The unfaithful fiancee

How far will some people go to achieve those things that are important to them? A question as old as man. And as long as people have goals they feel are important, other people will feel as if they have been exploited for the sake of an individual's goals.

Examples can be found everywhere that the end justifies the means for people whose personal achievement, or success, or personal desires, is the only thing that really matters.

THE UNFAITHFUL FIANCEE is a story about a young woman who will do anything to attain the goals she has set for herself. She will even resort to what some would call perverted acts in order to get what she wants. But the fact remains that despite the means she uses to reach her goal, she does find happiness, and no one is harmed.

A startling story that provides insight into the happiness that can be attained by some from actions that much of our society considers perverted.


Sue had always loved screwing Dan, right from the very first time.

In fact, each succeeding time seemed even better than the one before. The whole history of their sex life had been like one building orgasm. Neither of them had the slightest idea where it all would end, and frankly, they didn't give a damn.

"Oh God, Dan... screw me harder! Shove that big cock of yours deeper inside my pussy! Uuuuuuhhh, I love it... I love it!"

They had planned to go to a jazz club that night. The place was usually jam-packed, but Dan had managed to wangle a couple of tickets from a friend who had other plans for the evening.

When she had greeted him at the door, Sue was all dressed. She wore a tight-fitting white top that swooped down off one shoulder over the half-exposed swell of the opposite tit. Her skirt was skin-tight, highlighting every curve of her well-shaped ass. Dan could not resist a grab as she led him into the living room of her apartment.

She giggled and turned around to face him, hands on hips, her blonde hair bouncing onto her shoulders. "Just what do you think you're doing!" she demanded sassily.

"Pinching your ass, beautiful! Just what the hell do you expect me to do when you come to the door looking like that? You're not going out in public that way, are you?"

He was teasing her, but there was a nervous strain of truth in his mock-anxiety. It seemed almost too good to be true sometimes, that he should have such a good-looking woman all to himself. He wished she would not dress in quite such provocative clothes. He could not stand the thought of losing her to some fast-talking Romeo with a smoother pitch than his own.

Not that Sue acted like a woman interested in other men; she always appeared to have eyes only for him. She always responded wantonly and wholeheartedly to his amorous play.

"Sure, I'm going out like this!" she told him, and she pulled her skirt up over the twin globes of her ass to give him a better view of her costume. She wore only pantyhose underneath. The sight of her smooth-fleshed ass-checks under their thin lewd covering made Dan's cock jerk hungrily in his pants.

That was how it had started. Dan had bent her over the big buffet under the hall mirror, so she could watch herself while he was screwing the hell out of her. He pulled her pantyhose down to her knees, heedless of her screams: "Oh... no! You're going to give me a run! Don't hurt me!"

She was loving every minute of it!

His thick, hard-swollen cock drove deep into the hot channel of her cunt. She was already sopping wet inside her pussy.

"You sexy bitch! What's been turning you on! Go on! Tell me!" He shoved his cock as far into her clinging cunt-hole as he could get it. His eyes moved from the thrilling sight of his cock soaring between her squirming ass-cheeks to the view in the mirror of her pleasure-slackened face. Her jaw hung open. Her eyes roamed lazily around in her sockets, with no clear goal in sight. Her pink tongue-tip darted out to wet her lips from time to time. The sight of her abandoned excitement made him shove his cock into her deeper. "Well? Are you going to tell me you got that wet just waiting for me to come over?"

Her eyes closed lazily as she wriggled her ass back against his filling cock, taking every last inch of him deep in her belly. "Ooohhh... I did, lover! All day at work, I was thinking about how much fun it would be to screw you tonight! And you know it turns me on not to wear any panties! It feels sooo... oh I don't know! Just screw me, Danny! I need it so bad! Mmmmmm..."

Dan did not think there was a man alive who could have resisted an eloquent plea like that one. He did just what his girlfriend asked. His hands grabbed firm hold of her ass-cheeks, until they made the skin turn red. Instead of protesting, she cooed with pleasure and rotated her hips back to meet his next solid thrust. Her cunt-muscles spasmed around the turgid girth of his cock. The big man grunted with his own building pleasure.

"Jee-zuz, Sue, you've got a hot cunt! There's nothing like it anywhere, baby!"

Dan felt he was pretty well qualified to make such a statement. He had had a lot of women in his time -- most of them beautiful, all of them eager lays. But not one had the special qualities to make his cock rise to quite the rigid peak of excitement that Sue inspired. As far as Dan was concerned, the blonde was a woman in a million -- at the very least. He wanted to make damned sure that she did not get away from him. He was determined to make her wet clutching cunt his very own.

"Oh, Danny... your cock feels so hot and hard inside! You're the greatest, lover! Aaaaahhhh!"

Sue could not have said exactly what it was that made that special chemistry between her and Dan. But there was no doubting that it was there by the barrelful. Just the touch of his finger on her elbow was enough to bring her close to cumming. The thrill of feeling his stiff cock impaling her pussy was indescribable. All the blonde knew was that for the past four months she had been enjoying the best, most intense, most wanton lovemaking of her whole twenty-three years. She had never felt so hungry before, or so repeatedly satisfied.

The nights she and Dan spent together, they did not get much sleep. But both of them spent the next day with idiotic smiles on their faces. The lovers were convinced that they had discovered an erotic combination that had never been known before. They felt like explorers in a new land. The experience was a heavy one, an intense one. And it just seemed to go on and on...

"Screw me, Danny! Oh, screw-w-w me!" She looked at her passion-distorted face in the mirror and a new wave of pleasure swept through her. The good-looking blonde secretary had never been afraid of indulging the needs of her ripe shapely body. She had lost her virginity when she was eighteen to a boy hired by her father to help lay the foundation of their garage. Rather than questioning her youthful surrender to lust, Sue had recognized right from the start that she just plain loved to fuck. She had done a lot of it, and enjoyed it all.

It had come as a surprise to her that anyone could affect her with quite the intensity that Dan Walker exuded. It had been like being born again to a whole new, higher level of sexuality. It had been an intense thrill for the young woman to realize there was so much she had not learned yet, and to make the realization just at a point when she had thought she knew it all and might be getting a little bored.

The fury of her gyrating motions had made one of Sue's big round tits bust right out of her top. The pink areola was swollen to aching tenderness by the woman's arousal. Her nipple was hard, sticking straight out at her reflection in the glass. Dan took one look at that rich swelling globe and had to have a feel of it. While he held his cock buried in Sue's cunt, he clasped her tit and tugged on the nipple roughly.

She proved a match for him. Instead of crying for mercy, she squealed with delight. She rubbed her buttocks obscenely back against her boyfriend's loins, trying to force him to get on with his fucking rhythm. She thrust her tit willingly into his hand, looking for more of the inciting pain-pleasure signals.

"Christ, Sue, you're too much, baby! You like it all, don't you! I couldn't hurt you if I tried when you're like this!" While her pussy-walls struggled to keep him captive within her cunt, he started to fuck her with quick, deep, even strokes. "God, I think your twat's trying to eat me alive! It's good, baby! Good!"

She could tell by the dreamy quality of his voice that the big man's self-control was hanging by mere shreds. It didn't disturb her. It was fine with Sue if her lover wanted to cum. She knew the first swelling of his cock, as it surrendered to explosion, would drive her to climax. It happened that way with them often, particularly when they were as frantic in their lovemaking as they were now. It was as if they were two sticks of dynamite, both working off the same fuse.

"Uh... uh Dan...!"

She clung to the edge of the heavy oak buffet and let herself be impaled over and over again by the determined force of Dan's thick cock. She thrust back to meet him as best she could, but Sue's strength was waning. The pleasure-darts had her in sway. Her knees felt as if they might buckle at any moment. She continued to moan and whimper helplessly, revelling in the repeated thrust of her lover's passion.

Though she did not see it coming, the moment when Dan's cock began to swell to bursting forced her right over the edge into ecstasy. "Ooohhh... oh, God, Dannnnn... I'm cummmmming!"

He was doing it at the same moment she was. It was a consuming experience, made all the better by the knowledge that his woman was right up there with him.

"Jeez, Sue... uuuhh! Yeah, baby!"

He bent forward and clutched her tightly around her slender waist. They remained locked together like that for some time, enjoying the trickling warmth of their spent passion as his cum oozed from her pussy around the shrinking girth of his cock. At last the awkward position forced them to straighten up. Though her thighs were smeared with cum, Sue did not bother to wipe them off. She pulled her pantyhose up, right over the telltale smears of their excitement.

Dan grinned at her questioningly.

"It's good for the complexion," she explained. "You want to get down to the club? We'd better hurry if we're not going to miss the whole show."

Dan grabbed hold of her before she could start putting on her coat. He pulled her roughly to him and wrapped her in his arms. "You're a great woman, Sue," he told her.

She kissed him on the tip of his nose and giggled. "And you're a great man! The greatest!" She realized then that he was being serious, more serious than normal. Out of respect for his mood, she put her arms around him more gently and snuggled into his shoulder. She sensed that he wanted her soft right now. "I have such a good time with you, Dan."

"I want you to come back East with me to visit my family," he told her abruptly. "That vacation we've been planning together, that's where we ought to go."

She was shocked. He had never before even breathed a hint of such a plan. Meeting the family sounded like serious business. "But, Dan... I mean, why right away? What's the hurry?"

"Because I want to marry you, and I suppose I ought to let the folks have a look at you before we do it. Doesn't that sound fair?"

Sue's jaw hung limply. She was dumbfounded. Dan was covering a lot of territory awfully fast. A few minutes ago, the biggest thing on her mind had been a jazz show, now it was marriage. They had discussed it obliquely once or twice, but nothing nearly so direct. Sue was not even sure how she felt about marriage. She thought she was awfully young...

"Well, Sue... what do you say?"

He was looking at her with such trust, such vulnerable confidence. She felt a surge of love for him stronger than anything she had ever known. She knew right then, she could not do without the overwhelming joy of this man's talented cock or his enthusiastic admiration. He always made her feel so beautiful.

Marriage! Well, why not? Most everyone did it, at least once. Some even made it work. "What do I say? I say we should go and visit your family. But, you know, I'm going to be scared stiff. I've never been a candidate for a daughter-in-law before. Will you promise me one thing?"


"Let's not tell them we're thinking about marriage, at least not at first. I don't want them to feel like they have to like me or anything."

"They're going to love you! But okay, whatever you like. But I warn you; as soon as they see the dumb look I get on my face when I look at you, they're going to jump to their own conclusions."

"So let them jump! Speaking of which, what say we skip the jazz tonight? My pussy is all of a sudden awfully hungry for you again."

It was another long night at home for Dan and Sue. Both of them felt like they were screwing six inches up off the bed!


One thing made both of them nervous -- when they were staying under the roof of Dan's parents, Luke and Lucy, they would have to sleep in separate rooms. For the sake of peace in the family, the rules would have to be observed.

At first, Sue had been appalled by the idea of such hypocrisy. After all, Dan was twenty-eight years old! Why should he have to pretend in front of his parents that he was still a virgin? Or whatever it was he was trying to prove!

She expressed her point of view to Dan in no uncertain terms. He calmly tried to explain that, with her own parents dead, Sue had forgotten what it meant to try to get along with the older generation. He was not trying to prove anything to his folks, he said. He was just going to show them respect by doing things the way they thought they ought to be done in their own house.

That seemed reasonable to Sue; she voiced no more objections. But she insisted that the trip back East be a sexual marathon. "Otherwise I don't know how I'll exist, darling! I'm so used to getting nice long doses of that big hard cock of yours!"

"It's not as if we won't have some time to ourselves in the house, you know. Dad works long hours, and Mom's always working on some committee or other. We can fool around then."

She giggled and rubbed the soft place in the front of his trousers. "That sounds like fun. But I still want to screw my way across America!"

Dan pretended that the very idea exhausted him. "I guess I better start eating steak for breakfast and dinner!"

"And don't forget the oysters!"

It was a good trip. Dan had no trouble living up to Sue's expectations. It was the first time they had been away together, away from the old routine and the daily job vexations. They could scarcely keep their hands off each other.

"This is exciting, Dan. I feel like we're starting life all over again, just you and me against the world, against the open highway."

"That's it, baby. And when we're married, it'd be even better. Just think of all the things we can do."

It was the last day of their trip. They were having lunch in a small restaurant just a couple of hours outside the town where Dan's family lived.

Sue reached under the table and squeezed the front of Dan's trousers. "I can't think of a thing we don't already do together."

He grinned. "I'm sure there must be something, beautiful."

The blonde felt a hot surge in her cunt as Dan's cock lurched to her touch. "Oh, Dan... I'm so horny for you! Can't we do it just one more time before we reach your folks'? We might not be able to do it again for days!"

She could tell her argument carried weight. His cock was growing to steely hardness under the caressing incitement of her hand. The crotch of her panties was already wet. She could almost feel his stiff cock inside her craving cunt.

Dan looked around the restaurant. The waitress was leaning lazily over the shelf that was designed to carry the fresh offerings from the kitchen. She was talking with the cook, totally heedless of their presence. They had paid their bill; she had no further business with them.

"Let's head out the back way! Quick!"

Her heart pounding with excitement, Sue hastily followed Dan out of the dining area and into the little corridor that she knew led back to the restrooms. There had been no other patrons in the restaurant since their arrival, so they knew they were not going to run into company. Dan opened the door to the women's room.

"Quick! In here! For all they know, we've already gone!"

A lot of their hunger for each other was provoked by the sheer naughtiness of what they were doing. Neither of them had ever had a quickie bathroom fuck before. The thought that someone might come knocking at the door any moment made them tear fiercely at one another's clothes. Sue pulled Dan's cock out of his fly. He had her slacks and panties down around her ankles by the time he was ready to impale her.

Automatically, Sue pulled one foot out of her pants so she could spread her thighs wider. She was in a hurry for that sleek hard cock held so urgently in her clutched hand. "Oh God, Dan! Do it to me quick! I'm dying to feel this beautiful big cock up inside my pussy!" She sounded like a woman who has been withering away with horniness.

The fact was, Dan had screwed her thoroughly before they had left their motel room that morning. At the moment, the memory of that ecstasy seemed only like hors d'oeuvres for a lunch entree. The blonde was greedy and reckless in the way she guided the bloated tip of Dan's cock toward the heated slit of her snatch. "Oh baby... open up and let me in!"

Dan had her backed up against the wall next to the paper towel dispenser. Her hairy cunt-mound was tilted upward, waiting for him. His cock-tip was throbbing at the first contact of pussy-hair and the yielding moistness beneath. Dan was not about to wait for an engraved invitation. He grabbed her by the ass-cheeks and pulled her up until she was standing on tiptoe. Now she was at the right angle for him. He flexed his buttocks muscles and shoved his cock into her. Her cooing moans of satisfaction made him frantic to do it to her again. Which he did.

"Aaaggghhhh... God-d-d, yesss! Screw me, lover! Your cock is stretching my pussy so fine!"

In her mind's eye, Sue was entertaining lewd images of their depravity. Here they were, clutching each other like a couple of animals in the ladies' room of a country restaurant. Her pants were lying in a careless puddle at her feet while she struggled as high onto tippy-top as she could get, to invite his cock into her cunt at the angle of greatest satisfaction for both of them. Her bare ass was cold against the tiled wall, but the sensation only added to her excitement. It was a reminder of their depravity. It was a goal that made her wonder what that sullen waitress would think if she could see them now!

"Oh yeah... your cock feels so good in meeeee!"

She tried to keep her voice down. It was not easy. The more she thought about their unusual situation, the more aroused she got; the more out of control she got.

Dan took a snugger hold of her ass-cheeks and pulled her right up off the ground. He was a big man who outweighed his good-looking girlfriend by almost a hundred pounds. The force of his lust made him even stronger than normal. She felt no heavier than a baby as he fed her wet, heated cunt again and again to his eager, rampaging cock.

His mouth sought hers and their tongues entwined lewdly. The ferocity of their fucking was flamed by the unchecked hunger with which they explored one another's mouths. Their lips nibbled; their tongues stabbed; their bodies throbbed with their building lust. They were taking each other higher and higher.

As he grew more immersed in the depraved energy of their forbidden sexual peak, Dan found himself less able to cope with the strain of trying to keep Sue off the ground. He tried setting her down on tiptoes, the way she had been before. But he wanted more of her than that. He wanted his cock in her deep.

"Turn around, baby! Bend over the sink! Yeah! That's the girl!"

She moaned luxuriously as his cock again found its way into her clinging cunt-hole, this time from behind. His cock felt so much bigger inside. She could feel the enticing prawn his cock-head straining her cunt-lips. He shoved his cock into her. Once he lunged in at an angle that made his cock in line with her cervix. She flinched, then moaned and whined for more.

So engrossed was Sue in her want on fucking when she was bent over the sink in the restaurant restroom, that she did not hear the footsteps that made Dan slow down the heated strokes of his cock into her moist cunt. Someone was coming down the hallway!

The two lovers held their breath, but they did not completely halt the lewd rhythm with which they squirmed against each other, milking the pleasure from their impromptu act of fucking. Dan started to fuck her harder when the door to the men's restroom squeaked on its hinges and someone walked inside.

