Bondage whore

Immoral men capitalizing on the innocence of others to attain their goals -- a story as old as man. The Bible, history books, law books -- all contain examples.

And when the innocent victim is young, the story is so much the sadder...

The girl in this novel -- Mindy LaFarge -- is the victim of her unscrupulous, profligate father and the evil people whom he forces upon her. At a young age, Mindy finds herself caught in a web of depravity and perversion she never dreamed existed. And after being forced to suffer one humiliation and degradation after another, Mindy's once-loving nature begins gradually to harden, to turn her, ironically, into a creature who would use others as she herself once was used.

Her story is a shocking one, the tale of a young, average American girl forced to grow up overnight, and the kind of adult she eventually becomes. A novel carrying a lesson for us all. An outcry against some of the sinister elements which exist in our society.


Mindy LaFarge looked into her boyfriend's large, luminous grey eyes, wishing she could stay there with Bill. He wasn't exactly handsome, but he was something special. He was her first big love, the boy who had taken her cherry, had given Mindy her first fuck. She vividly remembered that night only one month ago. She'd told her parents they were going to a drive-in. Instead, she and Bill had driven up to the Flag Staff Overlook above Boulder and started out just groping around.

Soon the groping had developed into something more. A tiny shiver raced through Mindy's body as she remembered Bill unhooking her bra and taking a tiny nipple between his thumb and forefinger. He had squeezed, lightly at first, then with increasing pressure as she felt the stabs of joyful sensations lance into her tit. She was proud that her boobs were so well-developed, as was the rest of her body. Mindy knew other girls who were eighteen that didn't have her trim, well-rounded figure. She could easily pass for eighteen, maybe nineteen or even, twenty. And that maturity of figure was what had attracted Bill.

She had been uncertain of herself with the other boys, but Bill had the take-command attitude that impressed everyone. Mindy was so much putty in his hands when he had first gazed into her verdant green eyes and simply asked her, "What time do I pick you up tonight?" No bravado, no big macho stud come-on, simply confidence and a positive manner that had elicited an answer that still startled her. Mindy had looked into his big, grey eyes and, as if she had been hypnotized, said, "Seven o'clock is fine."

That was how it had started. And that night above the gleaming, twinkling lights of Boulder, with the radiant jewel of Denver in the distance, their relationship had continued to the next logical step. With Bill's fingers firmly tweaking her nipple, Mindy could only press herself back into the seat cushions and sigh deeply. Soon, the tiny pink nipple, phosphorescent in the light of the full moon, had burgeoned and grown. Where a small button had lain dormant, a throbbing, pointing red finger soon pounded with delight every time her agitated heart beat.

Too good for mere fingering, Bill had descended and engulfed the pulsing little nubbin of flesh with his mouth. He had sucked lightly at first, then more powerfully when Mindy emitted a tiny moan of sheer pleasure. She felt the wet suction of his mouth on her tit, the strong manipulations of his hands on the firm, taut flesh under the fiery-red areola. His teeth lightly played over the aroused flesh, nipping and teasing the succulent mountain of snowy tit beneath his mouth. She would never forget the instant when his rough, wet tongue began lapping across the sensitized surface that was the pinnacle of her boob.

Mindy thought she was going to come then and there. She felt the flow of her cunt juices wetting her panties in the most shameless manner conceivable. She tried to hide the expanding circle that betrayed her obscene lust for her boyfriend by twisting and turning away, crossing her legs as she did. Bill would have none of it. Mouth still firmly locked at her sloping cone with the perky nipple perched on top, he insinuated his hand between her legs. She resisted, not wanting to go any further, yet knowing that her body was screaming at her for more and more of the glorious, wonderful, totally different sensation.

Bill managed to work his cool fingers along the inside of her creamy thigh, fondling the smooth, firm flesh until Mindy almost lost her mind in the ocean of lust that threatened to inundate her. The twin pillars of her shapely legs had flown apart to let Bill's hand slide ever upward towards her triangle of fleecy cunt hair. Mindy knew she shouldn't allow him such familiarity with her body, yet she couldn't restrain herself.

It felt so good!

When he touched her silk-covered pussy mound, she came. The stab of sheer, unadulterated pleasure coursed through her young, untrained body and blasted at her mind. She rode the kaleidoscopic winds of ecstasy until her body finally released her from the firm, fierce grip of her easily aroused passions and allowed her to drift back to reality. When she was again aware of her surroundings, the girl found Bill had abandoned his post at her boob for tastier territory. He had hunkered down in the seat and was avidly tonguing her flowing pink slit. Mindy did not even remember him removing her dripping wet panties, but it no longer mattered. She was lost in the paradise of the emotions assaulting her young body.

His tongue, which had seemed so rough when it was slowly drawn across her nipple, now felt like silk. Liquid fire flared into Mindy's cunt, and she began writhing about, trying to imprison Bill's head between her thighs. First she didn't want him near her soggy cunt; now she refused to let him leave!

Mindy's boyfriend tossed his head and casually mentioned the fact he was in a very uncomfortable position. Automobiles weren't designed for comfortable screwing. In a haze of lust, they had fumbled into the back seat, and Mindy had stripped off the short mini-skirt that barely came to midthigh. As Bill bent down to kiss her, she saw the wet glow of her cunt juices lingering on his lips. Somehow, the sight excited her as much as anything they had yet done.

They kissed long and lovingly; then, her thighs spread in complete invitation, Bill had entered her snatch with his massive cock. At first, she had cried out in agony. His prick was so big and her cunt was untried, unstretched by a man's cock. He entered her cunt slowly, inexorably advancing millimeter by millimeter until the head of his cock began to touch and press against her cherry. The next few minutes blurred in Mindy's mind.

Searing agony, pain shooting throughout her belly, the liquid gush of blood and cunt juice, then a dull ache. The ache was quickly replaced by a warm, filled feeling when Bill's prick shoved full length up her cunt. She could feel his tool throb and jerk inside her twat; it was warm, and the friction as it began to slide in and out of her newly reamed hole was like nothing she had ever before experienced.

Fucking was so much better than masturbating with the handle of her hairbrush!

Bill had come inside her cunt soon after bursting the filmy dam of her maidenhead. The hot, fierce firehose flow of his sperm had filled her virgin cunt to overflowing with its very first load of man seed. After he stopped bucking and the shock waves of orgasm had left him drained and sleepy, Bill had slowly pulled his prick out of her deflowered pussy.

They had both laughed with nervous release at seeing his once-proud cock slowly soften. In the moonlight, his cock, covered with his cum and her cunt oils, appeared to glow as if radioactive. Soon, his cock returned to the posture of a sleeping snake, dangling between his hairy thighs.

Yes, Mindy wished she could stay out there a little bit longer with Bill. Since that night, they'd screwed six more times, each fuck getting better than the one preceding it. But Mindy realized her father's temper knew no bounds, that he could fly into a vicious rage at the slightest provocation. This was especially true if he had been drinking.

"I'd love to stay, Bill. But I can't." Mindy pursed her lips slightly in silent invitation to her boyfriend.

"All right. I'll see you tomorrow, though. Promise?" He closed his eyes, and their lips melted together for long, blissful minutes. The girl's tongue poked between Bill's lips and made a gentle, fleeting circuit of his lips before it vanished back into her mouth.

She broke off the kiss and said, "You taste so good, you know you won't be able to get rid of me! Tomorrow!"

With that final word, the teenager opened the car door and quickly climbed out. She lightly, gracefully raced up the stone walk to the front door of her house, then turned and waved, to her boyfriend. Seeing the gorgeous blonde silhouetted by the porch light, Bill felt his cock stirring and begging to get into a warm, willing pussy. He knew it was no good. Not for tonight, but he could wait.

There was always tomorrow. Tomorrow they'd have the time for a good fuck. He looked at Mindy, an angel with a golden halo fluttering around her head, then honked his horn and keyed his Chevy into roaring life.

Mindy watched Bill race down the street and stood in the chill night air for a few minutes after he had turned the corner and vanished from her sight. She did not want to go into the house, and possibly face her father. Her mother was bad enough, taking several handfuls of pills a day. Mindy didn't believe for one minute they were the vitamin pills her mother claimed they looked too much like the hideous red things that Mickey Links at school was always trying to force on her. She'd seen what the downers did to him; she knew what they were doing to her mother.

Mostly her mother either wandered around in a drugged daze or was asleep, dead to the world. But her father and his boozing intruded more and more into her personal little world. He had been almost unbearable this past month. It was ironic how she had found happiness with Bill, only to be plagued with increasingly difficult parental problems.

Mindy tried the doorknob and found that it rotated easily. Since it was not locked, this could only mean her father was waiting up for her. If she were lucky, he might have passed out and she could sneak into her bedroom and avoid the ugly scene until morning.

As she silently slipped into the darkened house, Mindy knew her luck had left her when Bill drove away.

"Where the hell have you been?" her father roared. The teenager could tell immediately that Larry LaFarge was extremely drunk and not a little bit mean.

"You know, Daddy. I was with Bill."

"Yeah, you was with Bill, probably letting him fuck you cross-eyed."

"Daddy!" Mindy was incensed. "Lower your voice or you'll wake up Mother."

"Don't go giving me advice, you little slut! Daisy's on her Goddamn pills again, and nothing short of an atomic bomb's gonna wake her up. Even if it did, she wouldn't know what was going on."

Mindy tried to sidle by her father and gain the sanctuary of her small bedroom. It wasn't much of a refuge, but it was better than cowering before her drunken father out in the hallway.

Larry made a grab for the girl's shoulder, spun her around to face his alcoholic breath and said, "Answer me! You been out there on the street screwin' in that flashy car?"

Her father's cruel grip crushed her upper arm. Mindy felt a tearing in her gut, a cold, icy feeling forming in the pit of her stomach as she replied, "That's none of your business. And what if I have? I'm old enough!"

"Old enough, hell! You're only a teenager. All you kids think of these days are dope and sex, dope and sex..."

"Good night."

He refused to release her arm. With the suddenness of a liquor-fired rage, he began to shake her until Mindy's teeth jarred together.

"Look at the way you're dressed! That tight blouse and no bra underneath, your belly showing and those jeans! Jesus H. Christ, girl! Every time you move in those things, your ass wiggles."

Mindy began to tremble slightly. Her father's mood was different from the last time. The previous time this had occurred, he'd slapped her once or twice, then had been content to let her go to bed. This time, the way he looked at her was almost obscene. It was as if he were ripping her clothes off her lithe, young body and exposing her, naked and quivering, for his own kicks.

"Please! Let me go!" Mindy yanked back, attempting to free herself from her father's punishing grip. She only managed to smash bruisingly into the wall. If is powerful hand tightened even more on her arm, making the girl wince in pain.

"You'll go when I tell you! Just look at you! You're just asking to get fucked. The way your jugs swing back and forth, your bouncing little ass."

Larry LaFarge groped down with a dirt encrusted hand and closed his paw over Mindy's right tit. The girl tried to back up, but the wall refused to budge an inch. She was trapped.

"Daddy! Stop! Please!" A note of hysteria crept into her voice. She no longer felt she was in control of the situation, and now began to worry about what might happen to her.

"Yeah, you little tramp. Beg me. Beg your old man for it! You beg Bill for his cock?" The liquor-slurred voice seemed to retreat, become distant, as Mindy's mind slipped out of gear. She was aware of all that was happening, but it was as if her brain refused to comprehend, as if she were watching a movie with the complete and total detachment of an observer. She was detached, clinical, nothing more.

Filthy hand still clutching at her boobs, Larry released his hold on Mindy's arm and reached down to fumble with his fly. Mindy glanced down fearfully, and saw the telltale bulge at her father's crotch. She watched the broken-finger nailed hand painstakingly run the zipper down its track to reveal a swollen, purplish-red cock jerking and pulsing with its lewd longing to be embedded in warm, juicy cunt.

"You like that, huh? Well, you little bitch, you're gonna get it. Every singe inch of it!"

The alcoholic stupor did nothing to hinder Mindy's father in his single minded pursuit of a fuck. Locked in her timeless limbo, Mindy couldn't say how long it took her father to kick free of his dirty jeans. The girl's entire universe centered in her right tit where Larry LaFarge held her captive.

Whiskey-sodden breath gusting in her face, Mindy closed her eyes and turned her head to one side as the man began untying the large knot that held her blouse together in the front. She felt his callused hands coursing over her smooth stomach, scratching and furrowing her tender young skin. When her blouse flopped open; Larry gasped out, "Jesus fuckin' Christ! What a set of knockers!"

His face descended to nuzzle between the twin peaks jutting from Mindy's chest. She shivered involuntarily as the rough stubble of his three-day old beard moved against the slopes of her tits. When he discovered the pink nipples cresting the snowy mountains of tit flesh, he began slurping and licking with obscene fervor. In spite of herself, Mindy felt the stirrings of arousal creeping into her crotch. She didn't want her drunken father doing this awful thing to her, yet her wanton body was betraying her.

Her mind refused to cope with her predicament, and she retreated even further into the defensive shell she had erected around her consciousness.

Larry's drooling lips surged over Mindy's left tit, then her right, leaving behind trickling trails of saliva. The young girl's breath came faster and faster, and blood began to pump into her nipples. The erectile tissue grew with frightening rapidity that only added fuel to the erotic flames of Larry LaFarge's lust for his nubile daughter.

The skin-tight material of her pants annoyed the man. He wanted to feel real flesh! He slipped his hands under the waistband of the jeans and gave a mighty yank, ripping the thin, fragile cloth on both sides. Mindy sobbed silently, her jugs swaying to and fro in the dimly lit hallway.

But it was not her boobs that Larry now lustfully ogled. He saw the widening circular patch of cunt juice on Mindy's panties. "Goddamn slut! You do want my cock in you, don't you?"

The girl could only sob, "No! No! No!" over and over, but her pleas fell on lust-deafened ears. The man was like a racehorse sighting the finish line. He raced on with increasing deftness that belied his drunkenness.

"Well, baby, you're gonna get it balls deep!"

With that declaration, Larry ripped off the girl's panties. She stood, pinned against the wall, whitely naked save for the blouse that fluttered loosely about her shoulders.

Her father slammed the numb girl hard against the wall with his body. Mindy smelled the cloying mixture of liquor, stale sweat and animal cravings as his body rubbed suggestively against hers. She kept her eyes tightly closed and head averted. It was bad enough experiencing the sensations her body was transmitting to her brain without being forced to witness the lewd act.

Larry rested his forearms against the wall, one on each side of Mindy's head. He slurred the words, "Spread 'em, girl! Spread those legs of yours so your old man can get into that tight, juicy cunt!"

When his daughter did not instantly obey, Larry viciously kicked out with one foot. The kick slid Mindy's right foot along the floor to open her cunt lips wide for her father's hungering cock.

Larry bent his legs, then thrust straight up. In his drunken state, he missed the target. His cock slipped along the girl's gash and forced a moan to issue from her tightly clenched lips. She had silently vowed to say nothing, just stand there and take whatever evil things he did to her, but the feel of a huge cock so near to her cunt hole made her cry out involuntarily.

"Please! Ohhhh!"

"Yeah, baby, now I got the range!"

Larry gathered his legs under him again and powerfully thrust once more. This time, his cockhead flew straight and true into the awaiting cunt.

As his turgid cock rammed into her twat, Mindy cried out, "Aieee!" and began to sob, salty tears trickling down her face, leaving glistening tracks on her cheeks.

She felt filled to overflowing with her father's prick. Delicate cunt tissue had been abused when he made his violent entry, and it hurt, hurt bad! With his chest pressing firmly against the twin points of her tits, he began an up-and-down motion to slide his rod around inside her juicy, well-lubricated hole.

"Jesus God, but you're a tight one!" The rest of the man's passion-inflamed sentence was lost in a grunt as he bent his knees and made another prodigious thrust upward into her snug twat.

Mindy almost blacked out. She'd always thought it silly that the heroines in the Gothics she read could pass out simply because a -- man was screwing them, but now she knew. Her mind was filled with confusing, bewildering emotions, sensations that she could not handle. The pain in her cunt had died and replaced with a slowly burning fire that was being fanned into a huge blaze by her father's cock pistoning inside her pussy. The huge rod stretched her tight hole and stirred to life nerve endings she had been unaware of possessing. His hairy chest grinding against her aroused nipples sent knives of pleasure deep into her chest.

And yet it was her father, her very own father who was flicking her!

She didn't remember him, lost in his own sexual Garden of Eden, fucking faster and faster into her snatch; mumbling, "Daisy! Oh, God, Daisy, how much I love you!" Or the quick jerks of his dick as he jetted his viscous sperm into her belly. Or the confused look on his face when his cock collapsed and slipped out of her cunt, a limp worm covered with white creamy cum and oily cunt juice.

She did remember him slapping her and saying, "If you say a word about this to anybody, anybody. I'll kill you! Understand? Now get to your room!"

He had shoved her in the direction of her bedroom, but the force was too great. Mindy stumbled and fell to her knees. She managed to crawl the few feet necessary to her door, then slipped inside like some beaten animal.

Mindy closed the door, then locked it, although she knew the flimsy lock and thin wood of the door would not keep him out if he wanted in. He was too strong and demanding to be denied. She dragged herself across the floor, then crawled up to tumble into bed, sobbing. Mindy reached out and gently caressed the face of her stuffed teddy bear, then pulled the tiny animal to her breast and cried herself to sleep.

In a few hours, she awakened, chilled and shivering. She crawled under the covers of her bed, her mind listlessly considering the possibilities open to her. The girl finally decided that she would run away from home. Her mother was a downer freak, her father a sex-crazed drunkard. What did she have to keep her there? She no longer had a real family.

The words to the song kept coming back to haunt her, "When you got nothin', you got nothin' to lose."

She had nothing but sorrow, and that she would gladly discard for a new life. Vowing to act as if nothing had happened, then pretend she was going to school as she normally did, she'd leave.

With this nebulous plan tumbling over and aver in her mind, Mindy clutched her teddy bear closer and fell asleep again.


The alarm rang insistently until Mindy opened bleary eyes to stare at the luminous clock face. It was 6:45, time to get up and prepare for school. She slowly pulled herself erect in bed, repressing the sob that threatened to rack her body again. Mindy finally swung her long legs over the side of the bed and onto the cold linoleum floor, wincing at the pain jabbing through her bruised cunt.

She found her robe and slipped into it, then went to the bathroom to take a hot bath. She unlocked her bedroom door and peered out into the hallway. Faint snoring noises echoed down from her parents' bedroom and told her that they were both still asleep. She hastily dashed for the sanctuary of the bathroom.

The door closed with a comforting click, and she made sure the tiny button was pushed in, locking the portal against unwanted visitors. But Mindy didn't kid herself. She knew her father could get in easily enough if he wanted to rape her again. The girl counted on the alcohol to have been burned from his head with nothing but agonizing hangover remaining to torment him.

A quick twist of the silvered handles brought forth a flood of hot water to fill the tub. In a few minutes, the bathroom was steamy and tropical country humid. She languorously slipped into the blood-warm water, relishing the feel of it caressing her skin, soothing away the soreness in her muscles. Immersed in the water, Mindy almost fell asleep again, then remembered her intentions of leaving this house forever.

She quickly scrubbed herself, gingerly soaping her aching twat and bruised tits, then reluctantly left the tub to vigorously dry herself with a large, fluffy yellow towel. The feel of the downy fabric was so nice against her skin, Mindy wished she could continue all day long, just stroking the softness back and forth across her body.

But she knew it wasn't possible. She had to leave. Now. Today. Without hesitation. If she started to think about running away from home, she was afraid she could argue herself out of it. And Mindy shuddered at the consequences of that. After the previous night, and the threat of her father, she was no longer safe. If he could rape his own daughter one night, the next he might as easily carry through with his threat of murdering her.

Mindy wasn't going to take that risk.

Mindy carefully dressed, choosing her clothing with great deliberation. Since it was impossible to just walk out with a suitcase, she would have to leave with only the stuff she could wear. Her meager bisque china piggy bank only coughed up eighteen dollars and a few odd cents, but her determination knew no limits. It might not to much, she might not be able to take much with her, but she would make do. She'd, survive and return here one day for her revenge.

Mindy stared at herself in the tiny mirror on her dresser and looked at herself in the eye as she made that solemn vow. How or when she would even the score with her incestuous father, she didn't know, but she would.

Her wardrobe selection took longer than she had anticipated. At long last, she decided on a durable set of denim blue jeans a simple peasant blouse with a brown corduroy jacket, leaving behind more attractive outfits. Even though the spring days were warm, the nights got very cold in Colorado. If she happened to end up in the mountains, it would be even colder, and a bit of protection against the chilly night air was a must. The jacket was a necessary burden; besides it was a gift from Bill.

Mindy momentarily thought of her boyfriend, then knew it would do no good to tell him of her plans. He might try to talk her out of leaving. And even if he didn't, she was afraid he would tell the police she had gone; the cops would be sure to check with all her friends first as soon as she didn't come home.

Money tucked in a pocket, the teenage blonde loaded her purse with some candy bars she'd been hoarding. It was about all the food she would be able to take along since she doubted her parents would leave the kitchen before she normally left for school.

And she wanted nothing to interfere with their thinking everything was normal. Mindy couldn't bear the thought of having the police hounding her, stalking her across the country like some dangerous criminal. Not when all she really wanted was her freedom, to get away from a really bad scene.

She straightened her shoulders and walked into the dining roam. Her father was already seated, a plate of bacon and two fried eggs in front of him. The yellow yolks on the eggs seemed to mock her, stare at her as if knowing what she was plotting. Mindy repressed a shudder and sat down, not in her usual seat beside her father, but at the far end of the breakfast table.

Her father only grunted, but her mother said, "Good morning, dear. Sleep well?"

It was obvious her mother had slept soundly throughout the daughter-raping psychodrama that had occurred in the hallway the night before. From the slightly drooping eyelids, Mindy considered the possibility that her mother was still a bit stoned on her tranquilizers.

"Yes, Mother. I slept well." Her inflection indicated far more than the words. Her father's eyes snapped up to meet her cold emerald-green ones, his face contorted with hate. But he said nothing and went back to slashing at his rubbery eggs.

"Here you are, Mindy." Daisy LaFarge placed a heaping plate of bacon strips and scrambled eggs in front of her daughter.

"Thanks, Mom. But I'm really not too hungry." She was in more of a hurry to leave, but she didn't dare come out and say that, not with her father glaring at her.

