Horny hot waitress

Outwardly, suburbia maintains the straitlaced middle-class look that belies the social ferment behind closed doors.

There is the secret use of drugs, fed by the marijuana syndrome. There is the river of alcohol flooding from door to door under the euphemism of social drinking. Then, of course, inevitably, there is the advent of sex clubs. All in the spirit of good, clean fun but where does the fun stop and the degradation begin? When one excess leads to another -- and another -- to what?

This is the story of one young girl in one city, Anywhere, U.S.A. It is startling as a mirror of a way of life behind closed doors. No facade. No regrets.

A novel of fiction for entertainment. A page of our restless society as food for serious thought.


Cindy came to the party for just one reason. She was horny, and looking for someone to fuck.

After greeting her girlfriend and hostess, Cindy circulated, checking out the action. She zeroed in on a sexy-looking hunk of man and made her way toward him. Drink in hand, she sidled up, catching his vivid blue gaze.

"I'm depressed," she told him matter-of-factly. "I need something to cheer me up, make me feel good. Think you can do that?" His eyes raked her tiny but voluptuous figure. Cindy was looking him over, and her eyes reflected her approval of his huge cockbulge.

"I'm sure I can make you feel good," he chuckled. "Real, real good."

"That's a challenge I'm taking you up on," Cindy retorted. He was really turning her on.

"Then let's go find somewhere a little less public, babe and get this show on the road."

Cindy hooked her hand around his upper arm, noting the muscular firmness. She felt her horny cunt give a healthy twitch of sexy anticipation. Although she'd spoken of her depression as a come-on for the sexy guy, there was more than a little truth to it.

Only two days before, Cindy had been fired from her job at an insurance agency. Now she was faced with finding a new job, in a very skimpy job market. She needed, badly, to feel good about something... and there was nothing better than fucking to do just that.

The sounds of the party faded as they walked down the hallway to the apartment's bedroom. The sexy blond guy pulled her close as he looked into one of the darkened rooms. Finding it empty, he ushered her inside.

"What's your name, babe?" he asked, his voice low and throaty.

She giggled. "Cindy."

"Awww, are you a sinful Cindy?" he teased her. "I'm Steve."

"Just sinful enough, Steve."

His hands drew her close, pushing aside her clothes to get at her silky soft flesh. Cindy helped him with buttons, snaps, hooks, flinging aside her clothing hurriedly. Then she was busily getting him naked.

"I always knew good things come in small packages," he chuckled, eyeing her body, illuminated by the moonlight through the open window.

Cindy made a low purring moan of pleasure. She didn't mind at all being teased about her small size. Barely reaching an inch over five feet, she knew she still managed to look all woman, with her lush fullness of tits and hips.

His hands lightened in the long waves of her auburn, hair, forcing her head back as his mouth covered hers.

She arched against his lean tight body, moving her mouth against his in a slow sensual way. His tongue shot out, parting her lips and stroking into her throat. He licked and tasted the sweetness, inside her mouth, tangling his tongue wetly with Cindy's probing tongue.

Steve's talented tongue-fucking made her tingle deliciously. Moaning, Cindy rubbed her body against his, thrilling to the bulging pressure of his prick. Her hand moved down, circling the rigid shaft of his cock. Cindy's small hand could barely reach around his hugely engorged cock shaft, and his massive size excited her even more.

Leaving the tasty delights, of her mouth, Steve nuzzled her neck, nipping and gently gnawing her tender skin. His warm breath fanned the silky tendrils of russet hair at her neck, making Cindy quiver with passionate arousal.

"Feelin' better?" he murmured huskily.

"Oh, ooohhhhh, yes," Cindy breathed. "Make me feel even better, Steve. Give me your cock... fuck me, fuck me now."

He clasped her tightly, lifted her, moved with her to the bed, sinking down still clasping her close.

Cindy ran her hand over his firm warm chest, curling her fingers in the glinting mat of dark blond hair covering his chest. The short crinkly hair felt electrically charged, and Cindy loved the feel of it. A riotous response was building in her body, a fire stoked by the touch of Steve's mouth and fingers.

He lowered his head, tasting and exploring the lavish curves of her full high tits. Each fleshy tit mound was capped by a thick deep pink nipple, tight and hard now from her growing passion.

"Fantastic," Steve murmured appreciatively as he licked and lapped at the heavy slopes of her tits. Her skin was faintly flushed, sweetly scented with an elusive flowery perfume. The taste of her flesh was hot and exotic.

Steve sucked in the cone-shaped swollen tip of her tit, gritting the edges of his teeth against the sensitive stub of her nipple. It made a delightful friction that radiated down from Cindy's aching tits to the burning core of her cunt.

"God, so good!" she panted. "You make me feel so fuckin' good." She squirmed excitedly, drawn deeper into a passionate whirlwind of agonized desire.

Steve's face was pillowed between her heavy tits as he nuzzled her hot, soft tit flesh. He held her tightly, grinding her body against his. The sex-starved redhead was driving him crazy with the force of her arousal. She was hot and ready for fucking, and he had every intention of giving the girl just what she wanted and needed... his cock.

"Oh, you taste sweet," he whispered, his mouth busily devouring the tender softness of her tits.

Cindy smiled happily at the sensual excitement in his voice. She knew he was every bit as turned-on as she was, and that thrilled her even more. Cindy could feel his tumescent cock pressing into her. His hugely swollen prick pulsed with rampant fuck force, obviously ready, willing and able to give her the fucking she so craved.

Her fingers tangled in his hair, pressing his head against the rounded fullness of her tits. She quivered expectantly, yearning for the lust-filling thrust of his chunky cock.

"I'm too horny to wait much longer," she finally gasped. "Give it to me, Steve... fuck me now."

He gave her a sexy squeeze and wedged himself between her slack, wide-open thighs. His lust-thickened cock pressed against the creamy opening of her hot cunt. Steve stopped, holding his teasing position, until Cindy writhed hornily and cried out in agonized arousal.

"Damn you! Do it... fuck me, fuck me!"

Cindy couldn't help the way she cried out, her voice coarse and pleading. She needed him so badly she could barely think of anything I else but the wonderful sweet release his fucking promised for her.

"Please... oh please," she begged.

Steve seemed to take great pleasure in her wanton behavior, and the way she twisted against him with total raw abandon. He flexed his hips, playfully pushing the big head of his cock into her waiting pussy.

It was only an inch or two of the impalement she needed so badly, and it only made her want more cock.

Cindy humped her hips, thrusting upward and trying to gulp at his meaty cock with her hungry cunt. Steve drew away slightly, knowing what she was up to and determined to tease her a little bit more.

"Damn you," she gasped. "You know how much I need your cock. Give it to me."

"Anxious little bitch, aren't you?" he grinned.

"You know I am," she groaned hoarsely.

Steve's passion was too high to deny, so he gave in to what they both hungered for and thrust forward with a single harsh fuck-lunge that buried the full length of his cock into her pussy.

Cindy yelped and jerked as he fucked into her. She felt the fleshy mouth of her cunt open up end widen from the determined plunge of his prick. It felt so good to be filled with his horny hot cock meat, just the feeling she needed.

"Yes... oh."

Steve ground his hips against her, forcing every last inch of his cock into her pussy. Her hips jerked spasmodically from the savage onslaught. Cindy shivered at the sensual pleasure.

Her legs locked around his waist, gripping him as he pumped his cock into her with fierce fast fuck-strokes. Over and over his burgeoning prick pistoned her sopping wet pussy, dipping deeply into her fuckhole.

Steve fucked her hard and fast, satisfying the craving she had for sensation-loaded fucking. She felt her senses whirl as the pleasure grew more and more intense. Suddenly her worries about the future and the need for finding a new job didn't matter at all. All that did matter was reaching for the pinnacle of erotic joy.

His rapid fucking quickly brought her to the brink of ecstasy, and with a muffled moan Cindy convulsed, sharply and quickly. Her whole body shook as spasm after spasm radiated from the burning center of her cunt.

Almost immediately she felt her passion mounting once more, needing even more sensual excitement to give her a final release.

Steve ruthlessly and urgently pounded into her, fucking with a demanding force that kept her lust at a fever pitch. Each jarring demanding force that kept her lust at a fever pitch. Each jarring downstroke of his bulging prick grazed the ultra-sensitive stub of her clit. The tiny lump of her clit pulsed and throbbed hotly at the insistent friction.

"Take me up there again," she cried out. "Make me cum again... take me all the way, Steve."

He fucked forward, thrusting with all the force he could muster. It drove his cock balls deep into the clutching depths of her cunt. Her pussy closed around his prick, sucking and milking at him.

As he lavished her cunt with his deep fucking, Steve reached for the jiggling fullness of her tits. They were warm and soft and begging for the touch of his mouth.

"God, you hot fucker," he grunted hornily, "you're makin' me crazy."

The turgid pink tips of her tits drew his mouth like a magnet. His lips tightened and tugged at a hard hot nipple, sucking on it wetly and noisily. After bringing the tit tip to full throbbing hardness he moved his head to the crowning pink stub of her other tit, and sucked at it.

Cindy writhed wantonly. His avid tit lapping, combined with the hard fast way he fucked her, made her desire spiral rapidly. Her whole body seemed one giant aching throb. It was a carnal flame that threatened to consume her, and Cindy didn't mind a bit.

She met his riotous fucking with a hungry passion that matched his totally. Her head was clouded with the intoxicating intensity of his fucking. Her body squirmed, coaxing his hands and mouth and cock to become bolder in pleasuring her.

She felt the ecstasy once more beginning to rise deep within her. Cindy nuzzled her face against the throbbing warmth of his neck. Her hot, open lips found his ear, her tongue darting into his ear sensually.

"Baby, this feels so good," he said, his mouth urgently sucking and licking at her heavy tits. "The way your cunt's sucking at my cock... it's absolutely fan-fuckin'tastic."

Again and again Steve jammed his cock to the hilt in her hungry pussy, rocking against her in a sexy rhythmic way. Her eyes grew glazed with approaching orgasm, and her face contorted in a grimace of nearly unbearable excitement.

She jerked her hips upward, over and over.

Her cunt lips gulped at the thick shaft of his cock, sucking his prick eagerly.

Cindy could feel his prick swelling to even greater thickness as his lust increased. She knew he was getting just as close to climaxing as she was, and that knowledge excited her.

Desperately, she tried to rein in her whirlwind of fuck-lust, wanting to hold off long enough to join the virile young man in a nerve shattering crescendo of carnal pleasure. But she couldn't hold back.

With a muted cry of both despair and ecstasy, Cindy tumbled over the high pinnacle of pleasure. Her body jerked, convulsed sharply. Deep inside her cunt, muscles flexed and spasmed as the full force of her orgasm hit.

Her release was swift and almost violent, this climax coming even harder and deeper than her first. Steve ground his hips against her churning cunt, relishing the way her pussy twitched and milked his massive cock meat.

"Oh, baby, here it comes," he growled, his voice low and hoarse. "Here it comes... oh, Christ!"

As they fucked and humped, they weren't even aware of the watching eyes... eyes that grew hot and hungry.


Judy watched the couple madly fucking, and was envious. It didn't help much when she saw who they were: the blonde hunk she'd singled out earlier as someone to investigate, and her girlfriend, Cindy.

They certainly fucked well together -- she had to give them that. A few minutes earlier she'd been looking for Steve, hoping to tempt him into fucking with her. When she didn't see him, or Cindy, Judy began to have a good idea just where they were and what they were doing. Sure enough, she had found them in the bedroom, happily and hungrily fucking away.

Instead of hastily leaving the room, Judy had stayed, watching the lewd finale of their lusty fucking. It was a sight that made her more than ready to have some carnal fun of her own. The sight of their moonlight-bathed bodies furiously fucking and the wet juicy sounds as they smacked together combined to make Judy hot, horny and ready to fuck.

She licked her lips, which were suddenly dry. Judy could feel her pulse pounding, signaling the starting ascent of her fuck-lust. Her body felt hot with arousal.

As if abruptly sensing Judy's presence, Steve looked up and saw her standing in the doorway. With an immediate look of amusement, he chuckled, and spoke to her.

"Aw, just what we needed... fresh pussy!"

Cindy looked around, blinked, trying to clear her ecstasy-hazed eyes. Then she saw her friend too.

"Join the party," she told Judy huskily.

Steve and Cindy rolled apart, both watching as Judy stripped out of her skirt and blouse. She wore nothing underneath. Judy provided a sharp contrast to Cindy's petite body, for she was fairly tall, athletically slim with sleek flanks and high softly curved tits. Her long dark hair swirled around her shoulders, and the dark vee of curly cunt hair showed up starkly against the pale skin of her hips.

Judy scampered over to the bed and crawled up beside Steve and Cindy. Her avid, eager hands reached for the thick shaft of his cock, which was steadily growing more swollen with lust.

Steve pushed away her hands. "Wait," he chuckled. "Make it with sweet, sinful Cindy here. I want to watch."

The two girls looked at each other, a slow measuring look. Then they grinned. Each face seemed to be mirroring the same thought if Steve got a charge out of watching two girls play with each other before he fucked them, well, it was okay with them!

"Let's give him a show, honey," Judy told Cindy with a sexy giggle. Her hands closed over the heavy mounds of Cindy's big tits.

"You're really built," she giggled, her small hands unable to cover the full expanse of Cindy's soft warm tit flesh.

"She sure is," Steve agreed heartily. "But you're tilted out really nice too, babe." As if to prove his point, he reached out, running his hand over the small tight globes of Judy's tits.

"Yeah, nice... real nice."

Judy gave him a teasing smile, and resumed her slow caresses on the swollen flesh of Cindy's tits. She watched Cindy's face reflect her growing arousal, the contours of her face going slack.

"Getting turned on, honey?" Judy said softly.

"Oooohhhh, yes," Cindy moaned. "Lick me now, suck on my tits."

Judy moved her body against the other girl's while Steve lay beside them, watching. Her fingers dug into the pliant flesh of Cindy's tits, bunching the cones of her tits. The two pink nipples jutted out, tight and thickly turgid.

Mouth open, Judy's head dipped, covering one of the upthrust tits. Her lips closed over the end of Cindy's tit. Immediately, she tasted the sweet flavor of the tit flesh, and found it delicious.

Cindy moaned, a purring sound coming from deep in her throat. She arched her back, pushing her tits harder against Judy's searching mouth.

Using her tongue eagerly, Judy soon had the other girl's tit tips achingly hard and long, wet with the juices of her mouth. Cindy's hips bucked against the girl's in a fuck-like tempo.

"Eat her out now," Steve commanded thickly. Watching the two girls together was getting him horny as hell.

Judy raised her head, grinned at Steve, then moved away from Cindy, turning around so she could lower her face into the girl's curl covered cunt. Her legs opened, straddling Cindy's shoulders, offering Cindy the same erotic treat.

Judy wasted no time in nuzzling into the wet warm slit of Cindy's pussy. Her tongue snaked out, licking and stroking hungrily. Cindy's hips jerked at the initial contact, and a long rolling shudder moved along her skin.

Tongue lashing out madly, Judy pushed her face deeper into the dewy softness of Cindy's cunt. She gave a muffled groan as she felt Cindy begin to give her needy little pussy the same avid oral attention.

Steve edged closer, leaning first one way then the other to get a close-up view of the girls' lavish cunt-sucking. It excited him until he felt as if his cock would burst. His breath rasped and he licked his lips, again and again.

Finally he could take no more, and he pulled a protesting Judy from Cindy. His hand cupped the back of Judy's head and he pulled her toward his crotch.

"I want some of that tongue-lapping," he muttered thickly.

Cindy voiced her displeasure at being denied her carnal treat, then moved around to watch her friend suck on Steve's cock. It would have to do, she decided.

Judy was settling in between Steve's legs, happily ready to use her tongue on him just as she had on Cindy. She cupped both hands around the rigid shaft of his cock, marveling at how hard his prick was. Leaning over, she gave the head of his prick a big wet kiss. It felt velvety soft and super-heated to her lips, and a burning desire to have all of his cock fucked into her throat shot through her at that first oral contact.

Her mouth watered as she inched her lips over the rim of his cock head and began to suck gently.

"Ah, shit," she heard Steve groan. "Yeah, eat me, baby... eat me good."

Steve's hand still held her at the back of her head, and his fingers gently caressed the sensitive nape of her neck. It made her tingle delightfully. The faint trembling of his body told her just how much he needed and wanted her eager cock-sucking, and Judy was more than willing to oblige him.

With a muffled moan of bliss, she thrust her head all the way down, until her nose was touching the crinkly hair of his groin. She shivered as she found her mouth and throat totally filled with his juicy prick. Slowly and teasingly Judy then drew back, her full soft lips clamped tightly around the huge, shaft of his cock.

She withdrew until only the swollen crown of his cock was left between her lips. Again she moved downward. Judy pumped her head up and down for several moments, gradually increasing the tempo of her cock-sucking.

His excitement and arousal was fed by the way she varied the movements of her mouth, as she worked her lips over and around his engorged prick. Sometimes she nipped down hard, clamping his cock tightly as she fucked her face with his prick meat. Other times she made soft fluttering movements with her lips, a gentle motion that turned him on even more.

