The dental assistant's check-up

It has been said that every person has some dark passion within his soul -- some hidden secret, one hidden desire, a whim that may never surface to be seen by even the closest confidante. Such a secret can be evil or sinister, or it may be trivial and trite.

In a modern society, such passions are easily submerged and hidden by the complexities of everyday living. Yet sometimes these dark passions do surface, either with the individual's consent or without it.

THE DENTAL ASSISTANT'S CHECK-UP is a dramatic representation of a woman -- in this case a young dental assistant -- who dares to let her most base desires and passions come to the fore. She finds it impossible to continue to keep her fantasies under control, and she plays them out to the fullest. And meanwhile, her day-to-day routine continues. But the nagging doubts increase with her growing depravity, and the young woman begins to wonder if she is willing or able to face the consequences of her actions. Her story is a startling insight into the life of a person who dares to "let it all hang out".


"I'll tell you this much, Rachel," Ken Hughes said. "You sure are the prettiest dental assistant I've ever had working on my teeth!"

"Now, now, Mr. Hughes," Rachel said chidingly.

The gorgeous nineteen year-old brunette in the tight white dental assistants uniform shook her head in mock reproval as she continued to fill out Ken Hughes' form. She'd been working for Hankison Dental for the past three months. A week ago, Richard Hankison had finally decided it would be all right if she did some standard X-rays and teeth cleanings unassisted.

Hankison was at the bank now. Ken Hughes was her first customer. He was tall, handsome, and forty-four years-old.

"And I'll tell you something else too, Rachel." Hughes was sitting on the big dentist's chair, with the white bib over his suit. "You sure have got a knock-out body under that tight little uniform you wear!"

"Now, Mr. Hughes!"

Blushing self-consciously, the stacked teenager pushed her long, brown ponytail behind her shoulder and wagged a reproving finger at the client. Secretly, however, his compliment delighted her. One of the first realizations Rachel had ever had about herself was that she was naturally extremely horny and aroused by nearly any mention of sex. Just hearing Hughes talk that way made her feel good about her tight, short uniform. It clung to her slim waist and lithe hips, showing off her nice, round ass and long, lusciously formed legs.

Rachel liked feeling sexy. It made her pussy tingle, and Hughes was helping her feel that way right now.

"In fact, I'll even go farther, young lady." Now Hughes had a real gleam in his eyes, and his frequent downward glances told Rachel exactly what part of her anatomy he was going to compliment next.

"I really don't think you better, Mr. Hughes."

Rachel lined up the gleaming teeth-cleaning tools on the little tray and pushed it up beside the dental chair. But she was really blushing now, and Hughes' glances at her chest made her aware of the enormous size of her tits, of what a huge shelf her super-sized double D-cuppers formed under the uniform.

"I guess I just can't help myself, Rachel," Hughes sighed. He cupped his hands boldly in front of his chest, sighed, and shook his head wistfully. "I'm a tit man from the word go, and you've really got a pair of beauties!"

Rachael just sighed and tried not to smile. Her giant tits! For the past several years, ever since her tits had grown really huge, Rachel had felt as if her whole life revolved around her oversized chest development. The one thing she liked about working for Richard Hankison -- a handsome but unscrupulous thirty-three year-man who gouged his patients unmercifully -- was that he was too busy thinking about money to worry about her oversized tits.

Rachel had a very nice ass too, a perfect round, plump, pinchable ass that excited most of the guys she'd fucked with. But most of the attention was still directed toward her huge tits.

It wasn't just that her tits were very, very large, it was that they were so firm and round, too. And her nipples were as outrageously oversized as the tits that supported them. Rachel's areolas were a full three inches wide, and so deep-red in color that their shape showed through her custom-ordered brassieres. The teats were really big too -- when her tits were excited, the nipples could stick out a full inch.

She could feel them sticking out a little now as she pulled up a chair and checked the order of the tools on the little tray. Being complimented like this always made her pussy get nice and wet and tingly. Rachel was a naturally very horny girl, eager to spread her legs and give her tight cunt to nearly any man who wanted it. She'd gotten into plenty of trouble in the past because of her overdeveloped sex drive, but she doubted she'd ever be able to change, and she didn't think she really wanted to.

The truth was, she was starting to think about fucking Hughes too!

"I'm sorry if I offended you, Rachel," Hughes said politely.

"That's all right, Mr. Hughes," Rachel sighed. "I'm used to it, believe me. Now open wide, please."

Hushes let his head drop back and opened his mouth wide.

Hmmmm, Rachel thought, no tobacco stains. She probed his gums with the claw tool.

"I guess you've stopped smoking."

Hughes didn't answer. Rachel started working on his teeth, carefully wedging the tiny claw tool under his gums. After a few minutes, however, her rapidly moistening pussy got the better of her -- she snuck a peak at his crotch.

"Oh, Mr. Hughes!"

Hughes smiled devilishly, closing his mouth and making it impossible for Rachel to continue. The busty teen felt her cheeks getting red. She fidgeted nervously, and found herself staring longer at his dick.

He had a simply outrageous hard-on. She'd given plenty of guys boners in the past, but this was a forty year-old man, and there was something especially exciting and obscene about the way his obviously long, stiff cock was throbbing in his dress slacks.

"I can see what you're looking at, Rachel," Hughes smiled. "Its a real big one, isn't it?"

"I... I... I don't think you should talk to me that way, Mr. Hughes."

"I just can't help it." Hughes shrugged. Then he shocked her again, reaching for his zipper. "Would you like to see it? Maybe then you'll see how horny you make me!"

"Mr. Hughes, please!"

"I think that means yes!"

Hughes winked at her, and then the bold businessman undid his belt buckle and pulled down his zipper.

Tell him to stop, Rachel told herself. But she didn't. Instead she just stood there and watched, her pussy getting warmer and juicier. Her eyes bulged in amazement as Hughes reached into his pants and pulled out an absolutely enormous, naked cock.

"Look, Rachel. Now you can see what my real problem is!"

The prick was a real whopper. Proudly the long, meaty fuck organ stood out of his crotch fur, capped with a huge, bulbous knob that was already sticky with oozing jizz. Before Rachel's eyes the big prick shivered and pulsed, obviously in need of having its balls drained.

"I sure could use a blow job, Rachel," Hughes said boldly. He pushed his hips down in the big dental chair, letting his giant cock throb and twitch over his shirt. "I think I could use that a lot more than a teeth cleaning. Don't you think so?"

"I think you're being perfectly disgusting, Mr. Hughes!"

But Rachel's pussy was getting really wet now, juicing so heavily that she could feel the moistness in her panty crotch. The sight of a big, naked, throbbing boner always had that effect on her. Rachel had a natural love for hard cocks, and looking at a naked pisser in the raw could make her so horny that it was impossible to think about anything else.

Looking at Hughes' boner was having that effect on her right now. Without really being aware of what she was doing, Rachel replaced the claw tool on the little tray. The big dental chair had a broad, well padded footrest. The next thing Rachel knew, she was kneeling on it.

A lewd smile spread across Hughes' face as he guessed he was about to get his cock sucked after all. The busty teen felt too horny to think straight. She shuddered as she reached up, roughly pulling the patients pants down to his ankles. Then she slid her hand up, wrapping her hand tightly around the bloated thickness of his cock.

"You really ought to be ashamed of yourself, Mr. Hughes," Rachel said.

But by then she had already begun jacking the long, fat prick up and down, staring at the knob as she whipped her right hand up and down the stalk. Hughes sighed, grinding his hips off the broad, well-padded dental chair. His big organ responded by growing even stiffer, the knob puffing up and oozing milky droplets of pre-cum.

"Is this making your boner throb, Mr. Hughes?" Rachel panted. "Gosh, you've really got a big one! You're pretty proud of having a big dick, aren't you?"

"I guess I am."

Rachel was now jacking the big prick as hard as she could, her fist a blur, whipping up and down the shaft. Her pussy was throbbing, tingling and juicing heavily, making a mess in her panties. The horny young dental assistant leaned forward, pressing her mouth on the tip of his cock.

"Don't you dare tell anyone about this," she whispered.

Rachel hungrily started licking the fat knob of his boner, sighing as she savored the salty taste of hard cock and oozing jizz. Hughes moaned, grinding his hips happily on the chair. Rachel pressed her lips on the tip of his cock in a wet, sucking kiss. Gradually she let her mouth open, slurping in inch after inch of his huge, throbbing cock.

She stopped when she had over a third of the boner jammed between her wide-stretched lips, not wanting to choke herself by slurping in any more of the shaft. Rachel shut her eyes, blocking out the shame she felt in yielding to her lust like this, instead of concentrating utterly on the cocksucking.

The busy teen caved in her cheeks, until golf balls could have fit into the indentations. Hungrily she started sucking the big, stiff prick very hard, pressing her lips in a tight, wet oval around the veined stalk of his fuck meat.

"Oh, Rachel?" he panted. He stared down at her in happy disbelief, shocked and excited by the spectacle of such a pretty young girl with her mouth crammed with hard cock. "Unnggh! Oh, shit, that's so wonderful! You really suck hard, honey! Unngggh! Oh, fuck, that's right! That's the way to suck a hard dick, honey!"

Rachel was now sucking prick so intently that she hardly heard him. She tightened her fingers around the hairy root of his cock, holding the big pisser firmly. Wetly she slurped and smacked her lips on the top third of his boner, basting it thoroughly with spit.

Rachel considered herself an expert dick sucker. Men loved to spend whole hours feasting on her giant mammaries, and fuck her pussy until she hardly had the strength to slide off the bed. But her hunger for sucking hard cocks was so great that she rarely let them have their fill of the other things they wanted to do. Whenever a man had a hard cock, Rachel automatically wanted to put it in her mouth. It was as simple as that. For that reason, she'd become as expert in sucking a cock and making it spout as any downtown whore!

Now she was especially eager to keep slurping on Hughes' throbbing cock -- it had been too long since she'd satisfied her near constant appetite for swallowing hot cum. Up and down, the teen's head bobbed, her ponytail bouncing on her back, her enormous milk melons shivering in her uniform and bra as she fucked her mouth with his cock.

The prick responded by growing stiffer, until she had to stretch her lips wider to hold it all in. Still the prick-loving dental assistant worked insatiably on the big boner, until the little treatment room was filled with the slurping, smacking sounds of a torrid dick sucking in progress.

"Harder!" Hughes groaned. He clutched her head with both hands, panting as he ground his hips off the chair. "Ungghhh! Oh, shit, what a sweet little cocksucker you are! Work out on it, Rachel! Unggghhh! Jack it a little now, honey! I really need to cum pretty bad!"

Rachel obediently tightened her right hand around the base of his fuck organ, again marveling at how huge and thick it felt. Then the big titted dental assistant started pumping her fist wildly up and down his fuck tool, violently jacking the dick from it's hairy base up to her sucking lips.

The prick was really throbbing uncontrollably now, signaling that her hung patient would be popping his rocks at any moment. Rachel thrust her left hand between his legs without being asked, touching his ball bag. The wrinkled sac felt as oversized as the rest of his crotch equipment, two giant globes that were obviously packed to bursting with spunk.

Rachel gurgled, mewling the sound around the flared cockhead she was sucking so hard. She kept jacking his meat furiously, and now fondled his nut sac at the same time.

Hughes moaned, clutching her head, nearly choking her as he jammed the cocklance a little farther down her gullet. Seconds later, the mammoth fuck organ was spitting out cum.

The white stuff spewed out in great, milky gobs, jetting rhythmically out of his dick head, spurting and splattering on the roof of the teenagers mouth. Rachel gurgled as she tried to suck all of the prick-juice down, clinging to the unloading cock more insatiably than ever. For nearly a minute straight the busty brunette sucked prick and swallowed cum, refusing to let the hard prick slide out of her wet mouth until she'd lapped the last traces of cream from his piss-slit.

"Whew! Honey, I don't mind telling you! You really know how to suck!" Hughes looked at her in happy amazement as she sat back on her heels, still kneeling on the foot stool. Rachel blushed with shame as she licked the traces of cock-juice from the corners of her mouth.

"I... I guess I do at that," Rachel said embarrassedly.

And the truth was that she still felt very, very, horny. Hughes still had a very stiff cock, and, as she watched the spit-dripping boner continue to jerk and throb, Rachel knew it would stay plenty stiff enough to be rammed in her cunt.

She didn't clearly remember when Dr. Hankison had said he'd be coming back, and she was now much too horny to care. Rachel rose dazedly to her feet, nearly knocking over the tray of dental tools. She kept staring at the throbbing fuck organ as her hands fluttered down the front of her starched white uniform.

"Wow!" Hughes grinned. "Once you get going, it's pretty hard to stop you, huh?"

"So you like big breasts, do you, Mr. Hughes?"

Rachel pulled off her uniform dress and stepped but of her white leather shoes, leaving herself naked except for her bra, panties and stockings. She took off the stockings first, sliding them down her long, tapering legs. Then it was time to unhook the lacy-white double D-cup.

Rachel kept her eyes on her patients face as she reached behind her back for the clasp, her enormous tits rising in the cups. She popped it open, and then the bra fluttered to the floor. Out tumbled the brunette teen's giant, creamy white tits, the biggest, firmest, roundest tits Hughes had ever seen.

"Oh, shit!" Hughes groaned.

His eyes bulged as he stared at the teen's mammoth baby feeders, and his dripping boner throbbed harder than ever. Rachel had the widest, reddest nipples he'd ever seen, and the surface of her areolas was richly pebbled, forming goose bumped whorls.

Rachel proudly felt her huge tits swaying pendulously as she leaned forward to wriggle out of her panties. As she had suspected, the seeping pussy-juice had made the crotch stick to her hairy slit. She peeled the moist panties down over the round, plump cheeks of her mouthwatering ass, and then she was completely naked.

"I guess it's a good thing we've got a couch in here, Mr. Hughes!"

Rachel was gesturing toward the backless, padded, leather-upholstered doctors couch against the wall. The naked dental assistant stretched out on it on her back, her huge tits shimmying with the movement.

By now, Hughes was out of the chair and ripping off his clothes as fast as he could. Rachel reminded herself of what an awful risk she was taking, but, again, felt too horny to care. Staring at her patients throbbing boner, she wiggled her bare fanny into a good humping position on the couch. Then she splayed her thighs as wide apart as she could, showing her dense brown pussy triangle, and the pink, pouting lips of her wet, swollen, ready-for-fucking cunt.

"Hurry up, Mr. Hughes!" The horny brunette thrust her hand impatiently between her thighs and started rubbing her fat, tingly clit. "Come fuck my cunt, Mr. Hughes! My cunt needs hard fucking right now!"

Soon Hughes was completely naked. His big wang twitched and wagged obscenely before him as he joined her on the big couch, knee-walking up until his big pisser was throbbing over his belly. Rachel raised her head, watching him hold his dick in hand and push the shaft down, fitting the knob into her juicy little cunt.

"Unngggh! Oh, shit, Mr. Hughes! That really feels good!" Rachel forced herself to lie still so he could slide his boner in. "Unnngggh! Fuck my cunt now, Mr. Hughes! Push it in deep! Fuck my horny cunt!"

The first several inches of his huge boner were securely embedded in her wet little pussy. The horny patient leaned forward, looming over her, supporting his weight on straight arms. He spread his knees into a good thrusting position, and then he started humping, driving his stiff prick farther up her little cunt with every stroke.

"Unnngggh! Oh, Mr. Hughes! Unggghh! Feels good! Fuck my cunt, Mr. Hughes! Fuck my cunt!"

The naked teenager started humping like crazy. Her enormous, milk-white tits bounced and rolled, jiggling so heavily that the upper sides of the giant globes nearly reached her chin. Feverishly Rachel wriggled and thrust her naked ass off the couch, fucking her wet, hairy pussy onto the satisfying stiffness of his big prick.

"Fuck me deep, Mr. Hughes! Unngggh! My pussy loves your cock, Sir! Ungggh! Fuck me deeper with it! Oh, fuck my cunt, fuck my horny little cunt!"

Hughes let his arms bend, now supporting his weight on his elbows. He sighed as he came down hard, ramming every inch of his fuck organ into her pussy. For several seconds he lay still between her legs, just letting his cock soak in the constant, wet, nursing pressure of her tight pussy.

Then he started fucking again, drilling his big dick in and out. Soon the hung patient was hammering his big, stiff dong rhythmically in and out of her pussy, the knob pounding it's way up to her womb with every, skewering thrust.

