The cheerleader blew it

The process of growing up and passing through adolescence has been characterized by greater inner turmoil, uncertainty, and tremendous pressures from family, close friends, and peer groups. Certainly, in our complex society, the problems youths now face seem more marked than ever before.

Suzy Kent is a young girl who is embarking upon her own special journey into adolescence. Plagued with powerful emotions, sometimes fearful of the drives and desires she feels, she finds herself experiencing a series of explicit encounters that change not only her view of herself, but her life.

THE CHEERLEADER BLEW IT -- the story of a young girl coming of age. A story of how others view her.


Suzanne Kent knew she was attractive to men, and even tough she was only a teenager, she had seen and appreciated the lusty looks in her classmates' eyes at Jefferson High School. Yes, even in her teachers' eyes.

Suzy was a virgin, but she couldn't help wondering what she could do with her beauty and her sweet sexiness.

Indeed she was beautiful and sexy. She stood five-feet-four in her magnificent beauty.

Her hair was long, honey-blonde. She had it parted in the middle and it flowed back and down on her shoulders.

She walked the hall at school in a black miniskirt, a tight pink sweater, and little high heels that were shiny-white. The skirt rustled and crinkled on her hips, pulled in daringly on her Goddess ass. As she walked, her young hips swayed salaciously.

Suzy had big, round tits and they bobbed beautifully in the tight, pink sweater, pushed out against the material in all their splendor.

Her face was round, angelic, and she could have been a candidate for Miss Teenage America. Yes, Suzanne had it all.

Her smooth golden-brown legs tapered beautifully and were encased in red knee socks, and she had on white tennis shoes. Her hair was tight to her head and tied into two delightful ponytails that bobbed at the sides of her head. Her adorable, round face was shining like an angel. She had on a wine blush that made her cheeks glow. Her pouting, thick lips were glossed thickly with a pink lipstick. Her lake blue eyes and fine nose set off her beautiful face.

Her skirt swirled around her magnificent ass as she walked, and she was aware of the fuck hot stares the boys were giving her. She liked the way they drooled over her.

It gave her a sense of power.

I could probably get them to do anything I wanted them to do, she thought, and she had to stifle a sweet smile.

She felt this was the day she might get Mr. Holiday to bend her way. She shivered at the thought of his rugged handsomeness, and the way he looked so much like Robert Redford. It puzzled her that all the other teachers wanted to look at her, wanted to play with her, but Mr. Holiday wouldn't give her a turn.

He seemed so intent upon his teaching, so upright, so strong, so moral. Oh, God, how she wanted to kiss him. To have him hold her would be totally insane. Totally awesome.

It's not unusual for a schoolgirl to have a crush on her teacher, and certainly all the girls at Jefferson desired Mr. Holiday, but Suzy's desire was not so much infatuation as fantasy of having the older man love her, adore her, and take care of her.

Suzy had never had a father. Her mother had become pregnant and refused to marry, so Suzy came into the world fatherless.

Perhaps he was a father-image to her, but beyond that she was taken by his handsome good looks, his All-American physique, and actually everything about him.

She knew she was the most beautiful girl in school; she knew also that she had developed very well for a teenager, and had all the assets of a young woman, especially her ripe, young tits, and her well-curved ass.

She sat in his class later that morning trying to gain his attention. Mr. Holiday lectured about Stephen Crane's short stories.

"His tender, touching story of Maggie, Girl of the Streets, is about a young waif caught in the New York slums who had a battering mother, a drunken father; a victim of fear, environment and social values of the lower class."

Mr. Holiday leaned against his desk. He wore a brown tweed jacket, a blue buttoned-down shirt, tight jeans, and a pair of brown loafers. His tie was loose.

Suzy shifted in her little desk, and let her skirt ride high on her smooth, tanned thighs, hoping the teacher would see how delicious she could look.

She leaned back in her desk to stifle a fake yawn and her big, round tits splashed suggestively against her tight, white vest. Still Mr. Holiday gave her no notice.

Suzy crossed her legs, hoping maybe he would glance up there, see her bright powder-blue bloomers, and get an eyeful of her charms.


She knew one thing that would get him. He was dead against chewing gum. He thought it ill-mannered. She had a good wad of bubble gum in her mouth and pretending she had forgotten, she blew out a sweet pink bubble, her juicy lips puckered provocatively.

This indeed caught Mr. Holiday's attention. He reprimanded her in front of the class, then as the bell rang, he asked her to stay for a moment.

When everyone had left, he closed the door. "I've made it very clear that you are not to chew gum in my class, Miss Kent."

"I'm ever so sorry, sir... I completely forgot."

"See that it doesn't happen again, will you?"


They looked at each other for a moment. She trembled all over from being alone with him, and from having his eyes on her. She smiled demurely.

"I wonder if you could go over Shakespeare's Hamlet with me, sir. I just don't think I really understand the play-within-a-play concept."

"You may come to my office after school this afternoon."

Suzy was excited about the opportunity to be with the handsome teacher alone in his office, and just before the time came to meet with him, she went to the girls' room. She blushed her cheeks with a dark wine rouge and painted her lips again with a thick, luscious, pink lip-gloss. She combed out her long, honey-blonde hair.

She knocked on his door.

"Come in."

She entered, splendid in her black mini, the tight pink sweater, the white heels. Her big tits bobbed sexily in the sweater.

She smiled.

Mr. Holiday was sitting at his desk. "You wanted to discuss Hamlet, Miss Kent."

Oh how she loved this older man. At least she thought she loved him. There was something about him, and his proud, cool demeanor, his incredible mature handsomeness, his whole being, that simply turned her on.

"Yes, I really don't know if I understand the play within the play, sir."

She put her purse on the floor, bending over, her back to him as she did so. The little black skirt pulled in crisply on her wonderful, young ass. Mr. Holiday could see the lines of her panties arching against the skirt.

He motioned her into a chair next to his desk, then pulled his closer to hers. They sat almost side by side in back of his desk.

Mr. Holiday could not help but smell the delicious scent of Suzy's perfume, a generous dose of Taboo that she had applied. Suzy could also sniff the manly aroma of his Old Spice aftershave, which she liked very much. It made her tremble to be so near the handsome teacher.

"The play within the play, what we call the mousetrap is just that, Suzanne... a trap Hamlet devised to trap his conniving uncle, who had killed his father and married his mother."

Suzy moved closer to him so that she could peer at the text he had spread before them on the desk. Her thigh touched his.

"Hamlet wanted to make his uncle squirm a bit, by letting him know that he was aware that the uncle had killed his father, the King, then married his mother only to become the new king."

"Oh, I get it." Suzy turned to smile at him, and one of her big tits rubbed against Mr. Holiday's arm. The firm, round 36B's pushed beautifully against the thin pink sweater. They were fabulous tits, but not too big for her splendid, luscious body.

Mr. Holiday gazed into her blue eyes, her lovely, young face, noticing the sparkle of her face, her apple-red cheeks, her pink, wet pouty lips.

She turned so that her tits moved away from his arm, but the electricity that passed between them was still vibrating, and her thigh was still mashed to his.

"Good," he said, "we'll be having a test on it."

"Thank you so much for explaining it to me, sir," Suzy said.

They sat there together for a silent moment.

"Well," he said, "will that be all then?"

Suzy then noticed the swelling in Mr. Holiday's jeans. Her eyes widened at the strength of the erection that pushed up against the tight denim.

He wanted to stand up and excuse her, but he knew this would certainly draw her attention to his big hard-on. Suzy kept looking at the bulge in his jeans, then she looked up at him, smiled coyly, and their eyes met in a flicker of passion.

"You may leave, Miss Kent," he said.

He's so handsome, Suzy thought. I'll never get a chance to be this close to him again. What should I do?

Her mind turned over all kinds of possibilities. Suddenly she said, "Would you like to kiss me, sir?"

"Please, Suzanne, don't get out of line."


"That wouldn't be right at all," he said. "Why?"

"Well, because you are my student, and you shouldn't ever think about something like that."

"Like kissing?"

"Yes, ah..."

"But what's wrong with a kiss, sir?" She moved closer to him, their bodies alive and sizzling now with the excitement of the situation.

"Well, I just couldn't do that, Suzanne," he whispered, "it wouldn't be right... I mean you are a student, I'm the teacher, and besides, I'm forty-three years old."

"You can kiss me," Suzy said. "I'll bet you really wanna, don't you... I won't tell anyone, I promise."

He hesitated. It was certainly an invitation that intrigued him. Of course he wanted to kiss her. Who wouldn't have wanted to kiss such a lovely, sexy young lady?

Suzy turned her face up to him and offered her lips. He couldn't resist.

"If you promise not to tell," he whispered, and his lips met hers in a light kiss.

Suzy trembled. His lips were open, and they were so soft, so nice. He gave a thrill to her with his manly kiss. His tongue licked slowly, lewdly over her puckered lips, then he put his arm around her shoulders, pulled her against him, and their lips mashed harder in a wild, wet, French kiss.

Suzy's tits pressed against his chest. His other hand went around her waist, and he felt the thinness of her belly, the lush soft slope of her hip.

His cock thumped wildly in his jeans. Suzy, puckered and hot, put an arm around his shoulders, and her other hand lay lightly on his thigh.

They broke the kiss, both gasping for breath.

Suzy's hand slid into the crotch of his jeans, and lingered there on the huge, banana bulge of his stiff cock.

"You sweet, marvelous, darling," Mr. Holiday murmured.

"Oh, sir," Suzy whimpered.

His hand went to her tits, and he cupped them lightly, feeling the beautiful roundness, the firm hardness, and the beauty of their teenaged ripeness.

Suzy squeezed on his stiff cock. A swoop of thrilling excitement swept through her body. It's so darn big, she thought to herself, as her hand clutched on the cockstalk though his tight jeans.

Mr. Holiday continued to fondle her tits, playing with them and inspecting them as if they were expensive jewels he was intending to purchase.

He dropped one hand and slid it up her tanned thigh, up under her skirt, lifting the littie black mini as he pushed upward until his fingers were touching her inner thighs. Then he plunged his hand into her panties.

"Ahhhhhh," Suzy sighed.

"Oh, my dear," Mr. Holiday whispered.

He lifted her skirt now, over her waist to reveal a sweet pair of ice-blue panties that were scrunched up at the crotch and bulged into a muffin by her dear little, honey-blonde cunt.

"Oooooh," Suzy whimpered.

"Oh, Suzanne, we shouldn't be doing this," Mr. Holiday muttered.

"But I like you so much, sir, besides... I won't say anything. I won't tell."

Her hand rubbed on the hard erection, as she continued, to seduce her handsome teacher, and to torture him with her young beauty and her classic teenage charm.

"I could lose my job. Do you understand that?" he said.

"I know, sir, but you won't."

"Oh, God!" he whispered in a hush of passion.

"We can just play like this, and it won't hurt anything," Suzy sighed.

He was torn between continuing with Suzy and calling it all off immediately, but he couldn't resist her luscious body in his hands, her darling face, and her sweet smell. He was hers.

He rubbed his fingers into her soft pussy, feeling the wetness seep through the thin nylon onto his fingertips. Suzy began to toy with his fly, unzipping it down ever so slowly.

He stood up, puffing her with him, leaned back against the desk, pushed into her, held her tight, and kissed her wildly, his hands fanning out behind her on her lovely ass.

Suzy felt the incredible hardness of his cock pressed into her belly. She rubbed her wet pussy on his thigh. He lifted her skirt again and held it up around her waist where it stayed by itself, because it was so tight. He plunged his hands into her panties and felt the smooth, slick curve of her, naked ass.

"Mmmmmmm," he mumbled.

They kissed for an indeterminable time, both enjoying the luxury of their passion, and he slicked his tongue into the bubbling recesses of her mouth, tasting the sweet bubble-gum.

"Should I take your jeans down, sir?" Suzy asked, unbuckling the button, letting them flap open. He wore no shorts and as the jeans crinkled downward his immense prick flapped out.

"God," Suzy gasped, looking down, seeing the most handsome prick a young girl could possibly see.

"Ahhhhh, gee! Oh, sir!"

His jeans fell to his knees. His cock stood out a foot long. Suzy could not take her eyes off the fantastic erection which was round, thick as a flashlight, hard as iron, and so damn long that it amazed and frightened her.

The knob-head of his huge prick was dripping and glistening with thick cream. The cock stood out proud, long, and throbbing like a wild fish on a hook.

Suzy could not take her eyes from this new fascination. A man's prick... a real live, hard prick... and she loved the sight of it so hard and long, so alive for her.

She stood a couple of feet away from him, her skirt fluffed up on her waist and her blue, honey-packed panties snug to her hips and pussy.

The teacher and student stood and admired each other, then their eyes met.

"Should I hold your cock, sir?" Suzy asked.

"Yes, yes," he puffed hotly, then reached out, rubbed his hand into her panties, caressing her cunt through the blue nylon. He dunked down into her panties, felt the wiry, little blonde coils of cunt hair massed there, then slicked his finger up and down the wet, sticky cunt slit.

Suzy grasped his prick in her little hand. Oh, how she loved the feel of that big, squirting prick, the hard smoothness of the pulsing cockstalk, the immense love it radiated to her hand. She squeezed lightly, then harder, and watched cum spit from the cockhead.

He fingered into her cunt, slicked in and out, and gave her a soft finger-fuck.

"We shouldn't do this," he whimpered.

"I know," she panted.

Then they kissed wildly. Their lips met in a hot, wet kiss as their hands continued to work magic down below, on his cock and in her cunt.

"Oh, God," he huffed, then turned her around, and again he sat down in his chair.

"I want you to stand in front of me," he said. Quickly, he doffed his jeans and sat with his cock standing up hard like an iron bar. Suzy gazed at it, loving the way it spurted juice that flew from the head and spit high into the air.

"Take your skirt off," he said.

Suzy unbuttoned the skirt at the side, zipped it down and let it fall at her feet. She stood in adorable beauty before him in her blue panties, pink sweater, and white high heels.

"You're wonderful," Mr. Holiday whispered hotly, his eyes glazing over her marvelous, young body.

"Your prick is so big, Mr. Holiday. How big is it?" Suzy whispered, and turned to the desk, brought back a ruler, bent down and placed the wooden measuring tool along the stalk of his throbbing cock.

"Oh, wow!" she gasped. "Sir, it's over ten inches."

He smiled proudly, then reached up and tugged her panties down around her thighs. He kissed her thighs, licked his tongue off and over the smoothness of her legs, then muffed his face into her golden cunt. He kissed her cunt lovingly.

"Ahhhhhh, jeeeezzz," Suzy muttered.

"Mmmmm," the teacher gurgled.

His hands fanned behind her and he clutched the darling cheeks of her splendid ass.

"Sir, sir," she whimpered, "you're lickin' me down there, oh."

He certainly was. His tongue was long, wet and sleek. He flapped it against the delicious softness of Suzy's sweet pussy, licking up and down the slick slit, in big slow laps that thrilled the young girl who had never experienced anything that had felt so good as her teacher doing what he was doing.

Mr. Holiday felt guilty, but hadn't she asked for this? Isn't this what the beautiful girl wanted? He'd tried to resist her. He did his best, but now he was in a swoon of delight as he clutched her fine ass in his hands and licked her pussy.

Her panties fell slowly down her legs, around her knees, then fluffed out at her feet. She stepped out of then, spread her legs a little, planted her feet wide apart, then pushed her hips at her teacher's gaping tongue.

He found her clit and wildly wiggled his tongue at it.

"Oh! Oh!" Suzy gasped loudly. "Oh! Ohhhhh!"

His fingers pinched the pliant cheeks of her incredibly smooth, glass-like ass.

His tongue twiddled and tickled Suzy's clit, sending sizzling tingles of sheer delight through her entire body. She never knew she could feel so wonderful.

"Oh, sir," she sighed longingly, lovingly, looking down, her chin tucked into her collarbone as she watched Mr. Holiday's long, pink tongue fuck at her pussy.

She placed her hands on his shoulders for balance, because suddenly her knees were weak, her whole body was shuddering, and then she came.

The ripple of climax started slowly as his tongue massaged her hard, little clit.

"Ah... ahhhhh!" she cried.

The climax picked up steam and took control of her, making her shudder wildly, her entire being consumed by the fabulous feeling of her orgasm.

She pushed her wonderful pussy at Mr. Holiday's dog-lapping tongue. He opened his mouth wide and sucked her whole cunt into it, then nibbled her clit as he sucked her cunt.

"Ohhhhhh!" she yelped. "Ohhhhhhh, sir! Sir! Whooooooooo!"

She came, and she came, and she came, and she loved every second of the tingling thrill.

"Mmmmmmmm, mmmmmm," the teacher muttered, as he chewed, tickled, and sucked her cunt.

She was pulled over, jerked at the waist as her climax gripped her. She rode out the magnificent feeling, delighted and thrilled with the divine rapture that flied her.

"Mmmm, mmmmm, phew," she sighed, coming down from that heavenly cloud that had magically taken her to a new plateau of ecstasy.

She shook all over. Her whole body tingled in the afterglow of the beautiful orgasm. She fell back against the desk. Mr. Holiday sat back in the chair, huffing and puffing, his horse-cock still sticking up, but now big streams of thick, white cream had spilled out down the long cockstalk so that it looked like an ice cream cone that was melting in a hot summer sun.

"Sir, you made me feel soooooo good," Suzy whimpered, barely able to speak, she was trembling so badly.

"You're not going to tell anyone about this are you?"

"Oh, no, never, sir."


Suzy stood staring at the immense prick that was all covered with gooey cum. Mr. Holiday looked up at her flushed face, her lovely face, her beautiful face.

She stood sexily in her tight sweater and her white high heels. He reached up, took her sweater and peeled it back to reveal a little blue bra that bulged with her tits. He cupped into it and withdrew her tits, set them up over the top of the bra, then leaned up to them and sucked.

"Mmmmmmm, oh, oh..." Suzy's voice trailed off weakly.

He half stood as he kissed and sucked her big tits, and as he did his squirting cock was pressed into Suzy's stomach. She was so weak she almost fainted. He could tell she had had enough. He sat back down.

"Now you lick my prick," he whispered.

Suzy fell to her knees between his spread legs. She put her hands on his hairy thighs, licked in and flicked her tongue out, then looked up at Mr. Holiday.

He waited in excited anticipation.

His mouth hung open; wrinkles of passion creased his forehead. His eyes flashed passion. Suzy liked the look on his face. It thrilled her.

She leaned down, moved one hand off his thigh and clutched it around the base of the huge prick stick. She pulled it back, manipulating it like a gear shift. She had it sticking straight up. The big cock was covered with thick, white jizz.

"I've never done this before," Suzy whispered.

"Just kiss and lick on it," Mr. Holiday panted, sweat popping up in beads of delight on his forehead.

Suzy glanced up at him again, then looked at the creamy cock, her tongue still lolling out on her lower lip. Then she swirled her neat little tongue off the top of his cock, licking away a gooey gob of cum.

"Oh, Suz... Suzanne," Mr. Holiday moaned gleefully.

She swirled her tongue over the top of the cockhead, licked around the huge apple-like head, and then planted a sweet kiss right on the tip of his throbbing prick.

