Horny voyeur schoolgirls

Every society is marked by an adolescent stage. A growing-up period. A time when each young member feels he is infinitely more daring and modern than the adults ruling the establishment he often rebels against. Nowhere is this phenomenon more marked than in an open society like ours.

Many an adult has smiled in remembrance of the time he snuck out back for a forbidden cigarette or beer. The time he challenged another boy to a drag race in his father's car. The time he threw a firecracker in the school john.

Linda Devereaux's story is that of a young girl growing up in her own special way. Breaking the moral code she has been taught. Flaunting her body in open rebellion. Reveling in any and every wanton new experience. Indeed, Linda makes a world of her own, where hedonism becomes the standard. But the truth is that Linda is searching for meaning in her life, for love and affection, not just pleasures of the flesh.

HORNY VOYEUR SCHOOLGIRLS -- the story of a girl's struggle to find herself, and the shattering experiences that carry her over the threshold into young adulthood and eventual happiness. A timely story for our restless society.


Linda Devereaux was quite surprised when she found out that Tina Johnson sucked cocks on a first date.

Both girls were in the same class at school, but they didn't really know each other all that well, and so it came as something of a revelation to Linda, who had never sucked a single cock in her life. The girls had been talking outside school that afternoon when two older high school boys had joined them.

Linda had been flattered and excited at receiving the attentions of Clyde, who was the quarterback on the school football team and considered quite a catch. And Tina had seemed interested in Mike, who had his own car. The boys, in turn, had showed definite interest in the girls.

Both girls were sexy, but in different fashions.

Linda was a nubile blonde with a bouncy, pneumatic sort of body. She had plump tits that thrust out saucily against her sweater and a well-packed ass, shaped like a valentine and long, shapely legs. Her blue eyes were wide and innocent-looking and she had a scattering of cute freckles across her cheeks. She had a sort of swaybacked posture that pushed her tits up, tucked her crotch in and stuck her ass out. Plenty of young men had jerked off while thinking about Linda Devereaux. Linda frigged herself off frequently, too. But Linda was still a virgin.

Tina was a slender girl with short dark curly hair and dark, flashing eyes and a wide, sensual mouth. Her tits were not as big as Linda's, but they were firm and vibrant, and the fact that she wore no bra was manifested in the way that her big, stiff nipples pushed out in twin peaks against her blouse. Her waist was narrow and her ass was round. She liked the way her ass looked, and she used it to good effect when she walked. Tina was a lot more sexually experienced than Linda -- although Linda didn't realize it at the time.

After they had talked for a while and showed mutual interest, Mike had suggested that the four of them go out on a double date that evening. Linda, playing it cool, looked at Tina, but Tina was not the hard-to-get type and she said that it sounded like fun. So the date was arranged. They decided to go to a drive-in movie.

Normally, Linda would have been reluctant to go to a passion pit on a first date with an older boy, but she figured that it would be safe enough in this case, with Tina along for moral support. It never dawned on innocent Linda that anything naughty would happen when other people were in the car. She thought that such things only took place when a boy and girl were alone.

Linda sat in the back with Clyde and Tina was up front with Mike. As soon as they got settled in and the movie started, Clyde began trying to maul Linda.

She pushed his hands away and told him to stop.

"I'm not that sort of girl!" she protested.

He looked exasperated but kept trying.

He was like an octopus, Linda thought. Yet, she wasn't really annoyed. In fact, she felt flattered that this older guy was so keen on feeling her up. But Linda had a strict moral code and kept to a standard routine in such matters. If a guy took her out a few times, she would allow him to take a few liberties, but never on a first date, and never too far. She would let a boy feel her tits on a second date, but only through her blouse or sweater. On a third date, he might get some bare tit. She had only let one guy go further than that when, on a fifth date, she had let him fingerfuck her and had played with his prick until he shot his wad. That had been a thrilling evening for Linda, who was really quite innocent and naive.

She pushed Clyde's hands away again.

He tugged her own hand down and placed it on his groin.

Linda gasped when she felt how big and hard and swollen his cock was. It felt a lot bigger than the guy's that she had jacked off -- her only previous experience with erect pricks. The heat of his cockmeat was seeping through his trousers. Linda let her hand linger there for a moment, pretending that she did not realize what she was touching. Then she pulled away again.

"Aw, c'mon," he pleaded.

Linda figured it was a good thing that this was a double date, because his prick had felt so lovely that she was tempted. If they had been alone together, she might not have been able to resist the impulse to play with his prick, and let him feel her all over.

Up front, Tina was snuggling with Mike. Her head was on his shoulder.

Linda couldn't tell what their hands were doing, but she could hear them starting to breathe heavily and Tina was whimpering a little.

Tina turned and whispered something into Mike's ear. Her face was taut with excitement and she giggled after she spoke.

"Oh, yeah!" Mike said with enthusiasm. Linda saw Tina's tongue poke into his ear, lapping and licking as she squirmed against him. Then Tina's head disappeared.

What on earth was she doing?

Linda heard a sound suspiciously like the unzippering of a fly and Mike gave a gasp of pleasure. He turned his head and gave Clyde a big conspiratorial wink.

Seeing that his friend was having some success, Clyde was more determined than ever, and he renewed his manual assault on Linda's tits. She continued to fight him off, but now she was intrigued by the action in the front seat, wondering just how far naughty Tina would go on a first date. Mike's head was rolling around against the back of the seat now and he was obviously in the throes of ecstasy.

Was Tina jacking him off? Was he fingerfucking her or something?

Linda was frustrated. She wished that she could see what was going on in the front seat.

"Aw, come on, baby," Clyde pleaded. "Just put your hand on my prick for a while, okay?"

"I certainly won't," she said.

"Damn it -- your friend is being nice to Mike. Why do you want to give me a hard time?"

"Keep a cool tool, fool." Linda giggled. Clyde snorted with frustration.

Linda didn't suppose that he would ask her out a second time -- which was self-defeating, since she would have been willing to give him a handjob if he did. She just had this inhibition about being pure and chaste on a first date and not ruining her reputation.

But she really was interested in what Tina was doing.

Now Clyde seemed to be getting interested in that, too. Having no success himself, he turned his attentions to enjoying vicariously the luck that Mike seemed to be having. Leaning forward, Clyde peered over the seat and gave a surprised gasp.

Linda couldn't bear not knowing. She looked over the seat, too.

She got a shock at what she saw.

Tina was sucking Mike's prick!

His pants were down around his knees and his big prick-knob was between Tina's lips. Her dark, curly head bobbed merrily up and down as if she were ducking for apples in a barrel.

Linda gazed at this action in amazement. How could a girl do a thing like that on a first date?

Linda had often wondered what it was like to suck a cock, and the idea was appealing, but she had always supposed it was the sort of thing that a girl only did when she was really in love with a guy, going steady or engaged to be married -- certainly not a thing that a girl did casually and indiscriminately.

But Tina certainly seemed to be enjoying that mouthful of cock.

Linda was totally fascinated. She and Clyde looked over the seat, both wide-eyed and awed. Linda was paying so much attention to the sight that when Clyde began squeezing her tits again, she didn't push his hand away. He took her hand and dragged it down to his crotch again. This time she let it rest on the swollen lump of his prick and even began to rub his cock through his trousers, loving the way his meat pulsed under her hand. This went against her principles -- but compared to what Tina was doing, a little fondling was pretty insignificant.

Tina was gurgling with pleasure. Her sensual lips dragged up Mike's thick stalk and slurped hungrily on the fat purple head of his prick, then her head bobbed down again and she fed almost the full length of his cock into her mouth.

Mike was panting like a steam engine. He had one hand on the back of Tina's head but it just rested there lightly. The cock-hungry girl needed no guidance and no encouragement. She knew what she was doing -- and it was what she wanted to be doing.

Clyde and Linda exchanged a glance. Clyde grinned.

Linda didn't dare grin. She didn't want to draw attention to her mouth!

They both looked back at Tina.

"Ummm," Tina sighed, as her lips dragged up.

Then, sucking on his cockhead, her cheeks hollowing in, she purred with voracious delight. Her head continued to fall and rise in a slow but steady rhythm.

Will she keep on doing that? Linda wondered. Is she going to let him come in her mouth? Ooooh! Does she swallow it?

Tina glanced sideways.

When she saw that Linda and Clyde were both leaning over the back of the seat, watching her, she gave a little giggle, the sound muffled by Mike's prick, and her lips turned up in a smile around the smoking slab of his cockhead.

It was evident that the naughty nymph didn't care that they were watching her -- she seemed to enjoy their attention, in fact, for she began sucking even harder and more attentively. Mike had a huge grin on his face, his head thrown back, eyes narrowed.

"You lucky bastard," Clyde rasped.

"Yeah, baby -- that's it!" Mike moaned. "Ohhhh -- suck it, baby -- suck me off!"

"Ummm," Tina purred.

She pulled her lips away for a moment. She stared down at his cock, wanting to get a look at what she was sucking, to see how her efforts had caused his prick to swell and throb. The cleft of his cock-knob was parted and a few sticky drops of jism bubbled out.

Tina gasped when she saw those slimy drops of juice. She kissed the tip of his prick and her tongue slid across, gathering up his jism. She let the foamy drops run over her taste buds for a moment, then swallowed.

"Yummy," she sighed.

Another fat drop oozed out.

Linda watched Tina's tongue gather it up. Then Tina took his cock back into her mouth and began to suck again, greedily, those preliminary drops of jism having made her really ravenous for the full load of his cum.

"Come," she whispered, speaking right into the meaty microphone of his cock. "Come for me, Mike -- come in my mouth!"

"Yeah! Yeah!" he croaked.

"I want to drink your hot, thick jism," she whispered.

"Oh, baby -- suck it out!" he wailed.

Tina folded her fist around the root of his prick. She began to frig him up and down as her lips worked on his cock-knob, wanting him to shoot, adding the stimulation of her hand to that of her lips and tongue so that she was jerking him off in her mouth. Her fist rose up and met her lips as they slurped down. Then her hand descended to the root of his cock and his bloated cock-knob flared in her lips.

Her tongue laved against the sensitive point where the fat, throbbing vein spread out into the underside of his huge, wedge-shaped cockknob. She had truly gone suck-crazy now. Her face was a mask of lust as she savored that delicious mouthful of prick and hungered for the cream of his jism.

Mike's heels drummed against the floorboard. His body had begun to tremble and shake, as his orgasm drew near. His ass heaved up from the seat, fucking his prick into her mouth.

Moist, juicy slurps made her mouth sound like a suction pump.

Mike howled.

Tina squealed with joy as his hot load hosed her mouth. The thick stuff splashed in her throat and poured down her gullet. She sucked and swallowed, but there was too much to drink all at once. Slimy ribbons of joyjuice bubbled from her lips and ran down his throbbing cockshaft. A line of spunk trickled down her chin.

She kept sucking. Mike kept coming, dose after dose jetting into her throat, skimming over her tongue, pooling up in her hollowed cheeks. He was whitewashing her tonsils with steaming jism and she was voraciously milking out every precious drop.

At last he was drained, his balls emptied. His cock stopped spurting. Tina continued to suck adoringly on his spent cock, making certain that she had milked out every sweet drop of spunk that lingered in his stalk or knob. She drew her lips away, licking them. Her face was radiant with joy. Then she bent down again and began using her tongue to lap up the errant drops of cum that had escaped her lips.

She tongued the sticky stuff up from his hairy balls and she lapped greedily up his cockshaft, tonguing up the creamy ribbons. She worked on his cockhead again. At last she had lapped him clean. The head of his prick glistened, polished to a luster.

"Christ -- that was sure a great blowjob!" Mike smiled.

Tina grinned happily at the compliment. "I've had lots of practice," she said.

Linda was stunned.

How could Tina admit such a thing? Sucking a guy off was naughty enough -- but admitting she had sucked lots of guys off seemed even worse. What a naughty girl she was!

Now that naughty girl was snuggling up affectionately to Mike.

"I love your prick," Tina whispered. "Maybe I'll suck you off again in a little while."

He grunted his approval.

They cuddled contentedly.

But although they were snuggling, Linda noticed that Mike did not kiss Tina.

Nobody wants to kiss a cocksucker, she thought.


Now that the performance in the front seat had ended -- or gone into intermission -- Clyde renewed his assault on Linda with more determination than ever. His passion had been inspired by watching Mike get a blow job, and his envy had been aroused by his friend's good fortune in selecting a girl who blew without protest. Now Clyde was damned well determined to get something for himself.

Linda was having more trouble fighting him off, too -- not because he was trying harder, but because she had also been inspired to passion by the oral lovemaking they'd watched. She had ambivalent attitudes about the situation.

On the one hand, she thought that Tina must be a terrible tramp and she certainly wouldn't envy the girl the reputation that she would have acquired through giving head on a first date. But, on the other hand, Linda felt jealous and envious of the pleasure involved. Tina had obviously adored that tasty mouthful of prick and that drink of hot cum and it had certainly looked like a lovely thing to do, and Linda was wishing, in one way, that she, too, were a tramp -- so she could suck Clyde's cock. It was a difficult situation.

Linda felt that she was walking a tightrope, treading a thin line between gratification and deprival, purity and passion. Was it, after all, better to be chaste -- and frustrated? Or to be a tramp -- but satisfied.

She kept recalling how Tina's sweet lips had dragged up that fat cockstalk and caressed that swollen cock-knob, and how Mike had whimpered and squirmed, and -- most exciting of all -- how he had squirted his spunk into the girl's eager mouth. Tina had obviously been enjoying cocksucking for some time. Yet she was the same age as Linda. Linda knew that someday she was going to have to give her first blowjob and, for that matter, lose her cherry.

Was this a suitable occasion?

Clyde was strong and handsome and popular. Yet, she wasn't in love with him.

But he had a big prick -- could she love that stiff prick without loving the man to whom it was attached?

She wished that she had never come on this double date with Tina -- and yet, she didn't regret having watched Tina in action because it had been the most thrilling thing she had ever seen.

Clyde was so hot and horny that his face looked haggard and haunted as he leaned toward her, both hands groping for tit and cunt, his eyes glowing with desperate need.

Linda was weakening.

His persistence was breaking her down -- aided by a secret ally in Linda's own loins, for her pussy had turned traitor on the virginal girl, sabotaging her chastity from within. Her clit felt like a stick of exploding dynamite, ready to blow up, and her cunt was flowing like a river of steaming lava.

She had to come.

Linda rationalized. She told herself that the best thing she could do would be let Clyde feel her up and to have an orgasm by his hands. Otherwise, she was going to get so hot that she wouldn't be able to resist anything, in a very short time, and she might wind up losing her cherry or sucking his cock.

