Orgy sisters

Today's middle-class Americans maintain a stable outlook which in reality masks the turmoil existing behind drawn blinds.

There is alcoholism and promiscuous sex for the adult and teenager alike, and for some, the breakup of marital relationships as a result of mate-swapping. The children observe their parents' so-called mature lifestyles. The mark is made, the effect lasts a lifetime.

This is the story of a family and a time of debauchery, where family relationships mean nothing and the satisfaction of the senses means everything. What happens to the brothers and sisters in this story is a startling revelation of how events can alter personalities, how fate plays with all.

Business as usual is the daily norm. But is it? Not for the individuals in this story -- outwardly, yes, in reality, no.

ORGY SISTERS -- a novel with a lesson for those unaware of what is really happening behind many of the closed doors in America.


Sprawled out on the scattered pillows were Desiree, Kandi, Jan, Mike and Kevin, all brothers and sisters and all as desperately in love with life as they were with each other.

They were sleeping now, recovering from a long, hot night of fucking and sucking. The family reunion had started innocently enough. The boys, Kevin and Mike, had been away from the farm a long time. The girls, once Papa died, were left alone to care after the maintenance of the cattle ranch and make sure the hired hands did the work they were paid to do.

But now everything was different. Mike and Kevin knew they would never return to the city and their dull jobs, despite the financial rewards, that they had left. There were three good reasons -- named Kandi, Desiree and Jan -- for staying in the huge, old house that they had grown up in.

Kevin stirred. His eyes fluttered, then he surveyed the scene around him. He looked at Kandi, her silky, jet-black hair spilling onto his stomach. Thoughts filtered through his mind of how she had sucked his huge prick, taking his cock deep into her mouth time and time again, until he had released his salty jism on her tongue. He smiled. The memory was pleasant.

Not far from him, Mike's hulkish build was stretched over some pillows on the living room floor. His head was resting on the massive, firm tits of Jan, his younger sister. And, with her cheek pressed lightly against his thigh in sleep, Desiree was breathing softly, her giant tits rising and falling slowly.

Mike and Kevin, at least physically, were completely opposite. Mike was incredibly powerful, with massive shoulders and hands like hams. His reddish hair was cut short and a bristly mustache grew from his lip. Kevin was tall and slender, with long, slightly wavy blonde hair just kissing his shoulders. Whereas Kevin's cock was long and pleasantly thick, Mike's cock was shorter but massive in girth.

Kevin moved slowly out from under Kandi's head and rested her on a pillow. Her body was the most petite of the three women, with pleasant but not overly large tits, a narrow waist and swooping hips. And though she had the most petite body of the three women, nobody would consider her the least sexy. Her face was probably the most appealing of the three. Her black hair, wavy and flowing, was parted on the side and swept back over her shoulders. Her eyes, too, were black, glistening with mischief whenever horny thoughts entered her head.

"You sweet bitch," Kevin hissed, straddling her head with his knees so his long, soft prick dangled close to her lips. He started stroking his prick and, within seconds, his cock was nearly nine inches long and throbbing powerfully in his hand.

Kevin dropped lower and the thick, white drop of cum that had formed at the slitted tip was rubbed off on Kandi's lips. She moaned and unconsciously opened her mouth, the cocksucking instinct in her alive even in sleep.

"Ohhhhhh!" he groaned, sinking his fat, round cockhead into his sister's warm mouth. "Suck my cock, Kandi! Eat my big meat!"

Kevin pushed more prick into Kandi's mouth, stretching her lips wide and flattening her tongue to the bottom of her mouth. He felt the mushroom-shaped knob of his cock press against the opening of her throat, then her eyes slowly opened and she looked up at him. If she could, Kevin knew that his sister would have smiled. But, as it was, the bulk of his prick prevented her from doing anything more than apply a strong suction to his cock.

Kevin leaned forward, bracing himself with his hands over Kandi's head in sort of a pushup position. Then he started moving his hips slowly up and down, fucking his throbbing cock between Kandi's hot lips.

"Mmmmmm!" Kandi moaned, reaching between Kevin's legs. She cupped his heavy, hairy, cum-laden balls in the palm of her right hand and squeezed gently. With her left she scratched his tight asscheeks, her middle finger toying with, but not entering, his asshole.

Kevin pulled up so that just the flared head of his prick was still between Kandi's lips, and she put her tongue to work, sliding it slowly, lovingly in circles over his cockhead. Her lips chewed erotically on his thick, throbbing prickshaft. Her long, painted fingernails clawed erotically at his hairy ass and she fondled his balls with an expertise he had found in no woman other than his own sister.

"Suck my cock! Ohhhh! Sister, you suck my cock so damn good! Your mouth is so cocksucking hot!"

Kevin started pumping his hips again, fucking his prick into her mouth harder and faster. He watched her cheeks sink in as he pulled up, withdrawing his cock from her mouth, then puff out greatly as he fucked back into her mouth.

Kandi's butter-soft lips worked miracles on Kevin's quivering, pulsating prick. They slid smoothly over his cockshaft, applying just the right amount of pressure to make his head swim with lust. Her tongue frisked along the underside of Kevin's cock, sliding here and there, working constantly in the cramped, stuffed confines of her mouth.

"Hey, Mike, wake up and make yourself useful!" Kevin said, his voice twinkling with laughter. "Let's get this show on the road!"

Mike groaned and looked at Kevin, then at Kandi's face, stuffed with Kevin's hard prick. Instantly, the horny man felt the stirring in his prick that told him his balls were full of cum.

Turning his head just a little, Mike captured Jan's nipple between his lips. He sucked lightly on the delicious nubbin of titflesh, letting his teeth graze lightly on the bud. He cupped her other heavy tit in his hand and rolled her nipple between his fingers.

"Mmmm!" Jan murmured in her sleep. Her blonde, curly hair was messed up and one side of her neck showed the marks of where Mike had kissed her too long in one spot, causing a hickey.

Though Jan and Kandi were sisters, physically they were very different. Jan had monumental tits rising high from her chest. Huge tits with large areolas, capped with nipples that became hard and erect when aroused. Her shoulders were square, and she had an ass more like a man's than a woman's. It wasn't that she wasn't sexy -- any man in the world would be more than happy to roll in the hay with the farm girl -- it was just that she was so damn muscular. Years of farm work and riding the cattle herd had formed her ass and thighs into knots of hard muscle.

"Ohhhh! This is a nice way to wake up," she whispered to Mike, pushing her fingers through his hair. She pushed his head down harder on her plump tit, stuffing more of her titflesh into his mouth.

Kevin watched Mike sucking the nipple while he slowly fucked his own cock in and out of Kandi's mouth. When he looked down, he saw the look of sheer pleasure on her face, the red ring of her lips encircling his throbbing pole of hard cock.

"Suck it, Kandi! Damn, I love what you do with my prick!"

Kandi caressed Kevin's balls as she tongued the driving cockshaft that fucked her lips. With her other hand, she reached between her legs and began to finger her warm clit, making her cunt moist with her fuck juices. She wondered if anyone would fuck her, but it wasn't anything of great concern. She loved sucking cock so much that cocksucking actually could take the place of fucking... at least temporarily.

"Mmmmmmmm! Unnnggggg!" Kandi gasped as she sucked more fervently on Kevin's throbbing cock. She tasted the small drop of cum that escaped the tip, and the taste spurred her on, causing her to tongue the cock-meat with greater urgency. She desperately wanted to have Kevin's hot, creamy jism spurting against her tongue, filling her mouth. Then she would swallow it all down in a series of heady gulps that would leave the most delicious aftertaste in her mouth.

"Ohhhhhh! You bitch! I can't take much more of this!" Kevin pumped his hips, fucking Kandi's tight lips harder and faster. Each time he fucked his prick into her mouth, the head of his cock slammed against the opening of her throat. "Damn it all, what you can do with a cock in your mouth is absolutely incredible. Fucking incredible!"

The words were music in the ears of Kandi. She felt proud of her cocksucking ability, especially since it was her older brother who was throwing the praises to her. Kandi worked first one, then two fingers into her hot, juicy pussy, tantalizing her clit as she spread her cuntlips wide. She, too, was approaching the brink of ecstasy and soon her clear girl-cum would spurt from her dark, thickly furred cunt.

"Take it! Awwwwww! Shit! Take my cum! I want you to drink my hot cum!" Kevin fucked his cock faster still into the hot, wet recesses of his sister's mouth. A thin coat of perspiration glistened on his lean, muscular body. The muscles in his stomach were like corded rope, flexing now and then as he fucked his overheated prick into Kandi's hot mouth.

Cum boiled in Kevin's balls, then boiled over. The scalding jets of spunk erupted from his balls, streamed through the length of his fucking prick, then spewed from his throbbing, reddish-colored cockhead.

Kandi whimpered with ecstasy as the creamy, salty cum splashed on her frisking tongue. His cock slammed against the back of her mouth and a thick stream of cum blasted straight down her throat. Kandi gagged slightly and started to swallow hard, never stopping her hungry sucking on the prick for a moment.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm! Ahnggggg!" she gasped, drinking down her brother's creamy jism. She stabbed two fingers into her cunt and arched her back as her clit exploded and the juices of her pussy spilled out, coating her palm. The orgy of pleasure twisted and turned her body as she sucked on his cock, gulping down cum while fucking her fingers into her spewing pussy.

The moment seemed to last forever. Kevin's brain reeled as the cum squirted from his tantalized cockhead, straight against Kandi's tongue, only to be gulped down as she waited impatiently for more cum.

And then it was over. His cum, every last drop that his big balls had produced, had all been greedily swallowed by Kevin's ebony-haired, hot-blooded sister. Kevin slipped down beside Kandi and held her softly, their bodies hot as they breathed heavily.

"That was great," Kevin whispered, kissing Kandi on the forehead. "You're the best!"

Kandi murmured loving words and watched the action going on just a couple feet from them.

Mike, Jan and Desiree were all on their sides, bodies joined in a sexy triangle. Jan's mouth was stuffed to overflowing with Mike's incredibly thick, blunt cock. Between her legs, Desiree's tongue was sliding wetly along her blonde-haired, juicy pussy crease. And Mike was eating Desiree's cunt.

"Ugggmmmm!" Mike groaned with pleasure as he tongued Desiree's delicious pussy. He worked a finger into her tight asshole as his lips mashed against her cunt, tongue darting out to lick up the fuck oils.

Jan tossed her head slowly back and forth, her lips stretched wide and ovaled around Mike's fat, rigid prick. She pushed forward, taking half his prick into her hot mouth. She knew how Mike liked his cock to be sucked and she did it just right, swirling her tongue in circles around his apple-sized cockhead while her lips gnawed on his heavily veined prickshaft.

Desiree ate her sister's cunt with the fanatic desire of a nymphomaniac. She fingered Jan's clit as her tongue worked miracles on the cunt, sliding here and there, delving between the pussylips to scoop up the hot fuck cream her sister provided.

The three moved as one, tongues working feverishly on cock or cunt, moving in just the right way to please the partner. Mike ate Desiree's cunt; Desiree ate Jan's cunt; Jan sucked on Mike's big prick. Everything was equal... and sexy!

"Ugggg? Ohhhh!" Mike groaned, his hips twitching uncontrollably. His balls felt like they were on fire. Jan's hot mouth whipped back and forth over his rigid prick until the powerful, hulkish man was quivering, tonguing Desiree's hot pussy faster than ever.

Though the timing was off slightly, the three people got each other off. Jan's full, moist lips traveled back and forth over the length of Mike's cock until the thick, pulsating cylinder of iron-like cock-meat leaped and spurted hot, creamy jism.

"Mmmmmmmmmm!" Jan moaned long and loud as she drank her brother's spunk. Her tongue was a frisking, crazy animal with a life of its own. It ran in circles around Mike's cockhead, working on the ridge that separated the knob from the prickshaft, getting every last drop of jism from Mike's balls.

Desiree wailed with glee as she licked up Jan's pussy juice, burying her pink tongue deep into the hot cunt, sucking for all she was worth.

Mike fingered Desiree's asshole hard and fast as he chewed lightly on her cut with his lips. His mustache added yet another sexy sensation to the already-excited clit.

Desiree moaned and her stomach seemed to have a hand in it that had suddenly gripped into a fist. Mike's expert cunt licking had driven her over the edge of ecstasy. The hot, clear girl-cum exploded from her pussy, only to be lapped up by Mike's tireless tongue.

Kevin lit a cigarette and expelled a blue cloud of smoke toward the ceiling. He looked at the naked bodies all around him and smiled that strange, sardonic smile that was so characteristically his. Damn, he thought, how things have changed in such a short time! It hadn't been so very long ago when...


Mike headed the Chevy van off the highway and onto the gravel road. Beside him in the specially made captain's chair was Kevin, swigging cheerfully on a can of Pabst beer.

"It's going to be good to see the ol' place again," Mike said, finishing the last couple drops in his beer can. "Get me another, eh?"

"Coming up!" Kevin got Mike a beer, cracked the top, and handed it to his older brother before resuming his seat. "Feels great to get back out in the country. I wonder what kind of changes the girls have made with the house."

"Probably not much. Maybe Jan's figured some things out, but Desiree is as dumb as a fucking board..."

"But not shaped like one!"

"And Kandi doesn't give a fuck about anything except men. Leastwise that's what Jan told me over the phone." Kevin's mind drifted as the black van bumped down the rutted gravel road. He and Mike hadn't been back to the old ranch/farm since their parents had died and that -- pretty much, anyway -- was the way they had liked it. Their sisters liked the country life, for different reasons with each of them. Mike and Kevin, on the other hand, went to the big city to seek their fortune and fame. They succeeded in making a small fortune, but no fame.

Fame in the family had been reserved to Desiree and Kandi, two wildly beautiful and utterly uninhibited women who could, at any given moment, totally offend the country morals of their neighbors. But, because of their wild behavior, they shared and enjoyed a certain celebrity status given to them and them alone. Granted, it was small-town fame, but fame nevertheless.

After three miles on the gravel road, Mike and Kevin came to the outskirts of what was once their parents' ranch, and what now belonged to the girls. Surrounded by a barbed wire fence were three hundred cows. The stock was the livelihood of the family. Whatever oats and corn were grown was used to feed the cows.

"Smell the manure," Kevin said, rolling down the window and taking a big whiff. "Sort of smells good, doesn't it?"

"It's shit! It smells like shit! You've read too many Goddamn books, that's what you've done," Mike said, trying unsuccessfully to hold down his grin.

Kevin was about to reply that maybe Mike hadn't read enough books, but then his mouth went instantly dry. The vision of beauty he saw silenced anything he could ever want to say.

Near a row of trees, sitting comfortably on a chestnut mare, was Desiree. A cowboy hat pushed back on her head, tightfitting jeans and cowboy boots were all she wore. Desiree's extraordinarily well-shaped thirty-nine-inch tits glistened in the afternoon sunlight, the heavy, firm tits with the dollar-sized areolas and pink nipples standing out proudly.

Mike glanced in the direction of Kevin's gaze, then he jammed on the brakes and came to a skidding halt.

"Holy shit," Mike whispered. Looking at his younger sister's heavy tits made Mike's thick cock awaken from its slumber. His prick twitched, blood beginning to pump into his cockshaft. "Do you believe that?"

Desiree pushed her hat farther back on her head and wiped her brow with her forearm. It was a hot, humid day with the temperature edging near ninety degrees and she had decided, while riding through the more dense woods, to take off her shirt and fully enjoy the sunshine.

Desiree's eyes scanned the cattle, and the horse pranced beneath her. The horse's movement reminded Desiree why she had gone on the ride. As the saddle horn nudged her pussy through her jeans, she felt a warm surge go through her body. Frustration had preceded her ride. Desiree wanted desperately to get fucked, to suck a cock until she got a mouthful of cum or have a prick fucking powerfully up her ass. But she was tired of the farm boys in the area and didn't feel like going to any of them for relief.

Hearing the scratch of tires against gravel in the distance, Desiree saw the black van stop. She knew that whoever was in the van could see her naked tits, and that didn't bother her in the least. In fact, she rather hoped that horny men would come tumbling out of the big van and beg to fuck her.

Desiree looked at the van, her right hand unconsciously raising to cup one tit. Then, in a flash, she suddenly remembered reading something in a letter from Kevin. Her brother had written that he and Mike had traded in their beat-up, rusted and dented van for a shiny new machine -- all chrome and glistening black paint on the outside and carpeting and posh comfort on the inside.

"Fuck, it's them already!" Desiree hissed under her breath. Jerking on the reins, the mount wheeled around and galloped back into the woods, Desiree's plump tits bouncing crazily.

"Was that really Desiree?" Kevin asked, the throbbing in his balls almost painful now, begging for release.

Mike didn't answer. He was lost in a long-forgotten memory that was now running through his mind as clearly as if the incident had happened only yesterday.


Mike was twenty at the time, riding his favorite stallion, Champion. He was checking the cattle and fences, making sure that there were no problems with the young calves that had been born that spring.

Desiree, a young girl then, had blossomed into a shapely, sexy woman who turned men's head of any age. She was riding with him.

Mike had been annoyed that Desiree insisted on riding along. He had often thought of fucking his young sister, but the continual stream of mindless chatter she put out bothered him after only a few minutes.

Without warning, Desiree pulled the rifle from under her leg and shot at a rabbit. The rifle's explosion caught Champion by surprise, and he reared on his back legs, causing Mike to roll off the rump of the horse and land on his head and shoulders.

Mike was unconscious for a couple minutes, with Desiree leaning over him, crying uncontrollably, convinced that she had killed her older brother. But when he came to and she saw the look of rage in his eyes, Desiree knew she was in even bigger trouble.

Mike got to his feet, his eyes cold and hard with rage. His first impulse was to slap his sister silly, but she was so sorry, so damn sorry, that he couldn't do anything but glare at her with frustrated anger.

