She licked the landlord

It was Henry David Thoreau, in Walden, who remarked, "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation." This statement appears to be just as true today as it was then. Perhaps it is even more valid today, considering the pressures and frequent monotony of today's world.

The majority of today's men and women live in boring circumstances, and when the opportunity for change arises, they are often quick to seize the chance. For the characters in this story, the opportunity is one which many would consider perverse and deranged, for it is one of incest. But it provides a release and a need. All morals and scruples are cast aside in a moment of madness -- a chance to grab pleasure before it is taken away.

SHE LICKED THE LANDLORD -- a novel about the quiet desperation in so many of us -- and the extremes to which it may drive us.


"Oh, shit," Crystal Norris muttered. She knew damned well that it was the landlord who had just knocked on her apartment door.

And she knew what he wanted, too. The girl had sneaked out early to get the morning newspaper and now she was back in bed, scanning the classified section. She was looking for another apartment but first she had to find a job, since she had no money at all to pay the rent or even make a deposit.

She couldn't have paid the rent in this dump, either -- if she hadn't came to an arrangement with the landlord.

And she knew he had come to collect.

Al Gunderson, the landlord -- or slumlord, as Crystal thought of him -- stopped by every single day. And it seemed to the girl that, although no dollars were involved, she was paying a very steep rent, indeed.

It was a good thing she liked sucking cocks. Otherwise, her tenancy would have been unbearable.

Crystal was a very lovely young lady, eighteen years old, with honey-blonde hair and big, bouncy tits and the sort of ass that made men -- or lesbians -- drool.

She was a small-town girl who had recently moved to the city and hadn't found employment yet. All of her savings were gone, and she was getting desperate.

She hated the studio apartment she was in, a shabby place with peeling wallpaper and bare water pipes along the ceiling and a stained sink that leaked and dripped onto a rotten carpet.

Still, it was a roof over her head.

And her head was paying for it, too.

She held her breath, keeping quiet, hoping that Gunderson would think she had gone out.

It wasn't that she was cheap or dishonest or a deadbeat. Crystal didn't really mind paying the rent the way she had been doing, ever since she had spent her last few bucks.

But it was getting excessive.

Gunderson had her over a barrel and he expected a blow-job every morning. And it seemed to Crystal -- although, being an innocent small-town girl, she couldn't be sure -- that she ought to have at least a two-bedroom place, or even a penthouse, in return for swallowing a load of cum every morning.

Then, too, Gunderson was not an attractive man.

His prick was okay, though. It was big and tasty, and he never took very long to get his rocks off. So if she closed her eyes, or kept her gaze on his balls, while she made believe he was a movie star, it wasn't so bad.

If only he were a bit more polite and gentlemanly about it, she thought. But, being a slumlord, Gunderson knew nothing of civility. He demonstrated that now.

He rapped more demandingly on the door. "C'mon, you deadbeat bitch! I know you're in there!"

She sighed and saw no way out of it. "Come on in, Al," she called. The door flew open and Gunderson stepped in, an evil grin on his ugly face.

He was a big brawny fellow, wearing his customary outfit of baggy tweed trousers -- his shooting britches, Crystal wryly called them -- and a stained undershirt under the suspenders that held the pants up.

The top of his head was bald and he had a fringe of hair, like a slipped halo, circling the dome just above his jutting ears. His eyebrows were bushy, as if to compensate for his slick skull, and he had bristles of hair sticking from his nostrils.

Still, it could have been worse.

Suppose she had had to fuck him in the missionary position, face to face?

Even when she was down on his prick, the garlic on his breath was overwhelming. Crystal, a delicate young lady, would never, ever have kissed him on the lips.

It was bad enough to kiss his cock.

Gunderson strode up to the bed, where she was sitting cross-legged, the newspaper spread out on her lap like a paper chastity belt.

"Rent time, cock-sucker," he hissed, in his usual rude bedside manner.

Crystal looked resigned. She really had no choice -- and she had the solace of pretense, fantasizing about someone else as she gulped away on the creep's cock.

"Yeah -- okay," she said softly.

He began to open his pants as he stood beside the bed, his loins thrust out. His baggy trousers had a button fly and he undid them one by one, leering down as if he thought that he was teasing Crystal by the delay -- as if the girl was eager to suck him off.

Crystal twisted around to face him, still sitting in the cross-legged position, which was as comfortable as any when the cock-sucking lacked enthusiasm.

She stared straight ahead at his groin, which was a preferable sight to his ugly face. It was a shame that his prick wasn't attached to a nicer guy, she thought, wondering whimsically if cocks could be transplanted.

But that was a moot point.

Gunderson was much too mean to be an organ donor and would take his cock to the grave.

His fly opened wide and his baggy trousers hung suspended by the elastic straps. He wore boxer shorts with polka dots and arrows as a design. Reaching into the opening, he dragged his cock and balls out.

He had a thick, blunt cock, soft of stubby but not at all unsightly or malformed -- quite attractive, really, with the big, bulging knob and heavily veined stalk. The cock-head was a dusty beige hue, the cock-shaft a pale tan.

His prick was only semi-stiff and he pulled his hand up and down a few times, panting as he stroked, making it firmer.

Crystal waited in resigned patience, her lips slightly parted, her warm breath wafting onto his prick as she exhaled and the gamy aroma of his prick filling her nostrils as she breathed in.

"Ought to charge you double," he grunted.

"Huh?" she asked.

"Room and board -- all the jizz I been feedin' you." He chuckled, thinking that hilarious. "Meat ain't cheap these days, you know."

His laugh was a sort of bray, slobber spraying from his curled-back lips like a blowing horse.

He pumped away, cranking his cock up slowly. It got harder and thicker and began to angle up. He gazed down at his cock, as if he had to look in order to decide if it was stiff enough to be sucked.

His prick wasn't rock-hard yet, sort of rubbery, but he judged it was tense enough. He slid his hand back and cupped his swollen balls, shoving his fucker into her face with a lurch of his hips.

Crystal didn't hesitate.

She figured that she might as well get it over with. And, too, the actual cock-sucking wasn't unpleasant -- as long as the coarse man kept his mouth shut while he was stuffing hers.

Her honey-blonde head ducked forward and she slipped his bulging cock-head into her mouth.

When Crystal gave head through choice, she liked to linger over the preliminaries, licking for a while on a guy's balls before she mouthed his prick. But with Gunderson, she started right in sucking his prick.

She breathed in and panted out.

His fat cock-knob lay on her tongue, flaring and swelling, the rubbery texture turning firmer, then getting hard. Her lips collared his fat cock just below the blunt cock-head, peeling outward as she sucked.

Gunderson held her pretty face between his rough palms and began to hump, fucking deeper into her maw. She switched her tongue back and forth against the underside of his cock-knob and her lips pulled steadily.

"Yeah! Suck, baby -- suck my cock!" he grunted.

His ass corkscrewed as he face-fucked in and out, stabbing back into her throat. His prickknob clogged her gullet and she gagged. He moved his hand off his hairy balls, and they swung up and slapped her under the chin.

"Yuh love it, don't yuh, cock-sucker?" he rasped, no doubt being romantic.

"Umpghhh!" she muttered around his prick. "Milk my meat, you slime-drinkin' slut!" His cock-head fucked into her throat. She sucked on the cock-stalk as he drew back, her lips rubbing up and down, working with the steady friction that would bring him off quickly.

Her golden head lunged up and down, meeting him as he fed the cock-meat in. Her blonde tresses fell in a soft curtain over his balls as he buried his bone.

Pre-cum began to dribble onto her tongue. She let the cock-lube trickle down her throat, enjoying the taste and the texture despite the fact that it was a loathsome lout who was serving it to her.

His cock hissed through the oval collar of her lovely lips skimmed over her flashing tongue and sank back into her gullet, tilting her head back. She arched, her plump tits thrusting up.

Gunderson shifted his feet wider apart. Holding her face steady between his callused palms, he slogged his fucker in faster and harder. He was pumping on the cum-strokes and she was sucking toward a creamy conclusion.

He always came abruptly and without much warning.

Today was no exception.

At one moment her mouth was full of cockmeat, and the next it was suddenly full of cum.

"Arghhhh!" he grunted.

Crystal gulped his cum down and he fed her more, plowing his prick in through his own slime. He had plenty of the thick stuff and he was spraying her mouth abundantly. Cum sloshed in her checks and dribbled through her teeth. Her lapper had a creamy coating.

He fucked in deeply and spilled some jism straight down her gullet. Crystal made a gargling sound as she gulped his cock-cream down. Her head moved up and down and he kept pumping in and squirting more cum.

A jizz-jet bit the roof of her mouth, and yet another whitewashed her gorge. She was swallowing most of the cum, but some was overflowing, spilling from her lips and running down her chin.

He stopped shooting as abruptly as he had begun.

One instant his cum was spurting out and the next his balls were drained. His cock-head stopped flaring and his cock-shaft stopped throbbing.

Crystal kept sucking, figuring that there was no point in leaving a job unfinished, but he had stopped humping now and his prick was already turning rubbery again. The prick-knob rolled limply over her lapper.

She ducked down, taking his cock balls-deep into her mouth, then pulled back up, sucking the spunk from his stalk, mopping up the dregs to keep it neat.

Gunderson grunted and stepped back. His prick came snaking from her lips and dropped down instantly, as limp as a noodle, dripping with her saliva.

Crystal tossed her head back and let the final mouthful of jism spill on down her throat. It was a pleasant sensation, having a bellyful of jizz, in spite of the balls that had delivered it.

She looked up at the landlord with an uncertain sort of smile on her cum-smeared mouth.

He could have at least said thanks.

But he was leering at her most ungallantly.

"I'll be back tomorrow morning, scum bucket," he rasped.

He simply didn't know the right things to say to girls, not to mention destitute tenants.

Then, tucking his spent cock back into his baggy pants, he left.

Crystal shrugged and went back, to reading the newspaper.


Crystal found two ads that sounded promising.

One was for a room in a private house, a sort of live-in arrangement offered by a divorcee who would take a very reasonable rent in exchange for sharing in the housework. It seemed just what Crystal was looking for -- and no amount of housework could be more irritating than having to give blow-jobs to Al Gunderson.

But first she had to find a job, and the second ad was for a girl to work in a book store, which was just the sort of wholesome employment that would suit the innocent, small-town girl to a tee, especially when she wrote home to tell her narrow-minded parents what she was doing in the city where, as they knew, the ways were wicked.

She had never written them about blowing Al Gunderson, of course, although the thought had occurred to her and made her feel devilish.

She decided that logistics decreed that she apply for the job first and, if she got it, arrange to rent the room. She was looking forward eagerly to getting out of this seedy, shabby, sordid living arrangement.

She wondered if Al Gunderson would expect a blow-job in lieu of notice.

The thought made her giggle.

Maybe she would, just for old times' sake.

She sorted through her meager supply of clothing and chose a demure sort of dress that seemed appropriate, showing off her splendid body attractively and enticingly, but in a modest and innocent fashion.

Before she got droned, however -- as a sort of afterthought -- she lay back down on the bed to give her cunt a quick and efficient hand-job.

Although Crystal disliked the circumstances and the necessity of doing it, she had to admit that it usually left her feeling horny after she'd sucked Al's cock and drank his cum-load.

If he'd been a nicer guy -- not necessarily more handsome, just more pleasant -- and less demanding and crude, Crystal would probably have sucked him off of her own free will, and enjoyed it a lot more.

But Gunderson was Gunderson, and such things were not meant to be.

Crystal spread her shapely thighs and arched her slender back and began to rub her clit. She didn't bother with any foreplay or preliminary caresses, ignoring her stiff nipples and not even finger-fucking her hot cunt-hole.

This was simply an efficiency frigging, to take the heat and the pressure off -- and preventive, as well, to keep her from creaming in her panties, which would have been terribly embarrassing during a job interview.

Undulating her ass and hips and tasting the lingering flavor of Gunderson's jizz on her tongue, she massaged her stiff clit with a practiced hand and had herself surging to a foaming finale in a few moments.

She finished juicing, then licked her fingers -- wondering, as always, why cunt-cum tasted so tantalizing.

Crystal knew damned well that she wasn't a dyke, so it puzzled the innocent, small-town girl as to why she so often had fantasies about eating pussy.

That was one of the mysteries that she would soon learn in the city, with its wicked ways.

Feeling more relaxed with her pussy melted by hand, Crystal got dressed and went out, seeking a new life...

Al Gunderson finished collecting the rent from the rest of the tenants -- all of whom paid in cash instead of head -- and went back to his own apartment, which was as sordid and shabby as the ones he rented.

Hilda Gunderson was still in bed, which was not strange, because she was usually in bed, eating chocolates or bananas, or both.

Hilda was naked, which was also usual. She had a pretty face, heavily painted, her lips a scarlet slash and her eyes darkened with mascara. Her flame-red hair tumbled over the pillow like red ink.

She had the sort of figure that a gentleman would have termed hourglass shaped, and a crude fellow such as Al thought of as being the brick shit-house sort. Her tits were huge, her hips wide, her ass big. Her cunt-mound was like a flaming bush, red curls spreading up from her vee like tongues of flame licking her belly.

When Al came in, she held out her hand and rubbed her thumb and fingers together.

Al obediently gave her all the rent money, which she counted twice. Then she scowled ferociously.

"It's short, asshole!" she snapped.

Al looked guilty.

"Aarr... that blonde girl in Four-B didn't have it today," he mumbled, his eyes moving shiftily.

"You gotta kick that bleached hussy out, you shit-head," Hilda snarled. Then a look of suspicion crept into her gaudily painted face. "Or are you fucking her for the rent?"

"Oh, no, darling," he protested -- which was true, as well, as far as it went.

That was why Al had never demanded a fuck from Crystal. Hilda had never thought to ask him about a blow-job.

"Yeah? I wouldn't put it past you, you scumbag," Hilda growled. Her green eyes were glowing like melting jade and her red hair seemed to sizzle with electricity.

