Make me come!

Every society is marked by an adolescent stage. A growing-up period. A time when each young member feels he is infinitely more daring and modem than the adults ruling the establishment he often rebels against. Nowhere is this phenomenon more apparent than in an open society such as ours.

Many an adult has smiled in remembrance of the time he snuck out back to puff on a forbidden cigarette. The time he challenged another boy to a drag race. The time he threw a firecracker in the school john.

Sally's story is that of a young girl growing up in her own special way: breaking the moral code she has been taught. Flaunting her sexuality in open rebellion. Reveling in any and every wanton new experience. Indeed, Sally makes a world of her own, where hedonism becomes the norm. But the truth is Sally is searching for meaning in her life, for love and affection, not just pleasures of the flesh.

MAKE ME COME -- the story of a girl's struggle to find herself, and the shattering experiences that carry her over the threshold into young adulthood and eventual happiness. A timely story for our restless society.


The day I was changed into a nympho started peacefully. After breakfast and chores I took a warm shower. Glowing from it and a brisk toweling I went to my aunt's room to model in front of the mirror. It was only the third week of my two-month stay and already, every inch of my slender body had darkened with the start of a golden, back-yard tan. My waist-length brown hair was starting to streak a little and I couldn't help giggling at the thought of ending the summer with sun-bleached hair on my cunt.

I was really happy and proud of myself.

It was really great. I had time to think, time to dream, time to plan and time to write long letters to my steady boy friend back in Los Angeles. I read the movie magazines and confession stories as they were brought to me with the groceries each week. I had even managed to read three of Rod McKuen's poetry books.

Right then, looking in the mirror and vainly examining my big, well-developed tits cunt-hair, I was about to start on what had become a daily ritual.

It had been easy to promise Gary, my boy friend, that I would be faithful. I had been here before and knew how isolated it was. There wouldn't be any temptation, so he was safe. I really missed flicking in the back seat of his mother's car. It was fun and I really enjoyed it. We never did anything kinky. He would just play with my tits until my cunt got all wet, then he'd climb on top and fuck me until we exploded.

We usually managed to make it two or three times a week and I was thrilled to feel and know that my orgasms improved each time. From the first time, when my brother and his wife introduced me to sex, until the day before I left for the farm, when Gary and I said good-bye, it had gotten better and better, and I loved it.

Now, without him there to help me I had taken up masturbation. The favorite dream I had while rubbing my cunt was of being raped. I was never hurt in my daydream. It was just that I liked to think I was forced. Then it wasn't my fault.

Standing in front of the mirror I stroked my flat tummy with my soft hand and slid my fingers into my cunt-hair. I scratched the delicate flesh under the hair lightly as I pictured a big, handsome guy crawling quietly through the open living-room window.

My middle finger found the top of my split and sent a shiver through it as the digit trailed down the crack to the tip of my clit. My imaginary attacker slipped up behind me. Wetting my lips with my tongue I used the fingers from either side of the busy one to spread my cuntlips and pull the flesh of my clit-hood tight.

The center finger found its mark. Dipping away for only a second to collect some of my cunt-juice at the entrance of my pussy, I brought it back and started to gasp in delight and picture myself being forced onto my aunt's bed.

I rubbed my free hand over my tits, lifting and kneading tern carefully as I felt the warmth and pressure shoot clear to their centers. In my fantasy he was unzipping his pants and pulling out the biggest cock I'd ever seen. It was beautiful. I dropped my tits and pushed two of my fingers into my aching, itching cunt as I imagined him spreading my legs and forcing his way inside.

I watched happily, if a little guiltily, as my face stiffened and strained back at me from the mirror. I saw the blush spread on my cheeks and across my chest as I neared the peak of my efforts.

It was never as good when I did it to myself as when Gary or someone else did it -- but it was good. I just couldn't imagine life without orgasm -- especially all those years in the future. Even now, ill was down in the dumps, if I was mad, if I was having trouble getting to sleep, if I wanted to relax, all I had to do was have an orgasm and everything changed. I had watched my mom. She didn't enjoy sex. I knew because I had heard her fighting with Dad about it. She was always so unhappy. On the other hand I'd spied on our neighbor a couple of times when she forgot to draw the shades. She and her husband really had a ball and I could see how happy she always was. I looked at the difference between the two women and knew, clear to my very soul, that I had to enjoy it too -- if I was to have a reason to live in this crummy world.

I don't think I was a nympho -- not then. I enjoyed too many other things too. I wasn't consumed by a constant desire for orgasm. But I knew I could have one any time I needed it. All I had to do was slip away by myself, even to a restroom if I was desperate, finger my cunt for a couple of minutes and I was fine again.

Now, I watched as I bit my lip from the heat of my imaginary assault, and I floated. Big waves of relief, peace and satisfaction carried me high and set me gently back down. Sighing happily I wiped my wet cunt and fingers on the panties I'd set out, and got dressed. It was such a lovely afternoon I simply couldn't stay in the house. I had to get outside and explore the countryside.

I wandered happily down the old road, kicking pebbles, watching the bird tracks and picking berries, completely unaware that my fantasy -- the worst part of it -- was about to become reality. I was almost two miles from my aunt's tiny farm when I started into an open field to pick some berries. Suddenly the still air war filled with the roar of motorcycle engines. I didn't pay any attention until they spotted me.

I didn't even have time to run before they rode me down. Cycles came tearing across the field at me from both sides. The first one buzzed by, catching my blouse and tearing it off as I was dragged for a few feet before it tore free. I scrambled to my feet and tried to run when a hand caught a cup of my bra and tore it off.

The force of the grab spun me around and my waistband was snagged before I could fall. I found myself being dragged and hurtled, nude from the waist up, through the air. I landed hard. Two cycles came up, one on each side, caught the cuffs of my pants, and I was dragged bouncing across the ground as the rest of my clothes were torn off.

The gang wheeled into a circle around me, trapping me. The boys climbed off and a fist grazed my jaw. Someone drove a boot into my ribs and it was quickly beaten into submission. The leader and his right-hand man grabbed me, unzipped their pants and forced me to stand between them.

My life was changed. I was about to go on a trip to hell and back. A trip that would almost leave me crazy, would make me try to commit suicide, and do anything for a cock before it ended.

The first drooling slab of male meat drove into my fearful little cunt and I cried out in pain. The boy behind me laughed and held me so I was dangling in the air, kept from falling by the cock in my cunt and the brutal grip on my tits from behind.

Hands from either side pried my ass-cheeks apart and other hands held me as the boy behind let loose long enough to force the head of his cock against the virgin pucker of my asshole. I screamed at the top of my lungs as he straightened his leg and drove his hips up. The cock bent almost double before my asshole gave and he ripped past the tight ring.

The searing pain in my ass was so bad I nearly passed out. My pussy had had a big cock before and could take it. My asshole couldn't. I could feel every inch of the dry cock as it sank in. The powerful, knotty veins felt like rugged steel cables wrapped carelessly around a telephone pole as he drove in. The head of his cock had to have been a post-hole digger.

The sensitive, tender tissues of my well-developed tits cried out as the boy's groping hands grabbed them again. I could feel every muscle and tissue bruise as he squeezed and pulled. My nipples looked weird as the tortured pillows under them were assaulted.

The boy in front grabbed my face roughly and jerked my mouth to his. The sandpaper roughness of his unshaven face cruelly rubbed my smooth cheeks raw as his brutal lips crushed mine. His hands grabbed my chin and squeezed my lower jaw down so he could ram his tongue past my trembling lips.

I felt his hips rear back, like he was going to do a dance. Then his big prick slammed home. My little cuntlips yielded and shot inward. The satin lining of my pussy stretched and gave way. He hit my womb like a Mack truck, and a new wave of pain surged through my body as he bruised my cunt-walls.

The others grabbed my dangling legs and began pulling them up and out, making me do a split in midair, and of course, allowing the attacking cocks to further impale me.

My attackers made no effort to establish a rhythm. One time they'd slam their big cocks up at the same time and I'd feel them rubbing together through the wall of flesh separating them. The next time one would be pulling out as the other drove home. Then they'd both be going in but one would be inches ahead of the other.

It was brutal. The boys increased their speed and the helpers jerked on my legs, moving my hips from side to side and forward or back. Every muscle, every organ, every inch of my body screamed and cried for mercy. I prayed that I would faint, but couldn't.

I felt the boy's cock begin to throb and buck in my cunt, becoming wet and slippery as the jism poured from around his shaft and dropped from my pussy in gobs. His cock began to shrink as the last wave shivered through it. He jerked free, pulled his lips away from mine and slapped me across the face so hard I saw clouds of bright, flashing sparks.

The one behind me wasn't done, but the others let go of my legs. The boy released my tits and made me support my own weight. My legs were rubbery and refused to hold me.

"Watch her eyes!" I heard the boy behind me laugh.

My eyes were screwed shut in pain and humiliation. I felt the bay grab my hips and then we were falling backward. At the last minute he kicked my feet out from under me, knocking them into the air as he landed on his ass with a jarring shock. My eyes flew open and bulged from the sockets. They laughed.

It felt like someone had shot a thick arrow clear through me. I was sure he'd ripped through the thin wall of my intestines, that I'd bleed to death, that the gang would leave me to die in that desolate field.

Even though I was in too much pain to know it, the thrill of the jolt and the depth of his penetration caused him to shoot his wad. The blinding agony hadn't left me before he pushed me off him. As his prick pulled free I let out a loud, involuntary fart.

I lay for several minutes holding my tummy in my hands and jerking like a chicken with its head cut off. Then I puked until I thought I'd die.

One of the boy's grabbed my long hair and dragged me to the slow-running creek and threw me m. The cool water felt good and cleared enough of the pain from my fogged mind so that I could wash away some of the jism on my ass and cunt.

My rest didn't last long. I was grabbed again and pulled from the water by my hair and dragged, caveman style, across the sharp grass. The hands let go and I opened my eyes. The boy standing over me was undoing his belt buckle.

The horror of the brutal attack made it impossible to feel anything but the most severe pain while they degraded me. It was different now. A difference that would drive me to the brink of self-destruction and make me use every bizarre means at my disposal to regain what I had lost.

I felt my legs being jerked apart and didn't try to resist. No one could do anything to me now that would be any worse than what I'd already been through.

The weight pressed down against my throbbing titties and his cock slapped wetly against my inner thighs. Then he was driving home and I felt it. Something inside me snapped. I don't know if it was because I just didn't care now or if it was because I was released from the earlier pain -- but he turned me on.

I could feel the crown of his cock rubbing the heavy cushion of my upper cunt-wall and a warmth started to tingle inside me. My mind cried out, begging my tormented body not to enjoy the humiliation, but my body refused to obey.

I became aware of my cuntlips being drawn in like gaskets as they drew my clit down against the slick surface of the cock. A thrill shivered through me as the scalding heat of his meat slid wetly across the top of my clit. My aching pussy had been worn raw and, like a safecrackers fingers, felt everything and enjoyed it. His knotted veins massaged as the rest of his cock created a warm itchy need. His curly hair meshed with mine and tickled the sensitive skin beneath it.

He drove in and out of me at different angles in his own frenzied need to climax. I felt the cockhead poke my womb, then it probed the bottom of my canal against the rear wall.

My cunt turned into a swampy cave as he continued to hammer his cock in and out. The slick walls turned to liquid heat and the juice started to flow. My tender, rounded ass tightened and rose in an effort to accept more of him. His balls bounced against the pale undersides of my ass-cheeks.

"Hey -- she really digs this!" the guy roared at his buddies. "Look -- she's getting her cookies off!"

I felt the shadows fall across us as the others crowded in for a closer look. The humiliation flooded through me again but still my body refused to obey and kept responding.

The grass tickled my asshole as my hips began to roll and bounce in the thrilling need for pleasure. Our hips crashed together, ground in circles, separated, corkscrewed again, massaging all of his cock and my cunt.

Back and forth, in and out, side to side, our sweating bodies hammered in desperation until at last there wasn't a nerve in my body that wasn't shivering with fiery, sexual dynamite. We went faster and faster, harder and harder, until, finally, we came together.

I exploded into a powerful orbit. My cunt began to wink and squeeze his cock in an uneducated effort to milk it. I felt the stiff prick swell and throb as he drove it harder and harder. The balls quivered against my ass and he flooded me with his slick jism.

I hurtled through space as wave after wave of satisfaction pulsed through my veins and the jism frothed around the mouth of my tired aunt.

The boy rolled off and I heard the metallic sound of another zipper sliding open. The new one was tall and thin. I found my lips pressed against one of his small nipples as his long slender cock filled my sloppy cunt.

"Come on, baby -- let's get your cookies off again!" the new one chuckled.

And I did. God help me, I did! Instead of repelling me like it should have I found the acrid smell of his sweaty body thrilling. The boys started chanting, building a drum-like rhythm for the two of us to pace ourselves by.

The boy's cock wasn't as fat and heavy as the one before it. It had more length, though, which made up for it. His very first stroke pulled my clit from beneath its hood and polished the hot little head for an unbelievably long time. There was no slow buildup. My entire cunt began to tingle as my clit vibrated and thrilled to the heated touch. His balls, hanging low in the hot afternoon sun, scraped and bounced on my ass, making the smooth flesh break out with goosebumps.

My tortured body responded again and I whimpered with pain as my bruised nipples swelled and hardened atop the aching mounds. My lips parted and I couldn't help myself. Finding his nipple, I sucked on it. I hadn't known before that a boy's could become stiff like mine.

His body was light after the last one and his bony ribs and wiry muscles, bulging and straining against me in his effort to satisfy himself, furthered my excitement. His cock pistoned in and out of my depths, prodding my womb and skidding across my clit, tugging and caressing it until I thought I'd go insane with heat.

The boy's cock pulled out. I arched my hips to help him come home. He missed my sloppy cunt on purpose, and pressed between the cheeks of my ass. He lowered the angle and drove the cum-covered cock through my stretched asshole into my shit chute.

Before the agonizing fear of further pain could grip me he was in and fucking. To my relief I'd been so badly stretched before that I didn't feel any pain. All of the damage had already been done.

The group of onlookers set up a howl as the boy grabbed my ankles and pushed them to my shoulders. I knew my cunt would be lewdly winking at him but I didn't care. The pressure was still there -- it was still rubbing the desperate need in my belly. My clit wasn't being caressed now and I needed that.

No one was holding my hands because I'd stopped struggling after they'd stripped and beaten me. I reached mindlessly down, pulled the hairy flesh of my pussy and outer cuntlips back so my clit would be exposed. While the boy busily drove his cock in and out of my ass began to rub the tip of my finger across my clit.

The circle of boys tightened and they stared in awe at the pink meat and abused muscle at the mouth of my cunt. I was beyond blushing, even when one of the onlookers pointed out that the hairy lips which I'd pulled back made my cunt look like the open beak of a turtle with an Oriental mustache. Even that couldn't stop me. I was too far gone to care. I dipped my finger into the raw hole, pulled a stream of cum out and used it to further lubricate my clit.

A climax came long before his but the other boys wouldn't allow me to stop playing with myself until he shot his wad. I lay there working myself over as they drooled at my humiliation.

My fingers drew more heat from my numb body and I was hot again before he trembled and pumped what felt like a cupful of jism into my ass.

He pulled his cock out. Another boy unzipped and forced me over so I was kneeling, dog fashion. My pussy gaped and bubbled. I felt the thick cum trickle from both holes and ooze into my curly bush. Before long it had worked past the hair and onto my belly from where it dripped and puddled in the grass.

"Let's try doubles again," one of the guys laughed.

"Sure -- why not," someone chuckled, and one of them unzipped his fly.

My mind had been on my ass and I was stunned when the boy knelt in front of my face and jerked my head up.

"P-Please..." I sputtered, before being cut off by an acrid smelling cock crowding between my teeth.

The other guy forced his prick into my cunt from behind and threw his weight across my back. The cock felt good and his balls rubbed my clit often enough to warm the fire already started by my forced masturbation.

He grabbed my tits. I tried to scream but choked on the stiff slab of cock which had begun to fuck my face. Tears of pain welled in my eyes and flooded my cheeks as the boy cruelly milked my tits.

