Overeager wife

There can be no doubt that most people want very much to be liked and accepted by their friends and colleagues. Indeed, at times the need for approval may lead a person to act differently than he wishes.

The strictly social-drinking executive. The teenage girl who hates rock music but has all the latest pop albums. The football player who keeps his favorite hobby of knitting a well-guarded secret.

Ted and Maggie Spencer are an average American couple who find themselves in just such a situation. Relatively new members of their suburban neighborhood, they are eager to make friends. As a result, they find themselves drawn into activities they are not really sure they desire, yet which they go along with for fear of losing their newfound friends.

And to all outward appearances their everyday life proceeds normally. Their new pastime turns into an obsession, however, and the Spencers find it necessary to get away, to give themselves a chance to reevaluate their situation. But when the young couple arrives at the home of Maggie's parents for their "vacation from mate-swapping", they soon learn that they are not the only ones whose lives have taken a drastic turn.

A novel mirroring what has become a way of life for many Americans. A story that is a reflection of our times. A shocking and thought-provoking tale.


"Shields Avenue," Ted muttered. Only one of his eyes was on the road. "Do you see it?"

"No, I don't," Maggie replied, just a bit too sharply as another unexpected tingle raced through her cunt. She didn't care if he ever found the street for which he searched. She didn't care at all. This whole thing was insane.

"There it is," Ted said triumphantly. He made a quick left and the car scooted into the mouth of Shields Avenue.

Maggie sighed. She would have rubbed her lips with her hand but right now all ten of her fingers were laced together in a tight knot. Her feet shifted uncomfortably on the floor of the car. She wished she were somewhere else.

This was a very nice section of town, she thought. Most of the houses were old, elegant in a turn-of-the-century style Maggie found captivating. Or would have, if she'd been in the proper frame of mind.

What was wrong with Ted? she asked herself. Or was she at fault? They'd been married two and a half years -- no children yet, for they were still unsettled. So far as Maggie was concerned they enjoyed a full and rich sex life that was everything it should have been. Eight months ago they'd come to Dawson, where Ted had found a good job. He was director of the local Community Services program, euphemism for a broad range of welfare activities. His job paid well and they lived in a nice new house on the southern edge of town, and until a few weeks ago there had been no problem at all.

And then Mrs. Belinda Rodgers had come down to volunteer her services at the community center. She was a young woman, Maggie's age or a bit less, of a prominent local family. Her husband was an attorney in Dawson -- he'd run for county attorney in the last election only to be defeated when Dawson County went Democratic for the first time in forty years -- and Maggie had seen their pictures in the newspaper quite a few times.

There was more to it than that. Belinda Rodgers wasn't just a dedicated young Illinois matron. Maggie hadn't met her, but Ted had spoken of little else since she had started to work. It was "Mrs. Rodgers" this and "Mrs. Rodgers" that, and the next day it had been "Belinda", until Maggie wondered if her young husband had any other topics of conversation.

And for the last two weeks Ted had been talking not only about Belinda but about something he called "swinging". It took Maggie a while to understand what he meant and, when she did, she was horrified. Apparently Belinda and her husband David were devotees of the practice of mate swapping with other couples. And just as apparently Belinda had been giving Ted a sales pitch at the office, trying to convince him that he and his wife should give it a try.

"It's disgusting," Maggie had told Ted. "It's horrible even to think about. How could you consider it?"

He gave her his answers as fluidly as though they were a well-memorized school recitation. It was neither disgusting nor horrible. Belinda and her husband were attractive, well-adjusted people. They loved one another but they realized that the impulses of love and sex were not completely identical. If anything, their experiences with swinging ha strengthened what they felt for one another. Why shouldn't he and Maggie try it as well? It would be broadening for their minds and their bodies.

"After all," he pointed out, "sometimes I look at other woman and I desire them. I don't doubt you've felt the same about other men, if you'd only be truthful with yourself. Someone new and exciting, whose eyes seem to leap at you across a room and suddenly, in your mind, the two of you are already rolling in bed. Hasn't that happened?"

Maggie shook her head frantically. Never, she told herself. Never. Knowing that to a small degree it was true. Sometimes she fantasized. All women did. When Maggie was younger she had often masturbated, pretending that some idealized man was fucking her -- some dreamy boy from school, or perhaps an actor, a singer. She could still remember her trembling girlish orgasms in the arms of a ghost-image Paul Newman or Steve McQueen or Tom Jones. Her head shook angrily then, trying to clear away the thoughts which troubled her, and she would not say another word.

But other days had brought other words, and each day Ted seemed to have some new insight passed his way by Belinda. One day he brought home an issue of a men's magazine from the newsstand downtown. The last fifteen pages or so, he pointed out, were devoted to ads from couples and singles all over the country who were into swinging. Maggie pursed her mouth as she looked at the ads, three columns to a page and plenty of photos and she noticed that the Midwest was liberally represented.

"All right!" she cried, throwing down the magazine. "If it means that much to you, then let me meet them. I'm not promising anything but I'll talk to your precious Belinda and her precious husband."

And now they were almost there. Ted was cruising slowly down Shields Avenue, his eyes scanning both sides of the street for some sign that they'd found the right house. Maggie saw him smile and he turned into a driveway, parking behind a small foreign car which she assumed belonged to one of the Rodgers'. He rushed around to open Maggie's door and walked her toward the house. He held her hand tight in his, as if he feared she might run away from him before he could ring the doorbell. Maggie's feet seemed to be made of lead. She walked with dragging steps, blushes stinging her face, and she wondered for the millionth time today why she'd consented even to a get-acquainted session with Ted's newfound swinging friends. Once more she wished she were somewhere else.

Maggie sat on the parlor sofa with her husband, a splendidly mixed Vodka Collins in her hand. She was still trying to hate Belinda and David but she couldn't keep up the pretense much longer. It was impossible not to like them -- at least a little bit.

Belinda was a sparkling girl, long honey hair framing her finely chiseled oval of a face. Her blue eyes were full of life and her hands moved in graceful animation as she talked. She was simply but expensively dressed in a flattering sweater/slacks combination, and from the interesting jiggle of her plump round tits it was obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra. Maggie's own brassiere began to feel uncomfortably tight and confining as she watched the free swing of Belinda's tits.

David, on the other hand, carried himself with the professional assurance of the professional man he was. His face was serious as well as pleasing to look upon, but when he smiled he seemed to be a boy once again, grinning at some prank. He was much slimmer than Ted and not so obviously muscled, a type Maggie had not cared for. Until now.

She sat quietly for the most part, replying once in a while when a question came her way, but Ted and the Rodgers' did nearly all the talking. He and Belinda were discussing something that had happened at the office a few days ago, laughing about it, sharing the memory. Maggie felt excluded and she could manage only a weak, forced smile when she saw that David's eyes were on her. He looked at her frankly, appraisingly, or so it seemed, and she blushed once again.

But why shouldn't he stare at her that way? Obviously he knew that Maggie and Ted had come over to discuss the possibility of swinging with him and Belinda, even though the subject had not yet been broached. She wished she could look behind the even facade of his eyes and see what he thought of her.

There was no reason for David not to like what he was looking at. Maggie was an attractive woman, twenty-three yeas old and well built. Her hair was dark and curly, shoulder-length, while the dress she wore flattered her trim figure and showed off her legs, longer than Belinda's and supporting a rather taller frame. Maggie's nose was her only drawback, or so she felt. It was too sharp for beauty, and every time she looked at Belinda she envied the other wife the cute button nature had given her.

Maggie sighed, the action causing her tits to rise even higher in the bodice of her dress, and she saw David smile, showing some of his even, capped teeth. He must be dynamite in a courtroom, she taught, especially if there are women on the jury.

She realized that weakness was seeping into her system and she tried to fight it. Hastily Maggie tried to imagine David and Belinda at their swapping sessions, each of them fucking on a bed with a stranger. Her mind stripped the clothes away from their bodies, strove to conjure up partners for them. Did they fuck on the same bed? she wondered, or did they have the common decency to take their temporary lovers to separate bedrooms. It was depraved and disgusting, she reminded her conscience. To know that your mate was enjoying sex with another person while you did the same. How could they live with themselves? What did they say to one another afterward? "How was your girl, David?"

"She was a spectacular fuck, Belinda. How about yours?"

"Gad, darling, you should have seen the way he could swing his cock!"

Maggie stared at their faces, searching desperately for the signs of immorality, which she knew must be there. And still David reminded her of nothing more than a straight-A college senior, while Belinda might be the granddaughter of Mary.

Something stirred her to full consciousness, breaking into her thoughts. Ted was rising from the sofa.

"Come upstairs," Belinda was saying, "and I'll show you David's study. I designed it myself and I'm very proud of it."

"Okay, honey?" Ted asked his wife, and Maggie nodded. She watched as her husband followed Belinda's twitching ass into the hallway and up the staircase. When she looked back David was on his feet, walking toward her. A gulp caught in Maggie's throat.

"Can I freshen your drink?" he was asking. "I'm not as good a bartender as Belinda..." but Maggie shook her head, raising the three quarters-full glass. He smiled and went to the bar. She watched over her shoulder as he mixed himself a new drink. He didn't use much gin, she thought. That was a good sign. Too many people drank entirely too much and it was nice to see someone else who could use alcohol in a restrained fashion. Instead of returning to his chair he sat down on the floor beside Maggie's perch on the sofa, still smiling in his infectious way.

"If you're that nervous about it," he said, "maybe you should forget the idea altogether. Some people aren't cut out for swinging."

Maggie took a hasty drink, smearing her lips with vodka Collins. She dabbed tern with the back of a finger, heart fluttering in her chest. "It-it -- wasn't my id-idea," she stammered, unable to believe that the burden had been lifted from her soul so easily.

David nodded. He sipped at his drink thoughtfully for a few moments, then put it down. "Well," he said, rising slowly to his feet, "why don't we go upstairs and find our partners and break the bad news to them. I'm afraid Belinda is going to be disappointed, and so am I, but it can't be helped. Neither of us believes in forcing other people to do what they don't want."

Maggie should have been more grateful than she was, and she knew it. Once again her feet seemed to be made of lead and, for a moment, all she really understood was that David had regretted not being able to fuck her. It was the nearest to a pass she'd received since marrying, and she felt uneasy as well as flattered to know that he had found her attractive.

Side by side they climbed the stain. David broke the silence. "They should be in my study," and he pointed to the room at the right of the stair head. He hung back and let Maggie precede him. She turned, her lips staffing to form her husband's name as she peered through the open door of David's study. The word never left her lips.

They presented her with a perfect profile. Ted stood before the big desk, wearing only his undershirt. His shorts lay in a pile around his ankles. Belinda, still fully clothed, knelt before him. One of her hands stroked Ted's bare leg up and down, the other cupping his oversized nuts in a firm grip. His cock thrust out, thick and long, but Maggie couldn't see his full hard-on, for most of it was buried inside Belinda's sucking mouth.

Her long blonde hair swishing and swaying with energetic motion, David's wife gobbled avidly at the stiff cock belonging to Maggie's husband. Ted's eyes were closed and he was petting Belinda's head, encouraging her with his hands and his words.

"Yes," he sighed, "use your tongue on me. God, it feels good!"

Maggie's vision blurred and there was a roaring in her ears. In spite of that roaring she could hear Ted's obscene encouragement, not to mention the greedy slurping sounds that emanated from Belinda's sucking mouth. Sickened to the pit of her being, Maggie turned to David. His face was calm and smiling. She looked back through the open doorway, wondering if she had seen only what she feared, not what was real.

No -- it was true! Her husband was reveling in a blow job from another woman! Maggie made a fist and hit her thigh with it. She didn't know what to do, what to say.

David put a shushing finger over his lips and tugged at her wrist. She went with him down the hallway. He led her into a darkened room and turned on the light.

"This is our guest room," he said. "Why don't you sit dawn on the bed and try to pull yourself together?"

Maggie dully nodded her gratitude as she sat on the edge of the bed. Her entire body seemed numb, from her brain to her toes. She hadn't counted on this at all. No, nothing like this! She'd agreed to come over to Abe Rodgers house tonight, meet David and Belinda, and talk about the subject that seemed to totally occupy her husband's mind lately -- but she hadn't given Ted her permission to start the ball rolling.

Her eyes lifted and she saw David standing beside her. How could he be so cool when his wife, his lovely young wife, was in a room down the hall sucking the cock of a man he'd never met before tonight? Was rage seething just beneath his placid exterior? Was he internally contemplating the prospect of hunting up a gun and killing Ted where he stood?

David dropped to his knees beside her and she felt him take her hand in his. "You really aren't cut out for it, are you?" he asked gently. "Did it bother you that much?"

"Of course it did," Maggie replied. She was too distraught to cry, but then, she'd never been an easy weeper. Instead, she tended to go numb, as she was right now. "Of course," she repeated.

"Doesn't it bother you?"

He shook his head. "Why should it?"

"She's your wife! And she's..." Maggie searched her mind for the clinical phrase, not wishing to be vulgar in the presence of a virtual stranger.

"Sucking Ted's cock?" David suggested. "Is that what you wanted to say? And of course she's my wife. We love each other very much. And what you just saw in the study won't have the slightest effect on our feelings."

"Then it doesn't mean anything to you?" Maggie challenged. "It's just meaningless?"

"Of course it isn't! Love and sex have their own meanings. Sometimes they come together and it's wonderful, but they don't have a horse and cart relationship. Belinda isn't going to lose her heart to your husband just because she has sex with him. Tell me. If you hadn't seen them, if you hadn't known about it, would you be this upset?"

Maggie shook her head.

"All right," David declared. "Maybe I shouldn't tell you this, but Belinda fucked Ted for the first time about two weeks ago. I think it was the second day she was on volunteer duty at Community Services. You didn't know that, did you? You didn't even guess it? Ted didn't turn into a brutal monster of infidelity? You're shaking, Maggie, and there's no reason for it. None at all. Calm down."

His hand was secure as it gripped hers and some of David's security seemed to filter into Maggie's body. Feeling returned to her limbs, slowly at first, and the chill that had swept up her spine thawed. Her head still felt giddy and no words would rescue her. She tried to cast her mind back, to recall how Ted had spoken and acted over the last couple of weeks. He'd talked about Belinda Rodgers all the time, it seemed, but she had harbored no suspicion that her husband was being unfaithful. She remembered the sex they had shared during the same time span. It had been their normal, healthy, energetic lovemaking. Ted had shown no reluctance, no lack of interest. If anything, he had been slightly more demanding the last week or two. Once he had swept her off her feet, settled her ass onto the kitchen table, and fucked her royally before supper. That hadn't happened since just after their honeymoon.

Slowly Maggie became aware that David was gently stroking the inside of her right thigh, his fingers dipping past the hem of her short skirt, tickling her through the mesh of her pantyhose. "Stop that!" she whispered, but she made no move to stop him.

His fingers drifted higher, moving across the highly sensitive areas far up her leg. Maggie squirmed on the bed, not because she really resented his playful caress but because he was touching what seemed to be raw, throbbing nerve endings in her thigh. Her head shook jerkily and once again she asked him to stop what he was doing, but the words were choked and insincere. And besides, his fingertips had just skittered across her crotch, moving like four tiny men over the tingling gash of her cunt.

David's eyes were focused upon her face and she found herself trapped in the hypnotic power of his gaze. "You're moist already," he smiled, daring her to deny it. "Stand up, Maggie." She rose like a puppet. He came up too, and his fingers locked inside the ring tab of her zipper, pulling it down in one long, slow gesture.

Still Maggie looked at him, captured by his eyes. She had no will to resist, even knowing that Ted was down the hall and that her scream of protest would bring him running. David eased the zipper all the way open and then his hands pulled at her dress. It slid from her shoulders and fell with a rustle to the floor. His hands went around her body and undid the clasp of her bra. The cups sagged forward as soon as the lock was released and he removed the garment from her trembling tits.

Her mouth was very dry, she realized, and David seemed to know that too. One of his hands cupped a tit, squeezing gently at the firm little mound, and he leaned his face in close. His lips brushed hers teasingly and she felt saliva begin to flow across her tongue. David's mouth drifted back across Maggie's, and this time her lips were slightly parted, sucking onto his with the ferocity of a hungry leech. Her arm flew up to wrap around his neck and she held her lips to his for what seemed an eternity. Her pulse skyrocketed and she knew that her heart must be pounding like a jackhammer behind the round cushion of her tit. Good God! She could feel her nipples stiffening, could even feel the increased dripping from her cunt as she twined her body around his. What was happening to her? She didn't want this! How could she be allowing him to make love to her?

Still kissing her, David began to press her earnestly, and Maggie found herself being eased onto the edge of the bed once more. She kicked her feet to clear away the fallen dress as his lips smacked off hers. David went to his knees once more and his fingers entered the elastic waistband of her pantyhose, tugging the sheer stockings down, down... Maggie lifted her ass as he slid them across her asscheeks, and before she could blink her eyes they'd been carefully removed and placed on the floor not far away.

"Panties and pantyhose?" he asked slyly, his arm coming to rest upon the well-filled crotch of her bikinis. "You're a cautious lady."

His finger worked through the leg opening and she felt it touch her wet, aching cunt. Maggie brought her thighs together, trapping his finger inside her panties, forcing it to stroke and tease her pussy, but when he touched her knees with his other hand her legs flew apart and her ass lifted of its own volition, eager to help him remove the last obstacle.

Naked now, Maggie sat once more on the edge of the bed. Her thighs were parted far enough for him to have a clear, stunning view of the pink gash that nestled among the hairs of her cunt. Her cunt hair was dark, the fur long and curling, but she really didn't have that much hair down there. Certainly not enough to obscure the view of her cuntal slit.

Maggie searched her mind for the will to resist, but she didn't find it. She tried to conjure up an image of Ted. What would he think if he saw her sitting here like this, stripped naked before a man she'd never seen before tonight? She had to smile at that. For all she knew Ted was still down the hall, his cock in the luscious mouth of that man's wife. He wouldn't care. Hadn't he been trying to talk her into this for a couple of weeks? Hadn't he wanted her to be right here at this precise moment, as naked as this, ready to fuck this stranger?

Her family -- what would they think, say, do? What would her baby sister think of Maggie right now? Somehow it didn't seem to matter that much. PJ, along with Maggie's parents, was living in California, halfway across the continent, and only a miracle could send the three of them walking through the bedroom door now. Besides, she was an adult. She didn't have to live in accordance with her parents' wishes any more. David's fingers touched the raw slice of her cunt and she beard him speak.

"What do you like?" he asked softly. "What turns you on, Maggie?"

"I like to be kissed and felt," she whispered in a rushing voice. "But should we do this? Really? Should we?"

"Whenever you want me to stop, I'll stop," he promised, and he eased into the space between her legs.

His fingers came to rest on the plump mound of her cunt and she sighed as she felt him spread it open, further than her posture had already split her. Looking down, Maggie saw his head come in, tongue already darting from between his lips, and she closed her eyes.

The first swiping lick of his tongue glided across her opened cunt from bottom to top. His fingers pried inside her cuntal folds and crevices, laying bare the tiny, throbbing bud of her clitoris, and he began to bathe it with his tongue.

Maggie reached down to clutch at the sides of his head as she clamped her thighs tight upon his ribs. She felt her clitty telescoping out into its little hard-on and, as it erected, his lips were upon it, rolling and pinching. Musky juices dribbled from her cunt and coated his mouth and chin.

David worked his thumb into her moist cuntal hole and gave her a gentle finger-fucking. He was too gentle! When Ted got his head between her legs he ate her out till she thought an earthquake had struck, and orgasm after orgasm rippled through her guts. She wanted that now! She wanted to be sucked and licked and stabbed by all his fingers until she exploded in a screaming climax! "More," she whispered, "give me more!"

David acted as if he hadn't heard her. His lips continued their gentle stimulation of her clitoris and cuntlips and his thumb kept up its soft, easy corkscrewing in and out of her pussy. Rocking his head from side to side David licked and sucked at her cunt, oblivious to the prodding of her knees in his ribs. With Ted she'd have came half a dozen times by now. What was wrong with David? Didn't he know how to eat a girl?

Maggie's head shook and she could feel her hair tickling her neck. She chewed her lips and one hand slid off David's head to come up and seize a pulsating it. Cupping her tit, she let her fingers pinch at the nipple until it reached its fullest erection, almost an inch long, and it ached as though she were a cow badly in need of milking.

Meanwhile, back at her cunt, David was eating her as if he had all the time in the world. He'd left off the clitty nuzzling for the moment, however, and his tongue was playing in and out of her open cuntmouth, slurping up a fresh taste of pussy juice each time he penetrated. She could feel his tongue reaming her cunt like a smaller, infinitely more flexible version of a cock, but why must he be so gentle and easy with ha? Maggie was tasting the fruits of sin and finding them sour. She enjoyed it more when she used her fingers on herself. It was no wonder, she thought, that Belinda Rodgers was so eager to swap husbands, if this was the best her own could do.

Scarcely responding she let him slide her back on the bed, so that she we lying now, her knees bent and feet dangling down. David moved with her, his tongue still sampling the sweetness of her cunt.

Suddenly his tongue went stiff, the way Ted's cock sometimes did when he came upon Maggie unexpectedly naked, and he poked her cunt savagely, stabbing it in and out with quick, sharp strokes. Maggie jumped at the first punching thrust and she moaned aloud, for his fingers had seemingly turned to steel pincers, two of them snapping at her vividly pink cunt, the others squeezing her hair-fringed outer cuntlips. It was as if David's engine had been kicked into roaring life.

He used his mouth and his teeth on every square inch of her exposed cunt, and Maggie felt the preliminary buildup that announced the onset of her climax. This was how she liked it! Frenzied cunt-lapping, with plenty of fingering and sucking! She grabbed her tits and squeezed them like wet sponges, watching the nipples sticking out between her slim fingers. Her eyes closed and she reveled in what he was doing to her. That it was unconventional no longer mattered. What Belinda had been doing to Ted wasn't quite conventional either, and Maggie felt that she was entitled to this, even if she hadn't expected it to happen.

And then David's mouth drifted off her cunt, his lips kissing their way across her perineum. Maggie's ass jerked in surprise but she had never been in command of this situation and she was not in command now. David raised first one of her legs, then the other, letting them come down to rest on his shoulders, and he raised himself slightly, pulling Maggie's ass from the bed. She was jelly in his hands.

He was almost kneeling on the bed, propping her lower body up at a sharp angle, his knees pressed against her back. David's face was crammed into Maggie's crack and he used his hands to pull apart the cheeks of her ass.

His tongue shot out once more and she felt its soft wet tip knocking impulsively at the puckered, light ring of her manhole.

Magic squealed, for she wan sensitive there, so much so that she'd never been able to gratify her husband in his desire to fuck her. Every lime he had brushed the greased point of his cock across her jumpy. Maggie had shivered and trembled and wailed, and Ted, for fear of hurting her, had always shifted his attentions to the eager mouth of her juicy cunt.

"What are you doing?" she asked, although she had a good idea. David's tongue was pushing provocatively at her manhole as if he meant to thrust it right up her shit chute. Her fingers trembled so vigorously Maggie was massaging her cunt without know it, and the ripe mounds responded with throbs and tremors of their own. She could feel her heart pounding rapidly inside her body, pumping and beating as if it were trying to hammer its way into the open.

Again and again David licked his way across her manhole and up and down the cleavage of her asscheeks, tickling her in places she had never dreamed were ticklish. Ted had never done that -- used his mouth on her asshole. He'd fingered it, and of course he'd tried to fuck it, but some squeamishness had prevented him from applying his lips to her manhole. Until tonight, when David had begun to do precisely that, Maggie had never even noticed the omission.

As the first bubbling orgasm rippled through her cunt, however, she knew she'd found a virginal erogenous zone and a marvelous way of stimulating it. Ted would have to learn to touch her there, just as David was doing. After what she'd seen of him and it was the least her husband could do to make amends.

David palmed her cunt, feeling the quivers that shot through it, soaking up the juices that flowed forth. Maggie took delight in the sure grip of his hand and she felt a new shudder of ecstasy ripple up the path of her cuntal canal. He eased her ass onto the bed once more, and still clutching her cunt, he crawled up to kiss her mouth.

She gurgled as she sampled the lingering fragrances of her cunt juice on his lips and her mouth opened, drawing his tongue inside. She did it without thinking and, only when his tongue was thrust fully between her lips, did she wonder if it might not taste ever so slightly of shit. Apparently not. All she could detect was the aura of cunt that coated his mouth, and she licked and kissed at it hungrily, half delirious from her own sweet secretions.

His fingers toyed with her creaming cunt, squeezing it, rubbing it, and she felt two of them slip into the hot hole, slithering up her cuntal passage with no trouble whatsoever. Maggie squirmed as he impaled her with his fingers and she twisted her body to accentuate the sensation.

Two more fingers wiggled inside, spreading her cunt noticeably but not uncomfortably. Maggie twisted her ass and accommodated them with ease. Her cunt was young, fresh, and elastic. The four fingers inside her were bunched together, and really they were no more bulky than Ted's thick cock. And that, God knew, she had taken fully inside hundreds, perhaps thousands of times. Only when David's thumb popped in to join its companions did the pressure on her cuntal walls increase noticeably, and even so, the sensation was comfortably stuffing.

Maggie kissed him eagerly, playfully. She pulled her lips away, letting his tongue ooze from her mouth, and then attacked him with her nipping teeth. She bit his chin, chewed his neck, his ear, let her tongue glide along his cheek and upper lip, leaving his oral region even wetter than her cunt had left. And when his tongue tried to loll across her face in return, she mapped at it lovingly with her teeth, flapping it she sucked it once more into her mouth, and his face pressed close against hers, their open lips trading saliva back and forth.