"Unngggh! Oh, Mr. Hughes! Fuck my little pussy, Mr. Hughes! Oh, shit! My pussy loves your big dick!"

Then they were fucking in rhythmic unison. Rachel's huge tits jiggled wildly, bouncing and rolling and slapping spongily together, rippling in response to every thrust. Her face was contorted with pleasure, her cheeks red, her lips drawn back to bare her teeth. Rachel cocked her naked legs up as high as she could, completely opening her pussy passage for every skewering thrust of his cock.

"Gonna cum now!" she panted at last. "Unnngggh! Fuck my pussy, Mr. Hughes, fuck my horny little pussy! Ungggh! Oh, fuck, I'm making it now! Fuck my cunt, Sir, fuck my horny cunt! Cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

Her red-stuffed pussy erupted in violent, pelvis-shaking orgasm, with even her pink little asshole pulsing in and out as the spasms pounded through her loins. Rachel thrust her cumming cunt onto the patients boner again and again, sighing as she writhed in the throes of orgasm.

In the delirium of pleasure, she was barely aware that Hughes was now fucking as hard as he could, and that his giant prick had grown even stiffer inside her. Suddenly he came down hard, ramming his cock to the hilt in her tight, tender, well-fucked pussy.

"Oh, Mr. Hughes! Cum in my cunt, Mr. Hughes!"

The second load of cock juice spouted and spewed, raining into her pussy channel, flooding her little cunt with the salty profusion of his semen. Hughes grunted on her shoulder, humping hard, letting all of the dick juice flood into the teenagers cunt.

Rachel gasped with pleasure as the big prick bucked and throbbed inside her, unloading again and again. Eagerly she flexed her fucking muscles around the cum-shooting prick, helping the big boner spray out every drop of hot jizz.

"Oh, Rachel!" The horny patient sprawled flat on top of her, panting on her neck. "I swear, that was so good. You've got such a gorgeous body, honey, and the worlds tightest little cunt! I could keep fucking you forever!"

Rachel didn't answer right away. She liked having the big boner stuffed inside her, but she was starting to get worried about the time again.

"Maybe we ought to get dressed now, Mr. Hughes."

"I want to lick it clean first..."

His voice trailed off as he slid his wilting dick out of her belly. Then he started to slide his way down the couch, planting little kisses on her rounded belly. Soon he was sprawled between her legs, facing her hairy, well-fucked pussy, with the swollen lips gleaming with the white globs he'd just deposited in her cunt.

"Oh, no, Mr. Hughes! It's all dirty."

"Want to suck it..."

Rachel told herself to shut her thighs, but she moved too late. The next thing she knew, the horny patient had his mouth pressed firmly on her pussy. Rachel gasped as he thrust out his tongue, sluicing it up between the swollen, cum-stained folds of her well-fucked cunt. Lovingly the patient started to eat her out, unashamedly sucking the prick-juice out of the depths of her snatch.

"Unnggggh! No, Mr. Hughes! Dr. Hankison's gonna come back! No! No..."

But it felt too good for her to insist that he stop. Unconsciously Rachel splayed her legs wider apart, letting more milky jizz run out of her well-reamed cunt interior. Hughes kept licking and lapping her pussy lovingly, snuggling his cheeks on her hairy slit.

"Ungggh! Ungggh! Oh, Mr. Hughes!"

He spread her pussy folds delicately with his fingers, exposing the bright, cum-stained pinkness within. Then he went back to lovingly licking and lapping, except that his tongue was moving up higher now, touching her clit. Rachel stiffened as he wrapped his lips around the sensitive little bud. The next thing she knew, the patient was fingerfucking her pussy and sucking her clit at the same time.

"Ungggh! Ungggh! Oh, fuck, feels good! Feels so good!"

Rachel was beyond trying to resist. Her huge tits started jiggling again, bouncing and slapping together wildly as she humped her buns off the couch. She gasped and whimpered, clutching Hughes head with both hands, thrusting her wet, throbbing pussy onto his mouth.

"Suck my cunt, Sir! Ungggh! Feels so good! Suck my horny little cunt!"

"What on earth is the meaning of this!"

Rachel gasped, pushing Hughes away and spinning her head to the door. She only needed one glance to know it was too late.

Dr. Hankison had returned from the bank.


"I can't even imagine the right word or phrase to describe the likes of you," Hankison was saying ten minutes later. The handsome, heartless thirty-three year-old reclined in the big swivel chair behind his desk, staring at Rachel coldly, drumming his fingers on the desk top. "Tramp? Nymphomaniac? Runaround? Gutter slut?"

Gosh, what a mean, ol' rectum, Rachel thought peevishly. But the humiliated teen just sat there with her head bowed and didn't say anything. She'd wrestled herself back into her uniform, though her bra, panties and stockings were still crumpled on the floor in the examination room. And she could still feel Hughes' jizz dribbling out of her cunt.

"What do you think it should be, Rachel?" The dentist leaned forward, resting his forearms on the desk, staring at her. "What should I call you, besides fired?"

At least I'm not an unprincipled fuckhead like you! Rachel thought. She felt herself growing slightly angry as she ticked off a mental list of all of Dr. Hankison's improprieties. His willingness to perform unnecessary surgery, his eagerness to convince well-heeled old women that they really did need to have their teeth cleaned every other week, and so on and so on.

Gosh, Rachel thought, being horny sure was a lot better than being an asshole who ripped off people like Dr. Hankison! Besides, Mr. Hughes wasn't complaining any, was he?

"Come over here," Hankison said suddenly.

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me." Hankison turned his chair sideways, snapping his fingers impatiently. "Just come aver and stand right here."

Rachel hesitated, unable to read his typically cold, aloof expression. At last she stood up and walked obediently around to his side of the desk, standing in front of his chair and looking down at him expectantly.

"Lift up your dress."


"Do as I say!"

Rachel was too bewildered to protest. Shamefully she raised her skirt up to her waist, blushing with shame as she exposed her hairy, just-fucked cunt triangle to her boss.

"Look at this mess," Hankison said.

The cold dentist pushed his hand between her legs, touching her pussy. The pink, pouting lips were still swollen from the fuck session, and were also still very warm, tingly and wet. Hankison slipped his forefinger up Rachel's pussy and looked up at her hatefully.

"Its dripping wet in here. How disgusting."

"Gosh, Dr. Hankison!"

Then Hankison's thin lips spread in a cold smile. He straightened the finger and started pumping it rapidly in and out.

"Does this feel good?"

"Dr. Hankison! Golly!"

"It does, doesn't it?" Hankison demanded. "You're just a filthy little gutter slut, and you enjoy having your little cunt played with under any circumstances. You like the way I'm finger-fucking you right now!"

Then Hankison half-pushed, half-guided her into a sitting position on the desk in front of him. The busty teen felt too bewildered to resist. The next thing she knew, her legs were being spread wide and her shoes were being slipped off, so she had no choice but to sit on the very edge of the desk, spread-caged, with her bare feet propped on the desk edge.

Her hairy cunt was wide open, its hairy mouth staring the dentist right in the face. Hankison smiled in his cruel, wicked way. He slipped in a second finger, gooshing it rapidly in and out of her pussy.

"This does feel good, doesn't it?"

"What're you doing this for, Dr. Hankison?"

Hankison just grinned and fingerfucked her pussy a little faster.

"Are you saying I have to let you do this to keep my job?"

Hankison still didn't answer, but his smile grew a little broader. In spite of herself, the naturally horny teen was starting to feel excited again. Hankison was moving his hand quite well. Her pussy was getting all warm and tingly again, the lips sucking around the probing digits.

Suddenly Hankison leaned forward, sliding his head up between her creamy-white thighs. Rachel shuddered as she watched and felt him press his mouth on her pussy. It didn't seem to bother him in the least now that one of his patients had just given her a good, hard fucking.

"Golly, Dr. Hankison."

Hankison started eating her out. He moved his hands up, peeling open her pussy petals, exposing the bright pinkness within. Hungrily he started licking and lapping her swollen, pink little pussy, tonguing the now pure cunt oils from the depths of her cunt.

"Unggggh! Oh, Dr. Hankison!" In spite of herself, the young dental assistant found herself getting extremely horny again. Her pussy throbbed and burned as Hankison sluiced his tongue up and down, probing delicately deep inside her cunt. "Unngggh? That feels good, Sir! Unngggh! Oh, shit, my pussy feels all tingly! Lick higher, Dr. Hankison! Oh, please, suck my little clitty!"

Hankison moved his mouth higher, flicking his tongue on her fat little clit. Rachel gasped, her bra-less tits bouncing in her uniform as she excitedly started humping her bare asscheeks on the desk. Hankison wrapped his lips around her swollen clit bud. He sucked it gently but forcefully, puckering his cheeks around it, swabbing the tip of the bud with his tongue.

"Feels so good, Sir, feels SO fucking good!" Rachel panted, clutching his head with both hands, exuberantly fucking her wet, hairy slit on his mouth. "Suck my cunt, Sir! Unngggh! Oh, oh, Sir, it's starting to throb! Fingerfuck it, Dr. Hankison! Unh, need to cum!"

Hankison slipped his fingers back into her pussy, sighing on her clit as the narrow, slippery cunt channel gripped and squeezed around them. Then he started jacking her off rapidly as he worked on her clit, guiding her toward the ecstatic peak of cumming.

"Oh, fuck, oh, shit, Sir, I'm making it now!" Rachel gasped. "Unnngggh! Lick my cunt, oh, please, lick my cunt! Cuummmiiinngggg!"

Her pussy erupted in wet, violent orgasm, sucking around his fingers, her clit tingling and pulsating almost unbearably between his lips. Hankison fingerfucked her harder than ever, banging his knuckles on the puffy outer lips of her pussy, guiding her through the delicious peak of her orgasm.

At last, the luscious spasms subsided. The dentist sat back on his chair, smiling up at her in triumph, as if he had earned some sort of bizarre victory by having made her cum so hard.

Then she looked at his crotch.

"Oh, Doctor..."

Her voice trailed off. He had a big hard-on, bulging through his black dress slacks. As usual, Rachel's extreme hunger for cocksucking started to reassert itself. Getting eaten out had only warmed her up. Now her mouth was practically watering for the taste of hard meat.

Hankison almost sneered at her, as if he were reading her mind. He spread his legs and rubbed his crotch lewdly.

"You ought, to offer to return the favor, Rachel. After all, one good suck deserves another!"

"Does this mean I get to keep my job?"

But Hankison still didn't answer. It has to mean that, Rachel told herself, as she slid off the desk and knelt in front of his chair. She told herself to ask and be sure, but she was too horny to think clearly. She just knew she needed to suck a big prick immediately.

Hankison raised his hips to help her as the cock-hungry teen swiftly unbuckled and unzipped his pants, then tugged the dress slacks roughly down over his dress shoes. He wore no underwear, and Rachel was unconsciously delighted to see what a big boner he had. The long, meaty fuck organ was rising straight out of his cock fur, arching sumptuously over his shirt.

"You like hard dicks, don't you?" Hankison sneered. "Of course, I suppose that's one thing gutter sluts like you always have in common!"

"I think you're a real asshole, Dr. Hankison!"

But by now they were both too horny to stop. Rachel slid her hand up, shuddering with need as she wrapped her fingers tightly around the root of his big pisser. Her huge tits jiggled in her uniform top as she started jacking the stiff cock up and down.

"You like that, don't you?" she panted.

Hankison just sighed. Soon the horny dental assistant was jacking his fuck organ so fast that her hand was a blur -- tirelessly whipping up and down his prick.

"Unggggh! Oh, Rachel..."

"You want me to suck your big boner now, don't you?"

"Unggggh! Unngghhh!"

Rachel was too horny to wait for an answer. She leaned forward, opening her mouth wide, plunging her lips onto the blood-beating stiffness of his cock. Eagerly she pushed her head down to his hairy crotch, jamming as much of the throbbing cock lance down her throat as she could take.

At last she stopped, when she was close to choking herself on the big pisser. Rachel eagerly started sucking the big boner very hard, puckering her cheeks around it, slurping and gurgling hungrily on the blood-beating stiffness of his meat.

"Ummmmm, it tasted so good!"

No matter how much she hated Dr. Hankison, she still couldn't help thrilling to the taste of a big, stiff prick! And the meat pole was throbbing so hard, too. An asshole like Dr. Hankison probably never got around to having his balls emptied on a regular basis. Rachel felt even hornier as she thought about it, knowing that her dick sucking efforts would undoubtedly be rewarded with a veritable avalanche of hot, spewing spunk.

"Keep sucking, keep sucking!" Hankison groaned. He dropped his hands to her head, cruelly pulling her hair.

The teen was soon sucking the big, tasty prick just as hard as she could, her gurgling smacking sounds drowning out all other sound in the private office. Frantically she bobbed her head up and down, repeatedly fucking her face with the big, hard prick. She tightened her fingers around the root of his cock, and then she was beating his meat hard and fast as the same time, her hand practically flying up and down his big prick.

"Cumming!" Hankison moaned. "Unngggh! Suck my dick, honey, suck it real hard! Cuummiiinnnggg."

The massive fuck organ started to spew. Rachel's suspicions were immediately confirmed -- it really had been a long time since the dentist had had his balls drained.

The gusher of prick-juice was simply huge! The brunt of the load blasted on the roof of her mouth, running down her throat with such force that Rachel nearly choked on it. Then the milky white stuff simply kept spraying and spouting, giving Rachel more prick-juice to suck down than she'd ever dared hope.

Rachel gurgled. The semen-starved teen clung to the cream-shooting prick, jacking and sucking, working her throat muscles to swallow the cum at the same time. She kept on sucking dick and swallowing juice for the next minute straight, until she'd drained his balls completely of the hot, tasty jizz.

"I guess this means I get to keep my job now, huh, Dr. Hankison?" Rachel wondered aloud. The busty teen sat back on her heels, running her tongue around the corners of her mouth to lap up the goo.

Hankison didn't answer her question.

"Get on your hands and knees," he said.

Rachel gulped, and looked at his boner again. It was still good and stiff. She felt her pussy getting wet again.

"Gosh, Dr. Hankison! When you get going, you stay revved up for awhile, don't you!"

Hankison didn't answer. The horny dental assistant quickly crawled around into the dog-fucking position. She felt Hankison sliding off the chair, kneeling behind her. Then he pulled up her skirt and stared hungrily at her rounded, peach-shaped asscheeks, and at the hairy mouth of her wet pussy peeking out from between her buns.

"Oh, Dr. Hankison!"

Hankison had just ripped off her uniform, ruining it, leaving a big tear in the skirt portion in his eagerness to expose her body. Now Rachel was completely naked again. Her enormous, stiff-nippled tits swung heavily over the carpet as she lowered her shoulders and spread her knees apart. She was furious with Hankison for ruining her uniform, but, still she needed his prick.

"You really are stacked, you know that?" Hankison panted.

He held his big prick in his hand, bunching up behind her. Rachel shuddered as she felt the big, meaty knob pushing into her cunt.

"Of course, you're just a stupid little slut, too, but you do have an incredible body!"

"Fuck you!"

Hankison just chuckled. He held her hips tightly, and then he started fucking. Rachel squealed as the fuck organ bored into her pussy, gooshing it's way into the stretching, spasming sheath of her pussy. Hankison clutched her hips and started fucking her cunt hard and fast, making her huge knockers sway and slap together over the floor as he drilled his boner in and out of her cunt.

"Yes, just a stupid little slut," he panted, as if it excited him to be cruel. "All you think about is fucking. You're just too stupid to keep your mind off your crotch long enough to get any work done!"

"Oh, fuck you. You no good asshole."

But by then Hankison was fucking so hard and deep that it was impossible far her to think of anything else. Rachel gasped, her pussy creaming heavily, responding to his fucking. She clawed the carpet and humped madly to meet his strokes, her tits bouncing wildly, fucking her wet little pussy onto his cock.

"You like that, don't you, little slut?"

"Oh, fuck my cunt, Sir, fuck my cunt!" Rachel gasped. "Making me cum! Unnggggh! Fuck me harder, make me cum!"

"Just a little slut..."

And then the hung, wicked dentist was fucking her as hard and fast as he could. He clawed her lithe hips, pounding the meaty pole in and out, the knob reaching up to her womb with every stroke. Almost as an afterthought, he spread her asscheeks with his fingers, exposing the puckered little ring of her asshole.

