Auntie's incest urge

There is something about being away from home that encourages people to try the unknown. The illicit, the forbidden, seem more attractive and less wicked, somehow. A faithfully married man will find himself with a strange woman at an out-of-town convention. A young boy will experiment with drugs for the first time when he goes away to college. And vacationers sometimes find that a change of scenery and atmosphere brings out feelings that they have submerged when at home in their everyday routine.

AUNTIE'S INCEST URGE is about a normally proper, middle-class woman who finds herself unable to repress her sexual desires any longer. Away from home, freed from her everyday chores, she succumbs to temptation and seduces her nephew. This is a story about a woman's struggle to free herself from her inhibitions and take the satisfaction she has been denied for so long.

AUNTIE'S INCEST URGE -- the story of a common problem in our society, and one woman's solution to it.


"I want that hot little pussy!"

Martha Dawson froze in her tracks. The voice belonged to Frank Burton, her brother-in-law, but she had no idea where it was coming from.

She was in the attic of the old house she and her sister had recently inherited. The musty attic was cluttered with cartons of junk and piles of old magazines and newspapers.

It occurred to her now that there must be grates connecting the attic with the bedrooms below it. She heard Frank's voice again and she followed it until she came to a grate almost totally covered by a large carton.

She shivered as she realized the grate would give her a view into the bedroom Frank and her sister Claire were using while they all stayed in the house.

She felt guilty about spying on them, but she also felt an intense curiosity.

The language which Frank had used was shocking. Martha had always been a little jealous of Claire. Claire was married. She had a man. Martha was single and although she was pretty, her shyness had kept her away from men and forced her into a life of loneliness.

She felt a compulsion now to peer into the life of Claire and Frank, to see them in the intimate setting of their bedroom. Frank was laughing and Martha became more eager than ever.

Carefully pushing the large carton away from the grate, she knelt down and peered into the room below. She saw Claire moving into Frank's arms. They were standing near the bed, fully dressed.

Frank's hands roamed over Claire's ass as she snuggled her head against his shoulder.

Martha trembled with excitement as she watched Frank massage the full globes of Claire's ass through the material of her skirt.

Although Martha was a brunette, her sister was a blonde. Claire was a few years older. She had a lush body with big tits and a curvy ass.

Frank was close to forty. He was a muscular man with dark hair and a lusty attitude toward life.

"I'm getting juicy!" Claire said.

Martha quivered as she listened. How exciting it was to spy on their intimacy!

"Just hold still and let Daddy do the work!" Frank grunted, as his fingers began unbuttoning Claire's blouse.

He slipped the blouse off and immediately unfastened her bra. Her firm creamy tits bounced free. The long pink nipples had wide aureoles.

As Martha gazed down at the couple, she quivered, realizing she was going to see more than she bargained for! She hadn't expected them to actually do anything, but it was obvious now that, they were preparing to fuck.

Frank lowered his head to kiss the white flesh of Claire's tits. He licked her nipples and sucked them briefly into his mouth. He pulled her skirt over her hips and she leaned on his shoulder as she stepped out of it. In a moment the skirt was tossed away to be draped over a chair.

Wearing only her panties now, Claire looked deliciously sexy. With a teasing laugh, she turned her back to Frank and slowly pulled her panties don to expose the creamy white globes of her ass cheeks. Peeling off her panties, she turned to face Frank again.

Martha gazed down at Claire's blonde cunt and realized she hadn't seen her sister naked in years.

Claire was unbuttoning Frank's shirt and helping him strip his clothes off. Soon the blonde was pulling her husband's shorts down to reveal his long thick cock.

Martha bit her lip as she stared down at Frank's naked body. Claire had his throbbing cock resting on her palm. She caressed his hairy balls with her free hand.

Martha trembled at the sight of her brother-in-law's prick, at his muscular hairy thighs and belly. The white cock thrusting out of his crotch seemed huge.

Martha gasped softly now as Claire opened her mouth and engulfed Frank's cock-head. She sucked on his juicy cock with abandon, her eyes closed, her lips stretched into a ring, her hand holding Frank's balls. She slowly bobbed her head up and down, sliding her mouth back and forth over the thick shaft of his cock.

The lewdness of the act made Martha shiver with lust. She had sometimes wondered what Frank and Claire did in bed and now she was finding out! People were so different when they were alone in a bedroom!

Claire was the mother of two teenage children, but at the moment she was behaving like a wanton hussy.

Martha had always thought that sucking a man's cock was the most perverted thing in the world. Watching her sister do it filled her with a combination of repulsion and lust.

"Christ!" Frank hissed. "What a mouth!" Claire pulled her lips off his cock and giggled. She looked up at him.

"You like it, huh?"

She fisted the saliva-coated shaft of his cock and pumped it few times. Then she got to her feet and they kissed. Frank's hand groped down her body and between her legs.

Martha could see his fingers working in Claire's cunt lips. Claire began to moan and pump her pussy back and forth against her husband's hand.

"Oh, God! I'm hot!" Claire groaned. "Put your finger inside!"

Frank chuckled. "Get on the bed!"

"You don't think there's any chance of the kids barging in, do you?" Claire asked.

"They're not even in the house," Frank said. "Anyway I thought we had an agreement about that."

"I guess you're right," Claire said as she climbed onto the bed.

The blonde remained on her knees with her ass facing Frank. He lowered his head now and kissed her bare ass cheeks. Then he splayed his hands over the big globes and nuzzled his face in the crack between them.

Claire purred her approval. She groaned when his hands slipped between her thighs to massage her pussy. A mewl of delight escaped her throat when he slipped a finger deep inside her cunt hole.

"Oh, yes! That feels good!" she said. "I need something in there!"

When he pulled his finger put, she rolled over onto her back.

"Fuck me, honey!" she said.

Spreading her legs, she pulled her knees back against her chest to raise up her crotch. Martha gazed down at her sister's hairy cunt. The pink meat of Claire's pussy glistened with juice.

Martha shivered as Frank leaned over to run his tongue up and down the oozing slit of his wife's cunt Claire groaned. "Eat me. Eat my pussy!"

Martha trembled as she watched the perverted act. She shuddered at the idea that a man would want to put his mouth on a woman's cunt, but she knew that people did such things.

How naive she was! She'd been engaged at eighteen and had given her virginity to her fiancee. Not long after taking her cherry, he had jilted her and married someone else.

The shock of what happened had never left her. She had kept men at a distance, satisfying herself with masturbation whenever she felt the need. She knew there were all sorts of things men and women did together, and in her fantasia she sometimes thought about them. But thinking about things was one thing and seeing them was something else.

Watching Frank in the act of licking her sister's pussy made her shudder with lust. Frank was on his knees now, shuffling forward with his cock pointed at Claire's cunt.

"Put it in!" Claire hissed. "Fuck me!"

Fisting his cock shaft, Frank rubbed his cock head around in the meat of Claire's cunt until he found her hole.

"Oh, God! That feels good!" Claire moaned.

A moment later his long thick cock sank to the hilt in her fuck hole.

"Oh, Jesus!" Claire cried out.

He began fucking her, his hands pushing her knees back to her tits, his hips swinging, his crotch pumping as he pistoned his cock in and out of her juicy cunt.

Martha groaned as she gazed down at the couple on the bed. Claire's tits and ass jiggled under the impact of her husband's thrusting prick. The steady hard strokes made the blonde's body quiver.

She moaned and rolled her head from side to side on the pillow. Her thighs rocked to the rhythm of Frank's fucking. She writhed as he reamed out her steaming cunt hole.

"Oh, God! I'm coming!" Claire groaned. "Fuck me hard!"

Martha shivered as she imagined how Claire's cunt must be contracting around her husband's throbbing cock. She feasted her eyes on the pumping motions of Frank's muscular hairy ass.

It was hard to believe she was actually watching her sister and brother-in-law fucking. They were like two lusty animals, romping on the bed. She could see Claire's oozing cunt hole clasping, the rigid pumping prick of her husband.

The tempo of Frank's movements increased flow and Martha could tell that he was nearing his orgasm. The forceful pumping of his cock soon caused Claire to come again. She shuddered and groaned.

"I'm coming!" she cried. "Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

Frank pounded her juice-drenched cunt. A moment later he stiffened and groaned. Martha quivered as she imagined the hot jets of jism traveling up the length of his cock. She watched the clenching of his ass as he spurted his load inside Claire's pussy.

Soon the couple on the bed was resting in each other's arms. Frank's juice-coated cock slid out of Claire's oozing cunt. He rolled over onto his back, his long wet cock draped limply over his thighs.

Claire rose up on her knees, kissed his lips and then moved her mouth down over his belly and to his crotch. Martha watched in amazement as her sister sucked her husband's wet cock into her mouth.

She licked and slurped over Frank's limp cock and then looked up at him, smacking her lips.

"I love the taste!" she said, with a giggle. "Yummy!" Then she added, "I wish Martha had a man. I feel so sorry for her. She's always alone."

Frank chuckled. "That sister of yours must pass a hell of a lot of time playing with her pussy!"

Above them, on the other side of the grate, Martha blushed.

Claire continued sucking and fingering Frank's cock and it wasn't long before it started getting hard again. Martha's pussy was sopping wet as site watched her sister suck on Frank's cock.

Claire finally pulled her face away and looked up at him. "Want more?"

"Dog-style!" Frank grinned. "Get on your knees!"

Her eyes wide with amazement, her cunt trembling with lust, Martha watched as Claire knelt on the edge of the bed with her head down and her ass up in the air.

Frank left the bed to stand behind her. Claire wiggled her ass and peered at him over her shoulder.

"Come and get it!" she crooned.

He moved forward until his hairy belly was rubbing against the globes of her ass. He slipped his hand down to finger the lips of her cunt. Fisting his cock, he rubbed his cock head up and down between her hairy pussy lips.

Claire groaned as he positioned his cock head in the socket of her cunt hole.

"Oh, God! That's good!" she said.

A moment later his hips lurched forward and he sank his cock all the way inside her steaming cunt. He began pumping, his ass bucking back and forth as he drove his cock in and out of her juice-drenched pussy.

Martha feasted her eyes on the scene below. She thrilled at the sight of Claire kneeling over like that, at Frank mounting her from behind. The animal-like position made her shake with excitement.

Soon Frank was rasping, "Hold on, baby! I'm going to blow!"

A moment later he began bucking his ass in frenzy as he shot his load into Claire's cunt. Once more Martha imagined the thick jism spurting out of her brother-in-law's cock to splatter inside Claire's grasping pussy.

The grunting and moaning of the couple on the bed finally subsided. Frank pulled his jism-coated cock out of Claire's cunt. Claire wiped her pussy with the sheet and lay back. A moment later husband and wife were stretched out beside each other, exhausted and sleeping.


Martha was riddled with guilt as she quietly slipped out of the attic and returned to her room. Her heart pounded at the memory of Claire and Frank fucking.

Had she really seen it? It seemed difficult to believe that she'd actually witnessed her sister and brother-in-law screwing in their bedroom.

She felt cheated. She was aware more than ever now of all the years she'd shied away from men, all the years she'd avoided sex. She was jealous of Claire's intense pleasure in the act of fucking.

Martha had always thought it was wrong for a woman to let herself go like that. Now that she'd watched her sister writhing and grunting like an animal in response to the pumping of her husband's cock, she realized that all these years she'd been wrong!

She was missing out on life and she had to do something about it before the years slipped completely away, leaving her a dried-up old woman without any memories.

God, how uninhibited Claire was! The memory of Claire kneeling on the bed while Frank fucked her from behind made Martha's knees tremble.

She was ashamed of her shyness now. She'd been shy as a girl with boys and shy as a woman with men. How stupid it was!

Her cunt was soaked. Whenever her legs drew together, she could feel the wetness between her thighs.

She stood in front of a full-length mirror and watched her image as she peeled her clothes off. Stepping out of her jeans, she turned to inspect the swell of her ass cheeks inside her nylon panties. She put her hands on her ass and squeezed her firm flesh. She ran a fingertip into the deep crack between her full ass cheeks.

Her thighs were smooth and firm, her legs slender and shapely. She had always liked her body. Her admiration of her beauty had made the years of loneliness bearable.

Her fingers fluttered over her nylon-covered cunt. She could see the dark stain made by her cunt juice soaking into her panties.

Trembling now, she peeled off her blouse and bra. She hefted her tits in her hands, lifting them up, offering them to the image in the mirror. Pulling and tugging at her long thick nipples, she could see the contours of her puffy cunt lips through the thin material of her panties.

Holding up her tits, she gazed at the slit of her cunt, at the dark shadow of her bush. So many years had passed since she'd had a cock in there; she was as good as a virgin.

She remembered the way Claire had pumped her pussy up and down on Frank's cock. She tried to imagine what it would be like to have a cock stretching her cunt lips now. Thinking about it made her shiver.

She bucked her crotch back and forth, pumping her pussy at her image in the mirror. How wanton she looked holding her tits up like that and pumping her wet crotch back and forth! She looked like a sinful slut!

Once she began admiring and playing with her body like this, she knew she would have to finish it. Watching her sister fucking had started her juices flowing and she needed a good come to settle her down.

She still felt guilty, first at the nasty act of spying on her sister and brother-in-law and now at her decision to play with herself and give herself an orgasm.

Squeezing her tits, she pressed her thighs together. She pumped her cunt back and forth in a wanton dance before the mirror. Cupping one hand over her pussy, she slid the other hand behind her back to fondle her ass cheeks.

Spreading her thighs, she bent her knees to open her crotch, to open her meaty cunt lips. She pulled the material of her panties tight so that the crotch caught between her thick cunt lips.

One hand in back and one in front, she sawed the material back and forth, massaging the meat of her cunt with the nylon. Her clit quivered in response to the rasping friction.

A ragged moan escaped her lips. Now her fingers slipped under the material of her panties to probe the slit between her cunt lips. She churned the thick juice oozing out of her steaming cunt hole.

Tossing her head back she twisted her hips and cupped her ass cheeks with her hand. A moment later she exploded in an orgasm, her crotch pumping as she came, a cry of pleasure gurgling out of her throat.

She groaned through the last spasms. After the final shudder, she moaned when she realized it wasn't enough. She needed more! She needed a man!

Claire was right! She was someone to be pitied! No more, she thought. She would dress and go out. There must be somewhere she could meet a man! There must be some place she could find a man who'd be willing to fuck her!

She cleaned up and dressed carefully. Her knees shaky with uncertainty, she slipped quietly out of the house and into her car.

Martha drove out to a place called the Blue Horse Lounge. She'd noticed the gaudy neon sign at one time, and it was as any to try to pick someone up.

She had no trouble at all. She was sitting at the bar no more than ten minutes when a voice beside her asked? "Can I buy you a drink?"

He was lean and young, and she liked his looks. His name was Roy. He was very easy to talk to and it wasn't long before she felt relaxed enough to laugh easily at his wise-cracking jokes.

When he suggested they go to his place because there'd be less noise there, she readily agreed. The noise didn't matter, of course. They both knew that by accepting his invitation, she was agreeing to let him fuck her.

She'd never in her life done such a thing with someone picked up in a bar. In fact, not with anyone except that fellow she'd been engaged to. She was amazed now at bow easy it was.

Roy lived in a seedy little apartment with pin-ups on the walls and dirty curtains on the windows. She didn't care. Once they were in side and the door was locked, she eagerly came into his arms.

He forced his lips against hers. She remained motionless as he unzipped her dress and unhooked her bra. Before she realized it, she was naked.

She stood there blushing, her heart pounding as he stepped back to rake his eyes over her body. The hungry look in his eyes turned her on.

"Christ, you're built!" he hissed. "Gorgeous tits!"

Too much to drink had made her unsteady on her feet. She didn't resist when he forced her down on the bed. The touch, of his hands on her body made her shiver.

He snickered at her helpless condition, but she didn't mind. She felt powerless -- unable to resist doing anything he wanted her to do.

When he took her wrists in his big hands and tied them to the corners of the bed, she meekly allowed it. A moment later her slender ankles were secured.

She was tied up and defenseless, naked on a strange man's bed, shuddering as she waited for him to make the next move. Looking down at her, he grinned and began stripping off his clothes.

It suddenly occurred to her that he might be dangerous.