"Ah, ohhhh," the teacher panted.

She kissed his cock with open, puckered lips. They sealed on the top of his prick, and her cheeks caved in. Mr. Holiday reached down and pushed her hair back to one side.

Suzy ran her tongue down along the mammoth prick, licking and eating off the dripping cum. She was thrilled to hold his cock in her hand, to lick at his towering hard-on.

"Oh, Suzanne, sweet darling," Mr. Holiday whispered, sliding down in his chair, pushing his cock higher.

"Do you like this, sir?"

"Oh, yes, yes," he panted.

"Should I kiss and lick it some more?"

"Please, please don't stop, honey," he groaned.

She was kissing down along the cockstalk, all over his prick, licking and drawing her tongue up and down the side of the prick stick in long, sweeping strokes.

"Oh, yeah, yes... oh, Suzy!"

Suzy took her other hand and cupped his huge balls, squeezed them, and wiggled her tongue all over the ten-inch prick.

"Suck my cock," he whispered.

"I don't know how, sir."

"Just suck it like it's a popsicle, darling." Suzy pulled up, then opened her mouth, sealing her pink lips which were now dripping with cum, around the top of his prick. She began sucking, dipping deeper on him, getting all of his cockhead in her warm, wet mouth.

"Ah, ohhhhhh!" Mr. Holiday whimpered.

Her cheeks caved in, like little indented dimples. She sucked beautifully on his prick. He was in a divine swoon, feeling so damn lucky to have this beautiful girl sucking his cock.

"Darling," he murmured. "You sweet sucking, darling."

Sixty liked it when he talked like this to her, and she sucked harder to please him.

Suzy slicked her pink lips up and off the towering prick. Her mouth was caked with thick, bubbly cum. She looked up at her teacher.

"Am I doin' it right, sir?" she whispered. "Oh, yes, yes... Suzy," he muttered hotly. "You're doing it... your suckin' my prick fabulously."

She swiped her tongue off the top of his cock again, licked away the squirting cum, and caught a gob on her cheek as it spewed from the big bulb.

She scaled her lips over the tip, sucking and kissing. Mr. Holiday knew he was going to cum. He didn't know if he should cum in her mouth or not, he didn't want to upset the sweet darling.

Suzy kept her mouth on the top of his cock, and she held the base of it with one hand, while her other hand gently massaged his massive balls.

"You're gonna make me cum, darling," he whined.

Suzy looked up at him quizzically. She pulled off his prick.

"You're gonna make me feel like you felt a while ago, when I sucked your pussy."

"Oh, yeah... that was wonderful, Mr. Holiday... you gonna feel like that now?"

"I'm gonna squirt off. Jerk on my cock for me."

"I don't know how, sir."

"Like this," he said, grabbing his cock, and beginning a slow pump.

Suzy eyed this action in wonderment. "Wow!" she whispered hotly.

"You're masturbating, huh, sir?"

"Yes... and you can do it for me so that I feel real good, and so that I shoot off."

His hand made slick gooey sounds as he pumped his prick.

"Wow... jeez, sir... that looks good, what you're doin'," Suzy gulped.

He pumped faster. "You do it for me," he panted.

Suzy clutched both hands on his huge prick; she began as slow as she could, then picked up speed once she got the hang of it, pumped harder, faster. Then it happened.

"Oh, Suzy!" he screeched.

His prick sprayed. Big streams of cream spewed from the cockhead.

"Oooofffff," Suzy huffed. "Ah, here it goes!"

"Ah, oooooohhhhh, Suzanne!" he gasped. The steady spray of cream splashed all over Suzy's chin, her pink lips, her cheeks, her pink sweater, her blue bra, her tits, and she was soaked with his generous load.

She jerked faster now, her hands slick with cream so that they glided effortlessly up and down the incredibly big cock. She squeezed as she jerked, and his prick squirted even more jizz at her.

"Whew... wow!" she exclaimed, her eyes glued to the eruption of cream shooting from the big prick.

"Oh, baby... honey!" Mr. Holiday gulped.

"Golly, sir, it's just shootin' all over... are you feelin' good?"

"Yes. Yes I am!" he moaned. "So good, Suzy. So damn good!"

Suzy milked him dry, milked him until the last tear of cum dribbled out of the ripe cockhead and spilled down onto her white caked hands.

"Oh," Mr. Holiday sighed, falling limp in the chair, his breath gulping in short steamy jerks.

Suzy kept a clutched grip on his cock, felt it soften in her little hands, and she loved the seeming power she held over her teacher.

"That was really something, sir," she whispered. "I've never seen anything like that before."

"Did you like it, Suzy?"

"Yeah. Wow, when you get that feeling it just shoots all over, doesn't it?"

"Yes it does."

"Wow! I got gooey stuff all over me."

"There's a box of Kleenex on the desk, dear." Suzy stood up and pulled out several Kleenex and cleaned the creamy goo from her tits, her stomach and off her bra. She dabbed at the big chunks of cum on her sweater, and then she wiped all the jizz from her beautiful, young face.

Mr. Holiday watched her, appreciating her lithe body, so fine, with not an ounce of fat. She was so luscious and curvy at the hips, and he loved the way her teen tits sat so pointed and proud.

He marveled at her sweet cunt, with the honey-blonde patch of hair carpeted between her legs. Her legs -- so well-tapered, so tanned and smooth.

Mr. Holiday fondled his softening cock as he watched her. Suzy looked down and saw him playing with himself, and it excited her.

Her pink sweater had fallen back down over her tits and tummy, and she had stooped down and picked up her little blue panties. She stood there holding the panties, naked in her white heels up to the sweater, her eyes gazing on Mr. Holiday as he fondled his prick, and played it into another erection.

"It's hard like a bone again, sir," she commented sweetly.

He smiled. "Hard for you, Suzanne."

"For me?"


"Wow, I like it up like that, Mr. Holiday... it's so, so... well..."

"So what?"

"So huge, sir. Are they all that big?"

"No, my dear, they're all different sizes. Haven't you ever seen a prick before?"


"Do you like it?" he said, his hand gripping the cockstalk midway, pumping slowly on the thick prick stick.

"Yes, I do. I like when you play with your prick like that, sir," she whispered, her eyes still hot on the slow herky-jerky Mr. Holiday was giving his cock.

"You do, huh?"

"Yeah," she murmured, a tremble of delight shivering through her fine body.

"And you've never been fucked, Suzy?"

"Well, sometime perhaps we can fuck. Would you like that?"

"I think so, sir... but isn't it too big to put in my pussy?" she said.

"Well, there are all kinds of ways to fuck, Sue... would you like me to finger-fuck you?"

"Ooooooh, wow... I guess I would... would you?"

"If you won't tell anyone about it... you must never tell anyone about any of this, Suzy."

"Oh, I won't."

"Then step over here closer."

Suzy moved to his chair and stood by the side of it, standing beautifully over him.

Mr. Holiday pumped his cock with his right hand, stuck out his left hand and fingered into her cunt, slicking a finger in and out in a slow fucking.

"I'm fingerin' you," he said.

"And masturbatin' yourself, too," Suzy commented, still watching him jack his prick.

"You like that don't you?"

"I like you playin with your cock, yes... that looks good... and I like you fingerin' me too."

"Do you finger-fuck yourself a lot, Suzy?"

"I'm not gonna tell," She smiled mischievously, but of course she had, and as she stood there watching Holiday jerk on his prick, she thought about all the times she had diddled her pussy while she thought of the handsome teacher.

"I'll bet you do," he teased.

"For me to know and you to find out," she retorted. "Bet you do, though."


"Sure, bet you masturbate, huh?" she teased. "You're such a devil." He smiled. His hand worked magic on her sweet cunt, fingering in and out with a good solid stroke, and all the while, his other hand danced on his cock.

"Have you ever done it thinking of me, sir?" Suzy whispered.

He didn't answer.

Suzy watched him jack, and she was thrilled by the sight of his hand pumping on his huge cock, the way his wrist moved so easily.

"That's what you're doin' now, isn't it? You're masturbatin' to me, huh?"

"I'm jerkin' to you," he panted.

"I love it," she sighed. "You're jerkin' to me."


"I never had anyone jerk tome before, sir."

"Of course you have."

"No I haven't."

"You just don't know... think of all the young boys who must beat off to you all the time. I'll bet they even go down to the men's room between classes and jack-off to you."

"Phew, you think... you really think so, sir?"

"Of course."


His hand-job action was making slurping, slick, juicy sounds now, and this heightened Suzy's excitement in seeing him pumping the big, super-duper prick.

His hand slicked her cunt, finger-fucking in and out with a sureness, a precious precision, and Suzy stood with her legs apart, her hips pushed forward.

"I'll bet you do finger yourself a lot, huh?" he whispered.

"Yeah, like this," she said, and swatted his hand away from her pussy. She backed up and leaned against his desk, set her legs apart, stuck her hand down between her legs and began jerking, fingering her pretty, little pussy.

"Oh, Suzy!" Mr. Holiday gulped. "Yeah, like that... yeah, that's the way, darling."

"You like it, huh?" she purred.

"I love it!" he cried.

Mr. Holiday delighted in the sight of the beautiful girl standing before him in all her splendor, her pouting lips open slightly, her tongue lolling on the lower lip, her hand juicing her cunt.

Suzy was in ecstasy, making herself feel so very good while she watched her teacher jerk wildly on his big prick.

"Faster, sir," she whispered, "I wanna see you go faster."

He hummed his hand, his thumb sticking out in a hitch-hike fashion, his wet fist a blur.

Although she had never indulged in this type of activity before, she had dreamed of it, and it met all her fantastic expectations.

"Go faster, sir," she barked.

He pumped as fast as he could possibly pump. Suzy fingered her pussy faster, too.

"That looks good," she whispered, her entire body tingling with excitement and pleasure.

"You, too!" he yelped.

"Oh, sir!" she exclaimed gleefully. "You're masturbatin' to me."

"Damn right," he huffed, "and it's not the first time."

"You've done it to me before?"

"Yes," he admitted guiltily. "Oh, I'm so glad, Mr. Holiday. I'm so glad."

"And you?"

"Oh, you know I have. I've thought about you hundreds of times while I've played with my pussy."

"Darling!" he cried. "Oh, Mister..."

Then she got that feeling again, just as Holiday's big cock bulged and spit out a volcanic load of cum. Big jets of cream speared upward, spiraling high at Suzy and splattering at her little white high heels. A big bog of cum splattered right on the toe of one heel.

"Suzy!" he screeched. "I'm gettin' it to you!"

"Me, too... oh, sir... shoot it, shoot it!"

"I'm shootin' my wad."

"Well, shoot your wad!" Suzy yelled at him, her body stiff as an ironing board while the tingle of her climax vibrated through her, giving her such a delicious feeling she thought she might faint.

"Finger your pussy," he whimpered.

Big hunks of cum spewed from the huge cock. A gob of jizz flew high and splashed on Suzy's belly, then it dripped and dribbled downward into her patch of honey-blonde cunt hair.

"Jerk to me!" she babbled. "Keep shootin'... I like you shootin'... like you pumpin' on your prick, sir," she said, her words trailing off in passionate shivers of steam.

The final bell rang.

"Oh, my sweet dear," Mr. Holiday whispered, falling back in his chair. "That was wonderful."

"Yeah," she said.

"Don't forget... you're not to tell a soul."

"I won't sir... ever!"


Mr. Holiday's office was drenched with the two huge explosions of cum-cream he had spewed out. Suzy picked up her pretty little blue panties which had fallen to the floor. They were soaked with jizz.

She slipped them on and pulled her tiny black skirt down, patting the crinkles down around her hips. "May I come back soon?"

"Do you want to?"

"Yes," she said quickly.

"Oh, but my darling dear... it's so dangerous," he protested, now having second thoughts.

"I said I wouldn't tell."

Mr. Holiday stood up, pulled on his jeans, straightened his tic, and put his tweed coat back an. "You like fantasy, don't you?"


"You know... what we talked about... all those boys in the boys' room."

"Yeah, I like that," she said.

"Do you have any fantasies you haven't told me about?"

"Sure," she answered. "Tell me one."

"Really, you wanna hear?"


"Well, I have this fantasy of some man coming to the football game, watching me cheerlead, and masturbatin' while he looks at me."

"Oh, you are a darling tart, aren't you?"

"A what?"

"A sweetheart. See my window here in the office? I can look right down on the football field."

"Oh, God, really?"

She went to the window and peered out.

"See?" he said.

"Yeah, you can see right down over the bleachers to the field..."

"Next game I'll be up here in the window watchin' you, Suzy."

"Oooooooh," she whistled. "Really? Would you?"

"Darn right I will."

"We have a game in four days, sir. I'll be lookin' up to see if you're here."

"You can count on it, darling."

He came to her, took her in his arms, and kissed her hotly. Their lips were hot, her breath was sweet. His tongue snaked into her mouth and his hands grabbed at her fine school girl ass.

His prick got hard again and thumped against her. She felt a swoop of pleasure in her belly again, just having him hard and excited all over.

He slid her skirt up and caressed her pantied ass.

"You have such a beautiful ass, Suzy," he whispered.

"You think so?"

"Oh, I know so."

"You're really pinchin' it."

"I love it, that's why I think your ass is a work of art."

He stuck his hands down in her panties and felt her ass cheeks, cupping the smooth bald cheeks.

"Mmmmmm," he murmured, pulling her panties down to her thighs, exposing her ass.

He turned her around and admired her ass. She stood for him with her skirt up again on her waist, her blue panties a straight line on her thighs, her curvy ass a monument of beauty.

"Oh, my," he commented in a hot whisper. "I wish we had some more time, so I could show you how much I admire your ass, Suzy."

"Don't we have time?" she asked urgently.

"I have a meeting, a faculty meeting."

"Can't you skip it?"

He fondled her ass and cupped it with his manly hands. "Oh, how I would like to skip it and adore your ass, but I can't."

"Do you really like my ass that much?"

He fell to his knees behind her. His tongue slashed out and he licked all over the fine, smooth, round, ass cheeks.

"I worship your ass, baby," he puffed lewdly.

"Yikes, sir... jeez! You're... you're..." He was raining tiny love kisses all over her magnificent ass.

"You're kissin' my ass!" she cried. "Oh, wow! I never even thought of that."

His tongue swirled over her ass, licking every delicious inch of the rounded curves, the perfectly sculptured behind.

"Ah! Oh! I jeez, Mr. Holiday... oh, oh... God, I wanna scream!" Suzy yelped.

He put both his hands on the cheeks of her ass, clutched the rounded curves, spread them, then slicked his' tongue into the furry crack, waddled the tip of it up and down, up and down, up and down.

"Ah! Oh, shezzzzzz! Ah, shit! Oh, no! Sir! Whew! Oh, jeez!" Suzy moaned joyously.

Suzy bent over and gave him a good target. She put her hands on her knees, bent them and wiggled her fine teen ass back at the lapping teacher.

"This is real love, Suzy," he whispered in a muffled, tongue-tied whimper.

"Real love!" she echoed. "Oh, love... yes. Oh, sir. I never thought about anything like this. Jeez. It's... it's really neat and stuff... and I, well..."

Her words trailed off as she simply let her teacher lick up and down the crack of her ass, enjoying the incredible feeling of pleasure that it gave, her.

"I love your ass, Suzy!" Mr. Holiday barked. She had never heard such words... such lovely, obscene, but beautiful words. She shuddered with glee, with joy, with pleasure, and his tongue wiggled in a wild wobble up and down the delicious crack of her ass, giving her a new feeling of ecstasy she had never thought possible.

Then he sent his wild tongue right at her ass-bud.

"Oh, shit!" she cried.

And she had never ever said the word shit before, but that's what came out of her sweet, little mouth.

"Oh, shit, sir!"

"Shit, yeah," Mr. Holiday burbled.

"My shitter... you're ticklin' my shitter with your tongue, Mr. Holiday. You are really makin' me feel..."

And again her words trailed off in a passionate hush.

A knock came at his door.

"Mac, are you coming to the faculty meeting?" a voice called.

Immediately he withdrew his torch-tongue from Suzy's ass.

"Oh, God. I gotta go," he said. "You stay here until I leave, then slip out."

He got up, straightened his clothes, and headed for the door. He turned and looked at Suzy.

She was still bent over, her hands on her knees, her skirt up, her panties in a twist on her thighs.

"Do you have to?" she pleaded.


"Oh, wow, sir. That was... it was..."

"Was what?"

"It was the best," she whimpered.

"We'll do it again sometime," he said, and slipped out of the office, leaving the darling Suzy standing there in the middle of his office, her ass bared.

"Oh, I love him," she whispered, then stuck her hand down between her legs and slicked a finger into her spritzing pussy.


Suzy was talking and walking with her friend, Leslie Dawson. Leslie was a senior at Jefferson High who had dark-brown hair. She was a cute slip of a girl, very lithe, thin, but tight and well-packed. She had a tiny waist, a sweet little ass, and tits that pushed out like plums at the white camisole she wore. Her faded jeans were tight and enhanced her fine body. She had a square-cut face with tight, tanned skin with freckles about the nose and on her cheeks.

Leslie wore her hair in a sweeping ponytail with bangs on her forehead.

Suzy wore a tight red sweater with short sleeves that was alluringly full of her big tits. Her own jeans were faded to a very light blue and she looked as though she had been sucked into them.

"Come on," Leslie said. "I know you were with him. You stayed in his office a long time. I saw you go in and I waited down the hall for almost an hour."

They went down a flight of stairs to the girls' room.

"I just had some questions about Hamlet that he was helping me with," Suzy answered, determined to keep her secret.

"Oh, come on. You can tell me. I won't squeal."

"You promise you won't say anything, Leslie?"

"I promise."

They went into a toilet stall, and Leslie locked the door. "Come on, tell me."

"Well, he showed me his prick and, stuff."

"Oh, God! He didn't!" Leslie whispered. "Yeah and he kissed my pussy."

"Shit!" Leslie exclaimed, unbuttoning her jeans, tugging them down below her knees. She had on a sheer pair of white, nylon panties. She yanked them down and sat on the black toilet seat. Her little brown pussy was carpeted with thick coffee-colored coils of teenage fuzz.

"He showed you his prick and kissed your pussy?"



"Yeah, and it was really big, too. Really big."

"Almost eleven inches."

"Aw, come on, Suzy, you gotta be kiddin' me!"

"No, I measured it, and I was readin' in Dr. Ruth's column this morning that the average male penis is only five and a half inches long."

"You measured it?" Leslie puffed, sticking her finger in her little pussy. She started a slow jerk.

"You gonna masturbate, Leslie?"

"Yeah, you?"

"Sure," Suzy said, and slid her tight jeans down to reveal a pair of pussy-packed pink panties. She stuck her hand inside her undies and twiddled her finger along the slit of her cunt.

"How did you measure it?" Leslie asked. "With a ruler he had on his desk."

"Oh, shit... I've always wanted to do that, and I did once with my cousin, Duane. He's got a big one, too."

"Duane? He's in my history class."

"Yeah, I know. He's got a real big prick, too."

"How big?" Suzy asked.

"Not as big as Mr. Holiday's, but he's got over eight inches."

