Whipped raped daughter

It was Henry David Thoreau, in Walden, who remarked, "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation." This statement appears to be just as true today as it was then. Perhaps it is even more valid today considering the pressures and frequent monotony of today's world.

The majority of today's men and women live in boring circumstances, and when the opportunity for change arises, they are often quick to seize the chance. For the characters in this story, the opportunity's one which many would consider perverse and deranged for it is one of incest. But it provides a release and a need. All morals and scruples are cast aside in a moment of madness a chance to grab pleasure before it is taken away.

WHIPPED RAPED DAUGHTER -- a novel about the quiet desperation in so many of us and the extremes to which it may drive us.


It was a kinky bar, one Tina Mathis knew she shouldn't be in. There were all sorts of guys in weird outfits, and the music drummed on like a giant heart. She was underage to boot, although her face and body made most people think she was twenty-one. Her best girlfriend, Kathy Harrington, had coaxed her into coming even though she felt wildly out of place.

Now, sitting meekly at the corner table, tapping one finger against her glass in time with the music, Tina felt as if she should leave. After all, she had told her mother she'd be in by eleven, and it was already ten.

"You like suckin' cock, baby?"

The horrible words whispered in her ear made the young blonde jump from her chair, nearly upending her drink. Kathy said something, grabbing for the drinks while Tina tried recovering from her shock. Turning, Tina saw a tall dark-haired man with, a bushy mustache and beard facing her. He was holding a beer in one hand, one leg propped up on the bottom rung of her chair. She couldn't tell if he was smiling at her, and wasn't sure now if she had heard him correctly.

"I'm sorry, I didn't..."

"I said, do you like suckin' cock? You know, wrappin' those pretty little lips around my prick and pulling down hard till I shoot in your throat. That kinda shit."

His voice was even moderated. Still Tina couldn't believe he was talking to her like this. She gathered her white wool sweater from the chair and flung it over her narrow shoulders, leaving the table.

"You you pig!" she gasped, casting a baleful glance at Kathy, who had missed the conversation.

"Tina, wait! Wait up!" Kathy shouted, grabbing her purse and racing after her friend.

"That man! That awful man! He ohhhh, I don't even want to talk about it!"

"What did he say?" Kathy asked, holding her friend while looking back into the crowd. The man Tina was referring to had disappeared.

"I don't even want to talk about it. Kathy, I don't want to stay here. The people are creepy, and it's getting late. We could get arrested for being here even," Tina said, shaking her friend free and walking quickly to the door.

"All right. If that's the way you are. I'm staying for a while," Kathy said, shrugging her shoulders and walking back to her chair.

Outside Tina gathered her sweater around her blue dress. She was all wrong. She should have worn leather with whips, she thought dryly as she began walking quickly down the street. But then her mother certainly would have been suspicious. A girl didn't go out to the library and soda shop looking like a slut. And Kathy the way she flirted with everyone in that horrid bar. It was no surprise some loathsome man like that that animal came up and said such awful things. She wouldn't have been surprised if he wanted to fuck her right in front of everyone.


The word bubbled from her mouth, making her virgin cunt pucker, while ticklish electric like rushes shivered up and down her thighs. Kathy tried driving the image of the man from her mind. She would put him from her mind and would never remember what happened here. She would tell Kathy to find someone else to go with her to such offbeat places.


Something grabbed her wrist just as she reached the curb. It was a hand, pulling her into a narrow alleyway. Her sweater fell from her shoulders as a set of hands slipped down over her tits, then down to her crotch.

Tina screamed, feeling rude fingers slipping under her panties, sliding ever her cunt, poking into the tight, hot hairy little pussy. She shrieked as a jagged nail creased against her clit, one knee rubbing into her asscrack. Someone was raping it with his hand, finger-fucking her while tearing her dress. Twisting her head around, she saw it was the awful man from the bar.

"Help! God in heaven, help me! Someone -- rape! Rape!"

Tina used everything she had learned in school to protect herself. She stomped back with her feet, used her elbows, and slapped back with her hands. But nothing worked. He was wrestling her down to the filthy street, drawing her back into the alleyway. Tina felt her shoes coming loose as her legs kicked against several garbage cans. Her dress tore, the material slipping from her body as she shrieked again for help.

"Shut up or I'll knock the shit outta you right now!" the man growled.

His hands slipped along her waist once more, leaving her cunt alone for the moment. Tina took advantage of his move to kick back, hitting her attacker in the knee. He let out a groan, letting go of her as she twisted free and bolted for the alleyway entrance.

Tina slipped, regained her balance, then pitched forward again, her hair flying into her face. She felt herself come to rest in a pile of filth, garbage clinging to her anus and face while her fret were pushed into a sooty pile of dirt. The big man was near her, laughing softly, then bending down and grabbing her wrist.

"You don't smell so good now. But we'll clean you up fast."

"No, don't!"

Tina felt weak and her ankles hurt terribly from her fall. Still she fought the big man with every ounce of strength she had, beating her fists against his chest. She saw something suddenly rise over her head and realized it was his right hand. It came down in a broad arc, the shadow cutting across her body like a knife. Tina barely had time to scream before the fist crashed against her cheek. The world crashed in on her as she fell back, her arms dropping to either side of her body.


She felt hands scooping her up, carrying her quickly down the alley to a car. She thought about her sweater, about how she could tell him to pick it up. But the young teen fell into a deeper faint, hardly feeling the hands toying with her thighs.

When Tina started to regain consciousness she was already indoors, thrown onto a cement floor; it had happened so quickly, so horribly. Tina pushed herself up and shook her head, staring around at what appeared to be a cell of some sort.

"Shut up slut!"

Tina bristled at the words. Someone was shouting in another part of the building. There was another shout, then the sound of wild sobbing. Tina rose from the floor, noticing a small rectangular window high on the stone wall. It all felt so medieval, she thought, throwing her arms around her shoulders.

She stood, peering through the bars which reinforced the window. Tina thought she could make out barbed wire outside curled and black, with tiny steel points like the short, curly hairs covering her cuntlips. The thought shot into her mind almost by mistake. What on earth could she be thinking of? What could be going through her mind?


Tina sobbed, fighting back tears, then came up against the wall where the window was. It was black outside, the sky punctuated by a nearly unbrokened cluster of stars. She wanted to be out there, free of everything around her. Oh, if only she could shout out to someone for help. But there didn't seem to be any buildings out there at least, none she could see.

Then she heard footsteps.

Tina thought of the big man who had torn off her dress, who had fingered her brutally, and finally, who had knocked her senseless. She wheeled around hugging herself, feeling faint as she heard rattling at the keyhole. The door creaked open and he strode in, his body filling the doorway. In the small room he seemed larger than life.

"So, you enjoying yourself? Nice view, especially at night," he said, nodding at the window.

Tina swallowed a lump of fear, tilting her chin defiantly up.

"Why have you brought me here? Who are you?"

He laughed softly, rubbing his nose and kicking the door shut behind him. Tina heard the latch drop, and wanted to scream.

"I always hang out at that bar," the man said, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. Tina felt nervous, seeing the unholy gleam grow in his eyes. "I look for types, you know types like you. Ain't many around. Too used, you know? Then I saw you and your little friend pop in. And I thought, there's a pair who can work out real fine."

"Work out? What are you talking about?"

"That's my business. As for my name, you can call me Bart. That's what everybody else calls me around here. Now, I'm not gonna hurt you too bad, at first."

Tina shivered, feeling naked and vulnerable as she backed up against the wall. He was there, filling up the room, standing there with his legs spread apart. She thought she could smell his groin. What was he going to do, shoot her? Knife her? Dismember her?

Tina felt real fear no, the skin between her cunthole and shitter creasing and crawling with terror. He stepped closer to her, his fingers clenching and unclenching while his forehead wrinkled. He hadn't shaved for some time, the stubble around his cheeks emphasizing the mustache and beard covering the lower half of his face. He was a big man, big enough to crush her, she thought. Tina could tell he liked doing this to people, probably especially to women.


And then he put a heavy hand on her shoulder, pushing her back. She staggered to one side, her legs tangling up and making her fall on her ass. She scooted back, drawing her torn dress over her knees while keeping a careful eye on him. She wanted to ask if he had taken Kathy prisoner as well, but the words froze in her throat.

"Sit up!"

When she refused, he grabbed her hair, filling his palm with the blonde strands. He jerked her face close to him, smashing her lips against his boots and cracking them. Tina let out a little cry, tasting her own blood as it washed over her tongue. He was holding her captive there, bringing her face up until Tina felt her lips pressing against something very hot and hard. In a flash she realized what she was touching with her mouth. It was his prick.

Tina screamed, twisting away from him, feeling her mind flash into a hot fire while the cruel hand twisted her hair even more. She thought she would be snatched bald.


Bart stepped back, backhanding her, his knuckles bruising her chin while the force of the blow knocked Tina's head against the wall behind her.

"I'll show you that you don't have much to say around here! You'll find out pronto!"

There was a small bench to one side, tucked in the corner. Bart grabbed it and pulled the thing to the center of the room, kicking Tina away with one foot. She lay there, pushing the hair from her eyes, feeling very vulnerable. It was with great hesitation that she stood up when he ordered her to sit on the bench, keeping her back to the window.

Then she noticed iron rings set in the wall, their buckled straps hanging. Tina shook her head, not believing they would be used for her. She pulled up a section of her dress to cover her bra, noticing that Bart had moved closer to her. When she started to get up, she felt him shoving her back down on the seat, his finger tearing her dress to shreds with one move.


Again Tina started to get up. But his hands were faster, knocking her down to the bench, then sliding up under her bra and pulling the halter from her body.

In a flash, the girl realized her tits were free and naked, bouncing against one another while Bart busily pulled her panties down.

"No, no, don't! Oh, you pig, you pig!" Tina screamed, kicking her legs wildly and beating her fists against his back.

She felt the silky rub of her briefs over her knees, thighs, and ankles. She pressed down hard with her ass, twisting her legs around, pushing at the big man, anything to preserve her dignity. It was impossible. He stripped her naked quickly, throwing her clothes to the corner.

Tina had never felt so awfully mortified before in her life! She crossed her arms to protea her tits and curt from his eyes, her face reddening with embarrassment. The splintery wood of the bench tickled her shitter and asscheeks, but she stayed quiet, wondering what else the madman was going to do to her!

Bart grabbed her ankles first, twisting her legs up and spreading them wide apart. He tugged her forward, her ass scraping along the cutting splinters and making Tina cry out in pain. She brought her hands down to the tap of the bench, bracing her fingers against the sides. He dropped one of feet and took the other in both hands, wrapping one of the straps hanging from the wall around it.

Tina screamed, twisting her body, kicking at Bart with her free leg. It was futile. He grabbed it, twisting the ankle around sharply until a shock of pain raced up her thigh and into her cunt. She thought he'd broken her ankle.

Flattening herself on the stool, Tina let out a whimper, afraid to move as Bart slipped the remaining strap around her left ankle and buckled it tightly. She trembled, closing her eyes, curling her fingers and scraping the nails nervously against the legs of the stool. Her ass is hung over the edge, while her shoulders pressed painfully against the wooden top.

Tina felt her spread legs pulling her cuntlips apart, revealing the moist pink flesh of her pussy for anyone to see. Bart saw it as he finished cinching the straps tightly around her ankles. He stopped, moving forward between her spread legs and bringing one hand down.

Tina winced, feeling a finger brushing along her inner thighs. She remembered how it had felt in that dark alley when he'd touched her curt and tits while wrestling her to the ground. At least then she had had some time and energy to fight him. But now now she had her legs strung up, the black leather thongs biting into her ankle flesh, her back flat against the bench.

"Maybe a good touch of leather right across the cunt will give you some manners and respect for me," Bart said, grabbing a fistful of her pussyhair and tearing it from her cunt.

Tina screamed, arching her spine and writhing her shoulder blades against the bench. It felt as if someone had exploded firecrackers in her pussy. The pain rocketed up to her brain, crashing through her skull while her ass slid down to the edge of the stool.

Bart moved around, kicking the shocked teen in the ass and pushing her back to her original position with the toe of his boot. He threw her cunt hairs to the floor, moving around and grabbing her right hand.

"We've got a place for that little sucker right here."

"No, no!"

He brought her right hand down to the floor, slipping a buckle around the wrist and cinching it tightly. Straddling her prone body, Bart did the sante to her other arm, buckling it to the rear stool support.

Tina wailed, her arm muscles knotting with tension as she writhed against her bonds. She was spread open, completely unprotected. Lying there, staring up at the big man towering over her, she watched as he slowly unbuckled his belt and drew it through his pants loops. The thought of being raped this way, of having his cock fuck through her virgin cunt, made her sick. Tina turned her head.

The biting smack of the leather belt against her belly wasn't what she'd expected. Tina arched her spine, her muscles knotting up against her sweaty flesh while her hair whipped across her face. Peering down, she saw a large dark-pink mark appear on her belly. And there, hanging from Bart's right hand, was his belt, the buckle buried in his paw-like fist.

"No what are you doing? Oh God, what are you doing to me?"

Bart laughed. He thought it was obvious. Curling the belt tighter, he brought it high above his head, the weapon hanging from his fist like a poisonous snake.

Tina shivered. Her ordeal had just begun.


Tina shrieked as the belt whistled through the thickening air, smacking dryly against her tits. She arched her spine, pressed her head against the bench as the awful pain throbbed through her thirty-six-inch tits.

She stared up through tear stained eyes and saw Bart smacking his lips as he looked down at her bound body. He was between her widely spread legs now, smoothing his fingers along her inner thighs, making her feel like a filthy slut.

No one had ever seen her pussy before. And now this man had her pried open, her cunt completely exposed. He was staring at it hungrily, the belt hanging threateningly from his right hand. He brought it over his head once more, sending it down in a broad arc.

Tina screamed before it touched her, already feeling the awful burn against her flesh. And when the black leather curled around her inner thigh, bringing up a red meaty welt from the surrounding white flesh, the teen squealed till her throat was raw. She bounced her ass against the stool, puffing at the straps which held her wrists.

"Stop it! God God, stop it!" Tina gasped, breathless with agony.

But Bart seemed just in the middle of his excitement. He brought the belt up once more, snapping it down across her tits once again. This time the leather sizzled over her nipples, hammering the pink nubs into the surrounding flesh.

Tina shrieked, her muscles bulging against her sweaty-damp flesh while her head whipped from side to side. Another blow slashed across her tits, making the girl believe that Bart was going to beat her to death.


He brought the belt down twice rapidly, forming a blood-red cross on her belly. Curling and doubling the belt, Bart moved up a little closer, rubbing the leather up and down her cunt slit.

Tina opened her eyes, peering over her huge tits and seeing the instrument of torture snugged up against her pussy. She shook her head from side to side.

Beads of cold perspiration dotted her forehead as a shiver raced through her body, making her shake as if she were in a fit. That leather, the pressure of the cool, smooth surface of the belt was doing something to her. It was a feeling Tina had never had before in her young life.

In spite of the agonizing pain from her beating, the young blonde teen started to feel an itchy, concentrated warmth beginning to fire in her pussy. She wrinkled her forehead, confused at the sensation as she lay there strapped to the stool. A low moan escaped from her lips as she closed her eyes tightly, drinking in the new, delicious feeling.