Judy didn't need his gasps and groans to tell her how much she was thrilling him. She could tell it by the movements of his body and the barely felt tremors racing along under his skin. Just the knowledge of how much she pleasured him made Judy just as excited Judy felt the burning ache of need growing in her pussy, and yearned for the filling pressure of a hard hot cock. Already aroused from Cindy's cunt-lapping, now. Judy was even more turned on by the taste and sensation of Steve's juicy chunk of cock meat.

She squirmed a little, dry-fucking against him. Without breaking the easy, soft sucking rhythm she had established, Judy slid her hand down to the warm wet mound of her pussy.

She began to work her stiff fingers in and out, finger-fucking herself as she sucked at Steve's bulging prick. It was a deep stroking she needed to appease the fiery heat deep in her cunt.

Judy slowed her urgent cock-sucking, wanting to draw out the sensual pleasure for both of them. She let his massive column of cock meat slip from her mouth with a wet slurping plop. Accompanied by his rasping grunts and growls, she blew off the sides of his stiff prick, then touched it lightly with the tip of her tongue.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah!" Steve groaned, over and over.

Judy leaned in closer and massaged the rubbery skin of his prick with her lips, then she licked the huge cock shaft all the way up and back down again. One hand cupped the taut sacs of his balls, while her other hand was busily finger-fucking her hot cunt.

"Jesus... sweet Jesus, that feels so good," Steve said.

Unable to hold off any longer from the tempting treat of his big fucker in her mouth, Judy once more opened her lips widely and moved down over the crown of his cock. She pressed downward steadily and smoothly, taking the whole length of his cock into her mouth.

Judy sucked hungrily, her spit coating his cock thickly as she fucked her face. The turgid thickness of his prick fucked in and out of her widely stretched lips.

Dimly she heard a moan, soft and low. Glancing out of the corners of her eyes, she saw Cindy twisting and writhing in helpless arousal, watching her suck and lick Steve's big hard cock.

Her own desire demanded satisfaction, and Judy fingered her throbbing, sensitive clit with growing urgency as she sucked and licked Steve's meaty cock shaft. In moments she was rewarded by a pre-cum vibration moving up and down his prick.

The throbbing in his prick increased, then he stiffened against her bobbing face, Judy swallowed convulsively as the first glob of hot cum blasted into her throat. The thrill of sucking him to orgasm had a most sensual effect on Judy. Fingering her clit furiously brought her, too, to a nerve-melting orgasm. Her whole body stiffened with her climax, even as Steve's hot prick kept pumping his big load of cum into her waiting throat.

As his cum-tide eased she slowed her sucking movements, holding his cock between her lips until she felt it begin to grow hard once more. The spasms in her -- cunt eased as well, and she finally drew back her head.

"Mmmmm, goood," she murmured, licking her lips of leftover droplets of juicy cum. "You're ripe and ready to go again, stud... and Cindy's in a bad way... why don't you finish her off?"

Cindy croaked out an answer, her voice hoarse from the intense arousal that was enveloping her. Steve grinned, from Judy to Cindy, and moved in to give Cindy the fucking she so obviously needed.

He realized that prolonged foreplay was totally unnecessary. They were both anxiously eager to fuck, so he pushed Cindy over on her back and moved in between her splayed thighs.

"Yes, yes," she moaned. "Give it to me now, Steve... God, how I need your cock!"

"You're gonna get it baby... every last cunt-fuckin' inch of it," he promised her, his voice thick and coarse.

Swiftly, Steve rammed his burgeoning prick into her juicy hot pussy. He felt the delicious tickle of her soft cunt hair as he fucked into her, matched by the hot smoothness of her fuckhole. Her quaking cunt opened under his relentless probing. It widened, hungrily swallowing each stuffing inch of his prick.

She bucked her hips upward, and her cunt gulped at his cock, taking him in as far as possible. His groin mashed against hers, and the twin hard sacs of his balls slapped against her upturned ass as she fucked his prick into her pussy.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" she wailed in mindless lust.

He fucked her ravenously, as though starved for fucking. Steve could feel her long fingernails raking across his back, down to his ass cheeks, where she gripped him almost painfully, pulling him against her greedy pussy. He leaned over, nipping at the pink lust-thickened tips of her tits as he pounded her with his horny cock meat.

Steve could feel how she shook as her passion mounted. The tremors radiated to his body, and he found himself once more poised on the brink of a sensual ecstasy. His hot load of cum once more coiled, welled up, ready to erupt.

"Shove it in more," Cindy gasped, beyond control. "Fill me, fill my pussy all up with your cock."

Even though he fucked in every inch of his prick, the tight fleshy lips of her cunt sucked and gripped his cock as though she wanted to capture even his hard hairy balls within her churning cunt as well.

Within moments their frenzied fucking brought them both to a fiery climax. Steve's hips beat a rapid tattoo against her, and Cindy screamed as she tumbled over the brink of bliss.

Steve felt his own erupting cum surge forth in a blinding rush. His hot jism gushed into her seething pussy, drenching the tunnel of her fuckhole with heavy slick spurts. He imagined he could almost hear the forceful splat of his cum in her cunt. With a gasping groan, Steve gave a final savage fuck-lunge and then sagged weakly against her.

Cindy struggled to catch her run-away breath in the warm aftermath of lust. She breathed in the sweet aroma of their sweaty bodies, and looked over at Judy, grinning.

"Boy, did I need that," Cindy said. "I feel so good now I could care less bout losing my job!"

"Don't I even get a thank you?" Steve grumbled, in mock seriousness. "I mean, I think I helped a little bit in this. Don't you?"

Cindy snuggled against him, her hand rubbing across his chest.

"You made all the difference," she grinned. "You and that fantastic cock of yours!"

The two girls and Steve searched for their scattered clothing and dressed, teasing and joking as they did.

As they walked back down the hallway to rejoin the part, Judy took Cindy aside.

"Did you really lose your job?" she asked. "Yeah, the boss' wife decided I was too attractive, and so out I went," Cindy sighed. "Trouble is, I couldn't deny anything. Neal -- that's my ex-boss -- and I had a lot of fun behind the closed doors of his office!"

"Why didn't he just move you to another department or something?"

Cindy grinned. "He couldn't. See, he married the boss' daughter -- that's how he got where he is. Her side of the family really pulls the purse strings."

"What are you going to do now?" Judy wanted to know.

"What else? Find another job."

Judy studied her intently, and Cindy saw a glint of mischief in her eyes. She waited, and in a moment or two Judy spoke.

"Have you ever heard of the Carrousel Club?"

"I think so," Cindy answered. "Isn't it a restaurant or something, just outside of town?"

"Oh, it's a restaurant," Judy giggled. "And a whole lot more. Very, very exclusive. You have to have a membership to get in the place. And the service they offer goes beyond the menu, if you get what I mean." Judy could see Cindy was intrigued, and very interested. "They're always on the look-out for new waitresses and hostesses. Why don't you apply?" She eyed Cindy. "I hear the pay isn't that great, but the tips are. And, so are the... uh, fringe benefits!"

"Sounds like fun," Cindy chuckled. "Lots of fun."

"I tried it once," Judy confided. "I didn't get the job."

"Why?" Cindy asked, confused.

"I failed the interview," Judy said mysteriously. "So here's a warning... whatever happens, go with it!"


Cindy studied herself in the mirror, eyeing her outfit critically. She wanted everything to be right for her appointment with Matt Preston, the Carrousel Club's owner. Looking at herself again, Cindy decided she looked good, really good!

She tightened the tie belt of her yellow wrap around skirt, making her small waist even more noticeable. The sparkling white thin knit top she wore with it clung to her body, emphasizing the thrusting fullness of her tits. It showed, too, the fact that she was braless, for her nipples were faintly outlined against the thin fabric.

Lifting her skirt, she fastened a white lace garter belt around her hips, overlapping her flimsy lace bikini panties. Cindy sat on the edge of the bed and pulled on sheer nylons, fastening each to the garter belt. Then she stepped into a pair of tall-heeled sandals. The shoes added several inches to her height, and made her legs look even more attractive.

Once more she surveyed her image in the mirror, and decided she was ready.

"Watch out Matt Preston," she muttered, with a twinkling look in her eyes. "You're going to be interviewing one girl determined to get that job!"

She remembered then the vague warning Judy had given her, how she had failed Preston's interview. No matter how Cindy had begged, Judy wouldn't tell her any more about what had happened. All Judy would do was advise Cindy to go with it. Now Cindy was getting anxious to find out for herself what this interview would hold. She had an idea it was going to be a job interview she could really go for!

Cindy eased her car into the Carrousel Club's parking lot at five minutes before three, the time of her appointment. She fluffed the tousled auburn curls falling around her shoulders and got out of the car, striding quickly to the entrance.

The building was a long low rambling structure, heavily studded with concealing shrubs and bushes. Through a tangle of bushes off to the left she could see the edge of a swimming pool. Stepping up to the heavy oak doors of the entrance, she pulled on a thick wrought iron handle. It didn't budge.

She pulled at it again. Locked. Suddenly a woman's voice sounded and she jumped.

"Your name, Miss?" the soft voice said.

She looked up, then saw the tiny lens of the camera, and the intercom grill.

"I'm Cindy Barnes," she answered. "I have an appointment with Mr. Preston."

There was no answer. Cindy stood, nervously shifting her weight from one foot to the other. After what seemed like an eternity passed, she heard a muted buzz and the door swung open.

A tall regal-looking blonde stood in the doorway, swathed in an exotic printed fabric that glittered with woven gold threads.

"Mr. Preston is ready to see you now," she said, her voice low and almost toneless. "Please follow me."

She was led to a richly furnished office, but no one was there.

"Please make yourself comfortable," the woman instructed her. "Mr. Preston will be in shortly."

Left alone, Cindy walked around, looking at the paintings, the furnishings, even the view from the floor-to-ceiling windows at the far end of the room.

"Miss Barnes?"

She turned around, and she gasped when she saw the man standing in the doorway. The man standing watching her she knew to be in his late forties, yet he looked twenty-five. He was tall, tanned, tautly muscled. Prime.

Cindy found herself blushing hotly, something that very rarely happened to her. She also found herself almost immediately aroused. He was a very sexy, very virile man, this new boss of hers. At least she hoped he would end up being her boss.

He approached her casually, slowly, his eyes going over her body in an intently assessing way. The look in his eyes made her pulse pound hotly.

Still silent, the man walked up to Cindy, then moved around, circling her, looking at her from all angles. It should have made her feel like some grocery store special, but instead, his warm gaze only served to make Cindy feel super sexy.

After circling her twice, Preston smiled.

"Sexy. Very, very sexy," he commented softly and ushered her into a thickly cushioned easy chair.

His manner was almost offhand then, as he questioned her casually about her background and work experience. After a few minutes of this, he got up from behind his desk and walked around the side of it, sitting on the edge of the desk as he continued talking to her.

"Cindy, what we offer here is something I our clients just don't get at other places," he remarked. "Of course, we have all the facilities other private clubs offer -- the restaurant, private dining rooms, guest rooms sauna gym, pool."

He paused and looked at her steadily. "The thing that makes us different, better, is the service we give. If you find a flirtation from one of the customers pleasant and wish to pursue it, we not only approve of that, we encourage it! However, it must be voluntary and, freely given and enjoyed. Cindy, we're not running a brothel... merely a pleasure I center, where all the senses are given free rein. How's that sound to you?"

She started to speak, and her voice cracked. Cindy stopped, cleared her throat. She was extremely turned on by the images his words created, by the unlimited pleasures a job here could bring to her.

"It sounds great!"

He grinned at the enthusiasm in her voice. "You're sexy looking, certainly," he said. "Do you like to fuck? Suck cock?"

She swallowed, her throat dry. He had her turned on, and he knew it. Finally she whispered: "Yes."


"Yes... oh, yes!"

"Hhmmm, good, I'd like that too... to watch," he said. "I want to watch you fucking, sucking..."

"Okay," she said faintly, almost reeling from the insistent throb between her legs. She needed fucking badly.

At that moment, the door opened behind her. She looked around, staring, as two young men walked in, wearing only towels wrapped around their waists.

"Scott, Glenn, this is Cindy," Preston said, smiling. "And Cindy's horny... aren't you, baby?"

Cindy eyed the two men and licked her lips. "Yes... very."

Cindy watched Preston's eyes go dark and murky with lust. He looked into her eyes, and she saw a promise of sensual pleasures to come.

"Fuck her."

His curt, hoarse command, softly given, broke the tense silence.

She started to get up, then the two men came to her, kneeling on either side of where she sat in the armless easy chair. Cindy felt their warm strong hands on her legs, massaging her firmly, sensually.

Her skin twitched slightly where they touched her and she pushed her legs apart unconsciously. Her skirt had ridden up, showing a wide expanse of her legs, up to the tops of her stockings. Her pussy was throbbing with lurid anticipation. She could feel her nipples growing hard as the twin lumps poked against the thin material of her top.

The two men knelt, on either side of her, replacing their hands on her legs with their mouths. Together they started kissing, licking and nipping at her nylon-clad legs.

Matt Preston watched them, and she met his eyes once more, shivering at the look of raw lust she saw there. Her attention was distracted by the way Scott and Glenn moved determinedly upwards. Her skirt was pushed up, out of the way, exposing her from the waist down.

"Spread your legs wider, honey," Glenn told her huskily, as he moved around to kneel between her thighs.

Her legs splayed widely, and Cindy sat back, thrusting her cunt up and out, giving him full access to the dewy softness of her pussy. She leaned back in the chair, closing her eyes, wallowing in the exciting sensations flooding her body.

Glenn's hands pressed against the sensitive inner skin of her thighs. She inhaled sharply at the vivid flash of erotic excitement his touch produced. She felt him move closer. One hand rubbed across her cunt mound, his fingers edging under her panties, sliding down into her hot wet pussy slit.

Cindy gasped as she felt his breath moving over her cunt as his fingers pressed and probed inside of her. Glenn pulled out his finger, hooking it into the crotch of her panties and pulling the thin strip of fabric aside, exposing the moist pink meat of her cunt. His mouth pressed against her cunt.

She quivered and moaned at the first oral contact, trembling violently when he started licking her cunt slit in long slow laps of his taut rasping tongue. Up and down his mouth moved, tasting and exploring every bit of her hungry horny pussy.

Cindy sighed with pleasure, then groaned when his stiffened tongue stroked into her fluttering fuckhole. She reached down, holding Glenn's head against her churning cunt.

"My God," she moaned, her voice low and husky.

She could feel her pulse pound, reflecting her mounting excitement. His touch was expert, quickly bringing her to the boiling point hunched hips Cindy her forward. Glenn burrowed deeper into her pussy, pulling the crotch-strip of her panties so hard the flimsy fabric ripped apart at the seam. His long tongue began fucking her cunt with hard even strokes. She humped her hips to the rhythm of his cunt-lapping, eyes closed and head rolling in complete carnal bliss.

Something warm and hot brushed her cheek. Opening her eyes, she saw only one thing, Scott's huge hard-on, bobbing in front of her mouth. He stood beside her with his rigid cock pushed in front of her face in a lewd invitation.

Cindy stared Scott's prick longingly, and then jerked slightly when Glenn's eager mouth fastened on her distended, ultra-sensitive clit.

Her mouth opened.

Scott's hand curled behind her head and he flexed his hips, fucking his cock into her parted lips. The huge head of his cock plopped into her mouth and Cindy flicked the tip of it with her tongue. Scott groaned and pushed forward again, fucking even more of his horny cock into her waiting, willing mouth.

Cindy gulped, swallowing inch after inch of thick hot cock meat. The taste of his prick was warm and thrilling, and she hungered for more and more. Even as she swallowed more, of Scott's sexy cock, Glenn nibbled and sucked at her aching clit, making her tremble hornily.

"Oh... oh my God," she moaned softly. Even though Scott and Glenn had her quivering with sensual excitement, she was just as turned on by the idea of Matt watching the three of them. She looked at him, and was rewarded by the blatant look of passion on his face.

Glenn slid his hands up under her ass, grasping the cheeks of her butt and pulling her hips hard against his cunt-stroking mouth. His tongue naked out, licking and tasting her dripping wet pussy, sucking on the puffy lips of her cunt. The wet slurping sounds he made as he ate Cindy's pussy were echoed by the juicy sounds of her sucking Scott's big prick. The sounds excited all them of them.

The trio became engrossed in feeding their raging fuck-lust. Passions mounted quickly.

The first spasm of orgasm spread through Cindy's body and she gave a low muffled moan. Her hips shook violently against Glenn's face as the climax shattered her entire body. His tongue stroked into her convulsing cunt rapidly, and the flexing muscles of her fuckhole sucked at his probing tongue.

As the fiery pleasure overcame her, Cindy sucked even harder and deeper at Scott's huge cock, taking it in until the plump head of his prick banged the back of her throat. Scott started to hump his hips against her face, fucking into her mouth with short hard jabs of his chunky cock.

Again and again she gulped as he fucked his prick into her mouth. His hand tightened at the nape of her neck, holding her tightly as he fucked her face.

