A ball with the family

It was Henry David Thoreau, in Walden, who remarked, "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation." This statement appears to be just as true today as it was then. Perhaps it is even more valid today considering the pressures and frequent monotony of today's world.

The majority of today's men and women live in boring circumstances, and when the opportunity for change arises, they are often quick to seize the chance. Far the characters in this story, the opportunity is one which many would consider perverse and deranged far it is one of incest. But it provides a release and a need. All morals and scruples are cast aside in a moment of madness -- a chance to grab pleasure before it is taken away.

A BALL WITH THE FAMILY -- a novel about the quiet desperation in so many of us and the extremes to which it may drive us.


The first thing young Wendy Wright realized as she awakened was that she had a wet, horny pussy. Opening her eyes wide, the slender brunette rolled onto her back and kicked the blankets to the foot of the bed. She spread her slim, bare thighs and touched an experimental finger to her curly haired cunt.

Sure enough, Wendy's pussy was hot and dripping. Wendy wondered what she'd spent the night dreaming about, then smiled as she remembered-she'd dreamed about sucking her daddy's big, stiff cock.

Maybe she could find her father and suck his prick right now. Wendy hopped out of bed, her ass and pert titties jiggling as she walked into the second room of the two bedroom basement apartment she and her father had just moved into the night before.

Fully dressed, her father Lou was slumped in a big easy chair with partially unpacked boxes strewn on the floor around him. His chin was on his chest and he was fast asleep. Wendy's fur-fringed fuck mound ached as she studied her daddy's big, muscular body, and the lump his huge prick made in the crotch of his pants.

I shouldn't be doing this, Wendy told herself. The two-room apartment was in the basement of her father's brother's house. Wendy's Uncle Bob had invited them to move into the basement. Since Wendy's parents had divorced, there was no reason for her and Lou to stay in their big old house.

They'd just moved in yesterday and Wendy still had to get used to the change. It wasn't just her and Daddy anymore, she reminded herself. Now there were four more people in the house with them -- Uncle Bob and Aunt Ingrid, and her two older cousins, Jimmy and Sandra. Any one of them might walk downstairs and catch Wendy sucking on her daddy's cock. She couldn't just whip out Lou's big, tasty cock for a blow-job any time she felt like it, as she'd been doing ever since Mom had moved out.

But she was so fucking horny! Wendy's innocent looking brown eyes widened as she saw her sleeping father's cock twitch in his pants. Her pussy was practically gushing. Ever since she'd first started sucking and fucking with her daddy, she'd been especially crazy about the taste of his cum.

Wendy knelt on the floor in front of the easy chair and delicately pushed her father's legs apart. Lou didn't stir. Wendy sighed as she ran her fingers up his pants legs and molded his big cock through the crotch. Immediately she felt the enormous prick trunk thickening and stiffening.

She'd never given her dad a suck-job while he was asleep but the idea thrilled her. Carefully the naked daughter undid his belt and pulled down his zipper. She thought of hauling his pants completely down his hips, but decided that would wake him up. Instead Wendy reached into the crotch opening and hauled out his naked prick.

The first time Wendy had fucked her father, she'd been amazed by the size of his prick. She'd seen pictures of hard-ons in magazines before that, and she had had a good idea of how big a man's cock could grow. But her daddy's cock had still astounded her. It was at least nine inches long when stiff and as thick around as her wrist.

Lovingly Wendy stared at the fleshy underside of her father's fuck pole, at the thick cum tube seaming the fleshy pink shaft of meat. The cum tube flared into a gorgeously big and puffy cock knob with a thin piss slit in the tip. Wendy squeezed her fist lovingly up the length of her father's cock. The cockrod stiffened further, and a big drop of pre-cum appeared.

God, I love playing with Daddy's big prick, Wendy thought happily. She smiled shamelessly as she started whipping her fist rapidly up and down his nine-inch cock. His prick lengthened and thickened with every hand stroke but still her father's eyelids didn't stir. A minute later, her daddy's massive cock was as hard as a rock.

Wendy released the huge prick, watching reverently as it stood stiffly out of his pants and pulsed rhythmically over his stomach. Wendy fished into the crotch opening and hauled out her father's fat, wrinkled balls. Again she wrapped her fist tightly around the root of his prick.

More cum juice had oozed out of the piss hole and the milky looking stuff now covered his mushroom-shaped cockhead with a tantalizing sheen of jizz. Flicking out her tongue, the cock crazed daughter lapped the spunk from the crown of her father's prick.

Her licking made her father's prick jerk and pulse much harder. Wendy pursed her lips and planted a wet, loving kiss on the tip of his cock. Gradually she let her lips open, shutting her eyes at the same time. Obscene slurping, gurgling noises emanated from the back of her throat as she slowly sucked in the first several inches of her daddy's cock.

Fuck, Daddy's prick tastes good this morning, Wendy thought happily. She stopped with a third of his prick in her mouth, her full young lips stretched to bursting around the thick hard-on. Wendy mewled contentedly as the big cock pulsed warmly on her tongue.

Wendy started sucking, caving in her cheeks. She clung tightly to the base of his stiff prick with her hand, skillfully beating and jacking it. Up and down her head bobbed, shamelessly and devotedly fucking the delicious stiffness of her father's cock.

"Unngghhhh..." Her father's eyelids had finally begun to flutter as he responded to the blow job. "Ungghh... Wendy..."

Wendy suppressed a giggle. Even fast asleep, her father now automatically associated her name with a good cock-sucking. Panting, she sucked even more hungrily on the juicing knob of his cock. Her fist raced in a blur up and down the vein-laced shaft.


Lou's eyes opened wide as he awakened fully, and he gasped as he saw his daughter's face bobbing on his crotch. His hands came down on her raven-haired head and for a moment Wendy was afraid he was going to push her away.

But she should have known better than that. By now Lou's prick was as hard as iron and he could no more resist his daughter's tender slurping and sucking than he could have resisted a meal if he'd been starving. Slouching down on the chair, Lou just looked at her desperately.

"Wendy, I thought I told you that we can't do this here," he said as he watched her happily fucking her face with his stiff cock. "I mean, we just moved in yesterday! How are we supposed to know what they can hear upstairs? Maybe they can hear us right now. What would my brother say if he knew I let my own daughter suck my cock?"

"Maybe he'd want his prick sucked too," Wendy giggled, momentarily withdrawing her father's hard-on from her lips. "Come on, Daddy! You know how much I love sucking your cock. I don't even want to live here if I can't suck you off at least a couple of times a day."

"But, Wendy..."

"But, Daddy!" Wendy interrupted teasingly.

"Be serious! It's only seven in the morning! They're probably not even awake yet! And if they were they couldn't hear anyway. I don't make that much noise when I go down on you!" Giggling, Wendy returned her complete attention to her father's massive hard-on, taking a deep breath and shoving the meaty cock even farther down her throat. She knew her father was nervous about committing incest with her, just as he'd always been. But she knew he'd feel a lot less nervous as soon as she made him bathe her mouth with his hot cum.

Puckering her cheeks, feeling her pretty young face flushing pink with the torrid energy of the blow-job, Wendy sucked her father's cock as hard as she could. Lou gasped and sprawled lower on the chair, unconsciously spreading his thighs as his daughter's busy talented mouth made his cock throb and tingle. Without interrupting her rhythm, Wendy grabbed his pants and yanked them down to his knees.

Now she could play with Daddy's balls and finger-fuck his asshole. Lovingly Wendy slipped her left hand between his muscular legs, as her right fist whipped relentlessly up and down on his cock pole. Wendy fondled his wrinkled nut sac for a while, making more spunk dribble out of his pricktip and into her eagerly sucking mouth.

Then Wendy pushed her left hand between her father's shaking ass cheeks. She straightened her forefinger, probing between his ass globes until she found his puckered, hairy asshole.

Lou grunted and clutched her head with both hands. Just touching her finger to his asshole made his giant cock grow even stiffer in her buttery mouth. Sucking and jacking feverishly, the naked daughter wormed a finger slowly up her father's ass chute. Then she began pumping the finger rapidly in and out.

"Oh, yes, you hot sucking bitch!" Lou gasped. He bounced his hips off her finger, nearly choking her as he rammed his throbbing cock farther down her throat. "I'm cumming, Wendy! Ahhhhhhh!"

It had been two days now since her father's last cum and that was very unusual. Ever since they'd started fucking, Wendy had made a point of milking at least four loads of spunk a day out of her father's nuts, either with her pussy or her mouth or even her asshole. With a full two-day reserve clotting his nut sac, Wendy was sure she could practically drink breakfast out of her daddy's cum-laden prick.

And she wasn't disappointed. The first spurt of thick, gooey cream rocketed past her tongue, spurting onto her tonsils and gushing down her throat. Wendy whimpered happily around the exploding prick and kept on sucking and jacking as hard as she could. The first gusher was followed by torrents of hot, salty spunk.

It streamed out of his pisshole in a never ending flood, making his whole prick length buck and twitch in her mouth as it sprayed jets of cock juice down her throat. Wendy's belly felt hot and tingly as she contentedly swallowed her father's shooting juices. She stuck her finger deeper up his whole and wiggled it hard, and that made even more tasty jizz gush out of his prick.

It was nearly a minute later that the cum stopped spewing out of his velvety cock tip. When it was over, the whole area around Wendy's mouth was wet and sticky with white jizz. Giggling, the horny daughter took her father's prick out of her mouth and continued to jack on it, looking lovingly up into his eyes.

"Your cum tasted super good this morning, Daddy," she purred. "And there sure was a bunch of it. I don't think I'll be hungry till dinnertime. Maybe I'll just live on the cum I suck out of your prick."

"Oh, Wendy!" Lou shook his head as he looked at his horny girl. "You don't know what you do to me, honey. I never met a girl who could suck cock like you. You just don't know."

"I do know what I do to you, Daddy," Wendy laughed. "I make your cock stiff and then I make it cum. And it's still stiff right now, Daddy. Would you like to fuck me?"

Lou immediately looked a little frightened. "No, for God's sake! If my brother came downstairs..."

"Aw, Daddy, I want you to fuck me!" Wendy pouted, pushing out her lower lip and whipping her strong right hand faster than ever on her dad's saliva-slickened cock. "My pussy's so fucking wet and juicy. I need a big cock inside me, Daddy!"

Lou just stared at his naked daughter and groaned with resignation. That was all the permission Wendy needed. She rose to her feet, pushing her father's shoulders back into the chair as she climbed onto it with him. There was enough room to straddle his hips, planting her knees on the chair cushion to either side of his thighs.

"Put it in my pussy, Daddy!" Wendy whimpered, clutching his shoulders and thrusting her peach-shaped ass down onto his cock. "Oh, fuck, Daddy, my pussy wants your prick so bad? Oh, God, I guess I'll hafta put it in myself!"

Holding his shoulder tightly with one hand, Wendy dropped the other between her legs and grasped the stiffened shaft of her father's hard-on. She shuddered as she rubbed the velvety, juicing prickknob up and down her pussy furrow.

Grunting, Wendy shoved the prickknob securely into her buttery cunt hole. She held her father's shoulders with both hands again as she started feverishly humping and grinding, thrusting her glove-tight pussy down onto the satisfying stiffness of his cock.

"It's going into my cunt hole, Daddy!" Wendy mewled excitedly. "Aw, Daddy, fuck it to me! Fuck it up my horny cunt!"

Lou slid his hands down his naked daughter's slim waist, clutching the wriggling cheeks of her ass. Transfixedly he stared down at the juncture of their bodies, seeing the way his rigid cock speared into the curly, matted hairs fringing her pussy slit.

Wendy's pussy felt delicious. It was so hot and tight and juicy, and Lou loved the way the pouting slit felt as it milked and nursed the shaft of his cock. Beside himself with pleasure, the lustful father pumped his hips lewdly off the chair, fucking his throbbing cock deeper and deeper into his daughter's creamy cunt.

Eagerly Wendy bounced and bucked on top of him, banging her gushing pussy onto his prick. "It's halfway up my belly, Daddy! Oh, Goddamn, give me all of it! Pound my pussy with your super big prick!"

Lou dug his fingers harshly into the squirmy cheeks of his daughter's ass. He started slamming into her sucking pussy much harder, skewering his hips to make his prick shaft stab all the way into her creaming cunt.

Then it was all the way inside her furry slit, throbbing to the balls in the syrupy, sucking tightness of her cunt. Wendy leaned forward to kiss her father lasciviously, rubbing her stiff nippled tits on his chest. Deliberately she flexed her fucking muscles, making Lou moan as her snapping pussy milked his burning cock.

"Now fuck me, Daddy!" Wendy pleaded. "I want you to pound the fucking shit out of me!"

Panting hoarsely and dripping sweat, the sex starved teen started whipping her itchy fuck silt up and down her father's cock as fast as she could. All Lou could do was sit still and watch his naked daughter.

"Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me!" Wendy begged. "Fuck me, fuck my horny cunt!"

Lou started rhythmically ramming his prickshaft into his daughter's cunt, meeting her feverish fuck rhythm as he pistoned his hips off the chair. Wendy whimpered wantonly and kept fucking her daddy as hard as she could. Then father and daughter were grinding together in rhythmic unison, their bellies slapping sweatily together, the chair legs skittering on the floor as they frantically, hornily fucked.

"I'm cuming on your juicy cock, Daddy!" Wendy squealed. "Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me! Daddy, my pussy's cuuuuummmmmiiiinnngggg!"

"Ungghh! Oh, Wendy! I'm cumming too!" Lou clutched her luscious ass cheeks and lifted his hips completely off the chair, ramming his pulsing prick to the hilt in his daughter's cum-spasming cunt. Wendy felt the milky prick juice gushing into her pussy, splattering onto the slippery walls of her cunt tunnel.


Meanwhile, two stories directly above them, Wendy's older cousin Sandra was getting her cunt sucked. The person doing the sucking was Wendy's other cousin, Sandra's big brother, Jimmy. For almost a year now, Jimmy had been licking and fucking his kid sister's tasty pussy.

Sandra was sprawled on her back on the mattress, her long, slender legs spread wide and her knees nearly lifted to her shoulders. Her long, wavy blonde hair fanned out over her delicately formed arms and her beautiful young face was contorted with ecstasy.

Jimmy was on his stomach between his sister's legs, his stiff cock throbbing violently between the sheets and his belly as he inhaled the pungent aroma of Sandra's wet, musky smelling pussy. His hands were thrust under her lithe ass cheeks, squeezing and molding the ballbearing-like globes. Avidly he sluiced his tongue up and down her glistening pink fuck furrow, lapping the juices out of the depths of her cunt.

"Lick higher, Jimmy," Sandra pleaded, clutching her brother's head with both hands. "Oh, fuck, you're really making me cream now! Lick my clit ty, Jimmy! That's how to make me cum!"

Slurping loudly on her tender-lipped pussy, Jimmy pushed his tongue higher up her cunt hole and started lapping directly on her swollen, sensitive clit bud. Sandra gasped as the sensations of cumming started to burn and throb deep inside her loins. Digging her nails into the nape of Jimmy's neck, she gave herself up completely to the pleasure of being eaten.

The first time, a year ago, Jimmy had practically had to beg her to let him taste her furry cunt. Sandra hadn't been so much shocked by the idea of incest as she'd been cynically reluctant. Her face and body had continued to flower dramatically over the past twelve months, but even a year ago she'd known how desirable she was. It hadn't surprised her that her own brother wanted to lick and fuck her.

Sandra's thick, golden blonde hair would have made even a homely girl attractive, but the face her hair framed was already breath-takingly gorgeous. It was a perfect oval, with soft cheeks, wide blue eyes and a pair of full, ruby red lips that, Jimmy claimed, were just made for wrapping tightly around a man's stiff cock.

But the beauty of her face, Sandra knew, wasn't the only reason she'd been elected homecoming queen two years in a row. Her body was even more appetizing. Sandra was tall and her long, delicately muscled legs, taut hips and perfect bone structure gave her the appearance of an athlete.

But no female athlete Sandra had ever seen had a pair of tits nearly as large as her own. Sandra's huge, round, firm tits were greatly oversized for her delicate frame, butat her big tits drove all the boys crazy in school. Sandra had even caught plenty of teachers ogling her deep, spongy cleavage.

The first time Jimmy had persuaded her, to let him suck her cunt, Sandra had actually thought she wouldn't like it. How wrong she was! Her big brother was a naturally gifted pussy-licker and Sandra had instantly fallen in love with the feel of his tongue in her cunt.

She'd still been a virgin then, in spite of all the horny boys who'd tried to fuck her. But after Sandra started letting Jimmy suck her off, her virginity hadn't lasted long. Her brother's big cock had been the first to plow deep inside her tight, syrupy pussy and Sandra had shortly discovered that she loved getting fucked and giving blow-jobs every bit as much as she loved being eaten out.

"Suck on it, Jimmy!" Sandra cried.

Her tongue lolled obscenely out of the corner of her mouth as she felt the morning's first cum growing near. Sandra humped her rounded ass faster off the bed, wildly fucking her drenched pussy all over his face.

"Jimmy, suck on my fucking clitty!" Sandra pleaded. "Put your lips around it, Jimmy! Suck it and put your fingers in my cunt!"

Jimmy pursed his lips directly on his younger sister's hard, protruding clit. He sucked it hard, sending waves of fuck need coursing through the naked blonde's pussy. Then she felt her brother's two fingers gooshing into her pouty lipped fuck opening, stretching the pink-walled tunnel of her cunt.

Sandra pulled his hair and started humping her buns high and hard, grinding her hairy cunt relentlessly onto his tongue and fingers. Now, as so often happened recently, she found her fantasies drifting in a direction that was both forbidden and incredibly exciting.

Lick me, Daddy, Sandra thought shamefully, mentally replacing her brother's tongue with her father's as her cum grew closer. Oh, Daddy, I want to suck on your prick! Daddy, I want to give you such a good fucking blow-job and drink all the cum out of your cock...

"I'm cumming, Jimmy!" Sandra moaned, with the fantasy of her father's raging hard-on branded in her brain. "Lick my pussy, Jimmy, lick my hot, fucking pussy! Oh, shit, I'm cumming now! Cuuuummmiiinnnggggg!"

Sandra's burning cunt spasmed, sucking tightly round her brother's fingers. Her clit tingled and pulsed in his mouth. Then the fuck oils spewed out of her ravished slit, lubricating the passage of Jimmy's fingers as he continued to fuck them rapidly in and out of her throbbing, juicing cunt.

"Oh, Jimmy, that was a really good one," Sandra panted a minute later, pushing his head away. "I love it when you make me cum super hard like that. Would you like to fuck my pussy now?"

Her handsome older brother rose to his knees between her nakedly splayed legs. His lips glistened with pussy juice, and his jaw was slack. Jimmy often had a glazed, drugged look after going down on her.

Sandra licked her lips as she stared down his lean, muscular body, focusing on his cock. Her brother had a huge prick, long and fat and very stiff. Sandra felt fresh fuck cream pouring into her pussy as she watched Jimmy crawl up into a good fucking position between her thighs.

"Oh, Christ, Sis," Jimmy panted. "My balls are so full. They feel like they're going to explode."

"Then hurry up and fuck me, Jimmy!" Sandra squealed, lifting her long legs high again, completely opening her curly haired fuck passage. "Stick your big prick in my tight pussy and shoot off just as hard as you want!"

Jimmy braced his weight on arms outstretched to either side of her shoulders. Hungrily he looked down at his sister's huge, jiggling tits, as he nudged his velvety cock tip into the syrupy slit of her fuck channel.