Rachel squealed as he started rubbing her asshole, then began finger-fucking the sensitive little slit orifice as he pounded into her cunt. It was the last straw, the last thing she needed to be pushed over the edge into ecstasy. Rachel started cumming like gangbusters.

"Ummgggh! Fuck my cunt, Sir! Unggggh! Oh, shit, oh, fuck, feels so fucking good! I'm making it now, Sir! Unggggh! Oh, fuck my pussy, fuck my horny little pussy! Cumming now!"

Her hairy little pussy erupted in violent orgasm, gripping and sucking the meaty shaft, holding it deep inside her pussy. Hankison grunted, thrusting in hard, ramming his cock to the hilt in her pussy.

The second load of prick-juice squirted out of his fuck organ, making the big rod buck and shiver inside her as it sprayed her pussy with jizz. Rachel moaned with pleasure, flexing her fucking muscles. Again and again the sappy white cum spouted into her cunt, basting the well-reamed walls with the soothing load of cream.

Rachel finally slid away from him, making her wet little cunt slide off of his cock. For at least a minute she just lay crumpled on the floor, feeling the milky prick-juice oozing out of her snatch.

"Okay," she sighed, at last. "How many times do I have to fuck you to not get fired?"

"Zero times," Hankison said. "You don't have a job to keep."

Rachel spun her head around to stare at him. Hankison was buckling his pants.

"Why, why, you..."

"I can't keep a stupid little slut like you around here." Hankison shrugged. "Fucking my patients for nothing. I want them to think of their teeth when they come here. Their teeth, and how much money they're willing to give me." He shook his head. "You're fired, as of right now. It's as simple as that."

"But... but... I just fucked you!"

"I'm sure you've done that plenty of times with no strings attached," Hankison snickered. "This is just another time, that's all!"


"He is just such a big gnarly-grody rectum!" Rachel was complaining, later that night.

"If you say so, Rachel," Mr. Cranston nodded.

Phil Cranston was a handsome, forty year-old widower who had been a close friend of Rachel's parents, before both had died in a tragic car accident a year before. He was now Rachel's landlord -- she rented the unit on the bottom floor of Mr. Cranston's house.

For the past year, she'd been fucking him practically every night too. He was one of Rachel's favorite fucking partners, not so much because he had a big dick that shot out a lot of juice, as because she knew she could always hump with Mr. Cranston without any pressure involved.

He was too old to get romantically involved with her, and both of them knew it. Rachel thought of them as best friends and humping buddies.

Right now, as they usually were together, both were naked. Rachel was sprawled on her stomach on her landlords double bed, with two pillows bunched under her belly. She was holding her asscheeks spread wide with her fingers, exposing her pink, puckered little shitter.

Mr. Cranston was kneeling beside her, his huge prick twitching up and down as he pasted petroleum jelly on the rubbery ring of her asshole. Whether Rachel liked it or not, having her butthole fingered by Dr. Hankison that afternoon had made her little shitter feel all lewd and tingly ever since.

So, now she wanted Mr. Cranston to fuck it for her. Besides, it was bound to take her mind off of her problems.

"I mean, he has the nerve to complain, 'cause I fucked Mr. Hughes!" the naked teen continued. "I mean, golly, Mr. Hughes sure didn't mind! And at least I didn't gouge Mr. Hughes in the wallet, if you know what I mean! Golly, that's what Dr. Hankison did to three-fourths of the patients on his books!"

"I'm sure you know a lot more about it than me," Cranston murmured. His big cock was already well coated with the lube. He made Rachel whimper as he started thrusting his lube slickened finger in and out of her tight, rubbery asshole.

"Oh, I don't know!" Rachel sighed breathlessly. "I mean, I guess it was my fault for fucking Mr. Hughes in the first place. Golly, Uncle Phil, I just don't know what to do with myself! I mean, I'm just so horny and everything! All I ever think about is sucking and fucking!" Rachel sighed again. "Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever be able to keep a job."

"You sure will, if you just hang in there," Mr. Cranston assured her. "Remember, you can't spell success without the 'e' in 'effort'."

Rachel glanced at him over her shoulder. "That's kind of a dorky thing to say, isn't it? I mean, you can't spell a lot of things without the 'e' in 'effort'."

"Well, you know what I mean," Mr. Cranston shrugged.

And then he started finger banging her tight little asshole good and hard, punching the lube slickened finger in and out of her bowels. Rachel moaned, holding her asscheeks spread wide, thrusting her itchy little asshole onto his finger.

"Unnnggggh! Oh, fuck, that feels good! Okay, Uncle Phil, that's enough! Time to fuck my asshole now! Oh, hurry, hurry."

Mr. Cranston removed his finger. Swiftly he mounted the fuck-hungry dental assistant, holding his big prick in his hand, aiming the swollen tip at the rubbery ring of her well greased shit hole.

Rachel felt the big meat pushing into her, stretching her tightly-muscled anus around the invading thickness of his cock. Bravely she continued to hold her ass spread wide, wincing and grimacing as inch after inch of the giant prick burrowed into her bowels.

There were small stabs of pain as her tight little asshole stretched to accommodate the fuck organ, but it was more than compensated for by intense, throbbing pleasure. Rachel wiggled, helping him sink the big prick into her shit channel. Then she started humping in a steady rhythm, still holding her ass cheeks open, eagerly fucking her tight little asshole onto the satisfying stiffness of his dick.

"Oh, fuck my asshole, Uncle Phil!" she gasped. "Uunggghh! Oh, fuck, it feels really good now! Unngggh! Fuck me deep, Uncle Phil! Oh, shit, oh, please, my asshole wants all of your cock!"

Mr. Cranston moaned, writhing on top of her, grimacing as he felt her strong, rubbery shitting muscles gripping and squeezing around his cum-laden cock. He came down hard, suddenly ramming every inch of his big prick into the forbidden tightness of her bowels. Then he lay still for several seconds, simply letting his hard cock soak in the rubbery tightness of her shit channel.

"Ungggh! Oh, Uncle Phil! That feels so good! Unngggh! Fuck my asshole now! Oh, shit, oh, please, fuck it really good!"

Rachel released her round, peach-shaped asscheeks -- it was no longer necessary to hold them open, now that he had his big prick embedded so securely in her bowels. Instead she thrust both hands under her belly, groping through her pussy curls until she found her fat, swollen, tingly little clit. Eagerly the naked dental assistant started fingerfucking, jacking off her slit with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other, simultaneously beginning to hump and thrust her stretched, tender asshole onto Mr. Cranston's prick.

"Fuck my asshole, Uncle Phil! Oh, shit, oh, please, my little asshole needs your big dick!"

Cranston pulled out slowly, withdrawing his giant fuck organ until only the swollen tip stretched her well-lubed little asshole. He paused, then again speared his big cocklance into her bowels.

Rachel shuddered, humping violently, thrusting her aching little asshole onto his prick. Cranston started fucking her asshole in a steady rhythm, sliding his prick in and out, grimacing as he felt her powerful, rippling asshole walls clutch and suck his cock.

"Harder, Uncle Phil!" The naked, busty teen was fingerfucking in a frenzy, frantically fucking her wide-open asshole onto his prick. "Unnngggh! Feels so good! Oh, shit, love your boner, Uncle Phil! Love your big, fucking boner! Oh, harder, harder, really ram my hole super good now. Oh, please, my hole needs a nice, hard cum!"

Cranston was now butt fucking really hard, panting on her shoulder as he worked his hips, relentlessly spearing his blood-swollen fuck organ into the sucking tightness of her bowels. In and out his huge prick pounded, reaching the depths of her asshole, thrilling her itchy little anus with every skewering thrust. Rachel humped madly to meet his rhythm, fingerfucking in a frenzy, tirelessly thrusting her red, juicy asshole onto the root of his cock.

"Fuck my asshole, fuck my horny little asshole!" she gasped. "Unnngggh! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, gonna cum now! My asshole loves your boner, Uncle Phil! Unggggh! Oh, it loves your boner really bad! Fuck it good for me! Awwwww, I'm cumming, cuuummmiinnggg!"

Her asshole erupted in violent, bowel-thrilling orgasm, the stretched sphincter gripping repeatedly around his cock lance, sucking and spasming around every inch of his cock. Again and again Cranston hammered his cock up her shit tract, guiding her through the fury of her cum. Then Rachel felt the enormous boner growing even stiffer up her shitter, and knew that her "uncle" was about to flood her itchy anus with a nice, soothing tide of hot, spouting cum.

"Cum in me, Uncle Phil! I want to feel it! Shoot off in my asshole!"

Cranston moaned, coming down hard, suddenly spearing every inch of his big hard-on into the rubbery tightness of her asshole. Then the cock-juice started spraying out, making his huge prick buck and tremble deep inside her asshole, spouting hot gobs of dick juice torrentially into her bowels.

"Oh, Uncle Phil! I can feel your dick squirting! Keep cumming in my asshole! Keep it cumming!"

The boner gushed and streamed, shooting out so much cream that the naked dental assistant felt the load welling up in her bowels, running out of her stretched, puckered shit-ring around his unloading prick. Eagerly Rachel flexed her ass-fucking muscles, making her ravished anus suck out every drop from his cock.

But in the back of her mind, the same old worry was blooming. Gosh! It seemed like sucking and fucking was all she ever did! She'd just have to buckle down soon and get super serious about finding a dental assistant job that would turn into a real career.


"Oh, you poor dear. Suffering through more than a few days with that dreadful Dr. Hankison!" The slim, blonde, thirty-four year-old female dentist waved her hand in a quick gesture of dismissal. "Honestly, you should get a prize from the Dental Association just for surviving that long!"

Rachel just nodded shyly. The female dentist's name was Emily Williams. She was divorced and very pretty, but she also seemed very competent, and the furnishings of her small suite of offices indicated that the practice was doing well. Rachel had already decided that it would be an ideal place to work.

It seemed surprising that such a nice dentist would even have to advertise in the paper.

"Well, I don't know about that," Rachel said shyly. She nodded helpfully at the resume on Mrs. Williams' desk. "But you can go right ahead and check any of the other references there. Honest. I'm a pretty good employee, Mrs. Williams. At least I try."

"Oh, I'm sure that won't be necessary," Mrs. Williams smiled. "And it is Mrs. Williams, incidentally, in case you were wondering. Don't you dare call me 'Doctor', and don't you dare call me Ms. either. I think it's intimidating, and I don't want you to be at all intimidated while working for me."

Rachel felt her eyes opening wide. "You mean..."

"I certainly do! You can consider yourself hired!"

Rachel started the next day. The work wasn't bad. Mrs. Williams didn't have as many patients as Dr. Hankison. On the other hand, she spent more time with them. Rachel did the usual work of teeth-cleaning and X-raying. Once, she did a preliminary exam on a regular patient while Mrs. Williams took a coffee break. Rachel was able to spot the depressed area that indicated a cavity, and, when Mrs. Williams returned, it turned out that she'd been right.

At five o'clock, alone in her private office, Mrs. Williams asked if Rachel could rub her shoulders a bit.

"I mean, I don't want to be a pest or anything," Mrs. Williams said. "It's just that they really do ache after being on my feet all day."

"I don't mind, Mrs. Williams."

Rachel walked around to Mrs. Williams' side of the desk, stood behind her and started rubbing the dentist's shoulders. Mrs. Williams sighed and leaned her head back, resting it lightly on Rachel's arm. Rachel just smiled. Golly, Mrs. Williams sure was a nice lady.

"Oh, that feels just marvelous. Honestly. My husband used to do it for me, but you know how men are, Rachel. So selfish and inconsiderate."

"Oh, I don't know..."

"Oh, but they are. Never trust a man, Rachel. Please promise me. You can never really open your heart to anyone but another woman."

Gosh, that was a weird thing to say, Rachel thought. But she kept on rubbing the dentist's shoulders, until she noticed that Mrs. Williams had moved her head just enough so that her cheek was nuzzling against the side of her huge tit.

"Mmmm!" Mrs. Williams sighed.

"Uh, Mrs. Williams..."

"You know, you really do have extraordinarily big breasts, Rachel," Mrs. Williams murmured suddenly. "Honestly, it was the first thing I noticed about you when you came in. They really are extraordinary."

"Th-thank you. I guess."

"But that uniform must be too tight for you."

Mrs. Williams leaned forward and turned the chair around, smiling, staring openly at the pony-tailed dental assistant's super-sized tits. Rachel was getting a weird, funny, horny feeling.

"Oh, no, Mrs. Williams, it's..."

Mrs. Williams raised her hands and placed them on Rachel's huge tits. Rachel took a sharp breath, but she was so scared and confused that she just stood there. Mrs. Williams' smile looked a little funny now. The female dentist moved her fingers inward, squeezing, kneading.

"Does that pinch?"

"No. But, Mrs. Williams..."

"Does this feel good?"

The female dentist started fondling and kneading Rachel's enormous tits quite openly, obviously intending to give her pleasure. Rachel blushed as her nipples stiffened, protruding in visible bumps through her bra and uniform top.

"Your nipples are getting hard."

"Well, golly."

"Have you ever fantasized about making it with another woman, Rachel?"

The female dentist didn't give her time to answer. The next thing Rachel knew, Mrs. Williams was out of the chair and facing her, reaching behind Rachel's back to pull down her uniform zipper.

Rachel gasped, but still didn't move away. The next thing she knew, she was naked from the waist up except for her bra. Mrs. Williams reached deftly behind her back again, popping open the clasp. The young dental assistant's cheeks flushed brightly as her huge, creamy white tits tumbled out of confinement, the stiff nipples betraying her excitement.

"Oh, God, they're luscious!" the female dentist panted. "They're simply enormous!"

Mrs. Williams filled her hands with the teen's giant tits, hungrily rolling and squeezing the spongy tit-flesh under her palm. Rachel sighed with pleasure, and then she felt her resistance weakening rapidly. This was so kinky, she thought, sick even, but it felt good.

Mrs. Williams cupped one bountiful tit with both hands, holding it up and staring at the wide, deep red areola. Rachel shuddered as Mrs. Williams opened her mouth wide and plunged the teen's goose bumped tit cap deeply between her lips.

"Oh, Mrs. Williams! You shouldn't be doing this to me!"

But the female dentist was much too busy suckling Rachel's enormous tits to answer. Hungrily Mrs. Williams puckered her cheeks, slurping audibly, her sucking lips glued to the white flesh surrounding Rachel's red nipples. The horny dentist sucked the stiff tit so hard that Rachel felt the tingling sensations pounding straight into her cunt. She gasped as Mrs. Williams switched tits, as the horny female dentist sucked the second stiff, thumb-sized nipple even harder than the first.

"Lie on the couch," Mrs. Williams panted.

"Oh, Mrs. Williams, this is so dirty and evening..."

"Just do what I say."

Rachel backed up, clumsily, her uniform dress crumpled around her waist. Then she found herself sprawled on the couch -- the next thing she knew, the female dentist was ripping off the rest of her clothes.

Moments later she was completely naked. Rachel's cunt was very wet, throbbing like a heart with it's need for orgasmic release. Rachel now knew that Mrs. Williams was a lesbian, that she had been hired so quickly only because Mrs. Williams craved her stacked, super busty, teenage body.

Which meant, of course, that Rachel should leave right away, but now she was simply too horny to care what Mrs. Williams did to her. She just lay there, waiting submissively, watching as the impatient-looking female dentist stripped off her own clothes too.

Soon they were both naked. Mrs. Williams had a tall, curvy statuesque figure, and Rachel was surprised by how much more wetly her own pussy throbbed at the sight of the dentist's gorgeous body. Then Mrs. Williams stretched out between Rachel's thighs again, now facing the pouting, fur-fringed lips of her very horny cunt.

Rachel offered no resistance as Mrs. Williams pushed her creamy thighs up and wide apart, completely opening her throbbing pussy passage for the dentist's lips and tongue.

"Mmmmm," Mrs. Williams moaned, kissing her way hungrily up Rachel's inner legs.

Rachel shuddered as she felt the pressure of a wet, eager mouth squarely on her pussy hole. The slit was tingling and juicing heavily. Mrs. Williams wriggled her tongue out, sluicing it deep inside Rachel's cunt. Then the lesbian dentist started lapping her cunt in earnest, moaning unashamedly with pleasure as she wriggled her tongue up and down between the juice emitting folds of Rachel's cunt.

"Oh, Mrs. Williams! Unngggh! Oh, fuck, Mrs. Williams! Oh, fuck, that really feels good!"

