Family bride

Down through the ages, folk wisdom has often contended that many bad experiences hold within them ultimately beneficial results.

There is the "sadder but wiser" girl who, after a traumatic affair with a callous lover, learns to judge men with sharper insight and more realistic eyes. Or the strengthened belief of many citizens in the soundness of the American Constitution and political system as a result of Watergate.

Valerie and Jim Davis are an estranged young couple set on the road to divorce. But after suffering through an ordeal of degradation and debauchery, an ordeal which creates within her great inner turmoil, Val at last comes to realize that she loves her husband, that she is as much to blame as he for the foundering of their marriage, and that they must work together to strengthen and deepen their matrimonial bonds. For Valerie, her harrowing experiences actually do work toward her ultimate happiness and peace of mind.

The Davises -- a typical American couple seeking the good life, learning to understand each other and forge the bonds of a meaningful union. A story that provides an insight into today's marriage. A lesson to us all.


"Blow me a little," he said, squeezing her tit until he could feel the salmon-colored nipple grow hard in his fingers.

"Don't talk so dirty," she said. She ran her fingers skitteringly over his freckled shoulders.

"I want to fuck you. I'm hurting. Aren't you even a little hot?"

"If you can't make love," she said, lowering her voice and feigning a movement away from him, "without coming up with some perverted idea, how do you expect me to feel anything?"

"There's nothing perverted about it," he urged. "Don't you think Val and Jim do it?" He kissed her on the nape of the neck and squeezed her hand once beneath the pillow, which was their old sign for telling each other that they wanted to fuck.

"You're getting to be a regular dirty old man," she said to him, a smile creeping through her frown. "If that's the kind of thing you men spend your time thinking up, it's no wonder Val and Jim have split up. And, no, I don't think Val ever gave Jim a blowjob, if that's what you're thinking." She wriggled a little beneath him, as if to force him away from her body... "I don't know where you get such ideas about your own son and daughter-in-law," she said. "You've been reading too many dirty books."

"Getting hot?" he asked her.

She looked up at him, her eyes opening in mock surprise. "Get off me," she said, shoving him away. "You're not even hard!"

He nuzzled the lobe of her ear and whispered, "I'd get hard if you'd blow me a little."

"Better get a splint for it then," she groaned, trying to shove him away. It irritated her that he was wrinkling her nightgown. "If that's what it takes to excite you, you can damn well do without." But already she could feel the rubbery tube of his penis growing hard along her thigh. "Go to sleep," she coaxed him. "We're too old to be doing this."

"I want a piece of ass," he answered.

"God," she said, moving a little so that he would understand she had given in. "There are more romantic ways to ask for it!"

But she let him draw back a little and center his mushroom-shaped glans on the opening of her labia. Even through the coarse brown mat of her pubic hair, she could feel the heat of his erection. She wished her fluids had lubricated her passage better, that he had taken more time with her.

"Well?" she said. "What are you waiting for?"

He stared down at his erection where it was about to enter her slit. Then he looked up at her and grinned. "You been dyeing the hair on your pussy?" he asked.

"Jesus, you're romantic!" she said, gasping a little as his hot shaft slithered into her.

The last time Richard Davis had made love to his wife had been the night of their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, three weeks before. Since then Frances had repeatedly put him off. Though she was undergoing an early menopause, she would not admit it; but she had used her abnormally long menstrual cycle as an excuse to keep from having sex with him. After this time, he was not sure when he would be able to persuade her to fuck again.

Richard Davis was a forty-five-year-old garage mechanic. Though he and Frances were buying their own home -- they had lost two others in succession when Richard had been twice laid off from different jobs -- his life had been neither a failure not a success. He worked hard. When Frances didn't tease him about being "a drunken old man", he enjoyed drinking two or three beers when he came home from the garage at night. He took a certain pride in his youngest son, Rich Junior, who was now living with them again after having served four years with the Marines in Vietnam. His oldest son, Jim, he did not understand; after having managed to live with Frances for twenty-five years, he could not fathom how Jim could let Valerie walk out on him after only a little more than a year of marriage. Sometimes -- less and less regularly over the past few years -- Richard made love to Frances; but it had been a long time since they had both enjoyed the excitement of their earlier lovemaking.

At forty-four, Frances was no longer as pretty as she had been when she had mothered the two boys, but neither was she unattractive. Her body had lapsed into an odd combination of thinness and overweight so that, although her breasts were still firm and her arms delicate, she had lately begun to wear a girdle for the first time in her life to conceal her growing belly. Her thighs were very nearly as white as the sheets, and they were as smooth and unwrinkled as they had been when she first gave up her virginity to Richard at the close of World War II. But, although neither her buttocks nor her thighs had grown fat, they had lost their tone, and it made her feel old to see the way they jiggled when she walked. Her hair had once been jet black, but now, though she had dyed it several times, it was a very premature salt-and-pepper gray. She knew it made her look older than she really was, older than Richard even, but she could see no reason to vainly pursue her fading youth. She was the mother of two full-grown sons and had long ago decided to act the part.

So, to her husband, she was not so much unattractive as she was contrary. He wanted a wife, not just a housekeeper and cook. And, in return, he was not so much disinterested in her more and more prudish ways as he was bored. If he seemed constantly to pester her about sex, it wasn't because he was forever horny, but merely that he wanted to be ready when his wife finally felt like screwing him.

"You're hurting me," Frances said, pushing on his shoulders.

"I'm sorry," he said. He shifted his weight a little against her until it seemed as if his cock were sliding in and out of her at a more comfortable angle. Her cunt was as hot as it had ever been and he knew that what it had lost in tightness, she would more than make up for in experience if he could ever get her going.

"Unnghh," Frances groaned beneath him.

"Still hurts?" he asked her, lifting his lips from her neck.

"No," she sighed. "No, it doesn't hurt."

"Getting there?"

She shook her head, but didn't open her eyes. Her knuckles were white where she gripped his freckled shoulders. She could feel the walls of her cunt slipping slickly around his sloshing erection, and she wondered how she could be any good for him any more.

Richard pulled himself up on her body until the hard rod of his shaft was lodged almost perpendicularly in her cunt.

Frances moaned a little at the new pain, but then she could feel the hard, slightly abrasive, hot skin of his hard-on stropped against the tingling stamen of her clitoris. A shudder of pleasure jolted her and she felt almost young again as she humped her pussy up at him.

"Oh, that's good, honey," he said. "That's really good."

"You're hurting me," she lied. She didn't understand why she said such things. She seemed to feel an incredible guilt each time he aroused this sensual feeling of pleasure within her. I'm no good for him any more, she thought. Then she groaned, "Get off me," her fear transforming itself to anger in her voice.

Richard kept shafting his hard cock into her resistant cunt. It was only when she fought him like this that her cunt really tightened up on him more. But he didn't know whether he was being cruel to her, or merely asserting his husbandly rights.

"Just relax," he said. "Relax and enjoy it," he urged her.

"Oooff!" she moaned. "How can I enjoy it! Think of someone else besides yourself!"

"If you'll just relax you'll start feeling it," he said reasonably, pounding his cock ever faster into her clutching channel. He knew if he could hang on for a few moments more his orgasm would catch him. She would accuse him of leaving her hanging, but he couldn't stop now.

"I feel it now," she protested, "and it hurts!" Cruel little tingles of pleasure had begun to shimmer all around the congested knot of her clitoris. She had almost begun to convince herself that if she were racked by a real orgasm, the shock of his cock plunging into her clenching flesh would actually injure her. She was afraid her uterus was tilted abnormally from the birth of her last son.

"Oh, Jesus!" Richard gasped, his head thrown back so that when she looked up at him she could see the tense cords of his neck above the darkly tanned "V" made by his undershirt.

"No!" she cried. "Wait! Wait for me!" But she could feel the sudden ballooning of his erection within her, pulsing hotly in her gripping channel.

"Oh, Jesus!" he cried, grinding down on her so hard that his pubic hair grated harshly across her pubic bone.

The molten cream of his sperm splashed into her suddenly. She humped wildly up at him, vainly trying to establish contact with her clitoris against his shaft.

"No! No, no, no," she whimpered, unsure whether the tears forming in her eyes were from pain or disappointment.

And then he quieted above her. She could feel the shriveling flesh of his penis slowly withdrawing from her warmly slick tissues.

"Just get off me!" she said, pushing him away. She turned her head away from him so that he wouldn't see that she was crying, even before she felt the weak suction and heard the obscene slurp of his penis plopping free of her labia.

"You don't care anything about my feelings," she whispered tearfully, pulling her nightgown down around her hips. "You're only interested in using me as a toilet. That's what I am to you -- a toilet!"

Richard rolled onto his back. He was disappointed that she had not tried to enjoy it. And he felt guilty because he didn't know if it was his fault, or hers. She made him feel old and worthless. After all, he thought, maybe I am only an animal like she says. He didn't know how to handle her tears, because he didn't know if they were genuine. He felt weak in the presence of her quiet sobbing. He wanted to tell her he was sorry, or to help her somehow.

He reached over her hip and slid his hand under the hem of her nightgown to massage her clit with his fingers, but she slapped at his hand and pulled away from him.

"Haven't you hurt me enough?" she coughed.

Richard turned away from her in shame and disgust. "Fucking you," he said, "is like fucking my own fist. I'd sooner masturbate than touch you again." He didn't know why he had said it, and he lay in the darkness for a long time until he wasn't sure whether she was awake or not. He tried not to think of anything, but ho remembered a Volkswagen engine he had to work on the next day. And then he went to sleep.

His cock is longer and harder than he can remember it being before. When he looks down at it thrusting out of the dense tangle of his sandy pubic hair, he can feel it throb with hot blood, but it is a pleasant sensation and not at all painful, as though the girl standing before him has already taken it into the firm grip of her mouth. He has all the time in the world, and all the control. Once again, he is twenty-one years old, but wiser, too.

The girl in front of him, wearing the opaque black dressing gown -- she is nude beneath it and he can see the dark wedge of her glistening pubic hair -- is his daughter-in-law, Valerie. As she comes forward, her lips parted moistly to reveal the barest trace of her tongue, she seems not quite sure who he is, but the desire sparkling in her liquid green eyes is unmistakable. In a moment she will touch him lightly, the cool tips of her delicate fingers sliding along his hips as she kneels to accept the pulsing warm rod of his cock into the clasping red oral of her embracing lips.

Although he cannot see them, somewhere behind him he senses the watchful, horrified eyes of his wife and oldest son. Neither of them, he knows, is quite sure that this is only a demonstration -- a kind of school for them both -- of how to make love. He senses his son's envy of him as Valerie glides slowly forward, the mist around her like an extension of her dressing gown, filling the room with her womanly aroma. Frances, he realizes, is afraid, as well as shocked.

Valerie pauses before him, a kind of mocking light in her eyes as she cocks her head to one side and coquettishly pulls a strand of her long brown hair away from her eyes. For a moment she attempts to tease him with her stare, but his eyes are icy, and she knows what is expected of her.

In a fluid movement, she, kneels, her long hair grazing his powerful thighs. The plated striations of muscle along his abdomen tense as he feels the warmth of her breath stirring ticklishly through his fragrant pubic hair. He puts both hands on either side of her head, and with his coarse fingers pulls back the cascade of her smoky hair so that his wife and son can see her as she moistens her lips with her tongue. The heat of her breath grows more and more intense on his rigid rod as her opening mouth nears the purple sheen of his swollen cockhead.

And then the buttery warmth of her young lips closes over his cock and her lacing tongue feels like hot satin as she pushes forward until her nose is nestled in the tangle of his hair. The glans of his cock has nudged through the velvet restriction at the opening of her throat, and her mouth is so warm it feels as if his cock is slowly melting as she embraces it with her tongue and palate.

An insistent, gentle vacuum is formed by her tongue and lips as he tenses his buttocks and slowly withdraws partway from her mouth. Her tongue-tip flickers excitingly at the tip of his glans so that he feels an electric puckering run along the length of his shaft, through his heavy nuts, and into the hairy whorl of his asshole.

Instinctively, Valerie senses his increasing sensation. She lifts one hand and cups the tensing cheek of his hairy buttocks; and with the other hand, she gently squeezes his churning balls, rolling them softly, warmly in the slightly moist palm of her hand, as though she were toying with gigantic pearls in a velvet bag. The delicate fingers of her hand are extended upward, gently massaging his perineum through to coarse thicket of hair leading to his anus. He can feel the thickening heat of her saliva churning around his pulsing shaft. He pistons it back and forth in the clutch of her glistening lips until he can see pearls of silvery saliva drooling from the corners of her lips. He cannot thrust into her too deeply; he feels that, if she could, she would fit his balls too into her mouth, swallowing forever.

Beneath his swaying nuts, her breasts bob with the sucking motions of her head and shoulders. A glistening snail track of her saliva snakes down over the mound of her white flesh, coiling in wetly at the outer edge of her cunt-colored nipple. Both tips of her breasts are puckered like raspberries and sometimes he can feel her deliberately rubbing them against his upper thighs. Somehow he can see, as through the eyes of the watchers, the honey-colored trickle of her fluids seeping slowly between the succulent folds of her labia.

Her tongue curls and caresses the bottom side of his long prick. For a moment she holds the root of his cock in her fingers as she pulls back, her mouth open, her eyes closed in ecstasy, to rub the head of his cock over her face. She guides the smooth glans over her chin, flicking at the shaft with the red tip of her tongue, then rubs it against her cheeks, across the bridge of her nose, over her eyes, across her upper lip. Wherever his dock touches her it leaves a glistening track. She loves it. She sucks it back into her heated mouth as though mad for the taste of it. She cannot get enough of it.

With several long strokes, he shafts it into her throat, the undulating motion of his pelvis grinding his pubic hair against her upper lip and nose. She cannot breathe, but he knows she will keep on sucking him until she passes out. But he isn't cruel, though he remains dominant.

Little by little, his thrusts into her clutching, hot mouth force her over backward. Her hair falls over her white shoulders like a smoky train, and he supports her neck with his hands as he kneels, following her down, his cock still lodged hotly in her clasping lips.

When she's lying on her back, he has straddled her shoulders. Less of his long prick is thrust into her mouth, but she flutters her tongue thrillingly against the burning dome of his glans. He sits back and fingers the pulse of her throat beneath the silky skin. Beneath his hairy buttocks, her white breasts thrust the red points of her nipples against his ass. He combs his fingers through her long hair, rubbing her cheeks with his thumbs. He can feel the slick ball of his glans through the flesh of her cheek.

She moans a little around his cock, and the vibration of her moan runs along his shaft like an ignited fuse. A floodgate opens within him. His cum burns and foams along the length of his shaft, pouring unendingly into her greedy mouth. He can see her throat working to swallow his load, but there is too much of it and it backs up along the throbbing piston of his shaft, drooling from her slippery lips like thick white gravy. He doesn't think his orgasm will end. One of her nipples has become lodged in the crack of his ass, and he can feel his bristly buttocks squeezing down on it like a vise. She moans beneath him, but her mouth keeps milking at him as though she is dying of thirst. He is a burning fountain.

The pleasure is almost paralyzing, but his limbs are supple. He leans forward, cradling her head in his hands, until he can feel the clotted stream of his cum foaming directly against her palate, spraying out on either side. He can feel her thrashing her legs back and forth on the thick carpet beneath them. The scent of her cunt hangs heavy in the air. When his cock stops spouting and he pulls it from the suction of her lips, he does not grow soft.

Deftly he slides back along her panting body. His slick cock and balls part the cleavage of her tits, leaning a trail of moisture as he works back along her abdomen. The luxuriant mat of her pubic hair feels like glowing, fine wire against his drawn-up nuts. But as he plunges the lance of his cock through the open curtains of her labia, he knows that her inner channel is like hot mercury. He is almost blinded by the scalding pleasure. And she is not quite tight enough to keep the burning head of his cock from forging its passage into her palpitating depths.

The wedge of his cockhead parts the clenched inner folds of her cunt so that he can feel her channel opening just ahead of his thrust. When he begins to withdraw, he seems to lift her pelvis by the sheer force of the suction of his retreating prick.

Beneath him, his daughter-in-law rotates the bowl of her pelvis like a belly dancer, the hot mouth of her runt feeding on his plunging spear. Beneath his callused fingers, her shoulders are like warm, polished ivory, and the taste of her mouth against his mouth is like sweet wine. Her pale breasts, where they rub against the dense hair of his sweat-filmed chest, are like pliable, opaque wax, glowing from an inner flame. Wherever he has touched her body, her flesh magnifies his heat and gives it back to him. Little by little the lubricated walls of her cunt loosen, as though she were melting around the soldering iron of his cock.

And the more her inner channel weakens under his thrusts, the more deeply, the more barbarically he plunges himself into her. Her pussy glides around the spoke of his rod, as smooth and well-greased as a newly packed wheel bearing. When he feels the head of his cock nudge through the resistant opening of her womb, she moans a little beneath him; but it's a moan like the purr of a well-tuned engine, and she bucks her pussy up at him, wanting him deeper, longing for a harder stroke, silently begging him to buck her like this forever.

As if prolonged by slow motion, each tingling, electric lunge he makes into her molten cunt is drawn out like a lust-filled eternity. With infinitely small motions his woolly nuts draw themselves up against the root of his sawing cock. With each slow stroke he makes into her sucking cunt, he feels his hard-on bloating by degrees, stretching the walls of her pussy to an elastic, clutching thinness. His blood rushes to the swollen crown of his cock. His mouth hungers over her blood-red lips. Beads of sweat appear on her forehead and upper lip, glistening like hot dew. The tendrils of their pubic hair mingle and steam together. His pounding hips tense like a coiled spring.

While he freezes above her, she impales herself madly on the burning pole of his cock. Flecks of spittle form at the corner of her mouth. Her eyes roll white in her head. Her white fingers clutch desperately at his tense shoulders. Abandonedly she flings the gulping mouth of her snatch at the thick root of his flaming stake. Her voice rattles in her strained throat like the wail of metal grinding against metal.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" she begs him, clawing at his shoulders. "Oh, Jesus Christ in heaven, screw me like I've never been screwed before!"

His entire weight is centered on the head of his throbbing cock as he drops himself against her.

Valerie flange her legs over his thighs, her heels digging into the hollows of his knees as she arches her back, grinding her juicy cunt against him as never before. Her clitoris seems to sting at the shaft of his cock as it vibrates in its thick pool of fluid.

"Aaiieee!" Valerie shrieks. "I'm coming! Oh, God, I'm coming! Fuck me, stud, fuck me! Kill me!"

Twisting his shuddering cock within her like a torque wrench, he plunges ever deeper without withdrawing. As she bucks beneath him he can feel the head of his cock shoved against the far wall of her womb. She fits him like a burning glove.

With the suddenness of a car backfire, the first explosion of his sperm bursts against the burning wall of her womb.

"Glahhhhhbiieee!" she cries, her arms thrown around his neck, her clutching thighs pulling him ever deeper into her white-hot depths.

The belches of his blasting sperm tear themselves loose from his pulsing cock like the phosphorescent clots of fire from a Roman candle. Along the entire shaft of his embedded prong a million pinpricks of electricity nip at his sliding cock.

For a second she goes limp beneath him, her eyes rolling deliriously. But another basting of his jetted sperm flashes into her, and she tightens the muscles of her cunt around him as though she had been struck with lightning.

With each hosing of his foaming sperm into her womb he can feel his glans swelling like a molly-bolt in the cylinder of her snatch. His asshole puckers until he can feel each hair between his buttocks. Each time she bucks up at him another volley of cream gushes into her like the thick lubrication fired from a grease gun. He can feel it pushed back around the nozzle of his cock to flow around his nuts.

Only when her lithe body jells beneath him and the moans from her vibrating throat become the long purr of sure satisfaction does he cease spurting his thick cream into her womb.

Teasingly, he strokes the velvet shaft of his cock over her sensitized clitoris, delighting in the shuddering response elicited in her exhausted body. Her fingers delicately caress his shoulders as he nuzzles the hot flesh of her throat. When he slides the slick probe of his tongue into her mouth, she sucks it deeply toward her throat, at the same moment running her fiery fingers through his hair, playing at the back of his neck.

When he withdraws from her cunt, he is still hard. In a few moments he will fuck her again. He looks down at the liver-colored gash of her snatch, the outer labia still swollen open. When he sucks on the nipples of her heaving breasts, the taste is like fresh raspberries.

Richard awoke feeling hungry. He glanced at his watch on the night stand and smiled at himself at the memory of the dream. He had a hard-on.

He lay in bed for several minutes, wondering if Frances were asleep, or only pretending. Sometimes, he knew, she spent the whole night pretending to be asleep, questioning him crossly if he got up in the middle of the night. She'd kill me if she knew what I'd been dreaming, he thought. But then he smiled in the darkness, for she could not know. And in a few moments, from the sound of her regular breathing, he knew that she was asleep.

When he heard the front door open and close quietly, he knew that Rich Junior had come in from his cruising of the streets. He looked again at his watch and saw that it was four-thirty. Then, when he heard the squeak of the refrigerator door opening, he knew Rich was looking for something to eat, and he got quietly out of bed, put on his boxer shorts, and sneaked out of the bedroom.

"Out sort of late, weren't you?" he asked Rich, who had sat down at the cigarette-burned kitchen table and was just taking off his shoes.

His son took a swig of beer from the bottle beside him and grinned up at Richard. "Up sort of early, aren't you?" he replied, kicking off his shoe.

Richard opened the refrigerator and took out a bottle of beer.

As he walked over to the kitchen table with it, his son looked up at him and said, "Your legs are as white as a frog's belly. You ought to come surfing with me sometime. The sun would tan you up good."

Richard sat down and opened his beer. "Get any tail?" he asked, his eyes twinkling.

Rich Junior made a grunting sound and screwed up his face. "These American cunts are all cock-teases," he said. "It's hardly worth the effort. I think maybe I'll hop down to T.J. and try a little spic nookie."

"Don't let your mother find out," Richard warned him, gulping his beer.

"Hmmph!" Rich Junior said. He belched a little, then took another swig of beer. "Jim come over today?" he asked casually.

"No," Richard said, contemplating the label on his beer bottle. He tore off a little corner of the label and looked at the underside.

"Can't hardly blame him," Rich Junior observed. "Mom is just busting to tell him what a dope he's being about Val."

"What do you think about it?"

Rich Junior leaned back in his chair and hesitated for a moment before answering his father. "I think it's probably both their faults," he said. "Of course, Jim is so full of novels and shit that he probably doesn't even screw her. I can't blame her for moving out on him in that respect."

