Two hot sisters

TWO HOT SISTERS is the story of two teenaged sisters and their family. They find themselves victims of the ravages of sexual need, and seek release in the heat of each other's baffles. They have no trouble setting aside the traditional taboo against incest as their lust becomes the most important factor in their lives.

Once they break the taboo, one perversion leads to another until they are enmeshed in a sordid imbroglio of lasciviousness. Their friends are drawn into the web of carnal delight and their lives are devoted to greater and greater pleasures.

This account of sexual aberration is strictly fictional, but we all know that some of our neighbors and acquaintances are acting out these scenes in their real, everyday lives. In these pages, those of us who've had no firsthand knowledge of these practices can get a glimpse of what goes on behind the drawn drapes of middle America.


It was a brilliantly sun-drenched afternoon at Lake Marie. Candy Dayton stood at the edge of the cool, deep-green water and watched her two brothers who were swimming out by the huge float in the middle of the lake.

She saw them trying to dunk each other and she laughed at their antics. Even though Candy's friends regarded their own brothers as pests, to be avoided at all costs, Candy had never felt that way about her brothers.

Ordinarily, Candy would have been with them that very moment. They had grabbed her and thrown her into the lake first thing that morning, and they had asked her to swim out to the float with them. But, Candy had begged off, needing a little time to herself, time to think things out about her confused feelings for her two brothers.

The fact was that, for some time now, Candy had realized that she was powerfully attracted to both of her brothers. The thought shamed and horrified her, but she didn't know what to do about it. She was a virgin, and in her teens. But, she knew that even if she weren't a virgin, she couldn't possibly consider fucking them! After, all, she reminded herself now, they were her own brothers. What could be more depraved than to have sex with them? That would be incest. She shivered as she thought of that word -- invest -- and in some deep part of her mind, she realized that she was shivering only partly from disgust. Mainly, the idea of fucking her brothers excited the young girl.

Oh, God, what's wrong with me? she asked herself now, still watching her brothers out by the float. She had been growing hornier and hornier for a long time, too, and even though she finger-fucked herself every chance she got, it was no longer good enough. She moaned softly as she realized that what she really needed was a big, stiff cock fucking up her virgin pussy. That, and only that, she knew would finally satisfy her. If it could only be the cock of one of my brothers! she thought and immediately flushed with shame at the forbidden thought.

She shaded her eyes from the sun with her hand while she looked out to where her brothers were now clambering up onto the float, still playfully shoving each other, as they always did. She sighed heavily, thinking just how handsome and well-built her brothers were. Even her younger brother, Hank, was tall and muscular, and very, very sexy. Both of her brothers were so handsome and manly it took the young girl's breath away.

Candy thought she had been doing a pretty good job of hiding her desire for her brothers. But that morning, when they had picked her up and played around with her for a while before tossing her into the cool water, she had thrilled to the touch of their strong, muscular arms around her, and she had practically come on the spot! She had felt her pussy beginning to pour out its warm juices, and she had been unable to tear her eyes away from her brothers' cock-bulges, so clearly outlined by their tight bikini briefs. She could tell that both Hank and Phil were extremely well hung, and she had longed to reach out and touch their enormous cocks! Her desire had frightened and shamed the young virgin, and that was why she had stayed behind while they had swum out to the float. She just couldn't bear to be near them another minute without letting them know what she wanted.

She wondered what they would say or think if they knew the way her obscene thoughts were running these days. She was afraid that they would be shocked and disgusted with her. After all, she was their sister! She realized now that her fear of their reaction to her desires had a lot to do with her reluctance to make any kind of move and let them know how she felt. She might tell herself that what she wanted was wrong. And she might feel the horror of the word incest. But, when it came right down to it, Candy admitted to herself, that if only she could be sure that they wanted her as much as she wanted them, she just might go for it!

Candy felt her pussy vowing damp and she slipped her right hand underneath her bikini bottoms and rubbed her fuzzy, virgin cunt, still watching her brothers out on the float.

She knew that her brothers couldn't see what she was doing from that distance. And besides, it looked as though Hank and Phil wore lying down on the float now, as though they were going to take a nap out there.

Candy moved a few yards up the beach, never taking her hand from her cunt. She knew she had to give herself some relief, and soon! She had grown so hot from her fantasies about fucking her brothers that the young blonde could think of nothing else except the orgasm she needed so badly.

Amazed by her own daring, she threw herself down onto the hot sand and quickly tore her bikini off, sprawling her lush, ripe body nakedly out in the sand. As she continued to stroke her moistening cunt, she closed her eyes and tried to imagine what her brothers' cocks looked like. She knew they were big, and she licked her lips sensuously, wondering whit it would feel like to have her cherry popped by either one of those big, hard cocks.

Candy idly wondered if her brothers could be as attracted to her as she was to them. She roaming over her ripe, had seen their eyes body, lingering on her large tits or her trim ass, and she thought it might mean that they wanted to fuck her, but she couldn't be sure.

The young virgin moved her hand faster feeling the wet pussy juices beginning to pour hotly from her cunthole. She touched her rigid, twitching clit and jumped from the tremendous heat it gave off.

She unconsciously undulated her hips sexily and gave all her attention to her tortured clit, still thinking about her sexy brothers. She moaned, close to coming now. Her fingers moved wetly over her stiff clit, searching for that release which she needed so badly. She tossed her head front side to side, feeling her face and neck growing wet with sweat as she fucked her hand faster and faster.

Suddenly, the image of her sucking her brother's cocks flooded her mind, and she gasped with excitement. She longed to feel their big pricks in her mouth, sliding down her throat. And she needed to taste their cum. She loved her brothers so much, and swallowing their cum would be the most important way she could show them just how much.

The big beach house her family had rented for their vacation was directly behind the young finger-fucking virgin. But she didn't have to worry about being seen by anyone, for the rest of her family, except for her two brothers, had gone into town to run some errands and do the shopping. And, the beach was a private one with only their house on it. So, for now at least it was just Candy and her brothers all alone.

She blushed furiously and saw her brother's eyes running like wildfire up and down her trembling young tits and moist pussy. She tried to speak again, but nothing came -- only a dry rasping sound from deep in her throat. She was so ashamed that her brothers had seen her finger-fuck herself. And, what was worse, they must have heard her cries of passion asking her brothers to fuck her.

As if reading her mind, Phil said: "Yeah, we heard everything you said. Hell, you were yelling loud enough for us to hear you out on the float! So you want us to fuck you, huh?"

To the young virgin's horror, Phil and Hank shucked their bikini briefs off, releasing their big, throbbing cocks. She scrambled to her feet and began to back away from her brothers, who were staring at her now with a grim look of lustful determination in their eyes.

"No... no... I didn't mean..." she stammered.

"Shut up!" Hank growled. "You asked us to fuck you -- and that's just what we intend to do!"

"No, no! You must be crazy!" she cried, moving back again as they started to move slowly toward her.

Candy stopped still, feeling her knees growing weak. Sweat broke out on her forehead. She wanted to run. She felt as though she should run from what was sure to happen. But she just couldn't. Her feet were glued to the ground, her eyes locked on the two young boys who were coming at her with huge, obscene hard-ons.

"Damn but your tits are huge!" Phil said, seizing her by her slender arms and pushing her back down onto the ground. She tried to get back up but her brothers shoved her roughly down again. Then, before she knew it, Phil was on top of her, his strong muscular thighs pushing between her widely parted legs.

"Ohhhh, noooo, Phil!" she groaned. He was hurting her. "Pleeeeease... nooooo!"

Phil's arms pinned her helplessly writhing body to the ground, his knees pressing her long, tapering legs against the hot, hard sand. Even as she was about to be raped, the girl couldn't help but think how good-looking her brother was. He was so strong and muscular, his chest massive, his stomach thick and hard.

"Nice, Candy, really nice," Phil murmured now. "Is your pussy all hot for us?"

She could hear Hank laughing excitedly and, although she couldn't see him, she knew that he was standing somewhere behind her, watching his brother's every move.

As Phil pressed his body even harder against hers, Candy bucked her ripe young body against his chest, but it was no use. "Off... for God's sake, Phil... get off me... you are hurting my tits!" she moaned.

Suddenly, Phil rose to his haunches at the same time that Hank knelt down next to her head. She moaned, trying not to look at Hank's big, throbbing cock so close to her face.

In the next few, silent moments, Phil and Hank let their eyes roam from Candy's sensuously heaving tit-mounds, to the smooth flatness of her tummy and on down to the soft, golden-curled pussy between her widespread legs. They watched as her hands clutched down at her curving legs to hid her cunt.

"You're gonna be great to fuck, honey." Phil groaned.

"Yeah," Hank chimed in, "we've been talking about fucking you for a long time now!"

"Right, but we were afraid you'd holler rape and get us into trouble," Phil murmured. Seeing her chance to escape, Candy seized it.

"I will! I will holler rape and I'll see to it that you're punished if you try to fuck me! I swear... I will."

Phil reached out and slapped her hard several times, sending her lovely young face swinging from side to side, leaving his red handprints on her soft, silken flesh.

"Knock off the crap, Sis!" he growled. "That's the way we were thinking before, not now! Ever since we saw you finger-fucking your pretty pussy, and we heard you begging us to fuck you, we knew that you wanted it just as much as we do! So, even if we do have to rape you to begin with, it's pretty obvious that you're gonna end up begging us for more, because you really do want it, no matter how much you try to lie about it to us or to yourself!"

Candy moaned helplessly and turned her face away, unable to meet her brother's eyes. That was the longest speech she had ever heard from Phil, and she knew that, as much as she hated to admit it to herself, he was right. She did want to be fucked by her brothers. Very, very much. But she felt that it would be wrong and sinful to give in to her desires. She had to fight them! And, if they were able to overpower her and they fucked her anyway, well, there really wasn't anything she could do about that. And she certainly wouldn't have to feel guilty about a rape she couldn't prevent! Suddenly, the young blonde realized that she was going to enjoy her first fuck every bit as much as her brother had told her she would.

"Why don't you just let me go?" Candy whimpered, determined to do everything she could to get away so that she would have no reason to blame herself if they fucked her anyway.

"Hell, we can't do that, Sis," Hank murmured, nudging the side of her face with his big cock. She felt dizzy from the sensation of her brother's big prick pressing hotly against her cheeks. And she could smell the musky aroma of his pre-cum, which was dribbling obscenely from his come-slit. She felt weak with need.

"Yeah, Hank's right, Candy. We can't let you go. And, if you, were honest about it, you'd admit that you really don't want us to let you go!"

The sight of his sister's helpless body on the ground beneath him sent a shiver of lust through Phil's heavily throbbing cock. He and his brother, Hank, had been lusting after the sexy young girl for a long time now, just as Hank had told her. And, now that they had started, he didn't see how he could quit. There was nothing more he would like than to fuck his painfully throbbing prick into her tight virgin pussy and feel her squirm and thrash beneath him, begging for more cock?

Phil ran his hands over his sister's body, clenching his strong fingers hard over her huge white tits.

"Noooo, Phil, nooo! Don't touch my tits!" she moaned, biting down hard on her lower lip, trying to fight the hot, thrilling sensation that burned through her hard, pink nipple as her brother squeezed and stroked her tilt. It felt so good!

As he continued to rub her big tits, she sighed openly, digging her teeth helplessly into her lip again. She closed her eyes tightly, thrilling to the feel of her big brother's rough, meaty hands digging hard into her bursting tits. She had to stop him! She couldn't take this any more.

Candy raised her legs, lifting out her knees in an attempt to push him away from beneath her thighs. Suddenly, he was stretching her legs back down, painfully spreading her legs until she thought they would break.

"Arrrrgggg! Owwwwwww!" she screamed.

Hank laughed as he began to jack his hardening cock. He wished his brother would get on with it and fuck the shit out of their sister. Then he could have his turn with her!

As Phil continued to run his hot hands over her ripe, lush body, the young girl felt a lewdly burning sensation deep in her defenselessly squirming cunt. It was both pleasurable and frightening. And it merged with the obscene sensations pulsing hotly through her large, hard nipples.

"Go ahead, Phil!" Hank urged his brother. "Fuck her! Hurry! I can't wait to sink my own cock into her tight pussy!"

Phil laughed at his brother's eagerness. He knew that this would be Hank's first fuck, and the young boy hadn't yet learned the kind of patience that made a fuck all the sweeter. "Don't worry, Hank. I'll fuck her all right. Shit, will I ever fuck her!"

"God... ohhhh, noooo!" she shrieked as she felt Phil moving in closer.

She tried not to look at his cock but she couldn't resist! She fixed her eyes on the massively thick shaft of her brother's prick spearing out angrily from his curly dark cock hair. He was so close that she could see the web of veins lacing the underside and a small, pearly drop of pre-cum running from the cum slit.

Phil was crouched defiantly between her legs, wrapping his hand around his lust-hardened prick, jerking it back and forth over her helplessly trembling body. He smiled as he watched her cringing away from him. He pulled the foreskin over his heavily pulsing cockhead and saw her draw back, unintentionally pushing herself into Hank's arms.

"Ohhhhhh, God, I can't take this... this is just too much!" Candy sobbed. She felt her brother's hot breath on her neck. He held her shoulders from behind as Phil's hands reached out again and stroked her huge, nakedly trembling tits.

She winced as he painfully squeezed the firm, full tit-mounds. She stiffened back against Hank, and moaned as she felt his cock digging into her soft flesh.

Suddenly, with a loud groan, Phil was on top of her. She jerked as his hot fingertips caressed her naked belly, pressing down over her softly curling pussy hairs. She couldn't move. She was unable to force him off of her, though her legs strained desperately beneath Phil's muscular thighs even as his knees forced her own wider apart.

Now, Phil was kneeling close up between her nakedly spread young thighs.

"What are you gonna do now, Phil?" Hank asked excitedly, tightening his grip on Candy's shoulders. He had never seen a naked pussy before, ad the young boy thought he would lose his mind if he didn't get to fuck her soon!

Phil grinned up at his brother. "I've never seen a hotter pussy in all my life, Hank. And I'm gonna do what any man with balls would do if he had his chance. I'm gonna fuck the piss out of her!"


Phil's hands gripped Candy's trembling thighs, pulling them wider apart, and then she felt his hot breath rushing softly across them. The erotic sensations sent chills of lewd, rising excitement rushing through her moistening pussy.

"You'll love this, Sis," he said hoarsely. "Just relax and enjoy it. I'm gonna give your cunt a fuck like it'll never have again!"

Then he shifted over on his side, dropping out of the clasping warmth of her thighs to face her. She rolled her head away so that she wouldn't have to look into Phil's sneering face and then she saw Hank, who had risen to his feet, standing above them. And the naked young girl felt her pussy burning hotly from the knowledge that they had her completely under their control and could fuck her at will. Phil's hands moved excitedly up her widespread thighs and rested just below her naked, fearfully quivering cunt for an instant. Then he began to stroke her moist, trembling pussy with his fingers.

The sexy young girl shuddered at his touch and tensed, but he continued to run his fingers over the pinkly glistening folds of her virgin pussy. After a moment, he used his thumbs and middle finger to spread her bloated cuntlips, exposing the tip of her clit which was already twitching and rigid.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned excitedly as her big brother's fingers continued their obscene assault. They probed her cunt while he slid his other hand down between her soft, smoothly curved asscheeks and rubbed her puckering asshole.

Candy tried to stifle a groan as her hungry virgin cunt rose up toward Phil's lewdly caressing fingers, as if it had a mind all its own.

"Atta girl, Candy," Phil murmured as he moved closer to her and straddled her legs once again. His hands continued to work over tile warm, wet flesh of her eagerly responding pussy. "Now reach out and grab my prick! Touch it, you bitch!"

A low shudder of excitement passed through the young girl's belly and pussy and she shivered. What was happening to her? How could she be so turned on by her own brothers?

As her brother ran his hands over her throbbing cunt, she felt soft ripples of ecstasy spreading throughout her tingling pussy, a pleasure so undeniable that she couldn't resist her brother's commands. Like a lust-crazed whore, she rose toward him, stretched out her trembling hands and obediently and eagerly began to stroke his hugely pulsing cock.

"Jeeeesus Christ!" Phil groaned. He shoved his prick into her fingers, which were grasping its lewdly throbbing thickness.

Moaning softly, the young virgin held her brother's cock in the clasping warmth of her hands for a moment. Looking down, she sighed with excitement. His hugely throbbing cock stood out against her trembling belly, the prickhead swollen excitedly and its skin stretched so tight that it seemed to shine in the sun.

"Goddamnit, Phil! Aren't you gonna fuck her or what?" Hank's voice came from somewhere above them.

"Yeah... oh, yeah!" Phil hissed through clenched teeth.

He began a slow, grinding motion with his crotch against the warm, puffy lips of her cunt. The obscenely throbbing cockhead traced a teasing path of lewd pleasure up and down Candy's wet, fuzzy pussy, probing at it until the moist layers of pussy flesh parted, and his long, fleshy rod of hot cockmeat fit snugly within the slit.

He slid his throbbing cock up and down her naked, tingling pussy. A hot, forbidden sensation pulsed from her twitching clit down into the tightly clenching cunthole below.

The young girl was shamelessly turned on. She fought feebly against the excitement of his huge cock rubbing obscenely against her hot pussy. But she knew she was only moments away from when her brother would fuck her cherry right out of her cunt with his huge prick.

"Nooooo, for God's sake... pleeeeease!" she cried beneath the lust-contorted face of her brother. She suddenly realized that her ass was showing her real feelings. Her ass wriggled in eager circles, rotating around as though dancing in time to the upthrusting motions of her brother's big cock.

Slowly, as though she had nothing to do with it, the young girl's knees raised until they were locked in place on either side of Phil's asscheeks. The hair on his legs teased hotly against the tender backs of her naked thighs, increasing the lewd pleasure in her hungrily tingling cunt.

"Ohhh, God, Phil," she groaned at the realization of her own fuck-lust. "I want you to pop my cherry with your big beautiful cock! Ooooooohh!"

The horny young virgin hooked her heels wantonly behind her brother's knees. With a low groan of lust, she wound her arms around his bull-like neck and pulled his mouth wetly down against hers.

"Mmmmmmm," she murmured into his face.

Phil fucked his tongue hotly into his sister's eager mouth and she sucked greedily on it, soft, lewd sounds of pleasure escaping through the warmly sucking lips.