Bart could see the change in her attitude, and he smiled, nodding his head up and down knowingly. He brought the buckled end down to her clit, letting the cold bras rub over the partially erect nub. Her clit stiffened, making Tina throw her shoulders back and cry out.

"You little whore! You like having this done to you, don't you? Man, you're a hot little number!"

"No, no!"

Tina didn't know what she was. She felt the sexual heat start up between her white, shivering legs, radiating up and down like a tiny electrical shock until her cunt began to pucker in with excitement. That kind of feeling was wrong, she knew. But she couldn't help it.

Tina began to feel her skin tighten and glow, while her pussy grew very hot and very wet. Bart noticed the pussyjuice sucking his belt. With a snap, he brought the doubled belt down lightly over her cunt.

Tina jerked as if someone had touched her with a hot poker. She fell back against the stool, yammering and shouting while she jerked her legs against the restraining thongs. Her tits rolled and jiggled against one another while Bart brought the belt down again, this time a little to the right of her cunt.

Sparks shot into the young girl's pussy, her tiny muscles quivering and spuming with excitement. Again he swung the belt over his head, the leather sizzling through the air. Again he brought it down between her splayed thighs, the force of the blow yanking her cunthole out of shape.

Tina shrieked, her ass jerking up from the stool, then bouncing up and down frantically. He was going to kill her, going to ruin her. She would never be able to have a normal sex life after he finished with her pussy. Tina screamed out her despair, begging him to leave her alone. She jerked against the thongs, feeling the leather cut into her flesh, leaving long pink marks from the rubbing.

Bart was starting to sweat from the effort of beating her. He brought the belt down once more against her nipples, sliding the black leather over the nubs.

Tina swallowed a lump of fear, grateful that at least he had left her cunt alone. Then the belt slipped up her chest, sliding over her smooth white flesh until it was at the base of her throat. She gulped in a lungful of air and held it. Just at that point, Bart brought the belt down over her windpipe.

Tina groaned her eyes popping open with fear while her legs and arms spasmed against their restraints. He was strangling her. She could feel the leather against her windpipe, pressing it shut. He nostrils burned, and her head throbbed. Sheer terror bleached her mind of any thought except survival.

The girl felt spit gathering up the base of her throat while her lungs burned, begging for oxygen. Her tongue wriggled out, wagging over her cracked lips as her eyes started even more from her head. Tina felt the room starting to fade from focus. She was spinning downward, a black veil starting to shade everything as the belt pressed rentlessly against her throat. The clawing movements of her fingers decreased as she fell into unconsciousness.

"Ain't gonna let you die baby," Bart said, taking the belt from her threat at just the right moment.

Tina coughed, turning her head to one side and gagging as she gulped in lungful of air. The rush of oxygen. What a horrid, dangerous man! She looked up at him.

Bart let her gasp for a moment, then unzipped his fly, pushing his Levi's down to his knees.

Tina stared wide-eyed at what sprang up from between his legs. She is seen pictures of cocks of cows. Sex education class had taken are of that. But this was the first time she had seen a cock hard.

His prick was big, way bigger than anything she had seen in her dumb books. And the cockhead! It had to be at least two inches across, she thought. He scratched his cock and balls, letting her study his prick for a moment before leaning forward.

"No, no, don't don't do that to me!" she cried, her eyes widening with fear. "Don't touch me with that thing!"

"You don't wanna get fucked by this mother?" Bart asked. "Most women would beg for something like this sawin' up into their pussy. You're gonna be wanting it every day by the time I get through with you!"

Tina could feel the bloated cockhead rubbing up against he cunt. He would savage her with that cock, tear her pussy into ruin. She felt the pressure against her cuntlips, felt them flattening back while Bart leaned heavily against her, his hands pressing against her shoulders. It was going in! God in heaven, it was going in! She could feel her cunt giving way, the tiny muscles relaxing while her pussylips stretched thin.

"No no!"

Her cries were growing weaker, the cords sticking from her neck as she rolled her head from side to side. He was making headway, pushing his prick into her while digging his fingernails into her shoulders. She felt the thick, hot boring mass burn through her, making her lift her ass from the bench.

Tina sobbed wildly, growing hysterical as Bart pulled back, then fucked forward with a wild grunt. Tina felt the cockhead pushing down, burrowing into her cunt until it touched the thin cherry membrane stretched across her pussy.

Tina shrieked, shaking her head violently from side to side and tugging against the thongs holding her prisoner.

"Man, you're cherry all right! Nice! I like pokin' a virgin. Nice to know you're the first, right? Man, the first in this little bitch! Bet I won't be the last, not after we get you good and trained."

"No!" Tina groaned, snapping her head back, feeling the thin membrane start to rip under the pressure. It was an agony she had never felt before. It radiated out from her cunt, smashing up her spine and tearing into her brain. She thought for a moment she would pass out as her raspy breaths turned into strangled cries.

Bart pulled back, shaking the sweat from his forehead. She could feel his fingers gripping her more firmly, his knees rubbing against her upturned ass. His cockhead moved back, then pushed forward relentlessly, smashing against her cherry without stopping. It was as if he had a burning knife and were tearing her cunt to pieces with it. The young girl screamed and shrieked her throat raw, spit flying from her mouth as Bart pushed down and finally ripped through the tiny membrane.

Tina threw back her head and shrilled out a terrible scream, bright-yellow lights popping behind her eyes. It felt as if he had driven a knife right into her cunt. The girl's eyes rolled up into her head while she continued screaming as loudly as she could. Even Bart's constant backhanding across her face couldn't reach her. He had fucked her, really fucked her!

Tina rolled her head from side to side, coughing and gagging on her spit as she felt her cuntwalls snugging up against Bart's prick. Oh God! She had never, never thought getting fucked would be so painful!

"Man, you're tight! I mean, like a fist!" Bart gasped, licking her throat, then catching her head and forcing his tongue through her lips. Tina thought about biting his tongue. But she knew better, sensing Bart would hurt her even more if she tried something like that.

Lying there, Tina could feel his hard cock throbbing deep inside her, starting to slide back and forth, the top rubbing up against her clit. He pulled his tongue from her mouth, watching her closely as he began sliding his prick back and forth.

"UHHuhhh! Uhhhh!"

The girl writhed her shoulder blades against the bench each time he pulled back, then shoved in once again, rocking his hips from side to side. To her surprise, Tina felt her body starting to stretch around the fat cock, accommodating the thick-muscled meat as he began fucking her in earnest. Bart started increasing his ramming length, leaning forward slightly so his cock would continuously rub against the teen's clit.

Tina started feeling something starting up between her spread thighs, something that stopped her screams and groans, something that made her grunt each time the big stud fed her his cock. Screwing up her forehead, Tina vowed she wouldn't let Bart excite her. Surely she couldn't be feeling delight at what was happening to her. He had roped her, beaten her, and now was raping her. He had torn away her cherry!

But Tina couldn't deny what was starting to happen. The juice was starting to run thick from her cunt, coating her curly hair, seeping over her thighs and wetting Bart's balls. He could feel the slickness starting and he laughed down at her, tugging at the girl's hair and making her squeal.

"Man, when you've got it coming outta you that bad, you're really hot! So much for all that virgin shit, right? You can't get enough now, huh?"

"No, no, you're lying!"

But Tina couldn't deny the truth. He mind had snapped somewhere during the rape. She could smell the sweet odor of fucking that was heavy in the room. She could feel the hardness of Bart's body pressing into her as he clutched at her, fucking down deep. And then he shoved his cock all the way in after having nearly pulled it all the way out. His strokes were getting longer, deeper, slower. Tina felt herself taking all the cock she could.

"You're real slippery down there! Shit, I could get my fist up there if I wanted!"

Tina felt her pussy tremble, then tighten up, squeezing his cock as it penetrated her body. She could feel his huge cockhead as it worked its way down, back up, then down again. The hard prick was making the full length of her cunt tremor and shake. When the shivers began to become regular, Tina knew she was going to cum soon.


Her fingers worked against one another as she arched her spine, writhing as best she could against the bench. Bart was fucking faster now, his cock pushing through her cunt like a hot branding iron through butter. As the spasms of her cunt became stronger, she could feel her cunt starting to twist and shiver, sparks showering into her pussy.

Tina opened her mouth to say something. But the only thing escaping her lips was a long, steady moan. Her eyes glazed over as she felt Bart's teeth biting down hard on her right nipple. He was tearing at the sensitive flesh, lifting her tit and shaking it from side to side the way a dog shook a rabbit he'd just caught.

Tina loved the pain, and her cunt tightened up hard and started to milk at the fucking prick.

The only things she could think of were his prick, the ropes holding her arms prisoner to the stool, and the thongs spreading her legs out, hiking them high so Bart could fuck her all the better.


He was sucking hard on her other nipple now, his hands gripping her upper arms while his hips slammed again and again against he thighs. Her pussy was hot, sore, and stretched. She wouldn't be able to piss for a week, she thought, as her cunt gripped onto the fucking cock and held on.

Tina could feel her clit about to blast apart, throbbing so hard she thought it would tear off. She had never, never felt anything like it, even in the most wild imaginings in he bedroom, when she touched herself and thought of guys fucking her.

"Man! You're uhhh too much, slut! Real good, real ahhhhh!"

Bart stiffened, his body jerking as he fucked deep into her body. Tina moaned, biting her lower lip until it bled. The girl strangled the cry in her throat as she whipped her legs against him. He had locked himself tightly around her, lifting her from the bench with every move he made. She could feel her cunt shiver, then break into orgasmic spasms as he pulled back.

Tina screamed, feeling her pussy walls clench down on the throbbing prick. The power of her spasms nearly knocked her out as explosions shot through her brain. Her squishy cunt widened a bit for Bart's cock, then snapped shut. Tina sobbed and groaned, twisting her ass around. It was horrible. She had disgraced herself under this man, rutting like a street bitch when she should have been screaming for him to stop.


Bart's cum started shooting, burning down the tube of his cock like burning oil. His load poured out, jetting into the exploding heat of Tina's cunt.

The tremendous climax that shook through the teen's cunt sent her floating away, moaning and sighing as she wiggled against his hairy body. Her pussy jerked in rhythm to her beating clit as she felt the jetting streams of his cum spatter against her pussy walls. He was sucking at her mouth and ears hard, biting into her flesh like a raging animal while fucking deep into her body.

Tina wanted to smile at the waves of satisfaction washing through her body, but somehow that didn't seem proper. Groaning, the blonde teen lay there, feeling her cunt hold tightly onto the shooting cock while the final shots of cum spat out from Bart's cockhead.

Tina felt exhausted, drained of all will. Bart was still making little fucking motions with his hips, working them around, digging his cockhead against her cuntwalls and enjoying her startled little cries.

He pulled back slowly, bracing his hands against her shoulders, watching her pussy pucker out as his prick kept scooping out the mix of her juices and his spunk. When he was all the way out, he knelt down next to her, fingering her tits and laughing at the degraded teen.

"Now, you're gonna do me some favors. You're gonna get me that friend of yours and maybe even your mother! Yeah," Bart said, rubbing his stubbly chin thoughtfully. "That'd be real nice."

"No! I won't!" Tina gasped.

"You ain't got a choice. Maybe some more persuasion's what you need. That little cunt next to you seemed pretty fucking spunky. Wouldn't mind having her under my legs. And you could bring her. But it looks like you're gonna have to get a little more persuasion, huh?"

"No, stop, don't!"

But it was too late. Bart already had something in mind for her as he began unfastening the thongs around her ankles.


"What is this?"

The teen was rubbing her chafed wrists against each another, feeling the sore flesh ache from the constant pulling and rubbing of the leather thongs. Wincing, she had moved in front of Bart, feeling her naked ass checks shiver against one another.

Tina was blushing horribly, hating the feeling of being naked in front of this man. Even though he had raped her so brutally, still the young teen felt terribly obscene walking round without any clothes on in front of Bart.

"My playroom. Well, not only mine. There's a bunch of us hangin' around here. Like it?"

"It's it's horrible!"

Tina's eyes widened as she scanned the room around her. All over the place were strange, frightening-looking instruments. And in the center was a large wooden keg with a small brass faucet screwed into it.

"You'll have a change of heart when I take a few pictures of you," Bart said, taking her by the wrist and leading her to a pillory standing to the left of the keg.

"Oh, please, no, don't don't do anything more to hurt me!"

Bart threw back his head and laughed, peering down at her as he opened the bottom half of the stocks.

"You like it! I know you do, even though you don't get it yet! You will, baby, you will!"

He thrust her legs through the holes, then slammed the board shut. Lifting the top portion and bracing her hanging body against his chest, Bart shoved her arms through the smaller holes, locking the entire device with a loud click.

Tina sat there, her arms and legs held, her ass hanging down. She screamed, shaking her head from side to side, her long blonde hair sweeping over her back. She tried tugging her arms.

Tina heard Bart rummaging around behind her. Then he had a camera in his right hand. Aiming the lens at her, he snapped a picture, the flash blinding her for a moment. Tina heard the whirring sound of the film easing out from the bottom of the camera. In a moment, she saw her image her tits squeezed tightly together while her ass hung down invitingly. Her heart sank. If something like that got out it would ruin her and shame her mother.

"See? Helping me don't seem too bad, eh?"

"I won't," Tina said, but this time with less resolve.

Pushing down his pants and slipping off his boots, Bart freed his flaccid cock. He was going to fuck her again, she thought, her eyes rounding in fear. She wanted to scream, to stop the thoughts racing around in her confused brain. It was all too horrible to believe. Her head was pounding and she was having trouble catching her breath.

Tina stiffened, moaning a little as Bart pulled the wooden cask over next to her. The girl shivered with the strain of no support under her ass. The awful wooden stocks were starting to scrape her arms and legs.

Tina closed her eyes in defeat, resting one check against her arm while clenching and unclenching her fingers. With deep gusting breaths, she filled her lungs, trying to make herself brave while Bart busied himself around her.

Turning her head, she watched as the big man attached a long black rubber hose to the faucet. There was a conical steel head on the end of the hose.

The girl realized with shaming horror that her cunt was still active, the nerve endings still itchily pulsing from her last fuck. Bart had started something in her young, inexperienced body, and it was still going on.

Tina could feel the juices still oozing from her fuckshot as her outer cuntlips folded over one another, swelling with blood. She shivered, feeling her hardened nipples rubbing itchily over the rough, splintery wood in front of her.

The sound of something scraping caught Tina's attention. Bart was carrying a stool, one different from the one she had been strapped to earlier. This was taller, nearly the height of her hanging asscheeks. But there was something sticking straight up from its center. Something like a long silver prong screwed into the seat with two long black wires dangling from it.

Bart slipped the stool under Tina, raising her ass for a moment, then letting it slide back down. Tensing her thighs until they ached from the cramping, Tina managed to keep her cunt away from the blunt head of the awful thing.

"You can't keep that up forever," Bart said, watching her jerk her hanging ass up in the air, the asscheeks trembling with the tension. "Sooner or later you're gonna have to ease up, and when you do, that cock's gonna slide right up into your cunt!"