"Wow, really? Duane?"

"Yeah. What else did you and Mr. Holiday do?" Leslie asked, sliding down on the toilet seat, pushing her pussy up to her punching finger.

"He sucked me, and I sucked him... and he shot off, really blasted out a bunch of cream all over me."

"Oh, shit. I love it. He came on you?"

Suzy leaned against the stall door, her hand jiggling inside her pink panties, knuckling out the crotch as she finger-fucked her pussy.

"You sucked his big prick?" Leslie whispered. "Oh, shit, I wish I coulda seen you do that."

"Yeah, and he sucked my cunt and made me climax."

"Oh, Suzy! God!"

"Then you know what he did?"

"No, tell me."

"He stuck his tongue up my shithole."

"Eeeeeoooowww!" Leslie yelped. "Ahhhh, fuck! He did not!"

"Yes he did."

"Up your shitter?"


"Oh, fuck! Right up your shitter?"

"Yes, and it felt real good, Leslie."

"Oh, shit. I'm gonna cum, Suzy," Leslie huffed, pushing her hips high off the toilet seat.

Both girls fucked their pussies with their fingers there in the toilet stall, both experiencing the wonderful feeling of orgasm together.

When they finished, they pulled on their jeans and Suzy said. "Really, has Duane got that big of a cock?"

"Sure, ask him to show it to you. He will if you'll show him your pussy. We do it all the time," Leslie smiled.

"Will you tell him I'm gonna ask?" Suzy said.


"Have you and Duane ever done it?"

"No, but we've played around and stuff."

History class was being taught by Miss Nancy Peterson, a student teacher on leave from her college. She was quite stunning. She had very long auburn hair. Nancy had a body to match, too-luscious, curved hips, a full round ass, long tapered legs, and her tits splashed against a yellow sweater like a couple of big softballs.

She leaned back against her desk as she stood in front of the class. Her short black skirt pulled tight on her thighs and the class could see the garter straps outlined against the skirt.

She had on white high heels.

Suzy looked down at Duane. He was cute, she thought. He had a punkish crew cut, and he was tall.

She wrote him a note, asking him if he would stay after class with her.

She handed it to the girl next to her and she gave it to Duane. He read it and nodded.

The class bell sounded. The boys and girls filed out, and Miss Peterson gathered her lecture notes and left. Duane sat at his desk. Suzy fiddled with her purse until the room emptied.

Suzy wore a sweet little denim, blue skirt that hemmed out six inches above her knees and a dark blue sweater. Her honey-blonde hair was swept back on the sides and held there with white barrettes. Then she had it bobbed into a ponytail that curved up and fell down on her shoulders.

Her beautiful round face was lightly touched with a wine-colored blush, and her lips were bright red with fresh lipstick.

She came over and stood in front of Duane. "Well, did Leslie tell you?"

"Uh-huh," he said, blushing.


"If you let me see yours first," he said.

"All right," Suzy said.

She lifted the hem of her skirt and revealed tight pink panties. She smiled at Duane as his eyes widened, and she saw his prick rising to a thumping teenage hard-on. Once she had the skirt up on her waist, she thumbed her panties and tugged them down on her thighs baring her pretty pussy for the excited boy.

"There," she said.

Duane bit his lower lip and stared at Suzy's lovely cunt.

"You like it, Duane?"

"Yeah," he whispered in a low growl.

"Okay, let me see your prick."

He unzipped his jeans, reached in and withdrew his cock.

Leslie hadn't lied. The lad had an enormous prick for his age. It stuck out from his fly handsome, smooth, like caned ivory, long and thick as a banana. The head was strawberry red, and the skin was tight.

Suzy gaped at it in amazed admiration.

Duane looked at her face, that beauty, her big tits in the dark blue sweater, her jeans down on her knees, her pink panties in a tight line stretched between her gorgeous, young thighs, and then his gaze fell to her pussy.

His cock was throbbing, and Suzy could see it jerk and thump. She loved the way the cockstalk wobbled.

"How big is it, Duane?"

"I dunno."

"Leslie said she measured it."

"Yeah, she did."

"I want to, too."

"Okay, but I wanna kiss your pussy," he whispered, his voice trembling.

"You do, huh? Should we kiss each other's?" He nodded.

"Well, take your jeans down all the way. I wanna see the whole thing."

He was quick in getting the jeans down along with his shorts so he could show Suzy his cock and balls. She reached out and grasped his cock. The hot cockstalk felt good in her tight grip.

"You can feel my cunt, too," she said.

He reached out and stuck his hand between her legs, patting her cunt lightly.

They stood there playing with each other's love-things. Suzy looked down and saw a gob of cream spit from Duane's cock. It spewed out and splashed on her belly.

"Oooooh, Duane. You're shootin' on me," Suzy whispered.

His finger slid into her cunt slit. He liked the wet warmth in there, and the way her pussy tightened on his finger.

"Okay, lemme kiss your prick," Suzy said. She bent over, and his hands lid out of her pussy. Suzy was bent over at the waist and she ducked in on his cock and kissed the creamy tip.

Her sweet red lips puckered on the cock tip and Duane felt a sizzle of passion grip him.

"Ah," he whimpered. "Ah, Suzy!"

She licked her tongue in a sweet swirl, almost as if she were licking the curl off a fresh Dairy Queen. This sent another swoon of delight through Duane.

She stood back up. "Okay, kiss my pussy," she said.

He knelt down on his knees. His hands went to her hips, and then slid behind her. He clutched her ass. He puckered his lips and pressed them into the candy-bar sweetness of her delicious pussy.

"Yeah, Duane. Kiss it!"

He licked her and kissed her. He pinched at her ass. Suzy loved the feeling his young tongue was giving her. Then he stood up after he thought perhaps he was overstepping his rights.

"You gonna go down in the boys' room and beat off to me now?" Suzy smiled.


"You do, don't you?"

"How do you know?" Duane asked.

"You can do it now if you want to, Duane." Suzy teased, urging him to pump his prick for her, swaying sexily in front of him, pushing him back into the desk with one light palm against his shoulder.

"Do we have time?" he panted.

"Depends on how fast you go?" Suzy purred, her words sizzling out like hot huffs of steam.

Duane grabbed his big banana cock and started jerking wildly on it as he looked at Suzy's delicious body.

"Wanna see my titties, too?" Suzy whispered.

"Oh, yeah," he pleaded.

Suzy lifted her dark blue sweater over a shiny pink bra. She stuck her hands into the cups and lifted her sweet tits out over the top, letting Duane drool over the big, round tits with the little pink nipples.

He pumped faster and faster, and Suzy loved the sight.

"That's the way, Duane. Go faster!"

Just then Miss Peterson breezed back into the room to pick up a book she had left on the desk. She stopped quickly at the sight of the young boy sitting in the desk jacking his prick. Duane's hand froze. Suzy turned, looked over her shoulder.

Miss Peterson walked over. "Well, what do we have here?" she said sternly, not really knowing what to do or say, being a student teacher on her first job.

She looked with awe at Duane's cock. Her mouth dropped open. Her eyes widened. She simply couldn't believe the guy had such a big prick.

"So," she said sternly. "What are you two doin'?"

"Duane was just showing me his big cock," she said.

"I can see that."

Duane sat there, his jeans and shorts on his ankles, his prick still clutched in his hand.

"What else were you doin'?" she asked. "Well, Duane was..." Suzy paused. "Givin' himself a hand-job," blurted Miss Peterson.

Suzy liked the sound of that. "Yeah, givin' himself a hand-job and lookin' at me," she said.

"Naughty, naughty, naughty," Miss Peterson whispered, her gaze still on the big teenaged prick. "You shouldn't be doing this."

"Why?" Suzy asked.

"It's not right."

"Why?" she repeated. "It's beautiful." Miss Peterson looked at Suzy with a new admiration. "Is it? It's beautiful?"

"Sure," Suzy said.

Miss Peterson looked back at the big cock. "I guess you're right," the beautiful student teacher said. "It is beautiful."

Duane's prick thumped and squished out a gob of cream that spilled off the big head slid down his stalk and over his knuckles.

"Oooooh, it's squishin'," Suzy whispered.

Miss Peterson just stared. Her face was flushed. She was enchanted with Duane's handsome, young prick. She stood beautifully before him, her yellow sweater bursting with her big tits. Suzy stood next to her, her jeans and pink panties down on her knees.

"And I showed him my cunt, too," Suzy said.

"I can see that," Miss Peterson said, not looking at Suzy, and still staring at Duane's prick.

"What should I do?" Duane said, shyly.

"Suzanne, go puta chair against the door," Nancy said.

Suzy pulled up her pants and jeans, went to the door and slipped the top of a chair against the door handle, jarred it so it was tight, then walked back to find Miss Peterson hoisting her little black skirt up over dark nylons, a white garter belt, and up over a tiny pair of tight yellow panties that were shaded in the crotch. She let the skirt fluff on her waist and stripped the panties down, took them off, tossing them to the floor.

"Ever fucked, Duane?" she said, a smile tugging at the corners of her lips.

"No," he panted.

"Well, there's always a first time." Nancy moved over him. She straddled him, coming in and down with her legs over and outside of his. His cock stood up to her.

She clutched the prick stick and drew it to her cunt. She screwed her lush hips and ass down on the big cock, taking Duane inside her already juicing pussy.

She put the big cock in her cunt.

"Ohhhhh," she sighed. "Wow, Duane. It's so big and hard."

Then she began a slow swirl on his prick. Her hips worked in a beautiful screwing action. Suzy was behind her and she could see that Miss Peterson only had half of Duane's prick in her cunt.

Maybe that's the way -- maybe that's how I can fuck Mr. Holiday, she thought. Just take what I can.

Oh, how Suzy liked what she was seeing.

"Like that, Duane?" Nancy asked.

"Oh, yes ma'am," he gulped, looking up into her beautiful face, reaching for her tits, grasping them in his greedy hands, feeling the melon-like roundness of them through her yellow sweater.

Nancy put her hands behind Duane's neck, entwined her fingers there, and began to screw up and down, in and out, taking half of his big cock in her cunt, giving him his first taste of fucking-pleasure.

She loved fucking the young boy. She had fantasized something like this the whole time she had been in college, training to be a teacher, but she didn't think it would happen so soon, on her first time out as a student teacher.

"Oh, damn," she sighed.

"You're fuckin' him, aren't you?" Suzy said. "Yes I am. I'm fuckin' him... fuckin' his great big prick!" Nancy cried.

"It looks real good... can I masturbate?" Suzy asked.

"Yeah, masturbate," Miss Peterson said.

Suzy stuck her hand down in her panties and jeans, got a finger in her pussy and watched with delight as the young teacher sat on top of Duane and fucked his cock.

Her finger made her feel so good, but she also wondered how much better she might feel if she and Duane's cock in her cunt. She determined right then and there that she would fuck Mr. Holiday, that she would let him put that big prick of his in her little pussy.

"Oh, damn!" Miss Peterson cried. "Oh, damn!"

"Fuck him, ma'am!" Suzy yelped, fingering her sweet cunt.

"I am fuckin' him... aren't I, Duane?"

"Huh... uh-huh," he burbled.

She leaned in and kissed the young boy, fucked and kissed him as he continued to squeeze her big tits... and then it happened for Miss Peterson. She fucked hotly and excitedly... faster and faster she bumped up and down, until she was slicking all of his cock in and out of her big, bushy pussy.

"Now!" she screeched. "Now!"

She shuddered wildly. Suzy felt her own climax start tingling through her.

"Oh, damn!" Suzy shrieked. "Oh, damn, here it cums!"

"Here it cums!" Nancy cried.

Duane humped off the chair and shot his wad in her cunt.

"Oh. Shit! Oh, damn!!" Nancy yelled. "I'm cumin'!"

She looked good up there on Duane's prick, screwing around and around, bouncing, humping up and down, her tits bobbing, her round, plush ass slapping on his thin thighs.

"Don't you students ever say a word about this," she puffed, then fell spent, on top of Duane.

"Oh, we won't," Suzy said. "We promise we'll never say a word about it."

"Good, otherwise we can't ever do it again, and I know you both want to explore fucking with me, don't you?"

"Yes," Duane affirmed.

"Me, too. I wanna learn all I can, Miss Peterson," Suzy said. "I wanna learn about fuckin' and sniff."


Suzy went home that night. She walked in the house and her mother screamed at her.

"Where have you been? It's after six!"

"I had cheerleading practice."

"You're late for dinner. It's on the table, but it's cold," her mother said, taking a sip from a bottle of vodka.

"Yeah, you couldn't wait so you could start drinkin', right?" Suzy sassed.

"Don't you talk to me, young lady. You'll be Goddamned sorry, if you do."

"All you ever do is sit there and watch those insipid situation comedy shows on TV, and drink," Suzy said.

"I told you, don't you get smart with me. You'll be sorry if you keep this up."

Suzy wanted to tell her to go fuck herself, but she kept silent and walked into the kitchen. She found a cold hamburger and some cold beans on the table.

"Ugh!" Suzy mumbled.

She took a bite of the hamburger, then saw a banana on the table. "Mmmmm," she murmured to herself. She picked two bananas from the bunch, took another bite of her hamburger, dumped the dinner in the garbage disposal and ground it up.

Her mother staggered in.

"Why were you late?"

"We had cheerleading practice."

"Ha, I'll bet. You were probably foolin' around with boys."

"And so what if I was, which I wasn't."

The vodka bottle dangled from her mother's hand like a dead duck. "You're just gettin' a little too big for your pants, young girl."

"Oh, knock it off, you drunk," Suzy retorted.

Her mother swung at her, hit her, knocked her back against the sink. Suzy wanted to hit her back, but simply bit her lip, kept from crying, and rushed to her room.

She lay on her bed wishing there was some way she could get out of this house, out of the situation. She planned as soon as she graduated from Jefferson to pack a bag, get on a bus and be gone. Maybe Kansas City, maybe Chicago. Kansas City was close. Maybe she could go there and get a job in a department store.

She went to the bathroom, took a warm bath, and put on her pink, short nightie. She lay back on the bed and took the banana. She toyed with it. She took the tip and pressed it against her cute cunt.

"Oh, Mr. Holiday," she whispered, "how I wish this was you."

Her pussy spritzed jizz. She stuck the banana into the gooey goodness and began fucking herself.

She had never done anything like this before. It felt good.

"Ohhhh, wow!" she sighed, slugging the big banana in and out of her sweet pussy.

The banana became covered with her cunt cream and slid easily in and out. She spread her legs wide, slid a pillow under her ass, and began thinking of a fantasy about Mr. Holiday and how the handsome older man, her teacher, was right there on top of her, kissing her, and sticking it to her.

"Yeah, Mr. Holiday... like that, sir. Really shove that cock to me," she whispered.

The big banana was going faster and faster now. Suzy loved the feeling the big slicker gave her. She thrilled to the slip and slide. She flicked up to it, and diddled down with her hand, holding it tightly in her palm.

"Ohhhhh, yeah?" she whimpered. "Oh, Mr. Holiday... I'm gonna cum with you!"

And she climaxed beautifully there on her bed, her little pink nightie all up and crinkled around her hips. Her whole, lovely, young body shuddered, shook and stiffened. Her breath stuck in her throat. She stifled a scream of joy, then fell back panting on the bed.

"Oh, yeah," she whispered.

And once she had cum and settled down, she began thinking about what Mr. Holiday had told her. He had said all the boys went down to the toilet and beat their cock-meat to her. This sent a sizzle of satisfaction through her precious, young body.

She thought about all the older men at the mall who gave her such hot stares.

"Well," she shivered and whispered, "if the boys jack off to me, I'll bet those guys do too."

She lay with her legs spread apart, her blonde pussy wet and creamy, her fingers twiddling her clit ever so gently. She pictured all those men jerking their pricks to her, and the mere thought of it thrilled her beyond imagination.

"I love that," she murmured, "I love them jackin' off to me."

Her finger worked faster. She arched her hips off the bed and thrust her pussy upward to meet the probe of her greasy finger-fuck.

"Come on guys, jerk to me!" she panted. "Let me see you thump that prick. Oh, yeah. Beat it! Whip it! Jack it! Jerk to me. Jerk to me. Make yourself feel good. Think of my ass. Don't I have a nice ass? Wouldn't you like to feel my ass? But you can't. What makes you think you can feel my ass? But you can whack-off to me. I'll even bend over and let you look at my fine ass while you pump your big, hard prick."

She kept mumbling to herself, seeing all those men masturbating to her.

"Do I like seem' you jerk it? You bet I do. Keep doin' it. Faster. That's good. Like that. Oh, jerk it. Jerk it! Keep on jerkin' to me. Let me see how good you do it. Look at my ass and fuck your fist."

She was finger-fucking herself wildly now, her hand a twirling blur as she diddled her sweet pussy. She felt so good.

And tomorrow was the football game. She'd get all dressed up in her cheerleading uniform. She'd cheer in front of the grandstand, in front of all the boys, all the men, and they'd be hot for her, and she'd look real good, and they'd be droolin' over her fine, tight ass.

"Yeah, pump prick. Pump your prick until it shoots off," she whispered, then felt the surge of ecstasy she was coming to love so much.

She was thinking how Mr. Holiday would be up there in the window of his office jerking on his huge cock while he watched her perform.

"You dirty old man. God, I love you!" she babbled, feeling the full force of another glorious climax.


Suzanne waited to take the field for the cheerleader's first routine before the home fans. She looked adorable and alluring. Her tiny blue cheerleading skirt rode high on her smooth, tanned thighs where it whirled and swirled with inverted white pleats. It was tight on her hips and curved in like a glove on her Goddess ass.

She wore a tight white neater that had a blue JH on the shoulder with blue trims on the sleeves. The sweater was pushed out proudly by her ripe, teen tits as they splashed against the front, big and round as softballs.

Her legs were encased in dark red knee socks tipped off with blue and white tennies, and under her skirt she was attired in shiny tight red bloomers that cradled her hips and ass snugly. The bloomers scrunched in at her crotch to form a sweet, soft muffin.

Just before the game began, the girls took the field. Suzy immediately looked up at Mr. Holiday's window and saw his shadow.

Oh golly. He is up there, she thought. This thrilled her, and she knew he'd have a big erection in her honor.

She knew, too, that he'd be playing with it as he watched her cheer.

She bumped her hips to the left, to the right, rotated them in a precious undulation, turned around, bent over, and her little blue skirt rode up high over her red panties.

The girls wiggled their asses, turned around again, took two steps forward, put their hands on their knees, spread their legs wide and rolled their hips.

She could see the figure in the window watching her, and she could see the boys and men in the bleachers gawking at her. She loved the attention and showed off appropriately, giving them all a generous display of her lovely, young talented body.

Suzy was so glad she had made the cheerleading squad. She was a sincere exhibitionist at heart. Showing off excited her and delighted her.

She was by far the sexiest and prettiest girl on the squad, and she knew it. All eyes were on her every move. A girl this pretty, this fine was a sheer joy to behold in the little town of Jefferson City.

At the half she made a beeline for the school house with the rest of the girls to fix up in the girls' room. She had her honey-blonde hair in a sweet ponytail tied up with a cute red ribbon. She made sure it was in place, blushed her cheeks with some red rouge and applied a fresh splash of pink lip gloss. Then she headed upstairs for Mr. Holiday's office.