Candy wriggled her hungry cherry cunt in a hot, grinding thrust up against Phil's hugely hardening cock, trying to draw his cock into her quivering pussy.

"Oooooohhhh, Phil," she moaned again, still sucking on his tongue and his lips.

Suddenly, Phil tore his mouth from hers and he gazed down at her with eyes glazed with lust. "Okay, you ready to get your cherry plucked?"

"Oh, yessss, Phil, do it to meow!" she whispered, totally out of control now. "Fuck me all you want!"

Re reached down between their sweat streaked bodies and grasped his huge, glistening cock, positioning it right above the impatiently throbbing cunthole.

"What do you want me to do to you, Candy? Say it! Go on, bitch! Say it!" he ordered.

"I want... Oh God, Phil, I want you to fuck your prick into my pussy! I want you... I need you to pop my cherry with your huge cock!" she sobbed, hardly able to believe her own ears.

Only moments before, the young girl had told herself that there was no way she could allow her brothers to fuck her, as much as she wanted them to. Yet, here she was, her thighs nakedly spread before her brothers, begging Phil to pop her cherry! But, even though a dim part of her mind told her that it was wrong, she couldn't help herself. She was so hot for her brother that nothing would do but to have him fuck her. She couldn't wait.

"Fuck me, Phil!" she yelled. "Fuck me until I scream! Hurry! I can't wait any longer!"

As though he were moving a guided missile into firing position, Phil placed his huge, lewdly throbbing cockhead up against her hot, juicy cunthole... then, pausing just a second, he nuzzled his cockhead around in a small semicircle until the tight, resisting pussy hole suddenly gave way.

With one smooth movement of his hips, he thrust forward, and the young girl screamed loudly as his huge, pussy-stretching cock fucked right through her cherry!

Candy was in agony. Her brother's prick had painfully torn her hymen, leaving her pussy a mass of blood and pain. She moaned and twisted underneath her powerful brother, wanting only for the pain to end.

The young girl pushed against Phil's hairy chest and tossed her head from side to side in agony. If she could only get him to take his prick out and, leave her alone. Gone was all desire now. He saw her torment and laughed, loving the feel of his sister writhing violently underneath his body.

Phil leaned down and kissed her passionately on the mouth, his teeth biting painfully into her lip and her tongue as she tried to pull away. He laughed again, obviously enjoying her pain.

"Ohhh, God, nooooo!" she screamed as he fucked into her again with his big nine-inch cock. This was worse than any pain she had ever felt before. It was as if a knife were being driven up inside her cunt. She squirmed and arched her back, trying to escape the huge prick which had her impaled, pinning her to the ground.

Hank laughed, enjoying the sight of his big brother fucking his sister. He stroked his hardening cock, drool dribbling from the corners of his mouth. "Go, Phil, go! Fuck the cunt! Make her beg you for more! Fuck her, Phil!"

"I'm fucking her all right!" Phil grunted as he savagely thrust his bursting cock in and out of his sister's tight cunt.

Candy moaned and clawed Phil's shoulders with her long fingernails, trying to make him stop. This was far more than she had bargained for when she had begged him to fuck her. It hurt like hell. She couldn't stand it! His cock was just too big! It stabbed at her torn and bleeding cunthole.

Phil reached down and slapped his sister hard across her young, beautiful face. "Stop acting like you don't like it, bitch! You begged me to fuck you! Now I'm fucking you! So enjoy it!"

And, suddenly, she was enjoying it. The pain lessened, being quickly replaced by a hot, trembling pleasure that overtook her entire body. She shuddered, partly from the pain, but mainly from the lust which she had thought she could never feel again. The pain and pleasure mingled in her tight virgin cunt until, once again, all she could think of was getting fucked. And fucked. And fucked.

She wrapped her long, slender legs around her brother's back again and hugged him tightly to her, beginning to thrust her hips up to match his fucking movements.

"Ooooooh, Phil! I love it! It feels sooooo good! Don't stop! Fuck meeeeee!" she screamed.

Phil laughed triumphantly. "See, you cunt? I told you you'd love it! All you pussie's do! You all love getting your cunts fucked!"

Candy felt so good now. Hot and good. She would feel even hotter, she sensed, once she had her pussy overflowing with her big brother's hot cum.

Phil pumped his huge cock harder and deeper, fucking forward fast and hard until his nine-inch prick was buried up the tight virgin cunthole as far as it would go. Then he pulled his prick out again until only the tip remained in her juicy pussy. Then he lunged forward again. In and out, in and out.

Phil had never felt so horny in his life. Fucking his cherry, sister was the biggest turn-on he had ever experienced, and he realized that he should have fucked her long ago.

Hank groaned with hot lust as he looked down at the erotic sight of his big sister being fucked by his brother. He knew he was going to come soon and he only hoped that his cock would be fucked up his sister's pussy before he shot his cum-load.

Candy thrust her hips up harder and faster, keeping time with her brother's plunging fuck thrusts. She was moaning now, and panting hard, her huge tits tossing back and forth, their large nipples throbbing with desire.

"Ahhhh, yessssss, Phil, I love your big cock fucking me!" the horny young blonde screamed, beside herself with fuck-lust.

It made Phil feel very powerful to know that it was his big cock that had thrilled Candy so much that she had forgotten all about the pain and was now begging him to fuck her even more.

"Fuck her, Phil! Fuck her good! Fuck her hard! Fuck her 'til you come right up her tight pussy!" Hank yelled, still pulling on his own bursting prick.

"Yessssss, Phil! Fuck me hard! It feels sooo good! I love it! Fuck meeeee!" Candy cried out, not caring what either of her brothers thought about her wanton behavior.

All she cared about was fucking her brothers! And she longed to feel their cum rushing up into her pussy. She knew that would be a thrill she would not soon forget.

"Ahhhhh, Jeeeesus, yesssss!" the young girl cried, her eyes rolling in ecstasy as Phil's cum swollen balls slapped wetly against her upturned asscheeks.

The impact of his cock-thrusts drove her trembling young thighs even wider apart as he continued to fuck into her pussy. "Ohhh, Phil, you're fucking your cock into me so great? It's fan-fucking-tastic!"

She couldn't believe how big and thick her brother's cock was! His fucker was even bigger and harder than she had ever imagined. His prick was filling her pussy completely, brimming but at its base from the tightly clinging cuntlips and forcing her snugly fitting pussy wider than she had ever thought possible.

Candy tossed her head wildly from side to side and moaned like an animal in heat. She realized now that there was more of the whore inside her than she had ever imagined. Her brother's big, throbbing cock had unleashed a lewd fuck-lust in her that was now completely taking control of her body.

"Ohhhhh, yesssss, fuck meeeee, Phil! Screw meeeee!" she moaned, digging her long, painted fingernails into the soft flesh of his naked, smoothly rotating asscheeks.

He pivoted up on his knees and elbows above her naked, thrashing body, allowing her hungry young cunt to suck up and down the hugely pulsing length of his cock.

"Yesssssss!" The young girl's voice was strained with the tension of passion. "Ohhhh, yes, that's so hot! Do it!"

Phil slipped his hands under her frantically churning asscheeks, gripping them painfully, one in each hand. He felt a hot, boiling pressure surging up from deep in his balls. Shit, I'm gonna blow it! he thought, trying to postpone the wild cum that was threatening to burst in hot waves deep into his sister's hungry cunt.

He began to fuck into her pussy faster and harder, feeling Candy flexing and unflexing her naked asscheeks beneath his fingers. She jerked her lewdly impaled pussy harder up onto his hugely fucking cock while at the same time he squeezed and fondled her wildly wriggling asscheeks, excitedly squeezing the soft assflesh in his hands.

Phil groaned and began fucking his sister again, his hands clutching her squirming asscheeks hard.

Candy felt herself beginning to come. The walls of her tight cunt spasmed violently, grabbing at her brother's fucking cock and squeezing it greedily. Then another orgasm.

And another. And yet another. The young girl's entire body shook from head to toe. This was the most powerful orgasm of her life, just as she had known it would be.

She snapped her head back and forth and cried out as if wounded. She sobbed hard with the wild excitement of her hot, obscene climax.

Phil felt his cock being milked and sucked by his sister's horny cunt-muscles. He had never felt anything quite like it. Jesus, he thought hotly, if she's this terrific a fuck her first time, just think what a little seasoning will do for the whore!

He felt her pussy-muscles tightening around his huge shaft of cockmeat, and he began to come, too. He jerked his body back and slapped her face back and forth as hard as he could, leaving the red marks from his hands on her firm, white flesh.

Candy felt her brother's cum pouring into her spasming pussy, and the delicious, forbidden sensation only served to intensify her own orgasm.

"I'm coming!" she hollered. "Yes, Phil, yesssss! Fill my pussy with your cum! I want it! I need it! I love it! Give it all to me! Shoot it all, Phil!"

She squeezed his cock with her strong cunt muscles as spurt after spurt of hot cum burned her cunt-walls. Phil snapped his head back and groaned with pleasure as he continued to come.

"You whore! Damned right I'll shoot all my cum up your pussy! Take it all, bitch! Take all my cum!" he roared, hardly aware of what he was saying as he continued to shoot into her.

Candy felt herself coming again from the sheer thrill of feeling her brother's cum filling her virgin pussy at long last! Wad after wad of thick, creamy jism shot from Phil's cock and filled his sister's spasming cunt.

Her pussy overflowed, just as she had dreamed about, and Phil's cum dribbled down her firm thighs, splashing wetly onto the sand below.

Even as Candy was still orgasming, Phil's climax ended and he pulled his softening prick from her wet pussy. The instant that Phil rolled off his sister, Hank jumped on top of her.

"Yessss, Hank!" she cried, seeing that her brother had taken Phil's place. "Fuck me, Hank!"


Hank knelt between Candy's legs, his lean form poised and ready, his huge, hard cock jutting rigidly like a huge lance from his groin.

"Hurry, Hank! You can fuck my pussy too? But hurry! I need your cock!" she cried.

Glancing down, Candy was shocked to realize that her brother's prick was a good eight inches long. And super-thick, even thicker than Phil's cock. She grew more and more excited as she thought that, in just a matter of minutes, his long, thick fuck-stick would be fucking into her hungry pussy!

"Spread your legs wide, Candy! I'm gonna fuck you now, you whore!" he cried, thrilled with the idea that, at long last, he was getting the chance to fuck a pussy.

The young boy was sick and tired of being a virgin, sick and tired of jacking himself off. Now, at last, he would know the thrill not only of fucking, but of fucking his own sexy sister. He had been hot for her for ages now, and he could hardly wait to feel her tight pussy closing around his big cock.

"Go on, Hank! Fuck the cunt! She wants it!" Phil said, grinning as he lay on the sand next to his brother and sister, stroking his limp prick.

Hank levered up over his big sister, his arms stiff, his hands pushing her shoulders to the ground. He dropped one hand between their naked bodies, taking the obscenely throbbing cock between his fingers, and guided it forward, using the thick, rubbery cockhead to part Candy's quivering, fuzzy pussylips. Candy turned her head to one side, closing her eyes with a shudder as she felt her brother's soft, spongy cockhead throbbing against the sensitive edges of her hot, moist cunt.

"God, Hank! Your cock's soo big! Especially for someone your age! I can't get over it!" she cried, excited beyond belief.

Hank pushed forward suddenly with all his might.

She sputtered as the hugely throbbing cocktip slipped through, cruelly stretching the tight, moist cunt opening. Candy felt as though her thighs were splitting apart from the relentless pressure. God, his prick was so much thicker than Phil's! Nothing that thick had ever been in her pussy before, and she thrilled to the unfamiliar sensation, pain and pleasure mingling in her pussy.

Hank fell forward, his muscular weight mashing his sister's huge, quivering tits tightly back against her chest. He thrust his hips forward at the same time. His long, thick, hard cock fucked into her cunt like a raging freight train, pushing the wet flesh of her pussy in rippling waves before it.

There was no stopping the assault of Hank's cock until, finally, with a loud groan of pleasure, his cum-laden balls smacked heavily into the upturned crack of her naked, tightly clenched ass.

"Oooooooooh!" she screamed excitedly, thrilling to the feel of her brother's virgin cock up her tight pussy.

Hank was more turned on than he ever had been before. His first fuck already felt far more exciting than the young boy had ever been able to imagine all the times he jerked himself off. He was thrilled to finally have his big, thick cock up a hot pussy, but even more thrilled to finally be fucking his beautiful big sister!

Hank fucked into the hot, hungrily gripping walls of Candy's cunt with long, deep fuckstrokes, just following his own instincts. His brother had told him a long time ago that he didn't have to worry about how to fuck pussy. He had told Hank that it would come naturally, that he should just follow the instincts of his own body. And now, the young boy realized that his brother had known what he was talking about.

Thrusting hard from the tips of his toes, he rammed the last inch of his thick eight-inch cock up into her tight pussy. The moan of lust that escaped Candy's parted, sensuous lips sounded like the cry of a wounded animal. Her eyes opened wide, and they glazed over with hot desire.

Her nakedly writhing young body was slick with sweat now. Her thighs and the sloping area above her pussy hair were wet with hot pussy juices that seemed to spill out in an never ending flow from her twitching cunt.

"Mmmmmmmm, yes, Hank fuck me haaaaaard!" she cried, urging her brother on with hot, wet kisses along his powerful shoulders.

With each slap of Hank's cum-filled balls on the wet crack between her naked, rotating asscheeks, Candy could feel more of her excited cunt juices flowing out.

In her mind, the young girl imagined every lewd detail of her fuck session with her brothers: Hank's muscular thighs wedging against her slender legs, and the smooth, deeply fucking cock impaled up her pussy.

"Ohhhh, you hot bastard... fuck me hard... fuck meeee!" she chanted against Hank's neck. She swung her tightly gripping thighs up and around his back, waving her naked asscheeks in uncontrolled abandon as she spiraled her cunt up and down on his ramming cock.

Suddenly, her pussy spasmed, and she knew she was about to come. She gasped, then stiffened, her eyes growing wider, and she screamed. "I'm coming! Ohhhhh, God, ohhhh, God, fuck me haaaaaarder! MY pussy's coming? Aaaaaaaaa! Oh, shit, I love it!"

Her naked, thrashing body shook and arched high, and she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling his face closer to her own. The young blonde felt the muscles of her wetly exploding cunt expand and contract in a fury, her pulsing pussy grasping around Hank's huge, deeply fucking cock.

"Way to go, Hank!" Phil cheered from the sidelines, where he was still stroking his cock which by now, was almost its full nine inches once again. "That's my brother! A natural-born fucker!"

Her brothers obscene words just increased Candy's orgasm, and she groaned with excitement. Her hot cunt juices spewed down the widespread crack of her ass, and flowed over Hank's cum-laden balls as they slapped down hard against her flesh.

The exciting feel of his big sister's pussy orgasming around his cock just turned the young boy on all the more, and he knew he would be coming soon himself. He could hardly wait to dump his entire load of hot cum up his sister's hot pussy.

Now, he reached down and squeezed her big, heaving tits cruelly, first one, then the other. She whimpered with lust, and her eyes closed.

"Ohhh, yesssss, Hank! It feels sooo good!" she groaned.

"God, honey, you have such great tits! So big and firm!" he exclaimed as he squeezed them again, even harder this time.

The large, red nipples that topped Candy's perfectly rounded tits were standing straight up, hard and stiff, throbbing as they rose and fell with each heaving breath. Hank took her rigid nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and rolled them back and forth, making his big sister moan with pleasure and pain.

Candy gazed up at her brother adoringly. They looked directly into each other's eyes as he closed his fingers around her tender nipples, pinching them harder and harder until his fingers trembled from the effort.

Candy's head snapped back and a series of animal-like sounds came, from deep within her throat. She lay groaning, her breath coming in sobbing gasps.

"Wow, Hank! You're sure a fast learner!" Phil cried, shaking his head in awe as he watched his brother turn on their sister more powerfully than ever before.

Suddenly, Hank was in full control. He no longer worried about trying not to come. He knew that, somehow, he was learning to hold back, to make his fuck last as long as he wanted until he had the pussy dancing on the end of his impaling cock just the way he wanted it!

Feeling really confident now, Hank grinned and deliberately slowed his fuck-strokes. He wanted Candy to be begging for mercy before he dumped his cum up her pussy. He knew instinctively that, now, she was completely in his power and that he could do whatever he wanted to her. And he also knew that the more he did to her, the more she would love it and the more she would love him.

Hank very slowly and deliberately fucked his sister pulling his big, throbbing cock almost all the way out of her pussy and then fucking it back in with controlled, unhurried strokes. His sister lay beneath him, writhing and moaning, her eyes closed in ecstasy.

"Hey, Candy," he murmured, still fucking at the same slow tempo. "I'm finally fucking you. Hear me? I'm fucking you just like you begged me to do!"

She moaned softly, still not opening her eyes.

He speeded up his fuck-strokes just a little. "That's right. Just like you begged me to do. I'm fucking you. Like you wanted. Candy is being fucked by her brothers!"

She moaned again, louder this time, feeling more and more turned on by her brother's obscene words.

He fucked her faster. "You love it, don't you, Candy? You like your brothers to fuck you with their big cocks! It's about time we fucked you, the way you've been wiggling that ass and those big tits of yours around us! You've just been asking for it!"

"Oooooooh, Hank," she moaned.

"Your love fucking, don't you?" he repeated. He fucked her harder and faster now. "Don't you love it, Candy?"

"Ahhhhhh, Hank," she groaned.

"We know you do." Hank's words were coming out breathlessly as his fuck-strokes grew more and more frenzied. "You dig being fucked by your brothers. Right? Come on, Candy, admit it. Say it! Tell us how much you love it! Tell us!"

"Yeah, bitch, tell us!" Phil ordered, still stroking his big cock, his eyes lewdly fastened on the sexy sight of his brother fucking their hot and willing sister.

"Ohhhhh, flank," she groaned. She heard her brother's words but her mind was fogged with lust, and she didn't seem able to get the words out, the words they wanted to hear.

"Tell us!" Hank demanded again. "Tell us you love it or I'm gonna stop fucking you right now!" And, suddenly, incredibly, he did. He suddenly stopped fucking and held himself still. It took all his willpower to stop fucking her, but he sensed that he didn't have long to wait.

