X-rated wife

A question often asked by those who deal with psychological problems is: What is normal? The answer to that seemingly simple question will probably never be answered.

The people within a particular society usually are well aware of what is considered acceptable behavior for them. And therein lies the problem of the main character of this novel.

Robin Allen is a girl possessed of deep and abiding passions which control her life and lead her to overstep the bounds of acceptable societal behavior time and time again. In her search for physical satisfaction, the wanton teenager is helplessly driven to take her pleasure where she can, risking everything for the promise of gratification.

X-RATED WIFE -- the story of one young woman tormented by her needs. Her tale is a lesson to our society, and food for serious thought.


Robin Allen, a statuesque young blonde, rolled over to face the sun and took another sip of her vodka and tonic. Nothing but a tiny yellow bikini stood between her and the August heat. She sighed contentedly as she soaked up the rays.

"I wish you hadn't worn that suit," her husband Gary grumbled. "You're giving me a big hard-on."

"Gary!" Robin gasped. "Not so loud! The others will hear you!"

They were lounging beside the pool at Jack Ross' house, with their friends. There was Jack and his wife Patty, and one other couple, Larry and Margot Price. The three couples had been friends for several years, ever since they all moved into this new suburban neighborhood.

Gary flashed Robin a wicked grin, and she almost wriggled with lust. Maybe tonight when they got home there'd be some fireworks in bed. That would be a nice change. Lately their love life had been a little on the dull side. Gary always seemed to be tired after work, too tired to make love.

"The sun's going to go down soon," Jack announced. "I better fire up the barbecue."

Robin was not only lusty, she was hungry. She always looked forward to these Saturday night parties. The couples took turn being hosts, and there was always plenty to drink and eat. Robin got up to help Margot and Patty with the dinner preparations.

When the three women were alone in the kitchen, Patty grinned and said, "Jack says he's got a big surprise for us tonight. He's rented a videotape."

"No cards?" Margot said, sounding disappointed.

"Oh, come on, Margot," Robin laughed. "You always win when we play cards. A movie will be a nice change of pace."

"Well, it better be good," Margot said. "What movie is it, Patty?"

"Jack wouldn't tell me," Patty said. "He just said nobody was going to be bored."

Jack kept his promise.

After dinner, when they'd all changed out of their suits, Jack summoned them to the living room and put on the videotape. Of course everybody had been pestering him to tell the name of the movie, but he'd just grinned and refused. Now they were all very curious. There was a big gasp from everybody as the title appeared on the screen.

The movie was called The Wife-Swapping Neighbors.

"Jack, you've got to be kidding!" Larry Price cried.

"Jack Ross," Patty snapped, "you get that filth off the screen. Show us the real movie."

"Yeah, Jack," Gary chuckled. "Enough already. We know it's a joke."

"Sorry, folks," Jack grinned, "but it's no joke. This is the movie we're gonna see. Come on, it's something different for a change."

Everybody was shouting at him -- everybody but Robin. Her eyes were glued, to the screen. She'd never seen a dirty movie before, and she was intensely curious. The action staffed almost immediately, with a naked couple in bed. Nothing was left to the imagination.

"Oh, my gosh," Robin gasped, "look what they're doing."

"My God!" Margot cried. "They're actually, uh, doing it!"

The shouting stopped. The room was silent except for the obscene noises coming from the TV screen, a woman's shrill squeals of pleasure, a man's lusty snorting and growling. Nobody said another word as they watched the couple actually fucking right before their eyes.

Robin could hardly believe what she was seeing, but one thing was certain -- it was turning her on like crazy. The couple was fucking doggy-style, and she could see the man's thick hard cock hammering in and out of the woman's cunt. She suddenly realized that she was creaming through her panties.

What am I, some kind of pervert? she wondered.

She glanced around at her friends and husband and found that they were reacting just like she was, speechless and wide-eyed. Even Jack seemed stunned. He'd probably just picked up the cassette for a joke, not realizing how truly dirty it was.

"Holy shit," he said at last. "Maybe I made a mistake. Should I turn it off?"

"No, no," Gary said quickly, "let it run. This is kinda, er, interesting."

Nobody disagreed. They all sat there quietly and watched the whole film. By the time it was over, they'd seen sex in just about every imaginable form. They'd seen licking and sucking, and they'd seen fucking in every position. As the movie ended, everybody took a big pull on their drinks.

"Same movie," Jack said, sounding dazed. "Yeah, it was," Gary said. "But it's late, and I think we'd better be going. Come on, Robin."

Robin frowned at him. He was being rude. He hadn't even thanked Jack and Patty for dinner. But then she glanced at his fly and knew why he was in a hurry to leave. Her handsome husband had a hard-on that threatened to blast its way out of his pants.

"Well, thanks, Jack, Patty," Robin stammered as she got up, "it sure was, uh, different."

"Yeah, very interesting party," Larry said, pulling Margot to her feet. "But like Gary says, it's getting late."

Robin couldn't help noticing that Larry had a hard-on, too. Her eyes skipped to Jack and, sure enough, there was a big bulge at his fly. That naughty move sure had turned the men on. She felt pretty aroused herself, and she wondered about the other two women.

She didn't get a chance to compare notes, because Gary was practically dragging her out of the house. They walked quickly to their own place, next door, and the moment they were inside, Gary pulled her into his arms and gave her a hot hungry kiss.

His big hands cupped her firm little ass and squeezed it. His hot tongue dove into her mouth. Robin felt his engorged cock throbbing against her belly, and she creamed furiously. It had been so long since they'd made really good love, and she could hardly wait. Gary broke the kiss and looked at her with lust-glazed eyes.

"Oh, golly!" she exclaimed. "I left my bathing suit at Jack and Patty's!"

"You can get it tomorrow," Gary said, pushing her down the hall toward the bedroom. "Besides, something tells me they wouldn't want to be interrupted right now."

He was probably right. It added to Robin's hot arousal as she realized that her best friends were probably getting it on at this very moment. Three houses in a row, three couples tearing off each other's clothes -- and all because of Jack and his dirty movie.

She and Gary undressed each other as fast as they could, throwing clothes in every direction. They jumped naked onto the king-size bed and went for each other, pawing and snarling and exchanging deep wet tongue-kisses. It reminded Robin of the early days of their marriage, when they just couldn't keep their hands off each other.

That seemed so long ago, but it had only been five years. Lately the fire seemed to have gone out of their love-making. At least it was back for tonight. Gary was acting like a horny teenager as he wriggled his big tongue in her mouth and molded her ripe hot tits. When they finally came up for air, he was full of ideas.

"I wanna try some of the stuff in that movie!" he leered.

"Go ahead," Robin grinned. "I'm sure up for it. You know, honey, things haven't been too exciting lately."

He wasn't listening, and she realized that this wasn't the time to discuss their sex life. This was a time to do it, not talk about it. Gary was kissing and licking his way down her body. He worked his way down her neck and spent some time on her tits.

"Mmmmm, yeah!" she gurgled.

His hot wet tongue was tracing a sticky line around the base of her lust-stiffened nipples. When her nipples were engorged, they were even more sensitive than usual, and she moaned and writhed with excitement. Her pussy was soon dripping with molten cream.

This was the way Gary used to make love to her, when they were still hot for each other. Robin wished it could be like this every night. She caught herself rubbing her belly wantonly against his stiff pulsating cock, egging him on. He left her swollen tits and started his way down to her soft blond bush.

"Ohhhh, God, honey!" she moaned.

Gary was folding back the soft fur and expose big the small but supersensitive bud of her clit. She sobbed with excitement when she felt his stiff slick tongue tip contact the throbbing nub. He lashed her joy button, giving her a steady hot buzz of pleasure.

"Ooooh, Gary, yessss!" she hissed.

Robin adored it when her sexy husband went down on her, but it wasn't happening much lately. Gary was always too busy or too tired. Their sex life was mostly quickies, with little foreplay. Robin ached for a long, leisurely session of love-making, and at last she was getting it.

"Mmmm, baby, I love it!" she gurgled.

Gary was flicking the stiff tip of his tongue up and down over her clit, driving her crazy with excitement. She drenched his teasing tongue with hot spurts of tangy cunt juice, and he gobbled the hot cream hungrily. She arched her body, greedily shoving her clit against his tongue.

"Suck it, baby!" she cried hoarsely. "Suck me off! You haven't done that for so long!"

Gary was up for it tonight. Robin remembered now -- it had been in the movie. The man had sucked the woman off. Gary was inspired to do it, too. Robin didn't care what got him to do it, she was just grateful that he took the time. She was starved for slow, kinky loving.

Gary caught her wildly throbbing clit between his lips and started sucking it wetly and loudly. Robin felt a shock of pleasure that made her shudder, and she gave a hoarse sob of delight and creamed all over his face.

"God, yessss!" she wailed. "Suck meeeee!" Gary hadn't lost his touch. He was just as great a pussy-eater as in the early years of their marriage. Robin closed her eyes and forgot everything but the searing pleasure he was giving her as he squeezed her clit between his busy lips. She creamed uncontrollably.

But even as she sobbed with pleasure, she reminded herself that she'd better take full advantage of this unusual night. Gary wouldn't always have a naughty movie to inspire him. Soon he'd be back to normal, giving her a quick fuck every Saturday night -- if he wasn't too tired.

"Mmmmm, baby, don't stop!" she gurgled. "Suck me forever!"

Robin could have come fast and easily, but she didn't want the hot pleasure to end. She deliberately held back her orgasm, gorging herself on the excitement she'd been missing. Gary's expert clit-sucking made hot jolts of pleasure rip through her body.

But the moment came when she couldn't contain her pleasure any longer. There was no way she could keep from coming. Gary gave her throbbing clit another long sensuous suck and she blasted off, her tall shapely body bucking and convulsing as she came.

"Unnnnhhh, God, whaaahhh!" she wailed. Gary dug his fingers into her jerking ass and held her steady, sucking her all the way through her hot climax. It was the hardest she'd come in a long, long time. The delicious orgasm lasted almost a full minute before she fell back limp and panting.

"Mmmmm, honey, that was wonderful!" she sighed.

Gary was still acting out the script from that movie. Before she'd even caught her breath he was straddling her, his trim ass brushing her big ripe tits, his drooling cock head tracing the outline of her lips. His eyes were hot and excited.

"Suck it!" he growled.

Robin was up for that, too. She adored going down on her husband, but he hadn't had time for it lately. She opened her lips and let him slide his thick throbbing cock over her slippery tongue. Firming her lips around his meat, she began to suck loudly and hungrily.

"Christ, yes!" Gary groaned, his handsome face twisted into a horny grimace.

If only it could always be like this, Robin thought.

She would have sucked his cock for hours. She would have spent the whole weekend in bed with him, as they'd done when they were newlyweds. Now she tried to remind him of how great it had been, sucking ravenously on his big hard boner, gulping his hot salty cream.

But Gary wasn't tuned into her thoughts. His mind was still on that movie, and he wanted to do everything he'd seen on the screen. He let her suck his cock for only a minute or so, then pulled out, climbed off her, and flipped her aver into the doggy position.

"Uunnnhhh!" Robin gasped.

He was plowing into her from behind, cramming her slick little cunt with his wrist-thick cock. He shoved it right to her womb in one lusty push, then started fucking her like crazy. Her tall body shuddered with the impact, and she clawed the bed to brace herself.

"Ooooh, honey, oooooh, yessss!" she howled.

She loved his rough deep fucking. She felt herself hurtling helplessly towards another body-blasting climax as Gary mercilessly reamed her hungry box with his steel-hard fuck tool. Again she wished the excitement could last forever, but they were both too aroused to hold out.

"Unnnnnhhhh, God, you're doing it to meeeee!" she wailed. "I'm comingggg!"

"Awwwww, Christ, aaaggghhhh!" Gary roared.

Robin sobbed with release as he jetted his thick hot load into her sucking womb. They had a terrific, long mutual orgasm, the best in months. She didn't often feel that well-fucked. Afterwards she cuddled up with her husband and gave him a grateful kiss.

"Thanks, honey," she sighed. "I really needed that."

"Yeah, it was terrific, wasn't it?" Gary yawned. "We ought to do it more often."

"No shit?" Robin moaned.

But Gary was already asleep.


Robin's hunch was right. Gary was soon back to his old habits. He came home from work too exhausted to get it on. He'd rather watch TV than fuck. And Robin grew more and more frustrated.

She really couldn't blame Gary, though. They were both still in their twenties, healthy and horny, and they were simply tired of making it with the same person time after time. They loved each other, and they didn't believe in cheating, but the problem was there.

Robin tried to figure out what to do. She didn't want to be married to anybody but Gary, yet she found herself wondering what it would be like to fuck another guy. That dirty movie had affected her, too, just like it had Gary. It had given her some dangerous ideas.

One afternoon she was reading recipes, thinking up something special to surprise Gary, when there was a knock at the back door. She was surprised to find her friend and neighbor Jack standing there. He flashed her a very sexy grin.

"Jack, why aren't you at work?" Robin exclaimed.

"I got the afternoon off," he said. "Patty's still at the beauty parlor. I can't understand why it takes so long to make a pretty woman look good. But I'm bored. I want some company."

"Then come in," Robin said. "I'll make us some lemonade."

"How about a drink instead?" Jack smiled. "It's almost happy hour."

By Robin's watch, happy hour wouldn't be along for awhile, but she liked to be a good hostess, so she made vodka and tonics for them both. They took their drinks into the living room, and Jack motioned for her to sit beside him on the couch. He was acting kind of funny, Robin thought.

"Okay, Jack, what's up?" she smiled. "I can tell there's something on your mind."

"There sure is," he said, taking a big sip of his drink. "You know that movie I showed the other night?"

"How could I forget?" Robin laughed.

"Well I can't forget it, either," Jack said. "I've been thinking and thinking about it. When you come right down to it, those people had the right idea."

"What do you mean, Jack?" Robin exclaimed.

"Swinging," Jack said. "It could solve a lot of problems. Take the six of us, for instance. We're all friends, we can be honest with each other. So tell me, Robin, isn't your marriage getting a little boring?"

Robin blushed. It was like Jack could read her mind. She hadn't thought about much else the last couple of months. Her sex life stunk, but she didn't know what to do about it. Now Jack was making a very radical suggestion.

"Well," she said carefully, "when you've been married for five years, you start running out of ideas."

"Right," Jack said. "It gets dull fucking the same person all the time. But swinging would be the answer to that. You could stay married and both have fun. I think we oughta give it a try."

"We?" Robin said.

"You and me," Jack said. "I haven't discussed it with anybody else yet, not even Patty. I thought you and I could conduct a little experiment."

Robin studied him. She couldn't deny that Jack had always turned her on. He was well muscled, blond and tan, a very sexy guy. Sure, she'd love to fuck him. But at the same time, she felt guilty for even thinking about it. After all, she was a married woman and she loved her husband.