Glenn, too, renewed his oral assault on her twitching pussy, licking and lapping at the fresh flow of cunt cream oozing out from deep inside her pussy.

Scott froze, then rammed his cock fiercely into her face. Cindy felt a hot, blast of juicy cum splatter down into her gulping throat. Her cunt exploded in another orgasm. At the same time, her mouth was being filled with jet after jet of milky hot cum. She moaned, swallowing urgently as her hips bucked and jerked from the nerve-melting climax. His cum flooded her mouth and oozed out from the corners of her lips, running down her chin as he continued to fuck her mouth. His climax eased then, and his cock started to grow soft and pliable.

Once Scott slid his dwindling cock from her lips, Cindy gave out a shout of pure pleasure.

"God, I love it... make me cum again!" she gasped.

She shoved her cunt up against Glenn's face as far as it would go, then hunched backwards and shoved again. At the same time, she turned and twisted her hips slightly in a rotating manner. Her face was beaded with glistening drops of perspiration as she fucked Glenn's face with her horny hot cunt.

Another violent climax erupted, racking her flailing body with additional waves of erotic pleasure.

Glenn slid his tongue in and around her juicy cunt slit, then moved his mouth as the final tremors of her climax eased. He ran his long rasping tongue up and down on the tender inner skin of her thighs, then up to the curly nest of hair crowning her cunt.

His hands moved up, pulling her knit top from the waistband of her skirt, pushing it up over the top, exposing her creamy warm tit mounds. His tongue stabbed into her navel, fucking the tiny hole. Relentlessly, he moved upwards, tracing up the slopes of her heavy tits with his tongue.

Cindy squirmed, groaning. Her body twitched, excitement building rapidly once more. She was completely consumed with carnal pleasures, savoring each and every sensation possible.

Glenn made a short hoarse sound of lewd excitement as his mouth traced the generous curves of her tits. His tongue laved the hard thick buds of her nipples, making Cindy move relentlessly, causing a growing urgency to race along her veins.

She sighed, looking down and watching his lips munch on the juicy sweetness of her tit flesh. She marveled at his virility and staying power. He hadn't let up a minute since he had first started nibbling on her pussy. And he still kept on sucking and licking her tits furiously. It amazed and thrilled her.

"I love the way you're licking me," she gasped.

"Shit, I love the way you taste, baby," he groaned back at her.

Scott had joined the boss, Matt, in watching Glenn suck her tits. That excited her doubly.

Scott's towel had long since slipped off, revealing his huge length of cock meat, now slowly growing thick and hard again.

Cindy looked down and saw that Glenn's towel had fallen too. His fully engorged cock dangled between his spread legs. She shivered, and the instinctive movement made her big tits jiggle enticingly as Glenn nuzzled them. He rooted around in her swollen tit flesh for a few moments longer, flicking his tongue at her turgid nipples, then he backed away from her.

His big prick jutted out proudly as he stood, and came close to her, wedging his huge cock in the deep narrow valley between her tits. He humped his hips, pumping his cock shaft between her tits, fucking between the two fleshy mounds.

Cindy groaned softly, aroused by this new sensation. She leaned forward just a little, and her tits surged forward too, surrounding his massive piece of cock meat. She cupped the sides of her tits with her hands and pushed them together to make the contact between her tits and his prick even tighter and more exciting.

As Glenn fucked between her tits, she arched her chest forward, matching his fuck thrusts. As he pumped her tits, his huge cock head popped out from the cleft at the top of her tits. Cindy leaned a little, to get her mouth to the reappearing crown of his cock. Each time, she settled her slightly parted lips against his prick tip and lashed out with her tongue.

"Jesus Christ!" Glenn yelped.

Cindy relished the erotic delight he produced by stroking his swollen prick in the tight hot tunnel between her tits. She grabbed at his ass, wanting him tighter and tighter against her. Glenn moved closer, just as she wanted him to, straddling her waist and leaning forward in a way that made Cindy have to lean back in the easy chair.

"Lick my cock," Glenn grunted hornily, fucking against her tits even harder.

Cindy licked her lips, mouth watering as she was offered even more of his tasty cock. Each time he pounded against her swollen, aching tits, she leaned her head down, tongue working madly at his fat cock crown. She grunted, her voice low and coarse, as she experienced a hot flame of lusty arousal so strong she just couldn't keep still.

At that moment, she felt something soft and wet touch her cunt. Cindy jumped, then relaxed with a soft whimpering sigh. Scott had rejoined the party, and was now avidly lapping at her pussy in the same way Glenn had done only minutes before.

Scott was now on his knees in between Cindy's wide-spread legs. His face was firmly meshed into the swollen pink meat of her cunt... and his tongue worked crazily up and down her slick pussy slit.

Scott shoved both hands up under her ass cheeks and clenched the twin taut ass mounds. He pulled her toward him, mashing his face into her sopping wet cunt. Cindy's wet pussy closed around his mouth. She trembled as she felt the rasping hardness of his tongue invade the clenched opening of her fuckhole with strong deep strokes.

"Oh, ooooohhhhh, God!" she wailed, hips flailing in her excitement.

She started hunching forward, guided and helped by Scott's tight hold on her ass. She fucked his face with her cunt, at the same time bobbing her head up and down on Glenn's pumping prick.

It was almost more than she could bear, this double sensual pleasure. Her tits throbbed and ached with horny excitement, and her cunt burned with a deep churning need. She could feel a gigantic climax building. It was a horny pressure that built and built until she thought she would scream from it.

Just as that moment, Glenn finally gave in to the erupting waves of pleasure inside of him. He had kept tighter control than he even though he was capable of because he was enjoying fooling around with the sexy redhead so much. Now, though, he just couldn't hold his cum-load back any longer.

"Get that throat sucking, baby," he yelled, grinding against her. "Man, I'm cumming and it's gonna be a fuckin' flood!"

Cindy dipped her head, covering his pulsing cock head with her mouth. She made it just in time, and felt his cock swell and then begin a rhythmic pumping that unleashed the flood of cum he had predicted. Wad after wad of steamy jism pumped into her mouth, and she swallowed eagerly, thrilling to the thick taste and texture of his creamy cum. She braced herself as the flow of his fuck juice seemed to increase, growing heavier and faster.

It was a sensual taste and experience, and one that took her completely over the usual bounds of bliss. With a muffled scream, she felt herself dissolve in a glistening shower of sparkling, white-hot orgasm needles.

Her whole body seemed to grow taut and collapse into a blinding mass of lust-tortured flesh. The burning, erupting sensation centered in the deepest part of her cunt, which was being joyously eaten out by Scott. She shook and twisted helplessly, held fast by Scott's sucking mouth on her pussy and Glenn's cum gushing prick down her throat.

"Sweet Jesus," Glenn hissed. "She's cummin' like a freight train. Let it go, baby... just let it all take you away."

She really didn't have any choice. Her body was in complete control now, expressing her unbelievable bliss and nerve-shattering pleasure.

Her mouth tightened around Glenn's cock, sucking noisily and deeply as at last the flow of his cum eased off. Her climax crested, and for a moment she fell weak and a bit faint. Then it passed and an incredible wave of warmth coursed along her body. It really had felt as if her cunt had exploded, and yet she was already growing aroused once more, due to the talented and determined stroking of Scott's long stiff tongue on her pussy.

Glenn eased his soft cock from between her lips and swayed against her. His mind boggling display of stamina in holding off his climax for so long had obviously taken its toll.

"Shit, I feel drained," he muttered. "I mean really friggin' drained."

He stumbled away from her and she blinked, clearing her misty gaze. Cindy saw Matt looking on with a very, very satisfied smile. And, she noted, a huge hard-on. He spoke softly to Glenn and the other man stooped down, picked up his towel and went out of her range of vision. She knew by the muted sound of the door, click, that Glenn had left.

Suddenly she wasn't able to think of anything but Scott, for he started giving her a cunt-lapping like, she'd never had before.

Glenn had been good at eating her pussy out, but Scott was clearly an expert cunt-sucker.

Her mouth opened in a wide soundless scream and her head flailed backwards, rolling from side to side. She reached down, grabbing Scott's head and pushing his face against her horny hot cunt as hard as she possibly could without smothering him.

"Eat me, you horny cunt-lapper... eat me out good!"

His tongue waved rapidly inside her soaked cunt slit, lashing up and down the puffy swollen lips of her pussy then teasing around the distended lump of her clit. The ultrasensitive little stub was stimulated over and over, making her clit grow hard and tight. Scott then dipped his face, held tightly against her cunt by Cindy's firm hands. His tongue dipped into her fluttering fuckhole, fucking in and out in a manner that nearly drove her up the wall.

Cindy was being taken to the peak of pleasure once more and she loved it, loved every single minute of it! He sucked in the swollen cunt lips and chewed gently on the rubbery pussy flesh. Cindy shook violently as he did that. It was terribly exciting.

Without warning he pulled back, his face smeared with oozing streams of her sticky cunt cream. He reared up and his huge hard prick was now pressed against the gulping wetness of her pussy. Before she really realized what had happened, she was slammed back against the back of the chair by the force of a single savage fuck-thrust, one that buried his big prick to the limit in her juicy cunt.

"Oh, God... oh, God!" she wailed.

The hot velvet flesh of her fuckhole closed around his driving cock and held him fast, sucking and milking at his massive prick meat. He pulled back, then fucked forward again, making her cry out.

As he pushed against her crotch he ground his hips against her, then jerked from side to side. It made his cock totally ream her pussy out and created a carnal sensation that made Cindy squirm delightedly. Scott fucked her, fucking back and forth, back and forth, in a sowing hard tempo.

She met and matched his movements with horny shakes of her ass. She loved having her cunt eaten out, but there was just nothing that matched the wonderfully full feeling of having her pussy stuffed full of cock meat.

"You're so good, so fuckin' good. Feed me your cock! Give me more... oh, fuck the shit out of me!"

"Take it, bitch, take it all," he rasped, pleased and aroused by her praise.

She flung her arms around him, her hand clawing at his back, trying to bring him closer and closer, tighter and tighter. She pushed her body to meet his ever-increasing force and their bodies became a joined heaving mass of fucking flesh.

It was only a matter of seconds before they came together in a screaming, pounding mutual climax. Neither one could hold out too long. Cindy had felt faint before when she spasmed, and the same weakness again flooded her. This time, though, it was stronger... much, much stronger.

This time, the darkness came, and she just couldn't fight it off. Still clasped tightly against Scott's erupting body, Cindy fainted.

It seemed a long time before Cindy became fully conscious. She could hear a faint soft mewling sound, and was startled to realize the sound came from her. She rolled her head, and opened her eyes.

Cindy was still in the same easy chair, still sprawled with her legs splayed obscenely wide. Her skirt was bunched up around her waist, the remnants of her panties hanging loosely. Her top was still pushed up, and her tits were naked and free.

As she started to move, to snatch her clothing back into shape, she realized Matt was also still there.

"I wouldn't bother straightening your clothes," he told her, his voice low, controlled, almost mild sounding.

She gaped at him, blinking.

"Come on, Cindy," he smiled. "Did you think I could stand to watch those two guys fuck and suck you all that time and not decide to have a little bit of it myself?"

Cindy just couldn't believe it. She had been totally, royally sucked and licked and fucked... climaxing again and again, until at last she had fainted from the sheer overload of pleasure. Yet now, only moments after fainting, she was once more feeling that tickling sensation deep inside her cunt.

"I'm ready," she said.

"I know it," Matt grinned.

He had seen the look on her face turn from the blank expression of coming out of her faint to one of growing interest and excitement. She was one horny hot piece, and he could hardly wait to sample the pleasures of her sweet young pussy.

"And just what is it you're ripe and ready for?" he teased her, slipping out of his clothes with practiced ease.

"Your cock... all of it, and any way you want it."

"I want it in your mouth, fucking your face."

"Aaawwww, yeah... do it, Matt, do it!" she bawled, quivering already with desire.

His naked body was just as thrilling as she had thought it would be. For his age, he was remarkably physically fit, absolutely prime. His cock jutted from its nest of crinkly crotch hair, standing out straight and thick.

Matt walked over to stand straddle-legged before Cindy as she sat forward on her chair. His huge chunky prick was a tempting, tasty looking piece of cock flesh. She could hardly wait to give it a taste.

"Wrap those pretty lips of yours around my prick, Cindy, and suck away."

"Mmmmm, yes," she whispered. "After all that fucking and sucking, I'm still hungry for the juicy meat of your cock."

She reached for him, and was surprised to see how her hands were shaking in her eagerness. Cindy let his fingers play over the long heavy length of his hugely hard fucker, then she toyed idly with the heavy balls slung beneath. He grunted and pressed against her moving fingers, growing more and more aroused by her gentle caresses.

Giving a happy wriggle, Cindy leaned forward to devour the thick morsel of his hot cock. Her rasping tongue moved over and along his swaying prick, then licked hungrily at his taut hairy balls. He tasted the way he smelled, sexy and musky. It really turned her on.

She leaned her head to one side and dipped down, nuzzling his balls in a sexy way. She mouthed his firm balls until she had Matt trembling with barely contained fuck-lust. Then Cindy moved to lick in an ever-decreasing circle around the jutting trophy of his enormous cock. Cindy continued to massage his lust-swollen balls with her hand as she started lapping his meaty prick pole.

"Jesus, you're good at giving head," he hissed. "So Goddamn fuckin' good!"

Lowering her head, Cindy eased her wide-open mouth over the bulging end of his hard prick and drew it into her throat. Deeper and deeper she went, until her tender mouth was crammed with his rigid prick. Her cheeks bulged from the sheer size of the man's cock, and she was thrilled to find it still growing harder and thicker as his passion mounted.

Giving a soft purr of approval, Cindy started to suck on his stiff cock meat. She milked his cock with her throat muscles in a way even her tight cunt could not match. Like a lewd vacuum, she sucked on his fleshy prick shaft, licking at his cock as she gobbled.

Matt gave a satisfied moan, watching her head bob up and down on his horny fucker. He loved the way she tried to swallow more and more of his cock and he thrilled to the talented touch of her rasping little tongue. If she was always this horny and cock-crazy, she was going to be the best employee he'd ever had!

She seemed to know instinctively when to lessen her movements and when to increase her oral caresses. There was no doubt about it. Cindy just plain loved to suck cock. He was pretty damned glad she did, at this point.

Cindy knew the pleasure she was giving him, and gloried in her oral ability to excite and satisfy a man. She knew the most sensitive, responsive spots on a man's body and just what to do to create the utmost sensation.

She moaned happily, her fingers busily teasing his heavy balls as she pistoned her head against his musky crotch.

Matt reached for her head, twirling his fingers in her tumbled mass of russet curls. He pulled her face against his steamy groin, fucking his horny prick even deeper into her sucking mouth. If anything, this seemed to only increase Cindy's passion, and her avid mouth devoured his pulsing prick.

"Sweet suckin' bitch," he growled. "You sweet cock-suckin' honey... you're eatin' my prick meat so, so nice."

She squirmed ecstatically, fucking her face on his hard hot prick. She knew she was good at sucking a man off, because she absolutely loved it. The taste of cock meat was a delicacy to her, and she never tired of cock-sucking.

Here erect clit throbbed suddenly, flashing a message of building fuck-lust all along her veins. She was close to climaxing, all over again!

Desperately, Cindy threw herself into her sucking and licking, wanting Matt to shoot off as she tumbled into orgasm. Her ball-stroking hand slipped farther back, sliding up the crack of his ass to probe the tight pucker of his asshole.

It was a stimulation that made Matt lose his tight control. He gave a shout and savagely fucked against her face. Within her mouth, his cock swelled mightily, then erupted in wave after wave of hot juicy cum -- cum which Cindy lapped up hungrily, as her own body spasmed sharply and convulsively.

She wasn't a bit surprised when Matt finally gasped: "You're hired."


Cindy had to admit, the standard costume for waitresses and hostesses at the Carrousel Club was dramatic and highly erotic. It tied in with the name, with the youthful look of a sexy little girl at the circus. Over nothing more than a virginal white G-string, she wore a white ruffled apron-type pinafore.

The small ruffled square top barely concealed her big braless tits, and the tiny apron just came down past her pussy. The sash tied in back in a big bow. Cindy twirled in front of the mirror in the dressing room and looked over her shoulder at her reflection in the mirror. From the back, a lot of flesh was exposed. She was bare behind except for the big white bow at the small of her back, and the thin strip between her ass cheeks.

She walked around, watching her puffy tits wobble and sway underneath the tiny top. The slightest movement and her tits popped free over the top of the pinafore, her pert pink nipples peeping out enticingly.

"Not bad, not bad," she giggled.

She was a little nervous, but soon found her way around the club. After a couple of hours of playing hostess to the select clientele of the Club, she relaxed and even started enjoying herself.

The men coming to the Carrousel for dinner, a drink in one of the lounges, or a dip in the pool seemed to have several things in common. They were fairly well -- to -- do, had to be in fact, to afford the huge membership fees. They were also all eager to engage in a little playful fondling, and sometimes even more.

She teased them right back, enjoying the sexy caresses. The men seemed to like her impish grin and sly ways. Deliberately, she would let her hand brush against a thigh or along an arm as she escorted them to their respective places.