He was right. As soon as she felt her brother stop fucking her, the young blonde groaned in disappointment and the words they wanted to hear tumbled out of her mouth.

"Ohh, God, Hank, yessssss! I love you fucking me! I loved it when Phil fucked me! And I love you fucking me with your thick, meaty cock. I need it soooo bad, Hank! Please don't stop! Fuck meeeeee!"

Hank and Phil laughed triumphantly, and Hank began to fuck her harder and faster than before. She arched her body and thrust her cunt up against his plunging cock, matching him stroke for stroke.

A crescendo of lust-filled cries and groans came from her throat. Her head rolled from side to side on the hot sand, and she clutched at her brother's firm asscheeks, trying to drive his huge cock even deeper inside her.

"Do it to me! Fuck me! Oh, God, yessssss! Hank! Fuck me!" she babbled over and over. "Harder! Haaaaaaaarder!"

Hank slammed into her, pounding her hips against the sand, bending her legs back painfully, his fingers digging into her thighs. She screamed with excitement, and then her body stiffened and, her eyes went wide as the savage force of another climax smashed through her young, trembling body.

"Ohhh, Hank, I'm coming!" she screamed, coming with a series of racking spasms which twisted her impaled body until her brother had to clench his teeth tightly to keep from coming, himself.

Finally, her climax ended and she moaned with pleasure. Her brother's cock was still hard and stiff inside her spasming pussy. But, as he felt her cunt-muscles clenching hard around his prick, he couldn't hold himself back any longer, and he came hard.

"Jeeeeeeeeesus, I'm coming!" he cried as stream after stream of thick, hot jism shot from his prick and splashed up into his sister's tight, twitching pussy.

At last, the young boy was satisfied. And, looking down at his sister's pleasure-filled face, he could see that she was, too. As he rolled off of her, Phil moved quickly to her side. He brutally pinched her, nipples as hard as he could.

"Ouch!" she yelled in protest.

"Shut up, cunt!" he growled. "You know you love it! Now suck my cock 'til I come!"

The young blonde shivered with excitement. "Ohhh, yessss, Phil! I'll suck your cock! I want to!"

Sighing happily, Candy took the head of her brother's prick into her mouth and closed her lips tightly around it. Then, slowly, she began to take in the rest of his cock. He was straddling her chest now, fucking his prick into her mouth and down her throat. Red hot, wet mouth slid down over the nine-inch length of his throbbing cock.

Candy was thrilled to be sucking Phil's cock. It filled her entire mouth, turning the girl on all over again as though she hadn't just had two powerful orgasms!

"That's it! Suck my cock, you bitch!" Phil growled as more and more of his big cock disappeared between his sister's hungry lips. The fact that it was his very own sister who was sucking his prick just increased his passion.

The spongy, throbbing tip of his big cock nudged at the back of Candy's mouth. Her throat continued to work, sucking more and more of his prick. She didn't stop until his entire cockshaft was buried in her mouth, her soft lips encircling the base of his prick, her nose hurried in his nest of curly prick hairs.

Phil gasped with joy and lust. "Jeeeesus, Candy! For a fuckin' virgin, you sure know how to suck cock!"

The young girl moaned with pleasure. What her brother didn't know was that sucking cock was one of the way she had managed to remain a virgin until now. Whenever she got one of her boyfriends all hot and hard, and they begged her to let them fuck her, she usually got out of it by offering to suck them off instead. It had never failed to work. But now, she thought happily, she wouldn't have to worry about that any more. Her cherry had been popped, thanks to her sexy big brother. And now she could relax and fuck any cock she wanted to.

Hank was lying to the side, totally exhausted. His cock was limp now, but, as he watched the hot sucking action taking place before his eyes, he knew that before long, his prick would be rock-hard once again, and ready to fuck back into his sister's juicy pussy!

Phil groaned with lust as Candy went to work on his prick, swirling her hot tongue over his cock while she held it firmly in her mouth. Slowly, she let her head move up, sliding her lips upward over his throbbing cock. Her cheeks hollowed slightly as she sucked his prick. When she reached the top, with only the tip of his cock still in her mouth, she paused, then started down again, all the way down. And, still, her tongue moved hotly, teasing all the while.

Now, the young girl sucked cock in earnest, her head bobbing slowly but steadily, her lips never releasing Phil's prick from her hot mouth. Up and down she went, with a steady tempo. Then she began to speed it up.

Her big brother was squirming and making strangled sounds in his throat. His eyes closed in ecstasy. He reached behind him and grasped her large nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. He felt her quiver in anticipation and he grinned. Then, suddenly and viciously, he squeezed both nipples very, very hard.

"Ummmmmmfffff," she moaned in pain and pleasure around her brother's big cock, which completely stuffed her mouth.

She sucked even harder now. She couldn't wait to feel Phil's cum shooting into her mouth. She moved her head faster and faster up and down on Phil's cock until she was pumping him frantically with her mouth as he fucked her mouth with his cock at the same time.

Phil had to come. His breath came in short pants and his squirming ass arched up off her chest, forcing his prick even deeper into her sucking throat.

Sensing that her brother was about to pop, the young girl worked even harder. Finally, Phil's body jerked off her chest again and his cock shot a thick wad of jism down her throat.

Moaning with excitement, Candy continued to suck and suck as her big brother shot off in her mouth. Wad after wad of gooey, white jism filled her mouth, and she swallowed it all as fast as she could.

Tasting her brother's delicious cum thrilled the young girl so much that she came herself. Spasm after spasm shook her pussy as her orgasm crashed through her, releasing even more cunt juice which mingled with her brothers' jism and trickled down her thighs.

As she came hard, she milked Phil's prick with her sucking mouth while he continued, to come, trying to get even more jizz from his cock. As he finished coming and started to slip his limp prick from his sister's mouth, she clasped her lips tightly around it, not allowing him to pull his cock out until she had licked the last few lingering drops of cum from the tip of his prick.

Phil finally pulled his soft cock from Candy's mouth with a wet, squishing sound and fell onto the sand next to her. Hank was lying on the other side of his sister, and both he and his brother looked fondly at the young blonde who lay, panting heavily, between them.

"Mmmmmm, Phil, your cum tasted heavenly! I loved it!" she giggled, licking her cum coated lips.

"Hey, what am I? Chopped liver?" Hank asked, laughing.

Candy reached over and stroked her brother's big, hardening cock. "With that big fuck-stick? Hardly!"

The three teens laughed. They all felt closer than they ever had before.

"You sure liked it when I popped your cherry, Candy!" Phil said, reaching over and fondling his sister's huge tits, which were already heaving with desire once again.

"Mmmm, I sure did! I loved it when you popped my cherry! And I loved it when you fucked me so good and hard too, Hank! And I loved sucking you off, Phil! I loved it all!"

And again they all laughed.

"It was a dream come true," Candy muttered. "I've been wanting to fuck you too for along time and now it's finally happened! I'm so happy!"

Phil squeezed her tits. "You have any other dreams you'd like to tell us about, honey?"

Candy frowned. "What do you mean, Phil?"

"You know... what I mean, don't you, Hank?" Phil said, winking at his brother.

Hank caught on immediately. "Sure! Phil and I have talked about it a lot, Candy!"

"Talked about what? What in the world are the two of you talking about?" she asked, more confused now than ever.

"About Daddy," Phil muttered, still stroking her tits.

"Daddy? What about him?" she shrugged, trying to sound casual. But for some reason, her pussy was twitching hotly at the mere mention of her father.

"It's simple, honey," Phil said. "We've seen you and Daddy looking at each other when each of you thought the other wasn't looking. It's obvious that you two want to fuck each other!"


Wendy Dayton sat in the living room of the beach house, looking at her beautiful face reflected in the glass top of the coffee table. Her cunt tinged at the hot memory of what her sister, Candy, had told her just last night.

At first, Wendy hadn't believed it when Candy had told her that, just that morning, both Hank and Phil had fucked her. She had been amazed and very, very turned on. But then, as the younger girl had gone on with her story, telling her detail after detail of her torrid fuck session with their brothers, Wendy had not only believed Candy, but she had urged her to toil her everything she could possibly remember.

Wendy's pussy had grown hotter and hotter as she had listened to her sister's tale of having her cherry popped by her brother. After she had listened to Candy for a while, she had made an excuse to leave the room so that she could go into the bathroom and finger-fuck herself to orgasm. She had been really turned on by the idea of her brothers fucking her sister.

The older girl hadn't been able to get out of her mind Candy's lewd description of their brothers' cocks. Both Hank and Phil had huge cocks, Candy had told her. And Wendy's cunt had tingled with excitement at the thought of seeing their big pricks, touching them, sucking them, feeling their cocks in her own pussy.

Wendy had always been attracted to her brothers, especially to Hank. There was something about her brother's air of innocence, combined with his young but undeniable masculinity, that had always attracted Wendy. She had been having fantasies about fucking her brother for a long time now. And what Candy had told her yesterday had only intensified the older girl's desires until, finally, she had to admit to herself that she would never be satisfied until she felt Hank's big, thick cock in her pussy!

Wendy was alone in the house. Her parents were down the beach at a friend's house. And Hank, Phil and Candy were outside on the beach. They had asked Wendy to join them, but she had begged off, needing to be alone, to get her thoughts together about her fuck-lust for Hank.

She went over to the built-in bar and poured herself a stiff drink. She didn't drink that much as a rule, but she sure needed something today! And she knew that if her parents were home, she wouldn't have gotten away with it. Her father wouldn't mind. He was really cool, more like a good friend than a father. But her mother was a really uptight woman, and she had made it clear more than once that she didn't approve of any of her kids drinking anything stronger than Cokes.

Now, Wendy turned on some loud rock music, took a long drink, and refilled her glass, then sat down on the couch again. Wendy was a beautiful girl. She already had a face of a real beauty. Like Candy, she was slim with long, slender legs, but huge tits. In fact, she and Candy looked very much, alike. And, since there was only a year's difference between them, people outside the family frequently mistook them for twins.

The pretty blonde unconsciously reached down to her bikini-clad cunt and started to rub the flimsy fabric up into her barely covered pussylips. She rubbed her cunt harder, moaning a little as she tried to imagine what it might feel like to have her brother's cock fucked up her pussy.

She took her hand from her cunt, sighing heavily as she realized that no amount of finger-fucking would give her the sensation she really needed. Nothing but Hank's cock would give her that.

She picked up her drink and downed the whole glass, refilled it, and downed that one just as quickly. Suddenly, she realized that she didn't have to endure this sexual frustration any longer. Why shouldn't she be able to fuck Hank if that was what she wanted? For all she knew, he wanted to fuck her just as much! There was only one way to find out.

She walked to the door, opened it, and for a few seconds, she stood there, gazing down the beach where Hank and Phil were tossing a football around while Candy sat on the sand, working on her tan. Wendy smiled as she saw Hank's rippling muscles. He was so muscular and well-built for such a young boy. Knowing how young he was just made him seem all the more exciting to the girl.

Suddenly, she knew she couldn't wait any longer. She stepped out onto the porch and cupped her hands around her mouth, yelling as loudly as she could. "Hank! Will you come in her for a minute? I need you!" She grinned as she said those last words. Nothing could be closer to the truth!

A few minutes later, Hank bounded into the house, grinning at his big sister. "What's up, Sis? What did you need me for?"

Wendy smiled at him. She was still sitting on the couch but she had parted her legs widely, and now she threw her arms up onto the back of the couch, knowing that the movement made her big tits jut out all the more. She saw her brother's eyes move quickly to her crotch, then her tits, and she saw a red flush creep up over his neck and face, and he glanced away in embarrassment.

"Oh, Hank, I'm just feeling kind of lonely. And it's fun being able to sit here and have a few drinks without Mom around to get all bent out of shape about it. I just thought you could share a drink with me and keep me company."

"Okay by me," Hank said, smiling at her again.

As she brushed by her brother on her way to the bar, Wendy glanced down at his bikini briefs. She inhaled sharply at the erotic sight of his wet briefs tightly clinging to his cock bulge. She managed to brush by him in such a way that her big tit touched his muscular arm, and she was rewarded by a telltale swelling of his cock-bulge, which seemed to be growing harder even as she stared at it.

She turned away to fix his drink and felt his hot eyes on her smoothly curved ass. "We'll just have a few drinks and talk, Hank," she murmured.

She put several ice cubes into a glass and poured a good amount of scotch. "Do you want some water or soda with it?" she asked.

"Uh... no, I'll take it neat," Hank said boldly, remembering how his father always drank his bourbon.

"Great!" Wendy said approvingly. "That's how I'm having mine."

During the next half hour, Wendy and Hank had several drinks and talked idly about everything and nothing. They were sitting side by side on the couch and, each time that Wendy glanced over to sneak a peek at her brother's crotch, the cock-bulge between his legs was larger and harder.

Finally, the young girl thought she would explode with the desire to be fucked by her brother's young cock. Her head was buzzing, and she felt slightly dizzy from all the drinks she had had in so short a time. She leaned toward Hank to tell him something, and her hand shook, spilling her drink all over his lap. "Oh! I'm sorry, Hank! Your briefs have scotch all over them!" she giggled. And then she realized that she was quite drunk.

Hank laughed too. "Don't worry... I'll just take them off." He stood up and took his briefs off, releasing his throbbing eight-inch cock.

Wendy gasped with excitement, unable to tear her eyes away from her brother's big, thick cock. Candy had been right. His prick was terrible thick. It looked so good and meaty!

She studied the handsome young boy as he stood naked before her, smiling easily at her. His skin was tanned and he looked more handsome than ever.

God, she thought, my pussy is so hot! I can't stand it!

Suddenly, Hank dropped down onto the floor, lying on his side in front of her. She stared at the bulging muscles of his biceps, and his thighs, which were those of a well developed man. Her eyes fell on the prick which twitched between his legs, and her eyes moved up over his muscular body to his handsome face. She was breathing raggedly now, and her pussy was wet with cunt juices. She gasped again when her eyes met his. For in his eyes was a look which let her know that he knew exactly what was going on. He knew how badly she wanted him, and he was toying with her, knowing that he could fuck her anytime he chose to.

She struggled to regain her composure, and her eyes fell onto his liquor-soaked briefs on the floor. "Want me to blow-dry your briefs?" she asked, her voice hoarse.

He laughed, looking up at her. "I'd rather have you blow my prick," he said casually.

Suddenly, he reached up and pulled her down next to him. He kissed her neck, licking his tongue along the soft flesh until he was caressing below her ear. She tried to get up but he held her by the arm, twisting himself toward her so that their lips met, and his tongue wormed wetly into her mouth.

"Ooooooooh, God!" she moaned hotly.

He laughed and kissed her again, their tongues mashing lewdly against each other, their saliva mingling hotly as they kissed each other over and over again.

It felt to the young girl, as though thousands of fires had been set off in her wantonly burning pussy, deep in her greedy cunt. She glanced down again at his cock and felt a thrill she had never known before. Oh God, his young prick was so long... so big and hard and so thick and meaty! Her cunt was on fire!

Hank grabbed his sister's hand, guiding it to his hugely throbbing cock. As soon as she felt his pulsating hardness touch her fingers, she instinctively wrapped her fingers around is cock. She began to jerk the boy's thick hard cock in one hand, and she closed her eyes in ecstasy.

The boy made wet, hungry little grunting sounds as he sucked and fondled the huge, lily white tits of his big sister. She turned toward him, her nakedly quivering body sprawled out beside him on the soft carpet, and continued stroking his eagerly throbbing cock, sliding the smooth flesh up and down in a slow, teasing rhythm that made him move his crotch back and forth, fucking her hand with his prick.

Oh God, Wendy thought hotly it feels sooo good! To at last have his big cock in my hand, and to have him sucking on my big tits like that!

The harder she stroked his cock, the harder the young boy sucked on her tits. He sucked her large reddish nipples into his hot wet mouth, first one, then the other. He tongued them hard, loving the way they stiffened against his tongue. Then, taking a deep breath, he suddenly bit into her tit hard, and the girl twitched and moaned with pain and pleasure.

"Ohhh, yessss, Hank, that feels soooo good!" she groaned.

Suddenly, the beautiful young blonde rose to her knees and hovered over her brother on all fours, her head only a few inches from the warm, lust-bloated head of the boy's cock.

She held her brother's prick tightly with both hands, stroking his hard-on between the flat of her palms in a teasing up-and-down motion that caused the young boy's naked hard asscheeks to hump up in time to his sister's maddening cock-teasing.

"Ohh, Jeeeesus! That feels so fuckin' good," he groaned. "I love the way you're jerking my prick off!"

Wendy smiled and she dropped her head slowly toward the hard cock twitching in front of her. Suddenly, her tongue flicked out, the hot tip boring teasingly into the moist cum-slit at the end.

"Holy shit!" he roared, sucking in his breath from the exquisite cock-licking he was getting from his sexy sister.

Feeling her brother's cock vibrating against her tongue turned the girl on even more, and she moaned with pleasure as she felt even more juices pouring from her pussyhole.

She could see Hank's lean stomach tensing and rippling with excitement as she continued to lick his prick. She could see the muscles of his thighs and crotch tightening spasmodically, and the sight thrilled her.

Wendy smiled down at her brother. Then, without warning, she brought her hot sensuous mouth down all the way and enclosed his entire young cock with a soft warm pressure that made his spongy cockhead throb with desire.

"Ohhhh, yeah, Wendy, suck my prick!" he grunted, lifting his ass up off the floor, trying to fuck his cock deeper into her mouth.

Her lips tightened like a rubber band just below the pulsating cockhead. She hungrily trapped his lust-thickened prick inside the warm, wet cavern of her mouth.

"Ohhhhh, baby," he groaned, lifting his head from the floor and staring down at the young blonde's lust-contorted face. "Oooooo... ahhhhhhhhhh!"

The sight of his sensitive young prick suck halfway between his sister's greedily sucking lips turned the young boy on powerfully and he willed himself not to come. Not just yet anyway. He watched with growing excitement as Wendy touched her big tits, stroking her large nipples while she stared deliberately into his eyes.

"Ohhh, Wendy, you're so fuckin' sexy! Suck my cock! I need it soooo bad! Suck me!"

