Sister eager for more

It has been said that every person has some dark passion in his soul -- some hidden secret, desire or whim that may never surface to be seen even by the closest confidante. Such a secret can be evil or sinister, or it may be trivial and trite.

In America, such passions are easily submerged and bidden by the complexities of modem everyday life. Yet sometimes these dark passions surface, and the headlines scream of someone's antisocial behavior or, in some cases, illicit acts. In fact, hardly a day goes by without these hidden passions coming to the fore and resulting in big news.

SISTER EAGER FOR MORE is a dramatic representation of a mother and her daughter who dare to let their most base desires come to the surface, who dare to indulge their taboo cravings. They are the exceptions in our society -- people who are willing to accept the consequences, be it reward or punishment, for allowing themselves to become completely liberated. Their story is a startling insight into the lives of people who dare to let it all hang out.


Randolph Sumner was pouring himself a cup of coffee when he heard a car pull up and stop outside. His eyebrows lifted slightly. Randolph had just gotten up and was wearing a red velvet robe, loosely tied, showing that he was naked beneath. He moved to the window, drew the curtain aside and looked out -- and smiled when he saw that it was his sister's car that had stopped. Jessica was thirty-four, a year younger than Randolph. She was married, with two teenaged kids, and Randolph was a confirmed bachelor. Although their lives had taken separate directions, Randolph and Jessica had remained good friends.

Jessica was just getting out of the car. She glanced up, saw her brother at the window, and smiled warmly. Randolph smiled back, pleased to see her. Any red-blooded man would have been pleased to see Jessica, in fact, for she was a gorgeous-looking woman, the sort that robust guys fantasized about when they were beating their meat or dreamed about -- wetly. Randolph had an eye for a good figure, himself, and the fact that Jessica was his sister didn't prevent him from admiring her as a sex symbol. Far from it. Their relationship only made her more exciting to Randolph.

He watched her come up the walk, lush hips swinging saucily. Jessica had a mane of tawny amber hair that tumbled around a rather exotic face -- high cheekbones, slightly tilted green eyes and a wide, sensual mouth. Her body, clad in a jade-green sheath dress at the moment, was splendid. She had large, thrusting tits, wide, curvaceous hips and a tiny waist, giving her a classic hour glass figure. Her legs were long and shapely and her ass was shaped like an inverted valentine, the firm cheeks of her ass sweeping down in a sweet curve.

He left the window and walked down the hallway, opening the front door just as Jessica mounted the steps. He held the door open and she stepped in, then he turned to lead her into the house. But Jessica halted just inside the doorway, glancing at her wristwatch.

Randolph turned back. The door was still open, her delectable form framed in the entrance.

"I'm running kind of late for work, this morning, Randy," Jessica told him.

Disappointment showed in his eyes. Randolph always looked forward to these frequent morning visits from his sister.

"No time?" he asked.

Jessica smiled bewitchingly, tossing her head in a cascade of amber curls.

"Oh, yeah -- enough," she said.

And she pushed the door closed behind her. In the sudden dimness, she seemed to glow radiantly. She stood there with her back to the door, her big tits rising as she breathed more heavily than the exertion of walking from her car to his door seemed to warrant. Her green eyes gleamed impishly and her sensual lips were smiling.

Randolph was smiling as well, as he stepped back towards her, his hard, naked thighs showing through the flapping tails of his robe.

Jessica looked at her wristwatch again, frowning slightly, teasing him by pretending that maybe there wasn't enough time, after all. But Randolph knew her well enough to know when she was playing with him, and he grinned and waited, standing close in front of her, almost touching.

She was holding her arm up before her face as she regarded the watch. Then she lowered that arm and, in the same motion, reached out and slipped her hand inside the front of Randolph's robe.

Randolph groaned, pushing his lean belly forward, as his sister's hand found his bare crotch. She fondled his hairy balls, lifting them in her palm as if judging the weight of their load. Then her hand moved up and she folded her fingers around his iron-hard cockshaft.

"Ooooh, yeah," she murmured. "It won't take long to empty this, will it?"

"I was thinking about you," he said, giving his loins a jerk and shoving his cock through her fist.

Jessica squeezed his cock meat and purred when she felt it throb in her palm. She could barely span the breadth with one hand. Randolph had a huge prick, as Jessica well knew -- having learned that delightful fact at an early age.

Holding his prick in one hand, she reached down with the other and untied the cord of his robe so that the flaps fell open, revealing his cock and balls. She gazed down as her hand slowly push-pulled on his cockrod, sighing softly at the sight.

His cockhead was a big slab of purple meat, shaped like a mushroom. His pisshole gaped open and a few drops of glistening pre-cum bubbled from the tip. She pumped down, cause big that enormous slab to flare out like the head of a hooded cobra about to strike. She pulled back up and his foreskin rolled up over the ledge of his cock-knob, then stroked back towards his balls and skinned his cockhead again. A thick drop of pre-cum oozed from the deft and trickled sluggishly down the prick-knob, like a blob of quicksilver on a massive purple plum.

Jessica's tongue slid back and forth across her trembling lower lip.

She tilted her head, her eyes glued to his cock and balls as she stroked and fondled him. Her fist slid lightly up his cockshaft. That cockrod was long and thick, seamed up the underside by a dark, pulsing vein. The pre-cum ran down onto his cockshaft and her fist skimmed up smoothly over the slippery lubrication. She cupped his balls in one hand and stroked his prick with the other, staring down, watching his cockhead pulse.

"Jeez -- you'll jack me off," he croaked.

Jessica grinned and her hand slowed down, holding his prick and squeezing, but no longer pumping. She wasn't about to risk milking him off on a hand-job, when there were so much better places for Randolph to spurt his steaming hot load of fuck-juice.

He jerked his head, gesturing down the hallway towards the bedroom.

But Jessica shook her own head in response. She was late for work already and, attractive as the idea was, had no time to undress and get into her brother's bed -- that big, bachelor bed that she knew so well.

She sank gracefully to her knees before him, her tawny head level with his groin. Her green eyes crossed as she turned her gaze in upon his cockhead, watching the huge slab pulse like an inhaling lung. Her tongue slid back and forth sinuously through her moist, parted lips. Randolph moaned, feeling her warm breath waft over his prick. She glanced up at his face, her lips smiling but her eyes narrowed by passion. She raised her eyebrows questioningly, as if asking his permission.

"Yeah, Sis -- suck my cock," he rasped.

He humped, pushing his prick through her hand and out towards her face.

Jessica giggled playfully and turned her head to the side, so that his flaring cockhead missed her lips and slid along her cheek. A frothy trail of pre-cum streaked her face in the wake of his dripping cock-knob.

"Ooooh -- how naughty this is," she purred. "Imagine -- blowing my brother on his doorstep!"

Randolph groaned, swaying from side to side. So much blood had rushed down into the building of his gigantic hard-on that he was light-headed, his fevered brain starved for oxygen. His prick towered up before her face, throbbing and pulsing, the dark vein pounding. She held his prick by the root.

She could feel the intense heat of his cock and balls drifting over her lust-contorted face, as if she were holding a red-hot crowbar to her lips. Tilting her head, she blew on his prick, as if it were a smoldering stick of kindling she was fanning to flames. Her eyes were glued on him, adoring the sight as well as the throbbing contact -- and a mouthwatering sight it was, too. Jessica was drooling for that succulent hunk of cockmeat.

But she delayed, teasing her brother -- and herself, for Jessica was as eager for a mouthful of cock as he was to get his hot cockmeat buried in her magic maw. Her mouth was as hot and horny as her cunt, her tongue throbbing like her clit. Jessica had loved to suck her brother off ever since they were teenagers, and she had never known which she loved most -- a delicious mouthful or a thundering cuntful of his massive prick. Today, being late for work, she didn't have to make a decision.

"C'mon, Sis," Randolph croaked. "Take it in your fucking mouth before I explode!"

Jessica giggled, remembering the times when she had jerked Randolph off, as kids, before they began to suck and fuck. She was thinking that it might be exciting to do it again, pretending she was a kid again and pumping the jism out of him by hand, thrilled to see the thick stuff spurt out of his pinhole as he went off in her stroking fist. It was a tempting thought, but she knew she would regret it, afterwards, with his balls emptied and her mouth still starved for cum.

She pulled lightly on his bloated balls, feeling the hard balls jiggle inside the hairy ball-sac. She squeezed gently and felt his thick cum-load slosh around. Those big balls were inflated like a balloon, all set to burst, and her taste buds tingled at the prospect.

She pulled down on his cock stalk, causing the cockhead to balloon out in a wide, flaring wedge. Her tongue slowly pushed out and she flicked the tip lightly against the underside of his prick-knob, where the thick vein spread out into a delta under the purple wedge.

"Ummm," she purred, drawing back to savor that first lick.

Randolph moaned and shuddered at the sensation of her tongue against the sensitive underside of his cockhead.

Her tawny head bobbed in and out. She was flicking her tongue against his cock, then drawing back. His prick felt like a stick of dynamite ready to explode, to be detonated by the smoldering fuse of her wet tongue.

A frothy glob of jism oozed down his prickknob, all foamy and milky on the purple wedge. Jessica stared at it, her lips trembling. She slid her tongue out and upwards, slurping that slimy nugget from his cock.

"Ummm -- yummy," she murmured.

She kept her tongue out for a moment, letting her brother see his cum coating it, then tossed her head back and savored the creamy morsel on her taste buds, purring hungrily. Her throat pulsed as she swallowed.

"Ooooh, Randy -- I love drinking your cum," she whispered, her voice husky.

"Yeah -- yeah -- suck me off!" he gasped.

Her eyelashes fluttered as she gazed up at his twisted face. Her tongue switched across her parted lips.

"Ummm -- yes. But don't came too soon, darling -- let me suck on your sweet meat for a while, before you feed me all your delicious fuck-juice." The horny woman was turning herself on by her words, thrilled by her own depravity. "Fucking hell -- I'm so hungry for your cock and cum!"

Randolph was shaking and jerking violently. As Jessica fondled his prick, he twitched on the end of it like a marionette on a thick, throbing string. His sister played the puppet master, pulling his cock stalk and squeezing his balls as he swayed and staggered, stabbing his cock through her hand. She licked at his cockhead and it pounded like a jackhammer. She moaned softly with the joy of it as the hot cockmeat throbbed against her tongue.

A few more slimy drops oozed from his cleft, foaming on his prick-knob. His cock was so hot that she thought it might blister her tongue, but that was a small price to pay for this delicious snack. She slid her tongue out and flattened it against his cockhead, then tilted her head from side to side, in a cascade of tawny hair, grinding her lapper against his fucker.

As she licked and slurped on his cock-knob, she played with his balls, tugging them up and down almost as if she were milking a cow -- but seeking a far creamier result than had ever come out of an udder.

She drew back again, watching her saliva gleam on his cockhead through narrowed, glinting eyes. She knew she was really going to be late for work now, but she no longer gave a damn -- she wanted to prolong this feast, savoring the meat course as long as possible, before she got to drink the creamy dessert. She leaned in, licked, then drew back. Randolph was panting like a locomotive. He reached down and placed a hand alongside her cheek, then twisted his fingers in the tawny coils of her hair and dragged her face up to his thundering meatrack. Her nose brushed his cock-knob and she sniffed, inhaling the meaty, gamey scent. She licked the weeping cocktip, rubbed it against her lips, held it lovingly to her cheek, sniffed at his prick again. She was drooling so heavily over this feast that saliva dribbled down her chin.

Ducking lower, she lapped at his balls, lifting them in her hand so that she could tongue under the ball-sacs. She began dragging her flattened tongue up his cockshaft, starting at the thick root and slurping all the way up to the flaring cock-knob. Spit flowed down his cock, streaked by a few trickles of his pre-cum. She slurped up again, tonguing the slime from his cockstalk.

Randolph humped, fucking up against her tongue and lips with spasmodic jerks, trying to get his prick into her mouth. Jessica turned her head and crisscrossed up and down his cockshaft with moist tongue strokes. Then she fitted her parted lips against the underside of that flat cockrod, where the thick vein was pounding, and began to slide her head up and down, as if she were playing a flute.

Pre-cum bubbled out and ran down his prick, soaking her lips as she skimmed his prickrod. Pre-cum was flowing so heavily by this time that Jessica knew she couldn't prolong the action much longer, that it was time to milk him dry. The seepage was getting hotter and thicker and tastier. She pulled her lips up his cockrod again, sucking slime into her mouth and moaning.

Her head turned downwards over his towering prick. She kissed the cocktip adoringly, parted lips sliding around in the frothy flow. Then she slowly fed his pounding cock head into her mouth.

"Abhhh," Randolph groaned, feeling his tormented cockmeat enveloped in her hot mouth.

Jessica's cheeks hollowed inwards as she sucked on his cockhead and her lips peeled outwards, collaring the thick stalk just below the prick-knob. She held his balls in one hand, tugging gently, and the other hand gripped the root of his cock, pulling down and skinning the cockhead inside her mouth. She turned her face from side to side, winding her pursed lips around on his prickrod like a juicy nut onto a meaty bolt.

Randolph's thighs tensed. Driving off his toes, he fucked into her mouth as her tawny head bobbed down. His bloated cockhead steamed in, clogging her gullet.

She gagged as he fucked his cock-knob right down her throat. Then she purred as he drew his prick out through her lips and she sucked through every precious inch, then nursed hungrily on his flaring cock-knob, with his long prickshaft sticking out like a tubular bridge between her mouth and his balls. Saliva flowed down his prick, a few streaks of pre-cum mixed in. Her head bobbed down, slurping, and when she drew up again his naked cockrod had been sucked to a luster.

Whimpering passionately, Jessica began to bob up and down, taking almost all of his huge prick into her mouth. Her chin brushed against his balls and her nose rustled in his wiry crotch his balls and her nose rustled in his wiry crotch hair as his cock vanished into the oval of her.

Her tongue bridged inside her mouth, so that his cockhead and cockshaft slid over her taste buds, en route to her throat. She let his prickknob inch down her gullet, gurgling, then pulled back, her mouth working like a suction pump on the sweet cockmeat.

Collaring his prick just behind the flaring cock-knob, Jessica blew down his prick, as if it were a valve by which she was further inflating his balls. She blew and sucked, sucked and blew.

She looked up at his face. Seeing how his handsome features were twisted by lust, she smiled around the meaty mouthful, thrilled by knowing that she was giving her brother such a good blow-job.

Jessica drew her lips up to the very tip of his seeping cockhead, speaking right down his rod as if talking into a meaty microphone, as if addressing the amplifier of his balls. Her vibrant lips fluttered, her voice was husky with desire.

"Come," she whispered. "Cream my mouth, Randy -- ooooh, I'm so hungry! Fuck my mouth just like it was a cunt and shoot your fuck-juice all over my tongue..."

Her words brake off in a gurgle as Randy rammed his prick deep into her mouth. He began to hump fast, his hot cock fucking in and out of her mouth. Cum and saliva glistened on his prick as he jerked out through her clinging lips. Her hair tumbled over his balls in an amber curtain. Thrusting deep, he tilted her head back, then she pushed down, swallowing his cockhead right down her gullet.

His hand moved behind her head, as if holding her on his prick, but unnecessarily. There was nowhere that Jessica would rather be than stuck on the end of that big dripping fucker and waiting for his cockcream.

Drawing her mouth up to his prick-knob, she moaned: "Come-come..."

And then she ducked down again, taking his cockmeat in like a sword swallower. He was fucking her mouth like a cunt, and her mouth felt like a cunt to Jessica, too. Her tongue was tingling like her clit, her lips were pulsing like pussy folds and as his jism leaked into her mouth she was salivating heavily, as if her maw were creaming.

His balls slapped under her chin as she gorged on his cock again, then they swung back between his thighs as her mouth pulled up to his cock-knob and nursed ravenously on the bloated slab. Her hands moved onto his hips, holding him. She wanted to complete the blowjob without manual assistance, with only her skillful lips and nimble tongue. As the thrill built up in his loins, Randolph began to jerk and shudder, his movements erratic, but his sweet mouthed sister was, bobbing up and down steadily, keeping to the rhythm that she knew would bring him to the crest.

Jessica was gasping and gurgling, gulping and gobbling, yearning for her brother's hot, thick slime, feeling a physical hunger for his fuckjuice. She was longing for his cockcream, totally abandoned to her incestuous desire now. Her pretty face was twisted into a mask of pure lust. She knew -- she had always known -- that it was wicked to suck her brother's prick, but that only made it all the more thrilling. Jessica was wallowing in her depravity.

His open hand pulled her head to his groin as he buried all of his long, fat cock again.

"Here it comes!" he rasped.

"Yeah -- yeah -- yeah!" wailed the ravenous cock-sucker enthusiastically, drawing her lips up to his cock-knob and then jamming down his cockstalk again.

