Wife hot to trot

The seething passions that lurk within many individuals are often hidden beneath a veneer of normalcy, exposed only under extremely trying and tempting conditions.

The woman who, after a few drinks at a party, takes op all corners, male and female alike. The man who, during the strip show at a stag party, climbs up an the stage with the girl and performs with her in front of his friends. The couple who, under group pressure, reluctantly joins the neighborhood wife-swappers.

Leah Trent, a prim and proper housewife, is one of these outwardly normal people. But within her a love of degradation and a desire to be debased and dominated lies coiled like a snake, waiting only for the proper stimulus to arouse it.

WIFE HOT TO TROT -- a fictional story about a society that refuses to face many of its real problems.


Leah Trent sat in the first pew of the church. Her dress, low-cut and hiked high around her thighs, had distracted Reverend Moss during his entire sermon, his eyes constantly drifting to Leah's long sexy legs.

Leah knew it and it made the crotch of her panties moist. Knowing she was turning on her minister made her forget her anger at her husband for not coming with her again. She shifted her ass in the pew, her dress riding higher as the minister finished his sermon.

Instead of getting up, she waited, an idea forming in her head. If Craig was too tired from drinking all night with his friends, or, more likely, out fucking another woman, maybe Reverend Moss would take away the itch in her pussy. She smiled as the last of the congregation filed out, leaving her alone in the church.

She stood, saw Reverend Moss walking toward her. His face was flush and his eyes were devouring her body. "Do you mind if we talk?" she purred.

"Not at all," he said, his voice husky, the bulge in his pants hidden by his black robe. "Where's Craig? Couldn't make it again?"

"He's sleeping." Leah frowned, imagining the minister naked, his cock fucking into her pussy. She stepped close, her mouth inches away from his. "Maybe if you stopped around, you could talk to him, Jim," she cooed, using his first name.

Jim Moss' gaze dropped to the creamy flesh of her tits. He swallowed the lump in his throats the sweet scent of her perfume making him dizzy. "I don't mind at all, Leah," he said, his voice strained.

Leah took his hand. A tremor swept through her pussy.

She needed his cock, and intended to get fucked before she left the church.

"He's been so neglectful lately," she said, winking.

The touch of her hand was hot. He tried a smile. It came out nervous. "He's probably working too hard."

"With some other woman," Leah said, knowing she was making him hot. She enjoyed it. Craig had hardly noticed her these last few months.

"I don't believe that," he said, wanting to grab her, throw her down on a pew and fuck her until she screamed her head off.

"Oooo, I don't know what to think," she moaned, leaning into him, molding her hot excited body against him. "I can't think straight anymore." She rubbed against him, heard him suck in his breath.

"Unnnn," he groaned, feeling her body.

Automatically, his arms circled her. He held her, his cock throbbing wildly in his pants.

"Maybe you should go home," he said weakly. "Talk to him. It's probably just your imagination."

"It isn't," she said, pressing against the man, feeling the bulge of his cock. She lifted her head, her green eyes smoldering, her lips parted, the tip of her tongue wetting her full mouth. "He hasn't touched me in months. I'm going crazy."

Jim gritted his teeth. The ache in his balls was spreading. He fought his growing lust. "I'll be around later," he rasped. "The three of us will sit down and talk."

Leah pulled out all the stops. She wrapped her arms around him and held him tight, her hips rolling, her belly rubbing against his bulging cock. "You know how hot I am? How much I need a cock? Any cock! Your cock."

She grabbed his face, pulled it to her mouth, plunged her tongue between his lips, and explored frantically.

Jim's head was reeling. He crushed her in his arms, gobbled on her invading tongue. His hands skimmed down her body and cupped the soft meat of her firm ass. He kneaded her ass cheeks through her dress, moaning deep in his throat as Leah attacked his tongue and sucked.

"Oooo, Jim," she gasped, tearing her mouth away from his. "I need to be fucked so bad." She swayed in his arms. "I can't think of anything else but getting fucked."

Catching his breath, he dropped his arms, his conscience nagging him, "We'll talk," he said hoarsely. "Later."

"No," she panted. "There's nothing to talk about." Her green eyes were on her fire. Her pussy, long neglected, pulsed, oozing a sticky buttery fuck cream that drenched her panties. "You can talk while you're fuckin' me."

"Christ," he rumbled. "You're married I'm your minister. Christ!"

A hot smile tugged at her mouth. "Aren't ministers suppose to help people who need it?" She was rocking her hips, her tits heaving, the nipples hard, breaking the smooth contour of her dress.

Sweat was breaking out on his forehead. "Not the way you want to be helped," he gasped, unable to take his eyes off her.

Leah was not taking no for an answer. She reached behind her, slid down the zipper of her dress.

"You have to help me," she panted. "If I don't get fucked soon, I'll wind up giving it away on a street corner to every man who looks at me." She gave him a lewd smile. "You wouldn't want me to do that, now would you?"

He watched her dress slip off her shoulders, her tits, encased in white lace, totally exposed, only the nipples hidden from his hungry eyes.

"Oooo, Jim," she cooed, knowing she was going to have him. "Don't you wanna fuck me?" She peeled off her dress. It melted to her ankles and she stepped out of it.

He groaned, the ache in his balls growing worse.

"I'll bet you got a hard-on under your robe that would choke a horse."

Jim couldn't help but grin. His eyes flowed over her luscious body, from her thick red hair to her feet. She was the sexiest member of the church and he had to admit, even to himself, that he had wanted her for months, watching her every Sunday sit in the first pew, squirming as if she had a cock stuffed up inside her. Now, she was offering him her body on a silver platter.

"You're gorgeous," he finally said, breaking the heavy silence in the church.

"I'm glad you approve," she sighed, her tits heaving.

She licked her lips, fumbled with the snap on her bra. It fell away, baring her tits completely, the nipples large, rosy-red, and swollen.

"God, Jim," she gasped. "I'm so fuckin' hot."

He grabbed the creamy globes of her huge tits and moaned as the heat of her nipples burned into his palms.

"Jesus," he mumbled, kneading her soft tits. "You know how long I've wanted to do this?"

"Ummmm, Jim," she sighed, pressing into his squeezing hands. "Tell me. Tell me how much you want me."

"You give me a hard-on every Sunday," he groaned.

"Ooooo, I'm creaming. Christ, am I creaming." She pulled at the snaps on his robe, dragged it down off his shoulders. Quickly, her hands went to his tie. "Unnnn, Jim. I'm out of my fuckin' mind."

Jim pawed her tits, allowed her to pull open his shirt. Her nails had raked his chest.

"Get out of your clothes," she gasped. "Let me see you naked, like I've been dreaming about every night." She dropped to her knees and fumbled with his pants, shoving them down around his ankles. The bulge in his shorts made her gasp. "OOOO, God!"

"Ummnnnn," Jim groaned as her hand dug into his shorts and grappled with his stiff boner. "Jesus, your hand is hot."

Leah gulped as she hauled out his giant cock. "Oooo, Jim. It's so beautiful." She felt his prick throb with power.

"So big. Just like I imagined."

Jim jerked his hips, fucking his cock through her shifting fist. "Unnnn, Leah. Suck it. Put it in your mouth."

"Oooo, I'll suck it, Jim," she moaned, flicking out her tongue, "I'll suck it and suck it forever."

She flashed her tongue over the swollen head of his cock, coated his prick with warm spit. Tremors raced through her pussy as she slipped her lips around the head of his cock and sucked. She hummed, feeling his prick throb against her hips.

"Ahhhh," Jim groaned. The heat of her mouth swelled his prick and rumbled the cum churning in his balls. He reached down and combed his fingers through her hair. "Unnnn, Leah. Suck it! Suck it!"

Leah was hungry for his cock. She gobbled his prick into her mouth, the bloated cockhead brushing against the roof of her mouth, then clogging her throat as she whipped her tongue over his prickshaft. She sucked more of his fat prick into her mouth, stopping only when her lips mashed into his hairy groin.

"Yeahhh," Jim groaned, his cock buried to the hilt. "Unna, Leah. Jesus!" He twisted his fingers in her hair. His cock fucked in and out of her throat as he held her head steady. "OOOO, Christ!"

Leah loved it. She raked his jerking ass with her nails, clawed his thighs and scratched teasingly at his swinging balls as they whacked against her chin. She used her tongue as he fucked in and out of her mouth.

Jim felt his balls rumble. He picked up speed, fucking Leah's face with a barrage of lightning-fast jabs. He felt her tongue, then groaned as she used her teeth on his cockshaft.

"Chew it!" he roared. "Chew it up!"

Leah gnawed on his fucking prickshaft, sucking and chewing greedily, his balls slapping against her chin making her cream. Spit oozed from her clinging lips and dribbled down his balls. She scratched his ass, making him fuck his cock harder into her mouth. The harder the better.

She felt his throbbing prickshaft swell and knew he was going to blast his load in her mouth if she didn't do something, and do it quick. Grabbing his ass, she clamped her teeth into the base of his cock, her nails sinking into the flesh of his ass.

"Aghhhh," Jim growled, jerking to a stop, his prick stuffed all the way down her throat.

"You're biting it too hard!" He jerked, but his prick was trapped between her teeth.

Slowly, Leah slid her mouth off his cock. She looked up at him, her face red, her green eyes glowing with lust.

"I couldn't let you cum," she panted. "I need you in my pussy."

Jim caught his breath, stared into her passion-crazed face. "Right," he groaned, his prick throbbing, the heat of her mouth still with him. He pulled her to her feet, his eyes riveted to her jiggling tits.

"Ooooo, Jim," she moaned, going into his arms. She felt his spit-soaked prick sear her belly. She shuddered, mashing her tits into his hairy chest, the nipples tingling. "Fuck me, Jim. Fuck me again and again." She rubbed against him, then brought her mouth to his chest, and nibbled on his flesh.

Jim's head was reeling. He eased her out of his arms and kicked his pants and shorts off, his boner sticking out like the trunk of a tree. "Get on the floor."

"No," she cooed, her body quivering out of control. "Sit in the pew. I'll ride you until we both cream our fuckin' brains out?" She pushed him toward the pew she had sat in alone the last few months. "Sit."

Jim plopped down, his cock jutting up from his groin. He watched as she peeled down her panties, exposing her red-thatched pussy.

She stood in front of him, bare-ass naked, her hands on her hips as she fed on his lust. She turned, providing him with a magnificent view of her ass as she bent over.

He grabbed the cheeks and mauled them, drooling as he stared hotly at her red seeping pussy. "Climb on, Leah. Let's make the walls crumble with our fuckin'."

"Yeah," she giggled, squirming out of his pawing hands. She turned around, her tits swinging, her eyes fixed on his giant prick. "I cream just looking at it."

She climbed over him, straddled his towering cock, her swollen cunt pulsing, anxious to milk the cum from his balls. "Ummmm, I can't stop shaking." She lowered herself and felt the head of his prick slip into her pussy.

The heat of her pussy caused Jim to lunge up. At the same time, he grabbed her hips, slamming her down.

"Unnn, Leah!" he roared, his voice reverberating through the church. "Jesus Christ, you're hot!"

Leah's head snapped back as her cunt was filled with prickmeat. "Ooooo, Jim... it's heaven!"

She wriggled like a stuck pig, her pussy impaled on Jim's thick throbbing prick. "Oooo... heaven!"

She leaned into him, crushing her ripe tits into his face. "Bite them, Jim. Bite my fuckin' tits!" Her hips jerked, her pussy frantically gripping the hard meat of Jim's fabulous cook.

Jim groaned, the sound muffled by the sweet meat of Leah's tits. He sucked the creamy flesh of her tits, his face buried between them. "Unnn," he groaned again, slobbering over her sizzling tits.

"Oooo, Jim. Ooooo, keep biting!"

He jabbed up, his cock cutting through her gooey cunt, throbbing, as the walls of her cunt pulsated rapidly around his cockshaft. He sucked harder on her tits, finding a swollen nipple. He chewed, sucked, and beat the bullet tip of her nip with his tongue. He mauled her hips and jiggling ass.

Leah went insane. She bounced up and down on his cock, her tits crushed against his face, her ass jiggling, rotating in tight circles while he pawed her flesh. "Oooo, Jim. I feel your cock inside me!" It was wonderful getting fucked by the minister in church, anti she screamed with delight.

Jim feasted on her tits, his cock fucking into her pussy, his ass thumping against the hard wooden pew. He mauled her ass, slamming her body down on his cock as he fucked into her. Her screams of pleasure-echoed in his skull as he brought them both toward an explosive orgasm.

Gasping, her head snapping from side to side, Leah gripped the back of the pew and rolled her hips. "Ooooo, Jim. I love it!" She stared into his face. "Christ, can you fuck!"

"So can you," he rasped, his face smeared with spit. He lifted her and pulled her back, his cock fucking deep as he watched her face twist with pleasure. "You're one hot fuckin' piece!"

"I told you I was!" she wailed. "God, you don't know how much I've dreamed of this!"

Jim mangled her bouncing tits, his ass lifting off the pew, his cock fucking into her cunt. "Tell me," he groaned.

She giggled drunkenly, her eyes glassy, her mouth drooling. "I dreamed about sucking you off while you preached."

"Maybe next Sunday you can do it!" he roared, his passion robbing him of his sanity. "I'll cream your fuckin' mouth."

"Oooo... wild!" she squealed, humping maniacally up and down on his prick. She brought her mouth to his, sucked on his lips, and invaded his mouth with her tongue.

She jerked her head back, spittle oozing from her panting mouth.

"Wonderful," she moaned. "I can feel your prick in my belly!"

Jim fucked her pussy even deeper. "You like that?" be grunted, his fingers digging into the flesh of her overripe tits.

"Yessss!" she hissed, squeezing his fucking cock with her spongy cunt muscles.

Jim's thighs stiffened, her ass bouncing up and down on them. He grabbed her hips and dragged her back and forth over his prick. "God, you're tight!"

"Yeahhh!" she screamed. She tossed her head, her red hair splashing across her contorted face. She rocked her hips, her tits bouncing. "Oooo, Jim." Her clit mashed into his groin and a hot spasm ripped through her cunt. "Oooo, Christ!"

He stared at her tits as she sat erect, his hands twisting into her gyrating hips. "You look fantastic, Leah!" He fucked his prick deeper and listened to her moan.

"Oooo, Jim!" She trembled in ecstasy, swaying precariously on his buried prick. "Suck my tits again," she begged. "Suck 'em till I scream my fuckin' head off!"

Jim chewed one large swollen nipple, his teeth nipping at it sadistically. Her screams filled the church. He lunged up, his hips fucking his cock in and out of her gulping cunthole, the wet greedy muscles of her pussy greasing his cockshaft for speed. He bit her nipple again, then attacked the other one, making her howl at the top of her lungs.

Her hips caught the frantic rhythm of his upward thrusts. She bucked her hips, her soft jiggling ass twisting, her cunt mashing again and again into his hard groin.

"Faster! Faster!" she squealed, her body quivering and jerking on Jim's fast-fucking prick. "Faster?"

Grunting, Jim picked up his already-rapid pace. His ass thumped on the pew, his cock drilling deep into her hole. "Fast enough?"

"Yeahhh!" she screeched. "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

She squirmed and twisted, racing towards an orgasm she had needed for months. She slammed down hard, grinding, twisting. Her clit was mangled against his groin.

She clutched the back of the pew, her face filled with passion. "I'm so close, Jim. So fuckin' close!"

She swayed, screamed, her body stiffening. "Ahhhh! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" Her voice pierced the air as Jim's cock pierced her pussy. Her orgasm exploded deep in her cunt and spread quickly, enveloping her in its sizzling heat. "I'm creaming, Jim. Creaming your fuckin' cock!"

"I feel it, Leah!" Jim bellowed as her cunt grew hotter and the pulsing muscles more demanding. He slammed up, fucking her exploding cunt with his cock, watching as she twisted and churned above him. "Unnn, Leah. Cream! Cream!"

"I am!" she shrieked. "I'm cumming all over your prick!" She soared higher, orgasms bombarding her pussy, one after the other. "Oooo, Jim! Cum! Cream my pussy! Make me happy!" She twisted her hips, grinding and jerking, her body craving the hot load churning in Jim's balls.

Unable to hold back, Jim lunged up. His balls erupted, a river of thick jism blasting out of his cock. Jizz splashed deep in the steamy depths of Leah's pussy. "I'm cumming!" he roared, his voice drowning out her screams. "I'm cumming!" Another thick stringy load of jizz spurted into her writhing body.

Leah felt the heavenly squirts of Jim's fabulous cum. It triggered another orgasm in her body and she went berserk. "I feel your cum, Jim!" she screamed. "I feel it inside me! OOOOO!"

Jim's prick erupted again, spewing wad after wad of lumpy cum into her sizzling pussy. Spunk oozed from her cunt hole, drooled down his balls, and formed a puddle on the wooden pew. He jerked up, creaming her cunt again, his hands ripping at her tits. "Ahhhh, Leah. I'm blowing my fuckin' nuts."

Wave after wave of fabulous orgasms whipped through Leah's cock-stuffed climaxing pussy. A shudder shot through her bouncing body. She clutched the back of the pew, her knuckles white as she jerked frantically, almost toppling off as the fury of her orgasm made her drunk with lust.

Jim fucked his cock into her pussy, his balls churning out cum with each jab.

"Unnn," he groaned, her pussy pulling on his prick, squeezing him dry. "Unnn, Leah!"

He jerked up, his ass coming off the pew. The violence of the lunge almost threw her off his cock. He grabbed her hips, held her, his balls blasting their final load.

"Ooooo, Jim," she panted, twirling in bliss her orgasms began to leave her body.

"Ooooo!" She twitched on his lap, her cunt still milking his cockshaft.

Jim jabbed one last time, grunted, then stopped. "I haven't been fucked like that in years," he gasped, holding her still on his spent prick.

She leaned forward, wiggled her hips. "Oooo, for a minister, you sure know how to fuck a woman." She eased off, plopped on the pew, her legs spread, her pussy oozing with cum.

Jim pulled himself to his feet, stared at her. "Now, that's the way I'd like to see you while I'm preaching my sermon."