"Jack, that's silly," she laughed. "It's be like making it with my brother. Come on, we're just friends."

"We could be more than friends," Jack said, leering at her.

He took their drinks and set them on the coffee table. Robin saw what he was preparing to do, yet she seemed paralyzed. She was so stunned, she couldn't react. Jack scooted up right next to her, slipped his arms around her shoulders, and moved in for a kiss.

Robin couldn't believe how exciting it was. Other than her husband, he was the first guy she'd kissed since high school. It was wild, kissing somebody besides Gary. And Jack was very good at it. He was so good that she creamed right through her panties.

"Mmmmmm!" she moaned helplessly.

Jack's tongue was sliding into her mouth, probing around sensuously. She couldn't stop creaming. Not only that, but her big ripe tits swelled up taut with lust. Her nipples went stiff and poked into Jack's chest. She just couldn't hide her excitement.

Jack finally drew back and looked at her. "Fun, huh?" he grinned.

"Well -- uh -- yes," Robin stammered, "but think, Jack. We're both married. I couldn't do anything to hurt Gary."

"I don't wanta hurt Patty, either," Jack said, "but how can she be hurt if she doesn't know? Come on, Robin. We could have a terrific time."

He kissed her again, and she wished she had on more clothes. All she wore was panties and a romper, not even a bra. Now Jack's hands were busy with the buttons of her romper. He managed to kiss her dizzy and unbutton her clothes at the same time. She felt his hands creeping inside.

"Jack!" she gasped, wrenching her mouth away from his. "Cut that out!"

Too late. His big hot hands were closing over her naked tits. Her tits were so sensitive, especially when they were engorged with lust. She moaned as he began squeezing and molding the big hot melons. More cream sizzled from her cunt and soaked through her panties.

"Damn it, Jack!" she whimpered. "Stop before we do something we'll regret!"

"There's nothing I'm gonna regret," he leered.

He slid the romper off her shoulders and arms, stripping her to the waist. His eyes grew hot and excited as he eyed her gorgeous full breasts. He grasped them again, squeezing and caressing, and Robin barely stifled a hoarse moan of lust. She had to be honest with herself -- she wanted this.

She wanted it desperately. She sometimes imagined the rest of her life with Gary, their love-making getting less and less, and even more routine and dull. She didn't think she could stand it. She was still young. She needed more loving than her husband was giving her. Now her sexy neighbor was offering her a solution to her problem.

"Christ, you've got beautiful tits," he said huskily. "Patty really envies you."

"Let's leave Patty out of this!" Robin moaned.

"Exactly what I'm saying," Jack replied. "This is just between you and me."

He leaned down and stuck out his tongue and lashed it over her lust-stiffened nipples. She shuddered with excitement. She hadn't realized till now just how desperate she was for some decent loving, the kind she and Gary used to have before they got bored with each other.

She slumped back and trembled with mounting lust as Jack tongue-whipped her long stiff nipples. He pushed her big ripe tits together till the nipples met, then sucked both of them into his mouth. Her nipples encased in hot juicy flesh, Robin moaned helplessly.

"Oh, God, Jack, nooooo!" she cried.

But Jack wouldn't release her nipples. He sucked them loudly and greedily, driving her wild with horniness. She had a crazy impulse to just drag him into the bedroom and fuck his socks off. But she remembered Gary, and her guilt flooded back. How could she cheat on him?

"Jack!" she sobbed. "We've got to stop! I just can't do this to Gary!"

He popped his mouth from her spit-soaked nipples and leered.

"Maybe I can change your mind," he said. He suddenly wrenched her romper off the rest of the way, almost upending her. He pulled the garment off down her long luscious legs, leaving her in just her skimpy bikini panties. That was shocking enough, but Robin saw that he had a hard-on, too.

"Oh, no!" she gasped. "No way!" The fly of his pants was bulging. She knew what he wanted, and she wanted it, too -- but she just couldn't do it. She ached to let herself go with the man, make crazy love, but she'd made wedding vows to Gary. She jumped to her feet and faced Jack, hands on hips.

"Jack, go home," she said. "I'm not gonna do this. I love my husband."

"And I love my wife," he said, "but I'd sure like to get it on with somebody else now and then. Come on, Robin, that's no big deal. If we keep it secret, who's gonna be hun?"

He spoke calmly, soothingly, and he inched closer and closer to her. Then he moved very fast. Suddenly Robin found herself down on the shag carpet, with Jack's hand pushing its way inside her panties. He cupped the swollen hot flesh of her pussy and squeezed it. To her mortification, she filled his hand with thick scorching cream.

"Nooooo!" she moaned.

"Baby, you're hot!" he panted. "Hot and wet! Quit kidding yourself! You want this!"

He slid his middle finger over her clit. He made it stiff, working it back and forth over the supersensitive button, and Robin whimpered with pleasure. He knew just how to stroke her clit just the right speed and pressure. She never wanted him to stop. But she had to make him stop.

"Jack, please!" she sobbed.

He lay half on top of her, pinning her down on the rug, and she couldn't get free. She had to lie there and feel his stiff finger deliciously massaging her clit, driving her wild with horniness. To make things even worse, she could feel his cock against her thigh.

She could feel it right through his clothes, hot and hard and throbbing. All she had to do was say the word, and that nice hard cock could be fucking her hungry cunt, giving her the long delicious fucking she wanted so badly. The sex starved young housewife was having a terrible time controlling herself, but she reminded herself of Gary.

"Stop it, Jack!" she moaned. "I won't cheat on Gary!"

"Relax," he leered. "This isn't cheating." He slid his thick, stiff middle finger into her cunt. It was exactly the sensation she craved right now, something hard probing that slick and eager tunnel, cramming it full. Helplessly she moaned with pleasure and soaked Jack's hand with spurting hot cream.

"Oooooh, God, oooooh!" she wailed.

"Yeah!" Jack panted. "Let me get you off this way! No harm done! It's not cheating!"

Robin wondered if he was right. If they fucked, they'd be cheating for sure, but what about this? Was she breaking her marriage vows by letting another man finger-fuck her? She was dizzy with lust, she couldn't think straight. She just didn't want Jack's finger out of her cunt.

So she gave in to it, lying there with her thighs parted, moaning as he pistoned his stiff finger up and down on her hot greedy twat. It felt so damned good, she just had to have it. She'd permit herself this much. She'd get off, and then maybe she could think clearly again.

"Unnnnnhhh, yesss!" she moaned. "Don't stop!"

Of course Jack wasn't about to stop. He had her where he wanted her now, or almost. He pistoned his thick finger deep and fast in her squirting, scorching little pussy hole, and she writhed and squealed with pleasure. He watched her luscious big tits wobble and felt her sizzling cunt juices soaking his finger and hand.

Robin knew she shouldn't be doing this, but she just couldn't bear to stop. She had to come or go crazy with need. She squeezed her thirsty cunt right around Jack's deep-plowing finger and felt herself rocketing towards orgasm. Jack caught her urgency and finger-fucked her even faster.

"Ohhhhh, God, uhhhh!" she moaned. It was crazy. This was kid stuff, just finger play like she used to do in parked cars when she was a virgin teenager. Yet it was so exciting, and there was only one reason for that. It was illicit. She was doing it with somebody besides her husband. She felt ashamed, but she couldn't kid herself.

Jack's hard-pistoning finger took her over the edge. She felt a hard orgasm bursting from her cunt and shaking her whole body.

"Ohhhh, you did it, ohhhhh!" she howled. "I'm comingggg, whaaahhhh!"

She heard Jack's ragged breathing as he finger-fucked her through the long climax. But the moment she went limp, he jerked his finger out of her smoking pussy and started tearing off his clothes. Robin watched him in a daze of lust. She couldn't think any more clearly than before. In fact she felt hornier than before.

She ogled Jack's hard-muscled body and thick rock-hard prick. Then he was lying beside her and guiding her hand to his hot stiff cock. Automatically she wrapped her fingers around it and started pumping, like she would have done for her husband. Jack shivered with excitement.

"Yeah, get me off!" he rasped. "I'll do it for you, too!"

He reached over and began sawing his middle finger stiffly across her clit. Robin wasn't surprised that that hot orgasm wasn't enough for her. She'd been so horny lately, she needed to get off again and again. Her lust was back in full force, and she spurted sizzling cunt cream onto Jack's finger.

"Jack!" she panted. "You have to promise you'll never tell anybody about this!"

"Of course," he said. "I don't wanta break up my marriage, either. Relax, honey, I'll never tell."

That was good enough for Robin. She let herself go, eagerly pumping his throbbing, drooling prick while he sawed his stiff finger over her clit. Again it was kid stuff, teen stuff, but it was fantastically exciting because it was forbidden. Robin felt her clit exploding with pleasure.

"Oooooh, shit, oooooh!" she howled.

"Awwwww, yeah, aaaggghhh!" Jack yelled. His thick come was jetting into the air and splatting down on the rug and on Robin's face. As she climaxed, she stuck out her tongue and licked up all the salty jism she could get. She and Jack masturbated each other through a delicious mutual orgasm.

But the moment it was over, Robin blushed and shook her head.

"Jack, you have to go now," she said. "I'm so ashamed. I should never have done this."

Jack pulled her close and leered at her.

"No way am I leaving, honey!" he growled. "Hell, I'm just getting started!"


"Jack, forget it," Robin said. "I'm not cheating on my husband, and that's that."

She sounded a lot more determined than she felt. Her whole body was on fire with arousal, and what she wanted more than anything in the world just then was to jump into bed with her sexy friend and neighbor. But her conscience told her she just couldn't do it.

Jack felt otherwise. He just laughed and grabbed her, and he started kissing, licking and nibbling his way down her body. Robin pushed at his shoulders but couldn't budge him. The guy had made up his mind to seduce her.

As he kissed and licked lower and lower, Robin's determination faded. She felt hot licks on her tender nipples, his tongue trailing over her belly, then his moist steamy breath in her blonde bush. Molten, cream squirted from her hungry cunt.

She needed some decent loving so badly, and Jack was dying to give it to her. Why couldn't she just let go and take what he offered? Her own husband wasn't doing his job in bed, but that wasn't her fault. She was just as eager as ever, even if Gary had lost interest in lovemaking.

Now Jack was pushing her legs apart and nosing between them. Robin moaned. If he started going down on her, she was lost. She just couldn't resist that kind of fun. And sure enough, his tongue was suddenly all over her swollen eager pussy.

"Ohhhh, God, ohhhhh!" she gasped.

Jack gave damned good head, just as good as her husband did. Robin felt herself going limp and submissive as her neighbor's big wet tongue lashed the swollen folds of her cunt. The hot pleasure made her cream uncontrollably. Jack noisily gobbled her spurting juice.

Robin was shaking and whimpering with excitement. So many nights she'd listened to Gary snoring and fantasized that some strange attractive man had crept into their bed and was licking her cunt. She always had to beat off after one of those naughty daydreams.

But they were only daydreams, and she couldn't imagine cheating on Gary. He was her husband, and she loved him. He was the only man she'd ever fucked. Sure, she couldn't help wondering what it would be like with other guys, but she'd never seriously considered finding out.

Well, now she was finding out, and it was great. Jack just didn't let up. He raked his burning tongue over every inch of her seething pussy, driving her wild. Again she couldn't think straight. She just wanted the hot pleasure to go on and on. She let her legs fall wide open, submitting to him completely.

"Yeah, that's it!" he growled. "Relax! I'm gonna make you feel great, baby!"

He was already doing that. Robin gurgled in ecstasy as he traced a wet line around the base of her clit, using the stiff tip of his tongue. He raced his tongue faster and faster around her throbbing clit, and she felt herself rocketing helplessly toward orgasm.

"Unnnhhhh, Jack, noooo!" she wailed.

Jack paid no attention to her protest. He knew what she really felt. Her voice was hoarse with pleasure and longing, and she was creaming all over his face. Her pussy was hot as fire against his lashing tongue. He knew she wasn't going to fight him off.

He jammed his mouth onto her pulsing clit and began sucking the slick little nub. Robin sobbed with bliss and closed her eyes tight, knowing she couldn't stop the fiery climax that was building in her sex-starved body. Her beautiful face was contorted into a horny grimace. "Ohhhhh, my God, unnnhhhh!" the young blonde housewife moaned.

Jack sucked faster and faster on her nearly exploding clit, and she drenched his face with helpless floods of sizzling cream. She hadn't been this turned on in months. Of course her husband didn't go out of his way any more to arouse her.

Gary didn't do any of the sexy things that used to drive her wild. Now she was lucky if she got sex once a week, and then it was just Gary rolling on top of her with no foreplay, fucking her for a minute or less. No wonder she was up for Jack's hot pussy-eating.

Whatever the reason, she couldn't resist it. He sucked hard and loud on her throbbing clit and suddenly she was coming like crazy. Her statuesque body was rocked by the violent blasts of pleasure, and she couldn't hold back her scream of ecstasy.

"Unnnnhhh, yesss, whaaahhh!" she wailed. She was writhing hard, but Jack stayed on target. He clutched her churning ass and jammed his mouth even harder against her squirting clit, sucking up her hot tangy come-cream. Robin almost fainted with pleasure. She lost track of time as she came and came.

"Oooooh, shit, unnnhhh!" she sobbed.

Finally she flopped back limp and gasping, and Jack raised his cream-caked face from her steaming pussy. He leered down at her, and Robin blushed. She'd just behaved like a slut. Worse than that, she saw that Jack had another hard-on. Nothing was going to stop this man. He was determined to fuck his buddy's wife.

"Quit kidding yourself, honey," he said. "You need this. You and Gary haven't been getting it on much lately, have you?"

Robin blushed deeply.

"No," she admitted, "but he's always so tired when he gets home from work."

"Hey, that's just an excuse," Jack said. "I know, I'm a man. Sometimes I tell Patty I'm too tired, but I'm really daydreaming about making it with other women. I bet Gary's doing the same thing."

Robin wondered about that. It was certainly possible. If she fantasized about other men, it figured that Gary was thinking about other women. He wanted the same thing she did, some exciting and unpredictable sex for a change. And maybe Jack was the answer for her.

"I'm right, aren't I?" he grinned. "You'd both like to fuck somebody else for a change. Well, baby, here's your chance. Jack is ready and willing."

He was ready, all right. His huge cock was rock-hard and bulging with blue veins. It was drooling a thick river of hot cream. His big hairy bans looked ready to burst. Robin eyed his stiff throbbing cock and almost sobbed with longing. Would it hurt to cheat just this once? Gary didn't ever have to know about it.

She didn't get a chance to decide, because suddenly Jack gave a lusty growl and threw himself right on top of her. He sank down between her legs before she could stop him. She felt his fingers digging into her ass, pulling her up to meet the first hard thrust of his engorged prick.

"Unnnnhhhh!" she gasped.