They were safe for a while longer, but Dan immediately began to shove his cock into Sue's pussy with the intention of getting them out of there as quickly as possible. They could hear the flush of the toilet and the squeak of the taps next door as their neighbor went about his business. The idea that they were flirting so dangerously with discovery made them both frantic for the fiery reward of release. Sue's pussy fluttered with eager excitement. Dan's cock swelled to its limits of rock hardness.

"God, Dan, I'm so excited," Sue whispered. Just the thought that she had to whisper to keep the man next door from hearing her, egged her on in the feverish haste with which she churned her ass back to meet Dan's thrusts. She could feel a thousand taunting goads of pleasure attacking her nerve-endings, each one trying to goad her into surrendering to the liberating arms of orgasm.

But still, she was too intent on the climb -- the climb that was taking her lover higher and higher. She could feel his agonizingly stiffened cock punishing her eager cunt with harsh quick jabs of ecstasy, each one taking her a little farther, a little closer to the brink. She grabbed hold of the edges of the sink to keep herself from being knocked too far forward. As it was, she barely missed collision with the soap dispenser each time Dan's cock immersed itself to the roots in her wet welcoming pussy-hole.

The footsteps of their temporary neighbor had already receded back down the hall. Sue allowed her moans to get a little louder again. Dan grunted fiercely each time he had the woman fully pinioned on the end of his cock. But both of them knew they were screwing on borrowed time. They had to get out of there. What if the man who had visited next door had arrived with a wife who had also been sitting for a long while in a car, looking forward to the next rest stop?

With both lust and practicality urging them on. Each time it made its hot voyage inside, the man felt himself slipping a little closer to climax.

She was pulling on him, egging him on, inviting him to leave her with a thick hot load to remember him by. His whole body ached to give her what every shimmy of her hips was begging for. He knew there was a heavy gift waiting, in his balls, for the moment when he would send it spurting into the greedy haven of her cunt.

"Uh, Jeez, Sue... you really turn me on, baby! Christ, I love fucking this hot hairy hole of yours! Yeah, move it, beautiful! Move that thing!"

His coarse language smacked of desperation. Sue felt the same desperation flooding her senses. It thrilled her to think that Dan was right there with her, fighting the same agony of pleasure that she was dealing with. "Uuuuuh... oh yess... screw meeee!" She watched the lust-slackened face in the mirror, scarcely recognizing it is her own, yet failing prey to its wanton grimace. She looked farther up, at the face of the man who was laboring over her. He grinned at her, or managed to pull off the closest thing to a grin that his facial muscles could manage at the moment.

Her reply was to slam her shapely ass back, sucking his stiff cock once again into the clinging heat of her twat. It thrilled her to watch his eyes close in ecstasy, then open again as he struggled to impale her one time more... then another... then another.

"Oooohh, Sue... oooohh, beautiful! I'm getting there! I'm getting there now-w-w!"

She could feel his cock growing to steel-hard proportions, straining incredibly against the yielding walls of her cunt. She knew then that he was cumming. Every fiber of her being longed to take the journey with him. She relaxed into the wet filling spell of his climax, and she took off to meet her big handsome lover. "I'm cumming, too, Danny-y-y! Mmmmm... you do it to me so ni-ii-ice!"

The blonde secretary clung crazily to the edges of the restroom sink as her knees wobbled and her body shook with pleasure. She felt Dan clinging to her with the same desperation she was applying to the washbasin. His shrinking cock slipped slowly from the hot refuge of her twat. It was almost an insult to her lulling sense of pleasure when his voice reminded her crisply that they should be going. But she knew he was right and she struggled with her limp-bodied awkwardness to adjust her clothes and prepare for their exit.

They made for the back door just beyond the men's restroom, but discovered to their dismay that it was jammed. Dan grinned weakly at his girlfriend as he guided her back up the hallway. "Chin up, beautiful. It's time to run the gauntlet!"

The only customer in the restaurant was a man sitting at the counter, his face buried is a newspaper. He paid no attention to them as they crossed to the front door. They thought they were home free, but just as Dan turned the doorhandle, the sarcastic voice of the waitress assaulted them.

"You should be happy we're not charging you room rates! What the hell! All the world loves a lover, right?"

Dan and Sue did not look back. But when they were safely in his car, they burst into gales of laughter. Their groins still tingled with the glow of their quickie.


Dan had been right about his family's reaction to Sue. They all seemed to love her. As for Sue, she thought they were pretty nice, too. But her nervousness was still with her. She could not forget the idea that she had been brought to these people's house so they could inspect her. It was not in Sue's nature to be self-conscious, but being taken home to meet the family made her feel shy as a sparrow -- for a while, at least.

Luke, Dan's father, gave Sue a warm hug when he met her, and proceeded to try to ply her with alcohol before, during and after dinner. He was not at all what Sue had expected in the father of a twenty-eight year-old man. She had expected someone balding, pot-bellied, arid, nice.

Luke was nice all right, but he was tall and brawny, like his oldest son, and very handsome. He had just enough gray in his hair to give him an air of authority, but otherwise, there was little about him that gave away his age. Dan had told her he was forty-nine, but to the blonde he did not look a day over forty. She did not like the little throbs of excitement she felt in her belly when Luke bent over her to pour her wine. They were not appropriate sensations for a young woman to feel for her future father-in-law.

Dan's mother, Lucy, was a couple of years younger than her husband, but she did not look as young. Still, she was a handsome woman. Her grey-blonde hair was pulled into an attractive chignon that made Lucy look, at the same time, both motherly and elegant. Her figure was still trim, and Sue admired the way the older woman moved about her house, managing the comfort of her family and guest. Lucy was the one Sue instinctively felt closest to. She thought she could understand at a glance exactly what motivated Lucy. It was the father and the younger son who presented the dilemma.

Dick was the smallest of the Walker men. True, he was only sixteen, but already it was clear he would never achieve the full-bodied girth of either his father or his big brother. He was slender and a couple of inches less than six feet. The most amazing part of Dick was his handsome face -- pretty would have been a better word -- but Sue did not want to insult the boy, even in her thoughts: Though Dick said little, his penetrating blue eyes watched the blonde constantly. His attention unnerved Sue. But it flattered her, too. She felt instinctively that the boy's scrutiny was heavily laced with admiration.

It was Luke who dominated the dinnertime conversation. As an outsider, Sue quickly sensed who the pivotal figure in the family was. She joined the others in making casual remarks to supplement the subject matter that Luke chose to deal with in his monologues. The general rule seemed to be "speak when spoken to, or during intermissions". Even Dan followed the rule -- Sue had never seen her handsome fiance so quiet.

"Yeah, Dan, I'm going to have to take this family of mine out to California one of these days to visit you two. I've heard it's a dandy place to live, out there. I'm never going to doubt that business about beautiful California girls again, I tell you. Sue's proof enough for me. I'm proud of you, boy. You got yourself a fine-looking woman there. Make sure you hold onto her."

"Don't worry, Dad. I don't have any intention of letting Sue go. You can take my word on that." Sue nudged Dan in the ribs, a reminder of his promise to keep their engagement secret for the time being. She kept her eyes studiously directed to her plate, pretending she was paying more attention to her food than to the conversation between father and son. Luke's heavy-handed compliment had set her heart beating like a bass drum. She knew she was blushing, and she hated herself for it. She did not usually blush. That Luke did something to her that she did not like made her feel small and vulnerable. Both his size and the force of his personality threatened to overwhelm her.

The defensive feeling made her bristle. She was not going to let any big galoot make her feel like a sweet little thing with a bow in her hair. She looked in Luke's direction, fully intending to give him a stare as cool and controlled as any she had ever produced.

He took her by surprise. He was already staring at her when she looked his way. She could not hold his gaze, but she struggled valiantly to regroup the shattered remains of her self-possession while she drew and erased parallel lines with her fork in her mashed potatoes.

The hand that patted hers startled Sue. She looked up to find Dan's mother smiling at her from the end of the table.

"Poor Sue. I think you're too tired for this dinnertime rattle, aren't you? Would you like me to show you to your room? You get my sewing room. I think you'll like it, it's very cozy."

Sue smiled gratefully at the older woman. She knew she had been right about Lucy. In her own quiet way, Lucy knew how to recognize a situation getting out of control, and how to take care of it.

"That sounds wonderful, Lucy. I guess that week on the road is finally catching up with me." As she rose to leave the table, Dan gave her a quick pinch on the ass that told her he knew exactly what it was that was catching up with her -- getting the hell screwed out of her several times a day.

Hoping no one had noticed his gesture, she reached for Dan's hand and squeezed it. "Goodnight, Dan. See you tomorrow." She smiled politely at Luke, who grinned back at her. She began to believe the mental struggle between them had been all in her own mind. He seemed like a nice man, even if he did talk a lot.

"See you tomorrow, Dick. If I'm not up early enough to see you off, have a good day at school, okay?"

It was Dick's turn to blush. Now that Sue was looking back at him, the boy could not meet her gaze. "Thanks," he muttered.

Sue felt her pussy flutter and was embarrassed, just as if someone might have been able to tell what was happening to her. She realized she was going to have to be careful around the Walker men. All three of them had a powerful effect on her. But only one was hers to explore at will.

Dick was normally a sound sleeper, and it confused him to find himself wide awake in the middle of the night. What had awakened him?

He listened attentively for night noises, trying to detect anything out of the usual. His eyes strained in the weak moonlight that filtered through his curtains. Everything seemed normal, quiet. "God," the boy muttered in disgust. "Now I'll never get back to sleep!"

Dick began to get anxious about the idea of lying awake until dawn and then feeling groggy in school all day. He decided to go downstairs and make himself some hot chocolate. He was looking forward to the idea of a mid-night treat and some time to think.

What he wanted to think about was Sue. Dick had never met a woman who had made such an impression on him as had Sue. Even his good-looking French teacher seemed homely in comparison to the pretty, quiet blonde.

He thought she might even be better than Cheryl Ladd, who at this point in Dick's virginal life was his ideal of female desirability.

It irked the boy that everything his brother had ever had or done seemed so far superior to the highlights of his own boring existence. Dick loved his big brother. In fact, he idolized Dan. But he could not help occasionally resenting the fact that Dan had always had everything -- and still had everything. Now he had this fantastic woman. She was just the kind of girl Dick would have liked to have, but Dick had never even had a girl.

Girls liked him; they thought he was "cute". But that was not the problem. The problem was that Dick felt like a nerd around girls. He couldn't talk. He couldn't even stand around and look cool. He just went to pieces, the way he had tonight when Sue had talked to him.

The boy's harsh self-analysis was cut short by the realization that someone had gotten to the kitchen ahead of him. A faint light glowed beneath the kitchen door and Dick could hear voices -- voices not saying anything exactly, just kind of making noises.

He approached the door on tiptoe and nudged it open just enough to look inside. What he saw made his adolescent nuts throb. His brother, Dan, was sitting on a kitchen chair in his bathrobe with his legs spread. He was getting a blowjob from his girlfriend, Sue!

"Holy shit!" the boy muttered before he had a chance to clamp a hand over his mouth. Dick felt as if he had been turned to stone. He froze up, one hand holding the door ajar while he watched Sue's beautiful blonde head bobbing up and down over his brother's thick-swollen cock.

When he had thawed out enough to think, he was dismayed to see that like everything else, his brother's cock was bigger than his was. It was bad enough to have a brother who was the best-known halfback in the history of the school, while he wasn't even able to make the team. It was worse to know that that same brother also won the awards in the cock department.

Jealousy burned in his veins to watch the beautiful blonde moaning and laboring over his brother's cock. Dick could not help feeling that the wonderful gentle woman ought to be his. What right did Dan have to make her do a thing like that! His brother was trying to humiliate her!

That was what the boy wanted to believe, but it was clear as sunlight that Sue was not doing anything she did not want to do. She was working with a feverish enthusiasm that betrayed itself in the wild way she churned her ass in her thin negligee. The boy strained against the crack in the doorway to watch her generous lips form a tight oval grip around Dan's aroused cock. He held his breath as she slid her lips all the way up to the very tip of his cock, then swooped her head all the way down until she wore a moustache of Dan's dark pubic hair.

When her head had again risen to the peak of Dan's cock, Sue stuck out her tongue and prodded the slit in his cock-head. From her lusty groan of appreciation, the boy understood that she had found what she was after. She had dived for cumjuice and emerged with a tongue-tip smeared with the thick white juice of Dan's pre-seminal fluid.

For a few moments, Dick struggled with his conscience, trying to decide if the lewd scene he was witnessing should bring Sue down in his esteem. She was acting like the kind of woman that a friend of his had told him no man ever respected. She was acting just like a whore!

But the boy's passion had no intention of letting his adoration be sidetracked by anything like moral scruples. As he watched her mouth give loving service to his brother's cock, Dick could think nothing but good thoughts about Sue. If anything, he felt more captivated by her than ever. She was such a sexy woman. And wasn't that just what every man wanted in his girl?

"Oh yeah, beautiful! Suck my cock! You do it so good, Sue baby! Yeah-h!" As he thrust his turgid cock deep into her mouth, Dan reached for the skirt of Sue's negligee and pulled it up over her backside, until the smooth undulating globes of her ass-cheeks were exposed to view. "You sure do have a fine ass, baby! I love the way it works out when you're sucking me! I love watching you turn yourself on!"

She moaned in submissive arousal and dropped her lips all the way down to the base of his cock. "Mmmhhhhh!" She held his cock prisoner in her mouth for what seemed an amazing amount of time. Dan grunted and jerked like a spider caught on a pin.

It was only when he found himself staring right at the naked cheeks of Sue's ass that Dick realized he had an incredible, aching hard-on. He had been so busy before, just adjusting his brain to the perversion he had happened upon, that the actual excitement of the situation had not gotten through to him. But the beautiful picture of Sue's taut churning ass-cheeks cut through all the confusion and spoke straight to the boy's balls. The blonde had one beautiful ass, and Dick felt himself almost overwhelmed by an incredible desire to walk right into the kitchen and caress it. The boy had never experienced so strongly the urge to sink his cock in hot wet pussy. He had never been so close to the real thing!

When she worked her hips at one certain angle, Dick could glimpse her cunt-mound. The hair was thick and darker than her head hair, but it was blonde all the same. It formed an attention-getting thatch over the entrance to her cunt.

Dick was getting bold enough to begin to wish that Dan might pull her negligee off all the way so he could get a look at Sue's tits, too. He ran his hand roughly over the swollen flesh in the front of his pajamas, reveling in the obscene thought of how Sue would look totally naked, kneeling there on the kitchen floor sucking his brother's cock. But the boy realized with a pang of regret that that was not to be. Dan was getting too excited by the feel of her lips wrapped around his cock-shaft, sliding up and down the sensitized flesh. He was not much interested in looking at her shapely body. He had his head thrown back. His mouth was open a little. He looked stupid with shock. His only active gestures were the odd grunt that escaped his lips and the more frequent jerk of his hips that sent his cock storming between the woman's eagerly clasped lips.

Responding to the erotic encouragement of her lover's groans, Sue worked her lips more and more quickly over the thick hard cock in her mouth. It excited her to have her ass bare to the lusty gaze of the big man whose cock filled her throat. She worked like a woman possessed to claim the reward of his thick hot cum. Her every moan, every slurp, every wiggle were in the cause of winning herself a mouthful of hot cum!

Even inexperienced as he was, Dick realized that no man could resist the kind of challenge Sue's mouth was dealing his brother's cock. His own cock throbbed in his hand as he watched his brother's face grow fierce and tense with the effort of rising to meet his orgasm. A thin layer of moisture coated his fingers as he heard Dan bellow out his release.

"Jeez-z, woman! Suck it! I'm cumming, baby! Swallow it all!"

She did as he asked. While the man sat back in want and surrendered to climax, her cheeks hollowed and bellowed as she gulped down his hot cum. Even when his low murmurs of satisfaction indicated he was through, Sue continued to lick the tip of Dan's cock.

The boy crouched outside the kitchen door, awestruck with all he had just seen. Dick realized there was no chance now he would get any more sleep tonight. But sleep seemed damned unimportant compared to the wealth of knowledge and erotic memories he had just picked up. His brain was filled with thoughts of Sue. Sue, the sexiest woman in the world.

"I told you I wouldn't be able to make it even one night without you," he heard her say as he tried to brace himself for the long trip back up the stairs.

"Hell, do you hear me complaining? I'm just damned grateful we both thought of hot chocolate at the same time. The thought of missing anything as good as what you just did makes me want to cry."

The distant sound of the blonde's giggles accompanied Dick back up the stairs -- back up to his lonely virginal bed.


Luke was pleased with the way his boys were turning out. Dick was going to be the intellectual one. He knew that already. In fact, he thought it might be kind of nice to have a lawyer in the family.

He had always been a little worried about Dan. Things seemed to have come too easily to his handsome first son. Dan had grown up with the adulation of high school cheerleaders and football groupies. Though he had won a football scholarship to college, he had never paid much attention to books. As little as he could get away with had always been his approach as far as homework was concerned. Luke had been afraid his big son might end up blowing all the favor fate had dumped into his lap.

At last, though, Luke was starting to relax about Dan. It looked like the boy was growing up. After a half-hearted stab at four or five different careers, Dan seemed to be making a success of his job as a real estate salesman. He was making money and he was talking seriously about starting his own brokerage.