Leah giggled, grabbed his prick and licked his cock clean. "I don't think the others would appreciate it." She pulled herself up and, went into his arms. "I hope you don't feel guilty."

"Hell, no," he said, "It was great. Helen only likes to fuck in bed, with me on top. No imagination."

"Sounds like she should be the minister." She giggled, then fondled his balls. "We'd better get dressed before someone wanders in and catches us."

Five minutes later, both dressed, smiles on their faces, Reverend Moss and Leah walked out of the church.


Leah came out of the shower and slipped into a pair of terry shorts and top, the material clinging to her wet lush body. "Damn," she muttered, angry that Craig had not waited in bed while she had been in the shower. "The bastard." She was still horny and anxious to be fucked again.

She stormed down the stairs, hoping he was still around. She craved another fuck. Reverend Moss had been great, but she wanted more.

"Fuckin' bastard," she mumbled, wandering into the kitchen. In her anger, she threw an ashtray through the screen on the kitchen door. It crashed on the back porch. She spun around, looking for something else to throw, her anger and passion boiling inside her.

"Is there something wrong?" a voice called.

Leah turned to the voice and saw Billy, the neighbor boy, standing on her porch.

"C'mon in, Billy," she said. "Nothing's the matter." She brought her rage under control and saw in the young boy a way to satisfy her lust.

Billy came in, stopped, his wide eyes popping as he leered hotly at Leah. A tremor shot through his balls, and his palms itched. He stood there, unable to tear his eyes away.

Leah shivered with delight. She had seen him ogling her in church every Sunday. Turning the good-looking boy on would be a snap.

"You're staring," she purred, glancing down at her tits. She giggled: "I guess I should have dried before putting on my clothes."

Billy gulped, his prick growing in his pants. His cheeks were flushed, but he continued to leer. "I don't mind at all," he said, his voice raspy. "You look fantastic."

Leah walked toward him, her tits bouncing, her crotch already oozing with warm cunt juice. "You shouldn't look at me like that. It gets me hot."

Billy moaned, even though he knew she was teasing him. He could see her swollen nipples outlined beneath her top. It was almost as if she were naked. Naked, he knew, was the way he wanted to see her.

"You're getting me hot," she cooed. She touched his cheek. "You get all the girls hot when you look at them?"

Billy moaned, wanting to grab her in his arms. "If I do, they've never told me," he said huskily, gulping back the lump in his throat.

"Maybe they've told you, and you're missing it." She licked her lips and stared into his face. "You look like you wanna kiss me."

"I do," he admitted, his breathing raspy, his cock aching in his pants. "I think about it all the time."

"Then do it, Billy," she purred, bringing her mouth to his. She snaked her tongue between his lips and explored his mouth.

"Unnnn," Billy moaned, his arms going around her. He held her tightly, sucking wildly on her invading tongue as his hands roamed up and down her sides.

"Good, Billy," she gasped, pulling her mouth away from his. "Your kiss really has me hot now." She glanced down at his pants and saw the bulge of his cock. "Oooo, I think I got you hot too."

Billy's face turned beet-red. "I can't help it," he mumbled. "It always happens when I look at you."

Leah brought her hand to his crotch, pressed it against his bulge. "Oooo, it's so hard!" She squeezed and felt his cock throb. "I really turn you on, huh?"

"Yeah," he moaned, his balls rumbling. What she was doing to him was driving him crazy. His hips jerked and he groaned again.

"Can I see your cock, Billy?" she asked, fumbling with his zipper before he could speak. She pulled his zipper down and groped inside his pants, pulling his prick out.

She stroked his cock.

"You got one gorgeous cock," she told him. "Unnnnn, Mrs. Trent," he groaned. He fucked his cock through her shifting fist, his balls rumbling, ready to explode.

Leah sensed the boy's problem and quickly released his cock.

"I don't want you creaming yet, Billy," she sighed. She stared at his long cock, her pussy tingling.

"Take off your clothes." It was a weak frenzied request from the boy.

"Sure, Billy," she cooed, "it'll be my pleasure." She stepped back, lifted her top, baring her melon-shaped tits to the gawking teenager. She tossed the top on the table, jiggled her ripe tits. "You like them?" Her hands cupped the fleshy meat of her tits, the swollen nipples pointed at Billy.

"OOO, yeah," he groaned. Her tits were even more beautiful than he had imagined. He felt his cock swell and prayed he didn't cream.

"Touch them, Billy," she panted. "Play with them. It'll make me cream my shorts."

Billy didn't need a second invitation. He brought his sweaty hands to her tits, moaned as his fingers sank into the warm meat. Dizzy, he kneaded them, caressed them, fondled the large rosy nipples.

"Mmmmm, Billy," she sighed, her cunt contracting, the fuck juices oozing from her spongy walls. "Oooo, Billy. It's fabulous." She pressed his hands into her flesh. "Harder. Harder. Don't be so gentle."

This time Billy wasn't. He mauled her tits his eyes fixed on the plump creamy flesh as his fingers pulled and squeezed. His prick ached as he stared into her flushed excited face.

"Yesss, Billy," she whimpered, rocking her hips. "Oooo, you're terrific." She reached down and held his cock. She saw a gooey-drop of cum ooze from his pisser. "Oooo, Christ, Billy, I want you. I want your cock."

Billy couldn't believe what he was hearing. "You... you... do?"

"Yesss, Billy. I do." She dropped his cock, took his hand. "Upstairs. In bed. Oooo, c'mon, Billy."

In her bedroom, Leah turned to face him. Shaking with desire, she attacked his clothes, pulling off his shirt, her fingers caressing his smooth chest. She didn't care if Craig came back and caught her. It would serve him right. Her passion had robbed her of caution.

Billy moaned. Her hands felt hot against his chest. He brought his hands back to her tits. "Unnn, Mrs. Trent."

"Call me Leah, silly," she sighed. She sat on the edge of the bed, pulled down his pants, her eyes riveted to his boner. "Would you like me to suck your cock?"

"Oh, Christ, Leah," he groaned. His balls almost exploded. "Yeah. Do anything you want."

She brought him down to the bed, whisked off his pants and shorts, gazed hungrily at his long stiff prick. "You're certainly gonna taste good."

Billy stared up at her, ogled her big ripe tits and beautiful face. "Take off your shorts."

"Yes, my handsome stud." She peeled them down over her full hips and they dropped to the floor. "You like my red pussy?"

"Unnnn," he moaned, watching her turn slowly, giving him a view of her fabulous ass. "You're more than beautiful," he mumbled, anxious to feel her mouth around his stiff prick.

She climbed on the bed and snuggled close. "Ummmm, you feel so good?" Her hands swept over his body, caressing his firm muscles, his taut belly, avoiding for now his throbbing boner. "Sooo strong."

Billy trembled. The hot flesh of her writhing body was blowing his mind. He fondled her tits, his hands moving down to her hips and pussy, his fingers combing through her thick curly cunt hair.

Leah squirmed out of his arms, sat up, drooled as she gaped at his prick. "Now, I'll suck your gorgeous cock."

Billy's mouth dropped. His eyes bulged. It sounded too good to be true. "Do it, Leah. Suck it!" His own words seemed to be coming from a dream. "Suck my cock."

Leah licked her lips and crawled down between his long muscular legs. She propped herself up on her elbows and fondled his cock. "Oooo, it's throbbing like crazy," she purred.

Billy grunted. He jerked up, his neck straining as he watched her. "Suck it. Put it in your mouth."

"Yesss, Billy." She parted her lips and slipped the head of his cock into her mouth. She held his balls, her tongue swishing around his bloated cockhead. "Mmmnnn," she gurgled, her mouth gobbling up his throbbing prick. "Mmmm!"

Billy lunged up, his cock fucking into her mouth. "Oooo, Leah," he moaned, the fabulous pleasure of her hot gobbling mouth driving him crazy. "Oooo, God!" The heat of her mouth burned down to the cum churning in his balls.

Leah licked the boy's bloated cockhead and teased at his pisser. She gripped his prick at the base, felt his cock throb violently in her hand. She squeezed his prick, sensed the strength surging through him.

Billy groaned, jerked up, his ass thumping on the bed as Leah sucked greedily on his prick.

"I'm gonna cum, Leah," he moaned. "I can't help it."

Leah jerked her mouth off his cock. "I don't care," she sighed. "I want you to cream my mouth. I want every drop of cum that's in your balls."

She saw the lust on his face and smiled. It was great being desired. Spit drooled from her mouth as she brought it back to Billy's cock. She sucked hard, his groans echoing in her head. Her tongue licked as she eased more of his cock into her mouth.

"Ummmnn," she gurgled as his cockhead scraped along the roof of her mouth and clogged her throat. She didn't stop. One lunge and his prick was buried to the root, throbbing out of control in her throat.

"Ahhhh," Billy gasped, lunging up, his groin smacking into her lips. "Ahhhh!"

His cock was swelling, stretching her throat. She eased back, stopped when her lips touched his cockhead. She inched down, whipped her tongue over the sensitive underside of his bloated prickshaft, and waited.

She didn't have to wait long. Billy lunged up, humping and fucking his prick in and out of her mouth. "Ahhhh, Leah." His balls were rumbling, and his climax was moments away. Leah knew he was going to blast his nuts.

She quivered, her mouth sucking in rhythm to his fucking jabs. Hot spasms rippled through her pussy. She was going to get a mouthful of cum and it made her deliriously happy.

"I'm cumming!" Billy shouted. His ass jerked off the bed. His legs stiffened. "Aghhh, I'm cumming!"

Leah gulped, taking the first squirting wad at the back of her mouth. It oozed down her throat as another thick glob of cum spurted into her sucking mouth.

"Unnn, Leah!" he roared, his balls exploding. Hot thick cum shot from his pisser, splattering Leah's sucking mouth. He pierced her throat, gobs of cum shooting into her gullet. "Unnnn, Leah. I'm creaming!"

Leah gobbled on his prick, loved each stab as his groin squashed her lips and his cock fucked her throat, his cum constantly squirting. She gulped and sucked, not wanting to lose one precious drop of the delicious-tasting jizz. It seeped from her mouth and nose and dribbled down her chin and over his exploding balls.

Leah slammed her mouth forward, meeting his lunging stabs. She sucked harder, his fast powerful stabs growing more demanding. She drank at his spewing prick, choking and gulping, her greedy mouth draining his balls.

Billy's ass came off the bed. His hips twisted, his cock skewering her throat. He dropped back, twitching as his climax finished.

Leah sucked his cock clean, then lifted her head. "You were delicious," she said, swallowing the last of his cum. "Absolutely delicious."

Billy, his balls empty, was still hot. "Let me lick you," he panted, knowing he couldn't fuck her with a limp cock.

"Oooo, Billy. I'd love that!" She scrambled up on the bed and spread her legs wide. "DO whatever you want, Billy. I'm all yours."

Billy scrambled over her naked body and feasted on her tits with his greedy mouth. He sucked on her nipples, chewed the tips, then licked the creamy flesh. He worked his way down her writhing body, his tongue licking, enjoying the silky softness of her hot skin.

"OOOO, Billy. You got one, great mouth!" She wriggled her hips, her cunt oozing, pulsing, wanting his tongue. "Lick my cunt, Billy. Lick my pussy."

Billy was moaning and slobbering as he chewed her hips and belly. He nibbled on her thighs, the sweet scent of her cunt invading his head and making him dizzy. He sucked on her thighs, his hands kneading her flesh.

"My pussy, Billy," she gasped. She reached down to spread the puffy folds of her cunt, exposing her red glistening cunt. "Stick your tongue in me, Billy."

Billy leered at her pussy, touched her cunt with his fingers. "Unnnn," he moaned, his fingers getting creamed as he dragged them through her cunt. He brought his mouth close, anxious to chew her up. His tongue darted out, slapped over her cunt.

"Ahhhh, Billy," Leah gasped, going into convulsions. "Oooo, suck me! Suck me!" She bucked up, trembling, her hips jerking, Billy plastered his mouth to her pussy. His tongue snaked out, darted into the hot wet cunt, exploring, tasting the sweet sticky fuck juices that constantly oozed from the steamy depths of her cunt hole.

"Oooo!" she whimpered, wiggling her ass on the bed. She rocked back and forth, her big tits jiggling, her legs stiff, her ass thumping on the bed. "Oooo, Billy, I love it!"

Billy used his hands as he licked her cunt. He caressed her thighs, her hips and her taut belly. He sucked, pierced her pussy with his tongue tonguing her wildly as she moaned and writhed on the bed.

Leah went into wild contortions. She jerked her cunt against his face, her insides on fire. She twisted, ground her cunt into his mouth, her clit banging against his teeth. "Oooo, Billy. I'm so fuckin' hot!"

Billy's gobbling mouth found her clit. He took it between his teeth and chewed. Leah went insane. He shook his head from side to side, his tongue whipping across the bloated tips Leah went into a screaming fit. He sucked it hard, like she had sucked his prick and Leah slammed her cunt into his mouth, her bucking hips almost tearing her clit from her body.

"Oooo! Unnnn!" She jerked her ass up, twisted her hips, her pussy on fire. "Make me cum, Billy. Make me cream your fuckin' face."

Billy knew what would make her cum. He sucked on her clit, chewed roughly, then sucked again, his tongue flashing wildly back and forth over her throbbing sex button. He reached under and grabbed her jiggling ass, kneaded the soft flesh as he chomped again and again on her pulsing clit.

"Suck! Bite! Ooohh, chew me up!" Leah was delirious. "Oooo, Billy, make me cum!" Her back arched and her tits flopped as she raced wildly towards an explosive orgasm.

She gasped as the boy devastated her clit with his teeth. She rotated her hips, her ass cheeks slapping against the bed. She humped up and down, her hands beating against the mattress, her head twisting from side to side.

Billy held her ass. Her screaming voice and out-of-control, body blew his mind. He gobbled on her clit, wanting to please her, to make her cum like she had made him Cunt Pie sank his teeth into her clit, her thighs clasping against his head.

"I'm cumming, Billy. I'm cumming!" She lunged up, her pussy exploding. Hot cum gushed from the pulsing walls of her pussy hole. "Ooooo, Billy, I'm creaming my fuckin' brains out!"

Pussy-cum gushed from her cunt, drenching Billy's face, flowing into his mouth. He sucked on her clit, his teeth scraping against it, his hands mauling her gyrating ass. He shook his head, stretching her clit as he beat her clit with his tongue. More pussy-cum flowed over his face.

Leah shook, her body out of control. His gnawing teeth and sucking mouth were giving her pleasure Craig hadn't given her in months. "Oooohh, Billy, I'm still creaming!" A gurgling cry came from her throat. She lunged up, her body in spasm, her cunt contracting furiously, needing a cock.

Billy held onto her ass, his mouth glued to her cunt, her clit a prisoner between his teeth. He kept his head steady, shuddering as she worked her cunt over his face. He sucked again, then chewed, her ear-splitting screams muffled by her thighs clamped against his head.

"Ahhhh!" She shivered, bucked, then collapsed back on the bed, twitching as her body began to relax. "Ummmm, Billy. Oooo, did I cream." Her legs parted, and she released him.

Billy lifted his head. His face was bathed in cunt-cream. "Did I do it right?" he panted, licking the delicious-tasting cum from his lips.

"Oooo, Billy. Nobody could do better. Nobody." She opened her arms. "Hold me, Billy. Hold me!"


Billy came into her arms. Sucking her off had made him crazy. He crushed her tits into his chest, his hands constantly kneading the cheeks of her ass. "I never, did anything like that before," he said.

"You're a natural," she panted, her hands caressing his ass, her belly pressed against his prick. "If you fuck like you suck, you'll have the girls begging to be with you."

Billy's chest swelled. "I like it when you talk dirty," he said, blushing as he rubbed his cock into her stomach.

"Ewwww. I'm glad you told me. When we fuck, I'll never stop talking."

"We're gonna fuck?" He didn't believe it. All his daydreams he had had as he sat in church leering at her were coming true.

"We're gonna fuck each other's brains out," she said. "As soon as you're hard."

She wiggled out of his arms and used her tongue on his flesh as she licked her way to his limp prick. "Ewww, such a beautiful cock. Even when it's not hard." She knew it wouldn't take long. The boy was a stud.

"Unnnn, Leah. Suck it again." He jerked, his limp prick trapped in her hand.

"I'm gonna lick your balls first, Billy." She whipped out her tongue, slapped it over his wrinkled ball-sac, and felt his balls contract against her slapping tongue. She soaked them in spit, her fingers still curled around his prick.

"Ummm," Billy moaned, loving what she was doing. "My cock. Suck my cock!"

Leah giggled. She had other plans far the horny neighbor boy. "Roll over, Billy. I'm gonna give your ass some of my special attention."

Billy's head was swimming. He rolled over, not knowing what to expect from her. "Whatta you gonna do?" he moaned. This had not been put of his daydreams.

"I'm gonna eat you up, my handsome young stud." She spanked his ass with her hands, her eyes bright with lust. "Oooo, such a nice asshole."

"Oooo, God," he groaned, his prick twitching against his groin.

Leah licked her lips, brought her mouth to his ass and began nibbling on the meat of his ass cheeks. "Mmmm, you taste great." She licked his ass, then nibbled her way to his crack. Her tongue flicked out and she slobbered her spit up and down the entire length of his crack.

"Oooo, Leah," he groaned, enjoying the new exciting sensations of having his ass licked. "I love it!"

"I knew you would," she moaned, lifting her head for a second. She brought her face back to his squirming ass and chewed on his ass cheeks. Her mouth was drawn back to his ass crack. She licked his shitter and heard him groan. It was fantastic giving pleasure to Billy.

"Oooo," Billy moaned, feeling her tongue at his ass crack. "Tongue me, Leah. Ream out my ass." He jerked back, slammed his ass her face.

"Ummmmm," she sighed, glad Billy was having fun. "I'll ream your shitter," she moaned. She spread his ass checks, mashed her face against his ass crack, and plunged her tongue into his asshole. She reamed deep, his squirming body and deep moans fanning the flames of her lust. She felt his asshole try to capture her tongue. She plunged in again, worming her tongue in frantic circles.