"You'd better untie me," she said. "I don't think I like this."

"Who the fuck cares what you like!" he said, leering. "You just lie back and take it, baby. Right now you belong to me!"

Since she could hardly move, there was nothing much she could do about it. He looked down at her widespread legs, his hot eyes feasting on her exposed cunt.

The lust in his face made her quiver with anticipation. Her tits felt swollen and tingling. She was conscious of the wetness in her cunt, of the juice coating the lips of her pussy.

Now he closed his fist around his throbbing cock and pumped his meat as he gazed down at her helpless body. She felt as though she were in a dream. It was hard to believe that she was actually there lying on a bed and tied up.

She had gone out looking for sex and she had certainly found it! She was fearful now. The alcoholic daze had worn off and she was conscious of how much power he had over her.

It was difficult for her to take her eyes off his cock. She stared at his dripping cock head with a mixture of fear and lust. There was a hungry look in his eyes. She'd never felt so helpless before.

Leaning over, he ran his hand along her leg and up her quivering thigh.

"I'm going to fuck your brains out!" he said.

She moaned softly. She trembled under his touch as his fingers fluttered over her belly and then over her ribcage. He cupped his hand over one tit and pinched her nipple.

"Please let me go!" she groaned.

"Not on your life," he laughed.

No matter how uncertain she was in her mind, her body responded to his caresses. He lowered his head now and sucked her nipple into his mouth, licking the turgid bud, pulling on it with his teeth.

She rolled her head back and forth on the pillow, moaning at the delicious feel of his lips and tongue on her nipple. Her breath came in rapid little gasps. Her belly heaved, her ass squirmed on the mattress.

He finally pulled his mouth away from her tits and moved on his knees between her wide spread legs. Leaning forward, he used his fingers to pry open the lips of her cunt. How exposed she was!

"Please!" she begged. "You're not going to hurt me, are you?"

He ignored her. Her heart pounded as he leaned forward and began kissing the insides of her thighs and then over her crotch. The first touch of his lips on her cunt lips made her shudder.

He was lapping her cunt! He was doing the same thing to her that Frank had done to Claire! Shed never imagined herself submitting to such a perverted act!

She quivered as she realized how much she was enjoying it. Perverted or not, it was delicious! Electric shocks ran through her body every time his tongue touched a sensitive spot.

His nose and mouth and chin were buried deeply into her cunt now. She could feel his tongue working inside her cunt hole. She could feel his nose massaging her clit.

She arched her hips, pushing her cunt up at his face as much as she could. She was bashful about the juices oozing out of her cunt.

He didn't seem to care. He sucked and slurped over her steaming pussy until she thought she'd die with the pleasure of it. His fingers kept her cunt lips peeled open to give him better access to the meat of her pussy.

The tickling of his tongue against her clit was sheer ecstasy!

"Oh, God!" she moaned. "Oh, yes!"

Looking down over her belly, she watched his head moving up and down as his lips and tongue continued massaging her cunt. The sensations racing through her body were unbelievably exquisite. They were completely new. No one had ever done this to her before.

She groaned as he pulled her turgid clit between his teeth.

"Oh, God! I can't stand it!" she cried.

He finally withdrew his face from her crotch. "You like it?"

"Yes!" she said. "Oh, yes!"

He chuckled and dropped his head down again, licking her clit. He pressed his tongue between her cunt lips, scooping up her cunt juice. Her body writhed on the bed.

"Eat me!" she moaned. "Eat me!"

Her cunt was sopping wet now, a gaping hot hole hungry for attention. At last he pulled himself to his knees.

"Are you ready to fuck now?" he said.

"Yes!" she groaned. "Fuck me!"

Shifting forward, he guided his cock until his cock head was pushing into the mouth of her cunt. She closed her eyes and swooned. After so many years, her pussy was once again feeling a cock!

She was overwhelmed with exquisite pleasure as his cock head stretched her cunt hole. With a grunt, he lurched forward and sank his cock to the hilt inside her cunt.

"Oh, yes!" she mewled. "Fuck me! Give it to me!"

She could feel the hard meat of his prick stretching her cunt. She could feel his balls slapping wetly against her ass. She began moving her hips, pumping against his cock.

"More!" she cried. "Give me more!"

"You've got it all!" he grunted. "What the fuck do you want?"

Arching her body, she jerked her hips up and down trying to fuck him. He began pumping his ass, as he pistoned his cock in and out of her cunt. It wasn't long before he grunted as he began shooting his load.

She was disappointed. It was too soon for her. She heaved her body up and down trying to extract the last bit of friction from the fucking.

At the final instant she was suddenly in the grip of her climax.

Her cunt spasmed, contracting on his cock as he continued pumping. He spurted hot jism into the depths of her fuck hole. Her ass heaved off the bed as she attempted to swallow his cock with her cunt. They finally collapsed on the bed exhausted.


The next day Martha found it hard to believe that she had actually gone to a place called the Blue Horse Lounge and picked up a man. Had it really happened? Had a guy named Roy really tied her down on a bed? It seemed like a dream!

She wandered around the rambling house, thinking about the events of the evening before. The house seemed unnaturally quiet. Then she realized everyone must have gone into town.

Everyone was out except Ricky. When she passed his room, she noticed his door was open. Glancing inside, she saw her nephew lying on his bed covered with a sheet.

He was awake. He looked at her and smiled. "It's ten o'clock," Martha said. "Don't you think you ought to get out of bed?"

He stretched and yawned and mumbled something about being lazy. Martha blushed when she noticed the tenting of the sheet over the area of his crotch. The boy had a hard-on!

She knew she ought to leave, but the knowledge of his hard prick throbbing there under the sheet so close to her held her like a magnet.

She chatted with him for a full five minutes. Suddenly she realized that he was aware she had noticed his hard-on.

She imagined him without clothes. Her mind rebelled at the idea. Thinking about Ricky that way was incestuous! She couldn't help thinking about his cock, however, and the more she thought about it, the more excited she became. She soon realized there was no way to avoid giving in to her impulses.

I'm a sinful slut! She thought. I'll pay for this in hell!

Sitting down on the edge of the bed, she glanced once again at the outline of his erect cock under the sheet and then at his face.

"Is that what I think it is?" she said. He blushed. "I can't help it, Aunt Martha!" She was surprised to notice that his eyes weren't that innocent, but teenagers weren't innocent these days.

"Is it me?" she asked. "Am I responsible for that?"

He mumbled an answer as she trailed her fingers down over his chest. After tickling his belly a moment, she put her hand directly on the outline of his cock. Fisting his cock shaft, she squeezed him once and let him go.

I can't help it! She thought. Ten years of loneliness had taken its toll. She had reached a point in her life where she could no longer resist her impulses.

She knew that what she was about to do was a terrible sin, but it no longer mattered to her. The only thing that mattered was the twitching cry of her hungry cunt.

Rising to her feet, she began undressing. "Promise me you'll keep this a secret," she said.

His face was flushed, but the lust in his eyes was unmistakable.

"I promise," he said.

She undressed slowly, teasing him by revealing her body in stages. When her bra came off, she saw the appreciation in his eyes as he ogled her tits. She wondered how much experience he had.

As she slipped her panties off, she leaned forward so that her full tits dangled with their weight.

"Not a word of this to anyone!" she hissed. "I won't say anything," he croaked. "Don't worry!"

"You're not a virgin, are you?"

"No," he said.

She didn't know whether to be thankful about that. At least she wouldn't be totally responsible for corrupting him. On the other hand, how sweet it would be to initiate a boy his age!

She shivered as he gazed at her naked body. Climbing onto the bed, she slipped under the sheet beside him. She put her hand on his belly and ran her fingertips over his flesh.

A moment later they turned to face each other and he was in her arms. She wondered if this was some strange dream. Was she actually there in the bed with her nephew? Did she actually have a teenage boy in her arms? A boy with a hard cock pressing against her belly?

She fluttered her fingertips down to his crotch. Tickling his cock hair, she finally touched his prick. His cock was as rigid as a bar of iron. She ran her fingers lightly along his cock shaft and touched the velvety skin of his cock head.

"Kiss me!" she breathed.

She moaned under his lips. Being under a sheet like this with him was terribly erotic for her. She had never really slept with a man, not under a sheet like this. There was lazy, tender warmth about it that overwhelmed her.

She squeezed his cock in her fingers. She could smell herself now. The scent of her wet pussy wafted up to her nostrils. Her pussy was flooded. She could feel the thick cunt juice oozing out of her cunt hole to wet her crotch.

She began stroking his prick, moving her fingers from his balls up to his cock head and back to his balls again.

"Jesus!" he groaned.

"Do you like that?" she cooed. "Do you like the way I touch your cock?"

"Christ, yes!" he said.

She realized now that the difference in their ages meant that she was in control of things. She would be able to enjoy herself and at the same time not be fearful.

Moving down on the bed under the sheet, she began kissing his body. She ran her lips over his chest and then over his heaving belly.

His cock throbbed in her hand.

She ran her fingertips over his velvety cock head. She pinched the tip of his cock head to get some juice out of his piss hole and then she smeared it around over his knob.

She cradled his cock in her hand. His long thick cock shaft throbbed on her palm.

Moving her face closer now, she swabbed her tongue over his pulsating cock head.

"Oh, Jesus!" he groaned.

She thrilled at the pleasure she was giving him. She licked him again, running her tongue around over the rim of his knob and down his cock shaft to his balls. Smelling and tasting his flesh, she nibbled at the soft skin of his prick.

She drooled bathing him in her spit. She rubbed her lips up and down his cock shaft, massaging his throbbing prick. Holding his cock shaft lightly in her fingers, she gently pumped him, jerking him with a slow rhythm.

She loved the way her saliva made his flesh so soft and slippery. Her heart pounded as she fondled and caressed the boy's rampant cock.

Moving her mouth up to his cock head again, she wrapped her lips over his knob and sucked. She was embarrassed at first at the slurping noises she made. Then she realized it didn't matter.

She let the hot saliva spill out of her mouth to wash over his cock and balls. She teased and massaged the sensitive skin behind his cock head.

"Oh, Jesus fucking Christ!" he moaned.

Gobbling him now, she took his cock deep in her mouth, the ring of her lips moving down his cock shaft. His cock head scraped against the roof of her mouth and then jabbed at the back of her throat. The spongy knob felt huge. Her mouth was stuffed with his cock.

His ass worked against the bed as he squirmed under her face. She bobbed her head up and down, gluttonously sucking on his meat. Her lips slipped back and forth like a glove over his spit-soaked slippery cock.

She thrilled each time his cock head jabbed at her tonsils. His breathing was ragged now. She wondered if any of his girlfriends had ever sucked him off like this.

She was making up for all the years she'd been deprived of cock. I'm a cock sucker! She thought. I'm giving a boy head! I'm sucking off my nephew!

God, he was big now! His cock seemed huge in her mouth. She used her fingers to pump him gently to keep him as hard as iron while she sucked ravenously on the spongy meat of his cock head.

His crotch was soaked with her saliva. She loved the slippery feel of her warm spit. Her cunt throbbed and tingled with anticipation. Soon she would have his cock inside her. She would have his throbbing prick reaming out her tender pussy.

Finally removing her lips from his cock, she looked up at him.

"Do you like the way I suck you?" she asked.

"Jesus, yes!" he hissed.

"Do you want some more?"

"Christ, yes!"

Laughing softly, she lowered her face again. She raised up his balls and began licking them. She ran her tongue over his ball-sac and then gently sucked one of his nuts into her mouth.

He writhed under her face. Popping out one nut, she sucked in the other. She wet his balls thoroughly with spit, chewing gently on the wrinkled skin of his ball-bag.

Now she lapped his cock shaft again, running the point of her tongue up and down his blue-veined pink prick. Her lips closed over his spongy cock head and she sucked vigorously at the tip of his cock.

He wiggled and squirmed, his hips thrusting as he attempted to fuck her face with his cock. She was taking her own pleasure now. She loved the feel of his warm cock stuffing her mouth. Bobbing her head up and down, she sucked on him hungrily.

When she finally pulled her mouth off his prick, she rolled over onto her back and cried out, "Fuck me! Fuck me now!"

The boy rose up on his knees. He gazed down at her naked body, his hot eyes raking over her tits and cunt. She spread her legs open, showing him her pussy, exposing the pink wet meat of her steaming gash.

"Put your hands on me!" she hissed. "Touch my cunt!"

She moaned when he cupped his hand over her crotch, his fingers probing between her meaty cunt lips.

"Inside!" she hissed. "Put your fingers inside!"

His fingertips found her cunt hole. He slid two fingers into the hot channel of her cunt.

"I've wanted to fuck you for a long time," he said quietly.

She looked at him and smiled.

"Well, you have your chance now," she said.

She opened her legs wide as he moved on top of her. She quivered when she felt his body between her legs. She wanted his hard cock pounding her pussy.

Sliding a hand down to his crotch, she found his cock and closed her fist around his cock shaft. How stiff he was! She loved the feel of it. She rubbed his cock head between her cunt lips and with a soft moan positioned it in the socket of her cunt hole.

"Get it in my pussy!" she cried.

She could feel his hard prick stretching her soft pussy. She could feel his bloated cock head reaming out her cunt as he pushed forward. The hot cunt juice brimming in her cunt hole made his entrance easy. The lips of her cunt gripped his cock as he slid his meat forward into her fuck hole.

"All of it!" she hissed. "Give me all of it! Put it all in!"

He squirmed his ass as he drove his cock forward.

"Oh, Christ, that feels good!" she moaned. The moan changed to a whimper when he pulled his cock part way out and rammed it in again. The feel of his cock stretching the walls of her pussy was exquisite.

He began pistoning his cock now, fucking her, sliding his meat in and out of her wet pussy. With each stroke, his cock raked against her clit. She trembled and quivered at his thrusts. Her heart pounded as she racked her thighs to urge him on.

Wriggling her ass, she fucked her juicy cunt back at his cock. Young as he was, he was giving her a good fucking.

"That's good!" she groaned. "Keep fucking me! That's good! Hold me tight!"

His cock head pistoned in and out of her cunt hole like a battering ram. The exquisite stretching of her pussy drove her wild. She rolled her hips, rocking her thighs and squirming her ass, trying to fuck back at him.

She imagined she could feel each inch of his cock shaft as it moved in and out of her tender pussy. How divine it was!

Her eyes closed, her mouth slack, she shuddered. She pulled his face down to kiss him hungrily. When he pushed his tongue between her lips, she gripped it and sucked it to the same rhythm as the fucking.

Her ass gyrated on the mattress as she strove to get his cock deeper and deeper into her fuck hole.

"Fuck me!" she groaned. "Fuck me hard! Give me all of it!"

The boy's ass pumped up and down as he pistoned his cock in and out of her cunt. Each time she rocked her thighs back, her pussy squeezed his cock shaft. At intervals she widened her legs, and then clamped them tightly around his back.

She ran her hands over his humping ass. She wriggled under him, her hand pulling at his ass as she urged him to fuck her harder.

She was ravenous. Her cunt had become a wild hungry thing, an insatiable hole that demanded to be filled. Even the feel of his stiff cock roaming in and out of her pussy wasn't enough. She wanted more, but she had no idea what.

He was hurrying to finish now. She could feel it in his body. She continued bucking her ass, fucking her cunt back at his cock. She gripped him with her cunt muscles, striving to get the utmost pleasure out of the pistoning slab of meat reaming out her pussy.

Waves of hot pleasure washed up from her crotch to inundate her body. She could feel the rhythmic throbbing in her cunt. The rubbing of her clit by his cock shaft brought moan after moan gurgling out of her throat.

It's incest! She thought. But how wonderful it was! No matter what the risk, she was glad now she had yielded to her impulse to fuck him.

Her hands clutched his ass as he pumped his prick in and out of her steaming pussy.

"Oh, God, yes!" she groaned. "Oh, God, it's good!"

She wrapped her long legs around his back.

She shuddered at each wave of pleasure caused by the stroking of his cock. His pumping prick was turning her into jelly, driving her forward to an orgasm.

She slipped a hand between their bodies now. She got her fingers on his cock. She wanted to feel him moving in and out. She probed the slippery junction between cock and cunt, her fingers following the pistoning movement of his prick.