She felt his massive hard-on cramming her cunt, driving to her womb in one lusty shove. Pleasure made her dizzy. She automatically clawed his shoulders and jerked her hips upward to take his prick. He tightened his grip on her ass and began fucking into her hard and fast.

"Awwww, yeah!" he groaned. "Fantastic!" Robin's head lolled back, and she gurgled with bliss. She was through fighting. The damage was already done. Another man's cock was inside her, pumping hard, and she wasn't a faithful wife any more. Hell, she might as well enjoy herself, since there was nothing she could do to change things.

So she just lay there and let her neighbor fuck her. She gasped and moaned with pleasure each time his big hard cock rammed into her juicy slick cunt. She soaked his hammering prick with blast after blast of molten cream. Fucking another man was even more exciting than she'd imagined. She couldn't bear to stop now.

"You like it, don't you, baby?" Jack panted. "Yessss!" Robin moaned. "But don't talk, Jack, just fuck me!"

Jack didn't mind that assignment at all. He firmed his grip on her writhing ass and fucked into her steadily, giving her the long reaming and pounding she needed so badly. Robin was tired of quickies. She needed to be fucked till she couldn't take any more.

Her deliriously rolling eyes met the clock, and she realized that Gary would be home from work in a couple of hours. She wouldn't have time to prepare the gourmet dinner she'd planed for him. She'd be fucking lack instead. But somehow she couldn't feel guilty about that.

Gary hardly noticed what he ate any more. He hardly noticed his wife. Robin craved some attention, especially the kind of attention she was getting right now. She pushed her husband from her mind, took her eyes off the clock, and just gorged herself on the wonderful sensation of being fucked.

Jack was pounding into her harder and harder, his breathing loud and ragged. He was gorging himself, too, savoring every sensation as he fucked his friend's big-titted blonde wife. Robin shared the illicit excitement he was feeling. It was naughty and dangerous, but she loved it.

She arched her body and started rubbing her swollen clit against the pistoning shaft of Jack's hard cock. The hot friction made her squeal with pleasure. She closed her eyes tight and let herself float effortlessly into another hot, body rocking climax.

"Unnnhhh, Jack, you're doing it to meeee!" she gasped. "I'm comingggg, ohhhhh!"

"Yeah, baby, go!" he growled.

He fucked into her with lightning speed, making her orgasm intense. She creamed in molten floods, scalding his cock and belly and balls. Her tall body bucked violently, and she ground her greedy cunt around his deep-driving cock. She came for more than a minute.

"Oh, God, I got off so good!" she panted. "I'm not finished!" Jack panted. "I wanta cook you on the other side!"

He pulled his big dripping cock out of her and rolled her over. Robin crouched on her hands and knees, and she shivered with excitement as he grasped her hips and socked the huge hard head of his prick into her moist cuntal opening. He took a deep breath and plowed into her again, cramming her pussy full and butting her womb.

"Unnnnhhh, yeah, you big bastard, give me all of it!" Robin moaned.

Her inhibitions were gone, along with her guilt. She was as horny as she'd been years ago, and nothing else mattered to her but getting well fucked. She forgot her marriage, her husband, even the fact that Jack was married to a dear friend of hers.

"Fuck me!" she hissed. "Fuck the living shit out of me!"

Jack was too excited to return her naughty talk. He just hammered his stiff dick into her, so hard that her body shuddered with the impact. She clawed the rug to brace herself, but his hard fucking moved her steadily forward.

Finally there was a chair in front of her and she could brace herself against it. She clutched the legs of the chair and gurgled with bliss as Jack snorted and humped. His steely hard prick crammed her greedy box again and again, raking the sides deliciously.

She soaked his pistoning prick with what seemed like gallons of sizzling cunt juice. She just couldn't stop that horny creaming. The molten liquid overflowed her box and gushed down her thighs. Again she felt herself rocketing helplessly towards orgasm.

How many times had she come already? She couldn't recall. She just knew that she needed to come again and again, till she was glutted on it. She had so much frustration and horniness to make up for. She closed her eyes tight and bared her teeth in a lusty grimace as Jack fucked her over the edge.

"Ahhhh, God, yesss, ahhhhh!" she screamed.

Jack snorted with excitement and fucked her hard through her body-wracking climax, but he didn't come along with her. He had his second wind and could go for a long time. Robin loved that. She wanted to be fucked till she could hardly walk. She wanted to be fucked senseless.

As she went limp after her climax, Jack drew his cock out of her and flipped her over again, puffing her on top of him. She straddled him and wriggled wound till she'd caught the fat head of his cock between her dripping pussy lips. Jack snorted with lust and shoved deep into her.

"Oooooh, yeah, fuck me again!" Robin howled.

Jack was leering up at her as he drove to her womb. He grasped her firm little waist and fucked her as hard as ever. Now he had a terrific view of the action, too. He watched her pretty face twist with lust and saw her big ripe tits swaying heavily back and forth. Something told Robin that he wasn't going to hold out much longer.

The man was just too damned excited, and having her on top was putting him on overload. For years he'd watched her at their neighborhood parties, secretly lusting for her, and now she was riding his stiffly hammering cock and going out of her mind with excitement. It was too much for Jack.

"Shit, I'm gonna come!" he groaned.

"It's okay." Robin panted. "I will, too!" She grabbed his hand and rubbed his middle finger stiffly over her clit. With that added stimulus she could get off just as fast as he could. Jack grinned and nodded, loving her idea. He rubbed his finger over her throbbing clit and pounded his cock harder and harder in her squirting pussy.

"Oooooh, Jack, yessss, I love it!" she wailed. Jack went into high gear, fucking her so hard that she thought she'd bounce through the ceiling. But she adored his roughness. She especially adored the long hard fuck he was giving her. Gary hadn't fucked her this long in ages, and she needed it badly.

She began tightening her cunt around Jack's pounding cock, creating the hot friction that would take them both into orbit. Jack felt the delicious snugness of her steaming cunt and blasted his cock into her so hard that she almost tumbled off him. That final savage thrust brought both of them off violently.

"Unnnnhhh, you did it, I'm comingggg!" Robin screamed.

"Awwwww, fuck, shit, aaaggghhhh!" Jack yelled.

They fucked furiously at each other, yelling and groaning without restraint. It was a fantastic come, the best Robin had had in a long time. But as she started coming down from it, she was surprised to hear a car puffing up in the driveway. She knew the sound of that car.

"Oh, my God!" she gasped. "It's Gary! He's home early! Run for the bedroom! You can dress there and go out the window!"

Jack didn't pause to say goodbye.


"Honey?" Gary called. "I'm home early."

"Tell me about it," Robin grumbled, too low for him to hear.

She couldn't help feeling annoyed. She'd never liked her fucking rushed or cut short. She'd expected more fun with Jack but Gary had to choose this day, of all days, to quit work early.

She'd ducked into the bathroom and wrapped a big towel around herself, so she'd have some excuse for being flaked. Now she leaned out of the room and waved at her husband. He smiled and waved back at her, assuming she was just about to take a shower.

"I'm not gonna stick around," he said. "Since I've got a few hours, I'm gonna go shop for some new fishing gear."

"Okay, honey," Robin said, "have fun."

She was relieved that he left. If he got too close to her, he'd smell Jack's after-shave, and that would give everything away. She went ahead and took that shower. She didn't want to leave a single clue of her infidelity.

She didn't have any idea that her husband was on his way to an infidelity of his own.

Two houses away, Margot Price was putting a roast in the oven. The slim brunette had a bored look on her face. She usually did these days. It seemed like her life was stuck in a rut -- feed Larry, clean the house, do the shopping, feed Larry again.

Margot straightened up and sighed. Dinner was in the oven, and there was nothing to do for a few hours till Larry got home from work. Oh, she could polish the silverware, wax the floors, or shake out the rugs, but she didn't feel like doing any of those things.

What she felt like was getting her brains fucked out.

Fat chance of that with Larry. He hardly seemed interested in sex any more. Of course there had been his fantastic performance the other night, after they'd seen that dirty movie at Jack and Patty's, but since then things had gotten back to normal. And normal meant boring.

"God, what am I gonna do?" Margot wondered aloud.

She felt like she'd go crazy if she didn't get some decent sex pretty soon, but how was she going to get it? She'd tried everything she could think of to turn Larry on, from sexy nighties to blatant propositions, and nothing had worked.

She knew what the problem was. They'd been married just over five years now, and the excitement had gone out of their love-making. There was nothing new to try, no way to surprise each other. She couldn't blame Larry for turning off sex. But that didn't solve the problem. Margot figured they just couldn't go on this way.

Her troubled thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the back door. She opened it, and there was her friend and neighbor, Gary Allen. Margot flashed him a big smile. Gary was so cute, such a hunk.

"Hi, handsome," she smiled. "What's up?"

"Let me in and I'll tell you," he said. "And how about offering me a drink?"

"Sure, I'll have one, too," Margot said, leading the way to the living room.

She didn't think anything about Gary popping up on her back porch. He often dropped over to borrow tools and return them. But today he seemed to be acting differently. Instead of taking his usual chair, he steered Margot over to the sofa and sat down beside her.

She blinked and stared at him. He was looking right into her eyes, very serious.

"Gary, what on earth is the matter with you?" she exclaimed. "Is something wrong? Nothing's happened to Robin, I hope?"

"None of the above," Gary said. "But I do have something very important to say to you, Margot, and I hope you won't be mad at me. The fact is, I'd like to have an affair with you."

"What?" Margot screeched.

Her response wasn't very lady-like, but she couldn't help it. She was stunned. Sure, she'd always had a secret thing for Gary, and she suspected he felt the same way about her, but they were both married. Larry was Gary's pal, and Margot and Robin were close friends.

"I can't get my mind off that movie we saw," Gary went on. "Seems to me those people had the right idea. After a few years, marriage gets a little boring. But you can add some excitement to it and still stay married."

Margot realized her mouth was hanging open. As a matter of fact, she'd been thinking a lot about that movie, too. In a way it made a lot of sense. She loved Larry and didn't want to divorce him, but she wanted to try sex with somebody else. Swinging could be the answer.

"Well, Gary, I'm kind of shocked," she laughed. "Give me a minute to think about this."

"Sure," he said, moving in to kiss her.

Margot couldn't think at all. Gary was sliding his arms around her and sneaking his tongue into her mouth. She boiled with sudden lust. It had been a long time since her husband had acted really lusty for her. As far as Larry was concerned, she might as well have been an inflatable doll.

But here was a man who really had the hots for her, and she couldn't help responding. Gary was so attractive, and she needed some loving so badly. She felt herself going limp and submissive as he kissed her. She realized she was creaming through her shorts.

Hold on, lady, think, she told herself frantically.

She was a married woman and still in love with her husband even if their sex life was rotten. She didn't want to endanger her relationship with Larry. Yet her body ached for Gary's expert touch. He found her small high-riding tits and squeezed them through her clothes, and she moaned.

Molten cream squirted from her cunt as Gary gave her that long steamy tongue-kiss and fondled her sensitive tits. She had a wild impulse to jump up, strip, and drag the guy to her bed. She thought of his big hard cock reaming her starved cunt, and she moaned again.

Then she wrenched her face away from his and said breathlessly, "Gary, are you crazy? We can't do this to Larry and Robin."

"Of course we can't," he smiled. "That's why we have to keep it a secret. Think about it, Margot. If they don't know about it, they can't be hurt. It's that simple. And you know we could have a fantastic time together."

Oh, boy, do I ever, Margot thought.

Gary didn't wait for her response. He quickly untied her halter top and drew it off. She had small firm tits and hardly ever wore a bra. He closed his big hot hands over her naked tits and began to fondle them expertly. Again Margot creamed through her shorts.

"Dammit, Gary, don't!" she moaned.

"Why?" he leered. "Does it turn you on?"

"Yes, dammit!" she panted. "I can't think straight when you do that! I can't control myself! You'd better leave!"

"No way," he chuckled. "I wanta be around when you lose control."

He eased her down on her back and lay half on top of her, pinning her there. He shoved his flushed face against her cute tits and began licking her small pink nipples. Margot gasped as the little buds stiffened under his lashing tongue. Her panties and shorts were soaked.

Was Gary right? Could they get away with it? God knows she wanted to fuck him, but could she live with her conscience if she cheated on her husband? Margot tried to think clearly and logically about all these things, but it was practically impossible because now Gary was sucking her tits. He was driving her crazy with excitement.

"Oh, please, Gary, stop!" she moaned. "Give me a chance to think!"

The moment she said it, she realized what a foolish request it was. Gary didn't want her to think. He was intent on seducing his buddy's wife. Unluckily for Margot, she half wanted to be seduced. Hell, more than half. The only thing holding her back was the thought of Larry.

"Gary, I can't do it!" she moaned. "Even if Larry never found out, I'd feet so guilty! I just can't fuck you!"

"Okay," he said, "we won't fuck."

"Huh?" Margot gasped.

She hadn't expected him to give up that easily. And why was he now pulling down her shorts and panties? He whisked them off, taking her shoes along with them and leaving her stark naked. His eyes roamed hungrily over her slim but curvy body.

"What are you doing?" she squeaked. "You just said we weren't going to fuck."

"That's right," Gary replied, "but there's no reason why we can't go down on each other."

Margot's head spun. She just hadn't been prepared for her handsome friend and neighbor walking into her house and suggesting an affair. Gary was moving too fast for her. Now he stood up and stripped, and she couldn't take her eyes off his tall muscular body. The guy was gorgeous. She just had to get her hands on him.

"All right," she said shakily, "I guess we could do down on each other. That wouldn't exactly be cheating, would it?"

"Not in my opinion," Gary said with a leer. He skinned out of his shorts, and Margot gave a lusty little moan as she eyed his cock. It was enormous, hard as a rock and drooling. She had to have it. And if she couldn't have it in her cunt, she could have it in her mouth, sucking and tasting it.

Gary extended a hand and pulled her off the sofa. He drew her down on the floor where they'd have more room. Margot moved like she was in a dream. That was the way she felt. She still couldn't quite believe she was doing this, yet she couldn't seem to stop herself.

Gary stretched out on his back, and Margot backed up over him. She was surprised that she remembered how to do sixty-nine. It must have been four years since she'd done it with Larry. But she moved right into position, her steaming cunt almost in Gary's face, her mouth poised over his rigid cock.

"Great," he said, panting on her pussy. "Let's do it."

Margot groaned with delight as she felt his scalding wet tongue raking her hungry cunt. She fed him a big burst of thick tangy cream, and he gobbled it greedily. She adored having her pussy tongued, and it had been a long time since Larry had taken the time to do it.

"God, yesssss!" she hissed. "I love that!" Gary was damned good at it, too. He knew just how fast and hard to lick. His hot tongue was all over her cunt, lashing and teasing. She couldn't stop creaming, but Gary lapped up every bit of her musky juice and swallowed it. Margot was crazy with arousal.