"Ahhhh," he groaned, humping the bed, his ass slapping against her face. He twisted his hips, his cock growing rapidly. Crushed against the bed, his prick throbbed, stiffened until his cock was rigid and ready for her pussy.

Leah reached under his twisting body, gripped his steel-beamed prickshaft, and shuddered. She felt his cock grow thicker in her hand as she tongue-fucked his humping ass. She plunged her tongue deep, then pulled out, chewing crazily on the sensitive meat between his ass crack.

Billy jerked on the bed, his mouth open, spit drooling from his lips. He fucked his cock through her clenching fist, slamming his ass back into her face. His balls swelled and he jerked as her tongue plunged back into his tight narrow shitter.

"Unnun," he groaned, rocking back and forth, his head reeling as Leah's ass-licking tongue drove him crazy. He fucked his cock through her fist, then lifted his head. "No more! I'll cum!"

Leah, panting and boiling hot, rolled the boy over on his back. His cock jabbed up from his groin, swollen, the prickhead bloated. She moaned, knowing his cock would soon be buried inside her scalding cunt.

"You ready for some hot fuckin'?" she gasped.

"Yeah." He grinned lewdly. "Real hot fuckin'."

She straddled his prick, grabbing the thick base. "Feel this, Billy." She dragged his cockhead through the wet seeping gash of her overheated cunt. She quivered, watched Billy twist. "Unnnn, this is gonna feel good!"

Billy jerked his hips. "Stick it in," he moaned. He jabbed up again, the head of his cock banging against Leah's hard pulsing clit. Hot fuck juices flowed over his shaft, searing the flesh, dribbling down to his swollen balls. "Stick it in your pussy."

"Yesss, Billy. My hot fuckin' pussy wants your cock." She continued to torment him, coating his cockhead with steamy white pussycream.

"Feel the juice."

"Unnn, I do," he groaned. His body jerked as she stuck the head of his cock inside her cunt. The heat of her pussy reached into his balls and churned the cum there. He jabbed up, wanting his cock buried all the way in her pussy.

"Easy," she gasped. "Oooo, I like doing it slow." She felt his cock inch into her cunthole. "Ooooo, Billy!"

Then she slammed down, her tits bouncing. His cock was buried to the hilt.

"Ahhhh! I'm so full." She squirmed on his cock. "Ooooo, your cock is so fuckin' deep, Billy!"

He arched up, grunted. He lunged, fucking his prick deeper into her wet clinging cunt. It was the most fantastic feeling he had ever experienced. Her cunt was pulsing against his cockshaft. Hot fuck cream was soaking his prick. He lunged up again. "Oooo, Leah. I love your pussy."

"I love your cock, Billy," she sighed, enjoying their dirty conversation as much as the boy. She stared into his face. "Feel this." She contracted her cunt muscles, pulsed them rhythmically along his buried cockshaft. She lifted up, slowly fucking herself on his cock as she massaged his prick with her pussy.

"Jesus," he groaned, squirming on his back. "It's terrific. Ahhhh!" He jabbed up again, feeling his cock fuck through her squishy pussy hole.

"Oooo, Billy." She rotated her hips, lifted, then slammed down. "I can feel it throb, Billy. God, your cock is driving me wild."

Billy leered up at her, ogled her bouncing tits. Her beautiful face was twisted into a mask of lust. He humped up and watched her writhe. "Oooo, Leah. My balls are gonna explode."

"Not yet, Billy," she gasped. She clawed his heaving chest with her nails. "You like?"

"Unnnn, yeahhh," he groaned, his hips jerking, his cock fucking in and out of her cunt.

Leah drooled, her eyes glassy, her body constantly twisting and squirming as she fucked herself blindly on the teenager's prick. She leaned over and ground her cunt into his groin, her tits swaying. "Play with 'em, Billy. Pull my fuckin' tits."

Moaning, his hips lurching, Billy grabbed her tits. He twisted them in his hands, watched his fingers sink into the soft pliant meat.

"God, they're beautiful," he mumbled. He lifted his head and sucked wildly on the nipples, his cock still fucking hard into her cunt.

Leah humped up and down on his cock, her tits aching as he pawed them in his greedy hands. She felt his cock swell, throb against her cushiony cunt walls. Fuck cream oozed from her pussy hole, keeping his prickshaft greased and the cum rumbling in his balls. "Oooo, Billy. Soon, I'm gonna cream your fuckin' dick with my cum."

"I'm gonna cream your fuckin' pussy with my jizz," he groaned, fucking cruelly into her cunt hole. "Christ, I'm gonna cream you!"

"Yesss, Billy. Drown me in your fuckin' cum!" She shook her tits and jerked her hips, her clit rubbing against his bumping groin.

"Cum," he groaned. "Cream me." He fucked swiftly, his hips moving like pistons. He was slamming his cock into her cunt hole, his groin mashing her clit each time he fucked into her pussy. "Cum all over my cock!"

"Yessss, Billy!" She ground her hips down. "Ooooo, I'm ready! I'm ready!"

Her head snapped back, her thick red hair swishing across her back. "I'm cumming! I'm creaming your fucking prick!" She thrust herself down on his cock as her pussy exploded. "Ooooo... I'm cumming!"

She bucked wildly on his prick, her head tossing from side to side, her tits caught in his clenching hands. "Oooo, Billy. Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Billy grunted. The beat of her pussy burned into his fucking prick. He stared, his hips jerking as she creamed his stabbing cock. "I'm gonna cum, too!" he roared. "Ohhh, Leah!"

"Cream me, Billy!" she wailed as orgasms swept through her pussy, "Cream me!"

"I'm cumming!" shouted the boy, squeezing her tits, "I'm cumming." Hot cum burst from his balls shot up through his cockshaft and squirted from his pisser. Cum gushed into her cunt, filling her squishy pussy hole. "I'm cumming... aghhh!"

"Yesss, Billy. I feel your cum! It's burning up inside my pussy!" She climaxed again, her body contorting above the humping teenager. "I'm cumming again! Oooo, heaven, Billy. Your cum feels so good!"

Billy fucked into her climaxing pussy, thick wads of jizz spurting into her cunt. Spunk flooded her cunthole, oozed out down over his swinging balls. He pulled on her tits, his ass thumping against the bed, his cock slicing through her gooey pussy.

The pleasure of his cum squirting into her cunt and the pain from his twisting hands had her delirious. She clamped her cunt tightly around his lunging cockshaft, greedy for every drop of cum that was in his erupting balls.

"Unlill," Billy grunted, his cock swelling, thick globs squirting from his pisser. He released her tits and grabbed her hips, slamming her down on his cock as he lunged up.

She pounded him with her pussy. Her face was red, her panting mouth was slobbering. Her hair swished across her face as she wrenched her shoulders. "Oooo, Billy. It's wonderful."

Billy felt her cunt tighten around his cockshaft. He jabbed up, his hands roughly kneading her jerking hips. "Unnn, Leah." His back stiffened and his legs became rigid as his ass bounced on the bed.

"Billy! More! Fuck me!" She straightened her back and slammed down, her hips going around in tight frenzied circles. "Oooo, Billy, I'm still creaming my fuckin' brains out!"

Billy humped faster, his balls almost empty. "Unnn," he grunted each time she slammed down. "Unnnn, Christ!"

Leah went into convulsions, then swayed the room spinning as orgasms ripped through her pussy. She fell forward, crushing her tits into his chest, her hips still jerking.

Billy's arms circled her back. He held her, lunging up until his balls were drained and his squirting prick was empty. "Oooo, Leah," he moaned, his body finally coming to a stop. He felt her cunt twitch around his empty cock.

Leah shuddered, then rolled off him, her tits heaving is she caught her breath. "You're one fantastic fuck, Billy."

"It was the greatest thing I've ever done," he said. "Can we do it again?"

"Maybe," she giggled. "I'll let you know." Billy sat up. With his passion spent, he realized Leah's husband could walk in on them at any second. "I better get out of here."

"I think you're right," she said, her sense of reality returning. She leaned over and kissed him. "If I want to play again, I'll call you."

Billy jumped out of bed, anxious to leave. "I'll be waiting." He grabbed his clothes.

Leah leaned back on the bed and watched his ass jiggle as he ran from the room. "God," she sighed, "fucking around is one fantastic blast."


Leah parked her car in the church parking lot and climbed out. She walked around to the rear of the church. It had been a great day so far and she planned to do more once the weekly meeting of the church activities committee was over. "The hell with Craig," she said right before she went inside.

"Hi, Leah," Frank Robbins said, leering at her with dark hungry eyes. He was leaning against a table set up in the community room in the back of the church.

"Hi, Frank," Leah said. She saw Owen Harris on the other side of the room. "Where is everybody?"

"You're early," Owen said, ogling Leah's lush body. "I noticed you in church today." Leah shivered under their horny glances.

"I didn't think I was early," she said, her insides tingling as they continued to stare. "Maybe I'll come back later." She turned away, deciding to forget the meeting. Going out and getting fucked was more important anyway.

"Hey," Frank said, coming quickly to the door. "They'll all be here in a few minutes." He ogled her tits straining against her blouse.

"It'll give us a chance to get better acquainted."

"Yeah," Owen said, coming up behind her. "Frank's right."

Leah felt a touch of fright. They seemed different today. Usually, they were both so quiet. "I'd rather go," she said, not wanting to get involved with two men at once, even if it was just until the rest of the committee showed up.

Owen grabbed her arm and spun her around. "Don't be so stuck up."

"Let me go," Leah snapped, pulling her arm free.

Frank grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her back. "C'mon, be friendly. We got plenty of time."

Leah's face filled with shock. "What's the matter with you two? Have you both gone crazy?" She pulled free, stared at the two leering men.

"Not crazy," Owen said. "We've just wised up."

"Yeah," Frank said. "We've been watching you in church, the way you dress and the way you've been playing up to Reverend Moss."

"I don't know what you're talking about," she said. "Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to leave."

"You're not going anywhere," Owen sneered. He rubbed his crotch and saw the shock on Leah's face.

Frank pressed his body into her back. "We got something special planned for you, Leah."

She felt his prick against her ass. She shivered. "Please." She tried to move, but Owen pressed into her, sandwiching her between them. "Your wives will be here any second, along with everyone else."

"Tell her, Frank," Owen said, resting his hands on her hips, her tits crushed into his chest.

"Nobody's coming, baby. We canceled, the meeting. Thought you might like to have a little fun instead."

Leah was trembling. They were going to rape her. The thought boggled her mind. She swallowed hard and squirmed out from between them. "You let me go, or I'll tell your wives," she threatened, not liking the way they were treating her.

"Bullshit," Owen sneered. "We know you're cock crazy."

"Yeah," Frank jeered. "So, we figured two cocks were better than one. Right, baby?"

"No," she said, though the idea did sound interesting. She looked at them both, saw their bulging cocks straining in their pants. "I'm not some whore you can do what you want with. I pick who I fuck with. Now, let me out of here or I'll call your wives and tell them all about you."

"Huh," Frank laughed. "Suppose we tell your husband you were fuckin' Reverend Moss in church today? Maybe his wife?"

"You... you know?"

"Yeah," Owen said. "We came back, saw you humping away on his dick. A great thing to watch." He stepped toward her. "Now, cut the shit. If you can fuck him, you can fuck us."

Frank grabbed her arm, pulled. "We got the basement all fixed up for you."

"No!" Leah wailed as Frank dragged her toward the stairs. "Let me go."

Owen grabbed her other arm and together they dragged her down into the basement. "You like the bed we made up for you?" Owen snickered.

Leah stared at the bed as they released her arms. She was filled with panic and a perverse desire to fuck both men. She spun around. They were acting too nasty to fuck. "Another time," she said, hoping that would change their minds. It wasn't that she didn't like the idea, it was the way they were treating her, like some whore off the street.

"The time is now," Owen said, pulling out his cock. "See? This is what you want. You've been advertising for it every Sunday."

Leah gasped, her eyes widening as she leered at Owen's cock. She gulped.

"Look at her drool, Frank," Owen said. "Show her yours and she'll cream her fuckin' panties."

"If she's wearing any," Frank sneered as he lugged out his cock. "Look at this, baby. Now you can have all the cock you want."

"You guys are pretty sure of yourselves," she said, her insides tingling. Their cocks were gorgeous and she knew she wanted them. "Another time?" she repeated, still angry at the way they were treating her. "I'll give you a call." She started for the stairs, but they grabbed her and threw her down on the bed.

Owen grabbed her hair and hauled her head up his cock inches from her face. "Suck it, bitch. We both want a blow job. Right, Frank?"

Frank joined his friend at the edge of the bed. "Yeah. We've been thinking about your mouth for weeks. Suck us off, whore, and maybe that'll be enough."

"If you're as good as you look," Owen added, his fingers still, twisted in her hair. "Now, start suckin'."

Sucking cock was one thing, but being forced was something else. It frightened and excited her at the same time. She gulped, wanting to taste their pricks, yet hating to give them the satisfaction of being right. "Some other time." She jerked her face away from Owen's prick. "I got better things to do this afternoon."

Owen twisted her hair until she howled with pain. "Suck it, or we'll break your fuckin' ass."

"You're hurting me," she whined. "You're pulling out my hair."

"I'll rip it out by the God damn roots if you don't suck me off," Owen threatened.

Leah winced. It was stupid to let herself be hurt. She wanted their cocks. "Yes," she gasped. "I'll suck it."

Owen grinned. He released her hair. "Do a good job, too."

Frank brought her hand to his raging hard-on. "You can hold mine until you've finished with Owen." He fucked his cock through her fist and groaned.

Leah's pussy began to pulse. She brought her mouth to the bloated head of Owen's prick. A shiver raced through her body. She sighed softly, licking the tip as she jerked Frank's cock with her hand.

"Put it in your fuckin' mouth," Owen grumbled. He jerked his hips, jabbing his cock against her teeth. "In your mouth."

Leah opened her mouth and gobbled the head of his prick between her lips. She sucked, spasms rippling through her pussy. Two cocks to enjoy -- it blew her mind. What did it matter to her what the men thought or how they treated her? She was going to have two cocks. Nothing else mattered.

"Umm," Owen moaned as her hot lips clamped around his cock. "Suck it, bitch. Suck it good?"

Leah sucked, the head of his cock brushing against the root of her mouth. She used her tongue and her teeth, his groans showing that he was already enjoying her talent as a cocksucker. She glanced out of the corner of her eye and saw Frank's cock, her fingers wrapped securely around the prickshaft. It excited her to know that, once she sucked Owen dry, another cock was waiting to be drained.

"Unnnn, baby," Owen moaned, the heat of her mouth churning the cum in his heavy balls. "She's great, Frank. I can't wait until I cream her fuckin' face."

Frank grunted, humped his cock through her fist. "If she don't finish you off soon, I'll be creaming her hair."

Leah's head was spinning. Listening to them talk about her made her cunt cream. She licked the underside of Owen's cock, felt his prick twitch in her mouth. She inched the bloated head of his prick into her throat. She sucked again, feeling his prick stretch her gullet.

"Unnn," Owen groaned. His hips began to move slowly back and forth, his cock flattening her tongue and easing into her throat. "Suck it." He stroked her hair. "Unnn, Leah. Suck it!"

Leah was having the time of her life. She sucked greedily on his cockshaft, drawing in her cheeks as she swished her tongue over his cockhead and pisser. She chewed gently, Owen's groans telling her he approved.

"Ooooo, yeah, Leah. You sweet fuckin' cocksucker. Unnn!" Owen started humping into her mouth, his cock fucking into her throat. Hissing sounds came from his mouth as he quickened his pace.

"Christ," Frank groaned, fucking through her fist, his gaze glued to her mouth as she gobbled frantically on Owen's cock. "Suck out his balls, Leah. Make him howl." He fucked his prick through her jerking hand, his own balls rumbling.

Leah was swirling in bliss. She felt the power of Frank's thick cock in her shifting hand, and shivered with delight as Owen fucked his cock in and out of her mouth. She couldn't wait until Owen creamed her mouth.

"Keep sucking," Owen groaned, fucking her mouth with his cock. "Keep suckin' and I'll give you some nice thick cum to drink."

Spit dribbled from her lips as she ran her mouth over his thick throbbing prick. She shoved her head forward, then gagged as Owen lunged at the same time and pierced her throat with a hard jab.

"You got it now," Owen groaned, swiftly fucking his cock into her hungry mouth. "Oooo, have you got a mouth."

Leah, greedy for every hard inch, took his prick to the root, his cockhead almost reaching into her belly. She breathed hard through her nose, relaxing her throat as he fucked violently into her mouth.

"Unnn," Owen groaned. He mashed her lips against his zipper as he fucked her throat with his hard throbbing cock. "You're gonna get it, Leah. Umm... soon!"

Leah wanted it. She gulped on his prick, sucked, lashed his jabbing cockshaft with her tongue, and gnawed roughly on his prick. She twisted Frank's cock with her hand, her fingers kneading his prick. The throbbing of both pricks was driving her crazy.

Frank watched as Owen pierced her throat with each and every jab. "Jesus, what a fuckin' mouth. She's taking it all!"

"I know!" Owen roared. "Even my wife doesn't do that." He jabbed hard, ready to blast her mouth. "Gobble it up you sweet cock suckin' bitch. Gobble it up!" He fucked her face, felt her teeth, and loved every second.

Lath sensed he was ready. She held her head steady, her mouth wide open. His cock was drilling into her throat. She released Frank's cock, not wanting him to cream anywhere else but her mouth. She tightened her lips around Owen's prickshaft, quivering as he fucked her face.

"Oooo, Leah." Owen lunged hard. "Unnn, I'm gonna cum!" He shortened his stroke, piecing her throat with quick punching jabs. His prick swelled in her mouth and his balls rumbled, ready to blast.

Leah used her mouth like an expert, sucking, chewing, whipping his prick with her tongue. She began to shake, needing a mouthful of cum to make her happy. Her cunt was pulsing for his cock, the fuck juices soaking her panties.

"Aghhhh, I'm cumming!" Owen roared, pounding her mouth viciously. "I'm cumming!" He lunged hard, fucking his prick deep into her throat, the first thick wad oozing down her gullet. "Unnn, I'm creaming your fuckin' face!"

