Widespread widow

The seething passions that lurk within many individuals are often hidden beneath a veneer of normalcy, exposed only under extremely tempting conditions.

The woman who, after a few drinks at a party, takes on all corners, male and female alike. The man, who, during a strip show at a stag party, climbs up on the stage with the girl and performs with her in front of his friends. The couple who, while appearing to be staid members of the Establishment, are secret members of the neighborhood mate-swapping group.

Laura Benson, a widow, is one of these outwardly proper and quite normal people. Brought up in a puritanical environment, she nonetheless shelters a perversity that she refuses to recognize, a lustful craving that haunts her and eventually forces her to act.

WIDESPREAD WIDOW -- the story of one woman haunted by passions seething within her. Hers is a serious tale, and a reflection on the many problems facing our society.


"Well?" Jeff Benson asked proudly enjoying his sister's stare. "What do you think? I'll bet it's bigger than those pictures you've got hidden in your closet, isn't it?"

"Hmmm," Peggy answered critically, trying to keep the interest from showing too plainly on her face. "It's not so great. I've seen lots bigger cocks in my pictures. But k's not even hard like those are!"

To prove her point she reached out and gave his soft, limp cock a flick, brushing her fingers along its smooth meaty shaft. Jeff gasped. His prick bobbed and jerked at that unexpected touch, stirring to life.

"Hey, watch it! You don't want to start something you can't finish, do you?"

Peggy smiled and squirmed on the den floor, flooding with sudden mischievous delight. "Maybe I do! And who says I can't finish what I start? Just because I don't go around fucking all the time like you do, that doesn't mean I can't handle a horny old cock like yours!"

"Oh yeah?" Jeff returned his sister's daring smile with a surprised grin, pleased at the invitation in her retort. "Well, we'll just see. Now that you've got my prick all hard, yaw may as well get the whole view." With those words, he began to remove his pajama bottoms, wiggling out of them.

The two teenagers were sprawled before the TV, where they'd been watching one of their favorite game shows. It had begun as a typical summer morning, just like every other in the past three weeks since the high school let out. Their mother was at work, and neither of them had bothered to dress. Instead, they'd scampered downstairs to watch television in the den, Peggy in her little blue nightie and Jeff in his pajama bottoms.

It had started as just another normal morning until Peggy happened to notice her brother's cock peeking above the open flap of his bottoms, its brown head rolling and flopping lifelessly as it snaked unnoticed from its cotton sheath. Unthinkingly she'd pointed it out, curiosity mingling with her flustered tone of admonishment.

Jeff's first reaction was embarrassment, but he didn't want his sister to know it. Instead, he put on a grin.

One thing led to another and now, almost before he knew it, Jeff was tossing the bundled bottoms aside and leaning back on an elbow absolutely nude, letting her get her fill.

"Now what do you have to say, Peg?"

"I think you're awful!" she returned his grin, not in the least shocked.

Peggy carefully examined her brother's smooth muscular body. A year older than she was, Jeff already had a man's well developed body. He lay posed like one of the pictures she kept in her closet, his fuzzy balls hanging in their heavy wrinkled sac, and his cock standing out pink and veined and every bit of eight inches long. She felt her cunt creaming in response, itching and burning even worse than it did when she looked at her pictures. But they were only photographs this was the real thing. And even if it was her brother's prick, it was the first real-live cock she'd ever seen.

"If I'm so awful, how come you're staring like that?" Jeff's voice was triumphant and assured as he felt his prick blossom and swell even bigger under her gaze. "And I'll bet your pictures don't look so great now, do they? I bet my prick's as big as any!"

He was right, Peggy had to agree. "Well, it's not as small as it was, anyway. But why does your cock bob up and down like that? Can't it hold still?"

With that half-joking tone, she reached, out and grasped his cock, wrapping her slender fingers around its thick shaft and feeling it lurch against her palm.

Jeff gave a surprised, throaty groan and barely kept his eyes focused as she inquisitively stroked his prick, gliding her fist along its length and watching his foreskin wrinkle and unwrinkle from its big purple head.