"Oh, Jesus!" he groaned.

He was about to shoot his load, she could tell. She raised her ass up.

"Give it to me!" she hissed. "Shoot it!"

He plunged his cock in and out of her cunt in a wild frenzy. Then he suddenly stiffened and cried out as his balls erupted. She could feel his hot jism spurting out of his cock to splatter the channel of her cunt. The wild pumping of his prick buzzed her clit until she shivered and shuddered. Digging her heels into the mattress, she called out to him.

"Give it to me!" she cried. "Fuck me hard!"

He rammed her again and again. He seemed to keep coming without an end. She could feel his slippery cock lubricating her cunt, splattering out of it to wet her crotch and thighs.

Her cunt was convulsing rhythmically now, answering the spurting of his cock with spasms of its own. Her cunt muscles squeezed on his cock shaft to drain the jism out of his balls.

"Oh, sweet Jesus in heaven!" she babbled. She dug her fingers deeper into his us. One finger landed on his shit hole. When she realized where her finger was, she moaned and drilled it in. The boy grunted and grabbed her ass.

He continued fucking, his cock head stabbing the channel of her cunt again and again until she thought she'd go mad. Each contraction of the muscles of her cunt brought a groan out of her throat.

Reaching a hand down, she cradled his balls and squeezed them gently, as if to urge the last drops of his jism into her pussy. She wailed with pleasure at the hot feeling washing over her body, washing up from her steaming crotch.

I'm going out of my mind! She thought. It can't last!

She drilled the finger in his ass more deeply into his shitter. Each movement of her finger brought a croaking sound out of his throat and a frenzied bucking of his ass.

As he pumped his cock in and out of her juice-drenched cunt, bucking and twisting as he drained his balls, he sent the last of his jism splashing into her pussy.

He sank down on her, his chest mashing her heavy tits. His eyes were glazed and he was gasping for breath.

"Oh, God, that was lovely," she whispered. The boy groaned. He rolled over, his drooping cock slipping out of her wet cunt.


Martha found the sudden change in her life overwhelming. First she had submitted to the kinky demands of Roy, and now she was involved with her nephew.

Her sexual hunger seemed more intense than ever. Her lust for Ricky occupied all her thoughts. During the days that followed that first session, they exchanged hot glances each time they met.

A week passed. Ricky and Martha were constantly in each other's company, but there seemed no opportunity to do anything. Then one afternoon as she was walking down the upstairs hall to the bathroom, Ricky suddenly appeared beside her.

Before she could protest, she found herself in the bathroom with him and the door locked behind them.

"This is crazy!" she hissed. "Everyone is home! They'll find out!"

He grinned and ignored her protests. There was no question about her desire for him. A week had passed since their first fuck and she was hungry for it again.

When he kissed her, she melted against him. His tongue probed between her lips. His strong arms encircled her and pulled her body against his.

She sucked on his thick wet tongue. She could feel the hard bulge of his cock through the material of his pants.

"We can't do this!" she gasped. "It's too dangerous!"

"They're all busy!" he said. "As long as the door is locked, nobody can come in here!"

She groaned as he ran his hands over her body. He squeezed her ass, clutching her ass cheeks with his fingers, pulling her crotch against his cock.

"Oh, Ricky!" she panted.

She remained motionless as he unbuttoned her blouse. He bared her shoulders and then stripped her blouse completely off. Unhooking her bra, he peeled it away to expose her tits.

His eyes were wild with lust as he gazed at her heaving tits. His hands cupped the heavy melons, lifting them, kneading them, pinching her nipples into turgid stalks.

"Christ, I love your tits!" he hissed.

Rubbing his palms over her large nipples, he toyed with her tits until she groaned.

"Oh, God, that's lovely, Ricky!"

She trembled, her knees shaking as he worked her flesh. A moan escaped her lips as he lowered his head to kiss her tits. She quivered at the sweet sensation as he ran his lips and tongue over her throbbing nipples.

His gluttonous mouth seemed to be everywhere, kissing and sucking at her tits, pulling at her nipples, leaving a wet trail of saliva on her sensitive skin.

He held up a tit in each hand as he lashed her nipples with his tongue. She had to hold herself back from crying out. She was afraid someone would hear the noise. She quivered and panted as the boy continued sucking on her tits.

Holding her tits with her hands now, she pushed them up into his face.

"Suck my nipples hard!" she moaned.

Once again he took her nipples one after the other into his mouth. This time he gently chewed on them, tugging them out with his teeth. Then he finally pulled his face away and knelt down on the floor.

He unzipped her skirt. She shivered with pleasure as he undressed her. She moaned when he finally pulled her panties down to her thighs. She ran her fingers through his hair as he nuzzled into her cunt. She squirmed as his hands massaged the bare globes of her ass.

He unbuckled his belt now. He dropped his pants and shorts down to his ankles. Her eyes gleamed when his hard cock sprang free. She closed her hand around his throbbing cock shaft and gently stroked his hot meat back and forth.

Moving forward, he pressed his cock against her belly.

"Let me fuck you!" he said.

"Oh, God, yes!" she hissed.

Her ass squirmed against the wall as he pushed forward. She opened her thighs, squatting a bit in order to get his cock lodged between her legs. His hot prick pushed against the quivering lips of her cunt. She groaned with pleasure as his rigid cock shaft rubbed against the soft meat of her pussy.

"Oh. God, that feels good!" she whimpered.

He pinned her against the wall. She was amazed at how adept he was as a lover. He was just a boy, but he seemed to know exactly what to do to turn her on.

He fondled her tits, pulling her nipples out and rolling them between his fingers.

His thick cock slid back and forth in the wet groove between her meaty cunt lips. His throbbing cock shaft rasped against her pulsing clit. At last his cock found her cunt hole, and he lunged up, driving his prick deep into her hungry pussy.

"Oh, God!" she moaned.

Her wet tingling cunt was suddenly stuffed to capacity with his rampant cock. She trembled at the sweet stretching of her cunt. Waves of pleasure washed over her body.

She bucked her ass, fucking her cunt back at his cock. She could feel every inch of him as he slowly pumped his hard prick in and out of her juice-drenched pussy.

The bathroom wall felt deliciously cool against her naked ass cheeks. She squirmed against the wall as his pulsating cock rammed in and out of her hairy hole.

Whimpers of joy came out of her throat at the lovely feeling of his cock.

"Oh, honey!" she gasped. "Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

Her ass slammed against the wall now as she fucked back at him. The tempo of his strokes increased. She grunted at the delicious feel of his cock head jabbing at her fuck hole. He was giving her a ramming fuck!

Young as he was, he fucked like a lusty animal. How delicious it was! Grinding her hips, squirming her ass, bucking her crotch she matched him stroke for stroke.

"Oh, Jesus, Aunt Martha, you're really something!" he groaned.

He was holding her tits again. His fingers pinched her long nipples. His ass pumped as he repeatedly dug his cock into her cunt. Holding onto his shoulders, she humped her crotch at him.

"Give it to me, Ricky!" she panted. "Come on, honey! Fuck me!"

Her cunt was sopping wet now. His cock shot in and out of her juicy hole with a sucking noise. She bit her lip as she felt the beginnings of her orgasm.

His hands squeezing her tits, he rammed his cock in and out of her cunt again and again. Each stroke slammed her twitching ass back against the wall.

"Don't stop?" she hissed. "Don't stop fucking me!"

She didn't care any more about the noise they were making. She was too caught up in the throes of her climax.

He gripped her thighs now and lifted her, raising her legs, driving his cock ever more deeply into her cunt.

"Oh, Jesus, I'm coming!" he groaned.

She convulsed the very instant he started shooting his load. Her steaming cunt milked his cock. The boy shuddered and groaned as the jizz spurted out of his cock head to splatter her pussy. Hot gobs of his cum mixed with her flowing cunt juice.

He pumped in a frenzy, his hands clutching her tits, his mouth hanging open as he grunted his pleasure. She could feel his jism overflowing her cunt to splatter down the insides of her thighs.

At last they were finished. They slumped against each other. She thought of the danger now. She quivered. He was her nephew! She was fucking this boy while his mother was in the house not far away! God will punish me! She thought.

She clenched the muscles of her cunt, squeezing his still hard cock to milk the last drops of his jism.

"Oh, God, you're still hard!" she said with wonder.

His jism was running down her leg now. She trembled at the lovely fucked-out feeling in her cunt. How many years she had wasted!

"Come to my room tonight!" she whispered. "But be careful!"

Late that night, Ricky slipped quietly into Martha's room. Aunt and nephew were immediately in each other's arms, his hands kneading her ass cheeks.

She felt more confident now. Her room was far enough away from where the others were sleeping so that there was little likelihood that they'd be heard.

She was aware of how dangerous it was to continue fucking the boy with her sister in the same house, but she couldn't help herself. She was coming out of the shell of ten long years, and her sexual hunger could not be ignored.

She quivered as they moved onto the bed. She moaned as his hands possessively caressed her body.

He was wild about her tits! He kissed and sucked at her hot naked boobs until she had to push him away to give her aching nipples a rest. Then he rubbed and rolled her tits in his hands, and, when she allowed it again, he sucked on her nipples once more.

The lashing of his tongue against the sensitive tips brought gasps of pleasure out of her throat. When he finally had his fill of sucking and slurping and chewing on her long rubbery nipples, he pulled his face away and she rolled over onto her back on the bed.

He rose up on his, knees now and gazed dawn on her naked body. She twisted and squirmed, teasing him by opening her legs to show him her cunt.

"Come on, honey!" she groaned. "Fuck me! Make love to me!"

Visibly trembling with lust, he swooped down on her with his hands and mouth.

"Do everything!" she hissed. "Make it good!"

When he moved his lips down over her belly, she crooned her approval and pulled her legs up to offer him her crotch. He pushed apart her quivering thighs. She groaned when he pressed his mouth against her juice-drenched cunt.

His hot tongue slurped up and down between her thick cunt lips. He kissed and nibbled at the meat of her pussy until she began tossing her head back and forth on the pillow with the intense pleasure of it.

She could feel his nose nuzzling against her clit. She could feel his tongue probing deep inside her cunt hole. She shivered as his fingers tickled their way into the crack of her ass. She squirmed as he ran his fingertips back and forth between her asshole and cunt hole.

"Oh, Ricky!" she squealed.

She hissed with pleasure now as he began lapping her. He swabbed his tongue up and down the groove of her pussy, probing between her dripping cunt lips, sucking up the juice oozing out of her steaming cunt hole.

The sweet sensation of his sucking mouth at her fuck hole overwhelmed her. She gasped and groaned and crooned her delight. She pictured his lips and tongue pushing and probing into the meat of her pussy.

She bucked her hips up and down, fucking at his face. His tongue slithered deep inside her cunt hole. There were times when it felt almost like a cock.

He clamped his mouth against her cunt now and sucked noisily at her oozing hairy hole. He sucked and slurped and slobbered over her dripping cunt until she trembled with the joy of it.

Her clit was swollen. It was only a matter of time before he would make her come. When the first spasms began, she cried out.

"Oh, God, suck me! Suck my cunt! Eat me out!"

She loved it! No one had ever done this to her before. She was thrilled by the animalism of it.

She quivered at the intense lust on the boy's face. She marveled at the way her mouth had suddenly become a cunt, at the pleasure she could give him with her lips and tongue and teeth.

With each stroke he crammed her mouth full of cock, stuffing her to capacity with his prick. She was astonished when she realized that the feverish mouth-fucking might give her an orgasm.

Her hands clutched the boy's muscular ass cheeks. She loved the way his ass squirmed on her tits as he pumped his cock in and out of her face. This was more than just sucking. This was more than just a blow job. There was magic in it.

The cock fucking her face had suddenly become the center of her existence. The feel of hard male meat stuffing her throat was the most exquisite sensation she had ever experienced.

She was conscious more than ever of the ache in her wet cunt. Her cunt didn't matter any more. She wanted his cock fucking her mouth. She wanted his hot jism squirting down her throat.

Each thrust of his twitching cock, each piston-like stroke of his prick in and out of the ring of her lips made her shudder with delirious pleasure.

She quivered. Snorting sounds came out of her throat as she struggled to control her breathing. She took pleasure in submitting herself to his rampant need. Stuffing her mouth with hot cock like this was the most glorious thing that had ever happened to her.

Sucking and gasping, she urged him on with her hands, letting him know that she wanted him to come in her mouth. The boy suddenly grunted and stiffened.

A moment later the first thick squirt of his hot jism hit the back of her throat. She swallowed convulsively in order to avoid choking. Spurt after spurt of his hot cum quickly filled her mouth. His young thick jizz covered her tongue and teeth and tonsils.

She gulped gobs of his cum down her gullet. She milked him dry, draining the last drop of the thick hot load out of his balls.

When he was finished, when he finally pulled his slimy cock out of her clinging mouth, a spasm of lust overwhelmed her senses and she came. Swallowing the last dregs of his boiling load, she came again and again.


There was a large parcel of land attached to the old house, and one afternoon Martha decided to explore it. She took along a blanket and a basket of refreshments. She was in the mood to spend a lazy afternoon in the outdoors.

After navigating through a patch of woods, she came to a small isolated clearing. The place looked ideal. Spreading the blanket out on the grass, she stretched out and relaxed.

She was lying there basking in the sun no more than fifteen minutes when she heard someone approaching through the brush. Opening her eyes, she saw her brother-in-law Frank standing over her.

"Mind if I join you?"

Martha blushed when she noticed his eyes raking over the swell of her tits in her skimpy halter-top. She was turned on by the memory of watching him fuck her sister.

"The blanket's big enough for two," she said coyly.

"This is a great spot," he said. "You'd never know there was anyone around for miles and miles. It's nice to be alone. I haven't had a chance to spend some time with you, have I?"

Martha's heart pounded. Claire and the kids were in town. She was alone with Frank. He was sitting close to her now, and she couldn't help but be aroused by his presence.

She wondered if he found her attractive. There were times when he seemed to totally ignore her, and yet now be was obviously interested. She wondered if he ever cheated on Claire. Claire had never mentioned she was suspicious about that, but Frank did a lot of traveling sad Martha guessed he had ample opportunity for screwing outside his marriage.

They talked awhile about the old house.

Once again she realized how attractive he was. She was aware of the hunger in her pussy. She remembered how lusty he had looked fucking Claire.

It seemed strange to be sitting there with him when a little more than a week ago she had seen him without clothes fucking her sister. The strangest thing of all was that just the day before she had fucked his son. I'll rot in hell for it! She thought. She blushed at the images in her mind.

His eyes were unmistakably on her body now. There was mischievous grin on his face.

"I think we're thinking about the same thing!" he said.

"I don't know what you mean," she replied.

"Let's not play games," he said. "I've had the hots for you for years! I don't know how you feel about me, but I know that you're lonely. I think it's time we did something about it! Claire and the kids are away for the day, and this is our chance!"

Martha was astonished. It had never occurred to her that Frank had any interest in fucking her. She was shocked at the idea, but at the same time the wickedness of it caused her pussy to flutter.

Frank evidently took her silence as acceptance for his offer.

Speechless as she sat there on the blanket, she watched him strip off his clothes. As his lean muscular body was revealed, she found herself more turned on than ever. She wasn't sure anymore what was happening or what she was doing.

"Oh, God, Frank!" she said. "I think you'd better go! We can't do this!"

"We certainly can," he chuckled. "I'm not going to pass up a chance like this. Came on, Martha! Relax! You want it as much as I do."

It was true. He was stripped to the waist now, and the sight of his bare chest made her realize more than ever how hungry she was for physical contact with him.

The fact that he was her brother-in-law made it wicked, but also more exciting. They were safe here in this little clearing at the edge of the woods. If there was ever a chance for them to do anything, it was now.

The opportunity was perfect. Her conscience might suffer later, but at the moment all she cared about was the fluttering need in her hot cunt.

"I'm afraid," she said.

"Just relax," be said softly.

He put his arms around her. In a moment their lips were together and they, were kissing. The feel of his hot lips against her own made her tremble.

His slippery tongue pushed forcefully into her mouth. She melted as be stroked his tongue in and out of her mouth in imitation of a cock fucking a cunt.