"Did he tell you they didn't screw?" Richard asked.

"Nope. But it's easy to see when you look at her that she'd not getting enough cock. Last time she was over here I caught her sneakin' a look at my crotch."

Richard shook his head in bewildered amusement. "Maybe you ought to pick up where your brother left off," he joked.

Rich Junior laughed lowly. He hooked a finger into the leg of his undershorts and scratched at his balls. "She's probably so hard up she'd even fuck you!" he chuckled. "No shit, though," he said soberly. "We oughtn't to talk about her like this."

Richard had been about to mention his dream, but now he thought better of it. He shivered a little because the beer had made him cold and because the oilcloth of the chair was icy.

They sat in silence for a while, each of them pulling at their beer bottles and trying to avoid the other's eyes.

Then Richard stood up and shoved his beer across the table to his son. "You finish it off," he said. "Your mother will smell it on my breath even while she's sawing logs," he added.

Rich Junior looked up at him, his beer poised in the air over the table. "All the same," he said, "I bet Val would be a hot piece in the sheets."

Richard snorted. "Maybe," he said. And then he added, as he started for the bedroom, "If she had the light person pouring the cock to her."

When he got to the bedroom he could see that Frances had changed positions in bed. She had pulled the covers up around her face and only her eyes and nose peeked out from the blankets as he eased himself quietly into the cold sheets beside her.


Beside her elbow on the vanity table were the plastic case for her false eyelashes and a bowl of soggy breakfast cereal. She had been dieting again, and she felt a little crazy with hunger as she looked at her face in the mirror.

Whenever she looked at the make-up advice in Glamor magazine, as she had done that morning, it irritated her to be reminded that her face was "triangular". Girls with triangular faces, she thought, usually looked like weasels or saints, and she hoped she wasn't just rationalizing when she decided that neither description applied to her. She simply looked like a twenty-three-year-old woman who had, whether it showed in her face or not, recently separated from her equally young husband.

Valerie Davis was not beautiful, but men seldom realized this when caught by her charms, as Mike Duckworth was. Her milky-blue eyes were wide-set and clear below her full but well-tweezed smoke-brown brows. And it was probably her broad, high cheekbones that saved her triangular face from giving her the look of Saint Bernadette or a crafty mink. Her complexion, more so when she was not worried or dieting, was extremely fair, with just a hint of pink showing through the velvety skin of her cheekbones. But it was a flawed face, too. She took pains to cover up the defects, but in reality these were part of what made her so attractive to men. As a child she had worried that her nose was not pretty; she had wanted a button nose, like the kind her Irish father so admired. So she had developed a continual habit of pushing the end of her nose up with her finger; it had not given her a button nose, but now the tip of her nose had a slightly upturned effect to it, and there was a faint crease on the tip of it which she now took pains to disguise with powder. Her chin bore the slight trace of a cleft, but beyond that she also had a small scar Mom where she had, as a child, fallen from her first bicycle. This, too, she usually kept camouflaged with powder. Her hair, combed straight and slightly curled under at the ends, framed her face with a smoky brown.

Jim had always teased her about her favorite brand of cosmetics. "White Shoulders," he would say. "That fits you."

Valerie opened the round box of powder and looked down at her nearly naked body. She pursed her lips a little and blew at a piece of cigarette ash that had drifted into the hollow between her shoulder and collarbone. With mild disgust she snubbed out the filter-tipped Salem that lay smoldering in the ashtray on the vanity. Then, with the fluffy white puff, she began to smooth the velvety talc over her neck and collarbone, dipping down low enough to graze the upper curves of her heavy breasts. When she had been in high school, she had been a little ashamed of the huge, jouncing mounds. Now -- and she smiled to herself at the realization -- she was more than a little silly in the pride she took in them, the more so since her roommate, though her breasts were firmer, was still wearing falsies to make it look as if she were older than fourteen. And it was not particularly strange for Valerie to take such pride in her most obvious point of attraction. It was for this reason that she frequently dieted on the Spartan ration of one bowl of Grape Nuts per day and numerous cups of black coffee. In this way, she maintained her one-hundred-thirty-five-pound figure as an attractive showcase for her pleasantly large breasts.

She gently rubbed the talc over their curves, feeling slightly perverted as the tickle of the powder puff caused her hen's-egg-brown nipples to erect. The grapefruit-sized mounds were resilient beneath her fingertips as she slyly squeezed them, testing for any sign of fat. She was well satisfied that she was not really gaining weight; but to make doubly sure, she tossed the powder puff into its cardboard box and forced herself to take another spoonful of the cold, mushy breakfast food.

When she had swallowed, she curled her upper lip and stuck her tongue out at her image in the mirror.

"Yuck!" she cried to the reflection. Then she put the spoon down in the bowl and stood up.

As she turned away from the mirror, the pert hillocks of her blue-nylon-covered buttocks reflected in the glass. She looked back over her shoulder and rubbed softly at her thighs, where a slight red mark had been made by the edge of the vanity stool. The flesh of her big breasts quivered as she walked across the bedroom carpet to her closet. When she opened the closet door, once again she was greeted by a full-length-mirror image of herself. She glanced at it thoughtfully, posing a little as she had seen Jeanne, her roommate, do in fashion shows.

I could be a model if I wanted to, she thought. And anyway, Jeanne isn't exactly a model, she added. She only does that when she can get away from the bar-girl bit. Then, feeling guilty for having been envious of her girl friend, she tucked a few stray pubic hairs into the legband of her blue panties and reached for her housecoat.

It was Saturday morning, and she felt wonderful at not having to go to work at her job as a secretary for a plumbing company. Later that afternoon she had a date with Mike Duckworth, the music teacher who had been her boss when she and Jim were both teachers' aides a year before. In the meantime, she planned to enjoy the first morning of her weekend. First, she would make herself another cup of coffee and settle down with Glamor to discover what they had decided she was doing wrong with her make-up for this month. Later on, when she became disgusted with the magazine, she might get around to doing the few dishes in the kitchen; or, better yet, she would tackle the thick John O'Hara novel she had been reading for two weeks now.

That's what I'll do, she thought. I'll take a bath and read John O'Hara. She had long ago developed the habit of reading while she took her bath. Sometimes, when the book was good as she found this one, she forgot about the bath and stayed in the water until it was quite cool. Then she would have to refill the tub to get her bathing over. Half the books she owned were blurred from the water of the bathtub, and their covers were corrugated like tin from the effect of the steam on their covers.

She slipped her arms into the quilted satin fabric of the knee-length pink housecoat, shivering a bit, her big breasts bouncing, at the first coldness of the material against her skin. Then she padded back across the room to the vanity table. She ignored the soggy bowl of breakfast food, but snatched the magazine from the powder-glazed glass top, making a face at her image in the mirror as though her reflection had caught her preparing to read a sexy book. Then, barefoot and adjusting the neckline of her housecoat over her bare breasts, she swished out of the bedroom with its unmade bed and into the morning light streaming through the big living room windows.

Her creamy breasts floated like life preservers on the surface of the tepid bath water. She turned a page with her wet fingers, then started, for she realized that for some moments she had been listening to the ringing of the doorbell without realizing it.

"Oh, shit!" she cried, standing up in the tub, the water streaming down through her matted pubic hair. She grabbed a towel and made three hasty swipes at her dripping body, then hopped out of the tub.

Quickly throwing on the pink housecoat, she ran through the bedroom and into the living room. Her feet left wet tracks on the stairs down to the front door. Through the frosted glass of the door, she could see the outline of a man.

If that's Mike this early, she thought, I'll kill him!

But when she threw open the door, she saw that it wasn't Mike.

"Mr. Davis!" she gasped.

"Hi, Val," Richard said, swallowing hard. "I bet you're surprised to see me."

Valerie pulled her wet hair away from her face. "Surprised isn't the word," she said. She wondered what he was doing there.

He was dressed in his work uniform -- dark-blue trousers stained with oil, and a blue denim workshirt. But he was also wearing a service station black bow tie, which she hadn't remembered him ever wearing before. And in his hands he gripped the neck of a bottle wrapped in a brown paper sack. She stared at him for several seconds, wondering why he had come. She didn't want to be rude to him -- he was her father-in-law, and she was fond of him even if she had separated from his son -- but she wished he had picked a better time to visit her.

"I was taking a bath," she said.

"So I see," he said, grinning, and nodding at the cleavage showing where she gripped the housecoat shut.

Valerie adjusted her grip on the collar of the robe. "Well," she said, "I guess you'd better come in. I'll put something on." She stood aside to let him pass her on the stairs, then took a quick glance outside to see if anyone had been watching. As she closed the door she said, trying to be casual, "I thought you worked on Saturdays."

Richard looked down at her from the top of the stairs. "Only half a day most of the time. If there's a lot of work, I stay. But there wasn't anything today, so I got the hell out of there. Thought I'd drop in and see you," he said. He held up the bottle and the brown paper bag. "Maybe have a little drink together. You know I haven't seen you for quite a while. Not since you and..."

"I'll just put on some..."

"No, no," he insisted. "I can only stay a few minutes anyway. Besides, I've seen you in your bathrobe before."

Valerie couldn't help grinning at him. In many ways she pitied him, because his wife kept such a tight rein on his drinking habits.

"Okay," she said. "The glasses are over there on the shelf by the window. You get to work, and I'll be back in just a minute. I've got to dry off or I'll freeze to death!"

She watched him as he went to fetch the glasses, thinking how awkward and out of place he looked in a modernly furnished apartment. He didn't particularly like Mrs. Davis' early American furniture, but she was used to seeing him sitting in the big overstuffed chairs, so he looked strange among her brightly colored, low-rise furniture. Then she hurried into the bathroom again to dry herself.

What does he want? she wondered. Probably to try to talk me into going back to Jim, I guess. Well, poor soul, that's a lost cause. He probably got the address from Jim's mother.

When she came back to the living room she saw that he had poured her a healthy portion of a purplish brown fluid. "Well," he said, picking up the glass. "What is it?" she asked sniffing.

"Blackberry brandy," he said. "I don't much care for it, but Jim likes it and I thought that if..."

"We never drank anything but cheap red wine," she said. She took a quick sip of the brandy, but made a face. "Kind of strong, isn't it?" she asked.

"It'll put hair on your chest," he joked.

Valerie glanced down at the thrust of her breasts beneath the housecoat. "I'd rather not have any hair on my chest," she said. "But I'll drink it anyway." She took another sip and sat down in the bright yellow chair opposite the couch where he was sitting. "If you want to talk about Jim and me?" she said, taking a deep breath, "I'd rather not. I'm sorry about it and all, but it's just a closed case, that's all. I can't go back to him."

"But I don't understand what..."

"I'd really rather not talk about it. How's Mrs. Davis?"

"She's worried about you two," he told her. "But, other than that, just as feisty as ever."

"Did she ever finish that pantsuit we were working on?"

"I suppose so. Listen, Val, if it's a problem with..."

"Really, Dad, I'd rather not talk about Jim right now. As a matter of fact, I have a... Well, I have a date this afternoon, and..."

"A date? With who?"

"Well," she said, "I'm not living with Jim any more. It's not like I was cheating on him or anything like that." She was amused to see him so surprised that she was going out. "And anyway, this is just with Mike Duckworth, my old boss. It's hardly..."

"But you're married to Jim!" Richard protested.

"I'm sure," she said, rolling the glass in her palms, "that Jim is going out, too."

"The hell he is! Listen, if you two split up just to shack..."

"We separated because we can't get along together," she told him. "People do it all the time. They make a mistake, and when they realize it, they do whatever they think best to make up for it. Jim and I..."

"I don't always get along with Frances, either," he insisted. "But you don't see us separating, or whatever you want to call it."

"Well," she said simply, "I'm not Frances. And Jim's not you. Things are different with us." She thought it extremely curious that he could be chastising her and examining her legs with such obvious interest. Casually, she pulled the hem of her housecoat down around her knees. "Please," she said. "I'd really just rather not talk about it, please."

"So you're already going to bed with someone else then," he said.

"Mr. Davis!" she said, setting down her drink on the glass and chrome coffee table. "How much have you had to drink?" She pushed down the paper on the liquor bottle and saw that it was full.

"I had a few beers at work," he confessed. "Fuckworth? Is that his name?"

Valerie giggled despite herself. "Duckworth," she said. "Mike Duckworth. He was at the wedding. You remember him. My old boss? The music teacher?"

"Kind of a fairy-looking red-headed dude?"

Valerie didn't like the description, but she had to admit that Richard had remembered him, which surprised her, since her mother had invited nearly four hundred guests to the reception.

"What do you want to fuck around with him for?" Richard demanded. "He's old enough to be your father, isn't he?"

"I'm not 'fucking around' with him," she said beginning to get a little angry. "And he's only thirty-two, and..."

"Christ, he's practically as old as I am!"

Valerie picked up her drink. "Don't you ever 'fuck around'?" she asked him. She had decided that the best thing to do was to fight fire with fire; if he wanted to embarrass her into a position where he could question her about Jim, she wasn't going to let him.

"You shouldn't talk like that," he said, looking into his glass.

"Well," she said, feeling a little smug, "you started it."

"That's different," he said. "You're a girl."

"Girls are different now," she said, sipping on her drink.

"I don't want to talk about it, either," he said. He poured himself another drink from the bottle, then leaned back on the couch. "You able to do all right?" he asked. "I mean, about money and all."

Valerie smiled at him. He really didn't know much. "I do all right," she said. "As a matter of fact, I was a little worried about Jim. I make more money than he does being a teaching assistant, you know."

"No," he said, "I didn't know. Jim doesn't talk to me much. He's doing all right, though, I guess."

"And how are you doing?" she asked, feeling impish. "Financially, I mean."

Richard looked up at her in surprise. "I'm doing all right, too, I guess."

"Well, I guess we're all doing all right then."

"Why don't you come sit over here?" he asked, patting the couch beside him. "I can't see you very well for the light in my eyes." He made a gesture as if to ward off the light.

He had jokingly used that ploy to tease her often enough before. "You can see me fine," she said, "just where I am." But she got up and walked over to the window shade. "There," she said, dropping the yellow bamboo sun screen. "Is that better?" She sat down in the bright green love seat, nearer to him, but not yet in touching distance.

"I guess so," he said, looking sadly at his glass.

They sat in silence for several minutes, Richard studying his fingers on the rim of the glass, his daughter-in-law studying him. He's so pitiful, she thought.

"Look," she said, startling him a little as she slipped over beside him on the couch. She put her hands on his shoulders and made him look at her. "You're a sweetheart for wanting to help me and Jim out, but there's just nothing anyone can do now." She gave him a little kiss on the cheek. "That's for being so sweet," she said.

But Richard threw his arms around her and, before she knew quite what was happening, her father-in-law had thrown her over backward and pressed himself over her, his bristly beard scratching her face as he tried to kiss her.

"Mr. Davis!" she gasped, trying to push him away.

"Don't fight me, please!" he gasped, his mouth hot against the delicate skin of her throat. His hands kneaded and squeezed at her breasts through the housecoat.

"Mr. Davis!" she cried, once again trying to rise. "What do you..."

But he cut her off with a kiss. She tried to keep her mouth closed, but his hot tongue speared through her lips and pressed her tongue against the roof of her mouth. She could smell the car oil in his matted hair.

She pushed up at his chest, but he had caught her by surprise and she couldn't get enough leverage to force him away. Her bare ankle kicked against the chrome edge of the coffee table.

"Mmmfff!" she moaned against his bristly lips.

"You're putting out for everyone else," he growled, only inches from her face. "You can damn well throw a little of that cunt in my direction!"

"No!" she cried. "No! Mr. Davis! No!"

But already he had ripped off the top button to her pink housecoat, his coarse hands diving to embrace the white flesh of her nearly crushed breasts.

"You've got beautiful tits, honey," he said gutturally. "I've always wanted to get a little taste of them!"

He was trying to nuzzle his mouth into her cleavage, but her struggles effectively prevented him from mouthing her breasts in any but the most cursory manner. But she could feel the bristles of his beard scraping over her nipples, a sensation which was not quite like either a tickle or an itch.

"Stop!" she implored him. "This is ridiculous! A joke's a joke, but this has gone far enough!"

"I'm going to fuck you, honey," he said. "Don't say anything. If what you said about that music teacher is true, and you haven't been fucking around, then you must be just as hot for it as I am."

"No! Mr. Davis, no!"

"I'll make it good for you, sweetheart! I promise I will. I'll make you come like you've never had it before. Shit, I know Jim ain't no good when it comes to sex, but..."

Valerie's hand slipped off his shoulder, her fist striking him square on the jaw. "Oh!" she cried. "Oh, please let me up. This is wrong! It's crazy!"

"I don't want to hurt you," he said, pinning her arms down on the couch. "But I'm going to fuck you, whether you want it or not. I don't care about the consequences."

"I'll call the police!" she threatened, looking up at his hard blue eyes. "I'll..."

"Yeah, maybe. Only first you're going to get fucked." He licked his lips, his meaty red tongue flicking the corners of his mouth. "Take your pick. Lay back and enjoy it, or fight me and wind up tied up to this pretty little coffee table."

"You're really crazy!" she spat at him. "You know that, don't you? You think you can get away with this? You can't."

"Maybe not," he said, rubbing his chin over her breasts, "but it's going to be a lot of fun trying."

He caught the edge of her housecoat with one hand, holding her wrists with the other. When he had jerked the buttons away, her thighs lay exposed to his animalistic gaze, the dark wedge of her cunt ineffectively concealed by her partially crossed thighs.

"Don't touch me!" she cried. "Don't look at me like that! Please! I won't say anything to anyone, only let me go!"

"Not on your life," he said.

And she felt the thickness of his coarse fingers gently part the hair of her cunt as he gazed over his shoulder at the sensitive, pomegranate-colored outer folds of her cunt.


Her cunt seemed to be stretched wide-open by the tension of her widespread thighs. With the quilted satin belt of her housecoat, he had tied her ankles to the legs of the coffee table. Her wrists, bound with his wide leather belt, were pulled behind her and tied in a similar manner. Her head and shoulders rested on nothing, and her efforts to keep her head up so that she could see what he was doing only served to make the muscles of her abdomen shudder as they tensed. Her heavy breasts shook with her vain efforts to free herself.

Then she froze, her blue eyes rolling, as he dropped his pants and she could look up the pale curves of his thin legs to the juncture of his marbled thighs. His dough-colored cock arched out from the sandy hair at its base like the nozzle to a gasoline pump. His scrotum, drawn down by the weight of his heavy testicles, swayed between his legs as he kicked his feet free of the trousers. The appendix scar on the right side of his abdomen ran down until it met the border of his pubic hair, an unpleasant gash the same color as the tanned "V" at his neckline.

Her thighs quivered with fear. Her eyes watered with embarrassment and terror.

"How can you do this to me?" she begged him.

"Somebody's got to," he said.

She cried out once, then quickly gasped for breath, her mind reeling with shame and horror as her lecherous father-in-law took a swig of the brandy and crawled like a jackal onto the coffee table to spread his pale, hot body over her, his rapidly swelling cock nestled firmly in the hairy cleft of her pussy.

Rigid with terror, Valerie felt its immense girth sliding against her pubic hair. There was a slight slipping friction as the dry head of Richard's swollen cock skidded across the dampness of her tissues, an irritating tickle which almost made her want to have her father-in-law's hot shaft within her. She was shocked to realize that the fantasy they had both indulged themselves in so often before in the presence of both Jim and Frances was about to come true. They had made sexual jokes with each other before, but now he was actuary going to fuck her.

Her breath grew shallow as she felt the heat of his grease-stained hands on the tender, white flesh of her thighs, his coarse fingers opening her up, slowly, gently massaging her tissues until, horrible as it was, she could feel her sexual juices beginning to flow. His fingers were so warm and coarse that it was like rubbing herself with a hot washcloth. She could feel her clitoris beginning to grow hard, even though he hadn't yet touched it.

"That's it, Val," he said. "Don't fight me. Just relax and enjoy it."

It was only now that she realized she had been permitting his lewd caress without the slightest protest. But it seemed to her that she had been fighting him for hours, and now she was too angry, too shocked even to speak. She let her head hang over the edge of the coffee table, her long hair cascading almost to the floor. She couldn't look at his coyote-like face.

She felt him stir above her, his knees knocking at the heavy plate glass of the table. Then she felt him thrust the head of his cock against her labia. A grating pain shot through her and she tried to close her legs to force him out, but the belt of the housecoat held her open to his initial thrust and she could only shake her head back and forth, biting her lip to keep from wailing at him. She was, she realized, helpless to stop him. But I'll be damned if I'll give him a moment's pleasure by responding, she vowed silently.

Her father-in-law cradled her milky shoulders in his hairy arms, pulling her spongy breasts against his chest so that she could feel his crushing weight even in the tips of her nipples. His cheek was rough against her own, and the liquored dampness of his breath was hot against the side of her neck. She could almost feel it condensing in the downy hair near her ear.

Slowly, rotating the burning head of his cock within the opening of her cunt, Richard moved into her tight young pussy. Only the head of his cock was swiveling in her slippery labia but, even so, tears trickled from her eyes as Valerie wriggled beneath him in some small hope of freeing herself from his incestuous grasp.

"You're hurting me," she groaned, her arms tense behind her and useless to push him away. But when she bumped up at him to dislodge his cock, she only succeeded in increasing the pain on her improperly lubricated tissues. She skidded her buttocks to the side on the glass surface in an effort to lessen the tearing pressure, but as she did so, her father-in-law suddenly drove into her.

Valerie shrieked out as though she had been stabbed with a red-hot sword, then gasped incredulously as she felt the entire branding length of her father-in-law's monstrous cock plowing into her, searing her inner tissues with a peeling fire. She hadn't been fucked for more than a month, and the pain was almost as great as the first night she had been deflowered by this man's son.

"Nooooo!" she groaned, her cry punctuated by an animalistic grunt of pleasure from the man thrusting into her.

But the sharp pain seemed to disseminate itself into an intense heat, the thick warmth welling inward and outward around the buried shaft of her father-in-law's cock. But drifting like hot snowflakes in this red storm of pain were tingling points of eerie sensation that made Valerie's cry dwindle to a moan. And she found herself unable to distinguish between the emotional pain and the swiftly growing physical pleasure.

Her internal organs gripped tightly around his pulsing rod, but he didn't immediately begin to shaft the bloated lance into her unprepared pussy.