Leah held his hips and gulped the first wad down. More cum followed as his prick continued to spray out a steady stream of gooey delicious-tasting cum. She swallowed again, the cum filling her cheeks, oozing from her lips, and drooling down her chin.

Owen grabbed her hair, pounded her face. Cum squirted from his pisser, flooding her mouth. "Keep suckin'!" he roared, fucking in and out of her mouth. "Keep suckin'!"

Leah had no intention of stopping. She sucked hard, drawing the cum from his prick. She choked, cum gushing from her mouth as he lashed his cock into her face. Spunk drooled down her chin, oozed from her nose. She slammed forward, sucked and chewed, her mouth filling again with cum as she tried swallowing each thick wad.

Owen twisted in her mouth, his cock scraping against her teeth. He fucked forward, grunting, his balls empty, the last wad oozing from his pisser. "Unnnn." His hips stopped. His cock was still in her mouth.

Leah took one last suck and drained his prick. She popped her head back, swallowing the cum that was still in her mouth. "Now you," she panted, turning her attention to Frank.

"I'm gonna drain your fuckin' balls." Owen slumped back and fell into a chair to watch. In minutes he saw Frank creaming her face. "What a bitch," he mumbled, rubbing his limp sticky prick. "What a cock suckin' bitch."

Leah fell back on the bed, writhing in agony, cum oozing from her mouth. She looked at them as they stood at the edge of the bed. "Somebody fuck me! Christ! I gotta cum."

"Can't do that," Frank sneered. "You've sucked my balls dry."

"Mine too," Owen said. "You gotta give us time to get hard again."

"Eat me then," she gasped, her skirt riding up, baring the wet crotch of her panties. She spread her legs and humped.

"I told you she'd be fantastic," Owen said. "Look at her beg for it."

"Strip," Frank rasped. "Maybe we'll get hard!"

Leah was out of her mind. She sat up and pulled off her blouse and bra. "Look at my tits," she panted, shaking her shoulders, making her tits jiggle lewdly. "Look at me. You'll get hard."

"We're looking," Owes said, feasting his eyes on her beautiful tits. "Let's see your pussy."

Whimpering and writhing, Leah yanked off her skirt and panties, baring herself to the two leering men. She spread her legs and used her fingers to part the puffy folds of her cunt. "Eat me," she begged. "Get me off." She rolled her hips. Mer pussy was on fire.

"Nah," Owen jeered, enjoying himself. "Why don't cha get yourself off? Frank and I would love watching that."

"Yeah," Frank laughed. "Get yourself off. Maybe we'll get hard watching."

"You bastards," she spat, twisting on the bed. She used her hands on her tits, roughly kneading the hot pulpy tit-meat. "Oooo, finger-fuck me. Anything, but get me off. I can't stand it."

The two men laughed, watched her writhe in agony on the bed. They rubbed their cocks, the sight of Leah's naked body and exposed cunt making their pricks grow.

"Get yourself off and we'll fuck you all day," Owen said, "As long and as hard as you like."

Leah was gasping, her gaze riveted to their pricks. She saw the life coming back into their cockshafts. She knew that if she creamed for them, their pricks would be hard. It was what she wanted.

"Okay, you bastards," she gasped, her fingers going to her wet pulsing cunt. "Then we fuck!"

"Whatever you want," Frank promised. Lewdly, Leah pawed her pussy, her hips rolling, her legs spread. Fuck juice oozed from her cunt hole, coated her fingers. "Oooo, I'm so fuckin' hot," she purred, knowing her dirty words would add to their pleasure and make their pricks even stiffer. "I'm so fuckin' hot for cock!"

"Damn," Frank muttered, watching Leah writhe on the bed in the throes of passion. "Damn, she is gorgeous."

"You're not shittin'," Owen moaned, leering at her wet cunt and her playing fingers. "Goddamn, Leah. Cream. Cream all over the fuckin' bed."

"I'll cream," she panted. "I'll cream. Then I want your fuckin' cocks."

"You got it," Frank said, rubbing his prick. Already his cock was hard, the surging blood giving his prick strength.

Owen rubbed his cock, which was still throbbing. "We'll give you plenty, Leah."

She stared at their pricks and swooned.

"Ooooo, I can't wait." Her fingers were flying over her clit as she raced wildly towards an explosive orgasm.

"I'm ready," she moaned. "Oooo, I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cream myself!" Having two men watch her get herself off made her crazy. She pinched her clit, her eyes fixed on their stiff pricks. "Here I come!"

She went into spasm as they ogled her gyrating body.

"I'm cumming!" she shouted. "I'm cumming!"

Her body jerked and twisted on the bed. Hot white milky cum gushed from her empty cunthole, saturated her fingers and drooled down the cheeks of her ass, staining the sheet under her humping ass. She bucked up, her cunt exposed, her tits bouncing.

Both cocks jutted out hard. Both sets of eyes were fixed on her climaxing body. Both sets of balls rumbled. "Damn," they muttered, their voices blending together. "Damn!"

"Watch me, fuckers! Watch me cum!" She went into convulsions, her mind reeling as she imagined getting their pricks stuffed up inside her. "Ooooo, I'm cumming, you fuckin' bastards! Ooooo!"

She bucked on the bed, her hips jerking, her tits flopping, her fingers crushing her clit as cunt-cum gushed from her pussy. She saw their leering smiles.

She shuddered and arched her back, her legs slapping against the bed. A spasm ripped through her and she collapsed back on the bed, twitching sporadically as she anticipated getting their pricks.

Panting, she pulled her cum-stained fingers away from her cunt. "I hope you liked watching me get off," she cooed. "Now I want something in return -- your nice fat cocks." She licked her lips, pointing a trembling finger at their swollen pricks.

Both men laughed.


Leah's face filled with shock. "You... bastards!" she shouted. "You got to fuck me, I did everything you wanted." She began to shake. Getting, herself off had done nothing to quiet the fire raging in her pussy. The only thing that would help was a cock and there were two of them, stiff and ready, staring her right in the face. "Fuck me! Fuck me! God... please!"

"Eat my asshole first," Owen said laughing, knowing they could make her do anything they wanted. He stripped quickly, his balls swinging between his hairy legs. "Eat out my asshole, then I'll fuck you." He turned around and shoved his ass back in her face. "Let me feel your tongue, whore."

Leah grabbed his hips. To have their pricks, she would have eaten a hundred assholes. She spread his asscheeks, ran her tongue up and down his asscrack, then teased at his asshole.

"Mmmm," she purred, enjoying herself.

Frank came over, sat on the bed and began pawing her tits. "When you're done, you can lick my asshole, slut." He twisted his fingers in the pulpy meat of her tits, making her whine in pain.

Leah ignored the pain. She wanted their cocks. She plunged her tongue into Owen's asshole and reamed his tight shitter, her hands slipping around to fondle his cock and heavy balls. She moaned, the throbbing of his prick making her pussy ache.

"Yeahhh," Owen groaned, jerking his hips, his ass smashing against her face. "Unnnn, deeper. Clean me out!"

Leah, moaning and sobbing, plunged her tongue into his ass as far as she could. She squeezed his prick and wrenched her shoulders as Frank destroyed her tits.

Owen pulled his ass away from her mouth. "Try it, Frank. The bitch will do anything we tell her."

Frank pulled off his pants, offered Leah his ass. "Suck me out and I'll give you my cock."

Leah gasped, believing them. She had to believe them or go mad. She reamed Frank's asshole and played with his prick. The throbbing cockshaft made her quiver. She caressed his balls. They were heavy, loaded with cum, and her body went into spasm as she thought about having all that cum squirting into her pussy.

"Not bad," Frank groaned, slamming his ass back into Leah's mouth. "A real nice tongue-fucker."

Leah's tongue darted deep into his ass. She cupped his balls and pulled on his prick. She pulled her mouth off. "Now," she panted. "Fuck me!"

The two men faced her. Their cocks were stiff, their cock heads bloated, their balls swollen with jizz.

"Please," she pleaded. "I've done everything. What do you want from me?"

"You want what's in my cock?" Owen jeered.

"Yesss!" she cried, her body quaking, her pussy on fire. "Yessss. I want it all!"

"I got a load of piss in my cock," Owen laughed. "You want that?"

Drunk with lust, Leah moaned. What were they talking about? "I want your cum. I want your cocks in my pussy."

"You ever been pissed on, whore?" Frank asked, rubbing his hard-on. "Nice warm sizzling piss."

"No," she gasped. "I've never done it." In her lust, the idea of being pissed on blew her mind. "Jesus. You mean you're gonna piss on me?"

"If you want our cocks, you take our piss," Owen said, coming to her, his cock sticking out.

"Yesssss," she moaned, squirming on the bed. "Piss on me. Piss all the fuck over me." She shook her tits and grabbed his cock. She stroked his prick, her eyes wide, waiting for the first spray of piss to hit her in the face.

"The bitch is wild," Frank said, his cock throbbing.

Owen groaned, his cock swelling as a stream of sizzling yellow piss blasted from his cock.

"Take it, whore. Wash yourself in it."

"Ooooo," Leah gasped as the warm piss splashed against her face. "Ooooo!" She held his cock, directing the piss all over her face and jiggling tits. "Ewwww, it's so fuckin' warm. I'm creaming, Owen. Oooo, I love it!"

Frank watched, his eyes popping, as Owen drenched her with his piss. "Jesus Christ," he groaned.

Owen jerked his cock, his piss spraying her face and tits. He watched her twist and revel as his piss splashed over her.

"Don't stop pissing." She squirmed, getting off on the hot steamy stream of piss as it splattered against her body. She aimed his cock at her tits, watched his prick spray against her nipples. "Ooooo, it's so sexy." She lifted his cock, aimed his prick back at her face, then gasped as he pissed into her mouth.

She gurgled, piss running out of her mouth and all over her body. The stream fizzled, and she jerked his cock. "I want more," she pouted. "Keep pissing on me."

"None left," Owen groaned. He jerked his cock from her fist. "Frank'll give you more."

Her smooth flesh soaked with piss, Leah turned and grabbed Frank's cock. "You gonna piss on me?" she giggled lewdly. "You gonna piss all over me?"

"Yeah, pig," he grumbled as she fondled his cock. "Get on your hands and knees. I'll piss on your ass."

"Ooooo, shit, yeah," Leah whimpered, scrambling onto her belly. "Piss up my ass." She propped her ass high in the air, wiggled it. "Get me all wet."

With Owen watching, Frank spurted a torrential stream of piss onto Leah's wriggling ass cheeks. "Christ," he groaned, watching it splatter her body. "Goddamn whore loves anything."

"Yessss," she hissed, feeling the warm piss splash against her ass. She reached back and parted her asscheeks. "Squirt it in my hole and my pussy."

Frank leaned over, directing his yellow stream of piss at her asshole and pussy. "You got it, slut."

"Ewwww, Frank," she squealed as the hot piss splashed against her wrinkled asshole and pussy. The heat of the piss against her clit and puffy cuntlips sent spasms through her body. "Drown me!" she cried. "Drown me in piss!"

She rolled over on her back.

"Keep pissing, you bastard." She spread her legs, watching as the piss squirted from Frank's cock in a golden arc, then splattered down over her writhing body.

"Oooo, Christ!" Leah screamed. "I love it!"

She squirmed on her back, taking, both streams of piss against her tits and pussy. She lifted her arms, letting them drench every inch of her flesh in the warm golden shower.

"Noooo!" she cried as she watched their cocks empty. "I want more."

"None left," Owen said, rubbing his stiff boner. "We're all pissed out!"

Gasping, her body soaked, Leah humped her ass. "Then fuck me. You first, Owen. Gimme all your cum. I want to get creamed now."

"Can't fuck a slut who's covered with piss," Frank jeered.

"Nah," Owen said. "You're too fuckin' dirty. You got to get cleaned up first."

Leah became hysterical. "You fuckin' creeps. I got to get fucked." She sat up, remembering the small bathroom. "I'll shower. Please don't go away." She scrambled to her feet, staggered toward the bathroom, Owen and Frank following, enjoying her agony.

Her tits heaving, Leah climbed into the small tub. Her head was reeling. Her pussy was on fire. She saw them follow her in as the turned on the water and heaved a sigh of relief. "I'll be ready in a second," she gasped, her tongue flicking hotly over her lips. "Then we'll fuck."

"Take your time," Owen said, watching her as she soaped her lush body.

Frank stepped toward the tub. "I'll rinse you." He grabbed the hose and sprayed it against her soapy skin. "Spread your legs, I'll rinse you real good."

"Ooooo," Leah gasped as Frank directed the powerful spray against her sizzling pussy. "Christ, I'm creaming!" She turned around and spread the cheeks of her ass. "Rinse my asshole, too."

Frank snickered, squirted the hot water against her ass crack.

"That's not how it's done," Owen said, coming to the tub. He took the hose, pulled off the wide nozzle. "This is how it's done."

"Ayieeee!" Leah screeched as he jabbed the hose up inside her tight asshole. "Oooooo, Owen, you bastard, you're giving me a fuckin' enema." She leaned against the tiled wall, gasping as hot water squirted into her ass, filling her bowels until she screamed in agony. "Noooo more! No more!"

Owen wasn't listening. "You can take another gallon," he laughed. Frank held her pinned and Owen continued to fill her twisting body with hot water.

Leah's eyes bulged. The pain was unbearable. She felt as if she were going to burst. "Take it out!" Her knees buckled, but Frank kept her from falling. "Take it out!"

Her asshole overflowed and Owen yanked the hose from her body. He stepped back as Leah sank to her knees. "We'll be waiting for you," he said. "Don't take too long, or we'll leave."

Moaning, Leah watched them leave the bathroom. She was frantic. She finished cleaning herself. Not bothering to dry, she staggered back into the room and saw Owen on the bed, his cock towering above his groin. She staggered to the bed and climbed on. She grabbed his cock. "Now, we're gonna fuck," she panted.

"We sure are," Owen said, grabbing her tits and twisting them in his hands. "We're gonna fuck your brains out."

Her face screwed up in pain as Owen mauled her tits. She climbed over him, dragged his prick through her pussy, then plunged down, impaling herself on his hard thick cock. "Ahhhh, God!"

Owen groaned, then lunged up, his cock fucking all the way into her cunt. "She's a fuckin' oven, Frank. A wet fuckin' oven!"

"OOOO, Owen, your cock feels fantastic in me." She rolled her hips, wallowing in the pleasure of her cock-stuffed pussy. "Ooohhhh, fuck me you bastard! Fuck me to death."

She bounced on his cock, her tits trapped in his pawing hands.

"Oooo, Frank. You're next!" She twisted her head, leered at Frank's cock. "OOOO, this is fabulous!"

"What do you mean, next?" Frank laughed. "You got a hole I can fuck right now!" He climbed up on the bed and leered at her ass.

"Jesus Christ," Leah squealed with joy. "Oooo, yesss! Fuck my shitter! Give me an enema of cum!" She humped up and down, her body writhing, her pussy clutching and milking Owen's buried prick. "Unnnn, fuck me, Owen. Fuck my pussy!"

Mangling her tits, Owen lunged up, fucking his cock deep into Leah's gulping cunt. Hot cream bathed his prickshaft, the spongy muscles of her pussy pulsing against his throbbing cockmeat. "Ream her ass, Frank. Let's show this whore some fuckin'!"

"Yeahhh!" Leah wailed. "Gimme some good hard fuckin'." She slammed down on Owen's prick and screamed. "Ooooo, Owen! Your cock is driving me crazy!"

Owen pulled her forward, exposing her ass for Frank to fuck. "Shove it in, Frank. She's ready."

Panting, Leah leered into Owen's face, her ass jiggling, her tits crushed in his hands. "You ever piss on your wife, Owen?" She laughed, her head reeling, her body on fire.

"Nah," Owen grunted, fucking his cock into Leah's tight cunt. "Carol doesn't go for anything but straight fuckin'."

Leah moaned. "That's the trouble with the wives in this church. No fuckin' imagination." She twisted her head. "You ever piss on your wife, Frank?" She shoved back, wanting his cock.

"Pauline's a shithead," Frank grunted. "Gotta practically rape the bitch to get my nuts off once a week." He was leering at her asscrack as he kneaded the flesh of her jiggling ass.

Leah was soaring. Her passion had her crazy. "Maybe you should take turns, rape each other's wife and piss on her." She giggled. "They'd love it. I do!"

Owen jerked her tits, humped up. "Ride it, whore. Give us what you gave Reverend Moss!" He grunted as his balls rumbled with their heavy load.

"Fuck my asshole, Frank!" she screamed impatiently. "God, what are you waiting for?"

Frank's face twisted into a sadistic smile. He jerked his hips, his cockhead stretching the tight-muscled ring of her asshole. "Unnnn, you got it."

"Not yet!" she squealed as her eyes popped. "I want it all. Fill me up and cream my hole!" She slammed back, anxious to have Frank rip open her asshole with his fat prick.

Frank jabbed hard, his cock slicing deep. He fucked forward again as Leah screamed with delight and plunged the rest of his cock into her asshole. "You got every fuckin' inch!"

Leah bucked wildly on their cocks. She had never felt so stuffed in her life. "Ooooo, am I getting fucked right today!" she screamed. "Oooo, fuck me! Fuck me! Split me in two!" She ground her pussy down on Owen's cock, then jerked back, her asshole gobbling hungrily on Frank's ass-stuffing prick.

"He's in, Owen. Frank's in my asshole." Her eyes were bright, staring into Owen's face. "I got you both now and I'm gonna fuck you both until I drain your Goddamn balls!"

Frank fucked his cock in hard, the prickhead cutting deep into the narrow canal of Leah's shitter. His balls whacked against her jiggling flesh as he fucked her asshole, his groin slapping into her asscheeks with, each stab. "I'm gonna drown you in cum, bitch!" he roared, his hands mauling her bucking hips.

Owen humped up, caught Frank's pace, and rhythmically fucked her wet clinging cunt with his throbbing prick. Each stab of his prick went deeper into Leah's cunt. He twisted her tits harder, her wailing screams fanning his lust.