"Dammit, eat your food. I work hard to feed you. So eat what's put in front of you." Her daughter's gruff words brought her back to reality. She should eat; it might be a long time before she would have the opportunity again. And eighteen dollars and twelve cents wouldn't last very long, even buying cheap hamburgers.

Breakfast was finished without further conversation. Larry LaFarge glared at his wife and daughter. Daisy seemed to drift away into a fantasy world that was so much better than the harsh reality of her life. Mindy was content not to say anything to either of them.

Glancing at the clock, Mindy announced, "Got to run or I'll be late for school."

She was half out of her chair when her father snapped, "Sit down! You got another ten minutes before you have to leave. Finish up the toast. Here's the jelly."

Mindy collapsed back into the chair. She nervously licked her lips and felt tiny beads of perspiration break out on her palms. Why did he want to keep her around, today of all days? Could he somehow know what she was planning?

"Thanks." Mindy absentmindedly spread the gooey strawberry preserve on the last piece of toast. When she bit into it, neither the bread nor the jelly seemed to have any taste. Mindy carefully wiped her hands along her thighs to dry them of the sweat, then downed a large gulp of milk to help her swallow the mouthful of bread and jelly.

She glanced up again at the clock and tried one more time. "I really have tote heading for school. I don't want to be late."

Her father studied the hands on the electric clock, then nodded. "Okay. Get going. And don't get into any more trouble."

Mindy scowled at him, kissed her mother good-bye, hefted her candy bar laden purse and a couple of books, then quickly dashed out the front door. In the yard, she felt as if a heavy load had been lifted from her young shoulders. It was approaching summertime, and the fragrance of blossoms and fresh-mown grass hung heavily in the air, buoying up her spirits immensely. She took a deep breath, then exhaled.

It was a breath of freedom.

The girl briskly walked to the cement of the sidewalk before glancing back at the house. Seeing her father peering out from behind the living-room curtains, she turned in the direction of school and began walking. Her pace lengthened and soon she was almost running.

She'd made it! She was free! Mindy carefully thought of all the potentialities open to her now that she had escaped her father's evil clutches. With so little money, she'd better try hitchhiking to get away. If she could get to I-25 off I-70, Mindy figured she would stand a good chance of thumbing a ride. But she'd have to choose carefully. Even though she'd never hitched a ride before, she knew it would be impossible at places like the Mouse Trap, that dangerous, devious twisting of the interstates. But once in the area, the direction didn't really matter as long as it led away from Denver.

The muted roar of a powerful car approached from behind. She glanced back at the car, then figured she had better take the plunge and see if hitchhiking was the answer to her escape. She stood on the curb and held out her thumb.

Mindy was both surprised and delighted when the black Cadillac pulled to a stop at the curb. There were two men inside, but the girl was too exhilarated with her success to care.

"Want a ride, kid?" the man in the passenger's seat called.

"Sure, mister. How far you going?"

The man laughed maliciously. "We'll go as far as you want. Maybe a lot farther. Get in."

Mindy hesitated. There was an alarm ringing deep inside her head telling her "No!" The man's tone wasn't right; she was getting in too deeply before she was out of her own neighborhood.

"Never mind. It's a nice day. I guess I'll walk after all."

The voice came cold as an iceberg. "Get in, Mindy."

She started to protest; then what he'd said hit her like a powerful body punch. The man knew her name!

"How do you..." But it was too late. If she had run instead of beginning the question, she might have escaped. The man leaped from the car and reached Mindy's side in one powerful surge. Steely fingers closed on her arm and pulled her into the car. An almost casual tensing of his shoulder muscles tossed her into the back seat.

She realized for the first time how strong this man was. From her cage in the back seat of the car, she gazed in fright at her captors the driver's shoulders were immense. The girl had never seen a broader back, even on a weight-lifter. The man in the passenger's seat turned and surveyed her, his beady eyes growing as he took in every curve and bulge along her supple, young body.

The man had tiny black eyes, greased hair combed straight back from his forehead and, from the forearm resting on the seat, muscles as massive and powerful as those of the driver. Mindy had gotten a hint of just how strong when he had tossed her like a rag doll into the back of the car.

"Now, you're a real sharp-looking chick. Real sharp. Don't you think so, Bren?" The slightly rat-faced Juan never took his coal-black eyes from her.

The driver responded. "Yeah, Vic, real sharp looking. How long before the plane leaves?"

The rat-faced man casually shrugged. "An hour or so. We got plenty of time." Staring directly into the frightened girl's bright-green eyes, Vic continued, "It's almost an hour before the plane leaves. You want to have some fun?"

Mindy swallowed hard, her mouth dry as cotton. She finally managed to croak out, "Where are you taking me?"

"My lovely young cunt, you have the privilege of being taken to The Institute. A great honor for one so young, but that's the way they like 'em there. Ain't it, Bren?"

The driver merely grunted.

"Wh-What's this Institute?"

"Now, that's something you're gonna find out real soon. But we got time to kill, and I think me and Bren could spend some real nice time with you."

"Look, uh, Vic, you're kidnapping me, right?" Seeing his eyes reaching out and caressing her lithe body, Mindy rushed ahead with what she was saying. "It's no good. My folks don't have a dime. Let me go and you can nab somebody with rich relatives. My old man couldn't get the money together for bus fare across town."

As if he hadn't heard a word she'd said, Vic repeated, "An hour. Yeah. A whole Goddamn hour."

"Look, Vic... Bren... I don't want to go to this Institute or whatever it is, so, uh, maybe we could..." Her voice failed her, but she valiantly continued. "...we could swap favors."

Vic peered at her, his brows furrowing. "Swap favors? Whatcha mean by that?"

"Well, you said you have an hour to kill before your plane leaves. I could... cooperate, or not. Promise to let me go and..."

"And you'll cooperate, huh? Now, that's right nice of her, ain't it, Bren?"

"Well?" Mindy asked anxiously.

"Well, young lady, I figure we'll take you up on it. We got the time. Pull over, Bren. Anywhere'll do."

"If I do what you want, you'll let me go?"

"You're the one who said your parents ain't got the bread for a ransom. It'd be real stupid of us not to take what we could, now, wouldn't it?"

The Cadillac bumped to a stop at the side of the road, and Vic crawled aver the back of the seat to join Mindy. As be was unfastening his zipper, Bren protested, "What the hell's going on, man? Why do I have to get sloppy seconds?"

"Hey, cool it! She said she'd do anything, you know?"

"Hell, I always get the used stuff. Just like with that French chick. Aw, go on, blow your rocks off you son of a bitch." Bren lounged back in the driver's seat, casually adjusting the rear-view mirror so he could watch. Mindy heard the man's zipper opening and saw him reach down to jerk himself off as he observed them.

"So, get 'em open, chick!" commanded Vic. "We ain't got all day."

Mindy silently opened the front of her jeans and wiggled her panties down to expose the fleecy muff nestled between her legs. Vic couldn't restrain himself. He reached out and grabbed a double handful of material and yanked down, peeling the clothing off Mindy like a monkey peels a banana.

"God, what a tight-looking cunt! How's this, baby?" Vic brutally jammed three fingers up her twat, causing Mindy to cry out piteously. "Yeah, real tight. Hot, too, ain't it?"

"Quit, please, that hurts! I said I'd cooperate. Just don't hurt me!"

"Hell, babe, I'm not gonna hurt you, I'm gonna fuck you!" His rotating fingers slipped from Mindy's hairy crack, and he began to press the palm of his hand against her pussy mound. Grinding it back and forth, the man made Mindy feel the friction and pressure against her pubic bone. Tiny needles of sensation began to come to life in her crotch. In spite of the crude foreplay, she felt her box growing moist, hot, as internal lubricants began to sluggishly flow from her cunt.

Mindy gasped and bit her lower lip when Vic squeezed down on her blood-filled cuntlips and kneaded then from side to side. When he released his fur-rimmed handful of cunt meat, Mindy's juices gushed forth and deluged Vic's groping hand.

He grinned lasciviously and moved the hand to his lips to slowly lick her pussy oils from his hand. "Ummm, tasty cunt, you got. Right tasty, indeed!"

His hand returned to stroke the soft, inner thigh of the girl's leg. Vic started low, around the knee, and inexorably worked up until he barely touched the inflamed cuntlips. Then the rat-faced man retraced his path down the satiny inside of her leg. He repeated this again and again until she was gasping in reaction.

"Ooooh, that's... that's..." she moaned.

"It's what, baby? What is it?"

"Good! Goooood! It feels so niiice!"

"Then you're just going to love this!" Vic brutally forced Mindy's legs apart with his hands to expose the gaping, scalloped pink lips of her cunt. He lunged forward with practiced precision and speared her hole with his prick. As he entered her tightly stretched cunt, she screamed out in pain and agony.

"Godddddd! Nooooo! Oh, Christ, nooo!" she sobbed, feeling as if the man were pulling both legs off. As his tool drilled into her pussy, her sensitive internal membranes were stretched and pulled, causing her even more pain. Fire burned in her belly and quickly spread until her entire body screamed in torment. She couldn't tell which was worse, the horrifying prospect of Vic ripping her limbs off or tearing her open all the way to the chin with his dick.

Mindy began to sob as Vic thrust deeply into her twat. She waved her hands futilely in the air. He'd promised to let her go if she cooperated; he'd said so. In spite of the torture he inflicted; she could beat it. And then she'd be free of him.

Vic's breath came in short, fiery gusts as his passion mounted. Still holding the girl spread as far as his powerful muscles could manage, he began fucking her with short, rapid strokes.

As he blew his load into her cunt, he yelled out, "So tiight! So tiight!"

Mindy knew when he came; she could feel the hot cum searing her cunt walls, then trickle out and dribble down the tender inside of her thigh. He soon released his death grip on her legs and the relief on tortured muscles was too much for the girl's overloaded nervous system.

She began to cry.

Vic panted for a moment, then shoved his slippery rod back into his pants. With deliberate action, he slapped the teenager twice, once with the palm of his hand, then the back as he brought his hand in a return arc.

"Stop that! Bren's still gotta get his. Get back here, unless you already jacked off."

"Nope, still as stiff as a steel rod. But I don't want your slime all over me. No telling where you been sticking that prick of yours. She can suck me off."

Vic turned to Mindy, who was bravely trying to control her tears. "Hear that, honey? Bren wants you to give him some of that pretty head of your's."

Vic flopped back over the seat while Bren crawled into the back with Mindy.

Brett held his blood-red, hooded cock out hr front of him like a blind man with a cane. "Start sucking!" he commanded the frightened girl.

"I... I... p-please, n-no more!" Mind stuttered.

"Do it!" came the sharp command. "You promised!"

Mindy wiped her lips, then went down on the brawny man's jerking cock. It was fiery red from his masturbation, trying to get off watching the antics of his cunt-faced partner and the blonde.

Mindy hesitantly pursed her lips and formed an "O", but stopped before taking the monstrous cock into her mouth. Large hands reached out and entwined themselves in golden hair. With an irresistible force, her mouth was pulled down over the quivering dick presented to her. She felt the warm meat enter her mouth, and she started to gag.

Vic laughed cruelly from the front seat. "Told you that your cock was rotten, Bren!"

Not to be outdone, Bren grumbled, "Hell, my cock's so Goddamn big, she just can't take it!" He continued moving Mindy's head up and down his prickshaft until she felt the muscles in her neck begin to knot and tense.

"Suck, damn you, suck!"

Mindy began to suck, not really knowing what to do. She'd never had a man's prick in her mouth before. Her few sexual encounters with Bill and her father had all been straight fucks. And this seemed... perverse. She almost gagged again as Bren's long, throbbing boner jabbed into her mouth, attempting to dive down her throat.

Mindy's nose burrowed into the man's crotch hair. In spite of herself, she found that it tickled. She wrinkled her nose, then started to think for the first time since this entire episode began. If she could get Bren off as quickly as possible, they would release her and forget about her. She would be free again.

Mindy began to use her mouth and sucked for all she was worth. Her cheeks went concave under the incredible pressure she exerted on Bren's prick. The man shivered slightly, then a pronounced trembling shook his body. He took his hands out of her hair as she went up and down his tool of her own volition.

"Goddamn, but she's really sucking now!" the man moaned, and leaned back to rest against the seat as Mindy continued sucking his stalk of blood-engorged meat. Finding her tongue in the way, Mindy decided to use it while she continued to suck. She tried to stuff the tiny pink tip of her tongue down the pinprick hole at the end of Bren's shaft. It was impossible and she knew it, but the very attempt drove the man wild. He now thrashed about like he had some strange erotic form of palsy.

Mindy slowly came to realize she was controlling him, that she was calling the shots as long as her mouth was locked around his dick. Her agile tongue began a spiraling motion on the entire length of his cock, laying and bathing every square millimeter of meat with her sweet saliva.

When a crystal drop of pre-seminal fluid beaded at the end of Bren's fleshy rod, Mindy adroitly snared it with her tongue and made a lapping sound like a kitten confronted with a saucer of cream. She closed her jaws until her teeth lightly scored the man's tool. Feeling hint writhe and buck around her face, she started a slow, gradual sucking in of his entire cock. Her teeth glided down Bren's shaft and nearly drove him crazy from the fiery, fiercely erotic sensations jackhammering into his loins.

Mindy had to admit she was beginning to get off on cocksucking. It was a brand-new experience, one that she found exciting. The nearness of cock, right where she could see and smell it, was electrically invigorating. She felt her crotch going damp again, but this time she was the one to put a couple fingers up inside her hole. As she sucked and tongued Bren's prick, she began diddling herself.

The warmth soon spread throughout her belly and nerves began firing jolt after electric jolt in her entire body. As the first spasms of climax began to chip away at her control, she noticed her movements on Bren's prick were more and more sporadic. She sucked harder, even bit down harder as the waves of orgasm began surging through her body.

It was not long before she felt his sizable cock begin to expand in her mouth, growing in circumference and girth. It seemed to harden, pulse more vigorously, then, like a berserk fire hose, gallon upon gallon of salty, tangy jism jetted into her mouth.

Mindy swallowed the first mouthful in time to take a second. When she gulped that down and had a chance to savor the taste of man seed, her body again acted the traitor. Almost against her will, she sucked even harder than she had previously. Bren moaned constantly now, his hands tousling her blonde hair, hurting her with the intensity of his grip. She milked him for every single drop of jism locked in his balls.

Still licking the straining dick, she felt it shrink from its once mighty size and, finally, no amount of sucking could keep it a firm rod.

Bren pulled his limp tool from the teenager's mouth, then said, "I never been sucked like that before! Babe, I don't know who taught you how to give a blow job, but he was one helluva good teacher!"

Bren wiggled free and zipped up his trousers. He fumbled open the car door, then got back behind the steering wheel. Recovering his breath after the fierce face-fucking he'd just given Mindy -- or, more accurately, she'd given him -- he said to his partner, "Look at the time. We've just got enough time to get to Jeff Co Airport if we hurry."

Vic looked at his fancy wrist watch and nodded agreement. "If I give honey sucker back there ten cc's of Valium, that should take care of her until she gets to The Institute."

Mindy heard the low-voiced comment and protested loudly, "You said you'd let me go! I did what you asked! You've got to let me loose! You promised!"

Vic turned to the angry girl, smiled wickedly, and said, "Tough shit, doll. We lied."


Mindy heard a buzzing, a nagging, annoying, distant hum like angry hornets. She reached up and touched her head, and the nasty sound increased tenfold in intensity. Through a strength of will she had not known she possessed, the girl forced her eyes open to look around. The first impressions received were not very favorable.

The brief glimpse of the room, before everything gyrated wildly and made her unbearably dizzy, showed her more of a prison cell than a hotel room. Cold, grey cement block walls and an iron-barred grille on a solid steel door just like Mindy had seen in hundreds of movies mocked her. She cradled her head in shaking hands, and soon the buzzing receded and died.

Head still honing, Mindy managed to sit upright in the bed. The bed seemed out of place in the spartan surroundings. Mindy managed to force her eyes open and carefully surveyed her quarters. The bed, nearest at hand, first caught her attention. It was an expensive model, kind-sized and had an elaborately embroidered pattern on the bedspread. The furniture in the tiny room was all high-grade polished mahogany, heavy, intricately carved and very expensive. The floor was thickly carpeted in a soft, grey shag rug.

When Mindy took a tentative step onto the carpet, she sank ankle deep into the luxurious pile. Luxurious and curious. Mindy knew she must be at the mysterious Institute that the two thugs had mentioned. Unconsciously, her hand strayed to the tiny puncture wound on her left arm where Vic had jabbed her with the hypodermic needle laden with the knockout drug.

But if this was The Institute, it raised more questions than Mindy could ask in a lifetime. Why was the prison furnished with incredibly expensive trappings? And where was she? Still in Denver? But this question was one for which she could provide at least a partial answer. Mindy knew that Vic and Bren were anxious to get to a small county airport; that meant she was possibly within flying distance of Denver, small-plane flying distance.

Call it a thousand miles. Mindy shuddered at the thought. A thousand miles was a long way. She could be as far away as Dallas or Chicago or Los Angeles or Seattle. There was no way of determining how long she had been unconscious from the drug.

The heavy metal door squeaked open to reveal the silhouette of a woman standing in the harsh light of the hail outside. At first, Mindy could see nothing but the smooth, flowing lines of the woman's voluptuous figure. The woman stood in the doorway for long minutes, fists resting defiantly on her hips.

As if making a decision, the woman entered the room and allowed Mindy her first good look at her. The girl had to repress a gasp of honor. She was not quite sure how she could have fallen into the hands of anyone quite like this... woman.

The girl's captor was tall, five foot nine or ten. Fiery-red hair tumbled down over her shoulders, and startlingly violet eyes glared out their contempt for Mindy. The face was slightly angular, patrician, but decidedly attractive, even beautiful had it not been for the sneer marring the woman's regular features and contorting them into a mask of hatred.

But Mindy took all that in with a single glance. The woman's black leather outfit was what captured the girl's eyes and held them. A skin-tight black leather tunic, laced up the front to reveal creamy white flesh and the slivers of moonlike tits. The tunic came down over equally tight leather breeches which disappeared into the knee-high tops of shining, jet-black boots. Clutched in one trim, pale hand was a short, ugly-looking whip.

The black-leathered woman snapped the whip and instantly had Mindy's full attention. "I see you finally decided to wake up. I am Michelle, and I will be your guardian. If you have any questions or problems, I shall be the one who will handle them for you."

Mindy, wide-eyed, couldn't help but stare at the cruel leather encasing Michelle and at the even nastier whip that lightly dangled from those ghostly fingers.

Michelle began to pace back and forth across the ten-foot square of the room, but her eyes never left Mindy. "This is The Institute. Many of the inmates call it other things. When they do, they are disciplined."

The whip cracked again with a deft flick of her wrist.

"We offer services at The Institute for very wealthy, very influential people. They pay for absolute discretion on our part, and we provide them with anything they wish in the way of..."

Mindy choked out, "Whores?"

Michelle snapped, "NO! We are not a whorehouse! The Institute is something more, something greater. Through judicious use of our power, we influence foreign policy, domestic spending, legislation, many things which need not worry you. But The Institute is not a whorehouse. Say that again and you will be punished severely!" The ugly snap of the lash insured Mindy would not utter that vile word again.

"But, my pretty pretty, come and I shall show you something of your new life. I think there are several patrons currently within the walls. Watching them with other inmates such as yourself will prove instructive."

"Where are we?"

"The Institute, you stupid little bitch! Surely, we have not paid so much for an idiot?"

"I mean, what part of the country is this?" Mindy was frightened by Michelle's intensity.

"It does not concern you. Nothing will ever again concern you except giving our patrons their every wish. Come!"

Michelle grabbed Mindy's shoulder with polar cold fingers and propelled the young girl into the passageway outside the cell. Mindy gasped anew as she saw the incredible decor. Obviously chosen by a wealthy sybarite, everything in view screamed, "Pleasure! Pleasure!"

The walls were covered with scarlet velvet and strips of golden wallpaper, and breaking the pattern at set intervals were smoky glass mirrors with spider webs of gold lacing across the surface. The exterior of all the cell doors was a uniform black leather cruelly held to the iron by large brass studs. The tiny barred window was barely noticeable amid the splendor of the hall decorations.

Mindy did not get the chance to further survey her sumptuous prison because Michelle shoved her down the hall, then into a passage running perpendicular to the first. Mindy was dragged along until they came to a door, indistinguishable from the cell doors except by its lack of iron grating. The girl's captor opened the door and pushed her inside. The room itself was very dimly lit and appeared to be a miniature movie theater. Sumptuous chairs were lined up to face one wall. When Mindy's eyes adapted to the dimness, she saw the purpose of the room. The wall was a one-way mirror looking into the next room where a powerfully built man in his late forties was butt-fucking a young girl.

Mindy couldn't drag her eyes from the girl who was even younger than she. The girl had her hands bound behind her back and was bent double over the back of an ornately carved wooden chair to expose her small, round ass to the man's lascivious attentions.

"You like the view, my pretty pretty?" Michelle leered. "Soon, that will be you in there instead of Heather, but of course I can't guarantee you'll get a senator for a patron."

Mindy's green eyes widened. "You mean he's a..."

"But of course. I told you our patrons were of only the highest caliber, those needing discretion at all costs while they satisfy their sexual needs that go... outside society's accepted limits. Some of our patrons are heads of state, some financial wizards and heads of large corporations, all are powerful men and women with... quirks... to their sexual needs. We supply a perfectly natural outlet for those otherwise thwarted drives."

Mindy shuddered. Her eyes strayed back to the room and saw the girl still bent double over the chair; the man had left.

Mindy jumped when Michelle reached over and lightly touched her shoulder. "If you would care to see more, the next room seems to have an interesting tableau."

Mindy allowed herself to be guided to the back of the room, through a door and into another room the duplicate of the little theater they had left. This one-way mirror revealed a room decorated in late-fifteenth-century Spanish Inquisition style. Pulleys, chains and various restraining devices littered the room. A rack was partially inclined against the far wall, and -- Mindy swallowed hard when she saw it -- a tiny brazier blazed merrily in the center of the room.

In the brazier were four branding irons. All red-hot.

Michelle chuckled and said, "We don't allow our patrons to disfigure the inmates. Often. And then they have to pay dearly for it."

"Ah, look at this!" The woman settled back in a plush-lined chair with obvious eagerness to see the spectacle unfolding before her eyes.