"Oh shit, you're gonna make me shoot my load if you keep that up."

"Well..." Peggy hesitated, then gripped his cock harder. "I don't mind. You jack off in the bathroom all the time anyway I've heard you! Besides, I've never seen a cock shoot before. It might be fun..."

Her breath quickened, and she pumped faster. Suddenly, one of Jeff's hands shot out to stop her, and he chuckled a bit hoarsely. "That's not fair! You get to see everything, and I don't. How about showing me some of what you're teasing me with all the time under those skimpy nighties? And don't pretend you haven't been doing a little prickteasing, either. I know why you always leave the bathroom door open when you take your shower."

Peggy blushed. This seemed to be their morning for spilling out secrets. Jeff grinned at the momentary embarrassment that crept over his sister's face. Despite his self-confidence, he wasn't expecting her instant acceptance.

"Oh, all right. If I let you have just one look, then will you let me make you come?"

He nodded his agreement, not mentioning that one glimpse of Peggy's lithe, nude body might make him do just that.

"Okay, then."

Hastily, before she could lose her nerve, Peggy grabbed the border of her nightie and pulled it up over her head.

Jeff let out a hiss of breath as the nightie fell away, leaving her only in panties. Peggy's tits sprang free, bobbing bare and pale before him. He'd seen enough on the other side of the shower curtain to know his sister had a pair of real great tits, but that didn't prepare him for the huge fleshy tit-mounds that bounced in front of him now. Their nipples were the biggest surprise of all pink and round and as large as half-dollar pieces, they were all bumpy and jutted out an inch or so, as if overloaded with creamy goodness.

And as if that sudden spectacle wasn't enough, her nipples began to expand under his stare. They poked out, their twin spikes hardening and swelling until they were as thick as the tip of his little finger, and added at least another whole inch to her measurement. It was the first time he'd ever gotten the full unobstructed view of his sister's tits, and they were fantastic.

"Oh, shit!"

The words erupted from him, and Peggy wiggled in impish excitement as her cunt began to melt with a delicious new heat. "There. Now can I watch you shoot off?"

For a moment, Jeff had trouble speaking. Then he cleared his throat and answered in a determined voice. "I wouldn't call things exactly fair yet. You've still got those on, haven't you?"

His gaze drifted down over her smooth, creamy tummy and slender, crossed legs, coming to rest meaningfully on her pantie covered pussy.

Peggy's blush deepened. She knew he could see the wet stain there, outlining her inflamed pussylips and plainly showing off her arousal. And once he'd seen that much, there didn't seem any point in trying to hide the rest. With a small shrug, she gave in.

"I suppose that's fair as long as I get my share of the bargain!" Rising to her knees, she hooked her thumbs under the elastic band of her panties and began to push them down. A lump caught in Jeff's throat as he watched the sheer material slither down across his sister's hips. He could see the crisp bulge of her cuntfur hiding under its confines and could hear the rustling sound it made as the panties inched down.

Then the first cunt curls popped into sight, rich glossy brunette curls that matched Peggy's hair exactly. He swallowed hard as more curls appeared.

"Oh shit!"

Jeff couldn't help repeating himself as more and more of his sister's cunt came into view. Obviously enjoying his expression, Peggy was taking her time. The crotch of her panties was plastered stickily to her pussy. For a moment, she paused and with them bunched there, most of her cunt displayed in a thick tapering triangle of dark-brown hair that threatened to make his prick explode its built-up load instantly.

"Is something the matter, Jeff? I've never seen you look like that before."

"You know damn well what's the matter!" he spouted half-angrily at her taunting smile. "Come on Peg, get out of those things before I bust my balls! Man, what a prickteasing bitch!"

Peggy giggled at his croaking voice. "I can't help it. I never had a real prick to tease before. Is this better?"

Abruptly, she shoved the panties down to her knees. The crotch tore wetly from her cunt, and he got a glimpse of her slick, pink, hair-trimmed pussy slit as she sat down and pulled them off altogether.