I'd heard older girl's who'd read a lot of dirty books tell how spankings were supposed to turn someone on, but I hadn't believed pain could really do it -- until now. Something in my system, abused and humiliated beyond endurance, snapped, and the agony turned from raw pain to raw heat. My cunt filled to overflowing with stream after stream of pussy-juice.

The salty flavor and strong, sweet smell of the hot, cock in my mouth combined with the pleasure-pain shooting through my chest and mingled with the sloppy slurping of my cunt to thrill me on toward another orgasm.

I doubt if it could be explained so someone could understand how it feels unless you've experienced it. Unlike getting hammered in my cunt and ass at the same time it didn't matter if they developed a rhythm. When they were in tune it was like a giant spring being wound tighter and tighter from both ends as their cocks roared in and out. When they weren't in rhythm; I was being filled and kept high with a constant flow of sexual tension from one end or the other.

It would have been pleasant under other circumstances to give the cock in my mouth a good blow job, even though I was relatively inexperienced. He was too busy fucking my face to worry about what I could have done with my tongue.

The head of his cock kept punching at the little flap of flesh at the top of my throat. Later, as he neared his climax, he rammed past it and entered my windpipe. The few light hairs at the base of his shaft brushed my lips and caught in my teeth. His short hair tickled my nose and his balls slapped my chin as he ground away.

At that point I was fully aroused and in no hurry to have them stop. My heart thundered with passion and I could feel my bloodstream carrying the need through my body. The boy on top seemed to weigh a tan but his hairy chest and belly relieved the grass itch on my sweaty back. His cock pulsed in my loose cunt and his pubic hair wiped the cum off my dirtied ass-cheeks.

As he reached toward his peak he raised off my back, letting go of my knockers. He grabbed my hip with one hand and drove the middle finger of his other up my ass. The effect was too much and I lost what little control I had left.

My cunt quaked, my nipples swelled, my ass tightened around his finger, and I literally milked him dry on the spot. In my mind I could see the inside of my cunt with the huge cock spurting shot after shot of its slippery cum into me. I could see the individual sperm cells as they wiggled through the streams and puddles of slime toward the mouth of my womb. Then I started choking and snapped out of the trance. My throat and mouth were filled with hot cum and I was choking on it.

I struggled violently so I could get a breath of air. The cock popped out of my mouth and I was rewarded for my efforts by glob after glob of the acrid-smelling stuff hitting me in the face.

Praying my ordeal was over, I tell forward and landed with my face in the dirt, too weak to move. But they weren't through with me. They had only started on my mouth. Realizing my cunt and ass were so stretched that it would be hard to get any pleasure they decided to see how many cocks they could shove in my mouth at one time.

They grabbed me under my arms and I was dragged, cum- and dirt-caked, dripping like I'd taken a shower in it, to one of the choppers. The boys shoved one piece of my shredded blouse in my cunt and another in my ass so I wouldn't leak all over the seat. Then they stretched me out on the narrow pad. My cunt was hard against the tall, metal support at the rear of the seat and my head rested at the front.

One boy straddled my face. It was the one that had first fucked my ass from behind. His balls rested on either side of my nose. It was horrible. I could smell the shit of his dirty asshole and his sweaty hot crotch. I wanted to gag as he pushed his shit-covered cock against my lips. Someone reached up and forced my chin down. The head of his cock struck the pad of my tongue and went down. Before I could push that from my mind there were two more of the boys. They walked up to me from either side, pulled their hard-cocks out and poked them roughly at the corners of my mouth.

The slabs of meat nearly dislocated my jaws and ripped my lips apart, but they got in. I took three cocks in the mouth at the same time and they weren't gentle. The only thing I had in my favor was that they couldn't go deep from the angle they had attacked.

"Lick, bitch!" someone yelled, and I felt a hand grab my pubic hair and raise my entire pelvis off the seat.

I began to lick like crazy and the boy let loose of my cunt. My tongue bounced frantically from lump to lump, cleaning their piss-holes and caressing the soft warm heads so they could drown me in cum.

Every time I'd get used to it they'd manage to crowd closer together and shove in a little deeper. The boy straddling my face would shut off my air supply each time he moved and I'd have to struggle like crazy to get a breath.

I heard someone say I could take two more and nearly died. One mounted my chest and viciously squeezed my tits around his cock. Someone else hauled my legs over the bar and twisted me so I was on my back from the rib cage up and sideways the rest of the way. My legs were pulled apart and the rags yanked out. One of them lifted one of my ankles over his shoulder and filled my ass with his cock.

"Hey, we can still get another one in her!" a voice roared triumphantly.

I cringed as a boot stepped down hard on my dangling foot and a cock slid in my worn cunt. Then I passed out. When I woke up I was lying naked in the middle of the field, reeking of urine and cum. At first I didn't know where I was or really what had happened. Then it started to come back to me. My mind reeled in agony and humiliation. I had started off so happy, so almost innocent. I found it hard to believe it could actually have happened. But it had. My body was proof of that.

I was covered with cuts, scrapes and dark bruises. My arms were stiff and I could move them only with a lot of effort. My face burned, one eye was puffy and nearly swollen shut. My nose ached, my lips burned and my ears were on fire. The slightest movement burned my stomach and made me cry with pain. My legs wouldn't work and I could feel the dirty cum still draining from my various holes.

The inside of my mouth tasted like a dirty cock and the smell of had sex clung to me. I dragged myself to the creek and slid into the water. I sat in the cold, cleansing flow and let the water wash the cum slowly away. My body regained some of its strength and one fact kept burning through my mind.

I had enjoyed it. I had actually gotten my cookies off while those animals had tortured and humiliated me. That made me no better than them. It wasn't a question of being loyal to someone but a question of being a human being. I had enjoyed their brutal, vicious fucking and they knew it. I was a slut! A tramp! A whore! No, I wasn't even that good! I had acted like a bitch in heat! I was no better than a dog!

Why had I liked it? I was supposed to enjoy nice boys, not brutal punks who made it all so dirty. Would I ever be able to enjoy it again? Right then I hurt too bad to care -- but I knew I would later. Sex had been too beautiful in the past. It had been the only thing that truly made me feel wanted, that, gave me complete and utter happiness.

The pain overrode my despair and I started to cry. My stomach burned and I puked, what little I had left, into the running water. No matter what they had done to me they couldn't take the only true happiness I had away from me. I wouldn't let them destroy me! I wouldn't.


I got home somehow but was out of my mind a good deal of the way. The last thing I remembered, before waking a day and a half later, was seeing the back of the house a half-mile in the distance and thinking that I still had to feed the animals.

I must have done it, too, I checked later and found that they'd been fed at least once after I went for a walk. That meant that I did it, in spite of the fact I was out of my mind and in so much pain. I had done what I knew had to be done.

Maybe you can call me stubborn, I don't know. I've just always done what I had to do and gone after whatever I knew I had to have. I didn't realize it then but those two qualities would almost destroy me in the next few weeks.

It wasn't going to be petty this time, like tearing another girl's hair out over a boy friend or changing dirty diapers, in a nursery to raise enough money to see Elton John. My mind was about to snap and deny me the very reason to exist. I was going to go after the one thing in life that meant life was worth living -- orgasms!

It was almost noon when I was awakened by Cuddles, my poodle, affectionately licking my face. My body felt like it had been rolled over by a steam roller, pulverized with a sledgehammer and stretched on a rack. I remembered the boys coming at me on their cycles. I remembered running as they chased me. I remembered having my clothes ripped off, a piece at a time, as they got close enough to grab me. I remembered being knocked down and held while they beat and kicked me. But the only thing I remembered at that time about my rape was the climaxes I'd experienced.

Burning with shame I dragged myself out of bed and found my legs wouldn't hold me. It took almost twenty minutes of painful struggling to get to the bathroom. Cuddles and my aunt's two dogs, a German Sheperd named Strike and a collie named Loredo, followed forlornly behind.

I managed to run a tub of almost blistering-hot water and got in. Each time the water cooled I'd soap my body and drain the tub. Without getting out, I'd run another tubful and soak and soap again. By one in the afternoon I was able to lift myself from the tub, dry off, and limp back to my room.

The day was pretty outside my window. It didn't cheer me, but I knew I'd feel better if I got outside. Picking up the large towel I'd used to dry with I struggled through the house toward the back door. Once outside the secluded house I spread my towel. I hadn't bothered to put clothes on because no one could see and with doss playing there I knew I'd be safe. With my tan I didn't need to worry about using lotion. I stretched out on the soft lawn on my stomach and tried to relax. Before long I fell into a weird, trance-like sleep and must have rolled over.

My mind rehashed the rape. It lingered on the orgasms and condemned me over and over for having them. I was a nice girl! I had pride! The boys had done things to me that no nice girl, no girl with pride, could enjoy. Guilt flooded through me. I sat in judgment of myself. I was guilty! Guilty! Guilty! I had to punish myself -- I had to suffer for not being a nice girl! Just like that, in my sleep, not even really in a dream, I took away my right to have orgasms.

It was like my mother punishing me as a little girl by taking away the one thing in the world I loved the most -- my doll. Only now it was me, taking away the one thing I needed most. The one thing I had to have if life was going to have any meaning or joy for me. I was going to have to hunt for it desperately -- having to get it back to survive.

A strange sensation came through my dreams as I lay there bathed in sweat and whimpering. My tits began to feel wet and tingly. The warmth seemed to tie in to my punishment. Like a warning that while I could be aroused, I couldn't get my cookies off. Shifting restlessly, I raised one knee and my legs fell open.

The light, wet caress on my bruised tits was accompanied by a new, stronger thrill between my legs. I felt it in the strange, never-never land at the edge of my sleep. I enjoyed it, but feared I wouldn't feel the final, grand climax.

The wet massage continued to arouse me and I came around slowly. I realized it wasn't a dream and opened my eyes. If I hadn't been so aroused by it already -- so fearful that my dreamlike sentence were true -- I would have been shocked beyond belief and would have put a stop to it on the spot. In my mind it wasn't the perverted sex I'd been forced to endure, the torture, nor the memory of all those cocks that had fucked me, but the fact I'd gotten my cookies off, not once but several times, that really bothered me. Running my fingers back up, away from the hole, I traced the slick split. First I followed the gulley at each side to its source. Then I spread the slime down the crest of my clit-hood and the delicate, wrinkled cuntlips.

Laying the greased palm of my hand flat between my legs I covered the dark forest of my cunt and applied pressure to increase my heat. My middle finger slid easily into my slit and explored the deep hole. I let it thrill along the silky, slick sides and tested the difference between the smooth walls and the tongue-like texture of my cunt's roof.

Curling my finger forward, I rubbed and teased the funny little nook where the cuntlips joined the inside of my barrel. Rubbing my hand flat across my match I massaged and pulled the lips at different angles until the cunt-oil flowed, dripped past my buried finger, and trickled to the cleft of my ass.

Between the bath and short nap in the hot sun a lot of the soreness left me. If it hadn't been for the raw fear that I'd lost my ability to climax I would have been well on the road to recovery. Instead, as the millions of leaves rustled on the elms and the shadows fell lazily across the lawn, I hooked my fingers in my hairy cuntlips and exposed my clit.

My greasy, well-oiled finger popped from the steaming cave and began to spin crazily over the extended clit-button. I spun it in circles, massaged the shank, dragged my fingers up and down and from side to side. It grew so hot I could have lit a cigarette on it. My passions grew and expanded. My belly tightened and knotted from the effort. My nipples swelled and jutted skyward passionately. My breath came through my slack, spit-covered lips in quick bursts and the cunt-juice wet both sides of my ass-cleft, making the giant muscles of my ass rub wetly against each other as they tightened and relaxed.

I'd used things like that before and they'd helped. Why not? I could get a lot deeper penetration with one of them than I could with a Coke bottle. A pencil had been fun when I was six or seven but there was no way something that thin could do anything for me now.

Getting off the bed I went to the dresser and pulled the wax stick from its holder. I didn't think to wet the waxy surface and instead, pushed it against the lips of my cunt.

I stood with my knees slightly bent and my legs spread, watching myself in the mirror. The image, as bruised and scraped-up as it was, still looked lewdly wicked as the brilliant white candle slid in and out of my brown-haired cunt.

The candle was going in butt first and the molded base felt like the crown of a man's cock as it caught my sensitive cunt-wall on the rim. It still wasn't quite slippery enough so I pulled it out and let my tongue slide over the acrid smelling thing. Dropping my hand again I spread my outer cuntlips with my fingers and sent it hotly home. It turned me on slowly, bringing me to a medium level of heat, but refused to do more. I tried twirling it. That didn't work. Carefully, so as not to bruise myself, I held the wick end and moved my hand in broad circles, making it jab and probe at every part of my cunt. It didn't do enough either and only made the longing for the real thing worse.

My aunt had arranged for a clerk to deliver groceries every Friday. Tomorrow was the day and I could hardly wait. The clerk that always brought them was a horny old man that I wouldn't have even considered unless I was desperate. I was desperate! It was easy to decide to seduce him. Mr. Walker was going to be fucked.

I took a long, lingering bath before I went to bed and laid out my frilliest underwear in anticipation of the following day.

The man knocked on the door at exactly ten and almost dropped the bag of groceries when he saw me.

"H-hi..." he managed.

I wouldn't really call him old. I imagine he was around forty. He was in pretty good shape for his age. He had big shoulders and a barrel chest with lots of hair on it. The only bad feature was the big beer-belly which hung over his low-flying jeans.

"Would you like a cup of coffee or something?" I asked with my heart in my mouth as he set the groceries down.

"Sure," he grinned, and plopped into a chair at the table taking his eyes off me.

I covered my mouth coyly with my hand to keep from giggling over the way his eyes bulged and the sweat was beading on his red forehead. My hands shook as I poured us each a cup. The saucers rattled as I carried them to the table and set them down.

There was no question about having him hooked so I didn't play any games. Looking him right in the eyes I grinned and purred, "How would you like to fuck me?"

I thought the poor guy was going to have a heart attack. His mouth fell open and then clamped shut. He stared at me and tried to get some words to come from his trembling lips. It must have taken a half-minute for him to get his composure and nod his head.

Taking him by the hand I led him toward the bedroom where I hoped to receive the magic which would break the evil spell.

The big man was shy until we got in the bedroom and started to strip. His clothes flew off so fast I thought he was a quick-change artist. The last piece of his clothing fell away and he stood staring at my panty-clad body, a handsome, well-developed hard-on protruding from his loins.

"Don't take your panties off yet," he ordered. "Get me a pair of scissors first."

I was a little scared. I didn't like being alone in the house with a man I didn't know -- especially when he had something pointed and sharp in his hands.

"Do as I say! I'm not going to hurt you. I'm going to fix your clothes so they'll really turn me on!"

I went to my desk and, pulling out a pair of shears, handed them to him. He grinned and made me lie on the bed. He spread my legs and caught the double lining of my panty-crotch. I had hoped the dark shadow of my triangle beneath the flimsy material would turn him on, and it must have, because he made no move to cut it. Instead he poked the point through the cloth at the edge of the crotch and cut it away, leaving only the thin elastic of the legbands.

When he finished, the top of my shadowy triangle was still bidden but my hairy cuntlips, and my whole crotch clear down past my asshole, was bare. Taking my bra he cut the ends out of each cup, making a hole about the size of a silver dollar for my nipples and the end of my tits to stick through. He helped me into the bra and fastened the already tight thing.

I have to admit it created a weird effect. My ample jugs pushed as much yielding fruit as possible through the opening. He took my straps and adjusted them so my nipples pointed upward.

"Do you have a pair of boots?"

I nodded.

"Put them on."

I did as I was told, and followed his last instructions with the addition of a half-slip. He took the lacy hem and wadded it up, tucking it under the band so it became a broad silky belt of wrinkled white.

"There!" he grinned with satisfaction as he made me model his creation. "Now kneel in front of me and suck on my big prick." He sat down on the bed as he gave the command.