"I better check your cock," she said.

Gunderson, feeling that he was on firm ground here, opened his fly and hauled his prick out. He knelt on the bed, knowing she was too lazy to reach for it. Holding his prick in his palm, he offered it to her face.

She eyed his cock doubtfully. "It's slick," she said accusingly. Then she pressed her nose to the cock-knob and sniffed. Finding no incriminating hint of cunt-juice, she relented.

"Well, all right," she grumbled. "But if I ever find you fucking around..."

"Never, darling!" he squawked.

He had the distinct impression that she would relish catching him cheating on her so that she would have a good reason to beat the shit out of him.

Hilda was that sort of person.

She was much like a female version of Al, in fact -- and there was a good reason for that.

Because they had the same last name and lived together, it was naturally assumed that they were husband and wife. But, actually both Al and Hilda were so mean natured and nasty that no one would have married either of them.

And the sordid truth of the matter was that they were brother and sister.

Hilda's massive thighs parted and her heavy haunches heaved up with an avalanche effect.

"You may suck my cunt," she rasped.

Al knew better than to decline. Anyhow, he liked to eat pussy. He had often wished that he owed Crystal some rent, so that he could suck her pussy in payment. It had never dawned on him to go down on her when it was she who was in debt, however. It wouldn't have been fair.

He moved down the bed.

Hilda lifted her knees and tilted her cunt up like some hairy delicacy she was serving him. He paused for a moment, gazing down at her steaming cunt-slot.

Muff-diving on Hilda was like going down on the Colossus of Rhodes.

"Eat me, asshole!" she grunted. Al buried his head between the firm columns of her marble-white thighs and began to gobble her cunt. Hilda clamped her legs around his head in a scissor grip, blinding him, muffling his ears, gagging his mouth. He was sputtering as he sucked. The bald, shiny top of his head rested in her thick, autumn-hued cunt-bush and the rest of his head was buried.

"Suck, you cunt-lapper!" she hissed. Al sucked and licked dutifully. Her thighs parted, giving him some breathing room. But then she reached down and grabbed him by his saucer-like ears, tugging his face around in her foaming fuckhole.

"Drink my cunt-slime, fuck-face! Yeah -- swallow the nasty stuff, you bald bastard!"

It would have delighted Crystal if she could have heard the way Al's sister addressed him, in these moments of raging sibling passion -- and, maybe, made her understand why he was so churlish when she blew him, too.

Al munched steadily away and soon his sister's pussy was melting in his mouth.

He sucked her dry.

When she had had enough, she placed a foot against his shoulder and shoved him away.

Al had a hard-on again, inspired by his snack, but she wasn't interested in that. Fucking took too much energy, and cock-sucking was too indelicate for Hilda.

"Okay, you've been fed, you fucking hog," she growled. "Now make my breakfast."

Al dutifully went to do so.

He sure was going to be sorry when he lost Crystal as a tenant...


Henry Sylvester was a bookish gentleman, with silvery hair and horn-rimmed eyeglasses, elegantly dressed in a three-piece suit and silk necktie. The suit was well cut and frightfully expensive, but at the moment the lines of his trousers were distorted.

Henry had a massive hard-on.

But he was hiding it behind the desk as he interviewed the sexy young blonde girl.

"Yes, I think you'll do nicely," he said.

"Oh, I'm so pleased," Crystal said, smiling. "Errrrr -- there's only one thing..." he added. Her eyebrows went up quizzically. But Henry didn't notice, since he was staring at her tits.

"There's some physical effort involved, my dear. You must be fairly strong and agile."

She looked puzzled.

"To put heavy volumes high on the shelves, of course," the elegant bookstore owner explained.

"Oh, I'm sure I can manage."

"Well, let's just see, shall we?" he suggested. He rose from behind his desk. If he hadn't been such a proper, courtly sort of man, Crystal could have sworn that he had a huge hard-on.

Looks can be deceiving, she figured. He handed her a heavy dictionary and motioned toward the sliding ladder.

"Let's see if you can place this book on the very top shelf, my dear," he said.

Crystal cradled the big book on one arm and mounted the stepladder gracefully, having no difficulty. She placed the book on the top shelf and looked down, hoping that he would express his approval.

She was startled to find that Mr. Sylvester was standing at the foot of the ladder, his aristocratic head tilted back -- as he looked right up her skirt!

Holy cow! Crystal thought.

But she didn't mind in the least.

Crystal loved to be admired, and his admiration was evident. He was licking his lips and his eyes were glinting behind his glasses -- and the front of his trousers stood out obscenely.

Figuring she would give him a good look, Crystal pretended that she was having more trouble with the book than she actually was. She placed one foot on a higher rung and parted her sleek thighs as wide as her precarious perch permitted.

She was glad she was wearing tiny, sexy bikini panties under her modest dress.

And now, as she felt his gaze burning into her groin, the crotch band of her panties began to fill up with a heavy flood of cunt-juice. She could feel it soaking her undies.

Her clit swelled, standing out like a bullet in the crotch band. Thick, pasty cunt-milk oozed from the edges of the leg holes, trickling down her inner thighs. She knew that he was aware of her arousal.

Sylvester was licking his lips more hungrily now and his long, thin nose rippled, nostrils flaring, as he breathed in the fumes of her hot pussy.

His expression was definitely that of a cunt-lapper!

The prospect excited Crystal.

If sitting on his face was part of the job, that was fine with her. She adored getting her pussy sucked and if her boss wanted to do it for her, it would be like a bonus, a part of the job.

It would be lots better than sucking Gunderson's prick for the rent, she figured.

As long as Sylvester didn't think he could eat her cunt in lieu of wages.

Crystal would have willingly let Sylvester tongue-fuck her on the spot, in fact. But he was far too much the gentleman to make such a request, as if the job were dependent on her compliance.

When he realized that she was looking down at him, he blushed and averted his face.

Crystal was disappointed when he stepped away, and she remained where she was, in case he changed bis mind and came back for another look -- or a lick.

But he sat down behind his desk again. She climbed back down the ladder, managing to get her dress hiked up high enough to give him a good look at her trim, hard, round ass.

He was sweating profusely, his hands trembling, his lips damp. But he wasn't a forward fellow, and Crystal was far too shy to make a suggestion, herself.

She decided not to wear any panties when she came to work, as a sort of hint.

"Well?" she asked.

"Ummmmm?" he murmured, distracted. "Oh. Oh, yes, to be sure -- you may have the job, my dear."

"Thank you, Mister Sylvester. I know you won't be sorry." She batted her long, silken eyelashes bewitchingly. "I'll do anything you want me to."

He cleared his throat, hesitating. She looked hopeful. They both looked horny. But then he seemed to decide that it was too soon to go into details of her duties.

"Can you start after lunch?" he asked.

"Sure," she agreed.

That would give her time to find a place to live -- and to return without any panties on, too.

"May I use the phone?" she asked.

"Certainly," the proper man replied.

Crystal checked the newspaper and then dialed the number of the house with a room to rent. The phone rang for some time before anyone answered, and Crystal took the opportunity to perch on the edge of the desk and move one knee up -- so that Sylvester could have another searching look at her soaking panties, from closer up this time.

He was panting like a steam engine as he inhaled her pussy-perfume and gazed at the sodden crotch band of her sexy undies. His lapper flicked out again. He was doing his best to appear proper and businesslike, but he just couldn't conceal the cunt-hunger on his face.

Crystal was wondering how he would react if, without any embarrassing discussion, without any words at all, she simply slid on across the desk and shoved her pussy right into his distinguished face.

She was sorely tempted.

But then the phone was answered.

The woman who answered it, Crystal's prospective landlady, sounded breathless, as she might have been in the bathtub and had to dash to the phone.

But, actually, she was breathless because she had just been getting fucked.

By her teenaged son, no less.


Julia Jenkins was the divorcee who was renting out the spare bedroom in her home. Actually, it wasn't really a spare bedroom at all. It had been her teenaged son's room until recently and it was only a two-bedroom home.

But her son had moved into her room.

It seemed pointless not to sleep together, once they began fucking with regularity -- and equally pointless not to rent out the bedroom that thereby became available.

The extra money would come in handy, since Julia wasn't getting any alimony. When the divorce court judge heard the testimony, he had been inclined to think that Julia deserved nothing from her cuckolded husband. Amazingly level-headed and clear-thinking -- even just, for a judge -- he had been shocked and righteously indignant when he found out that her husband had caught Julia getting gangbanged by six basketball players from her own son's school.

Julia thought the judge a prude.

And her son had been secretly proud of his mother, who was something of a legend at school.

But the husband hadn't been tolerant, nor was the judge, and Julia had to do without what many American women thought of as a constitutional right -- lots and lots of alimony.

The incest had been her son's idea.

"Jeez, Mom -- what are you gonna do for sex, now that Dad has moved out?" he had asked her.

"Humxnxnm," she had mused, eyeing him speculatively and not failing to note the cock bulge in his jeans.

"I mean, you can't bring men home, you know. It wouldn't be right when you've got a teenaged kid in the house," the boy had reasoned. "It might corrupt my morals."

"What did you have in mind, Andy?" she asked.

"Well..." He looked away and scuffed his toe along the carpet. "I thought maybe I could fuck you, myself, Mom. That way, there wouldn't be any danger of emotional trauma for me, like if you were being promiscuous."

Julia had thought that, for a young teenager, her son was remarkably logical.

"How considerate of you, Andy," she said happily.

He gazed at her hopefully -- and she proceeded to take him to bed and fuck him.

Julia had an ever-ready pussy and Andy had a prick that never seemed to get soft, and all in all, the arrangement had worked out very well, indeed.

And that made a room available to an innocent country girl who wanted to move into a normal household.

Now, naked and half-fucked, the telephone having interrupted them before they were finished, Julia held the receiver to her ear as the caller identified herself and asked if she could look at the room.

Julia was a raven-haired beauty, tall and curvaceous, with thrusting tits and a heart-shaped ass, pneumatic hips and a slender waist. Her haunches were like a fucking engine, her pelvis a platform to be mounted and clung to and stuffed repeatedly.

She could never seem to get enough prick, as countless men knew happily -- and one husband had discovered to his infinite sorrow and regret.

He was happy about the alimony, though. And Julia, due to the lack of that alimony, was pleased to find that the caller was interested in renting the bedroom and sounded like a pleasant young lady who, as she informed Julia, was employed in a high-class book store.

She didn't mention the high shelves.

"I'll expect you in about half an hour, then," Julia said, giving herself plenty of time to enjoy the second, and best, half of the incestuous fuck that had been disrupted.

She hung up and returned to the bedroom.

Andy was naked atop the covers.

He hadn't lost his hard-on during the break, and that enormous prick was standing tall over his loins, glistening with cunt-cream. A few gobs of pre-cum had oozed from his piss-hole and trickled down his prick sluggishly, streaking his mother's cunt-juice with thicker threads of cock-lube.

Julia curled up beside him.

"There's a young lady coming to look at your room, dear," she mentioned, as she reached out to fondle his cock and balls in some foreplay -- or, more accurately, midplay, since they had already been fucking.

Andy was pleased that his old bedroom was being rented out, since it seemed to make the sleeping arrangements with his mother more firmly committed.

"I wonder if she's pretty?" he speculated, giving Julia a teasing look.

But Julia was not the type to feel jealous. "I hope so," she replied, with a lascivious wink.

Totally promiscuous as far as men were concerned, Julia was not adverse to some hot pussy, either. Lesbian love made a nice change of pace.

She stroked up and down her son's fat prick, pumping more pre-cum out. His purple cock-head was slathered now, looking like a fat, juicy plum topped with whipped cream.

She leaned down and licked the greasy cock-tip.

Andy groaned and humped up, but she turned her face slightly to one side so that his prick skimmed her lips and slid on her cheek.

Julia loved to milk her big-cocked son off in her mouth, but she was more in the fucking mood at the moment. And she was well aware that if she started sucking on his delicious cock, she wouldn't be able to stop until she had gulped down his hot cum-load.

Normally, that would have been fine, since it would have made her cunt even hornier and she could have enjoyed a lovely, long fuck afterward.

But they only had half an hour before the girl showed up, so she figured it was better to finish the fuck that the phone call had halted.

She licked up and down the boy's stiff prick and lapped at his hairless balls, but she avoided the urge to take his cock-meat into her lips for some maternal mouthing.

When she did suck her young son's cock, Julia did it with far more enthusiasm than the boy had ever shown as he nursed on her tits as an infant -- and she was always rewarded with a creamier drink than had ever been suckled from a tit.

Her tongue tingled as she drew it up the heavily veined underside of his cock-shaft, and her clit echoed that tingling.

She knelt upright and threw one knee across, straddling the kid's loins. His cock loomed up before her belly and she rubbed herself against it, cat-like and purring.

With his bloated balls ballooning in her bushy vee, his prick stood up her tummy so tall that the cock-tip was damned near brushing the slopes of her tits.

Her radiant face tipped down as she gazed at his big fucker, seeing how high it rose up the outside of her torso and yearning to feel it once again plunging so deep up into her pussy.

Lush legs rippling with taut sinew, Julia rose up. His prick dragged down her belly and the prick-knob spilled some pre-cum into her dark cunt-bush.

Then she inched up more and his swollen fucker slid in between her thighs. The prick-tip nudged into her gooey cunt-gash and flared against her clit.

The woman balanced atop his prick, swaying and squirming, only the tip in her cunt-slot. Her cunt-lips caressed his cock-knob and her juices flowed down his cock-stalk.

Andy humped up impatiently, eager to bury his prick, but his mother rose up with him, keeping only the tip in her swampy pussy. Her hips twisted and her ass jerked as she pound her cunt-gash on his cock-head.