She knocked and said, "It's Suzy."

Mr. Holiday called her in. He sat in his chair, behind his desk, zipping up his fly.

Suzy breezed into the room. "Did you do it, sir? I saw you in the window. Did you do it?"

"You jerked off to me while I was cheerleading?" she asked, a simmer of excitement shivering through her divine body.

"Mmmmmmm, yes," he smiled.

"Did you like it? Was it good?"

"Oh, yes and you were performing for me, too."

"Are you gonna jerk-off again?" She moved toward the desk, her little skirt skipping around on her thighs.

"Uh-huh." He began unzipping his fly. He took his prick out. It was half-hard. He fisted the stalk midway down. His cock was all gooey with cream. The pricktip glistened with thick jizz.

Suzy looked at the window. "You squished all over the window pane, didn't you, sir?"


"Did you get hot showing off?" he asked. She moved to him and held up her skirt, showed him her sweet red bloomers. "Just feel," she said.

He reached out and fingered into the crotch of her panties. It was all wet there, warm and gooey. "Ah, you sweet brat, you're all juicy."

"I know." Suzy smiled.

His hand rubbed her pussy, his itchy fingertips pressing into the crunchy softness of her cunt, pressing into the shiny, red bloomer briefs, feeling the incredible stickiness of her spritzing pussy.

She stood above him, adorable, her lake-blue eyes sparkling mischievously. "You love it, don't you?"

"You know I do, and so do you. I get the feeling you delight in exciting men, my darling." Mr. Holiday smiled, his hand stroking his big mule-prick.

Suzy watched his cock rise and become hard as lead.

"You were marvelous out there on the field, Suzanne," Mr. Holiday said.

"I'm glad you liked me. What did you like best?"

"When you did those little bumps-and-grinds."

She backed away from him. "Like this?" she undulated her hips in and out, around and around. "When we shake it like this, then put our legs out wide, turn around, and our skirts swirl up so you can see our panties?"

"Oh, yes!" Mr. Holiday cried, watching intently.

"You were beatin' off to me then, I'll bet, huh?"

"Indeed it was you, darling minx."

"You sweet whore."

"Mr. Holiday, how you talk."

"You like it."

"I like the way you're playin' with your prick."

"Uh-huh, I know you do."

She pulled up her little skirt, holding it up around her waist. She bumped her hips in and out, giving him a real thrill with the sexy sway.

"I wanna fuck you, Suzy," he gulped.

"I want you to fuck me, too," she said, turning around bending over, arching her ass at him, whirling it around in a very slow grind. "Do you think you can put that big cock in me?"

"Get up on my desk," he said.

Suzy came over, hoisted herself up and sat on the edge of his desk. Mr. Holiday stood up. He dropped his slacks and shorts. Then he roamed his hands up her thighs. He took her bloomers down, pulled them off her knees, down around her ankles, and they fell to the floor.

"Now lay back," he said.

Suzy lay back on the desk. He moved between her legs. He lifted her legs into a big V. "You hold them up for me," he said.

Suzy watched his face, and she grabbed her legs, keeping them open in that wide V. Mr. Holiday moved in on her. He stood before her, took his cock in his hand, then with the other hand he spread the lips of her pussy.

He laid his prick in the silt so that it was like a huge foot-long hotdog in a little bun. She looked down and saw the big red cockhead looking up at her.

He began fucking in and out, sliding his prick on the slit of her pussy, rubbing against the cunt lips, and on the quivering clit.

"Oh, jeez, Mr. Holiday!" Suzy sighed.

"See, it doesn't have to be in there to fuck, Suzy," he whispered, his voice hot with emotion.

"You're just fuckin' on top of my pussy," she whimpered.


"Oh, sir. Your cock is so big, but it feels good."

Her pussy lips were tight on the stalk of his prick. He kept shoving in and out, his cock on top of her cunt, sliding along the open lips of her slick cunt slit.

Suzy lay back on the desk with her head craned up, looking down watching the beautiful sight. "You better not squirt stuff all over me, sir. I gotta go back out and cheerlead."

He pumped faster and harder.

"Besides, you gotta stand in the window and jerk on your prick again," she said.

"I know, I know," he panted. "Oh, Suzy, you're so beautiful. You're everything a man could ever want."

This was sweet music to the young, school girl's ears. She moved her ass off the table and pumped up to the sliding cock.

Mr. Holiday backed off. But then he was all of a sudden bent over and had his mouth on her muffin-cunt.

"I wanna eat it," he blurted, and then chomped into her delicious pussy.

"Pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy," he murmured. "Your sweet, sweet pussy."

"Oh, oooh, sir," she sighed softly, feeling an electric buzz of ecstasy shoot through her as he sucked her cunt into tis mouth and nibbled.

"Mmmmm, mmmmmm," he mumbled. "Golly, jeez!" she huffed. "You're suckin' my cunt again, Mr. Holiday. Oh, wow! Like that. Yeah! Good, good, oooohh, good, sir."

He chewed and sucked, nibbled and fucked at her cunt with his ooozing tongue, flapping it against her pussy slit, then sucking the muffin into his mouth and chomping it lovingly.

Suzy let her legs down. They drooped over Mr. Holiday's shoulders. She lay squirming on the desk, her long blonde ponytail swishing against his lecture notes, her little cheerleading skirt a blushing blue and white up around her waist.

Mr. Holiday slid his hands under her and cupped her ass. He lifted it off the desk, clutching the glorious ass cheeks in his greedy hands. He lowered himself to the chair. He sat down and feasted on Suzy's tasty pussy.

She whimpered with joy. An ecstatic ripple of delight buzzed her body. She pushed her hips up, bumping her pussy into his face. He licked at it like a hungry horse at water. He clutched her ass tighter.

He would suck all her pussy into his mouth chew it lovingly, then slick his tongue at her slit' fucking in and out, licking up and down.

Finally Mr. Holiday nailed her clit.

"Ah, ooooff!" Suzy cried, delightedly. "Yeah, good!"

Her climax came fast, gripping her in a vice of pleasure. Her lovely body stiffened. Her elegant legs shot straight out in a wide V. Mr. Holiday munched wildly.

The tingle of orgasm, that sweet rapture, that all-encompassing feeling, shook her whole being. She threw her arms out wide on the desk, pounded with her fists.

"Ah, yeahhhhh!" she shuddered. "Here it comes!"

He grabbed his cock and began beating the big stalk, holding one hand under her ass. They were caught in that fleeting moment of indescribable pleasure.

Suzy quickly slipped on her tight, shiny, red bloomers. She took a compact from her purse and fixed her face and her hair.

"Now you're gonna be in the window watchin' me, aren't you?"

"And do you want me to come back up here after the game so we can fuck?" she asked teasingly, a sassy smile spreading her pretty pink lips.

"Oh, yes indeed, Suzanne."

She walked to the door. Mr. Holiday got up. He went to her. He fell to his knees before her and lifted her little skirt. He rained hot, wet kisses all over her panties.

"Hey," she said.

"Just wanna be able to watch from the window and know I sucked and kissed your bloomers," he whispered.

"Oh, jeez, that's beautiful, Mister," Suzy said, looking down at his puckered lips as they glided all over her briefs.


After the game Suzy was stopped by a photographer for the local newspaper, Mr. Holt. He had been taking pictures of the game.

"You model at Penny's at the Saturday morning Junior Miss Show, don't you?" he said.

"Yes." Suzy was proud of this achievement which had recently come to her, for it gave her a chance to make some money, wear the latest fashions, and of course show off a little.

She looked at the man who seemed to appreciate her fair beauty. He had dark-brown hair and a square, proud jaw. He was near six feet, thin, and well-tanned.

"Well, I'm doing a layout for a fashion magazine in New York, taking some photos, puffing together a feature for them, and I thought you might be interested in doing some modeling for it," Mr. Holt said. "Of course you'd be paid," he added quickly.

"Well, sure. I guess. I mean what..."

"I'll be doing junior fashions. I will have the clothes for you to model."

"How much do I get paid?" Suzy asked.

"A hundred dollars."

"Golly, sure. When?"

"Sometime in the next few days. If you'll give me your phone number, I'll call you with a date and time."

Suzy did this and parted excitedly from the photographer, happy about her new modeling career, which was something she was hoping she could go into when she left town and went to Kansas City.

She snuck into the school when no one was looking and climbed the stairs to Mr. Holiday's office, knocked, and went in.

"How didja like me the second half?" she asked.

"You were marvelous, Suzy." He was sitting in his chair behind his desk.

"I saw you in the window, too." She came over to him. "Why don't you take your slacks down?"

He quickly took his slacks and shorts down and let them fall around his ankles. His cock looked like a soft hunk of bologna between his legs. Suzy stood before him. She pulled her skirt up.

Mr. Holiday was pleased with her brazen behavior. She stood before him, an angel in blue and white, with her inverted pleats up in fluffy crinkles on her juicy teen hips. Her red panties were so snug at the crotch Mr. Holiday thought perhaps they might scrunch her pussy, but to his delight they were beautiful.

Suzy swayed in and out, to the right, then to the left, smiling salaciously, watching Mr. Holiday's face and his eyes, then looking down to see his cock begin its monumental rise.

"Bet you wanna see my ass, too." She sighed as if she were torn between giving him a look and not.

"Indeed I do, darling."

Suzy turned, still holding her skirt up and gave Mr. Holiday a good look at her prizewinning ass. The red bloomers looked as though they had been painted on, and sweet slices of her ass jiggled below the tight elastic band.

"And a most magnificent ass it is, my sweet Astarte," Mr. Holiday murmured.

"Astarte?" Suzy was quick to ask, flashing a glance over her shoulder, putting her hands on her knees, wobbling her ass around and around.

"The Phoenician Goddess of reproduction and fertility," Mr. Holiday informed her.

"Oh, sir, how you talk."

She turned back around and thumbed her bloomers, all the time watching how his prick got harder and harder until it towered like a mammoth hunk of lead.

Suzy left her bloomers around her knees, then unzipped the tiny skirt, undid the button in back, and let it fall to the floor in front of Mr. Holiday.

She tugged her pants down and gave him a shot at her sweet cunt. Then she took her bloomers off and proceeded to start a slow bump and grind as she moved in on him.

Suzy straddled over him like she had seen Miss Peterson do to Duane. His cock was so big she could stand up and it still reached her pussy, thumping, the head mashed against her cunt-muffin.

"Now, put it in me," she whispered.

Mr. Holiday fisted his cock and manipulated the cockhead into her mushy pussy.

"Ah, ooooohhhhh," came the long, sweet sigh from Suzy, feeling for the first time, a real live, hot, hard prick in her darling pussy.

He only shoved in the prick lip. She stood with her legs astraddle, over him, looking down into his passionate face, seeing the wrinkles of passion crinkle his manly forehead. She moved ever so slowly on his cock, screwing her school girl hips around and around on the immense prick.

She loved how it felt in her cunt, so warm and hard. She liked the hot friction of the cock and cunt. She fucked down on him, bending her knees slightly, letting him shove another inch of his huge prick into her juicing young cunt.

"Now we are fucking, aren't we?" she whispered.

"Oh, yes, my dear. Yes, darling. We are now fucking, and you are the one... you are fuckin' me," he babbled.

"Aren't you lucky," she said.

"Oh, I know I am," Mr. Holiday blurted. "You're so beautiful; you're so very fine. You are a dream, my sweet Suzanne."

She liked when he tossed platitudes at her like this. She stood astraddle him, her legs slightly bent at the knees, naked except for her red knee socks, her blue and white tennies, and, her tit bulging white sweater. She looked magnificent. Her ass appeared as though it had been carved and chiseled from fine ivory.

Mr. Holiday peered up into her pretty face, seeing the straight bangs on her forehead, and the part in the middle of her hair as it pulled back into the ponytail tied with the bright, red ribbon. Her oval face was flushed with desire. Her luscious pink lips glistened with electric excitement.

She moved her hips, undulated them backed forth, manipulating Mr. Holiday's big, horse prick so that it moved back and forth as a big hard rod between them, connecting them, making them one in love and passion.

He reached behind her, cupped her ass lovingly, clinched and pinched his fingers into the pliant ass cheeks, and fanned his hands all over the curvy ass. He slid his hand up her back and under her sweater unhooking her bra.

Suzy fucked slowly on him, her chin tucked in as she looked down and watched the sweet, hot fucking. Occasionally she'd look up and into Mr. Holiday's handsome, mature face.

Feeling her bra fall loose, she pulled her sweater up and over her head. She took the bra off. Her incredible teenaged tits sat high and proud, round and big. Mr. Holiday clutched them in his hands, massaged them and squeezed them gently.

Suzy absolutely loved the feel of his thick prick in her pussy. She rolled her ass around, and around, and around, fucking down on his bulging, big cock.

She managed to dip her knees a couple of inches and take another inch of his cock. Now she had at least four big inches in her little cunt.

Delicious tingles of pleasure shivered through her. She reached down and fisted the rest of Mr. Holiday's cock in her hand. She rotated her ass, screwing him like a champion.

"You are a dream fuck," he gulped. "Oh, yeah?" Suzy smiled. "Uh-huh. You are every man's dream, Suzy."

"Then you really are lucky," she said. "Oh, yes. Oh, Suzy, the way you're fuckin' me! Oh, pretty baby doll."

"You like, huh?"

"I love it!" he huffed, and began a slow humping motion off the chair, pushing ever so gently in and out, up and into her squishy pussy.

His hands played with her tits, then they slid down around her hips and once again he cupped her magic ass. Suzy fucked a bit faster now. Their eyes met. Passion and fire.

"You sweet sonofabitch!" he blurted. "Ooooooh, you talk naughty, sir."

"You adorable, lovable cock-fucker," he whispered. "You Goddess bitch!"

"Jeez," Suzy murmured. She loved it when he talked like this. It made her hot, and sent pangs of passion through her belly.

Suzy rotated her hips, continually fucking the teacher as she stood astraddle of him.

"Whew, you sweet, cock-fuckin' cheerleader. You hot, beautiful cunt."

"Yeah, well you're a naughty cunt-fucker, sir," Suzy said salaciously. "You know you shouldn't have that big prick of yours up in my cunt like that."

"Oh, but I should. My cock should be in your cunt all the time, forever. We should fuck forever."

"Oh, huh, yeah. Oh, yeah -- forever."

"You dirty little bitch," he panted.

"You nasty old man," she answered.

"You hot cock-fucker."

"You dirty girl-fucker," she retorted, and now her ass was swirling in swift strokes, and then she began humping in and out, fucking down on Mr. Holiday's hard cock.

She stuck out her hands, clasping them to his shoulders for balance. Her legs were spread wide, and her feet were fiat on the floor, her knees bent. She was fucking him beautifully.

Faster now, she picked up the beat. She felt his cock expand inside her pussy. She fucked faster. She knew he was going to cum. She could see the pleasure on his face, and the anticipation.

A ripple of climax began within Suzy. She could feel it spread. Then she felt the spray of cream as Mr. Holiday blasted out his wad. The hot gush filled her with a warm glow. She shook and shuddered into a fabulous climax.

"I'm fuckin' it off!" he cried. "I'm cumming!"

"I know. I know." Suzy's voice trailed off, then her body stiffened. Mr. Holiday fucked up off the chair, shoving his cock in and out of her spritzing cunt.

"Ah! Whoof! Ohhhh!" Suzy exclaimed, as she came.

"Suzy, darlin'!" Mr. Holiday yelped.

"Ah, uhhhhhh," Suzy babbled. "You're shootin' off in my... in my... ah, uhhhhhh!"

"In your pussy!" he called, fucking his last bit of cream into her.

"Yeah, my pussy," Suzy whimpered.

"I love you, Suzanne," Mr. Holiday whispered, looking into her beautiful face.

She was climaxing, and her face was filled with the pleasure.

"I'm glad," she managed to choke out, then fell over on top of him, his squirting cock slapping up against her belly.

Their lips met in a sweet kiss, and as their mouths opened, as their tongues fucked and slapped at each other's, Suzy muffed out sweet words to her teacher. "I love you, too, Mr. Holiday."


The evening after the football game, the phone rang at Suzy's house. She answered it and spoke with Mr. Holt about the modeling session.

He asked for her sizes, said he'd supply the clothes, then gave her his address. "I have a studio here in my home, and we can do the shoot here."

Suzy wrote down the directions and made an appointment to appear the following night at seven.

She hung up and her mother asked, "Who was that?"

"A friend."

"I don't want no boys callin' you up," her mother said, passing her in the hall, a bottle of vodka tucked under her arm. She wore a pink robe. Her hair was in big metal rollers.

"No boys are callin' me up, Mother," Suzy said.

"Well, better not, and don't go talkin' to your girlfriends and tyin' up the line."

"Why don't you just quit bitchin' at me!" Suzy shouted. "That's all you do is bitch about me!"

"You better do like I say. I don't want you runnin' around whorin' with boys."

"Oh, jeez!" Suzy said, exasperatedly.

"What? What did you say? Did you use the Lord's name in vain?"


"Well, you're grounded. You'll stay in your room from the time school's out every night for a week. No movies, nothing."

"Oh, fuck off!" Suzy blurted, wheeled on her heels, and ran to her room.

The next day Suzy killed time after school by hanging out at the mall. She had on tight jeans and a skimpy red sweater. The jeans were bulging with her young, buxom figure. She had her familiar ponytail, and she wore a sweet pair of little red heels with tiny two-inch lifts.

She figured she'd stay away from home and her mother's strict order, just kill time, then go to Mr. Holt's far the modeling session. She was excited about the latter, being paid a hundred dollars to do fashion modeling and posing.

She ran into Bethany Sizemore, who was a cheerleader with her at Jefferson. Bethany was a real beauty. She had beautiful breasts, and her tight waist, her plush young hips, and her ass were as if she had been created to be worshipped.

Anyone could see she was beautiful. The shape of her face was square, her lips thick, her eyes dark-brown, and her hair short.

There was no doubt that she would soon rival Suzy for the title of prettiest girl at Jefferson.

"Hi," Bethany said to Suzy.

Bethany had on a pair of extremely tight blue shorts, and they rode high on her amazing young ass. She had on a white jersey top and tennis shoes with white socks.

"What'cha doin' here, Bethany?" Suzy asked.

"Just walkin' around showin' off. I love to turn on all the older men." She had a sparkle in her eye. "It's a little game I play."

"Sounds like fun," Suzy said.

"It is. There's a guy sitting down on one of the benches, see -- down there towards the end." Bethany pointed to a man. "The one who looks like he's about forty, with brown hair and jeans?"

"Yeah, I see him," Suzy said.

"He's really been eyeing my ass," Bethany said.

Suzy felt good that there was another girl who liked to show off, who exposed her body and didn't mind letting men see what she had.

"I'll bet he has," Suzy said.

"He'd like yours, too," Bethany said. "Let's walk by him, then turn and see if he's lookin', okay?"

Suzy arced to this and the lovely young girls walked down the walkway at the mall. They walked past the man. They both turned, looked over their shoulders, and found him gawking at their school girl asses.