His painfully jerking prick glistened wetly as it began to fuck in and out between the soft fullness of Wendy's hotly grasping lips. She massaged the velvety skin of his cum-laden balls with one hand, then moved the other hand down and stroked the base of his cock between her thumb and forefinger as she sucked rhythmically up and down on his spit coated young prick.

"Ohhh, yeah, that's it, baby! You got it! You're sucking my prick sooooo good! Keep it up, cunt! Suck it!" the young boy cried, beside himself with lust.

He moaned at the softness of her warm tongue twirling with a lewd, moist pressure around the tip of his cockhead, her teasing tongue dancing obscenely across the tiny opening at the end of his prick.

He tightened his naked asscheeks on the carpet, his head still raised. His smoldering dark eyes hazed over with lust as he watched the top of his sister's head bobbing up and down on his throbbing prick. The exciting sight of her mouth enclosing his wildly pulsing cock was almost painful in its lewdness.

Wendy sensed that her brother was about to come and she began to suck even harder. The tips of her sharp teeth dug gently into the rockhard shaft of his cock, leaving small white trails where they had scraped the skin's surface.

She shifted her position, without taking her hot, wetly rounded mouth from his hugely jerking prick, kneeling between his lewdly spread legs. Then, reaching under his tightly flexed asscheeks, she cupped them in her palms, pulling his obscenely jerking prick up tighter to her hungrily sucking mouth.

Wendy's tongue swiped around the warm rounded cockhead furiously until Hank made a loud grunting noise between his tightly clenched teeth. She knew that his prick was near the bursting point as she sucked almost all of it down her throat.

Oh God, the young girl thought. His prick tastes so good! Even better than I had imagined it. It's so delicious! I can't wait to taste his hot jism filling my mouth! I'm gonna love it! I know it!

Moaning with hot, lewd excitement, the young girl continued to suck her brother's cock. She paused now and then to take a gasping mouthful of air. Then she would start all over again, working over his hard cock like a contented baby sucking at its mother's tit.

Small, pearly drops of sweat were rolling from Wendy's throbbing tits as she bucked wildly over the young boy's obscenely excited prick. She was trying hard now to make him come, to make him spurt his white-hot cum down her, hungry throat. What will it taste like? she wondered lewdly.

"Ohhhh, fuck... ohhh, fuck!" he groaned loudly. "Ohhhhh, shit... Goddamn... it feels so fuckin' good!" Hank groaned more turned on than he had ever been in his young life.

He arched his back violently, fucking his big cock even farther down his sister's sucking throat. "Oooohhh... ahhhhhhhhh!" he groaned over and over again, his mouth working crazily as he muttered incoherently between his tightly clenched teeth.

Suddenly, a low, guttural sound came from somewhere deep in his throat. Wendy caressed his cum-swollen young balls with one hand, urging the wildly excited boy's burning hot cum to make its mad dash from his painfully throbbing prick.

Finally, at long last, the young girl felt the first jolt of hot, creamy cum exploding into her mouth. "Mmmmmmmppphhh," she moaned hotly, swallowing spurt after spurt of his hot jism.

"Arghhhhhh... coming, you hot cock-sucker!" Hank cried, half out of his mind with excitement and fuck-lust as his jism poured from his cock and splashed wetly down his sister's throat.

Wendy's cheeks expanded and hollowed as she continued to swallow her brother's cum. It was delicious! Just as good and creamy an warm as she had known his cum would be. Suddenly, the thrill of swallowing her brother's cum took Wendy over the edge, and she had her own orgasm.

As wave after wave of hot orgasmic pleasure washed over the young girl, she continued to suck wildly on her brother's twitching prick.

Hank reached up and tangled his hands in her long blonde hair, holding her head in place as she milked his cock of its hot cum-load.

His cock was still erupting violently, spilling out more cum than it ever had before. He jerked his ass up off the floor, fucking his madly jerking prick all the way down his sister's wantonly gulping throat.

The young blonde coughed, swallowing again and again to regain her breath. She had never know such lust and excitement in all her life, not even when she had had her cherry popped a couple of years before.

At that time, Wendy had thought that she would never know as great a thrill as that of having a big hard cock ripping through her cherry. But now she realized that that had been nothing compared to the jay of sucking off her own brother! Now, if she had only been smart enough to have her brother pop, her cherry! That would have been really something! But she had been too young to know better, and she had let her boyfriend do the honors. It had been exciting, and she had come again and again, but now she knew that nothing could equal the thrill of fucking with someone in the family, like her sexy brother. She thought briefly about Candy, and envied her. For her sister had been smart enough and lucky enough to have her cherry popped by her brother.

Oh, well, she thought now, maybe I can't have my cherry popped by my brother. But, look at me! I'm sucking him off and loving it. And I can have him fuck me. That'll be really hot!

Finally, the young boy's balls were drained, and he fell back, grunting in complete fulfillment. His cock slowly softened in her mouth, but she continued to gently suck on it, drawing every last precious, drop of jism from his young prick.

They lay there quietly for a few moments, wrapped lewdly in each other's arms.

"You're so damn good, Wendy!" Hank murmured. "Damn sucking good!"

"If you think I suck good," she said huskily, looking directly into his eyes, "just wait 'til you see how I fuck!"


"Stay on your hands and knees," Hank ordered Wendy. "That's how I'm going to fuck you!"

The young girl shrieked with excitement. "Oh, goody, Hank! I love it dog-style!"

Hank smiled to himself. Dog-style fucking wasn't what the young boy had in mind. Was she in for a surprise!

He stroked his cock, feeling it already growing hard again. He looked with pleasure at his sister's beautiful, desire-contorted face. Her long blonde hair, thick and glossy, framed it, and fell sexily over her huge, luscious tits.

She wiggled her hard, round ass, splaying her lovely long legs. She flexed the muscles of her asscheeks, as though beckoning him to her.

"Hurry, Hank! I can't wait for you to dog fuck me!"

Again, he smiled, wondering how she would react when he rammed his big cock up her asshole! He didn't even know if she had ever been ass-fucked before. Whether she had or not, he could tell just by looking at the tiny hole puckering between her asscheeks that his big prick was going to tear her apart.

Hank spread her asscheeks even wider with his large rough hands, until he could more clearly see the pink bud of her asshole. Beyond the tiny hole he could see an overhang of pussy fur veiling the sharp profile of her cunt.

He crudely ran his forefinger forward, sending it up her small dry asshole.

She shrieked. Shock and pain filled her, and tears began to run down her lovely young face. "Hank! What are you doing?" she cried.

He withdrew his finger in a long, easy slide and fucked it into her cunt, which was sopping wet, and liberally soaked his finger in her dripping pussy. Next, he stuck two fingers into her wet cunt and juiced them up.

With her cunt juices coating his fingers, he drove them up her asshole. She didn't cry out this time. Using his fingers like a corkscrew, he loosened her ass up with her own pussy juice. She loved it. It really turned her on. She moaned with pleasure and wriggled her ass back harder against his hand.

By now, Hank's cock was its hard, thick eight inches again, and he was ready for anything. His prick throbbed, racing hard with blood, aching for her, but he knew he would have to work her asshole bigger before he ass fucked her. Otherwise, he really would tear the hell out of her ass. He was top big to go into a half-dry hole. Besides, although it was fine with him if it hurt her a little, he didn't want it to hurt her so much that she wouldn't be able to enjoy it at all.

"Ohhhh, Hank, that feels sooooo good," Wendy moaned, getting hotter and hotter. She began to lurch up and down on his fingers, enjoying the way her brother was fingerfucking her asshole. But she hoped with all her heart that he would soon get oh to the serious business of dog-fucking her pussy.

Hank took his fingers out of her tiny asshole, and she moaned with disappointment. Once more, he bathed his fingers in the flow of her cunt, reaming her pussy hard at the same time, making the young girl lurch with pleasure.

"Ohhhh, Hank! That feels fantastic! Finger-fuck my cunt! I love it!" she cried.

But the young blonde hadn't yet caught onto the fact that her brother was fingering her pussy only to wet his fingers enough so he could lubricate her asshole.

Now, he added a third finger to the two that were already reaming out her pussyhole. He drenched all three fingers in the sweet, thick pussy cream, feeling his cock growing harder and thicker with each passing second.

Then he sent his probing fingers, completely coated with pussy juice now, back up her asshole. This time, he burrowed deeper and twisted, enlarging her tiny asshole considerably as she thrust her asscheeks against his wrist.

"Dog-fuck me, Hank!" she pleaded. "My cunt's red hot! Please hurry, Hank!"

But he cut off her words when he sent his thick, fat, hard sausage of a cock between her lovely, lily-white asscheeks, fucking into that virgin-like hole he had partly opened up.

"Shit, Hank! Not my asshole! That hurts!" she protested.

"Relax, cunt -- it'll get better!"

More of his long, thick fuck-pole plunged into her ass, hot and quivering.

"Oh, God, nooooo, Hank! Nooooooo!"

Wendy's voice was ragged with lust and pain as she felt the blunt cockhead pushing hard against her tight ass muscles. It hurt so much that she couldn't stop herself from squirming her ass around, trying to shake. Hank off of her.

Hank grunted and slapped her asscheeks hard, leaving the imprint of his hand on her soft, white skin. He held onto her writhing body with one big hand while he continued to guide his big cock into her asshole with the other.

"Damn! I love your asshole! It's so fuckin' tight! It'll be a fantastic fuck!" he grunted.

Suddenly, the pain eased off a bit, and the young girl began to enjoy having her ass fucked. Her asscheeks clamped hard around his cock, and she began to buck under him, trying to pull even more cock into her tiny quivering asshole.

Their hot flesh ground together as he rammed more prick into her clinging shitchute. He kept his cock inside her ass, pumping it in short jabs as her pleasure grew and grew.

He shoved harder now, sending her into a convulsion of pleasure as he split her brown crack wide open. Her asscheeks bobbed like jelly now.

As his prick speared into her ass, his loins slapped hard against her asscheeks. The harder he ass-fucked her, the louder the slaps against her asscheeks. They became shiny with sweat and the slaps became sharper, with a faintly wet ring to them. Again and again, he fucked his hard prick deep into her bouncing ass. It swallowed his cock and tightened hard around it, making him groan with pleasure.

"Oh, I love it now, Hank! Keep it up!" she gasped.

He shoved his eight-inch cock to the hilt within her spasming asshole, and she gave out a low guttural groan.

"Do it, Hank! Fuck it in hard! I love it good and haaaaard!" Wendy cried in a frenzy of lust for her brother's cock.

Hank shoved down again, as hard as he could this time. His prick plunged into Wendy's asshole with so much force that it sent her reeling to the floor, her legs flat out behind her.

Hank grabbed her hips with both of his hands and raised her up again, being sure not to let his cock slide out of her asshole. He pulled her ass high in the air, his prick still neatly embedded in her shit-chute.

The young girl's ass muscles were holding his cock so tightly now he felt as though he wouldn't even be able to get it out. But that was fine with him. He had no desire to take his prick out of her ass. Not yet, anyway. Not until he had dumped his entire load of hot cum right up into her quivering ass guts.

"Mmmmmmmm," Wendy murmured hotly, wriggling her ass around as she clenched her ass muscles hard around her brother's cock. "Fuck my ass, Hank! Go on! Do it hard!"

He grunted and pushed forward, again as hard as he could, fucking his throbbing cock all the way up his sister's tight asshole. His fucker was buried balls-deep now. He had shoved it up her so far that he could no longer see any of his prick, and his big pulsating balls lay throbbing against her lily-white asscheeks.

"Ummmmmmffffff! Yeah, that's it, Hank. All the way! Fuck me! Fuck me!" she panted.

"You lousy whore!" Hank yelled, half out of his mind with lust for his sister's tightly clenching asshole. "Damned right I'll fuck you, right up your ass! And you'll love it! Just like you pussies love everything I can do to you with my cock!"

"Ohhh, yes, Hank, yesssss! You're right! I love it! I love it all!" she moaned.

To keep from coming too soon, the young boy used an old trick that Phil had taught him.

He thought about the cool green water of Lake Marie, and he felt himself slowing down.

"Hey, Hank! What's the matter?" Wendy asked.

"I just want to make it last longer," he said, regaining his rhythm but using a shorter, slower fuck-stroke.

After ten minutes or so of slow steady fucking, he eased back, slowing drawing his cock from her whole. Watching his long glistening reddish prick pulling out from her filled him with pride. He stopped as her body shivered in the pain of withdrawal, while two inches of cock still remained lodged in her ass. The hard, fleshy ring of her whole spread around his thick prickshaft just enough to cover it in wet warmth.

"What does Wendy want more than any other thing in the whole wide world?" he asked, knowing the answer.

She groaned, her entire body filled with a hot raging lust. "Wendy wants you... to shove your... beautiful... big... hard... thick cock all the way up her hungry asshole!" she panted, tears of frustration and desire streaming down her face.

Her brother grinned triumphantly. He leaned back and savagely rammed his cock back in as hard as possible. He held tightly onto her hips so that the force of his brutal assfucking wouldn't send her crashing to the floor again.

"Ohhh, thank God, yesssss! That's it, Hank! That's what I need so bad! Fuck my ass! Fuck it until you come and dump your hot load into me! I have to feel it! I have toooo!"

He was riding her ass so hard now that his brutal cock-thrusts made her dizzy. She wiggled her ass backwards, meeting his thrusts skillfully each and every time.

Each time her brother fucked his big cock into her asshole, she wantonly gripped it with her strong ass muscles, holding his cock tightly inside her before releasing him once again.

Her pussy was literally dripping from excitement and she could feel her hot cunthole twitching, almost in perfect tempo with the fuck-thrusts of her brother's cock into her ass.

He gripped her hips hard, pulling her flushed, firm asscheeks back hard against him, to meet the spear of raw cockmeat that continued to fuck into her asshole.

With each fuck-thrust, his ever-stiffening cock slid brutally into the deep, dark cleft between her beautiful, jutting ass mounds, plowing the soft flesh of her ass.

With skillful counter-thrusts, she sucked in his cock, opening wide for him. Her huge, trembling tits pushed hard against the floor from the force of his attack.

The young girl was hot with a raging sexual excitement. She threw her ass upward, impaling herself on her brother's hot cock time after time, increasing her tempo as Hank speeded up his fucking strokes.

Wendy's neglected pussy poured out its tangy, thick sauce as her long clit poked out of its protective hood and rubbed against the pillow Hank had propped beneath her body. Now, she was being turned on front and back.

Her entire body was now a raging bonfire of greedy, gut-level need. Waves of pleasure and pain spread throughout her body as her brother's hot cock fucked in and out of her trembling ass.

He jerked his head from side to side as he felt his big sister's hot ass muscles squeezing and sucking at his big prick. She was giving him the best ass-fuck of his young life!

"Squeeze that prick, Wendy!" he growled. "Milk my cock dry! Squeeze it hard, you cunt!"

Each time he fucked his big prick into her tight asshole, she squeezed and pinched it with her incredibly tight ass muscles. Over and over, Hank drove his big cock in all the way up to his balls, then pulled it out as far as he could, then fucked in again, then out, then in.

Wendy milked his fucker with her ass muscles and shoved her ass back and forth in perfect timing with his cock-thrusts. She ground her ass against his wet, cum-laden balls, which slapped rhythmically against her ass crack.

Sweat poured down Hank's face and splashed onto his sister's back as he fucked her ass harder and harder. Her face was red and contorted with exertion and she could hardly breathe, they were fucking so furiously and frantically now.

The young girl had never felt so anything so good or so exciting. Having her entire asshole stuffed with hard, hot cockmeat was an incredible sensation. She had never been fucked up her ass before, and she was thrilled that it was her very own baby brother who was popping the cherry of her ass. Maybe it was too late for her brother to pop the cherry of her cunt, but he was doing a damn good job of fucking her asshole right out of its virgin state and into sweet, hot ecstasy!

Hank fucked in harder, only to jerk back again and then cram even more lusty cockmeat into her spongy asshole, spurred on by her grunts and moans of passion, and her frantically erotic movements. Her asshole was larger now, giving him a soft, well-worked velvety tunnel to fuck into.

Over and over, Wendy contracted and relaxed her ass muscles as Hank continued to shove his rock-hard prick in and out of her twitching asshole. As she writhed obscenely beneath him, the tight fit of her hole and the vibrations of her ass muscles against his cock all worked together to churn up his cum. He could feel his jism boiling in his balls now, and he knew there would be no more holding back, he had to come.

Wendy felt him tense and his prick twitched inside her ass in a different way. She knew that he was about to come.

"Do it, Hank! Shoot your hot cum up my ass! I need it! Oh, God, I have to feel your cum inside me!" she cried, wriggling her ass even more violently.

Hank grunted and fucked her ass hard, sinking his hot cock up her tiny asshole with slick, hard fuck-strokes.

"Yeah! This is it! I'm gonna pop! Awwww shit... I'm coming!" he yelled as the thick hot cum they had both been waiting for shot from his cum-slit and splashed lewdly into his sister's quivering asshole.

Feeling her brother's cum shooting into her virgin asshole brought the young girl off, and she came too. She exploded underneath her brother, calling out his name, moaning with passion, begging for more cock as she reached an orgasm so powerful that it amazed her, taking her breath away.

Her climax shuddered through her dripping pussy as her brother's cock continued to spew hot spunk up her ass. His prick twitched and danced obscenely inside her asshole as he shot wad after wad of thick hot jism, more cum than he had ever shot before.

Wendy lay limp now, exhausted from the thrill and exertion of her first ass-fucking. Slowly, he pulled out his long cock. It was, amazingly, still hard! He held his prick in both hands and sprinkled the last drops of his cum over her flushed asscheeks.

Then he lewdly rubbed the warm gooey cum into the soft cheeks of her ass, swirling the thick white jism across her still-trembling flesh.

He rolled over onto his back. His flushed face wore a pleased, triumphant look. His cock stood high in the air, throbbing again -- as though it hadn't just spewed out a flood of cum.

Wendy reached over and kissed the spongy head of her brother's prick. Her long blonde hair fanned out on either side of his prick.

"God, that was great, Hank! I loved my first ass-fuck! Thanks for making me feel so fantastic!" she murmured, running her tongue up and down his rigid prick.


A couple of days later, the four Dayton kids were out on the beach, alone once again. Hank and Phil were tossing a football back and forth near the shoreline. Wendy and Candy were lying on a big beach towel farther up from the water. They lay on their stomachs with their chins propped up on their hands as they admired their sexy, handsome brothers and exchanged horny thoughts about the two young boys.