The most impressive thing about Dan these days, though, was the way he behaved toward his beautiful girlfriend. Luke knew his son had been through probably hundreds of women. There were times when he had felt a little jealous of the variety and quality of Dan's "honeys". But Luke basically believed in the institution of the family. He wanted to see his son with one woman, a woman who could help turn him into a better person -- a woman like Lucy. Lucy might not turn him on so much any more, but Luke could not imagine anyone else for a wife. When he had said "till death us do part" to Lucy, he had meant it.

The way Luke saw it, Dan seemed to have those same kinds of feelings for Sue. Luke could see why. Not only was the blonde beautiful, but there was a special kind of quality about her -- an energy, a determination that made a man want to tame her. It even made Luke want to tame her, and the older man regretted having those kinds of feelings about his son's girlfriend. He could not deny the attraction he felt for the young beauty, though. She was quite a woman. He could imagine she would be a dynamo in bed. The very thought of her voluptuous, big-titted body, naked between the sheets, made the man tingle all over.

He and Lucy did not make love much any more, and Luke spent a lot of time half-conscious of being horny. He could not bring himself to being unfaithful to Lucy, but he could not get excited enough about his wife's sexuality to want to fuck her much, either. Luke was a frustrated man, these days. Having a couple of young people around who radiated sexuality did not help him any.

But he liked having his family around him. He hoped Dan would decide to marry the beautiful Sue. Maybe once she was officially Dan's wife -- when there was no doubt about the fact that they were sleeping together -- then Luke would bury once and for all the forbidden cravings he felt every time he looked at her.

He hoped so. Luke worked hard managing his construction business. It did not happen often, but every now and then he treated himself to an afternoon off. He thought today he might go home and drink a couple of beers with Dan, get to know his son better. While he was at it, he could put a little pressure on the boy to make an honest woman of that big-titted girlfriend of his. Despite himself, Luke was remembering how Sue had looked in a tight cashmere sweater, the night before, as he let himself into his house.

He heard no sounds of activity in the house, and for a disappointed moment he thought he would have to spend his afternoon off alone. Lucy, he knew, was at a fundraising meeting. But where would Dan and Sue go? They had said last night they were going to hang around the house today, maybe swim in the pool, relax. That was it! Luke grinned. They must be out back by the pool!

The quickest way to the pool was through the house and out the sliding-glass doors in the dining room. But Luke did not take the quickest route. Instead, he went to the garage first to put away some things he had brought home. The door at the back of his garage was closed. Luke had it open only a little way when his heart did a somersault and his eyes threatened to bug right out of his head.

Dan and Sue were by the pool, all right. But what they were doing was nothing so innocent as swimming and sunning.

Sue was lying spread-eagled on her back on a towel, wearing only the teeny top of a two-piece bathing suit. She was moaning and squirming in ecstatic delight while Dan knelt between her legs, eating the hair-fringed slit of her pussy.

Luke could not believe his eyes. It was as if he had suddenly walked in on a live enactment of his most forbidden fantasy. Only, in his fantasy, it would have been him eating that wet pink pussy with such relish.

"Mmmmm... baby... your pussy tastes great," Dan mumbled between tongue-stabs. Talking only seemed to make him impatient, though, for more of his girl's sweet-tasting juices. He extended his tongue and swirled it around the peak of her aroused clit. Then he slipped it down farther to attack the yielding hole of her cunt.

Luke had a bird's-eye view of everything. And what details he could not make out with his eyes were generously furnished by his imagination. For one fleeting instant, he thought he ought to be annoyed with the younger people for taking advantage of their time alone at his home to indulge in such wanton perversion. But he knew he would only be betraying his jealousy if he tried to act the irate father. In Dan's shoes, he knew, he would be doing the very same thing.

And how he wished he were in Dan's shoes!

The blonde's face was wreathed in sultry smiles as she swiveled her hips up to feed her cunt to her boyfriend's face.

"Mmnmm... yess, Dan darling... like that! Eat my pussy, lover! It's SOOO wonderful!"

Christ! What a sexpot! Luke thought as he crouched inside the garage, watching the progress of the lewd lovemaking between his son and his big-titted girlfriend. She was even better than he had expected she would be, though he had never expected to actually have a chance to see her in action.

He watched her tongue dart from her mouth in passionate anguish as Dan tongue-fucked her deep. He watched her reach up and grab hold of her lush tits, fondling them and pinching them to enhance the sensual effects of her growing abandon. One ripe globe popped out of her skimpy suit-top. Luke found himself licking his lips as he contemplated the tempting picture of the blonde's ripe sex-honed body. She looked incredibly appealing lying there, almost naked, with just that little bit of bikini to accent her obscenely exposed curves.

The older man's eyes roamed frantically from her beautiful flushed face to her big tits to her dark-blonde bush of pussy-hair. Dan's head was in the way of her cunt-slit, but Luke could imagine how hot and wet it must be, how tangy her freeflowing juices must taste. He swallowed hard. His throat was getting dry. Somewhere in the back of his head, Luke knew he was in trouble. He had been putting a lot of effort into trying to forget Sue's well-evident female charms. He knew he could never forget them now, not with memories like he was recording right now.

Knowing she was Dan's girl friend did not help. Luke was growing more certain in his opinions about what kind of woman Sue was -- she did not need to be married to indulge in wanton sex with a man. Who knew how serious she even was about Dan? After all, they had only known each other four months. Maybe she even had other men on the side. She was nobody's woman yet. As Luke had sensed from the beginning, Sue was definitely a woman with a mind of her own -- and a body willful enough to go along with it.

Much as he did not want to let it happen, Luke's imagination was taking more and more liberties with the information he had just gained about Sue. He was letting himself go. His conscience forgot to remind him that he should not be having fantasies about his son's girlfriend; he was too engrossed in thinking what those full bouncy tits would feel like. What it would be like to suck on her nipples until they were hard as little bullets. How she would sound writhing and moaning under him while he fucked her to ecstasy.

It took no imagination at all to summon up the vocal effects. They were right there, hovering in the afternoon air, assaulting his ears like the strains of some powerful aural aphrodisiac. "Ooohhh... God-d-d! It's getting soooo goood! I'm getting there, Danny! You're doing it to meee!" She pulled her knees up so her feet were resting against the man's ears. She used the leverage from her feet to wriggle her ass off the ground and back down again. Her tits bounced with her effort. Her mouth worked in strange contorted motions as she climbed for the satisfaction that hovered a thread's breadth away.

Then suddenly, she was grinding her cunt against Dan's face as if she were trying to glue her pussy to his lips. "Ooooohhh... oh I'm cummming!" Her mouth grew slack as soon as she got the words out. She whined in voluptuous ecstasy as her thighs held Dan's head prisoner to her exploding cunt.

In his hiding place inside the garage, Luke held his breath while he watched the beautiful sexy blonde enjoy the carefree high of orgasm. His cock was throbbing in his pants, responding to the primal call of her arousal. He watched enviously as his son hastily pulled off his swim trunks to reveal his own hard-swollen boner. Luke tried to remember how long it had been since he had felt his own sexuality that vibrant, coursing through his veins down to the mushrooming tip of his cock.

It had been months.

The big man realized he had let himself forget what an all-consuming experience sex could be. He had let his sex life with his wife assume the same secure status in his mind as eating his hot buttered toast in the morning. He really liked hot buttered toast, but if he had thought that was the heights all the songs and stories told about, he would have done himself in long ago. Only in watching blonde-headed Sue getting off did Luke realize how much he wanted to be a whole man again with a whole marriage.

He was shaking, so aroused was he by the thoughts and emotions his voyeurism had stirred in him. He watched only mechanically as his son climbed on top of his girlfriend, as she wrapped her legs around his back and coaxed him to enter her. Her shrieks of delight as Dan's cock penetrated her pussy brought Luke back to reality. But he had not forgotten what he had learned about himself -- and that he fully intended to pass the good news along to his wife.

While he covered Sue's face with kisses, Dan guided his cock expertly in and out of her pussy. From his hiding place, Luke could see the glinting sheen of pussy-juice on his son's cock. The sight made his balls feel ominously heavy, it made his cock strain against his pants. Luke grinned to himself. He felt more a man this afternoon than he had for a long time. That good-looking little blonde had done it for him. How he would like to thank her for her kind service!

Being a practical man, Luke was starting to fantasize about his own wife and how she would like to be taken with the same ferocity Dan was exercising on his girlfriend. He knew Lucy would love it, and he realized a little guiltily that he had probably not been giving his wife all the attention lately that such a good woman needed and deserved. He would make that right. He sure would. But no matter what he did, Lucy's tits would never again be the upthrusting cushions of delight that the twenty-three year-old's were. And the morally impeccable Lucy could never act the whore the way the younger woman was doing with such effortless enthusiasm.

She was a woman born for the sexual imagination of men; Lucy had been born for their comfort.

"Oh, God, Dan! Shove that big cock of yours into my pussy! Do it! Do it to me, baby! Screw meeeee!"

The blonde clung desperately to her lover's shoulders and shimmied her pussy up to meet the lusty thrusts of his hard-driving cock. She tossed her hair from side to side as she raised her head off the ground, as if struggling to climb inside the man, to weld herself to him, to be a part of his force and passion.

Again Luke could not help envying his son, the struggle he was enjoying, to tame the frantic woman whose cunt was sucking his cock with such tireless glee. He figured her cunt must be slippery as an ice-rink by now. What great times a man could have trying to keep his cock's hold on such hot delicious territory!

While Sue whinnied and moaned her incoherent appreciation of Dan's pummeling technique, the young salesman grunted and slaved aver his eager lover, until the sweat gleamed on his back and his skin began to turn red from the sun. Luke grinned to himself as he thought it might serve his boy right if he got himself an ass-burn for his trouble this afternoon. Luke could not rightly make any complaint about their depravity, because he was enjoying himself too much, but they sure weren't showing any respect for Dan's mother by turning her poolside into a stage for an orgy. A part of Luke wanted to concede totally that what Sue and Dan were doing was good healthy fun, but another, more resentful part wanted to see them suffer just a little.

The only suffering Sue was doing was lying there, enthusiastically taking the blunt-tipped intrusion of Dan's cock. There was no hope that Luke might see justice done in that quarter. There was nothing on tap for Sue but pleasure and more cunt-fluttering pleasure. "Aaaagghh! Oh, yessss! Keep doing it like that! Pleeeeeze!"

Luke watched her fingernails digging red welts in Dan's back. His boy was doing all the suffering, all right -- sunburn, and now scratches to go with it. But Dan was a brave lad. He just kept stuffing the feverish woman's twat full of hard cock. And she kept trying to climb him like a baby koala trying to negotiate her first tree -- all grab and no tact.

But the raunchy hypnotizing pace could not continue forever. Luke hated to see the end in sight. He had never enjoyed even a porno movie half as much as he was enjoying watching two good looking young people fucking each other in his back yard. It had almost lost significance for him, that the wanton performers were his own son and his girlfriend -- they had become just two sexy people enjoying their sexuality. They were keeping Luke's cock hard. But he was not trying to imagine himself making it with Sue any more. He was strictly a voyeur now, not a dream participant.

When Dan came, the jerk of his hips was hard and convulsive. He clung to Sue as if she were his only lifeline. "Jeez... oh shit, it's good!"

The blonde provided an eerie background of ecstasy as she too gave in to orgasm. "Eeeee! Oh, God, I'm cumming again, Danny! I'm cummming!"

They were frozen together like an erotic statue, while her pussy absorbed the load of his hot cum. The man in the garage still knelt there, watching them, beads of sweat standing out on his brow. He was reluctant to leave, but he knew he had to retreat and make a noisier entrance, so the kids could get themselves decent. Though at the moment, he was enjoying them a lot more indecent.


When Lucy arrived home from her meeting, she found the house just as quiet as it had been when her husband had arrived. Luke's pickup in the driveway told her there had to be someone about. The natural place to look was the garage. Her big husband had been a master carpenter before he set up his construction business. He still spent many hours engrossed in projects in his workshop, that took up half of the double garage. When Luke saw her enter, he pushed aside what he had been working on and greeted her brightly. Lucy asked no questions about what he was doing -- when he did not volunteer the information, it usually meant he was making her a surprise. She did not like to spoil his surprises, even though she already knew this one would be a hand-carved jewelry box.

"Hello, Luke, darling." She expected the usual warm kiss on the cheek. Instead, she got a long torrid kiss, full on the mouth as Luke swept her into his arms.

Lucy had almost come to the conclusion that their marriage had slipped into quiet middle age. She had almost stopped hoping for passion. Luke took her breath away. When his lips finally left hers, all she could do was stare at him with what she knew had to be a silly grin on her face.

"Luke?" she said at last. "Luke?"

"Well, don't act so Goddarned surprised, woman. It's not as if you don't know you turn me on!"

She smiled and blushed. Her husband's compliment filled her with pleasure, a kind softer and sweeter than the kind his kiss had imparted. "I know, Luke. It's just that we..."

"I know, we're always too busy or too tired or something. It's a Goddamned shame, woman. You're my girl... and I want to enjoy a lot more of you than I've been doing!"

Again Luke had her in his arms and was struggling to kiss her... struggling, because this time she was resisting.

"The kids, Luke! Who knows when they might pop in here, looking for us!"

"Mick's got school government tonight. Sue and Dan have already gone out. He wanted to show her some of his old haunts. It's just you and me, beautiful!"

Reluctantly, Lucy gave in to her husband's passion. She was not used to such spontaneous displays of emotion. It made her nervous to be necking in the garage. It was too public. Anyone could walk in -- a neighbor.

But the power of her husband's kiss lulled Lucy into a sense of security accompanied by a strong urge to let herself be led where Luke so obviously wanted to take her. Sex had been a small part of Lucy's life lately -- too small. She could not pass up an opportunity to make up for some lost time.

Without further ceremony, Luke pulled up his wife's skirt and shoved his hand into her panties. Lucy kept herself in good shape. Even at the age of forty-six, she did not need to wear a girdle. So there was no rubbery barrier to keep Luke from the object of his cock's growing desire. As his hand slipped into the crack of her pussy, he discovered the bud of her clitoris guarding the way. The little nubbin was already hard and engorged with blood. A loud sigh of pleasure escaped his wife's lips as he ran his fingertip around her pleasure-button.

"Mmm... your cunt's hard, Lucy. Guess it must be that I still turn you on, too!"

"Oh, yes, Luke! Yes, you do! Oh, darling!"

She relaxed her head back against his arm as his hand probed deeper into her cunt. Her hair was already starting to fall out of its neat chignon. Lucy shook the long gray-blonde locks back from her face and groaned. It was so depraved to be letting her husband play with her cunt out here in the garage. But the very depravity of the situation was turning her on. It had been a long time since Lucy had felt so turned on, so wanton, so hungry for fucking.

"God, baby, I've been thinking about you all day! I've been thinking about this sweet hot pussy of yours and how I ought to be doing better by it. My cock's hard as a rock, just thinking about stuffing it into your cunt. Feel it, Lucy! What do you think of that?"

He guided her hand to the bulge in the front of his pants. Even through the material, her hand on his cock made him shudder with excitement. He didn't know what he'd been thinking about, letting Lucy's pussy go unused because he'd gotten some notion that the passion was over between them.

Her cunt was now wet as a schoolgirl's. Her soft moans of encouragement made his cock pulse at the thought of fucking her. "Oh Luke! It is hard! Mmmm! Feels good!" Feeling naughty and loving it, Lucy began to unzip her husband's fly. Awkwardly, she pulled out the stiff shaft of his cock. It felt hot and unyielding in her hand. "Ooohh... Luke!" She began to work her fingers back and forth along his cock. His grunts of pleasure egged her on.

Lucy felt wonderful. It was like being kids again, with his hand stuffed in her panties and her hand jacking off his ironhard cock. Her pussy throbbed with desire for her big husband. Luke's new burst of passion had fired her own. It no longer seemed to matter that they were vulnerable, out here in the garage. She wanted her husband to fuck her -- now! "Luke... Luke, can we do it!"

Her feminine plea contrasted sharply with Luke's memory of how Sue had begged Dan to fuck her. He felt an intense surge of love for Lucy, for being just a touch of a virgin, even after thirty years of marriage. She still made him feel like she needed him to protect her. Her sensual dependency made his cock throb for her.

"You bet we can do it, beautiful! If we don't do it, this hard cock of mine is probably going to bust right open from wanting to!"

He stuffed a finger deep up into her clinging cunt and wiggled it. Her moans grew louder, more urgent. He scanned the room for a good place to fuck. A place that wasn't already taken up by tools, sawdust and nails.

Luke's Lincoln was parked in the other side of the garage, and looking at it gave Luke an idea. It was going to be a first for them. His cock jerked at the thought of it. Picking his wife up, he carried her over to the car. Apparently, Lucy had been expecting to fuck her inside the car, for she looked back at him in surprise when he bent her over the hood and pulled up her skirt.


"I want to screw you from behind, Lucy! It's going to be good, baby!"

There was no doubt that Lucy liked the idea. She moaned submissively and helped Luke wiggle her out of her panties. Without his forcing her, she bent over the car and waved her ass at him.

"Oh, Luke... do it! Do it to meee!"

