Mom gives her all

People are not always what they seem to be; more often than might be imagined, an outward appearance of normalcy only serves to hide and protect the dark passions that wait within.

The respected neighbor who suddenly surfaces as a wife beater. The high school cheerleader who, in a wild moment, takes on all comers at a supposedly innocent party. Or the quiet library assistant, meek in her appearance, who secretly uses a back room for clandestine meetings of depravity.

Cathy Sanders is one of these people. Outwardly she is a quiet, conscientious wife. At first even she has difficulty admitting to the perverse passions that suddenly seek an outlet. But there is nothing she can do about it; her lust is stronger than her will, and she is becoming a slave to the churning desires within her. Still, she is not alone.

MOM GIVES HER ALL -- the story of a young wife's journey into a hotbed of sexual perversity. An experience that has meaning for us all in the complexities of modern society.


Cathy was leaning back against her boss' desk, her naked ass pressing hard against the desk's sharp edge. Her legs were spread wide as she accepted Tom Sanders' massive, meaty prick into her cunt.

"Ohhhhhh! I love you, Tom!" the beautiful brunette whispered. "God, I adore your cock! I love the way you fuck me!"

His huge prick, more then ten inches long and solid as a steel pole, sliced deep into her pussy, stretching Cathy's clutching, milking cunt lips. Cathy's big tits jiggled on her chest. Her rosy nipples were hard and tingling, sending bolts of pleasure through her veins.

Tom's mustache tickled her cheek as he kissed her. His lips moved over and up to catch her earlobe. His cock ground into Cathy's pussy with fierce determination.

Cathy's fingernails gouged into the rippling muscles of Tom's shoulders. Her clit was sizzling, getting hotter by the second. Cathy's cunt was sucking on his fuck pole, squeezing it from his prick root to his enormous, throbbing cock head.

"So fucking beautiful," Tom hissed hungrily. He reamed her pussy, grinding his curly bush of hair against hers.

Leaning back, Cathy rested on her elbows and looked up at her employer and lover. She had never loved anyone as totally and completely as she loved him. For her, he was everything in a man she had ever wanted to find. More than six feet tall, dark, ruggedly handsome, he had struggled to make himself successful. Although his wealth wasn't what attracted Cathy, she did admire his determination, and his ability to set goals, then work for them.

"I love you," Cathy whispered, closing her beautiful brown eyes.

To say that Cathy was merely pretty was to damn her with faint praise. Tall for a woman, she stood five-feet-eight. Her height allowed her to carry the few extra pounds around her hips gracefully, giving her a full bodied, womanly look. Her tits were huge and perfectly shaped, capped by light brown nipples which were larger than silver dollars, with tips that became hard at the lightest touch.

Her brown hair was parted down the middle, falling in smooth waves down past her shoulders. She had a pert nose and wide set eyes. Her mouth was made for kissing. Her long legs were topped with creamy thighs that trembled whenever Tom touched them. Her pussy always got juicy whenever the time was right for fucking.

"Yessss!" Cathy purred.

She pushed her large, plastic-framed glasses higher on her nose end licked her lips. Her mouth felt dry from the way she gulped in air.

Tom kissed Cathy's neck, his lips sucking on her smooth, perfumed flesh. His cock felt as if he shoved it into a fiery, moist oven. His huge, cum-laden balls swung between his legs, slapping against Cathy's thighs and taut ass cheeks whenever he thrust his fuck pole into her cunt.

"Baby, you're driving me wild," he sighed, feeling the jism beginning to simmer in his balls. It wouldn't be long before his balls spewed out their thick, creamy load of fuck cream.

Cathy opened her eyes and looked at Tom's face. His expression delighted her. Absolute, sheer ecstasy was written all over his face. His thick, black eyebrows were arched above green eyes that seemed to burn right through her. His neatly trimmed mustache, and his curly, expensively styled hair highlighted his craggy good-looks.

She wanted to please him, to be everything for him. Cathy had worked for two years as his personal accountant. After the first year, they had gone out for a drink. It didn't take long for them to become lovers.

They had fucked for the first time in the front seat of Tom's Lincoln Continental. Tom was able to work Cathy's panties down her legs and finger fuck her steamy pussy, then she had laid down and taken his massive prick into her cunt. After that, they regularly fucked in the office, either on Tom's desk or on the floor.

"Take me, Tom!" Cathy gasped, the pussy juice, flowing freely from her pussy now, as she approached her climax. "I love your prick! Ohhhhh! I love the feel of your big, beautiful prick sliding into me!"

Grabbing Cathy's legs under the knees, Tom put her feet over his broad shoulders. He ran his huge hands down her legs, enjoying their smoothness. Her fawn-colored stockings were held up by the lacy purple garter belt he had given her.

"Cathy, I'm going to cum so fucking much you're going to be flooded! Completely flooded with my jism," Tom growled.

Slamming his hips against the backs of Cathy's thighs, Tom rammed his cunt stretching cock meat completely into her tight fuck hole. He put his hand on her luscious tit, pressing down on her supple mound of tit flesh as he squeezed. Her tit billowed out, becoming even more full and round from the pressure.

"Ohhhhhh! Pinch my nipples, Tom! I'm going to cum!"

Catching her nubby nipple bud between his thumb and forefinger, Tom rolled her tit flesh and pulled on it at the same time. Hot tingles of desire zipped through her curvaceous body. She twisted even more frantically on the desk, wanting to prolong her ecstasy for as long as possible while wanting to cum immediately.

When Cathy licked her lips again Tom's mind filtered to the mental image of what she would look like with his big cock between her lips and stuffing her mouth. He had once suggested that she give him a blowjob. She had refused, and he never brought up the subject again.

But, since that time, Tom had longed for the feel of her wet lips and sweet mouth sliding hungrily across his enormous prick.

Cathy swung her arms over her head, giving herself totally to her lover. Her tits sloshed back and forth, jostled about by the relentless invasion of Tom's cock meat into her hot pussy. Her gorgeous, eyes were hazy with passion.

Putting his hand on Cathy's cunt bush, Tom rubbed her sizzling clit as he fucked her tight pussy. The added sensation was all it took to push the beautiful brunette over the edge of ecstasy. Biting her bottom lip to keep from screaming out joyously, she whimpered as her pussy juice gushed out.

"Oohhhhhhh! Go, baby, go!" Tom groaned, feeling her cunt walls squeezing around his pistoning cock.

He pounded her ripe body faster, slapping his hips against her thighs as his fuck pole went deep into her creamy pussy.

"Cum! Cummminggggg!" Cathy whimpered, the words seemingly ripped out of her chest.

Cathy came down slowly from the dizzying heights of her climax. She had felt certain that she was suspended in mid air, and the only thing touching her was Tom's cock. She groaned as her pussy juice overflowed out of her prick-filled cunt.

"Fuck! I'm going to cum, baby! I'm going to cum!"

When Tom's thick, milky jism splattered against the walls of her cunt, Cathy was once again ripped apart with the spasms of an orgasm. Though the second climax wasn't as fierce as the first, she was still surprised at its intensity.

"Arrrrggggghhhhh!" Tom groaned. His powerful hands mauled Cathy's tight ass checks, spreading them apart, as his spewing prick stabbed deep up in her cunt. When the hot fuck-cream stopped shooting out from his huge cock head, and his balls were drained, Tom stood straight up.

"You're magnificent, my love," he sighed, his hands sliding up and down her nylon-clad thighs. "I think that was the best one yet, which seemed fitting."

Cathy mumbled something. She was too exhausted from her multiple orgasms to do much of anything but lay on the desk and breathe in deeply. She looked at Tom and smiled weakly.

"It's fitting because I want you to marry me," Tom said, his tone somehow casual and serious at the same time.

He took Cathy's feet off, his shoulders carefully and put them down, letting her ass dangle over the edge of the desk. From his pants, which were bunched at his ankles, he withdrew a small box. Opening it, he took out an engagement ring with one massive diamond in it.

"Marry me, Cathy. I want you to be my bride. I want you to be Mrs. Tom Sanders."

Whatever exhaustion she felt was gone instantly. Cathy bolted upright on the desk. Her feet did not quite touch the plushly carpeted floor that she had fucked on so many times. She looked at the ring, then into Tom's eyes, then back to the ring. She couldn't believe it was actually happening. Cathy had dreamed that Tom would one day ask her to marry him, but she had always thought that it would remain a dream, and nothing more.

"Do you mean it?" she asked, her voice shaking.

"Yes. Yes, of course I do. I'm not going to let someone as terrific as you slip through my fingers. I love you and want to be your husband." Tom took Cathy's trembling hand and slipped the ring onto her finger. "Say yes, Cathy. Say yes, and you'll be my bride."


Tom kissed Cathy's lips lightly, his fingertips grazing her cheeks. He stepped-away from her and pulled up his pants.

"Oh, no!" Cathy suddenly gasped.

"Honey, you've got an appointment with the Johnson lawyers in twenty minutes! Hurry!"


Tom was gone within seconds. Cathy stayed on the desk, admiring her shining new engagement ring. In twenty-seven years, she had known only three lovers. The first two were during her college years, when she had thought she was in love. After that, she went through a period of celibacy. She had stayed away from men, and thrown herself headlong into her studies. Her brilliant mind worked constantly, smoothly, thinking of everything except men.

Sliding off the desk, Cathy stared at her ring. The diamond was bigger than anything she could ever have hoped for. It glistened in the afternoon light that streamed through the window. Wearing nothing more than a white blouse, garter belt, nylons and high-heeled shoes, Cathy forget about her nudity. She took a step mindlessly, still looking at the ring. Her huge, creamy tits jiggled, and the blouse unbuttoned.

Near the door of the office, the rest of Cathy's clothes were piles in a heap. Her prim, conservative skirt-vest and jacket all signified that this woman was professional through and through. Only Tom knew the seething, passionate need for cock that was hidden inside her supple body.

When the door burst open, Cathy wheeled around, facing it. Her eyes were wide with fright as Miles, Tom's handsome son, stepped into the office. As soon as he saw Cathy, he closed the door and leered hungrily at her body.

"Well I'll be damned," Miles purred. "I never thought the ol' man was ripping off your pussy!"

Cathy didn't know what to do. Miles was between her and the rest of her clothes. The look in his eyes told her that she wouldn't get them without giving up something in return.

Cathy didn't exactly know what Miles had in mind, but she knew she wouldn't like it. There was something about him that bothered her. Perhaps it was the fact that he hardly ever said anything, or maybe it was that he was spoiled rotten.

"Miles, please leave," Cathy whispered, trying in vain to cover her big tits with one hand, and hide her cunt bush with the other. "Don't you ever knock before entering a room?"

Miles ignored Cathy's protests and requests. Standing almost as tall as his father, he was powerfully built, and more muscular than Tom. His brown hair hung to his shoulders, curling in loose waves. Unlike his father, he was clean-shaven, and probably couldn't have grown a mustache if he had wanted to. His broad chest was almost hairless.

"Please leave," Cathy said helplessly. "This is very embarrassing, and you're not helping matters any. I'd like to put my clothes on, if you don't mind."

"I do mind."

Miles' words came out slowly, each word carefully drawn out to frighten Cathy. He looked down at her clothes, then at her. He liked what he saw. He liked it a lot.

Cathy shivered as she looked at the young man. His face held no emotion at all. That particularly frightened her.

"Take my cock out, and let's fuck," he said softly.

"Don't be ridiculous!" Cathy snapped, stepping farther away from Miles, toward Tom's desk. "You're what? Twenty? I'm twenty-seven. I'm much too old for you."

Even Cathy was aware of the futility of her protests. Since blooming to full womanhood, she had gone to considerable lengths to hide her ripe, curvaceous body. But without many clothes on, she couldn't deny her own beauty to Miles.

"You'll do as I say," Miles purred softly, "or I'll open this door and invite all the secretaries to come in and see who's been fucking the boss. Would you like that? Do you think my dad would like that?"

"Can't you see I'm desperate?" Cathy pleaded.

"Of course I can. That's why I'm going to get what I want. Being desperate makes you vulnerable, and vulnerable women, with bodies like yours, turn me on." He moved closer to Cathy, an evil smile growing from the corners of his thin, severe mouth. "On second thought, I don't want sloppy seconds from my old man. I want you to suck my cock. Yes, I think a blowjob would be even better than getting fucked."

"I... I can't do that," Cathy whispered, staring at the floor. "I've never been able to do that. Not with anybody."

Miles said nothing as he stepped up to Cathy, close enough so that they were nearly touching. She looked into his eyes again, searching for some sign of weakness, something that would give her a clue as to how she could get out of following his commands.

The steely, unyielding look in Miles eyes made Cathy shiver. She knew instantly that his wishes would be forced upon her, and that there was really nothing she could do about it.

"Don't make me do that," Cathy whispered. She thought of screaming, but then dismissed it. Miles' powerful fists would probably come charging into her stomach, silencing her before anyone could be alerted. "Please, Miles, don't make me take your thing... in my mouth."

"On your knees, bitch," Miles said softly. "Start sucking before I get angry. If I get angry, I guarantee you'll be sorry."

When Miles put his hands on Cathy's shoulders and applied pressure, she sunk slowly to her knees. Her mind was reeling crazily as she tried to figure out exactly what was happening to her. Nothing seemed to make sense anymore. She felt the carpet under her knees. Her big tits rose and fell with each rapid, frightened breath.

Cathy looked at Miles' crotch. She could see his lump of cock meat stretching down one leg of his tight jeans. Like his father, Miles had been endowed with a prick that, when fully hard, stretched out over ten inches long. Cathy wondered if she'd even be able to fit his huge cock head into her inexperienced mouth.

Her hands were shaking when Cathy loosened Miles' belt and unsnapped his fashionable jeans. She caught the tab of his zipper, and she pulled it down slowly. The sound of the zipper's teeth splitting seemed amplified a thousand times.

Cathy wished Miles would say something, would continue to command her.

If he did, she wouldn't feel so much like she was about to give him a blowjob because she wanted to.

"This is a terrible thing you're making me do," Cathy whispered as she pushed his jeans down to his thighs. Miles wore no underwear. His half-hard prick sprang out toward her face, drooping downward from its own awesome weight.

A weak mewling sound came from Cathy's throat as she stared at his pale, meaty cock. His cockhead was mushroom-shaped and very large. His prick shaft was broad, with the upper surface almost flat and the underside of his fuckpole rounded. A thick blue vein ran along the length of his cock, and Cathy could see the vein throbbing as blood pumped through it.

"I may not be very good at this," Cathy said softly, almost apologetically. "I've never done this before. Never, ever before."

Despite her revulsion with Miles, Cathy couldn't explain her strange curiosity about what his cock tasted like. She had heard the girls talking about blowjobs, and how much their boyfriends enjoyed them. She had heard all those awful stories about the girls swallowing cum and enjoying it, but Cathy never really believed them. She just couldn't imagine how a woman could enjoy haying a man shoot his jism into her mouth. She was convinced that the women who sucked men off really didn't like doing it, even if they said they did.

Wrapping her fingers around the shaft of Miles' prick, Cathy raised his cockhead so it would be at mouth-level. The dry warmth of his prickmeat surprised her. The heat of his cock seemed to go through her palm and travel straight down to her clit.

Why was her cunt getting hot? This was wrong, terribly wrong! She wasn't supposed to be getting turned on! Cathy cursed her body for responding to the sight and musky aroma of Miles' prick.

"Suck, damn you," Miles hissed as he crossed his arms over his broad chest and looked dawn at the frightened brunette who kneeled before him.

Cathy pulled her hand back and forth over his rubbery hose of cockmeat. She could feel his prick stretching in her hand. Soon, his cock was standing straight out from his hulkish body, his fuckshaft so thick that she couldn't touch her thumb to her fingertips.

Cathy's face was beautiful. Her beauty was natural, untainted with lipstick or make-up. She didn't need those things to give her the wholesome good-looks of a professional businesswoman. And that naturally beautiful face looked positively stunning in Miles' eyes as he watched it move closer to the head of his cock.

Trembling, her nipples erect with fright and excitement, Cathy touched her lips to Miles' cockhead. She felt his prickmeat jump in her fist at the first contact of her flesh to his. Her tongue slithered out between pink lips, moving like a cautious snake, to graze along the clefted underside of his prick tip. The taste was foreign to Cathy, but she decided that it wasn't bad.

Miles was getting annoyed with his stepmother-to-be. She had delayed giving him her mouth long enough. Just another couple seconds, he told himself, and he'd swat her one for not following his orders.

"I'm sorry, Tom," Cathy whispered under her breath.

She looked at the new diamond ring glistening on her hand. It was beautiful... but her ring-hand was moving to and fro on another man's cock.

Cathy looked at Miles' stomach. It was knotted with leathery muscles. There was nothing about this young man to indicate he had any weakness at all. Her tongue moved slowly, tentatively, rubbing in circles under his cockhead.

Realizing that she couldn't stop sucking his prick until he came, Cathy tried to pretend that the cock was about to fill her mouth was actually Tom's. Sighing, she opened her lush mouth, and his prick tip stretched and ovaled her lips.

"Ohhhhhh!" Miles sighed, watching his cock sink into Cathy's mouth. He thought she looked even more gorgeous with a cock stuffing her lips.