The naked teenagers gorgeous face contorted with obscene homosexual pleasure as the wanton need built deep inside her pussy. She slid her hands down, abandoning the last pretenses of shame as she tightly clutched the dentist's head. Then she excitedly started wriggling and humping her round, shapely asscheeks off the couch, her enormous tits bouncing and jiggling as she fucked her wet, hairy pussy onto Mrs. Williams' lips.

"Suck my cunt, Mrs. Williams!" she panted. "Unngggh! Oh, shit, that feels so fucking good. You're a good pussy-licker, Mrs. Williams! Unh unh unh, oh, fuck, keep licking me."

Mrs. Williams moved her hands up, touching the furry border of Rachel's pussy, delicately peeling the cunt slit open. Now the bright pinkness of Rachel's inner cunt channel was exposed, and the fat, erect nub of her clit.

Mrs. Williams pushed her tongue in deeper, sluicing and wriggling it hungrily between Rachel's pussy petals. Rachel gasped, her cunt channel spasming, her pink little asshole throbbing in and out as the indescribable pleasure mounted in her body.

"Oh, fuck, Mrs. Williams!" She clawed the back of the female dentist's head, whining and panting as she fucked her buns harder and harder off the couch. "Lick my clitty, Mrs. Williams! Unggggh! Oh, shit, oh, please! Suck my clitty, make my clitty cum!"

At last, the cunt-loving female dentist moved her mouth high enough to press her tongue on Rachel's swollen little clit. Mrs. Williams started licking it, sliding her wet, full tongue up one side of the bud, then the other. She pursed her lips around the swollen clit nubbin, sucking it hard, puckering her cheeks around it, as if Rachel's clit were a tiny dick.

"Unnggggh! Oh, fuck, Mrs. Williams, oh, fucking shit!" Rachel's face was red, and her expression was contorted into what almost resembled a grimace of agony. "Love your sucking, Mrs. Williams! Unngggh! Push your fingers in now! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, my little pussy's so horny! Make me cum, make me cum!"

Mrs. Williams straightened two fingers, gooshing them into the narrow, spasming interior of Rachel's pussy. She sighed hungrily on Rachel's clit as she felt the extreme tightness of the teenagers cunt sheath gripping the digits firmly on Rachel's mouth.

Rachel groaned. At first she wanted to pull away. It was bad enough to let herself be eaten by another woman -- sucking Mrs. Williams' cunt in return seemed like another step entirely.

But Mrs. Williams' pussy happened to taste very, very good. Rachel pushed out her tongue, experimentally at first, thrusting it into the velvety, juicy interior of Mrs. Williams' pussy. She quickly realized that the dentist's cunt tasted delicious.

Oh God, I am such a total slut! thought Rachel guiltily. But she still started licking and sucking, blushing with shame, hornily sliding her tongue up and down between the swollen folds of Mrs. Williams' cunt.

"That's right," Mrs. Williams sighed. The dyke dentist held Rachel's head with both hands, grinding and wriggling her ass, thrusting her wet, tingly pussy hole on Rachel's mouth. "Suck my cunt, honey! Uungggh! That's a good girl! Lick my pussy, Rachel! C'mon, clean up my pussy and make it cum!"

Mrs. Williams slid her hands down, gently peeling open her pussy lips with her fingers. Now Rachel had much better access to the throbbing juiciness of the dentist's cuntal interior, and the swollen pink bud of Mrs. Williams' clit.

It really did taste very, very good! Rachel started sucking more avidly, her own pussy getting warm and horny again as she thrust her tongue deeply between the dentist's pussy lips. She straightened her fingers, experimentally gooshing them into the narrow, gripping interior of Mrs. Williams' cunt channel. Then she started banging the fingers in and out quite hard and fast, making the dentist sigh and hump her buns with the accelerating force of her lust.

"Suck my clit now!" the dentist panted. "Unngggh! Oh, fuck, I need it, Rachel! Put my clit in your mouth! Oh, suck it, please, suck it..."

The dentist's words trailed off as Rachel did as she asked. Jacking her fingers rapidly in and out of the dentist's pussy hole, Rachel wrapped her lips around Mrs. Williams' clit. She sucked the fat little bud gently but forcefully, puckering her cheeks around it, following the dentist's example as she sucked the swollen nubbin like a tiny cock. Rapidly she jammed her fingers in and out of Mrs. Williams' fuck hole, harder and harder, doing her best to guide the horny dentist to the ecstasy, crotch thrilling peak of her cum.

"I'm making it now!" Mr. Williams gasped. She clawed Rachel's head and humped her ass in a frenzy. "Unngggh! Feels so good, feels so fucking good! Lick my pussy now! Unngggh! I'm cumming, Rachel! Suck my cunt, I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

The dentist came for a minute straight, moaning and whimpering, thrusting her hairy, juicing pussy on Rachel's mouth again and again. Rachel kept sucking and licking her, guiding her through the full force of her orgasm. At last the well-satisfied dyke slid off Rachel's face and reached for her clothes. "Well, that was awfully nice, for a first time," Mrs. Williams sighed. She smiled at Rachel sweetly. "I knew my instincts were right when I hired you, darling. We'll just do that every day from now on. And we'll try to forget any silly ideas about still enjoying sex with a dirty, brutish man!"

But Rachel, who still vastly preferred hard prick to the taste of pussy, already knew she wouldn't be coming back.

Darn it, why couldn't she just get a good, ordinary job?


If only she weren't so horny all the time! Rachel thought about her problems as she stood in the shower later that afternoon, relieved by the gentle pressure of the warm water cascading onto her giant, fat-nippled tits, cleansing her mouth-watering naked body. At last she shut off the water and slid open the stall door, reaching for a towel. Her huge, creamy-white tits jiggled as she dried herself off. She ran the towel over her hairy pussy, sliding it between her legs, wishing she could clean the last traces of Mrs. Williams' saliva from the folds of her sensitive cunt.

Sucking pussies with another woman! Ugghhh! How disgusting! But the truth, Rachel knew, was that she was still very horny now, and would happily have dived right in for more sucking if Mrs. Williams had returned at that moment.

That was just the way she was, she supposed. It was too bad Uncle Phil was gone for the day -- she would have loved to spend the afternoon fucking him, blowing his rod stiff again every time he deposited a load into her mouth, asshole or cunt. Sex was her number one vice. She wondered if she'd ever change.

The doorbell rang. Fuck! With water still dripping from her long, lank hair, the naked nineteen year-old hurriedly donned a terry bathrobe, knotting the sash around her waist. She felt her huge tits bouncing as she hurried to the separate entrance of her apartment. Oh, well -- if her visitor were male, he was about to see more of her body than she would have liked.

As it turned out, her visitor was indeed male, but a very young one. Standing on the doorstep was a wide eyed, innocent-looking eighteen year-old who Rachel vaguely remembered having seen around town before. It was hard to believe she was only a year older than he -- in comparison, he seemed like a little kid.

His name was Tommy. He was the paperboy. "It's... it's monthly collection time," Tommy said. He squirmed nervously on the step, his cheeks flushing as his eyes darted rapidly from her huge tits to her face. "It's, uh, eleven dollars."

"Oh... all right." Rachel nodded distractedly. "Come on in, Tommy. I'll get my purse."

Tommy entered her small, neat apartment, entering the living room and taking a seat on the broad couch in front of the wall. Rachel found her purse and returned, sitting beside him. She leaned forward carelessly as she rummaged through the purse's contents, forgetting all about the robe and the sash holding it together as she searched for her billfold.


"Uh, that's right."

"Well, here's a one, and here's a ten." She put the purse on the floor and turned to him. "I might as well just give you a generous tip, Tommy, and... oh, my goodness!"

Tommy's face was beet red, and he was staring straight at her huge tits. Rachel's robe had come all the way open. Tommy could see all of her enormous, fat-nippled tits, and the densely furred mound of her hairy, horny cunt.

"Oh, Tommy, I'm so sorry!" Rachel blushed too and distractedly pushed the halves of the robe together. She forgot about the sash. The halves spread open again -- he could still see her naked body. "I... well, I was just taking a shower, as you can see, and I just more or less threw something on to come to the door. I'm so... why, my goodness!"

Rachel's words trailed off into a startled gasp as she finally looked down and saw Tommy's crotch. The embarrassed, red-faced paperboy had grown an enormous boner. The protruding of his stiff cock was incredibly obscene -- the rod looked like it would burst right through his pants, and his prick had grown so stiff that it was throbbing and jerking blatantly behind the zipper.

And he obviously had a nice, big one. Rachel felt her cunt getting wet as she sat staring at his bulging crotch.

Tommy seemed very nervous.

"You've got a boner, Tommy!"

Tommy just gaped at her, stunned by the boldness of the opening comment. Rachel felt a little stunned with herself too. There was something so incredibly, obscenely exciting about turning on such an innocent, well-hung kid. She was obviously more experienced than him -- as long as she'd decided to seduce him, she could take the upper hand.

She'd decided, all right.

Rachel squirmed close to him and put her hand on his bulging prick.

"Oh, shit!"

"It's really stiff, Tommy." Rachel rubbed the organ through his pants. "Really big and stiff. I can feel it throbbing. Does looking at my naked body really make you that horny?"

Tommy just sat there, his face red, his prick throbbing wildly. Rachel felt incredibly horny and confident. Her creamy tits shimmied as she leaned forward, unbuckling and unzipping his jeans expertly. Then she reached into the opening and hauled out his naked prick.

"Oh, Tommy!"

It was enormous! The kid had such a slender build, and yet he now had an incredibly long, thick horse cock arching out of his prick fur, jerking and twitching in front of his stomach.

Rachel shrugged completely out of her robe, leaving herself naked. Tommy stared at her gorgeous body again, his huge boner throbbing and twitching even more obscenely at the sight of all her bare flesh. Rachel leaned forward again, wrapping her fingers tightly around the root of his dick.

"This feels good, doesn't it, Tommy?"

Rachel started beating his huge boner violently up and down. Tommy gasped, watching the fist jacking in a blur on his crotch. His cock head puffed up, oozing out milky spunk.

"I asked you a question, Tommy."

"I-yes, it does!" Tommy panted.

"Have you ever fucked a girl before, Tommy?"

Tommy didn't say anything. The naked dental assistant slid off the couch, kneeling before him. She yanked off his tennis shoes, then roughly tugged his pants down and off.

Now the kid was naked except for his t-shirt. His huge, red prick was standing straight up, the knob coated with oozing spunk. Rachel went back to jacking an his big boner, her huge tits bouncing and slapping spongily together as she whipped her fist up and down the big dick.

"Unngggh! Oh, Rachel? Unnggggh!"

"You're a virgin, aren't you, Tommy?"

"Ye-yes, oh, ye-yes! But I don't want to be!"

"I'll bet you don't. Would you like to fuck my cunt, Tommy?"

"Ye-yes, oh, please!"

"But I'll bet you'd like me to suck your dick first, wouldn't you? I promise to let you fuck me after I give you a blow job, Tommy. I just want to show you how good it feels to shoot off in a nice, warm mouth first!"

The busty teen slid her hand down, tightly gripping the root of his dick. Then she lowered her head, planting her pink lips on his cockhead in a wet, sucking kiss.

Tommy moaned, his big prick throbbing and oozing juice. The horny dental assistant jacked his rod slowly and licked his meaty cockhead, coating it with saliva, licking up the oozing jizz.

Gradually she let her lips part. Inch after inch of the giant boner disappeared into her mouth, gratifying her need for hard fuck meat as the shaft slid down her throat. Rachel stopped when she had over a third of the boner jammed between her lips, when her lips were stretched to bursting around the meaty trunk.

The busty brunette gurgled, and then she caved in her cheeks and started sucking the paperboy's boner extremely hard. Wet, smacking, slurping sounds burbled out of the back of her throat as she worked on his big hard-on, curling her tongue lewdly around the blood bloated stiffness of his dick.

Rachel held his fuck organ tightly, marveling at the thickness of the meat tube on her palm. She started jacking the big prick again, pumping her fist up and down from the hairy root up to her sucking lips. Soon she was utterly immersed in the joy of sucking a big prick. Her eyes were shut, and her nostrils were flared to pant around the mouth-filling thickness of the prick. Up and down the dental assistant bobbed her head, her tits bouncing wildly, unashamedly fucking her mouth with the cum laden stiffness of Tommy's big prick.

"Oh, shit! Oh, fuck, it feels good, Rachel!" Tommy looked down at her in a horny trance, violently aroused by the sight of the naked, outlandishly curvaceous girl fucking her ovaled lips up and down his spit-slickened boner. "Unnggghhh! Oh, fuck, keep sucking it, Rachel! You're making my dick feel so good! Unnggggh! Oh, shit, I'm really gonna cum!"

Rachel slurped on the huge, mouth-satisfying boner harder and harder, hearing her slurping, gurgling, smacking sounds of cocksucking pleasure filling the living room. She started beating his meat harder again, squeezing hard as she whipped her fist up and down the long, cum-congested pisser.

The prick was getting even stiffer, throbbing violently on the roof of her mouth, signaling that the hung paperboy was about to shower her tonsils with a spewing outpouring of cream. Rachel puckered her cheeks and sucked the big fuck pole as hard as she could, pounding her fist up and down the trunk, fucking her face on the knob so feverishly that she nearly choked herself on the meaty thickness of his prick.

"Cumming now!" Tommy panted. He clutched her head, excitedly arching his hips off the couch. "Umggggh! Suck my dick, oh, shit, suck my stiff, fucking dick! Cumming now! Ahhhhh!"

The mammoth prick started to spew, throbbing and twitching in her mouth, jetting great streams of cock juice down the busty dental assistant's hungry, clinging throat. Rachel gurgled as she wantonly struggled to suck prick and swallow sperm at the same time.

She clung to the enormous, unloading fuck organ, jacking and sucking with all the energy she had. Repeatedly the warm, tasty, milky prick-juice spewed out of the huge pisser, basting her throat interior with the showering outpouring of jizz. Rachel kept sucking prick and swallowing semen for what felt like a minute straight, refusing to let the paperboy's boner slide out of her mouth until she'd drained his oozing cock head completely of seed.

"Oh, boy!" Tommy groaned. He sprawled back on the couch in a horny trance, with his huge, jizz-and-spit dripping boner continuing to twitch stiffly over his stomach. "I... I never thought my cock could feel like that, Rachel! Oh, fuck, I don't think I'll ever feel that good again in my life."

"Yes, you will, Tommy. Because now you get to fuck my tight pussy!"

His cock was still good and hard, after all, more than hard enough to be pushed deep inside her pussy. The super-busty brunette stretched out on her back on her plush living room rug, wiggling her ass into a good humping position on the carpet.

The virginal paperboy stared down at her gorgeous body, his rod twitching with expectation. Rachel raised her luscious legs high and let her knees drift open wide. Now Tommy had a perfect view of her pink, pouty-lipped, densely furred pussy, her cunt slit spread-eagled before him, waiting to get fucked.

"Get on the floor with me, Tommy. I want you to kneel in front of me now. Don't worry. I'll show you what to do."

Tommy slid off the couch, his big prick jerking and twitching in front of him, obediently knee-walking forward until his giant cock was pulsating over Rachel's hairy mound.

"Lean down, Tommy. Put your arms out." Tommy did as he was told, bracing his arms to either side of her shoulders, with his huge cock arched up and ready to be slid into her pussy. Rachel reached down, taking hold of his prick. She pushed the stiff pole down, fitting the knob firmly between the slick, tight lips of her very horny cunt.

"Now, push it in, Tommy! Go ahead, honey! Push it up my cunt!"

Awkwardly, Tommy pushed his hips down. At first, he pushed too high, and his cock wouldn't go in. Then he found the right spot. The busty brunette looked down, whimpering and biting her lip as she watched and felt the fat, veined fuck organ fucking into her narrow, sucking cunt.

"You're fucking my cunt now, Tommy. Does my cunt feel good on your cock?"

Tommy was too excited to answer. His prick was embedded deep inside her pussy hole, nursed and gripped by the constant, clinging warmth of her warm, juicy cunt. Experimentally he started to move his hips in a light, thrusting motion. He gasped as he felt his big cock beginning to go in and out.

Rachel quickly started to hump her ass encouragingly, meeting his beginning rhythm. Her enormous, stiff-nippled baby feeders jiggled as she fucked her wet little cunt onto his cock.

"You're moving it in and out, Tommy. You figured it out all by yourself, huh? Does my cunt feel good?"

"Oh, shit!" Tommy groaned. He braced his knees, putting his hips in a good position to ram his boner in and out good and hard. His rhythm picked, up.