"Oh, Jimmy, it feels so good already!" Sandra held on to his shoulders as she started grinding her ass off the bed, eagerly thrusting her cunt onto his cock tip. "Shove it on home, Jimmy! Fuck my pussy, Big Brother! My pussy wants your big prick!"

Staring down, Jimmy watched his swollen cock pole stabbing into the matted curls of his sister's cunt. Sandra shuddered as she felt the cock boring into her, stretching her pouty pussy lips deliciously around the throbbing thickness of his cock.

"Ooooh, it feels so good like that, Jimmy!" She scissored her long legs tightly round his back, crossing them at the ankles. Hornily she flexed her pussy muscles, making her drippy cunthole nip and suck around his cock.

His sister's clasping pussy intensified Jimmy's lust. Furiously he started contracting the muscular cheeks of his ass, stabbing his throbbing cock down into the enveloping tightness of Sandra's cunt. Sandra whimpered and started wiggling, twisting her hips to help her big brother bury every inch of his hard-on into her smoldering pussy.

"It's really going in, Jimmy!" she cried, her voice rising with excitement. "Oh, shit, oh, fuck, fuck the shit out of me! Harder, Jimmy, fuck me all the way!"

Jimmy collapsed onto his naked sister's stacked body, crushing her huge, stiff-nippled tits under his chest. Sandra moaned as she felt every inch of his cum-laden cock plow between her fur-fringed cunt lips. Her horny pussy was throbbing now as if it had a mind of its own, uncontrollably sucking and spasming around the entire length of her brother's cock.

Clinging to him tightly, legs twined securely around his back, Sandra started to bang her blushing ass cheeks off the mattress as hard and fast as she could.

"Stop teasing me, Jimmy! I want you to fuck me super hard! I want you to fuck me and shoot your jizz up my ant!"

His sister's burbled stream of obscenities spurred the naked brother on. Sliding his hands down to claw the sides of her ass, Jimmy started drilling his jam dripping cock in and out of her clit as fast as he could. The bed springs squeaked beneath them and his hard, muscular stomach slapped obscenely on his kid sister's undulating belly with every stroke.

"Harder!" Sandra hissed, frantically clutching his humping ass in a desperate attempt to his prick deeper inside her. "You're making me cum again Jimmy! Oh, fuck, my pussy's burning up!"

Her pussy erupted suddenly, throbbing around his racing cock pole, gushing out more fuck juice all over his pistoning cock. Jimmy couldn't resist the incredible auctioning pressure of his sister's cumming cunt. He fell heavily on top of her big-titted body, nailing his rigid cock as far into her pussy as it would go.

In the daze of her orgasm, Sandra felt the hot, musky cum gushing out of the crown of Jimmy's cock. It streamed deep inside her pussy channel, nearly reaching her womb.

Jimmy kept grinding and pumping savagely into her, draining his balls. Sandra flexed her fucking muscles around his spunk-shooting cock. The rest of his cream squirted into her overflowing pussy, pooling in her cock-stuffed slit and puddling luridly on the bed.

Exhausted, Jimmy rolled off of his mount between her legs, popping his fuck-wilted cock out of her gripping pussy. Sandra stared contentedly at her bedroom ceiling as the jism dripped slowly from her cunt.

There was nothing she loved more than sucking and fucking with her brother. The only thing she still craved was a taste of her father's cock. Sandra had barely had a chance to speak to her Uncle Lou and cousin Wendy, who'd just moved into the basement of their big, suburban home the night before.

They seemed like nice people, but that wasn't important. All that mattered to Sandra was that her privacy not be disturbed. She only prayed that, with two more people in the house, she'd still be able to fuck her big brother as often as she liked.


Gee, I'm horny today, Wendy thought. It was early in the afternoon and Wendy had just finished putting the last of her clothes into the tall bureau by the wall. Now there was nothing to do but play with her cunt.

Naked except for one of her father's long t-shirts, the horny daughter flopped on the bed at immediately spread her nubile thighs, whimpering as she stuck a finger into her gooey, black-haired cunt. Why did Daddy have to drive downtown for the afternoon? She wondered peevishly. He could have just stayed home and fucked my juicy cunt!

Wendy pulled the bottom of the shirt up to her belly, spreading her legs wider and wiggling her ass as she stuck a second finger into her creamy cunt. She thought hungrily of her father's huge, throbbing cock as she jacked herself off. She wanted to fuck her father more than ever now that they had a new home, but she also knew that was probably the reason he'd gone on the errands. He was afraid of fucking her here, as much as he wanted to. He was afraid of being caught.

But nobody could catch them! The walls and door were thick and they would have had plenty of time to hear anyone coming down the stairs to the basement. Wendy glanced at the slit-like windows just under the ceiling. That was about the only way for anyone to see them, she thought. And the windows had drapes.

Suddenly curious about what was out there, Wendy stopped playing with her pussy and hopped off the bed. She grabbed a chair and, placing it against the wall, climbed onto it to peek through the narrow windows. At first all she saw was a pound level view of the backyard garden. Then she happened to notice her Uncle Bob, pulling some weeds about ten feet away.

It was a hot day, and all Uncle Bob had on were a pair of denim cut-offs. Wendy felt her pussy burning as she looked at his thigh and back muscles. Then Bob twisted toward her, and Wendy gasped as she saw his prick fall out of the leg opening of his shorts.

The glimpse only lasted an instant. Bob hurriedly stuffed his cock back into his cut-offs and went back to pulling weeds. But the image of his prick burned itself into Wendy's brain and she felt her furry pussy actually pulsating with lust.

Boy, Uncle Bob really had a big cock! It looked just as big as her daddy's cock! Wendy's brain spun as she imagined the possibilities. It sure would be nice to have another man around the house to fuck!

Acting impulsively, Wendy opened the sliding window and waved at him.

"Oh, Uncle Bob! Could you help me in here for a minute, please?"

Bob twisted toward the window. "What is it?" he called back.

Wendy thought quickly. "It's... It's a big box I can't move by myself! I have to put it on top of the bureau! Could you come down and help me for a minute?"

Bob shrugged and walked back to the house. Wendy glanced at herself in the mirror, smoothed her long, dark hair and tugging the t-shirt down to barely cover the cheeks of her small, pert ass. The t-shirt wouldn't stay down for long, she thought happily. As soon as Uncle Bob came in, she'd give him a shot of pussy he'd remember for a long, long time.

A second later she heard the stairs creaking. Bob entered the basement apartment, and Wendy saw how his eyes immediately widened to gaze at her legs and lush body.

"I hope you don't mind my being dressed like this, Uncle Bob," she said innocently. "I was going to change into something else when I went upstairs."

"No, that's okay," Bob smiled. "After all, a kid your age can get away with wearing just about anything. Now which box did you need lifted?"

A kid, huh? Wendy felt her cheeks burning at her uncle's casual remark. Well, she'd soon show him just how much of a kid she really was!

"This one, Uncle Bob," said Wendy, pointing to one of the heavier bases at random. "Oooh, I almost forgot! I have to take something out first..."

Wendy stepped in front of her uncle, her back facing him as she leaned over the box. Slowly, carefully, she bent over. As she reached into the box to withdraw a book she felt the t-shirt lifting over her ass cheeks, completely exposing her furry, drippy pussy and puckered asshole to her uncle behind her.

When she had the book and turned back to face him, Wendy saw how well her ploy had worked. Uncle Bob's face was flushed and he looked suddenly nervous. His eyes flitted rapidly from her innocently questioning face to he slender young body under the t-shirt. Best of all, Wendy could see an obviously enormous cock swelling and thickening in his shorts.

"Uh, Wendy, I really think it would be better if you... a... started wearing panties," Bob stammered. "You... er... reveal quite a bit of yourself when you bend over like that."

"But what do you mean, Uncle Bob? What's wrong with bending over like this?"

Wendy turned and beat over again, even lower this time, so that the t-shirt hem lifted all the way to the small of her back. She felt her ass cheeks spreading and knew that she was giving her uncle a gorgeous shot of her small, pink, hairless asshole. When she stood up and faced him again, his face was as red as a beet.

"It's because you're exposing yourself, Wendy," Bob repeated, in a more and more nervous voice.

"Golly, Uncle Bob," Wendy said, opening her eyes, pointing shamelessly at his crotch. "IS that why you've got such a big hard-on?"

Bob gasped and stared at the bulging front of his shorts. His huge cock was as hard as iron, pulsing in a lurid trunk of cock flesh through the denim. He obviously had a real whopper. Wendy felt her pussy pulsing as she fell to her knees in front of him, facing his bulging crotch.

"Lemme see it, Uncle Bob," she said huskily.

"Let you see what?" Bob sputtered. "Wendy, what do you think you're doing?"

"I'm taking out your cock, Uncle Bob! That's what!"

Moving quickly before he summoned up the nerve to resist her, Wendy unbuckled his shafts and whipped down the zipper. The cut-offs dropped to his ankles. Wendy gasped as she ogled the longest prick she'd ever seen in her life.

It was at least ten inches from base to tip, a full inch longer than her father Lou's horse prick. Lou's cock was thicker than Uncle Bob's, but not by much. Wonderingly Wendy gazed at her uncle's blood-swollen cock pole, watching lasciviously as ill ten inches jerked and pulsed obscenely up and down.

"Uncle Bob, I'm sorry I gave you a hard-on by showing you my pussy like that," Wendy purred, wrapping her hand tightly around the veined shaft of his prick. "Maybe I better make it feel better by sucking on it some, huh?"

"Wendy, for God's sake..."

Bob's protest was interrupted as his sexy niece bent forward, pursing her lips on the flared tip of his cock. Delicately Wendy licked her uncle's tasty cock head, lapping the salty-tasting cum goo from the trough made by his piss hole.

Her licking made Uncle Bob's big cock throb and twitch much harder. Knowing now that she had him completely under the spell of her talented mouth, Wendy let her lips part slowly, sucking in the first several inches of his rock-hard prick. She clasped her lips in a tight, hungry circle around the blue-veined shank of his prick.

"No, Wendy!" Bob gasped, shocked by the spectacle of his pretty young niece with a mouth full of hard prick.

Wendy suppressed a chuckle as she lewdly mouthed the head of his cock pole. It was time to show her well-hung uncle that she wasn't so young after all.

Wendy puckered her cheeks sharply, dramatically increasing the suctioning pressure around the fat shaft of cock meat. She shut her eyes, concentrating on the taste and feel of the big, juicy prick. Then she rapidly started fucking her face up and down on his huge cock, sucking the shiny-skinned prick knob as hard as she could.

"Oh, Jesus!" Bob gasped as he listened to the slurping, lip-smacking sounds of his hot niece giving him head. "No, Wendy, stop!" He made a feeble attempt to push her away. "This is incest! It's wrong, Wendy! No!"

Then his lust got the better of him. Wendy felt his hands relax on her head. A moment later they were sliding past her temples to grab into her long, thick black hair. Her uncle was now holding her head in position, groaning and sighing with pleasure as he watched her fucking his cock down her throat.

"Oh, fuck, I can't take it anymore," he gasped.

He pulled her hair and staffed to buck and grind his hips, jamming his ten-inch cock farther down her buttery gullet.

"Work out on it, Wendy! Oh, Jesus! Make it cum, Wendy! Make it cum!"

The spongy cock head was puffing outwards in her mouth, nearly choking the young girl. More creamy pre-cum was bubbling out of the hole in the tip. Wendy took his prickrod part way out of her mouth so she could lick up the jizz. Then she took a deep, panting breath through her flared no stills and rammed his cock as far down her throat as it would go.

She stopped with over half of his prick trunk clotting her mouth, when she knew she would have gagged if she'd tried to swallow another inch of his delicious prick. Wendy wrapped her right hand securely around the root of his cock and started jacking it as she sucked.

The combination of stroking and sucking always drove her father insane and she was sure she would do the same for Uncle Bob. Feverishly Wendy whipped her hand up and down his hotly throbbing prick, simultaneously sucking loudly and hungrily an the flared tip of his prick.

"Play with my balls!" Bob gasped. "Oh, shit, Wendy, you're getting me close now! I'm gonna cum, honey! You're making me cum!"

Wendy sucked his prick as hard as she could, dragging her lips tightly up the bloated stalk of his cockmeat. Her wrist and forearm muscles ached as she slammed her closed fist up and down the tingling, pulsing shaft of his prick. Slowly she let her left hand drop between his legs, hornily clutching the huge, hairy, wrinkled sac containing his balls.

His nuts were just as big as they were obviously painfully congested with a big load of spunk. Delicately Wendy dug her fingers into his ball bag, making her uncle shudder as his cock head spurted a little drop of pre-cum onto her tongue.

Wendy kept sucking and stroking insatiably, fondling his nut sac as she happily fucked her face with his prick. Soon her uncle's prick was throbbing much harder and the cock-hungry teen knew she was about to get a bellyful of spunk.

"It's shooting, Wendy!" Bob groaned.

"Swallow it now, honey! Suck out my cum!" The hot, sticky cock juice fountained up from the reservoir in his balls, making all ten inches of prickmeat pulse wildly. Wendy mewled shamelessly around his spurting cock as she started swallowing the spunk, working her throat muscles and gulping rapidly. Spurt after spurt of Uncle Bob's cum splattered on the inside of her mouth and sprayed across her tongue.

"Oh, Uncle Bob!" Wendy took the still gushing cock out of her mouth to look adoringly up into his eyes, giggling as her pumping fist made the rest of his jizz squirt onto her cheeks. "You really popped your rocks for me good today, didn't you? That's some of the best tasting cum I've ever sucked in my life!"

Wendy thought of telling him that the very best-tasting cum still came out of her daddy's cock but decided against it. Her pussy was burning and she knew she had to get her big-pricked uncle to fuck her before his hard-on went down.

"Uncle Bob, I want to show you something," Wendy giggled.

Kneeling before him, Wendy brazenly stripped off the shirt and tossed it to the floor. Bob groaned as he gazed at her slender, curvaceous body. Wendy quickly got into the dog-fucking position, crouching on her hands and knees on the floor so that her upturned ass cheeks faced her uncle.

"Uncle Bob, I want you to fuck my pussy now," Wendy whimpered, arching her hips and giving him a wide-open view of her curly haired pussy and her pink, puckered asshole. "See how wet and swollen my cunt is? It wants your cock, Uncle Bob! It wants you to fuck it!"

Bob fell to his knees behind her, staring at her succulent ass cheeks as his battering rum of a prick throbbed before the pouty-lipped entrance of her cunt. Holding his prick in his fist, he pushed the bloated knob into her squirmy fuck hole. Wendy grimaced and bit her lip.

"Oh, God, fuck me with it, Uncle Bob!" she pleaded, thrusting her drip ping, itching pussy onto his huge cock. "Fuck my cunt, fuck my juicy cunt!"

Bob clutched her lithe hips for support, staring down to watch his giant prick disappearing into the matted curls fringing her cunt slit. He started pushing his rigid prick farther and farther into her gooey pussy channel, gradually packing her cunt with the blood-swollen thickness of his cock.

"Deeper, fuck me deeper." Wendy pressed her cheek to the floor, desperately trying to open herself completely for the invasion of his prick. "Fuck the shit out of me!"

Bob humped faster, pounding inch after inch of his hard-on into the welcoming wetness of her cunt. He paused with over half of his prick inside her, breathing hard as he felt her pussy sheath nipping and sucking around his cock. Then her uncle suddenly thrust forward, ramming the remaining inches of his huge prick up her pussy in one, pelvis-jarring thrust.

"Oh, fuck, Uncle Bob! Oh, fuuuuck!"

Wendy felt the whole cock inside her, seeming to press all the way up to her womb. For a moment her uncle just savored the feeling of having his cock completely stuffed up her tender cunt slit. Then he started moving inside her, making Wendy's horny pussy wetter and itchier than ever as he stroked his enormous cock in and out of her buttery pussy.

"That's the way, Uncle Bob!" Wendy humped up her ass to meet his fuck-thrusts, rhythmically squishing her furry pussy down to the root of his cock. "That's the way to fuck me! Oh, God, I love getting fucked like that!"

Bob intensified the speed of his humping, furiously drilling his cum-laden cock in and out of Wendy's sucking pussy. Wendy felt a big cum mounting steadily inside her loins. It made her pussy cream and her asshole pucker, and even as her uncle reamed out her juicy cunt, she knew where she wanted to feel his cock shaft pounding next.

"I'm cumming, Uncle Bob!" she cried, whipping up her pert ass globes as fats she could. "Fuck my pussy, fuck my pussy! I'm cuuummmmiiinnnggg."

Her wet pussy spasmed uncontrollably, sucking and contracting around the driving thickness of her uncle's cock. Exhausted, Wendy pulled away from him and lay fiat on her belly on the floor. The movement forced her horny uncle to pop his ten-inch cock completely out of her cunt.

"Wendy, you've got to let me fuck you a longer," Bob said plaintively. "Jesus, my nuts feel like lead! I've got to cum in your cunt."

"No, Uncle Bob. I've got some place else for you to cum instead. Now would you do me a favor?"

"What?" Bob asked hoarsely.

Wendy giggled. "There's some Vaseline in the bathroom. Would you get it for me? With a big cock like yours, you're gonna need a lot to shove that whopper up my butt!"

Wendy reached behind her back to spread her ass chocks with her fingers, showing her hairless shit ring to her Uncle Bob immediately rose to his feet and went into the small bathroom. His cock was throbbing harder than ever when be returned a minute later, carrying the Vaseline Lou used whenever he felt like ass-fucking his daughter.

"Paste it on your cock, Uncle Bob!" Wendy whimpered, still holding her ass cheeks as wide apart as she could. "Then smear it on my asshole too! Hurry, Uncle Bob, hurry!"

Bob uncapped the Vaseline jar and smeared jelly liberally all over his stiff, ten-inch prick. He knelt behind his niece's upturned ass and began smearing Vaseline all over her pink asshole. Wendy squealed as he stuck his thick finger deep inside her rubbery ass guts, coating the interior of her horny ass tunnel.

"Okay, Uncle Bob? Fuck my asshole now!" Bob dropped the jar and re-mounted his niece, panting as he prepared to stab his oversized cock into the smoldering heat of her asshole. Wendy waited expectantly as she felt his spongy cock tip nudging into her tightly muscled asshole. A second later his huge, hot cock rod was plowing into her ass.

"Unnggghhh! Oh, fuck, it's big!" Wendy was squirming on the floor in a feverish effort to help him sink his cock into her ass. "It's stretching me, Uncle Bob! It's stretching my asshole so good! Oh, God, I love getting ass fucked! Ram it up my asshole, Uncle Bob! Shove it all the way up my tight ass!"

His niece's torrent of depraved obscenities coaxed Bob on. He could feel her Vaseline-slickened asshole sucking on his cock tip, contracting around the velvety crown as if welcoming his whole prick length into her asshole.

Bob moved a little higher up her backside, changing the angle at which his throbbing boner speared into her horny ass tunnel. Then he started pushing his cock much harder into his niece's vulnerable ass, stuffing first a third, then a half of his blood-swollen cock into her rubbery ass channel.

Wendy thrust her hand under her belly, gaping through her pussy curls for the opening of her cunt slit. She sank two fingers deep inside her creaming cunt, gasping with satisfaction as her pussy sucked around them, just as her whole sucked her uncle's cock.

Uncle Bob was still guiding his prick home, forcing it farther and farther into his niece's bowels. There was a little bit of pain as Wendy's asshole stretched to admit his cock, but there but there was even more pleasure. Her cock-clasping asshole was throbbing and contracting repeatedly, nursing around the pounding hardness of her uncle's huge prick.