"What's goin' on with Mom and Dad these days, do you know?" Candy asked idly.

Wendy shrugged. "Not really. I just know they've been arguing a lot lately. And something's been going on at that house down the beach that they're always goin' to."

"What do you mean?" the younger girl asked.

"I'm not sure. I've just overheard a couple of arguments where Mom said she was going down there and that Daddy didn't have to go if he didn't want to."

"But Daddy always goes with her," Candy said, confused.

"Yeah, I know. I heard him telling her that he didn't trust her to go there alone, and that he'd go with her every time she got it into her head to go down there."

"Jeez! I wonder what it's all about," Candy said, feeling really intrigued and curious now.

"You know what I think?" Wendy murmured with a mysterious smile on her beautiful young face.

"What?" Candy asked, really interested now.

"I think," Wendy began, turning on her side to face her sister, "that they're into some kind of swinging parties that go on at that house down the beach."

"Swinging parties? You mean swapping and all that?"

"Exactly! A few things I overheard really make it sound like that's what's going on. And I think Daddy's not into it as much as Mom is. I think he's jealous because of some guy she keeps wanting to fuck!"

"Wow!" Candy cried, totally surprised by what her sister was telling her.

Wendy laughed. "Yeah, I know. Isn't that hot? To think of Mom and Dad..."

"Wow!" Candy cried again. "Poor dad, if what you say is true."

"I know," Wendy agreed. "I feel sorry for the poor guy if Mom's really into fucking some other dude."

The girls fell silent then for the next few moments. Candy's pussy was already burning and itching from the thought that maybe her father would want to fuck her now -- especially if he wasn't getting any pussy from her mother!

Suddenly Wendy laughed and clapped her hands, breaking into the younger girl's thoughts. "Look at Phil! Isn't that great? God, is he built!"

Candy looked at her brothers. Suddenly, she wanted to shock her sister just as much as her sister had shocked her with the news about their parents. "Guess what Hank and Phil told me," she said innocently.

"What?" Wendy asked, glancing at her sister and thinking how beautiful and sexy the young girl was.

"They think that Daddy and I have the hots for each other!" she said, giggling nervously.

"Well? Do you?" Wendy asked coolly.

Candy giggled again. "Well, I can't answer for him, but I know that I'd give just about anything to have him fuck me."

Wendy laughed, feeling her pussy growing warm. "That's great! I kinda thought you had the hots for him. I've seen the way you've looked at him, especially at his crotch. Bet he's got a really big cock!"

"Yeah, I'll bet," the younger girl said, blushing with excitement.

"And I'll tell you what I think," Wendy murmured.

"What?" Candy asked curiously.

"I think that Phil and Hank are right," she said, watching her sister closely for her reaction.

"What do you mean?"

"I think that Daddy's just as hot for you as you are for him. In fact, I've noticed the way he looks at both you and me... has for some time now... but especially at you."

"You mean it, Wendy?" Candy asked, her pussy burning hotter and hotter at her sister's words.

"Sure, I mean it. No kidding, Candy. A lot of times, I've watched him when he didn't know I was noticing the way he was looking at you."

"What way? What do you mean? How was he looking at me?" Candy asked, unable to keep the excitement from her voice.

"Oh, I don't know. It's kinda hard to explain," Wendy murmured, closing her eyes and stretching out on the towel.

Candy panicked. It looked as though her sister was going to go to sleep. She had to know what Wendy was going to tell her about the way her father looked at her.

"Wendy! Don't do this to me! I have to know what you mean! I have to know the way that Daddy looked at me. I never saw him doing it -- not really, anyway. Not the way you have when he thought no one was looking. Tell me!"

Suddenly, Wendy sat up and laughed. "Hey, take it easy. I was just kidding! I know how hot you are for Daddy! I wouldn't do that to you! It was just a joke!"

"Same joke!" Candy pouted. "And I'm no kid!"

"All right, all right, take it easy, Candy!" Wendy laughed, reaching out and stroking her sister's bare arm.

She was surprised by how soft and silky the younger girl's skin was, and she briefly found herself wondering what it would be like to make it with her. She mentally shook herself, and forced herself to focus on what they were talking about.

"Listen, Candy," she began, giving her sister a sympathetic look; "I've seen Daddy look really hard at your big tits. Then his eyes kind of move down your body and stop again at your crotch, you know."

"Yeah, yeah, I know," Candy whispered, blushing again.

"And, then he usually gets all red in the face and when I glance down at his crotch, he's got a super hard-on! That's why there's absolutely no doubt in my mind that our father's really hot to fuck you!"

"Wow! He's hot for me and I'm hot for him. Looks like all I have to do is wait for my chance to make it happen," she said, shivering with excitement at the idea of fucking her own father.

"Sure," Wendy shrugged, "it'll happen naturally. You wait. Maybe after a big fight with Mom or something, he'll be really ready for it and it'll happen. I'm not as hot for him as you are, but I wouldn't mind a go at him myself!"

Candy giggled happily. She felt no resentment or jealousy. She just felt excited at the thought that both she and her beautiful sister were hot for their father.

"Hank told me about you and him," Candy murmured, thinking it was her turn to shock Wendy now.

But the older girl just laughed. "He did? That's cool. We had a really hot fuck season!"

"Yeah, Hank fucks really good. Phil does too, you know," Candy muttered, watching her sister closely.

"Yeah? Now that I'd like to find out about first-hand," Wendy said, absently beginning to stroke her big tits through her sheer bikini top.

"Really? Are you hot for Phil?" Candy asked, her pussy turning on more and more as their lewd conversation progressed.

"Sure! Have been for a long time, too. But I'm just taking my time. I'm sure that'll happen naturally, just like you and Daddy will eventually fuck each other."

"Wow, Wendy!" Candy said, looking at her sister admiringly. "You're so cool about the whole thing. And you're talking about incest!" The younger girl shivered involuntarily at the word.

"So what? Incest is just another word for families loving each other, that's all! It's perfectly natural. Surely, you have to agree with that, especially after fucking with your brothers!"

"Yeah," Candy laughed, relaxing more and more, "it sure did seem natural, like it was really right, you know."

"Sure, it is right -- the most natural thing in the world when people really love each other. I really like the idea of keeping it in the family!"

"Yeah, I do, too!" Candy cried, realizing for the first time that that was true and that she finally felt genuinely at ease about making love with anyone in her family.

The two girls, fell silent once more until Candy suddenly sat up and looked at her sister excitedly. "Hey, how would you like to help nature along a bit and make your fuck session with Phil happen tonight?"

"What? What are you talking about?" Wendy asked, rubbing her big tits faster and faster.

"Didn't Daddy say that he and Mom will be out again tonight?"

"Yeah, right. They're going down the beach to that mysterious house again!"

"All right!" Candy cried, clapping her hands. "That's our chance! Let's have our own little swapping party tonight, just the four of us!"

"You mean just you dud me and Phil and Hank?" Wendy asked, her hands moving to her pussy.

"Exactly! What do you say? You and Phil can fuck. And Hank can make my pussy happy! What do you say? Huh? Huh?"

"What do I say?" Wendy echoed. "I say yes! Yes! All right!"

"Great! You wait here and I'll run down and tell the boys," Candy said excitedly as she jumped up and ran off to where Hank and Phil were still tossing the football around.

Wendy watched her sister talking to their brothers. She could feel her cunt oozing out droplets of pussy juice down between her legs as lewd thoughts raced through her mind. In her mind's eye, she saw Phil's huge prick throbbing excitedly. She breathed rapidly now, the hot pussy juices from her cunt soaking the thin fabric of her bikini panties.

Hours later, as the inky blackness of the night surrounded the beach house, the four young people sat nakedly in the living room. They were on their fourth round of drinks, and any doubts or inhibitions they had had about their planned orgy had long since disappeared.

Wendy smiled at Phil, noticing the look of desire he gave the full length of her beautiful young body. She could feel the throb of fuck lust in her pussy as he continued to stare at her, and she couldn't wait to fuck him.

Phil moved closer to Wendy and whispered in her ear. "I'm really glad that you're gonna be my partner tonight, Wendy." He nuzzled her hair gently, then more passionately.

"So am I, Phil," she murmured, her breath quickening at his touch.

Smiling at her, he took the glass from her hand and set it on the table. Then his arms pulled her to him as his lips came wetly down on hers, his tongue darting lewdly into her eager mouth. She sucked on it gently, feeling her body melting against his, and she trembled from the excitement other brother's kiss.

She moaned and pressed her lips tighter against his, feeling the hardening of his huge cock where he rubbed into the softness of her thigh. She felt her pussy muscles contracting and her tits began to tingle hotly.

They moved apart slightly, catching their breath, and Wendy looked across to the couch which faced away from them. Hank and Candy were in each other's arms there, and the young girl was wrapping her arms even tighter around him, urging him on with her feminine moans of pleasure.

Phil noticed Wendy's glance and said: "They seem to have the right idea."

"Mmmmmm," Wendy sighed, returning to his embrace, "and so do we."

"Jesus, baby, I want to fuck you!" Phil whispered suddenly. "And I want to do it here, right now?"

The thought of being fucked by her big brother, Phil, in full view of her brother and sister turned Wendy on powerfully, and she felt a red-hot heat flush through her entire body.

"I'm ready, Phil!" she answered. "Oh, Phil, yes... fuck me? Fuck my pussy?"

She reached down and stroked his hugely pulsing cock, feeling more excited than she had ever felt before in her life. Not even the idea of fucking Hank had turned her on this much. She didn't know exactly why she was so turned on, but she suspected that it had a lot to do with the whole orgy scene. There was just something about fucking in front of others that appealed to her lewd, wanton needs.

The tingling in the girl's throbbing tits spread to her cunt and enveloped her firm, slender thighs. She glanced once more toward Candy and Hank but the two teens were out of sight on the couch cushions.

Phil reached for her, the touch of his hands on her naked flesh making her jump with excitement and fuck lust. The idea that she was naked in her brother's arms -- while nearby Hank was busily fucking Candy -- fanned the older girl's lust which was burning in her juicy cunt. And the thought that she would soon be writhing on the floor with her big brother fucking her naked cunt added to the forbidden thrill.

"Jeez, I'm sure glad that Mom and Dad went out again tonight," Phil murmured as he lowered his head to one hugely throbbing tit, sucking the large, pulsing nipple deep into his mouth. Wendy moaned and swayed, almost falling.

"Oooooooooh... mmmmm, Phil!" she panted hotly. "I love to have my tits sucked on like that!"

Then she slipped to the floor. The carpet was thick and almost as soft and comfortable as a bed. She stretched out fully, spreading her legs to show her brother the full, enticing view of her warmly quivering cunt. Her pussy was literally on fire! She rubbed her hands along her sides and dipped a finger lewdly into her warm tingling pussy, spreading the moistened curl-rimmed cuntlips, thinking all the time about the lust-fulfilling fuck she knew her brother was about to give her hot-for-cock pussy.

"Hurry, hurry!" she moaned loudly. "I want you to fuck my cunt!" She made no effort to keep her voice down. She wanted Candy and Hank to hear her... to hear the two of them as they fucked each other there on the floor. She waited as Phil moved toward her, lowering his handsome, trembling, naked body down to hers.

"Oh, God, Wendy, I want to fuck you! I'm going to fuck you so hard you won't be able to walk afterwards!" he hissed between clenched teeth. "I've wanted to fuck you for a long time now!"

"Oooooh, me too, Phil! Me too!" she moaned, thrilled by his hot touch.

Sensations of forbidden desire were boiling through her pussy now like molten lava from a volcano. Her entire cunt felt as though it would explode any second. She knew she would go mad if she didn't feel her brother's big cock up her cunt soon.

"Oh, Phil, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeee!" she cried out. "My pussy is so hot!" She heard a soft moan coming from the couch, and she guessed that her words were inflaming the passion between Candy and Hank, and the older girl was glad. Now they were all getting off on each other, even though the two couples couldn't see each other.

Phil's moist, hot lips started nibbling along Wendy's shoulder and neck, sending quivers of goose pimples racing over her naked, lusting body. She writhed uncontrollably and dropped her hand to his heavily pulsing cock, grasping his hard-on brutally in her hands.

She heard him groan as she slid the foreskin back over the engorged cockhead and rolled the loose cock flesh around the base. He moved his mouth back to her nakedly tingling tits, his mouth playing wildly with her large nipples, his tongue trailing wetly through the valley of flesh between her hugely throbbing tits.

Then Phil moved lower, positioning his body so that his sister could still touch his prick and he could bathe her belly and inner thighs with his tongue. He ground the tip of his tongue into her navel, bringing soft moans of pleasure from Wendy's lips and gasps from her throat.

He licked even lower, and Wendy felt her greedy cunt pouring out more of her pungent cunt juice. She stretched her legs upwards and back against her tits as her brother hunched over her naked cunt and spread her juice moistened cuntlips with his fingers. He licked around her inner thighs and asscheeks and then plunged his tongue hotly into the pink wet flesh of her pussy.

"Ohhhh!" she groaned. "That's what I like! Yes, yes, yesssssssss, don't stop! Ohhhh, Phil, don't stop!"

Her huge tits were mashed against her upthrust legs. She put her hands on her upturned asscheeks and spread her blonde furred cunt open to her brother's obscenely teasing finger. He pulled the exposed pink silt closer to his eager mouth.

His tongue flicked against the hotly tingling bud et her blood-engorged clit, making it quiver with expectation. Then he tonguefucked against the juicy walls of her hotly throbbing cunt.

Moaning with pleasure, Wendy raised herself up on her elbows and looked down between her two nakedly heaving tits in fascination as Phil nestled his mouth into the hollow of her open cunt. She shuddered from his soft licking on her tender skin and in her wet creases, and she felt his hot puffs of breath.

She began to pump her crotch in the rhythm of fucking as her big brother's magical tongue kissed her from the bottom to the top of her lewdly spread pussy. She rolled her head back, slowly tossing it from side to side as the delicious tongue-fucking continued.

"Ahhhhhhhhh, Phil, that feels sooo good!" the young girl groaned.

"Damned right it feels good! What you're doing to my cock feels great too! After I finish tonguing your hot cunt, I'm gonna fuck you silly, pussy!" he growled, raising his face from between her silky thighs just long enough to say the words which only turned on both of the teens even more.


Phil gasped with excitement and pleasure as Wendy continued to stroke his huge, throbbing cock. He jerked his thighs up as though he were fucking her hand. But all the while, he managed to keep up the hot contact of his tongue with her pussy.

He was using his mouth, his lips, even his teeth, as he continued to tongue-fuck the young girl, skillfully bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. By now, even his nose was buried in her steaming cunt, his nostrils flaring at the musky odor of teenaged pussy in heat. He eagerly lapped up her flowing cunt juices which he quickly swallowed, savoring the delicious-tasting cream.

Suddenly, Phil moved his face lower and kissed the wrinkled ring of her asshole. Wendy shrieked with shock and delight at the forbidden act.

"Ohhh, God, Phil!" she yelled, her entire body convulsing uncontrollably.

Phil thrust the hard tip of his tongue into her asshole, feeling its rubbery opening give way before his obscenely invading tongue. Then he moved one of his hands from her nakedly wriggling asscheeks, poising it before her shamelessly twitching asshole, and he began once again to suck on her clit. Then he pressed his middle finger hard into her asshole, sinking it quickly to the first knuckle.

"Aaaaaaaaagh! It hurts!" Wendy cried out, delirious with the pleasure-pain she felt with her brother's finger-rape of her asshole. "It hurts so much! But I love it!"

Phil laughed and wriggled his finger, ramming it into the second knuckle.

"Ohhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhh! I can't stand it!" she screamed. "It's too much! Too much!"

The young girl was surprised that, after Hank's savage fucking of her ass, her asshole could still be small enough to hurt so badly when Phil rammed his finger in it. She remembered how Hank had taken special pains to lubricate her asshole with his finger before sticking his cock into it. But now, with her shit-chute hurting so much from the pressure of Phil's finger, the young girl guessed that her asshole must have returned to its original small size after her brutal ass-fucking.

Phil kept his finger in his sister's asshole, moving it around as he thrust his tongue deeply inside her tightly gripping cunt. Finally, her voice broke in a strangled mixture of sob and sigh, ending in a loud, high-pitched wail as her lust overwhelmed her.

Wendy twisted lewdly on the floor, writhing in the sweet agony of sexual desire. Her body filled with pleasure from Phil's pussy-teasing lips and ass-ramming finger. She gasped and groaned, a burning wildness taking hold of her as she lay impaled upon tongue and finger.

She rotated her nakedly trembling asscheeks wantonly, the ecstasy probing through her pussy and swirling through her entire naked body. Oh, God, she thought. I can't get enough of my brother's mouth, and hands!

Phil thrust his tongue deeper, working faster and faster as he heard his sister nearing her climax. He fucked every inch of his skillful tongue into her greedily milking cunt, tasting its delicious hotly flowing pussy juices, licking the swollen cuntlips, kissing her trembling inner thighs.

What a hot bitch! he thought. He had been waiting for this opportunity and now he realized the wait had been worth it. He flicked his tongue and fucked his finger faster and deeper into her expanding asshole. Her body shuddered passionately beneath him, her thighs opening and closing spasmodically.

The young girl convulsed, her head flailing wildly as she tensed her back in an arch. Her neck muscles stood out, and her beautiful face screwed into a contorted mask as a low, animalistic growl began to build within her. She was almost there... she was going to come.

"Oh, God, I can't take it... that's it! That's enough! Oh, stop, Phil, stop, please! Ohhhhhhhh, I'm coming! That's enough! Oh, stop, Phil, stop, please! Ohhhhhhhh, I'm coming!"

Wendy spasmed and climaxed, her heart slamming against her ribs, a hot pleasure washing over her trembling young body. Her pussy felt as though it were on fire. Her cunt juices gushed hotly down along Phil's mouth and chin, puddling wetly around his finger which was still reaming out her asshole.

Finally, Wendy collapsed on the rug, dropping her legs as though they were lead weights. She lay still except for her hand, which was still pumping and down on her brother's twitching cock.

Phil cradled his face in the warm softness of her still-quivering pussy. He panted hard now, nearing his own orgasm as he felt his sister's hot hand still moving up and down his pulsating prick.

