Hot horny mothers

Many people feel an overwhelming attraction to other members of their own family. When suppressed, this attraction often leads to agonizing emotional troubles. When expressed, this stigma sometimes means feelings of guilt and shame that are almost impossible to overcome. Indeed, incest is a subject that has been shunned by society from the earliest memories of man.

Those of us who have these unfulfilled desires are often driven to torment over our needs. These desires have driven people even to the brink of insanity or worse.

HOT HORNY MOTHERS is the story of a woman and her family who are forced by their desires to come to grips with turbulent emotions. What happens to them when they confront these emotions together reveals their ability to be honest with themselves and to be unafraid of their own inner feelings.


"Oh my baby!" Angela whimpered. "Oh my sweet, sweet baby son! Fuck me, Jimmy! Fuck your mother! Oh, God, I want to fuck my own son!"

It was a hot night in late summer. Angela sprawled naked on her bed, her long, tapering legs spread wide apart, her enormous tits quivering as she pistoned her fingers in and out of her cunt. Her pretty face was red with shame as she jacked off, as she eagerly humped her round, full ass-globes off the bed.

She was in her late thirties now, and, she'd thought she'd known all the depraved desires she was capable of. But since her late husband's death, she'd discovered another one: the unspeakable sin of incest, the wanton urge to fuck with her own sons.

Angela had two children, Jimmy, the older of the two, and then Ricky. Ricky was away now, visiting Angela's kid sister, Lori, across the state. Lori had just gotten divorced, and Angela had generously offered to let her kid sister move in with her. Ricky was staying with Lori to help her pack.

Angela had offered the loan of one of her sons in complete innocence; she probably never would have made it at all if she'd guessed how incredibly, uncontrollably horny it would make her feel to be all alone in the house with Jimmy, her oldest son. Jimmy was such a fine, handsome young man now, almost full-grown. He was tall, with a lean, muscular body and, if the bulge in his crotch meant anything, the promise of an absolutely enormous prick.

Angela had found herself thinking of Jimmy's crotch more and more; wondering what his naked cock looked like, how long and fat it might grow if she helped him make it stiff.

And she knew that Jimmy was at least slightly interested in her as well. It would have been hard for him not to be, in the light of the incredible voluptuousness of Angela's body.

Five feet, eight inches tall in her bare feet, Angela had the kind of figure that made mens' cocks stand up. Her tits were extremely large, stuffing a Double D-cup to bursting, and they'd lost none of the round, spongy firmness of her girlhood years. Her waist was slender, her ass was appetizingly round, and her legs were long and perfectly formed. Her biggest problem with her late husband had been his jealousy; it had been hard being married to a woman that every man in the suburbs was simply itching to fuck.

Angela had caught Jimmy ogling her stacked body many times, and once she'd been sure that the sight of her figure had given him a big hard-on. Sprawled splay-legged on the bed, Angela fingerfucked her pussy faster as she remembered what Jimmy's big cock had looked like bulging through his slacks. Yes, as horrible and sinful as it was, she did want to fuck him. Her own flesh and blood, her very own son. And they were all alone. Ricky wouldn't return with Lori for several days. If she succumbed to temptation and made a serious pass at Jimmy, her handsome young son could fuck his mother all day and night.

Suddenly Angela heard the water running in the bathroom down the hall. It was Jimmy, taking a late-night shower. Her lust worsened dramatically as she pictured her boy standing naked under the hot spray, sudsing his enormous, naked prick.

"Oh, fuck!" Angela panted.

Her beautiful face contorted as she finger-fucked her throbbing, hairy pussy as hard as she could, fantasize obsessively about Jimmy's prick. It was such a shame that she'd never seen his cock in the raw. Oh, God, she wanted to! If she could just get one look at her own son's naked prick.

Suddenly Angela decided on a plan. She slid off the bed, her enormous tits quivering as she walked naked down the hall. She stood outside the bathroom, looking at the light shining under the door and listening to the water. As soon as the water stopped, Jimmy would step out of the shower stall to dry himself off. And then she would just barge in on him, completely naked. Angela looked proudly down at her giant tits, seeing how stiffly her fat, crimson nipples protruded from the milky-white expanse of her tit-flesh. She ran her fingers down her sleek waist, touching the rich black curls of her very hairy cunt triangle.

It was the perfect opportunity. She could just say that she hadn't known he was in there that she needed to use the bathroom too, and hadn't thought of putting on a robe so late at night. And maybe looking at his mother's incredibly stacked body would give Jimmy a huge hard-on. Angela's pussy ached at the thought of that, of the fantasy of her teen's prick throbbing stiffly before him, as hard as an iron bar.

The water suddenly stopped running. Angela heard the crack of the shower stall door opening. Her heart raced, and her pussy throbbed rhythmically with desire. Silently she turned the knob, then quickly threw open the door.

"Mom! Jesus Christ!"

"Oh, Jimmy!" Stepping into the bathroom, Angela clapped her hands theatrically aver her mouth. "Oh, Son, I'm so sorry!"

Her son stood naked in the center of the bathroom floor, dripping water on the tiles. He hadn't even picked a towel off the rack yet. Greedily, Angela's eyes raked his lean, muscular physique, then homed in lustfully on his prick.

Oh, God, what a whopper! Her son's cock was even bigger than she'd ever dared dream. The meaty trunk of flesh hung between his thighs like a horse cock, incredibly long, and as thick around as her wrist, capped with a giant, puffy crown.

"Oh, Jimmy, I'm so sorry!" Angela lied breathlessly. "I didn't know you were in here! I just wanted to take a shower too, and I didn't think of putting on any clothes because..."

But then her words trailed off as she saw what was happening between Jimmy's legs. His huge shaft of fuck meat was stiffening before her very eyes, swelling rapidly to total hardness in jerky little pulses.

Jimmy's face was red with embarrassment, but he obviously couldn't take his eyes off his mother's naked body. He'd never, seen her in the raw before; he'd never known she was so stacked and desirable. Angela gasped as she stared transfixedly at his erecting hard-on, watching silently until his enormous, fully stiffened fuck-pole throbbed straight before him, the spongy knob actually pointing at her hairy cunt.

"Why... why, Jimmy!" Angela's voice was trembling with lust. "Your... your cock is getting so stiff, Jimmy. Why is your cock getting hard?"

"I'm sorry," Jimmy said awkwardly, his face crimsons with embarrassment. "I... I can't help it, Mom."

"It's from looking at my naked body, isn't it, Jimmy? Why, aren't you ashamed? You've got a huge boner, just from looking at your own mother."

But her feverish sounding voice and strange words told Jimmy that she wasn't at all angry with him. For the first time he realized how intently his mom was staring at his rigid cock. His gigantic fuck-tool immediately began pulsing much harder.

Angela lost control of herself. She knew her life with her oldest boy would change dramatically if she fucked him, but she was past the point of caring. All she could do was stare at his massive cock, thinking of how good it would taste if she could suck on it, how violently his hot, milky jism would squirt down her throat.

"Do you want Mommy to fuck you, Jimmy?" Angela asked softly, stepping closer to him. "Is that why your big cock is so stiff? Hmmmm?"

Angela dropped her hand, eagerly clutching her child's fuckrod and squeezing it hard. Jimmy gaped at her dazedly as she suddenly dropped to her knees, facing his mighty prick.

"How about if Mommy sucks your juicy boner for you, Jimmy?" Angela asked softly. "I'll bet you'd like that too, wouldn't you?"

Jimmy just moaned. Trembling with incestuous lust, Angela grazed her fingers up her thighs and wrapped them tightly around the root of his prick. His cock was so thick that she could barely wrap her fingers around it. Angela stared at his shiny-skinned cock head as she jacked his prick hard. A horny little mewi escaped her lips as she watched a thick, creamy drop of cockjuice bubble out of the slit in the tip.

"Oh, Jimmy! Your cock is leaking!" Angela started beating his prick fast and hard, staring up at her son's lust-contorted face. "Does this feel good, Jimmy? Is this making your big cock feel better? Would you like Mommy to put this big cock in her mouth and suck it good?"

Jimmy gulped and nodded his head. Angela leaned forward, pursing her lips on the rosy crown of her son's cock. She glided her tongue through his piss-hole, lapping up his oozing spunk. It was delicious, salty and sweet at the same time. She jacked his stiff prick harder, making more spunk drool out of his cock-knob.

"Suck it, Mom!" Jimmy gasped. He dropped his hands, eagerly clutching her dark-haired head. "Suck my prick!"

Angela let her lips part, slurping loudly as she sucked in the first several inches of Jimmy's enormous prick. She wrapped her lips in a tight, sucking circle around the veined stiffness of his cock shank, panting through her nose as she savored the salty, fleshy taste of his fuckrod.

Then the naked mother staffed sucking it, slurping on the throbbing stiffness of Jimmy's prick. Up and down, her head bobbed on his crotch, lightly fucking her face with his prick. Her tongue swirled constantly around his rosy cock head, lapping up the fuck-juices oozing continually from his piss-slit.

"Oh, Mom!" Jimmy looked down at her dazedly, beholding the obscene spectacle of his own mother's mouth stretched wide around his cock. "Oh, fuck, that feels so good, Mom! Harder! Unnggghhh! Suck my prick, Mom! Suck it as hard as you can!"

Angela was in ecstasy, finally satisfying the craven, illicit incestuous lust she'd harbored inside herself for so long. I'm sucking my own son's cock, she thought. The very obscenity of the idea just made her hornier, made her pussy throb more wetly with lust. I'm giving my own son a blow-job... I'm going to make my son's hot spunk shoot right down my throat!

Angela's face reddened as she sucked Jimmy's massive prick as hard as she could, fucking her face faster on his swollen crotch. Jimmy groaned and curled his fingers in her thick, brown hair. Angela tightened her fist round the root of his cock. She jacked it fast and vet hard, beating his prick into her mouth, trying to coax his cum load to shoot torrentially out of his prick.

"Play with my balls!" Jimmy pleaded. His face was contorted with pleasure, and he stamped his foot excitedly an the bathroom floor. "Oh, fuck, Mom, you're gonna make me squirt!"

Angela slid her left hand up to fondling his nut sac, cradling the wrinkled, hairy sac on her palm. His balls were huge and incredibly full. Her pussy grew wetter as she realized how much sticky cum was ready to spurt and spew down her throat.

Angela sucked her child's prick harder than ever, slurping his fuckrod so noisily that the wet, gurgling sounds of the blow-job in progress filled the bathroom. Jimmy winced as his cock twitched to total stiffness in her mouth.

"I'm cumming, Mom!" he groaned. "Oh, fuck, swallow it! Here it cummmsss..."

The hot, milky cock-juice started spewing out of the head of his prick, squirting heavily onto the roof of Angela's mouth and then pouring down the cocksucking mother's throat. Angela shut her eyes tightly, thinking of nothing but the taste of the cum spewing into her mouth. It was delicious, like nectar. It was the best tasting cum she'd ever sucked in her life.

Shamelessly, the naked mom began working her throat muscles, urgently sucking her son's squirting prick and swallowing his cum at the same time. There was a lot of jism, as if he'd been storing it up in his balls for a long, long time. Angela pumped his gushing cock and gulped down the spunk as fast as possible, not wanting to lose a single drop of ha child's fuck cream.

"Oh, Jimmy!" Finally withdrawing his enormous prick from her mouth, Angela continued to jack on it as she looked up at him with wide, feverish eyes. "I can't believe I just did that for you. It's awful, Jimmy, isn't it? I just sucked my own son's prick!"

Jimmy said nothing, only looking down at her nervously, obviously still very, very horny with the unexpected liaison with his mother. Angela shuddered again as she stared at his cock. It was still as hard as stone, as packed with blood as if he'd never cum at all.

"You've still got a big, fat hard-on, Jimmy," she purred salaciously. "It's not going down at all. Do you want to fuck your mother now? Is that what you want? To fuck your own mother's juicy cunt?"

Jimmy didn't answer; he didn't have to. His cock started throbbing harder than ever, pulsing wildly between Angela's fingers. Her pussy dripping with lust, the big-tilted mother rose and walked out of the bathroom.

"Then let's hurry, Jimmy! Into my bedroom, darling! You can fuck me all night!"

Jimmy practically ran after his mother, his giant, stiff prick pulsing eagerly before him. Angela threw open her door, rushed across the room and sprawled on her back on the mattress. Her giant tits quivered as she wiggled her round ass into a good humping position on the sheets. She stared hungrily at her child's cock as she splayed her thighs wide apart, opening her curly haired pussy for the invasion of his prick.

"Fuck Mommy's pussy, Jimmy!" she panted. "Go ahead, baby, it's wide open and dripping for you. Climb aboard, Jimmy, fuck the shit out of Mommy's cunt!"

Jimmy crawled onto the bed, his stiff fuckpole jerking over her belly as he moved into position between her thighs. Angela lifted her head, looking down excitedly as her son nudged his bloated cock head between the pouting, clinging lips of her wet pussy. Both of them watched its meaty length disappearing into the thick curls fringing her fuck-slit. "Oh, Jimmy! It's so biiiig!"

She dropped her head to the pillow, grimacing and biting her lip as she felt her cunt being stretched to bursting by the invading thickness of her bay's huge cock. In and in, his massive prick pushed, sinking into the clasping sheath of his mother's pussy. Angela felt her cunt channel sucking and clinging reflexively around his cock, welcoming its steely stiffness into her belly.

"Fuck me, Jimmy! Fuck me hard!"

Angela wrapped her legs suddenly together high across his back, scissoring her ankles together. Then she started humping her blushing ass off the bed like a bitch in heat, panting and whimpering as she fucked her throbbing pussy onto her son's huge cock.

"Ram it in my belly, Jimmy! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, Mommy loves it, Son, Mommy just loves it! Oh, my baby, my sweet, precious baby! Fuck Mommy's pussy, baby! Fuck Mommy's cunt!"

Jimmy sprawled flat on his naked mother, crushing her enormous tits under his chest. For several seconds he lay motionless, savoring the constant pressure of her tight, juicy pussy sucking around his prick.

He pulled his swollen fuckrod slowly out of her cunt, pausing when only the tip of his prick parted her pussy folds. Panting loudly, he plowed his cock back into his mother's cunt. Then he started fucking her steadily, humping his lean hips between her thighs, spearing his rigid cock in and out of the tight, clasping folds of his mom's aching fuck tunnel.

"That's right, Jimmy! Oh, my darling! You're fucking Mommy, Jimmy! You're fucking Mommy's tight little cunt!"

Angela bounded her ass off the sheets, eagerly fucking her cunt onto his pistoning cockshaft, meeting her boy's fucking strokes. Then mother and son were humping in unison, making the bed springs squeak as their bellies slapped sweetly together, as his huge cock rooted in her tight, syrupy fuck-slit.

Faster and harder, Jimmy fucked his horny mother, shuddering every time he slammed his cock to the hilt in the clinging tightness of her cunt. Angela felt her hairy pussy-hole beginning to really burn and itch around his hammering prick, a sure sign that she was about to enjoy a very hard cum.

"Faster, Jimmy!" She threw her arms around his shoulders, scissoring her legs more tightly around his back. "I said, fuck me faster! Unnggghhh! Oh, Jimmy, Mommy loves your cock, lover! Mommy loves your huge, fucking cock! Jimmy, Mommy's getting ready to cum now! Unnggghhh! Ahhhh fuck, fuck your mother, Mommy's cuummmiiinnngggg!"

Her pussy erupted in a series of pleasurable spasms, making her hairy fuck-hole suck and contract uncontrollably around the racing shaft of her son's big cock. Jimmy collapsed on his mother's sweaty belly, ramming his prick as far into her narrow pussy as it would go. Then the second load of cock sap started shooting out of his blood-bloated cock.

It flew up from his balls in a gusher, every bit as torrential an outpouring as the first blast he'd delivered into her throat. Jimmy fucked his mother's pussy harder than ever, panting on her shoulder as spurt after spurt of jism cascaded into her fuck channel. Angela felt it squirting onto her pussy walls, bathing the interior of her cunt in a soothing tide of spunk.

"Oh, Jimmy!" She embraced her child tenderly, showering him with kisses. "You're such a good fucker, baby! You made Mommy cum so hard! You can take it out now, lover oh, Jimmy! Jimmy, it's still so stiff! Why, Jimmy, you're fucking Mommy's pussy again! Oh, Son!"

Jimmy had never missed a stroke. His cock remained as hard as iron, even after shooting two loads of cum. Panting and sweating, the horny young stud continued to drill his cum-congested cock in and out of her pussy, reaching the depths of her cunt with every stroke.

"Oh, Jimmy! Oh, my sweet baby! Yes, lover, Mommy loves it! Fuck your mother, sweetheart! Fuck Mommy's cunt!"

Eagerly Angela started humping her reddened asscheeks off the bed, whipping her drenched pussy onto her son's cock. Her cunt still felt hot and itchy, and she wondered if she'd ever be satisfied. She'd keep on fucking her darling child all night.


But Angela felt horribly guilty when she awakened the next morning next to her sleeping son. Jimmy had fucked her almost nonstop until four in the morning, and her pussy felt raw from so much humping. It was the best, most satisfying fucking she'd ever enjoyed in her life, but it was still incest, and Angela felt as if she'd succumbed to her passion for her child in a regrettably weak moment.

She pulled the sheets down, looking at her son's naked body as he slept. His soft, huge cock lay limp across his thigh, still sticky with pussy-juice. Angela felt an intense desire to suck his tasty-looking fuckrod, but she resisted it. Never again, she told herself. She could never again fuck her own flesh and blood.

Angela rose from the bed, her enormous tits quivering heavily as she slid into a short terry robe. She tied the sash around her waist and went into the kitchen. It was as she was putting bread into the toaster that she heard Jimmy's footsteps behind her.

"Hi, Mom."

His voice was lewd. Angela stiffened as he slid his hands around her waist, pulling open the halves of the robe to fondle her huge, naked tits. She turned toward him, assuming as stern an expression as she could. Jimmy was still naked, and his cock was already as hard as iron. He grinned at her as he cupped her enormous tits, rolling and kneading the spongy globes under his palms.

"Jimmy, I... I have to talk to you."

"How's my Momma's sweet pussy this morning?" Jimmy asked. "Hey, let's skip breakfast, okay? Let's go back to the bedroom and just fuck instead."

"Jimmy, we... we have to talk." Angela shut her eyes for a moment, trying to ignore the wet, pounding need in her cunt. "I know what happened last night was all my fault. I was very, very horny, and I... I did something I shouldn't have, Jimmy. But it was incest. Incest in a horrible sin, darling. I'm afraid it can never, ever happen again."

"But I'm still horny for you, Mom!"

He held her waist, and then he started dry humping her, thrusting his rock-hard prick onto her pussy fur. Angela whimpered as her pussy got very, very wet and started throbbing. She did nothing to stop her boy as he dropped his head to her tits. Jimmy cupped one, huge tit, opening his mouth and sucking in the fat, crimson nipple.

"No, Jimmy, please!" But Angela couldn't help dropping her hand to eagerly stroke and squeeze his huge cock. "You're... unh you're making Mommy lose control of herself, baby. You're making Mommy all horny. Please don't do that, Jimmy. You'll make Mommy want to fuck your big cock again! Please oh, Jimmy!"