Bob grunted and collapsed on top of her nakedness, stabbing his prick to the balls in the forbidden tightness of the teen's ass tunnel. Wendy moaned as she felt her stretched shit ring suck and pucker around the base of his cock. Feverishly she continued to jack off her pussy, alternating between finger-whipping her creamy slit and rubbing her clit.

"Now start banging it in me good, Uncle Bob!" she pleaded. "My asshole's used to your big cock now! So just fuck it for me!"

Bob pulled slowly out of her smoldering asshole, feeling her sphincter dragging needfully round the receding, length of his prick. He paused with just the cock knob stuck inside her asshole. Then he pushed back into her bowels, fucking his prick farther than ever into her sucking, squirming ass.

Wendy finger-fucked her aching pussy as fast as she could, bouncing her hips excitedly off the floor. "Unh unh, fuck my asshole! Fuck it, Uncle Bob, fuck it good!"

Bob started a slow, heavily driving rhythm, pounding his cum-swollen prick in and out of his niece's Vaseline-coated asshole. Wendy squealed as she concentrated on the length of his cock shaft, feeling it rooting deep inside her shit tunnel. Happily she continued to play with her pussy as she fucked up her ass to meet her uncle's cock.

"Harder, harder!" she panted. "Fuck my asshole, fuck it fast and hard! It's making me cum, Uncle Bob!"

Bob increased the speed of his fucking, panting on his niece's shoulder as he felt the jism churning in his balls. Wendy rolled her clitty hard under her finger, whimpering as she felt her asshole suck rubbery around his prick.

"I'm gonna make it," she called, her voice cracking.

She started pistoning her peach-shaped ass up like a bitch in heat, hearing her Vaseline-soaked asshole sucking and squishing around his cock.

"Fuck my butt, fuck my asshole! I'm cuming, Uncle Bob! Oh, fuck, cuummmiinnnngggg!"

Her whole contracted tightly around his driving cock, just as her pussy spewed fuck juice all over her fingers. In the middle of her cum, the dazed niece felt Uncle Bob's cock grow as hard as stone up her asshole. He guided her through the peaks of her cum by fucking her butt as hard as he could.

"I'm cumming too Wendy! Oh, fuck!"

The second load of spunk streamed up her asshole, joining the Vaseline in soothing the burning walls of her ass channel. Wendy giggled wantonly as she heard her uncle grunting on her shoulder and felt his cock shooting long strands of prick juice up her ass. Helpfully she flexed her asshole around his hard-on, helping him gush out every drop of cum.


"For God's sake, Bob!" Ingrid chided her husband. "Can't you fuck my pussy faster than that?"

Bob said nothing, laboring on top of his wife's incredibly voluptuous, huge-titted body. His huge cock stabbed slowly in and out of her fur-fringed cunt. Ingrid slapped her husband's ass in an effort to make him fuck her faster and deeper, but to no avail. Bob just kept chugging along.

Ingrid wasn't happy about it. She was in her late thirties now, and it seemed that as she'd grown older and her children had matured, she'd become hornier with each passing year. Even as a teenager Ingrid had been plenty horny. She could have had any man she'd wanted, with her blonde, Swedish beauty, her round ass and her enormous tits. She'd picked Bob because of the size of his prick.

They'd been married a long time and Ingrid knew she could still have any man she wanted. Her body had become a little plumper with age, but her already oversized boobs had grown larger too. Her tits were an honest 44-D, and her fat, blood-red nipples showed through any bra.

Ordinarily Bob was just as horny as she was. Throughout the years of their marriage, even when Ingrid had had children to nurse, they'd fucked their brains out at least once a night. She couldn't understand why Bob wasn't fucking her more enthusiastically now. Of course, she had no way of knowing about his fuck-session that afternoon with Wendy.

"Bob, you're not even going to make me cum if you fuck me like this!" Ingrid complained. "Faster! Oh, for God's sake, now you're cumming without me!"

His hips had begun jerking spasmodically between her thighs and Ingrid recognized the movement as a sure sign of jism boiling in his balls. Finally Bob started fucking her faster, pistoning his huge prick in and out of her pussy as he prepared to spurt.

In his excitement, he missed a stroke. Ingrid frowned as his rock-hard prick popped out of her tight pussy and throbbed over her belly. Before Bob could stick it back in, his mighty boner started shooting jism all over his wife's stomach.

"Oh, Bob! For God's sake!"

But it was too late to do anything about it. Ingrid just lay there with her legs spread, sighing as she watched the hot, white cum fountaining onto her belly. Some of it squished all the way up to her tits, and some of it just dribbled on her pussy. When the cum finally stopped shooting out, Ingrid pushed him away from her and rolled off the bed.

"Well, I guess that's all you're going to be able to do for me, tonight," she said unhappily, looking down at the splotches of cum on her body. "I might as well go into the bathroom and clean up!"

It was late at night and Ingrid didn't think twice before leaving the bedroom and parading naked down the darkened ball.

Ingrid rushed to the bathroom, her enormous tits bouncing and swaying pendulously as she felt the spunk running down the insides of her skin. There was a thin light under the door, but she didn't notice it. Ingrid pushed open the bathroom door and gasped at what she saw.

It was her son Jimmy, sitting on the toilet. He was naked too. His face was contorted with pleasure, and his hips were shaking on the seat.

Ingrid felt the fuck juice gushing into her pussy as she saw what her boy was holding in his wildly stroking fist. Jimmy hadn't noticed his mother's entrance. He was grimacing and thrusting his hips off the toilet seat, pounding his huge, long, fat cock as hard as he could.

"Mom," Ingrid was shocked to hear him moan. "Oh, Mom..."

"Jimmy! For God's sake!"

His mother's voice interrupted her son's jackoff fantasy. His eyes bulged as he saw his naked mother walk up to the toilet, her enormous tits swinging heavily. His hand froze on his still throbbing prick.

"Jimmy, what do you think you're doing?" Ingrid asked, standing over the toilet.

Jimmy gaped up at his mother, his cock pulsing wildly between his fingers. His eyes dropped to her huge, stiff-nippled tits and then to the white drops spattered all around her furry cunt.

Ingrid gasped as she watched the cock juice blasting out of the tip of his cock. It vaulted high into the air, spurting all the way up to her tits and raining on her belly. Helplessly Ingrid felt spurt after spurt of her son's jism squirting onto her pussy and thighs and knees.

"I'm... I'm sorry, Mom," Jimmy spluttered, even as the last drops of spunk ran from the head of his prick. "I should've locked the door. I'm sorry..."

"Jimmy, good Lord!"

And then Ingrid started laughing. She couldn't help it. There was something comical about the scene, about the idea of having two men lose their cum loads on her belly in the same night. But at the same time, Ingrid felt her pussy throbbing with desire as she ogled her boy's cock. Jimmy had an awfully big prick, and it was still extremely stiff.

"Oh, Jimmy, don't feel bad," Ingrid purred, her milky tits swinging in front of his face as she lovingly stroked his hair. "I just... well, your father just did pretty much the same thing to me. But why did you moan my name like that when you were jacking off, Jimmy? You can't mean you want to fuck your own mother, can you?"

Jimmy didn't answer. His eyes darted between her enormous tits and her pussy, and his cock pulsed wildly in his hand. All at once Ingrid realized that that was exactly what her son wanted, that he wanted nothing more than to return to the womb from which he'd come.

"Oh, Jimmy, what a nasty boy," Ingrid sighed. "Well, I suppose you'd better just help yourself..."

Her words trailed off as she stepped as close to the toilet as she could, pushing her pussy right in front of his face. Jimmy groaned and lunged forward, clutching her round, full ass cheeks as he buried his face between her thighs.

"That's a good boy, Jimmy," Ingrid sighed, cupping his head. "Lick Mom's pussy, darling. You made an awful mess."

Jimmy greedily ran his tongue up and down his mother's naked body, licking up all the jism from her huge tits to her knees. His hands slid from her ass to her tits, eagerly kneading and massaging his mom's soft, over-sized tits. Then he returned his complete attention to the dripping slit of her cunt.

Rapidly Jimmy sluiced his tongue up and down between the pouting lips of her throbbing cunt. Ingrid shuddered as she felt her pussy grow wetter and hornier, responding to her son's tonguing. Someone had done a good job of teaching her son how to eat out a cunt.

"That's right, Jimmy!" Ingrid gasped. "Lick me good, Son, lick your mother! Higher up, Jimmy! Oh, fuck, I want you to lick right on my Goddamn clit!"

Her clit was very swollen, protruding from the flowering folds at the top of her cunt slit. Jimmy wrapped his lips around the tender little nubbin, sucking it hard. Ingrid moaned and started rocking her hips as she stood over him, fucking her juice-creaming pussy repeatedly onto his mouth.

"I said eat me out, Jimmy! Eat out my hot fucking cunt hole!" Ingrid's expression contorted as she felt herself drawing close to the first cum of the night. "Oh, God, Sonny, put your fingers in me now! Mom's cunt is so wet and hot!"

Sucking gently but relentlessly on her clit, swiping his tongue on the tip, Jimmy gooshed two fingers up his mom's wetly-sucking fuck tunnel. Ingrid's toes curled as she felt a big cum mounting in her belly. She clutched her pussy licking son's head with both hands and ground her sopping-wet slit onto his mouth and fingers as hard as she could.

"Cumming, darling!" she gasped. "Lick my pussy, put your fingers in my hole! Oh, God, oh, please, I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

Ingrid's pussy throbbed into orgasm, creaming fuck juice all over her son's lapping tongue. Eagerly Jimmy grabbed her humping ass cheeks to hold her hips in position. Lewdly he continued to suck and lap her cumming cunt, guiding his naked, big-titted mother through the ecstatic peaks of her orgasm.

"That... that's enough, Jimmy," Ingrid groaned, finally pushing his face away from her fuck mound. "Mom can't take anymore licking right now."

Jimmy just looked up at his mother lustfully, swiping his tongue around his mouth to lick the stray drops of pussy juice. Ingrid stared down at his cock and gasped.

Her boy's prick was as hard as iron, standing straight out of his cock fur and ball bag. Sucking her cunt had given him another enormous hard-on. His cockrod was jerking and twitching rhythmically up and down, and fresh, milky cock sap was oozing out of the slit in the tip. Her boy had plenty of cum left to shoot out of his balls.

"Oh, Jimmy, I've made your prick so stiff again," Ingrid whispered, heeling before the toilet. "It's not nice for mothers to make their sons so horny, is it? I better do something to make your cock feel better."

Jimmy's big cock grew stiffer than ever as he realized his own mother was going to give him a blow-job. He pushed his lean hips to the edge of the toilet seat and spread his thighs wide apart. Ingrid sighed as she ran her fingers up his muscular legs, squeezing his balls with one hand and wrapping her other tightly around the root of his straining prick.

"Tell me what you want me to do, Son," she purred, shamelessly licking the pearly pre-cum off the knob of his cock. "Mom will do anything you want."

"Suck it, Mom," Jimmy groaned, sliding his hands eagerly into her thick hair. "Suck my cock and drink my jizz."

"Oh, Jimmy..."

Ingrid started jacking on his hard-on, tugging her hand hard and fast along the swollen shaft of his cock. She opened her mouth wide and dropped her face on his crotch, engulfing the first several inches of her son's aching prick.

His cock tasted delicious. Ingrid shut her eyes tightly, whimpering contentedly around the thick shaft of his hard-on as she savored the juice oozing out of his piss hole. Then the horny mother started sucking his cock, puckering her cheeks to increase the suction around his prickmeat.

Up and down her head bobbed, mechanically fucking her throat with his prick. Jimmy's prick grew stiffer, pulsing luridly on the roof of her mouth. Ingrid felt the fuck oils streaming out of her pussy as she feverishly sucked his cock. Nothing had ever turned her on so much. She felt as if she'd spent her whole life with the secret craving to drink her young son's cum.

"Oh, Mom, that feels so good!" Jimmy groaned, pulling on her blonde tresses and humping his hips urgently off the toilet seat. "Fuck, Mom, work out on it!"

The bloated prick knob puffed outward on her swiping tongue and fresh jism bubbled out of his piss slit. Ingrid's right hand ached from beating his meat so hard, but she didn't care. Furiously she pumped her fist in a blur on his cock shaft, jacking him off as fast as she could.

"It's cumming, Mom!" Jimmy whined, a shameless expression of total sexual satisfaction washing over his face. "Oh, Mom, drink it for me! Drink my spunk, Mom, here it..."

Suddenly Ingrid pulled her head up, immediately pinching his spongy cock tip between her thumb and forefinger. Jimmy whined as his huge cock tried to shoot out the jism. But he couldn't cum with his mom pinching his cockhead. Finaily, when his prick stopped throbbing, Ingrid let her fingers slide from the prickhcad.

"Jesus, Mom! Why'd you stop?" Jimmy asked miserably. "Christ, I was about to shoot off!"

Ingrid didn't answer. Instead she stretched out on her back on the bathroom floor, wiggling her full ass cheeks into a comfortable position on the shag throw rug. Staring hungrily at her son's hard-on, the big-titted mother lifted and spread her thighs as far apart as she could.

Her cunt was positively burning. She'd desperately wanted to finish the blow job, to jack and suck her boy's big prick while swallowing his hot, shooting cum. But at the last instant she'd realized that she needed him to fuck her even more. No quantity of finger-fucking would satisfy her and she knew she'd never rest until she felt her son's throbbing cock pounding in her cunt.

"Fuck me, Jimmy," Ingrid mewled, wantonly splaying her thighs even farther apart. "I know you wanted to cum in my mouth, but I need you to fuck me first. My pussy is so wet. Oh, Jimmy! Hurry, Son, hurry!"

Jimmy slid off the toilet, his stiff, saliva glistening cock wagging before him as he prepared to mount his horny mom. He positioned himself between her spread-caged thighs, supporting his torso on outstretched arms. Both mother and son looked down to watch his rosy cock head nudging between the pouting lips of her cunt.

"Oh, Jimmy, it's going to feel so good! Oh, hurry up and stick it in, Son! Fuck me, fuck me!"

Unable to wait a moment longer, Ingrid grasped his pulsing prick and pulled the fat knob into her pussy. Jimmy immediately began to grind his ass, stabbing his prick into her cunt.

"Oh, God, you're fucking me now!" Ingrid wrapped her legs tightly around his waist, pulling him down so that her enormous tits flattened under his chest. "I can feel it going in my pussy, Jimmy! Ram it in, darling! All the way up Mom's tight cunt!"

Jimmy worked his ass steadily between his mother's thighs, twisting his hips to make his cock push easily into the burning tightness of her cunt. Ingrid felt her pussy walls spreading around his prick. She pushed her scissored thighs higher up his back, completely opening her cunt channel for the invasion of his cock.

"All the way, Sonny! Fuck your mother hard!"

Jimmy speared his prick to the hilt in his mom's creamy pussy, his balls slapping her ass crack as he collapsed on her belly. As big as her husband's cockrod was, Ingrid had never been as satisfied as she felt with her son's cock. Immediately she twined her arms around his shoulders and started humping her ass as fast as she could.

"Thick me, Son! Fuck my pussy!" She clawed his back with her fingernails, grimacing and twisting her head from side to side on the bathroom floor. "Drill the shit out of me, Jimmy! Shoot your hot cum up Mom's cunt!"

Jimmy was already extremely horny and his balls were clogged with a painfully heavy load of spunk. He pushed up his mother's enormous tits, dropping his head to suck wetly on one stiffened nipple. Slurping on his mom's big titty, he started ramming his giant cock savagely in and out of her cunt.

"Unngghhhh! Oh, fuck, Jimmy, that's the way!" Ingrid gasped, frantically pumping her ass off the floor to meet his fuck strokes. "Harder, Son! Fuck Mom's pussy just as hard as you can!"

Jimmy did what she asked, stabbing into her fur-fringed fuck slit as hard as he could. For five minutes straight the two lovers fucked, conscious only of the wet, driving rhythm of Jimmy's hard-on hammering in and out of Ingrid's juice-creaming cunt.

"Jimmy, I'm cumming!" Ingrid cried at last, arching her hips off the floor. "Fuck your mother, fuck your mother! Cuuuuummmmmunnnnnggggg!"

Jimmy buried his cock in her cum-spasming cunt, moaning as he finally let the jism rush up from his balls. The sticky cock juice erupted deep inside her pussy, splattering the clasping pink walls of his mother's cunt with cum.

I'm a son-fucker, Ingrid thought dazedly as she looked at her boy's wincing face as he heaved on top of her, shooting the last gobs of jism into her pussy. For a moment she felt overwhelmed with shame, but the feeling was short lived. A moment later Ingrid was humping her ass harder than ever, flexing her cunt muscles to milk out the last drops of Jimmy's spunk.


The first thing Sandra realized as she awakened was that she'd just had a very hard cum. It was pitch black in her bedroom and she rolled over to turn on the lamp and squint at the clock. It was just past four in the morning. Sandra pushed the covers to the foot of the bed and looked at her pussy. The lips were swollen and open and there was cunt juice all over her inner thighs.

Then Sandra remembered what she'd had the wet dream about and her cheeks flushed with embarrassment. She'd just dreamed about fucking her father! In the dream, her tall, handsome dad had been sprawled flat on top of her, pounding his enormous prick into her cunt. She'd cum in the dream just as she'd imagined his thick, gooey jism streaming into her pussy.

She still felt very, very horny now. Sandra rolled out of bed, feeling her stiff nipples tingling and her pussy throbbing as she rose to her feet. The wet dream had taken a lot out of her. She felt tired from cumming so hard, but she knew she'd never be able to get back to sleep.

Sandra opened her clothes closet and took out the first nightie that came to hand. It was a sexy, transparent, crotch-length nightie that clung to her big, braless tits and clearly showed her pussy mound just above the lacy hem. Mom or dad would have thrown a shit fit if she'd worn the negligee around the house, Sandra knew. But it was so early in the morning that no one would see her. She just wanted to go down to the kitchen and make herself a snack.

Sandra stepped into the dark hallway and trotted down the stairs, feeling the negligee hem fluttering around her succulently rounded, naked ass cheeks. She opened the door to the kitchen and was shocked to see that she wasn't the only one awake after all.

It was her Uncle Lou. All he had on was a pair of boxer shorts and Sandra immediately found herself admiring his brawny, hairy physique. His cock, she noticed, bulged conspicuously through the sheer cotton fabric.

"S-Sandra," Lou stammered, dropping the sandwich he'd made himself on a plate by the sink. "I hope I didn't wake you. I was just fixing myself a snack."

"You didn't wake me up, Uncle Lou. I couldn't sleep either."

Sandra walked to the refrigerator, self consciously aware of how her big tits jiggled and bounced under the negligee. She opened the door and bent ova to pull out a little tub of cottage cheese and that was when she wearing panties. She remembered she wasn't and knew Uncle Lou could see her pussy!

Gasping, Sandra dropped the cottage cheese clumsily on the floor and spun around to face her uncle. Undo Lou had definitely been admiring her nakedness when she'd bent over. His face was red and he looked guilty. Sandra's mouth dropped opens she stared at his shorts.

Uncle Lou was getting a hard-On! Before her eyes the bug, fat shaft of his prick was swelling and stiffening, pushing down the leg of his boxer trunks. A soft groan escaped Sandra's lips as the meaty knob suddenly popped into view out of the leg opening.

"Oh, Jesus," Lou whispered, stuffing his erecting cock back into his shorts. But it was hopeless. The more he tried to shove his cock back in, the stiffer it grew. All Lou could do was stand there with his massive boner sticking out of his underwear.

