Horny eager babysitter

As our modern society becomes increasingly urbanized, and the overall family structure weaker, we are seeing more and more of the phenomenon known as amorality.

A good case in point is Charles Manson, a person who never learned about good and bad, a person who never placed any value on human life, simply doing whatever a momentary whim dictated. The pervasive corruption in high political office today offers another example.

The young girl in this book is a child of the present. Living the life of the hedonist, she refuses to worry about tomorrow and rarely thinks of the past. Her main concern is for today, and the pleasure it brings. For her, sex is merely something to be enjoyed, carrying neither emotional ties nor moral overtones.

And so she goes from day to day, wandering from one sexual experience to another, keeping her relationships with others on a physical plane, always looking for a new thrill.

HORNY EAGER BABYSITTER -- the story of a young girl who embodies the lifestyle of many of our society. Her story is one which holds a lesson for us all.


"Ahhhh, that's it, honey," Al Burke moaned, leaning back on the couch and sighing happily. "Rub it nice and slow like that. Yeah."

"I... I don't think we should be doing this, Mr. Burke." Janie Sanders' voice was a shy tremor as she stroked his bulging crotch delicately. Her fingers groped along the stiffness there, exploring with a mixture of hesitation and curiosity. She squirmed uncomfortably, listening for the sound of Mrs. Burke's car pulling into the driveway and vaguely aware of the moistening sensation in the crotch of her panties. "I mean, your wife could come home any minute, and I'm supposed to be watching Tommy."

"What's there to watch?" Al countered with a throaty chuckle, fully aware of the girl's willingness, and determined to overcome her fears. "Tom's asleep, and there's no way Marsha's going to sneak up on us while she's driving that old clunker of mine. Besides, her bridge parties always drag past midnight. We've got a whole hour to ourselves, so let's just relax and enjoy it. Here, maybe this'll help."

He slid an arm around her shoulders, drawing her to him.

Janie didn't resist. Actually, she knew he had a point. There was no danger of getting caught, with little Tommy Burke asleep, in his room and. Mrs. Burke gone. But she couldn't help feeling a small twinge of fright. She'd never seen a man's cock all hard and throbbing before, let alone held one in her hand. His prick pulsed rhythmically, shooting electric jolts right to the growing itch in her cunt.

Al gave a deep groan, thoroughly enjoying the teenager's massaging hand. "Oh yeah, that's nice. You know, you're the best babysitter Marsha's ever hired. Looking out for Tommy the way you've been doing the past couple of months, taking care of the place while I'm at business meetings and Marsha's off with her clubs and organizations. Yeah, you're quite a find, all right. Now rub a little faster."

As he spoke, the big, meaty hand draped over Janie's shoulders slipped sound and fell casually across one of her large blouse-covered tits.

She gasped, instinctively clenching her fist on his crotch as a thrill of new excitement rushed through her. "Mr. Burke, please. I shouldn't. It isn't right. I ought to be getting home, and just because you said it would feel good, that doesn't mean I want to... oooh!"

Her voice broke breathlessly as he began to squeeze and knead her oversized tit, making her nipple expand and stiffen in response.

Even under the layers of fabric, Al could feel that promising pebbly stiffness. His hand squeezed more confidently. "And what's wrong with feeling good, babe? After all, you've been doing such a tine job for me that the least I can do is repay the favor. There's nothing wrong in that, is there?"

Using his most soothing tone, he stole his free hand up to the front of her overfilled blouse. His fingers plucked expertly at its buttons and, one by one, they popped free.

Janie was really trembling now, her body turmoil of conflicting emotions. Still a virgin, she'd never done anything remotely like this before. But then, Mr. Burke had never arrived home so early before, either. His weekly meeting had been cut short. She'd dropped the book she was reading, practically jumping off the couch in surprise as the front door opened and he walked in unexpectedly. "Don't bother getting up," he'd said, grinning. "It's just me."

"Oh! Oh, hi, Mr. Burke," she'd stammered. "I didn't mean to jump, but I wasn't expecting you so soon."

"Got out early," he'd explained briefly, discarding his jacket and tie, then plopping down beside her with a drink in his hand and a heavy sigh. "Ahhhhh, it's great to be borne. Christ, what a day!"

Shy and a bit embarrassed at sitting alone with him, she'd started to leave. "Well, I guess you don't need me anymore tonight."

"No, wait." He reached out and abruptly caught her hand, pulling her back down on the couch with an enticing grin. "This is a good chance for us to talk and get to know each other, Janie. Besides, I don't like to relax alone. And maybe since we're here together, you can help me relax. Okay?"

Uncertain, but drawn by his handsome features and fetching smile, she nodded and sat back down. "How can I help you relax, Mr. Burke?"

"Like this?"

Still grinning, Al had pulled her hand over to his crotch.

It had happened that suddenly, without warning. Janie felt that mysterious twitching hardness rise up against her palm, and she knew instinctively what it meant: Mr. Burke had a tremendous hard-on!

She'd never felt a cock before in her life.

All she knew about pricks was what she'd seen in magazine pictures and heard from other girls. She'd certainly never expected to find actually holding one.

And that was how it began. Scared by his sudden action, but unable to overcome he curiosity, Janie automatically began to massage that massive swelling bulge. Strange, juicy excitement poured from her unfucked cunt, and she kept massaging even as her bionic foil open and Mr. Burke's eyes widened appreciatively.

"Jesus!" he murmured, pushing the loose flaps apart to expose her overflowing white bra-cups. "You've got a gorgeous pair of tits, you know that? Just the kind I like best -- big, creamy and soft. Oh yeah, real soft."

One of his large hands covered a bulging cup, and Janie gasped when he started to rhythmically squeeze. She managed a weak smile and tingled with a mischievous heat like nothing she'd experienced before. "You shouldn't be doing that, Mr. Burke. It... it isn't nice, and it's making me feel so strange."

Al laughed, his voice a bit harsh as he kneaded her big tit and watched her pale mound quiver and strain against its cotton cage. "That's just what it's supposed to do, honey. But it won't seem so strange, once you've done it a few times. What we need is to get more comfortable. And he'll start by getting you out of this thing."

To prove her point, she gave his cock a hard squeeze.

"Ahhhh!" Al let out a chuckling groan, once more massaging her bra-confined tits and admiring the way her twin swells overflowed the garment, threatening to burst out. "Keep doing that, Janie. Just keep doing that, and we'll both be real comfortable before you know it. And just to show you what I mean, I'll make things even easier."

Al reached down, and he unfastened his slacks. The zipper made a slithering sound under Janie's hand and in one motion, he arched slightly and tore the pants down to his knees.

It was the first real-live cock she'd ever seen. It burst free, swinging up huge and bloated and veined to a full eight-inch length from its thick nest of black curls and spongy sack of enormous balls. His knobbed prickhead was all red and inflamed, and the little pisshole winked slickly open, oozing a droplet of clear pre-cum.

The sight took her breath away. Mr. Burke's cock was a monster!

As if reading her thoughts, he chuckled again. "Ahhhh, that's better. What do you think, baby? Is this enough cock for you?"

Janie's mouth opened, but all that came out was a shocked: "Ohhhh."

Pleased at her reaction, Al took advantage of it. "Go ahead, give it a real feel, for a change. After all, you're the one who made it like that. You might as well get the full benefit."

Her hand was hovering hesitantly over his upright prick, and the invitation was too good to resist. Her fingers dipped briefly over its smooth, fat length in a short, caressing stroke. Almost without thinking, she wrapped her hand into a fist around his thick fuckshaft. It throbbed hotly in her palm, pulsing with an energy that seemed to flow right down to her seething pussy with melting force.

Janie was mesmerized. Her small fist began to move, pumping up and down on his enormous cock slowly at first, then faster. More fluid oozed from its pisshole, and she sucked in a breath.

"Oh... oh, gosh, it's so big!"

"You bet it is." Al could barely keep from moaning as her hand gave his cock a few sharp jerking tugs that made his balls ache. "And you did it. How does it feel to make a man all horny like this? You like making pricks hard, don't you?"

"I... I guess it's all right."

Her answer was hardly more than a whisper as she gazed at his stiffened cockmeat almost unable to believe that she'd caused it to be that way all by herself.

"Yeah, that's it," he gasped, grinning. One of his hands sneaked around behind the fascinated girl, unnoticed. "That's real good, just keep it up. Not that you're having any trouble on that score."

Without warning, Janie felt her bra unhook. Before she could stop it, before she had time to fully realize it was happening, the bra cups flopped loose and her big tits sprang into view. He gasped, and Al's eyes went wide with delighted surprise at the huge, firm globes of flesh that bounced into the open. Pale and unsagging, thrusting out like a pair of snowy mountains, they were magnificent. Their sheer hugeness crushed them together.

Al decided they weren't really snowy at all, but more like ice cream. A pair of oversized vanilla scoops, topped by the biggest, pinkest cherry nipples he'd ever seen. Each scrumptious bud was the size of a half-dollar piece, and both swelled out into inch-long spires that expanded as if begging to be licked and sucked. He felt his mouth water, thirsting to do just that.

The bra slipped off as if by magic, and Janie felt a rush of new horniness at sitting nude from the waist up under his gaze. Her fears and inhibitions were quickly melting away, urged by the heat of his spasming prick in her hand.

"There," she said, managing a slight naughty giggle. "Now we're even. Is that fair enough, Mr. Burke?"

"For the moment," Al grunted back hoarsely, feasting on her lusty, inviting tits and enjoying the tugging ride of her fist. "It's a start, anyway. I always knew you had the greatest set of tits around, but these babies... Christ, they're something else!"

Abruptly, he reached out and cupped her mammoth tits, hefting them in his hands with an amazing delicacy that made Janie's young cunt cream even harder. And that cream churned into a juicy froth as his thumbs rotated over her rounded areolas, flicking across the two stiff pebbles on her nipples and making them quiver with life.

"Ahhhhh," she moaned.

"Oh, yeah, these are the fattest little candies I've ever seen." He choked the compliment out, watching her buds spike out all the harder as she squirmed breathlessly. "So cute and stiff, good enough to eat. You'd like to have these tits sucked a little, wouldn't you, sweet stuff?"

At any other time the suggestion would've shocked her but, by now, Janie was too engrossed in her newly aroused sensations and the feel of a prick to do more than gasp.

"Mr. Burke, you're... ahhh... you're terrible! If your wife knew what you were doing to your own babysitter, she'd explode!"

Her scolding had little effect, because it came out in a husky giggle that wasn't in the least reproachful as he thumbed her luxuriant nipples into rigid aching fires.

"First explosions first," he replied, grinning. "And that's just what I'm going to do if you keep on pumping at me like that. Now slow down, baby, and let me treat myself to some of your sugar while I'm at it."

His head ducked then, mouth puckering and lips fastening on an aching nipple.


Janie gave a squeal, automatically arching her shoulder as he greedily sucked her rigid bud, licking and lapping and slurping at its enormous pink stiffness with loud smacking gulps.

This was the first time she'd ever had her tits sucked. Her nipple sprang to a quivering erection as Al's rough, wet tongue flicked with delight over its tender bumpy surface.

"Oh, that... feels so... funny, Mr. Burke, it's... ahhhhh!"

Her words came out in panting gasps of surprised pleasure, and that only made Al suck harder. He could feel the teenager's resistance melting as she shoved her oversized tit to his face, at the same time pumping on his prick with harsh, urgent squeezes.

"Good," she purred, creaming furiously as his tongue tortured her fattened nipple to an aching tingle. "That feels so good, I can't help it! Suck me, Mr. Burke! Suck my tits. Ohhhhh -- aaahhhhh."

Al's head moved, and he switched from one tit to the other. She wiggled and writhed on the couch as both her pink nipples were slickened by his hot, sucking mouth.

At the same time, his hands were also busy. They had sneaked up under the teenager's flared skirt. His fingers groped along the slick, silky fabric of her panties, then hooked under their elastic band. As he gulped and smacked at her juicy tit, he began to ease the panties down, peeling them away with a deftness that almost took her by surprise.

"Huh... Mr. Burke!" Janie gasped, realization dimly sparking within her as the panties slid off. "You're... you're not supposed to do that! Don't, please."

Al released her big nipple from his lips to grin and his voice soothed her fears over. "Now, there's nothing to worry about, is there? You want it as much as I do. Hell, do you think I can't sniff out a sweet cunt when it's practically drooling for some of my prick? Relax, honey. I'm just going to give us what we both need, and you know it."

His tone was soft, but insistent as be inched the panties off, ignoring Janie's feeble efforts to stop him. They slithered down her slender thighs and, in the next moment, collapsed in a crotch-soaked tangle at her feet.

"Ahhhh, that's it," he chuckled, triumphant. "Now just lean back while I get a look at that sweet, hungry pussy of yours."


Janie tried to stop his strong hands as they shoved her skirt roughly up, but the tingling ache deep in her cunt seemed to make her weak and powerless. She merely whimpered as the material was bunched into a heap at her waist, completely exposing her drenched pussy to view.

"Jesus!" Al let out a pleased murmur as he gazed down at the girl's sopping cunt. Her pink, soft pussylips flared open like delicate butterfly wings fluttering in a bush of soft golden curls, oozing fragrant juices that made his mouth water. "Oh, Jesus, you've got the sweetest little cunt I've seen in along, long time. I've just gotta get a taste of that pussy, too. I could eat your honey up, baby, and that's exactly what I'm going to do."

Twisting around, be pushed down between her legs. Janie was still limply struggling as his glupped into her downy golden cunt fur, and his tongue shot out.

"Ohhhh, Mr... ohhhh!" The moment Al's tongue slipped between her pink cuntlips, Janie's pussy exploded in a gush of horny cream like nothing she'd ever quite known before, making her cry out. "Please, I can't stand it! It feels like I'm going to piss! Don't, don't... don't stop, do... ohhhh!"

Al would've smiled if he could have. But at this moment, his tongue was lashing around between the teenager's hot little pussylips, drinking in the floods of juice that poured from her.

She'd never before experienced anything even remotely like the rough tongue that slid along her pussy now. He was tasting every delectable inch, letting his tongue slither across her small clit to send jolts of pure pleasure shooting all through her.

"Ohhhh, yes!" she mewled, squirming and gazing down at Mr. Burke nuzzling between her slender thighs. His tongue glided over her cunt lips, pushing deep into the soft, downy carpet of her pussy mound. "That feels so good I... I can't help it! I'm really going to piss! I'm pissing, Mr. Burke, I'm pissing!"

For the very first time in her life, Janie quaked in an eruption of orgasm. Her youthful body wrenched up in a spasm of pure bliss as Al's tongue lapped the cunt cream that blasted her tight little pussy. Instead of piss, floods of sweet cuntjuice poured from her in wet furious waves.

"Mummm... uhhm," he moaned.

Licking the teenaged girl to an undulating joy of luxurious ecstasy, he suddenly changed his tactics. While ripples of joy still rolled through Janie's shuddering body, his tongue teased between her soft pussylips.

This was a sensation she'd never known. Still reeling in climax, she felt her cuntlips pried wetly open as something fat and hot slid between them. Mr. Burke's tongue pushed into her, flailing wildly and wiggling like a big frantic worm, burrowing deeper.

Almost before she knew it, she was straining upward in response, arching in glorious abandon as his tongue slithered between her plump cuntlips and wedged inside her. She cried out as it started to glide bank and forth like a softly fucking cock, sending her heated pussy into new spasms of delight.

"Yes! Yes, oh, yes, Mr. Burke, eat me! Eat me up! Make me come all over again! That... oooh, that's so fucking nice! Faster, faster!"

She was squealing as his greedy tongue plowed in and out of her cunt, lapping her juicy inner walls and plunging deeper for more. He honestly couldn't remember when he'd ever tongue-fucked a cunt quite so snug or sweet. That fact made him probe hungrily up the teenager's drenched pussyhole just as if it was his stiff, sore cock stabbing into her. Giving a muffled groan, Al burrowed between her out flung legs and swallowed the juicy stream that flowed from the babysitter's bucking cunthole.

It took only a few furious strokes to have her climaxing again, wailing in sheer abandon as she soaked up the first cunt-eating she'd ever had. Janie couldn't have stopped now if she'd wanted to. Fresh spasms ripped, through her, and she hunched in obliging frenzy.

"Eat me, Mr. Burke! I'm coming again, ohhhh, I'm coming! Co... commmiiinnng!"

A series of earthquakes seemed to erupt from her tongue-filled pussy. She flopped back on the couch with a frantic upsurge of her hips that plastered her cunt to his face as tremors rippled again and again throughout her. It was more than Janie could stand.

"Aaaahhhhh!" she screamed.

She writhed and twisted in a fury of gleeful release, no longer caring if Mrs. Burke walked through the front door.

And that was exactly how Al wanted her.

At last, he lifted his juice-slickened face, grinning wetly from ear to car as she slumped in a gasping heap before him, eyes fluttering in the throes of climax. This was the moment he'd patiently awaited. He had the teenager panting and twitching in front of him, her legs lolling wide apart and inflamed pussy sinking open, glistening with a mixture of cream and saliva.

And right now, his cock was throbbing with painful stiffness, just begging to be eaten up by her sweet, tight pussy.

"Oh, Christ, you beautiful fucking little bitch!" his voice came out a croak, and he had to swallow hard. "Now it's time you found out what that cunt of yours is for, and I've got just the explanation you need, right here."

Rising onto his knees as he spoke, he let his prick swing up like a thick tree branch swaying in the breeze, its rippled hardness jutting out more insistently than ever. As he moved forward, Janie's eyes fastened on the sight. They bulged in realization.

"Ohhhh... ohhh, no!"

The words came out in a mere gasp, and it war already too late.

Al's inflamed cock speared straight at her open, greased cunt, then jabbed in.

"Guuuuhhh!" she cried.

Janie thrashed as Mr. Burke's monster prickhead pushed into her fuckslit prying her cuntlips apart. They snapped around it with rubbery squeeze, forming a tight, hot vise that made him growl deep in his throat.

"Yeah, oh, yeah that's just fine," Al hissed, enjoying the mixture of pain and joy on her faces she twisted on the couch, her pussy locked about his cocktip as if they had melted together. "Take my prick like a good girl, and I'll show you just how much fun that delicious little pussy of yours can really have. You're going to love this, baby just take it nice and easy... ahhhh."

With tender care, he began to ease his cockhead deeper inside her.

She cried out as her virgin cunt mouth was shoved even wider.

"I... I can't. It's too big, ohhhh, you're splitting me open! No, no don't... hhhaaaaaaaa!"

Scathing deep inside Janie seemed to tear apart. She wailed in writhing agony as inch after inch his big, stiff prick slid into her wrenched pussy, filling it with unbelievable pain.

"That's it, baby." Al's voice was a hoarse, pleased grunt as he pushed forward atop the lurching, sobbing teenager. "Just relax your little cunt and take it, because I've got a lot of cock that needs some of your precious fucking. That's it, open those sweet pussy muscles up, because here it comes... ahhhhh!"

His bloated cock sank the last of its eight meaty inches into her, and she couldn't hold back a fresh scream as it crammed her cunt to its limits and beyond.

Janie's glazed blue eyes bulged. Her torn, aching pussy squeezed on his enormous cockslab in a heated clamp, as if she were soldered to it. This was like nothing she'd ever read in books. Fucking was supposed to be a nice, warm, tingly experience, like having her tits sucked or her clit licked.

She hadn't expected anything like this -- oh, it hurt!

But at the same time, a new ache rippled through her stretched-open cunt, not quite like anything she'd ever known before. A flood of hot, syrupy juices poured over Mr. Burke's cockbase, and her agonized thrashings grew rhythmic and less painful. She whimpered, at once frightened and aroused in a strange, overwhelming wave of bliss that she wouldn't have believed possible.

"Ohhhh, you're tearing me apart! I can't stand it! Ooooh, oooohhhh."

Al laughed. Christ, this little bitch had the tightest cunt he'd ever fucked. "Oh, yeah, that's real good, baby. Now you're getting the hang of it. Yeah, I think we're ready for some real fucking now, aren't we?"

He pulled a few inches of his cock from her slurping hole, then plunged.

"Guuuuh!" Janie gasped.

She lurched, but that only seemed to work his prick deeper.

"Jesus, that's good!" Grunting for breath, he threw his cock back again, then slammed it deep. Then again. And again.

"Unh... unh..." Janie gurgled, her slender legs jerking with each thrust. To her dulled amazement, the pain began too seep away. Her flared cuntlips sucked on his giant fuckshaft as if to hold it in while more and more of it slid in and out, shoving up her cunt channel with increasing fury.

It was really happening. She was really being fucked. Mr. Burke seesawed back and forth on his knees, groaning and gasping and thrusting his prick into her with long, harsh lunges that made her whole body shudder. His cock base pounded against her erect clit, sending fresh spirals of sensation tearing through her. His big hands held her legs roughly open, and his huge, fuzzy balls slapped against her ass with a series of wet smacks.

Before she knew it, Janie was hunching up to meet him. She couldn't resist the tides of gushing joy that surged through her with each forceful slant of his rock-hard prick into her pussy.

When she cried out, her voice was a wail of pure delight. "Ohhh, yes! Fuck me Mr. Burke, fuck me! Your cock's so big, it's killing me! Faster, fasterrrr!"

A new climax exploded within her. This was the real thing, as if her earlier orgasms were no more than tearing twinges. Janie soared up with a delirious scream, plunging her pussy onto his prick in an absolute frenzy of ecstasy.

Her young, steamy snatch thrashed onto his cock with frantic urgency, and Al let out a long, breathless moan.

The sudden sucking friction of her squeezing cunt was more than he could take. Pounding his cockmeat into the sobbing girl with fresh strength, he felt his overloaded balls erupt.

