The hotter the daughter

Of all the social institutions which have had to endure change and weather criticism, the family concept is, perhaps, the most pronounced. Subjected to the undermining forces of alcoholism, the use of drugs and marijuana, and the advent of mate-swapping, the family unit has undergone immeasurable challenge in the wake of social advancement.

THE HOTTER THE DAUGHTER is the story of how some people adjust to the liberated moral standards within the family unit. Beset by such common problems as remarriage, jealousy, age differences, and unfaithfulness, the characters in this story find an unusual solution to their dilemma.

This is a novel of fiction for entertainment. A reminder that what is debased and perverted for some may well be normal for others.


"He fucked me, Mommie!" Gerta flew into the house screeching, her long, ash-blonde hair flowing down the nape of her neck on that warm June night just after school had closed for summer vacation. "I felt my heart pounding in my chest like in that novel I'm relaxing. It was wonderful!"

Sarah Beck glanced up from her book, smiling. "Johnny Peters?"

"But of course," Gerta beamed, throwing herself on the couch beside her mother. "Who else? He was walking me home from the drugstore, and when we got here, he just swung me in his arms and... and he kissed me, Mommie. Hard! Then he started to work his fingers between my panties, and... and he finger-fucked me for awhile, Mommie. Then he took out his prick and fucked me against the house. Standing up! It all happened so fast!"

Her face was lit up with the rapture of the memory of Johnny's kiss still on her lips. She thought he was the most handsome guy in her class. As she thought about him, a steaming dampness engulfed her pussy.

Mrs. Beck removed her glasses and laid them on the coffee table, wrapping her arms round her daughter in an affectionate hug. Her body trembled. "My God! How I wish some, man would sink his prick in me!"

"Oh, Mommie!" Gerta sighed. "If I lose Johnny now, I'll die! Just imagine! He gave me my first piece of ass!"

"Just remember how beautiful you are, my darling." Her mother grinned. "Don't do what. I did when I was your age. A man needs plenty of fond affection to keep him interested."

Thinking back, Gerta remembered the stones her mother had told, about how her father had walked out on her the day Gerta was born.

"Tell me what to do, Mommie, please!"

"Give him plenty of what he wants, baby," Mrs. Beck whispered. "Otherwise you'll have to marry a hairy ape like I did."

Gerta felt a buzz of electricity jolt her pussy. "Shit! I'm so fuckin' dumb about men, I don't know what to do."

"So, I'll educate you." Her mother laughed. Gerta sighed. "That's what I need. Practical advice."

"Poor darling. You read too many romances. Just do what come natural."

"Like the birds and the bees?" Gerta asked, her heart pounding.

"Exactly!" Mrs. Beck laughed. "Johnny will know. Be honest with him. Ask him to show you the way. If I know boys, he will be more than willing."

Later, as she drew a bath in the bathroom upstairs, Gerta thought if she lost Johnny, her whole world would come crumbling down around her.

Her pussy began to ache. She folded her arms under her tits and looked at her beautiful body in the bathroom mirror. Her skin was soft, white. Her tits were firm, round, pointed.

She twisted her body. Her ass curved gracefully. The view pleased her.

She stepped into the hot tub and reached for a washcloth. She lowered it to her crotch. The rough nap, against her tender clit, heightened her desires.

She felt her pussy-flaps with the edge of her finger. They were puffy, swollen open like the petals of a lush, pink tulip. Thinking of Johnny's prick made her mouth water, and she moaned.

She leaned back and spread her long tapered legs, hooking her heels over the rim of the tube. Her fuck-hole opened, and she dipped her finger inside and rubbed her tender cunt-wall.

"God, Johnny!" she sighed as her passion mounted.

She found herself becoming turned on. She hummed softly and brought the cloth back to her cunt, twisting the rag against her pussy. Johnny's quickie had left much to be desired.

With her other hand, she reached for the soap, a long oval green bar, scented with fragrant jasmine. She lathered her full, rich, white tits until they became hard.

Then she brought the soap down between her legs and into her slit, twisting the hard slippery soap deeper into her pussy, which was now swollen with lust for Johnny's prick. Her cunt eagerly devoured the soapy bar until its entire mass filled her fuck-tube with delightful pleasure.

Her heart felt like a sledgehammer pounding madly. She crossed her legs, entrapping the frothy bar of soap deep inside her aching cunt flexing her thighs, she moved the bar up and down along her tight cunt-hole. The sensation made her cunt hot.

"From now on, I'll live my life for you, Johnny Peters!" she moaned. "I swear to God, I will!"

The thought thrilled her, and her soft humming turned to moans of rapture. The bathroom was filled with the deep, pungent odor of jasmine.

Her cunt felt as if a million tiny needles were biting at her pink cunt-hole as she flexed her thighs faster, working the hard bar of soap deeper inside her.

She worked her fingers under her ass. Gerta forced a finger into the tight shit-chute and wiggled the knuckle back and forth. Her finger worked deeper into her shit-hole. Her cunt felt as if it was on fire. She pushed her finger all the way up inside her shitter and squeezed her ass-muscles as if a fucking prick had entered her.

Her clit throbbed.

She worked her finger around the inside of her ass and felt the bar of soap through the thin membrane that separated her shit-hole from her cunt.

"So this is what it's like to be fucked. God it's so friggin' wonderful!"

Her clit throbbed as if it were about to burst, and more shivers of pleasure shot through her body. Her spine tingled. She was covered in gooseflesh. Her red nipples were hard and erect, the hairs at the nape of her neck stood on end.

She heard a gentle rap on the bathroom door. She grinned as her mother entered, catching her with her finger up her tight, little asshole.

"Oh my poor baby. I heard you talking to yourself from the hallway. I know how you must feel," Mrs. Beck said softly. "It's so fuckin' terrible to be horny."

She walked to the side of the tub and kneeled down, looking into Gerta's lusty eyes. She placed a soft object into the girl's hand.

"Take this." She winked. "It will take the edge off your yearning."

Gerta felt the warm plastic tube that her mother had given her. She looked at it. It was shaped like a man's prick -- long, thin, it had a soft, flexible exterior that curved up in a graceful arc. It had a black cap an its end.

"What's this?"

Her cunt convulsed, and she crossed her legs, feeling the soapy bar nestled in the musky wetness of her cunt.

"It's my precious vibrator. It's not as nice as a man's cock in your belly, but any port in a storm."

"Oh," Gerta sighed. "I've heard about them."

Her mother smiled and opened her arms.

"Come, my poor darling." Mrs. Beck gestured. "Come with me and I'll show you how to pleasure yourself."

As Gerta stood up, the bar of soap slipped from her slippery pussy and plopped into the bath water with a loud splash. Her face reddened.

"Don't be embarrassed, sweetheart." She took Gerta's hand and helped the girl step out of the bath. "I order this brand of soap just for the same purpose. It's just the right size to touch all the right places. But it's going to itch your pee-pee hole like crazy if you don't flush it all out."

Her mother was right. Her pussy-walls were beginning to itch like crazy.

Mrs. Beck's face split into a wide grin.

"Not to worry," she said tenderly. "Just drain the water out of the tub and I'll show you."

Brushing a quick kiss across the girl's cheek, she reached way back in the closet under the sink and brought out a black syringe.

"Sit on the tub with your back to the wall and spread your lovely legs wide apart and I'll make the itch go any."

Her mother filled the syringe with warm clear water from the tap and knelt beside the tub, eyeing Gerta's ash-blonde pubic hair.

"You are built so nice!" Mrs. Beck marveled. "Just right for fucking."

"I hope Johnny thinks so," Gerta replied. "When you were a baby, many were the times I'd kiss that little nose of yours. You'd laugh and be so happy. I knew that someday you would grow up to a ravishing piece of ass."

"You did?"

She glanced up and watched her daughter. Her face beamed. "And to be honest, I'd like to do it again."

Gerta felt a strange, warm glow begin to prick the pit of her stomach. She saw her mother's face grow red.

"Mommie," she whispered, the glow growing more intense. "Do you know, I'm getting the same urge?"

"You are?"


"We'll see what happens," her mother said, reaching over the tub and parting Gerta's soapy pussy-lips. Mrs. Beck sighed. "Oh, honey, your cunt-hole is made so nice and tight. Men are sure going to love getting into this one."

With her other hand, the woman brought the black syringe to Gerta's puffy cunt-hole and gently eased the long tip into her daughter's soft soapy cunt.

It felt like a miniature prick as the hard plastic tip eased up Gerta's hot fuck-tube.

"I like to play with myself for awhile, when I do this to myself," her mother said, working the plastic shaft in and out of Gerta's fleshy cunt. "It feels so good, doesn't it?"

"Owwww, Mommie!" the girl sighed. "You're soooo right! Is it ever so goooood!"

Mrs. Beck squeezed the syringe and a gush of warm water shot up Gerta's steaming cunt tube. Her puffy cunt-petals twitched as her mother teased her clit with the tip of the make believe prick and a deluge of soapy water spewed from her cunt-hole.

Again and again Mrs. Beck repeated the cycle until the douche water drained from Gerta's cunt, crystal clear.

"That should take care of the soap," Mrs. Beck said. "Now, let's solve your other problem! Go into my bedroom, baby, and play with my vibrator. I'll fetch us some wine. Wine and loving go together, like the birds and the bees."

In her mother's bedroom, Gerta stretched out naked on the big four-poster bed, her mother's fucking tool in her hand, the satin sheets feeling cool on her back. Gerta turned on the cordless vibrator and immediately the thing set up a soft buzzing hum. She brought it down to the pulpy pussy petals of her soft, moist, cunt-flesh and touched the tip to her flesh.

The vibrating tingles sent a shock of joy across her spine, and her slick elk throbbed. Her heart pumped wildly, and a fiery glow of heated passion seared through her body, making her cunt burn.

She shoved a pillow under her ass as she spread her legs wider apart.

The room echoed with the soft humming of the mechanical cock as she toyed with the edges of her pussy-flaps. She closed her eyes and imagined that it was Johnny's prick that was trying to get in her.

"Easy, honey," she told him in her wild fantasy. "Play with me for awhile."

She guided the slick shaft back and forth across her trembling cunt-meat.

"Oh, yes!" she cried. "That's absolutely wonderful!"

Each stroke made her passion grow more heated. "You naughty boy!" she moaned. "You can't wait to shove it deeper in me, can you?" She drilled the soft, rubbery plastic deep into her slushy cunt.

Syrup flowed from her fuck-tube.

"Now don't you dare cum, until I'm ready, darling," she whimpered.

Gerta brought her other hand to her breast and stroked it with the palm of her hand. She pushed hard, mashing the hardened nipple into her spongy tit. She could feel her sexual arousal rising rapidly.

"How I wish you were back to suck them!" she cried as a wave of extreme pleasure shot from her fuck-hole in a sizzling blast of hot streaks that gushed down her legs as she orgasmed.

Again and again, she let the mechanical prick fuck her cunt. Over and over her pussy gushed juice. When she snapped off the vibrator and removed it from her cunt, the shaft sparkled in the moonlight, covered with her sweet honey. Lifting the gooey shaft to her lips, she tasted her on, sweet nectar. A drop oozed onto her finger and she licked that too.

It tasted wonderful.

She began licking the gleaming cone like a lollipop, the slightly pissy taste tantalizing her tongue. She opened her sweet lips and sucked it in, wondering how it would feel if it was Johnny's cock in her mouth. The thought sent a spasm of warmth across her pussy.

She arched back, stretching, determined to find out how much of the curved, flexible tube she could take down her throat.

Surprisingly, the sticky, soft stick slid down her throat.

"Oh, Johnny!" she moaned when she extracted the tube from her gullet. "What a fuckin' surprise I have for you!"

Gerta was chuckling softly to herself, when her mother entered the room.

"You having a good time?" Her mother smiled in the glow of the silvery moon pouring through the windows. "I heard you squealing so hard, for a moment I thought you had a man in bed with you."


Gerta swallowed hard. Embarrassed, she didn't know what to say. "Mommie, you're making me blush."

"Nonsense, my baby. How could I tell you how I've suffered without a man's prick? I couldn't risk having you taken away from me, baby."

Gerta suddenly realized that this was the private side of her mother's life that she had kept secret, all these long years. She extended her arms. "Mommie! Kiss me!"

The bed creaked softly as Mrs. Beck sat down and leaned over her daughter. She slid an arm under her daughter's neck and held Gerta tight against her tits.

They clung to each other.

When they parted, Gerta felt a strange kind of love blooming deep in her heart. Her emotions were mixed. One part of her felt like a little girl wanting to stay in her mother's arms forever. But the other part felt more like a woman. Her pussy tingled. Her cunt was wet. And she knew it was fresh drippings oozing from her pussy.

She hugged her mother tight feeling the woman's big tits on her cheeks, so round and firm. So soft.

Mother and daughter had always been close. But this strange feeling was something else.

"Oh, my baby," her mother whispered. "You're all I ever really had. Without you, my life would have been for nothing."

The woman clasped the girl's head tighter to her tits, and her hand started to move across the girl's body.

At first, Gerta thought her mother's caresses were the same loving pats that had always touched her. But before long, she realized how much more intimate they became.

Ever so gently, the woman's hand swiped across Gerta's ass, sliding along her thigh, up and down her ass-crack.

Her asscheeks sprouted goosebumps. Gerta had never dreamed she'd get this involved with her own mother. But she found herself craving to be touched.

She spread her legs, and her mother's hands went down between them, stroking the insides of her tender thighs.

"Oh, my baby," her mother moaned softly. "You're all so nice and wet down there."

Gerta felt her mother's nipple grow hard. She sucked it through the soft, cotton fabric of her dress.

"My baby wants some of Mama's tittie?" She unzipped the back of her dress. She pulled it off her shoulders, exposing her warm, bra-less, bare tits.

Her tits were beautiful. Two soft and spongy mounds that didn't have the slightest trace of sagging. Her hard nipples stood out erect, swollen stiff.

Gerta closed her eyes, and her hot tongue swiped across her mother's busty tits. She felt her mother's fingers coming closer and closer to her wet, dripping cunt.

Her pussylips quivered. Sparks seemed to fly across Gerta's eyes when her mother's finger touched her sensitive downy cunt-lips.

She spread her daughter's swollen pussylips apart and traced Gerta's clit teasing, with the tip of her finger.

"Suck your mommie's titties, like you did when you were a tiny baby," the woman begged.

The girl's mouth slurped in the succulent thumb-sized nipple. Her lips felt her mother's pimple-like bumps grow around her swollen areola. Gerta swallowed the tit and her mother moaned.

Mrs. Beck worked a finger up inside of Gerta's fuck-hole and wigged it in tight round spirals against the girl's cunt-wall.

"My sweet baby," her mother whispered. "This is all so nice, but I have something else to show you tonight."

Gerta's slushy cunt popped like a cork when her mother removed her dripping wet finger. But she had to pry the reluctant girl's mouth from her tit.

Reaching over to the night table, she picked up two glasses of wine from the silver server she had brought up from the kitchen while Gerta had been fucking herself with the vibrator. Handing one to Gerta, she raised hers in a toast.

"To my daughter, who is just starting to bloom into a woman," she said happily.

They clicked their glasses together.

"And this is to the most wonderful mother a girl could ever want!" Gerta beamed.

She drained her glass as her mother slid off the bed. She stepped out of her dress and then her panties. Running to her closet, she brought down a big, brown box from the top shelf, rifled through the contents.

As Gerta watched in thrilling silence, she realized that she hadn't seen her mother naked since she was a little girl.

Her mother certainly was beautiful.

Usually her long blonde hair was tied in a tight bun on the top of her head. Now her hair flawed down her back, almost to the tip of her rich, firm ass. Not an ounce of flab showed. She looked like a woman half her age.

"Ab, my darling, this is one of my favorites." She tossed the object to her daughter.

The object was soft and pliable. It had two ends, both shaped like a prick. She felt the rubber-like texture. It had dozens of deep cuts etched all around its sides.

"My God, Mommie!" Gerta groaned. "What is it? It looks like a double-ended prick!"

"Exactly!" Her mother winked as she threw herself on the bed next to Gerta. "One end goes into your pussy and the other in mine. Then we can fuck each other. It's called a double dildo."

"Have you ever used it before?" Gerta asked, shocked.

Her mother sighed deeply. "Lots of times. It's been my salvation since your father took off."

"With who? I mean you've got to have a cunt on the other fuckin' end!"

"Aunt Clara and your cousin Rachel."

"Aunt Clara, next door?"

"Silly!" the woman chided, softly. "What other Aunt Clara do you have?"

"But... but Rachel's not much older than me!"

Mrs. Beck giggled. "But she was an early bloomer!"

She reached over to the silver server and refilled their glasses. Gerta drained the glasses in one, long gulp.

"And I never knew!" Gerta groaned, handing her empty glass to her mother.

"Because you hadn't blossomed."

"Show me how it's done," Gerta said, intrigued by the thick, long, pliable dildo. It seemed soft, yet firm enough to slide up a cunt-hole.

Her mother chuckled. "That's what I had in mind. But let's get back in the mood. I want to kiss your bottom like I did when you were a baby."

Gerta rolled over on her stomach. "Spread your legs apart, my darling." Mrs. Beck lowered her face to Gerta's ass. She started kissing Gerta's bare asscheeks, licking the smooth flesh with the tip of her tongue.

Gerta's pussy went wild. Big curds of cuntjuice dribbled upon her mother's satin sheets.

Mrs. Beck's tongue found her daughter's asshole and toyed with the light tan opening. She tried to force her hot tongue inside the velvety opening.

"Oh, my baby!" she moaned. "You shithole is so nice and tight. It puts your cousin Rachel's to shame."

But Gerta had drifted off into a world of her own. She felt a delicious eddy of juices flow through her loins and her mouth watered.

"Jasmine," her mother murmured. "Your whole ass reeks with the odor of jasmine. That smell always makes my pussy hotter than all fuckin' hell."

The girl had never felt a thrill like this before. It was driving her crazy.

