Horny spread daughter

Of all the social institutions which have had to endure change and weather criticism, the family concept is, perhaps, the most enduring. The family unit has undergone immeasurable challenge in the wake of social change.

HORNY SPREAD DAUGHTER is the story of how some people adjust to the liberated moral standards within the family unit. The characters in this story find an unusual solution to their dilemma. Their method, that of incest, may well be considered unusual or shocking, but it is nonetheless successful.

HORNY SPREAD DAUGHTER -- a novel of fiction for entertainment. A reminder that what is debased and perverted for some may well be normal for others.


"Are you sure we're really safe here?" Terri Madison asked her husband, Craig, as they lay naked on a long, flat rock halfway up the mountain. "I mean, what if Jody or Sheri see us?"

"Will you stop worrying?" Craig said with a husky chuckle. "You know how our daughter and niece are whenever we come into the woods like this for a picnic... they go traipsing off to explore the trails into the forest, and to talk about all the boys they have crushes on. The last thing in the world they want is to be around us old fuddy-duddies."

"Some fuddy-duddy you are!" Terri said, grasping her husband's cock and giving it a gentle squeeze. "That's something you could never be!" Her eyes swept over the man's tall frame, admiring the hard muscles of his arms, chest, and legs.

She continued to tug on his prick, feeling it harden in her hand as Craig moved his mouth over her neck and face. She moaned with desire. She ran her fingers through the dark hair on his chest and continued to pull on his cock.

Craig groaned and moved his hands over her tits, lifting one of them slightly. He worked his tongue around the woman's nipple as she threw her head back and moaned into the warm, spring air.

"Ohhh, darling, that feels sooo good! Suck my tit, Craig? Suck it?" she cried hoarsely.

Craig hungrily sucked on Terri's nipple and moved his hands up and down her naked body, touching her all over and feeling her squirm in response. And all the time, she kept squeezing his prick, feeling it grow harder and longer.

When he finally took his mouth off her nipple, she raised her face to his. They kissed and Terri moved against his body, with a steady erotic rhythm. The touch of her body against his made him feel even hotter on the warm, flat rock.

"Craig, darling," the woman muttered as she licked his face with her quick tongue, "I want to suck on your cock!"

"Are you sure that's what you really want?" Craig asked in a teasing tone.

"I'm sure all right! Besides, it's for your own good. Remember what your doctor said," Terri said with a grin.

"Well... as long as it's for my own good okay. Go to it!" Craig said with a short laugh.

For a few more, seconds, Terri stroked her husband's cock, staring at its rosy head and feeling her pussy drooling with excitement and desire. She licked her full red lips and then she moved down over his twitching prick. She licked its tip and moaned, her body jerking slightly on the big rock.

When Craig and Terri had taken off alone, hand in hand, their daughter, Jody and her cousin, Sheri, had exchanged an excited grin. They were sure that the couple was going off to fuck, and their little pussies trembled at the lewd thought.

The two young teenagers sat on one of the ridges of the mountain, giggling excitedly. They were both wearing shorts, tee-shirts and climbing boots.

"What do you think your mother is doing to your daddy right now, Jody? Maybe sucking his cock?" Sheri asked huskily.

"Maybe," Jody murmured, flushing all over.

Terri worked her mouth over her husband's cock, making him groan loudly. He reached down and touched her long, dark hair. He watched her with lust-glazed eyes as her red lips moved around the head of his prick.

Her lips felt warm and wet. She slid them down his cock about halfway. Then she released her hold on the cock and moved down it farther.

"Mmmmmmmm," she moaned as she took his entire hard prick into her mouth. She felt it beating against the back of her throat and she whimpered with lust.

"Jesus, Terri, you sure know how to give head! Keep sucking me until I come!" Craig groaned.

When Terri felt his hand moving up and down her back and ass, she trembled and started to move up on his prick.

"Ohh, yeah, baby!" Craig cried, arching his back slightly.

Terri reached beneath his prick and took his balls into her hand. She played with those loaded balls as she moved her head up slowly, letting his hard cock in and slides out of her wet mouth.

She held just the head of his prick in her mouth. She worked her fingers up and down his cock, enjoying the way it pulsed beneath her hand. She took her mouth off the hard fuckrod and grinned at her husband. She held his prick in her hand and rubbed her cheek against the hard flesh.

"I love your cock, honey!" she purred.

Craig smiled at her and caressed her face with his fingertips.

Terri held his cock with one hand and moved her tongue over its head, licking slowly, as if his big prick were an ice cream cone.

"Ohh, unnhh, yeah, baby," Craig groaned.

On another ridge, Sheri suddenly pulled off her tee-shirt, enjoying the way her cousin's eyes widened with shock. She leaned back and felt the warm sun on her naked tits.

"You should try this, Jody," she said. "The sun feels so good on my tits!"

Jody blushed and didn't say anything for a minute. She just kept staring at her cousin's tits, thinking how beautiful and sexy they looked. Then, with a nervous little giggle, she pulled her own tee-shirt over her head. Now, as bare chaste as her cousin, she lay back on the ridge and felt the sun's warmth on her nipples.

"You've got very pretty tits, you know... very nice," Sheri said a few minutes later.

Jody giggled again and the movement made her firm, high tits tremble and shake a little an her chest.

Sheri stared at her cousin's chest, enjoying the way Jody's tits were jiggling about. The wanted to reach out and touch those tempting tits. She could see that her nipples were getting hard too, and she licked her lips, wondering what it would feel like to run her fingers over those stiff nips. But she knew that Jody was far more innocent than she was, and that she would have to move very slowly, very cautiously.

But there was something about Jody that made her cousin think the young virgin had a special sexual heat buried deep inside her, a passionate heat that just needed to be released.

Sheri noticed that Jody was looking at her tits, too. When Sheri caught Jody's eye and winked, the girl giggled again, and her tits jiggled sexily.

"Y-You have really nice tits, Sheri," Jody said thickly.

"Thanks." Sheri smiled as she picked up her sketchpad and flipped through some of the pages.

Jody watched her, envying her cousin her artistic talent.

"How come you're lugging that big old sketchpad all over the mountain, Sheri?" Jody asked. "Isn't it a drag?"

"What's a drag is to see something I just have to draw and not having my sketchpad with me. Besides, I take it everywhere with me. Have you ever seen me without it since I got interested in art?" Sheri asked with a grin.

Jody thought for a minute.

"No, I haven't," she said, suddenly realizing that it was true. Wherever her cousin went, her sketchpad went too. "So... see anything here you want to draw?"

"No, not really..." Sheri began, her words trailing off as she realized that this could be her chance to loosen her cousin up. "But, you know what I've always wanted?"


"I've always wanted someone to draw me!" Sheri lied. Actually, the girl had never even thought of it before.

"Really? Why?" Jody asked curiously.

"Well, think about it. I'm always drawing everything and everybody. And, of course, I love it. But sometimes, I'd like to see what it would be like to be the one who's posing for an artist," she said, groping for the right words to convince her cousin. "So, why don't you draw me? You'd be doing me a big favor!"

"Me? I'm not the artist!" Jody cried, surprised by her cousin's request.

"Aw, come on, I've seen your drawings in school. You're good. Maybe not great, but good," she giggled and her cousin laughed with her. "Come on, do it. Draw me," she said, pushing her sketchpad and pencil into Jody's hands.

"Well, yeah, okay, it might be fun," lady said, accepting the sketchpad and pencil. "I've never drawn a person before, just objects and stuff, you know, I'd like to see if I can do it."

"Good," Sheri said as she turned on her side. She looked down at her own full, ripe tits, and she ran one finger over one of her nips.

"Okay, I'll start right not," Jody said, turning the pad to a blank page.

"Wait a minute. Don't you think you should draw me nude?" Sheri asked casually.

"N-Nude?" Jody echoed in a stammer.

"Sure. It's the only way artists do it these days. You should be able to see all of me."

Jody watched her cousin in surprise, feeling her little virgin pussy drooling with excitement, as Sheri took her tee-shirt off, naked now except for her boots. She stood up and lifted her arms up toward the sun.

"What do you think?" she asked with a grin.

"Very-very nice," Jody choked.

Sheri smiled inwardly as she realized that her cousin was staring right at her naked cunt. She stretched out under the sun as her cousin began to sketch her.

Terri rode her husband's cock with ease. She racked back and forth as Craig reached up and gripped her big tits. He squeezed them hard and Terri moaned, lifting her face up to the sky.

Craig could see the sexual sweat gleaming on his wife's body, and he thought it made her look even lovelier. He moved his hands over her tits and felt her nips tremble and throb under his fingers.

He lay on his back and drove hit cock deep into the woman's tight, wet cunt.

"Ohh, Craig, your big cock's filling me all up! I love it!" Terri whimpered as he bucked under her. "Gimme your cock! Slam it into me!"

The husband and wife fucked each other joyfully and vigorously there on the flat rack beneath the warm sun.

"Ahhhh, I'm commminnngg! Come with me!" Terri groaned.

"Unnhhh, oh, baby, yeah," Craig gasped, thrusting his hips up violently and stabbing his cock deep into her orgasming cunt.

"I'm coming, too, baby! Yeah! We're coming together!" he cried.

"Ohhh, I can feel you coming inside me!" Terri sighed as she felt her husband's hot cum shooting into her pussy. She twisted on his prick and lifted her arms high, shivering all over. Her pussy spasmed hard around his cock as they came together.

"Ohhh, it feels so good to lie down in the sun like this... all naked," Sheri sighed as she spread her legs wide. "You should feel the sun beating down on your pussy! It's a real trip!"

"Really? It feels that good?" Jody asked eagerly.

"Oh, yeah, try it!" Sheri said, smiling encouragingly at her cousin.

Jody peeled her shorts off and lay down next to Sheri. After a minute or two, she turned her head and grinned at the other girl.

"You're right. You're really, really right," Jody murmured, spreading her legs wide. "It really does feel good!"

Both of the girls were still wearing their hiking boots but nothing else. As Sheri studied her cousin's beautiful, young body, she thought that somehow Jody looked even sexier with her boots on. In a weird way, they made the girl look even more naked.

As Jody ran her eyes over Sheri's naked body, she felt her little pussy bubbling with lust. She had never made it with anyone before... boy or girl. But now, looking at her sexy cousin, she could see how easy it would be to give in to her forbidden desires and fall into Sheri's arms.

"Do you think your parents are fucking right now?" Sheri asked, wanting to talk about something that would be sure to turn her cousin on.

"Yeah, probably. I think they fuck a lot," Jody responded. Sheri's sketchpad and pencil lay next to Jody's side, forgotten now. Jody was beginning to understand that her cousin had only used it as an excuse to get Jody naked.

"Does your daddy have a big cock?" Sheri asked excitedly.

"I don't know! How could I know something like that?" Jody cried with a blush, not wanting to admit to her cousin that she had often wondered the same thing.

"Oh, I don't know, you could have spied on them while they were fucking or something," Sheri said. "Or you could have sneaked up on your daddy while he was in the shower -- you know, you'd act all surprised as if you didn't know he was there."

"What an imagination," Jody said with a giggle.

"Imagination, nothing! That's just what I did with my own daddy! I caught him in the shower, and does he ever have a big cock!"

"You didn't!" Jody cried in disbelief.

"Oh, yes, I did," Sheri said smugly.

Then Sheri turned on her side and faced her cousin.

"You've never fucked a guy, have you?" she asked.

"No, never," Jody said, blushing again. "But you have, haven't you?"

"Oh, yeah, lots of times!" Sheri said.

"Do you like fucking?" Jody asked, feeling her little pussy growing hotter with each word of this lewd conversation.

"Are you kidding? It's the greatest! Especially when you're lucky enough to have a super lover!?" Sheri said mysteriously.

"And you have a super lover?" Jody asked eagerly.

"The best! My own daddy!" Sheri said triumphantly.

"Omigod! Sheri, are you serious?"

"Absolutely! He popped my little cherry for me ages ago and we've been lovers ever since. Of course, I get it on with other guys, too, but take it from me, Jody, there's nothing like fucking your own daddy! It's so exciting... c'mon, tell me, haven't you ever thought about fucking your daddy? He's such a hunk!"

"No! Never!" Jody cried, wondering why she was beginning to tremble all over.

"Methinks the lady doth protest too much," Sheri said with a laugh.


"Nothing," Sheri said as she moved closer to her cousin. She could see that their conversation about incest had really turned Jody on.

Sheri reached but and touched her cousin's tits.

"Ohh, Sheri," Jody moaned, squirming on the flat rock.

Sheri smiled as she lowered her lips to her cousin's. She knew that she had the girl right where she wanted her now.

The two girls pressed their lips together as Sheri continued to fondle Jody's tits. Jody instinctively opened her mouth wide, and at once Sheri shoved her tongue deep inside.

Jody moaned into Sheri's mouth and moved her hand down her cousin's back. She sighed and pressed her naked body closer to Sheri feeling the sun beating down on them in a way that was sensual, erotic.

Jody turned slightly and moved her long leg over Sheri's thigh. Sheri pulled her tongue out of the other girl's mouth and held Jody close to her, feeling the soft fur of the virgin's pussy against her own cunt hair.

"This feels so good, Jody. I've always wanted to make it with you," Sheri murmured into her cousin's neck.

"Me too," Jody mumbled shyly.

That surprised Sheri. She pulled away slightly and looked into Jody's eyes.

"Really? You mean, you've been turned on to me, too?" she asked with a smile.

Jody nodded.

Sheri laughed with delight and pulled her cousin close to her again, holding her close and feeling Jody's firm tits against her own.

"So you and your father -- my uncle -- are really lovers?" Jody asked breathlessly, thrilling to the idea of her cousin's little pussy being fucked by her own father's big hard cock.

"Yeah, you'd better believe it! And he's the best! Take my advice, Jody, and learn about sex from an older man who knows what it's all about... an older man like your daddy."

"Oh, God, I could never do that!" Jody exclaimed, her pussy growing more and more moist.

"You might be surprised by just what you're capable of... When you're really turned-on," Sheri said knowingly.

Then both girls giggled and as Jody moved onto her back. Sheri lay on top of her. Jody moaned and spread her legs, enjoying the feel of her cousin's tits against hers, and her cunt against her own little pussy. Their boots rubbed together as Jody raised her legs and wrapped them around Sheri's trembling body.

As Sheri churned into the other girl's cunt with her own hot little twat, Jody felt her boots on the backs of her thighs and thought it must be the sexiest feeling in the world.

Sheri kissed her way down her cousin's body while Jody arched her back, and moaned continually. She had never felt anything like this, and she wanted it to go on forever.

Before she knew what to expect, Sheri slid down Jody's body and ran her tongue through the girl's cunt fur. It was soft and warm on Sheri's tongue, and her own pussy throbbed with lust at the exciting feel of it against her lips and tongue.

"Omigod, Sheri!" Jody cried.

At first, Jody felt embarrassed and self-conscious to feel her cousin's tongue winding through the hairs on her little cunt. But in a matter of seconds, all Jody could feel was a hot, sweet desire, which seemed to consume her entire body.

"Mmmmmmm, good," Sheri groaned as she inhaled the fresh, virginal aroma of her cousin's pussy. It inflamed her nostrils and turned her on powerfully.

She moved down and gazed excitedly at the pink lips of Jody's innocent little cunt. She kissed them. Then she sucked some of the cunt juices off her trembling pussylips, hungrily swallowing them down.

"Jeeesus Christ!" Jody gasped, hardly able to believe her cousin's sexy actions.

She lifted her long legs high in the air, keeping them spread for her cousin. She reached out, put her hands on her legs, and held them high and wide as she felt Sheri spreading her pussylips apart with her trembling fingers.

Sheri whimpered, feeling her own cunt throbbing against the flat rock beneath her. The warmth of the sun beating on her naked asscheeks felt sensuous and exciting, just adding to her lust.

Sheri drove her tongue into Jody's pussy and released her tight cuntlips, letting them close around her tongue.

"Awwww, God, Sheri! That feels sooo good!" Jody whimpered her virginal cunt throbbing against her cousin's tongue.

Sheri shoved her tongue up into Jody's fuckhole until it bounced off the membrane of the girl's cherry. She licked the thin tissue, then pulled out and fucked into the tiny hole again. She wished that she could ram her tongue right on through the thin cherry, but she knew that that wouldn't be right. No, she had to leave Jody's cherry intact so that someone very special could have the thrill of tearing through it with his cock -- someone like Jody's father, Craig.

Jody's pussy poured out cuntjuice which flowed tight into Sheri's mouth. She swallowed it all down, moaning with pleasure at the deliciously tangy flavor.

Sheri felt the leather of Jody's boots against her naked flesh as the other girl rested her tensed legs on Sheri's back. Sheri moved her hands beneath Jody's ass and kneaded the warm cheeks with her probing fingers as she slowly pulled her tongue out of her cousin's cunt. Then she reached around Jody's thighs and spread her pink cuntlips apart again, licking hard at the juicy nub of clit-flesh.

"Oh, God! I feel so strange! So wonderful! Something is happening to my pussy... my whole body... ooooh!" Jody gasped as she experienced her very first orgasm.

As she came, Jody arched her back and grabbed her own tits, squeezing them.

"Oh God, that feels sooo good! I've never felt anything like it, Sheri!" Jody cried.

As Jody continued to come, Sheri sucked her clit between her lips and pulled on it with a steady, strong suction. Jody churned beneath her, beginning to come again.

"Unhhhh, ohhhhh, Chriiiist!" Jody gasped as waves of incestuous pleasure washed over her for the second time.

After Jody's orgasm ended, she and Sheri clung to each other, embracing tightly. Finally, their breathing returned to normal and they looked into each other's eyes, suddenly bursting into a fit of giggles.

"Hey, don't forget what I said... when you're ready to get fucked, choose someone older with experience, like your dad," Sheri repeated, using one hand to brush Jody's blonde hair out of her eyes.

"Oh, Sheri, don't talk like that," Jody aid with an embarrassed blush, turning her head away from her cousin's penetrating gaze.

"Okay, okay," Sheri muttered, climbing off her cousin, "tell you what... if you don't want an older guy, I'd go for that guy your dad hired to paint your house. He's a real hunk!"

"Larry?" Jody asked, feeling uneasy.

"Yeah, I guess that's his name. And come to think of it, he's in college, isn't he?" Sheri asked, lying next to her cousin and beginning to fondle her own tits.

"Yeah. So?"

"So... that means he'd qualify as an older guy!" Sheri said with a laugh.

"Oh, you!" Jody laughed, poking her cousin in the ribs. "But, seriously, I do have a kind of crush on Larry. But he seems a lot more interested in my mom than in me!"

"You're kidding! That college guy has thing for your mom?" Sheri asked, reaching over and starting to squeeze her cousin's firm tits.

"I guess so! He's always staring at her and making up excuses to talk to her and he touches her a lot."

"Wow! What does your mom do? Does she encourage him?" Sheri asked, feasting on this bit of family gossip.

"No, of course not!" Jody cried indignantly, not wanting to admit to her cousin that in fact, her mother was definitely encouraging Larry's attentions.

Terri lay next, to her husband with her head on his chest. She ran her fingers through the hairs on his chest, still moaning softly from the tremendous orgasm the man's cock had just given her.

Craig ran his hands over his wife's body, lingering on her tits and wet pussy.

"Do you think you've got another fuck in you, honey?" Terri asked lewdly, grinning up at him.

"Sure I do! But what about Jody and Sheri? Don't you think they'll suspect something if we're gone too long?" Craig asked.

"Don't worry about them. They're old enough to realize what a husband and wife do when they're alone together!" Terri said with a lilting laugh that shot straight to her husband's balls, inflaming his desires and renewing his lust for her.

"Have you ever thought about fucking Jody?" Terri asked suddenly.