A woman with short-cropped, nearly white hair entered the room and went to a cabinet laden with whips and short riding crops. She selected a vicious-looking, leather-wound riding crop and swatted it across her palm a few times, testing its sting. She appeared satisfied, then her mouth moved in a silent command that seemed to be, "I'm ready."

Michelle turned to Mindy and asked, "Do you want sound? I can turn on the microphones. No?" She chuckled again and said, "I don't like the sound, either. I prefer to just watch."

From the far end of the glass-lined room came another young girl. She was brunette, a teenager for sure, and frightened out of her wits. Mindy didn't blame her at all. Not only was she stark naked, but she had been thrust into a room with a woman brandishing a wicked-looking implement of pain.

The woman with the short-cropped hair commanded the girl to kneel in front of her. Hesitantly, the girl did as she was bid. Mindy couldn't see what occurred next, but the girl apparently refused. The short leather crop descended and landed a stinging blow on the bared shoulder. It left an ugly red welt but did not break the skin.

"See? Nothing mars the beauty of a fine girl quicker than scars. We don't allow anything that will permanently disfigure our inmates. It ruins their long-term value."

Mindy snapped, "You don't mean inmate. You mean sex slave, don't you?" She was rewarded with a backhand slap that started her head ringing again.

"Watch your language or I'll cut your tongue from your pretty head. Some of our patrons desire absolute quiet, and that might be an added attraction for them."

Mindy felt the warmth in her face where the long-fingered hand had slapped her. She defiantly said, "When my dad finds out where I am, you better watch out then! He's got a mean temper."

Michelle laughed, but it was a humorless sound, cold and eerie as a graveyard at midnight. "Your father?" She laughed again. "Your father won't be looking for you. He knows where you are!"

"What do you mean?" Mindy had a sinking feeling in her stomach that she knew what the woman meant, but wanted to hear it anyway.

"Your father is a heavy drinker. He is also unable to restrain himself from heavy betting. And he's not very good at either vice. He lost quite a bit of money to one of our other enterprises. He couldn't make good on his losses when asked. We therefore agreed to cancel his debts and give him five hundred dollars in exchange for a prime piece... of merchandise."

"YOU!" The woman was triumphant.

Mindy began to cry.

Michelle looked back into the room and saw the patron stripped to the waist. The teenager was licking the platinum-haired woman's shoes while the woman unfastened the mid-calf skirt that hindered her slave's attentions.

"Come, let's go to one of the rooms. Watching this is making me horny. Does it have the same effect on you, Mindy?" The girl continued to weep. Michelle slid one arm around her and powerfully lifted. Mindy seemed to fly out of the comfortable seat and landed on her feet.

"Let's go!"

The last thing Mindy saw of the room as she glanced backward over her shoulder was the girl licking the woman's cunt while the riding crop landed stinging blows on her shoulders and back.

The kidnapped girl was pushed down the lavishly decorated hall to still another of the leather-bound doorways. Michelle kicked the portal open and shoved Mindy inside. This room was similar in many ways to the chamber outfitted from the Spanish Inquisition. Only the brazier with its flaming irons was missing; none of the chains and pulleys, ropes and straps was absent.

"Please, Michelle, please!" the girl implored, falling to her knees.

"Are you begging me so early? You're not going to be any fun at all." Michelle went to the cabinet on the wall and stuffed her whip inside to withdraw a short lash made from braided hemp ropes. She flexed her smoothly muscled arm several times, sending the braided strips smashing into the wall with a dull thud.

Mindy wasn't sure what happened. She remembered rising to her feet and rushing Michelle, intent on strangling the woman with her bare hands. As fast as a cat, Michelle reacted with perfect coordination and skill.

Mindy was expertly snared and thrown over a well-rounded hip to land in a pile at the red-haired woman's feet. Michelle looked down at her, then smirked.

"I have a black belt in judo, and I'm quite proficient in karate as well." With that, Michelle pivoted and drove her fist squarely down on a table top. Mindy flinched when the table split in two with the sharp report of a rifle echoing throughout the chamber. She studied the splintered table for an instant, then tried to crawl away from this most dangerous woman.

"I think it would be best for me to bind you. You could get all sorts of ideas about attacking me when my back is turned." Michelle rummaged in the cabinet and pulled out a pair of regulation police handcuffs. A quick flick of steel flashed in the brightly illuminated room and Mindy's hands were securely fastened behind her. The cruel, unyielding metal of the handcuffs cut into her tender wrists and made her wince in pain. She could only compare it to the time in chemistry lab when she spilled sulfuric acid on herself and had not washed it off quickly enough.

It was a burning, throbbing pain that would not let her alone.

Michelle studied her handiwork, then smiled her cruel smile. "That should keep you under control, my pretty pretty."

Then the woman in black leather fumbled in the cabinet once again and came out with the most obscene thing Mindy had ever been forced to witness.

Michelle extracted a large dildo, rubbery and glistening. It was fastened to a belt which she quickly looped around her waist and buckled securely. There was another strap which ran between her legs and tied to the back of the belt, splitting her asscheeks and widely spreading them as well as pressing down firmly along her leather-sheathed cuntlips.

Mindy was driven out of her mind with fear and loathing. She clumsily stood, then hurled herself against the leather-clad Amazon preparing to rape her with the dildo. The mock prick bobbed and swayed as Michelle stumbled to fall heavily.

The girl bolted for the door, only to find it securely fastened. With her hands locked behind her, Mindy knew instantly that she was caught in a trap from which she could not easily escape.

Michelle stood, rubbing a bruised shoulder. Her voice was iceberg cold. "You should never have done that, my pretty pretty. I shall be forced to discipline you. But it is for your own good. Otherwise, you might continue to resist the inevitable."

A long, ebony leather whip fell from that seemingly endless array of apparatus in the cabinet. Michelle twitched slightly and the whip uncoiled. A rippling of her shoulder muscles apparent through the tight leather garments produced an overhand snapping of the lash. The stinging tip sailed through the air and lightly touched Mindy's hip. It was a gentle, caressing touch that did not even leave a red welt on the creamy white flesh underneath the denim.

However, the full power of the blow was absorbed by Mindy's blue jeans. The seam popped apart as if dynamite had exploded it. A second whip attack whistled through the air to land on Mindy's other hip, reproducing the assault on the jeans.

Michelle was slowly stripping Mindy of all her clothing with the expert use of the black leather strip.

Mindy tried to flee, to dodge the rain of falling leather, but it was a futile attempt. No matter how she twisted and turned, dove or tried to elude the whip's eager tongue, it found her. Clothing soon hung in tatters, and the more she wiggled and fought to escape the cruel lash, the more it aided Michelle. The now flimsy clothing began to fall from Mindy's body simply from her movements.

Seeing this, Mindy knew that it was impossible to escape and that she was only giving Michelle the challenge she thought lacking. Mindy stopped her wild, unreasoning flight and stood stock still, shoulders thrust back and chest forward. The twin buttons of her nipples were exposed with four deliberate, quick snaps of the hungry whip.

"My pretty pretty, you've decided to cooperate. It was just becoming interesting, a real test of my skill with the whip. But you've warmed me up enough to enjoy this." Michelle reached down to grab the obscene rubber contrivance that bounced up and down from her crotch.

A leer marring her otherwise beautiful features, the woman tossed her head slightly and sent a rippling wave through her hair, carrying it behind her shoulders and away from her eyes. She advanced on Mindy with deliberation, reveling in the sight of the girl's reaction of fright and dread.

Like a vulture living off another's emotions, Michelle seemed to grow in stature and evilness as she approached. She wiggled the imitation cock as she crooned, "It'll drill into you so smoothly, so smoothly, my pretty pretty."

Mindy stood as if hypnotized, paralyzed and unable to do anything but watch the huge rubber dildo. Flesh-colored, purple-headed, it even had a large blue vein standing out on the top like a real man's dick.

Michelle reached out and took a firm grip on the tatters of material that still clung to Mindy's young body. The woman quickly removed the last vestige of cloth, and Mindy stood totally naked before her. Michelle licked her lips slowly, provocatively, and Mindy could see that the red-haired woman was growing hotter and hotter in anticipation.

Michelle's tits rose and fell as her breath rate accelerated. The lacing on her tight jerkin began to show signs of strain and the thin slivers of white tit flesh oozed out of their bindings, displaying the luscious boobs in the central slash of her leather top. Mindy could even see Michelle's nipples hardening sufficiently to poke twin peaks through the leather garment. Obviously aroused, Mindy wondered in a remote, detached manner if the lesbian's curd was gushing forth tidal waves of lubricants, inner juices that would soon trickle down her thighs, imprisoned by the cruelly tight leather breeches.

But it didn't matter. Not to Mindy. What really mattered was what Michelle had in mind for her handcuffed captive. Mindy rapidly found out when the redhead tentatively reached out to caress one of her firm, fine exposed tits.

Mindy sucked in her breath at the feather-light touch. In spite of herself, she felt an electric thrill surge through her body when Michelle's hand brushed against the tiny nubbin of her left nipple.

"Ah, my pretty pretty likes that, does she?" In a flash, the soft, soothing voice changed back to one dripping icicles. "Down on your knees, slut! You're nothing but an animal and like an animal I'll fuck you!"

Michelle shoved out with both hands. When the redhead's hands impacted against Mindy's sensitive tits, she gasped, then stumbled back to collide with the wall. The unyielding wall allowed her the chance to crumple to the floor without hurting herself. Hands cuffed firmly behind, she was at Michelle's mercy. She found she was dizzy and unable to even balance properly.

Sitting, back supported by the cold wall, legs spread wide, Mindy waited for whatever would come next. She did not have long to wait. Michelle snapped, "Up on your knees. KNEEL BEFORE ME!!"

Unable to attain such a position, Mindy was aided by Michelle in a most humiliating manner. Michelle reached down and grabbed a handful of pussy, then reached under one arm and lifted. She dumped the screaming girl down into the desired position. Once there, she commanded, "Start kissing my cock!"

When Mindy hesitated, pain, still hotly radiating from her tortured snatch, the half-forgotten braided rope lashed out and landed a stinging blow across her shoulders. Another and yet another convinced her the degradation could not possibly be as bad as the pain jabbing into her tensed shoulder muscles. Mindy moved forward cautiously until she could press the detestable rubber prick against her lips. Michelle moved forward slightly and thrust with her hips, ramming the dildo between the teenager's pursed lips. Mindy tried to prevent the entry by clamping down with her teeth, but the sudden move had caught her unaware.

Vile-tasting rubber in her mouth, she almost gagged. Michelle uttered a low-pitched laugh and took a step back, allowing her dildo to slip from between Mindy's straining lips. The girl had closed her eyes, but now she opened them. At the tip of her nose was a black-encased cunt, a rubber appendage slapping lewdly against her forehead. Beginning to cry from the humiliation being heaped upon her, Mindy slumped down. Several blows landed on her back, smarting and aching.

"Get up and kiss my cock!" came the command one more time.

Mindy straightened, but Michelle had taken a half-step away. She strained forward to kiss the dildo, but Michelle took another half-step back. Mindy fell face down on the floor, unable to break her fall with her hands.

"Now that's just the way I want to see you. Giving me the proper obeisance, just the right amount of cringing homage. And that white, fleshy ass protruding up into the air, a tight, moist little pussy drooping down underneath like some bitch in heat."

"And, like a bitch, I'll take you!"

The redhead slipped around Mindy and positioned herself behind the awkwardly placed girl. Michelle dropped to her knees, reached out and spread Mindy's legs to fully expose the gaping cunt. She took the dildo and guided it to Mindy's gash.

Mindy twitched as she felt the dildo against her delicate cuntlips. She moaned out, "Please leave me alone. Leave me... Aieeee!"

As she began her plea to the merciless woman, Michelle rammed the rubber prick into Mindy's twat, using more force than necessary. The huge girth of the fake cock disappeared completely into the awaiting hole. Michelle smirked as she felt the tremors quaking through her captive's body. As if those shiverings were transmitted to her body through real, living flesh, Michelle felt her crotch begin to prickle, to grow hot and moist with the action she was forcing on Mindy.

Michelle grabbed twin handfuls of ass flesh and agonizingly withdrew from her female sheath. Mindy shuddered continuously, then gasped again as the redhead heaved herself forward once more. Michelle couldn't feel the enormously long cock smash into Mindy's cervix, but the girl did. It hurt abysmally and she began to cry, making no attempt to hide her emotional outpourings.

"What's the matter, my pretty pretty? Don't you like the feel of my cock inside your cunt?" Michelle reached around the doubled-up girl's body and began groping along the slippery gash until she found the meek little button of a clitoris. With expert strokes, Michelle curled her index finger around the tiny shaft of Mindy's passion-trigger and began to traverse its short length tenderly, lovingly.

Mindy's cries soon became those of uncontrollable passion. Pain forgotten under Michelle's expert fingering, even the rubber cock thrusting in and out of her cunt became an erotic stimulus. Her entire universe became one of carnal pleasure, centered around her quivering, excited clitoris.

The erectile tissue grew and thrust out to allow Michelle better access. Mindy's body became a traitor to her brain and began to demand more and more of the fine, hedonistic sensations. The warmth soon grew throughout her crotch and was aided by the dildo reaming her steaming twat. The friction inside her cunt hole as well as the delicate fingering of her clit ignited the fuse to the powder keg buried in her loins.

The orgasm lanced through her and erupted with atomic intensity, blotting out everything except the monstrously huge dildo in her cunt. Michelle began fucking in and out with demonic fury, her own orgasm starting.

Almost simultaneously, both surged and rocked and bucked with the hurricane winds of ultimate sexual release smashing through their bodies. Michelle's orgasm was less intense and she regained control before the writhing girl impaled by the rubber prick.

The red-haired, leather-clad woman pulled her dildo from the girl's clutching cunt, noting the sparkling, gleaming pussy juice soaking into the rubber.

As she studied her imitation dick, Mindy finally glided down from the sexual high she was riding out. Forehead pressed firmly against the floor, feeling returning to her body, she noticed the incredible tensions across her shoulder blades. Having her hands cuffed behind her was beginning to exact its toll. The delightful feelings that had played throughout her body were now replaced by pain and terribly aching muscles.

Michelle stood and unbuckled her male attachment. "You seem to enjoy the benefits of being an inmate at The Institute. Well, my pretty pretty, we'll have to go and find you a patron before the day is out. No sense in letting your hot little cunt cool off, is there?"

Michelle laughed, an ugly sound.

Mindy took a deep breath, and her resolve firmed. Her father had sold her into slavery. But she had once eluded him. She could escape from The Institute, also.


Michelle picked Mindy up from the floor as if she were a suitcase, and a light one at that. The girl had ceased her crying and solemnly told herself that she would never again give Michelle or any patron of The Institute the satisfaction of seeing her show fear or humiliation. She realized what a burden this might be, but it would be personally satisfying and a goal that might enable her to maintain her sanity.

She doubted there would be much else except personal satisfaction ahead for her until she could escape.

The view Mindy received bouncing down the hall tucked under Michelle's arm was strange and distorted. The carpet spun in and out of her field of vision, and she managed to get a fairly good view of where she had been, if not where she was going. Soon, the black-clad woman located Mindy's cubbyhole inside the maze that was The Institute, and pushed the creaking iron door open with her free hand.

She dumped Mindy onto the grey shag carpet, then said, "I'll have a patron for you within an hour. You should be rested up enough to give him a good time for his money, my pretty pretty."

"Will you get these handcuffs off me?"

"In time, in time. I want to be sure you fully realize how truly helpless your situation is. You must cooperate. And I assure you, this mild punishment is nothing compared to what we can do."

Without another word, Michelle left.

Mindy, from her huddled posture on the rug, watched the shiny boots stride out the door. As soon as the iron door had clanged shut, Mindy began to squirm and managed to get a trim, smoothly muscled shoulder under her body. With a determined shove, Mindy rose to her knees, then to her feet, using the bed as a brace for her actions.

She flopped down on the soft, springy bed and quickly found she would not be able to lie comfortably on her back. The pain jabbed into the bound girl's shoulder blades and the weight of her body cut off circulation in handcuff-fastened wrists. The imprisoned girl managed to flip over to one side and stared out into the room. The agony tormenting her young body soon reduced to a dull ache, but the seething hatred that flooded her brain made her ever more certain she would conquer and win free from this slime pit of degradation into which her father had sold her.

Her every thought was black and grim. She was truly caught in a velvet-lined bear trap. That it had luxurious decorations did not diminish the fact that it was still a deadly trap, one to be free of at the soonest possible instant.

The time crept by sluggishly, and Mindy was unsure how long she lay on her side, waiting for Michelle to return and free her from the handcuffs that viciously bit into her slender wrists. At long last, the sleekly clad jailer entered Mindy's cell and looked down at her helpless charge.

"Well, my pretty pretty, I have finally located a patron for you. He has requested a little girl, perhaps ten or twelve, for his fun. You are a little old for him, but still the youngest we presently have available. Our new shipment of that age group has not yet arrived, so we must make do with what we have on hand."

"So, we shall do what we can to make you appear younger." Michelle laughed her bitter, piercingly harsh laugh and pulled out a small shaving kit.

"We are going to remove a bit of that fine hair from around your moist little twat. Ten-year-old children don't have a fine bush like yours, you understand."

Michelle awaited some reaction to her speech, but was very disappointed. Mindy impassively took the news that her fleecy snatch was going to be shaved off for a patron's increased sexual pleasure.

Throughout the shave, Mindy remained motionless and said nothing. She could tell that Michelle enjoyed this kind of psychodrama. The leather-clad woman carefully drew the razor over the lathered pussy mound, a smile lingering on her brightly painted carmine lips. Mindy quivered once when Michelle accidentally -- or perhaps intentionally, Mindy could not tell -- nicked her.

"Don't worry. I have just the thing for a tiny little gash like this!"

Mindy couldn't refrain from squirming when Michelle crammed two fingers far up her cunt, but she did not say a word.

Again disappointed at the lack of response from her captive, Michelle located the styptic pencil and drew it down the tiny cunt. Mindy flinched again at the pain near her sensitive clitoris, then coldly said, "Be more careful. You'll damage valuable property."

Michelle's violet eyes speared into emerald-green ones, hatred flaring from both sets of orbs. Michelle announced, "You won't be quite so cold after the professor is finished with you."

"The professor?"

Michelle sneered, "You'll find out. The hard way. Now let's finish preparing you for your... encounter session."

She snapped shut the shaving case, then rolled Mindy onto her stomach to unlock the shackles on her chafed wrists. The girl managed to twist around onto her back and rub the raw skin that had been chewed away by the metal of the handcuffs. Circulation returned to her hands after a few minutes of vigorous massaging.

The woman threw a little girl's outfit down onto the bed. "Put this on and be quick about it."

Michelle stood, hands on hips, as she watched Mindy don the dress. The bodice compressed Mindy's boobs but not painfully. When the gingham dress was complemented by calf-length white stockings and red, patent-leather shoes, Mindy looked the ten years old she was supposed to be.

Michelle nodded curtly, then indicated the door. Mindy curtsied, then hastened through the doorway before Michelle could use the whip dangling from her wrist. The young girl felt triumphant, even over such a small point as this. It gave her the psychic lift she needed to face whatever was ahead, whatever hideous things "the professor" held in store for her.

They walked in silence from the hallway until Michelle stopped and pointed. "This is the room. Inside and be quick about it. I'll come for you when the professor leaves."

"Yes, ma'am!" Mindy curtsied again to be rewarded with a stinging slap. Instead of cringing as she had done before, she allowed the barest trace of a smile to dance at the corners of her mouth. Before Michelle could hit her again, Mindy quickly slipped into the room to await the coming of her first patron.

As with all of the other rooms she had seen, this had a distinct and distinctive decor. It appeared to be a cheap hotel room with a moth-eaten rug on the floor, sooty pictures on the wall, unpolished, battered and dilapidated furniture littered about the room. A massive four-poster brass bed dominated the center of the room. Mindy couldn't help but wonder what the professor's trip was that required such tacky surroundings and her portrayal of a little girl.

She soon found out.

The professor entered the room from the other side. Immediately, he told her, "Don't be frightened, little girl. I'm not going to harm you. You've been very brave, and I'm sure you'll enjoy our little party. Do you want some mote candy?"

Mindy quickly pieced together the puzzle. She had supposedly been enticed up to a sleazy hotel room, duped by the use of the time-honored "Want some candy, little girl?" routine.

"Sure, mister. You're nice." Mindy almost laughed when the chunky little man smiled ingratiatingly.

As she reached for the proffered candy, however, the entire scenario took on more ominous overtones. A vise grip seized her wrist and pulled her forward, off balance. Mindy stumbled and fell to her knees, skinning one on the rough, tattered carpet.

"Yes, I'm very nice. I'll give you something you've never had before. I'm going to cram my cock up your tiny, virgin quim. I'm going to make you suck me off I'll fuck you all afternoon. And then, then..."

Before the professor, if he was a professor at all, could continue, Mindy wrenched free of his clutching hand. She stood, then backed away from him. "Look, mister, let's talk about this for a while. Okay?"

"Talk! TALK!" the man shouted. "I want you to beg me for my cock. I want to hear your innocent young lips ask me to fuck you deep into your virgin cunt."

Mindy began edging around the room, the professor following her movement with his eyes like a cobra follows its prey. The man slipped out of his suit coat and dropped it to the floor. As Mindy continued to back away, the man removed one article of clothing after another until he was naked to the waist. His physique surprised Mindy quite a bit. She had expected him to be fat and out of condition; there was a slight roll of flab hanging over his belt, hut her antagonist was mostly hard, compact muscle that rippled and glistened with a dull sheen of sweat.

As the professor pulled off his belt, he quietly, menacingly said, "You're being naughty. You are going to have to be punished if you don't behave." He snapped the leather belt in front of him several times as if testing its resiliency. It was obvious he did not want her to acquiesce to his demands. He enjoyed the pursuit, the denial of his lust. When he forced his attentions on her, this would make the game all the more rewarding for him.

Mindy bolted for the door through which the man had entered the room, hoping it would not be locked. The brief instant she fumbled at the closed door was all the time it took for the short, stocky man to hurry across the room and grab her. When he spun Mindy around, a brief flash of fear illuminated her features.

Seeing that spurred the professor on. His struck out with the belt and landed a sharp blow on the girl's leg. As Mindy turned in an involuntary movement to clutch her injured leg, the professor swung again with his long, broad belt. The rough strap landed squarely on Mindy's jutting butt. She tried to elude the man by crouching, then sliding past him into the room, but the move was unsuccessful.