"Your dick sure feels good to me, Tommy!" Rachel humped faster, her huge milkers bouncing harder. "Fuck it all the way in and out, Tommy! Unngggggh! I like long, deep strokes! Unnngggggh! Oh, shit, you've really got a big one! Fuck my cunt, Tommy, fuck my horny cunt!"

At last Tommy let his arms bend, now supporting his weight on his elbows. He re-adjusted his hip and knee position, until he was in the perfect position to really pound in the prick.

The kid was a fast learner. Soon the hung, horny paperboy had begun fucking Rachel's tight pussy hard and fast, rhythmically spearing his long, meaty fuck organ in and out of her pussy. Rachel humped frantically to meet his rhythm, her buns wriggling and her tits jiggling wildly.

Shit, the kid really did have a big one! The cock was stuffing her pussy to bursting every time he rammed it in and out, and the boner seemed to reach up to her womb with every stroke. Rachel felt her cunt getting extremely wet, warm and tingly, gripping convulsively around his fuck shaft every time he rammed it in.

It was his first fuck, but he was already going to make her cum.

"It feels so good, Tommy! Unnnggggh! Oh, shit, love your big boner, honey! Unnggggh! You're making me cum now! Oh, shit, oh, fuck, Tommy, fuck my pussy really hard! Fuck my cunt, Tommy! Unh, unhhhhh, fuck my horny little cunt!"

Tommy moaned as he sprawled flat on top of her, crushing her enormous tits under his chest. His hands came down, clawing the sides of her ass cheeks. Then the horny, virginal paperboy started plowing her pussy as hard as he could, writhing wildly between her enveloping thighs, rhythmically slamming his giant, twitching hard-on in and out of her cunt.

"Gonna cum now, honey!" Rachel threw her arms around his shoulders, convulsively wrapping her legs together high across his back. "Unnngggggh! Fuck my pussy, Tommy, fuck my horny little pussy! Oh, shit, love your big dick! My cunt's cumming now! Oh, fuck, cumming, I'm cuuummmiiiinnnnggggg!"

Her hairy little pussy hole erupted in orgasm, gripping and spasming, nursing around every inch of his big prick. Tommy kept fucking her cunt as hard as he could, instinctively guiding her through the throes of her orgasm.

At last he collapsed on her naked body, slamming his meat in to the hilt. Seconds later, Rachel felt the enormous prick start to buck as it filled her wet pussy with the second outpouring of jizz.

"Oh, Rachel! Rachel, it feels so good!"

The milky white dick juice spewed up her pussy again and again, reaching up to her womb, flooding her narrow, aching cunt channel with the salty profusion of his jizz. Rachel whimpered with pleasure, still humping and thrusting beneath him. Excitedly she flexed her fucking muscles around his cum-spurting prick, helping Tommy shoot out all of his jizz.

It had been a nice interlude with him, she thought. De-virgining the paperboy had prevented her from having to spend a long afternoon satisfying her pussy with her finger.

But the truth was that she still had the same problems she'd had before Tommy had arrived. She still needed to find one, good job!


"Well, sure, we'll hire you," Paul Mitchell said. The tall, stunningly handsome twenty-eight year-old moved his shoulders in a disarming shrug, as if the possibility of not hiring Rachel were slightly absurd.

God, was he beautiful! Rachel thought. She squirmed self-consciously in the chair facing the desk in his private office. She'd worn her starched white dental assistants uniform to the job interview, and she now wished she'd chosen a slightly more revealing outfit.

Dr. Mitchell happened to be one of the most handsome and sexually desirable males she'd ever seen.

"I mean, it's just a little operation we're starting up here," Paul Mitchell said. "Me and my partner, Rob Patterson." Dr. Mitchell glanced at the clock. "He should be about done with that root job now. Here, I'll buzz him in and let him take a look at you."

Dr. Mitchell pressed the intercom. Rachel fiddled self-consciously with a lock of her hair.

"This sure seems like a nice place to work," she said.

"We try to make it that way." Paul shrugged. "Again, we're kind of tight on money, so sometimes we've got to sort of scrimp on the details. Anyhow... oh, hi, Rob. I wanted you to meet Rachel here."

The office door had opened, affording Rachel her first view of the tall, serious-looking, nearly as handsome blond thirty-two year-old who was Paul's partner -- Rob Patterson. He didn't smile as he crossed the room, and Rachel would soon discover that Rob didn't smile easily.

But he was still gorgeous too! Golly, what fun it would be to work for two super-handsome guys!

Rachel rose, her huge tits jiggling slightly under her uniform as she formally shook Dr. Patterson's hand. He smiled primly.

"I understand you worked for that Hankison fellow last," Dr. Patterson said.

Rachel just smiled. The young dentists exchanged a disgusted look. Dr. Patterson made a face.

"Well, I want to assure you, Rachel, our business in no way resembles his. I regard him as an opportunist. I think his treatment of elderly patients is particularly unconscionable."

"He's an asshole," Dr. Mitchell chimed in. "Somebody should cut his dick off."

"I don't know if I'd go that far." Dr. Patterson shot Dr. Mitchell a quick, disapproving frown. Then he leaned forward in a quick, jerky bow, and moved to leave. "In any case, if Paul thinks you'll be appropriate here, I'd like to join him in welcoming you aboard. It'll be good to have you working with us, Rachel. If you don't mind my saying so, you're very attractive."

"Golly, thank you!"

Dr. Patterson left, closing the door firmly behind him. Dr. Mitchell leaned back in the big swivel chair behind his desk. Rachel's pussy started tingling immediately as the handsome twenty-eight year-old dentist gave her a lewd little smile.

"I agree strongly with Dr. Patterson on that last point, Rachel," he said. "You really are very attractive. It's going to be quite a distraction to have such a gorgeous dental assistant working with us."

"You're pretty attractive yourself, Dr. Mitchell!"

Paul shrugged. "I hope you don't think you need to say that to get a job. You're already hired."

"No, Dr. Mitchell. I want to say it. And I want to do this too!"

And then, again stunning herself with her boldness, Rachel rose to her feet. Dr. Mitchell looked up at her in surprise as she walked around to his side of the desk. Rachel felt slightly shocked by what she knew she was about to do, but she didn't see a reason not to do it. Dr. Mitchell was extremely handsome, and she was very, very horny, and... well, she wanted to give him a blow job! It was as simple as that!

"You're about to see that there are some special perks for having me as your office dental assistant, Dr. Mitchell!"

Paul just leaned back in the chair, looking up at her with a dazed, disbelieving, thoroughly delighted smile on his lips. Then the busty teenager dropped to her knees in front of him.

She pulled open the buttons of his white dentist's smock, then popped open his belt buckle and pulled down his fly. Dr. Mitchell groaned, his cock pulsing noticeably in his dress black slacks.

"It looks like you're about to get your dick sucked, Dr. Mitchell!"

Dr. Mitchell opened his mouth to answer, but he was obviously too stunned to say anything. Rachel grasped his pants and pulled them down his muscular legs, over his dress shoes, tossing them behind her. He wasn't wearing underwear. Rachel groaned loudly at the sight of his naked prick, as she ogled what had to be one of the longest, fattest, most thoroughly suckable looking fuck organs she'd ever seen.

"Oh, Dr. Mitchell! You've really got a big one!"

The busty dental assistant eagerly slid her hands up, cupping his nuts with one hand, wrapping her right around the rapidly-swelling thickness of his pole. The prick was still growing. Rachel jacked the shaft lightly, staring at the crown, watching and feeling the blood and semen pouring into his meat.

Seconds later, he had a full, magnificent boner, twitching over the front of his smock like a tower of flesh. Rachel gasped with a familiar hunger for dick sucking. She wrapped her fingers tightly around the root of his big pisser, and started jacking the stiff meat rapidly up and down.

"Oh, shit!" the hung young dentist panted. He stared down at his cock too, watching the knob puff up and drool out the jizz.

"Are you ready for me to show you my cocksucking technique, Dr. Mitchell?" Rachel asked teasingly, jacking the stiff pisser faster and faster. "I trust this will be counted into my score in this job interview!"

"Yes, yes!"

"Your dicks really hard now, Mr. Mitchell! You want me to suck your dick for you right now, don't you?"

"Oh, please!"

"Golly, Dr. Mitchell!"

The busty brunette slid her hand down, tightly gripping the hairy root of his boner. She lowered her head, planting her lips on his cock knob in a wet, sucking kiss. Hungrily she licked and kissed the top third of his giant boner, coating the rod with spit. Then she popped her lips onto the tasty dick and let her ovaled lips slide down the lance, sucking in as much of his prick as she could take without choking on it.

Rachel stopped when she had over a third of the cock in her mouth, her lips stretched to bursting around the blood-beating thickness of the shaft. Ummmm, he really had a tasty one! Hornily the jism-craving teen started smacking and slurping on his fuck organ, lightly pumping the base with her fist.

"Oh, shit, that feels good!" the young dentist panted. He looked down at Rachel in a horny daze, watching the busty teen fucking her face on his cock. "Suck harder, Rachel!" He cupped her head with both hands, gently twining his fingers in her ponytail. "Unngggh! What a good little cocksucker you are! Harder, honey, suck it hard, make it squirt!"

Rachel was now sucking the giant jizz-oozer much harder than before, her cheeks sharply puckered, noisily slurping and smacking her lips on the shaft. She tightened her grip around the furry root of his fuck organ, and then she started jacking his monster cock hard and fast, feverishly whipping her fist up and down the big pisser.

The huge cock responded by growing even stiffer, the knob puffing up and throbbing on the roof of her mouth. Rachel shut her eyes tighter, panting through her nose, blocking out all thoughts unrelated to the feel and taste of the big prick in her mouth.

Soon the big-breasted teen was frantically sucking the giant prick just as hard as she could. Mechanically she bobbed her head up and down, repeatedly coming close to choking herself as she fucked her mouth with the long, quivering prick. She moved her left hand between his legs, fondling his nut sac, warming them, encouraging the prick-juice to cum spouting out of the reservoir in his balls.

"Gonna cum!" the young dentist groaned. Eagerly he thrust his hips off the chair, sighing and gasping as the warm, tingling pressure mounted in his cock and balls. "Suck it really hard now, Rachel! Unhhhh! Make me cum, make me cum!"

Rachel sucked the dentist's giant boner just as hard as she could, hearing the little office filling up with the loud, gurgling, smacking sounds of a torrid blow job in progress. Her fist was a blur, jacking up and down the fuck pole, beating his meat from the base to her sucking lips.

Then Rachel felt the immense prick swell to total, blood-pounding stiffness in her mouth. She knew she was about to swallow a nice, spewing load of cum.

"I'm making it, Rachel! Unnggggh! Suck my dick, oh, please! Cuuummmmiiinnnggg!"

He clutched her head as the tasty white dick juice started to gush and spew. It blasted on the roof of her mouth, nearly choking the boner-loving teenager as the milky goo sprayed out of his cock head again and again.

Rachel mewled happily, slurping noisily on the erupting prick, still jacking and sucking as hard as she could. Happily she worked her throat muscles, concentrating now on sucking dick and swallowing cum at the same time. Another minute passed before she finally let his spit-soaked cock slide out other mouth. By then her belly felt warm and full from swallowing so much hot cum.

"You really shot off big, Dr. Mitchell!" The busty dental assistant kept her fingers wrapped around his giant cock, stroking it up and down. "Did you like shooting off so much stuff in my mouth?"

Dr. Mitchell just moaned with pleasure, smiling down at her happily. Rachel felt more strongly attracted to him than ever, both sexually and emotionally. She had a feeling she was going to like working for the hung, handsome dentist more than she'd ever hoped.

"Its time to fuck my pussy, Dr. Mitchell! Sucking your big boner really gave me a wet cunt!"

Rachel rose to her feet, staring transfixedly at his huge prick as she started wiggling out of her uniform. She kicked off her patent leather shoes, then pulled down her white stockings, leaving herself naked except for her bra and panties.

The dentist stripped too, staring at her magnificently curvaceous young body. Rachel popped open her bra clasp, letting it flutter to the floor. The dentist moaned as her huge, creamy-white sucklers came into view, capped with the widest, stiffest, most suckable nipples had ever seen.

"Golly, Dr. Mitchell! My pussy's so wet, I can hardly get my panties off! All the juice has made them all sticky!"

But, of course, she managed to get them off soon enough, wiggling them down over the ripe, round, ball-bearing cheeks of her ass. Then they were both naked. The huge-titted teen stretched out on her back on the big couch, still staring at the dentist's huge boner. Shamelessly she cocked her knees up toward her shoulders, letting them drift wide apart, completely exposing her curly-haired pussy hole to the young dentist, and to his big, hard dick.

"Time to fuck my cunt, Dr. Mitchell! Oh, hurry, Sir! My pussy needs fucking real bad!"

The dentist joined her on the couch, his giant, stiff dong wagging obscenely over her belly. He knee-walked forward, holding his cock in his fist, hunching over her as he nudged the meaty tip into her pussy. Rachel looked down, staring between her mountainous tits, watching and feeling the oozing cock head going into her cunt.

"Your boners going into me, Dr. Mitchell!" The busty teen excitedly started humping, her huge milkers bouncing nearly up to her chin as she wiggled and humped her ass, thrusting her wet little pussy onto his cock. The dentist groaned, bracing his shoulders and spreading his knees between her legs. Then he started fucking too, sighing with pleasure as he fucked his long, meaty pisser deeper and deeper into her tight, clinging cunt.

"Fuck my cunt deep, Dr. Mitchell!" Rachel cocked her legs higher, finally draping her ankles over his shoulders, completely opening her furry, tingling pussy passage for the womb reaching thrusts of his cock. "Unnggggh! Oh, shit, your big boner feels so good! Ram it up my belly, Doctor! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, my pussy needs your big dick!"

The hung dentist came down hard, suddenly ramming every inch of his mammoth fuck organ into the creamy tightness of her pussy. For several seconds he lay still, just letting his huge cock soak in the enveloping, shaft-nursing tightness of her cunt.

Slowly he pulled out of her wet, furry pussy, withdrawing until only the knob of his prick parted her slick pink lips. He panted on her shoulder, driving the meat wand back in again.

Then he started fucking the naked teen's wet little cunt hard and fast. Rhythmically he labored between her spread eagled thighs, his breath rasping on her neck, hungrily drilling his long, fat cock in and out of her pussy. Rachel humped madly to meet his rhythm, overwhelmed with lust for him. She felt the weight of her giant tits bouncing and slapping together as she thrust her wet, spuming pussy onto his dick.

"Unh, love it, Doctor, love it so much! Unngggggh! Please fuck my horny pussy, Doctor! Oh, fuck me, fuck my cunt, my pussy needs your dick!"

At last the dentist sprawled flat on top of her, crushing her enormous tits under his chest. His hands came down, clawing the sides of her ass cheeks. Then he started pounding his cock into Rachel's tight pussy as hard as he could.

"Oh, yes, Dr. Mitchell, oh, fuck!" Rachel humped furiously to meet his rhythm, her pussy juicing and sucking around his huge cock. "Fuck my cunt. Dr. Mitchell! Unh, gonna cum now! My pussy loves your boner, Dr. Mitchell! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, I'm cumming! Cuuummmmmiiinnnggggg!"

Her stuffed, well-fucked pussy erupted in the peak of pleasure, flexing and gripping uncontrollably around his cock lance, holding the meat wand deep inside her belly. The hung dentist kept ramming her slit as hard as he could, guiding her through the fury of her orgasm.

At last, the naked teen felt his enormous boner grow to total, wildly throbbing stiffness in her snatch. The dentist moaned, burying his cock to the hilt. Seconds later, the horny, dental assistant felt her well-reamed pussy being flooded with the gushing squirts of hot cum.

The gooey jizz fountained repeatedly into her cunt channel, revealing that he had more spunk packed in his nuts than she'd thought. Rachel whimpered in ecstasy as she felt the hot cream spouting into her womb. Eagerly she wriggled and humped beneath the cumming dentist, flexing her fucking muscles, making her tight cunt suck the last drops of cum out of his giant prick.

"Was that good enough to get the job, Dr. Mitchell?" Rachel asked teasingly. She giggled as he pulled his wet, fuck-wilted cock out of her pussy.

"You know it was. You already had the job!" Dr. Mitchell winked at her. "And I sure hope you can start immediately, because I'm going to spend all day tomorrow thinking about you and beating off if you can't!"


