Hot orgy family

It was Henry David Thoreau, in Walden, who remarked, "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation." This statement appears to be just as true today as it was then. Perhaps it is even more valid today considering the pressures and frequent monotony of today's world.

The majority of today's men and women live in boring circumstances, and when the opportunity for change arises, they are often quick to seize the chance. For the characters in this story, the opportunity is one which many would consider perverse and deranged, for it is one of incest. But it provides a release and a need. All morals and scruples are cast aside in a moment of madness -- a chance to grab pleasure before it is taken away.

HOT ORGY FAMILY is a novel about the quiet desperation in so many of us and the extremes to which it may drive us.


Sally Douglas was an unusually innocent girl. She always did her homework and always obeyed her parents, even while her classmates cut school and took drugs and did all the other things Sally had been taught were wrong. Her parents had had trouble with her two older brothers, and with each other as well, but never with Sally.

A lot of girls in the Honor Society were Pollyanna's because they were homely; it was easy to be chaste and decent when one had never been offered the illicit joys of vice. But that wasn't the case with Sally.

Her long blonde hair and wide-eyed starlet's face made her one of the prettiest girls in her high school. And her big tits and rounded asscheeks made her one of the sexiest of all.

There was an angelic softness and plumpness to her body, perhaps because of the perfect creamy whiteness of her skin made her look voluptuous. Boys and men alike were constantly drooling over her, waiting for an opportunity to get her drunk so they could part her tender thighs and give her fleecy-haired pussy its first fuck.

But Sally had never given into their crude invitations, even when she saw their enormous hard cocks throbbing in their pants. Her parents and Uncle Bob, who lived with them in the big suburban house, had always given her the impression that sex was a beautiful, precious thing. Sally didn't want her cunt to be fucked until she was sure she was in love.

That didn't mean she wasn't horny. She was very horny, as much or more so than the other girls in her school, and, as she grew older, and her body continued to blossom, she got hornier all the time.

When she'd been younger, Sally had wondered what all the fuss was about when her dates were so anxious to suck the fat, rosy nipples of her already-large tits or fuck their fingers into the gooey wetness of her cunt.

Now her pussy started juicing and burning whenever she saw a stiff prick bulging in some guy's pants. Sally had started giving some of her dates hand jobs, though she felt ashamed of herself for doing so, just to get her hands on a hot naked cock. She loved the stiff, velvety feel of them, the creaminess of their cum as her pumping fist made the white goo shoot from the tip.

She'd been fingerfucking herself for awhile but these days it seemed she couldn't keep her hand away from her cunt. In recent months Sally had been rubbing her pussy at least three times a day -- once when she awakened, once after school, and once before going to sleep. The most fleeting thought of a guy's big pulsing prick could make her clit stiffen. Sometimes Sally helplessly wiggled her ass and rubbed her thighs together in class, desperately trying to soothe the burning wetness that coursed through her cunt.

In fact, she was furiously fingerfucking one dark, rainy night when her Uncle Bob shocked her by coming to her bed and burying his face between her legs.

In actuality, Sally was completely wrong about her parents morals and what they expected from their children. Both her older brothers, Phil and Mike, had been fucking eager school girls and horny housewives for several years.

Her big-titted mother, Karen, knew what her boys were up to and encouraged them to get as much pussy as they could. Secretly she wanted to fuck both her sons herself.

Daddy Henry was a shameless adulterer who fucked his oversized prick into any pussy that would spread for him. And her uncle... well, only Sally was unaware of what her uncle did on his weekend trips in the city. Sally was the only innocent one in the family.

Sometimes they joked behind her back about how naive she was or about what a wonder it was that such a mouth-wateringly stacked girl hadn't been raped in the high school hallways. Both her brothers and father secretly lusted after her pussy, but it was Uncle Bob who finally decided to give Sally her first fuck.

Bob knew that his older brother Henry, Sally's father, would beat the shit out of him if he caught him fucking away between his daughter's legs. But Bob couldn't control himself any longer.

Every time he looked at her creamy, plump ass or thighs under a short dress, or watched her big tits bounce under a sweater, a violent hard-on throbbed in his pants. Bob fucked lots of women and whores on his trips to the city, and every time he came it was to thoughts of his niece's plump, pouting pussy mound, imagining it was her virgin cunt taking his load of cum.

Finally, one night at nearly midnight, after several highballs, Bob decided to give in to his incestuous desires. He checked the hallways, making sure that everyone in the house was sound asleep. Then, naked except for his bathrobe, he mounted the stairs to his niece's room.

Quietly he opened her door and tiptoed into her room, expecting to find Sally fast asleep under the covers. Then his eyes bulged with surprise, and his cock lurched between his legs as he saw that she lay naked and spread-eagled on the mattress. A pillow was over her face. Her plump fingers fucked in and out of her hairy pussy, rubbing off her cunt.

"Unh," Sally groaned. "That feels so nice yes... unh... fuck me... come fuck me... fuck my cunt..."

She often jacked off with a pillow over her face, finding that it helped her concentrate on whatever fantasy was making her pussy burn. Tonight it was of a stiff, throbbing cock that could have belonged to any man -- puffy and swollen with its engorgement of blood, capped by a ripe spongy prick-knob that heavily leaked cum.

Whimpering under her breath, Sally made her big tits jiggle and shake as she humped her hot ass off the mattress, fucking her fingers rhythmically into her cunt.

"Fuck me," she moaned repeatedly.

Instantly she threw off the pillow and looked up as she felt the weight joining her on the mattress, then the strong cold fingers on her thighs. The next thing she knew, Sally was staring at her Uncle Bob, crouched between her legs and hungrily chewing on the soft fleecy curls fringing her dripping cunt.

"Oh, fuck," Bob whispered. As Sally gaped in horror at her forty-three-year-old uncle, he pressed his lips to her pussy slit and inhaled the pungent fragrance of horny teenage cunt. "Tastes so good. So fucking good!"

"Uncle Bob!" Sally squealed, sitting up. "Oh my gosh, what are you doing to me down there?"

"Sshh, Sally. Don't talk so loud!" Bob lifted his head momentarily to look at her imploringly. "I can't help it anymore, honey! Please just let me suck your sweet little pussy. You turn me on so much!"

"But you're my uncle!"

Ignoring her, Bob groaned with desire as he again lowered his head between her milk-white thighs. His hands separated her legs, holding them wide apart. He pushed his tongue into her pussy and began to lick rapidly up and down the pink, swollen slit, lapping up the fuck cream that drooled from the depths of her cunt.

"No, Uncle Bob!" Sally squealed. "Oh God, this is incest! You don't know what you're doing to me! Oh gosh, you've got to stop!"

But he did know what he was doing to her, exactly what he was doing, and within seconds Sally felt her pussy growing extremely hot. She blushed, then whimpered as her uncle wiggled his tongue under her protruding clit, making the little bud painfully hard.

"Ungghh," she groaned. "Oh, Uncle Bob don't know what you're doing to me. My pussy's so hot. Unghh... please stop, Uncle Bob, please."

"Don't you like it, Sally?" He raised his head from her gushing cunt and looked at her with shameless lust. "You won't tell my brother, will you? Doesn't it feel good to have your pussy sucked?"

He returned his lips to her dripping cunt slit and tongued her pussy avidly, fucking his tongue rhythmically in and out of her gooey cunt. Sally began to wiggle her ass harder, spreading her legs to allow her uncle to get more of his mouth on her hairy cunt.

Then she was humping her ass, squealing and moaning as she pumped her hot pussy against his lips.

"You want me to keep sucking now, don't you, Sally?" Bob ask knowingly.

"Yes, oh yessss!" Giving in completely, Sally pushed her fingers through his hair and pulled his mouth closer to her pussy. "My cunt is so hot... suck it some more!"

Lustfully, Bob ran his hands all over his niece's stacked, baby-soft body, patting her quivering asscheeks and massaging her waist, cupping and kneading the oversized globes of her tits. Sally could actually hear him slurping between her thighs, as he alternated between fucking his tongue into her gurgling cunt and pursing his lips on her aching clit.

"Suck harder!" Suddenly beside herself with need, she pulled his hair and humped frantically off the mattress. "I've never felt this horny before, Uncle Bob! Your tongue feels so good in my cunt! Ungh! You're making me cum!"

Her uncle concentrated on her clit, sucking and nibbling the ultra-sensitive bud. Sally's pussy silt started to spasm and profusely ooze fuck cream, and the folds were very swollen and hot. He knew she was about to explode.

Experimentally, he slipped a finger up her throbbing pussy, dipping it into the gushing slit of her cunt. Her pussy was hot and creamy, but she was a virgin and her cunt hole was also very tight.

Sally whimpered and gasped as her uncle slowly pushed his finger all the way into her fuck tunnel, penetrating the virgin tightness of her cunt. Then he started to fuck it in and out, making her feel even better than when she fingerfucked herself. At the same time, her uncle was sucking feverishly on her clit.

"Unh, Uncle Bob!" Sally's pretty, innocent face contorted with raw lust as the heat built to the bursting point deep inside her hairy cunt. She clawed the back of his neck and arched her rounded ass nearly a foot off the bed, grinding her pussy against his lips.

"I'm cumming, Uncle Bob!" she squealed. "I don't know what's coming over me! Oh... oh, Uncle! Unghh! My cunt's so hot! It's sucking your finger! I'm... I'm cuummmmiiinnnnnnggggg!"

Her pouting pussy lips throbbed and gushed fuck cream onto his lips; the cunt oil flowed heavily from her pussy as she came again and again. Bob dug his free hand into her asscheeks, holding onto her bucking hips as she orgasmed.

Even in the throes of her cum, Sally could hear him slurping loudly and obscenely as he fucked his tongue into her gushing cunt, lapping up every drop of cunt cream that oozed from her pulsing pussy.

When the spasm finally subsided, Sally sighed heavily and let her ass fall back to the bed. She felt dazed and confused, unable to understand the significance of what had just happened. She had never let a man suck her pussy before, let alone her uncle. She'd always known that it would make her so horny that she wouldn't be able to say no.

And now she knew Uncle Bob was going to want to fuck her, to penetrate the slippery tightness of her cherry pussy with his long, stiff prick. Sally told herself to get out of the bed while there was still time, but all she could think of was the throbbing wetness of her pussy.

She wanted to be fucked now. She needed a good fuck more than she'd ever needed anything in her life.

Suddenly the light flicked on, and Sally had to momentarily shut her eyes against the unexpected brightness. Her uncle had leaned across the bed to turn on the lamp on her nightstand, wanting to see her beautiful body while he fed her his cock.

Now Sally could see everything: her sweating, creamy, naked flesh, the fuck ooze running luridly from the lips of her pussy. In the light her uncle's expression was crazed with lust.

His bathrobe was wide open, exposing his hairy chest. And rising out of the fur at the bottom of his belly was his big thick cock. Sally had seen a lot of pricks when she jacked off boys on dates, but the sight of her uncle's cock still made her gasp.

His prick was so incredibly stiff. Obscenely the meaty cockshaft jerked and throbbed up and down, dancing and twitching over the hairy pussy triangle he planned to fuck, oozing hot cum onto her navel.

"I'm going to fuck you now, Sally!" Bob crawled between his niece's thighs and stared at her nakedness like a madman, moving his gaze from her big, stiff-nippled tits to the curly haired mound of her pussy. "I'm going to fuck you and cum in your cunt!"

Sally squealed and girlishly attempted to cover her pussy slit with her hand. But Bob only pushed her hand out of the way and mounted her. Sally gasped helplessly as she felt the spongy crown of his hard-on press onto her pussy, separating the flowering folds of her cunt.

"No, Uncle Bob!" Sally cried. But her legs were splayed wide apart, and her teenage pussy was wide open for the fucking impalement of his cock. "Noooo."

Bob held his prick in his fist and fit the cock-knob securely between the juicing folds of her fuck hole. Then he released his cock and started grinding his ass, gradually fucking his prick deeper and deeper into Sally's hot cunt.

Sally immediately stopped protesting. Instead, she just lay there groaning and crying as she felt her pussy lips stretching, forced apart around the steely thickness of her uncle's prick.

In and in and in his cock went, until she thought the prick-knob would pierce her belly. Sally lifted her head and anxiously watched the blue-veined cockshaft disappearing into her greasy pussy slit. She could feel more of his prick going into her as his cock vanished into her pussy, throbbing hotly inside her cunt, stretching the slippery tunnel of her pussy.

"Oh, fuck," Bob groaned. He winced as he felt the velvety muscles of Sally's pussy reflexively squeezing around his burning prick. "Oh fucking shit!"

He lunged between her milk-white thighs, fucking his cock to the balls in her churning cunt. Sally grunted as her pussy was completely packed with prick. Fucking didn't hurt, she realized. Perhaps years of heavy fingerfucking sessions had loosened her tight pussy for her first fuck.

Instead, fucking felt incredibly good. Sally whimpered, as her pussy grew even hotter than when her uncle had sucked her cunt. More fuck oil flowed from the depths of her pussy, completely lubricating the sheath of her pussy. She felt her cunt muscles clutching rhythmically at her uncle's big cock.

"Does it feel nice, Sally?" Bob panted. "Do you like having my prick up your cunt?"

"Yes," Sally confessed. "Oh, Uncle Bob, it's so big inside me, and it's throbbing so hard. I think I'm going to cum again! Ungghh! I love your cock, Uncle Bob! It's making me so hot!"

Bob lifted his hips, and Sally felt her pussy lips clinging greedily to the length of his prick. Then he fucked his cock back into her, and she gasped with intense pleasure as her little teenage pussy was again stuffed with hard cock.

"This is what fucking feels like," Bob breathed hornily.

Then he started to fuck her, moving faster and harder with every stroke, fucking his swollen hard-on in and out of her syrupy cunt. For a few seconds Sally just lay there, grimacing and moaning as her pussy was pleasured by the fucking prick.

Then she wrapped her arms around his shoulders, and lifted her legs until her knees nearly touched her shoulders, opening up her pussy passage for the thrusts of his cock.

"Harder, Uncle Bob!" Sally started humping beneath him, eagerly bouncing her ass and thrusting her gurgling cunt up to meet the thrusts of his prick. "It feels good, it feels so fantastic! I can feel your, cock inside me! My pussy's sucking on it! I love fucking, oh please, fuck me really good!"

Her obscene, horny moans made her uncle hornier than ever. Bob made the bed shake as he began to fuck his blood-swollen cock furiously through the clasping depths of her pussy, fucking his aching prick deeper with every stroke.

Sally could feel her cunt burning, and she knew she was about to cum. "Harder," she shrieked, her voice rising as the burning pleasure built in her cock-filled cunt. "Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Gonna cum, Uncle Bob, gonna cum!"

Bob fucked his rock-hard prick into her slippery pussy, wincing as her cunt lips nipped the fucking shaft of his cock. He dropped his head to her bosom, opened his mouth wide and took one dusky-pink nipple deep into his mouth.

"Cumming!" Sally clutched his head as he sucked her big tits, whipping her ass in a frenzy off the bed. "Fuck, fuck harder! Unghhh! My pussy... oh, my hot pussy, it's exploding, oh, oh, I can't stand it! Fuck my cunt, I'm cuuuummmmmmiiinnnnggggg!"

Bob grunted and fucked his teenage niece faster and faster as she came beneath him, grimacing as his fucking prick was milked by her cumming cunt. In the midst of her cum, Sally felt his prick rowing even stiffer inside her and felt his hairy balls slapping heavily on the crack of her ass.

"Ah shit, Sally," Bob gasped. "Popping my nut, baby, shooting my fucking nut, ahhhhh..."

He collapsed between her thighs, fucking his prick all the way into her burning cunt. Sally squealed with excitement as she felt hot goo flooding into her pussy, splashing onto the innermost depths of her just-fucked cunt.

Repeatedly the foaming white fuck cream flooded out of his piss hole, as if his balls had an endless reservoir of jism. Sally felt his cum pumping violently into her cunt, filling her little pussy completely with his salty load. Then she felt cum dripping out of her hairy pussy around his cock, running luridly down her asscheeks to form a puddle on the sheets.

Slowly Bob pulled his still-throbbing prick from the wet tunnel of her pussy. The incestuous couple shared a wanton embrace, rubbing their sweaty naked bodies together, thrusting their tongues into each other's mouth as they kissed.

"I'm going to keep fucking you, Sally," he whispered hoarsely. "It's okay so long as your daddy doesn't find out. Every night from now on I'm gonna come here and give your pussy a good, hard fucking!"

With that he left, climbing off the bed and shutting the door silently behind him. Sally lay naked and panting on the wet sheets, staring at the ceiling. She knew her uncle would come back, that he would keep his promise. And she knew she would let him do whatever he liked.


Sally's mother, Karen, had what she described as an obscene body, in that it attracted immediate attention from the opposite sex, and the attention was always sexual.

She was a slender woman, with narrow legs and a small ass and a very delicate bone structure, like a pubescent girl. But her tits were huge, much larger than Sally's, two melon shaped, spongy globes that jiggled in even the most restrictive bras and were capped by silver-dollar-sized nipples so red they were nearly purple.

Brunette Karen was thirty-eight now, and there were laugh lines around her lips and eyes, but she was still very proud of the fact that she'd maintained the mouthwatering voluptuousness of her body. Men still drooled at her on the street, and her husband was still eager to give her a good fucking whenever her pussy required it.

But that wasn't enough for Karen, who'd been born with an extremely high sex drive. She craved strange cock, and she craved prick most of all. Since her marriage, she'd fucked many times with horny teenagers, momentarily satiating her lust as she pumped her pussy on their ever-hard teenaged cocks.

And in recent months, Karen had found herself desperately attracted to her two sons.

Mike and his younger brother Phil were both very handsome, strapping studs who, Karen knew, fucked the asses off of lots of horny women in their suburban neighborhood. A number of times she'd caught glimpses of their pricks in the raw, and her pussy had always tingled when she'd seen that her boys were so awesomely well-hung.

Secretly she wanted to suck and fuck their big pricks, to take their creamy cum as it shot down her throat or into her milking pussy. In the past few months she'd begun fingerfucking herself to thoughts of them, imagining that one of her boys had decided to fill the wet, needy fuck hole between his mother's legs.

It was two o'clock now. She was alone in the house, and she'd been so horny all day that she had trouble concentrating on her housework. Absentmindedly she walked around her living room with a dust mop, dressed in a pair of skimpy white shorts and a pullover jersey that stretched over her enormous, braless tits.

Karen could feel her huge tits jiggling under the top as she moved, the fat purplish nipples protruding through the sheer fabric. Every so often she stopped dusting to rub her aching pussy through the shorts.

The doorbell rang. Karen glanced out the window before answering it and immediately felt the wet heat in her pussy grow much worse. It was Ricky Crawford, the paperboy, with the burlap courier sack over his shoulder and the collection book in his hands.

Karen had wanted to suck his prick the first time, she'd seen his handsome, innocent face and lean muscled body. She knew she should at least put on a bra before receiving him, but Karen mischievously threw open the door just as she was, greeting the innocent paperboy with a magnificent view of her huge tits.

At the sight of her over endowed bosom, Ricky's cock quickly began to grow down the insides of his leg. "Collection time, Mrs. Douglas," he said nervously.

"Of course, Ricky." Karen felt her nipples grow even stiffer as she held the door open for him. "Have a seat on the couch while I get my purse."

Ricky sat nervously on the edge of the couch cushion when she returned with her handbag, with his legs crossed in a futile attempt to hide his upthrust hard-on. Karen saw his eyes rivet to her chest as she returned to the living room, following the jello-like wiggle of her huge tits as she moved.

"Five-fifty, isn't that right, Ricky?" She smiled and handed him the money. "But I wish I'd known you were coming today. I was just going to the bank, and I don't have a thing for your tip."