Suzy smiled at the man.

"See," Bethany said, "he's really checking out our asses, huh?"

"Yeah, he is."

Then the girls went to the Pizza Heaven and split a cheese and hamburger pizza.

"I never get along with those other girls at school. They're so prudish," Bethany said. "I know," Suzy agreed.

"I think we'd get along fine," Bethany said. "We're both real good lookin'," Suzy added. "We could probably rule the world." Bethany smiled.

Suzy took a bite of a piece of pizza, smacked the gooey stuff on her lips, bit down, and swallowed. "You ever been fucked, Bethany?"

"No, but I wouldn't mind tryin' it." She smiled. "And you know who I'd like to try it with me?"

"Who?" Suzy asked, chewing the delicious pizza.

"Mr. Holiday," Bethany whispered reverently.

Suzy gulped. "Mr. Holiday, huh?"

"Yeah, he's so handsome, so manly. I'm gonna go for him, you think that's wrong?"

"No," Suzy said, "but you don't have to go for him, as you say."

"Oh, but I'm gonna. I'm gonna make him want me."

What could Suzy do? She had competition. "Maybe you won't have to do that. I think I could speak to him about you."

"Really? You mean you know him more than just in terms of school?"


"Ooohhh," Bethany whispered, sitting back in her chair. She put a piece of half-eaten pizza on her plate. "You got somethin' goin' with him, huh?"

"I'll never tell."

Bethany smiled. "You know my dad's rich. I could get you some money if you fixed me up with Mr. Holiday."

Suzy didn't know what to think about any of this. "Well, let me think about everything," she said, then looked at her watch and realized she must be off for her Junior Miss modeling session.

She took a taxi to Mr. Holt's house, which wasn't very far from Jefferson High School. He let her in with a wide smile. He had freshly shaven and smelled good to Suzy. She liked the lime Old Spice he was wearing. He was in good shape for his age and wore a checkered button down shirt, a pair of jeans and loafers.

He guided her to the back of his house where he had a little studio. The wall was papered with background, and a big canvas was on the floor. There was a little dressing room off to the side that was once a huge closet.

"Your clothes are in there, Suzy," he said, and set up his camera for the shoot.

"What should I wear first," she called from the room, looking admiringly at the clothes hanging from hangers.

"How 'bout the white shorts and the light blue camisole?" he said.

She took her jeans and sweater off. She was wearing pretty panties and a pink bra.

She slipped the shorts up her legs. They tightened at the lush curve of her hips. She had to struggle them up and onto her ass. She zipped them and buttoned them and noticed how very tight they were on her. She inspected the shorts in the mirror, found them high on her ass, and they crinkled in little white ripples up her crotch.

Suzy put the camisole on. It pulled lewdly at her tits. She saw little red high heels there, and put them on.

Then she walked out to Mr. Holt. "Oh, yes. Very summery, don't you think? The summer look."

"They're awfully tight, aren't they, Mr. Holt?" Suzy said.

"Well, we want you to be alluring, my dear. We want just a little of the sexy look, you know? It always gets attention. I'm sure we can sell this layout to a big magazine, and you'll become very famous."

"You really think so?"

"Absolutely," he said, then began snapping pictures. "Yes, stand with your hands on your hips. Now turn around. Good, bend over a little. Yes. Now, look bock over your shoulder."

Mr. Holt took a series of pictures in her shorts and top. Suzy noticed that he was really eyeing her, and she also saw that his cock went from hard to soft as he took pictures of her. She kind of thrilled to this happening, but of course she said nothing to the admiring man.

"Yes, sideways, hands on hips, very good figure pose. You do have a great figure, Suzy," Mr. Holt complimented with an admiring smile.

She looked like a dream in the shorts and top, her body bulging all over, with her long, smooth, tanned legs and the red high heck.

"Yes, that's nice and sexy," he said.

Then Mr. Holt suggested she change into swim attire. Suzy retired to the dressing room and put on a skimpy red bikini, bright smooth, and shiny. She hooked the red top around her chest and her tits fluffed out all squeezed together succulently.

She kept on the red high heels and returned to Mr. Holt. His eyes got big. She saw his prick thump against his slacks. Her luscious body was on display, the little bikini riding high on her ass cheeks, puffing tight into her crotch. Her tits looked like they were gonna pop right out of the bikini top.

Mr. Holt took pictures. He had her lie down on a beach towel, hold a can of Coke, and apply suntan lotion, slicking her body with the fragrant oil, rubbing it into her tan.

She was exciting lying down on the floor. Mr. Holt's prick was sticking out like a hammer now. She could see he was trembling. Finally he stopped shooting, and then he suggested she get into the skirt and tank tap in the dressing room.

His cock had wilted when she returned. She wore a light-blue, faded jean skirt of thin denim and a white, tight tank-top with thin straps. She had on little pink high heels with this outfit, and she looked gorgeous. The little denim skirt was short, and it pulled in incredibly tight against her ass. Her big tits pushed juicily at the top.

Mr. Holt took some pictures of her standing. "Turn around. Put your hands on your hips. Yes. Like that."

He took a picture of her sculptured ass curving against the tight denim. "How 'bout sitting down in that easy chair. Sit out on the edge, cross your legs. Yes, like that, Suzy."

She stationed herself on the chair and crossed her beautiful legs. "Now, put your hands behind you and lean back."

She did. Her tits splashed wildly at the little white top.

He snapped and snapped and snapped. His cock was up again, curling against his slacks in a banana-like outline.

"Now, pull your skirt up for me, Suzy." She reached down and pulled the hem high on her thighs. He eagerly took a photo of her pretty legs, in her white high heels, as the skirt flashed nicely on her smooth thighs.

"A little higher now," he whispered, focusing in on her.

"But, if I take it up any higher, sir, you can see my panties."

"Just a little higher, huh?"

She got it up a little bit without revealing her panties. He took a picture. "Higher," he said.

"I'll give you another hundred dollars," he said, leaving the camera. He pulled out his wallet and counted out two fifties and laid them with the original hundred dollars. "These pictures will be just for me, okay?"

Jeez, Suzy thought. Another hundred dollars. Wow. Just to show him her panties. Why not?

"Okay," she said, and hiked her skirt up over her sweet, pink panties.

He focused. "Oh, yes, my dear," he murmured. "Set your legs apart."

Suzy put her feet in the heels flat on the floor, kept the little blue skirt around her waist, and pushed her knees apart, spreading her legs ever so slightly.

"Oh, that's beautiful," he whispered. "A little wider, huh?"

Suzy moved her legs apart, as she sat in the chair, her tits pushing out against the white tank-top, her skirt up, her pink pantied pussy pushing against the thin nylon, a shaded muffin between her legs, so that Mr. Holt could see it through the panties.

"Why don't you take your panties down a little bit?" Mr. Holt asked.

"You said you just wanted to see 'em."

He stopped, took out another hundred dollars. "I'd like you to change clothes, put these on, and let me take some pictures of you, and here's another hundred dollars."

Suzy saw that the lingerie he was handing her was very sexy. "Just put this stuff on?" she said.

"Yes, let me shoot some photos of you dressed in this outfit."

"These are just for you, right?"


Suzy went to the dressing room. She pulled on the dark nylons. She hooked herself into the pretty, tight, well-boned, and satin merry widow. The bra cups pushed her lovely tits upward and out. The satin-spandex pulled tightly around her middle, hugging her curves, giving her a plush, luscious look. She hooked the nylons into the garter straps. It was pretty black, with white lace down the front and she looked fabulous in it. She put on her light, pink panties, the pink high heels, made sure her hair was looking good, applied some fresh pink gloss to her lips, and waked back to Mr. Holt.

"Oh, yearns," he sighed.

"How do I look?" Suzy purred.

"Wonderful. Just wonderful, Suzy."

She saw a wet spot at his crotch, his cock all up and hard again, pushing like a door knob at his slacks. She stood before him, and let him take some pictures.

"Bend over... yeah that's nice, your hands on your knees like that."

"And you can take a good picture of my ass, right?" Suzy said, looking back over her shoulder, licking her tongue over her lower lip.

Suzy was smiling salaciously, waiting for him to snap the pose.

"Yes, yes!" he cried. "Your ass, your beautiful ass."

"Like this," she said, moving her knees, so her ass moved in a slow sway.

"Oh, yes. Pull your panties down," he panted.

"Sure, just a little," Suzy said, and reached back. She tugged the panties down over her ass, thumbed them out wide in a straight line, and held them like that. He took the picture.

She pulled the panties back up, turned around, and put her hands on her hips, standing like a teenaged Goddess in front of the drooling Mr. Holt.

"I want your panties off, Suzy. I'll give you another hundred dollars."

"Jeez. Wow." Suzy whispered. "You wanna see pussy, huh?" She looked teasingly at the bulge and the sticky spot in his slacks.

He put another hundred on the stack. Suzy watched him, and she got a strange delight from seeing the man peel off the money and pay her just to have her take her panties down.

"Okay, just for a few pictures," she said, thumbing the top of her panties. "You can see it."

He got behind the camera. She pulled her pink panties down slowly. He flashed off a series of pictures or her doing this.

"I'm gonna pull 'em down for you." Suzy finally peeled them over her golden cunt. It was so pretty, so lovely. The honey-blonde curls were beautiful. Her slit was all wet.

He gasped and flicked off pictures. Suzy kept taking the panties down, until she had them on her knees. She stopped for a moment, put her hands on her hips, bumped her hips out slowly, then took the panties all the way off.

She held them sexily in one hand, dangling from her fingers as Mr. Holt took pictures. She sat down on the chair. This was at his suggestion. She spread her legs; legs looking good in the dark sheer nylons, gartered up so tightly. She held the panties, as if holding them up for auction.

"I suppose you'd like to see my titties, too?" Suzy said.

"Oh, yes."

She cupped them and sat them up over the top of the merry widow. He trembled. His cock wiggled wildly in his slacks. He was so excited by this young girl. He felt so delightful to have her posing like this for his camera.

"What'cha gonna do with these pictures, Mr. Holt?" Suzy asked.

"Look at 'em."

"Yeah? What'cha gonna do when you look at 'em?"

"Jack off!" he blurted.

"Whewffff!" Suzy whistled. "That's what I thought."

"Stand up now," he said.

She got out of the chair and stood there in front of it. She placed her legs apart, put her hands on her hips, and pushed out her pussy, really posing for the older man.

"I'll give you one more hundred, Suzy, if you'll let me kiss it."

"You wanna kiss it, huh?" Suzy thought about how easy and exciting it was to make all this money. She liked the feeling of power it gave her. She loved the way Mr. Holt drooled over her and got so hot over her.

"Please!" he begged.

"Okay, I guess you can kiss it a little bit," she whispered, and sat back down in the chair.

He laid the new hundred on the thick stack of green, and came over to the chair. He stood looking down at the beautiful teenage princess spread out in the chair, leaning back, her hips out to the edge, her legs apart.

"You've had a hard-on all day, Mr. Holt," Suzy remarked.

"Yeah, I know. For you."

"Why don't you take it out and play with it?" she purred.

"Oh, you sweet thing," he panted, quickly unzipping his fly, and quickly yanking out a seven-inch hard-on, grasping the cockstalk, dropping his pants.

He stood above her, looking down at her beauty, stroking his hard prick. Suzy watched, liking the way his hand worked and the way he squeezed the big erection.

The pricktip foamed with his jizz. His whole cock was sticky from an evening of slow squirting. Now it was big, raw, hard, ready. He started to pump it slowly.

Suzy watched. She had her chiseled, oval face upturned, her mouth slightly open, and her eyes on his hand and cock. She swayed gently in the chair, moving her legs at the knee, swinging them in and out.

He pumped faster.

"You gonna jack off to my pictures like that, huh?" Suzy whispered.


"You're really nasty, aren't you?" Suzy admonished. She slowly raised her ass off the chair, and rolled her hips up at Mr. Holt.

"I simply appreciate you as beautiful and sexy, Suzy," he gulped, jacking his cock faster now.

"Well, I thought you were gonna kiss it for me," Suzy said.

"Yeah, yes. I wanna," he squeaked passionately, then let himself down to his knees. He bent over and kissed Suzy's sweet, school girl cunt, gently, lovingly, his mouth open, his lips like a sealed plunger.

He sucked.

"Ahhh, offf!" Suzy gasped.

His tongue spritzed up and down the gummy cunt slit, licking and licking. His hand pumped slowly on his squirting prick.

Suzy pushed her cunt into his face. He skulled down and kissed it good. Then he licked again. He stuck one hand under her precious ass. He lifted. She lifted. He muffed his mouth to her marvelous pussy muffin.

"You like dirty pictures, too, don't yah?" Suzy whispered.

"Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmmm!" he mumbled.

"You're gonna beat-off to my pictures, aren't you?"

"Mfffff, mmmmm, mfffff!"

"When you get done suckin' mean my pussy, I'll let you take one picture of me fingerin' it," Suzy whispered.

"Ooooh, yesss," Mr. Holt mumbled, chewing delightedly on her delicious cunt.

His finger slid up her ass crack. He tipped the ball of it on her ass bud, drawing sweet circles there as he munched on her pussy. Then he stuck his finger up her asshole.

"Ooohhh," Suzy moaned.

His tongue flapped wildly on her cunt. She whirled her hips off the chair, shoving her pussy at his gaping mouth. She had felt many things, but she was really liking the buzz she was now experiencing.

Mr. Holt suddenly pulled off her cunt, got up on his knees, then slugged his cock into Suzy's pussy before she had time to know what happened. It felt burning-hot in her cunt. Hard. Long. He began a slow rock and roll, sawing his prick in and out of her sucking cunt.

"Oh, wow!" Suzy sighed, looking down, watching the slow, slick slide of the hot cock.

"Oh, Suzy," he cried, "we're fucking."

"You gonna pay me for this? I mean extra?"

"To fuck you?"

"Yes, to fuck me like this," Suzy said.

"Sure I am."

"Good, good, Mr. Holt, now let's really fuck, sir."

"Like this?" he whispered, humping in and out, slugging the big hard prick in and out of her cunt.

"Yeah, like that. You're stickin' it all the way in, then pullin' it all the way out, sir."

"Huh, huh."

"Oh, shit, Mr. Holt!"

"This is fabulous!" he huffed. "Fuckin' you, Suzy!"

"Come on then, fuck me! Fuck me, damnit!" Suzy cried.

He reached up, grasped her tits, squeezed them, and pounded his huge prick into her cunt.

"You are really fuckin' me now!" Suzy squealed delightedly, feeling the sweet friction of the push and pull send vibrations to the inner core of her being.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah!" Mr. Holt muttered, slamming his cock in and out now, really jackhammering Suzy's pussy. She liked this hot, fast fucking.

"You can't fuck me too much longer, I won't let you," Suzy said.

"Uh, huh! Uh, huh!" Mr. Holt puffed, humping like a dog-fucker in and out while his prick poured a river of steamy hot cream into Suzy's sweet pussy.

Suddenly, he pulled his cock out and grabbed the sticky, cum-soaked prick stick and jerked wildly on it. Big gobs of bubbling fuck cream spewed from the bloated cockhead. Suzy watched the hot eruption. Cream jizzed through the air, arching upward, then splashing down on her thighs, and her pretty, pink merry widow; boiling goops splashed to her thighs. Hot, gooey wads splattered all over the honey colored cunt hair around her pussy.

"Masturbate that cock, Mister!" Suzy yelled.

"Uh, huh, uhhhh!" he yelped.

Suzy stuck her hand between her legs, wiped some of the thick, white gobs of cum from her pussy, then fingered into her quivering, little cunt. She fucked herself with a supple wrist action, all the time watching Mr. Holt's cock let loose the incredible steam of cream.

He was up on one knee now, pointing his cock at her, and jerking the stalk furiously. Cum spit at her. Gobs of jizz showered her tits; a drop hit her chin.

"Pump your prick!" Suzy demanded.

She looked into his passionate face and saw there the pleasure, the intensity, the desire for her.

Then he was back down on his knees again slugging his cock with his hand back into her pussy.

She came. Her whole body quaked. He fucked hard, fast rabbit-jab strokes to her. She stiffened, with her legs wide apart and her feet flat on the floor. Her hips were frozen in the air off the chair.

"Wow!" she cried.

He fucked and fucked.

She rippled with pleasure.

Suzy fell back in the chair, her arms dropping over the sides limply. Her eyes were closed. She choked and gasped to catch her breath.

Mr. Holt fucked harder and faster as if his very life depended upon bringing the lovely school girl to the ultimate climax.

"Oh, wow!" Suzy mumbled.


Suzy didn't want to go home after her experience with Mr. Holt. She took a cab. She was supposed to have been home three hours ago. She had the cab stop at a phone booth.

"Hi Bethany. I'm havin' a fight with my mom. Can I come over and spend the night with you?"

"Sure, my folks are gone for the night anyway."

Suzy rode the cab to the richer neighborhood of Jefferson City, got out, went up to the big Colonial style home, and knocked. Bethany opened the door and smiled. "Come on in," she said.

Suzy was amazed at how nice and how big the home was. She wondered if she could ever have anything so beautiful. She had five hundred dollars anyway, that was for sure.

The girls watched Miami Vice and MTV. They didn't go up to Bethany's room until midnight. Suzy undressed down to her pink panties and pink bra. Bethany took off her skirt and sweater and stood in tight white panties and bra. Her fine body looked good.

"You wanna masturbate?" Bethany asked.

"Sure, I guess." Suzy still remembered that ravishing, rocking fuck Mr. Holt had just given her a few hours earlier.

"I know I do. Let's take our panties down and lay on the bed. We can toil each other things to get hot, like about something sexy, okay?"

"Fantasy or true stuff?"

"Two stuff is what I like," Bethany said.

The darling girls lay down side by side on the big pink bedspread. Bethany began rubbing on her little brown pussy. Suzy slipped her pink panties down around her knees and began to slick her finger up and down her cunt slit.

"I'll start," Bethany said. "Oh, let's see. One time I remember that was really sexy was in the summer. We were staying in this motel down in the Ozarks. I had on a very tight one piece, dark-blue bathing suit. I still didn't have any tits, but my ass looked real good in this suit. I was diving, and my little brothers were too, and we were all kinda yelling at my mom to pay attention to us. She was down at the other end of the pool, reading a magazine.

"Then I was standing on the diving board, and I looked over and saw this man staring at me. He was staring real hard, really lookin' my body over. Our eyes met, then I dived. And this went on for about three dives, he just kept staring at me. I mean it was really a hot stare, YOU know what I mean?" Bethany continued with her finger in her pussy, diddling herself.

"Yeah." Suzy breathed heavily. "Real hot."

"So, I could tell he liked me, and he musta been forty years old, but he was thin and real tanned, and he just kept eyein' me real hard. Do you think other girls my age woulda gone and told their mom?"

"No they wouldn't have. I wouldn't have," Suzy panted, finger-fucking at her pussy furiously.

"Ooooh," Bethany gasped, her finger doing a juicy, slushy-sounding dance on her young cunt.

Suzy looked delicious on the bed, with her pink panties down on her knees, and her tits in the pink bra. Her bright ponytail was splayed out behind her. And she still had on her pink high heels.