He took his finger from her trembling asshole and shifted his position slightly so that her fingers were still locked around his cock, so he could kiss her. As he mashed his wet, hot lips against hers, she could feel the stickiness of her own cunt juices on his cheeks, and the lewd sensation turned her on even more.

"Okay, baby, just suck my cock like I sucked your cunt. Then I'll fuck you!"

Wendy nodded her head eagerly and pushed her tongue deep into his mouth, as though to thank him for the pleasure he had given her.

Meanwhile, Hank had let Candy lower him to the pillows of the couch, squirming her hot, eager body beneath him teasingly. Their heads whirled from all their drinks, and from the knowledge that soon they would be fucking each other.

What a fantastic chick I've got for a sister, thought the young boy. She's so hot! Hot and ready!

She took his hand and guided it to the softness of her nakedly quivering pussy, rubbing his palm into the crinkly-soft pussy hairs. The pungent scent of her cunt was exciting as it wafted like a forbidden perfume into his nostrils.

"Finger-fuck my pussy!" she groaned excitedly, entangling her fingers in the prick hair around his heavily pulsing cock, teasing his painfully aching hardness with her hot, lust-filled strokes.

Hank grinned with excitement, his fingers probing his sister's quivering cunthole and hotly hardening clit, making it stand up between her cuntlips. It gave him a good feeling of power over her to see how she wriggled and squirmed under his finger-fucking, and he pressed harder. He pulled her softly curling pussylips open widely and teased his middle finger up and down her wet, golden-furred cunt.

Candy began to stroke his huge, pussy exciting prick more strongly, and finally the young boy couldn't stand it any longer. His cock throbbed like it had a mind of its own. He grabbed her legs and drew himself on top of her, his rigid, twitching prick brushing against her silken pussy hairs, and slithering along her juice-moistened pussy.

"Oh, yessssss, Hank! I want your cock! Now! Now!" she gasped, wantonly splaying her legs as far apart as she could get them.

She dropped one leg to the floor and arched the other over the back of the couch. Her brother looked down between their naked bodies, staring with hungry eyes at her obscenely spread cunt.

Suddenly, Candy lurched upward in a spasmodic rush to hurry her brother's cock into her pussy. She groped wildly between her legs, grasping his jerking cockhead. She closed her hands tightly around his cock, steering it up to the cave of her pussy, never letting it lose touch with her boiling flesh. She couldn't wait to shove the throbbing hugeness of his lust hardened cock into her open, hot cunthole.

Her hotly flowing pussy juices ran from the lust-filled opening, and her cunthole was convulsing lewdly. She held Hank's cock in place while, with her other hand, she pulled against his asscheeks. Then he fucked his huge cock deep into his big sister's hungry, yawning cunt.

"Ooooooohhhhhhh!" she groaned as he began to fuck bet, his long, grinding fuckstrokes bringing noises from Candy like those of a mewling kitten searching for its milk.

Dimly, they heard another sound -- gasps as though a woman were in intense pain. Hank was half-tempted to raise his head and see what it was, but the force of his sister's animalistic fucking was too great. He fucked deeply into her cunt, slamming against her pussy with his powerful battering ram of a cock.

Hank heard a girl's husky voice: "That's what I like! Yes, yes, yessssss... ooooohhhhhhhhh!"

He suddenly realized that he was hearing Wendy's voice. The knowledge that she was begging Phil to fuck her even as Hank was fucking Candy thrilled Hank so much it was all he could do not to come on the spot.

He was brought back to his fuck session with Candy with a start as she cried out: "Keep fucking, Hank! Goddamn it, keep fucking my pussy!"

He could hear other sounds coming from beyond the couch, sounds of moans and groans. Then, suddenly, he heard Wendy crying out in pain: "Agggggghhhhh! It hurts!"

"Sounds like Wendy's really getting it," Candy grinned up at Hank, and he laughed with her. They were both terribly excited by the thought of their sister's fuck-lust. Hearing the sounds of her brother and sister fucking each other turned the young girl on so much that she began to undulate her hips wildly, savagely fucking her pussy up against her brother's cock.

"Ohhh, baby, you fuck good," Hank groaned. He felt his cock throbbing and aching in Candy's tightly gripping, sopping wet pussy. His cum-swollen balls churned with is heavy load, and he knew he would have to come soon.

Suddenly, Wendy's voice filled the room again. "Oh, God, I can't take it!" she shrieked as she reached her mind-blowing cum. Then there was silence, except for the loud panting.

Candy and Hank giggled with excitement. They were more turned on than ever now. The young girl heaved against her brother, filling the young boy with lust. He fucked the cock hungry blonde as hard as he could, slamming his massively pulsing cock to the hilt, fucking her cunt with increasing pressure. His cock ripped away at her eagerly convulsing pussy.

Then, suddenly, there was a groan from Phil as though he had been stabbed, and his voice cut through the air like a knife. "Ooohhh, Wendy! Your mouth is driving my prick crazy!"

"Jeeeeesus, listen to them!" Hank cried excitedly as he fucked Candy, wildly, thrilled by the idea of fucking Candy while, nearby, his sister gave their brother a blow-job.

Candy laughed with excitement. "Hank! Let's look! I want to fuck you, but we can finish fucking after we look at what Wendy and Phil are doing!"

Hank could hardly believe his ears. He was close to orgasm, his cock deeply buried in Candy's cunt, and she wanted him to stop fucking her so they could watch Wendy and Phil!

But, in the next instant, he was grinning. He admitted to himself that he wanted to watch Wendy sucking Phil's cock. And, as Candy had said, they could always finish their own fuck session later. If I can just hold off, the young boy thought desperately as he began to slip his prick from his sister's cunt. Shit, I refuse to waste my cum outside this whore's pussy! I'm saving it all for inside her cunt!

As soon as she felt her brother's prick slip from her pussy, Candy scooted up to her knees, peering over the back of the couch. Hank knelt next to her, their eyes fastened on the lewd scene before them.

The sight of Phil's huge, mouth-stretching prick completely absorbed between Wendy's lips increased Candy's and Hank's sexual heat a hundredfold. Wendy was stroking the soft, hot skin of Phil's cum-swollen balls, and she swallowed continually, her throat muscles milking his prick.

Her tongue lapped at the underside of his cock while its tip teased the base and a portion of his sensuously jerking balls. The look on Phil's face told Candy and Hank that he was experiencing the very ultimate of sexual pleasure.

Wendy purred hungrily, Phil's heavy and throbbing prick vibrating down her throat. She wiggled her naked asscheeks invitingly, totally absorbed in her lewd task.

"Suck harder!" Phil groaned through his clenched teeth. Wendy tightened her lips and bobbed faster, her brother's cock buried deep in her mouth.

"Isn't that hot?" Candy whispered to Hank.

"Shit, yeah! I'll say! Look at her sucking Phil's cock like she can't get enough of it!"

"Yeah, and look how huge his cock looks! Mmmmmm," Candy murmured hungrily, beginning to stroke her juicy pussy as she and Hank continued to watch the hot fuck scene taking place before their very eyes.

After a few more minutes of watching Wendy sucking Phil's cock, Candy wouldn't take any more. She had to join in! Suddenly, with an animal-like cry, she jumped down from the couch, pulling a stunned Hank with her. Before he could say a word, she had grasped his big, jerking cock with both hands, and was leading him over to where Wendy and Phil lay air the floor.

"Jesus, you're hot!" Hank finally managed to sputter.

"Yeah," Candy laughed. "Want some company?" she asked the couple on the floor.

"Sure, whatever," Phil answered.

Wendy didn't even seem to notice that they were there. She was so intent on sucking her brother's cock that nothing else seemed to exist for the young girl.

Hank's cock throbbed painfully in anticipation of fucking his sister again. The lewd thought of fucking Candy in front of Wendy and Phil while they got it on together thrilled him so much that he knew he couldn't wait any longer.

He slipped down to the floor, holding Candy tightly so that she fell on top of him. Then, as he guided her with his hands on her soft tempting asscheeks, she lowered herself onto his heavily pulsating prick.

"Aieeeeeee!" Candy screamed with lust as she felt her pussy being impaled on her brother's huge cock.

Hank gasped with pleasure as Candy rode his massive prick. She reached behind herself and gently stroked his cum laden balls with her soft hands. Then, she leaned forward, making his cock scrape her hot, juicy cuntwalls.

The young girl fucked up and down, her soft cunt hairs parting and then folding inwards as she slid down his juice-slicked prick. Her cunt clasped his cock like a well-fitting glove and he moved his hips off the rug. With a groan, he rammed forward, fucking his cock deeper still into Candy's wildly clasping pussy.

Phil turned his head and saw his sweet sister impaled on his brother's cock, and he groaned at the lewd sight. Never had he seen anything so beautiful in his life!

"Way to go, Candy! Fuck your brother! Fuck Hank's cock!" he shouted, as Wendy's mouth continued to suck hard on his prick.

Their brother's obscene words just turned on Hank and Candy all the more. Candy fucked on her brother's cock even harder, straining for the orgasm she needed so badly.

Candy and Hank groaned with the double ecstasy of fucking and seeing Wendy trapped so obscenely between Phil's legs, the sexy, young boy fucking his cock relentlessly into her mouth, forcing her excitedly sucking lips apart with each upward jerk until all of his massive cock was swallowed by her lewdly working cheeks.

Wendy's long glossy hair cascaded over her shoulders, falling onto her brother's belly below, and lip huge naked tits danced and shook against her chest as though they had a life all their own.

Unconsciously, Candy and Hank began to imitate Wendy's rhythm as the tempo increased. Hank's cock throbbed inside the young teenager's burning pussy, her soft moist cunt almost unbearably pleasurable.

Wilder and wilder the two couples fucked and sucked, their beat regulated by the rhythm of Wendy's swirling tongue around Phil's cock.

Then, suddenly, Phil gave a loud cry and he locked his hands around the back of Wendy's bobbing head, fucking his cock so deeply into her throat that the other couple could no longer see any of it protruding from their sister's wetly glistening lips.

Her wild sucking changed to great, desperate, gulping swallows. As Phil spewed huge jets of hot white cum into her mouth. Some of his cum dribbled lewdly from her tightly clasping lips even though it was obvious to everyone that she was trying hard to swallow all of it. Cum ran in sexy rivers down her chin and neck, pooling lewdly around her huge, heaving tits. She swallowed and swallowed, hollowing and puffing out her engorged cheeks.

"Mmmmmmmm," she murmured happily around her brother's cock.

"That's it, whore! Take my cum and swallow it!" Phil groaned as he humped his hips up from the floor, fucking his sister's mouth deeply.

Just then, Hank felt a gush of warmth around his own prick as Candy groaned out her own wild orgasm. Her pussy juices flowed out from around his deeply embedded cock. He closed his eyes tightly and felt himself beginning to come.

"Ohhhhhhhh, Hank, I'm coming!" Candy squealed as she felt her pussy exploding in sweet, hot orgasm.

As her cunt spasmed in climax, and she felt her brother's cum rushing up into her twitching pussy, Candy realized that if fucking her father could even be half as good as her fuck session with her brothers, she would have nothing to complain about!


The next morning found all the Daytons at breakfast, all except Alice, the mother.

"Where's Mom, Dad? I haven't seen her all morning," Phil said.

"Yeah, Dad. I looked in your room a little while ago and she's not in there," Hank said.

"What's going on, Dad?" Wendy asked, speaking for all of them.

Alex put his knife and fork down and took a deep breath. "I have to tell you kids something. It isn't easy, but you have a right to know..."

"Daddy! What is it?" Candy cried, feeling a nervous fluttering begin in the pit of her stomach.

"There's only one way to say it and that's straight out. Your mother won't be back, except maybe to get some of her things."

"What? Where is she?" they all asked at once.

Alex took another deep breath. He would never forgive that bitch, Alice, for leaving him and forcing the task of telling their kids on him. She could have at least had the decency to talk to the kids, herself, he thought bitterly.

"Kids... your mother and I have been spending a lot of time down the beach with some new friends we made here at the lake. I'm sure that's no secret to you," Alex muttered, trying to find the right words to break the news to his wonderful children.

"Yeah, we know, Dad. There are some pretty wild parties down there. Right?" Phil asked.

"Right. You wouldn't believe some of the stuff that goes on down there."

"Oh, I think we'd believe it, Dad," Hank smiled, exchanging a secret look with his brother and sisters. If their father only knew what his kids had been up to! His wild parties probably couldn't begin to compare with what his children had been doing.

"Well..." Alex continued, "I admit that I got into it there for a while, but not the way your mother did. She took to all the wild goings-on like a duck to water. After the first couple of parties, I didn't really want to go back, but she did! She made it clear that if I didn't go with her, she'd go alone. I didn't want to take a chance on something happening to her when I wasn't around so I continued to go with her..." Alex's voice broke as though he were about to cry.

"Oh, Daddy," Candy murmured sympathetically as she reached out and took one of his large hands.

"As it turned out, it didn't really matter whether I was with her or not. She found a guy there she really liked and the two of them paired off right away." Alex paused again, trying to regain his composure. He had loved his wife so much but, over the years, she had treated him like dirt. And now, this.

"You don't have to go on, Daddy," Candy said, squeezing his hand.

"No, Candy, I do have to. I have to tell it like it is. For all our sakes. Anyway, I figured that the worst of it had already happened. You know the two of them got it on, and I thought it might go on for a while and that would be that. But, instead, that wasn't enough for her. Last night, she left me left us... for him. When he returns to New York where he's from, she'll be going with him!"

"Oh, Daddy, no!" all the kids chorused.

Candy realized that she didn't really mind about her mother going away... not for herself, anyway. Her mother had never really acted like a real mother to any of the kids. She wouldn't miss her very much at all. Candy minded for her father though. She loved her daddy so much, and she hated her mother for doing this to him!

"I'm suddenly not very hungry. Think I'll go lie down for a while," Alex muttered, unable to meet his kids' eyes as he left the table and headed toward his room.

A few minutes later, everyone else left the table, too, leaving most of their breakfast untouched. No one felt much like eating after bearing the terrible news about their own mother's abandonment of her family.

Hank and Phil went out on the beach, and Wendy and Candy wandered into the living room. Wendy put some nice, soft music on the stereo and poured a drink for her sister and herself.

Then, the two young girls sat side by side on the couch, talking in soft whispers about what they had just found out from their father. They both quickly downed their drinks and Wendy poured each of them another one.

"Can you believe it? Mom's left us," Candy murmured as she swallowed half of her second drink.

"I don't care. I always hated her anyway," Wendy said bitterly.

"Wendy! She was our mother!" Candy protested, but she admitted to herself that she felt the same way.

"So what? She never really acted much like a mother! She was always bitching at us, telling us what to do, never letting us have any fun, and she was never nice to Daddy either," Wendy said.

"Yeah, you're right. I never liked her or loved her either, Wendy. I just always felt that I should, you know."

"Sure, I know," Wendy muttered. She placed her hand on Candy's knee and squeezed it reassuringly. "I went through the same thing when I was younger. But I'm a year older than you, so I guess that's why I've already realized that it's not our fault that we didn't love her. If it was anyone's fault, it was hers!"

"Yeah, I can see that. It was up to her to be a good mother and wife so we would love her, right?" Candy asked, struggling to understand.

"Sure," Wendy shrugged, beginning to gently stroke her sister's thigh, feeling strangely excited at the feel of the younger girl's bare flesh against her hand.

Candy felt oddly relieved, as though she had just thrown off a burden she had been carrying for years... the burden of worrying because she didn't love her mother. Now, the young girl realized that her mother had probably never cared about her kids either. Or her father.

"Do you think Daddy still loves her, Wendy?" Candy asked, her thoughts turning to her poor father.

"No... I don't think so. In fact, I don't think he's loved her for a long time," Wendy said.

Candy fell silent, thinking about everything that she had learned that morning. She was beginning to feet excited about the fact that her father didn't care about her mother, that her mother wouldn't be around any more, and that maybe now she would have her long awaited chance to fuck her father! She leaned back against the couch, closing her eyes, turning on more and more to the feel of her sister's hand running hotly up and down her naked thigh. She moaned, moving even closer to Wendy.

Suddenly, Wendy tare her sister's bikini top off, making the girl gasp with surprise and excitement. For a breathless moment, Wendy stared hotly at Candy's full, firm tits, so near her hungry mouth.

The large, throbbing, rose-colored nipples were only an inch from her lips. Wendy moved closer and closer, knowing that she had to taste her sister's beautiful, sexy tits. She sighed happily as the soft, silky nipple of Candy's left tit slid between her lips.

"Oh, God, Wendy!" Candy moaned.

She opened her eyes and watched Wendy sucking and chewing on her tit, and she felt her pussy juices beginning to flow. She could hardly believe this was happening -- but she already knew that she would go as far as Wendy wanted to. The younger girl was enjoying every minute of it!

"Wendy, have you ever made it with a girl before?" Candy panted, hardly able to talk.

"Just once," Wendy said as she reluctantly slipped her mouth off Candy's sweet-tasting tit. "An older girl in school... it was great, but I never thought I'd want to do it again. But now... Candy, I want to fuck you, honey! So much!"

"Ohhh, Wendy, me too! I've never done it... but I want to!" Candy moaned, shoving her chest toward her sister's face, silently urging her to take her tit back into her mouth.

Wendy groaned lustfully at her sister's words. She was hot. And her cunt was getting juicier by the second. All she could see were the two gigantic tits in front of her, and all she could think of was the beautiful pussy between her sister's legs, a pussy just waiting to be kissed and sucked and licked.

"Let's strip, honey," Wendy said hoarsely as she quickly tore off her own bikini.

Candy giggled and slipped her bottoms off, spreading her legs lewdly so that her sister could see her inviting pussy. Candy watched Wendy move her hot, wet mouth from one tit to the other, nuzzling the large tit mounds, sucking, on their reddish nipples, nuzzling them against her lips and cheeks. Now she was chewing on them, making mewing sounds as her teeth grazed the rockhard nipples.

"Mmmmmmm, yessssss," the younger girl groaned. "I love that, Wendy!"

As Wendy continued to suck and nibble on her sister's tits, Candy squirmed impatiently. Her sister was being too gentle with her!

"Harder!" she yelled to Wendy. "Bite my fucking nipples hard! The way I love it! Bite them hard!"