"Oh, suck it, Rachel!" Dr. Mitchell panted, early the next morning. "Oh, make it cum, honey! We've got to hurry! Make it cum!"

There was a patient outside, Rachel knew. She didn't even know the guys name. He was there for a teeth-cleaning, and the appointment was with her, specifically. Dr. Patterson was busy, and -- at least if her cocksucking had it's usual effects -- Dr. Mitchell would be in no shape to service anyone for another quarter of an hour, at the very least.

Oooh, she just loved sucking his huge boner so much! Dr. Mitchell was now sprawled on the couch where they'd fucked the day before, with his pants hastily pulled open and bunched around his knees. They didn't have time for a full-blown fuck session. Actually, they both knew they didn't have time for sex activity at all.

She just couldn't resist him, though. It was that simple. They'd been in the office together, and she'd noticed him ogling her body, and then she'd seen his crotch bulging. It had been a simple matter to giggle and lean in close to rub his big, meaty dick for him.

And now she was sucking it. Rachel had her hand wrapped around the shaft again, and was furiously pumping the meat with her fist. Her lips were stretched open as wide as possible, wetly enveloping the blue-veined shaft. Hungrily the cock-starved teen bobbed her face on his crotch, puckering and puffing her cheeks, slurping noisily on the blood-beating stiffness of his fuck meat.

"Gonna cum!" the dentist groaned. He held Rachel's head with both hands, his spit-basted rod throbbing wildly in her mouth, thrusting his hips off the couch. "Suck it, Rachel! Make it cum, honey! Oh, I'm getting close! Really need to cum!"

Rachel sucked the big pisser as hard as she could, caving in her cheeks even more sharply, her whole face reddening with the torrid intensity of her cocksucking. Her hand was a blur now, whipping up and down the stiff shaft.

Dr. Mitchell sighed as the milky white goo started flooding out of the head of his dick.

"Ahhhhh! Yes, Rachel! Ahhhhhh!" The hot jizz gushed out in long, lashing spouts, raining on the roof of her mouth, flooding her throat with the erupting profusion of his jizz. Rachel clung to the monster prick, jacking and sucking. Hungrily she kept slurping on his prick until she'd milked the last droplets out of the knob of his meat.

"Oh, that was good!" the dentist moaned and slumped heavily on the couch.

"Oh, shit, look at the time!" Rachel cried. "I gotta get out there!"

The busty dental assistant sat back on her heels, her eyes widening as she looked at the clock. She was ten minutes late! They didn't have that big a customer base as it was, and if she fucked this one up...

Rachel rushed out of the room, slamming the door behind her. She found the patient waiting on the big dental chair in one of the examination rooms. He'd already tucked the bib under his collar, and looked only slightly annoyed.

"I'm sorry to keep you waiting, Sir," Rachel started to say, but the words came out poorly. This was because she still had a lot of dick juice mooshing around on her tongue. She hoped the white stuff didn't show.


"Oh, shit, yes, get my little asshole all juicy!" Rachel panted, at five-thirty that afternoon. "Oh, fuck, it feels all swollen and tingly! I really need a good butt fucking bad today, Dr. Mitchell! Umgggggh! Keep juicing up my asshole, Sir! Fuck my butt, fuck my horny little butthole!"

Rachel was crouched on her knees now, completely naked, still on the rich shag carpet of Dr. Mitchell's office. She had her arms up behind her back, and was shamelessly holding her rounded asscheeks spread open as far as she could.

This time, now that the work day was concluded, Dr. Mitchell had also taken the time to remove all of his clothes. His huge prick twitched up and down as he knelt behind her, holding a big jar of petroleum jelly in his hands.

Eagerly he dipped his fingers into the jar, withdrawing more of the lube. Then he started massaging it on Rachel's itchy little asshole again, watching the pink, puckered shit sphincter throb in and out as he darted his finger into her rubbery shitter.

"That's enough!" Rachel gasped. "Oh, shit, my assholes so fucking horny today! I need butt fucking really bad! Fuck my asshole, Dr. Mitchell! Hurry, hurry, my asshole needs your big dick!"

Dr. Mitchell dipped his fingers back into the jar one more time, thoroughly slickening his immense, jutting hard-on with more of the goo. Then he mounted the teenager, aiming his fat, oozing cockhead at her invitingly distended shit sphincter.

Rachel grimaced as she felt the meat pole going in, spreading her asshole to the bursting point around the invading thickness of his cock. Fortunately, he'd greased up her little anus very well -- her asshole was spreading wide, but there was no pain as her rubbery ass channel accommodated his bowel-rooting prick.

"Fuck my butt good, Dr. Mitchell!" Rachel sprawled low on her knees, still holding her asscheeks spread open with her fingers. Eagerly she started humping to meet his thrusts, wiggling her buns to help him shove all of his cock deep into her bowels.

"Unh, you've got such a big one, Doctor! Oh, fuck, it's going up my asshole now! Unnggggh! It's going in really deep! Fuck my little asshole, Dr. Mitchell! Oh, shit, oh, please, my asshole needs your big dick!"

Dr. Mitchell grunted, coming down hard, spearing his huge cock much harder into the sucking tightness of her bowels. Suddenly it was all the way inside her, buried to the balls in the rubbery, shaft-gripping tightness of her shitter.

Rachel stopped trying to hold her buns spread open. It was no longer necessary, now that he had her butthole utterly stuffed with hard meat. She sprawled flat on the floor, quickly thrusting her hands under her belly. Then the naked teen shamelessly started fingerfucking herself, thrusting her fingers in and out of her wet little pussy as her asshole spasmed uncontrollably around the satisfying stiffness of his cock.

"Fuck my asshole!" she pleaded, in a home, almost miserable-sounding voice. "Awwwww, fuck my asshole, fuck my horny asshole!"

The dentist pulled out slowly, withdrawing until only the knob of his hard-on distended her swollen, tingly shit sphincter. He paused, then sank his grease-lubed cock back into her asshole.

Rachel gasped with pleasure, fingerfucking her pussy and thrusting her burning asshole onto his cock as hard as she could. Soon the hung, handsome dentist had settled into a good, hard, shithole-reaming rhythm. In and out his big cock pumped, stabbing in and out of her asshole, satisfying the narrow, gripping tunnel with every thrust of his prick.

"Unh, I love it, oh, shit, I need it so bad!" Rachel panted hoarsely. "Unngggh! My asshole loves your big dick, Dr. Mitchell! Oh, shit, fuck it harder! Unh, fuck my horny little asshole just as hard as you can!"

Dr. Mitchell panted on her shoulder, his giant cock nursed to total stiffness by the gripping, enveloping warmth of her bowel tract. Soon he had thrown away the last shreds of restraint, and he was hammering his huge prick in and out of her red, distended asshole just as hard as he could.

"Yes, oh, yes!" Rachel gasped. She fingerfucked in a frenzy, grimacing and moaning as the indescribable beat of butthole-reaming built in her bowels. "Love it so much, Sir! Unh unh unh, fuck my asshole, fuck my horny little asshole! Need to cum now! Oh, shit, I'm cumming, my assholes cuuummniilinnnggg!"

Her tender asshole erupted in violent orgasm, flexing around the root of his prick, the rubbery channel gripping and squeezing the stiff pisser again and again. Dr. Mitchell moaned, collapsing on top of her, ramming his cock as far up her stretched little asshole as it would go.

The milky white prick-juice spewed out of his cock, squirting and spraying torrentially into the sucking heat of her bowels. A wanton, shameless smile of total sexual contentment spread across Rachel's face as she felt her itchy asshole flooded with the soothing juices of his cum.

"Oh, Doctor!" Hornily she wiggled and thrust beneath him, flexing her shitting muscles, making her tight little asshole suck out all of the jizz.

"I should have known!"

The loud, angry voice was from the now-open door to the office. Rachel looked up.

It was Dr. Rob Patterson. He was staring down at them, with a jealous, angry expression on his face, and a very conspicuous-looking hard-on tenting through the crotch of his black dress slacks.


"Hi, Dr. Patterson. It's me. Rachel." Rachel hesitated outside Dr. Patterson's office door early the next evening. It was six p.m., and Dr. Mitchell had left a half hour earlier. She and Dr. Patterson were all alone.

"Can I come in and talk to you, Dr. ..."

"No!" Patterson's voice barked back behind the door. "I'm busy!"

Rachel sighed and started to turn away. She knew perfectly well that Dr. Patterson wasn't busy. He was jealous, and horny.

It had been like this ever since the evening before, when he'd caught her humping Dr. Mitchell. Dr. Patterson had glowered at her all day, practically, giving her dirty looks when they had to work on a patient together, giving her the cold shoulder in general.

But he'd also been stealing a lot of looks at her body, and Rachel knew enough about men to know jealousy when she saw it. So if she could just somehow talk to him, she thought. She just couldn't stand to have a relationship this tense with a co-worker.

"I'm coming in, Dr. Patterson!" Rachel exclaimed suddenly. "Whether you like it or not!"


But it was already too late. The door wasn't locked. Rachel pushed it open, and then she saw what Dr. Patterson was doing on the couch on the other side of the room.

Then the super-busty teen gasped and stopped in her tracks.

Dr. Patterson's face was already turning red with mortification. His pants were bunched around his ankles, and his fist was wrapped tightly around a very long, fat prick.

Rachel had just caught him beating off.

"Oh, golly!"

"Oh, shit!" Patterson rolled his eyes. "I told you I didn't want you to come in! Why couldn't you listen! Now, just get out of here, all right! Just leave!"

But Rachel knew she'd gone too far to stop now. It didn't bother her that she'd caught the handsome older dentist playing with himself. The fact was that he had a really beautiful, enormous, thoroughly suckable-looking cock, and looking at it now had already helped make up her mind that she wanted to suck it for him.

Rachel crossed the room and sat next to him on the couch.

"Dr. Patterson, what're you beating your meat for?"

"That... that's none of your business!" the dentist sputtered. "I don't even want you in here! Why don't you..."

"It sure seems kind of funny that you wouldn't even wait until you got home to play with yourself. Matter of fact, it seems funny that a real handsome guy like you would have to beat off in the first place." Rachel paused, staring openly at his boner. "Is there something you saw today that got you this horny, Dr. Patterson?"

"As I said, it's none of your..."

"Because about the only thing around here you could have seen is little old me!"

Dr. Patterson opened his mouth to object, but no words came out -- abruptly he clamped his mouth shut and looked away. His guilty expression told Rachel she'd hit the nail right on the head.

Now she knew for certain that she wanted to fuck him, and she could already feel her pussy getting good and warm and tingly in anticipation. Gosh, Rachel thought, he sure did have a good-looking prick! Shamelessly she squirmed closer to him, and then she lowered her hand to his crotch, gently removing his fingers from his prick.


"I just want to touch it, Dr. Patterson."

Rachel wrapped her fingers around his cock, squeezing hard. Patterson blushed, shyly and hornily at the same time. The big-titted teen started jacking the huge meat organ lightly up and down.

"I guess I make you pretty horny, Dr. Patterson, huh?"

Dr. Patterson was too dazed to answer. Rachel slid off the couch. She knelt in front of him, pausing long enough to pull his pants off completely, leaving him naked from the waist down except for his shoes and socks. Then she again wrapped her fingers around the huge fuck organ, jacking it up and down.

"You got really horny seeing me with Dr. Mitchell yesterday, didn't you? And jealous too. That's why you've been acting so pissy all day. You aren't really mad at me, exactly. You're just frustrated cause you didn't think I'd fuck you too."

Dr. Patterson didn't say anything. Rachel jerked his huge, oozing prick harder and harder.

"But who says I won't fuck you, Doctor? I mean, gosh, you've got a really neat big dick! It's making my mouth water just looking at it. What I'd really like to know is -- would you let me suck your dick for you now?"

Patterson just moaned, surprised and delighted and embarrassed all at once. The cock craving teenager started jacking his huge prick as hard as she could. The knob puffed up immediately, oozing out sticky white prick-juice. The busty dental assistant lowered her bead, planting a wet, loving kiss on the flared tip of his prick.

"You like it when I kiss your prick, don't you, Dr. Patterson?"

Patterson just groaned. Rachel kept squeezing, jacking and licking his cock, coating the top third with spit. Then she let her lips part, sliding them onto the pulsing stiffness of the shaft. In and in and in, she took the huge, blood throbbing boner, until she had a full third of his immense fuck organ jammed between her lips.

Rachel started concentrating on her dick sucking, shutting her eyes and flaring her nostrils for air. Feverishly she started slurping on the long, tasty boner, smacking her lips around the tasty stiffness of the shaft. The giant cock responded by growing bigger still, pulsating on the roof of her mouth.

Mmmmmm, she loved sucking stiff cocks so much! Soon the prick-obsessed teenager was slurping on the giant rod with the special energy of a dedicated suckstress. Up and down, her ponytailed head bobbed, her huge milkers jiggling in her starched white uniform as she fucked her mouth with his cock.

"Oh, shit!" Patterson stared down at her, dazed and excited by the spectacle of the pretty dental assistant with her lips clogged with hard, pulsing cock. "Suck it, Rachel!"

He held her head with both hands, excitedly thrusting his hips off the couch.

Rachel knew that Dr. Patterson had felt mad and jealous all day -- this made her eager to make it up to him with the best possible dick sucking. Hungrily she caved in her cheeks, increasing the suctioning pressure around his fuck organ until she was working on his rod like a wet milking machine. She rolled her tongue over and around his fat, cum-oozing cock knob, thrusting her tongue into the piss-hole, eagerly lapping up the oozing spunk.

"Oh, shit! You're gonna make me cum!" Dr. Patterson held her head a little tighter, excitedly thrusting his hips off the couch. "Unnggggh! Suck my dick, Rachel, suck my stiff, fucking dick! Oh, fuck, what a sweet little cocksucker you are! Work out on it, honey! Unh unh unh, make my hard-on cum!"

Rachel was now sucking the huge prick as hard as she could, her cheeks red and contorted, puffing through her nose as she slurped tirelessly on the blood-beating stiffness of his hard-on. She tightened her fingers around the shaft, marveling at how fat and swollen it felt, how overloaded the meat pole was with it's backlog of jizz.

Frantically the busty teen started whipping her hand up and down the long, stiff pisser, jacking the prick furiously from the base up to her sucking lips. Then she was both beating and sucking his huge cock as hard as she could, the small office filling with the smacking, slurping, gurgling sounds of a very high quality cocksucking in progress.

"I'm cumming now!" Patterson panted. He writhed and fucked his hips off the couch, nearly choking the horny dental assistant as he tried to shove his boner farther between her lips. "Unnggggh! Suck it, Rachel! Suck it hard! Gonna cum now! Oh, shit! Ahhhhh..."

He moaned as the creamy cock sap started spewing, erupting out of his dilated piss-hole, rewarding the teenagers frenzied dick sucking efforts with a tonsil-blasting outpouring of jizz. Again and again the tasty white cum juice poured out of his boner, spraying around the interior of Rachel's mouth, gushing down her throat. Rachel clung happily to the erupting cock lance, jacking and sucking it, refusing to let the big prick slide out of her mouth until she'd licked the last traces of semen from the head of his meat.

"Oh, shit!" The dentist sprawled back on the couch, his cock still sticking up and pulsating rhythmically. "That was so good. I swear, I never had my dick sucked like that in my life!"

"You haven't seen anything yet, Doctor!" Rachel rose unsteadily to her feet, licking the creamy cum from the corners of her mouth. Staring at the dentist's hard-on, she stepped out of her white shoes and then reached under her uniform to pull down her stockings. Then she unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor, exposing her nearly naked body. All she had on now was her bra and bikini panties, the former barely harnessing her huge white tit-melons, the latter transparent enough to clearly show the dense, broad triangle of her pussy fur.

"I've got a sexy body, don't I, Dr. Patterson?" Rachel giggled. "You can fuck my cunt now, if you want. Here -- don't you think it's time to take off your clothes too?"

Rachel reached behind her back, popping open the clasp of her brassiere. Out tumbled her enormous, cherry-nippled tits.

Patterson moaned at the sight of her giant tits, and then he started ripping off the rest of his clothes too.

"Golly, Dr. Patterson!" Rachel exclaimed teasingly. "I guess you can get pretty horny once you get going, huh?"

Rachel skinned off her bikini panties, wiggling the sheer fabric over the perfectly rounded cheeks of her peach-shaped ass. Then she was completely naked. Her huge tits shivered spongily as she stretched out on her back on the carpet, wiggling her ass into a good humping position on the floor.