At the same time she humped the hand that lay squarely upon her cunt, all its fingers thrust inside, and she wrapped a leg over to entrap it. He slid closer to her and she could feel the hard cock in his pants. In his pants? Good Lord! Maggie thought. He hadn't even taken his clothes off!

She broke off their kiss once more and purred into his face, "Come on, take yours off. Let me do you!"

His only reply was to jab his hand harder against her cunt. Maggie felt it move beneath her overlying thigh and she moaned at the delicious shudders that resulted from his finger-fucking. She squeezed with her thighs, wishing she could open her cunt to unheard-of dimensions and suck his entire body into her hungry cuntal channel.

Even as she contemplated that idea the shoving of his hand became more insistent. So far he'd been bumping her cunt with his knuckles as he finger-fucked her, but she felt her cunt yield slightly and before she knew it his knuckles were inside her hole, spreading it further than she had ever thought it could be.

And there was more to come. With part of his hand embedded, David kept up the steady reaming of her cunt and she felt more and more of his fist oozing inside her. A lump seemed to form in her throat and she had trouble breathing for just a moment. One careful jab and... "OH MY GOD!!!" Maggie screamed in a voice that should have made the ceiling above her crack and fall. David's entire fist was snugly, inescapably thrust into her cunt, filling her, causing her ass to shake in frightened panic. She unclamped her over flung thigh and spread herself as much as she could, fearful that he was splitting her cuntal flesh itself. Her toe clawed at the bedspread as it scooted across the mattress, but the more she opened herself the tighter her cunt became on David's hand.

"Take it OUT!!" she begged him, her fingers clawing and digging at her throat. Her cunt was sopping wet and he slid out much easier than he had entered. Maggie imagined that she could almost hear the sudden snapping as her cunt resumed its natural dimensions. Incredulously she reached down to touch her pussy, wiping a finger through the dripping juices that had made a swamp of her cunt hair. She looked at the wet finger, satisfying herself that she had not been ripped. The bed gave a yielding creak and it too snapped back into place.

David was on the floor beside her, pulling his shirt over his head. Clothed, he had a skinny look to him, but she could see now that his body was strong and wiry. He was no music man but he was handsome, and Maggie sat up, still rubbing her cunt, waiting with bated breath as he unbuckled his belt and unfastened his trousers.

They dropped to the floor easily and she was astonished to see that he wore no underwear at all. Trousers fallen, his ready, hard cock was sticking out for her inspection, for her touch if she so chose.

She chose. Her hand shot out and she wrapped it round David's cock. So warm, so thick, so hard, she thought. Not as fat as Ted's it was longer, and right now it gleamed like a purple lance, the scrotum beneath small but obviously full of balls.

Maggie leaned forward and kissed the big knobby tip of David's cock. Her lips parted slightly and she sucked the point into her mouth, rolling her tongue around it in the way Ted had always liked. David moved closer, and she made the O of her lips bigger to allow him a deeper penetration. Her hand held his cock at the base, thumb and finger molding a shape of there own, the other fingers dangling to stroke lightly at his sac of balls. Maggie's right hand was busy in her own crotch at that moment, fingers teasing and pinching her clit, and she knew that this was going to be one of those nights, when her body hungered for satisfaction upon satisfaction. Frantically she stabbed fingers into her still-tender cuntmouth, her mind full of the beautiful memory of David's invading hand, and then she released his cock from her lips.

Maggie lay back on the bed, still fingering herself, her knees up and apart. Her eyes focused upon David and she raised a hand toward him. "Now," she whispered. "I want it now!"

He flopped onto the bed between her spread legs. The time for warming-up was long past. His cock ached with a hunger that matched Maggie's cunt, throb for throb, and he crawled into the gap she had made for him, fingers guiding his prick straight toward her waiting pussy.

Maggie laughed as he knocked her masturbating hand aside, and she screamed as she felt him fill her cunt on his first thrust. Her legs wrapped around his waist and she began to pull herself up and down, fucking herself on his long, powerful prick.

He matched her, thrust for thrust, stroke for stroke, and she felt the bumping of his cockhead in the very depths, of her cunt. Only in very special positions could Ted ram his cock against her womb, for she seemed to have a slightly elongated cuntal passage, but their fucking had always been so good she had never regretted the rarity of that indescribable feeling.

Now Maggie was getting it on every penetrating jab and she wasn't prepared for it. Each time his cock thrust fully home, pushing as if it meant to ram all the way into her womb, she screamed, tightening her legs upon his body and pulling herself up to intensify the fullness of his entrance.

Her eyes were rolling in their sockets, her hair streamed and flowed around her head, and her fingers dug into David's neck and shoulders.

"Oh, Christ!" she moaned. "Yes, yes! Give it to meeee!" Her ass broke into delightfully rhythmic twists and wiggles of its own and she knew that within moments her body would dissolve under the irresistible onslaught of multiple orgasms. She hoped he was as worked up as she was, hoped that they would come together. From the tight, tense look on his face she knew that he was, that he was fighting his natural passions in an effort to hold back his jism until she was fully over the top.

Maggie chewed her lips, mumbled and wailed every obscenity she could think of, and she worked demonically to give her body the total release that it craved.

"Oh, fuck me, David, fuck me! I love you! Fuck me! Fill me with your cock! I love you! Oh! You son of a bitch, I've got to have it all!"

"Take it, Maggie," he groaned in reply, "take it all! I'm going to give it to you -- right NOW!!!"

The bedsprings sighed mightily beneath them, a sigh that mingled with the mutual moans of David and Maggie. She gave in to the lust that racked her body and her entire crotch burst into flame. David sensed the massive orgasm that was coming up her cunt toward him and he fucked her hard, four, five, six times, his balls so tight, so tender they were about to burst within their sac, and burst they did.

The tip of his cock split open and poured a river of hot cum into Maggie's flaming cunt. Again and again he thrust and stabbed, each time dumping a fresh load of his jism up her sucking cunt, and he collapsed upon her, their mouths meeting, their hands stroking and petting one another's sweat glazed bodies. It was better than good for both of them.


"Since the ice has definitely been broken, why don't the two of you scoot over and make room for us?"

Maggie's head spun in the direction of the voice and she gasped at the sight of Belinda and Ted standing in the doorway. Both of them were naked and the other woman was holding Ted's cock as determinedly as if she'd just bought it at a rummage sale.

They bounced across the floor, Belinda's lovely, full tits swaying gracefully, and they piled onto the bed beside David and Maggie. Sitting up hastily, her knees drawn up to shield her body, Maggie watched them.

Ted's prick was rock hard, and Belinda guided him onto his back, his cock thrusting up like a flagpole. With a blown kiss to her husband, the blonde woman hoisted her loins above Ted's, her hand snatching hold of his dick to steady it for her descent.

Close enough to touch the other couple, Maggie realized for the first time that Belinda's cunt was entirely hairless, the deep pink of her gash blatantly exposed. Maggie's eyes stared at that cuntal crevice, watching as Belinda eased it down upon Ted's waiting cock.

"Ohhh," Belinda whispered as the cockhead slid between her glistening cuntlips, the fat bulk of Ted's prick spreading her deliciously. She thrust herself down upon it, taking it all the way home in one smooth action, and her hands came down to grasp Ted's hipbones. She swayed from side to side, her big tits wobbling, and Ted's fingers shot up to capture her pink nipples. Belinda leaned forward so that he could cup the ends of her tits, and she began to fuck him, riding above his body, ass lifting and falling on his impaling cock.

Ted manipulated her nipples as though he were a farmer and she a cow. His fingers pulled her nipples, dug into the soft breast tissue, squeezed and molded the pliable mounds. Belinda's head was thrown back, her long hair falling and swishing, and purring sounds bubbled from her lips.

She was beautiful, Maggie thought. No wonder Ted had been so anxious to fuck her. Strike that. He'd already been into her. At least two weeks ago, or so David had confided. Had they been planning for tonight all that time? Part of Maggie felt resentful, as though she'd been manipulated into doing something against her wishes, but the rest of her, still shivering from the come she and David had shared, didn't really care.

And could she blame her husband? Belinda and David were a beautiful couple, obviously quite persuasive. She assumed Belinda had made the overtures at work. Somehow she couldn't see her husband sidling up to the socially prominent volunteer welfare worker and drawling, "Hey, babe, you wanna fuck?"

But once it had started, she could understand why Ted had gotten so involved in the idea of free access to Belinda. The woman was incredibly lovely, with that wholesome, Miss America face and blonde good looks that seemed ignorant of what voluptuous curves and contours lurked below her neck. And her body -- Maggie had always envied girls built like Belinda. She'd been on the tall side all her life, very slim with small tits that, even the stimulus of the Pill hadn't rescued from B-cups. Oh, Maggie had everything she needed, true enough, but sometimes, when she saw Ted's eyes wavering to take in some other woman's shapely figure, she had yearned wistfully for the visit of a fairy godmother who could wave a wand ad turn Maggie into Raquel Welch's twin sister.

She envied Belinda that glorious tan, too. It was June already and Maggie's body still had most of its winter paleness. She'd been in the back yard a few times in her bikini trying to soak up some sun, but it was a losing battle. Twice she'd seen their neighbor, who worked afternoon shift, using his binoculars to spy on her through his kitchen window.

But Belinda! Maggie made a mental note to ask the other woman if she used a sunlamp during the winter or if her tan was entirely a summer creation. Belinda's body was golden and glowing everywhere. Maggie sighed in admiration and shifted her legs. She was no longer startled from the sudden entrance of Ted and Belinda and, she, realized belatedly, it didn't really matter if they happened to catch a glimpse of her naked front.

Ooohh! She touched the bedspread, feeling the enormous wet smear there. Her fingers rubbed her still-tender cunt and brought away a few lingering drops of David's jism which were caught in her pubic hairs. It was the mingled orgasmic fluids seeping from her body which had soaked the bed. She looked at the damp stain, wondering if it would wash out.

Sucking, smacking sounds drifted into her ears and she turned her eyes upward. David was kneeling beside Ted's prone figure, his lips glued to Belinda's. They were kissing like newlyweds, oblivious to all that surrounded them, and Maggie understood for the first time what David had told her. It was true. The young couple could have free, unrestrained sex with people outside their marriage without damaging their love for each other.

David's hands stroked Belinda's shoulders, twined among the strands of golden hair that shook and jiggled with the motions of her fucking body. His lips pressed hers, drifted along her cheek to play around her ear and into the nape of her neck. As Maggie watched, David took one of his wife's hands and they locked fingers affectionately.

Maggie went onto her side, snaking across the bed and going to work on Ted's mouth with her own. He opened his eyes, saw that it was Maggie.

His lips parted and her tongue shot inside. One of Ted's hands reluctantly abandoned Belinda's tit and folded around Maggie's head as she dripped her saliva all over his face. She kissed him hungrily, signaling with her mouth that she had no regrets, no recriminations.

A sudden inspiration flooded Maggie's brain. She tugged her lips away from Ted's, wriggling her head from the embrace of his arms, and turned her attentions toward David, who was busily engaged in kissing his wife's lovely lips.

Maggie's hand bee-lined for David's crotch, crinkling through his pubic hair, finding the limp, sopping dangle of his fucked-out prick. He shifted his body to give her better access and she made a fist around his soft cock, massaging it vigorously. Come juices clung to his meat, making it slippery, but Maggie held it in a firm grip, determined to give David's cock a fresh lease on life.

Her head dropped in, tongue batting out to flog the tender knob of his cock, and she tasted a tiny droplet of his jism for the first time, finding it to be of excellent quality. Maggie's tongue bobbed around and around his cockhead, licking, scraping, and teasing the slit opening at the very peak. She worked him with her fingers at the same time, wiggling his cock as she blew her breath across its moist shaft.

She took his cock in her mouth, sucking in the limp stalk, and her hands clasped avidly upon his balls. She pinched at the scrotum, jangling the balls inside, and she heard him groan heartily. At the same time his cock began to grow inside her mouth, stiffening quickly, forcing Maggie to pull her head back lest it jam down her throat and choke her.

When she took her mouth away his cock was stiff and eager, his wet, reddened shaft jutting up at a fierce angle. His lips smacked off Belinda's and he looked toward Maggie, whose fingers were walking up and down the length of his hard-on.

Belinda and Ted, meanwhile, were in the middle of what promised to be a long, tantalizing fuck. She was still astride his body, and she was using her hips to pull sensuously at his buried cock. Almost languidly she rose and fell on Ted's prick, sighing as her ass lifted and her cunt pulled almost free of its welcome intruder, cooing and purring as she dropped once more to take his cock all the way home. From the way she fucked it was obvious that Belinda Rodgers was a woman who enjoyed taking her time.

Funny, thought Maggie. When she and Ted fucked he was on her like a brushfire, rabbiting his cock in and out, their hearts pumping frantically until the sheer force of their balling sent both of them over the top in bursts of orgasm. But now Ted was giving it to Belinda slow and easy, letting her decide how much, how fast she took inside her cunt. Maybe he was right. Maybe the experience of making love with other people and learning other techniques would be beneficial for both of them after all.

She opened her mouth and began to swallow David's cock. He slipped into her easily and cheerfully, thrusting his prick across her tongue until it triggered Maggie's gag reflex and she had to stop his progress. He pulled back considerably, withdrawing his cock until the sudden tightening of Maggie's lips advised him that he was in a comfortable position.

She moved her tongue around the head of his cock, wiping away the big drops of spit her salivary glands were exuding, and she let her head twist from side to side, up and down. Her teeth scraped gently at the hard flesh of his cock and her soft lips massaged away whatever pain that might have caused. About half of David's prick was in her mouth then, and Maggie brought her hands up to stroke the exposed portion as well as his bouncy sac of balls.

Her cheeks sucked in as she pressured him, drawing in, puffing out, and drawing in once more. The rolling of her tongue continued in an easy, rhythmic fashion. Maggie could feel the bed moving softly as Ted and Belinda fucked and she tried to make her mouth dance to the same beat. There was no need to hurry. She could suck him all night and she was sure that he could dig the idea of fucking her mouth all night too.

Maggie knew that she should feel wicked and depraved but somehow she couldn't. At that particular moment it seemed the most natural thing in the world that she should be giving head to a man in full view of her husband, that her husband should be fucking another woman in full view of Maggie. Her mouth moved skillfully on his cock, and she felt the stirring of delight in his responsive body.

Still sucking cock, Maggie shifted her eyes to stare at Ted's face. His eyes were bright and happy and she knew that he must be enjoying very much his time inside Belinda's cunt. A flicker of alarm shot across his lips. Maggie knew that expression. It meant that he had been, for a moment, on the verge of blowing his nuts. Even Belinda's slow fucking couldn't make him hold back forever. She looked up at Belinda. The other woman was breathing harder, little gasps seeping past the pearly teeth that chewed on her lower lip. Each time Ted tugged at her nipples Belinda made a soft moaning coo, and it was clear that she too was nearing her climax. Maggie could only hope that it was as good for both of them as it had been for her and David a little earlier.

She pulled back her head and now only the tip of David's cock was in her mouth. Her lips rubbed it, her teeth were locked in place behind the ridge of the cockhead, and she made an insistent, muffled noise that hummed and vibrated along his shaft. Her hand wrapped around his cock and she squeezed. Somehow, some way, he got the message she was trying to send him, and he lay down on the bed, stretching out beside her.

Maggie, propped up on her shoulder, hovered over David and worked her mouth on the head of his cock. His hand dove into her crotch and she threw a leg back to give him room. Fingers teased the lips of her cunt, slipping inside, and she knew he was about to give her a reply of the earlier fist-fuck. All his fingers were in her cunt now, and she felt him working his hand through her greasy, flowing juices, lubricating the heel of his palm for its insertion. Maggie gulped as she took him into her, but this time she knew what to expect and she could groove on the amazing job of stuffing her cunt with no need to fear any potential damage to her cuntal walls.

It was all in her now, his entire hand, shoved in wrist-deep, and he was turning it slowly within the tight grasping channel of her curt. Maggie felt as if she were being turned around and around on the bed. Her head swain and for a moment she forgot to continue sucking his cockhead, nearly letting him slip from her mouth in that brief loss of control.

Her mind snapped to attention and she grabbed hastily at his escaping cock. Her hand gripped it tightly and, still mouthing the tip, she began to jerk up and down the loose layer of outer cock flesh. Her hand moved in a flurry of excited motion, masturbating him from the balls upward, bumping her lips every time she stroked toward her face.

Faster and faster her fingers shucked on his hard cock. She felt him growing bigger, harder, hotter in her grasp, tasted the thin, watery pre-coital fluids that oozed from his cock, felt at the same time the steady action of his hand in her cunt. He seemed to be going in deeper. Could he really do that? Could he insert his entire arm in her cunt? Wouldn't her womb block his way? She didn't care! She was willing to find out what happened when he got that much inside her. Thank God he wasn't wearing a wristwatch! He'd have scraped her clit to a bloody shred and sent her into an orgasm from which she might never come down.

She tightened the suction of her lips an his cockhead as her hand shot up and down, faster, faster, faster. Sensations boiled in her belly, bubbling ever more energetically, barreling outward along the path that led to the open wound of her cunt. Maggie was floating in the air, high above the bed, looking down at herself and at its other occupants with a curious, detached eye. Automatically her fist continued to work on David's cock and reality suddenly smacked her in the face as his cockhead swelled to gigantic proportions and his balls emptied out their cargo of spurting jism. Her mouth filled with his hot cum and she drank it down, hungry as a fifty-dollar whore. A second explosion, and a third, hammered into her mouth and still there seemed to be no bottom to his cream pitcher. Maggie swallowed until her throat ached and his surplus dribbled from her weary lips even as her own orgasm struck. Her mouth continued to work its magic but her mind was in a realm where colors ran wild and sounds were harmonious.

She didn't even notice when Belinda gave a whimpering cry, at almost the same moment, her loins writhing around the cock that pierced them, nor did she hear Ted's moan a few seconds later as he pummeled his cock upward into Belinda's sucking, rippling cunt, filling it with juices and fluids that gushed in a milky river from the parted lips of the blonde girl's pussy.

Ted lay on his side, panting softly as David and Maggie came apart. Belinda had crawled off his limp cock, her shaven cunt dripping jism, and she sat at the foot of the bed, her face a mirror of inner contentment.

"I suppose this was what you wanted," Maggie told her husband, David's cum still hanging in wet bubbles on her mouth. She wiped at it with her fingers, licking them clean.

Ted nodded. "Didn't you have a good time?" he asked.

Maggie turned to Belinda. "And I understand you and Ted have been making it on the side for a couple of weeks."

"Does it really matter now?" Ted cut in. "Maggie, you're not gonna make a scene now, are you? I mean, you were into it yourself and you can't deny that."

Maggie moved closer. She felt an itching between her cuntlips and her hand flew out, locking around Ted's cock.

Ted moaned at her touch. "Hey!" he called. "Be gentle! I'm still kinda tender right there."

Maggie gave him a wicked smile. "You said that swinging could improve our sex lives. And in two weeks you must have had -- oh, let's say ten extracurricular sessions with Belinda. That means you owe me eight orgasms. And I'm ready to collect."

Her hand twisted, wrenching his cock with a delicious degree of cruel abuse. She felt him stiffen perceptibly but it was not enough. Her head dropped and she flipped her tongue twice across his engorging cockhead before sucking it into her mouth. A strange taste assaulted her senses. She could detect the flavor of Ted's cock, the tang of his freshly spilled jism, and, overriding those, a different, subtle, erotic sweetness. Only as she felt the cock bulging in her mouth did she realize that she must be tasting the juices of Belinda's cunt, clinging to her husband's cock. By then he was stiff and rampant, his heavy prick lying across her tongue, thrusting its point deep into her mouth, and she had to release him or choke on his cock.

Maggie sat up straight, her hands fondling her husband's prick, verifying its steely erection. "That's better," she smiled. "I knew you could do it." She flopped onto her side and jammed her ass against his crotch. One leg lifted and stretched back across his thigh so that his cock lay along the moist, hungry lips of her cunt. She reached in from the front to tweak the sensitive head, grinning at Ted's sudden howl of discomfort.

"What's the matter, swinger?" she taunted. "Remember -- you've got a wife to satisfy, too!" Her cunt was still wet from the cum David had given her earlier, as well as from her own climactic fluids, but she felt it growing squishier by the second as she rubbed it with Ted's cock. With a squeal of triumph she jiggled her ass, fingers guiding Ted inside her open cuntmouth.

He thrust hard, filling her pussy with his thick, hot cock, and his hands worked around her body to clutch at her stiff-nippled tits. Maggie had teased her husband to rutting readiness but now he was in control, his cock rampaging inside her slick cuntal channel.

She liked this position. It was one of their favorites and it took him deeply inside her. Not quite as deep as David had managed, but David's cock was a bit longer than Ted's. But on the other hand, Maggie told herself, Ted's cock was one of her oldest and, best friends. She knew all its pet ways and habits, its likes and dislikes, and, after experiencing it, she was certain that womb prodding was a sex trick she wanted only in moderation.

Here, now, she could feel her cunt being stuffed with Ted's thick cock and she could get off on the sure, sensuous in-out, in-out strokes he gave her. Her leg went back, locking behind his, and she pushed back against her husband to help him get inside her.

Belinda and David sat watching from opposite corners of the bed, until their eyes made locking contact. Belinda grinned at her husband, wondering aloud, "How about you? Can you get it up just once more for me?"

"Does a bear shit in the woods?" David replied, shaking his stiffening cock in her direction. Belinda went onto hands and knees, hurrying past the flying legs of Maggie and Ted. She threw herself upon her husband, her mouth sucking at his, her hands toying with his cock, hastening the process of making it ready to fuck.

He placed her on her back, knees up and apart, and he climbed into the haven of her body. Belinda's fingers spread her hairless cunt until the head of his prick was inside, and then she thrust up with her hips, embedding him within her. A gurgling sigh oozed from her lips and she wiggled as he fucked her.

Maggie's cheek lay on the bed only scant inches from Belinda's blonde locks. She could even smell the fragrance of the other girl's hair. Belinda's eyes were closed as she accepted stab after stab of David's cock. She seemed to be in a private heaven and Maggie, having been fucked by that same prick not very long before, could appreciate what the other girl must be feeling.

But Ted gave her as good as she had gotten from David, Maggie reminded herself. Belinda had gotten a first-class fuck from Maggie's husband, she had gotten herself a cunt full of hot cum, and unless Belinda Rodgers was a first-class actress, the blonde swinger had also enjoyed the erupting excitement of her own churning ovaries to cap the swap.

She might hate herself in the morning, Maggie mused. But she didn't hate herself now, and she certainly didn't hate Ted.

Why should she? He was fucking her as hungrily as he had that very first time, a few months before their wedding. Whatever he had already done with Belinda, both tonight and during the past two weeks, it didn't seem to interfere with the way he could give love and sex to his wife. Indeed, unless Maggie was greatly mistaken, he hadn't come at her with such hot intensity in some time. His cock was swishing through her pubic hair, splaying her come-tender cuntlips, and his hands dug frantically at her titties.

Her neck, too, was quivering as Ted's lips and teeth attacked it, his face burrowing beneath her hair to get at the flesh beneath. His tongue flipped across her ear. Maggie liked that. Sometimes she could almost climax on the spot if Ted licked and chewed her ears in a special way. She hoped he wouldn't do that now. Somehow it seemed very important to her now that they climax together, his cock squirting inside her cunt, her pussy muscles rippling in excited reply.

From the feel of him now it wouldn't be long. His cock strokes were becoming shorter, more demanding. Each time he prodded his way into her he sighed mightily and his pelvis smacked her ass, while his fingers grew viselike on her soft tilt Maggie strained and fucked back, anxious to build herself up, to come with him, but it was a losing fight. She had to be teased and played with to reach her highest peak of orgasm and there hadn't been time for it. He was going to dump his boiling load inside her and she was going to be left high, dry, and wanting.

Maggie tensed her facial muscles, strain showing, and she struggled to speed up her reactions. Her leg moved, toes sliding up and down Ted's thigh and calf, and she dredged through her mind for every crazy fantasy that had helped her through steamy masturbation bouts as a teenaged virgin, anxious yet afraid.

She fancied herself naked, dancing for a roomful of sailors just returned from a seven years' voyage at sea. Around and around the dark, smoky chamber she whirled, her nipples stiff, her legs flashing, giving each horny seaman a private peek at the peachy treasure between her sleek thighs. She felt their hands reaching to touch and strake the body she was showing off, felt their arousal boiling like overheated soup, and then they were upon her, a dozen at once, each grabbing at her. Thrown onto the edge of a table, her legs dangling over the side, thighs parted, Maggie kicked her heels anxiously. "Come on," she whispered, "whose going to be the first?"

Maggie, the captive of a hulking brute of a man -- she saw him as totally hairless, his bald head shining like Kojak's, enormously muscled, and naked. His cock thrusts up like a cannon and his balls shook as he approached her. Tied to his bed, spread eagle fashion, Maggie was also naked, sweat glazing her frightened body. "Please," she whispered, "don't! I'm a virgin! I've never fucked anyone before in my life! You'll kill me!" Laughing away her entreaties, he advanced upon her, stroking his powerful cock to underscore the shame of what she must soon undergo. Oh, she thought, why had she ever been so foolish as to think she could capture the brutal leader of the criminal gang single handed? Why hadn't she left it all to the handsome, masculine private detective.

His hands ravished her nudity, fingers pinching at small brown nipples until they became long, hard brown nipples. Goosebumps flourished on her flesh. She could feel a dripping between her thighs as her cunt reacted involuntarily. His thumb tested the tightness of her cuntlips, reaming inside the snug orifice. Maggie twisted and writhed until the ropes dug and cut the tender flesh of her wrists and ankles, and all her exertions helped not one whit. The bed creaked as her assailant climbed aboard, and he was upon her, his heavy, hard body smothering hers, fingers guiding his cock into her virginal cunt.