"So what happened?" Suzy whispered.

"Well, he kept lookin' at me real hard like that, so one time I got out of the pool, went by him... he was sitting facing the diving board, sitting at the side of the pool, actually he was layin' there in a pool chaise lounge. So his back was to my mom and all the other people, 'cause they were sitting looking across the pool at the side, behind him.

"Anyway, I walked by him, then I bent over, and I said real loud, I hurt my toe. I bent over, way aver, so my ass was stickin' up so he could see it real good. I stayed down playin' around with my toe a good ten or fifteen seconds, and I had my legs straight, as I bent over, real sexy.

"I looked back and he was gaukin' at me, with his mouth hangin' open, almost like he was just hit in the stomach."

"He liked that, huh?" Suzy said.

"Yeah, I could tell he was real hot about my ass."

"Well, you got a great one," Suzy said.

"Well, then I walked up on the diving board, and I looked down at him again, and guess what?"


"He had a big hard-on."

"Oh, wow. You could see it?"

"Yeah. It was thick and big, like he had a hot dog in his swimmin' suit."

"Jeez, right out there in public and stuff," Suzy panted hotly.

"Mmmm, mmmmm, and real hard and real big, stickin' up against his swimmin' suit like a big ole hot dog."

"What then?"

"God, I didn't really know what to do, but I sure did like it, and I got all nervous, and I was tremblin' all over. I kept lookin' at that hard-on and he kept lookin' at me up on the diving board. So, finally I dove off.

"I got out of the pool, walked by him again, but before I got on the board, I bent over, wiggled a little, and turned around, pretending to look down at the pool, but looked over at him, and he was still lookin' at me... and then he reached down and started working that big bulge."

"Oh, shit. No!" Suzy gasped.

"Yes. Just rollin' his palm back and forth over it."

"Shit, what'd you do?"

"Well, I got so hot. My pussy was gooshin' in my swim suit. I was weak in the knees. I had this fabulous thrilling feeling in my tummy. I got up on the diving board, strutted around, then looked at him again, and now he started squeezin' that big cock. He got all stiff in the chair. He was biting his lip, like he wanted to say something to me."

"He was playin' with his prick right out there in public, by the pool? Jeez, a lewd dude, huh?"

"I was all shook up. I'd never seen a man do that, and here he was doin' it and lookin' at me. Then I was sure I saw his lips say fuck, and his face wrinkled all up. He jerked his hand real fast and real hard on that big cock, and he shot off."

"Oh, jeez!" Suzy sighed, lost in a stretch of finger-fucking paradise.

"You sure he came?" she asked Bethany.

"Yeah, I could tell. Then you know what?"

"Oh, shit, what?"

"The cream started droolin' down his thigh. So I just stood there while he shot his wad to me up there on the diving board."

"Did you like it?"

"I loved him doin' that to me!" Bethany cued.

"What if he'd just got in the pool with that big cock and got you over in a corner where your mom couldn't see you and stuck it in you, pulled your suit to one side and shoved it in your cunt."

"Oh, ohhh, oh, shit. I woulda loved it!" Bethany howled.

"And he woulda fucked you in the pool, right there in public."

"Wouldn't it be great? Would you like it, Suzy? Would you have turned him on, and made him come-off like that?"

"Damn right. I woulda made him really shoot."

"I'm cummin!" Bethany yelled.

"Me, too!" Suzy echoed.

The lovely basics lay writhing with ripe orgasms, their eyes closed, their little hands a blur, their fingers all gooey, sticky, and slick as they fucked in and out.

"He had a big huge hard-on," Bethany babbled. "Looked like a thick, fat hotdog."

"Old man with a big hard-on right there on the side of the pool, out in public, lookin' at your ass."

"Yeahhhh," Bethany huffed.

The next morning, Bethany was up at five for an aerobics class at six. She told Suzy she'd come back around seven. They could have breakfast, and go to school.

Suzy lay back and fell asleep.

She woke up again near seven. Bethany wasn't back. She got up and, went to the bag full of clothes Mr. Holt had let her keep from the modeling session.

Suzy chose the faded blue denim skirt, the one that fit her so tight. Also the tight white tanktop. She pulled on her pink bra, the tank-top, slipped into her tight pink panties, slid her feet into the little pink heels, and left the skirt on the bed.

She walked down the hall to the toilet and walked in. Mr. Sizemore, Bethany's dad was standing at the sink shaving. All he had on was a towel wrapped loosely around his thin, manly hips. His face was streaked with white, cakey shaving cream. His coal black hair was wet and slicked back. He had heavy hair on his chest. His face was heroic, square cut, with a dimpled chin. His legs were muscular and hairy.

He stood a handsome six-feet tall. His face wore a look of shock and surprise as he turned from the sink and beheld Suzy standing there, the tight white top pulling in, making her big teen tits look like generous scoops of vanilla ice cream. The top stopped up on her belly, and Mr. Sizemore, after gazing at her tits, dropped his glance downward and appraised her pretty pink panties. They were shaded in front, very tight, as though she had a Mars bar in there. She stood lovely and alluring in her pink high heels.

"Ah, uh, you must be Bethany's friend."

"Suzy," she said.

"Well, yes, I-I," he stuttered, his eyes roaming all over her luscious body.

"I'm very sorry, sir. I didn't mean... I mean I'll leave," she said.

He turned a bit more from the sink and the towel fell from his mid-section. His cock was already thumping to a hard-on, and as it thumped, wobbled, and pulsated upward, Suzy watched in rapt fascination its slow, sensuous, and incredibly wild rise.

His cock finally reached its peak, standing long, white, and thick, like an axe handle from between his legs. She noticed how unusually thick it was, like a hotdog.

His cock looked round and big as a juicy cucumber. She was amazed at how hard it was. A gallant good-morning erection.

"Well, I'm really sorry," he said, sheepishly.

"Oh, that's okay, Mr. Sizemore."

"It's that, well... you're Bethany's friend... I mean..."

His cock squished out a goop of cum that spilled from the tip. It shot out hot, then a big string of cream oozed from the pink pricktip, and hung off it like a shoestring.

Then -- Suzy really was amazed at this -- his prick got harder. It seemed to continue to grow right before her eyes. It was a most exciting and awesome sight to the gorgeous young girl, who stood frozen, not able to take her gaze away from Mr. Sizemore's undulating erection.

Now his cock was straight up against his hairy belly. It thumped back, hitting his belly way up above his belly button. More cum bubbled off the top, and spilled down the sides of the stalk like big hunks of beer foam.

His balls looked like a couple of oranges hanging between his legs.

Suzy's pussy itched. She felt the emission, a damp flow of her own cream seeping into the tight crotch of her pink panties. Still she looked with amazement at the towering prick thumping and wobbling just a few feet in front of her.

"Well, I... I'll just get this towel back on," Mr. Sizemore murmured, his voice trembling.

"It's so hard and big," Suzy blurted.

"Oh, Goddamn!" the man moaned. He pushed the door shut, locked it, and pulled Suzy into his arms, pressing to her lithe body his hairy nakedness and his thick, long prick.

His lips met hers in a passionate, wet, mouth sucking kiss. He slid his hand between them and shoved his fingers into her panties, placing his fingertips against her pussy.

He took Suzy's arm by the wrist, brought it down and rubbed her hand against his beating hard-on. Suzy took the cue and clutched her little hand around the massive prick stick in a warm grip.

His hand danced up and he ducked it into her parties, shaving his fingers into her nitty carpet of cunt curls, slicing a finger straight into her pussy. His other hand went behind her and fanned greedily on her fine, pantied ass.

"I don't know if you oughta have your hand in my panties like that, Mr. Sizemore. I mean, after all, you're Bethany's..."

"I know. I don't care. I know this is wrong. I know I could go to hell. I don't give a damn. You're beautiful. You're fabulous," he whispered, his words like hot hunks of coal.

"Mmmmmm," Suzy murmured, her hand squeezing on his monstrous prick stalk. She liked the feel of the huge cock in her hand, the way it pulsed and throbbed.

His finger fucked a slow slick syncopation, slushing in and out while his knuckles bulged out her little pink panties.

"I give my consent," Suzy whispered.

"Oh, my," he whined.

"We better hurry up and do somethin' though, Mr. Sizemore, 'cause Beth will be back soon."

He backed off. They stood in front of the big mirror. They looked at each other in the mirror. He knelt in front of Suzy, kissed her panties, licked at the crotch, slowly worked the panties down and finally plastered his mouth on her pussy.

Suzy watched him in the mirror, the way his lips were open sucking, plunging into her pussy. She'd never seen anything as exciting as their reflection in the mirror. Her pink panties were at her knees, with his hands cupping her ass, and his mouth muffed to her cunt.

His sucking and licking gave her great morning pleasure, but not to waste too much of the precious time he had with Suzy, Mr. Sizemore stood up. His cock snapped at his belly.

"Suzy!" They heard Bethany call out in the hallway.

"Yeah, I'll be out in a little bit," Suzy answered.

"Okay, I'll meet you down in the kitchen," Bethany said, and they heard her footsteps on the stairs.

"I could beat you off real quick, if you want me to, sir," Suzy said to the trembling man.

"Besides, you don't want it stickin' up so big like that when you come down to breakfast, huh?"

"Yes, beat me off then," he gulped. They stood before the mirror. Suzy reached across with her right hand, and got an underhanded grip on the creamy prick. She started a fast jerk, a sweet hot, rapid herky-jerky.

"How big is your prick, Mr. Sizemore?" she whispered.

"I dunno," he whimpered, looking at her hand action in the mirror.

"It's a big, big cock, though." Suzy's hand danced faster and faster. "I'll just give it a fast hand-job, okay?"

"Yes, please."



"I'm jerkin' as fast as I can go now, sir."

"It's wonderful," he whispered. "Here, I can go faster, if I put some of that shaving cream on it." Suzy reached her hand up to his face. She scraped off big gunks of lather and applied them to Mr. Sizemore's prick until it was caked.

Then she began jerking on his cock again. He reached over and shoved a finger in her cunt, started fingering her, with his wrist loose and facile.

They watched in the mirror. Suzy's mouth hung open with an ever so pretty pink pucker. Her eyes glazed into the mirror watching herself jack his cock while he fucked her with his finger.

"We'd better hurry," she said sweetly.

Her hand slicked like lightning on the thick, slick lather, jerking Mr. Sizemore's prick wildly now, her action making soft slurping sounds, as she hummed her hand in and out.

She loved his finger diddling into her pussy, too.

She felt his prick bloat and suddenly the huge cock started squirting. A thick stream of cream sprayed out of the cockhead into the sink, up on the mirror, all over. Suzy watched the eruption in the mirror. It thrilled her, and she too came easily with him, letting his finger fuck her to that magical feeling of ecstasy.

"Uffffff, uffffff!" he panted.

"Gosh, sir! It's blastin' all over! Jeez!" Suzy commented.

And indeed it was blasting and it continued to quake. Big thick hunks of cum spit from the pricktip. Suzy kept on jerkin'.

"It's never gonna stop, Mr. Sizemore," she said, sighing softly. "Ahhh, I'm gettin' it, sir. I'm cumming!"

Finally when they finished, he picked up his towel, put it on, and disappeared out of the bathroom. Suzy washed up, went back to the room, and put on the tight denim skirt.


Mr. Holiday stood in front of his class lecturing. Suzy sat at her desk, appraising his handsomeness. His lean, thin body thrilled her, and she loved his movie-star face. But, what was she going to do about Bethany, who said she was going to flirt with Mr. Holiday, and make a move on him?

She lingered after class, standing in front of her desk, putting her books together. She wore a blue denim jean skirt, a little yellow camisole, and white tennis shoes with white anklets.

Her hair sparkled from the reflection of the early morning sun dappling through the window. She had a ponytail tied with a red ribbon. Her cheeks were blushed with a burnt orange rouge, and her lips glistened with thick, juicy lip gloss.

"I'm glad you stayed," Mr. Holiday said, "I've been thinking about you so much the past couple of days."

She came to him. They embraced, and she felt the push of his hips into hers. She trembled at his rugged maturity.

"You were driving me nuts sitting in class in that tight outfit; that skirt is beautiful on you," Mr. Holiday said, his hands fanning out on the curve of her ass where it was cradled in round softness by the stretch of her blue denim skirt.

Her big tits splashed against his belly. He squeezed her ass. They kissed. She felt the hot bulge of his cock pressed into her tummy.

"You're naughty sittin' like that, showing me your legs," he whispered. "I had to sit behind my desk during the whole class because I had such a big hard-on for you."

"Mmmm," Suzy cooed. "I'm glad."

"You should be spanked for being so naughty," he whispered.

"Think so?"


He twirled her around. "Put your hands up against the door, so if anyone tries to come in they can't."

Suzy set her legs apart, then pushed out with her arms, placing her palms tightly against the door.

Mr. Holiday started lifting, tugging, and struggling with the tight skirt, and finally he had it clumped up in ripples of light blue.

Her ass was encased in a sweet pair of tight, bright, yellow panties. He rubbed his hand over them, feeling the curve of her marvelous ass.

"You're my naughty little girl," Mr. Holiday said, "aren't you?"

"And you're a big bad daddy, aren't you?" she answered.

"Yeah," he said, and thumbed the top of her panties with both hands, peeling them out and down until he had them tight between her thighs.

"I'm gonna spank you," he whispered.

He dropped his pants and shorts. He grabbed his mammoth prick down at the base and whacked it up against her jello-smooth ass.

Whack. Clump. Thump. Smack.

"Sir, you're paddlin' me with your prick," Suzy gasped, and she tried to look back over her shoulder.

She felt the big prick plunge and paddle, slapping up against the fine cheeks of her ravishing young ass.

"Yeah," he said, "paddlin' you with my prick for being such a little whore, for giving me such a big hard-on in class."

"Phew, jeez," Suzy mumbled, bending just a little bit more in her sexy pose against the door, arching her ass out to his swinging prick.

She stood glorious with her skirt up, her tit filled top, her long, tanned legs, and her yellow panties pulled down. Mr. Holiday's cock squirted as he slapped her ass with the long, thick cockstalk.

Then, the next moment, he was on his knees, and his tongue speared out. He slashed it wet and wild over her ass cheeks. He sent it swabbing up and down the crack of her delicious ass.

He wobbled it wildly along the furry valley. Then he plunged it at her ass bud.

"Ah, jeez. You're doin' that to me again. Golly? I remember the last time you did this. I about died."

"Mminmm, mmmmmm, beautiful ass," he mumbled.

"You're the naughty one now, Big Daddy!" she cried.

"We don't have much time. I have a meeting," he muffled, his tongue a swirl of pleasure as he rimmed her asshole.

"Ah, no. Uffff! Ah, jeeezz, sir! It tickles so good."

"Love... your... love your ass," he babbled.

His hands cupped the asscheeks. He spread them. He muffed his face into the smooth crevice. His tongue wiggled up her asshole.

"Ahh! Oh, come on! Jeez. Right on my shitter, sir. That really tickles good."

Suzy was lifted to a new plateau of pleasure, and she loved the feeling his tongue gave her, the sensation of tingles that titillated her throbbing young body.

"You're fuckin' my asshole with your tongue, Big Daddy," she swooned, bat in a fire of passion.

"Uh-huh," he whispered, shoving his tongue at her round ripe assbud.

Suzy whirled around, her skirt up, and leaned back against the door. "Make me cum!" she cried.

He got up. His cock dripped a big gunk of cum. He fisted the stalk. He pointed the prickhead at her cunt, rubbed all over the fuzzy fuck box, then slipped it in and began a slow hump-fuck, his knees bent slightly, his ass pumping in and out as he plugged her cunt with his cock.

Suzy looked down to see the sweet slip and slide. "Yeah, fuck it into me, Big Daddy! You big bad Daddy!"

"Don't have much time," he panted, picking up speed.

"Then fuck faster."

"Faster, damnit!" Suzy cried, swirling and rolling her hips to him.

"Like this?"

"Yeah, Big Daddy!"

"You naughty little sonofabitch," he huffed. "You dirty Big Daddy bastard!" she yelped back.

"You're my sweet little fucker!" he cried. "You're my big bad daddy fucker," she retorted.

Now his cock was halfway in her pussy, and his stroke was fast and hard. Their fine fucking made a slurping, gooey noise that gave Suzy a thrill.

She kept her chin tilted downward and watched the magnificent push and pull of his prick as it plunged in and out of her pretty pussy.

Suzy put her hands on his shoulders for balance. She whirled her hips around slowly, fucking to his stroke, making magnificent circles, and taking his hard thrusts.

Then she looked into his eyes, and his handsome rugged face. The passion on his face endeared her to him.

"You like fuckin' me, don't you, Big Daddy?" she whispered.

"It's the best thing I've ever done in my life," he panted.

But then the door pushed open, knocking them away, and Miss Peterson walked in. The pretty student teacher was attired in a short black skirt, black high heels, nylons, and a tight red sweater.

"Oh!" she gasped. "I..."

Then she saw Mr. Holiday's squirting prick, which had been dislodged from Suzy's pussy.

"Oh, my!" she gasped, her eyes staring at the huge erection.

"Yes, well, Miss Peterson. This is good instruction for your student teaching," Mr. Holiday said. "And since I'm your advisor, I'd advise you not to say a word about this, if you want a good grade."

"What I want is this," Miss Peterson said, reaching out and grabbing his cock. "I won't tell if I can have some of this."

She clutched the cock with both hands. Mr. Holiday fell into his chair. She stood over him, playing with his giant cock. He looked at Suzy as if to say, "What'll I do?"

"Look at this," Miss Peterson said. She let go of his cock, pulled up her skirt, and showed him her white garter-belt, and her pink panties which were bulged at the crotch with the generous mat of cunt hair there.

"Look good?"

"Yes," he replied.

Suzy came over. She knelt in front of Mr. Holiday. "Let's both play with it." She licked her tongue over the enormous pricktip.

Miss Peterson got down on her knees, and the girls began torturing their teacher with their hot, wet, wild tongues, slithering them up and down the cockstalk, slinking them over the cock top.

"Oh, girls, girls, girls!" Mr. Holiday moaned joyously. "Please, girls... you shouldn't."

Then Miss Peterson was up, holding her skirt, and she straddled Mr. Holiday. "I wanna get an A for my student teaching," she said.

She grabbed his prick, then she swirled her hips and circled them downward. She took his cock up into her cunt. She started fucking him, bouncing up and down.

Suzy watched, and stuck her finger in her pussy, letting her eyes take in the sight of Miss Peterson, the pretty teacher, fucking Mr. Holiday, the handsome teacher. Miss Peterson knew how to fuck, too.

Her plush ass slapped up and down on his thighs. She had her panties pulled over to one side of her crotch, and his cock was pumping like a piston in and out.

"And an A you'll get, Nancy," Mr. Holiday said, "won't she, Suzy?"

"Yeah, you give her an A, Big Daddy," she answered, shuddering with jealousy, but knowing there was nothing she could do about Miss Peterson fucking wildly like that on top of Mr. Holiday.