"Fuck my cunt, Dr. Patterson!"

Rachel spread her long, creamy legs wide apart, letting him stare at the pink, pouting, densely fur-fringed lips of her pussy. The now naked dentist joined her on the floor, but, as severely as his boner was throbbing, it was obvious he didn't want to fuck her quite yet.

First he wanted to suck her huge tits. He sprawled beside her, groaning as he stared at the spongy magnificence of her huge, bare tits. Rachel sighed as he slid his hands up, filling his fingers with her tits. Lewdly he squeezed, kneaded and rolled the giant tit-globes, fanning his fingers across the sensitive, thimble-sized nipples.

"Oooooh, that feels good! Do you want to suck my big titties first?"

The dentist responded by lowering his head, opening his mouth wide to hungrily slurp in one distended tit cap. Rachel whimpered as she watched and felt him beginning to suck her giant tit, puckering his cheeks as he slurped the stiff, tingly plug into his mouth. He sucked her mountainous jug very hard, as if he expected to draw hot milk out of the teat. His hands continued to knead and massage her other breast, until the combined tit sucking and massage made the fire in Rachel's pussy burn even hotter.

"Uanggggh! That's enough, Dr. Patterson! Unnnggggh! Oh, shit, you're making me really horny!"

At last the dentist stopped slurping on her mammaries, now that both nipples were completely stiff and slick with his spit. He slid down her naked body, planting wet kisses on her belly and navel, finally sprawling on his stomach between her legs.

"Ooooh, Dr. Patterson! Do you really want to lick my pussy now too?"

Patterson answered her by spreading her succulent thighs a little wider, lifting them and draping them over his shoulders. Then he leaned forward, sighing with pleasure as he pressed his mouth to her steaming, hairy pussy slit. Hungrily he thrust out his tongue, sluicing it up between the pouting, juice-emitting lips of her cunt hole. Then he started licking and lapping her pussy in earnest, rhythmically gooshing and sliding his tongue up and down between the throbbing, sensitive furrow of her fuck slit.

"Ooooh, Dr. Patterson!" The teen's enormous tits started jiggling again as she fucked her ass off the carpet, thrusting her wet, hairy pussy onto his lips. "That feels good, Dr. Patterson! Unngggh! Put your tongue in my pussy! Oh, shit, you're really making my cunt feel super good!"

Patterson pushed his hands up, gently peeling open her pussy petals with his fingers. He went back to licking her slit, now pressing the flat of his tongue on the bright, glistening pinkness within.

He moved his mouth up higher, flicking his tongue tentatively on her throbbing, swollen clit. Immediately the naked teen bucked as if she'd been shot, her spongy tits bouncing and slapping together as she fucked her cunt on his lips.

"Suck my clitty, Dr. Patterson!"

Patterson did as she asked, hungrily wrapping his lips around her fat, swollen clit. He sucked it gently but forcefully, puckering his cheeks around it, slurping contentedly on the most sensitive nubbin of her body.

His fingers probed into her pussy hole, two of them straightening and sliding into the narrow, spasming interior of her cunt. Dr. Patterson started jacking off the dental assistant's achey little fuck hole, banging them in and out as he sucked her clit, the knuckles grinding on the swollen, puffy outer lips of her cunt.

"Gonna cum now!" Rachel gasped suddenly. The big-busted brunette started fucking her ass frantically off the floor, holding Patterson's head with both hands, wildly thrusting her pussy onto his mouth and fingers. "Unnnggggh! Feels so good! Suck my cunt, Doctor, suck my horny cunt hole! Unnnggggh! I'm making it now! Oh, shit, oh, fuck, I'm cuuuummmiinnngggg!"

Her wet little pussy spanned violently in orgasm, gripping around his fingers, her clit throbbing almost painfully in his month. The horny dentist kept sucking and jacking her through the duration of her cum, not stopping until the spasms had subsided completely.

Then he rose to his knees between her legs, happily licking the pussy juice from the corners of his mouth. Rachel needed only one look at his immense twitching cock to know what he wanted next. Eagerly she cocked up her legs as high as she could, placing her ankles on his shoulders, eager to have her pussy stuffed with his long, meaty prick.

"You can put it in my pussy now, Dr. Patterson!" she panted. "Oh, shit, my pussy needs fucking super bad!"

The dentist held his cock in hand, moving forward, fitting the rosy, seeping knob into the cunt he'd just finished licking. Then the gigantic meat pole was disappearing into her pussy, inch after inch of it sinking into the curly-haired slit between her legs.

"Unnnggggh! Feels good, Dr. Patterson!" The busty young dental assistant started humping again, her giant boobs bouncing and rolling, eagerly fucking her tight, wet, tingly little pussy onto the satisfying stiffness of his prick. "Unnnggggh! Fuck my cunt, Dr. Patterson, fuck my horny cunt! Oh, shit, my pussy needs your boner, Sir! Fuck my PUSSY deep, Dr. Patterson! Oh, shit, oh, please, put your big dick all the way in!"

Patterson hunched into position on top of her, his knees spread, his hairy ass bucking rhythmically as he thrust his huge cock in and out. The giant fuck organ was pushing to the hilt in her pussy now, reaching into her womb with every thrust. Rachel humped eagerly to meet his rhythm, groaning and gasping as she tried to fuck her throbbing pussy onto the base of his dick.

"Unngggh! Oh, shit, my pussy's so horny! Needs hard fucking, Dr. Patterson! Fuck my pussy, fuck my pussy good!"

Patterson labored tirelessly on top of her, panting and sighing, his cock encased constantly in the sucking, gripping wetness of her pussy. He let his arms bend, bracing himself on his elbows, fucking her cunt harder and deeper by the moment.

Soon his huge prick was as hard as if he'd never shot off at all, and Rachel knew she was about to feel another gigantic load of prick-juice spewing torrentially inside her. Her ankles bounced on his shoulders as she humped madly to meet his rhythm, fucking her wet, hairy pussy onto his dick.

The dentist lay flat on her gorgeous body, crushing her huge tits under his chest. Then he started fucking the teen's tight pussy as hard as he could, clawing the sides of her gyrating asscheeks, almost savagely drilling his giant prick into the sucking, gripping heat of her cunt.

"My pussy's cumming, Dr. Patterson!" Rachel gasped. "Unnngggggh! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, fuck my pussy, fuck my horny little pussy! Cumming, Sir! Cuuummmiiinnnggggg!"

The dentist's huge cock started spewing out the juice again, spraying great gobs of milky cream into the spasming depths of the dental assistant's cunt. Rachel writhed happily beneath him, flexing her fucking muscles, making her wet cunt suck every drop of jizz out of his huge, womb-pounding prick.

She should have known all along that this would be the easiest solution to Dr. Patterson's jealousy -- just start fucking both of her bosses at the same time!


"Unggggh! Oh, that feels so good! Keep fucking my pussy, Dr. Mitchell! Unnnggggh! Oh, Dr. Patterson, juice up my little asshole! I want both of your cocks so fucking much!"

It was three in the afternoon, several days later. The two dentists and their horny, busty, nineteen year-old assistant were in Dr. Patterson's office, naked on the floor. They didn't have any customers lined up. The one Achilles heel of Mitchell & Patterson Dentistry was that they barely had enough customers to pay the bills each month, let alone make real money.

But at least they could kill time by fucking instead.

Mitchell was lying on his back, a strange half-smile on his face as his enormous fuck organ throbbed stiffly with cum and blood. His prick was embedded deep inside Rachel's pussy. Rachel was on top of him, her knees to either side of his hips, leaning forward so that her enormous, stiff-dugged knockers were squashed on his chest.

Dr. Mitchell had his hands wrapped around her waist, so he could hold her round little ass cheeks open. Dr. Patterson was kneeling behind them. Busily he smeared the gooey, yellowish lubricant all over his giant, throbbing fuck organ. Then he dipped his fingers back into the jar for more of the lube, and started smearing it on Rachel's puckered little asshole instead.

Dr. Mitchell had found out a couple of days ago that Rachel was fucking Dr. Patterson too. He hadn't been jealous. Now they usually just had three ways instead!

"Oh, get it in good!" Rachel panted. She wriggled on top of the younger dentist, grinding her hairy, juicing pussy hole onto the root of his boner. Her little pink asshole started throbbing and flexing in and out as Patterson basted it up with the lube.

"Okay, that's enough!" Rachel gasped. "Time to fuck my asshole, Dr. Patterson! Hurry, hurry, my little pink asshole wants your big dick!"

Patterson held his giant fuck organ in his hand, preparing to mount her. He moved forward, fitting the fat, well-greased knob of his hard-on between her anal lips. Then he started to slide the giant boner into Rachel's asshole, making the naked, horny teen grimace and bite her lip as she felt her tender shit-hole stretching open to admit his cock.

"Unnggggh! Oh, fuck, it's big! Oh, I want it!" Rachel eagerly ground her pussy slit onto the root of Mitchell's hard-on. "Fuck my little asshole. Dr. Patterson! In, in, push it innnn!"

Patterson sprawled on top of her, the top third of his huge cock securely embedded in the rubbery, sucking tightness of her shit tract. Slowly he started humping her, settling into a steady, grinding, butt-banging rhythm, gradually spearing his massive prong deeper and deeper in the forbidden tightness of her shitter.

"Unnnggggh! Oh, Dr. Patterson!" Rachel grimaced as her little asshole stretched open farther and farther, the sensitive shit-ring contracting repeatedly around his dick. "Fuck my asshole deep, Dr. Patterson! Oh, shit, oh, fuck, my asshole wants all of your meat!"

Mitchell released her buns, no longer needing to hold them open now that his partner had his cock so securely embedded in Rachel's bowels. Instead he started humping again beneath her, sighing as he drilled his huge dick in and out of her pussy. Rachel wriggled and thrust a little faster, gasping with pleasure as she felt both of the big dicks boring into her naked body at the same time.

Patterson grunted, coming down hard, suddenly nailing every inch of his mammoth fuck organ into the tender, spasming tightness of her shit tract. For several seconds he lay motionless, letting her rubbery ass channel grip and squeeze around all of his cock.

Then Patterson started butt fucking again, much harder than before, panting on the back of her neck as he thrust his big dick in and out of her sucking, well-lubed bowels. Mitchell met his partners rhythm, hammering his dick in and out of Rachel's pussy. Then the two hung dentist's were battering their giant pricks into her body at the same time, matching strokes, reaming the teen's twin fuck channels with their giant, skewering pricks.

"Harder!" Rachel gasped. Her voice was very loud, nearly loud enough to be heard on the street, but she was much too horny to care. The sensations of double fucking were incredibly intense. Only a thin flesh membrane separated her pussy from her shit channel, and the two big cocks were chafing the membrane constantly, creating a luscious, tingling, itching sensation that seemed to radiate in waves throughout her entire naked body.

"Make me cum! Awwww! Fuck my asshole, Dr. Patterson! Unh unh unh, Dr. Mitchell, keep fucking my horny little pussy! Oh, shit, oh, fuck, I love your big dicks! Fuck me harder, oh, yes, oh, please! Fuck me, fuck me, need a good cum!"

Now the two hung dentist's were pounding her cunt and asshole as hard as they could. Their rhythm was so good that it was hard to believe that they hadn't had many hours of practice double-fucking together. In and out the twin, giant cocks pounded, ramming her pussy and asshole, reaching the innermost depths of her ravished, naked young body.

"I'm cumming!" Rachel shrieked suddenly. She grimaced and bit her lip as the ecstasy suddenly erupted deep inside her, making her pussy and asshole spasm and grip the two cocks at the same time. "Unnggggh! Feels so good! Fuck my pussy, Dr. Mitchell! Oh, shit, oh, fuck, Dr. Patterson, keep ramming my little asshole! Cumming now! Cuummmmiiinnnggggg!"

She came again and again, so violently that she nearly blacked out, writhing helplessly in the delirium of orgasm as her twin fuck holes sucked the two pounding pricks. Mitchell let loose first. He moaned, fucking harder than ever, hammering his big prick to the hilt in her juice-seeping pussy. Suddenly the dazed brunette felt the incredible tide of his cock sap fountaining into her cunt channel, basting the sensitive inner walls of her pussy with the long, spouting spurts of his hot, milky-white cum.

"I'm making it too!" Patterson grunted.

Patterson fucked her little asshole as hard as he could, panting on her shoulder, shuddering as his huge prick built to total stiffness in the sucking heat of her bowels. Abruptly he collapsed on top of her, sinking his big dick to the hilt in her spasming little shitter.

Rachel moaned in ecstasy as the second prick started shooting off up her asshole, flooding her stretched, itching little anus with great gobs of warm, spouting cum. Patterson moaned, fucking harder than ever, crying out as the creamy goo squirted up her asshole again and again.

Rachel writhed happily between the two hung, humping dentists. Eagerly she flexed her shitting muscles, making her tight asshole contract harder around Patterson's boner, using her shitter muscles to suck the last drops of jizz out of the older dentist's cock.


"We might as well start thinking about hanging it up right now if we can't get more customers," Dr. Mitchell was complaining a few minutes later.

"You're right," Patterson sighed.

The older dentist was sitting beside his younger partner on the office. They were both still naked, and they both still had hard-ons. Rachel was kneeling in front of them. She was still naked too, and was happily taking turns sucking their dicks.

"I don't know what to do." Mitchell shrugged. "We got ads out, we send flyers to all the local businesses. No salt."

"It just takes awhile to build up a client base, that's all," Patterson said. "We're getting more customers every month, Paul. We just have to be patient."

"Yeah, but we've got bills to pay! We're gonna go out of business first!"

Suddenly Dr. Mitchell looked irritated. "If only we were like that prick Hankison that Rachel used to work for," he said. He nodded at Rachel, who was busily jacking and slurping his hard cock. "Hell, that guys got customers coming out of his ears. And he screws most of them! If we could just get his patient list, I'll bet we could steal half his fucking patients just by calling 'em up on the fucking phone!"

"And he deserves to get 'em stolen too!" Patterson agreed. "I'd never do it to anyone else in this business, but Hankison's got it coming!"

And Rachel, who had been about to switch cocks and start sucking Patterson instead, suddenly raised her head and smiled at both of them brightly.

"Maybe I can help you guys more than we thought!" she said.


"Oh! Well, what do you know..."

Richard Hankison held open the front door of his dental offices and looked at his visitor without pleasure. Rachel squirmed nervously on the stoop.

"Hi," she said.

"Think of the devil, and the devil appears," Hankison said. He smiled thinly. "I was just thinking, of you the other day, as a matter of fact."

"That's nice."

"You wouldn't say that if you knew what I was thinking."

Hankison yawned carelessly, not bothering to cover his mouth. It was late in the afternoon, a half hour after Rachel knew he would have gotten rid of his last client.

"What is it that you want, anyhow?" He raised his wrist and glanced theatrically at his watch. "I happen to be a very busy man. In case you've forgotten."

"Well, I..." Rachel paused, pretending to be more nervous than she actually felt. "I just want to come in and talk to you for a minute, Dr. Hankison. Please. You'll understand once I start to explain it to you. Honest. But it... it's the sort of thing that I don't want to explain when I'm just standing out in front of your door like this."

Hankison gave her a long, suspicious look. Then he sighed, shrugged, and left the door open for her as he retreated down the hall toward his private office.

"Very well. I'll give you a few minutes."

Rachel shut the door and followed him. His private office was as she remembered it, cool and dim and well-furnished, with the big desk he was now sitting behind and the couch and chairs facing it. Rachel took a seat on the chair this time, and looked at the dentist imploringly.

"What's on your mind?" Hankison drummed his fingers impatiently on the top. "I really don't have all day."

"I want to suck your dick again."

Hankison managed to accept this admission without so much as blinking. His fingers stopped drumming for only a moment, then started again. One corner of his mouth raised in a crooked smile.

"Mmmm. Well, that's very nice. I've always considered myself sexually attractive, but this is unusual."

"I know." Rachel pretended a wince and rubbed her hands anxiously together. "I... I just want your cock so bad, that's all. I mean, I-I'm really still mad at you for firing me, but gosh, you still had the absolute best tasting dick! I loved sucking it so much, Dr. Hankison! Please let me do it again now, oh, please!"

Hankison looked like he wanted to giggle. He sighed, shrugged, and nodded his head in assent.

"Well, you might as well," he said, quite happily. "It's certainly not going to cost me anything to sit here and let you suck my cock for me. Come over and go to it!"