His cum-load erupted violently. The thick slime came rushing up his cock shaft and Jessica gasped as she felt the iron-hard cockrod expand in her lips and the cock-knob inflate in the entrance of her throat.

"Come..." she cried, and then the word ended in a bubbling, gurgling sound as her brother's jizz poured into her mouth in a creamy torrent.

His first spurt of cum shot straight down her throat, missing her tongue but warming her belly like a fine cognac. Wailing, she dragged her mouth upwards in time for his second geyser of cum to skim over her taste buds as it poured out. Her tongue went wild with the joy of being creamed, dancing and flashing on his cockmeat as she pumped her mouth up and down.

He shot a gooey wad of jism into her cheek, then a slimy spurt hit the roof of her mouth, dripping like stalactites in the arched oral cavern. Cock cream oozed through her teeth, trickled down her gullet, soaked her lips. Her tongue was floating a sea of cum, bobbling like a pliable pink raft in a swamp. She sucked and swallowed, swallowed and sucked. She was gulping the succulent curt cream down as fast as she could, but there was too... much for her to swallow. Streaming hot cum overflowed her lips and ran down both sides of her mouth, dripping from her chin.

As her mouth moved up, his prick came out drenched with cum and slobber. Then she bobbed back down and slurped the slimy cum back off his cockmeat.

Staggering, he fucked his prick into her mouth again. It felt to him like his cum was starting in his heels, rushing all the way up his trembling legs and hosing her mouth. Her head dropped to meet him as he fucked in. A jet of jism bit her throat so hard that he almost blew her head right off the end of his cock. But her lips clamped closed around the cockrod as she clung tenaciously onto that cum-spurting stalk, voraciously milking his fuck-juice out in wad after wad.

"Ummm-ahhh," she purred, her throat pulsing delicately as she swallowed.

Another stream whitewashed her tonsils, striking her with less force now, as his balls emptied.

"More -- more -- keep creaming, Randy -- feed me more of your sweet jism!" wailed the greedy girl.

Randy was swaying, his thighs quivering, feeling as if his sister were sucking him to the bone, as if her greedy mouth were dragging his guts out through his cock. His ass corkscrewed as he fucked his prick into her mouth again, but only a trickle of cum seeped out this time.

Jessica, gone suck crazy, used her lips and tongue and cheeks, her head twisting as she took his cock in from one side, then the other. Her teeth nibbled on his cockstalk and she slid his cockhead right down her throat, as if her gullet were a fuck-hole. Cock cream sprayed her throat in another burst as her talented maw drained him to the very dregs.

With a strangled groan, Randolph stopped humping, standing with his head down, his fists clenched, grating his teeth and rolling his eyes and panting like a steam engine. His gluttonous sister continued to nurse and suck, coaxing a few last drops out of his pisshole. Then she folded her fist around his cockrod and jacked his cock as she mouthed his prick-knob, making certain that not a single trace of his succulent cum still lingered in his cock and balls. With a happy sigh, she took all of his prick into her mouth again, pushing her lips down and taking him balls-deep and holding his spent cockmeat in her maw as it began to soften and shrink. The fat cock-knob turned rubbery and the long cockshaft slowly turned from a stiff rod to a meaty coil.

Jessica whimpered. She loved to take a limp prick into her mouth and feel it swell and harden and, in some strange, reverse fashion, it also turned her on to feel a cock diminish, after she had drained it dry.

But then, there was nothing about a cock that Jessica didn't adore, and no cock that she yearned for more than her brother's massive cock. She sucked lovingly on his cockmeat as it collapsed in her mouth, curling on her tongue. She slowly drew her lips from him. His prick stuck straight out for a moment, parallel with the floor and pointed at her face, but then it sagged and sank down, flapping against his thigh, soft but still impressive.

Smiling, Jessica leaned in and used her nimble tongue to lap up a few errant drops that had escaped her lips and seeped down onto his balls. Her tongue curled down -- and she slurped up a few more streaks of cum from her chin. She felt as if she had swallowed a bucketful of the stuff, yet the greedy girl as still hungry for more of that sweet sibling slime, that succulent nectar from her brother's balls.

She lifted his prick with her head and gave the deflated prick-knob a loving, affectionate kiss, as if to express her gratitude for the delicious meal it had fed her.

Randolph stared down at his sister, shaking his head, grinning with satisfaction. Jessica never ceased to amaze him by her skill and desire -- and impress him by how absolutely insatiable she was. He leaned back against the wall for support, his thighs too weak to hold him up, watching Jessica as she knelt there and licked her cummy lips. Like Jessica, Randolph thought it was depraved to fuck and suck with his sibling -- and found it all the more thrilling because of it.

It had been that way ever since Jessica had caught him jacking off in the bathroom when they were teenagers. Randy had been in such a hurry to empty his balls that he had neglected to lock the door, and when Jessica walked in he was busily beating his meat over the sink. She had blinked, then giggled. Mortified, Randy had blushed and stammered and tried to hide his hard-on behind his hands. But despite his shame, his cock had refused to hang its head and, huge even then, had been far too large to conceal.

Then, bold as brass, Jessica had asked him if he wanted her to do it for him. Naturally, he had -- and she did.

After the first time, the initial taboo broken, Jessica had jacked him off and Randy had finger-fucked her with increasing frequency and mutual delight. From hand-jobs, they had soon progressed to blow-jobs and cunt-lapping, learning and teaching together. For a while, they both pretended that they weren't really being incestuous, that sex didn't count as long as they didn't actually fuck. For a month or so they treaded this thin line of definition, telling themselves that what they were doing was only fooling around.

Then, one memorable day, when they were both really horny, they figured the hell with it and fucked.

They never regretted it for a moment.

Although Jessica was married now, and loved her husband, she still stopped by to see her brother often, for a fuck or a suck -- or both. It was a habit that was hard to break -- and which neither of them wanted to break, anyhow.

So it was that sexy Jessica was no stranger to the joys of incest.

And, as fate would have it, Jessica now had two horny teenaged kids of her own.


Jessica, never having gone beyond the entrance of her brother's house, got slowly to her feet, smiling at Randolph with cum-streaked lips and looking wistfully at his deflated balls and drooping cock. She knew damned well that, if she had time, she could easily suck him up to another hard-on and get her smoldering cunt pumped up as full as her mouth had been. It was a tempting thought. Jessica adored sucking cocks and drinking jism. But it had one major drawback -- it left her really horny for a fuck. But she was going to be late for work already and knew she would have to suffer her frustrations for a while -- at least until she got to the office, where she kept a battery-powered vibrator, useful on such occasions.

A vibrator wasn't nearly as good as a cock and balls, certainly, because it wasn't full of cum and could only dry-fuck. But it was a lot better than nothing and Jessica often vibrated her pussy to take the pressure off throughout the day, until she could get the real thing from her husband -- or whatever other lucky man happened to come along.

Jessica, obviously, was not known for her marital fidelity, nor did she regret her promiscuity. Fucking around was simply too much fun to feel any guilt -- although Jessica had felt a bit guilty on her wedding night, fucking her lawfully wedded husband and feeling as if she were cheating on her brother, whom she had sucked off half an hour before she took her marriage vows. But that was a good many blowjobs ago and now, another mouth-fucking finished, Jessica kissed her brother on the lips. It would have been a chaste, sisterly kiss -- if he hadn't tasted his own cum on her mouth.

Promising to stop by again soon, she left him panting on the doorstep and walked down to her car, her hot pussy squishing between her sleek thighs with every stride. When she slid onto the car seat, her cunt almost creamed. Jessica, who was almost always horny, was hotter than usual, today. There was a good reason for it, too.

That morning, brushing her teeth at the bathroom sink, she had found traces of cum in the bowl.

She'd blinked, then smiled. A big, sticky blob of the stuff was clinging to the sink, just below the rim. Jessica slid her fingertip through it, then brought her hand up to her face. She sniffed. Yeah, it was cum, all right, she figured, knowing that starchy fragrance well. Then, just to be positive, she slipped her sticky finger into her mouth and sucked the slime from it.

She knew that her husband hadn't been beating off in the bathroom, because she kept his balls well drained. And knowing that cum must have come from her teenaged son's prick really excited Jessica. She remembered how she had caught her brother under the same circumstances, years before -- and oh, how she would have loved to catch her son pounding his prick!

The idea made her so horny she felt faint. That was why, even though she was running late, she had just had to stop and savor a mouthful of her brother's sweet prick.

Now, with a bellyful of swallowed fuck-juice, Jessica was hotter than ever. She just couldn't stop thinking about her slimy discovery, imagining how that cockcream had spurted out of Tommy's pisshole and wondering how she could manage to spy on him the next time he jacked off. She wondered, too, about her young daughter, Brenda. Did the girl take after her mother? Did Brenda and Tommy fool around, the way that she and Randy had -- and still did? Those thoughts were inspirational. By the time she got to the office building, Jessica was so hot she thought that her cunt might burst into flames -- a raging inferno that could only be quelled by the fire-extinguishing foam of a spurting cock.

She parked her car and hurried up to her office. Wanda, the redheaded receptionist with the huge tits, gave her a strange look as Jessica hastened past. Jessica wondered if her mood was so obvious that the other woman could tell how horny she was. Was she fucking glowing? Was smoke drifting out of her crotch? Aware that Wanda was still staring at her, Jessica went on to her office and closed the door. She went directly to the filing cabinet where, in the drawer, she kept her vibrator. She took it out, trembling. The flavor of her brother's cum still lingered on her taste buds, and the recollection of her son's jism danced in her mind. She was in no mood to fool around with any preliminaries.

Standing beside the filing cabinet, Jessica pulled her dress up to her waist and tugged her bikini panties down her thighs. The crotch band of those panties was like a swamp, she noticed. She tilted her groin up and looked below her bushy blonde cunt mound. Her cuntlips were unfurled like the petals of a fleshy blossom, her pussyslit opened into a wide slot, and that slot was flooded with cunt cream. Her clit stood out like a tree stump in a swamp, tingling and throbbing. Cunt juice trickled down the sleek flesh of her inner thighs and seeped back into the crack of her ass. She cupped her hand over her crotch and whimpered. Green eyes narrowed and red lips parted, panting, Jessica brought her other band down and held the tip of the cock shaped vibrator directly against her swollen clit.

She paused for a moment, savoring the anticipation, no longer so desperate now that the vibrator was in place. She knew that her pussy was going to cream as soon as she switched the tool on and started it humming against her clit. Then she thumbed the switch.

And nothing happened.

Jessica wailed in dismay, staring down incredulously at the inoperative instrument. The batteries were dead!

"Oh, my God!" she cried in abject despair. She stood there, trembling all over, her body vibrating as much as the useless vibrator should have been, and wasn't. What a fine kettle of fish this was! What the fuck was she going to do? Did she have to settle for a finger-fucking?

Then the door opened and Wanda walked in. The redhead stopped dead, staring in amazement. It was quite a surprising sight, to be sure. Gorgeous Jessica was standing there with her panties down around her knees and her thighs parted and a big plastic fuck-stick jammed into her soaking cunt, panting and wailing.

"Oh! Excuse me," Wanda gulped. "I thought I heard you call me..."

The receptionist's eyes were glued on Jessica's pussy, fascinated. She blushed furiously, embarrassed at having walked in on this intimate scene -- but still seemed unable to tear her eyes away from Jessica's cunt.

Jessica snapped her head around. If she hadn't been so desperate to come, Jessica would probably have blushed, as well, since it was rather an embarrassing situation in which to find oneself. But with lust and need raging through her body, she had no room for such minor emotions as shame.

"Hey -- you got any batteries?" she asked. Wanda blinked, surprised at the bizarre request -- then grinned, as she realized what the problem was.

"Sorry -- I don't," she said.

"Shit! I just gotta come," Jessica muttered.

"So-so I see," Wanda whispered huskily. "Your pussy is so -- so creamy..."

Something in her tone of voice caused Jessica to raise her eyebrows. She noticed the fascination with which the other woman was staring at her cunt, realizing that there was more than surprise in the redhead's gaze, and that more than embarrassment was causing her to blush.

Wanda looked up at Jessica's face, speculatively, a questioning look in her eyes. She started to speak, then hesitated. Her eyes lowered again, the lashes fluttering. She would have looked demure -- had she not been looking at Jessica's cunt again. She was breathing heavily, her huge tits rising as she inhaled, the stiff nipples standing out in twin peaks against her blouse.

"Is-is there anything I can do?" she whispered.

Jessica smiled. Although she was inordinately fond of cocks, the tawny-haired beauty enjoyed tongue, as well -- and she knew a cunt-lapper when she saw one staring at her creamy gash so hungrily.

"Um-hum," Jessica breathed.

She tossed the useless vibrator back into the cabinet drawer and turned to face the panting redhead. She tilted her belly up, dipping slightly at the knees, letting Wanda gaze directly at her foaming fuck-hole. Under her golden triangle, her cunt-slot was flowing like a swamp. Wanda's tongue slide slowly across her lower lip.

Jessica stepped to the side and backed up against her desk. Wanda took a step towards her, uncertain, hesitant, seeming to be mesmerized by Jessica's crotch. She looked up into Jessica's smiling face, then lowered her gaze again. Her lips moved, without sound. Jessica slid back, her ass perched on the rim of the desk and her long legs extended, thighs open. She tucked her fingers under the elastic of her panties and drew them lower, lifting one knee and puffing the soaking garment from her foot. Leaving the panties around the other ankle, she placed both feet on the floor again, wide apart. She arched her back, shifting her firm, heartshaped ass around on the desktop.

A gush of frothy cunt juice spilled from her fuck-hole and slid down her groin.

"Oh!" Wanda gasped.

Jessica's cuntlips rippled, parting farther and revealing the darker, inner folds, streaked with cunt cream.

Wanda whimpered hungrily. Her tongue pushed out, fluttering, vibrating so much that it might have been powered by batteries.

"You're hungry for my cunt, aren't you?" Jessica whispered, looking down past her thrusting tits to her own crotch and thinking that she didn't blame Wanda at all -- that creamy cunt looked absolutely delicious.

Wanda nodded, no longer blushing but flushed now with her seething desire. She moved closer, her legs shaking, her eyes glued to that creamy snack.

"My tongue is so fucking hot," she moaned, whipping that wet lapper across her parted lips. She sank slowly down to her knees, between Jessica's widespread thighs. Her head tilted down and her warm breath billowed into Jessica's fuck-crater, causing her clit to flutter. Jessica expected the hungry redhead to go down on her immediately, voraciously. But for a few moments, Wanda simply stared at Jessica's pussy, like a gourmet gazing at a banquet, anticipating the feast.

Then the redhead looked up at Jessica's face, a sort of pleading look in her eyes, as if asking for understanding. "I-I hope you don't think I'm a lesbian, or anything," she whispered tremulously, not wanting Jessica to think she was a pervert.

Jessica smiled, tossing her head. "Of course not," she said. "I like to suck pussy sometimes, myself."

Wanda moaned, thrilled by that confession, delighted that Jessica understood the difference between being a dyke and being a cunt-lapper. She lowered her head again, bowing over Jessica's steaming pussy as if she were worshiping it. Her fingers fumbled at the buttons of her own blouse, opening it and baring her big tits.

Jessica's cunt was so creamy that Wanda was afraid she might get cunt juice all over her blouse as she lapped it out. She drew the blouse back off her shoulders, arching her back and pushing her tits out. Her nipples were standing out like rosy rockets ready to be launched. She pushed one tit into Jessica's cunt gash, squirming, rubbing her swollen nipples against Jessica's equally swollen clit. She twisted from the waist and pushed the other nipple in. Cunt juice dripped from her tit tips and slid into her deep cleavage. She slid her nipple right up Jessica's cunt slot, as if she were fucking her with that hard nugget. Jessica purred, enjoying this foreplay. Her cuntlips rippled, sucking on the redhead's tit tip, and her clit flared and throbbed. More pussy nectar creamed out, soaking Wanda's big tits.

Cupping her tits in her hands, Wanda wriggled, grinding them around in Jessica's frothy pussy slot. After a few moments she drew away, sitting back on her heels. Her tits were drenched with cunt cream. She lifted the heavy tit globes in her hands and lowered her face. Jessica watched, intrigued, as the redhead began to lick and suck on her own heated tit flesh. Her tits were so big that she could get her face right down on them. Her tongue slid through her damp cleavage and swept around the mounds, rising to the stiff peaks. When she looked up, her lips were streaked with cunt juice. Her tongue slid across. She whimpered hungrily, her appetite whetted.