Of course, if she let him give her a handjob, she would have to return the manual favor.

But that wasn't really so naughty -- not like fucking or sucking -- and it was certainly the lesser of two evils. The idea was not unattractive, either. Linda had enjoyed jacking off the one boy previously, and she knew she would enjoy pumping the spunk out of Clyde.

Linda felt quite prim and proper as she reached down and began to massage his prick.

Clyde's cock and balls were so frantic with lust that they were almost numb, hardened beyond feeling and swollen beyond sensation. For a moment, he did not realize what she was doing. He only saw that her hands were no longer interfering with his own hands, that they had moved aside, and he began to maul her plump tits.

Linda squirmed against his hands.

Seeing that she had stopped struggling, Clyde began to grope her tits with more gentle movements.

Then he realized that she was fondling his cock.

He looked down. Sure enough, she was stroking and rubbing his prick with both hands. Clyde sighed with relief. He had just about given her up as a lost cause. If Linda had continued to resist for just another minute, Clyde had intended to ask Tina if she would mind giving him a blowjob, too -- and if Tina had turned him down, he would have had to whack his own meat, out of desperation, shooting the stuff all over the car.

But now the virgin blonde's hands were working on him, caressing his cock through his pants. That was a promising sign. Clyde knew from experience that if a girl rubbed his prick through his pants, she wouldn't object to taking it out and playing with it naked.

He had been wild with urgency before. But now, seeing that he was destined to get his release, Clyde no longer felt so frantic. He could enjoy the preliminaries now that he knew there would be a result of some kind, a creamy conclusion at the end.

He began to kiss Linda and murmur words of love.

Linda appreciated that.

Getting kissed in a loving fashion while they felt each other up made her feel less wanton.

She kissed him back, their mouth's grinding together. His tongue probed. Her lips parted. Normally, she would not French kiss on a first date, but with a handful of prick it seemed sort of silly to put up barriers against a lesser caress.

Clyde pushed his hot tongue into her mouth and Linda began to suck on it. Her own tongue curled and coiled around it. Sucking on a guy's tongue was really thrilling -- and she imagined what it would be like to suck on his cock!

When his tongue withdrew, her tongue followed and he sucked on it, in turn. They swapped tongues back and forth, panting into each other's open mouth, salivating together. Tina glanced back from the front seat. She smiled when she saw that Clyde and Linda were starting to get along a bit better. Tina had been listening to their struggles and she had thought much the same as Clyde -- if Linda didn't start to treat him more lovingly.

Tina had thought she might suggest that she take care of him, too. The idea of blowing Clyde was exciting.

Tina had been gang-banged before, in the mouth as well as the cunt, and she rather liked having more than one guy at a time. Of course, it might have made Mike jealous, so it was probably just as well that Linda had started to behave.

Tina turned back to Mike and began to rub his prick again. Since it didn't appear that she was going to have a chance to blow Clyde, she might as well get some more prick from her own date, she reasoned. Mike's big cock had subsided somewhat after his ejaculation, but it hadn't gone completely soft. It hung down along his thigh. But when Tina commenced to run her nimble hands over him, Mike's prick started to rise again. His balls slowly filled out, and his cock came up in a series of jolts, straightening out into a stiff rod, the head flaring and flushing.

Tina stroked and fingered, in no great hurry, enjoying the feeling of his cock swelling and hardening in her hands and his balls filling with another precious load of the stuff that naughty Tina adored.

She continued to glance back, from time to time, to see how Linda and Clyde were getting along.

The couple in the back seat was getting along quite well.

Clyde had opened Linda's blouse now, without any protests from Linda, and he had begun to fondle her naked tits with both hands. Cupping the fat tit-mounds together and lifting, he deepened her cleavage. His thumbs swept back and forth across the hard tips. Then he lowered his head and began to lick and suck at her nipples. Linda squealed.

She had never had her tits sucked before.

A tongue and lips felt a whole lot nicer than a hand, she thought, as she purred and squirmed and worked her big tits around in his hungry face. She arched her back, thrusting her tits up. His lips worked on her nipples as if they were valves by which he was blowing her up, inflating her tits with his breath.

She was still rubbing his cock and balls. He ran his tongue up her cleavage, circled back towards the stiff peaks of her nipples, slurping and murmuring.

"Take it out," he whispered.

Linda hesitated.

But that hesitancy was faked. She just didn't want him to think that she was so lewd that she would expose his cock without a pause to consider. In fact, she had been wishing that Clyde would suggest it, or do it himself, for his prick felt so wonderful through his pants that the horny girl was just dying to feel it naked. She was too shy and timid to take the initiative, too bashful to take matters into her own hands, but once Clyde had asked her to, it seemed all right.

She unbuckled his belt and unsnapped the top of his trousers, then began to draw the zipper down.

His fly opened in a wide vee.

His prick sprang out like a wild bull. Linda gazed down at it in awe.

It was by far the biggest prick that, in her limited experience, she had looked upon. It looked just wonderful to her. Her eyes crossed as she turned her vision upon the huge slab of his purple cock-knob. She tucked her hand into his fly and hauled his balls out, too, wanting all of his sex meat available to her gaze and to her attentions. She drank the sight in with her hot eyes.

His cockhead was a huge, flaring, mushroom-shaped hunk of dark, steaming meat, the cleft parted. The tip was already sticky with a flow of preliminary jism. His cockshaft was wide and iron-hard and the vein that pulsed up the underside was as big as Linda's little finger. His balls were in proportion to his big prick, looking like over inflated balloons.

He was still mouthing her tits.

Linda took his balls and cock in both hands. She cupped his bloated balls in her left hand, palm up, lifting slightly as if she were trying to judge the weight of the heavy dose of spunk that they contained.

She fingered his cock-knob with her right hand, then folded her delicate fist around the root of his prick.

She began to jack him slowly.

She loved doing it, but she wanted to make it last. It felt so wonderful to have his cock swelling and throbbing in her fist and his balls filling her hand that she hoped it would last for a long time. Pulling the jism out of him would be the best part of it, of course -- but she wanted to enjoy the pumping for a while, first.

A trickle of spunk ran down his cock-knob, slippery and sluggish, glistening like quicksilver.

The sight made Linda drool.

She wasn't going to blow him, of course, since she was not that sort of girl -- but the idea was thrilling.

She had to remember to ask naughty Tina what cum tasted like, when they were alone.

Clyde sighed and moaned. He began to work a hand up under her skirt.

Linda did not offer even token resistance, now. With his cock out and in her grasp, she could hardly refuse a guy a feel of her cunt -- and besides, the horny teenager was desperate to get fingerfucked.

Clyde stroked up the soft, smooth, overheated flesh of her firm and shapely thighs, teasing her by the slowness of his approach. Linda pushed her crotch down along the seat, toward his hand. He continued to rub her legs, avoiding her groin. Knowing that Linda was willing, now, Clyde was perversely reluctant to pleasure her. She had resisted him for a long time -- now let her suffer for a while.

"You can touch me there," she whimpered. Clyde grinned fiendishly. "Where?"

"You know..."


"Between the legs," she whimpered.

"Tell me!" he rasped.

"Oh! My cunt! You can touch my cunt!" she cried, totally abandoned to her seething needs now.

Clyde began to run the tips of his fingers up and down the crotch band of her panties. They were soaking wet. The fiery heat of her cunt wafted through her panties, almost singeing his fingers.

Linda writhed and squirmed about on the seat, her own hands faltering and losing a stroke on his prick as she concentrated on the sensations in her cunt. Cuntjuice was filling the crotch of her panties and seeping out from the legholes. She could feel ribbons of the hot stuff trickle down and seep into the taut crack of her ass as she shifted around.

Clyde slipped a finger in through the leghole.

He traced along her cuntlips, then began to flick his fingertip over her throbbing clit. Linda gurgled with joy.

He took his time, his fondling light and slow. He pushed his middle finger into her cunthole, working it up to the knuckle and then turning it about inside her, while her cunt began to suck on it.

Linda was panting. She threw her head back and switched her pretty face from side to side, her expression contorted by lust. Clyde added a second finger. He began to push-pull them in and out of her pussy. How wonderful it felt! It felt so much better than when she pushed her own fingers up there! Then she realized how much better it would be to have a fat prick in her pussy!

Clyde was enjoying playing with her cunt. He wanted to see what he was doing.

He raised her skirt up above her hips. Then he hooked his fingers under the elastic band of her panties and began to tug them down.

Linda trembled. It was dangerous to let a guy remove her panties, she knew. It would be awfully easy and awfully tempting to spread her legs when her crotch was naked and let him slip his cock into her. But she couldn't resist.

She hiked her ass and hips up so that Clyde could drag her bikini panties down over her loins. He drew them off her feet and tossed them aside. The soaking panties fluttered to the floor like a colorful butterfly wobbling to the ground.

Linda automatically clamped her legs together, protectively, once her cunt was bare.

But then she immediately spread them open again. She wanted Clyde to look at her steaming cunt! She wanted to feel his eyes burning into her groin.

He was leaning over her, staring between her legs, his face a mask of desire.

Linda felt dizzy with desire. She was clinging to his hard cock tightly now, as if to support herself, to keep from collapsing in a daze.

Clyde moved his hand to her crotch, palm upwards.

He began to slowly shove three fingers up her cunthole. His other hand cupped her pussy mound, fingers trailing down to caress her flaring clitoris.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" she cried.

She began to beat his cock furiously. Cuntjuice poured down his probing fingers and pooled in his palm, ribbons of the stuff dripping from the edges. Her pussy was wide open, the crack turned into a gaping oval. Her clit was pounding.

She ground her hips wildly from side to side, working her smoldering cunt against his caressing hands, her thighs thrown wide apart and her belly pumping up and down in a fucking motion.

Her fist skimmed his prick steadily. His prick lengthened, and she knew she was going to bring him off soon. She wanted to come with him, to have him come with her, to share the heights of sensation at the same instant.

"Shoot," she wailed. "Shoot your load!"

Clyde groaned, finding her erotic words every bit as thrilling as her stroking hand. His ass bucked as he fucked her fist.

Linda was looking down between their bodies, watching his cock, wanting to see the stuff spurt out of his cock. She saw that the flaring cock-knob was already frothy with slime. Her tongue tingled. The girl wanted very much to go down on him now, to take his cock into her mouth and suck on it as he shot his wad.

She wanted to swallow his cum. She didn't even care about her reputation now, she was far too hot to worry about that, so hungry for his jism that she was willing to drink it.

Only one thing prevented her from doing it. The way that Clyde was angled across the seat, fingerfucking her, she could not get her head down on his prick without moving him aside, and she did not want to risk having his hands leave her cunt.

She simply had to suck a cock soon.

But for now the situation demanded a hand job.

The long waves of ecstasy rushed across her belly, and the electric current rushed up her thighs, and her cunt seemed to melt on his fingers. Cuntjuice poured out of her hole. She wailed and cried out with joy and her fist pounded up and down on his prick.

Clyde stiffened. Linda felt spunk rush up his cock.

The thick jism hosed from the head of his cock. Cum soared out, rising high and then falling back to splash directly on Linda's naked tits.

She squealed when she felt the lava of his lust soaking her. She continued to pump his prick, and he kept shooting, load after load of jism spurting out. Her cunt was still creaming, pussy juice steaming down her legs.

She pumped his cock dry.

Emptied, his fat cock still stood firm in her grip.

Linda gazed down at her tits, seeing his jism awash on the smooth slopes of her tits and dripping from her nipples. Lower down, she could see her thighs, spread open, slippery with cuntjuice.

Linda grinned. It was a fascinating sight. Then she looked up -- and saw Tina gazing at her over the seat, looking as fascinated as Linda, looking as if she had something very naughty in mind.

Tina was licking her lips.


Tina had been playing with Mike's prick and letting him feel her up, but her attention was divided. Tina had always been interested in what other people were doing, and so she was peering into the back seat at frequent intervals. By the time that Tina had pulled Mike's prick up to a new erection, Linda had taken Clyde's cock out and was pumping it while he fingerfucked her. This was fascinating to naughty Tina. It made her feel a trifle envious, as well, because she could see that Clyde's cock was a good inch longer than Mike's.

Stroking Mike, she watched Linda stroke Clyde. Linda's fist skimmed up and down, causing his cock to buck and flare, the big head spreading out like a hooded cobra about to strike.

Mike, who was far more interested in what he was going to get from Tina than what his friend was getting from Linda, was paying no attention to the activity behind him. He was trying to push Tina's head down onto his cock.

He figured that she would be willing to suck him off again, since she was obviously a cocksucker who enjoyed her mouthful. Mike didn't know much about cocksuckers, actually, and he had some vague idea that maybe Tina only took it in the mouth and that she might be a virgin, her cherry preserved by the substitution of her head. That suited him, for she had really pleasured him with her expert sucking and thrilled him by drinking his cum. He had been blown before, but only once, and the girl had made a face and spit his spunk out afterwards. That wasn't nearly as good as having her swallow it -- especially when it was evident that she loved drinking cum.

He was half right about Tina.

She did adore sucking pricks and drinking the creamy results and, frequently, it kept her from getting fucked.

But she was no virgin.

Tina had been fucked plenty. But she liked her fucking in comfort -- in a bed or on a couch -- and she didn't care much for getting fucked in the restricting confines of a car. When she was necking in a car, she preferred to take it in the mouth, as a rule. And it had been her intention to suck Mike off again, tonight. But now she changed her mind.

If her head was down on his prick, she would not be able to see what was going on in the back seat.

Tina decided to sit on Mike's prick now, enjoying a fuck while she watched Linda jacking Clyde and, with equal interest, while she watched his fingers push up Linda's juicy cunt.

Mike was till pushing and pleading. "Come on -- suck it," he grated.

Tina figured it wouldn't do any harm to suck his cock for a moment, just to make sure that his prick was as hard and as hot as possible before she sat on it. Tina leaned down and kissed the tip of his cock, then slipped her lips over it and slurped.

Mike groaned with joy.

She ducked her head up and down for a moment. But not too long because Clyde and Linda were both panting like locomotives by this time, and Tina didn't want to miss out on the climax. She gave his prick a last loving slurp and drew away.

"Hey -- don't stop!" Mike wailed.

The head of his cock was glowing like a light bulb, shining with the heat of his lust. She gave him an impish look.

"I already blew you once," she said.

He stared at her in confusion. What in hell was that supposed to mean? Christ -- surely she didn't expect him to eat her out in return. There was no way he was going to do a nasty thing like that!

Mike was a young man who was particular about where he put his tongue. He would have been willing to suck a cunt of a chaste young lady, but there was not a chance that he would lap a promiscuous pussy. There was just no telling what had been in there before him. Why, he wouldn't even kiss the girl, not after she had sucked his cock!