Jimmy switched tits, cradling the second and sucking the stiff tit even harder. He slid his hand down her shivering body, pulling her robe open completely so he could wiggle a finger up her hairy cunt. Angela whimpered shamefully as she started humping her ass, thrusting her wet pussy onto his finger.

"Oh, my baby! My sweet, sweet baby! Oh, Jimmy, I guess I just can't help myself!"

She dropped to her knees on the floor, again confronting the throbbing stiffness of his enormous cock. Angela wrapped her fist around his swollen fuck tool and started jacking it hard, whipping her fist in a blur up and down his cockshaft.

"All right, Jimmy. If this is what, you want, this is what you'll get. I guess we'll just keep on fucking, won't we? But first Mommy needs to suck on this great, big, beautiful cock of yours!"

Moaning with forbidden passion, Angela opened her mouth wide and stuffed Jimmy's gigantic prick between her lips. She nearly choked herself in her eagerness to swallow his massive fucker, cramming it down her throat until she had nearly half of his huge fuckrod between her lips.

Angela shut her eyes, concentrating on the tasty saltiness of her boy's prick. She wrapped her lips in a tight circle around the veined hardness of his fuck-pole. Then she started sucking his stiff cock very hard, alternately puckering her checks inward and then bellowing them outward, rhythmically suctioning her cheeks around the burning stiffness of Jimmy's prick.

"Suck it, Mom!" Jimmy held her head, staring transfixedly down at his cock-loving mother as she bobbed her face on his crotch. "Unngghh! Harder, Mom! Oh, shit, can you ever give head!"

Angela sucked his cock as hard as she could, her whole face reddening with the wanton intensity of her cocksucking effort. His mighty prick grew even stiffer between her lips, throbbing on the roof of her mouth. Angela forced herself to take her lips off his cock, not wanting her boy to cum without first fucking the piss out of her horny cunt.

"Let's... let's go back to the bedroom, Jimmy," she panted, rising unsteadily to her feet. "But I doubt I'll be in any shape to make breakfast, if you fuck my cunt as hard as you did last night!"

They returned to the bedroom, Angela again flopping on her back on the sheets. Jimmy crawled into position between her wide-spread thighs, aiming his swollen fuck-pole at the invitingly pouting lips of her pussy. Angela gasped as she felt the meaty inches of his cock shaft plowing into her cunt.

"Oh, Jimmy!"

She lifted her legs high, until her knees nearly hovered over her shoulders, completely opening her pussy for the pelvis-jarring thrusts of her son's prick.

"Fuck Mommy again, Jimmy! Oh, yes, yes, Mommy wants it now! Fuck me, baby, fuck Mommy good!"

Jimmy speared his cock relentlessly into the warm, enveloping wetness of his mother's pussy, finally lying flat on her huge, spongy tits. Angela wrapped her bare legs and arms around him and eagerly humped her ass off the bed. Jimmy fucked to meet his mother's rhythm, working his lean ass cheeks between her thighs, spearing his cum-laden fuckrod rapidly in and out of her cunt.

"Harder, Jimmy! Oh, Jimmy, please fuck me! Fuck me harder! Oh, Mommy loves it so! Fuck your mother, baby! Fuck your mother's juicy cunt!"

Jimmy fucked his naked mother fast and hard, driving his cum-swollen cock in and out of her tight, curly-haired cunt. Both of them heard the luridly arousing sounds emanating from her dripping-wet pussy, as her pouty cuntlips squished and sucked need fully around the pounding thickness of Jimmy's cock.

"Fuck your mother, fuck your mother!"

Angela lifted her legs higher, draping her ankles over his shoulders, so that her well-hung child could really drill his massive fuck-pole into the buttery wetness of her cunt channel.

"Oh, Jimmy, you're making Mommy cum again! You're such a good, hard fucker, baby! Unnggghh! Fuck Mommy faster, sweetheart! Fuck Mommy's cunt as hard as you can!"

Jimmy winced as his balls slapped his mother's ass crack with every stroke, bloated to bursting with a heavy load of cum. He started fucking her tender, clasping cunt as fast as he could, wildly reaming out her hairy cunt-hole with every thrust of his prick. The bed springs squeaked, and their wet bellies slapped sweetly together as they fucked. It wasn't long before Angela felt a delicious cum mounting in her loins.

"Faster, Jimmy, faster! Unh unh unh, fuck me, fuck the piss out of me!"

She clawed his shoulders, her expression contorting as her pussy started spasming, twisting her head wildly from side to side on the bed.

"Fuck your mother, fuck Mommy's hot pussy! Oh, fuck, Jimmy, oh fucking shit! Mommy's cuummmiiinnnngggg!"

Her pussy exploded, spasming so hard that she nearly passed out with the sheer intensity of her craven lust. Jimmy fucked his mother savagely through the duration of her cum, relentlessly drilling his blood-swollen fucker into the gushing heat of her cunt...

"I'm cumming too, Mom! Oh, fuck, here it cummsss!"

His hot, salty jism started squirting out of his giant cock in mid-stroke, pumping heavily into the gooey depths of his mother's cunt. Jimmy fucked his horny mom faster than ever, gasping and sighing as spurt after spurt of milky spunk blasted up from his balls.

"Oh, Jimmy! Oh, my sweet baby, cum in me, cum in Mommy's pussy!" Angela babbled in a frenzied delirium of fuck passion as she felt the gushing white torrent splashing into her pussy, running back out of her hairy, cock-filled cunt to puddle on the sheets. Shamelessly she flexed her fucking muscles, helping her darling son to shoot the last drops into her cunt.

For several seconds Jimmy lay motionless on his mother's lushly-stacked body, his burning prick still throbbing stiffly in her pussy-hole. Then he withdrew from her pussy and slid down her torso. Angela whimpered happily as her darling son started sucking her enormous tits, holding up her spongy tits one by one so he could slurp greedily on her fat, stiffened nipples. "Oh, my precious." Angela smiled and stroked her hair. "You're such a good fucker, baby. That's right, suck Mommy's titties. Oh, Jimmy, I love you so much."

Jimmy slid farther down his mother's nakedness, planting wet kisses an her rounded belly and navel. Angela stiffened as he moved his face between her thighs, confronting the curly haired folds of her dripping, just-fucked cunt.

The pouting lips were very red and wet, glistening with thick, milky drops of Jimmy's jism. Angela made a mewling sound as Jimmy suddenly glued his lips to the richly scented folds of her pussy. Eagerly the young stud started licking and sucking his mother's wet cunt, sluicing his tongue rapidly up and down between the gooey folds of her hairy fuck-slit.

"Oh, Jimmy! Oh, that feels so good, precious! Mommy loves that!" Angela clutched his head and splayed her shapely thighs wide apart. Then she again started wiggling and humping her blushing ass checks off the bed, thrusting her throbbing pussy onto Jimmy's tongue. "Ungghh! Oh, Jimmy, you're making me horny again! That's right, baby, lick Mommy's pussy! Oh, fuck, Jimmy, lick the juice out of my hot little cunt!"

Angela pushed her hand between his thighs, so she could open her pussy folds with her fingertips and expose the bright pinkness of her inner fuck channel. Jimmy ate out his mother's cunt with all the instinctive hunger of a standing animal, darting his tongue thirstily into the juice-spewing sheath of her pussy.

"Oh, Jimmy, Jimmy!" Angela pounded her ass off the bed, fucking her cunt all over her son's face. "Put your fingers in, sweetheart! Jack me off, Jimmy! Oh, yes, jack me off and suck my clit!"

Straightening two fingers, Jimmy guided them into the clasping interior of his mother's pussy. Her pussy was extremely tight, even after the brutal fucking he'd given her, and it made him horny to remember how tightly his mom's cunt sucked around his prick.

Jimmy jacked off his mother's itchy cunt fast and hard, banging his knuckles on the puffy outer folds of her pussy as he speared his finger rapidly into the clinging interior of her fuck channel. Angela winced, feeling, another cum mounting in her loins. Her clit was swollen and tingling, protruding at the top of her fuck-slit.

"Lick my clit!" she gasped. "Oh, fuck, oh, please, Mommy wants it so bad! Put your lips on it, Jimmy! Suck Mommy's clitty, precious! Suck Mommy's clit and make me cum!"

Tentatively Jimmy licked his mother's sensitive clit bud. Immediately Angela bucked as if she'd been shot, wildly fucking her pussy all aver his face. Jimmy wrapped his lips around her throbbing clit and sucked it hard, at the same time slamming his fingers rhythmically in and out of her gushing, clinging fuck tunnel.

"Mommy's cumming, Jimmy! Suck me, lick me, I'm cuummmiiinnnngggg!"

Her pussy exploded, again erupting in a series of uncontrollable spasms, making the pink interior of her cunt suck and contract helplessly around her son's fingers. Jimmy kept sucking his mother's clit gently yet forcefully, intensifying the ecstasy of her orgasm. Finally Angela had to push him away, unable to stand any more stimulation of her overheated cunt.

"Oh, my baby," she moaned, stroking her hair. "Oh, that was so good. You deserve a special treat for sucking my cunt like that."

Jimmy had risen to his knees, licking a stray cunt curl from his mouth, letting his mother see the throbbing stiffness of his enormous prick. Angela felt a new lust burning inside her, centering in her pink, puckered little asshole. She'd enjoyed many asshole-reaming sessions with her husband. It was now time to initiate her child into the intense pleasure of ass-fucking.

"How would you like to fuck Mommy's asshole, Jimmy?" Angela asked excitedly, reaching down to eagerly squeeze and stroke his gigantic cock. "Would you like that, sweetheart? As a special reward for sucking my pussy so wonderfully? Would you like to stuff that big cock of yours up Mommy's tight little ass?"

Jimmy gulped and nodded eagerly. Angela turned on her side, opened the nightstand drawer and withdrew a little jar of Vaseline. Then she turned onto her stomach, grabbing a pillow and thrusting it under her belly to elevate her hips.

"Lube up that big cock of yours, Jimmy. Then smear the Vaseline all over my asshole. Make sure to stick your fingers in, too. You don't want to hurt me. You've got an awfully big prick!"

Angela reached behind her back, grasped her rounded ass cheeks and bravely spread them wide, revealing ha tightly muscled shit sphincter to her son. The sight of his mother's horny little asshole made Jimmy's cock throb more eagerly than ever. He finished coating his cock with Vaseline, then started smearing it liberally all over his mother's shitter.

"Ahhhhh, yes!" Angela wiggled her ass cheeks eagerly as she felt Jimmy slithering a jelly-coated finger into the rubbery interior of her ass channel. "That's right, Jimmy! Unngghhh! Oh, yes, Mommy's asshole is so horny this morning! Put three fingers in, precious! Get me nice and stretched open for your big, hard prick!"

Jimmy wormed a second, then a third finger into the sucking ring of his mother's asshole. He darted them rapidly in and out, coating her asshole with Vaseline, exciting Angela until she couldn't stop humping her hips impatiently on the sheets.

"That's enough, Jimmy! Oh, please, fuck Mommy's asshole now! Hurry, Jimmy, hurry! Ram that huge cock of yours right up Mommy's ass!"

Jimmy mounted his naked, cock-loving mother, aiming his puffy cock head at the puckered ring of her asshole. Angela grimaced and spread her ass cheeks wider as she felt his huge cock plowing into her, spreading the lips of her asshole to bursting around the invading thickness of his cock.

"Oh, Jimmy! It's going into me! Oh, yes, I can feel it!"

Angela released her reddened ass-globes now that her child had his prick securely embedded in her shitter. She started humping and wiggling at the same time, trying to help her darling son stuff his enormous fuck-pole all the way between, her ass checks.

Jimmy pushed his prick relentlessly into his mother's bowels, sighing as he felt how tight her asshole was, the rubbery pressure of her shit muscles clasping and sucking around his prick. Finally he collapsed on her sweaty back, spearing his prick to the hilt in the forbidden tightness of her shit channel. Angela felt her pussy and asshole throbbing at the same time as the wanton fuck need pounded through her body.

"Fuck my asshole, Jimmy! Fuck Mommy's asshole!"

Angela started humping fast and hard, eagerly thrusting her burning, itchy little shitter onto the satisfying hardness of her son's huge prick.

"Come on, baby, drill it into me! It doesn't hurt, Jimmy! Oh, fuck, it just feels good!"

Jimmy pulled out slowly, until only the crown of his cock parted her sucking asshole lips. He paused, then speared his cock much farther into her bowels. Then he settled into a steady, driving, assfucking rhythm, panting on his mother's neck as he slammed his rigid cock in and out of her ass.

"Harder! Fuck my asshole! Oh, Jimmy, fuck my ass as hard as you can!"

Grimacing, her face red with incestuous desire, the naked mother thrust her hand under her belly and gasped as she started finger-fucking her dripping cunt.

"Make me cum, Jimmy! Fuck Mommy's asshole as hard as you want!"

Jimmy started fucking his mom's burning bowel tract as hard as he could, making the bed rattle on the floor as he violently pounded his cum-swollen cock into the sucking heat of her shitter. In and out, his giant cock sawed, thoroughly oiled with Vaseline, slamming deeper into his mother's ravished asshole with every thrust. Deliriously, Angela humped to meet his strokes, whimpering as she pumped her itchy asshole onto her son's huge cock.

"Fuck my asshole, fuck Mommy's asshole!" she pleaded. "Oh, fuck, oh, stilt, I'm cumming now! Fuck me, Mommy's cummmiiinnngggg!"

Her asshole exploded, sucking and spasming around the pounding hardness of Jimmy's huge cock. Jimmy collapsed on her ass, spearing his cock to the hilt in her contracting shit tunnel. The second load of cock-juice spewed out of his prick, shooting and squirting deep into his mother's asshole.

Angela moaned happily and flexed her shitting muscles, helping her child shoot out all of his jism. She'd already decided that she'd let Jimmy skip school today, so he could stay at home and fuck her mouth, pussy and asshole as much as he liked. Her only regret now was that her sister Lori would be moving in with her. Angela wondered vaguely how her younger son Ricky and Lori were getting along.


"Put these two in the trunk, Ricky," Lori said, gesturing at the boxes stacked in front of the bed. "I need to find something in this other box. I'll have it ready for you to move by the time you get back."

Angela's younger son, the short, handsome, innocent-looking Ricky, dutifully picked up two boxes and left Lori's bedroom, headed for the car. Lori brushed her long, wavy blonde hair out of her eyes and glanced at herself in the mirror.

She was dressed casually, in a shapeless house dress that dropped from her shoulders to mid-thigh, but it was still obvious that a mouthwateringly voluptuous body lurked under the fabric.

Lori's tits weren't as huge as her big sister's, but they were still very large, and now, without a brassiere, they jiggled appetizingly under her dress. Lori drew the dress tight around her waist, studying the outline of her slender, little hips and very long, perfectly formed legs. Ricky was so young that it was hard not to think of him as just a kid, but she wondered if she should have put on some underwear; she didn't want to turn on her own nephew.

Though she wished someone would turn her on.

Sighing, Lori went to the last box in front of the bed and bent over it, rummaging through its contents for her vibrator. Her pussy felt very wet and hot, even though her only business that morning had been to help Ricky move her belongings out to the car, so they, could start driving across the state to Angela's home. She didn't know how she could get Ricky away from her so she could play with herself, but she knew she had to try. She desperately needed a good cum.

Lori had just turned twenty-eight, and ever since she'd had her cherry popped while still a teenager, she'd done her best to get fucked by a big, stiff cock every night. Her ex-husband had been a complete asshole, but he'd been a wonderfully gifted bumper, and her fuck sessions with him had often lasted until four in the morning, every morning.

A month had passed since the divorce, and Lori knew she was lucky to have her rotten ex-husband out of her life. But she was so horny that she was ready to climb the walls. She played with her pussy constantly, sometimes finger-fucking her wet, hairy cunt to as many as ten cums in a single day. She was glad that her wonderful young nephew Ricky had come to help her move, but he was still in the way a lot. Lori hadn't had the privacy she needed to jack off all day.

And now she was so horny that she had to use her vibrator, the quickest route to an extremely hard cum short of a good fucking. Lori bent low over the box, unmindful of how the hem of the dress rose up over her hips. She pushed clothes and books impatiently out of the way, looking for the plastic shaft that would finally provide relief to her cunt.

It was just as she finally found it that she became conscious of the fact that she was being watched from behind. Surprised, clutching the vibrator in her hand, Lori rose suddenly and turned. It was Ricky. He'd obviously been staring at her naked, round, plump little ass, at the hairy lips of her pussy visible between her thighs.

"R-Ricky!" Lori smiled nervously, so startled that she neglected to drop the vibrator. "Ricky, you surprised me! I'm..."

And, then her words trailed off as she saw the expression on her nephew's face. It was sheepish, but it was also very, very horny. Automatically Lori glanced at his crotch, and then she gasped, and then she felt an irresistible wet need pounding through her cunt.

All Ricky had on was a t-shirt and a pair of denim cut-offs. His huge, meaty cock bulged through the fabric, extending so far down his leg that his cock-knob actually protruded through the leg opening of his shorts. Why, young Ricky's got a big boner! Lori thought dizzily. A very, very big boner; her little nephew was obviously endowed with one of the biggest cocks she'd ever seen.

Ricky was still staring at her, red-faced, his huge prick head sticking farther and farther out of his cut-offs. Lori stared hypnotically at his spongy cock head, and then she realized that he'd seen the vibrator.

"Well, I... I suppose you know what this is, don't you?" she said nervously, gesturing with the vibrator and then tossing it back into the box. "I... I hope you won't tell your mother you saw me with it."

"I won't tell," Ricky mumbled sheepishly. "It's just that I've been, well, very, ah, excitable since my divorce," Lori explained, trying not to stare at his cock. "I suppose you're old enough to understand, Ricky, that a woman can have sexual needs just like a man. Needs even stronger, sometimes."

"I understand."

Lori stared at his gigantic cock and giggled nervously. "Well, I can see for myself that you understand! That... that's quite a big organ you have there, Ricky. You... you should wear looser shorts. Your... your... the head of your cock is sticking out, Ricky. In case you hadn't noticed."

Ricky looked down at his crotch, gasped, and made a fumbling attempt to stuff his massive prick back into his cut-offs. But his cock was simply too big and stiff. Lori felt her pussy throbbing violently, and then she knew that she simply had to seduce him. It was incest, because he was her nephew, and he was almost young enough to be her son, but she didn't care. She'd never felt so uncontrollably horny in her life.

"Wait a minute, Ricky. Come over here."

Lori backed up, sitting on the edge of the bed and staring transfixedly at her young nephew's huge cock. Ricky stepped sheepishly up to her, his cock throbbing harder than ever. He gasped as his gorgeous, blonde, big-titted aunt suddenly reached down and started fondling the spongy crown of his prick.

"Your cock's too hard to go back into your shorts, Ricky," Lori murmured. "I think I'd better help you make it get soft again. You won't tell your mom about this, will you?"


"That's good, Ricky. Now take off your shorts."

