Eager naked family

Psychologists invariably agree that people are products of their environments. That does not mean, however, that all the people living in a certain area or making up a particular social class will all be alike. Also, it does not necessarily follow that all the children from any one particular family will turn out to have the same personalities or interests or even that any of them will grow to have the values of their parents.

Everyone knows of families where the personalities of the children are wildly different from each other or their parents. Some children seem to build their personalities by copying the actions and attitudes of their parents while others build theirs through rebellion against taught or accepted values and modes of behavior.

The Dawson family in EAGER NAKED FAMILY is a case in point. Two of the children the sons have adopted their parents' prudish attitudes toward sex and their strict, contained patterns of behavior. The daughter, however, has seen more of the world and has learned that what she had been taught by her parents is not a true reflection of the world's reality. She rebels, but in a quiet sort of way, working on her family, one by one, drawn in by them singly to her point of view.

EAGER NAKED FAMILY -- the story of how one anachronistic family reacts when confronted with the pressures of today's world.


On a hot June day Terry Dawson lay naked on her bed. She was tossing and turning restlessly, but not from the heat. Home for summer vacation, the attractive coed wondered how she could survive three long months without sex.

Her family didn't know it, but Terry wasn't a virgin any more. Her first year of college had changed her in a lot of ways. She had a steady boyfriend named Duane, and they fucked like bunnies. Thinking about Duane right now, Terry moaned with frustration. She needed Duane and his big hard cock.

The slim brunette idly fondled her apple-sized tits, stroking the strawberry-colored nipples till they went erect and tingling. She just loved it when Duane played with her tits. But it would be September before she saw him again, and if she wanted her tits fondled, she'd have to do it herself.

"Duane, dammit," Terry murmured, "I wish you were here."

She slid a hand down over her flat firm belly and over the soft fur of her little bush. Her mound was pouting and swollen, engorged with need. Shivering, she parted her legs and slid her fingers into the scorching moist flesh of her cunt. Just the slightest touch felt heavenly down there.

Unable to help herself, Terry began to rub her swollen pussy. She had to get some relief for her burning lust. She'd been home only a week, and already she was climbing the walls. She felt if she didn't get laid pretty soon, she'd go crazy. But there wasn't much prospect of her finding a guy to make out with.

It was a very small town, and everybody minded everybody else's business. If Terry even flirted with a guy, her parents would know about it as fast as some busybody could get to the phone. And her folks definitely didn't approve of her having sex. She could date, sure, but only in the family living room with her parents present to see that there wasn't any hanky-panky.

It was incredibly old-fashioned, but that was how her parents were, and she knew she couldn't change them. There was no way she was going to do any fucking this summer. But it just killed her to think of a whole summer without sex. She'd at least have to play with herself, just like she used to do before she went away to college and met Duane. Playing with herself was sure a lot better than nothing.

Stroking her fever-hot pussy, Terry smiled as she recalled the first time she masturbated. She'd been lying in bed one night thinking about this guy at school who really turned her on and fantasizing that they were out on a date together. She kissed her pillow, pretending it was him, and then she slid her hand up under her nightie, imagining it was his hand.

At that time Terry wasn't allowed to date at all, and she had no idea what a guy did when a girl was alone with one. But from all the warnings her mother had given her, she figured they'd try to do something naughty. Mom had warned her especially not to let a boy touch her below the waist or inside her clothes, so Terry concluded that boys were always trying for that.

So she slid her hand up her bare leg and touched her virgin cunt. It was the first time she'd ever explored herself down there and it felt very nice. Gradually she forgot her fantasy and just played with herself. She rubbed her creamy slit all over, and soon she located the most sensitive spot of all, the small hooded lump of her cunt. It felt terrific to rub that throbbing button.

She'd rubbed and rubbed, getting more excited by the second, and then all of a sudden her whole body seemed to explode with pleasure. She just had time to shove her face against the pillow and smother her squeals and moans of ecstasy as she experienced her very first orgasm.

Ever since then Terry had masturbated like crazy, although of course she never let her folks find out. They'd have been horrified. As far as they were concerned, any pleasure you got from your body was wrong. Sex was evil, and nice girls didn't like it. You should never make out before marriage, and then you should only fuck to make babies. And so on, and so on.

Terry had never shared her parents' puritanical views about sex, but she'd obeyed their rules as long as she lived in their home. Then she got away to college and did what she damned well pleased and that included losing her cherry. Not that she had given it to the first guy she dated. No, she had waited for a boy she couldn't resist and that was Duane.

Now, rubbing her fever-hot pussy and thinking about Duane, she almost moaned with need. Hot sticky cream was oozing steadily from her thirsty little cunt and trickling down the crack of her ass. She couldn't control that horny creaming. She ached to feel Duane's throbbing boner fucking her cunt, moving hard and fast inside her.

Her mind drifted back to the very first date she'd had with Duane, the night she lost her cherry. It really got her hot to think about that night and replay it in her mind. She knew she'd been putty in his hands from the moment they met and that she hadn't been able to deny him a thing.

Duane was a senior, blond and sexy, and he had his own little apartment, just one room with everything in it. On their first date, after taking her to a rock concert, he'd brought Terry back to his place. They drank beer, and it was the first time she'd touched alcohol. She got giggly and tipsy pretty fast.

They were sitting on the couch, listening to some soft music, and Duane had the lights turned down low. Terry was hotly attracted to him, and she didn't resist when he slipped his arm around her and kissed her. She'd been kissed a few times by then, but never like Duane did it. He used his tongue, and that was a first for Terry. It excited her wildly when he darted his tongue against hers.

She melted against him and let him probe her mouth with his big hot tongue. She felt dizzy with excitement. She had vowed that she'd go all the way with the first guy who really turned her on, and it looked like she'd found him. But she was still too shy and inexperienced to tell him what she wanted. She let Duane lead the way.

He took his time, giving her steamy tongue kisses till her heart pounded. Then, still kissing her, he slipped his hands up under her t-shirt and fondled the lacy cups of her bra. Her nipples went rigid, poking into his palms. She discovered that she loved having her tits played with. She didn't protest when Duane opened the front snap of her bra.

He pushed the cups aside and slid his hands onto her naked breasts. Terry gurgled with excitement. This was as far as a boy had ever gone with her. Her eager tits swelled and grew taut under his caressing hands. She could tell he'd been around. He didn't hesitate, and he wasn't clumsy. He knew just how to excite her.

"Mmmmm, that's nice," she murmured.

"I'll make it nicer," he said.

He pushed her t-shirt up out of the way, exposing her high-riding tits, and then he dipped his head down and started licking and sucking her engorged nipples. Terry creamed right through her jeans. She'd never felt anything so wickedly delicious as Duane's wet tongue and tugging lips on her sensitive nipples.

"Ohhhhh, wow, yesss," she breathed.

She just slumped back against the couch and let him do whatever he wanted with her cute round little tits. He coated both nipples with his hot spit, then sucked them into total rigidity. Terry went on creaming helplessly. She knew now that Duane was the guy she wanted to give her cherry to, although she didn't tell him. She figured he'd just go as far as he could.

She was right. When he'd finished playing with her tits, the next thing he did was reach for the zipper of her jeans. But Terry put out her hand and stopped him. "Wait a second," she said, "that's not fair."

"Why not?" Duane laughed.

"You have to undress, too," Terry smiled.

She started unbuttoning his shirt. She hadn't intended to be that bold, but she was just dying to get a look at his body. She'd never seen a naked man before. She quickly got his shirt of him, then ran her fingers through the thick crisp hairs of his chest. That really turned her on, and so did his cleanly muscled arms. But Duane was stirring impatiently, and finally he grabbed for her zipper again.

This time she didn't stop him. She let him pull off her jeans, then her skimpy bikini panties. She blushed a little as he exposed her small triangular bush. After all, she'd never been naked in front of a guy before. But she could tell he liked what he saw. His eyes swept hungrily over her slim but very feminine body.

Then he eased her down on her back and slipped a sofa pillow under her ass. That forced her pussy up off the couch, and her natural response was to let her legs fall wide apart. Duane knelt there staring at her juicy pink slit and its delicate fringe of light-brown curls. He studied her pussy carefully, licking his lips.

While he was doing that, Terry was staring at the fly of his jeans. There was an obscenely huge bulge there. She was burning with curiosity about his cock. She'd read everything about sex she could get her hands on, but she still didn't have a very clear idea of what a cock looked like. She got bold again and reached for his fly.

"You wanta look?" he grinned as she fumbled with his zipper. "Here, I'll take care of that."

He stood and quickly got rid of his jeans and shorts. Terry couldn't help gasping when she saw his cock. It was big much bigger than she'd anticipated, about seven inches long and almost as thick as her wrist. The head was shiny and purple, and it was dripping creamy liquid.

Then Duane stretched out beside her on the couch and they started playing with each other. They just took their time, and he didn't try to rush her. Duane was very smart about that he didn't wreck his chances by coming on too strong or too fast. He just fooled around till she was so horny she wouldn't have said no to anything.

He slipped a hand onto her pussy and started squeezing and massaging.

Terry loved that. She gurgled with pleasure and filled his palm with a spurt of molten pussy cream. She reached out and gingerly touched his swollen rock-hard prick, which was smooth and hot and throbbing, fun to touch. She got bolder and wrapped her fingers around it.

While she clumsily but eagerly pumped his cock in her hot little fist, he sought out the ultra sensitive bud of her clit and began to tease it with a fingertip, massaging it in a circular motion. Terry gurgled and creamed, loving the hot buzzes of pleasure he was giving her. She creamed all over his fingers, unable to control the horny flooding.

"Mmmmmm, Duane, that feels so good," she moaned.

"I like what you're doing, too," he grinned.

They went on fooling with each other in that sensuous leisurely way, and Terry's lust built to the boiling point. She was intensely curious to know how it would feel to take Duane's big hard cock into her virgin cunt, and she had a hunch it wouldn't be long before she found out.

Thick hot cream was bubbling out of his piss hole and running down to wet her stroking fingers. Her pumping got slick and fast. Then Duane started easing his thick middle finger into her cunt. She'd never had anything in there before. The cramming sensation excited her hotly, and she soaked his penetrating finger with sizzling cream.

"Ooooo, shit, oooooo!" she squealed as he worked the finger all the way into her.

Duane was shivering lustily as he felt her tiny cunt throbbing and gripping his finger. "You're a virgin, aren't you, Terry?" he asked.

"Yes," she gurgled.

"Oh, Christ," he moaned.

He started working his finger up and down in her untried pussy, moving it in a fucking motion. Terry loved the sensation, and she creamed all over his jerking finger. His big hot cock throbbed hard in her fist. He finger-fucked her faster and faster, till she was hovering on the verge of orgasm.

"Ohhhhh, my gosh, Duane, you're gonna make me come," she cried hoarsely.

"Great," he smiled, "relax and let it happen."

Why not? Todd let go of his cock, afraid she would squeeze too hard when she climaxed. She closed her eyes and shut out everything but the hot stabs of pleasure she was getting from his stiffly pumping finger. She tightened her virgin cunt around his finger to get more delicious friction. By this time she was so insanely aroused, it took her no time at all to get off.

"Unnnhhhh, God, whaaahhhh!" she wailed as the violent orgasm shook her.

She could hear Duane's harsh excited breathing as her spasming cunt squeezed and released his finger in a hard hungry rhythm. She gurgled and whimpered as the powerful convulsions shook her body, and she soaked his pumping finger with thick loads of molten juice. Then at last she went still, opened her eyes, and gave him a delighted smile.

"Oh, wow, Duane, I loved that," she said. "I'm glad," he said. "Now let's try the real thing."

He withdrew his cream-soaked finger from her twat and climbed on top of her. This was it she was about to lose her cherry. She still had time to back out, but she didn't want to. She kept her legs parted for him, and he sank down between her hot silky thighs. He pressed the fat hard head of his cock against her virgin cunt mouth.

"Here goes," he said hoarsely. "I'll be as gentle as I can, but it might hurt a little. It usually hurts a girl the first time, but you'll get over it."

Terri wanted him to just skip the speech and get on with it. Curiosity was killing her. He cupped her hot little ass and started easing his meat into her, and she gasped. His cock felt even bigger than it looked. It felt like she was taking a baseball bat up her tiny cunt. But somehow he got it all the way into her without splitting her in half.

"There," he whispered, "you've got it all. How does it feel?"

"H-huge," Terry said nervously.

"You can take it," he assured her. "Just relax as much as you can, and I'll make it good for you."

He wasn't just bull shitting her. Duane was incredibly skilled and patient with her. He began fucking her very slowly and gently, letting her get used to it, and then lie very gradually increased the speed and force of his fucking till she could take a normal impact. Terry would always be grateful to him for making her first fuck such a terrific experience.

Finally he was fucking her pretty hard, their naked bodies slapping together, the couch creaking. By then Terry was loving it. She was clinging to him and moaning and creaming like mad. His stiff shaft was rubbing up and down over her cunt giving her stab after stab of pleasure. The pleasure built in her pussy till she couldn't contain it any longer.

"Umilihhh, Duane, unnnhhh, I'm coming!" she wailed.

"Ahhhhhh, Christ, aaaggghhhh!" he roared, jetting his boiling load into her.

Terri would never forget that night. As she replayed it now, at her parents' house, she slid her middle finger into her creaming little cunt and finger-fucked herself. As she recalled each delicious moment of her first fuck, she masturbated faster and harder, pretending her pumping finger was her boyfriend's cock. But it just didn't feel like the real thing.

Terry tried slipping a second finger into herself. That was better, but it still wasn't as thick as Duane's meat. She shoved in a third finger and gurgled with satisfaction. Holding the three fingers tightly bunched together, she pumped them swiftly in and out of her smoking little cunt, giving herself hot blasts of pleasure.

"Ohhhhh, honey, yesss, fuck meeee," she squealed.

Her eyes tightly closed, she imagined Duane was on top of her, hammering his steel-stiff cock in her famished pussy hole. She relived the final exciting moments of the night he took her cherry. Duane was so hot for her that night, he was flooding her womb with boiling jizz a second after she started coming.

She missed that boiling bath of jism, but it would be three long months before she took Duane's come. She wondered how in hell she'd survive. Furiously she pumped her fingers in her famished little pussy, and in another few seconds she felt a huge explosion of pleasure that began in the fiery depths of her cunt and quickly flamed out to engulf all of her.

"Oooooo, shit, fuck, whaahhhh!" she wailed.

As Terry came down from that self-induced climax, she knew for certain that she couldn't go the whole summer without being fucked. Playing with herself was fun, but now that she'd fucked, she couldn't do without it. Solitary sex just didn't do it for her any more. But where could she find a partner? All she had was her own family.

Slowly a devilish grin spread over her face.

Maybe, just maybe, she could change her family's attitudes about set and show them the fun they'd been missing. It wasn't just her parents who were uptight about the subject. Her two teenage brothers were prudes, too. At least they acted like prudes. It was time somebody brought the whole bunch of them into the Twentieth Century.

Terry decided to be that person. She'd be doing the family a favor, she told herself. And of course if she could win them over to her way of life, she'd be doing herself a favor, too. She'd have all the sexual partners she wanted. The more she thought about the idea, the more she liked it.

It was outrageous, of course, but it just might work. She decided to start with the most susceptible member of the family, her oldest brother Todd, a high school senior. She'd caught Todd looking at her in a very unprudish way when she was sunbathing in her bikini. Todd might come on as a serious student and a bookworm, but he was also a teenager, and he just had to be horny.

Grinning wickedly, Terry leaped off the bed, got dressed, and went looking for her brother.


She wasn't surprised to find Todd with his nose in a book. He was a straight-A student, and even summer vacation was devoted to studying. He said he was getting a head start on next fall's classes. Terry had a hunch that the strictly raised kid just didn't know what else to do with his time.

He was at the kitchen table reading a physics text. Not for the first time, Terry noticed how cute he was, a tall lean boy with thick curly bran hair. He'd been even cuter without his glasses, but he hardly ever took them off. As Todd came bouncing into the room, he looked up from his reading.

"Todd, it's a beautiful day," she scolded, "why aren't you out catching some sunshine?"

Todd didn't answer right away. He was staring at her helplessly, his mouth hanging open. Terry knew how her bikini affected him, so she had put it on. It was a ridiculously skimpy pink suit that barely covered her nipples and her pouting mound. She stood there and let him have a good long look.

Finally he replied in a slightly husky voice, "I, um, don't have time for sunbathing, I wanta finish this book before fall."

"You've got three months," Terry laughed. "I want you to come to the beach with me, Todd. I don't like to go alone. I'm sure Mom will let us take the car. Please?"