She began to lick up the insides of Jessica's smooth thighs, where ribbons of frothy pussy cream had trickled down. Her tongue slurped up the crease where Jessica's leg joined her crotch, licking parallel with her steaming cunt slot. She shifted and licked up the other crease. Her nose brushed against Jessica's clit as she turned her face from side to side. Then she began to rub her face around in Jessica's crotch, not licking or sucking yet. She was coated with a film of cunt cream from chin to brow.

Softly and deliberately, Jessica said: "Suck my cunt."

She reached down and stroked Wanda's head. Wanda was panting right up her fuck-hole.

Then she flicked her nimble tongue against Jessica's throbbing clit.

Jessica jerked and moaned.

"Ummm," the cunt-hungry redhead purred. Turning her face from side to side, she began to tongue Jessica's pussy from all angles. She licked up her unfurled cuntlips, lapped at her flooded slot, tongued her clit then began to slide her hot tongue as far up into Jessica's cunthole as it would reach. She spread Jessica's pussy folds open wider with her fingers and stabbed her tongue into the steaming grotto steadily, tongue-fucking her soaking pussy.

Her trembling lips parted and she clamped them over Jessica's fuck-slot, sucking as she tongued. Jessica's cunt was sucking on Wanda's parted lips, her clit flaring. Wanda's tongue lapped out a mouthful of cunt juice and she moaned as she swallowed the succulent stuff. She was drooling, filling Jessica's cunt with slobber, then sucking that slobber back out, blended with frothy pussy nectar.

Her tongue shot up into Jessica's fuck-hole, fairly floating on a stream of cunt cream. Jessica was grinding her pussy around on Wanda's face, jerking spasmodically. Wanda gave great head. Who needed a vibrator when there was a tongue like that in the office?

Her thighs closed around the redhead's buried face, then opened wide again. She lifted her feet up, bucking, bicycling in the air. Wanda's mouth was stuck to her cunt like a limpet to a rock, sucking steadily as her tongue continued to fuck in and out.

She cupped Jessica around the ass, lifting her loins higher, her head tipping back just as if Jessica's cunt were a goblet she was draining to the dregs. Jessica braced herself on her hands and heaved her ass up from the desk top. Wanda ducked lower, tonguing up the crack of Jessica's ass, licking out the cunt juice that had eluded her lips and seeped down into that tight ass crack. She slipped her tongue right up the tight brown bud of Jessica's shit hole, then dragged it in a long, moist slurp back through the asscrack and on up into her foaming fuck slot again.

"Come," she rasped. "Cream my fucking tongue, Jessica -- melt in my mouth."

Her tongue was fucking in and out of Jessica's cunt as her lips sucked greedily on her swollen clit. She seemed to be trying to stuff her whole head up into Jessica's cunt hole, to eat her out from within.

Jessica's cunt juice got hotter and thicker as she neared the crest, and Wanda gurgled with the joy of it as her mouth filled with cum cream.

"Feed me," she wailed.

Jessica cried out as her clit detonated and her fuck-hole began to melt.

Waves of fiery joy rushed laterally across her belly and shot like electric current up her thighs. Wanda's hot tongue flicked up her pussy. The waves came faster and higher, rushing one upon the other. Wanda's lips sucked voraciously and the separate waves began to follow one another across her loins so rapidly that they were merging into one tremendous tidal wave, the crest sustained. Jessica bent over the kneeling cunt-lapper, her tawny hair tumbling, then she arched back again. Her legs opened and closed around Wanda's buried head. Her clit went off in Wanda's lips, then exploded again, instantly, against her flashing tongue. Jessica was in the glorious throes of a multiple orgasm -- but without separate peaks and dips, just one prolonged rush of ecstasy. The steaming cum juice poured out of her cunt and Wanda gulped it up with little hungry whimpers and moans, loving to have her mouth creamed as much as Jessica enjoyed creaming that voracious and skillful maw. The redhead's hair fell like tongues of flame onto Jessica's belly and thighs as she tossed her head about like a boat in a storm, wallowing in the port of Jessica's pussy, moored there by her tongue.

Still Jessica kept coming and coming. Wanda drew back for a second, her tongue stretching out between her mouth and that flooding cunt. She began to beat her lapper on Jessica's clit. Holding that pulsing clit between her thumb and forefinger, puffing it gently out, she slid her tongue all over it, then drew it into her lips and sucked as if it were a tiny prick.

While the redhead concentrated on Jessica's clit, Jessica's neglected fuck-slot filled up with a swampy deluge of cum cream. The stuff flowed down her crotch like melted pearls, soaking the desk under her ass. Then Wanda ducked down and slurped that succulent overflow up. Her tongue slid into the crack of Jessica's ass and dragged on back to her cunt. Paying attention to all the juicy details, she lapped at each unfurled cuntlip, licked at Jessica's clit again, and tongue-fucked her pussyhole. Her mouth was clamped onto Jessica's soaking pussy like a suction cup on a drain.

Her cheeks dragged in as she sucked out another creamy mouthful. Her tongue floated like a piece of pink driftwood in the succulent slime. Then her throat pulsed as she gulped the delicious load down.

Jessica shuddered as another spasm racked her. She threw her head back, eyes glazed and lips slack. Her tits heaved as she panted through the last rippling waves of her climax. Then, drained, she slumped along the top of the desk, panting. Wanda kept on tonguing and sucking, making sure that she had worked off every last ripple, sucked out every precious drop of cunt cream.

At long last, she drew back. Her jaws were dripping like a wolf crouched over a juicy carcass. Drops of cum juice slid down her chin and onto her tits. She leaned in for one last lick, then looked up at Jessica's face. Jessica was smiling dreamily and, seeing that, Wanda smiled, as well -- knowing that she had done a good job on that sweet pussy and that, without any doubt, she would be performing on that pussy a whole lot, from now on.

Those dead vibrator batteries had been a blessing to the redheaded pussy-gobbler.

She got up and pulled her blouse back on. Jessica was sprawled out over the desk, smiling happily. Her tongue slid around in her mouth, as if she were trying to decide whether or not she fancied a snack of redhead pussy. Since neither of them were lesbians, any cunt-lapping they did between them should be mutual, Jessica reasoned -- nor did she mind, because sucking a hot cunt was never a handicap. With her pussy satisfied, her tongue was tingling.

But Wanda was already moving away. Gorged on cunt cream, the redhead was content and ready to go back to her desk. Jessica raised her eyebrows, feeling a fleeting disappointment. Then she shrugged, knowing, as Wanda did, that there would be plenty of opportunities to suck cunt in the future.

And she still wanted some stiff prick.

Wanda's tongue had made her cream very expertly, yet a tongue was not a cock. She thought about her brother's big prick shooting cum in her mouth, then she thought about her son's virile young cockmeat, imagining how he must have looked as he milked his fuck-juice into the bathroom sink.

Jessica knew that she was not going to get much work done today, not with her head clogged up with those phallic fantasies. Now she regretted having come to work at all. She wished she'd stayed at her brother's for a follow up suck after she'd milked him off in her mouth. But it was too late to go back. Randy would have gone to work, himself, by this time.

But what about her kids? Were they home and, if so, were they doing anything interesting?

Jessica smiled, tuned on by her own naughtiness. She didn't intend to introduce her teenagers to incest, really, but she sure as hell wanted to spy on Tommy while he was beating his meat -- or even Brenda, if that sexy little minx had discovered the pleasures of fingerfucking herself. What a kick it would be to play the voyeur on her kids. Jessica was really turning on to the prospect. Her pussy was getting hot again.

She slid down from the desk and pulled up her panties, squirming into them. She had decided what to do. She would sneak into the house quietly, hoping for a chance to watch her son frigging his prick. Even listening to the sounds of masturbation would be a thrill, if she couldn't manage to get a look. And, if nothing else, she always had her spare dildo. She could slip the big rubber cock up her cunt hole and enjoy the feeling of being stuffed to the brim while she waited, hoping for a chance to spy on Tommy or Brenda. That seemed a great idea.

Her spare dildo wasn't a vibrator, like the one she kept in her filing cabinet. It was just a huge rubber prick -- the one she had used at college, in fact, and shared with her sexy roommate, as well. She didn't intend to fuck herself with the rubber cock to begin with. She just wanted to shove it up her cunt and sprawl on her bed, squirming around a little and keeping her pussy simmering while she listened intently for any sounds that might suggest a hand-job was in progress.

It seemed a good plan to Jessica. But there was one thing wrong with it.

Her dildo was no longer in its usual hiding place in her underwear drawer.

Her kids had found it!


Tommy was always looking for new places to jerk off and new objects into which to cream. The lusty youth beat his meat with great regularity. It was the first thing he did every morning, as soon as he woke up, still groggy from sleep so that the hand-job had a dreamlike quality, and it was the last thing he did each night, pounding his prick off so vigorously that he fell into an exhausted slumber as soon as his balls were emptied. Those two sessions had become habitual, a ritual to which he strictly adhered.

But during the course of the day, he liked to vary his jacking off. When he was at school, he didn't have much choice. He had to jack off in a cubicle in the bathroom or, if the janitor wasn't around, in the broom closet. Sometimes he simply creamed his jeans at his desk, staring at some sexy female classmate and thinking lewd and detailed thoughts.

During school vacation -- like now -- he had more opportunities for variety. He had fucked a lot of things. He had fucked a jar of peanut butter, sticking his prick into the clinging stuff with gusto. He had fucked a pound of liver, creaming into it -- and later watched, fascinated, as his mother and sister ate it for dinner, thrilled at the knowledge that they were inadvertently swallowing his fuck-juice. His father had eaten it, too, but Tommy had decently blushed about that. The imaginative teenager had balled banana skins and a stuffed pork chap. He had jerked off into his sister's bra when he found it drying in the bathroom and he had even, one Halloween, fucked the jack-o'-lantern in its jagged, carved mouth. He was once so desperate to dip his prick that he had gone so far as to fuck a hole in a snowman, his hot slime melting a great crater and his prick turning blue from the chill of that bizarre encounter.

He was considering jerking off at the moment, and wondering where to spill his spunk.

And he was getting really turned on by looking up his kid sister's skirt, as well.

Tommy was sitting in the front room, pretending to be reading a sports magazine and wondering, as he glanced at an ad for baseball equipment, whether a catcher's mitt would be a good fuckhole. Brenda had wandered in, switched on the television and curled up on the couch. Tommy gazed at her, his head lowered as if he was concentrating on the magazine.

Brenda was a delectable little nymphette, nubile and flirtatious. Her pert tits stuck out saucily and her trim little ass jutted out, as if to balance those thrusting tits. She had a sort of swaybacked walk so that she came at a fellow tit first and moved away ass last. Tommy had spilled gallons of cum over fantasies of the sexy girl, knowing that such incestuous thoughts were real naughty, yet enjoying them all the more because of it.

She squirmed around a bit, getting comfortable. She drew one knee up, exposing a stretch of creamy thigh. Tommy found that he was able to stare right up into the shadowy mysteries of her crotch. He squinted. He could just make out the lighter strip of her panties in the shadows, a tantalizing hint of a tiny crotchband drawn into the vee of her loins. He began to breath heavily. Was it his imagination or could he see a bit of blonde cunthair curling out from the leg hole of her bikini panties? Was the crotchband of those panties really damp? He glanced up at her face. Brenda seemed totally unaware of his gaze. She was chewing gum and watching the television, the picture of innocence. Tommy guessed that the girl had no idea that she was flashing her crotch at him, but her innocence didn't make her any the less exciting. His prick, never far from an erection, began to rise and stiffen in his jeans.

He shifted uncomfortably. His jeans were tight at the crotch and his swelling cock was jammed painfully into the denim confines.

Tommy knew full well how to relieve that tension, of course. But he couldn't very well haul his cock and balls out with his kid sister in the room and he hated to tear his eyes from her crotch and seek privacy for a handjob.

Brenda reached down and began to scratch absentmindedly at the flesh of her inner thigh. Tommy stifled a groan as her skirt rode higher. She squirmed around a little and her knee shifted out, her legs opening wider. She arched her back and her tits loomed out. He could see the twin peaks of her nipples poking against her tee shirt. His eyes flicked over her. He looked at her mouth as she chewed slowly on the gum, imagining what those sweet lips would feel like on his prick. He regarded her shapely thighs, thinking of how they would wrap around a guy's hips as he poured the prick up her fuckhole, and he gazed at her trim little ass, visualizing it churning and grinding as some lucky guy pounded her pussy to jelly.

Tommy could bear it no longer. His balls felt swollen as big as cantaloupes and his prick was like a crowbar levering against his jeans. As much as he hated to leave the room, he simply had to get his rocks off or he was liable to come in his pants.

He got to his feet, awkwardly, the weight of his bloated prick throwing him off balance. He held the magazine in front of his crotch to hide his hard-on, in case his sister should look up. But she seemed totally interested in watching the television, ignoring him.

Tommy moved towards the door, jerkily, stepping bowlegged around his swollen balls.

As soon as he left the room, Brenda looked up, giggling, her eyes gleaming. Just as Tommy had been watching her over his magazine, so had the naughty little imp been watching him as she pretended to be paying attention to the television. She knew full well that she had been flashing her crotch at him and she had seen the enormous bulge throbbing in the crotch of his tight jeans.

It was fun to turn her brother on.

Brenda knew where he was going, too. He was going to go and jerk off! It delighted the little sex kitten to know she had inspired a handjob. She loved to tease horny young men, flaunting her luscious body and playing the exhibitionist while feigning innocence. And turning her own brother on was a bigger thrill than if he'd been a stranger.

Now her own lust was aroused, inspired by having aroused her brother.

She slid her hand down and cupped it over her soaking cunt. The crotchband of her bikini panties was slimy with the overflow of her fuckhole. She slipped her hand inside the elastic and fingered her naked twat. Smiling, she began to rub her cuntlips and stroke her love bud. Her naughty and exciting exhibitionism, having driven her brother to a handjob, was having the same effect on herself. She slipped two fingers up into her tunnel of love and moaned softly, pushing them in knuckle deep and wriggling them round and working her cunt muscles on them.

Brenda loved to frig off as much as Tommy did -- and she did it damned near as often, too.

Her cunt walls rippled and dragged as she steadily shoved her fingers in and pulled them out. Pussy nectar trickled down her crotch, dampening the couch under her ass. As she slid her fingers up her cunthole, she switched her thumb back and forth against her clit.

"Ooooh," she purred, tingling all over.

She wished that Tommy were still in the room, wished that he could watch her fingerfucking herself. The very thought caused her to gasp, her exhibitionist inclinations firing her horny imagination.

But there are two sides to exhibitionist and the other side is voyeurism.

Brenda heard Tommy go up the stairs.

He's gonna jerk off in the bathroom, or in his bedroom, she figured. How she would like to watch him jerk the jism out, of his cock and balls!

Did she dare?

Her lips grinned but her eyes were narrowed and glowing with passion. She slid her fingers up her pussy and shuddered with passion. She slid her fingers up her pussy and shuddered with the rippling thrill. The idea of frigging her pussy while she spied on her meat-beating brother was driving the naughty little minx wild.

Brenda gave her cunt a last stroke and then, flushed with desire, all of her inhibitions melted away in the heat of her arousal, she got up and moved quietly to the door. She tiptoed to the staircase and began to sneak up, determined to spy on Tommy if she could, and to fig her cunt to cream while she enjoyed the sight.

It turned out even better than she hoped.

With visions of sisterly pussy dancing in his mind and his cock thundering furiously, Tommy moved down the upstairs hallway, looking for a likely place to pump out his steaming hot scum load. He hesitated by the door to his sister's bedroom, thinking it would be fun to jerk off on her bed. Then, afraid that she might happen to come upstairs and catch him at it, he moved on, and came to his mother's bedroom!

Tommy had probably jacked off over thoughts of his mother as often as he did while thinking about his sexy sister. If incestuous thoughts about a sibling were naughty, thoughts about a mother were really wicked and depraved and so erotic that when he creamed he felt as if he was pumping his brains out along with his cum. If his sister was pert, saucy and nubile, his mother was voluptuous, curvaceous and stacked! Sometimes, covertly looking at the woman, Tommy would suddenly remember that those big tits had suckled him as an infant, that his lips had pulled and sucked on those swollen nipples and his prick would shoot straight up at the thought. He sure wished he could remember nursing, that by some magic he could become a baby again, yet retain his teenaged mind, so that he could suck on those delicious titty tips with full awareness and lust, instead of simple greed.

Now, standing at her bedroom door, he grinned. It wouldn't be the first time that the horny youth, who had come into almost every household object that was even vaguely cunt shaped, had sneaked into his mom's room to beat his meat. His grin turned into an excited grimace. He moved through the doorway -- and Brenda arrived silently at the top of the staircase just in time to see her brother enter the bedroom and to see, also, how the front of his jeans bulged.

Grinning, Brenda came down the hallway on tiptoes, moving as quietly as she could, aware of how her pussy was squishing between her trim thighs.