"Oh, that's okay." Ricky grinned sheepishly, trying to keep his gaze off her body. Karen smirked, feeling she could practically read his mind. He was probably dying to go home and beat off to thoughts of her figure.

"No, it's not okay, Ricky," Karen said softly. "You've been a very good paperboy for us this month. You always put the paper in one of those little sacks when it rains, and you always throw it right on the stoop. I've got to give you something."

And with that she pulled off her top and tossed it to the floor, revealing her mammoth tits.

"Jesus Christ!" Ricky gasped.

"What's the matter, Ricky? Don't you like looking at my titties?" Karen asked evenly, stepping close. "You know you've been staring at them ever since I opened the door. Aren't they big, Ricky? Look at how stiff and red my nipples are. You'd like to suck them, wouldn't you? Just like a little boy."

Ricky could only gape at her, as his cock throbbed wildly in his jeans. With her pussy creaming in her shorts, Karen knelt on the floor before the couch and pushed his thighs apart. Impatiently her fingers fumbled with the zipper of his pants.

"But first I want to suck something you've got, lover," she said huskily. "Have you ever had your dick sucked, Ricky? I'll bet you'll like it a lot better than a lousy fifty-cent tip."

Hurriedly she tugged his pants and shorts down to his ankles, slipping them over his tennis shoes onto the floor. His cock sprang eagerly out of confinement, throbbing and bloated to the point of bursting with its engorgement of blood.

Karen had cheated on her husband with, a lot of teenage studs during her marriage, but it always amazed her how disproportionate a boy's cock could be to the rest of his body.

"Oh, Ricky, you've really got a big one," Karen purred, clasping her hand around the meaty trunk and holding his cock up for inspection. "And it's so stiff and hot. You really need to cum, don't you? Your dick needs a good sucking?"

As Ricky stared at her speechlessly, Karen pushed her fist to the root of his cock and planted a wet kiss on the tip of his hard-on, wiggling her tongue in the piss hole to lick up his cum drippings.

The boy's massive cock twitched harder than ever. Karen opened her mouth wide and stuffed his delicious, salty prick down her throat.

"Unhh!" Ricky came to life, gaping at the spectacle of the big-titted housewife, old enough to be his mother, with her ripe lips wrapped around his meat. "Oh shit, Mrs. Douglas! That feels so good! Suck my cock for me! Hard, suck it hard!"

Holding the first several inches of his prick securely in her buttery mouth, Karen rolled her tongue all over the cock-knob and prickshaft, tasting the hot muskiness of stiff teenage cock meat. Then she caved in her cheeks and pursed her lips even tighter round his prickshaft, beginning to suck the paperboy's prick very hard.

Her cheeks alternately puffed outwards and puckered inward, steadily increasing the suction around his burning prick. Karen began to bob her head over her lap, fucking her face with his cock.

"Awww fuck it, Mrs. Douglas!" Ricky winced and shook his head helplessly back and forth on the couch, staring wildly at the housewife giving him his first blow job. "I can't believe you're doing this! Fuck, my dick's never been this stiff! Harder, suck harder!"

Karen whimpered around his cock and rubbed her thighs together, desperately trying to quench the burning wetness that coursed through her hairy cunt. Slurping, gurgling smacking sounds bubbled out of her mouth as she sucked the teenager's cock, filling the living room with the wet noises of a good blow job.

Ricky's prick throbbed and ached and burned in her mouth, and the white goo leaked continually from his open piss slit. Karen wanted to prolong the boy's pleasure, but she was desperate to drink his cum.

Her cheeks flushed as she sucked his prick harder than ever, bobbing her head in a blur over his lap. Tightening her fist around the pulsing root of his cock, she beat his meat hard and fast, milking and tugging the veined length between her lips.

"Fuck, Mrs. Douglas, I'm blowing my rocks!" Ricky grimaced as his prick twitched to total stiffness, and his balls bloated with their salty load. "Suck it, suck harder! Awwww, fuck!"

A torrent of thick, boiling cum shot from the tip of his prick, shooting down Karen's throat. Karen tasted the initial blast of his jism as it rushed across her tongue. She beat his meat furiously with her fist and eagerly started gulping. The first shot was followed by spurt after spurt of cum.

Even as she busily slurped down his jism, Karen reminded herself that horny teenage boys always had balls that were simply packed with fuck juice. Ricky must have shot off a whole pint of cum in her mouth, until Karen couldn't swallow it all and was forced to let some of the delicious cum run out of her lips down her chin.

"That was good, Ricky!" Pulling his rock-hard, wet prick out of her mouth, Karen shamelessly licked her lips and smiled up at him hornily. "Now are you going to keep this big dick of yours stiff so you can fuck me?"

Ricky gulped and nodded his head, nervous and excited again at the prospect of fucking his cock into his very first pussy. Karen stared hornily at his cock as she stripped off her shorts, leaving herself naked, revealing her round little ass and the heavily furred triangle of her cunt.

Still so stiff, she thought hotly. Her well hung husband couldn't keep it up after shooting his load, but teenage studs were always ready for several fucks in a row. Wantonly Karen thought of her sons, realizing that they probably wouldn't be exceptions to the rule.

"Takeoff the rest of your clothes, Ricky," Karen instructed. She rolled onto her hands and knees in the dog-fucking position, with her huge tits swaying pendulously over the living room rug. "Then get over my ass and fuck my pussy raw!"

Ricky swiftly stripped naked, scattering the rest of his garments around the living room. Karen giggled at his eagerness, feeling her pouting pussy lips throb and burn. She spread her knees on the rug and lifted her ass, putting her cunt slit in perfect position for the invasion of the paperboy's pulsing prick.

Ricky mounted her, kneeling between her thighs. Awkwardly he held his cock in his fist and tried to fit the spongy prickhead into her pussy. Karen was much too horny to wait for him to find his way in. Impatiently she reached between her slender thighs, grasped his hard-on and directed the cock securely between the pouting lips of her gurgling cunt.

"That's right, Ricky! You're in my pussy now!" Karen dug her fingernails into the carpet and braced herself for the thrusts of his prick. "Push your cock into my cunt hole, Ricky! Doesn't my pussy feel good?"

Ricky thought he was going to cum a second time as he felt her swollen pussy slit nipping the tip of his prick. Awkwardly at first, then with growing assurance, he humped the lean cheeks of his ass, fucking his cock into the velvety sheath of the housewife's sucking cunt tunnel.

"Aw, Ricky, your dick feels so good!" Karen wiggled her ass and panted like a bitch in heat as she felt his meaty prick fucking into her, stretching the walls of her pussy around the circumference of the cockshaft. "Ram it all the way in, lover! Then fuck my cunt as hard as you can!"

Ricky fucked his cock to the balls in her hairy pussy, gasping as he felt her pussy clasp wetly around every inch of his cum-bloated prick. For a long time he simply hunched over her ass without moving, savoring the spasmodic pressure of her cunt tunnel around his bone-stiff prick.

"Fuck me, Ricky!" Impatiently Karen humped her ass, pumping her pussy onto his cock. "Fuck me, I'm so Goddamn horny! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeee!"

Ricky pulled out his cock, pausing when her pink pussy folds clutched the tip of his prick. Slowly he fucked his cock back in again, still accustoming himself to the rhythms and moves of fucking.

His hands slid up her slender torso, lewdly gasping the enormous, spongy mounds of her tits. Then Ricky started fucking the housewife's pussy hard and fast, reaming out her cunt with driving strokes of his hot throbbing cock.

"Unhhh!" Karen lifted her head and brayed like a wounded animal, feeling her hairy pussy throb around his pistoning cock. "That's fantastic, lover, you're fucking me so good now! Harder, Ricky! Kill my pussy with that big, beautiful cock!"

She dropped her head to her folded arms, moaning and panting as she submitted eagerly to the paperboy's fevered fucking. Her hips moved in a blur as she lifted to meet his strokes, pumping her gushing, sucking pussy onto his stone-hard cock.

Faster and faster the illicit lovers fucked, until Ricky was fucking his cock into her pussy so hard and deep that Karen's knees bounced painfully on the floor with every thrust. Even as she felt her cum growing in her prick-filled pussy, Karen sensed the tingling lust shooting through her puckered asshole. As soon as Ricky made her pussy cum, Karen knew she would have to feel his big teenage prick fucking between her ass cheeks.

"Gonna shoot," Ricky gasped. He pulled savagely on her tits, pinching the rubbery, dark-red nipples between his fingers. Faster and harder he fucked his cum-swollen prick relentlessly into her buttery cunt. "Such a tight fucking pussy... feels so good fucking it. I'm gonna cum in you, Mrs. Douglas! Oh, fuck..."

"Harder, Ricky, I'm cumming too!" Karen gasped suddenly. Her hips whipped up in a blur as she felt the cum burning through her fuck hole, making her clit ache and her velvety pussy tunnel suck and clasp the boy's fucking cock. "Fuck me faster now, Ricky, as hard as you can! Unhhh, it's really burning this time! Faster, I'm cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

Her pussy exploded around his prick, ravaged by one spasm after another. Karen came for nearly a minute, moaning and shrieking as her pussy was pleasured by the violent thrusts of the paperboy's prick.

The first thing she realized when she came to was how violently he was now fucking his cock into her, and how incredibly stiff his prick felt in her cunt. She had to make him pull out right away, she realized, or he would waste the load she desperately craved to feel spurting up her asshole.

"Take it out, Ricky!" she gasped. "Please, I can't take it anymore! I'll show you another way to cum!"

Obediently, though reluctantly, Ricky withdrew his hard-on from the syrupy slit of her cunt. Karen had to suppress a lewd chuckle as she glanced at his cock over her shoulder. The meaty prickshaft throbbed and twitched violently up and down, so full of blood and jism that it was a wonder his cum didn't spray all over the floor.

Karen reached behind her back and dug her fingers into the small, peach-shaped cheeks of her ass. Then she spread them wide, showing her horny paperboy the pink, hairless ring of her asshole.

"Oh, fuck," Ricky whispered.

"Fuck me there, Ricky!" Shamelessly Karen flexed her asshole muscles, making the little circle pucker and throb before his eyes. "Can't you see how it is? Oh, Ricky, my asshole needs your big cock right now!"

Ricky's cock grew even longer at the thought of fucking his prick up her ass tunnel. More assuredly now, he centered his spongy, leaking cockhead on her asshole. Then he pushed down hard, and Karen groaned in ecstasy as her ass muscles spread to admit the swollen length of his cock.

"Yes, Ricky, it's making me so hot!" Karen pulled her ass cheeks farther apart, wantonly wiggling her hips to help her teenage lover pack her asshole full of his cock. "Fuck it into me, Ricky! Stuff my asshole with your huge fucking dick!"

Ricky grunted like a bull as he humped behind her, fucking inch after inch of his hard-on into the rubbery heat of her asshole. Her asshole was much tighter than her pussy, and he could barely restrain himself from shooting his wad instantly as he felt the strong ass muscles sucking repeatedly around his prick.

His hands continued to maul and tug her huge tits, as if he were intent upon pulling them from her body. Karen screamed as he lunged over her, fucking his cock to the balls in the burning heat of her asshole.

"So goooood!" She lay panting happily beneath him, feeling her ass muscles convulsively suck and clasp his blue-veined prick. "Feels so Goddamn big! Hump my asshole, lover! Ram that cock in and out!"

Clinging to her tits, Ricky started fucking the housewife's ass with long, brutal strokes of his twitching, oozing prick. Soon he could feel Karen's asshole loosening and lubricating before the repeated strokes of his cock, wetly sucking his dick as he hammered it into her burning asshole.

"Make me cum, Ricky!" Grimacing obscenely, Karen pushed her fingers through her pussy curls and hungrily buried two fingers in the dripping slit of her cunt. "Fuck my asshole, Ricky!" Shamelessly she jacked off her pussy as he reamed her, rolling her clit violently under her thumb. "Unhhh! Feels so fucking big and stiff! Fuck me harder, make my asshole cream!"

The paperboy's prick was as stiff as it had ever felt, and his balls felt like lead. He panted as he fucked Karen's gripping asshole as hard as he could. "Gonna cum," he moaned softly. "Oh shit, Mrs. Douglas... I can't hold it... your asshole sucks my cock!"

"I'm cumming too, Ricky!" Karen screamed. She whipped up her lithe hips in a frenzy of desire, fucking her pussy with her fingers and pounding her ravaged asshole back to meet the strokes of Ricky's prick. "Yes Jesus, fuck meeeeee! Cumming, lover, cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

Ricky quivered lasciviously as her cumming, puckering asshole sucked tightly around his fucking cock, milking the bone-like hardness at the center of his prick. With a satisfied moan he fell on top of her, fucking his throbbing prick all the way into her pulsating ass.

Then Karen squealed in ecstasy as she felt his hot jism squirting into her ass, soothing the burning walls of her asshole with thick, gushing cum.

A lewd smile spread across her lips as she felt the paperboy's prick cumming inside her. She flexed her ass-muscles around his squirting prick, letting her asshole milk out every drop.


"I wish I could at least get out of bed by myself," Phil said helplessly. Karen's tall, muscular, eighteen-year-old son, her youngest boy, shook his head as he watched her soap his leg. "It's really embarrassing having you do this for me, Mom. I feel like a little kid."

"There's nothing wrong with feeling like a kid every once in awhile, darling," Karen cooed. Sitting beside him as he lay on his back on the mattress, she dipped the washcloth into the bucket of water and soaped farther up his thigh. "Even your father lets me mother him every once in awhile. Now you just relax and let me do the worrying, okay?"

Phil sighed, folded his arms behind his head and said nothing. His body was lean and beautifully muscled, naked except for a towel covering his crotch.

Karen knew that in a minute she was going to have to lift that towel to wash his prick, and the prospect both frightened her and made her tremendously horny. Little did her son know how stiff her nipples were, how hot and juicy her pussy felt with its overflow of fuck cream. Deep down inside she knew that she was finally going to give in to the shameful desire of fucking her own boy.

She'd always managed to suppress the wanton craving in the past, venting her incestuous lust with studs like Ricky. But neither of her sons had ever had an injury like this, either.

It happened to Phil the other day in football practice, a muscle spasm in his lumbar erectors that made it impossible for him to walk without intense pain. Such spasms weren't serious, and the team physician had promised that Phil would be back on his feet in a week if he just stayed in bed.

But that meant that Karen had to stay home and do everything for him in the meantime, from bringing him his meals to giving him a sponge bath. It was only noon now, and she knew no one else would be home for many hours. The circumstances were so unavoidably good for her youngest son's seduction.

She continued to wash his body diligently, soaping and rinsing his thighs, chest, arms, shoulders and hard muscular stomach. Then there was nothing to do but lift the edge of the towel. Phil blushed as soon as she touched it.

"I... I think I can do that, Mom," he said, and tried to reach for the washrag. But instantly his face contorted with pain, and he had to let his head fall back to the pillow.

"Don't be such a little warrior, darling," Karen chided, taking the sponge from him.

"You can't move, and that's all there is to it. There's nothing to be embarrassed about. I am your mother, you know."

Phil muttered something and stared at the ceiling. Karen lifted the towel off, exposing her teenager's prick. Then she felt her pussy burn with lust, and she knew that soon she'd have to take his cock down her throat.

His was a big prick. Phil's prick was flaccid, but hung on the hairy, wrinkled sac of his balls like a thick tube of meat, capped by a fat, spongy cock-knob. Karen soaped the washrag all around his well hung prick, never taking her eyes off his prick.

Then she sponged his balls, and then, saying something to the effect that his prick got dirty too, she started to wash his prick.

And immediately his prick started to get stiff. Phil's face contorted miserably with humiliation, but there was no restraining the hot swelling of his cock. Within seconds his prick was throbbing and as hard as bone, rising out of his short hairs to quiver lewdly over his stomach.

"My heavens, Phil," Karen said, suppressing a nervous giggle. "I didn't know a washing would get you so excited."

"I'm really sorry about this, Mom," Phil said, blushing crimson. "This is so fucking embarrassing."

"But there's, nothing to be embarrassed about," Karen replied and clenched the washrag around the root of his prick. "To tell you the truth, I had no idea you were so well endowed."

She was losing control of herself, but she had no desire to resist her fuck urges anyhow. Lightly Karen moved the washrag up and down Phil's prick. His cock responded by throbbing stiffer than ever, twitching and jerking painfully over his navel.

"God, Phil, you really do have a hard-on!" Karen laughed. "It's been years since I've seen your fathers cock so stiff. Don't any of your little high school girlfriends give you any sexual relief?"

"It don't make any difference," Phil said miserably. "I'm horny all the time."

"I'll bet you are, darling. You're a teenager. But you should try to get laid more often. It's not healthy to walk around with such an enormous boner. You need a... release."

Then she dropped the rag into the bucket and wrapped her fist tightly around his cock. Phil gasped as he watched his mother expertly start to beat his teat, pumping her fist furiously up and down the iron-hard column of cock.

"Jesus, Mom!" he groaned. "What do you think you're doing to me?"

"I'm helping you, darling," Karen replied evenly. She scooted close to his ass and jacked his prick faster and faster, smiling as she watched pre-cum ooze from his cock's rosy tip. "It's obvious that you need this a lot more than a bath. Now relax and enjoy yourself. Here -- this should help you cum."

Tugging his cock with her right hand, she undid the sash of her bathrobe with her left. Then she pulled apart the halves of the terrycloth robe, exposing her enormous tits. Phil's cock immediately jerked madly in her stroking fist, looking so stiff that she feared his prick might instantly start spraying his cum.

"Oh fuck, Mom! Oh, fuck!"

"Your dick is much stiffer now, darling," Karen observed. She wiggled her shoulders, making her oversized tits quiver like huge mounds of jello. The silver-dollar-sized purplish nipples were crinkled and stiff. "It turns you on to look at my breasts, doesn't it? It's too bad you can't remember how you used to suckle them as a baby."

Phil's face was glazed with shock and lust. It was obvious that he was in no condition to resist anything she might do to him. Pushing her fist to the root of his cock, Karen lowered her head and wetly kissed the tip of his prick. Wantonly she pushed her tongue onto his piss-hole, licking up the salty juices that oozed up from his bloated balls.

"Oh Jesus, Mom..."

"Don't tell anyone about this, darling," Karen murmured huskily. "Not your big brother, and especially not your father."

Then she opened her mouth wide and, with a contented gurgling sound, stuffed almost a third of her son's big prick down her throat.

Phil sighed with pleasure and did nothing to stop her. Karen whimpered as she pursed her lips in a tight circle around the blue-veined stiffness of his cock. Then she puckered her cheeks and eagerly started sucking her boy's prick, rolling her tongue all over the shiny skinned crown of his cock.

"Ahhhhh, fuck!" Unable to move the rest of his body, Phil shook his head deliriously back and forth on the pillow. "This is so fucking wrong... oh shit, it feels good. Suck it, Mom. Suck off my dick!"

Karen's pussy burned and throbbed as she fell eagerly to the task of doing just that. Up and down her head bobbed, lasciviously fucking her face with her son's magnificent hard-on. Alternately she caved in and puffed out her cheeks, working her mouth like a bellows, increasing the suctioning pressure around his cock.

Phil winced as his prick grew to painful hardness inside his mother's buttery mouth. Karen tightened her little hand around the base of his cock. Urgently she beat his meat as she sucked the prickhead, racing her fist up and down the stone-hard stiffness of his cockshaft.

"Gonna cum," Phil moaned. He managed to lift one hand and place it behind his mother's bobbing head, digging his fingers into her thick hair. "Oh God, this is the best blow job I've ever had. You suck so hard, keep sucking, Mom. Please make me cum."