Tina sobbed, grinding her teeth as she felt the tension aching through her thighs and legs. Her belly muscles cramped as she reddened with the effort of keeping her pussy off the dildo.

"And, to make you feel a little better, maybe a little looser, I've got some beer here for you. But, you'll have to take it through the ass since your hands seemed to be tied up for a while."


"I made it myself, something my grandfather taught me. It's real strong, not like that shit you buy in stores. It'll get you real high in no time."

"This is crazy!" Tina gasped, her eyes widening as Bart took the rubber hose and brought it over to her ass.

Again she tried jerking her ass away. But this time there was no escaping the big man's hands. She felt his fingers pulling her ass cheeks apart, and felt the cold scrape of the nozzle against her shitter. Tina could feel her ass muscles tensing, refusing to admit the horrible thing. But Bart was determined. He pushed the first part in, then shoved all the way.

Tina screamed, her eyes popping from her head, her face draining of blood as she felt the steely intrusion fuck all the way into her ass. She blew air from her puffed cheeks several times, her arms and legs spanning from the invasion.

"Take it out! Oh God, take it out! Oh, you're hurting me!"

Tears glazed her eyes running down her flushed cheeks as Tina fought for air. Bart was shoving the tube in farther, feeding the rubber hose up into her bowels until the teen could feel her guts clenching and kinking in painful cramps.

Tina felt her ass muscles clenching instinctively around the hose, trying to push it out. The clamping movement increased the pain in her shitter. Again the girl tried pushing as if she were going to take a shit.

She writhed on the pillow, still trying to keep her cunt away from the threatening steel dildo inches from her pussy. But there was no way she could free herself from the pain.

Bart laughed, pushing the final few inches in, then stepping back and uncoiling the black wire that dangled to the floor. Tina closed her eyes, working her ass muscles, feeling the nozzle push uncomfortably into her gut. The terrible, terrible man was fucking her again, only this time he was using instruments instead of his cock.

She let out a baleful moan, feeling her thigh muscles starting to give way. She was lowering her ass against her will, feeling her body inch down until the girl felt the cold, steely brush of the steel dildo against her cunt.

Tina gasped, her tongue wetting her dry, cracked lips as she jerked her ass up again. But she could feel the fatigue throbbing through her legs and thighs. She wouldn't be able to keep herself up. She was going to let her ass slide down. She was going to let the dildo fuck into her cunt.

With a groan of defeat, Tina let her ass slip down, her cuntlips peeling back and stretching around the smooth, cold dildo.


She jerked her ass up once more, this time not even pulling away from the dildo. Her cunt muscles shivered, her pussy wrinkling up and trembling at the cold, smooth surface raping its fly into her. Her thighs ridged, her arms shaking again as Tina's ass fell lower and lower. There was nothing she could do to prevent the dildo from fucking into her.

She could hear Bart laughing behind her, watching as she slipped lower and lower. There was more scraping, then another flash followed by a whirring sound. He was having the time of his life taking all those photos.

"Now, I think we're ready."

Curious, the girl turned her head and saw that Bart had hooked the two black wires tot small gray portable generator sitting on a small stand. Her mouth dropped open in honor as her eyes took in the unbelievable scene. The thing had already been switched on, a small window in the center lit while a needle jumped regularly back and forth.

"It won't kill you. It's not like those fuckin' train transformers that fuck up. This is special, baby," he said, patting the steel top lovingly. "Worked it out myself. Puts out a steady current when I turn this here switch. You'll feel real good! Real good!"

"Why are you doing this to me?"

"To teach you some manners! And to make sure you know I mean business. When I say something, I mean it!"

Tina tried pulling her cunt off the dildo. But she was too tired, her muscles too fatigued. Her cunt was tightening around the invader, milking it shamelessly as if it belonged to Bart or another man.

Tina was glad she could keep her face relatively composed as all these new feelings shot through her. Her toes and fingers grew icy, while her nipples stiffened because of the constant rubbing against the wood. Her asshole had seemed to accept the dreadful enema hose and nozzle.

The girl felt wave after waves of unspeakable humiliation, knowing that Bart was laughing at her and worse he had taken pictures of her. She started to cry softly as Bart bent down and turned on the spigot.

Immediately, Tina felt something cold spattering into her shitter. The beer! She stiffened, her hair dancing over her jiggling tits while her asscheeks clenched into two tight little fists. Her eyes rounded while her lips worked against one another as if she were going to speak or scream.

Tina felt her bowels distending, kinking, swelling like long sausage balloons while her ass danced up and down over the dildo.

Bart was pleased. Strolling to the generator, he turned the dial, sending a low amount of current surging through the wires and into Tina's body.


It was a soft, warm fuzzy feeling that spread through her cunt. The girl threw back her shoulders, her tits jutting sexily out from her chest as she rubbed her nipples back and forth over the wood. She was bouncing softly on the dildo, feeling the smooth surface scratching her itchy pussy walls, and moaning with delight at that touch.

"Now, you'll have some time to take care of this," Bart said, moving up in front of her.

Tina opened her eyes and saw his cock long, thick and hard waving like a tree branch in front of her. Her legs and arms were trapped in the pillory. The electrified dildo was fucking her cunt while the nozzle had been shoved up her asshole. But when Bart stepped forward a little more, pushing his cockhead to within inches of her mouth, Tina understood all too well.

Looking up through tear-stained eyes, Tina could see sucking was exactly what Bart had in mind. She felt his hands slipping over her head, drawing it forward against her will. In a moment, the bubbling cockhead was brushing her lips, the pre-cum greasing her lips. Tina tried pulling away, but the fingers were relentless, gripping her, crushing her skull, shoving her mouth onto the fat, meaty cock.


"Eat, baby, feed on that meat or I'll crush your fuckin' skull!"

The threat was real. When she still refused to open her mouth, Bart slapped her across her right cheek, cursing, then striding over to the generator. With a quick flip, he increased the voltage surging into her cunt.

Tina screamed, her face a blur while a giant pain clawed through her organs. She jerked away from the pillory, nearly upending the stockade. Her entire body throbbed with agony, her head buzzing until she thought her skull would explode from the electric pressure.

Bart kept the amperage high for a moment, only turning it back down to its more gentle level after several minutes. Tina collapsed onto the pillory, her cunt going all the way down to the base of the tall stool.

"Now, you'll do what I want or you'll get another taste of this, understand?"

Tina nodded. Her bones had throbbed from the surge, while her flesh felt as if it were being torn apart. Meekly, she flicked her tongue out when Bart returned, the tip making contact with the piss-slit. She tasted something salty, something bleachy, and knew it was his cum.

Again Tina felt his hands wrap around her skull. But this time the girl didn't resist. Opening her mouth, she swallowed his cock, her lips stretching thin to take in the wide, double-lobed head.

"Yeahhh oh man, that's the way, take it all the way in! Fuck that mouth on my cock, baby! Good, hot wet mouth!" Bart groaned, his eyes closing while his body shuddered with delight.

Tina's checks puffed out with the hunk of cock pushing through. Bart pulled her forward, the movement making her rise from the steel dildo sparking into her cunt.

Bart held her head tighter, his fingernails clawing along her checks while he rammed his cock down her throat. Tina gurgled, coughing and gagging as the cock pushed past her tonsils and lodged tightly against the back of her mouth.

The girl screamed as best she could, spit frothing around the stretched corners of her lips. Relenting, the big man pulled out slowly, rocking his hips from side to side, laughing down at the tortured teen.

As the beer continued to do its work, Tina started to feel a growing sense of elation. Already, much of the beer was shooting back out of her shitter, spattering on the floor. Bart apparently didn't care. He loved looking down, watching her bounce on the dildo while the rubber hose swung back and forth against her shivering ass. Tina had to admit that she was highly excited.


Her bowels cramped and kinked, a shock of pain radiating through her stomach. Tina wanted to beg the man to turn off the spigot. But all the cockmeat in her mouth kept her from saying a word. And now Bart was sawing his cock through her mouth faster and faster.

Tina could feel her young, thick pussy juices welling up hotly bubbling over, frothing down her tensing thighs. As her excitement built, the movements of her tongue over the underside of Bart's cock grew more frenzied. The smell of his crotch was getting to her, triggering the young teen into a state of high heat. Her belly turned somersaults, her face reddening from her cocksucking efforts.

Tina had the feeling that her entire body was floating in air. As the pleasure built more and mow, her pain ebbed, and she started sucking on Bart's cock with more abandon. It was jerking and throbbing against her teeth while the electrified steel prick was rummaging around beautifully in her snug cunt.

"That's it, baby, fuck yourself, fuck me with that mouth!"

Tina sensed that Bart wanted to give her another shot of electricity. She knew he enjoyed watching her kick and scream, and probably would have sent more voltage burning through her cunt. Thank God he hadn't thought of rolling the generator closer to him! Tina heaved a sigh of relief, turning her head, twisting her mouth wound his cock as she bobbed her head back and forth.

Saw felt her pussyjuice bubbling out like lava from an erupting volcano, sucking down the long steel cock, making her up-and-down movement all that much easier. Tina noticed that the increased flow jerked up the amount of current that shot through her pussy. Her ass slapped against the stool, and Tina wound up taking the full length of that sparking dildo up her pussy.

The girl felt herself getting higher and higher on the ass-filling beer. She didn't have any feelings of fear or pain any longer. She started into her final round of fucking, feeling Bart's cock swell in her mouth. The flow of pre-cum was growing now, washing over her tongue and inner cheeks, making her swallow until her throat was coated with the thick slime. As the steel dildo rubbed against her itching pussy, Tina wondered how much longer she could take the arousal.

The teen could feel the blood boiling in her veins while hot pleasure exploded again and again in her simmering brain. The steel cock was very warm now, nudging her womb several times. Her mouth was making wet, sucking sounds while Bart groaned, his fingers tightening around her skull.

Tina moaned against his cock, the vibrations sending the big man over the edge. Tina felt the first spurt of jizz blast into her mouth, nearly tearing off the back of her skull. Driven nearly mad by her own lust, Tina bobbed up and down on the steel dildo harder and deeper, loving the sensations it made in her cunt. She moaned neatly as loudly as Bart, squealing, her hips going wild.

She bounced up and down, her movements making the stool squeak against the floor. And then her climax came, exploding like a bomb as she quivered there in the pillory. She felt the wild delight shooting through her. She bobbed harder, gobbling up Bart's shooting cockmeat. She swallowed, gasped, then swallowed some more, her belly filling with Bart's thick rich bubbling cream.

Soon the room was quiet except for the heavy panting of the two of them. As Tina started to come down from her tense high, her gut cramped again. She squeezed her ass muscles around the nozzle, feeling the pleasure fade away as the reality of her situation struck her.

Bart pulled back, jerking up his trousers, then moving around and shutting off the beer. He yanked the nozzle from her ass, and a rush of hot alcohol spewed from Tina's stretched shiner.

"Remember, you're gonna bring me some fresh meat, okay?" Bart asked, pulling up the stocks and dragging the teen out.

Tina thought about those awful pictures he'd taken. She nodded her head sadly, wondering how on earth she would ever get away from the horrible man.


One week, and her mother still wouldn't let her go out.

Word had gotten out that Tina and Kathy had been partying in disreputable places and her wings had been clipped.

Tina hadn't heard a word from Bart. He had forced her phone number from her, but he hadn't called. Her mother had been grim-faced around her, keeping conversation at a minimum and refusing to hear any excuses from her. Tina was miserable. She shuffled around the house and actually found her homework a blessing.

All that fucking! All that cocksucking! She remembered the way he had stripped her and thrown her onto those cunt-splitting instruments that made her feel so deliciously naughty and good.

On the evening of the seventh day, Tina was lying en her tummy in bed, her legs crossed behind her as she squinted at the various geometrical figures in her math book. The phone rang. Thinking, it was Kathy, Tina answered.

"I'm gonna come and see you," Bart said. "I've been waitin' to hear from you. Don't forget, I've got those fuckin' pictures. You want 'em on campus?"

Tina felt as if someone had pushed an electric dildo up her cunt again. She uncrossed her legs, wheeling around on the bed and sitting up on the edge.

"You can't come to see me!" she gasped.

"I'm gonna do all those nice things to your body. I'm gonna strip you, baby, then start biting those nipples. You like that. You liked it before, the way I was chewing on them nubs while I fingered your cunt."

Tina flushed. She was starting to feel worked up between her thighs.

"Don't? Don't call here. Please, my mother my mother might hear and and I don't know what I'd do," she stammered.

"Bring her along! I'd like to fuck both of you! She'd probably look real nice hanging from the ceiling with a whip shoved up her ass!"

Tina flinched. Somehow his talking about her mother that way seemed terribly wrong. But he went on about her, repeating all the things he had done to her and what he was going to do now.

Biting her pouty lower lip and repressing a moan, Tina wriggled off her blue shorts, lying back on the pillow and starting to touch herself. In a moment, she was pushing back the sloppy folds of her cunt and pressing one fingertip against her dripping clit.

Tina sucked in a ragged breath, her thighs spread, her knees raised as she pictured Bart jerking his cock while talking to her.

"Man, I'm gonna fuck you fuck you better than that damned dildo did! When I get through with you, bitch, there won't be a fuckin' virgin pore in your body! You're gonna beg me for more! You're gonna beg me to put in my cock!"

"No, please, hangup! I'll call back later! My mother"

"Fuck your mother! You're gonna come over here right now tonight, or I'll send those pictures to your old lady and your school! I've got four, baby. They'll blow those old fuckin' minds, understand?"

Tina sobbed, the tears welling up in her eyes as she pushed one finger through her soppy cunthole and felt the muscles milk down on it gently.

"And one more thing. You bring that little Kathy along! I liked the way she looked! You know, I can get into that little bitch real nice!"

"But... but..."

"You heard me," Bart said, his voice threatening.

Tina felt her cunt edging up to climax as he kept talking dirty to her. Her pussy was feverish and swollen. She bobbed her ass around in circles as her fingers brought her closer and closer to the hot rush of excitement. She was coming. Her calves cramped while she dug her heels frantically against the bed.

Tina groaned just as Bart talked about fucking her in the ass. She beard his voice, but it seemed to be coming from a tunnel. Arching her back, she jerked her ass from the bed, pushing her finger deep into her tight, soppy pussy. She could feel the cuntjuice oozing down her thighs and ass. "And you remember, baby, you come over soon! I've got some real nasty surprises for you if you don't!"

Tina wanted to protest, but couldn't. She knew that it would be futile. Bart had made up his mind, and had threatened to use the awful pictures to get his way. Her voice had been paralyzed by her climax, a climax so hot it had taken her breath away.

Hesitating only for a moment, Kathy rolled over, picked up the phone, and started dialing Kathy's number. She would be creative. She had to be. Bart was sitting there waiting for them.

Kathy was home, and believed Tina that there were some neat guys who wanted to party that night. The perky brunette agreed to pick up Tina on the corner of her street.

Slipping away from the house was easier than the girl had thought it would be. Her mother appeared to have fallen asleep in front of the television. Her heart was beating fast as she slipped down the curving stairs, past the TV room, then out through the kitchen.