Pushing her face forward, Cathy took more of Miles' prick into the hot, wet recesses of her mouth. Her tongue slithered around his meaty cock, probing and searching. Her lips squeezed his fuck shaft, forming a perfect seal around his cock.

"Mmmmm!" Cathy moaned, then silenced herself.

Something was happening to her that she didn't want to admit, something strange and terrible. She was beginning to enjoy giving head!

Swallowing Miles' cock into her mouth until his prick tip was at the back of her throat, Cathy squeezed his cock shaft harder and cupped his balls with her other hand. She began to bob back and forth over his fuck pole, her lips riding sensuously over the ridge of his cock head. Her tongue flicked restlessly along his prick meat, curling around the bulbous crown and toying with his tiny piss-slit.

Cathy's ripe, luscious body trembled with desire as she sucked harder and faster on Miles' cock. Her pale cheeks were sunken inward as she drew a firm suction on his fuck shaft. Miles' huge cock crammed deeper into her face, but Cathy was only able to take in his prick head and a couple of inches of his cock pole.

Twisting her hand, Cathy simultaneously jerked of his prick while sucking it. She didn't leave any of his cock unattended. Her cheeks billowed out as she sucked it deep into her mouth.

To her great surprise, Cathy found she was enjoying the feeling and flavor of having a big cock stretching her lips and filling her hungry mouth. There was something special and personal about being on her knees, sliding her lips back and forth over Miles' cock, that Cathy found almost perversely pleasing. She couldn't explain it. All she knew was that she loved giving a hot blowjob more than she had ever dreamed possible.

"Suck me," Miles groaned, beginning to pump his hips. "That's right, suck that cock. Ohhhhhh! You Goddamn bitch, you've done this before. Don't tell me you haven't. Nobody gives a blowjob like that without having done it before."

"Mmmmmm!" Cathy moaned again, then damned herself.

The last thing she wanted was for Miles to know that she was getting turned-on. While she wasn't unhappy that he had forced her to her knees and made her take his awesome prick into her mouth, she wouldn't openly admit to enjoying herself.

Twisting her face, Cathy rotated on his enormous cock. She brought her hand over his fuck shaft, and jerked up on his prick from Miles' heavy, cum-filled balls. The beautiful brunette soon learned to relax the muscles in her throat, and take his cock head in deeply.

When a drop of salty pre-cum oozed out the head of Miles' prick, Cathy licked it off. She shivered on her knees. That gooey drop was the first jism she had tasted, and Cathy knew that there would be much, much more of the slick fuck-cream splashing against her tongue. She found it oddly erotic to think about how much jism Miles' balls would pump into her mouth and licked faster on his drooling cock head, thirsty for the taste of his spunk.

"Harder bitch," Miles groaned, crossing his arms over his hulkish chest as he looked down at the woman who bobbed feverishly over his fuck pole. "Suck that big prick right or I'm going to kick the hell out of you."

Cathy took his cock out of her mouth, and she looked up into Miles' burning eyes. They were smoldering embers of lust and seething anger.

"I'm only doing this because you're making," Cathy whispered, stroking his prick from the cock head to the base. "You're an evil person."

Miles pushed his fingers through Cathy's silky brown hair, then tightened his hand into a fist. Grabbing his fuck beam by the shaft, he clubbed her face quickly, smacking both cheeks with the spongy cock head. Cathy whimpered at the touch of his iron-hard prick, and she opened her mouth wide. She wanted his big cock stretching her lips and invading her clutching throat.

"Mmmmmmfft!" she slurped as his prick reamed her mouth too deeply, the cockhead wedging into her throat. She pushed away from Miles, using his tree-trunk thighs for support.

"Ohhhhh! God damn you, Cathy, you're going to get creamed!"

The hungry cocksucker threw herself at Miles' cock. Hot, sucking sounds came from her mouth as her lips dragged sensually back and forth over his jaw-stretching cock. Cathy's huge tits rolled crazily on her chest, slapping together with the urgent moves of her cock sucking.

Fisting the shank of Miles' prick, Cathy pumped on his fuck shaft. She pistoned her head back and forth, taking just the massive cock head in her succulent mouth. Her pink lips compressed around his prick, squeezing and tantalizing the sensitive ridge of his cockhead. Cathy's pink tongue blazed over his prickmeat, rolling around his bulbous cocktip and sliding along the veined underside of his fuckshaft.

"Fuck! Awwwwww! Fuck!" Miles moaned softly, his face twisting into an agonizing grimace of sheer ecstasy.

Cathy had her mouth stuffed with cockmeat when the first heady blast of jism splattered against her tongue. The force of the eruption surprised Cathy. She never expected that much cum from him.

"Ugg!" she choked, trying to get the spewing cock head out of her mouth.

A second thick stream of white, slick fuck cream splattered against the roof of her mouth. Her cheeks billowed out to hold all of his jism, yet Cathy refused to swallow it. She had already resigned herself to sucking him off, but she wouldn't drink his cum.

With all her might, she turned her face away from his thrashing body. His jerking, iron hard cock stretched her lips, then popped out of her hot lips. The jism that filled her mouth spewed from the corners of her lips. Sticky cum rolled from the corners of her lips, spilling down her chin. It dangled momentarily from her chin, then dripped off, landing on the inner slope of her tit.

"Bitch!" Miles hissed, pumping on his cock.

He had his pricktip touching Cathy's cheek. With wide, wild eyes, he watched jism gush from his cockhead and run down her face.

"Noooooo!" Cathy moaned, bending farther back as cum trickled down her ripe body.

She looked up at Miles, hoping that he would stop humiliating her. Instead, she watched a long, sticky jet of jism spew hotly out of his throbbing cockhead. A slick river of cum shot out, splattering across both lenses of Cathy's glasses.

"Bastard! Bastard! Bastard!" Cathy muttered as the young man continued to give her a cum-shower.

Miles squeezed his fuck shaft from the base to the head, and he shook a last milky drop of jism onto Cathy. The cum hit her neck and stuck there. Looking down, he saw that her cheeks and glasses were covered with his fuckcream. A white river of cum ran from the corner of her lips, trailing down her smooth neck and dribbled through the valley of her tits. Jism pooled in Cathy's dimpled navel, then matted in her purple garter belt.

"You're a son of a bitch," Cathy whispered just as Miles shoved his cock into her mouth. The salty flavor of his cum pleased Cathy immensely. She twirled her tongue around his cockhead and fuckshaft, licking off whatever blobs of cream remained there. When he was finally satisfied that Cathy had licked his prick clean, Miles pulled it out of her mouth and hitched his pants up.

Without saying a word, Miles left the office.

Cathy remained on her knees for a long time, trying to figure out exactly what had just happened. Cum rolled down her gorgeous body. Slowly, she rose unsteadily to her feet, and she walked to Tom's private bathroom. Cathy was careful to keep her white blouse away from the jism on her tits and stomach.

She took off her glasses. The lenses were covered with cum and nearly impossible to see through.

Cathy pulled a handful of tissues out of a dispenser, and she began dabbing at the cum on her quivering body. She couldn't explain why she had a sly grin on her face, and she didn't try.

In ways that she did not realize, Cathy had changed. Her grin broadened to a full, dazzling smile when she thought about what a surprise Tom had in store. He had only asked for a blowiob once, and that was a long time ago, but she was certain he would ask again.

When he did, she was going to blow his mind as well as his cock.


Miles was lounging by the pool at his father's house. He still lived in the family home. His sister, Jayne, was sitting beside him as they sipped cool drinks.

"I just can't believe the old man actually married her," Miles said softly. "Hell, there are countless women who'd love to fuck him."

"I think it's crazy, too," Jayne said. She was younger than Miles but just as spoiled. "They'll be coming home from the honeymoon tomorrow."

Miles hadn't told his sister about making their new stepmother suck his cock. He thought about it often, though, remembering exactly how great it felt to have her warm, wet mouth sliding back and forth along his rigid prick. How her big, creamy tits rolled on her chest, her nipples hard and pink. How he had shoved his cockhead against her cheek and watched the jism splattering against her face.

The thought made Miles big cock start to grow in his tight swimming trunks, and he shifted uncomfortably on the lawn chair.

"We should do something to save Dad," Jayne said, her dark eyes twinkling with mischief. "Something to break up the marriage so he can resume his normal life of fucking any woman he can get his hands on."

Lacing her fingers together behind her head, Jayne leaned back in her chair, enjoying the warm afternoon sun on her body. Physically, she was quite the opposite of Cathy. Like the rest of her family, Jayne was quite tall. Whereas her stepmother had large, milky tits that billowed out from her body, Jayne had small, tight domes. Her tits were like two halves of an apple, jutting out from her chest, with dark brown nipples that covered more than half of the tit-flesh.

Jayne Sanders had a special kind of beauty.

It wasn't clean and wholesome, like Cathy's. Jayne looked like a New York model. She had, in fact, done some modeling for a local fashion-designer. Her honey blonde hair fell down past her shoulders in loose, rolling waves. And though her hair never seemed to be combed, it was always perfect. Her long, slender legs seemed to be made for wrapping around a man's neck while he ate her pussy.

"So what do you figure we should do?" Miles asked, looking at his sister out of the corner of his eyes. His cock was getting harder by the second and he wished it wouldn't.

"I don't know, really," Jayne mused. She moistened her lips with the tip of her tongue, lost in thought. "Somehow we've got to convince him that marriage isn't right for him. Convince him that he'd be more happy getting pussy all over the place, rather than just with his wife."

Smiling at the sun, Jayne contemplated different ways of breaking up her father's marriage. It wasn't that, she disliked her father -- she loved him very much, she simply didn't want him to be married.

Shifting his weight, Miles looked more closely at his sister's profile. Her red lipstick matched her red fingernail polish. Jayne had once told him the color was "cocksucker red", and he immediately got a hard-on. Now those full, pouting lips were glistening, seemingly waiting for his prick to slide between them.

"We've got to convince him that there are more fish in the ocean than just Cathy," Miles said softly as his prick continued to grow in his trunks. "That he'd be happier getting fucked by a lot of women."

"How are we going to do that?" Jayne shifted lazily on the lawn chair, crossing her legs at the ankle. Her dress rode up her thighs a little, exposing much of her lightly tanned flesh. "If I know anything about newlyweds, they won't be leaving the house for a month, just because they'll be so damn fascinated with each other's company."

Miles swallowed the lump in his throat. The next line was the clincher in his plan.

"If they're not going to leave the house for a month, that leaves just you, doesn't it? You'll be the only other female around to seduce him the way I see it."

Jayne sat up in the chair and spun to face Miles. The move hiked her dress even higher on her naked thighs.

"You know, you're absolutely right!" Jayne's eyes twinkled with devilish delight as she thought about getting fucked by her own father. "You've got an idea there, brother of mine."

Looking at her handsome brother, Jayne concluded that he was gifted with an extraordinary body. She had never been a prude with him, but had never done anything sexual with him either. True, Jayne did have the photos of herself hidden in her bedroom. The photos showed Jayne sucking cock and getting fucked. Miles had taken the shots secretly, though Jayne had asked him to do it. Sometimes they would masturbate while looking at the pictures.

"You're going to have to fuck him," Miles said, looking at his sister with raw hunger in his eyes. "That's all there is to it."

"I've never done anything incestuous before," Jayne whispered, her blood-red lips slightly parting as her breathing quickened. "Of all the crazy things you and I have done together, we've never fucked. I wonder why not?"

"Let's remedy that right now." Miles stood, his mountainous chest thrusting out proudly as he looked down at his sophisticated little sister. "You might as well get some practice in before you try to seduce Dad. He'll be a tough nut to crack."

Jayne rose. With her high-heeled shoes on, she was close to six feet tall. She smiled, but there wasn't much warmth in it. Jayne was too young to be fucking and sucking whenever she had the chance. And, she was certainly too young to be getting it on with her older brother.

"I've never taken a cock as big as yours," Jayne whispered, advancing slowly toward Miles. "But don't be too gentle. I'm sure I can take it."

Her fingers moved quickly. Jayne unbuttoned her clinging dress, and she let it slither off her shoulders. She stepped out of it with a disgusted expression on her face, as though the garment had somehow kept her from fucking Miles. Hooking her thumbs in her panties, Jayne bent forward and dragged the skimpy silk material down her long legs. She kicked out of her shoes, then stepped out of the panties.

Naked except for a slender gold chain around her left ankle, Jayne faced her brother. The rosy petals of her pussy were moist, inflamed, ready to take his monstrous fuck pole. She had seen his prick enough times, watched him jerking off or fucking one of his many girlfriends, to know that his cock was huge.

Miles groaned as he looked at his naked sister. Her small, tight tits seemed like chocolate candies that made his mouth water. The small, sparse bush of hair between her thighs was split only by her pink cunt lips. Miles' cock sprang to life, straining against the nylon material of his bikini trunks.

When Jayne was standing before him, Miles promptly kneeled, and he buried his face in her cunt bush. His tongue stabbed between her tight, juicy pussy lips. Her slick, pungent cunt juice made his lips and cheeks wet as he devoured his sister's pussy.

"Ohhhhh! Yessss! Oh, Miles, yessss!" Jayne purred, pushing her fingers through his long hair to mash his lips harder against her fiery cunt. She trembled, head hanging down, curly blonde hair twitching with her every move.

Miles wrapped his arms around Jayne's hips, cupping one firm, small ass cheek in each hand. He caught Jayne's budlike clit between his lips, and he sucked tenderly on it.

"Mmmmmmffft!" he slurped, stabbing his tongue deep into her cunt slit, then dragging upward until he reached her clit. He repeated the process countless times and, soon, Jayne was hardly able to remain standing.

"Eat m... me!" Jayne stammered, closing her beautiful brown eyes as Miles sucked on her sizzling, hot clit. "Y... you do that magnificently! Damn it, Miles, I'm going to cum on your mouth if you're not careful!"

As he licked Jayne's clit, Miles shoved his long finger into her cunt. Then, plucking his finger from her pussy, he rubbed her asshole with the same finger. Once Jayne's ass was lubricated with her own oils, he shoved his finger completely into her ass tunnel.

"Uh! Ohhhhh! Easy, Miles! My ass isn't... very big," Jayne groaned.

She began twisting her hips in a circular motion. Her cunt was red hot, drooling out pussy juice. And each time Miles shoved his finger into her ass, she squirmed even more restlessly. His impaling finger was sending warm thrills all through her body. Initially, it had hurt to have Miles finger fucking her asshole, but now it felt fantastic.

"Mmmmmmfft! Ummmmgg!" Miles slurped, licking hungrily at Jayne's throbbing pussy. He reamed her asshole with his middle finger, stabbing it into her until his palm was pressed hard against her firm ass cheeks.

Jayne's red, moist lips glistened, moving as her expression changed countless times. She could feel the fire building in her pussy, getting hotter and hotter. Miles wasn't a novice at eating pussy, and his lips and tongue were pushing her closer to a bone-jarring climax. Her blunt tit tips were sticking out from her caramel-colored nipples pointedly, throbbing with lust.

"I'm going to cum," Jayne said, the tone of her voice strangely calm.

Miles used both his hands to finger fuck Jayne's asshole and cunt while he attacked her fiery, red clit with his lips and tongue. He devoured her pussy hungrily, stabbing and slashing at her sensitive cunt lips and clit with his slick tongue.

Jayne put one of her hands to her mouth, and she started sucking on her finger. She swirled her tongue around the digit, pretending that it was a thin prick, to satisfy her lush mouth. The muscles in her stomach knotted. Her long, lithe legs tightened and flexed as her tension mounted.

"Arrrrr! Ahhhhhh! I'm cumming!"

Her high-pitched wail of supreme ecstasy pleased Miles. He had been told many times that his cunt licking skill was fantastic, and licking his little sister's pussy until she came was something of an thrill for him.

When the slick, greasy waves of pussy juice gushed from her cunt, he tongued feverishly at her cunt lips, not wanting to miss a single drop. He licked as fast as he could, but he still didn't get all her cum juice. His cheeks and chin were wet with Jayne's clear oil.

"Lick meeee!" Jayne screamed, holding onto Miles' head for support.

Her long legs twitched frantically, threatening to collapse at any moment. Her luscious lips opened in a perfect O, but no sound came out.

When he was finally satisfied that he had licked up all of her oil, Miles pulled his face away from Jayne's pussy. His chiseled features were gleaming with pussy juice. With his hands on Jayne's slender hips, Miles' biceps bulged massively.

"That was great," he said softly, kissing the puffy, lust-inflamed lips of Jayne's cunt tenderly. "You've really got a tight cunt, Jayne. Really nice."

Jayne couldn't stop herself from letting out a tired, satisfied groan of approval. Miles had tongued and sucked her into a wrenching orgasm that had not only drained her of pussy juice, but also of all her energy.

Stepping away from her brother, Jayne slumped down into her chair, breathing heavily. She pulled out a cigarette and put a match to it, inhaling deeply. The smoke tasted good, refreshing after her fierce orgasm.

"Brother, I don't know why we didn't start doing this a long time ago," Jayne said, exhaling a blue stream of smoke. "And to think of all the times I was disappointed, the times I pulled a man's pants down, only to find out I had picked up a big guy with a little prick."

"Well, you know mine's not little," Miles said with no small amount of pride in his words. "So how about it? Tit for tat, or something like that!"