"What? Are you crazy!" Craig cried.

But Terri felt his prick stiffen in her hand and she knew for sure now what she had always suspected... her husband wanted to fuck their little girl.

"Calm down, lover. It's very normal. I've read all about it. Most fathers do want their little girls. And just think, in case anything ever happens to me, you could get Jody to take care of you."

"You bitch!" Craig said with a grin as he reached for her.

But Terri was too quick for him. She moved down toward his cock, and sucked almost half of it into her hungry mouth, tonguing his cockhead and feeling it pulsing obscenely.

"Unnnhh, oh, yeah, baby, suck me off! Then I'll fuck you good and hard again!" Craig groaned, thrusting his hips up from the rock and fucking his wife's mouth with his huge prick.


Three weeks later, Jody's mother ran off with Larry, the young college student. The two illicit lovers left town together, leaving only the briefest of notes behind for Craig and Jody.

For almost a month after Terri's desertion of her family, Craig was inconsolable. He worked long hours, driving himself to the brink of exhaustion. He came home only to eat and sleep. And when he was home, he spent hours locked in his bedroom.

He knew that Jody was suffering, too, and he tried to reach out to her, but he just didn't know how when he was huffing so much himself. But Jody seemed to be doing much better than Craig was, and was even protective of him, hovering over him when he was home and not locked in his room. She prepared his meals and gave him the feeling that nothing would make her happier than to take care of her daddy now that she was the only female in the house.

At first, after his wife had run off with the young boy, Craig's ego was so badly bruised that the last thing he was interested in was sex. But after a while, he began to feel horny in an odd way. He tried to jerk himself off, but that had never been a satisfying sexual outlet for him. And now it was all but impossible for him to relieve any tension that way. He knew that what he needed more than anything else was a woman's touch on his prick, and a woman's pussy to sink his cock into.

Finally, one evening when he was feeling especially horny, he summoned up all of his courage and went to his daughter's bedroom.

Jody was lounging across her bed, listening to her latest Duran Duran tape when she heard the soft knock on her door.

"Daddy? Is that you?" she asked eagerly.

"Yes, Jody. May I come in?" Craig asked.

"Sure! Come in!" Jody cried, delighted that at last her daddy was coming to her instead of hiding in his room.

Craig entered his little girl's room and closed the door firmly behind him. He gave her a smile as he crossed the room and sat down on the edge of her bed.

"Honey, there's something I have to talk to you about... it's very, very important... very serious," Craig began, trying to keep his mind on what he had to say and not on the teenager's body which could be plainly seen through her transparent nightgown.

"What is it, Daddy?" Jody asked, thinking how sexy her father looked in his maroon colored bathrobe. She found herself wondering if he was naked underneath it.

"Well, honey, it's rather hard to explain, but I have a problem. And it's a problem I need your help with," Craig said earnestly, liking the way his daughter's nipples were poking stiffly against the sheer fabric of her gown.

"Tell me, Daddy, please! You know I love you and I'll do anything I can to help you!" Jody said.

"Do you really mean that, honey?" Craig asked and Jody's eyes widened as she caught the desperate tone underlying his words.

"Oh, yes, Daddy, I love you more than anything in the world, and anything I can do for you... I'd do anything, Daddy... just tell me what's wrong."

"Okay, Jody, I'll tell you. I only hope that I can make you understand... Jody, I have a medical problem..."

"Daddy! Are you sick?" Jody interrupted, her heart fluttering with concern.

"Oh, no, honey, not really. It's nothing like that. A lot of men have the problem I have. It's my prostate gland, Jody. There's something wrong with it. And I might eventually even have to have an operation on it if I'm not very careful to do certain things."

"What kind of things, Daddy?"

"Well... this is kind of embarrassing to explain to my own little girl, Jody, but, you see the more, uh, orgasms I have, the healthier my prostate gland is. If I don't have enough orgasms, I can get very, very sick and then I will have to have that operation," Craig said with a flush.

"Oh, wow," Jody breathed. This was the last thing she had expected to hear. "You mean sex, don't you, Daddy? The more sex you have, the better it will be for your, uh, gland?"

"Yes, that's right, honey. Only it doesn't even have to be real sex. I just need to, you know, I need to come," Craig said.

"Oh. But how else can you come if you don't have sex?" Jody asked in confusion.

"Have you ever jerked a boy off?" Craig asked, looking at his daughter.

"No! But I've heard about it. That's when a girl rubs a guy's cock until he comes, right? Oh, I get it! That would make you come and keep you healthy, right, Daddy?" Jody asked.

"Right, honey," Craig said with a smile at his beautiful little girl.

"And if a girl sucked you off, that would make you come and keep your gland healthy, right?" Jody asked, pleased with herself.

"Right," Craig said and he reached out and stroked the girl's soft, cheek.

"Is that how you want me to help you, Daddy?" Jody asked breathlessly.

"Yes, Jody, it is. Now that your mother is gone, I don't have anyone else to help me. I need to come, honey. It's been a long time since I came -- too long -- and I haven't been feeling well because of it," Craig said.

"Oh, poor Daddy," Jody puffed, scooting closer to her daddy and feeling a jolt of desire deep in her pussy as she thought about helping her dear father out with his medical problem.

"Yes, honey, I need you to help me come. You're a virgin, aren't you, Jody?"

"Yes, Daddy, I am. I've never even touched a boy's cock before!" Jody cried, blushing.

"That's what I thought," Craig said, feeling a jolt of lust rush through his loins at the thought of his little girl's virginal pussy. "That's why I won't ask you to let me fuck you. And I won't even ask you to suck me off. All I'm asking is that you jerk me off so I can come, honey."

"Oh, yes, Daddy, I'll do it! I'm the woman of the house now, and I want to take good care of my daddy! Don't worry, Daddy, we don't need Mommy anymore! She was bad to run off from us like that! But we'll show her that we're just fine without her! It's just you and me now, Daddy, and we'll stick together!" Jody cried.

"Good girl, that's just how I feel too, baby," Craig said, taking his daughter into his arms and hugging her and patting her on her back.

"Let's do it now, Daddy!" Jody cried excitedly, pulling back slightly from her daddy and looking up at him with her bright blue eyes.

"Are you sure, honey? You don't have to do it now if you're not ready," Craig said, realizing that his cock was already hard.

"Oh, I'm ready, Daddy, I'm ready!" Jody cried eagerly, not wanting to admit to her father that his medical problem was not the only reason she wanted to jerk him off.

Craig smiled gratefully at his daughter as he stood up and removed his bathrobe. He was naked beneath it and when his huge, hard cock came into view, Jody gasped and her hand flew to her mouth. She felt her little pussy tingling with excitement as she stared at the large, upright prick.

"Ohhhh, Daddy, it's soooo big!" she murmured reverently.

"Then you don't think it will be too much of a sacrifice for you to jerk it off for your daddy?" Craig asked, seeing the light of desire in the girl's eyes.

"Oh, no, Daddy, it won't be a sacrifice at all! I want to take good care of my daddy!" Jody squealed.

Craig chuckled, delighted by his little girl's attitude. He lay down on her bed and she eagerly scooted to his side, reaching out with one trembling hand for her father's cock.

"I-I've never done this before, Daddy. What do I do?" she asked, feeling her mouth going dry.

"Just squeeze it with your hand, making a kind of fist around it, honey. Then you just run your tight fist up and down all the way from the top to the bottom and back again. You just keep doing that until I come," Craig said, feeling hornier with each passing second.

Jody grasped her daddy's cock with one hand and tried to close her fingers around it. But his meaty fuckrod was too thick. She needed both hands to fully squeeze it. And with her father gazing down at her, she reached out with her other hand, using both of her small, soft hands to grip his throbbing prick.

"Like this, Daddy?" she asked breathlessly.

"Yes, baby, that's just the way to squeeze it. Now start moving your hand up and don," Craig said, so choked with lust that his voice came out tight and strained.

With a happy little smile, Jody moved her hands all the way up to her daddy's smooth cockhead, pausing briefly there. Then she slid her hands back down to the base of his prick, feeling his soft prick hairs brushing against her hands.

"Unnhhh, oh, yeah, baby, that's just right, keep it up just like that, Jody, and you'll have me coming before you know it!" Craig groaned, lifting his ass up from the bed and humping his cock against the grip of his little girl's hands.

Jody moved her tightly grasping hands back up the full length of her daddy's thick cock and then back down again.

"Now... start doing it faster... faster." Jody slid her hands faster and faster up and down her father's thick cock, enjoying the way his cockstalk throbbed against her flesh. She knew that that must mean he was getting more and more excited.

"Ohh, Jody, you're doing a great job! You're jerking your daddy off like a real pro!" Craig grunted, as if reading his daughter's thoughts.

Again and again, the young virgin slid her hands up and down her daddy's cock, feeling it grow stiffer and thicker in her grasp. Suddenly, she noticed a pearly drop of liquid oozing out of the little hole at the top of the man's cock and she stared at it, fascinated.

"What's that little wet drop up there, Daddy?" she asked, her, voice slurred with fuck-lust.

"That's just a drop of cum, honey. In just a minute, you're gonna see a lot more cum... I'm gonna come soon, honey... the way you're jerking me off... ohhhh, God, it feels sooooo good... I'm coming!" Craig gasped as a white-hot geyser of thick cum shot out from his cum-silt and splashed lewdly on his naked belly.

"Wow! Wow! Wow!" Jody exclaimed over and over again as she watched her daddy shooting off. She kept her two-handed grip on his spasming prick while he came and her eyes widened at the sight of so much cum shooting out from it.

Jody had never seen a guy's cum before, but her friends and her cousin had all talked about how exciting it was, and now she could see what all the fuss was about.

To her amazement, more and more cum kept jetting out from the tiny hole where she had seen the drop of pre-cum. She watched the thick spunk pooling on her daddy's belly and she licked her lips, feeling a strange kind of hunger she had never experienced before.

"Daddy," she panted when it looked as if her daddy's balls were drained, "what happens to all that cum now?"

"I'll just wipe it off with some tissues," Craig said, reaching out for the box of tissues that was on his daughter's nightstand.

"No, Daddy, wait!" Jody cried, gabbing her father's arm to stop his reach for the tissues.

Craig stared at his little girl, a puzzled frown on his handsome face, wondering what she had in mind. He didn't have long to wonder. Jody lowered her head and brushed her soft lips across the pool of cooling jism on her daddy's belly.

"Good God, Jody!" Craig gasped as he watched her with disbelieving eyes. "What are you... awwww, shiiit!"

For Jody had begun to lap up her daddy's cum.

"Mmm, good, Daddy, it tastes good!" she cried, surprise in her voice as she raised her head and grinned at her father.

"Jesus Christ!" Craig gasped as he stared at the lewd sight of his daughter's cum-coated lips.

"Is it okay, Daddy? Can I keep licking up your cum? I like it! It tastes good!" Jody cried.

"Y-Yes, sure, honey, if that's what you want," Craig said thickly as Jody lowered her head again and her tongue darted out between her sensuous lips.

As the young virgin continued to lick up the spilled dim, Jody realized that her daddy's jism was filling some hungry need deep within her as the warm spunk filled her little belly.

Then, to her surprise, as she lapped up the last traces of the tasty cum, her little cunt spasmed in orgasm and she came powerfully.

"Ohhh, Daddy, I'm coming!" she gasped as she threw herself over onto her back, clutching her tits through her nightgown as she came.

"Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!" Craig groaned, as he sat up and shook his head in awe, watching his daughter coming. He longed to reach out and touch her pussy, but he knew he didn't dare -- not yet.


A few days later, Craig and Jody sat in the den, watching television. Now and then, they glanced at each other, exchanging smiles.

Jody hugged herself. She was so happy. She had her daddy back now. He didn't seem to be suffering over her mother's desertion any longer. And now, ever since the evening when she had jerked him off, he was coming straight home from work and spending those hours before bedtime with her. Jody realized that she was beginning to feel even happier than she had been before her mother had run off. The only disappointment in her life now was the fact that her daddy hadn't asked her to jerk him off again.

"Daddy?" she said hesitantly, already blushing as she thought about what she wanted to ask him.

"What is it, Jody?" Craig asked, thinking how beautiful and sexy his little girl was.

"Did I jerk you off okay the other night?" she asked softly.

"Are you kidding? You did great! You really made your daddy come hard," Craig cried, feeling his cock begin to stiffen.

"I was just wondering because you haven't asked me to do it again," Jody said shyly.

"I'd love for you to do it again, but I didn't want to impose," Craig said.

"Impose? Don't be silly, Daddy! I loved jerking you off and I wanna do it again! And besides, there's your, uh, gland to think of. It's for your own good, Daddy, and I do want to take good care of you," Jody said eagerly.

"Well, if you really mean it," Craig said with a grin as he unzipped his fly and hauled his hard-on out for his daughter to see, "go for it!"

"Oh, Daddy?" Jody squealed, sinking to her knees before her father. She grinned happily up at him as she reached for his stiff prick and began to stroke and squeeze it.

She moaned as she felt, her father's cock harden even more in her eagerly grasping hands. Gripping it as hard as possible, she quickly stroked it up and down, feeling her little pussy beginning to drool with her aroused juices.

"Ohh, baby, that's great!" Craig groaned. "Daddy, I don't want you to think I'm terrible or anything but the other day you said that if someone sucked you off, that would make you come too, right?" Jody asked hesitantly, hoping her bold words would not turn her daddy off.

"I'll say! A blowjob would give me even a bigger orgasm than jerking me off would!" Craig said.

"It would?" Jody asked, her eyes gleaming with excitement now. "In that case, if you wouldn't mind, Daddy, I'd really like to suck your cock until you come!"

"Jesus, Jody, are you sure? I told you I'd never ask you to do that..."

"But you're not asking me to do it, Daddy! I'm asking you to let me do it... please, Daddy!" Jody begged.

"Well..." Craig hesitated. He loved the idea of his own little girl sucking him off. In fact, it was just about the most thrilling turn-on idea he had ever heard. But he didn't want to exploit his daughter.

"Please, Daddy!" Jody pleaded, looking up at her father with tear-filled eyes. She was so afraid that her father would turn her down, and she wanted to do this for him -- and for her -- so badly.

"Honey, do you understand that sucking me off isn't really necessary? Do you understand that the important thing for my prostate gland is that I come? And that jerking me off will do that just fine?" he asked, trying hard to be fair.

"Yes, yes, I understand all that!" Jody answered impatiently. "But you said yourself that a blowjob would give you an even better orgasm!"

"Well, yes, that's true... it would turn me on so much that I'd probably get rid of even more cum..."

"And that would be really good for your gland problem, wouldn't it, Daddy?" Jody asked persuasively.

"Well, yes, the doctor did say that the more cum I got rid of, the healthier I would be and the greater the chance I may not have to have that surgery," Craig said thoughtfully, stroking his chin with one hand.

"Right! And if that weren't reason enough for you to let me suck you off... there's another reason, Daddy," Jody murmured.

"What's that, honey?" Craig asked as he gazed down at his daughter. He loved the way she looked kneeling there between his legs, her hands on his cock.

"I want to do it mainly for you, Daddy, because I want to take care of you the way Mommy should be doing. But I also want to do it for me," she murmured, her head bowed now.

"What do you mean, Jody?" Craig asked.

"Well, jerking you off before made me come! And I just know that sucking you off will turn me on so much that I'll come even harder this time! Oh, please let me suck your big hard cock, Daddy! I want to soooo much! My little pussy needs it!" Jody said in a pleading tone.

"Okay, baby," Craig chuckled huskily, "if it's that important to you, go ahead and suck your daddy off!"

"Oh, thank you, Daddy!" Jody cried, raising her head and looking up at her father with an adoring expression in her eyes. "I've never sucked a cock before, but I'll just kind of do whatever comes to mind, okay?"

"I think that will be just fine, honey," Craig said with a smile at his lovely daughter.

Jody giggled excitedly. She bent her golden head over her daddy's prick and eagerly sucked it into her mouth. She licked up the two drops of tangy pre-cum, moaning with pleasure at the taste.

She closed her lips around her father's long, thick cock, loving the feel of it in her mouth. She pressed her hot tongue against his swollen cockhead and felt it throbbing harder and harder as it filled her entire mouth.

"Obhhh, yeah, yeah, baby, yeah, that's it! Suck it hard!" Craig gasped, humping his crotch up toward her face.

"Mmmmmm," Jody moaned as she began to suck harder. She instinctively sucked in her checks, increasing the erotic suction against the sides of the hard prick.

She could hear the sound of her own wet lips sliding over her daddy's prick and she turned on more and more. She felt so horny now that she was sure she would come without even touching her little cunt.

Jody's virginal pussy was blazing hot. Her tight pussyhole was oozing out a steady stream of thick juice. She sucked her daddy's prick so deeply now that her nose was buried in the bed of curly prick hairs. She could feel his broad cock-knob against her throat and her tonsils.

"Ummmmfff," she moaned obscenely as she licked and sucked the full length of his incredibly huge cock.

"That's fantastic, little girl, just keep it up," Craig groaned, lifting his ass up from his chair and humping his crotch up against his daughter's face. He was fucking her mouth with his long, thick prick.

The young teenager was getting off on sucking her daddy's cock as much as he was. She sucked harder and harder, unable to hold herself back, and not wanting to.

Jody sucked feverishly on her daddy's prick and, as she sucked, she felt her little cunt twitching with incestuous pleasure. She heard her father moaning and groaning and she took delight in the fact that she was able to give him the kind of pleasure his own wife would not.

I'll be Daddy's woman from now on, she thought excitedly. She slipped his cock out of her mouth, curious to see what it looked like all coated with her saliva. She grinned, liking the look of his shiny cockhead and shaft. She held his fat cock in her hand and stroked it as she licked it tip. She ran her tongue over his twitching cum-slit and tasted the pre-cum that came out of it and then she worked her tongue around the tip slowly, getting his entire cock harder and harder at her lewd tongue-touch.

"God, baby, you're driving me crazy! When I come, I'll have a huge load for you!" Craig grunted.

As his little girl continued to suck him off Craig gazed down at her, admitting to himself at last that this was what he had been dreaming about for years. And he realized, too, something he had been dreaming about for years. And he realized, too, something he had been suppressing and denying for a long time: that all those times when his wife had sucked him off, he had been pretending it was his daughter's mouth which was wrapped around his prick.

And now his fantasy was coming true. And he could see from the eager, hungry way his little girl was sucking him, that it had been her fantasy too. And for the first time since Terri had deserted her family, Craig was glad that she was gone.

"Yeah, baby, do it! Suck your daddy's cock!" he cried.

Her father's obscene words made her pussy catch fire and it throbbed and burned hornily. More and more juice oozed out of the girl's pussy, dribbling obscenely down her trembling thighs as she knelt there between her father's legs with his hard cock in her mouth.

"Suck it, baby, suck it hard! I'm gonna came in your sucking mouth and you're gonna drink every drop of it, you gorgeous little slut!" Craig groaned, beside himself with fuck-lust now.

Jody shivered excitedly at her daddy's words she felt his hard cockmeat throbbing against the inside of her cheeks and she moaned around it.

Craig reached down with both hands and tangled them in his daughter's thick blonde hair.

"Suck it, bitch! Suck my cock and get ready to take every drop of my cum in your mouth!" he groaned.

Jody felt her father's fingers in her hair, lifting her golden hair up, away from her scalp. It made a pang of pain and pleasure throb through her loins and she liked the tingling sensation it gave her.

She raised one hand and slipped it inside the fly of her daddy's trousers, searching for his balls. She massaged them as she curled the fingers of her other hand around his hardening cock in her mouth.

Jody moved her fingers over her father's trembling balls as she sucked his cock even deeper into her mouth. She loved the manly aroma of his fuckmeat.