But as her mother's tongue brushed against the lower part of her hypersensitive cunt, her head jerked back and she gave a heavenly squeal.

"Oh, Mommie!" she cried. "My pussy is driving me crazy!"

Gerta felt her heart pounding. She felt as if she would cum all over the sheets.

With a gentle slap on her ass, her mother swung around and kissed Gerta. Smiling, she reached for the dildo.

Facing each other, Gerta watched as her mother slid one end of the dildo up her gooey fuck-hole.

"Oh God!" Mrs. Beck sighed as the shaft slid slowly inside her pussy. "How I wish it was a real one!"

With her end inserted to its full eight inches, the woman glanced at Gerta.

"Now, honey, bring your pussy close to Mommie. I'll hold the thing in me while you ease your cunt up to it until our pussies meet."

The eight inches of pink latex made her mother look like a woman with a hard-on.

"Holy shit, Mommie!" Gerta groaned. "Will that thing fit all the way up inside me? It's so fuckin' long and fat!"

"Try it, my dear one!" She winked.

"Oh, I will!"

Gritting her teeth, she eased the tip past her pussy-flaps. The juices began dripping down the fat rubber-like prick on to her mother's mound of soft cunt hair.

With her cunt-syrup lubricating the shaft, it began sliding slowly up into her fuck-chute, an inch at a time. Her heart pounded as the soft, but firm, latex disappeared, filling her hot pussy with a strange, new thrill.

"That was easy," she panted. "I must have a big snatch."

"You're a natural-born fucker, is what." Gerta let out a moan of joy as their pussies met. "I did it, Mommie, I did it. My pussy ate the whole fuckin' thing!"

She felt her mother's big tit crush into hers, as their tits met. She wiggled her chest and their nipples clashed. She pressed her cunt-mound against her mother's and she felt her pubic bones grind into her mother's hot crotch. When she contacted her cunt-flaps around the sopping end of her dildo, a fiery flash of pure ecstasy made her belly throb.

"Oh Mommie!" she squealed. "Everything feels so good, I want to scream!"

She felt her mother shiver.

"Darling," Mrs. Beck said softly. "You be the man tonight. Roll over on top of me."

Gerta swallowed hard as her mother's hands reached down to her ass and held their cunts tight together as she rolled on top.

"Now," Mrs. Beck directed. "Squeeze your pussy tight around the dildo and hump your ass upwards so the thing will start fucking me like a man."

Gerta buried her knees into the mattress and drew her ass up in a wide arc. The dildo made a slurping noise as it slipped outwards from her mother's slushy cunt.

"Now drive it down hard in me!" Mrs. Beck moaned. "Then I'll do the same for you!"

Gerta plunged her ass down and her mother sighed deeply.

On Gerta's upstroke, Mrs. Beck's cunt-flaps held the veined rod as it withdrew from her horny daughter's tight fuck-chute.

Gerta felt its deep ridges tickle her clit and her tender cunt-walls. Plunging her ass down, she felt the thrill as the long dildo sank into the depth of her guts.

It took a little practice, but soon they were breezing up and down on the long flexible prick like a couple of wanton whores.

They established a rhythm, panting and squirming with pleasure. Its fat, head almost drove Gerta wild when the sculptured prick drove into her womb.

Their tits began to sweat. Rivers of sweaty dew trickled down between their tit-valleys, drenching their chests.

"Faster, baby, faster!" Mrs. Beck begged as she brought her legs upward and encircled her daughter's hips. "Faster!"

Gerta moaned. The shaft felt firm inside her cunt. Hex pussy muscles closed tighter round the veined edges as she increased the tempo.

Like a piston between them, the dildo slid deep inside her mother's pussy then out as her mother's cunt-lips clasped around the fake prick. It went in one cunt and then out.

Gerta was hot and wet inside. Their pussyjuice swamped the bed sheets with a sweet, pungent, feminine odor. She prayed that this would last forever.

Both of their cunts made loud slurping noises as Gerta pumped her ass up and down, faster and faster.

She crushed her tits against her mother's, wising to get her dear mother as hot as she was. She wanted the woman to feel the same trembling inside her pussy that she was feeling.

But she began to lose control.

Everything kit so incredibly good. Her heart pounded. She began to sense her orgasm coming on and her cunt muscles tightened.

"I'm going to cum!" she screeched. "I can't stop it!"

Her legs began to tremble. Great streams of juice flowed from her pussy.

She felt a thrilling spasm jolt the pit of her stomach and her hips loosened the suction on the phallus-shaped shaft in her fuck-tube and her hot juices flowed from her cunt like a river of hot lava.

She felt her mother's body stiffen, and she knew that she, too, was about to come.

"Baby, baby!" her mother moaned, her stomach twitching.

And the Gerta heaved in one final outburst of passion.

That was all it took...

"Oh, Mommmmieee, I'm coming..." Gerta screamed as she went over the edge, collapsing on top of the older woman.

Spent, she rolled off her mother and lay on her side.

Still clutched together, their arms tightly entwined, Gerta smiled, contentedly. "That was so fuckin' good, Mommie! So that's how it feels to orgasm!"

"Johnny was only thinking of only of himself when he laid you tonight. Next time make him hold his load until you're ready. Either that, or get yourself another lover."

Mrs. Beck kissed her daughter's cheek.

"Now I want you to sleep with me tonight, my darling," she whispered. "I want to hold you in my arms and hug you. This big bed gets so Goddamn lonely at times."


Gerta slept late the next morning. The bright summer sun beamed through the windows when she finally opened her eyes. She stretched her arms and reflected upon last night's adventure with her beautiful mother.

She sighed, remembering her mother's affectionate, early-morning kiss awakening her.

Life was so wonderful!

The heavenly dildo was still embedded deep inside her damp cunt. Crossing her legs, she squeezed her cunt-flaps, feeling the rigid shaft quiver ever so slightly against her tender, puffy pussy-petals. The exposed eight inches of latex swayed between her legs.

Gerta giggled softly to herself. It was as if her whole life had changed. A warmth seeped through her body.

She felt no sense of guilt. The night spent with her mother had been all too wonderful, too joyous, for it to be wrong. Her mother's room, the whole house, seemed to have changed too. It seemed so different, so sexy.

The sheets were still damp under her ass from her orgasms last night. She whiffed the odor of pussy-juice and it took her breath away.

But then she began to wonder about herself. Was she a lesbian? Worse, what about having sex with her mother? Was that incest? But what wrong did they do?

All thoughts of going back to sleep faded.

Yanking the dildo from her pussy, she laid it upon the night table and ran down the stairway to the kitchen, still naked.

Her mother's warm smile greeted her.

"Oh, Mommie," she said, wrapping her arms around the woman's neck. "What a wonderful night we had sleeping together."

Her mother chuckled. "It was nice, loving my dear little baby."

Gerta kissed her mother's cheek, hugging her tight.

"What would I ever do without you, Mommie?" she asked. "I know so little about boys and sex. I'm still worried about tonight."

"Just don't do what I did. I lost my first Prince Charming because my mother told me to wait until I had a ring on my finger. You must take care of your man, my darling, or a man will find someone else. Besides it's much more than reading about it in a book!" She laughed.

Gerta grinned back. "Right now, I feel so fuckin' hot and horny I could screw every guy in town! Just thinking about fucking makes my pussy so nice and warm."

The older woman gave her a knowing grin. "I know how you feel!"

But her mother didn't know how she felt.

Her head spun.

For one thing, was she really afraid of losing Johnny -- or, just his prick? Did she want his cock or his love?

Later, at the supper table, Mrs. Beck winked at Gerta. "You won't want me around here tonight, I'll go see your Aunt Clara. Maybe Clara might feel like foaling around."

That evening in her bedroom, she deliberately chose a thin, white nylon, see-through blouse and a short, white skirt. As she slipped into her outfit, her mother came into the room.

She eyed Gerta. "The blouse, yes. But take off the bra!"

"But, Mommie..."

"But Mommie, nothing. Who are you dressing for? Some kind of a priest?"

Gerta laughed and removed the white bra. Taking a second look at herself in the mirror, she was pleased to see how her firm, young breasts puckered through the thin nylon. Her appearance made her feel sexy, wanton -- so she stooped down and slid out of her panties, too. The air on her cunt felt good.

Her mother stepped back. "Yes, the panties also. If you're going to fuck around with the bees, you better use some honey."

Gerta giggled, feeling ravishing. "I can hardly wait till Johnny sees me."

Her mother winked. "I promise, he will get an instant hard-on."

With a dab of bright red lipstick and a touch of blue eye-liner, she waited for Johnny, her pussy-lips drooling in a hot, inflamed passion.

When, a short time later, a beat-up Ford pulled up in front of the house, she ran to the door to greet him.

Instantly, his arms slid around her thin waist and they shared a sweet, simple kiss.

"Christ, Gerta. I never knew you wore sexy things like this," he said, eyeing her big tits which showed through the blouse.

"I wore it just for you. Do you like it?"

He drew her close. "Like it? I love it! I can even see that little mole on your left tit."

As they sat on the couch, their kisses grew stronger, hotter. His hands began to work slowly down her back, sending a delicious current of excitement racing through Gerta's veins.

She could tell that he was experienced from the way his hands touched her sensitive nerve endings.

He moved his tongue against her teeth and she opened her mouth wide. Tiny bubbles of spit collected in the corners of her lips as their tongues dueled. His tongue caressed her teeth, her cheeks, her gums.

"Oh, Johnny," she sighed. "After last night, I want you to know that I'll fuck you anytime you want me to."

His eyes kept darting to her see-through blouse. It made her blood boil. How right her mother had been to insist on the bra.

"Anytime?" he asked with a soft grin. "You must have liked what I gave you!"

She leaned back on the couch.

"A good German girl knows how to take care of her man." She smiled, feeling his hand slide up her long, tapered leg.

She spread her knees and his hand crept higher.

Leaning over, he kissed her again. "What you got last night was just a sample, honey. If I had known that you were such a hot pussy, I would have taken things a lot slower. I was so hot for you, I spilled half my load getting into your cunt."

Her lips trembled and a shiver, from deep inside her, quaked, as his chest pinned her tits against his hard, lean body. She felt his cockshaft growing against her leg.

His fingers found her crotch. She had removed her panties, along with the bra, and his nails rubbed her moist cunt-flaps. He parted her puffy cunt-lips and the raging fire in her pussy turned into a hot volcano.

Fighting to catch her raging breath, she moaned. "Oh, Johnny! You're the first one to ever touch me down there."

He grinned as his finger found the tight tissues of her pussy-flaps. He pressed his finger between her hot, gooey cunt-lips.

"And this?" He grinned, wiggling his knuckle. "How does this turn you on?"

"That's even better."

"Last night, I didn't know you were a virgin," he said, drilling deeper into her slushy pussy.

"You mean my cherry?"

"Yeah. The way you opened up for me, I thought you'd been screwed before. It all happened so quick."

"I cherried myself, a long time ago. But tonight, what's left -- is all yours."

"Every bit?"

"Yes, my cunt, my tits, my ass -- whatever you want," she replied, lowering her hand to his cock-bulge.

His cock throbbed under her palm. Mother was right once again. Instant hard-on!

"Just don't hurt me."

She mashed the swollen bone tight against his leg, and moved it up and down under his Levi's.

"It's so stiff!" she sighed. "I never got a chance to see it last night."

With one finger up her cunt, her pussy slushed streams of juice. His thumb fondled her thick thatch of blonde pussy-hair. Her heart pounded in her chest so hard that she could hardly breathe.

"You're so beautiful, Gerta," he sighed. "Would you unzip my fly? I'd like to feel your fingers on my prick-skin."

"Don't ask, my darling," she told him, ever so softly. "Just tell me what to do! I want to please you."

"You do know what you're saying?"

"Yes," she sighed.

"Then unzip my friggin' fly!" He grinned, a twinkle glowing in his dark-brawn eyes.

Her lips parted in a hot lusty grin. "That's the way I'd like you to talk to me. It's so fuckin' naughty, it makes my cunt burn."

She fumbled for the zipper, drawing it down.

"Now take my fuckin' prick out."

Eyes glued to Johnny's crotch, she slid her hand inside his slacks and fished for the hard shank of his cock under his tight briefs. She felt the hot, throbbing hulk and yanked it out.

The thick hunk of cock-meat reminded her of the dildo she and her mother had used last night. Only this prick was real man-meat -- hot, alive, quivering and wet. It felt so much better than the piece of cold latex that had fucked her last night.

His bright red cock-head throbbed in her hand and dribbled thick drops of cream from its piss-hole. It wobbled before her like a shining fat spike. She watched as a big gob of goo dripped from the tip and ran slowly down his shaft, trickling on her hot fingers.

Gerta looked up at Johnny. "I want to see what your prick tastes like."

"Better yet," he chuckled. "Why don't you lick where that measly drop came from. Would you go down on me, Gerta?"

She nodded, then lowered her head to his bulbous cock-head.

Johnny stretched his legs out on the couch. "Lick the fucker!"

She opened her mouth and engulfed the tip of his hot cock into her warm mouth. Her tongue swirled around the mass of cock-meat, sucking his piss-hole.

"It tastes fishy," she moaned. "But I like it."

"Keep sucking."

"Yes, my darling," she moaned, thrilled as she bobbed her head up and down along the long, fat fuck-shaft. She felt his thick cock-head rub against the back of her throat.

"Oh, honey!" he groaned. "You sure do know how to suck cock!"

Her fingers slid down to the base of his prick and held his balls. She cupped the fat balls with her other hand and pumped her head up and down his throbbing shaft with a renewed frenzy.

He humped his cock at her mouth. Like the vibrator, last night, his prick slid down her warm throat like a stick of slick butter. He began moaning.

She liked the power she seemed to have over him as her lips glided over his rock-hard prick. She squeezed his balls harder and gently bit the tip of his prick.

She kept swallowing his milky cream as quickly as it drooled from his piss-hole. Everything was so wonderful, until he pushed her head away.

Her eyes darted to his face. His cheeks were flushed scarlet. He was panting.

"I-I have to rest awhile," he puffed. "I'll... I'll spill my friggin' nuts if I don't."

"Shit!" she groaned. She was just beginning to really get, started.

"I'd like to suck your tits. I'd like to see your beautiful body, lick your cunt. If I shoot my wad now, I'd be conked out. It would be all over. And we may not have too much time left before your mother comes home."

Gerta leaned over and kissed his mouth, her lips still wet and sticky from his cock-juice.

"Don't worry about my mother." She giggled. "She's on your side."

Johnny frowned. "What if she barged in and found us like this?"

"She would probably want some too!" Gerta chuckled.

"I don't believe it!"

"Trust me." She giggled.

"Your mother must be some hot woman."

Gerta felt her itchy cunt twitching. "She is. But let's not talk -- let's fuck!"

Biting the lobe of her ear, Johnny smiled. "If you're so fuckin' sure about your mother, let's go up to your bedroom where we can get more comfortable. It's too fuckin' cramped here on the couch."

She stood and took his hand. "I'm sure about Mommie, and my bed is just like your prick! Just the right size!"

Upstairs, Johnny kicked off his shoes and sprawled, belly up, across the big bed.

"Gerta, let me watch you take your clothes off."

Gerta nodded. She felt his dark-brown eyes race up and down her big luscious tits, her long tapered legs, her slim ass, making her pussy quiver and her pulse quickened.

It was all so easy, just like her mother said it would be. A stiff prick turned a man into a meek little pussy-cat.

Standing on the far side of the large room, she began to undo the buttons on her white, nylon blouse. She watched his eyes follow the thin fabric as she drew it down across her slim shoulders and tossed it across the room onto a chair.

But then his mood swung.

His face grew passionate as she clasped her hands together around the back of her neck and tuned her torso so that he could see her big tits from all directions.

She saw his eyes bulge as she felt the red-hot blood surging through her body. She eyed the spike in his trousers, standing like a log tenting the blue denim fabric.

"Take your fuckin' pants off. And your shorts too. I want to see your friggin' prick quiver when you see my cunt."

He gave her a devilish grin as he unbuckled his belt and slid his trousers down over his ass. While his legs kicked the garment to the floor, his hands stretched the elastic top on his briefs, and his cock popped out.

Her pussy dripped as she watched him arch his legs over the bed. She saw his sac of balls and his tiny brown shit-hole when he reached up and tugged the tight shorts over his legs.

"God!" she moaned. "You have the cutest little asshole."

"Take your skirt off," he sighed, impatiently. Undoing the zipper on her short, white skirt, she wiggled her hips and it fell to her feet.

Thousands of prickly needles raced across her spine when she noticed the way he gaped at her soft blonde cunt fuzz.

In her mirror, she saw how her pussy-juices had made a big river flow down her legs.

"You did this to me!" She giggled as she ran her fingers across her bulging pussy. "It's all hot and itchy, ready for your prick!"

"Christ, honey, you sure are stacked," he marveled as she stood in the center of the room, bare-assed naked.

Turning her body sideways, she teased him. "I'm glad you like them. Every fuckin' bit is yours." She wiggled her taut tits back and forth. "My God, how they cry for your lips!"

"Come here, honey," he rasped, his voice thick with passion. "Kneel down beside the bed and I'll make your tits happy."

She hardly noticed the room rowing dark as she ran over to the bed.

Johnny touched his lips to her ripe, rich tit melons. He rained hundreds of wet, hot kisses across her pink tits, her red nipples, her spongy, white tit-flesh.

He kissed her throat, making her cunt burn in her filmy panties. She thought she'd go crazy.

"Johnny," she whispered. "My cunt needs attention too."

He spun around to the foot of the bed. "Spread your legs over my mouth, I want to lick the sugar from your wet crotch."

"Oh, Johnny!" she cooed in ecstasy, straddling his face as he directed her into position. "This makes me feel like a fuckin' whore."

She felt him wiggle his juicy tongue across her pussy-slit. Opening her legs, she sank her crotch deeper into his chin.

Her head spun, and a delirious thrill made her pussy-flaps tingle. She felt light-headed and totally helpless as his tongue dented the fabric of her panties and traced her sizzling cunt-slit.