The sight of his wife's round ass-cheeks waving him on had the same effect on Luke that a red flag has on a bull. He guided the bloated tip of his cock between her shapely buttocks and poked at the wet slit of her pussy. His stiff cock slid deep up into Lucy's wet hot cunt.

"Uh, baby!"

It was what Luke had been dying for, ever since he had watched Dan fucking Sue. For a minute, he thought he was going to have to cum right then. But he got hold of himself and began to drive his cock into Lucy's cunt in long even strokes.

The graying housewife felt like she was being born again. Her whole body vibrated with pleasure as Luke's cock worked its steady pace in and out of her trembling pussy. She felt so depraved, bent over her husband's car like some loose woman, wagging her ass at him, begging him to impale her on his cock. She was shaking so hard with excitement that she was sure she would have fallen to her knees if she had not had the car to hold her up.

"It's good, Luke! Oh... it's sooo gooood!"

The big contractor thought his wife had never looked or sounded more beautiful. He had been so ready for her when she got home tonight. Everything had worked out exactly right; both of them were feeling like kids again. He could sense Lucy was right in the same space he was. It had been a long time since she had done anything so provocative as asking him to fuck her. Her taut ass-cheeks were moving with feverish enthusiasm -- the movements of a woman who felt a cum-need sizzling inside her.

He clutched her ripe flesh and kneaded it with his fingers while his juice-gleaming cock glided in and out of her pussy. She clenched her cunt muscles around his cock. The sensation made his balls ache with pleasure. Each time he shoved his cock into her cunt, Luke asked himself how he could ever have thought fucking Lucy was getting boring. She was a beautiful woman -- a sexy woman. And she had great control of her cunt muscles!

"I love screwing you, Lucy baby! You're so Goddamned beautiful!"

The compliment did something to the woman. She began to writhe and moan even more frantically than before. She was submerged in the heated atmosphere of sexual excitement. Her husband loved her! He wanted her! He thought she was beautiful and sexy! Those were great things to know, enough to make a firebrand out of a subdued, modest, controlled woman like Lucy.

"Oh Luke... I love screwing you, too! You have such a wonderful cock! It fills me up so nice!"

If he had not been so wrapped up in the sensory experience, Luke would have stopped dead in his tracks. He had never heard such raunchy comments from his wife's lips. He was beginning to understand the extent of his wife's arousal. She had been a long time without satisfying, intense sex. Her body was trembling before him, trembling with need. Her cunt-muscles were clasping his cock with sheer hunger. The built-up of passion had been enough to make Lucy break free of some of the bonds that had held her all her adult life. She was free now to acknowledge in clear language that she loved to fuck.

Luke started to fuck his wife faster and deeper. He was beginning to appreciate the extent of the goldmine he had just discovered. He had thought that he and Lucy had learned everything there was to know about each other, sexually, long ago. Only now was he coming to realize how much more there was to know, how much depth of experience they had almost allowed to escape them.

"Oh, Lucy, never let me forget how much I love you! Will you promise me that, baby? You and me have got a lot of learning to do about each other. And I'm going to take all my classes with my cock buried right up inside this beautiful wet cunt of yours!"

"Oh yes, Luke! Yes! Yes!"

Tears started to flow down Lucy's cheeks. She felt a little embarrassed; this was not the time for tears. Then she started to realize that maybe it was exactly the right time for tears. Right now -- bent over the family car with her husband's cock inside her cunt. Lucy was living through one of the momentous occasions of her life. Her pussy spasmed around his cock. It was ready for all the schooling Luke wanted to give her.

"Oh, God, Luke, I'm cumming! You're making me cummm!"

Watching her ass squirm and clench as she rode her climax through, Luke felt a raw lust seize him and rip the cum right out of his balls. It was intense and good. It was headed straight for Lucy's pussy.

"I'm with you, beautiful! Get ready for the flood!"

"Ooohhh, Luke!"

When the rest of the household got home, Luke and Lucy had already retired for the evening. They were up in their bedroom, learning about each other. Young Sue had not the slightest inkling that she had been responsible for a wanton family reunion. The sight of her naked churning body had inspired the cock that was making Lucy the happiest woman in town that evening. If she had known, Sue would have been very happy for Lucy. As it was, she was very happy for herself, when Dan snuck into her room at about four o'clock that morning.


After only a few days, Sue and Lucy were already growing close as mother and daughter. Sue liked the older woman's quiet competence. She wished she could apply some of Lucy's patience to her own hectic thought processes. Whenever Lucy was at home, Sue was quick to inquire if there was anything she could help with. She used the time they spent at chores together to learn more about the pretty, older woman.

She realized she was actually looking forward to becoming Lucy's daughter-in-law. Once or twice, she almost let Lucy in on the secret, but caught herself just in time. One reason she did not want to tell Lucy was that she did not want to disappoint her new friend. She knew Lucy would be thrilled, but Sue could still not fully accept the idea of getting married. Just the way she had reacted to Dan's brother and father seemed to prove her immaturity. A married woman had to be ready to abandon fantasies about other men, particularly her new relations.

Not that she was not crazy about Dan; she was. And the sex they had managed to sneak in under Dan's parents' roof, had been fantastic. But as the days went by, Sue grew more unnerved by the pussy-tingles she experienced every time young Dick came into the room. When Luke appeared, she felt another kind of excitement -- that of encountering a man who saw her as a challenge. She knew Luke admired her for her guts as well as her beauty. He had as much as told her so one night when she, Dan and Luke had been drinking.

Though Luke and Lucy were obviously a very close couple, Sue was sure that Luke felt the same kind of unavoidable magnetism for her that she felt for him.

Not good, she decided. Wrong place, wrong time, wrong connections. Otherwise, she might have been interested -- very interested, in fact. She was intrigued by Luke's mature virility. To her, he was the kind of mountain you want to climb just because it's there.

Her interest in Dick was at the other end of the scale. Dick was so beautiful to look at and such a vulnerable, open youth. She felt an almost overwhelming urge to mother him, to take him into her arms and protect him, teach him. She tried her hand at mothering him a little -- making him special breakfasts, helping him with his English homework. But that was as far as she let her teaching instinct go. There were things she would have liked to teach the boy that were not on any school curriculum, that were part of the secret rites of the growing-up process.

As Dick grew more comfortable with her, he let himself be natural with her. She found his charm irresistible -- all the more so because it reminded her of another boy and of a delightful episode that had just happened one afternoon when she had known Dan for about a month. She had been overflowing with the joy of her exploding sexuality then, and the boy had happened by at just the right time...

She and Dan had fucked the whole night through, but he had had to leave by eight to meet a client interested in buying property for development. Sue had lain in bed reliving the events of the night before -- the way Dan had eaten her pussy while she sucked his cock, the way his incredibly hard cock had pounded her cunt as if it would never stop, the way she had felt, like she was melting into infinity, by the time she had cum by the fifth or the tenth or the fiftieth time.

Her hand had slipped under the covers and found the nub of her clit. Her pussy-hair was sticky with the cum that had trickled through it during the night, and wet with the cum that Dan had left in her pussy only an hour before. She let herself sink into memories of the night as she ran her slick fingertip around and around the tip of her clitoris.

"Mmmmm..." The sound of her lust-distorted voice heightened the erotic spell. She knew it would be easy to cum again.

The knock on the front door of her apartment was soft enough that at first she was not sure if she had really heard it. But her caller was persistent and the knock came again and, after a pause, a third time. Sue was tempted to ignore it, but when it became clear that the interruption was not going to disappear, she rose groggily from her bed and wrapped a kimono around herself.

She peered through her peephole and saw a young handsome face she had never seen before. Cautiously she opened the door.


"Miss Newton? I'm from Brady's Plumbing. They sent me over to fix your sink."

"Oh. Yes. Come in."

Sue had totally forgotten the slow drip in the kitchen sink that her landlord had promised to get fixed before the week was out. She pulled her robe more tightly around her as the boy came in. He was giving her an attentive once-over that made her regret her unkempt state. She felt vulnerable, with Dan's cum running down the insides of her thighs, her blonde hair tangled in the wild rat's nest that only a wild night of fucking can create.

When she realized the boy was not looking at her critically -- only admiringly -- she relaxed a little. After all, she was entitled to look any way she wanted in her own apartment at nine o'clock on a Saturday morning. She had no reason to worry what the boy might think of her. She found herself even enjoying his admiring glances.

"Uh it's in the kitchen... the problem, I mean..." she stammered.

In her vulnerable state, Sue found herself growing rattled by the blatant awe in the boy's eyes as he surveyed her cleavage. Despite her clear intention to get the boy down to his job so he could get going, she did not move. She just stood there, staring at his handsome fair face that had obviously never yet been visited by a razor. His hair was short and curly, as if he'd had a permanent. His eyelashes were long and dark around his enormous hazel eyes. He looked more like a girl, really, than a boy -- except for his huge cock.

Sue had no idea how her eyes found their way down to his crotch, but what they found there surprised her. There was nothing girlish about the ominous bulge that was straining against the front of the youth's trousers. Sue felt a hot throb of desire attack her pussy. A couple of moments before, she had been fingering herself toward orgasm. Now suddenly here she was, faced with this handsome boy, who was obviously attracted to her.

She reached for the boy's hand and led him to the couch. She sat down very close to him; she could feel him trembling next to her.

She had fucked no one but Dan for the past month. She had not wanted anyone else; it had been so good with him. But this boy was a special treat that had just appeared out of nowhere. She would probably never see him again, and the idea of just once exploring his boyish cock was incredibly appealing. He was a strong boy, and a shy one. He stared straight ahead and twiddled his thumbs while she inspected him.

"What's your name?"

"Frank, ma'am. Frank Brady." He had a large Adam's apple that quivered in his throat when he swallowed hard. He turned to look at the woman. The raw desire on her face held him like a magnet. It was the strangest thing -- he had just walked into this apartment, and this amazingly beautiful woman was looking at him as if he were the greatest thing since Paul Newman!

Then she was not just looking at him; she was kissing him. While her tongue dove hungrily into his mouth, she reached for his groin and grabbed the swollen shaft of his cock. She groaned with pleasure as the boy groaned, too -- with shock, with pleasure, with eager disbelief.

It was a thrilling moment for the aroused Sue when the boy timidly stuck out his own tongue and started to do erotic battle with hers. Her cum drenched pussy throbbed with molten desire. His lips were just as soft and sensual as she had expected them to be. His tongue became unexpectedly bold. He reached deep into her mouth. Then he reached inside her kimono and squeezed her tit. Sue's pussy spasmed.

"Uuuuhhh!" she moaned into his mouth. It felt as if he had come right then and there! She wasn't sure what was happening to her; she was sure only that she wanted to take this beautiful boy to bed with her -- to the bed where she had been flailing all night in abandoned fucking with her new boyfriend.

It didn't even seem like it would be cheating on Dan to fuck this boy. It wasn't as if she had planned it. He had just appeared -- a gift from heaven, just one little cookie from the cookie jar!

Once the boy had felt the smooth soft flesh of her tit, things started to move fast, just fast enough to satisfy Sue's building desire. He fondled first one ripe tit and then the other -- awkwardly, inexpertly. The very clumsiness of his passion fired Sue's lust. It was obvious Frank was a newcomer to the charms of a woman's naked body. The thought of initiating him into the joys of fucking satisfied some deep instinct in her soul.

She would show the boy things this Saturday morning that he would not forget for the rest of his life!

"You're beautiful, Frank, darling! Do you know that? Incredibly beautiful!"

She just managed to get the words out before their mouths again became welded together. This time, it was Frank who took the initiative. The plumber's apprentice was learning fast.

Sue's fingers worked deftly on the fly of Frank's pants. She pulled out his cock-shaft and began to stroke it lightly. His cock felt smooth and amazingly hard in her hand. A drop of moisture leaked from his piss-slit and coated her hand. Sue's cunt trembled. What a good hard cock! she exulted. It would be a pleasure to teach the boy what he needed to know. What a pleasure!

Eager to start him off right, Sue slipped down to the rug between the boy's legs. She held her lips just a couple of inches from his cock-head and smiled up at him. She made a wanton sight, she knew. Her tits had tumbled out from the front of her robe. It was open enough to reveal the hairy vee of her pussy. The boy stared at one strategic spot after another. His hips jerked slightly in response to the light touch of her hand on his cock.

"Have you ever made love to a woman before, Frank?"

She thought she already knew the answer, but she wanted to hear him say it. She wanted to know for sure.

"No... no, ma'am... Miss Newton."

He would be her first virgin!

Impatient to sample the taste of his virgin cock, she bent her head and opened her mouth. She sucked in the engorged shaft of his cock all the way to the base. Her lips clamped shut like the fleshy gates of an erotic prison.

"Uuuuhhh... uh, ma'am..."

The sound of his surprised pleasure egged Sue on in her lusty purpose. With her lips molded tightly to his sturdy cock, she began to move her head up and down. At the top of each stroke, her tongue prodded his glans and she milked herself another drop of pre-cum. The taste of his tangy lovejuice made her feel lightheaded with obscene elation. His cock tasted so good.

Sucking his hard cock was so much more thrilling than just lying in bed playing with herself. What she was doing now was giving an unforgettable thrill both to herself and to the boy. It was so satisfying to be able to pluck such an appealing young creature for her own pleasure, just because he was there.

"Mmmmm... oh, Frank, darling... it feels so good to give you pleasure like this... to kneel in front of you like this and suck your big cock!"

She was getting off on the thought of what she must look like, kneeling on the rug half-naked, sucking off a wide-eyed innocent who had his arms braced against the couch cushions.

The longer she sucked the boy's swollen cock, the more insistently Sue's cunt pulsated for attention. She had been close to cumming when the knock came at the door. Her cunt wanted its satisfaction.

Sue had never been so totally in control of an erotic situation. She realized she could do anything she wanted with the boy, and he would probably love it. There was no reason why she should not get her pussy the thrills it needed at the same time as she gave the boy the first fuck of his young life.

Feeling more sexually reckless than she ever had in her life Sue got up and pushed the boy back against the couch. She placed a knee on either side of him and held the swaying, saliva-gleaming shaft of his cock upright -- a target for her needy cunt.

The boy looked up at her helplessly. His eyes were clouded over with raw desire. He was letting the woman guide his sexual initiation for him. He could only sit there and let it happen. The whole thing was so unbelievable, even now only the hot throbbing in his cock told him it was true. And his stiff cock had lied to him before, in the thousand fantasies he had entertained since age twelve!

"Don't worry, darling! It'll be good! So good!"

"I know... it already is good! Not good -- great! I've never felt like this before, Miss Newton."

He closed his eyes and groaned as he felt her hot pussy-walls begin to clutch his cock-head. She sat down on him slowly, making him feel every heated centimeter of her wet welcoming cunt. By the time he was up to the short hairs in cunt, his cock was pounding like a crazed heartbeat. He was terrified he might cum just from the sheer thrill of having his cock inside his first cunt. Yet, at the same time, he couldn't do anything about it. The thought of spilling his hot load into the beautiful older woman's cunt was so appealing, so hypnotizing.

Sue could tell he would not last long. His aroused expression made her cunt pulsate hotly around his cock. She didn't care how long it lasted, any more cock would never again be the same. It had known pussy now. She had made her mark where no cunt had ever strayed.

"God, your cock feels good in my cunt!"

Her lewd language excited her as she started to work her pussy up and down over the boy's cock. Dan, last night and that morning, had prepped her for the pleasure she was experiencing now. All her defenses had been battered down by her boyfriend's hard-pummeling cock. She was wide open to the virginal presence of the plumber's cock. Every move she made over him made her twitch with pleasure. Sue could feel herself a cock's stroke away from orgasm. The boy's stiff impaling cock was going to make her cum!

"Uh... uh, God, Miss Newton!"

As she raised and lowered herself over him, he started to thrust his cock up into her wet cunt-hole. He didn't know where the energy came from. He was moving more from instinct than from purpose. It was just happening; their erotic moment was carrying him along.

Feeling him grabbing her hips and thrusting his hard cock into her pussy filled Sue with a reckless glee. She started to sit on him harder and harder. She squealed each time his cock split apart the taut entrance to her cunt. She sighed with raunchy satisfaction each time she felt his cock inside her to the hilt.

"Oh, Frank... oh, Frank... you're sooooo Goddamned good in meee!"

Suddenly, she was wailing and squirming like a woman gone mad. She was cumming on the thick shaft of the ex-virgin's cock!

"Holy shit!" the boy exclaimed.

Overcome by the thrill of making the beautiful stranger cum, he let go the hot wad of his cum. He trembled as in long spurt after spurt he filled the blonde full of his first cum into real-live cunt.

They clung to each other like kittens in a snowstorm, reliving the sudden explosive moments of their fuck. Sue snoozed for a while on the boy's lap, content to feel his cock growing limp inside her sated cunt.

"God, Miss Newton," the boy exclaimed at last. He was more dynamic than Sue had seen him since his arrival. Her cunt throbbed to see the change she had wrought. "I sure am glad I became a plumber! I wouldn't have missed this job for the world!"

Sue grinned. "The sink, Frank. The job is the sink in the kitchen. This is for pure pleasure, the greatest part of anything anybody ever does."