"Don't tell Papa!" Desiree said, moving closer to Mike, putting her hands on his expansive chest. "Please don't tell Papa! He'll whip me if you tell him!"

Mike still didn't say anything. Desiree was absolutely miserable, and he decided that she should stay that way for a while longer. Then Desiree dropped to her knees in the tall grass, wrapping her arms around Mike's thighs.

"Please don't tell Papa what I done! I promise I'll make it up to you! I promise! I'll do anything! Anything!"

The itching in Mike's balls told him what he wanted. It was what he always wanted, any time of day or night. And now he had his chance. The perfect opportunity had presented itself... and he wasn't going to pass it up.

Mike took Desiree by the shoulders and pushed her backward, causing her to fall on her ass with her legs kicking crazily skyward. She stared at him, her eyes still wide with fear, oblivious to what Mike had in mind.

Taking his belt, Mike unfastened it. His Colt revolver and holster fell to the ground. Next, he grabbed the tab of his zipper and brought it down, his eyes never leaving Desiree's. And then, reaching into his fly, he pulled out his half-hard prick.

Desiree stared at his long, thick piece of cock-meat. She knew what was expected of her and she swallowed hard, building up her courage. If only Mike would say something, she thought, then it wouldn't be so bad! But he just stands there! Quiet! Seething in anger! I'll do it! I have to do it! Desiree pulled her knees back under her body and crawled closer to Mike again. He stood with his hands in his hips, eyes glowing now with a combination of lust and anger, and Desiree felt his gaze on her fat tits.

"Okay," she said quietly, "I'll do it. But you can't tell Papa what I done." Desiree cautiously reached out and curled her fingers around the thick shaft of Mike's prick. She felt its warmth against her palm, and felt his cock throb instantly at her touch, getting longer and considerably more thick. Her dark-brown eyes with mascara-tinged lashes were wet pools of fear as she licked her lips, making them glisten in the sunlight.

"I'll suck your cock," Desiree said, her face so close to Mike's cock that he felt the warmth of her breath on his cockhead. "I'll suck your..." Desiree opened her mouth wide and pushed her face forward. Her full, moist lips made contact with the knob only briefly before she took his prickhead into her mouth. Her tongue rubbed against the underside of Mike's prick as her lips closed around his cockshaft.

Cocksucking was a new experience for Desiree. Other boys had felt her big tits -- they just seemed to draw attention wherever she went -- and Desiree had even allowed one handsome man in town feel her pussy through her panties. But she had never sucked cock before and really didn't know what was expected of her.

Mike looked down at his sister. She was, without a doubt, incredibly beautiful. Short brown hair, parted down the middle and combed back in the wind-blown look. Eyes so large and brown that a man could get lost in them. Tits as big as any he had ever seen and promising to get bigger still.

Desiree felt his prick throb in her mouth, and she pushed forward a little, taking more of his awesome cock-meat into her mouth. When Mike gave his hips a small jerk, his fat cockhead slammed against the back of her mouth. Then he pulled back so that only the very tip of his prick-knob was still between her lips, and she knew what she was supposed to do. Desiree squeezed his cockshaft tighter in her fist and bobbed her head slowly, taking his prick deep into her mouth before pulling back.

"Unnng!" Desiree groaned, not really caring for the taste of her brother's cock. Still, she realized that she had done something stupid and this was the price she had to pay. But if it was so terrible to have a fat, rigid cock in her mouth, how come Desiree's pussy was getting moist and her panties felt like they were wet clean through to her jeans? Desiree tried to ignore the feeling in her cunt. She wasn't supposed to like this, and she wasn't going to allow herself to. Except...

Mike rolled his hips back and forth slowly, fucking his hard, wide prick into his sister's mouth. She couldn't take much of the cock into her mouth, inexperience had dictated that, but she could take all of the head and several inches of the shank. And that, along with her hand that squeezed the root of Mike's cock-meat, was enough to please him.

Desiree flicked her tongue over the tip of Mike's cock and tasted the pre-cum that trickled from the slitted opening in the center of the crown. The fluid was creamy in texture and very salty. Desiree had always thought that the taste of cum would disgust her -- she had heard older girls talking about sucking cock and how they swallow cum to please their men and themselves -- but instead she found jism strangely appealing. In fact, she rather enjoyed the fat cock-knob that drooled fuck cream onto her tongue.

After some experimentation, Desiree learned to stroke on Mike's huge cock while she sucked, keeping her fist close to her lips as she pistoned her head slowly back and forth. She learned to use her tongue, too. Swirling it in circles around the cockhead and curling it around his prickshaft caused Mike's cock to leap between her lips, pulsate with lust.

Despite her dominated role in the situation, Desiree felt in control. It was her mouth, after all, which dictated the pace and action. She sucked harder, her lips stretched wide to accommodate the vast girth of Mike's cock. She chewed on his prickshaft with her lips, sliding her tongue wetly against the underside of his cock.

Mike pushed his fingers through Desiree's hair, sliding the silky strands around her head as she mouthed his pulsating prick.

"Mmmmmm!" Desiree moaned, now really enjoying the feeling of having a huge prick in her mouth. She sucked on the cockhead, working her tongue in circles around the sensitive ridge between the cockhead and the prickshaft.

Without warning, Mike grabbed a handful of hair at the back of Desiree's head and jerked her mouth off his prick.

"Ouch! Mike, you're hurting me!" Desiree complained, grabbing his wrist.

He pushed her onto her back, his knees straddling her hips as he lowered himself. Then he was unbuttoning her shirt with his free hand, noticing that his fingers were trembling with lust as they flicked open the buttons.

"Please don't," Desiree said, her voice barely above a whisper. "I'm sorry for what I've done. Honest I am."

Mike paid no attention to his sister. His ears were deaf to her protests. Pushing open her shirt, he saw she wore a white bra to hold her more-than-ample tits in place.

"Say something, damn you!" she yelled.

Mike glared at Desiree. He wasn't going to say a word. Words would be a waste of time when action was a much better way of getting his point across.

"Damn you!"

Mike released her hair and grabbed the bra between the cups. He knew he could reach behind her back to unhook the contraption, but in his state of mind, the direct approach was the best. With a flex of his muscles, the bra tore and the cups separated. A moment later, his sister's tits sprang into view, plump and full with large brown areolas and tiny nipples, erect and hard.

"You didn't need to ruin my bra," Desiree said, trying to compose herself. "I would have taken it off if you asked."

Mike was amazed when he grabbed Desiree's tits. They were large -- too large for his big hands -- and more firm than any he had felt before. He squeezed her tits and watched her marshmallow-like flesh squeeze partially through his fingers. Then he gave them a savage squeeze.

"Ahhhhhh!" Desiree screamed, grabbing Mike's wrists and trying to pull his cruel hands from her tortured tits.

Mike squeezed harder in answer to his sister's protests. He pushed her harder into the grass and mauled her tits with even greater ferocity.

"Stop! I'm begging you! Stop!"

When Mike released Desiree's aching tits, she moaned long and loud with relief. He removed his hands and she rubbed her sore tits to relieve the pain.

Mike moved lower on Desiree's body until he was sitting on her knees. His hands worked quickly as he unbuckled her belt and snapped open her jeans.

"Oh, no!" Desiree wailed. "Are you going to fuck me? I've never done that, Mike! It'll hurt! You'll hurt me!"

Mike got to his feet and grabbed Desiree's jeans near the snaps. He pulled down and the material wouldn't budge, unable to slide down her flared hips. Angry now, he pulled up and back at the same time. Desiree's ass was lifted off the grass, then her brother was striding away from her, dragging her along the ground until finally her pants were inside out and bunched around her boots.

"Don't kill me," Desiree whispered. If she had felt in control of the situation before, she sure as hell didn't feel that way now.

Mike rolled Desiree over so she was on her hands and knees in the grass. He walked near her face and got down on his knees, his prick still jutting out hard and proud from his open pants.

"Don't..." Desiree said, then was silenced when her brother grabbed her hair and jerked her face against his prick. His fat cockhead slammed against her lips, then parted them and fucked deep into her mouth. She choked a little, her eyes watering as his prick threatened to burst through the resistance of her mouth and fuck into her throat.

Mike fucked his prick into Desiree's mouth, fucking his cock through her clutching lips until his drooling cockhead smashed against the back of her mouth. He tossed his hips back and forth, seeing his sister's face contort in agony as the awesome cock fucked into her face.

Desiree sucked Mike's cock for all she was worth. She wanted to get him off, to have his big, hairy balls shoot their hot load of cum into her mouth so that it would all be over quickly. She squeezed his cockshaft harder with her lips and used her tongue like never before, flicking it here and there, rubbing it over every bit of cockflesh she could. Her massive tits rolled back and forth, more full than before with gravity pulling them down.

Mike grabbed Desiree's hair and snapped her head up, then took his club-like cock in his hand and hit Desiree's cheek with the prick-knob. His cockhead smacked wetly against her soft cheek, snapping her face to one side.

"Nooooo!" Desiree cried as her face was knocked back and forth. Mike bludgeoned her, smacking his spit-slick cock against her cheeks.

Mike then continued fucking her face, reaming her tight red lips again and again. Desiree whimpered and sucked hard, salivating heavily to make his fucking cock slide more smoothly. A trickle of spit ran from both corners of Desiree's wide mouth down to her chin.

"Unnggghhh!" Desiree gasped, chewing hard on the prickshaft with her lips. Her tits rolled crazily, wiggling and jiggling as they I hung from her chest.

When Mike stood up, Desiree thought he was finished with her. But it wasn't so. He knelt behind her and tore her blue panties off with a bear-like swipe of his huge hand. The panties were wet in his fist as he moved close enough to nudge her juicy cunt with the head of his prick.

"Be careful," Desiree said softly. "I'm a..." But again her words were silenced, this time because Mike had fucked his fat prick into her virgin cunt. His cockhead puckered her cuntlips inward, then split them. His cockshaft rigid as iron, forced the knob of Mike's prick deeper and deeper into Desiree's cunt until, finally, his hips smacked against her taut asscheeks.

Desiree bit her bottom lip, hoping to keep from screaming again. The pain in her cunt was terrible. Not only was she getting fucked for the first time, but the cock which had taken her cherry was one of vast proportions. His prick spread her pussylips wide, the huge cockhead fucking deep into her cunt.

Desiree's arms could no longer support her upper body and she crashed face first into the grass, her ass still tilted up in the air, exposed to her brother's angry fucking.

Mike grabbed Desiree by the hips and held her motionless, and he fucked her tight, juicy pussy. Her cunt was tight, just like he knew her pussy would be, and squeezed his cockhead and prickshaft in the most fantastic ways. He reared back time and time again, fucking his prick into her juicy cunt crease fiercely, not giving a whit whether or not Desiree was enjoying the fucking or thinking that his prick was killing her. He knew, as all cocksmen know, that someday she would thank him. It might take years, but someday she would come to him again and beg to get fucked in just the same way as he was fucking her now.

Desiree's face was pressed into the grass, her hard nipples being tickled rather roughly by the harsh blades of grass as she took his cock into her pussy. Her breaths came in ragged gulps and the pain, though certainly less severe than when Mike had first fucked her cunt, was still flowing through her veins.

Reaching near her ass, Desiree made a futile attempt to dig her long fingernails into Mike's stomach as he fully embedded his cock in her pussy. All she managed to do was raise the level of his lust and anger. A moment later, he had both her arms twisted behind her back, her wrists held tightly together in one powerful hand.

Mike fucked his hard, pulsating prick deep into her tight, wet cunt, then reached near Desiree's face. She gasped in surprise and a moment later, Mike was stuffing her cuntjuice-moist panties in her mouth. Mike shoved them completely into her mouth, then uncorked his cock from her pussy and aimed at her puckered, brown asshole. Her asshole was the only fuck hole he hadn't fucked, so why not take everything from his teenaged sister at one time? Desiree felt his cockhead pressing against her ass and she wailed out in protest, her cries muffled by the panties. And then she felt the rigid, unyielding prickshaft driving his cockhead into her ass and blinding bright lights flashed in her head. She quivered all over, her tits scraping against the grass, her ass tilted up and exposed.

Mike held Desiree's wrists in one hand, and he wrapped his powerful arm under Desiree's stomach to support her. He didn't want her sliding down onto her belly. Though he could fuck her that way, he wanted to take her doggie-style. It seemed to him somehow fitting to fuck his sister outside that way.

The blinding lights kept popping in Desiree's skull. There wasn't any pain anymore. She didn't feel much of anything. She was vaguely aware of the feeling of fullness in her ass each time Mike fucked her asshole with his huge prick, but that was all. She heard his cries of ecstasy, felt him fucking her ass harder and faster, then felt the hot wetness of his cum being shot into her asshole.

Mike rolled his head back on his shoulders, fucking his quivering prick into Desiree's ass hard and fast. He fucked into her, his balls feeling like they were on fire. Then the sizzling cum exploded from his balls and shot out his cockhead, spewing in mighty jets into his young sister's ass.

When he had drained his balls in Desiree's ass, Mike got slowly to his feet. He looked at his sister, his face void of expression. She was still doubled up, ass in the air, hands now resting in the grass at her sides.

She had been a great fuck, Mike concluded. Tight everywhere. Monumental tits; fantastic ass; tight cunt that could milk the jism out of any pair of balls.

He hitched up his pants, settled comfortably into Champion's saddle again, and rode away.

Desiree listened to the pounding of hoofs fading and she pulled the panties from her mouth. Rolling onto her back, she let the sun warm her tits and pussy. Everything in her life had changed, Desiree knew. Everything would be somehow different. She would never look at life in the same way again -- and she liked it that way.


When Mike and Kevin arrived at the homestead, they were properly greeted by Desiree, Kandi and Jan. Desiree had retrieved her blouse, and neither Kevin nor Mike mentioned that they had seen her riding with her tits showing.

Kevin let the scenery envelop his senses. The old house, built near the turn of the century, was much the same as it was when he left it years ago. A small, two-story home with wooden siding that needed a coat of paint at least three years earlier.

The outhouse was still standing near the windbreak, also needing paint. It hadn't been used in years, but the small building reminded him of his youth when indoor plumbing was still something that only city people had.

Off to the west was the main pasture and the huge red barn. Pleasant childhood memories of romping in the hay loft filtered through Kevin's mind and he smiled.

Hours later, after a big dinner of meat, potatoes, gravy and three different types of vegetables, the five people sat back, drinking the cold beer Mike had brought with him.

Though there was considerable age difference between them, the five felt very comfortable being together, despite the long separation Mike and Kevin had had from their sisters.

"I think I'll take a walk and look the ol' place over," Kevin said, getting to his feet and stuffing two beers in his back pockets. "Anyone want to come?"

"I'll go with you," Jan quickly said, getting to her feet and taking two beers too.

It was dark outside, with only the half-moon illuminating their way. Kevin headed straight for the barn, wanting to look at the old hay loft where he had played as a child.

They had to climb a rickety wooden ladder to get to the loft, but soon Kevin was inhaling the sweet fragrance of freshly cut hay.

"Smells good," he said quietly, sipping his beer. "How many horses do you have now?"

"Three. We keep them in the barn." Kevin looked at his younger sister. In the pale glow of the moon shining through the open loft doors, every feature on her face and body became more defined, highlighted with light and shadow.

"Been a long time, hasn't it?" Kevin slugged down his beer and tossed it out the gate. "I need to get drunk."

"It has been a long time. Damn long. You don't need to feel nervous around us... me..." Jan let her words trail off as she thought. "You really don't need to get drunk to relax."

"Hell, I'm wound tighter than a drum. Leaving the city wasn't an easy thing for me to do."

"Already missing your books?"

"Yeah, something like that."

"Everyone missed something at sometime in their life. It's been a long time for a lot of things."

Kevin looked at Jan again, taking in her incredible beauty. Square, broad shoulders above tits so large and full and well shaped, they took a man's breath away. Hips flat, tightly encased in jeans that squeezed her thighs and showed the muscles there. Her face was passive, chin tilted up slightly, like her tits, at an almost defiant angle.

He thought of grabbing her. Of throwing himself at her and grabbing those tits that deserved his hands' attention. He thought of that and knew that Mike would do it. Mike had always been more open and upfront that himself.

"I..." Jan started, hesitated, stopped. She swigged her beer and tried again. "I know what it's like to want something and not be able to get it."

"Chomping at the bit?"

Jan felt her cheeks flush and was happy that in the darkness Kevin wouldn't be able to see it. She was tired of the country boys who pawed her body clumsily, tired of having to make all the decisions on the farm, tired of always having to be on top of every situation. She wanted to lose control for just a moment. Just some brief moments when she could share her body with a man.

"What are you thinking?" Kevin asked. "You seem suddenly distant."

Jan faced Kevin. A confident smile toyed with the corners of her lips. She gulped down the last of her beer and tossed the can out the gate.

"I didn't mean to offend you."

Jan didn't answer. Her hands came slowly up her sides, over her flat stomach, following the curves of her firm tits. Then she unfastened the top button of her shirt and opened it wider. A second and third button was undone. It was a slow process, not quite like a strip tease and twice as erotic.

Kevin felt his pulse quicken. When Jan pulled her shirt out of his pants, he caught a quick glimpse of one brown areola. The creamy inside slopes of her tits were visible. It was a breathtaking sight, and Kevin felt the twitching in his cock as his prick started to grow, being tantalized into a raging hard-on.

"Sometimes it's best just to let go," Kevin said softly, his eyes drinking in Jan's exquisite beauty. "And just not give a damn about anything for a while."

Jan didn't answer. She wiggled her shoulders, causing her plump tits to sway back and forth. Her shirt slipped off her shoulders and floated down her arms.

Kevin was immediately struck by the broadness of Jan's naked shoulders, and the extraordinary fullness and shape of her tits. Jan's tits were large and round, the areolas dark brown and slightly upturned. In the center of the areolas were hard, bud-like nipples, pointing out, aroused and erect from the horny thoughts going through Jan's head.