But then Tina said, "I want to get fucked now."

Mike grinned, then started to rise up, to turn Tina down onto the seat and mount her from above -- the only way in which he had ever fucked a girl, in fact, for he was not an imaginative fellow.

"Wait -- let me sit on your lap," she suggested.

Mike guessed that this lewd little tramp must know what she was talking about, and he settled back again, ready to have a pussy placed upon his towering prick.

Tina knelt on the seat, then threw a leg across Mike so that she was astride his lap and facing him. They were belly-to-belly and tit to chest and -- most important -- she was able to look over his shoulder and see what was transpiring in the back seat.

Tina reached down between her legs and took his cock by the root, guiding the polished knob into her foaming cunthole. She began to move his cock, not into her cunt yet, but stirring her pussy with his cock-knob -- using his prick like a big spoon to whip her juicy bowl to creaminess.

Mike grabbed her by the hips, holding tight and panting in anticipation. His hips moved as he tried to push his cock into her, but she rose up, her slim legs tightening, deftly avoiding the penetration until she was ready for it.

She rubbed his swollen knob back and forth against her throbbing clit. Her cuntlips pulled on his cock-knob.

He could feel the suction of her cunthole dragging at his prick as her cunt impatiently demanded a fuck.

Then she sighed and slowly settled onto his prick.

She went down all the way, taking every inch of his cock up her cunt, burying his prick balls-deep in her pussy. She held the full penetration for a long moment, savoring the sensation of being stuffed full of hot prick and letting Mike thrill to the feeling of having every inch of his hard cock embedded in her cunt.

He whimpered.

His prick expanded inside her and her pussy pulled and sucked on it, her circular pussy muscles clamping closed in a series of concentric rings that ran up his stalk from root to crown, as if she was jacking him off in her cunt. She seemed to have an internal mouth up in her cunt, sucking on his cockhead. Mike gasped with delight. This girl might be a slut but she sure had a nice cunt!

Then Tina began to rise and fall, riding his towering prick in a slow, steady tempo.

Mike stirred under her, unable to fuck properly with her weight on his lap, but he moved his prick around with a grinding motion as she corkscrewed down onto it. His cock filled her cunt. Then she drew up until only his fat cock-knob was still buried in her, paused, then pushed her cunt down all the way again.

His hands slipped down, cupping her mobile ass.

She reached down under her crotch and got a handful of his balls, massaging and squeezing gently.

Her chin rested on his shoulder.

Mike assumed she was clinging to him in desire, not aware that Tina was staring into the back seat and getting a good eyeful, now. Her gaze switched back and forth from Clyde's prick to Linda's cunt. She was licking her lips. She saw preliminary spunk foaming from Clyde's cockhead and her tongue tingled. When she saw the cunt juice running out of Linda's cunt, her mouth watered even more.

She was wishing that they would do more, though.

She wanted Linda to lean down and take Clyde's cock into her sweet lips. Watching a blowjob was more exciting than watching a handjob, Tina reckoned.

Linda was really getting carried away, her fist flying up and down, Clyde's cock and her clit was throbbing away in passion.

Inspired as much by what she was seeing as what she was doing, Tina began to climb the spiral of lust towards the crest. Her cunt rose and fell and began to cream. "I'm coming," she squealed into Mike's ear. "My pussy is creaming on your big prick!"

Mike groaned with his own fiery thrill. Tina screwed her cunt down, her hips turning, winding her cunt onto his cock. As she went all the way down, her cuntlips stuck to his belly like a suction cup to a wall. They slurped as she rose up again.

Then Mike cried out in ecstasy.

Tina felt his steaming jism rush into her womb, hosing her cunt with the lava of his lust. Her own cuntjuice gushed out to blend with his. He poured stream after stream up her cunt, and she melted with him and around him in a creamy deluge. Cum and cunt juice flooded her, soaking his belly and thighs. The sex-crazed teenager continued to grind away, milking herself and draining him and loving it -- but despite the distraction of her own orgasm, she continued to watch Linda and Clyde.


Mike's spent prick had started to diminish and soften while it was still stuck up Tina's cunt. She remained seated on his lap, as if glued there, crotch to crotch, by the sticky plaster of their combined cum and cuntjuice. She could feel his prick twitch as it shrunk. But her attention was elsewhere now.

Tina stared intently at the couple who were mutually masturbating, eager for them to climax, wanting to see them at the peak of sensation. It was evident that she would soon be justly rewarded for her voyeuristic efforts, because both Clyde and Linda were panting and moaning and grinding away at the job.

Tina worked her own crotch around on Mike's softening meat, as if in sympathetic response, getting turned on all over again even though she had just creamed on a cuntful of coming cock.

Tina groaned with lust. She watched Clyde's thick, frothy jism spurt out and splash all over Linda's plump tits.

Her eyes switched back and forth. She saw Linda's cuntlips unfurl like the petals of a fleshy pink blossom as her steaming pussy juice poured out.

It was truly an inspirational sight.

There was cum all over Linda's belly and tits. The stuff splashed on her tits, dripping down in blobs, looped in coils, running down her deep cleavage in sluggish streams. A glistening drop sparkled from her belly button. A slender, sticky line had run all the way down into her blonde pubic hair, as if the stuff knew where it belonged and was adventurously advancing upon her pussy.

And Linda seemed to have creamed just as abundantly as Clyde, for her hairy crotch and sleek thighs were soaked with cunt juice.

Linda smiled with contentment. Then she looked up and saw that Tina was staring at her.

Linda blushed furiously.

This was the naughtiest thing that Linda had ever done, and it embarrassed her no end to realize that someone else had been a keen observer. She lowered her eyes demurely, her face flushed a rosy pink.

When Linda looked up again, from beneath lowered lashes, she found that Tina was still looking at her and that Tina was grinning and licking her lips, her dark eyes glowing.

"What a lot of cum," said Tina, with a giggle.

"I -- I better borrow your hanky, Clyde," said Linda.

Linda knew she would feel less embarrassed after the creamy evidence of her misbehavior had been mopped up.

Clyde hiked up, reaching for his hip pocket.

But Tina said, "Gee -- you ain't gonna waste it, are you?"

"Huh?" Clyde said.

"Cum is yummy," Tina said. "It sure seems a shame not to drink it." She punctuated her comment with a little moist slurp and her pink tongue slipped across her lower lip.

Both Linda and Clyde stared at her in amazement and wondered what she had in mind. Linda had jacked him off, she hadn't sucked him off, so it seemed that the load was already wasted.

Mike had turned his head, also staring at this wanton teenager who was still mounted on his prick. He knew that she had come when he screwed her. Now he felt a twinge of jealousy and annoyance, because she was supposed to be his date -- why was she paying so much attention to Clyde and Linda?

But if Tina was aware of Mike's frown, she didn't show it, nor did she care. Mike's prick was already used up for the moment and Tina had other things on her mind. She leaned over a bit more, her chin on the back of the seat.

"Aren't you gonna lick it up?" she asked.

Linda gasped. The thought had not occurred to her.

Now she found the thought very exciting. Why use a handkerchief when a tongue would do?

Linda gazed down at her cum-soaked tits.

She could tongue them, all right, because sometimes when she frigged off, she liked to cup her tits in her hands and lift her heavy tit globes while she lowered her head and sucked on her own nipples.

She had even tried to go down on her cunt once, really stretching and bending, wanting to find out what it felt like to have a tongue on her cunt. But she had fallen short -- tantalizingly and frustratingly short. Her pink tongue had managed to reach her curly pubic thicket, but it would not extend down into the cleft of her crotch. She had tried and tried, drooling over her own pussy, her pussy drooling, too, but to no avail. She had only tried it that one time, finding the frustration of her failure unbearable, yet hoping that someday someone would be kind enough to do it for her. Linda was very keen to get her clit licked and her cunt tongued.

Now the thought of licking Clyde's creamy spunk off her tits was thrilling.

If she had been alone, or if the other people in the car had been looking in some other direction, she would have done it. But she was far too shy to lick up jism while someone else was watching. It seemed much too depraved a thing to do under observation.

"Oh, I wouldn't do that," she said.

Clyde had been watching her with an interested look, as if he thought it a marvelous idea.

But when Linda demurred, he started to reach for his handkerchief again, with a little sigh, as if he had not really expected a nice girl like Linda to lap up cum.

As he raised up, his fat prick swayed. Although Linda had pumped him bone-dry, his cock had not collapsed. It was not quite as hard as it had been, and it no longer throbbed with need, but it still stood out semi-rampant, his cockhead bloated and the stalk looped in a big, meaty coil. The tip of his prick was streaked with spunk, milky white froth on the purple flesh.

The movie was not over yet.

Tina looked at his prick. "Wait," she said.

Again Clyde paused, his handkerchief still in his pocket.

"If you ain't gonna drink it, Linda -- do you mind if I do?" Tina asked, with a really impish grin.

"What? Why -- how -- I don't..." Linda stammered, not quite sure what the naughty girl meant.

"Lick if off you, I mean," Tina said.

"Oh! Off my -- tits?"

Linda was astounded. So, apparently, were Clyde and Mike, both of whom had gasped.

This implication of lesbianism had filled them with dark desire. Clyde's cock snapped into an upright position, all the slack taken out of it, hard as a stone. And Mike's prick began to swell up again, still stuffed up Tina's pussy. Tina was aware of that, and she enjoyed it -- but for the moment her interest was elsewhere.

Linda looked shocked.

Linda had never had any homosexual inclinations -- unless one counts her abortive attempt to suck her own cunt, which wasn't really the same thing -- and she was amazed at Tina's suggestion. But she was even more amazed to realize that the suggestion did not shock her because the idea seemed wonderful!

Linda's clit had begun to burn and twitch again.

Tina had a pretty shrewd idea of just how Linda's mind was working. Tina smiled. "Oh, don't think I'm a dyke or anything like that. Ughhh -- dykes are dirty. I don't want to -- suck your tits, Linda -- I want to lick up Clyde's spunk -- and that just happens to be on your tits. If you don't mind -- before it dries..."

Linda wanted it. She glanced at Clyde to see if he objected.

But it was not the sort of thing that a guy was going to object to, and Clyde was grinning.

"Sure -- let her," he said.

It would be plenty exciting to watch Tina licking up his cum -- especially since Tina would have to do some titty tonguing in the process. Dyke or not, that was worth watching. Mike thought so, too. His annoyance and jealousy had ebbed away now.

Linda was blushing again. Then she said in a soft voice, "All right."

Tina grinned happily. Her trim thighs tightened as she raised herself from Mike's lap.

Mike's prick, hardening again, popped from her cunt, and her cunthole, vacated now, gushed with juices. The nimble girl climbed over the seat and sat on the back seat next to Linda, with Clyde on the other side.

Linda felt like the filling in a sandwich. She sat back, trying not to show how excited she was by this naughty scene.

Tina began to feel Linda's tits. She squeezed the plump mounds and pulled at the stiff nipples and made little sounds of appreciation. "You got real swell tits," she said.

But then she seemed to remember that she was not interested in tits, after all, but in the jism that was on them. She looked doubtful for a split second, wondering if she had revealed lesbian tendencies. Then, to make sure that no one got the wrong idea bout her, she reached across Linda and grabbed Clyde's prick, rubbing and squeezing to show that she was a prick-lover.

As she played with Clyde's cock, Tina lowered her head and began to tongue Linda's tits. She laved all over the tit-mounds and up Linda's cleavage, licking up spunk by the tongueful. Her lips pursed and she sucked on a nipple, then switched to the other, pulling it into her mouth and feeling the hard flesh explode in her lips.

"Ummm -- yummy," Tina purred.

Linda could not help but moan with pleasure.

Clyde and Mike gazed on at the most fascinating sight that either of them had ever seen. If they hadn't known that these girls were not lesbians -- they sure as hell would have thought that they were!

Tina was obviously enjoying her suck of tit, and Linda was thrilled by Tina's mouth, and it was certainly a strange situation for two normal, heterosexual girls to be in. Neither of the young men knew much about such things. They thought that lesbians were lesbians, and they didn't realize that normal girls could have some fun together, as well. Linda, too, had always thought the same way -- until she felt Tina's mouth on her tits.

Of them all, only Tina knew about such things.

And Tina was pretending that she was lapping up male cum and that the tit-sucking was incidental.

Tina lingered over Linda's tits for a long time. Her nimble tongue swept all over them, lapping up every drop of the precious jism. From time to time she raised her head from the soft tit feast and parted her lips and let her tongue slide out so that the fascinated observers could see the spunk in her mouth.

Then she moved down onto Linda's belly. There was jism there, too. Tina lapped it up. Her tongue delved into Linda's belly button and retrieved a blob of cum from the deep cleft.

Tina moved lower. Her tongue rustled through Linda's golden pubic thicket. Some jism had run down there, too. She could still pretend that she was only doing it for spunk.

Her hand flitted up between Linda's thighs. Linda's legs parted automatically.

Tina ran her fingertip up the virgin's cunt, lightly, teasingly, drawing it through the soaking cunt-slot and over the tingling nugget of her clitoris, while her tongue continued to stir in the blonde's pubic bush.

Linda arched and heaved. She was going wild with desire now. If Clyde and Mike had not been watching, she would have grasped Tina by the ears and hauled her head right down into her foaming crotch!

"Oh -- oh -- oh," Linda moaned.

Clyde leaned down close, his chin resting on Linda's hipbone, as he peered at the action.

Tina smiled at him, her own chin in Linda's crotch.

Then, deliberately, she tilted her face down and ran her hot tongue over Linda's clit. Linda cried out with the joy of it. Then Tina drew back.

The one lick had been all right, it was just being playful -- but to carry on would make the others suspicious.

Instead, to make sure they knew she was no dyke, Tina leaned across Linda's belly and slipped her lips over the head of Clyde's cock. She began to lick it, getting some more jism from the swollen meat. Her lips dragged up and down.

Linda was wailing, wanting Tina to return to her cunt. Tina began to finger her pussy secretly, doing it under her own body so that the men did not notice.

She continued to mouth Clyde's prick now. Linda was panting, enjoying Tina's hand and fingers -- but wanting her tongue in her cunt.

Linda had never been so hot before. All her inhibitions had broken down.

Linda decided to suck and fuck -- and how strange it was, she thought, that she was going to lose her cherry -- because of a girl's tongue!


Mike started to crawl over the seat to join in the action in the back. His cock came towering up and, for a moment, Linda thought that another observer had come upon the scene. Then she saw Mike's prick -- and that it was available.