"You can count on that," Jayne replied, hungrily eyeing the giant lump in Miles' trunks. "But give me some time to catch my breath. When you eat pussy, big brother, you don't leave a girl with much energy. I thought I was going to turn inside-out, I came so hard."

Miles chuckled and sat in his chair. He'd wait if he had to. Now that he was certain he'd see Jayne's red lips wrapped around his big cock he had all the patience in the world.


Cathy was in the hotel bed, completely naked. The blanket was at her stomach, and her big tits were exposed, her nipples still moist from Tom's mouth. She watched him get dressed, wondering once again how she had been so lucky to marry such a handsome and successful man.

"Darling, I'm going to check out," Tom said as he hiked up his pants. "Why don't you get dressed, and well head back for home."

"Darling, couldn't we stay just one more night?" Cathy asked, her eyes pleading with her new husband. She wasn't in any hurry to see Miles again. "Just one more day?"

"No, I'd better get back and see how the kids are doing. I know you're scared to be living with them -- it's going to be a big change for everyone. But I'm absolutely certain that you'll really learn to love Miles and Jayne. They're really super kids."

Cathy waited until her handsome husband had left the room before she slipped out of bed. She pulled her nylons up her legs, fastening the tops to a purple, lacy garter belt. It was her one concession to Tom's requests.

After putting on her required clothing, she donned a conservative, tweed pantsuit. Once her glasses were in place, Cathy Sanders was once again the professional businesswoman who knew what the score of every game was.

She was, though she didn't look it, scared to death to go to her new home. Miles would be there. Miles, the quiet young man with the big prick, who had blackmailed her into kneeling in homage to him. Miles, who had forced her to take his big prick into her mouth, to suck it until his cum splattered over her tongue.

Cathy shivered at the memory of what fuck cream tasted like. She remembered clearly the feel of hot cum hitting and sticking to her face and tits. The memory disgusted her, yet she couldn't explain why her pussy was tingling.

Jayne looked every bit a model as she prepared for her father and new stepmother to return home. Her lean body was loosely draped with a long formal gown that was slitted up the side, allowing much of her thigh to be seen whenever she walked.

Sitting in front of her dressing mirror, Jayne applied gloss to her lips, making them brilliant red. After adding mascara to her eyelashes, brushing through her lustrous blonde hair, she was finally satisfied with herself.

She wanted to look perfect when she stabbed her stepmother, figuratively speaking, in the back.

Miles stepped into Jayne's bedroom without knocking, as was his custom. Unlike his sister, he wasn't in the forefront of fashion. He was dressed casually in tight jeans that showed off his immense cock-bulge, and a t-shirt that accented the raw muscular power in his chest and arms.

Jayne giggled when she looked at Miles' reflection in the mirror. Although he hadn't said a word, she knew what he had in mind. She could read his eyes, and in them she saw lust. Lust for her.

Jayne swiveled on the wooden bench, spreading her thighs wide. The sight of Miles' big cock bulging at the front of his pants was enough to make her cunt creamy.

"Come here, stud," she purred, her dark eyes flashing. "You want my mouth, and we both know it." Jayne extended a hand toward Miles, her long red fingernails looking dangerously like the claws of a cat after a quick kill. "Come on, let me suck your cock. Daddy and Cathy are going to be home in a little while."

Miles stood before Jayne, who sank with the grace of a dancer, to the plush carpeting of the bedroom floor. She unzipped his fly, then reached inside his pants to pull out his prick. If it hadn't been soft, she'd never have been able to get it out.

"My God, you do have a beautiful prick," Jayne purred, her red lips close to the tip of Miles' cock. "So big and long and wonderfully straight. Some cocks aren't like this, you know. But your cock is just right. Nothing less than a perfect cock on super stud Miles Sanders!"

"Shut up and suck."

Jayne giggled. She liked it when Miles talked dirty to her. With all of her sophistication, she liked being told what to do by her brother.

With both hands, she stroked his fleshy, rubbery prick. Miles' cock grew steadily under her caresses. His cock was so thick that it parted the fly of Miles' jeans. The teeth of his zipper bit into the tender shank of his prick.

"Come on, suck!" Miles urged, unable to remain calm while Jayne's moist, ruby lips hovered near the tip of his fuck shaft.

Jayne's pink tongue flicked out, snakelike, dancing lightly over the head of Miles' prick. Her tongue lashed his bulbous cock tip wantonly, rolling around the spongy crown. Once she had dampened his cock head, she began working her way down his prick shaft. Her mouth opened wide, and she nibbled on his long, thick fuck pole with her luscious lips. She left a red trail, where her lipstick had been rubbed off, on the veined underside of Miles' prick.

"Mmmmmm! I love the taste of your cock," Jayne purred, reaching the base of her brother's prick. The rough fabric of his jeans was at her cheek, and she wished she had the time to lick his balls, but knew better. "I wonder how Dad's cock is going to taste. Like yours? I hope so."

Miles, no longer willing to listen to his sister's prattle, grabbed a handful of her hair and snapped her head back. Her mouth opened involuntarily, and he reamed her lips with his cock head.

Jayne hungrily tightened her lips around Miles' cock. She squeezed her brother's wrist, and he loosened his grip on her hair. Her oversized brown eyes turned up to his face as she gulped more of his tasty prick into her mouth.

"That's right! Now you've got it," Miles hissed as Jayne's cheeks alternately billowed out and sunk inward.

Her brilliantly painted lips crept over Miles' long throbbing fuck pole. Her tongue went crazy along the spongy underside of his cock, rubbing and probing restlessly. His prick grew even larger and thicker.

"Mmmmmmm!" Jayne purred, rotating her face around the bulbous knob of his cock.

Grabbing her brother's prick with both hands, the hot-blooded young girl pistoned her face over his cock tip. Her lips rolled wetly over the sensitive ridge of his cock head. The shaft of his prick was so large that she could hold it like a baseball bat, and still have plenty of cock to suck on.

"Mmmmmm!" Jayne moaned wantonly.

She ran her fists along her brother's cock, rubbing it from cock head to the prick root. Her hands were a blur on his wet fuck meat, then she paused to stroke his cock head while tonguing the tiny piss hole at his cock tip. When an opaque drop of cream oozed out, the horny girl licked it off and whimpered joyously.

Reaching down, Miles slid his fingers through Jayne's lustrous blonde hair. He had always found her erotic to look at, but even her extraordinary good-looks were enhanced by having a cock shoved deep into her mouth.

When she nibbled on his prick, letting her teeth lightly graze along his rigid fuck pole, Miles shivered. His huge hands balled into tight fists when his cum began simmering hotly in his balls.

"We're going to do it to them," Miles hissed, moving his hips slowly back and forth to fuck Jayne's mouth. "You're going to fuck Dad, and I'm going to fuck Cathy. And we're going to fuck them and fuck them and fuck them, until Cathy leaves... ohhhhh! You're going to make me cum, damn you!"

Jayne took her brother's prick out of her mouth, and she rubbed his cockhead around her lips. She looked up at him with lust blurred eyes.

"Yesterday was wonderful," she purred. "And this is great. But the future, my darling brother, is going to be even better. How would you like to be fucking Cathy while she licks my pussy?"

Miles groaned. He was too close to cumming to pay much thought to what his sister was saying. As Jayne rubbed the spongy, spitty tip of his prick over her face, he trembled all over.

"Come on, I don't want to swallow your cum right now," Jayne said, hardly thinking about Miles at all. She was fantasizing about fucking her father. "Why don't you stick this big club in my pussy? You want to cum in my pussy, don't you?"

Miles didn't say anything. He grabbed his slender sister by the waist, and he picked her up as easily as if she were a feather. Throwing her onto her bed, he pushed her dress up, then dragged her panties down her long legs.

"Ram your prick in me, Miles!" Jayne shrieked, spreading her long legs wide for him. "Pound me with your big cock!"

Miles didn't even bother to pull his pants down. With his cock standing out from his body more than ten inches, jutting through the fly of his jeans, he jumped on Jayne's slender body. Miles guided his massive cock head between the dewy petals of her cunt, and he shoved down hard.

"Ug! God, you're big!" Jayne groaned as she felt his steely fuck pole ream her stretching cunt lips and plow deep into her pussy.

When Jayne felt the coarse edge of Miles' zipper dig into her tender pussylips, she pulled his face down to hers. Thrusting her tongue into his mouth, she locked her ankles together behind the small of his back. Her cunt was fully exposed to his onslaught of cockmeat.

"Mmmmmmm!" Jayne moaned, exploring her brother's mouth as he impaled her with his awesome prick. She bounced on the bed as he thrashed his muscular, hulkish body against her.

When Miles bit her lower lip, she whimpered lustfully. In her mind, it wasn't Miles she was fucking, but her father. It was Tom whom she had driven to throwing her onto the bed, ripping her panties down, and shoving his entire cock into her fiery pussy with one thrust.

"Fuck me, lover!" Jayne mewled, squirming on the huge bed.

Miles pumped his gigantic prick in and out of Jayne's tight cunt. Slipping a hand between their bodies, he pressed his palm down on Jayne's tingling tit. Her nipple was hard, digging into his hand through the sheer material of her dress.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" Jayne gasped as her brother plowed into her.

She turned her face aside, and his hot lips nibbled on her earlobe. Her clit was getting rubbed by his long, wet prick shaft as he fucked her relentlessly.

Jayne pulled Miles' body down on hers whenever he withdrew his prick from her pussy. She could already feel pussy juice welling up in her body.

The fantasy of fucking Tom was so intense that she was going to cum quickly.

"So tight!" Miles groaned in Jayne's ear as he sliced his throbbing, red-hot fuckmeat into her clutching cunt. He rubbed his hands over Jayne's tits. Her small, firm domes of tit flesh made his prick even harder.

The walls of Jayne's cunt contracted around Miles' rampaging cock, kneading it, massaging it, working the cum from his balls. He reamed her pussy again and again, slamming his hips down to impale her on his sizzling prick muscle.

The sucking sounds of his hard prick repeatedly ramming into her tight cunt filled the bedroom. The young lovers' ragged breathing seemed to echo off the walls. The springs of Jayne's bed squeaked noisily as she was pressed deeper and deeper into the mattress with'each downward plunge of Miles' hips.

"Arrrggghhhhhh!" Miles groaned as cum suddenly exploded out of his big balls. The cum jetted through his long cocktube, spitting from his throbbing cockhead.

When Jayne felt her pussy getting deluged with cream, the warmth and wetness of his cum sent her pussy juice streaming out in slick waves.

"Fuck meeeee!" she howled as her cunt tightened around his driving rod of red, fiery prick meat.

Fuck-cream, burst from Miles' balls, splattering against his sister's cuntwalls. He crushed his lips down on hers, shoving his tongue down her throat, as his balls jerked out their thick, heavy wad.

"We're home!" came a voice from the ground floor of the house. "Hey, where's our homecoming welcome!"

"Oh, fuck! Dad's home!" Jayne hissed, her big brown eyes wide with fear.

When Miles rolled off her lithe body, uncorking his prick from her cunt, Jayne grabbed her panties, and she slipped her shoe through the leg hole. She pulled the panties up her legs, tight against her pussy, and got off the bed. Looking at Miles' prick, she found it was still too hard for him to shove into his pants.

"I'll stall them as long as I can," Jayne said quickly. She bent down to kiss the spermy tip of her brother's cock. Flicking her tongue out, she tasted the delicious mixture of pussy juice and fuck-cream. "You'd better hurry though. I'm sure Dad is going to want to see you."

Jayne grabbed a tube of lipstick from her dresser, and she quickly applied a fresh, glimmering coat to her lips. She had worn the first coating off on Miles' cock when she took his huge prick into the moist, hungry, sucking recesses of her mouth.

Satisfied that, she didn't look too much like a young girl who had just fucked, though her cheeks were still rosy from the spine-tingling climax she had enjoyed, she ran downstairs to greet her father. She was smiling. Tom was just her father now, but she was certain that soon he'd be her lover.


Cathy greeted Miles, trying to be maternal, though she was only seven years his senior. They kissed lightly on the lips and smiled, but Cathy sensed that there was something dangerous going through his mind. She knew enough about the powerfully built young man to realize that although he was the silent type, that didn't mean he was stupid. It meant that he was thinking, thinking constantly, and that his thoughts were private.

Until he decided to play out his plots. "It's good to see you again," Jayne said in a friendly manner, kissing Cathy warmly on the cheek. The teenager couldn't help but notice her stepmother's wholesomeness, and the vast expanse of her tits. Though Jayne had a perfect model's body, she couldn't help but be a little envious of Cathy's curvaceous build. After all, there were a lot of guys around who liked big tits, and Jayne certainly wasn't gifted in that department.

"Well, darling, I think it's time we set up housekeeping," Tom said, his broad smile warming and comforting Cathy right down to her toes.

"You don't dress very sexy," Miles said as he stepped into the library, closing the door behind him.

Cathy looked up from her book. Her heart leaped when she saw Miles. The look in his eyes told her what she needed to know, and that information frightened her to the bone.

"I don't think it's your position to criticize how I dress," she said, mustering up some courage. "Why aren't you in bed?"

"Because you're not there with me." Miles stepped closer, careful to keep himself between Cathy and the door.

Looking at the clock on the wall, Cathy saw that it was nearly midnight. On the drive home, she had slept while Tom drove. He was exhausted, and he had gone to bed early, she was still wide awake.

Closing her book, Cathy dropped it to the floor and stood up. She was still dressed in her tweed pantsuit. Miles' comment bit deep into Cathy's ego. She intentionally dressed to hide her body. She had been doing that for a long time. But now, now that she was regularly getting her pussy stuffed with Tom's ten-inch prick, she did feel sexy. And, after all, she was wearing the slinky garter belt Tom had given her, wasn't she?

"Miles, I'm warning you, don't you come near me," Cathy said, squaring her shoulders to seem formidable. She was unaware that squaring her shoulders also made her big tits thrust out even more, stretching her white blouse to a point where the buttons threatened to pop off. "You did something terrible to me in the office, and I wasn't in much of a position to defend myself. But now I'm perfectly capable of causing such a ruckus that your father will be down here in a second."

Miles stepped to within five feet of Cathy and stopped. His eyes raked up and down her body. He liked what he saw, and his cock began to throb hotly between his legs.

"Miles, don't you dare try anything with me!"

Cathy's tone was hushed and urgent. She was losing confidence in herself. There was something about Miles' icy stare that unnerved her. All the years and hours she had spent reading books and getting her various college degrees weren't helping her a bit right then.

Cathy watched her stepson moving closer. He moved slowly, like a large tiger stalking his prey. And somehow, though she damned herself and tried to scream, she couldn't do anything to stop him. She couldn't even back away from him. There was something terrible in his eyes that frightened her into immobility.

When Miles was within arm's reach, he let his fingertips graze lightly over Cathy's nipple. He was pleased when he heard her sudden deep inhalation. Her tits swelled out as she inhaled deeply. Then, still lightly rubbing her nipple, he felt her tit tip getting hard.

"Damn you, get your hand off me," Cathy said. She admitted to herself that there was very little conviction in her words? "Miles, why are you torturing me like this? I've just married your father!"

Slowly, carefully, Miles took Cathy's glasses off. He folded the bows neatly, then set the glasses on the coffee table. His face was totally void of expression. If not for the growing lump in his pants, Cathy would have thought him a dead man.

Cathy did nothing to stop Miles when he began fondling her tits. She tried to ignore the hot, itching sensations coming from her nipples. She wanted to claw him with her fingernails but, of course, she would not do that.

Cathy was stuck. Her husband thought Miles was the greatest son any father ever had. And if Cathy should try to convince him that Miles was anything but the paragon of young manhood that Tom believed, she'd surely be accused of trying to break the affection between father and son.

The realities of the situation hit Cathy then. They hit her with the force of a fist in the stomach. She could neither resist Miles, nor defend herself. She couldn't complain to Tom, for Miles would certainly twist the story around. The son would convince his father that it actually was Cathy who had made the first advance toward Miles, instead of the other way around.

"Damn you!" Cathy whispered as Miles began unbuttoning her blouse. "Goddamn you, Miles!"

The words had no effect on the young man. He continued unfastening the buttons of Cathy's blouse, down to her skirt. Miles calmly pulled the blouse out of the skirt to finish unbuttoning.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Cathy pleaded as Miles pushed the sheer blouse off her shoulders. It fell down her back, then stopped at her wrists. He had forgotten to undo the buttons of her cuffs. "You're an evil man."

Miles released the cuff buttons, then let Cathy's blouse slip quietly to the floor. He inspected Cathy's body calmly. His eyes still cold as ice, Miles unhooked the clasp of her bra, and he slowly peeled the cups away from Cathy's rosy nippled tits.

"Do you like?" Cathy asked sarcastically. She was blushing, embarrassed at, once again, being partially naked in front of her cruel stepson. "Huh? Don't you ever say anything?"

Cathy did nothing to stop Miles when he pushed the straps of her bra off her shoulders. She didn't stop him, but she didn't help him, either. She wasn't going to do anything that could be thought of as acceptance.

When Miles unzipped her skirt, she shivered. Was he going to stick his awful prick into her cunt this time? Is that what he wanted?