She sensed that he liked the idea, although he tried to sound reluctant. "Oh, all right," he sighed, closing his book, "I'll just grab my bathing suit and a towel."

So far, so good. Terry had succeeded in luring her brother to a place where they could be alone. Her mother handed over the car keys willingly. Of course Mrs. Dawson saw nothing wrong in Terry going to the beach with her brother. "Be sure to take along some sun screen, and be back in time for dinner," she ordered. "Okay, Mom," Terry chirped.

She knew a private cove where she and Todd could be alone. They had to have total privacy, otherwise she'd never break through his inhibitions and hangups. He'd been raised a prude, just like she had. With Terry, it hadn't taken, but she wasn't sure about Todd. Maybe he was faking prudery, like she had, or maybe it was for real.

After they'd spread out their towels on the sand, Terry made her opening move. "Gosh, there's nobody else round," she exclaimed, "so we don't need our bathing suits."

Todd stared at her as slit untied her bikini bra and dropped it on the towel. His eyes got huge when he saw her gorgeous little tits, perfectly firm globes capped with small pointed nipples. He got very red in the face, and his Adam's apple bobbed up and down. Then Terry dropped her panties and stood before him stark naked.

His mouth dropped open farther as he studied her cute little bush, and he got even more red in the face. Terry stood there grinning and letting him get an eyeful. The scene was turning her on. Her pussy began to steam and swell. But she knew she couldn't rush her shy bookish brother. She'd have to take his seduction in short easy steps.

"Well, come on, Todd," she smiled, "aren't you gonna swim?"

"Uh, yeah," he said, removing his glasses, "but I think I'll keep my bathing suit on."

Terry had expected that, and she taunted, "What's the matter, little brother? Chicken?"

That did it. "No, of course not," Todd snapped. "If you can do it so can I."

Blushing furiously, but determined not to be outdone, he skinned out of his swimming trunks. Terry's eyes moved eagerly to his cock, and to her delight she saw that he was nicely hung. His prick was just about identical to Duane's, in fact. She was glad to see that he was starting a hard-on. Books weren't his only interest after all.

"Good for you," she grinned, "let's go."

Todd hit the water before she did, even though she had a head start. He could hardly wait to hide his cock. Brother and sister paddled around for awhile, and when he thought she wouldn't notice, Todd snuck glances at Terry's body. Of course Terry was well aware of it, and she gave him plenty of chances to look.

Finally they began to feel chilly, and they went to lie on their towels and soak up some sun. It was time for Terry's second move. "Better let me put some sun scream on you," she said. "You haven't been tanning at all, and you could get burned real easy."

"Okay, thanks, Sis," Todd said gratefully.

Having her put sun screen on him seemed perfectly innocent to Todd. Terry knew better. She could hardly wait to get her hands on his hard young male body. He was lying face down, shyly hiding his cock and balls. She dumped some lotion into her palm and began massaging it into his shoulders and back. Todd gave a contented sigh and closed his eyes.

"That really feels nice," he muttered.

It felt nice to Terry, nice to touch a man again. It had been over a week since she and Duane made love, and her need was urgent. Her pussy felt like it was on fire as she ran her hands over her brother's smooth skin. Very gradually, so she wouldn't arouse his suspicions, she worked her way down toward his small trim ass.

Todd got drowsy as she worked on him, and he didn't seem to notice when she slid her lotion slick hands onto the rounds of his ass and began a sensual massage. All she heard from him was another sigh of contentment. She stared hungrily between the muscular rounds, at the puckered mouth of his shitter and at his lightly thatched balls.

Very slowly she eased a finger between his ass cheeks, over his shitter, between his legs. She could hardly contain herself by now, she wanted to touch his cock and balls so badly. But she knew the shy boy would be scared off by any sudden movements. She drew back and dumped some more sun screen into her palm, then used her hand between his thighs again.

She took a deep breath and tried to steady herself. She was creaming so hard, the molten liquid was running down her legs. If only she was on this deserted beach with Duane instead of her brother! They'd be fucking up a storm by now. As she carefully massaged her way towards Todd's nut sacs, she couldn't help thinking of her boyfriend and his nice hard cock.

"What have you been up to since I left far college, Todd?" she asked, her voice a little husky with longing. "Have you gone on any dates?"

"Me?" Todd snorted. "Naw, I don't have time for girls I'm too busy studying."

"Aren't you interested in girls?" Terry smiled.

"Well, yeah, I guess so," he replied, trying to sound cool, "but my grades are a lot more important."

"Are you a virgin, Todd?" she asked.

He turned red all over. "Yeah," he said quickly.

"Gosh, Todd," Terry purred, "you really oughta get laid. It's so much fun."

"Terry," he gasped, "you shouldn't talk that way. Mom and Dad would be shocked. Anyway, how would you know that getting laid is fun?"

"'Cause I do it all the time, little brother," Terry grinned. "I have a boyfriend, and we fuck whenever we get the chance."

She didn't think a human being could blush any harder than Todd did then. "Terry, you should be ashamed of yourself," he snapped. "You know it's wrong to have sex if you're not married. I'm going to have to report this to Mom and Dad."

"Okay, honey," Terry cooed, "and while you're, at it, report this."

In one swift movement she cupped his balls with one hand, while with the other she reached around him and fisted his cock. Todd gasped and froze. She massaged his sensitive nut sacs and pumped his cock with her lotion-slick hands.

She could feel his meat throbbing hotly against her fingers, and she shivered with excitement.

She quickly got the results she was seeking. In spite of his shock, her pumping fist gave Todd a cock-stand. She felt his prick lurching and swelling between her fingers, pushing them wider and wider apart. His cock grew long and rigid, ready for action. Terry gave a squeeze and heard her brother groan. He couldn't keep his cool any longer.

"T-Terry, what in the hell are you doing?" he demanded hoarsely.

"Now, now, little brother, you know it's not nice to swear," Terry grinned. "Why don't you just relax and let me make you feel good?"

Todd was torn. Letting his sister play with his cock and balls was against everything he'd been taught, but it felt so damned nice. And Terry was so pretty. He'd loved looking at her naked body, her luscious little tits and neat little bush. He loved having her touch him. Was it really such a big deal? Could touching really hurt anything?

"What do you mean, make me feel good?" he said dazedly.

"Just what I'm doing now," Terry said. "It feels nice, doesn't it? Don't you ever play with yourself?"

"How did you know that?" Todd cried, blushing holly again.

"Oh, Todd, everybody masturbates," Terry laughed. "It's nothing to be ashamed of."

"Do you do it?" Todd asked, curious in spite of himself.

"Sure," she chirped, "wanta see me?"

Before he could reply, she'd let go of him and rolled onto her back. As he watched, she bent her long shapely legs and spread them wide, giving the boy his first glimpse of moist pink slit. Without realizing it, Todd had suggested something that was bound to turn him on like crazy. No horny teenage boy could fail to be aroused by watching a girl beat off.

Smiling, completely uninhibited, Terry folded back the furry lips of her pussy and showed her brother the hot pink lump of her clit. "You see that little thing?" she asked. "That's where a girl likes to be touched best. I always rub it when I play with myself like this."

She placed the tip of her index finger on her pulsating joy button and began to rub. She gave herself hot little jolts of pleasure, and thick cream ran from her excited cunt mouth and down the crack of her ass. Todd watched wide-eyed, unable to tear his eyes away from the naughty but stimulating scene.

"Mmmmmm, that feels nice," Terry crooned. Masturbating with her left hand, she reached out with her right and gently pushed Todd onto his side, facing her. She was delighted to find his cock hugging his belly in a fierce hard-on. She curled her fingers around it, and he groaned and shivered. His eyes were glazed with lust.

"Feels nice, doesn't jt, honey?" she smiled. "Don't you enjoy it when I play with your cock?" Todd admitted hoarsely, "but gosh, Sis, we really shouldn't be doing this. You know it's wrong."

"If it's wrong, how come it feels so great?" Terry countered.

"But Mom and Dad wouldn't approve," Todd protested.

"Todd, didn't it ever occur to you that they might be wrong?" Terry said gently. "Maybe it's okay to have fun with your body, no matter what the folks told us. Think about it?"

He did, though it was hard to think with her hot fingers pumping up and down his cock. She was rubbing the tip of her finger in a circular motion around her clit and she was gurgling with enjoyment. Todd found it very hard to keep his mind on anything but the wild excitement he was experiencing. Terry smiled lazily at him, thoroughly enjoying herself. Duane had talked her out of all her inhibitions and shown her all kinds of kinky ways to have fun. She didn't feel at all shy or embarrassed about masturbating in front of her brother, and she loved pumping his cock. It looked as if Todd was finally starting to relax, too.

"Come on, be honest with me," Terry grinned, "don't you ever think about girls?"

"Yeah," he admitted, "when I jack off. But I always feel kinds guilty about doing that."

"Don't," Terry said, firming her grip on his throbbing cock. "Just relax and enjoy yourself, and forget what Mom and Dad taught you. They've got some real bad hangups about sex, Todd, but that doesn't mean you and I have to be that."

She pumped his cock a little faster, and she rimmed her cream-soaked clit with increasing speed. Thick bubbles of juice began to ooze from Todd's piss hole, and Terry smeared the sticky stuff all over his blue-veined boner. He had a really handsome cock, and she loved playing with it. But Todd was starting to look nervous again.

"Sis, maybe you better quit doing that," he said. "I might come!"

Terry couldn't help laughing. "But that's the whole point, Todd," she said. "I want to make you feel good. I want to get you off. There's nothing wrong with that."

He didn't look totally convinced, but he didn't protest any more, either. Terry went on pumping his hot pulsating prick in her cream slick fist, and she continued rimming her joy button with her fingertip. Her excitement was reaching the boiling point. She needed to come very badly. Her twirling fingertip was soaked with her helplessly gushing cunt cream.

"Mmmmmm, isn't this fun, honey?" she murmured.

Todd gave her a shy smile and admitted, "Yeah, this is about the most fun I ever had. Could I touch you, Sis?"

"But of course," Terry smiled, "touch me wherever you want."

He reached out and cupped her tits. They were a perfect handful for him. Gently he squeezed and molded the hot little globes, and Terry felt his cock give a horny jump in her fist.

"There," she said, panting, "just stick it all the way into me, then jerk it up and down. Got it?"

"I think so," Todd said hoarsely.

He was practically shooting his load as he eased his finger into his sister's smoldering pussy hole. At last he knew what a cunt felt like inside and it was fantastic, all clinging and juicy and hot. He could imagine how great it would feel to cram his cock in there. He shoved his stiff finger into her as far as it would go.

"Unnnhhhh, yessss," Terry hissed, her pretty face contorting with pleasure. "Now move it, Todd, fuck me with it."

Todd began to jerk his finger up and down in her slippery little cunt, and she gurgled with delight and deluged his finger with a huge load of sizzling cream. That pumping finger felt like a miniature cock in her love-starved box. In her rapidly mounting excitement she pumped his prick faster and harder, and he groaned with pleasure.

"Ohhhhh, yes, baby, keep doing it to me just like that," she moaned, "make me come."

Lying naked on their towels, sister and brother feverishly masturbated each other to the very brink of orgasm. Todd could hardly believe this was happening to him. He'd figured he'd never get a girl, always be a virgin, yet here he was making out with his own beautiful sister. Well, he was still a virgin, but he was sure having a hell of a good time.

"Ahhhh, yeah, Sis, just a little more," he groaned, "I'm almost coming."

Todd felt his prick throbbing powerfully in her fist, as if it was just about to explode. Each deep thrust of his pumping finger in her greedy little cunt gave her a hot blast of pleasure. She deliberately tightened her strong young cunt muscles to get even more red hot friction.

"Oooooo, shit, yes," she panted, "do it to me real fast now, Todd, I'm almost there."

She could have come at any second, but she greedily held back, wanting the fun to go on and on. Poor Todd was frying to hold back, too, waiting for her, but she knew it was just a matter of seconds before he shot his load all over the place. His prick throbbed harder and harder in her pumping fingers, and he groaned steadily.

"Awwwww, Christ, Sis, I gotta come," he said.

"Yes, baby, let's do it," Terry moaned.

She pumped his cock with lightning speed, and he matched her tempo with his deep-thrusting finger, reaming deep in her fiery hot little box. Terry closed her eyes and let a gigantic climax rattle her body. It began deep in her cunt and radiated out to engulf all of her.

"Ohhhhh, fuck, shit, little brother, you're doing it to me, I'm coming!" she howled.

Todd felt her cunt clamping like a velvety vise around his finger. He felt her molten come cream sizzling out. Her slim body bucked and writhed, and her cute little tits wobbled like jello. Watching her come was just too much excitement for the frantically horny kid.

"Awwwwww, yeah, I'm coming!" he bellowed.

Terry watched dizzily as her brother's thick come jetted into the air and got carried off by the stiff breeze from the ocean. They lay there moaning and writhing and masturbating each other like crazy. Terry was really pleased with her little experiment so far. Seducing Todd had been a piece of cake. He looked at her adoringly when they finally stopped coming.

"Did you like that, Todd?" she smiled.

"I sure did," he grinned.

"That's good," Terry purred, "because that was just for openers. Now we can get down to some really serious stuff."


"Serious stuff?" Todd exclaimed delightedly. "Like what, Sis?"

"Everything," Terry grinned.

"You mean we can fuck?" he cried. "Yes," Terry said, "but I wanta teach you some other things, too. See, Todd, I'm really horny for my boyfriend, but I won't be seeing him till fall. So I'm counting on you to help me out, and I wanta make sure you know everything you need to know."

"Teach me," Todd said blissfully.

He could hardly believe his luck. He'd resigned himself to becoming a ninety-year-old virgin bookworm, but things had changed drastically. His own lovely sister was about to take away his cursed virginity and teach him all about love-making. He felt like he'd died and gone to heaven.

"Okay, your first lesson will be giving head," Terry announced. "It's also called going down on somebody and eating pussy."

"Teach me, teach me," Todd repeated, with a big eager grin.

"Okay, watch carefully," Terry laughed.

On her back, with legs bent and spread wide, she showed him her pussy. She explained all the parts of it and reminded him that her clit was the most sensitive spot of all. Then she had him lie down between her legs, his face just an inch from her steaming slit. He eyed the pea-size hooded lump of her clit. That was his target.

"Just start out by licking me!" she instructed. Eagerly Todd snaked out his tongue and raked it over the whole length of her gash. She gasped and moaned, and pearly cream spurted from her cunt mouth. He liked the tangy taste of it and he lapped it all up and ate it. He licked all over her hot little gash, coating the swollen flesh with his hot spit.

"Mmmmmm, Todd, that's really nice," she gurgled.

She lay back and closed her eyes and let her younger brother explore her pussy with his hot tongue. After more than a week without Duane, it felt heavenly to the horny coed. She gurgled and squealed, and she creamed continuously and helplessly. Her pussy grew fever-hot under Todd's caressing tongue.

"Ohhhhh, baby, I love it," she moaned.

Todd beamed with pride. He really loved turn big his sister on with his tongue, just as he'd loved getting her off with his finger in her cunt. After lathering her whole slit, he zeroed in on her jay button, lashing it with the stiff tip of his tongue. Tad clawed the beach towel and whimpered in ecstasy.

"Ohhhhh, yeah, honey, that's it, lick my cunt," she moaned.

She was delighted with how fast he caught on. Her hunch had been right behind that bookworm poser there was a normal, horny teenaged boy. He also had a natural instinct for pussy. He liked the tangy taste of her juices, and sensed just how to lick her to maximum arousal. Terry lay back and enjoyed hell out of it.

He lashed the stiff tip of his tongue up and down over her supersensitive cunt, giving her a continuous buzz of pleasure. She creamed all over his bobbing chin. The molten lead overflowed her cunt and flooded down the crack of her ass to puddle on the towel beneath her. She felt herself hurtling toward another body-racking orgasm.

That wasn't unusual for Terry. One climax was never enough to take care of all her lust Duane said she was a real pig when it came to orgasms, but she noticed he wasn't complaining. She just hoped her kid brother could keep up the pace. She arched her slim body and greedily shoved her throbbing clit harder against his tongue.

"Todd," she panted, "I'm just about coming. I want you to suck me off now. Just suck my clit fast till I come, okay?"

"You got it," he said.

He caught the slick little button between his lips and sucked hard. Todd gave a shriek of delight and creamed all over his face. She squeezed her eyes shut and forgot everything but the hot excitement she felt as her kid brother sucked her into ecstasy.

"Unnnhhh, yeah, I love it," she moaned, "I just love it, baby, don't stop."