Totally nude, squeezing her legs together to hide her tingling cunt from view, Peggy leaned forward and reached for his cock once more, her brown eyes determined. "Now let me make you come."

She resumed her grasp on his throbbing cock and Jeff sucked in a hissing breath of pleasure. His sister was leaning forward, her big tits dangling right in front of him with an enticement that couldn't be ignored.

"Sure," he managed to gulp, his voice hoarse. "And it might work even faster if I play with these a little too."

Suddenly, his hands swooped out and clutched her swaying tits, his palms mashing against her stiff nipples. His fingers wormed across her full, soft tit mounds in a futile effort to cover them completely.

Peggy let out a surprised gasp as he began to knead and massage her pliant tits, making them itch and tingle furiously. If it was possible, her fat, taut nipples stuck out even more stiffly. They rolled across his palms like a pair of rubbery marbles, spiking hotly into his hands.

"Oh Jeff, that's making me feel so funny! You shouldn't ohhh."

"Shouldn't what?" Hg gave a slightly choked chuckle, hefting those mammoth tits and enjoying the way her thickened nipples poked and slid between his fingers. "Don't you like having your titties played with?"

Peggy opened her mouth to answer, but all that came out was a husky "ahhh".

Grinning widely, he took advantage of the pleased look on his sister's face. "How about lying down so I can play with your tits real good?"

She licked her full lips, unconsciously squeezing his cock so hard it hurt him. "Ohhh, okay. That, that might be nicer, after all."

Without releasing her grip on his prick or pulling her tits out of his grasping hands, she scooted around and sealed back on the carpeted den floor.

Her big tits seemed to melt down like cherrytopped mounds of vanilla ice cream when she settled out flat, surging into two round, mountainous swells that still jutted up with an unsagging fullness. Jeff's hands came down on those lush swells, squashing them so they ballooned completely over her chest. Even in the centerfolds he'd seen, Jeff had never come across a pair of tits to compare with his own sister's.

"Yeah, that's better." His voice cracked as he kneaded all that resilient tit-flesh, his gaze fastened on her taut nipples. "How do you like getting you tits rubbed now?"

Peggy liked it even more than she wanted to admit. Her cunt was drenched with pussy cream, sopping-wet and getting wetter as she grasped her brother's cock and gazed at its inflamed length soaring above her.

"It feels nice," she gasped out, wiggling. "But it might be even nicer if you rubbed my nipples, harder... ohhh, oh yeah, that's right!"

He grinned and rotated his palms over her huge rosy nipples, making her groan and squirm. Just a few short minutes ago, he wouldn't have dreamed that he could be kneeling over his sister, both of them totally nude, his hands massaging her tits and her fingers clenched on his cock, tugging it toward a blasting release. He'd never thought of Peggy the way he did other girls -- except for those few times he'd glimpsed her in the shower. Certainly he had never seriously considered the possibility that his younger sister had a body at least as voluptuous as any other girl's and better than most.

However, with her well-stacked body stretched out before him and one fist firmly gripping his stiffened prick, he was quickly changing his mind.

"How's that, Peg? These titties of yours feeling any better now?" With that joking tone, he caught each of her spiked nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and gave them a pinch.

Peggy's eyes flew wide, and she gasped. "That... ahhh, that's really good! Keep squeezing my nipples like that ohhh!"

She arched, clenching and unclenching her thighs rhythmically as he plucked at her large thick nipples, working them with little milking motions.

It was the first time she'd ever had her titties played with like that, and the spasms of pleasure that shot through her were better than anything she'd ever experienced. But suddenly, her free hand flew up and pushed one of his away. With an arch of her shoulder, she thrust her exposed tit up toward him and gasped in a breathless voice.

"It... it would be even nicer if you kissed it! Kiss my tit, Jeff. Kiss it all over!"

That took Jeff by surprise, even though the same thought had been churning in the back of his mind. He opened his mouth to reply but Peggy didn't wait. Abruptly grasping a handful of her brother's hair, she pulled his head down.