"Oh, Val," he gasped, "you're so hot and tight!" His brandy-scented mouth descended hard and hot against her innocent lips, his tongue wedging itself into her mouth until she could feel its slickness against the heat of her own tongue. And the lingering taste of the brandy in his mouth made her saliva glands spurt thickly.

Richard's tongue rushed even deeper into her mouth, probing hotly against the smooth dome of her palate. It seemed to churn within her mouth with all the force he had not yet unchained by pounding his cock into her. The tart thickness of their intermingled saliva flooded her mouth as she endured his kiss, his tongue swabbing the roof of her mouth wildly.

She made a weak, desperate moan of protest or pain as she felt the suction on her tissues and he began to withdraw his erection from her gripping cunt. Then she lay still beneath him as he bed tensing his pale hips, pushing the swollen heat of his intruding cock back and forth in her narrow channel. With each quick stroke he made, she felt the grip of her pussy loosening around him, greased by her own welling secretions. But, as the resistance of her tight sheath lessened, she could also sense her shock at this incestuous mating diminishing.

Her tied hands gripped at the empty air, her fingers searching vainly for something to close over. And soon the deliberately slow movements of his excruciating hard-on easing through the grip of her dissolving tissues had driven the young woman to a mesmerizing thrall of perverted sensuality. She began automatically answering each of his calculated lunges with a hesitant thrust of her own -- letting his cock glide back, then reimpaling herself on its greasy thickness, wolfing it back into the clutch of her cunt and permitting it to withdraw ever so slightly before sucking it inside her churning warmth once again.

When her father-in-law pulled back more than usual, Valerie could feel the inner walls of her pussy closing behind his withdrawn glans. And when he plunged back into her, she knew that the constriction of her searing tissues must be very strong on the swollen skin of his cock.

The burning snowflakes of pleasure seemed to breed along the surface of her deepest tissues, causing her to quiver beneath him with a desire to throw her tied legs over his hips to ease the tension. Over his shoulder, she could barely see the rounds of his white, hairless buttocks, but she could see that he was withholding his thrusts by the obvious tension in the milky hillocks each time he thrust into her.

Richard pulled back until only the bloated magenta glans of his cock was weakly gripped by his daughter-in-law's quivering labia, his back arched like a tensed spring. Then he let himself fall forward.

Valerie cried out as the full length of his erection plunged slickly into her silky hole, probing so deeply that she knew he had withheld the major length of it before. She was afraid he would punch through her uterus, but when she felt the crown of his cock nudge through the opening of her womb her thighs tensed and she nipped down around his cock, preparing to ride through his next thrust. With his cock lodged so deeply, she could clearly feel the palpitations of her inner chambers around the melting heat of his swollen hard-on.

When the grunting man started to piston his throbbing prick within her gaping cunt, there was nothing Valerie could do but hang on and hope to survive the incestuous onslaught. Her father-in-law had been gentle with her at first, but now the bolt action of his prick was like a machine.

His bristly chin chafed her lips as his tongue fucked back and forth into her heated lips. His fat, slick cock pulled back from her cunt, only to ram suddenly back into the succulent, yielding grip of her juicy cunt. Every time she felt the solid shaft screwed into her she realized that it plunged into her with increased energy and added furor. Richard seemed to increase the power of his lunges with each breath he drew.

Then, just when she had assumed that her father-in-law had reached the height of his frenzy, Richard hesitated and shifted his position ever so slightly. Valerie recoiled at the thought that he did so in order to lunge more barbarically into her tortured cunt.

But with his fist downward drive she felt the hard, hot length of his throbbing hard-on as it chillingly caressed the taut knot of her clitoris. And as the cockhead slid even deeper, it seemed to stretch new areas of her sheath in an even more ecstatic way. After that, where she had experienced only faint tension and burning snowflakes of sensual pleasure, she found a continuing tingle of sparks that seemed to expand around his thrusting tool until her crackling backbone seemed to hum with bright flashes of electrifying sensation.

Tied as she was to the table, she knew she was losing control of her body. She moaned and shook her head, anxious even for the sensation of her hair dragging over the carpet. In some strange way, it seemed to her that her long hair was being dragged across her own body, the ends burning along her skin. She arched her back from the cold glass to raise her pussy and allow him an even greater penetration. With only her shoulders and thighs touching the coffee table, her cunt clamped down on his throbbing prick with a dazzling flash of pleasure.

And when she collapsed under the blinding burst of heat, Richard forced her back against the glass tabletop, pistoning into her cunt with nearly inhuman speed, flattening her quivering buttocks against the glass.

She could hear the breath hissing from his throat. He was hammering at her with such force that he could no longer maintain his contact with her mouth. Her breasts bounced from side to side when he raised his chest, then were caught again as he fell against her. And a peculiar, dizzying swirl began to spiral within her pussy that left her gasping in anticipation. Even the coarse chafe of his pubic hair rubbing against her tenderized labia seemed to be transformed into a quivering tingle that rushed to join the swirl of electricity sparking around his lunging rod. Her pussy tightened epileptically around his cock, flooding her thick, slick fluids about the shaft of his prick like a greasy fountain.

Valerie groaned helplessly, her legs jerking to free themselves as her inner tissues clamped down on his lance, suddenly melting to a quivering jelly as his hard, burning shaft drew back over her tingling clitoris.

"Arrggghhh..." Richard gasped. "I'm going to -- ahhhh! I'm, I'm... Oh, holy shit!" And he stopped stropping his cock over her drooling clitoris, grinding his pubic bone mercilessly against her cunt.

Now that it was too late to stop him, Valerie managed to kick her feet loose from the belt of the housecoat. Weakly, her thighs quivering as though she had been gripped by an epileptic seizure, she threw her legs around her father-in-law's tense buttocks and ground her mushy cunt up at him. The fiery swirl of electricity seemed to have coiled itself in a tingling knot around her clitoris, radiating a continuous undulation of intense pleasure. And when the delirious sensation grew so intense that she thought she might pass out from the pleasure, she realized that she was climaxing.

"Aah-iiieee!" she wailed, her voice vibrating through her body as though it were part of her joyous tingle.

"You're getting there, aren't you?" he growled.

"I'm coming!" she cried, bouncing her cunt up at him with a force that threatened to break the glass of the table.

"So am I!" her father-in-law grunted. "I'm going to shoot you so full of jizz that your tonsils will be swimming!" And he shoved his prick to its deepest possible penetration, his entire weight centered on driving his cock ever deeper.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!" Valerie cried, no longer caring that the man was her husband's father. Her pleasure had gone too far for that.

Abruptly, she felt the length of his cock swell hotly within her. For an instant they both seemed to freeze. His quickly pulsing cock was buried to the hilt in the hot grip of her swat. And this motionless penetration held her own mad ecstasy at a delirious pinnacle of excitement.

Then, with agonizing slowness, he withdrew the fat log of his cock, his watery blue eyes squinted shut in apparent pun. Suddenly, and so forcefully that it knocked the wind out of her for a moment, he plunged into her again. She felt his glans stretch the entrance to her womb, followed instantly by a powerful splatter of sperm scalding her innermost walls. This was followed by another spattering jet almost as powerful as the first. Then, as her father-in-law ground himself mercilessly against her, she felt the slick welling of his sperm foaming into her in wave upon wave of liquid heat.

Her cunt muscles clamped down on his jetting cock, but he only seemed to plow deeper into her. And she realized that it was now too late to do anything about the flood of fertile juice that pooled within her cunt.

While his cock was still spurting inside of her, Richard pulled his head back a little, gazed down at her frightened eyes, and ground his bristly face against her cheeks as his tongue fucked in and out of her startled mouth.

Her orgasm was still ebbing through her flooded cunt and she couldn't stop herself from sucking back at his tongue, rubbing her perspiring tits against his hairy chest, and locking her legs once more around his thighs, pumping her overflowing cunt up at him even though she could feel his cock softening within her.

"I knew you'd be a hot piece of ass," he said to her.

"Don't talk," she gasped. "Just fuck me."

Richard snorted, then pulled back from her, his chest making a sticky smack as he lifted himself from his daughter-in-law's sweaty breasts. His cock made a disgusting sound as it plopped free of her clutching labia.

"Give me a minute," he said, looking down at her as he scratched at his sticky balls. "It takes a while for it to get hard again, you know."

"You can untie me now," she said, looking away from his naked body. "I won't try to get away."

"I don't think you will," he said, ambling around the coffee table to free her hands. "You were really getting with it there."

When he unsnapped the belt from her wrists, Valerie sat up on the coffee table. Her buttocks slipped in the spilled residue of sperm and her own juices, which were leaking from her widely stretched cunt. She rubbed at her wrists, still refusing to look at him, her mind racing over the possible avenues of escape.

"I had a dream the other night," he said, flopping down naked on the couch with the brandy bottle in his hand. "About you it was."

"Really?" she asked sarcastically.

"Yeah. Now, if you're still hot for some more of the old pecker here, there's something you can do to speed the hardening process along."

For the first time since he had freed her, she looked at him over her shoulder. "And what might that be?" she asked. "You could have a heart attack doing this kind of thing, you know." She wondered if she could make it to the bedroom door before he could catch her. Casually, she inched forward on the coffee table until she was facing the open bedroom door.

"You ever give Jim a blowjob?" he asked her.


"You know. A blowjob. Give him a little head. Suck him off."

Valerie sighed with disgust. "No," she said dryly. "Did you?"

"Blow Jim?" he asked incredulously.

"No," she said, sighing again. "I mean, do you ever eat your wife out, or whatever you call it?" She was surprised to see him blush. As soon as she got the strength back in her legs, she'd bolt for the bedroom door.

After a moment he looked up at her. "You want me to eat you out, is that it?"

Valerie closed her thighs. "No," she said. "I was just curious."

"You didn't answer my question," he said.

"Yes, I did," she replied. "And anyway, that's none of your business."

"I want you to blow me," he said.

Valerie couldn't help stealing a look at his wilted cock. The very idea of putting her mouth on that organ, especially after he had just fucked her with it, made her sick to her stomach.

"I don't think so," she said.

Unexpectedly, Richard stood up. Valerie backed away a little on the couch. She had to tip her head back to look at him, otherwise his cock was almost exactly at eye level. She could smell the musky fragrance of their mingled juices reeking from his sticky organ.

"Suck me a little," he said. "I'll get hard then, and we can fuck again. That's what we did in my dream."

She felt his cock bob against her shoulder, but she kept herself from flinching.

"Sit down," she said. "Drink your blackberry brandy. I don't want to blow you. Some other day."

"Don't be cute with me," he said, touching her cheek with his juice-stained fingers. "Your lips were made to suck cock, sweetheart."

She felt his fingers tighten cruelly on her throat. I could push him down maybe, she thought, and make a run for it.

"Blow me," he said, trying to pull her mouth against the fleshy arch of his limber cock. "Just a little."

"Not now," she said, trying to bat his hand away. "I'm tired. You just about fucked me silly!"

But his dark hands closed tighter on her throat, pulling her closer to him. Her cheek brushed the sticky head of his cock and she could see her breath stirring the sperm-coated mat of his pubic hair.

"You're hurting me, Mr. Davis!" she croaked.

"Blow me," he demanded.

Too late she realized that she could not get away from him. She could have screamed, she knew, but she was not even sure that anyone would hear her. Most of the people in the neighborhood weren't even home at this hour; and, even if someone did hear her, she wasn't sure that she could stand the scandal of incestuous rape. Her separation from Jim had almost been enough to cause her Catholic parents to stop talking to her.

"Blow me!" he repeated. "I want it to be just like it was in my dream."

"Were you choking me in your dream, too?" she asked, her throat vibrating against his fingers.

But when he released her throat, she could only stare at his slightly reddened cock, which was only inches from her face.

"Go away," she said. "If I do it, will you just go away and leave me alone?"

"I'm going to fuck you when I get hard again," he said.

"And after that?"

"I don't know. We'll talk about that when the time comes."

"No deal," she said. "If I blow you, you're getting the hell out of here. And if I so much as ever see you near here again, I'm calling the police."

"You wouldn't do that. You wouldn't want anybody to know."

"Try me," she said.

"Yeah, well blow me first, though. Then I'll go. Only you gotta do it like in the dream."

"And how was that?" she asked exasperatedly.

Richard backed away from her, checking her eyes to see if she was planning to trick him. "Don't try to get away, okay?"

Valerie shrugged her shoulders and glanced down at her naked body. "Where could I run to like this?" she asked him.

"Okay," he said. "You get on your knees in front of me over here," he explained. "And you play with me while you're sucking me off. Understand?"

Valerie took a last glance at the bedroom door. Her father-in-law was blocking the way. "That must've been some dream," she said, shaking her head.

"It was. Now, come on over here."

Slowly, wondering how in the world she had ever fallen into such a position, Valerie got off the coffee table and limped over in front of him.

"My ankles hurt," she said. "You tied me up too tight."

"You're not going to be using your ankles to suck me off," he said to her, grinning his coyote smile. "Just lean down here on your knees."

Hating him with her eyes, Valerie did what he said.

"Now, give it a little swipe with your tongue," he ordered. But when she failed to respond, once again he put his hand on her throat. "I don't want to hurt you, Valerie," he said.

"I know," she whispered. "You just want to make me blow you." Slowly, she leaned forward a little and lifted the damp head of his cock toward her face. The foreskin made a brownish-pink rose around the hot pink glans. All cocks look the same, she thought, remembering Jim's heavy tool. She took a deep breath, inhaling the musky odor of his sex; then, whipping her hair away from the side of her face with a quick jerk of her head, she moistened her lips and took a tentative lick at his cock. The taste wasn't as repugnant as she had imagined it would be -- a rather strange mixture of sweat and a faintly coppery flavor.

Richard put both his hands on either side of her head, pulling back the cascade of her smoky-brown hair with his coarse fingers so that he could see her pink lips pursed around the head of his cock. He was surprised to discover that her breath flowing around his heated organs was almost cool.

"This is really sick," she said. But when she felt the pressure of his hands on the side of her head she opened her mouth and the buttery warmth of her bruised lips closed over his glans.

"Stroke it with your tongue," he directed, his hips tensing.

It felt like part of a boiled frankfurter lying along the curl of her tongue. Soft and a little rubbery, it wasn't nearly as hot as it had felt in her cunt. The loose skin around the inner sheath felt like what she imagined raw chicken skin might feel like in her mouth. But as she felt it begin to harden between her lips, she realized that as it swelled it would fill her mouth until she couldn't hold it between her lips. She stifled a gag reflex at the thought of it nudging against the opening of her throat. Then she flicked at the soft glans with her tongue.

As her father-in-law's cock hardened within her mouth, Valerie created a gentle vacuum with her tongue and lips. Her tongue-tip flicked hesitantly at the tip of his glans, and she wondered how she could go on with this, or what he might order her to do next.

"Play with my nuts," he said. "Squeeze them a little, only not too hard. And don't bite me."

Balancing herself by holding onto one of his milk-white buttocks, Valerie raised her other hand and gently hefted his testicles. One of them hung lower than the other and she was amazed to discover that they were almost twice as big as Jim's, though she could not think of an explanation for that. She had always thought of Jim as being rather well hung, but she hated the way the sparse hair of his scrotum clung to her palm. And she loathed it even more when she began to be aware of her saliva sloshing around his pulsing shaft. She pistoned it back and forth in the clutch of her distended lips until she could feel the slimy drool of saliva dripping from the corners of her lips where his cock had swollen so much that she couldn't completely close her mouth around it.

Beyond the hand in which she held his balls, she could look down and see her breasts bobbing with the motions of her sucking. One of his pubic hairs was clinging to the nipple of her right tit, and the sight of it there disgusted her almost more than what he was forcing her to do. Leaning forward at the waist, she rubbed her breast against his thigh until she had successfully wiped off his disgusting hair. Even more disgustingly, she could see her fluids slowly seeping out of her distended cunt to stain the avocado-green carpet.

For a moment she thought she heard the jingle of the dog's leash on the landing at the foot of the stairs. She hated the thought of Jeanne coming in and finding her doing this hateful act; but, on the other hand, she knew that Jeanne was almost the only person she could trust not to spread the story.

She backed away from his cock, but it had hardened considerably under her unwilling ministrations. It bobbed up and rubbed against the side of her nose.

She glanced in the direction of the stairs, hoping to see Jeanne's border collie loping toward her.

"I won't do it!" she snapped at her father-in-law, giving his cock a look of loathing. "You can't make me do it!"

"Maybe I can, though."

Valerie's head swiveled to the stairs, her eyes flashing open in shock and embarrassment. Standing in the archway at the head of the stairs, his car keys jingling at his side, was Jim's younger brother, Rich. He was wearing only a baggy-legged green swimming suit, and his matted hair indicated that he had just come from the beach.

Valerie tried to cover both her tits and her cunt at the same time, succeeding in blocking Rich's view of neither.

"Oh, God, Rich, help me!" she cried. "Your father's acting completely crazy or something."

Rich Junior tossed his car keys onto a chair and ambled smilingly across the room to where his father was as busy as Valerie in trying to cover up his saliva-coated cock.

"He doesn't look so crazy to me," Rich said, looking down at Valerie, who had now managed to rise to one foot in preparation for making a grab at her pink housecoat.

Rich gave her a gentle shove, which landed her flat on the resilient cheeks of her ass. Her big breasts bobbed up and down as she stared up at him in surprise.

"Well," her handsome brother-in-law said, "you split up with Jim to keep from having to fuck him. You don't want to blow my dad. Maybe you'd like to take me on, huh?"

"Oh, God!" the confused girl cried, covering her eyes now instead of her exposed organs. "What's the matter with you two? Are you both crazy?"

Rich Junior glanced at his father, then crossed his arms and looked down at his sister-in-law.

"Don't start bawling," he said. "I know you been sneaking looks at my cock when you thought I wasn't looking. Well, now's your chance to see what it looks like up close." He grinned at his father and moved one foot a little more away from the other, so that the damp cloth of his swimming trunks clung to the heavy bulge at his groin. "Mine's bigger than Jim's, you know," he said. "You like 'em big, Val?"

Valerie could not look up. She had, for the first time since her father-in-law had attacked her, begun to weep. She knew she could never get away from the two of them.

Rich Junior elbowed his father in the ribs and winked.

"Besides," he said to Valerie, "my cock's not the same as Jim's or Dad's. I bet you never saw a cock like mine. It's bigger, yeah, but different, too. Don't you want to take a little peek at it, Val?"

Valerie looked up at him with fire in her eyes. "I want you to get the hell out of here!" she demanded.

"Ooo-ooo!" Rich chuckled, "that's naughty language, Sis!"

"Get out of here this minute!" she cried, "before I call the police!"

Rich Junior took a step toward her, the smile gone from his face. "I used to think you were a real nice girl," he said, his voice threateningly low. "But now I can see you're just like every other fucking cock-tease in this crummy town. You deserve everything you're going to get!"

Valerie tried to dodge away, but he caught a fistful of her hair before she could duck. He yanked her brutally to her knees in front of him, then pulled her hair back so that she had to look up at his cruelly smiling face.

"Now!" he said between clenched teeth. "Let's see just what else that mouth can do besides talk!"


"Talk bores me," her brother-in-law said, "when there's sex to be had."

She heard her dumfounded father-in-law shuffle across the rug behind her and drop heavily onto the couch, and she guessed that he must be sipping on the brandy again as he watched Rich Junior standing above her.

When her eyes cleared, Valerie discovered that she was looking straight into Rich's crotch. His bronzed legs spread, he loomed directly above her, the distended green fabric of his swimming trunks clear proof of his intentions.

"Pull 'em down, Val," he said.

She heard him, but somehow she couldn't believe what he had said. When he repeated the demand she thought that this would be the worst degradation she had suffered yet. It was one thing to be forced into an incestuous act, but it was altogether more hideous to be forced into an active role. She didn't move.

"Take my trunks off, Val," he repeated, more forcefully this time. "You know you want to get an eyeful. Do what I tell you."

Absurdly, Valerie shook her heads more to get the hair out of her eyes than to refuse him.

Rich Junior inched a little closer to her. His bare toes touched the skin of her knee.

"Pretend it's a present," he said. "Just untie that little bow and you'll get a real treat."

"Fuck yourself," she told him, though her voice lacked conviction. "I won't do it." And she thought, "You may wind up balling me, Rich, but I'll be damned if I'll help you do it!" She looked down at his feet on the carpet.

"Oooo-ee!" Rich cried, grinning over at his father. "Such language!"

But then she felt him turn her chin up toward his face, his wide brown hands warm against the softness of her jaw. When she looked at the golden rippled plane of his abdomen -- striated as it was from four years of military service and years of surfing -- she knew that she was helpless against him. When he lifted her hands to his lean hips and she felt the heat of his skin above the damp material of his green trunks she made a little whimper and looked up at his handsome face, her eyes pleading with him not to make her do what she was afraid was becoming less and less repugnant to her.

"Pull 'em down, Val," he said slowly.

Valerie's fingers twitched nervously at the waistband of her brother-in-law's trunks. It won't be so bad, she thought, if I can pretend that we're both someone else. Her fingers were numb with the untying of the white cord at his waist.

"That's it, Sis," he murmured above her.

When she had untied the cord and hesitatingly tugged at the trunks she saw that the skin beneath his tan line was not white as she had imagined, but a sandy beige, the color of an egg from a red hen. Then the first curl of his buttery pubic hair rolled out from under the elastic waistband of the trunks and she hesitated a little, shocked to find the curls were so golden and shiny, and more than a little fearful of the large bulge that had begun to resist her downward tug on the material.

"Just yank 'em off," her father-in-law said behind her.

"You're doing fine, Sis," Rich said. "Go on."

Like a cat scratching at a slim tree, Valerie clenched and unclenched her delicate fingers on his hips. Then, slowly, her hands continued their shameful descent.

The tangled curls of his golden hair blossomed out more densely than before. And then she saw the fat root of his cock, nearly the same color as his tanned abdomen. It was thicker than she had imagined it could be. She could see the marbled purple veins crossing each other near the surface of the skin. And when she had lowered the trunks farther she could distinguish the beginning of the sausage-like shape. She lowered the trunks still farther, watching in fascination as the shaft bowed under the pressure of the material. Then, so suddenly that she jumped back a little, the mammoth length of it sprang up at her, looking like a swollen sausage wrapped in biscuit dough.