Rd-faced with embarrassment, Ricky undid his cut-offs and stepped out of them, leaving himself naked from the waist down except for his sneakers. Lori made a soft, wanton whimpering sound as she stared at his gigantic cock. It was much, much longer than her ex-husband's cock, and it was at least as thick around as her wrist. His stone-hard fucker stood out of his cock-fur like an iron bar, seeping milky jism out of his piss-hole, throbbing and jerking with its engorgement of blood.

"Oh, Ricky, it's so big!"

Lori wrapped her right hand around the root of his prick and eagerly started jacking on it, staring hungrily at his puffy cock crown as more cum seeped out of his piss-slit.

"Does this feel good, Ricky? Is this making your big cock feel better?"

Ricky said nothing, only moaning as his gorgeous blonde aunt beat his meat for him fast.

Lori dropped her head, pressing her lips to the rosy tip of his fuck-pole. Eagerly, she lapped up his drooling cum, delighting in the salty stickiness of it, the way her pumping fist made more and more of it ooze up from his nuts.

"Is this how you jack off, Ricky?" she asked, pumping his cock. "What do you think about when you beat your meat? This cock is just so enormous, Ricky. I'll bet you have to jack on it a whole bunch to make it feel better."

By now, her fist was moving in a blur on the swollen length of his fuck-tool, jacking it as fast as she could. Ricky's face was contorted with lust. Again Lori dropped her head, salaciously lapping the freshly oozing spunk from his cock tip.

"Would you like me to suck this big, juicy cock of yours, Ricky? Hmmmm? Would you like your pretty Aunt Lori to give you a nice, hard blow-job? I will if you want me to. But you mustn't ever, ever tell your Mom."

"I won't," Ricky gasped. He dropped his hands, curling his fingers in his aunt's long, shining, golden blonde hair. "Suck it, Aunt Lori! Oh, please, suck my prick!"

Wiggling her ass on the bed, painfully conscious of the wet need pulsing in her pussy, Lori thrust her face on her nephew's crotch and stuffed her face with the massive stiffness of his fuck meat. She wrapped her lips in a tight circle around his swollen cock shaft, beginning to pant through her nose, puckering her cheeks to increase the pressure around his prick.

Then the cock-loving aunt began sucking her nephew's cock extremely hard, bobbing her face on his crotch, fucking her face with his enormous prick. Ricky moaned as he stared down at her, at the lurid spectacle of his pretty, blue eyed aunt with her mouth stuffed by hard cock.

Lori shut her eyes, concentrating on nothing but the prick in her mouth. Repeatedly she swirled her tongue around his heart-shaped cock-knob, lapping up the spunk as it dribbled out of his piss-slit. She always made a lot of noise when she sucked a cock, particularly a really big, stiff one. Now her cocksucking sounds were louder than ever, the wet, gurgling, lip-smacking noises filling the bedroom as she urgently fucked her face on her nephew's prick.

"Harder, Aunt Lori!" Ricky gasped. He winced as his huge fuckrod pulsed harder than ever between her lips, the cum churning in his balls. "I... I think I'm gonna cum soon! Oh, please, suck my prick!"

Lori sucked his tasty boner as hard as she could, her whole face reddening with the wanton intensity of the incestuous blow-job. Her right hand whipped up and down his hardened fuck-pole, shamelessly beating his cock into her mouth. Tenderly she toyed with his balls with her left hand, rolling the twin globes on her fingertips, encouraging his cum load to start spouting out of the knob of his prick.

"I'm cumming now!" Ricky sighed. "Swallow it, oh, please! Cummiiinnnggg!"

He jammed his hips forward, nearly choking his horny aunt as he stabbed his giant cock even farther down her throat. Lori suppressed the choking sensation and immediately started swallowing as the hot torrent of jism started spewing out of the knob of his prick.

It was a veritable gusher of cum, making Ricky's enormous cock pulse and twitch as it squirted long jets of cream down Lori's throat. Lori greedily slurped it all down, loving the taste of his jism. Hungrily she pumped his cum-shooting cock shaft, coaxing every last drop of spunk out of Ricky's swollen tube of fuck meat.

"Mmmmmm!" Lori's eyes glistened as she looked, up at her nephew. She popped his massive, wet cock out of her mouth. Shamelessly she wiped his oozing prick-knob all around her lips. "That was awfully good, Ricky. You certainly did pop your rocks, didn't you? Did you like the way I sucked your prick?"

"Y-Yes," Ricky whispered.

"Would you like to learn more about sex now, little nephew? Would you like to see your pretty aunt's naked body?"

Ricky nodded eagerly. Her pussy throbbing with passion, Lori stood up and pulled off her house dress, leaving herself completely naked.

Ricky's giant cock throbbed more stiffly than ever at the sight of her gorgeous body, her big tits and long legs and her light-brown, very hairy cunt triangle.

"Would you like to see your aunt's pussy now, Ricky?"

Lori slid on her back on the bed, coyly keeping her thighs together.

"Hmmmmm? Would you like that? Would you like to take a nice, good look at my pussy, so you can learn all about what you'll be fucking?"

Ricky just nodded, his huge cock stiffer than ever, pulsing rhythmically before him. Lori wiggled her ass cheeks hornily on the bed and then splayed her thighs wide apart, planting her heels firmly on the sheets. Ricky's jaw dropped open as he gazed at the hair-fringed lips of her pink, pouting pussy.

"Lie on the bed between my legs, Ricky. Look at my pussy more closely!"

Obediently Ricky slid onto the bed, sliding up until his face was within inches of her gooey fuck-hole. Deliberately, the naked aunt flexed her fucking muscles, making her horny pussy throb in front of his face.

"Does it look good, Ricky?"

"Yes," Ricky panted.

"Does it look good enough to eat? Why don't you put your mouth on my pussy, Ricky? It's about time you learned what a cunt tastes like."

Ricky moved in closer, tentatively applying his lips to the flowering folds of her fuck-slit. The hungry moan that came from his mouth told Lori that her nephew was a natural born cunt-licker. Excitedly, she wiggled her ass as Ricky started licking her pussy, thrusting his tongue deeply between her swollen, curly-haired pussy folds, avidly lapping the musky-smelling cream from the depths of his horny aunt's cunt. "Unnggghh! Oh, Ricky, that feels awfully good!"

Lori wiggled her ass again, and then she started humping, thrusting her hairy fuck hole onto her nephew's face.

"Unngghhh! Get your tongue in farther, Ricky! Oh, fuck, really get it in there! Lick Auntie's pussy, baby! Lick the juice right out of Auntie's cunt!"

Ricky's huge prick throbbed between his stomach and the sheets; he loved the taste of Aunt Lori's clit. Rapidly his tongue moved up and down between her pouting, pussy lips, making her pussy wetter and wetter. Impatiently, Lori slid her hand down to peel open her pussy petals, exposing the bright, pink interior of her fuck-hole and, most importantly, the swollen bud of her elk.

"See that little bump at the top, Ricky?" she gasped, trying to keep her ass still on the bed. "That's my clit. Ricky. That's the mast sensitive part of my body. Please, Ricky, lick me clit for me. Gently, baby. Lick it and make me cum!"

Tentatively, Ricky licked his aunt's swollen, tingling clit. Lori immediately started humping again, unable to keep her ass still on the bed. Ricky wrapped his lips around her clit without being told, sucking it gently, drawing it out by puckering his cheeks. Lori grimaced as she felt the cum mounting in her belly.

"That's... oh, fuck, that's so good, Ricky." She clawed the back of his head, holding his mouth on her swollen clit. "Now put your fingers in me, sweetheart. Right up my pussy, Ricky, and then move them in and out!"

Ricky slid first one, and then two fingers into the juice-seeping tightness of his aunt's fuck tunnel. He started jacking off her pussy, sliding his fingers rapidly in and out of the aching wetness of her cunt channel. His lips nursed gently on her burning clit, sucking it, his tongue lapping at the tip.

"Oh, Ricky, Ricky, I'm cumming now!" Lori's whole body trembled as she felt her belly knotting up, as the cum flowered to bursting deep inside her loins. "Ahhhh, fuck! Suck my cunt, suck my cunt! Oh, yes, oh, fuck, I'm cumming, I'm cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

Her pussy spasmed and throbbed, spewing out fuck oils onto Ricky's chin. Ricky kept slurping on her clit as the fuck juice covered his fingers, making it easier to slam them in and out of her gushing cunt. For a whole half minute straight, the exquisite spasms overwhelmed Lori's body, holding her in the spell of her incestuous lust. "Oh! Oh, Ricky!"

Finally she had to push him away from her, when she couldn't stand any more direct stimulation on her throbbing clit.

"Oh, Ricky, that was marvelous! What a good little pussy-licker you've turned out to be! It's been a long time since I came that hard!"

Ricky licked the cunt cream from his mouth and smiled at his aunt, rising to his knees between her thighs. Lori felt her cunt starting to ache again as she stared at his naked prick. The giant fuck-pole was stiffer than ever, standing straight out from his loins, bloated to bursting with a fresh load of blood and cum. Her pussy contracted as she imagined that huge, stiff fucker plowing deep inside her buttery cunt.

"Would you like to learn about fucking now, Ricky?" she asked. "Would you? Would you like to lie on top of me and put that big cock of yours up my cunt?"

Ricky nodded eagerly. Lori stretched out flat on her back again, but this time lifted her legs high in the air, until her knees hovered over her shoulders. Her hairy, swollen pussy was now wide open for the invasion of her nephew's prick.

"All right, Ricky." Lori wiggled her ass cheeks expectantly. "It's time to learn how to fuck. Hold your cock in your hand, and put the knob in my cunt!"

Ricky did as she asked, moving forward until the spongy crown of his cock parted the flowering folds of her pussy. He leaned over her, sighing with pleasure as he felt her tight, wet cunt nipping the tip of his prick.

"Hold your arms out straight, Ricky. To either side of my shoulders. That's right. You can hold yourself up that way." Lori lifted her head, staring excitedly down between her thighs at the enormous, cock about to enter her hairy bush. "Now just push it up my pussy, Ricky. Just push it right up my cunt!"

Ricky flexed his ass cheeks, thrusting the first several inches of his wildly throbbing cock into the snug wetness of his aunt's pussy. His face reddened as he felt her cunt walls spasming around his prick meat, welcoming it into her belly. Lori eagerly wiggled and humped her ass off the bed, helping her young nephew slide his huge, fat fucker all the way into her cunt.

"You're doing wonderfully, Ricky! Unngghh! Oh yes, what a big cock! It feels so good in my cunt! Fuck it all the way in now, Ricky! Just ram that monster all the way up Auntie's juicy cunt!"

Ricky let his arms relax, sprawling flat on top of her, crushing her big tits under his chest, Lori whimpered and flung her legs around his back, scissoring her ankles together over his shoulders. Then she started humping like a bitch in heat, panting as she pistoned her throbbing pussy onto the satisfying stiffness of his gigantic prick.

"Fuck my cunt, Ricky, fuck my cunt! All the way in now! Fuck my juicy cunt!"

Ricky humped and pumped, finally driving every inch of his blood-vein in fuck-tool into the clinging tightness of her pussy. Lori felt absolutely stuffed with cock meat, the walls of her cunt channel sucking uncontrollably around the wonderful thickness of his cock.

Slowly, Ricky pulled out of her tight, tender fuckhole, withdrawing until only the spongy crown of his cock parted her pussy folds. He paused, then speared his prick deeply back into her cunt. Then he started fucking his aunt fast and hard, making the bed springs squeak as he speared his enormous fuckrod furiously through the clinging sheath of her pussy.

"Oh, Ricky! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, it feels so good!"

Lori lifted her legs higher, draping her ankles over her nephew's shoulders, completely opening her pussy passage for the violent strokes of his big prick.

"Fuck your aunt, Ricky! Fuck your aunt's juicy cunt! Harder, Ricky! Fuck my pussy just as hard as you want!"

Ricky panted on her shoulder, almost delirious with pleasure as he savored the clinging tightness of her fuck-hole. Faster and faster, his enormous cock slammed into her pussy, seeming to reach the depths of her womb with every stroke. Lori humped her ass cheeks madly off the bed to meet his rhythm, wantonly pumping her dripping, sucking pussy onto the stabbing impalement of his cock.

"Make me cum, Ricky! Oh, fuck, just fuck the shit out of me!" Her face was very red now, and she tossed her head helplessly from side to side on the sheets, overwhelmed by the intensity of her nephew's fucking.

"Unnggghh! Oh, fuck, oh fucking sit! Make me cum, Ricky! Fuck me faster! Make my pussy cum!"

Ricky fucked his naked aunt as fast as he could, his balls swinging wildly against the crack of her ass, thinking of nothing but the huge load of spunk boiling in his balls. Lori pounded her reddened ass-globes off the bed, gasping and squealing as she whipped her pussy onto the driving stiffness of his fuck meat.

"I'm cumming, Ricky! Fuck my cunt, fuck my juicy cunt! Oh, yes, oh, fuck, fuck, fuuuck! Harder, harder, I'm cuummmiiinnngg!"

Her pussy exploded, erupting in a series of incredibly intense spasms, making her hairy slit contract repeatedly around her nephew's hammering prick. Ricky collapsed on top of her, sighing as the second load of spunk blew up from his balls. Lori whimpered as she felt his frothing white jism blasting into her pussy, splattering deep inside hey cunt. Wantonly she flexed her fucking muscles around his cum boner, helping her naked nephew shoot out every drop.


Lori lay wide awake that night in the Crescent Arms Motel, struggling not to think of her throbbing, burning pussy. She'd insisted that she and Ricky take separate rooms, even though she'd been tempted to sleep in the same room with him and let her well-hung nephew fuck her cunt all night.

But she simply couldn't allow herself to do it. It was incest, and succumbing once had been bad enough. Ricky had protested her decision while they'd spent the day driving in the car, but Lori had been adamant. She was very, very sorry that she'd given in to her lust in the first place, she'd told him, but it could never happen again. And she just prayed that he didn't tell his mother.

But now, at nearly one in the morning, with her cunt throbbing so hard that she could hear the beating of it in her ears, Lori was having a rapid change of heart. She was much, much too horny to sleep, and she didn't want to resort to her vibrator. She was dying to feel Ricky fucking her again. She was simply itching to feel that enormous cock of his, slamming in and out of her cunt.

And in her asshole. Lori felt her tender little shit sphincter pucker and itch as she remembered her special craving, the one she'd so enjoyed satisfying with her ex-husband. Rex had been awfully good at fucking her tight little asshole, even if he hadn't been good at anything else. Oh, fuck, wouldn't she just love to be haying a good, hard assfucking session with young Ricky right now!

That did it! Blushing with shame, but also trembling with lust, the naked, blonde aunt rose and pulled on her robe. She grabbed the keys from the bureau and then stepped lightly out of her motel room, turning in the silent, deserted hallway and then rushing to room no. 601, where Ricky slept.

She had the keys to both their rooms. Silently, Lori let herself in, shutting the door behind her and padding barefoot to the bedroom. It was dark. She could make out Ricky's sleeping form under the sheets. Lori found the lamp on the nightstand and fucked on the light.

Ricky lay on his back, his chest rising and falling steadily under the covers, sleeping soundly. Shaking with passion, Lori stripped off her robe and sat, completely naked, on the edge of the bed. She wouldn't wake him, not quite yet. She grasped the covers and drew them slowly dawn, exposing his naked body.

His huge, limp prick lay across his thigh. Lori felt her pussy creaming as she caressed it lightly. Immediately his giant cock began to stiffen, rising up in little jerks as she continued to tickle and fondle it lightly. Soon her nephew's enormous prick was as hard as iron, standing straight up out of his cock-fur to twitch and pulse over his stomach.

"Oh, fuck," Lori whispered. Her mouth actually watered as she stared, hypnotized, at his enormous hard-on, studying the mushroom shape of his puffy, crimson cock-knob. "Oh, fuck, he's got a big one! I've simply got to suck it first..."

Her words trailed off as she curled up on her side by her sleeping nephew's hips. Hungrily Lori ran her hand up Ricky's thighs, finally wrapping her fingers tightly around the mammoth truncheon of his fuck-pole. She jacked it slow and hard, sighing as she watched sticky cock-juice ooze out of his open piss-slit.

Then Lori opened her mouth wide and dropped her face on his crotch, stuffing his gigantic fuck shaft down her throat. Ricky stirred and started to awaken, but she was too horny to care. Lori started sucking his cock hungrily, insatiably, bobbing her head on his crotch and fucking her face with his mammoth prick.

"Unngghh!" Ricky's eyelids fluttered. "Unghhhh... oh, Aunt Lori!"

"Hi, Ricky!" Lori withdrew her lips momentarily from his tasty cock to smile at him lasciviously. "I guess you can see I changed my mind about fucking you again. Honestly, I couldn't go a whole night without tasting this big prick of yours!"

Lori giggled and again stuffed his giant cock into her mouth. She nearly choked herself in her eagerness to cram it down her throat, to completely swallow his swollen fuck meat. Finally she settled for half of it, wrapping her lips in a tight, smacking circle around the center of his fuckshaft.

Lori sucked her nephew's prick extremely hard, her checks reddening with the wanton intensity of her cocksucking. Again she began to bob her head, contentedly fucking her face on the steely stiffness of his prick. His main mouth fuck-tool grew progressively stiffer, oozing cum down his aunt's hungry throat.

"Oh, shit!" Ricky gasped. He gaped at her, at his pretty aunt slurping loudly on his prick. "Fuck, you sure can suck a cock, Aunt Lori! Unngghh! Oh, fuck, my balls are all full of cum! Suck harder!"

Lori sucked his jism-dribbling prick as hard as she could, shutting her eyes so she could concentrate on nothing but the taste of the massive fuckrod between ha lips. Skillfully she alternated between puckering her checks inward on his cock and then bellowing them outward working on his cock like a vacuum cleaner. Her hand tightened around the root of his cock. Lori feverishly started beating her nephew's meat, pounding her fist up and down, from the base to her sucking lips.

"Oh, fuck, make it squirt!" Ricky gasped. He writhed on the bed, humping his hips to make his fuckrod stab deeper down her gullet. "I'm gonna shoot it, Aunt Lori! Suck it, suck my prick!"

But then Lori made herself stop sucking, withdrawing her saliva-dripping lips from his cock and pinching her fingers tightly on his cock knob to hold the spunk in his balls. Ricky made a whining sound and looked at her desperately, his stone-hard prick throbbing painfully.

"Why'd you stop! I was about to cum!"

"I know, Ricky. But I want you to save that big, juicy hard-on. I want you to fuck my pussy first!"

Lori thought of lying on her back and telling him to crawl on top of her, but she was too horny to wait for that. She mounted him, straddling his hips and planting her knees on the bed to either side of his thighs. Reaching between her legs, she took hold of his cum-laden fuck pole and held it upright as she sat down on top of it, fitting his spongy cock crown between the pouting lips of her hairy, dripping cunt.

"Your big cock is going into my pussy again, Ricky," she panted, wiggling her ass to help his prick slide its way into her. "Does it feel good? Do you like the way Aunt Lori's cunt feels around your cock?"

"Oh, fuck!"

Ricky slid his hands up, eagerly fondling her big tits. He grimaced as her tight, juicy pussy contracted around his fuck pole, milking the steely stiffness of his giant prick.