His hands moved over her body, squeezing and fondling and caressing her. She was helpless with lust. Her quivering cunt had taken control of her senses and nothing else mattered.

Thick juice oozed out of her pussy to wet the crotch of her panties and shorts.

"Come on, get your clothes off," Frank growled.

He was already half undressed. He helped her untie the halter-top that covered her tits. When the heavy globes swung free, he gazed at them with appreciation.

"Nice!" he said. "I've had my eyes on your tits for years."

Her hands trembled as she tossed the halter away. She was committing herself now. She was about to commit a sinful adulterous act with the husband of her sister. She quavered with nervousness and guilt.

Once again she wondered how often Frank cheated on Claire. She wondered if she ought to feel sorry for Claire.

"Oh, God!" she groaned. "I don't know if I can do it, Frank. I can't do this to Claire."

"Listen," he said. "What Claire doesn't know won't hurt her."

He ran his fingers lightly over the contours of her tits, lifting them up, hefting them in his hand and tugging at her nipples.

"Christ, what tits!" he hissed.

She could see the hard bulge in his crotch. She trembled at the touch of his hands on her tits. Then he pulled his hands away and opened his pants. She gazed lustfully at him as he stripped his pants off. His cock made a huge tent in his jockey shorts.

I can't prevent this, she thought. There was no way she could stop it now. Her pussy was on fire, and the sight of the hard outline of his cock in his jockey shorts made the fire rage more fiercely. Her cunt was swollen with need and nothing counted now except getting that cock of his inside her pussy.

He finally lowered his shorts to reveal his stiff cock throbbing and dripping with impatience. She moaned softly as she stared at the fat purple head of his cock and his blue-veined cock shaft.

His piss hole was brimming with juice. His cock was ready for fucking, ready to be stuffed inside her hungry cunt.

His hands were on her tits again, jiggling them and playing with her nipples. He squeezed and molded the melons of her tits in his hands until she whimpered with the pleasure of it.

The touch of his hands on her flesh was marvelous. Her tits had always been extremely sensitive, and Frank was experienced enough to know how to handle them.

There was none of the frenzied clutching and squeezing she received from Ricky. Ricky was too eager. Frank handled her tits almost casually. And somehow that made it more exciting.

He rolled her nipples between his fingers, toying with them in a way that made the juice gush out of her pussy.

"Big tits really turn me on!" he said.

Trembling, she stretched out on her back as he lowered his head to her tits. He lapped his wet tongue over her nipples. The feathery touch made her shiver.

"Oh, God!" she moaned.

"Christ, you're a juicy piece!" he hissed.

She squirmed her ass on the blanket, squeezing her thighs together, groaning as she felt the wetness of her pussy.

He noisily sucked on one of her nipples, pulling it out with his teeth. Mewling with pleasure, she held the tit in his hand as he sucked it into his mouth.

The wet slurping noise of his sucking made her quiver. She gazed down at the ring of his lips around her turgid nipple. He seemed in no hurry at all.

How delicious it was! She loved to be sucked like that. She loved the noise of it. Her nipples were hard and stiff, like two aggressive spikes.

"Oh, God, that's good!" she moaned.

Whimpering and writhing with pleasure, she squirmed her tits under his face. When he finally pulled his mouth away, her nipples were spit-soaked and glistening.

Her tits felt tight and swollen. He ran his hands gently over the heavy melons, nuzzled them one final time, and grinned.

"Let's get your pants off," he said.

His fingers found the snaps at the waistband of her shorts. She felt completely different with Frank than she had with either Roy or Ricky. Frank was her brother-in-law. She had known him since she was a girl. She somehow felt almost like a bride, and now that he was pulling her shorts and panties down, she felt almost virginal.

When he had her stripped, his eyes raked over her cunt and the globes of her ass. She moaned and squirmed on the blanket, completely naked under his gaze.

"You're not like Claire at all," he chuckled, his hot eyes feasting on the bush of dark hair covering her pussy.

"Claire's a blonde," she moaned.

"She sure is," he said. "It's funny how the two of you are in the same family."

"Oh, God, Frank. I feel so guilty!" she said.

"Never mind that. Open your legs and let me see your pussy!"

She was more than ever conscious of her nakedness. She was embarrassed and at the same time excited by the hot glint in his eyes.

Pulling her legs up, she let them fall apart to show him the oozing slit of her cunt.

"Christ, what a cunt!" he groaned. "You're so fucking hairy!"

She blushed. She pulled her knees back to raise her crotch up. She squirmed the dripping red gash of her cunt under his eyes.

A breeze rustled the trees and tickled the mouth of her cunt hole. Her cunt lips were swollen. She wondered if he could smell her cunt juice. She had known him so many years, and yet now there was no modesty at all before him. He was her sister's husband, and yet here he was leisurely examining her pussy.

Then she trembled as he cupped his hand over her cunt. He fingered her cunt lips, explored the groove between them, and finally probed the mouth of her brimming cunt hole.

The touch of his fingers on the meat of her pussy was delicious. She groaned when he moved his hand down to her ass and briefly tongued the ring of her ass hole.

Then his fingers were on her cunt lips again, moving up to massage the stiff bud of her clit. He took her clit between his thumb and forefinger and slowly rolled it. She mewled with delight at the intense pleasure caused by the caress.

He began frigging her, his fingers rhythmically massaging the quivering meat of her clit.

"Oh, God!" she moaned.

"Feels good, huh?"

She tossed her head from side to side on the blanket, crooning and groaning in response to the touch of his fingers.

"Oh God, Frank, you're driving me crazy!" she moaned.

"That's good," he laughed. "That's exactly what I want to do!"

She didn't care any more that he was Claire's husband, that his touching of her pussy was incestuous. She was too far gone now to care about anything except her famished cunt.

Her hips began bucking. She was almost ashamed of it. She had a feeling she ought to be reserved with Frank, but at the same time there was a compulsion to let go.

Her cunt was thoroughly juiced up. He could certainly see that. Was there any reason to hold back? She wanted to fuck so badly!

The lewd frigging of her cunt was driving her wild. The most amazing thing of all was that he hardly touched her cunt hole.

"That's the way," he said. "Just relax and fly with it!"

Trembling, she pumped her crotch at his hand. She wanted his fingers inside her cunt hole, but she was afraid to ask, afraid to ruin the exquisite pleasure she was feeling.

She wondered how often he did this to Claire. God, her clit was so hot! She suddenly cried out when he stuffed his middle finger deep inside her cunt. Her cunt spumed and contracted around his finger, and a moment later he added another finger to it and began pumping the two digits in and out of her sopping fuck hole.

"Oh, dear God!" she cried.

He had two fingers inside her cunt hole and his thumb on her clit. The double stimulation drove her out of her mind. She squirmed her ass on the blanket, gyrating her hips, pumping her crotch up and down, fucking back at his hand.

Her cunt was slippery and hot, oozing thick cunt juice as it clutched at his pumping fingers.

"Oh, God make me come!" she groaned? "Please, Frank, please! Make me come!"

"Not this way," he laughed.

She wailed when his hand suddenly left her crotch. Her gaping cunt fluttered like a hungry mouth. She trembled with frustration.

Smiling, he climbed between her legs. "Okay, Martha," he said. "Now it's time to fuck!"

A rasping cry came out of her throat as she pulled her legs back and opened her crotch to him. She moaned at the touch of his spongy cock head against her cunt lips. A moment later the bloated knob pushed at the dripping mouth of her cunt. She gasped at the marvelous feel of it.

He teased her awhile by massaging the rim of her cunt with his cock head.

"Stick it in!" she hissed. "Give it to me!" "You really want it?"


With a lurch of his hips he buried his thick hard prick inside her sopping pussy. A frenzied groan gurgled out of her throat as his fat cock head rammed deep into her cunt.

"Oh, dear God in heaven!" she cried.

"Feel good?"

"Oh, God, yes!" she murmured.

He began pumping, sliding his long thick cock in and out of her clutching cunt hole.

"Fuck me!" she groaned. "Fuck me hard!" His fucking was lusty and lewd. Once again she remembered how she had watched him fucking Claire. Now she herself was feeling the thrusts of his cock.

The tempo of his pumping increased. He panted and groaned.

"Christ, what a luscious cunt!" he hissed.

She was coming now. The orgasm seemed endless. She shuddered as one convulsion after another wracked her body. She came again when he began shooting his load.

Spurt after spurt of thick jism blasted into her cunt. She could feel the slippery sensation as he continued pumping his cock in and out. When his balls were finally drained, he grunted one last time and eased off her body.

"That was a damn good fuck, Martha."

Her pussy quivered again as she covered her eyes with her arm.


Josie Burton was young enough to be a virgin and old enough to be bored by a small town with nothing in it except J.C. Penney and a few lazy dogs sleeping away the afternoon.

At the first chance, she left her mother and brother in the department store and hitched a ride back to the house.

Biting into a big red apple, she walked off into the woods. She would kill time until the evening. In the evening, at least, she'd be able to get someone to take her to a drive-in movie. The summer was turning out to be a drag. She was a few hundred yards from the house, at the edge of the woods, when she heard a woman groaning.

"Oh, Jesus!" Josie said out loud. She was frightened. She wanted to run, but she realized the right thing to do was to find out what was going on. The woman might be hurt. At the same time, she told herself that she ought to be careful.

Moving as quietly as possible, she walked in the direction from which the groan had sounded. A moment later, at the edge of a small clearing, she saw them on the blanket. Her father and her aunt! They were stark naked.

Martha was lying on her back with her knees pulled back to her chest. Frank was kneeling between Martha's legs with his mouth plastered against Martha's cunt.

Her heart pounding furiously, Josie quickly slipped behind a tree to avoid being seen. She shivered with excitement. Carefully peering around the edge of the tree trunk, she looked at the couple on the blanket again.

Her father was sitting up now. He had his hand between Martha's legs and his fingers inside her cunt hole. Martha groaned as Frank slowly pumped his fingers in and out of her pussy.

Josie could clearly see Martha's wet hairy cunt. She could see the juice glistening on her father's hand. Her pulse quickened at the sight of her father's huge throbbing cock.

"We've got time for another fuck!" Frank said. "How about it?"

Fucking her cunt back at his hand, Martha crooned, "Whatever you say, Frank. God, I'm so hot!"

Josie had seen her father's cock before. She had more than once secretly watched her mother and father fucking. Watching her father with her aunt was somehow more exciting.

She wondered if her mother knew that Frank and Martha were lovers. Her aunt certainly had a luscious body!

She tried to imagine what it would be like to hold her father's big cock in her hand. She had done plenty of that with the boys she knew. The only way for a girl her age to stay a virgin was to either jerk them off or suck them off, and what they liked best was a combination of both.

She'd had her hand or mouth on the cock of every boy she'd known since the age of fourteen. What she liked best was the sucking. In the beginning, she hadn't liked the taste of jism, but now she was used to it and it turned her on. There was nothing in the world as exciting as getting a mouthful of gushing white cum.

The boys never understood why she wouldn't let them fuck her. Part of the reason was that she was saving her cunt for someone special. The other part was that getting a load of hot jism in her mouth always got her wildly excited.

Frank was now leaning over Martha and sucking at her big brown nipples. When he finally pulled his mouth away from her tits, Martha reached down to grab his cock.

Fascinated, Josie watched her aunt play with her father's long thick prick. Now Martha was using two hands, one to hold Frank's cock shaft and the other to hold his balls.

Josie quivered as she watched the love-play on the blanket. She was jealous of Martha. She was jealous of the way Martha was holding her father's cock, and she was jealous of Martha's big tits.

Martha opened her legs again. Josie could clearly see the wet red lips of her aunt's cunt gaping as she waited for Frank's cock.

"Fuck me!" Martha crooned. "Stick it in!"

Unable to hold out any longer, Josie slipped a hand inside her jeans to finger her clit. Her tender pussy was sopping wet. Her cunt lips wore soft and swollen.

She pulled her fingers out and sniffed herself, and then quickly slipped her hand inside her jeans again. She trembled with excitement. Watching her aunt and father fucking was definitely the most thrilling thing she had ever seen.

Frank shifted forward now. Fisting his cock, he rubbed his cock head up and down between Martha's thick cunt lips and then positioned it at the mouth of her cunt. The cheeks of his ass clenched as he lurched forward and buried his cock to the hilt inside Martha's steaming pussy.

Josie tickled her cunt hole with a fingertip and used the heel of her hand to massage her clit. Her eyes wide, her mouth hanging open, she watched her father thrusting his cock in and out of her aunt's cunt.

She could see everything clearly. Her aunt's legs were raised up high and draped over her father's shoulders. Martha's crotch was turned up at a sharp angle so that Frank was actually fucking down into her cunt.

Josie could see her father's balls swinging against Martha's ass each time he stroked his cock forward into Martha's hairy pussy. She could see the cunt juice oozing out of Martha's cunt hole to wet the crack of her ass.

The sight of her father's thick cock pistoning in and out of her aunt's dark hairy cunt hole made the teenage girl quiver with lust.

"Fuck me!" Martha groaned. "Fuck me hard!"

Frank chuckled and ignored her pleas. He maintained the slow rhythm of fucking which he had started.

His hands roamed over Martha's body and finally moved down to clutch her ass. Firmly gripping an ass cheek in each hand, he stroked his cock in and out of Martha's ripe juicy cunt.

Josie tried to imagine what it would be like having a cock pistoning in and out of her cunt like that.

There were times when she was sorry she had held on to her virginity for so long. She had friends who had lost their cherries at fourteen. There was one girl who claimed that she had been fucked by her brother at twelve!

Keeping boys' cocks out of her pussy was getting to be more and more difficult. She knew that sooner or later she would have to give in.

As she watched her father's big cock plunging in and out of her aunt's cunt, the teenaged girl wondered if her tender little pussy could ever take a cock that large.

"Oh, God, keep fucking me!" Martha groaned. "Please don't stop!"

Frank chuckled and deliberately slowed down his thrusting. When Martha wailed in protest, he pulled his cock out of her cunt and grinned.

"Turn over!" he said. "I'll ream out your ass!"

Martha shuddered. "Oh, no! I've never had it in there. You'll kill me! Please, Frank, no!"

Frank laughed. "If your asshole is really cherry, you ought to try it!"

"You're too big!" she whimpered.

"Bullshit!" he chuckled. "If Claire can take it, you can."

Martha closed her eyes and groaned. She finally rolled over and shifted her body so that she was on her knees. With her head down resting on her forearms, she raised her ass up in the air and spread her legs to offer him the luscious globes of her curvy ass.

Massaging her clit in a frenzy, Josie bit her lip as she stared wide-eyed at the couple on the blanket. The one thing she had never seen was her father fucking her mother in the ass. She trembled with the knowledge that he was about to do it to her aunt.

She had a ringside seat. She could see her aunt's pouting hairy cunt and above it the puckered brown ring of Martha's asshole. She watched as her father put his hands on Martha's ass to slowly caress Martha's ass cheeks.

Closing his fist around his cock shaft, Frank positioned his cock head at the tight ring of Martha's asshole and pushed forward.

Josie watched transfixed as the fat knob of his cock slowly squeezed into her aunt's puckered shit hole.

Martha groaned. "Oh, God, you're killing me!"

"Just relax," Frank hissed. "Just take it easy. Push out. Make believe you're taking a shit!"

Martha groaned again.

Jose couldn't see her aunt's face. She tried to imagine what it would be like to have a cock up her ass. It seemed impossible. She knew that ass-fucking was something that people did. She even had friends who'd claimed they had done it, but it was difficult for her to believe that she would ever be able to actually get a cock inside her asshole.

Her father was slowly pushing his cock forward into Martha's ass. Martha's groans became deeper and deeper with each inch of cock that entered her shitter.

Amazed, Josie watched as her aunt took the entire length of her father's long thick cock. His prick was at last plunged to the hilt inside Martha's ass and his balls were pressed against the pouting lips of her cunt.

The groan that came out of Martha's throat sounded like the cry of a wounded animal. The groan was repeated a second time, but at the end of it there was a sudden grunt of pleasure.

Josie bit her lip. Her aunt's pleasure was unmistakable. It wasn't long before Martha was wriggling her ass, gyrating her hips and moaning in response to the cock stuffing her butt.