"I'm sorry, Sandra," he mumbled embarrassedly. "I hope you won't tell your parents about this."

"I won't tell," Sandra whispered.

For several seconds they just stared at each other, with Sandra's mouthwatering body completely visible through the negligee, and her uncle's huge, raging hard-on sticking out of his shorts. Sandra simply couldn't tear her eyes off of his beautiful prick. A whole three inches of prick had stuck out of the leg opening, and the size of the spongy, mushroom-shaped knob told Sandra that her uncle had the fattest prick she'd ever seen.

"Uncle Lou," Sandra blurted, "why is your cock so hard? Are you getting turned on looking at my body?"

"I... I can't help it," Lou stammered. "You're a very pretty young girl."

"Would you like to see my pussy?"

Lou gaped at her and Sandra felt shocked by her own boldness. No matter how early it was, any one could walk into the kitchen and catch them. And Lou was her uncle. It was bad enough making it with her brother, but fucking Uncle Lou would almost be the same as fucking her daddy.

Which, Sandra knew, was why she felt so horny for him. Her uncle looked a lot like her dad and his husky, hairy, full grown body reminded her of her father too. And his prick was so fucking stiff. Sandra couldn't wait to see how hard his cock throbbed when she showed him her cunt.

Sandra backed up until her ass cheeks hit the counter behind her. She slid onto it, leaning back until her shoulders were braced on the cabinet behind her. The counter was about the same height as her uncle's chest. Brazenly Sandra rested her heels on the counter edge and let her long legs drop open, parting her curly haired pussy folds to show Uncle Lou the glistening pink interior of her cunt.

"Well? What do you think of my cunt, Uncle Lou?" Sandra asked. "See how wet and pink it is? It's wet 'cause I'm so horny. Are you horny too?"

Lou didn't speak but his cock answered for him. Just as Sandra had expected, the mighty prick shaft began jerking and pulsing excitedly through the leg opening of his shorts. Sandra's pussy burned as she watched a little drop of cock juice bead on the tip of his prick.

"Take out your prick, Uncle Lou. I want to see it!"

Lou quickly opened his shorts and stepped up to the counter. Eagerly Sandra watched his mammoth, nine-inch prick wag and pulse stiffly before him, sticking straight out of his huge balls. His cock was even longer than her brother's cock and it was at least as thick around as her wrist.

"Oh, fuck, you've got a big cock, Uncle Lou!" Sandra mewled. "Oh, shit, it's making me so horny! I just can't help myself!"

Sandra dropped her hand between her splayed thighs. She shuddered as she gooshed two fingers up her drippy, curly-haired fuck opening. Eagerly the big-titted niece started to fingerfuck her throbbing pussy.

"Do you want to suck my pussy, Uncle Lou?" Sandra whimpered. "Like I want to suck on your stiff cock? Oh, God, my cunt's throbbing so bad! Don't you want to stick your tongue in it and taste my pussy?"

Lou spread his niece's quavering thighs, staring entrancedly at her fingers burrowing into her pussy. Gently he took Sandra's wrist and pulled her hand away. He replaced it with his mouth, sighing as he buried his face between her creamy-white legs.

"Oh, Uncle Lou, you're sucking me now!" Sandra squealed, humping and grinding her naked ass cheeks off the counter, fucking her drenched pussy mound onto his face. "Lick it good, lick my juices! Eat out my cunt and make me cum!"

Lou stuck his tongue deep inside his niece's hot, hairy cunthole. He peeled open her flowering pussy folds with his fingers, exposing the glistening pinkness of her inner cunt slit. Sandra's face contorted with anguished pleasure.

"Lick my clit ty, Uncle Lou! Put your fucking lips round it and suck it for me! Need to cum so baaad!"

Lou pushed his mouth higher up his nieces's tasty pussy, making her hump and squirm as he wrapped his lips tightly around her clit bud. He puckered his cheeks and sucked it hard and Sandra felt her whole body shaking with irresistible fuck passion. Uncle Lou was even better at sucking pussy than her brother.

"Now put your fingers in me!" she gasped, feverishly clawing the back of his head. "Put in two of 'em, Uncle Lou! Ungghh! Oh, fuck! Unnnggghhhh! I'm really getting close!"

Slurping deliciously on her clit, pushing the little bud back and forth with his tongue, Lou slid two thick fingers into the sucking heat of her cunt tunnel. Immediately Sandra felt her cunt muscles sucking around the digits, holding them deep inside her pussy. Her nipples stiffened and her tender ass hole throbbed and puckered as her cum ripped through her loins. "I'm cumming, Uncle Lou! Suck my pussy, suck off my cunt! Oh, yesssss! Cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

Sandra's fur-fringed fuck slit spasmed and contracted, oozing musky-tasting pussy cream all over her uncle's fingers and into his mouth. Uncle Lou's gigantic cock pulsed stiffly up and down as he lapped the tasty cunt juice from his niece's pussy. Again and again Sandra orgasmed on his face, until she thought she'd pass out with the pleasure of cumming.

"Oh, Uncle Lou, that was fantastic!" she sighed. "Now it's my turn to make you feel good too!"

Sandra slid off the counter and quickly stripped off her negligee. She stood naked before her uncle and cast her wide, innocent looking eyes up at him lovingly, so close that his out-thrust cock tip slapped spongily on her rounded belly. She knew Uncle Lou badly wanted to fuck her and her pussy was still eager to be battered into another cum by a long, fat cock pounding inside her. But right now there was milky pre-cum dribbling out of his puffy cock head. Sandra knew she wouldn't be happy until she sucked it all up.

"I want to suck on your cock, Uncle Lou," Sandra purred girlishly, falling to her knees in front of him, wrapping both hands tightly around the vein-laced trunk of his cock.

Lou stiffened as his big-titted niece leaned forward, flicking out her tongue to eagerly lap the salty jism off his cock head. Sandra stuck her tongue into his slit, licking there to coax more spunk to bubble up from his nuts.

Her pussy was very wet, but her uncle's cock rod was so enormous that she knew she had to cover it with saliva before she let him fuck her. Sandra took a deep breath and opened her mouth wide. Then she rammed her head onto his crotch, stuffing her gullet with nearly half of Lou's straining fuck meat.

"Jesus, Sandra!" Dazedly Lou stared at his cock-sucking niece, seeing how wide her pretty lips were stretched around his prick. "You're going to choke yourself on it!"

Sandra didn't answer. She couldn't even whimper with so much of his big prick in her mouth. The curvaceous blonde shut her eyes, thinking of nothing but the taste of his hard-on as she swirled her tongue lasciviously around the puffy cock tip. Then she puckered her cheeks and started sucking his cock as hard as she could, determined to make his prick as stiff as possible before she let him fuck her cunt.

Up and down her head bobbed, shamelessly fucking her face with the tasty thickness of her uncle's cock. More milky juice oozed out of his pisshole and Sandra repeatedly dug her tongue into the slit to lap up every drop. Her right hand started a strong, quick jacking rhythm on the base of his cockrod, wantonly pumping his huge prick into her mouth.

Lou shuddered and clutched her head, grinding his hips to jam his cock farther down her gullet. Sandra heard her own slurpy, lip smacking sounds filling the kitchen as she gave him head. Her belly was churning for a big load of spunk but she knew she couldn't let him cum with her sucking.

If she sucked the juice out of his cock, he might not be able to fuck her. Sandra delivered a last, hungry slurp on his prick pole, basting the shaft with more of her saliva. When Lou's prick swelled even stiffer, she reluctantly slid her lips off the wet, rosy crown of his cock.

"Don't stop, Sandra!" Lou gasped. "Oh, fuck, I was about to cum!"

"Not in my mouth, Uncle Lou," Sandra whispered. "I want you to shoot in my pussy instead."

Sandra released his cockrod and got in the dog-fucking position on the tiled kitchen floor. Her big, stiff-nippled tits quivered pendulously over the linoleum as she spread her knees and arched up her rounded ass. Her pussy was ready for him now, Sandra thought, looking at him expectantly over her shoulder.

"Well? What're you waiting for?" she asked impatiently. "Fuck my cunt, Uncle Lou ram that stiff fucker up my pussy and give me another cum."

Lou's enormous prick throbbed before him as he knelt down on the floor behind his niece's upturned ass. He lifted his cock and fit the spongy oozing cock knob between the pouting lips of her gushing pussy. Sandra whined and bit her lip as she felt the meaty inches of his cock stabbing slowly up her cunt.

"Oh, Uncle Lou, it's so big and hard!" The naked niece quickly started humping, her huge tits swinging wildly as she pistoned her itchy pussy onto his invading dick. "Fuck me good, Uncle! Ram that big pisser right up my cunt!"

Lou slid his hand over the ball-bearing globes of his niece's ass, clutching her slim hips for support. He stared down at her furry pussy, watching the swollen pink slit sucking and spuming around his prick pole. Steadily he stuffed his cock into her belly, filling her creamy pussy channel with inch after inch of his huge prick.

Sandra's pretty face contorted as she felt her pussy sucking first a half, then two-thirds of his gigantic hard-on. "Ungghh! Fuck me!" She wiggled and bucked her ass simultaneously, trying to help him fit all of his thick cockrod into her tight, squirmy cunt.

Lou dug his fingers into her slim hips and pushed savagely into her narrow pussy. Sandra almost immediately felt herself starting to cum as he filled her cunt with all of his cock. Frantically she humped and bucked as fast as she could, pistoning her cunt hole onto the root of his cock.

"I'm gonna cum, Uncle Lou! Oh, God, it's happening so fast! I just can't help it! My pussy loves your prick!"

Lou slid his hands higher up her torso, filling his palms with the firm, spongy globes of his niece's big tits. He pulled her fat, stiff nipples as he started ramming his huge, bloated prick into her pussy as fast as he could, jarring her pelvis with every violent fuck-stroke.

Sandra bent her shoulders low, puffing and panting as she whipped her pussy onto the stroking length of his cock.

"Fuck my pussy, fuck my cunt hole! Ungghh! Oh, shit, do it harder! I'm gonna cum!"

Lou mauled her big tits and fucked her cunt as hard as he could, wincing as the load of spunk churned in his balls. Sandra gasped as he delivered several unusually deep stabs into her buttery pussy. Her cunt started contracting uncontrollably around his prick as the cum mounted in her loins.

"I'm making it, Uncle Lou!" she cried. "Fuck me, fuck my pussy! Ungghh! Unngghhh! Cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

Her spasming, contracting pussy milked the hot jism out of her uncle's balls. Lou moaned and fell forward, plowing his cock to the hilt in his niece's cunt. Sandra whimpered as she felt the thick, sticky prick sap shooting into her pussy, creaming the pink inner walls of her cunt tunnel.

Uncle Lou was really popping his rocks. Sandra flexed her cunt muscles and that made his jism stream deeper into her pussy. The horny niece groaned with satisfaction as she felt the white torrent bubbling out of her hairy slit and dripping onto the floor.

And she was still so horny. Uncle Lou's cock was still rooting deep inside her, as stiff as if he'd never cum at all. Suddenly Sandra became conscious of how hot and itchy her asshole had grown during the fuck-session. If her uncle could keep his cock hard for her, she knew where she wanted him to fuck her next.

"Uncle Lou, could you do me a favor?" Sandra gasped.

"What?" Lou grunted, still shoving his stiff cock into her cunt.

"Could you get some Crisco out of the cabinet for me? The one over the stove?"

"What? What for?"

"'Cause I want you to fuck my asshole, Uncle Lou!" Sandra confessed shamelessly. "My asshole's so hot and horny! It wants to suck on your big cock!"

The thought of invading his niece's tender pink asshole made Lou's cock even stiffer than it had been before he'd shot his wad. Popping his stone-hard prick out of her wet, gripping pussy, he rose from the floor and threw open the door of the cabinet over the stove. He found the big jar of Crisco and again knelt on the linoleum, gazing at the cheeks of his niece's ass.

"Lube up my asshole, Uncle Lou!" Grasping her silky ass cheeks, Sandra spread them wide.

Lou's huge prick throbbed as he withdrew a thick, starchy gob of the Crisco and smeared it heavily on his aching cockmeat. Then he pasted it on the rubbery ring of Sandra's asshole, darting his finger into the squirmy shit opening to coat the interior of her burning ass tunnel too.

"That's enough, Uncle Lou! Oh, God, fuck me now! Fuck my horny ass!" Sandra spread her ass globes wider apart, looking at him over her shoulder. "Pack my asshole, Uncle Lou! Hurry, hurry!"

Holding his enormous prick in hand, Lou aimed the bulbous tip at his niece's Crisco slickened asshole. Sandra whimpered girlishly as she felt the thick, throbbing inches of his cock pushing into her ass.

Her burning asshole was spreading around it, uncontrollably spasming as it sucked juicily around the hot hardness of her uncle's cock. Sandra thrust her hand under her belly, groaning as she sank two fingers deep inside her cunt. Uncle Lou shoved a full half of his prick shaft into her asshole and Sandra started fingerfucking her pussy as hard as she could.

"Fuck my asshole, Uncle! Fuck my asshole!" She squirmed and writhed beneath him, doing everything she could to help him stuff his big cock all the way in. "Ungghh, ungghh, my asshole's so horny! My tight asshole wants all of your cock!"

Uncle Lou rammed his prick all the way into her tender shitter and started ass-fucking his niece as hard as he could. At that moment they heard a loud sound from the bedroom down the hall. Sandra moaned with disappointment. One of her parents was up!

"Oh, fuck, you gotta stop, Uncle Lou!" Sandra whimpered miserably. "Oh, shit! I was about to cum!"

Cursing bitterly, Lou pulled his smoking cock out of her asshole and grabbed his shorts. A second later he was out of the kitchen. Sandra heard his footsteps creaking on the stairs to his basement apartment.

With the jism dripping out of her pussy and the Crisco squishing in her asshole, Sandra grabbed her negligee and put it on. She cleaned up the kitchen hurriedly and went back upstairs. The sound from the bedroom, she realized now, was a false alarm. Either her mom or dad had taken a quick leak and gone back to sleep.

Shit! She was still so horny! Sandra hesitated before the door of her bedroom, feeling the fuck need smoldering deep inside her asshole. Then she sighed and turned around, padding barefoot down the dark hallway to her brother's bedroom. She let herself in and felt her way through the dark until she plopped onto Jimmy's bed.

Jimmy awakened as the weight of his sister's body disturbed the mattress. He blinked and looked at her sleepily. Without saying a word to him, Sandra buried her head on his crotch.

A minute of hard, wet sucking made Jimmy's cock grow as hard as iron. Sandra shamelessly rolled onto her belly beside him on his bed, tugging up the lacy hem of her negligee and exposing her peach-shaped ass cheeks, hot Crisco squishing in the crack.

"Fuck my ass, Jimmy," she whispered.

"What?" Jimmy mumbled, still half asleep.

"I said fuck my asshole!"

Sandra grasped his prick and pulled him on top of her. Jimmy shrugged and mounted his sexy sister. He aimed his spongy cock tip at her rubbery asshole and the Crisco made it easy to shove his cockrod nearly all the way up her with one thrust.


"Oh, God... that's a good girl... suck on it, Wendy! Suck Daddy's cock!"

The murmured obscenities came steadily from Lou's lips as he sprawled on his back an the bed, gazing dazedly up at the ceiling. His legs were spread apart, and his huge cock was as hard as a steel pipe. His cock-hungry daughter was giving him a torrid blow-job before he went to sleep for the night.

Actually, Wendy was sucking her daddy to help herself get to sleep. Sometime the pixyish brunette had short bouts with insomnia, and experience had taught her that nothing made her feel more relaxed and content than sucking her daddy's prick.

The more she sucked him, the more she craved the taste of his huge, meaty cockrod. Sometimes Wendy felt as if she'd never get enough jizz. Now she was on her knees beside him on the bed, one hand tightly gripping his prick pole as she bobbed her head happily on the flared tip.

Her father's balls felt particularly big and heavy, and Wendy was sure he had gobs of jism to shoot down her throat. Her slurping, gurgling sounds were very loud as she worked on his giant, throbbing pisser, digging her tongue into the slit in the tip.

"Harder, Wendy!" Lou curled his fingers into her raven tresses, humping his hairy ass steadily off the bed. "Suck it out now, baby! You're making your father cum!"

Sucking and smacking her lips around the vein laced shaft, Wendy pushed her left hand between his thighs to fondle his bloated balls. Her pumping right hand kept up a steady rhythm, racing up and down his swollen cock. So much pre-cum had oozed out of his hard-on that Wendy's palm was slick with it. She could jack him off very fast.

Lou grimaced, twisting his head from side to side on the bed as the cum load mounted in his balls. "Oh, God, what a hot prick sucker! You're the best blow-job artist in the world, Wendy? It's cumming, girl! Cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

Lou lifted his hips high off the bed, choking his daughter as he rammed his thick, throbbing prick down her saliva-slickened gullet. Then the hot, sticky cum started pumping out of the reservoir deep in his balls.

Every inch of his enormous hard-on throbbed and jerked as it spouted long, milky strands of spunk down his daughter's throat. Wendy tasted the salty richness of her daddy's cream and mewled contentedly. Shamelessly the naked daughter sucked and jacked her father's rod as hard as she could. She swallowed rapidly, refusing to release his erupting cock until she'd milked out every drop of cum.

"Oh, Wendy..."

A lurid smile of total sexual contentment spread across her father's face. Wendy smiled down at him, licking the stray drops of cock juice from the corners of her mouth. Lou's hand slid from her hair and dropped feebly to the bed.

"What a hot cock-sucker," he moaned. And then, within another minute, he was fast asleep. He'd said earlier that he'd wanted to suck her pussy after she went down on him, but Wendy knew how tired her daddy was. Besides, it was hard not to feel totally relaxed after shooting so much cum down her throat.

But now she had a wet, sticky pussy to attend to! Wendy hopped off the bed and wiggled into her sexiest nightie, the same nightie she'd used to give her father the first hard-on of the night several hours earlier. Then she left their basement apartment and padded quickly upstairs.

Her cunt was throbbing very hard, and she knew that jacking off wouldn't be as good as fucking a big, stiff cock. Wendy thought hungrily of her Uncle Bob's prick as she climbed the stairs. She supposed he was fast asleep, but it was always possible he'd stayed up to watch the tube. Wendy knew she could take her uncle's mind off any television program if she could just get her lips around his cock!

But no one was awake upstairs. Wendy went from the kitchen to the living room to the den, searching for her uncle. Then she shrugged her shoulders with a disappointed little sigh and prepared to return downstairs. At least, she thought resignedly, she could get her father to fuck the shit out of her first thing in the morning.

Then something made Wendy stop. She pawed in the hall, listening. There was a faint sound coming from the far end of the house. Then she heard it again, and this time she knew what it was.

It was a moan? Somebody in the house was getting fucked!

Wendy's curly haired pussy instantly grew very wet. Biting her lip, the horny daughter padded barefoot from room to room, listening for the sound.

It came from the laundry room, adjacent to the garage. Wendy stood in the darkness outside the laundry room door and her heart skipped a beat as she realized that there was a big crack in the wooden door jamb. Light was coming through the crack. If she just put her eye to it and looked inside.

Wendy did just that, standing daintily on her tip toes to peer through the opening. Then her eyes bulged with shock and she felt the fuck need pounding uncontrollably deep inside her cunt.

It was her cousin Jimmy and her Aunt Ingrid! Aunt Ingrid was sitting on one of the laundry machines, clutching Jimmy's head and thrusting her pussy onto his face. Jimmy was sucking his own mother's cunt!