Janie felt it happen. Even in the midst of her orgasm she felt his prick suddenly ripple deep inside her. Bouncing wildly up, she felt his first blast of hot jism spurt in a long thick arc up her pussy. That made her came all the harder.

"Yesssss!" the girl, squealed as jet after jet of cum flooded her young cunthole. Al Burke pumped his load of jizz to her with long, fast cock strokes, gasping his satisfaction.

"Yeah, take it, take you sweet little bitch... ahhhhhh."

Janie undulated under him until every tremor of their mutual orgasm had been soaked up.

Then, filled with cockcream and moaning ecstatically, she collapsed on the couch in a dizzy, cum-bloated heap.

"Oh, shit," he moaned.

Al sank atop her, drained and satisfied, he chuckled as the babysitter's tight pussy squeezed in a natural sucking vise on his emptied prick, collecting every last drop.

"How'd that feel?"

"Ohhhhh..." Janie couldn't help but smile, dazed. It was the first fuck she'd ever bad, and it was wonderful!

At last, Al pulled away. His softened cock slurped from her snug youthful cunt, and he rose to pull up his pants. "Better get dressed now, Janie. We don't want my wife walking in on us at this late date! Besides, we'll have lots of chances to relax like this, now that you're out of school for the summer. I mean, I can always use a good babysitter."

He was grinning as Janie slowly sank back to reality and reached for her rumpled clothes.

Wobbling slightly at the feel of Mr. Burke's hot jism leaking down between her thighs, Janie rose. She slipped into her panties, bra and blouse, then smoothed the wrinkles out of her skirt.

Then, abruptly, she turned to face him with a small, fleeting smile. "Is that a promise, Mr. Burke? I mean, we can do that again sometime?"

"You bet we can." Not quite able to believe the hopeful tone of this luscious, ripe teenaged girl, he grinned wider than ever. "The very next chance we get, I promise. You can think of it as a sort of fringe benefit, okay?"

Janie smiled and nodded. She walked to the front door but, at the last minute, turned back.


It was late by the time Janie got home, and she expected to find her mother already asleep. But, oddly, all the lights were on, and a quick check proved that she wasn't in the house at all.

That didn't bother Janie, because she knew how her mom sometimes got restless late at night. Widowed for the past eight years, Mona Sanders occasionally got up before dawn and went for long walks around the neighborhood, or watched television for hours on end. Janie knew her mom got lonely every now and then, so she didn't mind those periods of insomnia.

And at the moment she was actually relieved. Glad for the chance to steal a few minutes alone, she hastily scampered upstairs to shower, washing all traces of Mr. Burke's cum from her slightly-sore cunt.

Refreshed and clean, still tingling from that experience, she slipped into a skimpy nightie, then headed downstairs to grab a quick snack.

Janie was starved. She downed a ham sandwich with a glass of cold milk, and that helped a little. Her freshly-fucked pussy continued to itch at the vivid memory of Mr. Burke's hard, stabbing prick and she couldn't seem to think about anything else. For the first time in her life, she was really beginning to understand her mother's restlessness.

At last, tired and with another babysitting session scheduled for the next morning, she started back up to her room.

It was as she climbed the stairs for bed that the front door burst open and two laughing voices filled the house, freezing her on the steps. One of the voices was her mother's, but the other belonged to a man.

"Don, you're just awful! If I went around telling jokes like that, I'd be run out of town!"

Startled and curious, Janie knelt on the stairs. From where she stooped, she could see clearly into the living room. Her mom appeared, laughing and stumbling slightly, on the steadying arm of a bulky, muscular man.

It was obvious that they'd had a few drinks, and that surprised her even more. Her mother rarely drank but, at the moment, she looked as if she were practically swimming in alcohol. She was holding onto the man's waist for support as they headed toward the couch. Her light cotton dress was carelessly askew, and her long, glossy brown hair tangled in loose curls about her shoulders after being exposed to this cool summer breeze. Normally a neat, immaculate woman, Mona never allowed herself to look the way she did now.

At last, they reached the couch. Mona flopped down onto her back, holding her stomach with one hand and wiping tears of laughter away with the other as the bulky man slumped at her feet with a heavy sigh.

To her amazement, Janie recognized Mr. Jackson from across the street, a nice quiet bachelor who was always friendly and polite whenever he saw her. He'd been drinking as well, and his broad, attractive face was flushed as he gazed down at Mona, who lay gasping for breath.

"Honestly, I've never laughed so hard in my life! If I hadn't run into you tonight, I never would've suspected what a dirty old man you really are, Don!"

Don Jackson grinned, his twinkling eyes taking in the way Mona's dress rode well her parted thighs to give him an unobstructed view of her shapely legs.

"Now you can't blame me for that, can you? After all, if you hadn't suggested these martinis I wouldn't have ended up telling jokes like that!" His pin widened. "And I wouldn't have discovered that you wear colored panties, either. And blue, yes -- my favorite color!"

"Why, Don!" Pretending a gasp of shock, Mona didn't try to pull her dress down. Instead, her expression turned impish and sly. "You're just saying that because I happen to be wearing blue and, besides, any man who'd get a woman drunk, then peek up her dress is probably interested in other things besides pantie colors, anyway!"

They both broke into fresh drunken laughter at that, not the slightest embarrassed.

Neither of them knew that Janie was watching. Apparently it hadn't occurred to Mona that her daughter might be awake at this time of night, or else she'd lost track of time altogether. After another horny sleepless night, she had taken a long walk to cool off. Then Mona had met Don, who'd been sitting on his front porch swing enjoying the evening. It had happened so unexpectedly, their first neighborly hellos and polite chatting, then her mention of wishing she had a martini. One thing had led to another, and now she lay sprawled on the living room couch with her tipsy neighbor peering up her dress. It didn't even occur to her to wonder what Janie was up to.

"Are you absolutely sure this is your favorite color?" she went on teasingly, feeling her cunt melt with dewy heat under his gaze. "You're not just saying that in the hopes of getting a better look, are you?"

Don laughed, not taking his gaze from the veiled valley of her open thighs where that tantalizing glimpse of silky blue hovered. "Would I lie about such a thing like that? Of course, it might help if I got to see exactly what shade of blue you have on. That could make quite a difference, if you really want to know the truth."

He leered, obviously expecting her to laugh off his playful dare.

But Mona wasn't in the mood for laughing anymore. Her pussy was juicing in floods, making her glow with horny arousal. It was one of the nicest evenings she'd had in a long time, and her inhibitions had been softened by three martinis. Instead of laughing, she reached down.

"Oh, I want the truth, all right. And I guess the only way to get it is like this."

With only that brief warning to prepare him, she grasped the rumpled hem of her dress, pulling it up.

Don's jaw dropped, his chuckle choking off as she jerked the dress up to a bunched heap about her waist.

"Is this the right shade, Don?"


His voice came out rough, and his blue eyes wide, staring down at Mona's exposed panties.

They were the bikini type -- small, petite and sheer.

Their translucent fabric clearly showed off the bulge of her dark, thick cunt bush, and the crotch dwindled down to a tight crease that perfectly outlined her puffed cuntlips.

By this time, Mona's pussy was steamy with wetness, plastering the material to her even tighter. As he stared, that stain grew and spread over her crotch until it was a transparent film that showed off her cunt.

"Yeah," he said, swallowing hard as his cock speared up in his trousers. "Yeah, that's just my shade, all right. Jesus, is it ever!"

The lust in his voice was only too plain, and she answered it with a husky little giggle of her own. "Are you sure? I mean, positively sure? After all, I have a lot of colors to choose from. I could always change out of these, if you don't like them."

To make her offer even more clear, Mona slipped her hands down, thumbs hooking under the elastic waistband. She raised it slightly, as if preparing to jerk the panties off on the spot.

Don's throat went dry. Despite the drinks they'd had, he hadn't expected their sexy little game to go this far. And it was apparent that Mona wasn't just playing. Her panties were sopping, and the challenge in her sharp brown eyes was as plain as day.

Suddenly, the throb in his cock spiraled to a hammering ache, tenting his trousers to seam splitting stiffness. Mona was one of the most attractive women he'd ever met, a voluptuous brunette whose, enormous tits spilled down the cleavage of her dress, mashing them together as she lay in her daring pose. His eyes drifted along her body, back down across her flat stomach and pert little navel, to the full flare of her hips, settling once more on what had to be one of the lushest pussies in town.

The temptation was too good to pass up.

"I think you may be right," he managed to croak with a tight grin. "They may not be quite what I'm after, now that you mention it. How... how about handing them here, so I can get a closer look?"

Mona's smile grew even wider. "I thought you might say that. And now that I've got you wondering, it wouldn't be neighborly to refuse, would it?"

She began to ease the panties down, inching them off with purposeful slowness.

Hiding on the stairs, Janie gasped. She saw her mother's hips arch up, saw the panties ease down over them to let the first dark pussy curls spring free. Hypnotized, Don Jackson groaned as more and more cunt fur appeared, rich, glossy and almost black. It was the thickest mound of hair Janie had ever seen on a cunt. For an instant, she almost forgot that it was her own mother's pussy she was seeing.

Then the panties were peeling away, pulling stickily from Mona's crotch. Abruptly, her entire pussy came into view, pink and moist, flared like a hungry, open mouth to display her oozing cunt.

Although neither of them realized it, both Don and Janie held their breaths as Mona deftly wiggled the panties off completely. She dangled there in one uplifted hand, her legs spread to show off everything.

"Are these what you were after, Don?"

Don didn't seem to hear. His attention was totally on her sopping pussy, its pouting lips parted in a way that let him see right up into the fur-lined depths of her. She had a pussy every bit as gorgeous as he'd ever imagined, so pink against its black fringe that it almost seemed to glow red-hot. It throbbed under his stare, drooling juices and emanating a fragrant aroma just a hint sweeter than that of any other woman he'd ever known.

"Donald, you're not listening."

Mona made her voice light, despite the fact that her cunt was gushing incredibly now. In swift decision, she reached up behind her, capturing the clasp of her dress.

"Well, if that's the way you're going to be, maybe this'll catch your attention."

Even as the words came out she was pulling the unzipped dress up, working the bunched material past her full tits and soft shoulders, then completely off.

Now she was absolutely nude, her big tits trembling and straining up into even fatter, stiffer nipples than Janie's.

She lay back once more, almost laughing out loud at Don's expression. "Is it still my panties you want, lover? Or could I interest you in something else?"

"Christ!" the word ripped from him in an explosion of breath. "Oh Christ!" Suddenly, he slipped off the couch. Sinking to his knees, he pushed Mona's thighs wide apart and shoved his face between them. "Ahhhh!"

Astonished, Janie saw it all. She saw Mr. Jackson's mouth dive into her mom's luxuriant fur muff, saw his fat tongue lash out and lap up the length of her glistening pussy. Mona gasped and flopped her legs open, clutching handfuls of his hair and urging him on.

It all happened so fast that the teenager didn't realize she was squirming, her tender young cunt itching and tingling furiously. The spectacle of her mother stretched out nude on the couch with Mr. Jackson's tongue slapping wetly over her pussy held Janie spellbound. It was only when her own inner thighs began to tickle with streaming juices that she realized she was turned on as well.

Oblivious to their spectator, Mona and Don lurched in frantic unison. Their inhibitions stripped, they became a panting, groaning tangle of sensation as he buried his tongue up her frothing cunt and she soared up to take it.

"Oh, my God, Don, that's wonderful! It's been so long. Eat me baby! Eat me up! Tha... oh, God, yesss, that's good! Give it to me, lover, give it to me!"

Her hips bucked up as he probed into the juiciest cunt he'd ever tasted. Gallons of cunt cream seemed to pour over his jabbing tongue. With a muffled groan, Don dived into her pussy for more.

"Mmmfff," he gurgled.

Mona let out a wail of sheer delight as her cuntlips were pushed wide apart for his gouging tongue. It slurped in and out of her pussy with hungry, prick-like stabs, wiggling deep for the steamy juices there. It had been years since she'd had a good eating out, and now she was getting it from an expert. Don knew just how to slide his meaty tongue over her hooded clit with each jab, working both clit and cunthole at once. At the same time, he reamed her pussy out, lapping every sensitive fold of her inflamed lips in a way that had her crying out in ecstasy.

"Do it, lover! Eat me good. Oh, baby, that's it! Easter, faster!"

She spasmed up, sobbing. Don groaned and dug into her pussy more frantically than ever.

And Janie, hardly aware of what she was doing, slipped a hand down to her own seething little cunt. The sight of Mr. Jackson's big tongue sliding in and out of her mom's cunt had its effect. Her own pussy was aglow at the realization that only a short time ago she'd been eaten out like that, herself, just the way her mom was getting it now! The first tentative touch of her fingertips along the creased outer lips of her cunt was enough to force out a little gasp. Almost before she knew it, Janie was kneading her aching pussy and dipping a finger up into the velvety sheath of her hole.

"Don, Do... ahhhhhnnn!" Mona shrieked then, flailing like a hooked fish. Her attractive face was twisted in a look of pure ecstasy, and spasms ripped through her like a series of firecracker bursts.

Don made greedy gulping noises. His head bobbed between her clenched thighs, and his fat tongue wormed into her cunt with new intensity.

Her mom was coming, and that fact made Janie's pussy drool even harder. The finger lodged between her cuntlips began to ease in and out, shoving deeper.

"Uhhh... ohhh, oh, babyyy." Delirious in that first thrill of completion, Mona purred out a husky giggle. "Sweet, sweet baby. I can't stand it anymore. Give me your cock, before I die! Please, oh, God after the things you've done to my cunt, I've got to have it! Hurry! Fuck me!"

"Jesus!" Don bellowed.

Her hands were already fumbling at his crotch. Even as Don reacted to her urgent pleas, Mona's fingers slipped into his trousers, then drew out his prick.

It was huge and bloated, its veined thickness pulsing in Mona's hand as she shoved his pants down to his knees and lay back once more, pulling it to her in the same motion.

Don's cock speared home, its enormous head thrusting between her soaked cuntlips, then jamming deep into her pussy. Instantly, she was wildly clutching his bare ass and bouncing up for more as his fuckshaft slithered deep into her aching cunt.

Janie saw Mr. Jackson's monster cock pound into her mother's pussy, saw Mona's full mouth open in a cry of sheer rapture as her cunt was filled with hard, pulsing cock for the first time in years.

"Naaaa... aaahhh!" the brunette shrieked, writhing and twisting as if screwing herself onto his fat prick with the intention of never letting go.

A fresh gush of hot cunt juice poured over her hand, and Janie began to plunge her sticky finger in and out with eager new hunger. The sight of Mr. Jackson's veined prick sheathed in her mom's pussy had its effect. She could almost pretend his cock was tearing between her own plump, tender pussylips, probing deep into the heated core of her cunt until it filled her completely.

"Oh Christ," Don grunted, bucking atop the attractive widow, who sobbed and lurched beneath bun. "You've got the juiciest pussy I've ever had my cock in! Jesus, it's hot! But I can cool it off for you, baby. Oh, yeah, I can cool you off real nice."

His huge cock began to pump in and out of Mona's seething cunt, and she went wild.

"Fuck me!" she wailed, bucking on the couch with a sheer ferocity that rammed her soaked cunt onto his meaty prick. "Oh, my God, baby, give it to me! Give me your cock! I've got to have it all!"

Her wails rose to a shrill scream as Don increased his pumping, gliding his prick out of her slick pussy to the very rim of his knobbed cock head, then back again, sinking it to the balls.

The thoroughness of his fucking had Mona flopping, her tapered legs fluttering around him like wings, and her fingernails digging into his ass to urge him on.

"Yesss!" she cried, clamping her cunt muscles over his thickened prick and squeezing it in her pussy. "Fuck me! Oh, Lord, it's been so long! Stuff it in me faster, fasterrrrrr!"

Their bodies thrashed on the squeaking couch, Don panting for breath as he plunged his prick in and out of her sucking pussy, and Mona lurching up to take his cock.

With a small whimper, Janie wavered on the stairs, shoving her wet finger furiously into her creaming cunt and grinding the heel of her hand hard against her clit. Mr. Jackson's enormous prick seemed to melt right into her mom's slurping pussy, his fuckshaft all slick and glistening as it glided between her fattened cuntlips and pushed to its base inside her.

Suddenly, she let out a shriek, and her body arched with an intensity that lifted them both off the couch. "I'm coming! Cum in me baby, give me your jizz. Fuck me, damn you! Fuck! Fuck!"

She screamed then, lunging up from the couch as if a bomb had exploded under her.

Don grunted, his cock slamming up the brunette's clenched pussy as she rippled and soared beneath him. That was all it took to unleash the load of cum that boiled up in his balls. Writhing atop her, he plunged his aching prickmeat home and let it rip.

"Guuuhhh!" she sobbed as a thick blast of jism tore into her cunt, flooding it with steamy pleasure. Orgasm after orgasm wrenched through her. Spiraling higher and higher, she let out a scream of pure, blissful release.

Staring with glazed eyes at the scene below her, Janie panted for breath. Her hips undulated furiously, and her cunt smacked wetly against her hand as she saw splatters of jism seep from her mother's fuck hole with the ferocity of Mr. Jackson's pumping prick. Both adults writhed and twisted, their groins mingling and bodies thrashing in the throes of climax.

Suddenly, Janie spasmed in the hunching frenzy of her own orgasm, and her finger slammed into her pussy as far as it would go.

"Ooooohhh," she moaned softly.

She wrenched onto her hand, coming almost as hard as she had on Mr. Burke's prick. Tidal waves of delight washed through her, drenching her cunt in foamy satisfaction. She swayed dizzily on the stair steps, climaxing in delicious burst as her mother and Mr. Jackson writhed in their own haze of completion.

For a moment which seemed to last forever, all three of them hovered like that, drifting at the peak of explosion.

Then, in a slow undulating motion, Mona sank back onto the couch in a sated heap.

"Oh, God, that was good! Sooo fucking good!"

Breathing hoarsely, Don slumped atop her as the last droplets of jism were greedily milked from his prick by her hot, drenched cunt that held it captive.

"Oh, yeah, it was that, all right. And more. Jesus, I haven't had it like that since... hell, I don't think I've ever had it like that!"

They laughed together, their voices husky.

Giving out a small satisfied gasp, Janie pulled her sopping finger from her sore cunt. Her legs felt weak and limp, just as they had when she'd left Mr. Burke's house.

Smoothing down her nightie, she gave them a last secretive glance.

Mona lay panting, her big tits mashed against Mr. Jackson's hairy chest, and her fingers digging into his ass as she moaned: "Good baby, so good."

They were still lying like that, clenched in each other's arms, when a dazed and sleepy Janie crept softly up to her room.


The next morning, after a restless night, Janie awoke hornier than ever. Her dreams had been filled with vivid memories of Mr. Burke's pistoning cock and of her mom and Mr. Jackson fucking on the living room couch.

It hadn't been a very relaxing sleep, but her spirits picked up as she slipped into her bikini and headed downstairs for breakfast. This morning she was babysitting for Mrs. Wilson, and Mrs. Wilson had a swimming pool.

"Hi, Mom!"

"Good morning, dear."

She had burst into the kitchen on Mona, who was dressed and finished her second cup of coffee. Noticing the wall clock by the stove, Janie hurried to the refrigerator and poured a glassful of orange juice, then joined her mother at the table.

Mona spoke up with concern at her daughter's skimpy breakfast. "Is that all you're going to have? Now, Janie, we can't have you running off on these babysitting sessions with nothing to eat!"

"I'm due at Mrs. Wilson's in fifteen minutes, and I'm not hungry anyway." Gulping down the last of her juice, she rose and scooted for the door, pausing just long enough to give her mother a quick peck on the cheek. "Besides, it's time for me to be going right now."

"Well, have a nice time, dear. But tell Sandra I expect her to fix you an extra-big lunch, to make up for breakfast!"

"I will. Bye!"

Scampering out the door before any more rules could be laid down, Janie bounced lightly along the short three blocks to Mrs. Wilson's house. The summer morning air was cool and fresh against her exposed skin in the scanty bikini, and by the time she got there she was awake, and eager for a nice relaxing swim.

She'd hardly knocked on the front door when it flew open, and Sandra Wilson appeared. "Oh, hello, Janie. My, you're right on time, aren't you?"

A tall, little woman about Mona's age with a sleek model's figure, she had short, raven-black hair that set off her high checks and creamy complexion. Sandra Wilson was probably the most totally gorgeous woman Janie had ever met. Her dark, flashing eyes took in the teenager's bikini at a glance, and she broke into a smile that positively beamed.

"And all set for a little relaxation at the pool, I see. Well, Ernest has already beat you to it. He's there right now, and I'm sure the two of you won't have a bit of trouble. I'll try to be back from my beauty appointment in a couple of hours, all right?"

"That's fine, Mrs. Wilson," Janie beamed back. "Take your time. Ernie never gives me any trouble. In fact, sitting with him is my favorite job. We always have lots to talk about!"

Which made perfect sense, because Ernie was only a year younger than Janie.

"I'm glad, dear," Sandra said, her lips tugging down a bit at the use of her son's nickname. "Well, I must be off. I hope you and Ernest have a nice time."

The words were hardly out before she was briskly heading down the sidewalk to her car.

"Goodbye, Mrs. Wilson!"

Janie watched the car drive off. She dashed through the big Wilson house, then out again through the parted glass patio doors. The first sight that struck her was the huge, glimmering blue swimming pool.

Ernie was already splashing in the center of it. He saw her and grinned. "Hi, Janie. Comm' in?"