Rachel rose, her huge tits bouncing lightly under her sweater as she crossed around the desk and quickly knelt in front of the dentist's chair. The truth was that she utterly loathed him. Still, she couldn't help but be aroused by the prospect of having his big boner in her mouth again.

He really did have a big one!

"I guess you get to do all the work of getting my pants off, dear," Hankison said. "After all, this is your idea, not mine!"

"Yes, Sir!"

Rachel took off his shoes first, wrinkling her nose as she peeled off his socks. Next came his belt buckle, then his zipper. Then she pulled off his pants and underwear at the same time, leaving him naked from the waist down.

Out sprang his nice, big, very stiff cock. Rachel's cunt started getting much wetter as she fondled it, wrapping her fingers eagerly around the meaty pisser and jacking it lewdly up and down.

Gosh, this was so awful! Dr. Hankison was a total asshole, and the only reason she was going to suck his dick now was to loosen him up for the little scheme she'd hatched. But her hunger for cocksucking was now so intense that she could feel herself getting hornier and hornier.

Golly, she could hardly wait to suck his dick!

"You like that, don't you?" Hankison snickered, as he watched Rachel pumping her fist up and down his big, stiff fuck organ.

"Yes, Sir, I sure do!"

Soon the big-titted teenager was jacking his huge cock as hard as she could. Her hand flew feverishly up and down the huge pisser, making the knob puff up and spit out little droplets of jizz. Rachel couldn't stand the anticipation. Her mouth was watering. She lowered her head, holding his cock firmly, planting a wet, horny kiss on the tip of his meat.

"That's a good little cocksucker!"

Rachel let her mouth open, sliding her wet, ovalled lips down onto the blood-beating stiffness of his cock. Ummmmm, the boner tasted so good! Rachel shut her eyes, blocking out the shame she felt in sucking off an asshole like Dr. Hankison, abandoning herself to the taste and feel of the dick in her mouth. She flared her nostrils for air, and then she started slurping on the tasty cock very hard, caving in her cheeks, slurping and gurgling as she laved her tongue around the heart-shaped crown of his meat.

"Oh, that's good," Hankison moaned. He looked down at her, delighted by the spectacle of the busty teen with her mouth crammed with hard cock. "I must say, Rachel, you certainly didn't have to try too hard to get me to let you suck me off. Really, you could have come over to do this any time. I'd be quite a liar if I didn't admit it's a pleasure to me!"

Rachel was too busy sucking cock to answer. The knob was getting bigger, puffing up on the roof of her mouth, spitting out little droplets of pre-cum. The big-titted dental assistant eagerly thrust her tongue into the piss hole, lapping up the oozing goo.

She tightened her fingers around the base of his cock, marveling at how long and fat the big pisser felt in her hand. Then the horny teen started jacking his huge dick again, eagerly whipping her fist up and down the long, cum congested shaft.

"Oh, fuck!" Hankison panted. He writhed contentedly on the chair, staring down at her, dazedly watching the horny brunette fucking her wet, circled mouth with his jutting prick. "Harder, Rachel!" He pulled her hair cruelly, fucking his ass off the couch. "Unnggggh! Suck my cock, honey, suck my cock! Play with my balls, Rachel! Oh, shit, you're making it cum!"

Rachel slid her left hand between his legs, touching his hairy, wrinkled nut sac. She couldn't help marveling at how big and bloated his balls felt -- the twin globes were obviously packed to bursting with a healthy backlog of spunk.

Rachel fondled his nut bag, rolling the twin globes on her fingers. Her prick sucking noises grew progressively louder, until the whole office seemed to fill with the smacking, slurping sounds of a torrid prick sucking in progress. Feverishly she punched her wet lips up and down on his cock, sensing his impending climax. Her pussy creamed heavily in her panties as she looked forward to sucking out great gobs of spewing jizz.

The magic moment came a few seconds later. "Suck it, Rachel, suck it hard!" the dentist demanded. "Unngggggh! It's cumming now! Oh, shit, what a sweet little cocksucker! Suck it harder, now! Oh, fuck! Ahhhhhh!"

The massive hard-on started squirting, throbbing and bucking violently between her lips, tossing great gobs of warm, tasty dick juice down the horny teen's throat. Rachel clung happily to the spunk-shooting boner, sucking and jacking it harder than ever. Her throat muscles constricted as she started swallowing semen at the same time, desperately struggling to drain his balls dry.

In spite of her dislike for the dentist, the act of sucking dick and swallowing cum juice had had it's usual effect on her pussy. As the busty dental assistant finally slid her mouth off of his cock, she realized that her pussy had grown very hot, swollen, and dripping wet. If Hankison had not still had a very stiff cock, Rachel knew she would have had to start slurping on his rod all over again, just to make it hard enough to push it up her cunt.

"Doctor, I need you to fuck me now!" Rachel panted. She never took her eyes off of his giant prick as she sat back on her heels, moaning as she wriggled out of her sweater. "Please, Sir, take off the rest of your clothes now! I want you lying naked on top of me, Dr. Hankison! I need you to fuck my cunt, Doctor, oh, please!"

Hankison grinned wickedly. "Well, well, well! You really have missed me, haven't you, you little bitch!"

And then he started taking off his clothes too. Rachel popped open her bra, letting her giant, double D-cup tits jostle out of confinement. She wriggled out of her tight jeans, pulling off her panties at the same time, revealing her very hairy, very horny cunt. Then the fuck-hungry brunette stretched out with her back on yet another shag carpet, still staring at the dentist's fuck orgasm as she wiggled her ass into a good humping position on the rug.

"Fuck my cunt, Sir!"

By then Hankison was naked too. He slid off the couch and joined her on the floor, his mammoth prick twitching and wagging stiffly before him. Rachel looked up eagerly as he knee-walked forward, crouching between her spread-eagled legs, with his huge fuck tool wagging over her belly. Hornily Rachel spread and raised her legs as high and wide as she could. Her knees hovered over her shoulders now, as she waited impatiently for the skewering impalement of his prick.

The dentist held his cock in his fist, nudging the fat, rosy tip into her juicy little pussy. Seconds later, Rachel was watching and feeling the hard meat going into her cunt.

As much as she disliked the unscrupulous dentist, the first stroke of fucking felt incredibly good. The teen's enormous tits started bouncing and jiggling as she fucked her hot little fanny off the carpet, eagerly thrusting her wet, furry pussy onto the satisfying stiffness of his long, stiff pisser.

"Unnggggh! Fuck my cunt, Dr. Hankison! Unhhh, unhhh, my pussy loves your boner, Doctor! Oh shit, Sir, feels so good up my cunt! Fuck it in deep, Sir! Unggggh! So horny! Fuck my cunt, Sir, fuck my horny cunt!"

Hankison came down hard, obviously not caring about her feelings, groaning as he roughly stabbed every inch of his dick into the gooey tightness of her cunt channel. Fortunately, hard, deep fucking was exactly what Rachel wanted. Eagerly she threw her legs together, twining her calves high across his back. Then the naked teen started bumping and bucking like a bitch in heat, her mammoth jugs rolling and slapping together, eagerly fucking her wet, tingly pussy onto his meat.

"Yes, Dr. Hankison, oh, fuck, oh, shit! Feels so good, Sir! Unh unh unh, fuck my pussy, Sir, fuck my horny little pussy! My cunt needs hard fucking, Doctor! Oh, shit, oh, please, fuck my little cunt!"

Hankison started stroking fast and hard, bracing his knees between her legs, beginning to work his hard hips with a fast, furious, spearing rhythm. In and out, his huge prick sawed, drilling in and out of her pussy, reaching the depths of her womb with every thrust. Rachel felt herself getting hornier and hornier, her pussy emitting more juice, uncontrollably sucking and gripping around the pelvis-jarring stiffness of his big, stroking dick.

"Fuck my cunt, Dr. Hankison! Unh, my pussy's so fuckin' wet and tingly! Unnggggh! My little cunt loves your boner, Doctor! Oh, yes, oh, please, keep fucking the living shit out of me!"

Hankison sprawled flat on top of her, crushing her mountainous jugs under his chest, panting on her shoulder as his huge cock soaked in the buttery tightness of her pussy channel. His hands came down, clawing the sides of her ass cheeks. Rachel eagerly tightened the grip of her bare legs and arms around him, anticipating the moment that she would feel another hot shower of dick juice spouting deep inside her cunt.

"Keep fucking my pussy, Sir! Unhggggh! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, my pussy loves your big boner! Need more hard fucking, Sir! Oh, yes, please give it to me, fuck my pussy, fuck my horny cunt!"

Hankison was now hammering his giant prick in and out of her pussy as hard as he could, oblivious to everything except the intense pleasure of a tight, syrupy cunt channel gripping around his prick. In and out his big boner sawed, pounding into her belly, seeming to stuff her little cunt a little deeper with every hammering, pelvis-jarring stroke.

"Gonna cum, Sir, I'm really gonna cum hard! Oh, fuck my pussy, Dr. Hankison! I'm cumming now! Oh, shit, oh, fuck, I'm making it! My pussy's cumming, I'm cuuummmmiiiinnnnnggggg!"

Rachel's overheated little pussy erupted in violent orgasm. The narrow, cock-stuffed slit exploded into a series of intensely satisfying spasms, gripping and squeezing around the dentist's hammering cock length, spewing fuck cream onto the base of his prick.

Hankison moaned on her shoulder, grimacing as he felt her tight, teenage cunt ripping and squeezing his big prick. Now he was fucking harder than ever, pounding her ass onto the carpet, violently hammering his prick in and out of her cunt.

"Cum in me, Sir! Cum in my pussy! Fuck my cunt, shoot your cum!"


Hankison's huge cock started squirting. The giant rod bucked and pulsed inside her pussy, throbbing on the top wall, spraying great gobs of prick-juice into the depths of the brunettes womb. Rachel writhed happily beneath him, feeling the own cream fountaining into her belly, soothing the well-ravished walls of her cunt with the satisfying load of jizz.

"Keep shooting your cum, Doctor!"

Hankison kept fucking hard and fast, still panting as the milky white stuff squirted out again and again. Rachel wriggled tirelessly beneath him, flexing her cuntal sheath to make her tight, drippy pussy suck the last droplets of jizz out of his meat.

"Ooooh, that was so good!"

At last Hankison sprawled flat on top of her, breathless and satisfied, his huge cock still pulsing stiffly in her cunt. As Rachel had hoped, he was obviously too exhausted to think clearly. For this reason, he hardly seemed to notice as Rachel wriggled sideways beneath him, getting close enough to hot crumpled-up designer jeans to fish something out of the pocket.

"Whatcha doin'?" Hankison asked dazedly.

"Oh, nothing..." Her voice trailed off.

What she had fished out was a hypodermic needle. Dr. Mitchell and Dr. Patterson had helped her load it.


Rachel had just stuck the needle in his ass and pushed the plunger in.

Later, on her way out of the office, she would wonder what kind of solution the dentists had chosen. All she knew was that it did the trick -- within seconds, Hankison passed out on top of her, his cock finally growing limp in her pussy.

"Conceited fuckhead!" Rachel muttered, as she pushed him off her naked body. She took a moment to wriggle back into her clothes.

Then she started looking through his desk drawer for his client list -- all the names and phone numbers of all the patients Dr. Hankison saw.

After all, that was what she'd come for!


"And this is for you, darling," Dr. Patterson smiled. He bowed formally, standing in front of Rachel with the elaborately wrapped gift box in his hand. "In celebration of our one-year anniversary in business, and your third month of employment with us!"

"And especially for saving our business!" Dr. Mitchell chimed in. "Shit, if it hadn't been for you, we'd be Chapter 11 by now for sure!"

"Oh golly!" Rachel said. "Thanks!"

She took the little box from Dr. Patterson and gave him a grateful smile. Her voice, however, was slightly strained, and her expression seemed more like an anguished grimace than one of gratitude.

This was because Dr. Mitchell was kneeling in front of her, licking her wet, hairy pussy. As was usually the case now after five o'clock in the afternoon, the three of them were naked. Today, while celebrating the office's anniversary, the two dentist's had apparently decided that Rachel should be rewarded with a whole lot of pussy-licking too.

"Open it up, why don't you?" Patterson asked. He stood over her, stroking his hard prick.

"Well, golly..." Rachel's voice faded as she tore open the wrapping of the little box. She was sitting with her bare buns pushed to the edge of the couch, her knees up and spread wide, her heels braced on the edge of the cushion.

The younger dentist was kneeling in front of her, hungrily sliding his tongue up and down between her pussy lips. Delicately he held her cuntal folds open with his fingers, giving him room to lick and lap the glistening pink interior of her cunt.

"This looks like a ring!" Rachel said, momentarily distracted from the pleasure of pussy sucking by the gift. Then she opened the box. "Oh, my goodness! This... this..."

Rachel took the ring out. The stone looked huge.

"Golly, this is a diamond! A real diamond! And it's so big! Gosh, it must be three carats!"

"Four carats," Dr. Patterson smiled. "Round brilliant cut. A very big diamond for a girl with very big tits!"

"But this must have cost a fortune!"

"You're worth it, Rachel."

It was Dr. Mitchell speaking now. Despite the obvious pleasure he took in licking her pussy, the younger dentist had raised his head to look at Rachel seriously, even as he licked the cunt cream from the corners of his mouth.

"We really would be out of business if it weren't for you," Dr. Mitchell said. "It took a lot of guts for you to go fuck Hankison and stick that hype up his ass. No question, he deserved it too! But if you hadn't done that, we never would have gotten that client list."

"Do you know how much of our income the last few months came from that list alone?" Patterson chimed in.

"Three-quarters of it!" Mitchell said. He paused, picking a pussy hair off the corner of his mouth. "We'd be sunk if it weren't for you, Rachel! And now I've got a present too! Take over, Rob."

Mitchell rose to his feet, looking uncharacteristically serious -- his huge, throbbing cock wagging before him as he turned to his dentist's smock hanging on the wall. Patterson quickly knelt to take his place, confronting the curly-haired slit of Rachel's pussy. Rachel sighed as she watched the older dentist lean forward, pressing his mouth to the pouting pink lips of her wet, swollen cunt.

"This is for you too, Rachel," Dr. Mitchell said.

With his big prick twitching and dripping in front of him, Dr. Mitchell held out another small, carefully wrapped box. At first Rachel thought it was another ring. Then she opened it up.

"Oh, golly! Car keys!"

Patterson was still kneeling before her, hungrily licking and sucking her tasty little pussy. For once, Rachel didn't even notice. She looked wildly around the office, as if the car might materialize out of thin air.

"You can see it through the window," Mitchell said, with a pleased little smirk.

The naked teenager quickly leapt from the couch, her giant milkers bouncing and slapping together as she ran to look through the window. Golly, she recognized it immediately! Why hadn't she noticed it earlier?

It was positively her dream car! It was a hot pink '68 Cadillac Coupe de Ville, completely customized in the most elaborate downtown Oakland styling. Rachel's eyes grew wide with awe as she scanned the giant, gleaming chrome bumper moldings, the fender skirts, the fuzzy terrycloth dingle berries banging in the windshield, the naugahyde covering on the steering wheel. True, there were some big rust spots on the wheel wells, but golly, that sure wasn't the guys fault! It must have cost a fortune to pick out a classic car like this in the first place!

"Oh, my goodness!" The naked teen clapped her hands delightedly together. "Oh, Dr. Mitchell! It's so beautiful! Oh, golly, where on earth did you ever find it?"

"A repossession company!"

"It's just our way of saying we love you, Rachel," Dr. Patterson chimed in. Now both dentists were standing beside her, their huge cocks throbbing proudly as they, too, looked out at the beautiful car. "And from now on, you can consider your salary doubled! You'll be the best appreciated, best paid dental assistant in this whole county!"

"Oh, golly! Oh, I don't know what to do!" But she did know what to do, really. It was the thing she loved doing most of all, and that they loved too!

With a familiar, mischievous glint in her eyes, the naked, busty teenager dropped to her knees. Hungrily she stared at the two giant, throbbing boners in front of her, wondering which one to suck first.

"I guess I better compromise," Rachel said aloud.

She wrapped her hand around Dr. Patterson's cock, jacking the big prick up and down. At the same time, she eagerly put Dr. Mitchell's prick between her lips, immediately starting to suck as hard as she could.

She loved the car, and she loved the ring. But the truth was that the best reward was just having two huge, tasty boners to suck for as long as she liked!


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