"I want you," Jan said, her voice not quite a whisper it was so soft. "I want you bad, Kevin. Real bad."

They stood ten feet apart, Kevin staring at Jan's gorgeous tits. Slowly, silently, they undressed.

"You're so thin," Jan whispered. "But... ohhhhhh! What a cock you've got!"

Kevin looked down at his prick. Indeed, he did have one hell of a piece of cock-meat between his legs. Long, thin, throbbing with lust, his cock looked like a fleshy lance.

Jan walked to Kevin and took his hand, then led him to an area in the loft where the hay was loose and soft. She stretched out on her back, reaching her arms up toward Kevin.

"Precious..." Kevin whispered, melting into her arms. His lips found hers and tongues explored mouths. Teeth nipped softly at lips and hands fondled hot, tender skin. Reaching into the junction of Jan's thighs, Kevin found her pussy to be soft and warm, moist against his palm.

"Ohhhhhhhh! So soft! You're so tender!" Jan whispered, turning her head to one side so Kevin's lips could gently toy with her earlobe.

It had been weeks since Jan had been fucked. The change from the clumsy farm boys who grabbed her tits one time then tried to fuck their cocks into her cunt was a special experience for her. Kevin moved slowly, caressing her tits softly, rubbing her pussylips and clit before easing his finger into her cunt. And that pleased her, excited her.

Jan arched her back a little, twitching her ass in the hay when Kevin's finger pushed between her pussylips and into her hot cunt. She purred like a cat in heat and moaned with the passion of an animal.

"Precious... precious... precious..." Kevin kept whispering as his lips moved over her neck and down her shoulders, inching ever closer to her hard, tingling nipples.

"Brother... do me good," Jan said, running her fingers through his long hair, almost guiding his lips over her hot skin. She wanted him to suck her nipples as much as he wanted to.

Kevin shoved his finger into Jan's cunt and rubbed her clit with his palm. His lips planted light kisses on the nape of her neck, near her collarbone, and finally over her tits. His tongue flicked out, roving over her perfumed skin, making a wet trail.

"Don't tease me," Jan said. "Suck my nipples, Kevin!" She was pleading with him now, her nipples fiery buds of eroticism. "Hurry, I can't wait any longer!"

Kevin put an end to the sweet torture by opening his lips wide and taking as much of her delicious titflesh into his mouth as he could. He felt Jan's fingers press his face harder against her tit. Kevin didn't resist. He had her entire areola between his lips, and his tongue tossed back and forth in his mouth, scraping wetly over her hard nipple.

"Mmmmmmm!" Kevin moaned, sucking and tonguing fiercely. He fucked his finger faster into Jan's pussy and rubbed her clit harder with his palm with each inward thrust.

Jan's entire body tingled. From her toes to the top of her head -- even her hairs tingled! She tossed and writhed in the hay, pressing Kevin's mouth down harder on her inflamed tit.

"Ohhhhh! Kevin, you've got to fuck me! Sweet brother! I need you so bad! I need your cock in me!"

Kevin realized that Jan had definitely been in control too long. What she needed was someone else to set the pace, some strong man to decide when the action would really begin and the playing around would end. And he was determined to be that man.

"Please, sweetheart, fuck me now! I can't wait any more! I'm dying!"

Kevin nipped her aroused nipple with his teeth one last time, then began kissing his way down over her hot, quivering stomach.

"Are you going to eat me? Ohhhhhh! I'll never be able to take it!"

Kevin pushed Jan's legs wider apart, then positioned himself between them. He could smell the musty sweetness of her pussy juice, and the scent excited him even more than he was already.

Still fucking his finger in and out of her cunt, Kevin flicked his tongue over Jan's hairy pussylips, feeling the folds of sensitive flesh quiver from the contact. The taste of her cunt made Kevin groan and made his rock-hard prick throb powerfully between his legs. His balls ached, wanted to release their pent-up load of hot cum.

But that would have to wait, Kevin told himself. He was going to make Jan cum first at least once, maybe twice. Then, and only then, was he going to worry about pleasing his hungry cock.

Kevin ate greedily, working his tongue into her cunt and scooping up the delicious fuck juices Jan's cunt put forth. He fingered her pussy, working even more fuck oil from her cunt for his tongue to scoop up.

Minutes later, Jan arched her back, reaching between her legs to hold Kevin's mouth against her heated pussy. A choked cry escaped her lips and her tits jiggled delicately as the knot in her stomach released. Her pussy juice spurted from her cunt onto Kevin's fucking tongue.

"Mmmmm!" Kevin moaned, tonguing even faster.

"Unngg! Mmmmmmm!" Jan's eyes were open, glazed over with lust as her hot pussy juice streamed from her cunt. The world shook beneath her body, or so it seemed, and the moment hung endlessly on the edge of absolute pleasure.

Jan wasn't exactly sure when her orgasm subsided and Kevin licked up all her fuck juices. She wondered if she had blacked out somewhere along the line. One minute she was arching her back, pulling Kevin's face against her pussy and the next he was beside her, gently kissing her lips, neck and tits.

"That was beautiful," she whispered, running her fingers through his hair. When she kissed her brother on the lips, she tasted her own cuntjuice.

When Kevin sensed that Jan was up to it again -- which was only a couple minutes -- he poised himself above her, his slender hips being caressed by her strong, firm, tapered thighs.

Jan grabbed Kevin's prick. His cock was solid, hot and dry in her palm. She knew that the hunk of rigid, quivering prick-meat would fuck her into sexual oblivion as she rubbed the cockhead against her frothy cunt opening.

"Fuck me hard," Jan instructed, scratching Kevin's naked chest with her left hand. "Don't worry about me. Don't hold back."

The words had hardly escaped her lips when Kevin gave his hips a powerful thrust and his prick fucked the full length of Jan's soft, clinging pussy.

"Ahhhh!" Jan gasped, feeling her pussylips being suddenly ripped apart by the massive size of Kevin's cock. She locked her ankles together behind the small of his back and clawed at his ass, urging him to fuck her pussy harder and faster than he had ever fucked anyone before.

And Kevin did just that. He fucked his prick into her cunt with maniac ferocity. His hips slammed against Jan's each time his prick was fully enclosed in her pussy, then he pulled back until just his flared cockhead was splitting her pussylips. After a moment's pause, Kevin fucked her clasping cunt again. He worked his hips like a jackhammer, fucking his long, pulsating cock into her wet, tightly squeezing pussy with every ounce of energy in his body.

Kevin mashed Jan's firm tits in his hands as he fucked. His slender, muscular body was tossed to and fro as he fucked her hot pussy.

Pounding Jan's supple body into the hay, Kevin felt the searing cum well up in his nuts, then shoot through his cock tube. His huge cockhead expanded to an even greater size as the first of innumerable jets of creamy cum spurted into Jan's cunt.

"Ahhhhhhhhh! I'm -- ahhhhhhhhh!" Kevin gasped into Jan's ear as his cum flooded her pussy.

But Jan didn't hear Kevin's words. She was tossed in the convulsive spasms of her own orgasm and her pussy juice was streaming out of her cunt, mingling with the blobs of Kevin's jism.

When Kevin's balls had given Jan everything they held, his prick felt sore and tender. Her hot pussy had him so exhausted that, when he was finished, he couldn't do anything more than slump down onto Jan's heaving body, feeling her tits mash against his chest.

"Precious... my precious," Kevin whispered, kissing her velvet-soft neck.


The old house really didn't have a great deal of room. Desiree and Kandi shared one room, each sleeping in a single bed. Jan had a room to herself and the big queen-size bed dominated the space. Kevin and Mike took the third room.

It was around two in the morning when Mike finally decided to see if a couple more beers would help him get to sleep. The haunting vision of his lovely sisters, as well as the tossing and turning of Kevin as he slept, had kept Mike wide awake.

Slipping quietly out of bed, careful not to wake his younger brother, Mike went to the tiny kitchen and opened the ancient refrigerator. He grabbed a cold Pabst and ripped off the pull ring.

He sat in a hard-backed wooden chair, dressed just in his underwear, and sipped the beer thoughtfully, his brain still buzzing with lusty thoughts.

Kandi heard the beer open and she sat upright in bed. She, like her older brother, had problems getting to sleep on that night. Kandi wanted to get fucked. She wanted to fuck, but with whom? Listening carefully in the silence, Kandi heard a soulful groan coming from the kitchen and she slipped her feet over the edge of the bed. She knew it was her older brother Mike.

Kandi walked to the kitchen, wearing her opaque baby-doll nightie. The bottom half of her pajamas was little more than bikini panties with some lace sewn around the waistband and leg openings. The top was pale blue, cut low at the neck and tied together with several loose bows. In normal light, Kandi's richly brown areolas could be seen through the sheer material.

Mike heard the soft approaching footsteps and he hoped it would be Desiree. Since seeing her huge, billowing tits that morning, her body had filled his mind with restless thoughts. However, when he saw Kandi's silhouette in the moon's dim glow, he was anything but disappointed.

"Hello," Kandi said softly, opening the refrigerator and taking out a beer. "What are you doing up so late?"

"Things on my mind," Mike replied. At the sight of her smooth, slender body, tapered legs and upturned tits, Mike's prick began to harden in his underwear. "Thought a beer might help."

Kandi leaned against the refrigerator, aware of Mike's eyes on her body. She noticed the slight excess weight around his middle, but also noticed the broadness of his shoulders and the thickness in his biceps and forearms. Her brother was a powerful man, and she wondered if his prick was as bulky and powerful as the rest of his body.

"Me, too," Kandi said, sipping her beer. "Sometimes I just can't stop thinking about certain things. That keeps me awake."

Mike looked into Kandi's eyes. He knew then and there he had her. He saw the adoration in her eyes, and the lust that smoldered just below the surface. He instinctively knew what she wanted, needed. He knew it and intended on giving it to her.

Mike grabbed a pack of cigarettes from the table and lighted one. Kandi stepped forward, reaching for the pack. Mike replaced the pack to the table and shook his head.

"What are you, on a health kick with your kid sister?"

Kandi reached for the pack and Mike grabbed her slender wrist in his meaty hand. Kandi looked at Mike uncomprehendingly. When she felt him pull down on her wrist, she resisted, but finally Mike's strength and the growing realization of what he wanted made her kneel at his feet.

"Do you want me?" Kandi asked softly.

Mike released her wrist, then hooked his hand around Kandi's neck. He felt the silkiness of her raven hair, and the touch made his cock throb even more powerfully in his underwear. It was tented out as the rigid bluntness of Mike's prick strained to get free.

"Mike, I..." Her words faltered as she stared at her brother's straining cock. "What do you want? I... say something!"

Holding her by the head, Mike used his other hand to push the elastic band of his underwear under his throbbing prick and cum-laden balls. His cock was hard as iron, his cockhead large and round, pulsating with his pounding heart. Along the underside of his prickshaft, the thick blue vein showed clearly. His balls were the size of golf balls.

"Mike, what if someone..."

Kandi was silenced when Mike slowly, deliberately pulled her face down over his cock. Her lips, moving with her words, slipped over his quivering prick-knob, caressing his cock in a liquid and fleshy embrace.

A low groan escaped Mike as he felt his prick sink into Kandi's young, hot mouth. He pushed her head down farther, his sensitive cockshaft feeling every flick of her tongue, until his cockhead was wedged firmly at the opening of her throat.

Kandi put her hands on Mike's thighs, her moist lips split wide with the jaw-stretching girth of his cock. She tasted the pre-cum that oozed from the tip of his prick, and the taste excited her. She tightened her lips around his cockshaft, letting her tongue flick almost nervously around the hard sides and soft underside of Mike's cock.

It was a mind-blowing experience for Kandi. For all her experience at sucking cocks and getting fucked, she had never met a man with so much sexual confidence. Mike hadn't said a thing sexual to her, hadn't tried to seduce her in the conventional sense of the word. Simply, he made her suck his cock and did it in such a way that, with time, she would think she was the one who made the first advance.

Mike looked down his body at Kandi. Her wide-set, dark brown eyes were turned up to him, a lock of jet-black hair falling over her forehead and across one eye. His prick was stuffed several inches deep into her hot mouth, and Mike saw how her cheeks bulged out to accommodate his fat cock.

Kandi drew a tight suction on his prick, then began bobbing her head up and down over his cock. She scratched at Mike's naked thighs with her fingernails and swirled her tongue feverishly over his prickhead when just the knob was still between her lips.

"Mmmmmmmmmm!" Kandi moaned as she curled her fingers around the root of Mike's cockshaft. She was amazed when she noticed that, with his cock in her fist, she couldn't touch her thumb to her fingers.

Mike picked his cigarette up from the ash tray and puffed on it calmly. Unlike most heavy smokers, Mike never inhaled the smoke.

Kandi cupped his huge balls in her palm, rolling them slowly back and forth in their sac as she tossed her head with increasing speed to and fro over his cock. Her lips glided smoothly along the slick length of prick flesh, rolling over the rim of his cockhead to gnaw gently on the tip.

Mike leaned back in his chair, pushing his feet out, surrounding Kandi's slender body with his bulky thighs. He had half a notion of reaching down to fondle those soft, delicious-looking tits of hers, but decided against it. This was Kandi's chance to please him, to treat him like a king. Later he would show the girl his prowess with his prick, tongue and hands.

"Unnnmmmmm!" Kandi sighed, salivating heavily around the throbbing prick that fucked her mouth. She sucked hard, taking his cock deep into her mouth, then pulling up. She fondled his hairy balls and whacked on his hard cockshaft, sliding her fingers wetly over his slick prick.

Despite his apparent casualness, Mike's body was certainly aware of what Kandi was doing. His heart was pounding in his chest and he puffed on his cigarette frantically, blowing out thick plumes of smoke. He smoked it to the filter, then lit a second cigarette.

Kandi's shapely legs were folded beneath her, her naked knees pressed hard against the wooden floor. As she sucked, tossing her face to and fro over the length of his solid prick, her soft, weighty tits jiggled crazily. Her plump tits flopped together and jounced, confined only in the sheer fabric of her lace nightie.

"Ohhhhh!" Mike groaned as his balls got hotter and hotter. Despite his desire to stay aloof, his sister's hot, experienced mouth was driving him ever closer to an earthshaking climax.

"Mmmmmm! Ungg!" Kandi gasped as she sucked his prick, tossing her tongue here and there, sliding it wetly over the pulsating crown of her brother's hulkish cock.

Kandi's pussy was tingling, getting moist with her own hot juices as she mouthed his cock. She had always idolized Mike, saw him as a rock of stability in her otherwise unstable life, and, now that she had his cock in her mouth, she felt good to do something for him.

Letting his cock slip from between her lips, Kandi's hot, pink tongue flicked over the throbbing cockhead, then she licked her way down his prickshaft. She chewed on his cockshaft, nibbling lightly with her lips as she edged closer to his hairy balls.

"Mmmmmmm! I want your nuts!" Kandi hissed, rolling her tongue against his slick flesh. Her eyes locked with Mike's and she saw in his eyes a brotherly love she never really was sure he felt. Once she saw that look, Kandi knew that she would have his delicious prick in her cunt before too many days had passed.

When she finally reached his two egg-shaped, egg-sized balls, Kandi sucked one into her mouth. Her cheeks bulged out greatly and she worked her lips and tongue tenderly, carefully over his flesh.

With one ball in her mouth, Mike's spit-wet cock pressed against her warm cheek, making her cheek glisten in the dim light.

Kandi sucked his ball for several seconds, then let his ball slip from her mouth and sucked the other one. Once her lips and tongue had worked their magic on that ball, she once again licked and chewed her way slowly up his cock until she reached his large, throbbing prickhead.

"Do you want to fuck?" Kandi asked hopefully, stroking the meat from tip to root. "I do. I want your cock in my cunt, Mike."

As was his style, Mike said nothing. He cupped her head in his hand and pulled her beautiful face once again over his cock.

Kandi didn't resist when his cockhead nudged her lips. She stretched them tightly over the crown, flicking her pink tongue against the slitted tip before taking more cockflesh into her mouth. She would gulp down his cum happily enough, but her cunt needed something. Her pussy needed a cock.

"Mmmmmmmmmm!" she moaned, sucking and tonguing more urgently than before. If she couldn't get fucked, she wanted his cum as quickly as possible. Maybe, she figured, Mike would let her suck him off a second time before they went to sleep.

Mike squirmed in his chair as his ebony-haired sister mauled his cock with her lips, tongue and fingers. Every time her satiny-smooth hair tickled his thighs and stomach, jolts of pure lust raced through his veins.

"Mmmmmmmmmm!" Kandi moaned, louder than before. Her hand glided wetly over his prickshaft and cockhead, and she fondled his balls. Releasing his cock briefly, Kandi fucked his prick-meat with both hands, working them over every throbbing inch of Mike's cock-meat.

Scalding jism boiled in Mike's balls and he gritted his teeth, fighting down his cum. But when Kandi put her lips lovingly around the knob of his cock, whatever ability Mike had to keep from cumming faded.

"Unngghhh!" Mike groaned softly, the sound coming out choked.

Cum spurted from his cock in jets. Kandi sucked just on his cockhead, but caressed his balls and pounded his prick-meat. Blast after blast of salty-tasting cum erupted from the cock and splattered against her tongue. She gulped down the fuck juice as quickly as it entered her mouth, waiting eagerly for more cum.

"Mmmmmm! Unnggg! Mmmmmmmm!" The soulful moan filled the kitchen as Kandi drank his rich, thick jism. She sucked and swallowed over and over again. The heady cum tingled in her mouth, and Kandi was amazed at how many times she had to swallow before Mike's cum had finally all been gulped down.

Finally she felt his cock begin to twitch softly and get softer between her lips. Kandi kept bobbing slowly, kneading his flesh with her lips as her tongue cleaned his slick, tasty cock.