Sandwiched between the driving cocks, Leah went totally out of her mind. She absorbed their punishing blows, welcoming them, giving back pleasure as quickly as she received it. They were driving her wild. Passion had her screaming and bucking on their, stabbing cocks.

"More, fuckers. Gimme more!" She was greedy, hot, and out of her skull.

The two men responded, fucking her viciously, their cocks ripping into her vulnerable body. Owen mauled her tits, fucking her pussy. Frank mauled her hips, fucking her asshole.

"Oooo, now you got it!" she shrieked at the top of her lungs as they brutalized her fuckholes with their stabbing cocks. "Ooooo, have you guys got it!"

She bucked her hips, gulping at their pricks, her cunt like a mangled piece of raw flesh as she pound it into Owen's humping groin while Frank fed her ass his cock. Hot flashes swept through her pussy as she climbed toward an explosive orgasm and bliss.

Frank lunged violently into her ass, his balls ready to burst. "Gonna cream your ass!" he bellowed. "Gonna cream it good and proper!" He picked up speed, his cock fucking like greased lightning into her ass. His cock swelled and his balls rumbled.

"Yeahhh!" Leah wailed, her eyes glowing, her mouth drooling, "Cream my whole. Cum, Frank. Make me cum with you!"

Owen lifted his head, sucked a nipple into his mouth and chewed it, making her scream as Frank's balls burst. Frank lunged up, his cock ready to explode.

"I'm cumming!" Frank shouted. "I'm cumming!" A hot thick stream of cum shot from his prick, squirting deep into Leah's asshole. Another stringy wad quickly followed. "I'm cumming!"

"I feel it!" Leah screeched as hot thick cum spurted into her asshole. "Ooooo, Frank. It feels so hot and good inside me!" She wriggled back, trembling as he fucked his exploding prick in and out of her asshole. "Oooo, keep cumming, Frank. Fill my fuckin' belly!"

Frank fucked her ass, his balls constantly erupting, spurting cum from his pisser into her well-greased asshole.

Leah's pussy went into spasm. Her head snapped back. The hot cum squirted into her ass. Her raw clit was mangled into Owen's groin. Owen's cock spearing her pussy had taken its toll. "I'm cumming, fuckers. I'm cumming! Ooooo, Christ. I'm creaming!"

"Goddamn," Owen groaned as his prick fucked into her climaxing pussy. "What a bitch!" He bit her tit, then dropped his head back. Hips jabbing, he concentrated on cumming. "Keep cumming, Leah. Cream my cock!"

Leah's head snapped from side to side, her thick red hair swishing across her face. Higher and higher, she climbed, her body nothing but a contorting piece of flesh, her cunt gushing hot frothy fuck cream. "Cum, Owen. Cream me. I want your cum!" She was drooling, her eyes glassy.

Owen lunged up as Frank fucked into her asshole with his squirting prick. Her cunt juice was searing his cockshaft. Her cunt muscles were grabbing his prick. "I'm cumming!" he roared, his balls bursting. "I'm cumming!" He slammed up, squirting hot fuck cream into her gulping squishy cunt.

"Ahhhh!" Leah screeched as the two men creamed her holes. "Ooooo, God. I love it! Keep creaming. Keep fuckin' me!" She jerked, impaling herself on the two stabbing pricks. Hot cum flooded her two pulsing fuckholes, and she climaxed again, riding their squirting cocks into another mind-blowing orgasm.

Frank slammed into her ass, his balls about empty. He jabbed hard, the last of his cum spurting from his pisser. He fucked forward, his empty balls slapping against her sticky flesh. "No more from me," he grumbled. He jerked out, his prick limp, cum oozing from his pisser.

"Oooo, no!" Leah screamed. She hated having her asshole empty. She plunged down, turning all her attention to Owen's squirting cock. "Cream me, Owen. I want every drop!" She racked her hips, slapped her tits across his contorted face, her pussy milking his prick eagerly.

Holding her hips, Owen jerked beneath her twisting body, wad after wad of thick cum shooting from his pisser and filling her cunt. "I ain't stopping yet, whore," he rasped, bucking his hips, his groin smashing her clit.

"Ooooo!" she screamed as Frank's cum oozed from her ass. "Ooooo!" Owen's cum overflowed from her pussy, dribbled down his balls, her squishy cunt pulsed, twitched against his prick as she rode his cock into ecstasy.

Owen sank his teeth into a fleshy tit. He lunged up one last time, his balls empty shells. "Finished," he grunted, his body relaxing under her.

"Ahhhh!" She collapsed on Owen, writhing as the last of her orgasms washed over her. "Oooo, God."

Owen pushed her off, sat up. "It's been a great fuckin' meeting," he laughed.

"We should have meetings like this all the time," Frank said as he dressed.

"I don't think I could stand it," Leah giggled as she rested on her back, cum oozing from her quivering body. "Why don't you guys go home and fuck your wives like you fucked me? I'll bet they'd love it."

"Yeah," Frank said. "I'll give the bitch a shot in the ass."

"Maybe Carol will ride me this afternoon," Owen said. "It would be a change from her lying on her back like a board."

Leah laughed. "I think the next church meeting should be how wives can give their husbands what they want."

"Yeah, you can tell them how to do it," Owen said as he finished dressing.

"Maybe I will," she said. "Maybe Craig will learn what he's missing when he neglects me." She waved goodbye. "I'll see you guys next Sunday."

Alone, she hurried back into the bathroom to clean up. Before going home, she wanted to make one stop. She wanted a second helping of Reverend Moss and his big stiff cock.


No bothering with her panties and bra, Leah slipped on her dress and hurried up the stairs, glancing back one last time at the bed where Frank and Owen had showed, her how much she really loved cock.

Outside, she hurried across the street to the minister's house. Seeing the door ajar, she walked in, her heart racing, her fingers crossed. If his wife was out they could have a real ball. She heard voices coming from the living room.

One of the voices sounded like Craig's. She peeked in, her eyes popping. Craig was there and he was with Helen Moss. "Damn," she muttered under her breath, a wave of jealousy sweeping over her.

She backed away, then curiosity brought her back. Quietly she watched, now knowing why Craig didn't bother with her anymore. He was fucking around with the minister's wife. She almost laughed.

"Jim will be back shortly," Helen purred as she squirmed on Craig's lap, her fingers combing through his hair. "Maybe you should go home."

"Shit, Helen. Jim will be gone for hours." He rubbed her tits through her dress. "We got plenty of time for fun and games."

Helen climbed off his lap, her tits straining against her dress. "Damn, Craig. Every time you come over here, you make me crazy hot." She swayed in front of him, her hands easing up her dress, baring her long slender legs.

Craig ogled her legs, rubbing his crotch as Helen lifted her dress higher. "You're a hot bitch, Helen," he said. "It's a shame Jim doesn't know about it."

"He's so shy," she purred. "Never wants to try anything different."

Leah covered her mouth to quiet a laugh. If only Helen knew that Jim thought the same way about her.

"See," Helen cooed, bringing her dress up around her waist. "I don't even wear panties on Sunday afternoon because I know you'll be here."

"You got a beautiful pussy, Helen," Craig rasped, leering at the thick curly black hair that decorated Helen's cunt. "Beautiful and tight."

"Wet too," she mewed, rolling her hips. "Wet for your cock." She pulled the dress over her head and tossed it away. "Damn, I get hot stripping for you."

Craig feasted his eyes on her lush naked body. "Turn around and let me see your ass, Helen."

Helen turned slowly, her insides mushy. Since meeting Craig, sex had turned into a blast. She bent over. "Maybe you'll fuck my asshole today," she sighed, wiggling her hips.

As Craig drooled over the sight of Helen's fabulous ass, Leah also drooled. The sight of Helen's body was turning her on. Her pussy was seeping, making the soft flesh of her inner thighs sticky. She wanted to go in and make love to Helen, but she waited. Watching Craig do it would be a blast and would get her even hotter.

Craig sat up, grabbed Helen's hips and put her ass back to his mouth. "You got a great ass, Helen." He chewed the firm meaty cheeks of her ass, his hands caressing her hips. "Delicious."

"Ooooo, Craig!" Helen gasped. "You're blowin' my fuckin' mind." She wiggled her ass. "Finger me, Craig. Finger-fuck me!"

Craig slipped a hand between her thighs and gouged his fingers through her puffy pussy. Warm cream coated his fingers. "Christ, you're soaked."

"Always," Helen gasped. She jerked her hips, his teeth nipping away at her ass. "Inside. Shove your fingers inside me!"

Craig plunged his fingers into her cunt. Hot spongy cunt muscles gripped his fingers. "Unnnn," he groaned, fucking in and out of her pussy, his teeth still gnawing at her ass cheeks.

"Ooooo, Craig," Helen moaned, jerking on his fucking fingers. "My asshole too! Finger fuck my asshole!"

Craig, always willing to oblige, brought his other hand to her ass. He coated his fingers with warm sudsy cunt-cream, then plunged two fingers into her asshole, his other hand still fucking violently into her pussy. "You like this, Helen?"

"Ummmmm, Craig. I love it. Do it hard!" She straightened up, her tits heaving, the nipples ready to burst. "Ooooo, shit. I'm creaming. Christ!" She stood with her legs spread, Craig's fingers invading her pussy and asshole.

Craig jabbed hard, twisting his fingers inside her swaying body, gouging his blunt fingers into the spongy walk of her wet pussy and the tight clinging walls of her asshole. "Baby, you're one hot fuckin' lady."

"Ooooo, Craig," she gasped. "I ain't no fuckin' lady." She giggled dirtily. "I'm a hot fuckin' whore who loves sex." She squirmed down on his fingers. "Make me cream. Make me cream all over your fingers."

Craig jabbed hard, scraping the thin skin that separated her two fabulous fuckholes. He chewed on her belly, nipping the silky skin with his teeth. "Nnnnnn, Helen. My cock needs some attention."

"As soon as I cream, I'll give your cock all the attention it can handle," she moaned, her hips bucking and her tits bouncing. "God, you gotta fuck my asshole today. I love it."

Leah was breathing hard. Her pussy was on fire.

Helen was just like her -- cock crazy. Leah giggled, knowing Jim would be surprised if he found out. She leaned against the wall, her legs weak. She wished Craig would hurry up and fuck the woman. Watching would be fantastic. "Deeper, Craig!" Helen wailed as she slammed herself down on his fingers. "OOOOO, Christ!" Her tits flopped, her black hair swishing across her face as she climbed towards an orgasm. "I'm gonna cream you, Craig."

"Cream, you hot fuckin' tramp," he groaned, his arms growing weak as he fucked his fingers in and out of her overheated body. "Cream your ass off, then take care of my cock."

Helen shuddered as an orgasm swept through her pussy. She leaned against him, pressing his head into her tits. "Bite my tits. I'm cumming! Ooooo, I'm really creaming now!"

Craig bore the brunt of her weight as she rocked and jerked her hips. He jabbed hard, his cock acting to be where his fingers were buried. Hot fuck cream flowed from her pussy, down his hand and over hit wrist. Her asshole was gripping his finger, her pussy milking at the same time.

"Better save some action for my cock," he grunted.

"I got plenty of action left," she panted, her knees buckling. "Ahhhhh!" She went into spasm, collapsing against him. "Ooooo, God!"

Craig pulled his fingers from her body and she melted to the floor. He leered down at her naked body writhing in lust on the floor. "You're dynamite, Helen and I'm the only one who knows it."

Leah ogled the writhing form of Helen as she twisted and moaned an her back. "You're forgetting me," Leah whispered softly, "I know and, once you fuck the bitch, you'll find out."

"Take out my cock, Helen," Craig rasped, standing.

Helen pulled her quivering body up from the floor. She attacked his crotch, yanking down his zipper as she whimpered and twitched. "Ooaoo, Craig. I want your cock."

She pulled his prick out, stroked his cockshaft. "Ewwwww, such a beautiful piece of meat." She kissed the bloated head, getting a drop of cum on her lips. She looked up at him, "I love cum, Craig."

"You love anything that has to do with a cock."

"I know," she moaned, caressing his prick. She grabbed his juice-coated fingers and sucked them clean. "I love pussy juice, too," she gasped.

Leah shivered when she heard that. "I'll give you plenty of pussy-cream," she mouthed silently, her hand going to her cunt. She rubbed her cunt through her skirt and sighed, her gaze glued to Helen's mouth as she kissed Craig's prick.

"Put it in your mouth," Craig groaned. "Suck it like I taught you."

"Ummnunm, yesss," Helen gasped. She parted her lips and gulped the head of Craig's cock into her eager mouth and sucked. She used her tongue, teased at his piss-slot, getting another drop of cum on her tongue.

"All of it," Craig gasped, lunging forward. "All of it!"

Helen sucked hard, her hands fumbling with his pants. She gobbled on his prick and pulled his pants down, her hands ripping at his shorts. Gasping, she pulled her mouth off his prick. "Christ, you got too damn many clothes on." She yanked down his shorts, hefted his balls in her trembling hand. "Unnnrm, Craig."

"Helen," he groaned as she swallowed the entire length of his cock. "Suck it, baby. Suck out my balls!" He lunged hard, driving his groin into her clinging lips, the head of his cock plunging deep into her gullet.

"Ummmnn," Helen gurgled as Craig's cock pierced her throat. She sucked deeply, her tongue mashed under his throbbing prickshaft. She wiggled her tongue and heard Craig groan.

Leah gasped, her legs trembling. Watching Helen gobble on Craig's prick made her mind spin. She stifled a moan, her eyes fixed on Craig's jabbing hips as he fucked his prick in and out of Helen's mouth.

Helen feasted on Craig's cock. She massaged his balls, skimmed her eager hands around his jabbing hips and scratched his ass cheeks. Gulping, her lips mashing into his groin, she found his asshole and teased it with her nail, the action making Craig fuck into her mouth more violently.

"Baby," Craig groaned, his hips lurching forward. "Unnnn, Helen. Chew it up!"

Helen gobbled voraciously on his jabbing prick. She gnawed on his cockshaft, whipped his prick with her tongue and sucked. Her nails scratched and teased. Her pussy was on fire, ready for his fat meaty prick.

"Ahhhhh," Craig groaned. His prick swelled and his balls rumbled. "Stop!"

Helen pulled her mouth off his cock. She threw herself back on the floor. "Fuck me, Craig. Fuck the hell out of me." Her legs were spread, her pussy wide open, fuck cream flowing from her spongy cunt hole. "Fuck me, Craig."

"If you want your asshole fucked," he groaned, drooling over the sight of her fabulous pussy, "maybe you should bend over the sofa." He stroked his cock, watching as she scrambled to her feet.

"Both holes," she gasped. "Fuck both holes." She bent over the sofa and wiggled her ass. "Hurry, Craig. I'm burning up!"

Craig came behind her, stripped off the rest of his clothes. He ogled her ass, his prick throbbing, Helen's spit dripping from his cockshaft. "You're gonna love this, Helen."

"Oooooo, I know," Helen gasped. "Jim's never fucked my asshole. You're getting a virgin today." She wiggled, her clit brushing against the sofa as she anxiously panted for Craig to invade her ass. "C'mon, Craig, fuck me!"

Craig dragged his cock through her hot steamy cunt, coating it in thick syrupy pussy cream. He jerked, buried the head of his prick inside her pussy. "Whewwww, are you ready!"

"Ooooo, Craig." She trembled, legs stiff, her tits crushed into the sofa, her clit pressed against the rough material. "Ream both holes, Craig," she whimpered anxiously, "Both fuckin' holes!"

Craig grabbed her hips, jabbed his prick deep into her pussy, drenching his cock in rich sudsy fuck cream. Helen went into spasm, and he grinned as he eased his juice-stained prick from her pulsing pussy.

"Now, my asshole!" she wailed. "Fuck me!"

Craig aimed his cock at her asshole. He parted her lush creamy ass cheeks, exposing her ass crack. "God, is this gonna be tight."

Helen was shaking. "Do it! Do it!"

"Yessss," Leah hissed from the doorway. "Do it, Craig. Ream her shitter." Her voice was soft, yet thickly coated with lust.

Craig pushed, stretching the ringed muscle of her asshole, his grease-coated cockhead sinking inside her asshole. "Unnnn, it is tight," he moaned. God!! He felt her ass muscles clamp around his cock.

"Oooooo, Craig. Gimme it all! Don't tease me!" Helen went into spasm, her body shaking, her asshole contracting as she waited for the hard thrust.

Craig didn't disappoint her. He lurched forward, fucking his prick into the tight recesses of her virgin asshole. "Unnnn," he groaned, feeling her ass grip his cockshaft. "Unnnn, God!"

Helen screeched her high "Ayieeeee!" pitched shrill filling the room as the pain from Craig's ass-splitting cock burned into her gut. She screamed again as Craig jabbed the last hard inches of his cock into her narrow asshole, the pain making her dizzy.

Leah snickered, enjoying herself as Helen suffered her first ass fuck. She squeezed her thighs together. The sticky fuck juices were flowing freely. "Give it to her good," she whispered under her breath.

"Easy," Craig soothed, keeping his prick buried to the hilt. "Relax." He eased back. Her ass was dry, the walls gripping his cockshaft like a hot vise.

"Ooooo, Craig!" she wailed, her hips jerking, her ass feeling as if it had been ripped apart. "Ooooo, it hurts... ummmnn... I love it! The fuckin' pain is wonderful."

Craig stroked her hips as she twisted on his cock. He jabbed once, making her scream in a blend of agony and joy. He jabbed again, his balls whacking against her, his groin smacking into the cheeks of her jiggling ass.

"My pussy!" she screamed. "Fuck my pussy!" She clutched the couch, her nails scratching against the material, "Ooooo, Craig. Fuck my pussy!"

Craig eased out, then slammed his cock into her hot syrupy cunt. "Unnnnn, Helen, you're creaming your brains out!" He stabbed the squishy noises of his cock in her cunt blending with her moans of joy.

"Oooooo, Craig. This is wonderful!" She lunged back, rolled her hips, and used her cunt muscles to massage his stabbing prick. "Jab it hard, Craig, then ream my asshole again."

"Sure, baby," he grunted, fucking his cock into her pussy. He jabbed hard, pulled out, then slammed his cream-drenched prick back into her asshole.