She gasped as she saw the unveiled shaft, its rosy glans guarded by thick folds of foreskin. Unlike his father and brother, Rich was uncircumcised. His prick bobbed in front of her nose and she could smell the residue of sea salt mingling with the musky fragrance of his slightly damp cock. The only other uncircumcised cock she had seen had been that of her fat little brother when he was only five years old. So, though Rich's cock had a strangely evil appearance, she was surprised that she didn't find it ugly.

Her brother-in-law tensed his hips and shifted his legs closer together. As the trunks dropped around his ankles and he stepped out of them he said, "I told you you'd groove on it, Sis."

Staring at his bobbing cock, Valerie felt as though all will had been drained from her body.

"Christ!" her father-in-law groaned. "You're hung like a stud horse, Bud! She'll never be able to take all that! No wonder the girls don't want you to fuck them."

But Valerie seemed not to hear him. She lifted her hand and gently touched her brother-in-law's hard-on as if it were an object of great worth. She was startled to recognize the fingers caressing his cock as her own, but her surprise lasted less than a second.

Gingerly she closed her fingers in a ring around the circumference of his cock, then pulled back on the taut foreskin, exposing the satiny purple crown of Rich's cock. He flinched ever so slightly as she peeled the skin back, but when she released the doughy flesh it stayed in place, held back by the swollen lower rim of his blood-engorged glans. A pearling drop of golden fluid oozed from the reddened slit at the tip. She caught it with the tip of her fingers and spread it evenly over the plum like head of his cock.

"Ain't that pretty!" her father-in-law said, his voice becoming more and more thick as he guzzled the brandy.

"Take a hold of my nuts," Rich suggested. "They're full of hot cream for you, Sis." He touched the hair at the back of her neck, sending shivers down her spine.

Valerie slowly lifted her left hand and balanced herself by cupping the cheek of his downy buttocks, her fingers barely grazing the cleft of his ass. With her right hand she weighed his heavy nuts, churning the kidney-shaped nuggets like hot taffy in her palm.

At the same moment she leaned forward, her wet lips parted, guarding the hot red promise of her tongue. Slowly she engulfed her brother-in-law's cockhead into the buttery slickness of her mouth. She could feel the instant tension in his buttocks, but she curled her tongue and gently massaged the underside of his fluted glans, her thick saliva pouring quickly around the jaw-stretching cap of his cock. At first the taste was that of kelp, but that quickly washed away to be replaced by a faintly metallic mushroom flavor.

Her sluice-shaped tongue caressed the underside of his long cock, her fingers encircling the root as she slowly pulled back, her mouth open to show her glistening tongue, her eyes closed in depraved ecstasy. Then she began to rub the swollen head of his cock over her face. As though his glans were a gigantic lipstick, she traced the moist outlines of her mouth with it, licking at it quickly with the slick point of her tongue. She pressed the heat of the shaft into the hollow of her cheek, then guided it over her eyelids, her eyelashes quivering over the taut glans. She could feel the slick trail of preseminal secretion it left wherever she touched it to her skin, and she had a sacrilegious feeling of anointing herself with unholy oils. But she couldn't stop herself. When the taste of his cock began to fade, she sucked the glans back into her mouth even deeper, pressing the glans hotly against her palate and swishing her tongue once more over the sensitive underside.

She felt his buttocks tense again, a concave curve of flesh as hard as rock forming under her fingers. Then, with several sure strokes, Rich shafted his thick cock into her mouth, the glans bumping the constricted back of her throat, the undulating motion of his pelvis tickling her upper lip and nose with his golden pubic hair.

With her handsome young brother-in-law's heavy prong lodged so deeply in her throat, Valerie couldn't breathe. But the action had become so much a part of her that she knew that, even if she was going to faint, she would keep on sucking him.

Without realizing it, she had retreated more and more from the deep probing of his cock in her throat until she was leaning over backward, Rich bending at the waist to keep his thrusts directed at her throat. She felt the tingling caress of her hair slip over her shoulders and just as she was about to fall over, Rich laced his fingers behind her neck to support her. Gently, using his well-muscled thighs for a brace, he let her weight carry them both down, his hot cock still lodged firmly between her clasping lips.

As her shoulders touched the carpet he scrambled forward and straddled her neck. She could breathe now, for less of his long prick was thrust into her mouth. In gratitude, she fluttered her tongue thrillingly against the burning dome of his glans. She could feel his hard, hot fingers caressing the silky skin at the pulse of her throat. If he strangles me, she thought, I would let him. What's wrong with me to be doing this?

She squirmed a little beneath him as she felt the tingling sensation of her nipples erecting under the weight of his hairy buttocks. But she let him comb his thick fingers through her silky hair. And when he touched her cheek with his thumb she looked up at him and guessed that he must be feeling the ball of his glans through her cheek. That reminded her of how his churning balls had felt as she squeezed them in her palm.

She moaned a little at the similarity of the two experiences. She could feel the vibration of her lips along the skin of his cock. Like humming on a comb covered with cellophane, she thought.

But when she had quit moaning, the vibration continued along the entire shaft of his cock. Her eyes flashed open as the fat organ throbbed in her mouth. The taut muscles of her brother-in-law's abdomen twitched, his glans fattened against her tongue and palate, and the first pooling of his sperm foamed into her unexpecting mouth.

Valerie gasped, the mingled saliva and sperm bubbling in her throat as she swallowed. A second flood of the creamy substance jetted against the back of her throat and there was so much of it that she could feel it shoot back along his shaft to her lips, where it drooled out like the white of an egg along her chin.

Again and again he filled her mouth with his cream. Each time she swallowed, her tongue and palate were quickly recoated with his slimy outpouring. Her eyes widened in shock at her first taste of cum, and she flinched each time his jerking abdomen heralded the spurting of a fresh load into her throat. Rich had squirmed a little at first and Valerie was dimly aware that her left nipple had become lodged in the bristly crack of his ass. His buttocks pinched at it from both sides, but she was too occupied with swallowing his sperm to think about it.

His stringy sperm foamed directly against her palate and she moaned as he hunched forward, cradling her head in his hands. Her own sexual fluids were flowing and she scissored her legs back and forth uncontrollably, not even aware of the slick sliding of her labia.

When his cock ceased fountaining into her and she could hear his panting breath over her, she did not stop sucking on his glans. She was afraid he would go soft now that his climax was spent, and she couldn't bear the thought of this perverted excitement ending. She now realized that she had come very close to experiencing an orgasm of her own.

But when Rich pulled back from her mouth, his cock was still hard and it smacked wetly against his pulsing belly.

"I'll bet a month's wages you never got sucked off as good as that by no Saigon cunt!" Rich's father shouted drunkenly.

As Rich wiped the hair from his forehead, Valerie cringed with shame at what she had done. Even so, her excitement was at such a pitch that she was anxious for the next step in her humiliation.

Her brother-in-law scooted back and lifted his bronzed leg over her. Then he covered her body with his own.

The heat of his brown bare chest flattened her creamy breasts. His mouth slithered across the hollow of her neck, flicking hotly toward her ear with his tongue. Between her legs, Valerie labia slid wetly together, the heat they radiated suffusing throughout her trembling body. Wantonly, she arched the whiteness of her neck to the descent of his nibbling lips.

The rubbery, hot grip of his lips was pleasant as he descended along her throat, following the line of her collarbone with his tongue. When his mouth reached her breasts his hands joined in the action, cupping the firm mounds and guiding the reddened nipples into his mouth. He squeezed both breasts together and sucked the nipples into his mouth simultaneously, flailing the sensitive tips with the lash of his tongue-tip. Then he drew strongly on each turgid point of flesh until they were both tingling with an ecstatic hardness.

When his mouth next began its descent between her breasts she quivered to feel the wet trail of his tongue being drawn over her ribs to swirl into the slight depression of her navel. Her thighs quivered uncontrollably as she felt the slipperiness of his hot lips slide over the rise of her hipbone, then continue onto the soft white skin of her upper thigh. His hands tightened around her waist, his thumbs pressing down on her abdomen where they touched. A lock of his sandy hair grazed ticklishly along her belly as he turned his head a little. And his tongue flicked hotly along the inside of her thigh to where it joined her torso next to her cunt.

Valerie made a half-hearted whimper of protest and ineffectually pushed at his forehead with one hand. But her brother-in-law insistently caught her hands and placed them at her sides. Then she felt the hot shock of his open mouth slithering electrically against her succulent secret self.

Her thighs closed involuntarily against the muscular young man's head as a wave of faint revulsion swept over her. But this was followed so quickly by a body-racking shiver of pleasure that her attempted closure was manifest as no more than a slight quiver of delight. When his tongue wedged open the lips of her pussy she felt her juices trickle thickly against his insistent mouth.

Unconsciously she made a little mewling sound of delight and pushed her cunt up at him at the same time. His lips flattened against her labia and she could feel the pressure of his teeth behind his lips as his tongue drove even deeper into her gaping orifice. Squirming with the pleasure he was giving her, Valerie tangled her fingers in his hair, a little shocked at herself to find she was pushing his mouth down harder against her pussy.

His juicy lips skidded against her labia, causing a terrible jolt of pain and pleasure to swirl within her depths. It was so intense that her stomach muscles jerked taut and she pulled hard on his hair. Her breath hissed from her lips in an audible sigh of delight as she ground her cunt up at him, knowing instantly that his lips had engulfed the flame of her clitoris.

"Eat that swat!" Richard called from the couch.

Valerie writhed beneath her brother-in-law, her knees flopping against his hips, her buttocks twisting in the grip of his hands. Thick and churning, Rich's fiery tongue seemed to ream every fold and wrinkle of her gushing crotch. He rolled it over her stiffened clitoris, swirling it around and around until she thought she might pass out from the intensity of the sensation. He fucked her cunt with his tongue, making her gasp and quiver under his lashing oral caresses. Each time his tongue slid over the tender knot of her clitoris she felt as if he were spitting liquid electricity into her cunt.

Tracing a slow path through the juice-coated hairs around the pulsing entrance to her vulva, Rich slid his blunt fingers over the lips of her cunt.

She recognized the stroke of first one, then two fingertips traveling around the swollen, wet labia, ultimately probing into the slick opening. He hadn't stopped tonguing her clitoris, either. The combined sensations of his fingers and mouth made his sister-in-law gurgle unintelligibly.

Her cries faded quickly and her throat went dry as his thick fingers slipped deeper into her pussy, stretching the blood-swollen lips apart to accommodate their bulk as they slithered deeper and deeper into her slippery cunt.

"Turn her inside out!" Richard giggled from the couch.

"No! No!" she cried. "I can't stand it. No more, no more!"

But Rich shoved his fingers all the way in. Still maintaining his suction on her clitoris, he moved his fingers from side to side within her cunt, opening and closing them like a fan. Never before had Valerie been so conscious of the sensitive, gaping hole between her legs. Every cell in her body seemed to be stretched so tight that it gave off sparks.

Again and again she cried out wantonly, in no voice she could recognize as her own. She hadn't realized her cunt could secrete such a quantity of fluid. It felt like a swamp where the pulsing ooze of her hot juices welled over his hand and mouth. Over and over her entire body contracted spasmodically in accordance with the shuddering demands of her fountaining cunt.

Her orgasm was so intense that she hardly realized it when Rich pushed her legs up so that her thighs were almost touching the bobbing tips of her breasts. His tongue slithered downward from her cunt until he had found the tight bud of her anus. Then, with his fingers still plunging in her cunt, his shoulders awkwardly supporting her legs, Rich squeezed the pliable shaft of his tongue into her rectum.

"Rich!" she cried out as new and even more intense shocks shot up and down her spine. "No! Oh, no!" But by now her protests had ceased to mean anything. The new, incredible sensation had devastated her completely, and she loved the pleasure of it more than she was repulsed by the thought. She pulled her legs closer to her breasts to give him freer access to her ass and moaned as his tongue wriggled deeper into her anus, the hot thickness of it filling her with an unbearably sweet melting sensation.

When Rich pulled his face away from her ass, he quickly scrambled over her until his face was once again above her cunt, his hard-on bobbing only inches from her face.

When he dived against her labia, Valerie unhesitatingly lifted her head and directed his long cock into her mouth, sucking on it madly. His hair-fringed nuts rested on the bridge of her nose as she pumped up and down on the swollen shaft of his cock, her saliva thickening quickly around the taut-tipped glans.

"Sweet shit! Sixty-nine!" her drunken father-in-law gurgled, taking a quick swig of the brandy. His cock had grown hard again, and he stroked it a little between his juice-stained fingers.

Rich shook her labia between his teeth like a terrier with a rat. He nibbled at her clitoris with his lips, rolling it against his tongue and finally sucking at it with a steady, pulling motion. Valerie groaned again and again around the cock in her mouth, wincing with delight as her brother in-law slipped one of his fingers into her recently abandoned anus, sliding it steadily back and forth in the tight, clenching sphincter.

"Glaaahhh!" Valerie groaned, Rich's cock slipping out of her open mouth as her head fell back against the floor, rolling wildly from side to side as she bumped her cunt up at his juice-covered mouth and chin.

Like a tornado of wet fire her orgasm swirled over her. It spread over her like a cloud of intense heat, shaking her with its untrammeled power, changing her into a quivering mass of uncontrolled flesh. She thought she was going mad. The sensation was centered in the juicy flames of her cunt, just beneath his swirling lips and tongue. But it swirled around his finger in her winking anus and shot over her body like a shock wave until she thought her heart must burst.

No longer able to control herself, she flung her mouth against Rich's cleft buttocks, her tongue diving desperately for the dark whorl of his asshole. Her teeth chewed rabidly at the inner curves of his buttocks, and her nose rubbed erratically against his anus as she lashed his ass with the wildfire of her tongue.

"Come!" she blubbered against the hairy cheeks of her brother-in-law's tense buttocks. Her cheeks were shining with her own saliva where they rubbed against his ass. "I'm coming!" she gasped, her tongue swabbing the crack of his asshole. "Oh, Rich, I'm coming! I'm coming!"

Her heels beating against the carpet, her abdomen jerking spastically, her anus grabbing at his sawing fingers, her cunt welling with her molten juices, she slavered at her husband's brother's ass like a madwoman. When he leaned back so that she could actually penetrate his sphincter with her tongue, she grew even more frantic as she tasted the slightly fecal savor of his rectum.

The shock of another climax hit her with even greater force than before. As if each cell in her body were a fused charge, a series of tiny explosions began in her cunt, then sizzled deep within her until it reached her spinal column. Then her head flopped back against the floor and she began to thrash beneath him like a chicken with its head cut off.

This time, when the feelings diminished, Valerie opened her eyes to see the hairy cleft of her brother-in-law's buttocks poised over her face. She turned her head to the side with shame and saw her father-in-law leering at her from the couch, his hard cock held delicately in one hand, the half-empty brandy bottle in the other.

What have I done? she demanded of herself.

But before she could resolve her predicament, Rich reversed his position above her. His glittering green eyes were a little glazed, but a wide smile was spread across his face.

"You're pretty hot stuff when you get going," he said. "Not even the Vietnam whores ever pulled that on me!"

She saw his chin was glistening from her juices, but she made no effort to stop him when he kissed her. His tongue tasted of her own cunt as it swabbed deeply into her mouth. His hard, hot hard-on pulsed moistly against her thigh, and she didn't care any more that he was her husband's brother. She only wanted that pleasure again.

Rich took a deep breath and looked down at her, licking his lips of her juices. "And that was only the beginning, Sis," he whispered gutturally. "You want to get fucked now, don't you? Don't lie to me, because I can see it in your eyes. You want my cock in you, don't you?"

Her breath came out in a gasp and she whispered shamelessly, "Yes." She licked her lips and looked up at him. "Yes," she repeated. "Fuck me. Fuck me. I can't stand it any more. Fuck me, fuck me."

Rich turned his head to look at his father and she saw the two men exchange a satisfied grin. Then she watched in fascination as a single drop of sweat trickled down front Rich's forehead. It ran down the side of his nose, dangled from the tip of his chin for a moment, then splashed onto her face. Hungrily, she darted her tongue out and licked it away from the comer of her lips.


Her lips seemed to have lost an their moisture while she was sucking Rich's big prong. She ran her tongue over their surfaces and stared wantonly into her father-in-law's lusty eyes.

Lying on her side facing her husband's father, she could feel her brother-in-law's eyes caressing the rounded cheeks of her ass from behind. She took some perverted pleasure in wagging her white rump at him. She didn't know exactly what she had intended by this whorish action, but she caught her breath expectantly when she felt Rich's hands caressing her quivering buttocks, his fingers dipping between her thighs to finger her stretched and dripping labia.

Then he reached over her hip and guided the swollen head of his father's cock against her juicy vulva.

"You going to fuck her, or not?" he asked.

In answer, Richard squirmed forward, shoving the shaft of his cock into his daughter-in-law's awaiting cunt.

"So hot," the older man moaned, beginning to shaft his cock back and forth in the slick cauldron of her cunt.

Behind her, Rich chuckled. He returned his hand to her ass, his fingers slick with his own sperm and Valerie's profuse juices. Tentatively, he sniffed at the musky scent clinging to his fingers, then rubbed it back into the cleft of his sister-in-law's buttocks, smearing the rosy whorl of her anus until it was well lubricated. Then he plunged two fingers into her clenching anus, sawing them back and forth with a slight twisting motion.

"How's that?" he asked her.

Valerie writhed voluptuously under the stimulus of the new sensation. Her buttocks squeezed down on her brother-in-law's knuckles, and at the same time she wriggled forward, impaling her cunt on her father-in-law's prick. She shuddered with blind ecstasy for several minutes before Rich withdrew his fingers. As she tried to catch her breath, she listened with half an ear to what he was doing behind her.

Suddenly, with a clever, twisting stroke, Rich pushed the head of his cock through the relaxed sphincter of her anus, stretching the elastic muscle open widely as he drove the burning shaft of his erection up her asshole.

"Neek!" Valerie wailed, squirming on top of her father-in-law in a vain effort to escape the torturous attack on her ass.

Both men grabbed her immediately to prevent her wriggling loose.

"What the hell!" her father-in-law exclaimed, his brandy-scented breath billowing against her nostrils as he absorbed the weight of the two younger bodies against his chest.

"Saigon sandwich!" Rich gasped.

Valerie squirmed between them, her voice ragged as she groaned out her inarticulate protests. But both father and son held her securely between them. Then, after a few slow thrusts from Rich, the stretching pain of her raw asshole diminished. She felt stuffed. Her fevered body writhed between the warmth of her father-in-law's plunging cock in her cunt and the greater heat of his son's prick sawing in and out of her distended rectum.

"I heard tell of this before," Richard groaned, "but I'll be damned if I thought it'd ever happen to me."

"It's happening to me!" Valerie gasped.

"Feels like your cock is in her cunt with mine," Richard said to his son. "I can feel it!"

"It's so hot!" Valerie cried. "So hot..."

"Sheee-it!" Rich cried, urging his long cock deeper into the girl's rectum. "Dad, I can feel you balling her right through the wall of her swat!"

"Roll over," Richard urged, trying to heave them onto their sides so that he could breathe. "You're crushing me."

Gasping for breath herself, Valerie allowed herself to be maneuvered onto her side between them, Rich's big prong plunging in and out of her anus, her father-in-law's hot prick stuffing the narrowed channel of her cunt. Crowded together as her organs were, every time one or the other of the two men moved, her clitoris was forced maddeningly against her father-in-law's burning cock.

Spitted between Rich and his father, her mingled sensations of shame, pain, and unfettered lust were overwhelming in their combined force. Bumping and grinding, she gulped her father-in-law's pulsing cock into her pussy, then fucked back against Rich's barbarically hammering pole, her asshole spasming around him incessantly.

"Her ass is even tighter and hotter than her snatch," Rich grunted.

His father panted, "It couldn't be."

"I'm bum..." she moaned, only to have her cry choked off as her father-in-law shot his hot tongue into her lips, swabbing the roof of her mouth from the back of her teeth to the opening of her throat.

Rich inched his hands between his father's chest and Valerie's crushed tits, kneading desperately at the spongy mounds, shaking them together until the nipples tingled as they scraped across Richard's hairy chest.

"Glahhh," she moaned gutturally, impaling herself delightfully first on one cock, then on the other.

Her father-in-law's erection was swelling within her, stretching the heated tissues of her cunt even more. She gasped as she felt the two cocks coast past each other within her, separated only by the thinnest of membranes. Then she purred passionately as she felt the initial molten spatter of her father-in-law's agonizingly hot sperm spurting into her.

Wildly she thrashed against him, sawing her inflamed clitoris savagely against his spewing prick. But it was only when she felt the spastic throb of her brother-in-law's palpitating cock in her rectum that her own orgasm was triggered.

Rich pounded his erupting cock into her asshole with the fury of a rutting aardvark, his groaning chant of lust becoming, for the first time, unintelligible.

Valerie grew wild between them. She thrashed so blindly that both of the men were nearly thrown loose from her clutching orifices. With the two pricks jetting their thick, hot cream into her bowels, Valerie felt her cunt tighten and relax in time with her clenching asshole. Her fists opened, her nails clawing at Richard's freckled shoulders. Her back bowed and sprang back under her brother-in-law's continuous thrusts, her buttocks squeezing down on the buried shaft of his cock. The volcanic bubble of expanding ecstasy inside her spasming pussy seemed to threaten to explode within her, tearing her body apart.

How long her climax continued, she could only guess. When her body at last ceased its tremors and she opened her eyes, peculiar spots of phosphorescent color formed and disintegrated before her glassy eyes. She no longer had even enough energy to speak. Father and son held her sweaty body close between them, awkwardly awaiting the termination of her orgasm.

Hesitantly, Rich and his father withdrew their withered organs from her body. For an endless minute Valerie felt as though she were being turned inside out in two directions, for her cunt and asshole nipped cruelly at the two retreating organs, as though reluctant to be emptied.

Panting for breath, their bodies covered with a film of slimy perspiration, their sexual equipment puckering coolly from the loss of contact, they rolled apart. Lying on her back, hardly daring to look from side to side, Valerie guessed that her father-in-law had fallen to sleep instantly. Rich, she knew, was awake, for she could feel his knuckles gently grazing the side of her hip.

My God, she thought, what have I done? They have made me ugly. I must look like a Spring Street whore. Oh, shit! What's going to become of me now? Little by little she caught her breath, shivering a bit as the perspiration evaporated from her naked breasts. Well, she said to herself, the one consolation is that nothing worse can happen to me now.

Rich leaped to his feet even before she heard the chime of the doorbell.

"Who the fuck's that?" he demanded, looking down at her, a slight trace of panic in his eyes.