"Yes, lick me all over, honey!" she moaned. "Don't ever stop!"

Then she looked down again at his rigidly standing prick. It bulged with blue veins and looked as thick as her wrist. Hot globs of cream were leaking from his pigs hole, and she drooled at the sight of them. She dipped her head down low, stuck out her tongue, and began lapping up his juice.

"Jesus, yes!" he groaned. "Lick it, suck it!" Margot couldn't have stopped now. She didn't know if this was adultery or not, but she had to have it. She and Larry used to make love like this, gobbling each other for hours, but that had been in the early days of their marriage. They never had this kind of kinky excitement any more.

She feasted on Gary's cock cream, lapping it up and rolling it around in her mouth, savoring the special salty taste before gobbling it and going for more. She realized that she was starved for the taste. Larry never seemed to have time for foreplay these days.

Meanwhile Gary was giving her something else she rarely got from her husband. He was tonguing her pussy deliciously, snaking his stiff tongue tip into every steaming fold, tickling her most sensitive places. She creamed uncontrollably, horny out of her mind.

"Mmmmm, mmmmm!" she moaned, lapping up more of his thick salty cream.

Gary slid his tongue forward and tickled her clit. She squealed with pleasure. He ran the stiff tip of his tongue around and around her throbbing clit, and she sobbed with delight. She play nibbled the fat purple head of his prick and sucked all the cream from his piss hole.

She wanted even more. She licked her lips, making them slick, then ran her steamy mouth down the long hard shaft of his cock. He shivered and groaned as she encased almost all of his huge boner in her greedy mouth. She drew her cheeks in sharply and began to suck.

"Shit, yeah, suck it!" Gary growled.

Then he crammed his whole tongue into her cunt. Margot gave a muffled wail of ecstasy as he began tongue-fucking her expertly. The thick slick slab of meat pistoned up and down in her starved pussy hole, giving her sharp stabs of hot pleasure.

"Mmmmmm, unnnnhhh!" she moaned.

She sucked harder and harder on his huge throbbing cock, her head bobbing furiously and her long dark hair flying. She knew that if Larry walked in the door at that moment, her marriage was over, yet she couldn't stop herself. She was so starved for decent loving.

Gary seemed as starved as she was, and she guessed his sex life was getting as dull and routine as hers. He hammered his tongue deep and hard in her squirting cunt and sucked up her sizzling cream. They went at each other like animals, grunting and groaning.

Margot felt a tremendous orgasm building up in her cunt, and she knew she was going to come like crazy. Gary was close, too. He was out of control now, fucking her mouth, driving the engorged head of his prick into her throat. She was so greedy for his cream that she felt no choking sensation.

She opened her throat wider and let him fuck right into it. He yelled and began to come, and at the same instant his plowing tongue brought her off. They groaned and writhed together in a hot mutual climax, their cries muffled as they continued to gobble each other.

"Unnnnhhh, unnnnhhhh!" Margot moaned.

"Unnnggghh, aaaggghhhh!" Gary gasped.

They gorged themselves on each other's juices, then rolled apart panting. After a moment they looked at each other and began to laugh. What they'd just done seemed so outrageous, so crazy.

"So what do you think of my idea?" Gary chuckled.

"I like it," Margot purred. "I like it a lot."

"Then let's not waste time," he said, sliding his hand between her thighs.


With his free hand, Gary guided Margot's hand to his cock, and she happily started pumping it. Meanwhile he played with her pussy, snaking a stiff finger between the wet swollen folds. Margot was having a terrific time -- but she didn't intend to go any farther than this.

It was too risky, and she just couldn't do it to Larry, or so she told herself. She and her cute neighbor could just fool around a little, but they wouldn't get into anything serious. Margot had perfectly good intentions, in spite of her mounting lust.

Gary gave her a quick kiss and said, "I always wondered what it would be like to make out with you, Margot."

"I wondered the same thing about you," she grinned, "but I never thought it would happen."

"Well, you can thank Jack and that dirty movie," Gary laughed. "I think it gave everybody ideas."

"Oh?" Margot said, her grin turning wicked. "Do you think it gave Robin any ideas?"

"Robin?" Gary exclaimed. "Oh, no, she'd never do anything like this. At least I don't think she would. She's not the type."

But Margot could tell he was thinking about it. Would his nice little wife cheat on him? Had she been so turned on by that movie that she'd go to bed with another man? And Margot started wondering about Larry, too. It wouldn't surprise her if he was letching for somebody else.

Not that she could blame him. Their sex life had been pretty damned dull the last couple of years, the same thing over and over again. That was why she felt so aroused now. Gary and she weren't doing anything really wild -- they were just doing something forbidden.

She felt Gary's stiff finger sliding back and forth over her clit, giving her a steady buzz of hot sensation. She firmed her grip on his cock and pumped it faster. He snorted with excitement, and soon she felt his meat swelling in her fist.

Now's the time to quit, she told herself.

If she had a brain in her head, if she cared about her marriage, she'd call a halt to this little adventure before she gave Gary another hard-on. Yet it was so exciting to be playing with another man's cock and having her pussy stroked by somebody besides her husband.

She waited too long. Gary's cock went steelhard between her fingers. It began to leak hot sticky cream, and it throbbed with readiness. Margot felt how big and stiff it was, and she imagined it plowing deep into her famished little pussy. As she thought about fucking Gary, she creamed all over his hand. He shot her a lusty look.

"I felt that!" he growled. "You're getting hot again! And I know just what to do about it!"

"Uh, Gary, I don't think we should go any further," Margot stammered. "I mean, we had our kicks, but enough is enough."

"It wasn't enough for me," he said, stroking her clit faster. "Hell, Margot, what's the difference? We already went down on each other, so why not fuck?"

Good question. Margot wanted to come up with a perfectly reasonable answer, but she couldn't think of one. And by now she was writhing with need, rubbing her hungry slit back and forth over Gary's hand. She couldn't kid herself. She ached to fuck the guy.

"I-I'd feel so guilty," she said lamely.

"For what?" Gary replied. "Larry would never know about it. You wouldn't be hurting him at all."

He suddenly rolled over on her, pinning her down. He used his knees to force her legs apart. She felt the huge hard head of his prick pushing against her tender swollen pussy, and she gasped in alarm and tried to push him off her. It was no use. He was much bigger than she was.

"Gary, for God's sake, no!" she cried. "Use your head!"

"I'd rather use my cock!" he panted.

He went on hammering his steel-hard prick against her slit, trying to get into her, and Margot wriggled frantically, throwing him off target. She ached to get his prick inside her, yet she kept thinking of Larry and her marriage vows. Could she really commit adultery?

Finally Gary clutched her writhing ass and held her still. He shoved his cock hard against her wet cunt and managed to lodge just the thick head in the moist pit of her cuntal opening. She felt her pussy lips being stretched wide, and she almost howled with need.

"You want it, Margot!" Gary panted.

"Gary!" she whimpered. "I still don't feel it's right, but do something for me! Stick it in me just once! I just wanta know what it's like with another guy! That's all I want!"

"Sure, baby, sure," Gary rasped.

Margot untensed and let him slide his long thick cock all the way into her, cramming every inch of her seething velvety pussy hole. It felt marvelous. She soaked his cock with sizzling cream as it touched her womb. Gary held still then, letting her savor the sensation.

"Oh, shit," she sighed, "it feels so damned good. Too bad we're married to other people."

"Yeah, a damned shame," Gary said.

He started pulling out, just like she'd asked him to. Margot could hardly stand it. She wanted to feel his massive boner inside her for about an hour. She was going out of her mind with lust. As Gary's cock slid from her smoking cunt, she gave a sob of frustration.

"Gary!" she wept. "Stick it in me again! Just once more!"

Gary obediently glided his throbbing prick back into her, filling her completely, and again she soaked his meat with molten juice. Even before he touched bottom she caught herself jerking her hips, making hungry fucking motions. She'd never been so horny in her life.

"Unnnnhhh, slit, yessssss!" she hissed.

This time Gary stayed inside her longer, his big cock throbbing hard and hungrily against her gripping cuntal walls. Margot forced herself not to make those fucking motions, but it was hell holding herself back. She realized that she'd made a big mistake. She'd asked too much of her body. Just two strokes of Gary's prick wasn't enough.

He started to pull out again, and she grasped his broad shoulders and pulled him down on top of her.

"To hell with it," she panted. "Fuck me."

"Uh-uh," Gary grinned. "I agree with you. I don't think it's right."

Margot gawked at him. He couldn't be saying that to her. She'd finally given in to him, and now he was being the decent one. She'd decided to live with the guilt, the adultery, and she was ready to fuck up a storm, but Gary was drawing his cream-soaked prick from her famished cunt.

"Yep, you're right, Margot," he said. "We can't do this to Larry and Robin. I'll just zip up and go home."

Margot caught the teasing note in his voice, and she knew he was putting her on. She grabbed his shoulders again and pulled him back, and as he flopped on top of her, his huge hard cock plowed to her womb. Quickly she wrapped her legs around his waist and locked them there.

"You're not going anywhere, buster!" she growled. "You're being raped!"

"Oh, goody!" Gary chuckled.

He slid his hands under her hot little ass and got a good grip on it. He began to fuck her in long, slow, sensuous strokes. Margot clung to him, clawing his shoulders and whimpering with delight.

"God, yessss, fuck meeeeee!" she wailed.

She ground her tight slick cunt around his slowly plowing prick and felt hot sparks of pleasure. He was fucking her in a leisurely way, like they had all the time in the world, and she loved it. Lately, with Larry, it was always quickies. She wanted to go on for hours, fucking herself silly.

"Mmmmm, fuck, yessssss!" she gurgled. "Don't ever stop, Gary, fuck me forever!"

Gary grinned at her lust-contorted face and tightened his grip on her churning ass. She was fucking back at him, writhing and jerking her hips to his movements, and she was soaking his cock again and again with her uncontrollable creaming.

Yes, she couldn't kid herself any more -- she was up for adultery. She was up for some decent loving, and her handsome neighbor was just the man for the job. She tried to look on the bright side. Maybe Gary was right. If they were careful, Robin and Larry would never find out.

"Mmmmmm, shit, oooooh!" she squealed. Very gradually Gary was speeding up, fucking into her harder and faster. She kept pace with him, jerking her hips to his tempo and grinding her greedy cunt around his deeply plowing cock. The delicious minutes passed, and she gorged herself on the wonderful sensations. It was the best fuck she'd had in months.

Larry would have shot his load by now. He'd be snoring, leaving her hungry for more. Night after night she'd been having to masturbate for satisfaction. Well, not now. Gary was going to fuck her all she wanted. He was just as starved for it as she was.

He was fucking into her pretty hard now, and their naked bodies slapped together loudly. Margot clawed his shoulders and nibbled his ears. She arched her body till her ass left the rug and greedily ground her clit against his pistoning shaft.

"Oooooooh, baby, so damned good!" she howled.

"It sure the fuck is!" Gary panted hoarsely. The hot friction against her clit and inside her cunt was taking her higher and higher toward orgasm. It was so great not to have to rush for her climax. She didn't have to hurry to get off before her husband did. Gary was prepared to wait. He fucked on and on like a machine.

Margot would gladly have fucked him all day and night, but now she couldn't hold back her climax a second longer. She felt her body exploding with it. She threw her head back and sobbed in ecstasy.

"Unnnnhhh, Gary, yessss, whaahhhhhh!" she howled.

Gary groaned excitedly as her hot little cunt went into hard spasms around his cock, but he didn't come. He clutched her churning ass and fucked into her steadily as she climaxed, making the sensations hot and prolonged. Margot came till she almost blacked out.

"Oooooooh, shit, ooooooooh!" she sobbed. At last she went limp, shivering with the delicious aftershocks of her orgasm. Gary fucked her a few more strokes and then pulled out, his cock hard and dripping. She almost expected steam to escape from her satisfied cunt. Her own husband hadn't made her come like that since the early days of their marriage.

"Mind if I roll you over?" Gary leered.

"Haney!" Margot panted. "You can hang me upside down if you want!"

He laughed and flipped her over into the doggy-position. Margot braced her hands against the furniture and moaned with anticipation as Gary socked the engorged steel-hard head of his prick into her wet little cunt mouth. He held her slim hips and pushed deep into her.

"Oooooooh, shit, yessssss!" she moaned. "Give me every inch of that big thing!"

He crammed her full again, forcing out a molten flood of thick cream that ran down her legs. Margot whimpered with ecstasy as he went back to that same slow sensuous fucking. With Gary there was no rush. He let her know that she was going to get all the fucking she needed.

If only it could be this way all the time. Margot figured she wasn't asking for much, just the terrific love-making Larry used to give her. But she couldn't seem to light a spark under him and, come to think of it, he didn't turn her on that much any more.

Gary's right, she thought. We need to fool around.

She needed it, and Larry needed it. They needed something to put the life back into their marriage, and this was just the thing. Sex had become a bore and a chore. But not now. Margot felt as insanely excited as a horny teenager as she took the deep, hard thrusts of her neighbor's cock.

"Harder now, honey!" she moaned. "Fuck my brains out!"

"I've been wanting to do that for years," Gary chuckled.

He firmed his grip on her wriggling hips and fucked into her harder, making her body shudder with the impact. That was just what Margot wanted. She gurgled and growled with lust as he hammered it to her. She knew she was acting like a wanton slut, but she just couldn't help it.

"That's it, you big bastard, fuck the living shit out of me," she wailed.

Dizzily she tried to calculate how long they had before Larry got home from work. Plenty, she decided. They could sure finish this fuck. She forgot about her husband and everything else except the mounting excitement she felt as Gary fucked into her like a pile driver.

"Hard enough for you?" he panted.

"Ummgghhh, shit, yessssss," she squealed. Her eyes rolled crazily, then closed tight as she hurtled toward another body-wracking orgasm. The pleasure was hot and constant now. But then Gary made it even hotter. He reached around her and started rubbing a finger stiffly over her clit.

"Oooooooh, shit, yes!" she sobbed. "You're driving me crazy, baby, I love it!"

Gary's breathing was loud and ragged now, and she realized that he was very close to shooting his load. She was ready for it, teetering on the brink of climax, greedily prolonging her pleasure but ready to come at any time. Sizzling cream overflowed her cunt and gushed down her thighs.

"Do it, Gary!" she sobbed. "Get us off! Take us over the top!"

It happened a second later. Margot felt the first red-hot blast of Gary's jizz hitting her womb, and that triggered her own climax. She screeched in ecstasy.

"Unnnnnhhhhhh, God, you're doing it, I'm cominggggggg!" she shouted. "Unnnnnhhhh, whaaahhhhhh!"

"Take my load, baby, aaaaaggghhhhh!" Gary roared.

They fucked at each other till they were exhausted, then collapsed, panting. Margot was surprised not to feel a bit of guilt. She just felt great, well-fucked for the first time in months. And why should she feel guilty? Her husband hadn't done his job in bed, so she'd found a man who could.

