pillow.

"Fuck me, honey. Do it tome from behind!"

Martin chuckled as he moved behind her ass. He teased her about being horny. He stroked her ass and tickled between her cunt-lips. Finally he slipped his cock inside her cunt-hole and started fucking her.

She stretched her legs wide apart, reached underneath to grab his balls. She held his balls as he fucked her, puffing at the sac, bouncing his balls with her fingers. His cock felt so good sliding in and out of her cunt.

"Martin, fuck my ass!"


"Take it out and put it in my ass!"

"I thought that's what you said."

"Go on, do it."

"You really want that?"

"I wouldn't ask if I didn't want it. I just want to know what it's like."

He pulled out of her cunt. "Okay, we'll find out. I'll get some Vaseline."

She wouldn't tell him she'd already oiled her asshole. Now she realized he might be put off if he thought she'd planned it.

She waited for him. He came back from the bathroom with a jar of Vaseline. She looked over her shoulder and watched him smear the grease on his cock. She thought he seemed nervous but it was hard to tell. He certainly wasn't as confident as Frank.

Then Martin was ready, moving behind her with one hand on her ass and the other holding his cock. "I'll stop if it hurts."

"All right, I'll tell you."

She didn't expect it to hurt. She wondered whether she ought to fake it, but she decided that was crazy, she wouldn't fake something like that.

But she did groan when his cock went in. He was bigger than Frank, his cock-head larger and his cock-shaft thicker. She opened her ass, pushed out as though she were shitting to make room for him. Martin grunted as his cock slid inside the hot tube of her ass.

"Christ, it's good. Does it hurt?"

"Just a little. But it feels good, too. You can move if you want!"

He started fucking her, his cock slowly pistoning in and out of her ass. She liked it, but mainly because his cock was thick and she liked the way it stretched her asshole. Aside from that, he really didn't know much about it. Martin was definitely not an ass man.

He came before long, calling out to her how good it was when he felt her asshole clamping down on his cock. She squeezed his cock ant spurted in her shitter. She always liked to do that to Frank when he shot off in her ass.

Her own climax never happened. She couldn't come unless she frigged her clit while she had her ass fucked. After Martin was asleep, she went to bathroom and jerked off while she sat on the toilet. She felt his come dripping out of her asshole as she brought herself off with her fingers.

It still doesn't work, she thought. Fucking Martin was so boring and nothing seemed to make it work for her.

"You're unhappy," Kelly Reed said. "I can tell by your face that you're unhappy."

They were in the gallery. Candice was seated at her desk and Kelly was perched on the edge of the desk with her eyes on Candice. For the past ten minutes Kelly had been flirting with Candice. It was open flirting now, not much different from what a man would do, except it wasn't a man but a woman. Candice was aware that if she didn't know Kelly was gay she might not realize it was flirting.

Was she interested? Yes, maybe she was. Frank had been ignoring her. He hadn't said anything about making it with Susan because maybe he knew Candice would refuse. Candice wondered if their affair was coming to an end. Whether it was ending or not, she was certainly lonely and Kelly Reed seemed to recognize it.

Kelly urged Candice to have dinner with her. Candice couldn't make up her mind. She knew that if she accepted Kelly's invitation she was more or less agreeing to make it with her. Candice wasn't certain what she wanted.

"I think about you a great deal," Kelly said. "I won't leave here until you agree to have dinner with me tonight."

"All right, I will," Candice said. "If that's the only way to get you off my desk, then I'll have dinner with you."

So it was done. When Kelly left the gallery, Candice still wasn't certain she had done the right thing. How could she possibly make it with a lesbian? This wouldn't be like what had happened with Peggy. Frank wouldn't be there. Candice was afraid that as soon as things got serious she'd get turned off. She didn't want to hurt Kelly. And she didn't want any trouble with Kelly. Now that Kelly was gone, Candice regretted yielding to Kelly's flirtation.

They met after Candice finished at the gallery and went to a cocktail lounge. They sat at the bar drinking and Candice was sure no one could guess what was going on. Kelly certainly didn't look gay. For the first time since Candice had known her, Kelly was wearing a dress. Candice thought Kelly looked beautiful. Her legs were perfect.

Kelly made Candice talk about herself. "Tell me about your husband. Tell me what he's like."

Candice talked about Martin. She didn't want to let on too much. She never liked talking about her problems and she said nothing specific to Kelly about the sexual problems she had with Martin. She admitted there were problems, but she wouldn't talk about them.

After the bar, Kelly took Candice to a cozy restaurant. Kelly insisted that everything would be on her.

"I get the fun of treating you," she said.

"That's the way it is and you'll just have to learn to live with it."

Candice did like her. She listened as Kelly talked about herself. Unlike Candice, Kelly talked freely about her sex life. Candice was embarrassed in the beginning, but after a while she felt more at ease.

"I don't hate men," Kelly said. "You know I'm gay, but the fact is I don't hate men. I just enjoy women more. I always have. I can't remember a time that I ever liked boys more than girls. Men are all right, but they don't turn me on. And if you like sex the way I do, it's important who turns you on."

After three drinks and some delicious French food, Candice was feeling mellow. She was intrigued by the idea of making it with Kelly. All kinds of images came into her mind. She tried to picture the two of them squirming on a bed. She wondered what Kelly looked like naked. She wondered how Kelly would make love to her. Kelly wasn't Peggy. Kelly was prettier and more intelligent than Peggy. Candice turned herself on thinking about Kelly going down on her, Kelly's tongue in her cunt, her fuck-juice spilling on Kelly's pretty face. Did she want Kelly sue king her pussy? Yes, she did. She did want it. Now she knew it would be better than the time she'd had with Frank and Peggy. She quivered as she thought of Kelly working her over.

After dinner, Candice accepted Kelly's suggestion that they go to Kelly's apartment. The idea made sense because Kelly's apartment was near the restaurant, but of course from this point on Candice had committed herself.

Candice could sense a new excitement in Kelly. In the elevator, Kelly slipped her arm around Candice's waist and whispered in Candice's ear. "I can't believe you're here."

"Well, I'm here, all right. Maybe I shouldn't be here, but I'm here."

"Come on, Candice."

"Kelly, I'm straight!"

"I know you're straight. That's the reason I'm crazy about you. If you were just another dyke, I wouldn't care one way or the other!"

Inside Kelly's apartment, Candice felt more relaxed. She had another drink, and then Kelly put some music on the stereo and came to sit next to Candice on the sofa. They talked about the apartment awhile and then about Kelly's painting. She had one large room that she used as a studio. "Someday I'm going to paint you."

"I don't know."

"You're beautiful, Candice. I'm going to do the most fantastic oil of you and then you won't be unhappy anymore."

They both laughed, and then suddenly Kelly leaned over and kissed Candice's mouth. Candice stiffened under the kiss, but then she yielded. Kelly finally pulled her lips away. "Am I going too fast?"

"I don't know. I don't know what I want." Kelly kissed her again. This time Kelly's tongue pushed at Candice's lips and Candice opened her mouth. They kissed deeply, Kelly's tongue exploring Candice's teeth and gums. Candice quivered when she felt Kelly's hand on one of her tits.

"I'm dying to fuck you," Kelly said.

Candice groaned. "Oh Kelly!"

The blonde's hand continued fondling Candice's tit. "Does it bother you when I talk like that? I like using the right words for things."

"I don't mind."