Without hesitating, Wendy sucked her sister's large, throbbing nipples into her mouth, both nipples at the same time, by squeezing her huge tit-mounds together. Then, she bit down hard, feeling her pussy twitching in delight as Candy danced and wriggled underneath her.

"Oh, God, it hurts so much, Wendy! I love it! Don't stop! That's just how I love it!" she sobbed, tears of lust and pleasure streaming down her beautiful young face.

Candy's pussy was overflowing with her hot juices now, and she moaned loudly as her sister continued to chew painfully on her big, pulsating tits. She knew that soon her sister's face would be buried between her legs, and she shivered with excitement.

Wendy felt her own cunt juice flowing fast down her legs as she bit hard into her sister's nipples. She was only dimly aware of Candy's moans and groans of pleasure.

Suddenly, Candy knew that she couldn't wait any longer. She had to feel her sister sucking her pussy! "My cunt, Wendy! Eat it! God, how I need to feel your mouth on nay pussy! Lick it! Make me come, Wendy!" the young girl screamed, beside herself with lust.

"Ohhhh, yessss, Candy, I can't wait to eat your beautiful, juicy pussy!" Wendy cried as she eagerly scooted down between her sister's firm, slender legs.

Candy was spread wide open so that Wendy could easily see her pinkish cunt canal, already glistening with telltale pussy juice. The aroma of her cunt was heady, and Wendy breathed it in deeply.

"Ahhhh, please hurry, Wendy! I can't wait! Pleeease!" the girl begged, wriggling her ass on the couch in a frenzy of fuck-lust.

Wendy lowered her head and, spreading her sister's cuntlips with both hands, she touched Candy's cunt with her tongue. She moaned and licked it hard, feeling Candy writhing in pleasure beneath her fucking tongue.

Wendy clamped her lips around the tiny fuckhole and plunged her rigid tongue fully inside. The turn-on she felt was so strong that it was almost as though someone were licking her own pussy! Hot shivers of pleasure and lust ran up and down her spine.

"Ahhhhhh," the older girl whispered, taking her mouth from the young girl's cunt for a moment. "You taste just wonderful, Candy! You're so sweet and sexy! I love your cunt!"

Wendy began to fuck her tongue in and out of the tight, slick cunthole with increasing speed and passion. Candy was writhing hotly and moaning constantly, beside herself with lust. Never had she dreamed that another girl's mouth on her cunt could feel so wonderful, so excitingly forbidden, so erotic, so downright sexy and good, good, good!

Wendy worked her tongue deeper and deeper into Candy's pussyhole, fucking it in as far as she could and licking the walls of her cunthole. She pulled her tongue out again and started all over. She felt her own thick pussy juices pouring out and running down her legs.

Candy tossed her head back and forth, her eyes squeezed shut as though she were fighting the hot, sexy feeling that was overwhelming her young, lush body.

The girl's tits were flushed, her nipples erect, and her cunt cream was pouring out freely, dribbling down her thighs and into her sister's sucking mouth.

"Ohhhhhh, Wendyyyyyy, you're making me feel so... oh, God, I love this!" she cried.

The two young girls were like bitches in heat now. Wendy growled like a mad dog and turned her attention to Candy's hot hard clit, which was twitching eagerly now, as though beckoning. She sucked the clit, licked it, then bit hard into the tender clit flesh.

"Ohhh, God, yesssss, Wendy! Bite it! Bite my clit! Make it bleed! Lick it! Suck it! Bite it! Make me come!" Candy shrieked, her ass gyrating wildly.

She bucked her hips up, grinding her cunt and clit against her sister's eagerly sucking mouth. She reached down and pushed Wendy's head harder against her cunt, mashing the older girl's mouth against her throbbing clit.

Moaning constantly now, Wendy was like a frenzied animal, first savagely attacking Candy's pulsating clit, then plunging her tongue into her cunthole, then licking the entire cuntal area. Back and forth she went, bringing Candy and herself closer and closer to climax.

"Ohhhh, I can't stand it!" Candy cried. "God, Wendy, it's sooo good! Eat me! Suck me! Lick me! Make me come, Wendy! Pleeeeeease!"

"Oh, Candy, honey, you taste so fuckin' good!" the older girl cried as she scooped her hands under the other girl's ass and lifted it in the air, humping Candy's cunt against her mouth.

Candy continued to buck her hips up, raising her ass to meet her sister's grasping mouth. She moaned with pleasure. She had never felt anything so exciting in all her life!

Over and over, Wendy's tongue fucked into Candy's juicy pussy. She licked and sucked and teased, working the younger girl into a frenzy of fuck-lust.

"Ohhh God, Wendy! I have to come! Please make me come! Eat me into a cum! Pleeease!" Candy begged, tears running freely down her face as she sobbed out her frustration and her lust.

The wet, slurping sounds of her sister eating her pussy turned Candy on almost as much as the feeling of the act itself. Wendy was feasting on her hot juicy cunt, smacking and slurping loudly. And it made the younger girl feel proud to know that it was her beautiful little pussy that had turned her sister on so powerfully.

Candy's nipples throbbed with a raging heat, and her pussy quivered and danced under Wendy's raping tongue and lips. Her tummy began to tingle and tremble and grow tight, as it always did just before she had an orgasm.

Candy instinctively tightened her cunt muscles around Wendy's tongue, clenching and unclenching them in time with the other girl's movements. They were a team now, a smooth fucking team, acting as though they had done this a thousand times before.

Candy babbled incoherently as she yearned for release. Through her half-closed eyes, she watched her sister's head moving jerkily between her legs, and the sight filled her with even more passion.

The younger girl arched her back, raising and lowering her ass, panting loudly and moaning all the while as her sister continued to skillfully tongue-fuck her cunt. The sensitive flesh around the edge of her cunthole were inflamed now, tingling and burning at the same time. She couldn't get enough of the driving, fucking tongue deep in her cunt.

Wendy was close to her own orgasm now. Her pussy juice trickled down her firm young thighs and pooled onto the carpet on which she was kneeling. She could feel Candy's cunt muscles tightening and loosening around her cock-like tongue, and the sensation was so erotic that she almost came on the spot!

Wendy's tits were as hard as Candy's, and they were throbbing just as powerfully now, too. Just then, she felt the younger girl's hands reaching down and cupping her tits. As Wendy continued to tongue-fuck her, Candy began to squeeze and knead her sister's firm tit flesh.

Over and over, Wendy's tongue fucked Candy's dripping, swollen cunt until both girls were a mass of desire, moaning and writhing and babbling like animals in heat.

Wendy was licking Candy's pussy again now, raking the small, twitching clit that was standing so erect. She licked the clit hard, then brought her teeth down on it and bit into it hard. Candy shrieked, feeling as though she would pass out from the pleasure. She could feel her orgasm rising.

"Ohhhhhh, yessssss, Wendy! I'm gonna come! I'm about to... oh, here it is... shit, I'm coming!" she shouted.

Waves of hot forbidden pleasure cascaded through Candy's pussy as she came, waves which sent her hot juices pouring out from her fuckhole, waves which made her entire body tremble and shudder with ecstasy as her much needed climax crashed through her cunt.

"Jeeeeesus Christ, Wendy! Soooo fuckin' gooooood!" Candy squealed as her pussy quivered and spasmed in one of the most powerful orgasms she had ever had. There was something extra exciting about being sucked to climax by another girl.

Just then, Wendy's cunt exploded in orgasm. She tore her mouth from her sister's cunt and threw herself onto the floor, her hands raping her cunt as she came. Because her eyes were tightly closed, she didn't see Candy lower herself to the floor and kneel between her legs. But she did feel it when Candy tore her hands away from her cunt -- and she most definitely felt it when Candy lowered her head and began to suck hungrily on her spasming pussy.

"Shit, yessssss, Candy! Suck meeeee!" she screamed.

Candy moaned happily, only too glad to be able to return the favor for her sexy, beautiful sister!


Alex stayed in his room all that clay, not even coming out for meals. His kids felt sorry for him but they left him alone, knowing that he just needed some time to himself, time to get over his wife's abandonment of him.

Later that evening, Phil, Hank and Wendy left to go into town for a movie. They tried to talk Candy into going along with them but she turned them down, saying she was too tired. The truth was, however, that she was hoping for a chance to be alone with her father.

Now, as darkness descended over the cool, rippling waters of the lake, Candy sat at the kitchen table munching on a cookie, trying to figure out away to be with her father. She was reluctant to just burst into his room. She was afraid he would only tell her to leave him alone. And she couldn't risk that. For, more than anything else in the world right then, Candy needed to be held by her father, to be kissed and fondled by him -- to be fucked by him!

Just then, she heard a sound behind her and she turned to find her father standing in the kitchen doorway staring straight at her. Theft was a strange, intense, almost hypnotic look in his eyes, and she found herself unable to look away.

The young girl was mesmerized by her father's penetrating eyes. She felt suddenly naked, stripped of her shorts and halter even though she knew she still had them on. Her half-eaten cookie was poised in midair. She sat there, frozen, as the crimson flushed up her neck, coloring her face clear to the hairline of her smooth forehead.

When her father gave her a slow, sexy smile, the young girl felt a hot clutching at her stomach and a buzzing in her head. She thought her knees must be shaking fiercely underneath the table. She tried to take her eyes away from her father but couldn't. His gaze was hypnotic. She tried to smile back, but knew that her mouth was trembling.

Then, her father walked toward her, still not speaking. He stopped just a few feet away from her and smiled again -- a strange, secret sort of smile as though they shared something very special. Panic and excitement bloomed in her throat like a strangling hand. She was terrified but, at the same time, she was fascinated and very excited.

"Hi, baby," her father said, his voice deep, masculine, coming from the deep barrel of his chest.

He stood over her, blotting out everything else. She looked up at him, feeling suddenly small and helpless against his size and strength.

"Hi, Daddy," she said uneasily.

He sat down next to her, brushing his thigh against hers. "Where is everyone?" he asked.

"They've all gone into town... to the movies," she said, wondering why she was blushing so furiously as he continued to stare at her with his intense gaze.

"But you didn't?" he asked, nibbling on one of the cookies in front of him.

She shrugged. "I was worried about you, Daddy. I wanted to be here with you. I thought you might need me," she said, looking up at him with wide, adoring eyes.

He chuckled warmly and placed his hand on her arm. "You must love me a lot, honey."

"Ohhhh, I do, Daddy! I love you more than anyone or anything in the whole wide world!" she moaned, her face flushing again. Her ears burned hotly, and she wondered what her father must think of her.

"That's sweet, baby. And I love you too, more than you'll ever know."

"Oh, Daddy!" she exclaimed, leaning against him, feeling his muscular chest against her side.

"Did you mean what you said, honey?" he asked, looking at her intently again.

"About what, Daddy?" she asked, thinking how handsome and sexy he looked.

"About how you stayed here with me because you thought I might need you?"

"Yes! I'd do anything to help you, Daddy! I feel so badly about Mommy walking out on you... on us!" she blushed, looking down at the table.

"You'd do anything for me, baby?" ho asked, squeezing her arm.

"Yes, anything!" she cried, looking up at him again.

"I thought I could count on you," he murmured, finishing his cookie.

"What is it, Daddy? What is it I can help you with?" she asked, feeling a hot fluttering in her stomach.

"Well, baby, when your mother walked out on us like that, it didn't help my male ego any. I've been wondering if it was my fault, if maybe I wasn't man enough for her..."

"No, Daddy! It couldn't have been you. You're so... so masculine... so sexy! It was her. She was just no good!" she protested.

"I wish I could believe that, honey. It would help me a lot," he muttered sadly.

"What can I do, Daddy? I'll do anything!" He dropped his hand to her knee and squeezed it hard. "You can give me your sweet love, honey. You can love me and let me love you, and if I can make you really happy, I'll know it's as you, say... that your mother's just no good!"

"Oh, God, Daddy! Are you saying you want to... want to make love to me?" she asked excitedly, her heart in her throat now.

"That's just what I'm saying, baby," he chuckled, seeing her eagerness.

She threw her arms around his neck and hugged him hard. "Ohhh, Daddy, I've been wanting you to fuck me ever since I can remember! I'd love to make love with you!"

He laughed happily and, reaching down, he scooped his daughter up in his arms and carried her to his room.

Almost before she knew what was happening, Candy's father undressed her, then himself. As he walked nakedly toward her, she thought that he looked like a great, dark God. She reached out for his swollen cock as if it was the most natural act in the world.

Alex chuckled with pleasure. "You're not so innocent, after all, are you?" he asked as he bent to kiss, her tits.

His hot, hard tongue tortured her large nipples until they stood up like angry, red rocks. She grasped his cock and moaned with excitement as she realized for the first time how huge his cock was. Why, his cock was even bigger than Phil's! And good and thick, too!

Candy's crotch crawled hotly with needles of fire. She twisted underneath her father, trying to pull his enormous cock even closer to her, squeezing it for dear life.

She kissed her father's broad shoulders, sinking her teeth into the warm, hard flesh. He moaned with pleasure and she bit him again as his hands fondled and kneaded her tits. He pinched her nipples painfully, and she groaned loudly, letting him know how much she liked what he was doing to her.

His huge cock throbbed in her hand, and she could feel it growing harder and hotter against her palm, its drops of pre-cum smearing onto her fingers.

The young girl felt more alive than she ever had before. She desperately wanted her father to shove his big cock into her, to fuck the warm, quivering sheath of her pussy. But she was glad that he was moving slowly, for she sensed that when they finally did fuck each other, it would be even better that way. Unlike her brothers, her father had the experience and maturity to not rush her, to make it last as long as possible to make it really good for both of them.

Her father's hot kisses on her large, throbbing nipples were driving her wild. His tongue was like allying creature that sent out ripples of desire into the farthest reaches of her young, ripe body.

She bit into his shoulder again, just enough to show him that he had released the animal in her. She felt exactly like an animal, one suddenly released from a cage.

Alex's hand moved down over his daughter's trembling body to her tummy. He let it glide over her flesh until he reached her cunt-mound. With one finger, he began to stroke the lips of her cunt.

"Ohhhh, yesss, Daddy," the young girl moaned, spreading her legs wider so her father could fuck her cunt even deeper with his finger. The insides of her thighs were quivering like jelly. She was really wet now, the blonde pussy hair soaked with her own juices. Her father's fingers were soaked with her fuck juices now.

Alex probed inside his daughter's pussy, gently sliding his finger up and down the silken lining of her cunt. Her pussy twitched spasmodically. He shoved his finger up high and deep and touched the small, rigid clit which was already peeking lewdly out of its protective sheath.

"Ohhhhhhhhh," Candy moaned as she felt the hot fires of lust enveloping her body.

"Whew! My daughter's as hot as a pistol!" Alex said.

"Oh, Daddy, it feels soooo good! Don't stop!" the young girl cried, beside herself with desire for her sexy, handsome father.

"Hey, baby, we're just beginning," Alex murmured. "I'm gonna fuck that tight pussy of yours until you beg me to stop. Man, you're really wet! I bye that. You sure turn on fast. I like that, too."

"Ohhh, Daddy, I can't wait! Please fuck me!" Candy screamed, tossing her head from side to side in frustration.

"No, baby, let's not rush it. I want to fuck you, too. Badly. But I've learned that it's always a lot better if we take it nice and slow. Trust me, baby. We've got all night."

Cruelly, Alex pulled his finger away from his daughter's twitching clit. Her pussy seemed to clutch at him, and he grinned.

"Ohhhh, yessss, Daddy, do it however you want! Just don't stop! Not now! I... I can't stand it!"

He laughed and rubbed her aching clit again. Candy's entire body jerked in response. She had never felt so turned on in her life! She just couldn't seem to get enough of her father's touch.

"Squeeze my cock harder, darling," Alex commanded as his daughter continued to hold onto his throbbing cock.

"Ohhh, Daddy, how big is it?" the excited teen asked as she obediently squeezed her father's prick even harder, running her hands up and down its full length.

"Ten inches, baby. Ten inches of hot, hard cock -- just for your cunt!"

"Ohh, God, Daddy! Ten inches? I can't believe it! What if your big prick won't fit in it?" she asked, frowning with sudden worry.

Alex laughed. In spite of her obvious sexual experience, she was still such an innocent in some ways, and he loved it. It was her combined innocence and sexiness that turned the man on so powerfully. That and the fact that she was his own daughter. He had, always wanted to fuck his daughter.

"Don't worry, baby. It'll fit! We'll make it fit!" he said, feeling his big cock throbbing hotly in her hands.

"Oooh, will it hurt, Daddy?" she asked, pulling harder and harder on his big, bursting prick.

"Probably. For a while anyway," he answered absently, feeling hornier and hornier as his daughter rubbed his big cock.

"Oooh, goody, Daddy! Hove fucking when it hurts! It makes it even better!" Candy squealed.

Alex shook his head and laughed aloud. God, but I'm one lucky bastard, he thought, to have such a sexy girl for my very own daughter, a daughter who's so hot for her old man that she can't wait for me to fuck her!

He continued to finger her clit, and she arched her back, straining up against him, trying to hasten her orgasm. At the same time, she pulled and stroked his big prick. Knowing that the huge, hard, twitching prick in her hands would soon be fucking up into her pussy just filled the young girl with even more fucking fuck-lust, and she panted hard with excitement.

Alex lowered his face to Candy's tits once again, sucking in the large, bruised nipples, one by one. His head moved rapidly from one tit to the other, then back again, as he sucked and licked and nibbled on the huge, throbbing mounds of tit-flesh.

"Oooooh, Daddy, I love it!" she cried. "Please fuck me, Daddy?"

"Beg me for it, baby," he murmured, still mouthing her big tits.

"Your cock, Daddy! I need your cock in me! Now!" she sobbed, writhing with passion beneath his powerful body.

"But, baby," he grinned, "you wouldn't want me to just climb on top of you, pump you a few times and then climb off, would you?"

"No, no, I wouldn't want that! But I can't stand this torture any more. I'm burning up. I need your cock! Pleeease!"

"In a minute, baby," he muttered.

"Oh, thank you, Daddy. I love all this, I really do. But I need you to fuck me soooo bad!" she yelled, tears of lust streaming down her face.