"Thanks, Gary," she sighed. "I really needed that."


"Psst, Patty, open the window!"

Patty Ross almost jumped out of her skin when she heard the man's voice. She'd just come out of the shower and was starting to take off her bathrobe when she heard it. She glanced over at the bedroom window, and there was her neighbor, Larry Price.

She retied her robe, hurried over, and jerked open the window.

"Larry, what on cart?" she exclaimed. "Are you crazy or something?"

He didn't answer till he climbed inside, and then he spoke in a whisper. "Is Jack here?"

"Of course not," Patty said. "He's at work. If you wanted to see him, why didn't you wait till later? And why come in the window?"

"I didn't come to see Jack," Larry said in his normal voice. "I came to see you."

Patty frowned at him. Was he on drugs or something? He sure was acting weird. And it just wasn't like Larry to behave this way. He was the straight arrow of their little group of friends, a handsome but bespectacled accountant who didn't even swear.

"Larry, you must have hit your head on something," she concluded. "Just sit down, there on the bed, and I'll go get you a drink."

He started to say something, but petite red-haired Patty turned on her heel and walked out. While she made drinks for both of them, she thought how cute Larry was, even when he was being a nut. She'd always had a secret letch for the tall lanky type.

She wondered if Larry was good in bed, then scolded herself for even thinking about it. True, she and Jack hadn't been fucking much the past couple months, and their sex life was in a rut, but that was no excuse for having adulterous thoughts.

She returned with the drinks and sat down on the bed next to Larry. He took a big gulp of his drink and looked at her kind of nervously. His horn-rimmed glasses were a little steamed up. Patty was dying to know what had brought him on this crazy mission.

"Okay," she smiled, "tell me everything. I'm your friend. You can level with me."

"I sure hope so," Larry sighed. "Promise me you won't get mad, no matter what I say."

"Larry!" Patty exploded. "Quit beating around the bush!"

He reddened but looked her right in the eyes as he said, "Remember that movie Jack showed us the other night?"

"Of course," Patty groaned. "Jack and his dumb jokes!"

"It wasn't so dumb, Patty," Larry said. "I thought those people had the right idea. I mean, wouldn't we all have more fun if we traded partners now and then?"

Patty's mouth dropped open. Larry was the last person she'd expected to hear that from. He looked as if he'd never had a naughty thought in his life. But as she stared at him, he slid his hand onto her leg and squeezed it. Patty turned red all over.

"Larry Price!" she gasped. "You've got to be kidding! You mean you wanta get it on with me?"

"That's right," he said, his voice getting husky with excitement. "I've had a letch for you for years, Patty. We could keep it a secret. Nobody would have to find out. Just think about it. Couldn't we have a lot of fun together?"

Patty thought about it. She looked him over. She wondered if it was true that a man's height indicated the size of his dick. Larry was over six feet. She felt sudden heat and wetness in her pussy. Hell, yes, they could have a terrific time together.

The only question was, could she cheat on her husband?

Patty had been trying too hard lately not to think about sex at all. She believed in her marriage vows and figured Jack would be her only lover in her whole life. But their sex life was terrible. It made sense to get her mind on other things, find new outlets for her energy.

Now Larry had offered her another solution to her dilemma. If her husband wasn't going to make decent love to her any more, that didn't mean she had to go the rest of her life being horny and frustrated. She could have a discreet little affair with a sexy fellow like Larry.

"What do you think, Patty?" he asked eagerly. "Would you like to try it?"

Easy, she thought. Think. Don't rush into this.

"Well, Larry, this is so sudden," she said. "I really have to think about it more. But I guess we could neck a little. Just to see what it's like."

"Great!" he beamed.

Almost awkwardly, like a couple of teenagers making out for the first time, they slid into each other's arms and kissed. Patty felt instant excitement. It really was a wicked thrill to kiss somebody besides her husband. Larry's kissing was different, arousing. As he slid his tongue into her mouth, she creamed hard and helplessly.

Hell, yes, she wanted to have an affair with this man. No question about it. She'd been sexually frustrated for months now, and Larry had always turned her on. The only worry was Jack finding out, but she was certain that they could handle that.

Still she didn't rush. She liked playing it coy, letting Larry court and seduce her. It had been a long time since Jack had taken the trouble to do that. When he was horny, he just jumped on her and got off as fast as he could. Patty adored the idea of being seduced.

So she went on playing her coy role. She gasped and exclaimed, "Oh, gosh, Larry, I don't know about this! I never cheated on Jack before!"

"I never cheated on Margot, either," Larry said, his face flushed with excitement, "but that movie really gave me ideas. Come on, Patty, don't you like kissing me?"

"I love kissing you, Larry," she gurgled.

She'd put out just enough bait to get him going again. She hadn't said she'd fuck him, but she'd invited him to try changing her mind. He held her close and shoved his tongue into her mouth again, and she creamed furiously. Her tits swelled, and her stiffening nipples poked against his chest. She was getting insanely horny.

She wasn't wearing anything under her robe, and when Larry slipped his hand inside he encountered her naked tits, perfectly round grapefruit-size globes of soft hot flesh. He started squeezing them, and Patty gave a muffled gurgle of arousal.

For one wild moment she wanted to just pull Larry down on top of her and spread her legs for him. But how would that be different from making love with her husband? No, she wanted a slow, delicious seduction, and she had Larry all set up to do it.

"Larry, honey!" she murmured. "I think we're going too far! You're getting me excited!"

Always the gentleman, Larry let go of her, but his face was red with lust, his eyes glazed and horny. Patty snuck a quick glance at his fly and saw that it was sharply tented. He swallowed hard, then reached for her again, unable to control himself.

"Just let me look at you," he said hoarsely.

"I've been undressing you with my eyes for years. I just have to know."

He slid her robe down off her shoulders and then untied the belt. He whisked the robe off her, leaving her naked. Patty gave a little squeal, which she hoped he took for modesty, and fell back on the bed. Larry devoured her petite curvy body with his lusty eyes. Patty found it incredibly arousing to be stared at like that.

"Jesus, you're gorgeous!" he breathed.

He stared at her firm ripe tits, then lowered his gaze to her naturally copper-colored cunt bush. She let her thighs fall open just a little, giving him a tantalizing peek at the moist pink flesh of her clit. He shivered and moaned.

"Just let me touch you a little!" he begged. "Okay, but don't go too far," Patty said. Maybe it wasn't nice of her, torturing him like that, but she was loving every second of it. Jack just didn't give her that kind of attention any more. She was just a hole to stick his cock in, and she resented that. She was starved for a man's hunger.

Larry reached out and began caressing her all over. She shivered with excitement as he felt out every curve of her soft silky body. She could feel the molten cream gushing from her starved cunt and soaking her cunt slit. Her nipples tingled, her tits throbbed.

Then Larry was pushing her legs open, bending them at the knees. Before she could react, he'd nosed right into her steaming pussy. She felt his hot breath on the sensitive flesh, then the electric contact of his tongue. She gasped with pleasure.

"Oooooooh, honey, ooooh!" she squealed. She hadn't meant to sound that eager, but she just couldn't help it. Larry was going down on her and doing it expertly. How long had it been since Jack had given her any head? She couldn't even remember. She creamed heavily and helplessly, all over Larry's flushed face.

He whisked his big wet tongue up and down her pussy gash, licking up all her hot tangy cream. He didn't miss an inch of her tender, horny pussy. Patty lay there with her legs wide open, clawing the bed and gurgling with pleasure. She couldn't act coy now. It felt too damned good.

"Mmmmmmm, Larry, what a nice surprise!" she gurgled. "I'd never have believed it!"

He briefly raised his head and grinned at her.

"You didn't think Mr. Nice Guy could give good head?" he chuckled. "Baby, you haven't seen anything yet."

He wasn't just bragging. He coated every inch of her seething slit with his hot spit. Then he started going for the most sexy-feeling places. He flicked the stiff tip of his tongue over her clit, making her squeal. He circled the gushing mouth of her cunt, and she writhed with need.

Then she felt his teasing tongue tip rimming the tiny puckered mouth of her shitter. Even Jack had never done that to her. She couldn't believe how exciting it felt. She howled with pleasure as Larry started sliding his slick hot tongue up her asshole.

"Oooooh, Larry, God, ooooh!" she babbled. He stuck it all the way into her, then started fucking her with it. Patty gurgled and babbled, blown away by this kinky love-making. She found that her shitter was just as sensitive and responsive as her cunt. She loved feeling it crammed and reamed with stiff tongue-meat.

"Oh, my God, Larry, I'm going crazy!" she sobbed. "I can't take much more! I have to get off, honey!"

Larry whipped his tongue out of her ass and jammed his mouth onto her clit. He started sucking her off expertly. Patty arched her body and shoved her clit hard against his sucking lips, frantic to come. She couldn't ever recall feeling this horny.

"Oooooh, oooooh, suck meeeeeee!" she wailed.

Something reminded her that her husband was due home from work pretty soon, but she figured there was still enough time to get off. There'd damned well better be, because she'd go crazy if she didn't come. Larry sucked harder and harder on her nearly-bursting clit, and a second later she was in orbit.

"Ohhhhh, fuck, I'm cominggggg, ohhhhh!" the little redhead sobbed.

Larry sucked her really good, all the way through her long body-wracking climax. Then Patty lay there gurgling with contentment. There was no question in her mind any more about whether to have an affair with her neighbor. She couldn't get enough of him.

"Larry, that was great," she soiled. "You give terrific head, all right. Now let me do something nice for you. Why don't you take off your clothes?"

Larry beamed.

"I was hoping you'd ask," he said.

Patty couldn't help grinning. Larry was such a funny combination of traits, both shy and horny, conventional and outrageous. But she stopped grinning as he stood up and removed his clothes. She ogled his tall hard-muscled body and seethed with desire for him.

His shorts were obscenely tented, and as he drew them off, his massive boner snapped free, stiff as steel and drooling thick blobs of cream. Patty drooled, too. It had been a long time since she'd indulged in her favorite indoor sport, cock-sucking.

"Mmmm, come here, Larry!" she purred.

Larry stretched out on the bed, and Patty knelt beside him, grabbing greedily for his stiffly standing prick. It was a beauty, as thick as her wrist and hard as iron. She fisted the base of it, leaned down, and licked up all his salty cream. Then she slid her mouth down around the fat stalk, and Larry groaned happily.

"Christ, yes, Patty, suck me off!" he cried. Patty could get only half his enormous prick into her little mouth. She sucked in her cheeks and started suctioning the hot delicious cream out of his piss hole. Larry looked like he'd died and gone to heaven. His face was contorted into a horny grimace.

"Shit, yes, suck!" he groaned.

It was the first time Patty had heard her old friend use a dirty word. Larry was usually the most cool and level-headed of their group, but now he was going out of his mind with lusty excitement. He writhed, groaned, and fed her a steady supply of tasty hot cock juice.

Patty couldn't get enough of his cream. She sucked faster and faster, gobbling the stuff as fast as she could get it. Larry obviously wanted her to go on sucking him all day, but he was on overload, too excited to hold out for long. Soon he spun out of control and started hammering his cock over her slippery tongue.

"Unnnnhhhh, shit, gonna come!" he groaned.

"Mmmmmm, mmmmmmm!" Patty moaned.

She was letting him know that she wanted a whole mouthful of his spunk, and in about another second he gave it to her. He stiffened for a second, groaned hoarsely, and then began pumping her mouth full of sizzling jism.

"Awwwww, eat it, awwwwwww!" he bawled.

Patty gulped the delicious juice till she'd drained his cock. He flopped back with a blissful sigh, and she licked her lips to get the last drops of his come. Then she glanced at the bedside clock.

"Mmmmm, look at that, Larry!" she purred. "We've got another hour till Jack gets home! Have you got any ideas about how we should spend the time?"


"I've got some ideas, all right," Larry said. "Ever since we saw that movie, I've been full of ideas. How about you?"

"I have to admit I have," Patty giggled. "That movie showed just about everything. But do you really think they had the right idea, Larry? I wonder if our little group could handle swinging."

"Well, I know I can," Larry said. "As for Margot, I think she might be persuaded to try it. How about Jack?"

"No problem," Patty heard herself saying. Then she blushed. The words had just popped out of her mouth, but she realized they were true. She knew her husband, and he was one horny devil. Sure, Jack would love swapping partners. But could she handle him doing it?

It was kind of crazy. She approved cheating for herself, but not for her husband. That really wasn't fair. All of a sudden Patty felt confused about everything. She wanted to put the spark back in her marriage, yet she wasn't sure she could be a swinger.

"What's wrong?" Larry asked. "You seem upset about something."

"Not upset," Patty said, "just mixed up. I was trying to imagine Jack with somebody else, and it bothered me."

"Sure, it might the first time," Larry said, "but you'd get used to it. Anyhow, we're getting ahead of ourselves. Let's forget Margot and Jack and just concentrate on us."

Larry was such a diplomat. He could see that Patty didn't totally go for his idea, and now he was trying to distract her from those troubling thoughts. He reached for her, pulled her into his arms, and kissed her. That helped distract her, all right.

As he slid tongue into her moth, Patty felt her lust coming to a full boil. She'd just gotten off so good with Larry, but now she was aching to do it again. She obviously wasn't going to be satisfied with just one orgasm. No wonder, after the frustrating months with Jack.

"Mmmmm, mmmmm!" she moaned.

She returned Larry's hot kiss, sliding her tongue over his. She pressed her naked body hard against him, rubbing her swelling mound against his cock. Larry snorted with excitement, and in another moment she felt his prick begin to swell.

He wouldn't be content with just foreplay this time. Patty knew what she was letting herself in for. Was she really ready to fuck somebody besides her husband? After all, Jack was the only guy she'd ever gone all the way with. This was a very big step for her.

Larry worked his big wet tongue in her mouth and ran his hands all over her silky hot body.

Patty loved it. Jack just didn't give her that kind of attention any more. He hardly even gave her a decent fuck, and that was what she missed most of all.

She had to have it. Her decision was sudden but final. She ached to get the long lusty fucking she missed. She reached down, grasped Larry's stiffening cock, and pumped it to its full hard dimensions. Larry drew back and looked at her with lust-glazed eyes.

"I can't control myself much longer, Patty," he said hoarsely. "Are you going to fuck me or not? Because if you're not, I better get out of here."

"Stay!" Patty breathed.

She gave his huge hard prick a sensuous massage, then rolled onto her back. She bent her knees and spread her legs wide, wantonly displaying the moist pink flesh of her cunt. Larry gave a horny growl and crawled between her thighs. He lifted her shapely legs and draped them over his shoulders.

Patty whimpered with excitement. For years she'd secretly wondered what it would be like to fuck another man, and now she was going to find out. Larry pressed the hugely engorged head of his cock against her moist cuntal opening and began pushing into her.