She smiled back and waved, once more feeling a twinge of pity for him. Mrs. Wilson was a possessive mother, one of those moms who refused to accept the fact that her little boy was growing up, especially in the last couple of years since her divorce. As he stood waist-deep in the pool, it was obvious that Ernie already had a man's broad shoulders and developing muscles. However, right now his plastered brown hair and shining wet face made him look younger than ever. He was certainly old enough to take care of himself for a couple of hours!

On the other hand, it was a nice chance for Janie to spend a morning swimming and tanning.

"Maybe in a little while," she answered lightly, heading for the big, fluffy beach towel that had been spread at the poolside. "But first, I'm going to tan a little. We'll practice our dives after that, all right?"

Ernie's face fell. "Aw, come on! You're always trying to get a tan. Why don't we have some fun for a change? Besides, you'll get sunburned laying out like that!"

As she crossed over to the beach towel, Janie was well aware of his youthful gaze following her every move. In the past few months Ernie had stared at her like that more and more often. He was getting to be a man in more ways than one!

Glowing a bit mischievously under that stare, she pranced to the towel with undulating moves, then flopped down, making her large tits jiggle. "We will, but not before I feel like it. And don't be so noisy. I want to catch up on a little sleep!"

"Aww," Ernie grumped and splashed loudly, disappointed. But his disappointment vanished as she sprawled onto the beach towel. She wiggled on her stomach and reached back to undo the small bowed tie of her top. The twin cups fell loose, and Ernie got one good glimpse of the girl's big tits spilling free, bursting into view. She immediately lay flat, crushing her tits against the towel so that their ample roundness bulged out.

Ernie's throat went dry, the way it always did when she untied her top to get an even tan. He'd been noticing Janie a lot lately, and it made his balls tingle in a sore itchy way. It was with that thought that he swain dutifully about for awhile, keeping an eye on Janie as her eyes drooped, and finally fell shut.

For several minutes longer he pretended to be intent only on swimming, making absolutely sure that she was really asleep. Then, no longer able to contain his gnawing curiosity, he drew himself up at the poolside and spoke in a soft testing tone.

"Janie? You awake?"

Dozing drowsily, Janie didn't open her eyes. Though not entirely asleep, she pretended not to hear, hoping he would go away for a few more precious moments.

However, instead of leaving, Ernie climbed out of the pool, and he slipped up beside her.


No answer.

His heart was suddenly thumping with mixed fear and excitement. Taking a deep breath, he reached out tentatively.

At first, Janie didn't realize what was happening. It was only when she felt the first faint pluckings at the string bows that held her bikini bottom together that she realized the truth.

Ernie was untying her bottoms!

That realization snapped, her wide awake. Without opening her eyes, she froze, astonished.

And at that moment the ties fell loose.

Without hesitation, Ernie deftly pulled back the loosened flap that covered her taut, jutting ass. His breath hissed in as the material fell away, exposing her pale cheeks and tight ass crack.

Janie was too shocked to move. All at once, her ass was bared to the younger boy's gaze, and she heard him whoosh out a long throaty: "Ohhh."

Something in the pure admiration of Ernie's tone made her tingle wickedly, moistening with unexpected pleasure. Suddenly, her shock was replaced by a new sensation. Instead of trying to cover herself, she waited to see what he'd do next.

Ernie's cock began to throb. It tented up in his wet swim trunks, lurching painfully into a stiff iron-hard rod at the spectacle of his babysitter's plump, firm ass. Shifting his gaze, he followed the taut crack down between her closed thighs, where just a few gold curls peeked out.

If his prick hadn't been sore before, it hurt like hell now. Those were pussy curls showing, just a hint of blonde fuzz to have bath his cock and imagination soaring -- real honest-to-gosh pussy curls! Man, if her legs were spread just a little farther apart!

It was the first time he'd ever seen a girl's ass, the first time he'd ever come so close to actually getting a glimpse of real-live pussy. Ernie couldn't resist. He reached down, using his palms on those two juicy ass globes to gently ease them apart.

That abrupt action was too much for Janie to ignore. Dropping all pretense, she jerked up, swatting his hands away.

"Ernie Wilson, what do you think you're doing?"

Terrified at being caught and blushing deep red, Ernie stammered. "I... I just wanted to get a look, that's all! I wasn't doing anything!"

His frightened eyes flicked down, and Janie realized that when she'd sat up she'd left her bikini top behind. Her tits were wobbling free and loose, their big pink spikes spearing out stiff and bare before him. She swept an arm up in a useless attempt to cover them, her own face burning. "You just wait until your mother gets home! I'll bet she has something to say about this -- taking off my clothes while I'm asleep! You're disgusting!"

The mention of his mother made Ernie's face scrunch up with new fear. "Aw, come on, Janie! I didn't mean it! It's just... well, all the guys are always... you know, the way girls look and I've never seen a girl that way! That's all I wanted, just a peek!"

His expression had turned so hurt and scared that Janie couldn't stay mad. Despite her stern glare, she felt her initial anger fading away at that mournful look. "Well, maybe I won't tell your mother after all. But that doesn't mean you can spy on a girl any old time! You won't ever see anything by sneaking around like... like."

She stopped, aware that he'd managed to see quite a bit already. Her glistening, oversized tits bulged under the arm draped across them, and the front flap of her bikini bottom lay in a rumpled fold that just barely hid her cunt from view.

Even embarrassed and crest fallen, Ernie took it all in with a hungry look that made her pussy glow. "I won't ever do it again, honest! But I wouldn't have to, if you let me get a look at you... you know, all over. How about it, Janie?"

"Certainly not!" she fumed, startled all over again by that suggestion.

But Ernie was persistent, and she could see why; his crotch was bulging hugely, stretching his trunks tight. "Come on, just one little look! I won't ever tell the guys it was you! I... I never saw a girl's pussy before. Just one peek, Janie!"

"Ernie!" she exploded in a shocked, breathless gasp. "Nice boys don't talk about girls like that, and they don't use words like pussy either. Do I talk about your pecker that way?"

She stared meaningfully at his crotch, and Ernie reddened all over again. His prick was straining out, outlined with a tautness that clearly showed the effect his babysitter was having. Abashed, he glanced up in the intensity of Janie's stare nudged a response neither of them expected. "How... how about if I show you my cock, Janie? That'd be fair, wouldn't it? You can see my cock while I look at your pussy. How's that?"

At the sight of his tented trunks, Janie felt her resolve melting. Her cunt tingled harder, and she felt a sudden surge of creamy itchiness spread through it. Trying to hide her reaction, she smiled.

"Well, I'm not so sure that's fair, because I can already see just about everything you've got! But maybe one little peek."

His face lit up. "Hey, that's great! And just to prove we're even, I'll go first. Here goes."

Swallowing hard to overcome his own shyness, he rose on his knees and hooked his thumbs under the waistband of his trunks, then pushed.

The wet trunks peeled down, and his young cock sprang free.

Janie sucked in a breath as it bobbed up, thick, veined and spearing into the air even bigger than she'd suspected. His prick swung hypnotically before her, nodding its snakey length and glistening at the little pink piss mouth of its smooth, fattened head.

Ernie's cock was huge. His cockhead looked as big as her fist, and the shaft had to be so long that even if she wrapped both fists around it, there would be lots of room to spare. It wasn't a little boy's cock at all. If Mrs. Wilson ever saw that prick, she'd know she'd lost her little boy for good!

Suddenly, the itch in her cunt erupted into a growing ache. Her pussy gushed with juices as she gazed at the heavy, hairless sac of his dangling balls and the sheer enormity of his monster prick.

As if reading her mind, Ernie spoke with new assurance. "Well, what d'ya think? I've got plenty to look at, don't I? Now how about you? Look, Janie... I'm naked, see?"

Wiggling out of the trunks entirely, he dropped them in a sopping bundle on the concrete.

"Ohhhh." Janie hesitated, but resistance was seeping out of her with the juicy heat that poured from her cunt. With a breathless gasp, she shrugged and dropped the arm that hid her tits. "Oh, all right. Here. Have you ever seen a girl's tits before?"

Her firm tits jounced freely into the open, and this time it was Ernie's turn to hiss. At last, he was getting his first real look at Janie's tits.

And they were something else.

"Oh, man!" he muttered, frankly overwhelmed. "Your tits... gee, they're great!"

"You really think so?" Janie couldn't help feeling, pleased, and she couldn't help arching her shoulders a bit to push them out farther. "I always thought they were a little too big. Do you like them like this?"

Though his head bobbed, his eyes never wavered from the large mountains of titflesh that spired out at him into their fat, pink nipples. He'd never seen such a huge pair of nipples. They expanded until each one was as big and round as the tip of his pinky, much bigger than any he'd seen in pictures. Feeling his cock surge and swell up stiffer than ever, he gulped hard and spoke.

"Can I... can I touch them, Janie? Just a little, okay? I mean... oh, wow, they look soo good to be real! Just one quick feel?"

"Oh, all right," Janie pretended to give in reluctantly. "If that's what it'll take to satisfy you, go ahead. But only for a moment!"

Ernie nodded eagerly, and his hands shot out.

"Ahhh!" Janie groaned as his cool, wet palms mashed against her sensitive nipples, making them harden into aching spikes. Ernie had obviously never held a tit before in his life, but the rough, inexperienced kneading of his hand turned her on all the same. His fingers groped with frantic fervor at her pliant mounds of titflesh, palms massaging her nipples until he had them quivering.

"Does that feel okay?" he asked, startled by her groan and afraid he was hurting her.

"Yuh... yesss." Janie's voice was a barely concealed groan as her long, erect nipples rolled stiffly under his massaging fingers, itching for even more attention. "But... but it would feel even better if you kissed them. Have you ever kissed a girl's tits before, Ernie?"

That question stopped him cold. He shook his head, his heart suddenly pounding all over again at the mere suggestion of kissing a girl's tits.

"Well, there's nothing to it." Her own pulse racing, her cunt gushing wildly, Janie reached out, and she grasped a handful of his slick hair. "You just pucker your lips and kiss, the same way you'd kiss anything. Here, I'll show you."

With those words she pulled his head down, at the same time arching her tit up to meet him.

"Umppff," the boy gasped.

Ernie suddenly found his face smothered in tit, its springy nipple locating his lips, then popping deep between them. Without being told, without even waiting for instructions, he closed his mouth and sucked.

Janie squealed as her aching tit bud vanished in the boy's moist, warm mouth, rode across his soft tongue and strummed stiffer than ever.

"Ohhh, oh, that's good," she purred, mashing her tit to Ernie's face. "You... you're kissing my tit just right! Now suck on it, suck good and hard. It's even nicer when you six... uhhh! Yes, yesss!"

"Mum... mumpff."

Following her directions, Ernie began to suck and nibble the fat, hard nipple in his mouth. His cheeks pulled in and out, increasing their suction to a frantic pace as the girl started to moan and wiggle.

Ernie hadn't even dreamed of getting a chance like this. It was the very first tit he'd ever tasted, and he wanted to taste it all. His tongue darted around the bumpy halo of Janie's nipple, flicking back and forth over her big, hard button until she was gasping. Little whimpers rose from her throat as she was pushing more of her oversized tit to his mouth for attention.

"Oh that's... that's good, baby, good! Suck suck me all up! Eat my tit! Oh, Ernie, more!"

Surging with increasing delight, Janie suddenly switched tits in mid-nibble. Pulling her wet, aching nipple, from his lips with a smacking pop, she replaced it with the other.

"Now do this one... ahhhhhhh, that's it! You're... you're, getting even better! Faster, Ernie! Suck it faster! Aaaaaaah!"

She gave a small cry as pangs of pleasure soared through her cunt. With Ernie's head crushed against her tit and his hard-on bobbing wildly against her bare thighs, she shuddered in the first enticing quakes of orgasm.

That was when Ernie pulled away. "Gummmpf. Hey, you're smothering me!"

Gasping for breath, he grinned and gazed down at her slick quivering tits with a possessive gloam.

Reeling with wicked enjoyment, Janie slumped back on her elbows.

Then she saw his eyes drift down to the flap of bikini that still covered her crotch. It had shifted slightly during their activities, and now he could clearly see a thick thatch of damp gold cunt hair, curling and entwining along the rim of the limp bikini crotch with the promise of much more beneath it.

Tingling afresh at his lustful expression, she giggled and gave a playful pout. "You still want to see my pussy, don't you? That's all you boys ever think about -- pussies!"

He shrugged without denying it. "You promised I could. Anyway, what's the big deal? I don't mind the way you keep looking at my prick, do I?"

To prove his point, he rose up on his knees once more, blatantly displaying his hard reddened cock and heavy dangling balls as if only too aware of the effect they had.

Janie sucked in her breath, creaming like crazy. "Okay. But just one look! And if you tell any of the other boys I did this, I'll... I'll never let you see it again!"

With those words she reached down and whipped the wisp of fabric away.

Juices spilled from her exposed cunt as Ernie ogled, feasting on the first pussy he'd ever seen in his life. Eyes glued to the spectacular view of her pink, glistening fuckslit, he worked his mouth hoarsely.

"Oh, gee, your pussy really is great! I'll bet it's the best pussy in school! Gee whiz..." His cock sprang up like a quivering spear, straining toward the babysitter's snatch as if trying to wiggle straight into it.

Lying propped on her elbows, her knees drawn up and drooping wide apart, Janie felt her cunt melt with steamy new heat as the boy stared. His prick waved in the air, and his eyes bulging.

"There," she gasped slightly, thoroughly enjoying the look on his face. "Now you know what my pussy looks like, so you don't have to be so curious anymore. Does that satisfy you?"

Ernie bobbed his head slowly up and down, unable to tear away from the sight of her drooling, flaring cunt. Her pouted pussylips were all slick with juices, winking open to expose the depths of her fuckhole.

Taking advantage of his hypnotized reaction, Janie spoke huskily. "Just to make sure you don't go telling everybody about this, you've got to do something you'd never tell anyone, something so awful, you'd never dare breathe a word. Isn't that fair?"

He nodded again, so engrossed in her lush cunt that he hardly heard. "Like what?"

The words came out in a rush. "Lick my pussy, Ernie. Lick it all up, like a good boy. Then I'll know you won't tell!"

That statement sank in, despite his concentration. Ernie's gaze jerked up to meet hers, and his eyes flew wide. "Lick your -- shee-it! Like hell I will!"

"Like hell you won't!" Janie retorted quickly, her voice tinged with anger. Then, adding a note or promise, she went on. "Besides, it's not all that bad. Haven't you ever read about boys eating girls out? And since I'm going to be your babysitter all summer... well, you might want to peek again sometime. Why would I object, if I knew I could trust you?"

There was a certain logic behind her argument, and they both knew it. Ernie gulped, frightened all over again by the while thing. He'd read about guys eating pussies, all right. And even though it sounded kind of gross, there didn't seem to be much difference between sticking his tongue in a girl's mouth or in her cunt. It was just like kissing, practically.

And, he had to admit, the thought of getting a real taste of pussy made his cock feel like a launching rocket.

"Oh, come in!" Janie's cunt was seething with furious arousal at the thought of having it tongued again. "It doesn't bite, you know! Just give it a few licks to see. You'll find out!"

"Okay." Ernie gave in with a shrug and scooted down between her open legs, until his face came level with her cunt.

That position gave him an even better opportunity to examine the babysitter's pussy. Its fat outer lips pooched open, all greasy with arousal and flaring to display a snug channel that drooled fresh bursts of juice, inviting him on.

Suddenly, the thought of actually licking her musky-scented cunt didn't seem so bad at all.

His tongue flicked hesitantly along her soaked pussy, and she gasped in wave of delightful heat. "Ohhh, that... that's good, that's very good! Keep licking! More... ahhhhh."

For the first time in his life, Ernie tasted pussy cream on his tongue. It had a strangely sweet flavor, not like anything he'd ever tasted before, and not nearly as unpleasant as he'd feared.

He licked again, more certainly this time. His tongue gave a long, probing lap all the way up and down her moist cunt. A fresh gush of heady cream poured across it, and she arched.

"Yessssss, oh yes! That's just right. Now faster. Lick my clit nice and fast. That's it! That's it!"

Locating her small clit, Ernie did as instructed. The oily fucknub seemed to strum erect as his tongue-tip stroked across it. Janie hunched up ecstatically, grinding her delicate cuntlips to his chin and smearing it with juices. He could plainly see that she enjoyed having her clit teased. That made him lap harder, rolling his tongue across her hard clitflesh like it was a marble.

Her hands clutched his slicked hair. She stretched out on the beach towel, shoving her pussy up and urging him on. "Ohhh, I can't stand it! Now stick it in me, stick it all up my cunt."

Before he quite knew it, Ernie's tongue was crammed all the way inside his babysitter's cunt. He twisted it wildly about to taste her inner depths as she grasped his head and arched up for more, mashing her pussy to his face.

"Now -- oh, yes that feels so good -- now move it in and out, just like you're fucking me! Fuck me with your tongue. Oh, yes, yessss!"

"Mhhhm..." he groaned, eagerly plunging his tongue in and out her pussy as if he'd been eating girls out all his life.

His tongue slithered furiously up her cunthole and wiggled there, probing that tight, juicy pocket with hungry, urgent slurps.

Janie squealed: "Oh fuck, that feels nice! Nice, nicccce!"

Her quivering ass bounced off the towel, lunging her pussy hard against his mouth and plastering his chin with wetness. He was really doing it, really tongue-fucking a girl for the first time ever! Man, this was great!

"Mumff-fffuuum." He slapped his tongue in and out of her seething cunt with hard, fast jabs.

That was all it took to have Janie reeling in orgasm, crying out for the new need that soared inside her.

"Fuck me! Oh, Ernie, get your cock in my pussy! Stick your prick in me!" Wailing and writhing on the towel, she abruptly gripped his hair harder than ever, pulling him up.

"Muppff... hey!" Taken by surprise, Ernie gave a wet grin as he was pulled between her outflung legs. An eager hand grabbed his swollen prick, jerking it down, and his cockhead plunged its sensitive fatness against her smooth, slippery cuntflesh.

That was all it took. Without warning, he felt his prick sink deep into Janie's cunt. She let out a shrill squawk, and her taut pussylips closed over his thrusting cockmeat as if they were made for each other. Instantly, she was thrashing up in delirious oblivion, taking every pulsating inch of his fuckshaft and clawing his firm young ass in sheer delight.

"Yes, oh, fucking yes! Stick it to me hard, until I scream! Fuck me now Ernie, give me a good hard fucking like... like... iiiii!"

It happened so fast that Ernie barely had time to realize he was actually fucking his babysitter. His ass was gyrating back and forth, urged on by the sharp fingernails that dug into his skin. Her sopping pussy sucked at his prick, making wet, smacking noises with each thrust. His balls, tightened ominously at the feel of silky, warm cunt wrapped around his prickshaft, and his eyes rolled in pure bliss as he experienced a sensation better than all the jerking off he'd ever done in his whole life.

He couldn't help it. A gasp tore out of him.

"I'm gonna cum! Oh, Janie, I'm gonna cum! Oh shit... fuck!"


Janie barely heard. Climax after climax ripped through her with the first pistoning strokes of the boy's meaty prick, and she bucked up with new fury to take it.

Suddenly, Ernie went tense and let out a low moaning cry.



A blast of hot jism spurted up her cunt, and she screamed. Her legs flew about his waist as Ernie quivered again and again, shooting a flood of his virgin jizz deep into her pussy.

It was her most fantastic orgasm yet, and she hunched onto his twitching prick until, at last, they both slumped, gasping and drained by their mutual frenzy.


Ernie made a sound somewhere between a gurgle and a whimper. He wiggled like a puppy as the last little flecks of cum seeped into her cunt.

"Ohhhh, that was good."

She wiggled right back, sloshing his slumping cock inside her.

And even as the last delicious tremors of joy swept through her, she had to smile.

Ernie Wilson certainly was no momma's boy now!


Though she spent all morning shopping, that was the furthest thing from Mona Sanders' mind. As she browsed through her favorite shopping center, her thoughts were totally on last night's drunken activities and the vivid memory of Don Jackson's cock.

God, she was horny!

It was almost a physical pain, recalling that monster prick of his and the way it had felt slithering between her cuntlips. His had been the first cock she'd had in years, and Mona couldn't get her mind off it. Even as she went through the motions of picking over an item here or there, she was remembering Don's fat tongue and hot breath. He'd gobbled at her cunt like a starving man, then sheathed that magnificent prick of his in her cunt as if it was the last pussy in the world. He'd pistoned in and out of her, grunting and sweating, pumping her to sweet, forgotten peaks of ecstasy as his massive cock erupted its load all the way up her pussy, geysering again and again.

With a start, Mona realized she was creaming. Her pussy was drooling its syrupy juice, collecting at the crotch of her panties and trickling down her thighs under the prim dress she'd worn.

Blushing fiercely, she glanced guiltily about as if the crowded storeful of shoppers could sense her horniness.

But, of course, no one had noticed, and she breathed a sigh of relief. Last night's experience with Don had done something more to Mona than merely give her the taste of cock she'd had in years. It had untapped a reservoir deep inside her, releasing a flood of emotions she'd almost forgotten could exist. Why else would she be standing here in the middle of a busy shopping center, juicing up lather and daydreaming about cocks?

And it wasn't going to get any better just standing around, either.

Embarrassed by her blatant horniness in public and eager to return home, Mona got in line at the checkout counter. She hastily paid for the various odds and ends she'd plucked up without really noticing.

"Help you with your bags, Mrs. Sanders?"

The youthful voice beside her made Mona jump. She glanced at the familiar, smiling teenaged boy who stood poised before her in a white shirt, tie and jeans, ready to scoop up the two large sacks she'd unthinkingly filled.

"Oh my..." Forcing a nervous laugh, she eased his quizzical expression. "Did I buy that much? Well, I guess I could use some help at that. You don't mind?"