Mike put the heel of his hand on Kandi's forehead and pushed softly, bending her backward slightly and releasing his cock from her oven-hot mouth. He hiked up his underwear again, then bent forward in the chair and kissed his young sister on the cheek.

"Good night," Kandi said softly as Mike left the room.


The following morning, Kevin and Kandi went over the account books, with Kevin's brain trying to take in all the complexities of running a successful cattle ranch.

Desiree, Jan and Mike saddled up the horses and went to look at the herd. Mike and Jan, who had innate business senses, talked constantly of feed prices and various diseases the cattle came up with. Desiree was bored shitless, but went along because she was horny and wanted to be near Mike.

The sun shone brilliantly, and Mike was in a good mood. The memory of Kandi's beautiful face tossing on his prick never left him for a second. And, even when he had to give several angry orders to the three hired hands, he never lost his good spirits.

Jan rode ahead for a bit to get a better look at some of the cows and Desiree jumped at the opportunity to talk privately with Mike.

"I've been thinking about you since you came," Desiree said, leaning in her saddle to give him a better view of her huge, milky cleavage. "I saw you looking at me when you arrived."

"Do you ride without a shirt on often?"

Mike felt his prick begin to swell in his denim pants and he wondered how he could get away with Desiree without raising Jan's suspicions.

"Yeah, I like it. My tits bounce like crazy!"

Desiree's laughter was sweet and high pitched, her eyes dusky with lust. When she turned her dark-brown eyes toward Mike, the invitation to fuck was written in them.

"Remember when..." Mike let his words trail off, letting Desiree finish the thought for him.

"When you fucked me? Such an experience! Geez, and I was so young!" Desiree's nipples began to tingle at the thought of Mike fucking his huge, thick cock into her ass. "I thought you'd tear me in half when you shoved that thick cock up my ass."

Mike lit a cigarette before turning his eyes to her curvaceous body.

"It was good for both of us, wasn't it? Even if you didn't think so at the time, it was good."

"Yes," Desiree replied after hesitating a couple moments. "It was good. It changed my life." Her words were soft, time having edited out the pain, leaving her with only the thought of being wonderfully fucked by a hard fucking cock.

Mike saw that Jan had turned her mount around and was returning. He saw how the blonde's massive tits jounced up and down with the horse's movements and he wondered what it would be like to shove his hard cock between her tits until he came.

Pushing that thought aside, he said quickly to Desiree, "Tonight I'm going for a walk so meet me outside, near the barn. Sneak out so nobody suspects anything."

"I don't know if I can wait that long," Desiree said, her voice urgent, hushed. "I need to fuck you, Mike. I need your cock real bad."

"Play it by ear then. As soon as we get a chance to be alone, take it and don't worry about the consequences."


Kandi was attired in a loose-fitting pullover peasant blouse and denim jeans that fit her like a second skin. Her feet were bare and her black hair spilt over her shoulders as she looked down at the account book.

Kevin was standing behind Kandi and he noticed that when she leaned forward, the blouse fell away from her tits slightly. A ruby areola showed briefly, but that was enough to start the subtle stirring in Kevin's prick that told him he wanted to get fucked.

Leaning forward as far as he dared without being obvious, Kevin caught a second glimpse down Kandi's blouse. This time he even saw her small, slightly pointed nipple. Inhaling deeply, he picked up the sweet aroma of her perfume mixing with her own natural scent. He saw her large gold hoop earrings, the kind that excited him.

Kevin felt his cock harden as his heart thumped in his chest. The more he looked at Kandi, the more beautiful she seemed to be. Everything about her excited him, made his cock pulse even more strongly in his jeans.

"So that's the way it's standing now," Kandi said, checking the figures one last time quickly. "We're in the black, but we're not setting the world on fire with our profits."

When Kandi looked up at Kevin, she noticed right away that he had been looking down her peasant blouse. A hot flush went though her veins. Kevin averted his eyes, looking out the window, and Kandi couldn't help but notice the incredibly large bulge in his pants.

"Why, Kevin!" Kandi said with mock innocence. "I never knew you cared that much for your darlin' little sister."

"You're hardly little any more," he replied, sounding calm despite the inner tension he felt. "You're eighteen now. But you are darling. And beautiful."

"And sexy?"

"Well, I wouldn't know about that," he said, looking her straight in the eyes. "After all, I am your brother."

"That makes it all the better." Kandi twisted in the chair slightly and planted her lips on Kevin's crotch, the heat of her lips going right through his pants to further excite his throbbing cock.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Kevin moaned, closing his eyes and letting his sister rub his prick. "That's so fucking nice!"

Kandi looked up at Kevin and shrugged her shoulders, which caused her soft but firm tits to jiggle freely, unconfined by a bra. She figured that Kevin was like Mike -- only interested in getting a blow-job. And, she figured, if that's what he wants, that's what he'll get. She wanted to get fucked, but Kandi would try to please herself with whatever she had to work with.

It was a struggle, but Kevin opened his eyes and looked at his sister as she pressed her palms against his pulsating cock. His mind spun. He couldn't believe that she was doing such a thing to him.

First Jan, the level-headed one had shared her body with him, sucked his cock and fucked him with her pussy until he shuddered and released his cum deep in her seething body.

And now? Now his other sister was rubbing his cock with the kind of expertise that only a woman with a hell of a lot of experience with men and their cocks would have.

In the silence of the living room, the teeth of Kevin's zipper seemed particularly loud as Kandi opened his fly. She spread Kevin's jeans and pushed them past the swells of his tight ass. Since Kevin was not wearing any underwear, his long cock sprang out, long and thick even though his prick wasn't completely hard yet.

Kandi brushed the stubborn lock of hair away from her face as she took her brother's warm, throbbing prick in her hand. It felt good to touch his cock and she pulled back the foreskin sheathing the inner hardness of his prick's core.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Kevin groaned softly. The pleasure built as his young sister's hand worked slowly, lovingly, back and forth, jacking on his cock.

His flared, mushroomed cockhead was a slightly reddish color. Kandi looked at the tip of Kevin's prick, stroking his cock constantly, then kissed the spongy knob. Against her lips, she felt his prick pulse and sensed how Kevin's lean body went tense.

"Maybe we should..."

"Shhhhh!" Kandi hissed, silencing her brother. She thought he was going to break away, refuse to let her even suck his cock. She assumed he was like Mike -- only interested in getting a hot blow-job. Actually, Kevin was going to ask if she'd like to go to the bedroom so they could fuck more comfortably.

Neither knew at the time that their misunderstanding would have strange consequences in the future.

Kandi cradled the plump nuts hanging between his hard thighs and pushed her fist down to the root of Kevin's cock, leaving a good five inches of cock sticking out of her hand to suck on.

"Arrrrrggggghhhhh!" Kevin groaned as Kandi once again pressed her lips against his cockhead.

Kandi's hot, pink tongue slithered out between her lips and lashed at the tip of Kevin's throbbing cock. She tongued the tip first, then worked her moist tongue in ever widening circles around his cockhead until her tongue rolled around and around the rim of his prick's crown.

"Mmmmmmm!" Kandi moaned.

With his cockhead now moist with her spit, Kevin's prick was pulsating with lust-hardened life. He watched Kandi position her lips against his cock's tip, then push forward slowly. Her lips parted, squeezing with mild pressure, and a moment later his cockhead was engulfed in the liquid warmth of her mouth.

"Mmmmmmm!" Kandi moaned again, tonguing his cockhead as her lips flexed around his prickshaft, forming a perfect seal.

Kandi squeezed the base of his cock and his nuts as she sucked harder on his cockhead. Her cheeks sunk inward, squeezing against the edge of Kevin's prick-tip as her tongue curled back in her mouth to press against the tip.

"Damn... that's so... hot!" Kevin hissed through clenched teeth. Reaching down, he pushed Kandi's fragrant hair away from her face. He wanted to see everything as she sucked on his quivering prick.

Pushing her upper body forward, his cockhead pushed Kandi's tongue down in her mouth. With exacting slowness, trying to feel and taste every subtle nuance of Kevin's prick, Kandi swallowed his cock-meat until her red lips were ovaled around his thick prickshaft, touching the edge of her fist.

Soon Kandi was bobbing slowly back and forth, taking his lip-stretching cock deep into her mouth, scratching his cum-laden balls with her long fingernails as she rotated her fist around his throbbing prick-meat's root.

As she sucked, Kandi promised herself a sound fucking with at least one of the hired hands -- maybe all three. Sucking cocks were glorious fun -- especially since the cocks belonged to her brothers -- but she needed a prick in her cunt and her brothers appeared, she incorrectly thought, to be unwilling to fuck her.

"S-suck... it... K-Kandi," Kevin managed to say, his whole body quivering as he watched his gorgeous sister toss her face back and forth on his prick.


"Let's see if they've fixed the barbed wire fence on the south twenty pasture," Jan said.

Though Mike hadn't had the schooling of Kevin, he was certainly no fool. His mind clicked into high gear as he saw an opening to fuck Desiree.

"I haven't seen the northeastern section of our land yet," Mike replied, trying to sound casual. "You see how the hands are doing and I'll get the sightseeing urge out of my system."

Then to Desiree, "Want to come with me?"

Desiree turned her mount slightly, moving alongside Mike. She hunched her shoulders, trying to look indifferent and causing her huge pillows of titflesh to rise and fall.

"Yeah, I suppose," she said.

"Then I'll see you both at lunch." Jan looked at her watch. It was a little past ten-thirty. "That's an hour and a half from now."

When Jan had ridden out of sight, Mike and Desiree made a beeline for the thick line of trees planted long ago as a windbreak for the cattle. They put their horses at a gallop, the hooves pounding against the grassy meadow.

They found a spot that hid them reasonably well and tied their horses to trees.

"Well, we've got more time than I thought," Mike said, unbuttoning his shirt to expose his massive chest.

Desiree, more in need of fucking than Mike, tore at her clothes frantically. She dropped her shirt to the soft grass and took off her bra next, jackknifing over to let the twin cups fall from her firm tits and slide down her arms.

Soon they had their clothes spread out for a blanket, and Desiree had her arms around Mike's neck, pressing her throbbing tits against his chest. Her nipples, enlarged into hardened nubs, tingled as she rubbed them against her brother's warm skin.

Their lips met and tongues probed and searched. Hands flew over hot, naked flesh. Legs entwined.

"Kiss me!" Desiree gasped, turning her head to one side so Mike could put his lips to work on the hollow of her neck. "Kiss my hot body!"

Desiree humped her hips, rubbing her dewy pussy against Mike's thigh. Reaching down, she cupped her hand on his ass and squeezed. She felt the heat and rigidity of his blunt cock pressing up against her soft, flat stomach and once again remembered how thoroughly his prick had fucked her years before.

Mike pressed his palm against her huge tit, mashing her titflesh down against Desiree's ribs and making her tit even more round and full. He felt her hard nipple poking against his palm and dug his fingers deeply into the creamy sides of Desiree's tits.

"Yesssssss! Fuck me like before!" Desiree pushed Mike's head down and over, positioning his open mouth above her tingling nipple. She needed his mouth on her hot skin almost as badly as she needed his prick in her cunt.

Mike sucked her areola into his mouth, taking as much titflesh between his lips as he could. He groaned with ecstasy, shoving his thigh up against Desiree's pussy and feeling the wet heat generated there. He slid his other hand around her body slowly, his fingertips grazing lightly over the small of her back and then over the lush swell of one asscheek.

Desiree closed her eyes to the sunlight, concentrating only on what was happening to her body. She felt her brother's lingers sliding down her back and over the outside of her thigh. Slowly, tantalizingly, his fingers slipped closer to Desiree's juicy cunt, moving toward her pussy from the backside.

"I'm so hot!" Desiree moaned, pushing Mike's mouth down harder on her tit. "My body feels like it's on fire!"

Mike let his fingers trail lightly over his sister's thick, dark cunt bush. Then he grazed gently along her pussylips, avoiding her clit while knowing that that was what she really wanted.

"Finger meeeee! I need it, Mike!"

Mike worked the tip of his middle finger between the lips of her cunt, feeling her slick fuck juices coating and lubricating his finger as he pushed.

Desiree pulled her ass farther away from Mike's thigh, giving him more room to finger-fuck her hot pussy. She whimpered and squeezed his ass, her mind buzzing with delirious thoughts of the fantastic fucking she would be getting soon.

Mike released her swollen nipple from his mouth and kissed between Desiree's tits, feeling her firm titflesh rubbing against his cheeks.

"Ugmmm!" he grunted, planting wet kisses on the inside slopes of Desiree's tits. He shoved his finger completely into her wet cunt and felt her shiver.

"Ahhhhhhh! Do it, Mike! Fingerfuck my pussy! I need your... ohhhhhhh!"

Mike fucked his finger into her tight, clutching cunt. He fucked his finger into her, then ground the heel of his hand against her clit, causing more tremors to shake through her supple body.

Desiree squirmed in Mike's arms, humping her ass up to meet his fucking finger. She worked her hand between their bodies and finally wrapped her fingers lovingly around his pulsating tube of hard cock-meat. She squeezed, testing its hardness, thinking his prick to be just as hard as when he had fucked her senseless years before.

"Fuck me! Fuck me now! Don't wait any longer, Mike!" And Mike didn't wait any longer. He shoved Desiree aside and pulled his legs from hers. Then, grabbing her under the knees, he raised her legs up to his shoulders, positioning himself in line with her pussy.

"Fuck meeeeeee!" Desiree begged, reaching for Mike's pulsing rod of hard, throbbing cockflesh.

Mike pushed his body forward, mashing Desiree's inflamed tits with her knees. In doing so, he tilted her ass upward, holding his own body up with his arms.

"Guide me," he hissed.

Desiree aimed his reddish cockhead at her cuntlips, and he gave a fierce thrust. His huge prick-knob smacked against her pussy, shoving her cuntlips inward. Then his cock-tip parted Desiree's pussy and the awesome length and girth of Mike's cock took the breath right out of her lungs as he fucked deep into her hot, willing cunt.

"Aiieeeee!" Desiree wailed, cupping her palms around Mike's face.

Mike wasted no time with gentle. Slow fucking. He fucked her tight cunt with every bit of energy in him. His massive chest heaved as he gulped in air. His hips tossed up and down, fucking his blunt cock in and out of Desiree's pussy.

"Fuck me!" Desiree gasped, her voice hoarse from the intense, cunt-stretching prick.

As Mike reached full insertion, every inch of his cock being milked and bathed in her hot cunt, his huge balls slapped against her upturned, taut ass.

Mike thrashed above Desiree, digging his feet into the soft earth for traction as he fucked his unyielding prick again and again into her clutching, kneading pussy.

Desiree whimpered with joy as his cunt-stretching cock fucked into her cunt with incredible speed and force. Her tits were flattened by her knees and the pressure of Mike's weight made breathing difficult. But she didn't care. Her clit was getting worked over in the most erotic of ways by the thick cock and that was enough to satisfy her desire.

"I'm cumming!" Desiree gasped as he fucked her. Her clit exploded in a series of tremors. Her clear cuntjuice gushed out her upturned pussy and trickled down to her asshole.

As Desiree came, her pussy contracted and relaxed around Mike's fucking cock. The added pleasure put him over the brink of ecstasy, too.

"Arrrggghhhh!" Mike groaned, rearing up and uncorking his prick from Desiree's pussy. As she started to protest, still wrenching in the throes of her climax, Mike pushed forward even more, jamming her knees next to her ears.

Desiree's arms were pinned above her head, unable to lower them because of her legs. She watched with a fascinating mixture of horror and joy as his purple cockhead seemed to wink down at her face as it spasmed. She opened her mouth wide and didn't have to wait even a second for the jism to fly.

His cockhead expanded even more and a long stream of white cum spit from the slitted tip. The hot, thick cum splashed on Desiree's face, hitting her on the side of the nose. She had tried to catch the fuck cream in her mouth but failed.

"Mike!" she exclaimed, wanting to gulp down his cum, not have jism shot all over her face.

Mike paid no attention to his sister's plea. His cock was so hot that he didn't even need to whack on his prick to urge the spunk from his balls.

A second mighty blast of cum shot down on Desiree. This time the leaping jism made an opaque line from Desiree's forehead, over her eye, down her cheek, over her open mouth and down her chin.

Desiree flicked her tongue out her gaping mouth, licking the cum off her lips quickly before waiting to catch a full squirt of cum in her mouth.

A third and fourth eruption of jism jerked out of Mike's balls, splattering onto Desiree's face and in her hair.

"In my mouth!" Desiree screamed, "I want your cum in my mouth!"

Even if Mike had wanted to comply with her lusty demands, he couldn't have. His balls had taken over his mind. Just releasing his cum was all he was interested in.

"Grrrrr!" he growled as the last dregs of his jism spurted weakly from his slitted cock-tip, dropping onto Desiree's face with a few choice streams falling into her open mouth.

Looking down, Mike saw the mess he had made of Desiree's lovely, soft face. Globs of cum were clinging to her forehead, nose and cheeks, and more jism was matting in her short, fluffy hair.

He rolled to the side and Desiree stretched out, taking her knees off her tits. She gulped in air, her massive tits rising and falling with her breathing. Desiree didn't touch the cum on her face, rather, she left it there for Mike to see. Obviously it's what he wants me to do, she concluded, so why not give him everything he wants?

"Suck my cock now," Mike said softly, resting on his side, propped up on one elbow. "I want your mouth to clean my prick." Desiree knelt between his thighs, curling her knees under her body. The cum on her face tingled and ran in blobby streams down her face as she slowly brought her mouth up and down the shrinking, sated prick.


Kevin rolled his head back on his shoulders. His whole body quivered. His hands opened and closed in fists, grasping nothing but air. Kevin's gray eyes were wide, staring first at the ceiling, then down at his sister's bobbing head.