"Aghhhh!" she shrieked, the pain not as bad this time. "I love it! Fuck my fuckin' ass!" She twisted her hips, her ass greedily contracting against his cock. "Ooooo, pump, fucker. Pump it into my belly!"

Craig held her bucking hips, then fucked his prick deep into her tight shitter. He jerked back, then humped, his cock slicing easily through her asshole. He looked down, watching as his cock fucked in and out of her tight ass.

"Ooooo, how does it look?" she squealed. "Tell me!"

"It looks beautiful," he groaned, his swollen cock crammed deep in her ass. "Beautiful!"

"Oooooo, I'm so hot, Craig. Pump. Fuck both holes!" The feeling in her ass was out of this world. If only Jim would fuck her like this. She squirmed, her clit rubbing into the rough material of the sofa, spreading pleasure through her entire body.

Craig pumped his cock into her ass, then jerked out, fucking back into her pussy again and again. Cunt muscles and thick juicy fuck cream were attacking his jabbing cockshaft. "Baby, this is great!" He lunged hard, his balls rumbling.

Helen was out of her mind. Her tits rubbed into the sofa, the nipples swollen, the tips feeling as if they were going to explode. She quivered, her thighs banging into the side of the sofa with each jab of Craig's magnificent cock.

Craig hauled his cock from her pussy and fucked back into her ass. Going from a hot wet spongy cunthole to a tight-gripping asshole made his balls ache. "Baby, this kind of fuckin' is something else!"

Helen was out of her skull. She lifted her head and stared back at Craig. "Keep fuckin' me, Craig. Tear me apart!" She slammed back at his ass-drilling prick. "Oooooo, now my pussy!"

Craig stabbed her asshole, twisted his hips, lugged his cock out, then fucked back into her cunt without missing a stroke. His balls swelled as the steamy heat of her cunt attacked his cockshaft. He mauled her gyrating hips, fucking his cock harder and faster into her writhing body.

"Ooooo, Craig. I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cream your cock!" She bucked wildly against his jabbing prick, her clit mangled against the crushed sofa, her tits beneath her. "Faster! One more time in my ass!"

Leah leaned against the wall, her legs too weak to support her. She no longer cared if they saw her or not. She was going to announce her presence as soon as they creamed anyway. She gasped and closed her eyes, their moans reaching out to make her tingle. "Cream," she whispered huskily to herself. "Cream, Craig. Cream Helen."

Craig pulled out, stabbed her ass, and humped wildly until his prick was ready to explode. He pulled out, wanting to cream her cunt. He pounded her pussy, his groin slapping against the jiggling meat of her ass. "Cum, baby. Cream my prick!"

The drilling prick in Helen's pussy took her over the top. "I'm cumming!" she screeched. "I'm cumming, Craig! Ahhhhh!" She bucked and twisted, her pussy erupting, hot sticky cum gushing from the spongy walls of her pussy. "I'm cumming!"

"I feel it," Craig rasped, his cock cutting through her climaxing cunt. "God, you're fantastic!" He fucked hard and deep, his balls ready to burst.

Helen thrashed on the sofa, her knees banging, her clit raw and pulsing, her head snapping back. "Oooooo, Craig. Cum. Cum!" She rotated her ass in frantic circles, reveling in her own lust.

Craig's balls burst. "I'm cumming!" he bellowed, his deep ragged voice blending with Helen's shrieks of joy. "I'm cumming!"

A thick torrent of cum shot from his pisser, squirted deep into the hot scalding depths of Helen's climaxing pussy. Another wad followed. The spurts turned into a steady spurting stream of thick jizz. He jammed hard, filling her hot cunt quickly with his cum.

Helen felt the cum spurt into her pussy. "Ooooo, Craig." Another orgasm gripped her, ripped through her pussy. She thrashed out of control, spittle drooling from her panting mouth. "Fuck me! Cream me!" She jerked back, only to be slammed into the sofa again.

Leah listened, her head reeling. She staggered into the room, her eyes glassy, her cunt on fire. "Fuck her, Craig!" she shouted hysterically. "Fuck her!"

Craig heard his wife's screams, but he was too hot to do anything about them. He fucked Helen's pussy, hot globs of cum squirting deep, oozing out over his swinging balls with each jab.

Helen had heard Leah too. She didn't care. All she was interested in was Craig's fucking cock and the wonderful cum filling her pussy. "Ooooo, Craig." She went wild as Craig slashed into her pussy with violent thrusts.

Craig plummeted Helen's twisting body with punching stabs. His balls continued to churn out cum, his pisser squirting spunk into her cunthole. "Helen!" he roared, forgetting about Leah for the moment. "Aghhhh!"

Helen stiffened, twisted her head, her wide glued eyes focusing on Leah. "Oooooo, God!" She shuddered, twitching as the room began to spin. "Ahhhhh!"

Craig jabbed one last time, his balls empty. He grunted, then stopped, his passion quickly leaving as he stared at his grinning wife.

Helen shivered, slumped against the sofa. "Oooo, God. It's Leah!"

"I know," Craig groaned, pulling his spent prick from Helen's ass. "I know!"


Leah laughed, enjoying their shock. "You two put on quite a show," she said, her breathing shallow as she looked hungrily at Helen's ass. "Quite a show."

Helen, too weak to stand, melted to the floor. "I... I... don't know what to say, Leah."

"You don't have to say anything," Leah said. She looked at her husband, "At least now I know where you've been spending all your time, Craig."

Craig felt like a fool. What could he say? "I guess you'll wanna split up, huh?"

"Not unless you do," she cooed, looking at his limp prick. She turned her attention to Helen. "You look delicious."

Helen smiled, sensing a new experience was about to happen. "You don't look bad either, Leah. I could tell better if you weren't wearing your clothes."

Craig looked at them both, not quite sure what was going on. He decided to be quiet, to let things happen. It could turn out to be fun.

"I don't have anything on underneath," Leah explained as she peeled off her blouse and skirt. "I left them in the church basement." She looked directly at Craig, challenging him with her eyes.

Helen gasped, her eyes widening as she leered hungrily at Leah's luscious body. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"I sure am," Leah said. "I've been thinking about making it with you since I watched you strip for my husband." She licked her lips and stared at Craig. "You don't mind, do you? I mean, hell... you made it with her. Why shouldn't I?"

"Go ahead," Craig said, liking the way things were developing. He plopped in a chair to watch. "How 'bout telling me how you lost your panties and bra in church first," he asked.

"Ooooo, Craig. It was a blast."

"I wanna hear, too," Helen said, drooling as she gazed hotly at Leah's red-thatched pussy.

"I made it with Frank and Owen," Leah said. She saw the anger in Craig's eyes. "You can't blame me, Craig. What did you want me to do -- fuck myself while you're taking care of sweet sexy Helen?"

Craig buried his anger. "We'll talk about it later," he said. "Right now, I'd like to see you two make it together."

"Me, too," Helen cooed. "C'mon down on the floor with me."

Leah seemed to melt to the floor and into Helen's arms. She caressed her, her hands skimming over Helen's hips as their arms and legs became entangled. "Mmmmmm, Helen. You feel good."

"Shit," Helen gasped, crushing her tits into Leah's plump tits. "This is fantastic!" She squirmed, her hands exploring Leah's soft yielding body.

"Aaaaah, Helen," Leah sighed. "Watching Craig fuck you blew my mind."

Helen was reeling. She cupped the cheeks of Leah's quivering ass. "Ooooo, kiss me. Make love to me. I want to try everything."

"So do I," Leah moaned, giving Helen her mouth. She darted her tongue between Helen's lips and explored the warm wetness of Helen's eager mouth. "Mmmmm."

"Unnnnnn," Helen hummed as she sucked greedily on Leah's worming tongue. She kneaded Leah's supple body, pushed her hips forward, trying to grind her cunt into Leah's groin.

"Mmmmm, Helen," Leah sighed. The fire in her cunt was spreading. Her pussy was oozing fuck cream and her nipples swelled, the tips searing Helen's milky globes. She smothered Helen with wet urgent kisses, her hands roaming freely over Helen's trembling flesh.

Helen's cunt squished and pulsed, Craig's cum still inside her pussy. She returned Leah's hot kisses, her head spinning as the lust Craig had sated quickly surged back through her body.

Leah took over. She pushed her tongue into Helen's panting mouth, gripped the checks of Helen's squirming ass, and squeezed the soft firm ass meat. Her hips rocked back and forth as she wallowed in the pleasure of another woman's body while her husband watched.

"Jesus Christ," Craig groaned as he leered at his wife and Helen squirming on the floor. He rubbed his cock, hoping Helen's husband stayed away. There was plenty of action on the floor and he wanted some of it before he took Leah home and busted her ass for fucking around with Frank and Owen.

Leah grabbed Helen's tits, her fingers sinking into the soft yielding flesh. "God, they feel good," she moaned. "Play with mine."

Helen gasped out a whimper, grabbed Leah's milky white tits and began pawing them. "God, Leah. You don't know what its like married to a minister. Sex is so dull." She was breathing hard, her pussy pulsing, churning the cum Craig had squirted into her.

Leah giggled, mauled Helen's tits. "He was saying the same thing about you this morning when he fucked me in church." She jabbed her leg between Helen's thighs and smashed it against Helen's oozing cunt.

"Aghhhh!" Helen gasped, her hips jerking, her pussy gliding wetly over Leah's thigh. "Jim? You fucked him in church?" The news made her head spin. "Holy shit!" She slammed her cunt into Leah's thigh and went into spasm.

"Now you know why I'm not mad." She glanced over at Craig, her hands still pawing Helen's sensitive tits.

Craig sneered. "You've been a busy bitch today."

Leah giggled drunkenly. "I'm busy now, too." She plastered her mouth to Helen's, sucked roughly on her tongue, her thigh jamming into Helen's jerking pussy.

Helen wriggled out of Leah's arms, and sprawled herself out on her back. "Do whatever you want to me, Leah. Enjoy me. Make me crazy."

"I intend to," Leah panted, ogling Helen's lush naked body. "I'm gonna suck Craig's cum from your pussy."

"Ooooo, shit, Leah." She humped up. "I wish Jim's cum was in your pussy. I'd suck it out."

Leah licked her lips, anticipating the taste of Helen's gorgeous pussy. "Maybe we can arrange it."

"When? When?" Helen was out of her mind.

"We'll talk about it later. Right now, I'm hungry for your pussy." With her own cunt dripping, Leah crawled between Helen's outstretched legs. The aroma of Helen's cunt made her dizzy. "Ooooo, God, are you gonna be delicious."

"Eat me!" Helen cried, her body writhing violently. "Eat me!"

Leah feasted her eyes on Helen's wet cunt. She saw Helen's pussy-cream and Craig's cum oozing from Helen's swollen cunt. She flicked out her tongue, licked the silky flesh of Helen's inner thighs, working methodically toward the hot slit of Helen's pussy, the heady scent of Helen's cunt driving her wild.

"Don't tease me," Helen gasped. She humped up, looked at Craig. "Tell your wife to eat me," she pleaded. "Please!"

"Eat her," Craig said, his voice coarse with lust. "Eat her, then the two of you can share me."

"Maybe we won't want to," Leah tormented. She went back to Helen's cunt, licked the flesh around Helen's red swollen pussy hole. The sweet juice of Helen's pussy coated her tongue. "Mmmmmmm... delicious!"

"Ooooo, God," Helen moaned, jerking her hips. She lunged up, needing Leah's mouth. Her tits flopped and her ass slapped against the rug as she whimpered for Leah to eat out her cunt.

Leah fused her mouth to the steamy gash of Helen's pussy. She sucked the velvety folds of Helen's cunt into her mouth, chewing them delicately, the warm cream flowing over her face.

"Ooooo!" Helen wailed, her ass humping frantically on the floor. "Soooo, fuckin' good! Ummmmmm!" She balled her fists and pounded the carpet, her legs stiff, her lips jerking. "Suck!" She shoved her pussy hard against Leah's mouth. "Tongue me. Eat out Craig's cum!"

Leah snaked her tongue into Helen's pulsing cunt hole. She swallowed the cum that filled her mouth, then lugged out globs of it with her tongue. She sucked again, reamed Helen's squishy cunt with her tongue until every drop of Craig's cum had been devoured.

"Oooooo, Leah. I love. Chew me up. Drive me crazy!" Helen thrashed on the floor, spreading her legs farther apart. "Suck out my hole. Oooooo!"

Leah gobbled madly on Helen's pussy. Hot buttery pussy-cream flowed over her face, down her chin, and down the crack of Helen's jiggling ass. Leah lapped it up, darted her tongue deep and shivered when Helen wailed in bliss.

"Bite me!" Helen shrieked. "Bite my fuckin' cunt!" She slammed her pussy into Leah's face and screamed.

Leah began chewing on the swollen folds of Helen's cunt. She chewed hard, sucked deep, plunged her tongue rapidly in and out of Helen's cunt hole. Her hands skimmed over Helen's gyrating hips, kneaded the flesh, then slipped under and grabbed the cheeks of her ass.

"Ooooo, Leah. Harder. Bite my clit! My clit!" Helen's ass banged against the floor, her tits bouncing, her mouth drooling. "Oooooh, Leah. This is wonderful!"

Leah smashed her face against Helen's pussy, her teeth nipping at the sticky flesh. She found Helen's clit and whipped it with her tongue, sending violent jolts of pleasure through Helen's quivering body. She beat it viciously, her nails clawing the cheeks of Helen's humping ass.

Helen twisted her neck, stared at Craig. "Oooooo, Craig. Your wife is driving me insane!" She humped up, bucked her hips. "Oooo, what a feeling!"

Leah sucked Helen's clit into her mouth, her lips shoving back the sheath that protected it. She sucked hard, lashed it with her tongue, and felt it pulse against her lips.

"Ahhhhh!" Helen went into spasm. She shuddered, jerked, ground her cunt into Leah's gobbling mouth. "Bite it, Leah. Bite my fuckin' clit!"

Leah sucked her clit, then clamped her teeth into it. She shook her head from side to side, driving Helen crazy. She raked the cheeks of her ass, found her crack and jabbed a finger into her hole.

"Ahhhhhh!" Helen screamed, her body convulsing under Leah's sucking mouth and invading finger. "Oooooo, finger me hard. Bite me! Get me off!"

Craig gawked at the erotic sight. Helen was thrashing on her back, her tits heaving and flopping, her head snapping from side to side. Leah was gurgling, her face buried between Helen's beautiful legs. He groaned, rubbing his prick as new life began to stir in his balls. "Bite her fuckin' clit, Leah!" he roared. "Make her cum!"

Holding Helen's clit tight between her teeth, Leah pressed her tongue against it, crushing it, squeezing, mangling it. Hot cream gushing from Helen's cunt was her reward. She sucked it, snapped her head, and Helen screeched, her hips bucking frantically.

"Yessss," Helen hissed as she grabbed her own tits and mauled them. "Ooooo, Leah. I'm gonna cream! Sweet Jesus! Bite off my clit!" She was delirious, her body contorting, her pussy ready to explode.

Leah used her teeth and tongue on Helen's clit, then sucked it. She jabbed another finger into Helen's asshole, scratched at the walls, torturing her as she dined heartily on Helen's flowing cunt.

"Fuck me with your tongue!" Helen screamed. "Tongue-fuck me!" She battered her pussy against Leah's mouth, her back arching as she raced wildly towards an explosive orgasm.

Leah plunged her tongue deep into Helen's cunt, lapping at the pulsing walls, her teeth mashed against Helen's cunt. She stabbed her deeper, teased the cushiony walls, then gobbled her clit back into her mouth and sucked.

"Ooooo, Jesus!" Helen jerked on her back, lifted her legs, then slammed them down on the floor. "I'm gonna cum, Leah. Ooooo, bite my clit. Get me off!"

With two fingers fucking in and out of Helen's asshole and Helen's clit trapped between her teeth, Leah braced herself for Helen's orgasm. Leah kept her face plastered tight against Helen's cunt, her tongue whipping over Helen's clit as she gnawed on the woman's blood-gorged sex button. One hard bite and a vicious stab into her ass brought Helen to the peak.

"I'm cumming!" Helen screeched, her body convulsing on the floor. "I'm cumming! Ooooo, heaven! Sweet fuckin' heaven!"

Leah gouged Helen's asshole, chomping mercilessly on Helen's clit. Hot cum gushed from Helen's pussy, flowed into Leah's mouth and down her throat. Leah gulped as the hot frothy cream coated her face and drooled down the crack of Helen's bouncing ass.

"Ahhhh!" Helen screamed as she pounded her pussy into Leah's face and slammed her ass back against Leah's jabbing fingers. "Ooooo, I'm creaming! Creaming!"

Helen bucked and humped, twisting and churning on Leah's chewing mouth. Wave after wave of intense orgasms ripped through her pussy.

Leah intensified her attack on Helen's climaxing pussy. She sucked viciously on Helen's clit, chewed it. Leah's head constantly snapped back and forth. Leah jabbed another finger into her jiggling ass, scratched her shitter as Helen's screams grew louder.

Helen bucked up, her face red, her black hair lashing across her face. Her eyes were wide, glazed with lust. Spittle was drooling from her screaming mouth. Helen lunged up twisting her hips as another series of orgasms bombarded her writhing body and hot cum pulsed from her pussy and flooded Leah's sucking mouth.

Leah went insane. She wanted Helen insane too and used her mouth to get what she wanted.

Helen shuddered, stiffened, then collapsed back on the floor, her ass still stuffed with Leah's fingers and her clit still trapped between her teeth.

"No more!" Helen shrieked, her tits bouncing, her ass jerking. "No more!"

Leah sucked one last time, almost ripping Helen's clit from her twitching body. She came up from between Helen's legs, her face covered with pussy-cum. "Did you like it?"

"I... thought I was... gonna die," Helen panted, her pussy still pulsing.

"Now, you hot bitches can take care of me," Craig said, his prick stiff, aching for relief.

"Bullshit," Leah said, sprawling out on her back. "Helen is gonna take care of me first."

Helen was more than anxious. She threw herself between Leah's long legs and gobbled her cunt.