The boy grinned wider, reaching without hesitation for the two bags. "No, ma'am, that's okay. If you'll just show me the way to your car, I'll take care of these for you."

She caught the glint of his name badge as he picked up the bags and waited obediently, still smiling.

"Thank you, Chuck. That really would be a help, after all, if you don't mind the walk. I'm afraid I parked rather far away."

Obviously, Chuck was eager to please the attractive customer. He shook, his head even before she'd finished speaking, making his long blonde hair sweep across his forehead. "I get paid for that, Mrs. Sanders. It's no trouble at all, really."

"Well, all right."

Mona led the way, relieved that she didn't have to lug those heavy bags herself.

She'd parked in a secluded section of the parking lot, away from the bustle of the other cars, roaring in and out. As Chuck followed with the armloads of groceries, she could feel his gaze flicking across the snug rump of her dress. Mona had always been one to enjoy an admiring gaze, but this was affecting her even more than usual. Her pussy tingled with luxurious delight, drenching itself afresh with juicy excitement at that stare.

Damn that Don Jackson, anyway! He'd done this to her, made her so horny that now she was actually flirting with teenaged boys! Damn him, and that big, lovely, fucking prick of his, too!

When they finally reached the car, Chuck's voice came from behind her with a slightly disappointed note.

"Is this all I can do for you today, Mrs. Sanders?"

He opened the back door, tearing his gaze from her voluptuous body, and began to unload the sacks.

"Well, that's all I can think of," Mona said, hiding a smile. "Here, let me go around to the other side. Those things are pretty loaded, and I'd like to be some help!"

Rounding the car, she leaned in to work a grocery bag into a position where it wouldn't fall over on the trip home.

Across from her, Chuck gasped.

"Is something the matter, Chuck?" She glanced up to see him gaping at her over the back seat. It took a fleeting instant before she realized the truth and blushed.

Though Mona had chosen a decent enough dress, the light material was no match for her pendulous tits. Her big tits dangled before him in all their confined glory, thrusting against the bodice as if on the verge of bursting free.

That realization took her by surprise. She barely had time to recover from the initial shock when he answered hesitantly. "Uh, nothing Mrs. Sanders. It's just... I mean, I never saw... that is..."

He swallowed, reddening shyly under his mop of gold hair.

It was a temptation she couldn't resist. A small, wicked smile tugged at her lips, and her dark eyes glinted with a mischievous gleam at the grocery boy's nervousness.

"Why, Chuck, what's wrong?" Faking an expression of perfect innocence, Mona looked from his flushed face down to her tits, then back again. "You don't mean I've actually embarrassed you, do you? Haven't you ever seen a woman's tits before, darling?"

Chuck gulped again, turning redder than ever at being found out. "I... I wasn't looking at those, Mrs. Sanders! Uhhh, not much, anyway, just... oh, hell, I never saw any like yours before, anywhere!"

The words seemed to burst out of him, despite himself. Chuck tried to tear his gaze away, but he couldn't. The sight of Mrs. Sanders' voluptuous tits was just too good to miss, and the fact that she didn't appear the least bit shocked urged him on. With wide, unblinking eyes he took in her huge, dangling tits, knowing that they would be snatched away in another instant as she straightened up.

However, Mona didn't have the slightest intention of ruining the boy's view. Still leaning forward, she felt her cunt ooze with new heat at his stare. The bags lay on the floor of the car so that they wouldn't fall over and, abruptly, she found herself giving in to an emotion that had been building inside her all morning.

When she spoke, her voice was husky. "DO you really mean that, Chuck? You actually like my tits? Here... would this help you decide?"

Without warning, she dipped her fingers into the gaping cleavage, creaming wildly at her own boldness.

Chuck's jaw dropped when Mrs. Sanders abruptly pulled one of her mammoth tits right out into the open. Hefting it out of her bra, she let it quiver in her palm, thrusting out completely bare and jutting toward him.

His eyes bulged... and so did the crotch of his jeans, hardening to painful stiffness as he took in her big tit resting in the woman's hand.

"Ohhh," he managed, gulping. "Oh shit!"

The last thing Mona would've expected this morning was to find herself leaning into her sown back seat at her favorite supermarket, displaying her tit to an astounded grocery boy. But Chuck's admiration, combined with the unleashed hungers Don had stirred within her last night, all had their effect. She was frothing up a juicy torrent of cunt cream at his stare. Suddenly determined to show this teenaged boy much more than just a fleeting glimpse of tit, she quickly scooted onto the back seat and closed the door. At the same time, she deftly reached up to unfasten her dress and bra.

The material slumped loosely. An instant later, Mona sat curled in her back seat with the dress hanging bunched at her hips, both tits free and swaying before him.

"Now," she gasped slightly, holding both her tits up to his astonished stare. "You can look all you want, darling. I don't mind, since that seems to be what interests you most! But if you're going to look, the least you can do is come here, instead of standing out there gaping, where practically anybody can see!"

Chuck licked his lips, unable to believe what he was really seeing. Mrs. Sanders' tits joggled in front of him, their rounded pink areolas peaking up into twin blossoms of erect nipples. Without pausing to consider, he clambered hastily into the car, practically leaping forward for a closer look.

It was his eagerness that made him slip. One of Chuck's knees landed on a bulging sack of groceries, and the bag gave way. Unexpectedly, he found himself sprawling forward in an abrupt lunge, his face smacking straight into a large, pillowy tit. She gave a startled sound of surprise. Somehow her nipple seemed to pop between his open lips, and his mouth closed automatically.

"Mmfff!" he choked.

They both gasped, Chuck with shock and Mona with delight. Her nipple sprang eagerly into his warm moist mouth, tingling with pleasure. She grabbed handfuls of his soft, fine blonde hair, pulling his face against her tit.

"Why, Chuck, I... I never knew you were so hungry for my tits! Come on, darling, suck them all you want, since that's what you're after. Suck them for me, yes... yes."

It happened so abruptly that Chuck couldn't have resisted if he'd wanted to. Overwhelmed by the large stiff-nippled tit thrusting into his mouth, he began to suck. His ups closed over her rigid bud, tasting its bumpy texture. He was pulling his cheeks in and out, milking at her fat, quivering nipple with a need that overcame his astonishment. Lying sprawled over the back seat atop Mrs. Sanders, with both her big tits shoving at him for attention, he gave a horny whimpering growl of released lust and sucked ferociously.

"Oh, oh, my goodness, that is nice!" Mona couldn't have been more pleased by the abrupt turn of events. She arched up in a spasm of pleasure, uncurling beneath the teenager's trim young body. "Yes darling, that's just right! Suck me! Oh, my God, you are a hungry little baby! Faster, faster!"

Obeying greedily, he did just that. His body wiggled between her thighs, and the feel of his hard-on made her gasp. Mona's hands flew down to his crotch, fingers rippling across that bulging stiffness and fumbling hastily at the snap of his pants.

"Muhhmm..." Chuck moaned in sheer gleeful frenzy as he slurped at the tit shoved in his mouth. The sensation of having Mrs. Sanders' big nipple thrusting between his lips engrossed him totally. He barely felt her fingers plucking at his jeans as he switched from one bloated nipple to the other.

A moment later, Mona had his pants torn open, and she was fishing out his prick. They both gasped when Chuck's cock sprang free, huge and bobbing with rigid attention.

"Why... why, Chuck!"

Mona blurted out her renewed surprise as she wrapped a hand around one of the biggest cocks she'd ever known. Though not quite as huge as Don Jackson's enormous prick, Chuck's cock had to be at least a close second. It surged into her fist as he groaned and wiggled furiously. His meaty fuckshaft trembled with an engorged, aching need that had her cunt gushing warm juices all over her drenched panties.

That pulsing, inflamed young cock was too much a temptation to miss. Her dress had slid up to her thighs, and Mona tore at her panties now, ripping, them out of the way. Fabric ripped as the flimsy material gave. A fresh burst of cream leaked from her flared pussy. In the next moment, it was bare and splayed before Chuck's reddened cocktip.

Grasping his cock firmly, Mona hunched up. Chuck lurched as well, sensing the older woman's horniness. His prickhead gouged against her oozing cuntlips, then instantly slid between them.

"Ahhhhh!" Mona writhed upward, plunging onto inch after spearing inch of the teenager's prick until it was totally sheathed inside her. Sucking her distended nipple with all his might, he gave a small moan as his fuck shaft sank inside the first pussy it had ever filled. Luxuriating in the feel of having his cock sliding into a real cunt, he began to hump back and forth.

"Oh... oh, God, baby," she purred ecstatically, pulling her legs up and out as far as they would go in the cramped back seat as his strong young prick fucked rhythmically in and out of her cunt hole. "Do it, fuck the daylights out of me with that sweet cock of yours! Give it to me, honey, give it to me good! Oh, baby, yesss!"

Chuck let out a throaty groan as his prick was sucked into the brunette's greedy cunt. Her sopping pussy muscles clamped tightly around its swollen base, milking it as she undulated beneath him. Her hands clutched his tight young asscheeks, her fingernails digging in frantically.

"Tha... that's it, lover, oh, honey, now you're doing it!" she squealed as the teenager pistoned back and forth, still clinging to the slick nipple in his mouth. "Stick it to me, fuck me right out of my mind, baby! I need your prick! Annhh! Aaaahhhh!"

She wailed in pure delight, pumping up on his ramming cock with every ounce of need that had built up in her all morning.

Suddenly, Chuck reared back, gasping for breath. Her slickened tit plopped from his lips, and he let out a long hoarse grunt. "Oh fuck, Mrs. Sanders! Ohhh, fuck!"

The whole back end of the car was bouncing with the intensity of his thrusts as he drilled her cunt with every inch of his prick. Her pussy made slushy sucking noises as he stroked in and out. Her glistening tits bobbled under his heaving chest, her pink nipples thrashing in a frenzy as she lunged up to meet him.

By this time, neither of them would have cared if everyone in the parking lot stood gaping at Mona's rhythmically shuddering car. For the first time in his life, Chuck was really getting a piece of ass, and from one of the most gorgeous women he'd ever waited on. His cock ripped in and out of her silky cunt. The boy was determined to go on fucking her, no matter who saw.

As she soared to climax on his hard, driving prick, Mona would've been glad to fuck forever. Chuck felt his balls tingle with a surge, and he burst out a frantic, heaving breath.

"I'm gonna cum! Take it, Mrs. Sanders, take my cock up your pussy so I can shoot my jizz in it! Oh, fucking shit, you're sucking it right out of me! I... I can't hold it. Aaaahhhhhh!" Twisting down with a last panting lunge, he exploded.

"Guuuhh!" she cried out with fresh joy as hot spurts of cockcream jetted up her seething pussy, plowing her to orgasm in blast after blast. Chuck crashed down atop her, smothering his face between her big tits as his load of jism was sucked from his balls.

For what seemed to be hours, they clung like that, caught up in mutual completion.

At last, the boy's drained prick slipped from her overflowing cunthole, and he seemed to abruptly realize where he was.

"Oh... oh shit!"

Chuck rose, peering outside at the rows of parked cars nearby. No one seemed to have noticed, but he was suddenly scared of getting caught. Hurriedly hitching up his jeans once more, he glanced down at her.

Mona smiled, seeing the teenager blush all over again as he watched his load of jizz seep from her drooling cunt. "Uhhmm, that was nice! Do you have to go back to work so soon, darling? I might need a bit more help, once you give me a moment to catch my breath."

Chuck's expression wrenched in a mixture of fear and lust as he gazed down at her nude body, clad only in the dress bunched about her hits. "I gotta go, Mrs. Sanders. But... I mean, any time you need some more help like today, just let me know! Any time at all!"

He scuffled out of the car, then headed back to his job, trying fervently to comb his hair, smooth his rumpled clothes and fix his tie all at once.

Momentarily satisfied, Mona sighed. Well, what had she expected? How could any teenaged boy compare to Don Jackson, after last night?

But still, on a lonely, horny morning like this, it was certainly better than nothing!

That fact soothed her a bit as she drove home. And the feel of his cum dripping from her cunt was a pleasant reminder as well.

During the whole trip home, she was smiling.


"Wow, what a pussy! Oh, man, the other guys had lots of stories, but they sure never told me a pussy feels this good! Wait'll they hear about this!"

Ernie's voice was an ecstatic laugh as he wiggled atop Janie, feeling his limp, drained prick slosh in the creamy depths of her cunt.

"Ahhh," she sighed, still catching her breath. The feel of his prick rolling in her snug fuckhole made fresh jolts of delight shoot all through her.

But she caught his last words, countering them sternly. "Remember, you promised not to tell! Because if you do, maybe next time I babysit for you, that's exactly what I'll do -- just sit!"

They giggled together, both teenagers enjoying the sticky combination of cum and cuntjuice that slid warmly between their thighs.

Neither of them heard the front door open, nor the footsteps that sounded through the house. Neither of them noticed the figure that froze in shocked horror at the patio door until, suddenly, Sandra Wilson's voice cut across the pool at them in a high, enraged peal.

"Just... what's... going on... here?"

She took them by complete surprise, and Ernie jerked as if he'd been shot. "Ohhh, shit!"

He sprung out from between Janie's thighs, his cock slurping wetly from her cunt as he searched wildly for his discarded trunks.

"Young man!" Sandra was striding stiffly toward them, her attractive face pale and drawn into a furious glare as she stared at their nude, glistening bodies. "I asked you a question, just what on earth do you think you're up to?"

"Mom," Ernie croaked as she confronted them, hands on hips. "We were just... I mean, we weren't doing anything."

"Mrs. Wilson." Janie attempted to speak up, but there was no denying the picture they presented. Ernie stood naked before his mother, his cock all wet and gleaming with the same juices that dribbled from his babysitter's open young cunt.

With a start, Janie snapped her legs shut and hastily struggled to sit up. Still woozy from their fucking, she had trouble doing even that.

"And you!" Mrs. Wilson turned on her, brawn eyes flashing. "I trusted you with my son, and just look what you've done! Degrading Ernest this way, taking advantage of my little boy's manhood to satisfy your own lusts like... like some dirty little tramp! You're disgusting!"

"Now, Mom, it wasn't like that!" Despite his fear, Ernie tried to face up to his furious mother. "I... it's kind of my fault, anyway. I talked Janie into... well..."

"Don't you dare contradict me, young man!" Sandra trembled with rage, overwhelmed by the sight she'd walked in on. After all these years of protecting her son, watching her baby grow up without having to face the terrible things most teenage boys had to face these days, she'd come home to find him squirming atop his babysitter, his cock buried in her pussy exactly like... like...

For an instant she couldn't complete the thought, it was so awful.

Like a man!

Sandra was seething, because all the precious work she'd done to keep her son a little boy had been undone in one morning. In just two short hours, her years of motherhood had been ripped out from under her. All the care and motherly concern, all the deep fears of a lonely divorcee who dreaded the thought of her little boy growing up and leaving her, all of it was ruined, because of one teenaged cunt.

"You... you little bitch!" she hissed, almost bringing Janie to tears. "Fucking my baby like some kind of dirty little bitch! Well I'm going to have a long talk with your mother, and we'll just see who..."

"Now, Mom, stop it!" Ernie flared then, at last defiant despite his embarrassment. "I said it wasn't Janie's fault! It... it just kind of happened, that's all. And... and it's none of your business!"

"Ernest!" Sandra's eyes went as wide as if she'd been struck by lightning. "Is that any way to talk to your mother? I'm only trying to protect you!"

"I don't need protecting, damn it!" Now angry, himself, he faced his mother with a determined look. "If you'd stop protecting me, maybe I'd have some fun for a change! I'm in high school, Mom! And Janie was just helping 'cause all the guys laugh at me, 'cause you never told me anything about sex and stuff! That's why!"

He waved his hands, emphasizing Janie's presence.

"It's the truth, Mrs. Wilson," the teenaged girl managed in a small voice.

"Well." Sandra's mouth worked in astonishment at her son's outburst. "Well."

And it was the truth. She knew it, despite herself. It had to happen sometime, no matter how she tried to prevent it. And now that she had noticed, that time was certainly due.

For the first time, Sandra studied his nude, tanned body. Her gaze trailed across Ernie's slim, muscular form, wavering down to his crotch.

It had been a long time since Sandra had looked down at a man's bared prick. And it was a man's cock, no doubt about that. Nestled against its wrinkled ballsac, wagging and flopping in response to Ernie's every move, it hung tantalizingly. Sandra's memory of cocks had dimmed just a bit over the years, but she knew her son's cock was much larger than any she'd ever seen before even larger than his father's. It dangled from his sleek nest of curls with a strange enticement, an exciting reminder.

Sandra had to admit it. Seeing his prick made her pussy ache.

A tingle began in her tummy, a hunger that she'd ignored for too long.

With difficulty, her gaze tore away to fall, instead, on Janie. Lying there with her legs drawn up together in an attempt to hide herself, the teenager nevertheless gave, her a view of her pink, gold-fringed pussy. Her cuntmouth pouted moistly and was streaked with the thick white syrup of Ernie's cum.

"I may have been hasty," Sandra heard herself murmur, in a haze of confused emotions. "Perhaps I have been a bit over-protective. But, darling, you could've come to me with your questions! That's what a mother's for! I would've answered them."

"Not my kind of questions, you wouldn't." Ernie's face scrunched up in a grimace. "There's stuff a guy just had to find out about, that's all. He can't expect his mom to teach him everything!"

Once again, Sandra's eyes flitted back to his big soft prick, as if drawn by a magnet. With a husky voice that didn't sound like her at all, she spoke softly. "Darling, I have the answers to anything you want to know. Do you want me to prove it right here?"

Suddenly, one of her hands swooped out, capturing his limp, slick cock and cupping it up into her palm.

"Mom!" Ernie blurted in pure amazement as her fingers wrapped around his prick, giving it a squeeze.

To her own horror, Sandra saw her fist encompass her son's dangling young prick as he gasped and froze. She could feel his cock pulsing against her palm, fluttering like a warm, captive bird. It began to swell, and a burst of juice gushed from her pussy.

"Is this what you were curious about?" she went on in a quavering voice, tugging his cock to emphasize her words. "I know all about pricks, Ernest. I know how they get hard and stiff and aching for a woman's cunt. Did you think that we women don't have those same feelings, in our own way?"

"N... no," he stammered, overwhelmed at the feel of having his prick cupped in his mother's hand, just as if it was something she did every day. "I just... I didn't think you'd understand, Mom. It's kind of hard for a guy to talk about these things with his own moth... oh, jeez!"

His prick was soaring up to full length in Sandra's hand, spearing erect, all veined, long and fat.

This time it was her turn to gasp as a flood of cunt cream soaked her panties, making her squeeze his cock harder.

Only a few moments ago, Sandra wouldn't have dreamed that she might be standing here now, with Ernest's stiffened prick in her hand and cuntjuice flowing between her thighs.

But now that it had started, she couldn't seem to stop. Instead, she forced a small, soft smile. "You should know that you can always come to me with your problems, no matter what they are. Even if they're as... as big as this! It's a mother's job to teach her children. And... and I think maybe it's time I started teaching you right now."

Acting hastily before she could lose her nerve, Sandra began to unbutton her blouse.

Both teenagers ogled, astonished, as the older woman deftly unfastened her blouse, then shrugged out of it. Though her grip momentarily fell from Ernie's cock, his prick stood up as stiffened and rock-hard as ever. He watched the garment glide from his mom's creamy shoulders, exposing the white cups of her bra.

"Mrs. Wilson!"

Janie made a noise of sheer surprise as Sandra unzipped her skirt, then shoved it down. She stepped out of the rumpled garment, then reached behind her.

"And don't you sound so shocked, either, young lady! You're partly to blame for stirring these questions up in my son, whether you admit it or not! I'm just going to make certain he gets all the right answers, and no big-chested teenage girl is going to do that better than his own mother!"

She whipped her bra off, freeing her tits entirely. They bobbed into view, not nearly as large as Janie's but petite and so firm that they jutted straight out without even the least bit of sag. Mrs. Wilson's tits were pale and creamy, thrusting out into the fattest, pinkest nipples Janie had ever seen. Their twin areolas expanded as if practically overflowing with richness, spiking into sharp peaks that were so inflamed they seemed to quiver with arousal.

The two youngsters stared, hardly able to believe what they were seeing.

It was those stares almost as much as the presence of her son's meaty prick that urged Sandra on. Now determined and uninhibited in a way she'd never dared allow herself to be before, she grasped the border of her panties and began to squirm free.

"Oh, Mom!"

Ernie's voice croaked as the first of his mother's pussy curls sprang into sight, thick and black and glistening in the sun. His cock wagged up and down with the appearance of more curls, then even more. At last, the panties slipped away entirely, and he feasted on a carpet of rich, spongy cunt fur like nothing he'd ever seen before even in pictures. His mom's triangular mound was so thick that it hid her pussy completely.

"Is this what it takes to satisfy you, Ernest?" She faced her son boldly. The lustful look on his young face made her cunt gush even harder with wicked pleasure, urging her on. "I'm a woman, just like any other. I know what horny boys like, and just what you'd like to do with that naughty prick of yours, too! You'd like to stuff it all into some cute pussy like Janie's, wouldn't you? You'd like to suck her tits and stick your cock into her and fuck her, wouldn't you? Well, how does it feel now? Would you like to do those things to me? Would you fuck your own mother, Ernest? Should we find out?"


If Ernie hadn't been thunderstruck by that last question, his mother's action then completed his amazement. Grasping his engorged cock once more, Sandra undulated forward with a purposeful motion. Drawn by the gorgeous young cock that shivered in her fist, she shoved her bushy cunt against her son's pulsing pricktip.