Then she ground her cunt into his hard chinbone. She humped his face like a whorehouse slut.

She felt his hand yank her panties down over her ass. A finger found her bung-hole, then gently snaked its way deep into her shit-tube.

"Oh, Johnny that feels so good!" she moaned. "Fuck your finger in and out of my asshole like it was your fuckin' prick!"

Gerta whiffed his starchy man-scent as her nose caressed his hairy thigh.

"You sure are a hot little piece, honey," Johnny said, his voice muffled between Gerta's legs. "So when you going to let me put my prick in your cunt again?"

"My God, soon! I told you! Anytime you like! Are you ready to fuck me, Johnny? God, how long I've been waiting. But this time, hold your load until I'm ready!"

He twisted his body out from under her and spun around, mounting her beautiful body.

"But not like this, darling!" she groaned. "Take your friggin' shirt off. I want to feel your bare chest against my tits."

"You get on top, I love to fuck with a woman squirming on top of me. Besides, you might be tight. I don't want to hurt your pussy with my big cock."

With the dildo up her cunt all night, she knew that her pussy would be more than ready to wrap around his bulging prick. She straddled him.

Gerta raised up and began sliding her drenched cunt-gash down over his swollen shaft. She closed her eyes and smiled in heavenly bliss.

His prickhead slid into her cunt. Once his cock-head passed her cunt and penetrated her squirming cunt-chute deeper, Gerta began moaning with joy.

Cock-meat was so much better than a rubber make-believe dildo!

She pushed down and took another two inches of his fat, slick fucker inside her.

"Oh, Johnny, it's so Goddamned wonderful!" she squealed, feeling his rock-hard prick slithering deep into her aching fuck-chute. "My pussy never, never felt so friggin' good!"

"Just take it a little at a time," he cautioned her.

Ignoring his remark, she plunged down hard. She gasped and grinned proudly.

"There!" she squealed. "I've taken the whole fuckin' thing."

She sat there, holding Johnny's cock inside her pussy and flashed him a big smile.

"Slide your legs out carefully," he told her, "and lay your big tits on my chest."

She squeezed her cunt muscles, like she had done with the dildo. Gently, she eased her body down on his chest.

Her breath shot out of her mouth like a stream of hot steam, as her big tits crushed into his ribs.

"Oh, Johnny!" she groaned. "Fucking feels so good! I like it on top!"

Spreading her legs, she felt hot juices trickle out of her pussy. His pubic hair was soon drenched with her sticky cunt-syrup.

She began pumping up and down, her tits rubbing across his chest. Her pussy slurped as it worked up and down along his fat cock-meat. She felt her cunt-hole stretching as she slithered across his body. They started to sweat profusely. Her tits were streaked with sweat.

Everything sent tremblings of profound joy raging through her body. She smelled their sex scent as it filled the room with a delightful aroma.

Their bellies smacked together as she pumped her cunt up and down over his slick shaft.

Then her cunt convulsed. She felt her cuntwalls grip Johnny's cock tighter. Her fuck-hole seemed to open and close as a series of cunt cums spiraled from deep inside her body.

"Oh, my God, darling! I think I'm going to cum!"

Almost automatically, her hips heaved faster. She began to fuck harder than ever.

"You look so fuckin' beautiful when you're hot," Johnny said.

Her knees began to shake uncontrollably. Her cunt began to throb, sucking the juices from Johnny's prick.

"Slit! I can't stop coming, Johnny!"

"Don't stop! Keep fucking!"

"My head's spinning! I can't focus my eyes!"

"Fuck your eyes, fuck me!"

Finally her pussy let out one more final shudder, then reined.

Gerta rolled off his chest and lay panting by his side. She glanced over to him and smiled. "My first real fuck! Is that how good it feels every time?"

Johnny laughed. "You have some cunt action! Where did you ever learn to control your pussy-muscles like that? You're the best fuck I ever had." He rolled over and drew her close. "But I don't know about it being that good every time!"

"Just how many girls have you fucked?" she asked, curious.

"Only eight! You're the ninth."

"How do you manage to keep track of us all?"

"It's only a rough estimate." He chuckled. "And I really was that good?"

"The best." He traced a finger around her left tit.

She kissed him. "Can we do it again?"

"How much do you want me?"

"Enough to do anything your heart desires," she sighed.

"Would you fuck for a friend of mine?"

"If you really want me to." She giggled. "But I hope he's not too ugly if he needs you to fix him up."

Johnny chuckled. "No he's not ugly. Just too damn shy to ask for it."

She thought a minute. "I have a special someone that needs a good fucking too. Would you fuck her?"


"My mother."

He looked shocked.

"She's just like me."

He reached over and kissed her. "No one could be just like you! You have an educated cunt."

"Maybe Mommie has one too. Maybe it runs in the family. Would you like to find out?"

"You're not putting me on?"

"Cross my heart!"

"It'll seem strange. First screwing the shit out of you, then fucking your mother."

"Try it," Gerta grinned. "You might like it."

"If you'll lay Frankie."

"Agreed," she promised. "When?"

"I'll bring Frankie over tomorrow night."


Gerta found her mother in the kitchen after she had led Johnny down the stairs from her bedroom and out the front door. Still naked, she wrapped her arms around her mother and grinned.

"He fucked me, Mommie!" she sighed. "It was wonderful!"

Mrs. Beck's arms went around her daughter. She patted Gerta's ass. "I know, baby. I could hear you screaming all the way down here!"

"Tomorrow, he wants me to lay for a friend of his," Gerta added, drawing back. "It made me feel kind of cheap. I thought he loved me."


"But maybe it made me realize I really only wanted his prick. Is that wrong, Mommie?"

Her mother frowned. "My darling, I told you. Don't do like I did, we all grow old too fast. Fuck when you see someone you like. It's time for love when you get married."

"So, the hell with Johnny, right?"

"Right! So what did you tell him?" Gerta studied her mother for a moment, and then her lips parted into a mischievous grin. "I promised that I would. If... if he would fuck YOU."

She saw her mother's eyes light up. "Oh, my God, Gerta, you didn't!" Her mother walked to the table and sat down, shaking her head.

Gerta stood at her mother's side. "I thought you'd like the feel of a real prick for a change."

"But of course," Mrs. Beck giggled. "But my own daughter? Fixing her mother up?"

Gerta leaned down and hugged the older woman. "Tomorrow, mother and daughter will show Johnny, and whoever, a fuckin' thing or two!"

Later, lying on her mother's bed, Gerta watched as the woman stripped. She felt proud of the older woman. Her big tits were firm and full. Her skin was soft, pink. Her ass and hips curved gracefully.

Even now, Gerta saw how the woman's moist pussy glowed in the dim lamp light, how her pussylips puckered.

Mrs. Beck undid her hair and it fell in long curls down to her ass. She lay down, nude, next to Gerta on her big bed.

"What kind of a cock does Johnny have?" her mother asked, snapping off the light on the night table.

Thinking about it, Gerta felt a warm glow seep through her loins. "It's wonderful. You'll love it. It's long and fat. For awhile, I wondered if I could get the fucking thing in me."

Mrs. Beck sighed deeply and snuggled her hot check against Gerta's left tit. "I can hardly wait for tomorrow."

Twice during the night, Gerta woke up, hearing her mother's vibrator humming in the soft moon-lit room. She smiled, knowing that her mother was fantasizing about a prick working up a storm between her legs.

The next time she awakened, however, it was not her mother's hand that traced the outline of her slim asscheek.

"Oh, Mommie! That feels so good!"

The hand found her shit-crack and a finger began toying with her bunghole. "Mommie, you're making me hot!"

The finger moved down to her cunt-slit.

Gerta rolled over and opened her eyes.

"Rachel!" she squealed, seeing her cousin sitting next to her, her large green eyes shining like a pair of emeralds. "What the hell are you doing to me?"

"Doing to you?" The redhead laughed. "I came over to find out what the hell you're doing to your mother. She and my mom are up in the bedroom making out like two fuckin' tom-cats."

Gerta shrugged. "So what else is new?"

"Don't give me that crap, cousin," Rachel beamed. "All your mom talks about is how you've got her ass fixed up for tonight."

"I did! Isn't it wonderful?"

Rachel slid an arm under Gerta's waist. "So tell me about it."

"Johnny Peters came by last night and we fucked till midnight." She told her cousin about Johnny's friend, the date they had tonight. Then her eyes narrowed. "How come you're so fuckin' horny?"

"Because, the way they're fucking around up in Mama's bed made my cunt tingle. How long have you been screwing Johnny Peters?"

"Twice in just two days."

Rachel's tongue had started to travel downward, toward Gerta's mound of blonde pussy-hair.

"I can smell his cum all over you!" The redhead giggled. "He must have shot some load into you last night."

Just thinking about Johnny and his big prick made Gerta break out in goosebumps. She spread her legs as Rachel's wet tongue reached the tip of her cunt-slit. "He did. He must have blown six shots up there."

She felt her cousin part her pussy-flaps with the tips of her fingers.

"Mmmnm, so I see! Your hole is stuffed with nice, juice-white cream." Rachel swiped her tongue deep inside.

Gerta giggled. "What the hell are you doing? Sucking second-hand cock drippings?"

"Mmmm! I love it!"

Gerta reached down and tugged at her cousin's skirt. As if it was a signal, Rachel undid the zipper and raised her ass.

Gerta drew the thin fabric down the girl's long, sun-tanned legs. She brushed the palm of her hand across the sheer silk panties that covered her cousin's smooth ass and remembered back a dozen years.

"Seems like just yesterday we use to play doctor and nurse," she said softly. "How come we drifted so far apart?"

"Who knows?" Rachel answered, her voice muffled from between Gerta's legs. "Sometimes I missed you. We were almost like a pair of twin sisters."

Gerta stretched her legs and straddled her cousin, until her wet, crotch was even with Rachel's chin. "Still like to play?"

Gerta saw the girl's pussy under the pink silk between her cousin's legs. A wide streak of wetness stained the narrow band. She lowered her nose and took a whiff.

"Your snatch still smells great." Gerta giggled.

With short lapping strokes, Gerta licked the transparent material and felt Rachel's legs tremble.

"Tastes good too," she added. "Like salty piss, lust like mine."

She felt her cousin scrape her bare cunt with the tip of her tongue. It took her breath away and she gulped.

Rachel laughed. "Not now, it doesn't. Yours tastes like last night's fuck-juice."

"So fuck the fuck-cream out of me if you like it so Goddamn much!" Gerta moaned.

She felt Rachel work her head deeper between her legs. The girl's fingers began to stretch her cunt-flaps open. Then Gerta felt her cousin's lips press tight against her pussy and she began to suck like she was sucking a raw egg out of its shell.

"Oh, my God!" Gerta moaned as the suction seemed to start her insides flowing. "Rachel, what are you doing to me!"

The bottom of her stomach seemed drawn into her cunt-tube, great gobs of last night's fuckjuice flowed in a torrent of hot goo into her cousin's mouth.

She felt Rachel's lips collect the gooey gravy and then swallow a mouthful as she guzzled Gerta's rich, ripe pussy.

"Oh my God!" Gerta moaned as her body rocked back and forth on the bed. As her cousin sucked, her pussy poured like a drainpipe into her cousin's belly.

Gerta raised her legs and curled them around Rachel's neck. Her hands began clawing at her mother's satin sheets. She felt the rapture becoming more intense, her knobbed clit became more inflamed.

Rachel got vicious as Gerta got hotter. Her tongue dug deeper into Gerta's pussy. Her mouth opened wider. Gerta could feel her cousin's teeth against her cunt-petals.

And the harder Rachel sucked, the more her own pussy twitched in front of Gerta's eyes. She was having one little orgasm after another. Gerta could see her cousin's pink panties become stained, she could smell the intoxicating aroma of slut-juice. Rivers of it dripped down the girl's crotch and puddled on Gerta's neck.

"I didn't know Johnny put so much cum in me," she moaned.

But it wasn't just Johnny's cream that Rachel was nursing from her cousin's cunt.

Gerta's cunt was stiff and tender. Her heart pounded as her cousin lapped in and out of her swollen silt like a kitten busy at a bowl of warm milk.

Her tongue seemed to explore Gerta's dark fuck-tunnel.

Gerta clamped her legs tighter around the girl's head.

"Lap me!" Rachel begged. "My cunt's on fire!"

Gerta buried her nose into her cousin's spread legs and felt the girl's cunt twitch. She ran her tongue up and down her cousin's dripping-wet panties, feeling Rachel's mound of pussy through the sheer silk.

Bringing her hands up, Gerta ran them across the redhead's asscheeks, finding her crack with her index finger. She remembered how her cousin had always been super-sensitive around her asshole when they had played doctor and nurse. Within five minutes, she could make Rachel so fuckin' horny, she'd cry.

She decided to try.

Her little finger touched the opening of her shit-tube. She tickled, and Rachel wiggled her cunt hard, up and down on Gerta's chin.

"Everything's so itchy!" Rachel moaned.

Gerta drilled her finger up into the girl's cunt and sloshed it around until it glistened. She pulled her cousin's pink panties down off her slim asscheeks and worked her finger just inside Rachel's shit-hole.

Rachel squirmed her pussy harder against Gerta's mouth as Gerta screwed her juicy finger into her butt. Her shifter was moist, tight, warm, and she grunted and groaned as Gerta pushed her finger in deeper and deeper.

"Oh, Gerta!" she groaned. "You're going to drive me crazy!"

Gerta smiled and worked her finger harder in and out of the cunt-juiced hole, fingerfucking her cousin's ass. Her eyes were full of mischief. She slipped the tip of her tongue under her cousin's wet pink panties. With her finger buried in Rachel's tight asshole, working in and out, Gerta began licking around the edges of the girl's panties. She loved the odor of her cousin's cunt.

She felt Rachel squirming and panting on top of her.

"Enough!" Rachel squealed. "It's too much!"

She eased her asshole off Gerta's finger, and Gerta sniffed the slight whiff of shit.

"I was as hot as a friggin' whore when I came up to see you. And now your ass-teasing made my cunt feel like a fiery cauldron."

Rachel leaped up and rolled her pink panties down to her ankles, then kicked them across the room.

"I haven't been laid in a month." She mounted Gerta, sitting on her cousin's tits, her legs framing each side of the ash-blonde's face. Her chin, her face, her nose was covered with the slush from Gerta's last night's fuck.

She ground her sizzling cunt into Gerta's chin. "Lap it nice and easy! Or I'll piss in your fuckin' face."

Rachel's crotch was a blazing tangle of fiery red hair. Her moist pussy was a slick of pink flesh, divided by a juicy slit. Her cunt dripped streaks of juice and Gerta began licking them away.

The taste surprised her.

She had tasted her own cunt-cream on hot nights when she had lain in bed, fingering her pussy. She had licked her fingers clean and enjoyed the slightly fishy taste. She loved the smell of her own hot pussy upon her fingers, the feeling of satisfaction when she brought herself to a climax.

But Rachel's pussy was something else. The smell alone sent buzzes of electricity up and down her spine. But most of all, it made her hotter than hell. So hot that her eyes closed in passion.

She brushed her lips against Rachel's swollen cunt-flaps. Breathless, she kissed her cousins cunt. She stuck out her tongue and worked it into the girl's slit. She sucked, savoring Rachel's golden nectar.

Gerta sighed. "I need something! Do something! Anything! Christ, I wish you had a prick!"

Again and again, Gerta's tongue lapped Rachel's clit, and each time her ass rocked across the bed. Her tits heaved against her cousin's fleshy ass. Her legs jerked in the air.

She was horny, hot, and frustrated.

Her pussy slushed juices, wetting her thighs. It drenched her mother's satin sheets with pools of slop. She felt the hot, sticky wetness under her ass. Her heart pounded and her pussy quivered.

"Rachel!" she screamed. "I think I'm going crazy!"

Only then did Rachel swing around, jamming her cunt back into Gerta's face.

Like two bitches in a whorehouse, they sucked each other, finger-fucked each other, moaned and squealed and rubbed their tits into each other.

Then, suddenly, Rachel's cunt began to convulse and twitch. Gerta felt the girl's pussy muscles getting taut.

"I'm coming! I'm coming! Oh, God!" And Gerta followed.

She felt the tingling start in the pit of her stomach. It began to spiral down her gut. Her body went stiff, and she dug her heels into the bed and her hips arched. She exploded into Rachel's mouth, once -- twice -- three times.

It was over.

And for the longest time, they could only manage to lie there, panting, their chests heaving, each gulping in deep breaths of fresh air.

Then Rachel rolled off her cousin and slowly swung her sweaty body around to the head of the bed.

Rachel grinned. "We must do this more often."

Gerta threw her arms around Rachel's neck and hugged her cousin. "Wow! Anytime!"

They kissed, then Rachel rolled over on her back, cupping her hands behind her neck. She was staring at the ceiling.

"You know, Gerta," she said after a few minutes. "For some reason I've been having trouble finding a boy friend. I could use a good piece of ass. Think you could fix me up like you did for Aunt Sarah?"

Gerta's eyes sparkled. "I'll talk to Johnny tonight."

Rachel laughed. "Cousin, how you've changed!"


Mrs. Beck seemed obsessed by only one thing -- getting laid.

Gerta saw it in her mother's pretty blue eyes when she came back from Aunt Clara's, later that afternoon -- they were shining, vibrant, lusty. She hadn't ever seen her mother so happy. Her pretty face beamed, her cheeks were rosy.

And all she talked about was Johnny. She wanted to know if he had sucked her daughter's pussy, if he had fucked her once or twice last night.

She followed her daughter into the bathroom and watched her daughter shower, asking if he had Gerta go down on his cock.

When it was time for the boys to arrive, her mood swung. Her hands trembled and a dozen times, she asked Gerta how she looked in the dress she had decided to wear, then at the last minute she changed into a thin, satiny, red short skirt with a low-cut blouse to match.

"Mommie!" Gerta laughed when the woman walked into the living room and showed off her new outfit. "That's the third change you made tonight!"