With just a little more practice, Todd could become as good a pussy-eater as Duane. That was really an exciting prospect. She wasn't going to have to go horny this summer after all, not as long as her horny teenage brother was around. Gurgling happily, Terry felt her body convulsing with another hot orgasm.

"Ohhhhbh, baby, ohhhhh, I'm coming!" she howled.

She writhed away from him, rolling around on the towel and moaning as the delicious spasms rocked her body. Watching her, Todd felt his cock going hard as steel. As she came down from her climax and opened her eyes again, the first thing Terry saw was that magnificent hard-on of his. His belly-hugging boner was oozing thick cream and bulging with blue veins.

"Mmmm mm, my turn to go down on you," she smiled. "Lie on your back, please."

"Anything you say," Todd replied blissfully. He stretched out on his towel, and she knelt beside him and fisted his stiff cock and gave it a brief pumping. Then she bent low, her hot moist breath teasing his meat. She darted out her little pink tongue and contacted the swollen head of his cock. Todd gasped with delight, then shivered lustily as she started licking his cock head.

"Oh, yeah, Sis, that feels fantastic," he cried. Terry was swirling her naughty little tongue around and around the glistening purple knob of flesh, coating his prick head with her hot spit. Todd got glassy-eyed with horniness as he watched her. Thick bubbles of cream were oozing up in his pin hole, and one by one Terry speared them up with the pointed tip of her tongue and ate them like they were candy.

"Mmmm mm, mmmmmm," she murmured. She cleaned his pin hole of all that salty cream, then reamed it out with her greedy tongue tip. Then she started licking her way down his stiff-standing boner, coating every inch of it with her hot saliva. She licked her way right on down to his balls and gave them a sensuous tonguing. By then Todd was practically shooting his load.

"Oh, wow, Sis, this is terrific," he groaned.

Then she was licking her way back up again, up the granite column of meat and onto the sensitive purple head. More juice had oozed from the deft of his cock, and she licked it up and rolled it around in her mouth, savoring it. Terry felt like she couldn't get enough of his tasty cream, but luckily she knew how to get a whole mouthful.

Fisting the base of his lustily lurching cock and holding it steady, she opened her lips wide. She slid them down around his dick, and Todd groaned with excitement. She took in about half his cock, firmed her lips around it, and drew in her cheeks. She started sucking on his meat loudly and greedily.

"Shit, yes," he yelped, "suck my cock, Sis," It was a delicious sensation to have her hot velvety mouth around his meat. She lashed his prick head with her greedy tongue, and she suctioned the hot cream out of his piss hole and gobbled it. It was such a kinky and wicked thing to do. Todd could just imagine his parents' reaction if they caught him and Terry right now. They would about slit. Not that he would blame them, of course.

Poor Mom and Dad, they never seemed to have any fun. Everything was grim and serious to them. Todd tried to imagine them fucking, and he just couldn't. It was like they didn't even believe in it. Yet somehow they'd managed to have three kids, himself, Terry, and their younger brother Matt. It was enough to make you believe in the stork.

And Mom and Dad had tried to mold the kids in their images, telling them that sex was dirty and that they shouldn't enjoy their own bodies. Todd could see now that was a crock of shit. Terry was proving it to him. She was right, nothing that felt this great could be wrong.

Each sensuous suck from his sister's lips gave him a hot rush of pleasure. He wanted those fantastic sensations to go on and on, but his lust was carrying him away and he was hurtling toward climax. He began to spin out of control, fucking Terry's mouth in quick urgent jabs.

"Unnnhhh, Sis, I'm gonna come," he groaned. "Maybe you better quit."

Briefly she let his wet boner snap from her lips and said hoarsely, "Todd, I want you to come in my mouth, okay? I wanta eat your come."

Before the astonished kid could reply, she'd stuffed his meat back in her mouth and was sucking on it like crazy. Todd gave a groan of bliss and closed his eyes, shutting out the rest of the world. He was conscious of nothing but his sister's hot and greedy sucking and his nearly exploding cock.

He fucked hard at her mouth, then roared, "Awwwwww, shit, aaagghhhh!"

Terry gurgled hungrily as her brother filled her mouth with a huge load of delicious jizz. She let the boiling liquid collect till her cheeks bulged, then gobbled it down. Todd kept moaning and fucking her mouth and feeding her load after load of salty come. At last he settled back with a happy sigh, and his wet cock slipped from her lips.

"That was great, Sis," he said. "Now let me do something for you. Want me to eat your pussy again?"

"Mmmmmmm, I sure do," Terry grinned. She shivered with anticipation as he crawled between her splayed thighs. His tongue contacted her swollen slit with a delicious electric shock. He whipped his hot tongue all over her seething gash, and she responded with molten floods of tangy pussy cream.

"Mmmmmm, yeah, Todd, that feels great," she moaned.

Todd used his tongue to make a thorough exploration of his sister's luscious-looking pussy. He snaked the wet meat into every fold and cranny of the juicy flesh. Then he singled out her cunt for some special attention. He began to circle the pulsating nub swiftly with the stiff tip of his tongue, and Todd gurgled with delight.

"Ohhhh, yeah, fantastic," she cried.

The kid was good, really good. He was going to make terrific pussy-eater. And it was going to be so much fun coaching him. Terry reined totally as her brother's rimming tongue gave her hot buzzes of pleasure. It was great to know that she wouldn't go without sex this summer after all.

Of course some prudish and uptight people, like her folks, might not approve of what she was doing. It was incest, after all. Terry couldn't deny that most people would be shocked to learn that she was getting it on with her own brother. But as long as nobody knew about it, who were they hurting? They were just a couple of young people having fun. At least that was how Terry felt about it.

Anyhow, it was hard to think about guilt when she was having such a great time. Todd's stiff tongue tip was zipping around and around her throbbing joy button, giving her a steady buzz of pleasure, and she was creaming nonstop, the pearly liquid overflowing her aroused cunt and flooding down the crack of her ass. She just wished the wonderful sensations could go on forever.

But her need to come was getting urgent, and she couldn't put it off much longer. Each flick of Todd's tongue brought her closer to the climax she craved. But she also felt the powerful need for something in her cunt, something pistoning up and down in the hungry little hole.

"Todd," she moaned, "I'm gonna come real quick. Stick your tongue in my cunt, fuck me with it."

Todd snorted with excitement and made his tongue long and stiff. He crammed it hard into his sister's boiling little twat, shoving it clear to the root in the velvet-lined tunnel. Terry shrieked with pleasure as he stuffed her with the hot juicy meat, and she creamed all over his face.

"Unnnhhhh, yeah, that's it," she groaned, "fuck me with it, get me off."

Todd's head bobbed up and down with lightning speed as he tongue-fucked his squealing sister. He plunged his stiff tongue as deep as he could get it into her molten little fuck hole, then drew back for another stiff lunge. Terry was practically sobbing with pleasure as he did it to her, and her hot cream spurted out in a steady flood.

Once again Todd thought how great it felt inside his sister's cunt, all snug and slippery and boiling-hot. He ached to stick his cock in there. As he thought about doing it, his tireless teenage prick swelled up into yet another hard-on. He pounded his tongue hard in Terry's juicing twat, and in another second he put her over the edge.

"Ohhhhh, shit, you did it, I'm coming!" she howled.

Todd felt, her cunt clamping hard around his deep-thrusting tongue. Then she was rolling away from him, writhing all over the towels as she climaxed. He rose to his knees and waited for her with his engorged cock hugging his belly. He was getting up his courage to ask her to fuck. He felt he just couldn't quit till he'd lost his damned virginity.

"Unnnhhh, shit, I'm coming so good!" Terry moaned, her slim body bucking and convulsing.

It seemed forever before she stopped coming. Then she opened her eyes and saw her brother kneeling close by, his cock as stiff as steel. She gave a horny gurgle and started crawling toward him. She'd just come like a bomb, but she wasn't through having fun. As long as Todd kept getting those fantastic hard-ons, she'd be delighted to help him out.

"Mmmmmm, just look at that," she murmured, panting on his rigid cock, "that's a beauty."

She stuck out her hot little tongue and lapped up the thick cream that was oozing from his hole. Todd shivered and moaned softly as her juicy little tongue played with the sensitive head of his dick. He'd never felt hornier in his young life than he did just then. He gathered his courage and spoke to his sister, his voice hoarse with need.

"Terry, could we please fuck?" he asked. "I feel like I'm gonna go crazy if we don't fuck."

"Why, of course, Todd," she purred, "I'd love to fuck you."

He was practically groaning with excitement as she got into position. He watched her stretch out on her back, bend her knees, and open her legs wide for him. He stared at the naked pink slit. His big moment had finally arrived. He crawled between his sister's legs and let himself down on her. He started jabbing around with his stiff cock, but it kept skidding off target on the slippery flesh of her gash.

"Oh shit," he groaned. "I can't find the hole."

"I'll get it," Terry panted.

She couldn't wait a second longer to take her brother's nice hard cock. It had been far too long since she'd had a stiff prick in her hot little cunt. She'd been aching to be fucked, and by now her need was frantic. She grabbed Todd's cock and socked the swollen head between her juicy cunt lips.

"Okay, now push," she cried.

"Awwwwww, Jesus, yeah," Todd groaned. His virginity was gone in one long delicious thrust of his cock. He pushed into her, all the way to her womb, and felt his meat sheathed in searing juicy flesh. When he couldn't go any farther, he just lay there savoring the sensation. His cock was in a hot throbbing cunt for the very first time, and it felt great.

"Do it to me, Todd," Terry was whimpering, "move your cock in me honey." Todd wasn't sure just how she wanted it, so he went with his natural instincts, hammering his engorged boner hard and fast in her juice slick tunnel. Terry responded with shrieks of delight and soaked his prick with molten cream she clawed his shoulders and nibbled his neck as he pistoned his iron-hard young cock in her thirsty pussy hole.

"How's this, Sis?" he panted. "Am I fucking you okay?"

"Unnnhhhh, yeah, honey, that's perfect," she gurgled, "just keep doing it to me like that."

She and Duane had fucked in lots of ways, from slow and sensuous to fast and hungry. But right now she needed to be fucked very hard and very thoroughly. She had some very lonely nights to make up for, and she'd been storing up her lust for more than a week. So her brother's hard frantic fucking was just what she needed.

She clung to him, rubbing her greedy cunt against his hard-sawing shaft, getting hot buzzes of pleasure. She arched her body up and held her legs wide open, taking his jack hammering cock as deep as she could get it. She wanted to be totally crammed with his meat, to feel it throbbing against every inch of her hungry little twat.

"Ooooo, yeah, baby, so damned good," she gurgled.

Todd had to agree. This was the most fun he'd ever had in his young life. He loved pistoning his stiff cock up and down in his sister's fever hot pussy, feeling her cunt throb and cream around his meat. As his excitement mounted, he fucked into her faster and harder, but she didn't seem to mind. Just the opposite the harder he did it to her, the more aroused she got. "Ohhhhh, honey, yesss," she moaned, "give it to me real hard, as hard as you can."

Todd gave it to her with everything he had, fucking into her so hard that their bodies slapped loudly together. Terry shrieked with pleasure and soaked his pile-driving prick with rush after rush of molten cream. She loved the rough pounding he was giving her. It was the sensation she'd been craving all week, the one sensation she couldn't manage with her own fingers.

"Fuck it to me, fuck it to meeee," she chanted.

Todd felt his balls were about to explode with their heavy steaming load of jizz. He hurtled out of control, fucking into her with lightning speed, making her slender body shudder with the hard impact. Terry gurgled her delight and clung hard to him, rubbing her swollen cunt against his sawing shaft. Her cunt seemed to be sucking the come out of his cock.

"Unnnnhhhh, yes, baby, I'm coming, whaahhhh!" she bawled.

"Awwwwww, fuck, shit, awwwww!" Todd yelled.

He hammered his sizzling load into his sister's greedy little cunt, and she gurgled with ecstasy as the hot bath added to the intensity of her climax. Brother and sister writhed and moaned together for long delicious moments before they finally went still and panting.

"Darn," Terry sighed, "I suppose we better go home before Mom and Dad wonder what we're doing."

"Yeah," Todd grinned, "but even if we told them, they'd never believe us."


Terry had a nice well-fucked feeling in her pussy as they drove home, but she knew it wouldn't last long. With her it never did. The more she fucked, the more she wanted. So why not continue her little experiment in liberating the family? Why not seduce her youngest brother, Matt?

Matt was a real hard-core case. He parroted everything Mom and Dad said, and even though he was a junior in high school he'd never shown any interest in girls. His thing was computers. He spent most of his free time holed up in his room with the personal computer he worked to buy. He lived and breathed computers.

He acted like a machine, not a kid, but Terry sensed that he might be hiding his real feelings, just as Todd had done. Deep down there somewhere, there was a normal horny adolescent boy, and she intended to find him. But of course she'd have to get him out of the house to do that. It would be too risky trying to seduce him with the folks around.

Both her parents were there when Terry and Todd got back from the beach. Glen Dawson, a burly trucker in his mid-forties, frowned as the kids hurried into the house with only five minutes to spare before dinner. Irene Dawson, a pretty blond who'd just turned forty, sighed with relief.

"You kids had me worried," she said. "I thought maybe you'd had an accident."

"You should have been here to help your mother with dinner, kids," Glen growled.

Terry and Todd exchanged glances. It was the same with their folks all the time criticize, fuss and worry. Glen and Irene never seemed to relax and have fun. Fun seemed to be a dirty word to them. Terry felt sorry for them, but she wasn't going to let their scene dictate hers. She wasn't going to adopt their Victorian attitudes and give up sex not by a long shot.

After dinner she changed into a skirt and skimpy halter. She preferred jeans, but the skirt went along with her seduction plans for her brother Matt. She didn't bother with stockings or a bra, and her firm tits quivered slightly under the halter as she moved. Any normal teenage boy would notice that and get turned on by it.

But was Matt normal, or had their parents' grim and strict teachings made him into a real prude? She'd soon find out. She went to his worn and tapped on the door. She got the expected response, an impatient groan. Matt hated anything to interrupt his sessions with the computer.

"Yeah, come in," he sighed.

Terry entered and strode across the room making sure he got a good look at her bouncing tits. He didn't even blink. "I need somebody to go to the movies with me," she said, "and I pick you."

"Aw, why can't you take Todd?" Matt pouted.

"He already went to the beach with me today," Terry said, "so he's done his duty. I wouldn't bother you, Matt, but you know Mom and Dad don't want me to go out alone."

"Shit," Matt muttered, "I got a complicated program going here."

"The movie's a sci-fi," Terry coaxed. "In fact I think you mentioned wanting to see it. And I'll pay."

He looked more interested now. "Well, all right," he said, "but just this one time. I'm not gonna be giving up my evenings for you all summer."

"Right," Terry smiled, "just this one time." If things went as she'd planned, she wouldn't have to beg him again. He'd be begging her. She got the car keys from her father, and she and Matt drove to the drive-in movies at the edge of town. The first feature was the sci-fi, and Terry knew better than to interrupt Matt when he was watching that. When the second feature, a comedy, came on, he turned to her impatiently.

"Could we skip this one?" he asked. "I'd like to get back to my computer."

"Uh-uh," Terry said, "I watched your movie, now you have to watch mine."

There wasn't much Matt could do about that, since she had the car keys. He sat there and fumed. Terry inched closer to him, pretending to be absorbed in the movie. Suddenly she slipped her hand onto his crotch and started giving his cock a rhythmic massage. Matt let out a gasp.

"Sis, what in hell are you doing?" he cried. Terry looked at him and giggled. "Oh, silly me," she said. "I forgot where I was. I thought I was with my boyfriend. I always play with his cock at the movies."

"You do?" Matt said, his eyes lighting up.

"Yeah," Terry grinned, "like this."

She went on playfully squeezing his prick through his jeans. Matt was definitely interested. He sure didn't ask her to stop. Pretty soon she felt his cock swelling and stiffening, till there was a big obscene lump at the fly of his pants. He was watching her with hot interest.

"Like it?" She smiled.

"Yeah," he said, his voice a little husky with arousal. "What else do you do with your boyfriend when you're at the movies?"

"Kiss," Terri said. "Have you ever kissed a girl, Matt?"

"Naw," he sighed, "it's just too much of a hassle to date. You know how Mom and Dad are. If I asked a girl out, they'd have to come along. I figure I'll just have to put off sex till I get away to college."

"And that's why you're so wrapped up in that computer?" Terry asked, still petting the hot lump at his fly.

"Yeah, it helps keep my mind off sex," he said.

"Well, Matt, tonight you can think about sex all you want," Terry grinned. "In fact I could teach you a few things that you can use when you get to college."