"Oh, dear God in heaven!" Martha wailed. Josie's mouth hung open as she watched her father slowly withdraw his cock from her aunt's asshole. He pulled his prick out until he had no more than his cock head lodged inside her shitter.

Then he slowly pushed forward again, reaming into Martha's ass, grinding forward until he had his crotch up against her ass cheeks.

"You like it?" Frank chuckled.

Martha visibly shuddered. "Oh, God, it's wonderful!"

He began slowly stroking his cock in and out of Martha's skitter. Their sweating bodies gleamed in the hot sun. Reaching underneath Martha's belly, Frank grabbed her hanging tits and pinched her nipples. Martha crooned her pleasure and pumped her ass back at his cock.

Behind the tree, Josie was flabbergasted. The idea that a woman could take a cock in her ass and feel pleasure, the way Martha was obviously feeling it, was something she had never thought possible.

Now the tempo of Frank's pumping in creased. He was stroking his cock faster and faster inside Martha's shit hole.

Josie could see his balls swinging back and forth with each stroke. Each time his cock shot forward to ream out Martha's shitter, Martha shuddered and quaked and wailed.

"Fuck me!" she cried. "Fuck my ass!"

Frank screwed and churned and pistoned his cock in and out of the hot clutching grip of Martha's butt hole. Then he suddenly reared his head back and cried out.

"Oh, shit, I'm coming!"

Her eyes wide, her hand working furiously in her cunt, Josie watched as Frank granted and groaned in the throes of his climax. The cheeks of his ass flexed as he began spurting his hot load inside Martha's shitter.

Martha was crooning her delight, obviously coming, her body shaking as her asshole received the hot jets of her brother-in-law's cum. When Frank had drained his balls, he screwed his cock in and out one last time before pulling Martha down and slumping on the blanket exhausted.

Gasping, one hand covering her mouth to stifle the sound of her moans, Josie removed her wet hand from her cunt and quietly slipped away.


Obsessed with guilt, Martha refused to have anything to do with either Ricky or Frank.

She avoided all of them, including Claire. She even felt uncomfortable with Josie. The teenager had a curious look in her eyes, and Martha suspected the girl knew something about what had been going on.

The old loneliness returned. Desperate, Martha telephoned Roy and arranged to meet him at a small ranch owned by one of Roy's friends.

"Come on out this afternoon," Roy said. "There's a party."

Eager to have some fun again, Martha put on a pretty dress and drove out to meet Roy. By the time she got there, her pussy was already wet just thinking about what they would do together after the party.

Roy's friend was a man named Brady, end Martha soon realized that the so-called party involved no other people than the three of them.

"My friend Roy here has been telling me all about you," Brady said, handing her a drink.

Martha blushed. Brady's knowing smile made her feel uncomfortable. He seemed to be a man with a great deal of money and a great deal of power. Then she learned he was one of the local politicians and very successful in the real estate business.

"I like pretty women," he laughed. "And you look pretty enough to eat!"

She laughed along with him to cover her embarrassment. She wondered if he was really serious about eating her. The thought of having his face between her thighs and his tongue lapping her cunt made her pussy wet.

The afternoon rolled on. They continued, drinking and soon Martha felt woozy from the alcohol. She found herself sitting between the two men on the sofa, and then the next moment she suddenly realized she had her hands on their crotches and her fingers tracing the outlines of their hard cocks.

When she tried to pull her hands away, they laughed and held her wrists in place.

"I've been telling Brady what a great little cock sucker you are," Roy said.

"Oh, God!" Martha moaned.

Her fingers gripped their cocks more tightly. There was no way to deny the excitement rippling through her like a buzz saw. Her crotch was soaked with cunt juice and her heart was pounding.

"How about it?" Brady said. "You've got a sweet little mouth. Is it true you're a good cock sucker?"

Martha was turned on by the sexy talk. She was flattered.

"Lots of women are good at that," she said. Her pussy fluttered when she realized how wanton she was behaving. There she was, sitting on a sofa between two men, holding their cocks and talking about cock sucking!

She thought about going down on them. She knew now that if she sucked one of them, she'd have to do the other. The idea of doing it to both men seemed so terribly lewd.

Brady looked like a man who got around a lot. She wondered how many women had sucked his cock. He was smiling at her now. His eyes were glittering and the expression on his face was definitely a leer.

"How good are you?" he asked.

Martha playfully squeezed his cock through the material of his pants.

"I bet you'd like to find out!" she said.

He leaned back on the sofa as she worked her hand in his crotch. She stroked the throbbing bulge of his hard cock. Both men had their hands on her knees, and now they pulled her dress back to look at her legs.

"She's a sweet little piece!" Brady said.

They pulled her dress back all the way until her blue bikini panties were exposed. The dark shadow of her bush could be seen through the sheer nylon.

She closed her eyes and thought about what it would be like to suck their cocks. She imagined licking all over their juicy knobs and then tonguing down their cock shafts to tickle their balls. She imagined herself sucking on their fat juicy knobs until they came in her mouth. Her mouth watered and her throat muscles worked as she thought of swallowing their heavy loads of jism.

She pulled Brady's zipper down now.

Reaching into his fly, she brought out his swollen cock. As she did this, Roy chuckled and pulled the crotch of her panties aside to show Brady her cunt lips.

"Take a look at some eating-pussy!" Roy laughed.

Brady snickered as he gazed down at her exposed cunt.

"A man could make a meal of that," he said. "But I'd still like to know how good she is at cock sucking!"

"Why don't you show us?" Roy said.

Martha looked at him. She shivered. She felt lewd and wanton.

"Would you like that?" she said.

"Do it!" Roy hissed. "Suck Brady's cock!" "First I want both of them out in the open," she said.

Unzipping Roy, she brought his throbbing cock out. Her fingers closed around his thick cock shaft, and she began pumping it slowly up and down. She had a cock in each hand now, and the feel of their hard male meat under her fingers was delicious.

"Christ, let's get her undressed!" Brady croaked.

They both worked on her and soon had her completely stripped. They squeezed and fondled her tits and ass, bantering back and forth about her body as though she were a slab of meat in a butcher shop. She quivered at the feel of their hands pawing her flesh.

She finally slipped down on her knees between Roy's legs. Brady left the sofa and got behind her. His eyes ogling the cheeks of her ass, he fisted his cock and began slowly beating his meat. Leaning forward over Roy's hard cock, she lewdly wiggled her ass in Brady's face.

"That's the girl!" Roy laughed. "She can handle two of us without any trouble at all!"

She took his cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue over his bloated cock head. She gobbled up half of his long cock shaft between her lips, sucking and slurping on his turgid prick until he squirmed on the couch.

Licking him up and down, she spread her warm saliva over his throbbing flesh. Pulling her mouth off his cock, she looked up at him and smiled.

"How's that?"

"Just keep sucking!" Roy snickered.

She tickled her tongue up and down Roy's twitching cock shaft, and then he sucked his knob between her lips again. Placing both hands on his thighs, she opened her jaws wide and plunged down until she had his cock head jamming at the back of her throat and her lips nuzzling into his crotch hair.

She held him like that, his cock completely engulfed in her face, his cock head buried in her throat. She squirmed her ass around to tease Brady behind her.

"Jesus Christ!" Brady groaned.

Roy had his eyes closed and his mouth open as he savored the tight feel of Martha's throat clutching his cock head. She had to struggle to keep from gagging.

Finally her head pulled back, and she dragged her wet lips up his cock shaft and back to his cock head, leaving a glistening trail of saliva along the skin of his cock shaft. She swirled her tongue over his knob hungrily. She fluttered her lips over it. She couldn't get enough.

Roy groaned and squirmed on the sofa. Now she was shocked at what she had just done. She'd never thought it would be possible to swallow a whole cock.

"She's a throat-fucker!" Brady laughed. "I think I'd like some of that!"

"That's right," Roy said. "You were supposed to do Brady first."

He pushed her away. She let his stiff cock slide out of her mouth. Her lips were wet and glistening.

"Let me do both of you at the same time," she said.

Brady's eyes widened in amazement. "Christ, you're really something, aren't you?"

"Whatever you want, honey!" she teased.

They stood in front of her with their long hard cocks swaying under her nose. She trembled in response to all the gorgeous meat swinging in front of her eyes. God, how hot she was!

She circled their swollen cock shafts with her fingers. She could feel their flesh pulsing in her palms. Then she moved her hands down to stroke their tight bloated balls. She found it hard to decide which one to suck first. They both looked so juicy and delicious!

Her eyes glittered with eager anticipation. Extending her tongue, she fluttered it over Brady's bulging knob. A drop of fluid welled up in his piss hole. She licked it off, savoring the taste.

Now she squeezed Roy's cock shaft to bring out some juice from his piss hole. She licked a drop off the tip of his cock and rolled it over her tongue before swallowing it. I love it! She thought.

She was nothing but a slut! She was nothing but a horny cock sucker about to gobble two hard cocks!

Fisting a cock in each hand now, she began jacking them off. Both men moved forward so that she could rub the thick ends of their cocks against her lips. She stroked the long shafts with her hands and gradually worked both cock heads into her mouth.

Soon she had two fat knobs stuffing her face, her fists working both cock shafts as she pumped their pricks.

"What did I tell you?" Roy said. "Isn't she something?"

"She's cock-crazy!" Brady grinned. "She's a dish!"

Martha shuddered at the feel of their warm throbbing cocks in her hands and mouth. A white froth of spit gathered at the corners of her lips. She sucked gluttonously on the hard wet meat. Her tongue swirled over their cock heads. She lapped up the fluid oozing out of their piss holes.

At intervals she pulled her mouth off the two cocks and rolled the knobs over her cheeks. Her tits jiggled as she squirmed her ass on the sofa.

Wrapping her lips around the head of Brady's cock, she sucked hard until a groan came rolling out of his throat.

"Jesus fucking Christ! What a mouth!"

Lurching her head forward, she swallowed half his cock until his cock head jabbed at the back of her throat. She rapidly pumped the lower half of his cock shaft with her fingers. She twisted and turned his prick in her mouth so that the tender skin of his cock head grated against the ridges of her palate.

The tight ring of her lips slipped back and forth over his cock shaft as she bobbed her head. Her cheeks caved in as she sucked. Her head slipped back and forth over the thick coating of her saliva that covered his cock shaft.

A moment later, she pulled her mouth off Brady's cock and swooped down on Roy's. His prick sank to the depths inside her face. Her head bobbed back and forth as she sucked him. His hard male flesh stuffed her mouth to capacity.

She was out of her mind with excitement. She could feel the sweat running down her back. She could feel the juice oozing out of her cunt. She strained to engulf as much of his cock as possible in her mouth.

Now pulling her mouth off Roy, she quickly gobbled Brady again. The two men snickered as she moved from one cock to the other, ravenously sucking their meat, slurping and slobbering over their throbbing pricks.

She worked their cocks in and out of her mouth until they were both moaning with excitement!

She sucked one and then the other until they were both on the verge of coming.

"Oh, Jesus fucking Christ!" Brady groaned. "I'm going to dump the biggest load in the world right down this slut's throat!"

Roy growled as he twisted her ear. "We're blasting off in your mouth, honey!"

She was in an erotic frenzy. Her jaws ached. Her mouth strained as she sucked like a demon on their two pulsating cock heads. She managed to squeeze both knobs into her mouth at the same time. She swirled her tongue over the two bloated knobs, tasting their juices, swabbing the velvety skin of their cock heads.

Her hands continued jacking their cock shafts. She thought of the hot jism churning in their balls and waiting to be released.

"Oh, Jesus!" one of them groaned.

They both lurched forward at the same time, stuffing her mouth with their hot cocks. Her head jerked back as her throat was blocked off by the two cock heads.

And then suddenly they were coming, spurting their hot loads into her eager mouth. Jet after jet of thick hot jism flooded her tongue and teeth and tonsils.

She struggled to swallow it all, gulping the cum down as fast as it gathered in her throat. The load was too much for her. Jism squirted from her mouth and ran down over her chin. Cum dripped onto her heaving tits.

When it was all over she pulled her head back and rolled the jism-coated heads of their cocks around on her lips. She licked and sucked up every bit of the precious jizz with a wet slurping sound.

Then she leaned back. Her chin still dripping with jism, she began feverishly fingering her cunt.

"Christ, what a bitch!" Brady hissed.

Drops of jism ran down over her neck and chest. It trickled between her tits and down to her navel. Her eyes closed, her mouth hanging open, she strummed her clit. She brought herself to the brink of orgasm, and then she groaned as the first convulsions sent her body into a spasm.

Her fingers worked in a frenzy in the juicy meat of her cunt, and finally she fell back on the sofa with her hand clutching her pussy.


"I've got a secret!" Josie said.

Ricky gave her a bored look. The look said he didn't much care about her secret.

Josie smirked. She had just come out of the shower and she was wearing nothing except her robe. They were alone in the house. She had no doubt that when she told Ricky about her secret the bored look on his face would disappear.

"I saw Daddy fucking Aunt Martha," Josie said.

Ricky turned and stared at her with wide eyes. A croak came out of his throat.

"You're lying!" he said.

"No, I'm not. I saw them do it in the woods. I saw Daddy fuck Aunt Martha in the ass!"

"Jesus Christ!"

"It's true." Josie said.

"She sure is a cock-crazy cunt!" Ricky said.

"What do you mean?"

A mischievous grin spread over his face. "You like secrets, huh? Well I'll tell you a big one. I fucked her myself!"

"Oh, wow!" Josie said. Her heart hammered with excitement. Lewd images of her brother sucking and fucking Martha filled her brain.

She had always had a thing about Ricky. She'd always wondered what it would be like to have him fuck her. The two most important men in her life were her father and her brother, and Ricky was almost her age. All the boys she had known did nothing for her compared to her brother. He was the one who really turned her on.

Standing there with her hands in the pockets of her robe, she swayed her body and said quietly, "I want to ball, too. I want to fuck and suck!"

Ricky's mouth dropped open. "Jesus Christ, you're my sister!"

Josie shrugged. "So what? You can have my cherry. Wouldn't you like that? It's about time I lost it. Most of my friends have, so why not me?"

Slipping off her robe, she let it drop to the floor. She moved closer to him, her tits jiggling under his eyes. The sight of his sister's pink-nippled tits made Ricky tremble with excitement.

His eyes raked down from her tits to the bush of blonde cunt hair covering her pussy. He had always thought of her as a baby, and yet here she was very much a woman.

Josie gasped when he put his hand on one of her tits and squeezed it gently.

"This is crazy!" he said. "You're really still cherry, huh?"

"It's all yours," she replied. "But go down on me first. I want you to eat my pussy!"

Ricky snickered. "Sure, but you do me first! The girl always does the boy first. Don't you know that?"

His fingers crawled down over her belly and tangled in her cunt bush. Biting her lip, Josie jerked her crotch against his probing hand.

"You suck my cock first," Ricky said, "and then I'll do what you want."

He stood up and slipped off his jeans. Josie gasped. Awe-struck, she gazed at his long, thick cock. His cock head seemed huge. For a moment she felt a shiver of fear. She had at last decided to have her pussy reamed out with a cock and now she was afraid.

His thick cock looked as though it would rip her poor little pussy apart. She was giddy with excitement. She shrugged off her fear and moved closer to him.

Ricky took her naked tits in his hands and fondled them.

"Put your hand on my cock," he said.

Josie quivered. She had touched cocks before, but this was her brother's cock. She finally closed both hands around his thick cock shaft. His meat surged and pounded in her fingers. She shuddered with excitement as she squeezed and probed the length of him. His cock was thick and hot. Her brother's cock!

When she finally released him, Ricky sat down. He spread his thighs and moved his ass forward on the edge of the chair. His cock rose up like a slab of meat over his swollen balls. Putting his hands on Josie's shoulders, he pushed her down to her knees.

"Come on, put your mouth on it!" he said.

"Get a taste of it!"

Josie's lips were now close to the head of his cock. A mewl of pleasure escaped her throat. She gazed at his huge hard-on, at the purple vein along the length of his cock shaft, at the juice oozing out of the tiny slit.

She knew all about cock sucking. Panting with excitement, she leaned forward and closed her lips over the pink tip of her brother's cock.