Mike's cock was hard and hot. It was coated with the juice of Tina's cunt, as well -- but that only made the idea of sucking it more attractive, for Linda was far too horny to have any reservations now.

Mike knelt behind Tina.

Tina was on her knees, leaning across Linda as she sucked hungrily on Clyde's prick.

Mike placed his hands on Tina's hipbones and it looked like he was about to slip his prick into her from behind, doggie-style.

Linda wanted Mike's cock for herself. It didn't seem fair that Tina should have a prick in both ends, while she had nothing. She reached behind Tina's gyrating ass and wrapped her hand around Mike's prick.

Mike looked at her, grinning.

After all, he had already had Tina, mouth and cunt, and it was natural that he was interested in the sexy blonde, now.

Linda hesitated. She had every intention of finding out what a mouthful of cockmeat tasted like, but she was still shy. She knew that she would be embarrassed if Tina or Clyde looked in her direction and discovered her sucking on Mike's cock. She figured it would be less shameful if she were to state her intentions, rather than taking everyone by surprise.

"I never sucked a cock," she said.

Clyde and Mike looked at her.

Tina tilted her head around, with Clyde's fat prick like a lever in her jaw, restraining her movements.

"But I want to," Linda said with a sigh.

"Yeah!" Mike enthused.

Clyde frowned for a moment. After all, Linda was his date. If a cock was going to get sucked, by rights it should be his. But his cock was already buried in a mouth, so he could hardly complain.

And the night was young.

Linda drew Mike's prick toward her.

It came sliding up past Tina's trim, up tilted ass. The cock-knob was flaring and pulsing. It looked absolutely delicious. Tina had said that it was yummy, too.

Linda didn't suck it immediately. She had every intention of doing so, but she was savoring the anticipation and the expectation. After all, this was going to be her first mouthful of prick and there was no sense rushing into it.

Tina, as if to encourage Linda, began to slide three fingers up Linda's cunt while she massaged her clit with her thumb. Tina was kneeling across Linda, her small, firm, tits brushing against the blonde's belly.

Hardly realizing what she was doing, Linda slid a hand between them and began feeling Tina's tits.

Tina purred with pleasure -- the soft sound muffled by Clyde's throbbing prick.

Clyde began to hump, fucking into the suction cup of Tina's mouth. His fat cock-knob lodged in her gullet, and her lips pushed down his cockstalk until her chin brushed his balls and her nose was nestled in his wiry pubic bush.

Linda glanced down, watching the way Tina was working on Clyde's cock, as if seeing expert advice and experienced instruction. But she didn't think that she really needed it. She had a good idea that cocksucking was the sort of thing that just came natural to a horny girl. Her mouth was watering and her tongue felt as hot and as tingling as her clit.

Linda bent down and placed her chin on Tina's ass, using that bouncy bottom as a support for her head.

Linda was ready for her first taste of prick -- more than ready -- she was drooling for it. She had delayed long enough.

Linda began to give Mike some head.

She used just her tongue, at first, gradually getting used to the idea. She licked lightly and tentatively at the tip of Mike's cockhead. The meaty, musky zestiness of the cum flavor tingled on her taste buds and she purred with pleasure. Linda gazed at the big slab of purple meat, hardly able to believe that she was actually licking it.

Mike was looking down at Linda approvingly, looking at her over the head of his prick, as if it were a gun sight and he was aiming. He was finding it tremendously exciting to watch Linda's eager, nimble tongue curl and lap at the tip of his cock. And almost as exciting was the expression on her face, he thought. Jeez -- she's really enjoying this! Maybe she never did it before, but she's loving it -- first time or not, it damned well ain't gonna be the last time, because this girl is a real cocksucker! It was lots better to get blown by a girl who likes to do it than it was to get some head as a favor, when the girl didn't really enjoy doing it, he reasoned.

Linda's eyes were bright with passion and her lips were smiling even as her tongue pushed out from between them.

Mike gasped. Christ -- she's playing with Tina's tits! Looks like Tina's giving her a fingerfucking, too!

So far his cock was only being tongued, but Mike wasn't worried. He figured that Linda was just taking her time and enjoying the preliminaries to the proper sucking.

Hell, he thought, suddenly -- what if she don't swallow it?

That was a disturbing thought.

Mike was fond of shooting his jism and he hated to see a girl spit the stuff out, not appreciating it. Still, Linda didn't act like the sort of girl who turned her head away when a guy shot, or took it in the mouth but then let the cum dribble out. If Mike was any judge of cocksuckers, Linda was a cum-drinker just like Tina.

Linda's tongue was slurping over his cock-knob with broad, flattened strokes now, really lapping and laving at the hot slab.

She was kissing the tip, but her lips hadn't parted much, yet, as she concentrated on the licking.

Mike wrapped his fist around the hilt of his prick and began to move it against her mouth, waving and shaking the stalk so that his swollen cockhead glided across her lips.

"Take it in your mouth, baby," he urged. "Suck it!"

"Ummmmmmm," Linda purred, but kept licking.

"You gonna swallow it?" he rasped.

"Ummmmmm," she said, again, "Oh, yes! I want to -- I want to drink your hot, thick jism, Mike!"

Up until that moment, Linda hadn't been sure if she was going to go all the way with the blowjob or not. It was, after all, her first time, and she thought it might be greedy to go too far -- that she might just suck his prick for a while and then finish him off with a handjob.

But his prick tasted so lovely that she was eager to find out what his spunk was going to taste like. She was so worked up that she doubted she could have avoided drinking it even if cum were poisonous. She just had to let him shoot jism in her mouth, and she was looking forward to it happily. But, despite wanting his cum, she was in no hurry to get it. The horny teenager was enjoying the meat course so hugely that she wanted to linger over it before she finished up with the creamy dessert.

She wondered if cum was fattening. If it was, she had an idea that, very soon, she was going to turn into a plump sort of girl.

Linda drew her mouth away for a moment, to give Mike's cock time to cool down a little so that the delicious feast would last longer. She blew her hot breath on his cock-knob and that swollen slab flared. His pisshole parted and spunk bubbled in the slit.

"Ooooh!" Linda whimpered.

Her tongue flashed out and gathered the frothy drops up. She let them slide around on her tongue for a moment, then swallowed. The hot stuff warmed her and, like an appetizer, made her yearn for more of it. She began to tongue his cock again.

Tina had shifted around so that she could watch Linda out of the corner of her eye without removing her mouth from Clyde's cock. Tina loved to watch another girl in action. It excited her almost as much to watch Linda sucking a prick as it did to be sucking one herself. She guessed she was sort of a voyeur.

Linda realized that Tina and Clyde were both looking at her as she lapped away, but she no longer cared. Cocksucking was far too wonderful to pass up simply because someone was watching -- and it even made it more thrilling. It was exciting to perform for an audience.

Linda tilted her head to the side.

Now she was watching Tina while Tina watched her.

Sprawled together on the seat, the two girls were giving head side by side, sharing the sight, admiring each other's exhibition. Tina gave her a conspiratorial wink.

Tina was still fingering Linda's cunt, and Linda still had Tina's tit cupped in her hand.

Now Linda slid that hand down along Tina's belly and up into her crotch from below. Linda thought that this was a very depraved thing to do, but it was all the more desirable because of that. She began to rub Tina's cunt the same way Tina was rubbing hers. It wasn't like they were lesbians or anything, she assured herself.

How could they be, with cocks in their mouths?

Mike's cock-knob was flowing steadily now, and Linda was lapping the sweet stuff up. She guessed that it was time to start sucking hard on the bloated cockhead. But she was eager to try variations. She had thought about giving head and figured out how she would do it. Now was the time to see if it worked the way she had thought.

She ducked her head down, his prick skimming along her cheek, and she began to tongue his hairy balls. She loved the way the hard nuts jiggled around inside the loose sac, and she discovered that ball meat had a subtly different flavor from cockmeat.

Working up from his balls, she licked up the long, pounding cockshaft, using long sweeping strokes at first, then criss-crossing her tongue up and down, tracing along the pulsating vein. She kissed and tongued at the crown of his cock. That made Mike wail and a heavy flood of spunk oozed down the slope of his cockknob and slid into her lips from the corner of her mouth.

Linda swallowed the seepage.

She moved up and fed his prick into her mouth.

She took her first suck.

His cockhead was swollen so huge now that as her cheeks drew in, they pressed against his steaming prickmeat on both sides.

"Ummmm," she sighed, delighted.

Licking his cock had been lovely -- sucking it was heavenly!

Now she began the steady rhythm that she knew would bring him to the spurting heights.

Her lips pulled and dragged, her cheeks hollowed in, and her tongue slid around against the underside of his prick as she fed the cockhead into her mouth.

Tina was doing the same.

Both guys were shaking and groaning with lust as those skillful mouths and talented tongues worked on their cocks so deliciously.

Linda saw that Tina was taking every inch of Clyde's cock into her mouth. She decided to see if she could do the same with Mike.

Linda pushed down and gagged as his cockhead clogged her gullet, but she kept pushing, taking the burning lump of cockmeat right down into her throat, then slowly pulling the tight collar of her lips up the thundering cockshaft again.

Jism was splashing into her mouth now, not dribbling out, but shooting out under pressure, and she knew that his ejaculation would not be far behind. She felt hunger for his load, starving for it, parched for it.

Her head flew up and down in her desperate urgency, in her wild and wanton desire to drink cum.

She heard Tina gurgle.

The two girls were rubbing each other's clit now, not caring if the guys noticed -- too hot to give a damn.

They were coming on each other's hands. But their orgasms were only an added benefit, a bonus, not really important at the moment -- both lusted for cum. Their asses churned and their loins pumped as they creamed, but their heads worked doggedly toward the longed-for ejaculations.

Tina gurgled again.

Linda saw that Tina had cum running out of her mouth. As Tina's lips drew up, a great creamy wash of the stuff poured down Clyde's cock. Then her head went down again, slurping it back into her greedy mouth.

A moment later, Mike wailed.

Linda gasped in surprise as she suddenly found her mouth absolutely full of joyjuice.

She gulped the succulent cream down voraciously, and Mike poured a second geyser into her mouth, then a third, the stuff hitting the back of her throat and the roof of her mouth, coming out in such a torrent that her tongue seemed to be floating in the river of cum.

Side by side, with equal greed, the two naughty teenagers milked their pricks to the bone.

The two guys, drained and exhausted, feeling as if their very life force had turned to jism and been squirted from their cocks, slumped back against the seat with idiotic grins on their faces.

Tina and Linda pulled their lips away from their spent pricks.

They grinned at each other, sharing their delicious guilt.

Linda turned to glance at the movie screen, and she saw that the film was not even half over -- a fact which pleased her greatly.

She wanted more cock.

Then she frowned slightly as she realized that both pricks had gone limp.

Tina smiled.


Tina was still sprawled across Linda's lap, and now she squirmed up and sat beside the girl, in the middle of the back seat, with one boy on either side of them. There wasn't really room for four in a row -- but that was okay, since it crowded them all together quite nicely. The two guys were panting and their pricks were drooping. Both gifts had creamy cunts and a residue of cum on their lips.

Tina turned to Linda. "Like it?"

"Oh, yes!"

"I kind of thought you would," said Tina. "Lots of girls don't drink spunk -- but they don't know what they're missing."

"It sure is delicious," agreed Linda.

The two boys were attentive, interested at hearing such depraved conversation from the girls.

Tina shifted over and licked Linda's lips. There was nothing homosexual about it, of course, since she was licking jism from Linda's mouth.

"Want to taste Clyde's cum?" Tina asked. Without waiting for a reply, Tina stuck her tongue out. Linda slurped it into her mouth and sucked on it. The two girls began French kissing, swapping hot tongues back and forth. Linda was getting excited by it. It would have been exciting to kiss Tina even if she didn't have a mouthful of savory spunk to justify it, she thought.

Then, still kissing, Tina began feeling Linda's plump titties and rubbing her smooth belly, then the insides of her thighs.

Linda murmured with pleasure at the touch. She would have liked to return it, as well, but both Clyde and Mike were leaning forward now, their eyes bulging out like hard-boiled eggs as they watched the girls fooling around, just the way lesbians would have.

Tina's hand came up and she dipped a finger into Linda's juicy cunt, drawing it up and over her clit.

Linda whimpered.

Still, Linda was not returning the caress. Tina had figured out why. Linda had fingered her pussy while they were blowing the guys, so she obviously had no aversion to doing it, and it simply had to be that she was ashamed to do it with the boys looking on with such interest.

Tina knew how to fix that. "Hey, fellas -- don't think that we're dyky or anything, on account of we're fooling around."

"I did wonder," Clyde said.

"So did I," said Mike.

Me, too, Linda thought.

"Naw," Tina explained. "If two girls touch each other up in front of men, it's not the same as if they were alone. See, we're only doing it to make you horny again."

The guys instantly saw the truth of that.

And it was working, too, for their cocks were starting to tremble and ripple with new vigor.

Tina slipped her middle finger up Linda's pussy, turning it around in the slippery hole, her thumb working on Linda's clit. Now that Linda realized that they could do things like this without being mistaken for lesbians, she began to finger Tina's cunt, as well. The girls French kissed some more, even though there was no cum left on tongues or lips by this time, and fondled each other, alternating between tits and cunts.

Linda was loving it. In fact, she had to admit -- and blushed at the knowledge -- she was rather wishing that Clyde and Mike would go away for a little while, so that she and Tina could get on with it in private. She had a pretty good idea that Tina might do all sorts of lovely things to her, and she wouldn't mind returning those favors.

Linda knew what cuntjuice tasted like. She had licked her own fingers after frigging off and, furthermore, she had licked and sucked Mike's prick after it had been soaked in Tina's tangy pussy. She wanted very much to have her pussy sucked, and she was certainly ready to suck pussy in return.

But not with the guys watching, of course. Linda panted into Tina's open mouth, fingered her friend's cunt and thought about sucking her cunt in the future.

And the guys got hard-ons again.

Their pricks came up slowly, inspired by the sight of two nubile teenagers frigging each other. They had erections before their balls were ready for them, in fact, big, booming hard-ons ready to be used -- but no sap in them. But then their balls began to expand, too, as lust renewed their youthful potency.

Tina took Mike's cock in her hand, skimming it slowly up and down. That seemed like a good idea, and Linda did the same for Clyde. They were not worried about bringing the men off now, knowing that it would take a long time following their recent ejaculations. Pumping pricks with one hand and fingerfucking each other with the other, while still passionately kissing, both girls began to squirm with passion.

Tina drew back and looked at Linda, eyebrows lifted.

"I want to get screwed!" Linda blurted out.