Cindy was near the end of her shift when she met a contradiction to her former view of the Carrousel Club's typical member.

He walked in the door, looked around, then looked almost as if he was ready to bolt. Hiding a smile, Cindy walked over to him, trying to seem at ease to try and make him at ease.

Walking up beside him, Cindy slipped an arm through his and leaned close. Close enough for him to get a whiff of her faint floral perfume. She saw him catch the scent and gulp. She felt his body relax just the slightest bit and smiled at him encouragingly.

"Welcome to the Carrousel Club," she smiled. "Our pleasure is giving you pleasure so, sir... what's your pleasure?"

"Oh, I just... just a meal, I guess."

"I'm Cindy and you're?"

"Bill. Bill... uh, Bill... uh, Smith," he mumbled indistinctly.

Cindy smiled. Well, if he was hung up about revealing his identity, she didn't care. Not in the least.

"I've been a member for several months now," Bill continued, his voice betraying his nervousness. "But this is the first time I've been out here."

"Well, I hope it's just the first of many visits," she told him with a warm smile.

As he smiled back, his eyes dropped to the exposed cleft between her high full tits. She watched him lick his lips and saw his eyes darken with desire. Cindy, too, found herself in a state of arousal from being next to this shy, but handsome man.

She took special care to make him comfortable, and, to let him know she found him attractive and exciting. He must have picked up her vibrations, for he soon had his arm around her as they made their way to one of the lush dining rooms. His hand slid under the side of her pinafore with a tentative caress. Cindy leaned against him, and looked at him through her lowered lashes.

"Careful, honey, you're making me just a little too excited," she smiled. "It's going to be hard working with an aching cunt, you know."

He seemed at first startled by her words, then extremely pleased. His grip tightened.

"Well, maybe I could do something about that," Bill chuckled, feeling much bolder now.

She gave him a considering look. "Yeah, maybe you could... I get off work in a little while. Why don't we meet in one of the private rooms then?"

He looked at her and grinned.

Cindy let herself into the room they had agreed on and found Bill already waiting for her. She had to smile at his eagerness, an eagerness he was trying hard to conceal but just couldn't.

She had changed into a soft wrap-around robe in a tawny gold color that enhanced her auburn hair and lush curves. She wore nothing underneath.

The room was simply furnished, with several easy chairs and a low wide divan covered in plush velvet. Bill was sitting at one edge of the wide sofa, looking a little apprehensive.

She walked toward him and paused, leaning down to one side a bit to adjust the strap of her high-heeled slipper. The motion made the vee-neck of her robe shift, showing inches more of the creamy mounds of her tits. Out of the corners of her eyes she saw Bill's eyes drop to the lush view of her tits and she gave a tiny smile of satisfaction. She kept up the pretense a few seconds more, giving the shy man plenty of time to enjoy the view... and to want more.

It was clear she was going to have to seduce him, to get full pleasure from their fucking. He was a slow starter, but she had an idea once the fire was lit, it would become an all-consuming blaze.

"I wasn't even sure you'd be here," Cindy teased him gently. "I wasn't completely certain you liked me. Oh, I know you seemed to, but... well, I just wasn't sure."

"Oh, but I do," he protested quickly. "Of course, you must have lots of men who play up to you, working here and all. Lots of boyfriends too, I suppose."

She gave him the reassurance he obviously hoped for.

"Oh, not so many as you seem to believe," Cindy said. "Not many at all... really."

"Oh, that's hard to believe... you're so pretty."

She smiled. "Thank you, Bill. I guess maybe I'm just particular. What I really prefer is an older man... like, well like you. A strong man... handsome, virile. A man who knows where he's going, what be wants... and goes after it."

He reacted to her carefully worded praise, patting the divan beside him. "Why don't you sit down and get comfortable," he said, with a bold leer.

He smiled as she sat beside him.

"You know, Cindy, you seem very intelligent. I mean, you obviously know that a more mature man can offer so much more than some of these randy young bucks. Experience you know, that sort of thing."

She looked at him with a pleased expression. "Why, Bill, that's it exactly. I like a man who makes me feel like a woman... all woman."

"Cindy." His voice cracked, and he cleared his throat huskily. "Cindy, you're so, so lovely." His hand stroked the side of her cheek, dropping down smoothly to caress the curve of her throat. His fingers slid across the base of her neck, and he could feel how her pulse pounded. "So lovely."

Though she had initiated the seduction, Cindy found herself growing more and more hunted instead of the hunter. He was rapidly making her arousal total and overwhelming.

His fingers dipped, tracing the edge of her robe's neckline. Cindy's skin tingled wherever his touch went. She swayed, looking over at him with shining eyes and softly parted lips.

"You made me turned on earlier," she whistled. "Now you're making it worse." He smiled at her words, running the tips of his fingers along the deep vee neckline of her robe, brushing against the tingling tops of her tits. There was nothing she could do or wanted to do to stop the tide of passion his touch ignited.

"That outfit you had on made it extremely difficult for me to concentrate on my meal," he chuckled. "Or on anything at all for that matter. It was quite... uh, sexy."

"You liked it? I'm glad, Bill."

His touch grew more possessive, bolder. He rested both hands on her shoulders, lightly massaging her. Then his hands slid under the edge of her robe. Bill slid the shoulders of her robe down on her arms, slowly and sensually exposing her naked tits. Little by little the wide expanse of her tit flesh was exposed, until the edge of the robe rested at the crinkly skin surrounding her nipples, caught by the distended stubs of her hard pink tit tips.

Cindy felt her desire growing rapidly as he became more insistent and less shy in his caresses. The soft fabric at her swollen nipples made the small thick buds pulse with passion.

"Mmmmmmm," she moaned. "God, Bill, you're really getting me hot and bothered."

Bill was beside himself with fuck-lust by this point. His hands were trembling as he prepared to expose the full lush beauty of her tits.

A mere flick of his fingers made the edge of her robe drop off the twin spikes of her nipples.

He drew in his breath sharply at the revealed beauty of her tits. Cindy took a deep breath.

Her tits rose, trembling from their own weight, crowned with deep pink nipples. The flesh around her tit tips was crinkled from her passion, and her nipples were thick and hard and distended. Bill's face was drawn with lust as he surveyed her fleshy tit mound. It was obvious he loved what he saw.

As if drawn by magnets his hands reached for her tits, covering the full swollen globes. He squeezed, gently at first, then harder, making Cindy moan with unconcealed delight.

"Oooohhh, that feels so good," she murmured. "Bill, that feels so, so good."

"Wait till make you feel even better," he promised thickly.

He flattened his hands and rolled his palms against her tits in wide circular movements. He mashed her tits against her chest, making them throb deliciously.

Cindy sighed happily. Her whole body felt warm all the way through, and wonderfully heavy with amused passion. His hands on her tits made her ache for more of his loving caresses. Her cunt throbbed, deep inside, a wanting pulse that demanded satisfaction.

She covered his hands with her own, holding them tightly against her tits. Once more his fingers dug in, fondling her with growing force that only served to inflame the fire of her desire.

Her eyes fluttered closed and she let her head roll back a little, her face slack-muscled with passion. Soft mewling sounds came from deep in her throat.

"Seeing you so aroused makes me so fuckin' turned on," he muttered thickly, watching the play of emotions on her expressive face.

It was true. The depth and seeming limitlessness of her passion made his own fuck-lust ignite even more. Just knowing how much she wanted his touch was a terrific turn-on.

His fingers drew in, capturing the stubby tips of her tits. The pressure of his fingers made her jump, for it created exciting ripples of liquid fire along her nerve endings. Though already distended and firm, her tit tips got even harder and longer at his stimulating touch. Her nipples swelled until they stood stiffly out from the centers of her heavy tits.

Bill grinned, flicking at the tight lumps with a stiff finger. Each time he did it, her nipples throbbed achingly.

Cindy slid her hands under the full slope of her tits, lifting them up as if for his inspection.

"Suck me, Bill," she moaned. "Oh, please, I need it... suck my tits."

More than willing and eager, Bill leaned over her, his mouth feasting on the tender sweet flesh of her tits. His tongue rasped out, licking up and down the full curves of her tits. The texture and flavor of her skin was extremely exciting. She tasted warm and sweet.

He used his mouth as he had his fingers, first lightly massaging her hot tit flesh in almost teasing casualness. It wasn't long though before be did much more. Bill wasted no time in exploring every inch of her exposed tits with his avid tongue.

Rooting his head against her, he slid his tongue out along the crease under her tits, a tight tunnel of heated flesh. Then he licked up the underside of her tit to the tight pink center of her nipple.

Cindy moaned, trembling violently as wave after wave of agonizing arousal swept over her. He was infecting her with a fuck-lust that seemed to know no bounds.

She swayed and reached out, bracing her hands on his arms for support. Arching her back brought her tits even closer and harder against his sucking, licking mouth. She quivered when his sandpaper-like tongue came near the most sensitive part of her tits, her swollen nipples. The tight tit tips twitched invitingly.

Bill sensed the amount of excitement he was giving her, and it made him feel all man. She was one hot piece of ass, and if he could get her this turned on, he was really something. Urgently, he doubled his efforts to please her, which in turn, pleased him. His tongue worked madly against the straining flesh of her tits.

Long slow swipes of his tongue ended with Bill concentrating his attention on the tempting target of her nipples. He circled a plump tit tip hungrily with the stiffened tip of his tongue. After warming and wetting the little lump, he closed his mouth over her nipple, gently gnawing. It made shivers of passion race along Cindy's veins.

"God, that's what I need," she panted. "Give it to me, Bill, give me what I need!"

She moaned, biting her lips, as he continued sucking her tits. Bill went from one tit peak to the other, over and over, lavishing her horny nipples.

Cindy let, her hands move from his shoulders, sliding down his sides until she rested her hands on his waist. Her nimble fingers quickly unfastened his belt buckle and trousers. His enormous hard-on pressed against her palms as she gently eased down his zipper.

Freed, his huge hard cock sprang out, a long thick staff of lust-engorged flesh that vibrated warmly against her fingers.

Cindy closed her hand around his cock pole, pressing warmly with her fingers. Then she started pumping his prick, moving her hand very gently.

"God, what a cock," she said softly, her voice reflecting her wild arousal.

Within the firm grasp of her fingers, his prick swelled and pulsed with power. He had the power to make her writhe with wanton abandon and he knew it.

While he continued to suck and lick her tits, his hands tugged at her robe, pushing it apart. As it slipped open, Cindy wriggled her arms, letting the robe fall all the way off her body. All of her lush body was revealed to him, and his eyes flickered with ecstasy.

He seemed almost hypnotized by the lewd display of her pussy, and Cindy was anxious to have the rest of his body as exposed as hers was. Her hands left off fondling his cock to tug at buttons and snaps.

"Get your clothes off," she gasped. "God, you've got me so fuckin' hot!"

Bill grinned at her hoarse command. It was a cry of pure raw fuck-lust.

"Oh, I want you so badly!" she cried out.

She scooted back on the divan, slowly going back until she lay flat. Cindy let her legs fall apart, lewdly displaying the damp meat of her cunt. Her eyes met his with a provocative challenge.

He stood, quickly slipping out of the rest of his clothes. Cindy lay there, watching him.

Her eyes moved over his body, and a fiery approving look was in her eyes.

After stripping, he dropped to his knees at the edge of the divan. His hands parted her thighs even wider, and he lifted her legs as he wedged in between them. With her legs slung over his shoulders, Bill got ready to taste the sweet flesh of her pussy just as he had tasted her tits only moments before.

Cindy whimpered softly. She could hardly wait for his mouth to touch her pussy. She was so juiced up she could feel tiny oozing trails of cunt cream sliding from her pussy slit into the crack of her ass.

"Eat me, eat me," she crooned hornily.

With a growl, of wild arousal, Bill lowered his face, burying his head against the wet softness of her cunt slit. The puffy lips of her pussy flowered open in eager acceptance of his oral caresses.

Bill moaned as he nuzzled into her soft sexily scented cunt. He nosed into the depths of her pussy and her cunt lips pressed against his cheeks.

At first he was content to just inhale the sensual fragrance of her pussy flesh, then blow softly against her heated cunt.

The faint stimulation made Cindy's passion mount even higher. She squirmed anxiously, wanting him to tongue-fuck her cunt. Bill recognized the signals, and proceeded to taste every flavorful inch of her pussy with his talented tongue.

"Ah, yes, that's it," Cindy panted, encouraging him to give her the cunt lapping she wanted.

His tongue teased and tormented her pussy, licking up and down her cream-filled slit. Again and again he covered the full length of her cunt with a single forceful stroke of his tongue. It made Cindy writhe hornily.

He lapped up the sticky sweetness of her pussy cream, rolling the sticky cunt juice on his tongue in bliss. The flesh of her cunt tasted so good to him, just as good as her tits had tasted.

Bill burrowed in closer, then made his tongue stiff as he started fucking her cunt hole. Cindy squealed shrilly at the first tentative stroke, then moaned softly, purring like a well-fed kitten.

Like a slim strong cock, Bill's tongue fucked in and out of her sucking fuckhole. He tonguefucked her cunt rapidly and Cindy's hips bucked, matching his strokes and slamming against his dipping face.

She felt her desire blossom dramatically at his eager cunt-lapping. All her senses were concentrated in the boiling inferno deep inside her pussy. She could feel her hips being jolted, and her ass cheeks flexed spasmodically. Her breath came in quick, short pants.

"More, more!" she cried out.

Bill ceased his tongue-fucking an concentrated on giving her hard little clit the same exciting caresses. He covered the tiny stub with his lips and clamped down, making Cindy jump and shriek with delight.

"Yes, yes!" she wailed, her voice quivering. "Suck my clit, Bill... oh, yesssss."

Fiery tingles of sensual excitement ignited and flared all along her body. Her skin felt flushed from the almost limitless passion she was experiencing.

Bill sucked at her stubby aroused clit, taking all of the nubbin that he could into his mouth. As he sucked on the sexy lump, his tongue flicked the tip of it with a light rhythmic tempo.

Cindy writhed and flailed on the divan, moaning. Her legs slung over his shoulders, tightened with her growing fuck-lust.

As he continued to chew gently on her horny clit, Cindy felt her lust expanding to even greater limits. Tiny rippling tremors echoed inside of her aroused pussy. She was close to climaxing, so close.

Bill was excited by the way her cunt slit twitched as he tongue-fucked her. His hands kneaded the taut silky flesh of her ass cheeks while he mouthed the distended bud of her clit. His own level of passion threatened to overtake him, but he tried even harder to hold it back. He simply hated to give up his erotic feasting.

"Can't last," Cindy gasped then, her hips arching involuntarily. "I'm cumming, Bill... oh, my God, I'm cumming!"

She convulsed into a white-hot climax, her body spasming over and over against Bill's sucking, lapping tongue. A new flow of pussy cream seeped from deep within her cunt slit, to be eagerly licked up by his rasping tongue.

Cindy gave a long low moan as the blissful heat flooded her pussy. The muscles in her thighs twitched, matching the spasms still moving through her cunt.

"Wow!" she exclaimed.

Bill reveled in her excitement, feeling himself quite the stud. She liked what he had and what he did with it, and she let him know. He liked that.

Cindy let her legs slip from his shoulders, and gave him a sexy heavy-lidded look that made him gulp.

"Lord, you sure know how to eat pussy, honey," she chuckled happily. "Now I want to make you feel just as terrific as you've made me feel." She paused and sucked him again, grinning. "How does a little cock-sucking sound?"

Bill gave a low growl of horny pleasure. His prick twitched and jerked at the image her words created.

"It sounds good," he said. "Sounds damned good, in fact."

She looked down at his hugely engorged prick, felt her mouth water at the sight of his big shaft of cock meat.

"Yeah, sounds damned good to me, too," she answered huskily. "I'd love to taste that sexy cock of yours. It looks delicious, Bill, absolutely delicious."

She reached for him, and Bill moved up beside her on the big soft divan. Cindy squirmed around until she could rest her head against his thick hairy thighs. Again she marveled at the virile strength of his body. It turned her on.

The enormous column of his cock waited for the touch of her mouth, and Cindy was more than ready to suck his cock. She really loved the taste of cock meat, and his prick looked decidedly flavorful.

With a soft moan of pleasure she moved her head forward, flicking out her tongue.

The wet warm contact of her tongue on his sensitive, aroused prick made Bill groan with excitement. His cock shifted, grew even harder.

She licked the turgid fullness of his prick with eager strokes of her tongue. The heady taste of his fucker thrilled her. Cindy lapped up and down his hard cock pole, breathing in the sexy musky scent of his crotch.

Bill groaned, the sound deep and low. "Suck it, Cindy... suck my cock."

Her tongue snaked out, swirling around the thickness of his prick. It teased the heavy ridge of his cock head, making the man moan in sensual delirium.

Cindy shivered with growing excitement, feeling her own desire blossom once more. She nosed down, opening her mouth, sucking in the plump pouches of his balls. Slowly and softly the girl mouthed his cum-laden balls while her tongue tangled in the thick growth of his crotch hair.

She could feel, the fuck force surging in his taut balls, and that made Cindy even hornier.