Another tingling belt-blow landed on her pert ass, warming her. Mindy couldn't understand it, but she fleetingly wondered why this scene was so erotically arousing to her. Every time the professor landed his belt on her rear, tiny pinpricks of delight surged into her crotch and warmed her entire body. The heat seemed to diffuse through the flesh of her rear and burn brightly in her cunt.

Could she actually enjoy such treatment? Was she really being turned on by this whipping?

Mindy didn't have the time for soul-searching and inner reflection on her true desires and needs. The professor trapped her against the rough, paint-chipped wall, a forearm resting on each side of a honey-haired head. For a split second, Mindy's mind saw her father staring into her eyes instead of the round face of the professor. Scared, reliving the rape scene with her father, she struck out with vicious strength fed by revulsion and loathing for her father.

The short man was taken aback by the ferocity and violence of her attack. She clawed and scratched and aimed for his eyes with her fingernails. Mindy's fierce assault was quickly terminated when the man drove a short, powerful punch into her stomach.

She gasped once and fell to her knees, clutching her stomach and trying to force air back into her lungs. The professor stepped back, then coldly said, "Little girl, you've been very, very bad. For that, you'll have to receive special discipline. You must be punished in a special way."

He went to one of the mock windows and yanked down a length of sash cord. He doubled it, then doubled it again. The professor tested it a few times against his hand, then walked back to Mindy. The girl was struggling to get up to her feet.

"You're going to be very sorry you resisted like you did." With a force triggered by suppressed sexual tensions, the professor landed the strands of cord across Mindy's ass. She emitted a tiny yelp, and he repeated his action again and again.

Feeling the pain in her abused rear cleared some of the cobwebs from the girl's brain. Her stomach still hurt, the muscles convulsing in reaction where he had punched her, but the stimulus he was administering to her ass soon replaced all other bodily aches with searing pain.

She staggered away from the blows, but he followed and mercilessly showered stinging slash after slash on her thinly protected buttcheeks.

Mindy stumbled and fell onto the bed in her attempts to avoid the pain being meted out by the small, well-built professor. He was astride her supine form instantly. Hands roved over her curvaceous body, lingered on her lush tits before moving on to fondle her flaring, womanly hips.

The man snorted in disgust. "You're not a little girl! You've tricked me!"

Fearing actual physical harm, Mindy cried, in her most girlish voice, "Please, mister, I'm only twelve years old. Honest!"

"We'll see about that!" The professor reached under the high-necked dress and ripped downward with a powerful motion. Mindy's opulent tits tumbled free from their hiding place, but the man didn't seem to notice. He reached down and grabbed a firmly fleshed thigh and jerked the leg aside to examine Mindy's cunt.

Finding no pussy hair seemed to appease him. "Maybe you are only twelve."

"Right, mister, and my mother's expecting me home..."

"Shut up! You must still be punished!" He quickly looped two strands of the sash cord around her stocking-clad ankles; then, as she reached down to stop him, he captured one wrist, then the other and held them in one of his large, powerful hands while he tied Mindy's wrists together. Bound, Mindy could hardly move. The man's quick, fluid movements had been expert, and he had left her with little play in the ropes.

He reached under Mindy, grabbed twin handfuls of delightfully smooth ass flesh, and picked her up like a sack of potatoes. With a grunt, he tossed his captive into the center of the big brass bed. She landed, taking the impact of her fall across shoulders and upper back, then rocked slightly as the bed springs tried to support her mass. As the bouncing died down, Mindy tiled to roll off the bed.

Lithe and quick as a panther, the professor stopped her. He gazed down at her naked length on the bed and said, a lustful undercurrent in his words, "Little girl, you've been naughty."

He took another length of the cotton sash cord and doubled it. With an exaggerated overhand motion, he brought it stinging down to land on Mindy's bare stomach. She jumped, more from nervous reaction than pain. The soft cotton cord stung, but not so much that she could not have withstood the pain it forced upon her body.

An inner light seemed to glow in the man's eyes, a look Mindy had never before witnessed in another human being. It wasn't the insane gleam of a madman; it wasn't the brilliance of genius. She could only think it was reflecting lust unchained in the man's psyche. He knew she could do anything he wanted to her lush, young body.

And he knew that he would before the session was over.

The sash cord began lashing away at Mindy's sensitized skin in crisscross patterns. Although any single blow was not hard, the incredible rapidity and expertise of the professor soon caused a warmth to suffuse throughout the bound girl's belly. It wasn't unpleasant, but it was far from being comfortable.

Seeing that Mindy was not being properly frightened of his acts, the professor declared, "Enough of this punishment. You must be thoroughly and totally scourged for your previous misbehavior." The man's breathing was slightly faster, far faster than the minor exertion could have caused. The libidinous thoughts that raced through his mind was the primary cause of his growing excitement.

He was getting turned on whipping the tied and helpless Mindy.

The professor rolled the girl over on the bed to expose the shining alabaster globes of Mindy's tight, well-formed ass. He picked up the broad leather belt he had discarded in favor of the sash cord. Mindy could barely see what he was doing, her face buried in the soft mattress. Her head rested so that she faced towards the professor, but her field of vision was severely restricted.

When the whistling length of the leather belt impacted on her softly curved butt, she emitted an anguished "Owww!" The professor rapidly followed that blow with another, then another and another.

Mindy felt true discomfort now, but soon that discomfort was blotted out by the heated flesh and what it did to her. In spite of her attempts to control her traitorous body, the girl felt the stirrings of arousal in her crotch. She hated to admit it, even to herself -- perhaps especially to herself -- but the professor's whipping was turning her on in a big way.

Mindy heard his rapid breathing and, by craning her neck, she could see the look on his face. He was in the throes of intense sexual excitement. His eyes were bright and seemed to radiate their lustful longing. Seeing the distinct bulge in his trousers and knowing that she was the one turning the man on added to her own sexual arousal.

Mindy felt her cunt begin to water, to sluggishly flow as her inner juices dribbled out.

As the professor continued strapping her ass, she began to writhe and moan.

The man, sensing her hotness even through his own lust-clouded gaze, stopped whipping her with his belt. He turned her over and stared down into her green eyes. "You enjoy this, don't you, little girl?"

Mindy nodded, then swallowed hard. "Please don't stop," she begged. Her voice was low, trembly like her body. She felt so shaky and quivery, it was as if her insides had been replaced with jelly.

"SLUT!" the professor cried. "Now I shall punish you!" He quickly untied her legs, all the while gazing at her hairless, juice-oozing gash. He tossed a cord over one of the posts at the foot of the bed with the skill and accuracy of a cowboy roping a steer. The professor soon had Mindy's legs tied and pulled into a wide "V" shape, the ropes secured at the two brass pillars at the base of the large bed.

In this position, the girl's buttcheeks were slightly raised off the bed and most of her weight was pressed onto her back and shoulders. This was fine with Mindy because her whipped and sore butt did not have to rub against the cheap, scratchy bedspread.

But the professor had no intention of making this comfortable for his lovely prisoner. He picked up the discarded rope and began curling it around her tender thighs, scourging the inner white flesh until it radiated a warm, intensely pink heat. Mindy found she couldn't wiggle very well in this position. She had to lie back and take the erotic punishment being dealt out to her by the excited professor.

Still, her cunt continued to gush faster and faster. It wasn't exactly pain that was sexually stimulating her; it was the knowledge that she was helpless, bound and being totally dominated by this powerful, physically aggressive man. And knowing the professor was getting off on her stoked the girl's internal fires of passion, also. Mindy could see the huge bulge in his pants, his cock begging to be freed and allowed to fuck into her gaping, pink-lipped cunt.

The professor had been expertly scoring her body with the rope, and Mindy cringed slightly before each blow landed.

With the suddenness of a summer storm, the professor stopped. But Mindy cringed anyway, just as if the blow landed according to the pattern the man had established, lust as she relaxed, the blow came. But not on her belly. The strands of cotton sash cord landed squarely between her legs, full on her blood-filled cuntlips.

The sharp impact, unexpected, and stinging, made her come. The orgasm surged through her body, and the bound girl could feel the copious flow of her pussy lubricants trickling down her asshole to dribble onto the cheap bedspread. But this only added to her climax. The tickly feel of her juices, the tingling in her cuntlips, the sight of the professor above her, panting and hot, shoved her higher and higher up to the pinnacle of maximum sexual enjoyment.

The professor cried out, "I will not be robbed of my reward!" He ripped off his pants, tossing his shorts after them onto the floor. He leaped to the bed and stood between Mindy's bound, stocking clad legs. The professor towered high over his captive and gazed down, much like a God from Olympus. His hairy legs rubbed against Mindy's soft, smooth thighs.

But her eyes were riveted on the cock throbbing and jerking above her.

The professor smiled slightly, then said, "Well, little girl, do you like it? Would you like to feel it inside your tight little cunt, wiggling and squirming around?"

"Oh, yes. It's so big!" Mindy was lying. While the man's cock wasn't tiny, Bill's prick had been much larger.

That set her to thinking, not about her predicament, but ironically and illogically, about Bill. He must be disconsolate by now. She had been gone -- how long? A few days? Maybe even a week. There was no telling what her father would have told her boyfriend. Perhaps Bill had gone to the police and been told Mindy LaFarge was just another runaway, no means of tracing her, even if anyone wanted her found again. Bill might have protested, been tossed out of the precinct stationhouse.

How good it would be to feel his cock sliding in and out of my cunt! thought Mindy.

She felt an insistent pressure against her shaved pussy mound. The sensation changed drastically when the cock was dragged down by its owner to lightly play with the blushing pink cuntlips protecting the delicate, scalloped inner lips.

Mindy looked down and saw, not the professor, but a blur that flowed and changed into Bill's face. The professor's voice came from the vision, but Mindy didn't care. She cried loudly, "Hurry! Stick it in my cunt! I need your lovely prick inside me!"

Several lashes from the braided rope brought her back to the stark reality of her situation. She looked down to see the rope descending again to smash across her tits. The girl's nipples were a fiery red surrounded by the brownish plane of areola.

The professor said in a slightly whining voice, "You're not acting like a little girl. Little girls don't say things like that!" He continued to thrash and abuse her with the rope whip.

Apparently Mindy's face reflected the proper mood to the professor. The man smirked, then said, "That's better."

If Mindy looked frightened, she wasn't feigning. She didn't have to act to be truly scared of the man kneeling between her wide-spread legs, his throbbing cock prodding and nudging into her cunt. Mindy had momentarily sublimated her humiliating experience, and it might have cost her permanent disfigurement -- or worse.

There was no telling what this man who was living out a personal fantasy of raping little girls would do if the bubble burst and he found out he was not with an inexperienced, groveling child.

Seeing Mindy properly chastised, the man took his cock firmly in hand and began playing with it -- and her [missing text].

The cockhead tentatively poked into her cunt, the turgid, purple tip barely sinking from sight. Mindy gasped in reaction as it lightly stimulated her sensitive inner lips, those pinkly scalloped, ultra delicate membranes. She felt her fluids rushing out to bathe the head of his tool, then continue out of her slit to dribble to the surface of the bed.

Gleaming in the harsh light of the single incandescent bulb overhead, the professor pulled his teasing cock out and studied its head. The red-purple knob gleamed with the sparkling cunt juices that it had found inside Mindy's box. He carefully drew the rod over the hairless pussy mound again, in curlicues and spirals flat Mindy felt both as a tingling and a wetly invigorating experience. Her own cunt oils were being used to mark her once-furry mound, the spot where a fleecy, downy bush of gorgeous blonde pussy hair had once formed a dense jungle.

Her nakedness seemed to excite the professor, also. He placed a hand on each side of her body and leaned forward to myopically peer into her face. He then began a careful survey of her body, not missing a mole or a blemish. Arriving back at the denuded pussy mound that seemed to arouse him the most, he took his cock in hand again and slowly, inexorably drew it across the flowing slash of Mindy's cunt.

Quivers rippled through her body, assaulting her mind with carnal sensations she found indescribably delightful. His tormenting of her cunt caused her to approach the gateway of another orgasm. She tried to control it, prevent it, but then decided to enjoy whatever pleasure she could. In The Institute such enjoyment might be rare; with the professor, she at least wasn't being humiliated as she had been with Michelle. Not in the same way. True, this wasn't her idea of sexual paradise, but she was discovering things about her young, relatively inexperienced body that she had not previously known.

She enjoyed being dominated by a strong, virile man.

The professor dipped into her wet snatch again and again, then withdrew, his dick covered and glistening with her thick, viscous cunt juices. He teased her blood-engorged outer pussylips, then cautiously lowered his rod along the girl's sensitive perineum. A tiny stream of liquid had preceded his explorations, and his cock glided along the flowing river to her tiny asshole. Hesitant, tentative prodding convinced the man that he couldn't easily convince the greedy little bung to relax and allow him entry up her ass.

He traveled back, taking his time, until the glans of his rod rested against the blood-rigid lips of Mindy's horny cunt. She shivered continually as he leaned forward, exerting the slightest amount of pressure against her gash.

"You like that, don't you? When you grow up, you're going to be a whore, a slut living to have a man's cock shoved up your wanton hole."

The little tirade startled Mindy, frightened her a bit. Was it true, or was this just part of the professor's game? Did he really think all she could do was be a whore?

The rope braids landed stingingly on her stomach again. She flinched. Under the rain of singing sash cord, she closed her eyes and tried to bear the increasing violence of the blows. They had tickled her before, pushed her up the ladder of sexual arousal one rung at a time.

Now they just hurt.

As a particularly violent, well-guided slash landing on her nipples, the professor shoved his cock far into her cunt. Mindy involuntarily cried out in pain and confusion. His cock felt good, but the pain hurt so badly!

The odd mixture of pleasure and pain intermixed inside her body, and she was soon incapable of telling which was which. She felt the professor humping in and out of her tight cunt, heard his gasping breaths. When Mindy opened her eyes, she saw through a misty curtain of lust and pain that the man had dropped his scourge and was intent only on fucking in and out of her hairless twat.

Knowing that he wouldn't be using his braided cord on her aching body any longer, Mindy relaxed and began to enjoy the sensation of having a man, a real man, not an imitation rubber prick, inside her cunt again. The professor's cock wasn't large, he wasn't skilled at fucking, but he was better than Mindy had been getting since she came to The Institute.

The tightly roped girl felt the walls of her velvety cunt stretch every time his jerking cock drove into her hole. The tickly, tingly feeling increased in her crotch and soon became a dull, burning ember. As the man continued to fuck her, those embers blazed higher and higher until Mindy was consumed with the fires of longing and lust.

The professor uttered completely unintelligible phrases. Mindy didn't even try to understand what the man was saying. That was his trip. Hers was getting off on the feel of being filled with a throbbing, warmly pulsing cock. Once the man rammed his dong full hilt into her hole and stayed for long minutes, resting, reveling in the feel of being completely surrounded by a wonderfully tight, hot sheath of cunt.

Mindy wiggled her hips as much as she could and squeezed down with her inner muscles. She heard the professor groan and saw a look of sheer carnal delight cross his face. He had probably never flicked a woman before who was so willing to give him the maximum pleasure possible.

Perhaps he had never fucked anyone but young girls, inexperienced and unwilling.

Mindy's body was filled with the crouching feline feeling that preceded orgasm. She felt her muscles tightening, screaming for the sexual release of total climax. As the professor shouted out his lust in a long, loud scream, he came, hosing Mindy's twat with his jizz.

The feel of his molten cum was all it took to trigger orgasm in Mindy's awaiting body. The crouching beast lurking in her loins leaped. She gasped and moaned as the waves of orgasm coursed through her to smash against the shores of her brain.

Locked together at the groin, the pair bucked and writhed until, their passions spent, they collapsed in an exhausted heap on the bed.

The professor looked down at the bound Mindy and said, "Don't worry, little girl. I'll call the police and tell them where you are. You won't starve or anything."

With that, he crawled out from between Mindy's aching thighs and quickly dressed. He left the room through the door and never gave his captive a backward glance.

Mindy lay on the bed, hands tied behind her, the weight of her body cutting off the circulation in her arms. With her legs fastened to the bed posts and inclined upwards at a thirty-degree angle, she began to feel the tiny needle jabs that indicated her legs were not getting enough blood, either. Completely helpless, she had to lie there until someone came and rescued her.

Perhaps fifteen minutes later, Michelle came in. She stared at Mindy's supine form, eyes lingering on her shaved box, and said, "The professor was pleased."

Not another word was exchanged between the two as Michelle cut Mindy loose and led her back to the posh, iron-clad cell.


In the cell, dinner awaited the young girl. Although she wasn't really hungry, she forced herself to eat. How many hours had it been since she had last eaten? The only food she could recall was breakfast at home.

Her ex-home, she hastily corrected herself, her ex-home. The home with the father who could rape his own daughter, then sell her into slavery for a lousy five hundred dollars.

Mindy had to admit that the food was excellent. Her untutored tastes did not recognize the cornish game hen or many of the other dishes served alongside a la carte. The plan of those who ran The Institute was obvious. Surround their "inmates" with luxurious items, the finest of foods, probably the most lavish wardrobes imaginable and perhaps they wouldn't complain when a "patron" abused them. Mindy could see the attraction to many young girls who had never experienced the finer things in life.

They could live like royalty... in exchange for the use of their bodies.

Mindy considered this as she quietly finished the last of her peaches melba and knew it would have probably worked with her. It would have been very successful had it not been for the incident with her father the night before her abduction. It had done something to her, hardened her mentally and emotionally, callused her very soul, to be raped by her drunken bastard of a father.

What had occurred after that had been a shock, but one which was more easily coped with and put into proper perspective. Her father's incestuous ways, then the two kidnappers with their lies, then the leather-clad and whip-cracking Michelle, then the professor. All hardened her resolve and forced her to grow an impregnable shield around herself. She would never again allow anyone or anything to penetrate her private world. Mindy could take whatever pleasure she would from The Institute, the fancy clothes and fine foods, then derive what she could in the way of physical enjoyment from her assigned patrons, no matter how coarse or degrading they might be to her.

And all the while, she'd be working on a plan for escaping from this hellish Institute.

Mindy stood and slowly walked around the perimeter of the tiny cell in which she was imprisoned. It was only a ten-foot square, mostly dominated by the monstrous king-sized bed. A small dresser and mirror were placed along one wall and niche provided the necessary sanitary facilities. An iron door that seemed impervious to all but the most heavy of cannon fire was securely fastened in such a way as to discourage any attempts at breaching it. The hinges were recessed and partially hidden by the wall, and Mindy had seen the double sliding bolt arrangement that fastened the door on the outside. There was no way she could open both of the dead bolts from inside the cell. One might possibly be thrown, but imagining two could be circumvented in some fashion was daydreaming.

And once in the halls, who knew what kind of alarms or surveillance equipment might be set up? Whoever designed The Institute seemed to have a fetish for observation.

That set Mindy thinking. Perhaps even now she was being watched. She didn't see any method by which she could be seen, save the iron grille on the door. But the minor on the dresser might conceal a hidden pair of eyes.

She did her best to peer behind the dresser mirror. Mindy flattened herself against the cold cement block wall but could see nothing behind the mirror but unbroken expanses of grey concrete. No other possibility existed. Microphones were possible but doubtful. The people of The Institute were too confident; they thought that their young inmates were securely imprisoned.

Mindy considered other avenues of escape besides the obvious iron door. The walls on each side of the cell led to other cells; she remembered noticing that when she had been returned after her bout with the professor. That left the back wall as her avenue of escape. She rested her palm against the wall and found it slightly cooler than the others. This gave Mindy the hope that it might be an outer wall. If she could get through it, she might be able to escape just like the Count of Monte Cristo had from his prison cell.

A spoon seemed like the best method for scraping loose the mortar between the blocks. Mindy oozed under the bed and checked the wall. From their size, she thought if she could get four of the blocks out of the wall, she would be able to squeeze through to freedom. One block would be of sufficient size to see if she had, indeed, picked a viable route for her escape from the small cell.

The mortar was hard, firm, but Mindy's determination was firmer. She spent long hours scraping away at the cement. About a quarter of the way through the mortar on one side of the block, Mindy got a strange feeling, a premonition of approaching danger. She left the spoon on the floor and quickly scrambled back from under the bed to carelessly flop on its springy surface, wrinkling the bedspread.

Just as the rocking motion was dying out from the compressed bed springs, Michelle suddenly appeared in the doorway.

"Well, my pretty pretty, I see you've eaten. I have a special treat for you. Two of our patrons have decided that they want someone new. They want to try something different." The way Michelle said that sounded lewd to Mindy.

But Mindy didn't bat an eye. She just stared, glacially cold green eyes meeting flaming violet ones.

"How should I dress for this special occasion?"

Mindy's tone indicated she couldn't care less about what was done to her.

"My pretty pretty is learning. Your clothing is satisfactory. These patrons don't really care about how the merchandise is wrapped... as long as what's under the outer cover is exciting enough for jaded palates. Come!"

Mindy reluctantly pulled herself erect on the bed, then heaved off the mattress on to her feet. She wondered how many of the other inmates had to put up with Michelle and her dildo, then the professor and two more patrons after supper, all in one day.

Mindy suspected this was some scheme of Michelle's to break her spirit, possibly to make her beg for the filthy rubber cock again. She wouldn't let this get to her; she'd show Michelle and everyone surreptitiously observing her at The Institute that she was made of stem stuff. She wouldn't break. She'd break them first.

Or even better, she'd make a break for freedom. And possibly be the very first to ever escape the clutches of these evil people.

Mindy allowed the leather-clad woman to lead her to another room, this one a gorgeously furnished bedroom. The furniture seemed to pale into insignificance because of the monstrous circular bed in the center of the room. Mindy estimated the diameter of the bed to be at least eight feet, perhaps as much as ten feet. It would accommodate not a couple but a dozen people. She idly wondered if this was to be the scene this time; a dozen people fondling each other and fucking anyone who came close enough.

However, that didn't seem like the sort of thing the clientele of The Institute would enjoy. It lacked anonymity and that seemed to be the single overriding consideration in all of the encounters. Thinking back to the professor, Mindy had to admit rather ruefully that she didn't really remember that much about his appearance. If forced to pick someone from a line, she'd probably fail.

And the man Michelle claimed to be a senator and the other woman with a penchant for young girls... Mindy couldn't remember very much at all about them. Her shock had still not yet worn off to the point where she could study her surroundings.

Mindy vaguely wondered if the shock would ever truly leave her.