Kelly chuckled. "You don't know what a lez like me can do!"

"I guess I don't."

"I do everything, baby. I do anything you might think of. I'd like to suck you. Do you like getting sucked?"




"Yes, where? How about your ass? Do you like getting your ass sucked?"

"Oh Kelly?"

Kelly laughed and kissed the tip of Candice's nose. "Come on, let's get this blouse off so I can see your tits."

Candice was trembling now. The way Kelly talked about sex had turned her on. She remained passive as Kelly unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it away. Then Candice's bra was unhooked and tossed away and her tits were free.

Kelly looked at them a long time without touching. "Keep your shoulders back, I want to look."

"They're just tits!"

"They turn me on!"

Finally Kelly touched them. She cupped the undersides of Candice's tits and lifted them in her hands. Candice looked down at the way her tits were raised by Kelly's hands. "Well, that's uplift, isn't it?"

"They're gorgeous!"

Bending her head, Kelly started kissing Candice's tits. She continued holding Candice's tits with both hands as she kissed them. She kissed all around each tit without touching the nipple. Then finally she took a nipple in her mouth and nibbled at it. A shiver of pleasure ran through Candice as she felt Kelly's teeth pull gently on her nipple.

"I love your tits," Kelly said, her fingers playing with a stiff nipple. "They're sensitive, aren't they?"


"Now let's get down to City Hall!"

Candice giggled as Kelly's hand slipped beneath her dress. Kelly's fingers walked along the insides of Candice's thighs to find the bulge of her cunt-mound. "You're wearing a garterbelt!"

"Yes, I always do."

Kelly was amused. She said Candice was a sexy bitch. She whispered the words as she stroked Candice's cunt through the nylon of her panties. Candice recognized Kelly was teasing her. The blonde knew just what buttons to push and she soon had Candice quivering.

"You're boiling," Kelly said. "You're dripping like a faucet!"

Candice groaned. "Yes!"

"Well, let's get the panties off. Kelly wants to look!"

She was so dominant. Candice was thrilled at the way Kelly took charge of things. She realized she wouldn't be able to go through with it if Kelly behaved differently. Did Kelly know that? Yes, she probably did Candice knew she certainly wasn't the first woman that Kelly had seduced.

Kelly was the one who pulled Candice's panties off. She wouldn't let Candice do anything except raise her ass off the sofa. When Kelly finally had the panties in her hand, she raised them to her face and sniffed them. "I like the way women smell. I like the smell of cunt!" Then she made Candice pull her dress back and her knees up and apart so that she could look at Candice's cunt.

Candice was overwhelmed by the excitement she felt. Instead of jumping her, Kelly was taking her time and whipping up the sexual excitement to a fever pitch. Candice was thrilled at the intense lust in Kelly's eyes as the blonde looked at her cunt.

"Nothing turns me on more than a creaming cunt!" Kelly said. She touched Candice's pussy again, this time running her fingers between Candice's cunt-lips. Candice quivered as Kelly brought her juice-coated fingers back to her mouth and sucked them. "I like the way you taste. Now it's time to have a feast!"

And then Kelly went down on Candice, her mouth pushing against Candice's wet cunt as she licked and sucked. Candice groaned. She soon had her nylon-clad legs draped over Kelly's shoulders. She pulled at Kelly's head and squirmed her pussy under the blonde's mouth.

Kelly alternated the sucking. She was sometimes rough and sometimes gentle. During the gentle times, she blew butterfly kisses all over Candice's cunt. She lapped the fuck-juice that flowed out of Candice's cunt-hole, slurping it up with her tongue and not caring about the noise she made. The sucking was gluttonous and earthy and it surprised Candice. She'd expected the blonde to be more delicate, more feminine.

Then Kelly's tongue began whipping Candice's clit and Candice no longer thought about whether Kelly was rough or gentle. Candice moaned with happiness as the blonde tickled and massaged her swollen clit. Yes, she would make it. She could feel the climax approaching. She would come under Kelly's tongue. It was much better than getting sucked by Peggy. Kelly was more masterful, more sure of herself. Candice groaned and shuddered as the orgasm swept over her. Kelly continued sucking, puffing the fuck-juice out of Candice's cunt until her orgasm was completely finished.

After that Kelly wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and rose up. "Let's get our clothes off. Come on, we can do it in the bedroom!" She pulled at Candice's hand and helped her get up, and then she walked alongside Candice with her arm around Candice's waist. "Was it good?"

"Yes, I liked it."

"It was good for me too," Kelly said with a chuckle. "I knew I'd love sucking you off. You've got a lot of fuck-cream, and that's what I like!"

Candice felt her heart pounding as they walked into Kelly's bedroom. Kelly insisted on undressing Candice herself. She made Candice stand motionless while she peeled her clothes off piece by piece. When Candice was down to her garterbelt and nylons, Kelly laughed and kissed Candice on her mouth. "I ought to fuck you just like this. You wear this shit because the men like it, don't you?"

Candice blushed. "Yes, but it's also more comfortable."

"And more sexy. But we'd better get the nylons off or I'll ruin them!"

After the nylons and garterbelt were stripped away, Kelly kissed and fondled Candice. Watching the blonde head, Candice trembled as Kelly's lips trailed over her belly and down to her pussy. She was ready again. If Kelly wanted to eat her again, Candice was ready for it.

But this time Kelly's mouth moved around to Candice's ass. She kissed Candice's asscheeks, licked gently into the crack between them and then pulled away and rose up. "Lord, you turn me on!" Kelly said.

Kelly undressed after that. Candice sat on the edge of the bed and watched her. She remembered what Kelly had said about her tits being small, and when Kelly was naked Candice saw that it was true. The blonde's tits were almost nonexistent, but her nipples were fully developed, the tips even longer than Candice's. But the most startling thing about Kelly was that her pussy was shaved. She had no hair on her cunt-mound at all, and the top of her cunt-slit was clearly visible.

Kelly fingered her stiff nipples and smiled at Candice. "Now let's have another go at that dripping pussy. You want some more, don't you?"

Candice nodded. "Yes, I do!"

When Candice was stretched out on the bed, Kelly lay alongside her, kissed Candice's tits and then slipped her fingers inside Candice's drenched cunt-hole. Candice groaned and raised her knees as Kelly started fucking her with her hand.

Candice hoped it would last. She thought she could get off on Kelly's thrusting fingers. But the blonde pulled her fingers out of Candice's cunt and started eating her again.

This time Candice was on a bed and she felt more comfortable about it. She raised her legs all the way up, held her knees with her hands to expose her crotch to Kelly's mouth. Kelly's tongue slurped up and down from clit to cunthole, and then suddenly the blonde's tongue went lower down and tickled the ring of Candice's asshole. Candice moaned and shook her legs in the air as Kelly rimmed her.

Kelly finally stopped. She sat up and smiled at Candice. "Sensitive back there, aren't you? All right, get on your hands and knees and Kelly's going to send you flying!"

"Kelly, please."


"No, I'm not afraid."

"Hands and knees!"

Candice did what Kelly wanted. She was too turned on to stop now. She went to her knees on the mattress, and then Kelly made her put her head down and get her ass in the air. Soon Candice shuddered with pleasure as she felt Kelly's hands on her ass. Candice has found herself bent over like this many times with men, but this was different. Now everything she had was on display to a woman, her cunt and her ass lifted up and offered to blonde Kelly Reed.