The door flung open and Maggie looked across the shoulder of her attacker. "Oh, help me!" she screamed with the last feeble burst of energy left to her, and the handsome private detective was crossing the floor with the irresistible power of Superman.

His hands seized the criminal, flung him to the floor. Maggie watched breathlessly as they fought. Her lips quivered as she cheered on her hero. Her eyes brightened as she saw him pummel the naked bald man into jelly. Now he was with her, releasing the ropes that bound her body. Maggie looked up at him, eyes full of love and appreciation. "You've saved me," she told him. "How can I thank you?" And even as she spoke she saw him stripping away his clothing to reveal a cock beautiful and stiff beyond her wildest dreams.

"Yes," she sighed then, her virginal fingers touching that cock of his, feeling the erotic arousal that pumped it to shattering erection. "Yes, yes, take me now -- here -- let him see what he couldn't have!"

And then they were fucking, Maggie and her detective, screwing on the bed, his cock moving too skillfully to cause her the slightest pain, and through it all the bald man sat on the floor watching through narrowed eyes, tied in his own ropes and unable to move. "Yes! Yes! YESSSS!" Maggie screamed as her body erupted in a blinding flash of light and joy.

Something was touching her hand -- something soft, something teasing. Maggie opened her eyes and saw Belinda's fingers stroking her palm. The nail scratched her palm teasingly and Maggie's eyes went wider. Back in Winnipeg, when she'd been growing up, bays had always claimed that was a sure turn-on signal. If a girl let her palm be scratched, she'd be on her back with panties don in absolutely no time. It was something everyone knew. Maggie had heard the same thing in Idaho, after her family moved there, and she had been afraid to let a boy get so intimate with her. Experience had proven that it was only a myth. Or was it?

Maggie's fantasies had failed her and her body had fallen far behind Ted's in the race to mutual orgasm. She had almost resigned herself to an unsatisfactory kick, but the relentless, tantalizing scratching of Belinda's fingernails on her palm suddenly sent her into a rising crescendo of feeling. There was a tickling sensation on the back of her neck and she could feel that telltale throb at the base of her spine.

Belinda was still kicking David, screwing him as though they had all the time in the world. She was obviously enjoying it, but she still kept most of her wits. Her hand took Maggie's, brought the fingers to her lips. Her mouth opened and she sucked the fingers inside, rolling them on her lips, laying them with her pink tongue.

Maggie moaned at the unexpected treat, and she could feel a frenzy building inside her body. Anxiously she twisted her hips as her cunt gobbled up Ted's cock. Ted moaned, and Maggie did it again. This time he gave a shuddering sigh, clutched her tight, and fucked her for all he was worth. She felt his cock lunge, jerk, and explode inside her, coating the sticky walls of her cunt with a load of jism and, as Belinda began to nibble on her fingers, Maggie too exploded in a wet climax of her own. She could no longer recall how many orgasms she'd enjoyed this night and, as tiny come smashed home upon tiny come, melting into one giant release, she didn't care. It was good -- no, it was better than good!


It was a marvelous thing then to watch Ted. His cock gave a few convulsive jerks inside Maggie, then went limp and slid out of her jism-dripping cunt. His head relaxed onto the pillow, a look of contentment curling his lips into a smile, and his eyes batted three times before snapping shut. Even, heavy breathing began to come from his slightly open mouth and he was asleep.

Maggie changed sides so she could look him in the face. "Come on," she said, tweaking his nose, but she knew it was no use. When Ted conked out, he was dead to the world. She could suck him off and receive at least a minuscule squirt of jism for her trouble, but through it all Ted's eyes would remain shut.

She rolled again and looked toward David and Belinda. They were clearly near the end of their combat, for David's head was tossed back and his neck muscles showed the strain upon him. His fingers clenched the bedspread viciously and his ass rammed forward hard each time he pronged Belinda's sucking cunt.

Already his wife was enjoying a series of little come-bursts. Her head shook, strands of hair flying across her face, some catching upon her wet, open lips, and she was making little purrs of excited response. Her legs twined around David's and suddenly she lifted herself off the bed, rising to meet the cum-squirting jabs of his erupting cock. He sighed heavily and she said "Oh, oh, oh," in quick pants as they clung and came together.

David eased his way out of her, cock shrinking, and a big drop of jism hanging momentarily from its tip before dripping onto his wife's thigh. Her finger shot down to scoop it up and she stuck her tongue out, as if she meant to lick it away. But instead a smile crossed Belinda's face and she extended the finger toward Maggie. "Guests first," she said slyly.

Maggie looked at the cum-wet finger for just a moment, then took hold of Belinda's wrist and sucked the digit into her mouth. The flavor of David's jism was memorable and delicious, as before, but Maggie continued to suckle Belinda's finger long after the cum had been taken away. It was a strange, different feeling -- just like sucking a long, pencil-thin cock, Maggie mused -- and it resembled nothing else in her experience. There was a tangy fresh flavor to Belinda's warm flesh and Maggie tasted it greedily.

David shook his head. "It looks as if your mate is out of it," he told Maggie.

She nodded. "He sleeps like a log. I just hope I can wake him up so we can get home. God, it must be late."

Belinda stretched across the bed, craning her neck to look at the clock outside in the hall. "It's only ten-thirty. Besides -- tomorrow is Saturday. He doesn't have to work. Why not just let him sleep? The two of you can spend the night here. Can't they, David?"

"Of course," he agreed. "We can sleep till noon and have brunch together."

"See?" Belinda challenged. "What do you say?"

Maggie looked at Ted, snoring like a baby. She'd have a hell of a time rousing him soundly as he was sleeping. "I guess we'll have to," she said.

Belinda took her by the shoulders. "Come on," she said. "You're making it sound like a dreary duty. You and I should get better acquainted, anyway. I think we're going to be very good friends."

"I think we already are," Maggie smiled.

Belinda gave her a Mona Lisa smile in reply before leaning in to kiss Maggie quickly, softly on the cheek. "We can be better friends," she whispered. "Much better."

David cleared his throat. "I think I'm going to take a shower, then lock myself in the study. The Robinson case is coming up -- it's obviously entrapment, very classic -- and I want to make my opening argument perfect. Anyone want to share the shower with me?"

"Not me," Belinda sang. "I smell funky and I love it! Maggie, how would you like to have a cup of tea? I think it would be just the thing."

"All right," Maggie said. David left the room while she was searching for her clothes and Belinda came to her with a smile.

"Oh, why bother? You can find your things in the morning. Besides, it's fun to be naked in your own house. I do it all the time. Unless my mother is coming to visit. Try it. You'll love it. I guarantee."

"Okay," Maggie laughed. She dropped her bra and followed Belinda out the door. Considerately, the blonde girl turned off the light so Ted could slumber on in the dark.

Belinda poured boiling water into the pot and sat down to wait while the tea brewed up. "This is very good tea," she told Maggie. "A friend of the family married into the State Department and brought this back from Taiwan not long ago."

It was strange, Maggie thought, to be sitting completely naked in a stranger's kitchen, around the corner of a table from an equally naked woman, one who had just shared a bout of sex with Maggie and her husband. And to be talking about the quality of Chinese tea made it even freakier.

Freaky, Maggie thought. That's what PJ would say. She tried to picture her sister, tried to guess what the girl would think, say, do, if she knew her idolized older sibling had just taken the first steps into the revolutionary practice of mate-swapping, and she couldn't. PJ was such a sweet, shy girl, pretty in her own quiet way, but withdrawn. That was the fruit of Daddy's wandering habit. So many moves in so few years -- PJ had almost no time to acclimatize herself before they were on their way to some other city.

From Winnipeg, where Maggie and PJ were born, to St. Paul for just a year, then to Omaha, Helena, Boise. And now to California. She wondered how PJ liked the Golden State. Sometimes Maggie regretted the half-contempt that lay between her and her family, but she had Ted's promise that when it was possible he'd take time off and they'd fly out to California for a reunion with her parents and sister.

When she looked up Belinda was pouring tea into her cup. "It's best without sugar or cream," the blonde was saying. "That way you get the natural tea flavor."

Maggie raised the steaming cup to her lips and sipped gently. The tea did have a tangy, different taste without the sweetening overtone of sugar. "It's very good," she complimented.

"Of course it is," Belinda replied. "Madame Chiang wouldn't have anything second-rate."

Belinda sipped her tea for a few moment, her face thoughtful. She looked at Maggie with slit eyes. "Any regrets?" she asked abruptly.

Maggie blushed fetchingly. "No," she confessed. "I really enjoyed it."

"I thought you would," Belinda said. "I thought you were a latent swinger as soon as I saw the picture Ted keeps on his desk. The one of you in the low-cut sundress. You seem to be flirting with the camera lens, in spite of the shy smile. In fact, you reminded me so much of myself that I knew you were a good prospect."

"Of you?"

"Of me," Belinda replied. "Did you think I was born this way? I had to be persuaded and cajoled too. Everyone does."

"I suppose so," Maggie said, "but there's a difference. I mean, you're so much sexier, so much more experienced. I..." Her voice dropped. "Until tonight I'd never had anything to do with another man. Except Ted."

"So what's new?" Belinda challenged. "You were married in white and deserved to be. So was I. David and I did some heavy petting before we were married but neither of us had ever gone all the way. Virgins on a honeymoon -- that's what we were, that first night."

"Really?" Maggie asked, unbelieving. She hadn't quite been a virgin when she married. Ted had persuaded her to surrender about the time of their engagement, but the wedding had been a certainty. Until tonight he had been her only man.

"Really," Belinda assured her. "I met David when I was eighteen. He was my date for the prom, our parents arranged it and I knew as soon as I saw him that he was my man. Three years later we were married, and neither of us even thought about other people during that time."

"Then how..."

"Did we get where we are today?" Belinda laughed. "It was like something out of a sex movie. Or a French novel. We'd rented this lovely beach house in North Carolina as a honeymoon hideaway, but when we got there we found that the realtors had rented it to another honeymoon couple for the same weekend. So, there we were. Two couples--David and I, along with Roy and Stephanie--both of us with perfectly valid reservations. Someone decided that, rather than spoil anyone's honeymoon, we should share the house. It was big enough, and I figured that neither of us would be getting in the other's way."

"I was wrong. Roy and Stephanie were newlyweds, true, but they had very progressive ideas, and one of them was that they liked us. The second day the two of them seduced us. To be honest, it didn't take a lot of effort. Oh, David and I had all kinds of secret guilt, and each of us was seriously considering getting a divorce. You know? To save our innocent mate from corruption? But we found out in time that both of us had gotten the same treatment from our house partners and that we'd enjoyed it. So..."

"I see," Maggie nodded. "And ever since...?"

"Ever since," Belinda smiled. "We found out gradually that other people in Dawson liked to swing, too, and we've had no trouble finding congenial couples. I can say truthfully that you and Ted, though, are the most promising I've seen yet. And I know David will agree on that. What's your sign?"

"My sign? Oh. Pisces."

"Hmm." Belinda scratched her chin. "You should blend well with a Capricorn."

"Really?" Maggie asked.

Belinda laughed. "I don't know," she confessed. "All the astrology books have a different story. What's Ted?"

"A Capricorn."

"So am I!" She made a swipe in the air with a finger. "Chalk up another one for Belinda!" Abruptly her face grew serious. "Maggie, when we were trading finger sucks, what were you thinking?"

Maggie's eyes went saucer big. "Thinking? I don't know."

"Of course you know. Tell me." There was no reply. "Maggie, when you said that Ted was your first and only man, did you mean that there hadn't been -- any -- women?"

Maggie shook her head quickly. "Of course not!"

"You've never done anything at all with another girl? How about when you were younger, just growing up? Didn't you ever get together with a girl friend and play 'Let's Compare Breasts'? Nothing?"

"Nothing," Maggie choked.

Belinda reached across the table and took Maggie's hand.

"Do you know what else I thought when I saw your photo on Ted's desk? I thought, I would love to make it with her."

"Please," Maggie protested. "I don't know what you're talking about, and I don't think I want to know."

Belinda stood up and walked around the table.

She stood behind Maggie, her hands resting on the other girl's shoulders. "I think you know, Maggie." She stroked softly, a massaging touch that made Maggie tingle inside. "I think you do know and I think that upstairs, a little while ago, you were more ready than you want to admit. Be candid. Be honest. It's nothing to be ashamed of. You've made love with another man tonight, in front of your husband, while he was fucking another girl. Don't you owe it to yourself now to try the whole route?"

Her hands slid down Maggie's breastbone, taking firm but gentle hold of the soft, small tits whose nipples throbbed in stiff readiness. Belinda handled Maggie expertly, as if she knew precisely where each delicious nerve ending came close to the skin, while each brown, long-pointed nipple was caught securely between Belinda's fingers, receiving undreamed-of stimulation.

"No," Maggie whispered in a voice that didn't even convince herself. "I don't think I should be letting you do that."

"Why not?" Belinda challenged in a sexy, hoarse voice. "You like it. I can feel your heart pumping so fast, so fast..." She squeezed harder at the bare little tits and Maggie jumped in her chair. "Maggie," Belinda added in that same insistent voice, "I want you to stand up and turn around. I want you to rub your body against mine, and I want you to kiss me when I kiss you. Will you?"

Maggie said nothing. She had no voice, no will of her own. She was a prisoner to the purring tones and sensuous hands of the other woman. Slowly, very slowly, she eased her chair back, and she arose from the table, turning around like a movie projected at two frames per second.

Belinda stood waiting with open arms. She stepped forward and her tits pressed Maggie's, so warm, so vibrant, so soft. Maggie's arms came up -- she intended to strike out, to defend herself against this perverted overture -- but she watched in horror as her arms encircled Belinda's body and pulled the blonde girl close.

"Ooh," Belinda sighed, "your bush is tickling me."

Maggie's face lunged forward and her mouth slammed onto Belinda's with all the energy she could summon. Belinda's lips were parted in anticipation and their mouths flowed together. Maggie could feel Belinda's spit dribbling into her open mouth and she knew that she was reciprocating.

Belinda's arms went around Maggie, reaching low to cup and fondle the cheeks of the brunette's ass, pulling the girls closer together. Their cunts rubbed with thrilling intensity and mutual wetness oozed forth from pink slits to mingle on touching pubic mounds. Maggie felt Belinda's thigh intrude between her own legs, the smooth hard girl flesh pressing tight upon the lightly haired cunt, and she began to ride that leg hungrily, as hungrily as she was kissing and being kissed. Every fiber of her conscience told her that this was wrong, sinful, perverted -- that women weren't supposed to touch and kiss and handle one another like this -- but her own hands were grabbing for Belinda's ass and her lips were sucking in Belinda's oral honey, and her body told her that some calls of nature were too strong to ignore.

Belinda pulled her mouth away and she brushed hair out of her face. She was flushed, sexy, and beautiful at that moment and she knew it. Her blue eyes were bright and wicked as she husked, "Let's go upstairs. It's more comfortable if we have a bed beneath us."

Belinda's head bobbed back and forth, sucking first the right then the left nipple of Maggie's quivering little tits. Her tongue skirted the edges of the areolas, daubed wetly across the incredibly long, incredibly stiff nipples themselves. And then her lips closed upon Maggie's nipples and she pulled hard, as if she meant to stretch them far beyond their normal erectile capacity.

Maggie's head tossed from side to side as her friend continued to nurse her. She was discovering new depths of sensual feeling in her nipples, and she trembled on the verge of a mini-orgasm already.

Belinda raised her face, replacing her lips with gently squeezing fingers. She kissed the hollow at the base of Maggie's throat, tongue and lips dancing upward gaily to fasten upon the point of Maggie's chin. Maggie whined as she felt her flesh being sucked and bitten and she tried to jerk her head, to draw Belinda's lips once more onto her own. The ploy succeeded and again she was kissing the blonde girl mouth to mouth.

Their bodies rolled on the bed, both of them naked, both burning with sexual fervor. Maggie felt Belinda's heavy tits press her smaller pair, the nipples touching, and she whimpered ecstatically. Belinda's thigh inserted itself between Maggie's legs and commenced a provocative rubbing along the sparsely furred lips of Maggie's pussy. Cunt juices dribbled forth, dampening Belinda's flesh, making her rub all the harder. Inside Maggie's cunt her tiny clitoris was alive with excitement and she imagined she could almost hear it screaming for some attention.

Strength hummed through Maggie's muscles and she rolled hard, forcing Belinda onto her back. Triumphantly Maggie perched above the blonde, straddling her, panting as she looked down at the pinned woman. "Now I've got you!" she exulted.

Belinda looked up with an enigmatic smile. "You certainly have," she agreed. "What are you going to do about it?"

Maggie hesitated only for a second. Her face dropped and her open mouth seized upon Belinda's nearest nipple. She worried the stiff pink nubbin vigorously, chewing it, biting it, licking and kissing away any fleeting pain her attack might have caused. Belinda's hand petted Maggie as she sucked and licked, and wicked thrills gurgled through the horny brunette girl.

Her hand skidded down across Belinda's tummy, making for the hairless gash at the apex of slim, shapely thighs. It was so weird, she thought, to be touching an absolutely hairless cunt. She half expected to feel tiny stubbles in the peachy flesh but there were none. Belinda's pussy mound was smooth and soft as a baby's ass, its plush plumpness broken only by the bold pink gash of her cunt.

Maggie's fingers stroked the outer cuntlips, finding them already hot, wet and swollen. She seized a handful of cunt and squeezed it playfully while her mouth continued to eat it. Belinda moaned at the delicious pressure and her loins jerked, forcing herself more fully into Maggie's clutching palm. More wetness seeped forth, its musky fragrance scenting the bedroom's air, more erotic to Maggie at that moment than anything she had ever smelled in her life. It was sexier even than the expensive imported French perfume Ted bought her every year for Christmas, and Maggie knew that within a very short time she was going to have her nose inside Belinda's cunt, sniffing that sweet pussy firsthand.

"Eat me, Maggie!" Belinda shrieked. "Give me hell!"

Maggie needed no inviting. Her lips smacked a stiff, poking nipple and her head began to move down Belinda's body. She kissed and tongued the undersides of those sweet, full tits, each lingual caress making Belinda's legs quiver jerkily, and Maggie's tongue left a wet trail down the other girl's belly, lingering curiously at the puckered navel but making inexorably for the waiting cunt.

She rolled her wet tongue across the clean shaven pussy mound, once more enchanted by its softness, but, with an instinctive flair for this sort of thing, Maggie was careful not to lick the cuntlips themselves. She teased them around and around, stimulating them from a distance, moving into the tingling bases of Belinda's thighs, but so far the lips of that hairless pink slit were completely virgin to the touch of Maggie's tongue.

She kissed her way down Belinda's legs as far as the knees, taking care to dwell upon the sensitive inner thigh area, but the wet mouth of that shaven cunt was a beacon call she could not long endure. With a sigh. Maggie's head turned and she dove into the steamy crotch that seemed to whisper her name excitedly.

Her fingers spread the tight gash and she peered inside. Canyons and valleys, pink, wet, rubbery looking, glistened in expectation and hungered for her attention. Maggie obliged. Her tongue shot out and streaked across Belinda's pussy, licking from clitty to cuntmouth, spearing into the latter playfully. The cuntlips jerked in reply, tugging at Maggie's tongue as if they meant to pull it inside, to hold it there forever. Maggie was in full control of what she was doing, however, and she wasn't ready for that -- not quite yet. Her tongue withdrew from Belinda's snapping cunt and darted upward to caress the protruding clitoris. It was bigger, longer, thicker than Maggie's, resembling nothing so much as a tiny cock, and she found it a pure joy to take that love trigger in her lips, bruising and abusing it with the fury of her sucking.

Belinda's cunt jerked and lanced in Maggie's teasing mouth, the supple bud quivering as it was worshiped, and Maggie could feel the hot wet juices flooding from the cunt just below. The pussy fluids soaked Maggie's chin and she rubbed herself in them with vigor. Momentarily her lips abandoned Belinda's clit and drifted lower to kiss the creaming snatch. She speared out with her tongue again, dipping into the tasty cud. Coyly she chewed on the supersensitive inner cuntlips, shook them with her tongue, then stabbed between them once more. Belinda gave up the struggle and let herself erupt into a screaming climax.

There was more! Maggie's brain shrieked. There was more! She opened her mouth and sucked at the entire mass of Belinda's juicy gash, using her fingers to keep it spread open, flipping it up and down with her tongue. The cuntlips shook and trembled but Maggie was able to insert her tongue one last time, feeling as she did the responsive ripple and shudders that heralded Belinda's second -- or was it her third climax.

Maggie had felt this same reaction with her finger jammed inside her own cunt, but never with so much intense action. Tongue-fucking Belinda's creaming pussy made Maggie fully aware of the sensations that must surround a prick rampaging inside an climaxing cunt, and she loved it! She thrust her tongue as deeply as she could and held it there a long, blinding moment while Belinda's pussy exploded all around.

Her lips and tongue numb, the fever subsiding in her friend's cunt, Maggie drew back, easing onto her side. Belinda lay tossing and writhing, her hips and legs shaking spasmodically, eyes wide but unseeing. Maggie's hand came to rest upon one of Belinda's tits and she felt the excited throb of heartbeat jack hammering behind the cushy mound of flesh.

Belinda's eyes came slowly into focus and she looked at Maggie. Lust screamed from those glazed baby blues. Her hair was a mess, wisps straying and falling here, there and everywhere, and she brushed it back impatiently with her hand as she sat up. Maggie's hand dropped from Belinda's tit as the golden body shone in the after flush of orgasm. Belinda looked like a neon sign -- Maggie was positive the girl would glow if the lights should suddenly go out. Froth bubbled on Belinda's lips as she stared with big, haunted eyes. Her hand raised unsteadily, a finger out, and that finger touched down squarely upon Maggie's breastbone.

"Lover," Belinda croaked, "it's your turn!"

And with that she sprang forward, knocking Maggie flat. Her mouth crushed Maggie's and her tongue rammed inside to taste the juices of her own cunt which were still abundant within Maggie's mouth. She siphoned off her honey, lifted her head, and smacked her lips in satisfaction. And then her head raced down Maggie's body, pausing but briefly to kiss or suck the already aching nipples, to ream a tingling navel. Belinda buried her face between Maggie's spread, waiting thighs, repaying in kind the treatment her own cunt had just received.

Maggie writhed on the bed, straining to open herself fully to the other woman's tongue and fingers. Her virgin performance of cunnilingus had worked her up to such a pitch that she came with a wail the first time Belinda's fingers slipped between her cuntlips. It was a quick, flashing come, here and then gone, but Belinda felt its tremor and she placed her lips firmly upon the throbbing little bud of Maggie's clit, kissing, nuzzling.

Her thumb squished into Maggie's dripping pussy, corkscrewing around and around as deeply as it could thrust, while her mouth kept sucking the hot trigger of her friend's sexual being. Maggie's ass humped upward, smashing her cunt into Belinda's eager mouth, and she screamed in exultation. With all the strength she could summon she twisted her upper body, fingers aiming for Belinda's sopping, and shaven pussy.

She knocked at the open gate of the hairless cunt, felt it open to admit her probe, and began to massage its come-slick walls from the inside. Belinda wiggled until she was comfortably close and her hips wiggled in delighted acceptance of Maggie's renewed fingering. And all the while she sucked and licked and drank deeply the oozing wetness Maggie's cunt dripped forth, her tongue flipping sinfully at the heated, stiff nub of cunt flesh.

Maggie was coming now, coming faster than she ever had before, and her fingers stabbed drunkenly into Belinda's cunt until she felt the blonde girl whimper with the sudden release of a fresh orgasm of her own. Orgasm hammered upon orgasm and their bodies reveled until muscles grew limp and satiation dropped upon Maggie and Belinda with exhausting fullness.

Later they lay on the bed, hugging and cuddling, one pausing now and then to steal a playful kiss. Belinda was so warm, so soft, so beautiful, and she had made Maggie feel just as warm, just as soft, just as beautiful.

"I never guessed," Maggie mused thoughtfully as a hand cupped her tit. "I never dreamed it could be like this. I'd heard of girls who -- but I never for a moment."

"It was great," Belinda agreed, "because neither of us is a lesbian. Not exclusively. You're bi, just as I am. You can have a hell of a lot of fun with a guy or a girl, depending on how the mood strikes you. See, if you were a full-time dyke, you'd be limited to girls for your kicks, just as you'd be limited to guys if you were a flaming heterosexual. That makes for boredom and ulcers. Variety, Maggie, variety! That's what swinging is all about. Try everything, learn everything, love everybody!"

Maggie nodded. "And since half of all swingers are girls..."

"Right on! Why eat half a loaf when you can eat it all. And you did just that, you gorgeous, baby-breasted thing!" She leaned down to kiss Maggie once more, a kiss that sent a hum vibrating through Maggie's body. Maggie clutched Belinda's head to make the kiss last forever, but the blonde girl wiggled free.

"You know," she smiled, "the first time it happened to me was during that crazy honeymoon on the beach. One day our housemates separated me and David, and she fucked him and. Roy screwed me. The next day, Stephanie managed to get me alone on the beach. Oh, it was lovely, a long strip of white sand and blue sea and no one for miles and miles and before I knew it, she was holding my tits, telling me how pretty they were, how much she envied them. She was small-breasted, just like you are. God, I've always wished I had a pair of tiny, perfect tits like yours! Let me touch them one more time. Anyway, the next thing I knew, she was sucking and kissing them, and somehow I got her bikini bottoms down and jammed my fingers into her cunt, and I found out I was bisexual. It's been easy riding ever since."