Then suddenly, as Craig fucked his cock into her face and she sucked hard at the same time, his prick moved down her throat.

Jody began to gag and tears sprang to her yes as she fought to breathe.

"Swallow real hard, baby, just keep swallowing and you'll stop gagging."

Jody closed her eyes and did exactly what her father told her to. She swallowed hard once. Twice. And a third time. And she kept right on swallowing as hard as she could until, at last, the man's prick slid easily down her throat and she was no longer gagging.

"Good girl," Craig husked. "Now you're deep-throating your daddy."

Deep-throating him! Jody could hardly believe her own ears. She had heard her cousin bragging about how she liked to deep-throat a big fat cock, but Jody had never even been sure what that meant. Now she had not only found out what it meant, but she was actually doing it, and to her own daddy, no less.

Her little cherry pussy trembled and twitched and she felt her clit hardening almost painfully, as she grew more and more aroused.

"Work your throat around my cock, baby," Craig said thickly.

Jody didn't exactly know what her father meant, but she wanted to find out. She experimentally tightened the muscles of her throat.

"Yeah, lady, that's it! Keep doing that?" Craig demanded.

Her father's cry of pleasure let the youngster know that she was doing it right. And again she tightened the muscles of her throat against the sides of the big fat cock.

"Unnhh, yeah, baby, yeah!" Craig groaned, lifting his ass up from his chair and trying to shave his cock even deeper into his little girl's face.

The horny virgin deep-throated her father's cock harder and harder with each suck, longing to taste the cum that would soon be pouring down her throat.

"Ohh, yeah, baby, that's it! You're deep-throating your daddy so great now! Suck me hard, Jody! I'm gonna shoot my wad any second!" Craig cried hoarsely.

Jody closed her fist around the base of her daddy's prick, tugging even more of it down her throat, sucking so hard that she saw spots before her eyes.

"I'm gonna come, Jody!" Craig yelled. "Awwww, fuck, Jody, keep sucking me while I come! Swallow all my cum down!"

His cock swelled to absolute stiffness, pulsating violently deep within his little girl's throat. The hot white cum burst from the tip of his throbbing cockhead. The creamy gushers pumped into Jody's throat and down into her belly.

Jody pulled her head back, letting the prick slip out of her throat so she could taste the flavor of her father's jism. Now the cum was filling her mouth to overflowing, and she swallowed hard and fast so as not to waste a drop of the precious stuff.

She loved the taste! And as she continued to swallow Craig's cum, Jody felt a surge of pride as she realized that her incestuous act was making her daddy healthy. His gland will be all well in no time at all, if I have anything to say about it, she thought lewdly as a powerful orgasm ripped through her loins.


A few days later, Jody was lying in her daddy's arms in his big bed. The young girl had just finished sucking her daddy off and now she was trying to ignore the hot tingling sensation deep in her pussy.

Craig looked at his daughter thoughtfully. She was wearing only a pair of bikini panties, and her daddy could see the damp stain in their crotch. He knew what had made that stain. It was his little girl's juices. She must be really turned-on, he thought with a jerk of his prick.

"Honey, I've been thinking," Craig said, reaching out and stroking his daughter's cheeks.

"What, Daddy?" Jody asked lazily, looking up at her daddy with an adoring expression in her eyes.

"You've been so good to your daddy lately, helping me to have all the orgasms I need..."

"I told you I'd take good care of my sweet daddy," Jody purred happily, delighted that it was within her power to make her father happy and to keep him well.

"And that's just what you've been doing, baby. You've been taking very good care of your daddy," Craig said huskily, lowering his head and kissing his daughter gently on her soft, sensuous lips.

"Then what's wrong, Daddy?" Jody asked with concern.

"Oh, honey, nothing's wrong. Nothing at all. It's just that I've been selfish. I haven't been thinking about your needs," Craig said thoughtfully.

"My needs?" Jody echoed.

"Sure, baby, I'm not the only one with sexual needs. Right now, for instance. I'd guess that you're feeling pretty horny and that you need to come, right?" Craig asked.

"Well... yeah, that's true, Daddy," Jody admitted with an attractive flush.

"There, you see? And as your daddy, I want to take good care of you just like you've been taking such good care of me," Craig murmured.

"But what can you do to take care of me, Daddy?" Jody asked not understanding.

"I could give you an orgasm. I could lick your little pussy until you come," Craig said. "It's the least I can do after all the times you've helped me to come."

"Oh, Daddy, would you really do that for me? I'd love it so much!" Jody squealed excitedly.

"Of course, I'll do that for you, darling... that and much, much more... now, why don't you take those panties off and let me make you come?" Craig said hoarsely. "Or... better yet, let me take them off for you."

"Oh, yes, take my panties off for me!" Jody cried eagerly.

Craig peeled his daughter's panties down over her ass, down her legs, and over her feet, throwing them carelessly onto the floor.

He stared greedily at her naked cunt, his eyes glazing over with fuck-lust, his cock growing hard.

"Ohhh, please touch my pussy for me, Daddy!" Jody gasped.

She opened her legs wide, and her hands shot to her cunt. She spread her swollen pussylips apart so her father could see the wet, inner cuntflesh.

Craig gazed down lewdly at his sexy little girl as she writhed on the bed in a frenzy of sexual need, begging him to touch her pussy. Her big tits were throbbing, and her stiff nipples were pointing straight up toward the ceiling.

In a haze of incestuous lust, Craig fastened one hand to her cunt and rubbed it. Then he slipped his hand between her spread pussylips and rubbed her wet, pinkish cuntflesh, moaning with desire as he felt his daughter's cherry pussy for the first time.

"Ahhhh, Daddy," Jody whimpered as her daddy fondled her pussy. She seized his big cock in her right hand and stroked it up and down, moaning with lust for her daddy.

Their mouths came together, their tongues wriggling against each other, their saliva mingling. Jody's eager fingers ran up and down Craig's stiff prick, lingering across the satiny, wet-headed fuck knob.

Craig tickled his little girl's pulsating clit, feeling it stiffen up against his fingers. He tried to stick two fingers up her cunthole, but the little girl's pussy was too tiny and tight. He was able to get only one finger up her cunt and, immediately, her untested cuntmuscles grabbed hold of his finger, hugging it hard inside her cunt. Craig could not help but wonder how it would feel to shove his huge prick up this little virginal pussy. His entire body trembled at the obscene thought.

As her daddy continued to stroke her bursting clit. Jody shuddered. Her tongue stabbed against his faster and harder, low moan came from deep in her throat, and her legs thrashed about wildly on the bed.

"Ohhhh, Daddy, ahhhh!" she screamed. "It feels soooo good! Ohhh, the way you're touching my pussy, Daddy... feels sooo hot... ohhhh, I'm getting all juicy... my pussy's swelling up so much! My clit... ohhhh, Daddy, I'm commmmiiinnngggg!"

Her mouth broke from his, her hips lifted high in the air, and she humped her orgasming pussy against her daddy's hand. Craig's fingers fucked into her faster and deeper as she came hard.

"Ajeeeeee!" she squealed loudly as hot, fiery thrills shot through her cunt. Her clit pulsed against her daddy's fingers. Her pussymuscles grabbed his finger and held it there until he cried out for her to release it.

Suddenly, the orgasming blonde felt her father's warm lips on her right nipple. Craig sucked the swollen rosebud into his wet mouth as hard as he could.

"Ohh, yesss, Daddy," Jody sighed. Her clit pulsed violently against her father's hand as her entire body shook hard with a long series of orgasmic spasms.

Hugging her dear, muscular daddy against her, feeling his throbbing prick in her hand, so thick and hard, and feeling his fingers stroking her pussy as he sucked her nipple into his mouth... all combined to intensity the teenager's orgasm, and she came harder than she ever had before.

"Unnhhh, baby, baby, baby," Craig murmured huskily as he felt the sweet spasming of his daughter's pussy, the tensing of her throbbing clit and the pulsing of her nipple between his lips.

He released her tit with a soft popping sound and watched the lustful contortions of his little girl's beautiful face. Her head swung back and forth in incestuous pleasure. As Craig listened to her squeals of joy and relief as she came, it was all he could do not to come himself.

The man had never seen anything so erotic or exciting in his life as the sight of his sexy daughter coming hard against his hand. As her orgasm subsided, he took his fingers from her twitching pussy.

"Ohh, Daddy, I need more!" Jody cried, putting her own hand on her pussy and rubbing it hard.

She moved her other hand to her big, swollen tits and she squeezed and fondled them, moving her hand rapidly from one tit to the other, hardly knowing what she was doing, she was so turned-on. All she knew was that she needed to come. Again and again.

Craig grinned, thrilled by what he was seeing. The young blonde girl was rubbing her own pussy and tits, and begging him for another orgasm. The fact that she was a virgin just made her wanton behavior all the more exciting.

Watching her fondling her own young body made Craig's cock grow harder, and it throbbed against his tummy, drooling pre-cum. His balls ached, feeling as if they were on fire.

"You need to come again, don't you, baby?" Craig asked, longing for an excuse to lick his daughter's pussy.

"Ohhh, yesss, Daddy, I need to come again! Sooo badly!" Jody cried in a begging tone.

"Okay, baby, then I'll take good care of you like I said I would. I'm gonna lick your little pussy now until you come."

"Ohhhh goody, Daddy! Do it! Lick my pussy for me until I come! Be a good daddy and take care of your little girl," Jody groaned.

Craig eagerly dropped to his knees between his daughter's widely spread legs. The aroma of fresh teenaged pussy in heat struck his flared nostrils, and he knew that there would be no turning back now. There couldn't be. He had to taste his little girl's pussy. He had to eat her out.

Jody watched her sexy daddy as he knelt between her legs. She saw the shine of fuck-lust in his eyes, and she knew that her own eyes held the same depraved expression.

"Oh, Daddy!" she gasped with excitement as he lowered his head toward her crotch. She felt his strong hands sliding beneath her ass and gripping her asscheeks.

"Yes, Daddy!" she breathed, her thighs wide apart, her pussy thrust upward. "Suck me, Daddy! Suck me until I come!"

Craig was so aroused that he was literally shaking. He kissed the top part of his daughter's pulsing cunt. Then his tongue wriggled around her tender clit.

"Oh, God!" Jody cried with fuck-lust. "That feels so good, Daddy! Do it again!"

Up until now, the only mouth Jody had ever felt on her pussy had been Sheri's, and Jody had thought that was the most exciting sensation in the world. But she knew now that she had been wrong. For nothing could equal the savage thrill of feeling her very own daddy's mouth on her pussy and his tongue on her clit.

Jolts of erotic pleasure spread through her cunt, and her clit tensed and throbbed. She couldn't believe how deliciously good it felt to have her father's mouth nibbling and fondling and sucking her little virgin pussy.

Her hands flew to her big, throbbing tits, and she pinched the hard, pulsating nips as a hot, exciting glow spread throughout her entire body. She felt as if she were burning up all over.

"Mmmmm," Craig moaned as he tongued his daughter's clit. He had never tasted such fresh, sweet pussy in his life. He admitted to himself that he had been dreaming for a long time about eating his little girl's cunt. And now, here he was with her sweet, cherry cunt pressed hard against his face.

As he worked his tongue against her twitching clit, he realized how very lucky he was to be the first guy to eat Jody's pussy. It was a very special honor. He knew that he could feast on her little cunt all day and all night long.

He stabbed into her cunthole with his tongue, realizing anew just how tiny that little hole was. The big cock that would have the honor of popping Jody's little cherry had its work cut out for it.

"Ohhh, yessss, that's fantastic, Daddy!" Jody gasped, humping her pussy up against her daddy's sucking mouth.

The thrill of his little girl's cunt thrusting up against his face, the feel of her trim little ass trembling in his hands, and the occasional glimpse he got of her giving her tits a real working over with both of her hands all added fuel to the lust pounding through the man's loins until he felt he would lose his mind with desire for the beautiful young virgin.

"Uhhhhh, arrgghhh!" Jody gurgled, feeling as if her little pussy were on fire. It felt as if it were being turned inside out as her father sucked and tongued it. His tongue, stabbing in and out of her clenching fuckhole, felt the way she thought a cock might feel inside her, and that obscene thought turned the youngster on still more. She thought about her daddy's huge cock, and for just a moment, she wondered what it would feel like stuffed up her cherry cunthole.

Craig moved his tongue faster and faster, fucking his little girl's cunthole with it, lapping up the hot, sweet pussy honey that was pouring freely from her little hole, making Jody's body jerk and dance like a fish caught on a sharp hook.

Jody felt as if she were going out of her mind, crazed with an intense longing for another orgasm. She grabbed her father's hair and tugged at it, fucking his face with brutal jerks of her hot, wet pussy.

Suddenly, she felt her orgasm beginning, and her entire body tensed and shuddered.

"Obhhh, Daddy, that's it! Keep sucking my pussy, Daddy! I'm gonna come... aiceecee, I'm coming!" she gasped.

She humped her ass even higher off the bed, letting her fathers fuck his hard tongue even deeper into her shuddering pussyhole. Over and over, Craig fucked his tongue deeply into the young girl's tight, trembling cunthole as he felt the vibrations of her hard climax tingling through his tongue.

As she came, Jody felt her daddy's cock pressing hard against her leg, and the lewd sensation only intensified her climax. Buckets of hot cunt sauce poured out of her fuckhole, drenched her daddy's prick, and rained down her quivering thighs.

"Daddy," she panted as her orgasm subsided. "You said you'd take good care of me, didn't you?"

"Of course, darling," Craig said, raising his juice-smeared face from between his daughter's legs. "I always want to take good care of you."

"Good. Because I need another orgasm. And judging by the size of that big hard-on you've got, so do you, Daddy! So why don't you fuck me and make us both come?"


"Why do you look so shocked, Daddy? I need another orgasm. And so do you! Look at your poor cock! It's so big and hard! If you don't come soon, you might get sick! Remember what your doctor said! You have to come as often as possible, Daddy, and what could make you come harder than fucking me?" Jody asked persuasively.

"But you're a virgin, honey," Craig protested, trying to ignore the pang of lust that shot through his loins at his daughter's lewd suggestion.

"I know. But not forever. That has to end sometime. And why not now? And I want you to be the one to pop my cherry. Daddy! Please! If you really meant what you said about wanting to take good care of me..."

"You know I did, honey," Craig said, running his hand through his hair in anguish. "Oh, Jody, I can't lie to you. I'd love nothing better than to be your firstlover... that would be a real honor, Jody. But to actually fuck you... my own... isn't that going a bit too far?"

"No, Daddy, it's not! I've jerked you off! I've sucked you off! You've sucked my pussy! There's only one thing left we haven't done, so why draw the line at fucking? Let's fuck each other right now, Daddy, and give you that big orgasm that your doctor would want you to have!" Jody said.

"But to fuck you... my own little girl..."

"Now you're making me mad, Daddy! I'm the one who'd you be fucking. So if I don't have any objections, why should you? Please, Daddy! I told you when Mommy ran out on us that I wanted to take care of you just like she used to do. And you used to fuck her, so why won't you fuck me?" she wailed.

"Oh, honey, you don't understand."

"Oh, yes, I do!" Jody interrupted. "I understand that you loved that whore that walked out on us. But you don't love me enough to fuck me! That's what I understand!"

"Oh, baby, don't say that. I love you more than anything in this fucked-up world," Craig protested. And he had to acknowledge to himself that his cock had grown harder and thicker in the last few minutes than it had ever been before. And he knew it was the thrilling idea of fucking his own little girl that had done it.

"Well, it must be true or you'd fuck me!" Jody pouted, crossing her arms in front of her chest and glaring as angrily at her father.

Craig stared at his daughter, no longer knowing what was right or wrong. He shook his head in confusion. And as he knelt there on the bed, Jody suddenly grinned, and she scooted closer to her daddy, wrapping her legs around his hips and humping her crotch up against his prick.

Then, before the man even had time to react to his daughter's whorish behavior, Jody spread her cuntlips wide with one hand while she used her other hand to grip Craig's cock and guide it toward her virgin pussy.

"Good God, Jody!" Craig gasped as he felt his little girl's wet cuntmeat rubbing against the head of his cock. And he knew he was lost. There was no way he could deny her, her very first fuck, the fuck she so desperately needed. The fuck they both needed.

"Will you do it, Daddy? Will you fuck me? Will you pop my cherry for me?" Jody asked eagerly.

"Oh, yeah, Jody, I'll fuck you all right! I love you and I can't deny you what you want so badly! Besides, you're right. Fucking you will give me the biggest possible orgasm and my doctor would approve wholeheartedly," Craig said with a chuckle.

"Oh, goody, Daddy, fuck me now!" Jody begged.

The broad head of Craig's cock pried the girl's cuntlips farther apart and he slowly inched his huge throbbing prick into her virginal cunt.

"Ugghhh! Goddamn, but you're tight!" he grunted, nudging his cockhead deeper into her. He wriggled his hips and shoved his cock into her tiny pussy in a screwing motion, finally managing to fuck his prick in all the way up to her cherry.

"Ohhh, Daddy, it hurts! Did you pop my cherry yet?" Jody asked, her eyes filling with tears of pain.

"No, baby," Craig said with another chuckle. "When I pop your cherry, you'll know it!"

"Oh, hurry, Daddy, I can't wait to feel your big hard cock popping ray cherry for me!" the young blonde squealed, writhing lewdly on the bed.

"Are you sure you're ready, baby? It's gonna hurt like hell!"

"Don't worry, Daddy, I'm ready all right. You know... I think I've been ready for this for a long, long time," Jody said, smiling lovingly up at her dear daddy.

"That's my good girl," Craig murmured, returning her smile as he pushed his cock against her cherry.

"Ohhh, it hurts soooo much, Daddy! But that's okay! I kind of like the way it hurts! It makes it more exciting! Hurry, Daddy, don't worry about hurting me! Just fuck me hard! Break my cherry, Daddy!" Jody cried, raking her sharp fingernails across, the man's hairy, muscular chest.

"Okay, baby, this is it! Daddy's gonna pop your sweet, tight little cherry!" Craig groaned.

He leaned back as far as he could without pulling his prick all the way out of his daughter's cherry cunt. Then, with a low guttural groan, he quickly fucked forward, ripping right through Jody's tightly stretched cherry.

"Ohhh, sweet holy Jeeesus!" Jody cried as she felt the tearing of her hymen, then the sweet filling of her cunthole. She felt the powerful, lusty drive of her daddy's big cock up her virgin pussyhole, and a wild shout of joy sprang from deep in her throat.

"Ohhh, God, Daddy, I can feel it! I felt you tear my cherry! And now I can feel your big cock filling up my pussy! It's really inside me, Daddy! Your prick is finally inside me!" Jody cried excitedly, thinking that this was by far the most important moment in her life.

"Yes, baby, yes. Daddy's cock is finally in your beautiful little pussy," Craig said huskily, not wanting to admit even to himself that he had the strong sensation that his cock had finally found its home, that it was his daughter's little pussy which his prick had been needing and searching for all these years. He reached out and ran his fingertips gently over his daughter's face as she gazed up at him adoringly.

Craig trembled. He had never fucked a cunt as tight as his little girl's. His huge, thick prick was surrounded and squeezed by her wet cuntflesh. It felt as though there were a wet, hot hand gripping his entire prick, and he thrilled to the lewd sensation.

He glanced down and grinned at the expression on his daughter's lovely, young face. She was flushed and smiling, her eyes glazed over, unfocused. Her big tits were visibly throbbing, their nips stiff and pointy. We could feel her little tight cunt twitching around his prick and he trembled again.

"Ohhh, Daddy, I love the way your big cock feels inside me! Even better than I'd expected! Mmmm, fuck me now, Daddy, fuck me good and hard!"