She felt Clyde's cock throb in her hand, and she saw Mike's prick swell in Tina's grip. She wasn't sure which of the boys she wanted to fuck. In fact, it made no difference to her, at all. Her cunt was yearning for a fuck and it didn't matter who was fucking her.

Still, Clyde was her date and it did seem only proper that he be the lucky fucker. His prick was a bit bigger, too.

Both men looked hopeful as Linda looked back and forth between them. Then she turned to Clyde.

"Want to fuck me?" she asked.

"Sure do," he said.

Mike looked forlorn -- but not for long.

Because Linda was really in a horny mood tonight.

"And you can fuck me next," she told him.

Tina started laughing.

Compared to Tina, Linda was a late starter -- but she was sure making up for lost time.


Mike and Tina got back in the front seat, figuring that Linda ought to have as much comfort and room to maneuver as possible on her first fucking.

Clyde had embraced the blonde girl and was commencing some passionate foreplay while Mike started to grope Tina, too. But Tina pushed him away, telling him to wait. Tina was never a selfish girl and she wanted Mike to save his hard-on for Linda's second fuck.

There was a definite touch of the voyeur about Tina. She always liked to watch a friend get fucked.

Nor did Linda object. In the past, Linda would never have allowed anyone to watch when she was being intimate, but there was too much water under the bridge now to worry about that. In fact, Tina's presence was lending her moral support as Linda prepared, ever so willingly, to lose her cherry.

She squirmed in Clyde's embrace.

He was stroking and petting her and whispering passionate words, but the foreplay was really no more than a formality. Seduction was not needed because Linda was hot to fuck.

She slid back along the seat, her knees lifting and her thighs parting. She smiled up at her first lover.

Clyde kicked his trousers off so they would not hamper his movements, wanting to throw a super fuck into Linda, to make her first fuck a memorable affair. He began stroking the insides of her thighs. His hands didn't feel as good as Tina's, but they felt good enough and her pussy began to steam.

Linda arched her slender back, tilting her juicy cunt up into a fucking angle. Clyde gazed down between her legs, and for a wonderful moment Linda thought that he was going to go down on her. And maybe he would have, if his friend Mike had not been watching. It was a case of the observer affecting the observed. Clyde moved up, mounting Linda.

She threw her sleek thighs around him.

He fitted the head of his prick into her cunt. Linda felt his cockhead throbbing at the entrance to her pussy, and her whole body began to vibrate and shudder in tempo.

He fed her half of his cock-knob.

"Am I hurting you, Linda?"

"No -- no -- just put it in me, Clyde," she whispered. "Put your cock in me -- all of it!" Her voice rose with the final words, sounding the urgency of her desire.

Clyde slipped his prick into her.

His cock went in all the way on the first thrust, and effortlessly, which surprised him. Linda was a virgin, all right, but her cunt had been stuffed full of various phallic-shaped objects during the last year or so. She had fucked herself with bananas and sausages. She had grown fond of a salami and had been gangbanged by a dozen hotdogs, as well as giving her pussy a thorough going-over with an electric toothbrush.

Clyde jammed his cock in to the hilt.

His belly slapped hers, and their hipbones jarred together. Linda squirmed on his prick. Her hot, slippery pussy was working on his buried cock, pulling and twisting and clamping like a velvet vise. He cupped her fat tits, squeezing, as he held the penetration and let her slick cunt work on his stiff cock. Then he moved his hands down to cup her ass, lifting her slightly and tilting her cunt up at a higher angle. He braced his knees on the seat.

Linda had one leg hooked around him, her heel pressing into the crack of his ass. Her other long, smooth leg was extended, her foot against the door. Clyde adored the way her pussy was wringing his cock. He looked down, gazing at the cleft of her cunt, divided by his cock, which was in so deep that his balls were pressed to her ass.

Linda was heaving and whimpering as she discovered that being fucked full of big, hard prick was even better than she had hoped for. She felt as if her belly was full and her hipbones dislodged by the massive breadth of his cock, filling her full, reaching the parts of her cunt that no salami could satisfy. His cockhead felt like a glowing lump of iron up her belly and his shaft was as hard and as hot as a heated crowbar.

He was still holding steady.

"Fuck me," she rasped, between clenched teeth.

He drew back until only his cock-knob was struck up her pussy. His shaft, glistening with her juices now, stood out between them like a big bolt riveting his belly to her crotch.

Linda whimpered forlornly as her cunt emptied.

Then he pushed his cock up her again.

She gasped with joy.

"Faster!" she cried. "Harder! Oh, do it, Clyde, do it! Fuck the ass off me!"

Clyde began to fuck her furiously and savagely, his ass corkscrewing as he ground his cock into her cunt. Linda met him stroke for stroke, pushing her pussy to envelop his surging prick and then grinding her hips from side to side as he withdrew, adding torque to the fiery friction of their fucking.

"Fuck -- fuck -- fuck!" she chanted.

She heard Tina say, "Oooooh -- Linda's a great fuck, huh?"

And she heard Mike say, "Yeah! I hope she don't change her mind about letting me fuck her next!"

Linda took their comments as compliments. She began to grind and churn more vigorously than ever as she sought to earn their appreciation.

Her ass danced wildly.

Her hips worked like pistons, and her belly heaved. She had discovered how to work her cunt muscles, applying suction. Clyde was grating his teeth and groaning. She had asked him to fuck the ass off her, but it felt like she was fucking the ass off him, instead. He could feel his cock being ground to gristle in her churning cunt.

He was fucking as fast as he could now, his ass a blur before the eyes of Tina and Mike.

His stiff prick seemed to be hissing as it ran up her hot cunthole.

Her cunt was steaming and his cock was hot and hard. Clyde could not remember his cock ever being so hard and so hot. His prick was so taut that it was humming like a tuning fork.

Clyde fucked into her, and she thrust to meet him. Her legs rose up, feet arched, toes pointing at the roof. Then her thighs locked around him, squeezing, pulling him in. Her knees were like hooks and her cunt was like a silken trap into which his cock was being dragged into at a frantic pace.

His balls were swelling. They slapped against her ass as he fucked up her pussy. He was getting ready to shoot his wad.

Linda was more than ready to feel the first geyser of jism squirt into her smoldering pussy. The horny teenager was longing for his hot, thick load.

Linda was ready to come at any moment.

All she had to do was let herself go, and the thrill of a climax would start to rampage through her fiery loins. But she was holding back, trying not to come yet. She was waiting for Clyde so that she could come with him in a simultaneous orgasm. This was going to be the first fuck orgasm that she had ever known, and she wanted to feel his creamy jism hose her as she let her own wild pleasure run out in a river of joy. She wanted this fuck to be a thing of wonder.

Clyde's pounding prick was swelling more and more with every stroke, spreading her cunt as it ballooned inside her. Linda's cunt was squeezing his bloated cockmeat. Although she was trying hard not to come, little squirts of cuntjuice were spurting from her hole, pumped out by the big prick that was stuffing her to the brim with every mighty thrust. He was tilting her belly up and rocking her uplifted ass from side to side.

She could hold it no longer.

She felt that if she didn't come she was going to dissolve, her bones melting and her blood boiling with terrible and wonderful flames of her urgent need.

"Shoot in me!" she cried -- a plea and a command in one.

Her cunt creamed.

And Clyde rose to the occasion.

He, too, had been trying to restrain himself, to hold back and wait for Linda. Out of vanity as much as charity, he wanted to make the girl's first fuck a memorable one.

When he felt her pussy melt, he gave a strangled cry, his body shaking uncontrollably -- and his thick jism hosed her melting cunt with great streams of cum juice.

They kept pumping and grinding as they worked off their mutual orgasms to the last spasms and the final drops.

Clyde, drained again, held himself rigid, mounted on her loins.

Linda continued to squirm under him for a moment, even though her climax had ended, reluctant to have the wondrous sensation terminate and hoping that she might milk out another little thrill, another juicy seepage, by her persistence.

Then she remembered, with a glow of expectation, that she didn't have to try to continue coming -- with Clyde. Mike was ready and waiting!

Linda looked toward the front of the car and saw Mike and Tina, their eager, interested faces side by side, as they peered over the back of the seat, thrilled by the sight of her performance.

Tina was holding Mike's prick and he had his hand cupped over her ass, fingers trailing into her pussy from behind, but they were not frigging each other -- they were waiting for Linda to become available.

Available for Mike's thundering cock.

And available, once more, for Tina's eager eyes.

Mike gave Linda a questioning look. Linda smiled promisingly back at him.

"Hey, Clyde -- it's my turn now," Mike said.

Clyde frowned slightly.

Linda's hot pussy had been such a treat that he was reluctant to share her cunt with his friend. His prick was still up her pussy. Her juicy cunt was slick as a peach. Clyde was having some vague idea that maybe he had ought to keep Linda for himself, maybe even ask her to go steady. It would be swell to have a girl that no other guy had fucked -- and yet who fucked like a whirling dervish.

But he didn't want to appear selfish or jealous or greedy, and he certainly didn't want to act like a prude.

He guessed he would leave it up to Linda.

Surely she wouldn't want to get fucked by two guys in the same night, not an innocent ex-virgin like Linda. Surely she would want to be his alone.

He looked down at her.

Linda was grinning.

"You'll have to get off me now, Clyde," she said impishly. "Mike wants to take his turn."

Clyde groaned.

He slowly plucked his prick out of her cunthole. Her vacated pussy remained open in a welcoming oval and as his cock popped out, and a deluge of cum and cuntjuice poured down her hairy crotch soaking the back seat.

Clyde was glad that it was Mike's car.

But then he brightened. The situation wasn't so bad. It wasn't as if Linda was the only girl in the car, and it wasn't as if she was running off with Mike, to fuck in private, behind his back.

Clyde began to get excited about watching Mike fuck Linda.

His own cock and balls were finished for a while.

But he still had two good eyes...


The four young, lusty fuckers and fuckwatchers in Mike's car were not the only voyeurs at that drive-in movie. The place was a notorious passion pit, where few couples ever watched a film.

Most of the customers were young courting couples, often in Daddy's borrowed car, getting to know each other in various ways. Too young or shy to rent a hotel room, these randy youngsters found the drive-in a handy place to fuck. They had the privacy of their cars, and they didn't have to worry about being interrupted by the cops, as they did if they parked in a lover's lane or a dark street.

So, kids came there to fuck and often never even knew what film was showing, going into a passionate embrace as soon as the lights went off and interrupting the session only to go to the refreshment stand and gulp down some Coke to replenish their vital body fluids. But not everyone was that sort. Some had come to watch. But not the film...

Directly behind Mike's car there was a new Eldorado, polished and gleaming in the reflected light from the screen. In the Eldorado sat Homer Wright and his wife, Thelma. The Wrights were hardly typical of the usual patrons of that drive-in. They were wealthy, for one thing, they were legally married and had a bed of their own and, although not old, they were not young... simply middle-aged.

They were similar in one way.

They were horny.

Homer was slightly overweight and wore steel-rimmed spectacles. He had his own business, which was a huge success, and a prick, which was also huge.

Thelma was blonde and expensively suntanned from frequent trips to Florida or the Bahamas. She was almost forty years old, but well preserved. She had a classical hour-glass figure, tiny waist, flaring hips and a huge set of tits that loomed out without needing the support of a bra. She liked to dress provocatively and she liked to give men suggestive looks. She always wore a garter belt and stockings, and she usually wore her skirts short enough so that she could easily give passing strangers a good look at her thighs.

Frequently, she gave those passing strangers more than a passing glance, as well.

Homer knew about these affairs. He didn't mind at all.

Not as long as he could watch...

Homer and Thelma had a happy marriage, partly because he had such a big prick and partly because he was so tolerant about letting Thelma have other pricks. They had been married for fifteen years, and they still fucked with all the gusto of newlyweds, when they were alone together, but often they were not alone.

It had started on their honeymoon.

On the third day after their wedding, Thelma had gotten a bit drunk in the hotel bar and had begun to flirt with a strange man. The man had been receptive -- although, to his credit, it must be said that he had no idea that she was a newly married bride, or that her husband was watching them farther down the bar.

Then, after a while, Thelma realized, through a misty drunken haze, what she was doing. She blushed and became embarrassed. Homer was already a wealthy man at that time, and Thelma, who had been a showgirl, did not want to risk losing him for the sake of a brief encounter. She had excused herself and gone down to where Homer was seated, drinking brandy and looking amused.

"Gee, honey -- I'm sorry," she told him. "I guess I was flirting with that guy. I must..." she giggled merrily, "... I must have forgotten that I was married now -- and faithful."

To her surprise, Homer had looked disappointed.

"I thought you wanted to fuck him," he said.

"Aw, honey! I wouldn't cheat on you!" Thelma protested. At least not if you knew about it, she said to herself.

But Homer grinned and said, "I wouldn't mind."


"Honey -- there's something you ought to know about me," Homer told her -- and then he had told her what it was.

Thelma was shocked.

Then she had considered the possibilities and she had grinned and become delighted.

Thelma had always been a promiscuous girl. She liked to be promiscuous.

She had intended to continue her promiscuity, despite being married, but she had supposed that it would have to be secretive and discreet and that she would have to be careful that her husband never found out about her affairs.

She was overjoyed to discover that Homer didn't mind what she did -- in fact, he welcomed her misbehavior.

He looked on it with approval.

As long as he could look on with his eyes.

As he did, that first time, on their honeymoon.

The stranger with whom Thelma had been flirting was happy to be invited to the sexy blonde's room, but he was surprised that she had invited some other guy named Homer. Still, he wasn't going to pass up a crack at Thelma, who was truly a gorgeous girl.

The three of them had gone upstairs together, with a bottle of brandy, two rising erections and a hot cunt between them.

Thelma had stripped off as soon as they got to the room, doing it as slowly and as provocatively as a striptease artist.

The stranger, whose name was Joe, was a polite sort of fellow.

He offered to flip a coin with Homer to see which of them fucked the blonde first. But, Homer insisted that Joe fuck her first, which suited Joe -- and Homer, as well.

Thelma lay on the bed. Homer drew up a chair and sat beside the bed, just like an interested spectator at any sporting event. He took his cock out and held it.

When Joe got a look at the size of Homer's cock, he was mightily pleased to go first, for he figured that once that monster had been up a cunt, a normal-sized prick would get no friction at all. His own prick was average-sized -- hardly a drop in the bucket compared to Homer's cock.

Joe got on the bed with Thelma.

She lived up to his expectations.

First she sucked his cock for a while. Then he fucked her. Her cunt was like a magic squeezebox, pulling the cum out of him. Homer regarded the action with great interest and, as they neared a climax, he stood up and gave his mighty prick a few fast jerks and sprayed a load of jism onto Thelma's face as she gyrated under Joe.