"It's a beautiful feeling," Maggie replied. "There was something about the way you used your mouth on me."

"Natural," Belinda smiled. "A girl knows what turns a girl on. Guys can learn it. David eats pussy as well as any girl in the world because I taught him. Ted could use a bit of instruction. Oh, I hope I didn't offend you! But it's true. He's too rough in the beginning. But you! I still can't believe you've never done it before. You were perfect. Come clean, Maggie -- haven't you fooled around with a girl before?"

Maggie shook her head firmly. "I'm twenty-three years old, and it makes me sick to think of all the time I wasted."

"We'll make up for that," Belinda assured her. "Say! Are you still just a little bit horny?"

"Does a bear shit in the woods?" Maggie giggled. Belinda leaned across the bed, her hands reaching for the telephone on the nightstand. "I've got a girl for you!" she chortled, dialing a number. "She's been my best friend for years and my part-time lover ever since David and I got back from our honeymoon. Hello! It's Belinda, of course. Did I get you out of bed? Really? Who with? No! I always thought he was gay for guys."

"Well, what can you possibly -- Christina!" Belinda's voice broke into a wicked giggle. "I never thought of that! But why not? Say, I was just thinking of you, as always. David and I met a new couple tonight, Ted and Maggie Spencer. No, I don't think you know them. He's in charge of Community Services, where I do volunteer. Anyway, they're both beautiful and sexy and Christina, you must meet Maggie. She's sitting here creaming for someone like you. Do you think you can come over tonight? Can't you bring him along? No, not unless David is in the mood for it. Well, if he has a prior claim. Huh? I forgot all about it. Sure, we can go. Let me ask." She cupped her hand over the mouthpiece of the phone.

"Busy tomorrow evening? There's a party. I'd completely forgotten about it until Christina reminded me. It should be kinky and fun."

"I don't think we're doing anything," Maggie said.

"Great. Christina -- we'll all be there. We'll take our car. It'll be the easiest way. Ted and Maggie will probably have trouble getting in, since it's their first party, so we can be their sponsors. Okay! See you tomorrow? Come over early. I might be hungry." She giggled again. "'Bye, love!" And she smacked a kissed through the telephone.

"Well," she said, turning to Maggie, "it looks like Christina is tied up for the evening. She's in bed with Andrew Dawson -- the town is named for his family, you know. He's a closet queer, to use a very vulgar expression, and that wicked twit Christina tells me she's taking a crash course in cocksucking from him. She figures that she can learn a few new kinks from his expertise, and I think she may be right. I suppose really it's just like two girls together. A guy knows what feels good when he's being sucked."

"What were you saying about David?" Maggie wondered.

"Oh, that. David's bi, too. He doesn't make an issue out of it, though. What's wrong? You look pale. Does it offend you to think that he does thin with other guys? If we can make love together, why should he have to follow some medieval set of regulations, anyway?"

"It just startled me," Maggie replied. "I mean, he seems so masculine."

"Of course he's masculine," Belinda laughed. "He'll fuck anyone who arouses him and is willing." She hugged herself dreamily. "He's all man, and all mine, but I'll share him." She snapped her fingers. "I've got it!" she gleamed. "Let's go down to his study, naked like we are. We'll drag him from behind his Goddamned desk, throw his opening argument all over the room, and rape him. What do you say?"

"Won't he be upset?"

"He'll fucking love it! And love both of us, if we're lucky. Are you coming?"

"Not yet but I should be in about fifteen minutes," Maggie snickered. "If your husband can get it up again."

"Does a bear shit in the woods?"


Christina Rumford was as gorgeous as Belinda had promised, or so it seemed to Maggie. She was a long-bodied girl who moved in easy graceful steps and gestures, her reddish hair cropped very short, her skin pale as fresh cream, enormous violet eyes dominating a lovely ace. Maggie envied her those eyes, just as she envied the assurance which enable rich young Christina to wear a disgracefully tattered pair of flare-leg jeans, a floppy black hat, and a denim jacket with her name in rhinestones on the back in big bold letters. And on Christina they looked like Paris originals. The jeans clung tightly to long, smooth thighs, lifted into the crack of a pert ass, while their bottoms flipped up mockingly to reveal polished black boots.

Christina spoke in a soft whisper of a voice that seemed to ooze from between her wide, thin lips. Those lips were painted in a glossy red tonight -- and the lipstick was tasty, as Maggie could verify. Needing no introduction at all, Christina had given Ted a quick little kiss, her mouth dwelling much longer on Maggie's.

Now, sitting in the car on the way to the party, Maggie felt consumed with doubts. Last night, swinging with David and Belinda, had been fantastic, despite her initial doubts and reluctance. But was she ready for more? Was Ted? Shouldn't they have rejected the invitation, perhaps, and instead tried it out a few more times with David and Belinda, just getting the hang of it, working out their feelings?

She wondered if Ted felt the same way, but he was sitting up front with David and she didn't have the courage to ask him. Maggie slouched back, ill at ease in her best dress. What if she couldn't go through with a swinging party? What would happen there, anyway? Belinda had said it would be fun and kinky, but exactly what did that mean? What about the people? Who would be there? She didn't know that many people in Dawson, but suppose she walked into a room filled with her acquaintances? Would she be able to endure their stares? Even worse -- what if no one at the party wanted her? She wished she had a minor handy, so she could give her makeup one last going-over. Was she as alluring, as lovely, as she could be? The dress was a clingy nylon item, fitting snugly around her little tits, and she knew that her braless nipples were bravely evident.

From the outside Maggie seemed to be calm and collected, but internally she was seething in fear-bubbles, a stew that threatened to boil out at any minute.

Beside her on the back seat Belinda and Christina were necking like a high school couple at the drive-in movies. Maggie was open to her own bisexual inclinations now, but she had not yet coped with the problem of watching two other girls go at it. Her eyes kept flickering toward them, catching a glimpse of wet kisses, of Christina's hand thrusting inside Belinda's leather jumpsuit to fondle a golden, pink-capped tit, of Belinda's fingers stroking the tight crotch piece of Christina's jeans.

Belinda looked at Maggie on one of those eye-shifting and she smiled. "We're awful hosts," she told her friend. Her hand went out, catching Maggie's, and Maggie eased over. Two mouths puckered for her and she pressed her face into them, taking and receiving warm, friendly kisses. Someone's hand clutched her tit, rolling the nipple through the intervening layer of thin nylon, and she felt a hand on her leg as well, slipping upward beneath the hem of her dress.

Maggie's hand was inside Christina's jeans and her lips were sucking Belinda's when the car came to a stop. She looked around to see that they had reached their destination. It was a large stone-built house on the northern edge of town. She and Ted had passed it often on their Sunday drives but she had never dreamed that someday she'd be attending a swap party in that very house.

Maggie sighed. She straightened her dress, replacing it around one exposed tit, shifting her ass to get her panties lined up once more. Belinda zipped up her jumpsuit, all the way to the neck. Her fingers hesitated a moment, holding the zipper tab, and she smiled, pulling it halfway down so that the slick leather front was sufficiently open to reveal the inner curves of her rounded tits.

Christina plopped her wide-brimmed hat onto her head and led the other girls out of the car. Maggie and Ted, holding hands nervously, followed their friends to the front door.

A woman answered the bell. She was strikingly handsome, perhaps forty-five years old. The surprisingly firm swells of her tits, surmounted by large dark nipples, could be seen through the sheer silkiness of her blouse. Her hair was so artfully tinged in gray that Maggie suspected the woman of using a streak or rinse to achieve the effect.

"Hello," she cooed to them, leaning forward to kiss each new arrival on the cheek. Her tit brushed Maggie's arm, sending a tingle of good vibrations through the younger woman's body. "It's so nice to have you with us. But I don't think..."

"This is Ted Spencer," Belinda said, "and his wife Maggie. They're friends of ours." She slipped her arm round Maggie's waist and gave a squeeze. "Very good friends."

The woman was looking at Ted with interested eyes. "I hope we'll all be very good friends," she said softly. "Come inside. Everyone's in the drawing room. Why don't you take Ted and Maggie inside and introduce them around?" She closed the door, fastening its lock from the inside, and walked them down the hall, through a set of double doors, into the drawing room.

It was a large room, neither too bright nor too dim. Chairs and sofas were placed here and there, and a bar stood in one corner, near a table of hors d'oeuvres. Maggie looked around as she entered the room, her eyes searching for familiar faces, but there was no one here she knew.

"Drink?" Belinda asked, and Maggie nodded. The three girls went to the bar and Belinda did the honors. "Would you prefer to be introduced to everyone or would you rather make your own acquaintances?"

"I think I'd like to play it by ear," Maggie replied. "This is going to take some getting use to."

"Not really," Belinda said. "Basically this should be closed swinging, you'll find someone who turns you on and, if both of you agree, you go upstairs. The upper story has six or eight bedrooms. I see we have a large crowd tonight so there may be a bit of doubling up, but you shouldn't mind that."

"It won't be entirely closed," Christina observed. "I see your Uncle Dan is up to his old tricks."

Belinda and Maggie looked to their right. A graying man sat on a couch in a dim corner with a petite young blonde. He was talking to her, puffing on a pipe as he spoke, while her hands toyed with his formidably erect cock, protruding through the open zipper of his trousers.

"Come on," Belinda said. "You have to meet Uncle Dan. After all, he's the host."

"Is he really your uncle?" Maggie whispered, just a bit shocked by the suggestiveness of it.

"Honorary," Belinda replied. "He used to be in business with Daddy but he sold out his half years ago and retired to enjoy the money. I suppose it's kind of freaky, in a way. I thought it was, the first time I met him at a party, but we're all cool. I couldn't make it with him, of course it would almost be like balling Daddy, but Christina says he's dynamite. Maybe sometime I'll conquer my inhibitions and give him a shot."

Dan looked up as the two girls approached. "Hey!" he said enthusiastically. "I'm glad you could come."

"It's nice to be here," she smiled. "Uncle Dan, this is my friend Maggie. She's new."

"Hi," Maggie said, shaking Dan's hand. Beside him the little blonde was still fondling his cock.

"You know Mary Beth, don't you?" Dan asked. Obviously he liked his women young -- the girl barely looked of age. Eighteen would be a long shot, Maggie decided. And she was aware that Dan's eyes were appraising her frankly, staring at the way her nylon dress clung and molded the curves and swells of her body. No, she told herself. She couldn't do it with him. He reminded her too much of her own father.

A few pleasantries exchanged, the girls walked away, leaving Uncle Dan to his nymphet partner and her coy hands. Maggie had always thought of swinging as a young people's game -- somehow it startled her now to notice that most of the people present were older than she and Ted. Indeed, she and her husband, the Rodgers', Christina, and Mary Beth seemed to comprise the entire youth contingent at the party.

No -- there was a young man, delicately handsome. He appeared to be in his very early twenties. He and Ted and David were carrying on a conversation some distance away, too far for Maggie to pick up their words.

"Hmm," Belinda observed. "I see Andrew Dawson came out of the closet for the night."

"Is that him?" Maggie wondered. "He doesn't look like..."

"I'll bet he's propositioning our husbands right now," Belinda replied. And, as Maggie watched, she saw Ted's face go scarlet red. His lips swelled in anger and his fist clenched by his side. David turned to him with a quick smile and Ted's anger subsided a bit.

"Ted doesn't go for that kind of stuff, I take it," the blonde said. "Too bad. I hear Andrew is marvelous in bed. Of course, I scare him a little. He feels more at ease with Christina, because she's had the gay side herself. Maybe someday..."

David and the other man went out together, talking softly. Ted watched them go, a startled, stunned expression on his face. It didn't last long. Someone bumped his shoulder and when he turned around he saw the sheer-topped woman who had met them at the door. She took one of his hands in hers and began what appeared to be a very animated conversation, which he soon reciprocated.

"That's Aunt Marion," Belinda commented. "I don't know whether I got you properly introduced or not. She's Uncle Dan's wife. I'd love to make it with her -- she has such hard, sexy tits, especially for a woman her age. Can you tell that she's in her early fifties?"

"She's very good-looking," Maggie said. "Why don't you give her a try?"

"Oh, same thing," Belinda shrugged. "She used to bounce me on her knee when I was a baby. It just wouldn't seem right."

Belinda's "Aunt" Marion seemed to blossom into full flower as she talked to Ted in the midst of the party. Her cheeks were flushed and lively, her eyes active, darting, her lips moving in sensuous promise. Maggie became aware that this older woman was in the midst of making a play for Ted.

"Aunt Marion likes them young too," Belinda said. "Why shouldn't she have that right, anyway? I mean, look at Uncle Dan. Good Lord! That teenybopper is actually going down on him right here. Look for yourself!"

It was true. Blonde Mary Beth, her corn silk hair shielding most of the details, had her head in Dan's lap, but the expression on the graying man's face left no doubt whatsoever as to what was going on. He was steam boating his pipe, blue-gray smoke puffing into the air in thick bursts.

Couples were leaving the room now. Maggie saw them go, some talking in a serious manner, some laughing drunkenly. She looked for Ted but he was nowhere in sight.

"Aunt Marion works pretty fast," Belinda said. "So does Christina."

Christina had already removed her floppy hat and placed it under the bar counter for safekeeping. Now, as she talked to a thirtyish man in a safari suit, she was flipping open the snap-buttons of her denim jacket, slipping it off her shoulder. Underneath she wore nothing but her firm, conical tile, their nipples big and -- green?

"Green?" Maggie asked, not realizing she'd spoken aloud.

"Oh!" Belinda laughed. "Christina. She's wearing her nipple makeup again. Sometimes it freaks people out, you know. When she takes off her shirt and the nipples are blue or silver or whatever." She licked delicately at her lips. "The green is peppermint flavored. Delicious, delicious. Well? Hadn't we better make a contact? No offense, Maggie, but I came here to be ravished."

"Oh, go ahead," Maggie smiled. "I'm just not ready yet. My stomach is all butterflies. Where's the john?"

"Out that door and dawn the little hallway," Belinda said. "Uncle Dan's exercise room is at the very end of the hall and there's a john right next door."

Maggie thanked her and went. She tried not to look too closely as she passed the couch where Dan and Mary Beth sat, but the slurping sounds the young girl made were inescapable, and Dan was moaning in gratification as his cock moved inside Mary Beth's hungry mouth.

She went down the narrow hallway and her hand was on the bathroom door when she heard other sounds seeping from the half-shut door of the exercise room. Curious, Maggie listened a moment to the groans, and then she stepped closer, peering through the cracked door.

Her eyes went saucer big. A wrestling mat lay on the floor, and on it lay David Rodgers, completely nude, his cock thrusting up into Andrew Dawson's sucking mouth. Maggie had never seen anything quite like it before. She felt dirty, like a peeping Tom, like that neighbor who sometimes used his binoculars to spy on her while she sunbathed, but she couldn't take her eyes away from the scene going on in the exercise room.

She remembered Belinda's description of her husband as a moderate, bisexual but she, hadn't appreciated it until this very moment. And she knew that she could never allow herself to touch him or to be touched by him again.

And almost simultaneously the unfairness of her thoughts struck home. There were people, men and women alike, who would react just as strongly to the sight of Maggie and Belinda going at each other as voraciously as they'd done last night. Was there really any difference? If two girls wanted to make love together, or if two guys so desired... Who was Maggie Spencer to make moral pronouncements and condemnations? Wasn't sexual freedom what swinging was all about?

Maggie wanted to turn away, but she couldn't. Her system was full of doubt and dreams. For a girl who had been totally opposed to the idea of swinging yesterday at this time, she had gone full circle, imagining her husband engaged in perversities that would arouse his blackest anger if only he could read her mind. The rebellious instinct must have been lying dormant in her mind all these long years and now it was taking over with a vengeance. Maggie found it difficult to recognize the person she was becoming.

Her hand reached for the doorknob and for the quickest moment she considered throwing herself into the two-way on the floor. Her cunt was sopping wet -- she was afraid to look don at herself, lest she find a stain on the front of her dress from the seeping cunt juices -- and Maggie knew that if Andrew got one crack at her gash he'd go straight in an instant. She could feel that skinny, long cock of his prodding inside her, if only in fantasy.

She whirled around and marched boldly up the hallway, and her eyes shot around the drawing room, searching for someone -- anyone -- who might help to scratch the unbearable itching in her cunt.

And she saw him.

A tall, lean man, in his middle thirties, she guessed, just stubbing out a cigarette in an ashtray. He was almost smugly handsome, she thought, and when his eyes lifted they locked right into hers. Maggie strode across the room, heading toward him like a lemming making for the sea.

"My name is Maggie," she said, "and I want you."

They went upstairs, chose a bedroom, and went inside. The lights were off and they could hear a couple going at it in the other bed, the sounds of sex making Maggie hornier than she had been already. Her fingers flew as she wiggled out of the nylon dress and the panties beneath. Her shoes clattered onto the floor and she threw herself on the bed to await him.

He got out of his clothes as fast as possible and joined her. On the next bed the woman was groaning in what must have been her third orgasm in less than two minutes, and come-fever seemed to be contagious as smallpox in the room at that moment.

Maggie rolled onto her back, fingers locking around, the man's cock, and she pulled him into her. He had a good-sized prick, long and thick, and it filled her aching cunt beautifully. She let him fuck her for a few minutes, working from above and at his own speed, but she wanted it harder, faster.

"Let me on top," she panted, and he moved to accommodate her. Maggie twisted and, without breaking the connection inside her cunt, she rode atop him, pulling high and slamming down hard on his stiff cock, taking it as far inside as it would jab.

The walls of her twat seemed to be afire with passion and she came for the first time almost as soon as she was firmly atop him. He felt the rippling contractions of her cunt and stepped up the pace of his fucking, ramming it to her harder, harder, harder. On the next bed they could hear the woman screaming her passion to the heavens: "OH, GOD! Once more!! Give it to me just that way! You beautiful son of a bitch!!! OHHHH!!!" She sounded like a come machine, the way she was going off at the drop of a hat. Maggie thought the voice was vaguely familiar but she couldn't place it. Certainly it wasn't Belinda, and she doubted if Christina's whispering little voice could rise to such pitches even under the pressure of orgasmic release.

The only sounds in the room were the groans of fucking couples and the shattering groans of the overworked beds. The bed housing Maggie and her friend seemed to creak even louder than the other, for she was hotter than hell and anxious to get cooled off. She worked herself up and down as if she were a cowboy and he a bucking bronco, and each time his cock jammed its eager way into her sucking cunt.

He filled her nicely, spreading her cunt walls just enough to cause a coinciding stimulation of her throbbing clitty, and, to aid that nubby little organ in its journey to sexual explosion, Maggie reached one hand into her sopping cunt, fingers pinching and tweaking at her trigger as she galloped madly on the stranger's gouging cock.

She felt one of his hands slip in to join hers and they both massaged her cunt as it was filled, refilled, and plugged to overflowing. Maggie's body was drenched in sweat and she was chewing her lips as she worked her way toward a massive come. When it came she screamed a wordless cry and her body turned to jelly.

His hands seized her hip bones to keep her from falling, and his fingers dug into her perspiring flesh. Maggie swayed atop him like a nearly severed tree, but somehow she found the strength to keep fucking, and she fucked him viciously, savagely, as viciously and as savagely as he was fucking her, until at last she felt his prick burst inside her and his cum flowed into her sucking cunt.

She collapsed upon him then, her mouth seeking his in the darkness, her fingers stroking and scraping at his cheeks as she kissed him, and she lay there, his cock still inside her. It was starting to go limp, now that its primary duty had been discharged, but Maggie couldn't allow that to happen. She could still see, in her mind's eye, David and Andrew going at it on the wrestling mat, and until she had fucked that provocative picture out of her mind she could find neither peace nor rest.

She lifted her leg, allowing his softening cock to slip out of her jism-slick cunt, and then she kissed her way down her new friend's body, feeling her way in the darkness. Her chin brushed across his pubic hair and her fingers seized upon bin cock, sliding on its wet limpness.

Maggie's mouth opened and she sucked his cock inside, drinking away the collected gobs of cum that spotted his prick, and she continued to suck until she felt him going stiff once again. Her leg moved again and she was cunt-straddling his face, giving him full access to her sloppy pussy. His tongue shot into the dripping mass, scraping upward across her cunt mouth, directly toward her clitoris. When he touched the sopping nub it seemed that bells rang inside Maggie's head, and she pressed her cunt dawn upon his face. He was drinking their mutual juices as he licked and dipped, but if he cared he didn't show it.

His tongue slid along the crack of her ass, playing around the tight ring of her asshole, attempting to slip inside, and Maggie throbbed with fresh energy. She wiggled her ass, inviting him to do more. He put his hands on the cheeks of her ass, spreading them, and his tongue slid again and again across her asshole. She hummed around his mouth-trapped cock and let her ass drop down further, so that he could kiss and lick her asshole without lifting his head from the bed.

He was stiff as a poker by now, and her mouth moved nimbly on his cock. She considered changing positions and taking him inside her once more, but she rather enjoyed the action of his mouth on her cunt and asshole and she decided to keep going in this position.

The couple on the next bed seemed to have found their limit. The woman's orgiastic groans and shrieks had stopped, or at least dwindled, and the creaking of the bed had fallen off. They must be lying there now, Maggie thought, listening to her and this stud. Good God! She didn't even know his name! He was just someone she had seen, liked, and dragged upstairs to fill her cunt with his cock and his boiling cum!

Did it matter? Of course not! She and Ted had come here with the intention of meeting new people and fucking them. That was what she was doing. And hadn't Ted disappeared somewhere, a long time back, with that old lady? Hadn't he probably fucked his cock into her by now and bubbled her to overflowing with jism?

Maggie's tongue and lips began to work faster on the man's cock. She slid her head up and down, letting it shoot deeply into her mouth, her teeth scraping it as it went in and pulled back. Her cheeks sucked in, applying delightful experiments in pressure and suction, and her hands made a grab for his balls, lifting the heavy sac in her palms.

He repaid her in kind, his tongue continuing to batter the tightly sealed portals of Maggie's asshole, his fingers coming into it. One of his fingers stabbed inside her aching cunt, reaming around and around until it was coated in her girl-fluids. It withdrew and, scarcely a moment later, she felt it rap, wet and greasy, at her back door. The finger toyed with her firmly closed asshole, rimming around the puckered opening, and she winced as her shit chute yielded slightly and allowed the tip of the finger to slip inside.

Maggie moaned and began to suck harder as the finger pressed deeper. She had never known anything in her life quite like this, it felt as if her asshole were being split open but there was no pain involved, just a tingling throb that seemed to vibrate from her ass to some sensation switchboard inside her head.

He was in her asshole to the first knuckle, reaming and rolling, and she wiggled her to suck him in all the way. His hand bumped against her asscheeks as the finger made a complete entrance and he merely held it there, his lips returning to their job of sucking her cunt.

Stars flashed on Maggie's closed eyelids and she began to suck his cock like a maniac. Her head bobbed madly on his cock and it seemed that he was ramming all the way into her throat half the time. Certainly he was probing her deeply and it wasn't bothering her in the least. She could feel his hard, heavy cockhead slipping into her gullet, stuffing her throat as fully as his finger was stuffing her tight asshole.

She had no idea how long they lay in that fashion, sucking, ass-fingering, and cunt-licking. Maggie only knew that the lips of her pink cunt had parted two or three times to let successive orgasms bubble out before she felt the telltale swell and throb of his cock as it neared the point of no return.

She worked her lips on the knobby head, stabbing with her tongue tip at the tiny clit, and then she knew that he couldn't hold it back another second.

With a giggle Maggie let his cock jerk out of her mouth an instant before it shot off. Her hands gripped it around the shaft and she pointed it toward her face. His jism squirted out, splashing and smearing her face. Some of it gushed into her giggling mouth but some of it landed on her cheeks and chin and nose and eyelids in globby drops. Her hands slid up and down her friend's cock, emptying his balls of their hot load, and she held him until his cock once mote grew soft and useless.

She sucked him back inside her mouth, using her tongue in ways she had not thought herself capable of, trying with all her erotic wiles to get his cock stiff and ready far yet another round. It was no good. His cock did not respond in the slightest to her oral caresses.

"I think PJ out of it for a while," he confessed, his words muffled by the cunt which pressed down upon his face.

Maggie sucked his worked-out prick for a little longer, hoping against hope that he might summon up the strength to get it up one more time, but finally she had to abandon the idea as futile.

"It was fun while it lasted," she said, lying down beside him and smearing her cum-wet face against his.

"You're the girl who came tonight with Belinda and David Rodgers, aren't you?" the man asked in a deep voice.

Maggie snuggled against him, throwing one leg over his loins so that she'd know if he got a fresh hard-on. "Yes," she said. "My name's Maggie."

"I know," he replied. "If I remember correctly, you came up to me downstairs and said, 'My name's Maggie and I want you to fuck me'."

"That's not quite it," she smiled, "but you've got the idea." Her ears perked. "I think our roommates have deserted us. Maybe we scared them off."

"That was our hostess," he said. "I'd recognize Marion's orgasmic squeals anywhere."

Marion? Maggie thought. Then -- was, it -- Ted? Was he the one making her screw and shake like that? Weird. She couldn't picture Ted with a woman old enough to be his mother, as Marion certainly was.

"Well," she said, dismissing the thought. "I think I'm entitled to know your name."

"Promise you won't laugh or make any nasty jokes," he warned her, "because I've heard them all. My name is Greg Nixon."

"Oh, I feel for you," Maggie commiserated.

"You're not?"

"Very distant cousin," he said sorrowfully.

Maggie snickered. "I'll bet the relationship was a lot closer before he got caught. But he couldn't have been all bad. My husband voted for him."

"I'll just bet you've never let him live it down, either."

"Unfair, unfair! Besides, I'm not holding anything against you." She sighed. "I just wish you were holding something against me. Like your tricky dick, for example."