"My pretty pretty will just stay here, then do whatever the nice men want you to do." Michelle leered slightly as she left.

The girl took a quick look around the wall and thought she could positively locate the ubiquitous one-way mirror. It dominated the area immediately behind the bed, if a circular bed can be said to have direction. Ostensibly placed for the gratification of the fucking patrons, Mindy suspected that Michelle now lounged behind the glass, possibly with a drink in one hand, and waited for the show to begin.

Mindy wasn't going to disappoint her. She'd give that leather-clad bitch the greatest spectacle ever witnessed by modern man!

The dull click of a door opening caught Mindy's attention. She turned and faced the two men entering the room. Both were in their late twenties, neither could be older than early thirties. Mindy smiled a little and decided she might enjoy this. Both men weren't that bad-looking. In fact, the one with the black hair had a subtle sexiness about him that insinuated itself into the girl's mind and did things to her libido.

Not that the blond and blue-eyed guy was ugly. He had a rugged, weathered look about him, as if he spent many hours outdoors in the harsh winds of the mountains. He was obviously a man accustomed to working with his hands rather than shuffling papers in some air-conditioned office.

The black-haired man spoke, his words coming from his mouth like snails crawling. "Goddamn, Woodie, I don't believe it! Look at 'er!"

Woodie, the blond giant, spoke in that same strange molasses speech. "I told you this was a high-class place. They always have first-rate chicks here. Always."

Mindy inhaled deeply when the pair approached her. Although she had never smoked marijuana, she recognized the odor. Many of her friends had smoked dope in the girls' restroom at school, but she had been paranoid about getting caught.

The girl knew all the symptoms, though. These two men were stoned out of their heads.

"Hey, Jeff, give the girl a light. She doesn't have any matches."

The dark-haired man fumbled for a moment, then said, "Hell, she doesn't even have a number." He rummaged in his pockets again and pulled out a yellow cylinder curiously twisted together at the ends. "Here you go, doll."

Jeff thrust the joint out to Mindy. She hesitated, then decided to go ahead. All her friends had told her how great it was, how grass improved sex. She doubted it, but maybe getting blasted out of her mind before things began would let her just lean back and accept whatever came her way.

"Go on, give 'er a light." Woodie slurred his words together, then carefully sat on the bed. He bounced a few times, then cried in glee, "Hey, man, this is just like riding on an ocean liner! I can feel waves sloshing back and forth and everything."

Jeff pulled out an ornate, extremely expensive lighter and spun the wheel. The flame leaped out, and Mindy cautiously stuck the tip of the joint into the fire. She coughed as she inhaled, and both men laughed.

She inhaled again, this time getting the hang of not swallowing the smoke but forcing it down into her lungs. She kept puffing on the yellow-papered joint but felt nothing except the warm feeling of the heated smoke in her lungs. Mindy tried to offer it to her two companions, but they steadfastly refused.

"No thanks. Had enough to get off how do you like the wheat straw papers? Can't hardly find them around here, here in the middle of the dope capital of the world."

Mindy asked, as casually as possible; "Where's that?"

"Huh? Here! You know, here in L.A."

Woodie began unfastening his shirt, his coordination faulty at times but adequate for the task. "Let's cut the chatter, you two. I want to fuck. Why we come here, you know?"

"Right!" agreed Jeff; and he, too, began peeling off his clothes.

Mindy watched them, noticing the quality of their clothing. It appeared to be cheap denim but the labels indicated otherwise. Whoever these two were, they had lots of money. Seeing this convinced Mindy that her keeper and self proclaimed guardian had been correct when she said that The Institute only catered to the highest class of people. And the wealthiest, at that.

The two men were soon naked, but Mindy was still fully clothed. Jeff began to protest, "Hey, kid, get out of those clothes... those clothes, hear that? I made a rhyme!"

"Yeah, and I want to make some great rhymes with her!" Woodie seemed to have one thing on his mind, and that was fucking.

Mindy didn't feel any effect of the dope on her body yet. She had smoked the entire joint, holding the fumes in her lungs like she'd been told at school. But nothing had happened. Maybe she was a freak and couldn't get high on the stuff like everyone else seemed to. She didn't care. She decided to lead these two potheads a merry chase and have some fun doing it.

As she rose to her feet, Mindy felt the room spin around her. Legs turned to rubber, and when she tried to speak, all she could do was giggle.

Woodie smiled broadly and said, "Dope's getting to her. Come on, Jeff, let's help our little doll out of her rags."

The two naked, stoned men advanced on her, and Mindy could only watch and giggle. The sight of the stark-naked men struck her as uproarious. The two were well-hung and their pricks dangled and bobbed between their legs as they came after her.

In her doped stupor, the sight was just too much for the girl. She had to laugh, yet only silly, high-school-kid giggles found their way from between her luscious lips.

Woodie and Jeff reached her after much groping and stumbling. Woodie began unfastening her blouse, and Jeff worked feverishly on her shoes. She collapsed in a pile onto the soft, springy bed and allowed the men to remove her clothing as they wished. The tingling, warm feeling spreading down her arms and into her palms was so nice, Mindy didn't really care what they did to her. It would have to feel good.

Woodie skinned off her blouse and immediately found Mindy did not have on a bra. He descended instantly to mouth her tits. The feel of the wet mouth on her nipples made Mindy squirm and wiggle in anticipation of better things to come. The prickly sensation flared and spread like wildfire to fill her tits. The twin peaks felt as if they were expanding and filling with pure, unadulterated pleasure. Woodie's mouth sucking the tiny, resilient nubbins produced a vibrant and wonderfully exciting feeling in the girl's body.

When he began to suck and tongue the blood-engorged fingers of flesh rising from their ruddy areolas, Mindy couldn't help but thrust her boobs up in wanton invitation. She wanted Woodie to take more of her tit into his mouth. It was so good having him giving her that tongue-lashing, but she wanted more, more, MORE!

She moaned out, "That's so niiice! Suck harder, please, pleasssse!" Her words began to slur as the effects of the marijuana became more and more evident.

Woodie couldn't reply. He was too busy stuffing the marshmallowy mound into his watering mouth.

Mindy's youthful lit was not yet tbll size, but it was close. Still, Woodie couldn't quite get the entire jug into his yawning mouth. He tried. He tried hard.

He only succeeded in raking his teeth along the snowy slopes of the large cone. Every place his teeth touched burned like fire, seemed to sear into Mindy's chest and further arouse her passions. It seemed that any tactile feeling she normally experienced was doubled, tripled, even quadrupled because of the dope's effect on the pleasure centers of her body.

"Oh, Woodie, my pussssy! My wet little pussssy! Oh!" She was finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate. Mindy's mind wandered from one part of her body to another, always coming back to Woodie's wonderful mouth pulling at her tit. But she wanted -- needed -- him elsewhere.

Her cunt was being woefully neglected.

Jeff had managed to get Mindy's short dress off and was the first to discover she wore no panties. She had considered underwear a bother and, at The Institute, superfluous except as decoration. Mindy had come to this party stripped and ready for action. When Jeff saw her shaved pussy, he muttered, "Goddamn, now that's something I never saw in all my born days! A full-grown chick with a little girl's snatch!"

But his gaze unfocused and he edged back to get another look at his wantonly eager bed partner. When Jeff was again able to plainly see, everything snapped into crystal clarity and was totally in proper perspective. Jeff felt his cock snapping to attention when he saw the twin pillars of Mindy's creamy white legs.

"Those legs!" He emitted a long, loud wolf whistle that went unnoticed. Mindy was lost in the paradise of Woodie's mouth on her jugs, and the blond man was too content with his current position to see what was exciting his friend.

"God, I never saw legs like those!" Jeff took one foot in a trembling hand and delicately kissed the sole. Mindy twitched in reaction. The feather-light brush of his lips on her foot tickled. He began to suck on her toes and lick along the arch until her leg transmitted erotic pleasure signals all the way to her cunt. Jeff followed those nerve impulses and began licking and kissing his way up the teenager's shapely legs. He stroked the trim calf, then the satiny skin rippling in reaction under his caressing hands. He clutched Mindy's knee and reveled in the feel of carnal waves radiating down to him. He didn't care if he was the cause or Woodie was the one responsible for her joy. He was fully enjoying this rare treat. Jeff continued his journey upward towards the junction of the legs he loved so much. He carefully studied every millimeter of wonderous thigh on his explorations, then sighed, his cheek resting against Mindy's leg.

She moaned, "That's... great, Jeff!" Her voice raced off the scale of human audibility as the rapturous tingling surged along her nerves and made her cunt begin its fountaining of juices.

Jeff's bristly beard was a real turn-on for Mindy. As he rubbed his cheek against her thigh, she forgot Woodie, who was now avidly attending to her other jug. Her knees felt weak and watery; she knew she'd topple over if she attempted to stand. But this was the ultimate in sexual fulfillment.

Jeff began nuzzling into her juicy cunt and licking like he had found a lollipop. When his rough tongue fleetingly crossed her completely erect clitoris, a full-scale orgasm clutched Mindy's body and held her captive in the rigid grip for long seconds. As she shuddered and relaxed, she was able only to mutter, "Again, do it againnnn!"

Jeff's hearing was cut off when Mindy clamped her legs down on each side of his head. Instinctively knowing how to prevent the man from leaving the delicately tissued gash that was the entrance to her drooling cunt hole, Mindy had locked her legs onto his head.

Woodie rose up and saw only the black, straight hair of Jeff's head. The man's face was totally buried in the tasty, tangy treat of Mindy's pussy. He couldn't communicate with his buddy except by reaching down and thumping Jeff on the top of the head.

"Jeff! Hey, man, let's cut out this shit and get into her! You seem to like where you are, so I'll take the back way."

Together, they managed to get the stoned girl up on her knees. Jeff sat for a moment in the center of the huge bed and just stared, mouth hanging open in amazement. "Damn, but she's beautiful. Look at those tits. And that smooth snatch. And those... legs!" He was really turned on by Mindy's trim, firm legs and didn't care how many times he said so.

Woodie was rubbing up against the twin globes of Mindy's rear, fondling the asscheeks with his hands. She leaned back languorously and relishing the fantastic sensations that assaulted her body. Everything the two did only increased her enjoyment. The dope had done its work well. She was one giant nerve ending, quivering and trembling and ready to ignite in a monumental orgasm.

Mindy felt Woodie's hairy chest pressing into her back, his powerful hands rhythmically squeezing her butt. She managed to spread her legs as his hand traced down the humid, deep crease of her ass and finally emerged to tickle at her cunt. She was lost in a wondrous land of carnal bliss that would not be denied. Green eyes firmly closed, Mindy floated away on the gentle aura that seemed to fill her body to overflowing.

"Woodie, Woodie, I want you in me. Please! Before this feeling leaves meeee..."

Mindy's voice drifted off as she took a deep breath and the dope fully possessed her mind and body.

Woodie's finger began to dip into the well of Mindy's cunt to trace its way back to the greedy little muscle protecting her ass. The blond man wiggled his finger back and forth across her bung and managed to convince the tense guardian of her rear gate to relax. As soon as the muscle went to sleep, Woodie gently wormed his finger up Mindy's brownie. She squealed out her gladness, then groaned loudly when Woodie worked a second finger into her asshole. He tried to position his cock so that it would be in direct line to enter her butt, but he failed.

Woodie had a moment of inspiration through the purple haze of dope filling his brain. He bent forward and Mindy fell face down onto the bed.

"I-I mmmm, Woodie, you're not in me yet..." the girl complained.

"I know, doll, just get your ass up here so I can!"

Mindy raised herself to a hands and knees position, Jeff suckling at her boobs, while Woodie pulled Mindy's hips firmly back into his groin. He felt the head of his dick push lightly into the asshole, then advanced very carefully. Mindy's body quivered continually in ecstasy now and her words were incoherent. Experiencing the carnal pleasure of the tight grip of Mindy's ass along his shaft, Woodie edged forward into the girl.

As soon as the purpled glans of his turgid cock invaded her asshole, he made a hard, rapid shove that carried his rod a full eight inches up her ass. Both screamed simultaneously at the forceful entry.

"GOD!! You're ripping me aparrrrt!"

Woodie's forehead was covered with sweat and he moaned as the girl had been only seconds before. If he had rammed his prick into a raging hot blast furnace, his meat couldn't have felt hotter. If he had closed a vise on his tool, the pressure along his entire dong couldn't have been greater. Hotter and tighter than any pussy he had ever fucked, Woodie held himself upright and clutched Mindy's ample hips for support.

He couldn't say a word he was so lost in the sheer wondrous pleasure of her tight shitter.

Jeff was feeling cheated. Sucking on Mindy's tits had been nice, but he wasn't a tit fancier. He'd never turn down the chance to gently gnaw on one, never. But legs -- and what rested at their juncture -- were his big turn-on.

Jeff reached under Mindy's shoulders and slowly helped the girl up to her knees again, being careful not to dislodge his friend's cock from Mindy's asshole. Sinking deeply into the springy bed did not aid his cause, but Jeff was persistent and the goal worthwhile.

Woodie instinctively locked his arms around Mindy's trim waist until Jeff wiggled forward to lightly press his own rigid, throbbing prick up to the girl's wet cuntlips.

"AIEEE! God, Jeff, stuff it in! Get your great big cock inside me right now! I need yoooou!"

Jeff's equilibrium was a little oft both from the grass and the constantly moving bed on which he knelt. As soon as he could manage, he found Mindy's blood-rigid pussylips and rammed his tool into her well-lubricated cunt.

"Uuuuh!" he gulped as he felt the compression and boiling heat of her twat engulf his cock. He wobbled slightly, then heaved upward, forcing the base of his rod firmly against those trembling cuntlips.

Inside the girl, he could feel Woodie's cock through the thin internal membranes. The tissues seemed tough enough as they both began stroking, short, deliberate movements at first, then with wild abandon as their passions got the better of them.

Drifting on the winds of ecstasy, completely and wonderfully filled with two cocks, Mindy was experiencing erotic pleasures such as she had never before imagined. Her young body seemed to be seized by the throes of perpetual orgasm as one tremendous shudder after another shook her. She could no longer control her motions, she couldn't voice coherent words, but it no longer mattered. All that mattered was the intense joy that rocketed up and down her cunt and asshole. Those twin pillars of man meat gave her more stimulation than any other sex act ever had.

She floated, she drifted, she was tossed on the kaleidoscopic winds of sex until she imagined herself to be a bird. She was a white bird, flapping its wings in a giant gale. As if flying into a hurricane, every fiber of her body was racked, wrenched and touched, but it was a physically gratifying torture of unalloyed happiness that filled her body like water fills a drinking glass.

She was aware of Woodie and Jeff fucking into her cunt and ass, and relishing the superlative friction of their tools inside her, the pressure of their cocks on each other through her inner walls.

Mindy quaked, then she felt the rumblings in her loins take on greater and greater intensity. When both Jeff and Woodie came, their sperm jetted into her twin holes with fiery insistence. It only added to her pleasure. Like lava poised to erupt from a volcano, she sensed a prodigious climax forming in her crotch.

Her clitoris grew in size until it felt as if it would burst apart. Then, without further need of stimulation, Mindy was completely lost in the bewildering paradise of orgasm.

Her mind exploded along with her body, and she screamed, "Oooooh Chriiiist!" over and over until the electricity racing along her nerves subsided and no longer picked at her brain. The girl slowly relaxed from her cataclysmic orgasm and returned to the world of The Institute.

Mindy collapsed to the side, both men having pulled their pricks out of her. Woodie lay on his back, his prick already a sleeping snake. Jeff sat cross-legged and watched his cock melt like an icicle in the hot sun. He only said, "What a fuckin' fantastic fuck."

Mindy curled up, drained of her entire sexual energies and sated enough to want to fall asleep. Her body's tingly feeling was dying as the effects of the grass wore off. But she didn't care. All that mattered was the incomparable fucking she had just received from these two well-hung men. That and she had robbed Michelle of the pleasure of seeing her beg for mercy.

Those thoughts secure in her mind, Mindy fell asleep in the center of the huge bed.


Mindy worked frantically at the mortar surrounding the cement block. A week's work had worn down the spoon a considerable amount, but she had succeeded in almost completely freeing the block she had chosen to concentrate her efforts on. Mindy was cramped under the bed; it was less than ten inches from the floor to the bottom of the bed. But that very fact gave her an added safety factor.

If Michelle considered the possibility of tunneling through the wall, she would expect the girl to move the bed. By crawling underneath the springs the way she did, Mindy was assured of relative seclusion and privacy from probing eyes. Also, any noise she made would be dulled by the sound-deadening mattress overhead.

Her only fear was that, once the block was removed, she'd find herself in another cell. While the possibility dampened her spirits slightly, she still managed to cheer herself on with the fact that this wall was cooler than the other three. It did not necessarily mean it was an outer wall, but Mindy hoped that it gave her better odds that it led to the outer world and freedom.

Long, rasping noises seemed deafening as she dragged her crude chisel over the mortar. But, in her haste, Mindy didn't care. She ground the spoon handle firmly into the cement. Soon, sparks flying into her face, she managed to remove the last vestige of clinging mortar, Mindy's heart raced in anticipation. This was the moment of truth. If she worked the block out and found only another room, her efforts would have been in vain. A grim, ominous joke and nothing more. If a bright, sunny California day met her eager, questing eyes, she would be vindicated and could escape in a matter of days.

The girl's slender fingers were scraped and chafed by the rough block. It was difficult, but the stubborn block began to move under her frantic pressure. The block oozed out of the wall inch by inch until Mindy could get a good grip on it. With a huge straining of her tired muscles, she removed the block.

Only blackness met her eyes. Mindy almost cried until she noticed that a gentle breeze blew through her tiny portal. A breeze smelling of salt and fish. She carefully peered through the single-block hole and saw the dew-dampened grass and the dull glow of city lights in, the distance. No stars dotted the sky as they did in Denver, but Mindy considered this due to the smog that clung to the Los Angeles air like a barnacle to a ship's hull.

All that truly mattered was that this would be the path out of The Institute.

She carefully slipped the block back into its niche. Satisfied with her work, the girl edged out from under the bed, went to the tiny washbasin and quickly cleaned the grey cement dust from her hands. Taking a deep breath, she tossed herself onto the soft, yielding bed and silently rejoiced in the knowledge that her yellow brick road was in sight. How stupid she had been expecting sunlight when she did not know what time it was. She had somehow imagined that The Institute followed a normal schedule and allowed its inmates to sleep during the nighttime hours.

Possibly some of the inmates did live according to a normal, outer-world time table, but the patrons she'd seen might be cramming their extracurricular activities in after their normal work hours. She was one of the night crew servicing the daytime workers and nighttime revelers.

Mindy's thoughts were interrupted by Michelle's entry into the cell.

"Is my pretty pretty ready for a special treat?" Mindy scowled. She had come to know Michelle in the week -- two weeks -- she had been a prisoner in The Institute. Whatever the leather woman relished meant acute discomfort or even pain for Mindy.

"If you have something different, yeah. Otherwise, find someone else."

Mindy knew that Michelle was no longer in a position to brutally punish her as she had done in the first days at The Institute. In some strange way, she realized the higher-ups at The Institute had sided with her against the brutal redhead. Not being able to use her whip as she liked, Michelle was tending more and more to psychological torture.

Mindy thought the redhead would have made a great Gestapo or SS officer. Michelle had both the disposition and inclination to be vicious.

"Ah, my pretty pretty jokes! That's fine because you will need a sense of humor. Come along. You're going to get your first taste of dark meat."

Mindy silently rose to her feet, wondering what the woman meant by that remark.

She soon found out. Alone in a room outfitted to look like a posh business suite sat a powerfully built black man. When Mindy walked in, the man said in a deeply resonant, educated voice, "Please be seated. We shall begin dictation in a moment."

Mindy sat in the indicated chair, wondering what this guy's trip was. Why did he have to play the big-time executive? She knew that a pauper never, but never got into The Institute. This black guy had to be loaded with money, possibly power, and was probably a high-level executive.

Why did he have to pretend?

The black man stirred slightly in his plush chair, then said, "I've wanted to say this for some time, Mrs. McGill. May I call you Nancy? I know your name is Lil, but everybody calls you Nancy."

Mindy was perplexed. Was the man insane, or did he just have some freaky little fantasy he enjoyed acting out?

She figured she could play along and see where it led. "That's fine. Calling me Nancy, I mean."

"Thank you, Nancy. I suppose you know that I don't have any dictation today." His eyes glided over her body, taking in every curve and seductive bulge. Mindy couldn't help but think, although she couldn't see his lap, that he had a pronounced bulge there, too.

"Nancy... I've wanted you for so long it's become an obsession." He stood, towering over Mindy. He was heavy, perhaps two hundred twenty pounds and tall, topping six feet three. He began to pace, hands locked behind his back.

"I've always been afraid you'd refuse me. Turn me down. Laugh at my overtures. I know that a secretary, and a married one, should not get involved with her boss."

"But, Nancy, I love you madly."

"What do you want me to do?" Mindy was becoming interested in this entire scenario being unfolded in front of her.

"Suck me off."

Mindy sighed and settled back into her chair. At least the guy was being very straight-forward about voicing his desires. Mindy carefully studied his powerful frame and wondered again why he didn't just proposition the real Nancy McGill. Any woman would be a fool to turn down a man who was rich, powerful and as brawny as this guy.

"Let me tell you something about women, uh..." Mindy hesitated. She didn't know his name and was afraid to ask. "Let me say this. Women like strong men, good-looking men. You're certainly good-looking, but you're being far too timid. I won't suck you off because you're begging me."

"It should be the other way around. I should be begging you for your gorgeous, long black cock. And if I don't, you should tell me to."

The man continued to pace, then stopped and looked squarely into the girl's brilliant emerald green eyes.

"You're very perceptive, Nancy. Too much, I think. I order people around all day long. They are pawns in my financial empire. I want something more from you than my having to order you to get down on your knees."

His voice held the snap of command, and Mindy felt herself slipping out of the chair and dropping to her knees to stare up at the towering giant of "her" boss.

"Unzip my fly."

Mindy hurriedly fumbled with the man's zipper, and the huge black cock snapped out like an opening switchblade knife. She stared in mute amazement at the man's prick. It gleamed a blue-black in the florescent lighting of the room and twitched slightly with barely suppressed passions for his beloved Nancy McGill. Mindy gingerly reached out and clutched it in her hand, surprised at the girth. She'd seen quite a few cocks since she'd been in The Institute, some longer than this man's. But she had never encountered a prick that was so large in circumference. If he attempted to bury this spike of black meat in her cunt, he could rip her open all the way to the chin!