"I know," her mother sighed. "I feel like a schoolgirl on her first date. Do you think the boys will really show up?"

Gerta looked amused. "Don't you think they want a fuckin' piece of ass as much as we do?"

Her mother sighed. "God, I don't know, baby. I want a prick in me so much I can almost taste it!"

As if in answer to the woman's prayers, a car pulled up in front of the house.

"They're here," Gerta said softly, racing over to the window.

"Oh my God, Gerta, I think I'm going to faint!" she moaned. "You let them in."

But now Gerta began to catch her mother's nervousness. Her heart began to race. She felt a warm trickle flow from her cunt, dripping slowly down her thighs. Peeking through the curtains, she saw Frankie Barker get out.

Good Lord, he was handsome! Much more so than Johnny. Black, wavy curls flowed around his ears in ripples that fluttered in the cool summer breeze.

It felt strange, but exciting, knowing that this hunk of flesh and muscle came to fuck her. She wore no panties and when she crossed her legs to keep her slut-juices from dripping on the rug, the pussy-dew made the insides of her legs sticky.

They walked toward the door.

Frankie was nicely dressed in red slacks and a white sport shit. Her mouth watered when she saw his massive shoulders. They were wide, and she guessed that he was well over six feet tall.

"Mommie!" Gerta gasped as she felt her mother slide an arm around her slim waist, joining her at the window. "He's a real dream!"

Mrs. Beck gulped. "Which one are you talking about?"

Gerta giggled, and her heart skipped a beat when the doorbell rang.

At the door, Johnny introduced Frankie and they both shot each other a shy smile. When Gerta turned, however, she saw that her mother was sitting in a chair on the far side of the room and was nonchalantly leafing through a book.

But her hands were still shaking.

Gerta made the introductions, and the boys sat, Johnny taking a chair next to her mother, Frankie on the sofa.

Gerta slid next to Frankie, her eyes drinking in his athletic build, his eyes. He hadn't taken his eyes off her since he entered the house, and her heart was pounding.

The four sat around smiling at each other, but Gerta swore they all could see the naked lust written across her face. It felt hot, red.

And yet it was funny. They all were waiting for one purpose and no one knew how to get the ball rolling. Each wanted to get laid, to fuck, suck, and to get satisfied.

Finally, her mother came to the rescue.

"Johnny," Mrs. Beck winked. "I've some wine coolers in the fridge. Come help me bring them in."

As soon as they were alone, Gerta moved closer, to Frankie.

He gave her a shy grin, but he extended his arm over the backrest, and Gerta moved into it.

As if he didn't know what he was doing, his hand dropped over Gerta's shoulder. She snuggled into the crook of his arm and felt the tension in his body. She knew that it was up to her to make the first move.

She turned her head and leaned back on his arm. "Would you like to kiss me?"

"I sure would! Johnny never told me how beautiful you are."

Their lips met.

"Don't be so shy, I'm not made of glass," Gerta said, sliding an arm around his neck and crushing her tits to his solid chest.

His arm closed tighter around her neck and his free hand dropped to her lap. He kissed her again, this time with a passion that made her blood start to boil. She extended the tip of her tongue and moved it across his lips.

His mouth opened. She found his tongue hot, moist. She swirled it around the tip of his tongue. The kiss made her pussy twinge. But he was so fuckin' slow!

She felt his hand move down her lap and his fingers rubbed against her crotch.

She pushed away from him and smiled.

"Johnny tells me that you've never laid a girl before," she whispered.

Maybe if she got him to talk dirty, he'd make a move. She wanted him to be the aggressive one, but her swollen cunt was getting itchier by the minute.

But instead, his face reddened. He shook his head.

"I'll bet you've got everything in your pants to do the job right," she said, peering deep into his brown eyes with what she hoped was a sexy look, a come-on.

It seemed that he was struggling to find the right words.

"Don't you like to talk about it?" She giggled. "I'll bet you're not so friggin' tongue-tied with the boys in the locker room."

That did it. He grabbed her by the neck and planted a mushy smack on her hot lips.

Excitement grew in her loins as she felt him work his hand between her legs. His touching was like an electric switch. It turned her on.

Almost automatically, her knees parted. Her cunt-flaps opened like the petals of a tulip when he twiddled his thumb with a gentle back and forth motion up and down her gash.

Little by little, Frankie's thumb inched its way toward her dripping wet pussy. Her clit began to erect.

"Now that's more like it."

Her hand traveled down his flat stomach, toward his crotch. She laid her hand gently between his legs and felt how his hardness had stretched his tight slacks taut. She rubbed her fingers across the log of his cock-meat. She saw his eyes grow misty.

"You like your prick touched, don't you, lover?"

His breathing became heavier.

"And this is only the beginning," she added. "Wait until you screw me. There's nothing like fucking."

She squeezed, and felt his balls move under her touch. Then she let her hand travel upward. When she reached the tip of his cock, she found a wet spot. Her hand closed over it, and she felt his cock-head quiver through the coarse material in his slacks.

Her breath came in short, rapid pants and her chest heaved.

"My God, your cock is really huge!" she moaned softly. "And so nice and wet!"

By this time Frankie had worked his hand under her skirt and found her swollen cunt-slit.

She spread her legs wider apart. "Aren't you glad I left my fuckin' panties off?"

"I'm just glad that you let me come over tonight."

"Would you like to kiss my pussy?"

He nodded his head.

She kicked off her shoes and hooked her heels on the edge of the sofa cushion. With a contented smile, she leaned back, tenting her dress over her knees while spreading them wide open.

Her lust soared. She felt her cunt-juice trickle down her crotch and collect in a puddle on the cushion.

Her pussy-flaps were wide open. Every nerve in her body tingled. "Get down on your knees! Bury your fuckin' face between my thighs! Lick me! Give me a tongue job!"

Frankie groaned in grunts of pleasure in response to her delicious invitation. With a swoop, he crashed to the floor in front of her wide-open legs and ducked his head under her tented dress.

She felt his hot, wet tongue pounce directly on her wide-open pussy. His head forced her legs even wider apart as he gobbled her golden gushes of maiden-dew in short, quick laps.

A floating sensation seemed to lift her off the couch and her throat thickened.

"Oh my God!" she shrieked. "That feels so fuckin' good!"

He grunted as his fingers parted her sopping wet pussy-petals. Holding the gooey flaps open, he pressed his mouth tight against her gaping fuck tunnel and his lips clamped shut, trapping her meaty pink flesh against his mouth.

To Gerta, it seemed as if his whole face had wormed its way up inside her tender pussyhole, and she squirmed in a frenzy of delight.

But then he blew out a surge of hot breath which filled her pussy with a tickling whirlwind that felt like a windstorm -- hot, violent, and so Goddamn good.

The gusher of white-hot wind tickled her drenched blonde cunt-bush. It whistled against her sensitive thighs, finding its way to her shit-hole.

"God, your lungs must be like a Hercules!" she moaned.

He held his breath for a moment, and Gerta felt the blood surge through her veins. She closed her eyes waiting for whatever was to come next.

He began to suck her steamy hot cunt from deep inside her aching treasure tube.

She felt great gobs of her slut-juice drain from her cunt-walls and pour into his mouth like a river overflowing its banks. She heard his throat guzzle the pussy-syrup as he gulped her thick cunt-juice greedily.

She hoped he would never stop. The more he sucked, the more her pussy spewed forth her sugary cunt-nectar.

"Where did you ever learn to suck cunt?" More air blew past her cunt-entrance and up her tunnel in puffs of fiery gales. When he sucked in, great gobs of cunt-juice slobbered down his gullet.

Gerta felt weak, her head spun as he drank at her pussy. She thought his belly must have consumed gallons of her cunt-juice.

Her tits seemed to be connected with her pussy. The more he sucked her pussy, the more her tits burned.

Then she felt that familiar quaking sensation in the pit of her sizzling pussy guts.

She knew she was going to cum in his mouth.

"Oh, Frankie! I can't stop it!"

He grunted and bit the meaty flesh of her pussy. It made her mouth water. She sucked in a breath of fresh air. Her creamy cunt-folds began to quiver. Her stomach began to heave. Then the nerve-endings along her cunt-hole felt alive with fire and gushes of hot joy-juice creamed into Frankie's mouth as she orgasmed over and over again. She opened her eyes and groaned. "Shit! I didn't want to come so soon!"

It took a long time before her eyes focused, but when they did, she realized that Johnny and her mother had teen watching Frankie mouth fucking her as she sat spread-eagled with his mouth feasting at her cunt.

"Oh, my baby!" Mrs. Beck tittered. "You just got your little pussy sucked off."

At first Gerta felt embarrassed and blushed, but she kept her legs spread as Frankie finished lapping the last drops of her cunt-honey. But when she saw her mother's lipstick smeared across her mouth, her blouse opened and a face flushed as red as the carpeting on a whorehouse floor, it made Gerta's blood race through her veins.

She giggled. "I can see that you've lost no time with Johnny."

It was plain to see that all the time they, had been making a world of their own out in the kitchen. Johnny's shirt was unbuttoned, his fly was unzipped, and Gerta could see his prick spiked hard inside of his shorts.

The ice was broken. Gerta felt overjoyed when she realized that her mother's dreams were finally coming true.

"Oh, Mommie!" she sighed, entwining her hands around her neck. "Isn't life wonderful!"

She settled back on the sofa as Frankie took a seat next to her. He wrapped an arm around her slim waist and she tasted her cunt-juice on his mouth when he kissed her.

The kiss was warm. She frowned.

"Don't you dare let this fucker go soft," she said, putting her hand on his crotch where, just a short while ago, his prick was hard as a rock. But instead, she found a limp mass of flaccid flesh.

He laughed, squeezing her. "Too late, my love, I creamed my pants when you came. My shorts are a fuckin' mess!"

Mrs. Beck chuckled. She placed a glass of wine in each of their hands.

"Don't worry," she told Gerta. "The night is still young and so is Frankie. Cocks are like weeds, you can't kill them. He will grow big and strong again."


As she and Frankie sipped their wine, Johnny sat down on the overstuffed chair across the room and beckoned to her mother.

"Sit on my lap, Sarah." He winked mischievously.

The woman giggled like a teenager. She walked over to the boy and stretched out across his knees, her hands draped around his neck.

"Now where did we leave off?" Johnny grinned.

Sarah parted her unbuttoned blouse, staring lewdly into the boy's dark-brown eyes.

"You were just about to kiss my titties," she said, almost in a whisper.

Gina felt her stomach chum. She leaned over close to Frankie's ear. "My God! Are they going to do it right here in front of us?"

Frankie shrugged his shoulders. "Let's see." Johnny had stretched his hands up to Sarah's blouse and was drawing the thin red garment from her shoulders. He tossed it on the floor.

Mrs. Beck's bra was a sheer delight of filmy black silk. She reached behind her back and undid the clasp.

With a slow deliberate motion, Johnny removed the sheer bra from her breasts.

"My God, Sarah!" he moaned, feasting his eyes on the woman's soft white tit-flesh. "You're built like a fuckin' brick shit-house!"

"Kiss them!" Sarah begged, her eyes growing misty. "I haven't had a man's lips on my tits in years!"

Gerta reached back and took Frankie's hand and shoved it under her skirt as Johnny began to rain a series of hot wet kisses over her mother's tits.

She saw her mother's nipples rise like two pink lipsticks.

Johnny began licking the puckered flesh with short lapping strokes.

It made Gerta begin to grow hot again, seeing her mother fucking around with a man. She flexed her thigh muscles against Frankie's fist and saw her mother throw her shoulders back, making her tits stick out.

Sarah closed her eyes and threw her head back. "Oh, Johnny! That feels so good!"

Gerta shot a glance at Frankie. His mouth was curled into a tight grin.

"This is like a drive-in movie," he mumbled.

When Gerta looked back, her mother was kissing every inch of Johnny's neck as the boy sucked her tits.

Gerta reached her hand back and found Frankie's zipper. She pulled the catch down and reached inside. His shorts were soaked, with cum.

"My God!" Gerta giggled. "How long have you been saving up this wad of cream?"

"All my life."

She found his cock, curled up. Everything was a mass of sticky, hot jism. Her hand felt as if she had plunged it into a jar of honey. His cum seeped between her fingers, clung to her knuckles, her palm, her wrist. It made Frankie's prick feel slippery, slimy -- exciting.

"You made quite a mess of yourself," she said, sliding the tips of her fingers up and down his flaccid prick. It felt, soft and warm. His foreskin slipped between her light stroking digits as if she were peeling a lush, ripe banana.

He laughed. "If you keep playing with it, you're going to make me hard again."

"It fuckin' well better! And when it does, I want to lick your fuckin' balls clean!"

Sarah giggled. "Gerta, help me!"

Gerta snapped her head around and saw her mother and Johnny naked on the floor. Johnny was sitting on her big tits. He had her mother's arms pinned over the woman's head, moving his hips back and forth, slamming her face with his hard cock.

"Eat it!" he roared.

"I will, you fucker!" Her mother laughed. "Just let my arms go!"

Helpless, Sarah kept moving her head from side to side, trying to dodge the meaty shaft as it bounced up and down across her beet-red face. With each slap, a stream of pre-cum juice dripped from his piss-hole and splashed against the woman's checks.

Somehow, Gerta's mother raised her legs and locked them around Johnny's neck. Taken off guard, the boy tumbled to the floor on his back, and, Mrs. Beck, quick to take advantage, rolled over on top, clamping her arms around his neck.

Gerta could see that her mother had Johnny's cock trapped under her belly. Her legs were spread, and she began to wiggle her ass, sliding her body up and down the teenager's lanky body, dry-humping the dazed mother-fucker.

Her tits were crushed into Johnny's hairy chest like two round pancakes and they rocked back and forth as her ass kept humping in wide circular motions.

"Oh, God!" Sarah sighed. "This feels so fuckin' good."

Johnny placed both hands on her ass, one on each cheek, pressing her down harder against his prick. "Christ, Sarah! You sure are one hot piece."

Gerta saw the passion dripping from her mother's eyes, her mouth parted with wanton desire.

"If you have been so long without a piece of ass, as I have, you would be grateful for an only daughter who can fix her mother up with such a handsome young prick."

Her mother's words made Gerta's eyes teary. She squeezed Frankie's soft cock and felt a bubble of cum drip from his pee-hole. Her cunt began to itch.

Johnny kissed the woman. "Sarah, you sure are one for the books."

"So write me a story about it, but not now. Nights are made for lovers." Sarah lifted her ass and reached down under and grabbed his fucker. "Your cock is squirting all over my belly."

She played with his swollen shaft for a moment, then guided the stiff bone into her cunt-hole.

"I'm going to fuck you!" she purred like a hot she-cat. "I'm going to show you how a good cunt can squeeze a pecker until your cock feels like it's in heaven!"

Gerta saw her mother wiggle her hips and slide downward to engulf his prick. She reached under her dress and guided Frankie's fist up to her pussy.

"Put your finger in me!" she begged. "I'm getting hot again!"

She felt his long middle finger wiggle between her cunt-flaps. It slid up her moist chute, past her clit. His knuckles were hard.

It felt wonderful. It scratched her where her pussy itched. She squirmed and sighed contentedly, her eyes darting to the couple making out on the floor.

Johnny lifted his ass and his prick drove deep and full, up her mother's cunt, and the woman's head went back and she gave out a loud groan of pleasure.

Gerta knew how wonderful her mother must feel right then. Her pussy was full of Johnny's cock and her tits were crushed against his hairy chest.

And Frankie was getting hot too.

His prick-head was beginning to tremble, and Gerta's hand under his shorts felt his cum-laden crotch growing hot and steamy. Pre-cum started to ooze from his piss-hole.

Over on the floor, Johnny held her mother by the hips and he began to fuck his way in and out of the woman's cunt-hole. Her head rested on Johnny's shoulder as her ass lifted up and down.

"Son-of-a-bitch, Sarah!" Johnny groaned. "Where the fuck did you ever learn to make your cunt suck a dick like this?"

"Fuck!" the woman begged. "We'll talk later."

Gerta became more aroused as the two fucked harder and harder. She moved Frankie's other hand down from her neck and slipped it around her tit. Her hips kept time to his thrusting finger. Her cunt began to boil.

And Frankie's cock began to grow in her hand. She smelled the sweet odor of his cum. The odor was starchy, sexy. She loved it.

"Harder, harder!" Sarah begged.

Johnny's next fuck-jab almost lifted her ass up into the air. Gerta was sure that the only thing keeping his prick from flying out of her mother's cunt was the woman's tight, sucking pussy muscles.

Gerta couldn't keep her eyes off the two screwing. She watched her mother's ass as it bounced up and down. How white her asscheeks were, how full and curvy. For the first time, she noticed how her mother's hips were formed. Like an hourglass, lush and rich. Not a trace of flab or fat.

Johnny's eyes bulged. He moaned and groaned as his prick slithered up and down inside Sarah's fuck-hole, almost as if he hadn't had a piece of ass in months.

"Fuck me, Johnny!" Sarah cried. "Fuck the shit out of me! Sink your prick in me! Fuck me like you fucked my daughter last night!"

"Your cunt's too much!" he moaned. "I can't stop it! I have to..."

And Gerta saw it happen.

He raised his hips in a wide arc, then fucked his prick deeper into her mother's pussy.

Her mother's cunt muscles must have contracted around his cock because he grunted and his legs bounced up from the floor as if he was suddenly jolted by a bolt of lightning.

"I'm coming! Oh my God, honey, I'm coming!" Sarah stiffened, and she clung to Johnny's neck.

Then she kissed him as if she meant to suck out his guts.

Johnny's hands went up to her waist, clamping her to his groin in a tight grip. Their crotches kept slapping together fiercely, his prick swishing in her hairy pussy.

Her body heaved in a shuddering convulsion. For a moment it seemed that time stood still.

Gerta squeezed her legs tighter around Frankie's finger-fucking fist. Her heart pounded as she saw her mother receive load after load of Johnny's cum. Her sticky, heated pussy tingled with thrill after thrill as she watched her mother fuck the boy with a passion beyond description.