Sue was drying dishes in the Walker kitchen as she relived the wanton episode with young Frank. Lucy had left her alone while she went out to check on her laundry. As she recalled the thrilling joy of her daring on that Saturday morning three months before, her cunt throbbed eagerly. She had never seen Frank again. She hadn't needed to. It had been a once-in-a lifetime thing, but she remembered him from time to time -- remembered the taste and feel of his sweet young cock.

"Hi, Sue. How's it going?" The blonde jumped and turned around, startled. She found herself face to face with Dan's younger brother. The shock of being interrupted from her lewd memories brought a blush to her face. She cursed herself for her lack of control as she saw Dick, too, start to blush. She thought she knew why he was blushing -- probably, he thought she was embarrassed by being taken by surprise by someone she was attracted to. And, damnit! He was right. So right. Quickly, she got a hold of herself. But it didn't work for either of them. Dick picked up a dish towel and started to help her with the remaining dishes. As they worked, they bumped into each other accidentally three times. Each time it happened, they both blushed and muttered "sorry". But the clumsy contact had both their nerve endings trembling like summer lightning in a dark sky.

They were getting close, dangerously close to the place where they were most vulnerable.


Sue had no idea what it really was that made young Dick nervous in her presence. The boy couldn't forget the night he had watched the blonde and his older brother making wanton love in the kitchen. He couldn't forget the hot longing the sexy Sue had inspired in his young cock. Ever since that night, it had been agony for the boy to keep from getting a hard-on whenever he was near her. Many times, he did not succeed, and he was forced to take great pains to make sure no one noticed his stiff cock.

The boy always listened raptly to everything Sue told him. When she helped him with his English homework, he watched her as if every word that spilled from her lips was a jewel of mind-quenching wisdom. Sue would have had even more trouble than she did, keeping her mind off the boy's vulnerable appeal, if she had known what was really on his mind at those times.

He was thinking how wonderful it would be to feel those expressive lips wrapped around his hungering cock!

After more than a week at her boyfriend's family home, Sue was feeling the strain of constantly fighting to keep herself on guard. The unnatural feelings that assaulted her over and over again -- when she faced her prospective brother-in-law and father-in-law -- seemed to stem from sources she had no control over. Her intense sexual relationship with Dan had honed her body to such a peak of arousal that she was easy prey for fuck-lust as compelling as those she felt for Luke and Dick. She even thought that the fact that they were Dan's relatives had something to do with it. She got a perverse thrill from the thought of exploring the sexual energy of the other Walker men.

Dan had been talking about possibly moving back to his home town to open his brokerage. He had gone to a Chamber of Commerce meeting with Luke. Sue had been invited to go along, but she had politely declined. With Lucy at her interior decorating class and Dick at a school basketball game, the blonde was going to have her first chance, since she had arrived, to be completely alone. She felt she needed the opportunity to air out the tensions of her confused brain.

The best way to give herself some relief from her unsatisfied frustrations seemed to be to have a couple of drinks. She fixed herself a Manhattan. The first was quickly followed by a second, and then a third. With a nice glow on, none of the anxieties that had been plaguing the blonde seemed so important any more. She thought she might want to take a nap when she was good and tipsy. But it turned out that, once she got high, the hornyness she had been trying to suppress, surged to the surface. Sue felt as horny as a bitch in heat. And she wanted to so something about it.

The thought of playing with her pussy -- wantonly, brazenly, right in the Walker family's living room -- had a perverse attraction for the intoxicated blonde, in her drunken condition, she thought that perhaps she could exorcise the demons that had been tempting her, by submitting to her lust right on the couch. She would stroke her clit until it exploded into orgasm. She would wail out her ecstasy. Then she would stagger to her room and sleep. In the morning, she would wake up cured of her ill-placed desires. It seemed like a good enough plan to a woman who'd had one too many, and who really wanted nothing more than a good reason to rub her cunt to forgetful explosion.

Sue stretched out on her belly on the couch and slipped her hand under her dress. Her fingers invaded the crotch of her panties and she discovered her cunt was already hot and wet with smoldering desire.

"Mmmmmm..." she moaned, reveling in the delicious thought that there was no one there to see her, that she was free to play as if there were.

Her fingertip moved back and forth between the blood-engorged tip of her clitoris and the spongy yielding opening to her cunt. She liked to lay a finger along either side of her clit and vibrate it. When she started to get good and hot, she churned her buttocks in saucy abandon, grinding her clit down against the couch cushions. Her pace increased, and what meager remnants remained of Sue's self-control were cast aside without regret.

Trembling at her boldness, she pulled up her dress and pulled down her panties to her thighs. It excited her to feel the cool air of the room teasing the bare cheeks of her ass. She wondered what a man would think if he could see her now -- lying on her belly, teasing herself toward orgasm. What would Luke think, or Dick? The depraved questions made her grind her cunt harder against the couch.

Drink and lust had made a seething pleasure-pit of Sue's brain. It took a while to register on her that there was someone standing next to the couch. Someone in bluejeans. For a moment, she experienced absolute terror. A prowler had gotten in! What would he do to her? She looked up fearfully, a hand still protectively grasping her pussy.

It was Dick! Dick, the shy handsome boy she had been trying so unsuccessfully to keep out of her dreams!

"Dick... you're... home early..."

She tried not to slur her words, but even to her own ears, her words were a dead giveaway of her condition. She struggled up to a sitting position, pulling her skirt down over her thighs. Her ass was still bare against the couch. The feeling made her cunt quiver. She was afraid to look the boy in the face again. She waited for him to say something. When nothing happened, she looked up timidly.

On Dick's face, she saw the same helpless arousal she had seen in the eyes of the plumber boy, Frank, so many months before. Her cunt made the same throbbing response to Dick's befuddled lust as it had to Frank's. Her defense mechanisms were not there to make her retreat from the raw danger of the situation. She could not make herself feel anything but excitement in the face of the undisguised need of her boyfriend's brother!


The man was struggling with a raging torrent of thoughts and feelings. What an amazing sexy woman Sue was! First he had seen her sucking off his brother. Now he had caught her playing with herself in the living room. Though she was sitting up and she had pulled her dress down, he could not forget that she had not pulled her panties up. Her shapely round ass was still bare under her dress. His whole body shook at the thought of it.

More than anything, Dick wanted to make the leap into manhood. He wanted to throw the woman down and give her the fucking she so obviously needed. Otherwise, why would she have to jack off? But he could not forget that he had never even felt up a woman before. He was terrified he would blow his big chance; he would disappoint her. If anything like that happened, he could never face her again.

Dick needed help, but he did not know how to ask for it.

"I... Sue."

It was Dick's luck that Sue was old enough to know what she wanted and drunk enough to do something about it. The boy radiated horniness. The sensation of his fuckneed trying to reach out to her own made Sue weak with hunger for him. It had been so sweet with that boy, Frank. How much sweeter it could be with a handsome boy she had developed a crush on -- a boy who, she knew, idolized her.

Sue reached out a trembling hand to the front of the boy's trousers and pulled him closer to her. Haste made her clumsy, but she managed to work down Dick's fly and pull out the swollen shaft of his cock. As her fingers explored its turgid girth, she looked up at the handsome youth who was her boyfriend's baby brother. He was staring at her with a mixture of fear and excitement in his wide blue eyes. It almost looked as if he were trying to back away from the pleasure her hand was dealing his cock. Sue knew he was fighting to keep from giving her a wet handful of cum. The thought made her bare cunt throb under her dress.

She stared at the tip of his cock as though she were hypnotized by its steel-hard resilience.

"Dick... I know you've been fighting it, just like I have, but I don't think we should fight it any more. Just this once, let's find out what it is we've been frightened of. I want to taste this beautiful cock of yours... just once."

Only now that her tongue was reaching for his cock, did Dick realize the blonde was pretty drunk. Somehow the knowledge made him even hornier for her. It made him a little less afraid of her. The thought that she was tipsy made her seem less awesome, somehow. He stared in fascination, ready to record the very first time any woman took his cock into her mouth!

A hundred times of imagining what it would be like to have Sue's mouth on his cock had not been adequate preparation for the real thing. He could never have imagined anything so soft, so sexy, so incredibly rousing!

"Aaahhhh... God!"

He felt a weakness in his knees, and he was afraid he was going to either collapse or cum. He did neither; he reached for her blonde head and braced himself while she closed her lips around his cock-tip and slid them down, until his whole stiff cock was base-deep in her hot, loving mouth!

"Uuuuhhh, Christ... Oh, God, I never thought it would be so good!"

He had his eyes shut tight, his head thrown back. After a lifetime of feeling like he was playing second-string to his big, confident older brother, Dick at last felt second to no one. He had never experienced the sense of power that came to him with the thrilling caress of Sue's mouth wrapped around his cock. Dick was beginning to understand what it mean to be a man -- what it meant to command the affection of woman.

It seemed unbelievable to the boy that a beautiful woman like Sue would do such a thing for him. She was actually starting to move her mouth back and forth along his cock-shaft. Soft bleating moans were bubbling from the back of her throat, telling him how much she was enjoying her sexual slavery. At last, he opened his eyes to watch her pink lips moving along his glistening cock. He found she was looking up at him. Her eyes were cloudy with passion, but he could tell she was trying to smile at him. He tried to smile back, but his smile crumbled into a grunting grimace of lust.

Watching the undisguised arousal in the boy's face made Sue want to do everything she could to make these moments unforgettable for him. While her lips nibbled his steel-hard cock-shaft, her tongue darted out to stab the rubbery flesh, to assault him when and where he was least expecting it.

She loved to hear his surprised moans of delight. It made her moan, too, just to hear him, and to feel his cock throb between her lips. She could feel her pussy getting wetter under her dress, inspired by the raunchy cocksucking she was performing on her boyfriend's brother.

She felt Dick grabbing a tighter hold in her hair as he struggled to keep himself on his feet. The thought of the hot load he was fighting back made her shiver with urgent passion. She wanted to feel him filling her mouth with thick cum. She wanted to enslave herself to him totally -- to swallow down every last drop of his potent young cum!

For a moment, her mouth abandoned Dick's cock and she gazed up at him wantonly.

"Oh, Dick, darling! It turns me on so much to suck your cock like this! I've been wanting to for so long! I knew I shouldn't... but... you're so exciting!"

Her mouth went back to his cock. Her tongue stabbed his cock-head and swooped up a thick drop of fluid. She groaned and slid her lips back down to the base of his cock. The bobbing rhythm went on. She worked faster now, declaring the extent of her arousal and made Sue even more urgent in her lust.

It was better than any dream the sixteen-year old had ever dreamed. The woman who had so unnerved him, right from the first moment he saw her, had just told him he had had the same effect on her! Nothing anybody had ever said had ever done so much for the boy's self-confidence. He could not help thinking that if a woman like Sue thought he was irresistible, then he could probably have just about any woman he wanted! By the time Sue was through with him, he suspected he would probably know just what to do with them, too!

"Oh, suck my cock, Sue! It feels so good! Do it to me!"

To command such a beautiful eager woman to suck his cock made his balls throb with longing and his heart beat faster. What an incredible thing it was that was happening to him! Dick was flying sky-high! He started to shove his cock into Sue's mouth in long impaling strokes. Watching her gobble and choke to try to keep up with him only made him all the more reckless in his lust. He hardly knew how it happened, but suddenly he was feeding the blonde a thick mouthful of cum!

"Ah... God I'm cuming!"

He held her face while she struggled to swallow down jet after jet of his exploding jism. The boy was so absorbed in the sensation shooting through him that he had little chance to appreciate the eagerness with which the blonde sucked up his potent juices. She moaned and sputtered and licked and nibbled, until she was absolutely sure she had everything he had to give. Even then, she continued to suck lightly on his shrinking cockshaft. Although her cunt was still hot with excitement, her belly had its satisfaction -- a meal of heated cum!

Dick was eager to try something else. He tried to coax Sue into going to his room with him so he could get his first fuck. Tipsy as she still was, Sue was not going to be totally reckless. Lucy's class was ending, she would be home soon. When she peeked into her sewing room, Sue wanted to be there, sleeping peacefully, innocent as a lamb.

"But Sue!" Dick started to protest.

She stroked his cheek, then kissed him. "You know we both just stole something neither of us is really entitled to. We can't be greedy, Dick. I'm awfully pleased with what just happened. Aren't you?"

He beamed. "Sure. Oh, sure, I am!"

Dick had gotten the message -- for now.


Only with the sobering cold light of dawn did Sue face the hard truth of what she had done.

She had sucked the cock of her boyfriend's younger brother, a youth years younger than she was! She had encouraged Dick in the lust that she had been trying to deny ever since her arrival.

Though her pussy pulsated in recollection of her lewd behavior, Sue could not avoid the fact that she might have put her relationship with Dan in danger. If Dick could not be cool about what had happened between them -- if he insisted on pushing for more -- how would she deal with it? She had put herself in an untenable position, just as she had known she would if she yielded to her forbidden lust. If it had not been for the alcohol... but she knew she could not honestly blame the booze. She had done exactly what she wanted to do.

Though she expected the worst at the breakfast table, she was pleasantly surprised by the way Dick handled the situation. He was no more nor less friendly than he normally was. He kissed his mom good bye and went off to school with a minimum of fuss. By the time Dan came in and kissed her on the back of the neck, Sue was starting to relax. Maybe it would be all right after all. Maybe Dick would understand that last night had been a once-in-a-lifetime thing, the way Frank had understood three months before.

But Dick had seen too much of Paradise not to want to get back in. The first chance he got to be alone with Sue, he demanded to know when he would be able to fuck her. Sue had never seen him so confident, so forceful, so insistent. She knew her sexual initiation had done that for him, and realized it was a mixed blessing.

Good for him; trouble, for her and for the future of her relationship with his big brother.

"It can't happen again, Dick." She saw his crestfallen look and hastened to reassure him. "It was wonderful, Dick, and I'll never forget it. But I'm Dan's girl. It wasn't really right, what we did. We were really caring about each other when it happened, but it wasn't fair to Dan!"

She saw the anger flash in his penetrating blue eyes. "Fair to Dan! All my life, I've been listening to everyone fussing about Dan. What about me? What about what's fair to me?"

The anguish in his handsome young face wrenched Sue's heartstrings. His anger excited her, too. It was the burst of energy of a young creature that has just discovered the extent of its new powers. He was like a young stallion fighting for the mare that belonged to another. She could not help a moment's wistfulness that it had to be this way. It would have been so thrilling to feel his sturdy young cock inside her cunt. Despite all the fucking Dan gave her, she couldn't help longing for the boy's special attractions.

She couldn't help wanting another virgin!

"Dick, please -- please, try to understand. I want to be fair to you, and to Dan, too. And to myself. I couldn't handle trying to cope with both of you and trying to keep it all straight in my head."

His face grew fierce, more so than she had ever seen it. She hadn't known he had such depth of passion in him. He was a creature cornered now, ready to fight with all he had. For what he thought was rightfully his.

"Well, you better, Sue. 'Cause I'll go right to Dan and tell him what happened if you don't!"

The blonde was getting angry. What right did he have to try to blackmail her? Didn't he see she was trying to do what was best for both of them?

"What makes you think he'd believe you, if I denied it?"

"Do you want to take that chance, Sue? Do you really want to take that chance?"

She sighed and looked helplessly into his determined young face. "Dick, would you really do that to me?"

"I would, if I couldn't have you again. What happened between us was the most fantastic thing in my whole life! You can't expect me to give it up, now."

Maybe she couldn't. "What do you want?" Her voice was low.

"I'm going to come to your room tonight, about one or so. Make sure you're not down in the kitchen getting some hot chocolate or anything."

She watched his slender back retreat from the room. She was shocked. Surely he hadn't watched her and Dan the night they had fucked in the kitchen! A low smile creased her mouth. Her cunt throbbed. She was beginning to realize she might have underestimated the boy from the start. She had only been thinking about what she wanted or didn't want. Dick had a right to be pissed. She was impressed at the way he had handled himself. Her cunt longed for him, and the power of his dawning manhood.

When he came to her, she was awake and ready for him. Just thinking about his plan for the night had made her pussy hot and wet. Her cunt was ready for the girth of his hard cock, pushing her open. She realized he was right about what had to happen between them. She couldn't cut him off before they had become total lovers. Just sucking his cock was not enough; she wanted to feel his cock in her pussy.

He wore a robe which he cast aside before crawling into bed with her. There was just enough moonlight in the room for her to catch a glimpse of his stiff cock-shaft swaying between his thighs as he crept up over her. Roughly, he pulled the covers off her. She was naked. He moaned with delight and caressed her round upthrust tits. The awkward motions of his hands reminded her of his innocence and of the fact that this was, in many ways, a much more momentous occasion for him than it was for her. This would be the night when he crossed the bar into manhood. His cock would impale a hot wet cunt for the first time!

The thought of the special person she would always be for this boy, because of what she was about to do, made Sue's pussy throb. She reached for his face and pulled his mouth down to hers. Her tongue penetrated his. His tongue came out to meet hers.

"Oh Dick," she murmured, grinding her cunt up against the hard staff of his cock. "You were right. You were right to make me do this. I want you, Dick. I want to feel your cock in my pussy."

"Oh, Sue..." His voice broke.

He was a struggling youth again, not the masterful man he had been that afternoon when he had told her to be ready for the virgin filled her to overflowing. She reached for her tits and cupped them in her hands.