"Ohhhhh, God, yesssss!" she hissed.

Her eyes rolled, and her whole body got flushed with pleasure as Larry slowly but steadily filled her cunt with his long throbbing prick. She creamed helplessly, soaking his cock, and the scorching liquid overflowed her cunt and gushed over the crack of her ass.

"Give me all of it!" she moaned. "Every inch of it!"

Larry was breathing raggedly as he sheathed his prick in her slick and snug pussy hole. He watched his friend's wife taking his cock and writhing with pleasure. He heard her whimpers of bliss as he finally shoved up to her womb, filling her completely.

"You got it!" he panted. "You got all of it, Patty! Are you sorry? Wanta quit?"

"Nooooo!" she gurgled. "Fuck me, Larry, fuck my brains out! I need it so bad!"

Her voice was so wanton and horny, she hardly recognized it. Now she knew just how desperate she was for some decent loving. Keeping her legs draped over his shoulders, Larry cupped her hot little ass and staffed fucking her slowly, deeply. She almost sobbed with relief. This man wasn't going to rush. It wasn't going to be another frustrating quickie.

"Ohhhh, baby, yesssss!" she gurgled. "Take your time, fuck me all day!"

"I wish to hell I could!" Larry groaned.

But they both knew they had less than an hour before Jack was due home from work. They'd just have to make the best of it. And Larry was almost convincing Patty that they did have all the time in the world. He kept fucking into her slowly, sensuously, driving her wild.

"Unnnhhhh, so fuckin' good!" she whimpered.

She remembered when Jack used to fuck her like this, in the early days of their marriage. They'd spend all Saturday in bed, fucking themselves into exhaustion. Now when they made love, he acted like he had to catch a plane. Patty never got off as often as she needed to.

But today she would. Already she could feel a huge orgasm building in her belly. She slowly tightened her cunt around Larry's deep-gliding cock and let the hot friction take her higher and higher. He snorted with excitement as he felt her sizzling pussy cream drenching his prick.

"Ohhhhh, shit, Patty, you're driving me crazy!" he groaned.

He couldn't maintain that slow pace. As his lust mounted, he fucked into her faster and harder, and soon her petite curvy body was shuddering with the impact. But Patty loved that, too. She needed that rough deep fucking to ease all her stored-up lust.

"Yessss, harder!" she wailed. "Fuck the living shit out of me, Larry! Ooooooooh, that's great!"

She imagined Jack walking in right now, finding her on the living room floor squealing with delight as she took his buddy's cock. What would he do? Knowing Jack, he'd be mad as hell for a few minutes. Then he'd probably get a hard-on. Yes, she knew her husband.

Jack would be into swinging. Hell, he'd love it. And suddenly Patty knew that he hadn't picked out that dirty movie by mistake. He'd deliberately picked out the most arousing film he could find, hoping to persuade her and their friends to try swinging.

Well, it had worked great on Patty and Larry. Larry was fucking her harder and harder, and she was fucking right back at him, jerking her hips to his hard rhythm. She was soaking his belly and balls with her spurting cream. She closed her eyes tight and let him hammer her into a violent orgasm.

"Unnnnhhhh, shit, I'm cominggggg!" she gasped. "Ooooooh, Larry -- unnnnggghhhh!"

"Awwwwww, Christ!" Larry roared.

He fucked into her like a pile driver, making her climax so intense that she almost fainted. Hot blasts of pleasure ripped through her body, and she writhed and bucked for a full minute. But when she finally went limp, she felt Larry's prick inside her, as hard as ever.

"You didn't get off!" she panted.

"I don't wanta get off yet," he said. "We have so little time. I want to use every second of it."

He let her catch her breath, then grasped her hot little body and fell backwards, taking her with him. Patty ended up sitting on his steelhard throbbing cock. He leered up at her, and she leered right back. She wriggled around the fat skewer of his dick and gurgled with excitement.

"Larry, I've been wanting to fuck like this for so long," she said.

"You mean being on top?" he asked.

"No, just taking my time. Jack's always in such a rush," she said. "It's like he was hurrying to get it over with."

Larry reddened a little and said, "Well, I guess I'm guilty of that, too, with Margot. I don't know. Sex just doesn't seem that exciting for us any more. Not like it does with you."

"I know," Patty sighed. "I know just what you mean. And you think this is the answer?"

"It's worked out pretty good so far, don't you think?" he grinned.

Patty agreed, but there was no need to tell him so. She was creaming all over his prick and wriggling impatiently, aching to be fucked. They stopped talking and got down to business. Larry grasped her tiny waist and started fucking her slowly, deeply.

"God, yessss," she whimpered. "Fuck me again, honey! I can't get enough from you!"

It was a shameless thing to say, but it was true. She adored fucking other men. She'd never imagined herself as a cheating wife, but here she was loving it. She went on creaming heavily and helplessly as Larry fucked deep into her fiery-hot cunt.

She pushed Jack out of her mind. She just enjoyed the moment, moaning in ecstasy each time Larry's thick hard cock thrust to her womb. His excitement was carrying him away again, and he steadily speeded up and fucked her harder. She was up for it.

"Shit, yesssss!" she hissed. "Fuck harder, baby, fuck me crazy!"

Maybe she was already crazy. Here she was blatantly cheating on her husband, the man she loved. But she just couldn't bear to stop. She was so aroused, she felt she'd die if she didn't get off one more time. She was making up for months of inadequate loving.

"Fuck it to me, fuck it to meeeee!" she wailed.

Larry was at full speed now, fucking into her so hard that her petite body bounced up and down. Her ripe tits wobbled crazily, and pearly cream shot from her crammed pussy and gushed down her thighs. Her face was twisted into a horny grimace.

"Oooooh, harder!" she screamed. "Get me off!"

Larry's face was red with effort, and he was snorting and growling as he gave the squealing little housewife the fuck of her life. Patty closed her eyes tight and felt herself hurtling helplessly towards climax. She couldn't have stopped that orgasm even if she'd wanted to.

"Unnnhhhh, yessss, whaaaahhhhhh!" she wailed.

Her whole body seemed to explode with pleasure. She swayed dizzily and Larry had to hold her up or she would have tumbled right off his hard driving cock. He fucked her steadily though her climax, leaving her limp and gasping. She flopped down on top of him and gave him a grateful squeeze.

"Mmmmmm, Larry, you fuck so good!" she gurgled. "And I needed that so much!"

"So did I," he rasped, "but I'm not finished yet."

Sure enough, his cock was still inside her, hard and pulsating and drooling. Patty couldn't believe her good luck. Jack would have been finished hours ago, but Larry was like a machine, tireless and steady. She was finally getting all the fucking she craved.

"I've got an idea," she leered.

Often when Jack wasn't interested in making love, and Patty lay awake horny and frustrated, she'd masturbate to get to sleep. When she did, she had all kinds of naughty fantasies. There was one in particular that really got her crazy. She realized that she could act it out with Larry.

She hopped off the wet stiff skewer of his cock and walked over to a chair. She plopped down in it and threw her legs up over the arms, daringly exposing her wet pink slit and its pretty fringe of copper curls. Larry stared at her, gave a growl of lust, and hurried over to kneel in front of her.

"I see I don't have to tell you what to do," she grinned.

"You sure don't!" he panted.

He socked his stiff slick prick into her hot little cunt and started fucking her hard. Patty slumped back in the chair and gurgled in ecstasy. That steady pounding gave her continuous pleasure. She creamed in molten floods, and Larry's hammering cock reamed out the thick juice.

"Oooooh, shit, I never wanta stop!" she moaned.

"Unfortunately we don't have much time!" Larry growled.

He was right. The clock told her that they had only a few minutes before Jack was due home from work. Patty couldn't afford the luxury of holding back her climax and prolonging the pleasure. If she wanted to come, she had to do it soon. She clamped her cunt tight around Larry's cock.

"Unnnnhhh, Jesus!" he groaned. "You're gonna make me come!"

"Yes, go for it, baby!" Patty moaned. "Fuck me as hard as you can!"

Larry went into high gear, fucking into her like a pile driver. She lay back for a few seconds and enjoyed the deep reaming, but then it was time to act, time to complete her naughty fantasy. She reached down and grabbed his cock, pulling it from her cunt.

"What?" Larry gasped.

Patty leaned forward and stuffed his prick into her mouth. She sucked it like crazy. She just hoped Larry would guess the rest of her fantasy -- and he did. He snorted with excitement and crammed his thick middle finger up her pussy. While she greedily sucked his cock, he finger-fucked her right over the edge into a powerful long orgasm.

"Mmmmm, mmmmm, unngggghhhh!" she gasped.

"Awwww, eat it, awwwwwww!" Larry bawled.

He flooded her mouth with an enormous load of sizzling come. She held it and savored it till the thick cream spurted from the corners of her lips. Then she gulped down the whole load, gurgling with satisfaction. She and Larry drew apart and grinned at each other.

They didn't get to say anything, though, because at that moment they heard a car in the driveway. Larry grabbed up his clothes and headed for the back door.


A week passed, a long frustrating week for the three neighbor couples. The new lovers didn't want to cause suspicion by getting together too often, so by the end of the week everybody was seething with horniness. Robin was certainly no exception.

She couldn't get Jack out of her mind. All day as she shopped, cleaned and cooked, she went over every exciting thing they'd done together. That made her achingly horny, but there was nothing she could do about it except beat off. She felt ready to explode with lust.

Then one afternoon Jack slipped in the back door and found her running the vacuum. When she saw him, Robin let out a yelp of surprise. Jack grinned at her and turned the machine off, then swept her into his arms for a steaming deep tongue-kiss.

Robin thought she'd come right then and there as she rubbed her swollen mound against his stiff cock. They were instantly hot for each other. There was no need for any seduction, flirting or discussion. They broke the kiss and headed for the bedroom. When they got there, they stripped as fast as they could.

"Oh, Jack, I'm so glad you're here!" Robin cried. "I was thinking about you all week!"

"Same here," Jack said as he skinned out of his shorts. "At the office I kept thinking about you and getting hard-ons. Is Gary suspicious at all?"

"No," Robin said. "How about Patty?"

"She doesn't have a clue," he grinned.

Naked, they tumbled onto the bed and kissed and pawed each other. Robin was creaming furiously, soaking her slit with the molten cream. All she could think about was taking Jack's big hard cock again. For once, she didn't even care about foreplay.

"Oh, fuck me, honey, fuck me right now," she begged hoarsely. "I can't do without it another second."

"Robin, you're my kind of woman," Jack chuckled.

She just wished she was still Gary's kind of woman, but apparently that was over. She just had to do the best she could, even if that meant taking a lover. She was glad she had Jack to satisfy her hot needs, otherwise she'd be crazy with frustration.

Jack rolled over onto her, and she spread her legs wide and let him sink down between them. She didn't need any foreplay, any warm up. She'd been hot and ready for days now. As he fucked into her, she threw back her head and howled with ecstasy.

"Ohhhhh, yesssss!" she wailed. "Stick it in me, honey, fuck me good!"

Those were the words Gary heard as he walked into the house.

He stopped still and listened. He'd heard the words clearly, and they were in his wife's voice, but he just couldn't believe it. He'd never thought Robin was the type to cheat. There had to be some other explanation, and suddenly one came to him. He grinned broadly.

He figured Robin was masturbating. He wouldn't blame her one bit if she was. He knew he wasn't giving her the kind of loving she was used to, now that their sex life had gotten so routine and dull. Yes, his wife was probably beating off and fantasizing.

Gary debated what to do. He'd gotten off work early so he could go make it with Margot, but he'd thought it wise to report home first and tell Robin some story. He could leave now and be with his mistress, or he could stay and see just what his wife was up to.

He heard more hoarse moans from Robin, and he made up his mind. It turned him on to think of spying on her as she beat off. He was up for kinky adventures, anything for relief from the boring routine of married sex. He slipped off his shoes and padded silently to the master bedroom door. It was slightly ajar.

Still grinning fiendishly, Gary pecked into the room. Then his jaw dropped. He went white. He stared for a moment, then blinked, pinched himself, and looked again. No, his eyes hadn't played tricks on him.

Robin wasn't indulging in a solitary masturbation fantasy. She was fucking Jack Ross.

"Mmmmm, honey, yessss!" she gurgled. "Fuck me good and hard! I'm so horny for you, Jack, I just gotta come!"

Gary went from white to red, from shock to fury. How could his wife cheat on him? And how could his close buddy Jack do this to him? He wanted to race in there and strangle them both. But he forced himself to stay still and quiet. He needed to think things out.

The only problem was, it was hard to think straight when he was watching his beautiful blonde wife fucking his buddy. Robin's pretty face was a horny mask, her voice hoarse with pleasure. She was fucking right back at Jack, jerking her hips to his deep hard thrusts.

Gary hadn't seen her so lusty in months. Of course he knew he had only himself to blame for that. He hadn't done much to turn her on.

No wonder she was going crazy with excitement. Jack was giving her the long delicious fucking she must have been craving.

"Ooooh, shit, ooooh!" she wailed. "You're doing it to me so good, Jack!"

Gary felt another flash of anger, but it quickly dissolved. He realized that he felt more aroused than angry. Really, he couldn't blame Robin for looking elsewhere for sex. Hell, wasn't he doing the same thing himself? How could he approve cheating for himself but not for his wife?

Yes, he was getting aroused, all right. It was crazy, but he couldn't deny it. He felt his balls swelling and his cock stiffening, sharply tenting his pants. He watched Jack's cream-soaked boner hammering in and out of Robin's squirting cunt, and he almost growled with lust.

"Harder, Jack!" Robin sobbed. "Make me come!"

Jack went into high gear. His trim ass knotted and jerked as he fucked into Robin like a pile driver. Her big ripe tits wobbled and shook against his hair-matted chest, and she clawed his shoulders and moaned steadily. The louder she moaned, the more excited Gary became.

He knew his wife better than anybody did, and he knew right where she was at. She started arching her body, raising it till her ass left the bed, and Gary knew she was rubbing her clit against Jack's hammering prick, letting the hot friction take her over the edge.

"Unnnnhhh, yesssss, I'm comingggggg!" she screamed.

"Awwwwww, shit, unnnngggghhhhhh!" Jack yelped.

He went on yelping as he hammered his load into her greedily sucking cunt. Gary watched his wife taking another guy's load, and to his surprise he didn't feel even a twinge of jealousy. All he felt was maddening horniness. Maybe he was some kind of pervert, but he couldn't help it.

"Oooooh, Jack, I'm coming so good!" Robin sobbed. "Ooooooh, yesssss!"

Gary wanted to whip out his cock and jack off, but he remembered Margot. He was saving that hard-on for her. He'd slip over to her place in just a minute or so, but first he wanted to see how this scene turned out. Jack and Robin finally rolled apart, sighing with satisfaction.

"Mmmmmm, that was great," Robin gurgled.

"For openers," Jack chuckled.