And all the while they watched her mother fuck, Frankie's prick steadily grew harder and harder in Gerta's hand. She could almost feel his balls filling with another load.

He leaned over and whispered in her ear.

"How does it feel to watch your mother get laid?"

Gerta's breath shot out of her mouth like, a stream, of hot steam. She turned her head and licked Frankie's ear. "Wonderful! Mommie sure knows how to throw a mean fuck!"

"And what about her daughter?" Frankie chuckled.

Gerta turned in Frankie's arms, facing him. "Just you wait! Mommie taught me all she knows. Like mother, like daughter!"

"I can hardly wait."

But as he spoke, she got a whiff of his breath and smelled her pussy-cream still on his lips. It, reminded her of a delightful promise she had made earlier.

"But first I'm going to lick the cum from between your friggin' legs!" She giggled. She tugged at his slacks. "It's about time these things came off, don't you think?"

He grinned and hunched his ass up from the sofa.

She slid his slacks down to his knees, then his shorts.

Then she saw it! His cock! Her heart pounded. For a moment, she was unable to take her eyes off his prick. She was thrilled.

"Oh my God!" she gasped when she saw the size of his cock.

His prick came straight out from between his legs. Huge balls hung from the base, the size of two large eggs. His fucker was much thicker and longer than Johnny's. His mushroom-shaped cock-head had a blunt red tip that oozed clear liquid.

And she had thought Johnny's cock was big! Thick purple veins ran up and down its length.

His black bush had thick curly hair, shiny cum covered everything, his balls, his legs. His twelve-inch cock dribbled cream.

His twelve inches of cock-meat mesmerized her.

He kicked off his shoes and wiggled out of his slacks. With one quick tug, his shorts joined the slacks in a heap at his feet.

She lowered her head and licked his cock-tip. It tasted the same as Johnny's -- thick, juicy, slightly salty. It throbbed against her tongue.

With her left hand, she cupped his balls and worked her mouth down to the wrist-thick root. She felt his hands fumbling with the zipper on the back of her dress.

"Now let me see what you have hidden under your friggin' dress," he said.

"Let me do it! You take your shirt off!" Quickly she stood up and finished unzipping herself. Kicking off her low-heeled shoes, she wiggled her dress over her head and tossed it on the floor.

With an impatient tug, she broke her bra strap and the lacy silk fluttered to the floor.

Frankie's shirt followed.


Guts was just beginning to bloom into a beautiful woman. For the past few years, she had watched her body blossom from the awkward, lanky schoolgirl to a nicely padded teenager that now stood in her mother's living room completely naked.

She looked down at Frankie's throbbing cockshaft. Suddenly, she felt exhilarated, sexy, wanton.

Raising her arms above her heady she turned a complete circle as Frankie feasted his eyes on her beautiful, curvy hips.

His eyes were glued to her rounded white ass as she raised on her toes and promenaded around the room.

Her nipples were hard, pointing upward. Her pulse quickened.

Inspired by the lust in his eyes, she stopped in front of him and did a shimmy. With her hands clasped behind her neck, she wiggled her chest and made her tits sway back and forth. Faster and faster her tits slapped from one side of her chest to the other.

It made her feel like a fucking harlot. Her pussy grew slicker with honey.

"Hey, man!" Johnny called from across the room. "Look at those suckers shake!"

Her mother, down on the boy's flaccid prick licking the cock-cream from his prick, stopped her sucking, and her lips parted in a fascinated smile. When she saw Gerta performing her sensual wiggles, she began to clap.

"Shake it, baby?" she shrieked from across the room.

But Frankie kept staring at her daughter's naked body, entranced.

She lowered her groin down to the level of his eyes. Her soft triangle of ash-blonde hair waved softly in rhythm as she wiggled her fleshy pussy from side to side.

His eyes thrilled her as she watched them hungrily devour each slithering movement of her hips.

She increased her tempo, and her passion seared through her body. Drops of sweat beaded on her forehead, her chest. The perspiration made her body glisten. Slowly, she moved her pussy closer and closer to his face.

Her mouth began to water. Her cunt burned, and her spine tingled. Nothing had ever thrilled her like this before.

"Hey, babe!" Johnny yelled, still naked on the floor where he had just fucked Sarah. "How about some of that hot stuff over my way?"

Her mother, with her head on the bars thigh, roared in laughter.

"Oh my God! She's making Johnny ready for another round!" She put her hand on his dripping prick. "Lord, his fucker is beginning to rise! Christ, he's making me hot again!"

Gerta smiled at the sudden attention she drew from the horny spectators. Her face was flushed red and her pubic hair was encrusted with streaks of honey-juice that dribbled from her hot pussy.

She turned and, still crouched, shoved her asshole against Frankie's nose, grinding it into her brown shit-hole. The sensation between the crack of her ass sent a luscious tingle of pleasure through her loins.

With a grunt of obvious joy, Frankie grabbed her hips and began to skewer his nose deeper into her pulpy shit-hole. She grinned.

A sudden sense of her absolute sexual power over the boys' hard pricks gave her a sudden flush of satisfaction. The scent of her hot ass and the warmth of her tight pussy made their wonderful cocks grow hard again. It was a wonderful cycle... and it had all started with one little kiss the other night.

No wonder her mother loved to be fucked by a real prick. Making love to a woman was one thing. But the sudden jolt of a man's fiery hot jism shooting out of his cock-head and ramming its way up the walls of her quivering cunt was no substitute.

Now she had two horny cunt-lappers who wanted her. Two pricks to play with. Two sets of king-size balls full of that wonderful white cream. God, how much she had learned during the past twenty-four hours!

She spun around and kissed Frankie hard on the lips.

"Don't go away, you naughty boy!" she giggled. "I'll be right back!" Gerta turned to Johnny. "So you think my stuff's hot? Maybe you'd like a sample!"

Sarah's face beamed as Gerta walked over to the grinning boy and planted a foot on either side of his head, her pussy dripping.

Standing over him, she felt six feet tall.

She lowered her pussy until she had her knees on the green rug. Then she sat back and wiggled her ass into position until her fuzzy wet cunt petals covered his hot mouth.

She began rubbing her swollen gash in slow spiraling motions. His fleshy nose tickled her slashing cunt and her soaked inner thighs. Immediately, she felt her juices drench his red cheeks with her hot girl-honey.

Up until now, all eyes were following her every incestuous move. But suddenly the room came alive.

Frankie jumped up from the couch. "Fuck this! What am I, a fuckin' orphan?"

"Yeah!" Sarah giggled. "Gerta's had all the friggin' action long enough! Frankie, come make love to me!"

Gerta was shaking in pure passion.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" she shouted, wiggling her cunt faster across Johnny's face.

Frankie fell to the floor next to her mother, his prick a mass of hot, swollen man-meat.

He grabbed Mrs. Beck around her shoulders and pulled her to him. Her rich, ripe tits rammed tight against his hairy chest. Her legs wrapped around his massive thighs and her puckered cunt dripped all over his legs.

The room smelled like a fuckin' whore house, of sweet woman-juice and spicy man-cum.

Johnny pushed Gerta off his face. She landed, bare legs kicking in the air, on the two lovers squirming in blissful lust a few feet away. Instantly, Johnny rolled over and joined the trio of laughing nudists entangled in a mass of flailing arms and legs.

Everyone was laughing and giggling as they tried to extract themselves from the tangled web. Their struggling only made their entanglement worse.

Gerta felt someone's finger drilling into her wet, stinky cunt. She reached out for leverage and found a pair of gooey balls in her hand. She squeezed, and Frankie howled.

She felt her mother's tits slam into her back. Someone grabbed hers and she rocked with laughter. She saw a hairy ass pass her face. A pair of thick legs wrapped themselves around her neck, and she smelled the sweet aroma of cock-cream.

A thumb goosed her asshole. Her mother's pungent pussy rolled across her face, and the next instant an ass was shoved beneath her nose.

She never had so much exotic fun in her life. Her whole body was covered with gooey patches of bitch-honey, cock-drool and sticky sweat.

Finally, she was thrown clear of the howling mob, stumbling head over heels across the green rug. But when she stooped over, in an attempt to regain her balance, she felt a hard cock slip up her ass-crack and attack her from behind.

"Now I gotcha!" Frankie yelled. "Now you're going to get it!"

On her hands and knees, the weight of his body mounting her from behind held her trapped. His hands grabbed her soft, ripe tits. She felt the tip of his prick searching for her fuck-hole entrance.

"Do you really want to fuck me like this?" She giggled. "Doggie fashion?"

"I don't give a shit how I fuck you!" he gasped. "I have to get my friggin' rocks off. They're getting sore as holy shit!"

"Ohhh, you poor darling," she said sadly. "I've teased you too long. I've given you lover's nuts."

Gerta slipped down to her elbows, her ass pointed at a steep angle toward his dripping twelve-inch cock. She reached behind her and grasped his leaking cock-knob and guided it into her sweltering fuck-slot.

"Go ahead, Frankie, fuck it! Give me all you've got -- balls and all!"

Frankie pushed upward, sliding his swollen twelve inches into Gerta's wet pussy.

Gerta gasped as his thick cock began to fill her hole with raw, naked cock-meat. She braced herself as he shoved his cock-knob deeper and deeper into her tight, burning pussy-hole.

Frankie was kneading her tender tits with feverish abandon. Her nipples became two hard cores of puckered flesh under his palms. Her pink areolas were swollen.

"My God!" Gerta squealed as his shaft eased into her buttery fuck-tunnel. It seemed that she was waiting forever for the thick log to reach its full length. "I never knew they made fucking pricks as long as yours!"

But once in, Frankie began fucking his slick prick like a galloping stallion. Gerta began to respond, whipping her pussy against each thrust.

"Ahhhhh!" she moaned. "That feels sooooo fu-fuckin' gooooood!"

Back and forth they fucked madly.

"Harder!" she groaned. She felt their sticky sex-juice run down her thighs. "Harder, I'm so horny, Frankie! I can almost taste it!"

He moved his arms around her belly and nuzzled his chin into the back of her neck and slammed his groin into her asscheeks with a smacking sound.

"Ahhhhhh, I'm coming! Fuck me harder!" His twelve inches felt as hard as stone, his cock-head seemed to reach into her womb. His balls slapped against her clit on the in-stroke.

Then her pussy exploded, squeezing his sizzling staff. She spewed her juices down his spiked shaft and all over his balls.

"Don't stop!" she cried. "There's another charge on its way!"

She felt the orgasm spiraling around in the pit of her guts.

Beads of sweat dotted her brow. Her tits were drenched with perspiration. Her thighs reeked of cock-juice, girl-honey -- sticky juices, yet more and more drained out of her body. She smelled like a harlot, sweet and musky.

She writhed under him, humping her ass to meet his violent thrusts. Her breath shot out of her mouth in gulps of passion.

"It's coming again!" she shrieked. "Oh, my God, I can't stop commmmming!"

This time her juices shot from her cunthole like streams of yellow piss. Gerta's arms collapsed and she caved in, her belly to the floor, Frankie following her down, not losing a fuck stroke.

"Oh, Frankie!" she gasped, feeling his cock still pounding within her slut-tube. "Cum in me! I need your fuckin' load in me!"

He was right behind her. His hot stream of man-juice shot from his cock-head like a series of fiery canon balls. It pounded up into her tunnel and splashed into her womb, filling her pussy with spurt after spurt of white-hot cream.

This time her cuntwalls slammed tight around his shooting prick with a violent contraction, and she didn't lose a drop of his wonderful hot jism.

"Oh, my baby!" her mother gasped as Frankie pulled his throbbing prick out of her daughter's gurgling cunt. "You fuck so beautifully! I watched you until it brought tears to my eyes!"

Frankie flipped to his back beside Gerta on the floor, his chest heaving. Growing soft, his prick was bending, and his face looked like a wrung-out dishrag.

But Gerta looked as fresh as a daisy. Leaning over, she started to lick the last drops as the thick, white cream trickled out of his piss-hole.

She looked up at her mother's flushed face. "That's because I'm my mother's daughter. Good fuckers must run in the family."

She licked Frankie's hairy cock until not a drop of sex-juice remained. Then she started on his balls, his thighs. She nudged Frankie until he turned on his belly. His ass was soaked with sweat.

She lapped across the glistening moisture. His dew tasted salty, intriguing. Sliding her nose up and down his ass-crack, she smelled his shithole. The sweet, clean smell began to turn her on.

Snuggling up closer, she lapped the tip of her tongue where her nose had just been on Frankie's ass.

"No shit taste!" Gerta giggled. "You must shit balls of sugar."

Settling down, she hunched herself to a more comfortable position, with her sloppy crotch against his head. She sensed his downy black pubic hair nestled against her pussy like a tiny balled-up kitten curled between her legs.

Contented, she began to give him a tongue job that made her cunt burn.

And as she did, she watched her mother and Johnny feel each other up. They were whispering sweet pillow-talk into each other's ear in the same spat on the floor where they had fucked, just a half hour ago.

They both were getting hot and horny again. Her mother leaned on Johnny's side, her big left tit crushed against his rib cage. One leg was bent at the knee. It curled across his thigh. Her pink nipple was hard, firm.

Both of their eyes were sparkling. Sarah's fingers were kneading the hard flesh on his swollen prick, cock-juices oozing from the tip of his scarlet cock-head.

Staring down at her naked lover's face, Sarah smiled. "I'd like you to fuck me in the ass."

"Shit! Sarah!" Johnny murmured. "I never tried that one. Won't I hurt you?"

"Not if you lube me, it won't. It's all hot and tingly, honey. I know you would love the way my shifter would feel around that big, juicy cock of yours."

Gerta had just spread Frankie's ass-cheeks open, and had her tongue wiggling at the entrance of his shit-hole when she heard her mother beg.

"Please honey, say yes. Tell me that you will sink, your wonderful cock up my ass."

Gerta knew Johnny would try anything new. "There's some Vaseline upstairs in the medicine closet," Gerta answered. "I'll go get it."

Without waiting for an answer, she flew up the hall stairway, her tits bouncing up and down with every step. When she thought about watching her mother take Johnny's big prick up her shit-hole, it had taken her breath away.

Who else had such an adorable sexy mother like hers? So kind, and so wonderfully horny. It made her heart sing.

Gerta grabbed the Vaseline jar, and rushed back down to the roomful of spicy sex odors.

Gerta handed Johnny the Vaseline and cuddled up against Frankie's ass again. But, this time, she watched the couple, only a few feet away, bathed in the light of the silvery moon that shone on the floor through the living-room windows.

Sarah sprawled out on her belly while Johnny sat up next to her. He took a huge gob of jelly on his middle finger and crouched, over her ass. He began working the grease into her shit-hole.

First, he began by piling a mound of Vaseline over her puckered brown opening. With his finger, he forced the ointment up her chute.

Again and again, his finger returned to the jar, until it was half empty. Then, he plunged his index finger deep inside her ass to lube her passageway.

She moaned. "Hurry, Johnny! Christ, please hurry! Stick your cock up my ass! Ass-fuck the living shit out of me!"

Johnny took another handful and covered his cock with a thick layer of the glimmering grease.

"Get ready, Sarah," he warned. "I'm coming in your back-door. I hope the hell you're big enough, Sarah."

"Oh, I am Johnny!" she moaned. "I am!" Reaching for her ass, she spread her asscheeks apart as Johnny climbed upon her back and mounted her, his fist sliding his huge red prick between her ass-crack.

Gerta saw him weave back and forth, his swollen cock-head having trouble entering her mother's tight asshole. For awhile she thought he'd split her ass wide open.

Sarah was growing impatient. "Push, Johnny! Push harder! I can take it!"

She was right. Once his cock-head entered, the rest of his length slid up her greased tube like a knife plowing through hot butter. He moved forward, easing his sweaty body down upon her back until every inch of his red raw cock was jammed up her quivering ass.

"Ohhhhh, that feels so good!" she groaned in rapture. "Now grab a handful of my tits, like a good boy, and start fucking my asshole!"

He began humping, slowly at first, his long greased fuck-tool making sucking noises as it snaked in and out of her tight, jellied bowels.

"Christ, Sarah, your shit-hole feels so fuckin' tight, my cock feels like it's being crushed in a meat grinder!"

"Fuck me harder, lover! My ass is so itchy!"

"I can feel little balls of your shit wiggling around the tip of my prick."

The woman sighed. "I knew you would like it! It's making my pussy twitch like crazy!"

"It's so tight!"

"Just fuck, Johnny!"

"When you squeeze your ass when I go in, it makes my prick feel like I'm plowing through a rubber tube!"

"Oh, God!" she cried. "Your cock feels like I'm taking a hot, wonderful shit."

Gerta saw her mother's ass fucking furiously beneath him. She leaned over and swiped a kiss across Frankie's hairy asshole. "We have to try that someday, Frankie. It looks like fun."

Frankie, still pooped from his round with Gerta, only grunted.

"Oh, my God, Johnny, my cunt's starting to burn!" Her hands began to pound the rug. Johnny began to ram her ass, his belly smacking against her ass with a clapping that made the room echo with a thundering noise. "I'm going to cum, Johnny! Fuck me harder! Don't stop now."

Gerta saw Johnny stiffen.

He lifted his head and yelled. "Me toooooo!"

She could imagine his loads of creamy cum squirting up her mother's shit-hole as Johnny's face contorted with passion. His eyes closed and his mouth opened wide.

"Oh, my God, Sarah, your asshole's sucking my fuckin' balls dry!"

"Give it to me, Johnny? My bowels are on fire? Put the fire out, lover, give me everything you have!"


"Fuck, Sarah. If I give you anything more, I'll have to shove my fuckin' balls up there, too!" Johnny replied.

Gerta saw his legs twitch violently over her mother's humped, red-hot ass. Then the wet, sucking sounds of his ass-reaming prick stopped and his body went rigid. Her mother shrieked. She saw bubbly foam collect around her mother's mouth, and her eyes gaped open, frozen.