"Suck my titties for me, Dick! Just for a minute. It always makes me feel so good."

Eager to oblige, the boy scrambled down to a position where his mouth could easily reach the hardened nubs of Sue's nipples. He took one nipple into his mouth, the other into his hand. He sucked one, rolled the other between his fingers. She started to moan and push her tits into his face. She moaned louder.

The pleasure-jolts from her tits soared right down to her naked cunt, bringing new gushes of cunt-juice to her pussy. She could feel Dick's hardened cock grazing her thigh. She wanted that cock in her cunt!

"Feel my pussy, Dick! Pleeeezze! It needs to be touched!"

As he continued to suck on the nurturing peak of her ripe tit, the boy extended a shaking hand to Sue's cunt. The first thing he encountered was the wiry thatch of her cunt-hair. The sensation was electric.

This is it! Real live pussy!

His long studies of girlie magazines told him all he had to do was probe a little farther and his finger would be lost in a hot wet cunt. One last moment's fear held him back, then he made the plunge. His fingertip grazed the hard slick nub of Sue's clit and slid right on down to the squishy slit of her cunt.

"Ooohhh... yesss, Dick, darling! My pussy needs it so bad! Touch me! Play with me!"

She started to grind her hips upward, nudging her clit into the palm of Dick's hand. Each time she made a contact, she moaned again. The thought of what she and the boy were working up to had her half-crazed with passion. There was nothing he could do wrong -- nothing that she did not want from him!

It was all good!

Thrilling as it was to stroke a woman's cunt for the first time, Dick too was preoccupied with the thought of what was in store for him. His cock ached to make its maiden voyage up into the steamy portals of Sue Newton's hot cunt. Her tits, her pussy, her greedy mouth -- they were all sensational. They were all erotic places he wanted to explore. But right now, he was a man in a hurry. His cock wanted action!

Sue sensed that Dick had made a decision, even before he started to position himself over her trembling body. "Yes, Dick... yes, I need it now, tool I want you to fuck me, darling."

Her lewd encouragement was almost enough to make the boy lose control right then. He had a hot panting beauty lying under him, begging him to fuck her. It was as if nothing that had ever happened to him in all his eighteen years meant a thing. His whole life, his whole consciousness was condensed into this one room, into his refuge of sexual delights!

He tried to sink his cock into her cunt by poking time after time at the wet slit that she had parted her legs open to him. He started to get discouraged, but Sue quickly reached down and grabbed his stiff cock, guiding it into the hot clinging cunt-hole.

"Jee-zuz... uuuhhh!"

The boy felt as if he were sinking into some incredible state of half-consciousness. Her cunt was so hot. It fitted itself so snugly around his tingling cock. He had never thought it could be so good -- never. He could hear the woman moaning somewhere at a great distance, but he could not get through to her. He was in his own world.

It was only after several ecstatic moments had passed that Dick realized he had cum. At once the euphoria left him, and he was filled with a numbing sense of failure.

"Oh, Sue, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to cum!"

Her voice was soothing, reassuring. "Don't worry, darling. It'll get hard again in a minute. Just lie here and feel me. You'll be surprised what will happen."

The fact that Sue didn't seem upset by what had happened calmed the boy. Of course! How often after he had jacked off over a hot magazine had he found himself five minutes later with another hard-on? He lay on her gently squirming body, caressing her smooth skin, feeling his cock being snuggled in the heated depths of her cunt. He felt her squeeze her pussy-muscles, and was shocked by the immediate effect on his limp cock. His cock started to grow, and Dick's confidence with it. He was ready for her, this time.

His buttocks gave a jerk, and suddenly, he was in control. He pulled his cock from her cunt until only the swollen head was still embedded in clutching pussy-flesh. He quickly fucked into her again -- drove his cock into her cunt and wriggled it deep inside her. Though he didn't know when or how it had happened, his fear had completely evaporated. Suddenly, he knew exactly what to do. He was confident that he needed only to follow the urges of his aroused body and the woman would be well satisfied. Her contented moans and squirms were already telling him so.

"Oooooohhh. Dick! Oh, God darling, your cock feels so good in me! I love what you're doing! I love it!"

She knew her words of praise were the best insurance that the boy would give her the fuck of her life! Now he would be able to satisfy a woman with his body as well as with his appealing good looks! "Screw me... yesss... screw me like that!" He had such wonderful boyish energy! Even Dan at his best could not match it! Was that what she had been after all along, when she first started reacting to Dick's youthful appeal? Was she trying to grab hold of a few shreds of an innocent past that had never been hers?

Though she had started fucking when she was fifteen, Sue's boyfriends had always been several years older than she. Only now, at twenty-three, was she enjoying the special talents of boys who have just discovered the powers of their lusty young bodies -- and who want only to give and give!

Dick was giving her everything he had. As she wrapped her legs around his back to leave herself wide open to his pounding cock, she noticed that his body was slippery with sweat. His breath was coming hot and heavy next to her. Sue was feeling breathless, herself. His tireless energy kept taking her higher and higher. She was flooded with pleasure. She could feel her fluttering nerve endings steadily coming unglued, leaving her free to float in the outer reaches of pleasure.

"Ooooohhh... oh, I'm cumming! Dick, darling, I'm cummmmming!"

It was more than he had even thought of hoping for. The knowledge that her cunt was spasming around him stole some of the wind that had kept him fucking her at such a furious pace. The excitement was getting to him. He had made the beautiful Sue cum with his hard cock!

"Oh wow, Sue! I sure do like fucking you! I never knew how good it was! I just never knew!"

She heard his sigh of surprise, and then she felt the hot fuck-cream fill her again. She clung to him fiercely, loving him for all he had done for her, for what a wonderful moment he had made for both of them.

"You're some guy, Dick! You're terrific!"

He lay heavily on top of her, winded, exhausted, but more pleased with himself than he had ever been before. He no longer cared that his brother had been the high school sports star that he could never be. Being a star right here in this little room with the good-looking blonde with the hot cunt was all the stardom that seemed necessary. Dick was content. He was finally in touch with himself.

He surprised himself when his cock got hard a third time, and then a fourth time that night. He wondered if Sue might not be getting sore, but she seemed to get higher, to cum more often, each time he fucked her. No one had told him that about cunts. They don't wear out.

They just get hotter and wetter when they're in the hands of a good cocksman!


Much as she had enjoyed her night with Dick, Sue was not free of the anxiety that had struck her after she had sucked the boy's cock. She could not shake off the fact that it was just plain stupid to fool around with the brother of a man who meant so much to her -- especially in the very house where they all were living.

The next night, when Dan coaxed her to visit his room, Sue was reminded of how important the big handsome man was to her. He was her pillar of strength. It was his strong love and admiration, she knew, that gave her the confidence to go out and do naughty things like suck the cock of the plumber boy. It had been easy to get away with that one. Dan had never even seen the boy. But one wrong move, one wrong comment, and her cover could be blown.

What would Dan think if he knew she had been fucking his kid brother?

She was sure he wouldn't like it. And, though she had never seen Dan angry, she was pretty sure that underneath his more than two hundred pounds of nice guy, there was a tiger when aroused. It would be bad enough to lose Dan. Worse, if it happened in the flurry of a nasty, ugly scene. Sue realized even she could not blame him if he roughed her up for what she had done, it had been stupid, careless, inconsiderate.

But God, it had been exciting!

Sue took an afternoon alone to go shopping, intending to pick up some of the fashions that always came to the East first. But she couldn't get interested in clothes, much as it usually delighted her to make plans for looking good. The blonde was confused by what she had let happen to herself. She was even a little frightened of herself. It was as if she were consciously trying to do something to lose her man. It was as if subconsciously, she wanted to shake off the awesome commitment Dan had asked of her. If what she wanted was to not get married, she was certainly taking the coward's way out. Getting involved in an affair with an eighteen year-old was not the greatest way to decide what she wanted to do about her fuck with that eighteen year-old's brother.

There was a comfortable looking bar not far from the house where Sue decided to take her problems. She would buy herself a couple of drinks and do some hard thinking.

But it wasn't as easy as all that. All the time she was sitting in her booth alone, Sue was having to fend off the approach of an admirer.

"No. Honest. I just want to sit here by myself," she said time and time again.

But no one seemed to believe her. At least, they never passed the word along to the next guy.

The bartender brought Sue her third rum and Coke, telling her it was an offering from a man in a striped sportcoat sitting at the bar.

"I don't think I should take that," she said, "it might give somebody the wrong idea."

"Hell no, lady. The guy's just enjoy having someone as pretty as you to look at, that's all."

Sue grinned skeptically. She was flattered, but she was getting tired of all the attention. It was almost with a sigh of relief that she saw a familiar face approach her table. It was only when Luke sat down next to her and she felt the familiar forbidden tingles that she thought maybe the cure might be worse than the problem.

"How you doing, beautiful? What you doing in here by yourself? Glad to see you! I hate to drink alone. Bartender! A double scotch and another of the same for the lady!"

"Oh, no, I don't think I should. I'm getting a little tipsy already, and I should be getting back to my shopping."

"Nonsense! You can go shopping any time. It's about time you and I got to know each other better. After all, the way Dan looks at you, I got my suspicions he intends to make you part of the family."

Sue nervously accepted another drink from the bartender. A warning signal tried to tell her to stop the drinking. She had already had ample proof of what could happen to her in a taunting situation when she had too much booze in her. The last time she had gotten in this condition, she had ended up sucking Dick's cock. Her pussy twinged at the thought of the lustful night that had followed that first encounter with the handsome boy.

She took a long mouthful of rum and Coke and pushed the unnerving memory from her mind. It was replaced with the aroma of Luke's aftershave. The kinds of feelings it was exciting in her belly were definitely not appropriate to the occasion of a quiet drink with her intended father-in-law.

"I'm really kind of glad you happened by, Luke," she found herself saying. She felt an incredible urge to babble, to conceal from herself the twitching unrest that had her every nerve-ending on Red Alert. "I get the idea it's not too usual around here for woman to come into a bar by herself. Everyone in the joint was trying to sit down with me. I am not bragging, I suppose it would have happened with any woman -- but gee, it's annoying when you just want to sit and think."

Luke was admiring the animation in her pretty face when she talked. He like the way her eyes sparkled, as if she were so excited by the sheer joy of living that she couldn't wait to express her elation. Ever since he had watched the blonde cavorting in the back yard, fucking his son, he had tried to put an end to the raunchy feelings that had taken hold of him every time he saw her. He had not had much luck, but in rediscovering the joys of his wife's attractive mature body, he had found an outlet for his frustration.

It was not helping much at the moment, though, to know he could go home and fuck his wife after if he wanted. His thoughts and senses were full of Sue, of the gutsy way she tilted her chin up when she talked, of the confidence she radiated that was pure female, of the delicious dip between her tits revealed in the open scoop neck of her blouse.

"Yeah, these guys are a bunch of knuckleheads. They look at this place as their home, and they figure any dame that comes in here is fair game. They don't even know class when they see it." He gave Sue an admiring once-over that increased the nervousness in her cunt. She reached for her drink and finished it off. Luke called for two more.

Someone turned on some music and a few customers started to dance. Sue had not noticed there were other women in the bar. She looked at her watch and realized it had been three hours since she had come in. It must be dark outside already. She ought to be getting back to Dan, to be getting away from temptation.

She cast a quick look at the handsome profile of the man sitting next to her as he spoke to the bartender. He certainly was a strong looking man -- like Dan, but with the extra years of maturity that made him something of a mystery to the intoxicated twenty-three year-old. When Luke turned to her and asked her to dance, she said "yes" before she had had time to think about it.

It had not been a wise move. Gliding around the floor in the older man's masterful arms turned all Sue's defense mechanisms to dust. She melted into his rhythm, enjoyed the pressure of his powerful body against hers. It took some time to recognize the extra pressure against her belly. His cock was hard, straining against the confinement of his pants.

The knowledge made her cunt throb with a powerful forbidden hunger!

Luke, too, knew he was slipping into the clutches of temptation. Like Sue, he was enjoying himself too much to do anything about it. He realized the blonde had to be able to feel his cock pressing against her belly. Yet, she made no move to pull away from him. Instead, she was clinging to him, easily following his lead. He looked down at her face, and his cock jerked. He was beginning to suspect that what he thought was impossible about his son's beautiful girlfriend might not be so impossible to realize after all.

He remembered the afternoon he had watched Sue being sucked and fucked by Dan. He remembered that he had decided that Sue was her own woman who determined her wants and needs, not by anyone else's standards, but strictly by her own interests. Hard as he had tried to push that tempting knowledge from his consciousness, it had stayed there to haunt him. The new wand of sexual discovery he had been enjoying with Lucy, there was always Sue there to remind him of his most secret desires.

And now Sue was here, in his arms, her belly pressed to his hard cock.

Luke found that he could not let such an opportunity go by unexplored. He decided to answer the yielding hunger of the girl's nearness. If he didn't do it now, he would always wonder, he would always curse himself for being an impotent coward.

Lulled into a false sense of security by Luke's strong arms, Sue forgot for a while the lustful danger she was in. She didn't pay much attention when Luke suggested it was time for them to leave. She felt a brief disappointment -- she had been enjoying the dancing, but that was all. She had to admit Luke was right. She should be getting back, just in case Dan was back from his meeting with his old school buddy, and was waiting for her.

She was straight enough to know that she was too drunk to drive. Luke led her to the dark parking lot across the street, where he had left his Lincoln. He let her in the passenger seat before going around to the driver's side. Sue sat waiting for him, her defenses muted by alcohol and by the joy she always felt when dancing. She was not expecting Luke to do anything when he got in but start the car and drive them home.

But she did not resist him when he pulled her to him and kissed her passionately on the mouth. His hand went underneath her skirt and into her panties. He had his finger on her hardening cunt before Sue even had time to catch her breath. Luke was living up to the image Sue had formed of him. He was taking charge of the situation -- swiftly, and in no uncertain terms.

The blonde was reverting to her wanton sensual state. Instead of reminding herself of all the reasons why she shouldn't be doing it, she stuck her tongue deep into Luke's mouth and humped her hungering cunt against his probing hand. She hadn't realized when she was dancing how excited she was getting, but she realized now. She signed and ground her cunt against Luke's hand.

She was cumming!

"Uuuuuuhhh... oh, God! I'm cummmming!" Her words came out muffled, in the midst of their heated kiss. But Luke did not miss a thing. Startled and aroused by the wanton way the blonde had greeted his first crude assault, he decided to press on for bigger game.

Luke crouched down on the floor in front of her and pulled her flimsy panties down to her ankles. He lifted one of her legs onto either shoulder, while Sue sucked on her knuckles and mewled in wanton abandon. He knew the blonde was pretty drunk, but a lot of her reaction was pure primal depravity. She was trembling with excitement at the thought of having her pussy eaten in the front seat of a car in a dark parking lot! The bitch! Luke thought exultantly. But he admitted that he was just about as aroused as she was.

It had been several days since he had watched his son grind his mouth to the blonde's receptive cunt. But the image of her greedy eagerness had never left him. His hands trembled as they held her soft cunt-lips open. He bent his head and extended his tongue for the first taste of the gorgeous twenty-three year-old's wide open cunt!

"Aaaiiieeee! Oh, God!" she shrieked. She ground her open cunt against her boyfriend's father's face.

Even if there had been danger of discovery, Luke doubted he would have had the willpower to pull himself away from the tangy-tasting juices of Sue's cunt. He drove his tongue as far as it would go into the steaming hole of her cunt. Her groans of ecstasy drove him on in his erotic fury. He slid his tongue up to her clit and swirled it around and around the blood-engorged nubbin. He slid it back down over her moist pussy, all the way down to her puckered asshole. She grunted at the lewd pressure and squirmed against it.

Luke felt his cock throbbing urgently inside his trousers. She was everything he had dreamed of -- and more. She was the wildest woman he had ever encountered, with the sweetest-tasting cunt he had ever tongue-stabbed to wet ecstasy.

"Ah, beautiful, woman! Jee-zus! You turn me on!"

He got the mouthful of air he had come up for, then he dived back into her hair-fringed cunt. She was waiting for him. She reached down and grabbed hold of his hair. With a frenzied grip, she held his face against her aroused pussy-slit while she ground her cunt against him, making sure he did not miss one sensitive inch.

Sue's head lolled back against the car seat. Her face remained strained in an anguished smile. Her eyes were closed so she could better concentrate on the thrilling sensations darting from her cunt to her tits to her brain and back down again. Her entire body was livid with pleasure. With drink to safely embalm her conscience, Sue had nothing to do but lie back and enjoy the ecstasy the older man was working so hard to bring her.

"Uh! Oh, yes... eat my pussy! God, it feels goooood!" In her aroused state, the blonde could reflect on the depravity she had been indulging in over the past few days and feel nothing but throbbing excitement. She remembered sucking Dick's cock, then fucking the virginal brother of her big handsome boyfriend. Now she was letting her boyfriend's father eat her cunt to a state of lava-hot passion! Just as she had sensed from the beginning, all the Walker men were something special. Dan had been the first to awaken her to the more intense pleasures of fucking. Now she had branched out on her own, experimenting with Dan's baby brother his father.

"Eat my cunt, lover!"