She tenderly stroked his tool, feeling blood pump continuously into the lusty rod and expanding it even more than it already was. Mindy wondered how large it would grow. She could close her hand around it now, but if the cylinder of man meat continued to expand, she'd have difficulty closing her slender fingers around it.

"Hmmm, Nancy, that feels good. Keep stroking it, keep fondling my cock."

Mindy didn't answer. She had already tired of merely feeling the warmth and softly rippled surface. She wanted more and was determined to get it. The girl began lightly kissing the purple-black cockhead, lavishing wet kisses all over the hooded head of the black man's shaft. When Mindy reached the ultra sensitive triangle of skin immediately underneath the tiny pinprick hole in the end of the rod, she gently nipped at the folds of flesh.

Mindy thought the man was going to lose his mind. He shrieked, "Ooooohhh Goddddd! Moooore! I want mooore!" In his passion, the girl noticed that he spoke with a slightly British accent, just like a friend of hers who had come to the U.S. from Bristol.

Ignoring such minor things as accents, the girl obliged his whim. She began licking, carefully biting and kissing the sensitive area, giving it all the attention it had apparently lacked. She finally took just the black head of his dick into her mouth and began to lightly gnaw on the resilient flesh. The man groaned and writhed with increasing passion, pivoting around the spike buried in Mindy's mouth.

Mindy's mouth formed an "O", and she began to suck, gradually at first and only at the very tip of his dong. As her cheeks sank and became more and more concave, she lowered herself on the long, black cock and homed in on the curly bush of his crotch hair.

She didn't miss a wrinkle of skin, a single inch of his prick on her carnal journey to his groin. Her lips strained to surround his tool. His rod had grown so large, her jaws cracked with the unnatural exertion she was having forced upon her. But Mindy didn't care. The girl had never before tasted such a wonderful cock.

She had been raised on white meat. The teenager had to admit that black meat wasn't all that bad, either.

Mindy carefully guided is huge whang into her mouth, the top of his cocktip sliding wetly along the roof of her mouth. She was no Linda Lovelace, but she had learned how to take a man's prick without gagging. She didn't know whether to thank Michelle and The Institute for that or not.

Until now. Now she was happy that the other, less pleasant experiences had been forced on her. Mindy could happily enjoy as much of this succulent, tasty treat as possible without the slightest bit of discomfort.

Her lips felt the bristly hairs of his crotch. She wiggled her nose, wrinkled it and began rubbing it into the area around his rigid cock. The man's legs turned to water and he sank to the floor, unable to stand any longer.

Mindy's agile mouth followed him to the ground. He spread his legs slightly to allow her full access to his prick. That glistening black shaft jutted proudly, bounced and quivered in anticipation as his fantasy began coming true. Nancy and Mindy was sucking him off!

Mindy reached out to gently touch the hairy little sac dangling under the monstrous cock she so avidly sucked. She tweaked the tightly compacted balls, toyed with them, then squeezed the slightest bit until the man's pleasure increased by leaps and bounds.

And that pleasure was rapidly reaching its ultimate peak, too. The black stud kept moaning over and over, "Nancy, oh, Nancy, darling! Suck on it harder! HARDER!"

Mindy tried her damnedest. Her diaphragm was already beginning to tense under the exertion. But she continued her sucking the best she could. The cocksucking girl slowly traveled the length of the man's shaft with her mouth. There was no great difficulty fitting the black prick into her mouth; the only problem she encountered was the huge girth of the tool.

This dick was HUGE!

She lightly scored his cock as she descended towards his belly, taking his rod into her wet oral cavern once more. Her teeth brushed against the sides of his cock and strained nerves that had probably never been activated before. It was everything Mindy could do to follow his bucking, wildly thrashing hip actions.

He bucked and slid and thrust his tool deeply into her mouth, trying to gain an even deeper penetration, even more intense erotic sensations in his dick. Mindy knew how to bring him off. She did not increase her motion along his pistoning dong. She simply used the same deliberate strokes as when she had begun her blow job. The girl was enjoying the cocksucking as much as the man, and she wasn't going to rush it needlessly.

Mindy locked her teeth around the backside of the flaring crown at the very end of the black cock. Her tongue rapidly spiraled and circled around the sensitive tip, tried to force its way down through the pisshole at the tip. The man's cries were totally incoherent now; he was quickly approaching his climax.

Mindy felt the head of the ebony cock expand, expand far larger than she could have ever imagined possible. The first savory drip into her mouth was crystal-clear pre-seminal fluid. She swallowed and continued to suck his prick as hard as she could. Mindy knew what was coming and didn't want to miss any of it.

The man was coming. And in an instant her mouth would be flooded with gallons of his jism. She wanted to be ready to relish every single gob that erupted from his inky shaft.

The teenager didn't have long to wait. She felt a spasmodic jerk, then the torrents of white, hot cum gushed down into her awaiting throat. Mindy swallowed, swallowed again, and swallowed a third time to get this incredible amount of cum from her mouth. The first three spurts past, she continued her suction on his shaft to milk every drop she could from his tightly clenched balls.

Massaging the tiny, compact sac laden with his rocks, she elicited another spurt of man seed. This she held in her mouth, rolled it around to expose every single tastebud to the creamy, gooey juice. Mindy was like some wine connoisseur, a gourmet, an expert sampling and passing judgment on the delightful cream gliding across her palate.

She was satisfied. This black stud was a vintage find.

Mindy straightened and gazed down at the man. His black cock was still straight and had not yet begun to go limp. It gleamed blue-black and reflected light from her saliva that had laved every section of his tremendous prick. The man purred like a lithe, sleek black leopard lounging in the sun.

Soon, the once proud and mighty cock began to shrink, then it died. Mindy tenderly guided the limp tool back into the man's trousers, then zipped the fly closed.

Recovering from his tumultuous orgasm, the man's jet-black eyes stared at Mindy. "Well, Nancy, I think that should do it for today." He swallowed hard, began to say something else, then stopped.

"Really?" Mindy asked. "Didn't it ever occur to you that sucking on your fine piece of dark meat might have excited me, too? That I might want some of the same treatment in return?" If she read him correctly, the black dude was just itching to sample her cunt. He was such a strange combination of self-confidence and shyness. Mindy couldn't help but wonder what the real Nancy was like to inhibit such a sexually powerful and dominant man.

"Get up on the desk." It wasn't a statement, it was a command. Mindy smiled and hurriedly obeyed.

She perched herself on the edge of the large mahogany desk. Like everything else in The Institute, no expense had been spared to make this appear to be a high-powered executive's office. The desk was so huge, Mindy imagined The Institute renting its top out for Los Angeles Rams' practice sessions. She quickly repressed the thought. She must do nothing to ever let on that she knew where The Institute was located. The vague hints she had received from Michelle indicated they were into more shady dealings than some large-scale prostitution and gambling. Drugs, extortion, protection, even murder on contract all seemed to fit into the scheme in some way that Mindy had never figured out. She didn't really care to know she just wanted to stay alive by doing what she was told until she could escape and never come back to this place.

She dangled long, snow-white legs over the edge of the desk, then turned slightly, provocatively. Her pink tongue snaked out and circuited her red-tinted lips in the most suggestive manner she could muster. Mindy wasn't getting paid for this, but nothing had ever been said that she couldn't enjoy being The Institute's sex slave if the opportunity presented itself.

Mindy felt that this was a golden a black golden-opportunity and one not to be missed.

The ebony man walked over to her, then shoved her flat onto the desk top. With her legs hanging over the edge of the desk, Mindy was completely at the man's mercy. She felt the urge to be able to call him something, a name rather than "Hey, you".

"Tm, Mr., uh, Mr..." She hoped that he would pick up on the cue and tell her his name.

"Call me Rocky. I think I'd like that, Nancy." He began sliding her short, thigh-length skirt up around the girl's waist.

"Oh, Rocky, yes, that's what I want!" She scooted a little bit towards the man and raised her hips from the flat surface to allow him the chance to slip her panties off.

Rocky gasped at the sight of the starkly bare cunt. Mindy quietly said, "Do you like it, Rocky? I shaved it just for you. Just in case you'd want to..."

"It's gorgeous! Nancy, Nancy..." Rocky's voice was lost as he dived between the alabaster pillars of her legs to avidly lick and lap at Mindy's wet cunt.

With her skirt hiked up around her waist, her butt resting on the very edge of the desk, Rocky had a clear shot at the streaming, hairless pussy. His kinky black hair tickled Mindy's inner thighs, excited her. Excited her almost as much as the deft, delving tongue that speared into her oozing twat. She felt the tongue curl and lap at her seething cunt, capturing droplets of pussy lubricants and carrying them back to Rocky's mouth.

His tongue swirled and touched against the turgid cuntlips and the delicately scalloped, pink inner meat. Mindy groaned, tried to force her hips down onto Rocky's face. She loved it, she loved the wet, warm feel of his tongue playing in her cunt!

He thrust his tongue far up her velvety hole, rotating and pressing into the rippled tissues of the cunt walls. His tongue was soon completely covered with her pussy juices. He slurped and gulped like a man dying of thirst, a man who had just found a well of flowing, tasty, slightly salty, life-giving fluids. Rocky's tongue left the warmth of the tight cunt and began to stroke up and down along the denuded exterior of Mindy's gash.

When his tongue collided with the tiny, quivering clit, Mindy cried out, "There, Rocky! Oooohhh! Damn, fuck me! I want you to fuck meee!"

His tongue curled around the little nubbin of erectile tissue and stroked it from base to its pointy tip. The needle of flesh shivered under his oral assault. Rocky's breath was coming faster and faster, and he began to sound like a berserk locomotive. His excitement knew no limits when he smelled the distinct musk odor of an aroused woman, a woman he was pushing closer and closer to the abyss of orgasm.

The thought that he was doing this to... Nancy... filled his mind and agitated his emotions again. Rocky's tongue lashed out with increased fervor, giving Mindy's twat the tongue-lashing of its life.

The girl could barely stay on the desk top. She clutched with fierce intensity at the rim around the circumference of the desk, but her hips seemed to have come alive and possessed a life of their own. Every time Rocky's delving tongue touched her puffy gash or cut, rockets of sheer carnal delight soared into her body and exploded with fury in her cunt. The feel of his woolly hair on her tender, inner legs strained her passions even more. The combination of all the sensations were arousing her, tormenting her and torturing her with the wondrous pain of sexual gratification and satiation.

The warmth began to fill her body like an empty vessel filling with hot liquids. Her innards boiled and tumbled over and over as she neared an orgasm of her own.

Mindy placed her creamy thighs on Rocky's broad shoulders. When he rose up slightly to get back into her cunt with his mouth, her knees lifted. This action opened her gash more fully to his questing tongue. As he dipped into the seething pit of wet cunt meat, Mindy twitched and screamed, "Yesss! Take me, Rocky! Fuck ME NOW!"

The black man continued lapping Mindy's gushing snatch. As his tongue swirled around inside her boiling-hot slot, he was almost drowned by a torrential outpouring of her cunt juices. His ears were brutally imprisoned as the girl's thighs snapped down hard on his head and orgasm surged throughout her body. Mindy bucked and humped up, thrusting her twat into his face for more, ever more of his expert tonguing. Rocky tried hard, but he could not reach all the way up along her cunt hole to lightly touch her cervix.

When the orgasm died in the girl and she gradually regained her senses, Rocky carefully disengaged her legs from each side of his head. Cunt juice trickled down his chin and dribbled onto his brown business suit. Neither seemed to notice.

Mindy managed to regain her composure, then lowered her skirt, forgetting entirely about her panties. They were superfluous. Besides, they'd just get wet. She was still gushing juices from her cock-starved cunt.

"Now, Mrs. McGill, I want that letter typed and sent off immediately. I don't have anything further for you this afternoon. You may leave after you've finished the letter and posted it."

Mindy smoothed her skirt and nodded. She had been dismissed.

But she didn't care. She was finally getting into the swing of The Institute, beginning to enjoy the assignments she was given. Who could tell? She might even decide to stay on. It wasn't that bad a life, all things considered. She got plenty of fucking as well as incredibly diverse sexual encounters; there was an abundance of fine foods all expertly fixed; she had posh quarters and a lavish wardrobe. The few drawbacks like Michelle and the enforced solitude might be changed. Hadn't Michelle alluded to the fact that the higher-ups had their eye on her?

Mindy thought she might be able to work her way up in the power structure of The Institute someday soon. It was a cheering thought to the girl.


Mindy considered working some more on her private escape path through the wall, then decided she'd just take it easy for a while. The past week hadn't been bad, not bad at all. Every single one of the patrons had asked for something she was more than happy to deliver with gusto. The initial shock and humiliation dealt out by Michelle had now worn away and was nothing but an unpleasant memory. Mindy was even beginning to enjoy her enforced servitude at The Institute.

Michelle kept inadvertently dropping hints that one of the bosses had taken a special interest in Mindy, that the higher-ups in general were quite pleased with her performance. Rocky had even kicked in with an extra grand; Mindy had wormed that information from Michelle. The redhead had reluctantly admitted it. Just hearing the confession wrung from the cruel woman's thin lips heartened Mindy, made her feel she was really on top of the situation.

Woodie and Jeff had been interesting. She hoped someday another of the patrons would need to get off on smoking dope. That had been a special thrill for her, that and having two big cocks stuffed into her cunt and asshole at the same time. And the professor hadn't really been all that bad; Mindy had even enjoyed his treatment. But this was in retrospect. At the time, she had been completely terrified.

Some of the other patrons were far more mundane. One had not even touched her. All she had to do to please him was slowly strip while he jacked himself off. Another had frightened her a bit, insisting on sticking needles in her.

Doc, as Mindy had taken to calling him, had not hurt her at all. In fact, it had been kind of freaky balling a guy when you had a couple needles stuck in the right places. Doc was an acupuncture specialist and had wanted to try out his theories concerning the placement of the slender slivers of steel and increased sexual drives.

The girl couldn't say she got more out of fucking him than she would have without the needles -- the guy was really good in bed and well-hung -- but it had been different.

In fact, everything about The Institute was different. Mindy reflected on her future. Back in Denver, she'd wanted to be an airline stewardess. Either that or possibly a nurse. Now that she was here in The Institute, surrounded by luxuries beyond her wildest dreams, the thoughts of putting up with dirty old lechers pinching her butt while she bent over to serve TV dinners on an airplane tossed by air turbulence or carrying shit-filled bedpans didn't really appeal to her any more.

Mindy snuggled down in the soft fur bedspread she had been given after her session with Rocky. It felt so good on her naked back, caressing and cradling her. She rolled over on to her stomach and felt the softness rubbing against the twin points of her tits and the smooth plane of her belly. By spreading her legs slightly, she could rub her once gloriously furred cunt mound against the fur of the bedspread.

It was so cozy, so peaceful. That it was also a prison didn't bother Mindy too much any more. Everyone lived in a prison of some kind. She was coming around to considering the best ways of freeing herself from this cell, not through the tiny hole she'd clawed in the wall, but by taking Michelle's job away from her. There had to be a way. There was always a way if a person was determined enough.

She'd find out the proper method and use it.

Airline stewardess? Nurse? No, those were childish fantasies. It would be so much more profitable being in a position of power at The Institute.

Mindy was just drifting off to sleep, swaddled in the fine fur spread, when the squeak of the iron door opening awakened her. She peered up with cold green eyes at Michelle. In the past week, every time the red-haired bitch had come in, she had been a trifle on the fearful side, as if she dreaded being near Mindy. But not this time. Michelle's amethyst eyes seemed to dance and sparkle with some hidden jest.

Mindy hoped the joke wouldn't be at her expense.

"My pretty pretty all rested? Come along. This lime we have a very special patron for you. A regular patron and one I'm sure you'll really like!" Michelle's tone belied the sugary words. Mindy was reasonably certain that she would not enjoy the coming event.

"You're too good to me, Michelle." Mindy hoisted herself from the comfortable bed. "What should I wear?"

"Something terrible, my pretty pretty, something flimsy."

The leer on Michelle's lips told Mindy that it was going to be a very trying session with this patron. Just to keep the redhead in her place, Mindy inquired casually, "Is there any chance I could meet one of the bosses around here? You know, the people who tell you when to jump through the hoop?"

The reaction was all the girl could have hoped for. Michelle snapped her whip, the black tongue tickling the hairs on the side of Mindy's blonde head. But the captive noted that Michelle never landed the whip across those smooth, satiny shoulders or unmarred back any longer. Valuable merchandise was never intentionally damaged, not without paying the consequences. And Mindy's role as captive had taken on new dimensions. In certain instances she was able to turn the tables, be the one to infuriate and torment.

Content for the moment, Mindy quickly chose an old white blouse and shocking-pink slacks. She slipped her petite feet into brown loafers and marveled at the incongruity of the outfit. But Michelle said it didn't matter, so it didn't matter. Simple.

"Let's be off, Michelle. We simply must not keep your special friend waiting."

Mindy boldly walked out of the cell, pushing past Michelle. The woman slammed the iron cell door and then followed, having to half-run to catch up with the now-distant girl. When Michelle was virtually even, Mindy lengthened her stride imperceptibly and Michelle found herself unable to keep up at a normal pace. Mindy was beginning to enjoy playing these little games with her guardian, as dangerous as they were. One-upsmanship was fun when you held the trump card; it could be fatal in these circumstances if the cards were badly played.

Michelle finally snapped, "In there." She kicked open a door with more force than necessary. Mindy smiled sweetly as she entered, then turned and gazed up into the red-haired woman's flashing, violet-colored eyes.

"Thank you, dear Michelle." Again Mindy revealed her ivory white teeth in a perfectly ingenuous smile. Somehow, the returning smile from Michelle managed to put her on guard and kill that feeling of momentary superiority over her perpetual tormentor. The woman obviously knew what was in store for the girl and was relishing the thought.

Mindy released her pent-up breath as the door closed with a tiny click, indicating that the snap lock had been fastened. For better or for worse, she was stuck here until the patron was satisfied.

Green eyes slowly scanned the room. It was nothing elaborate. In fact, as bedroom suites at The Institute went, this one was rather plain and nondescript. The walls were barren of decoration except for the ever-present mirror. But Mindy had come to expect that, since every room used by the patrons had some form of observation device.

The bed was unspectacular. It had a nice spread with a gaudy pattern on top, but it was the standard king-sized bed that could be had in most motels. Mindy idly thought, as she sat down on the bed to await her next patron. There isn't even a TV set in this room.

The door opened and closed, and Mindy never heard it. She jumped to her feet as a cold hand was laid on her shoulder. The girl wasn't allowed to turn as the pressure increased and forced her onto her back. Supine on the cold linoleum floor, she had her first chance to see her patron.

It was the close-cropped, white-haired lesbian she had seen on her first day at The Institute. Scenes from that day flashed through Mindy's mind and left a confused haze of a young girl licking this woman's shoes, then her cunt while the poor child was being whipped with an incredibly nasty-looking whip.

Mindy's self-confidence evaporated like mist before the morning sun. She wasn't certain she could effectively deal with this woman, not on her own terms and maintain the dignity she had somehow managed to build up during the past couple of weeks. The woman would call the shots; she would be the dominant and domineering one. Even the most subtle forms of suggestion that Mindy had learned to employ would fall on deaf ears.

Mindy became frightened. And, ironically, as fear surged through her body, she felt her crotch begin watering.

"Well, I suppose you'll do. You're too old. I told Michelle I wanted a teenager this time."

Mindy swallowed hard and said, "If you aren't satisfied, I'm sure Michelle will..."

"Shut up, you little slut!" the woman harshly said as she backhanded Mindy across the face. "Speak only if you're spoken to. You'll be just fine if you don't cross me and do as I tell you."

Mindy held her stinging face with both hands, cringing away from this violent woman. It was as she feared. Control had slipped from her grasp. Now Michelle was back in the saddle, riding high and fully in command. Mindy would never be able to recover her poise after this session.

The woman began undressing. She did it artlessly and without regard to her audience. Mindy watched and slowly rubbed her face until the burning went away and left only four thin red marks where the woman's fingers had impacted on tender white skin.

In a few minutes, the woman was totally naked, lewdly so from Mindy's point of view. The woman was in her late forties and heavy-set. Mindy shuddered at the sight of the pendulous boobs, almost obscene in the way they bounced and swayed in the air in front of her chest. The ruddy areolas seemed to trace out invisible circles and figure eights as they wobbled to and fro.

Mindy cringed again when the woman snapped, "Get those clothes off, you silly bitch. I'm not paying those Goddamn bloodsuckers to fool around. I want some action." Not even allowing Mindy the chance to begin undressing, the naked woman straddled the girl's waist and brutally ripped off the blouse. She sneered slightly at the sight of the high, firm tits revealed by her uncouth methods of disrobing her victim.

Mindy managed to kick off her shoes as the woman clawed at the slacks and skinned the frightened teenager out of them in an instant. Small, bloody tracks were left down the sides of Mindy's legs where the woman's fingernails had gotten a little too close in their haste to strip off the unwanted clothing.

The scratches were minor, but they hurt Mindy far out of proportion to the damage done to her body.

"All right, up on the bed!" the woman commanded.

Mindy was forcefully picked up and deposited on the bed against her will. The woman was too strong for her to resist; she knew the penalties for fighting against a patron's desires. She had been shown one girl who had literally been mutilated in the way of punishment after she had viciously bitten a patron's cock. Mindy could only go along with this woman, no matter what she demanded.

The woman threw herself full length next to Mindy and pulled the girl to her with powerful arms. Their mouths met, then melted together as the woman's passions soared. Her tongue irresistibly forced its way into Mindy's wet mouth and began exploring. The very tip of that pink, rough, snakelike appendage caressed the insides of Mindy's lips, then traced out each and every tooth. Mindy tried to pull away, but the woman was too strong for her. She attempted to push the groping organ from her mouth using her own tongue. This was exactly what the dyke wanted. She relished the frightened-bird feeling in Mindy, the helplessness she was engendering. She was on a power trip and got off on dominating young, inexperienced girls who would be terrified at the things she did.

She was an expert doing that as she was with the use of her tongue. Their tongues twined and twirled together in a mad, erotic dance. In spite of herself, Mindy began to enjoy the oral foreplay.