More pre-cum poured from his piss-hole and oozed into her pussy-slot. That seepage was so hot and thick and abundant that Julia, for an instant, was horrified, thinking that the virile teenager had shot his wad off prematurely, spilling into her crotch what was meant to be squirted into the core of her cunt.

But then she realized that it was only cock-lube. Her son was so potent and full of jism that his initial dribbling was often as plentiful as a lesser man's full cum-load. That was very satisfying to Julia, who adored jizz, and counted herself a lucky lady to have a son whose cock was like a cornucopia of creamy cum.

Sometime, when he shot in her, it felt as if he had filled her with every bit as much cum as she had gotten when the whole basketball team gang-banged her.

She didn't want to risk having him shoot off before his cock was stuffed up her pussy and, besides, they only had half an hour. So she knew it was time to begin fucking in earnest, as much as she was savoring the preliminaries.

She began to sink down very slowly.

His cock-head vanished in her coral cunt-slot. Her cunt mapped shut, clinging to his cock just below that bulging cock-knob.

She rotated her pelvis, winding her pussy around on his prick like a juicy nut on a meaty bolt.

Andy bridged up, holding his athletic young body deeply arched, waiting for his mother to set the pace.

She went down inch by precious inch, feeding his cock up into her cunt by degrees. She paused again with half of the boy's throbbing fucker inside her and the lower portion sticking out like a fat pipeline connecting his cumbags to her pussy. Her cunt-lips pulled and sucked and dragged, and the boy groaned at the sensations.

His mom had a cunt like a hungry mouth. But, then too, she had a mouth that he often used just like a cunt.

Julia moaned and dropped down the rest of the way, taking his cock balls-deep into her cunt. His balls were jammed to her ass and his cock-head was flaring in the very heart of her fuck-hole. If the kid's enormous prick had been any longer, his mother couldn't have taken it all. She held the full penetration, her cunt-lips plastered to the hilt. He ground his big fucker around inside her hot pussy and she wriggled on the meaty load, savoring the pleasure of having her wet pussy stuffed to the brim and letting the youth thrill to the feeling of having every blessed inch of his gigantic cock encased in clinging cunt.

Then she began to rise and fall, riding his cock-lance in a slow, sensual rhythm.

Andy began to hump, meeting her in counterpoint, driving his prick up as she descended and sinking back to the bed as she pulled up, her suction-cup pussy sucking through every inch of his pulsing prick.

She tilted her groin, angling the coupling so that his cock was rubbing across her clit, stimulating that sensitive nub with greasy friction.

As her cunt flared, her nipples shot out and her tongue seemed to swell, all the erogenous points of her sexy body sparking in harmony.

Julia's clit began to go off.

It was like a blasting cap. As her clit detonated, it set off a second explosion in the depths of her cunt-hole. She was melting on his meat, gasping and wailing with bliss.

Her pussy was filling with cunt-cum. Andy's cock sank in like a torpedo launched into a morass, a bow wave of girl-cum breaking around the blunt cock-knob.

"Oooooooh! Ahihhhhh! Cum in me, darling!" she cried. "My cunt is on fire, baby -- hose me!"

Andy reached up and squeezed his mother's big, firm tits, pulling at the rosy nipples. Then his hands slid down her sleek flanks and he gripped her by the hips, heaving up and down, helping her ride his cock faster.

He bucked up, arching as if he had been shot through with a high-voltage current. Her cunt kept exploding as his prick plowed in faster and harder, rattling her pelvis, shaking her on his fuck-thrusts.

Her face turned from side to side, twisting into a mask of lust, and Andy tipped his head back, rolling his eyes and gnashing his teeth as his loins began to surge toward the creamy culmination.

"Gonna blow, Mom!" he cried.

"Yeah -- yeah -- slime me!" she wailed.

"Here it comes, Mom!"

His balls exploded and the heavy cum-load came rushing up through the core of his cockshaft, making it ripple. Then his cum was squirting into her lavishly, jizz-jet a spraying the core of her cunt.

She melted again on his cum-spurting prick. Her pussy was an inferno and his prick was spraying into that steaming caldron like a fire extinguisher, blanketed her carnal fires with his fuck-foam.

He drained his balls off into her pussy slowly, squirting each time he plunged in and spurting again on the backstroke, like a discharge from a recoiling cannon.

Fucking together furiously, mother and son worked each other through the sweet spasms. His balls erupted over and over again and his cum flooded into her as her clit kept pulsing and her pussy dissolving.

Her firm, heart-shaped ass moved from side to side and her belly and hips pumped, pistoning. Her cunt-hole was clinging to his cock-shaft, gripping the cock-meat tightly despite all the slippery jism that he was shooting in and all the slick cunt-cum seeping out.

Andy shot his last spurt of cum up her and collapsed back onto the bed, spread-eagled and panting. The dregs of his fuck-juice trickled out from his piss-hole. His mother kept on heaving, up and down for a few moment, making sure that she had worked off every spasm of her own cumming and that every sweet drop had been milked off.

Then she slowed down and slumped over him, still stuck on his prick. His balls were deflated and slack now, but his cock was still fat and firm inside her pussy.

A single cumming never satisfied Andy -- which suited his insatiable mom perfectly.

As a rule, they would fuck again, without even a fleeting pause to regain their breath and to renew their sexual vitality. His cock was still hard enough so that she could have ridden him up to another mutual melting without even taking it out of her cunt.

But they didn't have time today, with a prospective tenant due to arrive soon.

After a few minutes, with a happy sigh, Julia pulled her pussy off her son's prick as it had gone in, inch by slow inch. She balanced atop his cock for a second, then the fat cock-head came slipping from her cunt-gash.

Andy's formidable prick stood tall, swaying about like a tree in a tropical storm, the thick cock-stalk glistening with the residue of their torrid fucking.

Her cunt-slot stayed open in a wide oval, retaining the outline of the fat prick that had been up her, stretching out the pliable socket. Her vacated pussy-gash filled up with their combined cum-cream and spilled over, lathering her groin and running in gooey ribbons down her thighs.

She dismounted from his hips and sat back on the bed, drawing her knees up. As he grinned at her, she ran her hand up, scooping up a painful of their mingled fuck-juices. Then she brought her hand up to her chin, turned her face down and lapped up the slime.

She knew that excited her young son -- and, besides, she adored the taste of boy-cum and cunt-cum, blended into one delectable cream sauce.

Then, because a fuck without a suck was like a hug without a squeeze, she leaned down and took his slimy prick into her mouth and slurped in the succulent fuck-cream from his cock-meat, enjoying the flavor of a cock that had just come, soaking, out of melting pussy.

His prick pulsed, tempting her to carry on.

But she forced herself to halt, knowing that half a blow-job, like half a fuck, was frustrating.

They would have lots of time later, after she had shown the room to the girl, she knew.

So both Julia and her son, although they had creamed off very well, were still feeling randy.

And this was the household into which Crystal Norris, seeking to escape from her sordid life in Al Gunderson's tenement, came looking for normalcy...


"Oh, it's just what I've been looking for," Crystal enthused, looking around the bedroom that had formerly belonged to Andy.

She had noticed that there was only one other bedroom in the house and hoped that she wasn't inconveniencing the handsome teenaged boy, but she guessed that he must have sleeping quarters arranged in the basement or attic.

Obviously, he had to sleep somewhere -- and the truth would have astounded the naive small town girl.

"Can I move in this afternoon?" she asked.

"Of course, Crystal," Julia agreed. Crystal was looking around the room and Julia was looking at Crystal, admiring her shapely, nubile body, the sweet curves not hidden by her demure dress.

"I'm sure we'll get along real good, Mrs. Jenkins," the young girl said.

"Yes, I'm sure we shall -- and you must call me Julia, since we're going to be good friends. More, I hope, than just tenant and land lady," Julia said, with a mysterious significance in her tone that escaped the girl.

"Oh, I hope so!" Crystal said.

How different life here was going to be from Gunderson's wretched dwelling, she was thinking.

Which was certainly true -- although not quite in the way that the girl imagined it.

Julia's mouth was watering as she gazed at the delectable young blonde girl. Julia loved to eat pussy, but hadn't done a whole lot of it, since she was the sort of lady who usually had her mouth or her pussy full of some man's cock-meat.

"I'll fetch my things after work and move in then -- and I'll be able to give you a week's rent in advance, then," Crystal said, figuring that she knew just how to get an advance on her wages from Henry Sylvester.

"That will be fine, honey."

"Okay if I just freshen up now, before I go back to the book store?" Crystal asked.

"Why of course," Julia said.

She was wondering if Crystal would strip off and wash if she stayed there in the room. But she didn't want to ruin things by being too obvious. Giving Crystal a warm smile, she went out.

She closed the door behind her.

But that door had a very large keyhole...

Julia walked away loudly -- then she turned and came back very quietly, kneeling down to peer through the keyhole.

A moment later Andy, who had been waiting in the master bedroom, tiptoed down to join his mom.

"Gee, she's a doll, huh?" he whispered.

Julia had no secrets from her son -- which would have been silly, considering their living arrangements.

"She makes my tongue stiff," the woman sighed.

Andy grinned and knelt down beside his mother, feeling her ass and tits. She groped his cock-bulge. Side by side, they took turns peering through the keyhole.

They were expecting only to get a look at the cute blonde, naked, as she cleaned up.

But they got to see a lot more than that -- and found it very promising for the future.

Crystal hadn't actually intended to freshen up at all.

What she wanted to be left in privacy for was so that she could take her sodden panties off.

She had a pretty good idea that if she went back to the book store, naked under her dress, she would have no trouble at all in getting an advance on her wages from her new boss -- and she was looking forward to whatever other advances that scholarly gentleman might make, as well.

Crystal was horny as hell from having Sylvester look up her skirt as she stood on the stepladder.

Now, supposing herself safe from prying eyes, she raised her dress and began to wriggle out of her bikini panties, ass and hips squirming. She removed her panties and held them up, amazed at how full of cunt-juice the crotchband was. The delicate panties felt actually heavy with all the cunt-juice she had spilled into them.

On a sudden impulse, she held the panties to her pretty face, sniffling her own pussy-perfume as she imagined what it would smell like to Sylvester, when he got his handsome, aristocratic face right between her thighs.

Her tongue slid out and she tasted the slimy seepage, purring softly. Why on earth did cuntjuice tantalize her tongue so much?

Why, if anyone could see her, they might think that she was a lesbian or something!

But she was wrong in that supposition.

Because Julia, who was seeing the girl, knew damned well that even the most normal, cock-loving lady could also cherish a snack of hot pussy.

Licking her own panties and imagining sitting on her boss' face, Crystal was getting hotter and hotter. The hand-job she had given herself earlier had only provided mild relief, and now she was as randy as if she hadn't cum in a month.

She had plenty of time left before she was due back at the book store and she decided that it would be fun to give her cunt another frigging -- to sort of initiate her new home with a cunt-warming party.

And she was in the mood to make it a leisurely job now, too, unlike the preventive fingerfucking of the morning, taking her time and relishing the sensations.

And, although she was blissfully unaware of the fact, she was also giving her landlady and the landlady's teenaged son a lovely sight to behold.

Crystal stripped down to the buff.

Still thinking that the girl was only going to wash up, Julia and Andy alternated keyhole glances, both lusting for the blonde girl's youthful body.

But instead of going to the sink, Crystal went to the bed and lay down.

"Holy shit! She's gonna finger-fuck herself, Mom!" Andy rasped, his eye jammed to the keyhole.

His mother inhaled sharply and pushed his head out of the way, taking a look, herself.

From that moment on, although both were generous sorts, Julia and Andy were fighting over the keyhole like dogs over a juicy bone as they took turns watching the solitary sexual performance.

And innocent Crystal put on quite a show. She began by feeling up her plump tits, kneading the smooth tit-globes and drawing her fingers up to pluck lovingly at the fat, stiff nipples.

Her ass squirmed around and her thighs opened and closed as she thrashed.

The fact that it had once been his bed and that he had jerked off in it countless times, added to Andy's fascination as he watched. But he wasn't seeing as much as he would have liked, because his equally thrilled mother kept pushing him away from the keyhole to look, herself.

Andy was playing with his mother's pussy sad she was pulling his prick and caressing his balls, but they weren't trying to get each other off, avoiding any steady cum-inducing rhythm. Hand-jobs seemed silly, when they had so many wonderful alternatives available to them.

And now, they were both thinking, maybe they had still another alternative -- a pretty young lodger, in whose lovely loins they could take their pleasure.

"Ohhhh -- look at this, Mom," Andy groaned, shifting aside, wanting to share the sight.

Julia gazed through the keyhole and gasped. Crystal was cupping her sweet tits in her hands, lifting the tit-mounds and deepening the smooth cleavage. Her blonde head bobbed down and she began to lick at her swollen nipples, then to suck them into her lips and nurse, switching from tit to tit. She was sighing and purring as she enjoyed the gradual build-up of a hand-job in detail.

Julia didn't think she could get any hotter than that sight was making her.

But she was wrong, as she found out once Crystal began to work on her creamy cunt...


Crystal was sprawled across the bed with her feet -- and her crotch, too -- toward the door, so that the watchers had a damned nice view of the action as the girl slid a hand down her gently rounded belly and cupped her cunt.

Her palm had settled on her curly blonde cunt-bush and her fingers trailed down into her groin. She caressed herself with slow strokes, fingertips brushing lightly.

She rubbed her unfurled cunt-lips, stirred her fuck-slot and fucked against her clit. Her pussy was opening to a wide oval, the pussy-lips curling back like the petals of a fleshy flower, all pearly with pussy-dew, opening to the warming rays of the morning sunlight.

Her clit was standing out like a little pink post that had been stuck in a pool of quicksand as a warning. She pulled at it gently and it flared.

Julia's tongue was sticking out from her lips like a lesbian with a hard-on as she looked.

Then Andy took a look and his cock jolted out, vibrantly stiff. A glob of pre-cum oozed from his piss-hole.