"Like what?" he asked eagerly.

"Like how to kiss," Terry said. She was still squeezing his prick as she leaned over and kissed him on the mouth. She wriggled her slick hot little tongue between his lips and started teasing his tongue with it. Matt groaned and shivered, and his cock throbbed violently and tried to tear its way out of his jeans. When they finally came up for air, he was flushed and breathing hard.

"Okay, now you try it," Terry smiled. He kissed her, darting his tongue into her moth, and she knew he was going to be just as fast a learner as his brother. His steamy tongue-kissing got her hotly excitement, and she creamed fight through her panties. This time it was Terry who was flushed and panting when they finally broke off the kiss.

"How was I?" Matt asked.

"Very good," Terry told him. "You're not gonna have any problems in the kissing department. So let's go on to the next lesson."

She took his hands and set them on her tits. With her hands over his, she showed him just how to squeeze and mold, how much pressure to apply. As she did so, her nipples went erect with lust and poked into his palms right through her cotton halter. Matt snorted with excitement.

"Oh, wow, Sis," he said, "can I put my hands under here and really feel your tits?"

"That's the whole idea," Terry grinned.

Quickly Matt pushed her halter up out of the way and ogled her naked tits. He thought they were the prettiest he'd ever seen. He had a stack of girlie magazines hidden in his room, to read when he jacked off, but all the girls in those pictures had tits like watermelons, really kind of gross. He liked his sister's cute apple-size tits a lot better.

He reached gut, for them and cupped them, and Terry slumped back against the seat and gurgled with pleasure. Her tits were very sensitive, and she loved having them molded gently in a man's big hot hands. Her nipples poked and throbbed against Matt's palms. She was creaming steadily now, unable to staunch the horny flood.

"Mmmmm, that's nice, Matt," she murmured. "Girls also like to have their tits licked and sucked."

Matt was very turned on by that suggestion, and he bent low, stuck out his tongue, and started licking her nipples. Terry gurgled with delight. He swirled his wet tongue around and around the rosy nubs, coating them with his hot spit. Her tits swelled up taut with arousal.

"Matt, you're doing great for a guy who's never been out with a girl before," she laughed softly.

"Well, it wasn't that I wasn't interested," he said.

It was the same way with Todd. He really was interested in girls and sex, very interested, but no way could he find out anything with Mom and Dad watching his every move. No point in dating, for either of the brothers, if their parents insisted on chaperoning. But there was one source of sex their parents would never even suspect their horny coed sister.

Terry was shivering and creaming hard now as Matt sucked one nipple, then the other. She fondled the hot lump at his fly and felt his eager young cock trying to break free of the tight confinement. She wanted to haul out his meat and play with it, but it was too risky with all those people around.

"Matt, honey, let's go park somewhere," she suggested.

"Good idea," he grinned. "The folks won't know we left the movie, as long as we're home on time."

"Exactly what I was thinking," Terry said as she started the engine.

She drove to a wooded area where they wouldn't be seen. There was a full moon out, so they could see each other pretty well. Terry was glad of that as she went for her brother's zipper. She wanted a good look at his stiff teenage cock. She got his jeans open, then tugged pants and shorts down over his ass. His engorged dick snapped free, standing up rigid and drooling thick cream.

She leaned down for, a closer look, and as her hot breath tickled his naked cock, Matt shivered with horniness. She examined the gleaming purple head of his prick, the granite blue-veined shaft, and his lightly-thatched nut sacs. She found herself drooling as she watched that thick cream oozing from his piss hole. She stuck out her tongue and lapped up the salty stuff.

"Jesus," Matt gasped, "is that something else you do to your boyfriend?"

"Mmmmm-hmmm," Terry purred, "we play with each other all over."

Matt grew bold and said, "I'd sure like to play with you, Sis."

"I'll bet you would, you horny little devil," Terry giggled.

"Oh, wow, wouldn't Mom and Dad have a fit if they could see us now?" he laughed. "I can't believe we're doing this, not the way we were raised."

"Well, honey," Terry said, "maybe they aren't right about everything. Don't you think their ideas about sex are a little strange?"

"I think they're totally fucked," Matt sighed, "but what can we do? As long as we live in their house, we have to obey their rules."

"Except when they're not watching us," Terry grinned as she curled her fingers around his cock.

"Yeah," Matt said hoarsely, "except when they're not watching us. Oh, wow, Sis, that feels neat."

She was pumping his cock, smearing his oozing juice all over her fingers to make her pumping slick and fast. Matt slumped back against the seat and watched her, hardly believing his luck. He'd just resigned himself to doing without sex till he got away from his parents, so this was a delicious surprise.

Terry had changed so much since she'd gone away to college. Before that, she'd been just like her brothers, grim and studious and "not interested" in sex. Now she was liberated and uninhibited, not hiding her interest in sex. She made Matt feel that it was perfectly okay to have fun with his body and that he shouldn't feel guilty about being horny.

As she pumped his cock, he asked shyly but eagerly, "Sis, do you think it's okay to jack off?"

"Sure, honey," Terry said easily, "everybody plays with himself."

"Do you?" he asked wonderingly.

"All the time," she laughed. "Wanta see how I do it?"

"Oh, wow, I sure do," he cried.

She remembered how this little demonstration had turned Todd on, and she knew it would work equally well with their kid brother. She pulled up her skirt and tucked it in at the waistband, then skinned out of her bikini panties. Matt gawked hungrily at the little triangle of her bush.

She opened her legs wide, showing him her soaked slit without any shyness. She folded back the furry outer lips and showed him the glistening pink flesh inside. She pointed to a little hooded bud of flesh at the top of her pussy. "That's my clit," she said. "Girls are really sensitive there. I like to rub it and get off."

She pressed a fingertip to the fleshy button and began to rub it in a circular motion. Matt watched in total fascination. Up to now he hadn't even been sure whether girls masturbated and whether they got off like guys did. Now he realized that girls could be just as horny as boys. His big sister was sighing and panting with pleasure as she played with herself. Glistening cream overflowed her cunt and trickled down the crack of her ass.

"Mmmmmm, shit, that feels great," she moaned.

Matt gathered his courage again and asked hoarsely, "Could I do that for you, Sis?"

"Oh, would you, honey?" Terry smiled. "I'd just love that."

She took her hand away, and Matt pressed the tip of his index finger to her clit. He was surprised at how hot the flesh was. She began to rub the little nub, and it throbbed hard against his fingertip. A molten rush of pussy cream soaked his whole finger. Terry moaned with delight as he masturbated her.

"Ohhhh, yeah, Matt, that's good," she cried, "real good. Just keep doing that, get me off."

Matt felt very excited about making her come with just his finger. That was the kind of trick he needed to learn for when he started dating. He was going to have a lot of lost time to make up for. He rubbed her clit steadily in the circular motion she'd shown him, and he kept checking her reaction, making sure she was still turned on.

No problem there. Terry's pretty face was contorted with pleasure, and she was panting and whimpering. Her molten cream spurted out to soak his finger. Even the inexperienced boy could tell that she was hotly aroused. He experimented, moving his fingertip faster around her violently throbbing joy button, and she seemed to like that even better.

"Unnnhhhh, yeah, do it to me real fast, Matt," she moaned.

Matt's cock gave a horny lurch and dripped hot cream. He wondered just how far his sister would let him go with her. It would be fantastic if she let him fuck her. But he'd better not push his luck. He'd just give her what she wanted and hope she'd want even more.

He didn't know it, but Terry fully intended to go all the way with him. She wasn't in any big rush, however, because they still had more than an hour before they were expected home. In an hour they could do all kinds of fun things, including get each other off with their fingers and tongues and mouths and there'd still be time to fuck. So Terry wasn't hurrying.

Still her brothers's circling fingertip was driving her hard towards orgasm, and the need to come was getting urgent. "Mat," she panted, "I want you to stick your finger in my cunt and move it up and down. Here, I'll show you."

Matt was practically coming as she took his middle finger and guided it into her cunt. For the first time he was feeling the place where a guy was supposed to put his cock, and it was incredibly hot and tight and juicy. Terry showed him how to finger-fuck her, keeping his finger stiff and rubbing it swiftly up and down in her slick cunt tube.

"Oooooo, yeah, honey, that's it," she moaned, "just keep doing that and I'll come like crazy."

Keeping her legs wide open for him, she relaxed against the seat and let him ream her box with his stiffly pumping finger. It felt just like a little cock pounding in her pussy and, she gurgled with delight. In a matter of seconds she was teetering on the brink of climax.

"Oooooo, shit, I'm almost there," she gurgled.

She tightened her cunt around Matt's jerking finger, and a moment later she felt a violent explosion of sensation in the depths of her smoldering twat. It flamed out to shake her whole body, and she soaked Matt's hand with molten come. Her voice was hoarse with ecstasy as she cried out.

"Unnnhhhh, Matt, I'm coming, whaaahhhh!" she cried.

Matt's prick gave another lusty jump, and he damned near shot his load as he felt her cunt clamping and releasing around his finger. He just wished he had his dick in there, not his finger, to get that hot juicy massaging. As Terry came down from her climax, she grinned at him, then reached out and started pumping his cock.

"My turn to get you off," she smiled.

Matt slumped back against the seat and moaned blissfully as his pretty older sister jacked him off. This was better than any of his fantasies. In the bright moonlight he watched her little fist jerking up and down the granite column of his cock, smearing his juice all over the blue-veined stalk.

"Ohhhh, yeah, Sis, keep doing that," he moaned, "I'm just about to come."

Terry firmed her grip on his wildly pulsating boner and pumped fast, knowing he wanted it that way. Duane loved to have her jack him off at the movies, like they were naughty kids, and the faster she did it to him, the more excited he got. It was the same way with Matt. As she pumped his cock with lightning speed, he groaned and went into orbit.

"Awwwwww, fuck, aaaggghhhhh!" he yelled.

The first thick wad of his jizz hit the ceiling of the car, and Terry groaned, knowing she'd have to clean it up before the folks saw it. She caught the rest of his load by holding her mouth wide open and aiming his jetting cock at it. She let the salty come collect on her tongue, savoring it. When he finally stopped coming, she gulped the whole steaming load.

"Mmmmmmmm," she sighed. "Did you enjoy that, Matt?"

"Shit, yes," the blissed-out teenager answered. "That was fantastic. But we don't have to be home for awhile yet. Could we have some more fun, Sis?"

"Matt," she purred, "I was hoping you'd say that."


There was no danger of anyone finding them in their hidden parking spot under the trees, so Terry and Matt stripped naked and crawled into the back seat for some more fun. Terry got out the flashlight and let her brother make a leisurely exploration of her pussy, showing him where everything was.

She wanted both her brothers to be well acquainted with female anatomy, since they were going to be her summer lovers. After a few initial lessons, she didn't want to have to interrupt her pleasure to teach them anything. Besides, it turned her on in a kinky way to have Matt staring closeup at her naked gash.

"Now I'm gonna teach you to eat pussy," she pinned.

"Sounds wild," Matt laughed.

"It can get pretty wild," Terry agreed. "I want you to start out by licking my clit. Just flick your tongue up and down over it." He gave it a try, and she gurgled, "Oh, yeah, you got the idea. That's just fine."

On her back, legs flung wide apart, Terry lay there and creamed like mad as her kid brother tongued her cunt. Like Todd he had a natural aptitude for pussy-eating, and he learned the technique very fast. Each flick of his stiff tongue tip gave her a hot stab of pleasure and made her cream in helpless spurts. Matt licked up the tangy cream and ate it.

"You're doing just great, honey." Terry told him huskily, "just keep doing that to me, please."

Matt was happy to oblige. Tonguing his sister's luscious hot slit was very exciting for him, and he needed the practice. He could really use this technique when he got to college and started seducing girls. It sure worked good on his sister. She was moaning and squealing and creaming all ever his face.

He tried tonguing her faster and harder, and she responded to that with gasps and groans of excitement. Her cream spurted out in even thicker floods. Matt felt very proud of the way hewn turning on this "older woman" just by using his tongue. Terry arched her body higher and higher, rubbing her greedy joy button against his lashing tongue.

"Uuunhhh, Matt, I just love that," she mooed. "Don't ever stop, honey, do it to me forever."

The kid was already just about as good as Duane when it came to eating pussy. Terry got wildly aroused as she thought of how good he'd be in another month or so. Between him and his brother, there was no way she could get horny.

She was so glad she'd decided to seduce them. It sure beat spending the next three months playing with herself and aching for some cock.

"Matt," she panted, "I'm just about ready to come. I want you to suck my cunt and get me off, okay?"

"Okay," he agreed eagerly.

He jammed his lips onto her violently throbbing joy button and started to suck. Terry shrieked with bliss and almost flew off the seat. She deluged his face with a huge flood of sizzling cunt juice. He sucked greedily and loudly, an obscene noise punctuated by his sister's squeals of pleasure.

"Ooooo, shit, yesss," she cried, "suck me, baby, suck me good and hard."

Matt's tireless young cock was stiff as a board again, throbbing between his belly and the car seat. He thought how easy it would be just to throw himself onto his sister and cram his rock-hard cock into her. But he knew better than to try that with Terry. When she was ready to fuck him, she'd say so.

Meanwhile he figured he was on the right track. He was showing her that whatever kind of pleasure she wanted, he could deliver. He went on sucking noisily and hungrily on her clit, and she clawed the seat and gurgled in ecstasy. She stiffened for a second, gasped, and then began to buck beneath him.

"You're doing it to me," she moaned, "I'm coming!"

She bucked so hard, he couldn't keep her clit between his lips. He rose to his knees and watched her come. Once again it would have been so easy to stick his cock into that hot and slippery little cunt of her's, but he wasn't going to take what wasn't offered. He'd learned that little kid.

He remembered once long ago when he'd grabbed for one of Terry's toys, a teddy bear, and she'd bopped him over the head with it. Then later, when they were pals again, she'd given him the bear to play with. That was the way Terry operated. You didn't take thing from her. She gave them willingly or not at all.

So although he ached to lose his virginity, ached to shove his nearly-exploding cock into her steamy little fuck hole, he didn't make a move. Terry finally came down from her body-shaking climax, opened her eyes, and focused hungrily on his stiff drooling cock.

"My turn to suck you off," she leered. "Change positions with me."

Matt obeyed, stretching out on his back, and Terry crouched between his legs, her mouth poised at right over his stiff teenage prick which stood at right angles to his belly. He could feel her steamy breath on the sensitive head of his prick, and he shivered with excitement. Her small tongue shot out, and she began to lick up the thick cream that oozed from the cleft of his cock.

"Ohhhh, yeah, Sis, I really dig that," he moaned.

She didn't rush. She swirled her glistening tongue ever so slowly and deliciously around the swollen purple head of his prick, getting each drop of cream as it bubbled up in his piss hole. She rolled the salty liquid around in her mouth, savoring it, then swallowed it with a greedy gurgling sound. It drove Matt wild to watch her savoring his cream.

"Mmmmmm, I love the taste of your cock, honey," she smiled. "I just can't get enough of it."

"Have all you want," Matt sighed. "Only I'll probably come in your face."

"Oh, no, you won't," she grinned. "I have plans for that."

She didn't tell him what those plans were, however. She just went on swirling her hot juicy tongue around and around the engorged head of his prick, getting him more insanely aroused by the second. Then, just when he was sure he couldn't last another moment, she left the head of his cock and started licking her way down the blue-veined shaft.

It was just enough to keep him from coming. That little change of pace felt good but not quite as exciting as when she tongued the sensitive tip of his meat. He panted with excitement as she lathered his whole shaft with her hot spit. She didn't stop there. She licked her way right on down to his balls.

"Ohhhh, Christ, yesss," he gasped.

His sister's naughty little tongue tickled and massaged his nut sacs, and he clawed the car seat and groaned. Once again he thought he was going to shoot his load, but at the last possible moment Terry shifted gears again. She left his balls and tongued her way back up to the gleaming tip of his cock. There was more hot cream waiting for her there, and she gobbled it noisily.

Then came the most exciting thing of all for the horny teenage boy. He watched his sister open her mouth wide and bring her lips down around the hugely swollen head of his prick. She kept on going, taking more than half his throbbing boner into the juicy hot flesh of her mouth. She caved in her checks and began to suction the hot cream out of his piss hole. Each hungry suck gave him a rush of pleasure.

"Awwww, Jesus, yes," he cried, "suck my cock, Sis."

Terry responded to his hoarse request by sucking harder and faster on his pulsating prick. She had a brief wicked fantasy about her parents happening by and looking in the window. It would just blow them away to find their coed daughter going down on their computer-genius son. Poor Mom and Dad, they'd probably never dreamed of having fun like this.