Kelly gave Candice a hand-fuck first, three fingers thrusting in and out of Candice's cunt until she had Candice groaning and fucking her pussy back at Kelly's hand. Then, keeping her fingers moving in and out of Candice's cunt, Kelly leaned over to kiss and suck Candice's asshole before she fucked her tongue deep inside Candice's shitter.

Candice went crazy. She lost all control. Up until that moment she'd been holding back because Kelly was a woman and not a man. Now that didn't matter anymore. Now all that mattered was the wild pleasure she felt, Kelly's fingers in her cunt and that lovely tongue in her ass. Candice started coming, crying out as she trembled and shook her body. At the end she lost control of her bladder like she usually did when she had an intense orgasm. Kelly pulled back and laughed when she felt Candice's piss on her hand, and then the next moment Kelly's face was pressed against Candice's ass again and her tongue once more slithered inside Candice's asshole.


She accepted it now. Candice no longer had problems about the fact that she was deceiving Martin. She understood that she couldn't be happy without adequate sex. Martin seemed unable to give her what she needed and she had to get it elsewhere. Maybe in time it would destroy her marriage, but meanwhile she had to accept the situation. She told herself she deserved some pleasure in life, she deserved more than a dull existence. She was a healthy and attractive woman and she needed physical satisfaction.

One thing she'd learned was that more sex led to more interest in sex. The valves were opened. She found it easier to get turned on by thinking about sex. She found herself looking at strangers now as potential sexual partners and wondering what they were like in bed. She found herself being more seductive with men and getting more attention in return.

One day she was stopped by a cop for speeding on a boulevard. She never drove the car that much, but this was Saturday and she'd visited a friend in the suburbs. The cop forced her to pull over and then he walked over to the driver's side of her car to write out the ticket.

"Don't tell me you're pregnant and about to have the baby," he said.

Candice looked at him. He was a big burly cop with a square face. "No, I'm not pregnant."

"You were doing over forty and that sign over there says the limit is thirty."

They talked about how fast she was going and how fast the other cars were going and about whether or not he really had to write the ticket. They began talking about cops and tickets and women drivers and she found herself flirting with him. It wasn't deliberate at first, but after he flirted back she kept on with it. She was surprised at herself.

My God, a cop, she thought.

He stopped writing the ticket and looked down at her. "What you need is some driving lessons."

"Maybe I do. Are you teaching today?"

He said nothing for a moment and then he grinned. "All right, you're on. I'll be at the Sunset Motel on Claiborne and Dixon in ten minutes. Do you know the place?"

"Yes, I do. In ten minutes."

So there it was. She had a rendezvous with a cop. She watched the patrol car pull away. As she drove to the motel, she told herself she was crazy. Then she thought about the cop and what lay ahead and she felt the excitement. She had never made it with anyone like that. A cop. Tomorrow you'll be fucking the fire department, she thought.

He was waiting for her at the motel when she arrived. In a few moments they were inside a room and he was kissing her. He was a bigger man than she'd realized. She pressed against him as she kissed him, smelling the sweat and tobacco and aware of his uniform.

"My name's Roy."

"And I'm Candice. You're bigger than I thought. How tall are you?"


"Do they let you put the gun away?"

"You're not afraid of it, are you?"

"No, I'm not afraid of it. It's the other gun that interests me!"

She went down, dropping to her knees, her fingers hunting for his zipper. She found the tab and pulled it down slowly. He unbuckled his gunbelt and dropped his gun and belt on a chair. She snaked her fingers inside his fly and then inside his shorts to find his cock and bring it out. He was still soft, but even soft his cock was longer than what most men had when they were stiff. He had a long foreskin that completely covered the knob of his prick. Kneeling at his feet, she held his cock-shaft with two fingers and fluttered her tongue over the tip of his cock.

"Go on, taste it."

"Don't worry, I will!"

"Skin it. Get the head out and suck on it!" She found his aggressiveness exciting. Using her fingers, she peeled his foreskin back to expose his cock-head. His cherry-colored cock-knob was suddenly unveiled. She loved the moist head of an uncircumcised cock when it was first uncovered. She sniffed at it a moment, excited by the smell, and then she closed her lips over his cock-knob and stifled sucking.

He made a sound of pleasure in his throat. He held her head with both hands and slowly pumped his prick in and out of her face. "Come on, baby, suck the bone and see how it grows!"

And it did grow. His cock quickly thickened and grew long, his cock-knob swelling in her mouth like a fat plum. He made her suck him until he was close to coming, and then he told her to stop and he pulled out of her mouth.

Still on her knees, she looked up at him. "How big is it?"

"Eight inches."

"Don't you want to came in my mouth?"

"Let's dump the load somewhere else. Why don't you stand up and get your clothes off?"

He wanted to watch her undress. He stood there lightly fingering his cock as she peeled her clothes off. She was turned on. Undressing for a man always excited her. Look what driving too fast can get you, she thought. She kept glancing at his cock. His piss-hole was leaking now. He slowly worked his foreskin back and forth over the knob of his prick as he watched her.

"Nice tits. Keep the garterbelt and stockings on. I like them!"

"Don't I get to see anything?"

"What would you like to see?"

"I'd like to see everything."

"Turn around and show me your ass!"

She turned around. She felt his eyes on her ass. He was so cool about everything, as if he'd done this a thousand times before. Well, she certainly hadn't. She knew him less than an hour and here she was wearing nothing but her nylons while he looked at her ass. She hoped he had no ideas about sticking that huge cock in her asshole. She was sure she couldn't take it. Not one that large. She was sure a cock that large would rip her apart!

When she turned around again, he was busy getting his clothes off. She cupped her hands over her tits and stood there watching him as he got naked. He had a powerful body, big shoulders and a big chest and a slight paunch. She guessed he was about forty. His balls were huge, big balls to match the size of his cock and lots of dark hair framing his fuck-meat. He looked even more masculine without his clothes and her excitement was intense.

She went down on him again. As soon as he had the last of his clothes tossed away, she knelt at his feet again and sucked his cock. This time she had his big balls to play with. She loved jiggling a man's balls. Half the fun of sucking a cock was getting her hands on the guy's balls. She sucked his cock-knob awhile, and then she moved her mouth down to his balls and she licked and sucked his sweaty ball-bag.

He grunted and moved his legs apart. "Careful with the teeth!"

She wasn't sure what she wanted. She'd never had a man like this before, a huge man with all this male equipment and the sharp smell of his sweaty crotch making her quiver with an animal excitement. She dipped her face between his legs, tongued his balls at their lowest point and then behind them where the smell was even stronger. Go on, she thought, do whatever you want, in an hour or two you won't know each other anymore and whatever you do won't make any difference. Her pulse racing, she moved her face even further between his legs until she had access to the crack of his ass.

He grunted again. "Oh yeah. Come on, dig in, baby. Lay some tongue in there!"

He was such an animal. And what she was doing was so awful. But she wanted to do it and she did it. She licked her way from the underside of his balls to the crack of his ass and then inside the crack to his asshole. She was thrilled at the musky taste of his hairy ass. She tickled his shit-hole, then fluttered her tongue down to his balls again and took one of the eggs inside her mouth. Finally she pulled her face away from his crotch.

"Fuck me now!" she said. "I want your cock inside me!"