"I ought to fuck you for that one."

She fingered his limp prick. "I don't think I can hold you to that promise. If you get it up again, look me up. 'Bye!" And with that she was gone, flitting out the bedroom door and down the stairs.

Naked and unconcerned, Maggie wandered back into the drawing room. She felt as if she could really use a good stiff one right about now, but if that failed, she'd settle for a dry martini. Her mind drifted back to the interlude upstairs with Greg Nixon. It had been enjoyable but she was really heated up tonight and couldn't waste her time with a man capable of only two stands. Still -- when he was hard and eager, he'd fucked her viciously, savagely, and brutally.

There were other naked people in the room, as if it made any difference. Apparently the part was loosening up, now that the initial round of sexing had been completed. Dan and his nymphet were still on the couch, but now the girl sat on the older man's lap, her eyes shut tight. Maggie took a closer look and saw that Dan's cock was thrusting in and out of Mary Beth's tight, quivering little asshole. A look of mingled pain and ecstasy occupied the blonde girl's face, and Dan was squeezing her fat tits.

Christina, wearing her hat and a warm smile, strode across the floor to Maggie. Stripped, she was a vision of loveliness. Her tits were moist with sweat, the sexy green makeup badly smeared, and Maggie ached to jam her fingers into the thick mass of reddish-brown hair between Christina's thighs. Instead she dropped her head and licked at a stray smear of nipple makeup. It did have a peppermint taste! Her tongue flicked out for another slurp.

"That's delicious," she said, raising her head. "Does it come in other flavors?"

"Why don't you come over to my place sometime and find out," Christina invited. "I'll bet I have it in your favorite natural flavor."

"I'll bet you do," Maggie purred kittenishly. Her hands went out to clutch Christina's tits. The nipples were wine red, now that their green coating had been licked away, and they were hot to Maggie's touch. She rubbed them and tweaked them, feeling the little points come up hard and ready, and she bent to suck their sweetness. As her mouth contacted Christina's nipples her fingers scooted down the red-haired girl's tummy, digging into the clump of fur where a soft, wet cunt lay hidden. Maggie could feel recently spilled jism lurking inside Christina's cunt, and she knew that she would die if she didn't get Belinda's friend down for some hot sucking and licking right now.

"Why don't we go somewhere and get acquainted?" Christina suggested. Maggie looked up. A woman across the room was looking directly at them, it seemed, but no one else seemed to be giving them the slightest attention. Her eyes drifted around the room and she saw Ted, talking very earnestly to Marion. The older woman and Maggie's husband were bath naked and Marion's hand was cuddling Ted's cock gently as they spoke.

Her fingers fell away and the cock stood up of its own accord. Marion smiled, fell to her knees, and began to suck it voraciously, not caring if anyone was watching.

Maggie stood up. Go to it, swinger, she radioed to Ted with her thought waves. "Okay," she said to Christina. "How about the exercise room dawn the hall? We shouldn't be in anyone's way there."

"Sounds fine with me," Christina said, and the two naked women strode off arm-in-arm down the hallway.


Maggie turned off the television. She didn't know why she watched soap operas. They were so silly, so unrealistic. So was her own life, flow many women in America this Monday morning could claim they had spent a weekend like hers?

The party had ended, as all parties must, and she and her friends had returned to David and Belinda's. Andrew came with them, although Ted had made it perfectly clear that he did not intend to sample the vaunted delights of male homosexuality. Indeed, Ted seemed vaguely aloof during Saturday night and Sunday morning and afternoon. He was willing to watch, and occasionally his cock would spring up and he would fuck Belinda or Maggie or Christina with some semblance of enjoyment, but it wasn't the same.

Maggie wasn't sure what that meant. After all, wasn't he the one who had originally been so hot to give swinging a try? And now he acted as if he could care less. Maybe he was the one unready for the wrenching experience. Maggie knew as well as she knew her own name that she had found her true paradise in life and she did not intend to give it up -- ever.

She tried to remember the party. As far as she was aware, Ted had only made it with the older woman, Marion. Maybe that was what was wrong with him. Maybe the experience of fucking and sucking with a woman old enough to be his mother had left him feeling uneasy and troubled. Maggie didn't know. When she tried to ask him about it he clammed up. Men! Sometimes they were more trouble than they were worth!

But no! She loved Ted, loved him very much. He was her husband, he had been her first and, for a long time, her only lover, and she would help him solve whatever was bothering him. She owed it as part of her wifely duties.

Maggie went into the kitchen. Her teapot was whistling and it was time for lunch -- coffee and cottage cheese. She poured the coffee, stirring the instant mixture, ten added milk and sugar substitute. She had just opened the refrigerator door to get her cottage cheese when the phone rang.

"May I speak to Maggie Spencer, please?" said a weary voice.

"This is she," Maggie replied. "Who's this?"

"Do you know how many Spencers are in the phone book?" her male caller responded. "You must be the tenth number I've tried. This is Greg Nixon -- alias 'Tricky Dick'. Maybe you remember me."

"Yes, I remember you," Maggie laughed. "What can I do for you?"

"I've got it up again," he purred, "and I thought we might take up where we left off."

Maggie blushed, in spite of the weekend she had just spent. "I don't think so," she protested weakly. "Maybe I'll see you at another party sometime."

"And leave me to go around with this thing sticking out and up? You'll have to do better than tat."

Maggie cocked her head to one side, cradling the phone between her ear and her shoulder. Her hands smoothed down the front of her body. What would it hurt? she wondered. Wasn't this what swinging was all about? "I think I can fit you in," she said, "maybe between Days of Our Lives and Another World."

Maggie lay on the bed watching as Greg undressed. It was the fourth day running he'd come over to visit her during the afternoon and, she thought regretfully, if this kept up, she might never find out whether Mike Powers confronted his wife Toni who, thinking him dead, had married another man. Did she really care what happened to Mike Powers and his stupid nympho wife?

Greg slipped down his pants and turned to present her with a profile that favored his hard cock. Such a big one, Maggie thought. Such a big, throbbing hard-on to be buried inside her cunt and spilling out its cum deep within her womb. "Hurry up," she called. "I don't think I can wait for you to fold up your pants."

He came to her, rolling onto the bed beside her. She threw a leg over his body and scooted against him, raising her loins so he could impale her with his ready cock. It slid in as easily as though her cunt were full of melted butter and she sighed at its deep, probing penetration.

"Nice," she said, "but how long can you keep this up?"

He kissed her in reply, and nibbled at her lower lip. His hands cupped her small tits and he bent to nibble them as well. "You have the most beautiful tits I've ever seen," he whispered between nipple-mouthing.

"No, I don't," she insisted. "They're too small to be pretty."

"Anything more than a mouthful is wasted tissue," he countered, and his mouth opened to suck one tit in, just to underscore his words.

Maggie petted his head as he sucked her tits. He was such a dynamic stud, she thought. Nearly as good as Ted was, before... She didn't want to think about it. Ted hadn't fucked her once since their return from David and Belinda's house on Sunday evening. She'd called Belinda at home and found that he wasn't doing any more screwing around at the office with his gorgeous, swinging blonde volunteer either, and that worried Maggie. Every time she touched his cock he turned away from her.

What was it? Whose fault was it? Had he been turned off by watching her, in the after-party party, playing with Belinda and Christina and David and Andrew, in combinations of unending variety? He'd been turned on by the thought of his wife making it with another girl but had the sight been too much for him?

Maggie couldn't guess. She only knew that, if not for Greg and his daily visits, she'd be lying here alone, stuffing her cunt with carrots and cucumbers and bananas and every other cock shaped object in the refrigerator -- not to mention her fingers and whatever cock substitutes she could dig up around the house. She'd gotten used to being fucked often and well, and she didn't see how she could live without it.

She humped against Greg, taking him in deeper. "That is some tricky dick you swing between your legs," she purred, repeating the private joke they shared.

Downstairs the phone was ringing again. To hell with it, Maggie thought. Even if it might be Christina or Belinda inviting her to an afternoon of lesbian pleasures. She'd settle for what she had between her thighs right now.

"It's coming," Greg panted, and his cock stiffened inside her. Maggie felt his jism gush out, coating the walls of her cunt, and she hugged him tightly, shivering with a little come of her own. His cock stayed inside her and she wiggled her thighs provocatively to keep it hard and ready. Greg was good for one fuck right after another and she didn't intend to miss one of them.

Yesterday had been devoted to sucking and licking. She'd spent three solid hours with his cock in her mouth and she had guzzled man cream until it should have, but didn't, run out her ears. The day before Greg had raised the possibility of giving it to her in the ass but she had refused him. Ted had tried it often enough, in her prim, prudish days, but she was positive it still wouldn't work, and she didn't want unnecessary pain or discomfort to interfere with a lovely afternoon.

Maggie bit his cheek and wiggled against him, still writhing her cunt on his impaling cock, keeping it hard until he was ready to fuck her again. That wouldn't be long. She could feel his prick getting half-soft, then filling with blood once more and she shook her ass to make the process speed up.

"Come on!" she invited. "You're a swinger, so let's swing!"

They were fucking furiously. Maggie riding on top, when she heard the bedroom door open. Her head spun around and she saw Ted standing in the doorway.

"Hi, honey," she sighed, her ass bouncing on Greg's cock. "You're home early."

"Don't give me that shit!" Ted yelled, advancing toward them. "I've been having to call you for hours. What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Maggie stopped her gyrations and rested her palms on Greg's rib cage. "Just a little swinging," she smiled. "This is Greg Nixon. I met him at the party last weekend."

Ted made a fist and smacked it against his thigh. He glowered at Greg. "Why don't you get your clothes on and get the fuck out of here, buddy?" he threatened.

"What's wrong with you, Ted?" Maggie demanded angrily. "Greg is a friend of mine."

"You're a lousy slut, Maggie! Just a lousy, two-bit, shack up slut! What do you mean, having this son of a bitch come over while I'm away? Stud services?"

Greg's cock was going limp inside Maggie and she moved her ass determinedly to make it retain its stiffness.

"Look here, Ted Spencer," she snapped back. "You haven't been much of a husband to me for the past few days. I just figured I'd make up for it."

"I'd better go," Greg cut in. "This is too heavy for me."

"You're staying," Maggie announced, punctuating it with a wiggle of her ass that brought his cock to full, pulsating erection in spite of his doubts.

She turned to Ted. "Come off it, Ted! You were the one who wanted to start swapping, and I went along with you. Well, I like it!"

"This isn't swapping, it's adultery!" Ted shot back. "I mean, what else do you call it? The husband away, the wife in bed with a stranger? What's his name? Nixon? Shit!"

"You're just ticked-off because you voted for his cousin," Maggie replied firmly. "I told you it was a dumb thing to do, that the guy wasn't trustworthy, but no, you had to go vote for the elephant, and all you got was a tusk jammed up your ass." Pleased with her analogy, Maggie smirked at Ted.

"He's right," Greg told her. "Swinging is one thing, trading around at parties, you know? But this really is something else. Honestly, Maggie, if I'd known your husband didn't like the idea. I'd never have called you. So why don't you let me up and I'll go home."

"I've got a better idea," Ted snapped. "Since she likes swinging so much, let's make her a swinging sandwich." He was unbuttoning his trousers, undoing his belt, and letting his pants fall to the floor. His shorts followed and Maggie watched as he teased his cock to erection.

"Good," she said. "You've finally come out of whatever was bothering you. Stand here beside the bed and I'll blow you. Okay?"

Ted's shirt rippled to the floor and now he was naked and hard. "No," he said. "You lean forward. I'm going to shove this tusk up your sassy ass!"

Maggie paled. "Not on your life!" she told him, but by then he was on the bed, kneeling between Greg's outstretched le. He took his cock in hand and slid it up and down the crack of her ass. His hand pushed at her shoulder blades and Maggie leaned forward in spite of herself, her ass rising, her puckered asshole presenting itself to Ted's impatient cock.

He spat on his palms and rubbed his saliva on his cock. Rubbing a finger into Maggie's wet crotch, he soaked the digit and applied the moisture to Maggie's trembling asshole.

She moaned at the touch of his finger, wailed as it pronged through her sphincter and wiggled inside her ass for a lingering moment. She tried to straighten up but he pressed harder upon her shoulder blades and she could not move.

Ted grabbed his cock and worked it once more in Maggie's crack, this time dwelling upon her shit hole. She winced as she felt his knobby cockhead begin to press hard on her resisting ass, and he let up the pressure. Maggie relaxed for a moment, too, a moment too long, and she screamed at the incredibly swift stab as his cock slipped inside her shit chute.

She wanted to jump into the air, to fly around the room, but she couldn't. Two cocks held her firmly to the bed and she was their prisoner.

"You can start again any time you want," Ted declared, and to make his point, he began to fuck in and out of Maggie's tight ass.

"I'm sorry it had to end like this," Greg sighed, and his pelvis shot upward, driving his cock deep into Maggie's cunt.

She writhed and twisted as they double-fucked her. Each time they rammed inside it seemed as if their cocks must certainly bang fully into one another, but the thin wall of flesh separating her asshole and her cunt held firm.

They were moving in counterpoint rhythms, Ted's cock pushing into Maggie's ass while Greg's was pulling back from her cunt.

She hated it! She was being murdered! Her asshole was a festering hotbed of agony! She wished she'd never been born, let alone ever heard of swinging! She damned Belinda and her insistent persuasion to the hottest pits of hell!

And then, abruptly, it didn't hurt any more. Ted's cock was still thick and big inside her asshole but it was moving easily and skillfully and the most incredible sensations were barreling to and from her brain. Her nipples ached with sensual arousal and she whimpered when Greg took them in his fingers. His cock was still in her cunt, moving with the care and force she'd come to expect from him, and her ass was supplying its own special wiggles and twists as she opened her body to the attack of two throbbing cocks.

Setting her teeth firmly she called upon her muscles for assistance, tightening the ring of her ass upon Ted's prick. She heard him moan as her shit chute became a vise encircling his cock, but he didn't stop socking it to her. Maggie knew that moan. She knew that her husband was on the verge of dumping his cookies and, seconds later, she took them, deep in her sassy ass.

He rammed and roared within her, his cock sliding even more easily now that her asshole was slick with his cum, and each time he thrust he dumped a fresh burst of man cream. Maggie shook her ass to help him spend fully, and the wiggles teased and sucked a matching burst of jism out of Greg's cock. The man beneath lunged upward in a savage thump of blind energy that banged his cock tip into Maggie's churning womb and poured boiling cum upon the raging fires of her cunt. She came then, a cock in her cunt, one in her ass, and her body slumped down upon Greg's, slick and greasy with her perspiration.

They slithered out of her jism-filled holes and three of them lay on the bed, Maggie in the middle, cum dripping from her ass and cunt to smear and stain the bedspread unabashedly. She put a hand on her tummy, feeling the quake of orgasm as it rolled inside her, and she closed her eyes. Enough was enough, for God's sakes!

Later, when Greg had gone, Maggie and Ted lay talking on their bed.

"I'm afraid we may have bitten off more than we could chew," Ted confessed. "Maybe we tried to do too much too soon."

"But it all felt so good," Maggie sighed. "Even today, with both of you inside me."

"Maybe we should take a vacation from it all," Ted suggested. "Spend some time in quiet surroundings, get to know each other again. I'm so Goddamned afraid that we're gonna get headed off in opposite directions and that I'll lose you. And honey, I couldn't live if that happened. I wouldn't want to."

Maggie nodded. "You're tight," she agreed. "I know! Why don't we do what we've been talking about? Go out to the Coast and see Mom and Daddy? You've been promising me that trip for over a year."

"I don't know," Ted sighed. "It's a long way to California. Maybe instead we could drive down to Tennessee and spend some time up in the Smokies. Rent a cabin, swim, fish..."

"California, please!" Maggie insisted. "Look, the Smokies sound square, I'll admit, and wholesome, and all-American, but who do you know that's any more square and wholesome and all-American than my parents? Isn't that just the atmosphere we need to get our heads and hearts together again?"

"Okay. California it is. You call the airport in Springfield and make the reservations. I can take a week, maybe two, off from work and we'll go. Monday?"

"Monday," Maggie agreed. "And I'll call Mom, so she can have things ready for us. Oh, Ted, I think this is just what we need! The last few days you and I have been getting so far apart it scares me, and it's gonna do us both a lot of good to get completely away from swinging and all that."

From the air Los Angeles looked like a sprawling giant. Wow! Maggie thought. You could fit every town she'd ever lived in into the enormous cluster of L.A. and still have room for a couple of Milwaukees.

When she and Ted entered the terminal building Maggie's eyes scanned the crowd, searching for her parents and sister, who had promised to meet them here. She heard a voice call her name and she turned with open arms, running to crush herself upon the bosom of her family.

"My God," she gurgled, "I don't believe it! Look at you! Is this what California living does for everyone? Ted, we've got to move out to the Coast, and fast! Don't they just look great?"

How could he deny it? All of them -- Jake Villinger, his wife Cam, and their daughter PJ -- gleamed with California tans and radiant healthy good looks. Hands shook, lips pecked kisses, and tears watered the corners of feminine eyes.

"Oh, wow," Maggie said, "I really can't get over it! Do any of you do anything except lie in the sun? God, you're all so beautiful!"

Ted shook his head. The Villingers didn't even look like the same people whose daughter he'd married two and a half years ago. They'd been living in Boise then, mousy middle-class people who were nice to be around though on the quiet, unobtrusive side. Now, Jake must have been spending a lot of time at a good gym. His body rippled with muscles and he seemed ten years younger. RI? He remembered her as a little brown mouse who had stood by shyly as her sister's maid of honor during the wedding. She'd grown. She was taller now, lean and lithe, with a nice pair of tits hiding inside her blouse. He cleared his head of that thought and cleared it quickly.

And Cam! She had been positively dowdy in his memory, a dull-looking middle-aged woman who seemed to fit naturally into a kitchen. But Christ! Her hair glowed, sun-bleached to a shiny golden blonde, her skin gleamed beneath its coating of tan, and she seemed suddenly to have sprouted legs, legs which her skimpy skirt showed off flatteringly. When she leaned against him for a kiss of welcome he felt her tits move beneath her halter top and he knew instinctively that they swung free and unconfined.

Maggie saw the flush that spread across her husband's face but she paid it no attention. She was home, even if she'd never been to California before in all her life. She was with her parents and her sister and she knew that no matter how serious the problems facing her and Ted, answers could be found in the comforting security of her family circle.

The house was everything Maggie expected. A split-level ranch in a suburban community ringing the heart of Los Angeles, it seemed to be the real-life dream of every middle-class American family. Air-conditioned, impeccably painted, the lawn green and evenly trimmed. There was a big color TV in the living room, a smaller one in the rumpus room along with bar and pool table, while the back yard contained a pool and patio. The only thing missing was a tennis court but, as Cam advised her daughter, the local club to which they belonged had a fine playing area and, besides, wasn't it much nicer to have the beautiful grove of orange frees ringing the rear of the property, insuring comfortable privacy for back yard gatherings?

"Maybe while you're here we can play a few sets at the club," Cam went on. "Lord knows I'm down there almost every day. It's incredible how fast you can get attached to tennis. I'd never played at all before we moved out here and now I can't seem to get enough."

"It's taken years off you," Maggie enthused. "You look like a young girl again. I'm surprised tat you don't have a regiment of teenaged boys after you, thinking you're just a sexy high school chick." She laughed and jabbed her mother in the ribs and both women giggled.

Cam's cooking hadn't suffered, in spite of her widening circle of interests. Maggie eagerly pronounced dinner to be the best she'd ever tasted, as the family sat in chairs on the patio, enjoying after-dinner drinks in the gathering dusk.

A light shone on the pool as PJ swam languidly. My, my, Maggie thought, eyeing her sister's graceful figure, well displayed in the skimpy bikini she wore. Obviously that was the style out here, with the bra just big enough to cover the nipples and the panties riding low and revealing half of the crack of her ass, but PJ certainly had the body for it. Eighteen now, PJ had begun to blossom into a beautiful woman. If she'd been anyone else, Maggie would have drooled with desire and plotted ways to get her hands and lips inside those bikini pants, and even the realization that this was true clung nervously inside her head. But it was working, just as she'd thought it would. The frenzied swinging she had tasted in Dawson seemed far away, and the hot, horny Maggie of last weekend might well have been another person entirely.

Cam Villinger stood up, shrugging out of the long red robe she wore. It rippled to her feet and Maggie was hard put to repress a whistle of astonishment. Beneath the flowing robe her mother was wearing a tiny red bikini, every bit as flimsy as PJ's, and it looked absolutely fantastic on her.

Now, laid almost bare in her tiny swimsuit, it was easy for Maggie to see that her mother had really shaped up since moving to the Coast. Golden-bronze skin tones and rippling female muscles couldn't disguise, couldn't draw attention away from the seeming new life that had infected Cam's body. Cuddled in the red cups Cam's tits jiggled sexily, and her trim tummy was as flat as her two daughters'. A gold chain was fastened around her waist and, like PJ, she showed off the tight crack of her ass where her swimsuit bottom stretched across her bouncy butt.

She hesitated a moment on the brink of the pool, almost as if she were modeling her body for the benefit of her daughter and son-in-law, and then Cam dove in gracefully, a splash of water rising into the air as she submerged.

"I think I'm going to take a dip myself," Jake smiled, and he drew his T-shirt over his head. Maggie noted with approval the vivid bleaching of his chest hairs and the strong, manly flow of his biceps. He unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants, and he too was wearing a swimsuit beneath his clothes. His trunks were of the male bikini variety, low-riding, tight, and sensationally formfitting. Apparently these were also the style here and Jake was used to wearing them in public, for he made no effort to hide the fact that his trunks might have been painted onto his body. Maggie's eyes widened as she caught sight of the bulge of hex father's cock and balls, stunningly outlined in the fabric of his swim trunks. It was almost as if her father stood frankly nude before her -- the only thing of which she was ignorant was the precise size of his cock. She forced herself to look any as he dived in to join his wife and younger daughter.

"Why don't you and Ted join us?" Cam suggested, surfacing and lifting herself onto the edge of the pool. Water dripped don her face and body as she smiled at Maggie, and the paints of her nipples made strong impressions on the cups of her bra.

Maggie shook her head, forcing a yawn. Halfway through it she discovered that she wasn't forcing. She really was tired -- after all, she and Ted had had a long flight -- but she also felt a sense of uneasiness. It was much like seeing those older people at the party. She didn't think of her parents in terms of postage stamp bikinis and form-fitting swim trunks and she wasn't quite ready for it.

On the other hand, she rationalized, it was just California. Everyone knew that life on the West Coast was more leisurely, more dedicated to sun and fun. Jake and Cam had been living here for over a year and it was no wonder if they were into their new environment. After Boise and all those other prairie and mountain towns, L.A. must be a whole new trip for them, and they seemed to enjoy it.

"I think I'm going to bed," Maggie smiled. "After all, it's been a long day." She stood up and looked at her husband. His eyes were focused ahead, on the splashing figures in the pool, and she was willing to bet that he was eyeing PJ's hot little ass. "How about you, Ted?" she asked. "Are you ready to turn in, too?"

Startled, he looked up at her. "Oh," he said in a faraway voice. "Yeah, I guess so. I'm pretty tired."

He didn't seem that tired when they were in bed. The room was air-conditioned cool and it seemed silly to wear anything to bed, so Maggie slipped naked between the crisp clean sheets beside her husband. He turned on her as soon as she was next to him and she felt his thick cock banging on her belly.

Their sex hadn't been so great the last couple of days, not even after they'd finally come to terms with their problem, and Maggie was surprised at the power and speed with which Ted mounted her. He worked his cockhead in her slit for a moment or two, until she was wet and ready, and then he slammed inside her cunt. Maggie's feet tangled in the sheets and she couldn't get her legs up to wrap around him, the way she liked, but it didn't matter. He fucked her powerfully, plugging her cunt with his cock, kneading her bare tits with his strong hands.

It felt good, Maggie decided, so damned good! It was the old Ted, not the stranger with whom she'd shared a home and little else the past week. His cock was hard and hot, and her cunt was wet and insatiable. Before he spilled his turn into her he reached down beside the bed and grabbed up her panties, using them to mop up the dripping jism and prevent staining the cool pink-and-white sheets. As he rubbed the silky panties across her sopping gash, his fingers diddled Maggie's cunt and she burst into flame in his hands, her lips seeking his, her fingers scratching his back lovingly.

Peeling warm and mushy, Maggie lay back on the bed. What had brought this on? she wondered. It was welcome as all hell but she hadn't been expecting so passionate an attack so early in their vacation. Her eyes slit and she gave him a kinky little smile. If she didn't miss her guess he'd been fantasizing that it was sexy PJ he was fucking. She was positive, and she wasn't sure whether she liked it.

"Ted," she purred, "do you think PJ is attached?"

He shrugged. My, she thought, he was a much better actor than she'd given him credit for. "She's cute," he acknowledged. "If you like teenyboppers!"

Maggie smiled. "Was that why you kept staring at her in the pool?"

"I wasn't," he said, and she almost believed him.

The tone of serious honesty in his voice was incredible. Maggie held back. She didn't want to start a fight, so why accuse him of lying to her? Anyway, he couldn't have her sister. They'd agreed on that. No swinging until they'd straightened themselves out, and alter that -- who knew? Maybe they'd revert to their old one-on-one lifestyle for keeps. Promiscuity might be fun but there was no sense whatever in letting it wreck their marriage.

She reached out and fingered Ted's cock thoughtfully. Her mouth opened as she leaned forward and she began to suckle his wet, limp prick until, with startling swiftness, it was no longer limp. Her head moved up and down in quick, expert fashion, and she felt him touch her hair as she sucked his cock.