She cupped a hand over her crotch, as if to stifle those moist sounds. Cuntjuice bubbled in her palm, seeping right through her soaking panties. She gave a little shudder. It was hard not to start rubbing her cunt off as it steamed in her hand, but she struggled against the urge, knowing she would enjoy it even more in a moment, while she was watching her brother pumping on his prick.

Panting like a steam engine, so hot she thought she might be trailing steam out, of her crotch, the naughty teenaged voyeur advanced on the bedroom door.

Tommy, having stepped through the door, stood just within and opened his fly. As he pulled the zipper down, his prick rushed out like a frenzied bull into the bullring, tossing its mighty horn and lusting for soft, warm flesh to gore. He hauled his scumbags out, squirming as he dragged them from their jammed position in his jeans and sighing with relief when he had all of his tackle freed.

He looked around for fuckable objects. His hard-on was standing up high. He hesitated over the thought of lying on his mother's bed, then moved on to her dresser. He yanked a drawer out and fumbled through frilly, feminine garments. He found a lacy black bra and drew it out. The cups seemed to retain the shape of his mother's big tits. Holding it before him, he shoved his purple cockhead into the cups. A trickle of slime oozed out into the black tit bag. Tommy moaned. He held the bra up to his face. Poking one finger into the cup, so that he made a little nipple like peak, he began to suck on his finger through the bra. Slobbering and whimpering, eyes narrowed, he pretended he was mouthing his mom's tit. His cock thundered and his scumbags ballooned. Then he brought the bra down again. The cup was lathered by his saliva and he shoved the head of his prick into it. He gave his stalk a stroke and the knob flared in the cup like same gigantic nipple. Then he tossed the slime-coated bra back in the drawer and drew out a pair of bikini panties. He held them up to his face, sniffing at the crotchband, inhaling his mother's sweet, perfumed fragrance. He lowered them and ran the weeping tip of his cockhead into the crotch piece. Rigging into one pair, he seized another pair from the drawer and held them to his lips, sucking and licking on the crotchband as if lapping his mother's cunt by proxy. Although the panties had been laundered, the horny lad fancied he could still smell and taste a lingering hint of juicy snatch on the filmy material.

Tommy was going wild with lust. He grabbed more panties and another bra, licking at them, stabbing the head of his prick into one, then the other. He found a pair of black stockings and enveloped his prick in the silken sheath. He had to get his rocks off soon or he was liable to black out, but he was having trouble deciding which of those sexy undergarments he wanted to cream info.

The drawer was nearly empty now, garments scattered on the floor, drooped over his shoulders and arms and festooning his massive cock. The boy looked like a display rack in a lingerie shop.

He reached into the drawer again and frowned as his hand encountered something long and thick, seemingly out of place amidst the silk and lace.

He pulled the mysterious object out, holding it up, blinking in puzzlement. For a moment, Tommy didn't know what he had in his hand.

Then he gasped in shock.

Tommy had found his mother's rubber prick! He held it up, so surprised that, for a second, his cock stopped thundering. It was a huge cock, realistically shaped, the thick rubber stalk seamed with veins and the head a flaring wedge complete with a pisshole. From the hilt of the shaft a leather harness hung down, obviously so that a girl could strap it to her loins and fuck another girl! It was not the sort of thing a teenaged boy expected to find hidden amidst his mother's underwear and Tommy was momentarily thrown off his stride. But then full realization struck him. His mom must shove that huge dildo up her fuckhole! Or maybe even up some other woman's fuckhole. His jaw dropped open and his prick slammed up harder than ever.

Lust ran like malaria through his veins.

And from the open doorway, his sister cried out, "Holy fucking shit!"

Tommy had been turned half away from her as he brought the dildo from the drawer and at first Brenda could not see what it was as she peeked around the door jamb. But when he held it up before him, the girl was so startled that her exclamation was torn from her.

Tommy's head snapped around.

Brother and sister stared at each other with the enormous rubber cock looming up between them. Both blushed in embarrassment. Tommy had been caught with his cock out and his mother's underwear hanging from it and Brenda had been discovered playing the Peeping Tom on the scene. The mutual embarrassment confused the randy siblings for a moment. Brenda, shaking her head in awe, stepped into the room.

Tommy glanced down at his exposed cock, wondering if he should conceal it, then saw that his sister's hand was cupped over her cunt, squeezing and rubbing as she moved toward him. Realizing that Brenda had been frigging her pussy as she spied on him, Tommy's guilt vanished. He smiled crookedly and Brenda grinned back at him.

Stepping up close, the naughty girl, far to excited to be inhibited, reached out and touched her fingertips against the rubber prick.

She looked into her brother's face, past the flaring head of the dildo as he held it up like a cross before a vampire. "Mom must be real horny, huh?" she whispered.

"I... I guess," Tommy stammered. Folding her hand around the thick rod, Brenda pulled the tip towards her face. Her nose brushed it, sniffing. "Ooooh -- she uses it, too," she giggled. "It smells like pussy." She sniffed again. Her eyes were gleaming and glinting as she gave her brother a really mischievous look. Then her tongue slid out and she licked at the head of the dildo.

Tommy trembled violently, his hand shaking so much that he was causing the dildo to vibrate against his kid sister's lips and tongue.

"Tastes like pussy, too," she added. Tommy wondered how she knew what pussy tasted like, but thought he'd better not ask.

"Ooooh, I'm real hot," Brenda whispered. Her eyes slid down to his groin. "You, too, huh?"

Tommy nodded dumbly, unable to speak. His vocal cords felt as stiff as his prick.

Brenda licked at the rubber cock again, her saliva running down the shaft. "Wanna fool around with it?"

Tommy hesitated, his mind in turmoil and his cock on the rampage.

Although he had often thrilled himself by thoughts of incest, in all the juicy details, the boy wasn't sure if he dared make his fantasies real.

Brenda noticed his hesitation.

"We can't fuck or anything," she said. "That would be real wicked, being as we're brother and sister -- but I guess it ain't too naughty if we just fool with this rubber prick, huh? I mean, what's the harm? Mom uses it -- so why shouldn't we?" She gave him a bewitching smile. "Anyhow, we were both gonna frig off -- we might as well do it together."

Tommy gave a little strangled gasp, amazed at how brazen and bold his sexy kid sister was. Then he grinned with enthusiasm, realizing that he and Brenda could have a whole lot of fun together, without really being incestuous.

"Yeah!" Tommy cried.

Brenda, not wanting to give her brother a chance to have any second thoughts, immediately began to undress. Tommy stared at her as she yanked her tee shirt off. Her plump tits jiggled and the pink tips stood out like bullets. She arched her back, sinuous, cat-like, thrusting her tits out toward him. Tantalizingly. She unfastened her short skirt at the side and let it fall down her shapely leg, then stepping from it wearing only her bikini panties now. Those panties were sucked up into her cunt. The elastic dragged taut, so her pussy seemed to be loaded into a slingshot.

She nicked her thumbs under the elastic bend and tugged them down an inch, paused, tugged again, lowering her panties teasingly. The golden triangle of her cunt mound appeared. Tommy's eyes bulged out, his jaw hanging open. Smiling and squirming, the naughty girl drew her panties lower. They rustled down her thighs and dropped to the floor. She stepped out of them, raising her knee so her brother could gaze right at her steaming, sodden fuckslot. She lifted the other knee, in turn. The discarded panties lay on the floor in a soaking puddle of pussy nectar, naked, the wanton little minx wriggled and squirmed, lelling her brother's eyes devour her.

Tommy began to fumble with his own clothing, awkwardly, still clutching the rubber cock in one hand. The leather harness swung before his loins as he dropped his jeans, one strap folded over his cockshaft.

Brenda watched her brother strip with as much depraved desire as the boy had watched her.

Then they were both naked and ready to have some fun with their mom's dildo.

Then the owner of that dildo got home! Jessica entered the house quietly, alert for sounds of masturbation, hoping with all her horny heart that she could catch one of her teenaged kids frigging off. She looked in the front room. The television was on but neither Brenda nor Tommy was there. That was promising. She tiptoed up the stairs and down the hall. Brenda's bedroom door was open, the room empty. Tommy's room was empty, as well. A bit puzzled and disappointed, thinking they must have gone out, Jessica moved on toward her own bedroom, planning to shove her rubber prick deep up her fuckhole and enjoy the pleasure of having a full cunt while she waited in hopes of an eyeful.

She got more than she bargained for.


Jessica sneaked a look into her bedroom and damned near fainted at what she saw. As a mother, she was shocked and stunned but, as a voyeur, she was thrilled to the core. Both of her teenaged kids were naked in her bedroom. Tommy was standing beside her dresser, festooned with panties, bras and garter belts. His hips were jammed forward so that his massive prick towered straight up before his lean belly. A pair of bikini panties hung like a limp flag from his cockshaft. His cockhead was bloated and flushed a dark purple. His scumbags were enormous with a load. It was hard for Jessica to tear her eyes off that mouth-watering, pussy dripping sight. Yet her daughter provided an equally fascinating eyeful.

Brenda had strapped her mother's rubber prick around her nubile haunches! She was parading up and down the room, stark naked but for the dildo putting on a little performance for her brother. Her firm tits swayed slightly, the rosy tips standing out swollen and hard. Her heart-shaped ass glided back and forth and she jerked her hips in a fucking movement, shoving the huge rubber cock up and down before her loins. The naughty girl was giggling excitedly, knowing how much she was turning her brother on and getting turned on herself by her performance. Like her mother, she was obviously an exhibitionist -- and a voyeur.

The sight was so erotic that Jessica began to whimper. She held a hand to her mouth to stifle the sounds, not wanting her presence to be known. Her motherly instincts told her that she should interrupt this bizarre scene. It would be too embarrassing to let the kids know that she had seen their antics, but she could tiptoe back downstairs and enter the house again, making enough noise to warn them.

She nodded, thinking: Yes, that's what I'll have to do. But even as she thought it, Jessica knew that she wouldn't. She felt hypnotized by the sight and, motherly instincts be damned, she wanted to see more.

Her fevered gaze turned from Brenda to Tommy, and back again, thrilled equally by both. She adored big cocks, and Tommy had a whopper, while Brenda, so bouncy and nubile and feminine, was fitted out with that very masculine prick, a girl-boy image of pure fantasy. In school, Jessica and her roommate had often taken turns wearing that very same dildo and screwing each other. That had been exciting enough, but seeing her daughter strapped into that harness was the stuff of dark dreams, a voyeur a delight, an incestuous image that was causing Jessica's tongue to tingle and salivate and her cunt to bubble and simmer like a volcano crater starting to erupt with a hot lava flow.

Tommy, gaping at his kid sister, wrapped his fist around his cockshaft and gave a pull.

Brenda laughed and responded by folding her own fist around the rubber prick, stroking up and down the stalk, emulating her brother's frigging action. She moved up close to him. Brother and sister stood belly to belly and prick to prick, both pumping their respective tools. Brenda's sweet ass swung and she thrust the rubber cock in and out.

The dildo was so long that the knob was nearly looming up in front of Brenda's tits. The girl slid her hand up the shaft and rubbed the rubber slab against her nipples and nudged it into her deep cleavage. Then she lowered her blonde head, watching Tommy to judge his reaction. Her tongue pushed out and she began to lick at the head of the rubber cock as it came squeezing out from between her tits. Tommy moaned, rubbing up and down his own cock. Then Brenda ducked her head lower and sucked the rubber cockhead into her mouth.

"Ununm," she purred, as her slobber poured down the long rod and her lips pulled on the tip.

Jessica swayed, dizzy with desire. She knew that the dildo was coated with the residue of her own cum juice from the last time she'd fucked herself to cream. Seeing her daughter sucking on it was driving the woman crazy. She was hoping Brenda would fuck herself with the rubber rod so she could suck up the girl's cream later.

"Jeez, Sis, I gotta get off," Tommy croaked. His fist began to fly up and down on his the smoldering cock. Spunk oozed out, sliming the tip around his pisshole. Brenda stared at his cockhead, trembling at the sight, her eyes crossing as she gazed. She looked thoughtful. Was she going to suggest that they do more than mutually masturbate? Jessica wondered. Did Brenda want to fuck her brother? Jessica knew she should stop them if it looked like they were going to fuck. But she also knew she couldn't.

Then Brenda whispered, "Yeah, pump your fuckjuice out, Tommy, and then you can help me fuck my pussy with this big rubber prick, okay? It won't be incest that way, as long as you don't put your own cock in me, right?"

Tommy nodded furiously, ready to agree to anything, his hand stroking up and down on his prick so fast that his hand was a mere blur. Brenda stood right in front of him, squirming. His dripping cockhead was aimed like a howitzer at her tits. She arched her back, thrusting her tits closer. She was still holding onto the rubber cockshaft, her hand not moving now, gripping as if for support as she swayed.

Tommy jammed his hips out, fucking through his fist as he pumped away. He wasn't coming yet, but the head of his prick was streaming with preliminary juice. Thick, frothy drops sprayed from the purple cock.

"Ooooh, shoot on my tits," Brenda moaned. "Squirt your hot, thick fuckjuice all over me."

They stood close together, but they hadn't touched each other yet. This isn't incest, Jessica assured herself -- but it sure was a thrilling sight. She reached under her skirt and cupped her steaming cunt, holding herself, rubbing slowly, waiting for her son to cream before she did.

Now Brenda began to stroke the dildo again, as if she, too, were jerking off, in rhythm with her brother. His fist flew up and down, Brenda's hand pumped away and Jessica began clawing at her cunt. "Come, Tommy," Brenda rasped. "Cream my tits."

Although Brenda wasn't touching her pussy, cuntjuice was pouring down the insides of her thighs in foaming ribbons.

Jessica's cunt was flooding even more, cuntjuice pooling in her palm and dripping from her fingers. Her ass churned as she ground her cunt against her hand.

Brenda's ass was corkscrewing as she stabbed the rubber cock in and out, her hips and haunches harnessed in the leather straps. Tommy gave a strangled cry and his prick bucked, almost throwing his hand off.

"Gonna shoot!" he wailed.

"Ooooh, give it to me!" Brenda gasped. His fist slammed down to the root of his cock shaft and his face twisted in a grimace of and lust. A great gout of cock spume shot out of his pisshole. The creamy stuff splashing on his sister's tits, pouring down her tit mounds and swirling the rosy tips. She gurgled with the joy of feeling her brother's steaming fuckjuice jet onto her flesh. Tommy pumped another spurt out. His cum hit the top slopes of her tits and slipped down her cleavage. Brenda swayed and squirmed as she basked under this slimy shower. A wad of jism splattered in the hollow of her throat, streaming on down her breastbone. Another hot dose cascaded onto the head of the dude and poured down the rubber stalk, lubricating it as her hand pumped up and down, so that it looked as if the rubber cock was coming, too.

Brenda wee waked with cum all down the front of her body. She wriggled and squirmed, continuing to frig the rubber cock in a simulated jerk off.

In the hallway, Jessica sank to her knees, her legs trembling, as her pussy dissolved in a wild orgasm.

Tommy cried out like a beast in torment as he jerked another huge jet from his cock and balls. It caused the lad to jolt back on the recoil. Another dose hosed out as his ass flew back. His scumbags swung out, drained now and flopping like an empty wineskin. The last of his joyjuice oozed out in a trickle and ran down onto his cockshaft, where his fist was still pumping frantically away.

He leaned back against the dresser, his eyes glazed, his lips squared back from his teeth in a grimace. His prick was still standing, huge and hard.

Brenda waited for a moment, to make sure that every sweet drop had been frigged from her brother's balls. Her eyes were glowing, her belly and tits drenched. His fuckjuice felt as hot and thick as melted lead. The naughty girl stroked the slippery dildo again, then cupped her soaking tits in her hands, rubbing the cum into the tit mounds, kneading the nipples with slime. She slid an open hand down her flat belly, working jism into her overheated skin. A trickle had seeped down into her golden cunt mound, and she rubbed herself there, too, her palm cupping her triangle and her fingers slipping into her open pussy slot. Tommy gazed at her in awe as she worked his jism into her flesh.

Brenda raised her hand close to her face and stared at the creamy cum coating her palm. Her tongue slid across her trembling lips. The girl had never been so hot before, she was abandoned to her lust. She ducked her head down and began to lap her brother's jism out of her palm.

"Holy shit, Sis," he croaked.

His balls were drained but, as he watched his sister licking up his slime, his prick gave a mighty jolt, the meat still rock hard even though drained.

His mother reacted the same as she saw her daughter tonguing up sibling scum. Jessica had just creamed on her hand but her pussy was starting to smolder again and her love bud was like a stick of dynamite. Holding her cunt in her hand, as if to contain her desire, she waited, kneeling beside the doorway, wondering what those naughty children were going to do next and eagerly awaiting the sight.