Kandi sucked feverishly, twisting her fist around the root of her brother's long, quivering prick as her tongue slithered along the underside of his cock-meat. Her cheeks were sunk in, molding to the girth of his cock as his prick fucked between her lips.

"Mmmmmmm!" Kandi moaned, shivering around the fucking pole of hard cock-meat between her lips. She squeezed the base of Kevin's prick and dove at him, taking his cock-meat into her mouth until his cockhead slammed against the opening of her throat.

"Damn!" Kevin groaned, looking down at Kandi, her face stretched around his fat pole of cockmeat. "I'm going to cum, Kandi! Ohhhhh! I'm going to give you a mouthful of cum! Suck it, baby! Suck it!"

Kandi's tits rolled crazily under her blouse, her nipples hard, making clear points in the material. She licked his prick with short flicks of her tongue and rubbed her hot cunt through her pants.

Kevin saw Kandi's hair tossing back and forth each time she gulped down his cock. The ends swept over his naked hips, tickling his feverish flesh.

Kandi chewed hard on his cockshaft as she fucked her mouth with a smooth, swanlike move. His pulsating cockhead rolled wetly over her tongue, then slammed against the back of her mouth. At that very moment -- when the bullet-shaped tip of Kevin's prick was deep in her mouth -- the first scalding jet of fuck cream erupted from his balls.

The explosion of cum squirted through Kevin's prick like lava from a volcano and hosed straight down Kandi's clutching throat. She pulled her head back and gnawed on the head with her lips while her tongue rubbed the enlarged underside of his prickhead.

"Mmmmmmm!" Kandi moaned as cum blasted against her frisking tongue. She sucked and swallowed and sucked some more, urging Kevin to give her every bit of cum in his balls.

"Eat it! Eat meeeee!" Kevin hissed, watching Kandi's throat work to gulp down his fuck cream. Her pounding fist and sliding tongue pushed him higher and higher in a misty world of complete sexual oblivion.

And then it was over, almost as quickly as it had begun. Kandi released his cock from her mouth and licked her lips, getting what little fuck cream had escaped her mouth. Looking up at Kevin, she smiled warmly, then planted a loud, smacking kiss on his prick.

Kandi wondered why Mike and Kevin only wanted to get their cocks sucked. How strange, she thought.


"I was thinking," Mike said, sipping his coffee thoughtfully. "If Kevin and I stayed here, you wouldn't need those hired hands. Hell, I know for certain that Kevin and I can do as much work as the three of them, and the labor would be cheaper."

"That does make sense," Jan replied, blowing a cloud of smoke toward the ceiling. She glanced quickly over at Kevin, looking for some sign of acceptance or denial in his eyes. Seeing none, she continued. "But I thought you and Kevin had had it with the country life. Too dull, as I recall."

Kevin cleared his throat. The memory of Jan's shapely body pressed against his own as they thrust their hips together, fucking madly, was vivid in his mind.

"I think that Mike might have something there. It'll get a little crowded in the house, but at least we'll be keeping the profits in the family."

Kevin was unaware that Kandi had sucked Mike's cock the night before. And he didn't know that only a few hours earlier Mike had fucked Desiree into a wrenching orgasm on her part and squirted his salty load of cum all over her face. What he did know was that he wanted Kandi's lips sliding sensually over his cock again, and he wanted to fuck Jan some more.

"You really think we ought to do it?" Mike asked.

"Why not?" Kevin replied.


Since Jan did most of the hard labor work, Kandi and Desiree always made supper and washed the dishes. As they did that work, Mike, Kevin and Jan sat in the small living room, sipping cold beers.

"I really think this ranch is going to flourish," Kevin said softly to no one in particular. "With Mike and I here to do the really difficult stuff and Desiree and Kandi doing the light chores, we'll have this place turning a hefty profit in no time."

In the kitchen, as Kandi dried the freshly washed dishes, she decided that fucking wasn't just something she wanted to do, fucking was something she had to do. Convinced that her crazy brothers weren't interested in anything but her blow-jobs, she decided to go see the hired hands. They would be more than willing to fuck her cunt until her hot, neglected pussy exploded in a frothy fountain of girl-cum.

As soon as the dishes were clean, Kandi left, saying she needed to take a walk. Hardly had the door closed behind her when Desiree began to think of ways to get Mike away from Jan and Kevin. She, too, was interested in getting fucked.

Desiree was just finishing wiping the table clean when Mike walked into the kitchen, an empty beer can in his hand.

"Mike," Desiree whispered urgently, stepping so close to her brother that the full swells of her tits nearly touched his chest. "I need it, Mike."

She reached between his legs and grabbed his prick through his pants, squeezing firmly. "I want your cock right fucking now."

"Later we can fuck," he answered, looking down at her plump, creamy cleavage. "Wait until the others are asleep and then we can fuck without getting caught."

As Mike and Desiree planned their tryst in the kitchen, Jan and Kevin were making good use of the short time they had together.

"How can we sneak out without Mike figuring something's up?" Kevin asked, sliding close to Jan on the couch. "Damn it, Sis, I've got to fuck you again."

Jan took Kevin's face in her soft hands and kissed him quickly on the lips.

"Outside would be best," she whispered. "Just wait until the others go to sleep."

"What's wrong with your room? You sleep alone!"

Before the conversation could go any further, Mike and Desiree returned, both smiling broadly and bringing enough full beers with them for everyone.


Kandi didn't return until long past midnight. And when she did return, it was obvious what she had done. Her hair, which previously had been parted on the side and brushed loosely back in soft waves, messy just enough to make it fashionable, was now wild looking. Blobs of dried cum clung to her hair, and a white drop of cum had dried on her neck.

"Home sweet home," Kandi murmured as she stepped in the house, closing the door quietly behind her.

She lit a cigarette and plopped down in a hard wooden chair in the kitchen, collecting her thoughts of what had happened in the past four hours.

It had started outside the small cabin the three hired hands shared. Kandi looked in the window to see the men playing poker. Her cunt itching for hard cock, she decided to give the men treatment not normally allotted most employees by their employers.

Kandi quickly slithered out of her shoes, jeans and peasant blouse. Wearing just panties, Kandi stepped into the room and said, "Come on, boys! Fuck while the fucking's good!"

The action that followed left Kandi an exhausted, but happy, teenager. She was carried to a bed and immediately one of the men shoved down his pants, took off Kandi's panties, and started fucking. Because of Kandi's excited state before she walked into the cabin, she climaxed after only a few strokes of the man's prick.

Kandi climaxed a second time when her lover shot a load of cum in her cunt. As he flooded her pussy, Kandi moaned blissfully. Huddled near her head, the other two men were arguing for the right of sinking their cocks into her mouth. Kandi, playing the diplomat, took turns sucking their cocks.

As soon as the man shot his cum in Kandi's cunt, he moved from between her legs and another man took his place, fucking his hard prick into her soft, clamping pussy until Kandi was once again quivering on the bed in the early blissful throes of another climax.

Kandi sucked and stroked their cocks. The soft cock in her mouth that had only minutes before worked her clit into cumming was now fiercely hard again, fucking between her lips. As Kandi sucked that cock, she worked her cunt muscles deftly around the prick in her cunt and stroked her fingers tightly over the cock of the third man kneeling on the bed.

As Kandi worked her lips and tongue over the fucking pricks, she heard a choked gasp but wasn't sure which man had groaned. A second later, blasts of cum landed on her face and she turned her head to drink down the last few spurts of jism from the man.

It seemed to Kandi that the cumming never stopped. She'd just get one man's cum in her pussy when another hired hand would squirt his salty load against her tongue. She tried desperately to keep up with it all, to have her mouth in the right place at the right time, but sometimes a man would cum because of her stroking hand and the jism would spurt onto her face and in her hair.

It went on for hours like that. Kandi's lips became sore and her cunt was filled to overflowing with spunk. It eventually got to the point where the men were sitting at the table playing poker and Kandi was beneath it, taking turns sucking the men off one last time.

Jan heard Kandi open and close the door. She hadn't been able to sleep as the thought of fucking Kevin danced gloriously in her mind. She wanted his muscular, slender body tossing madly above her as she clamped her hard thighs around his hips. She wanted his lips pressed against hers and she wanted, more than anything else, to feel his long, hard-driving prick fucking her into a racking cum.

In the other bedroom, both Mike and Kevin were pretending to be asleep. But then, just as soon as either one would start to get out of his bed, he would realize the other wasn't asleep. So the game continued, each waiting for the other to really fall asleep so he could meet with his sister for a hot night of heavy, hard fucking.

Finally Kevin got out of bed, mumbling -- for Mike's benefit, should he be listening -- that he had to take a leak. Slipping quietly out the door, he made a dash for Jan's room, stepping inside and closing the door behind him.

"Are you here?" Kevin whispered in the total darkness. "I can't see a damn thing."

"I'm in bed," Jan replied, her voice a sultry purr.

Kevin walked forward tentatively, the surroundings unfamiliar. His shin struck a chair and Kevin cursed silently, wishing he had looked in the room when it was light out so he'd know where he was going.

Jan propped herself up on one elbow, pushing the blankets away from her supple body. She wore panties and nothing else to bed. Staring into the darkness, she couldn't see anything, but she could hear the faint footfalls of Kevin's feet.

Suddenly Kevin felt the mattress against his thighs and he stopped walking. He was just about to get in bed when he felt a hand grab first his thigh, then move quickly up his leg to his crotch.

Jan curled her fingers in the elastic top of Kevin's underwear and jerked them down his thighs. Though his cock wasn't more than a few inches from her face, she couldn't see his prick.

"Wait," she whispered, curling her lingers around his thick, heavily veined cockshaft. Even in the darkness, she had no trouble finding his cockhead. Her full, moist lips pressed lightly against his round prick-knob, then parted as she took his cock-meat into the warm recesses of her mouth.

"Ohhhhh!" Kevin groaned, wishing he had something to hang on to. His knees felt weak and, standing in the total darkness with the end of his cock being bathed in Jan's warm mouth, he had trouble keeping his balance.

Jan pushed her face forward, kneading his cockshaft as she accepted more of his hard, tasty prick into her mouth. Her tongue rolled and scraped over his slick cock-flesh, rubbing hard once, then softly. Her lips clamped around his prick, squeezing his cockshaft into even greater hardness.

"Mmmmmmm!" Jan moaned. She was still on her side, leaning on her elbow as her other hand squeezed and stroked her brother's cock. Her mounds of titflesh swayed.

Kevin started moving his hips slowly back and forth, fucking his prick into Jan's mouth, between her firmly sucking lips, until his cockhead pressed against the opening of her throat. He pulled back then balancing the tip of his prick against the pink tongue that delighted him. After letting Jan work her frisking tongue around his throbbing cock-tip, he once again plunged his quivering prick back into her mouth.

Reaching down, Kevin entwined Jan's soft curls in his fingers. He loved the feel and softness of her hair against his palms. Letting his fingertips trail over the side of her face, he felt her sunken-in cheek.

Jan turned her head slightly to one side and waited for Kevin's fucking prick to fuck back in her mouth. His fat cockhead shoved through her lips' embrace and she opened her jaw wide, letting his prick-knob slide between her teeth and cheek. Her face bulged out massively.

Kevin's fingers were on Jan's cheek when he suddenly felt his prick stretching out her face. The thought of what she must look like flashed in his mind like a projector had suddenly been turned on in his head.

"I've got to fuck you," Kevin whispered urgently. He pushed his underwear farther down his legs, then stepped out of them. Then he put one knee on the bed and started to get on. The creaking, ancient bedsprings sounded as loud as gunshots in the stillness of the room.

"What's wrong?" Jan hissed when Kevin stopped abruptly. "Is someone up?"

"If we fuck on the bed, we'll wake the entire house," Kevin said, bending down to speak directly into his sister's ear. "We'll have to do it on the floor or outside."

Jan slipped out of bed, rubbing her hard nipples against Kevin's stomach as she dropped silently to the floor. Once again she started sucking his cock, sitting between Kevin's spread legs as he stood.

Kevin's prick was throbbing and his balls ached to release their cum. Jan's blow-job was terrific, but he wanted to sink his prick into her pussy. After all, Kandi had sucked his prick thoroughly that afternoon, so fucking was what he was lacking.

He knelt slowly, his wet, hard prick slipping out of Jan's mouth to rub against her neck, then slide between her tits as he got to his knees. He was sort of sitting on Jan's stomach with her legs splayed out behind him.

Bending forward, taking Jan's face in his hands and pulling her up, his lips finally met with hers. They kissed lovingly, tongues darting and searching. Kevin's prick was nestled between the firm, soft mounds of Jan's tits and she wiggled her shoulders slightly to slap his cock-meat erotically with her swaying tits. Kevin, not quite as adventurous as his older brother, didn't even think of sliding his spit-wet prick between Jan's tits. Instead, he slipped lower on her body, pressing Jan hard against the wooden floor. He felt her tits mash against his chest and felt the softness of her panties rubbing against the underside of his prick.

"Ohhhhh! I've been thinking about you all day!" Kevin hissed, squeezing one lush tit in his hand.

Jan pushed her fingers through Kevin's long, wavy hair. She sucked on his tongue and arched her back, pressing her tit harder against his palm. Her nipple was aflame with lust, bolts of pleasure tingling from the hard nubbin all through her body.

When Kevin's fingers caught the top edge of Jan's panties, she raised her ass and he slipped them past the full, firm swell of her ass. A second later, his finger was grazing boldly against her pussylips, searching for the opening of her cunt.

"I'm already hot," Jan whispered. "Just shove your cock in!"

Kevin raised himself and slithered between Jan's spread thighs. He felt her hand wrap around his throbbing cockhead, then slide down his prickshaft. When her hairy pussylips were rubbing against his cock-knob, he thrust his hips forward just an inch. Immediately her cuntlips parted and enveloped his prick-knob.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Jan whispered, slipping her arms under his to scratch his back. She hooked her feet against the backs of Kevin's knees, locking his body loosely to her own.

Kevin fucked into her gaping cunt slowly, working in just a fraction of his cock's length with each push of his hips. The progress was tantalizingly slow, but terribly, gloriously exciting for both of them. Soon he was fucking his prick full-length into her cunt, mashing his pelvis against hers, holding her shuddering body close to his own shuddering body.

The room was filled with soft hissing as Jan and Kevin tried to control their breathing. There was something special about fucking, knowing that at any minute they might be discovered. The reality of this heightened their pleasure, made it all the more precious. It let them know that happiness should be grasped whenever possible and caution be damned.

"You're... so... hot!" Kevin whispered between thrusts of his hips.

"You're filling me up," Jan countered, working her hips from side to side, taking Kevin's prick from a slightly different angle each time he fucked through her clutching cuntlips.

Their lips joined again, a willful act to silence their hoarse breathing. They knew they shouldn't be talking, but it seemed to be the most natural thing to do -- to speak lovingly of one another -- when they weren't kissing.

The kiss seemed to last an eternity. And while they kissed, their fierce fucking continually getting faster, hotter and harder.

Soon Kevin felt Jan arch up, raising him higher, and shiver all over. He felt the juicy warmth of girl-cum seeping out of her cunt, moistening his balls whenever he fucked her.

Soft mewls came from Jan as she sucked on Kevin's tongue. Her body went rigid, then completely lax as her pussy juice streamed from her feverish pussy. She scratched Kevin's pounding ass, spurring him on. And then she felt her cunt being deluged with his hot, thick cum. The sensation of having her pussy flooded with Kevin's jism sent Jan's tingling body into another series of racking orgasms.

"Precious... precious... precious..." Kevin whispered as he slumped down on Jan's heaving body. He kissed her neck and flicked his tongue over her ear, trying to figure put why he had gotten so lucky.


Mike kicked his legs over the edge of the bed and listened carefully. When Kevin didn't return quickly, he assumed that he had either gone outside to take a leak or was sitting in the kitchen with a late-night beer. Either one was okay with him -- Kevin was gone and that's all Mike was really concerned about.

Mike went slowly through the living room and past Jan's bedroom, hearing nothing. Peeking in the kitchen, he found it empty.

Where the hell is Kevin? he thought. Then a second thought entered his head, sending cold shivers of fear through his spine. What if Kevin had gone outside to piss and Desiree was there waiting for him? As he stepped outside, Mike didn't know what he would find. He, like Kevin, wore only his shorts to bed. And, though he was in the country, far from anyone who would call the police about his near nudity, Mike felt mildly embarrassed about being outside.

Desiree stepped out from behind the black Chevy van. She was smiling broadly, her nipples hard, her tits wiggling. Desiree was giggling, knowing that Mike hadn't seen her yet and knowing that he was scared shitless.

"Hey there, soldier! Looking for a good time?" Desiree said in her most tartish voice. "If so, I can fill your ticket." In the moonlight, Desiree was more beautiful than any woman he had ever seen. Her gleaming red lips reflected the moon's glow, and it was obvious to Mike that she had gone to great lengths to be an erotic vision especially for him.

"You look beautiful," Mike murmured, standing motionless to drink up Desiree's beauty with his eyes.

Desiree leaned against the van, grinning even more broadly. She knew what she was doing to her brother. Desiree had taken out her "seduction clothes" as she called them.

The outfit was purchased through the mail, used only on the occasions when Desiree had a special man she wanted to really turn-on. It started with a black-lace bra with half cups that held Desiree's thirty-eight-inch tits up, but revealed her large areolas and pointed nipples.

Around her waist, a matching black-lace garter belt was holding up black-silk nylons, and the bikini panties were so brief that they hardly concealed Desiree's pussy hair. On her feet were high-heeled sandals that made the brunette look several inches taller than she actually was.

"Like what you see?" Desiree giggled.

"Don't you know it! Damn! I could eat you live!"

"I'd like that." Desiree was calm, assured. Her beauty was no secret to her. Countless men had worshiped her body and begged to fuck her. Some even offered her money and those people were quickly dismissed as not worthy of fucking.