Before long, Cathy's skirt and panties were around her ankles. Upon Miles' insistence, she kicked off her shoes and stepped out of them. She felt terrible, once again, decked out in just her purple garter belt and stockings.

Cathy felt totally helpless as Miles took a couple steps away from her, to get a better look at her body. When he opened his pants, and he pushed them down to his thighs, she caught sight of his massive prick. Her mouth watered, and she found herself hungry for the taste of his meaty cock. Cathy damned herself for wanting to suck Miles' prick.

"What do you want, Miles? The same as last time?" Cathy was suddenly afraid that she sounded too eager to suck her stepson's prick, so she added: "It was awful, what you made me do."

His eyes burning little holes in her, Miles hooked his meaty hand behind Cathy's neck, and he forced her to her knees. She resisted enough to make him think he had to force her. Then she was on her knees, stroking his prick as it throbbed in her hand.

Cathy voluntarily brought her succulent, pink lips to the head of Miles' prick, and she kissed it. Her tongue snaked out, flicking lightly over his pisshole. The taste of his cock meat was salty and flavorful, just as she remembered it to be.

As she tongued his cockhead, Cathy brought her hand back and forth along his fuck shaft. She enjoyed the way Miles' cock pulsed in her fist, stretching out, getting longer and broader in girth. Using just the tip of her tongue, she moistened all of his pricktip. Then she began swiping at his cockhead with the flat of her tongue.

As Cathy continued licking his big, quivering cock, Miles began taking off his shirt and shoes. He was going to give it to her good this time. No simple blowjob would satisfy his rampaging desires. He needed more than Cathy's hot mouth to satisfy his lust.

Once she had wetted his cockhead and fuckshaft with her tongue's slick caresses, Cathy swallowed his pricktip into her mouth. Her succulent lips tightened around his cockstem, squeezing it just behind his prick knob. Her tongue roved, hungrily, sliding around his cock's crown, and toying with the clefted underside. When she felt Miles' prick expand in her mouth, throbbing with wanton life, she shivered.

Slowly, Cathy pushed her face forward, taking more of his cock into the richness of her hot mouth. Her tongue moved restlessly, scraping over his cock. When his cockhead was at the back of Cathy's mouth, she moaned hungrily. Her breathing quickened as her excitement grew, causing her mountainous tits to jiggle and sway. Her nipples were hard, itching for a hand or mouth to fondle them.

Moving her hand back and forth, Cathy began bobbing on his jaw-stretching prickmeat. She mouthed his rigid fuckpole slowly, trying to gauge her excitement. Cathy didn't want to suck his cock with the wild abandon that would surely let him know she was enjoying the feeling of his prick in her mouth.

"Ohhhhh! You're getting better at this all the time," Miles groaned, pumping his hips slowly back and forth. He watched the way Cathy's pink lips traveled back and forth over his prick, and thought briefly of Jayne's lips.

Bringing her fist along his cockshaft, Cathy didn't resist the chance to rub her hand against Miles' cum-filled ball sac. She knew what kind of load he'd give her.

"Rub my cock against your face," Miles said softly as he stepped out of his pants. "I want to see you rubbing my cockhead all over your face."

Cathy complied without protest. She pressed the spongy tip of his fuckpole against her cheeks and nose, enjoying the spitty warmth of his flesh against her face. She crooned softly. Her pussyjuice was now making her lust-inflamed cuntlips moist.

"You want to get fucked by my big prick, don't you?"

Cathy tried to ignore her stepson. She wrapped her lips around his cockhead again, and she bobbed her face faster, dragging her moist lips to and fro over the ridge of his prick knob. No, she told herself. No matter what, she wouldn't let Miles ram his fuckpole into her cunt.

"Talk to me, damn you!" the young man demanded, teasing Cathy. "You want me to fuck you, and I know it, so admit it!"

"No I don't! Only, you think I do. But I'm not going to let you, Miles. You're not going to fuck me. You can abuse me, and force me to..." She stumbled on saying the crude words to describe her actions. "To suck your cock. I'll do that, because I really haven't any choice. But I won't fuck you, Miles. I simply won't do it."

"Ha! Ha! Ha! You only think you won't, cocksucker," Miles replied. "I can make you do whatever I want. Now I can take it from you, or you can give it to me. And I'll guarantee something. If I have to take it, you're not going to be happy. That big prick of mine can do some terrible damage to a woman's body."

Cathy tried to ignore Miles' threat as she sucked his gigantic prick. She thought that if she could keep sucking his delicious cockmeat until he came, then he'd surely be too tired to want to fuck her cunt.

"Mmmmm!" Cathy moaned as a pungent, salty drop of precum trickled onto her tongue. She tongued his slitted pricktip faster, hoping to get more of his flavorful fuck-cream.

"You trying to con me, woman? Huh? Is that what you're trying to do?" Miles taunted, caressing Cathy's silky brown hair. "You're like a Goddamn nympho now, and a minute ago you'd hardly take it into your mouth. Oh, I get your plan now. You figure that by sucking me off I won't fuck you. Is that it?"

Bobbing her face forward, Cathy felt his cockhead slam against the back of her mouth. Forcing herself to continue forward, she drove the tip of his meaty cock into her throat.

"Ohhhhh!" Miles groaned as he watched almost half of his huge, red-hot prick sink into Cathy's hot mouth.

Cathy knew she had to do something amazing to get Miles' mind away from fucking her. She had to do something that would make him forget about everything but her hot mouth and tight throat.

"Mmmmmf!" Cathy choked as her throat protested the sudden intrusion of his cockmeat.

She thought for a moment that she would gag on his awesome ten-inch cock, but then it slid deeper and deeper into her throat. She continued forward, taking each extra inch slowly deeper into her throat. Her lips worked in a chewing motion on his thick fuck shaft as his throbbing prick knob stretched the walls of her throat.

"Take it! Deep-throat me, bitch!" Miles gasped as Cathy's moist, pink lips moved toward the root of his prick. He pumped his hips, jamming more of his cock into her throat.

And then she had it all. Cathy's nose was buried in Miles' curly bush of cock hair. Her kneading lips were wrapped tightly around the root of his fuckpole. Her throat was completely stuffed with hard prickmeat. She was deep throating all ten inches of Miles prick!

"Mmmgg!" Cathy gurgled triumphantly.

She pushed her face harder against his body, feeling his warm ball sac tickling her chin. Her big tits were pressed against Miles' legs, her throbbing nipples sending sensual electric currents all through her responsive body.

"Fucking-A! Nobody's ever done that!"

Cathy suddenly felt the need for air. She pulled away from her stepson. Cathy could feel the ridge of his cockhead sliding along the walls of her throat, and she crooned happily once more. When the drooling head of his prick was on her slithering tongue, Cathy inhaled deeply. Her billowing tits swelled out even more, doing a short dance of their own.

Miles put his hand on Cathy's cheek, then shoved her to one side. Cathy fell onto her hip, twisting to get her hands beneath herself to break the fall. She spun, bringing her knees under her, and she was surprised at her stepson's speed. Before she really knew what he was doing, Miles had one powerful arm around her waist, and he was hoisting her ass up. She felt his wet, rigid cock sliding between her thighs. His cockhead hit her cunt but did not go in, sliding, instead, over her inflamed cuntlips.

"No, damn you!" Cathy hissed, afraid that either Jayne or Tom would hear her. "I said you're not going to fuck me!"

Her cheek was against the plush carpet, and her huge tits mashed against the floor. Cathy reached between her legs, and she put a hand over her cunt. She desperately wanted to keep Miles' huge fuckpole out of her pussy. The new bride was determined to save her cunt for Tom.

"Have it your way, bitch!" Miles said angrily when he tried unsuccessfully a second time to get his prick in Cathy's cunt.

With his free hand, Miles brought the head of his cock to her puckered, virgin asshole. Even as Cathy was thinking that she had stopped him, Miles put incredible force behind his lunge. At first, her tight ring of muscle prevented his cockhead from entering. His steely fuckshaft threatened to bend.

Cathy felt his cockhead pressing hard against her asshole. She tried desperately to keep his huge cock out of her ass. But then, searing pain ripped through her curvaceous body. Her asscheeks spread wide, and her asshole involuntarily opened. His cock was driving up her ass!

"Ug!" Miles grunted, impaling Cathy's ass with his huge cock.

Looking down, he saw the way her asscheeks were pried apart. Five inches of his enormous fuckpole were already buried in her ass. With another thrust of his hips, he had all of his prick buried into her asshole.

Cathy's moist mouth opened wide, but no sound came out. His huge cock, reaming her ass, had ripped the wind out of her lungs. She pulled her hand away from her cunt, no longer needing to protect that hole.

The blinding pain lasted only a couple seconds. Cathy felt an incredible sense of relief when Miles withdrew most of his massive fuckpole from her ass. When she felt his prick sliding into her ass again, Cathy waited for the agonizing pain to shatter her ragged nerves. But the blinding pain wasn't there. It hurt to have his cock sliding into her ass, but not nearly as much as the first time he plowed his fuckshaft into her.

By the fifth time Miles' prickmeat crammed up Cathy's ass the big-tittied brunette felt nothing but pleasure. Her body felt more stuffed with cockmeat than ever before. Putting her head on her forearm, Cathy whimpered as hot tingles seeped slowly through her body. She could feel Miles' balls slapping against her pussy whenever, he plowed into her asshole.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" Miles groaned as he slammed his fiery prick into Cathy's ass.

He was mauling, her spread asscheeks with his hands. Cum bubbled in his balls. Her ass was tighter than anything he had felt in a long time. He slid his hand over her naked back, enjoying the warmth of Cathy's flesh under his palm.

Cathy twitched. With her tits mashed against the carpet, her nipples were tingling, sending hot waves of added excitement through her trembling body. She wished that Miles would finger her clit while he fucked her ass.

"Awwwww!" groaned Cathy as she gulped in air!

His cock seemed to be driving halfway through her body. What had, only moments before, been agonizing pain, was now a new and strange form of pleasure.

The feeling wasn't the same as having a big cock reaming her juicy pussy. It wasn't the same at all. But this new feeling was sending waves of ecstasy sizzling through Cathy's ripe body, and making her squirm with desire.

"Goddamn, I love fucking virgins," Miles said through gritted teeth.

Cathy was suddenly and happily aware that she was no longer a virgin, not in any sense of the word. Miles, her husband's cruel son, had shoved his cock into her mouth until he shot thick, creamy jets of cum against her tongue and face. And he had reamed her asshole until she wiggled on the floor, pushing her ass back to meet his charging thrusts. She could take a cock anywhere in her body now, and receive as much pleasure as she gave.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Cathy sighed as Miles' thrusts became faster, more urgent.

"Bitch! Cock sucking bitch!" Miles hissed, holding onto his stepmother's hips as he pumped his throbbing fuckshaft into her ass.

A low-pitched growl came from deep in Miles' broad chest. His fingers gouged into Cathy's asscheeks as he stabbed his fuckpole into her ass. Cum spewed hotly out of his balls, shooting through his long cock, before spitting out of his red, throbbing pricktip.

"Cumminggggg!" he groaned, rocketing his prick in and out of Cathy's hot, humid fuckhole.

Cathy shivered, pushing her ass back against her stepson to take his cock completely into her ass. She was surprised at how great it felt now, to have his awesome, thick fuckpole of blood and muscle reaming her asshole. With Miles' heavy load of fuck-cream gushing in her ass, she shivered and rubbed her tingling nipples harder against the floor.

"Bitch! Awwwwwww!" Miles groaned, pistoning his hips to ram his mighty fuckpole with lightning speed into his stepmother's ass.

Miles sighed as the last of his cream trickled out of his pricktip, into Cathy's ass. She slid forward, going belly down on the floor. She was breathing heavily, her ass tingling from the violation of Miles' huge cock.

"Damn you," Cathy whispered, closing her eyes and cradling her head in her arms. "Get out of here now. Get out, before someone sees you."

Cathy stifled a moan of displeasure when she felt Miles pull his limp prick out of her ass. She waited until he had dressed, and left the library, before putting her own clothes on. She had been in her new home less than twenty-four hours before her stepson had once again forced her to service his hard-on.

Buttoning her blouse, Cathy wondered how much succulent cock she would be getting in the coming months. Tom fucked her every day with his giant prick, and Miles would probably be doing the same. They both had huge cocks, and both were almost constantly horny.

"You'd better get used to it," Cathy murmured to herself as she hiked her panties up her legs, pulling them tight against her moist pussy.


Jayne's cunt was soapy as she stood in the bathtub. She had just finished shaving her legs and underarms and now, on a whim, she was going to shave her pussy bald. With razor in hand, she started on her sparsely haired cuntlips, working her way slowly to the thicker triangular patch of hair above her pussy.

It had been three days since her father had returned home with his bride. Jayne had been more than civil to her new stepmother all the time. Jayne also took great pleasure in listening to Miles' account of how he ass fucked Cathy in the library. While Miles sat on the edge of Jayne's bed and told her of the rape, Jayne brought her red-painted lips over his cock until she had swallowed all of his cum.

She had tried several times to seduce her father, but never quite found the courage to go through with her intentions. Now, as she stood in the bathtub thinking about her father, she was getting horny.

It didn't take long for Jayne to shave away all the hair surrounding her cunt. She smiled as she washed off what remained of the shaving cream. Her cunt looked just like it did before she had gone through puberty.

"I wonder why I didn't do this a long time ago?" Jayne murmured, caressing her clit with a fingertip. "I hear a lot of guys think a bald pussy is really a kinky turn-on."

Without any hair on her cunt, Jayne looked even younger than she really was. With her tall, slender figure and small, tight domes of tit flesh, she looked, at least two or three years younger. Jayne was certain that Tom, well into his thirties and quickly approaching forty, would find her attractive. She had read where men, as they get older, desire younger and younger women.

Shaving her cunt, Jayne was certain, would be her trump card should Tom think she was too closely related to shove his cock into her.

She spent extra time combing her long blonde hair so that it looked just right. When she was finished, Jayne's hair looked just a little bit carefree and very attractive.

"Here goes nothin'," she giggled, wrapping a long, fluffy towel wound her body.

The towel covered her from armpits to the tops of her thighs. She knotted the towel between her tits, then inspected herself in the full-length mirror. All she'd need to do was loosen the knot and the towel would fall from her body.

It was a few minutes after five o'clock. Jayne knew that Cathy had to work late. And Miles was at the club, working out, to keep his excellent shape. That left her at home with Tom... alone.

Jayne found Tom in the kitchen, rummaging in the refrigerator for something to eat. He didn't even look at his daughter when she greeted him. However, after taking a cold chicken leg from the refrigerator, Tom almost choked at the sight of his lovely daughter.

She looked more ravishing than he had ever seen her. Bright red lips contrasting with milky, smooth skin. Dark eyes surrounded by hair so blonde, it was almost white. And the towel, Tom suspected, hardly covered her cunt.

Smiling most becomingly, Jayne moved slowly to one of the wooden chairs neat the kitchen table. She pulled the chair away from the table and sat, crossing her knees rather demurely at the knee. The move was subtly sensual, and didn't miss the attention of her father.

"Ah... are you sure you should be walking around like that?" Tom asked, struggling for a paternal quality in his voice. He failed and his eyes didn't stray from Jayne's long, milky thighs. "You're not exactly dressed."

"I just stepped out of the tub," Jayne replied, sounding bored and slightly troubled. "Dad, I've got to talk to you about something."

Tom sat at the table, moving his chair out so he faced Jayne. One part of him said to at least keep the table between them so he couldn't look at her legs. But another part, the part that made his prick hard whenever he thought about women, said to stay as close to this scantily clad young girl as possible.

"What's wrong?" Tom asked, looking into his daughter's dark eyes. "You can talk to me. There's nothing you can't tell me."

Jayne cleared her throat. This wasn't going to be as easy as she had first thought. Plans, she realized, were easier to make than they were to act out.

"Well, you see, in the past few years I've gone through changes."

"Yes, I know."

How could he fail to notice his daughter changing to a young woman?

"There's been the modeling jobs, and that sort of thing," Jayne continued. "But there's been more. There have been men." She looked into Tom's eyes, fighting for a sincerity that she didn't feel. "All kinds of men. Big ones, shorts ones, fat and skinny. I've gotten addicted to cocks. I can't help myself. I need them all the time."

Tom's mouth was dry. He tried to speak, but nothing more than hoarse, croaking sound came out. His daughter was telling him something that he had known for a long time, but had refused to admit. Why the hell did she have to tell him?

"It's been terrible," Jayne went on. "I go from one man to the next. Sometimes I make it with strangers. I can't count the times I've walked up to some good-looking stranger, dropped to my knees, and sucked him off. It's terrible, but I can't seem to help myself. I need it. I need cocks all the time!"

Jayne was rising slowly to a fever pitch. She didn't dare cast her glance down to Tom's crotch, but she was intensely curious to know if he was getting an erection. If he was, then she was certain she had him in her seductive powers.

"I don't exactly know what to say," Tom said. He was surprised to find that he sounded frightened. Tom Sanders, the self-made man, stud, businessman, was now frightened?

"Don't say anything," Jayne added quickly. "It's just that I think it's time I stopped sucking every prick that catches my fancy. That's what I need you for."

"I'll do anything you want."


"Anything at all!"