"Wanna fuck me with the dildo, now?"

Brenda whispered, giving the prick a jerk, then reached back to unfasten the harness. The straps fell down her thighs and she held the slippery rubber tool out to her brother.

"I'd rather fuck you with my own prick," he moaned. "Jeez, Sis, I need some pussy bad."

"I know," Brenda said, looking at his huge cock wistfully. "But we mustn't."

Suddenly her pretty face brightened as a wonderful thought came to her.

"You know Mandy Wilson?" she asked.

Tommy nodded, frowning slightly, wondering what his sister was getting at.

"Well, she likes you. She told me so. She's real horny and..." Brenda hesitated, grinning, "...and sometimes we fool around together, you know? Fingerfucking and things."

Tommy gave a little gasp at that thrilling confession, as did Jessica, who knew all about such things.

"Suppose I phone her and ask her if she wants to come over and fool around?" Brenda suggested. "I know she'll let you fuck her. And the two of us can have some fun with the rubber prick, too! Ooooh!"

Tommy grinned hugely and nodded.

Brenda, still clutching the cum-soaked fuck-stick, bounced over to the bedside telephone. She dialed and wafted, rubbing the cock against her tits, radiant with expectation. Tommy gave his prick a few pulls and Jessica slid a couple fingers up her creamy pussy.

"Hi, Mandy," Brenda said. She paused, listening, then said, "My brother and I are fooling around together and we thought you might like to join us. We got my mom's rubber cock and..." She paused as the other girl spoke. She frowned momentarily, then smiled, giving Tommy a nod and a wink. "Okay, don't be too long," she said, and hung up the phone.

"She coming?" Tommy asked.

"Yeah. She's having a masquerade party this afternoon and she can't get over for an hour or so, but she'll be here." Brenda giggled. "Maybe she'll wear her costume. If I know Mandy, she'll be wearing something real kinky -- a harem slave or something. Ooooh, I hope she gets here soon." She gave her brother a smoldering look. "While we're waiting, we can have some fun together, okay?"

"Yeah, Sis," Tommy rasped.

And Jessica blinked and frowned thoughtfully, as her daughter's words registered. Then the woman smiled.

Another girl was arriving, in disguise. And if a girl was wearing a disguise, no one knew who she was, right?

And what her kids didn't know wouldn't hurt them.


Brenda was curled upon the bed and Tommy was moving toward her, cock first.

Jessica lingered for a moment, hating to miss out on any of the action. But if her plan worked, she would soon be a part of that action. She tore her eyes away from the scene and tiptoed down the hallway to the spare bedroom. Panting in anticipation, delighted by her naughty scheme, Jessica dragged the skeet off the bed and got a pair of scissors from the dresser. Stabbing into the sheet, she cut out two eyeholes. Then, glowing with excitement, she quickly stripped her clothing off and, naked, pulled the sheet over her head. She looked in the mirror. She turned, regarding herself in profile, then turned farther and looked back over her shoulder. She was satisfied that no one could possibly know who was lurking under the sheet.

She started to walk away, then paused.

She had forgotten a very important part of her costume. She had cut two eyeholes but she had neglected one for her mouth, and naughty Jessica certainly wanted access to her mouth. She pulled the sheet out from her face and used the scissors to cut a third hole lower down. She looked in the mirror again, to make sure that the added hole still left her unrecognizable. She was still an unknown ghost, with two holes out of which to see the juicy sights and a third hole into which juicy things could pass.

Smiling behind her mask, knowing that what she was going to do was wicked, but wanting it all the more because of that, Jessica left the spare room and moved back down the hallway, toward her own bedroom.

She could hear Tommy groaning and Brenda whimpering and the bedsprings squeaking under them. What naughty teenagers they were! They had certainly taken after their mother, she thought, with a touch of pride.

As earn as she was to joining the action. Jessica was still a voyeur at heart and she approached the doorway quietly, to enjoy another look before she joined in, loving to watch her teenagers at their incestuous [missing text].

Brenda was sprawled out, her legs wide apart and Tommy was kneeling at her nubile flank, holding her pussy spread open with one hand and slowly inching the long rubber prick up her fuckhole with the other. He had about half of the hard stalk up her, but he wasn't shoving it all the way in yet, he was frigging in and out, feeding her slow, steady strokes that went a little deeper each time.

Brenda wriggled deliciously each time he shoved the dildo into her fuckhole. Her trim, lithe body was smeared with cum from the hollow of her throat to her bushy blonde cunt mound. The slime glistened as she squirmed, as if her torso had been oiled. The thick, creamy stuff had congealed somewhat, but now that her body was beating up again, it liquefied. Trickles of scum ran down into her crotch and slid down the slopes of her upthrust tit.

Tommy slid the rubber cock deeper, grunting, watching it vanish up her cunt as he knelt over her. Jessica was watching with every bit as much interest. Brenda's cuntlips pulled and sucked on the sliding stalk, dragging almost inside out as her brother pulled it back. Cuntjuice gushed from her pussy and lathered her groin, a dark patch spreading out on the sheet under her churning ass. Jessica licked her lips at the doubly delicious sight of her son's cum and her daughter's pussy cream. Her smoldering eyes felt as hot as her tongue and her love button.

Oh, how positively scrumptious Brenda's cunt looked, as the pink lips caressed the rubber prick!

Tommy's cock, temporarily neglected, jutted out over his sister's loins, jerking up and down as his cock muscles spasmed. It looked as if he were beating on her belly like a drum as that big rod jolted over her. His scumbags were pretty well filled up again now, and his pisshole was weeping again.

What a shame it was that the boy's thundering prick was being ignored, thought his mother. She smiled under her disguise at the certain knowledge that it wouldn't have to be neglected much longer. Jessica was much too horny now to worry about her dark desires, to wonder if she might have regrets or misgivings after the deed was done. She could even rationalize the situation, in a fashion, making it seem as if her intervention would be saving the randy teenagers from committing incest. If they got so worked up fooling around together, as they obviously were getting, they might well wind up fucking and might regret it once they had gotten their rocks off and cooled down. But fucking and sucking with a stranger in disguise would leave them with no cause for regrets, no reason for shame.

They would never know that it had been their mother under that sheet. They would probably assume that it was Mandy Wilson, but if they found out differently from her, later, they would simply assume that it had been some other person from the masquerade party who had overheard the telephone call and taken advantage of the situation. Of course, Mandy, herself, might show up and ring the bell, but that was no problem -- they would certainly be too preoccupied to answer the door and ace who it was. Jessica figured her plan was foolproof.

"Yeah -- yeah -- fuck my cunt!" Brenda wailed, her hips flying and her belly pumping wildly, as her brother shoved the rubber prick in and out of her creamy curt. The prick hissed as it slid up her fuck tunnel, and her curt squished juicily as Tommy pulled it back out.

A glob of jism dropped from the head of his cock and splashed in Brenda's cunt bush.

The girl wailed and reached down, grasping his cock by the hilt. She began to frig up and down his fat prick, fingering his cock-knob at the top of the stroke. Another quick silvery nugget of slime oozed from his pisshole and she used her thumb to work it into the smoking, purple slab.

His cockhead bubbled as his balls swelled bigger. Brenda scooped a few drops up and brought her hand to her lips, licking her brother's slime from her fingers and moaning hungrily. Her hand flew back down, wet with her spittle, and grasped his prick by the shaft again.

She stroked his prick up and down and Tommy groaned, humping through her skimming hand. He was using the dude like a lever now, prying her ass up from the bed and then pushing her loins down across her love button, wedging deeply up into her cunthole with that phallic crowbar. Her fuckslot was foaming heavily with the lava of her lust, and the seepage from his pisshole was getting thicker.

Jessica had to make a hard decision.

She simply adored secretly watching them fool around, but she knew that they were both soaring toward the crest, liable to come at any moment and she wanted to join them for that creamy conclusion. She cupped a hand over her groin, fucking the sheet into her crotch, and felt her steaming pussy juice seep through the white cotton, a sticky vee shaped smear soaking through the sheet. She trembled all over inside her ghostly shroud.

She took a last, lingering look at Brenda's well-stuffed cunt, then gazed hungrily at Tommy's prick which jutted out from the girl's fist. She was drawn to them like an iron filing to a magnet. With the sheet molded tight to her lush loins and swirling about her naked thighs, Jessica slipped around the corner and came as an unknown stranger into her own bedroom, where her naughty children romped.

Tommy looked around, surprised. As he gave a little start, the rubber cock wedged his sister's pelvis up by the cunthole. With her belly uplifted, Brenda stared down her arched body and blinked at the ghostly visitor, then giggled. "You sure didn't waste any time in getting here, huh, Mandy?" she said. "I figured you'd be keen."

"Ummm," Jessica murmured, knowing she must be careful to keep her voice, as well as her body, disguised.

Tommy gave her a lewd grin.

Jessica drifted towards them, her lithesome loins shifting under the sheet.

"I figured you'd be wearing something sexier," Brenda said, hiking one hip up so that her cunthole twisted around on the buried rubber cock.

Jessica laughed. She slid her wet tongue out through the mouth hole, slowly shifting it across her lips. Then she raised the bottom of the sheet to her waist, baring her steaming loins, shooting one hip out provocatively. Tilting her belly upwards, she exposed her flooded cunt.

Brenda giggled. "Yeah, that's sexy," she said. Then her eyes narrowed for a moment. "Gee, Mandy, I'd forgotten how bushy your cunt was," she remarked.

Oh-oh, thought Jessica.

But it was okay, because naughty little Brenda added, "I guess I was always too busy sucking it to notice."

Jessica gasped, thrilled to find out that her little daughter was a cuntlapper. She posed that for a moment, showing them her tongue and her cunt. But she knew it was risky to stand at a distance and give them a chance to notice that she was taller than Mandy, and more voluptuous, and that she certainly didn't dare engage in any conversation. The best way to avoid the necessity to speak, she knew, was to have her mouth full!

Still holding the sheet up, she moved to the bed and settled down beside them. They were both staring at her in gleeful anticipation. Tommy was holding the fuckstick buried up Brenda's cunthole, but was no longer pumping in and out. And Brenda still had a handful of brotherly prick but had stopped frigging. Jessica reached out and took her daughter by the wrist, gently drawing her hand off Tommy's prick. Then she took that iron hard cock in her own hand. Her other hand slid down and grasped the hilt of the dildo, where the leather straps draped from the bottom on the stalk. She gave the rubber cock a slow, rippling thrust. The straps ran up Brenda's thighs and the long shaft vanished in her cunt. Holding the dildo buried, she gave her son's cock a push-pull, whimpering when she felt his prick throb in her hand.

She began frigging them both with alternating strokes, stuffing Brenda's fuckhole and then as she pulled the dildo out, pumping down toward Tommy's bloated balls so that his thick cock stood out from her fist, the knob pounding. Jessica was delirious with desire. With both of her naughty children in bed with her, the horny mother didn't know which of them she wanted first.

She leaned across Brenda's belly, skinning back on Tommy's cock as her masked face drew closer. Her tongue pushed out and lay, fluttering, underneath the huge wedge of his dripping purple cockhead. A dribble of scum flowed onto her tastebuds and Jessica shuddered violently at her first taste of her son's cockmeat and cum.

She tongued his knob, then sucked it into her mouth, through the mouth of the ghostly shroud, nursing hungrily on the succulent meat. Tommy groaned and humped, fucking his prick deep into her mouth. She knew the horny lad was going to blow his wad vow soon, if she kept on sucking. Although she was longing to swallow his fuckjuice, she didn't want to rush to the conclusions, not with so much delicious preliminary licking to be done.

"Ooooh, you're a great cocksucker, Mandy," Tommy moaned, as her lips pulled up his prick and more preliminary slime waked her tongue.

She drew her lips away from his smoking meat and turned her face downward. She twisted the dildo around inside Brenda's fuckhole. Then she ducked lower and began to slurp on the girl's clit as she fucked the rubber cock in and out.

Savoring the two-course feast, Jessica leaned across and took a slurp on Tommy's cockhead, then ducked down for another suck on Brenda's cunt. By alternating between them, Jessica knew that she would prolong the joy of her hungry feasting, giving each a moment to ebb from the crest while she mouthed the other. She didn't know which was more delicious, her son's big prick or her daughter's foaming cunt. Even before she had milked either of them off this first time, the oversexed woman wan scheming for the future -- wondering how many masquerade parties she could give without making anyone suspicious.

Whimpering and slobbering, she nursed on Tommy's throbbing cockhead with relish, then dragged her lips away and slurped with gusto on Brenda's pussy. Cuntjuice poured down the rubber shaft of the dude and she slid her tongue up, gathering the sweet nectar up. Tommy slid his hand down and cupped the cheek of her firm, grinding ass, pulling her onto his cock for a moment, then generously shoving her head down into his sister's steaming groin. His fingers slid down into Jessica's crotch from under her ass, sliding around in her frothy fuckslot. Jessica gasped and jerked her pelvis back, working her cunt around on her son's caressing hand.

Jessica plunged the dildo as far up Brenda's pussy as it would go, only the harness hanging out of that smoldering cunthole.

With the long, thick cock buried, she twisted it round. Then she pulled it back out. A dildo was fun and useful at times, but, at the moment, the cunt-hungry woman didn't want to share her daughter's delicious pussy with a rubber cock. The dildo came out drenched with cuntjuice, steaming as the frothy cream evaporated from the cock. Jessica licked up and down the stalk, then slipped the big rubber knob into her mouth and sucked on it as if it were a real prick -- a prick that had just been dipped in her daughter's tasty curd.

Seeing this ghostly gobbler mouthing the rubber cock, Tommy groaned and jerked his own flesh and blood cock out into her face. Jessica giggled at how frantic the boy was, shaking and trembling all over. She pulled the dildo from her lips, all lathered with her saliva and all of the cuntjuice sucked from it. Placing the tool beside her on the bed, she took her son's cock into her maw again, sucking so hard she seemed to be inhaling his prick.

"Ummm," she moaned as more hot jism poured onto her tongue. She swallowed ravenously, a scum drinker transported to seventh heaven. Her mouth pulled away and she shook his cock. He humped, sliding back into the mouth hole of her sheet, almost all of his long prick disappearing into her hooded head.

She sucked back up through every inch and drew her slimy lips from his prick-knob. Gripping his cock at the root, she tilted her wrist and levered his iron-hard cock down, so that his slick cockhead tapped against Brenda's clit. Brenda squealed and Tommy groaned. Jessica didn't intend to let her son and daughter actually fuck, but she saw no harm in rubbing his prickhead around in the girl's creamy slot. She stirred the tip of his cock up through Brenda's open cunt-lips, using his prick like a ladle to churn that creamy bowl to froth.

Then she pulled his cock back to her mouth, sucking Brenda's cunt cream from his meat. The girl's cream had been delicious when her mother slurped it from the rubber prick and it was even more succulent now, as she mouthed it greedily from her son's throbbing cockhead.

She lapped his prick-knob to a polished slab of smoking hot meat, then dipped it back into Brenda's open fuck-slot, drenching it with more pussy nectar. Her tongue pushed out and she began to lick out Brenda's hole as she stirred Tommy's cock-knob around in that sodden gash, lapping them both at once. Both cock and cunt were scrumptious. Together, they were a gourmet's joy. Jessica, savoring both, had wondered which of her kids she should let cream in her mouth first. Now she whimpered at the thought that she should cream them together, swallowing a double load of sweet cum juice.

She had to time it right, so that they both creamed at the same moment, but Jessica was an expert at judging the approach of a climax from the pulsing of a prick or the increased flow of a pussy hole.

Holding Tommy's cockhead in Brenda's unfurled cuntlips, Jessica tongued ravenously on both of them. Her lapper slid and slipped, flew and fluttered, darted and dipped. Her lips parted wide, clamping over Brenda's fucking with Tommy's cockhead throbbing in the folds. "Mandy, you're gonna milk me off!" Tommy cried, in a quavering tone. More slime oozed from his pisshole and slid down Brenda's open slot, mixing with her cuntjuice into a succulent sauce which Jessica lapped greedily.

"Me, too. I'm gonna fucking cream, Mandy!" wailed Brenda, her hips flashing. She was fucking her cunt and love bud on her brother's cockhead, which was half buried up her cunt tunnel, and against her mother's tongue and lips with the same frantic movement of her loins.

Jessica calculated that Brenda was a split second ahead of Tommy as they both soared toward the crest. Sucking on both of them, she began to pump his cockshaft up and down with her hand, adding another dimension on the thrill that was bringing the horny lad to the peak.

Brenda's cunt cream flowed, pearly and thick, over Tommy's purple cockhead and into Jessica's mouth. Tommy's cock-knob dripped into Brenda's cunt slot, throbbing inside her cunt hole and inside Jessica's mouth at the same time. Her fist skinned back and he gasped as the thrill hit him.