Ted looked down at his sucking wife. In spite of the progressive sexual nature of what she was doing, she looked innocent as a baby. How could he tell her that it wasn't her sister who had excited him into that hot wild fuck -- that it was really his wife's mother?

His cock danced in Maggie's mouth, battered by her tongue, pressured by her lips, and he felt a fresh load building inside his balls, a load that he was anxious to pour right down Maggie's gulping throat. He closed his eyes and it seemed that he was fucking his cock into a beautiful tanned face, ringed by golden, sun-bleached hair, and that Cam was giving him the most fantastic blow job in the world.


When Ted finally opened his eyes all the way and peered at the alarm clack beside the bed he was shacked to note that it was nearly eleven a.m. Christ! Talk about oversleeping. There was no Maggie beside him, either, and he saw that her suitcase was open, clothes pulled around as if she'd been searching for something special to wear.

He threw off the sheet, yawned and got up. Jesus! He had a pins hard-on that wouldn't quit and his bladder was full! Idly he puttered around the room, waiting for the raging morning hard-on to subside so he could piss without pain, and in the process he managed to get himself dressed.

He flushed the toilet, zipped up and smiled. That felt better. Now he could face the world. He went out of the bathroom and into the main part of the house, looking for Maggie. There was no sign of her. He could hear a radio playing outside and he followed the sound onto the patio.

Cam, wearing a sleeveless smock to her knees, a sun hat and dark glasses, was just opening up a small hamper. She had a sandwich in her hand and, at the sound of his footsteps, she turned to Ted with a smile.

"Hi, sleepyhead," she told him. "You missed breakfast, but how about a cold lunch? I've got sandwiches and there's coffee on. Or would you rather have a beer?"

"Not this early," he grinned. "Where's Maggie?"

"Oh. She went with PJ to hunt for clothes. PJ starts in at Community College in a couple of weeks -- she's taking a summer session to get oriented -- and she swears she needs an entirely new wardrobe. They'll probably be gone all day. Jake's at work, so I guess we'll have to entertain one another. But only for a while. I have a tennis date at three."

Ted slouched across the patio barefooted and dropped into a chair in the shade. He thanked Cam for the sandwich and began to chew on it. His balls still ached from fucking Maggie so hard last night and from the super load of piss he'd just gotten rid of.

She took off her hat, letting down her long, fluffy hair, and she removed the sunglasses. Her eyes were bright and blue. It was too bad Maggie hadn't inherited those eyes, but he was brown-eyed and brown genes were stronger.

"I thought I'd sun for a while," she told him happily. "It's such a change for me, living out here where you can keep a beautiful tan all year round, and I hate to miss a chance to sun myself."

"Fine with me," Ted said, his mouth full of sandwich.

She unbuttoned the smock and hung it on the back of her chair and Ted nearly choked on his sandwich. She was wearing a bikini underneath the smock, if you could call it a bikini. For the most part it was made up of strings. Two tiny triangles covered her nipples and a slightly larger piece of triangle nestled between her golden thighs. When she turned around he could see that the suit was completely backless, save for a thin string that ran through the crack of her ass.

Ted closed his eyes and looked the other way. Jesus! She might be Maggie's mom, but she had a beautiful ass! If he looked at it he wouldn't be able to control himself.

When he finally dared to look in her direction, Cam was lying face up on the tiles, glasses coveting her eyes. She was still almost naked but at least he wasn't looking right into the crack of her bare ass. "I think I will have a beer," he muttered, and he went into the house.

She'd rolled onto her tummy by the time he came back and the first thing he saw was her ass, round and gorgeous, sticking up at him invitingly. Cam was tan everywhere Ted could see, and he could see almost everywhere. A bottle of lotion was beside her, uncapped, and she looked up at him with a smile.

"Would you be a dear, Ted, and rub some oil on my back? I can't quite reach everywhere." She held the lotion toward him as she spoke and there was nothing he could do but swallow hard at his Olympia and drop to his knees beside her.

Ted squeezed lotion into his hands, rubbing them together as Cam lay back down. Her fingers came up and she untied the string which secured her top. "Just rub it in all over," she advised, and he began to anoint her back.

His palm smoothed across her skin, finding it slick as glass. And warm, too, with that delightfully soft layer of body fat common to women.

Cam sighed as she felt him oiling her. "Lower, please," she called, and his hand began to slide reluctantly downward from her shoulder blades.

Ted moved hesitantly, wishing he were in some other place doing something else right now. God, she couldn't know how much she turned him on! His cock was hardening inside his pants and he had to find some way to get back inside without Cam's seeing it. She'd think he was a pervert for sure, some kind of sex maniac who'd married into the family.

He couldn't help it. He told his cock to lie still, to soften, to forget all about this, but his cock had a mind and a will of its own.

She was old enough to be his mother, he thought in warning. She was certainly old enough to be Maggie's mother, and she was!

Until that crazy night at the swinging party, Ted had never given the slightest thought to fucking an older woman. Who'd want an old bag in her forties or fifties? he'd wondered. Young was where it was at. And then he'd met Marion.

Oh, she'd had her eye on him from the moment the five of them arrived at the party. He's seen her looking him up and down. And then, after David went off with that fairy, Marion had jumped right in. Before he knew it they were upstairs in bed, and his cock was in her mouth and his fingers were inside her hot cunt and they were coming all over each other.

"Well-preserved" was the word for Marion. She looked pretty good, and her cunt was in excellent working order. And she was literally insatiable. Nine Goddamned times he'd gotten it up for her that night. Nine times. And still he knew she could have gone around with him at least half a dozen more. When they finally parted, he'd spent all his time with her, in one bed or another, and she was still sucking on his cock trying to make it hard just one more time.

Hot? God, was she ever hot! And she always had one eye open for a young guy to fuck her royally. Why not? she'd explained. A woman in her middle years is at the peak of her sexuality, while men over thirty are in at least the beginning of their decline. Marion could romp in the sack till the cows came home but her husband Dan was good for two, maybe three times, and then he was out. So she craved young studs, with the same passion her husband hunted teeny bopper cunt.

She scared the shit out of Ted, writhing on his impaling cock, milking it with her fantastic cunt, screaming and crying for more. He'd fucked her three times -- in that first bedroom, then run for his life, but she'd followed, grabbed him by the cock, and started the ball rolling again. At the beginning it had seemed like a nightmare, but by the time it was over he knew that this was better than any juicy wet dream he'd ever dreamt.

And now here was Cam and his mother-in law. If anything, she was sexier than Marion, with those great tits and legs and that knockout ass that seemed to be drawing his fingers like a magnet. In Idaho she'd seemed like a proper middle-American matron, drab and dowdy, but now -- God!

He was rubbing oil in the small of her back now, just above the dynamite swell of her asscheeks. Tilting the bottle he got a fresh handful, greased his palms, and, before he could stop himself, he was holding her by the ass, grinding the tanning oil into her smooth hot cheeks.

Cam made a half-turn, fingers pulling up her sunglasses. "Ted!" she blurted. "What are you doing?"

He blushed but he didn't let go. He couldn't. Something inside him, some demon out of control, glued his hands to her body, forcing him to clutch her ass so desperately.

She wiggled and wiggled until she was sitting on her ass and his hands hung weakly by his sides. He knelt panting, unable to look her directly in the eyes.

"My God," Cam whispered, "what in the hell got into you?"

And then her eyes dropped into Ted's lap and she saw the bulge that pushed out the front of his trousers. It was an enormous, inescapable hard-on, and she was the only one who could have caused it.

"Dear Lord," she sighed. "I guess you weren't ready for the string suit." She reached to touch his knee and an electric vibration whined through Ted's body. "I'm sorry," she said, "but out here everyone wears suits like this. Sometimes Jake and I even go to an all-nude beach. I just wasn't thinking."

Ted wanted to apologize but he couldn't. His face was scarlet and he damned, himself for an idiot, for trying to play with his mother-in-law. Clearly, in spite of her suggestive clothes and body, Cam Villinger was a decent, moral American housewife and mother, and it made him sick to think that he had endeavored to treat her like fair game at a swap party.

"I don't know what happened," he choked. "One minute I was oiling you up."

"And the next minute," Cam laughed, "you were -- oh, don't sweat it!" Touching his cheek with the back of her hot fingers she added, "And stop blushing. You're a big boy. You don't have to go scarlet when you're naughty."

He had to smile then, and his hand caught hers as it continued to stroke his cheek. He could feel the blushes fading away. "No hard feelings leftover?" he wondered.

"Certainly not," Cam replied. "That was nothing compared to what some guys have tried in the supermarket. Oh, out here in California you get used to weirdos making grabs. Not that you're a weirdo, of course. You're a sweet, handsome boy and you're part of the fun."

She went onto her knees and leaned forward to kiss his forehead as a signal that all was forgiven. One of her tits hit him on the chin, throbbing hotly behind its minuscule cloth shield, and he could feel her nipple through the thinness of the fabric. It was a stiff nipple, hard and protruding, and it seemed to burn his face where it touched.

Now Ted couldn't help himself. He put his hands around Cam's waist and pulled her down until his mouth and hers were on a level and he smashed his lips onto hers. She went big-eyed as he kissed her, but she parted her lips and admitted his thrusting, lashing tongue. Ted squeezed his mother-in-law's waist tighter, and her tits squished against his cheat. She was trying to push him away, but her own hands were wet from suntan oil and they slid crazily on his shirtfront. One of them fell into his lap and made contact with the bulging lump of his prick.

Impulsively she felt it up and down, fingers trembling as they tested his length and circumference. "My God," she sighed into his irresistible mouth. "My God." Her tongue fluttered as she spoke, whirring against his own, and the flicking touch inspired him even more dynamically.

Ted eased her onto the patio tiles. Cam lay back as he guided her, unable to resist, or so it seemed, and she stared at him with unbelieving eyes as he fumbled with the strings securing her top.

The little triangles of cloth flipped away and Ted was staring down at pair of golden, brown-pointed tits, the nipples rigid with arousal. "I'm sorry," he sighed as he fell upon them with his lips, sucking, kissing, biting. There was a faint taste of sweat and suntan lotion an her skin, more of an aphrodisiac than an overdose of Spanish Fly, and he licked greedily at it.

At the same time his fingers delved lower, finding the tie which held her bottom triangle in place. His efforts were successful and the piece of cloth merely lay atop her cunt, nothing securing it. Ted's fingers slid beneath and rubbed across the warm bulge of her twat.

Cam's legs jerked as she felt her son-in-law begin to rub her cunt, but it was a jerk of invitation, not of protest. My God, she told herself, she couldn't be doing this! If Maggie knew, it would kill the girl on the spot! But Maggie was away, and she should be gone all day. Unless Ted confessed, she might never know. And his fingers were so soothing as they toyed with her slightly protruding cuntlips. Cam began to purr like a sun warmed kitten as Ted fondled her cunt.

Ted looked up at last. His mother-in-law stretched nude and panting on the tiles, with the sunlight flooding down upon her. "I can't help myself," he apologized. "Mrs. Villinger, I can't help myself. I want you so much."

"You'd better call me Cam," she replied with the faintest trace of a smile, "and it would help if you got your clothes off too."

Ted stood up and began to strip. He left his T-shirt on, much more interested in getting put of the pants and undershorts which threatened to bend and break his aching hard cock. It sprang free in gratification as he fumbled out of his shorts and it thrust up eagerly as he knelt beside Cam once again.

Her hand locked around it and she shucked the outer flesh up and down a few times, feeling his engorging blood pulse in hot excitement.

"You have a big, beautiful cock," she complimented him. "If you're going to use it on me, why don't you hurry up?"

"Oh, Mrs. Cam, I know I shouldn't even be thinking about it, but I have to do it."

She spread her thighs to show him that it was quite all right with her, and he studied her cunt. The hair fringing it was dark, but it was cropped very closely, no doubt so stray curls wouldn't peek out through the crotch pieces of tiny bikinis. Ted flashed back on all the cunts he'd seen in the last week or so. Belinda's clean-shaven gash, Christina's fluff of reddish fuzz, Marion's vividly black pubic tangle -- and he knew that there was something very special about this particular cunt. For one thing, it belonged to a woman whose very nearness sent him skyrocketing into a clanging hard-on. For another, he added as his fingers toyed with the dripping slit, his wife had popped into the world through this very orifice twenty-odd years ago.

She lifted her knees, uptilting her scarlet slice, and he went into it with the greatest of ease. Cam sighed as his thick cock splayed her cunt. She wasn't exactly tight, but she wasn't loose either, and Ted's prick was a bit thicker than she was used to. When he was inside her it was plain and obvious that she was being fucked, and he could tell she liked it.

And inside her, Ted damned himself to hell and back for ever entertaining a single doubt about the rightness of this. She was all he'd hoped for, and more. Her legs went around his waist and her heels drummed on his ass as he fucked it to her, and there was no reason not to keep on kissing her just the way he had been doing.

Her cunt was like a precision machine, jerking him off inside her velvet-lined tunnel, and she seemed to have cunt muscles in places where most other women were lucky to have places. His hands plied her tits forcefully and he could feel her groans of pleasure vibrating through the plush roundness of her boobs.

Cam writhed and shook as she fucked him back, and she rolled, planting her body atop his. Ted moved with her, giving her all the freedom she wanted, and he looked up at her triumphant body as it straddled his rampant loins. His hands flew up to resume fondling her tits and she grabbed his fingers, holding him to hi work.

Again she rolled, still riding hard on his cock, and this time it was catastrophic. They were on the very edge of the pool as it was, and when Cam flipped to the right there was nothing to stop her from falling. Ted moaned as his cock bent agonizingly and he went with her -- anything to keep himself connected to her hungry cunt.

Cam splashed into the water, as did Ted, and the sudden shock and need to keep afloat did what the fall had done -- it uncovered his prick. Laughing and sputtering in turn, the two of them kicked water into one another's faces, and Cam swam away, skyrocketing across the pool toward the shallow end. Ted threw himself onto his chest and swam after her, one hand struggling vainly to catch her kicking ankle.

She backed against the side of the pool and waited for him to come to her, arms stretching to embrace him. Ted swam into her hugging clutch and their mouths melted together. Ted stood on the bottom, rubbing her belly with his still rigid cock. Cam's hands dove to grab it and she played with it, waves rippling across the pool as she jerked him frantically.

"Let's do it in the water," she suggested breathelessly. "It's fantastic."

And without waiting for him to approve or disapprove, Cam locked her legs around his waist, resting her elbows on the edge of the pool. Her cunt wiggled just below the surface of the water, shimmering as sunrays played across the liquid, and Ted stabbed blindly with his cock, anxious to embed himself once again.

He slid inside easily and began to fuck her powerfully, smashing his pubes against hers every time he rammed it in, and, by God, she was right! It was fantastic in the water! Both their bodies seemed to be totally weightless -- he could bear the brunt of her weight without a second thought -- and his balls were seemingly dancing airily in the pool water.

"I want to turn over," Cam whispered. "Let's do it without disengaging, okay?" And before be had time to answer she was moving, twisting her body around, cock still jammed inside her cunt. Her legs moved across his front, each going to the opposite direction, and the subtle, and not so subtle, pulls and twists upon his cock were nothing short of heavenly!

And at last she'd moved into position, just where she wanted to be. Her tits and elbows were on the edge of the pool, crushed upon the warm, wet tile, and Ted was fucking her from behind. Her heels danced on his shoulder blades and his fingers supported her from beneath, fingers slipping into her cunt from time to time, ringing the chimes of her clit.

Cam panted and sighed as she took her son-in-law's cock, hard and hot, and Ted could tell from the vibration of her cunt against bin belly that she wasn't far from coming. He became more insistent in his attacks upon her clitoris and he felt her first climax strike. It rippled through her pussy, massaging his aching cock with fingerlike strokes, making him all the more eager to dump his boiling jism deep inside her.

"I'm going to squirt, Cam!" he bellowed. "I'm going to give you all I've got!"

"Goddamn you, give it to me!" she screamed back at him, and she tensed herself then as she felt him do just that.

Ted grunted and thrust hard, burying his cock inside Cam's cunt, and he spilled his gravy into her hungry cunt stew. His balls throbbed as he shot off, again and again, and her twat seemed to suck it up thirstily, the greedy clumsy babes jerking his meat and begging for more, more, more! He gave her all he had, all he could hope to give, and still his cock thrust deeper, deeper, deeper, shuddering through dry spasm after dry spasm.

At last her agitated ass ceased to quiver, as did his fucked-out cock, and he knew it was over. He let go her legs, his limp cock wiggling out of her cunt, and she turned over. Ted could see his bubbly jism spilling out of her cunt, frothy on the surface of the water, and then her feet contacted the bottom of the pool. She stood upright, facing him, her face flushed and frightened.

He tried to cuddle her against him, tried to kiss her shaking face, but she wiggled out of his grasp and climbed up onto the poolside. For a quick moment he had a flash of her open crotch, dripping from the water and the giant load he had given her, but she closed her legs and turned to face him.

"Ted," she began, "I don't know what happened to me just now. I don't want to know. But if you ever tell Maggie about this, I'll kill you. I swear it."

He shook his head. "How could I?" he wondered. "How could I?"

"Remember what I said," she warned, and he followed her with his eyes as she walked around the pool to her discarded clothes. She dropped the smock over her head, gathered up her string bikini, and looked back at him. "I'm going now," she said. "If I stay here, I don't know what will happen. I'll be back when it's safe, when the house is full of other people." She turned then, and went into the house. He didn't see her again but, about five minutes later, he heard her car starting up.

Ted finally dragged himself out of the pool and he pulled a chair into the shade. Drying his body, he dressed himself again and sat don to think. He shouldn't have done that. He shouldn't have fucked Cam. God, it was starting again, this swinging business! The very thing he and Maggie had come to California to get away from.

What in the name of God had come over him? Swinging with another man's wife, with that man's knowledge and consent, was one thing, but seducing his own mother-in-law? Even if she happened to be one of the sexiest, most desirable women he had ever laid eyes on? It was indecent. It was despicable. He was indecent and despicable.

Christ, he thought, they should have gone to the Smokies after all! They should have gone so far up into the mountains it would have taken them a year to find their way out. Up where no one could drop in to tempt either of them with the promiscuous joys that threatened to destroy their ma.

Still shaken, still sick, Ted closed his eyes and fell into asleep broken by dreams of guilt and shame.


"Mom's car is gone," PJ said. "Maybe she took Ted over to the club. Does he play tennis?"

"No," Maggie replied. "Unless he's decided to learn. Oh, well, let's go look at our trophies. Okay?"

"Great," PJ agreed, and they entered the house, making directly for the younger sister's room.

Maggie sat down on the bed, surrounded by the packages they'd tarried in, and PJ went to get a couple of cold beers. PJ was certainly growing up, Maggie thought. On the other hand, so were her parents. When she was that age, she thought self-righteously, they'd have crapped if they thought she was drinking beer, PJ returned in a moment with two cans of Olympia and two mugs. She popped the tops and filled the glasses, handing one to Maggie, who took an appreciative swallow that left a foamy mustache on her upper lip.

"God," PJ grinned, "we scarcely had a chance to talk all the time you've been here. What do you think of California? Really?"

"Wow," said Maggie. "I wish Ted and I lived out here. Every time I look at the three of you and see what all this sunshine had done it makes me jealous. Look at you, I mean. You've grown up."

PJ blushed. "That would have happened anyway. It's part of nature. Mom and Dad are the ones I'm happy for. They were so mousy back in Idaho. I'll bet this is our final stop. They seem to be so happy here."

Maggie nodded, taking a serious sip at her beer. "Well," PJ went on, "I think I'm going to try on my stuff. How about you?"

Maggie nodded again. She set down her beer mug and began to search the packages for her own purchases. "How about this for a start?" she wondered, holding up a scandalously sheer green shirt.

PJ grinned. "When did you buy that? I didn't notice it before."

"I got it while you were in the dressing room at that little boutique," Maggie replied primly. "It was lying on a counter saying 'Take me home, Maggie. I'm lonely'. So what could I do?" Both girls giggled and Maggie began to undo her blouse. Dropping it onto the bed, she donned the green see-through shirt and preened for PJ.

PJ scratched her chin. "Needs something," she announced. "Of course! You're not supposed to wear a bra underneath! That ruins the whole purpose. See?" And she pulled down on the hem of her loose-fitting tank top, making her tits stand out, their nipples obvious.

Maggie blushed. On the surface this little game bore all the trademarks of innocent sisterly fun, but she couldn't repress a feeling, deep in the corners and recesses of her mind, that she would enjoy very much making love to her younger sister. It was a sensation she had to fight and she was proud of herself for keeping it under control. God, though, she told herself, what would Belinda Rodgers or Christina be doing right now? PJ would be on the bed naked with a face jam filled between her pretty thighs, sucking up the honey of her definitely juicy little cunt...

Stop it! Maggie's brain blared. Stop it this minute!

PJ dropped her wraparound skirt and wiggled out of the tank top. She wore only panties, sheer white panties that let her fluffy dark cunt bush shine through, and her tits looked so soft and pretty. The nipples were brown and big, sitting on her tits like little candy kisses, squarely in the middle of the white patches of skin her bikini had shielded from the sun. Maggie's heart sighed. This girl was definitely off limits, no matter how much it hurt.

Maggie removed the green shirt and skinned out of her jeans. There was some new underwear in one of the packages and, she searched till she found it. Quickly her hands went up to unclasp her bra. Panties slid down her sleek legs.

She looked around. PJ was modeling a safari jacket and slacks. There should have been a shirt under the jacket, but Maggie's sister wore it directly over her skin, a great deal of which was showing in front where the jacket was inadequately buttoned.

PJ stared a moment at Maggie's nude body, her face going slightly red. She sat down on her bed, fumbling with a new pair of boots. Something seemed to be troubling her. Maggie pulled on her brand-new panties and walked over to her sister, touching the younger girl's hair.

"What's wrong, kitten?" she asked. They'd been close when they were younger and there was no reason why they should keep secrets from each other now.

"Oh, nothing," PJ smiled bravely. The smile faded quickly and Maggie dropped to her knees, looking at PJ's face from a slightly depressed angle. She put her fingers on PJ's chin and gave it a friendly chuck.

"You look like someone just told you there wasn't any Santa Claus," Maggie insisted. "Hey, this is Big Sister talking."

"Really," PJ replied. "I'm okay. I was just thinking about -- something."

"It's only fair to share."

PJ frowned. "I'll bet you still think of me as your little baby sister, don't you, Maggie? Silly little PJ. Aren't I right?"

Maggie smiled. "You'll always be my baby sister."

"Well, I'm not such a baby," PJ declared. "I mean, you remember how quiet and sedate everything was in Boise, when we were in school? It's a lot different out here. Kids grow up faster. You know what I mean?"

"I don't know if I do," Maggie soothed. "But if there's anything that bothers you, why don't we talk about it?"

"Okay. It's been about eight months ago, I guess. I was down on the beach with some of the kids. You know? Having a little picnic in the fall? Anyway, I met this guy. He was sitting on a rock above where we were, and he was wearing a black cowboy hat, strumming on a guitar. God, Maggie, he was beautiful. Curly hair, big lost eyes, a brave smile. I went up to talk to him -- I just left my friends, see, and I went up to meet him. He played some songs for me. My friends finished their lunch and left, didn't even call up to me, and I sat there talking to this guy and listening while he played his guitar."

"Well, he sang a lot of songs for me. One, especially, about no more wild horses on Wild Horse Road. Did you know that they're butchering all those beautiful mustangs and turning them into dog food? Jesus, it makes me sick even to think of it. I could never own a dog now."

Maggie nodded understandingly and her fingers combed through PJ's dark hair. The younger girl got the message and returned to her story.

"So. He played all these songs he'd written, like that one, and I fell in love with his heart, sitting up there above the beach. In Boise I'd never have dreamed of doing such a thing, but, Maggie -- we made love in the back of his van, oh, four or five times running. And then he put his guitar into its case and drove me home, and I never saw him again."

Maggie shook her head. So PJ was no longer a virgin. Well, it had to happen to everyone, she supposed, but still it was a shock to find out that her little sister had grown up as to have known the love of a man. "And you miss him now?"

"Of course not!" PJ snapped. "For one thing, I found out that all those songs he'd played for me and said were his own were actually written by other people. The son of a bitch had just learned them from records and used them to bowl over starry eyed young chicks. Dummies, like me. And -- this is going to shock you, but I want you to know -- he also gave me the clap. I got over it. There's a clinic kids can go to and they don't tell the parents anything."

Maggie was shocked indeed. Venereal disease was something that happened in slums, not to her sister. If that awful boy were here now, she'd claw him to pieces! Or possibly she'd invite Christina to help. The red-haired girl swung both ways but she had a strong lesbian inclination and sometimes she could be downright sadistic, especially toward men.

Maggie looked into PJ's face and saw that her sister was crying. Impulsively, she got up and hugged PJ's head against her chest, patting the temple while the girl sobbed. "It's all right," Maggie consoled her. "I'm sorry it had to happen to you, but it's not the end of the world, baby. You didn't tell Mom about this, did you?"

"How could I?" PJ sobbed, her cheek lying on the rise of Maggie's left tit, her nose brushing the brown nipple that stood up bare and tingly. "She wouldn't understand."

"No," Maggie agreed, "she probably wouldn't. Oh, baby, you should have written to me, told me about it. Maybe I could have come to you sooner." She petted her sister gently, trying to soothe away the pain the young girl obviously felt.

"That's not all," PJ went on. "I haven't been able to look at a guy since. I'm afraid of them."

"It'll pass, honey, it'll pass."