The woman's hands roved ceaselessly over Mindy's body, tweaking the burgeoning red nipples, pressing firmly on the flat, well-muscled belly and lightly fingering the smooth crotch between her captive inmate's legs. The woman seemed to be enjoying the feel of the warm, satiny-smooth flesh flowing under her agile fingers.

Mindy's cunt began juicing more and more as the woman ran her hand across the slit, pressing down with the side of her hand to compress the sensitive flesh of the cuntlips. Mindy shivered with erotic lances of flame leaping from her cunt into her belly. It felt so good, so incredibly, indescribably good to have someone -- anyone -- diddling with her yearning snatch.

For a brief instant, Mindy's mind settled back to the reality of her predicament. She was not with a man. She was not having a man thrust his fingers into her cunt. She was with a woman, a vicious woman who enjoyed inflicting pain and humiliation on her sex partner. A woman who got off in a big way watching young girls cower as she forced them into satisfying her own perverted sexual desires.

But this was secondary. Everything so far was great! What was the difference if the woman were feeling her up or if a man were doing it?

It was still the finest feeling in the world!

Mindy snuggled closer to the woman, felt their tits begin to rub together. On an impulse, Mindy began plying her nipples against those of the woman. Her taut, pert little cherry-colored nubbins of aroused flesh poked into the more yielding, ruddy nipples of her partner. Mindy began a mock duel using her boobs. Nipples gently rotated and brushed across the corresponding nubbins of resilient flesh, and they both started breathing more heavily.

Suddenly, the woman pulled back and snapped, "STOP THAT! You wanton little whore! All you think about is your own gratification!"

The woman reached behind her and pulled a white plastic cylinder from the bedside table. She held it aloft for Mindy to see, then flicked a switch at the base of the implement. The vibrator began to hum and quiver in anticipation of being buried up a female hole.

Just seeing the vibrator excited Mindy. She had often wondered what it felt like to have the quivery instrument crammed up her twat. She could hardly wait to find out.

The woman did not immediately stick it into Mindy's cunt. She first brushed the quivering plastic rod across Mindy's pebble-hard little buttons. Fiery tongues of flame scorched sensitive nerves and made Mindy feel weak and rubbery in nervous reaction.

The throbbing tool was sheer heaven on her aroused tits. But it would be ever so much much better up her gushing pussy!

As if sensing the girl's desires, the woman began to drag the vibrator from its position atop the slightly upturned boobs to the deep valley between the mountains of tit flesh. Delving deeply into the girl's navel for a moment, until she began to moan and clutch with fervid need at the tormenting woman's shoulders, the quivering shaft moved at an agonizing snail's pace.

The woman hesitated and pressed the throbbing instrument against Mindy's nude pussy mound -- pressed down hard until Mindy cried out in a strange mixture of pleasure and pain.

Mindy's body was racked with deep, passion filled shudders, mostly of delight. How could she have ever thought this woman was going to give her pain? Especially now when she was promising her a brand-new and excitingly different experience. Being at The Institute was certainly rounding out the girl's sexual experiences.

The vibrator-wielding woman tormented the cuntlips, but it was sweet torture for Mindy. The girl spread her legs and reached down to open her box for the insertion of the shivering rod.

With a suddenness that took her completely by surprise, the woman rammed the full ten inches of throbbing plastic far up into the girl's cunt. Mindy screamed in agony as pain ripped through her being. Once housed in her delicate hole, the vibrator continued its mindless quiverings.

The woman gripped the end of the vibrator and began rotating it, twisting it while the vibrator was still deeply buried in its sheath of cunt flesh. Mindy began to cry. The tickling, titillating sensation that transmitted itself to her delicate pussy tissues was exhilarating; it felt as if thousands of fleecy-winged butterflies had flown up into her cunt and were fluttering around trying vainly to escape. But the coarse, excruciating tearing action of the plastic against her tender cunt walls made her gasp with pathetic little yelps.

If the woman had allowed the vibrator to lie in her twat, Mindy would have enjoyed the feeling to the utmost. By adding the twisting to the plastic instrument's motions, Mindy felt reamed to the very core. It hurt, it hurt so abysmally that she could not even form coherent words to shout out her protests.

Mindy's eyes filled with tears, and they began to trickle down her cheeks, leaving salty tracks behind. It felt as if she were being gutted -- while still alive to suffer through every hideous instant of the torture.

The woman wasn't content to savagely twist the ten-inch length inside the poor, abused girl's snatch. She yanked it out while maintaining the savage rotary motion. Mindy almost fainted from the intense pain that knifed into her.

The white plastic was slippery from Mindy's cunt juices and a considerable amount of blood. The woman had ripped the cunt walls and caused a copious flow of blood to gush out onto the bed. While Mindy was sobbing, gasping out her pitiful cries, the woman had a flash of inspiration. She rolled the girl over and began drilling at her tiny asshole with the great, over-sized vibrating prick.

The white-haired woman found the opening to Mindy's bung and didn't bother to slow down her headlong rush on her way up Mindy's ass. With the plastic end of the mechanism thrusting out of the tortured girl's butt, the woman sat up and surveyed her handiwork. A thin, cruel smile crossed her lips, and she sneered at the sobbing teenager sprawled on the bed before her. She felt the girl was sufficiently humbled to begin the real work.

"All right, you little slut. Start eating my cunt!" Mindy shook her head and couldn't prevent the racking sobs from shaking her body. Her cunt hurt, her ass hurt, she hurt all over, and this bitch wanted her to eat her cunt?

When the blows from the leather strap began to fall on Mindy's shoulder and back, she knew the woman was serious. Wanting nothing but to get this entire degrading experience over with as soon as possible, Mindy complied.

She rolled over, carefully avoiding shoving the vibrator farther up into her ass, then found the matted twat bush of the woman spread out before her like a picnic feast. Mindy rapidly moved her mouth to the woman's box and sucked. She pulled away, her mouth filled with a repugnant taste of kerosene. Vicious fingers laced through her blonde hair and shoved her mouth back to the stinking cunt.

"What's the matter, whore? Don't you like the taste? I did that just for you!" The woman laughed demonically, but did not relinquish her hold on Mindy's hair.

"EAT! Damn you, eat my cunt!"

Mindy again began to suck, tongue and tease at the tiny cut that soon poked up out of its fleshy sheath. All Mindy was interested in was ending this horrifying episode as quickly as possible. She concentrated on only the things that would get the woman off as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately the woman had a high tolerance to clitoral stimulation, and Mindy continually gagged on the kerosene-smeared cunt hair. But, eventually -- after what seemed like a million eternities to the young, misused girl, the woman moaned, then shoved her away.

"Good enough for now. I'll let you go back to sucking donkey dicks or whatever you do best. But the next time I want a real youngster. You're far too old for my tastes."

With that, the woman heaved herself off the bed, dressed and left.

Mindy lay on her stomach, silently gagging and fearful of touching the humming vibrator still buried up her asshole. She didn't want to inflict any more damage on herself than had already been done. As the vibrator merrily buzzed away, Mindy's dreams of becoming a permanent member of the staff at The Institute began to evaporate.

Now, she wanted more, far more. She wanted revenge on Michelle for doing this to her.


The vibrator buzzed and quivered and seemed to bore into the very core of Mindy's being. She could not suppress the tears that trickled down her cheeks, nor did she try very hard. The pain in her cunt was excruciating. The blood no longer flowed from her hole in the quantities it had the wounds deep inside her pussy would be clotting over, her body attempting to repair the damage wrought by the white-haired lesbian.

Mindy never heard the door open or Michelle walk in.

"My pretty pretty didn't seem to enjoy this as much. That's such a pity, because I have another patron for you. I'm sure you'll enjoy him much, much more than your last one."

When the leather-clad redhead made no motion to remove the vibrator from her asshole or even turn it off, Mindy sobbed, "You degenerate bitch! One of these days you'll pay for this! I swear it! I swear it!"

The lump that formed in her throat prevented the girl from continuing. She had come to hate Michelle as much as she did her father. In her mind, the two were inexorably linked in the scheme to humiliate and totally degrade her.

How her father could have sold her into slavery in the first place was still something of a mystery. The man was a wastrel, profligate and subhuman. But Michelle was even worse. She seemed to dedicate her life to a career of evil. Dominance and submission were her stock in trade, and was she expert at them! She no longer had to use the whip to force Mindy into bowing to her will. Michelle had adopted more subtle ways, ways that would make it appear the patrons were responsible.

The cold, polar-frigid hatred that formed inside Mindy encompassed both her father and Michelle. But her father could wait. Michelle would be the enraged girl's first target.

How or when wasn't obvious. All that was apparent in the young girl's universe was the damned buzzing and vibrating of the imitation prick cruelly rammed up her asshole.

Michelle said, "My pretty pretty just isn't grateful to me. That's such a pity, too, because I have another patron coming in less than an hour whom I am sure you will truly enjoy."

Only then did the woman flick off the switch on the vibrator, but the way she withdrew the instrument from its tight surroundings was as painful as the white-haired woman's insertion. Mindy winced but had regained enough control not to say anything. She was determined to take whatever Michelle could dish out, remember each and every atrocity, then repay her at some future date. With interest. Lots of interest.

"Come along and we'll get you cleaned up far our dear Laurence. He's such a sweet man, I'm sure you'll love him immensely. And he has such a droll sense of humor." Mindy's skin erupted in goosebumps at the tone of Michelle's voice. It possessed a leer, a sneering quality that told the battered girl that this Laurence man was going to be even worse than the white-haired dyke.

Mindy's mind refused to imagine how such a thing could be possible.

Michelle supported Mindy back to the girl's cell, then left her with instructions to be ready for her next patron in forty-five minutes. Mindy took a quick shower, the feel of water jetting across her tortured genitals soothing and relaxing. The bleeding from her cunt had stopped; Mindy hoped the damage was not serious because nothing had been said of bringing in a doctor to check her. She had ghastly visions of bleeding to death, her bed a veritable swimming pool of blood, her dead body soaked in the red fluids that poured from her cunt.

She hadn't been told what to wear, but one thing was immediately apparent. She would not be able to tolerate ordinary panties. The slight scraping of even satin or silk across her cuntlips was sheer agony. Mindy searched through her dresser drawers until she found a pair of crotchless panties made from nylon tricot. Even these felt peculiar, irritating, but it was far better than the self-inflicted anguish of regular underwear.

Dressed in a short plaid skirt and a simple black blouse that was semitransparent, she waited for Michelle to return. As she waited, she thought. Hard.

Her imprisonment had been pleasant for a few weeks. Now it was turning into unbearable abuse again. Mindy had been seeing a patron only once every other day; today she'd survived through one patron, and another was coming up in a very few minutes. Could she expect to meet still another after this ominous-sounding Laurence creature? Was Michelle out to kill her?

The possibility existed. Mindy had slowly wrested power from the leather-clad, whip-toting guardian, and Michelle resented it immensely. Mindy could not see how she could regain the upper hand as long as she was a mere inmate and Michelle was a guardian.

That must change.

Mindy thought furiously and could not devise a plan that seemed halfway feasible. That left only her escape route through the wall. One block had been removed. The chipping away of another three blocks, which would be easier than breaching the wall for the first time, was all it would take. She could slip out one night and vanish. The sound of the nearby ocean meant that a highway had to be within walking distance. She could hitchhike -- even remembering where that had gotten her the last time she had tried it -- and get the hell away from The Institute and Michelle.

Yet that didn't seem quite right. It cheated her of revenge on Michelle.

The imprisoned girl had no further time to ponder her situation. Michelle came strutting into the cell, a wide, evil smile splashed across her face. Mindy didn't have to ask what the smile meant; it could only mean more pain for her.

"My pretty pretty is oh, so pretty! Come now, we simply must not keep our friend Laurence waiting. He is such a special patron with such special tastes that I'm sure you'll find him to be amusing."

Michelle pointed to the door in an imperious manner, her entire attitude changed from that which she had exhibited before sending Mindy in to the lesbian with the penchant for young girls and domination.

Mindy reluctantly crawled off the bed and started down the hallway. The pair said nothing, but Mindy imagined she could hear Michelle humming a tune as they went. They stopped in front of a door, a portal totally unlike any of the others Mindy had seen at The Institute.

This door reminded her of old prison movies she had seen. It was painted a dull green just like the door into the execution chambers in penitentiaries. She couldn't help herself. She trembled visibly.

Michelle noticed and smirked. "So you realize this is a special room, eh? Well, my pretty pretty, this is what we call the kennel club."

"Inside!" With that, Michelle pushed Mindy through the door, then slammed and loudly locked it behind the girl.

Frightened eyes surveyed the room.

It was as if this were her first day, and she was unnerved and expecting anything to happen. From the apparatus strewn around the cold, barren room. Mindy began to wonder just what might happen to her. There was a rough-hewn wood platform resting against the wall. Mindy quickly amended that appraisal; it wasn't so much a platform as some kind of brace on rollers. It was in the form of a cross. She shuddered, thinking about the position she would be forced in if chained to that ugly thing.

Her arms would be stretched out straight to either side of her shoulders, and her legs spread brutally far apart, her cunt exposed. But aside from this and a table in the room, no other piece of furniture was visible.

Mindy whirled at the sound of a door opening. Walking through the door, his manner arrogant, was one of the most wretched examples of humanity Mindy had ever had the misfortune to witness. He was of medium height, had stringy, greasy dishwater-blond hair and was dressed like some tramp. Perhaps a junkyard attendant would have been closer. A mechanic with dirt-encrusted fingernails, filthy overalls and boots with soles that threatened to fall off with every step the man took.

Mindy could not believe her eyes. Every prior patron had the air of wealth about him, wealth and power. This pitiful excuse for a man was not by any stretch of the imagination in the same class as those who had gone before.

"Are you the one Michelle supplied? I suppose I really must do with whatever trash she throws my way."

The way he said it made Mindy cringe.

"Goddamnit, you dirty little bitch, strip off those clothes, or I'll rip them off myself!"

He began divesting himself of his overalls. They had not been washed in weeks. The shirt that fluttered out was an old work shirt, stained with sweat and grease. His Jockey shorts were grey from lack of soap.

Mindy backed away from this filthy individual. She wanted nothing to do with him, The Institute be damned!

The man crossed the room with surprising speed. He grabbed her by the upper arm and shook her hard.

"Listen, bitch, you make me sick. You nauseate me so much I want to puke all over you. If you don't do what I want, I will. How would you like gobs of vomit in your bleached-blonde hair, eh?"

Mindy could only shake her head in negation. The man smelled so bad it had to have been weeks since he last bathed.

"I can see Michelle provided a really sorry one for me this time. Leave your fucking clothes on." He backhanded Mindy across the face. The blow was so severe it knocked the girl off her feet. Falling to the cold, grey cement floor stunned her for a moment. This was all the time it took for Laurence to produce a set of handcuffs.

Twin clicks echoed hollowly in the room, and Mindy found herself with her hands securely fastened behind her back. She wiggled to the wall and began to rise, using the wall for support. The teenager was brutally shoved back down to the concrete slab floor by two dirty hands. The man only glared at her.

"Wait until I'm undressed, you pathetic little cunt." Laurence stripped his remaining clothes off to stand naked in front of Mindy. She peered up at him, her green eyes wide with fear. The man was treating her in a manner she didn't like at all. He wasn't the dominating, proficient professor or the self-assured Rocky or even the degrading Michelle with her rubber cock or the white-haired woman.

Laurence was something worse. Something truly evil.

He walked to the table and opened the single drawer. He reached inside and withdrew a large bottle of a red, viscous-looking fluid. Laurence turned and came back to the cowering girl. He held the bottle out for her to examine.

"Do you like strawberry syrup, whore? Yes? Very well." He opened the jar and poured the thick liquid syrup onto his lower stomach. It sluggishly flowed down to his matted crotch hair and disappeared into the tangled forest of his groin. Laurence then stuck his dick into the bottle like a quill pen going into an inkwell.

His tool emerged, drooling and dripping the syrup onto the floor. With a careless toss, he heaved the half filled bottle across the room where it smashed with demonic fury against the wall. Mindy's eyes were transfixed on the spot where the syrup hit. It was as if blood oozed down from a large gaping sore in the cement block wall.

"Goddamnit, you surly slut! On your knees! Lick all of this sticky glop off me!"

Mindy struggled to her knees, hampered by her hands cuffed behind her back. She managed to edge forward to approach his smelly crotch. She gagged at the stench coming from his groin but forced herself closer. As the captive girl bent forward slightly to begin licking the syrup from Laurence's dick, he suddenly took a small step backwards.

The man's rod had neither the length nor the girth of any of her previous patrons. The only one who could ever be satisfied with such a tiny prick was the man himself.

Mindy took the entire length of his cock in a single gulp. Laurence gasped at the feel of the wet mouth around his lusty rod, the intensely erotic tongue being danced along his horny tool. She made careful spirals around the entrapped dick, starting at the purpled hood and working her way down off the crown to the sensitive flesh immediately behind the broad head. Laurence had dropped his dominance trip and stood, legs slightly spread, enjoying the lush, lavish feel of a female tongue on his puny dick.

Mindy lightly nipped at the folds of flesh under the cockhead and elicited a groan of pleasure from her patron's lips. She continued down the stalk, lavishing the most intense care possible on the rod thrust into her mouth. She had learned that, if she brought him off quickly, the session might be at an end. She could be rid of this despicable human being -- and calling him that was stretching the definition of human to its limit.

Nose buried in the sticky, matted hair of his crotch, Mindy began to thrust her tongue out and swirl around in the dense jungle of stringy strands. The strawberry syrup made her task easier; it masked the horrible taste that would have otherwise prevailed.

Laurence took a full step back. Mindy made the quick decision not to bite down hard to keep her balance, though the idea was tempting. She fell heavily to the icy floor again, bruising her shoulder as she hit.

"Clumsy slut! Get back up!" Laurence's cock bobbed and quivered in front of him. Mindy glared at him from her supine position, then knew he had made the sudden move because he was too close to popping his wad. He wanted to prolong it, and this was his way of achieving a goal other men succeeded at by self-control.

She grimly lifted herself up once again and began clumsily approaching him. Mindy wished she could have stood, but that was a faint hope. He would only knock her down again.

Laurence leered down at her and said, "Go on! Suck!"

Mindy sucked. She sucked so hard on his prick the man thought he had accidentally plugged his rod into a milking machine. He attempted to step back and failed. He simply couldn't pull his cock from her mouth, so intense was the suction she was administering to his five-inch dong.

"Oh, oh, Gods, by the Gods! I'm coming!" His voice was slurred with passion as erotic electricity surged into his loins and tightened his balls in their compact little sac. His rocks felt trapped in a pressure cooker, rolling and tumbling, building steam as Mindy gave head.

The girl's tongue flicked away the tiny drop of pre-seminal fluid, and she knew that her goal was soon to be reached. Laurence would soon blow his wad and be done with her.

The man surprised her, however. He reached down and grabbed two handfuls of her golden blonde hair and jerked her mouth away from his dick. The strawberry syrup was cleaned off; she had performed that to his desires. Now what did he want from her?

"I'M COMMMMIIING!" he screamed, maintaining his fierce grip on her hair.

His cock dangled scant inches from Mindy's face. She watched the telltale signs of the approaching torrent of cum. The cock expanded slightly, the turgid hood broadening and the tiny pinprick hole at the end of the rod becoming larger.

Mindy watched one giant spasm hit Laurence's cock, then another. As the third gripped the man, his geyser of white jism arced over and splattered into her face. She winced and tried to avoid the second and third spurts, but in vain. His grimy hands held her face directly in the path of his rocketing seed.

Mindy wanted to cry. The man's sperm had blasted warmly onto her face. One gob clung with tenacity to an eyebrow and threatened to flow down into her left eye. Another had struck her on the cheek; that had already begun to dribble down the side of her face. The third liquid bullet failed to reach the heights of the other two. It resided just under her mouth on a firmly fleshed, if quivering, chin.

Laurence, sated for the moment and released from his orgasm, stared down at the girl. "You're pathetic. I want you to finish licking up all the syrup!" He used his two hands to shove Mindy to the concrete floor where several drips of the gooey strawberry concoction had fallen and begun to dry.

"No look, Laurence... please... I..."

He kicked her as hard as he could. She gasped, then realized how lucky she was. He could have been wearing the dilapidated boots. That would have broken ribs.

Whimpering like a whipped animal, Mindy began rubbing her tongue against the cold, rough cement to flick up the remnants of the spilled syrup. With her hands bound behind her, it was a difficult task. She finally lay full length on her stomach and attempted to finish off the allotted task in this fashion.

It took her several long, painful minutes, but at long last Mindy managed to complete the task.

She rolled to her side, circulation being cut off in her hands from the cruelly imprisoning cuffs biting into her wrists.

"Please, don't make me do anything else!" She had vowed not to beg, but this man frightened her, made her want to do anything possible to escape from his demented and deranged schemes for her abasement. Even Michelle and her obscene dildo rape had been better than this.

Laurence said in a soft voice, "Would you mind if I cleaned your lovely face off?"

Mindy hesitated. She had heard switches in tone like this before with Michelle. Whenever the leather-clad woman changed from brutality to a seeming compassion for her victim, the compassion never failed to be far worse.

"Tha-that's all right. Just unfasten me. Please, Laurence." She put every bit of energy she could muster into her begging, her pleading for mercy.

"I wouldn't want anyone to see you like that." He reached down to his flaccid tool and aimed it at her. Mindy barely had time to screw her eyes tightly shut before the steaming, seething hot stream of urine descended onto her face.

She rolled to escape the torrential downpour of piss, but her actions were not successful. Mindy could not move fast enough to elude the stream emanating from the tiny spigot in Laurence's prick. For an eternity she felt the smelly, yellow hot stream of piss flooding over her. Her once shiny, lustrous hair began to mat. She felt plunged into the deepest pit of degradation she could imagine. What else could he possibly do to her that could further make her feel insignificant and worthless? She was terrified the man would think of something.

Trapped against the wall, Mindy resigned herself to waiting out the end of the yellow rain. It seemed to take an infinite length of time before the golden shower ended. Mindy sobbed quietly, holding her head as low as she could. The strands of hair that tell forward across her forehead acted as tiny downspouts for the urine in her hair. She shook as tiny droplets trickled down the matted wads of hair and puddled obscenely on the floor.

Mindy hoped that Laurence wouldn't make her lick his piss off the floor.

Laurence didn't even seem to consider the possibility. For that Mindy was thankful, if fearful it would occur to him. And she certainly wasn't going to mention it!