The suddenness of the move made them both gasp. Ernie's prick bobbed and lurched in her thick sponge of black pussy hair, dipping deep and slithering unexpectedly between her thighs.

She couldn't help releasing a groan as the smooth, throbbing length of his prick pushed its way along her sopping cuntlips, shoving a path into the furrow of her now-frothing pussy with a stiff presence like nothing she'd felt in years. Her hips gyrated, grinding down on her son's massive prick in automatic reaction as she swayed toward him, almost forgetting her anger entirely.

"Oh, Mom," Ernie grunted with surprise as his prickshaft soared up hard against her cunt. "I... I can feel right up into your pussy! It's all hot and wet and... and, jeez, it's making my balls hurt! Yeah, oh, yeah."

His hands came up, then, covering her firm tits, and his thumbs rolled eagerly across both spiring nipples until they seemed to shiver with a life of their own.

Sandra was hazy with lust and vaguely astonished at the image of herself standing totally nude with Ernest's prick thrusting between her thighs while Janie looked on with a startled expression. The woman barely managed to keep from grabbing her son's sweet cock and jamming into her pussy regardless of the consequences.

Instead, she tried valiantly to keep up the pretense that she was merely giving her son an overdue lesson in relationships, her sole purpose to overcome the damage done by his babysitter.

With that rationalization firmly in mind, she managed a husky, understanding tone. "You see, honey? I... I know all about cocks, and what they can do to a woman's pussy. There's nothing to be ashamed of. It's only natural to feel that way. You're growing into a man now. I only want you to realize that, just because you're growing up, it doesn't mean you have to do all your thinking with these!"

She grasped his lightly fuzzed balls, squeezing them delicately.

Ernie sucked in a breath, gazing in fascination at his mom's huge nipples while she squeezed his wrinkled ballsac, making his cock surge up rigid as a board.

Sandra's pussy creamed a blast of juice over his cockshaft. Her fingers drifted up from his balls to his cockbase, gliding along the rippled surface of his prick as she went on as a teacher scolding a reluctant student. "A man has to think with more than his cock, darling. He... uhhm... he has to use his judgment as well. Like... like right now... ahhhhhhh."

As if by accident, she gave her son's cock an upward nudge, at the same time her body undulated down. His prickhead pushed against her pussylips, then abruptly sank between them.

Ernie's whole body seemed to shiver, and he clutched her tits tighter. "Ohhh, shit!"

"Unnhh," she groaned as his youthful prick rammed up inside her, forcing apart cunt muscles with its hugeness, gliding deeper with each twitch of their bodies. Ernie arched, and his cock slid neatly home.


"Aaaaahhhhh," Sandra moaned.

She hadn't meant for it to happen. She hadn't really intended to actually find herself plunged onto her son's prick as it vanished up her cunt. At least, that was Sandra's excuse as she gave in to the luxurious feel of having a prick crammed up her pussy again after all these years. A spasm of pure pleasure shuddered through her.

"This... unnh... this is what you want, isn't it, Ernest?" she gasped out, pouring a gush of cream over his meaty prickshaft as she reeled onto it. "You want... oh, God... you want to find out how it feels to fuck a girl, don't you? And I'm a girl, Ernest! I'm... oh, fuck, that's nice! I'm a girl, aren't I? I'm... a... guhhh!"

There was no use pretending anymore. With his cock sheathed totally up her cunt, Sandra started to hunch. Her hips gyrated, and one tapered leg lifted into the air as she clung to him even tighter, easing her pussy onto his prick with slick, sliding lunges. The last wisps of motherly pretense faded quickly with those first hesitant thrusts, and then it was really happening. She was actually fucking her son, and nothing else in the world mattered.

"Oh... oh, God, Ernest, yes!"

Stunned, Janie lay watching from her beach towel as mother and son groaned and hung onto each other for dear life, his prick sliding up her black-trimmed pussy with harsh, powerful strokes that had her body quivering and head lolling in an oblivion of delight.

Ernie's head ducked, and he took one of her giant nipples between his lips. His mother purred and shoved her shoulder forward, pushing the entire cone of her tit into his mouth. Amazed and delighted, he sucked greedily on her entire tit as he worked his cock in and out of her snug, steamy cunt, hardly able to believe his luck.

For Sandra, it was the unleashing of a desire she'd never dared admit to herself before. All her jealous motherhood, all her fears seemed to melt away as if pumped out of her by her son's pistoning cock. For the first time, in the dim haze of her lust-filled mind, she realized the truth.

It was Ernest she'd wanted all along, all to herself and forever.

And it was Ernest she was getting -- every meaty, thrashing inch of him.

"Yesss!" she pealed, writhing with enraptured frenzy on the cock she'd awaited all these years. "Yes, darling, fuck me! I'll show you. Oh, fuck, baby, yes! I'll show you just what cocks are for, Ernest! More, more! Yessss!"

"Mumpff." Ernie made a gulping noise of glee, gobbling his mom's small, vibrant tit and plunging his prick to her in a fury of new sensation. His balls seemed to boil up with new intensity, threatening to spill their renewed load at any moment. That only made him pump faster, causing her to wail.

"Aaaaah, yesssss! Make me come, baby, make your mommy come! I'm doing it, honey, I'm coming on your sweet prick! Faster, faster! Now, owwwooohhhhh!"

Crying out in delirious freedom like nothing she'd let herself experience before, Sandra rode a chain of climaxes that carried her higher and higher on his thrusting cock. She kept slamming down with all her might, until Ernie had to strain to keep from falling backward into the pool.

Suddenly, he let her slickened tit flop from his mouth and gave a cry, slamming against his mother's wrenching body with fresh furor. "I'm coming, too, Mom! Take it! Take it! Annnhhh!"

Mouth agape, Janie watched as the two of them groaned and twitched in mutual orgasm. Ernie's load of jism exploded up his mother's sucking pussy, jet after jet soaring up her cunt as she rode ecstatically down on his prick for every drop. For what seemed endless hours, they hovered like that, clinging to each other in a standing embrace as the last little splatters of his jizz spurted into her.

At last, with a faint pop, his prick slipped free. "Ohhh, shit." Gasping for breath, Ernie slumped.

A dribble of his hot, thick cock syrup seeping between her cuntlips and down her thighs, Sandra focused her gaze on their rapt spectator.

"And now, as for you, young lady!"

With brown eyes aglow in the midst of a sensuality she'd almost forgotten could exist, Sandra stalked a bit shakily toward the frozen teenaged girl. She stared down at the load of jism that still leaked from Janie's pussy, then abruptly knelt before her.

"I won't have my son putting his prick into just any hungry cunt, and you'd better learn that right away! My Ernest is too sensitive to go around fucking every horny girl who wants a taste of his cock, and I mean to put a stop to that right now! If anyone does the tasting around here, it's me!"

With those scolding words, she pushed Janie's legs wide apart, splaying her soaked pussy wide.

"Mrs. Wilson," Janie started to object, but the woman's next action took her by complete surprise.

Sandra dove. Her tongue lashed out at the teenager's spread-open cunt, lapping up the mixture of cum and cuntjuices from it as if in an effort to get rid of the incriminating evidence.

The first probing lap of her tongue sent a tingle all through Janie's pussy, and her voice rose in a small wail.

"Mrs. Wilson!"

She watched, mesmerized, as Sandra Wilson's beautiful face pushed deep into her gold cunt fur. Her tongue stabbed up Janie's pussy, and the tingle burst into a juicy heat. She found herself once more propped on her elbows, gazing down as her pussy was eaten. Only this time, it wasn't Ernie doing the eating, but his mother.

And Mrs. Wilson sure knew how to eat a pussy!

"Oh... oh, fuck!" Gasping for breath, Janie arched. Her cunt instantly burst in fresh blasts of slushy pleasure. Before she quite realized it, she was hunching up to Mrs. Wilson's face as if it was the most natural thing in the world to get eaten out by another woman. Gushes of cream poured over the woman's mouth, and she drank them up as eagerly as if they were her son's jism oozing from the teenager's sopping young cunt.

Engrossed in lapping up Janie's lush little pussy and catching every single droplet of her son's cum from it, Sandra plunged her tongue deep. She felt the girl's ripple up in response, and that only made her wiggle her darting tongue faster.

From where he stood, Ernie was enjoying the unexpected show. His mom crouched before Janie on her knees, and he could clearly see her juice drenched fuck slit flaring out before him, all wet and dripping with his jizz. His mom had the pinkest cunt ever, made even pinker by her mound of black cunt hair. Even her small, puckered asshole winked before him, glistening wetly.

His cock gave a nudge. In total fascination, he saw his mother's tongue slide up Janie's cunthole, saw it lunge back and forth with fucking precision as her lips smacked against the teenager's pussylips.

Even though it had been drained just moments ago, his cock gave another nudge. It began to swell as he watched his mom slurp at Janie's cunt for his jism.

With sudden determination, he scooted up behind her. Sandra seemed to sense his intent, and her knees drew wide apart. She knelt forward into Janie's twitching pussy, and her cunt mouth gaped wide.

Ernie shoved his swelling prick up her black fringed twat, enjoying her groan as she lurched backward in response.

"Muhhhm!" Sandra moaned.

Her tongue shot furiously up Janie's cunt with the first lunge of his cock. He began to slide it in and out of her dripping fuckhole with long strokes, and she plunged even deeper.

"Oh, Mrs. Wilson, that's nicccce!" Janie squealed, hunching frantically up as the woman's tongue flailed wildly inside her. Her young pussy clamped onto the woman's thrusting tongue and clung to it. Rhythmic tremors raced through Sandra's body as Ernie delightedly slammed his prick into her from behind, and she became the center of a writhing, panting threesome. Her pussy snapped around her son's plowing fuckshaft, and her tongue gouged into the babysitter with mounting friction as she groveled between the two teenagers in a sobbing, lunging fury of pure sensation.

"Yes, ohhh, yes!"

Janie wailed, climaxing and hunching onto the raven-haired beauty's face in ecstatic release.

"Oh, fuck, Mom! Nobody can make my prick hard like you do! Take it, take it all up your cunt! Fuck, oh, fuck!"

His cock had once more regained its massive size, and it was drilling into her faster with each new lunge. His balls slapped at the backs of her thighs, occasionally slamming hard against her clit and making fresh spirals of oblivion rip through her pussy. Sandra became no more than a whimpering mass of pure lust. She seesawed between the two kids, driving her tongue as far as it would go, down Janie's cunt as her own cunt was torn open by Ernie's eager cock. When she came, it was with a screech that burst into Janie's pussy like a muffled moan.

At that moment Janie also came, wailing out loudly.

"Mrs. Wilsonnnnnnnn!"

Both women soared in blissful climax. Sandra's tongue jabbed deep and collected the bursts of cuntjuice that flowed down her throat like wine.

"I'm... uhhhh... I'm... comingggg!" Ernie's load of jism spurted into her, and she careened back to take it. Spasms of sheer joy ripped through her, and they went on and on until both teenagers were gasping and drained.

At last, it was Janie who rolled away from Sandra's still-jabbing tongue, her young, tender pussy so bloated with climaxes that it was sore.

"I... I've got to go home, Mrs. Wilson! Please!"

With Ernie's softening emptied prick still wedged inside her, Sandra slowly collapsed onto the beach towel. "Aaaaahhhhhh."

Her son sank beside her, gasping happily. "Oh, shit, Mom, that was the greatest yet! You really do have all the answers, just like you said! Man, I never thought... oh, jeez."

Sighing with pleasure, Sandra smiled.

It was the sweetest, purest smile she'd worn in a long, long time.

She reached for her son.

As she slipped daintily into her bikini, then turned to leave, Janie's last sight was of Sandra Wilson twisting around to pull Ernie atop her. Her legs were wrapping about his waist, and her hands were puffing his head down to one upthrusting tit for his mouth to cover.

"Oh, yes, my baby, my sweet, sweet baby, Ernest," she cooed as Ernie sucked obediently, wiggling atop his mother's body while she guided his reddened, limp cock into her pink pussy gash. The woman crammed his soft fuckshaft inside her, clamping her cunt muscles around it.

Walking away, Janie left them like that. Vaguely, she began to realize that she'd just lost a babysitting customer. Mrs. Wilson would never leave Ernie alone with a girl again, now that she'd discovered for herself what his prick could do. And that meant his prick wouldn't be doing it to Janie anymore, either!

Picking up her pace homeward, she began to fume.

Mamas' boys! Humph!


"Would you mind finishing the dishes for me, honey? I promised Don Jackson I'd drop by tonight to help him put up his new drapes, and I'm late already." Wiping her hands on a cloth, Mona glanced at the kitchen wall-clock as she headed for the front door. She paused in the front hallway long enough to give her hair a last critical examination in the mirror, then smoothed down her dress and went on. "Don't wait up. You know how men are when it comes to decorating, and I may be late. You don't mind, do you, darling?"

"No, that's okay. I was going to bed early, anyway. Just have a good time, Mom." Not fooled at all by her mother's story, Janie rose from the couch, and she turned the television off. A small, secret smile flitted across her lips, but she quickly hid it. "And tell Mr. Jackson hello for me, too. I haven't seen much of him lately!"

"I will, dear." Not noticing that her daughter's smile had reappeared at the vivid memory of Don Jackson sprawled on the couch with his pants bunched at his knees last night, Mona finished her primping and turned for the door.

"Good night, baby. And get some rest. You look positively worn out!"

"I will, Mom. Bye."

Realizing that she hadn't seen her mother behave this happily in years, Janie watched her hurry out. The sharp image of Mr. Jackson's giant prick came to mind, and her smile widened knowingly. Well, that was certainly something to be happy about!

And though she hadn't taken the time to think about it, Mona was happy. She pranced lightly across the street to Don's house, and actually caught herself humming. She'd been looking forward to this date all day, and not even that morning's session with Chuck could have spoiled it. It was with almost girlish eagerness that she bounced up to his front door and rang the bell, feeling her stomach flutter with jittery tension.

What if he wasn't home? What if last night had simply been a single drunken incident, and nothing more? Would he even want to see her? Wouldn't it have been better to call first, just to make sure?

God, she was acting like a love-smitten teenager! But then the door swung open, and all her tension drained away.

Don appeared, and his face broke into a delighted grin when he saw her standing there. "Well, I didn't expect to see you again so soon... not that I mind, that is. Come on in, Mona."

Taken by surprise, he motioned with a wide gesture as Mona stepped through. Shutting the door behind her, he went on quickly.

"What can I do for you tonight? And please, no martinis just yet. My head's still spinning!"

"You know perfectly well what you can do for me!" Swirling to face him, she turned on her sexiest smile, and her hand swooped out without warning to grasp the crotch of his trousers. "I've been thinking about you all day, and I'm tired of just thinking! Now, what do you intend to do about it?"

At first, her boldness startled him all over again. Then she gave his crotch a squeeze, and his grin grew broad. "Well, now, when you put it that way I can think of several things! Just what did you have in mind, may I ask?"

His cock twitched with life under her squeezing fingers, and a blast of heat flooded Mona's cunt with a sudden, overwhelming arousal she hadn't felt in more years than she wanted to count.

"Well, if you can't come up with any ideas of your own, then I'll just have to show you!" she countered, gushing hot juice as his cock speared up in his pants to full stiffness. Even as she spoke, Mona's fingers moved up to grope at the fastener of his trousers, tearing them open.

"Christ, you don't waste time, do you?" Once more taken aback, Don spoke huskily as his prick swung up hard and bare into the air, wagging a sexy greeting.

Even as Mona instantly knelt to confront his gorgeous, stiff cock, she had to admit that Don affected her in a way she'd never known before. She'd been in his home less than a minute and she was already into his pants!

But that realization didn't stop her. Sinking to her knees before his surging prick, she heard her own voice come out deep and hungry, aching for action. "I've wasted enough time already, and I don't intend to lose another precious second! Oh, God, I've waited for this all day! Come to mamma, honey. She knows just what to do with it... nuhhm."

Wrapping both fists around his swollen prick, Mona swooped without hesitation. Her full lips pressed eagerly against his bulbous cocktip in a lingering kiss, her tongue flicking across its smooth sensitive surface.

"Oh, Christ, Mona," he groaned, still clutching the doorknob as if not quite able to believe it was really happening.

Almost before she knew it, Mona was licking her way across the whole veined length of his cock, trying desperately to taste every bit of it at once. Her tongue greedily lashed across his hefty ballsac, matting its thick curls with wetness. She rolled both enormous balls until they were slick and tingling against her lips, then returned to the inflamed slab of his cock and caught his engorged prick head between her lips, sucking on it like a large piece of sweet candy.

"Uhhhmmm," Mona sighed.

His fingers tangled in her long dark hair, and he urged her on. "Oh, yeah, give me some of that sweet mouth of yours! Oh, yeah... jeezus, to think I almost went bowling tonight! Do it, babe, do it!"

His voice turned throaty, and his hips twitched.

It was as if a dam had burst in her cunt, unleashing a torrent of frothing cream. Moaning deep and loud, she began to bob her head back and forth, gobbling his meaty prick down her throat as if it was the only cock in the whole world.

"Mffuuuhhhummmm," she moaned.

Not even her earlier experience with Chuck had eased the ache that soared through her pussy now, an ache that only Don's lovely, pulsing prick could fill. Her tongue whipped frantically along his rippled cockshaft as she sucked with smacking lips, her enjoyment pouring out in bursts of juicy heat.

Her head bobbed faster. Catlike purrs rose from her cock-filled throat as she drank his prick in.

To his frank amazement, Don saw the entire length of his prick slide between the brunette's sucking lips. His hips began to thrust rhythmically, sliding his cockmeat down her moist, willing throat as he grunted with pleasure.

"Yeah, babe, oh, yeah that's just right, warm me up real nice like that so I can give you a fucking you'll never forget! But get out of those clothes first, before I tear 'em off, myself!"

Instantly, Mona obeyed. Without missing a single stroke, she deftly unhooked her dress and squirmed out of it. Bra and panties quickly followed, until she was totally nude.

And as the last wisp of her clothes floated to the floor, so did any willpower she had left.

She pulled back from his cock abruptly, clutching its wet stiffness and collapsing back on the living room floor, pulling it to her.

"Fuck me! Get it in me, lover! I need it. Hurry, oh, God Don, hurryyyyy!"

Drawn by his prick, Don sank atop her only too gladly. His tortured cock speared between her wide-flung legs straight for her sopping, pink pussy, and he grunted: "Unhh!" His prick slid easily up her waiting cunt, inch after slithering inch, until his entire fuckshaft was buried inside her.

That was when Mona went wild.

"Oh, my God, yesss!"

Instantly, she was hunching up on his pounding cock, pumping it in and out of her pussy in an abandon of pure, uninhibited lust. Don lurched back and forth between her tapered legs, and he mashed his hairy chest against her flopping tits.

"Oh, Christ, what's got into you, baby? I... ahhhhhh."

Mona laughed in sheer, gleeful delight, though the sound came out more like a shriek as his prick plunged into her even deeper than before.

"...as if you didn't know!" she managed, the words blurting out as they fucked in frantic unison, bodies twisting together. "Fuck me, damn you! Fuck me good and hard, Don! Give it to me lover, ohhh, give it to me good! Good, good!"

In all her experience, she'd never before had her pussy so totally bloated with prick, brimming full with wonderful thrusting cock meat. She surged up for more, sobbing with luxurious rapture on that huge pistoning fuck shaft.

"God, yes, that feels soooo good! Oh, lover, fuck it all into my pussy, I've got to taste your scrumptious prick all the way inside me! Yessss, yes, that's right... faster, faster!"

Clawing at his taut ass and pumping up onto the full length of his monster of a prick, she lunged off the floor with fast, furious jerks.

"Jeezus!" Don gasped, unable to quite believe she was the same quiet, shy woman who'd lived across the street from him these past few years. Delighted at the way she hungrily arched up onto his prick, he responded with hard, slamming heaves that pounded her ripe ass back to the floor, burying his swollen fuck shaft to its base inside her.

"Annnnnh!" she wailed blissfully as their bodies slapped together in simultaneous frenzy. The first explosions of climax went shuddering through her, and she screamed. "Now! Now, Don, give it to me now! Give me your cum, baby! Fuck your jism into me, fuck my pussy full of cream! I... oh, fucking sweet lover... I want your cum! Cuuummmmmmm!"

Digging her fingernails deep into his flesh, she writhed upward in a chain of unending orgasms that seemed to go off like bombs inside her, making her shriek.

"Uhhhnnn!" Unable to endure that sudden frantic attack on his aching cock another moment, Don drove his prick meat into her cunt with a last furious assault, and he let his load rip.

Cockcream spurted into her silky, milking pussy. Mona wailed ecstatically as it spilled inside her, blasting again and again with the rippling eruptions of her own lust. Her cunt lurched in spasms on his pumping fuck shaft, sucking it for all it was worth.

Even when she'd sucked it dry, when the most violent of her climaxes had ebbed, and Don lay slumped and gasping for breath atop her, she kept pumping.

"Oh... oh... oh, God, that was sweet!" she purred, still twitching. His softening prick slurped in her cunt, and little splatters of cum dribbled warmly down her ass crack. "I've been waiting for that all day; I don't think I could've stood another moment without it!"

Don laughed weakly, shaking his head in wonder. "I guess we're just lucky you made it across the street, at least!"

Mona giggled. "Oh, I made it, all right. And another smart crack like that, and I may just do it again!"

Suddenly she twisted and pushed, flipping Don onto his back.

He let himself be rolled over, and sic hovered above him.

"You think it's funny to get a woman all hot and bothered over you, don't you, Mister Donald Jackson! Well you just happen to be right. I'm a woman who finishes what she starts, and you may as well find that out right now! So now that we've got one or two of the more immediate concerns out of the way, I intend to start finishing you off all over again. What do you think of that?"