"Yes, Aunt Lori! Fuck me, Auntie! Oh, please!"

Lori slid all the way down on her nephew's huge, stiff fucker, until the base of his cock was securely embedded in her cunt. She leaned forward, clutching his shoulders for support, her big tits jiggling over his chest.

Then the horny, naked aunt started humping, sliding her hairy, clinging pussy up and down on the satisfying shaft of his prick. Faster and faster, she moved her blushing ass, until she was pounding her horny, inflamed fuck opening wildly on his meat.

"Fuck me back, Ricky!" she gasped, digging her fingernails into his shoulders. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck the shit out of me! Oh, Ricky, I love your big cock! It's really a whopper, Ricky! Fuck Auntie's pussy, darling! Fuck the piss out of Auntie's little cunt!"

Ricky heaved his hips off the mattress, drilling his gigantically swollen prick furiously through the gushing tightness of his aunt's cunt channel. Lori humped madly to match his rhythm, slamming her aching pussy onto the fat root of his prick.

"Harder, Ricky!"

The bed springs squeaked as she furiously slammed her pussy onto his cock, whimpering as she felt her clit tingling with every pelvis jarring stroke into her cunt.

"Unh unh, oh, fuck, Ricky! You've got such a big one! It's going so deep inside, me! Harder, Ricky! Oh, yes, please don't ever stop fucking me!"

Ricky fucked into her tight, spasming pussy as fast as he could, sliding his hands down her waist to clutch her humping ass-globes as he hammered his bloated cock furiously into her cunt. Then they were both humping in unison, thinking of nothing but the craven pleasure emanating from their bodies as his huge, throbbing prick slammed into her tight, sucking cunt.

"Ricky, oh, yes, I'm cumming!" Lori grimaced, her big tits jiggling as she whipped her pussy onto his fuck-pole as fast as she could. "Fuck my cunt, lover, fuck my juicy cunt! Unngggghhhh! Oh, yes, fuck, fuck, cummiiiiinnnggg!"

Her pussy exploded, spasming and contracting around the pistoning length of Ricky's cock. Ricky kept on fucking her furiously through the duration of her orgasm, intensifying the heat of her cum. He was still fucking her savagely when she recovered, obviously intent on shooting his pent-up load of cock sap into the gooey depths of her cunt.

"Ricky, do you want to fuck my asshole now?" Lori asked excitedly, wiggling her pussy onto the base of his prick. "You'll really like that, Ricky. My asshole's awfully tight and hot. It's even tighter than my pussy. I swear, it'll suck the cum right out of your cock!"

"Oh... okay," Ricky panted. "But I really got to cum soon, Aunt Lori! My balls are really full!"

"Don't worry, Ricky. You'll really cum hard." Lori slid off of his prick, groaning as she saw how incredibly stiff it was, the pussyjuice-soaked shaft throbbing wildly over his stomach. "Ricky, do you have anything to lube me up with? You've got an awfully big hard-on, honey. You'll hurt me if you try to stuff that monster up my asshole without any lube."

"I've got some KY jelly," Ricky said.

"Oh, that's fine, Ricky! Hurry up and get it out! Hurry, Ricky, my asshole's so horny! Hurry!"

Ricky slid off the bed and opened his bag, searching for the tube of KY jelly. Lori grabbed a pillow, placed it on the center of the bed and sprawled on top of it, thus elevating her hips. She reached behind her, grasped her plump little ass cheeks and spread them wide apart, exposing her pink, puckered, little asshole for the invasion of her nephew's huge cock.

Ricky found the KY and climbed back onto the bed with her. He coated his cock with it liberally, then pasted it onto his aunt's tightly muscled shitter. Lori whined and eagerly started humping, desperately eager to feel his massive cock plowing into her bowels.

"That's enough, baby! Now fuck my asshole, Ricky! Oh, fuck, I want it so bad! Put that big, fat, juicy cockhead on my asshole Ricky! Then ram it and fuck the shit out of me!"

Ricky mounted his fuck-hungry aunt, aiming his rosy prick knob at the puckered ring of her asshole. Lori shuddered as she felt the throbbing stiffness of his cock plowing into her bowels, spreading the lips of her shit ring to the bursting point around the invading thickness of his cock.

"Unggghh! It's so big, Ricky! It's so fucking biiiiig!"

But there was almost no pain at all as he plowed his gigantic cock into her rubbery shit channel. Instead there was only pleasure, as her burning, itching asshole sucked need fully around the driving thickness of his cock. Lori wiggled her hips harder, doing everything she could to help her hung nephew stuff his fuckpole all the way up her tender ass.

"Ass fuck me, Ricky! Deeper, deeper, all the way in! Oh, fuck, my asshole loves your huge cock!"

Ricky lunged on top of her, suddenly spearing every inch of his cock into the rubbery, sucking depths of her bowels. For a moment he lay flat on her sweaty backside, moaning as he felt the forbidden pleasure of her shit muscles stroking and contracting around his cock.

"Ahhhhh, fuck!" Delirious with pleasure, the naked aunt started humping again, wiggling and thrusting her stretched sphincter onto the root of his prick. "Assfuck me, Ricky! Hard and fast now! That's how I want to feel your cock in my ass!"

Ricky pulled out slowly, until only the crown of his aching hard-on separated her ravished ass lips. He paused, then speared his huge prick even farther into her slitter. Then he started assfucking his naked aunt very hard and fast, moaning as he felt the constant pressure of her shit muscles around his driving cock.

"Haaard! Do it to me haaard! Oh, Ricky, I love it! You've got such a big cock! Yes, yes, fuck my asshole, baby! Fuck my juicy little asshole just as hard as you want!"

Lori thrust her hand under her belly, groping through her pussy curls until she found the dripping slit of her cunt. Shamelessly she started finger-fucking, pounding her fingers into her fuck hole with the same rhythm with which her hung nephew reamed out her bowels.

"Ricky, I'm cumming again!" she gasped. Her asshole started spasming and contracting, clutching need fully around the pounding stiffness of Ricky's cock. "Assfuck me, Ricky, fuck my ass! Unnggh! I love your big cock, Ricky! Oh, fuck, I love it! I'm cuuummmiiinnngg!"

Her asshole spasmed violently, sucking like a vise around the hammering hardness of Ricky's fuck-tool. Ricky finally let the long suppressed load of cock-juice fountain up from his balls. He collapsed on his naked aunt, pounding his cock to the hilt in her rubbery ass channel.

The thick, milky cum spurted and streamed, gushing torrentially into the squirmy depths of her asshole, bathing her itchy asshole walls in a hot bath of spunk. Hornily, Lori flexed her shitting muscles around his cum-squirting prick, helping her nephew drop all of his load in her bowels. She smiled as she felt the molten cum bubbling up in her bowels, finally burbling out of her puckered shit ring around her nephew's gigantic prick.

How, she wondered, would she ever keep fucking Ricky once the two of them moved in with Angela? After all, Angela was Ricky's mother.


I'm such a horny bitch, Angela thought giddily. She couldn't even be satisfied with fucking her own son Jimmy. Now she wanted to taste her own little sister's pussy too.

It was very late at night, and the only light left on in the house was the one shining wanly under the closed door of Lori's bedroom. Lori and Ricky had finally arrived late the night before. Angela had given her younger sister the bedroom in the basement, isolated from the rest of the house by the narrow stairway leading down from the kitchen.

Angela now hesitated before Lori's bedroom door, painfully conscious of the wet, expectant need pounding deep inside her cunt. All she had on was a skimpy, thigh-length robe, that exposed all of her legs and stretched to cover her enormous, braless tits.

A nearly forgotten secret shared by the two sisters was how they'd amused each other together during the first years of Angela's marriage, when Lori was still a teenager. They'd only sucked each other's pussy a few times, but it had been enough; both of them knew that they'd crossed the line into lesbianism.

The torrid cunt-licking sessions they'd enjoyed together had never been mentioned again, but Angela definitely wanted to remind Lori of them now. Angela raised her hand to rap on the door, again conscious of the wet, sticky need pounding through her cunt. She hadn't been able to fuck Jimmy again since Lori had moved in, and she was horny as hell. Now she wanted to gratify that hunger with her own sister's cunt.

Lori lay in bed finger-fucking. The sheets were bunched at the foot of the bed, and she was naked, biting her lip so she wouldn't moan as she pistoned her fingers in and out of her curly haired cunt.

Ricky, Ricky, Ricky, she thought, over and over again. Had fantasized about their asshole fucking session in the motel room, remembering how stiffly Ricky's giant cock had pounded into her bowels. She humped her round, bare ass off the bed and sighed as she finger-fucked her pussy as fast as she could.

Fuck, was she ever horny! How was she ever going to give her pussy to her nephew again, now that they were living in the same house as Angela and Jimmy? The more she thought about Ricky's throbbing fuck-pole, the hornier she felt. Oh, fuck, did she ever need to cum!

Lori cursed under her breath when she heard the knock on the door. It wasn't Ricky; she knew he was fast asleep. Sliding her fingers from her throbbing pussy, Lori grabbed the sheets and pulled them modestly up to her neck. Then she took a deep breath and spoke: "Come in. It's not locked."

Angela opened the door, silently closing it behind her as she stepped into the bedroom.

Automatically Lori found herself staring at her big sister's enormous tits. Lori knew that her own tit-jugs were plenty large, but she always felt a twinge of awe and desire when she looked at the gigantic globes that quivered on Angela's chest.

"I hope I'm not bothering you," Angela said. The brunette mother's huge tits jiggled heavily under her robe as she crossed the room and sat on the edge of Lori's bed. "I just thought I'd come in and talk for a little while, that's all."

"That's okay," Lori smiled! "That's a nice idea."

"I mean, it has been quite awhile since we lived under the same roof, you know," Angela said nervously. "The last time was when I had that silly fight with my husband, right after I got married, and moved back in with Mom and Dad. You were still just a teenager then."

"Hmmmmm. I remember," Lori replied. At first I was so mad that I had to stare the bedroom with you. But then...

And then Lori's words trailed off as she suddenly saw the flush in Angela's cheeks, and realized how nervously Angela wiggled her ass on the edge of the bed. She's come here far something, Lori thought, and then felt her cunt throbbing harder than ever as she suddenly guessed what Angela wanted.

"Lori," Angela said huskily. "Do you do you remember what we used to do together when we were sleeping in the same bedroom?"

There was a long, tense silence. Lori's mind went back through the years, remembering the intense pleasure she'd felt the first time Angela had licked her cunt. She looked at Angela, and now she could see her big sister's stiff nipples protruding through the robe. Angela was obviously just as horny as she was.

Her heartbeat quickening, Lori stared boldly at Angela as she slowly slid the covers down, exposing her naked body. Angela moaned softly and stared at Lori's tits, then at her slim waist, and then at the hairy, dripping-wet slit of her tight, horny cunt.

The covers were now bunched at the foot of the bed, again leaving herself completely naked. Lori wiggled her ass on the sheets and then splayed her thighs wide apart, completely opening her fur-fringed fuck passage for her big sister's lips and tongue.

"Go ahead, Angela," Lori said softly. "Suck on it!"

Angela immediately slid on the bed, crawling into position between Lori's nakedly splayed thighs. Lori whimpered as she watched Angela drop her head, glueing her mouth hungrily to the fragrant folds of Lori's lust-aching cunt.

"That's right, Angela!" Lori wiggled her ass and eagerly started humping, thrusting her wet pussy all over Angela's face. "Lick my pussy for me! Unnggghhh! Oh, fuck, that's right! Lick the juice out of my cunt!"

Lori reached down, opening her pussy folds with her fingers, exposing the bright, juice glistening pinkness of her fuck tunnel to her older sister. Angela moaned and avidly started lapping her tongue up and down Lori's fuckslit, licking the musky-smelling juices out of Lori's hornily throbbing cunt.

"That's right, Angela! Unngghhh! Oh, fuck, you're just the best pussy-licker! Do it faster, Angela! Put your fingers in me! Lick my clit!"

Angela straightened two fingers, worming them into the clasping interior of Lori's fuckchannel. Rapidly she started darting them in and out, pumping her knuckles on the puffy swollen outer lips of Lori's cunt. Lori gasped as she felt her fucking muscles contracting around the probing digits, as if to hold the fingers deep inside her pussy.

"Lick my clit!" Lori gasped.

She clutched Angela's head with both hands, humping her red-flushed ass cheeks feverishly off the sheets.

"Come on, Angela, you can do better than that! Unngghh! Oh, fuck, I love it! Jack off my pussy! Suck on my fucking clit!"

Pistoning her fingers in and out of her younger sister's richly-furred pussy, Angela moved her tongue up higher, to the swollen little bud of Lori's clit. She licked it experimentally, making Lori hump her ass in a delirium of fuck-passion, pounding her throbbing cunt hole onto Angela's hand.

"Suck my clit, suck my cunt!" she cried, digging her fingernails into the back of Angela's neck. "Unnnggghh! I'm so fucking horny! Please, oh, fuck, you've got to make me cum!"

Angela started licking Lori's tingling clit gently but steadily, wriggling her tongue on the ultra-sensitive bud. Lori felt her pussy growing wetter and wetter, spasming uncontrollably around Angela's racing fingers. Finally Angela wrapped her lips around the little bud, sucking it, sliding her tongue on the tip.

"I'm cumming!" Lori gasped. Her face contorted with fuck-heat as her pussy throbbed uncontrollably, spewing fuck oils all over Angela's fingers. "Unngghhh! Oh, fuck, keep sucking me! Cumming now! Cuummiinnnggg!"

The pussy pulsed violently in orgasm, spasming again and again on Angela's fingers. Angela feverishly kept sucking Lori's clit, guiding her younger sister through the peak of her cum.

Finally she lifted her mouth from Lori's throbbing fuck hole, smiling shamelessly with desire.

"It's your turn, little sister," she said. "Let's just see if you can lick me as well as I licked you."

Angela rose momentarily froze the bed, stripping off her robe and leaving herself naked. Lori moaned at the sight of Angela's enormous jugs. Angela slid onto the bed on her back, her giant tits bouncing as she wriggled her ass on the bed and then spread her thighs as far apart as they would go.

"Would you like to suck my tits first, Lori?" Angela asked, with a little giggle. "Just like you did when you were a girl?"

Lori responded by moving onto her side next to her big sister, immediately dropping her mouth to one of Angela's fat, crimson stiffly distended nipples. She sucked it hungrily, slurping on the protruding teat, drawing the milky tit-flesh deep into her mouth. Angela sighed and wiggled her ass impatiently on the bed, feeling her pussy throbbing rhythmically with lust.

"Okay, Lori, that's enough," she panted. "Me to suck my pussy now! Oh, fuck, you're making me so hot!"

But Lori took a little while longer to suck on her other enormous tit, making the second nip pie as stiff and saliva-glistening as the first. Finally she slid down on her stomach between Angela's spread-eagled thighs, facing the dark-haired folds of Angela's wet, throbbing cunt.

"Suck it, Lori!" Angela panted. She clutched her younger sister's long, blonde hair, eagerly pulling her face onto her gooey, aching cunt. "Lick my pussy, Lori! Oh, fuck, I need to cum so bad!"

Giggling at Angela's eagerness, Lori applied her lips to the pouting lips of Angela's red-hot cunt. Hungrily, she started lapping her tongue up and down between the slippery folds of Angela's pussy, licking the musky-smelling pussy oils from the depths of her big sister's burning fuck tunnel.

"Oh, fuck!" Angela lifted and spread her legs even wider apart, completely opening her furry fuck passage for her sister's lips and fingers. "Jack me off, Lori! Oh, please, put your finger in my pussy! Need to cum, need to cum!"

Straightening two fingers, Lori slid them slowly into the clinging tightness of Angela's fuck tunnel. Expertly started jacking off her big-titted sister, pounding her fingers fast and hard through the gushing tightness of Angela's fuck channel. Angela humped her ass off the bed in a frenzy of incestuous, lesbian desire, fucking her pussy all over Lori's face. "Lick my clit, Lori!"

The reddened little bud was very swollen, protruding from the folds at the top of her cunt. Angela clawed the back of her younger sister's head in her eagerness to feel Lori's lips locked around her clit.

"Oh, please, I need to cum so bad! Jack me off, Lori! Lick my clit!"

Lori pistoned her fingers furiously in and out of Angela's pussy, doing her best to make her cum. Her tongue moved higher up Angela's hairy fuck-hole, finally touching her throbbing clit bud. Angela immediately humped much faster, madly gyrating her ass on the bed.

"Suck it, Lori! Oh, fuck, suck it good!" Lori wrapped her lips around her aching, swollen clit bud. She sucked it gently but forcefully, drawing it out with the suctioning pressure of her puckering cheeks. At the same time she slid a third finger up Angela's tight, clasping pussy and jacked off her sister as fast as she could.

"I'm cumming!" Angela moaned, writhing all over the bed. "Suck my cunt, suck my juicy cunt! Unngghh! Oh, fuck, I'm cummmiinngg!"

Standing silently outside the door, listening as Aunt Lori sucked his mother's cunt, Jimmy fought back the urge to jack off his huge, throbbing cock and shoot his load all over the floor. Instead he retreated silently up the stairs, his enormous cock pulsing wildly in his pajamas.

He'd snuck through the house to see if Angela was awake, if he could again bury his stone-hard fuck tool into the always-eager wetness of his mother's pussy. Instead he'd heard the soft moans coming from his Aunt Lori's bedroom, and had tiptoed down the stairs to investigate.

So Lori's a cunt-sucker, Jimmy thought excitedly. His cock throbbed more wildly as he imagined himself fucking his gorgeous, blonde-haired aunt. Tomorrow, he thought, when Angela would take Ricky shopping for clothes. Jimmy promised himself that he'd fuck Lori's tight little pussy till she could barely walk!


The next day was quite warm. Lori dressed skimpily, in a pair of denim cut-offs that clung to her round little ass, and a bikini top that allowed her big, round tits to jiggle. It was the kind of costume that would have stiffened nearly any man's prick, but, for once, Lori didn't intend to make anyone horny.

Angela and Ricky were gone for the morning, out shopping for clothes. Jimmy was around, but Lori had hardly exchanged more than a few words with him since she'd moved in. She guessed that he'd be out playing ball with his friends.

She puttered around in her bedroom, arranging her belongings and trying to resist the urge to strip naked, fail, on her bed and spend the whole day playing with her cunt. The pussy-licking session with Angela the night before had been very, very satisfying, but it still couldn't substitute for sucking and fucking a big, stiff cock. Lori felt her pussy getting wet as she again thought of the incredible size of Ricky's cock.

Oh, fuck, I want to suck it again, she thought, her mouth almost watering at the prospect. When will I ever get the chance to be alone with him again, to just let Ricky fuck the piss out of my juicy little cunt?

Lori's horny reverie was interrupted by a knock on the door. She hesitated, wondering who it could be.

"Come, in."

The door opened. It was Jimmy. Angela's tall, handsome older son was dressed even more skimpily than she, had only in a pair of gym shorts. Lori automatically looked at his lean, muscular body, and gasped as she saw his obviously huge prick jiggling in the shorts.

"Hi, Aunt Lori," Jimmy said, in a strange, distracted-sounding voice. "I heard you down here. I thought I'd come down to get better acquainted. You don't mind, do you?"