I did as I was told instantly. It wasn't going to take any coaxing on his part to bring that beautiful slab of cock-meat to my lips. I lowered my head and gave it a kiss, right on the tiny piss-hole. Forming a tight O with my soft wet lips I pushed against the cockhead. He sighed in satisfaction as the salty meat forced its way into my mouth. The crown passed my teeth and I spent a few seconds delighting in the way he trembled as I round my teeth ever so lightly across the ridge of his cockhead.

His meat slipped deeper into my mouth and I tickled the underside with my tongue. I let half his cock slip inside and then pulled my head back, drawing the thin flesh of his shaft tight as I slid it back out.

Lowering my head again so I filled my mouth with the sweet-smelling, drooling cock, I shook my head from side to side and let his knob strike each cheek again and again. I heard him whistle hotly and knew I'd scored.

"Oh baby!" he moaned as his hands caught my head and began to guide it around to give him the best of my thrilling mouth.

He pushed my face down a little at a time until my forehead was buried in the lower part of his big belly and ray nose was filled with curly pubic hair. He raised his legs and swung them over my shoulders, locking them around my head so he held me a helpless prisoner.

The big prick was three-quarters of the way into my mouth, leaving me with just enough space to breathe through my nose. Then he began to rock back and forth slowly, without hurting or being brutal, pumping his cock in and out of my mouth.

I could feel his body thrilling with each stroke. I worked one hand up and managed to get a hold of his big balls. The delicate nuts rolled slickly inside his sac under my fingers. I tugged on the wrinkled skin and listened to him sigh as I did.

"Rub below the balls!" he gasped in ecstasy. "Right behind them!"

I did as he said and felt him tremble all over as my fingers found the heavy cable that led from his balls to his asshole.

"Oh-oooh-ooooh! Motherfucker -- that's it! Suck, cunt! Suck!" he screamed as he twisted his hands in my hair, jerking my head back and forth over his cock.

The big slab expanded and his hot veins rubbed the insides of my cheeks until I swore I could feel the blood pounding through its growing length.

The beautiful big cock surged in and out, growing and swelling with each stroke. I could feel the balls shivering and his thighs turned to huge hunks of steel.

With one final jerk he drove my head all the way down. His cock was deep in my throat and began to pump stream after stream of slick jism into my throat. I felt the yeasty stuff back up and ooze past the shuddering crown of his cock. The silvery stream mixed with my spit, coating my tongue, painting my teeth and clinging in wet streamers from the roof of my mouth.

As the first powerful spasms subsided he began to move my head back and forth over his cock, filling the rest of my mouth with his hot cum. I swallowed again and again trying to get it all down. He was shooting too fast and some of it leaked past my lips and trickled from the corner of my mouth.

He released his bruiting grip on my head and lowered his thighs as his cock began to shrink. I kept sucking and blowing in an effort to get every drop before I let it fall from my mouth.

In my attempt to please him I ignored the taste of the jism and the fact I'd been forced to drink so much just a few days earlier. I was so preoccupied it didn't bother me. In fact it tasted good toward the end and I didn't let go of his cock until I'd lapped the last drop from its hole. Then I wiped the corners of my mouth with my fingers and liked them clean.

It took the man much longer to reach his peak this time because I'd drained him earlier, but I rose with him and started to feel myself lift off as he exploded in my ass -- then I lost it.


My mind was being torn apart. In fact if the man hadn't lingered on for some time afterwards and talked to me I'm sure I would have slit my wrists. But old Mr. Walker wasn't stupid. He knew I had a problem and could sense that our romp hadn't helped me.

He was so concerned that he followed me into the bathroom and we talked while I squatted on the toilet and let the cum and a stream of piss shoot from between my legs.

By the time I was done and had dabbed the last drop of piss from my cuntlips he had the whole story, and a possible solution. He had friends in the next town who met every Friday night and had a plain old-fashioned orgy. He convinced me that it was sure to help. I agreed, and that Friday he picked the two of us up at seven. The house we drove to was thirty miles away and closer to the suburbs of a nearby big city. It could have been called a mansion. The place had a swimming pool, sauna, wet bar, built in barbecue, water beds, film room and a special room set up for orgies.

We were ushered in amidst whispers as to how nice it was to have me there. Mr. Walker introduced me around and explained my problem to everyone. There were eight other couples and were they ever a mixture. I was so nervous about the whole thing, and there were so ninny different people, that I didn't even try to remember names. I remember there was a giant black man, who used to be a linebacker for one of the pro football teams, and his very pretty, petite wife. There was a young Japanese couple, an older Mexican couple, a couple who had acted in porno flicks, and others.

It was decided that I was to start their party off since I was nervous and it was a good way to break the ice. One of the women gave me a good stiff shot of whiskey, which I'd never had before. I wheezed and choked as the fiery stuff burned its way to my stomach. Wiping the tears out of my eyes I blushed furiously at the people and started to undo my blouse.

I'd never stripped in public but the warm sensation in my tummy made it easier. What I didn't realize was that while I was trying to get out of my clothes in front of all those staring, hot people.

He and the woman who'd acted in porno films were stroking his balls and cock, teasing him. When I reached behind me to undo the catches on my bra I could hear his yelping and the harsh, strained breathing as he choked himself by straining against the choke chain.

The cups of my bra fell away and I handed it to a woman who set it with the rest of my clothing. I hooked my fingers into the band of my panties and eased the airy, light fabric off my hips.

I caught the mass intake of breath and the electrical tension of the audience as I stood up and exposed my body, and it made me feel a little better.

"Lay down," my hostess instructed.

I did and the stage began to turn slowly. One of the men reached up and adjusted my legs so my pink little cuntlips and the dark crack of my ass could be seen better.

Mr. Walker nodded to the hostess. She reached behind the small bar and brought out a can of whipped topping. Stopping the platform for a second she stepped up beside me, inserted the tip of the nozzle in my cunt, bent the end and shot my passage full of the cold creamy foam. Pulling it out she sprayed a line over my cuntlips. Separating the cheeks of my ass with her fingers, she filled the gully with the sticky stuff and completed her decorations with swirls on each tit.

There were huge cocks, small cocks, medium-sized cocks and cocks of all different colors. There were small tits, round tits, big tits, pointed tits and tits of all colors. There were hairy pussies and hairless pussies. They were all coming at me.

My mouth was pushed against something hairy and wet. I realized with a start it was a cunt. A hand grabbed my tit. It was strong and rough. Another grabbed the other tit. It was soft and had sharp nails. I let my tongue flick out and taste the warm musty texture of the bloated cuntlips pushed between my lips. A strong male cock was sliding into my asshole, already slick and dripping. My hand was pulled from my cunt and wrapped around a cock as someone else filled that hole with another cock.

A light, strong hand grabbed my one free one and pressed it to a soft, lush boob. Bodies surrounded me, covering me with sweat from their efforts to pump me or those lying on either side. The tension boiled. I heard the squishing of pistoning cocks and snapping pussies. The spray of jism and dribbling cunt-juice made me slippery.

The woman with her thighs wrapped around my head began to buck. I pushed my little tongue inside her drooling cunt and felt her muscles trying to milk it. Hands pushed against my head, driving my tongue deeper. I opened my mouth and took her meaty, hair-covered outer cuntlips past my teeth so I could drive my tongue deeper.

My ears were filled with grunts and groans, pants and sighs, growls and whimpers. My tongue reached into the throbbing cave and drew circles around the woman's cunt-walls. Her thighs crashed together, bucking and grinding as she exploded. Then she was puffing away and a cock was shoved between my lips.

The mindless heat didn't ebb. It kept building and building inside me. The cock in my ass was making my insides itch with a terrible need. The two cocks were pretty well in tune and sent shiver after shiver of pleasure shooting through me.

The one in my ass began straining and throbbing and I heard him pull out with a gushing plop as a river of wet stuff dripped across the cheek of my ass. No sooner had he rolled away than someone else had pushed hotly against my back. The new cock didn't try to enter my ass. He pushed hard against the cock still in my cunt. I felt my little twat stretching inward even further. The man in front pulled out, lined his scalding tool up with the other, and together they drove home.

The cock in my hand filled my palm and coated my wrist with jism and was replaced by a wet, demanding pussy. I shoved my cum-coated digits into the new cunt without thinking and thrilled to the hot little clit rubbing against them as I drew back and forth.

The two cocks inside, working from different angles, were rubbing together, pinching and pulling my cuntlips between them and stretching me wider and wider.

They bit my womb, they ironed out the wrinkles at the far end of the cave, they drank all my lubricant and filled me with their own clear fluid.

I felt that I was tied helplessly to a high-voltage wire and was taking every ounce of current that they shot in without any hope of release. Then, just as my mind was about to snap, the agony and tension vanished.

Just the fact that I was released from its hold was enough. I didn't mind not having a climax this time. It had been horrible to find myself locked into an ever-increasing need without any hope for release.

There was no letup in the stack and no hope for escape. The strong acrid smell of a man's crotch assailed me as the big cock worked back and forth in my mouth. It tasted salty, warm and good. I swirled my tongue around its shivering staff awkwardly and felt his hair against my nose. My head was resting on the cheek of someone's ass. I felt a stream of cum run across my tit and immediately, a woman's soft hand began to massage it into the skin. Every square inch of my body was pressed against someone else.

The hand on my other jug was replaced by soft sweet lips and a woman's long hair brushed and tickled my belly. The two straining cocks pounding away at my insides began to try to puncture my womb. Then they exploded as one completely filled my cunt with frothy, foaming jism.

I heard them come out with a loud, squishing sound. A cock filled my ass as the men fell away from me and a smooth soft face with slender tongue and soft lips began to suck the draining cum from my cunt.

The cock in my mouth drove harshly into my throat and, bucking like an untamed home, it spat and shot its jism down my throat. I choked and wheezed, but to no avail. The cock jumped and trembled. The jism backed up and flowed around my teeth. He pulled out and I swallowed desperately, trying to get all of the white stuff down so I could breathe.

The last of the cum passed my windpipe and I inhaled. Only now I was breathing through the curly filter of a perfumed cunt. My nose became lodged between her slick flaps and was bathed in her love-juice and the acrid-smelling trickle of a man's cum as I flicked my tongue against her already flicked asshole.

The release I'd found earlier left and I started up the hot mountain again. The thought terrified me. What if I wasn't able to stop this time? What if they had to haul me away to a nut house with my hand buried in my twat, seeking a release that wouldn't come?

I struggled to get out of the wiggling, squirming, bucking ton of hot passion where I was buried, but I was pinned hopelessly. The tip of my tongue penetrated the dark shit tube of the woman and cleaned the clinging cum and shit from its walls. The mouth at my cunt nibbled and pulled on my cuntlips, and tickled the top of my clit, driving me frantically up to the high-power wires again. I just didn't know if I could stand it.

Time seemed to vanish and I floated, surrounded by bodies, satisfying themselves, while I could only hope and pray. I had originally came to this party in hopes of finding an orgasm, but it was just too much sex, too much heated tension all at once. Now all I could hope to do was keep from going crazy. I opened my eyes and saw a wild-eyed man standing over un-hammering his cock. I managed to get my eyes closed again just in time as his swelling cock spilled its load of jism over my face.

I was burning but I hadn't lost control yet. Somehow I managed to wiggle out from under and stagger out of reach. The need in my tormented loins was so great that I had trouble walking.

"Please..." I sobbed. "I don't want to be turned on any more tonight."

"Don't worry, baby doll," she giggled nervously with her slight Southern drawl. "We're going to play a game designed to please me!"

She was a stunningly beautiful woman. Her complexion was a flawless cocoa with shimmering black hair and perfectly formed black nipples. I had a hard time keeping my eyes off the black tips. They were about the size of quarters, rising from her fully ripe tits like the rubber suction cups found on the ends of toy mows. They seemed to be licorice candy and I was tempted to taste them.

"You honkies all think you're so good 'cause you got white skin. You all push us around 'cause there's more of you. Well, baby doll, there's only two of us in here and I'm gonna be the master this time!"

I could smell the whiskey on her breath and guessed that she'd had more than enough to drink.

"P-Please..." I whimpered.

She didn't say another word but grabbed my hair before I could jump out of the way and brought me sobbing for mercy to my knees.

She forced me over on my face and knelt with one knee on the back of my neck. Reaching to the nearby dresser she hauled out a special set of chains. I felt the cold metal bite my wrists as she twisted them together and locked each of them to the opposite forearm.

The woman fastened a chain cuff that dangled from special pulleys to each ankle and pulled them up and out until everything but my face was in the air. My ass-cheeks locked together from the strain, even though my legs were spread, and my back felt like it was going to break.

She fastened a padded pair of rings under my tits so my weight rested painfully on the iron bra and my tits hung, like cow udders, fully extended. She pulled me into the air and I was completely helpless.

The man stepped up to my side and I swear his hard-on had to have been a foot long. It jutted straight out, pulsing and drooling as he watched his wife.

"Lower her head!" the woman ordered her husband.

He did. Her cum-covered pussylips were exposed and my head fell between her thighs. She spread herself and ordered me to clean her.

I was so busy trying to breathe and keep from puking in the woman's slime-coated crotch that I didn't know the man had stepped between my numb legs until he pushed his dark telephone pole against my cuntlips and drove home. I bounced unmercifully into the woman's lower belly again and again. Shock after shock of pain flashed and tingled through my legs and face. My nose struck her pubic bone and blood began to drip from it as she wrapped her thighs around my head and held me there. She soared past her peak and shoved me brutally aside, letting my face bounce onto the floor.

The man raised me back up so I was suspended on the chains in a bowed but level position. Then he began to swing me back and forth and I was taking his twelve inches of cock inside me with every arc.

"Mind if I join you?" our host said, entering the room and laughing at my blood and cum-coated face.

"Not at all," the big man laughed.

The black man stopped swinging me long enough for the older Mexican fellow to fit a vicious harness over my head and adjust it so my jaws were forced apart and I couldn't close my mouth. Then he stood at my head with his hard-on between my lips.

Each time I swung forward I took the stiff cock in my mouth to the hilt. Each time I swung back I took the twelve inches in my cunt.

It seemed like an eternity and I was sure the two giant cocks would meet in the center of my body.

Finally the Mexican exploded in my mouth. I swallowed and choked, almost gagging. The jism shot clear to my stomach on the in stroke and trailed out on the out stroke, dripping from my helpless lips, trailing down my tethered chin and dripping to the floor.

The man pulled his cock out and began to smash me back and forth onto the huge prick in my cunt. I felt it start to buck and shoot, then I passed out.

Everything was peaceful and lovely while I was unconscious. I was visiting my brother Keith and his wife Lynn during Christmas vacation. The three of us were on my brother's king-sized bed, playing Monopoly. The two of us gals were getting the hell beat out of us. All I had left was the four railroads and two hundred dollars I'd gotten for passing go. Lynn was broke and had mortgaged all of her properties [missing text].

I landed on one of Keith's places but he had a hotel on it and I ended up giving him my two hundred plus mortgaging one of the railroads. Lynn was next. She landed on one of his and begged for mercy. Keith laughed and said he'd take her blouse for payment. She giggled, pouted for a second, then poured us another glass of wine, and handed him the piece of clothing.

The game got really wild then. We were both a little tipsy, which was probably why we were losing so bad. Keith was sober and kept winning. When I was broke, Lynn talked me into selling my clothing along with hers and before long we were both naked.

Keith decided, after we'd both lost everything, that it wasn't fair for us to be naked while he was still dressed. He took off his things and joined us on the bed. In my dream, just as it had really happened, I felt so small every time I looked at Lynn's giant boobs. I also couldn't keep from staring at the big piece of meat that lay, half-stiff and bouncing between my brother's legs.

He loaned each of us two thousand Monopoly dollars which we promptly lost. Then he shut down the game, declared himself winner and decided to collect the I.O.U.'s.

I was fuzzy from the wine and happy about the good time we'd been having. I was also hot and curious after taking my clothes off and looking at my naked brother for a half-hour. I couldn't help but wonder what it would feel like to play with the toy between his legs. I found out in a hurry.

Neither one of them asked if I was a virgin and I wasn't about to admit my innocence. Keith fell across me, knocking me back and covering my hot lips with his. It was the first time I'd French-kissed and the strange, vinegary taste of his saliva, on top of the wine, made my innocent cunt really wet and sloppy.