Tommy's bloated cockhead flared hugely in his sister's fuck-slot. Her juices flowed over that fat slab like whipped cream on a giant, pulsating plum. The girl had started to melt in a torrent of cum cream. Jessica had her open mouth clamped on them both, sucking the steaming hot cum out of her daughter's pussy around the plug of her son's prick. She pumped his prick in her hand and gave a little cry of anticipation as she felt his cockhead expand mightily with the rush of his fuck-juice up the cockrod.

Tommy grunted and humped, fucking through his mother's fist, then through her lips and inching his cockhead deeper into his sister's cunt hole as his balls exploded. Brenda's cum juice was pouring out around his cockhead like a rippling wave breaking over a purple boulder, then rushing on into the warm cavern of Jessica's mouth.

Then Tommy's jism came hosing out of his pisshole in a massive spurt. He shot so hard that his ass rocked back on the recoil, puffing his prick back to the oval slot of Brenda's cunt hole. His foaming white fuck-juice streamed out into the girl and his prick flew back, like some rocket propelled by that hot jet of jizz.

A tidal wave of cunt juice poured out, met by a stream of steaming-hot cum in Brenda's fuck slot. Jessica whimpered with joy and sucked a mouthful of their mingled fuck-cream into her hungry mouth. She swallowed, gurgling. Jessica was playing no favorites -- she was drinking cum and cunt juice in equal portions, one as tasty as the other. The sheet that masked her head was soaking with slime all across her face, the damp cotton molded to her features as she sucked the sweet nectar in through the mouth hole. Her shrouded form bobbed up and down as she swallowed in her daughter's crotch. Tommy kept squirting his cum out into Brenda's cunt gash in foaming jets, and her pussy juice kept pouring from her cunt and Jessica gulped merrily away on the tangy blend.

The sheet had ridden up her kneeling body and her naked ass heaved and bucked, thrusting up higher as her head pressed down. With her cunt stuck on her brother's cockhead and glued to the masked stranger's mouth, Brenda wailed and moaned, thrashing about in the spasms of her coming, her nubile young body trembling and shuddering all over. Kneeling over them, Tommy shook and vibrated as he hosed his cock slime into the girl's fuck-slot and the ghostly cum-drinker's mouth.

His head and shoulders dropped back at the last spurt of cum ripped from his cockhead. Brenda arched deeply, grinding her ass in the air, as she thrilled to the final spasm of her creamy coming. Jessica had gone really suck crazy, slurping up the cum cream ravenously. Tommy slid away, his cockhead skimming past Jessica's lips as it jerked out of Brenda's soaking cunt. Jessica turned her head and sucked her son's prick into her mouth, greedily milking a last glob of jizz from his pisshole, gurgling hungrily as she savored a drink on a stick. Then her masked face turned down again and she fitted her open lips to Brenda's flooded pussy gash and began to suck out every slimy ribbon. Brenda had sunk back. Now, as her mother's nimble tongue hit her clit, the girl wailed and arched again, another spasm rocked her. More cunt cream gushed out into Jessica's mouth.

She turned and nursed on Tommy's cockknob again. No more jism trickled out but, to her delight, she found his potent young prickmeat was still big and stiff and vibrant in her mouth, and knew there would be more jism coming out of that lovely prick soon enough.

She sucked softly and lovingly for a few moments, adoring his cockmeat even though it was no longer pumping cum out.

Then she drew her motherly mouth away, smiling behind her mask, remembering that it wasn't long ago that Tommy had been nursing milk from her big tits and thrilled by having milked the boy, in turn -- a milk far thicker than anything ever sucked from a nipple.

She buried her face in Brenda's groin again, slurping out the last traces of the double dose. She saw that the girl, too, would soon be ready for more fun and frolic because, although her coming was ended, she was still trembling and her pussy remained hot and deliciously juicy.

Jessica gave Brenda's pussy a last slurp, then drew away. Sitting back on her haunches, she stared at her two well-sucked children.

Jessica's hunger was satisfied but now her cunt was like an inferno, a void abhorred by her nature. She drew the bottom of the sheet up as high as she dared. Tommy and Brenda both gazed in admiration at that lush body.

"Golly, Mandy -- your fucking tits are really getting huge," Brenda murmured, impressed, but obviously not suspicious.

Jessica's disguise was holding up well.

Holding the sheet up, Jessica arched her slim back and thrust her tits out. Her nipples were so big and stiff they looked like they might fly right off the tit globes, pink spaceships launched from a set of moons.

Brenda moved closer, smiling. She leaned down and sucked a tit-tip into her lips. Tommy moaned and moved in to mouth the other nipple. Jessica swayed between them, squirming and whimpering. Those kids that had nursed on those tits for nourishment, not many years ago, were nursing again, greedier than ever. And those kids had come out of her cunt, too, and would soon be going back in. She jerked her loins suggestively.

With a mouthful of tit, Tommy looked across at his sister, engaged in the same succulent feast.

"I wanna fuck Mandy, now," he rasped.

"Let me suck her cunt, first," Brenda whimpered, the words muffled on Jessica's tit.

Jessica smiled, stifling the mischievous urge to admonish them in a motherly fashion, thinking: Don't squabble, children -- there's plenty for all.

Lusting for Brenda's tongue and Tommy's prick, the oversexed woman didn't care who went first. She figured that they had all afternoon to paly the variations.

But they didn't...


Mandy Wilson had made herself a sexy costume for her masquerade party, as Brenda had guessed. She was wearing a cat mask that covered her face from the cheeks up but left her sexy mouth exposed, a tight black leotard that emphasized her shapely young body and black net stockings sheathed her long, sleek legs. The girl had ingeniously attached a length of flexible black tubing to her pert little ass, to serve as a tail.

The only trouble was that the party itself was not at all sexy. Her damned parents had stayed to supervise the affair, to Mandy's dismay. How could a horny teenager get fucked when her parents were stomping around the house? There were all sorts of ghost and ghouls and vampires milling about, and Mandy knew that most of them would welcome a chance to fuck a cat girl, and it was very frustrating -- and all the more following Brenda's phone call.

The knowledge that Brenda and her handsome brother were fooling around with a rubber prick while she was under parental supervision was driving randy Mandy wild.

Standing in a corner, squirming a bit, she switched her flexible tail around like an angry panther. She reached behind her ass and took the tail in her hand, stroking it. Then she drew it around in front of her masked face and slowly sucked the tip into her mouth, sliding it in and out of her lips and nursing on it. The result pleased her. She saw a clown and a goblin and two Draculas get hard-ons that swelled in their costumes. But then her mother wandered back into the room, the boys, concealed their stiff pricks as best they could in their costumes and Mandy had to stop her simulated, erection-inspiring cock-sucking.

Oh, it was simply too much for a young girl with hot pants!

That was why Mandy decided to sneak away from her party and hurry down the street to Brenda's. She waited until no one was looking -- they were all, at her mother's suggestion, playing some childish game, which was infuriating to Mandy. Why pin a tail on a donkey when they could pin a cock to a cat girl's cunt? Why duck for apples in a barrel when she could bob for balls on the end of a prick? Stealthy as the cat she was dressed as, Mandy slipped from the room and out of the house. She ran down the street, her tail bouncing behind her pert ass and her tits bouncing inside the snug fitting leotard?

Coming to Brenda's house, she waited up to the front door. She was about to ring the bell, then paused. If Brenda and her brother were fucking around, they wouldn't want to be disturbed by a doorbell, she figured. And, after all, she had been invited and was expected. She tried the door, found it was unlocked, and went in.

Halting in the hallway, she cocked her head, listening -- and grinned like a Cheshire cat when she heard the sounds of a bed groaning under thrashing bodies, punctuated by plenty of moaning, panting and whimpering.

Mandy sneaked on up the stairs, feline and lithe, a sexy black cat looking for cream. She stopped at Brenda's bedroom, where the two of them had done a lot of cunt-lapping in the past. Finding the room empty, she went on down to Brenda's mother's room.

Peering in the door, Mandy gasped in surprise. She had anticipated fun and frolic, but the scene that greeted her amazed eyes was more than she had hoped for -- and better. The naughty cat girl grinned and decided to watch for a few minutes, before she joined in and changed that busily engaged threesome to a cluster-fuck.

"What the fuck?" muttered Henry, Jessica's loving husband and the father of her kids, as he drove down the street and saw a cat girl enter his house. He blinked in surprise, touching the brakes.

Henry had come home from the office earlier than usual, and for a very good reason.

He had come home to beat his meat.

A short time before, he had seen his boss' delectable secretary bend over to retrieve a fallen document. Her short skirt had hiked up and Henry had seen that the sexy young lady was not wearing any panties! His cock had immediately leaped into a hard-on. The secretary might have noticed this. At any rate, she spent quite a long time fumbling on the floor for the document, giving Henry a chance to really stare at her pussy. It was a dynamite cunt, too-open and wet, the way Henry liked them. Her clit had been stiff and frothy cunt juice trickled down her cunt gash. When she finally stood up, she gave Henry a very charming smile. But then she had gone into the boss' private office, closing the door behind her sweet ass and leaving to Henry's imagination what secretarial duty she had gone to perform for the lucky boss. Henry had stayed at his desk awhile longer, but with his cock on the rampage he was unable to concentrate on his paperwork. He could only think of hot, wet pussy.

He knew he had to drain his balls off before he could get back to work. He considered jacking off in the office bathroom but, a modest fellow, he hated the idea that someone might walk in to catch him. That was why he decided to hurry home, knowing his wife was at work and figuring his kids would be out playing, and jerk the shit out of his swollen cock in privacy and comfort.

So it was that Henry drove down the street, inspired by a glimpse of juicy cunt, and found himself surprised by an even more bizarre sight -- a lithe black cat, tail switching behind her bouncy ass, sneaking into his home.

Henry parked and got out of the car, closing the door quietly. If it was a cat burglar, he intended to catch her in the act. He hadn't failed to notice how shapely and nubile her body was, molded in that tight black leotard. And the stiff pricked fellow had some idea that he might be able to blackmail a burglar-pussy from a cat creature.

He sneaked into the house and tiptoed down the stairs, his prick stiff, his balls feeling like basketballs jammed between his thighs.

But, looking down the hallway, he saw she wasn't a burglar at all -- but a voyeur!

And a very excited voyeur, as well, for the cat girl was panting as she looked into Henry's bedroom. Her tailed ass was switching from side to side -- and she had one hand cupped over her crotch, rubbing and petting her pussy.

Henry trembled with the violent urge to pounce on her and shove his iron-hard cock up her fuck-hole, right through the crotchband of her costume.

But another thought disturbed him.

A voyeur had to have something to watch -- and what the fuck was happening in his bedroom? Was his wife cheating on him in their own bed?

That thought brought a tinge of jealousy but a far greater surge of lust. If Jessica was fucking around, Henry felt that he had a right to know. And a right to watch!

The pain of having an unfaithful wife was not nearly as great as the pleasure of watching that naughty wife cavort in her adulterous delights. Staring at the cat girl -- watching the watcher, as it were -- Henry began to lug his massive hard-on down the hallway to investigate whatever it was that had so fascinated the feline intruder.

It was plenty fascinating.

Two naked teenagers and a gorgeous ghost were romping merrily away on the bed.

Mandy didn't have any idea who was hidden under that sheet, but she knew damned well that Brenda and Tommy were brother and sister and the implication of incest added to the thrill of the sight.

The ghost was holding her shroud up, exposing her heavy tits and trim belly and her knees were raised, her thighs wide apart, displaying her smoldering cunt. Brenda and Tommy were squabbling over that tasty pussy. Brenda had buried her pretty little face in the ghostly gash, fucking her tongue up the tunnel and mouthing the stiff clit. She purred happily as she lapped from the creamy bowl.

Brenda had forgotten -- she thought -- how fucking delicious Mandy's cunt was. It was far hotter and creamier than she remembered, from the last time she had eaten her girlfriend out -- just as her cunt mound was bushier and her tits a lot bigger. It was strange -- but Brenda wasn't really suspicious yet.

But then Tommy, envying that sweet snack, pulled his sister aside and jammed his own eager head in between those shapely thighs. He wasn't as experienced as Brenda in the delicate art of cunt-sucking, but he more than made up for it by his enthusiasm.

As the cat girl arrived on the scene, Brenda dragged Tommy's head out and shoved her own face into the ghostly gash again. The two naughty, cunt-hungry siblings began to fight over Jessica's cunt like two dogs over a juicy bone. Jessica squirmed and moaned, thrilled by their eagerness, filled with motherly love.

It had been the best day of Jessica's life! She had started by sucking off her brother, as if for breakfast, then fed a sexy redheaded receptionist a hair pie for lunch and now the family was dining together, the kids gobbling her pussy as greedily as they had ever devoured a Thanksgiving turkey, while her own mouth still tingled with the delicious flavor of their combined cum juices! This was family-style dining at its finest, and Jessica was in ecstasy.

Her ass swung across as she shoved her cunt into Tommy's face, then switched back as she gave Brenda a taste. The two teenagers were both kneeling before her, their asses hiked up and their heads down. Tommy's big stiff prick was jerking violently under his belly. Mandy thought he looked like a pole-vaulter approaching the take off, ready to catapult his body off his cock. She licked her lips, thinking how delicious Tommy's prick looked, then gazed across at Brenda's pussy, knowing full well how scrumptious that creamy bowl was, having sucked it off countless times before. Cunt juice was streaming down Brenda's kneeling thighs as she ducked in and took another lap at Jessica's fuck-slit.

"Ummmmm," Brenda purred, scooping a tongueful of cunt cream out of the soaking slot, then giving way to her brother as he slid in and slurped.

Jessica's masked head was tilted down as she watched her hungry children feast on her pussy. She bent over them like a solicitous parent over a cradle, murmuring approvingly and encouragingly.

Tommy sucked her clit like a nipple, gurgling as his mouth filled with cunt juice, and Brenda hovered over him, impatient for her turn to feed, her excited face already smeared with lashings of pussy nectar.

"C'mon -- don't be so fucking greedy, Tommy," Brenda admonished her brother, tugging on his hair.

Tommy sighed and moved aside and his sister buried her radiant face between those sleek thighs.

"Ohhhh, Mandy -- I love your cunt!" Brenda squealed as she sucked happily away.

Crouched cat-like in the doorway, Mandy blinked in surprise. Was that ghost named Mandy, too? Or was there some sort of deception going on? The girl had been just about to make her presence known, via a tongue-first entry.

Now she paused, curious now, as well as horny as hell. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it sure didn't kill the cat girl's ardor. She was concentrating so completely on the fascinating threesome that she was totally unaware of the fact that a handsome man with a gigantic hard-on was sneaking down the hallway behind her swaying, tail-switching ass.

Henry was approaching slowly and hesitantly, stopping and starting in a cat-like fashion, himself, as he stalked the cat girl. He dreaded what he was going to find in the bedroom, feeling pretty certain that his sexy wife must have a lover in there with her. Yet his dread was overshadowed by his compulsion to find out the truth -- and to spy on them. He knew that if he caught Jessica cheating, he would have to confront her in anger -- but only afterwards, because he also knew that he would have to secretly watch while the adulterous bitch got her ass fucked off. Like all members of the family, Henry had a voyeur's inclinations.

Closer and closer he crept. His cock was so swollen by this time that it was threatening to bunt from his pants. He lowered the zipper of his fly, to ease the tension, and his prick shot out like a coiled spring.

With his cock bared now, Henry advanced again, coming up behind the costumed cat creature.

Looking over the cat girl's shoulder, he gulped in shock. A multitude of emotions rushed through his fevered mind.

He felt relief -- his wife wasn't cheating on him. Yet he felt disappointment -- because he had yearned to spy on her while she got fucked by a lover. And he was awed by the fact that both his son and his daughter were avid cunt-lappers.

And who the hell was that shapely specter whose juicy cunt they were sharing?

Incest, voyeurism, lesbianism, exhibitionism, gorgeous ghosts and nubile sex kittens... so many things were going on at once that Henry gurgled in confusion.

He was hunkered over the cat girl's shoulder, his eyes glued to the bed, yet Mandy didn't hear that gurgle just beside his ear, for her head was filled with a rushing sound, her blood pounding through her veins. His hot, panting breath wafted over her cheek, but her flesh was so hot that she failed to feel it. She didn't even feel the raging heat of his naked cock only inches from her ass.

Mandy stared, squirming, and Henry looked over her shoulder, trembling, and the remarkable action on Henry's bed continued.

Although she was loving to get double tongued, Jessica had already been sucked off today and now she yearned for a cuntful of stiff prick, a rock-hard prick to pound her pussy to jelly and squirt her full of fuck-juice as she creamed around it. Specifically, the horn woman yearned for a bellyful of her son's cockmeat.