Vague images of Bart were floating through Tina's head, images intensified by the joy that had blasted convulsingly through her cunt earlier. She was trembling, feeling tingly and excited. She wondered why. She was going to a man who had abused her. But something else had happened with him, something that drew Tina to the big stud like a moth to a flame. She felt hungry for his body. She didn't really know how to interpret the trickly, weird sensations between her legs.

Tina laughed, slipping through the kitchen doorway. All she could think of was the way her nipples were pushing out against her halter.

Tina could hardly breathe as she tiptoed through the back yard toward the corner. There in the dark she could see Kathy's car. Her heart felt heavy, and she could hardly swallow. Kathy was in there, opening the door for her.

As Kathy's car sped away, another followed, keeping a good distance behind but staying on their tail. Behind the wheel was Francine Mathis. She had suspected something was happening, something involving Kathy. She thought her daughter was being ruined by Kathy. The filthy call she'd listened in on had confirmed her worst fears. She would have prevented Tina from making one move, but she thought she would catch them all in their little filthy nest, expose them all and drag Tina back home where she belonged!

Francine turned the corner, drawing back a little farther and letting Kathy's car speed ahead. She would give them time, then spring on them. Biting her lower lip and gripping the steering wheel, Francine wondered where on earth she'd gone wrong.

That man's words, that Bart she thought his name was, had made her shiver. He knew her daughter all too well. She had felt close to orgasm while listening to the filthy conversation between Bart and her daughter. It had been all she could do to calm down and act as if nothing had happened when Tina had crept down the stairs and sneaked out.

Now she could catch them, she thought. Her attractive face was strained, her eyes staring straight ahead as she guided her car along and thought of what she would say to the lot of them.

"This is creepy. Are you sure this is the way?" Kathy asked, slamming her door shut.

Tina was already halfway up the path, feeling guilty about the whole affair. She saw lights inside and knew Bart had watched them pull up. She could always turn around and save Kathy at the expense of her reputation. But the thought of the shame, combined with the rising excitement she had felt initially as they turned down the street overcame any misgivings she had.

"Sure, really! This is where we went after that bar! Come on!"

The door opened. Bart was there, and so were some others. She hadn't really lied. There would be some others there others she hadn't met, but whom she guessed would be mirror copies of Bart.

Tina stepped in first, seeing Bart at the far end of the room smiling at her. Kathy followed, stopping dead in her tracks three feet into the room. She started to turn, but the door slammed shut behind her and was locked.

"Tina, what's going on?"

"You'll find out soon enough, baby! Come on, take them clothes off so we can get a good look at you," one tall redhead said, grabbing Tina and pulling her in his direction.

Tina shrank back from the touch, drawing closer to Kathy.

"It's out of my control!" she gasped.

"What are you talking about? What's happening?" Kathy asked, her voice growing sharper.

"She brought you here. She should have told you," another man growled, moving closer to her.

He had a switchblade knife out, holding it in front of his eyes. He looked a little crazy, his eyes big and round, a leer on his face. His short-cropped hair reminded Tina of the punkers she'd seen on TV. But he was older, more savage, his flat nose and thick lips making his poorly shaven face remarkably ugly.


Kathy was screaming hysterically, jerking away from the man with the knife. He was tearing her skirt into long strips with the blade. The girl looked around, her fingers gripping Tina's shoulders like talons. She stared dully at her.

Tina was about to say something when she felt fingers gripping her white blouse. She had opened her mouth and started to scream when the room was filled with the sound of tearing material.

"Man, nice big tits! You were right, Bart! This bitch is stacked!"

Tina bent over, flinging her arms around her tits as Kathy backed away in horror. Kathy dropped her purse, but was too frightened to bend down to pick it up. The short-haired maniac with the knife pulled Kathy to one side, twisting her wrist around and bringing her right arm up behind the small of her back. The girl doubled over, her face contorting with pain. He laughed sharply, hysterically, pushing the knife against her throat, then flinging her to the floor.


"Tina, help me!"

The man was on top of her, clawing at her face, kissing and sucking at her mouth as she beat him with her fists. Tiring of the game, he brought the knife down to her chest. For a moment Tina thought he would stab her to death.

Then there was a tearing sound. He had ripped the buttons of her blouse off, tearing the garment open, then slicing her bra in two with the sharp knife. Both girls were naked from the waist up now, staggering in front of the leering men.

"They're strong enough to take it! They gotta be broken, though blondie over there looks like she's been through this with Bart once or twice," one man said.

"Push 'em out back. Ain't nobody around to see'em. Into the dirt, sluts!"

Bart took Tina by her hair, twisting it around, jerking her behind him. Kathy followed, two men pawing her tits as she threw back her head an howled in pain. Tina saw that they were being moved outdoors.

Bart purposely slammed Tina against the refrigerator, then the stove, kicking her through the screen door with his foot. She stumbled forward, sweeping the hair from her eyes. She run hard into a porch railing, wrapping her anus around it for balance and turning around just in time to see Kathy lose her skirt to the wild-eyed maniac with the knife.


The man booted Kathy through the doorway, making her lose her balance and fall to her knees. The brunette skinned herself as she slid to the first step, her panties tangled around her thighs. Quickly. Kathy pulled them up.

Tina noticed that her friend's hips were almost like those of a woman, wide and full, while her ass was firm and taut. Kathy was bigger-boned than Tina, and always looked years above her real age.

The man with the knife came up to Kathy, pushing the blade up against her neck. The girl screamed, scrambling up and rushing over to Tina. The man looked a little disappointed, but soon his lips curled into a sick, sardonic smile. It was only Bart's intervention, Tina thought, that kept her friend from winding up dead.

"Let's see you walk through that," Bart said, prying Tina's fingers from the railing and flinging her off the porch, Kathy followed, not wanting to be knocked to the ground a second time. The crazy man was behind them, pricking their asses with his knife.

"Come on, faster, faster, move it!"

The ground was muddy, turned into a sea of slime by a heavy rain three days before. The girls slogged through the slop, their feet sticking in the muck while the maniac behind them moved easily.

Twice, Tina felt the sharp tip of the blade slip between her thighs and prick the soft, sensitive flesh of her cunt. A razored tingling ran through her body, sweeping up her crotch and making her cunt pucker. It was an icy fear, punctuated by wild, perverse pleasure.

The maniac seemed like the kind of person who mixed fantasy and the real world, but was unsure of which was which. With another prick [missing text].

Oh, oh, it was wretched! Tina thought of the knife, wondering what it would be like having the polished metal sliding in and out of her clenched cuntlips. They would resist, she thought, puckering in and growing bloody while the steel insisted in cutting its way through. It was sick to think like that.

Tina shook her head as if she could push the ideas from her mind. But there they were. She couldn't help them. What was worse, her cunt was growing hotter and wetter the longer she mucked her way through the muddy yard.

"Nice walk?" Bart asked, raising his half emptied beer can to the girls.

"He's stabbing me!"

Kathy cried out with a wail, stumbling through the mud. The girls had made one wide, complete circle, feeling like prisoners on a death march. Tina was exhausted, her legs filthy with slime while her body shone with perspiration.

Then Max moved up, putting his paw-like hands on her narrow shoulders. Kathy screamed and stopped, her eyes wide with fear.

"Don't stop! You do and I'll cut them tits off real slow!"

He had his knife in one hand, pressing the flat of the blade against her throat. Kathy nodded her head up and down to let bin know she understood.

Like a monkey, Max swung up on Kathy's back, throwing hus arms around her shoulders and and chest. The girl teetered back from the added weight, her knees bending while she let out a long scream.

"You drop the two of us in the mud and I'll cut off your clit!" Max screamed.

He was fiddling with his zipper, opening his jeans, pulling out his cock and rubbing it up against Kathy's back. He dropped himself down a little, hanging from her shoulders as the girl tried desperately to move.

In a moment, Tina saw what his target was. He was going to fuck Kathy in the ass. He was jabbing his prick against her asscrack, positioning himself for a hot penetration while the brunette moved slowly through the mud.


"Go, baby, go! Take that dude on your back!"

Kathy struggled several times against falling to the earth. Max was holding her hair like a set of reins, pulling back and jerking while digging his heels into her fleshy thighs.

It was horrible, disgusting, Tina thought as she continued to stare at her friend limping along with Max's cock starting to push into her straining ass.

Tina stopped, hearing Kathy scream. Her body lurched forwards, then steadied. Even from where she stood, Tina could see that her friend was slugging through the mud with a cock up her ass.

"Oh my God, Kathy!" Tina cried, putting her hands to her mouth.

"Come on, you want the same thing?"

The voice made Tina jump. It was Bart, standing next to her in the open. He slapped her ass hard, then stepped behind her and shoved her forward.

Tina stumbled, her legs becoming entangled. Plunging forward, she drove her hands into the soft mud, dirt spattering her tits and face. She scrambled to her feet, shaking the dime from her body and making small groaning sounds in the process.

She wanted to run to dry ground, to wipe the filth from her body. It was impossible. Bart was holding her by the wrist now, wheeling her around, pushing her toward Kathy with a sharp laugh.

"You're fuckin' excited, aren't you? Watchin' your little friend gettin' fucked like that, you want a hot cock up your skitter too, right?"

"No! No! You're sick, you're no!"

The thought made the girl's mind reel madly. She tried pulling away from him, her feet slipping out from under her. Bart was caressing her large round ass, sliding his fingers over her mudcaked asscheeks and pushing one finger against her puckered shitter. Tina yelped, her feet sliding a little farther.

Tina wanted to scream, but she heard her friend let out another cry. Kathy was moving to one side, her arms flailing out helplessly.

"No, no, don't!"

"Man, I'm shotin' in her ass! Fuck, it's good and hot, man!"

"Ohhhh, Kathy!" Tina groaned.

Tina thought she would die, watching her friend falling forward, Max bracing himself against the ground while finishing his fucking. Bart shoved his finger deeper into her ass, spreading her open, then pushing a finger into her hot little cunt. The teen stopped, throwing her head back, wishing she could sink into the earth.

And then she felt Bart's finger sliding back up between her soft, puffy cuntlips. Tina slapped down, wrenching herself away from the big man and starting to run to her friend. Max had already climbed off the sobbing teen and was wagging his cock in her muddied face while Kathy inched away from him.

"Your turn!"

The words were simple. Tina felt his heavy hands on her shoulders. Then a terrible weight pulled her back, making her knees buckle. She straightened them, her spine compressing as Bart climbed onto her back. He jabbed his leather boot heels against her thighs while lowering himself an inch or two.

She squealed as he jabbed a finger into her shitter, wriggling it around and around until she was blinking away hot tears.

Bart hushed at her, damping his hands more tightly around her waist, then inching down. In a moment she could feel his hot, bloated cockhead pressing against her shitter. She winced, her throat growing dry and tight as the pain grew more and more concentrated.

"Don't stop! Keep walkin or you won't be able to walk at all!" Bart screamed.

Somehow Tina found the strength, her feet slogging through the ankle-deep slime. She passed the sobbing Kathy, whose face was being pushed into the mud by Max's boot. Her asshole was stretching front the continual jabbing.

And then Tina screamed, her voice shrilling into the sky as she felt his blunt cockhead slipping into her asshole. The whole tight ring of her asshole felt as if it were being torn loose.

Just for a second, Bart seemed to ease up. Then he ordered her to move to the edge of the muddy field. Tina obeyed, hoping against hope her agony was over. When her knees finally brushed up against dry grass, Bart forced her onto the ground, her tits pillowing against the din.

Bart got on top of her, his hands sliding under her ribcage, his knees jabbing hard against the backs of her legs. It was too much. Tina let out a cry, then let her asshole relax. She could feel his cock jamming against her reined asshole.

Stretching her arms in front of her, Tina curled her long fingers around some grass, pulling it up by the roots as the pain radiated out from her shitter and made her ass, belly, and chest ache. It was awful, feeling the obscene slickness of his prick against her ass lining.

He was fucking her, pulling his cock out, then drilling it back in, nailing her to the ground. Tina squirmed, moving her ass back and forth, hoping to bring the big stud off early so she could end her terrible ordeal.

"Man, the little slut's really hot! She can't keep her -- uhhhhh -- her ass quiet!"

The slow penetration of her ass hurt awfully. It was splitting her in two, tearing her like a piece of tissue. The harder he fucked, the higher the pain reached in her body. That wide cockhead seemed to go on forever when Bart pushed his cock all the way in, his hands now down around her ass, caressing the smooth white flesh.

Behind her, she could hear the brunette sobbing even more, her cries mixed with Max's cursing. But all she concerned herself with was the vile treatment she received from Bart. His hands were covering her tits, his fingers pulling and tugging at her nipples. He was pinching them, twisting them around and around until the teen thought he would rip them from her body.


He was crushing her nipples like berries, laughing at her cries while digging his knees harder against the backs of her legs. Her legs and arms spasmed as he fucked his cock all the way in. He gave ha three long fucking thrusts, then pulled nearly all the way out, mashing her tits under his strong hands.

Tina felt completely torn, both in her ass and in her mind. She wrestled her tits against his hands, feeling the pain from her tits driving more heat into her pussy. She flexed her round, firm ass against his belly, looking for more of the fullness that threatened to split her ass wide open.


The sliding of his cock as it fucked deeper into her bowels sent shocks through her shitter. Tina felt her bowels filling more and more with the man's cock. It was like having a steady, growing load of iron ore blasting into her guts. She thought he would surely have to stop. He would surely reach the limits of endurance and would blow his wad into her body.

Bart bent down, biting the back of her neck, breaking the white flesh and making her snap her head back. She crawled forward, her thin arms trembling, her knees sliding over the slick grass. It was too much for her overheated brain. She thought she would pass out, collapse from the ordeal.

Bart's cock seemed to be growing longer and thicker with each passing second. Now it seemed as if an elephant were fucking her, her asshole stretching around the hunk of throbbing prick.

Bart started pulling out again. Tina thought he had to have pulled out a foot of cock from her ass. The nerve endings along her ass lining protested all the way. Pausing for a second, working his hands over her tits, then bringing them back to her asscheeks, Bart started fucking back into her, rocking his hips from side to side.

Tina dropped her head, her long blonde hair brushing over her whitened knuckles. Her face burned with the effort of being fucked and the shame of having all the men watching her humiliation.

Bart was fucking her steadily, his crotch slapping wetly against her ass. Tina felt herself slipping forward with each fucking blow, her tits jiggling from the effort. She shook her head, her hair whipping across her flushed cheeks while her ass seemed to catch fire.

Bart was pinching her flesh cruelly, knotting small lumps into his fingers and twisting them around until Tina squealed and screamed. In another moment, the girl thought the lewd suction in her ass would drive her out of her mind. The speed of Bart's ass-burning cock increased more and more.

Tina didn't care anymore how much it hurt.

She wanted it all, wanted all the sensations in the world to come crashing down against her body as she knelt there on the grass, drooling like a half-wit while her asshole was fucked hard and fast by Bart.

"Uh! Huhhhh! Uh!"

Bart had a good deal of stamina. He fucked back and forth, gradually speeding up his strokes until Tina thought her shitter would explode into a flaming fire. The hot friction in her dry ass drove her wild. As the length and speed of his strokes grew, the girl felt the drag of her cuntlips milk more juice from her pussy.