Pulling back a little, she let his balls slip from between her lips and grasped his huge horny prick with one hand while she lowered her wide-open mouth over the mushroom shaped head of his cock. With a gurgling moan of happiness she moved downward, sucking in inch after inch of cock meat.

"Sweet Jesus!" Bill groaned, feeling the velvet wetness of her mouth surround him.

Cindy shuddered at the raw carnal sound of his voice. She kept bearing downward, sucking and gobbling at his prick until at last her face was nuzzled against her hand-hold at the base of his turgid prick.

She paused, drawing in her cheeks, creating a vacuum with her mouth and throat. She sucked his cock lightly, but firmly, letting the palm of her hand massage the thick bulge of his balls.

"God, do it," Bill grunted hoarsely, his hips jerked, flexing, fucking his cock even deeper.

Cindy gloated over her power to arouse him to such heights. As she did, her own passion ignited and flamed high.

Her throat muscles tightened, squeezing his impaled prick. Her mouth and throat felt deliciously and totally stuffed with his huge shaft of cock meat, and it was a wonderful sensation.

Slowly, she started pumping her head up and down, drawing her lips back and forth along his huge fucker. His raging hot cock moved within her mouth as she went, and all the while she sucked and licked with a ravenous sensual hunger.

Cindy started moving faster and faster, bobbing up and down on his cock pole. Her lips strained, stretched to encompass his thick cock.

"Oh, you horny little cock-sucker," Bill grunted. "Take all my prick in your mouth, take it all."

She lunged downward, cramming her mouth with his cock. The head of his prick banged against the back of her throat and Bill tried to force it inside even farther with a twisting thrust of his hips.

He reared back, then flexed his ass, fucking his cock back into her waiting willing mouth. Again and again he did it, fucking her face with his rampant prick.

Cindy's fingers clawed at his hips, and muffled moans rose from deep in her throat. She felt herself being flung along on a growing tide of raw lust, and gave in to it gladly. Her tongue lashed out wildly at his pumping prick as he continued to fuck her face with hard fast fuck-thrusts.

Against her chin, his hard full balls quivered, and she felt the turgid shaft of his cock vibrate as well.

"Jesus, I'm going to cum... yeah, now, now!"

Even as he spoke, the first hot spurts of cum shot into her throat. Cindy milked his prick with her throat, swallowing the hot load. She slurped and sucked wildly, hurrying to gulp down the sticky globs of cum.

Deeply imbedded in her throat, Bill's prick pulsed with an even tempo, discharging wad after wad of warm cum. Hungrily, Cindy gobbled up every single drop.

The flood of his jism eventually dwindled, and Bill leaned back, his breathing ragged and uneven from his enormous satisfaction. He eyed Cindy with a faint glimmer of lust, though, and she was quick to catch on.

"We've both had plenty to eat," she teased him. "So how's about getting down to some real fucking now?"

She pushed his hand down between her legs and let him feel how wet and hot her cunt was.

"Sucking you off got me so turned on, Bill," she murmured, her voice throaty. His fingers curled up into her cunt slit with a greedy grasp. He rubbed the growing lump of her clit with a firm circular motion that made her gasp.

"Use that wonderful mouth of yours then," he told her. "Get me hard again and I'll ram my prick right up your cunt."

Giggling excitedly, Cindy lowered her face once more to his musky scented groin. In moments her avid cock-sucking had Bill's prick standing tall and hard and ready to fuck.

His lust renewed, Bill grabbed her and pulled her up to straddle his hips.

She hung above him, feeling the fat head of his cock pressed against the wet center of her pussy slit. Her whole body trembled in anticipation.

Bill grinned at her wolfishly, enjoying the expectation of good fucking to come as she was. Then he gave a mighty thrust upwards, fucking his cock into her ripe and ready pussy.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned, her voice reflecting her pleasure.

His engorged prick plowed into her pussy, all the way in to the balls. The fleshy meat of her hot cunt closed around his cock possessively.

Cindy moaned again, sinking down to make his fuck-thrust complete. As much as she had enjoyed being eaten out and sucking him off, there was nothing quite like the deep satisfaction of being fucked. She gave herself up to the lavish sensations his cock produced gleefully, squirming her pussy against his lap with abandon.

He ground his groin against her cunt, pounding into her pussy with his cock meat, making her want more and more fucking. Cindy shuddered as riotous ripples of passion blazed within her.

"Give it to me," she pleaded hoarsely. "Give it all tome... every inch of your fantastic fucker!"

His swollen prick relentlessly fucked in and out, filling her cunt hole over and over. Each savage lunge upward made his cock fuck deep into her grasping pussy, grazing the tender stub of her clit. It created a wanton wildness Cindy just couldn't control.

She flailed above him, eyes closed in mindless lust. Her full tits bobbed and jiggled enticingly, drawing his hands to their fullness.

"Oh, yes, yessssss," she crooned, trembling at his firm touch on her tits.

Bill fucked her harshly while his hands squeezed and massaged the firm mounds of her tits. Her nipples blossomed, growing fully erect and hard. The twin peaks throbbed with lust, poking against the palms of his hands.

She matched him, fuck-stroke for fuck stroke. Her hips rose and fell over and over as she met his thrusts. Her cunt sucked at his pumping prick until he felt like the strong muscles would rip out his cock by the roots.

Bill grabbed her ass, grinding her against him as he fucked upwards.

"You wanted it, you horny bitch," he growled. "Well, take it... take every cunt fuckin' inch."

"God, yes... yes."

Her need was almost overwhelming. All sensation seemed to revolve around the huge prick ripping into her cunt and the pressure of his hands on her throbbing tits.

"Ram it home, damn you," she panted. "Ram that big cock of yours all the way in."

He fucked his cock into her pussy harder and faster, satisfying her need for rough, wild fucking.

Cindy wailed and wriggled, thrilling to the way he fucked her. It was just what she wanted, what she needed.

His fingers tightened around the stubby peaks of her nipples, making the tiny lumps ache in a most delightful way. When he pinched her tit tips she squealed in raw passion.

Bill drove her higher and higher onto a plateau of pleasure, making the climax she'd had before seem puny by comparison.

With a shrill cry she came. It was a violent spasm that completely filled and commanded her body, clouding all of her senses.

Her cunt convulsed sharply, the flesh fluttering around his impaled prick. Her pussy muscles clutched at his cock, sucking and milking his prick fiercely.

Bill held out as long as he could, but the force of her climax made him even hornier. With a muttered oath he joined her in the sweet heat of orgasm.


The longer she worked at the Carrousel Club, the more Cindy grew to love her job. She found herself meeting men she had only seen before in the society or financial pages of the newspaper. And she found fucking with them even more exciting than flirting when she played hostess to them.

Cindy loved the fact that there were so many eager and talented young studs also working at the Carrousel Club. When she tired of her bankers and junior executives, she could always find a horny busboy or waiter to fill the ever-present ache in her cunt.

Time passed quickly, in a pleasing blur of sensual pleasures.

When she received a summons to Matt Preston's office, Cindy felt a momentary alarm. Since her wild, sexy interview, she hadn't seen her boss at all.

She thought about the last few weeks, and couldn't come up with anything she could be called on the carpet for... at least, she thought so. Still, when she went to his office and knocked on the door, Cindy couldn't overcome a final twinge of concern.

She heard his voice call out and she opened the door. He rose from behind his desk when she walked in, indicating a chair pulled up by the corner of his desk.

Cindy returned his easy smile and sat down, letting her skirt slide up along her thighs a short distance. She had changed from her hostess costume to a silky blouse and flared skirt, worn only over her bare skin. Matt seemed to know that, and appreciate it, if she were to judge from the interested, sensual gleam in his eyes.

After a short time of small talk, he asked her how she liked her job so far.

Her smile was genuine. "I love it! I get to meet the most interesting and intriguing men sexy men too, all of them."

He grinned at her enthusiasm. "You're just as well liked," he informed her. "The members I've talked to have been quite pleased at your friendliness and prompt service." He paused, gave her a teasing grin. "As for what you do on your own time... I think you probably give that the same devoted attention you do your job."

"Oh, yes, I do," she agreed, grinning.

He consulted a scribbled note on his desk then looked at her. "I think this calls for a raise, Cindy." He named a figure, and Cindy gasped.

"That's... that's very generous," she finally managed to get out.

"Oh, I know it is," Matt answered evenly. "But you're worth it, every bit of it."

His praise made her flush slightly. He smiled, a warm inviting smile.

"I know I should start giving you the standard employee pep talk about how you need to keep earning this pay raise," he told her honestly, "but I keep remembering before, our... uh, our interview."

She met his hot gaze. "I know. Me too."

"Perhaps it's time for an encore then," Matt murmured, licking his lips.

She nodded, never taking her eyes from his. The murky aura of his arousal caught her up like a spider in a web, and she didn't struggle to be free of it.

"Come here."

Cindy trembled at the softly spoken command. Her heart was racing and her breathing quickened. She rose from the chair and found her legs decidedly wobbly from the sudden flush of lust flooding her body.

Matt swung around in the black leather swivel chair as she walked around the side of the desk, coming up to stand before him.

"Take off your blouse and skirt," he ordered softly.

Her fingers shook as she fumbled with the buttons of her blouse, then the zipper of her skirt. She let the clothes fall away and stood before him, her lush curves displayed wantonly.

Matt's eyes roved over her body, his look as intimate as a caress. He motioned her closer, and moved his legs widely apart.

Cindy's eyes dropped, taking in the huge bulge of his cock as it strained the fabric of his trousers. Just the sight of his huge cock-bulge excited her. She stepped forward, standing between his legs as he sat in the chair.

"Feed me your tits, babe," he growled, his voice a rasping sound that made her pulse pound.

She leaned forward, pushing her tits toward his face. Cindy cupped one of her tits, making it thrust out lewdly toward his waiting lips.

Matt's mouth opened to receive the tasty morsel of her soft pink nipple. Cindy sighed in rapture as his lips closed around the fullness of her tit and sucked at the throbbing hot flesh.

"Ooooohhhh," she whimpered, thrilling to the wet warm touch of his tongue against her tit tip.

Her boss' tongue-teasing was expert, taking her higher and higher into a realm of pure passion. She arched her back, mashing her tits against his face, pillowing him in their warm softness.

Matt suckled her tit peak until it rose into full aching hardness. His tongue lashed out, licking around and around the turgid stub, creating fiery ripples of excitement that radiated along her nerve endings.

Cindy moaned, thrusting against him. Her hands moved to his chest, pulling aside his shirt to rub the hairy expanse of his chest. Playfully, she tweaked the hard little nubs of his nipples, gloating over the way it aroused him.

Then her hands moved downward, over the rippled muscles of his belly, sliding beneath the waistband of his trousers. She reached for his cock, found the hard length of his cock and closed her fingers.

"Aaahhh, baby," he sighed against her swollen tit flesh.

Urgently, she fumbled with the fly of his pants, eager to expose his huge naked prick. She freed his prick, aflame with the need to freely feel his engorged cock.

Matt moved to mouth and suck at her other tit tip, rooting into the warm softness of her flesh. His lapping and licking had her achingly horny, and Cindy felt her cunt twitch hungrily.

"Fuck me, Matt," she pleaded softly. "Take me now... I need it badly."

Abruptly, he pulled back, leaving her tits wet and throbbing.

"Get down on your hands and knees," he barked, his voice low and coarse. "I want to fuck you in the ass."

The raw lust in his voice, intoxicated her. Cindy dropped to the lushly carpeted floor, bracing herself on her hands and knees as he'd ordered. She eagerly awaited the invasion of her moist tight asshole. The sensations assfucking provided were, she knew, incredibly erotic.

"Come on, stud," she urged, thrusting her pert ass up and out to him. Shamelessly, Cindy displayed the wet inviting cunt folds between her legs, and the soft puckering mouth of her asshole.

Her legs were quivering as a sensual warmth grew and spread in her body. The spark of lust that had been ignited by his tit-sucking had now grown steadily into a blazing inferno of aching desire. She felt an almost pagan exultation burst forth as she realized her most lusty needs were about to be satisfied.

Soft moans gurgled from Cindy's throat and she closed her eyes in bliss as she heard Matt removing the rest of his clothes. She gasped, shuddering, as she imagined the shafting of her tender young ass.

Matt realized how unbelievably excited the girl was. She truly loved to fuck... loved everything about sex, and this sensual spirit of hers made him want her even more.

He dropped down to the floor, wedging his body against her upturned ass. He pressed the fat tip of his prick against the small opening of her asshole and pushed firmly. Her asshole at first resisted his cock's attempt to skewer it. Then, abruptly, her asshole flowered open and accepted the plunge of her boss' thick meaty prick.

He moaned harshly as the tight tunnel of her ass closed around his turgid cock, gripping it smoothly and firmly. His cock felt swollen to the limit, and he was ready to cum, just at the idea of having his fucker crammed up the sexy redhead's saucy ass.

Eagerly, Matt started to fuck his prick into her soft tight asshole. Quick strokes of his pulsing prick opened and widened the clenched mouth of her brownie. Cindy jerked spasmodically as she felt her fleshy asshole twitch and relay its own lewd message of arousal.

"Mmmmmm, good... so good," she moaned. "I want more... more. Do it, boss... shove that fuckin' big cock of yours up my ass harder... deeper."

"Yeah... right... up... your... sweet ass," Matt chanted as he crammed his cock farther and farther into her tight asshole.

Her soft asshole convulsed spasmodically as it was assaulted with the hard thickness of his cock. Inch by inch, her boss plugged her ass with his raging hot shaft of cock meat, and she loved every minute of it. He fucked deeper and deeper until at last his cock was buried completely in her wide-stretched asshole.

Stopping for a moment, Matt savored the tight warm pressure of her ass as it gripped his prick like a vise. Her asshole strained to encompass him, sucking at his cock hungrily.

Slowly and sensually, Matt started to fuck in and out of the little mouth of her asshole.

"Yessssss," Cindy breathed rapturously. She relished the fierce friction of his cock thrusts into her ass guts. She could feel the little stub of her clit swelling even more as her lust raged beyond control.

Darting sensations like liquid fire streamed through her aching pussy and cock-stuffed ass and spiraled up through her body. Cindy was delighted as the sensations grew more and more intense as the man fucked her asshole with his meaty cock.

Grunting his pleasure, Matt reached around her for the full hanging fruit of her tits. Relentlessly, he fucked into her hot ass while his hands captured her swollen tits and massaged the firm warm flesh. Cindy moaned hoarsely as new sexy vibrations radiated through her body.

She was consumed by her lust for him, and willingly urged him to do whatever he wished with her, if he would only satisfy the gnawing hunger of her need.

Matt avidly squeezed and massaged Cindy's tit flesh, keeping tempo with the wild thrusts of his hips as he fucked his demanding cock into her ass.

He rubbed and tweaked each hard little tit tip. The rubbery nipples pulsed and grew bigger, stiffer. As he fondled and caressed her tits, Matt could feel her swaying tits swell with passion.

"Rip me, rip me!" she wailed. "That's it... shove your cock in my ass all the way."

Her boss ground against her squirming heated flesh, fucking into her asshole with long hard fuck-strokes. He could almost feel her quivering need grow to gigantic proportions.

Cindy let herself be seized by an ever growing whirlwind of arousal. All restraints dissolved, replaced by her all-consuming need to be fucked until she climaxed again and again. For the moment, fucking was all that mattered.

She flew from one level of sexual pleasure to the next, shivering from the piercing pleasure of his ass-fucking.

"I'm almost there," Matt growled, half in anticipation and half in warning.

Cindy wriggled delightedly, feeling the first tremors of her own orgasm.

"Yes, do it... do it! Shoot your cum up my ass."

He shuddered violently, fucked into her ass viciously, then collapsed against her. The surge of his jism bathed the tight tunnel of her ass.

Cindy climaxed in explosive waves. Anxiously, she ground her ass against her boss' cum-spouting prick, trying to make the exquisite pleasure last a few moments longer.

Wad after wad of his hot milky cum shot up into her asshole, filling her guts with jism. Still his cum erupted in rhythmic pulses until the excess cum dribbled down from her soaked asshole.

The languid aftermath of lust washed over her, and Cindy leaned weakly on her elbows, panting.

As her boss moved away from her, she moaned in disappointment, but managed to give him a smile.

"A big pay raise and your big cock," she grinned. "What a great way to end the day!"


Cindy was taking advantage of the staff's privilege of dining at the Carrousel Club on her off-time. She enjoyed being shown to her table by one of her hostess friends, then dining amid elegant surroundings.

"May I join you?"

She looked up, startled. Then she laughed, a light lilting laugh of real pleasure.

"Dave! What a surprise," she smiled. "I'd love to have you join me."

He sat down, beckoned a waiter to order a drink. Cindy surveyed him with genuine pleasure.

Dave Burke was one of the top salesmen at the largest ad agency in town. She had met him several times at the Carrousel Club... and had found in him a perfect fucking partner. He loved to fuck and suck every bit as much as she did!

"I came out here hoping to find you," he told her.

She arched her eyebrows, recognizing that lusty gleam in his eyes.