Luke did as she demanded. He held her trembling thighs and struggled against the iron grip of her hands in his hair. The throbbing in his cock was intense. Soon, he knew, he was going to have to yield to its longing to be buried in wet hot cunt. But he wanted just a few more licks of her juice-seeping pussy.

"Jeez, your cunt tastes good, woman!"

Every inch of Luke's skin was a tingle with the excitement that Sue had inspired in him. His cock had never felt so hard. His balls had never felt so heavy-laden with boiling cum.

He took one last tongue-swipe at her moist cunthole before pulling his cock from his pants and guiding it to the wet waiting target of her pussy. The blunt tip of his cock strained against her cunt entrance before popping inside and surging all the way in to the back of her cunt. He grunted with the raw thrill of being balls-deep in the clinging twat of his son's beautiful wanton girlfriend.

Sue had held her breath in anticipation between the moment when Luke's tongue deserted her pussy and the moment when his cock entered her. She made a sound that was almost like crying as her cunt took in the length of his deeply embedded cock. He started to fuck his cock in and out of her pussy. She uttered the same helpless intense cries. Sue was overwhelmed with excitement. She could do nothing but lie back and let herself be fucked.

Which was all Luke wanted of her. The big man was reveling in the skilled clutch of her cunt-walls that wrapped snugly around his cock each time he shoved it into her pussy. The excitement was building in his teeming balls. He did not know how long be could hold onto his cum. Sue moaned and murmured incoherent words of encouragement as he thrust his cock time and again into her juicy cunt.

"Uh! Uh! Uh! Oooohhh... God, yesss!"

Somewhere, in some barely functioning part of her mind, Sue realized that the thing that she had most feared had come to pass. It had been one thing to yield to the appealing temptation of Dan's virginal young brother. That had been almost like a power game -- to seduce a boy into his first experience in fucking. But Luke was something else. Dan's father had made her uneasy from the beginning. She had not liked the way his personality overpowered her, the way his attentive stares made her want to melt into pure sensual woman. Sue had a pretty good defense up against the world, but Luke bored his way right through it. Just by sitting beside her tonight at the bar, he had sealed her fate. There was no way she could have resisted him, once he got that close.

She felt herself collapse again into orgasm, pushed there by the thick load of Dan's father's cock. "Ooohhh! Oh, nooooo! Oh, yesssss... I'm cummmming!"

He drove his cock deep into her cunt again, again, again. Her wet slippery hole was teasing him to the point of no return. He felt himself letting go. His cum stormed deep into her cunt.

"Yeah, baby, I'm with ya!"

They clung to each other desperately until the force of their climaxes had passed. By the time he was in control of himself again, Luke discovered Sue had fallen asleep. He decided to drive around awhile, get some coffee, get them both into better shape before he headed home. He did not bother adjusting her clothes, though. She could do that when she woke up. In the meantime, he got a kick out of being able to look over at her bare ass and her cum-stained cunt-hair.


Dan knew he had set himself up for this one. And he must have intended it all along. It was no accident he had just happened to call up the girl he had had the biggest crush on in high school, when he heard she was still in town working as a city planner -- and not married.

Lola had been one of the few girls in school who had not thrown themselves at Dan. For that reason, she had captivated him. She was the unattainable. And she was beautiful, with her high Indian cheekbones and her flashing Spanish eyes. The disdainful way she could look at a man went well with her tall stately bearing. Lola was a thoroughbred. Her parents had sent her off to a girls' college before Dan could get his hands on her, but he had never forgotten her. Even through the intense excitement of his relationship with Sue, he had not forgotten.

His line on the phone had been that he was thinking of moving back home and getting into real estate. He wanted to hear her views on the future of the city and its property market.

Lola showed just the right amount of cool and interest on the phone. But in person she came on much stronger. Dan saw at once that Lola had changed. She was clearly not trying to preserve her royal virginity, any longer.

They met in a dimly lit seafood restaurant and lingered longer over cocktails before finally deciding they did not want to eat after all. Lola looked straight at Dan with those big black eyes of hers and said, "Why don't we go back to my place? We can take along some crab, and I've got a wonderful bottle of white wine to go with it. It'll be easier to talk there."

Talk, hell! Dan thought. They had been doing a fine job of talking for the past two and a half hours. It was not talking that cozy apartments were for.

His first tour of the apartment cleared Dan of any further illusions he might have had about Lola's intentions. Rather than cozy, the apartment was airy, spacious and lavishly furnished. Dan knew a city planner made a good salary, but not good enough for antique gold candelabra, Persian carpets and carved ivory jewelry boxes. It was clear Lola had admirers.

"You live well, Lola. Your parents were probably smart to get you away from me before I staked my claim on you."

She smiled and handed him a glass of wine. "It doesn't sound like you're doing too badly, Dan. And if things go the way you're talking, I guess you'll be doing a lot better in the future."

"That's true. I've got a girl, Lola, that I'm pretty serious about. I guess she'll be sharing with me whatever comes up."

"Really? I think every man should have a nice wife, don't you? Personally, I don't intend ever to be a wife. I like things the way they are already. I get all the benefits and none of the crap of matrimony."

Her hand was doing impressive things with the short hairs on the back of his neck. She was pulling them like strings on a marionette and what was coming up was his swelling cock.

"Sound like you know what you're talking about, Lola."

"I lived with a guy for two and a half years after college. He slept around and pulled all kinds of shit on me. Thank God I never actually married the creep. But I guess I should be grateful to him for teaching me a valuable lesson."

She was kissing his neck. It was giving him goosebumps and making his cock harder than ever. Thoughts of Sue made him feel he ought to say something to make her stop. But the pulsating in his cock gave him other ideas. She smelled awfully good, the way he remembered her in school. She used to wear just enough of her mother's expensive perfume to make a guy stop and turn around when she went by.

She reached for his pants and expertly pulled out his cock. Dan realized it was now or never. If he did not stop her right this minute, he would surely fuck her. Dan felt a little guilty, but he felt a lot more excited than he did guilty.

Her fingers deftly explored the smooth rubbery contours of his blood-swollen cock. "Mmmmm... feels nice. You know something, Dan? In high school, I always wanted you, but my mother had me so trained that you had to make a guy roll over and play dead before you yielded the golden prize of your body, that I was just plain afraid to do anything. I thought you would despise me if I did what I wanted to do."

Her tongue was tracing erotic pathways along his ear, down his neck, back up to his lips. She kissed him hotly. Their mouths worked together; their tongues entangled in a lusty tango.

"I wish I'd known that, Lola. I would have broken down palace gates to get to you if I'd thought you'd have me at the end. As it was, I've been thinking about you for years wishing there had been some way to get through that haughty Spanish wall you carried around with you. Uuuuhh..."

There was no wall now between Dan's cock and the supple touch of Lola's probing fingers. She had his cock hard as concrete. She had him longing for her hot and wet cunt.

She obligingly gave it to him, but in the form of her red, greedy lips. Her head dropped to his cock and her tongue lapped at the bulbous head. Dan stared down in amazement at the head of shining black hair that had been a part of so many of his fantasies. Now here she was, without his so much as lifting a finger to egg her on, willingly sucking on his stiff and aching cock!

She moaned in delight at the taste of pre-cum she licked from the slit in his cock-head. Then her mouth swooped down to take in his whole cockshaft. His cock was immersed in something hot and wet, just what it had been throbbing for. Dan gripped the arm of the couch fiercely to steady himself against the thrill of the achievement of his impossible dream; to get a hold on the welling lust that threatened to burst from the depth of his balls.

Once he knew he could hold down his cum -- for a while at least -- he started to encourage the beautiful city planner. He grabbed hold of her thick dark mane and began to push her head down each time she lifted her mouth from his cock. She seemed to enjoy his mastery of the situation. She moaned slavishly each time she was forced to suck in his cock. Her tongue and lips worked avidly over the sensitized surface of his swollen cock.

For a brief instant Dan thought of Sue, of how much he loved the strong-willed blonde he had brought home to meet his family. Sue meant so much to him, it was hard for him to understand why he had had to seek out Lola. The idea had not even occurred to him until after he got home. But among the flood of memories that returned to him, Lola stood bright and appealing over everything else. He had felt a compelling need to know what might have been between him and Lola if things had been different.

Though he realized the Lola who was sucking his cock was a far removed creature from the one who had shot him challenging looks across the classroom, that knowledge did not make the realization of his fantasy any less appealing. The pure noble Lola he had imagined then was long gone, but in her place was a sensual self-assured Lola who knew her way up and down the rigid shaft of a cock!

Her lips challenged his stiff cock the way her eyes had ten years before. They dared him to meet the power of her raunchy arousal; dared him to meet her wanton abandon with his own.

Dan forgot about why he was cheating on Sue and whether he should feel guilty. Lola had made the first play. She had laid down the rules -- or, rather, she had established that there were no rules. It was Dan's turn, and Dan was ready.

It was hard to pull his cock from between those nimble taunting lips, but Dan steeled himself for the sacrifice and made it. He dropped down to his knees on the thick rug and pushed up the woman's skirt. Roughly, he grabbed hold of her panties. She was struggling to cooperate with his urgent lust, but her ass was not quick enough on the uprise to save her panties. With a loud rip, Dan pulled them from her. He cast them carelessly aside.

Her cunt bush was thick and chestnut-colored. He spread her thighs wide and inspected the pink gleaming slit of her pussy.

"You got a wet pussy there, Lola! I want to fuck it!"

Lola seemed to love his crude approach. She sucked on a fingernail and watched him wantonly as he pulled her ass forward to the edge of the couch. Her ass squirmed impatiently as he guided his cock to her waiting cunt.

"That's what I want, Dan! I want to feel that hard cock of yours in my pussy! I've been dreaming about it since I was seventeen! I'm a big girl now! I don't have to be satisfied with just dreaming! Uuuuhhh... yeah!"

Neither did Dan. He drove his cock deep into the hot clinging depths of Lola's eager cunt. The first wash of pleasure, as he held his cock buried in her pussy, almost finished him off. But he steeled himself for a wild uphill dumb and he started to fuck her. Again and again, his cock-tip penetrated all the way to her cervix. She groaned in heated abandon each time he stuffed his cock in her pussy.

She seemed not to want to let him go. Each time he pushed his cock in all the way to the hilt, she grabbed his arms and held him for a moment. Her face wore an expression of rapt ecstasy. It seemed, by her slight grimace when she let go, that it was pain for her to part with the filling girth of his cock.

"Oh, Dan! Dan! It's so good to feel your cock in my pussy! Fuck me, Dan! Cure me of the dream! Make me beg for it!"

Lola certainly had changed! Dan did not quite understand everything she said, but he got the idea that the brunette fought awfully hard to convince herself that the way she was living her life was the best way. While she was opening herself up completely to the passion of their fucking, Dan realized she was keeping her emotions tightly under wraps. She was fucking the big man -- hotly, intently -- giving him everything she had.

"You're a fantastic woman, Lola!" he told her. He shoved his cock into her twat again, this time harder than before. He wanted to see if she might wince with pain. But she only grinned a wild voracious grin and moaned for more. He could see it on her face Lola was a woman who got fucked a lot.

It was good for him to fuck Lola, he realized. Not just physically, but spiritually. He was getting rid of the dream that in its own way had kept him from being totally there when he made love to Sue. He knew now how much more important the reality they shared was to him than even the most erotic fantasy. Even the wonderful Lola was just a person -- full of needs, full of herself.

He squirmed his cock deep into her pussy and looked up to see her jaw slacken. She was getting close to the cumming. Seeing her like this reassured Dan that he could walk away from this afternoon's encounter without looking back. Lola was just a good-looking woman to him, now. She was no longer a mystery fantasy.

With a wild groan that was half relief, half elation, Dan started to fuck Lola with a fierce unceasing rhythm that knocked her roughly back against the couch. She was whimpering, moaning for more. Her head tossed crazily from side to side. She was submerged in the sensations of lust, the way Dan was.

"Uuuuhhhh... I love it like this! So hard...! So good! Ohhh, baby, I'm... I'm cummmmiing!"

With a yelp, Dan shot the hot load of his cum deep into Lola's climaxing cunt.

"Oh, Lola honey! Watch out! Here it comes!"

He held his loins pressed tightly against her. A broad grin curled the corners of his mouth as he continued to kneel there, eyes closed, his body struggling to recover from the intensity of his explosion.

Lola recovered, more quickly than he did. Dan watched her squeeze around him and stride into the bedroom. She came back with a fresh pair of panties and stepped unselfconsciously into them. She smoothed down her skirt, put on her shoes, and -- presto -- she was that same sleek elegant Lola again.

Dan got to his feet and shoved his cock back into his fly. "You're really something, Lola, you know that? You turned into one hell of a woman!"

She grinned at him mockingly as she accompanied him to the door. With feigned gravity she held out her hand for him to kiss. He clicked his heels together and kissed her briskly.

"Thank you for access to the royal chambers, m'lady!"

He was gone. All the way down in the elevator, the sound of her soft laugh echoed in his cars. Dan was looking forward to getting back home and seeing Sue. He'd had enough of fantasy sex for one day.


The Walker household had been a happy one before Sue and Dan arrived. Since then, the lot of each one of the Walkers had improved greatly. It was directly due to the presence of Sue, the beautiful blonde that Dan had brought all the way across the country to show to his mother, his father and his teen-aged brother.

When he woke up the morning after he had eaten Sue's pussy and fucked her, Luke was overcome with guilt -- and with lust. He knew he must never let any such thing happen again. But he knew also that he would always treasure the memory of the hot eager loving of the twenty-three year-old sexual dynamo. To make up to Lucy for the sin she did not know he had committed, he attacked her with even more lustful fervor than the increased dosage he had been demonstrating lately.

Lucy had never been so thrilled. Sure that her body and her marriage had been exiled to unexciting middle age, the graying blonde had immersed herself in classes and in volunteer work. With her husband's hard cock to give her a second lease on youth, she was spending more time on herself. Spending more time lolling in bed reliving the aftermath of a rousing night's fuck.

Sue had sat down again with young Dick and explained very carefully why they should be lovers no more. The boy had been sad, but not so desperate as he had been before. The reason was that the new confidence Sue had instilled in him with her hungry cunt had got Dick his very own woman -- Elise Nelson, the prettiest girl in the class, had accepted Dick's invitation to a show. By their second date, she had proved her eagerness to ride his hard young cock. Dick and Elise were practically going steady, and Dick was the happiest kid in his class.

Only Sue was not benefiting from the general positive effects of her wanton escapades. The time for hers and Dan's departure was growing near, and Dan wanted to tell his family that he and Sue would be getting married. Sue was reluctant. Dan had been even more loving and supportive the last few days than he had been before. He was such a good man! She could not get over the horrible feeling that she had let him down. She had cuckolded him with his father and his brother! She wasn't worthy of him!

The blonde had never been one to spend much time feeling guilty. It was a relatively new experience for her. She just couldn't shake the sense that Dan was so much more honest, so much more willing to commit himself than she was. The only way she could feel right about asking that commitment would be if he knew exactly what he was getting into; if he knew exactly what kind of woman she was.

Sue had an overpowering urge to confess!

But even when the urge was upon her, Sue wasn't simple enough to think she could possibly tell Dan about her sexual exploits with his dad and his brother. The repercussions might be dreadful. It might split up the entire family. If Dan lost his cool and told his mother, it might mean the end of Luke's and Lucy's relationship, as well as hers and Dan's.

No. She couldn't be that reckless. If she were going to unburden her conscience, it was going to have to be in a way that would not affect anyone else.

She went down to the local park one warm morning, to be alone, to brood about the things she had done that she had seemed to have no control over -- and the consequences that were binding her. For three months, she had gone along without even thinking about another man. What had happened to her? Why had she been so attracted to the two men it was least in her interest to be attracted to? What kind of pervert was she?

So involved was she in her thoughts, Sue did not even notice that someone was sitting near her on the grass, watching her. When she did notice, she was startled. She cried out a little in fright.

The boy who was watching her grinned. His eyes bored into hers, giving her no place to hide. His frank, open face appealed to her. She grinned back at him.

He moved a little closer to her on the grass. Sue could see now that he was not quite so young as she had thought. He had a slight build, but he was easily eighteen.

"You must have been thinking about something awfully hard. Most people are so nervous when they're out in public, they're always on guard for strangers."

She liked him. He sounded intelligent and honest. Talking to him made her feel less weird than she had been feeling lately. It was because for the first time in days she was talking to someone not involved in her awful secret.

"You don't seem to be very much on guard. You look like you've got all the time in the world to talk to strangers. What do you do? Are you in school or something?"

"I should be, but frankly I'm tired of it. I'm thinking of trying to do something more interesting with my life."

"Like what?"

"Like getting to know beautiful women in the park."

She laughed. He was a rascal. She liked him for it.

He offered her some coffee out of his thermos and came closer to hand it to her. When he was sitting right next to her, she felt the forbidden tingles in her cunt. Her pussy throbbed.

He was awfully handsome in his boyish way. He was bold and outgoing, like Luke, but soft and pretty and watchful, like Dick. It seemed ridiculous to be making such comparisons, but they were there, staring her in the face. She felt her body quiver with desire for him. She drank the coffee hurriedly, as if it were medicine that would cure her of her growing excitement.