I thrilled to the feel of his big, meaty tongue and the desperate way it explored. Not to be outdone, I pushed mine past our lips and began flicking about, running it over his teeth and the roof of his mouth. Without really knowing how it happened I found myself dueling with my brother's tongue.

Lynn took my hand and guided it to her husband's solid cock. His touch was new and wonderful. It was totally different from anything I had imagined. The pads of my soft fingertips thrilled to the silky smoothness and rugged veins. I could feel it pulsing and thrilled as it trembled and bounced hotly in my hand. The skin on the outside of the shaft had the ability to slide up and down the iron core under it and I thrilled to the firm softness of the crown. Even though I'd never had one of those big things inside me I knew how delightful it would feel. I toyed with the end of it and thought of how nice it would be to have the rim catch and massage my insides as it was stroked in and out of my cunt.

Keith's strong hands cupped my titties and rubbed the nipples which were already stiff and hard. I felt thrill after thrill of heat shoot through my chest and the balloons filled to the bursting point with desire.

Lynn's delicate hand slid up my thighs, sending tight waves of tense pleasure shooting into the bottom of my stomach. My hand snaked out and did the same to her. I purred as I felt her tremble. Her fingers found the slick entrance of my inexperienced snatch and began to draw the sex-oil from between the tight little cuntlips.

I pushed her legs apart and followed her example. Her cunt was wet and swampy too. I had jacked off enough to know how cunt-juice felt, but somehow it was different coming from someone else. I didn't wait for her to lead the way but found the top of her slit and pushed under the hood for her sex-button.

She gasped as I stroked the wet little head and it made me feel like a real pro. Her fingers didn't follow mine. They pinched my cuntlips together and tugged lightly, making them throb and fill with blood until they were soft and ripe. Then she began to rub them back and forth, making them burn with need.

Her expert play also rubbed and tugged at my clit and cunt in a way I'd never experienced and the itch of need built to its boiling point.

Keith's lips left mine and found my rock-hard little tittie-tips. He sucked one at a time between his lips, pinching them lightly between his teeth.

He rolled and tugged them as his fingers gently, finding the delights deep inside.

Lynn's mouth found mine and I tasted her tongue as my brother's cock began to drip its thicker love-syrup. I wet the tip of my thumb in the sticky stuff and began to slide it around in circles on his cockhead.

The man's hairy legs turned to steel and I sighed happily. Who would have believed I could have so much fun with the boy I'd grown up with, fought with all the time, envied and known so well?

I felt him twist so his hips were rubbing my cheek. His hand pulled Lynn's away and I gasped. His tongue, the same one that had been in my mouth only minutes before, flicked out and slid down the crest of my drooling cunt.

Lynn broke our kiss. She turned my head with her hands so I was facing his crotch. The strong manly smell made my temperature rise even higher. My brother's wife held her husband's straining cock and guided my head until the slippery cushion wet my lips.

"Use your tongue," she whispered.

Shyly, hesitantly, I let my licker ease forward until it touched the smooth hot skin. It retreated to the depths of my mouth and then came forward for another try.

As my tongue became bolder I let it snake out and run up and down the sides of the hot cock. Keith needed more and Lynn guided the meat between my lips and into the depths of my hot mouth.

I felt the cockhead push past my teeth and back my tongue up. I wiggled the very tip so I could tickle the tight skin where his foreskin had been cut away. The heated stick was soothing and made me feel as content as I used to be when I sucked my thumb.


The experienced tongue between my legs was making me boil and seethe like I never had before. His lips caught and drank the juice that flowed from my cunt as quickly as it gushed out. My womb was on fire, my belly was so tight you could have bounced baseballs off it without hurting. My legs felt weak and trembly.

My finger slid low in Lynn's gully and shot into her cunt by accident. I felt her tremble and caught a happy sigh. Thinking it was what she wanted I decided to leave it there and let it soak for a while. The woman had other ideas. Taking my wrist, she began to move my hand back and forth so it trailed in and out of the sucking cavity.

I opened my mouth wider to allow more of his cock in and felt it pulse as he thrust forward. My tongue was mashed to the floor of my mouth, my jaws were open wide, and I could feel the hot veins as they pressed against my palate. Moving my head a little I let the cock push my cheek out and paint the walls with its slick grease.

My brother shivered blissfully when I shook my head and I did it again and again. My free hand slid up inside his thighs and began to explore and become friendly with his balls. I was fascinated by the way the little marbles slipped from my curious fingers and squirted away. Being very careful, I trapped them and got to know both of them before turning my attention to his hairy ass.

Keith had taken all he could stand without blowing his wad. He pushed his throbbing cock into the back of my mouth once before pulling it out and turning so he could mount me.

Lynn grinned and guided him home. It was my very first time. I was too drunk to be frightened. I was hot and ready but it did hurt when he entered.

I felt my tiny cuntlips pull downward as the tight gasket at the front of the sloppy cave stretched to its absolute limits.

Keith didn't know I was a virgin and didn't go slow. It was probably just as well because the pain seared through me and vanished, turning to thrills of shooting pleasure.

I felt him stretch the tight virgin muscles of my cunt inch by inch as he sighed, gasped and complimented me on how tight it was. Lynn helped us to twist around without Keith losing his place inside my cunt. When we finished I was sitting on his lap with my back to him.

Lynn knelt between our legs and began to drunkenly try and lick both of us as he drove that giant slab of meat back and forth.

I gasped and shrilled as her tongue licked up and down the length of my taut, wide-open split. Keith followed suit as his wife's hot tongue licked along his cock.

Keith's hands found my jugs again, squeezing them lightly and rotating them in circles when he mashed them. I felt my nipples burning hotly into the palms of his hands and thrilled to each movement.

Glancing down, past my boobs, I could see Lynn squeezing and tugging at Keith's balls as she licked our crotches. Her other hand mashed one of her big jugs up and she was rubbing it, keeping the milk-spout at the end rigid.

My hands were free and I lowered them to where I could catch her bouncy red hair. I allowed my fingers to sift through it, caressing her head and helping guide her as she bounced her tongue between my clit and the bottom of Keith's cock-shaft.

Every nerve in my body seemed to be super-alert and I could sense when he was about to come. My own body had been building to an electric state beyond anything I had ever reached by playing with myself.

My chest, tits, shoulders and cheeks began to blush with lust as I squealed and trembled. I could hear Keith's growls and panting breath. His heart pounded against my back. His mighty cock swelled and stretched my cunt even further. The end of it struck the back of my cunt and grew in length as it began to throb and spew its jism into me. I mewed and purred, gasped and whimpered as thrill after thrill shot through me, lingering and joining forces from every part of my body. Then I was sparkling, floating, shooting and falling all at the same time.

My climax was good, but not anywhere near as nice as others later, when my pussy had more experience. Even at that point my dream didn't end. It continued on to follow the rest of the events that night.

Lynn hadn't been helped yet and insisted that we do her before we went to sleep. I lay there watching as my brother pulled her beside him on the bed and began to eat her out.

The smell of our sex hung heavily in the air and his jism ran between my legs and dripped into a tissue Lynn had left at the bedside.

I watched in awe as the woman took the man's shrunken, tired cock in her mouth and began to stretch it by tugging with her lips and cleaning the evidence of our love from its head and sides.

Finally, rested and unable to sit there watching, I joined Lynn. She let the now-stiff cock pop from her drooling mouth and pushed it to me. I slid the acrid-smelling prick between my lips and nodded back and forth for several seconds before passing it back. Then, while she sucked on the head I began to lick the base and his balls.

Lynn's breath was starting to rasp and turned to pants as Keith drove his expert licker in and around her hole. I wiped between my legs and, with my hands free to wander, began to massage her lovely boobs.

The woman let my brother's cock fall from her mouth. Holding it upright with her fingers she began to lap the sides. She made single broad strokes along the entire length. I pressed my head close to hers from the other side and began to do the same. Our tongues met on the sides of the spear and molded themselves lightly around the cock like an ultra-soft, moving cunt.

The taste of her saliva and his oozing syrup mixed with the warmth of our wet tongues. The scalding ruggedness of the trembling cock became a delightfully sensuous experience. Each of us lapped clear to the top and took turns slipping the head into our mouths.

Keith wasn't able to take too much of that before he had to push us away and finish working on Lynn's hot cunt by himself. When he had turned her into a mindless bundle of passion he lay back and made her mount him.

I stared in awe at the sight of the woman, happily harpooned by his spear, bouncing up and down, letting her big tits sway and jiggle like jelly.

She pistoned her hips slowly down, screwing herself onto the big slab of beef. His eyes glazed as she increased her speed and began shoving her hips back and forth at the same time, slapping his cock around inside her cunt.

He reached up and grabbed a handful of each tit and began squeezing. His fingers dug in, nearly vanishing as the excess of her boobs oozed over and around his fingers.

Bringing his hands down slowly he drew her chest and face to his. Their lips crashed together and her boobs scraped and rubbed against his strong chest. I saw how beautiful love and sex could be together, and yearned to find a mate of my own.

I watched as their tongues meshed and slid back and forth. Her hips seemed to lose control and the long cock popped and snapped as it danced in and out cif her bouncing crotch.

I reached between their legs and held his balls as they smashed together. Her hips would rise to their fullest height without losing his cock and then would shoot down with blinding speed. She bounced off him as she shot skyward again.

The cheeks of her ass were spread and I couldn't help giggling silently to myself at the way her little brown asshole winked at me. Unable to control the urge any longer I licked my finger, got it good and wet, waited until just the right moment, and drove it into her ass, clear to the hilt.

Lynn screamed and thrashed around in pure ecstasy, making her cunt-muscles bring Keith's cock to a thrilling explosion. I watched as the two flailed their way through their orgasms.

Keith raked his fingernails up and down his wife's back, drawing blood, and his legs arched, raising them both off the bed. Lynn lost her balance and crashed weakly on top of him with my finger still buried between her ass-cheeks.

I felt something rubbing in her body and gasped when I realized I was actually feeling my brother's cock as it stoked her furnace from the other hole. My knuckles began to get wet and I popped my finger out of her shit chute so I could watch the silvery cum bubble from the base of her tightly stretched cunt.

"Have you ever tasted cum?" Lynn asked as she rolled breathlessly off her man.

I shook my head and she placed my finger at the entrance of her snatch, scooped some of the flowing jism onto the end and guided it to my mouth.

It was slippery and tasted a little like yeast. But what impressed me the most was how it slid along my tongue like an oyster.

My back hurt and felt stiff from being suspended on the weird swing. Other than that I wasn't any worse for wear. I decided to stay on the bed and pretend to still be asleep in case anyone looked in on me. That way I wouldn't have to take part in any more of their weird games.

I rested my back and hips on the warm, undulating mattress and remembered how good my brother's salty cock had tasted, and how the heavy odor of his crotch helped turn me on.

Glancing over at the nightstand I spotted a funny-looking thing I'd seen advertised in the confession magazines. It was a massager. Some of my more daring girl friends had bragged about fucking themselves with them and told wild stories about how wonderful it felt.

Telling myself I only wanted to try and see if it might not take some of the pain away from the far end of my cunt I picked it up and examined it.

When I figured out how to turn the thing on, I licked it and slid it against the opening of my pussy. I flipped the switch and almost pissed the bed. My twat filled with juice, my clit shot from under its hood, my flaps swelled and my ass-cheeks locked together.

It seemed instantly to heat every fiber of my body and make me cry out with need. I pushed it into my cunt and felt it thrill the smooth interior as it stretched it.

I lay back and let the tingling shaft thrill and buff my hole as I rubbed my nipples with my other hand. Pulling the delicious shaft out of my pussy for a second I tried it on my rubbery little nipples and watched as they leaped to attention. I left a trail of cum and cunt-juice as I rubbed it over the rest of my puffy tits. Tracing the center line of my body down, past my belly button, I ran it over my pubic triangle.

There was no sign of anyone coming so I lay and leisurely rubbed one hairy side of my crack and then the other, until it worked me up to the place where I had to sink it in again.

The trembling instrument went home easily, thrilling and exciting in its totally different way. I pushed it in to the place where it dragged against my clit. Then I locked my thighs together and let it run by itself as I stroked and caressed the rest of my body.

I was scalding hot in seconds and replaced my trembling hand on the thing so I could move it back and forth. My mind wandered and filled with images of my brother's big cock slicing wetly in and out of my cunt with Lynn licking my clit.

It was pure, heated pleasure. My mind was in tune with my body and I thought for sure I was going to get my cookies off this time. Then I became aware of the heavy silence. The dogs were quiet and I didn't hear anyone else either. It was scary, and I lost part of the pleasure for a second.

Damning the rest of them, I ran the vibrator back and forth until I regained the heat and started working myself to the peak I'd done so much to attain.

Just then, just as I was tottering on the edge, the door banged open and four men crowded into the room and approached the bed. I had only enough time to jerk the vibrator out and hide it under the pillow before they grabbed me.

The men dragged me into the play room. They threw me down on my back, yanked my legs over my head and sat on my ankles and wrists while I screamed and pleaded for mercy.

"It's for your own good, girl. You need an orgasm. We're going to help you out!"

My knees were still tied, leaving me in an impossibly awkward position to defend myself. By concentrating on the task at hand I was able to keep my mind off my cunt and the ugly piece of meat that was hammering delightedly away at it.

The big cock rammed and butted against my lips, mashing and bruising them as he tried to force his way past my tightly clenched teeth. I could hear the gasps and sighs of the audience as they held each other's privates and licked their lips in anticipation. My gums began to ache and I felt my front teeth start to loosen. Rather than have them knocked out, I gave in and opened my mouth.

I could hear the audience gasping and howling with lust as they watched the strange scene. The big cock filled my mind and demanded all my attention. Every thrill, every shiver that my mouth caused, could be felt. It was like sucking on a living baseball bat. It shivered and grew, it pulsed and lengthened. One second it was in my throat, the next barely between my teeth. I don't know how far down it would have gone if he'd have fed me all of it. It might have killed me.

I got out of the tub and dried off. Thinking I'd feel better if I got dolled up, I dabbed on some of my aunt's good perfume, then used her powder puff and dusted my sore twat. Pulling on a pair of red bikini panties I shrugged into a terrycloth robe and limped back to the kitchen.

"Did you reach a climax?" he asked as I sat down.

"No," I admitted, shaking my head.

"When you get better I have an idea that might work."

"What?" I demanded.

At first he wouldn't tell me. He didn't want to mess around at all with me until I recovered from the events of the evening. But I insisted and he explained that I'd had so much hard, brutal sex that it might help to have what he called gentle, prolonged sex.

I was willing to try anything. I won't pretend that I was in my right mind. I'm sure I wasn't. But the way I looked at it, one more fuck wasn't going to hurt anything and it might just give me the relief I was looking for.

It took me almost an hour of arguing, begging and pleading before he finally gave in. We undressed and went to bed. I was exhausted and almost fell asleep as I lay down. Mr. Walker wanted to wait until the next night but I insisted. He gave in and had me lie on my side facing him. Then I wrapped a leg over his hip, spreading my sore cunt so that he could enter.

His cock was hard and slid into my moist, stretched pussy without any trouble. He pushed it in to the hilt and laid his upper leg between mine. The hot cock felt good as it soaked in my cunt. It was like my pussy had its very own thumb to suck on.

I locked myself tight against him so that even if his hard-on shrank it would stay in. It wasn't going to do anything that would make me come, but I wasn't worried about that at the time. It was acting like a soothing pacifier for my hungry snatch.

I drifted into an exhausted sleep and lay there peacefully as he petted my head. I woke up long after he'd fallen asleep and realized his cock was still inside me. It wasn't hard any more and I was crushing the poor thing.

By thinking about my cunt and pretending that I was trying to keep from shitting I made the ring of muscles just inside my twat tighten. I relaxed and tried it again. It took a little practice and a few minutes before they got strong enough to bring his cock around but I was rewarded for my efforts and his limp prick came alive and expanded.

I moved my hips slowly and kept tightening the muscles until I developed a slow, gentle rhythm. In, out, tighten. In, out, tighten. I knew he was still asleep but the silly smile that spread across his face made it all worth it.