"Why no, Jimmy." Lori smiled at him as she stood at the bureau, folding her clothes and placing them in the drawers. "Have a seat. We'll have a nice little talk."

Jimmy sat on the edge of the bed, directly facing her ass. Lori could practically feel his eyes burning into her ass cheeks as she bent to place a blouse in a lower drawer. Something's going to happen, she thought excitedly. She didn't know what, but something.

"How do you like it here so far?" Jimmy blurted.

"Just fine, Jimmy. It's very nice of your mother to put me up like this."

There was a long silence. Lori bent still lower, feeling the short cut-offs riding up her peach shaped little ass as she opened the bottom drawer. The silence grew tense. She could still feel Jimmy's eyes riveted to her ass cheeks.

"You know something, Aunt Lori?" Jimmy said, softly and clearly. "You got a really, really nice ass."

Lori gasped and swiveled around to face him. Jimmy seemed a bit frightened by his own boldness, but he was obviously determined too.

Lori tried to frown, but it came out as more of a smile. She could feel her pussy throbbing with lust.

"Why, Jimmy! What, a terrible way to talk to your aunt! You should be ashamed of yourself!"

"I don't think I need to be ashamed for being horny," Jimmy retorted. His face was red, but he was still determined to be blunt. "I mean, you give me a big hard-on, Aunt Lori. You're so fucking sexy. Shit, you can see my stiff cock for yourself."

Lori gasped as Jimmy suddenly pulled down his shorts and stepped put of them. Rising out of his cock-fur was an absolutely enormous cock, every bit as huge as Ricky's wonderfully oversized prick. The meaty fuck-pole was as hard as stone, totally bloated with cum and blood. Jimmy stared openly at her tits and wrapped his fist around his mammoth fuck shaft. Brazenly he started stroking it, staring at her body.

"Jimmy! What on earth do you think you're doing? How dare you take out your naked penis in front of me!"

"I'm horny, Aunt Lori," Jimmy said bluntly. "I can't help it. My cock gets stiff every time I think about fucking your tight little cunt!"

"Jimmy! How obscene!"

But Jimmy just went on staring at her body and stroking his huge prick. Lori finally realized that she couldn't restrain her lust, and didn't even want to. She smiled at the arrogant young nephew and then dropped to her knees in front of him, pushing his hand off his huge, rock-hard prick.

"You're a nasty, dirty young man, Jimmy," she said, with a wanton smile. "You should be ashamed of yourself for jacking on this gigantic cock of yours right in front of me. But I suppose I'm just going to have to help you out with it!"

Jimmy's cock throbbed even harder as his horny aunt wrapped her fist tightly around the bloated root of his cock. Then she started jacking his prick extremely hard, racing her hand in a blur up and down his fuck-tool, staring at his cock-knob as little white drops of prick-juice oozed out of the tip.

"Oh, fuck, Aunt Lori! Oh, fuck!"

"You like that, don't you, Jimmy? Look at your cock, Jimmy. It's lealdng and everything." She smiled at him. "Would you like me to suck this big, juicy prick for you, now, Jimmy? Hmmm?"

Jimmy gulped and nodded his head. Lori pursed her lips on the flared tip of his prick. She thrust out her tongue, lapping up the cream from the knob of his fucker. Gradually she let her lips part, letting the fat shaft of his fuckpole slide into her mouth.

"Suck it, Aunt Lori!" Jimmy clutched her head and eagerly ground his hips off the bed. "Unngghh! Oh, fuck, that feels good! Suck hard, suck the cum right out of my prick!"

Lori shut her eyes, concentrating on nothing but the taste of the huge, cum-laden prick in her mouth. She wrapped her lips in a tight circle around his cock shaft, swirling her tongue around his helmet-shaped fuck-knob to lap up his constantly oozing spunk.

Then she started sucking her nephew's big prick furiously, bobbing her face on his boner, alternately puckering and puffing out her cheeks to increase the sucking pressure on his meat. Her hand closed around the base of his fuck-pole, again beginning to jack and stroke it. Soon his prick-craving aunt was again pumping Jimmy's prick as hard as she could, whipping her fist in a blur up and down his cock.

"Harder, Aunt Lori!" Jimmy curled his fingers in her long, blonde hair, bucking his hips urgently off the bed. "Oh, shit, suck my cock!"

Lori sucked his tasty cock as hard as she could, her whole face reddening with the wanton intensity of her incestuous cocksucking. His massive prick grew longer and stiffer between her lips, and more salty-tasty jism oozed onto her tongue.

Lori pushed her face down farther toward his crotch, nearly choking herself in her shameless eagerness to swallow all of his meat. Her fist moved in a blur on the aching length of his prick, frantically jacking and pumping his cock into her mouth.

"I'm cumming, Aunt Lori!" Jimmy gasped. He held her head tightly and arched his hips high, grimacing as the cum load bloated in his balls. "Oh, shit, suck on it! Suck the juice out! Cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

The hot, milky cum spewed out of his rosy prick head in a viscous torrent, shooting on the roof of Lori's sucking mouth and then rushing down her throat. Jimmy's cocksucking aunt slurped on his prick more hungrily than ever, avidly sucking his shooting spunk out of the crown of his fuck meat.

Her fist whipped relentlessly up and down his throbbing cockshaft, coaxing more jism to spray out of his piss-hole. Her cocksucking noises grew even louder and sloppier-sounding as she sucked her nephew's prick and swallowed his jism at the same time. Finally she'd drained every drop of musky cream from his cock. Lori took his saliva-slickened hard-on out of her mouth, licking her lips and smiling lasciviously into her nephew's eyes.

"Well! You certainly shot out an awful lot of cum, Jimmy. Does this big dick of yours feel better now?"

Jimmy gulped and nodded his head. But his huge cock remained as hard as stone, and Lori knew that it was more than stiff enough to hammer deep inside her cunt. She felt her pussy aching as she imagined herself being stuffed by Jimmy's big fucker lying beneath him with her legs over his shoulders as he slammed his mammoth cock savagely in and out of her cunt.

"Jimmy, your prick's still so big and stiff," the horny aunt whispered. "Would you like to fuck my tight little pussy now? Would that make this enormous cock of yours stop hurting you so much?"

Jimmy nodded more eagerly still. Lori rose, reaching behind her back to untie her bikini top. Jimmy gasped as she let it flutter to the floor, revealing her big, firm, cherry-nippled tits.

"You want to see my pussy now, don't you, Jimmy?" Lori asked. She giggled at his sudden bashfulness as she pulled down the zipper of her cut-offs. Now that she'd made him shoot all that hot cum in her mouth, he was nearly as shy as his younger brother, Ricky.

"Y-Yes," Jimmy murmured.

"Well, I'm going to let you see it, Jimmy. As a matter of fact, I might just want you to lick it for me before I let you fuck it!"

Lori wiggled the cut-offs down over her plump little ass cheeks, sliding them down her long, tapering legs. Jimmy moaned at the sight of her hairy cunt triangle. Lori climbed onto the bed, sprawling on her back on the sheets. She gazed hornily at her nephew as she spread her thighs wide apart, showing him the prettily pouting, hair-fringed fissure of her dripping-wet cunt.

"All right, Jimmy. Here's the pie. Come and get it!"

Jimmy joined her on the bed, his gigantic fuck-pole pulsing harder than ever as he crawled onto his stomach between her thighs. Lori looked down at him delightedly as he buried his head between her legs, eagerly gluing his mouth to the fragrant folds of her pussy.

"Why, Jimmy, what a good boy! How sweet of you to lick my cunt, without even being asked! Mmm!" Lori slid her hand down, parting her pussy folds with her fingers, exposing the pink interior of her cunt. "All right, Jimmy, start sucking! I'll let you fuck the shit out of me if you lick my pussy really good!"

Eagerly Jimmy lapped his tongue up and down between the pouting lips of her pussy, slurping up the musky-smelling fuck oils from the depths of his aunt's horny cunt. Lori sighed as the fuck heat grew progressively stronger in her belly, making her asshole tingle and her clit erect, and her pussysooze more and more fuck-juice onto her nephew's swiping tongue.

"That's good, Jimmy! What a good little pussy-licker! Ungghh! Lick higher, Jimmy!" Lori winced as her hairy cunt-hole started to spasm. "Lick my clitty! Oh, Jimmy, put your fingers in my cunt, sweetheart! I need a good cum!"

Jimmy straightened up two fingers, guiding them into the clasping interior of his aunt's pussy. Rapidly he began to jam them in and out, banging them furiously through the clinging tightness of her fuck channel.

His tongue moved higher up her sopping-wet pussy, curling around the swollen bud of her clit. Jimmy licked and kissed it, making Lori hump her ass so frantically that he could hardly keep his fingers up her cunt.

"Suck my clit, Jimmy!" She was grimacing and moaning now, dazedly twisting her head from side to side on the bed. "Unh, unh, unh, feels so fucking good! Oh, fuck, please lick my clit! I need to cum, Jimmy! My pussy needs a good cum!"

Pounding his fingers furiously in and out of her fuck hole, Jimmy wrapped his lips around her swollen, sensitive clit. He sucked it hard, sending fuck need shooting through her belly, drawing her closer and closer to the point of cumming all over her nephew's face.

"I'm making it, Jimmy!" Lori gasped at last. "Suck my pussy, suck my cunt! Unnggghhh! Oh, fuck, oh, baby, I loooove it! Suck my pussy, cuuummniiiinnngggg!"

She clutched his head and humped her ass frantically, pumping her burning pussy hole wildly onto his mouth and fingers. Her clit tingled between his lips, and her hairy slit spewed juice all over his fingers. Jimmy kept sucking and jacking her relentlessly through the duration of her long, delicious cum.

When Lori came to her senses again, she immediately realized that Jimmy was now more than ready to push his huge cock up her cunt. He'd risen to his knees between her legs, and his massive cock was throbbing more stiffly than ever over her belly. Lori stared at it, seeing how red and swollen his prickknob had grown, how much fresh cockjuice was oozing from the little hole in the tip.

"Oh, Jimmy! Your cock really got stiff from sucking my pussy, didn't it? You're just dying to fuck my tight little cunt!"

"Lemme put it in you," Jimmy groaned. "Please. My balls are so full. I gotta cum!"

"All right, Jimmy!" Excitedly wiggling her bare ass on the bed, Lori lifted her long legs higher and draped her ankles over her nephew's shoulders. "Go ahead, baby. Ram that monster right up Auntie's cunt!"

Jimmy leaned over her nakedness, supporting his weight on outstretched arms as he aimed his puffy cock head at the pouting lips of her drippy pussy. Lori looked down, watching his fuckrod going into her, his stiff prick shaft disappearing gradually into the hairy bush of her pussy.

"Oh, Jimmy! It's so fat, baby! It's filling me up so good!" Lori wiggled her ass, helping his giant cock slide all the way up her tight, clinging pussy. Then she started humping, pumping her pussy fast and hard-on the satisfying stiffness of her nephew's fuck meat.

"Fuck my pussy, Jimmy! Thick my juicy pussy! Ram it in my belly now! Please, Jimmy, please, fuck my horny cunt!"

Jimmy let his weight drop on top of her, spearing every inch of his stone-hard fuck pole into the clinging tightness of her pussy. Then he started humping furiously on top of her naked, willing body, relentlessly slamming his giant cock in and out of her clasping, sucking cunt.

"Harder, Jimmy!" Lori whipped her ass off the bed like a bitch in heat, moaning and sighing as she pumped her hairy fuck-hole onto the base of his prick. "Unh, unh, unh, I love it, Jimmy, I love your cock! Please keep fucking me! Harder, Jimmy, harder! Auntie wants to cum!"

Jimmy let his arms relax, dropping his chest on her big tits. He slid his hands down, clutching the sides of her madly-bucking ass-globes. Then he started fucking her pussy as fast as he could, savagely driving every inch of his fuckrod into her cunt channel, reaching her womb with every thrust.

"Ahhhh! Oh, Jimmy, that's right! Now you're fucking me! Harder, Jimmy, harder! Make me cum again, Jimmy! Auntie wants a good cum!"

Panting and sweating, nearly delirious with the wet need pounding through her pussy, the naked aunt humped wildly to meet her nephew's rhythm, slamming her hairy slit onto the root of his giant, probing cock. Jimmy fucked her cunt as hard as he could, wincing as the jism loaded up in his balls, as his hairy nuts slapped her heaving ass cheeks with every stroke.

"I'm cumming, Aunt Lori!" he panted. "Oh, fuck, I'm cumming!"

"I'm cumming too, Jimmy! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck the slit out of me! Oh, fuck, cumming!"

Her pussy spasmed violently, sucking wetly and tightly around the hammering length of her nephew's prick. The hot, milky cum started shooting out of Jimmy's fuckrod, spurting torrentially into the gooey depths of his aunt's cunt. Lori giggled and flexed her pussy muscles around his spunk-shooting prick, helping her horny nephew to shoot out every drop.


Angela went to bed at ten that evening, frustrated that she'd yet to find another opportunity to suck and fuck her son Jimmy's huge prick. She fingerfucked for a full hour, and finally fell asleep around eleven.

When she awakened at one a.m., her first thought was that she was having a wonderful wet dream. Then Angela opened her eyes and saw that the covers had been pushed to the foot of the bed. Jimmy sprawled naked between her thighs, greedily licking the juice from the curly haired folds of his mother's cunt.

"Jimmy!" Angela started, her enormous tits quivering as she lifted her head and looked nervously around the darkened bedroom. "Jimmy, what do you think you're doing? Someone might catch us! It's not safe enough! Oh, Jimmy!"

But Jimmy ignored her protests. Instead he just held her thighs farther open and sucked his mother's pussy that much more hungrily, thrusting his tongue deeply between the flowering folds of her throbbing fuck-slit.

"Oh, Jimmy!"

But Angela already felt herself weakening to the intense pleasure pulsing through her pussy.

"It's not safe, Jimmy!" But she knew he wasn't listening now, and in a sense, she wasn't either. "Oh, Jimmy! Oh, Jimmy, lick higher! Oh, Jimmy, it feels so good!"

Knowing that she simply couldn't control her lust, Angela decided to stop trying. She spread her thighs as far apart as she could, completely opening her hairy pussy for her son's tongue. She clutched his head and started humping her rounded ass frantic off the sheets, fucking her pussy, all over Jimmy's face.

"Suck Mommy's clit, baby!" she gasped.

"Oh, fuck, stick your fingers in my pussy! Yes, Jimmy, you've got Mommy all horny? Make me cum!"

Jimmy slid two fingers into his mother's tight, creamy pussy, pistoning them rapidly in and out. At the same time he moved his lips higher up her fuck-slit. Tenderly, he sucked on her swollen clit swiping his tongue on it, sending tingling waves of intense pleasure pounding through Angela's huge-titted naked body.

"Jimmy, Mommy's coming now!" Angela cried. She grimaced with pleasure as he sucked her clit, as she felt the contractions beginning deep inside her cunt channel. "Ahhhh, Jimmy, I love it! Suck your mother, suck your mother! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, cuuuummmiiinnngggg!"

Her pussy spasmed violently, growing very wet around Jimmy's pumping fingers, her clit tingling and pulsing between his lips. Jimmy eagerly continued to suck and jack off his mother's pussy, guiding her through the peaks of her orgasm. Then he withdrew his lips from her aching cunt and rose to his knees between his mother's thighs.

"I gotta fuck you now, Mom," he panted. "Please. My cock's so fucking stiff, it feels ready to break."

"Oh, Jimmy!" Angela felt herself trembling with passion as she reached down and fondled the incredible hardness of her boy's giant prick. "Yes, Jimmy, this prick is awfully, awfully stiff. It's time to fuck your mother, darling, yes, that's right. It's time to slide this big, meaty monster right up Mommy's cunt!"

Jimmy mounted his fuck-hungry mother, aiming his swollen cock head at the pouting lips of her moist pussy. Angela whimpered as she felt the meat pushing into her, spreading the lips of her cunt to bursting around the invading thickness of his cock.

"Oh, Jimmy! It's so big, baby! It really fills me up!"

Angela started humping, her enormous tits quivering spongily as she pistoned her ass off the bed, excitedly slamming her wet, hairy pussy onto the driving thickness of her son's enormous cock. Slowly, and steadily Jimmy plowed his massive cock into her tight, tender fuck-hole, finally thrusting every inch of his fuckrod into his mom's rhythmically sucking cunt.

"Fuck me good, Jimmy!" The naked mother slammed her hips off the bed in a frenzy of desire, whipping her pussy feverishly on the stabbing impalement of her son's huge cock. "Unh unh unh! Love it, Jimmy, love it so much! Fuck Mommy, sweetheart! Oh, my baby, keep fucking Mommy's juicy cunt!"

Jimmy sprawled flat on his naked mother, crushing her huge tits under his chest. He started fucking her wildly, reaming out her tight, syrupy pussy with long, pelvis-jarring strokes of his blood-gorged prick.

In and out, his massive cock stabbed, seeming to fill her pussy deeper with every thrust. Angela locked her legs around Jimmy's back, clawing his ass cheeks in a desperate attempt to make him stab his prick even deeper up her fuck-hole.

"Make me cum, Jimmy! Oh, fuck, oh, piss, you're got such a big one! It's such a huge, fucking prick, Jimmy! Oh, yes, Mommy's really getting close now! Fuck me, precious, fuck Mommy's pussy! Unnnngggghhhhhhh! I'm cuummiinngg!"

Her pussy spasmed uncontrollably, her hairy cunt-hole sucking and clasping repeatedly around the hammering length of Jimmy's cock. Jimmy collapsed on top of her, ramming his big prick to the hilt in his mother's cunt. His long suppressed load of fuck-juice started streaming out of his balls, making his cock pulse and jerk as it spewed gushers of spunk into the depths of his mother's cunt.

"Oh, Jimmy! Oh, my sweet baby!" Wantonly, Angela flexed her fucking muscles, making her tight, hairy pussy nurse and clasp around his erupting boner. "That's right, baby! Shoot it all in Mommy's pussy! Oh, fuck, Jimmy, it feels so good!"

A few minutes later, Jimmy had left the bedroom and was treading silently down the hall. But he was not, as Angela believed, returning to his own bed. Instead he was on his way to the bathroom, to get a jar of Vaseline before tip-toeing downstairs to the basement, where his Aunt Lori slept.

Jimmy's huge cock was still very hard, and he didn't see why he couldn't fuck both his gorgeous mother and his aunt in the same night. The reason he wanted the Vaseline was to see if he could do a little late night assfucking before he went to bed.

"Mmmmm... whassat?" Lori stirred groggily on her bed, conscious of a wet lust pounding through her naked body. "What why, Jimmy!"

It was her nephew, and he'd apparently already accomplished a great deal while she'd been asleep. Lori realized that she was spread eagled on the bed, her thighs cocked up in the air with Jimmy kneeling between them. He was lewdly rubbing his enormous, rock-hard cock shaft up and down her hairy pussy furrow, obviously about to stab his mammoth prick right up her cunt.

"Jimmy, you bad boy!" But Lori was already excitedly humping, eagerly thrusting her pussy onto his prick. "How dare you come to my room and make me wake up like this? Honestly, you're just as horny as a rutting dog. Somebody ought to put a leash on you."