He made her kneel on the bed. He mauled her ass with his big hands, his fingers puffing and rubbing her cunt-lips. Then he brought the knob of his cock to her cunt-hole and fucked his prick inside. She gasped as she felt the size of him. She dropped her head down, shifted her knees further apart and squirmed her cunt on his big cock.

He fucked like a machine, no frills, nothing but the deep thrusting, his thick cock-shaft stretching her cunt-mouth as his cock slid in and out. She was still under the spell of what she had done before, thinking about his crotch, his hairy balls, the smell and taste of his ass. She had never done that to a man before. Or to a woman. Kelly had sucked her ass, but Candice hadn't returned the favor. Now she had licked the asshole of a complete stranger, a cop she'd picked up on the street. And she wasn't regretful.

She loved licking his ass, tickling his asshole with her tongue. His hairy ass. It was the maleness that turned her on, the funky smell of his balls, the taste of his ass, the hair tickling her nose and lips. She realized now that a woman wouldn't be that exciting to her. Balling Peggy and Kelly had been nice, but what she needed was a man with a cock and balls and a hairy ass.

The cop was talking to her now, telling her what a good fuck she was, rubbing her asshole with his finger as he stroked his cock in and out of her stretched cunt-hole.

Then his finger was inside her ass, and from the size of it she guessed it was his thumb. He screwed his thumb around and she went crazy because it felt like a cock and she thought she had a cock in both fuck-holes. She cried out and came, the piss gushing out of her pussy to drench the insides of her thighs and the mattress between her legs.

The cop felt her cunt-channel contracting on his sliding cock and he started shooting his come-load. Then he smelled the piss and he cursed as he slapped her ass. "Jesus fucking Christ, I hope they got a rubber sheet on the fucking bed!"

The months rolled by and then it was summer and Candice and Martin had a two-week vacation in Colorado. Martin went fishing every day and Candice sat around reading and sipping daiquiris. At night they fucked, banging up and down on the bed in their cabin. The fucking was better than usual because Martin was more relaxed, but Candice was accustomed to exotic sex now and things never got that far with her husband. Then the vacation was over and they were once again back home in the routine of everyday living.

One day in the gallery, Al Gorman the painter walked in and spoke to Candice. "How come you don't like me anymore?"

Candice looked up from her desk. "I never said I don't like you!"

"Then let's have a drink after you get off work."

"I can't, Al. My husband is expecting me home."

"Tell him you broke a leg or something."

He flirted with her, nagging her until she finally agreed to meet him in a bar after she finished at the gallery. She wasn't that enthusiastic about seeing him again, but she was horny. She never saw Frank anymore, and a few hours with Al Gorman would certainly be better than nothing. Better than going home to watch some stupid show on TV while Martin snored on the sofa.

When she arrived at the bar, she found Al with a friend. Al introduced his friend Bruno to Candice.

"This is the loveliest woman you're ever going to meet," Al said. "This is premium woman, Bruno, so hold onto the jewels!"

Candice frowned. "I'm not interested in anyone's jewels!"

Bruno was another crazy painter. Of all the artists Candice knew, the painters were the craziest. Some of them were so whacked out they couldn't function anymore. Al was still functioning, but she wasn't too sure how long it would be before he was finished like the others.

Both Al and Bruno flirted with her as they sat at the bar. She had fucked Al only once, but she remembered it very well. That night at the party. The way he'd gone down on her. The two of them wrestling on that bed. She thought of his mouth between her legs as she bantered with them. She wouldn't mind his tongue down there right at that moment. She was a little annoyed that he had Bruno with him.

Her annoyance soon increased further. As they continued bantering, she realized that Bruno knew she'd made it with Al. She didn't like that at all. She didn't like the idea that Al talked about her to his friends. Then she told herself the hell with secrets, she had nothing to be ashamed of. She wouldn't want Martin to find out, but with these two crazy painters she had nothing to hide. When Al suggested they go to Bruno's studio, she shrugged and said sure, why not? She hoped she and Al would leave Bruno's place later on. They would still have a few hours and maybe they would go to his place and fuck.

She admitted to herself that was all she cared about. She wanted a good fuck and with the right encouragement Al could be a good fuck. She was amused at herself because she realized she was thinking just like a man about fucking. Well, maybe they're right, she thought. Maybe that's the only way to think about it.

They took a taxi to Bruno's place, and when they were inside Candice started drinking again. She'd been drinking wine at the bar and she stayed with it. Wine never made her too drunk. She wanted to stay sober enough to get Al out of there and to a bed somewhere. She wasn't worried about Martin. If he asked any questions, which he never did, she would tell him she'd been out with her girlfriends.

After fifteen minutes or so in the open space that served as Bruno's living room, Bruno disappeared and Al started kissing her. She didn't mind. She liked it. She cuddled into his arms as he worked his tongue in her mouth. When he put his hand on her tits, she didn't mind that either. Al chuckled in her ear and told her he'd been dying to fuck for months.

"Ever since that night at the party. Remember that night?"

"Sure, I remember it."

"I keep thinking about the taste of your pussy."

"You're lying."

"No, I'm not!"

"You're just trying to turn me on."

"Sure, why not?"

"Well, stop it. Not until we're out of here!"

"Hell, we can't walk out on Bruno."

"Sure we can."

"Haven't you ever made it with two guys? I thought you liked him!"

She was speechless. She hadn't thought of that at all. Not the two of them. Now she understood why Bruno had been at the bar. Al had invited him. Al's idea was that both of them would fuck her. She groaned and pulled away from him. "Oh no, I can't do that!"

He argued with her. He said it was nothing special. He said his friends were making scenes like that all the time. The women always liked it. They always had enough cock to keep them happy when they had two guys. "You won't be sorry. Do it and you'll see you won't be sorry!"

Gradually she gave in. She couldn't deny the idea was exciting. She had once fucked two men in one day, Frank in the afternoon and Martin in the evening. She'd been excited by it, too. The most exciting moment was when Martin slipped his cock inside her cunt. Her pussy had been fucked out after a long session with Frank, one of the rare times he'd fucked her cunt instead of her ass, and there was Martin rooting around in her fucked-out cunt. It was obvious he couldn't tell the difference. She'd had two men one after the other and now she had a chance to have two men at the same time. She played out her resistance, but when Al started kissing her again and talking about making it with Bruno, she said nothing and just kissed him back. Al wasn't stupid and he knew that he'd won.

He pulled her hand over to his cock, then he told her to bring it out. She unzipped his fly and dragged his cock out of his pants. It felt good in her hand, hot and hard, his cock-shaft throbbing beneath her fingers.

"Suck it!" he said. "Get some cock in your mouth!"

She went down on him. She didn't care anymore that this was Bruno's place and Bruno might walk in. She would make it with both of them, let them fuck her and suck her and do whatever they wanted with her. Whatever they wanted she would like. She liked sucking Al's fat cock. He smelled like he hadn't had a bath in a week and she giggled because it turned her on. She wondered if Bruno smelled as strong as Al. Then she felt a presence, and when she turned her head to look she saw Bruno standing there watching them.

He had his cock out. Bruno had his fingers curled around his cock, his thumb and forefinger pressing his cock-head to squeeze some fuck-juice out of his piss-hole. Her mouth filled with Al's cock, she watched spellbound as a glob of fuck-juice oozed out of Bruno's piss-hole and dropped down to the floor.