Slowly, skillfully, Craig began to fuck his little girl. In and out, in and out. The feel of her daddy's huge prick fucking in and out of her snug pussy, his balls wetly slapping against the crack of her ass, filled the teenager with a hot, rising fuck-lust. She knew that she could never be completely satisfied until she felt her daddy's jism overflowing her cunt.

"Jesus, baby, your little pussy is so sexy? So fucking hot and tight and wet!" Craig growled, no longer questioning the rightness or wrongness of this incestuous act, but just giving himself up totally to the lewd pleasure he felt while he fucked his daughter.

"Omigod, that feels good, Daddy! Really, really good!" the young girl gasped. "Fuck me for a long time, Daddy!"

Craig groaned as he continued to fuck his big, thick cock in and out of his little girl's pussy. Her cunt was well lubricated with her own juices. And more and more of the hot, creamy cunt sauce poured out of her pussy in lewd streams, coating his big cock-shaft trembling in her pussy.

Jody's swollen nipples were throbbing harder and harder, aching with the need to be sucked.

"Unnhhh, my tits, Daddy! Suck my tits! They need it baaaad!" Jody cried.

She gasped with excitement when her daddy lowered his head and sucked one nipple between his lips. He sucked hard on her trembling little fuckbud, then nibbled on the rock-hard nip with the edges of his sharp teeth.

"Arrghhh, that hurts, but I love it! Do it again, Daddy, bite my tit!" the teenager screamed in a frenzy of fuck-lust.

"You're such a hot little bitch in heat," Craig murmured before returning his mouth to her tits, moving rapidly from one tit to the other, using every part of his mouth on the youngster's throbbing titflesh.

Jody moaned with pleasure and ran her hands up and down her daddy's strong, muscular arms. Both father and daughter were soaked with sexual sweat now, and the wet sound of their bodies slapping together filled the room around them, serving to increase the sexual tension that seemed to pulse through the air around the incestuous couple.

"Unnhh, work those cuntmuscles around my cock, baby," Craig murmured hornily.

With a grin and then a grunt, Jody clenched her strong, tight cuntmuscles hard around her daddy's prick. Then she unclenched them, releasing his prick so he could pull out of her pussy, only to fuck back in hard. And again, she clenched pussymuscles around his hard cock.

"Unnhhh, arrgggghhh, yeah, that's it, baby! It feels great! Keep it up, baby!" Craig grunted, shivers of incestuous lust running through his powerful body.

"Ohhh, Daddy, I love you soooo much," Jody moaned, arching her back and thrusting her crotch up against her father's prick, meeting his hard fuckmeat with her wet, hot pussy, the pussy that only moments before had been virginal. She clawed at her daddy's back with her fingernails.

As she arched her back, her fuckhole opened up even more to her father's fucking prick, and she squealed with joy when she felt the full length of his cock fucking ail the way up her small, tight cunthole.

"I love you too, baby, more and more each day," Craig responded, his voice slurred with lust.

Jody moaned continually as her little cunt ached with a raw, pulsing pleasure. She had never felt anything so good or exciting in her life, and she suspected that she never would again. She writhed wantonly on her daddy's bed, feeling hornier and happier than she ever had before.

"Shit, Jody! You're fucking like a little slut," Craig groaned.

"Is that okay, Daddy?" Jody asked meekly, hoping that her dear daddy didn't think she was cheap in any way.

"Okay? It's a real turn-on, you sexy little whore! And it makes you look even more beautiful!" Craig cried, beaming down with pride at his little girl.

He scooped his hands under his little girl's ass and lifted her hips.

"Try bending your knees, honey," he muttered.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Daddy! I didn't know I was supposed to be doing that!" Jody cried, embarrassed, as she quickly bent her knees for her daddy.

"Don't feel bad about that, honey. It's a real turn on to fuck such an innocent, inexperienced little girl as you. I'm glad that you don't know all about fucking so I can teach you. That's a daddy's dream, baby, being able to teach his little girl all about fucking," Craig said sincerely.

"Okay, Daddy, then I'm glad too," Jody said, feeling much better for she could see that her inexperience was a real turn-on for her daddy.

"Yeah, honey, that's why daddies would rather fuck their little girls instead of fucking some prostitute who has all the techniques down pat... there's just no heart in it," Craig said, remembering his one sexual encounter with a prostitute with a feeling of distaste.

"Now..." he said a few minutes later, "while I fuck you, try to fuck back at me, okay?"

"Okay!" Jody said eagerly.

She spread her legs even wider as she thrust her hips up, grinding her pussy hard against her father's prick.

"All right, baby! You got it!" Craig exclaimed, pleased that his sexy daughter was such a quick learner.

"Ohhh, my tits are aching so much," Jody moaned softly. But her daddy couldn't hear her above his loud groans and grunts of pleasure. So the youngster bent her head as she lifted one large, flushed tit to her mouth with one hand. She sucked on her own tit hungrily, greedily.

She moved her wet mouth rapidly from one tit to the other, sucking first one tit, then the other, feeling her stiff nipples throbbing between her lips. She nibbled on the edges of her taut nips with her sharp teeth, moaning with pain and pleasure.

Craig gazed down at his sexy daughter's actions and turned on even more as he saw her sucking and nibbling on her tits. He fucked his thick cock harder and deeper into her each time, feeling more aroused than he could remember ever feeling in his life.

His cum was churning hotly in his balls and he knew that he could come any time now if he wanted to. But he remembered his little girl's plea to make this fuck last a long, long time. And since it was her very first fuck, he wanted to make it as good for her as possible.

He was pleased that his little girl's instincts were so sound. For he knew from his own sexual experience that their fucking would be all the better the longer it lasted.

Jody learned fast from her daddy. Each time he fucked his cock into her cunt, she thrust her hips up high in the air, fucking back at his cock with her hot, juicy pussy.

"God, baby, you're fucking back at your daddy soooo good!" Craig rasped.

"And you're fucking me real good, too, Daddy! I love you so much, Daddy, for popping my cherry for me... and for making my very first fuck so good for me... I'll never forget what you're doing for me, Daddy... and I'll always love you more than anyone else in the whole world!" Jody cried fervently as she gazed up at her father with feverish eyes.

"Ohhh, baby," Craig moaned, truly touched by his daughter's loving words, "I love you too, baby, more than I can say! And I promise to always do my best to make you happy!"

Jody reached up with both hands and stroked her father's sweaty face and chest. Then she looked at her sweat-covered fingertips and, with a little lust-filled groan, the horny teenager sucked those sweaty fingers right into her mouth.

"Mmm, good," she moaned, grinning up at her father.

"You crazy little slut," he groaned, shaking his head as he returned her grin.

Then Jody began to suck her tits again, not missing a beat as she continued to thrust her crotch upward to meet each of her daddy's downward slams of his big prick.

"Ohhhh," she moaned over and over, her moans growing louder and higher-pitched with each savage cock-thrust.

She lifted her ass high off the bed, keeping pace with her father's violent fucking motions. She shivered with lust for her big, muscular daddy. This fuck was far mote thrilling to the youngster than even her horniest fantasies. The fact that it was her very own daddy who had popped her cherry for her and who was giving her the first fuck of her life aroused the young blonde, beyond belief. She simply could not imagine anything more exciting.

"Unnhhh, yeah, Daddy, you're fucking me soooo good! Fuck me, Daddy! Keep fucking me! Fuck me hard, Daddy, harder than you've ever fucked anyone before! I need it soooo baad! I need my sweet daddy's big cock fucking up into my pussy for the rest of my life! Fuck meeeeee," Jody wailed, clawing at her tits now, not even noticing the little jagged red marks her fingernails were making across her creamy-white titflesh.

Craig lowered his head and pressed his mouth against his daughter's, their tongues quickly interlocking. They tongue-kissed over and over as the man continued to fuck his huge, hard cock in and out of his little girl's juicy cunt.

"Oh, God, yessss, Daddy! I love the way you're fucking me! I think I've always wanted your cock up my cunt!" Jody whimpered.

For a moment, his little girl's words shocked Craig. But then he realized that he had unconsciously been lusting for his sexy daughter for years, too. And, when he thought about it, it was quite a compliment to be desired by such a young, sexy girl.

The teenager's thick cuntjuices were flowing rapidly out of her cock-stuffed cunthole, pooling lewdly around the base of her daddy's prick. The creamy cunt sauce seemed to be everywhere: it completely filled Jody's pussy. It coated her father's cock, wetting down his aching balls. It soaked her cunt hairs and ran down her thighs. It even formed a small pool of liquid on the bed between Jody's legs.

"Ohhh, ahhh, you sexy little cunt," Craig groaned, sliding his gigantic prick in and out of his daughter's sopping wet cunt.

"Unnhhh, yessss," Jody hissed between clenched teeth. She could feel every single hard inch of her father's thick cockmeat in her pussy. She gasped and sighed with incestuous joy, tossing her head back and forth, wriggling her hips violently.

She tightened and loosened her cuntmuscles around her father's cock, squeezing it hard as he fucked her harder and harder with each thrust.

"Oh, yeah, baby, you're doing that so great! Keep squeezing my fucker, baby!" he panted.

He fucked his cock in and out rapidly in long, powerful, thrusting movements, teasing the girl's small cuntlips and her trembling clit with each brutal fuck-thrust.

"Yessss, yessss, fuck meeee, yes, fuck meee!" Jody moaned over and over as her ravaged cunt-meat burned and throbbed, raising her to heights of joy and excitement she had never felt before.

Both father and daughter were soaked with sweat now as they fucked each other with wild abandon. They were screwing like two wild animals answering the mating call.

Craig fucked his huge cock deeper and deeper into his daughter's cunt, sliding out, then fucking back in again, his tight, boiling balls slapping wetly against her ass-crack.

"Oh, God!" Jody yelled, realizing that she had reached a point where she no longer had any control at all over her own actions. Her young, wanton body had completely taken over, fucking back at her daddy's prick more and more savagely with each of his penetrating fuck-thrusts.

"Ahhhhh, Dadddyyy!" the young blonde screamed at the top of her lungs as her climax began.

She closed her eyes but still she saw bright spots of dancing colors behind her clenched eyelids as her first fuck-orgasm rushed through her pussy, releasing more and more pussyjuice.

Craig's thrusting prick made lewd, sloshing sounds as it slid through his daughter's cunt sauce.

"I'm coming hard, Daddy! You made me come with your big cock! Commmiiinnngg!"

Jody yelled hoarsely.

"Yeah, baby, you're coming hard all right! I can feel your little pussy jumping like crazy all over the place! Keep coming, baby, and I'll keep fucking you!" Craig cried lustily.

"Oh, yesss, Daddy, keep fucking me while I come!" the young blonde cried excitedly.

"Aieeeeeee!" Jody yelled as the peak, of her orgasm struck her with tremendous force.

She had never felt anything like this in her life. Even the orgasms her cousin had given her with her mouth... even the orgasm her daddy had given her with his tongue... were nothing compared to this mind boggling ecstasy rocking through her entire body now. And she knew that it was so thrilling because it was her own daddy's prick which was giving her such unbridled joy.

Every nerve ending of her body burned with pleasure. And every fiber of her body sang with lust. Her cuntwalls contracted powerfully around Craig's cock as jolt after jolt of orgasmic pleasure ripped through her pussy.

Craig growled deep in his throat, his hips lunged faster, his entire body shuddered, and an expression of intense lust contorted his facial features. His crotch was reared up high now, and he was thrusting the full length of his trembling prick savagely in and out of his daughter's orgasming cunt.

"Uggggghhhh," he groaned wildly, slamming her so hard with his stiff prick that her ass scooted back along the bed.

"Ohhh, Jeeesus, Daddy... I never... it feels soooo... I can hardly breathe... love it... love it!" Jody panted. Her prick-stuffed pussy spasmed around her father's cock.

Craig's heaving chest sank down on the girl's throbbing tits, mashing them flat against his chest.

"Ohhh, baby, baby, baby!" he panted.

"Yessss, Daddy, yesssss," Jody screamed, still coming. "Hurry and come inside me, Daddy! Shoot all your cum up my pussy! I need to feel it, Daddy!"

With both hands, Craig lifted his daughter's hips high in the air and stabbed her creaming cunt with his bursting cock as he began to come. Her obscene words had triggered his orgasm, and there was no way in the world the man could hold back any longer.

"You sexy little slut! I'll give you all my cum all right! You begged me for it! Now take it! Take it all, you horny little girl!"

He shouted as the first wad of hot cum shot into her pussy, burning her cuntal walls. He snapped his head back as another shot of spunk gushed from his cum-slit and splashed into his little girl's twitching pussy.

"Yessss, yessss, yesss," Jody sobbed happily as she felt her daddy's cum gushing into her, completely filling up her still-spasming pussy.

She reached up and gripped her daddy's shoulders, pulling him closer to her. She knew now that this must be the ultimate thrill for a little girl... having her very own daddy pop her cherry, fuck her royally with his hard cock, and finally dump his entire load of cum up her little pussy.

"Yeah! Fill my cunt with all of your cum, Daddy! Shoot it! I love it!" she cried.

Her pussymuscles spasmed, relaxed, spasmed, relaxed, each time another wad of Craig's cum shot into her.

"Arrghhh, God, God, God!" Craig groaned. He had never shot so much cum before in his life, and he knew that it was the intense thrill of fucking his own little girl that had created so much cum in his trembling balls.

Finally, their orgasms subsided and the father and daughter lay weakly in each other's arms.

"Mmm, Daddy, you shot so much! I'll bet you feel really healthy now!" Jody said softly.

"Yeah, baby, you bet I do!" Craig said with a fond smile at his adoring daughter.


Craig Madison woke up with a raging hard-on. He lazily stroked his cock, still half-asleep. Thinking he would fuck his wife, he turned over and touched the other side of the bed. But no one was there. Then he opened his eyes and saw the empty half of the bed.

It had been several months since Terri had walked out on her family, and about two months since Craig had popped his daughter's cherry. Father and daughter had been fucking steadily ever since, yet once in awhile, he found himself waking up, fully expecting to see his wife lying in bed next to him.

Shit! he thought, angrily punching his pillow. "Good morning, Daddy," a soft girlish voice said from the bedroom doorway.

Craig looked up and saw Jody standing there. She was wearing only a pair of white bikini panties. She leaned against the door frame and moved one of her fingers around her nipples.

She had seen the way her daddy had looked at the other side of his bed, as if expecting to find her mother there.

"She's gone, Daddy, and I don't think she's coming back," she said softly.

"Too bad," Craig said, grinning sexily at his daughter, "'cause I could sure use a good fucking this morning."

"Well, Daddy," Jody said as she winked at her daddy, "you know you always have me. Don't I always take care of you?"

"You sure do, baby!" Craig said.

"Your doctor told you that you had to come a lot if you're going to make your prostate gland all well, and I've been helping you come a lot, haven't I, Daddy?"

"You sure have, you sexy little girl," Craig grinned.

He stared at her and licked his lips, touching the huge bulge in his shorts. Then he lifted up his other arm and stretched it out toward his daughter.

"Come here, Jody," he said huskily, "come on and give your daddy a medical treatment."

Jody giggled as she moved slowly and seductively toward the bed and her daddy. She eagerly climbed onto the bed and moved up on her knees. She pointed at her daddy's bulging crotch.

"Mmm, looks like you've got a big one this morning!" she cried excitedly.

"Yeah, it is, baby, and it's getting bigger 'cause you're such a sexy little girl," he said hoarsely.

Jody grinned and now she pointed at her own crotch.

"Kiss it far me, Daddy. You now how much I love it when you kiss it for me!"

Yes, Craig thought, he knew all right. During these last couple of months as he and his daughter had engaged in every imaginable sex act, he had learned just what a highly sexed little girl Jody was. There wasn't anything she wasn't willing to try. There wasn't anything she didn't love to do... as long as it was sexual... and as long as it was with her daddy.

Craig kissed his daughter's crotch through her thin panties. He stuck his tongue out and ran it over her silken panties, feeling the pussy hair that was growing over the teenager's cunt.

Then he lay back on the bed and gestured toward the hard-on that was thrusting up against his shorts.

"Your turn. Now you kiss my cock, little girl," he said softly, "you know how much I like it when you kiss it."

Jody giggled as she leaned forward and kissed the big bulge with her soft lips. She stuck out her tongue and licked his shorts where the bulge was.

"Unnhh, yeah," Craig groaned, feeling as if he might come right in his shorts.

But by now, his daughter knew him well. She knew just how much he could stand before he started to shoot off. And she wanted his fatherly cum in her cunt and not wasted in his shorts.

The girl smiled as she put her fingers under the waistband of his shorts. Craig shifted a bit as he let his teenaged daughter pull his shorts down his legs. Then he slipped them off with his feet.

Jody wrapped her fingers around her daddy's prick and smiled at him.

"You know that I always take care of my daddy," Jody purred, "and sometimes I think you like me better than Mommy."

"You're a smart little girl," Craig said with a husky laugh.

"I fuck you better than Mommy used to, huh, Daddy?" the teenager asked lewdly.

"You sure do, baby. Now hurry up and get those panties off," Craig commanded.

With a triumphant grin, Jody fell back on the bed and slipped her white panties off. She lay there naked, spreading her legs for her father as he gazed down at her honey-colored pussy bush.

He groaned softly as he threaded his fingers through that cunt fur, slipping his fingers over the lips of her pussy.

"Ohhh, Daddy," Jody moaned, raising her hips up slightly, "stick your finger into my pussy, Daddy. You know I love that! You know how wet my pussy gets when you do that!"

"Yeah, you're not kidding!" Craig said, shaking his head. In the last couple of months, he had often wondered how a little teenaged girl could have so much juice inside her little pussy. He slipped his middle finger up into her tiny cunt and she churned her hips, trying to fuck his finger. At the same time, she moved her hands over both of her girlish tits.

"Ohhh, Daddy, I love you so much! And I love the way it feels when you play with my pussy! And even more than that, I love it when you fuck me, Daddy!" the teenager gasped.

"Jesus, you don't need my finger! Your little cunt's so wet, it's overflowing!" Craig said, shaking his head in awe.

He pulled his finger out of her pussy and moved over her as she eagerly spread her legs wider to him.

"Stick your big Daddy-cock into my pussy, Daddy! I love it when you fuck me! And you need it, too, don't you, Daddy? That's what the doctor said, right?" she cooed.

"Right, baby, right," Craig murmured.

With one mighty thrust, Craig drove his cock all the way into his daughter's cunthole.

Jody lifted her legs and wrapped them around his back, puffing him deeper into her as she kissed him softly on the mouth. She smelled fresh to the man, and Craig realized that she had already taken a shower before coming into his bedroom. She often did that taking a bath or a shower before coming to his bed, as if preparing herself for their fuck. She came prepared for lust.

Craig pulled his prick almost all the way out of his daughter's tight cunt and then drove it back into her, deeper this time, all the way up to his balls. He held his cock inside her for a few seconds, feeling Jody's tight, little pussy trembling around it. Then he began to fuck her seriously as the young girl moaned and held him close to her big girlish tits.

"Ohhhhh, you always fuck me sooo good, Daddy," she groaned.

Craig responded to her groan with one of her own. He worked his long, thick cock in and out of his little girl's cunt.

Jody loved fucking with her daddy. She hated to admit it, even to herself, but she was terribly glad that her mother had run out on them. For if she hadn't, her daddy wouldn't have needed her in this special way. He would never have popped her cherry for her, and she wouldn't now be thrilling to the exciting feel of his cock deeply buried in her cunt.

"Jesus, baby, I'm sorry, but I've gotta come now!" Craig suddenly yelled.

"That's great, Daddy! Do it! Come!"

Jody began to move even more wildly on the bed, curling her body up against his and moaning and whimpering with sexual need.