Smacking, slurping sounds filled his bedroom as Karen hornily continued to give him head. The harder she sucked, the more his prick throbbed, and soon its swollen, bloated hardness told her his balls were about to explode at any moment.

"Cum for me, Son." Saliva drooled from her mouth as she took his prick momentarily from her lips, and looked at him with glistening, sex-starved eyes. "I need it, darling. I just love to drink cum! Let me keep sucking you. Shoot your big wad down my fucking throat!"

With that she dropped her head back to his lap and opened her mouth as wide as she could, cramming almost half of his big steely prick between her lips. Karen gurgled and sucked as hard as she could, feeling her cheeks flush brightly with the wanton pressure her lips and tongue made on her son's cock.

"Awww, Mom!" Phil gasped. He pulled her hair and made soft, whimpering sounds as the cum load tingled for release in his balls. "Cumming, oh suck it, Mom, suck harder, ahhh, yesssss!"

His big prick tossed off between her lips, spraying the roof of her mouth and her throat with spurt after a spurt of thick, milky cream. Karen groaned wantonly with satisfaction as the first taste of Phil's load rewarded her diligent sucking.

Her fist moved in a blur on his cock, jacking him off as hard as she could, literally tugging and milking every drop of jism from his swollen balls. Then she slurped as she worked her throat muscles, gulping and swallowing, greedily eating every spurt of her son's cum.

After his prick finished pumping out jism, she continued to lick her tongue round the cock-knob for a minute, cleaning the mixture of saliva and jism off her son's prick. When she finally lifted her head his cock was glistening and, she was delighted to see, still as hard as a rock.

"Oh, darling, how wonderful," she whispered reverently. "You've still got a big hard-on. Would you like to feel my wet, hairy pussy sucking on your cock?"

Phil gulped and nodded his head, as his prick pulsed angrily with a fresh load of cum.

Karen rose from the bed long enough to shrug off the robe, exposing all of her slender, big titted body.

Then she climbed back onto the bed and mounted her son, planting her knees on the mattress to either side of his hips, leaning forward so that her mammoth, cherry-capped tits dangled pendulously, over his chest.

"I'm putting it in now, lover," she hissed. Reaching between her girlish thighs, Karen grasped the pulsating length of his cock and directed the heart-shaped prick-crown to the fur-fringed lips of her pussy. "I'm putting your big hard dick in your mother's cunt!"

She fit the drooling cock-knob onto her fuck hole and wiggled her little ass, rubbing the tip of his prick all over her cunt. Then she fit the cock-crown between her pouting cunt lips and pushed herself down, moaning with wanton incestuous delight as her son's fat cock fucked into the encasing warmth of her cunt.

"It's going into me now, Phil!" she gasped. "Unhh, you've got such a big cock! Oh fuck, it's stretching my little pussy! You're fucking your mother now, darling! Don't you love fucking your mother's hot cunt?"

Phil could only stare dazedly at her huge shaking tits and the hairy triangle of her pussy, watching his veined cockshaft disappearing between the greasy, clinging folds of her cunt.

He could feel his mother's fuck tunnel sucking around his cock, as if welcoming his prick into her dripping pussy.

Fucking me, Karen thought giddily. She started humping her ass, simultaneously wiggled her hips to help her son's cock fuck all the way up her tight pussy. She nearly came at the thought of the obscene act she was now part of.

Fucking me, she thought repeatedly. My son's long, thick prick... going up my pussy. He's fucking me. I'm getting my pussy fucked by my horny teenage son...

She rested her ass on his thighs with all of his prick inside her, staring delightedly at her lust-glazed expression, moaning as his big prick throbbed to the hilt in her syrupy pussy. Slowly she lifted her ass, feeling his stiff cock slide out of her fuck tunnel until only the prick-crown separated her pussy slit.

She sat back down on it, then she eagerly began to grind and hump, fucking her buttery cunt up and down on the satisfying stiffness of her son's prick.

"Can you move your ass, Phil?" she pleaded lewdly. Faster and faster she humped over him, as he lay motionless beneath her, letting her ass and pussy do all the work of their fucking. "Awww, your cock feels so good inside me! I'm creaming, darling! Can't you move your ass and fuck me too?"

Slowly, painfully, Phil worked his hips off the mattress. Cumming and fucking were good for his back injury. Within seconds he was humping beneath her almost as hard as he could have if not injured, moaning as he fucked his long, swollen hard-on in and out of his mother's hairy cunt.

"That's right, darling, you fuck me so gooood!" Bucking her ass like a wild woman, Karen leaned forward so that her huge tits dangled over his face. She hefted one tit and rubbed the crimson nipple onto her son's lips. "Suck it for me, Son!" she pleaded. "Suck my nipple while you fuck my cunt!"

Phil opened his mouth wide and enveloped the stiff, crinkled cap of his mother's tit. He puckered his cheeks and sucked furiously, as if intent upon drawing milk from her enormous tits. Then he started moving his ass much faster, oblivious to his back injury, rhythmically fucking his blood-engorged hard-on into her cunt.

"Gonna cum, Phil, keep fucking me!" The bed shook obscenely beneath them as Karen feverishly fucked her pussy onto her son's cock. Her cunt was so dripping wet that the fuck juices oozed out of her pussy crack and made her inner thighs sticky with cunt oil. Every stroke seemed to go deeper into her pussy; his big prick packed her full with cock meat with every thrust.

"Cumming now!" Karen dried suddenly. The sucking pressure on her nipples and the feel of his prick fucking into her pussy seemed to merge into it's huge throbbing presence growing and burning in her belly. "Ungghh! Yes, oh shit, my pussy's so hot! Fuck it, Phil, fuck it harder! I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

Phil aggravated his back injury by lifting his ass completely off the bed, ticking his cock all the way into his mother's throbbing fuck hole. Then the white load of his second cum spouted from the tip of his prick. Karen shrieked with incestuous pleasure as she felt his jism pumping her pussy to bursting with the gooey load of her son's cum.

"I love you, darling!" She flexed her pussy muscles around his gushing prick and showered his face with kisses. "You fucked my pussy so good! I love my son's great big beautiful cock!"

But Phil's face was now a mask of fear, and he was staring intently at something behind her. Karen turned her head to see what it was. Then all the breath seemed to rush out of her lungs as she saw the shocked, enraged face of Phil's father, her husband Henry.


It was a gigantic cock, much longer and thicker than average, capped by a huge bloated prick-knob. The big prick was painfully stiff and throbbed hotly as he held his cock in his fist. Furiously he pumped his prick, moaning softly as his hand massaged the aching stiffness, nursing up the load of cum.

The bathroom door was only ajar a half inch or so, but that was enough. Sally stood secretly before the opening, watching with wide eyes as her father beat his meat over the toilet.

The sight was completely unexpected. She'd come upstairs after watching TV to do her homework, and had paused when she'd seen something moving about on her way to her room. Her father, standing over the toilet as if about to take a leak. But his prick was huge and as hard as stone, and he was grimacing as he rubbed his cock fiercely, preparing to spray his cum into the bowl.

Sally watched for a minute longer. Then, afraid that her uncle or brothers might catch her, she turned from the sight and walked quickly to her room. Kicking the door shut behind her, she stripped off all her clothes and paused to admire her voluptuous nakedness in the mirror.

Then she jumped on her bed, put a pillow between her legs and lay on her belly. Soon her ass began to move in a fucking rhythm. Shamelessly Sally dry-humped the pillow, rubbing her wet pussy on it as she fantasized about her father's huge prick.

A week had passed since her mother had left the house, and no one would tell her the reason she'd gone. But Sally correctly suspected that it had something to do with Phil. Her father had caught her fucking their son, she thought; he'd ordered her out of the house.

Sally whimpered and fucked her pussy on the pillow faster and faster. She wanted to fuck her daddy, she realized hotly, though she was too shy to seducing him. She wanted to feel his huge cock fucking her pussy even more than she wanted to fuck her Uncle Bob.

Every night for a week her uncle had been coming to her room after everyone was asleep, fucking her pussy at least once and sometimes fucking tirelessly between her thighs until three or four in the morning.

She humped the pillow for awhile. Sally was tired from lack of sleep, but she wasn't about to tell her uncle to leave her alone because the more he fucked her the more she craved his prick. Sex was turning her into a very, very horny girl, she realized. Sometimes she waited impatiently for her uncle's arrival for hours at a time, stirring restlessly under the covers as she fantasized about his cock.

Suddenly Sally heard the door open behind her. She paused for a moment, then humped her pussy on the pillow faster than ever. It was almost midnight, and her father and brothers were generally fast asleep by eleven. She was sure it was her uncle come to give her pussy the stiff cock she needed.

"Fuck me, Uncle Bob!" Sally cried, knowing how horny he'd be at the sight of her ass humping up and down on the pillow. "I couldn't wait for you tonight! I need your big dick!"

Footsteps approached her bed. Sally felt a strong hand running up her sleek, creamy white thighs, patting the firm, plump cheeks of her delectable ass. Then a finger wriggled into her fur-fringed pussy slit, and Sally moaned loudly as she felt it burrowing up her greasy, tight cunt.

"That feels good, Uncle Bob!" Eagerly Sally ground her big tits on the sheets and pumped up her pussy mound for more fingerfucking. "Play with my cunt harder!"

"Goddamn, Sally! You've really got a tight little snatch!"

Sally shrieked and turned her head at the sound of the unexpected voice. Standing beside her bed, grinning down at her happily, was her big brother Phil! All he had on was a pair of white cotton shorts, and the fabric was stretched obscenely around his enormous prick, wetting the front of the shorts with oozing cum.

"Phil!" Sally gasped. "What are you doing here?"

"I got horny," Phil replied. He held her wriggling ass down with his left hand and inserted another finger into her burning, dripping cunt. "You must know Dad caught me fucking Mom. I guess if I can fuck her I can fuck you too!"

Sally was about to protest, but she was extremely horny, and her brother's fingers felt very good burrowing into her pussy. In spite of herself, she soon found herself groaning again, humping on the pillow.

"And I guess you been fucking Uncle Bob too," Phil murmured. "Don't worry, Sally. I won't breathe a word to anyone!"

He grabbed her hips and turned her over, sighing at the sight of his younger sister's big stiff-nippled tits and the fleecy brown-haired triangle of her hot pussy. Then he climbed onto the bed with her and knelt between her soft thighs, his massive hard-on jerking lewdly in his shorts.

"Don't, Phil," Sally whimpered, covering her pussy slit with her hand. "I don't want you to fuck me. I'll be a whore if I fuck you and Uncle Bob at the same time."

"You won't be a whore, little sister," Phil whispered hoarsely. "Fucking's good for you."

With that he leaned forward and buried his head in her crotch, inhaling the cock-stiffening aroma of his teenage sister's dripping cunt.

"Aw yes, Phil, yes!" She grabbed the back of his head, grinding her pussy onto his lips. She humped and wiggled her ass off the bed and spread her legs as wide as she could. "I can't help it! Suck my pussy! It feels so good!"

Phil thrust his hands under her hips, lustfully digging his fingers into the soft milk white cheeks of her girlish ass. He tried to hold her madly humping ass in position as he flicked his tongue in and out of her pussy, drawing closer and closer to her hard clit.

"Play with me, Phil!" Sally cried. She pulled his hair and humped faster then ever, fucking her cunt all over his face. "Unhh! Oh shit, my pussy's hot! It's gonna cum! Please put your fingers in me!"

Phil released her bouncing ass, knowing that he couldn't hold it down anyhow. He slid one hand up her thighs and again pushed two fingers into her hairy fuck hole, sighing as he felt his sister's strong teenage cunt muscles suck tightly around them.

Expertly he jacked her off, fucking his fingers rhythmically in and out of her cunt. Sally shuddered violently as the heat that always came before a cum burned through her belly. Then her brother glued his lips to her clit and sucked hard, wriggling his tongue over and around the sensitive bud.

"Cumming now!" Sally gasped. Her big tits shook as she writhed on the bed, helplessly pleasured by his fingers and lips and tongue. "Suck my pussy! Unggh! I'm hot, I'm so hot, my pussy is burning! Suck meeeeee I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

The spasms rippled through Sally's wet, hairy cunt, filling her pussy with one wave of ecstasy after another. For what felt like whole minutes, she bucked frantically beneath her brother's sucking lips and fucking fingers, almost unable to stand the intense pleasure that made cream gush from deep inside her throbbing cunt.

Finally her cum subsided. Shutting her eyes, Sally sighed as she savored the tingling sensations following her orgasm. When she opened them again, her brother had risen between her thighs, preparing to fuck his big prick into her little cunt.

His shorts were gone, crumpled at the foot of the bed. Sally's pussy pulsed at the sight of her big brother's big prick, standing straight out of his cock fur, jerking and twitching angrily, swollen by its load of blood and cum.

"Don't fuck me, Phil," Sally murmured. "Stop while we still can! You know we're being bad."

Phil only laughed and rubbed his drooling, rosy cockhead up and down her curly haired pussy slit, touching the tip of his prick to her clit. Sally quickly forgot her morals as a fresh wave of lust invaded her cunt. She lifted her plump, shapely thighs until her knees nearly touched her shoulders, opening her pussy passage completely for the fucking impalement of her brother's prick.

Centering his cockhead between the swollen lips of her cunt, Phil heaved forward. Both of them gasped loudly as the meaty inches of his prick fucked greasily into the succulent tunnel of her cunt.

"God, you're good, Sally," Phil whispered. "You're even tighter than Mom's cunt. Still want me to stop?"

"Fuck me," Sally groaned shamelessly. Again she began to hump her round ass, fucking her pussy eagerly onto her big brother's cock. "It feels good to me too! Phil, I love your dick inside me! Fuck it all the way in now! I want my pussy sucking all of your cock!"

His sister's whimpered obscenities made Phil's prick swell as stiff as stone. He wiggled his hips to fuck his cock the rest of the way into her velvety tight pussy, then rested on top of her, savoring the pressure of a teenaged cunt, wetly milking his rock-hard cock.

"Fuck me, Phil!" Sally gasped. She made the bed creak as she humped her ass much faster, grunting every time she fucked her cunt onto his cock. "My cunt's so hot! Awww, gotta cum again! Fuck me with your dick, fuck my pussy hard!"

Phil supported the weight of his torso on his outstretched arms, so he could stare down at his sister's pretty, lust-contorted face and watch her big tits jiggle as he fucked her with his cock.

Slowly he began to move between her widespread thighs, fucking her pussy out with long rhythmic strokes of his blood-clogged cock.

He wanted to fuck her slowly and make the pleasure last, but her pussy was tight, and he could feel the slippery cunt tunnel nipping his cockshaft with every thrust.

Sally humped as tirelessly as a machine, humping her ass in a blur off the mattress. Phil fucked his sister faster, fucking his cock to the balls with every thrust. Soon his prick began to swell even more, to seemingly enormous dimensions. Sally could feel his prick stretching the walls of her cunt.

"Harder!" His veined cockshaft chafed her clit as he fucked his prick into her belly, making her pussy tingle and juice until the dripping, hairy lips made slurping sounds as they sucked her brother's cock. "Gonna cum some more! Fuck me, fuck me good! Make my pussy cum!"

Phil stared at his sister's agonized, lust crazed grimace, hungrily watched her stiff nippled, overripe tits jiggle and shake every time he fucked his cock into her pussy. Finding the sight irresistible, he lowered his body so that his face flattened one spongy tit. Then he took the rubbery tip between his lips and sucked hard.

At the same time he started fucking his little sister as fast as he could. In and out his big prick fucked, drawing her pussy closer to satisfaction with every stroke. They grunted and sighed. The bed heaved. Their bellies slapped wetly together with every stroke.

"Cumming now!" Sally cried. She flung her soft thighs around her brother's heaving waist and heaved up so energetically he thought she might break the bed, paining and sweating as the puffy lips of her pussy clung to his meaty prick. "Can't stop it, Phil, it's burning me up! Keep fucking me, keep fucking me, oh oh oh God I've gotta, I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

Her second cum gushed through her ravaged fuck hole even harder than the first, making her clit twitch and every inch of her pussy sheath suck and clasp hey brother's cock. Sighing, Phil fucked his throbbing cock all the way into her buttery cumming cunt, moaning as the hairy bag of his balls slapped her ass crack.

A thick ribbon of cum gushed from his open piss hole, shooting up his sister's fuck tunnel. Then the cum seemed to flow endlessly out of his balls, filling her pussy with one blast of jism after another. Phil continued to fuck his prick in and out of her pussy, draining his wad completely into her cunt.

Then he pulled put... his cock, kissed her cheek and left the bedroom, leaving Sally with aching nipples, a throbbing clit and a very creamy cunt.


For a long time Sally just lay there, feeling her pussy tingle and the hot goo seep from her cunt slit. Then she grabbed the pillow, rolled onto her belly with it stuffed between her legs and again started dry-humping it.

She was still horny, and fucking her brother had only made her hotter than ever. She wondered what had happened to her Uncle Bob. Every other night he'd been even more eager than she to fuck the shit out of her cunt.

"Ungghhh!" Sally pumped her pussy faster and faster on the pillow, already intent upon another cum. "Good, oh good. I'm so horny... need some cock!"

The light beside the bed made her feel self-conscious. Sally flicked it off, enveloping her lust in darkness. The bed started creaking again as she dry-humped the pillow and beat off her pussy, feeling her ass cheeks wiggle as she tried to satisfy her ever-horny cunt.

Then she heard her bedroom door open and close, and a soft, familiar voice speak to her as her uncle joined her on the bed.

"Sorry I was late, Sally," Uncle Bob said. "I had a lot of work to do. My, but your pussy's creamy tonight! You've really been jacking off a lot, haven't you?"

He pushed two fingers into her curly haired cunt, then a third as he saw how unusually wet and hot her pussy was. Sally moaned and fucked her cunt onto his fingers. She thought of telling how that his nephew had just given her pussy a good hard fucking, but thought better of it.

Uncle Bob didn't seem to really want to know. He just enjoyed the feel of her dripping cunt.

"Spread your thighs a little farther apart, Sally," Bob murmured. "I'm going to put my cock in you now!"

Sally spread her legs wide and lifted her ass so that her foaming pussy slit would open for the invasion of his cock. She felt her uncle's hairy thighs press between her own, and his hot, panting breaths on the nape of her neck.

Then a big hard prick was pushing into her cunt, separating the swollen pussy lips, fucking into her cunt tunnel Sally shuddered and quickly started humping again as her uncle fucked his prick slowly up her greasy pussy.

"You are wet tonight, Sally! God, you're dripping!" Bob rotated his ass to get his big prick all the way inside her slippery pussy.

Bob rested on his niece's ass and pushed down hard, making his big prick jerk and pulse all the way up her cunt. Sally grunted and started humping. Bob pulled out his prick until only the tip parted her pussy slit. Then he fucked his cock back in again and quickly started ticking her, reaming out her pussy with long fucking strokes of his swollen cock.

"So fucking hot and wet!" Her gooey, cumfilled pussy made lurid squishing sounds as the pouting cunt lips clung to Bob's cock. "Oh, Sally, this is the best fuck I've ever had with you. Your cunt's like a Goddamn glove!"

"Harder, Uncle Bob! Fuck me hard!" Sally thought she might have been tired after fucking her brother, but Phil's prick had only made her hornier for more hard fucking. Panting and sweating, she pumped up her ass for more of her uncle's cock, already feeling her pussy juicing towards another cum.

Bob thrust his hands under her torso, palming her big tits, feeling the stiff nipples on his palms. He started fucking the horny teenage girl as hard as he could, fucking his prick feverishly all the way in and out of her buttery cunt.