Oh yes, she wanted that. Oh God, yes. She dropped Al's cock out of her mouth, kept her mouth hanging open and waited for Bruno. He muttered something as he moved in. She didn't care what he was saying. His cock-head pushed between her lips, the tube of his cock filling her mouth, his cock-knob sliding over her tongue and down to the crack of her throat.

"Look at that," Al said. "She sucks like an angel. Look at that mouth!"

"That's a pretty mouth," Bruno said.

She felt like a slut but she loved it. She sucked Bruno's cock awhile and then she dropped it and went back to Al. First one cock and then the other. Two fat pricks to lick and suck and taste. She wished they were both naked so she could play with their balls. She wanted to hold a pair of balls in each hand while she sucked on their cocks.

They finally stopped the sucking in order to undress her. She remained completely passive, licking her lips as she looked at their dangling pricks. They stripped her down to her nylons and then she had to bend over and suck Bruno again. This time Al got naked and moved behind her and in a moment he had his cock in her cunt while she fucked her face up and down on Bruno's prick.

She felt skewered, one cock in her mouth and the other in her cunt. She had a crazy vision that the two cocks were connected, one solid tube of fuck-meat going right through her body. She wondered what Martin would think if he saw her now. He'd either kill her or divorce her. This was wilder than anything she had ever done. Oh yes, she'd thought about it, because every woman thinks about it sooner or later, but thinking wasn't doing and this was definitely doing. Her cunt sucking a cock at one end and her mouth sucking at the other end. Then she pulled her mouth off Bruno's cock and complained.

"Listen, this is all right, but it's not comfortable for me. Isn't there a bed in this place?"

The men stripped after that and they all moved into the part of the loft that served as Bruno's bedroom. She was into it now, overwhelmed by just, eager to fuck both of them, to try everything and anything they could think of. When they were at the bed, she sat down on the edge of it and grabbed both pairs of balls in her hands.

"Just let me do what I want a moment!"

They stood there while she sucked their cocks one after the other, her mouth loose and hot as it moved from prick to prick. She loved it. She loved having her hands filled with their balls. She loved the surplus of cock-flesh, one cock waiting while she sucked the other.

Finally they stopped her. Bruno lay down on the bed and she had to bend over him to suck his cock again. Al fondled her ass-cheeks and tickled her asshole. When he pushed a finger inside her ass, she didn't stop him. He chuckled as he worked his finger around. He understood she wouldn't mind his cock up her ass if that's what he wanted.

"First the cunt," Al said. He rubbed the knob of his cock up and down her cunt and then fucked it inside her cunt-hole. He fucked his prick in and out awhile as she sucked Bruno. Then Al pulled his cock out of her cunt and bent over her ass to spit on her asshole. "Here comes the Great Communicator!" She felt his cockhead pushing inside her asshole to stretch the walls of her shit-tube.

Now she had a cock in her mouth and a cock in her ass, the full glory of it, mouth and asshole packed solid with hot prick, two crazy painters making a meat sandwich out of her on a ratty bed in a dingy loft.

Candice, you're crazy, she thought. Was this anything a respectable woman might to? No, it wasn't, all the respectable women did was dream about it. Fuck all the respectable women.

She reveled in the lewdness of it, the feel of it, the raunch and sweat and grunting. Bruno was watching the way her mouth sucked his cock and Al was watching the way his cock fucked in and out of her ass. She wandered if he had her shit on his cock. She hoped he did. Frank had once told her it wasn't any fun to fuck a woman's asshole unless he got her shit on his cock. That was the whole idea of it, fucking the shit out of her ass and making her get off on it.

"I want her pussy!" Bruno said.

Al laughed. "I'm not puffing out. You want me to pull out, Candice?"

She lifted her head from Bruno's crotch. "If you do, I'll kill you!"

"Don't you want a sandwich? You get Bruno in your cunt and me in the backdoor. We'll do a little shuffle on the bed and fuck your brains out!"

Candice groaned. "Do whatever you want!" Al snickered as he pulled out of her ass. She was afraid to look at him, afraid she'd be embarrassed by the shit on his cock that she knew was there. She hadn't expected to have her ass fucked in Bruno's place. She hadn't been prepared for it.

But if Al noticed anything on his cock he said nothing. He showed her how to mount Bruno, how to ride Bruno's cock so that her ass was accessible. She was in a daze as she did what they wanted. All she cared about now was getting a cock stuffed into each fuck-hole and blasting off.

Before long all three of them had what they wanted. Bruno was on his back and Candice was on top of him with his cock in her cunt. Al straddled Bruno's legs behind Candice and slipped his cock back inside her asshole.

At first she thought it wouldn't work, she thought they would split her in two. But then she adjusted to the feeling, to the tremendous pressure of two cocks in her body at the same time. The fear passed into amazement and the amazement into a glorious pleasure. It was better than all the fantasies, better than anything she'd ever dreamed about.

They found a rhythm. She felt so close to them. How much closer could people be? One man in her cunt and the other in her ass. At the moment they knew more about her than her husband did.

"Come on, fuck me!" she said. She started tossing her ass around, and before long they were both coming, one cock spurting jism in her cunt and the other pouring a load up her ass. Bruno grabbed one of her nipples between his teeth and bit it as she flew over the moon.


Arthur Fogarty was a wealthy old art collector who frequently visited the gallery where Candice worked. He often chatted with her and sometimes he even flirted. Candice never took him seriously, but it was Arthur Fogarty who was to provide her with the solution to her problems with her husband.

One day Fogarty came in as usual, looked at a new painting he'd been interested in, and bought it. After the sale was completed, Candice offered him coffee and they sat and talked. As he often did, Fogarty flirted with her, telling her how attractive she was and how she was the only reason he kept returning to the gallery when there were other places that had more to offer.

"I like pretty girls," he said. "I'm not so old that I can't appreciate them!"

Candice wondered about him. Six months ago she might have thought he was too old for her. But she knew better now. These days she was more and more convinced that the most important thing in a man was experience. As he had more than once in the past, Fogarty asked her to have dinner with him. This time she accepted. "Yes, I think I will."

Fogarty beamed. "Really?"

"Yes, really."


Martin was out of town again and she was bored. "Tonight, if you like!"

Yes, he liked the idea very much. They arranged that he would pick her up at her house at eight. He left soon after that, and Candice finished out her day at the gallery wondering what her evening would be like with Arthur Fogarty. She hoped, she wasn't wrong about him. He could turn out to be an old fossil and she'd have just another dull evening.

When she arrived home she had a bath and dressed carefully, and then at eight o'clock sharp the front doorbell rang and when she opened the door she found a uniformed chauffeur with his cap in his hand. "Miss Leonard? Mr. Fogarty is waiting in his car."

Candice was amused. She thought at least he might have come to the door himself to get her. But of course it wasn't like an ordinary date. They were both married and she couldn't pretend it was an ordinary date.

Fogarty's car was a long black Fleetwood, and as soon as Candice climbed into the back she realized she was in the midst of luxury. Fogarty smiled at her and indicated the bar in front of him. "Wine, Candice?"

"Yes, thank you, wine will be fine."

They sipped their wine as the limo drove off. Fogarty called her Miss Leonard again and she corrected him, reminding him that she was married.

Fogarty chuckled. "Ah yes. You have a husband and I have a wife. But for the time being let's think about just the two of us."