"Let's get in the van," Mike said.

The back of the big van was perfect for fucking. A mattress there had been used plenty of times by Kevin and Mike when they had dates who were hot to fuck.

Desiree got in the van after Mike and closed the sliding side door. Even before she had turned to face her brother, he had her in his arms. He pulled her back, stretching her supple body over his.

"Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" Mike had Desiree's back against his stomach, and he reached around her, grabbing her tits and mashing them in his paw-like hands. His fingers tweaked her hard nipples, rolling and tugging on them.

Her smooth, perfumed neck seemed to draw Mike's lips, and he didn't resist. He kissed Desiree's hot, silky neck.

"Ahhhh!" Desiree purred, cocking her head to one side so Mike had more room. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Mike attacked Desiree like a big cat tearing apart its kill. It took him only a few seconds to spin Desiree around and take off her panties. Mike decided that since her cone-shaped nipples were exposed, it might be sexier to fuck her with her bra on. Besides, it went with the rest of her hookeresque outfit, and he liked to play fantasy games as much as she.

With Desiree on her back, Mike straddled her upper body and grabbed her by the hair. He jerked her head up and pulled her face to his balls.

"Lick 'em!" he hissed vehemently. "Lick my hairy nuts."

Desiree's face was jammed into Mike's crotch, and she was immediately aware of the musky aroma of his skin. The scent made her pussy tingle, even if her head did smart slightly from having her hair pulled.

His hairy ball sac was mashed against Desiree's lips, and she flicked her tongue out, scraping it over his balls. Desiree tried to figure out when Mike had had the time to take off his shorts, but before she could give it much thought he used a finger to open her mouth and stuff a fat ball between her lips.

"Mmmmm!" moaned Desiree, careful not to injure the sensitive ball. She worked her tongue slowly in circles around in her mouth, rubbing the nut, making his ball moist.

Mike held Desiree's head in his hands, keeping her face held between his thighs. She rested back on both elbows and his tensed thighs rubbed against her already-hard nipples.

"Suck 'em, damn you! Now the other one! Take it in your mouth and suck it!" Mike laced his fingers together under Desiree's head so he wouldn't have to pull her hair, then shook his hips from side to side, rubbing his halls against her face.

"Uh! Uggg!" Desiree gasped, trying to get his other ball between her lips. She licked and tongued the sac, lashing at the flesh to make it moist with her spit.

"You want me to fuck you? Damn it, I'll fuck you! I'll fuck you till you can't fucking walk!"

Mike poised the bulbous head of his cock at Desiree's lips and shoved viciously. His prick stretched her lips and rolled over her tongue as he stuffed her mouth with its length and hardness.

"Mmmmm! Ug! Mmmmm!" Desiree moaned, milking his giant cockshaft with her lips as his cock-meat fucked deeper in her mouth.

Mike fucked his prick between Desiree's lips, filling her mouth with his cock's hardness. Again and again he fucked his throbbing cock through the oval of her lips. Their eyes locked as they stared at each other. It was a savage act of pure animal lust -- and that's precisely the way they both wanted it! His cock slid part way down Desiree's throat and her eyes watered. Her cheeks were sunken in, molding wetly to his fucking prickshaft and cockhead as his prick fucked her lips. She worked her tongue in short stabs against his bulbous prick-knob and along the underside of his hard cockshaft. A thin trickle of spit escaped her lips and ran down the side of her face, just under her ear.

Mike was jack-knifed in the van, bent almost in half as he pulled his sister's face up to fuck his throbbing cock down her throat. He could tell by the look in her watery eyes that his cock was fucking too deeply for her, but he didn't care. He was going to fuck her and fuck her... anyway he liked.

Desiree's fingers were splayed out, pressing against the plush carpet as she held her upper body up. She wished that Mike would be more gentle with her, let her suck on his prick rather than fucking her face as he was doing. Still, she was happy to have such a thick, hard cock fucking with such energy in her mouth, and experience had taught her that the cum she would soon be getting would be a mouthful and more.

Mike's massive chest heaved as the rising heat in his balls became an inferno. His prick fucked wetly into Desiree's mouth again and again as he pulled her face against his body. Her smooth cheeks rubbed against his straining thighs, warming them. He saw how her red lips ovaled massively around this fat cock, and the look in her eyes was a mixture of fear, pain, lust and pleasure.

Cum boiled in Mike's big balls and he grunted, fighting the cum back. He jerked Desiree's face up harder and faster, fucking more of his aching cock down her throat than ever before.

Desiree accepted Mike's throat-torturing cock, whimpering and slurping as she tasted the salty fuck juice that oozed from his cockhead's tip. She dug her long fingernails into the carpet and squeezed his fucking cockhead with her full, supple lips when Mike reared back, then gulped down his prick-meat as his cock was fucked back into her mouth and throat.

"Uh! Ohhhh! You cocksucking bitch!" Mike hissed, feeling the heat rise in his balls. "I'm gonna cum! Fucking bitch! I'm gonna cum in your mouth! Ohhhh! Uh!"

Desiree gasped and choked as Mike's massive cockhead throbbed in her throat. She dug her fingernails into the carpet and thought a thousand times that she would fight Mike and demand that he either be kinder to her or find someone else to suck his cock. But then, just when she was sure she couldn't take any more prick into her mouth -- just when the tears were streaming from her eyes and she was about to fight for escape from Mike's throat-stretching prick -- his cockhead slammed into her throat and shot a thick, creamy jet of cum straight into her stomach.

"Suck it!" Mike howled, jerking Desiree's head up to fuck his erupting cock deep in her throat once again.

The forceful jets of cum spurted steadily, one after another, down Desiree's throat, against her tongue and the roof of her mouth. She had to swallow constantly to get the entire load of Mike's balls down to her stomach.

And, finally, when he had shot every last drop of his cum into Desiree's body, he unlaced his fingers and let her head fall with a thump to the floor of the van.

"You're a real sweetheart, you know that?" Desiree said sarcastically. "It would have been easier to take your arm down my throat. That club you call a cock damn near choked me!"

Mike opened the cooler in the van and pulled out the last beer in there. It was warm, but it was beer and after shooting his balls he needed a drink and a cigarette.

They chatted for a few minutes and then Desiree curled up between Mike's legs and sucked his cock until his prick was a big, pulsating pole of quivering meat again. Her "hooker clothes" really turned Mike on, made him want to fuck his sister all the more, so when she wrapped her silk-clad thighs around his hips and he fitted his cockhead against her pussylips, his whole body trembled.

Mike shot his nuts off four times and Desiree came six times before they went back in the house. The sun was just coming up over the horizon when they decided to wait for another day before thrashing their bodies together again.


The following evening, for obvious reasons, the two brothers and three sisters all went to bed early. The night before they had all stayed up late, sucking and fucking until they had climaxed enough to satisfy their lusty bodies.

It was late, almost four in the morning, when Kandi got out of bed to get a drink of water. As she stood in the kitchen, drinking her water, Kandi was surprised to hear a masculine groan coming from one of the bedrooms. She wondered whether it was Kevin or Mike, and had the question answered when her oldest brother stepped in.

"What are you doing up?" Mike asked. Right away he began to get horny. Kandi looked absolutely adorable dressed in tight, white bikini panties and a strap-sleeve T-shirt. Even in the near darkness, he could see the dark circles of her areolas and the pointed nipples that made sharp points in the T-shirt that appeared to be several sizes too small and squeezed her torso.

"Needed a drink of water." Kandi sat in a chair and crossed her legs, happy to see that her brother was paying careful attention to her every move. "But if I could get a drink of something else..."

Mike's lips curled in a wolfish smile, and he jerked his shorts down to his thighs and took a couple quick steps forward. Kandi bent forward, her lips slightly parted, and caught his cockhead between her lips.

"Mmmmm!" she moaned, taking his fat, bulbous prick-tip completely into her mouth. She sucked his soft cock-meat, stretching his prick out as her tongue lashed over his throbbing, growing cock-meat.

As Kandi sucked, she spread her knees and worked the fingers of her right hand under her panties to finger her pussy. She still couldn't figure out why Mike and Kevin didn't want to do anything but have their cocks sucked, but that didn't bother her a hell of a lot. At least their pricks were big and always got hard quickly. Hell, they are horny, she thought, so there's something to be said for them.

Mike watched his young sister rolling her face back and forth over his cock-meat. Her smooth, delicate features were distorted by the thickness of Mike's prick, and he liked the way her lips formed a perfect seal around his driving cock.

"Damn, you've got to be the most cock-hungry cocksucker in the whole fucking world," Mike said. He incorrectly assumed that all Kandi was interested in doing, sexually speaking, was giving head.

Kevin stretched his arms and rolled over in bed. What had woke him, he couldn't say. He was just suddenly wide awake, staring up toward the ceiling.

And then, very faintly, he heard a noise coming from the kitchen. He slipped silently out of bed to investigate, making his way through the living room toward the kitchen. As he walked, getting closer, he heard the same sound again, only more distinct this time. He had heard the sound before and the recognition made the hairs at the back of his neck stand up. Kandi! Kandi sucking cock! He had heard her moan exactly the same way when she was giving him one of her fabulous blow-jobs. He crept toward the kitchen, the picture of what he would see vivid in his mind. After all, if she would suck his cock, why wouldn't she suck Mike's cock? Neither Mike nor Kandi noticed Kevin leaning against the door landing to the kitchen. He stood there with affected nonchalance, arms crossed over his chest, a sardonic smile on his lips.

"Well, well, well!" Kevin said quietly. "It looks like the kid of the family is a cocksucker of some renown. Surreptitiously giving her brothers blow-jobs."

Mike was the first to regain his composure. And when he did, he got it back with characteristic candor.

"Aw, go fuck your education! What's wrong with a blow-job?"

"Nothing is wrong with a blow-job, my massive brother! Nothing is wrong with it at all." Kevin jerked down his underwear and exposed his long, soft cock. "So, Kandi, why don't you put your mouth in gear and work double-time?"

Kandi chuckled and put her lips back on Mike's throbbing cockhead, lashing at the crown with her tongue. Reaching out, she ran her fingers over Kevin's heavy balls. After sucking on Mike's prick awhile longer, Kandi turned her face toward Kevin and he fucked his cock into her hot, wet month.

"Hey, Mike," Kevin said, looking down as Kandi swallowed his long prick deep into her mouth. "This is the life, eh? What more could you ask for?"

"No shit, little brother! She gives head like no one else." Mike leaned down and grazed his fingers over the ripe swell of Kandi's tit. Her nipple was hard and pronounced against his fingertips. "Nice tits, too! Love to fuck her."

The words struck a jagged nerve in Kandi's body and she jerked her face off Kevin's lance-like rod of hard cock-flesh.

"You guys want to fuck?" she exclaimed. "But I thought that -- I mean -- it seemed like you were only interested in getting -- but I thought..."

"What the fuck are you babbling about, girl? Stand up and get those clothes off!" Mike stepped out of his underwear and helped Kandi to her feet. With Kevin's help, they had her T-shirt and panties off in a flash.

They all stood together, Kandi dwarfed by the tall Kevin and the hulkish Mike. Hands moved everywhere and lips sought and found sensitive, delicious flesh. Kandi grabbed their cocks, wet with her spit, and they fondled her tits, ass and pussy.

"Hey, let's go to our room," Kevin suggested. "If we stay here, we're sure to get caught by Jan and Desiree."

So they padded off to the bedroom, unwittingly leaving their sleeping clothes on the kitchen floor.

As soon as they were in the room, Kevin sunk to his knees in front of Kandi and pushed her legs wider apart. He pressed his lips against the curly, black bush of hair above her cunt as his fingers spread her pussylips for his tongue. Kandi's body went rigid as searing jolts of erotic joy gripped her body.

"Eat cunt," Kevin hissed, sticking his tongue out to let it graze over his sister's pink, damp pussy.

Mike knelt behind Kandi, his face close to the firm swells of her tight ass. He used his thumbs to pry the asscheeks farther apart and expose her pink-brown asshole.

"Are you going to eat my ass?" Kandi whispered, her head spinning with lust. She felt her heart pounding in her chest and rubbed her nipples with her palms. It was glorious to find out that her brothers weren't as crazy as she had thought them to be. They did like to fuck! Mike and Kevin ate Kandi's hot, tight fuck holes greedily, digging their tongues into her body until she was just a quivering mass of frenzied nerves. Her knees shook and seemed to just barely be able to hold her up. Her blood roared in her ears. She heard the sucking sounds as her brothers worked their tongues incessantly on her asshole and cunt.

"Lick me! Ohhhh! Lick my ass, Mike!" Kandi hissed, pinching her lusty nipples. "That's it! Stick your tongue in my ass! Ohhh! Yeah, that's right, Kev! Eat my cunt! Fuck me with your hot tongue!"

Kevin dragged his tongue from the bottom of Kandi's cunt to the top until he was frisking his tongue quickly in side-to-side swipes over her fiery clit. His cheeks were wet with her hot, clear cuntjuice.

"Unngg! Mmmmm!" Kevin groaned as he worked his tongue and three fingers into her juicy pussy.

When Mike got to his feet, preparing to fuck his hard prick into Kandi's tight asshole, Kevin decided to put his prick to work also. He rose, and Kandi's smooth, slender arms snaked around his neck.

"Fuck me, Kevin," Kandi cooed. "I want to feel your big prick shoving deep in my..." Kandi's words were cut off when she felt Mike's massive cockhead nudging her puckered asshole. She had been fucked in the ass many times before, but never by a cock as incredibly thick as Mike's.

"Ready or not, here it comes!" Mike chuckled, bracing his feet wide as he gripped his throbbing prickshaft. He fucked his prick at Kandi's ass and her tight asshole resisted his cockhead. The tight ring of muscle lost the battle and Mike's cock was fucking quickly deeper and deeper up Kandi's hot ass.

"Ahhhh!" Kandi groaned as slight stabs of pain jerked her body. Mike's cock was just so damn thick it stretched her asshole more than at any other time in her life.

Kevin watched Kandi's cunt being pushed toward his prick when Mike shoved more cock-meat up her ass and he used the motion to fuck his quivering, spit-wet prick into her pussy.

"Ohhhh!" Kandi spread her legs wider and, when both men thrust their hips at her, fucking their cocks deep in her ass and cunt, she was lifted clean off the floor. She was completely filled with hard cock. Only her mouth, which had already known the pleasure Kevin and Mike could give it, was lacking a hard prick. She whimpered and mewled, her body being tossed to and fro as her horny brothers fucked rigid hunks of lusty cock-meat into her ass and cunt. Her feet dangled and twitched crazily several inches above the floor and her arms were loose around Kevin's neck.

"You cunt!" Mike hissed in Kandi's ear as he ground his hips against her firm asscheeks. His face was buried in her silken, black hair and he caught the subtle fragrance of her perfumed neck.

Kevin timed his thrusts so he would sink his quivering cock into Kandi's clasping snatch at the same time Mike was reaming out her asshole. As Kevin straightened his knees to stuff his cock up Kandi's juicy fuck hole, he felt her feet once again come up off the floor.

Kandi's tits were mashed against Kevin's chest as she was sandwiched by her brothers. She quivered and twitched all over, unable to do anything more than accept the two fucking pricks that fucked repeatedly into her ass and pussy.

The room was filled with the choked groans as Kandi, Kevin and Mike approached their climax with incredible speed. The whole weird scene of being double-fucked while standing up was just too good for all of them to hold back for very long. The scene was just too erotic to contain their excitement.

Hot jism shot from two sets of overheated, heavy balls in twin fountains of spurting cum. Kevin and Mike filled Kandi's cunt and ass with boiling cum.

"Ahhhh!" Kandi gasped as her cunt contracted and relaxed, milking Kevin's prick to get all his cum. She clawed at his naked back with her long fingernails, and her feet twitched and jerked as her convulsing body became a mass of feverish flesh.

When their balls had emptied in Kandi's body, Kevin and Mike felt their pricks begin to get soft. They held Kandi up momentarily, then they let her slip silently to the floor, kneeling at their feet.

"That was, without a doubt, the wildest thing I've ever done," Kevin said softly, looking down at Kandi as she caught her breath. "Of all the times I've fucked this girl or that, nothing compares to what just happened. It was the hottest. The absolute hottest."


Once Kandi, Kevin and Mike had discovered the thrill of all fucking at the same time, they were constantly sneaking away to get it on. The hired hands had been released, no longer necessary because Mike and Kevin were doing the hard labor now.

Jan and Desiree were getting more than mildly horny. Mike had been fucking Desiree steadily, and Kevin had been fucking Jan regularly -- then suddenly all they wanted to do was trap Kandi's supple body between theirs and fuck her silly.

It was Thursday when Desiree was about as horny as she could possibly get. Cocks were all she could think about. Short ones, big ones, long ones, thick ones. Desiree's mind worked overtime thinking about cocks of all sizes that she would like to have shoved up her ass, cunt or in her mouth.

It was only eight in the morning when Kevin returned from the barn. He had fed the horses and saddled his mount. It was his day to ride the property, checking all the fences and looking at the cattle to make sure that they were all healthy.

He wore tightfitting jeans that hugged his long, slender legs and a blue cotton shirt that, though he wasn't particularly muscular, still showed off his flat stomach and fine physique.

Desiree eyed Kevin as he poured a cup of coffee for himself. Was he like Mike? Did he like sinking his dick into a soft, warm pussy just as much as his older brother?

"Going to be a long day?" Desiree asked, trying to sound casual.

"Yeah," Kevin sighed. He lit a cigarette and leaned back in the straight-backed kitchen chair. "I ride the fences today. Probably won't be back until eight... maybe nine tonight."

"Want some company? Someone to pass the time with?" Kevin looked at Desiree, trying, to read something else in her expression. The vision of what she looked like when he first arrived -- riding her mare without a shirt on, the warm sun glistening off her heavenly tits -- flashed in his mind. He felt his heavy prick twitch in his pants.