His mother swept the ball of her thumb across, gathering the goo up, then brought her hand to her mouth and licked it from her thumb.

But it was an automatic reaction, she was concentrating completely on the frigging blonde girl.

Crystal changed hands, still keeping the fondling light, building up slowly. Her lovely face was contorted by rising passion, eyes narrowed, lips parted and panting, head turning slowly from side to side.

She ignored her pussy for a bit, systematically stroking up her inner thighs and massaging her cunt-bush and feeling up her tits some more.

She hiked up, lifting one trim, shapely thigh and slid a hand under her ass. She nudged a finger into her tight little asshole, squirming on the contact.

Andy, who was at the keyhole at that moment, was inspired. He began to finger his mother's asshole, giving her a clue as to what he was watching Crystal do.

Then she took an eager look, herself. This was all very encouraging.

If the nubile blonde girl was such an inventive, versatile, enthusiastic frigger, it boded well for subsequent seduction, for any young lady who could take such obvious pleasure in her own hands seemed the sort who could hardly refuse the attentions of an avid tongue.

She liked a finger up her ass, obviously.

Julia was looking forward to stabbing her lapper up that tight, tangy whole, as a sort of anal appetizer before she dove om the girl's pussy, for Julia was every bit as adventurous and varied with her tongue as Crystal was with her fingers -- and even more enthusiastic.

Crystal began working on her pussy again. She alternated hands, stroking her pussy with one while she licked the other. One hand went down glistening with drool and the other came up to her lips all gooey with cunt-cream. Things were looking brighter and brighter to Julia, as she saw how much the pretty lodger liked to taste pussy-nectar.

It made Julia's cunt flare in accord with here tongue, her mouth and pussy equally aroused.

Andy was rubbing her cunt again and Julia took him by the wrist, grinding her cunt on his palm. Then she drew his hand up to her face and began to lap her own cunt-juice from his cupped palm, like a cat licking up spilled cream.

Tasting her own pussy from her teenaged son's hand was a kick -- and she was yearning for a taste of Crystal's hot, juicy pussy and to drink straight from the source.

Crystal's nipples were shooting up like rockets as she arched her slim back, bridging on the bed, her bare ass swinging from side to side.

She had been working on only her open cunt, but now she began to finger-fuck into her hot cunt-hole, as well. She slid her middle finger in knuckle-deep, twisting it around in the padded chute. Then she raised her hand and frigged her sticky finger into her mouth while she used her other hand to stab up into her slippery fuck-hole.

She added a second finger, then a third, then bunched all four fingers together in a cock-shaped bundle and fucked them deep into her pussy.

As she finger-fucked her cunt-hole, she whipped the edge of her thumb against her frenzied clit.

Julia's lips were panting, puffing in and out like a blowfish, as she imagined having her hungry mouth clamped on that sweet honeypot of a pussy.

Andy's prick was beating like a drum, almost humming like a tuning fork in her hand. Julia drew her hand away, not wanting to rim the risk of bringing the kid off.

His hands was cupped on her pussy again, but he, too, had stopped canning her and simply held her cunt cupped in his palm, as if containing her, keeping her cunt-cum stored up for later.

Crystal started to whine and whimper as the waves of bliss began to rush across her loins and to shoot up her trembling thighs like electric currents.

Her groin had turned to foam, the juice pouring from her pussy so thickly it looked as if she had churned her muff-milk to heavy whipping cream.

She started using both hands on her cunt now, as she soared toward the crest. Tilting her wrist, she finger-fucked her pussy with one hand and played with her flaring clit with the other.

Holding that swollen nubbin between her thumb and forefinger, she tossed her wrist up and down, just as if she were jerking off a tiny pink prick.

The waves were coming higher and faster, each one pelting on the one before, beginning to merge into one sustained tidal crest as she surged to the peak.

Crystal cried out in ecstasy.

The flow from her gaping cunt got creamier as her cunt-juice turned to girl cum. It flooded from her fuck-hole as if a dam had burst in her loins. She kept frigging into her cunt-hole and rubbing her clit, holding at the heights.

Her clit exploded and her cunt melted and her cunt-cream washed out, soaking her crotch, seeping into the crack of her jolting ass, spilling over onto the bed. A slippery patch spread out under her ass.

Her cunt was spreading wide open and her cum-juice was spurting out almost like a cumming man as she reached the ultimate crest. Then she sank back, with a sigh, a dreamy smile on her pretty face.

Her hands kept on caressing for a few minutes as she made sure she had eked out every spasm.

Then Crystal was satisfied -- for the moment. And she had left two passionate peepers desperate for some satisfaction of their own.

Crystal scooped the slime up with her hands and licked her hands clean. Then she got up and began to get dressed. She put her demure, modest dress back on -- but she left her sodden panties on the bed.

Julia and Andy lingered at the keyhole as long as they dared. Then they rose and tiptoed back down to the master bedroom, flushed and thrilled and filled with great expectations concerning the new lodger.

But they didn't start fucking right away.

They waited until they heard the girl go downstairs, then leave the house. Exchanging a glance of complicity and tacit understanding, they went back down to the room that Crystal had rented -- and frigged off in.

They knew that it would embellish the thrill if they were to fuck in all the cunt-cum that she had spilled out on the sheets, in that bed that had once been Andy's.

The whole room was permeated with the perfume of hot pussy, sweet and cloying and tantalizing. Andy had spilled lots of spunk off in that room, in the days before his mom started taking care of that for him and he had to jack off -- but he had never left the room so fragrantly scented.

They moved to the bed and sat down.

Julia picked up Crystal's soaking panties, grinning, giving her son a wicked look. Her deviate desires were all the stronger because she knew that it turned the boy on to know his mom was bisexual.

She had even asked him if he might know any teenaged girls who would like their cunts sucked. But nothing had come of it. Andy just couldn't figure out how to ask one of the girls he dated if she would like his mother to eat her out. It was sort of a delicate matter and, although lots of girls would no doubt welcome a tonguefucking from a lovely lady, they probably wouldn't admit it.

It was a thing Andy had always wanted to watch -- and a thing his mother had always wanted to do while he watched.

With the new lodger, they had high hopes. Julia held the swampy panties to her face, inhaling the musky bouquet. Then, gazing at Andy, she began to lick all the cunt-juice from the crotchband.

"Ununmmm -- yummy!" she purred.

Crystal's cunt-nectar was delectable, even tasted second-hand. Julia could just imagine what it would be like to drink it right from her pussy.

She sucked the slimy crotchband into her mouth, slurping and slobbering. Her tongue was soaking up the pussy-juice like a sponge. Her face tilted up. The panties were hanging from her jaw like a festive decoration as she chomped the wet crotchband.

Andy watched in awe.

His mom was really, really naughty -- for which Andy was profoundly grateful.

And now it was time to play mother-fucker again...


Julia tossed the well-chewed panties aside and stretched out across the bed, her ass in the pool of pussy-nectar that Crystal had left there.

Andy snatched the panties up and tasted them himself, but he could only find the familiar flavor of his mom's saliva, for she had sucked all the juicy goodness out of the flimsy fabric of the sexy panties.

Still, he knew just where to get a taste of the blonde girl's pussy. He leaned down and kissed his mother on the lips. Their mouths ground together passionately, and they began swapping tongues and slobber back and forth.

Julia whispered into Andy's mouth.

"This is just how I'll use my tongue on Crystal's fuck-hole, darling."

She tongued out her son's mouth in a graphic demonstration of cunt-lapping skill.

Then she lay back, arched, knees lifted up and lush thighs wide apart.

"Now, show me how you'll fuck her," she urged.

Andy needed no coaxing at any time -- now, least of all, inspired by playing the looker on the lovely lodger and by the thrilling prospect of fucking her soon.

He knelt between Julia's thighs and guided his raging hard-on into her steaming cunt. Holding his cock by the hilt, he turned his wrist, using his cock-head like a ladle to stir her creamy cunt-slot.

Her cunt began to swallow his prick.

His cock burrowed up her cunt-sleeve and, with a lurch, he fucked in to the balls. Her cunt tunnel fluttered, closing around the bulk of his prick, gripping so hard that it felt as if her pussy had melted like heated wax, then hardened around his cock-rod, molding them together.

Her cunt-muscles pulsed, the inner rings closing, running up and down on his cock-shaft if she had a secret fist inside her cunt, jacking him off.

Andy groaned. It felt as if her hungry pussy was sucking him in balls and all.

When he tried to pull out and start the fucking action, his mother's cunt clung to him so firmly that he couldn't drag his prick out at all. His cock seemed to be plastered in her, glued in her gash by her goo, gripped by fierce suction.

Then she relaxed her inner cunt-muscles slightly, just enough so that the youth could begin the sliding motion, start the friction that would bring them to the peak.

Taking his weight on his knees, he slid his hands under her and cupped her firm, valentine-shaped ass, lifting her pelvis higher.

He fed her a long, underslung cock-stroke, his balls dragging along the gooey sheets, tilting her belly up on his fuck-thrust. Then he rose up higher and drove down from above, running all of his throbbing cock-shaft across her slit. His ass bucked and hers churned. Her belly formed a cup as he filled her caldron chock-a-block full of meat. His prick hissed in and her cunt squished and sloshed as it sucked on his fucker.

Julia threw her legs around his haunches, hooking her knees over his hips. Her heels drummed on his lean ass, then locked and held him in a scissor grip. She rubbed her heels up and down through the cleft between his asscheeks and massaged them against his balls.

They were fucking savagely, beginning to soar toward the crest at once.

His hairless balls swung in and slapped against the globes of her upthrust ass with dull, solid thuds. They were so full of cum that they hit her like a blackjack.

She began to wail and claw at the youth's back.

"Shoot up me, Andy!" she cried.

Her cunt was juicing on his huge cock, turning to paste as he pounded in, grinding like a pestle into a mortar. He howled, throwing his head back, his face twisted with emotions as he surged to his peak.

His jizz gushed into her pussy in a deluge. He spurted cum again and again, and she kept on creaming on his prick as they clung to the crest together. His balls emptied off slowly, sinking in, deflating.

But his cock stayed stiff.

They fucked each other down through the slow spiral and stopped moving, clinging together, still coupled. Once was not enough, to be sure. It seldom was -- and today their inspiration was tremendous.

Andy lay still, panting in his mother's embrace, as she gently squirmed on his wonderful cock-lance.

Then, without removing his cock for an instant, the virile youngster began to fuck his mom again.

They fucked together sweetly, with less urgency than the first time, but with every bit as much desire and pleasure.

Andy poured the pork into her pussy like a roast pig going into a pre-heated oven. She spiraled and swirled, twisting like a whirling dervish on his cock. They had begun this second fuck gently but within minutes they were rutting like crazed animals once again.

It was like fucking a tornado, he thought, like sticking his cock into a blender.

She arched and bridged. Her head jerked from side to side, then tilted back, eyes rolling up, glazed with sensation.

The supple woman yanked her knees up almost to her heavy tits, curling her body up.

Andy heaved up and rammed down into that smooth, soft circle of pussy-flesh, his prick like an axle in the wheel of her groin.

He seemed to be trying to hammer her right through the bed -- his ex-bed, Crystal's bed -- to pound her down and nail her to the floor on his hard spike.

Julia jerked her thighs higher, draping the backs of her knees over his broad shoulders, her lush body rolled right up into a ball.

She was creaming again already.

Then the potent youth was joining her at the blissful peak, his balls swelling and pulsing as they set to blow.

"Gonna jizz you, Mom!" he panted. "Ahhhhhh! Yes, yes!" she squealed.

Her feet shot up, pedaling in the air as if she were riding a bicycle upside-down. Andy was tossing her on his ramrod prick, driving her down and heaving her up, transfixing her on his steely spike.

His prick was plunging into her cunt so deeply that, rolled up as she was, she halfway expected his cock-head to come pumping out of her mouth.

Andy's balls went off like a time bomb at the root of his smoldering flesh-fuse. His fuck-juice began to squirt into her as plentifully as it had on his first cum, his youthful vitality working overtime.

Her cunt-cum seeped out and mixed with his jizz. As his fat pussy-plunger plowed into her, he was pumping the cock-cream out in great gobs.

He drained off shot by shot and his humping became jerky and erratic, slowing down from the torrid pace.

Julia kept on grinding, fucking her cunt up and down on his cock faster than he was pumping it to her now. Then she, too, began to come to the end of her joy, faltering.

He bent over and kissed her lovingly. His formidable prick was still stiff, levering her ass down onto the slimy bed as he lowered his torso. They kissed with more affection than passion now, as if they were showing mutual gratitude for the pleasure they had given each other.

Andy could feel still more cum beginning to seep into his balls, his spermaries spinning the stuff out drop by drop, the supply seemingly endless. His balls made jizz like a factory working overtime, the virility of his youth aided by the thrill of incest dancing in his mind.

"Wanna fuck again, Mom?" he panted.

He didn't figure there was any question about it -- unless she felt like sucking, instead.

But she surprised him.

"No, darling," she sighed.

He gave her a puzzled look.

"You'd better save some jizz for Crystal," she explained.

And what a hot idea that was!

Andy drew his long prick out of his mother's fuck-hole and lay beside her. His cock curled up in a fat, meaty tube and her abandoned pussy gushed with goo. They kissed and cuddled. He played with her pussy and sucked her nipples and she fondled his cock and balls.

But the moment either one of them showed any signs of nearing the point of no return, when it would be too late to stem the tide, they stopped caressing. Then, when they had cooled down a bit and receded from any danger of cumming, they renewed the foreplay.

She sucked his prick a little.

He licked her pussy lovingly.

The boy's cock looked dangerously swollen and hard. She ignored it and rimmed out his asshole, getting her lapper limbered up for later.

And so, careful not to cum again, mother and son kept one another simmering just below the boil, as they waited for the new lodger to return.

And, had Crystal known what was waiting for her at her new home, she might well have hurried back sooner.

But meanwhile, the innocent country girl was having some adventures of her own.