Craig grinned down at her, knowing what she was doing. She was working her way up to her own orgasm so that she could come with her daddy whom she loved so much.

"Ohhh, Daddy, I'm ready now," she moaned into his ear. "Come with me, Daddy! Come with me!"

A guttural animalistic sound escaped from Craig's throat as he continued to fuck his daughter.

"Ahhh, Daddy," Jody groaned, tightening her hold on her daddy with her soft arms and legs as she started to come.

Gigantic explosions of incestuous pleasure ripped through her pussy as she came.

"Ohhhh, commmmiiinnnggg, Dadddyyy!" she shrieked, twisting and turning on her father's twitching prick.

The peak of her orgasm struck her with full force as she felt huge hot wads of cum shooting deep into her cunt, spattering thickly against the walls of her pussy.

Moments later, Craig's orgasm subsided, but Jody was still lost in the throes of her mind-blowing climax. He held her close, letting her hump up against his prick as she came.

"Attagirl! You're really coming hard, baby! Keep it up! Keep coming for your daddy, little girl!" Craig cried, rubbing her heaving tits as she continued to come hard.

Later, they lay cuddled up in each other's arms, murmuring love words to each other now and then. Then Craig stretched and rolled away from his daughter, getting up from the bed.

"Where are you going, Daddy?" Jody asked, a little pout on her sexy mouth.

"I gotta take a shower, baby. You stay right there. I'll be back soon."

"I hope so, 'cause I wanna give you another medical treatment," Jody said with a giggle.

As Craig walked toward the bathroom, Jody's eyes followed him. He's such a hunk, she thought with a grin. Then she curled up on the bed and began to doze off.

After his shower, Craig walked naked into his bedroom and lay down next to his daughter. He kissed her softly on her lips and her eyes opened wide.

"Hi, Daddy. I was just dreaming about you," she said with a smile, holding her arms out to him.

"Do you know how much your father needs you, baby?" the man asked as he embraced her and laid his head on her tits.

"I know, Daddy," the girl said, patting her father's back soothingly. "And don't worry. I'll never run out on you like Mommy did. I'll always be here and I'll always treat you right, Daddy."

Craig kissed his little girl and their tongues fucked at each other, their saliva mingling. They moaned into each other's months, and Jody felt her pussy pulsing with renewes desire as she felt her daddy's cock hardening against her leg.

"Have you fucked any other guys -- since I broke your cherry, I mean?" Craig asked. It was something he had been wanting to ask his daughter for a while now.

It took the teenager a minute to answer her daddy. For she was still panting breathlessly from their torrid kiss.

"Oh, no, Daddy, I'd never do that! I just wanna fuck with you, Daddy. Besides, don't forget... the only reason we're doing this is because of your medical problem," Jody said earnestly.

"Right! Oh, yeah, absolutely," Craig muttered, nodding his head.

"But one time... even before Mommy left us... I did make it with cousin Sheri, Daddy," Jody said with a blush.

"You're kidding!" Craig cried, his cock hardening at the thought of the two teenaged girls getting it on together. "Did you like it?"

"Oh, yeah, it was neat, Daddy," Jody said shyly.

"I'd love to see you two girls making it," Craig said thickly.

Jody smiled. Her father didn't know it but she had invited Sheri over the next day, and if she planned things just right, maybe she would work it out so that her daddy "caught" them in the act.

"But you're not interested in fucking any other guys, Jody?" Craig asked, needing to hear her say it again.

"Oh, no, not at all, Daddy! Some of the boys I know get kind of fresh and I know they want to fuck me. But I won't do that. The only reason I'm fucking with you, Daddy, is to help you with your medical problem. I really wanna help make your gland all well so you won't have to have that awful surgery! But, even if that wasn't the reason... I'd still want to fuck only you."

"That's my good girl," Craig said hoarsely, patting his daughter on her tits approvingly.

He was thrilled to hear that the gorgeous teenager wasn't fucking anyone else. He wasn't either. It seemed that since he had started fucking his little girl, he had plenty of opportunities to fuck women he met at work or through friends. Some of them practically threw themselves at him, and he wryly wondered where they were when he had needed them.

But now that he was fucking Jody, she was the only one he needed. He never told her about those other women he could be fucking. For then the youngster might wonder why he was still fucking her. And worst of all, she might make him stop fucking her. He knew he couldn't stand that and so he led Jody believe that it was entirely up to her to "take care" of him and of his ailing prostrate gland.

Since beginning to fuck her, Craig had discovered that the fact that she was his own daughter made their sexual encounters all the sexier. While fucking her, he never forgot that she was his own daughter. Her cunt was very special to him. It was his daughter's cunt.

He felt her hand on his cock now and he looked into his eyes.

"Anyway, Daddy, no matter how many guys I might fuck, you're the best! No one could make me feel like you do!" she said softly.

"God, Jody!" he gasped.

He grabbed his daughter and pulled her against him, holding her naked body close.

"Fuck me again, Daddy," she whispered into his ear. "Give it to me as many times as you can! Fuck me so much today that your prostate gland won't know what hit it! I'll be your good little girl."

They rolled together there on the bed and Craig's cock grew harder and stiffer against his daughter's fresh, young body.

"Hurry, Daddy! Fuck me!" she urged, feeling her little pussy growing so wet that she was sure she could actually hear her juices slashing around as she rubbed her thighs together.

Craig growled as he gripped the girl's tits and shoved the full length of his prick up her tight, hot hole.

"Yessss!" she squealed, wrapping her legs up around her father's shoulders so he could fuck her even more deeply.


When Sheri arrived at her cousin's house the next day after school, Jody ran and opened it before the girl could even knock.

Sheri walked in with an excited grin at her cousin.

"How long do we have before your dad comes home?" Sheri asked eagerly.

"Don't worry about it, Cuz. My daddy's working late tonight," Jody lied. "So we've got working late all the time in the world."

"Great! Then to the bedroom!" Sheri said, and she and Jody all but ran to the girl's bedroom, giggling all the way.

The horny teenaged girls stood next to the bed, facing each other. Sheri moved closer to Jody and touched her cousin's face with her soft fingertips.

The two girls moved their faces together and kissed softly. When Jody felt her cousin's lips on hers, she groaned and put her arms around Sheri, holding her close.

"Let's strip, honey," Sheri murmured as they ended their kiss and pulled away from each other slightly.

"Sure!" Jody exclaimed, already removing her clothes.

In seconds, the two girls were stark naked, and now they sat on the bed so close together that their thighs were pressing against each other.

Sheri put her hand on Jody's leg and Jody spread her legs apart as her cousin slowly worked her hand up to her golden-haired pussy.

"That feels so good," Jody purred as she felt her cousin's fingers moving over her cuntlips which were already swollen and moist.

After stroking Jody's pussy for a few minutes, Sheri took her hand away from her crotch and fondled her big tits.

"Mmmmm, you've got such big tits for your age," she murmured, her own little pussy throbbing with fuck-lust.

With a little moan, Jody lay back on the bed. She spread her legs wide and reached out for her cousin. The other girl eagerly fell into Jody's embrace.

Again, the teenagers kissed, gently at first, and then more passionately, opening their mouths and winding their tongues about each other's. As they kissed, they moaned into each other's mouth and ran their hands over one another's tits, feeling their nipples stiffening and pulsing with incestuous desire.

"Suck my tits, honey, please! Suck my tits for me!" Sheri groaned as they broke their torrid kiss.

"I'd love to suck your tits!" Jody cried excitedly. And she moved her mouth down to one of Sheri's pink nips and sucked it into her wet mouth. "Ahhhhhh," Sheri moaned with pleasure.

Jody tugged on her cousin's nipple, with her hot lips and worked her hands up and down the other girl's body at the same time.

Sheri squirmed beneath her cousin's lewd touch. Jody's fingers on her naked flesh were like fire, and her pussy grew hotter and wetter with each stroke and with each suck of her nipple between Jody's lips.

As Jody sucked on her cousin's nipple, her fingers moved down between Sheri's legs, and she began to fondle the other girl's wet cuntlips.

"Yes, yes, honey, play with my hot pussy," Sheri moaned, writhing lewdly beneath her cousin's probing fingers and her sucking mouth.

Sheri moved her hips, spreading her legs even wider, and Jody slipped her finger into the girl's pussy.

"Mmmmm," Jody moaned excitedly, the sound muffled by the titmeat in her mouth. Her mouth was stuffed to the brim with the other girl's throbbing nipple and as much of the surrounding titfiesh as she could manage.

Jody loved the way her cousin's pussy felt as she slipped her finger into it. Sheri inner cunt felt all warm and juicy and soft, and she moaned again, her own little clit now a swamp of juices as she grew more and more excited.

She found Sheri's clit and her own body jerked as she felt the little clit grow stiff against her finger. She could feel it pulsing, too, and the rapid pulses seemed to match the pounding of her own heart.

"Oooh, yeah, Jody, my clit! Rub it! Pull on it! Pinch that sucker!" Sheri squealed.

Jody moved her mouth to Sheri's other nipple, sucking the fat bud into her mouth. She felt it throbbing against her lips, and she moaned, sucking in more and more of the surrounding titflesh and sucking on it hard.

She took Sheri's clit between two fingers and rolled it about as if it were a little ball.

"Oh, God!" Sheri gasped, going wild on the bed. She bucked her hips up as Jody sucked her tit and played with her clit.

She could hardly believe that Jody was the same innocent little girl she had seduced on the big rock while out in the woods on a picnic. And she knew that something must have been going on in Jody's life lately -- something that had given the young girl a lot more sexual experience and a good deal of self-confidence.

Jody grasped Sheri clit harder and gave it a pinch. Then another one.

"Yesssss!" Sheri shrieked. "I'm commiiinnnggg!"

She gasped loudly as she writhed about on the bed, her orgasm pounding through her loins. Jody felt proud that she was able to give her cousin such a powerful orgasm. And as the other girl continued to squirm orgasmically on the bed, Jody continued to suck her tit and pinch her clit.

"Let me lick your little pussy, Jody," Sheri murmured as her orgasm ended.

"Oh, yeah, I'd love it!" Jody tried as she released her cousin's tit with a wet, popping sound that made both of the teenage girls giggle.

And in seconds, Jody was lying flat on her back on the big bed with her cousin kneeling between her legs. Sheri ran her tongue through the little patch of golden hair that grew above Jody's cunt.

Jody sighed with pleasure and anticipation as she felt Sheri's warm breath on her pussylips. She spread her legs as wide as she could, moaning excitedly.

"Oh, yeah, do it to me, Sheri! Eat out my pussy and then I'll eat ours!" Jody groaned.

Sheri used both hands to spread her cousin's cuntlips apart and breathed in the warm, tantalizing aroma of Jody's pussy. She licked her lips excitedly.

"God, Jody, your little pussy's so pretty! I have to lick it!" Sheri groaned as she pressed her open mouth against her cousin's cunt and drove her tongue inside.

When Jody felt Sheri's hot tongue deep in her little snatch, she went wild with lust.

"Omigod!" she shrieked, involuntarily bucking her hips upward and driving more of her pussymeat against her cousin's mouth.

"My clit, Sheri! Get my clit!" Jody begged. Suddenly, she felt her cousin's tongue whipping against her sensitive clit and she came.

"I'm coming, Sheri? Ohhhh, God, you're licking my clit so hard and fast, it's making me come! I'm coming! I'm coming!" Jody gasped, clutching her own tits and pinching her stiff nips as she came.

Again and again, Sheri's tongue lashed out at the trembling bud of clit-flesh. She lapped up all the swiftly flowing cuntjuice, smacking her lips with satisfaction at the tangy taste of the sauce.

Jody pulled on her own nipples as she continued to come, moaning with incestuous pleasure. She lifted her legs up on either side of Sheri's head and rocked back and forth with ecstasy.

Sheri fastened her lips about the base of Jody's little twitching clit and sucked it hard.

"I'm coming again, Sheri! Omigod, what you're doing to my clit -- ooooh!" Jody gasped, her eyes rolling back in her head as an even stronger orgasm than the first shot through her loins.

At last she lay there on the bed, panting and flushed.

"Now you get to do me," Sheri said happily as she threw herself over onto her back, her little pussy throbbing with lust. She needed to come badly.

Jody grinned. She could hardly wait to eat her cousin's cunt. She reached out and wrapped her soft arms around Sheri and rolled on top of her. She kissed Sheri passionately on her sexy mouth, rubbing their tits together, their cunts grinding against one another.

The two teenagers kissed hungrily for a few minutes, their tongues mashing against each other, their moist cunts making fucking motions against each other.

Then Jody reached down and clutched one of Sheri's large firm tits in her fingers and began to suck eagerly on the taut tip, teasing it with her teeth and tongue, making the other girl cry out in incestuous ecstasy.

"Oh, yes, Jody! Suck my tit! It feels sooo good!"

Over and over, Jody sucked her cousin's big tits, moving her feverish mouth from one to the other, skillfully using her lips, tongue, and teeth while Sheri writhed beneath her and cried out for more and more.

Jody moved one of her hands down to Sheri's cunt and the other girl spread her legs wide. As Jody continued to kiss and suck Sheri's tits, she slipped a finger into the snug slit of Sheri's tight little pussy.

"Ohhhh, yesss, you're driving me craaaazy, Jody! I love it?" Sheri shrieked.

She arched her back, trying to fuck her cousin's finger with her moist cunt. Jody began to plunge her finger rapidly in and out of Sheri's hot cunt.

"Yes! Yessss!" Sheri screamed.

Suddenly, Jody knew, that she could not possibly wait any longer. She simply had to taste her cousin's pussy. Without any warning, she slid down between Sheri's legs and, spreading her bloated cuntlips far apart, she kissed the other girl's madly pulsating clit.

"Awwwww, shiiit! Yessss, Jody, yessss! That's it! My clit! Yes! My clit! Lick it! Suck it! Bite it! Make me come!" Sheri yelled, beside herself with lust for her cousin's teasing probing mouth and tongue.

Jody swished her hot tongue across Sheri's pussy, eagerly lapping up the creamy cunt sauce which was continuously pouring out of the girl's pussyhole.

"Ohhhh, suck me! Suck my pussy! Make me come!" Sheri cried out, thrusting her cunt up hard against Jody's face.

Feeling dazed with sexual excitement, Jody worked her tongue in and out of her cousin's quivering, wet cunt. She licked and sucked, always returning to nibble on her hard clit which was throbbing violently by now.

Jody stroked Sheri's clit with her tongue. Then, just as she thought that the other girl was about to come, she removed her tongue from her clit and plunged her tongue deep within the tight confines of Sheri's cunthole.

Jody could feel Sheri's tight pussymuscles closing about her tongue, and she moaned with pleasure, the moan echoing off the walls of Sheri's tight cunthole.

"Ohhhhh, suck me, Jody! Suck me good and hard until I come, you sexy little bitch!" Sheri gasped.

Her cousin's lewd words reminded Jody of her daddy who liked to call her names while they were fucking. And with a pang of lust, Jody remembered that her father would be coming home soon and would catch the two girls in bed together. She could hardly wait to see what would happen then, although she had a pretty good idea.

As she continued to tongue-fuck Sheri's tight cunthole, Jody slid her middle finger between the other girl's asscheeks and rammed it deeply into her tight asshole.

"Ohhhh, God, I love it!" Sheri cried, dancing with sexual delight on the end of her cousin's finger.

Jody was every bit as turned-on as Sheri was. She thrilled to the taste of the other girl's sweet cuntjuice. And seeing how much intense sexual pleasure she was giving to her cousin just added fire to the raging inferno between Jody's legs.

She continued to fuck Sheri with her tongue while she moved her finger faster and deeper in and out of the other girl's tiny shitter.

Finally, still finger-fucking Sheri's asshole, Jody withdrew her tongue from her cousin's snug pussyhole, and turned all of her sexual attention to Sheri's throbbing cunt that needed so badly to come. She sucked it hard, nibbling on it, now sucking on it again, now tonguing it, until finally Sheri began to come.

"Aaargghhh, Jody, I'm commmmiinnngg!" Sheri shrieked. "Ohhhh, it feels sooo good, Jody! Don't stop?"

Sheri's young body thrashed and writhed violently as her strong orgasm smashed through her, leaving her entire body shaking. She jerked and bucked, moaning all the while, and, still Jody's mouth continued to feast on her pussy.

Tasting the flood of girl-cum that poured into her mouth from her cousin's pussy, and feeling the twitching clit between her lips, made Jody come too. She groaned against Sheri's pussy as her own cunt released a torrent of hot, creamy pussyjuice.

Finally, their orgasms ended and Jody realized, with a pang of disappointment, that her daddy still hadn't come home yet. She just had to make it happen so that her father would catch her and her cousin in bed together.

"Come on, Sheri, it's your turn again! You eat my pussy now!" Jody squealed, lying flat on her back and spreading her legs wide.

"Wow! I've hardly caught my breath and you're already wanting to have your pussy eaten again! You are really one sexy girl, Jody!" Sheri said, her voice filled with admiration.

"Hurry, Sheri, eat meeeee!" Jody whimpered, desperately wanting her cousin's mouth to be fastened against her little cunt when her daddy came home.

"Well, all right, hang on," Sheri murmured, licking her lips with renewed lust as she gazed at the other girl's drooling pussy.

Not long after Sheri began to eat Jody's cunt again, Craig came into the house and closed the door behind him. He started to call out for Jody but then he heard some strange sounds coming from his daughter's room.

Craig felt a surge of jealousy as he pictured his little girl in bed with some young boy. My God! he thought angrily. Would Jody really do that to me? Would she bring some snot-nosed young boy into my house to suck him and fuck him?

He moved swiftly and silently toward her bedroom, listening at the closed door.

"Ohhhh," Jody gasped on the other side of the door, "Ohhhh, my clit! I'm coming!"

Craig was furious. His daughter had lied to him about not wanting any other boy in her bed. Right this minute, she had a boy in her bed and he was eating her out!

He pushed the door open angrily and glared at the bed. Then the man stood there, rooted to the spot, shocked but thrilled by what he was seeing.

It wasn't a boy in his daughter's bed, after all. Instead, it was a young, sexy girl who was sucking on his little girl's clit. It was Sheri, his own niece!

Neither of the girls on the bed noticed him at first. Sheri was too busy sucking on Jody's clit and Jody was too busy coming. Craig felt his cock harden as she watched his daughter having an orgasm.

Jody was tossing and moaning and sighing with pleasure. She was coming with everything she had in her, just the way she always did with her daddy.

Craig moaned softly as he saw the familiar way Jody's face was contorted with lust as she came. He stood there, gazing down at the two girls, feeling his cock growing harder and thicker.

Craig rubbed the growing hard-on inside his pants. He moved into the room and leaned against the wall, listening with erotic joy to his daughter's squeals of pleasure.

"Oh, Sheri, Sheri, Sheri, you're sucking me off sooo good! You're making me come so hard, I can't stop! I don't wanna stop! Ohhh, Sheri, keep sucking my clit!"

A few minutes later, Craig heard the familiar gasps and then that long, drawn out sigh that told the inn that his little girl's orgasm was over.

Jody relaxed there on the bed, her eyes closed. Sheri looked up from between her cousin's legs and licked her juice-smeared lips.

"Mmmmm, you've got a great little pussy, Cuz!"

"Mmmmm, so do you," Jody said as she opened her eyes. She gasped when she saw her daddy standing there, rubbing his hard-on through his pants.

She sat up on the bed and smiled at him. When she saw him return her smile, she knew that her little plan had worked out just fine.

"Hi, Daddy!" she chirped happily. Sheri turned with a jerk and looked at her uncle. She started to bolt and run, but Jody reached out and touched her bare shoulder, speaking to her in a reassuring tone.