Fifteen minutes later, Leah, screaming her head off, climaxed against Helen's face.


"Now, me," Craig said, his lust raging out of control.

"Now, you can join us," Leah purred, still tingling from the pleasure of Helen's fantastic mouth. "We'll show you what a good time is. Right, Helen?"

"You bet."

Craig got on the floor between them. "Have a ball, ladies," he said. His cock was stabbing the air, throbbing, his balls swollen, churning with cum.

Leah rubbed against him, shuddered. "It's been a while since we've made it together." She smoothed her hand over his chest, then touched Helen's tits as Helen sandwiched Craig between them.

"God," Helen panted. She scratched her nails over Craig's chest, teasing at his nipples, her cunt pressed against his hip.

"Let's give him a blow job he'll never forget," Leah suggested as she squirmed down her husband's body to his rigid cock. "C'mon, Helen. Let's share the cheating bastard."

"Maybe we can share my cheating husband, too," Helen giggled as she joined Leah at Craig's towering boner.

"I think Jim will be pleasantly surprised when you tell him." She darted out her tongue, flicking across Craig's cock. "Lick it, Helen. Let's soak it with spit."

"Yeah," Craig groaned. "Use your mouths for something besides talking." He jerked up as their tongues slapped at his cock. "Nnnnnn, now you got it."

Leah and Helen dined sumptuously on Craig's prick. Their tongues eagerly licked up and down the entire length of his huge cock. They drenched it prick with spit, their tongues working feverishly, snaking around his cockshaft and over the bloated prickhead. Their lips met at his pisser and they kissed, Craig's cock throbbing between them.

Craig squirmed on the floor as their hot mouths made a meal of his raging hard-on. He reached down and ran his fingers through their hair, urging them to get rougher. His hips moved slowly, jerking up as they nipped on his cockshaft. He moaned, reveling in the joy of having, two women lick his cock.

He jabbed up, their teeth getting more demanding. "Keep it up," he groaned, his hips twitching. "Unnnnn, not so hard."

As if they each knew what the other was thinking, Leah and Helen sank their teeth into his shaft. They chewed, working their teeth up and down his boner, gnawing, and flashing their tongues like wet sadistic whips.

Leah rubbed his balls, then brought her mouth to his thick-skinned ball-sac. She lapped her tongue over the rough wrinkled skin, felt his balls contract under her expert tonguing. "You got a real load, honey," Leah purred.

Craig groaned, humping up, the head of his cock in Helen's mouth, his balls being licked by his wife, "One of your pussies is gonna get it too."

Leah spread his legs, soaked his balls, and chewed on his hard thighs, her fingers caressing his cockshaft, touching Helen's mouth as she bobbed, her face up and down his prickshaft.

Helen gobbled on his prick, her tongue swiping across his pisser and around his cockhead. Helen sucked deep and saw Leah working her mouth on his balls. She chewed, Craig's groans eating away at her mind. She plunged her head down, taking both his cock and Leah's fingers into her mouth.

"Aghhhh," Craig groaned, his body jerking and twisting under Leah's sucking mouth and Helen's gobbling teeth.

Leah lapped his balls, lifted them, sucked on the flesh underneath, her tongue darting down to the crack of his ass. She lifted her head, drooled as Helen feasted on his prick. "You like the attention, honey?" she cooed.

"Yeah, Leah," he said. "Just like you got with Frank and Owen."

Leah giggled. "I'll tell you all about it at home." She sat up, her tits bouncing. "Hey, Helen. You better stop. I want this cum in my cunt."

Panting, Helen pulled her mouth off his cock. Spit dribbled from her lips, and her dark eyes glowed. "Ride him, Leah. Fuck his brains out." She moved away from Craig's cock.

"Ohhhh, God, do I need your prick," Leah moaned.

"Then climb on and shut up," he rumbled, still angry about the things she had done.

Leah, dazed with lust and trembling, climbed over her husband's prick. Shaking, she grabbed his cock and dragged his prick through her pussy. "Ooooo, Craig. I can't stop shaking."

Helen gasped, crawled over and grabbed Craig's cock away from Leah's shaking fingers. "Let me stick it in you," she moaned. She gouged Leah's cunt with the head of Craig's cock. Hot cream flowed from Leah's pussy, soaking her hand.

"Shit, Helen," Leah sighed. "Stick it in me before I lose my fuckin' mind!" She was rocking her hips, her tits swaying, her eyes staring hotly at her husband's lust-crazed face.

Helen twisted Craig's cock and found Leah's gaping hole. "Now, Leah... fuck yourself on him." She pulled her hand away.

"Yessss," Leah hissed through her teeth. She slammed down, taking Craig's cock deeper inside her pussy. "Oooooo, Craig. It's been so long!"

Pussy muscles gripped his prickshaft and pulsed against his throbbing prick as hot frothy fuck cream bathed every hard wonderful inch.

Helen gasped, her pussy contracting as she watched Leah's pussy gobble up Craig's fat cock. "Oooo, God." Her eyes popped. "What a sight."

"Why don't you use your tongue on us?" Leah suggested, her hips rolling. She bounced up and down on Craig's dick. "Lick us!"

Helen crunched down between Craig's legs. She brought her mouth to his balls and licked them. She swiped her tongue up over the juice coated base of his dick, then wiggled her tongue up through the crack of Leah's ass.

"Ooooo, shit," Leah squealed.

"Yeah," Craig groaned, humping his cock up into his wife's cunt. He grabbed her tits. "Ride it, whore."

Leah giggled. "Maybe you like me being a whore." She wrenched her shoulders, her tits trapped in his pawing hands as she leaned forward.

"Fuck him," Helen gasped, spreading the cheeks of Leah's ass. "Fuck him hard and I'll tongue your asshole."

Leah pounded her body down on Craig's prick, felt the bloated cockhead gouge at the walls of her pulsating cunt. "Ooooo, Craig. Helen's tonguing my asshole." She wriggled her ass and swooned as Helen's tongue darted deep into her crack.

Craig mauled her tits, taking out his jealous rage on the pulpy meat and swollen nipples. He jerked up, fucking his cock deep, his balls rumbling, the cum churning. "Did you like it with those bastards?"

"Yes!" she squealed, delighting in his cock and Helen's reaming tongue. "I'll do it again if you don't treat me right."

"Bitch," he groaned, fucking his prick into her pussy. Helen pulled her mouth away from Leah's ass crack. She stared as Craig's cock fucked into Leah's pussy. Fuck juice flowed down over his balls and she bent her head and licked it up greedily. She spread Leah's ass cheeks again and began soaking her asshole with her spit.

"Ooooo, Craig. I love sex." Leah lifted, then slammed down, her head snapping back. "Oooooo, Craig, your cock is growing bigger inside me!"

"Yeah, baby," he groaned, feeling her cunt clutch his throbbing prick. His hips jerked faster as he twisted her tits roughly in his hands.

"Ooooo, God?" Leah cried as she felt Helen's tongue plunge deep in her asshole. Her ass bucked against Helen's face as she wildly rode her husband's cock. "Bite my tits, Craig. Bite the fuckin' nipples!"

Helen sucked like a maniac on Leah's asshole. Panting, needing something to fill her pussy, Helen straddled Craig's leg and drenched it in hot buttery pussy-cream. "Unnnnn, God, I gotta get something in my cunt."

"Fuck his Goddamn foot!" Leah shouted as she humped his cock. She tossed back her head, her red hair flying, her eyes bulging with lust.

Helen glided her hot fiery pussy down Craig's leg until his foot banged into her ass. "Ooooo, God. I must be crazy." She squirmed, her gaze riveted to Leah's ass as she pounded violently down on Craig's hard-on. "I'm gonna fuck his foot, Leah!"

"Cream him good, Helen!" Leah shrieked as she fucked frantically on her husband's cock. "I'll cream his cock."

Craig felt the heat of Helen's cunt as she buried his toes in her pussy. "Jesus, Leah. She's fucking my Goddamn foot!" He couldn't believe it.

Leah laughed, spit drooling from her mouth. "Maybe I'll fuck it next!" She leaned into his clenching hands, her clit rubbing into his hard groin. A flash of exquisite pleasure shot through her pussy and she went into wild spasms.

Craig twisted his head and watched Helen whimpering insanely as she fucked his foot. He wiggled his toes and Helen screamed in bliss. He jerked up, fucking his prick into Leah's pussy, making her scream. The two screaming women had him crazy.

"Faster, honey!" Leah squealed. "Fuck me faster!" She slammed down and mangled her clit into his groin. "Ooooo, Craig!"

Craig arched up, jabbing his cock into Leah's boiling hot pussy. He grabbed her hips, lunging frantically in and out of her cunt, her tits slapping him in the face.

"Yesss... yessss!" Leah screamed. "Fuck me! Fuck me!" She turned her head and creamed as she watched an insane Helen fuck herself blind on Craig's foot.

Leah gurgled as if his cock were reaching into her throat. She twisted her hips, grinding her cunt into his humping body. She hit her tits against his open mouth, felt his teeth scrape against her nipples.

"Cum, baby," Craig grunted. "Cream my cock!" He jerked up, his prick swelling, ready to burst. He wiggled his toes and heard Helen scream as she climaxed on his foot.

"I'm ready, Craig!" Leah screamed, her voice competing against Helen's shrill cries. "I'm gonna cum!"

"Me, too!" Craig roared, his stabbing cock going faster into her scalding cunt. "I'm there, Leah, cum!"

Helen heard their screams in her lust-sopped brain. She slammed her body down on Craig's foot, screaming at the top of her lungs as her tits bounced and her cunt creamed. "I'm cumming. Jesus Christ. I'm fuckin' a foot!" Her mind had snapped.

Leah reached the peak. "I'm cumming, Craig. I'm cumming!" She shook as the first orgasm ripped through her bubbling hot cunt, spreading quickly to every inch of her body. "Ooooo, I'm cumming!"

"I'm cumming, too!" Craig roared, his voice drowning out the two screaming women. "I'm cumming!"

Reverend Moss walked in, stopped dead in his tracks. "God in heaven," he mumbled as he stared at the three climaxing bodies on the floor of his living room. "Helen! Oh, my God!"

Craig's prick became a jabbing piston, stuffing Leah's erupting cunt. His prick exploded. "I'm cumming!" A white thick glob of cum spewed from his pisser, splattering the depths of his wife's pussy. More cum followed as he quickly flooded her with cum.

"Oooooo!" Leah wailed as Craig's cum splashed into her cunt. "Ooooo, keep cumming, Craig." She bucked on his dick, her hips jerking, her ass jiggling. She slammed down, twisted her clit into his groin as her eyelids fluttered.

All three were too busy cumming to notice their enrapt audience. Helen, creaming and screaming on Craig's foot, was bouncing wildly up and down, her tits flopping. Leah was writhing and churning on Craig's cock, her cum flowing from her pulsing cunt walls and bathing Craig's jabbing cockshaft. Craig was lunging up from the floors, his cock spewing out thick wads of jizz which filled Leah's pussy and dribbled back out and over his jizzing balls. Their screams blended, filling the room.

Leah cried out, her mouth twisted, her red hair in her face, her tits whacking into Craig's head. She lifted up, then slammed down and ground her cunt into his groin and almost fainted.

Helen ground her cunt onto his foot, then shuddered. She lifted up, quivered, then slumped over, his foot coming out of her cunt. She rested on the floor, her eyes closed, oblivious to her husband's presence.

Leah's arms buckled and she crashed down on Craig, her tits crushed between them. Her hips rolled, her ass jiggled, and she screamed, sinking her teeth into his neck.

Craig jerked up, emptied his balls, then held his wife in his arms, panting for air as he caressed her sleek back.

Reverend Jim Moss cleared his throat to get their attention. He got it.


"Ooooo, Jim," Helen gasped. Her tits jiggled as she tried to cover them with her hands.

Craig groaned. The last thing he wanted was a fight. He shrugged, saw the wide grin on Leah's face.

"Hi, Jim," Leah giggled. "Care to join us?"

"You fucked Leah," Helen blurted before Jim could holler at her. She sat up, no longer trying to hide her naked body.

Jim's stern face turned into a lewd grin. "You should have seen what you all looked like when I walked in. Christ! The three of you, all cumming and screaming."

Craig stood. "Listen, Jim -- you talk it out with Helen. I'm taking Leah home. We got some unfinished business." The fact that Leah had fucked Owen and Frank still rankled him.

"You go, honey," Leah said, licking his lips. "I'm gonna fix this marriage, then I'll be home."

Craig grunted, dressed, glanced back over his shoulder. "I'll be waiting in bed."

"Where else?" Leah laughed as she ran into his arms. She kissed him. "Get your cock nice and hard for me and I'll fuck your brains out."

With Craig gone, Leah spun around, her tits jiggling, her eyes glowing. "C'mon, Helen. Let's get your husband undressed."

Jim looked first at Leah, then at his wife. "Damn. I never thought you'd be fucking around on the side."

Helen crawled over to him. "I never thought you'd be fuckin' around either." She pulled on his pants while Leah tore off his collar and shirt. In seconds, they had him stripped.

"The trouble with you both," Leah said as she fondled Jim's ass, "neither of you ever thought to try anything different with each other." She licked her tongue over Jim's ass.

"I love fuckin'," Helen gasped as she fondled his cock. "I love everything about it." She licked his balls and flicked her tongue over his cock.

Jim groaned as they pulled him to the floor. "I'm learning a lot about you," he said as Helen gobbled his cock into her mouth. "Unnnnn, God. You never sucked me before."

Leah nibbled on his chest, rubbing her naked body into his frame.

Helen lifted her head. "I never thought you'd liked having your cock sucked." She dropped her head and sucked his prick back into her mouth.

"There's a lot of things you don't know," Leah sighed. She sat up, playing with her own tits as she watched Helen feast on his cock.

"I'm listening," Jim groaned, his ass jerking on the floor.

"For one thing, Owen and Frank from the activities committee raped me today. I think we got a congregation that's really into sex."

"Jesus Christ," Jim said, his cock trapped in his wife's mouth.

Helen pulled her mouth off Jim's prick and sat up. "Maybe we ought to throw a party, a sex party, and invite them with their wives. I'll bet it would be a blast."

Jim's head was reeling. "You'd really like that?"

"I would if you would," Helen giggled. "Everyone would," Leah said. She looked at Helen, her pussy pulsing. "How would you like to be raped in both holes?"

"Ohhhh, Leah! I'd love it if Jim was one of the men fucking."

"It sounds great to me," Jim grunted, seeing his wife in a new light.

"They did some other things to me, too," Leah panted, wanting to do them to Helen.

"What?" Helen gasped.

"They pissed on me and shoved a hose up my ass and filled me with water until I almost burst."

Helen became dizzy and looked at her husband. "Would you piss on me? Both of you... piss on me!"

Leah was ecstatic. Helen was just like her. Church functions would never be the same again. "You game, Jim?"

"Why not? Our sex life until today has been boring. Right, Helen?"

"Not anymore," Helen gasped as she threw herself on her back and spread her legs. "From now on, it'll be one fantastic fuck after another."

Jim stood, his prick rigid, his balls swollen. He leered down at his wife, liking the idea of pissing on her. "You ready for your first bath?"

"Ooooooh, yessss," she gasped, writhing on her back. "Give me a nice bath in piss."

Jim aimed his cock as his wife's body, his groin knotting with excitement. "This is wild!"

"You know it is," Leah sighed, wishing he were pissing on her instead. "Drown her and watch her cream, Jim."

Jim grunted and a spraying arc of piss shot from his cock, splattering over Helen's tits. Amazed, he guided the stream of yellow over her tits and belly.

"Oooooo!" Helen gasped, squirming on her back. "I am creaming! It feels so wonderful and hot!" She watched as Jim pissed all over her body. "My pussy, too!"

Jim obliged his squealing wife. He pointed his cock at her cunt, drenched her pussy with piss, then her naked thighs. "Christ, baby!" he groaned, directing his piss back on the jiggling flesh of her tits.

He watched it splatter. Seeing his wife in this new way had him crazy. He couldn't wait until he fucked her.

Leah watched, her pussy in spasm. In seconds, she was going to piss all over Helen and the thought made her dizzy.

Helen twisted on her back, the spraying stream of piss still splashing against her tits. She rubbed her jiggling tit-flesh, the piss splattering her hands. "Oooooo, Leah. You piss on me, too," she gasped as Jim's cock squirted the last drops of the golden shower on her thighs.

"I'm gonna piss over your fuckin' face," Leah said.

"Yeahhhhh!" Helen cried. "Fuck me while she pisses on me, Jim."

Jim had already decided he would. "You bet, baby," he groaned, stroking his raging hard-on.

Leah straddled Helen's flushed excited face. "Look at my pussy, Helen. Watch me piss!"

Helen gazed up at the red oozing gash of Leah's hot gorgeous pussy. "Ooooo, it looks so delicious."

Jim stood between Helen's legs and leered at Leah's ass as she straddled Helen's face. "Piss, Leah. Piss on her!"

"Ewwwww, yesss," Leah sighed, letting go with a steamy stream of golden piss. "Ooooo!" She shuddered, drooled as piss flowed over Helen's face.

Helen gasped as the splashing piss drenched her face. She grabbed Leah's hips, kneaded the soft flesh. Helen gasped, then gurgled as Leah's piss-stream found her open mouth.

Leah creamed and jerked her hips, her tits flopping. "Fuck her, Jim! Fuck your new and exciting wife!"

Helen choked, her mouth flooded with piss. Piss gushed from her mouth, flowing over her cheeks and chin.

Leah shivered in bliss. She slammed her cunt down on Helen's face, pissing directly into her mouth as hot tingling spasms raced through her cunt.

Helen choked and gulped, drowning on the hot piss gushing from Leah's body. Helen grabbed Leah's ass, scratching her ass cheeks, leaving thin red lines of passion in the creamy skin.

"Ahhhhhhh!" Leah cried, her hips humping as the last of her piss left her body. "Eat me. Make me cum!"

Jim dropped to the floor, his cock swinging between his legs. He leaned over his wife's body. Leah's ass was in his face. "Unnnnn," he grunted, jabbing his prick deep into Helen's cunt.