"I can't help it, Aunt Lori. My cock gets all stiff every time I think about you. Shit, my cock's so fucking hard now. Please, Aunt Lori, can I shove it up your cunt?"

"Oh, Jimmy! If you insist."

Reaching down, Lori grabbed his fuck-pole and directed his knob to her curly-haired pussyslit. She noticed that Jimmy's boner felt all sticky, and wondered vaguely what he'd been doing before he'd come to her room; it felt just like he'd just finished fucking another lucky woman's cunt.

But Lori quickly stopped wondering about anything as her nephew started fucking, humping over her naked body, spearing inch after inch of his stone-hard cock into the welcoming tightness of her pussy. Lori shuddered and bit her lip as she felt her fuck-hole spreading around his giant prick, itching and burning with pleasure as Jimmy slowly packed every inch of his cock into her belly.

"Oh, Jimmy!" She lifted her legs higher, draping her ankles over his shoulders. Then she started pumping her ass madly off the sheets, whipping her red-hot pussy onto his massive, probing prick.

"Yes, yes, Jimmy, I want it now! Fuck my cunt, Jimmy! Fuck the shit out of my juicy cunt!"

Jimmy started humping immediately, sprawling flat on her jiggling tits as he eagerly started pounding his huge cock in and out of her pussy. Lori humped wildly to meet his strokes, biting her lip and grimacing as she felt her tight, tender pussy already beginning to spasm around the youth's driving cock.

"Oh, fuck, do it harder Jimmy!"

She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, whining and tossing her head from side to side as she savored the pleasure of his giant prick pounding in her cunt. "Oh, Jimmy, you're such a good fucker! You're gonna make me cum, Jimmy! Oh, yes, keep fucking me! Harder, harder, you're making me cum!"

Jimmy fucked his cock-loving aunt as hard as he could, almost brutally pounding her blushing ass checks onto the sheets as he pummeled her pussy with the steely stiffness of his throbbing cock. Lori could actually feel her cunt sucking around his fuckrod now, her hairy cuntlips going squish-squish-squish to meet his thrusts, pumping her red-hot fuck-hole on her nephew's prick as hard as she could.

"Jimmy, oh, fuck, oh, shit, I'm cumming now! Fuck my cunt, fuck my juicy cunt! I love it, Jimmy! Fuck my ass off! I'm cuummiinng!"

Her pussy exploded, spewing fuck cream all over his hammering cock shaft as her cunt contracted uncontrollably. Lori whipped her ass off the sheets in a frenzy of desire, almost blacking out with the intensity of her orgasm.

When she finally came to her senses again, Jimmy was turning her onto her stomach on the bed. At first she thought that he just wanted to keep fucking her pussy in the doggie-position, then she saw him reach for the jar of Vaseline, which he'd apparently brought in the room with him, and realized suddenly that her hung nephew had something else in mind.

"Please, Aunt Lori, can I fuck your asshole?" Jimmy panted. "My balls are so full of cum. Please, I want to buttfuck you so much!"

"Why, Jimmy, you nasty little boy!"

But Lori could already feel her asshole spasming at the mere thought of having her bowels invaded by such an enormous, cum-bloated cock.

"All right, Jimmy. If you insist." She grabbed a pillow, thrusting it under her belly to slightly elevate her hips. Then the horny aunt grasped her ass-globes with her fingers and spread them wide, displaying the pink, puckered entrance to her shit channel in open invitation to her nephew's cock.

"Use lots of Vaseline, Jimmy!" Lori could feel her horny little asshole puckering in and out, in wanton anticipation of Jimmy's cock. "Remember, your cock's awfully big! You don't want to hurt me when you ram that monster up my shitter!"

But by then Jimmy had already finished coating his cock from base to crown with petroleum jelly. Lori gasped as he started smearing it over her asshole, darting his finger into her shit sphincter to coat the interior as well. Lori spread her ass cheeks even wider, and looked at him over her shoulder.

"Okay, Jimmy, that's enough! I'm ready for you now! Hurry, Jimmy, fuck Auntie's asshole! Stuff it full with your big, hard cock!"

Jimmy mounted his fuck-hungry aunt, aiming his swollen cock head at the Vaseline-slickened entrance to her bowels. Lori shuddered as she felt his huge cock spearing into her asshole, spreading the tightly-muscled ring to the bursting point round the invading thickness of his meat.

"Unngghhh! Oh, Jimmy, that feels so goood!" Lori started humping like a bitch in heat, wriggling at the same time to help her nephew's cock slide all the way into her shit tunnel. "Fuck my asshole good, Jimmy! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, fuck my little asshole with your big, hard cock!"

Jimmy stabbed relentlessly into her sucking ass tunnel, moaning as he felt the constant pressure of her shining muscles gripping around his prick. He paused with first a third, then a half, then two-thirds of his cock rammed up her shitter, giving his naked aunt a chance to get used to the size of his stiff prick.

"All the way in now, Jimmy! Fuck my asshole good, baby! Ram that monster all the way up my asshole!"

Jimmy took a deep breath and then slammed his cock to the hilt in her burning asshole, packing her ass to bursting with the cum-throbbing stiffness of his cock. For several seconds belay motionless on top of her, moaning as her tender little shitter sucked and spasmed around his prick. Then he pulled out slowly, and then he thrust his cock back in again, beginning a slow, hard, fucking rhythm in and out of her shitter.

"Harder, Jimmy!"

Lori could feel her asshole burning and contracting uncontrollably, delicously sucking the pumping stiffness of her nephew's prick.

"Harder! Oh, fuck, it feels so good!" She thrust her hand under her belly, sinking her fingers into her creamy slit and beginning to jack off her pussy as Jimmy fucked her ass. "Come on, Jimmy, really rant it into me! Oh, fuck, I love your cock up my asshole so much!"

Jimmy intensified the speed of his asshole reaming, grunting as he plowed his stone-hard fuck pole in and out of his aunt's ravished asshole. Lori finger-fucked her pussy in a frenzy of incestuous desire, mindlessly pumping her itchy little asshole onto the stroking length of Jimmy's prick.

"Fuck it good, Jimmy! Unh, unh, unh, fuck the shit out of me! Oh, fuck, Jimmy, oh fucking shit! My asshole's gonna cum, Jimmy? It's gonna cum all over your cock!"

Jimmy fucked into his naked aunt's horny asshole as hard as he could, moaning and sighing as the long-suppressed load of cock-juice swelled up in his balls. Lori caught her clit under her fingertip and rolled it frantically, pounding her asshole onto Jimmy's fuckrod with all the strength she had in her loins.

"Fuck my ass, Jimmy! Unh, unh, unh, fuck my horny ass! Oh, fuck, Jimmy, oh, fucking shit! My asshole's gonna cum now, Jimmy! I can't stop it! Assfuck me! Faster, Jimmy, as fast as you can! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, I'm cumming, cuuummmiiinnnggggg!"

Lori's ravished asshole erupted around his pounding fuckrod, squishing and sucking around her nephew's boner as she came again and again. For a full minute, the delicious heat of cumming shot through her pussy and asshole, making her wide-stretched shitter suck uncontrollably around Jimmy's huge cock.

"Oh, Aunt Lori! I'm cumming now!" Jimmy moaned. "Oh, fuck, here it cummmsss!"

He collapsed on top of her, spearing his enormous cock to the hilt in the sucking heat of her asshole. His thick, gooey cum fountained up from his balls, spurting and streaming deep into his aunt's bowels. Lori whimpered as she felt his jism filling up her asshole completely, bubbling back out of her puckered ass ring around his hammering cock.

And Angela, who had been standing in the kitchen and listening to the torrid fuck session taking place in Lori's bedroom, returned quietly to her own room. She was so horny that she was shaking, and she could hear her dripping-wet pussy squishing luridly between her thighs as she moved.

It didn't make her at all jealous that Lori and Jimmy were fucking. Instead it just made her horny. First, it made it less likely that Lori would object if she ever learned that Jimmy fucked his own mother. And second, it made Angela wonder for the first time what exactly had taken place between Lori and young Ricky, when the two had been all alone in Lori's old house across the state.

Yes, Angela thought feverishly, she would have to talk to Ricky about that, wouldn't she? Angela's cunt creamed even more heavily as she remembered the promising bulge in her younger son's crotch. Yes, she would certainly have to talk to Ricky about it as soon as she could.


I'm a filthy, horny slut, Angela thought excitedly, as she stood outside her son Ricky's bedroom door, twenty-four hours later. Ricky was up late, reading, and she was going to use the opportunity to seduce him. It wasn't completely safe, because Jimmy's room was a short distance down the hall, and Angela had no way of being sure that Jimmy wouldn't wake up again for some late night prowling.

But Angela didn't care. As a matter of fact, she hardly cared if Ricky actually had fucked Lori; she'd made up her mind to seduce Ricky anyway. Her pussy had been dripping wet all day, all caused by fantasies about the meaty bulge in Ricky's crotch. She simply had to find out if Ricky was as wonderfully well-hung as Jimmy.

"Oh, Ricky," Angela whispered, rapping lightly on the door. "Ricky, are you awake?"

"It's open, Mom. Come on in."

Angela stepped into her younger son's bedroom, shutting the door firmly behind her. Ricky was sitting up in bed, with the covers bunched around his waist, obviously completely naked. He closed his book and placed it on the nightstand, and then he gasped as he saw his mother's body.

In spite of herself, Angela blushed. The outfit she'd chosen for her late night visit to Ricky was the most exciting one in her wardrobe, the one most guaranteed to make a young man's cock stand up stiff in a hurry. It was a black, transparent, crotch-length negligee, and the gossamer-thin fabric made it instantly obvious that Angela wore no underwear beneath it.

Her enormous, braless tits quivered freely under the negligee, the wide, crimson nipples showing clearly, her stiff teats protruding obscenely through the fabric. Ricky could see all of his mom's luscious, creamy-white thighs, and her hairy pussy triangle behind the negligee's lacy hem. If this didn't make Ricky horny, nothing would.

"I'm sorry about the way I'm dressed, Ricky," Angela said softly. "I was just about to go to sleep when I decided to have this little talk with you. You don't mind, do you, sweetheart?"

"N-N-No," Ricky stammered. "I don't mind."

But his eyes were very wide, and they were obviously riveted to his mom's enormous tits. Hungrily Ricky watched her giant tit-globes quiver and jiggle as she sat beside him on the edge of the bed. Already the horny mother could see a promising stirring in his crotch.

"Ricky, this is a rather delicate subject," Angela began. She dropped her hand to his chest and began stroking it lightly as she spoke. "I'm not really sure where to begin. You know, you spent quite a bit of time alone with your Aunt Lori when you helped her move here, didn't you? Your Aunt Lori certainly is a very attractive woman, Ricky. Don't you think so?"

Ricky gulped and nodded. He was obviously having a very, very hard time not looking at his mother's body. Angela wiggled her ass cheeks as she sat beside him, trying to allay the wet need pounding through her pussy. She moved her fingers lower on his torso, stroking his lean belly.

"I might as well be blunt about this, Ricky. My sister is a very sweet girl, but she sometimes has trouble controlling her desires. And you're a very, very handsome young man. And I was just wondering if perhaps you and Lori... did anything, Ricky, while you were alone together."

"I don't understand, Mom."

Angela sighed. "Ricky, did Lori try to sleep with you?"

The hot blush that coursed instantly into Ricky's cheeks was the only answer Angela needed. Again she looked at his crotch under the blankets, and now she was sure that her son was getting a hard-on. A big, meaty hard-on, stiffening in little jerks under the covers.

"I don't... I don't know what you mean, Mom," Ricky mumbled.

"Son, please don't be coy with me. I think you know exactly what I mean."

Angela wiggled her ass harder, unable to keep her eyes off the rapidly-rising bulge at her child's crotch, the huge, stiffening hard-on that was tenting through the covers.

"I'm asking you if your Aunt Lori tried to fuck you, Ricky. Did she take out your prick and try to put it inside her cunt? Or did she suck on it instead? Answer me, Ricky. Did you fuck your Aunt Lori's cunt?"

"I don't..." Ricky licked his lips, his face very red. "I don't..."

"Ricky, why is this big cock of yours so stiff?" Angela blurted out suddenly. "If you didn't fuck your Aunt Lori, then why are you getting a big, fat hard-on while we talk about it?"

Ricky just stared at her. Trembling with desire, Angela grasped the covers and suddenly pulled them to the foot of the bed, completely exposing her son's naked body. Then her eyes opened wide, and she almost came without touching herself as she gazed transfixedly at her younger son's cock.

"Oh, Ricky! What a simply huge prick!"

Ricky was more slightly built than his older brother, and Angela had expected that he couldn't possibly be so well endowed. But the mighty fuckrod rising out of his cock fur was every bit as mighty as Jimmy's, just as long and just as fat. Hungrily, Angela stared at her child's gigantic cock, sighing as she saw how stiffly it pulsed and quivered over his stomach. His cockknob was very large, red and puffy-looking, and a little drop of milk-white fuck-juice gleamed on the tip. Angela's mouth watered as she imagined herself feverishly sucking Ricky's cock.

"Why, Ricky, this prick of yours is just enormous."

Angela was only vaguely conscious of her own actions as she slid her hand down to the root of his prick and started fondling it, sighing as she felt the meaty thickness of his cock.

"Why is it so stiff, Son? Why is it throbbing like this? Are you thinking about fucking Aunt Lori's tight little pussy again, Ricky? Or -- oh, Ricky, how shameful! -- are you thinking about fucking your own mother instead?"

Angela started jacking his prick, whimpering with fuck need as she raced her fist up and down his huge, stone-hard cock. Ricky sighed and immediately began to grind his hips off the bed, thrusting his cock through her ovalled fingers. More cock sap oozed out of his piss-hole, running in a lurid stream down the shaft of his massive prick.

"Ricky, do you want me to suck this big, juicy cock of yours?" Angela asked suddenly. "Would that persuade you to stop fucking Aunt Lori's tight pussy? Would you like me to suck on this big, juicy fucker and swallow all of your hot cum?"

Ricky nodded dazedly. Angela slid off the bed, kneeling beside it.

"All right, Ricky," she panted. "Sit on the edge of the mattress like a good boy. That way Mommy can really suck your cock good!"

Ricky did as his horny mother asked, sitting on the edge of the bed with his giant, stone-hard fuck pole throbbing and oozing jism right in front of her face. Again Angela wrapped her fingers tightly round the root of his prick. She jacked on it feverishly, making more sticky cum ooze out of the tip.

"It's leaking, Ricky. Oh, fuck, my darling baby boy has the most beautiful cock!"

Her words trailed off as she dropped her face onto his crotch, planting her lips in a wet, sucking kiss on the flared, crimson tip of his prick. Ricky's fuckrod throbbed more stiffly than ever. Gradually the horny mother allowed her mouth to open, slurping contentedly as she sucked in the first several inches of her younger son's cock.

She wrapped her lips in a tight circle around her boy's blue-veined fuck-pole, her mouth stretched wide to accommodate the incredible thickness of his prick. Angela shut her eyes, concentrating on nothing but the taste of the oozing fuck-tool in her mouth. Her tongue slurped eagerly around his puffy, shiny-skinned cock head, lapping up the cum sap as it oozed out of Ricky's piss slit.

"Suck it, Mom?"

Ricky clutched her head, excitedly humping his hips off the edge of the bed. His eyes were wide as he stared down at his mother's pretty face, at her full, red lips ovalled around his stone-hard prick.

"Oh, fuck, Mom, it's so stiff? Suck it for me, Mom! Suck my cock!"

Angela started sucking her boy's juicy cock very hard, bobbing her head lightly, shamelessly fucking her face on his crotch. Rhythmically she puckered, then puffed her cheeks outwards, working on his steely fuckrod like a sexual milking machine. Soon the crown of her child's meat was coated with bath cum and his mother's saliva, as Angela struggled to fuck his prick shaft farther down her thtoat.

She nearly choked herself in her eagerness to take in his fuck meat. Angela flared her nostrils, panting loudly through her nose as she sucked contentedly on her son's huge cock the gurgling, lip-smacking noises of a blow-job in progress grew progressively louder, so loud that Angela wondered if she might wake up Jimmy with all the noise she was making sucking on his brother's prick.

But she didn't care. She was too hungry to drink Ricky's shooting spunk. Angela wrapped her fingers in a tight circle around the base of Ricky's fuck rod, again beginning to jack on his throbbing meat. Ricky sighed and curled his fingers in her thick, brown hair, humping more eagerly off the edge of the bed.

"Suck it good, Mom!" he gasped. "Oh, fuck, Mom, you're making me cum! Suck my cock hard!"

Angela responded by sucking her son's stiff pisser as hard as she possibly could, her whole face reddening with the wanton intensity of her cock sucking. Mechanically, she bobbed her face, rhythmically fucking her mouth with her boy's enormous cock. Her strong right hand raced in a blur up and down his fucker, wildly beating his meat into her wet, slurping mouth.

"Play with my balls, Mom! Oh, fuck, Mom, I'm about to shoot!"

Obediently, Angela thrust her left hand between his thighs, lewdly cupping his hairy, wrinkled sac containing his nuts. The twin globes felt heavy and swollen, obviously packed to bursting with a juicy load of cum.

Angela fondled and squeezed her boy's ball bag, still sucking feverishly on the crown of his hard-on, jacking her right hand wildly up and down on his throbbing prick. His massive fuckpole grew longer and stiffer than ever, and then Angela knew that she was on the very verge of drinking a hot bellyfull of her son's spunk.

"Swallow it, Mom!" Ricky gasped. "Oh, fuck, here it cummsss!"

He heaved off the bed, making his mother gag as he plowed his wildly-pulsing prick down her buttery throat. At that moment, his thick stream of squirting jism started spewing out of his puffy cock knob, bathing the inside of his mother's mouth with hot, milky cum.

"Mmmmm," Angela mewled, whimpering hungrily around the cum-squirting cock, immediately working her throat muscles to gulp down every drop. Her child's jism was delicious, every bit as tasty as Jimmy's cream. Angela sucked his prick harder than ever, fisting his cock shaft and swallowing noisily, determined to milk her boy's fuck-tool dry of spunk.

"Oh, Mom!" Ricky looked down at her dazedly as his horny mother finally slid her wet lips off of his prick. "You're a super good cocksucker, Mom! I never came so hard in my life!"

"And you've still got a big hard-on, darling," the wanton mother purred. Lewdly Angela continued to jack his enormous prick, staring at his cum-hole. "Ricky, do you want to fuck Mommy's pussy now? My cunt's awfully wet, baby. Can you keep this big cock stiff for me? So you can fuck Mommy's pussy and give Mommy a good cum too?"

Ricky nodded, his cock pulsing more stiffly than ever. Angela rose to her feet, swiftly pulling her negligee over her shoulders and tossing it to the floor. Ricky moaned at the sight of his mom's enormous tit-jugs. Angela giggled as he suddenly lunged off the bed, cupping her giant tits and sucking eagerly on one fat, deep red nipple.