"Don't worry, Sheri, it's okay," she said softly. "It's just fine. It's just my daddy, and he likes what he sees. Don't you, Daddy?"

"Jesus, yes!" Craig exclaimed. "You two little girls really look sexy together."

"Well, you said you'd love to see us making it together," Jody said with a little giggle.

"You mean you set me up?" Craig asked with a grin.

"Sure!" Jody said, her eyes alight with mischief.

Sheri's head was moving from her cousin to her uncle and back again, feeling as if she were at a tennis match, trying to follow the ball.

"You mean you don't care about us getting it on?" Sheri asked her uncle.

"Of course not, Sheri! I think it's exciting!" Craig said, smiling down at the girl.

All traces of worry left Sheri's face at that instant and she smiled broadly.

"Wow! This could be fun... the three of us!" She kept staring at Uncle Craig. She could hardly believe his open-minded attitude. If her own daddy had caught her with another girl or even with a guy, he would have thrown her out of the house. True, he had been fucking the girl for years and he knew that she wasn't faithful to him, but he had always told Sheri that he didn't want to hear about any of her other sexual adventures. He liked to pretend that she fucked only him, but he was far too jealous a man to be able to handle it any other way. But Uncle Craig really seemed turned-on by catching his daughter and niece in bed together.

Sheri glanced at her uncle's crotch and saw the firm bulge in his pants.

"See, Sheri, my daddy and I fuck each other all the time, too," Jody said excitedly.

Sheri gasped. This was even better than she had thought.

"Too? What do you mean by 'too', Jody?" Craig asked, looking from his daughter to niece and back at Jody again.

"Sheri's daddy fucks her, Daddy, just like you and me, and I don't think he even has a gland problem," Jody explained slowly.

"What? Gland problem? What..." Sheri began.

"Forget it, Sheri," Craig said with a flush. The less his niece knew about the sex life he shared with his daughter, the better it would be, he figured.

"Come on, join us, Daddy," Jody murmured huskily.

Craig moved to the bed and sat down on the edge of it. He reached out and put a hand on one of his daughter's tits. Then he put his other hand on one of Sheri's tits. He squeezed both of the big tits firmly while the teenager moaned with renewed desire.

"I think you're right, Sheri. This will be fun," Craig said thickly.


"I know what! Daddy, you fuck Sheri while I watch!" Jody suddenly squealed, pulling away from her father's tit-groping hand and flopping into the chair opposite her bed. "I'll sit right here and watch!"

"Okay by me! I'd love for Uncle Craig to fuck me!" Sheri cried, feeling her little pussy throbbing with incestuous desire.

"Honey, I'd love to fuck your cousin," Craig said slowly, "but I don't want you to be left out! You could join us."

"Later, I will join you, Daddy, but it would be a real turn-on for me to watch you two fucking each other first. And I can play with my pussy while I watch you!"

Craig saw the gleam of lust in his daughter's eyes and he knew that this was what the young blonde really wanted.

"Okay, baby; Sheri and I will fuck while you watch us. Then, you have to join us," Craig said thickly.

"Oh, I will! I will!" Jody said, clapping her little hands together.

Jody gazed at her daddy's body. He was so muscular and in perfect shape. Her eyes traveled over his broad, hairy chest, and on down to his firm, muscular thighs. Between his legs, his huge, hard cock jutted out, curving upward in lust.

"Try to catch me, Uncle Craig!" Sheri squealed as she got up on her hands and knees and scrambled away from the horny man.

Craig grinned and lunged for his sexy little niece. He caught Sheri by her firm thighs and drew himself up to her, his large prick bobbing and weaving.

Jody watched excitedly as her daddy rubbed his rigid cock against her cousin's leg, up and down, up and down. Sheri shoved her ass backwards, flying to capture his cockmeat in her asshole.

Jody had a clear view of Sheri's pussy. She leaned forward eagerly in her chair as her father began to thrust his cock at her cousin's up thrust cunt.

Sheri arched her back, her head resting on a pillow. Craig mounted her from the rear. With a groan of lust, Sheri reached back and grasped his swollen prick and shoved it at the bloated lips of her little cunt.

Jody moaned softly as she saw his glistening cockhead pry her cousin's pussylips, sliding up and down her pussy slit. She felt a warm glow heating the area between her own legs as a feverish desire flushed her loins.

Her daddy's cock slid into her cousin's pink, wet fuckhole, and Jody gasped in excitement.

Sheri's slick cuntflesh parted easily as his fat prick thrust itself inside.

Craig fucked his niece very slowly so that his little girl could see every lewd action of his cock and Sheri's pussy. His prick glistened with the young girl's cuntjuice, shining obscenely as he poked it in and out of her wet cunt.

Jody's eyes widened as she spread her own legs and leaned back slightly in her chair. She could almost feel her daddy's big cock inside her own cunt, and she shivered with lust.

She trembled each time she saw her father's cock disappearing into the pink folds of her cousin's pussy. Sheri squealed with delight as her uncle fucked her, deeper and faster with each fuck-thrust.

She skewered herself on his cock each time he pushed inward, slowly enough so that Jody wouldn't miss a thing, but a little faster with each fucking thrust. Now and then, Sheri and Craig glanced over at Jody and she grinned at them, not feeling at all left out. It was as if all three of them were involved in this incestuous fuck session.

Jody could feel her little cunt gradually becoming soaked with her hot cuntjuice, which was running out of her in a steady stream. Her pussy was on fire, and her clit begged for release. She was mesmerized by the hot fucking going on in her bed, but her passions were growing with an intensity that made her little pussy yearn for its own orgasm.

Craig pulled his cock out. It glistened brightly. He flipped Sheri over onto her back. She spread her legs wide and held her knees high. Jody saw her cousin's pussylips opening up invitingly. The pink lining shone with the same slickness as her daddy's prick. As she gazed slack-jawed at the two lovers, Craig leaned over her cousin and extended his tongue. He began to lick Sheri's curly cunt hairs, stroking upwards, flattening them lewdly with spit. Now her pussy was twitching uncontrollably.

Craig licked his niece's puffy cuntlips. His tongue fucked into her cuntslit and tickled her hot pussy hole.

Jody squeezed her legs together, then parted them quickly again. Her hand moved between her trembling legs, searching for her sopping cunt. At that moment, her father glanced up and saw her.

"Do it, baby, play with your hot little pussy while I lick your cousin," he urged, loving the sight of his sexy little girl playing with herself.

Jody shoved one finger up her little cunthole, and with her thumb, she stroked her clit. She finger-fucked herself again and again while stroking her clit, her eyes fixed on the incestuous licking taking place on her bed.

Craig kept watching his little girl's lewd actions while he licked Sheri, and finally he could not wait any longer. Jody had to join them now or he would go mad with lust for her.

"Come on, Jody," he said huskily. "It's time to join your cousin and me."

Jody sighed happily. She took her hand away from her crotch, and Craig groaned when he saw that his daughter's hand was wet with her own juices. Jody got up from her chair and moved over to the bed. She eagerly scrambled onto the bed next to her daddy.

Craig reached out and pulled his daughter toward him, his eyes hungrily locking on her cunt. He stretched her out on the bed, enjoying the way that she was trembling with desire for him.

He stared at her cunt. God, how he loved his little girl's pussy! His daughter had the sweetest, tastiest cunt of all.

Jody saw both her daddy's and her cousin's eyes burning into her crotch and she flushed with excitement. She couldn't wait to feel her daddy's mouth on her cunt and knowing that her cousin was watching just turned her on all the more.

"You sexy little baby," Craig said hoarsely, and Jody grinned happily up at him. She squirmed with lust on the bed. Her nipples were hard and visibly throbbing.

Craig slid between her legs and slipped his large, strong hands underneath until they cupped her asschecks. He raised her ass, shoving her pussy up high.

Jody could feel the heat of her daddy's mouth searing the fine golden pussy hairs that lightly covered her cunt. She watched him as he lowered his face between her outstretched legs. She held her breath, waiting for the touch of his mouth, his tongue.

Finally, Craig placed his hot mouth on his daughter's pussy. His nose pried her cuntlips apart at the top of her pussy-slit. His tongue stabbed out at the soft hairs lining her cunt slit.

"Ohhh, Daddy!" she squealed as a surge of pleasure rushed through her pussy and throughout her loins. Her firm thighs quivered like jelly as her daddy tongued the sensitive flesh at the entrance to her pussy. When his tongue touched the silken lining of her swollen pussylips, her entire body bucked with an electric jolt of incestuous pleasure.

"God, what a trip!" Sheri cried, watching her cousin's ass hump upwards, shoving her moist cunt into her daddy's face. As Sheri watched her uncle going down on her cousin, she felt almost as though his tongue were inside her own pussy again.

Craig's face was completely buried in his daughter's pussy. It was all he could do to breathe, but he wasn't complaining. Not one bit. He moved his tongue, darting it inside the bloated lips of Jody's cunt.

He stabbed into her deeply, searching for her clit in the folds of her juicy cuntflesh. He felt her body trembling all over, quivering with fucklust as his tongue probed for the little nub of flesh that was guaranteed to send the young blonde out of her mind with ecstasy.

"Unnnhhh, ohhhh, Daddy, you're turning me on sooooo much!" Jody gasped. Her father's tongue moved quickly in a sideways motion, then up and down, spearing her bubbly hot cuntmeat.

Sheri's eyes glistened as she moved closer to watch the hot incestuous action. She found her own little clit with one finger and began to rub it. She watched her uncle and cousin closely, and she knew that when her Uncle Craig finally did touch Jody's clit with his wet tongue, Jody would shoot straight up off the bed.

"Ohhhh, suck my pussy, Daddy!" Jody squealed. She looked down at the top of her father's head, feeling icy-hot shivers shooting through her pussy with every lick of his tongue. She couldn't wait until he touched her clit. She needed to come so badly.

Craig teased the edges of his daughter's clit with his tongue, making the young girl wait a little longer before coming.

Sheri continued to rub her own clit while she watched, her eyes glittering. She could see that her uncle was deliberately teasing his daughter, and she found that a real turn-on. She admired her uncle's staying power, for Uncle Craig was obviously holding back, delaying his own orgasm until he had completely satisfied his little girl.

"Unnnhhh, ohhh, Daddy," Jody groaned. She felt as though she were being turned inside out. Her daddy's tongue was tickling at the edges of her trembling clit, driving her mad with lust. Her blood rushed to her temples, pounding in her ears and brain like a series of blows from a half-dozen rubber hammers. And her hot blood pounded through her loins, making her little pussy tingle with desire and anticipation.

"My clit, Daddy!" she finally screamed, unable to keep silent any longer. "Suck my clit! Lick it! Anything! Just make me come! Pleeease!"

Craig groaned in response, his face pressed hard against his little girl's cunt. He was delighted that he had made her so hot and horny that she was literally begging him to lick and suck her clit.

Jody's entire body was poised on the brink of ecstasy, every single nerve ending feeling as though it were electrified. Her naked flesh throbbed and tingled as her daddy's tongue came to her clit, and her muscles strained to draw his tongue to that point.

Her cunthole was pouring out so much cream now that she was afraid that his tongue would slip out before he had a chance to lick her clit, and she knew that she wouldn't be able to stand that.

The young blonde's rigid clit swelled more and more, completely engorged with hot blood now. It rose from its nest of cuntflesh and stabbed at the tongue that finally touched it.

"Aieeee!" Jody screamed in ecstasy as her daddy's tongue finally made contact with her throbbing clit.

"Wheeeee!" she squealed. "That's it, Daddy, yeah, you're touching my clit, with your tongue now! Ohhh, it feels soooo fuckin' good, Daddy! My clit, Daddy, suck it! Hard! Make me come! I have to come or I'll go crazy!"

She pounded her small fists on the bed in excitement and sexual frustration as she strained to come. Her scalp tingled. Her face and tits flushed. Her thighs tensed. Her stomach churned. Her brain reeled dizzily. She screamed again, gasping for air as her daddy licked her pulsating clit and sucked it in and out of his grasping mouth, squeezing the little fiery nub between his squeezing lips.

"Ahhhhh! Yesssss!" Jody moaned, thrashing her body wildly on the bed.

Craig clutched his daughter's asscheeks hard to hold her crotch in place as she twisted and writhed in a frenzy of incestuous pleasure. He clamped down hard on her clit with his lips, holding it tightly in his mouth.

"Aieeee!" Jody screamed and she came.

Hot, thick cuntjuice exploded from her trembling cunt, showering her father's face with its sweet, warm taste. Her entire body shook violently as she came again, and still her daddy continued to suck and nibble on her red-hot clit.

"Ohhhhh, God, Daddy, it feels sooooo good! Eat me, Daddy! Eat my pussy while I come!" she yelled at the top of her lungs.

On the brink of her own orgasm, Sheri nudged her uncle's muscular shoulder.

"My turn," she murmured, her voice thick with lust, "let me at her, Uncle Craig, pleeeease!"

Craig gave his little girl a final suck on her shuddering clit, and then he slid away from her pussy as his niece took his place. Jody was too dazed from her orgasms to even realize what was happening.

Sheri buried her face in her cousin's gushing cunt. She drank Jody's thick juices thirstily, burrowing into the cavern of the young girl's pussy with mouth and nose and tongue while her grasping hands clutched at Jody's ass.

"Awww, shiiiiit, yesss!" Jody cried as she felt her cousin's fingers shooting inside her asshole.

Sheri's mouth found Jody's blood-engorged clit and she began to suck on it hungrily. Jody's back arched as her cousin's finger impaled her shit-chute and reamed her small, puckered asshole.

"Commmiiinnnggg!" Jody screamed as a third orgasm burst through her loins, sending a flood of fresh cuntjuice cascading over Sheri's tongue. Making the other girl come with her mouth and finger aroused Sheri so much that she came, too.

"Ummmffff," she moaned orgasmically against her cousin's pussy, the soft, warm cuntflesh muffling her cry of ecstasy.

Jody felt Sheri's finger still finger-fucking her asshole while her tongue ravaged her clit. Her entire body shook violently as shudders of orgasm crashed through the young girl. Knowing that her daddy was excitedly watching the two girls aroused Jody all the more. She loved putting on a good show for her dear daddy.

"Jesus, baby, you're really hot today, aren't you! I can't wait to shove my cock up your cunt!" Craig gasped, stroking his prick slowly while he watched his niece eating out his daughter's pussy.

He couldn't remember ever seeing anything so exciting. His niece's nose was buried so deep between the folds of Jody's cunt that it could no longer be seen.

He could imagine just what his niece's tongue was doing to his daughter's cunt. His cock was rock-hard, sticking straight up toward the ceiling as he lay on his side, watching the lewd incestuous scene playing out before his hungry eyes. He loved what he was seeing, but he was eager to fuck his little girl, too.

"Ohhhh, Sheri, that feels soooo good! Suck my pussy, Sheri! Make me come again!" Jody cried insatiably.

She reached out and gabbed hold of her cousin's bouncing tits, one in each hand, and she squeezed and pinched the titfiesh hard as her cousin moaned against her wet cunt.

Her cousin's tongue was relentless, stabbing at the other girl's clit, then thrusting itself in and out of her tight little cunthole. And all the while, she was reaming out Jody's asshole with her raping finger.

Suddenly, Jody's cunt exploded with the force of another thunderous orgasm.

"I'm commmiiinnnggg, Sheri! Look, Daddy, I'm coming hard! Watch me while I come, Daddy!" Jody cried lewdly, her father's steady gaze arousing her still more. "Don't stop, Sheri! Keep sucking my pussy!"

Sheri began to have her own orgasm, the force of her climax making her wrench her face away from her cousin's streaming cunt. She threw herself onto the bed next to Jody and closed her eyes, giving in to the intense incestuous pleasure that was rocking her loins.

"Jesus, what a sexy sight!" Craig groaned, squeezing his cock with one hand while he inched closer to his niece and daughter.

"Ohhhh, wow, I'm coming so hard! So fucking hard!" Sheri gasped and she gasped again when she felt her uncle's hand on her pussy.

"You sexy little slut," Craig muttered as he grabbed his niece's clit between his thumb and forefinger and squeezed it hard.

"Aieeeeee!" Sheri cried loudly as she came again.

"Ohhh, Daddy, you're so sexy," Jody murmured with a smile as she raised herself up on both elbows and watched her daddy making her cousin come again.

As Sheri's orgasms subsided, Craig looked over at his little girl. They smiled at each other. Craig's gaze moved between her legs and he felt himself beginning to pant as he stared at her wet pussy which was still convulsing with lust, even after all of the orgasms the young girl had had.

"Do you wanna fuck me now, Daddy?" Jody asked saucily.

"You'd better believe it, baby!" Craig said, licking his lips in eager anticipation.


"How would you like to get on top of your daddy, and we'll fuck that way, Jody?" Craig asked huskily, fingering his hard cock which was sticking straight up in the air.

"Ohhh, sounds great!" Jody cried as her father reached for her and pulled her on top of his muscular body.

"Good girl. Now just get on your knees and pull yourself up. Then I want you to cram my cock up inside your hot little pussy," Craig instructed.

The manes instructions were totally unnecessary, for the father and daughter had often fucked with the girl on top. But Jody knew that her daddy loved to tell her exactly what to do so she could follow his orders like an even younger little girl than she really was. And she was only too glad to go along with him. She would have willingly done anything and everything that would get her daddy so hot and turned on that he would give her a good hard fuck.

"Then what do I do, Daddy?" Jody asked innocently, stroking her own nipples.

"Then, you just ride my cock up and down like you're riding a..."

"A merry-go-round, right?" Jody asked with a grin.

"Right," Craig said, returning his daughter's grin.

Jody giggled excitedly and raised herself up. She looked down at her daddy's swollen prick, its purple crown glistening with pre-cum and throbbing with aroused blood. It rose up from its thicket of hair in a slight curve, totally mesmerizing her with its lusty hardness. She shivered, hardly able to wait to stuff it deep inside her.

"Go on, baby. Lower yourself onto my cock. I'll hold it steady for you," Craig said impatiently.

"Oh, yeah, what a trip!" Sheri cried, her eyes widening at the erotic sight right in front of her. "Do it, Jody! Fuck your father!" She lay on her back, fingering her sopping wet cunt, watching her cousin getting ready to fuck Uncle Craig.

Jody's little pussy throbbed with lust for her daddy's big prick. She squatted, pushing her pussy forward toward the head of his cock. His cockhead struck just below the pursed end of her pussysilt, then she slid down onto it.

She bent over, moaning with pleasure, watching it slid inside her. A hot thrill shot through her body. Craig jerked his hips upward, thrusting his cock inside his daughter's cunt to the hilt.

"Ohhhh, yessss, Daddy," Jody sighed.

"Okay, baby, now just ride your daddy's prick up and down. Ride it good and hard, baby, but start out slow. Tease us both with your little hot pussy," he instructed.

Jody eagerly slid down onto her father's prick, shoving it inside her drenched cunt. She shuddered with the orgasm that suddenly shot through her loins. Her arms were rigid and straight, balancing her as she raised and lowered her ass over her father's thighs.

She looked down at his gleaming cock, slick now with her cuntjuices.

"Great, baby, fantastic!" Craig groaned. "Yeah, up and down, just like that. Do you like fucking your daddy, baby?"

"Ohhh, yeah, Daddy, you know I do! I love fucking your great big prick! It feels so good... your hard cock is fiding up my whole pussy, Daddy!" Jody moaned.

"Go for it, Cuz, ride your daddy's cock... up and down... up and down," Sheri muttered hornily as she fingered her cunt closer and closer to orgasm.

Jody glanced over at her cousin for a fleeting second.

"Mmmmm, you look so sexy and beautiful with your hand going in and out of your pussy like that," Jody said thickly.

"Start fucking me harder now, baby," Craig ordered.