Despite that manual masturbation, Homer's cock remained as big and hard as ever -- as if a cock of that size held bottomless depths of spunk, and a single ejaculation would not be enough.

With his own cock and balls emptied, Joe vacated Thelma's cunt, and Homer threw a dynamic fuck into her, fucking her like a lion, his lust inspired to enormous heights by the thrill of his voyeurism.

They had kissed, too.

Joe had wondered how a man could kiss a woman who had been sucking another man's cock. Then Joe had got excited by watching, and he fucked the insatiable blonde again.

Joe never did find out they were married. But they were and they stayed married because they had discovered that they had a whole lot in common.

There had been many other men through the years.

They were discreet enough, never bringing anyone to their own home and fooling around in their home territory, but they went on frequent holidays. Bellhops and busboys, hotel clerks and taxi drivers, towel boys and ice cream vendors -- all had been seduced by the luscious vacationing blonde -- and all had wondered who the guy with the eyeglasses and the paunch and the massive prick was, and why was he with them?

Tonight the Wrights had come to the drive-in movie on a whim.

It was partly nostalgia -- because they had had their first fuck in a drive-in, years ago -- but mainly it was because they had heard that the place was a passion pit and they were both interested in seeing what went on in such a place.

It was their good fortune that they had parked directly behind Mike's car.

It was obvious that something hot was going on in that car. The windows had begun to steam up almost as soon as the car was parked and the occupants had not even bothered to remove the speaker from the pole. Soon the car was rocking and rolling and bouncing on its springs as if it were going at high speed over a rough road.

Homer had taken his cock out.

His enormous cock stretched up almost to the top of the steering-wheel and seemed damned near as fat as the steering column. He gripped it by the hilt, his hand barely able to span the breadth of his prick.

"Gee, I sure wish we could see what they were up to in that car," he sighed, as he gave his cock a stroke.

Thelma regarded his prick.

Thelma was more an exhibitionist than a voyeur -- but the sight of a cock that huge could not help but inspire her. Even though she had been getting stuffed full of Homer's cock at both ends for years, she never ceased to marvel that Homer's meat was so huge.

She pulled her skirt up. She wore no panties -- she seldom did -- and her hairy cunt was framed in the straps of her black garter belt.

She began to finger her clit.

Homer stroked his prick.

Side by side, they watched the car ahead of them shake and shudder and rattle as whoever was in it did fascinating things.

After a while, Thelma's clit began to spark and tremble. Homer was whimpering somewhat as he pulled and tossed on his cock. She turned to watch him. She liked to see him come. It was a sight that she was well acquainted with, because Homer was in the habit of jacking off into her face whenever she was fucking someone else. She adored it when his hot, thick jism splashed all over her, while another guy's cock fucked her cunt.

She spread her thighs wider apart, in case Homer wanted to watch her fingerfucking herself, too.

But Homer was looking straight ahead, through the windshield, at the car in front of them. He didn't even seem aware of Thelma at the moment, and she knew he must be wrapped up in whatever strange fantasies ruled his mind at a time like this.

She could see that he was going to come soon. It seemed a shame to let the stuff stain the roof of the car and hang there, dripping down on their heads for the rest of the night. Thelma leaned over Homer's lap. If he noticed, he gave no sign. He was muttering about nubile young girls getting fucked in cars, and his fist skimmed up and down on his cock at a steady rate.

Thelma's eyes crossed as she gazed down at the head of his prick. She grinned at the sight and then, still grinning, let her lips slowly part and curled her tongue out. Her head was poised over his prick, but she did not swoop down on the tasty morsel. Thelma sucked Homer's cock regularly, but not when he was jacking off. Blowjobs and handjobs were separate things, and she never interfered with his jack-off pleasures.

She continued to frig her clit and finger her cunt, and her juices began to flow. Her mouth was drooling as much as her pussy, and a few drops of saliva fell onto the head of his cock.

"Feed it to me, honey," she whispered.

Homer was heaving his ass up from the bucket seat now, driving his mighty cock through his fist. The pisshole had parted atop his crown, and cum was bubbling out.

Then he gasped.

His cum shot out as if it had come from a high-pressure firehose.

It flew right up into Thelma's face.

The hot fluid skimmed over her arched tongue and splashed on her lips and slid back into her mouth. Her head tilted back as his cum hit the roof of her mouth under such pressure. Her face was being forced upwards on the geyser, as if she were trying to drink from Old Faithful.

But Thelma forced her head down, mouth wide open, fighting her way back to his spewing cock.

His cum kept coming. He didn't blow off in a series of spurts, like most men, but instead his jism came out all at once, in an unbroken rope of slime.

Thelma gulped the succulent juice down happily, and her hand flew wildly over her clit as she frigged herself off.

At last he stopped shooting.

A final trickle ran out and dripped sluggishly down his prick -- and as always, his prick stayed as huge and as hard as if he had not shot a single drop, while his vast, hairy balls had not diminished whatsoever by a single spillage.

In fact, Homer did not even seem to realize that he had come.

Homer continued to pump his prick, beginning a second jack off without missing a single stroke!

Thelma leaned back, smiling happily, her whole face soaked with jism and her pussy nicely creamed.

They both looked at the car ahead, which was still rocking wildly.

And then -- to their joy -- two other avid fuck-watchers appeared upon the scene!


In the same row as the Eldorado and two spaces down was a battered old Pontiac convertible, with a plaid canvas top and, to a cursory and casual inspection, the occupants of the Pontiac would have seemed much the same as any of the young couples who used the drive-in to fuck and suck.

If one looked in through the plastic rear window, one would have seen a crewcut man at the wheel and a head of long, tawny-blonde hair beside the driver and, since they were not snuggling passionately together, the assumption would be that it was a first date that was not working out, or a last date ending an affair, or perhaps a sexual hiatus following a lover's quarrel. But the assumption would have been wrong. This young couple was not and never had been lovers. They did not want to be lovers. In fact, they did not even realize that it would be possible to be lovers, and they would have been totally disgusted at the suggestion.

Because they were both men.

The driver with the crewcut was named Tom.

The one with the blonde wig was Jerry.

They were both high school students, in the same class as Mike and Clyde, but neither of them were popular or successful with girls, the way the other two were. They weren't particularly ugly or disagreeable, but they were both shy. Neither could work up the courage to ask a girl to go out with them.

Both lads were virgins.

And both were exceptionally horny.

Unable to get girls on their own, they had worked out a scheme whereby they could spy on others and at least get a vicarious thrill from time to time.

They roamed the drive-in, peeking into cars with steamed windows. It was easy enough. If anyone challenged them, they would claim they were on the way to the refreshment stand -- but no one had ever issued a challenge, because in cars with steamed windows, the occupants were always much too interested in each other to notice two heads at the window.

The only drawback to the plan was that one of them had to dress in drag. Two men could not be seen going to the passion pit together, without being thought queer. So one had to masquerade as a girl. Since it was Tom's car, Jerry had to wear the disguise.

Although Jerry was rather plain, as a man, he made a rather attractive-looking girl, with the tousled blonde wig and plenty of makeup and a pair of falsies he had stolen from his younger sister. He looked so attractive that Tom often found himself wishing that Jerry really was a girl.

At first, Jerry had been mortified at being dressed in women's garb, but he had gotten used to the idea after awhile, and he had discovered that there were benefits to the arrangement that he hadn't thought of beforehand. Masquerading as a girl, Jerry managed to see more than Tom did, because he could go to the women's restroom.

Under the pretense of adjusting his makeup, Jerry was able to catch glimpses of crotches as unsuspecting girls squatted on toilets. Once he had seen a girl adjusting her bra, and several times he had heard double-dating girls discussing their boyfriends' cocks. Jerry never told Tom about these happy occasions.

He was afraid that Tom might decide to wear the wig.

"There's one," said Tom.

Jerry looked out.

They watched a car rock and roll violently in the row ahead of them, and their pricks began to get hard. Later they would jack themselves off -- carefully not to look at each other, the way queers would -- but they wanted to get a peek into that rocking car first.

They got out and strolled side by side, innocent as could be, up toward the car in the row ahead.

They came up beside it and paused, pretending that they were talking to each other, but looking out of the corners of their eyes into the back seat of the car.

They had arrived just in time to see Mike start fucking Linda.

They became so engrossed in the sight that it never dawned on them that they, too, might be under observation.

But Thelma and Homer Wright had their eyes on them -- watching the watchers, as it were.

Clyde and Tina were looking on, as well, peering over from the front seat as Mike and Linda fucked in the back. But none of them noticed the two excited faces that were looking in the side window, cheek to cheek, eyes bulging out and mouths hanging open with envy.

Linda and Mike were too interested in each other to notice anything else, while Clyde and Tina were concentrating on the action like fanatic spectators, not realizing they were not the only observers.

"It's Mike and Clyde," Jerry whispered.

"Yeah! With a couple younger girls," Tom croaked.

"Lucky bastards!" groaned Jerry.

Jerry's face was writhing with contorted emotions -- so much that his wig slipped to a crooked angle -- and his prick was drumming madly inside his dainty dress.

The two guys pressed their faces right up to the glass, noses flattening, as they gaped in awe at the juicy details.

And Thelma and Homer gaped at them.

"There's something funny going on there," said Homer.

"It's just a nice young couple who like to watch other people make love," Thelma said, seeing nothing wrong with that.

"Yeah -- but it's funny."

"Why, Homer?"

"Because they both got hard-ons," said Homer.

Thelma blinked. She was well aware that the boy had an erection because it was sticking out in his jeans and she had been eyeing it in her lustful fashion. But now she looked at the girl and, sure enough, there was a big phallic lump in her dress, as well.

"How can such things be?" Homer wondered.

Thelma thought about it. "She must have a dildo stuck up her cunt."

"Ah!" Homer said, pleased at being enlightened.

"Funny she needs a dildo, though, when her boyfriend has such a nice-looking bone on," Thelma added.

"Maybe she's a virgin or something," suggested Homer.

That seemed possible.

If so, her boyfriend must be frustrated. Thelma began to get speculative ideas. As always, when Thelma speculated, she licked her lips in anticipation...

Linda, meanwhile, was licking more than her lips.

As soon as Mike had scrambled over the seat, he had started to mount her missionary style, the way that Clyde had.

But Linda, despite her inexperience, had a lively imagination. She knew fucking could be done in other positions.

She already knew what it was like to get fucked missionary style, and now she was wondering how it would feel getting it from the back, or from the top. Since she was lucky enough to be having two different men on her first night of fucking, she figured that it made sense to try some variety.

But still basically shy, despite her unbridled lust, Linda could not bring herself to mention her desires. She thought it sounded kind of depraved for a girl to suggest variations.

So she sidetracked Mike.

She figured that, if they squirmed around a bit in foreplay, she could manage to work herself into some other position so that it would seem as if he had accidentally got her cunt stuffed full of prick from a different direction, or maybe as if it had been Mike's idea. With that in mind, she slid down as Mike knelt between her thighs, so that his prick loomed out over her belly instead of going into her cunt.

Mike tried to shuffle back so that he could aim his prick at her pussy, but Linda kept pushing down, as well.

His cock hovered above her tits.

The tip of his cock was frothy again. Linda cupped her tits together with both hands, deepening her cleavage and arching her slender back so that her tits thrust up.

Mike got the idea. He began to fuck her between the tits, his fat prick sliding through that soft, smooth tit tunnel. Linda purred like a cat, rubbing her tits against his cock. Mike had never fucked a girl between the tits before and he found it most enjoyable. He stared down, watching the big purple wedge of his cockhead come sliding out from the top of her cleavage. His cock-knob was dripping and it laid a slimy track up her breastbone and into the hollow of her throat. His prick slid faster, gliding on the lubrication of its own seepage, his cock-knob foaming.

Linda tilted her face down, her chin touching her tit slopes, gazing at the cockhead that came squeezing out from her cleavage. Her tongue came out automatically, and she began to lick and lave the foaming cockhead each time it appeared. Then she took the head of his cock into her lips and sucked. It was so delicious that she was sorely tempted to blow him again.

Linda was coming to realize that a girl could have all sorts of trouble in deciding whether she wanted to get fucked in the mouth or in the cunt. It was, she thought, handy to have two men at the same time. It might not be quite proper to get gangbanged -- but it sure was fun.

Still, she had already sucked Mike off, and she guessed it would be better to fuck him -- and if she needed another mouthful of jism, she could always blow Clyde's cock.

Wriggling around, she turned Mike under her, without removing her mouth from his prick. She bent over him, her head bobbing up and down as she took a few last hungry sucks. Then she drew her lips away and threw one knee across and straddled his towering cock, as if the idea had just occurred to her and she had not planned it so carefully.

She squatted on his prick, the tip of his cock slipping between her slick cuntlips at the first contact. She squirmed around a little, with only the head of his cock in her cunt, then she sank down and took the whole long, fat prick up into her pussy.

She began to ride his cock.

Mike groaned and humped up from the seat, meeting her as she descended. His hands cupped her ass, lifting and settling her, and she reached down behind her ass and got a nice handful of bloated balls, while she played with her tits and nipples with the other hand. Her hips ground and her ass churned.

Fucking from the top was every bit as good as getting it on her back, she was thinking -- and she was hoping that one of the guys had enough energy left so that she could find out what it was like dog-style, as well.

If Linda had known that Tom and Jerry were peering in the window, and designed it for their benefit, Linda could not have chosen a better position for her performance. She was facing away from them so that they could see all the details of the fuck in all its juicy glory.

They saw Mike's big prick, the thick vein pounding, as it appeared from her cunthole, slick with cuntjuice, then vanished up that pussy again. They saw his balls, swollen with spunk, and they saw her cuntlips suck and drag on his cockshaft. As she pressed down, they even saw her taut little asshole as her asscheeks spread apart.

So much blood was rushing into their pricks that Tom and Jerry felt lightheaded. They staggered a little, but not so much that they wobbled out of their positions at the window.

"What an ass!" Tom sighed.

"What a juicy cunt!" Jerry enthused.

"What a nice big prick," Tom said and then, realizing what he had said, he blushed furiously.

But Jerry hadn't noticed Tom's slip.

And it was a nice big prick, anyhow.

Clyde and Tina had their heads tilted sideways and thrust them over the back of the seat so that, cheek to cheek, they could watch the dipping and emerging of Mike's prick in Linda's pussy. The sight was so pleasing that they began to play with each other, frigging and stroking cock and clit as if, by their actions, they could echo the more satisfying encounter that they observed.

Tina was wondering if she had made a mistake by introducing virginal Linda to sex.