She wondered if Tommy was a virgin. She hoped so, longing to be filled by his cherry cumload, but didn't dare ask, fearing he might recognize her voice. It would be mortifying if Tommy and Brenda discovered whose cunt they had been sucking. And worse than that, they might stop.

Unable to voice her desires, Jessica reached down and caressed Tommy's swollen balls, then drew her head up his hammering cockstalk, pulling him towards her. His head was down against her cunt. As she tugged his prick closer, Tommy raised his dripping face out of that hairy swamp, his eyes aglow with anticipation.

"Ready to fuck," he croaked.

Jessica nodded, the sheet shifting over her head. She sank back, knees lifting. Tommy shuffled up, poised over her steaming groin, his prick looming out over her belly like a hammer.

Brenda whimpered in envy. Lucky Tommy! If only I had a nice big cock, too, the girl thought -- then grinned as she remembered the dildo! It would be great fun to fuck Mandy with her mother's rubber prick, she thought -- and even more fun to fuck her mother with it, but Brenda didn't even dream of that.

She reached out and grabbed the dildo from the side of the bed, without looking, her eyes glued to her brother's cock and the cunt of a ghost she thought was Mandy Wilson. Drawing the harness around her hips, she fastened the straps. The gigantic rubber cock snapped into place, angled up before her belly. Stroking the lifeless rod idly, she squirmed round, beginning to feel that the rubber prick was truly a part of her body.

It was really turning the real Mandy on to see her sexy blonde girlfriend equipped with a cock. The two had sucked each other off a lot, but they'd never had a dildo to fuck each other with. That fuck-tool added a new dimension and Mandy was looking forward to using it on Brenda, and vice versa. Brenda looked spectacularly sexy, with a prick strapped on and her ass and hips slung in the leather harness. With her plump, stiff-tipped tits and her juicy cunt gash. She was also obviously a girl, yet the big, realistic prick was sprouting from her loins, towering up in front of those sweet tits. It was the best of both worlds, Mandy figured. She decided to watch a bit longer.

And, looking over her shoulder, Henry knew damned well he was going to watch for as long as the spectacle continued, for the man was a captive audience -- made captive by his own ragging. Just his eyes ran over his nubile daughter's body, his hands clenched and unclenched with the urge to feel that smooth girl flesh, and his cock and balls throbbed with the violence of his cum-load. He knew it was naughty to have erotic thoughts about his daughter, and more wrong to spy on her like he was -- and worse, yet, to carry incest to reality, touching, licking, fucking -- his mind spur dizzily with the prospect. It was definitely possible, he realized. She was, after all, naked on the bed with her brother and, therefore, was not beyond incest.

God, he thought, with a sudden surge of panic, I hope that Jessica doesn't come home before this is finished!

Henry thought that his wife would be scandalized, if she knew what was going on, not knowing that Jessica had been fucking and sucking with her own brother for years -- and never for a moment suspecting that it might be Jessica in disguise, making up the threesome. He had looked at the bare torso of the woman, admiring her full tits and bushy cunt mound and steaming fuck-hole and, although these were things that he saw every day, Henry never made the connection. Thrilled by the idea of incest, he never imagined that his wife might have the same inclinations.

So Mandy and Henry looked on in fascination and brother and sister continued to share a masked stranger -- who happened to be their mother.

Tommy put his weight on his hands and knees, poised over Jessica's quivering loins. Brenda knelt upright beside them, jerking her hips so that the rubber cock jabbed up and down in front of her pussy. The sheet was pulled up to Jessica's shoulders now, still effectively disguising her but leaving her lush body naked. She was glowing, her sleek flesh shimmering with a sheen of sweat, and her crotch lathered with steaming cunt juice.

Taking a chance, but keeping her voice low and husky, Jessica whispered: "Fuck my cunt."

Tommy jumped at the command as if, poised over her, he had been awaiting her orders. His lean ass jerked back and his prick angled down, the cock-knob aimed at Jessica's gaping cunt slot. She moaned and tilted her crotch upwards, invitingly. Her cuntlips rippled, parting wider, revealing the padded folds of her inner fuck-hole. Tommy pushed his cock out slowly, almost tentatively. His cockhead skimmed up her thigh, then nuzzled into her cunt. He paused, with only the tip of his long prick bathed in her swampy pussy gash. Cunt juice washed over his cock-knob. A few globs of jism dribbled from his pisshole, into her cunt slot. His thick cockstalk bridged from his pisshole, into her cunt slot. His thick cockstalk bridged the gap between his balls and her fuck-hole, pulsing and pounding. Jessica's cuntlips began to suck his cock in. Neither of them had to hump or thrust. Her pussy was doing the work, unaided, dragging his plug into her socket by suction.

His big purple cockhead vanished up her cunt hole and her slot collared his cockshaft just behind that buried knob. Her cunt muscles rippled, pulling his cock deeper. He was still on his hands and knees. No portion of their bodies was touching except for cock and cunt hole. Inch by precious inch, Jessica sucked his fucker up her pussy, clamping the inner rings closed as if she were frigging him off inside her loins.

Tommy stared down, fascinated, watching his prick fuck in slowly and steadily. Brenda leaned closer, pushing the rubber cock aside so it didn't block her view. Half of Tommy's cock was in Jessica's pussy. Her cuntlips pulled and sucked, dragging more of that rock-hard cock up her cunt. The clinging suction of her magic fuck-hole was causing the youth to shudder. It felt as if his cock had been caught in a pliable wringer. If Tommy hadn't already shot twice, the horny boy would have gotten his rocks off by now, before his cock had, even fucked in all the way. He was glad he'd already creamed, wanting this super-fuck to last as long as possible -- and his hot-cunted mother was just as glad. The naughty woman was thrilled by her first cuntful of her son's cockmeat. Tommy was blessed with a huge prick, but it wasn't that. Jessica had plenty of cocks as big as his. It was the depraved knowledge that it was her own son's prick that was driving her wild, the anticipation of his fuck-juice that made her melt.

Jessica was creaming already. She had started to come the moment her son's cockhead nudged into her fuck-slot and now she was in the sweet throes of a multiple orgasm, going off like a repeating rifle.

Each time a spasm cracked her loins, her cunt hole rippled and sucked his cock deeper. And each time his cockmeat slid up through another inch of fuck-hole, the woman creamed again, an endless circle that was pulling his prick deeper and deeper -- a circle that she knew was going to continue as long as the boy could hold out. Jessica was going to come and came and come, time and again. Her cunt was a raging inferno that would not be quelled until her son put out the flames with the foaming load of his steaming fuck-juice.

Her pelvis jerked and Tommy groaned. His cock slid in to the hairy root and his swollen balls jammed tight against her upthrust ass. Buried balls-deep, he knelt over her, holding the full penetration, thrilling to the joy of having every inch of his prick-meat buried in her wet pussy and letting her savor the joy of having her cunt hole stuffed to the brim.

Her cunt muscles continued to ripple up his cockshaft and molded themselves around his prick-knob, as if she were fucking herself on his stationery prick. She tilted one hip up, then the other, winding her fuck-hole around on his cockrod. Cum cream gushed down her plugged cunt and flooded down her crotch, scalding his balls and belly and seeping into the crack of her ass. Her cunt hole got slimier each time a spasm melted her. He felt as if his prick were floating, like a log in a swamp.

Then Jessica began to pump her ass up and down, so that her son's cock was fucking in and out of her. Tommy gasped and began to move with her, in counterpoint. He thrust his prick up as her juicy fuck-hole shoved down, then withdrew as she pulled away, her pussy twisting as it corkscrewed up his cock until only his cockhead was in her fuck-slot.

His cock fucked in, dragged out hissed back up her foaming fuck-hole. His balls swung in to slap against her jolting ass like a blackjack. Her cunt was pulling up on his cockmeat like a suction pump. As he drew out, her cuntlips distended, pulled out by his retreating prick. They unfurled more and another river of pussy juice poured from her. As he fucked back in, the juice sprayed out, splattering on his belly and into her cunt bush.

Loving to get fucked by her son, Jessica turned her eyes across to her daughter. She saw that naughty little Brenda had strapped the rubber cock on, impatiently waiting for her crack at Jessica's hot cunt. Brenda was gaping into Jessica's groin, fascinated at the sight of her brother's big prick fucking in and out of a cunt she thought was Mandy's. Tommy's prick came out lathered with cunt juice, then skimmed back up that sodden tunnel, pumping more fuck cream from her cunt. Jessica smiled behind her mask. It was lovely to have her daughter watch while she fucked her son, she thought -- to feel the girl's hot gaze glued to her pussy.

Jessica, that horny exhibitionist, would have been even more thrilled had she known that her husband, too, was a keen observer -- and that he was observing over the shoulder of a panting cat girl.

"C'mon, c'mon -- shoot up her cunt!" Brenda wailed.

The naughty girl was enjoying watching, but she was eager for her own turn, longing to suck her brother's cum out of that tasty cunt hole, then shove the dildo up it and fuck the delectable ghost woman, in her own fashion.

But Tommy was not about to blow his cum-load until he had to, wanting to wallow up that soaking, steaming pussy as long as he could. Instead of falling into a steady fucking rhythm that would bring him off by the increased friction, the boy was altering his cock-strokes and changing the angles. He fed the cockmeat to her cunt with a long, rippling, under slung stroke, then heaved his ass higher and fucked in from above, running the length of his cockshaft directly across her throbbing tilt. His ass switched from side to side as he fucked in.

Whimpering with need, Brenda knew she was going to have to wait. The girl was in an agony of fuck-lust, her pussy on fire and her tongue swelling up inside her drooling mouth. She knew there was no way she was going to dislodge her brother from that sweet fuck-hole. But she could at least lick around the edges while she waited.

Brenda leaned closer, her tongue hanging out, her plump tits bobbling under her like ripe fruit and the huge rubber cock jutting out from her nubile belly. Her blonde head went down and she sucked a nipple into her lips, nursing happily on the swollen nugget. She lapped at the other tit tip, then licked down the woman's shimmering belly. She went back to those fat tits, moaning as she mouthed them. The more she licked, the hungrier she got. Her tongue was vibrating. She squirmed around and knelt behind her brother as he fucked away. His ass heaved up and his balls swung back. Each time he drew backs the cheeks of his lean ass parted revealing the tight brown bud of his asshole.

Brenda was ready for anything by this time. She pushed her tongue out and ran it up the crack of her brother's ass. Tommy gasped at this new stimulation and began fucking harder and faster. His sister lapped away at his ass crack, then slid her tongue right up the boy's asshole, stirring and fluttering, slurping and sliding. The tangy taste of her brother's shit chute thrilled her. Tongue-fucking his tight asshole, she sucked on the puckered brown bud, slobbering into his ass.

Her head bobbed lower and her tongue began to flash against his balls. She licked and kissed and sucked, feeling his cum-load shift inside the hairy bags. The girl had gone suck mad. She mouthed her brother's balls, whimpering, then slid up, her flattened tongue slipping up the crack of his ass and dipping into his shit hole.

As her head bobbed up and down, the dildo whacked against his ass and thighs. Brenda grasped it and shoved it to the side. It was a useless object when there wasn't a hole available for it.

But then she moved up beside the fucking couple again, holding the rubber cock out toward the masked face of the ghost woman. She pushed the tip into her mouth hole. Jessica sucked it in through the sheet, nursing on the hard rubber knob as if it were a real prick. Brenda humped, fucking deeper into that mysterious mouth, wishing she really had a prick so that she could fill that sucking maw with jism. The ghostly head tilted back, full of rubber cock, then bobbed back up. Brenda pushed her belly out. The girl was thinking that she would sit on the woman's face for a while, getting her cunt tongued while her own tongues got hotter and hungrier by the moment. She dragged the dildo out with a slurp. The sheet pulled out, fluttering. Brenda started to throw one knee across and mount the woman's face.

But Brenda had given her mother an idea.

Jessica adored taking two cocks at the same time and if one of those cocks happened to be made of rubber, it didn't matter -- as long as that rubber cock was strapped to her daughter's nubile loins. And Jessica loved variety.

She had already had her mouth on Brenda's cunt and Tommy's cock, and her own cunt had already been greedily sucked by both of them, and her fuck hole was already full of plunging, pounding prick.

But her poor asshole had been neglected. And the big rubber dildo was just what she needed to fill that gap.


Henry's big prick was volcanic by this time, the pisshole gaping, his balls tingling. And back towards that dynamic prick came the cat girl's ass. Mandy was hunkered down, giving her pussy a thorough rubbing as she prepared to slink into her bedroom and join the action. Her trim little ass swayed from side to side, black tail wishing, as she ground her cunt against her caressing hand. Then she jerked back the final inch, and the red-hot rod of Henry's prick pressed into the crack of her ass.

Mandy gasped in surprise, feeling as if she had backed into a hot stovepipe. Her masked head jerked around and, looking over her shoulder, she saw Henry crouched behind her. The girl felt a moment of panic at having been caught spying on his kids. But then she realized that Henry, too, had been playing the Peeping Tom. He could hardly castigate her for what he was doing, himself. And, besides, since she was wearing a mask, he wouldn't even know who she was.

Mandy smiled up at him.

Henry winked back at her, grinning, sharing their happy secret. Her ass wriggled and his enormous cock throbbed in the crack, so hot she thought that it might melt the material of her leotards, leaving a dripping black slime all over her ass. Bonded by the voyeur's thrill they were sharing, it seemed a good idea to get bonded physically, as well. Mandy needed fucking really bad and that huge, thundering prick certainly needed a place to cream. The solution to both of their problems was evident.

Mandy dropped onto her knees, hiking her ass up high and wagging her tail.

He dragged the crotchband of the leotards out to one side, leaving her cunt exposed. The folds were open, the slot full of pussy juice. He slid his middle finger up her fuck-hole and felt the wet walls clamp around it. His thumb glided over her clit as he fingered inside her pussy, preparing her for a much thicker plunger than any finger. She moaned softly, ready for his prickmeat. Henry drew his hand out of her crotch and seized his prick by the hilt. Holding the leotards out of the way, he guided the huge, mushroom-shaped wedge of his cockhead into the girl's smoldering cunt gash.

The instant that Mandy felt his cock nudge into her pussy, she shoved her ass back, stuffing her fuck-hole halfway up his long thick cockshaft. His prick-knob flared inside her and his cock levered in her cunt. Her ass tilted up as his cock lurched, lifting her pelvis. Her sleek thighs tensed as she came up, then eased as she slid down again. His prick was so gigantic that, even with only half of it in her cunt, Mandy felt as if she were stuffed to the core. She reached behind her ass and grasped his balls, then slid her hand onto his cockstalk, amazed at finding such a length still sticking out of her pussy. She jacked on the root of his cockrod, causing the buried portion to thunder inside her enveloping snatch. With that fat handful behind her, the girl felt certain she could never manage to take all of his prick up her cunthole, a much as she yearned for it. But Mandy didn't realize how deep and pliable a pussy she had.

Henry grasped her by her hipbones, turning her ass from side to side for a moment. Then he hauled her back and he thrust his cock out.

Mandy gasped as she realized that Henry was balls deep up her fuck-hole. She felt as if he had to rim her through on his fleshy sword. And his prick was stretching her cunt walls open wide as she accommodated his massive fucker.

Henry held still for a moment, giving the young girl time to adjust his huge prick. Then, grunting, he began to pour the prick to her with gusto.

Mandy met him with equal intensity, grinding back as he fucked in and twisting her hips on the backstroke. Her cunthole was nice and snug, as he'd hoped, clinging to the contours of his prick, pulling and dragging and sucking as if she had a secret mouth inside her belly. Her head went up and down and her ass rocked, as if her body were a seesaw. The little black cat ears of her mask flicked as her face turned from side to side and her long, sinuous tail switched against Henry's belly and thighs as he plunged his prick into the smoking crater of her cunt.

She was graceful and feline in her lithe gyrations.

Henry was fucking into her like a bull. He was driving her forward on his fuck-thrusts. His belly slapped hard on the curve of her ass and his balls whacked into her crotch and each time he fucked the cockmeat up her cunt. It was only an inch or so at a time, but the process was steady -- like a river cuffing a gorge through solid rock.

Both Mandy and Henry, as they cavorted in their doggy-fucking posture, were gazing straight ahead, at the threesome on Henry's bed, still enjoying playing the voyeurs even though they were participants, now.

And they were concentrating so attentively on the juicy details of the cluster in the bedroom, perhaps they didn't even realize that, stroke by stroke, and inch by inch, they were drawing I closer to that active group on the bed.