Jayne got slowly to her feet, and she looked down at her father. With a small shrug of her shoulders, her knotted towel loosened. It was almost ready to fall off her body. Tension hung in the air.

"If I'm going to do it... you know, suck cocks... then I might as well keep it in the family. It's better here than out on the streets, where I might embarrass you."

Tom rose, and he put his massive hands on Jayne's slender, naked shoulders. She looked up into his eyes, and he tried to smite. He wanted to say that everything would be okay, and that she shouldn't worry about having her urges ridiculed. Tom wanted to say that she shouldn't be thinking she could have his cock, though. That was definitely out of the question.

He had all these things in mind when Jayne unzipped his fly and pulled out his big prick. They stood looking into each other's eyes while Jayne twisted and turned her hand along his slumbering, warm column of cockmeat.

"Jayne, this is ridiculous," Tom said, his hands still on her shoulders. "Don't you realize I'm your father?"

"Pretend you're not," Jayne said quickly. She bent down near his prick, and she planted a smacking kiss on his cocktip.

"Ohhhhh!" Tom sighed.

Still bending at the waist, Jayne began licking the spongy tip of her father's prick. She was pleased to find it was as big as her brother's cock, a nice, big mouthful of fuckmeat to satisfy her lusty oral desires.

Stroking the cock, Jayne caught his prick head between her moist, brilliantly painted lips. Her tongue moved slowly, in a circular motion, grazing over the ridge of his cockhead. His prick throbbed and grew in her hot, moist mouth.

"This is wrong, Jayne. So terribly wrong."

Ignoring her father's weak protests, Jayne took more of his growing prick into the hot, wet confines of her mouth. She sank to her knees, and she began bobbing her face over his fuckpole, taking it deep into her mouth.

"Mmmmmmmm!" Jayne moaned.

She swallowed his cock until his fat, apple-sized pricktip was against the back of her mouth, almost entering her throat.

Tom watched as Jayne dragged her ruby lips along his mighty prick. Sighing, he was amazed at how good her mouth felt on his cock. Cathy, the woman he loved so desperately, had refused to give him a blowjob. And, since then, he had respected her by not asking a second time. Nevertheless, he couldn't deny that Jayne's mouth was driving him absolutely crazy with lust.

"Mmmmmmm! Ummmmmft!" Jayne slurped, rolling her tongue along the clefted underside of Tom's pricktip.

She was lavishing his cock with her tongue's wet, slick caresses, while her lips chewed and kneaded his hard cockmeat. Using her long fingernails, Jayne scratched the glistening head of Tom's dick. She cooed lustfully, tonguing the slitted tip with quick, snakelike flicks.

"Wrong... wrong... wrong..." Tom lamented, but did nothing to stop his teasing, hotly sucking daughter.

He watched the way her cheeks hollowed to squeeze the sides of his prick, felt the way her tongue slithered hungrily over and around his cock. Her honey-blonde hair swirled in luxurious waves over her shoulders, swaying with her every move.

"Mmmmmmm!" Jayne moaned, taking his cock out of her mouth. She whipped his fat cockhead with her tongue, looking up into Tom's eyes. "If I've got to be giving blowjobs, it might as well be with you. Right?"

Tom damned himself silently and said, "Right."

Jayne rubbed the spitty tip of Tom's prick over her lips and cheeks, showing her father how much she adored his delicious fuckpole. Then she parted her ruby lips wide and captured his pricktip in her mouth again.

The teenager sucked harder and faster, moving her hand in rhythm with her lips as she sucked. The urgent moves of her blowjob caused the towel to completely unknot, and the towel slipped down her body to her knees.

"Jayne, maybe we better stop," Tom moaned, hoping she'd deny his weak request. When her response was nothing but even hotter, more sensual licks on his cock, he knew he was too far-gone to stop.

Bending over her bobbing head, Tom ran his hand over Jayne's smooth, warm back. Slipping his hand under her arm, he pinched one taut nipple. Jayne's body was completely different than his new bride's, and Tom enjoyed the contrast.

"Mmmmmmmm! Goddamn it, I love your cock!" Jayne gasped, feverish now to drink down her father's thick, slick load of fuckcream.

Tom grabbed the back of a chair for support. His knees were shaking. It had been a long time, too long, since his cock had been buried deep in a hot, sucking mouth. He watched his daughter's lips moving over his prick, gliding effortlessly, taking in half of his cock's full ten inches.

"Cum in my mouth," she said urgently. "I want to taste your cum. I want to taste it splashing against my tongue and filling my mouth."

Tom shivered and shoved his throbbing hot prick back into his young daughter's mouth. His knuckles turned white as he squeezed the chair, holding onto it to keep from falling. Tom's balls were itching, preparing to flood Jayne's ripe mouth with jism.

She took his prick into her mouth as deep as she could. His huge, spongy cockhead was partially in her throat, but not very far. Jayne still had five solid inches of fuckmeat that she couldn't fit into the richness of her hungry mouth. But she didn't let the root of Tom's cock go unattended. Her hand was busy working on it, twisting from side to side as it moved in a beating motion.

"Oh, God! Oh, God!" Tom gasped as the cum rose in his balls. "I'm going to cum! Goddamn it, Jayne, you're going to suck me offfffff!"

Sucking hard on his prick, Jayne took as much of the cockmeat into her mouth as she thought possible. Then, with the throbbing, quivering tip of Tom's prick against the back of her mouth, she felt the first hot rush of jism burst straight down her throat.

"Yeahhhhhhh!" Tom choked, his whole body shaking as the cum raced through his cock stem.

Jayne pulled back so that the tip of her father's fuckpole was on the flat of her tongue. She curled her pink tongue around his fat cockhead as a second eruption, as powerful as the first, splattered over her tongue and against the roof of her mouth. The cum-thirsty teenager swallowed his jism quickly, and she continued sucking and licking his pricktip, urging out more salty cream from Tom's balls.

Cum flooded her young mouth, gushing in slick waves against her tongue. When Tom suddenly thrust his prick at Jayne's face, cramming her mouth full of cockmeat, a trickle of yellowish, creamy jism escaped her lips and slid down her chin from the corner of her mouth.

The gushes slowed, then stopped as Jayne sucked and stroked more slowly on Tom's fuck meat. When she was certain that she had drained his balls of every drop of jism they held, she let her father's cock slip from her mouth with an audible popping sound and looked up at him. She ran her tongue around her lips with obvious delight.

"Thank you," Jayne purred, still kneeling with his cock in her hand.

Tom looked at the blob of cum that trickled from Jayne's ruby lips. The jism dangled from her chin briefly, then dropped onto one slender thigh. When he stepped away from Jayne, taking his cock out of her hand, he noticed her shaved pussy. His mind reeled excitedly as he thought of the visual turn-on of shoving his huge prick into her naked cunt.

"I think we'd better part company for a while," Tom said as he tucked his slick, satisfied cock back in his pants. "I need some time to think."

Jayne said nothing as she got to her feet, the towel dangling from her hand. She smiled contentedly at her father, and she slowly replaced the towel.

"Next time, you can eat my pussy until I cum. Wouldn't you like to eat me out? I shave my cunt, you know." A girlish giggle escaped Jayne's painted, moist lips. She was still unaware of the jism on her chin. "And after that, I'm going to fuck you until you can't see straight. What do you think of that?"

When her father didn't answer, Jayne calmly turned on her heel and walked out of the room, swishing her ass in an exaggerated motion for his benefit. The tangy aftertaste of his salty cum delighted her. Jayne was already planning on how she would tell the story to Miles when he returned home from his workout.


Cathy was working busily in her office, checking the sheet of figures for the tenth time. She leaned back in her chair, took off her glasses, and cleaned them with a Kleenex before fitting them back on her nose.

It had been a long day already, though it wasn't quite noon. Her thoughts had continued to drift toward Miles' prick. She had awakened that morning after dreaming of getting fucked in the ass by his massive pole of cock muscle, and she had promptly seduced Tom. But even after fucking her husband, cumming twice herself, and having her cunt flooded with his slick fuck-cream, she still daydreamed of her stepson's cock and felt, cramming up her asshole.

Cathy put her heel up on the desk, and she crossed her feet at the ankles. Her skirt slipped higher on her thighs, showing off the darker portion of her nylon, and the clasp of the garter. Cathy looked at her leg and smiled, leaving her skirt where it was. Only a few short months earlier she would have demurely covered her leg, even in private.

Closing her eyes, Cathy ran the tip of her tongue around her pink lips. She could almost taste Miles' prick. In her mind, she could picture his broad chest and bulging muscled arms. She remembered how terrible the pain was when he first reamed her asshole with his cock, and how that pain quickly changed to sheer pleasure.

If only I had the courage to suck Tom's cock, Cathy thought, then I wouldn't have to think about my stepson.

Cathy was snapped out of her reverie when the door of her office suddenly opened and Miles walked in. She was too stunned to move. Her first thought was fear. Miles was going to force her to service his prick again. And Tom was working in a nearby office.

When Jayne walked in behind Miles, Cathy felt relief flooding over her. She was certain Miles wouldn't try anything with his sister there. Not even Miles, as wildly sensual as he was, would do something that dumb.

"Hi!" Jayne said cheerfully, closing the office door. "How's it going today?"

Cathy looked at her stepdaughter. She had gotten along fairly well with the teenager since being married to Tom, but there was still something about the girl that was disturbing. Perhaps, Cathy thought, it was just because Jayne was so different from herself. Or maybe it was because Jayne always seemed distant.

Taking her feet off the desk, Cathy smoothed her skirt over her thighs and faced the two intruders. The look in Miles' eyes wasn't unusual. She'd seen it before. It meant he was horny, and he expected Cathy to do something about it.

"What are you doing here?" Cathy asked sternly.

"What kind of tone is that to use with your new, loving stepchildren?" Jayne asked, her ruby lips pouting mockishly. "Here we've come, to see you out of the goodness of our hearts, and you say things like that to us!"

Cathy wished Miles would say something. He didn't. She knew he wouldn't. It was just another way for him to torture her.

"What is it you want?" Cathy demanded, getting nervous. Looking into Jayne's eyes, she saw the same wanton quality that Miles' eyes held. "What are you doing here?"

Jayne was dressed in a loose-fitting dress. The front was cut low, showing off the small swells of her tits. The dress was slitted up the front and, when she walked her long thighs were revealed. She sat on Cathy's desk, smiling mischievously.

"Can't you take anything at face value? We just thought we'd come and talk to you for a bit." Jayne looked at Miles, and her smile broadened. "Besides, Miles is horny. Tom... remember him? Our father, your husband? He's taken an early lunch with a potential client. We thought we'd keep you company while he's, gone," Jayne leaned closer to Cathy, her smile becoming even more broad. "And Dad said he wouldn't be back for a couple hours. We've told the secretaries that we're in here having a family-type chat. So they're going to hold all calls and not disturb us until Miles or I say it's, okay."

"Oh, my God! You're working together, aren't you!" Cathy's eyes darted from Miles to Jayne in disbelief. "You're insane! Both of you are positively insane!"

Jayne's smile faded quickly. She hissed: "Keep your voice down, dearie, or your secretaries will hear you. And we can't have that, can we? No, sir! Think of the scandal there would be if you'd be responsible for bringing disgrace to the Sanders' good name."

Cathy knew she couldn't fight them. Singly, they were dangerous, combined, they were impossible. Her only hope was to avoid them. She suddenly darted around her desk, heading for the door. In the outer office she'd be in the safety of her secretaries. Miles and Jayne wouldn't dare try anything in front of them.

She wasn't more than five steps from the door when Miles grabbed her by the elbow.

Cathy struggled briefly, then his arms were around her waist, trapping her arms to her sides. The brunette's big tits billowed out as she inhaled deeply, both angry and frightened.

"Let go of me, Goddamn you!" Cathy hissed through gritted teeth. "Let go, or I'll scream!"

Jayne stood in front of her stepmother, watching the woman's mountainous tits rising and falling. The teenager had never made it with another woman before, and she was going to try it today. The sight of Cathy's big, creamy tits straining against the blouse, flattening out and causing the buttons to pull apart, made the girl's mouth water.

"Quiet, damn you, or I'll make things even worse," Jayne threatened, her eyes burning into Cathy's. "Hold her, Miles. We're not letting her slip away this time."

Cathy glared at Jayne, staring deep into the girl's dark eyes. When Jayne touched her fingertips to Cathy's face, electrical shocks seemed to pass between their bodies.

Slowly, Jayne's face moved closer to Cathy's. The girl closed her eyes, but Cathy did not. She watched her face come closer. Then their lips were touching, and Cathy felt a strange moistness in her cunt. Jayne's tongue traced around Cathy's lips. Cathy smelled the sweetness of the girl's perfume, and she tasted her lipstick.

Cathy tried to be calm and calculating about what was happening. She had stopped struggling against Miles, but his arms were still wrapped like steel cables around her waist, keeping her arms down and defenseless.

"Mmmmmmmm!" Jayne purred as she kissed her stepmother with increasing passion. Their lips were pressed firmly together now, and Jayne's fingers pushed through Cathy's long, silky hair. "Open your mouth."

"No!" Cathy said quickly, then clamped her mouth shut.

She couldn't keep Jayne from kissing her, but she'd be damned if she'd French kiss. That was going too far!

"Open up, damn it!" Jayne snapped.

Cathy kept her eyes open as Jayne's face approached hers once more. When their lips touched, Cathy's lips relaxed. She felt the girl's tongue slithering into her mouth. Surprisingly, Cathy wasn't as repulsed by the girl's wet, caressing kisses as she thought she would be. The sensation of the girl's mouth sent a warm flush to Cathy's checks, and a familiar itch began in her pussy.

"Mmmmmmnimmm!" Jayne purred, kissing her stepmother more urgently as the glowing warmth in her own cunt grew.

Jayne flattened herself against Cathy, enjoying the way her stepmother's tit mounds pressed against her own taut, tingling tits.

"Hold her," Jayne instructed her older brother. Looking straight into Cathy's eyes she added: "If you fight us, it'll only be worse for you. Just stand there until I tell you to do otherwise."

"Just don't hurt me," Cathy whispered. She knew deep in her heart that Jayne and Miles would never hurt her. She knew they did not want to harm her, only satisfy themselves with her body.

Jayne's ups traveled to Cathy's smooth, silken neck. As her moist, painted lips caressed the woman's satiny flesh, she unbuttoned Cathy's blouse down to her stomach. Pushing her hands inside the silk blouse, Jayne cupped Cathy's twin mounds of firm, warm tit flesh. Even through Cathy's bra, Jayne could feel her lust-hardened nipples throbbing.

"So, you are getting hot after all!" Jayne said triumphantly. "Don't try to lie to me. I'm younger than you, but I know the changes in a woman's body when she gets turned on."

Cathy closed her eyes and tried to move, to get her tits out of Jayne's hands, but Miles held her fast. She damned her body for being responsive to the girl's groping hands and searching mouth.

The clasp of Cathy's white bra was between the cups, and Jayne had no trouble undoing it. Slowly, as though opening a present, she pulled the cups away from Cathy's big, creamy tits.

"They're gorgeous! So big! So much bigger than mine," Jayne purred.

She stared at Cathy's tits, amazed and envying their fullness, roundness, and total perfection. Her light-brown areolas were the size of silver dollars, and her tit tips protruded pertly.

Trembling uncontrollably, Cathy felt shame at her body's betrayal. Why did her body always have to get hot whenever it was touched? Why did her nipples always become so electrified, so obviously aroused whenever they were touched? And even now, with Miles' hulkish arms pinning her own slender arms down, she felt wanton desires building!

"Oh, God! Noooooooo!" Cathy lamented as the itching sensation seeped from her nipples through her veins.

When Jayne captured one hard nipple between her lips, and lashed at it with her tongue, Cathy shivered.

Jayne had never tasted a woman's tit before. At her first taste of warm, firm, tit flesh, she wondered why she had never done it. She devoured Cathy's nipple, sucking greedily, opening her painted lips wide to suck as much of the tasty flesh into her mouth as possible.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm!" Jayne moaned with uninhibited pleasure.

She transferred her attention to Cathy's other nipple, biting on it softly. When Cathy squirmed, Jayne knew she was sucking and massaging the woman's tits the right way.

Rolling her head back on her shoulders, Cathy felt her cheek brushing against Miles' cheek. She turned her face away from his, resting her head on his broad shoulder. When his lips pressed through her lustrous brunette hair to caress her neck wetly, a hungry groan came from her lips. Her hands were small fists at her sides, but she made no move to stop Miles or Jayne.

As Jayne's lips moved from nipple to nipple, Cathy found herself shaking. Her knees felt weak. Moving backward slightly, she felt Miles' cockmeat rubbing against her asscheeks. Since he was so much taller than she, his prick was almost at her leather belt.

"Damn you... damn you... damn you both!" Cathy whimpered, lost totally to the ecstatic feelings that seeped throughout her curvaceous body.

Jayne's fingers were digging deep into Cathy's pliable tit mounds, sending tingling shocks all through her stepmother's body. Cathy's cunt was getting moist, making her bikini panties cling to her snatch. She shifted her weight from one foot to the other, wishing her stepchildren would lean her alone.