Linda was obviously a fucker of great capacity, endurance and stamina, maybe even insatiable -- and Tina began to worry that there might not be enough prick to go around in the future.

Linda was starting to cream again.

As her cunt pulled up, clinging and clutching and sucking, streaky rivers of cunt juice ran down Mike's emerging cockstalk and pooled around his swollen balls. Her cunt squished juicily, slurping like a mouth, and her clit was so hot that it was singeing his meat. She had pushed her ass out, so that every inch of his cock was running across her clit as his prick went in and out -- and in the process she had given the four watchers an even better view of her cock-filled pussy.

"Oh!" she gasped, as a thrill lanced her loins.

Then that thrill was repeated, then came again, the series starting to ripple toward the crest. She drove her cunt down to the root of his prick, her cuntlips parting and gluing themselves to his loins, plastered there by her sticky cuntjuice so that, when she rose up again, they slurped free with a moist sound.

Mike began to tremble.

"Come in me!" Linda wailed.

"Take it, baby!" he howled.

His jism rushed into her cunt like a tidal wave, and her cunt juice poured out to mingle with it, two creamy tides breaking on the rocky shore of their simultaneous release.

She fucked him until they were both drained.

A blissful look appeared on her face. A look of utter contentment.

And yet, despite that contentment, Linda cast a glance at Clyde, wondering, greedily, if he was capable of spurting another hot load of cum into her mouth or cunt.

But Clyde and Tina had gotten carried away.

As soon as they saw that the fuck they were watching was finished, they moved together by tacit understanding.

They were fucking like crazy in the front seat.

Linda sighed. She guessed that she was going to have to wait a while before she got her third fuck or her second mouthful. It seemed a shame to waste time, now that she had commenced fucking in earnest.

She hoped that it was a long film...

Tom and Jerry had moved on to the front window and were watching Clyde fuck Tina. But they didn't stay until the end. Interesting as the sight was, both of the voyeurs were so horny from having watched Linda ride Mike's prick that they simply had to get their meat beat without delay. They could not concentrate on watching another fuck until they had gotten their balls emptied.

They glanced at each other.

"Gotta jack off," Jerry muttered.

"Me, too!" Tom gasped.

They hesitated for a moment, both with the same idea. Would it be possible to jerk off where they were, while they watched Clyde and Tina screwing? But then both realized that would be a dangerous pursuit. If they were discovered, cocks in hands, they could hardly plead innocence. No, they had to seek privacy.

"Better go back to the car," Tom said.

"Or the bathroom," Jerry suggested.

The two boys, being strictly heterosexual, always felt a little sheepish when they had to jack off side by side in the car.

Jerry said, "Why don't you go to the car and I'll go to the bathroom?"

"Yeah, that's a good idea," Tom agreed, glad of a chance to beat off in privacy.

They moved off in different directions, after one last longing look at Tina and Clyde.

Jerry headed for the restroom.

He looked like a pregnant woman, with the front of his dress looming out, tented by his prick, and he was walking bow-legged because his balls were so full that they bulged out his thighs.

He almost went into the men's room, from habit.

At the last moment, he realized that he was in drag. He turned into the women's room.

Tom headed back to the Pontiac. But he never made it.

He had to walk past the Eldorado, on his way -- and nobody with a hard-on ever got past Thelma Wright.


When she saw that the young couple was separating, Thelma turned to Homer, who still had his cock out, and gave him a questioning look. Words were seldom necessary between the two, since their inclinations were so much in accord and they were always thinking the same thing, and Homer nodded and said, "Certainly, my dear."

Tom was wobbling up alongside the Eldorado, his hands jammed in his side pockets in a futile attempt to hide his erection.

Thelma slid the electric window down and leaned out.

"Young man!" she called.

Tom halted and blushed. Christ! He hoped this wasn't some old prude who had noticed his hard-on and intended to give him a piece of her mind or to chew him out for his embarrassing condition.

"Yeah?" he said, sullenly.

But then he saw that this was a very good-looking lady, and that she was smiling.

He stepped up to the window.

"Yeah?" he repeated.

"I couldn't help but notice that you have a hard-on," said Thelma, getting right to the point.

"Errr..." What the fuck did a fella say when a broad -- a good-looking broad who was smiling -- said something like that? Tom could only gape at her in confusion.

"I suppose your girlfriend won't take care of it for you, is that it?"

"I ain't got a girlfriend," Tom said. Then he remembered that, although he didn't, he was supposed to have a girl, and he said, "I mean -- the girl that I'm with ain't really -- errr -- I mean, she won't put out."

"I see. She's probably gone to the lady's room to finger-fuck and remove temptation, I imagine."

This was strange talk from a stranger. Tom was utterly perplexed.

"And I suppose that you were going to beat your meat back in your car, while she was gone. Right?"

"Well -- errr..."

"I hate to see a nice young man frustrated," Thelma said. "Would you like me to empty your balls for you?"

Tom could hardly believe it.

She smiled, her tongue sliding across her lips.

"Are you serious?" he croaked.

"Perfectly. You may fuck me -- or you can shoot in my mouth, which ever you prefer."

"Yeah!" Tom cried.

He reached for the door handle.

Then he saw that the blonde was not alone -- and that the guy with her had a prick like a telephone pole sticking out from the front of his trousers, the cockhead glowing in the darkness.

"Errr -- who's that guy, then?" he asked.

"Oh, don't mind Homer -- he's just my husband," Thelma said, and she opened the door.

Her husband?

It seemed all very mysterious to him.

"Homer likes to watch," Thelma explained.

And then it all came clear in Tom's mind -- because Tom knew something about voyeurism, himself.

Lord! At long last he was going to fuck a girl!

Would he have a tale to tell Jerry!

Counting his blessings, Tom got in the Eldorado.

Thelma quickly hiked her bouncy ass up and slid across Tom's lap, so that Tom was seated in the middle -- where Homer would be able to get a good look at the action.

Tom couldn't help but shoot a look at Homer's mighty prick. He felt a little embarrassed. His own cock was big enough, and certainly hard and full of spunk, but it was like a pencil compared to that huge cock. Tom could feel the heat from Homer's huge cock wafting in the car. He wondered why a woman who had access to a prick like that would ever settle for less. But then he figured that she probably used lesser pricks as foreplay and liked to get her husband real excited in the process.

Thelma opened his fly.

Homer beamed with approval at them. She reached in and hauled Tom's cock out, balls and all, and gazed at his prick appreciatively.

"What a nice cock," she murmured. "Isn't it lovely, Homer? I can't wait to make it shoot!"

"Nice little thing, at that," Homer agreed.

But it was only little by comparison to Homer's prick, because as Thelma petted and stroked it, Tom's cock was swelling and throbbing to massive proportions and his balls were so full that, had he fallen in the ocean, he would have floated on them as if they were water wings.

"You seem like a very horny young man," Thelma remarked.

"I sure am!"

Homer smiled. "Probably be able to come twice, a young fella like this with such a hard-on."

"Is that right, young man? Can you come twice?"

"Sure," Tom said.

In fact, Tom could come six times. He knew that for a fact because once, after he had seen his sister soaping her tits in the shower, he had sneaked into her bedroom and jerked himself off half a dozen times into her underwear drawer. But he didn't think it would be polite to mention that in mixed company.

"Then I can have a load to drink and a load for my pussy, both!" Thelma predicted, sounding very happy about it.

She smiled at Homer.

Homer smiled. "Suck him off first, honey. He'll probably shoot more out the first time he comes and I like to see the stuff pour into your mouth. Can't really see it up your cunt."

Tom felt as if he were being used. The way they were discussing the process, he might have been an in animate object -- like a dildo, for instance -- with no say in the matter at all. But it was not a bad sort of object to be, if one must be an object, and the sex-frantic lad was not going to ruin things by making any objections to his objectdom.

He just sat there and waited for the sexy blonde with the big tits to start to work on his prick.

And that was just what Thelma did.

Bending down, she slurped the head of his cock into her mouth and started sucking voraciously. Her tongue curled around the meaty prick and her lips pulled and dragged as she worked skillfully on the succulent mouthful. Then she began to bob up and down, feeding the whole prick into her greedy mouth. She was cupping his balls in one hand, gently squeezing them. With her other hand, she traced a fingertip up along the fat, pounding vein that seemed the underside of his cockshaft, caressing it as her lips drew up to the knob.

She was looking up, watching her husband as he watched her.

Homer was leaning down as close as he could get. Light glinted from his thick eyeglasses and a smile twitched at the corners of his lips. His prick was so long that, bending down as he was, the head of his cock was brushing him under the chin.

"Ummmm," Thelma sighed.

"Ahhhh," Homer moaned.

His mouth worked as if in emulation of his wife's sucking lips.

Tom felt uncomfortable, with his prick in a woman's mouth and her husband staring right at the connection -- but his cock did not feel any discomfort at all. He had never known such a wonderful sensation as getting his cock sucked. He began to gurgle and gasp.

"Oh, yes, darling -- suck it," Homer groaned.

"Ummmm," Thelma purred.

"Suck him off, darling -- make him come!"

Tom began to twitch and gyrate, his ass churning on the seat as he fed his prick up into her skillful mouth.

"Shoot in her mouth, boy!" Homer rasped.

Her tongue had curled under his cockhead now, so that his prick was skimming over it as he went in and out of her mouth. His knob ran back and lodged in her throat, then came out until she collared it behind the flaring ledge with her compressed lips.

Saliva poured down his cockshaft as her head came up, then she bobbed down the slippery rod again. His cockhead was just starting to weep. The sticky seepage trickled onto her tongue and into her mouth and she gave a little whimper of joy as she tasted the first of his juice and knew that she was going to suck a lot of succulent cum out of that sweet young prick. Now there was foamy jism mixing with her saliva as her lips pulled upward. She bobbed down, retrieving the stuff.

She kept looking at Homer.

Homer kept looking at her.

Homer's massive cock was hammering wildly as he watched his wife's lips drag and suck on the young man's meaty prick. Homer had never understood why he loved to watch Thelma sucking other men's cocks and drinking strange men's cum -- nor had he ever really tried to figure it out. He guessed that maybe he was a pervert, but that did not trouble him in the slightest. Being a pervert was too much fun to question the motivation.

Homer had enjoyed watching such things ever since he was a kid, when he had found his mother sitting on the mailman's prick in the hallway, while the meter reader fucked her in the mouth. The sight had been so thrilling that he had jacked off for the first time, despite his tender age and not even sure what he was doing and, in his innocence, he had been surprised when white stuff shot out. He'd wondered what it was. Not a day had gone by since then when Homer had not pulled himself off at least once, and he was doing so now, his fist frigging up and down at the base of his rod, moving only a few inches.

Homer came before Tom did.

He squirted his thick jism into Thelma's face.

She squirmed in ecstasy under the sweet spray.

Homer's spunk ran down Tom's cock and Thelma went down after it, sucking her husband's cum off another man's meat. Her face was coated with spunk, and she was radiant with the pleasure of it. She wanted more. She began to use her hand as well as her mouth, gripping Tom's cockshaft, pulling it up and down as her lips worked voraciously on the flaring wedge of his knob.

Tom howled.

His balls burst and he hosed Thelma's gullet with a load of streaming hot cum.

Thelma swallowed and sucked for more.

She milked the boy's prick and balls dry.

Then she pulled her soaking mouth off his cockhead and raised her smiling face, lips parted, so that Homer could see the cum on her tongue.

Homer groaned and clamped his lips to hers, kissing his wife lovingly while she still had a mouthful of jism.

Then she swallowed the rest of it.

Tom's cock, potent and vigorous, remained standing like a rampant tower, hardly diminished at all by his ejaculation.

Thelma gazed down at his cock and grinned with delight, while Homer gave a nod of approval.

Then she fucked Tom.

She drew her skirt up and sat back on the seat, her lush thighs spread, her hairy cunt open and sodden with her own juices.

Tom got down on the floor, kneeling between her legs. Homer leaned down, his chin on his wife's belly and his eyes glued on her cunt.

Homer spread Thelma's cunt open with his fingers.

Thelma took Tom's cock in her hand and guided the bloated cockhead into her pussy.

Tom began to fuck vigorously.

Her cunt was hot and slick. Tom thought that fucking was even better than getting sucked -- both totally new experiences for the lad. His ass bucked and his belly heaved as he drove his prick in, time and time again, plowing up her cunt, shoving his cock in with gusto.

Homer gurgled with happiness as, from close range, he watched that fat prick vanish up his wife's sodden pussy, then reappear slippery with cuntjuice. Thelma was stroking Homer's head tenderly and Homer was fingering her clit, adding another dimension to her pleasure.

Thelma creamed.

Then she creamed again.

She was coming for the third time when Tom gave a cry of tormented ecstasy and filled her cunt with cum. He spurted load after load into her pussy, jerking as he emptied his balls.

Thelma squirmed and her pussy sucked voraciously, dragging the last drops of jism from his cock and balls.

Tom slumped, feeling as if his skeleton had come apart -- or melted and squirted out of his cock.

His prick, softening at last, slipped out of Thelma's cunt.

Her cunt overflowed with cum and cunt-juice.

Homer gazed at her pussy for a moment, licking his lips. Then, just as he had kissed her on the mouth before, he lowered his head and kissed her soaking cunt with loving devotion.

And now Homer was inspired.

Although he had already jerked off twice, his masterpiece of a prick was raging and thundering. He pushed Tom out of the way and knelt on the floor between Thelma's trembling thighs.

Thelma arched her back, tilting her cunt up to receive his thrusts, and Homer poured his prick into her, feeding her the whole massive cock with the first stroke.

Tom regarded this in awe.

How could a cunt hold a cock that big?

He half expected to see the woman's hipbones jump out of their sockets or a long furrow rise up in her belly. Homer's cock was so long that it would not have surprised Tom if the knob had come pushing out of Thelma's mouth from inside, running right through her body from cunt to gullet. But Thelma's pliable cunt, which had clamped so sweetly on Tom's smaller cock, had spread out now, and they were fucking easily and fluidly, jolting together in wild passion.

When Homer came, he came so hard that his ass flew back on the recoil and, if Thelma had not been braced against the seat, he would have blown her right off the head of his prick.

They ground out their contentment, then snuggled together in the pleasant glow of satiation.

They had forgotten that Tom was there.

Tom opened the door and got out quietly.

He paused. He guessed that he should thank them, or at least say goodbye, but they weren't looking at him.

What a strange couple, he thought.

And what a lucky meeting it had been.

Tom hurried back to his car, eager to tell Jerry of his wonderful adventure.

But Jerry hadn't returned from the toilet yet.