"That's good, darling!" Ingrid gasped. "Oh, God, what a good cunt-licker! Suck it, Jimmy! Suck Mom's throbbing cunt!"

They were both naked. Unable to sleep after her husband Bob had shot his load into her pussyizing about her boy's huge prick. She felt guilty for fucking her own son, but her guilt couldn't match her passion. A half hour ago she'd tip-toed up to his room and wakened him from his sleep.

Jimmy's prick had started growing as soon as she'd put her hand on it. Ingrid had badly wanted to fuck him right there in his bed, but she feared that the noise would awaken Sandra. She'd whispered for Jimmy to follow her downstairs to the laundry room.

He had, and the first thing her darling son had wanted to do was suck her pussy! Ingrid was sitting on the edge of the dryer, with her heels braced on the edge of the machine. She could see her son's cock throbbing long and straight before him as he eagerly wriggled his head between her thighs, lapping the fuck juice from the folds of his mother's cunt.

"Oh, God, Jimmy!" Ingrid clutched his head, whimpering as her pussy throbbed on his mouth. "You're the best cunt-licker, darling."

Jimmy thrust his hands under her hips, cupping the wriggling globes of her round, full ass. Rapidly he moved his tongue up and down between the drippy, swollen lips of her pussy stabbing his tongue deep inside her gushing pink pussy.

"Make me cum, lover!" Ingrid's enormous tits jiggled heavily on her chest as she pounded her ass cheeks off of her son's palms, fucking her throbbing pussy onto his mouth. "Put your fingers in me, Jimmy! Suck on my clitty! Make me cum!"

Straightening two fingers, Jimmy wiggled them slowly into the clasping wetness of his mom's pussy. At the same time he moved his mouth higher up her cunt hole. He locked his lips tightly around her fat, burning clit.

Ingrid thought she'd cum as soon as her boy started sucking on her sensitive clitty. Instead she hovered tantalizingly on the edge of orgasm, groaning and gasping, bucking her ass frantically as her naked son worked on her fuck slit.

Jimmy ground his fingers all the way up her tight pussy and started to piston them rapidly in and out of her creaming cunt. Ingrid clawed the back of his neck, whimpering as Jimmy sucked delicately on her clit. Her pussy-starved son dragged his lips on the tender little nubbin, fucking it skillfully with his tongue tip.

"I'm cumming, Son!" Ingrid gasped. "Suck your mother, lick Mom's pussy! Ungghh, oh, fuck, Jimmy! Eat me out, lick your mother! Cuuummmiinnnnggggg!"

Jimmy eagerly lapped and kissed and fingerfucked his mother's cumming pussy, guiding her ravished clit, slit through the spewing contractions of cumming. For a full minute Ingrid humped her as torridly as she came, banging her pussy helplessly onto her boy's lips and fingers. When the cum finally subsided, she was more eager than ever to get fucked.

Ingrid slid off the dryer, pushing Jimmy's face aside as she dropped to the laundry room floor. Her enormous, round tits jiggled as she sprawled on her back, quickly splaying her thighs wide and looking hungrily at her son's giant cock.

"Fuck your horny mother, darling," she whispered, her eyes locked on his jism-seeping cock. "I need to feel your cock inside me! Fuck the piss out of my horny cunt!"

Jimmy dropped to his knees between his mother's legs, staring at the saliva-matted fur fringing her pussy. He held his cock in hand and leaned over her, aiming the smoldering tip at her pouting cunt lips. Ingrid smiled wantonly as she felt his bulbous cock head nudging into her clit.

"That's right, Son!" Ingrid lifted her legs high and dropped her knees open, completely opening her throbbing fuck passage for the stabbing length of Jimmy's prick. "Fuck your mother! Fuck it in deep for me, Jimmy! Just shove your big, beautiful prick in as far as it'll go!"

Jimmy supported his weight on outstretched arms, staring down at his mother's huge tits. Rhythmically he contracted his lean ass cheeks between her spread-eagled thighs, thrusting his cock farther and farther into her buttery cunt.

"Don't you want to suck Mom's titties, Jimmy?"

Her huge, watermelon-sized tits were lolling like firm Jello on her chest. Jimmy pushed up his mother's tits with his hands as he sank on top of her, stabbing his cock to the hilt in her creaming cunt. Lovingly Ingrid cradled his head as he wrapped his lips tightly around one dark red, distended nipple.

Jimmy sucked her rubbery tit tip very hard, puckering his cheeks as he slurped in all of her nipple and the milky flesh surrounding it. He held the sides of his mom's humping ass as he started grinding between her legs, pumping his big hard-on rapidly in and out of her tight, clasping cunt.

Ingrid's lips parted as she felt the pounding thrusts of her son's prick, hammering into the cunt that had birthed him. She cradled his head as he nursed her tit and whipped up her ass to meet his strokes. Ingrid flexed her pussy muscles, making her itching cunt nip deliciously around his prick.

"Harder, Son! Fuck your mother!" She clawed his ass cheeks, desperately trying to make him sink another inch of his prick length into her cunt. "Mom's so horny, darling. Mom needs your big cock."

Wendy stepped away from the crack in the laundry room door. Her eyes were very wide and her lips were parted in a mute expression of astonishment. She felt her fuck juice running down her slim legs as she padded silently back through the darkened house.

I have to fuck Daddy, Wendy thought feverishly. It was the only thought she could articulate to herself, the only clear thought her swimming mind could focus on. Watching Jimmy sucking and fucking big-titted Aunt Ingrid had set off a profound lust in Wendy's pussy. She knew, without having to voice the desire to herself, that she would simply have to seduce her cousin and feel Jimmy's cock hammering into the throbbing slit between her legs.

But that would be tomorrow, at the very earliest. Right now her cunt was hot and creamy, and she wanted her nipples sucked just like she'd watched Jimmy sucking on Ingrid's. Wendy's mind was filled with thoughts of her father's huge cock as she rushed, back downstairs to the basement.

"Wake up, Daddy," Wendy hissed, shaking his shoulders as she joined him on the bed.

Lou blinked and rolled onto his back. Wendy was so horny that her hands shook as she pulled the covers to the foot of the bed. There, curled in a half swollen meat tube across his thighs, was her daddy's cock. Wendy wrapped her fingers around it and started jacking it as fast as she could.

"Wendy!" Lou rubbed his eyes. "Wendy, what time is it? I was fast asleep!"

"I don't give a shit, Daddy!" Wendy cried. "You gotta fuck me right now!"

Wendy pistoned her tit up and down her father's cock shaft as fast as she could. Soon, in spite of himself, Lou had an enormous hard-on. Wendy suppressed the urge to stuff it into her mouth and give him another blow-job. Her pussy had to be satisfied first.

"You just lie there, Daddy," she purred. "I'll get on top of you and do all the work myself!"

She straddled her hung father, planting her knees on the bed to either side of his hips. Daddy had an awfully big cock, and it still sometimes hurt when she shoved it up her cunt too fast. But it would hurt tonight. Wendy's pussy was positively gushing juice.

She fit the cock knob into her cunt, and her butt wiggled as she started humping herself on her father's prick. Wendy's pert tits jiggled as slit leaned forward, holding his shoulders for support. Frantically the horny daughter started humping and bucking, sliding her glove-tight pussy down over the satisfying stiffness of his prick.

"Oh, Wendy," Lou moaned. "You're so fucking tight and juicy!"

"Suck my titties, Daddy! Oh, please, Daddy, suck them while you fuck my cunt!"

Wendy whipped off her nightie, leaving herself completely naked. She leaned forward and her dad wrapped his lips tightly around one taut nipple. He sucked it as he slid his hands down her slim waist, cupping the firm globes of his daughter's humping ass. Wendy shuddered as her daddy slurped on her titty and buried his huge cock in her cunt.

Wendy bumped her blushing ass as fast as she could, gasping and squealing as she banged her throbbing, gushing fuck slit on the root of his cock.

Realizing that his sex-crazed daughter was in a state of heat, Lou fucked her as fast as he could. Soon Wendy was fucking so furiously that it as impossible to hold his lips around her nipple. Lou let his head fall back to the sheets, smiling in ecstasy as his daughter's tight, juicy pussy, sucked around his cock.

"Daddy, shoot your jizz into me!" Wendy repeated, humping faster and faster. "Daddy, I'm cumming now! I wanna feel it gushing! Please shoot in me! Oh, fuck, Daddy, I'm cuuummmmiiinnnggggg!"

As the cum peaked in her pussy, Wendy felt the hot gobs of her father's spunk shooting into her cunt. Ecstatically the naked daughter flexed her fucking muscles around the erupting boner, helping Daddy shoot out all his cream.

But even as her milking cunt drained the cum out of Lou's balls, Wendy's thoughts were on her cousin Jimmy. Maybe she'd have a chance alone with him tomorrow, she thought hopefully. If Aunt Ingrid could fuck Jimmy, she could fuck him too!


"Hi, Jimmy. Can I come in and talk with you for a while?"

Lying on his bed, Jimmy lifted his eyes from the latest issue of "Popular Mechanics" and looked at his cousin standing in his open doorway. His lips parted in a surprised expression as he looked at her body.

Wendy flushed and anxiously shifted her weight from foot to foot. It was early in the afternoon and she and her cousin were the only ones home. But they probably wouldn't be alone for long and Wendy knew that she had to act quickly.

Wendy was wearing an elastic tube top that chins to her round, braless tits and exposed her soft, slim belly. But the sexiest thing she had on was her cut-offs. They were the shortest pair she owned, so short that they rode high up her cheeks and let her black pussy hair peek out whenever she spread her logs.

All day long her pussy had burned to thoughts of her cousin's big prick. She was going to get him to fuck her now, as soon as possible. She was dying to feel her tight, tender pussy clinging to his invading cock.

"Come on in," Jimmy said, dropping the magazine to the floor. "Did you need some help with your homework or something?"

"Oh, no. Nothing like that." Wendy shut the door behind her and walked slinkily across the bedroom, perching her cute ass on the edge of Jimmy's bed. "I just thought it would be nice to get better acquainted. I mean, you are my cousin and everything, and we are living in the same house."

"Yeah, I guess that is a good idea."

Jimmy smiled at her, folding his hands behind his head and sliding his legs apart. Wendy's eyes darted to the crotch of his jeans and her pussy burned as she realized she could see the shape of his prick beneath the denim. Hornily Wendy wiggled her ass on the bed.

"Hey, do you always dress like that around the house?" Jimmy asked, grinning.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, jeez, look at you!" Jimmy chuckled. "That's a pretty hot outfit you're wearing. I'd think your dad would get on your case about it."

Wendy felt a mischievous smile spreading across her face. She'd wondered how to seduce her well-hung cousin and Jimmy had just given her the perfect opening.

"My father's not home right now, Jimmy," Wendy said, in a soft, husky voice, squirming her buns closer to him on the bed. "There's no one around but us."

"I know." Jimmy shrugged. "So what?"

"Jimmy, do you really want to know why I dress this way?" Wendy asked, pouting her lower lip at him.

Jimmy's grin broadened. "Yeah, I really want to know!"

"It's 'cause I'm so horny, Jimmy. I always wear these cut-offs when my cunt gets all wet and hot."

"Can't you see how fat and swollen my pussy looks, Jimmy?" Wendy asked, rubbing her fuck mound through her shorts. "Mmmmmmm, it feels nice when I rub it like that! Here, maybe I better give you a better look!"

Jimmy gasped at her as Wendy lifted her ass mowing to tug the cutoffs down over the round peach-shaped cheeks of her ass. She scooted them down her slender legs and dropped than to the floor, leaving herself naked except for her tube top.

By now she could me a big hard-on swelling in Jimmy's pants. Wendy splayed her thighs apart, showing him her rosy-lipped pussy. She giggled at him as she slid her fingers down her belly, dipping them into the burning lips of her clit.

"Mmmmmm, that feels gooood!" she sighed. "I'm so juicy this afternoon, Jimmy! I'll bet you can we hear my fingers inside my cunt! Here, let's see..."

Pushing two fingers up her horny cunt slit, Wendy hopped her ass on the edge of the bed and started finger-fucking her sticky cunt hole as fast as she could. Jimmy's mouth dropped open as he heard the soft but audible smacking sound of a very wet pussy sucking on two very busy fingers.

"Jimmy, can I ask you a personal question?" Wendy hissed, finger-fucking as fast as she could in front of him.

"What?" Jimmy gasped.

"If you think I'm too young to get horny and think about fucking, then what's that big thing doing sticking through your pants?"

Jimmy stared down at his bulging crotch, he had a huge hard-on and it was twitching obscenely through the denim fabric. Wendy stared shamelessly at her cousin's big prick and went on finger-fucking herself as fast as she could.

"Why don't you take out your cock, Jimmy? Then you can stick it up my pussy and shoot out all your hot dim!"

Jimmy continued to gape at his hot cousin, until his huge cock rod began to pulse and throb uncontrollably through his pants. Then he seemed to lose control of himself. His hands shook as he quickly stripped off all his clothes, tossing his shirts and shoes and pants onto his bedroom floor.

"Oh, Jimmy, what a nice body you have!" Wendy gushed. "And what a big cock!"

Jimmy's huge prick throbbed stiffly before him as he sprawled between his young cousin's thighs, preparing immediately to stab his prick deep inside her creamy cunt. But Wendy stopped him with a giggle and a hand on his shoulder.

"Unh unh, Jimmy! Your cock's so big you might hurt me if you shove it in right now! You have to lick my pussy first!"

Jimmy stared at her vixenish face for a moment, then slid farther down and buried his head between her legs. Wendy whimpered as he thrust his hands under her slender hips, cupping her small, wiggling ass globes. The whimper turned into a groan as she felt the first stab of his tongue in her clit.

"Oh, God, that's right, Jimmy! Oh, God, I love getting my cunt sucked!"

Jimmy lustfully squeezed and fondled her ass globes as he started sluicing his tongue up and down her itching cunt. Wendy grimaced as she felt the fuck need shooting deeply through her pussy. She clawed the beck of his head and humped her ass faster, fucking her pussy all over his face.

"Jimmy, lick my clitty," she begged him. "Oh, Jimmy, you're such a good pussy-sucker. I'm already about to cum!"

By now his hot, horny cousin was humping her buns furiously that Jimmy couldn't possible hold her hips down. He slid his right hand out from under her wiggling ass, delicately probing her pussy slit with his fingers.

Wendy grimaced again as he thrust two fingers deep inside her gushing cunt. Then her pussy-lapping cousin started licking directly on her tingling clit bud, making Wendy so horny that even her asshole puckered and burned as she prepared to cum.

"Jimmy, I'm getting off now!" she cried. "Suck me, suck my cunt hole! Oh, fuck, Jimmy, I can't stand it! I'm cuuummmniiinnngggggg!"

Her pussy spasmed sharply, spewing musky tasting fuck juice onto her big cousin's lips and fingers. Avidly Jimmy slurped the delicious cum goo from the flowering folds of his cousin's fuck slit. Then he rose to his knees between her spread, slender legs.

"Oh, Jimmy!" Wendy giggled. "Sucking my pussy made your cock get as hard as a rock!"

Jimmy's huge cock was stiffer than ever, pulsing lewdly before him. The veins stood out on the shank and the knob was bloated to a dark red color. Wendy giggled and gave the head of his cock a playful pinch, that made the huge cock shaft wag and twitch even more obscenely, with little drops of pre-cum leaking out of the slit in the tip.

"Jimmy, I think I want you to fuck me doggy style," Wendy said, rolling onto her hands and knees. She dropped her shoulders and giggled again as she wiggled her round butt at him. "Your big prick is in deeper that way. Right straight up my tight pussy!" Jimmy moaned as he stared at his cute cousin's rosy asshole and the curly haired slit of her tight, wet cunt. He knee-walked forward between her legs, aiming the pulsing head of his prick at her pussy. Wendy whimpered as she felt her creamy cunt hole stretching to admit his cock.

"It feels so good going in, Jimmy!" She clawed the sheets and immediately started humping and thrusting her itchy pussy onto the satisfying stiffness of her cousin's rod. "Give my cunt a good, hard fucking, Jimmy. Stick that big prick all the way in and fuck the shit out of me."

Jimmy responded by clutching his horny cousin's lithe hips and jamming forward, stabbing his massive cock deep inside her clinging pussy tunnel. Wendy's cheeks flushed brightly and her lips spread ma wanton grimace. She wriggled and humped her ass at the same time, helping Jimmy shove his prick all the way in.

Jimmy ground forward until his giant cock was impaled to the balls in her buttery young cunt. Wendy could hear him panting, and could feel how stiffly his prick was throbbing in her pussy. Jimmy pulled out slowly, until only the knob parted her burning cunt lips. Then he rammed his cock in again and started reaming out her tender-lipped pussy very fast and hard.

"That's right, Jimmy! Oh, fuck now you're doing it!" Wendy squealed. "I love getting fucked hard like that!"

Wendy's nipples were stiff and tingling, and she could feel her asshole puckering obscenely in and out as Jimmy pounded her pussy with his skewering prick. She dropped her cheek to the bed, shutting her eyes and whimpering as she felt her pussy sheath spasming wetly around his cock.

"Faster, Jimmy," she pleaded dazedly. "Oh, fuck, my pussy's so wet! You're making me cum again! You're giving me another cum!"

Fucking his sexy cousin was making Jimmy almost as horny as he'd felt while fucking his mother. His balls were swinging heavily every time he rammed his cock into her and the wrinkled nut sac was painfully congested with cum.

He started fucking her as hard as he could, making the bed springs squeak as he clawed her slim hips and pounded his cock pole almost brutally into her sucking, buttery pussy. Wendy panted happily as she whipped back her ass to meet his strokes, grinding her curly haired cunt slit on the thick root of his cock.

"Oh, Jimmy, put your finger in my asshole!" she squealed shamelessly. "Jack off my ass! Make me cum!"

Jimmy did as she asked, sliding his finger down the crack of her butt and thrusting it into her pink, puckered shit sphincter. Wendy whimpered more loudly as she felt his finger burrowing into her rubbery asshole. Jimmy jacked off her horny whole as fast as he was fucking her pussy and soon Wendy knew she was going to cum.

"I'm making it, Jimmy!" she cried. Her pussy was so wet that she could hear the furry lips slurping juicily around his racing cock. "Ungggghhhh! Oh, God, fuck faster, Jimmy! Unngggghhhh! Cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

Her pussy and asshole exploded at the same time, filling her body with pleasure. Wendy's pussy gushed fuck juice onto her cousin's hard-on and her asshole sucked so tightly around his finger that Jimmy probably couldn't have pulled it out if he'd wanted to. Again and again the cum spasms pounded through Wendy's loins, until she thought she'd pass out from cumming so hard on her cousin's cock.

And his cock was still ramrod stiff inside her. She'd cum so quickly that she'd never given him a chance to shoot off in her cunt. A lewd smile curled Wendy's lips as she thought of where she wanted him to fuck her next.

"Gotta cum," Jimmy was grunting, still stroking his cock rhythmically into the gooey sheath of her cum-ravished pussy.

"I know you do, Jimmy," Wendy giggled. "But wouldn't you like to cum in my asshole instead?"

Wendy slid away from him, sprawling flat on her belly on the bed and making his aching cock pop out of her cunt. Before he had a chance to protest, Wendy had reached behind her back to grasp her ass cheeks and spread them wide. Jimmy's cock pulsed at the sight of her hairless shit opening.