Moving my chest closer to him, I mashed my boobs into the top of his belly. He sighed and wrapped his arm around me in a tender bear hug. I continued to move slowly back and forth and enjoyed the warmth of his cock as it slid in and out, along the length of my split, from clit to hole, starting tiny slivers of warmth tingling deep inside my belly.

It felt good but I had time to realize what was happening. I had time to think and analyze what was going down. I had become a nymphomaniac! I was addicted to sex, and like a dope addict, was really hooked. I was accepting all of the humiliation, pain, and anguish that was thrown at me in order to support my habit. I had turned from being a normal, innocent teenager to a raving sex maniac.

Very calmly I worked up my nerve as I stroked his cock. It took almost a half-hour to heat him to the point where he exploded. I tightened my cunt-muscles several times to make sure I had completely satisfied his monster, then slipped out of his arms.

The cum dripped down my legs as I headed for the bathroom. I didn't care. I was very quiet and careful as I found the room in the dark. I paused at the door and listened. The house was quiet. There was no need to lock the door. The man I'd just helped had slept right through it. That was good. I switched on the light and blinked back the first shattering effect of the brightness.

Padding quietly to the medicine cabinet I found my razor and took the blade out. I had shaved my legs with it that afternoon and some of the dirty soap clung to the shiny edge. I have no idea why I felt it had to be washed but I did. For some reason it mattered very much to me. If I was going to slash my wrists I wanted to do it with a clean blade.

I ran a little water over the edge and wiped it with a towel. The double-edged piece of steel sparkled and glittered in the light. I turned my left wrist up so the veins showed and prepared to drag it across the flesh.

Strong hands snaked out from behind me and grabbed my wrists before I could cut them. Mr. Walker squeezed until the blade dropped onto the counter.

"It's time we had a little talk, young lady!" he growled as he pulled me into the kitchen and slammed me roughly into one of the chairs.

We talked well into the morning and I felt a little more like a human being by the time we were done. I was glad it was Saturday because Mr. Walker didn't have to go to work. I knew he'd have tied me to the bed if he'd been forced to go someplace. At any rate I would have a week to dry out and think it over without worrying about shoving anything inside me. My period had started during chores Saturday afternoon.


The week gave me a lot of time to think. Mr. Walker stayed with me all weekend and then, convinced that I wouldn't try to slit my wrists again, just called on me four or five times a day for the rest of the week. I will say this about the man he was a good talker. He would have made a good shrink. He convinced me that I was perfectly normal and that if I worked on it long enough I'd find my lost orgasms.

But if Mr. Walker was right about my orgasms returning with time I knew I'd have to find someone, somewhere close to it to help me too. The dogs were fun and so was Mr. Walker, but I needed someone to talk with that might understand me. Someone with the same doubts and fears, someone with the same interests. I'd need to start going for walks again. Only this time I was going to take the dogs with me. No one would attack me with them along.

It was too late to even think about a walk that evening and it wouldn't do a whole lot of good, with me still in my period, so I moped around the house, playing with myself. I did the same thing for the next two days, until I stopped spotting.

Alter chores on Saturday I got the three dogs together and started merrily down the road. Just the thought of what I was going to do if I found someone was enough to make the crotch of my panties wet.

I couldn't bear to go toward the field where I'd been attacked, and instead turned in the opposite direction and wandered aimlessly down the dusty, rutted farm road. It was peaceful and lovely, with the aroma of alfalfa, lilac, wild flowers and irrigation ditches in the warm summer afternoon. My thoughts followed the path of any teenager's, and I looked wistfully at each pond I passed wondering what kind of a secret swimming hole it would make.

The house was about a mile behind me when I rose to the top of a small hill and spotted two bikes leaning, abandoned, against a barbed-wire fence. The sharp longing gripped my crotch again and my pulse sped up. Looking down through a small fringe of trees I spotted a pond, hidden behind a lovely blanket of cattails. Climbing the fence I tiptoed into the trees and crept to the edge. There in the middle of the pond was a boy, thin, wiry and blond. Next to him was a girl, the same height and weight as me. She was also blonde, with enough of the same features to tell me they were obviously brother and sister.

Strike, Loredo and Cuddles gave away my hiding place by racing happily into the reeds, yelping at the top of their lungs. The teens had been skinny dipping and, as luck would have it, I was right next to their clothes.

"Mind if I join you?" I giggled, knowing they couldn't get to their clothes but not wanting them to panic and run away.

"Nah -- come on in, the water's nice and cool," the boy answered, his eyes shining bright as he watched me start to disrobe.

I played innocent and took my time getting out of my things, being sure I excited him as much as possible. When I was finally out of all my clothes I stood there for a second, turned around so he could get a side and back view as I set my thing next to theirs, then turned and stretched my arms high above my head so my tits rose and jutted out.

The water was just right. It was chilly, but not cold enough to freeze me. I waded out, to where they stood, and introduced myself.

The boy, John Richards, was really excited, and his sister, Lucy, couldn't keep her eyes off me. I got a big kick out of that because hers had just started and looked more like golf balls with brown paint on the tips than tits.

We giggled, played, swain and splashed. I managed to rub against John several times, but had to be careful I didn't scare him off. Finally, when we were all fired, cooled off and ready to go, I invited Lucy over to spend the night. I really wanted John, but I figured it would be better to go slow and build up to it. If I could seduce Lucy then I'd be able to get John without trouble. If I made Lucy jealous, or if she got mad at me, then I'd never get John.

Lucy was thrilled with the idea. They knew my aunt and where we lived.

After dinner and a lot of girl-talk we settled down to listen to my record collection and dance. It was a lot of fun to try out different movements and steps on each other. She was fascinated with one really wild, hip swinging, shoulder jarring routine I'd cooked up, but couldn't get the hang of it.

That was the opening I had been waiting for. Using the excuse that she'd learn it better if she could watch my body movements, I stripped down to my panties and bra. I showed her the steps and swinging movements again and insisted she undress so I could see if her body was doing it right. She didn't wear a bra yet so I took mine off too.

It wasn't a brilliant way of doing it but she was only eleven and so innocent that I didn't have to be smooth about it. It was easy to turn the conversation from dance to sex after that.

I commented on how lovely her tits were, and she gushed over how she hoped hers grew to be like mine. I reached out and felt them before she could stop me, quickly assuring her that mine had felt just like that. It didn't take much coaxing to get her to feel mine. Before long we were checking out each other's cunts.

Mine was drooling. She'd never seen cunt-juice before, which gave me the excuse I needed. Trailing my fingers lightly between her legs for a few seconds I teased her tight little cuntlips.

It was strange. I'd forgotten how the soft, downy fuzz felt. Mine had turned to curly wire a long time ago and the feel of her fuzz really turned me on. I rubbed every little wrinkle and pink fold on the outside of her cunt until a trickle of syrup oozed out of the tight hole and ran onto the pale-white tenderness of her velvety ass-cheeks.

After dinner and a lot of girl-talk we settled down to listen to my record collection and dance. It was a lot of fun to try out different movements and steps on each other. She was fascinated with one really wild, hip swinging, shoulder jarring routine I'd cooked up, but couldn't get the hang of it.

That was the opening I had been waiting for. Using the excuse that she'd learn it better if she could watch my body movements, I stripped down to my panties and bra. I showed her the steps and the swinging movements again and insisted she undress so I could see if her body was doing it right. She didn't wear a bra so I took mine off too.

It was easy to turn the conversation from dance to sex after that.

I commented on how nicely her tits were, and she gushed over how she thought mine looked so great. I reached out and felt them before she could stop me, quickly assuring her that mine had felt just like that. It didn't take much coaxing to get her to feel mine. Before long as we were checking out each other's cunts. Mine was drooling. She'd never seen cunt-juice before, which gave me the excuse I needed.

Trailing my fingers lightly between her legs for a few seconds I teased her tight little cuntlips. It was strange. I'd forgotten how the soft hair felt. I rubbed every little wrinkle and pink fold on the outside of her cunt until a trickle of syrup oozed out of the tight hole and ran onto the pale-white tenderness of her velvety ass-cheeks.

"Here," I cooed, "let me show you why you get that way."

She let me spread her slender thighs further without argument. I wet my finger in the clear syrup, prayed my luck would hold, and carefully eased a finger inside. She gasped and began to blush furiously. She was too far gone now to stop me.

My cunt was getting hotter and hotter as I slid my finger in and out of the slick virgin canal. I could see her heart pounding, making her whole chest heave with excitement. The blue veins under the taut skin in her little tits looked like blue lace woven into the fine, almost transparent pinkish white flesh.

I ran the fingers of my free hand over her tiny tummy, below her belly together, so the tips stroked her flesh, I drew my hands back. The tips of my fingers met at the nipples, squeezed them slightly, and started all over again.

"Kiss me..." she moaned.

I bent over and our lips met. Carefully, so as not to turn her off, I slid my tongue out and let it push between her soft lips.

"Oh!" she gasped. Then, "Ooooh... oh! Wow, that hurts good!"

Her mouth shot open as she started to reach her climax and I felt the nipple pout, pushing even higher and hotter against my hand. My tongue explored and tasted every part of her mouth and left so I could raise up and watch her final, twisted, twitches of orgasm. The orgasm I couldn't reach any more.

When she was done I showed her how to clean up and then, before she could start to feel guilty about the whole thing, I had her start diddling me.

She toyed with the lips, both sets, spreading, lifting and stretching them as new faucets were turned on, releasing more of my cunt-juice.

She shyly asked if she could stick a finger inside. "Sure," I panted. Then getting an idea, "Why don't you see how many you can shove in?"

The girl nodded hotly and slid them in, one at a time. The first one scraped and rubbed my cunt-walls. Then she inserted another and I got her to twist them around like the thing in the middle of a washing machine. It felt really good, catching a lot of new spots and itching my burning cunt-barrel where it needed it. Then she slid the third in, adding new and hotter thrills. Then it was four and I was breathing really hard.

"The thumb too!" I gasped.

She pulled her dripping, slick fingers out, lined the thumb up and drove home. I could tell she was getting as addicted to sex as me.

I caught her wrist and slowly, carefully, began to push her hand inside my cunt. The elastic skin around my cunt-mouth stretched almost to the breaking point as I worked it inside. The inside of my cunt could take it without trouble but I had to be careful of the outer shelf and tight skin.

Her hand went in as far as the bottom of her thumb but I couldn't get it any further. If it had been rounded I might have been able to, but I was afraid to risk damaging my hole. Instead, I lay back and bucked against the big intruder and let my womb kiss her fingertips.

My belly burned and my ass throbbed with need. I rose beautifully, throbbing, trembling, gushing cunt-juice, turning out my musty odor in huge supplies, and then lost the entire motherfucking thing!

Lucy sensed it and finally learned my problem. She was sympathetic, but too new at this to offer any real solutions. She was delighted to help me seduce her brother. I could tell by the gleam in her eye that she couldn't wait to have a go at his cock.

We sat up and talked, teased and played far into the night. We dragged ourselves out of bed early, did the chores, had breakfast and waited anxiously for John to arrive.

Lucy spotted his bike from aver a quarter-mile away. Running in from the front room she grabbed the perfume bottle and dabbed behind her ears with it.

Both of us were standing on the back porch giggling nervously when he rode in. We tackled him playfully as he climbed off the bike and bore him to the ground. I wasn't wearing a bra under the thin blouse and I let my soft tits slap against his face as we wrestled.

Lucy was pretty shy. She did manage to rub over the bulge in his pants a couple of times but not long enough to do a whole lot of good. I motioned her to take his legs and threw myself across his chest, rubbing my tits into him and brushing his bulging crotch.

"Let's pants him!" I giggled.

Lucy laughed as the boy's legs flailed out in a half-hearted attempt to keep his pride. Then as he spotted my bare tit exposed and jiggling between the gaping flaps of my now only half-buttoned blouse, he stopped struggling and started staring.

His sister got the pants unbuttoned and pulled down. I heard him gasp in surprise as her hands fastened curiously around his stiff cock. I didn't give him a chance to say anything. Pulling my blouse back, so a tit could pop out, I filled his mouth with the hot, soft flesh. We had him where we wanted him.

"Suck on it," I giggled at Lucy.

She looked a little nervous but stuck his cock in her mouth anyway. I felt John tremble as the first wave of sensations shot through his prick.

Resting as much of my weight on him as I could, I worked my pants off. When I'd finally managed to kick my legs completely free, I pulled my tit out of his mouth and straddled him.

He was disappointed about the tit and not at all sure he liked my cunt rubbing his nose.

"Lick it! I'll tell Lucy to stop sucking your cock -- if you don't!" I laughed hotly.

His tongue flicked out gingerly and swiped my meaty cuntlips. As his tongue got bolder I got his arms out from under me and placed them on my boobs. He was a fast learner and became quite good at getting to all the right places as he writhed from his sister's wet mouth on his cock.

His hips began to grind under me and I put my hand on Lucy's head so she'd be forced to drink his cum. I could hear him growling into my cunt. His hands almost tore my tender tits to shreds as his cock exploded in his little sister's mouth.

Lucy tried to escape the spurting jism at first but, finding herself trapped, drank it like a trooper. John, in the meantime, had started to really work on my pussy. The minute the best part of his orgasm was over he drove his tongue into the back of my cunt, as far as it would go, and tried to clean all the love-oil from its walls.

I felt my ass jam hard against his thin, painted chin. Reaching behind me I spread the cheeks of my ass so it would rub deeper. My little asshole was actually getting a massage from his smooth face. He let up a little on my tits. It felt good!

Lucy turned and laughed at us as she wiped the cum off her lips.

"Get him hard -- nice and hard again!" I gasped. "You do it and let him do me like that," Lucy giggled.

"I've got a better idea. I'll do him while he does me. You can work on my asshole if you want and when I finish I'll do yours while he helps you."

That agreed upon, I twisted around. The hot wetness of his tongue swiped out and struck my clit, which hung like a small worm now, demanding more and more. Lucy, who had removed her shorts and panties, in hopes of her brother eating her. She bent over on all fours and spread my ass-cheeks. I almost pissed myself when I felt her tongue flick lightly, like a butterfly's wings, against the brown pucker. Then she lurched forward, jamming some of her tongue into my ass and squealing in pain.

I pulled the boy's hands off his blushing staff and let my mouth sink onto the nearly ready tool. The crimson head was already pounding nervously, his piss-hole was wide open and dripping his juice.

John's cock was ready. It was so ready that I'd never be able to mount him. If I stopped and tied his hands, he'd go crazy with need. I did what had to be done. Slamming my head all the way down, I speared myself, mashing my nose into his sparse pubic bush, driving his medium-sized cock to the back of my mouth.

The padded head struck the roof as my tongue and lips caressed the rest of it. He squealed so loud [missing text].


It took a few minutes to calm down and keep up appearances. He and Lucy had to get home and take care of some chores but they promised to come back in the afternoon and take up where we left off.

It's strange how fast a person changes when they start messing around with sex. The beautiful poems I'd enjoyed, the stories, the movie magazines, all seemed so useless and boring now. I had a habit and need, both of which demanded so much of my attention. I wished I could go back and start all over again. I hadn't realized how well off I was before all this happened.

Going inside, I lay down on the couch. Rubbing my tits absently I thought of Gary, back home, waiting for me, and couldn't make up my mind if I could continue seeing him. I still liked him but so much had happened so much I couldn't tell him about.

I slid a hand inside my pants while I thought about how useless I was right then and how hopeless my future would be. I had to snap out of it -- I just had to!

Getting up, I wandered around the place, my cunt on fire and my belly aching with need. I wanted to find another way to help, or at least [missing text].

Running back to the barn I found a piece of rope, a saw-horse and an old bullwhip. I dusted the whip off and nailed the handle to the saw-horse, with the fancy knot, rounded into a knob on the end, sticking up securely.

I dragged the saw-horse and the piece of rope out to the swing. Looking it over I found that whoever had put the swing up had made it perfect for my use. A heavy piece of chain had been bolted around the branch with a big swivel on the end. The swing was tied to it by a piece of rope about three foot long. I didn't have any trouble trying another piece around the bottom of the tire and securing it to the swivel.