"Yeah," she said, leering at him, "for openers."

Then she rolled to her knees beside him and picked up his cream-soaked cock. Bending down low, she stuck out her little pink tongue and began licking his cock. Jack snorted with excitement. His eyes glowed lustily as he watched his friend's beautiful blonde wife licking his cock.

"Yeah, baby, that'll do the job real fast," he said.

It was certainly doing the job for Gary. His cock was practically tearing its way out of his pants. It was achingly hard, and his balls felt ready to burst. He was tempted to run over to Margot's house right away, yet he couldn't tear himself away from this scene. He had to know what Jack and Robin did next.

It was pretty clear what Robin was up to. She was trying to get Jack's cock hard again, and she was doing a damned good job of it. She swished her hot wet tongue around and around the head of his cock, making him shiver and sigh with arousal. Gary knew how good she was at giving head.

Like a fool, he hadn't encouraged her to do it much lately, and this was the result. She was hungry for cock, and she was satisfying her thirst with another man. But Gary couldn't feel angry about it. He just kept getting hornier as he watched her tongue Jack's cock.

"Mmmmmmm!" she gurgled, lashing Jack's prick faster and faster.

Jack was responding now, snorting with arousal. His prick lurched into stiffness, pushing Robin's fingers wide apart. The head of his cock swelled into a big purple knob. Then thick globs of cream began to ooze up in his piss hole. Robin eyed the hot juice and gurgled hungrily.

"Mmmmm, my favorite snack!" she cooed. She was being outrageous. She was uninhibited and wanton. Gary hadn't seen her that way in a long time, but then he hadn't encouraged it. Now he remembered just how sexy his wife could be. His cock tried again to rip its way out of his tented fly.

Robin used the stiff tip of her tongue to lick up every drop of Jack's hot cream. She rolled the salty juice around in her mouth, savoring it. She gulped it greedily and tongued for more, drilling right into his piss hole till it was empty.

She wanted more. Gary could tell. Her big blue eyes were hot and hungry. She licked her lips, then slid them down around Jack's stiff prick, taking in more than half his huge blue veined shaft. As she began to suck loudly on his meat, Jack groaned.

"Christ, yes, suck it!" he cried. "Shit, baby, you're so good at that!"

Tell me about it, Gary thought.

He was almost growling with lust as he watched his pretty wife sucking his friend's cock. Robin's head bobbed up and down, her long golden hair flying. She was making an obscene slurping noise as she suctioned the hot cream out of Jack's prick and gobbled it.

Gary imagined her mouth, hot and steamy, around his engorged cock, and he damned near came in his pants. It was definitely time to go see Margot. She'd be very horny for him after a whole week apart, and he could really get off with her. So why couldn't he get himself moving?

He was too damned curious, too turned on, that was why. He'd never watched other people making out before, and he was discovering what a kinky thrill it was to spy on his wife as she cheated. Again he wondered if he was some kind of pervert, but he really didn't care. If this was perversion, it was fine with him.

"Uhhhhh, Jesus, enough!" Jack gasped. "I'm gonna come!"

Rabin drew her head back and let his spitsoaked cock snap from her lips.

"I don't mind if you come, Jack," she said huskily. "I'd love to eat your load."

"I'd love you to do it, baby!" he panted. "But I'd rather fuck you!"

"I can live with that," Robin laughed.

Jack rolled to his knees and eased Robin into the doggy-position. She braced her hands against the headboard and stuck out her cute little ass. Jack grasped her hips and pressed the bloated head of his cock against the wet pit of her cuntal opening.

"Yesssssss!" she hissed. "Stick it in me, baby, fuck my brains out!"

Gary just barely stifled a yelp of excitement.

He was getting insanely turned on as he spied. He watched Jack's wrist-thick prick glide slowly but steadily into Robin's dripping cunt, and again he almost shot his load in his pants. He couldn't remember ever being this madly aroused.

"Ooooooh, oooooh!" Robin wailed.

Her eyes were rolling, and her face was twisting into a grimace of lust as she took inch after inch of Jack's steel-hard cock into her famished pussy hole. Pearly cream gushed out around his meat and ran down her thighs. She clawed the headboard and whimpered with delight.

"All of it, you big bastard!" she groaned. "Every inch of it!"

Gary's cock had been hard so long now that he couldn't remember it any other way. His balls throbbed with an enormous load of steaming jism. He ached to jack off, to fuck Margot, anything to discharge his lust, yet he found himself rooted to the spot, obscenely fascinated with watching his wife and his friend get it on.

Jack's cock hit bottom, and he started fucking Robin in quick hard jabs. Her tall body shuddered with the impact, and her big tits swung heavily back and forth. Gary knew how much she loved that kind of savage steady fucking, and he knew he hadn't been giving it to her. No, there was no way in the world he could be angry with her for cheating. He hadn't satisfied her in bed for a long time, and he was cheating himself. But he thought he knew a better way to handle the situation, and he was going to suggest it as soon as he got the chance.

"Unnnnnhhhhh, fuck it to me, fuck it to me!" his beautiful wife wailed.

She and Jack were fucking at each other so hard now that their bodies were almost a blur to Gary. He found himself panting and snorting right along with Jack. Luckily they were making so much noise that they couldn't hear him. Then at almost the same second they began to come.

"Unnnhhhh, baby, you did it, whaaahhhh!" Robin howled.

"Take my load, baby, aaaggghhhh!" Jack bellowed, pounding his jizz into her sucking womb.

Gary wafted, breathing hard, till they'd finished coming. Then he stepped into the room, not bothering to hide the massive hard-on that tented his pants. Robin and Jack froze when they saw him, but he grinned.

"It's okay," he said. "I'm not mad. I just want in on the fun."

"You mean share Robin?" Jack said, starting to smile.

"You got it," Gary said. "How about it, Robin? You up for it?"

But Robin didn't get a chance to answer his question, because at that moment Margot burst into the room. She took in the strange scene and gasped.

"My God!" she cried. "What's going on here?"


"Margot, what are you doing here?" Gary exclaimed.

"I came looking for you," she said. "But what's Jack doing in bed with Robin?"

"Never mind that, Margot," Robin interrupted. "Why were you looking for Gary?"

"Oh, boy!" Jack groaned. "What a mess!" That described things pretty well, Gary thought. Here he was about to join his wife and her lover in a romp, when his mistress showed up. He just hoped everybody would be in a good mood when he finished explaining.

"Honey," he said to Robin, "I can't lie to you any more. I've been having an affair with Margot. But remember, I'm not angry that you've been fucking Jack."

"Robin and Jack are getting it on?" Margot exclaimed.

"For chrissake, don't tell Patty," Jack said. Suddenly they all started laughing. The situation was just too crazy not to laugh. Robin had felt just a tweak of anger when she found out that her husband was cheating, but that passed quickly. After all, Gary had caught her red handed with Jack, and he'd been totally forgiving about it.

"Well, now what do we do?" Robin grinned. "Let's go on with the party," Gary suggested eagerly. "We can all get it on together."

"Sounds good to me," Jack said.

"Sure, why not?" Robin laughed.

All eyes were on Margot. She was blushing, but she was smiling, too.

"You guys are a bunch of sex fiends," she said, "but what the hell? I'll try anything once."

She started taking off her clothes, and the others cheered. Gary stripped as fast as he could. Robin saw that her handsome husband was sporting an enormous hard-on. He must have gotten it when he watched her making out with Jack.

It was a crazy situation, all right, but Robin felt strangely excited. She'd never imagined herself cheating on Gary, let alone taking part in an orgy, but she was up for it. This was definitely a solution to the boredom of her marriage.

Gary and Margot slid naked onto the bed, and he grabbed for her, kissing her hard. She seemed a little nervous about having an audience, but she soon relaxed and started rubbing her mound against his hard throbbing cock. Watching them, Robin and Jack got very turned on.

Robin scooted over next to Jack, and he gave her a deep steamy tongue-kiss. She felt hot juice squirting from her cunt. She fumbled for his cock, fisted it, and started pumping it. Jack gave a lusty snort, and soon his prick was swelling in her fingers.

Out of the corner of her eye Robin watched Margot and Gary kissing and pawing each other. There was her husband, making love to another woman, and it didn't bother her one bit. She was just glad that everybody was having a good time.

She understood how Gary had felt when he spied on her and Jack. He hadn't felt jealous, just wildly aroused. Now Robin was having the same experience, writhing and sighing with excitement as she fondled another guy's cock and watched her husband make out with her friend.

"Mmmmmm, God!" Margot moaned. "I've been so horny for you, Gary!"

Then she looked at Robin and blushed.

"Oh, gosh, I hope you don't mind me saying that!" she cried.

"I don't mind, Margot," Robin smiled. "Let's just let ourselves go. Let's have fun."

Margot looked very relieved. Gary squeezed her and said, "Now that we have my wife's permission, I have to tell you that I've been horny for you, too. Matter of fact, I gotta fuck you right now."

This would be the big test, Robin thought, watching Gary fuck another woman. She leaned back against the headboard to watch, still pumping Jack's stiffening cock. He sat right beside her and slid a hand between her thighs, stroking her fever-hot pussy and giving her delicious rushes of pleasure.

"Mmmmmm, Jack, yessssss!" she breathed. She creamed over his pistoning finger and pumped his dick faster. Meanwhile Gary was easing Margot into the doggy-position. The pretty slim brunette reddened when she saw Robin and Jack just sitting there watching her, but she soon forgot her shyness.

Gary knelt behind her and pressed the hugely engorged head of his cock against her moist cuntal opening. She gasped and moaned as he started pushing into her. Molten cream burst from her cunt and ran down her thighs. Her eyes rolled crazily.

"God! Yesssssss!" she whimpered. "Get into me, baby! I've been wanting that so bad!"

Yes, there'd be no problems with shyness.

Margot lost all her inhibitions as Gary slowly glided his iron-hard prick into her smoking pussy hole. Robin watched his big stiff cock sliding deeper and deeper into her friend's cunt, but still she didn't feel jealous.

Instead she felt insanely aroused, and she found herself soaking Jack's hand with sizzling juice. She tightened her grip on his steely boner and pumped it even faster. He gave a snort of lust, and his cock bucked and drooled in her hot little fist.

"Hey, baby!" he growled. "How about you and me fucking, too?"

"Jack, that's a wonderful idea!" Robin purred.

Jack arranged things very well. He positioned her on her hands and knees, facing the other couple, so they could all fuck and watch each other at the same time. Robin felt his hot sweaty hands closing around her hips, then the engorged head of his prick spreading her cunt lips wide.

"God, yessss!" she hissed. "Get into meeeee!"

That hoarse horny cry got Gary and Margot's attention. It was their turn to shiver with lust as they watched Jack's long blue-veined cock vanishing into Robin's smoking little cunt.

Robin met her husband's eyes and leered at him, and he leered right back.

"What do you think, honey?" he grinned. "Are we cut out to be swingers?"

"Oh, yes, babe, we are!" Robin moaned.

There was no question in her mind about it. Suddenly she and Gary were as horny as teenagers. All it took was a change of scene and a change of partner. The four people started fucking like animals, howling and growling, making so much noise that they didn't hear someone else entering the house.

Larry had come home from work and found the house empty. He was annoyed. Margot had always been there, starting his dinner and mixing a pitcher of martinis, when he got home. He thought of grabbing the chance to duck over and see Patty, but he wanted to locate his wife first.

He figured she might be gossiping with one of her girl friends and lost track of the time. He went to check on Robin's place first. He knocked, waited, and lost patience. Letting himself in, he listened and heard voices coming from down the hall.

"Ooooooh, fuck it to me, honey," came Robin's voice, shrill with excitement. "Fuck the living slit out of me!"

Larry reddened. It sounded like he'd come at a bad time. It seemed that Robin and Gary were getting it on. He had a crazy urge to spy on them, then scolded himself. He was sneaking toward the door when be heard another female voice.

"Unnnhhhh, Gary, yeah, fuck hard!" the voice moaned. "Fuck me forever, baby!"

Larry froze. He recognized that voice, too -- it belonged to his wife. He crept farther toward the sound and realized it was coming from the bedroom. It was Margot's voice, all right, mixed with Robin's, but what the hell was going on in there?

Larry reached the door and peeked inside. He almost yelped with shock. His ears hadn't deceived him. Both Margot and Robin were being fucked. Robin was making it with Jack Ross, and Margot was getting it on with Gary. They were all on the same bed.

"Holy slit!" Larry breathed.

He felt a whole mixture of reactions. First he felt jealous, then angry, then aroused. Finally he was just plain annoyed that he hadn't been invited to this fascinating party. How come he'd been left out of the fun? And where was Patty?

"Unnnnhhh, honey, you're fucking me so damned good!" Margot wailed.

Larry watched his pretty wife as she took the deep hard thrusts of Gary's cock. He hadn't seen her so hotly aroused in a long time. Her face was twisted with lust, her teeth bared in a horny grimace. She clawed the bed and moaned, thick cream pouring down her legs. She was loving every second of that adulterous fuck.

Larry tried to feel angry at her, because he figured that would be normal under the circumstances. But all he felt was steadily mounting excitement. His cock began to swell, till it tented his pants sharply, and his balls ballooned into jizz-filled balls.

He watched Margot's cute tits wobbling crazily with the impact of Gary's hand fucking. He listened to her house moans of pleasure. His cock tried to rip its way out of his pants. He felt even more aroused than when he'd watched that dirty movie.

"Unnnnhhhh, baby, I'm almost there!" Robin sobbed. "Fuck it to me as hard as you can, Jack, make me come!"

Larry's attention was distracted, and he watched Gary's gorgeous blonde wife clawing the bed and wailing as Jack hammered his cock into her and took her to the very brink of orgasm. Larry found this sight equally arousing, and he fought the urge to haul out his swollen prick and beat off.

He didn't know where to look. He wanted to watch his wife, but watching Robin was just as thrilling. He tried to ignore his painfully engorged cock and throbbing balls. This was no time to jack off. He wanted to focus his whole attention on the fucking couples. He'd never dreamed peeping could be so much fun.

"Harder," Robin whined. "Oooooh, shit, yessss, I'm comingggggg!"

Larry's cock gave a violent buck and strained against his fly as he watched the big blonde climax. Her heavy tits swung back and forth as her body convulsed. Molten rivers of come-juice poured down her legs. Grinning like a maniac, Jack fucked into her hard.

"Ooooooh, fuck, whaaahhhhhhhhh!" she howled.

"Yeah, give it to her, Jack!" Gary shouted. He had his stiff cock sunk to the balls in Margot's juicy little cunt, but his attention was all on his wife as she moaned and came. Margot wriggled impatiently, dying for more action.

"Hey, honey, how about giving it to me?" she panted.

"Oh, yeah, sorry!" Gary chuckled. "I got distracted!"