PJ's head shook in determination. "I hope it never does." She fought herself free and looked up at Maggie. Her hands locked on her sister's wrists. "Maggie," she announced, "I've found something so much better." Her fingers skated up Maggie's arms, dancing onto the curves of her sister's little tits. She closed the palms in a cupping hold of Maggie's tits and got to her feet.

"That's why I told you all this," she husked. "Because when I saw you standing there with nothing on, I-I knew -- that..." Her lips moved forward, ending the uncompleted sentence with a kiss that seemed to burn Maggie's mouth like hot oil.

"Nnnnn," Maggie whimpered as her sister nuzzled her frantically. She wriggled and fought but it we no good. Her mind told her this was crazy but her body was responding to PJ's eager, amateurish caresses.

PJ's head drew back. "I met a girl at school," she breathed passionately, "and she showed me what to do. Maggie, you've never refused me anything before in our lives. Don't start now! Please! Just let me kiss you and hold you and touch you. You're so beautiful and you're my sister, so how can it be wrong?"

"Oh," Maggie whimpered, "no, PJ, no, baby!" But her traitorous hands were slipping the safari jacket off PJ's rounded shoulders and her lips were making straight for her sister's brown candy nipples.

PJ squealed as Maggie began to suckle and she reached to unhook her slacks. They were baggy and they fell with no trouble at all. Her hands flailed across the bed and clothes and packages flew in every direction. "Love me, Maggie, please!" she begged, and how could Maggie refuse so heartfelt a request from her cherished sister?

In a moment the bed was cleared and Maggie and PJ were stripped of their tangling clothes. The younger girl lay breathless, unable to believe that the visiting sister had actually consented to make PJ's dream come true.

They clung together, bare legs entwined, hands stroking everywhere. Maggie took PJ's fingers and made them fondle the plump, thin-haired bulge of her cunt, rubbed them across the winking lips until they sank inside.

"Oh," PJ whispered, "you're so soft -- just like satin." Her fingers explored the hole they had discovered, and one of them came upon Maggie's clitoris. The first shy touch made the older sister jerk in delight and PJ did it again for good luck. Maggie clutched the hand that fingered her and pressed it deeper, harder to its work.

"Tell me you don't hate me," PJ implored between sucking kisses. "Tell me you still love me, Maggie."

"Of course I do," Maggie slurred in reply, her lips eagerly skimming along PJ's cheek, making for the young girl's ear. She seized upon the sensitive lobe and worried it until PJ quivered delightfully.

Their cunts scraped together, nipples bumping, and Maggie reached to cup her sister's cunt. They were so soft yet so firm, all at the same time, so round, so pretty, almost exactly the same size as her own. So comfortable to hold, so nice to kiss and suck. Now she knew, knew for the first time, why Belinda and Christina could never get enough of her little tits. They were made to be fondled and kissed, just the right sine for a tiny female hand.

"PJ," Maggie husked, "I'm going to lick you and kiss you and suck you. I'm going to make you scream and cry and beg for more, and when you do, I'm going to give it to you -- all you can take and then some!"

She grabbed a handful of PJ's cunt. The hair on the younger girl's pussy was dark and thick, clustering around her pink gash and in the crevice of her slit. PJ's cunt mound was alive with excitement and her gash was very damp. Maggie brought her nose close and sniffed, filling her head with her sister's pussy aroma. Sweet, sweet pussy.

She slid her nose along the wet slit, burrowing it into PJ's hole, letting her tongue trail in support. PJ kicked her feet but she kicked them wide, opening her cunt to her sister's lovemaking.

Maggie's fingers slid into the gash, rubbing the slick young-girl folds and crevices of PJ's cunt. She felt a complementary wellness oozing out of the tiny, tight hole, and her fingers gravitated toward it. She worked one inside the opening, spreading it gently, PJ whining and keening in satisfaction as Maggie played. The fingers slid in knuckle deep and moved in soft, reaming action, feeling the little cunt suck ravenously at its intruding presence.

"Yes," PJ groaned. "Oh, yes!! Maggie, God, I love you! You know just how to do it!"

There was more, Maggie promised her sister silently. So much more. She'd wanted the darling teenager so badly, ever since the reunion at the airport. Only her conscience had prevented her from making a play. She and Ted had promised one another -- no swinging. They were here to rest and to review. But how could she refuse PJ, when the young girl wanted her just as badly? She wouldn't tell Ted about this -- if she could keep him from detecting the new joy in her eyes. Oh, what did it matter? PJ needed her, and she wanted PJ!

Carefully Maggie's tongue roved through the split-open delicacy of PJ's cunt. She paid careful attention to every interesting corner of her sister's pussy before settling at last upon the clitoris, so tiny, so very, very tiny, peeking from beneath its hood like a timid doe. Her tongue flitted across PJ's trigger, sparking it mercilessly, and PJ jolted each time she was licked. Poor little pussy, Maggie thought sympathetically. It had been abused and betrayed by that awful boy on the beach, but she'd make amends to her sister. She'd teach PJ what loving was all about.

Her teeth nibbled daintily at the soft little cuntlips, scraping their folds, not hard enough to hurt but just firmly enough to make her sister tingle excitedly. She could feel the spastic dancing of PJ's loins, could feel the eager tremors of thigh muscles as each fresh swipe of her tongue taught the younger girl a new lesson in the art of cunt-lapping.

PJ's hands squeezed at Maggie's rosebud cunt, teasing the juice-dripping slit. Maggie slid closer, giving her sister better access, and she raised one knee so that her cunt was wide open and ready. PJ reacted gratefully, thrusting her fingers inside. They galloped amateurishly inside Maggie's slice, tickling here, there and everywhere. Come on, PJ, Maggie thought. Find something and stick with it. Who taught you how to do this? Some giddy teenybopper lesbian, of course -- a girl who didn't know much and had less to teach. No matter. By the time she finished, PJ would be qualified to give college courses in lesbian love, if that was what she wanted.

She closed her lips upon the tiny clitoris and sucked it firmly. PJ erupted in shuddering spasms. Obviously she had a hair-trigger. Probably the result of masturbation and inept stimulation from her other lover. Maggie ignored the initial come-quivers and began to stab her tongue into her sister's cunt. She could feel the snatch muscles milking her driving tongue, seeking to pull it all the way inside, but she ignored those as well. Maggie continued to jab with her tongue until PJ had come two more times in rapid-fire succession.

The younger girl was sobbing as if her heart was broken, and her fingers had abandoned their assault on Maggie's cunt. Maggie looked up and saw that PJ was gasping out her soul, her hands clutching her tits and squeezing the nipples for all she was worth. Enough, she told herself. No need to carry this to extremes. It had been a good first lesson.

She sat up and her hand came to rest on PJ's churning tummy. "Do you feel better now, darling?" she husked, and the girl nodded deliriously. "Do you want to try me now?"

PJ needed no second invitation. She sat up as Maggie lay down and, her eyes still glazed, she threw her face into her sister's cunt. Her tongue lanced into Maggie with force, if not finesse, and she began to suck and kiss everything inside Maggie's gash. Maggie sighed and patted PJ's head.

"Come up and lie beside me," she said. "I want to talk to you."

Obediently PJ did just that. She lay down beside her sister, head lolling on Maggie's shoulder, hand covering Maggie's warm cunt. "What's wrong?" she asked.

"Anything worth doing is worth doing right," Maggie sighed. She began to explain precisely how a cunt should be eaten. PJ listened, enraptured, nodding from time to time.

"God, Maggie," she whispered, "are you a lesbian too?"

Maggie laughed a silvery tinkling laugh. "Of course not! I'm a normal, healthy bisexual woman. I'll make it with anything on two legs, if I want to. Back home I have a couple of friends who -- but never mind. I want you to come visit us when you can, and I'll introduce you to them. Christina may be a bit too much for you so soon, but Belinda will love you, every way she can think of. Okay?"

"Promise," PJ giggled. "And I can hardly wait. Now can I try out what you were telling me about?"

Maggie slid her thighs apart. "I'd be hurt if you didn't."

PJ fell upon her sister's cunt once again, this time following Maggie's verbal instructions. She was nervous -- her previous lesbian experiences had been furtive, girlish fumbles, groovy enough to get her hooked on the feeling, but now she understood how inadequate that training had been.

Her tongue slid languidly across Maggie's cunt mounds, moving with a purpose. She worked it in and around the little folds of cuntal flesh, smirking to herself as she heard Maggie's sighs of appreciation. Yes, she thought, this was a much better way to go about it. How could she ever thank her big sister? No matter what kind of problem PJ came up with, faithful Maggie found a way to help. Her fingertips eased in as her tongue strolled onto Maggie's clit and she began to apply double-team stimulation. The wetness that drenched, that seeped beneath her short fingernails was proof positive that she was doing the right thing.

PJ had drawn a full house in the game of life. Other sisters would have run screaming from the room upon finding that baby sibling was a lesbian, but not Maggie. Maggie had never let her down and she wasn't letting her down now. Mice is nice but incest is best, PJ thought, recalling some graffiti she'd seen written on the girls' room wall at school. It was true. It was really true. She wished she and Maggie could live together for ever and always, just making each other happy in this very special way.

When Ted opened his eyes the sun was shining straight down on him. Good Lord, how long had he been sleeping here? It hadn't been a good sleep. He kept dreaming that same horrible dream -- him fucking away on top of Cam Villinger as Maggie came upon them. He could still hear the horrified scream she had vented in that awful dream and it chilled his blood to think of it.

He got up, feeling his face to make sure he hadn't sunburned. His watch was inside, but from the sun's position he guessed that it was about two in the afternoon. There was no sign of life around the house but through the trees he could see PJ's car, a sporty little dune buggy, parked out front. So, he thought, Maggie and her sister were back from their shopping spree. Why hadn't she come out to say hello? He went inside to look for her, moving faster when he heard the muted sighs and whimpers that came from behind a closed bedroom door.

"A little more tongue," Maggie cooed to her sister, "just a little more. Right -- there! Oh, God, yes! Right there! Oooohhh, I love you, baby, I really love you!" PJ was unsteady but leaning fast and Maggie was enjoying the hell out of this particular lesson. She lifted her ass, slipping a pillow beneath it so PJ could get at her cunt easier.


She closed her eyes. The worst that could happen had. She didn't have to look to know it was Ted, she didn't have to see the expression that must be on his face right now.

PJ froze, her tongue halfway in Maggie's cunt. Slowly, very slowly, she turned around to stare back at her brother-in-law, her cute teenage face scarlet with embarrassment.

Ted ignored the younger girl and he advanced angrily upon his wife. Maggie set her teeth and awaited his outburst.

"Maggie! What the hell is going, on here? Are you so much of a slut that you have to teach your sister to be one too?" His fury bubbled and seethed inside him. Part of it, he knew was honest outrage at what he had just seen but, disquietingly, a goodly proportion was composed of self-hatred for what he end Cam had done outside. Catching Maggie at her dirty work gave him a vent for that inner revulsion with himself. Logically it was all wrong, but logic formed no part of Ted at that moment.

PJ spoke up in a thin voice. "Don't blame Maggie, please! I started it!"

Maggie shrugged. "My baby sister is a lesbian," she said. "A guy dumped on her. Why don't you keep on screaming, Ted, and prove to her what bastards men can be?"

Ted pounded his fist on his thigh, gritting his teeth. His eyes flashed from one naked sister to the other and he didn't miss anything on the way. PJ WAS just as cute as Maggie, he decided as she sat nervously, trying to cover her little tits and her hairy cunt with her arms.

"Look," Maggie said, "I think it's time we get this into the open. PJ, honey, Ted and I have been involved in swinging. Does that mean anything to you?"

"Sure," the girl giggled. "Wife swapping. That's big over in Tarzana. They toss their house keys into a hat and each guy draws one. He goes home with whichever wife lives there and they spend the night together."

"I think we should have gone to the Smokies after all," Maggie observed with a twinkle in her eye. "Anyway, Ted and I were afraid we'd gotten in above our heads. So we took a vacation, you know? To get away from Dawson and the crowd we'd been swinging with? We wanted to get our heads together. That's why he was so angry when be found us. He's been honest and faithful, but as far as he's concerned. I haven't."

"I understand," PJ nodded, and the innocence of her face pained Ted. He wanted to tell Maggie that he hadn't been faithful either, but how could he tell his wife that he had fucked her mother only a couple of hours ago? And in front of PJ? Never! He kept his silence but the unformed words were acid in his mouth.

"Now," Maggie went on, "I think it's time for your education to be carried one step further. Ted, get undressed. I want you to make love to PJ. Be gentle with her, because she's gentle and sweet and innocent."

"NO!" her sister squealed. "I don't want to!"

"You need it," Maggie insisted. "You may think you're an eighteen-year-old dyke, but I'm not so sure. That guy did you dirty and you think all men are like that. Well, they're not. Ted is as sweet and sexy as they come. Make it with him -- just once, for me -- and then tell me whether you still want to be a lesbian. Come on, baby sister. It won't kill you. Okay?" she finished, punctuating the question with a soft kiss on PJ's lips.

"Maggie," Ted began.

PJ looked up at him wet-eye. "All right," she said in a weak voice. "I'll do it for you, Maggie."

"This is crazy, Maggie," Ted protested. "I think you've lost your Goddamned mind."

"Don't you worry about my Goddamned mind!" she shot back furiously, her arm cuddling PJ's shoulders. "PJ's the one making the sacrifice. She doesn't really want to do it -- she's afraid of guys. But she shouldn't be! Ted, if you won't try to help her test all the options, you mustn't be very much of a man."

That stung him. He began to undress. When he was naked Maggie signaled him onto the bed and he came cautiously.

"Now, look here," Maggie told her sister.

"Touch his cock. Hold it in your hands. It's not an enemy. It can be a girl's best friend, in fact."

Shivering, PJ did as her older sister instructed. She took Ted's cock in a hesitant grip, holding it between the tips of thumb and middle finger, staring at it curiously. By the time she let go it had begun to stiffen.

"Down on your back, Ted," Maggie requested, and he did so without a word of protest. She grabbed his cock roughly and squeezed it, smiling as it grew thicker and harder. "Have you ever done thin?" Maggie asked just before she opened her mouth and sucked his cock inside.

PJ watched, big-eyed, nodding. "A little bit," she confessed. Maggie raised her head and motioned for the girl to try it one more time. Steeling herself to the task PJ leaned across Ted's legs, taking hold of his prick. She looked at it for a moment and her tongue slipped out to roll across the big red knob. A sheepish smile toward her sister and PJ too was sucking led, his cockhead firmly inside her warm young mouth. She held him there, without much enthusiasm at first, but Ted could feel her saliva beginning to flaw with each additional moment his cock pressed against her tongue.

"Okay," Maggie commanded from her vantage point. "Now, lie down beside him and get acquainted." PJ's reluctance was depleting along with Ted's patience, but she went where she was told and Ted didn't hold back as she began to kiss him softly on the face. His hand slipped down to cup her little tit, fingers tugging casually at her fat nipple and she hummed into his mouth as they used.

Even Maggie could tell that PJ was warming up by now, and Ted had to admit that it wasn't so bad as it might have been. She was a desperate sort of kisser, she smacked and tongued at his face as conscientiously as if she were being graded on her performance, and he could feel her cupped titty hardening in his hand. The little nipple tip was already burning against his palm and, when she scooted closer, he could feel moisture dampening her cunt hair.

He slid his other hand down her thigh, rubbing the warm, slick flesh, and he drew her leg across his middle, so that the back of her knee softly grazed the spear of his prick. She seemed to shudder at the touch but she didn't pull away and, within another moment or two, she was pulling her body atop his.

"Good, good," Maggie enthused. If her hunch was right, PJ would turn out to be as bisexual as her big sister. If the instinct was wrong, this could be traumatic for the young girl, but Maggie was certain she wasn't wrong. PJ at least seemed to be growing more eager as each moment skidded by, and Ted was proving himself no slouch either. His hands were on her back now, cupping the slim, rounded cheeks of PJ's ass, fingertips poking into the crack with the great delicacy to twine themselves among the short dark hairs that lurked there.

Ted moved his body and PJ slid off. He touched her and she went onto her back, knees up and apart. Quickly he bent down to kiss her mouth once again, and then his lips moved down across her chest. One nipple after another knew his suckling caress, and his tongue laved the areolas skillfully. Maggie touched her own tits as she saw Ted working up her sister. It seemed that she could feel his tonguing touch upon her own body right now. And PJ was smiling, stroking Ted's back as he mouth-glided aver her tummy. Yes, Maggie thought, she was right.

"How does it feel, baby?" Maggie asked.

"Oh, Maggie! I don't know!"

Just then Ted's lips made contact with PJ's cunt itself, his tongue scooting between the moist, tight lips, and the young girl jumped in glee.

"Oh, God, YES!!" she screeched, her head and shoulders jerking up from the bed, eyes clamped shut. She bent almost double at the waist, throwing herself upon Ted as he burrowed inside her cunt, and then she lay back down, her fists thumping on the mattress.

Ted rose and lay beside PJ once again. He kissed her more times than Maggie could count as the young girl's fingers teased his stiff cock. PJ made a finger-ring around it and her eyes opened in alarm. "No," she moaned, "I think it's too big. It'll never fit inside me."

"Of course it will," Maggie insisted. Silently she threw signals at Ted. Her husband stretched out on his back and Maggie guided her sister up till the young girl knelt astride Ted. Maggie lifted her husband's cock, holding it straight up, the tip rubbing PJ's dark cunt hair. "Okay," she went on. "I'll hold it steady for you and you just lower yourself onto it. Go as slow or as fast as you want. You can control how much of it goes inside and the speed, too. Ready?"

Trembling in spite of her sister's confident tone, PJ nodded. Maggie reached in and worked the very tip of Ted's cock into the young girl's tight cunt.

She moaned at the intrusion but she didn't pull, away.

Maggie fiddled some more and Ted pressed a bit deeper. She could feel and smell the juices that dampened PJ's cunt and she knew that lubrication would be no problem. The only obstacle was her sister's fear, and they were on their way toward overcoming that.

PJ's hips shuddered and her knees felt weak. Involuntarily she sank down, a bit too much, and perhaps an inch of Ted's cock slid inside. "OH!" she wailed. "It hurts too much! I'm afraid!" But Maggie was there, quick to comfort her with a kiss. And as the time flew past, PJ had to confess in a low, sexy voice that it didn't really hurt at all.

"That's my girl!" Maggie cheered, and she knew that her role in this was ended. From here on PJ would be mistress of her own fate. The girl could do as she chose now, either get off or go down, and her action would indicate which sexual route she was choosing for her life.

Chewing frantically on her lower lip, PJ began to slide down on Ted's cock. It slipped into her greasy cunt, stretching her elastic pussy, but not unbearably. The more of his cock she took in the more comfortable it felt to have him there. Her cunt was tight -- that bastard at the beach had been the only guy ever to get inside it. And that was so long ago she could only recall the pain of his betrayal -- but the further Ted probed within her young cunt walls, the easier it became for him to stay there. Her whole belly felt full of cock already but it was a comfortable thing, when she looked at it candidly.

What had Maggie said about bisexuality? That someone could swing with either sex and be happy? Maggie was that way and, if it was good enough for her big sister, it was good enough for PJ too! Besides, sometimes she got so tired of making love with Marilyn from school. It was all give and little take. Maybe PJ Villinger wasn't meant to be a lesbian after all.

She looked at Maggie, smiling a brave smile, and then, setting her teeth firmly against the pain she feared, PJ let herself glide downward on Ted's big cock. All -- the -- way! Her ass pressed firmly upon his pubic hair and he was buried inside her cunt. She threw back her shoulders and her head flopped back too, a wordless cry issuing from her mouth. And then there was no agony, no discomfort, nothing but -- OH GOD! -- he was beginning to move now, working his cock up and down, pushing it into her, puffing it back, thrusting once again.

"Careful," Maggie warned. "Not too rough!" But there was no need to lecture Ted now. He'd fucked Maggie with the same kind of gentleness their first time and he knew instinctively that PJ wasn't ready for the no-holds-barred fucking he and his wife gloried in. He continued to move within her, steadily, deliberately, breaking her in with painstaking thoroughness.

It was PJ who began to hump madly. A wild look spread across her young face and she started working her ass up and down like a sex maniac. She twisted her ass from side to side, back and forth, making Ted's prick roll and jerk inside her, and she took everything he had to offer. It must have rammed far into her belly but she gave no sign of discomfort. One of her hands steadied herself, propped on Ted's ribs, the other assaulting her own stiff-nippled little tits.

Maggie smiled approvingly. It had worked, she told herself, and it wasn't as desperate a gamble as she had feared it might be. PJ had all the makings of a bi-swinger and it only took her wise big sister to make the younger girl understand that truth. If only she didn't get hung up cm another loser like that last one. Sometime soon they'd have to talk about men, too. PJ needed a thumbnail guide to the species as insurance against another big mistake, but with a little experience stuffed inside her panties she'd be all right. She was a good kid.

Ted's face was contorted with lust now, and it was plain as day that he wasn't far from coming. COMING?? "Oh, Jesus!" Maggie fretted. Not inside her! RI had been operating under the assumption that she was gay. What need would she have to use the Pill or any other contraceptive devices? She couldn't let Ted knock up her little sister. "Ted," she hissed, "pull it out before you shoot!"

Somehow Ted got the message. He scooted his ass and, as PJ lifted herself for a hard slam downward, he managed to jerk his cock out of her tight cunt.

The young girl wailed as she felt her pussy snap back into place, freed of the massive intruder, and her fingers darted down to clutch at its raw red barrel. Just as she touched Ted's cockhead, his prick surrendered itself to the fury inside him and his cum slammed out.

Boiling jism spattered PJ's belly and cunt bush, some of it squirting high enough to dampen the undersides of her titties. She slapped at the hot man cream that dribbled across her skin and, as Ted's cock continued to gush forth its cum, she felt a burning explosion deep inside her cunt. Coming, crying, and moaning, she fell forward onto Ted's body. All was well.

Maggie pried them apart finally, and she and PJ spent a long time kissing, weeping and talking in soft low voices. Ted watched them, feeling quite pleased with himself. It had really turned him on to fuck PJ, especially since Maggie had stressed his duty to help save the girl from her lesbian inclinations. Well, he'd done that, he was damned sure. Maybe it would help alleviate the shame and foulness of what he'd done to Cam this noon. Somehow he doubted if anything could ever make up for that transgression.

"Maggie," he said, interrupting the girls at talk. "I think it's time we talked about ourselves too. We've tasted swinging, you and I, and I know damned well that we can't give it up. PJ, I loved it with you, but part of that was because I knew Maggie was watching. And, if she'll be honest with the two of us now, she'll say that she felt the same way watching you and me. Right?"

Maggie nodded happily.

"Okay, then," Ted declared. "We're dynamite together, you and I, and we can be dynamite with other people too. So, from now on, if it feels good, do it!"

"You took the words right out of my mouth!" Maggie laughed. "And God, does this feel good!" Her hand was on his cock. Ted groaned. He knew he couldn't get it up again so soon, but Maggie had ways, sinful ways, and she began to use them. PJ helped. Her amateur tongue nuzzled his cockhead while Maggie sucked his balls and ten the girls traded places and PJ took her first taste of scrotum. She had a talented manner of rolling his balls in her mouth, he thought with a groan. Maybe she wasn't such an amateur after all.

In no time at all his cock was thrusting up once again and Maggie was working its wet tip around the greased aperture of her ass. "I don't care if it kills me," she sighed. "I've been dying to try this again anyway." Teeth clenched, she wiggled his cock around and around her asshole until it had begun to slip in. Backing against him hard she swallowed his cock in her shit chute with a drawn-out sigh that seemed to come from the very core of her being.

"John Stewart," PJ said thoughtfully.

"HUH?" Maggie bellowed, riding Ted's cock home.

"John Stewart," PJ explained. "He's the guy who really wrote the song about the wild horses. Remember? The kid on the beach made me think he'd written it. I've got it on a record. Would you like to hear it?"

"Not -- now," Maggie grunted. "Not... now!"


The rest of the day passed without incident. Jake came home from work, his wife Cam returned from her tennis date, and dinner was bubbly and enthusiastic. In the lingering hours of evening Jake bundled them all up into the car and took the family on a driving tour of the surrounding area. His tank was low, so he pulled into a gas station in Whittier.

Maggie noticed that the premises were adorned with a sign advertising the birthplace of a former president of the United States but, remembering Greg Nixon and his tricky dick, she kept it to herself.

Ted was a tiger in bed that night. He ripped her panties before she could quite remove them and slammed his cock into her eager cunt, filling her with hot cum twice before he removed himself. Even at that, Maggie wasn't satisfied until she had sucked him hard again and drunk down another blast of his jism. It seemed they had solved their problems with a vengeance and both were looking forward to returning to Dawson and their friends at home.

Cam wasn't aloof toward her son-in-law, but relations between theta were tense and nervous. Shortly after lunch next day she invited Maggie and PJ to come to the club for tennis and, once Ted had assured his wife it was all right, the three of them departed.

When they got back, late in the afternoon, Ted took Maggie into the bedroom. She slipped out of her sweaty tennis outfit and turned to him expectantly, certain that he'd gotten a hard-on and was ready to share it with her.

He shook his head. "While you were gone," he smiled, "I made a phone call. I had a lot of time to think today, and it occurred to me that maybe Belinda and David might know some people on the West Coast."

Maggie laughed. "I hope you used our credit card. I'd hate for Mom and Daddy to have to pay for our sex services. So, tell me. Did you get any hot tips?"

"Belinda didn't know anyone, but -- guess what? Christina has friends out here."

"Trust Christina," Maggie grinned. "Surely it's not those Tarzana people PJ was joking about the ones with the key drawings and all that crap."