Helen lunged up and ground her cunt into Jim's groin. She raked Leah's ass, her mouth chewing viciously on Leah's hot juicy pussy. She was in heaven.

Leah's tits bounced as she ground her cunt into Helen's gobbling mouth. "Make me cream, Helen! Bite my clit!" She squirmed, feeling Jim attack her ass with his teeth. "Aghhhhh!"

Jim lunged into his wife's cunt, his cock fucking deep. He twisted his head and chomped on Leah's jiggling ass as Leah ground her cunt into Helen's sucking mouth.

"Baby," Jim groaned, furiously fucking her pussy. "Unnnnn, baby!"

Helen couldn't answer him. She was too busy feasting on the sticky meat of Leah's seeping cunt. She reached up, grabbed Leah's tits and twisted them in her hands, making Leah howl. She darted her tongue into Leah's pussy, licking crazily at the spongy walls that constantly pulsed and oozed delicious-tasting fuck cream.

Leah went wild. She writhed on Helen's mouth and gasped as Helen found her clit and began to chew it.

"Oooooo, make me cum, Helen!" Leah wailed as she pressed into Helen's pawing hands. "Oooooo, make me cream your fuckin' face!"

Helen was out of her mind. Jim was fucking viciously into her pussy and Leah was mashing her cunt into her face. She sucked hard on Leah's clit, her hips constantly jerking as she fucked herself wildly on Jim's cock. Her pussy creamed, bathing Jim's fabulous cock in its warmth.

Jim plunged hard, fucking his prick in to the balls. His balls swelled and he chomped hard on the cheeks of Leah's ass. "Cream her face," he grunted, fucking in and out of his wife's pussy. "Cream her, Leah!"

Leah fell forward, crushing her cunt into Helen's face. She braced herself on stiff arms, grinding her hips. Her cunt was on fire. Helen's tongue was reaming deep.

"Ooooo, God, I'm getting close. So fuckin' close!" Leah cried.

Helen gobbled Leah's clit into her mouth. She sucked and whipped her tongue over the tip. Moaning, Helen lifted her ass off the floor, twisting her hips as Jim fucked her pussy with his cock. She gurgled as the pleasure in her pussy mounted.

"Make me cum!" Leah wailed, twisting her hips. She slammed down, crushing her cunt against Helen's mouth. "Ooooo, make it happen, Helen!"

Helen mauled Leah's ass, found her ass crack and jabbed her fingers into her asshole. Helen finger-fucked Leah's ass while she chewed manically on her cunt, her body jerking out of control as Jim continued to fuck her with his cock.

Jim fucking in and out of his wife's pussy, stared at the crack of Leah's ass. His eyes bulged as he watched Helen's fingers rip into Leah's ass crack at blinding speed. "Ooooo, God," he groaned, his pace quickening, his balls swelling. "Ooooo, God!"

Leah rotated her hips, ground her cunt into Helen's face. Her tits, the nipples ready to burst, swung heavily beneath her. She snapped back her head. "Oooooo, I'm ready! Ready to cum!" She humped back, her ass gobbling up Helen's fingers as she raced wildly towards an explosive orgasm.

Helen clenched her teeth into Leah's hard blood engorged clit. She chewed, her head snapping from side to side as she jerked her hips and fucked herself on her husband's cock.

She wanted their cum. She sucked, whipped her tongue, then gnawed on Leah's clit, bringing the redhead to the peak.

Leah humped, her back rigid, her tits swinging. "Oooooo, Helen! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" Jim his hips fucking his prick into Helen's overheated pussy, watched as Leah climaxed against Helen's face. "Jesus Christ," he gasped. "Chew her up, Helen. Chew her!"

Helen chewed. She chewed and sucked, her fingers fucking in and out of Leah's bucking ass. Hot fuck cream flowed over her face, into her mouth, and down her chin. She humped up, bucked her own hips as Jim's cock lashed into her pussy.

"I'm cumming!" Leah wailed. "Oooooo, Jim, I'm creaming her face. I'm creaming!" She ground her cunt down, screeched as Helen's teeth chomped on her clit. She jerked back and rolled her hips, her tight shitter gobbling hungrily at Helen's stabbing fingers. "Aghhhhh!"

Helen reamed her fingers deep into Leah's asshole. She swallowed the buttery cum as it gushed from Leah's pussy. She chewed, sucked, then chewed again, her own pussy ready to explode at any second.

Leah jerked back, her clit almost coming off in Helen's mouth. "Ayieeee!" Leah squealed happily. "Ooooo, Helen!" She bucked, her elbows buckling as the last of her orgasms ripped through her pussy and weakened her.

Leah gasped as she collapsed, rolling away from Helen's vicious mouth and stabbing fingers. She rested on her back, Jim's grunts and Helen's squeals of pleasure echoing in her head.

Leah sat up, watched for a minute, then dressed. "I'm going home," she said.

Neither heard. They were too busy fucking. Leah left, happy that she had brought them closer together and had showed them how much fun sex could be.

"Now," she muttered as she climbed into her car. "I'll go home and have fun with my own husband for a change." She giggled, gunned the motor and headed home.


Leah wandered into the house. Excitement bubbled in her pussy. She climbed the stairs and rushed into the bedroom, expecting to find Craig in bed, his cock hard and ready. The bed was empty. "Craig?"

Craig came from behind the door, slammed it shut. He grabbed her arm, spun her around. "Now, we'll talk about you taking on two men."

Leah laughed. "You're jealous."

"So what?" He ripped off her dress and bared her naked body. He was breathing hard, his cock stiff, aching for his wife's pussy. He threw her to the bed and glared down at her, his gaze settling on her cunt.

Leah writhed on the bed and parted the wet puffy folds of her pussy. "I liked it," she purred. "Loved it."

"Slut," he said. "Whore."

"Yesss, Craig, but I'm your whore." She rolled her hips suggestively. "You should have stayed. I pissed all over Helen's face while Jim fucked her."

"Jesus." He groaned, sorry now that he hadn't stayed. "Maybe I'll piss on you," he said. "Maybe I'll beat the shit out of you, too."

"I'd love whatever you do to me," she giggled lewdly. "I love anything that has to do with sex." She humped up, pretending she was being fucked. "Jim and Helen are gonna throw a party. Frank and Owen will be there with their wives. You can get even by fuckin' them. Sound good?"

"Sounds great," Craig moaned, unable to tear his eyes off his wife's luscious body. "They're both hot-looking bitches."

"I'll bet you'll never miss church on Sunday anymore," she giggled, leering at his prick.

"Or the meetings either," he grinned, devouring her with his eyes. He grabbed her, pulled her over his lap as he plopped on the bed. "This is for being a tramp." He plummeted her with hard vicious slaps, turning her jiggling ass to a bright red.

"Owwww! Owwww!" she squealed, laying the stinging pain. "Owwww!" She squirmed as he lashed her ass with his palm. "Oooo, you're making me cream!"

Craig didn't stop until her ass was glowing red and hot and his arm was tired. He rolled her off his lap and stretched back on the bed. "Take care of me, whore."

"Ewwww, yes," she cooed, rubbing her burning ass cheeks. "I'll take care of you good and proper." She climbed between his legs, drooling as she brought her mouth to his cock. "Mmmmrn, your cock is more delicious than anyone else's." She kissed the tip of his prick and looked up at him, her eyes sparkling with lust.

"I never knew you could be such a hot bitch." He jerked up, banging his cock into her teeth.

"That's the trouble with you men. You all think your wives are innocent. We're not. We're all secret whores who want their husbands to treat us like fuckin' sluts in bed." She nipped his cockshaft, made him groan.

"I'm gonna treat you like one," he mowed as her hot mouth gnawed up and down the length of his prickshaft.

"Good," she gasped, "because in bed, that's what I am." She slobbered all over his cock, her pussy itching for his prick.

Craig reached down and slammed her mouth on his cock. "Suck, whore!"

Leah gagged as he slammed her mouth down his cock. Her eyes bulged as his prick speared her throat and her lips slammed into his groin.

"Chew it, slut!" he roared as her teeth gnawed on his throbbing cock. "Suck it like you sucked everybody else today."

Leah went out of her mind. She sank her teeth into his prickshaft, whipped her tongue over the throbbing underside of his prick, then sucked hard, her teeth clamped into his prick.

"Aghhh!" Craig howled as her teeth chomped into his cock. He yanked her mouth off his cock and twisted her hair. "Easy, Leah. Christ!"

Leah wallowed in her husband's brute force. Her pussy seeped and she gulped his prick.

"Unnnn, now that's better," he moaned as she swirled her tongue around his cockshaft. "Unnnn, God can you suck cock!"

Leah gulped hungrily on her husband's prick. She relaxed her throat and eased the bloated head of his cock into her gullet, her hands skimming under him, gripping the cheeks of his ass. Slowly, she bobbed her head, fucking her mouth up and down the length of his prick until his cock thickened and grew even harder under her expert cock sucking.

"Oooo, Leah," he groaned. "Suck! Suck out my balls!"

Leah was too hot for sucking. She needed his prick in her pussy. She pulled her mouth off his prick, her lips wet with spit, her green eyes glazed. "Fuck me, Craig. Fuck me until I lose my mind." She threw herself on her back and spread her legs wide. "Fuck me!"

Craig groaned and rolled on top of her writhing body, crushing her beneath him. He grunted, his wet cock throbbing violently against her belly. He lifted his ass and aimed his cock at her greedy cunt.

"Shove it in, Craig," she gasped as she leered up at him. "Bury it deep!"

"Here it comes, you fuckin' whore!"

"Ahhhh!" Leah cried, loving the way he was treating her. "Yeahhh. Fuck your whore wife. Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Craig fucked forward, his cock jabbing into her cunt. "You got it, slut!"

Leah arched up to meet his fucking prick. His cock ripped into her pussy like a hot iron cutting through butter. "Oooo, Craig! Oooo!" Her arms curled around his neck and her legs circled his hips, digging into his back. "Ooooo, Craig. Fuck me!"

Craig pounded her pussy with a vengeance. "I'm gonna rip you apart," he rasped through clenched teeth.

"Oooo, you already are!" she squealed, meeting his powerful thrusts with upward jerks. "Ooooo, you're driving me wild!"

Craig sank his teeth into her neck, making her scream. He sucked hard, his body pounding her into the bed, his cock piercing her pussy again and again.

"Ycssss," she hissed, the pain of his biting mouth blending fantastically with the pleasure of his fucking prick. She raked his back with her nails, kicked her heels into his jabbing hips. "Harder! Harder!"

Craig howled as she clawed his back and he pounded her pussy with more violent thrusts. His groin whacked into her clit and he chewed on her neck and shoulders, grunting and moaning with each stab.

"Oooo, Craig. This is the best! You're the best!" She arched up off the bed to meet his stabbing prick as his cock tore into her cunt. She writhed beneath him, her pussy contracting, oozing hot sudsy fuck cream. She felt his prick swell, knew it wouldn't be long before he creamed her cunt with his wonderful cum.

"Make me cum, Craig!" she screamed. "Shoot your cum into my cunt!" She bucked, used her cunt muscles to urge him on, her nails scratching, her heels digging into him.

Craig slammed hard. He groaned, then pushed himself up, balancing himself above her stiff arms. "Baby," he groaned, leering into her passion-crazed face. "Oooo, baby!"

Leah raked his heaving chest, raked his thick-muscled arms. "Oooo, Craig. We're gonna fuck ourselves blind every Sunday with anyone who wants to play!"

"I know!" he yelled, fucking his cock brutally into her cunt. "Anyone!"

"Yessss," she hissed. She felt his cock fill every spongy inch of her cunthole. It made her swoon and she knew she would soon be creaming her brains out. "I'll get fucked and fucked and fucked. Every hole!" She clung to him, her tits flopping, her hips jerking, her cunt gobbling on his prick.

"Who's the best?" he roared, wanting to hear it again. He pulled out his cock to torment her. "Who?"

Leah went insane. "Jesus Christ!" she screamed. "Put it back. Put it back!" She contorted wildly on the bed, her cunt empty, her head reeling. "Fuck me! Please!"

"Who's the best?" he demanded, rolling off her and stretching on his back, his cream stained prick sticking up in the air.

"Ohhh, God!" she cried. "What are you doing?" She rolled over, pulling at his prick. "You're the best, Craig. The best. Now, fuck me. Please!"

"Fuck yourself, slut," he rasped. "Climb on and fuck yourself."

Out of her skull, Leah climbed over him and straddled his body as she whimpered and sobbed hysterically. She grabbed his cock, aimed his prick at her overheated twat.

"You bastard," she hissed as she tortured him with her pussy. "You fuckin' bastard!"

Craig groaned. The heat of her cunt was churning the cum in his balls. "Fuck it, slut! Show me how a whore fucks."

Leah ran his cockhead through her pussy, then cried out with joy. "Oooo, you cock teasing bastard!" She stared down at him, then plunged her cunt down on his cock, impaling her pussy on his fat prick. "Aghhhh!"

"Baby!" Craig bowled, fucking into her cunt. "Unnn, baby!"

Leah twisted her hips, screaming as his cock filled her cunt. Her eyelids fluttered and her head snapped back. "Oooo, Craig!" she wailed as the pleasure inside her cunt grew more intense. "Ooooo!"

Craig grabbed her tits and twisted them in his hands. "Ride it, whore. Ride my cock!"

Leah slammed down on his prick and screamed as his hands sent pain searing through her fleshy tits. Fuck juice squirted from her cunt, drenching his balls and thighs. "OOOO, Craig. You're hurting me so good!" She bounced, her cunt stuffed, her tits mangled in his hands.

Craig lunged up, fucking hard through her gooey pussy. He mauled her tits, the nipples burning into his palms. He pulled her tits and fucked his cock into bet pussy as she twisted crazily above him. "Whore!"

"Yesss! I'm a whore and you're my whore master!" She twisted on his prick, grinding her hips down, his fucking cock ripping into her pussy. She gritted her teeth against the pain of his pawing hands and clawed his chest.

"Fuck me, you whore master! Fuck me!" she swayed, drunk with lust, pain and pleasure driving her berserk.

Craig twisted her tits, seeing the pain and lust in her eyes and on her contorted face. He pinched the swollen nipples viciously until she filled the bedroom with her screams.

"Ayieeee!" she screeched, bucking and humping on his cock, her shoulders wrenching from side to side. "Aghhhh, Craig!"

Craig pulled her to him, then grabbed at her jerking hips, his fingers sinking into the soft flesh. "Unnnn, baby," he groaned as she rotated her hips and milked his cock. "Unnn, you're the best!"

He rocked on his cock, her head in the clouds, her tits feeling as if they were going to bust open, her cunt feeling ready to explode. "Oooo, Craig. Make me cum!"

Craig's cock swelled, his balls rumbled. He was ready to cream. He jabbed up, his hips moving like pistons as he brought his wife to the brink of exploding. "Cum!" he roared. "Cum!"

"Ahhhh!" Leah shrieked. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" Her body twitched and writhed on his fucking prick. She used her cunt muscles, wanting his fuck cream, wanting his spunk to bathe her pussy and put out the fire. "I'm cumming, my darling... ahhhh!"

Craig groaned. The heat of her pussy and the gripping muscles of her cunt made his balls erupt. "I'm cumming!" he howled. "Aghhh... I'm cumming!"

His prick gushed out thick wads of cum which squirted deep into the steamy heat of her climaxing cunt. He lunged up, fucking his squirting cock repeatedly in and put of her cunt hole as she thrashed above him.

"Your cum... heaven, Craig! Fill my fuckin' pussy!" She felt each spewing wad of his cum as it spurted into her cunt. Hot flashes ripped through her body. Orgasms swept over her and she rocked dizzily on his stabbing cock. "Oooo, keep creaming, fucker! Keep creaming!"

"I am, whore!" he bellowed, his hands mauling her hips as he fucked his squirting cock into her pussy. "I'm cumming!"

Leah felt as if she were burning up. Her tits heaved as she bucked and twisted on his jabbing cum-squirting cock. She rocked back and forth, her head jerking, her red hair slashing across her contorted face. "Ram it home. Ram it home!"

Craig rammed it home, over and over again. His balls gushed out more thick globs of jism. Spunk sprayed into her pussy, then oozed out as he fucked his cock upward into her squishy heat. He dragged her writhing body over his cock, his ass thumping on the bed. "Baby!" he howled. "Unnnn, baby!"

Jerking and twisting on his cock, Leah screamed about all the things they were going to do. She raked his chest with her nails, her mouth open, spit drooling from her lips. "I'm still creaming, whore master! Aghhh!"

Craig held her as he fucked his prick in and out of her cunt. His balls seemed to hold an endless flow of cum. He creamed again, grunting as he brutally stabbed into her pussy.

"OOOO, Craig. I'm gonna faint!" She thrashed above him, swaying, her tits bouncing. She loved it. Today had been heaven and it was going to get better. She began to shake, her orgasm making the room seem to spin, blurring her vision. "Oooo, Craig!"

Her hands went to her own tits as Craig lunged up into her cunt. She pawed her tits roughly, pinching the nipples, wallowing in the pain. She leaned forward, whacking her tits into his face as she ground her clit into his cock.

"Fucker! Fucker!"

Craig bit her tits, marring the flesh with teeth marks. He snipped at her nipples. Leah's screams echoed in his skull. He lashed up, his balls coated with cum, swinging as his ass pounded the mattress.

Leah shuddered. "Ahhhh!" She collapsed on top of him, crushing his face in her pillowy tits. "Oooo, Craig... the best... Fantastic... fuck of my life!" She was panting, his cock still jabbing into her pussy.

Craig held her, lunged up, emptying his balls in a flurry of quick jabs. "Aghhhh, baby!" he grunted, his hips grinding to a stop.

Leah rolled off, snuggled close. "It's gonna be such fun," she whispered, licking her tongue into his ear. "Every Sunday, a party, getting fucked God, I can't wait until I try the other men."

Craig groaned, thinking about all the other women. "It's gonna beat sleeping late on Sunday morning," he laughed, cradling her in his arms. "Now, how about shutting up? I'm bushed."

Leah was already asleep.


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