He had to be past sixty. He had white hair and a sharp little face and a thin body. He looked healthy and comfortably rich and satisfied with himself. Candice wondered what his wife was like. She wondered how often Fogarty drove younger women around in his limo.

They talked about the gallery and about artists and then about women. Fogarty said he found women indispensable in his life. He put his hand on her knee. "Do you like sex?"

Candice was taken aback. She hadn't expected the approach to be so fast. "Yes, of course!"

Fogarty chuckled. His hand was still on her knee. Now he was rubbing her knee back and forth. "Not of course, you know. Some people don't like sex. They like food or they like gambling, but they don't like sex. It just doesn't appeal to them. And then there are those who think sex is wrong. You don't think it's wrong, do you?"

"No, I don't think it's wrong."

"I didn't think you did." He looked down at her legs, at his hand cupping one of her knees. "You have lovely legs. I noticed them the first time I was at the gallery and I always look at them when I come in. In fact that's one of the reasons I came down there. To look at Miss Leonard's legs. And now here you are sharing a bottle of wine with me and I want very much to look at your legs will you show them to me? I'd like to see your thighs."

Candice quivered. How strange he was. He had such an intense look in his eyes. She looked at the chauffeur on the other side of the glass wall that sealed off the rear of the limo. The chauffeur could neither see anything nor hear anything that went on behind him. She pulled her dress back. She slowly exposed her knees and thighs and then the upper parts of her thighs above her stockings.

Fogarty made a sound in his throat. "Oh yes, you're lovely." He rubbed her knee again, this time the palm of his hand warming the nylon of her stocking.

Candice was turned on. She thought he would slip his hand between her legs, but he did nothing like that. For the time being, all he wanted to do was look. She sipped her wine as Fogarty started talking about his art collection again. She opened her legs a bit, widened the space between her knees and thighs. Could he see her panties? She thought he could. He was such a strange old bird. She had her thighs exposed and her legs apart and now the crotch of her panties was probably wet. She itched to be touched and all he did was sit there talking about his damn art collection.

But Fogarty never did more than stroke her knee and look at her thighs. He took her to an elegant restaurant and sat beside her in a velvet upholstered booth. He started talking about sex again. For the first time he talked about his wife. Her name was Mary and Fogarty said she was still a young woman. "She's only forty. That's not old, is it?"

Candice thought forty wasn't that young, but she said no, it wasn't old. She said some women look better at forty then they did at twenty. Fogarty nodded and said she was right. He patted her knee under the table and said Candice was an intelligent young woman.

When they were in the limo again, Candice pulled her dress back and crossed her legs. Fogarty looked down at her thighs and smiled. "It's still early. Would you like to come home with me? I have some things I'd like to show you and I think we'll be more comfortable there than anywhere else."

Candice was surprised. "Won't Mrs. Fogarty mind?"

Fogarty chuckled. "Oh, don't you worry about that. We have a large house and we allow each other our little freedoms."

They did have a large house, a huge and lavish place set back from the road behind a screen of oak trees. Moments after they arrived, Candice found herself in a plush sitting room with a glass of champagne in her hand. Fogarty was talking about sex again, the needs and preferences of woman, how difficult it was for some women to enjoy themselves. She was too distracted by the luxury in the room and she didn't follow most of what he was saying, but then suddenly she realized he was offering to go down on her.

She almost spilled her champagne. "Oh my."

"Is something wrong?"

"No, you just took me by surprise!"

"Then how about it?"

Candice felt a flutter of excitement in her belly. "All right, I wouldn't mind that!"

She thought he would take her to a bedroom somewhere, but he insisted he would do it right there where she was sitting. He would suck her pussy right there in the sitting room while they drank their champagne. Then she said she wanted to use the john first and he told her he didn't want that either. He wanted her just like she was.

"I don't want to taste anything but you," he said. He had her quivering with lust, her hands trembling as she hurried to get her panties off and open her legs. Her dress pulled back to her waist, she slid her ass forward on the sofa cushion and dropped her knees apart to show him her cunt.

Fogarty went down on his knees in front of her. He gazed at her crotch, the tops of her stockings, the garters, the dark bush of cunthair, the puffy slit of her cunt, and down at the bottom the puckered ring of her asshole.

"Push forward a little more," he said.

Candice did it, her ass now almost half off the edge of the sofa. Fogarty raised her nylon clad legs, pushed her knees back to her chest, and told her to hold them there. Now all of her crotch was turned up and wide open to him. He ran his fingers lightly over her thighs and asscheeks, and then he lowered his face to begin eating her.

He did it in a way that was new to her. He started at her asshole. She hadn't expected it and she gasped with surprise. She'd had her asshole licked before, but never the first thing like this. The way her knees were pulled back and her ass turned up, she could see everything he was doing. She watched his pink tongue fluttering over her dark grommet. First came the fluttering and then the licking, up and down and around. He worked on her asshole until it was loose, and then he stiffened his tongue, pushed it inside, and held it there.

Candice was in heaven. Here was Arthur Fogarty, the richest client the gallery had, on his knees with his tongue in her ass. He was an expert. He stroked his tongue in and out a few times, then he pulled it out all the way and began fluttering it up to her cunt-hole.

Here she was dripping, her fuck-juice oozing out in a steady flow as her cunt pulsed with excitement. Fogarty slurped at her cunt-juice, sucking into his mouth. Then he pushed his tongue inside her cunt-hole and began fucking her with it.

It was better than anything she'd ever had, better than all the men and all the women, better even than Kelly the lesbian. Fogarty's tongue was longer and thicker and he knew how to work it in and out in a way that drove her crazy. By the time he pulled his tongue out of her cunthole and moved it up to her clit, she was primed and ready to go off. She rocked her legs and cried out and blasted off in his mouth. Fogarty opened his mouth wide, clamped it over as much of her cunt as he could get and sucked up everything she gave him.

"Well, that's ducky," a female voice said. "Arthur, you ought to have told me we have a guest!"

Candice was frozen into immobility. She still had her legs wide open. Mrs. Fogarty was standing there looking down at them, watching as her husband pulled, his wet face away from Candice's crotch.

"Lord, you're wet," Mrs. Fogarty said to her husband: "Did she pee in your face?"

Candice blushed. "I think I'd better leave."

"Don't be ridiculous," Mrs. Fogarty said. "Now that I'm here, you can't just walk out. Anyway, you're too pretty and I won't let you go!"

Mary Fogarty was an attractive woman, a tall brunette with a wide red mouth and glittering eyes. She smiled at Candice. "My name is Mary. Arthur is good at that, isn't he?"

Candice closed her legs. She decided the hell with it, they couldn't rattle her. She'd show them she was as sophisticated as they were.

"Yes, he's very good," Candice said. "I hope you don't mind."

Mrs. Fogarty laughed. "Oh, I never mind what Arthur does. Open your legs, darling. I'm not finished looking at you!"

Candice did it. If the bitch wanted to look at her cunt, then let her look. She was glad Mary Fogarty was so attractive. Candice decided that if Mrs. Fogarty wanted to suck her pussy, she wouldn't refuse.

"Hairy," Mrs. Fogarty said, her gaze fixed on Candice's crotch.

Candice blushed, but she held her legs wide open. "No good?"

Mrs. Fogarty smiled. "On the contrary, that's the way I like them. Arthur, suck her again. Do it so I can see your tongue in there."