"I don't think so," Ted assured her. "They sounded okay on the phone. A little nervous, but you know how it is since Watergate. Everyone in the country is afraid his phone is being tapped by the government or by Bell or by somebody. She wouldn't tell me her name or listen to mine. But I hate the directions. If we can borrow a car, we would be able to find it. You know, it sounded just like that Johnny Carson routine. 'Take the Ventura Freeway to the Slosson Cutoff, then head down Sepulveda until you come to the Fork in the Road.'"

"Are you sure you want to try it so soon, with strangers?"

He nodded. "I don't think I have to ask you, do I?"

"I'll tell Mom we're going out tonight. PJ will let us use her car. Maybe we could invite her along? She might like it."

"Better not," he warned. "It might be rushing her too much."

Maggie returned in a moment. "Great! We can have the car and, second, Mom just found out they have a dinner date with friends for this evening and she was hoping we wouldn't be too upset if they went." She melted into Ted's arms, hugging her husband lovingly. "Some days everything comes up roses. Hey! Wannna make it once before we go?"

The California freeways were a frightening experience but Ted clutched the wheel firmly, shot in and out of lanes just like everyone else, and, in less time than either had suspected, they were in the community to which they'd been directed. It was far enough from Tarzana that Maggie stopped worrying about being computer matched by a door key inside a hat.

House numbers were painted on the curb and they soon found their destination, far don the block. Three cars wore in the driveway and more were parked along the curb. Maggie and Ted scarcely noticed as they parked their own and made for the door of the house.

The lights were dim in the living room and they hesitated a moment before ringing the bell, but Ted's finger pressed down at last and within moments a smiling man, in his late twenties or early thirties, was opening the door and welcoming them in.

"So you're Christina friends?" he asked, and Maggie nodded eagerly. "Very good friends, I'll bet," he grinned, and his fingers pinched gently at the tip of Maggie's tit.

"Well," he added, "come on in and join the party. Jessica invited some of our best friends over. You'll like them, I'm sure. They're all good, open people, and we should have some fun together. So, come on! Everyone's dying to meet you."

He led them into the living room and Maggie could see now why it was unlighted. At one wall a motion picture was being projected onto a screen.

They'd missed the beginning but, apparently, not the best part. Two women were hungrily lapping at one another's cunts while a fantastically endowed young man fucked another girl in the ass. The color was very good and the photograph wasn't bad either. Maggie stood a moment in the arched entryway, smiling as she watched the frantic gyrations of the two lesbians. They were both lovely, and they certainly knew what they were doing. Every time the brunette jabbed her tongue and fingers into her black-haired friend's furry cunt, Maggie's own twat seemed to ache in response. It had been so long since she'd really made it with another girl! She looked around the room at the dark, shadowy figure whose faces seemed to be aimed at the movie. Some of them were women, he could tell, and she wondered just which of these ladies would quench her own cuntal fires this night.

The scene cut to a big close up of the man's cock invading a redheaded girl's asshole. He was ugly as a mud fence but his prick -- God, it must have been a foot long! How could that girl stand to take it in the ass? It was big in diameter too, and Maggie knew that it must be the most incredible kind of agony to feel a cock like that riding and ramming inside a snug asshole.

Cut to his face. It hurt Maggie to look at him, and he wasn't a very good actor, either, but dearly his facial contortions were an indication that he was ready to blow his cookies, of course! Cut back to the battlefield. He pulled his cock out as the girl twisted around. His hand shucked quickly on the shaft, and the film speed cut in half as his cum began to fly. He could really pour out his cum, Maggie thought. Some of his cream splattered on the girl's belly, some on her face. She licked madly with her tongue, scooping up the droplets on her cheeks and chin, and then she grabbed her tits, licking at the globs of jism hanging there in sticky bunches. Her head shot back, mouth opened, and the man rammed his cock between her splayed lips. She closed her lips over the shit-smeared cockhead and sucked as he jerked himself dry. Cum dripped from her lips and her face seemed more appropriate to a praying nun than to a porno starlet.

The cock slid from her mouth and the last shot in the film was a close up of the gorgeous redhead with a mouthful of jism. The screen went white and someone was quick to flip a light switch.

Their host hopped in front of the screen, waving his hands. "Okay, swingers," he called, "our special guests have arrived. I'd like you all to meet -- uh, I didn't get your names, kids..."

"Ted and Maggie," she began to say, but the words died on her lips. Heads were turning to get a look at them but the only ones Maggie really noticed were the pair belonging to the couple on the couch.

Cam Villinger went pale as milk and her husband seemed to be turning green under his California tan as they stared back at their daughter and son-in-law, the guests of honor at this particular swapping party.

Ted saw them too and he wished there were someone to steady his body as he was steadying Maggie's. His wife leaned against his shoulder, swaying like a willow in a hurricane, and he could feel the nervous gasps bursting from her lips, vibrating through her body.

"I think we'd better go," she whispered. "Now!"

They got lost on the way back, taking the wrong turnoff from Sepulveda, getting onto the San Bernardino Freeway by mistake. Ted managed to get straight and they headed back toward the Villinger house. There was no place else for them to go right now.

When they arrived, Jake's car was parked in the driveway again. The Villingers had gotten home first. Still unsure what to think, Maggie and Ted went inside.

Cam was sitting a the bar, gulping a double Collins. She looked up as the kids entered the room and her face was still white. "Oh, God," she sighed.

"Oh, God?" Maggie repeated questioningly. Her legs were stronger now. She walked toward her mother and father. Jake was behind the bar mixing himself a stiff drink. Maggie sat dawn on the stool next to her mother.

"I know what you're thinking," Cam said defensively. "You think that your father and I are degenerates of some kind." She swallowed the rest of her drink and bumped the glass on the formica top, signaling Jake to refill it quickly. "Well, it's not true! Life here is different from back in Idaho and Montana and all those other dreary places where we lived dreary lives."

"I know that," Maggie said firmly. "And you're forgetting something, Mom. Are you too busy going on the defensive to remember that Ted and I were the out-of-town swingers the party was for?"

Cam's eyes went big. Her hand fell away from her glass and she stared at her daughter.

"Besides," Maggie went on, "Ted told me something in the car, while we were coming back here. He said he fucked you yesterday. By the pool, in the pool, you name it." She picked up Cam's drink and began to sip it. "So," she went on, "it looks as if we have a Situation, with a capital S." The three other people in the room fixed their eyes on Maggie and she smiled in acknowledgement a she continued. "It seems that all of us are closet swingers. You and Daddy, me and Ted. So why don't we come out of the closet? With one another, at least?"

"Maggie!" Jake mopped.

"Daddy!" Maggie blurted back in reply. "Look! Ted and Mom have already made it. He dug the hell out of balling her. Or at least that's what he told me. But he felt guilty afterwards. Why should he have? She's a great-looking woman and he's a knockout guy. Why shouldn't they get together if they want?" She looked at Cam. "Mother, if you want a replay of what he gave you yesterday, go get it!"

Cam looked at her husband, then at Ted. Her eyes wavered. Slowly she got to her feet. Ted met her halfway and they clung together, kissing, rubbing. His hands slid down to cup the cheeks of her and pull her body against his. Already his cock was throbbing inside his pants.

Maggie smiled. "He has a thing about older women," she told her father. "And," she went on, "how about you? Are you a real swinger or just a half-ass?"

"Maggie, this is crazy. We can't. I don't want to screw you. For Christ's sake, you're my daughter!"

She stood up, unbuttoning her blouse. It fell away and her brown-nippled tits poked out. "Look," she smiled, "you're gonna end up doing me. Why not enjoy it?"

He came out from behind the bar, his hands reaching. Maggie threw back her shoulders, making her little titties stand up firm and eager. His fingers closed upon them and Maggie felt her nipples stiffen excitedly. She raised her face, curious eyes gleaming at her father. Her lips parted and the tip of her tongue thrust out.

"Oh, Goddamn it!" Jake moaned, and he crushed his mouth upon hers hungrily. He felt her legs wrapping around his and his cock was stiffening inside his trousers as she pressed him. Daughter or not, Maggie was a hot chick and he was going to enjoy fucking her.

Maggie turned around, bumping her ass against her father's crotch. She could feel that bulge of his. "God," she said, "I saw you in that teeny little pair of swim trunks the other night. Remember? They fit you like a second skin and your cock was so big and obvious. I think I've wanted you ever since. Gee, it's fantastic to he able to say that now!" Quickly she turned, so that her bare tits were once more scraping his shirt. "Why don't we go out by the pool? I think I'd like to try it there. Just once, at least."

They were still undressing when Ted and Cam joined them at poolside. Maggie sinned down her panties and let her father have his first look at her adult cunt. He loved it at first sight. Pawing, his trousers still belted on, he cupped her snatch in his hand, tested it with his finger.

"Okay," she warned, "now get undressed. Playtime's over!"

Jake stripped himself speedily, his cock bouncing up as his pants went down. Maggie dropped to her knees and, taking his cock in hand, began to kin its rigid length. He was big and thick, bigger than Ted, harder even, if that could be, and she loved him. Her mouth opened and his cock slid inside, lying on her velvety tongue, filling her mouth with his stiff male presence.

Cam and Ted were naked by now as well, kissing and feeling each other beside the pool. He had his back to the water and she took advantage of his aroused eagerness to push him in. Ted hit the water with a splash and Cam dove in after him. Her fingers lunged for his steely cock, encircled it, and with that sexy lever, she pulled him toward her. They splashed and frolicked in the water as Cam lifted herself above his loins and slammed down upon Ted's cock. It slid into her easily, thanks to the wetness of her cunt, and she humped frantically in the water, striving to keep herself afloat and him inside.

Jake and Maggie were rolling on the files, his cock in her mouth. She was sucking her father like a pro now, swallowing him in deft gulps that carried his cockhead into the upper reaches other throat. He was so big, so thick it seemed as if he'd strangle her, but Maggie didn't care any more. He was her father, yes, and the prick she nursed in her hot mouth had, once upon a time, squirted out the cum that created her. But he was also a man, hard, hot and horny, and she was a woman, soft, succulent, and sexy, and right now that was all that mattered.

She sat up, letting his cock bounce free. It was sopping wet, and so was her cunt. She settled down upon his lap, drawing his cock into her, ramming down until her pubic fuzz mingled with Jake's. Her tits, small and stiff-nippled, rubbed his neck and he was kissing the point of her chin, bending her head so that he could taste once again the juices of her mouth.

"Where's PJ?" she wondered suddenly, humping madly on his pummeling cock.

"Oh, my God!" Jake whispered. "I forgot all about her!"

"Don't sweat it," Maggie panted back as she rode him. "I just thought she might like to join us."

In the water Cam suddenly screamed as she felt her son-in-law pour his man cream into her. Her feet kicked and scattered on the water and he lunged his way up her cunt half a dozen times in quick, throbbing succession.

"What do -- you -- mean?" Jake groaned as Maggie's nutcracker cunt tickled his big cock.

"PJ's a swinger too," Maggie gurgled, her head thrown back, her arms tight around her father's neck. "You'll love her -- she has the cutest, tightest pussy I've seen in my life!"

PJ hopped out of her car, grabbed up the bread and the six-pack of Coke she'd bought at the all-night market, and went into the house. All the cars were there but she didn't see anyone. Must've been a bad night, for movies and dinner parties. She put the Coke in the refrigerator and looked through the kitchen window. Her heart jumped into her mouth.

When she ran onto the patio, her mother and Ted were just climbing out of the pool, both of them naked. Ted's cock was sticking out like a flagpole and he was making a grab for Cam's ass. PJ's eyes fluttered around and she caught sight of -- Good Lord! Her dad was fucking the shit out of Maggie on the tiles edging the pool!

She wasn't sure what was going on but she knew it was something freaky. Her fingers tore at the bow of her halter top and she dropped her blue jeans as if they were burning her skin.

Cam wasn't looking where she was going and she ran smack into her younger daughter. It took her a full moment to realize that the girl was as naked as she was, and in that waiting, evaluating period, Ted had come up and locked his arms around her waist.

"Hey, Maggie!" Ted bellowed. "Look who's here!"

Maggie and Jake looked at the same time. "This is your lucky night," she told her father. "Is this ever your lucky night!" And she waved to her little sister.

Embarrassed at being caught by his younger child, Jake gave up the struggle. His balls loosened their control and his jism boiled into Maggie's sucking cunt. She worked her hips and ass, milking him dry of his cum, and then she disembarked from his lap. Gum dribbling from her pussy, she advanced toward PJ, Ted and Cam.

"Where were you?" she asked. "You're missing it all!"

"What's going on?" PJ asked in reply. "I mean, this is freaky!"

"We were swapping in Tarzana," Maggie grinned.

Nervously she lowered herself onto her father's cock. It was appreciably bigger than Ted's, she was aware, but her cunt was so wet she knew she could take it all. Her eyes looked toward Maggie's for encouragement, got it, and she pressed down.

"OH!" she said, feeling his cock stuffing her young cunt. Comfortingly, his hands clutched at her little tits, and the initial discomfort passed quickly. She eased down further, taking his cock all the way in. Should she be doing this? Should she be fucking her own father? Why not? She'd watched Maggie doing the same thing, she'd touched the jism drops that seeped from Maggie's raw pink cunt after the sex battle, and if her big sister could do it, why couldn't she?

"It's so big," she sighed in delight as her cuntlips squished down upon Jake's balls. He was in her all the way now. The tip of his cock seemed to be wedged somewhere in her lungs, to judge from the feeling, and she didn't want it to end, ever. She wanted to sit here like this all night, with her father's prick shove inside her teenaged cunt.

Still PJ found it hard to believe the story she'd heard. Maggie and Ted going to a swingers' party and meeting the girls parents there? She tried to think back. Of course they'd been going out a lot, but Jake and Cam had always told her they were just having dinner with friends. Some dinner, she thought. Her eyes fluttered toward her mother, who was on her knees sucking Ted's cock. PJ had sucked the same cock yesterday, but only for a little while. She knew it tasted good. Maybe that was the same kind of dinner her Mom had been getting on those evenings out with friends.

OOOOHHH! Daddy's fingers were slipping around his impaled cock to play with her clitoris, and warm bursts of joy shot through her eighteen-year-old body. She gabbed her little tits and squeezed them until they ached with the most enjoyable pain she'd ever known in all her life. How could she have considered sticking to lesbianism for the rest of her days? PJ wondered. It was crazy, when she could be feeling like this, with an enormous cock stuffing her teenaged cunt.

But she could have the best of both worlds. The night was young. She hadn't gotten together with Maggie yet. They could roll on the tile or in the water, eating pussy and drinking girl cum together. And, when that was done, she could pick out a hard cock -- Ted's or Daddy's -- and ram it up her juicy snatch. God, she'd never been this horny in all her days! The slow, steady intrusions of Jake's cock triggered her orgasm and she came in a little burst of throbbing energy.

Inside her his cock was growing harder and bigger, or so it seemed. Maybe he was ready to shoot his juice?

"Daddy," she warned, "Maggie says not to let you squirt in me! I'm not on anything!"

With a moan Jake pushed his daughter up, off his straining cock. He was swelling and aching and a heavy gush was on its way.

PJ hesitated only a moment. She bounced onto her knees and, taking his cock in hand, guided it into her mouth. Sucking and tonguing with nothing to guide her but sheer, natural talent, she worked his cock between her lips and began to suck him off.

Jake looked at his daughter, so intent, so earnest. She sucked like a Goddamned angel! He jerked up, driving his cock deeper into her mouth, and he filled her throat with the hottest, most smashing burst of jism he could ever recall shooting off.

Maggie didn't even look to see why her father was sighing and groaning so vibrantly. She could hear the gulps and smacks that PJ made and she knew, somehow, that her baby sister was drinking man cream for the first time. Her own finger lanced into Cam's snatch and probed wickedly.

Still sucking Ted, Cam wiggled her hips, trying to cunt-jerk her daughter's finger in deeper, deeper. She filled her mouth with her son-in-law's cock, opening her throat. It was a technique she'd developed out here on the Coast. God, so much had happened since they'd moved to California. The invitations to parties, the gradual realization that their friends and neighbors were exchanging mates for evenings of orgiastic bliss. And they'd tried it, she and Jake, just once to see what it was like. So they told themselves.

It was as addictive as heroin. And now it had backfired. They were kicking and sucking their own children, doing it without shame, without guilt. She had her son-in-law's cock firmly in her mouth, her hands tugging at his balls to make him surrender his hot load, and her elder daughter was greedily tonguing her cunt. Out of the corner of an eye she could see PJ, her baby girl, wolfing down Jake's cum, sucking as if fellatio were going out of style.

Or had it backfired? Maggie's tongue was expert in its caresses. This wasn't the first time her older daughter had licked a cunt. And PJ was going at Jake like a nymphomaniac, her eagerness a fair match for her father's.

Maybe, she thought, just maybe this was the way of the future. After all -- they loved each other, the five of them. Why should society declare that their expression of that love must limit itself to certain forms? Why couldn't Cam Villinger spread her thighs and let her daughter -- let both her daughters -- go wild on her cunt? Why couldn't Jake fuck Maggie and PJ as many times as he could get it up? Why couldn't she take Ted's hard, thick cock between her lips and suck it until he flooded her mouth with his hot jism? If society couldn't take it, then maybe it was society's fault.

She made her lips a tight vise upon Ted's cock as she felt him give up his man cream. Her throat muscles pulled and tugged, dragging his cum into her belly in one swift swallow. At the same time Maggie's tongue and lips became positively aggressive and Cam Villinger knew that she couldn't hold back her own orgasm.

It rolled forth and cunt juices drenched Maggie's face. Again and again the girl plugged her mother's cunt, fingers jabbing, tongue scraping, teeth nipping at the agonized clitoris. Cam erupted time after time, surrendering herself to the ecstasy of her pussy, nearly choking on the jism in her mouth.

She coughed spasmodically, letting Ted's cock dance from between her lips, and his cum spurted from her mouth. Dripping, throbbing, she reached far Maggie's head, striving to drag it deeper, deeper into her churning cunt. Before she and Jake joined the swinging community of Southern California, Cam had never made love with another woman. Perhaps it was motherly pride, perhaps it was the truth. No other girl had ever mouthed her snatch as skillfully as her daughter Maggie was doing right now. "Suck me, you gorgeous bitch!" she screamed, her cunt opening for Maggie's tongue.

The three women writhed together in abandon. PJ was on the bottom, but not for long. She could only take so much lingual attention from her mother and sister. Strength flooded through her muscles and she was fighting, and now it was Cam and PJ versus Maggie. The older sister surrendered to their loving attack as her mother's tongue stabbed through the cum-dripping slice of her cunt.

PJ took the nipples of Maggie's tits in her mouth, one after another, sucking them alternately.

Her teeth were active too, chewing them until Maggie's senses skirted the fine line between pain and unendurable pleasure. They were lesbians on a rampage, the three of them, and it was a toss-up as to who showed the more enthusiasm. If only, Maggie thought madly, Belinda we're here! Or that slutty, insatiable Christina! None of them would be able to move for weeks!

Ted's cock slammed into her cunt and she groaned, for he fucked it to her mercilessly. She was super tight down there and it hurt in a pleasant way. Her thighs ached and her cunt was dripping.

Jake looked down at his rampant cock. No matter how many times he shot off, his prick seemed to jump stiff again at the slightest provocation. God knew his young daughter's naked, fucking body was more than ample stimulus.

He petted his cock and rubbed it on PJ's face as she humped up and down over Ted's dick. She smiled and her mouth opened, her father's cock popping inside. He felt the rolling of her tongue, the suction of her lips, and he wondered why he was holding himself back. He'd already dumped a load of cum in her mouth and she was hungry for more. Let her have it!

With a groan he thrust forward, ramming into her upper throat with a deft, horny shove. PJ didn't seem to mind being turned into an eighteen-year-old Linda Lovelace. She hummed and sighed as he penetrated her orally, her throat muscles singing along the barrel of his embedded shaft, and her lather poured out his hot jism. Quickly PJ's hands grabbed her daddy's balls, squeezing them, draining the tender nuggets of the cum boiling inside. Jake screamed out his delight and he felt his cock gush again. It seemed now that he couldn't stop coming, and his surplus jism squirted out of PJ's sucking lips, dribbling onto her brown-pointed titties.

Cam lay on her back, holding her firm, full tits together as Ted's cock coursed between them. Each time he rammed forward he brought his cock within licking distance of her tongue and she took advantage of the opportunity. Her mouth opened further and further, allowing his cockhead to linger sensuously on the wet curves of her lips, to brush arousingly upon her white teeth. Her tongue shot out again and again, bathing him in her oral juices, while her hands made the groove between her tits a velvet glove for his cock.

She was like Marion -- she couldn't get enough of his young body, and Ted knew that he could never get his fill other middle-aged sexuality. He wanted to squirt his jism into her gorgeous, sexy face, and then, before his cock could go limp, jam it right up her tight asshole! Her daughter loved it -- why shouldn't she?

Cum barreled out of him in sticky streams, anointing Cam's straining face. Some of it went into her nostrils, while most went directly into her mouth. He could see his sperm bubbles on her lips and tongue, could hear her sucking it down her throat as if she hadn't had a drink in days. Frantically Ted extracted himself from between her tits, rolled the woman onto her belly, and fucked her asshole. She yelped and yielded, and he was in her, the constricting, the tight rectal muscles keeping him hot and hard. His balls quivered and he knew that they were making a fresh load of cum to juice up the plumbing of her asshole.

Maggie knelt like a mare as her father's stallion cock rampaged inside her from behind. He was plugging her ass and her cunt on alternate strokes slipping into either opening with the greatest of ease. Her clit seemed to have swollen enormously, and she was certain that if she looked into her cunt she'd find a love button fully as long and thick as her daddy's cock.

He held her hips with one hand, the other catching his prick and shifting it from cunt to asshole. Maggie sighed and screamed as she felt her female opening receiving the limit in abuse and she begged him for more, more, more!

PJ knelt behind her father, her tongue and fingers playing with his swishing sac of balls. She fingered his ass as he fucked her sister and she bent her head in close to suckle his swinging testicles. Her tongue flitted upward, sucking wetly across his asshole, and she heard him shudder with the joy of it. Slyly she pulled away her tongue, a slim finger stabbing inside after she'd wetted it in her mouth. Her reaming finger twisted and stabbed Jake's asshole, palm running against him viciously, and he wondered how much longer he could keep on fucking Maggie with that going on at his back door. His ass muscles strained and tensed and then he exploded inside his daughter while her sister sucked his balls and, between the two of them, he was certain that he would die at any moment.

Die gloriously, he corrected himself, spilling his jism. Christ! He couldn't remember how many times he'd shot off already, and he only wondered who was going to take it next. Maybe his wife. She was getting off on what Ted was doing to her and it was time she got a taste of the old master again. If -- and it was a big if -- he could fight his way past PJ, who seemed ready to go around again as soon as he got his cock out of Maggie's dripping cunt. Fuck it! "Maggie," his cum still flying, and he squirted a dab onto his younger daughter's face.

She licked at it, sucked his cock inside, and kept it from drooping while be refilled his jism tanks. As soon as she let him go, he was upon her, ramming his cock into her virgin asshole. She liked to suck asses -- let her see what it felt like to be fucked there! PJ screamed and beat her hands on the tiles but she didn't ask him to stop.

Maggie clamped her cunt down on her mother's lips while Jake plowed his wife's pussy. Caught between two hot organs Cam could do nothing but enjoy. Dimly she was aware of the sounds of orgasm as Ted and PJ ate each other to shattering completion, but she didn't really care. She had enough to take care of right here. Still, she was going to have to get PJ to the side, and soon! The young girl had a cunt that wouldn't quit and Cam wouldn't be able to sleep tonight until she'd eaten it from Sunday to breakfast. Hot cum flooded her cunt as Maggie's juices soaked her face and she rolled, looking for cute little PJ.

When did it end? Where did it end? Who could say? Morning broke upon the home as five fucked-out swingers slept like babies, all of them sprawled tightly in one bed.

There was no question of Jake's going to work that day, and Cam had to confess that she didn't feel up to her afternoon tennis date with Brenda Blair. Sitting over a shockingly late breakfast the five of them discussed the next development.

"We have to fly back to Illinois day after tomorrow," Ted insisted. "I only have a week's vacation."

Cam seemed on the verge of tears. "It's not fair!"

PJ, intent upon the conversation, had dumped six spoonfuls of sugar into her coffee. Setting down the much too sweet cup with a grimace, she observed, "You know, I've never been to Illinois in my life."

"That's it!" Maggie declared. "The three of you have to come and see us. We'll get PJ safely on the Pill and see what happens after that. Why don't we all fly back together?"

"You're on," Jake smiled. "Besides, I can hardly wait to meet this Christina you keep talking about."

"She'll fuck you crazy," Maggie protested. "You'd better stick with me and PJ and maybe -- just maybe -- Belinda. We're normal girls, but Christina is a freak."

"Is it settled then?" PJ wondered. "Are we all gonna go to Illinois?"

Cam and Jake nodded in unison. "I don't see how we can afford to miss it," Cam noted. "If the Midwest is turning out swingers like these, maybe we should move there and forget about California."

"Right an!" PJ agreed. "The whole state's gonna fall into the ocean anyway. Let's go where it's safe. And sexy," she added with a kittenish leer.

Maggie stirred her coffee. "Only one thing I regret," she said sadly. "I really would like to see San Clemente. Did I tell you I met a guy who claims to be his cousin?"

"A hundred times," Cam, Jake, PJ and Ted groaned at once. "A hundred times."

Maggie stuck her tongue out at them. "Anyway, I think I could be persuaded to pass it up. If any of you are game."

They were, and she was, and Maggie couldn't repress a giggle as the four of them carried her off into the bedroom to start the day's festivities. Get ready, she thought. Get ready to find out what swinging is all about.


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