"An A, an A... fuck me!" Nancy yelped. They were humping good. Suzy came over and kissed Mr. Holiday on the lips, sticking her tongue in and out of his mouth, then sloshing it up to his ear. "You like fuckin' her, don't you, Daddy?"

"I'm cumming!" Nancy shouted.


After the fucking incident with Mr. Holiday and Miss Peterson, Mr. Holiday invited Suzy to his apartment. He said he had a surprise for her, and she should meet him that evening at seven.

Suzy found Bethany later in the day. They had a football game, so they went and changed into their uniforms.

"Can I stay at your house again tonight?" Suzy asked. "I am still havin' a fight with my mom. I haven't been home in a couple days, and I'm not gonna."

"Sure," Bethany said, "but you'll have to came over around nine, 'cause I have to go to a concert with my mom and dad. But we'll be home about then."

Suzy thought about Mr. Sizemore. "They'll not mind?"

"No," Bethany said.

Bethany's outing with her parents gave Suzy the chance to go by Mr. Holiday's apartment and check out the surprise he had for her.

Suzy was still uptight about that horny Miss Peterson, the way she just busted in on that fuck she was having with Mr. Holiday, just busted in and took over. But what could Mr. Holiday do? He had to let her jump on him like that or she would have gotten them both in trouble with the school.

She wore her uniform as she rode in the cab to Mr. Holiday's apartment, feeling good with six hundred dollars in cash in her purse, and a handsome teacher really hot for her.

The cab driver kept peering in the rear view mirror, appraising Suzy in her cheerleading uniform, the way the little blue skirt with inverted white pleats rode high on her luscious thighs; the way the thin cotton hem was up there near her crotch. The tight white sweater had a blue JH on the shoulder and a dark-blue stripe down the sleeves. Her big teen tits bulged the sweater lewdly at the chest. She had her legs crossed. Her legs looked adorable in the dark red knee socks and the blue and white tennis shoes.

Suzy crossed her legs, holding one a little above her knee, letting the cabbie see up under her skin, letting him gawk at her shiny, light baby-blue bloomers.

The tiny sight of the shiny satin crotch made the driver stare longingly, until he had to slam on the brake and swerve to miss hitting another car.

The cabbie was bald-headed, about fifty, chubby, but had a kind, friendly face. He got the cab under control again, and then glanced on back at Suzy the rest of the drive.

When they got there, Suzy waited, and the cabbie got out, opened her door, and held it open. She slid sexily across the seat, her legs pointed toward the driver, her knees slightly apart. She managed to hold the skirt with one hand as she slid, and it pulled way up over her panties.

The cabbie drooled. He had a half-hard cock already sticking against his pants. He gaped as Suzy held the pose for a moment, giving him a good, jizzy look. She played surprised, struggling then to get the little skirt back in place as she got out. She brushed against him, and felt his hard cock.

Suzy looked around. There was no one near. She reached down and rubbed her thumb, pressing it into the hard cockstalk in his pants, pulling it up and down.

"You gonna give me this ride for free for lettin' you see up my skirt like that?" she whispered, looking up at the enchanted driver.

"Uh-huh. Yeah, free," he gulped.

She threw her purse over her shoulder and walked toward the house. She got halfway up the walk, stopped and looked over her shoulder at the panting cabbie and smiled.

She rang the bell and two men who looked just like Mr. Holiday opened the door. Identical twins.

This threw Suzy for a spin. "Huh?"

"My twin, Frank," one Mr. Holiday said. They stood handsome, manly, smelling like fresh shaving lotion, dressed in red, terrycloth robes that hemmed out above their knees.

"Come in, Suzy," Mr. Holiday said.

"Jeez, two of you," Suzy whispered in amazement.

He pulled her into his apartment and closed the door. "I guess I've never told you my first name, Suzy. It's Henry, but please call me Hank."

"Hank and Frank," Suzy mumbled, looking from one handsome twin to the other.

"Didn't I tell you she was incredible, Frank?"

Hank stood back, admiring Suzy in her cheerleading uniform, smiling respectfully at her.

"Oh, she is indeed," Frank said, doing the same thing.

"My, sweet darling," Hank said, and pulled her into his arms, kissing her flush on the mouth, holding her compact teenaged body tightly against him.

He stuck his hand up under her tiny skirt and rubbed on her pussy, his fingertips pressing into the satin bloomers.

"I love her, too," Mr. Holiday said.

"I can see why," Frank said. "She's fantastic."

"Hear that, Suzy? Frank thinks you're fantastic. So do I, darling."

His fingers pliantly played at the crotch of her soft baby-blue panties. Frank came up behind her. He rubbed against her ass. He opened his robe, took his cock, which was just as long as his brother's, shoved it up under the skirt, and moved it around on Suzy's ass.

"Jeez, you guys," Suzy whispered.

Hank opened his robe. His cock swung out and swayed like a vibrating snake.

Hank kissed her. Then Frank spun her around and kissed her. Then Hank kissed her, and again Frank turned her and plastered his lips on her freshly painted pink lips.

Each twin kissed wetly, and as they kissed Suzy they put their hands on her tits, her ass, her pussy, rubbing all over her tight, sweet cheerleading uniform.

Suzy was on fire. She felt a swoon of passion and pleasure grip her. The twins finally brought her spin to a stop, and they both stood nude before her, their huge 11-inch pricks swinging and swaying, throbbing and thumping on full erections. She looked. She shuddered. She eyed their thin, masculine bodies, their huge pricks, their big, fat balls. And she especially liked the double handsomeness, the devastatingly good looks of both men.

"Let's play," Hank said, and he took her arms, puffing both down to their cocks. Suzy grabbed the hard pricks. She stood in front of them, a cock in each hand.

"Jeez, you guys. Wow!"

This was all she could manage, since she was so amazed at what was taking place, but she loved the feel of their big cocks, the hot, hard, smooth feel of their pricks clutched in her tiny hands.

She jerked in and out on each cock, holding them with an over handed grip, able to push down on the rising erections.

Hank reached over and pulled her skirt up over the blue bloomers. Frank rubbed her cunt, feeling the soft muffin under the smooth, shiny satin. Hank squeezed her tits through her little sweater. She pumped slowly on their big, hard, juicy cocks.

All three were lost in the magic of erotic sex. Suzy looked at their handsome faces. She felt the throb of their towering twin pricks, and felt hands all over her sweet, young body.

Somebody had her skirt up in blue and white pleats, somebody was rubbing on her cunt. Someone kept squeezing her tits, someone played with her ass. Someone was kissing her, sticking a tongue in her mouth.

Someone unzipped her skirt and it fell in a colorful pile of pleats around her tennis shoes. Someone said, "I wanna take her panties down."

Both men pulled away from her grip on their pricks. They knelt in front and behind her. She stood beautifully in her knee socks, bloomers, tennies, white sweater, and her long flowing ponytail tied with a bright white ribbon.

Mr. Holiday was behind her. Frank was in front. Frank tugged her tight bright-blue bloomers down, all the while kissing them passionately and lovingly. Suzy watched him peel them over her honeypot pussy.

"I wanna keep these pants as a souvenir," Frank whispered. "May I, Suzy?"

"Huh? Oh, keep my bloomers? I dunno," she muttered, but before she could finish he had them off, clutched in his hand and his mouth was pasted to her delicious pussy.

Hank cupped her ass and sent his tongue swirling up and down the crack of her ass.

"Ah!" she yelped. "Ah, ohhh! Hey, you guys! Wow!" Suzy babbled, her voice trembling with excitement, desire, and her knees wobbling with weakness.

The two men twirled their tongues. Frank lapped at her cunt, and Mr. Holiday was rimming her asshole. It was a whole new experience for Suzy, and the feeling that simmered through her was like one she had never felt before.

"Oh, don't... I mean it tickles so much. It's... oh, Mr. Holiday. Hank. Frank. Whoever's doin' what down there. You guys!"

They licked and sucked. She swooned with a craving and a desire, with a tingle of pulsing pleasure as she stood there and let them administer their hot oral business.

"My pussy and my shitter! Gee, you guys. Both of you. Your tongues. Ohhhh!" Suzy wailed hotly.

"Do you like it, dear?" She couldn't tell if it was Frank or Hank talking. "Do you like this?"

"Uh-huh," she answered, looking down, seeing one of the twins sucking her whole cunt into his mouth greedily. Then he chewed it lovingly, gently while he fucked his tongue in and out of the gooey pussy goodness.

The other tongue danced up and down her ass split, then it fucked in and out of her asshole. She thought she might faint from the joy that overwhelmed her.

"You're like dogs down there," Suzy muttered. "Your tongues are wild like a dog's. Ahhh, shit! Oh, Mr. Holiday. Mr. Frank, Hank, or sirs!"

Her whole body shook with the sweet feel of their loving action.

"Oh, here it cums!" she shouted, and the frenzy of her climax stiffened her like a board. Tongues fucked her in those two sensitive spots, thrilling her beyond belief.

But it was a different kind of climax, it just kept on raging through her.

"Oh, shit!" she bellowed.

"Is this one of your fantasies, Suzy?" She knew it was the original Mr. Holiday calling to her. She heard his mellow, masculine voice through the curtain of pleasure that enclosed her.

"I never even thought about this -- two guys lickin' me like you guys are doin', Hank and Frank."

"Tell us another of your fantasies, Suzy. I told Frank about the window."

"You guys are really lewd, ain't you? Talkin' about me, probably jerkin' to me, too, huh?"

"You know it," came a manly voice.

Suzy pushed her hips out, then bumped them back, pushed into the fucking tongue at her pussy, humped back to the slobbering tongue doing her asshole.

"Well," she said, "if you guys really wanna know. I'd like to write a story 'bout this someday, get some publisher to put it out, tell the truth about all the cocks that got hard for me, and in that way get those guys readin' my story real hot so they would jack-off to me, too. I can just see millions of 'em layin' on their beds, readin' my story, thinkin' about me and jerkin' their hard cocks, and there would be all kinds of pricks, big ones, little ones, thick ones, thin ones, and I'd love all of 'em. I'd see all those guys pumpin on their pricks in honor of me. Oh, shit, you don't think I'd like that?"

She came again.

"Yeah, you'd like that," one of the twins said, and it was the man in front of her. He stood and grabbed his cock. He jerked furiously on it.

"See what I mean. Like that," Suzy said hotly. "I like the way you're beatin' that Goddam prick of yours. That's what I like. The way you're doin' that."

She knew the twin behind her got up too, because she felt him jerking his cock on her ass, slapping the mallet-head against the glorious cheeks of her magnificent ass.

The man in front of her moved into her and his cocktip pushed at the lips of her cunt. He thumped on the cockstalk.

"See, that's what you guys are doin'. You're beating-off to me. See?" Suzy whimpered, feeling ecstasy, feeling pleasure as the rippling tides of her climax continued to slush through her.

"Yeah, beat it! Beat it. That's good, guys, really pump for me. You know I deserve it. You know you should jack on your big pricks for me every damn day. You should get up in the morning with a huge hard-on, and you should sit on the edge of the bed, think of me, like this, with my ass so fine, my tits stickin' out of this sweater, my wet pussy being jerked on, think of this, then whack off, damnit. Whack off! Come on, whack off, you big bad daddies!"

She was completely weak, babbling, being held up by the men as they shot their wads, and jerked their big pricks at her ass and pussy.

"Ahhhh, shit." Suzy sighed.

There was a Mr. Holiday in front, and a Mr. Holiday in back. She felt a big prick paddling her ass, splattering cum all over her smooth ass cheeks. The Mr. Holiday in front was humped down, jerkin' his cock at her pussy, mashing the head into her honey-blonde patch of cunt hair.

She kept having a series of mini-climaxes. A continual ripple of pleasure and exquisite delight shuddered through her fine body.

"Yeah, masturbate, Misters! Pump, pump, pump those pricks! I like seein' you do that. Jerk 'em hard and go as fast as you can go, will you? Oh, yeah!" She watched the twin in front of her furiously pound his prick at her.

The nub of his cockhead felt good jiggin' on her clit. Suzy floated in divine ecstasy. She swooned and mumbled to them about jacking off, continuing to pour a barrage of encouragement to the handsome men.

They nodded at each other over her shoulder and came.

"Oh, fuck!" Suzy shouted.

Cum-cream spread in splattering gobs all over her belly, her pussy, her legs, and she felt the spray of jizz cream her ass, too.

"Which one are you?" she panted to the one in front of her.

"Frank," he gasped, thumping his cock against her cunt.

"Ohhhh, wow!" she cried, and came violently, feeling the thrill of the climax engulf her body, and tingle her into another world.

The next thing she was able to get in perspective was that one of the twins was sitting on the couch. He pulled her down astraddle over his legs so that her back was to him. She sat down on his thighs. His cock was half-hard, pressing up against her ass.

The other twin stood nude in front of her. The twins had strong, masculine arms, big and sinewy.

The twin she was sitting on reached down and cupped ha ass, lifting her up in the air. His cock kept getting harder. Sixty got the idea. She reached down, slicked her hand all over the big, gooey prick, urged it to a full erection, then stuffed it in her pussy.

The twin began lifting her up and down in a slow pump with his hands under her ass, his big brawny arms bulging with muscle as he did this with her, holding her whole body by the ass in his hands.

"Ah, phew," Suzy sighed, her ponytail swishing on her lovely back.

Hands from in front of her reached out and took off her sweater. Then the hands unhooked and took off her bra. She looked so enchanting, being lifted by the ass, up and down, her legs in the red knee socks, her blue and white tennis shoes, and the rest of her gorgeous, tight, teen body, bare and beautiful.

The twin in front of her was fisting his big foot-long prick, rubbing the squirting pricktip, fucking the erect little nipples. He drew circles on her tits with his cock top. He squished jizz all over them. Then he stood higher from his humping position and manipulated his prick on Suzy's lips, rubbing the huge, sticky head on her chin, her cheeks, then rolling it along her lips in a big sweet circle.

Suzy's mouth gaped open. She licked out her tongue and wobbled it all over the big cock top.

He pushed gently and Suzy took the big cock in her mouth. Her lips sucked around it in a spitty seal. Her mouth was puckered. She had a good fish lock on the top of his prick. Her pretty cheeks were glistening with cum, and they were indented in sweet sucking dimples.

With one hand she felt the slide of the cock fucking her pussy, and with the other hand she reached out and jiggled the twin's big balls.

She was bumping up and down, bouncing, fucking, all the time being held by the strong arms and hands of one of the twins. She didn't know who was whom. She didn't care. She felt fabulous. This was so exciting. She sucked furiously on the big prick, and let herself ride with the up and down lift she was being given on the other prick.

When she felt her mouth flush with hot cream, she pulled back off the spurting prick, grabbed it and pumped wildly. A moment later she came with the rush of cream that jetted up into her pussy. She loved it. She loved the big cock in there, the way she was sliding up and down on it.

"Oh, you guys!" she yelled. "Jeeeeezzzzz!"


After the incredible sex with the two Holiday brothers, Suzy was all sweaty, hot, and messed up. She retired to the bathroom, took a shower, put her cheerleading uniform back on, and fixed her hair and face. She was ready to go over and spend the night with Bethany.

She walked out. The twins were having a drink in the living room. One of them got up, took Suzy by the hand, and led her into the bedroom which had a bright red carpet a big bed, and masculine appropriations.

"Okay, now which one are you?" Suzy asked.

"Hank, your teacher," he said.

"Boy, that was something with you and Frank," Suzy said.

"Well, we like to share." He took her in his arms and embraced her warmly. He still had on his little terry cloth robe. He kissed her and his hand came down into the back of her cheerleading skirt. He cupped her sweet, high school ass.

"I love you, darling," he sighed. His hand went under her skirt and he felt those bright blue bloomers, and how they slicked against her ass.

"Yeah?" Suzy purred.

"Yes, and I want to make a proposal. Let's run away to the Ozarks. I have a large tract of land, and over the past ten years I've been building a beautiful home there. We could go there and be together."

"Gee," Suzy said, dumbfounded at this idea. "What about school?"

"I could tutor you on what you had left, or you could finish down there, but they have a modeling school down there, and also a summer theater."

"Oh, golly. I've always wanted to go to Patricia Stevens, but I never thought I could ever afford it."

"I'll pay for everything, plus give you spending money, all the time we're together. You can leave anytime you want, and perhaps you should go up to Kansas City sometime and see about modeling. We can always get you an apartment. You see, I've saved all my money for twenty years of teaching just for a moment like this."

His hand was between her legs, and he was rubbing her cunt through the shiny bloomers.

His robe was open down the middle and his cock stood hard from his belly. Suzy grabbed it, held it gently, lovingly, stroking her fingers over the cockstalk, trailing the big blue veins with her fingernails.

"You mean you'd quit your job? Jeez, what'll you say around school, and in this town? They'll wanna lynch you for sure."

"My twin Frank will take over my teaching job. No one will ever think I've left." Mr. Holiday dipped his hand into her pants.

His cock throbbed wildly in her hand. She gripped it tightly and squeezed. It squirted. His finger was in her pussy, slicking the sticky slit.

"What do you say?" he whispered.

"Oh, yes. Yes. I wanna, Mr. Holiday. I really wanna do it. Go with you to your big house, go to modeling school, let you tutor me."

"Then it's settled. Can you get away from your mother without any problems?"

"Easy. She'll be happy to see me go, believe me."

"Then we can leave in a couple days, soon as I get all the arrangements taken care of."

What a plan, Suzy thought, conjuring up an overflow of admiration for her lover.

He pushed her back to the bed. She fell into the soft mattress, splayed on the white bedspread. He sat beside her, took her skirt up, petted her pussy, and crunched his fingers into the crotch of her bloomers.

"I'll have to tutor you on fucking too, won't I, my darling little one?" he whispered, tugging her bloomers down, taking them over her legs, pulling them off. He kissed them, held them to his mouth. "I'll have to keep these. Remember Frank wanted them for a souvenir?"

"I want him to have 'em, Hank," Suzy said. He stood up, took off the robe, and climbed on the bed. She spread her legs wide for him, her blue and white pleats high up on her waist. He came down over her, guiding his prick into her cunt. She took half of it up her pussy right away.

He began a slow pump, his ass thumping up and down like a hammer, like an oil well, and his prick plugging her tight little cunt.

"Yeah, you'll have to tutor me, Big Daddy, on fuckin'," Suzy whispered.

"And indeed I will, sweetheart," he puffed, picking up his fuck-stroke.

"Yeah, you'll have to show me how to fuck on a bed like this."

"You wrap your legs around me, darling." Suzy raised her legs, and wrapped them around him. Holiday's pumping body, crossed them on his ass, hooked her ankles there, and started bouncing up and down on the bed.

"Yes, like that, dear. You'll be a fast learner."

"I wanna be," Suzy said. "Oh, sir. Sir! I love you!" she cried with great emotion.

"I love you, too, Suzy. Now let's kiss and fuck, and this time we'll fuck and fuck and fuck and we won't say one word. We'll just kiss and fuck."

Their lips met in a blazing hot, spitty kiss.

The whole plan would be fabulous, thought Suzy, riding the cab to Bethany's. She could even fix Bethany up with the fake Mr. Holiday.