All through the afternoon, Crystal had done her best to look alluring and enticing, even flirtatious and willing. But Sylvester was such a proper gentleman that, although he couldn't help but gaze at her lustfully, he made no approach. It was starting to frustrate the girl and exasperate her, knowing that there was a man who was yearning to suck her cunt, but wasn't bold enough to suggest it.

After a while, she decided that it was time to give him some encouragement.

Waiting until there were no customers in the shop, she climbed the stepladder again, pretending that she was rearranging the books on the upper shelves.

Then, by swinging her ass and hips a bit, she got the stepladder rocking, back and forth.

"Oh! Could you steady the ladder, Mister Sylvester?" she called.

He looked up from his desk. He leaped up, making no attempt to conceal the massive cockbulge in the front of his well-tailored trousers in his haste and anxiety. He darted over and grasped the legs of the ladder.

He looked up -- up the ladder and, of course, right up Crystal's dress.

When he saw that she wasn't wearing any panties, he gulped and gasped. His eyeglasses nearly fogged up and his tongue lolled out like an overheated doggy's. His Adam's apple ran up his throat like a gong being rung at a carnival.

Crystal began to climb down very, very slowly, as if the tottering ladder had made her overly cautious. His head went back more and more as she descended.

His obvious desire made Crystal bolder than she normally would have been, and she stepped on down so that his head was under her skirt -- and then stepped down another rung.

Her sleek thighs brushed his cheeks and she felt his breath waft into her porn.

"Ohhhh -- Mister Sylvester!" she sighed.

A muffled gurgle came from under her skirt. His head and shoulders were out of sight under the hem of her dress, confined in close proximity to her crotch. She could hear the man panting as he inhaled the aroma of her pussy.

Crystal smiled. She had him right where she wanted him now -- and knew, as a sort of secondary benefit, like workman's compensation, that she would have no problem about getting an advance on her wages.

Then the girl stepped down one more rung and her steamy pussy pressed to his face.

No matter how proper and restrained a gentleman is, once he has a face-full of cunt, propriety tends to ebb away.

He began to lash his lapper into her cunt with gusto.

Crystal swayed on the ladder, sinuously, no longer making it rock precariously but just failing into a gentle rhythm as she mopped his face with her wet pussy-muff.

His hands slid up her legs, clutching her by her ass and hips as he craned his neck back and gulped greedily in her gooey cunt-gash. Muffled sounds drifted from her groin, sighs and whimpers accompanied by the slurping of his tongue and the squishing of her pussy.

That learned man's lapper was lashing into her, driving her wild. She twisted from the hips and gazed down, seeing the outline of his head under her skirt, just below her pumping ass.

The concealed cunt-lapper was doing wonderful things to her pussy. He was as expert as he was enthusiastic. His tongue slapped it, her creamy fuck-slot, then stabbed up her cunt-hole and his lips sucked on the rim. He was French kissing her cunt like a bearded mouth and gulping her pussy-juice down greedily as it spilled past his lips.

She raised one foot to a higher rung.

Then, lithe as an acrobat on her perch, the girl slowly turned so that she was standing backward on the ladder. She wanted to see what was going on. She lifted the hem of her dress up above her hips.

The top of his face was in her vee, the lower half buried to the nose. He stared up at her. He actually looked ashamed and embarrassed by what he was doing but, captive to his passion, he kept on plating her pussy.

"Umnunm! That feels so good!" she sighed, wanting to put him at his case, to let the man know that she fully approved of what he was doing.

He kept slurping at her cunt.

She bounced up and down on the saddle of his upturned face, her cunt splashing as it hit his mouth and slurping as it pulled off against the suction.

Sylvester seemed to be trying to bury his whole head up her pussy, tonguing out the inner cunt-folds, his lapper flashing into every pink nook, every intricate cranny.

Then he moved one hand down, and she heard his zipper rasp as he opened his fly.

That was fine with Crystal.

Any man who gave her such lovely head was entitled to a fuck. And, besides, she had never been fucked on a ladder. It sounded like fun.

But then his shoulder began to shift. For a moment, she was puzzled. Then Crystal realized that her boss was jacking himself off as he sucked her pussy. It pleased her that she had made him so hot that he had lost all inhibitions and was desperate for release -- but she didn't want him to have to jack himself off.

"You don't have to do that," she moaned. His elegantly tailored shoulder continued to shift as his fist pounded up and down on his prick.

She gazed down, trying to look meaningfully into his eyes, but his glasses were so steamed up she couldn't see behind them. She slid a foot down his front and began to rub her ankle and instep against his cock. She couldn't see his groin, but his cock felt big and iron hard against her foot, and she would have welcomed a cuntful of that cock-meat.

But Sylvester seemed content to suck cunt and beat off.

He gulped as he sucked, then grunted as he beat his prick vigorously up and down.

She felt his cock flue on her ankle, getting damp.

Suddenly he gasped -- and a jet of steaming jizz shot up her calf, splashing behind her knee.

Feeling his thick cum splash on her leg, Crystal wailed and began to cream off.

Sylvester cranked his cock, jacking off lavishly, drenching both of her legs. Then, his balls drained, he cupped her ass in both hands again and began to suck her to the creamy conclusion with gusto.

"Oh -- ohhhhh -- oooohhh!" she cried, going crazy as her pussy melted in his mouth.

Her cunt exploded in his lips and her cunt-cum spilled over his lapper. She was going off in a chain reaction, creaming again and again. He held her by the ass and tilted his face up as if he were drinking from a brimming goblet.

She whipped her crotch up and down, wiping his face, smearing the lenses of his eyeglasses, coating him with cunt-cum from his chin to his brow, gooey ribbons running like oil into his silvery hair.

Her belly heaved out and his tongue swept into the crack of her ass, gathering up the creamy seepage from that flavorsome cleft. Then he clamped his lips back onto her cunt like a rubber plunger on a drain, milking her to the dregs.

Her legs began to shake and she wobbled unsteadily, all of her energy spilling from her pussy as she fed him generously.

Finished, she slumped back on the ladder rungs.

He looked at her over the top of his glasses, raising his eyebrows questioningly.

"That was swell," she sighed.

He gave her cunt a last few slurps, spooning out the final frothy drops. Then he stepped back. He was looking embarrassed again, grinning shyly and sheepishly.

Crystal descended to the floor, still holding her skirt up above her waist.

"You can eat me out anytime," she promised.

"Thank you, my dear," he said.

He lifted his silk necktie and wiped his chin and lips in an elegant gesture, the sort of gentleman who didn't forget his manners even when he happened to be dining so lustfully on pussy-meat.

Crystal dropped her gaze to his exposed prick. She was disappointed to see that his hand-job seemed to have depleted his vigor. His cock was fat and shapely still, but it was drooping now, as if in shame, and his balls looked as if they had been punctured.

Getting her pussy sucked made the girl yearn for a follow-up fuck, but she saw that Sylvester was in no condition to supply that at the moment. He didn't even look as if he wanted to eat her out again, as if his tongue was as deeply satisfied as his hand-job had left his limp cock.

Still, they had lots of time for balling in the book store in the future.

With that in mind, she said, "You didn't have to jerk off, Mister Sylvester."

He looked as if he didn't understand.

"I mean, you can fuck me," she added.

He looked alarmed.

"Oh, dear me -- I couldn't couple with my clerk," he said. "It simply isn't done."

She gaped at him and he made a clucking sound as if in disapproval of her lack of morals, her failure to know what was acceptable behavior.

Then he returned to his desk and didn't so much as glance at her until closing time.

He was kind enough to give her an advance on her wages, but he gave her no cock. And that was why Crystal was in the mood to get fucked when she went to fetch her things from Gunderson's...


Gunderson gazed balefully at the girl as she packed her single suitcase. He looked so sad that she was moving out that Crystal actually felt sorry for him, despite the shabby way he had treated her.

She bent over the suitcase and the hem of her dress rose up a bit. Gunderson walked over and patted her fondly on the ass. He had never shown any affection in the past, never stroked or caressed her. He had always simply stuck his cock into her mouth and creamed off.

"Well, I'm gonna miss you," he said. "A good blow-job is hard to find these days."

"Doesn't your wife blow good?" Crystal asked.

She supposed, like everyone, that Hilda Gunderson was actually Al's wife, not his sister. But, anyhow, Crystal had never seen the woman, although she'd heard her screech often enough. Hilda seldom left her bed. But in her bed she gave no head, although she made Al eat her out with regularity.

So Al only shrugged noncommittally.

Crystal was a good-natured, kind-tempered, forgiving sort of girl, and she took pity on Al flow.

"Maybe I'll stop by and suck you off once in a while -- for old times' sake," she said.

He looked enthusiastic, but puzzled.

Why in hell would she be willing to blow him if she didn't owe him any rent?

"Errrrr -- how about sucking me off before you go?" he rasped.

His cock was fat and his balls swollen from having sucked his sister's cunt without getting anything in return, and the thought of Crystal's sweet mouth was inspirational.

Crystal considered for a moment.

She had never really minded sucking his prick. She had only resented being forced to do it and hated his coarse attitude. The cock-sucking itself was fun.

So she was tempted to blow him good-bye. But Crystal was still in the mood for a fuck, having been refused one by her bookish boss.

She was sure that Gunderson's blunt prick would feel swell up her pussy. But she didn't relish the idea of having to look at his ugly face as he grunted and thrashed away on top of her. He might even want to kiss her.

Then it occurred to her that if he were to fuck her from behind, dog-fashion, she could get the pleasure of his cock without having to see who was slogging the cock-meat to her -- and think about Robert Redford, if she chose.

Giving Gunderson a sultry look, she began to take her clothing off.

This confused him. Why would she want to strip down for a face-fucking? Was she afraid that some of his jizz might dribble onto her dress? He gazed at her, puzzled but appreciative. Her firm young body was adorable.

Naked, she slowly turned, letting him admire her nubile form from all angles, front, back and profile. Her nipples stood out, swollen and rosy, and her pussy was bubbling over like a melting honeycomb.

Stepping up to him, she began to open his fly, keeping her face turned down so that she could see what she was doing -- and so that he wouldn't be tempted to kiss her.

She reached into his trousers and hauled his cock and balls out. Cupping his balls in her palm, she jiggled them up and down. She could feel his heavy cum-load sloshing around in the hairy bags.

She sank down to her knees before him and sucked his cock-head into her mouth.

This was what Al expected, and he grinned and began to hump, fucking her face with gusto. Crystal moved her head down, swallowing his prick balls-deep. He held her face between his hands, pumping the prick in, making the girl gulp as he clogged her throat.

Her blonde head went up and down, golden tresses tumbling, tits heaving. She drew her mouth off him and slipped his cock into her cleavage.

Gunderson fucked his prick between her tits, and she lapped at his bloated cock-head as it came looming up to her down-turned face.

His prick was throbbing now and she guessed it was as hard as it was going to get. The tit-fucking and prick-licking was fun, but she knew that Al was a one-shot guy and didn't want to risk getting a mouthful, now that she had made up her mind that she was going to fuck him.

She knelt back, then turned, pivoting on her knees. She dropped down onto all fours. Her head sank down and her lovely ass biked up to the highest point of her posture. Her thighs were parted and her pussy was drooling juice down her crotch.

Al looked mystified. The invitation was obvious, but why would a lovely, nubile young lady want to fuck him?

"C'mon -- shove it up me, Al," she sighed. Al's prick was jutting out as if it wanted to fly from his loins like a rocket, sinking its explosive warhead into the target of her hot cunt.

But he just stood where he was.

Crystal looked back over her shoulder, wondering why he wasn't mounting her. Seeing the indecision on his face, she became annoyed. It was bad enough to be rejected by her cunt-lapping employer -- how mortifying if Al Gunderson were to decline to fuck her.

But Gunderson was in a quandary.

He was longing to fuck this young beauty, certainly, but he was in dread of the repercussions. What would his sister do if she gave him the sniff-test later, and found that his cock smelled of cunt-juice?

He was terrified of that formidable sibling -- and, being the way he was, it never for a moment dawned on Al that he could wash his cock after he got laid. Besides, if his sister sniffed soap on his cock-meat, she would be just as suspicious as if it were coated with pussy-juice.

"Well? My cunt is hot for it, Al -- throw it to me -- fuck me like a dog!" Crystal urged him.

She weaved her ass about enticingly. How could a man resist such temptation? Al dropped to his knees as if he had collapsed under the weight of his hard-on, as if he were a caboose behind his meat train, his cock running on a track that led to the tunnel of her pussy.

He shuffled in, belly thrust out. His cockhead nudged into her fuck-slot.

Crystal purred as she realized she was going to get what she wanted, in the position she wanted it in. She reached back between her legs and cupped his balls, fondling them affectionately. No matter what she might think of the man on the other end of that big, blunt prick, she had nothing against his prick.

Her hand slid up to his cock-stalk and she started to tug his cock into her cunt.

Al was trembling, torn between the urge to fuck his prick into her hot, wet pussy and his fear of having his sister discover his infidelity. Crystal was pulling his prick into her pussy a bit, but Al was hunkering back, making no attempt to help her by humping.

"Fuck me! Pump it to me!" she begged.

With his cock-knob throbbing at the portals of her pussy, Crystal was getting desperate. Al clenched his jaw, looking like a condemned man, resigned to the punishment he feared would follow the pleasure.

He grasped the girl by the hipbones and braced his knees for the thrust. She released his cock and squirmed in joyous anticipation of that cuntful.

Then Al humped with vigor.

But now that he had made up his mind that he was going to fuck the girl and face the consequences later, Al was so frantic to get started that, in his cager haste, he angled his cock wrong.

As he thrust, the cock-knob skimmed up her cunt-gash and ran on up through the crack between her ass-cheeks. His cock-head brushed across her asshole and came looming up over the small of her back. His throbbing fucker was bedded in her ass-cleft and her ass-cheeks clutched it tightly.