As Jayne sucked on one budlike nipple, the teenager slipped a hand up Cathy's dress, between her thighs. She pulled down the woman's panties. Her hand pressed against Cathy's hairless cuntlips. Jayne gingerly slipped her middle finger into Cathy's cuntslit and felt the slick oil seep into her palm.

"Mmmmmmmmminft!" she slurped, finger fucking her stepmother as she nursed on a broad nipple. When Jayne pulled her mouth away from Cathy's tit, both women sighed.

"Let's get her clothes off," Jayne said to Miles.

Cathy did not immediately protest when Miles' arms loosened from around her waist. She stood motionless as Miles jerked her blouse down her back, and did not complain when the buttons on the cuffs popped off. Miles unzipped her skirt, and he pushed it down her legs quickly. Suddenly, the boy caught her wrists, and he twisted her arms behind her back.

"Don't..." Cathy whispered, unable to muster more of a defense.

"Get her down," Jayne commanded, her voice quivering with excitement as she sat down on the thickly carpeted floor, and she spread her legs wide.

"Oh, God!" Cathy gasped at seeing Jayne's naked, shaven pussy mound. She felt Miles grip both of her wrists into one of his meaty hands. She gasped as the fingers of his free hand entwined in the thick hair at the back of her neck. When he pulled down, she winced in pain and kneeled.

"Eat her cunt!" Miles said, each word coming out slowly, carefully. He shook Cathy's head a little, pushing her down toward his sister's inflamed, waiting pussy.

"No! I can't! You can't make me do that!" Cathy whimpered, unable to tear her eyes away from Jayne's glistening cunt.

"The hell I can't!" Miles snapped.

Cathy compressed her lips. They could rub her face against Jayne's pussy, but she wasn't going to lick it. She simply wasn't going to lick it!

Jayne raised her knees and spread them, forming a deep valley. Her golden hair spread out around her head, forming a silken halo around her beautiful face. Her ruby cuntlips were twitching in anticipation of Cathy's mouth.

"It's a first for me, too," Jayne said, thinking that might ease her stepmother's uneasiness.

Cathy's tits flattened against her knees, and bulged out under her arms as she bent forward. She tried to turn her face away from Jayne's cunt, but Miles shook her by the hair again.

"No, no, no..." Cathy said, her words trailing off when her lips were pressed against Jayne's pussy.

She could feel the warmth and, moisture of the girl's cunt against her mouth. Cathy waited, unsure of exactly what to do. Miles' hand was still on her wrists, and, her head was trapped between Jayne's spread thighs. Groaning with displeasure, Cathy snaked her tongue from between her lips.

"Ohhhhh! That's it, lick my pussy!" Jayne gasped as shocks of passion made her body quiver. She hooked her knees, raising them a little higher and spreading them more. She wanted her stepmother to have as much room as she needed to eat her seething cunt.

It didn't take long for Cathy to slowly drag her slick tongue through Jayne's puffy, moist cuntlips. She caught the girl's throbbing clit between her teeth, and she nibbled gently on it.

"Ahhhh! Yeah! Ohhhhhh! That's right!" Jayne gasped as hot bolts of pleasure sizzled through her lithe young body. "Suck my clit, Cathy! Suck my clit!"

The use of her name shocked Cathy back to reality. Opening her eyes, she saw nothing but her stepdaughter's shaved cunt mound. But there was no turning back for her now. She had already tasted the slick, tasty oil that seeped out of the teenager's cunt, and Cathy was thirsty for more. Shoving her tongue deep into Jayne's tight cuntslit, Cathy moaned, shook her head, and slid her tongue around inside the girl's pussy. She sucked and tongued feverishly on the girl's cunt. She had never known anyone to shave her pussy before, and Cathy found it mildly kinky and a little erotic.

"Mmmmm!" Cathy moaned.

She quickly silenced herself. The captive brunette wasn't about to let her captors have the pleasure of knowing she was enjoying herself.

When Miles took his hand away from Cathy's head, she didn't try to stop licking Jayne's cunt. Having more freedom only meant that she could tongue and chew on the girl's inflamed cuntlips with greater, more wanton abandon.

Cathy cooed lustfully upon hearing Miles opening his pants. She felt a burning sensation along her thigh as he slipped his massive, red-hot fuck meat between her legs.

"You aren't going to stop me this time," Miles hissed.

"Please, can't you save that for Tom?"

Cathy begged, turning her face away from Jayne's seething cunt. She felt pussy juice wetting the side of her face. "Put it in my ass again. You can do that. I won't try to stop you."

The words seemed so strange, so foreign to be coming out of Cathy's mouth. She tested Miles' grip around her wrists. Instantly his fingers became vise-like, gouging into the tender flesh of her wrists. She knew there was nothing she could do to stop Miles if he was determined to fuck her. Cathy admitted to herself that she, too, would like to get fucked, and she sadly realized that the last of her once-prim and prudish nature was now completely wiped away.

With renewed energy, Cathy resumed licking Jayne's pussy.

The brunette attacked the girl's hairless cunt with sweeping tongue strokes.

Grabbing his prick by his long, thickly veined fuckshaft, Miles guided his cockhead to Cathy's tight cunt. He rubbed his spongy cocktip against her cuntlips.

"You're going to get it good now!" Miles said.

Once his prick was rammed deeply in his stepmother's cunt, Miles released his cock. He rubbed her lavender garter belt with his thumb, noticing that the lace pattern was different than the one he had seen earlier. Miles accurately guessed that the old-fashioned garments were gifts from his father, and he smiled at getting a glimpse of the inner man he hardly knew at all.

"Ug!" Miles grunted, shoving the rest of his cunt-stretching prick into Cathy's pussy with one savage thrust.

"Ohhh!" Cathy groaned, feeling his ten inch cock stabbing deep into her body. "Goddamn, you're big!"

Jayne caught the words, but couldn't really hear them. She was rolling her head from side to side on the floor, her luxurious blonde hair spilling over her face as she gulped in ragged breaths. Her clit was red-hot and sizzling with desire. Cathy's tongue had driven her to the brink of desire, and the teenager was trying to prolong the cunt licking before she came.

Pulling the plunging neckline of her dress apart, Jayne exposed her small tits and grabbed her hard nipples. She pulled on them almost cruelly, driven by the heat in her cunt. Opening her eyes, she saw the lust-blurred image of her brother's handsome face, his features without expression, as he pumped his prick into Cathy's pussy with increasing speed.

"Mmmmrnnirnmm! Ummmmmmft!" Cathy slurped, tonguing furiously at Jayne's cunt.

When her hands fell to the floor, Cathy realized that Miles was no longer holding her wrists. She slipped her arms beneath herself, resting on her elbows, relieving the pressure of her tits being mashed against her knees. Using her thumbs, Cathy carefully separated the girl's cuntlips, and she stabbed her tongue even more deeply into Jayne's pussy. While Cathy licked, the girl's feverish snatch, the woman was tossed to and fro by Miles' rampaging fuckpole. Cathy pushed backward, shaking her ass to meet his charging thrusts of cockmeat, hungrily, devouring him with her fiery pussy.

"Ieeeaaahhh!" Jayne gasped, her eyes open wide as she arched her back.

Cathy's nose was forced hard against Jayne's pubic bone as oily waves of pussy juice gushed against the brunette's face and onto her frisking tongue. She licked as quickly as possible, her senses screaming because Jayne was pulling her hair. Catching the girl's wrists, Cathy held them secured in her hands as she resumed her hurried tonguing of Jayne's pussy.

"Ummmmmm! Ummmmmmft!" Cathy slurped with wanton abandon, no longer trying to hide her obvious enthusiasm for eating pussy.

Cathy was almost unaware of her own rising desire while she tongued her stepdaughter's cunt. But Miles' merciless thrusts of cockmeat into her pussy had taken their effect. Suddenly, her eyes flew open wide and her pussy juice-covered face twisted into a mask of absolute ecstasy.

"Cum!" she managed to groan.

Her pussy juice gushed from her cunt, and trickled down the insides of her thighs. She squirmed and thrashed on the floor, unable to move, sandwiched between Jayne's pussy and Miles' hulkish body.

"Fucking slut!" Miles groaned as he felt his stepmother's cunt contracting around his fiery, responsive prick.

His balls slapped wetly against her trembling thigh as he reamed her cuntlips with the entire length of his cock. Then his balls pulled up tight to his body and began pumping out their thick load. Fuck-cream splattered the walls of Cathy's cunt, mingling with her pussy juice.

Strange animal sounds came from Cathy's throat. The smell of pussy juice seemed to be everywhere, and the feeling of warmth and wetness that was flooding her fuckhole made her own climax even more intense.

She wasn't sure how long it lasted, or how many times she had when Miles pulled his prick from her cunt and rolled away, Cathy, too, rolled onto her back. She stared at the ceiling of her office, breathing heavily, her creamy tits jiggling with each inhalation. Idly, she wondered if any of the secretaries had heard the obscene language used by herself and her stepchildren. The thought was chilling, but she couldn't concentrate on it too long. So many other thoughts were filling her mind, distracting her.

She had initially been forced to lick another woman's cunt. But force had soon turned to free will, and Cathy knew that she would be licking Jayne's cunt again in the near future.

Pushing a lock of brown hair off her forehead, Cathy marveled at how much her life had changed in recent months. She was not, she concluded, much like the woman who had hesitantly allowed Tom to fuck her months before. And she sure as hell wasn't much like the woman who had refused to take his cock into her mouth.

Salivating at the thought of giving Tom a hot, wild blowjob, Cathy rolled onto her stomach, then got unsteadily to her feet. Miles and Jayne watched her as she dressed, and she did nothing to hide her nakedness while she slipped her bra on.

Let them look, she thought to herself, they'll see me again before long!


Cathy lifted her arms above her head, stretching sleepily, as she took in the luxurious warmth and comfort of the huge bed she shared with Tom. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she listened to the sound of water running in the bathroom. Tom was getting ready for work.

Slowly, Cathy slipped out from under the blankets, and she put her feet on the floor. Her firmly rounded tits jiggled, and she looked down at them. Her tits had provided much pleasure the night before, as she and Tom fucked each other into a series of bone-jarring climaxes.

Her fingers stole between her firm thighs to scratch the deep-brown patch of curled hair there. Cathy's cunt hair was slightly matted with dried fuck-cream.

Cathy smiled as the evening's wild fucking came back to mind, almost as clear and vivid as it had been hours earlier. She had nearly summoned the courage to slide down on the bed and suck Tom's enormous cock. Despite having sucked Miles' prick several times, Cathy still hadn't swallowed a thick, salty load of fuck-cream. And she wanted her first experience at sucking a man's prick to wild, cum-gush completion to be with Tom.

Rising, Cathy walked into the bathroom. Tom never locked the door, and the lusty brunette was happy to discover his lean, hairy figure in a hazy, blurred image through the shower's glass door. Once again, Cathy was impressed with her husband's extraordinary masculinity, his magnificent body. A surge of raw emotion gripped her as she stood there, naked, her tits rising and falling as her breathing quickened.

"Honey, you in here?" Tom asked, his voice muffled under the blast of the shower.

"Yes, darling, I'm here," Cathy replied.

As she stared intently at her husband's figure through the glass door, she felt a rising tide of lust taking its effect on her body. Her cunt was beginning to get moist, heated, and her pussylips were visibly swollen. Her nubby nipples became knotted buds of tingling flesh, waiting for Tom's hand and mouth to caress and fondle them.

Bringing her hands slowly up her sides, Cathy cupped her golden tit mounds, rolling her nipples lightly between her fingers. Shocks made her ripe, curvaceous body twitch. Her tits were always so sensitive, so ready to be fondled.

It was then that the idea struck Cathy. And the idea seemed so perfectly logical, she was amazed by it. She'd have Tom fuck her tits! And then, just maybe, she'd dip her face down and tongue his cockhead, which she was sure would taste even more delicious than his son's. If he didn't protest, she'd mouth his wonderful prick until his balls pumped their cream against her avidly caressing tongue and down her throat.

Cathy waited impatiently for Tom to finish with his shower. Though his figure was, at best, indistinct through the steamy glass door, she could see him washing his cock and balls, "Good," Cathy thought, they would be nice and clean for her when she tongued and licked his gorgeous body from head to foot.

"Honey, will you hand me a towel?" Tom asked, shutting off the shower.

"Come on out here, and I'll dry you off," Cathy said.

Tom opened the door and stepped out of the shower. He was initially surprised, then pleased by his wife's appearance. He recognized the look in her eyes, saw by the hardness of her nipples that she was in a lusty mood. Her lips were slightly parted, and her straight, white teeth showed beneath the pink of her lips.

"This is certainly an unexpected pleasure," Tom said as Cathy began dabbing his chest with the towel. "This is the kind of service I could easily get accustomed to."

"Well, I like to things for my darling husband," Cathy purred, rising to her tiptoes to lightly kiss his clefted chin. The move caused her big tits to rub against his hairy chest.

Slowly, knowing she was turning him on, Cathy dried Tom's chest, arms, back and legs. Then, moving in front of him again, she got down on her knees to dry his powerful legs. Cathy started with his feet, and worked her way slowly up to his knees, then his thighs.

"Ohhhhhhh! This is luxury!" Tom said, trying to sound casual but not quite making it. Watching his beautiful wife kneeling before him, her face only a couple inches from the end of his cock, was enough to excite him.

Tom's mind spun as he thought of asking her, one last time, to suck his cock. His daughter had taken his fuckpole into her mouth, and she had sucked him until she swallowed his thick, salty cream. He wanted his wife to do the same. Tom realized that if Cathy didn't give him a blowjob, he'd be looking for Jayne to sink to her knees again and swallow his fuck-cream.

"Now to dry my friend here," Cathy said, feigning nonchalance.

She dried Tom's cock and balls, her tits jiggling vigorously as she rubbed the thick towel over his prick. Then, dropping the towel to the floor, she grabbed Tom's cock curling her fingers around his rubbery prickshaft. As she stroked it gently, his cock soon became thick and hard. Cathy used her left hand to fondle Tom's heavy balls, squeezing them gently as she calculated how much cum they would give her.

"So big and beautiful," Cathy purred, staring intently at the reddish head of his cock.

She stroked his prickmeat until a white drop of jism formed at his slitted cocktip. Cathy's mouth watered as she thought about licking off the precum, but she knew she mustn't do that. Not yet, at least. Not until she was certain that she could give Tom a blowjob without, him suspecting that she had learned the sensual, erotic art from someone else.

When the drop of precum was joined by another, Cathy arched her back slightly and raised her tit up to his cock. She rubbed his pricktip against her nipple, smearing off the precum and drawing a low groan of pleasure from Tom.

Cathy didn't look up, though she was terribly curious to see the expression on his face. Was he angry with her open, wanton need for his prick? Or was he happy beyond words that she was finally grabbing his cock and enjoying herself?

Unable to see his expression, Cathy decided the next few steps in her plan would determine whether or not she would be sucking Tom's prick in the future. She rubbed his cockhead in the creamy valley of her tits, then released his fuckshaft. Grabbing her smooth tits from the outside swells, she pushed her milky tit mounds together, trapping Tom's fuckpole in her soft cleavage.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Tom sighed, his heart in his throat as he picked up the meaning of his wife's silent actions.

He leaned forward slightly, pushing his hips at her.

His cock slipped between her succulent tit mounds, and his cockhead rubbed against her chest, pushing up toward her chin.

Cathy watched his cock approaching her face, sliding hotly between her sensitive tits, and she tilted her head back to look up into her excited husband's face.

"Yes, my darling," she purred.

Cathy could smell her husband's pungent pre-cum as it smeared off onto her flesh, and the aroma sent shivers coursing through her veins. She purred softly and licked her dry lips, wondering when the time would be right to take Tom's cock into her mouth. Judging by the look of almost uncontrollable passion on his face, Cathy sensed that he was enjoying the tit-fucking beyond words.

As the cum simmered hotly in his balls, Tom watched his prick sliding in and out of Cathy's cleavage. Once, when his prick slid through her mounds of tit flesh, his cockhead struck her chin. When he pulled back, withdrawing his cock until it was once again hidden between her tits, he saw cum shining on her chin.

Tom decided that he had to say something. He simply had to let Cathy know how much he enjoyed tit-fucking her. Jayne may suck his cock, but she didn't have tits nearly big enough to fuck his big, throbbing prick.

"Cathy... this is... so... ug... good!" Tom groaned. The words came out slowly, one per thrust of his prick. "My cock feels so Goddamn good!"

"Good, my love! I'll do anything you want!" Cathy replied, licking her lips in a suggestive way as she continued to look up into his passion distorted face.

Their passion was rising. Cathy's senses reeled at the scent of Tom's pre-cum. His cockhead had struck her chin several times, and she could feel his sticky pre-cum clinging to her flesh. Pre-cum had also rubbed off on to the inside swells of her this, making it easier for Tom to plow his throbbing cock through them.

Tom's cockhead was tingling as he pushed himself closer and closer to the brink of ecstasy. His cum wasn't just simmering in his balls anymore. It was bubbling hotly, nearly to the point of boiling. And Tom knew that once he reached that point, he'd shower Cathy with the sticky cream his balls held.

Cathy's breathing was hoarse and irregular. Her pussy juice was running so freely in her cunt that the slick oil was trickling down one leg. She wanted to get fucked. She was desperate for the feel of Tom's cock cramming into her pussy. But that would have to wait for later, Cathy thought.