Bart's hands were everywhere, touching all parts of her body. In a moment she felt his fingers feathering around her pussylips, stroking her outer labes, picking up the slickness oozing from her hole and rubbing it against her blonde cunthairs.

Tina snapped her head up, making low, guttural sounds through her mouth while licking her dry lips. Heat was burning into the sides of her stiffened clit. She grunted, trying to keep up with the big man's fucking frenzy. All the agony in her body focused in on her nipples, cunt, and asshole, stoking her sexual heat more and more, until the girl thought she would surely explode into a ball of flame.

Tina panted, her brain blanching from the beat burning up her spine. Her shitter was so filled girl thought she would shit or explode. Her ass spread widely around Bart's fucking cock. In and out, in and out. The beat of his cock became as regular as an African drum, the juice squishing down her cunt and trickling over her thighs.

She could feel the hot, cutting edge of her orgasm teasing against her clit, making her cunt walls lighten around the fucking cock while her brain spun around and around.

Bart was muttering all sorts of unclean, filthy things to her, his fingers clawing up her sides, streaking her thighs with long red scratch marks.

Tina threw back her head once more, hearing Bart let out a grunt. He rammed his cock deep into her ass, his fingers bunching her asscheeks together while he shouted at her. She could feel that hot, heavy load of white-hot cream spattering into her shitter like the water from an enema.

Tina screamed, loving the sensation of all the lusty fire in her ass. The thick, spurting shots of his cum burned through the lining of her bowels like jets of gasoline. Tina howled again, her cunt snapping shut on thin air. Her ass was the thing working, wringing at his shooting cock. The teen convulsed, her body writhing against the tall grass.


Her tits were mashed under Bart's clawing hands. Tina hid her face against the tall grass, twisting it around, gulping in air to feed her lungs. It was the hardest, most wild cum she had ever felt in her young life.

Tina opened her mouth to let out a cry of protest. Only a groan escaped from her throat, her ass sliding high in the air and wriggling from side to side, embracing the fucking cock still shooting jism into her asshole.

Lightning exploded in her cunt, amplified by the spasming sensations in her ass. Tina's mind centered on her fucked ass, her clenched cunthole, and the fevered spike of her clit. Every fading motion of the big studs cock increased the wrenching torture in her.


"Hey, man, she wants more! She wants the whole fuckin' gang to fuck her ass!"

The thought flashed through her mind all of them fucking her, holding her down while driving their cocks into her ass, her cunt, and down her throat Tina laughed, shaking her head while her whole squeezed down in vain to trap Bart's withdrawing cock.

"Leggo, bitch! I don't wanna keep fuckin'."

"No, no!"

Tina couldn't believe what a greedy little slut she had turned into. Still, Bart would have his way. His cock paused for a moment, then slipped out farther, Tina wept. The movement was disrupting the hot rhythm of her climax, sending too many signals flashing up her spine. Her overloaded brain shattered as she fought to keep his cock in her shitter.


The wide flare of his cockhead slipped out. Tina ground her teeth, cursing the big man. Her asshole still fluttered, as empty now as her wet, clasping cunt. The girl jerked and twitched as if someone were touching her with an electric wire.

She writhed her belly over the pound, hammering her fists into the dirt. Above her, she could hear Bart laughing, bringing one foot up and placing it hard on her ass. She felt smooth leather wriggle into her asscrack. Shamelessly, the teen jerked her hips up, spreading her knees apart and backing up against his boot. "Man, she can't get enough!"

Slowly, Tina straightened her arms, her toes brushing over the ground. Reality was starting to slip back over her. She could hear Kathy's moans.

Tina sighed, hiding her face from the men. She had never felt so horrible in all her life. A bubble of air escaped from her cunt while Bart's jizz oozed from her stretched, violated asshole.

"Get up," Bart said.

She felt him nudging her under her belly, his toe threatening violence if she didn't move. Reluctantly the blonde teen rose to all fours, her tits pulling sexily from her chest. She felt filthy her body caked with mud, her flesh still wet with her own perspiration and Bart's sweat.

In front of her, she saw something stretched out on the grass. Shrinking away, Tina thought at first it was a snake. Then she realized it was Kathy, her arms pulled in front of her, one leg folded over the other. Her face was turned away, but Tina knew the girl was conscious. She could hear an occasional sob shudder through Kathy's body.


"Aw, that's touching. Maybe the two of you wanna suck cunt or somethin', you know, get acquainted and all that!"

"Hey man, somebody's sneakin' around out there," one of the men said.

Bart froze, muttering a curse as he squinted his eyes and peered into the night. Tina almost laughed. The police were there! Yes, they would come and put an end to it all. She would accuse them, blame them for everything she had felt. That would take care of the guilt starting to trickle into her mind.

"Let me go!"

Tina's jaw dropped open. Sinking back to the earth, she covered her face, feeling a shiver of loathing rush through her body. It was her mother. She could tell her voice anywhere. Her mother was there, a witness to her awful shame. If she had been dragged out to a public square and whipped, her shame couldn't have been greater.

Tina rose again, looking frantically for some way out. By the house she could see two or three men wrestling with a woman who kept screwing at them.

"You're not goin' anywhere!" Bart growled, catching sight of the teen about to scramble away.

"You don't understand! My mother. If she oh God!" Tina gasped, then shook her head. He didn't care. His stony, evil face told her that.

She shrank from Bart's grip, feeling a new life rush through her veins. Stepping lightly over Kathy, Tina ran away from the men around her. Max started running after her, but Tina found herself surprisingly light-footed, stepping easily from his clumsy grasp and running around the muddy field.

The cool wind bit her sweating temples. She slipped to one side, the wet grass making her footing more and more difficult. Tina could hear the sounds of boots behind her. While her mother was fighting off the others. Max and Bart were pursuing her like hounds after a rabbit.

In the near distance, she could see a forest of pines. Perhaps she could hide there and blend in with the trees until they tired of looking for her. She shivered, crying out as the wind slashed between her warm thighs.

Again Tina stumbled, nearly upending herself. Her toes felt as if they were broken, bruised, and bleeding. But still she kept on, her hands dragging down on the ground, her body doubled over for better balance. She knew she would be tortured by the men if they caught her. She had to get away, had to escape, to bring help. Otherwise, Tina thought, they were all doomed.


She was almost there! Tina let out a happy shout, her arms stretched in front of her, her long blonde hair streaming out behind. She could almost touch those pines. In a few moments she could duck into the shadows. They would never find her in the forest!

The footfalls behind her grew louder. Max and Bart were catching up to her, stumbling over the uneven ground.

Tina ground her teeth together, putting on a final burst of speed. It was at the border of the forest that Bart brought her down, his fingers twisting around her hair. He rasped something to her, his hands dragging her down to the ground. Tina cursed, clenching her fingers into ruts. She realized she had failed. Twisting there on the ground, groveling at the men's boots, she had failed herself, her friend, and her mother.

Bart held her tight, pulling her blonde hair until her head was as far back as it could go. Still grabbing her hair, Bart reached down, slapping her tits, making the teen squeal and dig her knees into the ground. Laughing again, he pulled back, then jammed two fingers into her cunt.

Tina yelped with pleasure, feeling the sensation she had hungered for while he had been fucking her ass. Snapping her knees together, the teen fell back, her ass slapping against the wet ground. While Max gloated, Bart began dragging her to a small ravine. She twisted against him, so excited she pissed on his hand. Cursing, Bart pulled his hand away, shoving the soiled fingers into her mouth.

Tina screamed, afraid to pull her face away, but disgusted to suck at the fingers. When he shoved a knee into her back and made her cry out, the girl opened her mouth again and felt the filthy digits poking down into her throat. She could taste the salty, pungent urine as it washed over her tongue.

Her legs drummed against the ground. She could feel a prickly bush tickling her asshole and inner thighs as Bart continued to pull her into the darkness. Max was following along, panting heavily, slipping on the dew-slick grass.

Tina groaned, her mouth opening farther. She licked the fingers that probed against her tonsils, surprised at how depraved she was becoming. Tina realized they were going to disgrace her again, nearly in front of her mother. It would be worse than the pictures Bart had taken of her with that wretched enema poking into her asshole.

She fought them, screaming, kicking, biting, and writhing against Bart's strong grip. But the more she struggled, the more firmly the men held onto her. She felt her heels rutting the soft ground as they pitched her into the soft, low ditch.

Someone was shouting from the house, the cries echoing through the dark woods behind them. Tina dug her fingers into the soft dirt, grunting like a struggling pig as she tried to crawl away. It was useless.

Bart grabbed hold of her under her arms, pulling the teen deeper into the ravine. She felt prickly bushes whip her, clawing at her face until she had to shut her eyes for fear of having them poked out.

Tina was more afraid of what they were doing to her mother than what they would do to her. She could well imagine her mother being stripped, beaten, fucked.

A booted kick in the face knocked the worries from Tina's head. In a flash, she realized she had her own safety to worry about. Bart was angry, cursing and kicking her, while Max picked up the fury and began to slap her across the face. When she tried crawling up the edge of the ditch a second time, she received a sharp kick in the chin for her efforts.

Tina reeled back, her head exploding into stars while her body slapped against the ground. Again the girl regained her strength, screaming at them, clawing at Bart's face.

Max was quick, pulling a filthy handkerchief from his rear pocket and jamming it into her mouth. When Bart slid down into the ditch along with Max and grabbed the girl, Tina raised her knees, hoping to kick them away. It only gave them the opportunity to stick their fingers into her cunt and twist them around, making the girl shriek more loudly into her filthy gag.

"She's ready, man! You fucked her ass? Now she's ready to take anything!" Max gasped.

"Yeah, she was hot back there. But man, she's gonna fry up anything shoved into her pussy," Bart said.

They both squatted, holding Tina down in the dirt by her knees and shoulders. Tina's eyes were big, unblinking, and rounded against her skull as she looked pleadingly from one man to the other. Pulses erupted in her throat, her tits, her thighs. She could feel her heart beating so quickly while an odd kind of tension made her belly muscles cramp.

Bart was bringing a small fishing knife round, pressing the flat edge of the weapon against her right cheek, then drawing it down her threat, leaving a long, white line in her flesh.

Tina calmed quickly, afraid to make a move. She could feel the steely sharp cutting edge against her flesh. The girl shivered, her skin puckering, while every nerve ending became alive with sensation.

Backing away from the tree, he grabbed both her hands, holding them around the trunk.

"Let's tie her up. You got same rope?"

"Never without it," Bart said with a leer, pulling a length of line from his pocket and wrapping it around Tina's wrists.

She groaned, her nose flattening against the hard, scratchy tree while her toes slipped along the tree's roots. She struggled back, finding it impossible to move now that her arms were pressed up against the tall pine. They were talking about fucking her in the ass as if she were some mindless animal to be played with, then thrown back into the filthy ditch.

Tina turned her head around to see what was happening. Her eyes were wide while her cheeks stung with hot tears. Sweat made her naked ass glisten in the moonlight, pressing against the wide trunk. Tina was surprised to feel delight in her cunt as she rubbed against the rough bark.

She bit her lower lip. It was awful to feel something like that, especially while the men were behind her, staring at her naked ass. The teen shuddered, her shoulders shrinking together while her head shook with the temptation to fuck herself against the tree.

The blonde began to rise on her toes, feeling the tree bark digging into her cuntflesh, pricking at the sensitive nerve endings and making them tingle with delight. Tina shivered again as she bent her knees, opening them wide enough to get her clit up against the rough bark.

"Look, she's fucking the tree," Bart said, pointing at the young girl.

"Make her behave!"

"Yeah, I don't want any termites nibblin' at my cock!"

"Fuck! The younger they are, the more depraved they are."

"Yeah, and they call us sick!"

Tina heard the hiss of leather scrape along rough fabric. She heard the snap of his belt as he doubled it. She heard the crunch of a purposeful step crushing dead leaves and twigs.

Tina stopped her fucking movements, freezing as if someone had poured concrete in her veins. Turning around slightly, she could see Bart's massive frame behind her. He was about to beat her with his belt. He was going to stripe her body with the leather until she was nothing more than a meaty pulp. The thought made her shiver with more delight, her fingers opening and closing, the nails digging into the bark.


Tina heard the belt whistling through the air. Then there was the sudden shock, the feel of the leather biting into the flesh between her jutting shoulder blades. Her knees jerked out and her body slammed against the tree. Then she felt the stinging pain burning its way through her flesh and up into her spine.

The girl threw back her head, tearing her mouth open and shouting a shrill cry into the night air. Again the leather whistled. Again the belt arched through the night air, slicing into her flesh and making the teen shriek with agony.

They were cutting her body apart as if they had used a switchblade, the leather belt slicing into her again and again. The touch ignited sparks in her clit, sending showers of pleasurable sensations racing into her pussy.

"Now this one's to heat up your ass, though I don't know why it needs it. Fuck, it's hot enough to burn through steel!"


The belt whistled again, striking her ass right between her clenched cheeks. Her cunt snapped shut while her cunt tingled. The leather cut the flesh, making Tina groan and feel dizzy. The rag in her mouth nearly choked her when she sucked in a ragged breath.

Swirls of yellow light exploded behind her eyes as the girl dug her broken fingernails into the bark once more. She was hugging the pine with the insides of her thighs, shoving her cunt harder at the bark. Everything was blending into a wonderful, painful, delightful combination of feelings.

Mother sharp blow, this one crossing her asscheeks, made her jump up against the tree, her toes banging against the roots. Her cunthair was wet with pussyjuice, and a trickle of blood oozed down the outsides of her legs. The third blow across the same area smeared the bright blood.

Tina didn't care what damage they were causing her. She shoved her cunt up as if she were retreating from the assault. When she did that, the girl opened her crotch even more, forcing her cunt against the tree.

At that point, the girl found a piece of bark sticking out differently from the others. It was entering her cunt, fucking her in a nice way. Tina laughed softly, half-mad with pain and lust. She manipulated her muscles until the piece of bark was lodged against her clit. She relaxed her hips and let the next smacking blow ripple her ass. The force was working her cunt along the sharp edge of that bark. "Awk!"

The next blow made the teen throw her head back. She jerked up again, her ankles banging against the foot of the tree. It was as if the broad black leather belt was a hammer pounding her into the pine.

Tina had to have something bigger and more abusive in her cunt, in her ass, or anywhere, as long as it was stiff, pumping, and hot. The young teen couldn't believe her feelings of lust were making themselves felt so strongly. But she could no longer deny that they were racing through her mind.

"Get that fucking log over here before I come all over myself," Bart said, his voice low and throaty, revealing his growing lust.

"Give some help!" Max grunted.

Tina heard the belt fall. She groaned, hanging there untouched, her asscheeks opening and closing, the bark piercing her clit like a large, sharp needle. Next to her, Tina could hear the men as they rolled the log forward.

"Lift her up so I can get this damned thing in place!" Bart gasped.

Max lifted her legs, scraping her wrists against the tree bark. Bart propped the log against the base of the tree, angled so her knees rested against the opposite end. The odd angle strained her wrists, but Tina didn't care. This was something new, something delicious they hadn't tried before.