Mona knelt worshipfully before his limp, drained prick. Her long brown hair drifted across his thighs, and she was leaning forward even as he answered.

"I think that's just fine, Mona. Go ahead and try. We'll just see who finishes off who around here. Ahhhh."

Her tongue lapped wickedly at his slumping prick, this time licking the drool of cum and cuntjuices from it. She worked his balls, drinking up the overflow of their wild, lovemaking and cleansing the last traces of cream from them before mouthing his cock.

It didn't take much sucking at all to have his prick nudging to life again.

She rode her mouth up and down his swelling prickshaft with grim determination, cupping his balls and teasing them to new awareness. And this time she didn't intend to be swayed.

"Oh, shit, you're killing me!" Don's voice was a hoarse chuckle as his prick throbbed upright, gliding into the widow's throat at full rigid height. "At least give me a moment to catch my breath! I'm not as young as I used to be. Uhh... uhh!"

Despite himself, he gave a pleased gasp.

Within moments, Mona had his cock twanging.

Her uninhibited enthusiasm seemed to be catching, and Don couldn't resist. He lay back and clutched her head, pumping up into her soft, sucking mouth just as eagerly as he had fucked her pussy only minutes ago.

"Uhhm... fffuuhhmm." She sucked with all her expertise, working him to a thrashing pitch. Gulping and licking, her mouth slid up and down on his cockmeat with pure greedy hunger, she felt the first tremors of release ripple through his prick.

"Ahhhhh." Don arched, and the first load of cockcream geysered into her throat. "Muhhm."

She kept sucking, swallowing load after load of his hot, thick jizz. Its heady taste made her cunt twitch, and she sucked all the harder.

"Oh babe!"

Don's groan would've made her smile if she could have. After all, it served the bastard right! If he was going to make her so hot and horny that she couldn't see straight, the least he could do was pay the price!

That thought made her suck furiously, until every precious drop of cream had been drained from his pecker.

At last, she raised her head as she licked her full moist lips. "Well? Do I keep my promises? Are you finished, Mr. Jackson?"

Slumping wearily, he laughed.

"You... you cock-hungry bitch, I'll show you who's finished! Can we go to bed now?"

Mona smiled. Her eyes glinted with pleasure, ad the gave his massive prick a squeeze.

"If you're ready for it, lover. Because I'm just getting warmed up!"

She wasn't lying, either.

"Ahhh... ahhhmmmm..."

Mona was having a wonderful dream. She dreamed that a big, silky-smooth cock was sliding into her insatiable cunt, fucking it with incredible skill. A tremor of pleasure rippled through her as that huge, hard prick dipped in and out, somehow managing to wiggle inside her cunt.

God, what a dream!

Her pussy creamed with delight. That lush dream-cock increased its slithering probe, and she arched.

"...unnhh," she moaned sleepily.

Pangs of sheer joy shot through her. Her eyes fluttered open to the morning sunlight that streamed into the bedroom.

And that lovely, wiggling dream-prick plunged again!

She gasped, gazing hazily down at the source of that wonderful sensation.

Don Jackson lay sprawled between her legs, his tongue plowing into her pussy with fast, fucking strokes.

"Ohh, oh, my God!"

Suddenly, that delectable sensation was too much to withstand. In one violent lunging motion, she twisted out from under Don and pushed him onto his back. His prick leaped up into the morning sunshine, all swollen and huge, aching to be sheathed in her cunt.

That was an ache she intended to soothe, right now.

"Oh, you bastard!" she gasped, straddling his waist and splaying her wet pussy directly over his bloated cockhead. "What a way to wake up! Now that you've got me going, I can't stop until I've had it all. Aaaaahhhhh!"

She squealed ecstatically, sinking onto his prick in a leisurely screwing motion that worked his cock into the core of her cunt.

"That was the idea," Don grinned up at her, cupping her split asscheeks and urging her on. "I warned you I wasn't so easy to finish off, didn't I? After all, I'm not the one who fell asleep right in the middle of things! Now you have to take your... medicine... mmmmmmmm."

Sucking in her breath, she began to plunge onto his prick in earnest. It rammed up her cunt, jolting her fully awake. Before she quite realized it, Mona was bouncing up and down on his prick in total bliss. Her big tits flopped and the bed squeaked as she drilled her pussy thoroughly onto his cock, just the way she had last night before drifting off to a happy, sated sleep.


Don lunged up, and his cock heaved. Loads of thick, thready cum tore up inside her pussy, and she pumped until he was once more drained.

"Guuuh..." Collapsing atop him in a fulfilled heap, she groaned as all of last night's memories came flooding back. "Oh, darling, that was wonderful! I don't know when I've fucked so much. Uhhhmmm."

Twitching beneath her and grinning from ear to ear, Don couldn't have agreed more. "That was just the beginning, hon. I expect we're going to do much better from now on -- hey, where are you going?"

Suddenly, in the midst of her pleasure, Mona's head popped up.

"Oh, my God, it's morning! You let me sleep all night!"

She sprang up, gasping slightly as his prick slid wetly from her cunt hole. Scooping up her discarded clothes, she dressed hurriedly.

"What's the hurry?" Don sat up, perplexed.

"I left my daughter alone all night, that's what's the hurry!" Slipping back into her dress, Mona headed for the door. She paused just long enough to glance back at him, and a smile flitted across her lips. "We'll have to continue this some other time, lover... and soon! I only hope I can explain to my daughter what I was doing out all night!"

Mona swept out of the bedroom, still straightening her rumpled clothes.

Don sank back, disappointed. "Oh, shit!"

Dashing across the street, Mona worked desperately to untangle her mass of curls into presentable fashion as she tried to think of an excuse for being out all night. Not a single reasonable explanation came to mind. But it was still early, and there was every chance Janie hadn't gotten up yet. She might still be able to sneak in, and never have to face her daughter at all.

At least, that was her hope as she opened the front door.

That hope sank as the blare of the T.V. met her.

Janie was already up and plopped on the living room floor in her nightie, watching her favorite morning shows.

Putting on her most innocent expression, Mona took a deep breath and strode into the house, smiling as if she had nothing at all to hide.

"Well, it's about time you got up, sleepyhead! When I went out this morning, you were still snoozing away as if you meant to spend the whole day in bed!"

"Hi, Mom." Janie glanced up with a small indulgent smile, and her knowing expression chilled the lie on Mona's lips. "Actually, I was up pretty early. But that's okay. I don't mind if you want to stay out all night now and then. You don't have to pretend with me."

"I..." Taken aback, Mona didn't quite know what to say. Then her shoulders sagged, and a furious blush crept across her face. "Darling, I didn't mean to pretend. And I didn't mean to stay out all night, either. It's just... Janie, can we talk a moment? Woman to woman?"

Janie nodded, and her smile brightened. As Mona slumped onto the couch and tried to decide just what she was going to say, the teenager hopped up and shut the T.V. off, then joined her.

"You spent the whole night with Mr. Jackson, didn't you?"

The question came so abruptly and naturally that it caught her by surprise. She stammered, then gave up any pretense with a shrug of surrender.

"Yes, yes, I did. Janie, darling, there's something I want you to understand. Sometimes... sometimes grown-ups do that, when they like each other a lot. In a special way, I mean. I spent the night with Don because... well, because we like each other that special way, just the way I used to like your father, remember? It's called love. You're old enough to know about love, aren't you?"

Janie bobbed her head solemnly up and down. "Do you love Mr. Jackson?"

Instead of getting easier, this discussion was turning downright impossible. "Umm, that's a little hard to say right now, honey. After all, even though we've known Don a long time, I've only just started seeing him! Love takes a bit longer than that, you now!"

If anything, Janie was blunt. "Do you fuck him?"


Aghast, Mona, stared. This whole confrontation was getting out of hand, and she frankly didn't know quite what to do about it. Sputtering for an answer, she felt her face growing redder.

"How... how could you even suggest a thing like that! Why, Don and I hardly know each other? To even think... I mean, really! We just... that is..."

"It's all right, Mom," lank said comfortingly, hugging her mother and planting a kiss on her cheek. "I understand about these things. You just need some extra rest, that's all. Here, let me undo this, and you can lie down. We can talk better once you're relaxed."

Her hands were already unfastening Mona's dress as she spoke. The material slipped from her shoulders, and she shrugged out of it without complaint, sighing gratefully. It seemed her daughter really was grown up, after all.

"I suppose you're right, darling. I am a little worn out. A few minutes extra sleep wouldn't hurt."

In another moment, she was totally nude, lying stretched out, weak and exhausted from her morning's activities and the emotional confrontation with her teenaged daughter.

"There, that's better." Janie gazed down at her mother, once again remembering the image of Don Jackson's huge, bloated prick tearing into her cunt. "And next time you spend the night with Mr. Jackson, tell him you need a little more rest! You can just tell him I said... ohhhh!"

Her gaze had drifted down between her mother's legs, and she gasped openly.

Lying back in a heap, Mona had unconsciously let her thighs glide slightly apart. Her pussy was still wet and tingly, and a splatter of jism seeped from between the natural fire of its pouting lips.

Unexpectedly Janie knelt, bringing her rapt gaze level with her mom's cunt. The girl let out a sound of frank amazement.

"Is that what he did to you, Mom? Wow, Mr. Jackson sure must be something in bed! I never saw so much cum all at once!"

Mona's eyes widened, and she started to protest. But it seemed pointless to hide anything now, since her daughter knew everything already. Instead, she gave in with a sigh and let her look.

"Oh wow..." Janie's hands dipped into the slot of her mother's thighs, easing them wider for a better look. Her pink cuntlips opened farther, and a thread of thick, white cream oozed out.

"Uhh, honey, I don't really think you need to know details quite that intimate!" Forcing a small laugh, she fluttered a hand down toward her bared pussy, but didn't quite try to hide it. After all, if her daughter intended to be all grown-up about the situation, why treat her like a child now?

"It's okay, Mom." As if to voice her thoughts, Janie responded quickly. "I... I think it's kind of beautiful! You and Mr. Jackson."

With a sudden, tender motion that took them both by surprise, she abruptly leaned forward and lightly kissed her mother's cum-drenched pussy.

Mona's reaction was a searing jolt of unexpected pleasure that ripped from her cunt and tore throughout her, escaping in a breathless hiss.

It was an unexpected act. Caught up in the sensation of sharing her mother's experiences, Janie felt her lips press against moist, warm pussy flesh. Its scented juices poured across her mouth, and she flicked her tongue out to taste them.

Mona couldn't halt the burst of reaction that rippled from her cunt, filling it with a creamy new blaze of warmth that tugged her hips up. Blurting out a surprised gasp of mingled lust and astonishment, she writhed.

"Janie, what -- ohhh, oh, my God, darling, that's... that's nice, please... please!"

In a feeble attempt to stop what was happening, she clutched handfuls of Janie's long blonde hair. But the incredible feel of having her cum bloated cunt so sensuously kissed by those soft willing lips was just too sweet to ignore.

Instead of pushing her daughter away, Mona grabbed her head and arched up, splaying her pussy eagerly for more.

Engrossed by the tempting taste of jism oozing from, her mom's cunt, Janie obliged happily. Her tongue dipped again, gliding deep between Mona's fur-fringed cuntlips for another taste.

"Ahhhh!" Mona's eyes bulged as she felt her daughter's tongue wiggling eagerly into her, probing the depths of her stoked pussy for Don Jackson's cum. Her legs slid wide open, ass arching off the couch for more.

Janie hadn't expected anything like this. But as her mom hunched up groaning, she plunged her tongue deeper. Slippery globs of Mr. Jackson's cum rolled across it, and she swallowed again and again, shoving deeper with each new jab. Her tongue raced in and out of her mother's hot cunt, collecting fresh blasts of jism and cunt cream. She lapped furiously, gulping it all down.

"Yesss, yes!" Mona cried, her face wrenching in bliss. "Do it, do it for me, baby, give it to me good! Annnnh!"

Her clit strummed under Janie's frantic tonguing. Spasms of pleasure soared through her, growing stronger with each jabbing thrust.

Suddenly, she lurched as the teenager's tongue shoved into her cunt with wild, squirming urgency. "Aaaaahhhhhnnnn!"

Mona's pussy surged up in an ecstatic series of eruptions, plastering to her daughter's mouth.

Janie didn't have to be told her mother was coming. She licked and lapped more eagerly than ever, soaking every quiver of completion from her mom's twitching pussy.

"Uhhh, ohhhh, my babyyyyyyy!"

When at last Mona fell back in a heaving blur of satiation, Janie's stabbing tongue slipped from her cunt. It licked its way up along her flat stomach, dipping momentarily into the little pucker of her navel, then moved on. Soft, young lips caressed each of her throbbing tits in turn, sucking her nipples into tingling awareness.

Strangely, Janie's youthful explorations didn't seem the least bit naughty to either of them. When her lips slid up to place a wet, loving kiss on her mom's mouth, Janie sat upright.

"There. Now you ought to be good and relaxed! And just to make sure you get plenty of rest, I'll do all the cleaning and cooking and everything today, all right?"

She seemed so openly eager to please that Mona couldn't help but smile. "Uhhm, that sounds perfectly all right to me! And, honey, thanks, thanks for understanding."

It was as if a wall had broken down between mother and daughter, allowing them to face each other, woman-to-woman.

As Mona drifted to grateful sleep, Janie quietly went to do the morning dishes, as she'd promised.

But her thoughts were now on her own hot, seething pussy. The girl was painfully aware of the creamy itch gnawing within it. She needed some action fast, the very first chance she got.

And, fortunately, she knew exactly where to find it.


It was just past seven o'clock in the evening when Janie bounced up the front walk. She paused before the Burkes' front door, pressing a finger to the doorbell.

An instant later, the door swung open and Al Burke stood there, a greeting smile on his face.

The smile froze when he saw it was Janie. "Hi, Mr. Burke. Need a babysitter tonight?"

"Jesus!" The word came out in a hiss, and he glanced quickly back into the house before meeting her gaze. "Janie, what the hell are you doing here? You know this isn't the night you're supposed to..."

"Al, is everything all right?"

Marsha Burke's voice rose from the living room, and his face paled.

"Yeah, hon," he called back hastily over his shoulder, in a slightly strangling tone. "It's nothing, nothing at all. Just the babysitter. I, uh, I forgot to pay her the other night, that's all. I'll take care of it."

With those hurried words he stepped outside, pulling the door firmly shut behind him. Then he fixed Janie with a guilty glare, not quite certain what she had in mind.

"Okay, what is this? You know this isn't your regular babysitting night, so what's up?"

"Well..." Janie hesitated, enjoying his discomfort. "I just thought you might need a babysitter, that's all. You can never tell, can you?"

He relaxed a bit at those words, and his lips tugged into a grin. "Believe me, Janie, there's nothing I'd like better. But, at the moment, it looks like Marsha's settled in for the evening, so I'm afraid Tommy's well taken care of. Sorry, hon. And that's the truth. I'm sorry as hell!"

His grin widened, his gaze traveling lecherously up and down her tight jeans and straining tee shirt.

"Oh, that's all right. Anyway, it wasn't Tommy I wanted to baby-sit. This is the baby I meant." Suddenly, her hand swooped out, scooping up the bulge of his crotch. Al's eyes glazed, and she smiled. "And I'd sit on it for free, Mr. Burke. Any time at all. Like... how about right now?"

"Oh jeez," he grunted in surprise, both at her enthusiastic suggestion and the eager hand that squeezed his crotch. His eyes flitted back toward the door as if afraid that it might swing open any second and Marsha would be standing there, gaping at the two of them.

"You crazy little bitch!" his voice came out in a gasp as he jerked reluctantly away from the teenager's fondling fingers, his cock stiffening to a tented hardness in his pants. "You want to get my ass burned, standing right out here in the open with Marsha just a few feet away? If she saw that come on, I think we'd better go where at least we can talk without being overheard."

Grabbing an unprotesting Janie by the arm, Al pulled her off the front porch. He quickly shove his way into the thick shrubbery that lined the house, pushing through the rich, high hedge until they reached a bare patch of ground that hid them from the view of the neighbors, and from Marsha's gaze if she happened to peek out a window to see what her husband was up to.

Then he turned on the girl, more confident now that they were safe from prying eyes. "So you came back for another taste of cock, eh? Christ, you picked a hell of a time to get hungry for it again! If my wife wasn't home, I'd give that sweet little cunt of yours something to gnaw on in two seconds flat! You cock-hungry little bitch."

Grinning with lustful assurance, he grabbed Janie's tits, determined to get at least that much pleasure out of an uncomfortable situation.

She hadn't worn a bra, and her nipples popped erect under her light cotton shirt, poking between his massaging fingers for full attention.

His grin twisted into a pained grimace as his prick gave a pent-up jerk, and Janie smiled. "It's too bad you can't feed me your prick, Mr. Burke, because I sure could use a snack right now! And from the look on your face I'd say you might like a nibble, too. I wouldn't mind that. In fact, I wouldn't mind that at all."

She acted instantly, before he could react. In one deft motion, she jerked the tee shirt up and off, then let it drop to the pound. Her tits swung pendulously free.

"Oh shit!" Al moaned.

He found himself staring at her lush, inviting tits, her large, round nipples swollen and distended into pink spikes of rubbery stiffness.

Al felt his prick lurch. He darted his eyes about fearfully. Though the shrubbery was thick, they were hardly safe from any prying neighbors who happened to be walking past. And if Marsha stepped onto the front porch to see where her vanishing husband had gone, she simply had to turn her head to see the teenager standing before him, proudly showing off her huge creamy tits to his gaze.

But despite all those dangers, he couldn't resist. His hands automatically flew out once more, hefting both her over sized tits palming her tit mounds, bringing her inch-long nipples up for closer examination.

"You... you cock-teasing little cunt," he murmured in a groan, squeezing her big tits with vicious little twists. "You're really enjoying this, aren't you, with my wife just inside the house and all the neighbors to see? If I had half a chance, I'd give that teasing cunt of yours a fucking it'd never forget! Damned little bitch!"

He clutched her tits tighter, and Janie gasped. Her smile grew all the wider, though. "So... ooooh... so who's stopping you, Mr. Burke? That's what I came for, anyway! Maybe... maybe another taste of my tits would help. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

Suddenly, she grasped his curly hair, pulling him down.

A growling sound of mixed lust and fear rose from Al's throat. He didn't resist as a hard nipple soared toward his mouth. The temptation was just too great, and his lips slipped around her large, pink tit tip, then began to suck.



Their groans joined in harmony as he slurped her plump nipple in, milking at it with fervent need.

Mashing her tit to his face, Janie instantly worked the top of her jeans until it snapped free. She'd been horny all day, just waiting for the chance to get Mr. Burke alone again. Determined now to get what she came for, she intended to soothe that horniness, no matter what. Even if it meant stripping stark naked right out in the open, in front of the whole world. Even if it meant getting caught by Mrs. Burke, and losing a steady customer. She was going to get laid, and nothing could stop her now!

Al felt the girl wiggle, heard the slither of her jeans as they dropped crisply to the ground. If anything, the danger of the situation turned him on even more. He clamped his mouth around her juicy nipple, sucking furiously as eager young fingers darted across the bulge of his trousers, unfastening and unzipping.

In the next moment, his cock thrashed upward in the air, veined, stiff and wagging urgently as his pants were pushed down. He kicked out of them, tearing at his shirt as well. Without missing a single slurp at her quivering, big nipple, he stripped down to nothing.

"Ohhh, Mr. Burke!" Squealing breathlessly, she grasped his throbbing prick in both hands, giving it a sharp, hungry squeeze, thrusting her blonde cunt forward to meet it.

He groaned as his inflamed cockhead pushed into a rich, soft bush of pussy fur, tingling with ticklish arousal as it plowed through moist curls. A threat of pre-cum leaked from his pisshole, trailing a small path of white wetness through the girl's silky cunt hair. She gasped with delight.

"Suck my tits up, keep ducking them like that. Oh, fuck, that feels nice! I love the way you milk me, Mr. Burke! And you're going to love it when I milk you too! Morrre!"

Her tits pushed against his face, urging him on.

Groaning deep into all that sweet, thrusting titflesh. Al mouthed each in turn with smacking lips, head shaking back and forth between them.

When he finally pulled away, he was red-faced and gasping for breath. "You... hot, fuck-crazy bitch! You're going to get both our asses hung for this if we get caught, and you know it! Christ, the things I do for a hot little piece of cunt like yours!"

Angry and scared, unbelievably aroused by the scene he made standing nude in the bushes with this wild teenager, he abruptly grabbed both her slickly stiff nipples in his fingers, giving them a cruel tweak.

Instead of hurting, his pinch only made Janie want to torment him more. She'd never before sensed her power over men, but it was plain now that she certainly had power over Mr. Burke. No longer quite as shy or naive as she'd been with him that first night, she found herself enjoying that sense of power to the hilt.

"Do... oooh, do you really think I have a hot cunt, Mr. Burke?" Making her voice lilting and innocent, she pulled her slippery nipples out of his grasp, then stepped back. "I'll bet you'd like to find out, wouldn't you? Want to see?"

She didn't have to wait for an answer.

Janie sank down onto the bare ground, spreading her legs as far apart as the cramped space between the house and the bushes would allow. Her sopping pussy flared open, its matted fur splitting to expose every pink glistening crease of cream-drenched cunt.

Al gave a moan, staring down at that beautiful teenager. "You... bitch! Fucking, gorgeous sweet-cunted little bitch!"

Not satisfied merely with his fascinated stare, she gently pulled the lips of her soaked pussy open to display her entire fuckslit.

A burst of cream drooled out, thick and warm, making her gush even harder.