Jody slid her pussy all the way up to her daddy's cockhead, feeling it pulsing lewdly between her tight pussylips. Then she shoved her cunt down hard on his stiff cuckmeat until her cuntlips were grasping the base of huge cock. A fierce fire of incestuous lust flashed through her, burning her insides with a white hot heat and shooting through her veins, making her blood boil with desire and heating up her entire body.

"Ohhh, commmiiinnnggg, Dadddyyy!" she wailed only seconds later as she continued to guide his cock up through the folds of her cunt.

She hoisted her ass, then slowly sank down on his cockshaft, making his prick rub against her clit each time, sending spasm after spasm of orgasm through her pussy. As soon as her orgasm began to subside, another one rose to take its place so that in no time at all, Jody's little pussy was twitching with one long, continuous series of climaxes.

"You sexy little baby, you're coming really hard! Feels really good against my prick!" Craig groaned. He reached up and put both of his hands on his daughter's big, swinging tits. As she bobbed up and down on his throbbing prick, he kneaded them, pinching her nipples between his greedy fingers.

"How do you like that, baby?" he asked huskily.

"Looks great to me, Uncle Craig," Sheri murmured, her eyes riveted on the huge cock sliding in and out of Jody's pussy while she continued to finger her own horny cunt.

"Oh, yeah, Daddy, I love it! Pinch my nipples harder, Daddy!" the young blonde begged.

With a grin, Craig gripped his daughter's nipples tighter in the grasp of his fingers and he pinched them hard. Then he tugged on them, pulling them out from her tits until she moaned with pain and pleasure.

Jody continued to fuck her daddy's cock, moving up and down on his hard, stiff prickmeat. Then suddenly, Craig thrust upward with his cock as she was sliding down. She screamed in ecstasy and shook all over as he buried his prick in her to the hilt.

"Ohhhh," she moaned excitedly as she felt her daddy's cockhead banging up against the back wall of her cunt. "I love fucking you so much, Daddy!"

"Does it really feel good, Cuz!" Sheri asked lewdly, still finger-fucking herself and watching Jody ride her daddy's cock.

"Yeah, answer her. Does it feel really good, Jody?" Craig asked, pinching her nipples again.

"Ohhhhhhh, yeah, it's fantastic! I love my daddy's huge cock! I can feel it sliding way up inside my little pussy. It's so hard. So big. And in me so deep. Mmmm, so good!" Jody murmured.

Craig grinned as he rammed her hard. Then he began to pound up into her pussy with his cock until her back arched and she bounced lewdly on his loins. The young blonde had become an incoherent, lusting mass of feverish lust. Her mouth was slack, low sobbing moans pouring from it. Her eyes rolled and her breath came with difficulty.

Jody's orgasms pounded through her, one after the other like chain lightning. She clutched her daddy's shoulders, rocked back on his slamming cock and pitched forward on top of him.

"Wow," Sheri breathed, her eyes widening. Craig wrapped his arms around his daughter, holding her tightly to him. His tongue was halfway down her throat, and they were moaning together.

Jody pushed down with her cunt, feeling it being smashed upward as her father drove into her cunt with the force of a sledgehammer. He grasped her hips in both it strong hands and held her, impaled on his gigantic cock, his own hips smashing into her with a lust-filled rhythm.

She could not escape the relentless pounding of his massive prick. He held her fast and felt his own juices boiling, struggling for release. He forced himself to hold back until he was sure that she had reached the maximum height of her orgasm.

His prick was a blur of speed now, ramming into her dripping pussy at a dizzying speed and savage pace. Finally, Jody bucked and screamed loudly, breaking her mouth free from her father's.

Craig felt her twist in his hands, her body threatening to slide up and away. He hauled her down roughly, pulling her hips into his. He drove his prick into her faster and harder until his cum burst from its sac, shooting through his cock and gushing inside the young girl's spasming pussy with a violent explosion.

"Wow," Sheri breathed again, feeling her own orgasm crash through her.

Father and daughter shuddered together as jolt after explosive jolt of the man's thick jism splashed deeply into the girl's pussy. It soon began to overflow and ran lewdly down Jody's trembling thighs.

"Aaarghhhh," Craig groaned in the final convulsions of his climax.

Jody thrilled to the sensation of her daddy's hot cum splashing inside her twitching cunt. And she continued to fuck his softening prick, grinding her cunt down on it almost viciously.

"Ohhhhhhbh, Daddy, sweet Daddy!" she moaned in ecstasy.

Breathing heavily, Jody glanced over at her cousin and did a double-take. For the other girl looked beautiful in the clutch of her orgasm.

Her face was sweaty and flushed and her tits heaved. Jody looked lustfully at her cousin's firm, shapely body, her eager eyes tracing the contours of her big tits and her tempting, wet pussy.

"You horny little slut," Craig laughed, seeing the wanton desire in his daughter's eyes as she stared at her cousin.

He slipped her gently off his cock and grinned at her.

"Oh, I've got a great idea!" Sheri cried a few minutes later, reaching for her purse which she had dropped onto the floor next to the bed. She pulled something out of it and handed it to Jody.

"Here, Cuz, why don't you use this on me? I love it!" she cried huskily.

Jody gasped in shock and excitement when she realized what she was holding in her hand. It was an obscene-looking black plastic dildo with a strap attached.

"Wow, that's great, Sheri!" Craig said with a laugh. "Where did you ever get a toy like that?"

"My daddy bought it for me for my birthday, Uncle Craig," Sheri said proudly.

"Great idea. I'll have to buy one for Jody. Would you like that, little girl?" he asked, stroking Jody's firm tits.

"Yeah, I sure would!" Jody cried eagerly.

"Hurry, honey, I'm so horny!" Sheri cried. "Put it on and fuck me with it!"

"You heard your cousin, honey. Go on, fuck her! I'd love to watch that!" Craig said, settling back in the bed and idly fingering his soft cock.

As Jody hesitated, her father slipped the strap over her head, pushing the dildo down until it jutted out lewdly from her little wet cunt.

She shivered, feeling renewed lust shooting through her veins. The idea of fucking her cousin with the black dildo while her daddy watched was turning her on strongly. She grinned down at Sheri.

"You really want me to fuck you with this thing?" she asked eagerly.

"I'll say! Hurry, Jody! I need it real bad!" Sheri groaned, writhing restlessly on the bed.

"All riiiight!" Jody squealed as she knelt between her cousin's legs, aiming the black plastic prick toward the other girl's gushing cunt. Sheri smiled up to her cousin and helped to guide the plastic cock toward her tight cunthole.

"Ohhhh, yessss," she moaned as she felt Jody driving the dildo into her pussy with one hard fuck-thrust.

"Way to go!" Craig cried approvingly.

Jody rammed the dildo in to the hilt and began to fuck her cousin with it. Sheri's cuntmuscle clasped tightly around the plastic prick, hugging it to her tight pussywalls.

Jody panted with incestuous lust as she pumped the dildo in faster and faster. She rode her cousin's pussy with hard, deep fuck-strokes.

"Unnnhhh, ohhh, yeah, fuck me with that big hard lover, Jody! Fuck me hard until I come!" Sheri whimpered.

"Yeah, right! Fuck her, baby! Fuck your cousin!" Craig groaned, his cock beginning to harden again as he watched the erotic fucking taking place before him.

The overwhelming excitement of the big plastic cock riding in and out of her cunt aroused Sheri intensely until she felt that she was half out of her mind with lust and pleasure.

Jody continued to ride the plastic dildo in and out of her cousin's clasping pussy, loving the idea that she was actually fucking her. She had often wondered what it would feel like to have a cock and be able to fuck a hot, tight pussy with it. And now she knew.

"Ohhh, yeah, fuck me harder, Jody!" Sheri pleaded as her passion grew and she knew she would come soon.

"Yeah, fuck the little bitch harder, Jody! Ram that fucker right up her little wet cunt! She's just begging for it!" Craig cried, turning on more and more. He stroked his ever-hardening cock as he gazed hungrily at his sexy daughter. He thought he had never seen her look more sexy or exciting as the pounded the hard dildo in and out of his niece's sopping pussy.

Jody's young body quickly became covered with a fine sheen of sexual sweat as she feverishly fucked her cousin, harder and harder, faster and faster, deeper and deeper, longing to make her come.

As Jody thrust forward, Sheri grabbed hold of both of the girl's gigantic tits. She sucked on the taut nips eagerly, rubbing her tongue over them, using her lips to suck hard on them, using her teeth to nibble on them until Jody groaned with both pain and pleasure.

"Unnnh, yeah, Sheri, I love that! Bite my tits!" Jody cried, throwing her head back and groaning loudly as she continued to fuck the other girl's pussy with the big dildo.

Each time Jody pulled the plastic prick partly out of her cousin's cunt, her tits slipped away from the girl's grasp, and Sheri had to grip them painfully to maintain her hold on them.

"Unnhbh, it hurts so good," Jody moaned, welcoming the lewd sensation of pain mingled with pleasure. And her own little pussy gushed out more and more cuntjuice.

Suddenly, Sheri's hands released her cousin's tits and she grabbed Jody's firm asscheeks. She gripped the softly rounded asscheeks tightly and pulled them toward her, trying to capture even more of the big dildo up her horny pussy.

"You sexy bitch," Jody hissed between clenched teeth as she began to thrust the plastic prick into her cousin's pussy with harder and deeper plunges. The two girls' bodies thrashed in a wild lesbian orgy of lust as they both strained toward orgasm.

"Ohhhh, yesss, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeee," Sheri wailed desperately.

Over and over. Jody drove the hard dildo into her cousin's cunt. It rubbed against other girl's clit so fiercely that Sheri locked her legs into an intense grip around her cousin.

Their bodies were slick and hot from their feverish lovemaking. As their hot flesh ground together, it made a wet, lewd sound which made Craig's cock grow another inch in response.

Sheri's fingers slipped around Jody's asscrack. Parting the girl's soft asscheeks, she gently eased her finger up the small, tight asshole.

"Ohhhh, yessss, Sheri, do it! Fuck my asshole with your finger!" Jody begged as she continued to slide the plastic prick frantically between the grasping folds of her cousin's quivering cunt.

"Oh, I want it! Jesus, I need this! Screw me hard, Jody! Look at her, Uncle Craig! She's screwing me so hard!" Sheri gasped want only.

"Yes, I see... I see," Craig muttered, hardly able to speak now as his own lust grew by leaps and bounds.

By now, the teenagers' bodies were writhing with violent spasms. Keeping up a brisk pace of hot, ramming dildo stabs, Jody drove her cousin and herself right up to the brink of orgasm.

Their slippery bodies slapped noisily together in a blur of fucking energy as Jody fucked her cousin's cunt with the black cock.

Jody moaned and lowered her face to Sheri's. They pressed their lips against each other, their tongues slipping in to mash against one another. They sucked hungrily on each other's wet tongues, each girl trying to outdo the other as their lust peaked and they both began to come in the same instant.

"Arrghhh, I'm commmiiinnnggg! Coming so hard! Don't stop fucking me, Jody! Keep on fucking me while I come! Ohhhhh, God, I can feel that dildo... hitting... the back of my... pussy. It feels sooooo... good," Sheri panted as gushes of creamy cunt sauce poured out of her pussyhole, lewdly coating the ravaging dildo.

The violent orgasmic shudders from Sheri's spasming pussy passed through the plastic prick and jolted into Jody's quivering cunt, pushing her right over the edge. And she came with her cousin.

"Ohhh, I'm coming too!" she gasped as hot waves of incestuous orgasm coursed through her trembling young body. While she came, she continued to fuck her cousin with the dildo.

"Jesus, you two cunts look really fantastic! You're both sexy as hell!" Craig shouted. "Go, girls, go! Fuck each other! Come hard, both of you!" He reached over and pinched each of the four big tits that seemed to be begging for the touch of his hands. One by one, he pinched the big tits with one hand, feeling them pulse against his touch. And all the while, he stroked his prick with his other hand. His cock was now rock-hard and ready for action, once more.

"Oh, God, I'm all fucked-out! I just... can't... fuck... anymore," Jody groaned as she fell off her cousin and collapsed exhaustedly next to her. The black dildo stuck obscenely up in the air from Sheri's well-fucked cunt.

"That's too bad you're all fucked out," Craig said with a grin, gripping the base of his prick and waving the meaty fuck-stick over the teenagers' cunts. "What about you, Sheri? Are you all fucked out, too?"

"Ohhh, yesss, Uncle Craig, I don't think I can fuck again for a month!" the girl gasped. Then she opened her eyes and saw her uncle's huge hard-on.

"Oh, Uncle Craig," she giggled. "I think I can make an exception for that huge thing!"

Jody's eyes popped open at her cousin's words and she felt a hot tingling sensation deep in her pussy as she eyed her daddy's huge prick.

"Me too, Daddy! Fuck me!" she cried.

"No! Fuck me, Uncle Craig! I said it first!" Sheri yelled.

"Now now, girls, no fighting... there's plenty here for everyone," Craig grinned. Having his own sexy niece and daughter fighting over who got to fuck him was a thrill that made his cock grow yet another inch as he moved toward the two cunts begging for his prick.


During the days following his torrid three-way fuck session with his niece and daughter, Craig was assailed with deep feelings of guilt. He had started off just wanting his little girl to jerk him off so he could have the orgasms he needed medically. But things had gotten way out of hand. Now, he was not only sucking and fucking her, but he was fucking his own niece as well.

There's just no way in the world I can excuse that, he thought, shaking his head sadly. As much as Jody turns me on, and as willing as she obviously is to fuck with me, I'll just have to put a stop to it once and far all. I'm the adult, after all, and it's up to me to exert a little self-control. I just can't keep committing incest with my own daughter. It's just not right.

And with that intention in mind, Craig began to avoid his daughter. Once more, he began to work long hours, coming home only after she was in bed asleep. Whenever she tired to talk to him, he made some flimsy excuse to leave. He knew he was hurting her and he hated that idea, but he figured that he would be hurting her a lot more if he continued to fuck her.

For sexual release, he began to turn to the women he knew who were only too glad to have him as their sexual partner. He was surprised and dismayed to discover that sex with these women was empty and unsatisfying, and he longed for the kind of love and closeness he always felt with his daughter. But he was determined to not give in to his incestuous urges.

A couple of weeks later, Craig came home late one night, fresh from a meaningless fuck session with one of his women friends, and he collapsed into bed, feeling almost like crying. He realized that he hadn't felt this sad or lonely since his wife had run out on him and Jody.

Just as he was about to drift off to sleep, his bedroom door opened and Jody stood there, framed by the doorframe, with the hallway light clearly showing the outline of her naked body beneath her thin nightgown.

"Jody! What... are you sick?" Craig asked, feeling flustered as he felt that familiar surge of incestuous desire rush through him.

"Y-Yes, Daddy, I guess you could say that I'm sick. I'm sick and tired of the way you've been treating me!" Jody cried and her father could tell that she was on the verge of tears.

"Why, Jody, I don't know what you mean," Craig muttered, averting his eyes from the sexy outline of her naked body beneath her flimsy gown.

"Oh, come on, Daddy, you know exactly what I mean! You've been ignoring me! You've been avoiding me! And you haven't been fucking me!" she wailed, sobbing now.

"I've just been unusually busy at the office, dear," he lied, "and besides, I..."

His words trailed off as he vainly tried to come up with a plausible-sounding reason why he had been avoiding her lately.

Jody entered her father's bedroom and closed the door behind her. While Craig held his breath, she sat down on the edge of the bed and reached out with one hand, touching his shoulder.

"You're not at the office now, Daddy. And you're not busy. So let's fuck right now," she murmured, sniffing way the last of her tears.

Craig panicked.

"I-I can't," he muttered.

"Why not?"

"Well, I have a headache tonight!" Craig said in a rush, thinking how ridiculous that sounded.

"Daddy, we need to talk," Jody said firmly.

"Talk? Talk about what, Jody? I don't feel much like talking now. I'm tired and this really isn't the time for a talk."

"That's what we have to talk about, Daddy! The way it never seems to be time for you and me to do anything! To talk! To fuck! You never have time for me anymore!" Jody cried unhappily.

Craig sat up in bed. He heard his daughter sniffing again and he knew that she had begun to cry.

"Oh, honey, what's the matter?" he asked as any concerned father would.

"It's so hard, Daddy. You and I were getting along so well... ever since you asked me to help you with your gland problem... we were so do... and we were making each other happy. Why has that all changed? Why are you treating me like a leper now? Did I do something wrong? Don't you love me anymore?"

"Oh, darling, of course I love you! I love you more than anything or anyone in the world! And you didn't do anything wrong! I'm the one who did something wrong!" Craig cried, running one hand through his tousled hair.

"What do you mean, Daddy? What did you do wrong?" Jody asked with a little hiccup.

"I never should have started to fuck you, honey. It just wasn't right," he mumbled.

"But you had to came! Your doctor said so!" Jody cried fervently.

"Yes, he did, but I could have just continued to let you jerk me off, or I could have fucked other women. I didn't have to fuck my own little girl!"

"Yes you did! Because I wanted you to! Don't you remember, Daddy? I begged you to fuck me! And I wanted you to lick my little pussy for me, too, Daddy! So I'm the one who's more responsible for what we did, Daddy! But I don't think I did anything wrong! And neither did you! Because it felt so right! You know it's true, Daddy, you know it!" Jody practically shouted at her daddy.

Craig turned on his side, no longer facing his daughter. She was making this so hard for him. He wanted nothing more at that moment than to reach out and pull her hard against him. He wanted nothing more than to fuck the shit out of her. But he was still determined to do the right thing.

"You'd better go on back to bed, Jody. And forget all about what we did together. I won't be fucking you any longer. I'm fucking other women now," he muttered.

"I don't care!" Jody cried, sobbing again now. "I don't care how many other women you fuck! As long as you fuck me, too, Daddy! I didn't get jealous when you fucked Sheri! I thought it was neat. And I'm not jealous now about you fucking other women... not as long as you fuck me! It's when you don't fuck me at all that I'm unhappy," Jody explained softly.

When Craig did not answer his daughter, she moved closer to him on the bed and leaned over him. He trembled a little as he felt her big tits pressing against his arm. His cock began to harden, and he moaned softly.

"Daddy, I know that you're really bothered by what we did together," Jody said in a patient tone that a parent usually used with a stubborn child, "but you don't have to be. A lot of girls want to fuck their daddies, and more of them actually do fuck with their daddies than you can probably imagine. I think the important thing is for us to be true to our feelings. I think we should do what feels right, Daddy. And it feels right to fuck you. And if you're honest with yourself and with me, you'll admit that it feels right to you too."

Still Craig did not answer her. He was afraid that if he opened his mouth at that moment he would ask her if he could fuck her right then and there.

"I-I'm so afraid of losing my daddy," Jody sniffed pitifully. "I've already lost my mommy. I don't think she'll ever come back now. And if I lose you now, too, Daddy, then I'll be all alone in the world, and I honestly don't think I could stand that, Daddy!"

That did it. The girl's words struck a fatherly chord deep in Craig and, with a little groan, he turned over onto his back and reached out to his little girl.

"Oh, Daddy!" Jody squealed as she entered her father's warm embrace.

Craig held her close to him. He could not let his own daughter feel that she was all alone in the world. He patted her back and murmured into her ear.

"My precious little girl," he said. "You're so special to me, Jody. I do love you, honey, and I'll never let you feel all alone. You're not going to lose me. Not ever!"

"Promise, Daddy?" Jody asked softly as she leaned against him and sobbed out all of her fears and her feelings of rejection. She cried for a long time while her daddy held her tightly, murmuring soothingly to her.

Finally, she stopped crying. She heaved a couple of deep breaths and looked up at her father with her eyes still filled with tears. Her lips trembled gently.