The next five minutes were the craziest Candice had ever experienced. Fogarty returned his face to her crotch, his head turned to the side a bit so that his wife could see his tongue working in Candice's cunt. Mrs. Fogarty raised her dress enough to get her hand between her legs. Her hand was hidden as the dress fell over it, but Candice could tell by the movements that Mrs. Fogarty was masturbating as she watched her husband eat her pussy.

Candice was turned on. Fogarty's expert tongue soon had her moaning and shuddering under his mouth. Mrs. Fogarty made a hissing sound as Candice came. Candice rocked her legs, held onto Fogarty's head with her hands as she squirmed her pussy against his lips.

After that Mrs. Fogarty undressed. She tossed her clothes piece by piece onto a chair until she was completely naked. Except for the droop of her tits, her body was still firm. Exercise and a good diet had kept her in marvelous shape.

Candice was amused when the older woman stepped back into her high-heeled shoes. Mary Fogarty was a sexy woman and Candice was beginning to admire her.

Mr. Fogarty soon returned to sucking Candice again. This time he was back at her asshole. Candice pulled her knees all the way back and purred with pleasure as she watched him tongue-fuck her shitter.

Mrs. Fogarty disappeared for a few minutes, and then she returned carrying something in her hands. Candice's eyes grew wide when she saw what it was. Mrs. Fogarty was carrying a dildo and an attached harness. Mrs. Fogarty smiled when she saw the look on Candice's face.

"I'd like to fuck you with this," Mrs. Fogarty said. "Are you interested?"

Candice quivered and nodded. Sure, why not? The artificial cock looked so real. She was so hot now she would do anything they wanted!

Mrs. Fogarty buckled the harness on and adjusted the dildo so that the back end of it protruded from her cunt. She had a thick-lipped cunt and it excited Candice to see those thick cunt-lips wrapped around the end of the dildo. The other end, the business end, had a lovely fat cock-knob that made Candice itch to have it inside her.

Mrs. Fogarty told her husband to stop sucking Candice. "She wants more than a tongue. Arthur."

Fogarty pulled away. His mouth and chin were covered with Candice's cunt-juice. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and smiled at Candice. "She'll drive you crazy with that!"

Candice said nothing. She had eyes only for the dildo and Mrs. Fogarty now. It seemed so strange to see a woman with a woman's tits and a woman's ass and a stiff cock sticking of her cunt.

"I'll take you from behind," Mrs. Fogarty said. She was oiling the dildo now. She'd brought some oil and she was spreading it over the shaft and knob.

"Please, not in my ass," Candice said. "I don't think I'd like that in my ass."

Mrs. Fogarty chuckled. "Just your pussy, darling. But it does wonders in the other place, too!"

Keeping her dress rolled at her waist, Candice turned and bent over to show her ass. She was eager to get fucked now. Getting off with a tongue was always nice, but there was nothing as good as a hard cock in her cunt. In this case the hard cock wouldn't be real, but Candice expected she'd like it just the same.

Mrs. Fogarty came closer to Candice and fondled Candice's pussy, tickling her cunt-lips and then probing between them to find her cunthole. Then Candice felt something pushing at her cunt-hole, and immediately after that the dildo slid smoothly inside her cunt-channel.

Candice groaned with pleasure. It felt real, all right. Just like a real cock. Hard and thick and long enough to push at her insides!

Mrs. Fogarty started fucking Candice. The older woman knew how to fuck. When Candice turned her head to the side, she discovered she could see them in a mirror. Mr. Fogarty was there in the mirror, too. He had his cock out of his pants and he was slowly frigging himself as he watched his wife fuck Candice.

Then Candice groaned as Mrs. Fogarty fingered her asshole. Mrs. Fogarty laughed. "Are you sure you don't want it here? I'd love to fuck this little fuck-hole!"

Candice moaned and rolled her hips. "All right, do it. But please be careful!"

Mrs. Fogarty snickered and said she was always careful when she fucked a pretty asshole. She pulled the dildo out of Candice's cunt and poured some oil on Candice's asshole. The next moment Candice gasped with pleasure as the dildo slid inside her shit-tube. "Good?"

"Yes, it's nice!" Candice said.

"Arthur, get down there and suck her pussy!"

Candice wasn't sure how Arthur managed it, but she soon felt his tongue slurping in her cunt as Mrs. Fogarty continued fucking her ass. Candice knew what to do about Martin now. She couldn't wait for him to come home so she could try out her idea. Then she stopped thinking about Martin and all she could think about was the hard rubber cock in her ass. Mrs. Fogarty was good, damn good.

"Fuck my ass!" Candice said. And then she made a mewling sound and came as Mr. Fogarty bit her clit.

Mrs. Fogarty giggled. "She's coming, Arthur. The poor little girl is coming again!"


But Candice received a sudden shock before she had a chance to try out her plan with Martin. She discovered a pair of panties in the pocket of one of his jackets as she prepared to send the jacket to be cleaned. The blue lace panties certainly were not hers. She remembered that Martin had recently worn the suit on a trip to Houston. The presence of the panties in his pocket meant he was cheating on her. With a blonde, she thought. A blonde would wear pale blue panties. Candice carried the panties to the garbage and threw them out. Her hands were trembling.

She was confused. She was angry. She was pained at the idea that Martin would cheat on her. Then she told herself she was crazy to think about it like that. She'd been having affairs for months, so how could she be so upset about Martin? She realized how unfair it was to be so disturbed about his cheating. If he was cheating. She had to find out for sure. She was certain she'd go crazy thinking about it unless she knew for certain one way or the other.

She began looking for someone to help her. She finally found a private detective named George Molloy. He came to the house one evening when Martin was out of town for two days on a short trip. Candice asked Molloy if he wanted a drink and Molloy declined.

"I don't drink when I'm working," Molloy said.

"Well, I'm drinking," Candice said. "I can't talk about this unless I have a drink. I'd feel more comfortable if you have one with me."

Molloy nodded and said he'd have a bourbon and water. Candice made his drink, brought it to him and sat down facing him in an easy chair. She was nervous. She sipped the vodka she had poured into a glass. "You said on the phone you could find out about my husband. How long will it take?"

They talked about her belief that Martin was cheating. Molloy asked questions about Martin, about his job and habits. He said the fact that Martin traveled a great deal would make the investigation expensive. Candice said she had the money. She said she wanted Molloy to find out about Martin one way or the other and she would pay him whatever was necessary. Molloy took a retainer and said he would get to work. Two weeks later Candice met Molloy in a cocktail lounge downtown and he turned over a photograph of Martin and a woman entering a taxi on a street not two blocks away from where Candice was sitting.

"He picked this one up in a place down the street, one of those singles bars," Molloy said. "He also had a girl last week in Cleveland but I couldn't get a photograph. Anyway, he's been seeing some women, all right."

Candice was mesmerized by the photo. "Here in town?"

"I took the picture myself."

"Where did they go?"

Molloy sighed. "They went to her apartment. He was up there three, hours and then he came down alone and went home. In Cleveland the story was the same. He doesn't make it with hookers. He goes to a singles bar, picks up a girl and goes home with her. So I think you've got a little problem with your husband."

"You don't know how big it is."

"Yes, I do know. I've been in this business a long time."

Molloy tried to console her. He talked to Candice about marriage and cheating and why people do it. Candice liked him and she was extremely upset about Martin. When Molloy asked her to have dinner with him in the restaurant attached to the bar, she accepted and was thankful for it.