"Sure, I'd like that. But you better hurry and get dressed. Pajamas just aren't the finest apparel to ride all day in." Desiree giggled and trotted off to her bedroom. She was aware of Kevin's eyes on her fine ass as she left him and the awareness sent warm tingles to her cunt. She wondered how she would seduce him. The direct approach? Maybe the coy approach?


Kevin looked at his watch. It was a little after three, and he and Desiree had finished checking the last of the fences on the north section of their land. All that remained now, he thought with no little amount of sarcasm, was the south section. That, he knew, would take at least four or five hours.

"Can we take a break?" Desiree asked, shifting with false exhaustion in her saddle. "My butt's killing me."

"Sure," Kevin replied, getting down from his mount. "I need a break, too."

Desiree kicked her right leg over the horse's head and sat sidesaddle, waiting for Kevin to help her down. When he stood before her, arms extended upward, she gave a little hop, grabbing Kevin's shoulders as she landed in the tall grass.

Kevin held Desiree under the arms, easing her landing. When she came down, he was instantly aware of the freshness of her body and the faint aroma of fine perfume. Her big, upraised tits were close to his body and, with Desiree being several inches shorter, he looked down at her milky, billowing cleavage.

Desiree saw where Kevin was looking, and she twisted sharply and walked a couple steps. In doing so, Kevin's hand brushed against her tit. Her nipple throbbed at the contact and Desiree knew she couldn't take much more time. She needed to get fucked.

"Hey, it's good to have you guys staying here again," Desiree said, taking the canteen and wetting a bandanna. She rubbed it on her face and over the back of her neck. "It gets crazy living with two women and the only men around are hired hands whose idea of work is jumping on our bones."

"Get it on with the hired hands very often?"

"Not very." Desiree began wiping the wet cloth over her neck, working slowly down toward her tits. "Besides, they weren't the bedroom sweethearts I've been looking for, if you know what I mean?" She was wiping her cleavage now, spreading her blouse wider to wet more firm flesh. "They're clumsy."

Kevin's eyes were glued to Desiree's tits. She worked her hand in a circular motion, spreading her blouse apart even farther. With a flick of her finger, Desiree opened another button on her blouse and the material parted more, now exposing just the edge of her pink areola.

Kevin's hands were shaking when he caught Desiree's slender wrists and pulled her hands away from the tits that called to him. He unbuttoned Desiree's blouse down to the snap of her jeans and separated the cloth, exposing her massive, plump tits completely.

"Ohhhh!" he sighed, sinking to his knees before her. When Desiree slipped to her knees, too, he grabbed her tits from the underside and squeezed, causing her nipples to point toward his face. He fastened his lips around one cylinder of hard titflesh and sucked, working his tongue against the nipple.

"Yessss! That's so nice! So gentle!" Desiree mewled, rolling her head back on her shoulders as the warmth of Kevin's mouth on her nipple seeped slowly through her body. "Lick my nipple, Kevin! Ohhhh! That's right! Just like that!"

"Mmmmm!" Kevin bit softly on her nipple, then gave her nipple a smacking kiss and turned his attention to her other nipple. The skin was hard between his lips, but, as he pushed his face against her tit, Kevin felt her soft but firm tit giving way to the pressure. Such tits! he thought. Big and perfectly shaped, they were the equal of Jan's and maybe even bigger.

Desiree pushed her fingers through Kevin's long, wavy blonde hair, pulling his face harder against her tit, stuffing more of her delicious tit into his mouth.

As Kevin mouthed Desiree's tits, he squeezed her ass and let his fingers trail between her legs, rubbing her clit through her jeans. He jerked open her belt, then unsnapped her pants and worked the zipper down. His fingertips grazed over her panties and he sucked harder on the nipple in his mouth.

"Arrrggghhhh!" Desiree groaned with ecstasy. "This is so good! Ohhhh! My pussy is getting so wet!"

"I want to eat your cunt," Kevin said, releasing the hard bud from his lips.

"I want your cock! I want your prick in my mouth!" Desiree shook her shoulders, causing her tits to slap Kevin lightly on the face. He moaned pleasantly and she did it some more. "Come on, let's sixty-nine!"

Both got onto their asses and began taking off their clothes. Soon boots, pants, shirts and other clothing were being scattered in the deep grass, tossed in every direction in haste.

Desiree was completely undressed before her brother, and she rolled onto her back, pulling her knees up and spreading them wide with her feet flat on the ground. Moments later Kevin stepped near her head and knelt in the grass, his knees on either side of Desiree's face.

"Let's see you eat cock," he whispered, grabbing his rock-hard prick to angle the throbbing cock-knob down toward his sister's open mouth. When Desiree parted her full lips, Kevin rubbed his drooling cockhead against her cheeks, then stuffed the prick-meat into her mouth.

"Mmmmmmm!" Desiree purred as she tightened her lips around his thick cockshaft. She worked her tongue in stabbing thrusts against his prick-knob, then swirled it along the underside and as far around the shank as she could. As his cock fucked deeper into her mouth, Desiree's jaw was forced wider. She curled her arms around Kevin's slender hips to fondle his taut asscheeks.

Kevin worked his hips slowly back and forth to fuck his cock into Desiree's mouth. He couldn't see much of her face since her head was between his legs, but he could see her throat expand when he fucked his cockhead into her. He rolled her nipples between his fingers and worked three lingers into her pussy for a while before slumping down over her sun-warmed body.

Desiree sucked on Kevin's prick with more urgency when she felt him flattening himself on top of her. His prick was so huge! She loved the way his cock plugged her throat up and stretched her lips.

The musky scent of Desiree's cunt ignited a new fire in Kevin. Instantly he began devouring her juicy pussy crease, tonguing her cunt to lick up all the warm fuck oil and urge her pussy to put out more. His tongue fucked between her hairy cuntlips, and his nose rubbed against her clit as he sucked and licked, working her hot clit over and over with his nose and tongue.

Desiree lay back in the grass and didn't try to push her face up to get more of Kevin's prick into her mouth. Instead she tried to relax and simply accept his throbbing pole of hard prick as he fucked his cock down through her lips and deep into her throat. She gnawed on his prickshaft and whipped at his cockhead with her tongue each time he pulled up. Then all she could do was open her throat as he ground his hips down against her stretched face.

"Ug! Mmmmm!" Kevin moaned, jabbing his tongue at Desiree's quivering, juicy clit.

A trickle of spit escaped the corner of Desiree's mouth as she opened her lips wider, adjusting to the increased size of his cock. She gulped his cock down her throat, opening her eyes briefly to see two huge balls descending toward her face as the prick stabbed deep into her mouth.

"Ummgggggggggg!" Desiree gasped as she sucked on his fat cock.

They continued to suck each other for several more minutes until, finally, Kevin pulled his mouth off her juicy cunt and rolled to one side, unplugging his cock from his younger sister's throat.

"Come on, let's fuck!" Kevin said. It was a command more than a request, but he knew that Desiree wanted to fuck as much as he.

When Kevin rolled onto his back, Desiree quickly straddled his thick, throbbing prick and descended upon his cock. His mushroomed cockhead puckered her cuntlips inward at first, but then her pussylips parted and soon she was lowering herself slowly, impaling her cunt on his rigid pole of hard cock-meat.

"Yesssss! Ohhhhh! Kevin, your prick is so big! Ohhhhh! It's so deep in me! It's so fucking deep in my pussy!"

Kevin reached up and grabbed those two immense tits that jiggled on Desiree's chest. The size and shape of her tits absolutely amazed him. They were the kind of tits that sculptors sculpted and painters painted. They were, quite literally, flawless. He saw the look of sheer passion on his sister's face as she finally rested her ass on his thighs, his big prick fucked to the hilt in her pussy.

"You're so fucking beautiful," Kevin said, flattening Desiree's tits in his hands. "I've never seen tits like yours before. They're incredible. And your face! The skin is so smooth and your eyes are so big and brown. And your lips! Yes, your lips! So full and moist! They feel so good wrapped around my cock!"

The words were precisely what she wanted to hear. Kevin's huge prick was really doing wonders on her clit, and his words were making her head spin. Before she really knew what was happening, her fiery, juicy clit exploded and her pussy sent hot cum showering down onto Kevin's quivering balls.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" Desiree screamed through her cum. Her voice cut a jagged edge in the comparative silence of the afternoon and sent birds fluttering in fright.

Kevin grabbed Desiree by the hips and kept her ass fucking up and down on his cock-meat. He hadn't shot his balls off yet, but he knew it wouldn't be too long before he would. Desiree's tight pussy was too warm and juicy for him not to shower her cunt with his sizzling cum.

Nearly four hundred yards away from the fucking couple, Jan was riding slowly, looking for a rabbit to shoot for the evening. She knew that Mike liked wild game for a meal and decided that a rabbit might be just the special treat he should have. But then the high-pitched, piercing scream drifted to her ears.

Jan looked in the direction of the scream and there, hardly a speck off in the distance, she could see Desiree. Her incredible tits were bobbing, Jan could see, and though she couldn't see who was beneath her, Jan knew that someone was on his back, fucking a hard prick up her sister's cunt or ass.

"It's got to be Kevin," Jan said softly to herself. "That's why he's stopped fucking me. He's been fucking Desiree!" Actually, Kevin stopped fucking around with Jan because he and Mike were too busy fucking their brains out with Kandi. Either way, Jan was suddenly angry as hell with Kevin for neglecting her own body which needed a hard cock to satisfy her.

"I'll play the same fucking game then!" Jan snapped, still talking to herself. "I'll fuck Mike. If Kevin doesn't want me to suck his prick, I'll suck someone else's!" She whirled her horse around and headed for home at a gallop.

Kevin held Desiree's face in his hands and pulled her down. As they kissed, he thrust his tongue in her mouth and she sucked on it as he pounded his hips up against hers, fucking his cock with lightning speed into her frothy cunt.

Their kiss continued even as his salty cum burst from his slitted cockhead, showering the walls of Desiree's cunt with hot fuck cream. Kevin moaned and fucked his spewing prick again and again into her willing, stretching cunt.

And finally, after Kevin's balls had filled Desiree's cunt with cum and her cunt had exploded a second time with a fountain of pussy juice, Desiree slumped down on Kevin's heaving body, her big tits mashing against his chest.

"That was great, Kevin," Desiree whispered in his ear. "I came twice. Twice! I came so hard I thought I'd die!"

"Your pussy is so tight, it just milks the cum right out of my balls. Damn, I should have been putting the prick to you a long time ago."

"Yes," Desiree replied. "You should have been letting me have fun with that big cock of yours a long time ago. But that's okay. We can make up for lost time now."


Later in the evening, Jan was hopping around, giving orders to her sisters to get this or that done. Inside she was boiling mad, still all pissed off at Kevin for neglecting her own feverish body in favor of -- or so she thought -- Desiree's body. And Jan didn't play second fiddle to anyone. With a body like hers, she didn't have to.

After supper, Jan said she simply had to get into town because the boredom was killing her. But her plan went awry when she asked Mike if he'd like to go because he immediately asked the others. Soon the five brothers and sisters had changed into their town clothes and were all packed away in the Chevy van, headed for the small town five miles away that had little more than a bank, post office, several bars, a church, grocery store and a hardware store.

The first stop was a small bar, where the five took turns playing pool and trying their luck at a pinball machine. Soon it was dark outside and Jan had just the right amount of liquid courage in her to put her plan of attack into action.

"Mike," she whispered when the others were busy. "I've got to talk to you alone."

Mike's face was grave, serious when he replied, "What about? Is anything wrong?"

"It's... well... nothing is wrong really. But..." Jan moved her hand over under the table and let her fingertips graze lightly over his thigh.

Mike felt the blood in his veins race when her fingers touched his thigh. So Jan needs a bit of the ol' in-out, too, eh? he thought.

"Be cool about it," Mike said quickly, hoping like hell Kevin would stay clear long enough for him to set up a romantic tryst with Jan. "I'll go out the front door. You go out the back."

"There's an alley. It's really dark there. You'll see it," Jan said, then finished her beer and walked out the back door.

Mike told Kevin and Kandi that he needed some fresh air and he'd see them in a little while. Neither suspected a thing when he walked out the front door.

Jan lit a cigarette nervously, puffing on it hard and fast as she shifted her feet in the alley. She didn't like waiting in the dark alley for Mike. A girl could get raped in a place like that, even in a small town.

When Mike finally appeared at the mouth of the alley, all Jan could see of him was a silhouette, but that was enough. The broad shoulders and barrel chest told her that it was Mike, her older brother, who had come for her. And cum he would, she thought triumphantly.

"What was it you..." Mike started to say when he was next to Jan, but his words were cut off when she wrapped her arms around his neck, planting an open-mouthed kiss on his lips.

Mike was immediately impressed with Jan. Not only with the way she kissed -- which was about as erotic as any kiss he had ever received -- but because she was so forceful, so confident. He could literally feel the self-assurance in her supple, firm-yet-soft body as she pressed tight against his own.

"I want you!" Jan hissed when the kiss broke. "I want you something fierce, Mike!"

"The van. Let's get to the van!" They didn't walk to the van. They ran.


Kevin was getting a little drunk as he played pool. He was joking with Desiree and Kandi often and loved the way they always laughed at his jokes and plays on words. He had fucked both of them, but Kandi didn't know that he was fucking Desiree, and Desiree didn't know that he was fucking Kandi. To say the least, the situation was explosive, but not in a violent way... in a very sexy way.

Being a week night, the bar wasn't very crowded at all. In fact, Desiree and Kandi were the only women in the bar, and perhaps five and six other men completed the night's business.

Kevin leaned over the table, aligning a shot. He pulled the cue stick back and sank the eight ball to win the game.

"I win," Kevin said. "Want to play again?"

"Okay," Desiree replied. "But let's make a wager, and let's play cutthroat so Kandi can join us."

Kevin's brain kicked into high gear. A wager? That's just exactly what he wanted one of them to say.

"I'll take one through five," Desiree continued. "Kevin has six through ten and Kandi has balls eleven through fifteen."

Ten minutes later, Kevin made a difficult two-bank to drop the three and the fourteen, putting both Desiree and Kandi out of the game at the same time.

"I win," Kevin said in his characteristic tone. "Now what was the wager going to be?"

"We never did decide that, did we?" Kandi said.

"Then, by rights, it's my choice, isn't it?" He looked at his sisters and smiled. It wasn't really so much a smile as a fox's grin. "Follow me, ladies, I'm about to reap my rewards."

"Rape your rewards!" Desiree exclaimed.

"That isn't what I said," Kevin replied, "but you're not altogether incorrect."

He looked around the bar for a moment, and then when nobody was looking his way he dashed into the women's bathroom. Desiree and Kandi looked at each other in shock, then followed him in.

"What the hell are you doing?" Kandi asked. "What if someone catches you in here?"

"You two are the only women in this joint, so there's no danger there. And now, as the victor of our little game out there, and since there were two losers instead of just one, I alone get to make the judgement." Kevin pulled out a cigarette and lit it, intentionally pausing just long enough so his sisters would get antsy. "Ladies, I think you know the rules of this game."

Kevin's cigarette dangled at an angle as he calmly unbuckled his pants and pushed them part way down his thighs. Since he was not wearing any underwear, his half-hard prick flopped out, angling downward and wagging slightly from side to side.

Neither Desiree nor Kandi said anything at first. Both were hesitant to make the first move. Both wanted to have Kevin's big prick in her mouth, but neither were willing to let the other know what kind of a hungry cocksucker she really was.

"Yes," Kandi said finally. "I guess I do know the rules of this game." And, with that, the horny, raven-haired Kandi stepped forward, knelt at Kevin's feet, and took his prick in her hand.

"You're not getting all that yourself!" Desiree hissed, quickly getting in position beside Kandi.

Kandi pulled on his long, warm cock, feeling his prick pulse in her hand. His cockhead's skin was stretched taut around the inner core of ever-hardening flesh and soon his cock was standing out from Kevin's body, aimed straight at her mouth.

"Suck it." Kevin said. "Don't play with the damn thing! Put it in your -- ohhhhhhh!"

Kandi kissed the cockhead, then pushed her face forward slowly, letting her lips part to take his cockhead into her mouth, sliding against her mouth's roof and over her tongue.

"Mmmmmmm!" she purred, slowly bringing her lovely face back and forth, using her lips and tongue over his trembling prick-meat with erotic results.

"That's it," Kevin whispered, pushing his fingers through her silky soft hair. "Baby, you do that so beautifully. Like nobody else!"

"Like hell!" Desiree chimed in, offended by Kevin. "Just let me have a chance with that big hunk of delicious meat."

Desiree practically jerked his cock out of Kandi's mouth, then buried his prick deep in her own warm, wet mouth. She tossed her head back and forth ravenously, sucking hard on his quivering cock and whipping his prick with her tongue to urge his cockshaft to a state of even greater hardness.

Kevin watched Desiree's huge tits rise and fall with her heavy breathing as she sucked. Damn, did she have tits! He was constantly amazed by their size, shape and firmness. He reached down and let his palm rub lightly over one lush tit, feeling her nipple hard and erect against his light touch.

Before long, Kandi got anxious to have his long, hot prick in her mouth and she yanked his cock from Desiree's grasp and applied her supple lips to his cockhead, curling her tongue as far around the knob as she could.


Mike drove like a madman down the bumpy gravel road. All he wanted to find was some secluded place behind some trees where he could park the van for an hour or so. In the back, stretched out on the bed, was Jan. She had doffed her clothes as soon as they had jumped in the Chevrolet and now she was hungry for Mike's muscular body and thick, hard prick.

"Hurry, Mike," Jan urged. "I need you! Can you just park the fucking thing right here? I need you now!" Her hand crept between her legs, her fingertips gently toying with her honey-colored, thick cunt bush. "Hurry, baby! Please hurry!"