Tightening the rope until the tire was level, like a toilet seat ready for use, I knotted it tightly. Then I lined the saw-horse and whip handle up under it and went to the house for some Vaseline.

It took about fifteen minutes to get the whip greased and the swing adjusted so I wouldn't take more than seven or eight inches of the handle inside me. When I was ready, I pulled my pants and underwear off and climbed into the tire.

My ass hung with just the roundest, lushest part of the meaty cheeks below the tire. My legs felt cramped. They were forced up, resting against my chin, mashing my braless tits into my chest. Reaching below, I found the handle and guided it along the hair-fringed gully to its mark.

The leather strands felt rugged. The cold, cocklike thing bent with the effort. When I let go, it pushed forcefully against my muscular little opening. The slick cunt-ring relaxed and gave way. The handle shot inside me with one quick blow.

Because of the way I was sitting my womb was within three inches of my cunt-mouth. The big knob hammered against it and forced it back up an inch or two. The weight of my body forced the handle to remain bent, making it push around inside of my cunt at angles.

Shoving myself around, by hitting the tree with my hand, I found I was able to spin on the rough leather shaft. It was unbelievable. I swear I could feel every single strand of braided leather, not only on the knob, but also on the rest of the shaft. It burned, it rubbed, it pressed, it mashed, it pulled, it stroked and it pinched.

At first my hanging cuntlips were only moist. The whip caught and held them, releasing them only when they'd been pulled to their limits and wouldn't go further without being torn from my body. The delicious things that did to my clit were just super. It shot out of its tent and burned into the greasy leather.

The scenery whirled around me, making me dizzy. My knees trembled and pressed into my tits. The nipples stiffened and burned into my blouse. The tire pressed hard against my skin. Its rough, firm edges bit into me, adding just the right amount of pain to the situation.

There were no tiny tingles, no easy warming, no gentle fires to slowly build my need. The minute that big thing slammed against my womb and I started the first spin, I was consumed with fire. Every fiber, every cell, every nerve in my body was full of passion. I didn't feel or think of anything but the hot need for an orgasm that burned through me from tit to cunt.

As the burning, electrical fires built higher and higher, I pushed the swing out so it swayed as well as spun. The whip felt so wonderful, stroking in and out and whipping about inside me.

I laughed drunkenly. Because I was drunk -- drunk on ninety-proof, home-brewed sex. The power in my cunt grew and I was caught in a crushing, vise-grip of heat. Would this be the time? Would this be what it took to give me the promised thrill, the shove over the edge of eternal bliss?

My mind filled with images of girls fingering themselves, of demanding cocks humping, full swaying tits and assholes dripping drops of sparkling cum. But most of all Lucy, getting her cookies off. The twisted, strained pleasure on her face, her glazed eyes and trembling ass, tormented me.

The glorious thrills of my earlier orgasms haunted me. My brother's cock, my sister-in-law's big jugs and cunt, the filthy cocks of the motorcycle gang, grabbed and tore at my mind.

Fantasies filled me. I saw myself as Sleeping Beauty, being awoken by her Prince Charming with a fuck instead of a kiss. I saw myself as a whore, lying on an army cot, with my legs stretched open, waiting for the first of the thousands of men lined up, their cocks hard and naked, waiting to fuck me.

I felt myself boiling and I was being lifted up, higher, higher, higher, higher. I passed the normal height and kept going. I wasn't walking or tiptoeing. There wasn't any struggle. I just shot smoothly up. I was hotter and my need more desperate than it had been at its worse during the orgy, and still I kept climbing.

The ball in my cunt pulled back and forth, making some of my cushions, pads, muscles and organs stretch while others tightened. One second it pounded my womb, the next, the back of my cunt. One minute it was tearing at my cuntlips, the next it was burning my womb again.

My stomach felt like I'd drunk scalding-hot water. My asshole was popping and farting. Piss still dribbled from my little pee-hole I could smell my piss. I could smell my sweat and the musty heat of my crotch. My skin tingled and my chest hurt. My heart pounded and hammered inside my chest. Worse, the demanding itch that the spinning, dancing leather cock made grew worse and worse.

"Please! Oh please! Dear God, don't torture me! Jesus, Mary, Joseph -- Saint Christopher -- anyone -- please! Oh, ooooh! Please don't do this to me!" I screeched.

"All right for you, mother fuckers! Lucifer -- Satan! Please do something! Help meeeee..." I whimpered.

Neither side paid a bit of attention to me. I was on my own. My body had gone haywire and nothing would help me. The heat, the thrills, the need, the pain, the fear, the longing, kept building inside, and then I fainted.

When I came to I was hanging limply in the swing, the whip handle still inside my cunt and the heat gone. I reached down with an effort and gingerly worked the piece of braided leather out of my hole. When I'd managed to get it out I struggled weakly up and out of the tire. I tried to stand and found that my legs wouldn't hold me.

Lowering myself onto the lawn I reached for my shorts and worked them over my legs and hips. Rubbing my cunt gingerly, I pulled myself back up and, bracing myself against the saw-horse for a few minutes, let the circulation return to normal in my legs before attempting to move.

I tried to swear off sex. When John and Lucy showed up that afternoon I made all kinds of excuses. My cunt had been so overheated it seemed to be short-circuited. It was dead. I told the teens I had a really weak stomach that afternoon and would throw up if I played around. I tried to get them to play cards with me but they refused. I knew by the way they looked at each other that I'd really started something. They would end up going to the swimming hole but I doubted that they'd get much swimming done.

"Come on, Sally, let's go for a ride," he pleaded.

My heart told me not to -- but I was so lonely and scared of myself that I gave in without thinking about it and struggled up onto the horse, in front of him.

He kept his hands locked around my tummy for a while. Then, coyly, with a guilty grace that made it seem like an accident, found his way, one hand to my crotch and the other to my tit.

The feel of his hands through the heavy layers of cloth made me shudder and start to tremble. I'd lost my battle and knew it. I felt guilty, betrayed and ashamed of myself, but I was powerless to stop.

His hand fumbled with the button on my blouse and then slipped inside. My heart began to throb as he cupped my confined tit and squeezed. Tears welled in my eyes and sprinkled one at a time down my cheek, only to be dried by the breeze and sun.

Field after field vanished behind us as we rode slowly along. We reached a small grove of trees and he stopped the horse long enough to take my blouse off. We didn't say a word to each other as he unfastened and removed my bra. He helped me back into my blouse and I found my own hands unbuttoning my jeans and pulling the fly down so he could get his hands inside and stroke the light nylon of my panties.

His fingers rubbed the softness of my velvety tits and the leathery little nipples until they rose and poked urgently into his clumsy palm. The fingers from his other hand stroked the puffy mound of hair between my thighs and jiggled against my cuntlips as the home rumbled along.

I could feel the juices starting to bubble and flow inside and knew they'd fill my panties at any second. The trickle dammed up at the entrance of my cunt and then I was aware of its wetness making the crevice at the bottom of my ass wet so my cheeks slid wetly against each other, making me feel like I forgot to wipe myself.

His fingers pushed my panties against the slime and it collected there until it soaked through the double layer of nearly moisture-proof cloth and wet the tip of his stroking fingers.

My stomach was on fire again. My cunt had itching powder in it and my boobs ached with need. He slid his hand up, above my hairy triangle, poked beneath the thin, delicate elastic at the top and slid smoothly beneath the airy fabric, into my silky cunt-fur.

I felt him catch the very top of my little crack with the tip of his finger and tug at it curiously. Then he explored lower, tracing the gentle rise of my clit to the very top, where it poked out from the center of its hairy forest.

He wasn't experienced enough to dwell there. Instead he continued on, rubbing the crest of each cunt-petal until they swelled and pouted. His fingers traced the sides, at the bottom of the gully, circled around, just above the bubbling mouth of my cunt, and came back up the center, over my piss-hole, dragging my pussy-oil with it.

I squirmed and moaned in need as I bounced against his finger. One tit lay cupped in his hand and the other jiggled and bounced freely to the movement of the horse. We entered a small ravine and I made him stop so I could turn around and ride backward.

John gave the horse its head, letting her wander through the gully as it wanted while he examined my large tits and played with them. Getting my hands around his, I worked his fly open and struggled until I got his hard-on out of his pants.

We rode like that for several minutes, his hands inside my blouse and pants while I stroked and caressed the cock, jutting, like a fencepost, from his open fly.

When neither one of us could stand it any more he made the mare stop and we climbed down to undress. Laying our clothes on a big rock, so we would be able to find them again, he got up on the horse's back and made me climb in front of him.

He had me raise up, with my back to him so he could position his cock. I sat down, taking the snake inside me. It felt good! God, but it felt good! It was just the right size, satin smooth, hard, strong and warm. My clit drew down with my cuntlips as I settled on the thing and felt my cunt burn against his meat.

He braced himself and dug his heels into the horse's flank. We flew off at a trot, nude, racing to the end of the gully and back again. It was something else. We bounced up and down, into and away from each other. The cock roared in and shot out. One minute it jabbed me from one side, the next it came at me from the other. He let go of my boobs to keep his balance and I bent forward. Wrapping my arms around the mare I hung on for dear life, letting my tits dangle and scrape against either side of the horse's strong neck.

I felt John grab my hips and guide me for a few seconds as we bounced frantically along. His fingers spread my ass and I felt him rubbing my little asshole with his middle finger. He pushed against it teasingly, then harder, more demandingly. Finally he pushed it inside.

We rode that way for a couple of hundred yards and I could feel the delicious sensations of his cock and finger rubbing the same muscle from two directions. The heat rose in me to the right level and hung there, not increasing or burning out.

My mind was gripped by panic. Would it continue to rise beyond that point? If it did, would I pass out again or just go crazy? Would I be lucky enough to climax? Would I lose it? I fought for a solution. There had to be a way. To make it go over the brink and set me blissfully into heaven was what I needed.

My cunt began to quiver. I centered my thoughts, filling my mind with just one thing -- orgasm! His cock kept thundering in and out. My tits kept rubbing against the coarse hair of the horse's mane and his finger stayed in my ass, but I barely noticed. I let each sensation melt into the other until they became one. My fires leveled off completely and then -- just as he began to babble and spurt inside me -- I felt a slight tingle! It wasn't much. I couldn't even be sure it was what I could call the start of an orgasm. It disappeared too fast. But it was a start! It was something to hope for!

I was happy for the first time since the rape. It seemed there really was a chance to return to normal. I felt like standing on the horse's back and shouting for joy -- like doing cartwheels in the rocks.

We stopped the horse by our clothes, unplugged and climbed down. John watched as I happily squatted over a rock. I pissed and let his cum drain from my hopeful cunt. He even let me hold his cock while he pissed. I giggled happily and drew a smile in the dust by making his dick whip its stream back and forth.

"Let's try again!" I gushed.

"O.K.!" he agreed happily. "Only this time let's do it on the ground and you suck me off."

I agreed and found a spot in the soft grass. Tackling him as he was going down I managed to get my thighs around his head before he knew what was happening. Then I caught his limp cock between my lips, bit gently, and stretched it like a heavy rubber band.

I knew he wasn't too happy about licking his own cum out of my cunt, but I figured if I was going to clean my pussy-juice off his meat then he was just going to have to put up with it. The second his cock started to stiffen I sucked it inside and let it worm slowly out.

The heat and acrid smell of his boyish crotch assailed my nostrils and helped make my cunt-juice flow. I slid a finger between the cheeks of his ass and pushed against his asshole. His balls lay heavily in the palm of my hand as I slid the digit into his tight, dark hole.

He squirmed and moaned as I showed him what it was like to have something inside him. The heavy cord between his ass and balls throbbed as I slid the finger in and out. The smell of shit hit me and I was forced to plunge my finger inside him as far as I could and leave it there to keep from smelling it.

I began to develop a rhythm of up-and-down strokes along his cock as he discovered my clit and worked it over like a fish attacking a worm. We squealed, moaned and babbled as we drove each other to the brink of a new adventure. I gave in first. Anxious to see if I could increase the tiny wave of satisfaction I released his head and pulled up, letting his cock fall from my mouth.

He gave in without a struggle. He was drooling and ready. I climbed on top of him and guided his cock home. Imitating the way I'd seen my sister-in-law do it, I rolled my ass in little circles as I sank down on him.

John gasped and purred as I reached the bottom. Our pubic hair tangled and I started back up. Trying the same thing I had the time before, I concentrated on one thing -- my orgasm. My cunt warmed and boiled. My juices flowed. My cunt tightened and expanded around his shaft without my trying. Everything was going beautifully. My nipples stiffened as he held, weighed and played with my tits. My belly tightened and my skin tingled.

I rose and rose, just like I should. I planed out. I hovered on the brink, like a diver getting ready to do a one-and-a-half off the high board. Then, just as he exploded, I lost it. I fell back into the despair of nothingness.

We lay there for a long time. I felt really let down, but at least I had something from the time before and that was enough to keep me working at it. Things weren't as bleak as they had been.


I checked the mailbox before starting on my chores. Gary, my boy friend, had written a long letter, wondering why I hadn't written him in a while. He said he missed me terribly and couldn't wait for me to come home.

If I'd have received that letter a few days before I might have been swept with guilt -- not now. I sensed that it wasn't impossible to regain my ability to have an orgasm and nothing was going to stop me from trying. I'd been through hell. I had done things I was sure no other person in the world could possibly have done and it seemed that it was going to pay off.

The making out Gary and I did in cars and in my bedroom seemed so tame and ordinary compared with what I found myself doing now. I wasn't even sure I could bed down with him again. What did hurt was that I still cared very deeply. I did want our relationship to stay as it had been.

Changing into a very brief bikini halter and a pair of worn-out short-shorts, without bothering about underwear, I laced a pair of high-top shoes on my feet and headed for the barn. Eggs had to be found, oats given to Mr. Stubborn, the donkey, more straw put in Porky the pig's pen, shit raked up, and the dogs fed.

Walking to the barn I tripped over the long braided end of the bullwhip. Pulling myself up, I took it off the saw-horse, wiped the goo off the handle and coiled it. I certainly didn't want to find myself trying to explain what I had been doing with it nailed there. I put everything away before I started my chores.

Leaving the barn door open I started working on Porky's area first. It felt good to have the heavy rake in my hands and nothing but pig shit on my mind. I was so busy with my work that I didn't hear the pickup truck pull into the yard. I didn't hear its door slam angrily shut. I didn't even know I had company until a rough hand grabbed my shoulder viciously. I'd heard the dogs bark but had ignored them because I thought they were just cussing me out for being chained.

The hand bruised my shoulder as I was spun around.

"Just what is the idea of turning my daughter into a queer?" the angry farmer roared.

"What... what do you mean?" I stuttered shakily.

"Lucy says you and her been making love!"

That was enough for the man. He grabbed me by the hair and dragged me, kicking and screaming to the stall where my aunt milked the cow when she had one. Ramming my head between the wooden braces, used to keep the animal's head locked in place while she was being milked, he forced the pieces of wood against either side of my neck and fastened them.

I was bent into a very uncomfortable stoop. Grabbing a lasso from one of the pegs, he knotted it around one of my wrists and pulled my arm uncomfortably to the top bar, forcing me to stoop even further. Then he brought the rope over to the other side and tied my other arm in place.

"You think it's all right to seduce girls -- to make them sick -- to twist their minds! Well, queer, I'm going to teach you a lesson you'll never forget!" he screamed. "You'll think twice before you lick between another girl's legs!"

He was going to beat me! I remembered the bullwhip, hanging neatly on the wall and prayed, like I'd never prayed before, that he didn't see it. If he used that on me I'd be scarred for life. He didn't see it -- someone up there must have been listening.

He spun on his heel and disappeared from the barn for several minutes. When he returned he was carrying a wicked-looking willow switch. Reaching to my side, he jerked the button on my shorts off and mined the zipper. My shorts shot to my ankles in one jerk and I found myself naked and unprotected, except for the halter, which had loosened with my struggling.

The first blow caught the right cheek of my ass. I squealed in pain and jerked forward. My halter slid forward and let my tits hang, half-exposed under the halter band. He swung again and I jerked in agony. My tits fell completely out of the halter.