"I don't know," she said, hastily reaching for the hem of her housecoat beside the couch. She pulled it to her and quickly slipped her arms into it. "Jeanne maybe," she offered. "My roommate. But I can't imagine why she'd be ringing the..."

"Get rid of her," Rich ordered.

The bell chimed again.

"But what can I tell her?" she asked. "She's my roommate."

"Tell her you're balling someone. I don't care. Just get rid of her."


"Get to the door, you dumb cunt!"

Falteringly, Valerie pulled the robe around her and went to the head of the stairs. She couldn't see who was at the door through the frosted glass. She wondered if she should run, now that she had the opportunity. But when she finally opened the door, she saw Mike Duckworth.

"Aren't you ready yet?" he asked, glancing at her disheveled hair.

She had completely forgotten that she had a date with the music teacher. Her eyes flashed to the head of the stairs, then back to his inquiring face.

"Mike," she began, "I... ah... I just can't make it today. I'm... really feeling sick. I..."

"Of course you're going," he said, starting up the stairs. "I'll wait for you just..."

Valerie caught him by the arm. "Really," she said, her eyes grave. "I'm really sick. I can't go. I'm sorry, but..."

The red-headed music teacher glanced from her eyes to the top of the stairs, then back again.

"What's wrong?" he asked. He glanced back up the stairs and moved down one step. "You got somebody up there? Is that it?"

"No!" she said, too suddenly. "There's nobody here. It's just that I'm really not up to seeing anyone today, that's all."

"Except that you need to wash your face and comb your hair, you look fine to me," he said.

Valerie's heart was racing. "Look," she told him. "If you've got to know, my period started this morning and I've got fierce cramps. I just..."

"What the hell's going on down there? Where's my sweet little cocksucker?"

Valerie winced as she heard her father-in-law's drunken voice. She swallowed hard.

Mike turned toward the stairs. "Who's that?" he asked her. "Something's wrong here, Valerie. Who was that?"

"Mike! Please!" she begged him. "Please believe me. There's no one here. Don't go up there."

"Val, are you down there with that faggot music teacher?" her father-in-law's voice rang out.

"Mike! No!" she cried. But he yanked his arm away from her grasp and started up the stairs. She took two steps up behind him, then hesitated, her knuckles at her mouth as she watched him ascend to the archway opening into the living room.

"I'll be damned if he doesn't look as queer as a three-dollar bill!" she heard Rich exclaim.

She saw Mike's fists clench at his sides as he took in the scene before him. Then, grabbing the hem of her housecoat in one hand and pulling herself up on the banister with the other, she hastily scrambled up the stairs, abandoning all thought of escaping. She knew perfectly well her brother-in-law's sentiments concerning homosexuals, and she wanted to be in the room to keep him from doing anything stupid to the music teacher before she could explain.

"I told you he was a fairy," Richard chuckled. "Look at the way he's ogling your meat, Bud."

"Mr. Davis!" Valerie cried. "You've no right to talk that way!"

"Mr. Davis?" Mike questioned. "You mean that man is your father?"

"Father-in-law, queer," Rich interjected.

"Stop it, Rich!" Valerie cried, stepping between Mike and his threatened assailant. "Mike, please leave," she begged him.

The music teacher stared from one man to the other, his eyes wide and unbelieving. "But... you're naked!" he gasped.

"If it's taken you this long to figure that out," Rich said, "I'd hate to have you spotting gook snipers for me."

"Look, Mister," Mike said, "I don't know who you are, but..."

Rich reached out and snagged Valerie's arm. He pulled her to his chest and wrapped his arms around her, giving her tit a hefty squeeze.

"I'm Val's little baby brother, aren't I, Sis?" he snickered, nuzzling her neck.

Valerie elbowed him in the stomach and wrenched herself away.

"He's Jim's brother," she explained, her face reddening with shame. "Now, will you just go away and leave me alone? Please?"

Mike blinked his eyes. "Jim's brother?"

"You heard her," Rich said, advancing toward him.

Once again Valerie stepped between them. "He's going now, Rich," she said, holding out her hand to halt her brother-in-law's advance.

Mike, his face plainly revealing his perplexity, looked from Rich to Valerie. "Rich? I thought he," he said, pointing at Mr. David, "I thought he called him Bud."

"So what if he did?" Rich demanded, his huge fists clenched at his sides. Nude as he was, his aggressive stance looked somewhat ridiculous or, would have if he had not been so deadly serious.

"It's a family joke," Valerie told Mike. "Jim always calls Rich by that name when he's kidding him." She turned to her brother-in-law. "Just let him go now, Rich," she said. "He's going now, and..."

Rich shoved her aside and stood facing the freckle-faced music teacher. "Well, faggot," he threatened, "you've been looking at my cock just about long enough."

"Look, buster, or whatever your name is," Mike said, taking a tentative step backward, the better to defend himself. "I don't know what's going on here, but you'd better shut your filthy mouth. There's a lady present, whether you realize it or not."

"Yeah," Mr. Davis said. "He's queer all right."

Valerie grabbed Rich's arm. "He's going now, Rich," she insisted, giving Mike a pleading glance. "Just let him go and we can..."

Rich jerked his arm away from her. "He's going all right," he snapped, suddenly slashing the side of his open palm across the side of the music teacher's neck in a hard karate chop. "Going out like a light," he said as the man slumped to the floor.

"You dumb bastard!" Valerie cried, rushing forward to Mike's side. She lifted his face from the floor, then let it fall back as she turned to Rich. "What did you do to him?" she cried. "I think he's dead or something!"

"He ain't dead," Rich said, grinning down at her. "I just chopped him a little. Just enough to knock him out."

"What'd you do that for?" she demanded.

"I didn't like the hungry way he was cruising my meat," Rich said, casually fingering his nuts.

"When I was in the Navy," Mr. Davis told them earnestly, "they used to teach us a little judo. But it was the Japs we were fighting then."

"Oh, shut up!" Valerie cried, once again lifting her friend's head, twisting her neck to look into his closed eyes.

"I know just the place for him," Rich suggested, bending over to haul the music teacher up by the scruff of his sport coat. "Only first I think we'd better take his clothes off of him."

Valerie jerked on the unconscious man's arm so hard that Rich lost his grip and the body once more slumped to the floor.

"Don't you touch him!" she shouted.

"All right," Rich said, chuckling. "You take his clothes off then."


"Don't worry," Rich told her. "He's not my type. I wouldn't touch him with a ten-foot pole."

"Ten inches!" his father shouted.

"I just don't want him running around telling the cops anything," Rich continued. "We'll put him in your closet to sleep it off. When you and I are finished, you can..." He chuckled a little, then added, "... well, you can explain however you want to."

"We're finished now," Valerie snapped. "Get the hell out of here. You and your drunken father, too!"

"Not yet we're not finished!" Rich growled, grabbing her arm. Holding her tightly with one hand, he bent down and grabbed the neck of the music teacher's coat. Then, shoving his sister-in-law ahead of him, he dragged the limp body face down behind him towards the bedroom door.


The bedroom door and the wooden shutters at the windows were closed, shutting off almost all light in the room. The one shaft of light, streaming from the partially open bathroom door, fell across their bodies, diagonally bisecting his abdomen and the lower part of her naked thighs. If she didn't think about it, Valerie could almost forget that it was her husband's brother she was fucking.

It's not really incest, she had told herself as she had let herself be pushed onto the unmade bed, because he's not a blood relation. And I'm almost divorced Jim, so he's not even really my brother-in-law. When she had helped him wedge the music teacher into her closet she had taken a good look at Rich's amused face. If it wasn't for the differences in our age, she had thought, we might have gotten together anyway. And when he had stripped the housecoat from her body again, his knuckles grazing her shivering tits, she had thought, If he wasn't so crass, I might even do all these nasty things willingly. The ex-Marine had shoved her onto the bed and crawled after her, his muscled shoulders flexing like a tiger about to spring. And she had looked at his steady eyes in the ray of light from the bathroom door, her hands lifted to push against the well-delineated outlines of his bronze, muscular chest. And she had admitted to herself, If he wasn't forcing me, I would even find him attractive. If the circumstances were different, I could let him ball me all day and do whatever strange things he wanted to do. I'd even lick his ass again, I think.

But there were too many "ifs" involved. And her Irish-Catholic upbringing repeatedly spoiled her attempted rationalizations. Rich was her husband's brother, and what she was doing was incestuous. Even when she squirmed with the sinful pleasure of it, it was still wrong.

I just can't think about it now, she told herself. I won't think about it. If I think about it now, I'll go crazy. I'll think about it tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow. I'll take a bath, and I'll think about it tomorrow. Tomorrow is time enough to think about the fires of that Irish hell.

It was a different kind of heat she felt now, but it was real, and therefore all the more intense. Straddling her brother-in-law's thighs, her knees pressed against the curves of his hipbone, Valerie felt his long cock pulse hotly within her channel. During the year and a half of her marriage, Jim had never allowed her to assume this kind of dominant position. Now she found it all the more stimulating, for not only could she exert the control to keep his fat log riding continuously against her clitoris, but, for the first time in the perverted orgy, Rich had permitted her to take the aggressive position. Although she realized she was exaggerating her control, it increased her pleasure to imagine that she was actually dominating this chauvinistic ex-Marine. During the first few moments after she had wedged his fat hard-on into her slit, she had ground her cunt down around him slowly, imagining herself as some kind of sexual torturess with Rich as her helpless victim.

But now, as her brother-in-law began to thrust up beneath her, she was less sure about who was the victim and who the torturer. In this position his cock probed even deeper than it had before. And it was so thick that it stuffed her completely, riding continually across her clitoris. As the friction-stimulated temperature rose within her cunt she seemed to lose more and more control of herself and she could feel her cunt churning out more of its thick honey to lubricate the passage of the huge cock lodged so firmly between her legs.

Rich slid his hand along the back of her thigh to clutch at her plump white buttocks. His cock shot up into her so that she leaned forward away from the shock of his penetration. Her smoky hair fell over his face and he rose up a little from the pillow, his mouth welding itself to her moist, unresisting lips. Valerie's mouth was filled with his churning tongue, just as her pussy was stuffed with his cock. She moaned wantonly as the saliva from his mouth was spread over her lips, even as the mucus secreted by her cunt was being massaged into her cunt by the steady thrusting of his hard, hot cock.

When she backed away from his mouth, his cock drove even deeper into the churning clasp of her cunt. She whimpered a little, but at the same time began to thrust herself down over his burning cock. The long slick, deliberate strokes of his cock caressed her clitoris, creating a delicious itching throughout her entire body.

Then, without stopping his thrusts into her from below Rich lifted his hands to her softly bouncing breasts. He cupped the firm mounds and squeezed them firmly, feeling both nipples at once with his thumb and index finger. They hardened instantly under his gentle pinch. It hurt her a little, but she liked it. In the brief afterglow of the sensation, she could feel her nipples hardening even more between the hard vise of his fingers.

Lifting herself with her legs, she jerked away from his hand. She had raised herself almost completely away from his hard-on and when she fell back on it, her brother-in-law's cock buckled at the middle in a brief moment of agonizing pressure. Then the greased cylinder stiffened and shot into her with even greater force than before.

"Unnngghh!" Valerie moaned. She grabbed him by the shoulders and swung her head from side to side, her smoky hair flying.

When Rich made a particularly long thrust into her the itch within her drooling pussy exploded instantly as the bloated head of his cock stretched the inner lining of her cunt and plowed upward toward her womb. The incredible depth of this stroke shocked her so much that she had to fight for breath, her big tits bouncing wildly with the effort.

Her cunt clamped down around his prick with a strength that was almost virginal, releasing its hold on his embedded cock only long enough for him to start his retreat. Her buttocks rose from his thighs to accommodate his thrusts and she ground her pussy down on him with a savage intensity.

"Oh, God!" she gasped. "Oh, God!"

"You like it on top, huh?" Rich asked her.

"Unnggh!" she moaned, desperate to bring on the orgasm she felt building within her fiery depths.

Without waiting for an intelligible reply, the muscular young man seized her buttocks and lifted her until his cock had nearly oozed out of her wet cunt. When he released her, she impaled herself once more by the force of her own weight.

A low animal groan of lust rolled from her throat. The friction of his swollen rod had been pleasant as it retreated along her clasping flesh, but when his hot cock shot into her so unexpectedly Valerie groaned and writhed on his upthurst tool as though she were losing her mind.

With some difficulty, Rich bent at the waist and began to chew at her breasts. Like cream-filled balloons they buffeted either side of his face. He sucked at one succulent nipple, then the other. Valerie leaned forward and urged the soft flesh of her tits into his burning mouth, still continuing to thrust her pussy down around the stretching thickness of his erection. She had long since stopped wandering who was the dominator and who the dominated. It didn't matter any more. She felt totally and mindlessly depraved. And she loved every minute of it.

Then Rich flopped back on the pillow, his strong fingers once again clasping her buttocks. Up and down, again and again, he swung her. Valerie slid on his greased rod with an increasing rapidity, her movements blurring until it was all one motion and her groans had become one long, continuous moan of animal lust.

When Rich let go of her with his hands, Valerie kept the fucking motion going by herself, her cunt sucking voraciously on his shaft as she pulled up, her labia forced inward as she ground herself down on his plunger. Now that his hands were free, Rich caught her nipples between his fingers and pinched them cruelly. But this stimulation only served to bring her ever closer to the breaking pitch.

Valerie bucked against him with mounting vigor, thrusting herself down on his cock so that his sliding foreskin rippled over her clitoris like jellied fire. His fingers followed her reddened nipples no matter where she was in her cycle of impalement, nipping and pinching the nubby pouts as she drew herself up on his cock only to sink deeper and harder around him again and again.

Her breath grew even more shallow. Her skin tingled as though the cells in it were exploding like miniature electric fuses. She felt hot and cold at the same time, and she could feel the stinging perspiration drying on her forehead as though she were going to faint. At the same moment Rich began to hump up beneath her with an intensity that threatened to throw her off completely.

"Rich! Rich!" she groaned, her voice almost unrecognizable. "I'm coming again! I'm coming!"

Her brother-in-law sat up so suddenly that she fell over backward between his legs. In seconds he had scrambled over her, holding her legs over his shoulders, his hard cock still gripped by the slathering lips of her cunt.

Without missing a stroke he continued to drive into her as her legs locked around his neck. His hands sought wildly for a grip on her shuddering tits, and his hard mouth slid desperately over her lips, her chin, nose and eyes. His breath grew ragged as he pummeled into her.

"Unnh-unnh-unnh," she moaned in time to his thrusts. Her hands clawed wildly at his waist as his hard-on plunged hotly into her depths.

"Fuck, bitch, fuck!" he urged her, punctuating his words with a jarring slam against her swollen labia.

Then, at the first splash of his scalding sperm against the walls of her womb, the crest of Valerie's second climax washed over her like a flood. The foaming heat of his cum splashed and rolled into her, then back along the pounding length of his throbbing cock. She could feel her channel milking him again and again. She ground her head back into the mattress and tried to scream to relieve the tension, but the cords of her throat had become so taut that the only sound she made was a horrible kind of gurgling gasp. Her arms shot out at her sides and she grabbed onto the sheets, gripping them until her knuckles were white. She could no longer even respond to his thrusts. Her inner muscles seemed to dissolve around him.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!" he demanded, shaking the sweat from his face, pounding into her until she thought he would rip her open.

But even though she tried, Valerie couldn't lift her hips to meet his strokes. Though her orgasm continued to tingle through her body, she was exhausted.

Rich shafted barbarically into her, the thick wads of his sperm shooting into her like white-hot tracer bullets. He raised himself to a push-up position and jack-hammered his tensing buttocks down on her, the greasy shaft of his cock sliding along the top of her slit into her soaking channel. His biceps twitched erratically from the effort to hold his position as her legs slithered off his shoulders. But he continued to pour his prickling sperm into her until he could support himself on his arms no longer.

Then he fell against her breasts, their wet skins sliding together with a slightly gritty sensation. The gusts of breath from his nostrils stirred the tangled curls of her hair beneath his cheek.

They lay silently together for several minutes. Then Valerie slowly became aware of a feeling of being watched. It took her some effort to push Rich's sweating body away from her, and she couldn't help grimacing as his softened cock slurped out of her distended labia.

Her father-in-law had seen enough of her body that she needn't bothered to cover herself, but she instinctively pulled a corner of the sheets over her breasts as she turned toward the doorway.

"I would've knocked first," her roommate said, "but I thought you must be alone."

"Jeanne!" Valerie gasped, pulling the sheet closer over her breasts. She glanced down at her naked brother-in-law lying face down beside her, his perspiring buttocks only inches from her hand.

"Wow!" the peroxide blonde cooed, leaning on the frame of the bedroom door. Her eyes unashamedly scanned the nude body beside her roommate and she made a low whistling sound. "That's what I call a body!" she whispered. "Is he asleep? I'd like to see the rest of the equipment," she smirked. "If it's half as good as his ass looks, you must've had a terrific time. But who's the old duffer asleep on the couch? He looks like Jim's father."

Valerie was too astounded by her roommate's casual attitude even to speak for some seconds. "It's Jim's father," she said at last.

"What!" Jeanne gasped. She pointed to the body on the bed. "But Jim never had an ass like that!" she giggled.

Rich rolled over on his side, his heavy cock lying along his thigh, and supported his head with his elbow. He wiped the hair off his forehead and looked at the pretty blonde in the doorway.

"I'm his brother," he said.

When Valerie saw her roommate's eyes widen in shocked delight, she thought she would die of embarrassment.

"Well," Jeanne giggled, "I guess it's all in the family." She frowned a little, then lowered her voice to whisper to Valerie. "But I wish you'd saved a little for your poor roommate."

Rich scratched at the underside of his testicles. "There's always more," he said. "Take off your clothes and help yourself."

Jeanne covered her mouth with her hand and giggled, "You're kidding!"

"Do I look like I'm kidding?" Rich asked, spreading his legs a little to give her a better view of his heavy-hanging cock and balls.

"Val!" Jeanne giggled. "I didn't know you were so naughty!"

Valerie cringed on the bed, covering herself more fully with the sheet. This has got to be a nightmare, she thought. In a minute I'll wake up and laugh at myself. But the jingle of Jeanne's dog's collar in the other room seemed altogether too realistic a detail for a dream.

Jeanne dropped her purse by the doorway and stepped into the bedroom. She hesitated, looking from Rich to Valerie. "Really!" she giggled. "This is wild, wild! Are you sure you don't mind, Val?"

Rich swung his legs off the mattress and sat on the edge of the bed combing the hair away from his forehead. "Of course she doesn't mind," he said. "Take off that dress and let's have a look at what you've got to contribute to the party."

What a surprise you're going to get, buster, Valerie thought, eyeing Jeanne's padded bust-line. Then she added, Now you can fuck her and give me a little rest. But she watched disbelievingly as her giggling roommate quickly undressed and hung her clothes in the closet, opening her side of the cabinet without even being aware that there was a third man sleeping almost at her feet.

"What's this?" Rich asked her, pointing at the bowl of soggy breakfast food on the table in front of him.

"It used to be Grape Nuts," she said, watching Jeanne pat her hair into place in front of the closet mirror.

When Rich pulled the bowl of cereal over to him and held it in his palm with one hand, the bowl looked absurdly small. He spooned a mouthful up and pointed to Jeanne with the full spoon.

"Not much meat on you, is there?" he asked, slurping the soggy cereal into his mouth.

Jeanne shook her platinum hair around her shoulders and walked over to the bed until her copper-colored cunt was at eye level with the munching ex-Marine.

"Didn't you ever hear about redheads?" she asked him coquettishly, ignoring her roommate on the opposite side of the bed.

"You may have a hot cunt," Rich said between mouthfuls, "but there's not much to it." He held the bowl between his widespread legs, his cock and balls hanging over the edge of the bed.

"There'll be plenty for you, big boy," Jeanne said, giving her cunt a bump and grind in his direction.

Valerie was shocked at the wanton behavior of her roommate, but she was secretly satisfied that Rich was behaving so disinterestedly.

Jeanne crouched down so that she could look beneath the bowl in his hand at his cock.

"Does it ever get hard?" she asked mockingly. "It looks like it might be fun if you could put a little starch in it."

Rich set the spoon down in the bowl. "There'll be starch in it soon enough, slut," he said casually. He reached over with one hand and grabbed her by the shoulder, pulling her against the edge of the bed so that his cock hung down over her forehead like an obscene amulet.

Valerie watched in the closet mirror as Jeanne giggled and caressed the skin-covered head of the big hose with her red-lacquered nails.

"Does it like to be kissed?" Jeanne asked him, looking up past his cock and the bowl to his face.

Rich chewed and swallowed, then wiped a tiny drip of milk from his chin. "Forget the kiss," he said. "Just blow me. You know you're hot to get your mouth around it."

Jeanne snorted. "You're not even hard yet!" she told him.

Valerie could see in the mirror how her roommate was spreading her legs to give Rich a more enticing view of her carrot-colored cunt. Jeanne fingered her labia, then arched her neck so that she could touch the tip of Rich's cock with her tongue. Valerie's eyes widened at the sudden depravity of her girl friend. What's gotten into herd she wondered. She's absolutely cock-crazy!

"You going to keep eating that mush, or what?" Jeanne demanded, licking her lips.

Rich reached down with one hand and stuffed the head of his cock back into the blonde's unprotesting mouth.

"Don't worry about it," he said, filling his mouth again. "Even a Marine has to take an energy break sometime."

Valerie looked toward the open doorway as she heard her father-in-law stumble against the coffee table.

"Jesus H. Christ!" the old man rumbled drunkenly. "There's a fucking dog licking my balls!"


His balls lying loose against Jeanne's cheek as she sucked him, his fingers tweaking Valerie's tits as he fucked her mouth with his tongue, Rich pulled his knee out from under his father's hand.

As though desperate to touch flesh, the older man shifted his hand to Jeanne's thigh, his fingers grazing her hairy mound as he rooted his face deeper into his daughter-in-law's creamy cunt. Her labia were well distended and he could swipe his tongue along their inner walls almost to the inner lips without straining.

Valerie looked about her at the three bodies sprawled in tangled positions on the bed. Although her father-in-law was once again eating her out, although Rich amused himself by slobbering over her breasts, she was still the least involved person in what had now become an orgy. When she looked at her roommate she was amused to see how her father-in-law's finger wriggled back and forth in the coppery coils of Jeanne's pubic hair, seeming to come out her mouth in the form of Rich's big cock. Rich was hard again, and it amazed Valerie to see how quickly his blood-engorged tool had stiffened under Jeanne's oral stimulation.