Looking down, the teen saw that she was three feet off the ground. The heavy dead log was broad enough to support both knees, even when they were spread open.

"Man, she's wet in there nice and hot and wet, better than that dry ass I fucked," Bart said as he ran his fingers down her cuntslit.

"Let's get that stone over here."

Both men dragged a large slab of rock and shoved it behind her. Tina watched as Max held her legs to the log, steadying her while Bart stood on the rock. In a second, Bart was dropping his pants, moving up to her, and shoving his cock forward. He penetrated without a problem, her wet cuntlips cushioning his hard thrust. She twisted her head up, throwing her long hair back and forth.

Tina exploded again and again, letting the golden strands of her hair tangle with the small branches in front of her. She yanked her hair free and loved the tearing tug that resulted. Between her legs a riot erupted, pinching all her nerves. Her big tits hung down, rubbing against the rock and tree trunk.

Tina felt her cunt muscles slide downward to match Bart's upward fucking rhythm. She shook her ass with each forward thrust, making the heavy muscles in her ass jiggle and dance.

"She's good, man, good ahhhhhhh!" Bart groaned.

Tina's mind was rioting wildly. She had the cock in her cunt she had been aching for. She felt her mind slipping away from reality, her body whipping this way and that. Fucking this way after having endured the whipping drove her satisfaction to dizzying heights.

The teen couldn't understand what was happening to her, but she didn't question it. The brutality of the past few hours had turned her into an animal with strong lusts. She wanted them to rape her, beat her, and knock out the terrible guilt gnawing at her soul.

Bart fucked her quickly, gracelessly. Blowing the cum into her cunt, he threw back his head, pulling out.

"Okay, your turn," Bart said, wiping the back of his hand over his mouth.

"She good?"

"Better than anything you'd find out there except maybe that bitch we found," Bart said, eyeing Tina suspiciously.

"Oh, no..."

"Feed her, feel her gobble it up," he said to Max, laughing wildly.

Tina froze, tensing as Max came over to her. She breathed with raspy gasps, wondering what more degradation she would endure. He was pulling at her, pushing his cockhead up against her cunt.

Raped by two men, one after the other! For some women it might have been a nightmare. For Tina it was a fantasy come true. The girl screamed as the fat cock fucked into her.

Tina had watched Max fucking Kathy in the ass, drilling his prick into her as she waddled through the mud with him riding her back. Now he was into her, his fingers scratching her tits, her sides, her thighs as if he wanted to tear her flesh from her bones.

Max was more ruthless than Bart, puffing back slowly, then hammering home, his hands grabbing her tits and squeezing them flat until the teen shivered out her agony.

When Tina finally felt his hot jizz, she imagined the knife he had held earlier cutting through her, slicing through her flesh as she came and came and came.


Tina closed her cunt on his fat prick, snapping her head up and gasping in a lungful of air as her climax erupted with Max's. She hung her head down in shame, her cunt muscles spasming itchily as Max pulled out.

"Now, we can fix her good! We'll make sure she don't run out on us without thinkin' twice!"

"Let's slit her tits," Bart said, picking at his nose with the tip of the small knife.

"Man, I can carve my initials on her ass, just like on a tree," Max said with a laugh.


Tina wiggled against the tree. She saw a flash of steel and knew that Bart had his knife once more. She scraped her knees painfully against the log, struggling to get free.

"I wanna hear her squeal," Bart said, his voice soft.

Tina raised her head. Jizz oozed down the backs of her thighs. Bart was behind her now, having tucked his cock back into his pants. She felt the blade moving over her throat.

Then he was going for her right tit. She could feel the light pressure of the blade in her cleavage. The edge cut lightly, stinging a narrow groove without drawing blood. The girl could have fainted with horror. And yet there was something in her, something that still survived her massive climax, that wanted more.


Tina shivered, her knees slipping on the rough surface until they bled.

Bart was going for her right tit with his awful knife. She could feel him moving the knife up against her nipple. The girl groaned, tossing her head from side to side, feeling her hair whipping across her face. He was bringing the sharp edge down the full length of her tit.

"No, no, no!" Tina screamed, making the other men laugh.

The knife made a tiny slit in her smooth, rounded tit. She beat her heels against the earth, scattering gnarled brown and gray twigs. When she felt the sharp blade again, Tina let out another shriek, twisting around and puffing wildly at the rapes holding her arms to the frees.

The knife was tracing a line back to her nipple. Bart was taking his time, enjoying her terror and the feel of her sleek, warm body writhing and twisting under him.

The girl screamed, honor filling her mind.

"The bitch loves it," Max said.

"She likes anything. Better keep her away from the dogs. She'd probably fuck them!" Bart gasped, pushing the blade tip against her nipple.

Tina held her breath until her mind swam. All sorts of pleasure-pain feelings shot through her body, making her thump her legs against the log more wildly than before. She squeezed her ass, bearing down on her bloated clit.

Tina was shameless, not caring any longer how she felt or looked in front of the leering men. Her face was contorted with lust. Her eyelids were clenched while her cheeks were sucked in. Bouncing her ass up and down, she looked as if she wanted another hard, fast fuck.

Bart laughed, then brought the knife right to the center of her cunt, pressing the pointed tip against her clit. The girl shrieked, her muscles knotting against her sweaty flesh while the cords stood out in her throat. Her puffy cuntlips clenched against the sharp, cutting edges, slitting themselves while sparks of incredible delight exploded from the tip.

Tina bobbed her ass up and down, grunting through her clenched teeth like a pig rutting in the mud. Bart kept the blade up against her cunt for a moment, then brought it down in a slow circle, tracing the tip against her flesh until the cold steel was up against the back of her knee. He stopped, putting the blade back in its sheath and shoving it into his pocket.

"I don't want her gettin' the idea she can cum when she wants," he said, getting himself under control.

Tina wept, shaking her head from side to side. She could have screamed. She pulled wildly at the ropes, hatred filling her veins and bubbling through her brain as Max untied her arms, then held them tightly behind her back.

"She's a wildcat!"

"We'll see just how much spunk she's got when we get her back to the house."

Tina sobbed, her hair curtaining her face as Bart shoved her forward, keeping both hands behind her back. She stumbled forward, remembering once again the sound of her mother's voice drifting through the woods. That thought made her grimace once more.

That was all she needed, Tina thought grimly as she saw the lights of the house appear ahead. Tina groaned, wishing they would drag her back to the tree and fuck her again.


Someone was running around in small circles, stumbling, then regaining her balance. At first Tina thought it was Kathy. Then she focused her eyes and shook the hair from her face. But the woman was taller, more mature.

Then a shock ran through Tina's body. It was her mother, Francine Mathis, and she was pushing her hair away, keeping her arms close to her body, and beating off the hungry fingers reaching for her. Her thighs jiggled with the violent moves, her tits swinging out and slapping together while the men hit her ass and punched her belly. One particularly nasty punch struck Francine in the back, knocking the wind from her.

Tina watched in horror as her mother collapsed face-down onto the ground, her arms stretched in front of her. She was digging her knees into the soft dirt, trying to get up as another man ran up and kicked her hard in the ass. Her legs flew apart, her body falling back, to the ground with a thud.

Tina screamed, thrashing around in Bart's arms, kicking back, wanting to run to her mother.

"Stop it! God in heaven, stop it!" Tina screamed as she saw her mother start to writhe.

"Tina my God, what've they done to you? What's going on here?" Francine asked, blinking her eyes clear.

She pushed her hands in front of her, rising from the dirt and peering up at her daughter. She felt as if the world had suddenly changed and become something totally unfamiliar.

"We're takin' you down to her friend! You're next on the menu, baby! Watch her," Bart said.

"She's my mother! Don't don't do anything to her!" Tina screamed, twisting her head around as they dragged her away.

Bart didn't seem particularly surprised by the news. His fingers tightened around her as he and Max pulled Tina up the porch steps and flung her into the living room.

"Your old lady, oh? We'll have to work something out special for that! Meanwhile, down you go!"

Francine's cries died out as the man dragged Tina to the head of the basement stairs and pushed her down with one shove. She flew through the air, her body half-twisting around and tumbling down into the blackness of the cellar.

Flailing her arms wildly, Tina felt a railing and grabbed hold of the splintery wood, cutting her palms while banging her ankles painfully against the steps. She wheeled around, her body crashing into the stone wall to her right. She managed to stop her fall, clinging to the handrail, hearing the men thudding down after her.

"Come on, come on!"

Bart pried her fingers from the support, shoving her down the final steps to the floor. Tina backed away, looking around her while Max flicked on a small overhead yellow light. Immediately, she was aware of someone else in the small room. She could hear a muffled groan and the sound of a body moving.

They pushed her forward a little farther. Soon Tina could make out something stretched from floor to ceiling. It was Kathy. Tina stopped dead in her tracks.

Kathy had been tied to a broad, spread-legged frame.

Her wrists were strapped tight to the ends of a bar above her head, her ankles pulled apart and chained to two ringbolts cemented into the floor. The pole had been pulled up as high as it could go, stretching Kathy's naked body.

The girl was staring at Tina, her eyes glazed with tears. Undoubtedly, Kathy would have said something. But a red rubber ball had been pushed into her mouth, held in place by a broad black leather strap. She twisted around as much as she could, her muscles bulging against her lightly tanned flesh, her cunt exposed, while her tits were flat against her chest.

Kathy was in pain. She had been raped, beaten, then finally tied up. Her face reddened as Tina continued to stare open-mouthed at her.

"She was talking and screaming too much! This is as good a place as any to put somebody on ice! And that's just where you're gonna be! We've to some talking with your old lady up there," Bart said, pushing Tina.


The girl balked, pushing back and shaking her head. She didn't want her mother involved. She didn't want Francine to endure what she had. "We gotta make sure she ain't brought nobody around, understand?" Max screamed. "Get 'er up," Bart said.

Max held her while Bart slipped a length of line around her wrist. Standing on a small wooden chair, he slipped the rope to another that dangled from a pulley assembly bolted into the ceiling overhead.

Stepping down, Bart moved to the right and tugged down at the end of the pulley rope, stretching Tina up from the floor. She stood on her toes, her right hand strained high tow her head. She felt the thin line cutting into her wrist. Her muscles ached from the pulling tension. A frightened look shadowed her face as her arches began to ache from the standing position. Flashing a glance at Kathy, the blonde teen wondered what was next for both her and her friend.

"Now we do something more interesting." Bart said with a grin.

Neither of than wasted any time. Max and Bart pulled out a series of devices from various small metal cabinets, discussing which should hewed and which should be ended for now.

Bart rose trout his squatting position, walking over to the wall and pulling on the pulley rope once again. Immediately Tina felt the tension increase around her wrist, the line jerking her higher off the floor, until her toes swept over the cracked, cold cement.

Tina winced, letting out a small cry as the rope cut off her circulation in her fingers. Her body was twisting around like a side of beef, her legs kicking instinctively while her long blonde hair swept over her back. She let out another groan, her knees striking one another. All thoughts about her cunt were gone. There was only pain now pain and the fear that more was to come.

"Let's work on her with this!"

Bart secured the rope around a horizontal bar bolted to the stone wall, taking a brown leather strap from Max and securing it around the girl's right ankle. Tina shuddered at Bart's touch, feeling the buckle tighten around her flesh nearly as firmly as the line biting into her wrist.

Max secured a similar device around her left wrist while Bart raised and bent back Tina's leg, fastening the bands together with a single link. The weeping, trussed girl hung from one wrist. Her other wrist and one ankle were joined at her lower back, her left foot dangling without support.

"She don't look comfortable, Bart," Max said, rubbing his nose with one hand.

"Yeah, real strained. I got somethin' for that, though."

Tina watched, tears blurring her eyes. Bart produced a triangle of wood, shoving it directly under her free leg. It was high enough that the foot could find a resting place on the rounded point. But she soon realized that to rest her weight on the triangle was more painful than hanging by her wrist without support. She shook her head, looking blank-eyed at the ceiling, hearing the steady groan of the ropes which held her body prisoner.

"Now, to keep you girls company, I've got somethin' special for you," Bart said with a grin, winking at Tina.

Max laughed.

"You," Bart said, indicating Kathy with a nod. "You are gonna find this somethin' really special. Get the gag for blondie!"

Tina didn't fight the ball Max shoved in her mouth, pushing the tip of her tongue against the filthy latex surface to make sure it wouldn't roll back too far against the back of her throat. She felt him fastening it behind her head, securing it the same way Kathy's gag had been secured. What interested Tina more was the device Bart had pulled from a tall green metal cabinet to Kathy's right. At first she thought they were jumper cables. Then the girl realized they were two long, steel dildoes at either end of the yellow double wires. A third double wire led out front the center.

Kathy's eyes rounded with interest, her muscles working against her glistening flesh as Bart fucked the first metal cock into her cunt. The girl shrieked through her gag, her head falling back while her jaws clamped down against the rubber ball.

Tina watched the way her friend twisted in her bonds, thinking, that her movements were almost beautiful, restrained as they were by the tight ropes.

"Now, for the bitch!"

Bart uncoiled the wires, holding the second dildo by its base and pushing it into Tina's cunt. Tina had had enough time to feel herself warming to the situation. Now, roped to the ceiling, feeling her body filled with pain, she began to feel something more pleasurable racing through her veins.

She winced, her cunt snugging up tight against the invading dildo as Bart shoved the thing halfway into her. They were going to pass electricity through her again. This time, Kathy would have the feeling of voltage pricking her flesh as well. The young girl sat down harder on the ball, watching as Bart attached the third double wire to the small generator, bending over, then switching on the machine.

Tina tensed, beads of cold perspiration dotting her forehead while a tremor passed through her jaw. She watched Kathy. The girl had managed to overcome her humiliation and follow the wire with her eyes, soon realizing what was going to happen.

Kathy screamed, jerking her arms against her bonds uselessly and snapping her head from side to side as she bounced on her ropes. Bart laughed, throwing the switch and sending a steady, buzzy current into the wires.


Tina sighed almost happily, her body trembling from the amperage as her cunt went into gentle loving spasms. Kathy, however, was destroyed by the current, her body shivering as if it were being beaten. The men liked that, scratching their groins while they saw the brunette spasms again and again against the ropes.

Tina chomped down on her ball, nearly swallowing it as she felt the first climax sweep over her cunt.

"Let's leave 'em here! We got the old lady to worry about upstairs!"


Her mother again. Tina wanted to call out to them, to beg them to leave her mother alone. But the ball, kept her from saying a thing. Helplessly, Tina watched the men walk out, the door closing with a thud overhead. She heard the squeaking of the floorboards, then nothing. There was only the steady humming of the generator, and of Kathy's groans.

She looked at her friend, her body shivering as if she were having a fit. There was nothing she could do. Helpless, Tina hung there, the rope cutting into her wrist, her legs kicking back and forth, the sparking dildo making her pussy tense, relax, then tighten up again against the big steel prick.

She tossed her head angrily from side to side, her face grimacing as her foot sought the triangle. She tore at her bonds, her shoulder and wrist on fire. Thank goodness for the dildo inside her cunt, making her clit stand up and shiver with pleasure. At lest that took her mind off her agony for a few moments.