It was good. The hot drop of juice brimming of his piss hole tasted delicious on her eager tongue. She needed no more urging to suck his cock. The feel of his hot prick quivering in her mouth was marvelous.

She began carefully and lovingly sucking on his cock. She rammed as much of his hot prick into her mouth as she could take. She rolled her tongue over the fleshy knob. She was sucking her own brother's cock and she loved it! She was hungry for it! A gnawing hunger for his long thick prick overwhelmed her.

She once again thought about him eating and fucking Martha.

"Oh shit, that's good!" Ricky groaned.

He began thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth, fucking her face, pistoning his prick in and out of the ring of her lips. Frenzied came out of Josie's throat now as she began sucking his cock faster and more greedily.

She closed her fist around the lower half of his long cock, feeling it swell and grow even hotter. Pulling her mouth back, she sucked on just the knob. Then she fluttered her tongue underneath his cock head and along the underside of his cock shaft.

"Jesus!" he groaned. "Suck my balls!"

Josie mewled. She ran her mouth down beneath his long cock. Lifting up his balls, she kissed his hairy ball-sac and ran her tongue over it. She continued jerking him off with her fist as she sucked and slurped over his nuts.

When she put her mouth on his cock again, she was careful not to suck him hard enough to make him come. She had no intention of allowing him to shoot his load off in her mouth. She wanted him to fuck her. She could feel he was getting close now.

Suddenly releasing him, she stood up. Her heavy young tits heaving with lust, she gasped. "Now you suck me!"

Josie sprawled on the sofa, one leg raised up to drape over the top. Her pink cunt was fully exposed and glistening. Her eyes glittered with a wanton hunger.

"Suck me off!" she hissed.

Ricky smirked. "You sure are a hot little piece, aren't you?"

He climbed on top of her. Pressing his body down against hers, he ground his hot cock lewdly on her wet cunt bush. Josie moaned and gyrated her hips under him.

"Oh, God, I'm so hot!" she gasped.

Now he slid down her body until he could close his lips over a pink nipple. The girl trembled at the touch of his nibbling mouth and wet tongue. She groaned and squirmed. She spread her soaked thighs wide.

"Eat me!" she moaned.

She was in the midst of a rising frenzy. Nothing mattered any more except the demands of her hot cunt.

Ricky's face moved closer to her tingling pussy. She tangled her fingers in his hair, raising her knees high and draping her legs over his shoulders to lock her ankles behind his back. She lifted her dripping cunt up to his mouth. His hands clutched her sweaty ass cheeks.

The first touch of his lips and tongue on her pussy drove her wild.

"Oh, God, it's beautiful! Suck me! Oh, God, yes!"

He began sucking at her tender cunt-flesh. His tongue whipped deep into her juicy pussy. She swung her hot ass from side to side, urging him on. She made frantic fucking motions against his month. When he moved his lips up to suck on her clit, she shuddered and cried out.

"Don't stop, don't stop that! Keep doing that!"

Her cunt wriggled and squirmed under the boy's face. His nose and mouth and chin wore covered with her thick cunt juice. She gushed like a fountain. She locked her drenched thighs around his head and began pumping her crotch at his face as the orgasms hit her one after the other.

"Oh, God I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming!"

When Ricky deliberately wrenched his mouth away from her steaming pussy, she screamed in protest and slammed her crotch up against his face.

"Oh, Jesus, don't stop!"

He mounted her. She quickly locked her ankles behind his back. She swung her ass with eagerness as he probed the mouth of her clit.

"Yes, fuck me!" she moaned.

Her hands grabbed the hard muscles of his ass cheeks.

"Give it to me! Fuck me!"

His cock head finally found her cunt hole. She lunged up the moment he slid the knob of his prick inside her tender cunt lips.

"Oh, God!" she wailed. "Stick it in!"

"Jesus, what a cunt!" Ricky gasped.

Lurching forward, he buried his cock to the hilt inside his sister's pussy. He began pistoning his prick in and out of her cunt, pounding her relentlessly, pile-driving his prick in and out of her steaming pussy.

She pumped her ass like a machine under him, fucking back at him.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" she groaned.

Her cunt was hot and slippery, and his cock moved in and out with a luscious ease. Waves of pleasure washed over her body as he stroked harder and faster into her boiling cunt. She was soon coming again, her body quaking as the huge cock slammed in and out.

"Oh, shit!" he groaned.

He could feel his load boiling up in his balls. She clawed his ass with her fingernails as his jism began spurting into her spasming cunt.

"Oh, Christ, I love it!" she cried out.

As the flood of cum brimmed over to splatter out of her tight cunt, she clamped down, squeezing her swollen pussy on his dwindling cock. When he finally rolled off, his chest heaved as he gasped for breath.

Josie continued twitching her ass, rubbing her swollen tits with her hands, her eyes glazed with lust.

After she cleaned up, she returned to him and sucked his cock again. She lovingly stroked his cock and balls and thought of the pleasure she had received.

It wasn't long before his cock was hard again. She gazed up at him from between her legs.

"Fuck me in the ass!" she said. "Do it the way Daddy did it to Aunt Martha. From the back."

Ricky stared at her. "You're cock-crazy!" he laughed. "If that's what you want, that's what you'll get. Get your ass over the edge of the sofa."

He placed her so that her belly rested on the arm of the sofa. Her upper body and dangling tits were on the cushions. Her ass cheeks were there, ready and waiting. Her legs were splayed out and touching the floor.

Ricky positioned himself behind her and stared at her juicy pink cunt. Her ass and cunt were completely exposed and vulnerable. He gazed down at her tiny brown ass hole.

"Come on, fuck me!" she groaned.

Keeping his hands over her luscious ass, he dipped a finger into her drenched cunt and spread her cunt juice over the head of his cock.

Her juice was thick and sticky.

Then he clutched a plump ass cheek in each hand and spread the two globes apart. Shifting forward, he placed the head of his cock directly again he puckered ass hole.

"Oh, God!" Josie hissed.

Ricky pinked. His cock head pressed relentlessly against the tight ring of her shitter. The fat knob suddenly popped through and his cock plunged to the hilt inside her juicy young ass.

She wailed at the pain. She wriggled frantically to escape.

"Relax!" he groaned. "Just take it easy."

He began slowly pistoning in and out of her tight ass with long strokes.

"Oh, Jesus fucking Christ!" he moaned. "What a hot ass!"

Josie squealed with a combination of agony and lust. Having her virgin ass hole crammed completely full of her brothers swollen cock was like having a hot poker rammed up her tender shitter. She could feel the knob of his cock deep inside her.

"Oh God!" she cried. "My ass is on fire!" There was no escape. The more she struggled the worse it became. Ricky dug his fingers into the mounds of her ass to keep her ass cheeks. He continued pistoning, slowly pumping his cock in and out after stretched ass hole.

"I'm going to come!" he groaned.

His hard cock drove into the tight tunnel and then back out again! With each forward lunge of his hips, his crotch hair slapped against her tortured ass.

Josie was overwhelmed by the feeling of total helplessness and submission. Most of the pain was gone now, and in its place came a deep mind-blowing pleasure.

"Come on!" she groaned. "Shoot it in my ass! I want it! I want your cum up my ass!"

He slammed his cock inside her with loud groans. Then suddenly he began shooting his load. Jet after jet of hot jism spurted into her quivering shitter.

She grated her ass under him. She squirmed her ravaged ass hole on his pumping cock. She loved it! She loved the sticky feel of his jism. She loved his thick cock grinding inside her narrow asshole.

When his balls were finally drained, she clenched her ass cheeks in an effort to keep his cock in her shit hole. She cried out in protest when he slipped his limp cock out of her gaping butt. With a deep sob, she slumped down on the sofa.

After a moment she heard a strange sound.

It was the sound of someone gasping. The teenage girl opened her eyes and saw her Aunt Martha standing in the doorway.


Her eye wide at the scene in front of her, Martha stood there at the entrance to the living room and shivered with lust and amazement.

She had arrived home early. Hearing strange sounds coming from the living room, she'd walked in just in time to see Ricky pulling his cock out of Josie's ass.

The two teenagers were shocked and embarrassed. Martha realized she had no right to blame them for anything. How different she was now!

Her life had changed so dramatically from those days when she was a shy librarian afraid of sex. She had learned to give free rein to her lusts. She had fucked her nephew and brother-in-law. She had allowed herself to be tied down to a bed by Roy and had sucked off two men at the same time. She was no longer the old Martha.

Now as she looked at the two attractive teenagers, she knew what she wanted. Her pussy quivered at the idea of a hot session with brother and sister!

Ricky was easy to win over. His eyes lit up and he understood what Martha was hinting at. Josie was more reluctant, but finally she came around.

"It'll be a few hours before your parents get back," Martha said. "That's enough time, don't you think? Let's use the bed in my room."

A short while later Martha was sitting on her bed stroking Josie's back and reassuring the young girl that what they were about to do wasn't that awful.

"I used to think something like this was a terrible sin," Martha said. "But now I know better."

Josie turned on her side and looked up at Martha. The teenager giggled. "I saw you and Daddy fucking!" she said.

Martha blushed. "It was that time in the woods, wasn't it?"

Josie nodded. "He fucked you in the ass. I saw everything."

"Well," Martha smiled. "I suppose you an consider it part of your education. It's not as though your father and I are having an affair. I wouldn't do that to my sister."

"I don't care," Josie said quietly. "I've always liked you."

Martha ran her hands over the smooth skin of Josie's back and ass cheeks. How strange it was! Here she was on her bed about to make love to her niece. She was committing an awful sin and loving every minute of it!

Josie was beginning to respond now to the hands roaming over her naked back. The teenage girl squirmed on the bed.

"I've never done anything with a girl before," Martha said.

"I have." Josie giggled. "It's fun!"

Martha wasn't surprised. Kids these days did all sorts of taboo things.

"It's the taboo things that are the most fun," Martha said. "Isn't that true?"

Her eyes closed as she continued squirming under Martha's hands, Josie giggled again and nodded. Martha dipped her hand in the crack between Josie's firm little ass cheeks.

Ricky sat on the bed near them, his eyes riveted on the love-play between the two women, his cock twitching between his legs.

Martha's eyes glittered with lust. "You can teach me," she said to Josie.

The older woman could feel her cunt throbbing between her thighs. Her pussy was steaming and oozing juice. She loved the feel of Josie's incredibly soft skin.

Running her hand down Josie's ass, she dipped underneath to touch the teenager's pouting cunt. Josie shuddered when Martha's long fingers probed the sensitive flesh of her wet pussy.

"Do you like that?" Martha whispered, still moving her fingers between Josie's cunt lips.

"It's nice," Josie murmured.

Martha turned to Ricky. "Would you like to watch Josie and I make it?"

"Shit, yeah!" the boy said.

Martha chuckled. Of course he would!

She could feel the girl's body responding to her caresses. Groaning now, Josie rose up and fell against Martha's mature body. In a moment the teenage girl and her aunt were writhing together on the bed.

Their hands were everywhere. Martha felt Josie's hands stroking her tits, roving over her creamy thighs, running up and down her slender legs, fluttering over her belly, and finally probing the seething swamp of her cunt.

Martha had expected to be turned on by contact with the teenager, but the sensations she was feeling now were stronger than she had anticipated.

She lay back on the bed and let Josie do whatever she wanted. Josie, after all, was the one with experience. Closing her eyes, Martha yielded to the caresses of the young girl.

"Oh, God, it's lovely!" Martha moaned.

She whimpered as her pussy seemed to melt between her legs.

"You're really turning me on," Josie purred. "Let me suck your pussy!"

Mewling with delight, the teenager fell between the older woman's spread legs and pressed her face against her wet cunt. Martha cried out in ecstasy when Josie sucked her stiff little clit into her mouth. Using her tongue, the teenager massaged Martha's clit with a rapid back-and-forth motion.

Turning to look at Ricky, Martha groaned. "Are you watching this, Ricky? Are you watching your sister eating my pussy?"

Ricky's eyes looked feverish.

Now Josie rose up a moment from Martha's crotch. "Her cunt is delicious," lode said. "It's just flooded with juice. No wonder you dig sucking her."

With a giggle, the girl swooped down again on Martha's oozing cunt hole.

Ricky's heart pounded as he watched his aunt and his sister make it only a few inches from him. He was on his knees beside them on the bed, his hard cock jutting up against his muscular belly. His bloated cock head dripped juice and throbbed with readiness. His eyes wide as he watched the two women, he fisted his cock and began slowly jerking himself off.

"Let me lick your pussy now." Martha said to Josie.

Raising her face from Martha's crotch, Josie traced wet kisses up Martha's belly and briefly sucked on the older woman's long thick nipples.

"We can do it together." Josie said.

She turned her body around and in a moment straddled Martha. Josie now had her face over Martha's crotch and her cunt over Martha's mouth. The girl dropped down and soon the two of them were lapping and sucking at each other's dripping cunts in a hot frenzy.

Kneeling beside them, his eyes fixed on their slurping and slobbering, Ricky slowly pumped his cock. He was dying to fuck both of them, to have his cock sucked by his aunt and his sister.

His balls felt as though they would explode in another moment. He had to find some way to join them, some way to share their erotic frenzy.

He finally fell on them and forced his hand between their bodies. His fingers pressed into his aunt's cunt. He could feel Josie's tongue slurping between Martha's cunt lips. Tongue and fingers continued working Martha's steaming pussy.

"Christ!" Ricky said. "You can't leave me out of this! I've got to get in!"

Aunt and niece fell apart. Martha chuckled as Ricky continued fondling her sopping pussy. She had an urge to tease him. Smiling at Josie, she winked.

"Do we really need Ricky?" Martha said.

Josie giggled. "Well," she said, "I suppose I could use a nice hard cock up my cunt."

Martha grabbed Ricky's throbbing cock in her fist.

"Is this what you need? His prick feels very hot. Maybe we ought to cool him off a bit by sucking him."

"Both of us!" Josie hissed.

Martha licked her lips gluttonously. Both women fell to their knees on the bouncing bed while Ricky rose up. He tried desperately to keep his balance while they worked on his cock.

He closed his eyes and abandoned himself to the wild sensations ripping through his balls as the two loving tongues ran all over his slickened cock shaft.

Martha tasted the boy's cock juice on the rock-hard shaft of his prick. As she licked her nephew's jutting cock, her tongue came in contact with Josie's tongue. Aunt and niece slipped their tongues into each other's mouths occasionally while they worked the boy over. Martha sucked on one side of Ricky's cock head while Josie sucked on the other. Martha flicked her tongue over the piss hole of Ricky's bulging cock head while Josie licked the super-sensitive rim. Between the two of them they drove Ricky mad with excitement.

"Oh, Jesus fucking Christ!" the boy groaned. "I'm going to shoot my load, if you don't watch out!"

"Should we let him?" Martha asked playfully.

"We need his cock hard, don't we?" Josie smiled in reply.

The teenager's lips glistened with saliva and pre-cum.

"He won't get soft," Martha said.

"Maybe you're right," Josie smiled. "Maybe we can afford to let him shoot a load. I just love the taste of his jism!"

A moment later the two women went down on his cock, sucking and licking in a frenzy, their hands squeezing his heavy balls, their tongues working over the most sensitive places on his cock head and cock shaft.

Martha could tell that Ricky's orgasm was only moments away.

"He's about to come," she hissed.

She wanted his jism spurting in her face, but Josie cried out. "In my mouth, Ricky. Do it in my mouth!"

The girl grabbed the shaft of her brother's cock and jacked him up and down until his jism came boiling out of his cock head.

"Oh, Jesus Christ, I'm coming!" the boy groaned, "Get it! Get it! Suck it! Lick it all up! Suck me!"

Martha caught the first few spurts and swallowed the gobs of jism down greedily. Then Josie capped his cock head with her mouth and took the rest of his load.

Martha's cunt quivered as she watched the teenaged girl suck off her brother.

"Oh, God, that's lovely," Martha moaned.

Josie finally pulled her mouth off Ricky's cock. "My pussy's on fire!" the teenager moaned.

"His cock is still nice and hard," Martha said hungrily, licking her cum-covered lips. "Fuck us both, Ricky!"