The platinum blonde pushed Rich's cock out of her mouth with her tongue and lifted her head to look at Valerie. "Wild, isn't it?" she asked, coughing a little.

It's wild all right, Valerie thought.

"Look," Jeanne said to Rich, pushing his cock away from her face. "I mean, I can dig going down on you like this. But what I'd really groove on is having you ball me. I haven't been fucked in a week."

Rich chuckled as he raised his head from his sister-in-law's glistening tits. "That's laying it on the line, I guess." He gave his father a shove on the top of the head, and when the old man looked up from Valerie's cunt Rich said, indicating the blonde, "This one wants to get pronged, Pop." Richard smiled like a coyote and unhesitatingly crawled over his son's and daughter-in-law's legs to place himself between Jeanne's widespread thighs. His bony-looking cock probed against her unfucked cunt as he shook his head at the sight of her lemon-shaped tits.

"This isn't exactly what I had in mind," Jeanne said, reaching up to finger Rich's hairy nuts. She glanced down at Richard as he wedged the head of his cock into her labia. "You haven't forgotten how to do it, have you?" she asked him.

Richard grinned. "It's like riding a bicycle," he told her. "Once you've done it the first time, you never forget it." Then he looked over at his son and said, "You just going to lay there, Bud?"

Rich Junior pulled his thigh across Jeanne's face and put his arms around Valerie. "Let's see you in action first, old man." He scooted up on the bed beside his sister-in-law and idly twiddled her nipples as he watched his father begin thrusting into the willing blonde. "Your ass is bony," he observed.

"I don't fuck with my ass," his father told him.

"Is it in?" Jeanne joked, humping up at him.

"Christ, yes, it's in!" Richard choked. "Can't you feel it?"

"Well, put it in deeper then," Jeanne demanded, throwing her arms around his neck and pulling his bristly cheeks against her breasts.

Over Rich's shoulder, Valerie watched her father-in-law wriggling his pale ass as he ground his cock into the girl beneath him. She slapped Rich's hands away from her tits, but did not object when he returned them to finger her softened nipples. She rubbed her calves softly against Rich's hairy legs, licking her lips as she watched how easily her roommate submitted to Richard's erratic thrusts.

But the coupling was surprisingly short. In less than two minutes, Richard stiffened and ground himself down against Jeanne's gripping cunt.

"Well, good Lord!" Jeanne said. "He's shooting his wad already!"

Richard pulled out of her, his cock still seeping weakly as he gasped for breath.

"You call that a fuck?" Jeanne asked him. She reached over and flicked the tip of his cock with her fingers. "Hell," she said to Valerie and Rich, "I'd sooner finger my own clit than try that again."

Rich's fingers stopped moving on Valerie's nipples. "You don't like the way my dad fucks?" he asked her.

"I've had more fun falling off a bicycle," she told him flatly.

Rich looked at her for a moment, then crawled off the bed and walked into the living room. Both girls watched him go.

"What's eating him?" Jeanne asked.

"I don't know," Valerie said. But something in the cold way her brother-in-law had left the bedroom instilled fear in her.

Jeanne broke out laughing when Rich appeared in the doorway. "You've got to be kidding!" she chortled. Rich was leading the border collie into the bedroom by the collar.

Valerie pulled the sheets over her body and backed away on the bed.

Suddenly Jeanne quit laughing. She looked at her roommate, her eyes leashing. "He is kidding, isn't he?"

Valerie couldn't speak.

"Hold her legs open!" Rich told his father, trying to get the dog to jump up on the bed.

Mr. Davis looked from his son to the two frightened girls on the bed in front of him. "Bud," he said, grinning, "a joke's a..."

"Hold her legs open, damn it!" Rich snapped, lifting the dog onto the foot of the bed.

Jeanne kicked at the older man's hands as he tried to grasp her ankles. "Not on your life!" she cried.

Rich put the palm of his hand against her face and shoved her down on the bed. "If you don't like getting fucked by a man, maybe you'll appreciate having a dog throw the meat to you," he spat. He grabbed one of her ankles and jerked it to the side just as his father finally managed to capture the other one.

"Rich! No!" Valerie cried.

"And you'd better help with this," he snapped at her, "or you'll be getting a ration of the same."

Jeanne looked with pleading eyes at her roommate. "Val... no, please!" she begged.

Valerie bit her lip in perplexity as to what to do.

"Hold her down!" Rich ordered.

"I'm sorry, Jeanne," Valerie whispered. Then she grabbed her roommate by the shoulder and shoved her back against the sheets. "It's either you or me," she whispered. "I'm sorry."

While Valerie and Rich's father held the terrified girl down, Rich wiped his fingers through the juice of Jeanne's cunt, then held them up to the dog's muzzle.

"Valerie! Help me!" Jeanne cried, watching in horror as the collie lapped the juice from Rich's fingers.

"She's helping you already," Rich grinned, leading the dog down to the original source of the thick salt fluids.

Jeanne flinched as the dog's hot tongue lapped into her labia. She wrenched one of her hands loose from Valerie's grip and swatted at the dog's muzzle. "No, Sam!" she cried.

Rich grabbed her ankles. "Get her hands," he ordered his father.

Mr. Davis shrugged his shoulders as Valerie looked at him. Then he caught Jeanne's wrists and pinned them to the side of the bed.

Jeanne thrashed her hips from side to side, but the dog continued to tongue her cunt. Valerie could see that the strokes of the dog's abrasive tongue were at first short and soft, but as the collie savored Jeanne's fluids his tongue worked deeper, lingering longer.

"Please, Val, please!" Jeanne begged. "Don't let them do this to me. It's filthy, disgusting! How can you let them do this to me?"

Rich looked down at the writhing girl. "Would you rather we did it to her?" he asked, nodding at Valerie.

Jeanne looked at her roommate as Valerie's eyes widened in fear at what Rich had suggested. For a moment she hesitated. Then she looked back at Rich and cried, "Yes, yes! Do it to her! I'll help you hold her, only don't make that dog fuck me!"

Rich only laughed. "Now you can see how she can let us do this to you," he told Jeanne.

Valerie looked down at her roommate, feeling a mixture of hate and relief. She was glad that Rich hadn't meant what he said about making her fuck a dog, but what her roommate had offered to do while the dog fucked her made her almost equally as happy that Jeanne was going to get screwed by an animal. It serves her right, Valerie couldn't help thinking, for flouncing in here like some Spring Street whore. I, at least, was forced into what I've done. She was practically begging for it.

Jeanne couldn't take her eyes off the bright red prong of the dog's cock, which Rich was deftly massaging out of its sheath. She tried to push the dog away with her hips, but it was a useless effort. The animal was only becoming more agitated the more she fought back.

Then Rich yanked her ankles down until her legs were hanging off the bed. The dog had backed up between her legs until he fell off the edge of the bed, but now he resumed licking her juicy slit.

Valerie winced as she saw the dog jump up on his hind legs, his paws dancing over her roommate's belly, his pointed red prick hovering close to the vulnerable cunt.

"Valerie!" Jeanne cried, her eyes streaming tears. "Stop them! For God's sake, help me!" She tried to sit up, but the hands gripping her wrists jerked her back down. The dog, urged on by Rich's filthy massage of his prick, lunged forward, his hips already humping the lethal-looking shaft toward her gaping cunt. "This is inhuman!" Jeanne wailed. "It's insane!"

Jeanne groaned, trying to shake herself loose from the pressure of the dog's paw on her abdomen. Then her body stiffened suddenly.

Valerie gasped as she saw Rich's hand retreating from Jeanne's cunt, where he had centered the jabbing prick of the excited dog. Bestiality, she said to herself with surprising calmness. Then she looked up at her brother-in-law with a newly acquired expression of awe and fear.

"Nooooo..." Jeanne moaned, trying to shake her cunt loose from the animal's penetration. She twisted under the beast, trying to dislodge his fiery prick. She humped her abdomen against his muzzle, but he only began to growl as he humped his prick ever deeper into her cunt.

Valerie could not imagine how the gentle border collie had been urged to such a terrifying thing. She imagined that his reddened prick must be even hotter than a man's cock. And the pointed tip had looked sharp enough to pierce the sensitive flesh of a woman's cunt. Shocked and frightened, Valerie fell back against the bed as the dog continued to grind into her roommate. She could almost feel the bristly hair of the dog's coat on her own belly, and though she repented of having hated Jeanne, she was still glad that it was her roommate the dog was fucking and not her. Her cunt ached sympathetically even though she was only watching the depraved scene.

"If I had a ball of muscle at the root of my cock like that," Mr. Davis said, "I could fuck all night."

Valerie's eyes widened as she saw the big red knot of flesh at the base of the dog's cock. It was slowly being forced into the moaning girl's cunt, and the exposed red veins lacing the hot pink shaft were hideous.

"Rich, stop him!" Valerie cried. "He'll kill her!"

Rich shook her hand loose from his arm. "He's not going to kill her," he said, gunning. "Just fuck her. Don't worry, I've seen girls take lots worse things up their cunts. Didn't you ever see a donkey act in Tijuana?"

"But it's hurting her," Valerie protested.

"Not really," Rich said. "It's just the idea that's breaking her heart. After she's been fucked by a dog, she'll be grateful to fuck whatever man wants her."

It was now too late for Jeanne to writhe free. The thick knot of muscle at the root of the dog's cock had been hammered through her inner labia and when Rich let go of her legs she could only moan and twist from side to side beneath the humping dog.

"You can let loose of her now," Rich told his father. "She ain't going nowhere with that knot in her cunt."

Once Richard released her hands, Jeanne immediately tried to push the dog away, but, as Rich had predicted, the ball of muscle was so well embedded in her clasping cunt that she seemed to succeed only in hurting both herself and the collie when she tried to free herself.

"Does it hurt very bad?" Valerie asked her.

"No," Jeanne gasped. "It's just horrible. If I hold still, it doesn't hurt at all. But Val, how can you let them do this to me?"

"You sound like a broken record," Rich said, raising one foot to the foot of the bed. He leaned his elbow on the raised knee and looked down at her face. "Actually, I've seen better shows in Nam," he said casually.

"I shouldn't doubt it!" Jeanne gasped.

"Jeanne!" Valerie cried. "Your cunt's squeezing down on his cock! I can see it!"

"You think I don't know it?" Jeanne groaned sarcastically. "The bristles on his fucking cock are driving my clit crazy!"

"Well I'll be a sonovabitch!" Mr. Davis said philosophically.

Twisting her mouth away from the dog, who was trying to lick her lips, Jeanne swatted him in the muzzle. But she couldn't stop him from fucking her. His hindquarters had begun to beat at her like a jackhammer.

"Oh, my God, no!" Jeanne cried.

"Jeanne, Jeanne! What is it?" Valerie wept. "Is it hurting you?"

The blonde's head flopped back on the bed, her eyes gone white. "I'm coming," she said emotionlessly. "I'm getting my fucking rocks off from a dog."

Both Mr. Davis and Rich Junior began to laugh. Valerie backed away in horror on the bed.

"Unnngghh!" Jeanne groaned. "His cum is like boiling oil! Oh, Jesus, it's hot!" Again she tried to push the dog away, but her fingers only slipped in the long brown coat of hair.

"Be careful," Rich chuckled. "A bitch like you might wind up with a litter of pups."

Mr. Davis giggled obscenely.

"Rich!" Valerie cried, the full impact of what was happening at last washing over her. "Stop it! Stop it!" She hurried forward on the bed and tried to push the dog away from her roommate. Rich tried to grab her arms, but she kicked his foot away from the bed and he lost his balance. In the interval Valerie threw her arms around the dog's neck, trying to pull him away. "No, Sam!" she shouted in the dog's ear.

"Jesus Christ!" Jeanne cried. "Somebody stop her. She's tearing me inside out! Valerie, stop!"

But Valerie pushed back on the dog as hard as she could, even though both Rich and her father-in-law were trying to wrestle her back and the dog was yipping fearfully.

Rich gripped her shoulders and yanked back, but Valerie clung to the dog's neck.

"YIIIEEEE!" Jeanne wailed as the reddened knot of the dog's cock audibly popped free of her cunt. "Oh, Jesus, Jesus, that smarts!"

Rich, Valerie, Mr. Davis and the dog had all tumbled from the foot of the bed. Rich had managed to get up on one knee, but Valerie's head was nestled between his legs. On top of her the dog and her father-in-law both scrambled to get to their feet.

"Shee-it!" Rich groaned. "You stupid cunt!" He pulled Valerie to her feet just as Richard managed to sit up on the foot of the bed. The dog hobbled out of the room with his tail between his legs.

Valerie looked down at her roommate, who was rocking from side to side on the bed, both hands cradling her juicy cunt.

"Are you all right?" Valerie asked timidly. "Are you bleeding?"

Jeanne stopped her rocking for a moment and looked up at the trio of faces at the foot of the bed. "I don't think I'm torn or anything," she said.

"But I thought my clit was going to be torn off when you pulled Sam off of me. Oh, Jesus!"

Rich kneed Valerie in the ass, then pushed her down on the bed beside her roommate. "Kiss it and make it well," he chuckled.

Valerie looked up at her brother-in-law in confusion. "What?"

Drunkenly, her father-in-law began to laugh, the motion of his convulsions causing Valerie's big breasts to bob up and down as if they were floating in water.

Rich laughed, then repeated, "I said, kiss your roommate's cunt and make it well!"

Valerie hoped he wasn't serious. She looked from the face of her brother-in-law to that of his father. Then she looked at Jeanne, as though seeking confirmation that this really was no more than a joke.

Jeanne smiled knowingly. "Yeah, Val," she said. She made a humping motion with her hips. "Give us a little kiss."

"Kiss her cunt," Rich said, his laughter diminishing.

Valerie backed away a little, but Rich caught her by the ankle. "Haven't you had enough?" she hissed at him.

"Kiss her cunt," her father-in-law laughed.

"Go ahead," Rich said, "or I'll twist your foot off."

Valerie tried to kick loose from his grip, but his fingers were strong. "You're kidding, aren't you, Rich?" she asked, her eyes growing wild.

"No," he answered flatly.

"But... but that's a queer thing, a lesbian thing!"

"Do it once and see how it feels," Rich ordered.

Valerie looked over at Jeanne's sopping crotch. "But the dog just fucked her!" she protested. "Don't make me do it! Jeanne, tell him not to make me do it."

"I'm sorry," Jeanne cooed. "It's either you or me," she added, mimicking Valerie's earlier tone.

Rich pulled her over until her face hovered just above her roommate's red-tufted pussy.

Valerie kicked and shook her head, but Rich had her by the back of the neck now, as well as by the ankle.

"Rich!" she begged, her face slowly being forced closer and closer to Jeanne's drooling labia. "The dog just fucked her!"

"Yes!" Jeanne said, suddenly grabbing Valerie's hair and yanking her roommate's head against her cunt. "And you helped him do it!"

Valerie gasped as her nose flattened against Jeanne's pubic bone. The tip of her chin sloshed against the flooded labia beneath her, and already she could feel the sticky juices clinging to her cheeks.


The cheeks of her ass hovered directly in front of Rich's big prick as, on her hands and knees, Valerie tried to lift her face from her roommate's lathered pussy. Instinctively, she licked her lips to try to clean away the clinging residue of Jeanne's cunt, but as she did so she realized that the salty taste was the mixture of her father-in-law's sperm, the dog's cum, and Jeanne's own juices.

"I'll be sick!" she coughed.

"Don't you puke on me!" Jeanne squealed.

Rich pushed her face down once more against the blonde's pussy. "She won't be sick," he said. "I'm going to help her along." He wagged his cock behind Valerie's ass for Jeanne to see.

Jeanne giggled. "Eat me good, baby!" she urged, humping her cunt up at Valerie. Then she added, looking at Rich's big tool, "I'd almost be willing to trade places!"

"Oh, no you don't!" Richard said, whipping his leg over her chest and settling himself quickly over her small, hard breasts.

"Kinky!" Jeanne cried, staring down at the older man's cock, which had once again grown hard as he watched his daughter-in-law being forced to lick the other girl's cunt.

"Oh, brother!" Rich chuckled, caressing Valerie's smooth, round buttocks.

Valerie felt his hands on her hips and wondered just what was going to happen. This last time she had been forced against Jeanne's cunt, her mouth had been open and she had felt the blonde quiver as she had closed her lips. She knew now that she wasn't going to be sick. What the hell, she thought. Nothing more can happen. Hesitantly she reopened her mouth, her tongue guarding the entrance.

"Daisy chain! Daisy chain!" Jeanne giggled.

Valerie heard her cry cut off as though something had been thrust into her mouth. She's blowing Richard, she realized.

"Get with it, Sis," Rich said behind her, his fingers parting the hair of her cunt. When he slid his thick fingers into her vulva and Valerie felt the abrasive caress against her clitoris she shuddered with strange delight. Well, she thought, I always wondered what pleasure a man can get from cunnilingus. I guess here's where I find out.

She flicked her tongue along the inner edges of Jeanne's labia, amazed at how smooth they were when they looked so wrinkled. The taste, she decided, aside from being heavier, was not all that much different from the two cocks she had sucked earlier in the day. Her familiarity with her own organs led her quickly to the sensitive bud of Jeanne's clitoris. She raved it once with the tip of her tongue, feeling her roommate respond instantly with a quivering of her thighs.

"Mmmmghhh..." Jeanne moaned around the cock in her mouth.

Richard sat docilely on the blonde's breasts, his head turned to watch his daughter-in-law eating the cunt of the girl who was so deftly laving his cock with her slippery, warm tongue. "I went out with a dyke once," he said to no one in particular.

Valerie ignored his remark. She certainly didn't feel like a lesbian, though Rich's fingers massaging her clit were accounting par dally for her energetic mouthing of Jeanne's sexual orifice. She caught the blonde's clitoris between her lips and at that instant Rich gave her a particularly ticklish stroke.

"Mmmmm!" Valerie hummed. A seeping of juices welled into her mouth from around the bud of nerves held between her lips.

"How do you like it?" Rich asked her, his fingers sliding rhythmically in and out of her puffy labia.

Valerie didn't know whether he meant the feeling of his fingers massaging her tender tissues or the taste of Jeanne's cunt. She said nothing, but nicked her tongue a little deeper into the meaty, warm folds sliding against her lips.

The touch of her brother-in-law's fingers on her clitoris was already making her shiver with anticipation, so when he began to smear the juice from her cunt over her asshole, she didn't protest. She felt the greasy widening of her sphincter as his finger probed through the tight muscle. When he withdrew from her anus she flailed furiously at Jeanne's clit as she awaited his next touch.

Rich gripped both cheeks of her ass, spreading them with his thumbs. He inched a little closer to the bed until the wide, blunt head of his cock was centered on the brown pucker of her rectum. Then, holding his cock in one hand, he leaned forward, watching the resisting muscle slowly give way.

"Mmmmggghhh!" Valerie groaned, gasping for breath. But as she raised her head from Jeanne's gleaming pubic hair her buttocks rocked back and she felt herself spitted on the muscle-stretching lance of Rich's cock. "It's too big!" she groaned.

"It's never been too big before," Rich grunted, nosing another inch of the fat hose into her bowels.

"Oh, Rich!" she gasped. But as he thrust into her she leaned down, her mouth smacking wetly against her roommate's cunt. She felt Rich's cock slither up her ass to an incredible depth, and her tongue darted out as though there weren't room for both it and her brother-in-law's cock in her body.

Rich humped into his sister-in-law's with a steady motion that was soon transmitted through Valerie's sucking mouth to Jeanne's cunt, from the blonde's heaving belly to Richard's bouncing buttocks, from the older man's thrusting cock to Jeanne's clasping lips.

"I think I'm going to come again," Richard groaned.

Jeanne spat his cock from her mouth. "Not yet, you're not!" she said. She gave the tip of his cock a hard pinch with her fingers, then slurped it back in her mouth.

"Mmmm... mmmm... mmmhhh!" Valerie groaned, her mouth sliding against the juice-slickened labia beneath her in time with Rich's thrusts against her buttocks. She could feel his pubic hair grinding against the cheeks of her ass, so she knew that he had lodged the entire length of his mammoth prick in her guts. She didn't know how it was possible, but she squirmed back at him with pleasure as he plunged into her again. She could feel her clitoris tingling and her labia flooding with juices and she thought of how it had felt when both Rich and his son had fucked her at the same time. She found herself wishing that she had a cock in her mouth, too, instead of Jeanne's cunt. And when she thought of that she remembered the music teacher in the closet. He seemed to have been passed out for a long time. She wondered, as she flicked her tongue over the drooling clit of the girl beneath her, what Mike's cock looked like. She didn't think it would be very big, but it might be uncircumcised, and that idea pleased her. The extra roll of skin around Rich's fat cock seemed to her more masculine than his brother's, or even his father's, cock.

And for some minutes she continued to slither her tongue in and out of Jeanne's gaping maw, all the while thinking of the differences in the cocks she had known. She had just been about to decide which she preferred -- long, thin ones, or fat, short ones -- when Rich slammed into her particularly hard.

"Nnnggfff!" she groaned.

"Jesus!" Mr. Davis cried. "Jesus H. Christ! Thar she blows!"

Once again Jeanne quickly spat out the cock in her mouth -- just in time to receive the first splatter of Richard's cum against the lid of her left eye. The second burst ricocheted against her cheek and ran down beside the lobe of her ear. But by the third jet she had managed to recapture his bobbing glans in her mouth. And when the next flow of cream oozed into her mouth her own orgasm was sparked.

Valerie jerked back as Jeanne heaved her open cunt upward. The red outer lips were swollen open and Valerie could see the inflamed inner tissues pulsing in their coating of glistening fluids.

As though the sight of Jeanne's palpitating inner chamber were a mirror image of her own cunt, Valerie realized that she, too, was starting her climax.

"I'm coming," she said softly, almost fearfully.

Rich threw his arms around her and pulled her to her knees in front of him, his hands grabbing hot handfuls of her shivering breasts.

"I'm coming!" she shouted. "I'm coming!" She could feel the hot juices of her cunt streaming thickly down her inner thighs, but she could not close her legs to stop the flow, because she was straddling Jeanne's legs.

Rich released one of her breasts and pulled her by the hair until her neck was twisted enough that he could grind his mouth against her lips. His tongue darted in and out of her mouth, his nose rubbing slickly through the oil of Jeanne's cunt, which still coated his sister-in-law's cheeks.