She couldn't even picture them making love. How could they do anything so "evil" and "dirty"? She'd never seen them hug or kiss or even hold hands. They didn't want to be a bad influence on their kids. Terry felt so damned sorry for them. But maybe it wasn't too late for them to have some fun, if only she could convince them to try.

But right now she had to concentrate on her younger brother. As she gave him his very first blow-job, Matt was bug-eyed with excitement, breathing loudly and harshly. She zipped her moist lips up and down the rigid throbbing shaft of his cock, and he groaned with pleasure. Hot salty cream was pouring steadily from his piss hole, and she gulped it greedily.

"Oh, wow, Sis, I think I'm gonna come pretty quick," he moaned.

Terry nodded her head, letting him know she wanted to take his load in her mouth, then kept right on sucking. Matt almost came right then and there. It was so kinky, his sister wanting to eat his come. His balls throbbed hard, and his cock gave a lusty lurch in her mouth.

"Mmmmm-mmmmmm," Terry moaned approvingly.

She wanted his first blow-job to be an experience he'd never forget. She sucked faster and harder by the minute, and at last Matt couldn't control his horny instincts any longer. He lost control of himself and started fucking her mouth in hard urgent jabs. She had to fist the base of his cock, or he'd have fucked right into her throat.

"Awwwww, Sis, I'm gonna come," he moaned.

She sucked even harder on his violently throbbing boner, letting him know how eager she was to eat his load. Matt fucked harder, pistoning his nearly-exploding prick over her slippery tongue. A few seconds later she felt the first hot sting of jism hitting the back of her throat, and a moment later her checks were bulging with his boiling load of come.

"Awwwww, shit, yeah, awwwww!" Matt yelled.

Terry gurgled with excitement as she gulped load after load of the boy's delicious come-juice. He fucked her mouth till his balls were drained, then flopped back with a happy sigh, his wet prick slipping from her lips. Terry licked her lips to get all of his tasty jism, then grinned at him.

"That was called a blow-job," she said. "How'd you like it?"

"I hated it," Matt laughed. "But seriously, Sis, I hope we can do that again sometime."

"Oh, I'm sure we can," Terry smiled. "I really miss my boyfriend, Matt, and I'll be awful lonesome and horny this summer if you don't help me out."

"Oh, I'll help you out, Sis," Matt cried eagerly, "any way you want, any time you want. You just say the word."

That was music to Terry's ears. She could just imagine waking up some morning horny and knocking on the wall of Matt's bedroom, which was next to hers. The kid would come flying into her bed with a cock as stiff as steel and give her the hard fucking she needed. That was service! Of course that wouldn't be possible with Mom and Dad in the house not unless Terry could somehow change their attitudes about sex. She didn't know how she was going to do that yet, but she was sure going to try. As she thought about it, she fisted Matt's come-soaked cock and started pumping it. It was just automatic for her to play with an available prick.

What surprised her was how quickly he got hard. She'd just finished sucking him off, but his tireless young cock mushroomed in her pumping fist, pushing her fingers wide apart. His meat went taut and throbbing and ready. Terry looked down at it and gurgled with delight.

"Mmmmm, just look at that gorgeous hard-on," she purred. "If you had your choice, Matt, what would you do with it?"

Matt gathered his nerve and said, "I'd stick it in your cunt."

"What a terrific idea," Terry laughed. "So you wanta fuck me?"

"Yeah," he leered.

"Have you ever fucked before?" she teased. "Are you kidding?" he snorted. "With Mom and Dad watching my every move? Hell, I'm lucky if I can jack off. But how about it, Sis, can we fuck?"

"Yes, little brother," Terry leered, "we can fuck."

He was still on his back, his handsome cock standing straight up, and she simply got on top. Straddling him, she brought the juicy little mouth of her cunt down to touch the swollen head of his cock. She wriggled around till she got the fleshy bulb just inside her cunt lips.

"Okay, Matt, you take over now," she leered. "Shove your cock into me."

"Hey, all right," Matt yelped.

He thrust hard, reaching her womb in one hungry stroke, cramming her full of his rock-hard boner. "Oooooo, baby, yessss," she hissed.

Matt paused, his cock fully into her, and savored the sensation. Hot velvety flesh and spurting cream were all around his meat, and it felt fantastic. He was finally into a cunt, he wasn't a virgin any more. He swelled with pride. But his sister was writhing impatiently on the impalement of his prick, and he realized she wanted some action.

"Er, uh, what do I do now, Sis?" he asked.

"Just shove your cock up and down in me," Terry answered hoarsely. "Do what feels good."

Matt took her advice and started jerking his stiff dick up and down in her juice-slick clinging cunt. It felt great, and the faster he did it, the better he liked it. Terry must have liked it, too, because she squealed with pleasure and soaked his pistoning boner with molten cream.

"Am I doing it right, Sis?" Matt panted.

"Oh, yes, honey, that's real good," she crooned, "Just keep on fucking me like that."

His cock was pistoning hard and fast in her box, just the way she craved it. She rode it with squeals and gurgles of delight. Molten cream overflowed her reamed box and gushed down her thighs. Her kid brother's cock was deliciously hard, and he was pumping away tirelessly, giving her the thorough hard fucking she needed so badly.

While she enjoyed his reaming cock, Matt was enjoying the view. In the bright moonlight he could watch her cute tits wobbling with the impact of his fucking. He could watch his cock jerking in and out of her cunt, spreading her pussy lips wide and forcing out her thick cream.

But the most exciting thing of all to the lusty boy was to watch his sister's face as he fucked her. Her teeth were flashing in a lusty snarl, and her pretty features were contorted in a big grimace of pleasure. Each time he shaved his taut prick into her, she groaned with ecstasy and soaked his meat with another heavy rush of cream.

"Oooooo, baby, it's so damned good," she cried.

Matt beamed with pride. He was fucking at last, and his partner was clearly loving it. He hadn't had to wait for college and freedom after all. His own sexy sister had rescued him from another two years of virginity and she said she wanted to make out with him all summer! He could hardly believe his luck.

Now Terry was tightening her hot little cunt around his cock, getting all the red-hot friction she could. She had her eyes screwed shut, closing out all other senations as she enjoyed his deep stiff fucking. Her cunt clamped hard around his cock and squirted molten liquid as she began to come.

"Unnnhhh, fuck, ohhhhhhh!" she moaned. She swayed dizzily as the powerful pleasure spasms hit her, and Matt had to hold her up or she would have tumbled off his impaling cock. He had his second wind and wasn't tempted to come so fast. He wanted to go on and on enjoying his sister's smoking little fuck hole.

She finally stopped convulsing and looked down at him in surprise when she felt his cock still rock-hard inside her. "You didn't get off," she said.

"I don't wanta yet," Matt leered. "Let's fuck some more."

"Okay," Terry grinned, "but let's try it on another position, okay?"

"I'll do it any way you want to," he replied blissfully.

Terry loved to experiment. She and Duane were always coming up with some incredible new way to fuck. But in the close confinement of the car, her choices were limited. She got on her back and spread her legs lewdly wide, one up over the back of the seat, the other with the heel resting on the front head rest.

"Come here, little brother," she purred.

Matt gave a lusty growl and threw himself onto her, jabbing around frantically with his stiff and eager cock. He kept missing the target, and Terry finally took his throbbing prick and stuffed it into herself. After that he didn't need any help. He started fucking her like a pile driver, his trim ass jerking with lightning speed.

"Ahhhh, Jesus, Sis, this feels great," he groaned.

"It sure does, honey," Terry gurgled.

She arched her body to rub her cunt against his pistoning shaft, getting a continual rush of pleasure. She felt herself hurtling fast towards another orgasm. It was great to have an energetic teenage boy fucking her time after time and letting her gorge herself on orgasms. Between him and Todd, she ought to stay well fucked all summer.

"Unnnhhh, yeah, fuck it to me, Matt," she moaned, "give it to me good and hard, honey."

She silently apologized to Duane for cheating on him, but it just had to happen. No way could she go all summer without getting laid. And she had a hunch that Duane wasn't exactly going to be a monk, either. He'd no doubt be picking up a few girls back in his home town, and Terry didn't blame him one bit...

But she forgot about her boyfriend as her younger brother fucked her to the brink of climax. She wanted his jackhammering cock as deep as she could take it, so she wrapped her legs around his humping back and locked them there. Matt groaned with excitement as he hammered his cock into her molten depths.

"Unnnhhh, Sis, I'm gonna come," he groaned.

"Yes, baby," Terry panted, clawing his shoulders, "cream me, cream me good."

A second later he did just that, flooding her womb with steaming jizz. "Awwwwww, shit, aaaggghhh!" he roared.

The sizzling flood triggered Terry's orgasm, and she howled. "I'm coming, little brother, ohhhh, shit, am I coming!"

Brother and sister writhed and howled together till the car rocked. Terry was delighted so far with her experiment. She'd seduced both her brothers and gained eager young studs for the rest of her summer vacation. But changing her parents' feelings was going to be a much bigger challenge.

"I suppose we have to go home now," Matt sighed.

"I'm afraid so, otherwise Mom and Dad will worry," Terry said reluctantly. Mom and Dad she really was going to have to do something about them.


The next morning Terry woke up in the middle of a very sexy dream. She was making out with somebody. She couldn't tell if it was Duane or Todd or Matt, but the dream stopped before she got off. She lay in bed and seethed with horniness.

It wasn't the best way to start the day. There wasn't a chance that she could satisfy her lust with her mother in the house. Dad had gone off to work, but Mom would be there all day, constantly checking up on Terry and her brothers. Todd started working on excuses to get out of the house with one of the boys.

At breakfast she announced that she wanted to go to the beach and take one of her brothers with her as a chaperone. Both Matt and Todd looked eager, but their mother replied, "Not today, Terry. I'm going to need you to help with the housecleaning. The whole place needs a good going over."

Terry barely stifled a groan of frustration. Her pussy was burning with need, and she hated to think of going a whole day without relief. But she knew better than to argue with her parents. Somehow she'd have to get through till evening, when she could escape to her room and beat off. She noticed that her brothers looked equally disappointed. Of course they'd been hoping to have more fun with her, but Mom's plans had ruined things for all of them.

Terry spent the morning scrubbing and dusting and vacuuming. Then in the early afternoon she got a lucky break.

"I'm going out for some groceries," her mother said, "and I want this cleaning done by the time I get back."

"Okay, Mom," Todd chirped.

Her mother had hardly closed the front door when Terry turned off the vacuum and started through the house looking for one of her brothers. She didn't care which one she found, as long as he was ready for a quick fuck. She was about ready to scream with horniness. She rushed into the living room and found Todd reading a book.

"Quick," she panted, "let's go to your room and get it on."

Todd gawked at her. "Are you nuts?" he asked. "Won't Mom hear us?"

"She went out for groceries," Terry said, already heading for the stairs.

"Hey, terrific," Todd said, tossing his book aside and hurrying after her.

They thundered up the stairs and into Todd's room and started throwing their clothes in all directions. Their mother was a very efficient shopper, and she wouldn't be gone long. They'd have to work fast if they were going to make love before her return. Naked, they hopped onto the bed and started kissing and pawing each other.

"I've been horny all day," Terry moaned. "You and me both," Todd panted. "I had to jack off before I could came to breakfast."

"Wish I'd done that," she sighed.

She kissed him hotly and snaked her tongue into his mouth. He gave a muffled groan of excitement, and she felt his cock swelling and stiffening against her belly. She creamed heavily, soaking her hot little pussy and inner thighs. Todd's tongue teased hers, and they both began to breathe heavily.

They were so engrossed in their love-making that they didn't notice the keyhole going dark. Matt had been in his room working with his computer when he heard hurried footsteps in the hall and then muffled voices coming from his brother's room. His curiosity had gotten the better of him, and he'd sneaked out to take a look through the keyhole and see what was going on. When he saw his brother and sister lying naked on the bed, kissing and caressing, he clenched his fists.

"Hey, no fair," he muttered.

After last night he regarded Terry as his girl. He had no idea that she was also making it with Todd. He felt jealous and angry and very much left out. He'd been thinking about Terry all day, wishing they could fuck again, getting so horny he had to jack off a couple of times. And now here she was getting it on with their brother.

Matt watched in an agony of envy as they pressed their naked bodies together and exchanged long steamy tongue-kisses. He wanted to march in there and demand his share of the fun, but he knew Todd wouldn't be too pleased about that. Matt had always been intimidated by his older brother. He knelt there and seethed helplessly.

It was hell to watch them, yet he couldn't tear himself away. He realized that in spite of his anger and envy, he was getting aroused. Finally they came up for air, and he got a glimpse of Terry's cute little tits and neat dark bush. His cock went stiff as steel and strained against his fly. His balls swelled up, crowding his tight jeans. He needed to fuck his sister really badly, but she was already taken.

"Shit," he muttered.

Now Terry took Todd's hand and slid it between her thighs. Matt knew what he'd be feeling scorching wet flesh. His hand began to move back and forth, and Terry gurgled with pleasure. Her nipples were standing up rosy and rigid with arousal, and her pretty face was flushed.

"Mmmmmm, yeah, Todd, that feels great," she moaned.

Matt's cock gave a lusty leap and tried to tear its way out of his jeans. He ached to get his hand onto his sister's slick hot gash. He'd be glad to give her all the fun she wanted. But Todd had gotten there first, dammit, and no way in the world was he going to move over and make room for his kid brother.

He watched and almost howled with envy as Terry wrapped her fingers around Todd's stiff cock and started pumping it. Matt really needed her to do that to his engorged dick, but he'd just have to make do with his own fist. He unzipped his jeans and let his hard-on snap free of its prison. He grabbed it and started pumping it frantically.

His prick throbbed hard in his jerking fist as he watched his brother and sister masturbating each other. Terry's fingers flew up and dawn the rigid blue-veined shaft of Todd's cock, while Todd sawed a stiff finger back and forth over her clit. Both horny kids were flushed and panting.

"Oh, wow, Todd, this is fun," Terry panted, "but maybe we better fuck before Mom gets back."

"Yeah you're probably right," Todd said, rolling her onto her back and climbing onto her.

That was the part that just about killed Matt.

He barely stifled a groan of envy and longing as Terry panted her legs wide for his brother and Todd stuck his steel-stiff cock into her cunt. He thrust into her greedily, pushing into her steaming little fuck tunnel till only his balls showed.

"Awwww, Jesus, yeah," he groaned, "it's so hot."

"Unnnhhhh, yes, honey, get into me," Terry whimpered, "give me every inch of that big thing."

"Shit and double shit," Matt muttered.

They started fucking hungrily. Todd's trim ass jerked and knotted as he pumped his engorged cock in his sister's juicy cunt. Terry fucked right back at him, moving her hips to his rhythm, meeting his lusty thrusts with upward jerks of her body. She was taking his cock as deep as she could get it, as though she was starved for that hard cramming sensation.

"Ohhhh, yeah, Todd, fuck it to me," she moaned, "give it to me good and hard baby."

Matt pumped his engorged prick faster, matching the tempo of their fucking. His fist wasn't much consolation, though. He remembered all too vivdly how terrific it had felt to cram his stiff cock into his sister's snug but slippery box. He ached to do it again, but her cunt was already occupied.

"Ahhhh, shit, it feels so good," Todd moaned. Tell me about it, Matt thought miserably. He was fascinated with spying on them, yet it was driving him crazy, too. Todd's thick reaming cock was making an obscene sucking noise as it forced the juices from Terry's gripping little pussy hole. Terry was whimpering with pleasure as she took the steady stiff thrusting of her brother's prick. Matt was going out of his mind with lust.

He realized now that Terry and Todd had gotten it on before. They seemed very familiar with each other as lovers. So Terry had seduced both her brothers. She was a very kinky girl, and very hot-blooded. Matt gurgled with lust as he thought about all the delicious things they'd done together in the car last night.

He knew for sure that Terry had loved it. So why had she chosen Todd instead of Matt for this quickie love-making session? Matt would have been delighted to fuck her. His cock throbbed hard in his fist as he taught about it. The first chance he got, he was going to ask her why he'd been left out of the fun.

"Unnnhhh, fuck it to me, fuck it to me," Terry chanted hoarsely.

Todd was fucking her faster and harder by the second as both of them hurtled toward orgasm. The bedsprings were starting to creak, and that noise was punctuated by Todd's hoarse groans and Terry's shrill squeals of delight. With all that noise going on, they couldn't hear Matt's ragged hush breathing as he spied on them and jacked off.