Now Linda and Mike were looking over the seat, doing some watching in their turn, while Tina finished fucking Clyde to a frazzle. Tina was lithe and limber and fucked as sinuously as a snake, clinging to him when he filled her cunt with his thick load and wailing with the joy of it as her pussy melted on his spurting prick.

Then Clyde was finished.

His prick came out limp and drooping, and his balls had gone into a state of collapse.

Mike, although he had enjoyed watching, also had a soft cock now, and neither of the young men was going to be able to do any more fucking for a while.

That, Linda thought, was a shame. She wondered if a little tonguing might harden either of those spent pricks.

Then she wondered if either one of the boys would care to suck her pussy. As soon as that thought occurred to her, Linda wanted it very much. She had always wondered what it felt like to get licked, and she imagined it would be a wonderful sensation. Now that she had sucked cocks and been fucked, she was keen to get eaten out.

But she was too shy to suggest it.

She wished that Tina, who was much bolder than she, would get the idea and make the suggestion.

And then, thinking about Tina, Linda had another idea!

Trembling with vibrant hopefulness, Linda said, "I have to go to the restroom -- want to come with me, Tina?"

Tina looked from prick to prick and shrugged.

"Might as well," she said. "Ain't nothing stiff in this car."

The two girls got out of the car and headed for the restroom together, the way that women do -- and Linda was thinking very hard about other things that women could do, as she went.


Jerry had already gone into the women's washroom and entered one of the cubicles. He lifted his dainty dress and took his thundering cock out, but he didn't start masturbating immediately.

Although his balls were begging to be emptied, Jerry was trying to restrain himself until some girl came in. He was hoping that he might get a look at a cunt or a set of tits and that he could pull himself off while he enjoyed the view.

He had closed the cubicle door, of course -- because he did not want to be seen with a hard cock sticking out from under his skirts -- but he was able to peer through the crack between the door and jamb. He could see the sink. He knew from happy experience that sometimes a girl, when she was alone in the room, would drop her panties before she went into one of the booths, and that was what he was hoping for.

But he got a lot more than that.

In came Linda and Tina.

"Gee, I sure do love sucking and fucking!" Linda was saying.

Jerry stifled a groan and squeezed his prick by the hilt.

"Fun, isn't it?" Tina said gaily.

"And -- and I like it when you were playing with my pussy and -- and sucking my titties, too," Linda added, lowering her eyes and blushing a demure rosy pink, gazing through her fluttering eyelashes in a speculative way at the other girl.

"I wasn't sucking your tits," Tina said. "I was licking the jism off them -- that's different."

But despite correcting Linda, Tina was gazing at her thoughtfully and grinning devilishly.

Linda smiled. "It felt nice, anyhow. But -- well, I've got more cum in me, now -- in a different place -- and I was just wondering if you might want to lick that up, too?"

"Why, you naughty girl! You want me to suck your cunt!"

Embarrassed, Linda said, "Oh, no -- I just thought you might like to suck the cum out of it -- not suck it, itself."

"Because we ain't lesbians, right?"

"Oh, we certainly aren't lesbians -- I know you'd never suck my cunt -- unless it was full of cum."

Tina licked her lips as if she were trying to decide if she felt like having another mouthful of cum. "Of course, it ain't possible to just suck jism out of a cunt -- you got to get some cuntjuice with it."

"I suppose so."

"But that's okay. Cuntjuice is tasty stuff, too -- especially when there's jism mixed in with it. And while I'm doing it, I might as well make you come, I guess."

"Oh! Will you, Tina?" cried Linda, clapping her hands together in merry expectation.


"And -- and I'll suck you off, too!" Linda promised.

"What a swell idea," said Tina. "Let's go in a booth."

They went in a booth.

It was the booth next to the one in which Jerry was with lurking prick in hand and visions of ecstasy dancing in his head.

Jerry got up on the toilet seat and craned his neck over the partition and, sure enough, he found that he could look right down upon the two naughty teenagers.

He gripped his prick as if for support -- and watched.

Tina had bolted the door behind them. She turned to Linda.

Linda, although she certainly wanted it, was a bit nervous and not sure how to go about such things.

But Tina was no stranger to the gentle art of lapping cunts. She had acquired a taste for pussy several years before when her older sister had coaxed her into doing a bit of cuntsucking and sixty-nining and, since then, she had seldom passed up a chance to eat out a cunt.

Linda's cunt, she thought, looked absolutely delicious.

"How -- how shall we..."

"Why don't you sit down and I'll kneel between your legs, okay?"

Linda lifted her skirt and sat on the toilet seat, her slim, sleek, cum-streaked thighs spread. Tina gazed at the blonde's pussy for a few moments, as a hungry girl might gaze at a dessert, licking her lips, her dark eyes-flashing. Then she knelt down and looked some more, from closer range. Linda's cunt was spread open, the cuntlips unfurled and the slick hole full of juice.

Tina began running her tongue up the insides of Linda's thighs, licking up the congealed spunk for starters -- still making believe that it was jism she was after, not pussy juice.

Linda began to moan and whimper as Tina's tongue moved higher up her legs and drew near to her cunt.

Tina spread Linda's pussy wide open with her fingers.

Her tongue flicked out, lapping at her clit.

"Ummm -- yummy," Tina purred.

"Oh! Oh! Do it!" Linda wailed.

Tina's tongue flicked again. It ran up the creamy slot this time, then she stabbed it right up the sodden cunthole. She began tonguing away steadily.

Linda squirmed and writhed in ecstasy. Her long legs thrust out, ankles arched, toes pointing away. Then they clamped around Tina's face, as if trapping her where she was -- but no trap was necessary to hold the cunt-loving girl in that sweet honey pot. Tina was glued there by lust, plastered by passion, clamped by carnal desire. She had been using only her tongue, at first. Now she started using her lips, as well. She opened her mouth wide and fitted her lips to Linda's steaming pussy and started sucking steadily, pulling mouthfuls of cuntjuice -- and cum, of course -- out, while her tongue slid in and out of the hole.

"Ahhhh," Tina whimpered, relishing the feast.

"Ummmm," Linda purred.

Linda had loved sucking cocks and getting fucked, and now she found that getting sucked off was every bit as good as the other pleasures -- and even before she had creamed, she was looking forward to doing her own share of the pussy-licking, wanting to suck Tina off in turn.

Linda arched her back and her hips worked like smooth pistons, while her belly heaved up and her ass ground about on the toilet seat. Her cunt was running like a river now. Tina had already sucked all the jism out and it was pure cuntjuice that was flooding over her tongue and running past her talented lips.

She began finger-fucking Linda's hole, using three fingers and pushing them in steadily, while she concentrated on the blonde's clitoris with her tongue and lips.

"Come," she whispered.

The word echoed in Linda's pussy, so that she felt it rather than heard it.

"Yes -- yes!" Linda cried.

"Come for me -- come in my mouth, honey! Oh! I want to drink your sweet cuntjuice!" Tina wailed, really getting carried away now. This was the sweetest cunt she had ever sucked, and she felt starved for the cream of Linda's climax. Her stiff fingers fucked in, her lips pulled on Linda's clit and her tongue slurped in and out.

Linda felt the first wave rush across her belly. Other waves were darting up her trembling thighs, coming faster and higher until they blended into one, and she was crying out with joy as she creamed.

Tina licked and sucked and moaned as her mouth filled up with the precious pussyjuice. She kept licking even after Linda had finally stopped coming and had slumped back against the wall. After a while Tina raised her head. Her lips were dripping and her eyes glowed with happiness and anticipation.

"Want to do me, now?" she asked.

"I sure do!" Linda said happily.

They changed positions. Linda was every bit as eager to eat out Tina's juicy cunt as she had previously been to have her own cunt gobbled, but she hesitated for a moment, gazing at the tasty-looking cunt, letting her appetite build up until her mouth was starting to water for it.

Linda leaned in and buried her face between Tina's slender, trembling thighs and clamped her mouth on the girl's bushy cunt.

With the first suck, Linda discovered -- just as she had earlier, when sucking her first prick -- that cunt-lapping was the sort of thing that just came natural to a girl. No experience or practice was necessary. She knew how to do it, and she loved doing it. Eating cunt was as wonderful as any of the other pleasures that the innocent teenager had discovered on this memorable evening.

She was looking forward to making Tina come. She didn't have long to wait.

Tina had gotten tremendously excited while she was eating Linda's pussy and she began to melt almost at once -- although she was trying to hold back and prolong the pleasure, for Linda's tongue was talented and her lips skilled.

Tina wailed and panted and creamed. Linda gobbled down great foaming mouthfuls of cuntjuice and found it as delicious as jism, and she kept sucking more out.

"Ohhh -- that was wonderful!" Tina gasped.

"Who cares if Clyde and Mike get hard-ons again?" Linda said, still flicking her tongue around in Tina's pussy, gathering up the last stray drops of cuntjuice from Tina's hairy crotch.

Jerry stared down at the cunt-sucking teenagers. His hard-on was a thing of beauty, and he was so fascinated by what he was watching that he had forgotten to jack off. But it wasn't necessary.

Jerry's prick went off of its own accord...


Like a skyrocket made of quicksilver, Jerry's jism rose high into the air. It hung suspended for a moment, a fleecy cloud of cum floating above the booths.

Then it descended.

The creamy lump splattered on Tina's bare belly and ran down into her bushy pubic mound.

Both girls looked at this unexpected addition to the available cream in surprise. Where in hell had it come from?

Linda leaned down and sucked the tasty spunk up from Tina's crotch.

"What was it?" Tina asked. "Cum or cuntjuice?"

Linda was trying to figure it out, rolling the load around on her taste buds. She swallowed it.

"Cum, I think," she said hesitantly.

"Cum? In the women's room? That's funny," Tina said.

They both looked up.

And there was Jerry, gazing down.

"Oh, Christ!" Tina gasped. "Some blonde bitch has been watching us suck each other off!"

Linda was blushing with shame.

Jerry realized that he had been discovered, and he blushed, too. But then he remembered that he was still in disguise and that they thought he was a girl -- and had a right to be there.

"You gonna rat on us?" Tina asked.

Tina knew that cuntsucking in the public toilet was frowned upon by the manager of the drive-in, and she hated the thought that she might get banned from a place where she always had so much fun.

"Gee -- no," Jerry said. "It looked swell."

Tina thought that a woman with a deep voice was sexy. It gave her an idea -- a logical, lovely idea.

The blonde was good looking.

Tina grinned and said, "If you promise not to tell, I'll suck you off, Blondie."

"Oh! So will I!" Linda cried.

"Yeah!" Jerry exclaimed with enthusiasm.

"Stay where you are, honey -- we'll be right with you, tongues first," Tina promised.

Both girls jumped up eagerly and dashed out of the booth, turning into the one next to it.

Then Jerry realized his predicament.

What the fuck was he going to do?

He was dying for a blowjob -- but they thought he was a girl! They were coming to suck a cunt -- and he didn't have one to be sucked! What would they say when they saw his prick?

He jerked his dress down, hiding his big cock, which was still hard and hot and horny. He had terrible visions of girls screaming in shock and the long arm of the law descending upon his prick -- as evidence -- and the mortification of his public trial and humiliation.

He held his dress firmly down over his cock.

Tina and Linda burst in, licking their lips in anticipation of a new pussy to be savored.

Jerry was still standing on the toilet seat, and when they approached their heads were right on a level with his groin.

"Lift your skirt, honey," Tina urged. "No -- I -- I changed my mind," he croaked.

Linda looked disappointed.

But bold little Tina was not going to be put off that easily.

"Shy, huh?" she asked. "I bet you've never had your cunt sucked before, is that it?"

Jerry, in all truth, had never had his cunt sucked.

He nodded.

Tina was tugging at the hem of his dress, trying to pull it up, and Jerry was holding it down with both hands. In frustration, Tina ducked down and pushed her head up under his skirt.

Linda, looking on, heard Tina gasp.

Jerry was gasping, too.

Because Tina had her mouth on the head of his prick and was starting to suck before she realized how strange this was. Jerry was still holding his dress down firmly, but her mouth felt so wonderful that there was no way he could even try to retract his prick from it.

"Holy shit!" Tina gasped.

Linda could see the outline of Tina's hand bobbing around under the blonde's dress.

"Christ, Blondie -- you got the biggest clit I ever sucked!" exclaimed Tina. "And delicious, too."

Then moist, merry sounds of devoted slurping came from under the garment.

"Come have a look at this clit, Linda!" Tina called, wanting to share this remarkable discovery.

Linda, feeling a bit cunt-hungry, and inspired by the sounds that Tina was making, slipped her head under the dress. In the darkness under Jerry's skirt, the girls could not see more than the outline of his prick. But they could see that it was a big one -- big even for a cock, let alone a clit.

Tina pulled her lips off it and handed it across to Linda.

Linda took a tentative suck.

"Ummm -- lovely," she sighed.

This strange blonde had an awful funny cunt, Linda was thinking. Her clit was a joy, but Linda couldn't find her hole at all, although she was tonguing up and down her crotch in an attempt to find it. After a while she gave up the futile effort.

The two girls began to pass Jerry's cock back and forth between them. Tina would take a long slurp and pass it back by the root of the shaft and then Linda would tongue and suck it for a moment and give it back.

Jerry usually shot his wad quickly and efficiently, sometimes on the first handstroke. But he had just come once, and because the girls were not sucking steadily, but were giving his prick time to cool off a bit as they exchanged it between their mouths, he didn't come right away. He stood there, precariously balanced on the toilet seat, both hands clenching the hem of his dress, wobbling and groaning. He began to hump then, fucking into each girl's mouth as their lips slipped over his cock-knob.

"Ummm," Linda sighed, sucking.

"Ahhh," Tina moaned, as the fat cock gorged her mouth.

Both girls were wondering which one would make this strange girl come.

Then Jerry wailed and thrust, and his jism gushed into Linda's mouth and throat in a mighty deluge.

Linda swallowed it and quickly passed his cock over to Tina, who got her mouth on the flaring head just in time to get his second creamy spurt in her own gullet.

Still taking turns, the horny teenagers milked him to the bone and drank his jism -- still thinking that this blonde girl had an awful funny way of coming.


Walking back to the car, Tina licked her lips and said, "You know, I could swear that blonde girl had a prick."

"It tasted like a prick," Linda agreed.

"It was shaped like a prick -- and a big one, to boot."

"Her cunt juice tasted like jism, too."

"Well, it was certainly funny," Tina said.

The two puzzled girls might have thought more about the strange occurrence in the women's room, and perhaps in the end they might even have deduced the truth of the matter, but by the time they got back to the car, both Mike and Clyde were sporting brand-new erections.

And neither girl had any time to think about anything else for a while...


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