"Funny. I wouldn't have thought you were the quiet type." He was still watching her closely. She was afraid he might have figured out what was going on with her. She looked around them, hoping to divert his attention to someone else. But she realized the place where they were sitting was very secluded. She had come here to be alone; now, she was afraid of being alone.

She giggled nervously. "You're right. I'm not, usually. Just this morning... I'm kind of thinking about things."

He took the coffee cup from her shaking hands. "Like what things?"

"Like... I don't know... things."

Suddenly he was over her, pushing her down onto the grass with the weight of his body. "Like these kinds of things?" he half-whispered. His lips found hers. They were soft and eager, but bold and forceful, too. She did not know if she could have resisted him if she had tried. She did not know, because she did not try.

Instead, her mouth opened to the rude intrusion of his tongue. She shot out her own tongue to play with his at the same time as her cunt started to grind up to meet his cock.

Both of them were reckless and open in their growing hunger. Sue had had no intention of letting any such thing happen to her again. She had not intended to be unfaithful to Dan again, but it was happening so quickly, and the youthful energy of his body squirming on top of hers made her feverishly aware of how much she wanted to fuck the strange boy.

"I want to fuck you!" he told her.

Instead of being frightened or offended by his stranger's directness, she found herself incredibly aroused by it.

"Oh, yes! I want it, too! I want you to fuck me hard!"

She remembered the layout of the little corner of the park where they were groping each other. It was fairly private, but there was nothing to keep passersby out. What if someone should came?

But he gave her no time to worry about "what ifs". As his tongue continued to explore her mouth, he grappled with her skirt, pulling it up enough so he could start pulling down her panties. "No point in getting ourselves more naked than we have to." He was pulling out his cock. Her thighs were bound by the cotton band of her panties. "We might have to get ourselves together again quick. But no one's going to bother us as long as they think we're just necking."

Quite a boy! He had thought of that, too! With his cock buried in her cunt and her skirt properly arranged, no one would be able to see that be was fucking her. No one would know that two strangers had just fallen together and were seeking lewd forgetfulness in the raw union of cock and cunt.

He forced his cock between her thighs and nudged it in along her pussy-slit. Sue was excited enough that she would have loved to spread her thighs wide, to let him all the way in. But she knew she had to be at least as savvy as the boy was. She pulled her belly in and tilted her cunt upward, moaning with excitement as his cock came closer to her wet eager pussy. At last, when she thought she could stand the waiting no longer, his cock impaled her pussy.

"Ooooohhhh... ooohhh..."

"God, you've got a sweet pussy! Jeez!" He began to fuck her in quick jerky strokes. Breathing hard, he pushed one hand under her blouse to grab a tit. She wore no bra, so it was easy for him to clutch her warm smooth tit-mound and play with the hard bud of her nipple. "Hell, it was some luck to run into you this morning! I haven't had a cunt this good since I don't know when!"

His comments only made Sue hotter. She wanted to moan and holler out her ecstasy -- the blind arousal of fuck-lust with a stranger that was making her forget for a blissful while the troubles that plagued her. It didn't even matter at the moment that the source of her troubles was the greedy cunt that the boy was fucking now. She was too immersed in the pleasure of her pussy to worry about whether or not it should be there.

The boy was just as absorbed as she was, though he remembered from time to time to smooth down her skirt when his fucking motions grew too quick and intense and pulled it up. The boy started to grow more cocky. He pulled his hips far back, until only the very tip of his cock lingered in her wet cunt. Then he flexed his buttocks and thrust deep into her. His short, brisk, hurried strokes stretched out into a long deep skewering rhythm that kept the woman nibbling non-stop into his ear. When he covered her mouth with a hungering kiss, she continued to mumble. The sounds came out muffled, but they still made the boy's cock throb. He liked hearing about how good he was making her feel.

And Sue liked feeling how good he was making her feel. The very urgency of their fucking had her quivering in wanton abandon. It was wrong, what they were doing. Sue knew she should not be trying to cover up one -- or rather, two mistakes -- with another. But she couldn't resist the pleasure. She couldn't deny herself the ecstasy that kept her safely in the here-and-now, not in that awful conscience-racked place where she had been dwelling for the past few days. In the beat of her arousal, she even dared to think that somehow fucking the boy, whose name she didn't even know, would give her a solution to her nagging dilemma.

"WOW, lady, you're far out!"

His voice was getting hoarse, a sure sign that he was close to cumming. Sue flexed her cunt-muscles around the plundering girth of his cock and thrilled to the sound of his groans.

Though there was not much difference in their ages, he was seeing her as a "lady", an older woman. The thought appealed to her. Again she was reveling in the eager joys of a young male, though this time the male was much more forceful, more self-assured than the others had been. Sue was bathing in the luxury of letting the boy do all the leading. She could enjoy his lusty eagerness without feeling any obligation to guide him in a learning process.

All obligations were slipping away as she sucked his cock deep into her cunt. He continued filling her with the hot pleasure she craved. But the lusty fury of their fucking was taking its toll on the stranger lovers. They had lost track of the time of day, the place, the partner. But they had managed to get to the top of the mountain together.

"I-I-I... I'm cumming, lady!"

"Uh, yes... me, too! Me, too! Aaaahhhh!" She felt his hot cum spill into her cunt and she smiled. It was always so welcome, that heated cumwash at the very end of the pleasure chain.

They were still a little groggy when they heard voices coming their way. He rolled off her and fastened his fly. She pulled up her panties and pulled down her skirt. A young woman and man came walking across the grass.

"Hey Charlie!" the girl called. "What'ya doing? Why don't you come get some lunch with us?"

The boy whom she now knew was Charlie turned to Sue. "Wanna come?"

She shook her head and smiled. "No. I already did."

He patted her knee and left her.

Sue sat for a while, numbed, wondering -- wondering what the hell she thought she was doing. Then it hit her. She had it now! Something she could confess! So Dan could know, and decide either to stay with her and help her or leave her! It could not hurt anyone but her if Dan knew she had fucked a stranger.


The family was out. Dan and Sue were alone in the house. The big man decided to seize the opportunity to find out what had been bugging his girlfriend lately. She was not her usual bouncy self.

"What's up, Sue? You getting tired of me, maybe?" That was his worst fear. Their trip to his parents' home had only helped to confirm Dan in his feeling for Sue. Even his encounter with Lola had helped convince him how right his blonde lover was for him.

Sue was shaking. She had made her decision, right after her encounter with Charlie, to confess to Dan. But she had put it off. Sure, they had not really been alone in the house until now, but neither had Sue been feeling really brave. Facing the prospect of giving Dan up, only pointed out to her how much she wanted to keep him. An obligation like marriage was a scary thing.

But a man like Dan did not, come along very often. Her escapades with others had been thrilling, but none of them could offer her the kind of steady love and support she got from Dan -- not to mention the consistently fantastic sex that she and Dan shared. Because of her nerves, they had not even made love for three days. She couldn't go on like this!

The blonde took a deep breath and wished herself good luck. The time of reckoning had come.

"No, Dan, I'm not getting tired of you. I love you, but... I have something I have to tell you. Sit down."

She sat next to him on the couch and looked deep into his trusting brown eyes. For an instant, she decided to back down. What need was there for a confession? But she pushed herself. She didn't want there to be secrets between her and Dan, any more than there had to be.

"So I'm sitting down. What's up?"

Dan was nervous. She had tried to reassure him, but there was nothing very reassuring about her behavior. Sue never got worried and uptight like this!

"Dan... I want to marry you. Being with you here, on the trip, has convinced me how good we could be together."

A big grin crossed the man's face. He put his arm around Sue's shoulder and tried to kiss her. She pushed him away. Sue shifted nervously. She was afraid to look him in the eyes.

"I want you to know what you're getting into, Dan, when you marry me. I want you to know what I'm capable of."

He leered down the open front of her blouse. "I know what you're capable of, baby. That's one of the reasons I want to marry you." It was hard for him to be serious. After all, Sue wanted to marry him! What else did he need to know?

The blonde was on the verge of tears. Seeing the extent of her distress straightened Dan up.

"I need to tell you this, Dan. Just listen to me, for a minute."

"I'm listening."

"Dan... things come over me sometimes. Like I start acting kind of crazy. I start getting all wrapped up in what I want, and I forget about everyone else I ought to be thinking about." It was not coming out smoothly. No wonder! Her brain was a ferment of fear and anxiety. "The fact is, the other day, I met a boy in the park. We started talking... and we ended up... making love..." She could not go on.

Dan's face looked blank. "You mean... right there in the park?"

"Yes." She hung her head, her shoulders hunched up around her ears, trying to protect herself from what might come.

Dan was totally startled. For a while, he said nothing. He was lost in thought. Ever since he had spent the afternoon with Lola, he had been asking himself what had made him do something so crazy, when he had Sue. He had felt guilty, unworthy of his beautiful girlfriend.

It hurt him to think of Sue cavorting with some boy she did not even know, right in the park, like a common whore. But it excited him, too. He had always known Sue was one hell of an unusual woman. Maybe it was to be expected that she had to go completely berserk sometimes.

Anyway, knowing Sue could go crazy, too, made him feel a lot better about what he had done. When they got married, they could start fresh. They would make a vow only to each other. They'd be like two sinners abandoning their wayward life together. Dan could not help finding the whole thing a little funny. Sue looked so frightened, like she expected him to hurt her or something.

He reached for her and lifted her chin so she had to look at him. "Sue... I love you." He grinned. "Just don't do it again."

Sue was dumbfounded. After all her apprehension, this was all that was going to happen? She felt let down, somehow. She wondered if she was actually disappointed. Maybe she had wanted Dan to give her the punishment she thought she deserved.

"You're not mad?"

"Oh, a little. But Sue, baby, I can make mistakes, too. I spent the afternoon with an old school chum of mine, all right. But it wasn't any guy. And we didn't just sit and talk, if you get my meaning."

Now it was Sue's turn to be shocked. It had never for a moment occurred to her that Dan might have anything going on the side. She realized she had started to view her big boyfriend as someone superhuman -- someone who did not make mistakes.

It was an incredible relief to know Dan was just as human as she was. Maybe he had not done anything so risque as she had -- anything to compare with her fucking her future in-laws. But he had allowed himself to forget his vow to her for a while. Sue did not have to feel like she was the only bad guy. She started to feel a little jealous of the old girlfriend. Then she started to laugh. She threw her arms around Dan.

"Oh, Dan! Dan, I'm so happy! I love you so much!"

"I never expected my fiance to be so thrilled about knowing I had fucked another woman," he remarked wryly. He pulled her away from him and looked her solemnly in the eye. "No more, you understand? From here on in, we keep the records clean."

"Oh, yes, Dan. I'll be so good, you won't believe me."

"Well, don't be too good. I'd hate for you to decide to give up giving blowjobs or something."

She started to cover his face with kisses. "Oh, Dan! Dan! You're so wonderful!"

His cock was getting hard in his pants. Dan couldn't avoid seeing the irony in having his fiance cover him with kisses after he had revealed his agonizing secret. He started to think more seriously about what it must have been like when Sue was with the boy in the park. His cock jerked to rock-hardness, but the lust he was feeling was something different. He wanted to fuck the blonde, fuck her hard, give her something she would never forget.

He pulled her down onto the rug, facing the couch. He started to fumble with her clothes -- pulling off her panties, shoving her skirt high, up over her hips.

"I gotta fuck you, Sue! Baby, I'm so hot for you!"

"Oh, yes, Dan! Yes, I want it, too!" she shrieked.

The intense relief she had felt had been converted into raw raging hornyness. Her cunt trembled for the moment when she would feel Dan's stiff cock stuffing her wet clutching pussy!

Dan slid his cock between the shapely moons of her ass. He spread her ass-cheeks wide to get a good look at the nether territory he was invading. Her asshole seemed to wink at him from the deep recess of her crack, beneath was the furry thatch of her pussy. He drove his cock deep into her cunt and was rewarded with the fleshy eager grasp of horny pussy.

"Uh yeah," he moaned.

"Aaaaggghhhhh... oh, Dan... fuck meee! Fuck meeeeee!"

After all the horrors she had envisaged about losing Dan, it was a soaring thrill for the blonde to feel again the stiff hard reassurance of his plundering cock in her cunt.

With every inch of her body tingling with raw need, she swiveled her ass back joyously to meet Dan's hurried instrokes. She imagined herself bent over the couch, her skirt pulled up, her blonde hair disheveled -- picture of lust to match what was soaring through her veins!

"Uhhh... oh, Dan, I'm cummmming!"

She had not been expecting it, and neither had he. It excited Dan to see how totally Sue was responding to his urgently pounding cock. It made him feel more confident about what he intended to do.

Aroused as she was, Sue should have no trouble learning to take it in the ass!

His cock was well moistened by her pulsating pussy. He slid it easily from her cunt and into her asshole. She was unprepared for the depraved assault. Before Dan knew it, he was crotch-hair-deep in the hottest tightest hole he had ever penetrated.

It was like the switch from day to night, the way Sue's ass quit moving, her cries ceasing altogether. It took her a moment to comprehend what had happened. When she did, she was scared -- just plain scared!

"Dan, noooo! Noooo, pleeeeeze! What are you doing to meeee?"

All she could think was that Dan had just been pretending, he wasn't mad at her, pretending so he could lure her into his awful trap, so he could shove his cock up into her vulnerable ass when she was least expecting it. He was punishing her for letting herself be such a whore in the park with the boy!

"Oh, God... you're going to hurt meee!"

"Hell, no, Sue! It's supposed to feel good! Relax and let yourself get into it!"

The funny thing was that, though she was petrified of the idea of being torn apart, she actually was experiencing no pain. Her asshole had been completely relaxed when he shoved his cock up there. His cock had been well lubricated. It was only the thought of pain that frightened her. There was no reality of pain at all.

There was just this strange sensation that filled her being as her boyfriend started to work his cock in and out of her defiled asshole. She couldn't identify the feelings. She wrestled with them at first, trying to deny them, trying to throw Dan off her, to get away.

But she knew from the beginning that Dan was far too strong for her to get away from when he wanted to hold her down. Her struggle was nothing more than tokenism. Her self-respect rebelled against the idea of being punished, but her conscience craved it. She needed to be purged of the guilt she felt for the chances she had taken with hers and Dan's future. She had been wanton and inconsiderate. Who could blame Dan for fucking her in the ass, to get even? Certainly not Sue.

All along, she had expected him to punish her for her confession. Now she realized that she had wanted him to punish her. The longer his cockshaft worked in and out of her tight rectum, the more absorbed she became in the masochistic thrills of being butt-fucked. Ruthlessly. To even a score. To re-establish the lines that made him man and her woman.

With explosive force, Sue faced the fact that she was wildly excited by her bizarre punishment. She shoved her ass back to meet Dan's cock. She started to moan and warble in a voice thick with lust.

"OH, Dan! Do it to me! Fuck me in the ass! I won't do it again! I promise!"

Dan had never seen Sue more excited. And he had never felt more excited, himself. The sight of her taut round asscheeks squirming back at him; the sound of her passion-distorted voice egging him on; the feel of her tight hot ass-muscles squeezing his cock to fiery ecstasy. All sensations conspired to make Dan a man submerged in erotic abandon. He knew nothing but the clinging feel of Sue's asshole, heard nothing but her pleas for more, saw nothing but the feverish way in which his girlfriend was letting him know that she was right there with him.

She was enjoying it just as much as he was!

"Uh, baby, your asshole's so hot! It's tight in here, Sue! Fantastic!"

"Uh! Fantastic for me, too, Dan! I feel wonderful!"

They went on like that, the two reconciled lovers, reveling in the new depraved joy they had discovered. Each of them felt closer than ever before to the other. Until today, their relationship had been all roses. They had weathered the first round of bad times and it had scarcely made a dent in their solidarity. In fact, it had helped them to learn more about each other. It had helped them unearth a new forbidden phase in their lovemaking.

Sue writhed her ass back wantonly to meet each thrust of Dan's blood-engorged cock. He braced himself for each fierce entry into his girlfriend's tight nether hole. Both of them were moaning wantonly by the time the crisis struck.

"Uh, God, I'm cumming!"

Sue felt his hot juices spurting up into her sensitized asshole. The feeling filled her with an excitement so intense that she whimpered and withered into her own climax.

"Uuuuuuuhhh! Oh, Danny... me, too... I'm cumming, too!"

They collapsed onto the rug, holding each other, abandoning themselves to the special closeness they had achieved.

When she recovered some of her clarity, Sue turned to kiss Dan hungrily on the mouth. "I love you," she murmured, feeling small and helpless in his arms, and liking the feeling.

"I love you, too, baby, more very day!"

"Dan... I'm getting homesick for California. Can we go home?"

"Sure, baby... we'll take a nice slow ride back across the country and I'll fuck your brains out at every port of call."

"You don't really want to come back here to live, do you, Dan?"

"Not if you don't, baby! Any place would be Paradise with you beside me."

"Oh, Dan!"

She snuggled into his arms. All of a sudden, she was crazy about the idea of marrying him. And crazy about the idea of getting away from Dan's family. When it was just her and Dan again, everything would be just fine. She knew it! With Dan to keep her straight, Sue wouldn't ever have to go crazy again.

Except with Dan there to fuck her!


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