"Oooooo, shit, I'm almost there," Terry whimpered. "Fuck me as hard as you can, Todd, get me off."

"You got it," Todd leered.

His ass jerked with lightning speed as he hammered his meat into her. She screwed her eyes shut and blotted out everything else, carried away by the hot pleasure he was giving her. Her face was contorted into a lusty grimace, and she clawed the bed. Matt could almost feel her gripping juicing cunt as she flew to the brink of climax.

"Unnnggghhh, baby, I'm coming, unnnggghhh!" she groaned.

"Take my load, Sis, aaaggghhh!" Todd bellowed.

Matt took advantage of all the noise they were making and groaned with frustration. He figured he might as well jack off against the door and get it over with, but then his resentment took over. Why should he have to stand out in the hall beating off like a guilty little kid? Why couldn't he fuck Terry, too? He stood there holding his drooling engorged prick and seething.

That was the position his mother found him in when she came upstairs looking for the kids. Irene had returned from her brief shopping trip and found Terry missing and the housework not finished. Annoyed, she tiptoed upstairs, expecting to find the kids goofing off. At the top of the stairs she glanced around and almost fainted. She certainly wasn't prepared for what she saw.

There was her youngest child, Matt, kneeling at Todd's bedroom door and playing with himself. He was peering through the keyhole, red-faced and panting. His jeans were tugged down, and he had his cock in his fist, pumping it. Irene was so shocked she couldn't move to scald him, couldn't even make a sound.

As she watched, Matt stopped pumping his cock and just crouched there holding it. Irene wondered what to do. It was terribly wrong of him to masturbate, of course, but the situation was so embarrasing. How could she talk to him with his naked cock hanging out? The mortified housewife just stood there and slowly turned red all over.

Then Matt got a determined look on his face, stood up, and walked into Todd's room, slamming the door behind him. Irene just had to know what was going on in there. She went quickly and quietly to the door, knelt, and looked through the keyhole. Once more her mouth dropped open and she went red with shock.

On the bed were her other two kids, Todd and Terry, and it was obvious that they'd just finished fucking. Todd was in the act of raising himself off his sister, and his cream-soaked cock was emerging from her cunt. They were both staring at Matt, who was stripping naked.

"Hey, little brother," Todd snapped, "what do you mean by busting in here without knocking?"

"I just want a turn with Sis," Matt said determinedly. "How come I have to be left out of the fun?"

"Well, who said she wanted you?" Todd replied.

"Hey, you two, take it easy," Terry said soothingly. "I like to fuck both of you, so there's no problem. Come on over, Matt, we've got time for a quickie."

"Terrific," he grinned.

He hurried over to the bed, his teenage cock so stiff and swollen that it hardly quivered with his movements. Todd looked a little pissed off, but also excited by the idea of watching his brother and sister get it on. He moved to the far side of the bed and got comfortable.

Matt slid onto the bed, and Terry grabbed greedily for his cock and started pumping it. "Mmmmmm, what a gorgeous hard-on," she purred.

Matt grinned, cupped her tits, and started playing with the hot little globes, white Todd began to grin, really getting off on the scene. The incestuous trio seemed completely uninhibited and at ease. Irene watched openmouthed, hardly believing her own eyes. She and Glen had raised the children so strictly and carefully. How could they possibly be doing something like this?

"I like to fuck both of you," Terry had said. That meant this wasn't the first time they'd done it. How long had it been going on? And what possessed the kids to do such a wicked and outrageous thing? Irene knew she ought to march in there and read them the riot act, yet she couldn't move. She felt a weird kind of fascination as she watched.

Matt had slipped his hand between Terry's thighs and was massaging her pussy. She gurgled with delight and pumped his cock. Neither one of them showed a trace of guilt as they, played with each other, and Todd didn't look guilty, either, as he grinned and watched. In fact his cock was getting stiff.

Irene felt just a touch of envy. She wished her and Glen's love-making could be so lighthearted and guiltless. But that wasn't the way they'd been brought up. They'd both had moralistic strict parents who preached to them that sex was the work of the Devil. So when she and Glen made love, they acted like they were committing a crime.

They always did it in the dark, under the covers, and they always used the same position, Glen on top. They didn't allow themselves any foreplay. It was just a quick fuck, long enough to get both of them off, and that was it. Irene secretly enjoyed even that meager ration of sex, but as she watched her kids she realized what she'd been missing. There was a whole world of pleasure that she and Glen hadn't explored.

"Here's something we haven't done yet, you guys," Terry chirped. "It's called sixty-nine. Lie on your back, Matt."

Irene found herself watching in lusty fascination as Terry crouched over her brother backs, her mouth poised right over his stiffstanding cock, her steamy pink slit almost in his face. She stuck out her tongue and began to lick up the cream that bubbled from his piss hole, and Matt gave a happy groan.

"Hey, what a terrific idea," he said.

"It sure is," Todd agreed.

Glen and Irene, of course, had never tried oral sex. It sounded like too much fun, and fun was out. Now she found herself creaming right through her panties as she watched Matt and Terry eat each other. While his sister licked his cock, Matt flicked his tongue stiffly up and down the juicy line of her slit, and she squealed with pleasure.

"Oooooo, yeah, honey, I love that," she cried, "keep doing it to me, don't stop."

Irene had a wild impulse to be in Terry's place, tasting cock cream and getting her pussy licked. It was awful of her to think such things, but she was helplessly excited. Her sex life was so limited, so boring. She and Glen had fucked the same way for twenty years, and they hadn't tried anything new since their wedding night. It would be such fun to experiment.

She shivered lustily as Terry brought her lips down around the fat head of her brother's cock and started sucking on it. Matt groaned blissfully, then returned the favor. He made his tongue long and stiff, then crammed it into his sister's cunt and started jerking it in cock-like motions. Terry gave a muffled moan of ecstasy.

Irene moaned, too, then reminded herself to keep quiet. She didn't want to be caught like this, spying on her kids and creaming through her panties. Still she couldn't ignore the blazing need in her pussy. She wondered what it would be like to suck a cock, to take a man's stiff tongue in her cunt.

Pretty soon Terry raised her head and said reluctantly, "I guess if we're gonna fuck, we better do it now, Matt. Mom's gonna be home any minute now."

"Yeah, right," Matt said.

Terry crouched in the doggy position, and Matt knelt behind her and slid his steel-hard cock up her cunt. She gurgled with pleasure and clawed the bed. He began to fuck her in quick urgent jabs. Then Todd crawled over and knelt in front of her, trailing the drooling head of his cock over her lips.

"How about getting me off, too, Sis?" he leered.

"Two cocks at the same time?" Terry grinned. "Fantastic."

She opened her lips wide and let him slide his engorged boner into her mouth. Drawing in her cheeks, she began to suck on his meat, and he groaned with excitement. Terry as wildly aroused as she took swollen cocks in her mouth and cunt. Hot cream poured from her twat and gushed down her legs.

"Mmmmm, uuummmmm," she moaned.

Irene caught herself panting as she watched. She felt so envious! Terry and her brothers had so much more experience, so much more fun, than she and Glen had ever had. She wished there was some way she could experience some of the kinky things they did, but she saw no hope of that. Glen would be furious if she even mentioned it.

No, she'd better get those insane ideas out of her head and just do what she had to do. She couldn't allow her children to go on committing incest. She must put a stop to their outrageous activities right nw. She got to her feet and took a deep breath. She heard moans and yelps as sister and brothers all climaxed loudly. Then she opened the door and strode into the room.

Matt was blissfully jetting his load into his sister's cunt, while Terry gulped Todd's spurting jism. They were totally absorbed in their hot mutual orgasm and didn't notice Irene till they'd finished. Then they froze, the boys' cocks still lodged in Terry's twat and mouth.

"This is disgraceful," Irene said grimly. "Just wait till your father learns about it."


The kids groaned. If their father found out what they'd been doing, there'd be hell to pay. He'd blister their butts, and that would be just her openers. Terry envisioned psychiatrists, convent school for her, military academies for the boys. She couldn't let that happen. Somehow she had to silence her mother.

"Mom, take it easy," she said soothingly. "After what I've just seen?" Irene cried hysterically. "You have to be out of your mind. Your father and I can't tolerate this kind of behavior."

"Grab her," Terry said to her brothers. Before Irene could react, her sons had leaped up and taken her by the arms. "Bring her over to the bed," Terry ordered. "Hold her down."

"What are you doing?" Irene demanded. "Let go of me this second, or you'll all going to be in very big trouble."

"We're already in very big trouble, Mom," Terry said as the boys pinned Irene down on the bed. "We just want you to calm down and think things over."

"There's nothing to think over," Irene snapped, "and you'd better let me up right now. The more you disobey me, the more punishment you're going to get."

The kids ignored her. "Whaddya think we oughta do, Sis?" Todd asked.

"We can't let Dad find out," Matt added with a shudder.

"Right," Terry said, "so what we have to show her the fun she's been missing and what a good time she can have with us. Get the ideas?"

"Yeah, we get it," Todd leered. "Then, let's get her clothes off," Terry grinned.

"Oh, my God, no," Irene gasped.

But there was no escape for her. The boys were too strong for her, and they held her down while Terry removed her clothes. Irene had never felt so mortified in her life. She was blushing furiously as her daughter stripped her. Nobody had ever seen her naked before except Glen.

"Please, Terry don't do this," she begged. "Sorry, Mom, but it's the only way out for us," Terry answered.

Working quickly, she removed Irene's dress and shoes and pantyhose, leaving her in her demure white cotton bra and panties. She unhooked the bra and drew it off, and the boys ogled their mom's big ripe tits. They were firm and thrusting, and they were capped with large cone-shaped nipples.

"Oh, wow, beautiful," Todd exclaimed.

"They sure are," Matt agreed.

Irene didn't think she could blush any harder, but she did. Even Glen had never stared at her tits like that, since they always made love in the dark. But things got even more mortifying when Terry tugged off her panties and left her totally naked. The kids stared at her lush honey-blond bush.

"Gee, Mom, you've got a fantastic body," Terry said with a note of envy in her voice. "The way you dress, we never noticed before."

"Yeah, Mom, you really oughta junk those baggy clothes," Todd said. "You'd look terrific in something more up to date."

"Yeah, like a bikini," Matt chuckled. "That'd really blow Dad away."

"Please, kids," Irene replied, "you've had your revenge. Now, let me go. I promise I won't tell your father what I saw."

"Uh-uh, Mom, it's too late for that," Terry grinned. "We wanta have some fun with you. We wanta get you on our side."

"Terry, that's impossible," Irene said. "I could never enjoy such wicked things."

"We'll just see about that," Terry grinned. "Let's get her legs open, guys."

Irene groaned and tried to resist, but her two husky sons easily got her legs apart, exposing, her cream-beaded slit. The kids ogled her pussy, and she wished she could sink down through the bed and disappear. Even her own husband had never made that thorough an inspection of her gash.

"Okay, guys, we're gonna turn her on," Terry said with a wicked grin. "Matt, you play with her tits, and Todd, you go down on her."

The boys accepted their assignments eagerly. Irene shivered as Matt's hot hands closed over her big satiny tits and began a sensual massage. Secretly she'd longed for Glen to fondle her tits, and it was hard for her to conceal the excitement she felt.

Her excitement doubled when she felt Todd's hot breath tickled her naked pussy. He crawled between her legs till his face was practically on her slit. Irene felt him folding apart the furry lips of her gash, exposing the tender flesh inside. She tensed herself, and then suddenly she felt the most delicious sensation she'd ever known.

Her son's hot juicy tongue was raking up and down over her sensitive pussy, mid it was all she could do not to scream with pleasure. Jolt after jolt of delicious sensation ripped through her as Todd eagerly tongued her pussy. He lashed the swollen flesh and snaked into every steamy fold.

"That's good, you guys," Terry said gleefully, "just keep doing that to her."

"Oh, noooo," Irene moaned.

She didn't think her self-control could last through much more of this. With Matt molding and squeezing her tits and Todd licking her pussy, she was going out of her mind with arousal but trying not to show it. She'd be so mortified if the kids knew how horny they were making her. All their lives she'd tried to teach them that nice people don't get off on sex.

She and Glen had tried to pass on the strict morality of their own childhoods, but obviously it hadn't worked with Terry and Todd and Matt. And in her heart Irene knew her kids were night here was nothing wrong with the natural and instinctive pleasure their bodies could bring them. But she wasn't quite ready to admit that she'd been wrong all these years.

She could control her voice and her movements, but she couldn't stop her lusty creaming. No matter how she tried, she couldn't keep from soaking Todd's bobbing chin with her molten cunt juices. Now he was zeroing in on the most sensitive spot of all, the throbbing bud of her clit. He was circling it with stuff tip of his tongue, driving her wild.

To make things even more difficult for the horny housewife, her other son was licking and sucking her tit. Matt's hot wet tongue lashed all over her throbbing nipples, and then he sucked both of them into stiffness. It was just about more than Irene could take her pretty face twisted into a lusty grimace as she struggled not to cry out.

"Hey, Mom," Terry said, "why don't you stop fighting it and just enjoy it? There's nothing wrong with that, you know."

Terry had been watching her mother closely as the boys stimulated her tits and pussy, she was positive that Irene was getting off on it. But of course she couldn't admit it. That would make her a liar, after so many years of preaching that sex is dirty and sinful. So she was fighting the hot pleasure she felt, fighting to keep her dignity.

"Let go, Mom," Terry said soothingly, "just relax and have a good time."

Irene heard her, but she went on clenching her jaws to stifle her cries of pleasure as she took the delicious double stimulation of her tits and pussy. Still she was creaming all over Todd's face, and her nipples were erect and throbbing in Matt's sucking mouth. She just hoped her sons didn't realize how turned on she was.

In just a few minutes the boys had given bet more pleasure and excitement than Glen had in all their years of marriage. Her own sons were doing things to her that her husband wouldn't try, things she'd secretly longed for. She knew now how boring and limited her sex life had been, and she didn't think she could go back to the old ways.

While Irene was fighting to hide her excitement, Terry was plotting. Their plan wasn't working out so well, and she just had to think of same way to break through Mom's inhibitions and hangups. She thought of all the things that she herself liked the boys to do to her, and she came up with something that just had to work.

"Todd," she said, "stick your tongue in her." Irene braced herself, but she wasn't prepared for the incredible pleasure she felt as her oldest son shoved his stiff tongue into her cunt. He crammed her with the slippery slab of meat, and she shuddered with ecstasy and creamed all aver his face. This time she simply couldn't hold back her hoarse cries.

"Ohhhhh, God, unnnhhhhh," she moaned. "That's it, Todd," Terry cried excitedly, "fuck her with your tongue."

Todd's head started to bob up and down as he hammered his stiff tongue in and out of his mother's juicy little pussy hole. His thick tongue made a lewd sucking noise as it probed deep in her box and reamed out her thick hot cream. Terry watched eagerly, her own pussy getting hot and excited. Mom would have to be totally frigid to resist a pleasure like this one.

She was still struggling, but her efforts were feeble. She was clawing the bed and breathing hard, her eyes closed tight in a grimace of pleasure. Todd's face was smeared with her cream. Terry saw that her mother was just about at the point of surrender, and she quickly thought of a way to put her over the edge.

"Matt, play with her cunt," she ordered.

Matt let one of Irene's stiff spit-soaked nipples slip from his mouth, then scooted down by her hips. He grasped her joy button between his thumb and forefinger and started kneading the hotly throbbing lump of flesh. Irene groaned and almost flew off the bed. She'd never felt such powerful pleasure in her life.

"Unnnhh, yessss," she gasped.

It was just too much. She couldn't fight it any longer. With Matt massaging the most sensitive organ in her body and Todd's stiff tongue thrusting deep and hard in her cunt, she was overwhelmed with pleasure. She hadn't even dreamed such wonderful sensations were possible.

Suddenly she didn't care what the kids thought of her or even what the world thought of her. All she could think about was the fantastic pleasure she was experiencing as the boys kneaded her clit and tongued her cunt. Nothing else seemed important just now. Her body relaxed, and she let her head loll back as she surrendered to the wonderful sensations.

Terry nodded triumphantly as she saw the tension go out of her mother's body. Irene wasn't resisting now. She was going with the pleasure, letting it carry her away. Her teeth flashed as she moaned and panted, and her big tits stood up firm and swollen with lust, then nipples erect and engorged. This lady was very turned on and no longer hiding it.

"Ohhhh, my God, it's so good," she whimpered.

"Yeah, Mom," Terry grinned, "now you can see our side of it."

Irene certainly could. No wonder the kids couldn't keep their hands off each other! If she'd known this kind of fun was possible, she'd have joined their incestuous little orgy sooner. And she knew she could never go back to the same old dull love-making with Glen, not after an experience like this.