Tina hated the thing under her foot, hurting her arches more and making her bondage more than if it hadn't been there in the first place. Steadying herself for a moment, feeling the current ripple through her young pussy and making her cunt tremble and squirm up against the cold steel once again, Tina rolled her eyes up toward the ceiling, wondering about her mother.

Francine was having her problems in the yard. When Bart and Max had returned, they told the woman in detail how they had trussed up Tina and Kathy. Horrified, Francine covered her mouth with both hands. She drew back from the men, still finding it difficult to believe her daughter would have become involved with people so depraved.

"Your daughter's enjoying a steady fuck downstairs. We might put you on the same thing later. But right now, we gotta figure out what you can take," Bart said.

"No! Animal!"

Francine lunged, leaping up from the ground like a tigress and hurling herself at the big man. He laughed, knocking her back, then beating on her head until she crouched in the dirt defeated.

Sobbing, Francine wanted to die. She couldn't believe what was happening to her and her daughter. It had to be some horrid nightmare, a dream from which she would awaken safely in her own bed.

"Gimme some matches!"

She heard the command, then saw a sharp flame shoot up into the night air. Immediately Bart brought the flame down to her cunt, while Max and another man were holding her down by her arms.

More hysterical shrieks of agony ripped from her throat while the cords in her neck stood out. She twisted and writhed, her, legs drumming against the wet ground.

When they touched her cunthair with the fire, sending the curly fur blackening into ash, Francine thought she would faint. She lost control, piss spurting from her pussy and wetting down her thighs. Some of it landed on the blazing hairs, putting out the fire, making the men laugh.

"Good, real good, baby! Yeah, you're the mother of that slut downstairs! You're the only one who could pull that kinda shit!"

The stench of burning hair assailed Francine's nostrils. Her eyes stared down at the flaming crotch, her body shivering with revulsion at what was happening.


"Wh-where's my daughter?" Francine asked, hoping to take their attention from her for a moment. Her thighs cramped with tension while her feet dug into the ground around her.

"You wanna see her? You gotta wait for that! You bring anybody with you here?"

Francine shook her head, looking down again at her singed pussy. She'd been able to piss and put out the flames before they had done any real damage.

"We gotta be sure! You lying?" Bart's voice grew loud.

"No! I swear it!"

"Get that board over here," Bart said, nodding in the direction of a small pile of wood at the end of the porch.

One of the men picked up a four-foot length and pulled it forward, dropping it over Francine's foot. She let out a sharp cry of pain, drawing back and looking at Bart. He laughed, swinging a doubled fist into her belly and knocking the wind from her lungs.

Francine's eyes nearly popped from her head, her jaws slackening as she doubled over, holding tightly onto her injured belly.

Pulling her hands from her stomach, Bart kept her in the bent-over position, forcing her arms out to either side of the board. Max bound them with two pieces of rope, laying the rope around her wrists, the board, and her ankles until she was bound tightly to the board.

Francine swallowed a lump of fear, feeling her pussy part stickily from the tension of her position. Her fists swung forward, hanging obscenely as if waiting for someone to grab and suck them. She kept her face down, grateful for the way her hair was curtaining her flushed, shamed face.

The men were making lewd remarks and lining up as if they were going to have a chance to fuck her. The thought rushed through her mind like a hot poker blazing through gasoline. It had been years since anyone had even touched her. And now these strangers were stripping her. She felt a thrill of excitement rush up and down her spine, her asscheeks clenching and unclenching while her toes curled into the soft dirt.

"C'mon, walk!" Bart snapped, slapping her hard on her ass.


Carefully Francine moved her right foot, then her left, waddling forward, the board cutting into the fronts of her ankles. It was slow, painful work, with Bart slapping and kicking her every step of the way. He kept asking her about others following her, and about the police she might have notified. Again and again she denied his accusations, screaming out that she'd been too horrified at what she'd heard over the phone to call anyone.

Sweat glistened over her body as they marched her to a far field. It was where she'd seen her daughter come out with the two men -- haggard, worked-over, and obviously raped. And now they were going to treat her the same way.

"No, no! Please, no!"

She didn't want pain, didn't want the humiliation. Bart laughed, raising one foot and placing the toe right up against her ass hole. Francine squirmed, feeling the filthy leather working its way against her puckered shitter. She was about to shout out a protest when he shoved her forward.

There was no way the woman could have fought for her balance. She pulled at her arms, trying to free her hands. But the ropes held fast.

Francine tumbled head-first, falling against her neck and shoulder, then rolling around until she found herself on her ass, her legs and arms high in the air and spread wide apart. The men were standing over her, laughing as she struggled like a turtle on its back trying to regain its footing.

"Problem? Too bad," Bart said, reaching down and opening his zipper.

Francine shook her head from side to side, her mind reeling at what was about to happen. But Bart was just standing there, his cock in his right hand. He rolled the cockhead from left to right, not trying to get it hard.

The woman screamed, her spine arching as she dug her head into the ground under her. He was pissing on her, directing the thin, twisting yellowish stream over her belly.

Francine froze, not believing what was happening to her. She lay there quietly for a moment, letting the piss spatter over her navel, gathering in a slick, oily pool before trickling down either side and hissing into the cold ground under her ass.

Then she screamed through her clenched teeth, a feeling of nausea sweeping over her mind. It was unbelievable that another human being would do this to her! She wriggled her ass against the dirt, feeling the filth invading her asscrack. Still Bart followed her, moving his spray up to her nipples, the piss stinging her tit tips. Droplets bounced off her tits and spattered on her face.

Francine let out a shriek, shaking her head violently, trying to get the filth from her cheeks and forehead as more and more pies coated her helpless body.

"Stop! I've told you everything! Stop this!" she screamed, her voice echoing through the woods behind her.

"Man, she's a mover just like her daughter."

Francine rolled her hips away, cursing the ugly stud. He finally went dry.


"Hey, man, what about me!"

Others shouldered their way forward, knocking their way forward. Francine blinked, feeling her body broiling in the piss all around her. She opened her mouth to shout at them and was rewarded by a stream of piss splashing against her teeth.

Gagging, Francine tried arching back away from the piss. But another, and then another, current of filthy urine spattered over her face and body. She sucked in deep breaths, her tits slapping against one another as the men began dumping their piss onto her body. She felt one spray stinging along her lips, her tongue, her chin, then up to her eyes. They were pissing all over her. Then Bart signaled for them to stop.

"Whew! You wanna bring down the health department on my ass?"

He kicked Francine away from them, nudging her farther and farther, until the woman found herself rolling into the mud. Wildly, she twisted from the pool, barely keeping her head above the filthy surface. They were laughing at her and calling her all sorts of filthy names. She lay there, feeling safe for the first time in hours. At least, she thought, the mud had cleansed her flesh of piss.

Closing her eyes in defeat, Francine wished she had phoned the police before foolishly having come out to save her daughter. Now they were all in danger, and there was nothing anyone could do to help them.

Back in the basement, Tina was growing more and more disturbed. The rope around her wrist was cutting deeply, rubbing the flesh until a small trickle of blood began to ooze from her stretched arm. She pushed herself up several times against the painful triangle, braving the agony of the point against her arch to relieve the aching pull against her wrist and shoulder.

The dildo still sent the low amount of voltage into her cunt, bringing her off again and again. She could see Kathy had also experienced climaxes, although the brunette looked more and more uncomfortable as the minutes ticked by.

Kathy's thighs were ridged, her flesh damp with perspiration while her forehead creased with every throb of current shooting into her cunt. The wires jiggled against her legs as she writhed from side to side, pulling at the bonds on her arms and legs.

At times, Tina thought she could hear the men laughing and shouting. She thought of her mother and wondered what kind of show they were making her put on. She concentrated on the voltage rushing through her pussy. That would make her forget about her mother, about the shame she was enduring.

And then the shouting stopped. There was only silence. For a moment Tina wondered if they had all left for some reason. Then there were the sounds of shuffling feet, sounding like an army tramping through the rooms overhead. She could hear a woman's shouts.

The door flew open with a bang. Francine screamed an obscenity, beating her hands uselessly against Max's chest. They had untied her, hosed off the mud, then thrown her into the house.

Francine could see that she was in danger of being pushed down the stairs. Wheeling around, the woman padded quickly down the narrow wooden stairs, bracing herself heavily against the handrail.

"Oh God! Tina! Kathy!"

She stopped in honor, looking at the two girls strung up from the ceiling, their bodies jerking rhythmically with the pulsing current generated from the machine between them. Bart was down at her side in a moment, pushing her toward a earnest post opposite Tina.

"Surprised? You think we were gonna let 'em watch TV while we fucked around with you?"

"No no, no!" Francine moaned, her eyes wide with honor and disbelief.

She looked at her daughter as they shoved her against the cement column, circling a leather strap around her waist and cinching it tightly. Someone pulled both of her arms back, tying them together with what felt like rough hemp rape. It didn't matter.

She watched her daughter, watched as the dude shoved in Tina's pussy bobbed up and down. The girl's cunt muscles worked against the invader, milking it whenever a particularly hard spasm rushed through her pussy and made her shiver against her bonds.

Francine dropped her eyes. It was revolting. It was terrible seeing her own daughter like that. The thought made her sick.

Tina watched her mother with growing interest. Max drew cords under Francine's armpits, up over her shoulders, crossed them behind her, then knotted them tightly together. In a moment, the girl saw her mother fixed to the post, her tits thrust out provocatively. Bart used two firm bands that circled both her ankles and the post, one leg on either side of the post so they were slightly spread.

"No! What are you doing? God in heaven, I told you the truth! No one's here except me! Let them go! Let us go!" Francine shrieked.

"Gag her like the others," Bart said in exasperation. "She's gonna yelp her fuckin' head off if we don't!"

Francine looked pleadingly at Tina, as if her daughter could somehow help her. There was nothing she could do.

Max slipped out of sight for a moment, returning with a long piece of leather. Francine gave up her struggle, reining against the tight-fitting ropes as the big man wrapped the material around her skull and tied it in a double knot behind her head. The woman began concentrating on the ropes now chafing her flesh until it bled.

Turning her eyes, Francine saw her daughter wriggling against her own bonds. And there was Kathy, the girl, she thought, who had started it all with her wild ideas and slutty ways. She wanted to give the girl a good piece of her mind.

But the scratchy feeling of the hemp against her body told her just what kind of position she was in.

"Now, then, we've got a fuckin' full crew here," Bart said, cracking his knuckles and rocking back and forth on his heels.

He was standing next to Francine, stroking her ass, his fingers caressing the smooth white flesh and making the woman tremble.

"It'd be a real shame to let any of it go to waste. And," she added, slipping one finger into the asscrack and jabbing the tip against her skitter, "it'll be even more interesting to watch you watch each other!"

Bart scratched his chin, then moved to Tina. The girl was praying he would go for her mother, or even start walking toward Kathy.

Bart lowered her to the floor, unfastening the cuff binding her ankle to her wrist. Loosening the rope attaching her to the overhead pulley, Bart dragged her to her feet, steadying the naked young teen against his body when she began swaying back and forth.

"The guys are upstairs gettin' drunk. That's about all they do in life. You wanna go upstairs and party with them?" he asked.

Tina shook her head from side to side. They would fuck her until she was nothing more than a piece of raw meat. The thought did have an exciting edge, but then reality set in. She wouldn't give in to these men again, not with her mother watching!

Tina folded one leg modestly aver her cunt, drawing her upper arms in as she turned away from her mother. Upstairs she could hear noise, and she thought of how they would paw her, feel her, then fuck her. Tina shivered, driving the thought from her mind.

"Why not show your mom what you can do? She's hot, lady! I mean it! Hot enough to boil a cock when she gets going!"

Tina flushed, trembling with rage and shame as she watched her mother's face flush silently. The girl was about to strike Bart when she felt him grab her by the wrist and drag her in Kathy's direction. Francine muttered through her gag, her eyes round, her body strained against the ropes.

"I didn't wanna keep you hangin' around like that not with your old lady here and all that. It ain't polite, right? So we're gonna work out something a little different for you! Just like Mom!"

He threw her against another post. Max made sure her arms were well behind her, her wrists folded one over the other. Tina sighed. At least she wasn't hanging from the overhead beam, her nerve endings pulling apart from the terrible weight. Her legs felt better as Max roped her ankles to the pillar, then bound her wrists one to the other with a double knot.

Tina stood there, facing her mother, feeling as if something dreadful was about to take place, something more awful than all she had had to endure so far. It happened when Bart rolled out the generator again. The woman all sucked in ragged breaths, their eyes focusing on the dial, on the wires dangling from the back.

"I've had to modify it a little," Bart said, stroking the machine lovingly. "But I think I've done it so I can take care of all three of you! Hey Max, take off their gags!"

Tina's was the first. She spat out the vile mixture of rubber and spit, coughing violently, then slowly regaining her breath. She wanted to say something, to vindicate herself in front of her mother and her friend. But that was impossible.

Francine could only repeat her daughter's name again and again, while Kathy moaned, feeling more alone than ever. Bart uncoiled the wires once more, stringing them out, then moving back up to Tina. She moaned. Her nipples were sore already from all the puffing and biting. Again she saw the clamps opening and brushing up against her sensitive nipples. Again she felt the nibbling teeth biting into the pink flesh, distending the tiny nub with its weight.

Tina jerked her head back, her jaw set, her teeth biting into her pouty lower lip. Squirming, feeling her ass rubbing against the pillar behind her, the girl curled her toes until they cramped against the cold floor. Bart attached another metal clamp to her left tit, bringing a third around and rubbing it up against her clit.

"No, not there, not not there!"

Tina shrieked, feeling the awful teeth biting into the super-sensitive flesh of her clit. It was as if a dozen knives had begun to cut her cunt to pieces.

Her screams grew more shrill, bouncing off the walls as Kathy and Francine joined in, crying out for the men to stop.


After he had shoved a wire up Tina's ass, Bart moved to Francine, hooking her up in a similar way. Kathy watched, her arms still stretched out, her thighs tensing as the men came up to her. Perspiration streaked her sides, trickling down her tits, legs, and thighs.

Kathy whimpered, begging them not to hurt her, knowing all the while that they would. Each time the clamps bit into her flesh, the girl screamed, shaking her body violently and nearly knocking the clamps from her tits, cunt and ass. When the men were through, Bart walked back to the generator, switching it on, then looking from one woman to the other.

"It's gonna be easy, really. All you gotta do is beg me to shoot the current to another cunt. I'll do it, and then you won't have to take all the pain, understand?"

Tina wrinkled her forehead, inhaling sharply as she stared at the yellow pulsing needle on the machine. This time, she guessed, Bart was going to send a tremendous amount of electricity surging through the wires. She could tell from the nasty edge in his voice that he was intending to really hurt them.

"You didn't look like you were payin' attention, bitch, so you'll be first."


Tina's question was cut short when she, felt a fist punch into her belly with the force of a runaway truck. She screamed, her head jerking forward, then snapping back. It felt as if her nipples had caught fire while her clit exploded with a nasty, cutting agony. Her bowels rumbled, cramping and twisting while her legs jerked as much as they could against the restraining ropes.