Brenda, with the rubber cock jutting up from her harnessed loins, the cock-knob wet with Jessica's saliva as it bobbed in front of the girl's plump tits, shifted her knees across and hovered over Jessica's masked face. Her pussy was dripping, the cuntlips open in a wide oval and her clit a throbbing nugget. Jessica had other demands, at the moment, but her daughter's sweet pussy looked so lovely that she just had to tongue-fuck the girl for a while. Her head bobbed up and Brenda settled down, clamping her cunt on her mother's eager mouth. Jessica slid her tongue up the fuck-hole and her lips sucked eagerly. Cunt cream filled her mouth at soaked the masking sheet. She gulped and gurgled, swallowing the delicious seepage with joy. But then she gently pushed Brenda away. "Don't-don't you want to suck me?" Brenda asked, hating to have that skillful mouth off her pussy.

Jessica didn't even have to disguise her voice when she replied. Her voice was husky with lust and her mouth was full of cunt juice, bubbling hot, muffling her tones.

"Later -- something else now," she rasped. Brenda slid away, the dildo swaying, her tits bobbling, the androgynous combination wildly exciting to Jessica -- and to everyone else who happened to be watching. Tommy had not faltered, never missing a fuck-stroke up Jessica's cunthole while his sin straddled his face. Nor did his mother want him to miss a fuck-stroke, even long enough to change positions. The thought of not being stuffed full of her son's vibrant prick, even for a second, was distressing. She lifted one hip, turning her pelvis. Tommy plowed into her, still fucking steadily even as her twisting loins tilted him to the side. Jessica turned farther. Tommy dropped onto the bed, on his side, his ass and hips still jolting his cock into her like a piston. They lay there, face to face, fucking on their flanks for a moment. Then Jessica twisted again, rising up on top of I Tommy and turning the boy over onto his back.

She had reversed the position without uncoupling for an instant, without missing a single fuck-stroke.

Jessica rode his towering cock, her thighs tensing as she slid up, then relaxing as she ground down, taking his cockmeat deep into her fuckhole. Tommy heaved up from the creaking bed as he fucked his prick up her pussy violently.

Her ass swung from side to side as she stuffed her cunt brimful of cock. As she slid down to the hairy root, her cuntlips plastered against him. As she rose up, those wet folds slurped and pulled every inch of cockshaft.

Brenda was kneeling beside them, squealing and panting. The girl hadn't figured out what role she was destined to play in this new choreography. But she knew that a girl could do little wrong if she went in tongue first.

Blonde tit tumbling over her cheeks, her face radiant with desire, Brenda leaned down over the ghostly figure that was riding Tommy's upright prick. The sheet had slipped down concealing the woman's loins. Brenda pulled it up again. That churning ass swept out from the narrow waist, jolting from side to side below the slender column of her back. Brenda kissed the cheeks of her ass lovingly. Then, remembering how much she had enjoyed snacking on her brother's asshole, the naughty girl began to run her tongue up through the tight crack of the woman's ass, spreading the asscheeks apart with her hands. Coming to the taut brown bud, Brenda licked and sucked, slobbering up into the woman's shit tunnel.

Jessica moaned, loving to feel her little girl's tongue rimming out her shit chute and knowing her ass was going to be well lubricated by saliva when it came time to get stuffed full of rubber cock.

Brenda spent a few delicious minutes tonguing out Jessica's asshole, then slid lower. She lapped her brother's swollen balls. Then, as Jessica rode up and his thick, slime-coated cockshaft emerged, Brenda lapped the cunt juice from his cock, her tongue slurping all the way up so that it ended up in Jessica's fuck-slot at the top of the stroke. The girl's tongue was going wild with the joy of lapping tangy cunt juice up from a hot slab of cockmeat. She could hardly wait for her brother to shoot his gooey cumload into that steamy pussy, and she was eager to suck the woman's cum cream off her brother's prick and her brother's fuck-juice out of the woman's cunt hole.

Tilting her head sideways, Brenda fitted her lips to the undersides of Tommy's cockshaft, where the fat, dark vein was pulsating so vigorously. She played his cockmeat like a flute, sucking and lapping as it slid through her lips en route to the woman's cunt hole.

Jessica twisted from the hips, reaching back with one hand and grasping the rubber prick by the rod. She pulled it up to her ass. Brenda hesitated, not quite sure what the masked woman wanted. Jessica slid her hand up, gripping the dildo just behind the fat knob, and fitted the tip of that knob into her shit chute.

"Fuck me up the ass," she rasped.

"Oooohhh -- yeah!" Brenda squealed.

She was no longer quite so certain that this masked marvel was Mandy. She knew Mandy's body well, by sight, taste and texture. And this voluptuous ghost stride her brother's prick we far more womanly, tastier and tangier eat juicier. But Brenda didn't give a shit who the mystery woman was -- not as long as she could suck and fuck with the enchanting creature.

Holding Jessica by the hips, Brenda began to inch the rubber cock up her ass.

Jessica fucked all the way down on her son's towering prick and held it all in her, not humping far the moment, waiting for her other fuckhole to get sniffed. Her pussylips flattened around the root of his prick. Tommy lay still, panting, his prick throbbing inside her fuck-hole.

For a sad moment, Brenda didn't think that fat rubber cockhead was going to fit up that tight puckered bud. But Jessica, having ass fucked herself often with the tool, knew better. Her asshole was soaking with her daughter's saliva and the dildo was wet with her own spit and as Brenda shoved, the wedge-shaped knob began to inch into her asshole. Brenda moaned as she saw Jessica's whole spread and ripple around the slowly intruding fuck-stick.

Jessica pushed back and the knob of the dildo fucked deeper into her shit tunnel. Her asshole fluttered, collaring the thick cockstalk behind the buried crown. Brenda stared down, wishing with all her heart that she really had a cock, that the big rubber fuck-tool was eventually a part of her body, so that she could experience the delightful sensation of having that hot ass working on her own cockmeat.

Jessica's talented asshole began to suck the rubber cock deeper, as if she were digesting it in reverse. Brenda wasn't shoving now. She didn't have to. She could feel the woman's shit track dragging the dildo right up into the depths of her ass guts. She reached down and grasped her son's swollen balls, squeezing gently, feeling them pulsate. Her other hand slid around the woman's hip and dipped down past her bushy cunt mound, into her groin. She began to finger Jessica's clit as it flared against the root of Tommy's prick.

Suddenly, Brenda's loins jerked forward. Jessica had sucked the dildo all the way up her asshole. With the rubber fuck-rod buried her curved ass was pressed tightly to her daughter's trim belly. No one moved for a moment, a stationary tableau of linked bodies. Tommy's prick was pounding up Jessica's pussy, vibrating like a tuning fork. Brenda was pulling Jessica's clit and fondling Tommy's balls. Jessica whimpered with the bliss of having both of her fuck-tunnels stuffed full at the same time.

Then Jessica began to move.

She rose slowly up on her son's rampant prick, until only the flaring cockhead was stuck in her cunt slot, pawed, then slowly pushed back, taking him balls-deep again.

Brenda began to hump, pulling the rubber cock out of her mother's whole, then fucking it back in. Her nubile haunches pistoned and she was fucking as expertly as if she had been born with that rubber appendage.

Jessica waited with the joy of it, feeling the two pricks passing through her twin tracks, like trains passing in a tunnel. Tommy heaved upward. His cock plunged into her soaking cunt hole and he felt the rubber prick slam into her asshole, through the thin dividing membrane.

Like a well-oiled machine, the three pumped and pistoned together. Tommy's cockmeat gorged her fuck-hole, then pulled out as the rubber prick filled her ass guts. Jessica tossed and twisted between them, adoring it.

But, intricate as the arrangement was, there was still room for more, still other openings to [missing text].


Henry had fucked Mandy halfway across the bedroom when he shot his cum-load. His belly whacked against her ass and as his cock plunged in to the hilt, his fuck-juice shot out with such force that he almost blew her right off the end of his prick. Mandy wailed when she felt that steaming cock slime hose her fuck-hole, melting in her own joyful climax. Henry pumped all of his cum-load into her pussy with three or four violent cock-thrusts, then stopped fucking for a moment. His balls deflated. Thea they began to swell again. His cock was still hard a stone inside the girl's cunt. Grinning fiendishly, he began to fuck her a second time, without even taking his prick out for a breather.

But the threesome on the bed had heard Mandy's wail of joy, and they looked around in surprise, then confusion. Tommy and Brenda were horrified at having had their daddy find them in this compromising position, frantically searching for some explanation and blushing furiously. But then it dawned on them that their daddy, too, was in somewhat of a compromising position, with his prick stuck up a cat girl, and they thought that maybe the situation wasn't so awful, after all.

Jessica had been equally horrified, for a moment, thinking that her loving husband had just discovered her fucking their son and getting ass fucked by their daughter. But a surge of relief came to her. She was in disguise! Henry couldn't possibly know who she was and, anyhow, the son of a bitch was cheating on her with some girl in a cat suit.

Seeing no reason to interrupt the proceedings, Jessica began to fuck her cunt on Tommy's prick again, her asshole sliding up sad down the dildo.

Tommy and Brenda had stopped fucking and were staring at their father, waiting for his reaction.

And Henry, grinning as he poured the prick up Mandy's pussy from under her ass, said: "Don't stop, for chrissake -- we've come to join you!"

Filled with relief, the kids began to fill their mother with cock and dildo again, fucking vigorously into her twin tunnels as she churned between them. They were pleased that Daddy wasn't angry -- and even more pleased that he and his feline friend were bringing more cock and cum and cunt to the cluster-fuck.

Henry fucked Mandy over to the side of the bed, gave her cunt a last thundering fuck-stroke, then slowly pulled his dripping prick out of her sucking pussy.

Mandy didn't waste any time.

Grinning happily, the lithe girl crawled onto the bed, looked here and there for openings, then moved up and sat on Tommy's upturned face. She pushed her pussy down and his head came up to meet the tasty snack. His tongue delved up her cunt hole and his lips slurped on her pussy. Gurgling with the thrill, Mandy jerked on his faced her trim ass swaying just in front of Jessica's masked head.

Jessica could hardly resist that temptation.

The leotard was already dragged out of the girls crotch and Jessica yanked it farther, freeing the girl's shapely little ass. Leaning down, pushing her tongue out from the mouth hole of the sheet, she began to tongue fuck Mandy's succulent little asshole.

Henry looked on approvingly, proud to see that his son was an enthusiastic cunt-lapper and wondering who on earth was hidden under that sheet, feasting with such gusto on an ass hole and taking it up her own asshole cunt at the same time. The fact that his daughter was harnessed to the rubber prick didn't trouble Henry in the slightest. And the fact that she was also fondling her brother's balls delighted him. If naughty little Brenda was game for invest, who was her horny father to delay her the pleasure?

Henry got up from the floor. His prick was slimy with cum and cunt juice and, although he'd just shot a huge lump of jism into the cat girl, his cock was still as hard as a hunk of iron. He wondered if he'd ever have a soft prick again, after today's visual stimulation.

He knelt on the bed behind his daughter's harnessed, grinding ass. Brenda looked back over her shoulder, her eyes glowing, smiling at her father. He raised his eyebrows.

"Ooooh, yes, Daddy -- can you fuck me," she moaned.

Henry pushed his hips forward. The head of his gigantic, gnarled prick nestled into his daughter's foaming fuck-slot. He held her by the hips, moving her slowly, not fucking in yet as he savored the anticipation, the dark desire for his darling daughter, the sweet prospect of plunging his throbbing prickmeat into her soaking cunt.

Brenda squirmed against him, her pussylips rippling. The girl was wild at the through that her hot cunt was about to get stuffed full of Daddy's cock. Henry pushed half of his cockhead up her steaming fuck-slot and paused. He was panting heavily and his prick was pounding like a hammer. He could hardly believe this was happening -- that he was going to fuck his daughter! But it was true. He could feel her hot pussy pulling on his prick-knob, urging him to plunge deeper.

"Give it to me, Daddy!" Brenda wailed. "Oh shit -- I'm so fucking horny -- shove your big cock up my cunt and fuck my ass off, Daddy!" Henry groaned, grunted and slammed every inch of his gigantic prick up his daughters fuck hole.

"Oh! Oooooh!" she cried, feeling her father's fat fuck rod filling her cunt.

She began to jerk violently, slamming her ass back against hit hefty, jolting forward, fucking her cunt on his cock wildly, even before the man had started to bump.

Then Henry began pouring the prick to her with gay abandon. His [missing text] dipped down and his thick prick came pulling out, drenched and steaming. Then he fucked back into her pussy, driving her up from the bed. As he shoveled the cockmeat to her cunt, the rubber prick harnessed to her haunches was ramming in and out of Jessica's asshole, setting in motion a chain reaction.

Henry groaned with joy. He had never had his cock sheathed in such a tight, juicy fuck-hole before. He fucked into his daughter's sweet pussy so hard her whole lithe body shook. His hands groped around to fondle her pert, plump tits and pull at the stiff tips. She squirmed against his, thrusting her tits into his hands and her ass against his belly and taking all of his huge cock into her fuck-hole.

The chain reaction continued, everyone linked together with Henry, on the end, powering the action. Henry drove his prick into his daughter's cunt hole. Her belly shoved out and she rammed the dildo up her mother's shit hole. As her ass filled with rubber prick, Jessica's cunt was jammed down to the root of her son's towering cock, while at the same time her masked head was propelled forward and her tongue shot up into Mandy's asshole. And when Mandy felt that hot, nimble tongue reaming out her shit chute, she squirmed, forward, grinding her foaming cunt onto Tommy's eager face.

Henry pounded on, a mighty engine driving this complex fucking-machine along the bed, his prick the piston that powered all the parts of the carnal device. All coupled up, like the separate parts of some meaty erector set, the five horny fuckers churned and jolted and thrashed through their ecstasy.

"Fuck -- fuck -- fuck!" Brenda was chanting, each time her daddy's cock drove into her, filling her fuck-hole to the very depths. His cockhead was bottoming out and still the insatiable little nymph longed for more, yearned for yards of prick fucking into her pussy.

A spasm hit her and she shuddered.

"Oh! Oh, shit! Oh, Daddy -- I'm gonna cream on your big cock!" she cried as her cunt began to melt around his prick like a wax candle around a fiery wick. "Shoot in my fuckhole -- come in me, Daddy -- squirt me full of jizz!"

His daughter's words enflamed Henry almost as much as the tight suction of her cunt hole.

"Take it, baby!" he howled.

Henry's own cum hosed his daughter's cunt in a massive geyser, setting off another chain reaction -- a fluid one. His jism poured into Brenda's fuck-hole.

Her pussy creamed as he tilled her full of cum. She fucked, the rubber cock up her mother's shit chute, feeling as if she were coming there, too, as if her daddy's cum and her own cum juice were spurting out from the head of the rubber prick, into that hot asshole. And as her ass guts filled with that rubber cock, Jessica slammed down on her son's rampant prick and felt his cum spurt straight up into her fuck-hole. Tommy heaved up from the bed, his jism rocketing into his mother's creaming cunt hole while, at the other end of his lust-contorted body, Mandy was flooding his open mouth with her cum juice as she, too, creamed.

As if the sum were greater than the total of the parts, all five fuckers creamed rivers of cum as that fucking-machine ground merrily away.

At long last they were drained.

Henry, still in control, pulled his prick slowly put of his daughter's soaking cunthole. It was like pulling the plug out of the socket. The machine ground to a halt. They collapsed together in a cluster of satisfied flesh, feeling and licking here and there as they waited, eagerly, for the next event.

Brenda was lazily licking the head of her daddy's prick, teasing it back to a new hard-on. He lay sprawled on his back, groaning, as his prick began to stiffen again.

The cat girl was doing the same thing on Tommy's prick, lapping at the cock-knob, slurping it into her lips, working it back to a frenzy. His cock stood, wavering. Smiling, knowing his cock would soon be as hard as a stone, the cat girl rolled across and gave Brenda's cunt a tender tongue-fucking, enjoying the subtle difference in flavor between cock and cunt.

"Ooooh -- you do that nice," Brenda sighed, jerking her crotch against the masked face.

"Well, you know that," Mandy said.

Brenda frowned and drew her lips away from the head of her father's prick.

"Mandy?" she asked.

Mandy looked up in surprise, lifting her face out of Brenda's crotch and pulling the cat mask off.

"Well, sure -- who did you think I was?"

"I-I thought -- but then who...?" She looked around for the woman in the sheet.

But, like a real ghost, the ghost woman had vanished.

Brenda shook her head, puzzled. "Who the fuck was that ghost?" she murmured.

Her father smiled and gently pulled her mouth back down onto the head of his vibrant cock.

"It doesn't matter," he sighed as his daughter sucked lovingly on his cock-knob. "As long as she keeps her mouth shut. We don't want anyone to know about this, right?"

Brenda giggled around his prick. "Yeah," she agreed. "Don't tell Mom..."


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