Todd's stiff tongue was reaming her cunt, fast and deep, giving her hot blasts of pleasure that made her cream in helpless spurts. Matt's fingers kept up a steady massage on her sensitive joy button, another source of incredible pleasure. She was hurtling towards orgasm. She couldn't have controlled herself even if she'd wanted to.

"Unnnhhhh, don't stop, kids," she moaned, "please don't stop, it feels so good."

"Don't worry, Mom," Terry said, "we'll do it to you as long as you need it."

Terry was getting pretty hotly aroused herself as she watched her brothers working on their moaning mother. Her pussy was swelling and heating, and her cunt was leaking hot sticky cream. She had a frantic urge to play with herself and why not? Nobody was going to be embarrassed if she did.

She slid a stiff finger into her cunt and started pumping it up and down. She gurgled with the hot stabs of pleasure she gave herself, and she quickly soaked her finger with molten cream. With hot horny eyes she watched Matt kneading Irene's clit while Todd pistoned his moist red tongue in and out of her creamy fuck hole.

"Ohhhhhh, unnnnhhhhhh," Irene moaned. She had to be very close to coming. Her face was flushed, and she was frantically clawing the bed. She began to arch her body, taking Todd's plowing tongue as deep as she could get it. Molten cream flooded from her box, soaking the boy's face and gushing down her ass crack.

"Just a little more, boys," she whimpered. Sensing that she was almost in orgasm, Todd and Matt speeded up their movements. Matt rolled her violently throbbing clit swiftly between his fingers, and Todd hammered his tongue roughly in her cream-filled twat. Irene stiffened for a second, groaned hoarsely, and then her ripe body began to convulse.

"Ohhhhh, God, I'm coming," she howled, "whaahhhhh!"

Terry watched her mother's violently bucking body, then plunged her finger deep into her molten depths and brought herself off. "Ooooo, shit, oooooo!" she squealed.

Matt and Todd stared at her in surprise as she began rolling around on the bed and moaning. Then they realized that she was busily fingerfucking herself, getting off, and they broke into grins. Both of them had big hard-ons by now, and the sight of two pretty women in climax didn't do anything to cool their lust.

The boys turned their attention back from their squealing sister to their moaning mother. Irene was just coming down from her bodyblasting climax, her big tits heaving, her shapely body flushed. Her sons both ogled the creamspurting mouth of her cunt, and their cocks gave horny jumps and drooled.

"You thinking what I'm thinking?" Todd grinned.

"Yeah," Matt leered.

"What's that, you guys?" Terry asked as she finished coming.

"We wanta fuck Mom," Todd said.

"Terrific idea," Terry chuckled. "Why don't you do it?"

"Now, wait a minute, kids," Irene panted, "that's going too far."

"Why, Mom?" Todd crooned as he rolled her over into the doggy position. "We're just gonna have a little fun together. There's nothing wrong with that."

Nothing wrong with a boy fucking his own mother? Even pleasure-starved Irene couldn't buy that. She started to crawl away from him, but Terry and Matt jumped over and held her in place. She gasped as Todd put his hands on her hips and touched the rock-hard head of his dick to her slick little cunt mouth.

"Honey, noooo," Irene whimpered, "that's incest, it's wrong."

"Relax, Mom, you're gonna love it," Terry grinned.

"Ohhhhhh, God, ohhhhhh," Irene moaned as her teenage son glided his throbbing boner fully into her.

Terry was right, she loved it and that was just the problem. She loved it too much. She was starved for some decent love-making, she realized that now. She simply couldn't control herself as Todd crammed her full of hot cock meat. She soaked his pulsating boner with her molten cream. He started fucking her in quick hungry thrusts, and she clawed the bed and moaned in ecstasy.

"Ummhhh, honey, yesss," she cried.

"I think we can let go of her now, Matt," Terry said with a wicked grin.

"Yeah, I kinda think she likes it," Matt chuckled.

Their hunch was right Irene wasn't going anywhere. She crouched there and moaned with delight as Todd gave her a good hard fucking. Her face was contorted with lust, her big ripe tits swinging heavily. Thick hot cream spurted out around Todd's hammering cock and gushed down her thighs.

"Ohhhhh, honey, it's so good," she whimpered.

The doggy position was a first for Irene, since she and Glen had fucked in the same old missionary position for twenty years. She loved it, and she loved her son's tirelessly hammering cock. This was no guilty quicky in the dark, like she was used to. This was a nice long fuck, thoroughly satisfying.

Irene let the hot pleasure linger in her pussy till she couldn't contain it any longer. She felt the violent orgasm starting deep in her cunt and then radiating out to shake her whole body. Her cunt clamped hard around Todd's cock, and he yelped and began to shoot his load, filling his mother's womb with boiling jism.

"Ohhhh, cream me, honey, unnnhhhhh!" Irene wailed.

"Awwwwww, fuck, take my come, Mom!" Todd roared.

He'd hardly finished coming when Matt took his place. Todd pulled out, and his kid brother crammed his nearly exploding cock into their mother's fiery-hot pussy hole. Irene gurgled with delight as she took her second stiff boy cock. Matt fucked her even harder and faster than his brother had.

"Oooooo, yes, baby, fuck me good," Irene squealed.

Terry and Todd exchanged triumphant grins. Mom was on their side now, and they wouldn't have to worry about her telling on them. She wouldn't be spoiling their fun she'd be joining in on it. They watched delightedly as Matt fucked her hard and fast, swiftly bringing her to the brink of another body-wracking orgasm.

"Ohhh, Matt, baby, fuck me hard," Irene groaned, "fuck me as hard as you can, make me come."

Matt fucked into her with all his speed and force, making her ripe body shake and her big heavy tits swing back and forth. That did it for Irene. She screamed as a violent orgasm ripped through her body, and Matt was right behind her, yelping with bliss as he shot his load into her sucking cunt. Mother and son writhed and moaned together for almost a minute before they finally rolled apart.

"Mmmmmm, that was wonderful, kids," Irene sighed. "I guess you've changed my mind about sex. But we'll have to be very, very careful not to let your father find out what we're doing."

"Wouldn't it be easier just to let Dad in on the fun?" Terry asked.

"Honey, he'd never agree to that," Irene said. "You'd never get him to see things our way."

"Oh I don't know about that," Terry grinned. "I think I'll just give it a try."


Irene was sure that nobody could break through Glen's inhibitions about sex, but Terry insisted on trying, so they came up with a plan. If it backfired, only Terry would get into trouble, and Glen wouldn't know about the incestuous activities of the rest of his family.

The boys and Irene hid in the kitchen, where they could peek out and see what was happening in the living room. Terry waited there for Glen to come home. She'd dressed in skin-tight jeans and t-shirt, and she hadn't bothered with a bra or panties. At the usual time Glen arrived home from work, looking surprised to find only his daughter waiting for him.

"Hi, honey," he said, "where's your mother and the boys?"

"They decided to see a movie," Terry said, "so dinner's gonna be a little late. Can I get you a beer, Daddy?"

"Sure, honey, thanks," Glen said, sinking onto the couch. "Boy, I'm bushed. It's been a long hard day."

Terry got a cold bottle of beer from the fridge and winked at her mother and brothers. As she returned to the living room she walked with a bounce, making sure her braless tits would wobble under her tight t-shirt. Daddy noticed and frowned with disapproval, just as she'd anticipated. She tried to keep an innocent smile on her face as she handed him his beer.

"Here you go, Daddy," she said. "Is something wrong?"

"Yes, young lady," Glen growled, "it's the way you're dressed. Or rather, not dressed."

"Huh?" Terry said. Then she looked down at the erect nubs of her nipples. "Oh, silly me," she giggled, "I forgot to wear a bra."

Glen reddened and said, "Well, go put one on immediately."

"Oh, Daddy, bras are so uncomfortable," Terry said, plumping herself down beside him on the couch. "It feels so good to go without one. In fact it'd feel even better without a shirt."

She promptly tugged off her t-shirt and flung it on the rug. Glen's eyes almost popped. He stared at his daughter's naked tits. They were gorgeous, apple-size and shape, capped with erect little nipples. He felt a sudden hot swelling in his balls, and to his embarrassment his cock started to stiffen. He fought to regain his self-control.

"Terry, you should be ashamed of yourself," he snapped. "Put your shirt back on this moment."

"Oh, Daddy, it's such a hot day," Terry cooed, "too hot for a shirt. I'm sweltering. Just feel."

She took one of his big callused hands and placed it on her tits. Glen barely stifled a groan she touched the deliciously soft and silky flesh. But he couldn't stifle his cock, which had a mind of its own. It continued to stiffen and swell. The burly trucker got very red in the face.

The problem was, he'd secretly been thinking a lot about teenage girls lately. He loved his wife, but their love-making had gotten deadly boring, and he couldn't help thinking about more exciting forms of sex. His favorite fantasy was about fucking a tight-cunted teenage girl.

Now a gorgeous teenager was letting him feel her naked tits, and it was turning him on like crazy. But there was just one problem. The girl happened to be his daughter.

"Terry, stop that," he growled.

But she held his hand firmly against her tits and sank back against the couch gurgling, "Rub my tits, Daddy, it feels so nice."

Glen didn't know what came over him. He set aside his beer and placed both hands on his daughter's beautiful high-riding breasts. He began to squeeze and caress, and Terry gurgled with pleasure. His cock finished its swelling, going hard as a rock and crowding his pants. His balls went taut with an enormous load of jizz.

"Mmmmmm, yes, Daddy, I love that," Terry cooed.

Spying from the kitchen, Irene was amazed at how fast the girl had turned Glen on. Then she realized that he was just as ripe for seduction as she had been. He must be just as bored with their sex life, just as eager for a change.

She really couldn't blame him a bit for responding so fast to Terry's flirting.

She even hoped Terry succeeded in fucking him. Somebody had to light a fire under Glen and get him to change his style of love-making. Irene couldn't go back to the old dull bed routine they'd established. She had to have exciting sex. She was silently cheering Terry on as the girl worked to break down Glen's defenses.

Glen was starting to breathe loudly and harshly as he played with his daughter's hot throbbing tits. Her pointed nipples were poking into his palms, and she was giving little moans and gurgles of delight as he fondled her sensitive breasts. He realized he was getting his own kid sexually aroused, but he just couldn't stop himself. He was having too damned much fun.

"It's so hot," Terry murmured, "I think I'll take off my jeans, too."

Glen didn't protest, assuming she'd be wearing panties and would still be decently covered. So his eyes got huge as she skinned out of her jeans and went totally naked. He stared at her cute little dark bush, and his cock almost tore its way out of his jeans.

"Terry, honey," he said hoarsely, "you really oughta put some clothes on."

"But I'm so comfortable this way, Daddy," she purred. "You would be, too. Let me take your clothes off."

She was already tugging at his t-shirt as she spoke. She got it off, then ran her fingers through the thick hair mat of his broad chest. Then she slid down in front of him and removed his work boots and socks. Her fingers went for his fly, and Glen got red as a beet. He couldn't let her see that he'd gotten a stiff cock for her.

"Uh, honey, that's enough," he stammered, "I'll leave my pants an."

"Oh, it's all right, Daddy," Terry grinned, "I know you have a hard-on."

Glen got even more red. Terry quickly unzipped his jeans, then grasped pants and shorts and tugged them down, leaving him naked. She squealed with delight as his massive hard-on snapped free. It was the biggest cock she'd seen so far, a good eight inches long and as thick as her wrist.

"Oh, wow, it's huge," she exclaimed, reaching out to pet it.

"Oh, Christ," Glen groaned.

Things were happening so fast, he was dazed. One minute he'd been sitting there sipping a beer and reading the paper just like he always did after work, and now here he was buck naked with his equally naked teenage daughter playing with his cock. He wasn't quite sure how it had all happened.

Terry had a happy smile on her face as she ran her fingers all over his swollen prick. Glen couldn't stifle his rapidly growing excitement. His wife had never played with his cock. In fact he and Irene had never played with each other at all, never even made love in daylight. He was enjoying hell out of this unexpected encounter with his daughter. Hot cream bubbled up in his piss hole, and Terry licked her lips.

Then Glen gasped with surprise as she bent low and stuck out her tongue and licked up his cream. He damned near came in her face. For years he'd secretly wanted Irene to go down on him but felt it was wrong to ask. He couldn't hide his wild arousal as his daughter's hot little tongue played on the swollen head of his cock. But he knew this dangerous game couldn't continue. He was about to lose all control of himself.

"Okay, Terry, that's enough," he said hoarsely. "You know we shouldn't be doing this."

Terry realized she was moving too fast. She couldn't overcome a lifetime of prudery and inhibition in just a few minutes. She came back to sit beside her father. "I'm sorry, Daddy," she said, "but I just couldn't help doing that. I'm so horny."

"You're what?" Glen gasped.

"See, I have a boyfriend," she went on, "and we make out a lot, and now I won't be seeing him till next fall, and I really miss him. My pussy feels like it's on fire. Here, just feel it."

As she babbled on, she took her father's hand and set it on her gash. Glen barely stifled a lusty groan as he touched the scorching wet flesh. Terry wasn't putting him on. She was really horny, her slit soaked and swollen. It was obviously that she needed to be fucked very badly. Glen thought about cramming his engorged cock into her tiny cunt, and he almost shot his load.

"See, Daddy?" Terry purred. "Couldn't you help me out just a little? Stick your finger in there and get me off?"

Again Glen would never know what came over him, but he found himself slipping his thick middle finger into his daughter's cunt. It was fantastically snug yet juicy in there, and it was steaming hot. He would have given anything to stick his cock in there and if she hadn't been his own kid, he would have. He eased his finger into her as far as he could, while she soaked it with molten cream.

"Oooooo, yesssss, Daddy," she squealed, "do it to me, get me off."

Spying from the kitchen, Irene and the boys could hardly believe the success Terry was having with their strict and puritanical husband and father. It was incredible to see Glen sitting there with a hard-on, pumping his finger in and out of his daughter's cunt. Terry looked over his shoulder, caught their eye, and grinned triumphantly.

Then, as her father finger-fucked her, she wrapped her fingers around his big hard cock and started pumping it. Glen snorted with excitement, and thick bubbles of cream oozed up in his piss hole. Terry rubbed her palm over the hot juke, then smeared it all over his cock. She pumped his meat firmly and fast, while he speeded up the pistoning of his finger in her juice slick cunt tunnel.

"Ohhhhh, Daddy, just a little more," Terry begged, "I'm almost there."

Glen couldn't stop now. He was having too much fun, too much excitement. He just wished he and Irene could make love like this, that they could experiment a little instead of always doing it the same old way. But he didn't dare ask his wife to change. He was sure she'd be shocked and angry if he suggested anything kinky.

Maybe that was why he couldn't resist his daughter just now. He knew it was incestuous to play with her like this, but he couldn't help himself, because he was starved for some novelty and excitement. He ached to make love in some new way. And of course he was fulfilling his naughty fantasy of getting it on with a teenage girl.

No, he wasn't going to stop, but he vowed he wouldn't go any farther with her, either. He'd just get her off with his finger, maybe let her jack him off, but he wouldn't do anything serious like fuck her. That, really would be incest. Glen kept telling himself these things as his lust reached fever pitch and he couldn't even think straight any more. His cock felt ready to explode.

"Oh, Jesus, I think I'm gonna come," he groaned.

Terry let go of his cock like it was a hot potato. She didn't want the fun to be over so soon. She just let her father's massive hard-on wag and drool by itself while he finger-fucked her to the brink of climax. She soaked his pistoning finger with an enormous burst of molten cream as she went over the edge.

"Unnnnhhhhh, Daddy, you did it, I'm coming!" she howled.

Glen groaned with horniness as he felt her tiny hot cunt clamping like a vise around his finger and drenching it with sizzling come-cream. He ached to feel that hot action around his cock instead of his finger. But he was proud of himself for having resisted the temptation. Now that Terry was satisfied, he could get her away from him and try to calm down.

But Terry had other ideas. "Mmmmmm, Daddy, that was so nice," she purred as he slipped his finger out of her smoking twat. "What else would you like to do?"

"Nothing," Glen lied. "I want you to run along now and get dressed."

"But, Daddy, we're just starting to have fun," Terry pouted, "and besides, you haven't gotten off yet. Here, I'll take care of that for you."

Before Glen could reply, his naked daughter had slid off the couch and down between his legs. She was fisting the thick hairy base of his cock and holding it firmly so he had no chance to get away. She brought her face so close to his meat that her hot breath tickled it. Glen shuddered with lust.