"Awwwwwww! Cathy... I'm..."

Tom couldn't finish his sentence. He didn't want to. The glorious feeling of having his prick sliding between Cathy's golden, firm tits was too great for him to stop, and he was afraid that if he warned his wife that he was about to cum she might back away from him and simply finish him off with a hand job.

Tom's face twisted in a grimace from pleasure that was so intense it was painful. He thrashed his bulky torso against Cathy, knocking her backward slightly. He grabbed her by the shoulders as his cock throbbed mightily, and his jism sizzled in his balls.

"Go, darling," Cathy hissed, sitting on her heels as she pushed her tits tighter around her husband's rampaging prick. She could smell his pre-cum, and its pungent aroma delighted her.

His extreme pleasure grew, pressure building on pressure, and Tom let out a low groan. He stared with glassy eyes at Cathy's lovely face, and he watched his prick slide between her tits.

"Honey..." he moaned, realizing that he was about to cum.

He was going to warn Cathy. But when his balls pulled up tight to his body, words suddenly became an impossibility.

Cathy was having trouble keeping her balance. Tom was stabbing his cock through the valley of her creamy tits with tremendous speed, and she was being knocked farther backward. When she could no longer maintain her balance, Cathy released her tits and put her hands behind her on the floor, her feet askew beneath her.

The first long, slick stream of jism to burst out of Tom's cockhead splattered against the smooth swells of Cathy's tits. When his prick slid over her flesh again, Tom's balls rubbing against Cathy's ripe body, his cockhead throbbed out a second long jet of cum that arched through the air and struck Cathy's cheek.

Cathy shrieked as she watched the yellowish cum gush from Tom's pricktip.

"Awwwwwwww!" Tom groaned, grabbing his cock to jerk the rest of his jism out of his balls.

To his incredible surprise, Cathy opened her mouth as a third jet of cum exploded out of his fiery cockhead. His cum gushed straight into her mouth, spilling over her tongue and teeth. Tom pumped his cock, thrusting it at his wife's open mouth at the same time.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" Cathy moaned as her lips were parted by Tom's enormous cockhead. She wrapped her succulent mouth firmly around his fuckshaft, her tongue dancing along his throbbing prickmeat as more cum gushed against the back of her mouth.

Swallowing repeatedly, Cathy drank the rest of her husband's delicious fuck-cream with obvious, wanton abandon. She pushed her face forward, taking his prickmeat into her mouth until his cockhead was partially in her throat.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Cathyyyyyyy!" Tom sighed as the last weak trickles of his load were squeezed out onto his wife's frisking tongue.

Leaning back, her arms behind her, Cathy turned her gaze up to Tom's face. Her lips were moving in a tender, chewing motion. Her mouth felt coated with jism, and she savored the spunky aftertaste of his fuck-cream.

"Mmmmmmm!" she purred, extra-loud for Tom's benefit. When he pushed more prick at her, Cathy consciously relaxed the muscles in her throat and took his cock deeper.

"Cathy, I thought you'd never do this," Tom said softly, amazed that his wife was actually giving him a blowjob.

Looking down at her, he couldn't believe the sight. Cum was trickling down the side of Cathy's face, rolling down to her neck. More than half of his giant prick was in her mouth, and her throat was visibly expanding to accommodate his fuckpole.

When Cathy finally withdrew her husband's prick from the hot recesses of her mouth, she tongued slowly on his cockhead. Cathy slowly brought her fist back and forth over the awesome length of his cock, and she worked a last thick drop of jism out of his slitted pricktip. She stuck her tongue out and licked the cum off. Then, curling her tongue back into her mouth, she swallowed his jism.

"I'm sorry I haven't done this for you before," Cathy said, her voice a husky purr. "I know you wanted me to, but I just didn't think I could do it. How completely foolish of me."

Using his cockhead, Cathy rubbed the cum around her face, occasionally pausing to tongue the cleft of his pricktip. She never took her gaze from Tom's face the whole time.

"I love you, Cathy," Tom sighed.

But even as he said the words, he was already wondering what it would be like to cram his huge prick into Jayne's shaved pussy. He damned himself silently for thinking such thoughts, but realized that he had to fuck his daughter. At least once, he was going to feel Jayne's lithe body squirming joyously beneath him as he pummeled her with his rock hard prick.


Cathy looked at Jayne and smiled. Her stepdaughter was watching television, looking sexy and bored. Cathy felt a twinge of anticipation making her cunt lips dewy.

"Where is Miles?" Cathy asked nonchalantly.

"He's pumping iron in the basement," Jayne replied without looking at her stepmother.

It was just another lazy day for Jayne, who didn't have a thing to do and all day to do it. Cathy had said she wasn't feeling well, and it somewhat bothered Jayne that her stepmother was going to stay home. Jayne had planned on lounging around and having the house to herself, since Miles was going to see a woman across town that he sometimes fucked.

"That was a pretty rotten thing you and Miles did to me at the office," Cathy said. Her voice carried not a trace of anger in it. "I've never had my mouth on a pussy before, and you made me eat you until you came."

Jayne finally turned to look at Cathy. She didn't like the look on her stepmother's face, though she didn't exactly know why. There was something lurking behind, the woman's eyes, that was unreadable.

"You didn't do anything but lay there and enjoy it," Cathy continued, rising slowly out of her chair. "I ate your cunt, but you didn't eat mine. What do you think about that, Jayne? Huh? Have you ever put your tongue in a cunt before?"

Jayne licked her lips again before speaking.

"No, I actually haven't. But you didn't exactly mind what we were doing to you. As I recall, you climaxed with Miles fucking you. And, furthermore, you licked my pussy even after I came. That sort of behavior didn't exactly hint to me that you minded what happened."

Cathy was standing beside Jayne's chair, looking down at the sleek young woman. Looking past the small swells of Jayne's tits, Cathy noticed that her nipples were hard, poking out through her bra and blouse.

"You're going to lick my cunt," Cathy said, drawing each word out slowly for maximum effect. "What do you think about that, Miss Jayne Sanders?"

Cathy was ready and willing to wrestle the slender teenager to the floor, and to force her into eating her cunt. She was certain she could do it because she was so much huskier than the slender model. But it wasn't necessary. Jayne was intensely curious about eating another woman's cunt.

"I think it's a marvelous idea," Jayne said, a mischievous gleam twinkling in her dark brown eyes. "All you had to do was ask. I've never really learned to say no."

When Jayne stood, Cathy slipped her arms tenderly around the girl's neck. She brought the teenager's face down to hers, and she kissed Jayne's brilliantly painted lips.

"Mmmmmmmmm!" Cathy sighed, wrapping her arms more tightly around Jayne's neck as the kiss became hotter, more urgent.

She thrust her tongue out, letting it play over Jayne's lips before entering her warm, moist mouth. Jayne sucked on Cathy's tongue, biting it softly. Her hands moved slowly up Cathy's sides, sliding over her curved hips, until her fingers were under, the woman's arms. Then, moving her hands between their bodies, Jayne cupped Cathy's twin mounds of firm, responsive tit flesh.

"Ohhhhhhhhh!" Cathy sighed, breaking the sensuous kiss. She lowered the girl's face until her lips were caressing the arch of Cathy's neck. "Yes, Jayne, kiss me there."

As Jayne massaged Cathy's tits, the girl nibbled and kissed her stepmother's lightly perfumed neck. She savored the sweet taste of Cathy's skin, lavishing her neck with sweeping licks and delicate nips with her teeth.

"Goddamn you, Jayne, this feels so fine! So good!" Cathy groaned as the fire of desire burned more brightly in her seething, moistening pussy. She pushed her fingers through Jayne's wavy blonde hair. Her nipples were throbbing, sending hot tingles throughout her body.

Cathy closed her eyes as Jayne's mouth worked over her neck and, shoulders. It was difficult for the bride to believe that she was actually making it with another woman. In fact, she had been the seducer, not the seduced. But she was indeed enjoying everything Jayne was doing.

"Go on, Jayne, take control," Cathy whispered, pushing slightly downward on her stepdaughter's head, wanting to feel the young girl's lips surrounding and tantalizing her passion-hungry nipples.

The teenager was nervous as she began unbuttoning Cathy's blouse. Though she had sucked on her stepmother's tits before, she had never eaten pussy, and the thought of it made her quiver all over. Her hungry lips moved into the warm, sweet valley of Cathy's tits.

"I love your tits!" Jayne whispered, bending lower. "I'm so fucking envious of your tits, you just wouldn't believe it!"

Wiggling out of her blouse and bra with Jayne's assistance, Cathy was soon naked from the waist up. She cupped her tits, squeezing them from the sides, so that her nipples protruded even more.

"Eat my tits," Cathy sighed, shaking her shoulders in her urgency. "Eat my nipples before you lick my cunt!"

Her bright-red lips pursed as Jayne nursed on Cathy's warm, lust-hardened nipples. She sucked and chewed on the woman's little tit tips, occasionally using her teeth to gently graze over Cathy's knotted flesh.

Cathy began to tremble with uninhibited desire. She guided Jayne's face back and forth, from one nipple to the other. Cathy wished Jayne had two mouths so the girl could suck on both tits at the same time.

"Mmmmmfffft!" Jayne slurped, tonguing furiously on Cathy's nipple as she gulped her succulent tit flesh into her mouth. While Jayne sucked on her stepmother's nipple, she reached behind Cathy's back and pulled the zipper of her skirt down. Then Jayne pushed the garment down, and Cathy stepped out of it.

"This is uncomfortable," Cathy said breathlessly, pushing Jayne away slightly. "Let me get down on the floor, or at least sit in a chair!"

Jayne pushed her stepmother backward into an overstuffed chair. Cathy's legs hung over the plush arms of the chair, and her feet pointed slightly upward. Grabbing Cathy's skimpy antics, Jayne ripped the bikini panties down the woman's legs, exposing the curly cuntbush that almost completely concealed her pink fuckhole.

"I've got to lick your pussy," Jayne hissed, dropping to her knees.

She pushed Cathy's knees so that they were over her shoulders, and she wrapped her arms around the woman's thighs so that her fingertips were near Cathy's moist cuntlips.

Cathy felt silly, sitting sideways on the big chair, but when Jayne's lips began pressing against her pussy, whatever reservations Cathy felt about her unusual position were quickly banished. Cathy raised her feet, kicked off her shoes, and spread her thighs for Jayne to center on her cunt.

"Ohhhhhh! Yesssssssss!" Cathy groaned, pushing her fingers through Jayne's silken locks.

Jayne ate her stepmother's cunt joyfully, not hesitating for a single second before jamming her tongue between Cathy's lust inflamed cunt lips. Her honey blonde hair spilled down, tickling Cathy's thighs, as Jayne's head moved quickly.

"Mmmnimmffft! Ummmmmm!" Jayne moaned, dragging her stiff tongue through her stepmother's cuntlips, inching toward her fiery clit. When she reached Cathy's fuck button, Jayne slapped it with her tongue before sucking it between her lips.

"Ohhhhh! Goddamn it, Jayne, eat meeee!" Cathy howled, totally forgetting that Miles was downstairs.

Jayne's hands moved quickly, her fingertips prying apart Cathy's slick cuntlips. Cathy's nylons felt good against the girl's cheeks as she tongued hungrily at her stepmother's drooling pussy. Jayne rubbed the lace garter belt with her fingers, enjoying the feeling.

"Mmmmmmmmm!" the teenager purred as she nibbled tenderly on Cathy's cunt lips.

Jayne was acting like the cheapest whore in the world as she shoved her tongue deep into Cathy's cunt. The teenager's tongue reamed her stepmother's wanton fuckhole as her cheeks began to glisten with the slick oil that seeped out of Cathy's pussy.

"Eat meeeeeee!" Cathy groaned again.

The girl was eating and licking Cathy's cunt with an urgency that both surprised and aroused Cathy. She shivered, a low groan coming from deep in her chest, as her pussy drooled out more of the rich oil that Jayne craved.

"Finger fuck me at the same time," Cathy gasped, wanting to feel the girl's finger reaming her hot pussy as Jayne licked her clit. "Push a finger in."

At first Jayne just got her fingertip moist with Cathy's oil, then slit carefully inserted her finger. Jayne had finger fucked herself enough times to know that her long fingernails could hurt the delicate inner walls of a woman's cunt.

"Ohhh, yes! That's it! That's right!" Cathy gasped as she felt a finger sliding deep into her cunt. She licked her lips, but her mouth still felt dry. The excitement rising in her body was making her breathe fast and deep.

Her hand shaking visibly, Cathy took off her glasses, and she dropped them beside the chair. She rested her foot on Jayne's back as the hotly sucking blonde worked over her clit.

Jayne, kneeling beside the chair, was going crazy as she sucked and chewed on Cathy's clit. Tasting pussy juice wasn't a new experience for her. She had tasted it countless times on the pricks of her lovers, after they had fucked her. But nothing was better than the taste of girl-cum direct from the source.

Tom pulled his car into the driveway, and he turned the engine off. He hadn't been able to concentrate on work because the thought of his lovely bride being sick kept going through his mind. He finally decided that if he was ever going to get any work done, he'd have to see her, to reassure himself that she'd be all right.

Stepping into the house, Tom had expected to find Cathy in the bedroom, perhaps looking pale and tired. He did not expect to find Cathy sitting sideways on a chair in the living room, with Jayne on her knees licking her pussy.

The sight was so breathtakingly beautiful that Tom couldn't do anything but stand and stare at his wife and daughter. He knew that Jayne was a horny wench. The fact that she had all but begged to give him a blow job was proof of that. But he never thought that Jayne was the type of girl who would lick pussy.

With his cock growing quickly, stretching down the leg of his pants, Tom advanced toward the two women quietly. The last thing he wanted to do was disturb them.

Cathy's dark hair jounced over the side of the chair as she purred lustfully. Her cunt was burning hotter, and she knew she couldn't stand much more of this intense pleasure without cumming. The pleasure was just too terrific to enjoy for long.

Standing behind Jayne, Tom opened his pants and pushed them down to his thighs. Pulling put his ten-inch prick, he began stroking it softly. His thick, heavily veined fuckpole filled his hand.

"Cumiinggggggg!" Cathy suddenly gasped. She opened her eyes and saw Tom standing behind Jayne. At first Cathy tried to stop herself, tried to wrestle away from Jayne. But the wrenching gyrations of her orgasm prevented her from escaping Jayne, and the teenager only figured the wrenching moves were caused by excitement. Through passion fogged eyes, Cathy saw her husband's enormous prick, watching him stroking it slowly as she arched her back and gushed put her girl-cum onto Jayne's tongue and lips.

"I trust you're both enjoying yourself," Tom said softly once he figured Cathy had descended slowly back to earth.

"Daddy!" Jayne squealed, spinning around to face him. Her face was wet from Cathy's cum, and her red lipstick had been worn off on Cathy's cunt.

"I can see that life at the Sanders' household is going to change drastically in the near future."

Cathy kicked her foot over Jayne's head, and she sat upright in the chair. She looked at Tom, not knowing whether he'd be angry with her behavior, or excited by it.


Jayne was still kneeling, mouth open slightly with her surprise, when she looked up at her father. She was about to apologize, or make a hasty exit through the front door, but she didn't get a chance to do either. When Tom grabbed a handful of her silky hair and jammed his prick between her lips, Jayne knew it wasn't trouble she was in for.

"Ohhhhhhh! Start sucking, Jayne!" Tom demanded. He released her hair and motioned for Cathy, who was watching in stunned silence, to get out of her chair and come into his arms. "Come, my love. The rules of the game have been changed. It's time for adventure."

Cathy wasn't sure if her ears were betraying her. It was all happening so fast. She looked at Jayne, kneeling not five feet away from her, running her ruby lips over Tom's stout prick. The look of ecstasy on, Jayne's face confirmed Cathy's suspicion that the teenager was a natural cocksucker and cunt licker.

"Yes, darling, whatever you say," Cathy replied, getting to her feet.

Slipping under Tom's muscular arm while he faced Jayne, Cathy snuggled against his body, pressing her full, tingling tits against his chest. The fabric of his suit felt good against her fiery nipples, but she wanted to feel his hairy chest. As she kissed him, sucking on his exploring tongue, she unbuttoned his vest and shirt. The sounds of Jayne's blowjob drifted to Cathy's ears. Pulling away from Tom, she looked up into his face.

"You do love me, don't you, Tom? Seeing Jayne do what she did to me hasn't changed your opinion any?"

"My precious, brilliant but silly love, it's done quite the opposite," Tom said, smiling broadly as his gaze shifted from Jayne's bobbing face to Cathy. "Now, unless you get down on your knees and get your share of my cock, Jayne's going to eat the whole thing up by herself!"

Giggling almost childishly, Cathy dropped to her knees beside Jayne. She pushed her fingers through Jayne's hair, caressing the perfumed strands, without interrupting the girl's bobbing motion. With her other hand she cupped Tom's swinging, plump balls.

"I love this," Cathy purred, pushing her face against Jayne's. She raised Tom's balls, then began licking his wrinkled sac. When his entire sac was moist with her spit, Cathy opened her pink lips wide and sucked one ball into her hot, wet mouth.

"Ohhhhhhhh!" Tom groaned, unable to contain his excitement.