"Uhhhh." Al stood there gaping, his cock throbbing out with agonizing stiffness.

"Eat me, Mr. Burke." Holding her wet cuntlips wide apart and smiling in joyful recognition of it's effect she had, Janie spoke in a husky tone. "Just like you did last time. Eat me all up, and then I'll let you stick that big, horny cock of yours into nit like you want. Eat me out like a good boy, and then you can fuck me."

"I..." Al swallowed hard, totally at a loss for words. He was being twisted around the finger of this hot teenaged girl, and he knew it.

He didn't care.

"Oh yeah, I'll do that." Kneeling obediently, he leaned toward her open, wet cunt with a tight grin of pure lust. "I'll eat this creamy pussy like it's never been eaten before, but you're going to pay for it, bitch! You're going to pay real good!"

He lunged. His tongue shot deep up the girl's trembling cunt, and she arched.

"Owwooooh!" Janie's ass surged off the cool ground as his mouth fastened to her pussy. His tongue jabbed in and out of her pussy with fast, hard strokes, and he gulped burst after burst of fresh cream that seemed to flood out of her in tidal waves, greasing his chin thoroughly.

His face buried between the slender, firm thighs of a teenaged girl, and his tongue plunging up her cunt for every fresh gush of musky cunt juices.

Christ, what would the neighbors make of this? Even worse, what would Marsha make of it?

Not that he cared in the least, at the moment. Instead, he concentrated on giving her a pussy-eating she would never forget. His tongue rammed up the teenager's cunthole, working it to a froth of cream and saliva.

"Ohhhh, that's it!" Wiggling up with a happy giggle, Janie smashed her cunt to his mouth. Her clit slammed hard against his teeth, sending fresh blasts of pleasure through her. She bounced ecstatically, soaring into orgasm. "Aaannnhhh!"

Wailing and clutching his head, she exploded. Al gave a muffled gasp as his head was caught between her clenched thighs. His tongue wagged frenziedly in her pussy, and his hips mashed against her cuntmouth in a long, climax-sucking kiss.

"Nuhhhnnngggh!" She gave a sobbing peal of ecstatic delight, hunching on his face in pure uninhibited release.

In the midst of the girl's shuddering throes, Al jerked roughly back.

"Now, bitch," he muttered hoarsely, scrambling atop her lithe, writhing body and pinning her shoulders to the dirt. "Now I'm going to give you the fucking you came here begging for."

His engorged, swollen prick stood out stiff as, a board, spearing straight for Janie's open juicy pussy like a rocket. His huge, bloated cockhead pushed against her soaked cuntlips, and it was her turn to gasp.

"You... fucking... little slut!" Al hovered over her, once again in control of the situation. "This is what you've been asking for. Now take it! Uhhhh!"

He lunged, and his aching prick plunged to its base up her churning fuckhole.

Janie cried out in gleeful frenzy as his big prick slid into her, tearing her cunt open to its very limits, gliding deep, deep up her drenched channel. "You... sweet... fucking... bitch!" Al began to lunge, intent on drilling his cock to her with each word that tore from his lips. "Take it, bitch! I'm gonna blast a load of cum so far up your pussy, it'll be coming out your mouth! You gorgeous, cock-hungry cunt, I'm gonna fuck you into the round! Take it! Take it!"

He slammed his prick meat into her pussy with fast, gyrating lunges, plowing it up her snug cunt with pile-driver strokes.

"Yehhhsss!" Janie cried joyfully. "Fuck me, Mr. Burke! More, morrrrre!"

Her young body surged up to take each thrust of his gouging cock, and her cunt sucked at it hungrily.

They were both totally absorbed in their fucking now, neither of them caring if their groans were overheard or not. Al pistoned his prick in and out of her pussy with every ounce of strength, but the girl was willing to take everything he gave. Grunting for breath, he pistoned harder. His balls slapped resoundingly against her bucking asscheeks, and their sweaty bodies smacked together in unison.

"Hunhhh... unnhh," he huffed with each stroke.

Whimpers of sheer rapture rose from lank as she pumped up on his big, thrashing prick, fucking herself thoroughly onto it. This was exactly what she'd come to get from Mr. Burke. Delirious with joy, she soared up more furiously than ever.

"Uhh. Oh, shit, you fucking sweet..." Al heaved, breathless. His balls drew up in a tingle of warning, and both of them seemed to it. The teenaged girl flailed with fresh fury, and he pounded his cock into her slushy, sucking pussy with an intensity that smashed her ass to the ground, only to soar up again for the next thrust.

Groaning and heaving, they writhed in their cramped space alongside the scratchy shrubs and the rough brick wall of the house. They were plunging in mutual fucking fulfillment.

When Al came, it was with a long searing blast that seemed to suck the jizz totally from his balls.

Janie let out a small scream, and bucked up to every drop.

He blasted again and again, groaning loudly as she bounced up on his prick.

She didn't stop bouncing until he was totally drained. Even then, she continued to undulate under him as Al sank in a gasping heap atop her.

"Owwwhhh, Mr. Burke, you did it! You... ooooh, you fucked me soooo good, I'll never forget it! Aaahhhh."

Still squirming in the spirals of orgasm, she felt his cum slide and roll in her pussy like a sloshy ocean had been unleashed inside her.

At last, Al rolled off her, gasping wearily. But he wasn't done yet. Not after the way this little, bitch had taunted him. Not by a long shot!

Al reached over, and he grabbed a fistful of her streaming hair. "I told you I would, didn't I? But you're not finished yet, baby. Not until I say so. Come here."

With roughness, he twisted Janie's hair, pulling her head violently down to his wet crotch and soaked, lolling cock.

"Lick it clean, bitch. Lick all the juice off my prick, so we both know you got it all. Do it!"

He shoved, and Janie found herself confronted by the beautiful drained cock that only moments ago had given her so much pleasure.

It wasn't a bit hard to obey, after that. Her pink tongue lashed out, sliding across his dripping red prick and wrinkled balls to lick the filmy ooze of cum and cuntjuice from them.

"Ahhh," Al groaned, leaning back on an elbow and watching with a grin. "Uhhhmmm."

Janie lapped his cock and hairy balls up. Then the girl took his softened prick in her mouth, and she began to suck.

It twitched between her lips, and she sucked harder. That made it swell and blossom, growing in her mouth with swift renewal.

"Yeah," Al urged her on. "Suck it, baby. Suck it good for me, to show your appreciation."

She sucked until she had it fully hardened once more, then started to ease her head back and forth, faster, picking up speed. Janie was hungry for jism, any way she could get it.

Her head bobbed, and Al groaned once again.

"Yeah, yeah, oh yeah now you're doing it, now you're -- ahhhh! Aaaaahhhhh!"

For the second time in minutes, his prick rippled, and hot new loads of cream poured down her throat. She kept right on sucking, gulping and drinking jizz from his inflamed cockhead so that not a drop escaped. At last, it was slumping more than ever.

She stood and slipped into her clothes.

"I hope you're satisfied," Al grunted, watching her. "Marsha expects me to give her the same treatment tonight. How am I going to do that now, with this?"

He looked down at his sagging prick, and Janie giggled.

"Just pretend it's me, Mr. Burke. I'll bet that'll do it! And maybe next time you won't have to pretend. I'll bet I get horny again real soon. See ya!"

With that promise, she scampered out of the bushes, then headed for home, happy and satisfied.


Skipping home after her session with Mr. Burke, Janie was aglow. Her cunt and tummy still tingled with the feel of his cum, making her imagine she could actually feel all that jism sloshing around inside her.

That was one nice thing about Al Burke, she thought happily. He had a load of jizz that just wouldn't quit! It waked her silky panties, plastering them to her cunt with a sticky tightness that tickled her heated pussy with every prancing step, keeping her aroused.

It was with that delicious warmth still oozing throughout her that she burst into the living room. Her mother sat curled on the couch before the television, a magazine in her lap.

"Hi, Mom. I'm home!"

"So you are." Mona looked, up with a smile, instantly affected by her daughter's exuberance. "My, you're back early for once, aren't you? Those Burkes usually keep you sitting till all hours. I'm glad to see they've been a bit more thoughtful for once!"

"Oh, it wasn't a real babysitting appointment." Not in the least embarrassed, Janie just had to share her happy glow. "I went over there to fuck Mr. Burke. We fucked right there in his bushes and, wow, did I make him glad I dropped by!"

Mona's jaw dropped.

"I can imagine," she heard herself say dimly, stunned.

And the thing that astonished her most was Janie's total honesty about the whole thing. She hadn't even blinked an eye, as if it was the most normal thing in the world to tell her mother!

"Of course, we didn't have much time, with Mrs. Burke sitting right in the house and all, but it sure was better than last time! Is something wrong, Mom? You look funny."

"Uhhh," Mona didn't quite know what to say. The vivid image of Al Burke with her daughter seemed to burst through her mind, numbing it.

At last, she took a deep breath. It helped clear away the haze of shock. Setting the magazine aside, she found the words. And surprisingly, her voice didn't come out a bit choked.

"Janie, I think we'd better have another woman-to-woman talk. Come here and sit down. I have a few things to say."

Honestly perplexed, Janie did as she was told. Concern knitted her attractive young face, and understanding began to dawn. "It's not wrong for me to tell you these things, is it? I mean, since we haven't been keeping any secrets from each other, I thought you'd want to know."

"No, no, that's all right. You're free to tell me anything, any time. It's... it, it's not that part that bothers me."

She hesitated, not quite certain how to go on. And vaguely, a ripple of guilt began to swell within her. She was the one who'd spent the night with Don Jackson, heedless of her impressionable teenaged daughter. What rights did she have as a mother now? How could she explain the difference between right and wrong to Janie, when she wasn't quite sure of them herself these days?

On the other hand, if she didn't, who would? Al Burke, no doubt!

"Darling," she said at last, considering her words carefully. "Darling, you can't just go dropping your pants for every man who wants you. My God, a precious young woman like you would never get them up again! I'm sure Mr. Burke is... well, a nice man in his way. But no man can help taking advantage of what you've got. Especially if you're offering it to him! You have to be a bit more elective, and find a nice young man who's really right for you. Do you understand what I mean?"

Realization seeped in. Janie's lips tugged then flew up into a wide, knowing smile. "Oh, Mom! I'm not in love with Mr. Burke or anything like that! I'm just sort of... sort of practicing, until the right guy comes along. Besides, it's fun, and he's been teaching me all sorts of new things! There's nothing wrong with that, is there?"

Oh, my God, Mona thought with weak regret. How did I get us both into this?

"I'm quite certain Al Burke sees it that way too," she said, determined not to throw a tantrum. Abruptly, she rose from the couch, her voice firm. "Let me see just what he did, I want to make absolutely sure he didn't teach you anything... uh, painful. Show me your pussy, honey."

Though not quite certain what her mother expected to see, Janie obeyed without hesitation. Pulling her panties and jeans off, she propped her feet up on the edge of the couch, letting her knees drop wide apart.

Mona found herself staring down at the teenager's bared, puffy-lipped young cunt, still wet from her evening's activities.

She knelt, gazing at the splatters of jism that leaked from her daughter's little pussy. White trails of cum oozed across Janie's pink cuntflesh in thick globs. When she reached to pry the girl's cuntlips open, even more jizz slid out.

"Well..." she said, her voice a bit husky at the sight. "Al Burke certainly seems to do a thorough job, I'll give him that! Goodness, I never saw so much cream come out of one prick! Are you sure... that is, you didn't stop to visit any of our other neighbors, too, did you? God, honey, this looks like you've been behind every bush in the neighborhood!"

"Mother!" Janie burst out a shocked breath, surprised that her mom would even think such a thing. "This isn't the first time I fucked Mr. Burke, and it may not be the last. But I'd never go around settling for just any old cock, and you know it!"

Her voice was sincerely indignant, and Mona immediately regretted her hasty accusation. After all, who was she to point a finger, after everything that had happened? How could she blame the daughter for experiencing exactly the same desires that drove the mother?

"I'm sorry, Janie," she said at last, feeling a little dribble of cum trickle across the fingers that still held her daughter's cunt open. "Honestly, I am. It's just that I want you to be discriminating with your experiences, that's all. Do you understand?"

Janie nodded, easing the worried frown on her mother's brow. "You don't have to worry about me. Really, Mom. I know what I'm doing."

"All right," Mona sighed, her anxiety lifting into a smile. "I'm glad we had this little talk. And now I think it's best if we get rid of the evidence. Let me take care of that, darling."

She leaned forward, and her tongue darted out. "Ahhhh," Janie squealed delightedly as her mother tongued her tingling pussy, licking along its slick flared lips and dipping between them to collect the drool of Mr. Burke's cum. Her pussy seemed to spark with hot little jolts of electricity as all the jism was worked out of her and swallowed up. Her mom's lapping tongue traced across every tender fold until not a drop of evidence remained. She kept licking until she had the teenager twanging up, her slender thighs tautening and pussy bursting with new juiciness as she groaned ecstatically.

All too quickly, it was over.

Once she was sure every last trace of jizz had vanished between her lips, Mona rose.

"Now go take a shower and cool down. And remember, we'll keep no more secrets between us from now on, whatever happens. Any problems can be worked out, just so long as we're honest with each other. All right?"

Janie hopped up and gave her mother a quick hug. "All right. I love you, Mom."

Then she darted for the shower to cool her seething young cunt.

Mona watched her daughter go, still smiling.

Rut the worry persisted through the rest of the evening. And as a mother, Mona couldn't have just any horny man with a stiff prick filling those needs! She might not be any prize-winner as a mom these days, but she was still Janie's mom, for better or worse.

Even after she went to bed, her mind was churning in fear for her daughter's safety, scheming motherly schemes.

She didn't get a wink of sleep until, finally, far into the night, she struck upon a scheme that just might work.

At least, it might be worth testing out, tomorrow.

The moment he got off work, Chuck Peters scrambled across the parking lot to the rusted six-year-old sports car he'd bought with his own money. He was clutching a large, heavy bag of groceries.

He dumped the bag in the back seat, then leaped behind the wheel. Pushing back a mop of sandy hair from his eyes, he felt his stomach tense in a knot of anticipation.

Chuck roared the car to life, and he tore out, hardly able to believe his luck. Mrs. Sanders had called in a big shopping order, and she had asked for him to deliver it.

Oh, man, she'd asked just for him!

With that thought whirling through his head, he had to force his foot to ease up on the accelerator, pushing through the endless traffic. The vivid memories of Mrs. Sanders' voluptuous body made his balls tingle and tighten as he drove. It had been two days since that unbelievable session in the parking lot, and he hadn't forgotten a single instant of it. He remembered the way she'd hefted her big tits up to him, the way he'd sucked and tasted them in his mouth. Her snug, squeezing cunt had slid on his prick, pumping the cum right out of him while that gorgeous body had writhed and her soft, deep voice wailed for more.

"Ohhh, shit!"

Cursing with nervous impatience, he swung around slow-moving vehicles and veered onto her street. His hands were sweaty, and his stomach clenched in a turmoil of hope, fear and nervousness. Even now, it was hard to believe that beautiful woman had let him fuck her. Hell, she'd practically begged for it!

As he pulled up in front of the Sanders house, Chuck couldn't help the surge of doubt that ripped through his gut. Sure, she'd asked just for him, but that didn't really mean anything, did it? What would a woman like that want with a teenage guy, when she could have just about anybody in town? Hell, who could get that lucky twice?

He sat in his car for a long, fearful moment, almost too scared to go up to the door and find out.

At last, taking a deep breath, he wiped the sweat from his hands and climbed out. Scooping up the loaded bag, he walked quickly up to the front door, then rang the bell. His legs felt weak, and his face went red.

When the door swung open; he wasn't disappointed.

"Why, Chuck! My goodness, I didn't expect you quite so soon! Come in, please. That bag must be heavy."

Mrs. Sanders stood there in a sexy, low-cut dress, looking more beautiful than ever. She beamed at him.

"It's no trouble, Mrs. Sanders." Blushing even more deeply before the magnificent brunette.

Chuck hastily lugged the groceries into the living room, and he set them carefully down on a table.

"It certainly was nice of you to make a special trip," she was saying, enjoying his unease. "Corning out all this way to deliver those things."

"Aw, it was nothing." When he straightened once more to face her, his face went crimson. Oh, shit, he had a hard-on already! "...anything else I can do to help, Mrs. Sanders?"

"Well, let's see..."

Mona smiled, looking him up and down. Her eyes widened a bit when she saw that Chuck's cock was creating a fierce bulge, straining outward with obvious intensity.

Despite herself, she felt her pussy cream, tingling with warmth at sight of that lush young stiffness. She was tempted to take advantage of that hard, youthful cock on the spot. She hadn't seen Don since yesterday morning, and her cunt was more than ready for some action.

But Mona had a plan, and it didn't include soothing her own ache, no matter how much it needed soothing.

Still, a little fun might be nice.

Unable to stand her monetary silence, Chuck burst out quickly. "I mean, anything you need done, like... like last time?"

His mouth twitched in a small shy smile, and she had to give in a bit.

"Well, I don't really have any thing for you to do, but I suppose you deserve a nice tip for treating a customer so well. Is there any special tip you have in mind?" She'd caught the way his gaze traveled over her body, and her lips tugged up with a knowing smile. "Oh, I think I remember just what you like best. Come here, Chuck. I have the very thing for you, right here."

Still smiling widely, she pulled down one of the straps of her flimsy dress.

A large, creamy tit spilled free, all ripe and jiggling, pointing its fat, pink nipple out at him. Even as he gaped at her tingling tit tip, it seemed to blossom like a flower, distending to an inch-long tremor of arousal that made his throat constrict.

"Mrs. Sanders," Chuck groaned.

He swooped. His mouth fastened greedily on her hard-peaked tit, lips sucking with furious need and prick throbbing up stiffer than ever.

Shoving her tit to his face, she let the dress slip to the floor. Then her fingers went to work on his clothes as well.

Far from resisting, Chuck only mouthed her quivering nipple all the harder. Moments later, he was absolutely nude, his cock shivering up with arousal as her hands pushed him back to the couch.

"Ahh, that's good! Now just sit back, while I make sure your cock is nice and hard so we can really have some fun. That's it, yessss."

Chuck sat. His prick soared up in the air, bobbing and vibrating with urgent twitches. Mona's tit slipped from his lips, and she knelt.

Her mouth sank over his massive, reddened cocktip, and she began to suck.

"Oh... oh, yeah!"

He arched up, groaning happily. His cock seemed to fit perfectly between Mrs. Sanders' full lips as her tongue flitted across its sensitive surface, tasting his pisshole. She sucked faster and his balls started to ache. He clutched her head, thrashing and working more of his prick up her throat. Chuck's eyes rolled, and Mona purred.

And at that moment exactly, the back door banged and Janie Sanders' voice came toward them from the kitchen, light and unsuspecting.

"I finished watering the flowers like you wanted, Mom. Now what can I -- uhhhh?"

She froze in the kitchen doorway, staring at her mother, who knelt over the teenaged boy draped across the couch. Both of them were stark nude.

"Oh, shit!" exclaimed the boy.

At first, Chuck was too stunned to move. As his eyes unglazed, and Mona raised her head. Then his hands flew down in an instinctive effort to hide his slickened hard-on from the open-mouthed girl who stood there, taking it all in.

They faced each other, both totally astounded.

"Well, it's about time you got here, darling." Mona's brown eyes flashed wickedly as she enjoyed the teenagers' mutual reaction. "I thought you might miss out on the fun completely, for a moment there! Have you met Chuck, our grocery boy?"

Slowly, Janie nodded, dumbfounded. She and Chuck were in the same class at high school, and she'd seen him around lots of times... but not like this!

Rising to her feet, Mona went on. "Well? Are you both going to just gape at each other, or shall we do something about this situation right now? Janie?"

Mother and daughter gazed at each other, and realization sank in. Overcoming her initial surprise, Janie felt her lips tug up.

"I, uh... I better go." Dazed and embarrassed, Chuck started to reach for his clothes.

"Oh, that's all right."

Janie's voice cut his motion short, and something in it caught his breath. He looked up, too numbed with shock to know quite how to respond to this unexpected situation.

His eyes bulged.

Janie grasped her tee shirt. In one sure motion, she peeled it up and off. Her bare tits heaved upright and thrusting forward with her arch.

Chuck's mouth went dry. Before he even had time to take in that sight, she was unsnapping her cut-offs.

The crisp, bunched, denim slithered down her thighs, and the boy let out a hoarse breath as her blonde, fleecy cunt bush came into view.

Then she was swaying forward, her pussy melting in a flood of heat as Chuck's bare, veined prick leaped up, bobbing huge and enticing before her.

"You don't have to go just yet, do you?" she said, making her voice sexy and bold. Under Mona's approving gaze, she stood before him, feeling her cunt gush hard under his open stare. "I mean, I don't mind if you and my mom fool around, Chuck. But the least you could do is invite me, too! You don't mind that, do you?"

Totally overwhelmed, Chuck found himself caught up in a situation he'd never imagined in his wildest, horniest dreams. Two of the sexiest women in town were standing right in front of him, their big tits pushing out and tufted pussies all slick and glistening. Mona's thick brown curls tangled wetly, and Janie's gold bush split open to display her pink, pouting little pussy mouth.

"Ohhh, shee-itt! Mummmmffhh!" His face plunged into Janie's mound of cunt hair, tongue leaping along her pussy crack.

She squealed. "Oooooh!"

A burst of juice flooded onto his jabbing tongue, and he gulped it down. His tongue raced across her plumped pussylips, wiggling up between them, making her shudder and open her legs wide apart.

"Oh, Chuck, that's so nice! Eat me, eat me good! Ohhhh!"

Her cunt mashed against his mouth as she gyrated down on his lunging tongue.