He took another stroke, delighted by the sensation. Sliding his prick up through the crack of her firm ass felt just like fucking between her tits. His cock-head squeezed from her ass crevice and his bloated balls rolled up and splashed in her cunt-slot.

Crystal was enjoying this foreplay and she puckered little ass-ring flutter and open wider. He began to shove.

"No, silly -- that's the wrong hole," Crystal moaned, supposing he had made an honest mistake.

Crystal had never taken it up the ass and it didn't occur to her that such was his intention. And, surmising that the girl's adorable ass was cherry made the prospect all the more pleasing to Gunderson.

Being Al, he didn't ask her permission. But he pushed in very cautiously, not out of fear of hurting Crystal but a bit concerned about the possibility that he night skin his prick in that tight passage.

The tip of his blunt cock-head wedged in. "Oh!" she squealed. "No, Al -- what do you think you're doing?" she protested.

Al grunted and fed her a bit more.

"That's my asshole!" Crystal cried, still, in her naivety, believing that he was making a mistake, miscalculating the location of her cunt.

Why would a guy want to shove his prick up her ass when her cunt was available?

Of course, she didn't know about his sister applying the sniff-test.

"Stop it!" she wailed, trying to crawl away. But he was holding her hips and her asshole was stuck on his cock-head. She was snared on his prick, unable to pull free.

And Al was not to be denied...


Al's bulging cock-head vanished in her asshole.

Crystal gave a squawk of protest -- but suddenly realized that it felt good.

Her trim little shit-slot was collaring his thick cock-shaft just behind the knob and her ass-ring began to flutter and ripple, opening slightly, as if the tight tunnel was preparing far his prick.

Al grunted as he looked down -- a grunt of satisfaction. His cock-knob was the biggest part of his prick and if that fat slab would fit in her little asshole, he knew that the rest of his prick would sink in, too.

Crystal was wriggling around like a fish on a gaff, but she was no longer trying to crawl away from him. The idea of losing her ass-cherry was exciting.

And it even helped that it was Gunderson about to plunder her ass. Crystal would have been shy and embarrassed to let some handsome young guy up her shit-chute. Ass-fucking seemed sort of indelicate.

But with Gunderson, delicacy had never been a part of the arrangement.

She began to snuggle back.

Al hauled her by the hips and shoved his loins out. His cock began to sink into her ass, inch by inch. Her ass-ring spread to accommodate his thick fucker. Then, with a sudden lurch, he rammed it all in.

"Unghhh!" she panted, as she felt his thick cock fuck into her ass-guts.

His belly was jammed to the curve of her ass and his balls hung down in her groin. She rolled her hips, grinding her ass around on his gut-buster.

He held his cock buried and her pliable pussy passage molded to his cock, pulling and sucking, as if she were swallowing him in reverse, digesting his cock-meat from the wrong end. He moaned at the sensations, sagging down and heaving up on the end of his hard prick.

Crystal's virgin asshole gripped his reamer with a wanton enthusiasm. She felt pleasantly stuffed, as if she had just consumed a satisfying meal. It hurt a little, but that slight pain only served to embellish the thrill of having her ass full of cock-meat.

And although she had never been ass-fucked before, the young girl seemed to know just what to do. Her ass-guts were puffing and sucking, making him tremble.

It seemed to Gunderson that this nubile girl was giving him another blow-job, but from the back seat. Her ass was working just like her mouth always did, the two terminals of her alimentary interchangeable.

And his cum-load was going to wind, up in the same place, too -- it was going into her belly, no matter which end he shot the stuff into.

With all of his prick buried, he even wondered if his cock-head might be sloshing around in the creamy cum-load the girl had drunk that morning from his prick.

Crystal, enthused now, began to move before Al did. She pulled her asshole up and shoved it back, fucking her ass on his immobile cock.

He grimaced as her snug asshole clutched and snatched on his hot cock-meat. Then he began to move with her, pulling back as she drew away, then ramming in as she fucked her ass back down his cock-lance.

Crystal wailed and squealed in delight, loving to feel that hot probe in her bowels. She felt transfixed, almost expecting his cock-head to come out of her mouth. She was gurgling and gasping just the way she did when he was ramming his prick down her gullet.

She rolled her ass, shoving back, winding her asshole onto his big fucker. He plunged in, fucking her ass with glee, his belly slapping on her ass-cheeks and his balls swinging into her cunt.

She grasped his balls again, stuffing them into her gaping gash and rubbing her clit against them. Cunt-milk drenched the hairy ball-sacs.

Creamy ribbons were slowly unwinding down her kneeling thighs.

Ass-fucking was fun! How happy Crystal was that she had made that welcome discovery. Her pneumatic pelvis swung and swayed, her hips jerked and jolted. Her knees bounced on the floor as he plowed his prick up into her ass-guts, packing the fudge in a randy rapture.

He yanked back, dragging out to the cockknob. Her ass-ring stretched out, clinging to his cock-shaft, distending down his cock so that he seemed to be puffing her asshole inside out on the backstroke.

Crystal shoved three fingers up her cunt-hole. As she finger-fucked her cunt, she could feel his cock throbbing in her other hole, through the delicate tissue of her taint. Her bunched fingers and his solid cock passed in her loins like trains in twin tunnels.

Crystal was starting to jiggle and undulate as the hot flashes of a cumming began.

Her nipples inflated like the valves of her tits and her clit swelled and pulsed. Her whole body was joining in. She felt as if she were going to come in her mouth and her asshole as well as her cunt, her body melting and becoming a pool of pussy juice.

"Shoot, Al -- hose my ass!" she cried.

His prick sank in like a piledriver, plunging so deep that she felt sure he must be bumping her heart and lungs aside to make room, that his cock-head must be right in her belly, so that his jizz was going to spill out in the slimy puddle she had gulped down from her throat.

His prick flared, jolting her hipbones in their sockets, spreading her shit-chute out wide. He was balling her bowels to jelly. His cock was getting so hot now that she thought it would blister her ass.

"Take it, bitch! Take my jizz!" he croaked. His cock gave a mighty lurch and Crystal whimpered as she felt the hot enema of his cum spill into her ass-guts. Her clit went off violently and her cuff melted in her hand as his cock foamed into her ass.

He creamed off in her ass-guts as he did in her mouth, lots of cum spurting out abruptly and the end coming quickly. He jetted jizz in, hosed her with his cum, then stopped squirting off as suddenly as he had begun.

The last of his cum-load trickled into her bowels and he slumped over her, panting heavily.

For a moment she thought that they might be stuck together, like mating dogs -- that someone might have to come in and toss a pail of cold water over them.

She kept on squirming, frigging her fuck-hole off, sliding her shitter up and down on his spent cock. It was beginning to sag and shrink in her ass-guts.

Al pulled back and his prick came out a lot easier than it had gone in.

The soiled cock-meat stood out level with the floor for a moment, then collapsed down his leg. Cum and ass-juice dripped from the cock-knob.

Globs of cock-spume oozed from her shit-slot and ran down the crack of her ass, joining with her cunt-cum in her swampy groin.

Crystal twisted around and smiled at him, her face radiant with a well-buggered glow. He peered at her in awe. She giggled at his expression. Now that she owed him no rent, she was more self-confident and bold.

And she was still randy, too.

It was quite understandable. She had a bellyful of cum delivered from both ends and her cunt had been well sucked off, but Crystal still hadn't been properly fucked.

Now, she eyed his cock and balls more speculatively.

Gunderson had always been a one-shot guy when she sucked him off, losing interest immediately after he had shot his wad, and it looked as if it was the same now.

His blunt cock was drooping down, limp as a noodle, and his balls were like empty husks. But Crystal, more desperate for a cuntful than ever now -- the ass-fucking having been more like wet foreplay than conclusive -- figured it could do no harm to see if she could stiffen his cock up again.

She lowered her face and, chin on the carpet, slid up to him. His prick was hanging down and she turned her face up and let the prick-knob just drop into her mouth.

She sucked, finding the flavor of cock-meat that had just been cumming in an asshole delectable.

Crystal would have gladly sucked on that soiled prick for as long as it took to get him hard again. But Gunderson, true to his nature, hid lost all interest in sex as soon as he emptied his cum-bags. After she had nibbled on his prick for a moment, he plucked it from her lips.

She gazed up at him, annoyed and hurt. But he had even less respect for her now than he'd had before, figuring that only a real tramp would take it up the ass.

He walked out without even saying goodbye.

And Al had made a big mistake.

If he had let Crystal keep on mouthing his soiled cock, she would have eventually sucked all the incriminating ass-juice from his cock and lapped all the cunt-cum from his balls, leaving him polished and clean as a bathed babe.

By leaving, he retained the evidence of his guilt...

If Hilda had been a cop, she would have loved to stop innocent motorists for spot checks, to see if they might have been drinking. If she had been a football coach, she would have approved of random drug testing. But she was neither of those -- she was only Al's sister.

And as soon as he came in, because he looked both smug and guilty, she gave his prick an unscheduled sniff. She blinked and sniffed again. His cock-head was highly spiced and aromatic from Crystal's shitter and his balls were drenched with her cunt-cum.

Hilda identified those aromas.

"I ain't been screwin', Sis," he croaked.

But although that was true, as far as it went, it was lost on his sister. In her subtle, delicate fashion, she got right to the heart of the matter.

"So you like assholes, do you?" she snarled.

Al was struck dumb by dread. She seized him and dragged him onto the bed. Then she heaved one huge haunch up and yanked his head to her rump.

"You want ass, you got ass, shit-head!" she growled, whipping her big ass into his face.

Whimpering, Al began to rim and ream her asshole.

"Yeah -- suck my shitter, you pervert!" she hissed. "Eat my asshole, asshole!"

Al did as he was told.

And all in all, his punishment could have been worse, he figured -- although, three hours later, when he was still stuck on her butt, he began to wonder...

Crystal had knelt on all fours, looking after Gunderson as he departed. She had stayed as she was for a few minutes, hoping that he might change his mind and return.

But then it struck her as absurd that she should be waiting for him, that she should have any interest in him at all.

She decided that she wasn't ever going to stop by and suck him off, after all.

But she sure was horny!

She worked a finger into her asshole, then brought it to her lips, tasting the rare flavor of cum that had been soaked in a hot shit-hole.

But it only made her hornier.

After a while, with a wistful sigh, the blonde girl got qp and put her clothing back on. She finished packing and closed the suitcase. She looked around the sordid tenement room, glad to see the last of it.

Then she left.

As she passed the door of the landlord's apartment, she paused, hearing mysterious sounds -- slurping and squishing and gulping noises.

But she shrugged, not interested.

She went on out and headed for her new home.

Crystal was thinking that she would have to find herself a boyfriend soon -- preferably one who looked a lot like Robert Redford.

But for tonight, her first night in her new room, she thought that she would have to settle for another hand-job, as unsatisfactory as that might be.


As soon as she got to the Jenkins house and gave Julia the rent money, Crystal went up to her room. She had a glowing look, both because she was well sucked and ass-fucked and also because, her pussy unfucked, she was still randy.

That radiance was not mined by Julia, who knew all the various signs and symptoms of female horniness. She hadn't been certain how soon she ought to begin the seduction of the new lodger, but now she figured it was pointless to waste any time about it. She was so hot for Crystal's cunt that her tongue was sizzling in her saliva, feeling as if it might melt.

She went up to her own bedroom and changed into a sexy silk robe, with nothing underneath.

Andy followed her upstairs, as he generally did when his insatiable mother was headed for the bedroom. But she gave him a significant wink and told him to be patient for a while.

Andy was as eager to get at the lovely lodger as Julia was, to be sure. But it was a landlady's prerogative, if not a mother's, to have first crack at the tenant.

Julia went down to Crystal's room. Crystal had unpacked her single suitcase and hung her clothes in the closet, then she had quickly undressed.

Fingers were not what she was yearning for, but they were better than nothing, and she lay down on the bed and commenced a stroking session on her smoldering pussy.

Then Julia walked in without knocking. Crystal blushed furiously, mortified at being found with her fingers up her fuck-hole. Julia seemed like a pleasant and agreeable lady, but Crystal didn't know her well at all and she might be a prude. For all the girl knew, finger-fucking could be against the rules of the household, and Julia might be scandalized and ask her to leave.

But Julia smiled knowingly and approvingly. Leaving the bedroom door slightly ajar, for her son's benefit, the landlady approached the bed.

Crystal eyed the woman warily, covering her pussy with one hand as best she could. But she couldn't conceal her obvious arousal. Cunt-juice was oozing out around her hand and her nipples stood up like bullets.

"I thought you looked horny when you came in," Julia said, her gaze running all over the blonde girl's naked curves, making no attempt to bide her interest.

"I-I..." Crystal stammered.

"Is there anything I can do for you?" Julia asked.

"I-I don't..." Crystal faltered. Something in Julia's expression was giving the innocent lodger a definite hint of a fascinating prospect.

"You needn't be shy, honey," the older woman said. She took Crystal by the wrist and gently drew her hand out of her smoldering crotch.

"Oooooh! You're so creamy!"

The raven-haired beauty gazed longingly at the blonde girl's pussy, then speculatively at her face.

"Shall I make you cum?" she huskily whispered.

"But-but -- we're both girls!" the naive tenant gasped in confusion.

It was evident to her that her landlady was no lesbian. She was ultra-feminine and, besides, had been married and had a child. Yet it was equally obvious that Julia was lusting for Crystal's body -- that she wasn't simply offering to do a horny girl a favor by frigging her, but that she wanted very much to be intimate.

Julia was amused by such innocence -- and delighted by the inference that the sexy, nubile blonde girl had never made love with a woman before.

"Does it matter?" she purred. "Just because I don't have a cock and balls, darling? A woman's hands are as good as any guy's and-and her tongue..."