They continued talking during dinner and she had two more drinks. She felt miserable and confused. She wrote a check out for Molloy and handed it to him. "I guess I won't need you anymore."

Molloy nodded. "Come on, I'll drive you home."

Molloy took her out to his car, and once they were inside they somehow moved together and Candice found herself kissing him. Molloy pulled away and chuckled. "Now we're mixing business with pleasure. I don't like to do that!"

"Kiss me again!" Candice said.

He kissed her again. He put one of his big hands on her tits and fondled her. Candice felt better about Martin. She always felt better in the arms of a man. Molloy continued kissing her and soon his hand dropped down under her skirt and between her legs to find her pussy.

"We could go to my place," Molloy said.

Candice shook her head. "No, I don't want to." She was not anxious to fuck him. All she wanted to do was get her mind off Martin and her problems. She found Molloy's zipper, pulled it down and searched inside his pants for his cock. He groaned when she brought his cock out. "Why don't you come to my place?"

She didn't answer him. Instead, she went down on him, closing her mouth over his cock-knob and sucking up the fuck-juice that was already leaking out of his piss-hole. This was one way to forget about Martin. With a juicy cock in her mouth, the problems she had no longer seemed to matter. Molloy had a nice cock, his cock-knob clean and tasty and hot. She pumped his cock-shaft with her fingers. She wanted to bring him off in her mouth. She wanted the sharp taste of jism in her mouth.

Martin, go fuck yourself, she thought. She had never thought about Martin like that before and she felt suddenly liberated. Then Molloy groaned and started shooting his load in her mouth and she had to pay attention to what was happening. She finished milking him with her hand, sucking on his piss-hole to get the last of his come.

When she finally pulled her mouth away, Molloy whistled through his teeth. "Christ, you know how to do that, don't you?"

Candice sat up and wiped her mouth with a tissue. "How come you're not married?"

Molloy laughed. "I was married ten years and now I'm divorced. I like it better this way. I get to meet more people!"

"Like me!"

"Sure, like you. Let's go somewhere and have a party!"

She turned him down. She had the taste of his jism in her mouth, but she didn't want to fuck him. She was too depressed to do anything except let him drive her home.

It took a while for Candice to work up the nerve to confront Martin, but finally she did it. She told him she knew he slept with other women and she said they had to talk about it.

At first Martin denied it. He said it wasn't true. He expressed his annoyance. "Where the hell are you getting ideas like that?"

Candice told him about the private detective and about the photograph. "If you want to see the photograph, I still have it."

"Jesus Christ!"

"Martin, we've got to talk."

"All right, we're talking."

"I've been cheating, too."


"You heard me. We've bath been cheating each other!"

He groaned and started pacing the room, swearing at her, questioning her to make sure he understood what she was trying to tell him. "What the hell for?"

"Because I was lonely."

"Oh Jesus!"

"And what about you? Were you lonely, too?"

"Sometimes I just need some diversion. It's the job, Candice. Sometimes the fucking job drives me up the wall and I just have to blow off some steam!"

"But not with me?"

"If you want to fight, we'll fight!" She didn't want to fight, she wanted to repair her marriage. She made him sit down beside her on the sofa and she kissed him. A hot kiss. She pushed her tongue inside his mouth.

"I think we love each other," she said.

They consoled each other in their misery. She kissed him again and put her hand in his lap. She giggled when she found he had a hard-on. She unzipped his fly, brought his cock out and rubbed her thumb over his wet knob. "I guess I still turn you on. Tell me about those women."

She pulled it out of him, made him tell her about his affairs, his women, what the women did in bed and what they looked like. Martin was soon talking freely about everything and Candice could tell that the more he talked the more turned on he was getting.

Then he asked her about her lovers and she told him a few things. Not everything. She didn't tell him about the women, or about Mrs. Fogarty fucking her in the ass with a dildo. She didn't think Martin could handle that. Maybe someday, but not now.

Then she convinced him to come with her to the bedroom. With his cock hard and leaking like it was, he didn't need much convincing to get him there. They both giggled as she led him along by his cock. "I'm going to do things to you."

"Like what?"

She teased. "Oh, you'll see. I'm going to get you so hot, you'll go crazy."

That was the idea she had from the Fogarty's. She understood now she had to make Martin so hot that he would depend on her for his sexual satisfaction. He might fuck another woman here and there, but he would always come back to his wife to get the real thing.

In the bedroom they undressed. Candice told him she wanted to give him a massage.

Martin snickered. "You never did that before. What do you know about that?"

"Maybe I've been working in a massage parlor."

"The hell you have!"

She made him lie down on the bed on his stomach. She poured skin lotion over his back and began massaging him. She worked on his shoulders and back and then his lower back. He mumbled something when she started massaging his ass.

"I didn't hear you," she said.

"I said you're good," Candice chuckled. "Sure, I'm good. What about this? Do you like this?" She rubbed some lotion over his asshole and slipped her thumb inside.

Martin groaned. She worked her thumb around in his ass, delighted at the way he was responding. She had never done this before. She had never played with his asshole like this. He had such a cute little ass, so tight and with all that hair around it. She loved it. She lowered her face to his ass and started kissing it. Martin grunted when he felt her tongue in his ass-crack. "What are you doing?"

"I'm going to rim you!"

"Oh Christ!"

"Maybe it'll be better if you get on your knees."

She had to coax him, but in a few moments she had what she wanted. Martin was on his knees with his head and shoulders down on the mattress. She thought his ass looked so sexy. She played with his pendulous balls, tickled them and pulled at the sac. Then she started kissing his ass again, working her mouth up and down his ass-crack from his ball-bag up to the skin around his asshole. She gradually zeroed in on his asshole and then she stayed there. She nibbled at his puckered brownie, closed her lips over it and tickled it with her tongue. A quiver of excitement ran through her as he groaned. She loved turning him on. She wanted to drive him crazy with lust.

Martin swore at her when he felt her tongue sliding inside his ass. But he remained where he was, on his knees with his head down and his legs spread wide. Candice held his balls, twisting the bag as she tongue-fucked his shit-hole. She loved the taste of it the funky taste of his hairy ass. She could feel his balls swelling. She could feel his asshole opening and closing around her thrusting tongue. When he tried to end it, when he told her it was enough and he wanted to fuck her, she refused to abandon his asshole. "No, I'm staying right here. I'm going to jerk myself off while I suck your ass. Just relax and enjoy it!"

Martin groaned. He had a tremendous hard-on. Candice slid her hand from his balls to feel the hardness and length of his cock. His fuckstick. She left off sucking his ass awhile and sucked his balls instead. She frigged her pussy with her fingers. It was nice to suck his balls from below like this, to let his balls hang into her open mouth. There were so many things they hadn't done yet.

He finally couldn't take it anymore. He was too eager to fuck. He threw her off and made her roll over on her back. He mounted her, her legs up on his shoulders and his swollen cock driving to the hilt inside her wet cunt. Candice groaned as she squirmed her ass around. "Fuck me, Martin! Fuck me hard!"

He started pounding her, fucking her deep and hard, the bed shaking, her legs pumping up and down as she matched his rhythm. She was happy now. She knew the secret now. The important thing was to let yourself go, to give it everything you had. She would keep Martin happy and he would keep her happy.

Keep him dry, she thought. She giggled as she pumped her cunt against his thrusting cock. Always keep them dry.


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