"You slimy cunt! You filthy, horrid creature of hell! You spurn me! Well, dammit, maybe you'll like my friend better when he enters your smelly cunt!"

Mindy couldn't believe her ears. He had, a friend? And his friend wanted to fuck her! After all she had gone through, Laurence's friend wanted to actually take her in the cunt?

It would be a dry humping. Mindy was so terrified and abased, she didn't know if she could ever again enjoy any sexual act, no matter how erotically worthwhile.

Laurence lifted her with a grunt and half carried, half dragged her to the rough-hewn, board "X" on the other side of the room. He slammed her upright against the splintery structure, then went to a table and fumbled in the drawer for a few minutes until he found and extracted four lengths of rope.

His intent was obvious. With brutal strength, he spread Mindy's fine, slender legs and tied them to the widely spaced lower braces. Her ass rested in the "V" notch of the cross, and she winced at the way her soft buttcheeks were pinched. Rut her cunt was wide open for anyone wanting to enter.

Laurence then unlocked the handcuffs, and Mindy fell forward. As she did, he neatly snared one wrist and quickly tied it against the uneven board. In spite of her attempts to claw at him with her unbound hand, he likewise managed to imprison it on the far end of the board cross. When he finished, he took a step back and admired his handiwork.

She was truly crucified, her most private parts lewdly spread for Laurence's friend.

Laurence studied the way her skirt had hiked up and decided he did not like it. He ripped the tiny plaid skirt off, a leer crossing his ugly face as he did so. He merely smirked at the crotchless panties she had donned.

"Those are just the thing. Cat loves the taste of silk. And he won't have to chew through any unnecessary material to get to the real meat." Laurence's laugh was positively evil.

Mindy's heart raced from the honor that stabbed at her belly. The coldness filling her made an iceberg seem tropical in comparison. Whoever this "Cat" was, he obviously had even more bizarre sexual quirks than did Laurence. That thought alone frightened her until Mindy feared her heart would rupture.

Laurence's next act confused her. Not ripping open her blouse to expose her opulent tits, that she could understand. But what was the peculiar smelling substance he smeared between her twin peaks jutting so proudly from her chest? It somehow reminded her of an animal smell, but one which she could not immediately identify.

And when Laurence crammed a brown stick into her cunt, Mindy almost fainted from the reaction. She recognized that object and knew what was in store for her.

If she didn't lose her mind first, she would get even with Michelle. The white-haired woman was nothing in comparison to this swine, this fish-faced enemy of the people who probably got off on sucking pig pricks.

Mindy felt the wooden apparatus roll out into the room and lower until she was almost parallel with the floor. Her cunt was less than twelve inches off the floor, and she was inclined at a fifteen-degree angle; it was just enough so that she could observe what would be done to her.


Mindy was allowed several days to recuperate from the brutality shown her by first the white-haired dyke, then the sleazy man with a distinct yearning for watching a dog fuck with humans. Although weak, she managed to get the three blocks necessary for her escape freed from the wall of her cell.

Once she had almost been caught, but had covered by feigning cramps. That did not prevent Michelle from ordering her to service another patron, but this one was extremely mundane and pedestrian in his tastes. All he wanted was to fuck. No frills, no special positions, nothing except the time-honored missionary position.

Mindy refrained from offering to initiate him into some of the more exciting sexual acrobatics she had learned. If he was just horny and wasn't getting any ass, she would simply lie there and let him screw her until he came. It wasn't her place to dictate to him what to do. Besides, she couldn't really say she enjoyed the encounter. She had lain under the man like a log. The patron had probably left thinking he had had his first taste, of necrophilia and had fucked a corpse.

Back in her cell, she changed into functional clothing for her proposed escape. It was night, and she chose black blouse and slacks for her sojourn to the outer world. Simple black shoes completed the outfit, made her virtually invisible outside in the still darkness.

The blocks removed and pulled away, Mindy wiggled through the tiny opening and, for the first time in nine weeks, felt grass crush and moisten her hand. The night air enveloped her and, although heavily laden with smog, the girl inhaled sleepily and held it far down in her lungs.

It smelled of freedom.

She looked around the manicured lawn and saw no guards. The entire side of the building was blank and held no windows from which someone might see her attempting to escape. Out of curiosity more than good sense, Mindy silently rounded the building to check out the grounds. She wanted to see the exterior of he Institute.

The building itself was vastly larger than she had expected. She had been kept in one small wing. The entire structure spread out over an acre and was surrounded by another five acres of close cropped grass. In front of the edifice was a large driveway, several large and expensive cars parked in spaces with "Reserved" signs in front of them. Mindy counted four Mercedes, two Bentleys, one Rolls-Royce and a small, gunmetal-grey Aston Martin DB5.

In another parking tot were several limousines, all chauffeured, all long and black and reeking of money. It must have been in those that the patrons came to The Institute.

Indeed, Mindy saw a large, tasteful sign on the front of the building proclaiming "The Institute for Advance Research". Yes, this was The Institute.

The girl edged back around the building, then ran as hard as she could until she reached a cyclone fence with twin strands of nasty barbed wire strung along the top. The fangs on the wire gleamed wickedly in the dim illumination cast by the stars. Mindy was inordinately pleased she could see at least a few of the brighter stars tonight. Not many, but enough to make her feel good, both about escaping and about experiencing the real world again.

But it would be impossible to clamber over the fence; the girl knew that the instant she saw the telltale strand of wire that was different from the others. The fence was either electrified or alarmed. Either would be bad news for her.

Tunneling under the baffler was another matter. She scouted along the perimeter until she found a place where some exuberant animal had already begun to dig under the fence from the outside. It was only a matter of a few minutes' work before she had enlarged the hole sufficiently to slip under the fence.

The highway was less than a hundred yards distant. Standing on the shoulder of the road watching the cars race by gave Mindy a few seconds to think. On a truly stupid impulse, rather than trying to get away from the vicinity of The Institute, she crossed the freeway and slid down the steep embankment on the far side of the road. Her nostrils flared wildly as she bounced and awkwardly slid to the beach.

The Pacific Ocean reached out, seemingly forever, in front of her. Golden grains of sand sparkled and appeared phosphorescent as the thin sliver of moon appeared over the embankment behind her. Mindy walked along the strand of beach for a little ways, feeling the sand grit and crunch under her feet. What was she to do?

She'd escaped. The Institute wouldn't really look for her as long as she didn't try to bring the police into the matter.

Besides, she didn't like police. And the men that ran The Institute would probably be the more powerful in the long run. There was no way of telling who their patrons had been in the past, who they had captured on film and could blackmail.

She shuddered when she thought of the current patrons.

No, she couldn't tell anyone about The Institute. Not and expect to live very long. And she certainly couldn't return home to Denver. Bill had probably found another girlfriend he hadn't been all that thrilled anyway. He had just seemed good to a naive girl who didn't know of more sophisticated sexual techniques. The things she could show him now!

And her mother and father wouldn't be glad to see her. Daisy LaFarge might not have even missed her. The downer haze she stumbled around in was usually absolute. And Larry LaFarge was such a stinking, degenerate son of a bitch, Mindy knew she'd try to kill him with her bare hands if the opportunity presented itself.

She could not return to Denver.

Her options seemed limited. She could hitchhike up the freeway, get to San Francisco, perhaps, and lose herself in that city. She could stay in Los Angeles, too, but that posed the same problems. What was she trained to do? Her, a teeneage girl, flat broke and without a profession?

Except her body.

Mindy shivered at the prospect of becoming a whore. She was good in bed, but letting some ugly, zit-faced weasel pimp for her was totally unappealing. And she had learned enough to know that free-lance hookers didn't last long. They usually had terminal accidents.

As if the heavens opened, the revelation of what to do hit Mindy like Divine Revelation.

She stood, staring out across the ocean for long minutes, then laughed.

It was a full, robust laugh, the sound of a person who has conquered insurmountable odds. Without further hesitation, Mindy made her way back up the steep, sandy embankment, dashed across the highway, dodging cars the entire time, and found her burrow under the fence back into the grounds of The Institute. Mindy raced pell-mell to the back of the building and found the spot with the missing blocks. She listened for a few seconds and heard nothing moving inside.

Mindy quickly slipped back into her cell, went to the iron grille in the door and peered into the hall. It was empty.

In a flash, Mindy had gone to her wardrobe and selected the most elegant dress she could find. It was probably the most expensive and one she truly loved to wear. She stripped off her black garments, tossed aside all her underwear, then donned a pair of bikini briefs. The gown slipped on, a perfect fit to her smooth lines. It was a brilliant emerald green, matching the color of her eyes exactly. A plunging vee neckline descended to Mindy's sternum and delightfully exposed the twin globes of her snowy tits to superlative effect.

Her nipples prodded the material slightly, provocatively, and enhanced the overall erotic impact of the gown tenfold. As if a second skin, the dress clung to her flaring hips and ass before falling to a spot just above her knees. The girl quickly slipped into a pair of smoky-colored pantyhose, selected shoes matching the Brazilian topaz green of her dress, then brushed her golden hair several times, getting the snarls and tangles smoothed out.

When she examined herself critically in the minor on her dresser, it wasn't a teenager reflected back, it was a highly sophisticated and worldly woman. Satisfied with her appearance, Mindy painstakingly slipped back out her escape route into the night.

The warm night air caressed her bare shoulders and back, seemed to linger and plunge down the decolletage of her dress in a highly erotic fashion. She smiled and felt a glow of inner contentment suffuse throughout her body. She was taking a big gamble, but one which she thought would be worth the risk.

At the front of The Institute, Mindy boldly walked up the bisque tile walk with erotic drawings imprinted on the surface, went up to the massive oaken doors with their ornate carvings, then rang the bell. A man dressed in fine livery answered the door. His eyebrows arched slightly at the entrancing sight before him, but he said in a cool, controlled voice, "May I be of service, madam?"

Trembling inside like a plate of jelly, but outwardly composed, Mindy responded, "I would like to speak with the director of The Institute."

"May I inquire as to your name and business?" Mindy wasn't certain, but she thought she detected a slight bulge under the man's left arm. He might be carrying a guy, a bodyguard for the man running The Institute.

"Tell him Mindy LaFarge desires a few words with him. It's a private matter."

The butler never blinked. He stood back, opening the door for Mindy. "If you would be so kind as to wait here, I shall announce your presence to Dr. Hunt."

Mindy entered the hall and had to catch her breath at the splendor and elegance of her surroundings. Everything, but everything, in The Institute was first class. The decor in the "waiting room" was tasteful, quiet and well arranged. The walls were hung with two original Rembrandts and one Vameer, although Mindy did not recognize them as such. The furniture had the air of antiquity about it, yet seemed to be functional. There was none of the fragile appearance that normally shrouded antique furnishings.

Mindy did not have the opportunity to further examine the room. The butler returned and said. "This way, Miss LaFarge. Dr. Hunt will see you right away."

He led the way up a spiral staircase to the second floor. Mindy was lost in a paradise of her situation. This might work, this wild scheme of hers. She wanted to see Dr. Hunt, the apparent director, before making any firm judgment as to her chances.

Whatever happened, she couldn't be any worse off than she already was.

She was ushered into a massive office as tastefully appointed as the downstairs rooms. Behind a large desk sat a man in his early thirties, swarthy, with coal-black eyes and hair. He had a square jaw, a powerful demeanor that made him attractive rather than handsome.

Above all, he exuded power.

Mindy knew instantly that Dr. Michael Hunt, or so it said on the nameplate, was the top man at The Institute.

When he spoke, his voice was a baritone, resonant and commanding. "Please, Miss LaFarge, be seated." He indicated a plushly covered chair beside the teakwood desk. He waited until Mindy was seated, eyeing her in true appreciation. His eyes did not miss the deep plunge of her neckline or the barely suppressed swells of her tits; he certainly did not miss the flash of smoky stocking as Mindy sat and gracefully crossed her long, slender legs.

He returned to his desk chair and took a cigarette from a silver-inlaid case on his desk. As he lit the cigarette, he said, "I'd offer you one except you don't smoke, do you?"

Mindy, surprised, asked, "How do you know that?"

"I keep a reasonably up-to-date file on all my inmates."

The silence between them lengthened as they studied one another, coal-black eyes boring into emerald-green ones. Mindy finally broke the silence.

"You know why I'm here."

"Not really, but I think I can make a fair guess. You wanted to show you could escape but didn't. You probably want a better position at The Institute and considered this the best way of showing your loyalty."

"You're right on the beam. Very perceptive."

A small smile wrinkled at the corners of Dr. Hunt's lips. He only said, "It is to my advantage to be on top of any situation. Having a Ph.D. in psychology helps immensely. I can read you like an open book."

"Well, am I going to be able to move up in the organization? I'd do anything to get even with Michelle. I hate her with a passion you would find difficult to believe after what she's done to me."

"Come now, Miss LaFarge. That's a natural reaction. Guardians are not paid to be liked. But I think you should have few complaints. I did stop her from using the whip to discipline you."

"And did you order her to totally degrade me!" Mindy's green eyes flared with radioactive intensity. "Did you tell her to have that filthy animal crawl all over me and that disgusting man piss on me?"

Dr. Hunt tented his fingers and peered over the tops. "Keep talking." He appeared interested in what Mindy had to say.

"And how about taking pictures of me being fucked by that dog? Did you enjoy watching? Or were you outside the green door with your ear pressed against it so you could hear? I didn't mind the rest of the patrons, even that white-haired bitch who damned near ripped out my cunt, but Laurence and his dog really got to me."

When Mindy fell quiet from lack of breath. Dr. Hunt slowly said, "I do not know of a person named Laurence. True, we have the kennel rooms, but those are reserved for special patrons. I think it might be instructive to speak briefly with Michelle on this matter." He reached over and pressed a button on his desk.

"Wyatt, bring Michelle here. Class II."

After the brief and cryptic message, he simply rocked back in his large executive chair and waited.

In a few minutes, the butler and Michelle came into the office. Mindy noticed Michelle did not carry her whip and that the butler had his jacket unbuttoned, his left hand resting lightly on the lapel.

Michelle went absolutely white when she saw Mindy. The woman's mouth opened, then closed with a snap.

Dr. Hunt said, his voice quiet yet menacing, "Michelle, I'd like you to meet... Miss LaFarge." The formality was not lost on either Mindy or the leather-clad woman.

"I understand that the kennel room was recently used by a patron named Laurence. My records indicate no such patron. And the kennel room has not been used for over a month. In addition, the revenue from your wing does not reflect such use." Dr. Hunt casually flicked an ash from his cigarette into an ashtray before continuing. "I also understand there are some films of this unauthorized encounter."

"Please, Dr. Hunt, I can explain! She hates me! It's all a lie! A giant lie she concocted to get me in trouble. There's no film because none of it ever happened!"

Jet-black eyes studied Michelle for a moment. Then Dr. Hunt said, "There is no way Miss LaFarge could have known of the kennel room if she'd never been there. And, you probably didn't realize this, but I keep video-tape records of everything in certain rooms."

If possible, Michelle blanched to a whiter shade of pale.

"This man Laurence did not pay, did he? Really, Michelle, you know the penalty for things like this. He used a special room and didn't pay. You allowed one of the inmates knowledge of our activities. You allowed the use of one of our inmates. To watch." A slight lift of a bushy black eyebrow was all the sign Dr. Hunt made.

Michelle, in blind panic, spun and grabbed at Wyatt to shove him out of the way. At the slight indication from his employer, the butler had drawn the compact pistol nestled under his arm. A Walther PPK S-9 was aimed directly at Michelle's head. Wyatt quietly said, "I have it loaded with Parabellums."

Michelle turned back and started to say something in her defense, saw the look on Dr. Hunt's face, then seemed to wilt.

Dr. Hunt simply said, "Put her with Kasca."

Michelle's eyes widened in horror and she screamed, but Wyatt had her out of the room and down the hall in an instant.

Mindy looked perplexed. "Kasca?"

Dr. Hunt shrugged, then said, "One of the nastier punishments we have at The Institute. Kasca is a quite demented Hungarian. I suspect Michelle might last several days, perhaps even a week before she leaves us."

"But you pose a problem for me. Inmates normally remain inmates. They are not allowed to move up in the administrative sectors of The Institute. But you've shown initiative and daring, and you were extremely successful during your tenure as inmate. I think that might qualify you to fill a vacancy that recently opened in our staff but it would have to be on a limited basis to start. You would have to show ability in this position before I could feel confident in giving you more freedom."

Mindy considered. It was obviously Michelle's job he was referring to; "What sort of limitations?"

Dr. Hunt's eyes roamed her body, then came back to her green green eyes. "You fulfill the role of guardian with all the pay and privileges save one. You would not be allowed to leave the grounds. Normally, the guardians are allowed ten days a month off to do as they please. You would have the time but simply would not be permitted to leave. That's not as bad as it might sound, however. There are several complete libraries on the grounds. In addition to other recreations."

"Pay?" Mindy didn't care but was curious.

"Same as Michelle since you will be doing her job. Thirty thousand a year as long as there are no complaints."

"Could I take a few of the patrons myself?" Mindy thought of the professor and Rocky, and began to feel the familiar pangs of lust growing inside her.

"As you please. It is your job to keep the patrons happy. Period. You are paid well for it, and in return we expect no mistakes or indiscretions. You'll be responsible for twenty-five inmates. Or rather, twenty-four until we can repair one cell wall and replace the inmate."

Mindy smiled radiantly. "I accept."

Dr. Hunt shook his head. "I said I would consider you for the post. I want to interview you further." He reached down to his desk and punched another button. A hidden panel silently slipped aside in the wall.

"Through there, please."

Mindy stood, her knees shaking slightly, but she forced herself to confidently walk into the dark space that had been revealed. Dr. Hunt followed close behind her.

He reached over and touched a light switch. Revealed in the soft, romantic light was the most sumptuous bedroom suite Mindy had ever seen. The ceiling was mirrored, as were two walls. The bed was covered with an ermine bedspread that she couldn't resist feeling.

"Oooohhh, this is soooo sooooft!" she exclaimed. In the minor she saw Dr. Hunt slipping out of his jacket.

He simply said, "Put this on. And call me Mike," as he tossed her a fur stole. Mindy never hesitated. She slid out of her clothing in record time and put the mink stole around her neck. The sensuous feel of the fur was indescribable. She purred like a contented feline as she rubbed the material against her naked skin.

Mike caught her up and carried her down to the broad expanse of fur. His mouth searched for hers, found it, and they slowly melted together in a long, passionate kiss. The soft, furry surface under Mindy activated the girl's most buried reserves of sexual energy. Mindy kissed her boss as she had never before kissed anyone.

Their tongues slowly twined and dueled, fluttering in and out of each other's mouths in mock fucking motions. Mike's hands roved over the body he had been eyeing, and found it delectable, a collector's edition. Fingers tweaked irresistibly probing nipples, nipples red and fiery with blood pumping lustfully into them. The fur pressed tightly between theft bodies added a new dimension to the lovemaking for Mindy.

The slightest move was heaven. Not slippery, sweaty bare skin on skin but down-soft fur gently and lovingly caressing her body, triggering pleasure centers throughout her being.

And Mike's expert handling was turning her on top. She had vowed she would never again feel like fucking. He was rapidly putting this silly pledge to the lie. She wanted nothing more than his huge, pulsating cock to be buried far up inside her cunt! The pair rolled over and over on the furred mattress, fondling and caressing until Mindy's breath came in hard, rapid bursts.

"Please, Mike. Pleasssse fuuuck meee!" she moaned, through tightly clenched lips.

Mike's balls had tightened and compressed until he felt the churning and boiling inside his scrotum. He was good at his work; he enjoyed fucking, but this incredibly sexy, hot chick had turned him on like so few had in the past. His quivering rod was firmly held in her long, hot, perspiring fingers. Mindy inexorably dragged his tool towards her beckoning cunt which was flowing and gushing with wanton disregard for the expensive material underneath her.

Mike allowed her to guide his dick to her gash but once the sensitive cockhead touched her cuntlips, he took over. With a precision born of long practice, his rod entered her cunt in a powerful, swift stroke that wrenched a shriek of total carnal abandon from the girl's lips.

The man felt her cunt contract on his dong, squeezing it as if he had thrust it into a blazing-hot oven, a vise tightening on his shaft with undeniable lust. Mike slid his chest over the fur piece between them and gloried in the softness of the fur, the tingling feeling it generated in his body.

Then he lost himself in the feel of the searing cunt around his cock. The pace of his fucking was gradual at first; then he slowly built up the tempo until Mindy was constantly screaming, "Fuuck meee! Fuuuck meeee!"

Orgasm seized the girl in a velvet grip of physical and emotional release, and her cunt walls contracted on the man's long rod. Mike gasped, then began an almost mindless stroking in and out of Mindy's convulsing twat.

In a few brief seconds, his jizz exploded in her cunt and, together, their universe became fur and undiluted delights of the flesh such as few ever are privileged to experience.

Afterwards, lying beside her boss, Mindy asked, "Mike? Do I get the job? Was the interview satisfactory?"


The lithe girl sauntered down the hallway checking out the inmates. She peered into one cell and saw the occupant busily brushing her long, fiery-red hair. In another cell, the inmate was sound asleep, snoring slightly. She had just returned from a long session with a man who wanted to go around the world -- and did.

The guardian straightened, smoothing her form-fitting fur jacket. The mink was of the finest quality, yet the jacket was tailored in a style vastly different from most. There were no sleeves; alabaster-white arms gleamed in the light of the hallway. The jacket laced up the front, leaving hand-wide sections of skin exposed under the wide, leather-thong lacing.

Snowy melons of unfettered tits bulged out into the valley between the bands of fur in a most enticing and erotic display. With each slight movement, the girl's jugs swayed gently and rubbed against the fur lining in the jacket -- the garment had fur inside and out.

Her short skirt barely covered a pert, well fanned ass and exposed long, shapely legs. Her every movement was studied, graceful, a delight to behold. Indeed, the entire costume was designed to attract attention, and it did in a most spectacular fashion.

The only incongruity of the costume was a short whip dangling from a leather wrist strap.

Mindy swept back her golden cascade of hair and continued her [missing text]. It had not been pretty, but it was a triumph of justice if not mercy. She was further heartened by the thought that she had found her niche at The Institute. In Michelle's place.

And Mindy knew that the position of personal secretary to Dr. Hunt would soon be open. Her horizons were now limitless.

Yesterday, inmate.

Today, guardian.

Tomorrow, assistant to the director.

And, one day, possibly even director of The Institute.


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