"Your finger warmed up my asshole, Jimmy," Wendy mewled. "Now it's all hot and horny for your big, hard prick! Fuck my asshole and keep making me cum!"

Gazing lustfully at his cousin's shitter, Jimmy mounted her again and pressed his bloated cock head squarely on her itchy ass opening. Wendy bit her lip and braced herself for the invasion of her ass. It was the first time she'd ever asked to get ass-fucked without using some kind of lube, but the brunette was so horny that she knew she could take it.

And it would feel even better to have dry asshole walls dragging around his cock. Wendy started humping again as she felt the prick tip pushing into her asshole, stretching her asshole painfully.

"Fuck my asshole, Jimmy! Fuck my fucking asshole." Wendy lifted her hips slightly and spread her ass globes even wider. "Don't worry about hurting me with your cock! So ahead and tear me up with it! I want to get fucked up the ass so much!"

Jimmy lay flat on top of her, groaning and sighing as he packed inch after inch of his bone hard cock into the welcoming heat of her ass. Wendy's cheeks flushed nearly crimson and she bit into the sheets so she wouldn't squeal with the pain.

It hurt, but it hurt good. The only juice in her whole was the sweat oozing from the rubbery walls of her shit channel and the jizz leaking from the head of Jimmy's cock. Her whole felt red hot as it sucked around his prick.

"All the way, Jimmy!" Wendy thrust her hand under her belly, feeling her asshole contracting around his cock as she shoved two fingers up her juicy cunt. She started fingerfucking herself as he finally got his huge prick all the way up her ass.

Jimmy lay motionless on her slender backside for several seconds, sighing as he felt her tight asshole milking the bony stiffness of his cock. His balls were painfully overloaded now mud he knew he'd soon be spewing gushers of spunk into his cousin's ass.

Slowly he pulled out, withdrawing until only a third of his hard-on remained buried in her squirmy ass channel. Jimmy took a deep breath and fucked his cock much harder into her ass, sinking it another inch into her bowels.

Then he started giving Wendy's throbbing asshole the hard, fast thumping it required. Wendy was in a daze as she heard the bed springs squeaking beneath her. She knew Jimmy was already fucking her ass as hard as he could, but she didn't really think of how quickly he'd intensified his fuck rhythm, or how long it would be before he filled her asshole with cum.

All she could think of was his enormous hard-on and the way it felt every time he slammed it into her ass. Wendy's fingers were a blur as they pumped into her creaming pussy, occasionally pausing to rub hard on her fat, tingling clit.

Gonna cum, she thought heatedly. Jimmy's such a good ass-fucker. Oh, God, I can feel it already. I hope he really pops his rocks in my asshole. It feels so good when Daddy squirts his spunk into my ass. I want to feel Jimmy's cum shooting in too.

At that moment, as if he'd read her mind, Jimmy started fucking his cousin's asshole as hard as he could.

"I'm making it, Wendy!" he panted breathlessly. "Oh, fuck, here it comes!"

The jism started shooting out of his cockhead in mid stroke, making his meaty cock length buck and pulse in her asshole as it jetted out long, gooey streams of milky-white cum. Wendy immediately came too, burying her fingers in her pussy as she felt her orgasming asshole contract around Jimmy's spurting cock. The contractions made the torrents of cock juice shoot that much harder out of the tip of Jimmy's prick.

God, I love fucking, Wendy thought happily. Her smile was wide and brazen as she felt Jimmy pull his fuck-wilted shaft out of her ass. The smile turned into a giggle as the frothy white spunk dribbled down her ass crack onto the sheets.


"Hi, Daddy," Sandra said cheerfully. "You don't mind if I do a little sunbathing while you're working out here, do you?"

Clad only in a loose pair of gym shorts, his muscular body gleaming with sweat, Bob looked up as his blonde daughter opened the sliding glass door and stepped into the back yard. Then his eyes opened wide and as his gaze shot to her body Sandra knew that the long-awaited seduction of her father had finally begun.

It was Saturday morning and the day was so sunny and balmy that everyone else had left the house. Sandra had intended to go out as well, but then she'd heard her father mention at breakfast that he'd spend the day catching up on his gardening. From that moment on Sandra's pussy had felt hot and drippy. She could finally be safely alone with him, with a chance to give her daddy a hard-on and make him want to fuck her.

Sandra was now wearing the skimpiest bikini in her wardrobe, two tiny strips of pink and white polka dot fabric that barely qualified as a swimsuit at all. The top clung to the heavy undersides of her huge tits, coming up just high enough to cover her fat, stiff nipples and showing off all of her deep, jiggly cleavage. The bottom was just a band across the center of her perfectly formed ass globes and she felt the cheeks bouncing saucily as she padded barefoot across the backyard pass. Thick tufts of pussy hair peeked out of the bikini crotch.

Her father was still staring at her body, his lips parted almost in awe. Sandra had brought a little bottle of tanning oil with her and a beach towel. She smiled innocently at her father, spread the towel on the grass and stretched out on it on her belly, feeling her huge tits spreading under her arms.

"Sure is a nice day for sunbathing," she sighed.

"I could use a good tan. Daddy, would you do me a favor and put some oil on me so I don't burn?"

"Uh... of course, honey." Distractedly Bob blinked his eyes and knelt on the grass beside her.

"Rub me good all over, Daddy," Sandra purred softly. "I really don't want to get sun burned."

Sandra could see her father's hands trembling as he unscrewed the cap and poured the oil into his palm. Deliberately the horny daughter flexed her luscious ass cheeks, so Daddy would see her ass wiggling as he smeared the oil onto her thighs.

"Ummm, that feels good, Daddy," she groaned, in a low, husky voice. "It's almost like a massage."

His touch made Sandra so horny that she had to force herself not to simply lunge at his cock.

Involuntarily she shuddered as her father's fingers touched the sides of her huge tits. Her cunt started throbbing rhythmically as he oiled the insides of her delectable thighs, nearly touching her burning pussy through the bikini crotch.

"Oh, Daddy, I forgot all about the time of day!" Sandra said. "The sun will be right in my eyes if I try to tan the front later on. Daddy, would you mind putting oil on my front so I can tan that side first?"

"I don't mind," Bob answered, in a constrained, hoarse voice.

Knowing that her seduction plan was working, Sandra rolled onto her back. She spread her legs on the beach towel and sighed as her nearly naked father smeared oil onto the tops of her thighs, again nearly touching her pussy. As he poured more oil onto her belly, Sandra suddenly undid the little knot between her tits that held the bikini top together.

"Daddy, you don't mind if I sunbathe topless, do you?"

Before her father could answer, the top was on the grass beside her, and Bob found himself staring at his blonde daughter's huge, naked tits. Sandra raised her slender arms over her head, making her firm tits jiggle. Bob's eyes were riveted to her dark red, silver-dollar-sized nipples, focusing on the stiff, rubbery tips.

"H-h-honey," Bob stammered. "I don't know if I should be..."

"Oh, Daddy, don't be silly," Sandra interrupted. "After all, what's wrong with being naked in front of my own father? Now be sure to get plenty of lotion on my breasts, Daddy. I don't want to get burned around my nipples."

Bob's hands shook much harder as he poured oil onto his daughter's tits. He placed his broad hands squarely on her giant tits and then tentatively began kneading and rolling her tits under his enveloping fingers, coating her creamy-white tit flesh with the tanning lotion.

"Unggghhh, Daddy, that feels so gooood!" Sandra sighed, wiggling her ass on the towel.

"I... I just remembered something," Bob said suddenly. "I... I have to make a phone call. Sorry. You'll have to put the rest of the oil on yourself."

Standing quickly, Bob turned and walked rapidly back to the house, disappearing through the sliding glass door. Shit, Sandra thought miserably. Cunt creaming and stiff nipples aching, she dropped her blonde head on the pass and stared miserably at the blue sky.

A phone call! Now she'd never get to fuck her father!

Sandra waited another minute, then resignedly gathered the oil, towel and top together and walked bare-breasted back into the house, her spongy tits quivering with every step. She was about to go upstairs for an urgently needed finger-fucking session when she heard a muffled groan from her parents' bedroom.

Sandra stopped in her tracks and a new fire burned in her pussy as she thought of what the groan might mean. Silently she padded down the hall to the bedroom door. It was open, her father had been so horny he'd neglected to close it.

The gym shorts were crumpled on the carpet. Her father was sprawled naked on the double bed, groaning as he clutched his stiff, upthrust cock. His cock was simply enormous, the longest, fattest hard-on Sandra had ever seen in her life. Violently her daddy was beating his meat, whipping his fist furiously up and down on his massive prick.

"Daddy!" Sandra squealed.

Bob gasped and quickly sat up on the edge of the bed, making a useless attempt to cover his huge hard-on with his hands. His big-titted daughter walked straight toward him, naked except for her bikini bottom. She dropped the towel and oil and stared unashamedly at her father's throbbing prick.

"Oh, Daddy, you didn't have to make a phone call after all!" she purred. "You got so horny rubbing my titties that you had to jack off!"

"N-no," Bob sputtered, still trying to cover the huge, cum-leaking knob. "No, Sandra, please. I can explain."

"What's to explain, Daddy?" Sandra giggled, falling to her knees in front of the bed and spreading her father's legs with her fingers. "You've got a big hard-on and you needed to rub it and make it spurt. But it's not fair, Daddy. I mean, if I'm the one who gave you the hard-on in the first place, I'm the one who should help with the spurting part too!"

Giggling at her own mischievous logic, the blonde daughter pushed her father's hand aside and wrapped her fingers lightly round the wrist-thick base of his cock. Bob shook helplessly as he sat on the edge of the bed, too horny to do anything to stop her. Sandra felt her pussy beginning to pulse rhythmically again as she stroked her hand all the way up and down the ten-inch length of her dad's gigantic prick.

"It's a real whopper, Daddy," she mewled. "Oh, fuck, you've got the biggest Goddamn prick I've ever seen in my life! And look, Daddy! It's leaking!"

Sandra's hornily pumping fist had coaxed several sticky drops of white pre-cum to bubble out of the cock tip. Sandra stared transfixedly at the flared cap of her father's harden, delighting in its rosy color and spongy texture. Unable to control herself any longer, she dropped her head on his crotch and licked the cum juice from the knob of his cock.

"Oh, Jesus!" Bob whispered.

Kneading and jacking his prick base, the sexy daughter planted wet, loving kisses along the whole length of her daddy's prick. Then she opened her mouth as wide as she could and engulfed the fat knob of his cock, sucking a full four inches of his cock meat down her throat.

I'm sucking my daddy! she thought happily.

She nearly orgasmed on the spot as she tasted the salty cock flesh stretching her mouth, and realized that it belonged to her own father. She'd wanted to blow his prick for so long, and now it was finally happening. She was going to suck her own daddy's prick and make it shoot gushers down her throat.

Sandra shut her eyes tightly, flaring her nostrils so she could breathe around the throat clogging thickness of his enormous cock. Then the big-titted daughter started sucking, forgetting everything in the world except the ten-inch column of cock flesh.

Feverishly she bobbed her head on his crotch, fucking her buttery gullet with the aching hardness of his prick. Soon Bob had completely forgotten that he was committing incest. He moaned as the blow-job started to get to him. He twined his fingers in the wavy blonde tresses that fell nearly to the lower slopes of Sandra's big, round tits.

"Suck it, honey," he whispered, as his fuck pole throbbed and oozed jism onto her tongue. "Oh, God, that feels good! What a good cock-sucker! Keep working on it, Sandra! Oh, fuck, make me cum!"

Sandra was feverishly trying to make him do just that. Mechanically she bobbed her head on his crotch, repeatedly coming close to choking herself as she stuffed her face with his prick.

Her tongue lapped and swirled around the swollen knob, continually slurping up the precum as it oozed out of his piss silt.

And his cock was getting even stiffer! The knob puffed out in her mouth and the veins stood out on the fat shank of his cock. Sandra felt utterly entranced with the taste and feel of her father's hard-on. Her stomach was actually aching with the need to drink his cum.

She tightened her fingers around the base of his cock and whipped her fist repeatedly from the base of his cock to where her lips were compressed around the shaft. Her pumping hand made more jizz leak out of the tip and that encouraged the cock-sucking daughter to fist his cock meat even harder. Soon her wrist and forearm ached as she continued to beat her daddy's meat as hard as she could.

"Jesus, what a cock-sucker!" Bob gasped, gaping at the spectacle of his gorgeous teen with a mouthful of cock. "You're gonna make it squirt, honey!"

Now the dick knob was pulsing on the roof of her mouth and Sandra's swiping tongue was lapping up more and more oozing spunk. Daddy's gonna cum, she thought hornily. Sandra's cheeks flushed as she sucked the tip of his cock as hard as she could, pistoning her fist in a blur on his prick pole, dropping her left hand between his legs to cradle his bloated balls.

"Oh, fuck, oh, shit!" Bob groaned. "Ahhhhh!"

The cream spouted. All ten inches of cock meat pulsed and jerked as the jism erupted from his balls, shooting up the vein-laced trunk and out tip.

The first shot streamed across Sandra's lapping tongue and rushed down her throat. Sandra whimpered happily around the cum shooting cock and stared noisily swallowing as she slurped and sucked. The first blast was followed by rhythmic torrents of hot, milky cum, as the hung father drained off his load of cream deep in his daughter's mouth.

It was a never-ending torrent of cum. Sandra swallowed as fast as she could, frantically pumping her flat up and down his shooting prick. But she couldn't keep up with the flow of jism. It filled her mouth and bubbled out of her clasping lips. Bob gasped as he looked down at his cock-sucking daughter, watching his own cum run down his cock shaft and puddle in the thick fur fringing his prick.

"Oh, Daddy!" When she'd sucked the last drops of cum out of his cock, Sandra lifted her head and looked lovingly into his eyes, still stroking her hand steadily up and down his meat. "I've wanted to suck your prick like this for so long, Daddy. I never knew you had such a big one, though. Daddy, do you want to fuck me?"

Bob sprawled back on the bed, exhausted by the intensity of shooting off so much cum. But his giant ten-inch fuck pole was still as hard as a rock and Sandra's cunt creamed as she watched the bloated, saliva-and-spunk-sickened length of it quivering over his heaving, hairy stomach.

Rising from her knees, the big-titted daughter quickly undid her bikini bottom. Now, she was completely naked. She climbed onto the bed, straddling her dad, planting her knees on the mattress to either side of his hips. Her throbbing, curly haired pussy dripped cunt juice over the head of his cock.

"Time to get fucked, Daddy," Sandra whimpered, grasping his huge cock and directing the spongy tip to her gushing cunt opening. "Oh, Daddy, it's really time to get fucked..."

Her words trailed off into a husky whimper of pure fuck passion as she rubbed the head of her daddy's cock up and down her burning pussy. Sandra centered the big prick knob between the pouting lips, took a deep breath and humped herself down on it. Her whimpers grew louder as she felt the blue-veined stiffness of her father's cock pushing into her cunt tunnel.

Sandra's big tits swung pendulously over his chest as she leaned forward, clutching his shoulders for support. Then the horny daughter eagerly flexed her ass cheeks, grinding and wriggling her tight, juicy pussy down over the impaling stalk of her father's cock.

Uncle Lou had a super big hard-on too, but her father's hard prick was still the biggest Sandra had ever fucked in her life. There were little stabs of pain as the horse cock pushed into her, her pussy stretched forcibly to admit his cock rod.

But the pain was more than compensated for by the intense, throbbing pleasure. Sandra's pretty young face contorted into a shamelessly obscene expression of uncontrollable, incestuous lust. The bed springs squeaked as she humped her nimble ass much faster, grunting every time she shoved her hairy fuck slit farther down her daddy's cock.

"Fuck me back, Daddy!" Sandra pound her drooling cunt on the very root of his hard-on, whimpering more loudly than ever as she felt all ten inches pulsing in the depths of her cunt. "Oh, Daddy, I want you to bang the piss out of me with this big thing. Fuck my cunt, Daddy! Fuck my horny cunt!"

Her jaw slack and her cheeks flushed brightly, Sandra stared down at her furry mound as she slowly lifted her ass. Delightedly she watched her father's juice-slickened cockpole reappear from the duping mouth of her cunt. She shivered helplessly as she again pounded her pussy down over his prick. Then the naked daughter started a steady, furious fuck rhythm, her tits and ass cheeks jiggling as she feverishly pistoned her pussy on her father's cock.

"Fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt," she chanted, conscious of nothing but the prick in her belly. "Fuck me, Daddy, fuck my cunt!"

Dazedly Bob stared up at her, watching her big tits swaying and jiggling as she gyrated her rounded ass over his body. Then he winced as he felt her tight, spasming pussy coaxing a fresh load of cock cream out of his balls.

Bob started grinding his powerful hips off the bed, pushing his huge prick into his fuck-starved daughter's cunt. Realizing that her daddy was finally meeting her rhythm, Sandra eagerly started fucking as fast as she could.

"Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me!"

Her clit was very swollen, clasping cunt opening burned almost unbearably as it clung to the massive stalk of his cock.

"Oh, Daddy, I need a good cum now! Fuck me as hard as you can!"

Bob slid his hands down his daughter's slender waist, clutching the mouthwatering globes of her furiously humping ass. Then he started jerking his hips off the bed as fast as he could, gasping as he whipped his stone-hard, ten-inch cock into the sucking tightness of Sandra's pussy.

"Daddy, I'm cumming now!" Unable to stop herself, Sandra thrust her finger through her pussy fur and started rubbing off her clit, whimpering and squealing girlishly as she massaged the little nubbin and bounced wildly on her father's cock. "Oh, Daddy, Daddy, it's getting so close! Unngghh! Oh, Father! Unngghhhh! Unh I'm cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

Her tight pussy exploded, throbbing and spasming wetly around the stabbing shaft of her daddy's cock. Bob lifted his hips off the bed, ramming his enormous prick to the balls in her cuming, gripping cunt. In the middle of her orgasm, the horny daughter felt another load of cock juice shooting up from her father's built [missing text].

The sticky cum spewed deep inside her cumming pussy, spurting torrents of spunk up to her womb. Sandra was nearly delirious as she felt the hot, sappy cum filling her pussy. She looked down in time to see the frothy cock cream oozing back out of her cunt, sliding obscenely down the fat base of her father's prick.


"Oh, Daddy, why don't you come to my room tonight?" Sandra whispered miserably. "Please, Daddy, I'm so fucking horny."

Clad only in a transparent pink baby-doll nightie, the fuck-hungry daughter writhed miserably on her bed, rubbing her thighs together in a desperate attempt to allay the wet need burning in her cunt. It was after midnight. The house was silent and her room was dark. Sandra had left the door partly ajar in the hope that her father would sneak upstairs to give her another taste of his huge, juicy cock.

But she wasn't at all sure that he would. Earlier, when she'd had a few minutes alone with him, Sandra had eagerly rubbed against him and fondled his cock through his pants. If he'd only come to her room, she'd whispered, she'd suck his prick all night.

But her father had blushed and pushed her away without answering. He was afraid of being caught, Sandra knew. Fucking his own horny daughter was considered sinful and that was the only thing stopping him.

But it wasn't fair! Sandra thought miserably. She wanted her handsome, hung daddy to give her a good fucking! She didn't know how she could get to sleep without sucking out another bellyful of his hot, shooting cum.

Realizing that she would have to finger-fuck herself to get to sleep, the stacked daughter wiggled her ass into a good position on the bed and spread her luscious thighs. Her big, braless tits jiggled as she dropped her fingers to her fuck mound, the fat, stiff nipples rubbing against the sheer fabric.