Valerie shuddered in his muscular arms, her asshole squeezing spasmodically on his throbbing cock as her orgasm rushed through her. The ring of her anus was grotesquely distended when she felt his abdomen shudder against the small of her back.

She gasped for breath around his burning lips as the initial jolt of his foaming outpouring surged into her. With each successive discharge, his pistoning cock seemed to increase in size. She was grateful that the slick coating of his own cream further lubricated her channel, for otherwise she was sure she would've been tom apart.

"Don't let it end!" Jeanne whimpered, her hips writhing helplessly on the sheets.

Valerie passively accepted the brutal thrusts into her ass, even as she seemed to topple from the crest of her own climax. She could feel her cunt squeezing down on itself, but the coating of oil between her legs was cooling.

"Unngh! Unnggh! Unnuggghhh!" Rich groaned, his baritone chant furnishing the only sound in the room other than the faintly protesting bedsprings. Valerie grew dizzy in his arms. She felt the scalding ooze of his cum flowing into her, but even her anus had ceased resisting his barbaric thrusts. Her hands dangled weakly at her sides. Her head rolled against her chest, her long hair shaking from side to side over the cooling surface of her breasts. She didn't know whether she was awake or sleeping.


Sleeping peacefully on the living room carpet, his long brown legs drawn up in a nearly fetal crouch, Rich scarcely resembled the man whom she had alternately loathed and loved earlier that afternoon.

Valerie sat on the couch in one of Jeanne's bathrobes, staring at her sleeping brother-in-law with a mixture of wonder and fear. For a while she, too, had slept, but it had been too warm in the bed with both her father-in-law and her dozing roommate. Now she leaned back against the soft green cushions of the sofa, a half-empty tumbler of red wine on the coffee table beside her. She had expected to feel bruised and raw, so she moved gingerly as she crossed her legs, even though she had no aches and she felt strangely calm and relaxed.

I should be screaming, she thought. Or calling the police. Or something. But she couldn't make up her mind whether she had been outraged by the behavior of the others and herself, or secretly pleased. She knew she would never admit to herself or anyone that she had enjoyed what had happened to her. But, even so, she could not suppress a strange smile of satisfaction that formed on her lips.

When she became aware of the smile she reached for the glass of wine. Except that my lips are so dry, she told herself, I feel better than I have since I left Jim. Can it be true that a woman needs sex just as much as a man? That would account for my sense of... well, almost relief at being used so thoroughly. She had long advocated the position of Women's Liberation groups that women should be as free as men to decide, and demand, sex when they felt the desire. But it was only now that she began to believe in the position herself. It seemed odd to her that, despite the fact of her adamant stand on the issue, secretly she had always believed that, sexually anyway, women were really not psychologically equipped to be anything but receptacles for a man's camel cravings.

"That kind of thinking," she whispered to the wine glass, "is pure shit." And she added silently, And it's probably a big part of the reason you left Jim. How can you hope to live with a complicated human being if you can't even recognize something as simple as your own sex drive? She shook her head in self-mockery and took another sip of the wine. Well, she told herself, looking once again at her sleeping brother-in-law, at least you know that you must be a good lay. She shook her head, thinking, So many times!

I must've lost weight, she thought. So many times, so many different ways! It's a wonder my cunt doesn't look like raw hamburger. She glanced at Rich to make sure he was still asleep, then parted the bathrobe and looked down at her cunt. She had examined it once already when she washed, but now she spread her thighs a little and looked down at it again. It's not as pretty as a cock, she thought, But it's a pretty cunt. She touched the silky pubic hair with her delicate fingers, then gently parted the folds of her labia. She couldn't see it very well without a mirror, but she examined it as best she could from that position, looking for any traces of damage. Except perhaps that it looked slightly mote red than usual, she could detect no drastic change.

Then she looked over at her brother-in-law, who was still asleep on the rug, and she thought, That is a good fuck. That's about the best fuck I've ever had.

When she fumed her head and reached for the wine glass she saw that her brother-in-law was awake and watching her.

"Don't you know you'll get zits if you play with yourself like that?" he asked her.

She was embarrassed that he had seen her looking at her pussy, but she said, "If you can scratch your balls all the time, I can certainly look at my cunt when I want to."

Rich almost laughed. "That's pretty nasty talk for a Catholic girl," he said. "Where's my dad, and what's-her-name?"

"Her name is Jeanne, and they're both in the bedroom. Still sleeping, I guess."

"What time is it?"

"I don't know. About five, maybe. The sun's starting to go down."

"I'm hungry," he said. "Why don't you rustle us up some chow?"

"Why don't you go home to eat?" she asked him, picking up her wine and taking a long sip. "I don't think there's anything to eat here, and anyway, Frances will be waiting supper for you."

"Give me some of that, whatever it is," he told her. "I feel like I'd slept with a pair of dirty socks in my mouth."

She handed him the wine and watched him drain the glass, his Adam's apple bobbing on his bull-like neck.

"Thanks," she told him when he set the glass on the table, where it made a purple ring on the glass, even though she hadn't noticed him spill any.

Rich stretched his long legs, worked his shoulders in circles for a moment, then said, "There must be something to eat."

Valerie nodded in the direction of the kitchen.

"See for yourself then," she said carelessly. "The cupboard is bare. We don't eat much here."

Rich groaned a little as he got up, his heavy balks swinging between his thighs. He stretched again, then started for the kitchen, which was at the other end of the room.

"Take this with you," Valerie said, handing him the wine glass. "I'd like some more. And when you come back, bring the bottle with you. It's on the counter by the sink."

Rich looked down at her for a moment, apparently evaluating whether or not his sister-in-law was actually giving him an order.

"No woman gives me orders," he said.

"Don't be such a macho klutz," she said, pressing the wine glass into his hand. "I think there might be some yogurt in the refrigerator if you want that."

Rich hefted the glass in his hand, looking down at her. "Yogurt?" he said incredulously. "Isn't that made out of spoiled milk? You don't actually eat that stuff."

"I've eaten worse today," she said.

Rich gunned at her. Then he went into the kitchen. She didn't watch him, but she could hear him blanking the wine bottle and glass together on the counter. And as though she were looking out the paisley-painted window and at the red and purple stain it cast on the floor near where he had been sleeping, she could visualize him as he opened the refrigerator door and bent down to see what was inside, his buttocks bumping the cold handle of the oven behind him.

When he came back he sat down on the carpet beneath her and poured some wine in her glass. He took a swig out of the bottle, which looked ridiculous since it was an expensive brand which one of Jeanne's dates had given her, and the mouth of the bottle was not shaped for drinking. He had found a plastic basket of cherry tomatoes and an unopened can of Vienna sausages, and when he pulled the spiraling aluminum from the sausage can he cut his thumb a little.

"Watch out!" she said, too late.

Rich sucked on his thumb, and with the other hand pulled one of the jellied sausages from the densely packed can. She watched him tilt his head back to drop the sausage, whole, into his mouth. Then she reached into the green plastic basket and pulled out a tomato, her fingernails holding it by the tiny stem. She took a sip of the wine he had poured her, then bit off a third of the tomato, still watching him eat the sausages.

"I wish you had some potato chips," he said, washing down the sausage with a swig of wine from the bottle.

"Did you ever see Tom Jones?" she asked him, holding the cherry tomato against her lips. "The movie with Albert Finney, I mean."

"Isn't that the one where they go deer hunting on horses and that skinny blonde chases him all over to get him to marry her, only he's fucking everyone else and gets hung in the end?"

Valerie grinned at his synopsis of the movie. "I think it was a fox they were hunting," she said. She was fascinated with the way a tiny diamond of jellied grease clung to his lower lip as he talked.

"Why would anybody want to hunt a fox?" he asked. "They don't eat them, do they? They eat rats sometimes in Nam," he told her. "And cats, too, even though they're harder to catch than dogs. Rats are even harder to catch, but they eat them sometimes. I've seen it more than once."

"Didn't you think it was sexy?" she asked him, leaning down a lime, her hands on her knees, as she watched him eat another sausage.

"Rats? Eating rats?" he asked her, his sun-bleached eyebrows arched incredulously.

Valerie smiled. "No," she said. "I mean the movie. I remember I thought it was just about the sexiest thing I'd ever seen when he was eating the pear with his mother."

"Those were oysters," he told her. "I remember that part, too, because it made my girl friend hungry, and I had to put my pants on and go to the snack bar to get her some potato chips. I wish you had some potato chips now, come to think about it. And anyway, your memory isn't so hot, because that was the old maid he was eating the oysters with, not his mother." He chewed on a tomato, then said, "What was the name of that movie again?"

"Tom Jones," she told him. "But didn't you think it was sexy?"

"I would've felt a lot sexier if I hadn't had to go get those damn potato chips at the snack bar."

"Look," she said, taking the tomato out of his hand as she slid down on the floor beside him.

"Hey! Whatcha doing?" he protested, leaning a little away from her.

"I want to show you something," she said, fishing a cherry tomato out of the green plastic basket. As she pulled off the tiny leaves and the stem she said, "Didn't you ever think that food could be sexy?"

Rich looked at her suspiciously, the can of Vienna sausages in his hand. "You wanna screw again?" he asked her. "Wait 'til I get something in my stomach and then..."

"No, no," she said, grinning. "But look." She pushed the cherry tomato against his lips, but held it back as he looked suspiciously down at it. "When you get it in your mouth, don't bite it. Push it against the roof of your mouth with your tongue and break it open that way."

"What's that supposed to do?"

"It's sexy," she said. "Try it." She pushed the tomato into his mouth and watched him hold it there for a minute.

"Who ever heard of a sexy tomato?" he asked, talking around the tomato.

"Go ahead and try it," she urged him. Then she watched his face as he broke the tomato against his palate. "Well?" she asked when he had swallowed the tomato.

"A tomato," he told her. "Nothing sexy about that."

Valerie sighed. "Look," she said, taking another tomato out of the basket. "This time I'll do it, then you kiss me and break the tomato with your tongue."

Rich laughed. "Okay," he said. "But then I want to eat in peace. If you want to feel sexy after that, then we'll fuck some more."

Valerie put the tomato in her mouth and leaned forward a little to kiss him. His lips tasted of Vienna sausages, but his tongue was hot as it slipped past her lips and pressed against the ball of the tomato. She helped him break the tomato by holding it in place with her own tongue, and she shivered a little as the tart juice exploded over their dueling tongues.

"How was that?" she asked when they had parted lips.

"A lime sexy," he admitted. "But it was because we were kissing."

"Do it again," she told him. "Only don't think about the kiss. Concentrate on the texture of the tomato, how firm and smooth it is at first, and then the pressure it takes to break it and the sort of salty-sour taste of it and the feel of the insides against your tongue."

They did it again and when the tomato was broken, Valerie pushed it into his mouth with her tongue and rubbed the tomato flesh against his palate and over his tongue.

When he had swallowed the pulp he smiled at her and she said, "How was it that time? Didn't it feel even a little bit sexy?"

Rich grinned. "Without the seeds," he conceded, "a warm tomato tastes sort of like a cunt."

Valerie giggled a little. "That's more or less the idea," she said, "though I think you could've phrased it more delicately. I suppose if they could grow hairy tomatoes without the seeds, you'd never have to bother a woman again."

Rich eased his hand through the folds of her housecoat and said, fingering her silky pelt, "It doesn't replace the real thing, Sis."

Valerie pushed his hand away from her cunt. "Eat your sausages," she said. "And wipe your mouth off. You've got grease or something on your lip."

"Now if you want to try something sexy with food..." Rich said, grinning. He waited until Valerie reached for her wine glass, then he flipped the hem of her bathrobe up and deftly stuffed his Vienna sausage into her cunt.

Valerie nearly spat her wine all over him. "Oooo!" she gasped. "That's cold."

"It'll warm up in a minute," he said, pulling her hand away when she tried to pull the sausage out. "After you marinate it a little."

Valerie giggled. "It looks like I've got a little cock down there," she said, pulling her bathrobe up to get a better look at it.

"Or a Godawful big clit," he said, sliding the sausage in and out of her cunt.

"You're right," she giggled, feeling the cold meat lubricate the tip of her clitoris with its jellied grease. "It would make a damn poor cock!"

They both laughed as she tightened her cunt around the sausage, squeezing it out like toothpaste from a tube.

"Go ahead," she giggled. "Eat my little cock."

"I ain't no fag," he said seriously.

Valerie frowned, then pulled her bathrobe up a little more and said, "Okay then. Eat my big clit." And she smiled as Rich lowered his head between her legs and sucked one end of the sausage into his mouth. "Oooo! That's no fair!" she cried as he pushed the sausage back and forth in her labia, his nose tickling her pubic mound as it grazed through her hair.

When he sucked the sausage out of her cunt and began to chew it up he grinned at her and said, his mouth full, "Pretty good sauce."

Valerie giggled, but in the back of her mind she couldn't understand how she could be indulging in this game with the same man who had so brutally abused her earlier in the afternoon.

"Try another one," she urged him, not wanting to think about her conflicting emotions. "Only don't lose it in there!"

Rich dipped out another sausage from the can, saying, "If I lost it in there you could walk around all the time feeling like you were getting fucked."

Playfully, she pushed him in the face. "Be serious," she said.

Rich made a face like a deadpan comic. "Be serious, she tells me," he said to the tin can, "as she asks me to poke a sausage up her snatch!"

Valerie took off the bathrobe and tossed it to the other side of the coffee table as Rich sucked the grease from the sausage. Then she snuggled down on the floor until only the back of her head was resting on the couch.

"Did you know I have a flat back of the head?" she asked him. "My mother and father were poor. The Irish are always poor. And they didn't have a baby basket or anything, so they kept me in a dresser drawer, and I got a flat back of the head."

"The Kennedys are Irish," he said, fitting the sausage into her cunt again.

Valerie gasped shallowly as the cold meat slid into the moist clutch of her cunt, and her thighs twitched as her brother-in-law twisted the sausage against her clitoris. "There's more than one way to be poor," she said.

Then she parted her thighs and let him roll between them to eat the sausage out of her cunt. She could look down and see one end of it in his mouth, the other end gripped softly by her cunt. He didn't pull it out, but twisted it back and forth with his lips, the end of it rocking slickly against her clitoris. She could feel her cunt and his mouth warming the meat that connected them. Her upper thighs quivered and she giggled at the same time, very softly, as the warmed sausage was twirled within her. She could feel the ticklish oozing of her juices around it and she was again reminded of how very little it took to arouse her sexually.

Then Rich poked the sausage deeply into her cunt with his tongue so that only the very end of it protruded from her inner labia. She felt her outer lips close over it and for a second she was afraid that he had lost the sausage inside of her. But then he pressed his lips against her outer labia and drew hot circles around the end of the sausage with his tongue. The sausage swooshed hotly over her erect clitoris as Rich sucked it quickly out of her cunt like a child eating spaghetti. She wondered if she could have an orgasm this way, but when he pushed another sausage into her cunt she saw the same animal look in his eyes that she had seen when he had brought the dog in to fuck Jeanne. And she knew that, however boyish he looked, her brother-in-law would never be able to make love to her innocently, the way Jim had done in the beginning. And, although she giggled and quivered with strange delight as he eased the sausage into her cunt, she hated him a little, too.

"You kinda like me now, huh?" Rich asked her, running his strong brown hands over her thrusting white breasts.

She looked down and saw the doughy folds of his foreskin peeling slowly back as his big cock began to stiffen, and she thought, Like most men, Rich, your heart, or what substitutes for a heart, is in your cock. Then she told him, looking straight into his eyes, "I like what we're doing now because it's fun, and it feels good to me, and it was, remember, my idea. But don't think I'm falling in love with you -- or even that I'll want to see you again after today. I'm not, and I don't. If you ever show up at this house again I'll call the police without a moment's hesitation. Don't make the mistake of thinking I'll be afraid of a scandal, either. You've played on that fear in me -- and on too many other women, too, probably -- long enough." She looked at him and didn't know whether he had even listened to what she had said, let alone whether he believed her. But she had said it, and she didn't think she could've said it more truly. And she smiled because she was pleased with what she had told him and because, for the moment, she felt good about what they were doing, even though she remembered, in the back of her head, that she had not liked other things she had done with him that afternoon. "Now here," she said, pulling him down by the shoulder. "Suck this sausage out of my vagina. It's been in the refrigerator and it's making my cunt cold."

Rich's lips were hot around the cylinder of greasy meat as he bit off little pieces of it and swallowed them, pulling the sausage out of her cunt a little at a time, his saliva running hotly over her labia as he licked the hairs of her cunt to cleanse them of the jellied grease from the meat. When he had eaten all of the sausage, his tongue burrowed deeply into her and she squirmed erotically as she felt the slightly abrasive caress of his tongue mash against the drooling knot of her clitoris.

"I like it," she said softly, running her fingers through his hair and pushing his face down a little harder on her swelling labia. She moaned then as he sucked her clitoris into his mouth and twiddled the end of it with his tongue. A slow, thick heat seemed to ooze up toward his mouth from the inner recesses of her pussy, and she was a little disappointed when he raised up from her cunt, licking his lips and smiling boyishly.

Rich reached over and took another cherry tomato from the basket. "Try this," he said, pushing it into his mouth. Then he leaned forward and sucked her right nipple into his mouth, pressing it with his tongue against the underside of the tomato.

"Ahhhh!" Valerie gasped as her nipple erected then burst through the ripe flesh of the tomato, tingling in the sudden flood of cool juice and seeds that Rich quickly sucked away and swallowed.

She let him suck on her nipple for several seconds; then she reached over on the table and picked up the glass of wine.

Rich gasped as the purple wine poured down over his hard, hot cock, and he looked up at her in surprise.

Valerie smiled at the wine running bright as blood over her brother-in-law's erection. Then, with a little twisting motion, she turned in his arms and began to lap the bittersweet trickles from his abdomen. Her hot tongue swirled into the depression of his navel, and her lips made a sucking gurgle as she drank up the wine collected there. Then she ran her tongue down the upper point of his wine-stained pubic hair and lapped the fluid from around the root of his cock. He had closed his legs when he had felt the cold splash of the wine, and there were full pockets of purple fluid caught in the spaces between his testicles and his muscular thighs. Valerie used her tongue like a siphon to suck up the flesh-warmed wine.

"Wow!" Rich breathed, his fingers dipping into her labia. "You're turning me on!"

Valerie glanced at him, then reached for the wine glass. She took a sip, but didn't swallow it. Instead, she pressed her pursed lips against the head of his cock and leaned against it until she had taken his glans into her mouth. A little of the wine dripped down the shaft of his cock from the corners of her lips, and she could see it glistening in the gold tangle of the hair on his nuts.

"Oiee!" Rich gasped, his fingers probing deeper into her pussy. "That's hot and cold at the same time!"

Valerie whirled the warming wine around and around the head of his cock, her cheeks ballooning out a little as she tried to blow some of the wine down the tube of his urethra.

She felt his hand leave her cunt, and from the corner of her eye she saw him pull the wine bottle toward him. Then she felt the cold mouth of the bottle pushed against her cunt. She swallowed the wine in her mouth as Rich pushed the top of the bottle gently into her pussy and tipped it up.

"Annhhhh!" she gasped, jerking up from his cock as she felt the cold wine slosh into her cunt. The temperature of the fluid was cool, but the sensations it aroused were fiery against her tender tissues. She panted shallowly as she watched him pull the bottle away, closing the lips of her cunt with his other hand to seal the wine inside.

"Hotter than cum, huh?" he asked, grinning, his brown hand pulling at her hip to position her cunt over his face.

Valerie rolled over him into a sixty-nine position, and as she felt his mouth press against her sealed-off cunt and as she felt his fingers release her labia, she slurped the head of his cock back into her mouth.

But the pleasant burning she felt as the wine trickled out of her cunt into her brother-in-law's sucking lips was so intense that she could only hold his glans in her mouth, pressing her tongue against it and panting through her nose. The warm sting of the wine bathed her clitoris as it trickled down past the tingling knot of nerves and she felt a small, intense prickle of orgasmic delight as Rich blew the wine back into her cunt.

By the time Rich had repeated the action three times -- sucking the wine from her drenched pussy only to blow it back in over her tingling clitoris -- he had swallowed most of the slightly thickened fluid.

Valerie began to suck voraciously on his glans, hoping he would duplicate the action on her clitoris. She could feel herself at the verge of an orgasm and she twisted her soft, hot tongue over his glans wildly to get him to echo the action on her cunt.

Instead, Rich languidly slid the hot shaft back and forth over her labia, licking up the residue of the wine with an agonizing slowness. Every now and then the tip of his tongue lingered teasingly on the vibrating tip of her tiny sexual center, and when this happened Valerie sucked harder on his cock, her hand wound around the shaft below her lips squeezing cruelly in time with her suction. Again and again she felt herself teetering on the edge of a climax. But each time Rich's tongue retreated she gasped in frustration, her lips rippling around his cock.

Then, when she least expected it, Rich made a lingering swipe at her clitoris. The tiny knot of nerves seemed to spring to attention and as Rich pulled back to nibble at the succulent red flesh of her labial wave after undulating warm wave of delight washed over her.

It was not a violent orgasm, but in many ways it was the most pleasant of the many she had experienced that day, for, in this case, it had not been forced upon her.

Valerie made a curious little mew of pleasure and satisfaction as she rolled away from him. She cupped both her breasts in her palms and rocked slowly back and forth on the carpet, with only one of her hips touching his knee.

Rich stood up, his legs straddling her waist, and looked down at her smiling face past the pole of his out thrust cock. "Wow," he said softly. "Make it, Sis. Make it!"

And when he stepped over her and moved away Valerie continued to softly massage her velvet-smooth breasts as the soft, warm waves of her orgasm broke gently throughout her faintly churning inner chambers.

When the last wash of feeling had retreated within her she looked up at her brother-in-law and smiled. He had found a pressurized can of whipped cream in the refrigerator and smiled boyishly as he bent to set it on the coffee table. He sat down cross-legged in front of her and reached for the wine bottle. Then, when he had taken a mouthful of the semisweet wine, he leaned forward, pressing his lips against hers.

Valerie curled her tongue and slid it through her brother-in-law's lips, moaning softly as the wine from his lips trickled warmly into her mouth.


Her mouth was covered with the whipped cream she had been licking from her brother-in-law's upthrust cock and sweetly coated balls. Her cunt as well, though most of it had been eaten away by Rich, was lathered white with the sweet cream, and streaks of it showed on her breasts.