"Oh, Sally, your pussy's sucking me!" he moaned. "Your cunt's never felt this good! Unhh! Oh shit, Sally! I'm gonna blow my wad any second!"

"Keep fucking me, Uncle Bob! I'm gonna cum too!"

He fucked his swollen cock into her fuck hole as hard as he could, stretching the dripping pussy lips wide around the fucking length of his cock meat. Sally felt his big prick jerk and throb wildly inside her belly, twitching to total stiffness as he savored the pressure of her gurgling cunt.

"Cumming, Uncle Bob!" Sally gasped. She dug her fingernails into the sheets and whipped up her ass like a bitch in heat, shuddering and crying as the hot pleasure pumped through her throbbing pussy. "Thick me, fuck me harder! I love your big dick! Cumming, oh God, I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

Her cumming cunt throbbed around his fucking cock, spasmodically milking and kneading the turgid hardness of the fucking prickshaft. Bob couldn't take the pressure of her teenage pussy around his prick. He cried out, fucking her faster, and then the white cum gushed from the tip of his prick.

Sally moaned in intense satisfaction as the depths of her pussy were sprayed with her uncle's cum. Hornily she flexed her pussy muscles, making her wet cunt suck, out Bob's load.

Finally he pulled his cock out of her cunt. His prick was still as hard as stone, ready for more fucking even after shooting so much cum.

"It's still stiff, Sally," Bob observed proudly. "You turn me on so much!"

Sally started to turn on the bed, thinking that her uncle would want a good cocksucking to drain his balls of their second load. But he surprised her by pushing her back down on the pillow, then spreading her ass cheeks wide to expose the puckered ring of her asshole.

"You're so wet tonight, Sally," he whispered. "Why don't we try another way to fuck?"

Sally knitted her forehead, wondering what her uncle meant. Then she felt his finger probing her pink asshole, massaging the puffy, hairless ass ring. Fresh juice creamed her pussy as she thought of having her asshole fucked for the very first time.

"Do you want to take it there, Sally?" Bob asked, his voice breaking with desire. "Up your sweet teenage ass?"

"Yesss," Sally hissed. Hornily she flexed her asshole on his finger, as if to invite his cock into her ass passage. "I really want to do it that way a lot! But be gentle with me, Uncle Bob! Your cock is so big for my asshole!"

Her dirty words made Bob's prick lurch to total stiffness, as if he'd never cum at all. He dipped his fingers into her wet cunt and used some of her pussy cream to slick down her asshole, lubricating the little fuck hole for the invasion of his cock.

Then he replaced his finger with the knob of his pulsing prick. Sally moaned throatily as she felt the big prickhead separating the rubbery lips of her asshole around the crown of his cock.

"That's good, Uncle Bob!" Shamelessly she grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them wide apart, simultaneously starting to hump her pussy off the pillow. "Go in deeper now! I can take it!"

Bob again thrust his hands under her torso, gripping his niece's big tits for support. Slowly he worked his cock deeper and deeper into the forbidden heat of her asshole, fitting first a third, then over half of his prick between her peach-shaped ass cheeks.

"Ungghh! Unh, oh, Uncle Bob, unh!" Sally shivered lewdly as his big cock pulsed deep inside her ravaged ass tunnel. "It's really stretching me, Uncle Bob! Oh fuck, I can feel my asshole stretching to let in your dick! Fuck me all the way now! It feels so good up my fucking ass!"

Bob flexed the lean cheeks of his ass, fucking the rest of his cock home between her ass cheeks. Sally gasped as her stuffed asshole clung to all of his prick at once, sucking and milking the bloated, stiffness of the cockshaft.

Then her uncle started fucking her asshole, fucking his cock steadily in and out of her puckered, throbbing ring Sally had expected his prick to hurt her asshole at least a little bit, but there'd been no pain at all. Instead she felt only an intensely delicious, deeply rooted throbbing sensation as his massive cock fucked in and out of her burning ass tunnel.

"Harder, Uncle Bob!" she cried. Clawing the sheets, she pistoned her ass as hard as she could to meet the strokes of his cum-laden cock. "I love it, oh God, it doesn't hurt at all! Unhhh, fuck my asshole! Kill my asshole with your huge dick!"

"Play with yourself," Bob panted. He fucked her asshole so hard that Sally thought she could feel his cockhead oozing cum all the way into her belly. With every thrust, her rubbery ass tunnel clung tightly to his cock, as if reluctant to let him draw out for another stroke. "Go ahead. You know you want to get off! Jack off your hot little cunt!"

Eagerly Sally pushed her hand through her pussy curls, dipping her fingers into the syrupy wetness that ran out of her cunt and formed a stain on the bed. As her uncle fucked her asshole, she fingerfucked her aching pussy, rolling and wiggling her clit under her thumb.

"Harder, fuck me as hard as you can!" she yelped. "Gonna cum, Uncle Bob! Fuck my asshole!"

"Cumming too, Sally," Bob gasped.

The big sac slapped her pussy crack as he fucked his prick into her asshole, touching her fingers as they wiggled between the fur-fringed lips of her buttery cunt. Bob felt a tingling through his meat, the second load of jism racking his balls.


He fell on top of her, fucking his cock to the hilt in her burning asshole. Sally squealed as the boiling cum spurted deep inside her asshole, bathing the ravaged walls of her ass tunnel with thick, salty cream.

"Cumming, I'm cumming too!" Sally moaned. She whipped up her ass like a machine, fucking her fingers into the knuckles in her pussy, flexing her asshole around her uncle's cock. "Fuck my asshole, I'm cuuummiiinnggg!"

It was an incredibly satisfying cum, better than ever after fucking her brother and uncle on the same night, Bob kept his prick inside her asshole, feeling her rubbery ass tunnel milk his cock as spasms racked her body repeatedly. Then he pulled out, kissed her neck and quietly left the bedroom.

Sally lay on the pillow, wincing as her ravaged asshole began to burn a little, feeling the cum dripping out of her cunt. She wondered if every night would turn out to be like this now that she was the only girl in the house with four horny men.


It wasn't a good high school. The academic standards were lower than most and in the county it had earned a reputation as being a last refuge for delinquents and troublemakers from other schools. But it was a school, and its teachers were paid, and Karen felt very, very lucky that she had the job at all.

Wearing a low-cut blouse on the job interview and showing the principal her big tits hadn't hurt matters much, Karen thought, and snickered. She'd be getting her first paycheck tomorrow, and the money she'd managed to pull out of the bank before Henry threw her out of the house would last her till then. Karen thought she was doing well for a runaway wife.

But she was very, very horny.

In her first week as a teacher her pussy had been creaming constantly from ogling the strapping studs who sat in her classes. Karen desperately wanted to fuck them, but she'd managed to suppress the urge. She wondered how long her strength could last.

It was now three-thirty, and she was alone in the building. Karen pushed her chair away from the homework papers on her desk and calmly surveyed the empty classroom. She had never really thought she would become a teacher, even though the credential she'd earned so many years ago was still good enough to get her a job. It was funny how life worked out.

Karen was about to return her attention to grading papers when the sound of the classroom door opening made her look up. Then her breath caught in her throat as Mitch Lewis entered her classroom.

"Hi ya, teach," Mitch said softly. "You don't mind if I pay you a little visit, do you?"

Immediately Karen felt her heart starting to pound in her chest. Mitch was only in one of her classes, but the other teachers had warned her about him. He was the wildest of the bad students at the school, capable of anything. His size had made him a leader to the other boys, and he was a notorious stud amongst the girls.

"N-no I don't, Mitch," Karen stammered nervously. "Is there something I can help you with in your studies?"

Mitch snickered and stood beside the desk. Calmly he ran his gaze up and down his teacher's voluptuous body, making Karen blush as he coolly studied her slender legs and hips and obscenely oversized tits through her dress.

"Yeah, there's something you can help me with," Mitch said softly. "But I don't know if it has anything to do with my studies."

There was a long silence, which Mitch showed no inclination to break. Karen felt herself becoming increasingly nervous as the teenager shamelessly ogled her body. But the situation was making her horny at the same time. She hoped Mitch couldn't see how her fat nipples were stiffening through her dress and bra or smell the pungent pussy juices seeping into her panty crotch.

"In that case, Mitch," she said finally, "I don't know what you have in mind for me here, but I have a feeling it's nothing that the school board would approve of. Perhaps you'd better go."

Karen backed her chair away from the desk and did her best to look at him firmly. Mitch grinned and made no move to go anywhere. Fear flushed Karen's cheeks, and her pussy got wetter at the same time.

"I really want to fuck you, teach," Mitch said softly.

Karen gasped at his bluntness, then glanced involuntarily at the crotch of his jeans. A big cock bulge showed there, and that made her cunt burn more than ever. She was strongly tempted to take the boy up on his lewd offer, but she needed to keep the job, and she didn't want to be fired for fucking her stud students.

"I'm... I'm going to pretend I never heard that, Mitch," she said evenly. "But. I want you to get out of this classroom at once."

"Don't you want to fuck me, teach?" Mitch stepped closer, lazily running his fingers up and down his bulging cock. "Don't you want to get laid with a great big hard-on like this? Don't you want to suck me off?"

Then he quickly undid his pants and let them slide with his underwear down his muscular thighs, releasing his massive cock from confinement.

And Karen almost came in her panties. Mitch's prick was huge, a wrist-thick column of cock flesh jutting out from his crotch to quiver and throb lewdly in mid-air. The prickknob was large, and translucent cum was already leaking from the piss slit.

"Look at it, teach. Look at how big and stiff it is!" Mitch stepped so close that his heart-shaped cockhead bobbed and jerked less than six inches from her face. He grabbed his prick and milked his cock savagely. The cum dripped from the cockhead onto her thigh.

"I know what a horny bitch you are, teach. You can't fool me. Shit, you ought to see yourself staring at all the guys in class. I know you want to give me a blow job, so why don't you just go ahead and start sucking? I won't tell anyone. I promise."

There was another long pause. Karen knew she should get up and run out of the classroom, but she felt frozen, riveted to her chair by the sight of the teenager's stiff cock. She stared intently at the piss hole, watching the cum leak out.

Then, with a whimpering sound of utter lust, Karen wrapped her fist tightly around the thick, veined root of her student's cock. Mitch immediately took his own hand away. A broad grin spread across his face. Groaning, Karen extended her tongue and hornily licked the oozing cum from the crown of his cock.

"That's right, teach!" Mitch curled his fingers in her hair, pulling her face to his throbbing cock. "I knew you wanted it! You're such a horny bitch. Now you just go ahead and suck it as hard as you want!"

"Bastard!" Karen milked his cock violently with her little hand, moaning as the meaty prickshaft pulsed hotly on her palm. She looked up at him with glistening, vixenish eyes. "Doing this to me! You're going to cost me this lousy fucking job!"

Then she slid her hand to the root of his huge cock, opened her mouth wide and stuffed almost four inches of his prick down her throat.

Mitch's eyes clouded as he felt her lips compressing around the swollen cockshaft.

"That's good, teach! Suck hard now! Make me cum!"

His prick was delicious, hot and salty, and Karen felt her pussy soak the crotch of her panties as she began to nurse tenderly on his stiff prick. She'd always loved giving blow jobs, and it had been nearly a week since she'd had a good, hard on in her mouth. She wondered if she would start cumming just from giving him head.

He was dominating her so brazenly, and Karen resented it, though there was no denying that his arrogance turned heron. She wanted to turn the tables on him, and there was no better way of doing that than to give him the best cocksucking of his life.

Karen opened her mouth wider, cramming his cock down her buttery throat until her lips were stretched to bursting around his rock-hard prickshaft. She puckered her cheeks and sucked his prick violently, swirling her tongue all over the fat, shiny-skinned knob of his prick.

"Ah, yes!" Mitch pulled her hair and rocked his ass, fucking his burning hard-on in and out between her lips. "I knew you'd give fantastic head, teach! You been staring at crotches all week."

Dirty motherfucker, Karen thought, and sucked his cock that much harder, sucked until her cheeks flushed crimson with the wanton energy of the blow job. Her little fist tightened around the base of his cock. Feverishly she began to beat his meat in a hard, fast rhythm, tugging and milking his cock between her lips.

"Get my balls!" Mitch demanded suddenly. "Play with them! I'm gonna cum!"

Obediently Karen dropped her left hand between his hairy thighs, gently digging her fingers into the wrinkled bag of his balls. Lightly she rolled the twin, cum-congested globes between her fingers, simultaneously stroking and sucking his cock.

"Oh fuck, teach!" Mitch grimaced in pain and pleasure and desperately tried to fuck his cock down her throat. "My balls ate burning! I'm gonna shoot, Goddamn it, gonna spurt..."

Then Karen had a wicked idea.

Summoning up all her energy, she sucked and jacked his huge prick as hard as she could. Mitch quivered as his prick swelled to total hardness between her lips, and the cum began to leak profusely from the cock-knob. Then, just as he was about to spurt, Karen pulled her mouth from his cock and giggled as she watched his hard-on throb and jerk painfully in midair.

"Fucking whore!" Mitch shouted, his face contorted with frustration and rage. "Who do you think you are -- teasing me, you little cunt!"

"I'm not teasing you, Mitch, darling," Karen said, smiling innocently. "I just knew you were about, to cum and I didn't want to get any of your spunk on my brand-new dress. Here, this'll only take a second."

Rising from the chair, Karen slipped out of her dress, leaving herself naked except for her high heels, pantyhose and bra. Mitch gasped at the sight of her enormous tits held by the lacy D-cups. Then Karen took it off, and his burning prick jumped lewdly up and down as his eyes homed on her fat, stiff, purplish nipples.

"Oh, fuck, teach," he groaned.

"There! Now you'll just on my big titties!" Karen's oversized tits shook lasciviously as she leaned forward and again wrapped her fist tightly around the root of his cock. "Now where were we."

Again she captured his red, drooling cockhead between her lips; this time puckering her cheeks so sharply that golf balls could have fit into the indentations. Karen slurped and gurgled noisily as she sucked, his cock meat as hard as she could.

The cum load had receded back into Mitch's balls in the interval, but the boy gasped as it quickly started to come up again. Fondling his congested balls with her left hand, Karen feverishly jacked his prickshaft with her right.

Then -- again, at the last possible moment -- she pulled her hand and lips away, and giggled as his stone-hard prick quivered helplessly before him.

"Fucking bitch!" Mitch shouted. His expression was so knotted with frustration and anger that she wondered if he might hit her. "Goddamn you, you're fucking torturing me!"

"But Mitch, I was just thinking," Karen purred innocently, "I don't know if I want you to cum yet. It's not fair to me. I think I'd like you to suck my pussy first!"

Karen kicked off her heels and slid the pantyhose down her long legs, leaving herself naked. As Mitch looked at her furiously she wiggled her bare ass to the edge of the chair, planted her feet on the edge of the seat and spread her legs, revealing the hairy triangle of her pink, wet pussy.

"Goddamn you!" Mitch rubbed his aching prick and looked at her miserably. "I want to cum, Goddamn it! You fucking whore!"

"You will, darling! But first you have to suck my pussy!" Giggling, Karen dipped a finger into her juicing cunt and fingerfucked herself before the student's eyes. "I'm all gooey down there, Mitch. Ummm, can't you smell it? It tastes really good!"

The anger in Mitch's face receded slightly as he stared at his teacher's gorgeous cunt, watching her finger fuck greasily in and out of the pouting lips. Cursing at her and himself, he fell to his knees and buried his face between her thighs.

"There, that's a good boy!" Karen held the back of his head and happily watched him suck her pussy. "You just go right ahead and suck it all up, Mitch! Cunt cream is very good for you!"

Mitch thrust his hands under her ass cheeks, kneading and pinching the firm, small globes. He swirled his tongue between the flowering folds of her pussy, lapping up the fuck juices that flowed from the depths of her burning cunt.

"Unh! Mitch! Ungghh!" Karen pulled his hair and grimaced as the wanton heat spread through her fuck tunnel. "Suck harder, lover!" Her little ass humped in his hands, grinding and fucking her hairy pussy bush all over his face. "That's right, what a good little cunt sucker! Make your teacher cum!"

Mitch's big prick stood before him like a baseball bat, excited not only by the cum load clotting his balls, but by the salty, delicious aroma of his teacher's pussy. With growing enthusiasm he ate out her gurgling cunt, pushing his tongue deeply into the little hole, wriggling it close to her clit.

"Fingerfuck meeee!" Karen gasped. "Jack off my cunt, Mitch! Oh God, that feels so goooood!"

Mitch pulled one hand from her frantically bucking ass and slid it up her thighs. He pierced her throbbing pussy folds with two fingers and fucked them to the knuckles in her burning cunt, feeling her pussy muscles cling tightly around them.

Then he fingerfucked her hard and fast as he closed his lips around her clit. Expertly he sucked the tiny, sensitive bud, drawing it out with his lips.

"I'm gonna cum, Mitch!" Karen winced and bucked her ass off the chair so hard that it skittered on the floor. "Aw, keep sucking my pussy! I'm gonna cum!"

Then Mitch sat up on his knees, withdrawing his mouth and fingers from her throbbing cunt. The moment Karen saw his grinning face she knew that her trick was being turned against her.

"You fucker," Karen said hoarsely. "Don't you do this to me!"

"Turnabout's fair play, teach!" Mitch smiled.

Karen thought for a moment, then, with one swing of her arm, knocked the papers and books off her desk. She crawled onto it and wiggled her ass to the edge facing Mitch, again spreading her legs and planting her heels on the side of the desk, opening her pussy for the invasion of his bone-stiff prick.

"I guess you get to fuck me, Mitch," she whispered. "Then we both get to cum. Come on now! Ram my pussy full of that big, hard dick!"

The desk was low, so that as Mitch stood he wouldn't have to bend over far to fuck his cock into her. Rising to his feet, the strapping youth held his jerking, pulsing prick in his fist and pushed the cock-knob onto the syrupy slit of her pussy.

They were both too horny for any kind of foreplay. With one savage thrust, Mitch fucked his cock all the way into Karen's sopping cunt. Immediately he started to fuck her pussy hard and fast, moaning as her cunt tunnel sucked around his prick.

"Ahhhhh, fuck it!" Karen cried. She shook her head deliriously back and forth on the desk and whipped her ass frantically off the hard wood, pumping her hairy pussy onto the boy's fat prick. "That's good, Mitch! Gonna cum, making me cum! Fuck me, fuck me faster! Unghh! I wanna cum so much!"

Mitch dropped his hand to her tits, hungrily rolling the huge, spongy tits under his palms, feeling the stiffness of her dark-red nipples. He began to pant as he wildly fucked his bloated cock through the gurgling sheath of her pussy, feeling her cunt slit nip his prick with every thrust.

"Gonna cum, Mitch!" Karen cried repeatedly. "Keep fucking me, fuck me hard! It feels so good up my pussy! I said I'm gonna cummmm! Fuck me, I'm cumming, oh God I'm cuuuummmiiinnnngggg!"

The spasms simply ravaged her pussy, making every pore of her fuck tunnel throb in ecstasy, making the cream-gushing slit clamp like a vise wound Mitch's fucking cock. Mitch gasped and fucked her faster than ever, grimacing as his balls finally prepared to unload.

A torrent of jism shot out of his pulsing cock, gushing profusely into the depths of Karen's cunt. Mitch made a whimpering sound and fucked his spurting cock furiously into her cunt, draining his balls of their heavy load.

He'd been teased to the brink twice, and it seemed as if he'd never stop cumming inside her. Within, seconds his milky load filled her pussy completely. Then it gurgled out of her hairy pussy slit around his fucking, throbbing, squirting cock, running down her sweating thighs and forming an obscene puddle under her ass on the desk.