Without warning, he found himself with a mouth full of tit. The nipple he'd been tweaking playfully just moments ago was now crammed between his open lips, hard and quivering. Without even pausing to think, Jeff closed his mouth over that enormous bud and began to suck.

She released a little cry and soared up like a bowstring, smashing her tit against his face. He licked at her thrusting nipple, tonguing across its large bumpy surface and then fucking back and forth over its fattened tip to make it bend and spring erect, even stiffer.

It all happened so fast that Jeff was hardly aware of the change. One moment, they had been brother and sister, innocently examining each other. The next, he found himself eagerly sucking at her tit, his lips making wet smacking noises, his throat rumbling in hoarse delight.


For the moment, Peggy forgot all about pumping her brother's prick. Instead, she merely clung to it, wrapping her other arm about his neck and shoving her tit up into his face for more attention.

"Oh-oh yes, that tickles really nice! Suck my tit, Jeff! Suck it!"

Jeff was smothered by her enormous tit until he could hardly breathe. But rather than pull away, he lapped at her big nipple even harder. His mouth grasped her jutting tit and began to suck with a furious in-out motion that had her groaning and wiggling frantically.

She panted as his mouth sent hot sparks through her nipple that burned all the way down to her gushing cunt. "More, suck it more! That feels so good, I... I think I'm going to come! Suck me, Jeff! Suck me and make me come! Uhhhhh!"

Suddenly, she wrenched up, covering Jeff's face completely with her soft, mashing tit. He heard his sister moan and felt the tremors that surged through her like waves. Aware that she was coming, he sucked harder.

At last, Peggy sank back on the floor, her expression radiant and her eyes glazed. She squeezed his cock once more, her fist jerking at it in spasms.

"Well, how was that?" he asked, squatting above her and grinning triumphantly.

"Umm, that was nice," she purred, her full lips curving into a smile. "Really nice!"

"I didn't know a girl could come just by having her tits sucked. How would you like for me to do the other one, too?"

Peggy didn't have to think her answer over. "All right! Suck it just like before. And then I'll make you come too!"

But Jeff had a better idea, and at the moment, he had his sister in the perfect mood for it. "I know," he said, appearing to just think of it. "How about doing both at once? Here, I'll show you." Before she could answer, he slid on top of her and squirmed between her slender outflung legs, bringing his weight to rest.

Peggy gasped again as she felt her brother's inflamed cockhead poke against her thighs, slithering in their juncture until it plowed into her dark cunt curls and lodged against the drippy wetness of her pussy gash.

"Ahhh, that's better," he muttered in a husky croak, feeling his cock-knob push against her slippery, resilient pussy flesh.

"Now I can reach both tilts at once, and you can jerk rue off at the same time. Hell, that's practically like the real thing!"

And it was, Peggy realized all too well. Her fist still clung to his cock and each hard, urgent tug seemed to pull it up against her cunt harder than ever. She hadn't even dreamed that their explorations might go this far, but the rubbing presence of his cockhead along her pussy slit was just too good to pass up.

His cock pressed against her clit one moment, then dipped to push between her cuntlips the next. Before she knew it, she was hunching back in turn, shoving her cunt against his rigid cock and pulling on it hungrily.

"Ahhh, yesss!" she hissed, luxuriating in the sensation of practically being fucked. "It is like the real thing and you can even shoot all over my pussy? Hurry up, Jeff. Suck my titties some more and I'll make you come right on my cunt!"

Jeff didn't need any more invitation than that. His balls already felt as if they were bursting, and the slick, hot feel of his sister's humping cunt threatened to explode them at any moment. His hips gyrated in response, and he covered her other tit with his mouth.

"Muh unimm, that's it, that's it!" she urged delightedly, pumping on his cock faster as new thrills of pleasure ripped from her pussy. "Suck me good! That's good, you're doing it! More, more!"

Her pussy was hot and sopping. It drenched his sensitive sliding cocktip with juices, its plump lips flaring as if to capture his teasing cockhead as he slurped at her hard, pink nipple. Too long withheld, his load of jism seemed to boil up with volcanic frenzy in his balls. Jeff sucked in a mouthful of his sister's tit, groaning with sheer horny lust.