"Want to fuck?" she asked softly, hornily. "Yeah... or suck... or something," he grinned. "Or everything."

She lifted her wine glass, drained it, enjoying the coolness of the wine going into her suddenly heated body.

Cindy looked at him then. "Let's go."

She walked out with him, and they headed across town, to his apartment. She'd been there with him before, and once more she admired his tasteful decorating. It had many of the touches she would have chosen herself so she felt quite at home.

The moment they got inside, both busily started shedding unwanted clothing. Naked, they rubbed against each other in moaning ecstasy. He pulled her onto the sofa.

"Suck me, Cindy," he breathed hoarsely.

"I want to feel your mouth around my prick." She murmured a horny agreement and snuggled down between his legs. His stiff cock jutted from the musky tangle of hair between his legs, with his hard hairy balls slung beneath.

The turgid fullness of his balls made her mouth water. Eagerly, Cindy leaned forward, lapping at his massive furry balls. She took them one at a time into her mouth, then both together. The low, throaty moan she gave sent vibrations up and down Dave's spine.

"Shit, that's nice," he moaned. "Just keep that up, Cindy. I like to have my balls sucked."

She mouthed his balls rapturously, filling her mouth with them and sucking furiously. Within her mouth, his balls quivered and Cindy moaned.

Letting his balls slide from between her lips, she inched her mouth down along his hairy thighs, chewing and nibbling on his tautly muscled flesh. Lower and lower she went, teasing his body with her tongue.

After covering every inch with playful nips and loving licks, Cindy sucked and lapped upwards once more. Still teasing him, she bypassed his throbbing cock, running her mouth up over his stomach, then to his chest. She bit down on each of his tiny nipples, then licked them lavishly.

"Jesus, that fuckin' good mouth of yours is driving me crazy," Dave groaned. "Now my cock, baby... suck me now."

He pushed her head downward, mashing her face against his rigid prick. "Come on, you horny cunt, take it into your cock-licking mouth."

Cindy grabbed the base of his cock shaft, drawing his cock to her mouth. She opened her lips widely and gobbled down furiously, sucking the entire length of his fucker over her tongue.

She shivered delightfully as the thick meaty cock head slipped across the roof of her mouth, nudged into her throat. Sighing, she pushed downward even more, until her nose was buried in the wiry bush of his crotch hair.

Lips clamped tightly around his prick, she pulled upward until the head of his cock was held between her teeth. She clutched his balls, rolling and caressing the meat of his balls.

Her tongue lashed out, curling around the ridge circling his huge cock head, then stabbing at the thick vein running along the length of his prick shaft.

Dave reached for her head, holding it in both hands. He jerked her downward and humped upward at the same time, making his cock fuck into her throat.

"Come on, cunt... suck hard!"

She sucked voraciously, gobbling on his cock shaft greedily. Impaled in her mouth and into her throat, his prick swelled even more at the insistent pressure of her lips and tongue. She bobbed her head, held by his hands, fucking her face with his cock.

"Faster," Dave grunted, pulling her harder into his crotch. "Come on, cock-sucker, suck it good. I'm gonna blow my fuckin' wad right into your throat."

She pistoned her head up and down as fast as possible, sucking and licking wildly. Her own lust was raging like a fire out of control. Her pussy twitched, flexing as if being fucked as her face was.

She felt his cock swelling even more, vibrating subtly, sending the message of his approaching climax. Cindy gulped, anticipating the taste to come... the taste of his hot foamy cock juice spurting deep into her throat.

Grabbing his ass cheeks, she gripped him as he slammed his body upwards, grinding his harder into her throat.

"That's right," he growled hoarsely.

"That's so right... keep sucking, you cum eater. Suck me off!"

Cindy jerked as she felt a ripple of pleasure sear into her pussy. It was gentle at first but quickly grew into a hard, jolting spasm of orgasmic excitement. She gave a muffled cry of release and clamped down hard on his pulsating prick.

Dave grunted, felt the release of his cum flowing in rhythmic waves into the horny girl's throat.

His jism exploded into her mouth, splattering her throat with gob after gob of hot milky cum. She gulped on the first wad of fuck juice, gurgling her pleasure. Her own orgasm peaked once more at the thrilling sensation of swallowing his cum.

Dave fucked her face with savage force. "Swallow it all, cock-sucker... take every drop."

Her hungry mouth took all he had to offer. Her throat bobbed as she anxiously swallowed his hot load of cum. Steamy trickles of cum drooled from the corners of her mouth, oozing down her chin.

Dave ground his hips against her face in the last throes of his orgasm. He shuddered against her, then relaxed.

"Jesus," he gasped. "You're one hell of a cock-sucker."

Cindy quivered, pleased by the way she could arouse and satisfy him. Even though his cock softened within her mouth, she continued to lick and suck him, cleaning his prick shaft hungrily.

She used her tongue to scoop up every last bit of cum from his cock and the hairy roundness of his balls, sitting back then to lick the corners of her lips.

"Mmmmm, I love the taste of your cum," she murmured huskily. "And I love the way you can make me cum, just from sucking you off."

He got up and pulled her to her feet.

"Let's go take a shower... and see what develops!"

Cindy chuckled over the unexpected overtime pay she would get for serving at the special party at the Carrousel Club. Occasionally one of the members would hire out one of the club's private dining rooms for entertaining.

These parties offered much more than just a choice selection of wines and foods. They also came with a very special sort of entertainment planned and staged by her boss and the sexy young bodies he recruited for that purpose.

The meal had been served, and now she and the other waitresses and waiters were occupied with keeping the drinks replenished while the patrons enjoyed the evening's entertainment.

As she carried trays of drinks to the various tables, Cindy kept an eye on the scene on the raised circular stage in the center of the room. It took all of her concentration to keep orders straight and her hands steady as she delivered and served drinks; the fucking on the stage was exciting her tremendously.

Compared to some of the other scenes that had been played out on that stage, this seemed fairly mild. Yet the players were so vivid and their sound of pleasure so intense, she couldn't help but get turned on by the scene.

Carrying a tray of empty glasses back to one of the two bars, she sneaked a look over her shoulder. Her steps faltered, then she moved ahead again.

On the center stage, an orgy was taking place... enough sucking and fucking going on to be boldly viewed from any table in the room. Tanned young men and women -- some nude, others wearing only remnants of clothing -- licked and sucked and stroked with shameless abandon, and Cindy found herself more and more aroused by the group fucking.

After seeing that her section was covered, she walked back to stand at the far edge of the bar, leaning against the end of it. She watched the wild fucking, feeling the primitive beat of lust ignite within her own body. It was a feeling she was sure was shared by all the customers watching the orgy.

Her mouth grew dry as she watched one of the men fucking his incredibly enormous prick into a petite young girl who barely looked big enough to take his huge hard-on.

Cindy jumped as a hand slid across the curve of her ass in a familiar way. She whirled around, grabbing at the guy's wrist.

"Hey, Cindy, it's me!"

She looked up at him. "Steve! When did you start working here?"

The sexy stud she had met at Judy's party grinned down at her.

"Just a couple of weeks," he said.

"Couldn't believe it when I saw you here tonight... started thinking about how we went at it at the party." He paused and brought her hand down to the heavy cockbulge in his pants. "And this is what happened."

Her fingers clutched at his hard cock. "Are you sure it's just memories that caused this?" she teased him. "That sexy stuff going on up on the stage didn't have anything to do with it?"

He rubbed his hand over her ass again. "Sure it did... and you can't tell me you're not horny as hell too."

Steve pulled her against his body, his hands cupping the cheeks of her ass and grinding her cunt mound against his bulging prick.

"Doesn't look like we'd be missed if we slipped off for a while," he suggested huskily.

She pressed even tighter against the growing pouch of cock meat in his pants. "That sounds terrific," Cindy whispered. "Let's go now, Steve, now."

They slipped out of a side door and headed toward the nearest storage room, certain they could fuck there without being disturbed.

Safely inside, Cindy wasted no time in slipping off her clothes, while Steve did the same. She cooed happily as she saw his delicious looking prick, remembering the great fuck they had enjoyed at the party. It was time for an encore, and she was getting hornier by the minute.

"Oh, I need this," she murmured throatily, coming up against him and running her hands over his chest.

She stood with her legs parted slightly, her pussy slit pushed against his bulging prick. The heat from his cock seared hey cunt, making her pussy grow hot and agitated.

Cindy moaned and arched her hips up and out against his big cock.

Steve grabbed her tits, digging in his fingers, making her whimper in agonized arousal. Her tit flesh swelled within his grasp, and he savored the silky warm feel of her tits. As her nipples tightened and distended with passion, his fingers closed around the tiny stubs.

"Yeah... oh, yeah," she moaned, shuddering with a boiling desire at his touch.

Steve pulled and tweaked her nipples. The tight thick buds grew even harder and longer.

"Mmmmmm, Steve!" she cried out. "Take me... fuck me now... please, oh please!"

"Hot cunt," he teased, obviously pleased and aroused by her lewdness.

She hunched against his chunky cock, displaying her violent need for the hard thrust of his prick in her cunt.

Steve cupped her ass cheeks, lifting her against the tip of his prick. They both moaned anxiously as his cock slid into the wet tightness of her pussy.

Cindy wrapped her legs around his waist, holding to his shoulders as he supported her.

He stood with his legs bent slightly and flexed his hips, fucking her pussy with his rampant prick.

"Fuck the shit out of me," she gasped, clutching his cock with her agile cunt muscles. "I want it all, Steve... all of your cock crammed inside of me."

He grinned lewdly, fucking his cock harder and deeper, giving her exactly what she begged for.

Cindy shivered in ecstasy. His huge prick sliced into her cunt flesh again and again with nerve-melting speed. The fucking fired her mounting lust, making her passion blaze even hotter.

Steve was just as good a fuck as she remembered, maybe even better. He was certainly giving it his all!

She hunched against his fucking prick and her cunt sucked at his cock, trying to draw more and more of it inside of her pussy. Cindy sighed, almost mindless from her passion. All sensation centered on the burning ache between her legs.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" she babbled, over and over.

His cock fucked into her horny cunt again and again, with a pagan tempo that steadily grew in intensity. She shuddered within his grasp as her orgasm erupted.

Steve's moans mingled with her own as he unleashed the thick load of his cum. For a time that seemed endless they clung to each other, letting the pleasure flow between them.

It wasn't until they were once more dressed and ready to make their way back to their jobs that Steve spoke. He pulled Cindy close, murmuring as his tongue stabbed into her ear.

"Afterwards... meet me by the pool."


"That appetizer just made me hungrier, for a full meal," Steve told Cindy later that night.

She felt the same way. When they had fucked in the storage room she had satisfied her horny urges, for the moment, but now she was more than ready to fuck again.

The pool was deserted, of course, this late at night... it was well past midnight. They both knew they could fuck all they wished, without any chance of interruption. That knowledge made both eager and anxious to once more sample the carnal, delights they'd enjoyed earlier.

She had changed from her costume to a short plush robe, much like the one she'd worn when she had seduced mild-mannered Bill.

Cindy could tell Steve found the garment alluring. It made her red hair glint in the moonlight, and deepened the tawny hue of her skin.

She gave a soft sultry chuckle, eyeing his enormous hard-on. He had shucked his clothes immediately, and seemed to tire of waiting for her to disrobe, for he came to her with his hands shaking from eagerness.

"I'll fuck you in just about any, and every, way there is," he said with a laugh, "but I sure prefer fucking you naked."

"Easy enough to arrange," she told him, helping his fumbling hands untie her belt.

Once untied, the robe parted. Cindy wriggled her shoulders and the robe slipped down, falling to the ground.

Steve sucked in his breath. "You're a hell of a lot of woman in such a tiny package."

"Woman enough to satisfy you," she challenged throatily.

"Let's just see about that."

His hands scooped up her heavy tits, closing around the fleshy tit mounds.

"Cindy, honey, you've got great tits," Steve chuckled. "I mean, great tits!"

Cindy moaned deep in her throat. She loved the feel of his hands crushing her tits. She reached up and ran her hands through his hair, then pulled his head down. Shudders of lusty excitement raced up and down her spine. Cindy loved the fantastic feelings Steve was arousing in her body. She trembled and moaned her pleasure when his mouth moved against her aching tits.

Steve nibbled lightly on the tender flesh of her tits. His mouth was wet and warm, pressing against her sensitive skin.

Cindy arched up against him in total abandon.

"Want to fuck?" Steve whispered.

She blinked, not sure she'd heard him correctly. "What? What did you say?"

She felt his mouth curve into a smile as he nuzzled into the deep cleft between her tits.

"I said, do you want to fuck?"

Cindy grinned. She'd actually thought he was serious for a moment -- as if they were meeting to merely discuss the current bestseller, or the latest movie they'd both seen.

She wiggled her shoulders, making her full tits jiggle against his face.

"Yeah, I guess so," she answered, with mock boredom. "Got nothin' better to do. Yeah, why don't we fuck." Her voice deepened then, laced with lust. "Yeah, stud, let's fuck. You fuckin' me with that hard hot cock of yours. My cunt sucking you, sucking you dry. Let's fuck!"

He gave a low growl of passion, and moved his mouth over her turgid nipples. He sucked and nipped at her tit tips in a fierce fit of lust.

Her aching need grew more and more with each passing minute. She thrilled to the feeling of his long hard cock grinding against the soft flesh of her belly. Her stomach muscles contracted sharply as a flare of fiery desire streaked through her trembling body.

Steve stopped his tit-sucking to cover her mouth with his own, his tongue snaking out rapidly. He teased and tasted the soft inner flesh of her mouth, then met her surging tongue.

There was a raw sensuality about him that created a lewd response in Cindy. She simply could not deny, or control, the wild urges she felt toward him. She didn't even want to.

Erotic longings, like a trail of fire, coursed from Cindy's swollen tits down to the juice soaked depths of her ripe pussy. She could feel her cunt cream seeping out of the damp cunt folds, moistening her thighs.

With a guttural moan, she moved her mouth against his, tongues fucking together. Her passion mounted, higher and higher, until she was almost screaming from the force of her fuck lust.

She drew back, her breath ragged.

"Take me, take me now."

Steve's breathing was just as hoarse and uneven, as he pulled her down with him onto the grass.

"Not yet," he panted. "Not yet first..."

He wrestled her soft thighs apart. With a stifled groan of lust, Steve buried his face in her warm wet pussy.

"Oh! Oh, yes, yessssssss!"

Cindy thrust her hips upwards, offering even fuller access to the sucking and licking motions of Steve's mouth.

His rasping tongue probed the soft wet flesh of her cunt, making Cindy squirm with ecstatic pleasure. He found the juicy lump of her clit, swollen and hard and pushing out from her steamy pussy lips.

Cindy's hips jerked and she shrieked when his mouth fastened over the fat little clit stub.

"Suck me, suck me!" she wailed, reaching down to hold his head against her drenched horny cunt.

Tingling electric sensations darted from Cindy's throbbing pussy in all directions. She felt increasingly squirmy and jumpy with building passion. Shudders rippled through her as Steve explored every juice inch of her pussy with his long stiff tongue. Slowly and firmly, he stroked up and down her horny cunt with his tongue, making Cindy whimper and moan.

She yelped as he once more gnawed and sucked on the thick ultra-sensitive lump of her clit. Her pussy twitched spasmodically and her hips bucked against his face.

"No... no more, no more," she pleaded. "Please, Steve, put your cock in me. I need it so badly. Fuck me... please, Steve, fuck me."

Steve pulled away from her, then rolled over on his back. His enormous cock jutted straight up in a lewd way from his hairy groin.

"Get on me, then," he grunted huskily. "Ride my cock."

It was all the urging Cindy needed. She scrambled up and came to him, moving over him. Resting on her knees, Cindy straddled his hips, with her sopping wet cunt poised directly over his fat length of cock.

"Ride, baby, ride," Steve mumbled coarsely.

With a muffled groan, Cindy sank onto the huge spear of his horny cock.

Her eyes flew wide open as she experienced the incredible feeling of his thick prick stretching and filling her tight young pussy.

"Oh, God... oh, God."

Totally stuffed with his horny cock, Cindy squirmed and rocked her hips in a frenzied tempo. Buried deep within her juicy cunt, Steve's prick jerked wildly, enclosed by the slick confines of her pussy. He moaned sharply as she started to raise and lower her hips, fucking up and down on his pulsating prick.

The intense pleasure made Cindy grit her teeth. It just felt so good! She leaned back, looking down to where their bodies joined. Eagerly, she watched the pumping progress of his turgid cock as it fucked into her cunt, time after time.

Cindy thrilled to the wet slurping sounds of their fucking, and the completely stuffed sensation it caused every time his big cock disappeared into her cunt.

From the sounds of passion Steve was making as she rode up and down on his hard cock shaft, he was enjoying himself every bit as much as she was.

"Oh, I'm gonna make you cum so hard and hot," she promised him sexily.

"Hot fucking cunt," he growled, thrusting his prick up into her pussy.

Each time Cindy mashed her surging pussy on his cock, Steve thrust upwards, fucking deeper and deeper into her horny cunt slit. She squealed her delight at each bone-jarring fuck thrust.