Her furry pussy hole was all swollen and sticky and hot. Sandra squirmed two fingers deep inside her glistening pink fuck tunnel, groaning as she felt her cunt muscles sucking around them. God, she was horny! All she could think about was her daddy's fat prick!

Sandra started finger-fucking herself, groaning and shuddering as she pistoned the two long digits in and out of her gooey pussy. Her big tits jiggled wildly under the negligee as she humped her round ass rhythmically off the bed.

Fuck me, Daddy, she thought over and over. My cunt's all wet for you. Come upstairs and fuck my pussy, Daddy. Fuck me and shoot your cum in my cunt!

Then it was as if the young blonde's obscene prayers were being answered. The door creaked open. Still furiously finger-fucking herself, Sandra saw a brawny male silhouette back dropped against the dim light of the hall.

The door closed. The silhouette was inside her room now, moving toward her bed. Sandra whimpered and pounded her finger into her gushing fuck slit as fast as she could.

Then the intruder crawled onto the bed with her, and she saw who it was. Sandra felt slightly disappointed, but the knowledge that she was actually going to get to fuck herself to sleep overwhelmed her with fresh lust. It was, her Uncle Lou, totally naked, his stiff cock standing out of his crotch like an iron bar.

"I... I couldn't sleep," Lou stammered. "My cock was too hard. I had to fuck you again, Sandra!"

"Oh, Uncle Lou!" Sandra took her fingers from her pussy and immediately lifted her logs high over her shoulders, completely opening her fuck passage for him. "Hurry up and put your prick in me! I'm so glad you came! I'm super horny too."

Lou knee-walked forward, fitting the knob of his cock between the pouting lips of her wet, hairy cunt. He leaned forward over her torso, supporting his weight on outstretched arms. Then he started humping, and Sandra moaned with pure desire as she felt her hot, hairy pussy being invaded by a big, throbbing prick.

"Nunh! Uncle Lou!"

Her pussy was already convulsively sucking and clasping mound his cock shaft. Sandra whined girlishly as she suddenly wrapped her legs around the middle of his back, pulling him down onto her naked body.

"Fuck it in deep, Uncle Lou!" She clawed his back and stoned humping as fast as she could. "Fuck my pussy, fuck my ass off! Oh, fuck, I'm horny for you! Fill me with your hot, shooting cum!"

His sexy niece's obscenities spurred Lou on. Sprawled fiat on top of her, he slid his hands down her slender waist and filed his palms with the sides of her bucking ass cheeks. Then he began to work his meaty hips furiously between her legs, brutally packing the entire length of his enormous cock into her cunt.

"Auuuuggghh!" Sandra grabbed his ass cheeks, trying to make him fuck even deeper. "Stuff it up my pussy, Uncle Lou! Do it as hard as you can!"

Uncle Lou panted loudly on her shoulder, his brawny, hairy chest flattening his blonde niece's big tits. He pulled out slowly and Sandra felt her itchy pussy walls dragging needfully on the receding length of his prick.

Lou grunted and rammed his cock to the balls in her creaming, clasping cunt. Sandra made the bed springs shake as she whipped her red-hot pussy onto the base of his cock.

"Fuck my cunt hole, fuck my cunt!" The musky smelling pussy juices seemed to be literally spewing out of her throbbing hole, coating Lou's prick as he rammed it into her belly again and again. "Fuck my pisser Uncle Lou! Make it cum!"

Mauling her humping ass cheeks, Lou fucked his niece's tender pussy as hard as he could. After five minutes of non-stop, violent fucking, Sandra felt an incredible cum welling up in her loins. She locked her long legs tightly around her uncle's back as size felt her pussy sheath pulsate uncontrollably around his dick.

"Cumming, Uncle Lou!" she cried. "My pussy is cuuummmiiinnngg!"

In the middle of her cum, Lou groaned and collapsed between her legs, burying his cock to the hilt in her throbbing cunt. The spunk load erupted from his balls, making his fuck pole quiver as it shot out long strands of cock cream.

Sandra felt her uncle's load spouting into her, spurting onto the pink walls of her clasping pussy. She whimpered as she flexed her fucking muscles around his cock, using her tight, nipping pussy to suck out every drop of his jizz.

A minute later, her uncle was gone. Lou had come to her room to fuck his sexy niece and dump his wad into her pussy. That was the only reason he'd come, which was fine with her. The only thing Sandra regretted was that it hadn't been her father instead.

She still wanted her daddy to come upstairs and fuck her right now. Sandra whimpered with frustration as she again slid her hand between her legs, pumping her fingers in the milky mush her uncle had left between her legs.

Daddy, come upstairs and fuck me, she thought desolately. Now my cunt's really wet for that big cock of yours! Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me!

Apparently Sandra's horny guardian angel was working overtime that night. The door cracked open again, as Sandra was furiously pumping her fingers in and out of her jism soaked pussy. A silhouette appeared against the light from the hall and this time Sandra recognize it immediately. It was Jimmy, her brother.

"Hi, Big Brother," Sandra giggled, as she watched him pick his way through the darkness to her bed. "I guess you were too horny to sleep too, huh?"

"You know it," Jimmy sighed. "Shit, this cock of mine eels ready to explode!"

Sandra saw his huge hard-on as he crawled onto the bed with her. Impulsively the horny girl rolled onto her hands and knees in the dog fucking position. She dropped her shoulders to the mattress and lifted her hips, wiggling her ass enticingly at her brother.

"Jimmy, fuck my pussy for a while, then shove your cock up my asshole," she said. "I really feel like getting ass-fucked tonight!"

Jimmy was eager to oblige. Holding onto his baby sister's slim hips, he knee-walked forward until the flared tip of his cock pushed into her mushy pussy. The inflamed pussy slit was literally dripping with Uncle Lou's spunk, and Jimmy's boner stabbed into his sister's cunt like a sharp knife cleaving butter.

"Shit, Sis," Jimmy murmured. "You're really wet tonight!"

"That's just 'cause I'm so horny!" Sandra giggled, deciding to keep the secret of her earlier fuck to herself. "And 'cause my pussy's so juicy, your cock'll be plenty wet enough to assfuck me! Now hurry up and fuck my pussy, Jimmy!"

Jimmy leaned forward, burying his cock all the way into Sandra's creamy cunt in one, hard thrust. Sandra sighed as she felt Lou's cum squishing around her brother's cock. Jimmy didn't know why her pussy was so wet, but he obviously liked the way her mushy cunt sucked and clasped his hard-on. Holding her hips tightly, he fucked his sister's pussy as fast as he could.

"Ungghhh! Harder, Jimmy! Fuck me hard!" Sandra feverishly whipped up her jiggling ass to meet his fuck strokes, wincing as the knob of his cock battered her womb opening with every thrust. "I said fuck harder, Jimmy. My cunt's so wet for you! Oh, Jimmy, fuck my pussy as hard as you can!"

Panting and dripping sweat, her older brother started pounding her cunt with all the energy his loins could muster. In and out his huge prick stroked, with Sandra's clasping cunt walls sucking repeatedly around the prick shaft. It wasn't long before the nyphomaniacal sister felt her clit tingling with another cum.

"Jimmy, I'm cuming now!" she cried, pumping her pussy onto his prick shaft as fast as she could. "Fuck my pussy, Jimmy, fuck my hot fucking pussy! Unggghh! Cuummiinngg!"

Her cunt creamed again, making the tender slitted hole wetter than ever as it gushed hot pussy juice onto her brother's racing prick. Jimmy kept fucking her furiously, fighting to keep his own cum load locked in his balls.

Then he popped his smoking hard-on out of her cunt, and Sandra knew what to do. Quickly she sprawled flat on her belly, squashing her stiff-nippled tits on the mattress. With her golden blonde tresses strewn down her shoulders, the horny sister grasped her silky ass cheeks and spread them wide, showing her puckered pink asshole to her brother.

"Okay, Jimmy! It's time to give my itchy asshole a good fucking!" Sandra deliberately flexed her shitting muscles, making her tightly muscled sphincter pucker before her brother's eyes. "Go ahead Jimmy! My asshole wants your big, fat cock!"

Jimmy mounted his horny sister, pressing his velvety, jism-oozing cock head on her asshole. He quickly started humping and Sandra's mouth spread into a shameless expression of ass-fucking pleasure as his thick, swollen cock speared deep into her rubbery ass tunnel.

As she'd suspected, all the cum in her pussy had made his steely rod more than wet enough to penetrate easily into her bowels. Jimmy moaned as he bucked furiously on her backside, stuffing his big cock farther and farther into her burning asshole. Sandra panted on the sheets and spread her ass cheeks as wide as she could, thrusting her asshole onto his prick.

"It's going in me, Jimmy!" she cried excitedly. "Oh, fuck, your cock's stiff tonight! Oh, fuck me, Big Brother! Fuck my asshole and shoot your cum!"

With an anguished-sounding groan, Jimmy plowed every inch of his throbbing cock into the stretched sphincter. For several seconds he lay flat on her rounded ass, feeling the rhythmic contractions of her stuffed whole around his prick. Then he started humping again, fucking his rigid prick in and out of her ass.

"Harder, Jimmy! Oh, yes, that's the way to fuck my ass!"

Sandra thrust her hand under her belly, searching through her matted pussy curls until she sank two fingers deep inside her buttery cunt. She started humping high and hard, slamming her fingers in her cummy cunt as she fucked her whole onto her brother's cock.

Jimmy's prick was extremely stiff, pulsing wildly as it was nursed by the rubbery ring of her ass. Sandra could feel the pre-cum oozing out deep inside her bowels. Jimmy started assfucking her extremely hard, and Sandra knew he was about to cum.

"Faster, Jimmy!" she gasped. "Fuck my hole faster! Make it come, Jimmy! My asshole needs a good cum!"

His sister's whimpered obscenities drove Jimmy on. He slid higher up her sweaty, naked back, so his huge cock would spear directly into the center of her churning bowels. Holding her shoulders down, he hammered his throbbing cock into her burning asshole as fast as he could, jarring her pelvis with every fuck stroke.

"Jimmy, I'm cumming!" Sandra cried. "Shoot your fizz in me, Jimmy! Oh, fuck, Jimmy, my asshole's cumming! Cuummiinnggg!"

Her tender pink asshole spasmed violently in orgasm, the rubbery walls rippling as they sucked juicily around her brother's stroking cock. Jimmy collapsed on top of her blushing ass, ramming his prick in to the hilt in her smoking ass tunnel.

His giant prick pulsed harder than ever, and then it started squirting big gobs of jism deep into her ass. The white load gushed out of his bloated cock head, filling her burning asshole with torrents of thick, frothy spunk. Sandra squealed girlishly as she flexed her shifting muscles around her brother's cum-shooting prick. She finally stopped humping when her pulsating asshole had sucked out all of his cum.

A minute later, just like their uncle, Jimmy left her bedroom, shutting the door softly behind him. Sandra rested her cheek on the bed and sighed as she felt the spunk dribbling out of her bruised, inflamed asshole. It was a very special feeling.

Both her brother an uncle had given her wonderful fucks, the incredible thing was that she still felt horny. Very, very horny, so horny that she knew she'd still have to play with her cunt some more if she wanted to go to sleep.

And it was all because of her father. She still needed her daddy's big prick, Sandra knew. Her brother and uncle were incredibly well hung, but her daddy's cock rod was still the biggest, and there was something special about having her own father's cock shaft pumping in her belly.

Why don't you come upstairs and fuck me, Daddy? Sandra wondered miserably. Jimmy's cum squished in her asshole as she pushed her hand back under her belly, preparing to rub her swollen clit to another cum.

"Sandra?" She heard the door creaking open behind her, and the whispered voice she'd been waiting for all night. "Sandra, honey, are you awake?"

"Oh, Daddy!" Sandra squealed. "It's you!" Like her uncle and brother, her father had come naked to her bedroom. Sandra saw the silhouette of her dads enormous hard-on as he entered, shutting the door quietly behind him. A second later she felt the mattress giving beneath he as he joined her on the bed.

"I couldn't sleep, Sandra," Bob moaned, running a lustful hand down her sleek, tapering back. "I was just so horny for you. Darling, I just have to..."

"Daddy, fuck my asshole right now!" Sandra interrupted.

Shamelessly she grabbed her blushing ass globes and spread them as wide as she could, staring hungrily at his enormous cock.

"But... but I'll hurt you, honey," her father protested. "My cock's too big for your ass."

"No you won't, Daddy! My asshole's all wet right now! I... I was playing with it when you came in," Sandra lied, thinking quickly. "I spit on my fingers and put 'em up my ass so hurry up and fuck it, Daddy!"

Her father pressed his finger on her puckered asshole and Sandra heard his groan as he felt how moist the tightly muscled ring already was. Then he mounted her. Bravely the blonde daughter continued to hold her ass cheeks open, wincing as the tip of the biggest prick in the family pushed onto her shit opening. A second later the third cock of the night was boring steadily into her rubbery ass tunnel.

"It's a big cock, Daddy!" Sandra cried, already beginning the humping fuck motions off the bed. "Oh, fuck, Father, ram my asshole! Fuck it as hard as you want!"

Her hung father lay flat on top of her, sighing as her narrow shit channel convulsively sucked and flexed around his cock. Then he started grinding steadily on top of her, fucking inch after inch of his cock length into the welcoming grip of her bowels.

Her brother had just finished warming up her whole, but her daddy's prick still felt incredibly big. Jimmy's jism was squishing in her shitter, lubing the way for her father's enormous cock. Sandra winced as her inflamed shit ring stretched to the bursting point to admit her daddy's prick.

"All the way, Daddy! All the way up my asshole!"

Bob grunted and thrust hard on top of her, spearing all ten inches of stiff cock meat into the forbidden tightness of his daughter's bowels. Sandra thought she would black out with the pleasure and pain of being ass fucked so suddenly by such a huge cock.

Eagerly she pushed her hand back under her belly, finger-fucking her dripping pussy and rubbing her clit as she felt her old man's massive cock beating rhythmically in her bowel. Her father grunted as he started ass-fucking her, easing his enormous prick in and out of her jism coated ass hole. Sandra pistoned her fingers in her pussy and thrust her asshole onto her daddy's cock as fast as she could.

"Fuck my asshole, Daddy! Fuck my horny asshole!"

Already she could feel the irresistible fuck need mounting to another violent climax in her loins. Her asshole was pulsating as if it had a will of its own, convulsively sucking and spasming around her father's cock. The sexy daughter's face contorted as she felt herself getting ready to cum.

Gasping as his balls churned with jism, Bob started spearing his rock-hard prick shaft into her rubbery, sucking asshole as hard as he could. The bed springs squeaked beneath them and his hairy belly slapped sweatily on the upper slope of his daughter's ass. Sandra's face flushed crimson as her ravished shit tunnel came convulsively on her daddy's huge prick.

"My asshole's cumming, Daddy! Unngghhh! Daddy, I love you! Love your dick, Daddy! Cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

The rhythmic pulsations of her cumming asshole sucked the cream out of her father's prick. Sandra felt the hot gushers of jism blasting into her itchy asshole, bathing the rubbery walls with another big load of spunk. Her ecstasy was complete when she felt the milky cum bubbling up in her cock-stretched ass, oozing out around the thick base of her father's cock meat.

"Oh, Daddy..."

Her father pulled his huge prick out of her asshole and rolled onto his back. Immediately the satisfied daughter squirmed around and shoved his prick in her mouth. It was coated with jism and her own shit juices, but she was too horny to care. Eyes shut and cheeks puckering inward, Sandra rammed her daddy's prick down her buttery throat and lovingly sucked it as hard as she could.


Ingrid ground her teeth as she sliced vegetables on the kitchen counter, desperately trying to think of something besides her son's stiff cock. It was still early in the afternoon, but she had a lot of work left to prepare the family dinner. Ingrid wondered if any one had noticed how much her cooking had deteriorated since she'd begun fucking her son.

She simply couldn't get Jimmy's big cock out of her mind! It was so long and fat and it grew stiff in a way that only an eager young man's cock could grow, and it always filled her mouth and pussy with huge torrents of hot tasty cum.

Deep down inside, Ingrid still felt ashamed for yielding to her incestuous passion for her only son. More importantly, she was afraid that one of the other family members would catch them fucking. True, sometimes she suspected that she wasn't the only one in the house engaged in incest. She'd noticed quite a few secretive glances between Wendy and Lou, and even between her daughter Sandra and Bob.

But it was probably just her imagination, Ingrid reflected. God only knew what would happen if Bob walked in one night while Jimmy was fucking her pussy. How angry would he be? Ingrid wondered. Would he divorce her?

God, my cunt's wet, Ingrid thought miserably. It was a hot afternoon, and she wore only a sheer, light cotton summer dress without panties or bra. Her enormous tits jiggled spongily as she chopped up green peppers and tossed them into the salad bowl. The dress barely reached her mid thighs and her furry pussy was so wet that she feared her cunt juices would run right down her legs onto the floor.

"Hi, Mom! I'm home!"

Ingrid looked over her shoulder at the kitchen door. It was Jimmy. He was grinning at her in a cheerful, lustful way, tossing his school books onto the table as he approached her. Ingrid felt her cheeks flushing. Her cunt grew wetter than ever as she glanced shamefully at the huge dick bulge in Jimmy's jeans.

"What'cha doing, Mom?" Jimmy asked, standing behind her. "Making dinner?"

"Just the salad, so far," Ingrid answered, very formally. "Aren't you home a little early?"

"Yeah," Jimmy murmured, his voice dropping to a husky whisper. "I just couldn't wait to see you again, Mom."

Ingrid gasped as she felt her horny son pressing close to her, lewdly grinding his crotch on her round, full ass through the dress, sliding his hands around her waist.

"Oh, Jimmy, don't," Ingrid moaned, doing nothing to stop him. "It's so wrong to do this with your mother."

"I can't help it, Momma," Jimmy whispered, slowly thrusting his obviously stiff cock on the crack of her ass. "My cock gets hard every time I think about your pussy, sand these big fucking tits."

The words trailed off as his hands came up. Jimmy clasped his fingers around his mother's enormous tits. Ingrid felt her pussy pulsing as her tit-hungry son squeezed and kneaded her huge titties until the fat nipples stood out.

"Oh, Jimmy." Ingrid couldn't help thrusting her chest forward and wiggling her ass on his cock. "Don't you know it's wrong to fuck your own mother? What if someone were to come in now, Jimmy? What if your father were to catch you feeling me up like this?"

Jimmy laughed. "Then he'd probably want to fuck you too!"

Suddenly Jimmy knelt on the kitchen floor, lifting his mother's dress, exposing her smooth thighs and her full, saucily rounded ass cheeks. Ingrid squealed as he dug his fingers into the fleshy globes, spreading them wide. The squeal turned into a gasp of shock as her son pressed his mouth to her puckered shit opening.

Jimmy was an ass-licker! He was licking his own mother's asshole! Oh, God...

"No, Jimmy!" But Ingrid still didn't try to pull away. Instead she dropped the cutting knife and held onto the edge of the counter, biting her lip as she pushed her hips back, thrusting her tingling, burning asshole onto her son's moth.

Eagerly Jimmy licked his mom's tasty asshole, darting his tongue into the puckered ring. Ingrid moaned as his hands explored between her spread legs. A second later she felt two fingers pushing between the pouting lips of her dripping cunt slit.

"Oh, Jimmy, you make me so horny!" Unable to resist him anymore, the big-titted mother turned around and leaned against the counter, thrusting her hairy pussy triangle at his face. "You win, darling! Lick Mom's horny cunt, lover! Lick Mom's cunt hole, make your mother cum!"