Another long red welt rose, this time on my back. Then one appeared on my thigh, then one on my side, then one caught the tender side of my tit. Another swish and the switch shot between my thighs and left an angry welt on my cunt. The more he punished me the harder and faster he swung. It didn't take long to reduce me to a quivering mass of raw welts, from neck to ankles.

My knees were wobbly, the shorts were soaked in the piss that trickled down my legs. I was hoarse from screaming and begging for mercy. He stopped only when his arm got so tired he couldn't do any more damage.

"Filthy queer!" he panted.

This time the pain hadn't done anything for me sexually. He was so mad that he was half-crazed, and I thought he was going to kill me before he got done. I cried out that I wasn't a queer, but he was too mad to listen.

After he stopped switching me there was a long pause. I wanted to turn my head and see what he was doing, but the bars prevented me from twisting around, and my hands were locked above me, so I couldn't look between my legs.

There were no tears left in me when he grabbed me by the hips and drove his heavy, meaty cock into my dry cunt. I choked and moaned. It hurt like hell. My cuntlips stuck to his strong staff and burned painfully as he jerked them inside me with his cock.

His hands found my dangling tits and began to squeeze them. His first stroke lifted me off my feet and held me in the air until he started to withdraw. His second, which still burned and smarted as he drove his dry cock into my equally dry cunt, picked me up and bounced my shoulders into the wooden posts with bruising force.

"You think it's fun to play doctor with my daughter! I'll show you what your cunt was designed for!" the man panted as he drove into me again.

His cock started to pick up oil from someplace and it became less and less painful with each thrust. His fingers bruised my delicate tits and I felt like I was being ripped apart each time he lifted me, but at least he wasn't whipping me any more.

The big cock pushed the top of my cunt up in a wavy motion as he shoved it back and forth. The big head would pull back until it caught against the strong, outer wall of my cunt-mouth, then it would go in again, slamming into my womb, making me cry out in pain as my feet left the ground.

At first he moved slow, then he got hotter and sped up. He jerked and probed my insides like the dog he was. There was no desire on his part to help me. He should have tried to show me how wonderful it was -- if he thought I was a queer. But he didn't care. He was out to punish me for seducing his sex-starved daughter.

I felt him come. He popped his cock out with a squishing splash. Again there was a few seconds of tense quiet when I could only imagine what he planned to do to me next. It wasn't long before I felt the sharp, painful slash of the willow branch again.

When he'd finished this time I was sure there wasn't a square inch of me left without a welt. He still wasn't done with me. Loosening the bars just enough so that he wouldn't break my neck, he turned me over so my arms were twisted and crossed under me. They felt like they would break at any second. My shoulders were forced back, my head, still held between the bars, and my entire body were left straining from the unnatural position. All of my weight rested on my tortured arms. My tits rose and pointed toward the roof, spreading on my chest a little from their weight.

Hooking a finger into my straining cunt, he slapped my left tit hard with the flat of his hand. I felt his rugged hard-on plunge between my legs and whimpered as my feet left the ground. All my weight was held by my arms and the single, broad muscle in the front of my cunt.

"Please -- my God, you'll put me in the hospital!" I screamed.

He hesitated. He'd used up a lot of his mad by then. I could tell he was thinking. He had to realize that he'd be in real trouble if he hurt me worse. I felt his cock withdraw. He untied me and let me fall to the floor when the bars were pulled back. I started to relax when he hit the side of my face with his fist, rolled me onto my back and fell heavily on top of me.

The man smelled of sweat and hard work. His hands were callused and rough. His arms were knotted and felt like bands of steel. I opened my swollen, red eyes and he spat in my face.

I felt his pant legs scraping the inside of my thigh and the zipper cutting into my already swollen and sore cuntlips as he drove inside. My ass smashed into the dirt floor and had nothing to take up any of the shock. It felt like he'd driven that thing clear against my spine.

In and out, back and forth, hurt, hurt, hurt as much as it can. In, hurt, out, wait for the next painful jolt. In-hurt-out-wait. In-hurt-out...

It seemed to go on forever. My body wasn't responding and I thanked God for that. I could take this, as long as my body didn't betray me.

And take it I did! All nine inches of it for nearly fifteen minutes before his eyes glazed and his cock began to throb. I felt him spill his load inside me. I felt his cock get really slick. I heard my pussy begin to suck and then it was over. He got up, wiped his filthy cock with my pony tail, stuffed the dead snake back in his pants and stomped out. Of course there were the usual insults, the orders never to see either of his teens again, etcetera, etcetera.

What a wonderful summer vacation. The gang, the orgy, and now this.

I got to my feet shakily, kicked my shorts the rest of the way off and limped to the house to care for my wounds. After a bath, I took a tube of first-aid cream and went to my aunt's room to stand in front of her mirror and see if I could repair at least part of the damage.

It was unreal. Welt after welt, red in the center and white around the edges, lined my back, criss-crossing back and forth, with some straight up and down. It would be a few days before the pain and marks would go away.

I bent my strained and aching arms back and began rubbing the cream around. I wasn't able to reach my back as my arms were just too sore and weak. When I got all I could, I turned on the record player and lay down on the bed in my room to relax.

Even my tits were sore. I couldn't lie on my back or sit. Finally, I took a pillow and placed it under my chest in such a way that my tits had very little pressure on them.

I was almost asleep when the back door squeaked open.

"Who's there?" I called fearfully, grabbing a long knitting needle to protect myself with.

"Lucy -- Sally, are you all right?"

My mind reeled. If her father found out she was here it would be all over. "Go away!" I screamed in desperation. "Your father will kill me if he catches you over here!"

"Don't worry. He was so mad when he came home that he took all the money in the house and headed for the city. He'll stay on a binge until the money runs out. Boy!" she gasped when she saw my battered back. "Can I do anything?"

I gave her the first-aid cream and she started rubbing it carefully into the welts. She sobbed over and over about how sorry she was. She told me how John had come home and made passes at her. She'd turned him down and he'd called her a queer within hearing of the old man. One thing led to another and he'd slapped her around until she admitted that I had seduced her.

Her little hands were soothing. I lay there letting her rub my shoulders and work the cream into my welts. She maneuvered around as she worked, rubbing her hot crotch against me as much as she could.

At first I didn't realize what was going on. The few times I realized her cunt was pressed against me I thought it was accidental. Then it started to happen with too much effort on her part and too often. I pulled my foot away from her. Seconds later I had to pull my elbow away. Then it was my hand.

Lucy broke into tears. "Please, Sally," she sobbed. "I know it hurt you. I know I got you all beat up. I'm sorry-honest I am, but I'm on fire. I need you so bad I can barely keep from peeing my pants!"

I lay unhappily on the bed, so sore and so tired I couldn't have moved if I had wanted. I watched as the girl's face lined with the urgency of her need. I watched as a blush rose on her cheeks. I watched as her eyes widened and dilated. I watched as they glazed.

"Boy, was that ever wild!" she whispered. "You honestly don't like that any more?"

"It's not that I don't like it -- I love it. I just can't reach a climax. It feels great and gets me all hot, but then it either disappears or keeps building until I pass out."

"Gee, that sounds awful!" she sighed.

It was bad! No one can imagine how bad it was. I felt tears well in my eyes and start to run slowly across my cheeks.

"What you need is the biggest cock in the whole world. I'll bet that would make you come!" she said with some feeling.

"I don't know," I sighed, thinking of her father's and how it hadn't done anything for me.

Lucy stayed with me that night and rubbed me down real good in the morning with salve before going home to do her chores.

I forced myself to do mine too. But I didn't try to put any clothes on. Every time anything touched me it was like hitting a sunburn.

I'd had it. I had to talk to someone, and after a time, decided that it should be my brother. I could tell him everything that had happened to me without him getting mad or telling someone else. He loved me in his own way. He and Lynn would be kind. Who knows, I thought, they might even know how to help me.

I still couldn't sit down so I got my address book out and stood by the telephone as I called.

Keith and Lynn would be down the following weekend; I didn't see Lucy after that. I didn't want another beating. John stayed away too. Mr. Walker dropped by on Tuesday. He said he wanted to see how I was doing, but stared at my covered pussy and full halter so hard I knew he wanted more than just to check on me.

All but the very worst welts had gone away and I was feeling more than well enough to take him on. It was still four days before my brother would be there and I didn't really want to deny myself that long.

"All you came over here for was a little pussy," I teased.

"I've stopped going to that sex club after what they did to you. I feel really bad about it," he sighed.

"Would you like a little?"

Mr. Walker was having a hard time lying still. I slid my free hand between his thighs and lightly teased his hairy crack. I pushed my fingers between the two powerful muscles and spread them. Finding his asshole, hidden at the bottom and fringed with hair, I pressed my finger to it.

The man jerked and trembled, gasping and sighing to my probing caresses. Freeing my other hand I slid it up and teased his nipples, making the stimulation more complete. I slid my finger deeper into the man's ass, feeling the warm slickness of his dark pipe as I pushed in.

His hands found my head and his fingers laced through my hair. Starting slowly and building to a faster and faster pace, he guided my head up and down on his cock. The salty thing felt good as it slid along the top of my tongue and lodged for a second in my throat. The slick crown warmed and almost burned the roof of my mouth as it rubbed back and forth across it. I sucked in so hard my cheeks indented on the way down. I blew until my cheeks puffed out on the way back up. I spread my thighs farther and farther, so he could lick, as my ass started to warm and tingle. The muscles in my crotch began to tighten and relax by themselves.

His heavy cock began to tremble and I worked him farther and farther into my throat. He drew my head back and forth and made it go in circles, adding to the pleasure I was already giving him.

"Oh -- it's good! Soooo good!" he moaned as the first spasms shivered through his hard-on.

He must have been saving it up for a long time because I thought he'd never stop shooting his slimy cum into me. His cock pulsed and throbbed, time after time, sending stream after stream of warm jism down my throat and over my tongue and teeth.

I swallowed it over and over again to keep from choking. Md still it came. I ran my fingers up and down the shaft to help milk it dry. I squeezed his bafls gently. I popped my finger out of his asshole and still it kept splashing against the roof of my mouth.

When he'd finally emptied himself, I sucked his cock clean, wiped my lips and chin with my fingers and licked them clean. It was time for Mr. Walker to eat me out.

Mr. Walker grabbed my dangling boobs and massaged them as his tongue trailed up and down my swampy split. Pussy-juice drooled onto his clean-shaven chin.

Mr. Walker's tongue roamed up and down my crack, cleaning each of my slots and grooves. He sucked and licked my clit and nibbled on my cuntlips, sending thrill after thrill through my heated pussy. My thighs trembled and I could hear my cunt popping as it opened and shut, winking at him.

The man's big hands slid lightly over my tits, stroking squeezing, and pinching the throbbing globes until I was beside myself. I felt his fingers close around the hanging mounds and squeeze m. It hurt, but it hurt good. He reached spots in my tits that I hadn't been aware of and they warmed to the boiling point.

Mr. Walker's hands left my boobs, ran lightly over my stomach, around to the outside of my thighs and then over my ass, creating a trail of goosebumps. Seconds later he pulled my big cheeks as far apart as they would go. I felt his tongue circle my asshole and tease the rim. I shivered as wave after wave of excitement shot through me.

The hot, wet tongue pushed against the taut ring and tried to gain entrance. When it didn't manage to go in he hooked a finger on either side of the tight rim and pulled it open enough that the tip of his tongue could caress the very outer edge of the chute. My whole body began to boil with desire. I swallowed hard and purred. His tongue left my ass and went directly to my open cunt.

I shivered with delight as he fucked me with his tongue. My pussy was slobbering and pouring its juice into his open mouth. I moaned and sighed as he worked on me.

Mr. Walker's big cock leaped to life as he watched from his unique vantage point. It was throbbing and ready. My cunt was too. It needed to be stuffed, my asshole didn't.

Mr. Walker's tongue felt wonderful but it was just making my twat itch worse.

I had to come! I had to be helped. They couldn't just walk off and leave me like that and I told Mr. Walker so. He told me that he couldn't get another hard-on right now.

After I got rid of Mr. Walker I went to the barn. At first I did what I was supposed to be doing, cleaning out the animals' stalls. I did Porky's first. The big hog just stared at me and lazily seemed to hope that I'd jack him off or something. But he didn't have anything that would help me so I wasn't going to mess with him.

When I finished his pen I headed for Mr. Stubborn's stall. It was empty because I had the donkey in the pasture for some exercise and grazing. I shoveled the shit out, picked up the curry comb and wandered into the pasture.

The donkey and I had always gotten along pretty well. He was stubborn, just like his name implied, but he wasn't mean.

Finding a small Coke in the refrigerator I opened it, drank it, and washed the bottle real good. Getting the hand cream from the bathroom I rubbed a large amount on the neck and mouth of the bottle before coating the entrance to my cunt.

I placed the bottle on the seat of a kitchen chair and squatted over it. I would have tried putting it in by hand but I knew I'd never be strong enough to push it past the tight muscles.

The little glass mouth slid in without any trouble. Then, as I lowered myself, it got tighter and tighter. I bit my lip and lowered my weight. I could feel the muscles and skin around the opening of my cunt stretching and stretching. I eased down a little harder, sinking on it a little more. My muscles started to hurt. I kept at it as long as I could but found I could only get a little over halfway down the neck.

That wasn't good enough. I had to get so my cunt would stretch around the biggest part of it or I'd never be able to take him. Pulling the bottle out after an unsuccessful third try, I wiped it and myself clean with a kitchen towel and pulled my shorts back on.

It was only three more days until Keith and Lynn arrived. They'd have some ideas; I was sure they would. I had to have my orgasms back. I almost cried every time I thought of it.

For the first time in a couple of weeks I picked up one of the confession magazines and sat down to read it. If I could just get over being a freak who couldn't have a decent sex life I'd really be all right.

It was funny how childish most of the stories in the magazine sounded to me now. They were almost stupid. If they wanted to hear a real tear-jerker they ought to talk to me. Of course I knew the stories weren't really true but I still suspected they were based on some facts. I wondered what someone could write about me. I was sure it would never get past the censors.


It was Thursday, with just two more days before Keith and Lynn would arrive. I had spent the last few days working with the Coke bottle without getting it in far enough to do any good. My thoughts, daydreams and regular dreams were wild.

I had to put the fires out. Taking the garden hose I pushed the end into my teat and turned the knob until it was on hard. The heavy stream hit my womb like a sledgehammer, cleaning, bruising, filling my insides. The smell and taste of cum still clung to me. I pulled the hose out and shot it into my face. The fiery need eased a little but didn't go away. I kicked my ruined panties the rest of the way off. Using every ounce of self-control I had, I walked to tie creek and waded in.

The cold water cooled my legs as I waded to the center of the stream. I sat down so it was up to my neck. Slowly, very slowly, the frustration and the aching need ebbed, leaving me shaken and exhausted.

I was so tired I fell asleep immediately.

In my dream I was with Gary, my boy friend, in his mom's car. He was fondling my boobs again. The delightful, almost lazy way his fingers explored, turned me on. It was like he was doing it to me right then. In my dream I felt his fingers slide between the buttons of my blouse trail along the flesh at the edge of the cups and carefully, almost shyly, force the soft mounds to give enough that he could get his fingers into the cups. I shivered as they worked their way to the airy softness that surrounded my nipples.

It was fun, it was beautiful, it was nice. In my dream I was going to be satisfied. In my dream it wasn't ugly, brutal, and it didn't leave me frantic or feeling dirty and weird. I sighed as his fingers found the shoulder strap and pushed it down so it hung loosely from my arm.

I felt the warm delight as his fingers trailed like fire across my tender flesh, turning the cup inside out and exposing my tit to the night. I felt him bend over and purred as he kissed the satin smoothness and tugged gently on the little brown nipple, making it stiffen in need.

His fingers undid the rest of the buttons on my blouse and bared my little tummy. He explored above the waistband of my miniskirt for a few minutes. Then, when I was powerless to stop him, he slid his fingers up my naked thighs, directing the fiery passions of his touch, like bolts of lightning, into my womanhood. My cunt was burning and drooling long before he ever touched my panties.

At first I kept my legs locked tightly together, forcing him to work on the springy soft V of my pubic forest and lower tummy. When I was deliciously wet between my legs and my cuntlips were on fire with the need for him to touch and excite, I began to relax and let him push my thighs back.