Whimpering with satisfaction, Karen twined her legs around Mitch's midsection.

Consciously she flexed her pussy muscles using her little cunt to milk his fat cock. "Keep cumming, lover," she murmured breathlessly. "Don't stop till you've shot off all that thick cum!"

Mitch groaned and kept fucking into her pussy, wincing as fresh drops of jism dripped from his cockhead into her fuck tunnel. But he didn't stop fucking her, as Karen had thought he eventually would, and his prick didn't go down at all.

It became obvious that he was going to fuck her twice in a row.

Karen lifted her head, and watched his blue veined cockshaft push in and pull out of her hairy, slippery cunt. Then she turned towards the door of the classroom and for the first time wondered about the danger of someone catching them. They'd been fucking for a long time; the janitorial crew would be due soon; what if they were caught?

Karen giggled and again twined her long legs around the student's waist. Her ass bucked and humped off the desk, driving her wet pussy onto his cock. It didn't matter; it would happen eventually; there was no controlling her lust for teenage studs.

Before she was fired, at least she'd have a chance to get fucked by a lot of the boy in her classes.


"But I don't understand why I have to stay after class today, Mrs. Douglas," Pete said innocently. "What have I done wrong?"

Karen waited until the rest of the students had filed out of the class, then shut and locked the door behind them. Her eyes glistened as she turned back to face her student, and her stiff nipples protruded through her low-cut blouse.

She didn't care if anyone caught her, not since her wild fuck session with Mitch. She was sure it was only a matter of time before she got fired.

"It's just this simple, Peter," Karen said, standing before his desk and eyeing him coolly. "Your lessons haven't been up to par this week, and I think it's because you've been having lustful thoughts about Sarah Anne's body."

A hot blush shot through Pete's cheeks. Quickly he lowered his head and stared embarrassedly at the floor. Sarah Anne was one of the sexiest girls in the high school, and Pete wasn't the only boy whose prick stood up when she sashayed into class.

"Answer me, Peter!" Karen said severely. "She turns you on, doesn't she? You want to fuck her."

Pete was shocked at his teacher's use of the word fuck, but he was too humiliated to consider the significance of her language. "I can't help it, Mrs. Douglas," he said miserably. "I'll try to work harder. She really turns me on."

Karen sat on the edge, letting her short skirt glide up her slim legs, smiling as she saw Pete glance up her dress. "Would you like me to tell you how to turn her on too, Peter? Maybe if you turn her on she'll let you give her a good fucking with that great big dick of yours. Then your lessons might improve."

Pete, who was beginning to understand what his teacher had in mind, blushed as a huge hard-on swelled in his pants. Karen pulled up her dress and pulled down her panties, exposing her dripping, hairy cunt.

"Jesus!" Pete gasped.

"Suck my pussy, Peter!" With the skirt bunched around her waist, Karen lifted one heel to the edge of the desk, completely opening her pussy slit to the boy's eyes. "Girls love getting their cunts sucked. I guarantee that'll turn on Sarah Anne. Here -- I want you to practice on mine!"

Pete was on his knees before the desk in a flash, moaning as he slid his hands up her slim, bare legs. Karen shuddered and grimaced obscenely as he burrowed his face between her creamy thighs, pressing his lips to the juicing folds of her fuck hole.

Pete thrust his tongue deep into her foaming, fur-fringed pussy slit, sighing as he tasted the mouth-watering nectar of her fuck cream. He thrust his hands under her hips to hold her ass down and lewdly tongued and kissed her throbbing pussy until Karen's clit stiffened from its protective hood.

"You're doing good, Peter! You're a natural pussy sucker!" Karen pulled his hair and bucked her ass faster, fucking her cunt onto his mouth. "Finger my pussy now! Fingerfuck me while you suck my cunt! That's what girls like most!"

As skillfully as if he'd been eating cunt all his life, Pete insinuated two fingers into the velvety clinging tunnel of her cunt. As he fingerfucked her, he found her hardened clit with his tongue and began to lick it wildly, sending tingling waves of pleasure pumping through Karen's body.

"Making me cum, Peter!" she gasped. "Unh, keep sucking me! Suck my pussy, make it burn! Aww shit, get my little clit! I'm cumming on your mouth, lover! I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

Pete kept his lips glued to her throbbing fuck hole, lapping up the cunt cream that oozed out of her cumming pussy. Even as she came Karen looked hungrily at the hard-on throbbing in his pants, already wondering how his cock would feel fucking in her cunt.

"But Jesus, what the hell'd I do?" asked Tony, a skinny, black-haired youth. "I do my work, I mind my mouth, and now you tell me I gotta stay late like this right in front of everybody in the whole class. What the hell'd I do?"

"Watch your manners, Tony," Karen said severely. "You're here on a personal matter. I have it on good authority that your masturbation habits are very, very excessive. I'm told that you're jacking off at least twice every day after school, and often much more often than that."

Tony blushed even more brightly than Pete had, and, like the other boy, stared embarrassedly at the floor. Karen glanced quickly at the door to make sure that it was locked, then returned her attention to him. The claim that she knew he was jacking off was, of course, utter nonsense, but if the huge hard-on Tony always seemed to have in class was any indication, she was pretty safe that her he wouldn't be discovered.

"Where'd you hear a fucking thing like that?" Tony muttered.

"That's absolutely none of your business, Tony." Karen rose and stood over him as he sat cowed at his desk, her huge tits rising and falling beneath her tight sweater. "The problem is what we're going to do about your compulsive desire to beat off so much. I'm sure your mother would be very disturbed if she knew how often you jack off."

"I can't help it," Tony whispered. "I get horny. What's a guy supposed to do?"

"Find a more constructive outlet, Tony," Karen replied huskily and fell to her knees. "And I'm going to show you one you can teach your girlfriend right now."

Hurriedly Karen unzipped his pants and tugged them down his thighs with his shorts, revealing his rock-hard prick. She wrapped her hand tightly around the root and urgently beat his meat, pausing to kiss and lick the bloated, purplish cock-knob.

"Jesus, teach!" Tony gasped, smiling nervously. "What the fuck are you doing to me?"

"It's called sucking your cock, Tony. It's an excellent sexual release." Karen jacked his prick faster, smiling as she watched hot precum ooze from the dilated piss slit. "You've got a big boner, Tony. I'll bet lots of girls would be very happy to suck on a big dong like this!"

Opening her mouth wide, Karen gurgled as she crammed her throat full with as much of his cock as she could handle. Tony sat back in his chair and watched in total surprise as his teacher began to give him the first and best blow job of his life.

Feverishly Karen sucked, puckering her cheeks and clasping her lips in a tight, suctioning circle around the center of his veined prick. She bobbed her head and made lewd slurping sounds as she worked on her student's aching cock.

"Unh! Oh fuck, teach!" Tony's face clouded lasciviously with desire as the wet pressure of her sucking mouth milked the steely stiffness of his big prick. "That feels so good, teach! My dicks getting bigger! Suck harder now! Unhhh, fuck!"

Karen wanted to ask him if getting his cock sucked was better than meat beating, but she was too enraptured with the taste of his thick hard-on to pause for the question. Noisily her lips nursed the salty column of cock meat. She rolled her tongue around his spongy prickknob, spearing her tongue into his cum slit, lapping up the hot juices that continued to ooze up from his balls.

"Gonna cum!" Tony thrust his hand behind her head and energetically whipped his ass off the chair in furious bucking motions. "Keep sucking it, teach! Suck off my dick! Awww fuck, I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

It was a quick cum, but that was no surprise with his prick in her buttery mouth, and his cum was no less heavy for its speed. Karen whimpered in satisfaction as hot gobs of jism splashed down her throat, filling her mouth with the boy's salty cum.

"Ummmmm!" Warmly her little hand beat his meat as her lips nursed on the cock-crown. Karen worked her throat muscles, loudly slurping and gulping down every drop of his shooting cum.

"God, teach, that was fantastic!" Tony moaned gratefully. "Getting my dick sucked feels way better than my hand!"

Karen studied his wet, still-pulsing cock and smiled as lust shot through her cunt. "I'm glad you thought so, Tony." Rising to her feet, she pulled up her skirt to let him see how wet her pussy was through her panties. "And now I'm going to show you a little trick that feels even better!"

"Sexual relations with no fewer than five youths in your first three weeks as an instructor at this high school," Mr. Walders said. The high school principal leaned back in his desk chair, folded his hands behind his head and smiled at Karen ironically. "I must say, it's rather a pleasure to have such an easy decision after a long day of making tough ones. You are very tired, Karen, and I'd imagine a bright girl like you can figure out why."

Karen glanced around the principal's private office, then looked back at him in time to see him lift his gaze from her huge tits. "I guess I can't argue with that, Mr. Walders. But you can understand where this leaves me too. Do I at least get something in the way of severance pay?"

"No severance pay," Walders said grimly. "It took me enough work to convince the board not to hit you with charges. You just forget us, Karen, and we'll do our best, to forget you."

Karen had known on her way to the principal's office that she wasn't going to be a teacher there anymore, and had thus seen no, reason to play the part. Her translucent blouse and mini-skirt were much less formal than anything she'd worn at the school before, and Walders was having a hard time keeping his eyes off her body.

"But I don't know what I'm going to do, Mr. Walders," she said softly. "Can't you at least get them to give me two weeks pay? I really need the money."

"You should have thought about that before having relations with those boys, Karen," Walders replied. "It's too late now. There's nothing I can do."

"What if I let you jack off between my tits, Mr. Walders? Would there be something you could do then?"

Walders gulped as if he'd just swallowed a fly. Rising from the chair, Karen stood before his desk and brazenly unbuttoned her blouse. Taking it off, she reached behind her back to undo the clasp of her D-cup bra. Then her bra came off too, and Walders moaned at the sight of her huge, spongy, naked tits.

"Goddamn, Karen!"

"I'm a very, very horny woman, Mr. Walders," Karen purred, moving to his side of the desk. "That's why I fucked those five boys. I simply lost control of myself, if you know what I mean. Now if you just promise you'll get me that money I'll let you suck my titties and jack off between them and do anything else you want... my, Mr. Walders, you've really got a big boner in there!"

Falling to her knees, Karen smiled up at the principal as she cupped his swollen hard-on through his dress slacks. Walders licked his lips and looked at her helplessly. Unzipping his pants, pulling them down to his ankles, Karen released his meaty cock from confinement.

"Oh fuck, Karen!"

"Say you'll get me the money, Mr. Walders!" Karen wrapped her little hand around his thick cock and jacked his prick hard and fast, pausing to touch her tongue on the cum slit. "Umm, your jizz tastes good. I'd love to get the rest of it, Mr. Walders. Spurting all over my face when you beat off between my titties. But first you just gotta promise me the money."

"I'll get it!" Walders cried. "Just do it, Karen! Do it now!"

Hefting her huge tits, Karen squeezed them firmly around the swollen stiffness of the principal's hard-on, so that only the cock-knob was visible between her deep cleavage.

The hot cum leaking from his bloated cock-knob soon provided ample lubrication. Within seconds, Karen's cleavage was slick and moist with his oozing jism; his massive cock fucked between her tits as greasily as if he was fucking her in the cunt.

"Does it feel good, Mr. Walders?" Karen held her milk-white tits firmly around his fucking cock and looked up at him vixenishly. She'd never done this before, and it amused her to see what huge power her enormous tits could give her over the opposite sex. "You like fucking my titties, don't you?"

"Y-y-yes," the principal stammered. A lewd grimace contorted his face as his cock grew stiffer and longer, and more translucent cum drooled from the tip. "Gonna cum," he panted. "Feels so good! Oh fuck, Karen, suck it now! Put it in your mouth and suck out my hot fucking cum!"

"But I don't know if I want to suck your dick Mr. Walders," pouted Karen, who'd decided to do a little bargaining. "You really haven't been very nice to me!"

"Three weeks pay!" Walders gasped. "Three weeks, and that's final! Now suck my cock!"

Grabbing her hair, he pulled her face to his throbbing prick. Karen giggled at his eagerness to get blown. Then her laughter faded into an obscene, muffled sound as she crammed her throat full of his cock meat.

His prick was big and stiff and delicious, though not as sweet as the teen cocks she especially loved to suck. Clamping her lips around the pink flesh of his hard-on, Karen puckered her cheeks and sucked her principal's cock meat as hard as she could.

"Harder, Karen!" He pulled her hair and jerked his ass cheeks energetically off the chair. "My balls feel like they're going to explode! Unhh! Gonna cum any second!"

Karen bobbed her head, slurping and smacking loudly as she fucked her face with his big prick. She grabbed the shaft of his cock and jacked his prick as she sucked, knowing from long experience that that was the most efficient means of milking out a load of cum.

"I'm doing it!" Walders cried. "Suck suck... ahh!"

His rock-hard cock pulsated madly between her lips, spurting long ribbons of cum down her throat. Karen tasted the salty thickness of his spunk and feverishly sucked his prick harder than ever. Repeatedly his cock gushed its load down her throat, and Karen didn't release his prick until she'd shamelessly gulped down every drop.

Her husband had thrown her out for fucking their son, and in only a few weeks as a teacher she'd vented her obscene lust on several eager boys. But they'd only been substitutes for her children, Karen realized, and she wondered if Henry was ready to let her came home.


In the meantime, Sally was getting fucked every night by her brother Phil and horny Uncle Bob. She loved their cocks and she loved getting fucked by them, but going to sleep every night at three or four in the morning was a bit of a strain.

Finally one weekday she had to leave school a few hours early, complaining that it was that time of the month. Actually, her next period was weeks away. She was just a bit tired from so much fucking.

She walked home quickly and entered her house looking forward to having it completely to herself for once. But as soon as she walked through the door she knew she wasn't alone.

Moans and groans came from an upstairs bedroom, obviously the sounds of two people having sex. Sally immediately felt a hot, tingling wetness course through her pussy. She put down her school books and tiptoed upstairs, wondering which of her two stud brothers had skipped football practice for a good fuck.

But it wasn't one of her brothers at all. The door of the bedroom had been left ajar, perhaps because no one else was expected to be home so early in the afternoon. Sally stood in the hall and peeped through the opening. Her eyes bulged as she recognized her father's hairy, heaving ass.

"Stick it in me, Mr. Douglas!" the girl beneath him cried. She had her slender arms and legs twined about his midsection; her little ass moved in a blur off the mattress, pounding her pussy onto his cock. "Aww, your dick is so fucking huge! It feels so good inside my pussy! Fuck me, Mr. Douglas! Fuck me hard!"

Debby Brent, Sally thought, studying the girl's long auburn hair, pretty face, and slim lithe physique. She was the teenage daughter of the old couple who lived down the street. Debby had a reputation as a nice, wholesome girl, always ready to take on a babysitting assignment or help some student with his homework.

But now she was obviously in the throes of wanton ecstasy, moaning with every fucking thrust of Sally's father's cock.

Sally pressed close to the door and watched them fucking, rubbing her pussy through her jeans as oozing cunt cream soaked the crotch of her panties. Vaguely she wondered how long her father had been fucking Debby, how they had become involved with each other, how her daddy felt about fucking his prick into a girl young enough to be his own daughter.

But those things didn't matter. Sally stared at her father's fat, swollen cockshaft, watching his prick fuck in and out of the girl's clinging, curly haired pussy slit. She wished she could see it all, wished she could watch the white juice gush out of her daddy's prick. Her father was obviously becoming increasingly horny since his wife's departure.

"Gonna cum, Mr. Douglas!" Debby shrieked. She clawed his muscular back with her long fingernails and whipped up her ass in a driven fervor. Higher and higher her thighs clasped around him, opening her pussy passage completely for the fucking thrusts of his cock.

Henry fucked steadily between the teenager's soft thighs, moaning as her tight pussy milked the hard shaft of his cock, trying to suppress the cum load that threatened to gush out of his balls at any second.

He felt ashamed of fucking a girl so inexperienced but he couldn't seem to help himself. Ever since he'd ordered his wife out of the house he'd been beating his meat almost twice daily, longing for the hot pussy that had once, been available to him whenever he wanted.

And Debby was so lewd and horny, in spite of her wholesome appearance. She loved his prick and loved getting fucked.

"Gonna cum, gonna cum, gonna cum!"

Debby shook her head deliriously back and forth on the mattress, repeating the whimpered words as the burning lust mounted in her cock-stuffed cunt. "Fuck me faster, lover! I neeeeed it! Don't stop, don't ever stop! Fuck me as hard as you can!"

Henry slid his hands down her slim, sweating torso, digging his fingers into the bucking cheeks of her ass. As he held onto her ass he started fucking her cunt as hard as he could, fucking his huge prick all the way into her buttery pussy with every thrust.

"I'm cumming now!" Debby threw up her thighs until they nearly touched his shoulders, shrieking and sighing as she tirelessly fucked her churning pussy onto his cock. "Oh! Oh Jesus, my cunt's throbbing so hard! It's creaming on your dick, Mr. Douglas! My pussy's creaming... fuck me, I'm cuummiiinnngggg!"

Her hairy pussy gushed fuck cream onto his fucking prick, and the pink walls of her cunt tunnel clung spasmodically to his iron-hard cock.

Then the white river of cum jetted torrentially from his prickhead, squirting deep into Debby's cunt.

Feverishly Henry fucked his cock in and out of her pussy, draining his balls into her pussy. The cum kept rushing out of his prickhead until he wondered how much left there was to give, filling her teenage pussy with the salty thickness of his jism.

"Your dick's still hard, Mr. Douglas!" Debby cried. "It's as hard as a fucking rock! I want to give you a blow job now! Oh please, let me see your huge fucking dick!"

Henry rose between her thighs and pulled his cock out of her greasy fuck hole, letting her see all of his cum-dripping cock meat.

Sally gasped at the utterly obscene sight of her father's big prick. The view she'd had of him jacking off in the bathroom had been nothing like this; she'd never really known what an enormous horse cock hung between her father's legs.

But his prick wasn't hanging now, even after filling the neighbor girl's pussy with such a load of cum. Like a billy club, the massive cock rose out of his furry balls, twitching and jerking lewdly in mid-air. The prick-knob was gigantic, spongy and purplish, and every inch of his cock was glistening wet with the fuck cream soaked up from Debby's horny teenage cunt.

Sally watched as her father stretched out on his back on the bed, his big prick twitching stiffly over his stomach. Debby crouched in a comfortable position at his side, facing the door, so that Sally could see everything.

She wrapped her little hand around the root of Sally's father's hard-on and extended her tongue, sliding it wetly all over his cock, lapping up the fuck juices that gleamed on the bloated surface.

Henry moaned and started to hump his ass off the bed. Soon Debby had opened her mouth and was sucking hungrily on his spongy prick-knob.

Sally's pussy was so hot and wet that she thought fuck juice might soak through her jeans.

"Unh! Go easy, Debby!" Henry panted. "Jesus, you're going to kill me if you don't let up!"

Debby ignored him. She'd fucked with several of the fathers in her neighborhood, unknown to her parents, but she'd never before gotten it on with a man with such a huge, prick. Debby was just beginning to realize how much she craved a really huge cock.

She'd loved the way Henry's prick had felt penetrating her pussy, stretching her cunt to bursting as he fucked her cunt full of his meat. Now she wanted to suck on his cock violently, to make him cum again, to drink the white jism that had just filled her buttery cunt.

Tightening her little hand around his cock-shaft, which was almost too thick for her fingers, Debby lightly began to jack him off. Henry moaned as his oversized hard-on tingled and pulsed in her grip.

Debby extended her tongue and licked a wet circle around the heart-shaped cock-crown, cleaning up the fuck cream her pussy had just bestowed on his prick. She pursed her lips on the tip of his prick and teased him by kissing his cock affectionately.