"Auuuugggggghhh!" Johnny cried.

Gerta pictured a load of his hot, heavy cream squirt up the woman's crap-chute.

"Auuuuugggghhhh!" he cried again. "Your tight-fuckin' shit-hole's gonna blister my cock for good! I won't be fit to fuck another broad for a friggin' week!"

Gerta felt her juicy cunt grow hot again.

"Horseshit!" She giggled. She reached over and shoved a finger up Frankie's ass. "Come on, Frankie. Look alive. I want another piece."

But Frankie only grunted.

"Shit!" she moaned disgustedly as Johnny collapsed in a heap across her mother's naked back. "The fucking show's over and you... you, party-pooper, you slept through the whole fuckin' thing!"

"I'm not asleep!" Frankie objected.

"Well fuck me! You might as well have been."

"Take him upstairs, Gerta," her mother's voice cut in. "Put him to bed. It's about time you found out how nice it is to actually sleep with a man."

The girl's eyes lit up. "Can you, Frankie? Can you stay all night and sleep in my bed?"

Frankie blinked, and looked around. "Yeah, sure. I'll call home and tell my folks I'm staying with Johnny."

"That's no fuckin' lie," Johnny said. "And if it's okay with you, Sarah, I'll spend the night with you."

"Oh, my God!" Sarah shrieked. "I'm going to have a man sleeping in my bed tonight. Hear that, Gerta?"

The corners of her mouth curled upwards in a dreamy smile. She looked at Johnny.

"But don't get any ideas about sleeping. I have designs on your prick."

As Frankie, sleepy-eyed, struggled to his feet, he gave a hand to Gerta, helping her up. Gerta threw her arms around his neck, pressing her big tits against his hairy chest. She stood on her toes and reached up, kissing him hard on the lips.

"Meet you upstairs, lover. And what Mommie said, the same goes for you!" She giggled. "I do hope you did get a fuckin' nap because I'm going to pound your pudding all friggin' night long -- and not with my fist."

Gerta whiffed a scent of her mother's shit as Johnny raised his hips and withdrew his cock from her mother's beautiful ass, and as Frankie dialed his number, Gerta found her way up to her bedroom.

She stripped the bed down to the crisp, clean sheets and threw her naked body across the soft mattress. They felt cool against her hot, nude body. She turned on her back and thought about sleeping all night with Frankie's warm body next to her.

She spread her legs as her fingers flew over her drenched mound of pubic hair. It felt wet, soft. Her middle finger found her juiced cuntflaps. They felt puffed, hot, itchy.

She stroked them and shivered in passion, as a jolt of electricity stabbed through her belly. Good God, was she hot! Her cunt-stink whiffed past her nose, exciting her until she plunged the finger deep inside and wiggled the tip against her pussy-lining. She felt her raging hard clit slip across her knuckle. She closed her eyes and went into a world of her own.

Just the thought of having Frankie's nakedness cuddled against her for one whole night made her heart pound. She began working her gooey finger in and out of her fuck-hole, masturbating herself. Already, she felt her syrup wet the sheets under her ass. What a fuckin' night this will be. Christ! How much she had learned during the past twenty-four hours about cocks. Cocks! She loved them!

"Move your ass over and stop playin' with yourself," Frank said. He pushed her over and lay down beside her. "Christ, you're beautiful here in the moonlight!"

He drew her into his arms for a deep, piercing, sloppy kiss.

Gerta smiled. She lowered her hand between his legs. His prick was hard, his cockhead wet.

"I see you've come alive again. I was beginning to get worried."

"Worried about what?"

"Having you konk out on me. I'm hot."

"I never met a girl like you!" He grinned. "You're wonderful!"

She slid a leg between his thighs and felt his balls, hot, sweaty, against her inner thigh. "How come?"

"You're always so ready for a lay." He traced the tip of his tongue across the bridge of her pert little nose.

"That's because I've been a good girl for so long." She pushed over on top of him and crushed her tits into his hairy chest, his stiff cock wedged between her thigh and his stomach. "Now that I've found out what a prick is for, I plan to spend the rest of my life putting the fuckin' knowledge to good use."

She watched his eyes grow dreamy. It made her heart race.

"Slip your hand down and put your fucker in my belly," she said.

Frankie slid his hand down between their naked bodies aud grabbed his swollen prick. While Gerta arched her ass, he fed the long, fat log between her juicing cunt-slit, and slid it slowly up the spongy lining of her pussy.

"Christ," Frankie moaned. "You're soaking wet down here!"

She felt big gobs of her mucky cunt-honey gush down her legs, as his massive prick plowed up her slick, slippery fuck-tube, his bulbous cock-head forcing out the gooey, sizzling, syrup like a gusher, down his prick to puddle all over the crisp, clean bed sheets under his ass.

"I know!" she sighed. "Ain't it wonderful?" He wrapped his arms around her, squashing her big tits tight to his chest. He began to fuck.

"Frankie, no!" she cried. She brushed her mouth across his lips. "We have all fuckin' night. Just let me feel you in me."

His distended prick filled her tight slit.

The terrible sexual itch in her cunt tantalized her.

No way did she want this to stop. She yearned to feel every inch of his prick, his balls, his ass. She wanted to taste his spit, his sweat, his piss, his cum, his shit -- everything!

She rolled her hips slightly, feeling his cockhead pulse against her pussy walls. "Just let me enjoy your pecker for awhile."

Frankie smiled dreamily. "It's your fuckin' show."

She felt like a sex-maddened, whore-bitch, but she didn't give a shit. Nothing could spoil this special night. Forcing herself down until she felt his cock full depth in her pussy, she squeezed her cunt muscles as tight as she could.

She pried her ass upward, clamping his impaled pussy-fucker.

"Christ!" Frankie gasped. "That drives me crazy!"

"That's your fuckin' problem." She reined when she felt his slippery boner in the pit of her stomach.

"I hope to hell all my problems always feel this good."

"When I get finished with you, shit-head, you'll be lucky if you can walk out to the car without limping bow-legged."

"But we'll have to take a slight break."

"Fuck you!"

"My prick's getting soft."

"What the fuck do you mean by your prick's getting soft?"

"It does that sometimes, when I have to piss."

Gerta shot him a whimsical grin. "Piss?" Her blue eyes rolled in their sockets.

She felt her mouth water. "Piss? Son-of-a-bitch! That's just what I was dreaming of. You fuckin' whore's asshole, you can piss your friggin' stream in my fuckin' mouth!"

"You're kidding!"

"The hell I am!"

She yanked her cunt up of his cock and spun around on the bed. Grabbing his softening prick, she worked the foreskin down and rubbed her tongue over his sticky cock-head.

"Now piss! Or I'll bite off the head of your pecker!"

Gerta tasted the mixture of his juices mixed with hers as she sucked the slopping prick-mess between her lips.

For a moment Frankie just lay there.

Gerta bit the tip of his pisser with her sharp front teeth. "Piss, you bastard, piss!"

Frankie grunted. "Christ! That hurt! Don't bite! I'm trying!"

She felt the muscles in his stomach puff out as he squeezed his gut. She clamped her lips tight around his cock-head as his cock stiffened and hot piss began to sizzle down her throat with the force of a fiery jet stream.

She felt it careen across the roof of her mouth, swirling against her teeth, her gums, her tongue. Even swallowing as fast as she could, half of the hot, yellow piss had found its way past her lips and squirted down her chin, across her cheeks. It cascaded, like a waterfall, down her chest. Her tits were drenched with hot, yellow piss. His legs were covered with the rich aroma of a urinal in a steamy whorehouse crapper.

It made the pit of her belly feel warm.

She began to suck the tip of his piss-hole as she gulped down the fiery juice. It tasted wonderful.

Her stomach bloated as endless gusty gushes blasted down her throat. It was like an aphrodisiac. It made her young blood boil.

Done pissing, Frankie sighed. "Christ! That felt good! But the fuckin' bed sheets are soaking wet."

"Oh, shit!" she replied. "Quit your bitching! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

She kissed the tip of his cock between each phrase. Gerta twisted her body, placing her tits on Frankie's chest.

"I want it! Dear God, Frankie, your pissing in my mouth made me feel so friggin' hot and horny, my cunt feels like a boiling kettle." Her hand roamed down his belly until it found his fucker. Her heart leaped. It was rip-roaring hard again. "Put it in me!"

In a flash, Frankie wrapped his arms around her back and rolled her over his chest to the dry side of the bed and, mounted her.

"Now say your prayers," he chided. "Because I'm going to give you the fucking of your life!"

"Promises, promises! Stick it in me, shithead! You talk too fuckin' much!"

Her hot cunt was so wide open that his hard prick found its way into her sloppy, juiced fuck tube without an ounce of effort. He buried his twelve inches deep inside her.

Immediately, they began fucking at a feverish pace -- cock and cunt beating a rhythm of fiery hot, peppery lust that made the bed springs squeak.

"My God, Frankie! You weren't kidding! It's good! So fuckin' good!"

"You're made for fucking, Gerta! So Goddamned tight!"

"Bullshit! Your prick is so friggin' big, you could fuck a mason jar and still be cramped."

Gerta could feel the heat of their passion causing torrid sweat to break out over their young bodies as their fervid fucking thrusts clashed their hips together wildly. They pounded each other's cock and cunt in and out with sexual abandon. Mixed with Frankie's hot piss, the mixture lubricated their skin, and her big tits rolled up and down his chest with each stroke of his swollen, slippery cockshaft.

Her cunt gripped his prick, spilling hot fuckjuice around the base of his prick that foamed into a soapy lather. It trickled down her ass and soaked the sheets. She raised her legs and scissored them tight around his fucking hips.

Her cunt gripped his slithering cock-shaft in a vise-like grip. Her whole body seemed on fire. When Frankie pulled out, her tight cunt-walls milked his cock of every drop of his juice. When he thrust in, her pussy relaxed and allowed his swollen prick to plow through her sleeky cunt walls and spread them open.

The room began to smell of piss and cock juice and girl-honey. The spicy aroma made Gerta's heart pound faster.

"My God, Frankie! Where in all fuckin' hell did you learn to fuck?"

"Christ, I thought you wanted to fuck, not take notes!"

"You're so fuckin' good, is all I meant."

"Fuck! You wanted it! Now fuck!"

"You're making me cum..."

Frankie slammed down one more time. Gerta could feel his prick quiver.

"Me too!" he shrieked.

His prick, cemented to Gerta's puffy cuntflaps and buried to the hilt, shot a load of hot, creamy jism up her fuck-chute.

"Christ!" he groaned. "What a fuckin' night!"

His load had filled her warm womb with boiling sperm. She felt her pussy suddenly contract, and a spasm of cum seared through her fuck tunnel and she opened her mouth and screamed. "Oh, my God! I'm cooooooominggggggggg! Cooooooominggggggggg!"

Her body went all mushy. It relaxed under him like a washed-out rag. Her breath came -- in short, ragged pants. She had trouble moving her arms. It was an effort to extricate her legs from around Frankie's hips. The world seemed to stand still.

In a fog, she remembered Frankie sliding off her. At least twice during the night she felt his finger toying with her pussy.

She woke up at noon and they fucked again, but this time -- their passionate heat satisfied -- they fucked with tenderness.

Unlike the night before, they loved with sweet kisses and affection.

"Poor Frankie," she purred. "You had to sleep in your pee all night."

Frankie chuckled. "To tell you the truth, Gerta, I don't remember. When I woke up this morning, though, the sheets were dry, the sun was shining -- and I had a hard-on."

"I seem to remember that!" She giggled. "Do you think we could find something to eat?"

"My poor darling, you must be starved." She sniffed. "We smell like a piss-house. Would you like to take a bath with me?"

He shook his head. "I'd love to, but not yet. You smell sweet and sexy just the way you are, let's wait. I'm not finished fucking you yet!"

"Shall we eat -- nude?"

"You are a whory bitch!" He laughed. "Feel my prick. It's getting hard just thinking about watching your tits over the breakfast table."

Gerta thought she would find her mother and perhaps Johnny, in the kitchen when they went down for breakfast, around one o'clock. But instead, cousin Rachel sat at the table, reading a book, a big smile on her face.


As Gerta and Frankie, both naked as two jaybirds, walked into the kitchen, Rachel shrieked. "What the fuck are the Beck's running here? A fuckin' whorehouse?"

Frankie slid to the table and sat down, apparently trying to cover his stiffening, naked prick.

Gerta giggled. "Who the fuck wants to know?"

"I do!" Rachel grinned at Frankie, her green eyes running across his bare, hairy chest, his bulging biceps.

She turned to Gerta, who was searching through the refrigerator. "What have you two been doing?"

Gerta took a box of eggs and a package of bacon from the shelf and nudged the door shut with a swig of her bare ass.

"Fucking the shit out of each other!" She laughed. "What do you think? Playing spin-the-bottle?"

She put a fry-pan on the stove and turned on the gas, noting the redhead's eyes were roving over Frankie's body like a kid in the candy store.

She knew her cousin was mentally fucking the huge hunk of meat whose prick had been soaking in her pussy most of the night. But what the shit, she thought. Frankie's got plenty of cock for both of them.

Rachel's eyes darted back to Gerta. "First I find Johnny Peters humping your mother while she's bending over the sink washing dishes -- both as naked as you two -- when you and Frankie waltz in here with a lover's gleam shining over your fuckin' faces like you've been banging away at it all night long."

Gerta giggled. "We have been."

"All night? You mean Frankie and Johnny spent the night sleeping with you two assholes?"


"You bet the fuck I am! Boy, was your mother right when she said you just bloomed!"

Gerta winked at Frankie, smelling the odor of fried bacon. "How many eggs, lover?"

He held up six fingers, his face beaming. Rachel turned to Frankie. "How long are you staying?"

Before Frankie could answer, Gerta piped in. "The whole fuckin' week, I hope."

"A whole fuckin' week?"

"As far as I'm concerned, he can come live with me forever!" Gerta smiled.

"He's that good a lay, huh?"

Gerta broke an egg into the pan. She blew a kiss to Frankie. "The best!"

Rachel shook her head. "You know your mother and Johnny have been upstairs for a couple of hours. Don't you think you'd better look in on them?"

"Oh, shit," Gerta yawned. "Mommie's able to take care of herself."

"Fuck, Gerta," Rachel said. "You look tired. Why don't you go take a nap and I'll finish this poor boy's lunch?"

Gerta stuck out her tongue at her cousin. "Fuck you! And this happens to be our breakfast."

Rachel giggled. "At this hour?" Then she looked back at Frankie. "You must be some hell of a fuck!"

Gerta grinned. "You can bet your fuckin' life on it, cuz." She set a plate of bacon and eggs down in front of Frankie. "Eat, lover. You're going to need your strength." She looked at Rachel and smiled. "Want some too?"

"Cock?" Rachel giggled.

"Eggs!" Gerta corrected, placing another plate before her cousin.

"Well, you can't say I'm not trying."

Gerta chuckled and brushed a kiss on the redhead's brow. "If you're a good girl, maybe I can get you laid."

"Good girl?" Rachel beamed. "For a good lay, I'll go to fuckin' church for a month!"

"How about it, lover?" Gerta tuned to Frankie and laughed. "Would you like to fuck a green-eyed redhead?"

Frankie leaned way back in his chair and grabbed his prick.

"I think that I've got enough meat here for a try at it." He grinned, staring lewdly at Rachel.

But Gerta knew, had Rachel been looking under the table, that her cousin would have been awed by the spike that he held in his hand. Gerta could see the lust in the girl's face, could almost feel her cousin's heart pounding in her chest. How succulent Rachel's pussy must be! How dripping wet -- oodles of ooze must be seeping into her fuckin' panties.

She remembered how hot and horny for a piece of ass the redhead had been, when they had sucked cunt yesterday afternoon.

They went upstairs.

As Gerta had guessed, Rachel gasped as she entered the bedroom, where Gerta and Frankie had been pissing and fucking for the past twelve hours.

"Son-of-a-bitch! This place stinks like a Spanish fuck-house. You two must have had a fuckin' ball up here!" Rachel shook her head, her eyes darting around the room. "Look at that bed! Sheets stained, pillowcases torn..."

She saw Frankie as he entered the room, her green eyes dropping to his groin. Her mouth hung open.

"Son-of-a-bitch!" she gasped, swing at his well-hung hard-on. "Look at the size of that prick! How the fuckin' hell did you take that much meat up your tight, little cunt? Didn't he rip you apart?"

Gerta felt giddy. "Want to chicken out?"

"No fuckin' way! If you can take that much cock, so can I!"

Rachel walked over to the naked Frankie, who had been standing in the doorway chuckling at the horny redhead, all feelings of his earlier embarrassment erased from his face.

Rachel stood on her toes, wrapping her arms around his neck, her flat belly trapping his cock against her, her big tits crushing against his chest. Her eyes caught his, and she held them with a wanton gleam. They stared at each other for a moment.

"I feel like a fuckin' orphan," she whispered.

"How come?"

"Because I'm fully dressed, and you and Gerta are bare-assed naked."

She was wearing a red, tight skirt and a white nylon blouse.

"I can fix that." He reached around her and unzipped the back of the skirt.

She wiggled her ass -- the skirt fell to the floor. Gerta, sitting on the bed watching, saw that her cousin wore no panties. The cheeks of her ass were oyster-white, full, curvy, sexy, tantalizing.

Yesterday, when they had made love, she hadn't noticed how tight Rachel's asscheeks clung together, how they butted so close that they hid her asshole.

Suddenly, Gerta felt a longing to dig her nose into her cousin's ass-crack, have her nose smothered by those asscheeks. The thought took her breath away. She could almost smell the sweet shitty odor and her mouth watered.

Rachel's white nylon blouse was buttoned down the back, and Frankie's fingers were peeling them one by one.

Tiny brown freckles dotted the girl's back. A think, black narrow bra-strap divided her in two. Her skin was white, smooth, almost like velvet. So nice to rub her cheeks across, Gerta thought, her heart pounding.