Both she and Rich sat up suddenly, facing the stairwell, their eyes blinking in surprise and embarrassment. Rich wiped away a smear of whipped cream that was clinging to the nipple of his brown chest.

"Val!" Jim gasped, unable to advance or retreat from the doorway.

"Like a couple of mad dogs!" Mrs. Davis cried, averting her eyes, then looking back again.

Neither Valerie nor Rich had heard them coming up the stairs, and now Jim and his mother stood in the doorway staring down at them in dumb wonder.

"What in God's name do you think you're doing, Val!" Jim demanded.

"It's not what you think!" Rich began, struggling to his feet, the absurd patch of whipped cream around his balls causing his thighs to slip together greasily.

"You!" his mother cried, pointing her finger at his naked body. "I might have expected something like this from you! Well, I never could have imagined it if I hadn't seen it with my own two eyes!" Then she looked down at Valerie and her eyes welled with tears. "But you, Val!" she wept. "You were always so sweet and so innocent and... How could you do such a thing?" Then she caught sight of her younger son again and she ran across the room and slugged him hard in the stomach, her fist doubled. "Put something on, you big ape!" she shouted. "Don't you have any better sense than to stand around with your cock hanging out?"

Rich cowered away from his mother, slipping on the can of whipped cream as he tried to step over Valerie's legs. He grabbed the first article of clothing he could find and put it on. It happened to be Jeanne's bathrobe, but he didn't seem to notice how ridiculous he looked in it.

If he hadn't been so furious, even Jim might have laughed. Instead, he strode across the room and jerked his wife to her feet.

"Put some clothes on!" he ordered her.

Valerie shielded her cream-covered cunt with both hands and backed away from her husband and her mother-in-law. This embarrassment was almost worse than what she had suffered earlier in the afternoon. She knew that there could be no way to explain her actions. Both her husband and her mother-in-law had seen her willingly licking the whipped cream off Rich's cock, so there was no way that she could claim that her brother-in-law had forced her.

"I'm not going to hit you," Jim said to his brother, his fists clenched at his sides. "Don't worry, I'm not going to hit you." He looked over at his wife, then back at his brother. "The hell I'm not!" he shouted, cutting loose with a sort of round-house right that caught his younger brother square on the chin.

Rich reeled backwards, then quickly caught his footing and came in toward am. But as he raised his fists, one hand caught in the abundant folds of Jeanne's bathrobe. And before he could free it, his brother had landed another punchy straight to his right ear.

"Jim!" Mrs. Davis screeched. "Rich! Stop it! Stop it!"

Rich slammed a hard left to his brother's stomach and Jim doubled over, holding his gut.

"Stop it! Stop it!" Mrs. Davis ordered, stomping her foot. "Valerie, make them stop!" She darted between her sons and tackled Rich around the waist. "Stop it, you big ape!" she cried, trying to force him away from his brother.

Rich wobbled under his mother's grasp, but he tried to keep his fists up as well. But when he reached down to push the gray-haired woman away from his middle, Jim straightened up and threw his entire weight into an uppercut that connected dead center on his brother's jaw.

Valerie heard Rich's teeth snap together. Then she squealed with combined delight and fear as her brother-in-law more or less melted out of his mother's arms into a limp mass on the couch.

Jim turned toward her, panting. "Get some... clothes on," he gasped.

Mrs. Davis sat down on the couch beside her younger son. She adjusted the bathrobe over his crotch, then looked over at Jim. "I've never seen such fighting," she gasped. "I never thought I'd see you do such a thing, Jim. How long do you think he'll be out?"

"I don't know," Jim snapped, rubbing his knuckles.

Valerie stepped closer to him. "Let me see your hand," she said, touching his bruised knuckles.

Mrs. Davis turned to her other son. She got up on her knees on the couch and slapped his face from side to side between her hands. "Like a light he's out," she said.

Valerie gasped as she saw her mother-in-law draw back her fist and punch Rich square in the gut. "Mrs. Davis!" she cried.

Mrs. Davis turned around on the couch and arranged her skirt more primly. "He had it coming," she said. "The big ape." She leaned down and picked up the aerosol can of whipped cream. When she had placed it upright on the coffee table she licked her fingers and told Valerie, "I don't think it'll stain your carpet, honey. But if it does you ought to try Johnson's spot remover."

"Mother!" Jim growled. "This is hardly the time to be talking about cleaning products."

Mrs. Davis looked insulted, then got up from the couch. She had whipped cream smeared over the front of her dress from where she had tackled Rich. "Look at this mess," she said, wiping her fingers over the bodice of her dress. Once again she tasted the whipped creams then said, "I'll get you something to put on, dear."

"Look, Jim," Valerie began, "all this may look a little strange to you, but you've got no right to come barging..."

"YIIIIEEEE!" Mrs. Davis let out a piercing shriek.

Both Jim and Valerie turned toward the bedroom doorway. Mrs. Davis groaned, "Well, I'll be a sorry sonovabitch!"

"Oh, Jesus!" Valerie gulped, glancing at her husband.

"What? What is it?" Jim demanded, looking from his mother to his wife.

"That does it!" Mrs. Davis spat. "This puts the frosting on the cake." She wagged her finger into the bedroom and shouted, "I'll divorce your ass for this, buster!" She turned to Valerie and her son, her face ashen. "This," she said, clutching her whipped-cream-smeared breast, "is the straw that broke the camel's back!" She hobbled over to the couch and used Rich's wobbly head for support as Jim hurried around the table to help her.

Jim pushed his brother out of the way, then helped his mother onto the couch. The wiry woman sat primly on the edge of the seat, both hands pressed to her mouth as she stared straight ahead.

Then Jeanne waddled out of the bedroom, trailing a wad of sheet which she had wrapped around her. "Hi, Jim," she offered lamely, edging quickly around him. "Hi, Mrs. Davis," she squeaked, glancing up at her roommate. "I certainly am surprised to see you here."

Frances Davis looked up at the peroxide blonde and rolled her eyes melodramatically.

Jeanne sat down on the edge of the coffee table and looked up at him. She shrugged her shoulders as if to say, Well, every family has its ups and downs.

Valerie had picked up Richard's shirt and put it on. Now she pushed her brother-in-law over against his mother and sat down on the couch, her chin in her hands. The slick feeling of the whipped cream between her thighs reminded her to wipe her lips.

Jim stared at the quartet in front of him, then peeked around the bedroom door. His father was sitting in the middle of the bed, his hair awry and his eyes looking wild.

"Well, Goddamn it, Jim," Richard said. "She drove me to it." He waved his hand in the air in a gesture of disgust. "She brought it on herself!"

"Two can play the same game, buster!" Mrs. Davis shouted from the living room, nodding her head confidentially at both Jerome and her daughter-in-law whom, in the face of this more personal crisis, she seemed instantly to have adopted as allies.

"Your cunt's prettier than your face, old woman!" Richard retorted. "Who the hell could you get to fuck you?"

At that moment, Mike Duckworth tumbled out of the closet.


The closet doors were both open, reflecting the two wildly fucking couples on the big bed. Before he knew what was happening to him, Mike Duckworth was wrestled to the bed by Frances Davis.

Richard, abashed at the insane behavior of his wife, leaped from the bed in horror. But when he saw her pull her dress over her head, kick off her shoes and panties, tear away her bra, and mount the foggy-headed music teacher, he grew jealous.

Before his son's and daughter-in-law's dismayed eyes, he grabbed Jeanne by the arm, dragged her back into the bedroom, threw her on the bed, and mounted her again beside his wife and the music teacher.

"How do you like this, huh?" he demanded of his wife as he shafted his long prick into the giggling girl beneath him.

"Don't worry, Jeanne," Frances explained, bumping her cunt down around Mike's fat, pink cock. "I know it's not your fault. I've been married to that sonovabitch for twenty-five years, and I know damned well he'd fuck a snake if he could find somebody to hold its head."

Now Jim and Valerie stood in the bedroom doorway, staring in disbelief at the scene before them. It was almost as though husband and wife were having a race to see who could induce an orgasm in their partners the quickest. It was obviously some sort of contest.

Valerie clung to Jim's arm with one hand, and with the other she covered her mouth. She knew it wouldn't do for Jim to see her amusement at the prospect of her in-laws' asses bobbing up and down on her bed.

"What's going on here?" Jim demanded. "Has everyone gone crazy? Mom! Dad! Stop that! You're both acting crazy!"

Frances looked over her shoulder at her son and said, "Take care of your business and we'll take care of ours." Then she turned to her husband and Jeanne. "Don't take offense at this, dear," she groaned to the girl. She raised up on Mike's bloated cock, then let her own weight thrust her down against him. "It figures," she groaned to her husband, grinding herself against the music teacher's drawn-up nuts, "that you'd wind up in bed with a peroxide blonde bar girl. You drunk, you!" She jiggled her tits in front of Mike's face and coaxed him, "Go ahead, take a mouthful, son. They haven't been attended to by a real man in years!"

Mike had been looking at Jeanne's small breasts, but he condescended to squeeze the older woman's tits until the dollar-sized nipples had been urged to full erection.

Richard stabbed his cock back and forth in Jeanne's clasping cunt almost in rhythm to his wife's self-impaling lunges on the music teacher's cock.

"Only a fag would fuck you!" he gasped to his wife.

Frances glanced down at the redheaded man beneath her. The only other time she had seen him was at Jim and Valerie's wedding. "Fag, hell!" she shouted at her husband. "I can feel his cock clear to my tonsils -- which is a damn sight further than I ever felt yours!"

"You never wanted to feel mine!" Richard retorted, grabbing Jeanne's breasts in his hands and shaking them from side to side.

"Is he hurting you?" Mike asked the girl beside him.

Jeanne shook her head and twisted her face to the side to kiss him. "This is a gas, huh?" she whispered.

"Pay attention here, son," Frances said to Mike, reaching down to turn his face toward her. Then she said to her husband, "I might if you could ever keep it hard, you impotent bastard."

Valerie could see perfectly well how Mike's cock was impaling her mother-in-law's raven-haired cunt. The fat pink shaft of his prick bulged with lavender veins and when Mrs. Davis rode down on it, it buckled a little, then shot straight up into the clutching red channel.

"That's my own mother!" Jim whispered to no one.

"It's practically incest," Valerie said, unable to suppress her grin any longer. She reached over and felt the bulge in the front of her husband's bell-bottomed trousers. "You've got a hard-on," she whispered to him.

Richard grabbed Jeanne's hips and pulled her harder against his thrusting cock, even though the blonde was already humping rapidly up to meet his strokes. "It seems damn funny," he gasped to his wife between plunges into Jeanne's juicy snatch, "that I'm only ever impotent when I'm in bed with you." He gasped a little, then added, "If you ever showed any interest in sex, I'd show you how impotent I am!"

Frances groaned a little, her tits bobbing as Mike plowed his cock unexpectedly into her hot, palpitating channel. "Unnnh!" she moaned. "If you'd ever make love... like a man... instead of a jackrabbit... maybe... God, what a hot prick you've got, son! Maybe I'd show a little interest!"

Richard stopped humping into the girl beneath him and raised himself on his hands until his wife was forced to acknowledge him by settling her weight down on Mike's pulsing cock.

"I'll kiss your ass on the bank comer at high noon," Richard told her, "if I'm not just as good in bed as I ever was."

Frances lifted herself up until Mike's fat cock slurped out of her cunt and smacked against his abdomen. She lifted her leg over him, her white thighs jiggling slightly. "Prove it!" she said to her husband, lying down between Mike and Jeanne, her thighs spread in invitation.

"By God, I will!" Richard said, slurping his cock out of Jeanne's cunt and rolling quickly on top of his wife. "How does that feel, huh?" he demanded, thrusting his cock into her cunt to the root.

Frances threw her arms around his shoulders and bumped her cunt up at him. "It feels like old home week," she sighed.

No sooner had Richard withdrawn his cock from her cunt than Jeanne jumped up from the bed and ran around to the other side. "Mike!" she said, lifting his cock to a perpendicular position. "I never knew you had such a big one!"

Jim pulled Valerie into the living room and shut tile door. "I can't watch any more of this," he said. "My own parents!"

"That's the trouble with you," Valerie said, pressing her tits against his chest. "You're almost as prudish about sex as I am."

"I'm not prudish about sex!" he retorted. "You're the prude!" He held her in his arms and looked over her shoulder at his brother, who was still lying on the couch. "At least," he added, kissing his wife on the ear, "you used to be."

"You're still hard," Valerie whispered to him, bumping her pussy against the distension at the crotch of his pants.

"What happened here today?" he asked, letting her unfasten the top button to his pants.

Valerie undid the second button and pulled his zipper down. "I'm not exactly sure," she said, fishing through the fly of his bell-bottoms for his cock. She could feel it, hot and hard, through the fabric of his jockey shorts. "Anyway," she said, pulling her hand loose to push her husband's pants down around his hips, "it's too complicated to explain." She began to unbutton his shirt, then stepped back and pulled off Richard's shirt when Jim began to undo his buttons himself. "But one thing for sure," she said as Jim stepped out of his pants and tossed his shirt over his sleeping brother's face, "a marriage has definitely taken on a new shape here today."

Jim put his hands on her shoulders and pulled her to him, his hands sliding down her back to cup the full cheeks of her ass.

"You mean you're ready to come back to me?" he whispered, his fingers slipping in the remnants of whipped cream that greased the cleavage of her buttocks.

"I was talking about your mother and father," she said, wiggling against his hairy chest so that she could feel the tips of her breasts begin to erect against his nipples.

"But what about us?" he protested, his cock lifting between her legs. "That's why Mom insisted that she and I come over here, Val. You and I were meant to be together. Can't you see that?"

Valerie pulled away from him and walked around to the far end of the coffee table. Unsure quite what to say, she picked up the last tomato from the green basket and bit it in two. She glanced down at Rich, absurd as he was in Jeanne's bathrobe. And she thought about the date she had almost had with Mike Duckworth. Then she looked back at her husband and finished chewing the tomato. She tossed the uneaten half back in the basket.

"I'm not so sure we were meant to be together, Jim," she said.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"I don't know, exactly," she admitted. "That's the trouble. That's why we're separated. I'm not so sure I want to stay married to a man who comes to my house to ask me to come back to him in the company of his mother."

Jim walked over to her and kissed her lightly on the forehead. Then he cupped her heavy breasts in his hands, rubbing his thumbs over the nipples.

"You can't say you don't like this," he said. "You can't say we weren't good in bed together. At least not in the beginning. It can be like that again, I promise."

Valerie looked up at his dark, handsome face. She was afraid to look at his eyes, because she knew how weak they could make her when he used their bright-blue persuasion in combination with that sincere baritone voice. But she did look into his eyes, and she was a little surprised at how calm she felt, even though he was rubbing her breasts and she could feel the heat of his heavy cock through the fabric of his shorts.

"Of course I like it," she told him, maintaining contact with his eyes. "But there's got to be more to it than that." She put her arms around his waist and leaned her head against his chest so that she could feel the hair against her cheek and hear his heart beating as she had done so many nights when they had lived together, happily or unhappily. "I don't know what," she whispered, her lips moving moistly against his chest, "but there's got to be more to it than that."

"You're a woman," he said gently, "and I'm a man. What more to it can there be?"

"I'm also a human being," she said.

But she let him draw her down on top of him on the carpet, and she returned his kiss when he thrust his tongue into her mouth to caress the hot dome of her palate.

Then he rolled her onto her side and she waited patiently while he skinned out of his shorts and tossed them across the room.

I was wrong, she thought. His cock is prettier than Rich's, if pretty is the right word for a cock.

Then she sighed a little as he pulled her against him and she could feel the hot length of his erection lying hard along her thigh. She put her arms around his shoulders, which were smooth and more freckled than his father's, and she pulled him down against her so that she could feel him crushing her breasts, the hard tips of her nipples digging into his chest.

She could feel him maneuvering his cock into position against her labia and she held her breath a little because it had always been the first moments of penetration that she had liked best with him, perhaps even more than the climax. Then, when the blunt nose of his cock penetrated her, she could feel her inner walls parting ahead of his thrust and squeezing back down along the length of his shaft. She made a little sighing noise and smiled against the side of his cheek, holding his head with her hands so that she could feel his breath stirring through her long brown hair.

She felt Jim flex his cock three times within her, its blood-engorged circumference stretching the lining of her cunt, then relaxing as the encircling tissues clenched around it. She knew he had done it deliberately, because each time, the swelling had been preceded by his teeth gently nipping the lobe of her ear. It both frightened and excited her to have such a concrete example of his power over her thrust into her most private self.

When she tried to pull away from him he slid his hand down her side and jerked her back, his hand almost painful on the side of her hip. The hot scrape of his cock over her clitoris as his erection slid deeper into her was a shock. She had lain so long with his cock holding stationary within her that now she was frightened and embarrassed at her own eagerness to experience more sensation. An icy quiver ran down her spine.

Then Jim pulled his thick cock out of her a little and slowly eased it back in. The drawn-out slither of his erection over her clitoris lasted for a breathless moment. Then he kissed her and she sucked back on his tongue the way she had done in the beginning when they were newly married. He was fucking her in slow motion, and the lingering thrill of his cock caressing the knot of sensual nerves within her hot depths was almost more than she could bear.

She dug her fingers into his sides to make him hurry, but he didn't increase his pace. When he pulled his cock out and began, slowly, to shaft it back into her well-lubricated passage, Valerie was breathless. He had never made love to her in this way before and she thought, I wonder where he learned this? He must've been with another woman who taught it to him. But I've been with another man, too, she added. And this is a lovely fuck. It is a lovely fuck no matter where he learned it. And because I love him, too, she added silently. But I don't know if it is enough to have a man who is a lovely fuck, even if you do love him. Because Rich was a lovely fuck, too, and I maybe did love him a little this afternoon, because you can't help loving someone a little when he is fucking you so lovely.

When she had said all that to herself she felt a little frightened to realize that she could be so weak, and she heaved her cunt up at him, as though by continuing the action, but at a more frantic pace, she could somehow make herself strong again, or forget that she was weak. So she heaved herself against him, wanting the deepest penetration possible. Her juices flowing like sweet, hot honey within her and around the quickening piston of his cock, she moaned a little and began to make a soft dove-like cooing sound each time she felt the tip of his cock drop through the reddened, enfolding tissues of her vagina to probe and widen the entrance to her womb.

Her saliva thickened sweetly around the invasion of her husband's tongue. Continuing to pull him into her, her fingers gripped the smooth heat of his hips or tangled wildly in his straight dark hair. Her thighs quivered with her continual effort to spread them even wider to accommodate the deepest of his long, sure plunges into her.

Without warning, Jim began bucking above her, his hard pelvis banging against her wide hipbones. One of his hands closed over her shoulder to hold her down so that she couldn't interrupt his plunges by trying to kiss him. His other hand cupped her buttocks brutally, urging her cunt violently against him as his searing, swollen cock skewered rapidly in and out of her sucking cunt. The white heat of the crown of his cock burst past the opening of her womb, lodged there for a fraction of a second, then rushed on.

As Jim plunged into her and held himself at the point of deepest penetration, Valerie could feel her inner tissues resisting the bloated heat of his cock as it pulsed hotly within her. It was always this moment of barbaric writhing that frightened her; each time she experienced his blind fury as his orgasm approached she was afraid of him.

And then she felt his body stiffen above her. She gasped as the scalding heat of his thick come foamed into her womb, propelled by the undulating contractions of his thick cock. Again and again she gasped as the burning cream of his sperm foamed into her. With each jet his tensed body jerked above her, his cock nudging deeper and deeper.

When she thought she could stand it no more, her own heat began to widen around his buried cock, and, though Jim made no effort to resume his strokes, she began bucking beneath him in an effort to consummate her own orgasm.

She could feel it coming, like an infinitely fine dine of fire contracting steadily around her clitoris. Her husband's copious load of sperm and her own rich juices oozed out of her cunt around his cock and she could feel them trickling down between her buttocks. They could feel the channel of her vagina slithering up and down around the burning heat of his cock like a cylinder lined with sparking gunpowder.

She started to call out to him to help her, hut at that moment she looked over his shoulder and saw that Rich was awake on the couch. He smiled knowingly down at her, but said nothing.

Then, with her brother-in-law's cold eyes watching her contorted face, Valerie felt the rushing crest of her orgasm overtake her.

"Mmmmggrrr..." she groaned, locking her thighs around Jim's hips and pulling his head down to kiss him in a way that she hoped was clearly different from any of the ways she had kissed his brother.

Her cunt milked feverishly at the column of hard, hot flesh which had given her so much pleasure. She ground her soft tissues up at him, wriggling from side to side and losing count of the bursts of raining phosphorescence she imagined accompanied her shudders of pleasure.

Little by little then, in rhythm to her long, deep gasps for breath, the hot waves of her climax subsided until she held very still beneath him, feeling very weak and suddenly exhausted, but still very warm because, though his cock had softened a little, she still held it gripped within the gentle clutch of her vagina.

Jim touched the side of her cheek with his thumb, kissed her lovingly, his tongue teasing softly between her lips as had been their ritual before they had separated, and held her tight against him. She could feel his heart thumping against the resilient flesh of her breasts.

"You've got to come back," he whispered to her. "I need you. I didn't want to admit it, but I need you. I've been wandering around like a lost little kid."

"I don't know," she whispered, holding onto his hips. "I wish I did, but I don't know."

"Don't say that," he whispered. Then, after a minute he said, "You're Catholic. You can't divorce me."

"I can live here," she said. "Maybe after I get my head in the right place you can come visit me sometimes. Maybe we can get back together again, Jim. But right now I just don't know. I'm afraid of marriage. I can't help thinking it's cheating me out of something -- my own life, my own friends, my own fulfillments. I don't know what."

Jim kissed her gently on the forehead, then tilted her chin up with the fingers of one hand so that she would have to look him in the eye. "You're treating marriage like some kind of Big Bad Wolf," he said. "We're too good together to live apart. And I need you, Val. Really. I do."

"I need you, Valerie. Really I do," Rich whined from the couch, his chin propped on his hands as he looked down at his brother and sister-in-law.

"Drop dead, Bud," Jim told him, without looking away from Valerie's eyes.

Rich began to sing: "Who's afraid of the big bad wolf, the big bad wolf, the big bad wolf..."

"I am, Jim," Valerie said softly, her voice hardly audible as she answered his sincere gaze with a look of her own -- equally sincere, yet different. "I am," she repeated. "I am."


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