Then she opened her mouth wide and made lurid, gurgling sounds as she forced her head toward his groin, stuffing inch after inch of his burning prick into her hungry, succulent throat.

"Oh, Jesus!" Henry held the back of her head and stared at the spectacle of the teenage girl sucking eagerly on his big prick. "Lighten up, Debby! Oh shit, you're going to make me cum!"

Debby pushed her head down until almost half of his cock was in her mouth, and her lips were stretched to bursting around the swollen circumference of his prick meat. Panting through her nose, she caved in her cheeks to increase the pressure around his cock.

Then she started sucking his prick as hard as she could. Up and down her little head bobbed, fucking her face with the steely stiffness of his prick. Debby tightened her fingers on his cock and started to jack his prick more violently, stroking and massaging the loose flesh of his aching prick.

Henry raised his head and grimaced as the tingling stiffness burned through his cock. Energetically his hips bounced off the bed, fucking his prick between the horny girl's slippery lips. "You're really making it stiff now, Debby!" he gasped. "Unghh! Keep sucking it! Make it cum!"

Debby dropped her free hand between his hairy thighs, tenderly cupping the hairy sac of his balls. Violently she whipped her mouth up and down on his cock meat, fucking her face as fast as she could.

She wanted to jack his prick and play with his balls at the same time, but her pussy was burning so hard that she couldn't keep her hands off of her cunt. Whimpering, the lust crazed teenager released his ball bag and slid her fingers through her cum-drenched pussy curls. She buried two, fingers in her tight, wet cunt and frantically fingerfucked her throbbing fuckhole as she sucked on Henry's prick.

"Gonna cum!" Henry moaned. He winced as his prick grew to total twitching stiffness inside her buttery throat, nearly making Debby gag as she struggled to take even more of his prick. "I can't fucking take it, Debby! Ahhhh shit, I'm cumming!"

Suddenly, Debby shocked him by withdrawing his iron-hard prick from her mouth. With a shamelessly entranced expression on her innocent face, she grabbed his wildly pulsing cock in both hands and jacked his prick off furiously, staring intently at the glistening cum slit.

"Wanna see you cum," she burbled. "Wanna see the goo shoot out. Cum for me!"

Henry gasped. A white stream of thick cum rocketed out of the tip of his cock, spurting nearly a foot in the air before it splashed luridly onto his hairy chest.

Frantically Sally rubbed her pussy through her jeans as she watched the neighbor girl jack every drop of cum out of her daddy's big prick.

It was hard to believe that he'd just shot a huge load into her pussy. The ribbons of milky cum kept squirting out of his spongy cockhead, splattering onto his chest and stomach, leaving his torso coated in a lurid sheen of cum.

She watched Debby whimper at the sight of Henry's gushing load. The girl tightened both hands around his shooting hard-on and jacked his cock as hard as she could as he came, refusing to release his hard-on until the last thick droplets had oozed from the purplish cock-knob.

"Oh, that was fantastic, Mr. Douglas!" she gushed. "That made my pussy so hot, just watching you cum! Now you get to suck me, lover! It's my turn to get off!"

She pushed Henry back and climbed on top of him, planting her knees on the bed to either side of his ears. Then she wiggled her ass and ground her pussy onto his mouth.

Groaning, Henry slid his hands up to cup the small, peach-shaped cheeks of the girl's ass. Debby gasped as he started sucking her pussy. Hotly she humped her ass, fucking her cunt all over his face.

But Sally didn't stick wound to watch Debby getting her cunt sucked. Her legs felt like rubber as she pushed herself away from the door and tiptoed silently down the hall to her bedroom.

As quietly as she could, Sally opened the door, then locked it behind her. She stripped off all her clothes and glanced at her nakedness briefly in the mirror, realizing how much more voluptuous and desirable she was than Debby.

Then she fell on her bed and immediately began to fingerfuck her throbbing, dripping fuck hole, fantasizing shamelessly about her father's huge prick.


After seeing her daddy fucking Debby, Sally seemed to grow hornier by the day. Both Phil and her Uncle Bob were eager to suck and fuck her pussy every night, but even their fantastic cocks no longer seemed to be enough to satisfy her.

The prick she wanted most belonged to her father, but Sally was still too moral to so willingly spread her legs for her dad. But as long as she was fucking one brother, she didn't see any harm in spreading her legs for the other as well.

Her oldest brother -- big, strong, twenty-year-old Mike. He'd often seemed a little aloof from the rest of the family since Henry had thrown Karen out of the house, preferring to spend most of his time out with his friends.

Phil and Uncle Bob fucked her pussy every night, but she waited impatiently for the day when she could get Mike alone. Finally it came, a dark, stormy weekday afternoon when the football field was too soggy for practice.

Mike was upstairs in his bedroom, concentrating on his studies. He was the only one besides her in the house, and she knew the others wouldn't be back for several hours.

Horny and frustrated, Sally sat in her room and tried to figure out the best way of seducing him. She was still a very innocent girl, and the prospect of taking the aggressive role was foreign to her. Her uncle and brother had been so horny for her body that they'd seduced her as, for that matter, had every guy she had ever gone out with.

Finally Sally decided to wear some revealing clothes and try to steer the conversation in the right direction.

She searched through her clothes closet for several minutes, trying to decide on the outfit that would best show off her voluptuous body. Finally she settled on her shortest pair of denim cut-offs, which exposed all of her shapely, plump legs and revealed the outer cheeks of her gorgeously developed ass.

As a blouse she wore a simple stretch tube top without a bra. Sally admired herself in the mirror and blushed at the way, her fat pink nipples protruded through the sheer fabric; her tits jiggled spongily with her every movement. If this didn't show her big brother that she had the kind of body that would make a cock stand up, nothing would!

She walked barefoot down the hall, took a deep breath and knocked on her brother's bedroom door.

"What is it?" Mike growled.

"It's just me, Mike," Sally said innocently.

"Can I come in for a minute? I want to talk with you about something."

Mike grumbled, and Sally entered his room. Her oldest brother was stretched out on his bed with a math textbook. He was dressed only in a pair of ragged shorts from his high school football team.

Sally felt her pussy creaming instantly at the sight of his lean, muscular, hairy body. As she crossed the room, she glanced at the bulge of his crotch and became even hornier as she realized how large his cock was. Mike was a lot bigger and stronger than her, but she still wondered if she'd be able to restrain herself from raping him on the bed!

"I'm kinda busy," Mike said, still studying the book. "I got an exam tomorrow. So I hope this is important."

Then Sally sat on the edge of the bed, and Mike looked up at her. His eyes widened slightly; Sally blushed as she felt his gaze move rapidly up and down her body, taking in her revealing clothes. It had been a long time since he'd seen his baby sister in a skimpy outfit, and the bulge in his crotch quickly grew as he took in her big tits and firm, plump ass.

"Well, it's important, but it's kind of embarrassing too," Sally said, lowering her eyes bashfully. "I just don't know anyone else to ask about it, Mike. I sure can't talk about this sort of thing to Dad or Uncle Bob, and I figured you'd know more than Phil 'cause you're older."

Mike tossed the textbook off the bed and looked at her with genuine interest. "Well, what is it?"

"Well..." Sally paused to cross her fingers behind her back, as she nearly always did when telling a lie. "I can't have an orgasm. Not with a boy or with my finger or anything else. I'm not even sure where to begin."

There was a long pause. Mike's jaw sagged open at his sister's confession, and the bulge in his crotch swelled larger still.

"You mean you can't cum when you masturbate?"

"No!" Sally lied. "I just, you know, push my finger in and out of my pussy, and I get all hot and tingly, but nothing else happens! It's driving me crazy!"

"Well, you're doing it wrong. You're supposed to be rubbing your clit. That's where all the action is. I mean, every woman's different, but with most chicks the way to cum is through the clit."

"But that doesn't help either!" Sally whined. "It feels better than when I just put my fingers in my pussy, but I still don't cum!"

Mike looked at her a little suspiciously. "Sally, I really can't believe you can't cum by rubbing your clit. You must really be doing something wrong."

And that was her opportunity.

Quickly, before her brother could understand what she was doing or raise any objections, Sally rose from the bed and stripped off her cut-offs. As Mike gaped at her disbelievingly she crawled onto the bed, wiggled her ass on the mattress and spread her luscious thighs wide apart, completely exposing the curly haired slit of her moist, hot cunt.

"Jesus God!"

"You show me, Mike! I know you've fucked with lots of girls! Show me how to cum!"

His cock was now obviously rock-hard, but Mike's face was also as red as a beet. "Sally, I can't jack you off, for shit's sake!" he sputtered. "You're my Goddamn sister!"

"That doesn't make any difference!" Sally cried. Hotly she wiggled and ground her ass off the bed. "Come on, Mike! I'm getting horny just thinking about it! Show me how to cum!"

Mike stared at his sister's pussy mound, gazing into the pink, petal-like lips of her moistening cunt. His prick grew so stiff in his shorts that Sally could actually see his cock throbbing.

For a moment her twenty-year-old brother seemed to deliberate, fighting between his ethics and his lust for her lush body. Then the lust won out. Crawling between her spread eagled thighs, he ran his hand lightly up her creamy leg and gingerly touched the swollen folds of her hot fuck hole.

"Oooh, that feels good already, Mike!" Sally whimpered, wiggling her ass on the mattress. "Do it some more!"

"I can't believe you have so much trouble cumming," Mike whispered drily. "Your pussy's already so wet."

Extending his index finger, he insinuated it between her slippery pussy lips and fucked it to the knuckles in her buttery cunt tunnel. Sally shuddered and flexed her pussy muscles on it, holding his finger inside her. Her clit was quite stiff now, protruding from its protective folds.

"Oh God, that feels fantastic! It feels so much better when you do it to me, Mike! Do it more!"

"Now this is your clit..." Mike's voice shook as he brushed his thumb up her cunt slit and gently rubbed the swollen, sensitive bud. "Right here. And this is what you rub to make yourself start cumming!"

"Awww, Mike!" Furiously Sally bucked and humped her ass off the bed, whimpering and sighing as the tingling waves of pleasure coursed through her cunt. "Rub harder! Unh! Oh fuck, I've never felt like this before! Rub my pussy, make me cream!"

Mike rubbed his thumb steadily on her twitching clit, simultaneously darting his finger in and out of her gooey, sucking pussy. Then the sight of his stacked, younger sister writhing in ecstasy became too much for him, as Sally had known it would.

Mike's head dropped lower and lower as he jacked off her pussy; he sighed under his breath as he inhaled the pungent, seeping pussy juices oozing from her fuck hole. Then, with a groan, he lowered his head between her legs and glued his lips to her throbbing cunt.

"Oh, Mike! Mike!"

"Can't fucking stand it," Mike gasped. "Hot, sweet little snatch!"

He thrust his hands under her hips, digging his fingernails sharply into the spongy cheeks of her ripe ass. Then he started sucking off her pussy like a starving animal, sighing as he fucked his tongue deep between the pouting lips of her horny pink cunt.

"You're sucking me, Mike!" Sally grabbed the back of his head and spread her legs as wide apart as she could, lifting her ass to grind her steaming pussy onto his lips. "Oh fuck, it feels so fantastic! Suck me, Mike! Make my pussy cum!"

"Fucking bitch!" Mike said, whispering the words as he chewed on her pussy curls. "Fucking horny cunt!"

Perhaps his words meant that he already knew she'd seduced him, but Sally was too horny to care. The pleasure was building steadily in her loins, approaching the body drenching cum she'd told her brother she'd never had before.

Pulling his hair, Sally started to hump her ass off the mattress, making the bed creak and shake obscenely on the floor. Soon she was humping as fast as she could, pumping her curly haired pussy rhythmically onto his sucking lips.

"Oh, Mike, I feel so funny! I think I'm gonna cum now!" Sally's luscious body stiffened and quivered as the burning heat swelled in her belly. "Keep sucking me! Suck my clit, Mike! Please make me cum!"

Withdrawing one hand from her frantically humping ass, Mike returned his finger to her pussy. This time he slid a second finger to join the first in her tight sucking cunt tunnel, seeming momentarily surprised that her pussy could take both fingers without pain.

Then he moved his sucking lips up her pussy, finally wrapping them tenderly around her hard clit. Sally gasped and whipped her ass faster and harder off the bed. Her big brother sucked her clit gently but relentlessly, massaging the tip with his tongue at the same time.

"I... I can't stand it, Michael!" Sally shrieked. "My pussy's so hot, oh God, it's burning up! I'm... I'm cumming now! Awww suck meeeeee, I'm cuummiinngg!"

The spasms swept torrentially through her pulsing tight pussy, until Sally thought she was in the grips of one of the hardest cums of her life. Her fingers tightened in her brother's hair, holding his face on her gushing pussy; the fuck juices drooled from her cumming slit, smearing his cheeks with cunt oil.

She came for what felt like a full minute and a half, repeatedly shrieking and pumping her blushing ass cheeks off the bed. Mike kept his mouth on her throbbing pussy and continued to suck her cunt and clit until the spasms had completely subsided.

Then he grinned, sat up between her sweating thighs and picked a stray cunt curl from his mouth.

"You've been shitting me, Sally. That's not the first time you came. You just seduced me."

Sally wanted to laugh at her brother's knowledge of her seduction, but something made her want to keep up the ploy.

"No, I didn't! I mean it, Mike, that was the first time I ever had a cum! God, I can't tell you how good it felt! That was the very first time!"

Mike looked at her suspiciously, not knowing whether to believe her or not. Sally sat up and pawed with shameless hunger at the crotch of his shorts.

"But now I want to make you feel good too, Mike," she purred, wantonly cupping and squeezing his aching prick. "Please take off your shorts for me! I want to suck your dick just like you sucked my pussy!"

Mike looked at her, embarrassed and horny at the same time, grimacing slightly as his massive hard-on pulsed beneath her fingers. "Sally, you're my sister. Maybe we've gone far enough."

"No, we haven't!" Sally cried, trying to tug down his shorts. "Aw, Mike, I'm so horny for your dick! I want ta taste it in my mouth and make your cum spurt out and everything! Please let me suck your cock!"

The dirtiness of his sister's words made up Mike's mind for him. He offered little resistance as she pushed him onto his back, then wrestled with his shorts. Hurriedly Sally tugged them down his legs and dropped them off the bed, exposing her big brother's rock-hard prick.

"Oh God, Mike!" she gushed, wrapping her plump fist tightly wound the root. "Your cock is so beautiful!"

There was no lie in her words. Her brother's prick was long and thick and extremely stiff, with a bone-hard, veined cockshaft and a rosy, spongy prick-knob which was twitching as cum juices dripped onto his navel.

His balls were hairy and huge, and the wrinkled sac was tight with its congestion of cum. The big cockshaft quivered and throbbed hotly over his stomach, ready to spurt at any moment.

"Lemme suck it!" Crouching beside his hip, Sally moved her fist rhythmically up and down his cockshaft, skillfully beating his meat. "Oh, Mike, look at all that cum dripping out! I want to suck it up! Oh fuck, I want to suck your dick and drink your cum!"

Mike only groaned. Extending her tongue, Sally swirled it hornily around his puffy cockhead, cleaning the jism off of his prick. She pursed her lips on the tip and kissed his prick wantonly, darting her tongue into the piss hole to get more cum.

Then she slid her lips down, engulfing her big brother's prick, not stopping until she had nearly half of his iron-hard cock throbbing in her throat.

"Unhh!" Mike's prick grew stiffer at the sight of his teenage sister's pretty face, her lips wrapped tightly around his hard-on. "Oh fuck, Sally! You don't know how good that feels!"

Sally knew exactly how good it felt, and she wanted to make it feel even better. Tightly her full lips compressed around his cock meat; she flared her nostrils for air, inhaling the cunt tingling aroma of a man's horny cock.

Then she started sucking, slurping and smacking as she puckered her cheeks around his prick. Mike gasped and excitedly thrust his hands into her thick blonde hair. Sally eagerly bobbed her head, fucking her face with his aching cock.

"Harder, honey! Oh Jesus, that's good!" Mike shamelessly grabbed the hem of her tube top and pulled it down, leaving just a web of elastic around her waist. "God, are your jugs big!" He cupped one naked tit in his hand and pinched the stiff red nipple, pulling it out. "Oh, Sally, please keep sucking! MY cock feels like fucking lead! You're gonna, make me spurt!"

Sally sucked her brother's prick in a fever of incestuous desire, feeling her cheeks flush and her mouth ache as she gave him the best head she could. More and more cum juices leaked from the tip, and his cock swelled so thick that it was hard to keep her lips stretched around his prick.

"Am I doing good?" she asked, suddenly lifting her head from his cock and watching the painfully-bloated prickshaft throb and lurch up and down. "Do you like the way I give you a blow job, Mike?"

"Goddamn it, keep sucking!"

He grabbed her head and pushed her face back to his burning prick. Sally took even more of his cock between her lips this time and decided to do everything she could to give him an extremely hard cum.

Her little hand pumped violently up and down his cockshaft, jacking his prick furiously. She sucked and twirled her tongue around the cock-knob. Her free hand played with his balls as she sucked his cock as hard as she could.

"Ah, fuck it, Sally!" Mike gasped. "I'm cumming!"

His prick twitched so hard that she had trouble keeping his prick in her mouth. Then a huge milk-white geyser of cum sprayed out of his piss hole, and her mouth was instantly flooded with jism.

Repeatedly the white torrent gushed up from his balls, making Mike sigh and wince as the heavy, salty spunk pumped spasmodically out of his cock-knob. Sally wrapped her plump fist tightly around his throbbing hard-on and started swallowing.

She had wanted to watch the white load spurt into the air, but eating his jism was even better. It was so thick and delicious; it almost made her cum as she sucked it up. Sally kept gulping and swallowing for nearly a minute straight, refusing to release his cock until she'd swallowed the last oozing drop from the tip of his big prick.

And when she did, his cock was still as hard as stone. Lightly the horny girl fingered his prick for a minute, waiting for his hard-on to recede. When his hard cock showed no signs of softening, she realized it was time to totally relieve its painful stiffness in the buttery sheath of her cunt.

"That really made me horny, Mike," she said softly. "I've got to fuck you now. I don't care what you say. I've got to feel your cock going up my cunt!"

She mounted him eagerly, planting her knees on the bed to either side of his hips, dropping her ass until she felt the tip of his upthrust cock touch the curly haired folds of her pussy.

Then she reached between her spread thighs, grasped his warmly throbbing cock and directed the mushroom-shaped tip into her fuck hole. Sally expertly wiggled her ass, until his prick fucked straight into her pussy. Then she grunted as she began to hump, pumping her cunt full with inch after inch of her brother's cook.

Mike's eyes widened as he watched his big, blue-veined cock disappear into the cum slicked curls of his baby sister's pussy bush. "Oh Jesus, Sally!" He winced again as he felt her pussy muscles clinging to his cock, welcoming his prick to her cunt. "You've got such a tight little beaver! You're gonna suck more cum right out of my balls!"

"Ahhh, your dick is huge!" Sally leaned forward, letting her big tits jiggle and sway over his muscular chest, digging her hands onto the bed next to his shoulders. "Fuck me with it, Mike! Fuck my hot cunt!"

Mike grabbed her ass, lewdly fondling and pinching the humping ass cheeks. He ground his hips off the bed, fucking his big prick steadily in and out of her pussy. Short sighs of pleasure parted his lips as he felt the wet, hot, slippery pressure of his sister's hot cunt around his thrusting cock.

"Harder!" Sally made the bed creak as she began to whip her ass up and down on the pole of cock. "My pussy's burning again! Oh fuck, I want you to make it cum! Fuck my cunt as hard as you can!"