Mike found a turn-off where the road apparently led to a farmer's field and he parked the van. There wasn't a tree to shelter the vehicle from passers by, but he doubted that the gravel road had a lot of traffic anyway. Seconds later he, too, was completely naked, wrapped in his sister's arms as she squirmed to press her own hot body even tighter against his.

"Ohhhh!" Jan moaned as millions of lights flashed in her head. Mike was kissing her arched neck just the way she liked to have it kissed, and the effect was an even-hotter fire in her pussy. "Fuck me, Mike! You're so good!" Jan's legs were wrapped around Mike's waist and he rolled over on top of her lithe body. He felt her huge tits pressing against his chest mashing and becoming tight and more rounded. With some struggling, he squirmed a hand between their bodies, then guided his raging hard-on to her cunt. Her pussy was dewy and warm and waiting to be split wide by a hard prick.

"Rrrrr!" Mike growled as he slowly pushed his hips downward. His cockhead, thicker than any Jan had ever fucked before, pushed in her cuntlips, then split them wide. A moment later Mike felt the hot fuck juices of her cunt surrounding his cock-meat as he fucked deeper into her pussy.

"Yeahhhh! That's it, Mike! Fuck meeee!" Jan hissed, squeezing her eyes shut to concentrate on the delirious sensations sweeping through her body from her cunt. Her clit, a hard little nubbin of tantalized flesh, was quivering, being slickly rubbed by the smooth topside of Mike's lance-like prick.

As Mike ground his hips down, completely fucking Jan's body with his prick, she arched her back, raising her ass up to him, fucking his cock deeper yet into her juicy pussy. They thrashed on the small bed in the back of the van, straining to get the most amount of pleasure out of each other's body.

Jan jabbed her tongue between Mike's lips and he sucked on it hungrily, tasting her sweet saliva. He wanted all of her, every part of her beautiful body. Mike wanted to explore every curve and swell of her extraordinary body and know firsthand all the joys it could give him and her. He wanted to know her body so thoroughly that his was acutely aware of what parts of her body gave her the most pleasure. He thought all this as he fucked his cock with increasing speed and pressure into the clutching cunt that squeezed his prick in a liquid, firm embrace.

"Yes, that's it!" Jan gasped, clawing at Mike's pounding ass to get him to fuck her faster. "Just like that! Ohhhhh! I'm so close now! So wonderfully close to... ahhhhh!"

Her scream was deafening in the close confines of the van, but Mike didn't care. He knew that he had pleased his beloved, self-sufficient sister completely, and that made him feel proud and satisfied. He fucked his aching cock into her cunt again, grinding his pelvis against hers to further excite her exploding clit as she thrashed beneath his heavy body.

"I... oh... cum!" Mike grunted, his words getting choked off as the cum welled up in his balls, then shot through the length of his fleshy cock tube into Jan's clasping, convulsing pussy. The river of hot fuck cream flooded her cunt.

"Give it! Don't hold back! Give me it all!"

"Arrrggghhhh!" Mike groaned as the last weak spurts of cum left his balls and squirted into Jan's cunt. Still, even after his cum had stopped pouring into her pussy, Mike kept fucking, kept thrashing his hips up and down to fuck his cock between her clasping pussylips. With Jan, he just couldn't seem to get enough. She was, for him, the wildest, most exciting fuck of his life. And he knew, too, that nothing would ever be the same now. What was there to do once you've had the best?


Kevin's knees trembled and he grabbed the rust-stained sink to support himself. What was happening between his legs was making his head spin. His whole body felt like quivering jello and it occurred to him that he just might collapse. It seemed he had very little control over his own body.

Desiree was directly under Kevin's widespread thighs. She was facing the same direction as her brother and her head was tilted back with her face pressed up into his crotch. Her cheeks were puffed out massively, holding both of his cum-filled balls in her mouth.

Kandi's legs were spread wide apart as she kneeled on the cold tile floor, straddling Desiree's outstretched legs. Her hands were at Kevin's hairy asscheeks and she squeezed them as she pistoned her head faster over his prick. The red ring of her lips traveled back and forth, taking almost three-quarters of his long, throbbing cock-meat into her mouth before pulling back to caress his pulsating prick-knob with her tongue.

Kevin trembled and gripped the sink tight enough to turn his knuckles white. He watched Kandi bob her face toward him and felt his cockhead sliding over her tongue, against the roof of her mouth. Then he felt his sensitive prick-knob smack against the back of her throat, then enter it, pushing past her tonsils as she gulped his cock-meat deep down her throat.

"You cocksucking bitches! You're beautiful! Both of you are incredibly beautiful! I've never felt anything like this before! It's just too good to be true!"

Kandi tightened her lips around the shaft of Kevin's cock and lashed at his prickhead with her pink tongue. She wanted desperately to feel his cock-meat expand and contract as his prick jetted out squirts of delicious cum. Yes, cum was what she needed, not beer. She wanted his jism spurting against her tongue like a fountain, filling her mouth with its salty, pungent flavor and richness.

Desiree's tits rubbed against Kandi's smaller tits as she sucked on Kevin's balls. She braced herself on her palms, her arms behind her as she strained to keep her jaw open wide enough to sheath her teeth from his tender ball sac. The absolute last thing she wanted Kevin to do was get angry.

"Mmmmmmm!" Kandi moaned, slurping on his prickshaft as she sucked harder, kneading the crown of Kevin's prick with her lips as her tongue swirled around and around the tip and against the tiny slit.

Kevin felt his balls sizzle in Desiree's mouth. He was so excited that he didn't even know if it was a warning that he was going to shoot his cum or if his balls were just going crazy, being so completely warmed and chewed in Desiree's mouth.

It wasn't more than a couple seconds later that Kevin gritted his teeth to keep from screaming. Hot, sizzling jism exploded out of his balls with awesome force, splattering onto Kandi's frisking tongue.

"Um! Ug! Mmmmmm!" Kandi wailed, sucking and tonguing his erupting cock-meat for all she was worth. She tossed her face over his spurting prick fast and hard, kneading Kevin's tight asscheeks with her fingers as she worked her special magic on his cock.

Releasing his balls from her mouth, Desiree watched her younger sister eating cock. Suddenly a new and erotic thought came to mind.

"Don't swallow his cum," Desiree said quickly. "Let me share it with you. We'll share his cum together!"

The words sounded faraway to Kandi, but they registered somewhere deep in the recesses of her frazzled brain. As her tongue caressed Kevin's spurting cockhead, she swirled his creamy spunk in her mouth, letting her cheeks swell outward so she wouldn't lose any of the fuck fluid.

And, finally, Kevin's balls completely emptied themselves into Kandi's mouth. He watched as she pulled back, her lips squeezing tight and forming a perfect seal around his cock even as his prick slipped from between her lips.

Desiree hooked one hand around Kandi's neck and pulled her down. Their lips met, then parted and soon tongues were darting from mouth to mouth as they passed the blobs of tangy cum back and forth. Neither of them had ever kissed a woman with such intensity before, and the electricity between them sent new bolts of erotic pleasure into their cunts.

"Mmmmmm!" Desiree moaned, savoring the cum in her mouth for a second before passing the fuck cream back to her eighteen-year-old sister.

When Kandi and Desiree looked up at Kevin, he could see that their lips and cheeks were wet with his cum, and blobs of the jism were sticking to their lips.

"I really don't believe you two," Kevin said softly, shaking his head slowly. "That was the craziest!"

"If you think that was crazy," Desiree replied softly. "You ain't seen nothin' yet." She reached out and cupped Kandi's tit in her hand, feeling the nipple instantly harden under her touch.


It was in the eighties outside, and both Mike and Kevin were sweating heavily as they tended to the fences, replacing and repairing any damage that had been done by the cattle. They worked in silence mostly, each thinking about his sisters, but in different ways.

Kevin wanted desperately to tell Mike that he had been fucking with all three girls. Inasmuch as he had always been honest with his older brother, he felt somehow obligated to reveal everything. And Mike, too, was fighting with himself, looking for just the right words to tell Kevin that he had been fucking Jan regularly since the night he had fucked her in the van.

"Fuck it!" Mike suddenly exclaimed. "It's beer time!"

Kevin sighed with relief. He needed a beer as much as his older brother. Maybe more so. Kevin's thirst was heightened by his sense of betrayal. He didn't like keeping secrets from Mike. Didn't like it at all.

They rode at a gallop back to the house and informed Jan, Desiree and Kandi that it was time to take a swim in the stream that ran through their property.

"Get ready!" Mike ordered. "We're leaving in ten minutes!"

The girls were giggling as they dashed to their bedroom to get swimsuits. A swim would cool down their hot, horny bodies.

Mike rode solo on his stallion. Jan rode with Kevin and Desiree and Kandi shared the third horse.

Desiree rubbed her big tits against Kandi's back and whispered, "I want to eat your pussy, little sister!"

Kandi gripped the reins tighter in her hands. Unconsciously she let her hips slide a little farther up in the saddle so her cunt rubbed against the saddle horn. After the night they had sucked Kevin off in the women's bathroom, they had tried to make it together. But for reasons unknown to both of them, the mood just seemed wrong.

"Later," Kandi whispered back. "We can't do it in front of Mike. He'll flip."

Kevin felt Jan's tits rolling along his back, and then felt the stirring in his crotch as his prick began to lengthen and harden. It was uncomfortable for him to get aroused. Beneath his jeans he wore his tightfitting swimming trunks, and, between the two, his cock had little room to grow.

The place where they swam was a small curve in the stream where the water was cool, clear and reasonably slow moving. They tied the horses' reins to nearby trees, then started getting out of their garments.

Mike smiled as he watched his sisters stripping out of their clothes to show off their revealing bikini bathing suits. They'd all get a shock soon, he thought to himself. Yes, indeed, would they get a shock.

Desiree showed off a pink bikini that worked overtime to hold her big tits and still could hardly conceal her big nipples. Kandi wore a similar bikini, though her tits were considerably smaller and, therefore, her bikini didn't strain as much, Jan opted for a more conservative one-piece bathing suit, but a heavenly portion of the upper halves of her tits showed and the leg holes of the suit were cut dramatically high, showing off enough of her shapely ass to give any man a hard-on.

Mike took off his shoes and shirt first, then, quite calmly and acting as though nothing were out of the ordinary, unbuckled his pants and stepped out of them. He wore nothing under his pants and his thick, still-soft prick wagged between his legs, causing a collective gasp from the three women.

"Mike!" Desiree exclaimed, putting a hand to her mouth to hide a smile. "Shame! Shame! Shame on you!"

"Suit yourself," Mike replied, grinning at his accidental play on words. "I'm going swimming." And, with that, he ran headlong into the water, diving in and letting the clear running water caress his flesh.

When Mike got to the surface again and tread water, facing his brother and sisters, he found them all tugging at their suits, getting nude, too.

"Skinny dip! We're all going skinny dipping!" Kandi called out joyously. She pealed off the top of her bikini and threw it in the air, then squirmed out of the bottoms, exposing her thick, black cunt bush.

The five played in the water for nearly an hour, with Mike and Kevin "accidentally" grabbing a tit here or a cunt there. And now and then one of the girls would "accidentally" find her fingers wrapped around a cock.

When they were on the bank, catching their breath, Kevin stood and took a towel to his head. As he wiped the water out of his hair, the long, flaccid cock between his legs wiggled crazily. To Desiree, his prick looked like the kind of bait she should snap at.

Without saying anything, Desiree crawled across the blanket, past Jan and Kandi, and knelt at Kevin's feet. With her hands on her knees, she brought her face forward, lips parted slightly, and scooped in the soft cockhead of Kevin's wiggling prick.

Kevin felt his cock's head being suddenly warmed by a hot, wet mouth, and he wondered whose mouth it was. He kept drying his hair, even as the supple, pliant lips crept along the length of his prickshaft, enveloping his cock-meat in a liquid embrace.

"Mmmmmmmm!" Desiree moaned softly, closing her beautiful brown eyes as she concentrated on sucking Kevin's prick. She curled her tongue around his cock-knob and opened her lips wide, just holding the tip in her mouth as his prick began to quiver slightly, slowly expanding to his jaw-stretching full size.

When Kevin finally took the towel from his head and looked down, he saw Desiree's full lips tightly wrapped around the shaft of his prick. Off to one side, not five feet away, Mike was on his back with Jan sitting on his face, getting her cunt thoroughly eaten, and Kandi was jerking on the shaft of his prick while sucking like a nymphomaniac, trying to get his cock as hard as possible in as short a time as possible.

"I knew things were going to end up like this someday," Kevin said to nobody in particular. "I just knew that someday we'd all be getting it on, fucking and sucking like crazy. It just had to happen, I guess."

Desiree cupped his set of cum-laden balls in her palm and let the head of Kevin's cock slip from between her lips.

"I guess it just had to happen," she agreed, looking up at her brother while rubbing his spit-wet cockhead against her cheek. Then she was sucking slowly again, pushing her face forward to draw his hard, delicious prick-meat deep into her mouth to gnaw lightly on his cockshaft with her lips.

Jan rolled her head back on her shoulders, causing her blonde, wet hair to cling to her smooth cheeks as she turned her face up to the sun. A look of supreme confidence and contentment was etched lightly, softly in her features as she felt Mike's tongue frisking expertly against her clit. Her hands crept slowly up the sides other body, over the silken skin of her hips and flat stomach until they finally reached and cupped her two huge, firm, perfectly shaped tits. When her fingers caught her nipples, the buds were hard and tingling.

"Ohhhhhhhh!" she murmured, letting the flooding tide of lust take over her senses. This was right, she concluded in her passion-fogged mind. Nothing was more right than what she was doing just then.

Kandi bobbed her face down, taking Mike's fat pole of cock-meat deeper into her mouth. Her red lips rolled smoothly, wetly over his slick prick flesh, taking his cock into her mouth until the tip of Mike's prick was pressing against the back of her throat. And then she pushed forward, letting his cockhead plunge into her throat, expanding, stretching, filling her mouth completely with his hard cock. With her nose buried in the curly mass of hair above his prick, Kandi moaned, working her tongue with difficulty in the cramped confines of her mouth.

As she sucked, Kandi fingered her own pussy, flicking her long-nailed middle finger over her clit to get her pussy hot and juicy.

When Kandi let Mike's cock escape from her oven-hot mouth, she knew exactly what she wanted next. That cock of her brother's was sticking straight up in the air, hard as a rock and dripping wet with her spit.

Straddling his bulky torso, she grabbed his cock by the shaft and nudged his cockhead against her puffy cuntlips. Lowering herself slowly, she soon had the fat prick stuffed up her tight cunt, tantalizing her feverish clit and filling her with a sense of absolute, erotic bliss.

Jan felt Kandi's hands go to her tits and her first impulse was to push them away. Fucking another man with Kandi was one thing, but letting Kandi feel her tits was quite another. But then, somewhere short of actually voicing her disapproval, Jan realized that Kandi's hands felt very good squeezing her big tits and toying with her nipples. After that, the jolts of pleasure coming from her tits and cunt were all that mattered. Whether the pleasure was caused by a man or a woman was of little consequence.

Jan's hands moved across the gap of their bodies and then she felt the firm, jiggling orbs of Kandi's titflesh as the eighteen-year-old, raven-haired nymphomaniac bounced up and down on Mike's cock. How strange, Jan thought, to be fondling Kandi's tits. How very strange!

Desiree was on her back with her feet flat on the blanket, heels touching her ass. On top of her was Kevin, his skinny body thrashing as he fucked his throbbing cock deep into her throat while nibbling on her juicy, extended clit with his lips.

"Ug! Mmmmm! Ug!" Desiree gasped and moaned, chewing on his hard cock-meat and lashing at his prick with her tongue. Actually, she had little control over what his cock did to her, or what she did to his prick. Kevin had her pinned to the ground and he was fucking her face. Whether she wanted his cock in her throat or not, she was going to get face-fucked.

Kevin felt his cockhead smack against the back of Desiree's throat, then sink deeper still, being gently squeezed by the lining of her throat. As his desire built, he tossed his hips down faster, with greater urgency. He was only vaguely aware of his balls tingling a little more each time they dropped down and flopped on Desiree's nose. Even as he ate her cunt, he was hardly aware that she was bucking more strongly beneath him, pushing her hot, deliciously juicy cunt against his face.

Girl-cum gushed from her cunt, spewing hot and juicy onto his tongue. As Kevin lapped at her hairy pussy lips and stabbed his tongue into her sloppy cunt crease, his own bubbling cum exploded out of his balls, squirting straight down Desiree's clutching throat.

Desiree sucked harder on his cock, swallowing as best as she could as his long, lance-like prick fucked between her lips, fucking again and again into her throat. She knew she was drinking Kevin's cum, but only faintly because she was gulping his jism down at exactly the same time that her own hot cunt oil was being released from her wonderfully licked pussy.

The sloppy, sloshy sounds of Mike's fat, rigid cock fucking into Kandi's cunt could be heard, but just barely, above the passionate moans and groans. His prick jerked and shot out innumerable jets of jism into Kandi's clasping pussy as her cunt tightened and relaxed around his cock pole. When her cum arrived, twisting and turning her body in the throes of absolute pleasure, she screamed out at the beauty of it all.

Jan's pussy soon became overheated and she, too, was wrenched by the convulsive throes of a climax. Her cunt unloaded its cum onto Mike's tongue and he greedily lapped it up, hungry to get everything she had to offer.

An hour later, after refreshing and cleaning themselves with a brisk swim, the five naked people were stretched out on the blanket, soaking up the last weak rays of the sun. Not long after that they were in a daisy chain. Cocks were in mouths, tongues were working on pussies.

"What more could anyone ask for?" Kevin asked of everyone, taking his mouth off Kandi's cunt for just a second.

He didn't get an answer, but then he didn't expect one, either. For once, even the talkative Kevin had to agree that talking wasn't necessary.


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