Frankie began tugging the soft white nylon down from the girl's shoulders. Her eyes were still glued to his in indescribable lust, her lips appeared hot, yearning.

Rachel dropped her arms and leaned back as Frankie stripped her blouse from her tits it landed in a heap upon the floor.

Immediately, they stepped into each other's arms again and Rachel lifted her head as Frankie smothered her chin, her face, her neck with hundreds of quick kisses.

"My tits, Frankie!" she moaned. "Kiss my tits!"

Her black bra was strap-less, he unhooked it. It fluttered to the floor. Gerta could see Frankie's prick, its bulbous head, red, swollen, dripping pre-cum down the purple veined shaft. The shaft wobbled before her eyes like a shining baton, and she sighed as a deep, warm glow of passion grew in her loins.

When he leaned over to kiss Rachel's hard puckered nipples, they spiked out from her puffed, pink areolas.

Gerta could see her cousin's cuntlips inflamed with a red sheen that appeared soft, spongy, hungry.

The girl was beginning to get to Gerta and her mouth began to water again.

"My God!" she cried. "Are you two going to stand there all afternoon and dribble over each other? Come over here and let's have some fuckin' fun, for Christ's sake!"

Frankie scooped the girl up in his arms and carried her over to the bed. He laid her on the dried, yellow piss-stain, that was at least a yard wide.

Rachel's green eyes were squinting they seemed fogged. Her red lips were parted in a tight, thin smile, her breathing became shallow.

Gerta knew how the girl felt. She was in a sexual limbo. She could hear, feel and smell it. She wanted sexy things done to her, to take, not give.

"My God, Frankie, she's so fuckin' hot she's out on cloud nine! She's acting like a zombie!"

Frankie lay down next to Rachel.

As Gerta watched, he began kissing the redhead's big tit-melons.

Rachel groaned.

"Holy shit!" Gerta grinned. "We can do anything we want to her! My God! What fun!"

Frankie laughed. He began to suck her tits, swollen stiff with desire. He nursed on them. He lapped her tit-tips.

"Tastes as sweet as pussy-juice!" He grinned at Gerta. Then he took a mound of her flesh into his mouth and began to suck hard. A big, red hickey -- punctuated round the edges by a white ring of teethmarks -- had blossomed out on her soft tit when he released her breast.

He began to cover her tits with hickeys.

Rachel's dazed mind was having an effect on Gerta too. Her cunt was as hot as a glowing coal and, with her free hand, she reached down and touched the girl's pussy.

Rachel moaned.

Gerta worked her fingers up her cousin's fuck-hole. Her clit was stiff and moist. Gerta took the miniature prick between her thumb and forefinger and rolled the knobbed hunk of reddened meat between her fingers.

The girl's pussy began to twitch. Her lips began to tremble. She kept moaning.

"What the fuck's happening to her?" Frankie wondered out loud.

"Who the fuck cares?" Gerta shoot back. "Just use the friggin' bitch like the horny cocksucker she is."

"It's almost like raping Snow White."

"Bullshit! Snow White was a virgin."

Gerta lowered her head and started to cunt lap the teen-ager. The girl's fuzz-covered cunt felt hot. She snaked her tongue deep inside her cousin's cunthole tasting her pussycream, wet, tangy, and delicious. She collected the sweet nectar in her mouth, savoring the taste of each drop as it flowed across her tongue.

She reached under Rachel's ass and found her rose-bud asshole. She pressed her finger in and felt the puckered hole give. Sliding in, she started fucking the tight shitter with her finger.

Sucking her cousin's cunt and finger-fucking her asshole, Gerta felt Frankie's wet prick nudge her face as he changed position and moved closer to Rachel. It left a streak of cock-juice on her cheek.

"Suck it!" Frankie moaned.

Gerta twisted her head, and his stiff cockshaft nudged her lips. She opened her mouth and sucked in the healthy hard-on, twirling her tongue around his piss-hole, tasting the delicious dew as it dripped from its tip.

With her finger buried in Rachel's shitter, she began wiggling her nail, scraping the inside of the girl's ribbed shit-hole. She felt balls of soft, putty-like poop. Her cunt burned and itched as if hundreds of fire-ants bit at the lining.

As she nursed on Frankie's cock with her hot mouth, Gerta's black hair draped in sweaty waves across Rachel's soft, white thighs.

She took turns -- sucking cock, then lapping pussy -- but, all the time finger-fucking her cousin's ass. Rachel's cunt twitched with spasms, and she kept drooling rich ribbons of sweet girl-drip.

Rachel begat to stir. She began humping her pussy when Gerta worked over her flaming hot pussy. Frankie tried to force his twelve-inch prick down Gerta's throat.

It made Gerta's spreading cunt-slit vibrate with little bursts of pussy-twitches that she felt from her knees to her elbows. She loved the feeling of mushing Rachel's shit-balls into slimy goo, she relished the taste of Frankie's cock ramming across her tongue while his fuck-knob clogged her throat.

And her cousin's sloppy pussy made her lust soar as if she were in some sort of a special heaven.

But then Rachel turned over on her side, forcing Gerta to lose Frankie's hard-on.

"Oh, Frankie!" she moaned. "I want you! I want your cock so badly! Fuck me! Please fuck me!"

Gerta saw the redhead's tits covered with huge ugly hickeys, a few showing deep red droplets of blood where his teeth pinched the once tender, lily-white flesh.

Frankie rolled over on top of Rachel, aid Gerta saw the girl's wet cunt part and Frankie's cock slide in. She had a bird's-eye view of how people fucked.

He began working his twelve inches in and out, shoving his fucker a little deeper with every thrust. She could see his asscheeks spreading open, and his asshole stretched into a puckered capital O.

"Son-of-a-bitch!" Rachel moaned as the shaft sank deeper. "I've never had a friggin' prick in me as big as yours, Frankie. You're some fucker!"

But, from her position on the bed only inches away from the action, Gerta saw that Rachel had no trouble taking the foot long shank of pure, raw cock that Frankie offered. And without the faintest doubt, the redheaded slut was loving every fucking inch!

His prick began to move more rapidly, and Rachel lifted her legs around his hips. It gave Gerta an even better view of their humping asses as the two clashed their bellies together and grunted as they fucked.

Gerta unhooked Frankie's arm from under Rachel and moved his hand down to her cunt. Without losing a fuck-stroke, he rubbed Gerta's clit-nub as she moaned in ecstasy.

Rachel's cunt soon became frothed with a soapy film of juices. Everytime Frankie drew out, his prick was covered with white bubbles of slime. On the in-stroke, Rachel's clenched fuck-hole scraped the goo, and it rolled down her gooey crotch in rivers of speckled white foam.

Excited by the peep-show, Gerta coiled her legs around her cousin's head and cradled her to her honey-splattered grin, feeling the girl's silky red hair tickle her thighs.

She began to run her finger across Frankie's hairy ass, nudging his flapping cream-covered nuts with the back of her hand.

Rachel's mouth was opened now, and her eyes were closed. But Frankie was grunting, sounding like a pig rutting in a sea of fuck-slime.

Then Frankie howled, "Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!" His prick was planted deep inside Rachel's trembling cunt, his cock fused to her groin as if the two were one.

"Ooooooohhhhh! You cock-sucker!" Rachel screamed. "You've made me come!"

She was dripping with sweat, but her ass was covered with goosebumps. Her body heaved and her hands pounded the mattress.

Over and over, they orgasmed together.

At last, Frankie was spent, then he rolled off the sweaty redhead, gasping, his cock a mass of sticky white cum.

It made Gerta hotter than a cat's ass on a hot city sidewalk. She leaped on him and jammed his softening prick up her hot hairy pussy.

"I know you, Frankie Barker. Now you'll have to take a leak! Piss in me, lover-boy! Give Gerta something to cool my itchy pussy!"

Frankie smiled. "Ah, Gerta, my love. What a relief. I'm so fucking pooped, I could never make it to the shit-house."

"So, make my cunt your urinal. Make me your toilet bowl. Piss in me, lover! Piss your fuckin' sweet heart out!"

She felt Frankie's piss as it gushed into her pussy. It filled her with hot excitement. As it flowed into her womb, she felt an orgasm coming. His piss began to bloat her belly. Then, when her pussy filled, his flood began to stream back. The piss started to trickle out of her cunt, tickling her inflamed cunt.

She screamed in heavenly joy as her orgasm peaked. "Oooh, God, lover! Sssshhhiiiitttt! It's almost like your fuck-load's squirting in me!"

As his stream dwindled to a trickle, Gerta jerked back and freed his prick from her tight fuck-chute. A few drops of piss and honey dripped from her cunt across his stomach. She leaned down and licked them up with the tip of her tongue.

"You two are a couple of slobs!" Rachel giggled. "Your mattress is ruined!"

"Ruined, shit!" Gerta laughed. "It's just the way I like it. I'm never going to wash the sheets. Now when I get horny, I'll remember this day till the fuckin' day I die."


"I don't know about that bedroom of yours, Gerta," Mrs. Beck said, when Rachel went home. "If it were mine, I'd call in the fumigators."

Her daughter, still naked, sat at the kitchen table sipping a frosty can of cola.

"Well, it's my room, Mommie. I like the sexy smell. It reminds me of all the good fuckin' times I've had up there. It makes my pussy feel all warm and itchy. Everytime I go in there, I get hotter than a piece of shit." Her mother laughed.

"So tell me. What were you and Johnny doing to Aunt Clara?"

"Oh, my God, Gerta! You should have seen those two fucking each other like a couple of horny rabbits!"

"I can imagine it -- if Aunt Clara's anything like you."

"And Johnny made a few phone calls. Some of his friends are going to drop by."

"Holy shit! You're really turning this place into a cat-house!"

"I ordered beer and wine. We'll send out for pizzas when we see how many come."

"If I know Johnny's crowd, the whole town will be here."

Her mother laughed. "Johnny guaranteed they're all good fuckers."

"I can see Mommie's making up for lost time, fast. The party will probably last all night."

"All weekend," her mother corrected, with a smile on her face that was ecstatic.

Both Frankie and Johnny were dozing in the upstairs bedrooms when Gerta climbed the stairs. She closed her mother's door. She went down the hall to her room.

It was true, the room did reek of pee and fuck-juices. She stretched her naked body next to Frankie on the piss-stained sheets. His cock was hard.

She elbowed his ribs. "Lover? Are you sleeping?"

His eyes opened.

"Lover? I think I'm in love with you."

"Stick your prick in me."

"You mean you wanna fuck again?"

"Not really." She told him about the party, the beer and pizzas. "Let's rest for tonight. Just put it in me, lover-boy, so I can go to sleep with your thing in my cunt."

They rolled, so that their bodies faced each other. She closed her eyes and sighed as Frankie humped his hips and his twelve inches parted her cunt-lips. It slid up into her tight fuck-tube.

"Aaaaahhhhhh! That feels so good!" she moaned.

Gerta had no idea how long they had lain there, connected together by Frankie's stiff prick, but when she awoke, the sound of music blared from the stereo downstairs and the room rocked with echoes of yelling, screaming, teenagers having a ball.

Frankie shot up from the bed like a shot of hot jism blasting up a virgin's cherried gash. He drew on his green slacks and bolted for the bedroom door.

"I'll see you later!" he yelled over his shoulder. "I smell fresh cunt!"

Gerta shrugged her shoulders, but a tear formed in the corner of her eye. Men! They're all alike! And she was just starting to go for him!


It took the edge off the party. First Johnny, then Frankie. All they wanted was a piece of ass.

But she was no different. A sex-starved schoolgirl! That's what she was! Only wanted their cocks.

But she really thought Frankie was different. That he cared for her! It hurt when he had been so fucking blunt... fresh cunt, indeed! He had seen the last of hers!

The room did stink. Her mother was right, it needed a good airing out. Just like her mind! She opened the windows and tore the bed apart.

There was nothing she could do about the mined mattress, but she sprayed it with jasmine scented perfume, then, she sprinkled a can of powder on the yellow piss-stain. She made up the bed with fresh, clean sheets, and felt more relaxed.

But then she got a load of her body odor. She smelled like old dried piss. How low had she let herself fall! Her own precious body, a stinking cesspool!

She ran into the bathroom and drew a tub of steaming hot water. Leaning back in the sudsy bubbles, she sighed and reached for a fresh washcloth, soaping into a rich, foamy cone. She parted her legs and began working the sudsy washcloth inside her cum-filled cunt. She began humming, as the cloth wound deeper into her just-fucked cunt. She moaned as the itchy soap made her cunt burn with a familiar desire.

Giggling, Gerta began slowly pulling the cloth from the depths of her fuck-tube. The course nap tickled, as it moved across her clit.

She found her mother's douche bag on the back edge of the tub and filled it with clear water from the tap.

She patted her pussylips, easing the black syringe between her cunt-flaps. Again Gerta moaned as a stream of warm, clear water filled her fucktunnel with a gusher that made her heart sing.

Once again, she smelled of freshness and jasmine. Her cunt felt refreshed, clean.

She toweled herself dry and lay down naked on her bed, half conscious of the stereo blaring in the rooms below.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a shadow at the window.

She almost shit.

She ducked to the floor, and crept to the window ledge. Slowly, she raised he eyes -- to the level of the windowsill.

Another pair of dark-brown eyes stared at hers from the other side of the window. It was a kid!

With a flash, she raised the window and grabbed hold of a head of dirty brown hair. With a yank, she drew the small boy over the windowsill and into her room. He landed at her feet, ninety pounds of squirming, kicking kid.

She saw that she had frightened him. He began to struggle, rubbing his dirty face with a much dirtier hand. His clothes were filthy, smeared with mud and grime as if he had slept in them for a week. A thin, scrawny, short, but kind of cute little runt.

He started to get up.

Gerta put a foot on his chest and pinned him to the floor.

"What the fuck are you trying to do to me, kid?" she yelled. "Rip me off?"

"No, honest!" he cried, staring at her pussy.

"Then what? I'll call the guys from downstairs, if you don't tell me the truth."

"I was just looking."

"Looking at what?"

"You!" He grinned.


His dirty face beamed. "Yeah. I saw you bare-assed the other day and climbed up your porch roof for a better look. You got nice tits!"

"A fuckin' Peeping-Tom! Where do you live, squirt?"

"Far from here. I ran away."

She reached down and taking the dazed boy to the bed. "You smell like a fuckin' pig pen. How long have you been watching me?"

"A couple of days."

"Then what do you do, squirt, jerk-off?"


Gerta giggled. "Well, at least you're honest. Have you ever had your pee-stick up a girl's pussy? I'll bet you're a damn good-looking kid without the dirt."

He blushed. "Naw, I ain't that lucky."

"No shit. Maybe I'd let you fuck me, but I don't fuck around with kids."

"Everybody says that. I bet I'm almost as old as you are."

"Well, get tour stinking clothes off before you make me puke and maybe we'll find out. I'll give you a bath."


"Want me to call the guys downstairs?" He studied her face for a moment. "What the fuck are you running here -- a fuckin' cat-house? I looked in one of the windows downstairs and everyone's feeling each other up."

"A fuck-party, if it's any of your business."

"Can you fix me up with a piece of ass?"

Gerta shrugged her shoulders. "Maybe." His face lit up. "For ass, I'd let the fuckin' devil give me a bath!"

He undid the buttons on his greasy shirt, and slipped it to the floor.

As Gerta watched, a warm glow began to grow in her loins. Her eyes followed his every move. It was true, he was much older than he looked. A handsome young Adonis, just budding into manhood.

He stood up and unzipped his jeans and his face blushed beet red when he dropped them to the floor. His young prick began to get hard.

She shivered as his soft prick began to harden. As she led him into the bathroom, the music blaring downstairs made Gerta's head spin. Every minute it grew wilder.

While she drew his bath, he took a seat on the toilet, his eyes rolling over her nakedness like a cat stalking a mouse.

"What the fuck do they call you, honey?" she asked as he stepped into the hot tub, his feet as black as his hair.

"Jack." He sat down in the water.

She started soaping his long, naturally curly hair. "You're going to be a knockout as you grow older, Jack."

He squirmed under her.

She rubbed the soap down around his shoulders as the grime melted from his body. The way he stared into her eyes began to make her feel all warm and tingly inside. Her cunt began to itch. What a pet he'd make sharing her bed on a cold winter night.

Jack began to eye her tits, and she knew that she wanted him more than all the rattle-headed Johnny's and Frankie's downstairs whose pricks darted from one cunt to another and thought of girls only as another piece of ass.

Reaching for his hand, she placed his palm on her plump tit-flesh.

"Play with them if you'd like, honey." She chuckled. "I love to be felt up."

Jack closed his hand around her tits, smacking his lips as if he'd just been offered a piece of cake. He kneaded her rich mounds of white tit-flesh crudely at first. Then he soaped his hand and started to rub the lather across her hardening pink nipple.

The caressing made Gerta's mouth water. She reached down between his legs and felt for his prick under the mound of soap suds. It had grown hard, six inches at least, and fat. His balls were full, ripe -- like a pair of walnuts ready to be devoured.

She chuckled. "You're really hung!"

She thought of Frankie's twelve-inch cockshaft. "I've seen bigger cocks. But size doesn't count."

Jack surrounded a curvy tit with his thin fingers and squeezed her pink nipple. "I've been wanting to do this ever since I first saw your big tits through your window."

"And you've never taken a girl in the woods and fucked her?"

"No. My stepfather was always after my ass, making me keep busy mowing grass and stuff like that."

His hand moved to Gerta's other tit. He leaned over and lashed his tongue over her pink, pebbly areola, jabbing at the smooth skin, until they puffed with goose pimples.

"Well!" Gerta said. "That's all water over the damn. You can stay here until you figure out what to do."

"Neat! But I saw your mother. What would she say?"

Gerta laughed. "She's so fuckin' horny, she'd probably want a share of you, too!"

Gerta's hands were foaming their way down his belly. "And, we could play Daddy and Mommie. That's where Daddy fucks the shit out of Mommie!"

Jack leaned aver and pecked Gerta's lips. "I'd like that Mommie."