The boy looked at the two lusty women who lay side by side on the bed. Their legs were spread and their cunts were exposed.

"I'm going to fuck you into the ground!" he grinned. "Both of you!"

He made them kneel beside each other on the edge of the bed with their heads down and their asses up in the air. Standing behind them, he ran his hands over their ass cheeks. His fingers dipped into the two ass cracks.

He plunged a finger inside each cunt hole and massaged a thumb over each asshole. Martha grunted and Josie groaned under the expert touch of the boy's fingers.

He finally shoved two fingers inside each cunt hole and a thumb inside each asshole and began finger-fucking the four holes with a steady rhythm. Diddling four holes at the same time drove the boy wild. It drove the women wild, too.

It wasn't long before Martha came. Squirming her ass, her body rocking back and forth as she fucked back at the boy's hand, she shuddered through one orgasm and began the ride up to the other.

Then Josie came, squealing and moaning, gyrating her ass to get more of his fingers in side her cunt hole and shit hole.

Finally pulling his fingers out, he wiped them on their asses and fisted his cock.

"Here it comes!" he snickered.

Rubbing his cock head between his aunt's hairy cunt lips, he found her slippery cunt hole and lurched forward to bury his cock to the hilt in her dripping pussy.

After a few strokes he pulled out and moved behind Josie's upraised ass. He rubbed his cock head up and down between his sister's pink cuntlips, found her cunt hole with the knob of his cock, and pushed forward to bury his prick in her steaming pussy.

Once again he pulled out after a few strokes. Once again he moved behind Martha. This time he rubbed his cock head over Martha's ass hole. Martha crooned when she realized what he was about to do. She squirmed her ass to encourage him.

The boy pressed his cock head against the tight ring of his aunt's asshole, and a moment later the spongy knob popped through the hole to ream out Martha's shitter.

"Oh, God!" Martha groaned. "Oh, God, that's good!"

He gave her a few slow deep strokes and pulled out again. She shuddered at the loss of his cock.

Now once again he moved behind his sister.

He rubbed his cock head aver her tight little ass hole.

Josie squealed. "Fuck my ass," the teenager purred. "Stick it in!"

With a grunt, the boy lurched forward and drove his cock to the hilt inside his sister's hot rubbery asshole.

Back and forth, in and out, the boy fucked aunt and sister in tandem. Asshole to asshole, cunt to cunt, he reamed out the four channels with his hard young cock.

The women groaned through continuous orgasms. When Ricky finally shot his load, Martha got the first half in her cunt. The boy then pulled his cock out of his aunt's cunt and shoved it into his sister's asshole.

Josie crooned with delight and clenched her ass to finish draining his balls.


Claire Burton was smart enough to realize that something was going on in the house, something unusual and known to everyone except herself.

Her husband and children and sister were all acting a little strangely. She caught mysterious glances between them. It was as if they had a secret they were deliberately keeping from her.

The answer to the riddle came one day in the attic. They had more or less decided to sell the old house, and Claire was up in the attic making a last inspection of things they might want to take with than when they left. They had to get rid of all the old junk up there.

She was rummaging through an old trunk when she heard Ricky's voice. She was startled at first, because she hadn't heard anyone come into the attic. Then she realized he wasn't in the attic at all. His voice had come from down below. She realized the sound of his voice had come up through one of the grates that connected the attic with the bedrooms.

Then she beard his voice again, and this time she realized there was something strange about it.

He sounded almost in pain, as though he were groaning.

Her eyes quickly ran over the floor of the attic until she located the place where the sound was coming from. From the position of the grate, she realized it wasn't Ricky's room at all. She pushed aside some aid cartons to get at the opening, and when she peered down she found herself looking into Martha's room.

The grate was directly over Martha's bed. Ricky was inched out on the bed on his back. Martha was kneeling between his legs sucking his cock.

Claire was paralyzed with shock. At first she didn't believe what she was seeing. Then she realized the scene below was very real. That was her son on the bed down there, and that was her sister with her son's cock in her mouth.

Quivering, her heart pounding as she settled in at her ringside seat. Claire gazed down at the couple on the bed and bit her lip to keep herself from gasping out loud.

Martha was in the process of giving Ricky a slow blow-job. She seemed in no hurry at all Claire watched as her sister lapped and licked the boy's spongy cock head. She hadn't seen Ricky's prick in years, and she was surprised at the size of it.

Martha slurped over the bloated knob as though it were an ice cream cone. She held the boy's balls her fingers, probing his nuts, and then her fist closed around his cock shaft to pump his meat while she sucked on his cock head. At intervals she would pull back and flutter the tip of her tongue at his piss hole.

She's an expert, Claire thought. My little sister gives head like an expert cock sucker!

She watched with amazement as Martha lifted the boy's balls and slowly drilled a finger into his asshole. Licking and sucking on Ricky's nuts, Martha slowly fucked her finger in and out of the boy's shitter.

Then she pulled her face off his cock and continued pumping his cock shaft slowly, to the same rhythm as the finger fucking the boy's ass.

Finally pulling her finger out of his asshole, the brunette lowered her face, nuzzled his balls, and pushed his legs back to his chest to raise his crotch up in the air.

Her eyes wide with amazement, Claire watched as Martha fluttered her tongue from Ricky's balls down to his asshole. Zeroing in on the puckered ring of the boy's shitter, Martha began lapping and tickling it with her tongue.

Claire shuddered with disbelief. Was this actually her prudish sister? This was an unknown Martha, a Martha whose existence she had never suspected. Her sister was down there tonguing the ass of her son!

Now Martha pulled her mouth any from Ricky's ass and moved back to his cock head. She sucked and slurped on his knob again, one hand holding his cock shaft and the other hand cradling his balls.

She could teach me a trick or two! Claire thought. She wondered how innocent Ricky was. Was this the first time the two of them were together?

He was so much like his father. Young as he was, he had the cock and balls of a full-grown man. She felt strange looking at him. A feeling of incestuous lust washed over her and made her pussy quiver.

Martha finally pulled her mouth and hands away from Ricky's cock.

"Enough for now, honey," she said. "You can lick my pussy awhile."

She rolled over and stretched out on her back. Ricky scrambled to his knees between her legs and ran his hands along the insides of her thighs to her cunt. Martha pulled her knees back to her chest and opened her legs to expose her hairy crotch.

"Make it last!" Martha said. "Just take your time."

It was now obvious to Claire that this was not the first time for them. They were too much at ease with each other. She wondered how long it had been going on!

How ironic it was that her sister and her son had been having an affair and she had never suspected it! At least he's got a good teacher! Claire giggled silently.

The boy was opening Martha's cunt now. He pulled apart the hairy pussy lips and ran his forefingers along each side of Martha's stiff pink clit.

Claire gazed down with fascination at her sister's open cunt. Although they were sisters, in many ways they were different. Martha was a brunette. Her dark hairy ass was so unlike Claire's blonde pussy!

"Eat me!" Martha hissed at Ricky. "Suck my pussy now!"

The boy swooped down on Martha's open oozing cunt. He mashed his face into her wet crotch. Claire could hear the squishing of her sister's cunt juice on her son's nose and cheeks. She watched with amazement at the expert way Ricky massaged Martha's clit with the tip of his nose.

When the boy pulled his face away from Martha's crotch, his lips were glistening with Martha's juice.

"Let's do sixty-nine!" he grinned.

A moment later he was straddled over Martha with his face over her crotch and his cock hanging over her mouth. Claire watched as Martha sucked the boy's cock and then released it to lick and suck on his dangling balls.

Ricky slurped up Martha's cunt juice and fucked his finger in and out of her cunt hole. Aunt and nephew slobbered over each other's crotches with loud sucking noises.

Martha's hands roamed over Ricky's ass. She moved her fingers into the crack of his ass, teased the rim of his ass hole and finally drilled a finger deep inside his shitter. The boy grunted and began sucking her cunt more forcefully.

Claire's pussy was on fire with lust as she watched the antics of the couple below. With a soft moan, she pushed three fingers inside her sopping cunt. Another finger tickled her asshole, and in a moment she had fingers in her ass and cunt, pumping both holes with her hand for all she was worth.

She was able to strum her clit with her thumb at the same time, and the total stimulation of her crotch soon had her crazy.

"Oh, God, I'm coming!" Martha wailed down on the bed.

Ricky's face was working in her crotch like a machine.

"Suck me!" Martha groaned. "Suck me out!"

She thrashed under the boy, her finger working his asshole, his balls slapping back and forth on her nose. In the midst of her orgasm, she greedily gobbled up the boy's cock and frantically pumped him until he shot his load down her throat. When Ricky finally rolled off Martha's body, his balls were obviously drained.

Up in the attic, Claire was finishing one come and beginning another. She was in a daze. The excitement of watching her sister and son fucking on the bed directly under her eyes was almost too much to bear.

She saw Ricky get up and leave the room. She watched as Martha lay back on the bed idly fingering her pussy. Although her rhythm had slowed, Claire continued strumming her clit, her eyes fixed on Martha, who was now doing the same thing.

Claire came just as a knock sounded on the door below. She gasped when a moment later Frank walked into the room. He chuckled, his eyes glittering, when he saw Martha lying on the bed playing with her pussy.

"Well, you look ready enough," Frank said.

Martha groaned. "You shouldn't do this. It's too dangerous. I think I'd die if Claire ever found out."

"Don't worry about Claire," Frank said. "She doesn't seem to be in the house."

He started undressing, his eyes fixed on Martha's hand as it continued massaging her hairy open cunt.

Trembling with anticipation, her hand once more rubbing her cunt, Claire watched as Martha rose up to sit on the edge of the bed. Frank stood in front of her, his cock swaying under her nose, his hands caressing Martha's hair.

Opening her mouth, Martha gluttonously engulfed the knob of his cock. She began a vigorous sucking. Her hands moved around to clutch his ass cheeks. Her head bobbed up and down as the ring of her lips slid back and forth over his cock shaft.

"Oh, yeah!" Frank groaned. "That's good!"

Holding her ears, he gradually assumed control of the movements. Martha held her head still as he began fucking her mouth with his pistoning cock.

Claire watched the face fucking with a combination of shock and lust. She was turned on by the lewd sight of her husband pumping his cock in and out of her sister's hungry mouth.

She wondered how many other women Frank had fucked during their marriage. She wondered how long he and Martha had been having an affair. How strange it was! It was hard to believe that her husband was actually down there face-fucking her sister.

There was no way to deny that it turned her on. Watching Martha take Frank's cock in and out of her throat was the most erotic thing Claire had ever seen. Claire was sure they had done this before.

Once again she was shocked at how expert Martha was at cock sucking. First Ricky and now Frank. Martha had certainly captured the men in his family! Whatever resentment Claire had was overshadowed by her lust.

Frank was reaching down to hold Martha's tits and groaning, "Suck it, baby God, what a mouth! You like it when I fuck your face like this, don't you? Christ, it's good!"

Claire stifled a groan as she started coming. She worked her cunt furiously with her hand, her hips pumping as spasm after spasm convulsed her pussy. She thought she would come at the same time as Frank, but he surprised her by pulling his cock out of Martha's mouth.

"I'll finish in your ass, baby!" he said.

Claire jerked her way though an orgasm as she stared transfixed at the scene below. Martha was now greasing up Frank's cock with some cold-cream. The brunette put the jar away and turned over to kneel on the bed with her head down and her ass in the air facing Frank.

"Gorgeous ass!" Frank chuckled. His hands roamed over Martha's ass cheeks, his fingers dipping into the dark hairy crack. Positioning his cock head on the rim of her asshole, he pushed forward and sank his prick to the hilt inside her shitter.

A long wail came out of Martha's throat.

"Fuck me!" she groaned. "Oh, God, I'm coming! Fuck me!"

Frank began pumping his cock in and out of Martha's shit hole. Claire trembled and groaned and shook as she watched the frenzied scene below. It wasn't long before a grunt rumbled out of Frank's chest as he started to shoot his load in Martha's ass.

Her fingers working frantically in her cunt, this time Claire came along with her husband. Slumping down on the floor beside the grate, Claire was only vaguely aware of Frank leaving Martha's room.

Minutes passed. As Claire recovered her senses, she realized someone was knocking on Martha's door again. She groaned when a moment later Josie walked into the room. Oh, God, no, not Josie! She thought.

She gazed down at her sister and her daughter. They were whispering to each other, their hands on each other's tits, as Josie stripped her clothes off.

Soon they were both naked on the bed with their fingers fluttering over each other's pussies. Claire was mesmerized.

"I'd rather play with a cock," Josie giggled. "But sometimes this is just as good."

Oh. Jesus! Claire thought. Thank God, she's not a lesbian.

Lesbian or not, Josie had an obvious liking for pussy. Claire watched the girl climb between Martha's thighs and lower her face to Martha's sopping crotch.

"Oh, Jesus! This is a wet cunt," Josie laughed. "Who's been here?"

"Never mind that," Martha chuckled. "Just get to work."

Claire shuddered as she watched her daughter begin slurping at Martha's jism-drenched cunt. She had a feeling Josie knew exactly what she was doing. Damn Martha! She was sure a lusty bitch! She had been deceiving Claire all these years.

When Josie raised her mouth from Martha's crotch, her face was covered with Martha's cunt juice.

"Let's do sixty-nine," Josie said.

This isn't the first time, Claire thought. They've done this before. Oh, God, what a fool I've been!

Josie was now straddling Martha, her face hovering over Martha's crotch and her cunt swaying over Martha's mouth. A moment later Josie dropped her crotch down onto Martha's face and Martha began sucking and nuzzling at the teenager's blonde pussy.

Above them, her eyes wide as she continued peering through the grate, Claire frigged her cunt in a frenzy. The sight of her sister and her daughter sucking each other's cunts drove her wild.

She was using two hands to frig herself now. She had one under her ass with a finger plugging her asshole. The other hand massaged her pussy with three fingers pumping in and out of her cunt hole.

Josie's ass and Martha's face were directly below her. She found herself staring at her daughter's tight-looking brown asshole. She could see Martha's lips and tongue working over Josie's cunt.

At intervals one or the other would pull her face away from the wet crotch she'd been sucking and cry out her pleasure. Martha slurped like an animal on the teenager's dripping pussy. Josie bounced her cunt up and down on her aunt's face.

Claire couldn't help being jealous. She was jealous of Josie. How lovely it would be to mash her cunt on Martha's face!

Josie was going wild now. She wailed and moaned as Martha drilled a finger into the teenager's ass. Once again Claire was amazed at how expert Martha was.

They were coming now. Josie shuddered through what looked like a mind-blowing orgasm, her crotch pumping up and down on Martha's upturned face. A moment later Martha began bucking her hips, fucking her cunt at Josie's mouth, her body shaking as she came.

When they rolled apart, Martha leaned over and kissed Josie's cheek.

"Do you like this better than fucking Ricky?" Martha asked.

Josie smiled. "Nothing is better than fucking Ricky," she said.

Above them, Claire gasped. She understood now that brother and sister were fucking. Her heart pounding, she moved away from the grate and quietly left the attic.


The more Roy Harkin thought about Martha, the more he realized how much he missed her. He had long ago decided it was time to get serious about his life. He needed to settle down. He needed the advantages of a steady woman. He missed Martha's gorgeous tits and ass. He missed her hot little pussy.

One day Roy decided to ride out to the old house where Martha and her family were staying. When he drove up, the place seemed quiet, almost as if nobody was home.

He knocked on the door. After a long while, the door opened and he found himself confronted by a pretty teenage girl.

"Is Martha home? My name's Roy."

The girl studied him a moment, and then she smiled. "Sure," she said. "Everybody's out back. Why don't you come on in?"

The teenager was wearing a bikini, and Roy couldn't help admiring her cute little body and juicy little ass as she walked in front of him down the hall. They walked through the house and out into the large yard behind it.

Martha was surprised to see Roy, but she was obviously pleased. She introduced him to her sister, Claire, and to the others.

Roy was impressed. Claire looked like a hot piece. Ricky and Frank seemed friendly. He learned the juicy little teenager's name was Josie.

"Well, so now I've met your family," Roy said with a smile.

Josie handed him a can of beer, and he sat down to join the group.

It wasn't long before Roy realized there was something funny about the people around him. They seemed in a daze. They were totally relaxed.