Crystal moaned and a lance of lust stabbed through her loins. She had often been curious about deviate sex, but never expected it to happen to her. Now she found herself fascinated by the idea of being very, very naughty with this gorgeous, curvaceous woman.

Julia sensed this and sighed. She slid her nimble lapper across her moist lips, driving Crystal crazy.

"You-you wanna suck my cunt, Mrs. Jenkins?" she moaned, amazed at hearing her own words, all of her inhibitions melting in the heat of her desire.

"Would you like that, honey?" Julia replied, sliding her pink lapper around provocatively.

She knew that Crystal was a normal, heterosexual girl -- but she knew, too, that few girls could decline a tongue-fucking.

Crystal's lips moved soundlessly. She seemed to have been struck speechless by passion. But then an overwhelming tide of pure fuck-lust welled up in her, igniting her mind and imagination as much as her body.

"Oh, yes! And-and I'll suck your cunt, too!" she cried, realizing that her own tongue had become as excited as her clit.

She was so enthusiastic now that she didn't even notice that the door was partly open -- nor guess that the woman's young son was playing the peeper, waiting for his mother to set things in motion before he joined in.

Julia knew, from having spied on her while she was frigging off, that Crystal enjoyed a slow build-up and attention to the preliminary details. And that suited her to a tee, since she always loved to whet her appetite with lingual foreplay before she got down to the creamy entree.

Ducking down, she kissed a fat nipple.

She drew back and slipped out of her robe so that she, too, was naked. Then her dark head bobbed back down and she nursed on Crystal's swollen nipples, switching back and forth between them and licking up her cleavage as she crossed from tit to tit.

Her face moved up and she kissed the blonde girl on the lips, rubbing her own heavy tits sensually against Crystal's pert tits. Their nipples brushed together and their tongues slid back and forth.

Julia moved a caressing hand down Crystal's slim tummy and cupped her cunt. But she didn't stroke or probe. She merely held that hot cuntmound in her palm, as if warming up a rare delicacy for the table.

Julia wasn't going to take the slightest chance of bringing the girl off with her hand.

They French kissed with vigor and Julia danced her tongue into Crystal's panting mouth, showing the girl how it would soon be stabbing up her pussy.

The raven-haired landlady began to move on down her lovely lodger's shapely body. She slid down slowly, pausing at her tits and again on her belly. Crystal arched up, parting her thighs and tilting her cunt up.

The girl was desperate to have Julia start eating her pussy for two reasons -- one, because she was longing to get tongue-fucked and, two, because she was yearning to cum so that she could dine, in turn.

Crystal thought it was ironic that she had left Gunderson's only to find herself in a similar situation -- that her new room came with full board. And much more mouth-watering, too. But Julia was still taking her time, approaching the girl's pussy in a round-about way, like a gourmet rather than a glutton, tasting all the side dishes before she dove on the steamed pudding dessert.

She licked Crystal's tawny cunt-bush, her lapper slithering through the curls like some moist, pink rodent scurrying through a sunny glade.

Her face slid lower and Crystal jerked her groin up, offering her pussy. But Julia avoided it still, moving down and working on the girl's long, sleek legs. She licked down one leg to Crystal's foot, sucked her toes, then switched to the other foot and lapped her way back up. She worked on the satiny flesh of the blonde's inner thighs, licking up to the crease where her leg joined her groin, but then going back down, making no contact with her cunt.

Crystal was going crazy, jolting her ass and hips about, her pelvis grinding in a fucking motion.

"Lick my pussy, Julia -- don't tease me -- tongue me!" Crystal pleaded in desperation.

The girl's enthusiasm delighted the woman.

Julia was as hungry for Crystal's cunt as Crystal was to feed it to her, especially since this would be the first time that the adorable blonde got head from a woman. But Julia was in no hurry, loving to lick around the edges and to save the main course until she was really ravenous.

Holding Crystal by the hips, she gently tugged her up and over, turning the lithe girl onto her belly. She was determined to make this first time a memorable one, both for her own pleasure and so that Crystal would be eager for a repeat.

She placed her open handss on the trim cheeks of Crystal's ass and spread them open.

Crystal gasped when she realized that Julia was going to rim out her asshole. She drew her knees under her and shoved her ass up eagerly.

Julia slurped her tongue up through the musky cleft between Crystal's ass-cheeks a few times. Then she began to stab it into her puckered asshole.

"Oooooh!" Crystal squealed.

Julia blinked and drew back for a second! The woman knew damned well what cum tasted like, and it had surprised her to taste the stuff in the lodger's shit-hole. The girl evidently wasn't quite as innocent as she appeared. But that was no problem. It was promising -- and, besides, an asshole full of jizz was delicious.

She fucked her tongue into Crystal's cummy shit-slot as far as it would go. Her lips plastered to the tangy bud and she sucked. She was drooling into that snug fudge-pot, then sucking her own saliva back out, highly flavored and scented by the girl's cum-drenched asshole.

"Ummmmm!" she moaned, relishing the asshole appetizer heartily.

Crystal was heaving about on her knees, thrusting her ass back into Julia's face, adoring the sensation of having her shitter sucked.

Julia would have lingered longer at the snack, but from the way that the girl was trembling and shuddering, she realized she was liable to cream at any moment.

She took a last loving slurp into Crystal's flavorsome asshole, savoring the cummy goodness and inhaling the heated fragrance.

Then she turned the slim girl over onto her back again, ready for the creamy conclusion.

Crystal shoved her cunt up.

Julia gazed hungrily for a moment, before she began to dine, drooling over the waiting delicacy...

And, looking in the doorway, her son was panting at the sight.

Watching his mom make love to the young girl was an even greater turn-on than he had expected. His mother was really depraved, he thought -- which delighted him.

Andy was yearning to join them.

But he forced himself to wait, and was rewarded for his patience by a wonderful performance.


Julia lowered her head and sank into Crystal's creamy cunt tongue-first. She lapped at the pussy-lips and spooned out the slot and stabbed her lapper up the fuck-hole. Her face turned from side to side, pivoting around her tongue. Crystal began to vibrate violently with the feeling.

No man had ever tongued her pussy so well. She closed her thighs around Julia's head for a moment, but then opened them wide again, letting the cunt-lapper wallow as she would. Julia used her tongue on Crystal's tingling clit, whipping it like a vibrator.

She used her fingertips to spread Crystal's sodden cunt-slot open wide and tongue-fucked as far up her cunt-hole as she could stab her lapper.

Then she lowered her chin to the bed and began to stroke with long, slurping motions. Her wet tongue started in the crack of the blonde girl's ass and drew slowly up through her gooey cunt-gash and across her stiff clit, flipping into her cunt-bush at the top of the stroke.

"Ahhhhh -- ummmmm!" the woman sighed, as her taste buds sparked with the succulence of creamy cunt-nectar.

She could tell that Crystal hadn't been fucked recently. There wasn't the faintest hint of jizz flavoring her pussy-cream. It seemed peculiar that the girl had been ass-fucked and not properly fucked in the cunt. But Julia was in no mood to ask any questions.

And she was looking forward to watching her teenaged son take care of the fucking, in due course.

She licked away happily, alternating between fuck-slot and clit. Then, when the seepage from Crystal's cunt began to heat and foam, turning to cunt-cum, Julia clamped her mouth to the girl's pussy and sucked hungrily.

"Cum -- cum -- cum..." she gurgled.

Crystal gasped and wailed and jerked about as she soared to the crest. Her pussy-juice turned to hot honey, spilling out lavishly into her landlady's lips.

Julia drew back slightly to dance her tongue into the melting slot -- thereby giving her son a good look at the action -- and then fitted her lips to Crystal's unfurled twat and began to suck all the slime out.

Her mouth seemed to be glued to Crystal's cunt, stuck by pussy-paste and suction, her radiant face bonded between the girl's trembling thighs.

She sucked and swallowed, swallowed and sucked as Crystal kept creaming off in a steady flow. She snaked her lapper up the girl's cunt, spooning the girl-cum out from the inner pussy-folds.

Crystal cried out blissfully as she rose to the utmost pinnacle of passion and held there for long, shuddering seconds. Then she began to ebb, the waves coming slower. Julia sucked her down through the spasms.

Crystal sprawled back, smiling dreamily.

Julia kept on sucking and lapping, making sure that she had every sweet drop and that she had worked the girl off to the dregs. She fitted her lapper into Crystal's ass-crack and drew it up through her groin, gathering up the stray seepage that had escaped her lips.

When she finally lifted her dark head out of the blonde girl's groin, her jaw was dripping and her whole face seemed to have been iced or frosted with goo.

They smiled at each other.

Then Crystal stuck her tongue out invitingly.

The girl had discovered one of the sweet mysteries of cunt-lapping. Her tongue and her twat seemed connected, so that as soon as her cunt was content, her mouth was hot and hungry. Eating pussy, she realized, was always a mutual affair -- a double-header.

Julia raised her eyebrows.

"Ummmm -- sit on my face," Crystal sighed, in answer to the unspoken question in the landlady's gaze.

Andy's athletic thighs were bunching with muscle and trembling, ready to send him darting into that bedroom like a running back in the line of scrimmage.

But the youth had the sense to realize that his presence might not be welcome yet -- not until the second half of the pussy-plating had been accomplished and savored.

Besides, it was great fun to watch.

Julia began to crawl up Crystal's body, her voluptuous form in pleasing contrast with the girl's slender, shapely figure. Straddling the girl between her knees, she drew up slowly, mopping her cunt-muff against Crystal's pussy and tummy, then up to her tits.

Julia squatted over those thrusting tits, brushing her clit on the nipples and juicing over the tit-globes. Crystal's cleavage filled up with a pool of pussy-nectar. The juice felt so hot and thick and creamy on her tits that it made her more hungry than ever for a mouthful.

"Feed me!" she begged, tilting her face up. Julia squirmed on her tits for another moment, then slid up and knelt over Crystal's face, teasing her for a moment by hovering just out of reach of the girl's questing lapper as it darted and danced like a wet flame.

Crystal was looking right up Julia's gaping cunt, at the cream-drenched inner pussy-folds. She breathed in the hot bouquet of sodden pussy and drooled in expectation. Even before the first lick, the girl knew for certain that cunt-lapping was going to be heavenly.

She understood, now, why a normal, feminine woman like her landlady loved to eat pussy -- that a girl didn't have to be a dyke to dine on pussy. It wouldn't make Crystal love pricks any the less, certainly -- but just because a gal liked steak didn't mean she would refuse ice cream.

Crystal cupped her hands on Julia's asscheeks and tugged her loins down. Her lapper shot up to meet the woman's gooey cunt-gash and she began to lick with glee.

She moaned, adoring everything about it, the taste and the texture and the fragrance. She seemed to have been born to suck pussy, needing no practice or former experience, her tongue already limbered up and falling to work with instinctive skill.

Julia whimpered with joy when she discovered that the youngster was such a sweet cunt-lapper -- and totally enthusiastic about it, as well. How wonderful it was going to be to have a tongue and pussy available in the spare bedroom, to have a lovely young lodger who was more than willing to do these horny household chores.

She wouldn't even mind sharing her son with the girl, since it would be a fair trade off -- cuntjuice for cum, a mouth for meat.

Her big, firm ass ground on Crystal's heaving tits as she muff-washed the girl's face, rubbing up and down and jerking from side to side.

She pushed down as she started to melt.

Crystal's lips parted wide, clamping to Julia's open slot and clit, encompassing her whole crotch. Julia's cunt-juice came bubbling out and Crystal began to drink noisily, gulping and gurgling the glorious goo.

"Oooooww! More, more! Don't stop -- keep creamin' in my fucking mouth!" Crystal wailed.

Julia's cumming was extravagant. Crystal had swallowed less jizz out of cumming cocks than she was gulping down from that cascading cunt. Her mouth filled up, she swallowed and Julia filled her right up again. Crystal's tongue was floating in the sweet slime.

She drank the landlady dry.

Julia stayed mounted on the saddle of the blonde girl's face for a while, as Crystal slurped up the dregs, licking her lathered loins until they glistened.

Then she dismounted and stretched out beside Crystal. They embraced adoringly, locking their lips together in a kiss of devotion. They swapped cunt-cum back and forth.

"I love sucking your pussy," Crystal purred into Julia's mouth. "I wanna eat you every day."

"We can eat each other, honey," Julia promised. "You can give me breakfast and I'll feed you lunch -- and we can turn around and drink dinner at the same time."

Crystal sighed happily at that prospect. Julia drew back slightly, with a quick glance toward the door, then she gazed into Crystal's gleaming eyes with a thoughtful look.

"Only, when I suck pussy, it always makes me feel like getting fucked," she whispered.

"Unimmmm! Me, too," the innocent girl agreed.

"Would you like to get fucked right now, Crystal?" the landlady breathed.

Crystal nodded uncertainly, not sure what her lesbian lover meant. Did she have a dildo, maybe? Or some horny guy she could invite over?

"Would you like to fuck Andy?" Julia rasped.

Crystal looked startled. "Andy? Your son?" she gasped. "Yes, darling -- he's horny for you." The thought of getting fucked by a handsome young boy was a real turn-on, but the circumstances were making Crystal hesitant and cautious. She didn't want to do anything that any of them might regret later, and certainly didn't want to alienate Julia in any fashion.

"I -- wouldn't you mind?" the girl moaned. "Of course not. I'd love to watch." Crystal gasped. The idea of fucking a teenaged boy while his mother watched was shocking. Yet the charm of such depravity aroused the girl. She had already been deviate and loved it, and naughty things were always so lovely.

She stared at Julia, not knowing what to say. Julia figured the young lodger needed some persuasion. She kissed her again, licking her sensual lips lasciviously, and moved a hand down to explore the girl's pussy.

That creamy caldron was sizzling again, Crystal's cunt heating up as she satisfied her lapper and her clit getting horny as her tongue got contended -- and was normal in a session of mutual and reciprocal cunt-lapping.

"You've already tasted Andy's cum," Julia purred.