She felt as if a thick, iron-hard rod was being crammed into her cunt, and she loved the sensation. Cindy could feel every single nerve ending in her body throb with intense arousal. Hungrily, she ground her cunt against his cock-thrusts, urging him to fuck her harder and deeper and faster.

Cindy wriggled her shoulders as she bounced up and down on his fucker, making her tits jiggle sexily. Steve reached for the wobbling tit mounds, covering her flesh with his hands.

"God!" She shrieked excitedly at the blissful sensation. "Do it, Steve, squeeze my tits. Oh, I just love it."

Steve massaged and fondled her puffy tits urgently. His fingers pinched and rubbed her nipples until the girl squirmed and cried out lustily.

Cindy shuddered deeply. His fingers left trails of liquid fire across her aching tits. She whimpered and moaned as he continued to caress her sweetly scented tit flesh.

Cindy kept up her hard-driving pace, fucking up and down on his chunky column of cock meat. Her juices overflowed, trickling down from her humping pussy each time she jounced up and down. His cock was thickly coated with her cunt cream, and it seeped down into his heavy mat of pubic hair.

Each and every time she dropped down, impaling herself with his stiff prick, Cindy thought she just couldn't take another such fuck-lunge. The pleasure was almost too intense. Yet the tantalizing brink of orgasm remained just out of her reach, no matter how she fucked and pumped her pussy on his prick.

"Oh, ooooohhhhhh," she whimpered. "I can't get there... do it for me, Steve. Help me cum."

Steve was having just the opposite problem, striving to keep a tight rein on his lust. He flexed his hips, driving upwards. It made the full length of his prick plow into her pussy, cramming her cunt full of cock meat.

His hands left her tits, to clench at her lurching ass. His fingers dipped into the damp crease between her ass cheeks.

"Yes, yes, that's it," Cindy gasped.

Their bodies slapped together loudly and wetly. Cindy fucked against him faster and faster, while Steve explored the sweet flesh of her ass. His fingers tickled the tiny pink pucker of her asshole.

She squealed happily at this new carnal sensation, fucking wildly. His finger teased the tight opening, then pushed inward. Cindy writhed in helpless abandon as he fingerfucked her ass, driving the full length of his finger in and out of her tight hot asshole.

Sweet heat flowed through her veins, and she felt herself seeming to fall, into a swirling boiling whirlwind of sensual release.

She convulsed, over and over. Steve joined her, and together they moaned and groaned, collapsing against the soft, dew-damp grass.

"Mmmmm," Cindy murmured, snuggling against Steve after she'd caught her breath. "That was great."

His hand idly played with the sloping fullness of her tits, playfully tweaked the tiny tips of her nipples.

Instantly the little nubbins hardened. Cindy made a soft moaning sound.

"Don't start something you don't intend to finish," she warned him with a giggle. In retaliation, she reached for his cock.

Her fingers closed around the slim soft tube of cock flesh, and she squeezed him gently, caressing him with growing urgency.

Responding to her touch, his cock shifted, surged, growing once more fully hard.

Cindy gave him a teasing grin. "Looks like you plan to finish something after all."

Her mouth watered, and an impish look glinted in her eyes. Her hand tightened, caressing his prick to throbbing fullness. Cindy met his hot gaze, with a look of intense arousal of her own.

Cindy's lips caressed the plump tip of his prick, while she lashed her tongue around the underside of his cock. She kissed and licked up and down his hard-on. Her breath came in short, quick gasps and Cindy felt her passion surging along her veins.

Grasping his thick prick in her hand, she dove down, shoving the fat knob of his prick into her mouth and throat. Down, down she slid her lips, until her face was pressed against the heavy mat of hair in his crotch. She inhaled his musky sex scent, savoring it. His balls felt swollen and full, exciting her even more.

"Sweet suckin' baby," Steve purred, his voice showing his growing arousal.

Her palm pressing against his hairy sensitive balls and Steve groaned, reaching for her head. His fingers curled in her hair, guiding her movements, increasing the pleasure for both of them.

Impaled in her mouth, Steve's cock was fully hard and pulsing with fuck force. She drew back, sucking as she pulled her lips back along his cock.

The tip of his prick was wet with pre-cum fluid, and Cindy lapped it up with the end of her tongue. His cock jerked, surged. Cindy pumped up and down on his thick prick, matched by strong even thrusts from Steve's hips. He held her head tighter, and fucked into her face rapidly.

A gurgling moan came from deep in her throat. Cindy quivered, feeling her cunt come alive with a ravenous hunger. After pistoning her face on his cock a few more times, she struggled against the hold he had on her, finally breaking free.

"I want you inside of me," she gasped. Her lips were puffy and moist. A hot murky look sparkled in her eyes, a demand he just couldn't ignore.

She moved over onto her back, legs splayed widely in a lewd invitation. Her cunt was open, exposed, the pink meat dappled with droplets of sweet pussy cream.

Cindy watched him eye her cunt hungrily. She slipped her hands down, fingers pulling the puffy lips of her pussy apart, fully exposing the inner cunt flesh.

"Come 'n' get it, lover," she cooed.

Steve wedged in between her outstretched legs, pressing the hardness of his cock against her cunt.

"Mmmmmmmmm, that feels nice," Cindy murmured. "But it'd feel a hell of a lot better to have that big monster cock of yours shoved up inside my pussy."

"You'll get it, you cock-happy bitch," he promised her with a sexy chuckle. "You'll get it all."

He covered her with his body, dipping his head to lick and suck at the turgid tips of her tits. His mouth took in her hard little nipple, lashing it with his tongue.

She felt her nipple tingling, almost burning from the sensual pleasure it received. Darting ripples of excitement flared up, flowing along her skin. He sucked at her nipples so firmly and so long she almost thought she would scream from the excruciating feeling.

"Oh, I need fucking, Steve," she moaned. "I need your cock in me... give it to me."

He ignored her pleas, though they thrilled him. Instead, he concentrated on drawing out her pleasure, making her desire mount.

Cindy squirmed, anxious to feel the driving force of his prick. She writhed against him, humping her cunt against his hips.

"Please, please," she moaned.

She needed to be fucked, need a cock. His cock.

Giving her tit peaks a final sucking lick, Steve lowered himself, sliding down her body and licking as he went. His tongue traced a dipping line of electric sensation down her body. Then his tongue stabbed at the slit of her navel, and Cindy jerked, moaning. She shuddered again as he swirled his tongue around and around in the slight depression. Relentlessly, his head moved downward toward her pussy.

Cindy was trembling violently by this time, almost mindless with the force of her fuck lust. She ached with need.

Steve's tongue darted into the tangle of hair between her legs, slipping into the wet warmth of her cunt. She quivered expectantly. His mouth moved lower, covering, her pussy, his tongue working furiously. Her hips bucked wildly.

Against the wetness of her flesh, Steve could feel the pounding of her convulsions. His tongue stroked up and down along her pussy slit, lapping up the seeping cream from deep within her cunt.

"Oh... oh, oh!" she gasped as her climax overwhelmed her, making her arch against his face.

Steve pulled away from her then, angling his hips in between her legs. Her hands clawed at his cock guiding it to her willing pussy.

With his cock sinking into her fuckhole, Steve slipped his hands under her ass and pulled her toward him. It made his cock slice into her cunt, burying his cock to the balls.

"Aaaaahhhhhh!" She cried, thrilling to the deep cunt-filling pressure of his cock-thrusts.

Her cunt opened, accepted the lunge of his prick, closing around his cock and sucking it. The mouth of her fuckhole fluttered around the huge thickness of his cock.

"So hot and wet," Steve muttered. "Feels so fuckin' good!"

Her legs locked around his waist, holding him tightly as he continued to fuck into her pussy again and again. She gloried in the crushing weight of his body against hers.

Moaning, she arched against him, begging him to fuck her harder, deeper, faster. Steve gave her the savage fucking she wanted.

Each time he plunged his fucker into her seething hot cunt, Cindy gave a shrill cry of delight. His cock filled her so, she almost felt him ripping the tender flesh of her pussy. But the strange pain-pleasure sensation only made her want more rough fucking. Much, much more. Steve gave it to her.

She tensed and relaxed the agile muscles of her cunt, making the walls of her pussy caress the full length of his cock as he fucked her. It was a sensation that Steve obviously enjoyed. She could tell by his growling moans.

"Give it to me, give it to me!" she cried anxiously.

He pounded his cock meat into her with long hard fuck-strokes that left the girl gasping for air. Each forceful lunge of his hips drove the turgid thickness of his prick balls-deep into her fuckhole, and she kept begging for more cock.

She sobbed and cried openly as her passion mounted to unbelievable heights, almost delirious with her need for release.

Steve was having trouble himself, and knew his climax was only moments away.

"Cum with me, babe," he grunted. "I'm almost there... cum with me."

She reacted to his lewd word with a hard clenching thrust of her hips against his fucking prick. She flew toward the brink of bliss and tumbled over it, sobbing.

Steve fucked her savagely, and his cock erupted.

Neither noticed the first streaks of dawn light in the east, as they satisfied themselves with each other.


Week after week went by, and Cindy came to enjoy her job even more. She had fun, so much fun it didn't even seem like working.

She managed to see Steve now and then for a stolen moment of passion. Cindy found herself eager for a new experience now, though. She relished the novelty of discovering a new man's body, discovering the beat of lust they could form together.

Cindy was at her apartment, and found she had several hours to kill before going to work. She decided to go shopping. It was something to do, anyway.

She drove to the shopping mall and walked up and down, browsing in a store that intrigued her. Still, she couldn't rid herself of a vague restlessness.

Cindy stopped short then, realizing the real cause of her nervousness. She was horny and hungry for cock.

As if she gave off a subtle scent of readiness, a man walked up to her, smiling.

"You look in the mood for company," he said softly, his voice low and husky.

She looked him over, liking what she saw. He was dressed casually, in a pullover knit shirt and tight-fitting jeans. The crotch of his jeans displayed an appetizing cock-bulge.

"I'm getting some ice cream," he said. "Join me?"

He intrigued her, and attracted her. Cindy grinned. "Sure, why not?"

He bought her the ice cream cone she wanted, and got one for himself. Then they went to one of the long low benches scattered around the center of the shopping mall. He sat close to her, his thigh just brushing against her own. Cindy found the contact highly exhilarating.

They exchanged names, and she liked the sound of his name. Mitch. Rugged, it suited him.

Looking over at him as she licked her ice cream cone, she caught him watching the movement, of her mouth and tongue. Her stomach contracted sharply as a deep flare of lust ignited.

Deliberately, she curled her tongue into the ice cream, scooping it up and carrying it back to her mouth. His eyes darkened with lust.

Cindy continued the sensual motion, stroking the ice cream cone sexily as if she were licking something else, something just as delicious.

"Mmmmmm, tastes good," she murmured casually.

He grinned. A sexy, teasing grin.

Cindy licked and lapped at her cone, moving her head from side to side. She loved the way it excited him. It made her hot and horny as well. When she finished the ice cream she opened her mouth, covering the cone with her lips.

A soft groan came from Mitch.

Cindy felt the tingle clear to her toes. She turned to him then, and moved her mouth up and down a little on the edge of the cone. His eyes never left her mouth.

Tiring of the teasing game, Cindy tossed the cone in a nearby trash can. She reached for his hand. Her thumb caressed his hand, in slow circles.

"Let's go do nasty, wonderful things to each other," she proposed in a throaty tone.

Mitch pulled her to her feet.

"Your place... or mine?"

They went to Cindy's apartment.

"I'll get us some wine," she smiled. "We have lots of time... let's savor this."

He agreed with a hearty chuckle and settled back on the sofa.

Cindy returned with two wine glasses and poured the wine. She gave him a glass and took her own, sitting down beside him on the sofa.

Holding her glass aloft, she gave a toast. "Here's to fucking!"

He laughed at her brash toast and clinked his wine glass against hers. "To fucking."

She gestured again. "And to sucking!" This time he cracked up, and they bandied sexy toasts back and forth, pausing to refill the glasses.

After they drank a little more wine, Mitch pulled her close, moving his mouth over hers. His tongue traced the contours of her soft full lips, prying them open.

Cindy sighed happily, parting her mouth to accept the invasion of his tongue. She quivered as his tongue stroked inside her mouth, teasing and tasting. Her tongue met his, licking and lapping hungrily.

She sucked at his tongue, drawing it farther into her mouth with increasing urgency. Mitch moved his mouth against hers gently.

As they parted, Mitch took her wine glass and set it aside. He stood and looked down at her, then knelt by the side of the sofa.

When he started undressing her, Cindy began to help him with the buttons and snaps, only to have him push her hands aside.

"No, I want to do it," he murmured huskily. "Just lay back, enjoy."

She did as he wanted, moving only when he asked it, allowing him to slip her clothes off her. Finally she was naked, lying full length on the sofa.

Mitch stood once more and undressed, his eyes roaming over her body. His arousal was obvious. When freed, his cock jutted out fiercely... a long length of turgid cock meat.

Again he knelt, this time holding the wine bottle. He tipped the wine, letting a tiny trickle of it splash onto her tits. Cindy flinched at the first cool contact. The liquid soon warmed, heated by the fire of her lust.

Mitch set the bottle aside and leaned over her, lapping up the sweet wine from her skin. "Oooohhh," she moaned.

His tongue searched out the tiny trails of wine coursing along her tits, lapping them up. He could feel her skin pucker, could almost imagine the tingling sensation it was giving her.

Cindy rolled her head from side to side, her fingers digging into the soft fabric of the sofa cushions. It was unbelievably exciting.

Mitch teased the tips of her tits, flicking at them with his long rasping tongue. In response to his touch, her nipples grew long and hard, swelling rapidly. The skin circling her tit tips puckered, becoming thick and nubby.

Pausing long enough to trickle more wine over her tits, Mitch returned to his feast, licking and lapping hungrily.

"That's sexy," Cindy moaned. "And it feels so sweet, so good."

"You taste good, wine or not," Mitch murmured.

Her eyes were glassy, almost blank as her desire blossomed. She arched her head back against the sofa arm when his teeth clamped down around one of her throbbing nipples.

"Ah, shit," she moaned.

"You love it, don't you?"

"Mmm, yes... oh, God, yes!" she cried out.

Mitch licked every bit of stickiness from her heavy tits, concentrating his oral efforts on the tender, sensitive peaks of her tits. It was obvious Cindy loved it.

He sat back and picked up the wine bottle. "Now, let's have a little of the grape here," he chuckled as he dribbled, a small amount of wine down her torso and into the slight dip of her navel.

Once more his head dropped down, and his tongue flicked out, sweeping up the wine from her skin. His tongue lapped at the droplets of wine in her navel and she quivered with excitement.

"Mmmm, more, more," she begged softly. "Do me some more, Mitch."

He had that in mind anyway, so he poured more wine down over her belly, into the curling hairs covering her cunt.

Cindy pushed her legs open, arched her pussy up and out for him. Mitch wasted no time in settling in between her thighs, again licking up the wine and caressing her at the same time.

He could smell the powerful scent of her hot cunt as he knelt between her legs. It stimulated him even more.

"Now that's just where I hoped you were headed," she teased him. Her voice was hoarse, as if she had been shouting and strained her throat. It wasn't that, though. She was hoarse simply from the force of her arousal.

Mitch burrowed into her cunt, and the fleshy folds of her pussy pushed against the sides of his mouth as he rooted in. Her fragrance of passion overwhelmed him at such close range, and Mitch breathed it in with growing desire.

The wine was forgotten as Mitch gave in to his burgeoning needs. All he could think of was tasting and exploring her horny hot pussy.

His tongue was going wild inside her cunt. It wiggled its way up and down the length of her fuck slit, discovering every secret inch of her cunt.

Cindy howled in agonized arousal. She rolled her head from side to side in wild, uncontrolled movements.

"God, your tongue feels like a cock inside of me," she panted. "Use it like a cock. Fuck me with your tongue, Mitch. Shove it up inside of me, all the way."

He grabbed her by the waist, pushing his face harder against her pussy, working his mouth furiously.

"Oh, yeah... yeah!" she moaned.

Mitch made his tongue a slim stiff probe, and pushed it against the fluttering opening of her fuckhole. The flesh of her cunt widened, opening for the invasion of his tongue.

She squealed lewdly as he shoved his tongue inside her pussy as far as he could. Her hips jerked spasmodically.

"Fuck me, fuck me!" Cindy cried out.

Her cunt was soaked with juice, and more seemed to seep out all the time. She knew Mitch's cheeks must be coated with the sticky fluid by now. He seemed to relish the texture, flavor and wetness of her cunt cream.

After stroking into her fuckhole with his tongue for what seemed and endless time, Mitch pulled back and concentrated his efforts on the growing stub of her clit.

Cindy's clit was the most sensitive spot on her body, the one that produced the most exquisite sensations. Mitch laved her clit, licked it, toyed with it, until Cindy was caught in a helpless web of heaving ecstasy.

She couldn't control her crashing orgasm, through she wanted to. Holding out only increased the sensation once she finally came, but now she was far too stimulated to try to have any sort of control.

"Jesus, I'm cumming!" she cried out. "Oh, God, it's good... it's a good one... I'm cumming!"