Mona had to smile. Well, the kids certainly seemed to be hitting it off! She hadn't really expected it to go this smoothly, but it was hardly surprising. After all, Janie was a popular girl at school; no doubt Chuck had been only one of a hundred boys who'd longed to get their hot little tongues and pricks into her cunt!

And he was definitely taking advantage of that opportunity now. Moaning deep in his throat, he sloshed his wet, fat tongue into the girl's slushy fuck slot. He drank up her juices, bobbing for even more.

"Oh... ohhh, fuck that's nice!"

Squirming and arching in unison, the two teenagers were instantly caught up in their mutual hungers.

This was what she'd planned: a nice, shy, big cocked boy to help her daughter through the uncertainties of her new-found womanhood. But Mona had no intention of being totally left out.

She knelt once more, easing between their bodies and resuming her mouth-hold on his engorged prick.

Soon, she had it quivering between her lips on the verge of explosion. Janie was yelping and humping on Chuck's mouth, and he was groaning as his cock and tongue wagged furiously in their two moist, warm vises.

Mona did one of the hardest things she'd ever done before. She drew back, knowing that only a couple more sucking strokes of her mouth could have unleashed a geyser of hot cum down her throat.

Gasping with hungry frustration, she grasped his rigid prick and pushed him back on the couch. He slumped willingly, his mouth and chin shining with her daughter's cream.

"Now, darling, I want you to get to know our grocery boy the best way of all," she managed, squeezing his swollen cock. "Let's show Chuck just how much we appreciate him. Hurry dear, before I beat you to it!"

Janie was only too glad to oblige. She practically leaped onto his lap, her slender thighs flying wide apart, and her arching cunt surging for the meaty prick in her mother's fist.

"Ahhhnnn!" the girl moaned.

His flared cockhead sank between her cuntlips, and the lovers both gasped.

"Janie... that's so... fucking... good!" Chuck arched up. His prick slid snugly into her hot, grasping cunt as it poured syrupy juices onto her mom's fingers.

Mona withdrew her hand just in time. Instantly, the teenagers were thrashing in a fury of activity, Janie bouncing on his big, thrusting cock, and Chuck clutching her bouncing tits.

Totally caught up, they began to fuck wildly. Their bodies heaved and meshed together, flat stomachs rippling in unison and downy crotch mounds entangling into a carpet of brown and gold fur as his cock soared up her sucking pussy, plummeting them both to climax.

Mona watched it all, her expression aglow. For right or wrong, she'd brought them together. Now only time would tell.

As if that thought came right on cue, Chuck spumed.

"Uhhhh!" he cried.

At the same time, Janie's blue eyes flew wide, and her head lolled. "Aaannnggghhh!"

Blast after blast of completion tore through them. His jism ripped up into her beautiful clenching little cunt, draining dry, while she exploded again and again in orgasm.

"Oh, Janieeeee!"

"More, more!"

They were still twitching and grinding together as Mona quietly gathered up her dress, then slipped into it.

When she paused at the door to look back, they were clinging in a happy embrace. Their faces were lit, lips and tongues flitting to each other as if they'd known each other all their lives.

Satisfied, she turned and went to look for Don.


Don Jackson shut the lawn mower off and breathed a loud sigh of relief as he mopped the sweat from his face. He squinted from his front yard in the morning sunlight, looking across the street at Mona's house. Standing there sweating and dirty from mowing, he found himself smiling. Was she up yet this morning? Not that it mattered. After last night, she had a perfect right to sleep late. Christ, she'd practically worn his balls off, fucking like crazy!

His gaze fell on the skimpily-clad teenaged girl who lay stretched out on a fluffy beach towel, and all thoughts of last night were thrust away with a twinge of guilt.

Janie Sanders lay sunning herself and reading a magazine, just as she had been all morning. Don had caught her watching him several times as he mowed the lawn, and a dull suspicion had crept into him. Did she somehow know what was going on between he and her mom? Hell, how could she not know? The way they'd been running back and forth across the street these past few days, what else could she think?

The realization made, him wince. On the other hand, Janie had to find out sometime. And maybe it would work out best all around if she already knew, after the things he and Mona had talked about last night.

On impulse, Don took a deep breath and headed across the street, not taking time to think.

The teenager's head popped up as if she had been watching him all along from the corners of her eyes. "Hi, Mr. Jackson!"

"Morning, Janie." He crossed the yard, then stood over her, not quite able to keep his eyes from drifting along the smooth curves of her slender, tanned body. "I haven't seen much of you around lately. How's summer vacation treating you?"

"Great." She wiggled a bit, displaying the fact that her flimsy bikini covered very little. The enticing jiggle of her dangling young tits made him sweat harder, and the full round upthrust of her ass reminded him a great deal of Mona.

His cock gave a nudge in his shorts, and he jerked self-consciously as the teenaged girl went on.

"It's the greatest vacation I've ever had, and it's hardly got started! With practically the whole summer ahead, I'm going to have more fun than ever! Are you all right, Mr. Jackson? You look kind of strange."

"Uh..." He coughed, tearing his gaze from her body, and rushed on. "Just the heat, I guess. Is your mother up yet? I kept her out pretty late last night... I mean, we had a lot to talk about."

A mysterious little smile darted across her lips, and he had the unpleasant feeling that his words weren't fooling her at all. She shrugged.

"I don't know. But you can go in and see, if you want. Mom wouldn't mind that, I guess. Since you're dating and all."

"Uh, yeah." He was growing more uncomfortable by the moment under her steady gaze. "Well, I think I'll do that, if you don't mind. And, if I were you, I wouldn't stay out too long in that outfit. You're going to get yourself burned in places you wouldn't believe!"

He tried to joke his way out from under those wide blue eyes, but his grin came off weak as she spilled even more knowingly. "I won't, Mr. Jackson. See you!"

Don turned and fled.

Once in the house, he chuckled safely at his own embarrassment and paused to take a few deep breaths, then headed up the stairs toward Mona's bedroom.

"Honey?" he rapped lightly on the closed door, then peeked his head in. "You up?"

As he'd suspected, Mona was asleep. She lay in a tangle of sheets, one leg stuck out bare, an arm thrown across her tits and long brown hair flowing across the pillow.

He crept in and stood over her, staring down.

Christ, she was gorgeous! Don felt an ache swell in his stomach, a pleasant hunger not quite like anything he'd ever felt before. Oh, Christ, was this love?

He almost turned away, hating to wake her. But he hated to leave even more.

Instead, he unthinkingly reached down. Gripping the sheet that lay crumpled over her, he gently eased it back.

He sucked in a delighted breath when he saw that she was nude. But then, Mona had a natural beauty that never failed to take his breath away. Her bounteous tits jutted upward, their pale creaminess topped with fat nipples that were just ripe for eating.

But even more enticing than that was her dark furred pussy, glistening in the morning sunlight between her slightly spread thighs with a temptation he just couldn't resist.

Kneeling before her at the foot of the bed, Don pressed his face into that soft luxuriant carpet of fur. His tongue flicked out.

"Uhmmm..." She gave a small moan as he stroked her parted cuntlips, feeling them moisten quickly in response. A burst of cream oozed warmly over his tongue, and he lapped it up. Then, eager for more, he eased between the butterfly spread of her flared cuntlips and dipped deep inside her.

"Ahhh," she sighed.

Mona's body twitched. Her legs drifted farther apart, giving him free access. Don tongued her juicy cunt as if he'd never tasted its sweetness before. Plowing up into the depths of her, he swallowed the nectar of her cunt. His tongue wiggled with wild darting jabs inside her pussy, trying to taste every inner recess.

It didn't take much of that to have her panting softly and arching on the bed, her pussy mound hunching up in spasms.

Mona's eyes fluttered open, and she groaned. She reached hazily down to clutch at his head and humped ecstatically.

Don pulled abruptly back, meeting her slightly unfocused gaze with a grin.

"Good morning, sleepyhead. Now you know just what it feels like to have a wet dream... like the kind you've been giving me!"

"Oh... ohhh, you bastard!" She laughed huskily and opened her legs even wider. "Now that you've got me started, come here and finish the job, damn you!"

But he stood up and shook his head, enjoying her gasp of frustration. "Uh uh. Let me shower off first, get some of my front yard off me. Then I'll give you a going-over that'll make you think you're finished all right, once and for all!"

"Promises, promises!" She made a face, still squirming with horny arousal as he headed for the bathroom. "You'd better just keep this one, buster!"

Her voice sounded woeful behind him, and Don chuckled lightly as he crossed the hall. He turned the shower on full-blast, then shucked his clothes and stepped in.

The cool spray rushing over him felt wonderful. In fact, the whole world was wonderful. As he showered the sweat and grass off his body, Don was humming happily. His cock lolled with half-stiffened anticipation as if fully aware that it was going to be snugly sheathed in Mona Sanders' hot cunt just minutes from now.

For the first time in his life, Don was truly a happy man. He'd finally met his match in Mona, and they both knew it. Just as they knew she'd met hers, as well. The things they'd talked about last night, the plans and hopes and dreams that lovers murmur lying in bed together, should have seemed a little silly and embarrassing in the gray light of morning. But they didn't.

Oh, Christ, I've really got it bad!

Smiling broadly at that pleasant realization, he soaped himself down with new vigor.

He didn't notice the bathroom door swinging open.

He didn't see Janie standing there, taking in his nudity with a pleased, hungry gaze. Or the way her eyes lit up when she saw his monster of a prick swinging up in rigid arousal, weaving under the spray all slick, fat and tantalizing.

She responded instantly, fingers flying over her bikini. Its top fluttered away, and the bottoms struck the floor at the same moment.

Then, without the slightest hesitation, she stepped under the spray with him.

"Hey!" Don laughed as smooth feminine flesh pressed against him. Expecting to see an impatient Mona, he turned. "Can't you wai... aaaiiii!"

He stared as Janie Sanders smiled up at him, her sleek body shining wetly under the stream of the shower, and her big, slick tits gouging into his chest, their nipples hard and thrusting. "Hi again, Mr. Jackson! Wow, you sure have a big cock! Mom said it was something else, but up close it really is!"

A small fist wrapped around his engorged prick, and Don jerked as if he'd been shot. "What... oh, Jesus, what the hell are you doing? Janie, stop that! For Chris sakes if your mother walks in and sees us -- stop it!"

Stunned by the abrupt appearance of the girl and the nearness of her smooth body, he tried desperately to pull his throbbing prick from her grasp.

But somehow he couldn't seem to escape. Janie clung to his cock, squeezing with firm assurance. It swung up to full stiffness in her hand as he gaped down at her big, thrusting tits, watching the rush of water cascading off their round nipples.

Don opened his mouth, but only a harsh grunt came out.

Pleased at his dumbfounded expression, she cupped one of her big tits, hefting it up in invitation. "You like my tits, don't you, Mr. Jackson? I'll bet you'd like to suck one, wouldn't you? Go ahead. I don't mind! Because there are things I like, too... like this."

Her golden wet cunt swung forward, rubbing its downy moss against his cockhead with bold invitation.

Don groaned. It happened so suddenly that all he could see was her pink-tipped tit pushing up at him and all the moist cunt hair melting against his inflamed prickhead, making it strum forward for more.

He couldn't help it. With an almost agonized growl, he swooped, and his mouth fastened on her tempting taut nipple. "Unnhh... mmmm."

This time, it was Janie's turn to gasp. Her pussy creamed furiously, and she shoved her tit to his sucking mouth for more. "Oooh, yesss! Yes, Mr. Jackson, that feels really good! Suck me nice and hard, just the way you do Mom! Aaah."

This was what she'd been awaiting a long time, maybe from the very moment she'd seen Mr. Jackson's big, meaty prick plunging into her mother's cunt that first night not so long ago. Raising a tapered leg in the air, she pulled his giant prick between her soaked thighs and felt it slide along the flared trench of her pussy.

"Oh... ohhhh!"

The tip of his cock slipped between her sopping cuntlips, and any last protests slid out of Don's throat in a moan. He heaved forward automatically, and his massive cock sank several inches into her.


Janie let out a small overjoyed wail as her pussy was pushed open to take the biggest prick it had swallowed yet. She clung to him, her fingernails digging into his slippery back and her upraised leg kicking in the air as his cock slid to its hilt.

"Ohhh, Mr. Jackson!" she panted, writhing against the water-beaded shower wall and twisting on his monster prick. It slid and lurched in her hot pussy, pulsing like a bomb about to explode. "You're fucking me! Do it, do it good! Fuck meeee!"

"Oh shit," Don groaned. Helpless under the squeezing friction of her snug little cunt, he began to shove his cock in and out. His big hands slid down to cup her ass, kneading her asscheeks with rough hunger. Suddenly, they tightened. Janie found herself being lifted into the air, both legs kicking out free.

Then, with one deft motion, he thrust forward. His cock slammed up inside her, and she squealed: "Gaammhh!"

Pinned to the wall with both legs fluttering up to limply wrap about his waist, she gasped ecstatically as Don's strong hands clutched her ass and held her to the spat. His cock surged in and out of her cunt with fast, furious strokes.

"Oh, Don, fuck me, fuck me just like you do Mom! I want your prick all the way in me, like you give it to her! Faster, give it... ohhhh, that's so fucking good! More, more! Unnnnh!"

Don plunged, sinking his cock into her blonde cunt with harsh urgency. Unable to stop what was happening, he gave a pained whimper and rode her on his prick as if she were practically weightless, jamming it into her pussy with tortured, violent thrusts.

Her face wrenched in a look of pure delight, and she cried out. "That... that's nice, that's really nice! Make me cum! Oh, Don, I'm gonna cum! Fasterrrrrr!"

The spray rushed over their hunching bodies. Janie arched onto his enormous prick with a gleeful series of gasps as it pumped her to a spiral of orgasm.

Despite himself, Don felt his balls churn. Driving his cock in and out of the girl's sucking hot cunt, he felt an explosion boiling up inside him. His voice hissed out as he fucked into the cunt of his lover's daughter. "Take it! Take it! Unh... unnnnh!"

Janie spasmed, and her head rolled back.

"Owwwooohhh!" she sobbed.

Then it happened. He grunted and slammed his cockmeat into her, just as it blasted its load up her cunt.

They twisted and surged in unison, simultaneous orgasms wrenching through them both. For an instant, even thoughts of Mona slipped from his mind as he pistoned spurt after thick spurt of jism up her tight pussy.

"Uuuuuuhhh," he groaned.

"Ohhh, yessssss!"

They reeled under the streaming shower, both totally engulfed in mutual explosion. Don felt every drop of jizz being sucked out of his bloated prick, just as expertly as if it were Mona doing the sucking. Finally, when she'd taken it all, she slumped.

"Oh, Donnnnnn."

Her legs fell apart, dangling in the air.

Janie and Don were leaning limply against the shower wall, both drained and gasped for breath, when they heard Mona's voice cut sharply through their sated haze.

"Well, it's about time you two got better acquainted! But did you have to use up all the hot water? I might've liked a shower, too, you know!"

"Mona!" Don jerked away guiltily. His cock slurped from Janie's pussy, plopping its downcast prickhead in her mother's direction. He stammered, unable to collect his disjointed thoughts.

"This... this isn't what it looks like."

"That," Mona quipped, "would be a neat trick. Because what I just saw could only look like one thing! And you, young lady... the least you could've done was wait until I'd had a little more fun before you went throwing yourself on top of him! Now I'll have to start warming him up all over again!"

She stood there in a sheer, pale nightgown, smiling as if she'd just caught them playing some mischievous prank.

Leaning dazedly against the shower wall, Janie smiled back. "Tha... that's okay, if you let me help. Can I, Mom? I'll bet I could warm him up again for you!"

Taken all at once, it was too much. Don stared from one to the other of them with his mouth open, not knowing what to say in the midst of this baffling scene. So he didn't say anything.

"Oh, no you don't!" Mona reached out suddenly, and she tugged deftly on his prick, pulling him out of the shower. "You've had your share of fun for the morning. Now it's my turn!"

Don was agape. He followed meekly as she pulled him away, having no idea at all what to expect next.

A moment later, he found himself sprawled dripping-wet on her bed. Mona's nightgown drifted to the floor. Janie was also there in the room.

Then both gorgeous, nude women were converging on his soft prick.

Their tongues lashed out greedily across his massive cock, and he groaned as reality slipped further and further away.

"Jesus, I can't believe this! Oh Jesus!" But it was happening. Purring like a pair of kittens, Mona and Janie lapped his heavy balls and lolling cock back to life. It nudged up, slowly stiffening as he gazed down at the two pink tongues flitting across his sensitive fuck shaft. Soft golden curls and glossy brunette tendrils cascaded over his hairy stomach like ticklish fingers as the women licked and mouthed his swelling prick with worshipful care.

Janie lifted her head, aglow with pleasure. "All right, Mom, he's all yours! But I'm going to have fun, too. You're not the only horny woman under this roof anymore!"

She scooted up to Don's face, her big tits dangling above him with obvious enticement.

"Janie, I don't think -- umff!" Any protest he started to make was smothered as a large, hard, pink nipple found its way between his lips. He couldn't resist pursing his mouth around her rubbery, oversized tit tip, sucking at its textured sweetness as Mona's mouth covered his inflamed cockhead.

The brunette's lips moved lovingly up and down his blossoming fuck shaft. One of her hands tickled his balls and the other slipped between Janie's thighs to massage her drenched cunt. The teenager thrashed, moaning.

"Ohhh, suck me Don! Suck my tits good! Good, goooood!"

It was the craziest situation he'd ever been in. But under the direction of two of the most beautiful women he'd ever known, it quickly became the nicest as well. Don's hands slid along Janie's arching back, then drifted down to her quivering young ass, grasping both pliant ass globes and dipping along the crack to glide through gold cunt curls.

Don's hand met Mona's, probing there as well. She gave a sound of acknowledgement and sucked his cock all the harder. Her sticky fingers entwined with his, guiding them to Janie's cuntlips. It was Mona who pushed Don's fingers into her daughter's twitching froth of cuntjuice, who led him to Janie's pussy and stroked their entangled fingers along her tender young cuntslit.

Before he quite realized it, Don had a finger up Janie's cunthole. It was joined by one of Mona's. In unison, they began to finger-fuck Janie's pussy.

"Ohhhhhh, yes!"

She wailed happily, thrashing on their fingers and shoving her tits to Mr. Jackson's mouth in an ecstasy of sensation.

For what seemed an eternity, the three of them sucked and fingered in a trio of uninhibited delight.

Suddenly, Mona couldn't withstand his pulsing prick any longer. Plucking her finger from Janie's cunt, she rose and gasped.

"Oh, darling, I've just got to fuck your cock! If I don't get it in me this very moment, I'm going to scream!" She staddled his slickened prick, poising her aching pussy above it.

With a single downward thrust, she slammed onto his prick full-length, taking every inch of it up her cunt. Mona reeled rapturously, swaying to roll his engorged cock inside her.

At the same time, he arched up, jamming his finger into Janie's cunt in a spasm of dizzy pleasure.

"Ohhh, fucking yesss!" the teenager squawked, creaming like crazy. Abruptly, she twisted forward from his probing finger, hastily wiggling atop him and planting her slushy cunt on his face.

"Eat me! Use your tongue to fuck my pussy, Mr. Jackson! Do it. Ohhh, fucking baby, do it!"

Don's mouth was filled with sweet gyrating pussy, its soft fur tickling his nose and cheeks. He shot his tongue eagerly up her delicate, hunching cunt, and twirled it wild inside her.

Panting and gasping ecstatically, the teenager twisted around on his face to confront her mom, who was seesawing on his prick with the luxurious abandon of a woman finally fulfilled.

Cock and tongue drilled up into the two of them in a wordless expression of mutual need as Don tilled both their cunts, totally absorbed in the strangest experience of his life.

Their lust-hazed eyes met, and Mona smiled. She leaned forward, cramming his prick meat even more tightly inside her. Janie did the same.

They clung together in a frantic, moaning kiss, tongues spearing hungrily into each other's mouth as Don drove them to mutual orgasm, his cock on the verge of fresh explosion.

When he came, it was with an upward lunge that stabbed his prick and tongue completely into both his women's loving pussies.

"Muhh!" Mona hummed. "Uhhhmmmm!" Janie wailed. The three of them came like that, shuddering and writhing and groaning.

"Fffuum, ohhh, babyyy," Mona cooed deliriously as the last little splatters of his jism seeped into her. Then she sank in oblivious joy beside him, her cunt slurping off his drained prick with a loud squishing sound.

Janie slumped forward, but she wasn't done yet. Her soft lips slid across Don's dripping prick, tongue joyfully collecting the film of thick juices that covered it.

She twisted slightly, then dove between her mother's open legs.

"Ahhh," Mona sighed as her bloated cunt was lapped into fresh tingles, cleansed of his thready jism.

At last satisfied, Janie swung about to join them, squirming atop her mom and Don in a exuberant hug.

"Oh, wow, this is terrific!" Her voice was gleeful, a breathless gasp. "I wish... I wish we could be like this forever! Why don't you marry Mom, Don? Then you could be my dad!"

"Janie!" Mona gave a little laugh, but her face blushed nicely. She avoided Don's startled stare like a shy bride, remembering the veiled promises they'd made each other only last night.

"Your dad..." His voice came out in a croak.

Janie's eyes were bright and penetrating. She wiggled, unconsciously grinding her lush cunt against his thigh. Mona's blush turned fiery. She nuzzled embarrassed against his chest, her breath warm and vibrant on his skin.

Janie's dad.

Mona's husband.

Well, worse things could happen to a guy, couldn't they? And it didn't really sound too bad, not too bad at all.

Don grinned.

"We'll see. We'll just see about that." And they did, too.


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