The women were all wearing skimpy bikinis, but none of them seemed self-conscious about Roy's presence. They didn't seem to mind when he stared boldly at their tits and asses.

Martha was sitting directly across from him, and each time she moved her legs apart he could clearly see the outline of her cunt lips under the material of her bikini.

Frank was sitting next to Martha, and Roy was particularly bothered by how cozy they seemed with each other. Martha's hands seemed to be all over Frank, and Roy was soon wondering about their relationship.

As time passed, Roy felt more at ease. He talked and cracked jokes and drank beer. Then his eyes widened when he saw Frank drape his arm around Martha's shoulders and hang his hand over Martha's tit.

Roy pretended nothing had happened, but he watched the action carefully. No one else seemed disturbed by what was going on.

Frank fondled Martha's tit and a moment later Frank and Martha turned their faces toward each other and kissed.

It was more than a friendly kiss. When they pulled apart, Roy hissed under his breath when he saw that Frank had pulled Martha's bikini top down to completely expose her tits. A moment later Frank leaned over and sucked one of Martha's juicy nipples into his mouth.

"Does that bother you?" The voice belonged to Claire. She had come over to sit beside Roy, and now she was running her hand up and down his arm and smiling at him.

"I don't know," Roy said. "I'm just a guest here."

"Oh, you're more than that," Claire giggled. "Martha told me about you."

"Oh, yeah. What did she say?" "She said you're very good in the sack," Claire said with a smile.

Lifting his hand now, she placed it squarely on her tit. Roy shrugged. If that's the way things were, who was he to fight it?

He fondled Claire's tits and then pulled her top down to have a look at her nipples. She moaned softly when he rolled the pink tips between his fingers.

Her hand moved down to the bulge in his crotch. Her fingers fluttered over the outline of his hardening cock.

"Mmm," she purred. "You're big!" Roy continued fondling Claire's tits. Then he looked up and was shocked to see Josie feeling up her brother. The girl had Ricky's cock out of his jeans.

"Jesus!" Roy breathed.

The sight of the brother and sister petting in front of his eyes turned him on. Josie was certainly a juicy little piece. She had her ass turned toward him, and the more he stared at it, the better it looked.

"We're sort of free and easy about things," Claire whispered in Roy's ear. "I hope you don't mind."

A moment later she slipped away to join her husband. Roy was sorry to see her go. His cock was rock-hard now and he missed the feel of her hand on it. She had completely removed her bikini top, and her tits jiggled as she walked over to Frank.

He couldn't hear what she said to Martha, but in a moment Martha rose up and came over to him.

"Do you like my family?" Martha asked with a smile.

Roy shrugged. "You don't see me complaining, do you?"

"I didn't think you would," Martha giggled.

She sat down in his lap and held a tit up to his mouth. He sucked on her long thick nipple. He remembered the way he'd had her tied up on a bed. She was a hot fuck. Now that they were together again, he realized more than ever before how much he'd missed her.

He sucked her big nipples one after the other until they glistened with his saliva. Then he looked over at the two kids and grunted at the sight of Josie sucking Ricky's cock.

All eyes were on the kids now. Josie had tossed her bikini aside, and her luscious little body made his cock twitch. Spellbound, Roy watched as the teenage girl rapidly bobbed her head up and down on her brother's hard cock.

His eyes closed, his hands resting lightly on his sister's head, Ricky groaned in response to the vigorous sucking.

Now Claire was heeling between Frank's legs. She had his cock out and she was licking and lapping at his fat cock head. At intervals she would take his prick in her mouth and swoop down until her lips were in his crotch. She scooped his balls out and held them in her hand as she sucked and slurped on his dripping cock head.

"I think it's time I had something in my mouth," Martha said.

Slipping to the ground, she soon had her head in Roy's lap. Roy leaned back as she fished his cock out of his pants. He watched her month work over his cock head.

She chewed and sucked on his spongy knob, swabbing her tongue over the tight velvety skin until he groaned with pleasure. Leaning down, he grabbed hold of her tits and pinched her nipples.

"Suck it, baby!" he hissed. "I've missed you."

Martha now pulled her mouth off his cock and looked up at him.

"I've told them all about you," she said. "Yeah, I know Claire mentioned that." "Fuck me in the ass," Martha said quietly "Claire wants to see that. Will you do it?"

"Oh, Jesus!" Roy groaned.

Martha smiled and turned to the others. "Would you all like to see Roy fuck me in the ass?"

Claire and Josie stopped their sucking. They all looked at Roy and Martha.

"Super!" Josie squealed. "I'll get the Vaseline."

Roy was almost in a daze as he stripped off his clothes. Martha got down on the grass on her hands and knees, wiggling her ass, enticing him with the sight of her cunt and ass hole.

When Josie brought out the jar of Vaseline, Claire took it from her.

"I'll do the honors," Claire smiled. Roy stood with his hands on his hips while Claire greased up his cock. Hefting his balls with her fingers, she winked at him.

"I get some of this later."

He crouched down behind Martha's ass. He took hold of her hips with his hands. Claire was beside him, one hand on his ass and the other hand holding his cock. She positioned his cock head on the ring of Martha's asshole. When he pushed forward, Martha groaned. A moment later his cock head popped into her tight shit hole and he drove the full length of his cock into her ass.

"Oh, God!" Martha moaned. "That's good!"

She was hot and tight. Claire was behind him now, her hands clutching his ass cheeks as he began slowly pumping in and out of Martha's shit hole.

Leaning forward, he grabbed hold of Martha's hanging tits. He fucked her ass with long deep strokes.

When he raised his eyes up, he saw Josie sitting in a chair with her legs wide apart and her fingers strumming her cunt. Her juicy young tits jiggled as her hand pumped in and out of her pussy.

"Oh, Jesus!" Roy grinned.

"I think Josie turns him on," Claire laughed.

The sight of the young teenage girl masturbating in front of his eyes drove Roy wild.

"Oh, shit, I'm coming!" he groaned.

He began pumping harder in and out of Martha's ass. Martha gyrated her hips in response, urging him on.

"Fuck me!" she cried out. "Shoot it up my ass!"

When he started coming, Claire squeezed his balls as he shot his load into Martha's hungry asshole. A wail came out of Martha's throat as she came.

At the last moment Claire shoved a finger up Roy's ass and he pumped forward again to drain his balls.

Roy dozed off awhile on the grass. He opened his eyes again when he felt someone's hands on his prick. He found Josie giggling while she cleaned up his cock and balls. They were alone.

"Where's everybody?" he said.

"In the house," Josie replied. "It's just you and me."

He feasted his eyes on her luscious little body.

"You're quite a piece," he said.

"You like my family?" she snickered.

"You bet!"

"I guess we're a little different from most people," Josie said, her hands fondling his cock. "It took awhile for my mother to come around, but she finally did. Now we always ball together."

Unable to resist the urge, Roy reached out to squeeze her tits and then ran his hands down over the firm globes of her ass. Christ, she was a juicy little piece!

"Can I suck your cock?" she asked.

Roy chuckled, "I don't think I could say no to that."

She swooped down on him, engulfing his cock head in her rosy-lipped mouth. She sucked on his prick expertly. Her mouth was hot and wet. She dribbled thick saliva over his cock and balls until her lips moved smoothly up and down his slippery cock shaft.

He groaned with pleasure when she moved her face lower down to lick and suck his balls.

"Oh, yeah!" he said. "That's nice, honey! That's real nice!"

She sucked his cock until it was hard as a rock again. Then she pulled her mouth off his knob and smiled.

"Let me fuck you awhile," she said. "Stretch out on your back and let me ride you."

He did as she asked. She climbed over him, straddling his hips squatting down over his cock and easing his cock head into her juicy cunt hole. He held her tits as she began moving up and down on his prick.

"It's good," she groaned. "I love it!"

Slipping a hand down between her legs, she began rubbing her clit at the same time as she moved up and down on his cock. It wasn't long before she was coming. He watched her shake and shudder through an orgasm, his hands holding her ass as she bucked up and down.

After the last spasm had passed, he gently pushed her off his cock and told her to bend over a chair.

"Oh, wow!" she exclaimed. "That turns me on. Are you going to fuck my ass?"

"You bet, baby. Just get that little butt up in the air!"

When she had herself doubled over with her ass raised up, he ran his hands over her ass cheeks and fingered the crack between her cunt hole and asshole. Fisting his cock, he swabbed his cock head up and down over her asshole.

Then he moved his cock lower dawn, pressing his knob into the mouth of her cunt to get it wet. Scooping out some cunt juice with the tip of his cock, he brought his cock head up to her asshole again and smeared the juice over her shitter.

"You're teasing me," Josie moaned.

"Hell, no," Roy said. "I'm just greasing you up. Just relax."

Pressing his cock head against the girl's ass hole, he slowly pressed forward and drove into her butt to the hilt. He gazed down, feasting his eyes on the stretched ring of her asshole around his thick cock shaft.

"How's that?" he asked.

"Oh, God, you're big!"

He began slowly fucking her.

"Oh, sweet Jesus!" she moaned. "I'm coming! I'm coming!"

She bucked her ass back at his cock, trying to get more of his meat inside her shitter. Holding her hips in his hands, he increased the tempo of his long strokes, fucking his cock in and out of her ass until he had her wailing and moaning in response to his thrusts.

He suddenly felt someone behind him. It was Claire. She leaned against him, her hand between his legs to hold his balls as he pumped in and out of her daughter's asshole.

"You like young pussy, don't you?" Claire laughed.

Roy grunted. The teenager's hot asshole had his cock in a tight clutching grip. He ran his hands along Josie's ribs and suddenly raised her off the ground.

"Oh, Jesus!" Josie cried out.

He held her up, her body speared on his cock, her legs thrashing as he continued fucking her stretched asshole.

Claire continued pressing herself against his back and holding his balls with her hand between his legs.

The others had come out now. Martha walked between Ricky and Frank with an arm around each of them. Roy watched with amused curiosity as Martha and the two men arranged themselves on a blanket. It wasn't long before he realized what was happening.

The three of them lay stretched out with Martha sandwiched between the boy and his father. They were fucking her cunt and asshole at the same time. She groaned and writhed on the blanket, delirious with lust as the two cocks worked in and out of her.

The sight of Martha getting fucked like that turned Roy on. Once again he marveled at the lusty ripeness of her body. He was reaming in and out of Josie's tight asshole, but it was Martha's body that drew his attention.

"Oh, God!" Martha wailed. "Oh, dear God in heaven!"

Ricky and Frank were coming. Father and son shot their loads at almost the same time in to Martha's gaping hungry pussy and asshole.

Watching the convulsions of the trio on the blanket carried Roy past the point of no return, and he began shooting his load of hot jism into Josie's butt hole.

Claire groaned as she felt his balls spasm in her hand with each spurt of his cock. She furiously fingered herself to an orgasm as Roy pumped her daughter's grasping asshole.

The men were drained. Bleary-eyed, Roy watched as the women gathered together to caress each other and finger their pussies.

Aunt and mother and daughter slipped down to arrange themselves in a closed chain. Martha had her mouth on Claire's cunt, Claire had her mouth on Josie's cunt and Josie had her mouth on Martha's cunt.

Roy had never in his life seen anything like it. They're all fuck-crazy! He thought.

The ring of mouths and cunts drove him wild. Three luscious asses wriggled and squirmed as three tongues worked over three clits.

"Let's get in there and do the work for them," Frank said. "We don't want them to get the idea they don't need us!"

The three women broke apart laughing. Roy's head was soon between Martha's legs. He plastered his mouth over her cunt, sucking and slurping at the meat of her pussy.

Ricky sucked at Josie's tender young hole.

Frank was on his knees with Claire's legs draped over his shoulders as he gobbled her pussy.

Roy loved the taste of Martha's hot cunt. He sucked in great mouthfuls of cunt-flesh, drinking up the thick juice oozing out of her hairy hole.

It wasn't long before the women demanded fucking. By now the men were ready for it.

"Let's have the girls on their knees." Frank said.

The women knelt down with their asses in the air and the men mounted them from behind. Roy chuckled as he realized they were lined up in a row. He ran his hands lovingly over Martha's luscious ass.

Beside him, Ricky was mounting Josie. Beside Ricky, Frank was mounting Claire. It's the only way to fuck, Roy thought.

Roy pushed his thumb into Martha's asshole. Leaning forward, he grabbed hold of her heavy hanging tits. She groaned and bucked her ass back at his cock as he slipped it into her cunt.

He began a pile-driving fuck, ramming his cock in and out of her cunt, reaming her pussy with long smooth thrusts that brought a high-pitched wail out of her throat at the end of each stroke.

"Oh, shit, here it comes!" Roy groaned.

He pumped his hips in a frenzy as the jism boiled out of his cock. Martha wailed with pleasure as he shot his load. This time when he fell over, he was certain he'd never be able to get up again.

He stretched out with his head in Martha's lap. She caressed his face and leaned forward so that he could suck at her tits. He chewed on her fat nipples. Slipping a hand down between her legs, he fingered her thick cunt lips as she rubbed her tits back and forth over his face.

"I'm glad you're here," Martha said. "I'm not as lonely as I was when I first met you, but I'm glad you're here. This is a real family now."

"Yeah," Roy said.

"Can you get hard again?" she whispered.

"Jesus!" he groaned. "I don't know."

Martha chuckled. She called to Claire and Josie. "I need help," she said.

Roy was too exhausted to resist. He let the women take over. Mother and daughter formed a team to work on his cock. He looked down with dazed eyes at Claire and Josie licking and sucking at his limp prick. He had doubts about whether they would be able to get him up again, but it wasn't long before he felt his cock thickening.

Martha had her fingers in her cunt, watching Claire and Josie as they worked on his gradually stiffening cock. When she saw Roy looking at her she spread her legs open to show him her cunt.

The sight of her hand working in and out of her sopping pussy quickly brought his cock up again. Claire and Josie pulled back with a laugh.

"There it is," Claire said. "As good as new! It's time for Martha's treat."

When Roy gave Martha a questioning look, she smiled.

"It's Claire's idea," Martha said.

Claire snickered. "You're the third man, Roy!"

He realized then what they were talking about. His cock twitched at the idea. He was pleased that he would be able to contribute something to the group.

Frank stretched out on the blanket, and Martha straddled over him and stuffed his cock into her cunt. She rode him up and down a few times her tits swinging, her ass bouncing as she fucked up and down on his prick. Then she leaned forward, her tits mashed against his chest, her ass raised and her asshole exposed.

Ricky now moved behind her. Roy watched with fascinated eyes as the boy swabbed his cock head up and down the crack of his aunt's ass and finally positioned his knob on the puckered rim of her shitter.

The boy grunted and pushed forward. A soft moan escaped Martha's lips as Ricky's cock head pumped into her asshole. The kid was no amateur. He knew exactly what he was doing. He began fucking his aunt's ass with smooth expert strokes.

Josie stood beside him, one hand on Martha's ass and one hand on Ricky's ass.

Martha groaned as she rocked on the two cocks. Gurgling sounds came out of her throat at the pleasure of the double-fuck.

"Okay, Roy," Claire said. "Get in there!" Roy moved around to Martha's head. She looked up at him, her eyes sparkling. Fisting his cock, he wiped his cock head across her lips and pushed it into her luscious greedy mouth.

"Oh, yeah!" he breathed.

He began fucking her mouth in rhythm with the cocks moving in and out of her asshole and cunt. She had all holes filled.

Claire came behind Roy to hold his balls as he pumped his prick in and out of Martha's throat.

Her clit and ass and mouth stuffed with cock, Martha soon turned into a delirious animal. She bucked and swayed, rocking back and forth between the cocks in her cunt and ass and the cock in her mouth.

Roy pumped with deliberate thrusts, his cock head jabbing at the back of her throat at the end of each stroke, his teeth clenched, his balls in Claire's squeezing hand.

"Oh, God, what a beautiful fuck!" Claire crooned.

His hands holding Martha's head, Roy looked down at her.

"Can you hear me, Martha?"

She raised her eyes, her mouth full of his cock.

"Will you marry me?" he asked.

As he continued pumping his cock in and out of the stretched ring of her lips, she bobbed her head up and down in answer to his question.


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