Bethany was sitting with her parents in the living room when she arrived. She had to be careful not to bend over or anything, because she'd oven her bloomers to Frank. She didn't know why he wanted her panties like that, but she guessed he was gonna masturbate in them, and this gave her a swoon of thrill as she entered the house.

She went directly upstairs with Bethany. But she noticed how hot Mr. Sizemore was staring at her.

"Guess what?" Bethany said, closing her bedroom door.

"I got a guy all hot at that concert. It was a string quartet. God, I was bored, and I had on this outfit, this little sailor suit. Real juvenile, huh? But my mom thinks it's so nice. Anyway, I was sittin' there, and this man kept looking at me, probably noticing how cute I was and everything. Well, I managed to play like I had to scratch my thigh, and so I'd reach down, without looking at him, right at the hem of my dress and itch. But while I did this, I lifted the hem up, pulled the heft back too, and he could see right up to my blue panties, and boy did his fuckin' eyes pop out when he first took a look."

"Oh, wow," Suzy said, "and he got hard and stuff?"

"You bet. I could see this bulge, like someone had opened a jackknife in his tuxedo. And he kept looking at me. Everytime I'd look at his face he was staring at my legs, and one time I kinda slid down in my seat, like I was real bored, threw my knees apart and kinda swung 'em a little bit. I thought he was gonna go crazy that time. Jeez it was fun."

"What happened?" Suzy asked.

"I'll bet he came, but I don't know for sure. He couldn't grab it or anything, but he kept his program over it, and he kept moving around in circles, like he was scratchin' at the tip of the big bulge."

"Jeezzzzz," Suzy sighed.

"He looked a lot like Mr. Holiday. Boy, that's the one I wanna make all hot," Bethany said, excitedly.

"You won't have to, I can fix you up with him," Suzy said.


"You been with him? Did you do it with him?"

"Of course not. He's a friend, that's all, but he's a man, and I know he likes you."

"Oh, come on, really?" Bethany cried. "Yeah, he told me so."

"Oh, shit, what'd he say?"

"Just said he thought you were real pretty and real sexy."

"Aw, you're lyin' to me."

"I'll fix you up tomorrow, okay?"

"Please do!" Bethany was excited. "One other thing, Bethany. I'm leavin' town soon."

"What? Where?"

"Oh, I dunno. I just gotta get away from my mother. All she ever does is drink and bitch. I can't stand it any longer."

"You gonna run away?"

"I am, but I'm not. I got somethin' to go to."

"What, where?"

"I can't tell you now, but I will someday," Suzy said.

Both beauties by now had undressed and lay side by side on the bed.

Suzy said, "Tell me more about that man at the concert; was he real hard over you?"

Bethany stuck her hand between her legs. "Oh, yeah, real hard over me. Real hard."


The next morning, Suzy borrowed some clothes from Bethany. She loved her friend, and she felt sad that she would have to leave her, but then the thought of being with Mr. Holiday filled her mind, and she was delighted by the prospect of her life with him on the Lake of the Ozarks.

She snuggled into a flashy red knit tank dress that molded to her figure like a second skin. It was made of Lycra spandex, so it fit exceedingly tight, and the garment stretched with every move of her body. It was as if she had wrapped herself in a wet bathing suit that was two sizes too small for her. But she wanted to look good for her new lover, Mr. Holiday. She found a pair of Bethany's luscious lace anklets; sweet little ruffled rose lace socks in stretch nylon that fluffed out on her ankles. Then she slipped into a pair of black high heels.

It was a super sexy get-up, and it was an outfit Suzy probably never would have worn to school, but this was special; it was probably her last week at Jefferson, and she wanted to look sexy and attractive to Mr. Holiday.

She had washed and fixed up in Bethany's room at her half-bath, then went to the main bathroom to comb her hair which was now roughly parted in the middle, her golden curls falling in yellow laces on her shoulders.

An arm reached out from a bedroom and jerked her in.

"Why, Mr. Sizemore!" Suzy exclaimed in complete surprise.

"I've been so hot for you," he whimpered hotly. His hands began an exploration of the tight dress. Her tits were especially inviting, and he ran his hands eagerly over them.

"But, Mr. Sizemore, Bethany and your wife are up here."

"Not in this room. This is the guest bedroom. No one comes in here."

He kissed her madly.

"But sir," Suzy protested, "I'm going steady now."

The young girl wanted to say true to her lover, Mr. Holiday. She loved him. She admired him. She worshipped him.

Mr. Sizemore puffed, his breath hot in her face.

"But, I can't, sir. I mean this is bad timing." Suzy had a flash that life was nothing but timing.

Mr. Sizemore felt her ass. Suzy tore his hands away. "I told you I'm going steady, sir!" she snapped.

"You're the most beautiful female specimen I've ever seen," Mr. Sizemore panted. "Men would give up anything for you."

"They already have, sir," Suzy said.

"Oh, Suzy, please!" he pleaded.


"Here, I'll pay you if you'll just let me feel you up and beat me off, jerk it like you did the last time."

Mr. Sizemore pulled out his wallet. His hands shook like branches in the wind. He fumbled into the wallet, took out all the money, and handed it to Suzy.

She could quickly see that there was more than five hundred dollars in the clutch of bills he offered, maybe quite a bit more.

"Oh, jeez, I'm goin' steady," she whispered, staring at the money.

"But who will know, Suzy?" he whimpered. "I'm sure as hell not gonna tell anybody."

"All that?" Suzy said, painting to the money. "Yes, and anytime you want more, all you have to do is come see me and ask for it."

"Really?" Suzy said.

"You're damn right," he offered confidently. "Like if we got together every once in a while, you'd pay for it like this?" Suzy asked.

She grabbed the stash of cash. "I'm leavin' town, Mr. Sizemore, but maybe we could meet in Kansas City now and then. I'd have to call you."

From his wallet he whipped out a business card. "I can be there in a flash, just call me at the office."

Suzy took his card, put it in her purse with the thick fold of money he had offered her. "I guess you can feel me up then."

His hands glided over her body, inspecting each luscious, young curve. His lips were hot when they met her pinkly-glossed mouth. His kiss was hot and passionate. His hands clutched her ass. He pressed to her. She could feel the hard outline of his thick, hot-dog prick.

"You are a naughty old man, aren't you, Mr. Sizemore?" Suzy blurted, not really wanting to say this, and denigrate the generous gentleman, but the words seemed to escape without any control from the young beauty.

He lifted the thin hem of her dress, kept pulling it up her tanned legs. "Maybe naughty, maybe madly in love with you, Suzy," he gulped in a low growl.

"You're gonna feel me all over, right?"

"Yeah, feel you up."

"Well, go ahead, that's what you want, isn't it? That's what you need, Mr. Sizemore," Suzy said, and then unzipped his fly and yanked out his big, thick prick.

"And you want me to jerk this big cock off for you, too, don't you?"

"Oh, yes."

She got a good grip on his cock. He had her dress up now way above her waist, showing off her pretty pink panties. He plunged his hand into the crotch of the panties, rubbing full-blast on her cunt.

"You're gonna have to pay a lot, if you're gonna wanna do this kinda stuff with me," Suzy said.

"I don't care!" He stuck his hand down into her panties.

"You are so bad, sir. These are Bethany's panties. You're into your daughter's panties."

"You little, darling, sweetheart fucker," he wheezed.

"All these clothes I got on belong to Bethany."

"I love you," he barked.

"Sure, and you want me to beat you off, don't you?"

"I'm dyin' for it."

"Okay, then, I'm gonna beat you off, Mr. Sizemore, 'cause you gave me all that money. I'm gonna pump your prick and make it shoot off. How'd you like that?"

"It's what I want."

"You know it is."

She had a clutch-grip on his fat prick. She stood in front of him, and with an over handed grip she began a wild jerk on his hot, hard cock.

Suzy drove the man wild, standing there with her dress bunched up around her waist, her lace anklets, her whole persona radiating her enigmatic loveliness.

Her hand did a pull-and-push on his prick, hammering in and out with an underhanded action now, slicking the fat cockstalk on her palm.

She jerked faster and faster. His hands roamed all over her teen-queen body -- first the ass, her tits, her hips, then he plunged his fingers into her pussy.

Suzy jerked wildly on his cock, but she had it under, control. She knew how men liked it. She knew how to masturbate a man so he would feel better than he'd ever felt before. She knew how special she was to Mr. Sizemore. She could see it in the look upon his impassioned face.

"You like this, don't you?" she whispered.

"Yes... yes," he sighed. "Yes, yes!"

"I'm gonna beat it until it shoots, Mr. Sizemore, and you're gonna keep on playin' with my pussy, aren't you?"

"Mmmmmm," he huffed.

"Now, sir. Let me move over to the side so you can shoot all over. Don't want you to shoot on your daughter's panties, and on her dress and stuff."

Mr. Sizemore came. It was a grand eruption, almost like a thunderstorm that had been brewing for hours; dark clouds, cool-hot breezes.

"Ohhhhh, Suzy!" he hollered. "Oh, darling. Sweet, sweet darling!"

"That's what they all say," Suzy said.

She watched the volcanic eruption. The cream spraying from his prick, arcing out, then plastering the carpet.

"Come on spray!" Suzy encouraged. "Spray cream, Mr. Sizemore, you bad, bad, bad sonofabitch."

"Oh, hahhha whoooo!" he whimpered softly.

His fingers diddled on her craving cunt as he shot his wad.

"Stick 'em in, don't just scratch," Suzy directed.

She pushed her hips out and he stuck three fingers into her cunt.

"You are a nasty man, in your daughter's panties like that, fingerin' me and shootin' off at the same time," Suzy shivered, "you oughta be ashamed of yourself."

But as she pumped his mustard-slick prick, she knew that Mr. Sizemore would be fading in and out of her life for a long time to come.

What she could tell, as he climaxed, was that look of absolute love and worship on his face.

"You're gonna come to Kansas City to see me, because I'm the best thing that ever happened to you, right Mr. Sizemore?"

"Oh, yes. Right!" He fell back against the wall, a prisoner, a wilted victim under Suzy's furiously applied hand-job.

"I'm gonna do anything you ask me to do," he whispered, and Suzy could tell by the hot look on his face that he meant what he said.

She jerked her hand in a slick slide on his mammoth cockstalk, all the time letting Mr. Sizemore roam his hands over her body, feeling every part of her gorgeous figure, his hands like tender fins.

"You're feelin' me up, aren't you?" she said.

"Yeah, yes. I'm feelin' you up," Mr. Sizemore panted. "I am really feelin' you, and you are really pumpin' me."

"I'm doin' more than just pumpin' you sir. I'm beatin' you off. And you love it," Suzy said.

He shot out his load. His prick bloated in her hand and sprayed a steady cream-stream, a thick gooey splash of cum.

"Yeah, that's it," Suzy said. "It's the only way I have of knowing whether you're bullshittin' or not."

His cock was squirting like a ruptured lawn hose, and she knew he wasn't bullshitting anything with her, and this made her feel real good.

"I'll do anything, give you anything, just let me keep bein' near you!" Mr. Sizemore barked, humping over at the waist, still shooting his thick, lewd load.

"Well, I'll have to think about that," Suzy said. "You're just probably another big, bad daddy." Her hand was a blazing blur on his cock.

Finally she had milked Mr. Sizemore dry. Suzy looked into his face, saw the pleasure, the ecstasy etched there. She smiled sweetly at him, and then she let go of his prick. The thick prick spit out a last drop of cum that hung from the tip like a piece of yarn.

Suzy took his hankie and wiped her hand dry. She pulled her panties into place and tugged the tight tank dress back into place.

"Ooooh, look it's still squirtin' and stuff," Suzy said, eyeing his prick.

"It needs another good pumping," Mr. Sizemore whispered.

"Well, I'd like to give it one, sir, but I'm afraid your wife and Bethany are gonna catch us in here."

She smiled again and slipped out the door.


It took Mr. Holiday a few days to clear up his business, and they decided to leave on Friday, but Suzy wanted to cheerlead one more time before she ran away with the handsome teacher.

"It's the only thing I'll miss," she said.

"If you go to school down there you can go out for the squad. Pd love to come and watch you and get me all hot," Mr. Holiday said.

Suzy told Mr. Holiday about Bethany's hot interest in him. He smiled and seemed flattered. Suzy suggested they fix her up with his brother, Frank.

"I'll bring her over after the game tonight, then we can leave after that," Suzy said.

Both young cheerleaders were juicy and appealing when they arrived at Mr. Holiday's apartment. He was hiding in a bedroom upstairs. His brother opened the door.

"Hi, Mr. Holiday," Suzy said.

"Well, hello girls," Frank said.

"This is Bethany Sizemore, Mr. Holiday. You've probably seen her around school."

"Oh, indeed I have." He gazed at the pretty cheerleaders.

Bethany had her hair in double ponytails. Suzy had hers in bangs and one long ponytail.

They looked delicious in their blue and white uniforms.

"Well, see, Bethany really likes you, sir, and I thought maybe you'd like her. Maybe you'd show us your cock, and we could show you our stuff, too."

"That's a grand idea, Suzy," Frank said.

Bethany was trembling. Her tanned face was flushed beyond the red rouge on her cheeks. Her red lips were moist and glistened appealingly.

Mr. Holiday had on the short robe. He threw it open, and his enormous cock began lifting. Both girls stood in amazement, gawking at the prick stalk on it's towering rise, thumping upward in jerking pulsations.

"Holy... jeeeez!" Bethany cried.

"Mr. Holiday has got a really big prick, hasn't he?" Suzy said.

"I never thought there could be anything like that," Bethany whispered, her voice shaking.

Frank's prick was now on a full erection. It stood out from between his legs like a piece of smoothly carved marble. The big blue veins bulged along the top of the cockstalk. The big red cockhead was beautiful, round, and shiny like a polished apple. His huge balls hung below the erection like a couple of lemons in a sack.

"Wow!" Bethany exclaimed in sheer, utter amazement. "Jeez, Suzy!"

"I know. It's huge, and it's all hard just from lookin' at us, isn't it, Mr. Holiday?" Suzy said. "Yes, yes it is. Now pull your little skirts up, girls, and let me see your darling-sweet bloomers," he whispered.

Both girls immediately flipped their skirts up and showed him their lake-blue bloomers. They held their skirts up for him, standing there in their red knee socks, their blue and white tennies, with the blue and white pleats in a fluff on their hips.

"Mmmmm, oooh that looks good, girls." Frank rasped his cock, slowly jerking on the long prick stick.

"Oh, jeez!" Bethany whimpered. "Oh, look, Suzy."

"Yeah, he's masturbatin' himself."

"Now, pull those little panties down, girls. Let nit see your cunts," Frank urged.

Bethany was at first reluctant, but when she saw Suzy pull her bloomers down around her thighs and show off her honeypot pussy, she stripped her briefs down too, letting Frank see her little golden nugget of a cunt.

"Oh, girls, those are beautiful cunts. You are both beautiful girls. Beautiful girls with beautiful cunts," Frank mumbled, still jerking slowly on his prick.

He reached over and sent his hand into Bethany's crotch, fingering her sweet cunt. His finger trailed up and down the wet, hot slit. He shoved a finger in, "Whuff, ohhh!" Bethany sighed.

He took her hand with his other hand and clasped it to his prick. Then he reached out and rubbed Suzy's cunt.

Suzy put a hand on his cock too. Now he played with both their cunts, and both girls had a good grip on his hard cock.

"It is so hard," Bethany offered. "So big, and long."

"Uh-huh," Suzy replied. "Why don't you kiss it for him?"

"Oh, jeez! Should I? Golly, I mean..."

"I want you to kiss my wick, Bethany," Frank said.

Bethany bent down. Suzy held his prick, pulling it to Bethany's fresh young mouth. Beth puckered her lips and planted them in a hot little kiss on the tip of Frank's bubbling cock.

"Ah, yeah," he sighed.

"He likes that, Bethany," Suzy said. Bethany glanced up as she kissed his cock and saw the passion on Frank's handsome face. She then slithered her tongue all over the top of his cock.

"Ahhhh!" be cried.

"I'll bet he's hungry to eat your pussy, too," Suzy said.

"Yes, starving for it," Frank said. Suzy pulled Bethany away from Frank's drooling prick. Frank knelt down. "Hold up your skirt, Bethany," he said.

She pulled the pleats up high. He cupped his hands behind her, on her splendid ass. He kissed his tongue along her thighs, then down to her knee socks, then up her thighs again, finally sending it slobbering at her scrumptious pussy.

"Oh, no... shit! Oh, Suzy! He's lickin' my pussy."

"I know. Do you like it?"

"Ah, whew... jeez! Oh, Mr. Holiday!" Bethany swooned.

Suzy slipped away, went upstairs, and found the real Mr. Holiday peering over the banister at the far end, looking down and watching his brother with Bethany. He was so positioned that they could not see up to where he stood.

"You two really got Frank hot," he whispered, puffing Suzy to him, placing her in front of him on the banister. He unzipped his fly and took out his big donkey cock. He lifted Suzy's cheerleading skirt. She crunched it up in pleats, then pressed against the banister so it would stay up.

Mr. Holiday tugged her blue bloomers down her luscious thighs. He stuck his prick between the smooth legs. Suzy caught it in both hands as it slid threw.

"Are you ready to leave for our new life?" he whispered in her ear.

Suzy looked down and watched Frank gnawing and chewing on Bethany's pussy. She saw Bethany standing there holding her skirt up, swaying her hips.

Bethany's head was tilted down and she was watching Frank eat her cunt. "Oh, Mr. Holiday," Bethany sighed. "Lemme see that big prick again."

Frank stood up, bent his knees slightly, fisted his cock and plugged the big jizzy tip into Bethany's young cunt.

"Ufff, whoofff, jeeeez," Bethany moaned. "You gonna fuck me?"

"Damn right, and fuck you and fuck you and fuck you!" Frank said.

"Oh, golly, Mr. Holiday. You can even fuck me at school too, huh?"

"You better count on that, right up on my desk," he panted, sawing his prick in and out of her pussy.

Suzy was jerking slowly on Hank's cock. He was kissing her neck, tonguing her ear.

"It's so exciting, leaving and stuff," Suzy said. "We're gonna be so happy, aren't we, Hank?"

"Oh, yes," he whispered. "Should we sneak out, the car is all packed?"

Suzy looked back over her shoulder at him. "Why don't you fuck me before we go," she said sexily. Then she took his cock and manipulated it into her pussy, pushing her ass back to him.

"Just a cute little fuck before we go," she urged.

"Yes, yes, yes," Mr. Holiday panted, and he rocked in and out behind her.

"I'll even beat you off in the car on the way down," Suzy whispered, rolling her incredible teenage ass back at her humping lover.

"I want you to, all the way down."

"One thing, Mr. Holiday," she said.

"Hank, call me Hank."

"Hank?" she whispered.

"I'm gonna cum," Suzy said, her voice tremulous. Her body stiffened. The sweet simmer of satisfying shimmers shuddered and shook her hard. She grabbed the banister for balance, arched her ass up high and proud, then held on as the good feeling tingled her all over.

Hank banged in and out on her ass, slugging his prick in a slick slide into her pussy.

"Keep on fuckin' me, Hank," Suzy swooned. "Just keep on fuckin' me, and fuckin' me!"


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