"When you sucked my cunt, darling girl. My pussy was full of my son's spunk."

Crystal looked as if she were about to faint. "You-you fuck your own son?" she groaned.

"All the time," Julia confessed. "He has a huge prick -- and it's hard for you now."

Crystal felt a sense of unreality, of disbelief. Dark demons of desire rattled in her mind and her loins turned volcanic with fuck-lust. "He was watching us eat pussy," Julia added. And Crystal was so hot and horny that she wasn't even embarrassed to know that. Then Andy walked into the bedroom.


Andy's enormous, heavy-headed cock looked ready to explode, to melt. Pre-cum was spilling from his piss-hole in a deluge, turning his prickknob to a foaming slab and his prick-stalk to a slathered rod of spunky seepage.

He followed his prick up to the bed and knelt down.

Crystal stared at the bay's gigantic fucker in awe, then glanced at his mother, thrilled to see how that wanton woman was also gazing at her son's cock.

She hadn't believed it, but now she knew it was true.

Andy was a mother-fucker!

"Crystal needs to be fucked, darling," Julia said.

Crystal's legs spread automatically, her fuckhole foaming for the young boy's dynamic prick. She expected him to jump on her instantly, as every other man who'd had such an opportunity had always done.

But the youth hesitated.

"I'm so horny that I'm gonna blow my wad off the second I shove it up her, Mom," he rasped. "Maybe you better suck me off first -- so I can give her a longer fucking."

"How considerate of you, Andy," Julia giggled.

Then she gave Crystal an impish grin.

"Shall we milk his balls off together?" she suggested. "Wanna share his spunk, honey?"

"Oh! Ohhhh, yes!" Crystal sighed.

She loved to suck pricks anyhow, even relishing a mouthful of Al Gunderson's cockmeat, and the prospect of sucking this young man's huge, hard, hot, shapely prick was thrilling -- and all the more so since his own mother was going to share the job.

Julia kissed Crystal on the lips, then turned her face so that, cheek to cheek, they hovered over Andy's prick. The boy thrust out and his greasy cock-head slipped into his mother's mouth. She took a single suck, then drew away unselfishly.

He fed his cock to the girl, in turn.

Crystal inhaled on Andy's cock-meat joyously. His pre-cum was scrumptious and she could also taste the now familiar flavor of his mother's fuck-hole on his prick-meat, letting her know for sure that they had been incestuously fucking.

Andy switched from maw to maw, face-fucking them slowly and indiscriminately. He fed his mother a mouthful of cock-meat, then lunged his prick into the lodger's lips.

Julia ducked down and lapped her son's balls as he fucked into Crystal's mouth. Then Crystal licked his slimy prick as he plunged deep into his morn's facial fuck-hole. He was dribbling lavishly onto both of their lappers, his cock-lube getting creamer by the instant.

Crystal knew that the virile boy was going to get his rocks off at any moment -- and was thankful to him for being so thoughtful about it, not sinking his prick up her seething cunt and shooting off prematurely.

Julia deep-throated him, swallowing his prick down to his balls. Not to be outdone, Crystal gulped his flaring cock-head right down her gullet.

"Shoot, darling -- feed us!" Julia moaned.

"It's cummin', Mom -- gonna slime!" he gasped, his prick jolting like a shock absorber.

The landlady graciously let her lodger have the first steaming spurt. She looked on with approval as her son fucked into Crystal's mouth and shot off dynamically, tilting her blonde head back on the steaming stream of cum.

Crystal gulped it down with a gurgle and the boy jerked his cock from her sucking lips and spun around, sinking it into his mother's mouth just in time for his second creamy geyser of cum to flood her.

Julia swallowed with her lips open and Crystal wailed with the thrill of watching a woman drinking cum from her own son's exploding cock.

The incense oil ran down Julia's throat and Andy whipped back around to hose the lodger with another gooey torrent. His jizz was scrumptious, the most delicious that Crystal had ever tasted. As she gulped down a massive mouthful of cum, she was thinking that she would have to watch her diet, or else she was liable to get fat, living in this household, drinking from both the landlady and her young son.

But she would rather be fat than hungry.

Andy kept alternating, his jizz gushing out in creamy coils and slimy ropes. He shot cum into Crystal's mouth, sprayed both of their faces as he withdrew, then poured another dose into his mother's throat.

His fuck-juice was foaming freely, spurt following spurt, as if he would never stop shooting. The stuff was as thick as condensed milk, as scented as incense. Crystal was worried that there might be none left for her pussy.

But her fears were groundless.

His final spurt spilled into Julia's mouth and he sank back onto his heels -- and his magnificent fucker was still towering tall, standing as fat and as firm as if he hadn't just fed them such a massive cum-load.

Julia and Crystal kissed, letting his sweet cock-cream run back and forth between their lips, sucking it from each other's tongue.

Crystal felt light-headed, dizzy with desire. It struck her as incredible that she had done so many naughty things on this memorable day -- and that she still hadn't been properly fucked.

And now was the time.

Under Julia's encouraging eyes, Crystal sank back on the bed and heaved her haunches up, lifting her loins to the angle of coupling. Her ass and hips swayed about tantalizingly, and her cunt-slot was sucking greedily.

Andy knelt between her legs and fitted his cock-head into her cunt-gash. His hands gripped her hits, supporting the fucking platform of her pelvis.

Then he fucked his prick in to the hilt.

Crystal wailed with ecstasy and began to fuck herself in a frenzy, moving like lightning, pumping up and down while his prick was still stationary. Then Andy braced and began to slog it to her, matching her gusto. He heaved it to her as she jolted. His gigantic prick whacked in and bottomed out, fucking her as deep as was possible, filling every bit of her pussy with throbbing cock-meat.

Time lost all meaning for the girl. She didn't know if Andy fucked her for minutes or hours. Her cunt had begun to cream the second he stuffed her, and it just kept right on melting on every cock-stroke.

Dimly, through misty eyes, she saw that his mother was licking his balls and rimming his asshole, and she heard the woman urging him to cum.

"Slime in her lovely pussy, darling -- fill Crystal's cunt up for me!"

Pre-cum was seeping out, blending with Crystal's cunt-cream, turning her fuck-hole to a steaming paste pot. His prick hissed in and slurped out. The friction was so fiery that the girl thought her crotch must be smoking -- that she would have burst into flame, if she hadn't been too wet to burn.

The waves kept sweeping through her loins, climbing to a crest she had never known before.

She fairly screamed in her rapture.

Then the boy howled and his cum began to hose her pussy in hot, thick squirts. He was cumming into her so hard that she could almost hear his jizz splash as it hit the core of her cunt and so abundantly that she thought her vital organs must be awash with fuck-juice.

She collapsed back, arms and legs spread-eagled, drained to the dregs.

Andy kept on fucking for a few moments, dribbling out the last cummy globs.

He had fucked Crystal into oblivion.

Her eyes closed. Her face glowed with radiance. She felt him tug his cock out of her cunt only faintly, her loins turned numb with contentment.

For a few seconds, she was asleep, fucked into a state of slumber. Dream images drifted through her mind as she hovered between sleep and reality. And as she slowly surfaced again, she believed, for an instant, that it had all been only a dream.

It was too wonderful to have really happened. She thought that she must have finger-fucked herself into some world of Freudian fantasy, imagining all the dark pleasure she longed for and had never had enough of. The girl supposed, for a fleeting moment, that it had all been no more than a wet dream.

Then her eyes fluttered open. She was expecting to find herself alone in the bed, her ass lying in a slippery puddle of pussy-cum.

And, to her joy, she discovered it was all real...

They had been waiting for her.

Andy was flat on his back and his mother was balanced on top of his cock-lance, facing his feet -- and, at the same time, facing Crystal.

Crystal blinked, then grinned as the scene registered. The flavor of boy-cum and cunt-juice tingled on her tongue, and her cunt was spilling out fuck-juice plentifully, in gooey manifestation of this wondrous reality.

She gazed adoringly at the cock and the cunt that had supplied all that sweet slime, looking into Julia's groin, seeing them in incestuous conjunction.

Then, satisfied that the lodger was awake and aware, Julia began to push her pussy down onto her son's towering fucker, stuffing herself inch by inch.

The invitation was evident.

Crystal slid in, belly-down and face-up, eager to lick around the edges.


Crystal pushed her face up close to Julia's groin, fascinated by the sight. Her chin was on the bed between Andy's thighs as she watched his big cock fucking in and out of his mother's hairy cunt.

His thick cock-shaft emerged, soaking with cunt-cream, the ventral vein throbbing. His wedge-shaped knob appeared in Julia's wet gash, flaring out. Pre-cum seeped from his cleft and ran down his glistening cock-shaft, sluggish as quicksilver, streaking the film of pussy nectar.

Julia's pliable pussy was sucking on his prickmeat, her cunt-slot pulling on his cock as she rose up. Her clit rubbed up the length of his big fucker.

She smiled down at Crystal, fully aware of how excited the innocent country girl was by the rare sight of watching a mother fuck her son.

Crystal inhaled the fascinating aromas of cock-meat and ball-meat, hot pussy and cuntcream, all mingled into a musky, tangy, gamy fragrance that made her drool.

And all things that she liked most to munch on were right there before her face, presented like a smorgasbord to be savored at her leisure.

The girl wriggled closer into the vee of Andy's thighs. His balls were ballooning at the apex and, chin on the bed, she begin to lick those bloated cum-bags.

Julia looked down past her heaving tits. It added to her pleasure to see that curly blonde head and cute little face pressed into her son's crotch. She took a quick stroke, fucking up and down on his prick, then she slowed down and rode his cock with sensual slowness.

Crystal licked and sucked on the boy's balls, keeping her head up so that she was staring into the coupling, watching that incestuous insertion.

It thrilled her every bit as much to see Andy fucking his mother as it had to feel his enormous cock stuffing her own pussy.

Julia's pussy-juice was dribbling down Andy's prick, oozing out thick and pearly white. It looked as if the cap had been left off a toothpaste tube and that gooey paste was oozing down the tube.

Crystal was tasting the gamy flavor of the boy's balls and inhaling the tempting fragrance that was wafting out of his mother's cunt.

Then the blonde girl began to run her flattened lapper up the underside of Andy's prick as it slid out, tracing along the dark, pulsing ventral vein and slurping up the cunt-juice and precum that poured down.

She licked Julia's clit at the top of the slow slurp and tongued Andy's balls at the base. She wedged her lapper into Julia's sodden cuntslot and tongue-fucked her in tandem with her son's cock.

Crystal's tongue was as hot as her clit had ever been as she relished this double dose, savored this bisexual buffet, making a banquet of the meat and cream. Andy's cock came out coated with pussy-foam and pre-cum and sank back in slick with Crystal's saliva.

Julia began to fuck at a steady pace, inspired by the attentions of the lodger's lapper. Andy heaved his ass up from the bed to meet her pussy as she dropped down, driving the fat plunger up her fuck-hole.

Crystal turned her face sideways and fitted her parted lips to the underside of Andy's prick. His prick-meat frigged through the blonde girl's mouth as it fucked in and out of his mother's steaming cunt. The boy jerked and squirmed at this added stimulation. It felt as if he were getting a blow-job and a fuck at the same time.

Crystal was playing his prick like a flute, humming and sucking and blowing on the meaty mouth-organ as it slid through her lips, gliding fluidly on a film of cunt-juice and saliva. His cock was vibrating savagely, taut as a bow string and hard as a crowbar.

Crystal mouthed his sliding cock like a musical instrument for a few minutes, then moved on up and clamped her parted lips to Julia's swampy cunt. She began to suck on the woman's cunt as Andy's cock rammed in and out, giving them both head, loving one as much as the other.

The girl felt a delicious sense of depravity as she slurped in their coupled crotches, gulped in their groins. She was a third party to incest, an attendant at the breaking of the taboo, feasting on forbidden fruit more succulent that any tempting apple in a Garden of Eden.

Slurp, slurp, slurp went her lapper, and her mouth was pulling like a suction cup. Confirmed as a cunt-lapper, adoring lesbian love, she still savored Andy's cock and balls with an equal enthusiasm.

As the lodger's lips and lapper magnified the sensations, Julia began to fuck faster. Her lush thighs rippled as she galloped on her son's groin.

Andy matched her vigor, humping up hard as her fuck-hole began to foam on his prick. He fucked in fiercely, jolting Julia's loins on his dynamic cock-thrusts, plowing his prick up so savagely that he almost tossed her off his loins.

As Crystal pressed her pretty face into Julia's pussy-muff, his balls were swelling against her trembling chin, and she knew the boy was about to blow his seething cock-spume up into his mother's pussy.

Julia was already creaming, the flow so thick and creamy that Crystal felt as if she were eating it like a solid, rather than drinking.

"Cum -- cum!" the girl wailed. "Cum in your mother's cunt, Andy!"

Andy grunted, then growled like a beast. He drove up with a convulsive jolt and his balls bumped against Crystal's chin. His cum-load sped up his cock and, hosed out into the heart of his mother's cunt.

He kept fucking, spurting cock-cream out from his meat-hose. Julia creamed more, melting on his cum-squirting prick. Her cuntcum blended with his fuck-juice and as his pussy-plunger plugged her cunt, that combined cream came gushing out. Crystal gulped it up with glee.

Andy kept jizzing off, Julia kept juicing, and Crystal swallowed the incest-oil in a frenzy. They sped to the peak, held there, then began to slow down as the waves of their mutual crest subsided.

Crystal kept right on sucking insatiably, ingesting the incest-slime voraciously.

When they stopped fucking, she kept her mouth clamped to them, absorbing the dregs like a sponge.

How happy the girl was that she had moved into this home, where she was supplied with room and board. And it had been more than a mere change of address, too. The innocent country girl had been living aimlessly -- and now she had brand-new goals in life.

She wanted to own a book store and a big house where she could be a landlady.

And, in due course, to have a handsome son of her awn.


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