"What are you doing, Terry?" he asked hoarsely.

"I'm gonna suck your cock, Daddy," she purred. "That'll really get you off."

Glen knew that at that moment he should have picked her up and paddled her ass. How did she even know about cock-sucking, after the strict and decent way she'd been raised? He ought to have been shocked and furious. But all he felt was overpowering lust and excitement as her little wet tongue dared out and contacted the swollen head of his cock.

He shivered and moaned as she began to lick up all the hot cream that bubbled from his piss hole. For years he'd secretly wanted Irene to go down on him. Now at last his fantasy was coming true, only with his daughter instead of his wife. He watched dizzily as her little pink tongue swirled around and around the engorged head of his cock. The pleasure was like nothing he'd ever felt before.

Terry could see that she had her father temporarily under her spell, but she mustn't let the excitement stop. She drilled the stiff tip of her tongue right into his piss hole and scooped out the rest of his salty juice. Then she opened her lips as wide as she could and started bringing them down around the massive shaft, of his cock.

"Awwwww, Christ, yessss," Glen hissed.

He couldn't help it, he was wild to get his cock sucked. Terry's small mouth could take only half his mammoth dick, but that was enough to drive him wild. She fisted and pumped the rest of his prick as she drew in her cheek and started sucking. Glen almost flew off the couch as she sucked the hot cream out of his piss hole.

"Yes, baby, suck," he groaned, "don't stop."

Irene and her sons exchanged grins. Glen was practically won over to their way of thinking. He sure wasn't resisting any of the kinky things Terry was doing to him. Now he was slumping back on the couch, red-faced and groaning, as his daughter noisily sucked his cock. He was giving himself up to the wicked pleasure without a word of protest. As Terry's head bobbed faster and faster, he closed us eyes in ecstasy.

"Yeah, baby, just a little more," he moaned, "you're gonna come any second now."

Not if Terry had anything to say about it. She wanted that magnificent cock-stand in her cunt before their little father-daughter session was over. She kept on sucking but was careful not to take him over the edge. The instant he started fucking her mouth, she drew back, letting his spit-soaked prick snap from her lips.

Glen opened his eyes and stared at her in frustration. Then his eyes widened as the grinning girl got up and straddled his lap, bringing the waked little mouth of her cunt down to touch the enormously swollen head of his cock. She jerked her hips downward, impaling her slick cuntal opening on about an inch of his cock head. Glen shook himself back to reality.

"Terry, no, we can't fuck," he cried, "that's incest."

Terry looked him in the eye and drawled, "You know, Daddy, I really don't give a shit if it's incest. All I know is, I want your big cock in my cunt. I want it real bad."

Glen gawked at her. He'd never expected his innocent little girl to talk like that. And all the while she was sliding farther down his iron-hard cock, taking more and more of it into her slippery snug pussy hole. He couldn't ignore the wild pleasure he felt as his meat was sheathed in his daughter's squeezing teenage box.

"Awwwww, Christ," he groaned.

"Yeah, Daddy, go with it," Terry panted, "get all the way into me."

Glen seized her waist and cased her the rest of the way down his engorged shaft, till she was crammed with his hotly throbbing meat. She whimpered with excitement and soaked his prick with a big hot rush of cream. Glen was snorting with lust as he felt the tight squeezing action of her greedy little box. He was far too lusty to be gentle. He started fucking her in fast urgent jabs.

"Unnnhhh, baby, that tight little pussy of yours feels so great," he groaned.

"Fuck me, Daddy, give it to me," Terry squealed.

Terry looked over his shoulder, at her mother and brothers. They were grinning and giving her the victory sign, and she grinned back. Now they were only waiting for her signal to end this little charade. But Terry wasn't quite ready. Before anything else, she wanted to get off on her dad's massive hammering boner. She closed her eyes, blotting out everything else.

"Oooooo, Daddy, you're fucking me so good," she gurgled, "I love that big cock of yours."

Glen was beyond words. He just growled and snorted as he pistoned his nearly-exploding cock in his daughter's smoking little fuck hole. He was spinning out of control, fucking her faster and faster, till her slim body shuddered with the impact. But Terry didn't protest his roughness. She seemed to love it.

She was gurgling and squealing, and she soaked his meat with rush after rush of molten cream. Glen could feel her already snug cunt tightening around his meat as she greedily went for more hot friction. His balls felt almost ready to burst as he hammered his cock into her. Then he felt the first scalding flood of her come-cream.

"Unnnhhhh, Daddy, you're making me come!" she wailed.

"Awwwww, Christ, baby, take my come!" Glen roared as he discharged his sizzling load into her.

Terry got off like gangbusters on her dad's massive cock, but she didn't forget that she had one more little job to do. As she started coming down from her body-wracking climax, she beckoned to her mother and brothers. Grinning and naked, they all marched into the room. Just then Glen gave a satisfled sigh and opened his eyes.

"What in hell?" he gasped.

"Hi, honey," Irene smiled, "having fun?"

"Hi, Dad," his sons chorused, grinning wickedly.

Caught with his cock deep in his daughter's cunt, Glen could only grin sheepishly. "Uh, hi, everybody," he stammered. "Is anybody gonna tell me what this is all about?"


"Here, Daddy," Terry said, handing him the rest of his beer, "you're probably gonna need this." She slipped off the couch and let her mother take her place beside the red-faced Glen. He took a long pull on his beer.

"Well, honey, I don't blame you for being curious," Irene said. "It's been quite a day. I came home and found the kids getting it on."

"You what?" Glen sputtered. "Getting it on? All three of them? How?"

"Gee, how was it, Sis?" Todd said. "I know it was kinda complicated."

"Well, I was sucking you off, and Matt was fucking me," Terry said.

"Right," Matt said, "and it was really fantastic. Can we do it again, Sis?"

"Now wait a minute, everybody," Glen said, "let your mother finish explaining things to me I still don't know what happened."

"Well," Irene continued, "I found the kids getting it on, and I was going to punish them, only they made me join in, and that changed my mind."

"Join in?" Glen was getting mind-boggled. "Uh, just exactly what did they make you do, honey?"

Irene frowned as she tried to remember everything. It really had been a busy day. "Let's see. Todd ate my pussy, then he fucked me, and then Matt fucked me," she concluded.

"You fucked your own sons?" Glen demanded.

"Why not?" Irene smiled. "You just fucked your own daughter."

"Er, uh, yeah," Glen said, going red. "Go on. What happened next?"

"I loved what the kids were doing," Irene continued, "and I wanted to be part of it, but I was afraid you wouldn't go for it. Terry thought different. She thought she could win you over. So we decided to give her a chance and it looks like she proved her point."

Glen couldn't help chuckling. "Yeah, it looks that way," he admitted. "But where do we go from here?"

"Well, we sure can't go back to the old way of making love," Irene shuddered. "Let's see how we do trying some new ways."

"Great idea, honey," Glen leered, ogling her big-titted body. "Kids, will you excuse us?"

"Uh-uh, darling," Irene leered, "the kids get to watch. And we get to watch them. That's part of the new way of doing things around here."

"I guess I'm outnumbered," Glen laughed. "But let's all go to the master bedroom and be more comfortable."

The entire family trooped naked up the stairs, and Glen wondered just what he's let himself in for. An hour ago he'd been a prude, and now he was going to take part in an incestuous family orgy. He just hoped he could change that much in so short a time. He and Irene got onto the right side of the huge bed, and the kids piled onto the other.

"Where, do we start?" Glen asked.

"Well, one place is as good as another," Irene leered. "I've always wanted to suck your cock, so why don't we start with that?"

"Fantastic," Glen said, breaking into a big grin. He had no idea that Irene shared his fantasy of cock-sucking. If he'd know that, he would have asked her years ago. Now he stretched out on his back, and his pretty blond wife knelt beside him and fisted the thick base of his big semi-hard cock. She bent low, opened her lips wide, and fed the warm meat over her slippery tongue. Glen groaned with delight as she took his prick into her mouth for the very first time.

"Ahhhh, yeah, honey, do it," he cried.

Irene took in all the cock she could hold, more than half his long rod, then drew in her cheeks and started to suck. Glen shivered with excitement as she bathed his meat in hot saliva and whipped it with her greedy little tongue. The kids watched eagerly, too, as the pretty housewife gave her very first blow-job.

"That's it, baby, suck," Glen groaned.

Irene was very excited, because this was something she'd wanted to do to her husband for a long time. She just hoped she was doing it right. But pretty soon she wasn't in doubt, because she was getting results. Glen's cock began to mushroom into another colossal hard-on, pushing her lips wider and wider apart, cramming her mouth.

"Way to go, Mom," Terry giggled.

Todd and Matt just stared, a little awed and envious of their dad's enormous cock. They watched the blue-veined column of meat spreading their mother's lips almost to bursting. Irene was sucking loudly and hungrily on his creaming prick, her throat muscles busy as she gobbled his salty juices. She was making some cream of her own, the pearly liquid overflowing her aroused cunt and gushing don her legs.

"Minmmm, uuumnimmm," she moaned.

"Awwww, yeah, honey, you're gonna get me off real fast," Glen panted.

The kids exchanged happy looks. It was so great to see their parents relax and enjoy sex instead of being prim and uptight about it. It was great to see them showing affection for each other, not afraid of what the kids mighty think. But Terry and her brothers were getting antsy. They couldn't just sit and watch much longer. They wanted to have some fun of their own.

Matt was closer to her on the bed, so Terry reached out and started fooling with his cock, running her hot little fist up and down the rigid column of meat. Todd didn't want to be left out, so he scooted over and slipped a hand between his sister's legs and started playing with her pussy.

Glen noticed all this and was about to explode, when he reminded himself that things had changed around their house. There weren't going to be any more taboos about sex. Anybody could do whatever felt good. Besides, he didn't want to waste time bawling out the kids. He wanted to concentrate on the fantastic blow-job his wife was giving him.

Irene's head was bobbing fast, and her lips were zipping up and down the engorged shaft of his cock. She was suctioning the hot cream out of his piss hole and gobbling it. His fantasy was finally coming true, and it was blowing him away. Irene was just like in his fantasy, hungry for his meat, sucking faster and faster on his nearly exploding prick.

"Honey, I'm gonna be coming real quick," he warned her hoarsely. "You wanta take it in your mouth?"

"Mmmmmm-hmrmnmmm!" Irene replied.

She sucked even faster, and Glen collapsed back against the pillows and closed his eyes, letting her suck him to the brink of climax. It would be the first time he'd ever come in her mouth, and he could hardly wait. He spun out of control, jerking his prick over her slick tongue.

"Eat it, baby, aaaggghhhh!" he roared.

The kids watched Irene's checks swell out as she collected Glen's sizzling load. She gurgled hungrily, savoring the hot salty jizz, till it began to spurt from the corners of her lips. Then she had to swallow or lose it, but Glen quickly filled her mouth again. He felt like he was shooting ten gallons of the hot cream, and he thought he'd never stop coming. He groaned hoarsely and shot wad after wad of jism into his wife's greedily gulping throat.

"Wow," Matt sighed, "that sure makes me wanta have my cock sucked."

"Hmmmmm," Terry grinned, "it just happens I'm in the mood for a snack."

She pushed him onto his back and crouched beside him, and as she did so, she rolled away from Todd's massaging hand which had been on her pussy. Todd came right after her, crawling up behind her and bringing his face within an inch of her luscious-looking slit. She felt him breathing on her pussy, and she shivered with anticipation.

Then she dipped her head low and began to lick Matt's stiff-standing cock, lapping up the tasty cream that oozed from his piss hole. A second later Todd thrust out his tongue and began raking it up and down the swollen flesh of her gash, giving her delicious sensations.

"Ooooo, yeah, Todd, lick meee," she squealed, "lick me all over!"

Irene and Glen looked over to see what was making their daughter so excited. Irene creamed furiously as she watched Todd's glistening tongue playing all over Terry's sensitive slit. Terry was gurgling happily and licking up Matt's hot cream. The scene was outrageous, and terrifically arousing to the kids' parents. Glen studied what Todd was doing to Terry.

"How about it, honey?" he said to Irene. "Want me to go down on you?"

"Oh, Glen, I've been wanting it for years," Irene cried.

She rolled onto her back, bent her legs, and spread them wide. Glen crawled between them, ogling her glistening pink slit and its delicate fringe of blonde curls. It was the first time he'd gotten a really good look at her pussy, since they'd always made love in the dark. He drooled at the sight of that juicy flesh, then stuck out his tongue and began licking it.

"Ohbhhh, my God, yesss," Irene moaned, "that's wonderful, darling, don't stop."

Terry and her brothers glanced over to see what Mom was squealing about. They could hardly believe their eyes when they saw Dad greedily gobbling her pussy-cream. But Glen wasn't faking his eagerness. He was lapping up every drop of her musky juice and gobbling it as fast as he could get it. Irene was clawing the bed and moaning in ecstasy.

"Ohhhhh, honey, it's wonderful," she moaned, "I love it."

Glen was getting off on it, too. He'd always suspected he'd be hooked on pussy if he tried it. He glanced over to see what his kids were up to, and they were busy. Terry was sliding her lips down the stiff shaft of Matt's cock, taking it into the steam heat of her mouth, while Todd was lashing his stiff tongue up and down her creaming shaft.

"Ahhhh, yeah, Sis, suck my cock," Matt groaned.

Terry didn't need any urging. She drew in her cheeks sharply and began to suck loudly, drawing the delicious hot cream out of his cock cleft and gobbling it down. Matt got red-faced with bliss, and his features twisted into a lusty grimace. Then all of a sudden Terry let out a muffled groan of ecstasy as Todd crammed his whole tongue up her cunt.

"Unnnnhhhh, mmmmm," she moaned.

Glen watched what the boy was doing, making his big tongue stiff and shoving it into Irene's juice-slick cunt. Irene almost went through the ceiling, the pleasure was so sudden and powerful. She soaked Glen's face with her hot cream.

"Ohhhhh, honey, yesss," she sobbed, "stick your big ol' tongue in me, fuck me with it."

Glen had never expected his demure and puritanical wife to talk like that, and it excited him powerfully. His cock swelled, into yet another massive hard-on, and he tongue-fucked her like crazy, his bobbing head forcing her thighs wider apart. Irene closed her eyes in ecstasy and moaned steadily as she took the delicious pounding of his slippery hot tongue.

"Ohhhhh, God, ohhhhh, I love it," she moaned.

Terry got turned on by the hoarse sexy sound of Irene's voice, and she sucked faster on Matt's throbbing boner and creamed all over Todd's face. Her older brother was hammering his tongue in her greedy little cunt and giving her blast after blast of pleasure. Then an even more powerful blast shook her body, and she threw back her hcad and howled.

"Ooooo, shit, Todd, you're making me come!" she shrieked.

"Ohhhhhh, Glen, ohhhh, I'm coming!" Irene moaned, her own orgasm triggered by her daughter's shrill cries of ecstasy.

Terry rode out the hot climax, moaning and clawing the bed, then panted, "I need to come one more time, please, stick your cock in me."

"You got it, Sis," Todd leered.

Terry sobbed with relief as he crammed his cock into her from behind. Then she opened her lips and slid them down around Matt's nearly exploding boner. While one brother fucked her, she sucked off the other one. The sight was too much for Irene. She quickly rolled into the doggy position.

"Fuck me, Glen," she begged hoarsely, "stick that big cock into me and fuck my brains out."

"You got it," he grinned.

Grasping her hips, he slammed his cock into her from behind, then began to fuck her in rough urgent strokes, too wildly aroused to be slow or gentle. But Irene craved his roughness. She howled with delight as he hammered his meat into her, making her body shudder with the impact. Her big ripe tits swung heavily back and forth.

"That's it, Glen," she panted, "fuck it to me good and hard, honey."

Terry glanced at her parents and knew that her daring experiment had been a total success. She'd wanted to liberate her whole family from their puritanical ideas about sex, and she'd done it. She was amazed at how easy it had been. But then maybe they were all just waiting for somebody to come along and give them, an excuse to have fun.

"Ohhhhh, God, ohhhh, I'm coming!" Irene howled.

"Take my come, baby, aaaggghhh!" Glen roared.

Their kids came right along with them, and the whole family climaxed together, filling the room with their moans and yelps. Yes, Terry's naughty experiment had been a success beyond her wildest dreams. She certainly wasn't going to be bored this summer, and neither were her parents and brothers.

"Hey, whose idea was all this, anyway?" Glen laughed as they finally stopped coming.

"Terry's," Irene smiled. "She started it all."

"Honey," Glen leered at his daughter, "you have a real naughty imagination and we love it."


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