Mike slid his hands from her humping ass to her big, rounded tits. He directed one ivory tit to his mouth and sucked the stiff nipple, making Sally squeal as the sensations in her tits and cock-filled pussy seemed to merge into one.

Then he started to ream out her fuck hole with a furious intensity, wildly fucking his rock-hard cock in and out of her gurgling cunt. Sally panted as she fought to keep up with his strokes. Her pussy was pulsing and throbbing uncontrollably, making the velvety sheath cling to his fucking prick.

"Gonna cum!" she whimpered. "Fuck me faster, Mike! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me super fast! Unghhh! Oh yes, it's coming up! My pussy's sucking your big cock! Fuuuuuck meeee, I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

The waves of cumming pleasure swept through her pussy like a hurricane, drenching her cunt with fuck juices. Mike sighed and raising his ass off the bed, fucking his swollen cock all the way into her buttery, pulsating pussy.

Then he came too, and Sally's cum was made even more intense as she felt the white spurts of jism splattering her pussy walls. Mewling girlishly, she clawed her brother's chest and fucked herself again and again on his gushing prick, slowing finally as both their cums subsided.

She'd fucked every man in the house except one, and she knew that that was the man she had to have most -- her well-hung father.


After her first experience with him, Sally added her older brother to the number of men in the house who were fucking her at every opportunity. Her Uncle Bob and two brothers were fucking their cocks into her pussy nearly every night, but she still wasn't satisfied. Increasingly she found herself daydreaming about her father's meaty prick, wondering how good it would feel to have his cock fucking into her cunt.

Finally, very early one morning, Sally went to the downstairs bathroom to jack off. Both Mike and Uncle Bob had fucked her several times that evening. Phil had not because he had a date. Her pussy was still horny. She wanted to use her father's water pik to make her cunt cream.

But there was a light on in the bathroom, and she saw as she approached it that the door was ajar. Wearing only a transparent negligee that was barely long enough to cover her hairy pussy, Sally stood to one side of the door to see who'd gotten there first.

It was her father. He was jacking off again. Sally's nipple stiffened and protruded through the negligee. Hornily she watched her daddy standing over the toilet with his pants bunched around his knees, wincing as his big, hairy paw raced up and down his huge, stiff prick.

Sally shook her head. Her father was so incredibly horny since he'd thrown Mom out of the house. Even Debby's hot teenage pussy wasn't enough for him. Her daddy badly needed some more cunt.

And all at once Sally decided to throw inhibition to the winds and give him what he craved. Pushing open the door, she walked calmly into the bathroom and shut it behind her. Instantly Henry turned around with his stiff prick in his fist. His face turned red as he realized that his teenage daughter had just caught him jacking off.

"I had to use the bathroom," Sally answered matter-of-factly, stepping forward until she was only a few feet away. "Daddy, what are you doing with your cock in your hand like that?"

Henry stammered something and made a move towards pulling up his pants, but quickly stopped when he saw his situation was hopeless. Blushing shamefully, he stepped out of them completely and stood before his teenage daughter with his enormous, rock-hard prick throbbing and weaving and dripping in mid-air.

"Well, what does it look like I'm doing?" There was a note of defiance in his voice, as if he had become her son and was rebelling against an authoritarian voice. "I was jacking off. Did you think I was too old to get horny or something?"

"That's not what I thought at all. Daddy, I came down here to jack off too!"

Henry looked at her in surprise, then lowered his eyes and for the first time seemed to notice what his daughter was wearing. Hungrily his gaze roamed up her shapely, creamy white legs to her big tits, centering on the silver-dollar-sized circles of her rosy nipples.

Then his gaze riveted on her hairy cunt bush and the pussy curls he could seek peeking out from under the negligee. Sally suppressed a giggle as she watched her father's hard-on lurch to a new pulsing stiffness, obviously hot for her pussy.

"Daddy, you should have told me that you were horny," Sally said and stepped closer. "I would have been glad to help you. Any way I..."

Henry looked wildly about the bathroom, as if waiting for someone to step in. "But you're my daughter, honey," he said, almost apologetically. "I can't have sex with my own daughter!"

"Nobody gives a shit about that, Daddy," Sally said and stepped still closer. His dripping cockhead nearly touched her thigh. "I'm old enough to make decisions for myself. You're not going to hurt me. I really want to fuck you!"

Henry looked at her disbelievingly, shocked by her boldness. A lewd smile curled the horny teenager's lips. She grasped the swollen thickness of her father's cock and massaged it tenderly.

"It's so hot and stiff!" Sally hissed. Teasingly she milked his massive cock up and down, pausing to pinch the spongy prick crown, giggling as she felt his oozing cum lubricating her fingertips. "And it's so long and fat, too! I love your big dick, Daddy! I want to suck it and make you cum in my mouth!"

Henry could only stand there and stare. Sally felt her big tits jiggling and her pussy lips squishing greasily together as she fell slowly to her knees, facing her father's gigantic cock.

She slid her hands up his hairy thighs, feeling the muscles there, then wrapped all ten fingers around his bloated, stone-hard cock. Henry groaned and did nothing to stop her.

Sally squeezed her father's prick as if she were gripping a baseball bat. Tenderly she milked and jacked his cock, tugging his prick up and down, staring intently at the open piss hole in the huge cock-knob.

Instantly hot cum juices oozed from the hole. Sally lowered her head, extended ha tongue and hornily licked the dribble from her daddy's prick. Then she wantonly kissed and licked from the cock-knob down the prickshaft, moving with deliberate slowness, wanting to make him uncontrollably horny.

"Daddy, do you like the way I lick your cock?" she whispered huskily. "It tastes so good. Do you want me to suck your dick now, Daddy? I'll suck on it just like I'd suck a lollipop!"

"Y... y-yes," Henry stammered, his face was a mask of shame and uncontrollable desire. His fingers curled in his teenage daughter's hair, pulling her face to his burning prick. "Suck it. Make me cum!"

Smiling triumphantly, Sally opened her mouth to wetly kiss the oozing tip of his cock meat. Then she parted her lips farther and pushed her head forward. Sally gurgled with shameless satisfaction as she stuffed her face with the bone-stiff deliciousness of her father's cock.

If she hadn't known before, Sally instantly realized why her teenage neighbor Debby Brent was so anxious to suck and fuck him. Her daddy's cock tasted fantastic. She could feel every hot throb of his prickshaft as her tongue lasciviously around hit cock, darting it into the piss hole, lapping up the hot juices that oozed more and more heavily up from his balls.

"Suck it, Sally!" Henry pulled her hair and rocked her face, fucking his massive hard-on between her lips. His prick grew stiffer as he stared down at the obscene spectacle of his pretty teenage daughter, with her lips wrapped hornily around his cock.

"Am I doing it good, Daddy?"

"Suck harder! Suck my prick, Sally! I've never been this Goddamn stiff!"

The slurping, gurgling sounds of a good blow job filled the bathroom as the horny blonde went to work on her father's cock. Her hand tightened around the root, finding quickly that his prick was almost too thick for her little hand.

Sally made whimpering sounds around his cock as she feverishly gave her father head. Her pussy was burning and throbbing, juicing so profusely that she could feel the sticky fuck juices oozing from her hairy cunt crack to wet the insides of her thighs.

Letting her left hand fall between her soft legs, Sally gurgled as she pushed two fingers into the slippery sheath of her fuck tunnel. Lewdly she jacked herself off as she sucked her daddy's prick, rubbing her clit wildly under her thumb.

"Gonna cum," Henry gasped. "Keep sucking it, Sally! Your mouth feels so good! Unhh, my balls are burning! I've gotta cum!"

Hornier than ever, Sally began to whip her head tip and down on the satisfying stiffness of his cock, fucking her face. Her fist moved in a blur up and down his prickshaft; she tugged more of his cock meat between her lips. Sally caved in her cheeks and felt her whole face flush as she sucked her daddy's cock as hard as she could, thrusting her tongue eagerly against the piss hole.

"Cummmmming!" Henry moaned. "Oh, baby, you suck my prick so good! I'm cuuummmmiiinnnggg!"

Henry moaned like a wounded animal as a torrent of thick spunk gushed out of his cum slit, raining down his daughter's throat. Sally had already sucked his brother Bob's jism earlier that evening, but there was no satisfying her thirst for her father's cum.

Jacking and frantically sucking his spurting cock, Sally worked her throat muscles, gulping down every ounce of her daddy's load. Henry held the back of her head, working his hips and gasping as the white jism continued to spurt and ooze from his piss hole. Sally refused to release his hard-on until his balls were completely drained of cum.

"Thank you, Daddy!" Sally finally released his cock from her lips and smiled up at him gratefully. Her little hands continued to stroke and jack his enormous cock. She ran her tongue around her mouth, smiling more broadly as she lapped up the stray drops of his cum juices. "Your jism tasted so good! You really came buckets! Oh God, Daddy, I could just keep on sucking your dick for the rest of my life!"

There was an emotional exhaustion in her father's face, and it was obvious that it would be awhile before he could get used to the fact that he'd just let his daughter suck his prick. But at the same time he was obviously very horny too, in spite of cumming with so much fuck juice.

Sally released his cock and rose to her feet. His big prick was still as hard as stone, standing straight before him. Sally was dying to feel that meaty cockshaft going into her pussy, but first she wanted her father to suck her cunt.

"You've still got a hard-on, Daddy," she whispered, staring boldly at his wet cock.

Henry gulped and nodded his head. Sally took a step back and pulled the negligee over her head, dropping it to the tiled bathroom floor. Henry groaned at the sight of her stacked teenage nakedness.

"My body turns you on, doesn't it, Daddy?" Sally hefted her big tits and then released then, letting the spongy, cherry capped tits jiggle and sway firmly. She backed up towards the toilet, smiling at her father seductively. "I've got a beautiful body, don't I? My skin is so soft, and my legs and ass are so nice, and I've got really big tits, too. But, Daddy..."

Sally's thighs touched the porcelain of the toilet bowl. She sat on it, wiggling her ass to the edge of the seat. Then she splayed her luscious thighs wide apart, revealing the curly haired slit of her pink cunt.

"There's nothing better than my pussy! It's really tight, and it'll feel so good when it hugs your big cock. But Daddy, first I want you to suck it for me. My pussy tastes so good. I want you to make my cunt all nice and gooey, so it won't hurt fucking your big, stiff prick!"

Henry moved towards her as if in a trance, drooling at the sight of his daughter's fleecy haired pussy slit. He sank to his knees before the toilet and ran his hands lightly up her soft thighs, making Sally squeal as his fingers touched the swollen lips of her cunt.

"Suck me, Daddy!" Holding the back of his head, she pulled his face between her legs. "I want to feel your tongue on my pussy! Aw, Daddy, I want you to lick my cunt an make me cum!"

Henry spread his daughter's soft thighs wide apart, completely opening the lips of her hairy pussy for his mouth. He bent his head down and licked her inner thighs, sending hot shivers through Sally's nakedness as her father's tongue moved closer to her cunt.

His tongue slid up her pussy slit, finding the cunt hole, fucking her pussy deeply. Henry's massive cock twitched between his thighs as he tasted the musky aroma of his daughter's steaming fuck hole. Insistently Sally started humping her ass off the seat, making the toilet shake as she fucked her cunt onto her father's face.

"Suck my cunt, Daddy! Stick your tongue up my little cunt!"

Henry thrust his tongue deep into his daughter's pussy slit, tasting her fuck cream. Then he began to lap up and down her cunt like a hungry dog, twirling his tongue between the folds of her pussy, lapping closer and closer to her aching clit.

"Harder, Daddy! Suck me good!" Sally pulled and twisted his hair, shuddering uncontrollably as wanton heat built in the depths of her slippery pussy. "Oh, Daddy, my cunt's so fucking wet! Lick up my pussy cream, Daddy. Play with my cunt!"

Extending two fingers, Henry fucked them between the swollen folds of her fuck hole and started to jack off his teenage daughter. Sally grimaced, feeling her cunt muscles sucking and nipping around his fingers, as if reluctant to let him draw them out of her body.

"More Daddy, more, I want to cum!" Her big tits jiggled as she whipped her ass off the toilet seat in a frenzy, staining her father's cheeks with her glistening cunt cream as the hot pleasure grew inside her. "Suck my clit, Daddy! Lick it, it's hurting me! I want to cum in your mouth!"

Tenderly Henry licked his daughter's burning clit, simultaneously burying his fingers all the way into her sopping, hairy hole. He fingerfucked her quickly as he sucked the little nub, sliding his tongue over and across the blood-engorged pink bud.

"Cumming, Daddy!" Sally cried. Her horny little ass bucked in a blur off the seat. She grimaced, groaning and sighing like an animal as the pleasure exploded through her naked body. "You suck me so good, oh fuck, fuck it, Daddy! I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

The spasms washed through her in a tidal wave of ecstasy, making her nipples tingle and her asshole throb as her cumming pussy filled her father's mouth with fuck juice. Her horny cunt had been wet while giving him a blow job, but now it was positively dripping, slick and red and swollen, ready for cock.

Henry eagerly continued to tongue and suck and kiss and lick his teenage daughter's pussy until her cum had completely subsided. Then he cupped her ass cheeks and pulled her gently off the toilet seat, stretching her out gently on the throw rug on the center of the bathroom floor.

Still overwhelmed by the force of her cum, the spread-eagled Sally looked up dizzily as her father got between her thighs. She watched as he held his massive throbbing hard-on in his fist and rubbed the spongy cock-knob up and down her cunt hole. Then her daddy's cock meat was fucking into her, and she watched as his blue-veined cockshaft seemed to disappear into the forest of curly hairs at the bottom of her belly.

"You're fucking me, Daddy!" Sally came to life with fresh lust as she felt her father's hard-on stretching her, separating the walls of her cunt as he fucked his prick to the hilt in her velvety pussy tunnel. "Unghh, Daddy! You've got such a big prick!"

Sally lifted her legs high and scissored them eagerly around his waist, drawing his cock deeper. Her arms twined his shoulders; she lifted her head to kiss him hotly, grateful for the pleasure his prick was now giving her.

Then she again began to hump and buck her ass in a fury off the bathroom floor, grunting as she rhythmically pounded her pussy onto her daddy's big prick.

"Yes, Daddy, it's going into meeee! Oh fucking Jesus, oh yessssss!" She wriggled her ass as she felt his cockshaft stretching her, trying to open her pussy tunnel so he could fuck his prick meat to the balls in her gurgling fuck hole. "Ram it up my pussy, Daddy! It feels so good, it doesn't hurt at all! I want you to fuck me now! Ream out my cunt with your big, fat dick!"

His daughter's frenzied, pleading obscenities made Henry's cock as hard as a board, pulsing and throbbing as he slowly fucked his prick into the gurgling depths of his daughter's fuck hole. For a long time he lay on top of her without moving, sighing as he savored the slippery pressure of her cunt tunnel wound all of his prick.

"Fucking Jesus, Daddy!" Sally clawed his shoulders and pounded her ass cheeks steadily off the bathroom floor, pumping her hairy pussy onto her father's cock. "Your dick is so fucking huge! It's killing me! Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me good and hard!"

Henry lifted his ass, withdrawing until only the heart-shaped crown of his cock was held between his daughter's sucking pussy lips. Then he fucked his cock home again, and he feverishly started to fuck her cunt, fucking his prick deeper into her juicing slit with every thrust.

"Harder, Daddy! Fuck me as hard as you can!" Sally twined her legs tightly around the center of his back, locking her ankles together so that her father would be unable to take his cock away from her cunt hole. "My pussy's burning! Awww, I love your fucking dick!"

Then they were fucking together as hard as they could, moaning and sweating and humping as his steely, blood-engorged prick fucked into her fur-fringed, sucking cunt. Sally whipped her burning ass higher off the floor as the spasms began to shoot through her fuck tunnel, and her pussy muscles clenched more tightly around her father's big prick.

"Cumming, Daddy!" she shrieked suddenly. "Unh unh unh fuck my cunt, I'm cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

Henry fucked his enormous cock to the balls in his daughter's velvety pussy, gasping as the cum spouted up from his balls. Repeatedly it gushed out of his prickhead, filling her pussy, running out of her cunt slit around his fucking, spurting cock and dripping lewdly onto the bathroom floor.

As the cum subsided inside her, Sally eagerly worked her pussy muscles, to milk out her father's jism. He'd finally fucked her, and she wondered if she'd ever be so satisfied by a man again.


A few days later, Karen got off the bus downtown and walked the few miles back home. The walk took a little longer than it usually might have for two reasons.

The first was that men kept following her and honking their horns, and Karen had to duck into a couple of shops to make sure she wouldn't be tailed by a rapist. Her outfit was one of the skimpiest she'd ever worn in public, a tiny paisley skirt that barely covered her ass cheeks and a halter top that showed the deep cleavage of her huge jiggling tits.

It was a very hot day and all the other housewives in the suburbs were wearing their summer clothes. But Karen's outfit was extremely provocative, and she knew as she walked tip the shady lane to her old home that her neighbors were looking at her as if she were a slut.

The second reason the walk took a long time was because Karen was very drunk. Before getting on the bus she'd guzzled a half-pint of Southern Comfort, and the effects of the alcohol were still very evident as she wasn't used to liquor. She needed the booze for courage to return to the house her husband had thrown her out of.

And deep down inside she knew that she also needed the coverage to fuck both of her sons. That was what she was going to do, whether she'd admitted it to herself yet or not.

She loved all teenage studs, and she'd loved fucking and sucking the eager boys in the high school. But the memory of Phil's huge, spurting hard-on still stayed with her, and she knew she'd never be satisfied until she felt his and Mike's big pricks fucking into every hole in her body.

The house looked just as it had whew she'd hurriedly left it, which gave Karen a comforting feeling as she weaved up the walkway to the front door. Fishing out the key that Henry had forgotten to take from her, she unlocked the door and let herself in. Then she stood in the living room, feeling the liquor swimming through her head and admiring the reflection of her big-titted, half-naked body in the hallway mirror.

Wait until Phil gets home from school, she thought hornily. I'll give him the fucking of his life.

But it wasn't Phil who shocked her by coming downstairs. It was her older son, Mike.

"Who's there?" he asked, approaching slowly, apparently thinking that the house had been invaded by a thief. "Is it... oh, Jesus! Mom! It's you!"

They stood silently before each other for a moment, sharing their surprise. Mike's hair was wet, and all he had on was a towel wrapped around his mid-section, exposing his lean, muscular body. Obviously he'd been taking a shower when he'd heard the front door open and had decided to investigate.

"Mike! What are you doing home from school so early?"

Mike grinned. "Oh, a teacher messed up one of his chemistry experiments and blew up half the lab. They sent half the school home early. I just decided... Jesus, Mom! You're back!"

There was an awkward silence between them, which Karen was almost too drunk to notice. Boldly she stared at her son's magnificent body, trying to see the bulge of his cock behind the towel.

Likewise, Mike sheepishly ogled his mother's stacked figure. He'd rarely seen her in such provocative clothes, and he couldn't believe how big her tits were or how the skimpy skirt showed her long legs and clung to her firm ass.

"I guess you didn't expect to see me here again," Karen said, stepping close. "After Henry threw me out. Did your father tell you the reason for my little eviction, Son?"

Mike looked away, making it obvious that the family gossip had spread. Karen stepped still closer, keeping her gaze on the cock bulge that was starting to grow behind the towel.

"You do know, don't you? He caught me fucking your little brother, Mike. He caught me with Phil's prick deep inside my pussy, and that's why he made he leave. How does that make you feel about me, Mike? About your mother?"

Again the silence lingered, and Karen stared with naked hunger at her boy's prick. He obviously had a huge hard-on, and his cock was protruding obscenely through the towel, twitching and jerking with its load of blood.