She smiled, feeling his lips lower to her tits and she squealed when he nibbled at her aching tit-melons.

"Don't bite!" She giggled. "Now stand up, and let Mommie wash Daddy's stud-stick. That's the thing you're going to fuck Mommie with later on."

"No shit? You're really gonna let me put my cock in you?"

Her face beamed. "You horny little bastard." Her cunt drooled, thinking how much fun she'd have in bed with his innocence. Imagine, she'd have her second virgin prick in twenty-four hours.

She worked the soap into a frothing lather and began rubbing his crotch, his soft balls, his stiffened cock. She cupped his balls in her hand and lifted them. They were a pale pink, covered with fine black hair.

Rosy red, his cock-head was circumcised, his bush a curly black fuzz. She turned him around. His ass was like a split apple, smooth, shining, hairless.

Fucking him would seem almost obscene, but she couldn't wait to get him in bed.

As Gerta washed his feet, a naked blonde girl she didn't know, came into the room, squatted over the john and pissed a stream. Without a word, she left, then Gerta rinsed Jack with warm water. She wiped him dry with a fleecy white towel.

"Christ!" Jack whispered. "What a fuckin' house! Bare-titted broads all over the place! My old man would shit!"

Gerta smiled and smacked his ass with her hand. "Now get in that fuckin' bed, you cuddly little darling, and let me give you a friggin' tongue-job that will knock your eyes out!"

On the bed, her hands ran across his legs, his thighs. He was so frail and tempting! Yet, there was so much of him that she couldn't decide where to begin.

She was intrigued with his cock, his balls, his taut-looking ass. She stroked his slim back. She massaged his ass. She ran her fingers downy between his legs and rubbed his balls. She stuck a finger into his shit-hole, rubbed it, prodded it and poked it.

Her cunt was wet and dripping.

She lowered her head to his ass and stuck out her tongue and started to lick. With her fingers, she parted his pink asscheeks and lapped his light-brown crack.

"My God! You turn me on!"

She forced her tongue into his tight little craphole and worked it in and out. He was so friggin' cute, she could have eaten a yard of his golden brown shit.

She turned him over on his back and took his prick in her fist and stroked the hard fuck-shaft up and down until it began dribbling thick syrupy goo.

She lowered her lips and sucked the fishy-tasting liquid into her mouth, while puddles of slimy scum dribbled from her hot cunt.

She just could not get enough of him!

Throwing her body next to him on the bed, Gerta slapped her tits against his chest, her sticky juices seeping across Jack's leg. Her pussy-lips throbbed.

Jack's face beamed with pure animal lust. "Mommie, I want some tithe."

She cupped her tit and lifted one to his mouth. With a loud slurping sound, he sucked in her nipple, a fat throbbing mound of pink flesh. He began to nurse, sucking big chunks of tit into his mouth.

Gerta reached around Jack's back, finding his bunghole again, and pushed her middle finger deep up into his tight shit-hole.

Her throbbing nipple swelled with Jack's mouth-sucking, his teeth biting her tender tit. As it throbbed, she could feel sparks shooting all the way down to her quivering pussy.

"Honey... would you like to fuck me?"


"Please? But first..."


"I'd like to feel your cute lips on my pussy."

"I'd suck your fuckin' cunt anytime."

He spun down to the foot of the bed. Gerta felt his fingers fumbling with her cunt-lips. Soon his tongue was licking up her wet pussy-juices, her fuck-slit smearing cunt-balm across his flushed smooth face.

Gerta groaned and wiggled her hips as the pleasure made her body rock.

He kissed her cunt, her puffy cuntlips. His tongue began working feverishly again. It darted between the junction of her legs, licking her, swallowing her gooey juices, then lapping more.

Gerta's cunt kept coming.

She rolled her hips to meet his tongue thrust. Her nipples tingled and throbbed. Her legs clamped around Jack's head, trapping him in steamy pussy flesh.

Enraptured, she brought her fingers to her tits, which were swollen stiff with desire, and she felt herself, pinching one throbbing pink nipple with each hand, squeezing them, teasing them.

Her cunt glowed.

"Are you sure you've never done this before?" she moaned.

"Only in my dreams."

Jack's tongue slithered up her cunt-slit and across the throbbing button other clit. He licked up, down, around and sideways. Every inch of her pussy became inflamed.

"Oh, my God, Jack! You're licking me in all the right fuckin' spots!"

Finally Jack jerked up his flushed red face. He was panting, gasping for breath. "Your... your cunt! It... it's so... so friggin' warm and good."

"Mount me!" Gerta moaned. "Time to fuck! Hurry, I need your cock in me!"

With a flip of his lithe body, he was on top of her. He straddled her hips, his fucker aimed between Gerta's spread legs. She reached down and guided his stiff prick between her pussy-lips.

With a grunt, Jack rammed the shaft home. She clamped the six-inch plug with her cunt muscles, as he moved his ass in and out, with a rhythm of an old pro.

"You're just a natural-born fucker, lover."

Her tits squished with sweat as his chest moved across them in time with his thrusts. He ground his groin into her, slapping her bush with his bony groin.

Gerta grunted. "Now, fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

Their bodies sweated profusely, became sticky. Gerta clamped both hands on his hot ass, forcing his prick deeper into her glowing pussy on his downward thrusts.

"Harder, honey! Fuck me harder!" His ass began to pound into her like a humping jack-rabbit. She felt his balls slap her thighs, her tits rolled up and down as his chest slid over them, his arms clamped tight around her hips.

Then suddenly, he yelled. "I'm going to come, Gerta!"

"Yes! Yes! Yes! I'm ready, honey!" He shoved his cock deep into her belly, and his body trembled, his hot load of cum filling her fuck-chute with spurting gushes of hot cream. "That's good!"

Gerta wrapped her arms around his shoulders, hugging him tight, holding her body close, his prick throbbing inside her.

He collapsed on top of her, exhausted, and Gerta smothered his face with kisses.

"I'm going to keep you all to myself, honey! Forever!"


Jack was starved for everything.

After he fucked her, they lay close together on her large double bed, nude. He told her how his stepfather had been brought up in some sort of a strange cult Gerta had never heard of.

The bastard had married his widowed mother five years ago. From that day on, his life and his alder sister's had gone down hill.

So, a week ago he split, finding food in garbage pails, sleeping in haylofts, cornfields, doorways, wherever.

A few days ago he spotted Gerta undressing, her shades open. He had crept up her porch roof and watched. He kept a watchful eye on her coming and going. He told her how nice his prick felt when he saw her undress. He even saw Frankie fuck her last night!

After he finished, Gerta cradled him in her arms, her big bare tits crushed between them. She smothered his forehead with kisses.

"Honey," she told him. "From now on, your life is going to change, I'll see to that."

The naked blonde, who had pissed in the john when Gerta had bathed Jack, staggered into the room -- this time with Frankie on her arm.

"Me you two finished in here?" Frankie asked, an asshole grin on his face. "We need someplace to fuck, don't we, sugar?"

Frankie glanced at the big bosomed blonde, who was obviously drunk.

Gerta looked at the pair in a scowling manner. "You sure have changed, you bastard. What that poor girl needs is a good night's sleep -- not a fucking piece of ass!"

Frankie thumbed his nose at her. "Any port in a storm, sweetheart."

Infuriated, Gerta took Jack's hand. "Come on, honey! This cock-sucker revolts the shit out of me. Let's go over to Aunt Clara's where we can talk."

Naked, she and Jack crept down the stairway. The house was filled with bouncing, naked teenager dancing together, beer cans and stale pizza plates were everywhere. Rachel and Aunt Clara was huddled in the kitchen, nude -- each with a hand around some boy's cock.

She didn't want Jack in the hands of some drunken whores.

"Aunt Clara has a collection of the best X-rated movies in town," she told the starry-eyed Jack as they entered the house next door.

As his first treat, she took his hand and led him into the living room. She tuned on the television. From her aunt's collection of video tapes, she chose one of her favorites, the one where a handsome Arab sheik roamed the desert fucking every cunt he came across.

She lay down next to Jack, her head on his lap, smelling her pussy juice wafting up from his recently fucked cock, sexy, pungent. His cock-shaft smelled wonderful, mixed with his strong prick odor. She took a deep breath and inhaled the spicy scent.

On the television screen, the handsome sheik had just begun fucking his third cunt, a beautiful harem girl, with tits the size of ripe watermelons.

Gerta felt Jack's prick swell with the start of a hard-on, as it poked its way up, under her head. Warm gooey syrup dribbled down the back of her neck as the tip of his prick drooled constantly.

"This is a hell of a lot better, isn't it, honey?" Jack chuckled, and her cunt began to itch, as his hand encircled her tit.

She turned her head and looked up at his face. His deep brown eyes were glued to the TV, enraptured, as he saw a close-up of the sheik's huge fucking prick as it fucked the virgin's pussy.

All in glorious, lucid color.

Jack's fingers pinched her swollen nipple as the sheik's powerful prick plunged to his bulging balls inside the woman's tight pussy. He gasped as the thick prick ruptured the maiden's cherry, and emerged covered with cherry-red blood.

"Did your cunt bleed like that when you cherried yourself the first time, Gerta?" Jack asked.

"Shit no, honey. Just a few drops that stained the sheet when I got up the next morning. Movies exaggerate."

Jack lowered his hand to Gerta's ass. He found the brown button between her pink asscheeks, and his fingers pressed gently on the pink entrance to her shit-tract.

Gerta made spiraling motions with her head, grinding it down harder with each turn upon his prick which had now grown bits full stiffness.

His finger entered her shit-hole and plunged deep inside her bowels. She contracted her asswalls, making an attempt to shit the finger out.

The harder she tried to expel the wiggling finger, the better it felt. She squeezed until her eyes began to bulge.

Her fuck-silt was dripping thick gobs of honey, and Jack's dripping prick had flooded the nape of her neck with a thick layer of slime. She could feel it matting her hair.

"Oh, honey," she moaned. "I hate to tear you away from the movie. But I've got to be fucked again!"

"How about you getting on top here on the couch? That way I can fuck and watch television at the same time."

"I don't give a shit how we do it, as long as I get your fuckin' prick inside me!"

Gerta stood up, while Jack stretched himself out on the green sofa, his eyes still watching the sheik ass-fuck another eager, big-tilted, young virgin.

Jack's stiff boner stood up at rigid attention as Gerta straddled his thin body. She lowered herself upon his prick, her hand guiding his swollen prick into her aching cunt. Once entered, she rammed her body down, impaling his cock up her cunt until she felt his balls nestle snugly within the crack of her ass.

She looked down at his face, his eyes still watching the sheik fuck the maiden's shitter.

"Now you hold your load until I'm ready to come, honey. I want to go over, too!"

For a moment she just sat there, squirming her cunt around in tight little circles, feeling his cock tickle her itchy clit.

Then, slowly she lifted her ass upward, feeling his hard prickhead graze along her hot cunt as she withdrew herself from his throbbing prick.

Without warning, she plunged downward again, her ass making a loud slapping noise as she slammed to Jack's balls.

"Christ, Gerta, that feels good!"

She repeated the motion, over and over, her pace increasing with each stroke, her tits jiggling up and down in time with her rhythm.

Each time her bare ass slapped Jack's balls, her hot cunt squished as his prick forced the sugary fluids from her dripping-wet pussy.

Her body trembled all over. Her heart pounded in her chest. She could feel her climax nearing. She screamed. "Come, you mother-fucking son-of-a-bitching whore's asshole! I'm ready!"

Jack didn't need the prompting. The slick was about to ejaculate his load into the maiden, and with a screech that matched Gerta's, Jack exploded hot cum into Gerta's waiting belly that made her body twitch.

"Oooooooh, Jack! How you do fuck!" She jammed her toes into the sofa-cushion and pushed her cunt tight against Jack's humping fucker, as her cunt came in pulsing squirts.

She felt Jack's hot load pound into her womb like a gusher of boiling hot water, the tip of his boner pulsing with every shot.

"Oh, honey, more! Shoot all your fuckin' nuts cave in. More! More! More! I love it!"

Finally, he gave her the last drop of his cream. His body went limp. "Whatta fuck! I'm pooped!"

After it was all over, and, Jack had settled down to watch another video tape, Gerta leaned down and kissed him.

"Honey," she told him. "I'm going into Rachel's bedroom to get some rest. Call me if you need anything."

Later, the house was dark when she had awakened. In the living room, she found Jack still watching handsome hard pricks fucking beautiful big-titted broads.

She saw Jack's fucker just as hard as it was, when she went for her nap.

"Want another fuck?" she asked, patting the hardened shaft.

"Would you give me a blow job, instead?"

"Mmmmm! I think I'd like that myself. I love to eat young cock!"

She stooped down in front of him on the sofa as he threw both of his scrawny legs over her shoulders, his groin totally exposed, his swollen prick inches from her face. She took his balls into her hand and massaged them.

His balls were covered with light peach fuzz. His groin area reeked of her pussy juices since he hadn't bathed since the two pieces of ass she had given him so far.

She stuffed both balls into her mouth and sucked softly, keeping the tip of her tongue busy caressing each one alternately, sucking for a while, then licking -- sucking -- licking.

Her finger meanwhile found the tender nerve at the base of his prick.

He moaned with pleasure.

She lowered her mouth over the tip of his ruby-red prick and tickled the head with her tongue. The cockshaft trembled in her hand. She took the sticky prick into her mouth, and guided the log of cock down her throat, deep-throating him, right down to his balls.

Her mouth made sloppy noises as his cock juices collected around her lips when she moved her head up and down.

His body tensed, and his hands clutched the armrest for support.

In a few minutes, she felt his cock-shaft tense and a spasm of hot cum splashed against her tonsils. She gulped it down her throat quickly, getting ready for the next.

He cried out in ecstasy as the second blast of hot lava shot from the tip of his prick and down Gerta's wailing throat.

Gerta managed to keep every hot, tasty drop from escaping the confines of her throat, even the third jolt.

When she sensed his prick growing limp, she carefully slipped the shaft from her mouth, squeezing her fingers around its girth and forcing the cock-juice out.

She licked the head clean, then looked up at Jack. "Come on, honey. Let's get some sleep."

"Later, Gerta. You go ahead. I'll be therein a minute."

But, hours later he was still up when she entered the living room, his eyes glued to the TV, his stiff, hard prick in his hand.

He was still bare-assed and horny. "Good Lord!" she scolded him. "Aren't you in bed yet?"

Embarrassed, he smiled. "I've been waiting up for you, Gerta. I got a hard-on."

"So I noticed! You had one on ever since I wrestled you through my bedroom window this afternoon."

"It won't stay soft."

"Well jerk it off, kid. I'm tired."

"Please!" he begged. "Just let me fuck you one more time tonight?"

She sighed deeply, then gave him a warm smile. "I'll help you get your nuts off, honey, but no more ass tonight!"

"Blow me again?"

"No! My mouth is sore. A hand job. That's it!"

"Shit! I could do that myself."


"Okay." His face spilt into a wide grin. "You do it then."

Gerta glanced over to his erection and giggled. "Jack, at the rate you're going, you'll have that fucker worn down to your friggin' balls."

His brown eyes sparkled. "Gerta, I can hardly wait."

She reached over and stroked the shaft with her fingers. "I'll bet your hunk of meat grew an inch longer today!"

"I heard cunt-juice does that to a cock."

"And I heard that cock-juice makes a woman's tits grow. When I jerk you off, you can shoot your load on my tits and I'll massage it in."

"It's a deal," he said. "I love big-titted women."

His hand moved down to her cunt. "Now, honey," she smiled. "Let's get into bed and I'll take care of your hard-on so we both can get some sleep!"

Jack sprawled his thin body across the bed, his rock-hard cockshaft throbbing. His hands shot between his legs and he began to play with himself, kneading his balls.

Gerta stretched her body next to him and smiled. She saw the naked yearning on his fact.

She cupped her hand around his prick and began to stroke his cock.

He sighed as her soft palms ran up and down his big, swollen fucker, her fingers clamped tight.

His piss-hole began to dribble a gooey, musky wetness. His hips began to hump in time to her thrusts. His eyes narrowed to tiny silts, then closed.

Gerta increased her tempo. Faster and faster her hand moved along his cock. His lips parted in a smile, and he moaned with pleasure.

Gerta chuckled. "This is fun! Your eyes are [missing text]."

She raised her right tit and wiggled her nipple across his lips, his nose, while beating his meat -- her hand never losing a stroke.

Bright clear wetness glistened on his cockhead, her agile fingers were soaked with his dew.

She swayed her upper body and slid her nipple between his lips. His mouth opened and trapped it. He clamped his lips shut and sucked.

She stroked his beet-red cheeks, his dark brown hair, his jutting jaw. His brow was clammy with sweat, hot.

She never felt more happy in her life. Her tired body relaxed with a deep contentment. Jack was just what she needed. Someone to love! Someone to care for!

Gerta jerked him harder, faster. Suddenly, Jack's hips humped more wildly, more intensely. He spat out Gerta's tit. "Gerta! I'm going to get my nuts off!"

Quickly, she lowered her tits and aimed the tip of his cock at her bosom as his prick quivered and a stream of fiery hot cock-juice pounded against her chest.

"Don't hold back, honey! Let loose!" His prick throbbed. Stream after stream of white cream hit her tits. It puddled into the valley between, rolled down the sides of her tits. She moved his cock so that both tits were flooded with his creamy cum.

"Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhh! Ahhhhhh!" he moaned.

Then his body went limp. His eyes were glazed.

Gerta leaned down and took the still-stiff cock in her mouth and started sucking. His cock was twitching, dripping sticky cum.

She lapped it clean, every drop. Then she began to massage his slimy juices into her tits.

"If cum-juice makes tits grow..." she giggled "...I'm going to have the biggest knockers in town!"

"And Gerta," Jack laughed, "I promise that I'll stick round until you do. Can you imagine the fun we'll have?"

And, as far as she was concerned, Frankie could take his drunken blonde home. She had found her Prince Charming and plenty of fucking.


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