Bart and Max were laughing at her, increasing the current, watching her lips turn purple. Finally the teen was able to open her mouth, spittle frothing from around the corners of her mouth.

"Give it to her!"

"To who? You've got a choice, baby. Which one?" Bart asked.

"To her!" Tina shouted, gesturing with her head at her mother.


"You got it, bitch!"

"Yaghghghg!" Francine shrieked, never having felt anything so painful in her life. It was as if someone were biting her nipples, sinking their teeth into the soft flesh. Her body tensed, her belly ballooning out while her legs shuddered against the pole behind her.

Francine screamed, staring at her daughter in disbelief. The pain was awful. And the clamp on her clit was making the tiny organ curl back as if someone had touched a flame to it. She felt her cuntjuices flowing, oozing from her cunt. She thought she could smell something horrible.


"You gonna be some fuckin' martyr, slut? You gonna take it all?"

Kathy! She had started this all! She was the one who had lured her daughter out of the house, who had set up this horror. She met the brunette's weeping eyes, and immediately the teen realized what was going to happen.

"Oh no, no, please, Mrs. Mathis, don't don't do that to me!"


Francine was about to shout out Kathy's name. But Bart increased the current. The added amperage knocked the wind from her. She doubled over, straining against her bonds like a madwoman thrashing around in a fit. Her tongue hung out, black and swollen, wagging uncontrollably against her upper lip while her eyes glazed and rolled back into her head. A dull throbbing in her forehead turned into a loud buzzing, while her feet danced and slid against the cracked cement floor. Her muscles were knotting, bulging against her sweaty-damp flesh.

She could do nothing but make strangled animal sounds while the current surged through her body, making her heart beat irregularly. There was a terrible crushing pain in her chest. Francine was terrified that the electricity would trigger a heart attack. She screamed, shaking her head from side to side, her long hair sweeping over her flushed face.

"Give it to Kathy! Give it to her!" Francine screamed, spit frothing from her mouth.

Immediately Francine went limp, as if the supports had been kicked from under her. She sagged against her bonds just as Kathy received her first dose.

Max had moved quickly, unfettering her ankles from the eyebolts in the floor. In a moment, the girl was screaming her head off, her head snapping back and forth while her legs kicked wildly from side to side. The black wires jiggled against her tits and thighs, the clamp up her ass seeming to wriggle like a hungry snake.

Neither Tina nor her mother could make out a word the girl was screaming, as she bounced up and down, her body looking like some awful puppet revolting against its confining strings.

"No, no aghghghgghghg!"

Kathy's tits jumped up again and again, rolling against her chin while the juice spat from her cunt and streaked her thighs.

"Her! Her! Give it to her!" Kathy shouted, looking directly at Francine.

"No, ohhhhh aaaggghhh!"

Francine groaned, feeling the electricity burn into her body. Her organs rumbled, aching as if something were stalking through her body, tearing her apart from the inside out. Her bones throbbed while her teeth rattled in her head.

Bart increased the current. Francine could feel her skin sparking and wondered if it were falling from her bones. She was afraid to look. Her nipples were frying, burning up as if touched by glowing coals while her cunt opened and closed, spasming from the high amperage. She felt something oozing down her thighs and knew she was pissing and shitting on herself. All her functions were disturbed by the electricity.

At times, Francine found it impossible to suck in a breath, finding herself strangling on her own spit. She screamed, shaking her head, shouting and screaming. She had meant to send the electricity back to Kathy.

But something snapped in her, something that made her shout out her daughter's name. In another moment she was freed of the terrible agony throbbing through her. But the room was filled with the screams of her tortured daughter.


"Tina, no, no, no!" Francine moaned.

Tina thought she would surely die. It felt as if her skull were shattering. She danced and jerked obscenely against her restraining ropes. Her heart stopped, started, then beat wildly from all the amperage frying her body. She screamed continually, strings of spit rolling to her throat.

She had never felt anything quite so terrible burning through her body. She stared wildly at her mother, screaming at her as shocks of terrible agony shot from her nipples and cunt to all parts of her body. Her bones seemed to catch fire, burning the musclee tissue while her heels beat a rhythm against the pillar.

Tina screamed Kathy's name. But Bart had gone back on his word, and he sent electricity to all three women. Tina looked at her mother, then glanced at Kathy. They were all shouting, all screaming, all dancing obscenely against their bonds as the current burned through their bodies.

"Damn it!"

Smoke started curling from the generator, creating a gray haze over Bart's head. He muttered another curse, shutting the generator down with a sweep of his right hand.

"Ohhhhh, God, God!" Tina cried, sagging against her bonds.

It was over. Tina let out another sigh, looking at her mother. Kathy made continual sounds through her closed lips, her brown hair hanging over her face. Bart strode up to Tina, taking her by the chin and jerking her head up.

"Yeah! She's a mindless fucking whore, just like you, right, baby?"

The words brought Francine back to life. She looked up and saw the big man fondling her daughter's tits, pulling the clamps from her nipples, dislodging the wire up her ass, and finally opening the clamp biting into her clit. Ignoring the sticky feeling of piss and shit against her thighs, Francine screamed out at Bart, begging him to fuck her and not Tina.

"Why not? She's hot? All that juice going through her? Baby, I'd be nuts if I didn't try to fuck her!"

Max was unfastening the thongs holding Kathy's wrists prisoner to the overhead bar. At first the girl was grateful. But when he wrestled her to the floor, knocking her knees apart while pinning her arms to the cement, the teen realized what he was going to do.

Kathy screamed, pressing one cheek to the floor as Max fucked forward and entered her ruthlessly. Francine turned away, sickened by the sight.

"No, not here, not in front of her!" Tina gasped.

But Bart was excited by the thought of fucking the teen in front of her mother. He untied her, pulling the girl from the pole and swinging her around until she fell to the floor.

Tina tried to get up again, but Bart was on top of her, holding her down, forcing her arms apart. She felt his teeth tearing at her red nipples while his fingers held her arms prisoner. As her fear and shame mounted, sweat trickled down her body. Her thighs flexed, her ass rising, pressing against his body.

Bart grunted, brining one hand around and crushing Tina's swollen clit with his fingernail. Tina screamed, arching her spine, kicking her heels against the concrete. She didn't even care as his weight pressed her dawn, his prick burrowing through her cunt hair, then finally entering her cunt.

Bart's cock sent shock waves through Tina's pussy, waves that shot into her tits and belly. He was all the way in her pussy, fucking her hard, slamming into her again and again.

Francine withered at the sight of her daughter being fucked. Bart was forcing her open even wider, sending streamers of weird delight racing into Tina's head.


As Bart fucked her, the scalding pain corkscrewed, becoming something else. They collided over and over, his prick fucking into her until the first bursts of cum burned into the teen's cunt.

Tina screamed, her knees jerking up as she beat his kidneys with her feet. She shamed herself in front of her mother. Her mother saw how she had loved the fucking. Tina closed her eyes in defeat, wondering what else they could drag her through before they let them go.


Francine lay in the dark, having been cleaned before the men threw her into the small, low ceilinged room. It must have been a fruit cellar at one time before they had converted it to their hideous purpose.

After being tossed in, Francine had thought she could hear more cries, the sounds of someone being beaten severely. She cried out, hammering her fists against the wooden door. But no one listened. No one seemed to care. She had been shut out, refused entry.

Despairing and sobbing out curses and pleas, Francine had sunk to the floor in honor, wondering how on earth she and the others would be able to escape.

She sat there in the darkness, thinking of happier days. Tears rolled down Francine's cheeks as a wave of bitterness soured her memory. She had stood there, watching her daughter writhing in agony. And then the girl had welcomed the men, had actually spread her legs for Bart, begging him for more fucking action while she laughed and groaned with insane delight. The innocent little girl she had raised had been turned into a rutting whore, a woman who lived only for fucking.

Francine doubled over, hiding her face in her hands while crying softly in he darkness. Her family was shattered forever, the men had shit on her and the stain would last no matter how things ended.

Footsteps! Francine caught her breath, drawing her hands inward, feeling her body shiver as the door slowly creaked open. A wedge of yellow light flashed into the narrow room. The woman shielded her eyes, squinting, trying to see if she could catch sight of her daughter.

Bart seemed a little drunk, swaying from left to right. He was holding a can of beer in his right hand, his fingers having crushed the sides slightly. Taking another swig of the beer, he stepped forward, shaking his finger at Francine.

"You weren't nice, sending all that electricity into your daughter. She was pissed."

"You you animal! You made me do it!" Francine hissed, curling her fingers into claws.

Bart threw back his head and laughed, finishing the beer, then throwing the can at Francine. Ducking, the woman scooted forward a little, searching the room for Tina.

"She sure was hot, though. You done me a favor. And now I'm gonna do one for you," Bart said.

Francine could smell his stale breath as he bent down, hooking his fingers under her arms and dragging the woman out of the small room. Francine struggled, swearing at him, beating back at him with both arms. But he was too drunk and worked up to care.

Once in the larger room again, she noticed Kathy on the floor, one arm stretched over her face, obviously unconscious. There were belt or whip marks on her thighs, ass, and belly, indications that the beating sounds Francine had heard earlier were real. The girl moaned, rolled onto her belly, then curled into a fetal position, keeping her back to the woman.

"Let's take her over to the bench. She'll be comfortable there, and we can hold her down," Bart said.

Francine looked around wildly for Tina. There was no sign of her daughter. In a moment, she felt her head bang against the side of the table, and she realized they were getting her ready for yet another torment. She was hoisted up and rolled onto a rough, splintery surface. Starting to get up, Francine felt a hand come down roughly against her chin, knocking her head against the table.

"You'll be still and like it," Bart said, keeping her down while other hands strapped the woman to the table.

Francine realized that more than just Bart and Max were there. The room was crowded with drunk maniacs, all murmuring softly, all watching as the men bound Francine to the table. She grew quiet. Something was up, something more serious than the torment she and her daughter had already endured.

"This'll be the last thing you remember as your lover, baby."

Bart approached from the left, unwrapping a tapered iron three feet long. The handle was hard and ribbed to fit a man's hand, while the tip was grooved. He was going to drive the thing into her. He was going to fuck her with it. Francine could see it in his eyes, in the way he was holding it.

"Seen enough?"

"No, no, no!" Francine rolled her head from side to side, arching her spine, digging her shoulder blades against the table behind her. It had to be a bad dream, a terrible nightmare. But the touch of the branding iron against her tit was enough to tell her it was all too real.

Then Bart brought the iron down to her cunt. The end was cold against her hot flesh. Francine shuddered and moaned, turning her head away.

"You know, since you saw your daughter in action, it's only fair that she see you! Tit for tat, right?"

There was a general murmur of approval. Francine protested, but her pleas were shouted down. Max walked to another part of the room and opened a small door, reaching in and dragging Tina out, dropping the girl like a dead weight on the ground.

Francine shrieked, seeing the same marks on her daughter she'd spotted on the groaning Kathy. The noise of her mother's voice awakened the girl. She struggled to a half-sitting position, putting one hand over her mouth and barely suppressing a giggle.

"You you look so silly there, Mom," Tina said, her voice strange.

Francine stopped her crying, staring wide-eyed at her daughter.

"What've you done to her?" she asked, staring up at Bart.

He shrugged, trailing the tip of the poker along her hot belly flesh.

"She just kinda freaked. Her friend over there's goin' back into the womb and all that fuckin' shit, while this one just laughs all the time," Bart said.

"You bastards! You ahhhh!"

Bart shut her up with a quick thrust of the rod into her cunt. Francine jerked her hips up, her legs trembling while her fingers scratched at the table. She could feel her nails breaking as the cold iron scraped painfully along her cuntwalls.

"No, no uhhhhh!"

The bonds holding her ankles fast to the table were loose enough for her to jerk her knees at least four inches up from the table. She tried drawing them together, working her slick auntmuscles together to push the dreadful poker from her pussy.

Bart was stirring the handle around and around, making sure the sharp edges of the end were touching all points of her cunt. Francine's ass clenched, slapping together again and again as the fought against the fucking rod.

She felt Bart grabbing her cunthair, snatching the hair from her flesh. Laughing, he shoved the poker in yet another inch. She could hear her daughter crying out in delight, clapping as if she were watching a circus while that poker shot into her mother's body.

Francine screamed. But this time, the shriek wasn't only from pain. Bart was fucking the iron in, twisting it, then shoving it in farther. She could feel a climax explode through her pussy as he ravaged her, gutting a new path into her hot cunt.

Bart raked her clit. She screamed a third time, her climax flushing from her aunt and making her belly swell with delight. She felt explosions go off all over her body, making her weep with pleasure and horror. Each explosion burned more and more, building to yet a higher pitch. Francine arched her body, never thinking death could be so wonderful. She twisted and grunted, the thongs stretching.

"Burn her. Burn, her like you did me!" Tina groaned, laughing happily.

The poker slipped from her cunt, leaving the woman high and dry. She cried out, looking around to see what had happened to the branding iron. It was hovering in the air, inches above what appeared to be a bowl. There were coals in the bowl.

Francine's mind snapped. She laughed, her cry sharp and hysterical. Bart laughed too, pushing the poker around, stirring up sparks that circled up to the ceiling. She strained against the bonds. The coals cracked and hissed while Tina showed her mother a big blackened area on her right inner thigh.

"And now, for your turn," Bart said, his eyes fixed and hard.


Francine struggled wildly, watching with a terrible clarity as Bart pulled the red-hot poker from the flames and brought it up to her cunt. She could feel the heat curling near her pussy, biting at her clit making her pussy sweat even more while the flesh around her inner thighs reddened. Her lips moved against one another, the veins sticking out from her forehead.

Bart paused a minute, then began moving the poker. The end singed her hairs, burning them black, making her shriek even louder. Francine felt the pressure of the rod against her thighs. He was branding her like a cow, as he had done with her daughter and Kathy.


Agonizing burning pain combined strangely with Francine's climax, jerking the woman from side to side, her cries mixing with her daughter's hysterical laughter as the hot steel burned into her skin. Bright flashes of light exploded through her brain. Then Francine fell silent.

"Is she going to be okay, then?"

Francine looked at her daughter, feeling anxious as the doctor searched for his answer. All around them men and women in white clattered over the polished tiles of the hospital, ignoring her.

"I would think so. She's suffered from a terrible shock. The kidnapping well, it's hard to say what kind of state she'd be in if you weren't there offering love and moral support."


Francine's voice trailed off as she sat back down in the waiting room, drumming her fingers against the blue plastic backing of the chair next to her. There was nothing more to do but wait, wait until her daughter snapped out of her hysteria.

The doctors all discounted Tina's story of what her mother had done to her -- those tales about electrocution, mass fucking, piss, shit, and everything else that bubbled from her mouth.

Francine knew better, but kept her mouth shut. At least Kathy was silent, staring at the walls, refusing to speak. They would come out of it, Francine was sure.

Francine sighed, slipping her sweater around her shoulders and rising from the chair. The future would be interesting. But then again, it was better than the dullness that had deadened their lives for so many years.

She moved through the corridor, wondering what new adventures Bart would have in store for her and her family.


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