Alex smiled against her big tits. He had made his point. He had needed to hear his daughter beg for his cock, and she had. Now and forevermore, he knew, she would be putty in his hands. He wanted Candy to lust for him so much that no one else would do. Not her own hands if she tried to jerk herself off. Not any of the young boys who were always hanging around her, panting after her like dogs sniffing around a bitch in heat. He wanted to be the most important person in the world to her, the only man who could satisfy her deep, hot lust. He knew that fucking her would be the only was to satisfy the deep longing and craving within him.

That was the way it had to be, for that was the way it was. He had no more control over his desire for his daughter than she had over her lust for him. Somewhere, somehow, it had been decided that Alex and Candy should be lovers, that they should be everything to each other, and there was no point in fighting their destiny.

"I want YOU to fuck me, baby," Alex suddenly said, taking his mouth from her tits.

"What do you mean, Daddy?" Candy asked, her eyes wide as she watched her father suddenly releasing her and rolling over onto his back beside her.

"Climb on top, baby. I want to feel you sitting on top of my fuck-pole!"

Candy gasped with excitement. She remembered how good it felt riding Hank's cock, being the one in control of their fucking movements. She had loved, it then, and she knew she would love it even more with her beloved father's gigantic cock buried up her juicy pussy.

He saw the luston her face, and he grinned as he reached for her, pulling her atop his body. She sat there for a moment, feeling how wonderful it was to be on top of her father. But her daddy misunderstood her hesitation.

"Get on your knees, Candy. Pull yourself up. Just stuff my cock up inside your pussy and then go up and down like you're riding a merry-go-round."

Candy almost laughed as she realized that her father thought she didn't know how to fuck. What would he think if he knew just how much experience she had already gotten, thanks to her brothers? But she decided that she'd better not tell him. Not just yet, anyway. She sensed correctly that her father would be jealous if he knew about her fuck sessions with her brothers. At least, he would be jealous if he found out about it before he had a chance to fuck her, himself. But, later, much later... after they had both satisfied themselves with fuck after fuck after fuck... then Candy would tell him. It would probably even turn him on all over again, and then they could fuck again!

And who knows? the young girl thought hotly. Maybe it would turn him on to the idea of fucking Wendy while Candy fucked Hank or Phil. Or maybe she would fuck both of them at once while her father fucked Wendy. That way, they could all watch each other fucking. The idea of fucking her brothers while her father watched her at the same time he had his big cock fucked up her sister's cunt turned the young girl on so strongly that she almost came on the spot!

"Come on, baby, fuck your daddy! Don't be afraid!" Alex ordered, once again misunderstanding her hesitation.

Candy grinned down at her father.

"Coming right up, Daddy!" she said, and then she giggled.


Candy raised herself up and looked down excitedly at her father's swollen cock, its purple crown throbbing lewdly as it pulsed with hot blood. His prick rose up from its thicket of hair in an exciting, almost frightening way. She moaned, knowing that she must have his cock inside her pussy.

From the angle that she was looking down at it, the big cock appeared much too thick, much too long, for her pussy. But she remembered her father's words, and she smiled, looking forward to the pain she knew she would feel. Then there would be the pleasure, the sweet, hot pleasure.

"Go on, baby, lower yourself onto it. I'll hold my cock steady for you," her father murmured, half out of his mind with impatience. Somehow the tables had turned, and his daughter was now making him beg her to fuck him! But he didn't care. Not as long as he felt her tight pussy fucking down around his big cock!

Candy slowly lowered herself, keeping her eyes on the wide flat underside of her father's cock, its lewd throbbing filling her with a raging hot lust. She squatted, pushing her pussy forward toward the head of Alex's prick. The cockhead struck just below the pursed end of her cunt-slit, then slid to the sheath. She bent over, watching the cock slide inside her.

Alex moaned and jerked his hips upward, thrusting his big, pulsing cock brutally upward as hard as he could. His daughter let out a long, happy sigh.

"Ooooooohhhhh!" she sighed, feeling a delicious sensation wash over her as she felt her father's cock enter her cunt.

"Now just go up and down, Candy. Ride the merry-go-round, sugar. Take it nice and slow. We'll both get more out of it that way."

Candy giggled. He was giving her instructions as though she were still a virgin. If he only knew!

She slid down the fuck-pole, her father's cock fucking deeper into her drenched cunt. She shuddered with excitement as she raised and lowered her ass over her father's thighs.

She looked down at his gleaming cock, slick now with her pussy juices and his pre-cum, and she marveled at its smoothness, at its power to turn her into a lusting, half-crazed young girl.

"Great, baby, you're doing just great," Alex muttered. "Up and down, up and down. Like it?"

"Like it? Ohhhh, Daddy, I love it! Soooo much! Ummmmmm! I feel like I'm drunk, and I don't mean from liquor!" No, it wasn't anything as common as liquor that had made the teen so drunk and dizzy. She was drunk with lust. Lust for her father and his big, throbbing cock.

"It's better slow, isn't it?" Alex asked after they had been slowly fucking for a few moments.

"Ohhhh, yes, um-huh, Daddy, I love it like this!" she said, shivering and trembling as she continued to lower her body slowly up and down over her father's big cock.

His huge cock penetrated her cunt to its very depths, and she thrilled to the forbidden sensation of fucking her pussy on her very own daddy's prick. She knew, by then, just how to move, where to guide his prick up through the tunnel of her cunt. She hoisted her ass and felt her hot fuck juices bubbling over her father's cock. She slowly sank onto his cockshaft so that her clit was rubbed every inch of the way, scraping like a flint against stone. She was beside herself with excitement at the knowledge that she was fucking her father's cock into her pussy! She had been dreaming about fucking her daddy for so long now. And the reality was turning out to be even better and more exciting than the dream!

Alex groaned. He reached up and put both of his large rough hands on her big heaving tits. As she bobbed up and down on his big throbbing fuck-tool, he kneaded her tit flesh, grinding his palms against the big swollen nipples.

"Like this, too, baby?" he asked lewdly.

"Ohhhh, yesss, Daddy! I like everything you do! I could do this for hours! I love it!"

Suddenly, as she fucked down over his cock, her father unexpectedly thrust upward, impaling her on his ten-inch cock. She screamed and shook all over as her father fucked his entire prick in her cunt to the balls.

"Ohhhhhh, it hurts!" she moaned. "I never knew it could be this good!"

"What's good, baby? Tell your daddy what you like," he said, needing to hear her say the words, knowing they would turn him on all the more.

"The fuck. Your huge cock. My pussy. All of it. I even like the pain of your ten-incher fucking up my cunt. Just like I knew I'd love it! Love it! Love it!" she babbled over and over, hardly aware of what she was saying.

"So you really like fucking me, huh, baby?" he murmured, his cock twitching harder than ever now.

"Mmmmmm, yeah, Daddy, a lot! I can feel your big, cock slipping way up inside me. So deep. So hard. Soooooo good," she moaned, closing her eyes tightly in ecstasy.

The next time she lowered her lush young body over his prickshaft, he rammed her hard again, raising his ass high up off the bed, shoving his entire ten inches of raw cockmeat up her aching pussy once again.

"Owwwwww! Fantastic, Daddy!" the young girl screamed, thrilling to the sensation of her father's entire cock filling every nook and cranny of her juicy pussy.

Alex continued to pound his throbbing prick up into his daughter's cunt until her back arched and she bounced on his loins, an incoherent mass of hot, lust-filled flesh. Her mouth was slack, low sobbing moans pouring from it. Her eyes rolled back in their sockets, and her breath came in hard spasms.

Her orgasm rocketed through her with a force that shook her entire body, taking her breath away.

"Coming!" she roared, clutching her father's shoulders.

She rocked back on his slamming cock, then pitched forward on top of him. His arms went around her, holding her tightly to him. His tongue was in her mouth now, hers in his, the moans cut off by their passionate, obscene kiss. Groaning into her father's hot wet mouth, the young girl pushed down with her cunt, feeling it being smashed upward as Alex fucked into her with tremendous force.

Candy was shocked by the sweet force of her orgasm. Never before had the teenager experienced such a powerful, wonderful climax. It was just as she had known it would be. Fucking her own father was such an exciting event for the teen that her orgasm was the best she had ever had.

Alex drove into her cunt, faster and faster, his fuck-strokes like a trip hammer now. He grasped her hips in his hands and held her impaled on his cock, his own hips smashing into her pussy with a relentless precision. The way he was holding her, there was no way she could even squirm in his grasp, no way she could escape the merciless pounding of his prick. He held her fast and felt his cum burning for release.

Alex forced himself to hold back until he was sure his daughter had reached the very height of ecstasy. He held back with all his willpower, his cock a blur as it rammed into her spasming pussy over and over again.

Candy had never known such lewd pleasure before. She had to move. She had to wriggle free. She was too excited to remain still as her huge orgasm continued to thunder through her pussy. Finally, she bucked and screamed, breaking her mouth free of her father's.

He felt her twist in his hands, her body threatening to slide up and away. Cursing, he yanked her down hard, pulled her hips up to his and fucked even faster and harder.

"I'm coming! You whore!" Alex finally yelled as his cam burst from his balls, shot up his cock and burst into his daughter's spasming, twitching cunt.

The thrill of feeling her father's jism filling her orgasming cunt made the young girl climax again, and she screamed in ecstasy.

"Ahhhhhh, Daddy, shoot your cum up my pussy! I love it! Give it all to me! I need it! Ohhhhh, God, I'm soooo hot! I'm commmiiinnng again!"

Their bodies shuddered hotly against each other as they both came. Alex's cock continued to spew forth its cum-load until it seemed that it would never end. The man was amazed that his balls could hold so much cum. He knew he had never had such a powerful orgasm before, and he knew it was because he was finally fucking his daughter.

"Ahhhhhhh, baby," he moaned as he felt the last of his cum splashing wetly into her cunt.

Candy felt his hot jism splashing inside her, and she fucked his big cock, grinding her cunt down on it almost savagely.

"Ohhhhhh, Daddy, Daddy," she moaned. "Sweet Daddy!"

For the first few minutes after their orgasms had ended, Candy and her father lay silently in each other's arms. Candy could feel her father's cock pressing lewdly against her leg, and she was thrilled with the idea that, even after shooting all that hot cum, his prick was still hard!

Just then, Alex turned toward his daughter and clamped his hot, wet mouth around the throbbing nipple of her large right tit, sucking hard. Then his mouth moved to the rigid nipple of her big left tit, biting hard into the stiff tit flesh.

"Mmmmmmmmm, yessss, Daddy," she murmured.

Candy moaned with pain and pleasure and, reaching out, she touched her father's stiff prick, sticking out from his hairy crotch. She pulled the foreskin over the huge end of the large fuck-stick, feeling it pulsating.

"Please fuck me again, Daddy!" Candy begged, as horny now as she had been before their fantastic fuck session.

"Later, baby. But first..." he winked at her.

"First what, Daddy?"

"First, suck me off, honey!" he ordered, lying back and closing his eyes in anticipation.

The young girl giggled excitedly. She could hardly wait to feel her father's big throbbing prick inside her hot wet mouth. She leaned down and eagerly ran her hot tongue up and down his cock, then buried her mouth in his prick hair and kissed him.

"Go on, Candy! Suck it! Suck my cock!" Alex yelled impatiently.

His daughter held his prick straight up in the air and engulfed the large, throbbing cocktip with her warm mouth, flicking her eager tongue around the cockhead as she began to suck.

As she sucked, she pushed more and more of his cock into her mouth until her lips brushed against his prick hair. Now, her mouth was completely stuffed with her daddy's huge, ten-inch cock. She chewed at the base of his prick for a while, then lapped back up, leaving only the tip of his gigantic fucker between her greedily sucking lips.

"Yeah, baby, yeah! You got it! Suck that cock! Take it all down your throat and suck out my cum! Come on, Candy, suck me hard!" Alex roared.

"Mmmmmmmm," the young teenager murmured around the thickness of her daddy's big cock, eating and sucking her way back to the fuzzy base of her father's mammoth prick.

She began to lap up and down his twitching cockmeat with growing excitement, each suck making her father moan louder and louder and filling her own pussy with more and more lust caused pussy juices. She scooped up his burning, bursting balls and rolled them around in her hands as she worked her head from side to side.

"Suck meeeee!" Alex yelled, feeling his orgasm building. He had had his cock sucked by a lot of chicks before, but never had he felt anything as exciting as his daughter's hot wet mouth sucking hard around the bursting thickness of his jerking cock.

He began to hump his hips up and down, thrusting his prick deeper into his daughter's throat with each fucking stroke. She gulped and sucked as hard as she could, writhing hotly on the bed as she sucked her daddy off.

Candy rubbed her pussy against his leg, trying to make herself come as she continued to lick and suck and nibble on her father's gigantic prick.

"Swallow it all, baby, all ten inches of it!" Alex groaned, fucking in and out of her mouth so savagely that the young girl was afraid she would pass out from the sheer pleasure of it.

Suddenly, before she knew what he had in mind, Alex rolled over on top of Candy, holding the back of her head as he began to fuck her mouth brutally. He stabbed his fuckstick roughly into her mouth and down her throat, his hard, muscular body bucking and humping in a frenzy of unsatisfied lust for Candy and her skilled sucking mouth.

Candy was forced to lie still, sucking her father as hard as she could while he plunged his big prick into her mouth; then she loosened her mouth-hold as he pulled his cock back.

Once again, all ten inches of throbbing cock were embedded in the teenager's mouth, and Alex groaned loudly with the beginning of his orgasm.

"Commmmiiinnnggg!" Alex shouted, fucking forward with all his might. The first hot jolt of cum shot into his daughter's throat, fucking up the cavities of her cheeks and throat as she rapidly swallowed, trying in vain to take all of his cum-load.

Candy moaned and felt her own orgasm shoot through her pussy as another thick wad of cum jetted into her mouth and she swallowed hard again. Several more spurts of hot cum followed until her mouth was full to overflowing. Streams of gooey cam oozed from the corners of her mouth.

Her father's cam was delicious, just as she had known it would bet the thrill of finally tasting her own daddy's jism turned on the young girl so much that she came again. She couldn't believe how many orgasms she was experiencing. Gigantic waves of pleasure crashed through her pussy, leaving it wet and twitching.

"Mmmmmmm, abhhhhh," she groaned as she continued to suck her father harder than ever as he finished coming into her mouth.

And still, the horny young girl sucked, lapping up each stray drop of cum. When she had completely washed his prick with her tongue, she moved to his balls, sucking and licking them until his balls glistened lewdly.

"That was great, baby!" Alex exclaimed as he slowly pulled his softening cock from his daughter's mouth. "I'm lucky to have such a sexy daughter." He patted her ass affectionately.

"Will you fuck me now, Daddy?" she asked hopefully, eyeing his softening prick and wondering if it would be up to the job.

He laughed, delighted that she was so turned on by him that she could hardly wait for him to fuck her again. "Be patient, baby. You have to learn to be patient," he teased as he pinched her nipples painfully, making her cry out in pain and pleasure.

Suddenly, Alex thrust two fingers into his daughter's wet cunt, quickly finding her rigid clit. She stiffened with pleasure and surprise and moaned aloud.

"Ooooooh, Daddy, that feels sooooo good!"

Then, before she even knew what was happening, her father was kneeling between her legs. He opened her throbbing cuntlips with one hand and fastened his mouth securely on her stiff clit.

"Aieeeee! Ohhhhh, God!" the young girl screamed, humping her ass up to make her father's mouth mash down even harder on her juicy cunt. "Eat me, Daddy! That's it! I need it! Make me come! Eat meeeee!"

Leaving her clit, Alex thrust his tongue fully inside her small, puckering fuckhole, plunging it in and out like a small, rigid cock. She writhed and twisted underneath him, feeling intense waves of pleasure rocket through her pussy, making her entire body tremble with lust.

Again, Alex moved his tongue to his daughter's clit, baring his teeth and scraping the tender clit flesh with his sharp teeth, making his daughter moan with loud lustful pleasure.

He tasted her hot oozing cunt juice, which soaked his lips and cheeks and chin. He thrilled to the delicious cum pouring into his mouth from his daughter's spasming fuckhole. He had never known such joy in all his life.

"Ohhhhh, yessssss, Daddy! You're eating my pussy soooo good! Don't stop! Make me come!" she sobbed hard as she writhed feverishly on the bed. She yanked her father's head closer to her cunt, pulling on his thick hair, mashing his face down even harder on her spasming, juicy pussy.

Suddenly, she felt a violent convulsion rip through her pussy, sending a hot spasm up and down her pulsating pussy canal. As she came again, her father's skillful tongue left her clit and he stabbed it into her fuckhole, feeling her strong cunt-muscles grabbing it.

Alex continued to tongue-fuck his daughter's cunthole as her climax passed through her.

"Ohhhhh, God, yessss!" she screamed, beside herself with, excitement, not even knowing what she was saying. "Commmmiiinng! Keep eating my cunt, you beautiful bastard!" The young blonde climaxed several more times, whimpering and moaning with pleasure as her father kept sucking her clit and tongue flicking her pussyhole. She arched her back convulsively as she came, pushing his face even deeper into her coming cunt.

"Oh, God, Daddy, that was so good! You suck pussy so great? I love it, Daddy!" she said as she collapsed in his arms. She felt something hard pressing against her leg and, glancing down, she saw that her father's cock was once again a rock-hard ten inches of impatient cockmeat.

"Ready for me to fuck you, baby?" he asked hoarsely as he pushed his large cock-knob against her twitching pussylips.

"Wait, Daddy," she murmured, putting both of her hands on his chest in an effort to hold him back.

He looked down at her in surprise. "Wait? I thought you couldn't wait for me to fuck you."

"I can't! I want you to fuck me all right, Daddy! But first..." She smiled up at him mysteriously. "You wanted to be sure that you could make me happy, that it wasn't your fault that Mommy ran away. You saw how happy you made me when you fucked me. You saw how happy I was sucking your cock. And, just now your saw how much I loved it when you ate my pussy!" She blushed appealingly...

He smiled down at her, understanding her train of thought now. "Yeah, you were happy all right! I no longer have any doubts that your mother was simply no good, honey! Thanks to you, I know now that I have what it takes to make a woman happy!"

"You sure do, Daddy!" Candy said, looking meaningfully at his huge cock. "And from now on, I'll be your woman. Right?"

"Right, baby, right!" Alex cried as he fucked his big, jerking prick up into her twitching cunt.


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