Her body thrashed wildly, and Mitch held her tightly. He didn't let up on his cunt lapping, knowing he could bring her to the peak of pleasure again and again this way.

The warm languor of the aftermath flowed over her skin and Cindy sank back on the sofa cushions with a sigh of pure rapture.

"Man, I thought the top of my head was going to come off," she commented with a moan. She sounded entirely satisfied... and she was. Reaching down, she cupped the back of Mitch's head and ground his face against her juiced-up cunt. "Keep doing just that, you horny cunt-lapper." She giggled. "I love the fuck out of it."

Mitch clamped the edges of his teeth around the turgid stub of her clit and closed his mouth. It made her speechless with delirious carnal delight.

For a while longer, he chewed and sucked at her ultra-sensitive clit, taking Cindy once more spiraling up to the plateaus of pleasure.

"Jesus, it's great, Mitch," she gasped finally. "But I want to fuck!"

"Okay, we'll fuck," he growled, pulling away. "The way I want to fuck!"

She sat up, making room as he lay down on the sofa.

"Get on top of me, baby," he grunted huskily.

Her eyes alight with gleeful passion, she scurried to straddle his hips. But when she started to drop down, to impale herself with his cock, he stopped her.

"I said, my way," he reminded her with a sexy chuckle. "And that means exactly that, babe... my way. Right up that cute little ass of yours."

Cindy grinned. "Yeah... now that's a good idea... a fuckin' good idea," she agreed.

Again she positioned herself, this time with the plump tip of his prick pressed against the puckered mouth of her asshole. She eased down, feeling the pressure as his prick fucked into her ass. It felt great.

Cindy dropped down a little more, and the head of his cock, popped into place in the tightness of her asshole. Mitch groaned.

"God damn, you're so shittin' tight," he moaned.

She inched her, way downward, sinking more and more of his prick into the slim tunnel of her asshole. The mouth of her brownie was strained to the limit by the thickness of his cock, and it slid along the length of his prick as it was steadily fucked deep and deeper.

Though her cunt remained untouched, Cindy could feel the pleasure of being ass fucked pulse into her pussy. She became more and more turned on, enjoying this ass-stuffing pressure.

At last she rested against his hips, fully stuffed with his prick. It felt so incredibly filling, as if a tree log had been crammed up her ass. She rested for a moment to adjust to having her tender asshole so totally stuffed with cock.

"Now that's tight and hot in a way a cunt just can't be," Mitch muttered coarsely. "Man, I love cunt-fuckin' but ass-fuckin' sure is nice too."

Cindy started moving up and, down, letting his cock fuck in and out of her asshole. It was sensually thrilling, and she shivered at the raw flame of desire that swept over her body.

Moving faster, she fucked up and down on his cock. They were joined by the huge chunk of his cock meat plugging her ass. In and out his cock fucked, straining the tender flesh of her asshole. She bounced on his cock faster and faster, feeling her fuck-lust mount with shocking suddenness.

Inside her asshole, Mitch's cock swelled, twitched. He was approaching his own release just as rapidly.

She bounced her ass faster and faster, ramming his cock into her asshole with more and more speed and harshness.

Mitch grabbed her, held her to him as he stiffened, then his prick spewed out a thick load of hot foamy cum into the wet depths of her ass guts.

The sensation of having her ass soaked with his hot cum drove Cindy over the edge. She screamed once, high and shrill, then collapsed against him, cumming in swift, convulsive waves.

After that, she fell away from him, exhausted... and wonderfully satisfied.

"Cindy. Cindy! Come on, babe," the voice insisted.

She mumbled something, trying to get away from the voice that threatened the sweet peace she was enjoying. Hands fastened on her shoulders, shaking her. Reluctantly, she opened her eyes and looked up.

Mitch stared down at her, with an expression of concern in his eyes.

"Jesus, you really conked out," he said then, grinning. "I didn't know whether to get worried... or just feel proud of my prowess!"

She gave a slow sensual smile. "Feel pleased with yourself... very pleased. That was a totally delicious fuck."

Suddenly her eyes flew open. She looked at her watch.


"What's wrong?" he asked, moving back as she came up off the sofa in a rush.

"Oh, God, I was having such a good time, I forgot all about work," she said, hurrying to the bedroom. "Now I'm late."

He laughed and got ready to leave. Her voice came to him from the bedroom, muffled as she dressed.

"Mitch, lover, it was worth it, though... oh, yes, it was worth it!"


Cindy rushed out of her apartment and hurried to her car. She cursed again, unable to believe that she could forget all about the job she liked so well.

She grinned, having to admit that she had good cause to forget the time. Very good cause. Mitch was some stud. She hoped he would be available again sometime for another fuck session. Just remembering it made her tingle all over.

She drove as fast as she dared, glancing now and then at her watch. It wasn't going to be a case of just a few minutes. She should have been to work over an hour before.

As Cindy pulled in the parking lot, she noticed very few cars and felt a small measure of relief. It didn't look like the club was terribly busy. Maybe her absence wouldn't be felt so much and she would get off without a reprimand. Her record was clean so far, and she wanted to keep it that way.

She walked inside, and went down to the lounge, changing into her costume as quickly as possible. After going back upstairs to the dining room she was greeted by various teasing comments about her overdue status.

Steve was on duty, and he knew the signs well.

"Baby, you didn't oversleep, so don't try to pull that one on us," he laughed. "You have that look, Cindy, of recently being royally and totally fucked."

She flushed a little, and cursed herself for it. Steve laughed.

"I knew it," he grinned. "Hell, I've caused that look, myself, a time or two."

"Has it been busy?" she asked, trying to steer the conversation away from her fucking activities.

"Naw, real quiet tonight," one of the waitresses told her. "Maybe things'll liven up later. I sure hope so. I don't like it when it's like this."

"I know what you mean," Cindy agreed. "It gets boring and the time just drags."

She didn't notice at first how their expressions changed, becoming withdrawn and serious. Finally, she caught on. Cindy saw their gaze go beyond her, over her shoulder.

The skin at the nape of her neck prickled. She knew... she just knew who was approaching. The boss.

"Oh, shit," she said under her breath.

Matt Preston, her boss, came up beside her. His face was solemn. His voice was controlled as he spoke.

"Miss Barnes," he said. "I think we need to have a little talk. Finish up here if you have anything pressing, then come to my office."

With that he turned, and left them. After he had gone out of sight, Steve and the waitress looked at her with concern. "Oh-oh," Steve commented dryly. "Yeah, I know," she sighed. "Well, guess I'd better get it over with."

"Good luck," they both called out after her.

Cindy knew Matt had a right to be ticked off at her. She hadn't just been a few minutes tardy... it had ended up being an hour and a half or more. That was late.

Approaching his office, she gulped and knocked at the door, then opened it and walked in. Her knees felt strangely wobbly and quivering. Her stomach didn't feel much better, and Cindy took a deep breath.

Matt remained silent as she walked into the room, motioning for her to take a chair.

After she sat down, she met his gaze. She decided that while she was guilty of being late, he didn't need to make such a big deal out of it. So dock me, she said to herself.

"You were late, Cindy," he said.

She noticed how he now reverted to calling her by her first name, and it gave her a little hope.

"Very late, in fact."

"Yes, sir, very late," she replied, keeping her voice and features expressionless.

"Did you oversleep?" He asked the question with the very faintest of mockery. She was reminded of Steve's teasing comment earlier.

"No, sir. I didn't oversleep."

She left it at that, wondering just how far he was going to carry this twenty-questions bit.

"Oh, I see," he said, giving her a knowing look. "You didn't oversleep, yet you managed to be an hour and a half late. Just how did you manage that, Cindy?"


He smiled then. "You beard what I said. And you know what I mean, Cindy. Why were you so late? What were you doing to be that late?"

Then she saw the twinkling glint in his eyes and relaxed. Still, she played along, still keeping her tone cool and collected.

"Well, sir -- I was fucking." His eyebrows shot up.

"Fucking, you say!"

"Butt-fucking to be exact," she added, meeting his eyes with hers.

"Is that so? Butt-fucking... it sounds... quite exciting," he replied.

"Oh, yes, sir, it was. I enjoyed it."

"Well, I'm certainly glad you did, but you know, Cindy, that being so late is really bad. What do you think I should do about it?"

She gave him a sly, sexy look. "I know it was wrong. I do deserve to be reprimanded or, something."

He licked his lips. "The something sounds highly intriguing. Let's ponder that. In the meantime, why don't you occupy yourself while I decide how to punish you for being so late."

"Occupy myself?" Her voice rose inquiringly in mock seriousness. "How should I do that, sir?"

He shifted in his chair. "Well, why don't you just take off your clothes and come over here and suck on my cock?"

She stood up. "A wonderful idea, sir simply wonderful!"

"Oh, I think so too."

She quickly slipped out of her clothes, excited by his teasing. Cindy was relieved, too. She still hadn't been quite sure if she wasn't in trouble for real until he started the sexy questions. Now she knew he wasn't angry or upset. Just horny. Though he knew full well every inch of her body, his eyes still glinted eagerly at the sight of her lush curves as she stripped.

Flinging aside her costume and panties, she stood before him for a moment, legs planted widely apart.

Her long auburn hair tumbled down past her shoulders and her deep-set brown eyes held a laughing hint of pleasure. The russet tint of her hair was perfectly matched by the red tinted bush between her thighs.

It was there, on her pussy mound, that Matt's eyes focused.

"Like what you see, boss?" she said impishly.

"Hell, you know I do," he answered crisply.

"What I'd like a lot more is that pretty mouth of yours on my prick."

"I think that can be arranged," she grinned, walking around the desk as he turned to the side in his chair.

His trousers were filled with rampant hard cock, almost to the bursting point. She dropped down between his sprawled legs, tugging at his zipper. His cock sprang out.

Cindy's mouth watered at the sight of his big fucker. It was a thick muscle of cock meat that was delicious looking. She couldn't wait to have it into her mouth and throat.

"Well, have at it," he encouraged her.

"Mmmmmm, yeah, I'm gonna suck you dry," she promised him throatily. "Drain you of every drop of cum."

"Just help yourself, Cindy."

Sticking out her tongue, she let the very tip of it rest against the slit in his cock head. She teased the piss slit and Matt groaned lustily.

Enjoying the response she was getting, Cindy let her tongue move up and down and around the mushroom-shaped head of his prick.

She was reminded of her ice cream cone eating, and how it had eventually led to her being late, while she fucked herself silly with Mitch.

If this was the punishment she could expect for being late, Cindy vowed to be late for work more often!

Matt's cock surged and swelled even more in her hot mouth. She slowed happily at the flew thickness she could feel.

Cindy let her tongue move down the shaft of his cock, until her face was pressed against the bulge of his balls. Opening her lips widely, she took in his hard hairy balls and sucked.

"Jesus," Matt groaned. "You sure know how to use that mouth of yours. Here I'm supposed to be thinking about what to do since you were late, and I can't concentrate. All I can think of is how fan-fuckin'-tastic your mouth is."

She gave a happy gurgle of pleasure at his words. They excited her even more, and she was greatly excited to begin with.

Slowly and sensually she sucked his balls, letting her tongue tease the rubbery surface of his balls. Matt squirmed in his chair, and she knew how much it was getting to him, so she doubled her cock-sucking efforts.

"Suck 'em, baby," he groaned. "Suck those balls!"

Her lips massaged his balls until he was gyrating steadily. Then and only then did she move her mouth back up to the hard thick slab of his cock head.

She made a tight circle of her lips, pursed closely and pushed down. This created a wonderful soft friction that she enjoyed every bit as much as Matt did. His cock head fucked in between her lips.

She stopped there, clamping her lips around the ridge circling his cock tip. She sucked, lashing the slit in his cock head with her tongue tip.

Matt grabbed her head. Almost savagely, he pushed her head downward, fucking his cock deep into her mouth and throat. He heard her gasp, then choke slightly, unprepared for the sudden filling of her mouth.

He pushed his hips upwards, fucking her face with a dozen short hard jabs before stiffening against her and cumming.

Cindy swallowed hurriedly to take in the molten flow of his cum. Wad after wad of cock juice spurted into her mouth, sliding down her throat. She delighted in the taste of his cum, and gobbled up every bit of it.

As the tide eased, Matt grunted. "That was fantastic, Cindy... but now I'm soft. Don't you think you should do something about that?"

She grinned as test she could, with his dwindling prick in her mouth. With gusto, she set about reviving his limp prick... and found it stiffening within moments.

Soon her licking and lapping and cocksucking had him hard and ready to fuck.

That was what she wanted now -- to fuck. Pulling away, she tumbled backwards on the carpet. She giggled as she brought up her knees and let them fall open sideways. It opened and exposed her cunt completely.

Matt gazed down at her wide-open pussy, eyeing the moist pink meat of her fuckhole. He rose, slipping his pants down and off, and shrugging out of his shin.

"Mmmmmmmm, now it's my turn," Cindy chuckled.

"You'd better believe it is," he said. He moved between her legs and she guided his raging hot cock into the depths of her swampy cunt. Matt let out a long throaty groan of pure pagan enjoyment.

She breathed a sigh of rapture as she felt her greedy little cunt being invaded by his thick column of cock meat.

"Boy, did I need this!"

"I thought you had plenty of fucking this afternoon," Matt teased her.

"Oh, yeah -- but wow! I still feel horny as hell... and you've got the cure, boss."

She grabbed the cheeks of his ass, pulling him hard against her cock-sucking cunt. Her fingernails raked along his skin as she grappled at him, as if trying to force more and more of his cock into her burning fuckhole. She arched her cunt up, and it made his entry even more complete, even deeper.

He slammed down, and she was bounced against the carpet, searing her back. Carpet burns for sure, she thought. But she really didn't care.

His cock-thrust jarred her again and again.

She squeezed the tight cheeks of his ass each time he fucked into her, and she could feel a ripple of pleasure along the surface of his skin. That turned her on even more.

"You sweet cunt-fuckin' man," she whispered. "You know just what to do to get me going, all the way."

"This is only the beginning," he grunted sexily.

Her passion flamed quickly into an all encompassing inferno of fuck-lust.

As he fucked into her waiting willing cunt, Matt helped himself to a nibble of tit flesh. He nipped and gnawed at the rubbery stubs of her tit peaks until Cindy was totally consumed with passion.

He circled the dark-rose peaks with his tongue, making them grow tighter and thicker.

She let out a long low sigh as his mouth opened wide to suck in a huge portion of her tit. His tongue pressed her nipple against the roof of his mouth while he sucked, and Cindy found that sensation so intense she cried out.

"God, I love it... I love the fuckin' shit out of it!" she wailed.

Moving from side to side, her boss licked and teased each tit in the same sensual manner, never missing a stroke as he fucked her pussy.

It was a combination that made her climax in moments, and her cunt convulsed, clutching at his deep-fucking prick. She felt like she was awash in a sea of pleasure, being caught in a carnal current that carried her to the farthest reaches of bliss.

Her hands slid up along the wide expanse of his chest, playing first with his tight tiny nipples, then tangling in the thick hair on his chest. Her mouth followed her hands as she licked and stroked his flesh with soft rasping movements.

"Yes," she murmured hazily, as she once more felt herself being lifted toward release. "Yes... oh, God, yessssssss!"

Realizing how, close she was to cumming again, Matt started rotating his hips in a tantalizingly sexy motion. It made his pumping prick ream out her fuckhole, creating a fire in her churning cunt. Cindy cried out and humped her cunt up onto his big prick.

"You fuck like nobody else," she gasped. "Jesus, it feels so good... you really fill my pussy up, boss. I love it, just love it."

He grinned at her words, and pummeled her pussy with his prick even faster and harder. Sweat was beading on his forehead from his efforts to hold off his own climax. He panted and groaned.

"Damn, I don't think I can keep from cumming for much longer," he told her. "My cock feels like it's gonna burst wide open."

Relentlessly, he assaulted her cunt, forcefully fucking into her pussy again and again, driving his cock to the hilt.

She thrust her cunt against him, meeting him and matching his hard fuck-strokes. She was close, too... so, so close.

Her clit was a swollen lump of sensitive flesh, stimulated almost beyond control. She swiveled her hips, making his prick bang against her clit as he fucked her. It created, an additional stimulation that she wanted and needed. She felt herself flying, going beyond the brink of bliss.

"I'm cumming, Matt... God, I'm cumming!"

He ground against her, feeling his own fuck lust mount, too.

They came together, fucking wildly. Their breathing was ragged and uneven, and a forceful vibration of lust flowed between them, back and forth.

He sagged against her, and let the full load of his cum pump into her pussy. Cindy experienced a soft, warm feeling and cradled him against her, breathing deeply.

"Mmmmmmmm, that hit the spot," she murmured throatily.

He grinned at her, but it was a weak grin. In spite of his weariness, they could both feel his cock thickening, already growing hard once more.

"You aren't as fired as you thought," she teased him.

"I guess not," he agreed.

"Hey, have you thought of any sort of punishment for me, since I was so late?"

"Yeah, I have... and, it's this."

He fucked his rigid prick in... and Cindy grinned.

It was just the sort of punishment she loved -- a big hard cock fucking her insatiable young pussy!


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