His fingers felt so strong and good. They gripped the soft, relaxed insides of my legs and moved them so he could reach more and more of my cunt. He delighted in pulling and pushing the leg bands of my panties into the crack of my ass so he could make them into a tight G-string. The ritual was always the same. He would fill the crack of my ass with the nylon and elastic, draw the bands over my hips on the sides and guide it back into my split.

I never fired of this. It gave him a chance to work on my hairy cuntlips while the elastic applied a tight, warm pressure on my inner flaps. He worked on me for a long time before dipping his finger under the thin straight line of material and testing the hole to see how wet it was.

By this time, in my dream, I was ready. My cunt was hot and drooling. He made me lift my ass off the seat and pulled my panties off. He teased the cuntlips with his fingers. He rubbed them together, he tugged on them. He dipped his finger inside my waiting hole and bent his head so he could suck my exposed nipple into his mouth.

The fire, the itch, the need, was all lodged deep inside. I thrilled to his fingers. I reached over and rubbed his crotch. In my dream I was inexperienced and properly shy. I wouldn't think of taking it on myself to pull his cock out and play with it.

When he had reduced me to a bundle of trembling need I begged him to do me. He grinned so masterfully as he undid his pants. I stared in awe at his six-inch cock -- it always looked so big to me. Hiking up my skirt and half-slip so he could watch, I rested my back against the front seat and squatted on top of him.

He always had trouble finding my cunt-hole so I would end up holding onto his hot, wet cock and guiding it between the tender, swollen little petals and on inside. There it scrubbed the walls clean. It rubbed the juice into the slick sides, it poked and prodded, building me to a deliciously nice high and cascading me over the brink as he flushed my cunt out with his hot jism.

But now, even in my dream, I didn't go over the lovely, eternal falls. I stopped short and found I was left with a need inside me that still demanded release.

Waking up, I couldn't stand it any longer. If I didn't get this thing solved, then I was through. I had to stop before I went completely out of my mind.

It was only a little over a day now before Keith would arrive. Now that the crisis had simmered down and I'd had a nap of sorts, maybe I could jack off and at least drive the need out of my body.

I was frightened. If that didn't work I would just keep going higher and higher. But I was pretty sure it would. It seemed only new, wild or unusual things kept me from at least losing all feelings. Thinking that I'd given my body enough time to get over it, I lay there on the towel and began to rub my clit. I was going to be careful. If I didn't stop where I thought I should then I'd go back for another swim and cool down that way.

I stroked my boobs like Gary used to. My nipples didn't rise and pout hard but they warmed and tingled. The light stroke of my finger along my slit and across the clit-hill felt nice. I lay there for several minutes, carefully regulating my caresses so I didn't overreact. Slowly the pain and tension turned to pleasure and I sighed.

The hose had washed and dried out my cunt and it was several minutes before it started dribbling its juice again so I could work a couple of fingers inside myself. The need in my body rose and warmed as my fingers pushed and prodded the soft flesh inside my cunt.

I scooted over, under a tree and, spreading my legs, pulled my little cuntlips up so I could watch them and started rubbing them back and forth together. I was a mess. I had to have a shower and get all of the jism and dirt off me. I felt horribly unclean.

Speeding up, I dug for my clit and exposed it. I began to rub furiously. My box began to drool around the buried fingers and wink tightly around the knuckles. My clit became charged with the electricity of sex and I began to tremble.

Then my punishment took over and my orgasm was blocked. But the painful need to keep going disappeared. That was fine. It was what I wanted. I could wait now until Saturday. I had to.

Saturday arrived and with it my brother and his wife. It was a tearful reunion. I was really horny from going without for two days. I was keyed up from looking forward to their coming, and overanxious to tell them my story and find a solution. I had made no plans past their visit. I was convinced they would be able to help me. If they couldn't I was lost and I knew it.

Keith and Lynn took me inside and calmed me down after I burst into tears at the car. It was embarrassing, humiliating and painful, but I poured my heart out to them, telling them everything.

"And you say you have a feeling that either Lynn and me can break the spell you've put yourself under -- as long as you concentrate on an orgasm?" Keith asked, in a way that told me he already had an idea.

"That's right. I don't know why. I guess maybe it's the power I feel and the faith I have in you guys," I answered.

"God, Sis -- I don't know. You've already been hurt so much -- what I have in mind will only make you suffer more. In fact, it will hurt like hell!"

"I don't care!" I cried. "If it will help me get over this, then I'll do anything you say. I'm not afraid of a little more pain."

Keith laid his plan out to us, admitting that it was far out, but I agreed with him all the way. Getting up, the three of us left the kitchen and went to my bedroom. Once we'd climbed out of our clothes and I'd gotten onto the bed, with one of them on either side, they were ready to start.

My brother and his wife were swingers but I knew my story had shocked them. Even now, as we got ready to put Keith's plan into action, I could tell that Lynn was a little green around the edges.

Keith started on my boobs and Lynn on my cunt. It wasn't hard to set me off, either. In fact my cunt was dripping its clear juice before I even got to the bed. When my brother's strong, educated fingers stroked the sides and bottom of my jugs. I shivered and felt the warmth spreading trough my body.

"Wow," he chuckled when he saw my reaction. "I guess you are horny!"

Lynn glanced toward my nipples and shook her head in surprise. The little brown spouts had become so hard that they'd drawn the brown rings that framed them up into tiny ice cream cones. They jutted proudly outward like two tree stumps from the goosebump-covered mounds of my trembling tits.

A blush had already reddened my suntanned chest and I could see my heart pounding, shaking my entire rib cage. He lowered his face and sucked the taut nipples between his lips as his fingers probed and set fires deep inside my soft tits.

Lynn ran her smooth hand over my tummy and it jerked and twitched to her touch. She slid her little finger into my belly button and pushed, shooting sparks clear to my asshole. She slid her hands along my sides, tickling in a way that excited me even more.

My legs were already spread as far as they would go, but she didn't try to touch my cunt. Keith had suggested that they work on every part of my body first, that they build me as high as I could go so that when I got my cookies off it would be a total experience.

Lynn worked on my tummy, hips and sides with her fingers and tongue, drawing small circles and crosses, nipping, licking, sucking, pinching, wetting my skin and then blowing it dry.

The pain of having strangers pawing me, wasn't there this time. These were people who loved me and cared. They were more interested in helping me than in helping themselves. Keith wasn't saying maybe it would work -- he was saying it definitely would! The fears and anxiety were starting to leave me.

Keith's mouth and tongue worked on my tits as his hands caressed, massaged, pinched and teased my neck, shoulders and ribs. Between the two of them I was soon so worked up that I couldn't lie still. My breath was coming in gasps. Moans were coming from deep in my throat, my heart was pounding furiously and cunt-juice was pouring from the hole between my legs.

My brother's lips left my tits and found my mouth. I opened wide to receive his strong tongue and began to duel desperately with it. He would break the kiss every few minutes to shower my face with kisses, or my neck, or my shoulders or tits. Once his tongue even cleaned the sweat from my arm pits, making them tingle.

Lynn started on my legs, stroking and massaging my ankles and calves. Keith found my ears and followed the sculptured curves with his tongue, blowing lightly into them until my head throbbed with the same need as my body.

My sister-in-law worked on my thighs, stroking, running her fingers toward my cunt, but always stopping short. I felt her tongue burn a trail up the insides of my thighs, following her cool fingers toward the aching source of my need. She pinched the soft flesh where my thighs joined my ass. She pinched the satin undersides of my butt. She trailed her finger lightly along the crack of my ass. Her hands slid under me, cupping the big muscles of my butt and rubbing them deeply, making my need go deeper and deeper into my belly and ass.

Before long I had gone past my normal level of need. But it was still pleasant. I had gone so high so many times now, that I was able to accept more than a normal human being. They heated every part of my body but my cunt and my asshole.

Lynn stopped for a few minutes and went out to the kitchen while Keith worked on me alone. When she came back in she had a length of rag that she'd tied knots in, a pencil and the big jar of Vaseline.

Keith left me alone with Lynn and headed for the barn. I was beginning to feel the apex of need now. It was starting to become unbearable. I couldn't hold still; I twisted and thrashed on the bed. My ass tightened and began rolling in fucking motions. My eyes glazed a little and I couldn't focus properly.

Lynn forced my straining thighs apart and brushed my pubic hair with her fingers. I squealed and trembled with hot excitement. She brushed the fur forest from end to end for several minutes. My cunt-juice had flooded over the bottom of my ass, covering both walls of the deep crack as well as my asshole.

The woman's fingers began to scratch the hairy lips of my cunt. I thrilled painfully in my need to the delicious tingling as her fingernails scratched.

The tender flesh beneath the hair began to burn. She pulled the lips apart, stretching them so my cunt-mouth stood out lewdly. Holding them apart, she trailed her fingers around the swollen, slick lips, making them quiver.

She rubbed the very top of my split. She rubbed my pubic bone hard. She caressed, stroked and pinched the gentle rise of my clit-cowl, from where it started to where it peaked. She spread the inside lips and ran her fingernail carefully up the gully. She poked and rubbed my piss-hole. She tugged on the lips, she rubbed them together, she exposed my little clit and caressed it.

I almost passed out. There was no orgasm in sight. She lowered her mouth and started to nibble on the bloated little lips. I screamed and began beating the bed with my fists. I felt lightheaded. My mind was being run through a wringer and mashed out of shape. I was sure it would snap at any second. Then she stopped.

It wasn't to let me cool down. It was to get me ready. I did as I was told and rolled over. She picked up the rag strip and pencil, and spread my ass-cheeks. I felt the rag touch my ass. I felt her push the pencil eraser against my aching asshole. Then I felt the rag being stuffed inside me. The knots itched and burned as more and more of the rag entered my ass.

When she had finished, my ass ached with heat as bad as my cunt. She tossed the pencil to one side and tugged on the rag until the tail dangled loosely but was held securely against the inside wall of my asshole by the first rugged knot.

Making me roll back over, she put the final touches on our preparation. Locking her thighs around my head she rubbed her own wet, drooling cunt against my mouth and nose so I was assailed with her musty odor of sexual need. My tongue flicked out automatically, without thinking about it, and tasted the warm salty wetness of her sweat and cunt-juice.

I don't know how she did it, but while I licked her, she started to cover my cunt with the jelly lubricant. Even though I could tell that she was filled to overflowing with her own need, and about to climax, she forced herself to fill my pussy with the sticky grease. Her fingers rubbed the inside of my cunt as she worked.

Then her fingers left my cunt-hole and concentrated on my clit and outer cuntlips. By the time she was done I had nearly a full jar of Vaseline inside me and spread all over my crotch.

Keith came in before Lynn reached a climax from my sucking, and made us go to the barn. Lynn was gripped with need and barely able to walk. Keith had to carry me. I couldn't have made it on my own.

The couple let go of my feet and I was held there for a second with my ass off the platform. Then the animal pulled out and my ass hit the blanket. But only for a second. He drove in again and I was back in the air, held up by the big cock inside me.

The desperate frustration of the last several weeks left me. The painful uselessness I felt, as I built up above what it took to normally climax, was replaced with a delicious sense of going toward the ultimate of experiences.

There was no question in my mind that I was going to succeed. The confidence I felt added to the delicious sense as my mind triggered the switch, allowing me to leave my self-imposed hell, and start the glorious climb to an orgasm.

I climbed to the orgasm cliff, tiptoed along the edge, tight-rope walked for another couple of his thrusts and then stepped bravely over the edge.

"I'm coming! Oh! Oooh! Ooooh God, but it's wonderful! I'm coming! I don't believe it! Oh-oooh..." I panted.

Lynn jerked the rag out of my ass. I felt every knot as it pulled and burned through my nearly crushed shit chute. I was lifted by the strongest of glorious winds, higher even than I'd been seconds before. It was the Fourth of July. Roman candles, sparklers, sun-bursts, spinners, showers, waves of colored lights danced before my eyes. My ears were filled with music. It was like three symphony orchestras, a couple of rock bands and God himself playing on the drums.

Waves of peace and utter contentment eased me gently down. Waves of excited, urgent thrills threw me back, higher into the heavens, as he jammed back in.

I was babbling. I was mewing. I was growling. I wasn't making any sense -- but then I wasn't trying to. I was totally aware of my body. It seemed I could feel each individual hair on the animal's belly as it scraped against me. I could feel every little cell of his giant cock as it stretched and raced in and out of me.

Not only was I reaching an orgasm but I was reaching the ultimate orgasm. I slowly floated down to where I was with the mortals again, only to find myself building toward another one.

I tottered on the brink again and flew off for another wonderful, rich orgasm as the cock inside me trembled, swelled, stretched my cunt even wider, then spewed its load under pressure. My cunt gurgled, bubbled, squished and splashed with the slick, smelly stuff squirting out the sides and around the cock. It took a couple of minutes to find my voice. Finally, after catching my breath, I called out weakly for Keith and Lynn. The only answer was the sound of gasping and panting.

I managed to lift myself up to where I could see Keith's sweating back, shoulders and pistoning ass. They hadn't been able to wait any longer. I was glad. I was completely satisfied for the moment.

That night, after we'd cleaned up and had supper, my brother and his wife decided to give me a massage. My entire body was stretched and strained.

Their probing fingers kneaded the sore muscles, working on each one until the tension and soreness left. They used a heat lamp I hadn't even known about and a vibrating massager they had brought with them.

Two hours later, their arms and hands aching from the hard work of massaging me, they had only my pussy left. I felt like a million dollars. Lynn got the massager, replaced the batteries, and Keith directed my head to his lap with a comment that he had something that needed a lot of massaging done by a mouth.

I took his hot, salty-tasting cock in my mouth and began to run my tongue around its crimson head. I heard Lynn flip the vibrator on and almost choked on the cock as she touched it to my clit.

Keith rolled over on his side and buried his face in his wife's cunt. Lynn completed the circle by gently easing the heavenly vibrator in and out of my tortured pussy. We lay that way for a long time, relishing the aroma and flavor of each other.

I had never felt so close to anyone. I had never felt so content, or so at peace. Life was going to be all right again. The banana-shaped vibrator throbbed and shook inside me. It not only excited my cunt and made it drool, but also relieved the ache and pain of my stretched muscles. I built up slowly, savoring every delicious second of the wonderful sensation.

Keith's mighty cock was so stiff that it bowed slightly in the center. I could hear Lynn gasping and purring. Her hand trembled every once in a while as Keith's expert tongue found and teased each of the right spots.

The plastic vibrator vanished in my cunt. Lynn rolled me over to where her mouth could find my clit. Her tongue flicked out and slapped it eagerly. Keith found my tits and began playing with them and I shot higher and higher.

Keith began to shiver and his cock was throbbing. He pulled off me. Lynn got up and knelt over my face, filling my mouth with her hairy swamp. Keith pulled my legs up and hooked one of my ankles over each shoulder.

My brother's big cock replaced the vibrator quickly as he took it out and tossed it aside. I barely felt it at first because of my stretched condition and the warm numbness the vibrator had left inside me.

My tongue flicked out and found Lynn's clit as her cunt-juice dribbled and ran down the underside of my tongue and pooled at its base. Then the effects of the vibrator began to wear off and I felt Keith shooting in and out of my cunt. I felt guilty about being so loose. I wondered if he could feel my slick twat and tried to tighten my cunt-muscles.

He didn't seem to mind. I could hear his ragged breathing and knew he was getting ready to fill me with his cum. Pushing my tongue inside Lynn's cunt I could feel it trying to milk me. My own snatch was boiling with need. Lynn grabbed my tits and began to squeeze them as she gripped my head in a bruising hold between her thighs and frantically rolled her hips into my face. Keith lunged in and out as hard as he could and I felt the first splashes of his cum before I rocked into my own orgasm.

When it was over we collapsed into a heap. I could do it. My curse was over -- I was normal again. Not only that but I had managed to give them the best thank-you in the world -- my body.

My problems weren't completely over yet. I had been aroused so often during my search for the cure that it had become a habit. I was almost addicted to sex. But that I could handle. I knew I could.


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