Ingrid could see the gigantic hard-on sticking through her son's pants as he knelt before her. Hungrily he buried his head between her milk-white thighs, gluing his mouth to the fragrant folds of her pussy. Then he started licking and lapping, making soft, kissing noises as he sluiced his tongue through the buttery trough of her itchy fuck slit.

"Oh, Goddamn."

Ingrid's face contorted as she spread her bare feet farther on the floor, reaching down to clutch the back of her son's head. She looked at the garden through the kitchen window and realized again that anyone could walk in and catch her, catch her openly engaging in incest with her son.

The realization faded as her pussy smoldered on her boy's busy, licking tongue. Jimmy seemed starved for the flow of her musky pussy juices. The more cream he licked out of her cunt, the more stiffly his big prick pulsed in his jeans. Not even her husband was this good at sucking pussy.

"Higher, darling! Lick my clitty!" Ingrid's giant tits quivered heavily through the dress top as she started rocking and wiggling her ass, fucking her gushing pussy all over her son's ass. "Oh, God, my cunt's been wet all day!"

Jimmy parted his mother's pussy lips with his fingers, exposing the glistening pink interior. Her clit protruded from the protective folds at the top of her cunt. Tentatively Jimmy flicked his tongue around it. Ingrid bucked as if she'd been shot, feeling her pussy spasming as she humped her fuck mound even, more frantically on her son's juice-drenched cheeks.

"Suck on it now, Jimmy! Oh, please, put your fingers in my pussy! Put a finger in my asshole too Mom needs to cummmm!"

Jimmy straightened two fingers, pushing them up her hairy fuck hole as he wrapped his lip around her tingling clit nubbin. He banged his fingers rapidly in and out of her pussy and sucked tenderly but forcefully on her clit.

Ingrid felt as if her whole body were quaking at once, lost in the burning sensations that always preceded a good, hard cum. Finally she felt her boy's finger probing between her ass globes. Jimmy centered his fingertip on her puckered ass ring and thrust it deep inside her.

"Jimmy, Mom's cumming!" Ingrid clawed the back of his head and whimpered submissively as her asshole sucked his finger. Her pay spewed fuck juice on his mouth. "Suck your mother, Jimmy! Play with Mom's asshole! Oh, fuck, oh, yes, cuuummiinnggg!"

She came far what seemed like endless seconds, panting hoarsely. Finally Jimmy took his lips from her aching cunt, and popped his finger out of her puckered asshole. Dazedly Ingrid stared down at his crotch, seeing how stiffly his cock throbbed beneath his blue jeans.

"Jimmy, getup here," she muttered, forgetting everything except her hunger to suck his cock. "Sit on the counter, Son, and pull down your pants. Mom's going to give you a nice, juicy blow-job!"

Jimmy stood up and hopped onto the counter, facing her. He started to undo his pants but Ingrid couldn't wait. She pushed his hands away and undid his belt buckle with shaking fingers. She ripped down his zipper and yanked his jeans down to his knees.

His huge cock throbbed up to slap obscenely against his stomach, the shaft laced with veins and the velvety knob drooling spunk. Ingrid wrapped her fist tightly round the root of his prick, jacking it hard and fast. She parted her lips wide and buried her face on his crotch, shoving his massive prick in her mouth.

His cock tasted delicious. Ingrid slipped her tongue around the flared knob, lapping up his oozing, salty tasting cum juices. She puckered her cheeks sharply, feeling her whole face flushing crimson as she sucked her young son's cock shaft as hard as she could.

"Oh, Mom!" Jimmy pulled her hair and jerked his hips excitedly off the counter. "Suck harder, Mom! Oh, fuck, make my cock spurt!"

Ingrid's wrist ached as she pistoned her right hand and down his thick prick, urgently beating his meat into her mouth. She slurped and swoggled noisily on his cock, continuing to suck down his oozing spunk. The cock continued to stiffen and fatten down her throat and she knew her violent cock-sucking had already brought her son close to a long, wet cum.

Ingrid bucked her head harder, feverishly fucking her face with Jimmy's bone-hard prick. She used her left hand to play with his big, wrinkled nut sac, rolling the cum-congested globes on her fingers. Then she remembered how Jimmy had helped her get off a minute before, by playing with her asshole.

Jimmy was jerking his hips very fast off the counter, excitedly ramming his cock in his mother's mouth. But Ingrid still managed to thrust her left hand between his ass cheeks. Straightening her middle finger, she pushed it against his puckered asshole, finger-fucking him as she jacked and sucked his cock.

"Mom, I'm cumming!" Jimmy cried, shaking helplessly as his balls began to gush. "Suck it down, Momma! It's cummmiinnggg!"

The big prick swelled even stiffer and then it started to spew. The hot, milky cum sap erupted from his prick tip, shooting on the roof of Ingrid's mouth and splashing down her throat.

Ingrid whimpered contentedly as she savored the full force of her boy's cum. Happily she went on sucking and stroking and fingerfucking, now swallowing rapidly at the same time. The thick, gooey jism kept streaming out of his rosy cock head. Ingrid hornily swallowed every drop of it, still gulping feverishly after she'd drained every trace of jism from his piss slit.

"Wow, Aunt Ingrid!" a voice squealed behind her. "You sure are a good cock-sucker!"

Ingrid gasped and spun around, letting her son's stiff cock pop from her lips. Standing in the kitchen doorway, grinning from ear to ear, was her niece, Wendy.

Wendy giggled as she crossed the kitchen, staring with obvious lust at her cousin Jimmy's stiff, saliva-and-jism slickened cock.

"Wendy!" Ingrid sputtered. "How... how long have you been..."

"Don't worry, Aunt Ingrid!" Wendy giggled. "I'm not shocked or anything. I'm a cocksucker too! Jimmy's prick sure does shoot out a lot of juice, doesn't it? As a matter of fact, I'll bet I can make more cum squirt out right now! Watch..."

Too astonished to speak, Ingrid stepped to one side and watched wide-eyed as her niece stood before her son. Giggling, Wendy slid her hand up Jimmy's bare leg and wrapped her fist tightly around the base of his still throbbing cock. Ingrid gasped as Wendy lowered her lips to Jimmy's swollen cock tip.

"Mmmm, sure tastes good, Aunt Ingrid!" Wendy giggled, licking the stray drops of spunk from Jimmy's cock head. "Now watch me suck!"

Shutting her eyes and opening her mouth wide, the innocent-looking teen took Jimmy's cock between her lips. Ingrid heard Wendy's slurping, sucking noises as the girl jammed her throat full of her cousin's cock meat. Then Wendy started sucking very hard, puckering her cheeks even more sharply than Ingrid had, clasping her lips in a tight circle around the veined shank of Jimmy's cock.

Wendy's long, brown tresses bobbed on her shoulders as she urgently started bucking her head on Jimmy's crotch, shamelessly fucking her face with his stone-hard cock. In spite of herself, Ingrid felt herself getting very, very horny.

Wendy was a cock-sucker! Studying her son's relaxed, slack-jawed expression, Ingrid knew that this wasn't the first time Wendy had helped herself to Jimmy's cock. So there was other fucking going on in the family!

"Mom, she's making me cum again," Jimmy murmured, holding Wendy's head as she fucked tier face with his prick. "God, Mom, Wendy sucks so hard! She's making me shoot more juice!"

Wendy's whole face was red with the wild energy of the blow-job. Ingrid could see that her niece's hand was moving in a blur on Jimmy's cock, jacking him off as fast as she could. The slurping, lip-smacking sounds were so loud that they seemed to fill the whole kitchen.

"Mom, she's making me cum!" Jimmy groaned, puffing Wendy's hair. "Can't help it, Mom! Oh, fuck..."

Staring transfixedly at her son's crotch and her niece's sucking mouth, Ingrid could tell when Jimmy came. The root of his prick pulsated violently and Wendy's cheeks puffed outward as Jimmy's jism streamed into her mouth. Ingrid moaned enviously as she saw Wendy's throat muscles working and she heard the sounds of the blow job grow wetter. Wendy was obviously sucking down a fresh load of spunk.

At that moment Ingrid realized they were no longer alone in the kitchen. Sandra, Bob and Lou were crowded together in the doorway, all gaping at the sucking spectacle tapering to a close on the kitchen counter. There was a long, nervous moment as Ingrid stated mutely at her daughter, husband and brother-in-law.

Then both Lou and Bob reached for Sandra, one fondling her pussy and the other groping her tits. Sandra whimpered and started wiggling her ass and Ingrid knew that the family orgy had finally begun.


"Suck harder, Wendy!" Lou gasped. The naked father writhed on his bed, clutching his daughter's head with both hands. "Make Daddy cum now! Oh, God, Wendy, I'm about to spurt!"

As naked as her father, Wendy knelt beside his hip, furiously slurping and sucking on the cock head. Her fist was wrapped tightly around the swollen trunk, jacking and stroking. The sticky pre-cum was oozing steadily from his piss hole, and Wendy's busy tongue lapped it all up.

"I'm cumming, Wendy!" Lifting his hips off the bed in a jerking motion, Lou groaned as the pent-up lead of spunk streamed up from his balk. "Suck it all down for Daddy, honey! Oh, God!"

The first gusher of cock juice blasted onto the roof of Wendy's mouth, splashing down her throat. Mewling happily around his erupting prick, Wendy frantically started to swallow as she sucked. Her bare belly filled with her father's cream as the long ribbons of jism jetted out of his prick.

A minute later her father's balls were drained of cum. Panting with satisfaction, her father shut his eyes and relaxed on the bed. Wendy licked her lips, still hungry for jism. But now that all the fuck action in the family had come out into the open, there were other places to get it besides her daddy's big balls.

Hopping off the bed, the naked daughter left the basement bedroom and trotted up the kitchen. The kitchen was empty, but as soon as she reached the first floor she heard the moaning from down the hall. Wendy giggled as she recognized her uncle's voice. Sandra and Bob were obviously in the middle of a good, hard fuck.

"Fuck me, Daddy!" Wendy heard Sandra cry. "Unngghh! Fuck my pussy! Oh, Daddy, fuck the shit out of me!"

As it turned out, Sandra and her father were fucking furiously on the living room rug. The television set blared unnoticed in front of them. Sandra was on her hands and knees in the dog fucking position, her face contorted, her big tits swinging. Kneeling behind her upturned ass cheeks. Bob was savagely pounding his enormous cock into the furry mouth of his daughter's cunt.

"Harder, Daddy, harder!" Sandra yelped, whipping up her ass to meet his fuck strokes. "Oh, Daddy, you've got such a big cock!"

The father and daughter duo were too busy fucking their brains out to notice when Wendy entered the living room. Wendy giggled as she heard the squish-squishing sound of Bob's big prick rooting in Sandra's creamy cunt. The brunette scampered across the living room and quickly fell to the floor in front of Sandra. Sandra stared dazedly at Wendy as Wendy spread her thighs apart, wiggling her ass across the carpet to put her dripping pussy directly under Sandra's mouth.

"Eat me out, Sandra!" Wendy demanded. "Suck my pussy while your father fucks your cunt!"

Sandra instantly dropped her head, burying her face between Wendy's thighs. The squish squishing sound grew louder as Bob fucked faster. Wendy shuddered as she felt the first tentative thrust of Sandra's tongue in her aching pussy.

"Come on, Sandra! You can do better than that?" Wendy pulled Sandra's head down, jamming her curly haired fuck opening on Sandra's lips. "I told you to suck my pussy! Eat my pussy and make it cream!"

Submissively, hungrily, Sandra busily started lapping the musky-smelling fuck juices from the pouting lips of Wendy's cunt. Wendy's eyes closed drowsily and her cheeks flushed as she felt Sandra's licking tongue spreading pleasure through her cunt. She started wiggling and bucking her ass off the floor, rhythmically thrusting her steaming pussy onto Sandra's lips.

"Eat me, eat me," she chanted, as her dark haired pussy spewed cunt cream onto Sandra's slurping tongue. "Fuck her cunt faster, Uncle Bob! I want Sandra to get super horny so she'll suck my pussy as hard as she can!"

Clutching his daugb drilled his huge, ten-inch cock feverishly into the clasping sheath of Sandra's pussy. Sandra whimpered and avidly sacked and munched the tasty folds of Wendy's pussy. Wendy spread her cunt hole open with her fingers, making her swollen clitty pop out of its protective hood.

"Suck my clitty, Sandra!" she gasped. "Suck it hard and put your finger in me. I want to cummmmm!"

Torridly pistoning her pussy onto her daddy's cock, Sandra sucked hard on Wendy's clit. At the same time the big-titted blonde guided two fingers up Wendy's sopping-wet cunt hole, jacking her off with the same rhythm her father was fucking her cunt. Wendy grimaced and arched her blushing butt off the carpet.

"That's good, Sandra!" she gasped. "My cunt's cumming now! It's cuuummmiinnggg!"

Wendy's pussy creamed heavily, spewing fragrant fuck oils onto Sandra's busy lips and fingers. At that moment Sandra reached her own cum. She stopped sucking her cousins pussy and lifted her face from Wendy's sweaty thighs, whimpering and grimacing as her throbbing fuck channel sucked tightly around her daddy's cock.

"Fuck faster, Daddy!" Sandra cried. "Ungghhh! I'm cumming on it, Daddy! Cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

Sandra's cunt throbbed and spasmed, cumming uncontrollably around the hammering length of her father's cock. Bob kept on fucking his daughter's tight pussy through the duration of her orgasm. But then Sandra pulled away from him, unable to take any more. The blonde's big tits flattened as she sprawled flat on the floor.

Wendy's eyes bulged as she ogled the huge, stone-hard cock that had been plowing up Sandra's fuck hole only seconds before. Sandra had obviously left her father now, very close to cumming. Uncle Bob's prick looked oven more enormous than usual, pulsing and jerking uncontrollably up and down with an overload of cum and blood. Wendy licked her lips as she watched thick jism drooling from his open piss slit.

"Wow, Uncle Bob!" Wendy gushed. "It's really stiff! I better take care of that big hard-on for you, huh?"

Bob grinned as he realized what Wendy wanted. The hung father rose to his feet, his giant fuck pole quivering enticingly. Eagerly Wendy got on her knees in front of his crotch. She wrapped hr fingers tightly around the fat root of his hard-on and rammed the smoking knob down her throat.

She nearly choked herself in her eagerness to suck on all of his cock. Wendy wrapped her lips tightly around his saliva-slickened cock shaft and puckered her cheeks, immediately beginning to suck Uncle bob's prick as hard as she could. Her hand started a well-practiced beat-off rhythm on the base of his prick, urgently tugging his prick length between her lips.

"Ahhhh, Wendy, you horny cunt!" Bob sighed.

And then the cock sap spouted. Wendy felt as if the first frothy gusher of spunk would nearly blow her mouth off of his cock. Instead the naked niece shamelessly started swallowing, jacking on her uncle's cum-squirting prick as she nursed every drop of jism out of his bloated cock tip.

Bob's knees buckled as his prick spit out the last drops of spunk. Happily exhausted, he fell to the carpet beside his daughter. Wendy swallowed the rest of his cum and rose to her feet. She was still very horny, and now she could hear more fuck noises coming from upstairs.

Thinking eagerly of Aunt Ingrid's big tits and cousin Jimmy's huge cock, Wendy trotted quickly upstairs. As it turned out, her aunt and cousin were in the bathroom. The door was wide open. Aunt Ingrid was sprawled on the toilet, her ass pushed to the edge of the seat and her calves draped over Jimmy's shoulders. Jimmy knelt on a throw rug in front of the john, hungrily slurping the fuck juices out of his mother's cunt.

They were both naked. Walking into the bathroom, Wendy stared hungrily at her aunt's enormous tits and her cousin's stiff, pulsing prick. Wendy didn't know which she warned to suck first.

She picked Ingrid's tits. Leaning over the toilet, Wendy held up one of her aunt's watermelon-sized tits in both hands, kneading the spongy-soft tit flesh and staring at the fat, crinkled rosy-red nipple. Ingrid shuddered as Wendy locked her lips around the straining tit tip.

"Oh, Wendy, what a good girl!" Ingrid moaned. "That's right, honey, suck my titties! Make my cunt cum!"

Jimmy wiggled two fingers up his mother's curly haired cunt hole, pumping them in and out of her throbbing pussy. Wendy mauled Ingrid's huge left tit while sucking hard on the right, puckering her cherubic cheeks and sucking on Aunt Ingrid's rubbery nipple as hard as she'd sucked on Uncle Bob's giant cock.

"Auuugghhh!" Ingrid twisted and writhed helplessly on the edge of the toilet. "Suck my titty, Wendy! Suck my pussy, Son! Oh, Jimmy, put your fingers in farther. Mom's cumming, darling! Mom's cuummiiinnnggg."

Ingrid's furry cunt slit spasmed, creaming heavily on her son's sucking mouth. Jimmy slurped on her tingling clit and jammed his fingers rapidly in and out of her juice-spewing cunt. Ingrid's nipple grew as fat as a little thumb in Wendy's mouth. Wendy sucked as hard as she could, opening her mouth wide to stuff her lips with the milky flesh of her aunt's tit.

Exhausted by the force of her own, Ingrid let her flushed ass globes drop back to the toilet seat. Wendy stopped sucking tit and looked at her cousin's hard-on. As usual, Jimmy's prick had grown as hard as iron.

"Stand up, Jimmy," Wendy purred, dropping to her knees. "I just finished sucking off your daddy, and now I want to suck you too!"

Jimmy stood, his cum-oozing prick shaft pulsing in front of Wendy's face. Whimpering with her shameless thirst for hot cum, Wendy stuffed her cousin's cock deeply down her throat. She stopped with over half of his prick crammed down her gullet, sucking as hard as she could.

It only took a minute of feverish, non-stop sucking action to make Jimmy cum. Sprawled on the toilet, Ingrid finger-fucked herself as she watched her niece vacuuming the jizz out of her son's giant prick. Jimmy clutched Wendy's head and thrust forward, stuffing another inch of his prick between her lips.

Just as Wendy started to gag, the hot spunk poured out of cousin Jimmy's balls. Wendy whimpered happily, sucking and jacking his cum-shooting cock as hard as she could. Jimmy's jism joined Bob's cream in her belly. Her stomach felt warm and full.

By then her inner thighs were sticky with all the fuck juice that had oozed out of her pussy and little drops of cock juice were dotted obscenely on her face and hair. Wendy left the bathroom and rushed downstairs. Sandra and Bob were in the middle of a torrid sixty-nine in the living room, but Wendy paid no attention.

She rushed to the basest, thinking of nothing but her daddy's big dick.

Her father had fallen asleep, but Wendy quickly shook him awake. Lou blinked sleepily, watching his horny daughter crawling onto the mattress and rolling onto her back. Wendy pulled her ass into a good fucking position and spread her slender thighs as wide as she could.

"Fuck my pussy, Daddy!" she squealed. "I just sucked off Uncle Bob's prick, and I sucked off Jimmy too! Now I need to get fucked, Daddy!"

Lou's prick rod swelled to total stiffness as he inhaled the musky aroma of his young daughter's wet pussy. He crawled into position between her legs, nudging his cock head into her creamy pussy. A moment later, Wendy was whimpering and crying with intense pleasure as her dad's fat cock shaft bored into her clinging, clasping cunt.

Wendy scissored her legs around his waist and shamelessly started bucking her blushing ass off the bed as fast as she could. I love my daddy, she thought hornily. Uncle Bob had an incredibly huge cock and Jimmy was an eager cunt-sucker, but her wonderful hung father was still the best fuck of all.


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