No wonder. He'd just watched his wife getting off with another man. But now he turned his attention back to Margot and started fucking into her like a pile driver. Larry knew how Margot loved that rough deep fucking, and he wasn't surprised when she went out of her head with pleasure.

"Ooooooooooh, yeah, motherfucker!" she howled. "Fuck the living shit out of me!"

Larry wondered if he was going to come in his pants. It was a distinct possibility. It had been thrilling to watch Robin when she came, but watching his own was even more arousing. He was so absorbed in the scene that he didn't realize someone was coming up behind him.

Patty was really puzzled. Jack hadn't shown up on time from work, and she figured he was going to be late. It was the perfect time for her to grab some quick fun with Larry. But he wasn't home, either. Finally she'd drifted over to the Allens' house to see if anybody was there.

They were there, all right. Larry was peeking around the corner of the bedroom door, watching something, and Patty noticed that he had a huge hard-on and was breathing hard. She peered around him and almost fainted. Now she knew where everybody else was.

Stunned, she took in the wild scene. Gary was fucking Margot almost savagely, hammering his cock into her so hard that she had to claw the bed to keep from being knocked over. Close beside them were Robin and Jack, his cock still lodged deep in her come-gushing pussy.

"Oh, my God!" Patty moaned.

Larry jumped about six feet in the air, then whirled around to stare at her. After he'd recovered, he grasped her shoulders and steered her down the hall so they could whisper to each other without being heard.

"This is a surprise to me, too," he said. "I came looking for Margot, and this is what I found. I'm trying to decide what to do. Frankly, I'd like to get in on the fun."

Patty was still in a daze. She'd just seen her husband with his cock in another woman's cunt. She'd seen Robin's husband fucking Larry's wife. Larry could see that she wasn't ready to make any decisions.

"Just watch them for awhile, okay?" he said gently. "Don't do anything impulsive."

Patty nodded, and he steered her back to the half open door. They stood there and watched while Gary fucked Margot like a pile driver. Margot was whining and gurgling and squealing as she got the good long fuck she'd been saving. She looked like she never wanted to quit.

"Unnnhhh, fuck me forever, honey!" she moaned.

"I wish I could!" Gary groaned. "But I'm about to come! Can't hold out!"

"Got it!" Margot panted.

Larry knew just what she was doing now, tightening her greedy little cunt around Gary's jackhammering prick, creating the red-hot friction that would get her off. It always worked with Larry, and it worked just as well with Gary. Margot threw back her head, and screamed in ecstasy.

"Ohhhhhhhh, yessssssssss, you did it, I'm comingggggg!" she wailed. "Ohhhhhhhhhh, shit, whaaaahhhhhhhh!"

"Take my load, baby, aaaggghhhhhh!" Gary yelled.

While all the racket was going on, Larry leaned down and whispered to Patty, "How about it? Why should we be left out of the fun? I'm gonna go in there now and join the party."

"Okay," Patty said dizzily, "I'm game if you are."

Larry grinned, grabbed her hand, and dragged her into the bedroom. The other two couples gawked at them, caught in the act.

"Hi, everybody," Larry boomed. "Mind if we get in on this?"


Jack was the first to recover his cool. "Hey, baby," he said to Patty, "I hope you don't mind. I mean, that movie did something to all of us. I just had to give swinging a try."

"I understand, Jack!" Patty smiled. "That's why I've been making it with Larry!"

"You what?" Margot gasped. "Larry, you rat, you've been cheating on me?"

Everybody else began to laugh, and then Margot joined in. She was in no position to criticize her husband for cheating. She was kneeling there with Gary's cock crammed into her cunt, her face still flushed from the hot pleasure of coming.

"Okay," she giggled, "I take it back. I guess we all know about each other now. So where do we go from here?"

"To the living room," Gary said. "This bed isn't big enough for all of us."

Me was right. Six people couldn't make it, even on that king-size bed. They all trooped off to the living room, where Larry and Patty quickly removed their clothes. Robin looked around at her dearest friends and her husband and thought how different this was from their last party. Their fives had changed a lot since then.

Last time they'd all been secretly unhappy with their sex lives, secretly lusting after other people. Now it was all out in the open. Robin thought it was a big improvement, and she was pretty sure the others agreed. But she wanted to make sure. This show would never get off the ground if there was even one holdout.

"All right, everybody," she said, "we better find out if we're all into this. Is there anybody who doesn't like the idea of swinging?"

There weren't any objections. Patty still looked a little shocked and dazed, but that figured, since she'd been the last one to find out the truth. And she was looking at Gary with increasing interest. Robin thought she knew how to put her friend totally at ease.

"Patty," she grinned, "would you like to get it on with my husband?"

Patty turned beet red and blurted, "Yeah! Oh, gosh, Robin, I hope you don't mind, but I'd love to make it with Gary!"

"Be my guest," Robin laughed.

Gary seemed to like the idea, too. He strolled over to the cute little redhead and pulled her into his arms. He guided her over to a chair, sat down, and drew her onto his lap. They started snuggling and kissing. Gary cupped her ripe tits and molded them, and she fumbled for his prick and started pumping it.

"Oh, wow!" she giggled. "I think this is crazy, you guys, but I love it!"

Robin made drinks for the others, and they sat around and watched Gary and Patty. It sure beat watching TV. Gary started sucking Patty's cute tits, drenching her engorged nipples with his hot spit, and she pumped his cock till it started spreading her fingers.

Patty shivered with excitement as she looked down at Gary's rigid drooling prick. It was pretty clear what she wanted but, as the newest member of the group, she was still too shy to ask for it. Her eyes glazed over with lust as Gary sucked her tits.

"Gary, honey," Robin said. "I think Patty wants more action."

"Oh, sorry," Gary chuckled. "I'm a lousy host. Here, Patty, let's try this."

He slid out from under her, and she sat in the chair alone. He lifted her legs and draped them over the arms of the chair. Patty blushed furiously as her cute wet slit was exposed to every eye in the room. She was both bashful and horny. As Gary dropped to his knees in front of her, she got even redder.

"Gary!" she gasped. "You're not gonna fuck me like this, are you? I mean, with everybody watching?"

"Hell, honey, that's half the fun," Jack chuckled.

"Yeah, we wanta watch, Patty!" Margot grinned.

Patty still wasn't sold on the idea of being the main attraction, but as Gary pushed the throbbing hot head of his cock against her dripping cunt mouth, sent shivered with need. He pushed in deeper, spearing her on his rigid prick, and her eyes rolled.

"Ohhhhh, you guys, you're a bunch of nuts!" she moaned. "I can't do this, I'm too bashful! I -- ohhhhhh!"

Her protests changed to a long hoarse moan of pleasure as Gary slid his whole cock into her hungry little pussy hole. She bared her teeth in a lusty grin and clawed the arms of their chair. Gary pushed clear to her womb, and she whimpered with lust.

"Oh, to hell with it!" she moaned. "Fuck me, Gary, fuck my brains out!"

That got laughs and applause from the others. They moved in closer to watch as Gary began fucking Patty in deep slow strokes. They watched his thick blue-veined cock gliding in and out of her cream-spurting cunt, and soon everybody was breathing hard. Robin realized that she was dripping cream all the way down her legs.

"God, I'm horny!" she moaned. "Who's gonna help me out?"

"Robin," Larry said with a wicked grin, "I've been wanting to help you out for years."

Robin's hungry eyes swept over his tall lean body and rested on his massive rock-hard cock.

"Larry," she cooed, "you're such a gentleman."

"Oh, no," he chuckled. "I'm no gentleman, and I'm going to prove it."

He pulled her down on the thick soft rug and lay half on top of her, kissing her lustily and sliding his tongue into her mouth. Robin wrapped her arms around him and arched her body to rub her swollen mound against his huge throbbing cock. She realized her hips were jerking in an urgent fucking motion.

"Go for it, you two!" Jack laughed.

Robin just couldn't wait. She spread her legs wide and bent her knees. Larry gave a snort of lust and settled down between her hot silky thighs. He gave a hard shove and skewered her on his wrist-thick cock. As he pushed deep into her, she wailed with excitement.

"Shit, yessss, fuck meeeee!" she cried.

Larry growled lustily as he cupped her writhing little ass and started pounding his prick into her. Like Robin, he was too excited to go slow. They fucked at each other like animals, and his cock made an obscene sucking noise as it reamed out her boiling cream.

"Fantastic," Jack said hoarsely. "Now there's some real action."

"You just gonna watch, or you want to have fun?" Margot asked dryly.

Jack turned to face the shapely brunette. Margot gave him a shameless leer and dropped to her knees in front of him. He gasped with pleasure as she held the base of his stiff cock and applied her hot juicy tongue to the sensitive head. She greedily lapped his oozing cream.

"Hey, all right!" he growled.

Larry glanced over at his wife. Maybe the sight of her going down on another guy should have made him angry and jealous, but all it did was made him fuck Robin harder. He pounded his nearly-bursting prick into her scorching wet twat, and she wailed with bliss.

"Ooooooh, shit, Larry, you're fucking me so good!" she cried.

"You're fucking me pretty good, too!" he groaned.

Now everybody was having fun, and with brand-new partners. Gary was pistoning his rigid cock in and out of Patty's squirting box as she sat in the chair. She was gurgling and squealing with pleasure, unable to control her thick hot creaming. Her shyness was long gone.

"Unnnnnnhhhhh, fuck it to me, you animal!" she leered. "Fuck my brains out."

"I'll give it my best shot," Gary leered back. Nearby Jack was bracing himself against the wall as Margot noisily licked his cock. She cleaned all the tasty juice from the big purple knob of flesh, then licked her lips to make them slippery. She plunged them down around his throbbing cock, encasing his meat in steaming juicy flesh.

"Awwwww, Christ, yeah, suck it!" Jack roared.

"Mmmmmm-uuuummmmmm!" Margot moaned.

Larry was fucking Robin with lightning speed, insanely horny after spying on the two couples. Robin loved it. She wrapped her legs around his waist and locked them there to take his jackhammering cock as deep as she could get it. She rubbed her swollen clit against his jerking shaft and felt herself rocketing towards climax.

"Oooooh, Larry, I'm gonna come!" she wailed.

"You and me both!" he groaned.

Just before she came, Robin thought how wonderful it was to have friends like this. They were all having a great time together, and nobody was angry or jealous. Swinging suited them perfectly. Maybe it wasn't right for everybody, but it was perfect for this bunch.

"Mmmmm, Larry, yessss, I'm comingggg!" she wailed. "Ohhhhh, God, uhhhhh!"

"Awwwww, fuck, awwwwww!" Larry bellowed.

The others paused briefly to watch Larry flood Robin's sucking cunt with blast after blast of boiling jism. The sight seemed to make them even more hotly aroused. Margot sucked harder and harder on Jack's swollen fuck tool, and Gary pistoned his steel-hard cock furiously into Patty's dripping cunt.

"Ooooooh, Gary, oooooh!" Patty squealed, starting to come.

"Take my load, baby, unnngggghhhhh!" Gary groaned.

"Awwwww, eat it, aaaaggghhhhh!" Jack yelled, pumping Margot's mouth full of thick sizzling come-cream.

Everybody was coming at once, the room echoing with their lusty yells and wails. Robin decided her party was definitely a success. When they'd all caught their breath again, she made fresh drinks for everybody. It was time for a break.

"Well, there's no turning back now, folks," Gary said as he sipped his drink. "We'll never be able to go back to plain old married life."

"Oh, too bad," Patty teased. She and Robin and Margot giggled.

"Yeah, but we have to be careful," Larry said. "If anybody else in the neighborhood finds out what we're doing, there could be trouble."

"Right," Jack said. "So it's just between the six of us. Let's promise each other right now that we'll never tell about it. This is our secret." He held up his glass for a toast, and the others joined him.

"Okay, enough of that serious stuff," Robin said. "Let's get back to our party. Anybody got suggestions?"

"Oh, gosh," Patty sighed, "this is so wild. I was just wishing there was some way we could all get it on together."

"Maybe there is," Robin grinned. "Just let me think about a moment."

"Oh-oh," Gary chuckled. "Genius at work." Robin grinned even more broadly as she headed for Larry. She pulled him down on the rug and pushed him onto his back. He grinned expectantly, wondering what crazy idea she'd come with. She lay on her side and nosed between his legs, her hot little tongue darting for his cock. Larry shivered with sudden pleasure.

"Hey, I can go for this!" he cried.

"And I think I see what Robin's got in mind," Jack chuckled.

He went to join them, lying on his back and shoving his face into Robin's steamy pussy. Jack had caught on, all right. Robin felt his big scorching tongue raking her slit, and she moaned with delight. She fed him hot bursts of tangy cunt juice, and he gobbled the stuff like it was candy.

"Mmmmmm, yeah!" she moaned. "Come on, the rest of you get in on this!"

Margot dived for the growing pile of naked bodies, helping to form a tight circle. She crawled between Jack's legs and started whipping his cock with her juicy hot tongue. Jack shuddered with excitement, and his prick sprang into action, mushrooming and drooling.

"Fantastic!" Gary cried. "Here I come!"

He extended the circle, crawling between Margot's hot thighs and sticking out his tongue to contact her creamy swollen pussy. She whimpered with pleasure as he licked her horny cunt. Gary lapped up her musky-tasting cunt juice as fast as he could get it.

Patty wandered over and stood beside them, hands on hips.

"You guys really are a bunch of perverts!" she sniffed.

But she was only kidding -- or else she was a pervert herself. She flopped to the floor and nosed between Gary's legs. Wriggling around, she brought her hot wet pussy up to Larry's face. The circle was completed as she tongue lashed Gary's cock and Larry wriggled his tongue between her swollen pussy lips.

"Hey, Robin, honey, terrific idea!" Gary panted.

"Yeah, Robin you really are a genius!" Margot laughed.

"Oh, thanks," Robin giggled.

She didn't make a longer speech because she was busy getting Larry off. She crammed his big throbbing dick into her mouth and started sucking it. She started a trend, too. Soon Margot and Patty were sucking on hot pulsating pricks, making the men groan lustily.

The men had tricks of their own. Gary started his own trend when he shoved his tongue right up Margot's sizzling little cunt. Larry and Jack followed suit, tongue-fucking their moaning partners. The whole circle of friends was linked by plowing tongues and sucking mouths.

Robin sucked faster and faster on Larry's nearly-bursting prick and felt herself rocketing towards orgasm as Jack pistoned his big thick tongue in her squeezing pussy hole. A moment later she started coming, and soon she was joined by the whole group. It was like she'd set off a chain reaction, one long powerful orgasm that shot around the circle.

"Mmmmm, uuuununn, unnnnhhhhh!" she moaned.

Everybody else was making muffled sounds of ecstasy as they all got each other off. Robin realized the scene would look scandalous to most people, but that didn't bother her. Other people's opinions didn't matter. What was happening was just right for her and her friends.

The way she looked at it, three marriages had been saved today.


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