"Why, Ricky! I didn't know you were horny to suck Mommy's big titties too!" Angela sighed and stroked his head, smiling down at her child as he sucked feverishly on her fat, rubbery teat. "That's good, Ricky! Oh, my, now I'm really getting horny! Stop sucking, Ricky. It's time to fuck your mother's cunt!"

Angela crawled onto the bed in the dogfucking position, her enormous milkers jiggling and swinging heavily ova the bed. Her stiff nipples touched the sheets as she dropped her shoulders low, cocking up her ass and spreading her knees wide apart. Expectantly she looked at Ricky's huge cock over her shoulder, knowing that her wet, hairy pussy was in the perfect position to be completely stuffed by her son's aching fuck meat.

"Come on, Ricky, fuck your mother!" she panted. "Get on the bed with me, baby! Mommy needs your big cock up her cunt!"

Ricky joined his naked mother on the bed, his huge prick throbbing stiffly before him. Angela grimaced and bit her lip as she felt him stuffing his fat, rosy cock-knob into her gooey fuck-opening, spreading the lips of her cunt wide around the invading thickness of his prick.

"Oh, yes, Ricky, yes!" Shamelessly, Angela started humping, moaning with desire as she pumped her throbbing pussy onto the satisfying stiffness of her son's fuck meat. "Ram it in deep, Ricky! Fuck me good now! Fuck my cunt just as hard as you want!"

Ricky held onto his mother's hips, staring in fascination down at her pink, puckered asshole, and then at the hairy mouth of her pussy, her pouting pussy-lips clinging tightly to his cock. He thrust steadily forward, watching his blue veined fuck-pole disappearing into the clinging wetness of his mom's pussy. Finally it was all the way inside her, buried to the balls in the heat of his mother's lust-aching cunt.

"Oh, Ricky! Ricky, it's so fucking big!"

The naked mom's huge tits slapped together as she started humping like a bitch in heat, panting and groaning, pumping her wet pussy onto the root of her son's cock.

"Fuck Mommy's cunt, baby! Oh, my darling, oh, my baby, fuck your mother, Ricky, fuck Mommy's pussy with your big, hard cock!"

Ricky started humping, groaning with pleasure as he thrust his freshly cum-laden cock in and out of his mom's tight, juicy pussy. Angela humped madly to meet his strokes, feeling her sweaty ass cheeks jiggling as they collided with Ricky's upper thighs, as he jammed his throbbing cock savagely into her cunt.

"Harder, Ricky! Unh unh unh, it feels so fucking good!" Her face was red and contorted as she bucked to meet his rhythm, urging him to fuck her faster with every pistoning thrust. Her clit was swollen, chafed deliciously by the underside of his cock every time he slammed it into her pussy. Angela knew she wasn't very far away from an intensely satisfying cum.

Ricky fucked his mother's cunt as fast as he could, moaning as her pussy channel sucked and spasmed. His huge prick was rooting as deeply in her pussy as Jimmy's had, seeming to reach her womb with every stroke. Harder and harder, Ricky fucked his horny mother, gasping as a second load of jism built in his balls.

"Ricky! Ricky, play with Mommy's asshole!"

Angela shuddered as she felt her pink, puckered shit ring throbbing obscenely in and out, right under her son's face.

"It's so horny, Ricky! Oh, yes, play with my asshole while you fuck my pussy!"

Ricky slid his hand into his mom's sweaty ass crevice, placing his fingertip on her puckered shit sphincter. Angela moaned louder than ever as he wriggled his digit into her tight, rubbery shit-tunnel. Then her naked son started to fuck his finger rapidly in and out of her asshole, with the same rhythm as his pumping cock, slamming furiously into the contracting tightness of his mother's pussy.

"Ricky, I'm cumming!" Angela gasped. Her asshole sucked moistly around his finger, and her hairy fuck hole spewed cunt cream all over his racing prick. "Fuck your mother, darling! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, Mommy loves it! Fuck me, Ricky, fuck me good! Oh, yes, cuuummiiinnggg!"

Her pussy and asshole exploded at the saint time, sucking Ricky's stroking cock and finger at once. Ricky buried his finger in his mother's asshole and thrust heavily into her creaming cunt, slamming his cock as far into her gooey pussy as it would go.

The second load of cum rushed up from his balls, making his fuckrod pulse and tremble as it sprayed long bursts of jism into his mother's burning cunt. Angela gasped as she felt his milky fuck-juice spouting into her, splattering on the glistening pink inner walls of her pussy channel. Wantonly, she flexed her fucking muscles, helping her darling child shoot every drop of cum into her cunt.

"Oh, Ricky, that was so wonderful!" Angela panted. "My sweet, sweet darling son! You fucked Mommy's pussy so beautifully."

But by then Ricky had already pulled his juice-slickened fucker out of the sucking grip of her cunt. Angela squealed in surprise as he suddenly turned her over onto her back, spreading her thighs wide-apart with his hands. She looked up in time to see her son bury his head between her legs, glueing his mouth to the curly-haired slit of her dripping, just-fucked cunt.

"Why, Ricky! You can't want to suck Mommy's pussy now! It's all dirty..."

But Ricky paid no attention. Avidly he licked the drops of his own spunk from his mother's swollen pussy-lips, using his tongue to clean the jizz out. Then he started licking and sucking her tasty pussy like a horny dog, wiggling his fingers eagerly into the clinging tightness of his mother's cunt.

"Oh, Ricky! You're making Mommy horny again!" The sheet obscenity of what he was doing to her made the juices again flow heavily in the depths of her cunt. The always-horny mother held Ricky's head and started humping her ass off the bed, fucking her hairy cunt all over his face.

"Jack me off, Ricky! Unnggghhh! Oh, Ricky, suck my clit for me! You're gonna give Mommy another cum!"

Ricky pumped his fingers rapidly in and out of his mother's tightly-sucking pussy, at the same time moving his tongue higher up her hairy cunt-slit. Angela gasped as he wrapped his lips around her swollen clit. He sucked it gently but forcefully, sending tingling waves of pleasure pounding through her naked body.

"Ricky, I'm cumming again!" she cried. "Suck your mother, suck Mommy's juicy pussy! Oh, fuck, Ricky, Mommy's cuuummiinnggg!"

Her pussy exploded again, spewing musky-smelling fuck oils all over her son's fingers, making her clit throb and tingle deliciously between his sucking lips. Angela held his head and kept on humping wildly, shamelessly fucking her cunt all over her son's face.


It was still dark when only a few hours later, Angela tip-toed back down the hall to her son Ricky's bedroom. She'd set the alarm for five a.m., hoping to give herself plenty of time to suck and fuck with her darling younger child before Lori and Jimmy woke up.

Angela's naked body quivered under her robe as she silently turned the door knob, stepping into Ricky's room. She'd only slept a few hours, but she felt completely refreshed. It was Ricky's wonderful fucking that had done it for her. Angela knew she couldn't last another day without sampling her youngest son's cock.

There was just enough light in the room for her to make out Ricky's sleeping form under the covers. Angela hurriedly removed her robe, sitting naked on the edge of the bed and reaching for the lamp. She turned it on and stared hungrily at her child.

I'm such a slut, she told herself again. I won't even let my own child sleep... all I can think about is his big, stiff cock.

Her hand trembling, Angela drew the covers to the foot of the bed. Ricky's huge, limp cock lay across his thigh. Angela hefted it, moaning as she felt its meaty thickness between her fingers. Her pussy creamed heavily and began stiffening rapidly at her touch, lengthening and fattening, soon rising into an enormous, throbbing hard-on over his stomach.

"Oh, fuck, what a big prick!" Angela whispered. She felt in awe of his giant fuck-tool, almost unable to believe that such a mammoth cock could belong to such a young, slightly-built boy. "Oh, my, I've simply got to suck it! Yes, I simply must..."

Her whispered words trailed off as the naked mother dropped her face to Ricky's crotch, opening her mouth wide and letting his twitching fuck-pole sink down her throat. She took in as much of her son's prick as she could, finally clasping her lips in a tight, ovaled circle around the blue-veined stiffness of his fuck meat.

Then Angela started sucking her son's cock very hard, bobbing her head lightly on his crotch, slurping and smacking her lips noisily as she pleasured herself with the tasty stiffness of Ricky's big prick. Her right hand slid down to the base of his cock, squeezing it tightly. Urgently she began whipping her fist up and down his prick, beating his meat into her mouth.

"Unhhhh..." Ricky's eyelids fluttered as he writhed beneath her. "Um... Mom!"

"Good morning, sweetheart!" Angela took Ricky's cock momentarily out of hermouth to smile up at him salaciously. "I hope you don't mind waking up this way, baby. Mommy simply had to help herself to some more of your big, juicy prick!"

Again Angela pressed her lips to the flared, spongy tip of his hard-on. She let her lips part, thrusting her face onto his crotch, making his fuck-pole sink even farther down her throat.

Angela shut her eyes, thinking of nothing but the spunk-oozing cock between her lips. She sucked Ricky's cock harder than ever, her whole face reddening with the wanton eagerness of the blow-job. Her hand gripped the root of his fuckrod tightly as she began jacking him off again, moving her fingers furiously along the swollen length of his prick.

"Oh fuck, Mom!" Ricky grimaced and shuddered as he felt the intense pleasure in his rock-hard tingling cock. He clutched his mother's head and started thrusting his hips off the sheets.

"Suck my dick, Mom!" he moaned excitedly. "Ungghhh! Oh, fuck, do you ever know how to give head! Suck the own out, Mom! Oh, fuck, I need to cum!"

Angela sucked Ricky's cock as hard as she could, wildly fucking her face on his crotch, nearly choking herself in her eagerness to make his prick go all the way down her throat. Greedily she dropped her left hand between his thighs, fondling his hairy nut sac, encouraging the load of cum to start fountaining out of his enormous, quivering fucker.

"I'm gonna make it, Mom!" Ricky gasped. "Suck it, suck it, suck my cock! Oh, fuuuuck!"

He heaved his hips off the bed, again nearly choking her as he jammed his mammoth, rigid fuckrod down her sucking gullet. Then the morning's first load of jism blasted up from his balls, spraying and shooting in a salty-torrent down Angela's throat.

"Mmmmm," Angela moaned, whimpering happily around his juice-shooting fuck pole. She sucked and jacked Ricky's squirting cock as hard as she could, gulping rapidly, nursing out every drop of his milky-white cum.

"Oh, Mom! That was really a good one!" Ricky sighed heavily as his mother let his saliva-and-cum slickened prick slide out of her mouth; he sprawled flat en his back on the sheets. But Angela was hardly through with him. Quickly she mounted her supine son, planting her knees on the bed to either side of his hips.

"Your cock's still stiff, Ricky. Time to fuck your mother up the cunt!" Angela's enormous tits quivered as she reached between her thighs, grasping his stiff cock and dire the rosy knob to the pouting lips of her pussy.

"Oh, Ricky!"

Eagerly, Angela rubbed his spongy cock head up and down her cunt furrow, finally centering it in her fuck-slit. "I'm going to put it inside me now, Ricky! Oh, fuck, your cock is so big!"

Angela leaned forward, clutching her child's shoulders for support. Frantically she started bumping and grinding on top of him, gasping with pleasure as inch after inch of his stone-hard prick penetrated the clasping sheath of her cunt.

Ricky lifted his head, watching as his wrist-thick fuckrod disappeared into the curly-haired slit of his mother's pussy. Then he started grinding beneath her, thrusting his cock into her cunt, helping stuff every inch of his enormous prick into the sucking wetness of her fuck channel.

"Fuck your mother, Ricky!"

Angela's giant tits jiggled spongily over his chest as she started humping like a bitch in heat, frantically slamming her hairy, sopping-wet fuck-hale onto the satisfying stiffness of her son's huge cock.

"Fuck my cunt, Ricky, fuck Mommy's juicy cunt! Oh, Son, Mommy needs to cum so bad! Fuck me, Ricky! Fuck your mother's juicy cunt!"

Ricky slid his hands down her waist, clutching her madly-humping ass cheeks. He worked his hips furiously off the bed, ramming his blood-engorged cock in and out of his mother's juicy cunt. Angela felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter, her hairy fuck-hole sucking and spasming around the pelvis-jarring length of Ricky's huge cock.

"Unh, unh, unh, fuck me, Ricky, fuck Mommy's pussy!" She humped her ass in a delirium of incestuous desire, pounding her fuck-hole onto the root of his cock as hard and fast as she could.

"Fuck your mother, darling, Mommy's pussy is so wet and hot! Oh, fuck, Ricky, I need to cum now! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, Mommy's cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

Her pussy exploded around his giant, stabbing cock, the curly-baked slit contracting around his racing prick again and again. Ricky kept fucking his naked mother furiously, guiding her through the tingling peaks of her cum.

Finally the indescribably delicious cum spasms subsided. Angela leaned forward, wantonly kissing her younger child, thrusting her tongue into his mouth in gratitude for the incredible fucking he'd just given her. She was just about to lift her leg and slide her tight pussy off his stiff cock, to suck his second load into her mouth, when she heard the door swing open behind her.

"Oh, no!" Angela gasped, her eyes opening wide and her cheeks reddening with shame.

Jimmy walked into the bedroom, completely naked. He grinned broadly at the incestuously entwined couple on the bed. Angela automatically looked at his crotch. Jimmy's cock was completely stiff, quivering before him as he approached the bed.

"I heard you in here, Mom," Jimmy said softly. "I guess I should have known that you wouldn't be satisfied with just fucking me, huh? You had to help yourself to Ricky too."

Angela wondered if Jimmy were angry with her, but then she looked at his enormously stiff cock again and realized that he couldn't possibly be. Jimmy climbed onto the bed with her, gently pushing his mother forward until her huge tits were crushed on Ricky's chest. Angela gasped as her older son suddenly separated her rounded ass checks with his hands, exposing the puckered entrance to her shit-tunnel.

"Hey, Ricky, let's both fuck Mom at the same time," Jimmy suggested happily. "You up her pussy, and me up her asshole! How's that sound, Mom? I'll bet that way you'll really cum!"

"Why, Jimmy! How can you dart suggest such a filthy thing!" But Angela could already feel her furry pussy throbbing as she considered the idea, and she knew Ricky could feel it too. "Besides, you know you'll hurt me if you try to fuck my asshole dry, Jimmy. Your cock is simply much too big!"

Jimmy started to answer, but by then Ricky had opened the nightstand drawer and withdrawn a little jar of petroleum jelly. He tossed it to his older brother. Jimmy grinned as he uncapped the jar and started smearing Vaseline liberally all over his huge, aching prick. Angela felt her pussy sucking more wetly around Ricky's cock as she realized she was about to experience her very first double-fuck.

"All-all right, Jimmy," she panted. "If you insist. But be sure to get Mommy's asshole nice and wet for that huge cock of yours. You don't want to hurt me, Jimmy."

Jimmy responded by smearing the lube plentifully on his mom's tightly-puckered shit ring, darting two fingers into her asshole to coat the rubbery interior as well. Then he mounted her, aiming his spongy, swollen cock head at her well-lubed asshole, preparing to ram his huge prick deeply up his mother's bowels.

"Hold Mom around the hips, Ricky," Jimmy panted. "I don't want her to squirm away while I'm trying to stuff my cock up her ass!"

"Oh, Jimmy, please be gentle!" Angela panted. But her pussy was sucking and spasming uncontrollably around Ricky's cock now, and she knew that she was just dying to feel Jimmy's fuckrod pounding into her bowels. "Remember, please don't hurt my little asshole, Jimmy! Be gentle!"

Ricky pulled his naked mother flat on top of him, grasping her hips, his cock still buried to the balls in the clinging interior of her pussy. Jimmy groaned as he pushed his heart-shaped cock head into his mom's shit sphincter. Skillfully he began to move his hips, driving inch after inch of his aching prick into the rubbery grip of her asshole.

"Oh, oh, oh, fuck! Oh, fuck, it's so big! Oh, fuck, it's just huge!" Angela's face reddened, and her face contorted obscenely with passion as she felt her older son's enormous cock plowing up her shit-channel. "Unngghhh! Oh, yes; I can't believe it! Oh, fuck, both of you at the same time! Go ahead and push it in deeper, Jimmy! Unggggghh! Mommy loves it now! Go ahead and ram that monster right up Mommy's tight little ass!"

Jimmy humped steadily, driving his blood-swollen cock farther and farther into the forbidden tightness of his mom's burning shit tunnel. Angela started humping frantically before he had it two-thirds of the way inside her. There was none of the pain she'd feared. Instead her whole body burned with the most intense pleasure she'd ever felt in her life.

"Deeper, Jimmy!" she squealed. "Unh, unh unh, Mommy loves it now! Oh, yes, oh, my sweet darling, fuck Mommy's asshole, Jimmy! Oh, shit, oh, fuck, ram that monster right up Mommy's ass!"

Jimmy collapsed on his mother's backside, spearing his rigid cock to the hilt in the squirming tightness of her asshole. For a moment he lay motionless, savoring the tight grip of her shitting muscles, sucking and contracting rhythmically around his cock.

Ricky started humping beneath them, thrusting his huge cock in and out of his mother's pussy. Silently encouraging his older brother to start humping too; Jimmy gasped as he began grinding his cum-bloated cock in and out of his mom's tender little asshole, ass fucking her deeper and harder with, every stroke.

"I'm gonna cum!" Angela gasped. Frantically she heaved between her two horny sons, thrusting her pussy onto Ricky's cock one moment, then humping her asshole onto the driving thickness of Jimmy's prick. Her whole body ached with desire, the most intense lust she'd ever felt in her life. Never had she dreamed it could feel so good to be fucked by two huge cocks at the same time.

"Harder!" Angela whipped her hips in a frenzy of passion, fucking the two pricks as hard as she could. Jimmy's fuckrod was rooting deep inside her tender, Vaseline-slickened asshole, probing in the depths of her bowels. Faster and faster, Ricky heaved beneath her, slamming his rock-hard prick through the clinging tightness of his mom's pussy channel.

"Unnh, unh, unh, fuck me, fuck meeeee!" Angela humped as fast as she could, hearing wet, squishing sounds coming from her pussy as her hairy fuck-slit sucked the root of Ricky's cock. Her asshole was squishing too, the Vaseline making it cling wetly to the racing length of Jimmy's fuck shaft. The pleasure mounted steadily inside her, drawing her closer and closer to the relief of orgasm.

"Mom, I'm cumming!" Ricky moaned. He heaved wildly off the bed, stabbing his prick almost violently through the sucking tightness of her pussy. "I can't hold it in my balls anymore! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, take my load! Here it cums, Mom! Cuummmiiinnngggg!"

Her youngest son's giant hard-on started spurting deep inside her pussy, spraying the thick gobs of hot, milk-white, salty cream onto the glistening inner walls of her cunt channel. Wantonly Angela flexed her pussy muscles around his juice-shooting prick, helping her darling child squirt out every drop. Then she felt Jimmy's fuckrod growing to total, pulsating stiffness deep inside the rubbery grip of her shit-tunnel.

"I'm cumming, too, Mom!" Jimmy gasped. "Oh, fuck, it's about to spurt!"

He fucked his mom's tight asshole faster and harder, wincing as his balls swung, bloated to bursting with jism. Finally her oldest child's jism started to spurt and stream into her bowel tract, lubricating the itchy walls of her asshole with a heavy bath of cum.