"Mike, why do you have such a big boner?" she asked suddenly. "Do you want to fuck me too?"

Mike looked swiftly down at his cock, as if his prick had betrayed him. Karen took a quick step forward, grabbed the towel and pulled it to the floor, exposing his nakedness, revealing his big prick.

"God, Son!" she gasped. "You've really got a whopper! Do you want to fuck me, lover? Mmmm? Would you like to fuck your mother?"

Pushing her left hand behind her back, Karen undid the bow of her halter top and let the top flutter to the floor. Mike gasped at the sight of his mother's enormous, milk-white tits. His prick swelled stiffer than ever as he ogled their purplish-red caps and the stiff nipples that protruded from the surface of her tits.

"Jesus, Mom."

"Don't be ashamed, darling? Wouldn't you like that?" Pressing close, flattening her huge tits against his upper arm, Karen grasped his throbbing prick and jacked his cock lewdly, pinching the prick-knob teasingly between her forefinger and thumb. "I've got a nice body, don't I? Ummm, your cock feels so long and stiff! Wouldn't you like to fuck me with it, darling? Wouldn't you just love to bury your big, fat cock in your mother's tight little cunt?"

"Can't stand it!" Mike gasped. "Can't fucking stand it!"

Then he was all over her, giving in completely to his forbidden incestuous lust. Karen shrieked as he threw her onto her back on the living room floor, frantically pawing at her sandals and skirt, trying to get her naked.

Karen tried to help him, but he pushed her hands fiercely out of the way. The next thing she knew, her skirt and panties were in tatters on the rug, and she was spread-eagled on her back, her hairy pussy slit wet and open to be fucked by her son's prick.

"Yes, Son, do it to me!" Squealing, Karen fingerfucked her burning pussy as she waited impatiently for him to mount her body. "Fuck me! Fuck your mother!"

Mike climbed into position between her soft thighs, holding his cock in his fist, pushing the prick-knob against the pouting lips of her wet cunt. He centered his cock between her pussy folds, wincing as be felt the hot pressure of her cunt muscles clasping around his prick.

Then his cock was fucking into her, inch after meaty inch, and all Karen could do was groan in wanton ecstasy as her pussy was gradually fucked by her older son's big fucking cock.

"Awww, fuck me, Mike!" She flung her long legs around his back, locking her ankles together to pull his cock deeper into her fuck hole. "Your prick is so big! It's stretching me, Son, it's stretching my pussy! Oh yes, fuck me hard, Mike! Fuck your horny mother!"

"Mom!" Mike panted deliriously as he humped between her thighs, wiggling his ass to fuck his massive hard-on to the balls in her tight, syrupy pussy. "Feels so good, Mom... oh, Mom!"

He fucked all of his prick inside her, groaning as every inch of his cock was sucked by her churning cunt. Karen gasped and lewdly started humping her ass, bouncing her naked ass cheeks energetically off the rug, fucking her hairy pussy onto her son's prick.

"That's right, darling! You're all the way in! Fuck me, Mike! Fuck me as hard as you can!"

Mike pulled out his steely hard prick, until only the drooling cock-crown separated her pussy slit. He fucked his prick back in and started fucking his mother like a wild man. His torso loomed above her, supported by his arms. Greedily he watched his mother's enormous tits jiggle spongily as he fucked her with his prick.

Karen grimaced and turned her head rhythmically to and fro, almost unable to stand the pleasure as her son's well-hung cock fucked rhythmically into her gurgling cunt. She felt completely helpless and submissive, a captive beneath him, unable to do anything but submit to the wild energy of her boy's hot fucking.

"I'm gonna cum, Mike!" she shrieked. She clawed his muscular back with her long fingernails, whimpering and shrieking as the ecstasy built to the exploding point deep inside her cock-fluffed pussy. "Keep fucking me! Harder, harder, fuck your mother! Fuck meeee oh, Mike, I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

Her cum pumped through her belly like a rupturing dam, making her nipples tingle and throb, making her pulsing pussy ooze what felt like a gusher of fuck oil onto his fucking cock. Even as her cum pleasured her, Karen humped her ass and worked her cunt muscles, desperate to feel her boy's load spurting inside her.

And his cum came a second later. Mike gasped as his mother's cunning fuck hole sucked his prick. He started to fuck her with violent energy, and in mid-stroke the white jism started to shoot out of his balls, opening his piss hole as the salty torrent flooded out of his prick into her cunt.

Mike feverishly bucked his ass between her thighs, refusing to stop fucking her until there was a sticky puddle under her ass and he'd drained the last of his cum into her velvety pussy. Then, with his prick still throbbing inside her cunt, he lowered his head to her tits and lovingly sucked his mother's huge tits, chewing wetly on one stiff, fat nipple, almost as he once had as a suckling child.

Karen kissed him lovingly and stroked his hair as he hungrily sucked her tit. Ear awhile his cock softened inside her dripping pussy. Then his prick swiftly swelled back to total throbbing stiffness, stretching her cunt wide, and Karen knew he was ready for another cum.

But this time she wanted him to give her a very special fuck, to feel his huge prick fucking up her asshole.

"Take it out, Mike," she said softly. "You're ready for another fuck, but this time I want to do it another way."

Mike pulled his cock out of her pussy and rose to his knees, his prick twitching and weaving straight in front of him. Karen turned onto her hands and knees. Then she lowered her shoulders, flattening her tits on the floor, and reached behind her to spread the cheeks of her ass with her hands, exposing the pink, hairless ring of her asshole.

"Jesus!" Mike whispered.

"Fuck my asshole, Mike!" Karen pleaded. "That's where I need to get fucked by your big, fat prick! Fuck your mother up the ass!"

Karen flexed her asshole, making the little ring pucker and throb before her son's eyes. Mike considered getting some Vaseline to help him get his prick in, but it was obviously unnecessary. His mother's asshole was very hot and horny, and his stiff prick was dripping with the fuck juices of her flowing pussy.

Holding his hard-on in his fist, he pushed the cock-knob into her asshole and moaned as he fell. The rubbery ring suck tightly around his prick. Then he violently started fucking her, feeling powerful and strong as he fucked inch after inch of his cock into the tight, burning heat of her asshole.

"Yes, Mike, yessss!" Karen's pretty face contorted with pleasure and pain as she felt her tight asshole walls stretching to the bursting point, admitting her boy's huge tool. "It's going into me, Mike! Oh fuck, it's stretching my asshole! Fuck me, Mike! Fuck me all the way up my little ass!"

Mike fucked his cock all the way between her cheeks, filling her asshole completely with the rhythmically throbbing length of his fucking prick. For a second he lay on top of her without moving, letting her asshole loosen slightly, savoring the intense sucking pressure of her rubbery ass tunnel around his cock.

"Fuck me, Mike!" Karen cried, urging him on. "I'm so fucking horny, you're gonna make me cum any second! Aww, fuck my asshole, do it hard!"

Mike started fucking his mother, fucking his stone-hard cock steadily through the tight grip of her stretched, puckered ring. His hands slid up her torso. Hungrily he gripped her huge tits for support as he fucked his prick faster and faster between her ass cheeks.

Grunting luridly, Karen pushed her hand through her pussy curls and gasped as she buried two fingers into the slippery, hairy cunt. "Fuck me faster, Mike!" Shamelessly she started to rub her pussy as her son fucked her asshole, pinching and massaging her clit.

"It feels so good, your cock stretches meee! Oh fuck it, fuck my asshole harder!"

Mike had shot an incredible load into her buttery pussy, but his mother's asshole was so tight that he knew he was already close to another cum. Pulling and squeezing her pendulous tits, he fucked his cock into her asshole as hard as he could, feeling the hairy sac of his balls slap her pussy crack with every thrust.

"Cuming now, I'm cumming!" Karen cried. She stabbed two fingers into her throbbing cunt and moaned like a bitch in heat as the spasms gushed through her pussy and asshole at the same time. "Oh, Son, your dick is so big! Fuck meeee, I'm cuuummmmiiinnnggg!"

"Unh," Mike grunted. "Oh shit, Mike... cumming too... oh, fuck!"

He fucked his aching, drooling cock all the way into her cumming asshole, moaning as his cum tingled through his balls and cock. Then the white torrent of jism again flooded out of his prick, soothing his mother's ravaged asshole with the salty thickness of his wad.

Karen smiled with open incestuous pleasure as she felt her stud son's cum pumping into her asshole. Home at last, she thought.


"Lick it good, Phil!" Karen demanded. She spread her long legs wider apart on the bed and pulled her younger son's hair. Simultaneously she worked her little ass oft the mattress, pumping her pussy onto his mouth. "That's right. You're a good little cunt sucker, aren't you? Clean up mommy's cunt!"

Phil's big prick pulsed eagerly on the bed as he ate out his mother's throbbing, dripping cunt. Karen lazily watched him giving her head and happily considered the events of the past several days.

Her husband had welcomed her back with open arms. She'd expected a knock-down, drag-out fight when she'd gotten off the bus, and she'd been prepared to be thrown right out again, but that hadn't materialized at all.

Instead he'd fucked her half to death that first night, and explained his throwing her out by saying that he'd lost his temper. Much more surprisingly, he'd voiced no objections when Karen had said she was taking Phil on a little outing in the country the next day.

He had to know that meant a fuck session with her second born, but it didn't seem to bother him. And he didn't mind the rustling of the sheets and the footsteps late at night when she joined her son Mike in his bed. He knew she was fucking both her boys, but he didn't seem to mind. Karen didn't get it.

Briefly she wondered if something important had happened in the household during her absence, but decided to think about it some other time. Phil was sucking her pussy beautifully, and she knew she was about to cream.

"Oh, Son, that's marvelous!" Clutching the back of his head, Karen worked her ass feverishly off the bed, fucking her cunt all over his face. "Jack me off, darling! Fingerfuck your mother's pussy!"

Obediently Phil slid one hand up her slim legs and insinuated his fingertips in her hairy fuck hole, burying two fingers in the gurgling depths of her cunt. Simultaneously he wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked tenderly rubbing his tongue on the tip.

Every cum she had with her sons seemed to be better than the one before. Karen's ass danced as the spasms swept through her cunt, making her nipples tingle and her asshole throb as she wallowed in the throes of ecstasy. Then the cum subsided, and she immediately knew she had to feel her teenage son's prick fucking into her drenched cunt.

"Climb aboard, darling," she mewled, pulling him up. "It's time for you to cum too!"

Phil eagerly mounted his horny mother, stretching out between her slim, spread-eagled legs. Karen quivered and bit her lip as she felt his spongy cockhead parting her pussy slit, burrowing into the greasy, slick tunnel of her cunt.

"Oh yes, Son, yes!" She wrapped her arms about his shoulders and eagerly bucked her ass off the bed, thrusting her pussy up to meet the fucking of his cock. "Push it into me, Phil! Push it up my pussy! Your dick is so big and good!"

Phil sighed as his cock fucked into his mother's fuck tunnel. He felt the muscles of her pussy working, wetly sucking and tugging the veined stiffness of his prick.

With all of his cock buried in her curly hairs, he lowered his head to her bouncing tits and sucked one taut nipple into his mouth. Then he began to fuck his mother's wet pussy hard and fast, rhythmically fucking his prick in and out of her cunt.

"Yes, Son, oh shit, I love it like that!" Karen scissored her long legs around his heaving mid-section, clinging to him, desperately trying to pull another inch of his throbbing hard-on into her insatiable taint. "Awww, fuck me harder now! I love getting fucked by my big, handsome son!"

Then the bedroom door swung open without a warning knock, and the incestuous housewife gasped at the sight of her son's uncle, her brother-in-law Bob.

"Well, well, well," Bob said. He kicked the door shut and crossed the room and stood beside the bed, grinning wickedly. "What do we have here?"

Phil stopped humping and looked up at his uncle worriedly. Bob wore a fancy-looking bathrobe, and Karen's practiced eye immediately detected a hard-on throbbing beneath the folds. A blush colored her cheeks, but she didn't feel as afraid as she might have. Something told her that her brother-in-law wasn't all that shocked by the incestuous spectacle on the bed.

"Enjoying your mother's pussy. Phil?" Bob asked. "Is it tight enough for you?"

"What's the matter, Bob?" Karen asked duly. "Haven't you ever heard of knocking?"

"But you would have stopped fucking if you'd known I was coming!" Bob protested. His lewd grin grew broader. "I wanted to come up here and watch!"

"You won't tell Henry, will you?" Karen asked softly. Even as she spoke she knew that she didn't care much if Bob did because Henry undoubtedly already knew.

"I won't tell, honey. Don't you worry about that. As long as I can have some too!"

Then he pulled apart the halves of his bathrobe, exposing his rock-hard cock.

His was a big prick, nearly as large as her husband's huge cock. Karen felt fresh fuck cream pouring into her pussy around her son's cock, making her cunt burn as she ogled her brother-in-law's prick. She knew Bob wanted her to suck his prick for him, and she couldn't wait to take that massive prick down her throat.

"Eat it, baby," Bob whispered, standing as close to the bed as he could, so that his rosy, drooling cockhead dangled in front of Karen's face. "Suck it good!"

Karen opened her mouth. Bob thrust his hips forward, pushing the first several inches of his prick down her throat. Wetly Karen clasped her lips in a tight sucking circle around the center of his throbbing prick. Then she started sucking, caving in her cheeks to increase the suction around his cock meat.

"Jesus, Mom!" Phil had never seen his mother giving a blow job before, and his prick quickly swelled stiffer in her hairy cunt. "Goddamn, that really turns me on!"

The teenage stud furiously started fucking his mother again, fucking his burning cock in and out of her pussy as hard as he could. Karen tightened her thighs around his waist and again began to hump her ass, whimpering around Bob's prick even as she sucked his cock as hard as she could.

"That's good, baby! Keep fucking him!" Bob commanded. "Unh, you give good head! I'm gonna spurt!"

Karen was in seventh heaven with her son's cock fucking into her wet pussy and her brother-in-law's prick stuffing her throat. She made obscene slurping, gurgling sounds as she nursed on Bob's fat prick, swirling her tongue around the cock-knob. At the same time she flexed her pussy muscles, milking the iron-like stiffness of her son's fucking cock.

"Oh fuck, Mom!" Phil gasped. "I'm cumming!"

"I'm cuming too," moaned Bob.

Her son's stiff cock throbbed violently in her pussy, spraying the inner walls of her fuck tunnel with the hot spurts of his cum. As her cunt took his load, Karen had to swallow hard to gulp down all of Bob's jism. It gushed madly out of his prickhead as she sucked hard, filling her mouth, running down her lips in a wet, sticky stream.

Fucking her son and her brother-in-law at the same time, Karen marveled, and no one around to stop her! Suspiciously she wondered what was going on at that moment down the hall.


"Nhunh! Gonna cum, Daddy!" Sally whimpered. "Keep fucking me! Oh, Daddy, Daddy, love your big dick! Fuck my pussy with it, make my cunt cum!"

They were on the bed in Sally's room, sweating and naked as they feverishly fucked. On her hands and knees, Sally knelt on the mattress, her big tits flattened on the bed as her father furiously fucked her cunt.

Henry worked behind her succulent ass cheeks, fucking his huge cock in and out between her hairy, pouting cunt lips. He'd tiptoed to her room a few minutes after Karen had ventured down the hall to fuck Phil. He was actually glad now that his wife was fucking her brains out with their sons. That way he still had an excuse to fuck his teenage daughter's cunt.

"Squeeze my titties, Daddy! Unh, unh, fuck me harder!" Sally whipped up her ass in a blur, moaning and whimpering as the hot pleasure built in her cock-filled pussy tunnel. "Aw, Daddy, fuck me faster! I wanna cum!"

Henry thrust his hands under her soft belly, wrapping his hands tightly around her big, stiff-nippled tits. At the same time he fucked his huge prick like a madman into her cunt, fucking her pussy deeper with every savage thrust of his cock.

"Cumming, Daddy!" Sally gasped. "Nw, Daddy, you fuck me so good! Harder, my pussy's juicing! Unh! Oh, Daddy, Daddy, I'm cuummmiiinnngggg!"

The spasms pleasured her naked body from head to toe, making her nipples ache and her cunt throb as her father fucked her with his prick. Sally felt her pussy juicing profusely, her strong cunt muscles opening and closing around her father's big prick.

Yet still her daddy didn't cum. And when her cum subsided and he pulled his cock out of her hairy fuck hole, Sally knew instinctively that he wanted to fuck his load up her ass instead.

"Do you... do you wanna do it to me there, Daddy?" Sally asked shyly. The fuck juices running out of her ravished pussy wet the sheets. She turned her head and looked at him eagerly over her shoulder. "I don't mind if you fuck my asshole. I've been fucked there before. I love you so much, Daddy, I'll do anything you want!"

Henry nodded his head. Then he leaned across the bed and picked up the jar of Vaseline he'd brought with him to her room. Sally had wondered briefly why he'd brought it along; her pussy was tight, but didn't he know that it was always wet for his huge prick? Now the mystery was solved.

Withdrawing a liberal hunk of the petroleum jelly, Henry smeared it all over his massive throbbing cock. Sally pulled her ass cheeks apart and squealed as her father rubbed it all over her pink, puckered asshole, darting his finger into the ring to lubricate her ass tunnel.

Then he put the jar back on the nightstand, and his finger was replaced by the swollen crown of his cock. Sally shuddered as she felt her father's huge cock fucking into her asshole, stretching her ass walls to the exploding point around the thickness of his prick.

"Oh, oh, Daddy!" she squealed. "You're fucking my asshole now! Do it, Daddy! Fuck my ass!"

Again Henry slid his hands under her belly, cupping her big tits for support. Then he humped steadily into the forbidden heat of her asshole until every inch of his enormous cock was buried in her stretched, sucking, puckered ass ring.

For a long time he lay on top of her without moving, giving his teenage daughter's asshole a chance to accommodate the thickness of his cock. Then he started fucking his prick meat between her rounded ass cheeks, and Sally heard the Vaseline squishing in her asshole as they began to fuck.

"Aw, that feels good, Daddy! Fuck my asshole harder!" Eagerly Sally humped her hips off the bed, thrusting her burning asshole onto her father's satisfying cock. "Gonna cum again! Oh, Daddy, it feels like it's all the way up my belly!"

Her asshole loosened with every thrust of his cock, sucking spasmodically around the swollen prickshaft. Sally pushed her fingers through her pussy curls. She buried two fingers in her sopping cunt and started to fingerfuck herself as her father pleasured her asshole, wildly rubbing her clit.

"Gonna cum," Henry moaned. "Tight sticking ass!"

"Harder, Daddy, fuck my asshole!" Her frenzied moans and screams were loud enough to be heard down the hall, but Sally was too horny to care. The bed creaked as she fucked her throbbing asshole onto her father's cock. "I'm cumming too! Ungghhh! Fuck meeee, Daddy! Fuck my asshole! I'm cuming, I'm cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

The spasms burst deliciously through her loins, filling her pussy and asshole simultaneously with ecstasy. The naked, horny girl bounced and bucked helplessly in the tidal wave of pleasure, burying her fingers in her hairy pussy, feeling her stretched asshole milk convulsively around her father's prick.

"Oh fuck it!" Henry gasped. "I'm popping my wad now! Right up your sweet fucking ass!"

He sighed as he came, as the white ribbons of cum gushed from the tip of his cock. Sally shrieked as her daddy's jism sprayed the inner walls of her asshole, mingling with the Vaseline to run out of her puckered asshole in a lurid stream. Frantically she pumped her hips and flexed her asshole muscles, trying to milk all the hot cum out of her father's cock.

Her uncle and brothers could climb between her legs any time they liked, but she didn't ever want to stop fucking her daddy.


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