Craig saw the incestuous desire in his daughter's eyes and he knew that he felt the same kind of need. He lowered his lips to Jody's and kissed his sexy little girl, not as a father would usually kiss his daughter, but as a man would kiss the woman he loved more than anyone in the world.

Happy once again, Jody pressed her young body against her daddy's and they lay back on the bed together, still kissing. Their tongues twined about each other and their saliva mingled. Father and daughter moaned into one another's mouths as they gave in to their incestuous lust for each other.

Craig held his daughter close, feeling her trembling with desire and excitement and lust. He felt the same kind of trembling in his own body.

When their kiss ended, Jody looked into her father's eyes.

"Daddy, I meant what I said," she said softly and sincerely. "You can keep right on fucking those other women... just so you don't forget about me... just so you fuck me too!"

"No, Jody, I'm going to tell those other women that I won't be fucking them anymore. And I don't want to fuck Sheri again either. I don't need anyone but you, Jody. I have you and you're everything I need in a woman."

"Oh, Daddy, I love you!" Jody grinned and hugged her daddy tightly against her. His words were music to her ears.

Now that he had finally said those important words, Craig wondered why it had taken him so long to make that decision... why he had been struggling against his natural desires for even one moment. He knew that his daughter was right, and not for the first time either. If they just went with their loving feelings for each other and allowed their love-making to happen in a spontaneous, natural way, they would be just fine.

It all seemed so simple to him now. And he realized that his little girl was far wiser than he was. He would let his little girl become his woman in the way that she wanted to. He knew that his wife was gone for good, and he also knew that even if she wanted to come back now, he wouldn't let her. She had hurt her husband and daughter too badly to be forgiven. And most importantly, Craig did not even love her anymore. He loved only Jody.

From now on, it would just be him and Jody. He would come home from work each day and she would be there waiting for him, his little girl, the one who turned him on so much. And he would forget about the guilt. Jody was right, he thought, there was nothing to feel guilty about. Society may have its hang up about incest, but that didn't mean that Craig and Jody had to have the same hang-up.

Yes, it's perfect, he thought with a smile as he continued to hug his little girl. He and Jody would live happily ever after. They needed only each other. Jody was everything he could ever want in a woman. And he would be her man, her daddy, her lover, and her protector.

"You won't ever have to cry again, honey," he said softly, "I'll never leave you."

Jody held her father close and hugged him, feeling more love for him that she had ever felt before. Then the young girl sat up on her father's bed and pulled her nightgown off. Her soft tits drew her daddy's hands like magnets.

Craig moaned as he touched his little girl's tits, massaging them. It had been only a few weeks since he had touched these big globes of titflesh, but it felt like years.

The teenager closed her eyes and tilted her head back, moaning with incestuous pleasure.

"Ohh, Daddy, that feels soooo good! It's been too long since you've touched my tits! You'll never know how special you are to me, Daddy!" she cried.

"But I do know, honey. For you're just as special to me," Craig said hoarsely.

He raised himself up and worked his tongue around one of his daughter's pink nipples. He felt it stiffening against the lewd touch of his tongue, and he groaned with lust.

Jody reached out and touched her father's hair, purring like a newborn kitten.

"Ooh, Daddy, it feels like a life time since you touched me like this."

It felt like an eternity to Craig. He loved the taste and feel of his daughter's naked flesh, and he felt almost as if he had been starving himself by deliberately keeping away from the taste and feel that was so good and natural.

He sucked on her nipple harder as Jody ran her soft fingertips over his neck. He trembled with lust, just as she did. Then he moved his mouth to her other tit and her other nipple.

"Ohhh, Daddy, that's sooo fuckin' good!"

Jody sighed, rocking against him and moaning with pleasure as he sucked on her stiff nip.

"Daddy, Daddy, I love you so much. I don't think any little girl has ever loved her daddy as much as I love you!" she cried. And she could tell by the way her father touched her that he loved her very much too. She was sure that very few fathers loved their daughters as much as her daddy loved her, and she trembled with happiness.

She moaned continually now as she felt her father running his strong hands over her young body, feeling her firm asscheeks and cupping them in his hands.

Jody looked into her father's eyes as she lowered one hand to her crotch. She rubbed her little pussy for a few seconds. Then she raised that hand to her nose and sniffed her fingers. She could smell her own pussyjuices and she wanted to share that smell with her daddy.

"Here, Daddy," she said softly, "smell how excited you've made."

She put her fingertips against the man's nose and he took a deep breath, smelling his daughter's cuntjuice and he sighed.

"You're the sweetest little daughter in the whole wide world, Jody. My very own sweet little girl," he murmured huskily, realizing that he had never felt such raging desire for his daughter before.

Jody was trembling with sexual need for her daddy. She groaned with excitement as her father pulled her back on top of his body. He kissed her passionately, feeling her naked, sexy body against him. He ran his fingers up and down her back and ass as they kissed over and over again.

Then Jody smiled at him and slipped down his hard body. The man was wearing his under-shorts and she put her young, trembling fingers under the waistband of those shorts and slowly and teasingly pulled them down his hairy legs.

When the shorts were off, she looked at her daddy's rock-hard prick and she groaned with lust. She wrapped her fingers around the big cock and began to stroke it up and down.

"Mmmm, Daddy, my sweet, sweet Daddy. He's got the biggest, most gorgeous prick in the whole world! And it's all mine!" she cooed.

"That's right, Jody, darling. It's all yours!" Craig said his voice slurred with incestuous lust.

He moaned with pleasure as he felt his daughter moving her little sweet mouth over his cock, taking his hard cockmeat into her, impaling her face on his stiff prick.

"Mmmmmmmfffff," she moaned around the thickness of her father's cock. She was sucking him with a feverish intensity that she had never felt before. It had been weeks since she had had her daddy's prick in her mouth, and she never wanted him to turn away from her again. She could never stand to lose this man who meant the world to her. She remembered his promise that he would never let her feel all alone again, and his love-filled words made her suck his cock harder than ever before.

She worked her mouth up and down on his prick, keeping her lips soft but tight around his pulsing fuckmeat. Finally, she reached the point where she knew that if she kept on sucking him, he would come. And she didn't want that. She wanted to feel her daddy's cum up her pussy. Her girlish cunt had been feeling empty for too long now, and she longed to feel him inside her. She needed that desperately.

She slipped her mouth off her daddy's cock and smiled at him. His cock was strong and thick and hard and it shone with her saliva. She had done that for her father, and it made her feel proud.

"Fuck me now, Daddy," she sighed softly. "Fuck me and forget about all those other worries."

Craig returned his daughter's smile. And as he moved on the bed, shifting his position, he realized that he had already forgotten about his worries and his guilt. And he had his sweet little girl to thank for that. With the youngster's cunt so eager and willing to receive his cock, he could forget about his guilt and his slut of a wife who has caused him such pain.

He knew that his daughter would never hurt him in that way. He knew with a deep sureness that with Jody, he would experience only pleasure and happiness.

"Fuck me, Daddy! I need it soooo bad!" the girl begged again.

Craig gazed down at her and knew that he had to fuck her. He felt as if he had been born to fuck her. He could hardly wait for the certain pleasure of fucking this sweet young little girl.

Suddenly, he slipped off the bed and stood at its edge.

"Daddy! What are you doing? I want you to fuck me! I want... oh, I get it!" Jody cried happily, her disappointment and confusion swiftly changing to excitement and horniness as she realized what her daddy had in mind. At first, she had been afraid that he was leaving her again.

But then, as the man stood there beside the bed, she smiled at him, thinking that they hadn't fucked in that position for a long, long time.

Jody gave her daddy a sexy little wink and moved quickly. She spread her legs wide and slipped her little cunt up to the side of the bed, lying there, totally opened up to her daddy as she had never been opened to any other man.

Craig leaned over the girl and touched her tits again, stroking them and pinching the stiff nips again and again.

"That feels good, Daddy! But please hurry! Please fuck my pussy, Daddy! Fuck it good! You know how I like it!" she groaned.

Craig grinned at the impatience of youth, and he knew that he wanted to fuck his daughter more than anything else in the world. He slipped the tip of his hard cock into her pussy.

"Ohhh, yeah, Daddy, fuck me!" Jody whimpered.

Her pussy was so tight and so wet that he slipped easily into her. Jody trembled and shivered with lust there on the bed as she felt her daddy sliding more of his prick into her. She stretched her legs wider and then she moved her legs against his body, up to his chest.

"Ohhh, yessss, fuck me, Daddy! Give me that big gorgeous cock! Pleeeease, Daddy, fuck me hard and deep! It's been so fucking long, and I want to be your woman again!" Jody cried with all the desire and love she felt for her father.

Craig gazed down at his beautiful, sexy little girl. She was crying out for him, and a father must come to the rescue of his little girl, he thought with an eager grin.

He shoved his cock deep into her cunt.

"Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck your little woman!" Jody yelled.

And then she sighed happily, for at last she was being fucked by her father again. She felt her little pussy being impaled on his long, thick cock and she moaned, beginning to writhe lewdly in the bed.

As Craig began to move back and forth, fucking his little girl, Jody trembled and moved with him, quickly catching his rhythm and fucking with him in perfect sync as no other woman had ever done.

Jesus, Craig thought, I've missed this so much! How could I have even thought of giving it up?

He pulled his prick almost all the way out of his daughter's cunt and then he thrust deep into her, helping her to wrap her legs around his body as he stood there. Then he slowly reached down and raised her up, raising her until she was completely off the bed, suspended in his arms. Her daddy was holding her now as he had held her when she was just a little baby.

Then Craig turned and sat down on the bed and his daughter began to bounce on his cock, riding him as he bucked his hips under her. He felt her soft young tits against his chest, and he groaned with desire.

"Ohh, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!" Jody moaned. She felt the man's warm breath on her face and she trembled with excitement. It felt to the youngster as if her flesh were melted into her daddy's. They had become one as they fucked. And as Craig groaned and drove his prick deep into Jody's slick cunt, she sighed and cried out to him.

"Oh, Daddy! Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Deeper! Yes, Daddy just like that! Fuck your little woman! Fuck me good and hard, Daddy! Fuck your daughter! Fuck me until I come! God, I love it so much, Daddy! Fuck meeeeee!"

Craig groaned at his little girl's lewd words and he continued to shove his cock in and out of her little cunt, fucking her harder and deeper with each thrust of his huge cock.

Jody moaned in her daddy's arms, feeling as if she had died and gone to heaven. And she kept crying out to him, telling him to fuck her harder and deeper.

She clenched his big invading prick with her tight cuntmuscles, making him groan with pleasure. Craig leaned against his daughter as he continued to fuck her.

"You'll never lose me, Jody. You'll never lose your daddy. I'll always be your daddy," he groaned.

"And I'll always be your little woman, Daddy... the only woman you'll ever need."

She groaned louder and louder as she felt her father's huge cock sliding in and out of her tight, wet cunthole. Craig lowered his head and rubbed his face against his little girl's heaving tits and her nipples stiffened and throbbed against his cheeks.

Jody rocked and bounced on her daddy's lap, riding his cock as she had never ridden it before.

"Ohhh. Daddy, we were made to fuck each other. It's so right. It feels sooooo good," she sighed, echoing her father's own thought.

"I'm gonna come, baby, I'm gonna come now!" Craig groaned, hoping that he wouldn't be coming too soon for his daughter. But her eager response swept all such worries from his mind.

"Oh, goody! Come, Daddy! Come inside me!" she cried, riding her father's cock harder and faster to catch up with him.

"Commmiiinnngggg!" Craig cried only seconds later, shooting wads of creamy cum into his little girl's cunt.

The thrilling sensation of her daddy's jism gushing into her pussy pushed the girl over the edge and she came too.

"I'm coming too, Daddy!" Jody squealed as waves of incestuous orgasm washed over her.

After their orgasms subsided, the father and daughter collapsed in each other's arms and they fell into a deep, untroubled sleep.

Jody awoke a couple of hours later and she smiled at the sight of her daddy sleeping naked next to her. She moved closer to him and ran her fingers through the hairs on his chest.

She ran her hand over his body, lifting his soft cock and beginning to stroke it.

"Ohh, Daddy, I love you so much! You'll always be the only man for me," she murmured softly.

"And you'll always be the only woman for me, honey," Craig responded as he opened his eyes and smiled up at his beautiful little girl.

"Daddy! I didn't know you were awake!" Jody cried, startled but delighted by his words.

"I wasn't... until you started playing with my cock," he said with a grin.

He reached out and touched his daughter's big tits, enjoying the way they seemed to tremble against his fingers. Jody moved closer to her father and kissed him as she continued to massage his cock with one hand.

"Can I suck on your cock now, Daddy?" she asked in a sweet, soft voice.

"Sure, baby, help yourself," Craig said with another grin.

And the girl moved down the man's body, putting her face over his hardening cock. She saw that the big prick was growing harder and longer and thicker as she stroked it and she glanced up at her daddy and, winked at him.

Then Jody opened her mouth wide and took her daddy's prick into her. It was her own daddy's cock she was sucking and that made it all so much sweeter and more exciting to her.

She slid her mouth farther down, taking his entire prick into her mouth. She could feel his broad cockhead battering the back of her throat and she turned on beyond belief.

"Obhh, yeah, baby, suck your daddy's cock! Suck it good and hard, baby, just like my good, sweet little woman," Craig groaned in a deep masculine voice.

Jody knew that she was good at sucking cock, and she was thrilled to be able to please her own daddy this way. As she continued to suck him off, her father moved his fingers to her wet pussy, fingering her, stroking her, getting her little cunt wetter and hotter with each passing second.

In a matter of minutes, the young teenager felt her daddy's cock lurching wildly from inner cheek to inner cheek, and she knew that he was about to come.

"Mmmfff," she moaned excitedly, longing for the moment when she would feel her daddy's thick, sweet cum pouring down her thirsty throat.

Craig continued to stroke his daughter's pussy, pinching her little clit hard, bringing her to the brink of orgasm, just as he was.

"Unnhhh, commmiiiinnnngg!" he groaned seconds later as he came inside his little girl's mouth.

"Ummmffff," Jody moaned again as her own orgasm crashed through her loins.

After they both finished coming, Jody slipped her mouth off her daddy's still-hard cock and grinned excitedly at him.

"Now... fuck me again, Daddy! I have to have your big cock up my horny little pussy!" she moaned as her father moved over her, and she lay back on the bed.

Jody looked down at the huge prick that her daddy had ready for her cunt and she felt a tremor of lust and happiness shoot through her. She could think of nothing better than fucking with her beloved daddy.

"Fuck my pink little pussy, Daddy," she said, lifting her legs and opening her pussylips with her fingers. "Fuck me and make me come, Daddy! You know how to do it!"

Yes, Craig Madison thought, he did know just how to make this little girl come. He knew her and her sexual needs better than he had ever known his wife's, he realized. But after all, he told himself, I'm her father. It's only right that I should know her better than anyone else.

He worked the head of his cock into her wet pussy and she moaned with incestuous pleasure. Then she moved her fingers away from her cunt and stretched her arms high over her head.

When she did that, her big tits thrust out even more from her chest, appearing even larger. As Craig drove his cock into his daughter, he moved his face down and he licked her tits.

"Ohhhh, that's good!" Jody cried, jerking with delight.

Again, Craig licked his little girl's tits until both of the mounds were shiny and slick with his saliva.

"Ohhhh, fuck me, Daddy," she groaned, "fuck me and make me come!"

Craig groaned as he moved his big prick in and out of his little girl's sweet, tight pussy. Jody lifted her legs and bent them at her knees, just as her daddy had taught her to do when he had given her, her very first fuck. She rocked beneath him, moving with him, fucking back at him in perfect, sweet harmony.

She closed her eyes, turned her face to one side, and smiled with supreme happiness. She was beside herself with lust and pleasure. And she knew that she could never feel a more exciting, more delicious sensation than having her own daddy's cock deep in her pussy.

She continued to rock beneath him, giving him every single part of herself. This is the kind of fucking that every little girl needs, she thought excitedly. And she knew that she was very, very lucky to have such a great daddy who would give her the kind of fucking she so desperately needed.

She turned her face back toward her father and smiled up at him as she opened her eves.

She saw her daddy smiling down at her and she felt his hard prick moving in and out of her pussy, and she knew that the lusty heat that she felt inside her was also inside her daddy.

"Daddy," she murmured huskily, "we'll always be together from now on, won't we? We'll share everything, and we won't need anyone else."

"That's right, my pretty little baby. I'm lucky to have such a sexy little girl for my very own daughter. And from now on, I need only you," Craig responded sincerely.

Then the father and daughter began to fuck each other in earnest. Soon the room was filled with moans and sighs of passion, the kind of sounds that came with lust... incestuous lust.

Their fuck was all the more exciting to Craig and Jody as they realized that they were always going to be together in this way... in this most important of all ways. As they continued to fuck each other, both father and daughter knew that this was the beginning of a new, more intimate, and more satisfying relationship for them.

Even though fucking each other had made them feel closer months ago, this time it was different. This time, they had made a real commitment to each other. This time, they had admitted that Terri would never return to her family.

And this time, they knew that they didn't want or need her any longer. They had finally realized that they needed only each other; and that was what made this particular fuck session so special and so thrilling.

"Ohhhh, Daddy," Jody moaned, "fuck me! Fuck me harder, Daddy! I love your cock soooo fuckin' much!"

Craig grinned down at his little girl. Those words were what every father longed to hear his daughter say. And he slammed his cock into her again and again.

The teenager rocked with her father and fucked back at him, trembling as his big cock moved in and out of her. She knew that he would never leave her again, and that they would always be together from this moment on. That thought made her feel happier than she had ever felt before.

"Ohhhhhhh, Daddy," she groaned, "I'm gonna come soon! Your big cock always knows how to make me come! I want you to come with me, Daddy! Come with me! Come inside my pussy, Daddy! I want to feel your warm cum shooting into my pussy and spreading through me... ohhhh, fuck me, fuck me, come in me, Daddy!"

Craig knew that from now on, he would do just what his little girl wanted him to do. He would do whatever it took to make her happy from now. He would be the best kind of father. He would make his sexy daughter the happiest little girl in the whole world.

Suddenly, he paused. He stopped fucking, his cock still buried balls-deep in his daughter's cunt.

"Before... before we come... there's something I have to confess to you," he panted.

"What-what is it, Daddy?" Jody asked, looking up at him with her flushed face and lust glazed eyes. She had to wonder just what on earth could be more important than coming together at that moment.

"I-I hope you won't be angry with me, honey. But, my prostrate gland problem was cleared up a long time ago! I didn't tell you because I didn't want our fucking to end!" Craig confessed, hoping against hope that his words would not turn his daughter against him.

"Oh, Daddy, my silly, sweet Daddy! I have something to confess too! I was concerned about your health so I called your doctor and talked to him. He told me there's nothing wrong with your prostate gland anymore! So, see, Daddy, I've known for a long time, too! But I didn't want you to know that I knew 'cause I didn't want our fucking to end either!" Jody said.

Craig began to fuck his cock in and out of Jody's pussy again, and after only a few strokes, the father and daughter came together.

Later, as they lay in each other's arms, Jody ran her hands over her daddy's chest and spoke softly into his ear.

"Daddy, are you sure you're really one hundred percent okay now? Is that what the doctor told you?"

"I'm sure, baby. He said he was amazed by how fast my condition cleared up, and he said I must have had a lot more orgasms than he had thought possible to put me in such good health. Of course, he did say, too, that I have to be sure to still come rather frequently so I can remain in good health," Craig said, winking at his little girl.

"Oh, I don't think we have to worry about that, Daddy," Jody purred, winking back at her daddy, "your little girl will always take good care of you and make sure that you have all the orgasms you need!"


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