"Keep fucking me, Jimmy! Fuck my asshole!" Angela gasped. "Fuck my pussy, Ricky! Mommy's cumming now! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, it feels so good! Fuck me, fuck me, I'm cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

It was one of the hardest turns she'd ever had in her life. For a minute straight, the naked mother's pussy and asshole spasmed around the giant, driving pricks, holding them deep inside her body as she came again and again. Finally the ecstasy subsided. Jimmy pulled his slowly wilting cock out of his mother's asshole. With a satisfied groan, Angela rolled off of Ricky's cock.

The only one left out, Angela thought, was Lori. She knew now that both her sons had sampled their aunt's tight pussy. Angela began to wonder if there might be a way she could make their family a happily humping foursome from now on.


Lori was fingerfucking her wet pussy late that night when she was startled by the unexpected knock on her door. Her first instinct was to cover up her naked body, but then she smiled when she realized she didn't have to. She'd sucked Angela's cunt, and she'd fucked both Ricky and Jimmy. No matter who it was, her visitor had come to fuck her.

"Come in," Lori purred huskily.

The door opened. It was Jimmy. He wore only his pajamas, and Lori's pussy grew even itchier as she saw the enormous hard-on sticking out of the sheer cotton fabric. Grinning broadly as he stared at her naked body, Jimmy walked right up to the bed and stood in front of her. Then he simply pulled down his pajama bottoms and stepped out of them, revealing his enormous, naked cock.

"I couldn't get to sleep, Aunt Lori," he said. "I think I need a blow-job. Would you mind sucking my cock for me?"

Lori moaned as she stared at his giant, crimson cock head, watching the length of his meaty fuck pole throbbing and jerking in front of her face. "Of course, Jimmy," she purred. "You know I'm happy to suck this juicy cock of yours any time you like."

Lori slid off the bed and knelt on the floor, facing the bloated length of her nephew's hard-on. She wrapped her hand tightly around the root and feverishly started jacking on his prick, making hot, milky drops of pre-cum bubble out of his piss-slit.

"My, you must really be horny tonight, Jimmy," she purred, racing her fist up and down his cock. "Your cock feels even stiffer than usual. Have you been waiting for your mother and little brother to go to bed, Jimmy? So you could come down here and get Aunt Lori to suck this giant cock for you?"

"Just suck it!" Jimmy gasped. He clutched her head, curling his fingers in her long, blonde hair, pulling her face onto his prick.

Eagerly the horny aunt opened her mouth wide, letting the first several inches of Jimmy's big cock between her lips. She ovaled her mouth tightly around the thick fuck shaft, whimpering as she tasted the musky saltiness.

"Suck it!" Jimmy demanded. He gazed down at her, at the obscene spectacle of his gorgeous aunt with her face stuffed with fuck meat. "Come on, Aunt Lori! MY balls feel like lead! Oh, please, suck the juice out of my prick!"

Lori quickly started sucking her nephew's fuck-pole extremely hard, shutting her eyes to concentrate on nothing but the taste of the cock in her mouth. Rhythmically she alternated between puffing out her cheeks and then puckering them sharply, working feverishly on his fuck meat. Her tongue slid lasciviously around his shiny-skinned cock head, lapping up the juice oozing constantly from his piss-slit.

"Harder!" Jimmy pulled her hair, wincing as the spunk boiled in his balls. "Oh, fuck, Aunt Lori, you're gonna make me shoot! Keep sucking!"

Lori sucked his burning dick as hard as she could, until the slurping, gurgling sounds of her blow-job were nearly loud enough to be heard outside the bedroom. Her fist moved furiously up and down his prick, beating his meat into her mouth.

Jimmy's fucker grew progressively stiffer, until the naked aunt knew he was on the verge of spraying his jizz deep into her belly. She moved her left hand up his thighs, making Jimmy gasp as she started fondling his balls. Skillfully she kneaded and massaged his bloated nuts, encouraging the spunk to start spraying out of the tip of his prick.

"Swallow it, Aunt Lori! Oh, fuck, here it cums!"

Jimmy held her head with both hands and thrust his hips forward, jamming his stone-hard prick down her buttery throat. Lori whimpered happily as his milky dick juice started spraying out of his cock, splashing heavily into her mouth and rushing down her gullet.

Gulping as fast as she could, the horny aunt sucked and jacked his cum-shooting fuckrod even harder, determined to swallow every drop. She didn't stop working on Jimmy's huge cock until she'd licked the very last traces of cream from the crown of his meat. And even then Jimmy's fuckrod remained as hard as iron, obviously more than capable of being thrust deep inside her cunt.

"Oh, Jimmy, you've got so much stamina," Lori purred. Lewdly she continued to jack on his fuck-pole, sighing as she felt how stiffly it throbbed between her fingers. "Would you like to fuck my cunt now, Nephew? Would you, Jimmy? Would you like to slide that monster right up my pussy and shoot another load?"

Jimmy nodded eagerly. Lori felt herself shaking all over as she rose from the floor, quickly sliding onto her back on the bed. She never took her eyes off her nephew's huge cock as she wiggled her ass into a good humping position, and then splayed her slim thighs as far apart as she could, completely opening her juicy, curly haired pussy for the incredible thickness of Jimmy's horse prick.

"All right, Jimmy. Time to do a little pussy fucking!" Unable to wait, the naked aunt dropped her hand between her legs and started finger-fucking her drippy pussy as she waited for Jimmy to pound his prick into her. "Hurry, Jimmy, hurry! My cunt got all wet from sucking you off! Oh, please, Jimmy, I really need your big cock!"

Jimmy climbed onto the bed, his giant fuck-tool pulsing stiffly before him. He crawled into position between his aunt's nakedly-splayed thighs, aiming his swollen cock head a the pouting lips of her wet cunt. Eagerly Lori reached down, grasping his fuckrod and pulling the tip into her pussy.

"Fuck my cunt, Jimmy! Fuck Auntie's horny cunt!"

Jimmy supported his weight on outstretched arms, looming over her as he began to hump his ass. Both of them looked down, watching the thickness of his fuck-pole disappearing in to the thick curls fringing her cunt.

"Oh, Jimmy!" Lori lifted her long legs as high as she could, draping her ankles over the young stud's shoulders, completely opening her pussy for the stabbing impalement of his enormous prick. "Fuck my cunt, Jimmy! Oh, fuck, oh, please, ram that monster all the way up my juicy cunt!"

Jimmy dropped slowly on top of her, sinking inch after inch of his freshly cum-laden cock into the sucking tightness of her pussy. Lori humped her blushing ass cheeks off the bed like a bitch in heat, gasping and squealing girlishly as she pistoned bet throbbing pussy onto the very root of his cock.

"Come on, Jimmy, start stroking me! Oh, fuck, I'm so horny! I need your big cock, Nephew! My pussy needs to be fucked!"

Jimmy lay flat on top of her, crushing her tits under his chest, sliding his hands down to claw the sides of her ass, cheeks. Then he started humping very hard, savagely drilling his blood-bloated cock in and out of her pussy, stabbing into her cunt more deeply with every skewering thrust.

"Harder, fuck me hard!"

Lori wrapped her arms around his shoulders, grimacing and biting her lip, humping her ass off the bed so hard that her ass checks hit the mattress painfully with every down thrust.

"Oh, Jimmy, you've got such a big one! Oh, fuck, oh, please, you're making me cum! Fuck my cunt, fuck my horny little cunt! Oh, fuck, oh, please, you're making me cum!"

Jimmy reamed out her tenderly-sucking pussy as fast as he could, nailing her ass onto the bed as he slammed his stone-hard cock furiously through the clinging tightness of her cunt-hole. Now Lori could feel her pussy spasming as if it had a will of its own, uncontrollably contracting around the driving stiffness of her nephew's huge prick.

"Jimmy, I'm making it!" she gasped. She clawed his shoulders almost hard enough to draw blood, her face an obscene mask of raw, incestuous lust. "Fuck my cunt, lover, fuck my juicy cunt! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, can't stand it! I'm cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

Her pussy spasmed, the hairy hole contracting repeatedly around the hammering thickness of Jimmy's prick. Still her young nephew didn't shoot his load inside her. Instead he just kept fucking her cunt harder than ever through the duration of her cum, guiding her through the peaks of her pleasure.

"Oh, Jimmy, that was so, so good!" Lori sighed at last. She smiled up at him, shamelessly satisfied, as she let her ass drop back to the sheets. "I don't think I've ever cum so hard with..."

And then her words trailed off as she saw that the door had opened. Ricky stood there, absolutely naked. He was grinning from ear to ear as he stroked his enormous rock-hard cock.

"Why, R-Ricky," Lori stammered.

She paused, looking up at Jimmy. Did Jimmy know that she was fucking both her nephews? "What... what are you doing in here like..."

But Jimmy's broad grin and Ricky's chuckle made her stop. Yes, Lori realized, they both obviously knew all about what the other was doing. Lori moaned as Jimmy suddenly rolled her over into the woman-on-top position, with his huge prick still buried to the hilt in the creamy tightness of her pussy.

"Okay, little brother," Jimmy said. "Time to fuck Auntie's asshole. Climb aboard!"

"Why Jimmy!" Lori gasped. But her pussy burned more wetly than ever as she thought of being fucked by both their huge pricks at once. "What... what a nasty idea! Did you two plan this beforehand?"

Jimmy just grinned up at her, and Lori immediately knew that they had. In spite of herself she started humping again, thrusting her red-hot pussy onto the base of his cock. She felt her asshole puckering and throbbing, as she stared expectantly over her shoulder at Ricky's giant prick.

"All right, Ricky. If that's what you two want to do to me, I suppose I'll simply have to submit. The Vaseline's in the nightstand drawer, Ricky. Hurry and get it out. Oh, hurry, Ricky! I think I really do need a good assfucking tonight!"

Ricky got the Vaseline and joined the humping couple on the bed. He uncapped the jar, withdrawing a thick hunk of the jelly and smearing it liberally all over his huge, throbbing cock.

"Get it on my asshole too, Ricky!"

The fuck-hungry aunt lay flat on her older nephew's chest. She whimpered girlishly as Jimmy grasped her reddened ass-globes and spread them wide, exposing her pink, puckered shitter. Ricky pasted the vaseline heavily on her asshole, completely anointing his aunt's burning shit ring for the invasion of his cock. Then he mounted her, aiming his rosy cock head at her tightly-muscled sphincter. Lori gasped with desire as she felt the meaty inches of Ricky's fuck-pole plowing into her shit-channel.

"Unnngghh! Oh, you both feel so fucking huge!" Eagerly she started wiggling and humping, grinding her hairy pussy onto the base of Jimmy's prick, then thrusting her itchy little asshole onto Ricky's cock. "Ass-fuck me, Ricky! Unh, unh, unh, your cock feels so fucking good up my ass! Ram it in deep, Ricky! Oh, fuck, oh, please, fuck the stilt out of me!"

Relentlessly, Ricky pushed his huge fuckrod into the sucking grip of her bowels, hearing the Vaseline squish as he rammed every inch of his fuck-pole into the rubbery grip of her stretched shit sphincter. For a moment he lay flat on her back, giving her ravished asshole a chance to grow accustomed to the size of his cock.

Jimmy started humping again beneath her, stroking his cum-laden cock in and out of his aunt's pussy, fucking her faster with every stroke. With his huge cock rammed up Lori's asshole, Ricky started humping to meet his brother's rhythm, plowing his blood-engorged hard-on in and out of her sucking shit ring.

"Harder!" Lori heard the bed springs squeaking beneath them as she feverishly humped her ass, slamming her pussy onto Jimmy's giant fucker, thrusting her stretched asshole onto Ricky's pounding cock. "Unh, unh, ungggghhh! Oh, fuck, your cocks are so huge! Fuck me harder! Oh, yes, fuck me as hard as you can! Fuck me 'till I can't walk!"

Her horny nephews feverishly started fucking her defenselessly naked body as fast as they could, violently ramming their giant cocks into the clinging tightness of her pussy and asshole, slamming deeper into her body with every stroke. Already Lori could feel both her pussy and asshole spasming uncontrollably. She'd never felt such intense pleasure in her life.

"Harder, harder!" she panted, urging them on. "Oh, fuck, you've got to make me cum! I love your cocks! Please, just keep fucking me! Unnggghh! Oh, fuck, I'm making it now! Harder, harder, as hard as you can!"

Jimmy and Ricky fucked her faster still, moaning as her pussy and asshole sucked and spasmed around their cocks. Lori felt her cum beginning deep inside her belly, making her twin fuck-holes contract with a vise-like intensity around their driving pricks.

"Fuck me, fuck meeee!" she cried. "I'm cumming now! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, cuuummmmiiinnngggg!"

Her whole body exploded, sending her writhing into an exquisite delirium of ecstasy, making her cunt spew thick oils on Jimmy's hard-on and her asshole spasm again and again around Ricky's cock. And still her nephews didn't shoot their juice inside her. They just kept fucking her harder than ever, guiding her through the tingling peaks of her cum.

"That's enough!" Lori moaned at last. "Oh, fuck, I just can't take any more!"

"Well, I should say not," a familiar voice said behind her. "It's my turn now, anyway. After all, they are my sons!"

Lori squealed in surprise and turned her head toward the door. It was Angela. Her big sister was naked, her enormous tits quivering as she crossed the room and stood grinning down at the spectacle on the bed.

"It's my turn to get double-fucked now, Lori," Angela purred. "Come on, Ricky. Take that big cock of yours out of her asshole. Mommy wants to get assfucked too!"

Obediently, Ricky withdrew from the smoldering heat of his aunt's tender shit-tunnel both women stared hungrily at his cock, coated luridly with Vaseline, watching his meaty fuck-tool pulse and twitch with its swollen load of blood and spunk.

Lori slid off Jimmy, freeing his gigantic prick. Then she crawled off the bed and knelt beside it, eager to watch Angela getting fucked by both her sons.

"Just stay right there, Jimmy," Angela purred. "You know what Momma wants."

Angela climbed onto the bed and straddled her older son's hips, planting her knees on the bed to either side of his waist. Reaching between her thighs, she grasped his giant cock and directed his oozing cocktip to the hairy slit of her pussy. Then she started humping herself down onto it, gasping with pleasure as she let inch after inch of Jimmy's gigantic hard-on spear into the sucking tightness of her fuck tunnel.

"Fuck your mother, Jimmy!" Angela gasped. She pumped her pussy furiously on his giant prick, groaning as she felt it's meaty thickness stretching her cunt. "Oh, Jimmy, it's so fucking huge! Ram it into me, Jimmy! Just like you fucked Lori's cunt!"

Angela leaned forward, clutching Jimmy's shoulders, her enormous tits jiggling wildly over his chest. Jimmy humped fast and hard off the bed, pounding his cock through the sucking tightness of his mother's pussy. Angela pumped her ass to meet his strokes, eagerly driving her wet, hairy fuck-slit onto the stabbing impalement of his prick.

"Oh, oh, oh, fuck! Oh, Ricky, I want you to fuck me now, too!" Angela gasped. "Hurry, darling! Fuck Mommy's asshole, lover! Mommy needs your big cock up her ass!"

Ricky again moved into position for another session of ass fucking. Watching beside the bed, Lori was already pounding her fingers in and out of her pussy as fast as she could. The realization that Angela actually fucked both her sons made her incredibly horny. Watching was almost as much of a turn-on as being double fucked herself.

Angela lay flat on Jimmy's chest, sighing as her older son grasped her ass globes and spread them wide, opening up her pink, puckered asshole for the invasion of Ricky's cock. Ricky didn't bother smearing more Vaseline on his mom's shit ring. His cock was absolutely dripping after fucking Lori's bowels.

"Fuck my ass, Son!" Angela panted. "Hurry, baby, hurry! Mommy needs a big cock up the ass! Fuck Mommy's asshole, Ricky! Hurry!"

Ricky mounted his fuck-hungry mother, aiming his swollen cock head on the rubbery ring of her stilt-channel. Angela shuddered as she felt it boring into her, stretching the lips of her asshole to the bursting point around the throbbing stiffness of his cock.

"Fuck my asshole, fuck my asshole!" she gasped. "Oh, fuck, oh, please, ram it all the way up Mommy's tight little ass!"

Ricky fucked deeply into his mother's sucking bowels, cramming his blood-gorged fucker through the narrow walls of her shit channel. Again, Angela started humping like a bitch in heat, pounding her hairy pussy onto Jimmy's cock, and thrusting her itchy little asshole onto Ricky's prick.

"Fuck your mother, fuck your mother! All the way in, Ricky! All the way up Mommy's ass!"

Ricky collapsed on his naked mom, pounding his cock to the hilt in the burning sheath of her shit-tunnel. Jimmy immediately started humping much faster, ramming his cock in and out of his mother's gushing cunt.

"Come on, Ricky," Jimmy panted. "Let's really fuck the shit out of her!"

Ricky started stroking his huge prick into his mother's bowels, pumping his fuckrod faster and deeper with every thrust. Jimmy humped to meet his younger brother's rhythm, sawing his huge fuckrod into his mother's cunt. Then both of the young studs were fucking in unison, ramming their enormous cocks almost brutally into their mother's naked body with every thrust.

"Fuck my pussy, fuck my asshole!" Angela gasped. Her huge tits quivered on Jimmy's chest as she humped madly to meet their rhythm, trying to fuck both of their driving pricks at the same time. "Unnngggghhh! Oh, fuck, it's so good! I'm cumming now! Fuck your mother, fuck your horny mother! I'm cuummiinnggg!" Her whole body exploded, nearly making her black out with the intensity of her cum, as her pussy creamed on Jimmy's prick and her tight, stretched shit ring spasmed around Ricky's cock. Ricky and Jimmy fucked her as hard as they could guiding her through the peak of her turn.

"I'm making it," Jimmy panted. "Take it, Mom! Here it cummsss!"

Jimmy humped his ass as hard as he could, stabbing his enormous cock to the hilt in his mother's spasming pussy. The hot gobs of spunk streamed up from his balls, shooting torrentially into his mother's cunt. At the same time, Ricky collapsed on her reddened ass, pounding his cock all the way into his mother's tightly-sucking shitter.

"Oh, Mom," Ricky moaned. "Ahhh...!" The milky-white jism spewed out of Ricky's cock, squirting and gushing deep inside his mother's burning asshole. A wanton smile spread across Angela's face as she felt her younger son shooting off in her bowels. Shamelessly, she flexed her stretched shit ring around his erupting cock, coaxing every drop of cream to shoot deep inside her ravished shit-tunnel.

Ricky pulled his huge cock out of his mother's asshole, sighing as he collapsed on his back beside them. Angela rolled off Jimmy's slowly wilting hard-on, her son's spunk flowing heavily out of her cunt.

The sight of the seeping jism was more than Lori could resist. Eagerly she crawled back onto the bed, practically shoving her big sister on her back so she could bury her head between Angela's thighs. Then she started sucking the jism out of Angela's hairy cunt-hole, as Angela whimpered and again began to hump her ass off the bed.

All four of them fucking! Lori thought, tonguing the fuck-juice out of Angela's pussy. All four of them fucking in the same house. It was better than she'd ever dreamed!


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