Seeing two such lovely women kneeling before him, sucking his cock and balls at the same time, was the greatest thrill he had ever known. The sleek lines of Jayne's body contrasted sharply with the naked curves of his wife. Together, they made his prick harder than it had ever been before.

Nibbling on the side of Tom's broad cock, Cathy made her way slowly toward his prickhead. She let her tongue trail over Jayne's lips, then firmly pulled the girl's mouth off Tom's fuck shaft.

"It's my turn, Jayne. You've got to realize we both get time with Tom's cock from now on."

Cathy paused to kiss Jayne lightly on the lips, then she began licking Tom's rubbery cock knob.

Cathy tongued Tom's piss hole, and licked off the thick drop of pre-cum that had formed there. Then, opening her hungry mouth wide, she gulped his cock into her mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmm!" Cathy crooned.

Her moist lips were wrapped around his fuck shaft, just behind his cock head. Turning her face to one side caused his prick tip to press against her cheek, bulging the side of her face out.

"That's so beautiful, Cathy!" Tom said through gritted teeth. "You know, I never dreamed that I'd see my lovely wife and lovely daughter kneeling before me like this."

"We love you, Daddy," Jayne whispered, kissing Tom's thigh.

Sucking more of his huge prick into her mouth, Cathy prepared to demonstrate her ability to take a big cock straight down her throat. Opening her throat, Cathy took his cock head in. She groaned and twisted her face from side to side. Then, her lips moving in a chewing motion, she pushed her face forward and his cock slid ever deeper.

"Holy shit!" Jayne exclaimed, watching her stepmother taking Tom's giant fuck pole into her throat.

Jayne had often tried to deep throat Miles' prick, but she had failed. Something inside her always protested the invasion of cockmeat into her throat.

"Go, Cathy! Take it all!" Tom groaned.

He let his suit coat and shirt drop to the floor behind him, baring his broad, hairy chest. He watched as Cathy wedged his huge cock completely into her mouth, until her pink lips were stretching tightly around the base of his prick.

Cathy could feel Tom's spitty balls against her chin. Her throat involuntarily tightened several times around his cock, but then she relaxed. The thrill of accomplishment felt almost as good as the actual feeling of having her husband's cock cramming her throat completely.

When her need for oxygen became urgent, Cathy pulled her face away from Tom's crotch, letting his throbbing fuckpole slide out of her clutching throat.

"Mmmmmmmmmm!" the bride moaned, pivoting her face around his cockhead once again.

Grabbing Tom's enormous cock, Jayne pulled his prick out of her stepmother's mouth.

For a moment, the cock hungry women struggled for dominance over his prick, then they silently decided to share it. Together they nibbled and tongued his cock head and fuck shaft, taking turns wrapping their moist lips around his spongy pricktip!

"You two are something else," Tom sighed, gently kicking off his shoes, careful not to move so quickly that he would pull his cock from Jayne's or Cathy's mouth. "I've got to be the luckiest guy in the whole fucking world!"

While Cathy pistoned her face up and down, whipping her lips over the sensitive ridge of Tom's cock head, Jayne kneaded her stepmother's warm, firm tits. She rolled the nipples and tweaked them, sending shivers of raw passion zipping through Cathy's veins.

The extreme pleasure was getting to Tom, making the cum in his balls simmer hotly. He put his hands on his hips, and he began slowly fucking Cathy's face while Jayne chewed on the side of his fuck shaft.

Jayne finally had her turn at sucking Tom's prick. After capturing his drooling cockhead in her mouth, she began unbuttoning her dress. She bobbed slowly, tantalizing her father's responsive cock with long, sweeping licks of her tongue. When Cathy began helping Jayne get out of her dress, the blonde moaned and threw all her attention toward the prick that stretched her ruby lips.

"Which one of you gets my load?" Tom asked. "Huh, ladies? Which one of you gets my load?"

"I want it! I'm your wife!" Cathy said quickly, her eyes bright and shining as she looked up at her husband's face.

Jayne pulled her mouth off Tom's prick, and she paused to stroke his spitty fuckshaft. "No, I want your cum, Daddy! She may be your wife, but I'm your own flesh and blood!"

"You two better figure it out pretty quick." The words became hoarse as Tom struggled to keep the cum in his balls. He pumped his hips faster, in longer strokes, needing little more stimulation to make his hot, slick jism fly.

Cathy and Jayne wrestled to get Tom's prickhead into their mouths. But then, though no words were spoken, they realized what had to be done. Putting their faces close together, with Jayne's cheek pressing hard against Cathy's, they opened their mouths wide.

Grabbing his prick, Tom knew he couldn't hold back more than another thirty seconds. Kneeling before him in open, uninhibited lust were his wife and daughter. Their mouths gaped as they waited for him to shoot his cum onto their tongues. The action was so lewd, so lusty that he couldn't do anything more than pump on his prick and aim his cock head at Cathy's mouth.

"Arrrrrggghhhh!" Tom groaned as his balls leaped, then pumped out the first heady stream of jism.

Cathy caught almost all of Tom's cum stream in her mouth. It splashed over her tongue and teeth. From the corner of her lips, a yellowish blob of jism stuck and shined brightly.

Turning his aim just a couple of inches, Tom steadied himself as he stroked his fuckpole. His cockhead was pointed at Jayne's mouth when it spit out another thick, salty river of jism. His cum gushed straight into the teenager's mouth, and she swirled the jism around with her tongue.

Tom alternated his aim back and forth, from wife to daughter, until cum just trickled from his cockhead. Then, weak-kneed, he let them fight over his prick as the last drops of cum were worked out of his balls and cocktube.

Cathy's mouth was full of jism when she took Jayne's face in her hands and kissed the girl. The teenager's mouth opened, and Cathy used her tongue to transfer the jism. After that they slipped the creamy goo from mouth to mouth until it was slowly swallowed by both of them.

"Well, well," Miles said, standing at the doorway to the living room. "It looks like I've missed out on all the fun!"

Tom said nothing. A trembling smile played across his lips as he motioned for his son to step into the room.


For a moment, nobody knew what to do. Cathy helped Jayne get completely undressed while Tom and Miles stripped out of their clothes. But after that, though everyone, was still very horny, no one knew precisely what the next move was supposed to be.

With his enormous cock drooping out from his body, Miles stepped up to Cathy. He calmly reached out, and he pinched her hard nipple.

"Ohhhhhh," Cathy moaned softly.

Her mind was reeling, eyes darting from Miles' blazing eyes to Tom's expression of curiosity and excitement.

"Don't worry about me, darling," Tom said softly, coaxing his wife on.

He wanted to see her fucking his son. He wanted it because it wasn't so long ago that he couldn't even imagine her sucking his cock, and the idea of watching her fuck with his own son would surely give his satisfied prick another hard-on.

Cathy slipped, her fingers around Miles' prick, giving it a playful squeeze before she began stroking it. Slowly, a smile of contentment spread across Cathy's mouth. She licked her lips, rolling the tip of her tongue around her mouth, and stepped closer to Miles.

"What do you want this time, tough guy?" Cathy asked, teasing him.

"I'll figure that out later," Miles replied, finally speaking. "But for now, get on your knees and start sucking."

"Anything you want, I can handle."

Cathy sank to her knees, stroking Miles' fat prick while she massaged his cum-filled balls. The heady taste of Tom's jism was still filling her senses, and she crooned lustfully as she caught the musky, erotic aroma of her stepason's fuckpole.

"Never thought I'd see this," Tom said to no one in particular as he watched his new wife tenderly licking his son's prick. Jayne slipped under his arm, pressing her small tit against his side, as she rubbed her cunt against his thigh. "Not in a million fucking years did I ever think I'd see this."

Cathy was looking at Tom when she opened her mouth and took the mushroomed head of Miles' prick into her mouth. Her tongue moved slowly, rolling around the clefted underside of his cockhead and down his fuck shaft. Her moist lips were stretched around his rigid prick. She pushed her face forward, taking his cockmeat into her mouth, until his bulbous prick knob was against the opening of her throat.

"Mmmmmmmm!" the brunette moaned, pivoting her face around his jaw-stretching cock.

"Deep-throat him, honey," Tom said, watching his wife give a blowjob while Jayne sucked on his nipple. "You can do it. He's no bigger in the cock department than I am."

Cathy pistoned her face in smooth, swanlike movements, dragging her succulent lips along the steelish length of Miles' prick. She paid special attention to the ridge of his cock head, chewing on it with her lips, sending hot, glowing tingles of desire coursing, through his veins.

With Miles' cock stretching her lips and flattening her tongue, Cathy could feel the blood pumping into his giant fuck shaft, making it even longer and harder.

Tom had his arm around Jayne's slender shoulders as he watched Cathy taking Miles' prick deeper into the lush recesses of her mouth. He pushed downward, and Jayne instantly dropped to her knees. She turned his cock to the side so she could put it in her mouth while watching Miles and Cathy going at it.

"Mmmmmmmff! Ummmg!" Cathy groaned as she took the tip of Miles' ten-inch cock into her throat. Farther and farther, his cock head stabbed, until the woman's ripe lips were kneading his prick root.

Cathy kept her nose pressed into Miles' curly cock hair, and her throat engorged with prick meat for a long time. When she had bathed every throbbing inch of Miles' prick in the liquid warmth of her mouth, she began bobbing hard and fast. The smoothness of her bobbing was broken only when his cockhead slammed hard against the back of her mouth before jamming down her throat. After that, it stabbed completely into her throat.

As Cathy sucked hungrily on Miles' prick, Jayne began taking Tom's fuckpole deeper into her mouth. But, try as she may, the teenager wasn't able to fit her father's enormous cock into her virgin throat like Cathy could.

"Ohhhhhhhh! That's right! A little deeper. And use your tongue," Tom instructed, his eyes darting back and forth from Cathy's cock-filled face to Jayne's.

Entwining his fingers into Cathy's frisking hair, Miles pulled his stepmother's face off his cock. Looking down at her, he asked, "How would you like your ass stuffed by my prick?"

Without saying a word, Cathy got to her feet, then bent down, wrapped herself over the arm of the overstuffed chair. The half-moons of her golden ass were gloriously, exposed, ready and waiting for Miles' ten-inch prick to split them, to plow deep into the humid recesses of her asshole.

With his knees bent, Miles centered his cock on her puckered, tight asshole. He rubbed his spitty prick tip against the opening until her ass was moist and lubricated.

"Drive it deep," Cathy said.

She stared at the far wall, her eyes wide with anticipation, as she waited for the ecstatic feeling of having her ass crammed with cock meat. Her nipples, hard and tingling madly, were rubbing lightly against the seat cushion of the chair.

Tom was so astounded by what his wife was doing that he walked over to get a better look. He hardly seemed to notice that he had pulled his cock out of Jayne's mouth. Annoyed by her father's lack of response, Jayne crawled across the floor on her knees and began sucking his cock even more hungrily and urgently than before.

"Do it," Cathy hissed through gritted teeth, staring at the far wall.

Miles made sure that his cockhead was firmly in position against his stepmother's ass. Grabbing her hips, he pushed them down so she was trapped against the arm of the chair. Then, with a rumbling groan, he plowed his hips forward with a mighty thrust. His prick bowed slightly as her tight asshole prevented the entry of his cockhead. But then her tight ass opened, and all ten inches of Miles' prick came charging up her ass, reaming her fiercely.

"Awwwwwwwww!" Cathy groaned at the sudden intrusion of cockmeat into her ass. "You're so fucking big! Easy, Miles! Just take it a little easy! No, give it to me hard, boy! Give me everything you've got!"

Miles threw his body against Cathy's, reaming her ass with every ounce of energy in his body. When his muscular hips smacked against the trembling moons of Cathy's asscheeks, her body rippled.

Cathy gasped, feeling his fuckpole stabbing deep up her ass.

Though it hurt to have Miles fucking her asshole so forcefully, she'd be damned if she'd admit to not being able to take him easily. So she gritted her teeth and squeezed her eyes tightly shut as the pain slowly turned into mild pleasure. By the tenth stroke of his prick into her asshole, Cathy was squirming on the arm of the chair, shaking her ass to take Miles' prick as far into her ass as she could.

Tom couldn't believe what he was seeing. But his eyes didn't lie to him. His beloved wife, who had refused to suck his cock, was getting ass fucked by his own son. He looked down and saw Jayne's ruby lips bouncing over the ridge of his cockhead. The wanton, lusty manner in which she sucked his cock suddenly filled his senses, and he pulled her face toward his body as he started pumping his hips.

"Mmmgg!" Jayne choked when her father's big cock slammed against the back of her mouth. Her throat tightened, preventing the entry of his fuck shaft. The teenager squirmed on her knees, one part of her wanting to fight out of her father's hands, to get his cock out of her mouth. But another part, the envious side of her that she didn't like to admit to, wanted to swallow his prick like Cathy did.

"Take it!" Tom groaned, shoving his hips forward to fuck his sizzling prick shaft into his daughter's face.

Jayne was getting nervous. She wrapped both hands around her father's cock, preventing him from stabbing all of his jaw-stretching cock into her protesting throat. Again and again his cock came charging at her, forcing her fist to pound against her red lips. Her head bounced backward from the impact, but his awesome prick never left her mouth. Her frisking tongue danced along the bottom of his prick tip, and around the veined stem of Tom's throbbing cock.

Cathy pressed her cheek against the seat cushion, and she watched Jayne sucking Tom's reddish fuck pole. From the expression on Jayne's face, Cathy could tell that the teenager was having difficulty keeping up with Tom's powerful thrusts. Cathy felt an odd sense of elation when she realized the girl was trying to do what she herself could do. The idea that Miles and Jayne had initially intended on breaking up her marriage with Tom came to Cathy, but the realization wasn't a painful one. She had won! She had taken everything her stepchildren could give, and she was still coming back for more.

"Fuck me, damn you!" Cathy snapped over her shoulder to Miles. She tightened her asshole around his pistoning cock, squeezing it even tighter to milk the cum from his swinging, cum-laden balls.

"I want you to cum!"

Miles fucked Cathy's ass with his cock, stabbing it full-length into her ass tunnel, until the chair rocked and swayed beneath from the impact. His big, powerful hands mauled the ripe moons of Cathy's ass cheeks.

"Oh! Uh! Uhh!" Miles grunted, punctuating each powerful invasion of cock meat into his stepmother's tightly clutching asshole.

Cathy could feel every ridge and vein of Miles' prick as it skewered her asshole. She pushed her head and shoulders up slightly, then reached out for Tom's cock, which was buried deep in her stepdaughter's frightened face.

"Give it to me, Tom!" Cathy begged. "She can't take it, but I can!"

Tom plowed his prick into. Jayne's mouth once again, and he watched her head snap back when her fist collided with her lips. Shimmering blonde hair flowed and jounced around her face as the teenager tried desperately to give her father the kind of blowjob he obviously craved.

"Tom, I need your cock now!" Cathy begged, hungry for her handsome husband's fuck meat. "I want... ug... your cock in my throat!"

With catlike speed and deftness, Tom grabbed his wife by the shoulders, and he pulled her off the chair.

Cathy fell heavily to the floor, then scrambled to pull her knees beneath her and get Tom's prick in the wet cavern of her hungry mouth.

"Damn it!" Miles snapped, his cock suddenly and unexpectedly out of his stepmother's asshole. Lunging at her, he grabbed Cathy's hips and raised them, stabbing his cock into her asshole at the same time. He was close to shooting his fuck-cream into her ass.

"Give me..." Cathy began, asking for Tom's prick.

She didn't complete her sentence because he had dropped to his knees, used her hair to snap her head up, and reamed her pink lips with his fuck shaft. His cock head slammed back against the top of her mouth, then buried in her throat.

Jayne, now without a cock to satisfy her, kneeled near Cathy's face and watched intently as her stepmother deep-throated Tom's prick.

"That's amazing," the girl said softly, watching all ten inches of Tom's fiery fuckshaft stabbing into Cathy's mouth.

Miles roared like a lion as hot, spewing jism exploded up from his balls. In a seemingly endless stream, the cum exploded from the slit in his cockhead, and gushed against the clutching walls of his step-mother's asshole.

Cathy didn't have time to savor the joyous feeling of having cum splashing in her ass because Tom shoved all of his prick down the woman's throat and spewed out his own hot load of fuck-cream.

"Mmmmmm! Ummmgg! Mmmmmmm!" Cathy whimpered, sucking and swallowing as hard and fast as she could.

She shook her ass, pushing backward to take Miles' cock into her asshole. Then, pushed forward by his hard thrusts, she swallowed all of Tom's prick meat, letting him blast his jism down her throat.

Jayne was on her side, with Tom's prick stretching her hairless cunt lips. Cathy was tonguing Miles' balls as he shoved his cock meat into his sister's mouth.

It had been hours since any of them had gotten any rest. They had been fucking and sucking constantly since their first encounter. After more than a little prodding by Cathy, both Miles and Jayne admitted to trying to break up the marriage. Tom was initially angry with his children, but then he realized they were only trying to protect him, and he forgave them.

After that, they were fucking again. Tom ass fucked Jayne until she screamed, first in pain, then in ecstasy. Cathy fucked and sucked Miles until he collapsed in exhaustion. Then, with a satisfied smile and cum warming her ass and pussy, she fell asleep in her husband's arms.


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