For her part, Peggy was already swelling to a fresh climax. Her brother's prick jerked with a life of its own in her fingers and its reddened head jabbed against her cunt with an eagerness that had her writhing to an even more frantic orgasm than the first. Suddenly, she was crying out, bucking in orgasm like never before.

"Yes, yesss! I'm coming, oooh I'm coming now Jeff, shoot your jizz all over me now! Now!"

She shrieked with bliss, and at that moment, Jeff's prickhead sank between her soaked, grasping pussylips and dipped its entire helmeted thickness right up her pussy. That instant of having his cock buried in a real silky cunt was too much. Jeff lurched and groaned, releasing his pent-up load.

Jism spurted deep into Peggy's pussy, flooding its hot channel. Reeling up in a pure frenzy of lust, she took all of his cock and cried out for more.

"In me! Oh Jeff, shoot your jism in meeee!"

Thrashing and grasping, he did just that. His prick jerked and throbbed as a second load of jism geysered into her cunt, then a third. Her drenched pussylips closed over his cocktip like a sucking mouth as she twisted up to take every blast.

Neither of them had really intended things to go quite this far, but now that it had, they luxuriated in their climaxes. Spurt after liquidy spurt of jizz slammed up her pussy, and she careened to an unbelievable peak of ecstasy under the twitching probe of her brother's prickhead.

When the last droplets of cum had been sucked from his cock, Jeff slumped, gasping and drained. "Oh... ohh, shit!"

With his cockhead still lodged in her cum drenched cunt, Peggy managed a weak, panting giggle. "We did it! We... we really fucked!"

The realization sank in slowly through their mutual haze of satisfaction.

Jeff grinned. His grin widened as the truth of her words sank in to their full extent. "Hey, yeah! We did, didn't we?"

As if to emphasize his amazement, his limp emptied cocktip slid stickily from his sister's pussy mouth. They both felt it as it plopped free, making them both laugh. A little splatter of jism oozed from Peggy's overflowing cunt, and she giggled.

"Now -- ohhh, now look what you did! Now I'll have to shower before Mom gets home. We sure don't want her to see me like his!"

That gave him an idea and he brightened. "Hey, a shower! We can take one together -- and if you're lucky, I might even let you do that again. Come on!"

He was already scooting to his feet, his shrunken cock bobbing, its tip glistening creamily as he stood above her. Then he was making for the stairs, already looking forward to this new idea.

Smiling, Peggy rose. "Oh, all right. I guess that'll save time, anyway." Glowing with pleasure and drooling his cock cream from her young flooded cunt, she followed happily.


The first burst of spray hit their heated bodies. Both teenagers were quickly gasping and giggling under its sharpness.

"Oooh, that's nice!" Peggy squealed, feeling the cool water cascade across her stiff nipples and roll down her body. Streams of water ran off her matted cunt bush, mingling with Jeff's thick, warm cum.

She heard him groan and turned to face him, not the slightest embarrassed.

"It feels so good, it's making my titties itch all over again. Why don't you suck on them some more? That's the kind of scratching I like!" With those words she cupped her tits, blatantly pushing them up and out at him.

Jeff grinned. "And that's just the kind of scratching I like to do, too. Hey, I'll bet your tits are so big, you could suck them yourself!"

Abruptly, he reached out and grabbed one offered tit, lifting it to Peggy's face. She found one of her own big, wet nipples being thrust at her and heard Jeff's throaty chuckle.

"Go on, Peg. It's just like candy. You suck on one and I'll suck the other. How's that for fair?"

"Jeff, don't!" She wrinkled her nose, trying to look disgusted as he shoved her own nipple at her. "That's not nice, and if you don't stop, I'm going to -- mumpf!"

Still chuckling, he pushed the rigid bud between her open lips.

Unexpectedly, Peggy found her mouth filled with her own aching tit. Her lips automatically closed over it and a new surge of wicked pleasure soared through her. She began to suck, holding the heavy tit in place with a viselike grip and flicking her tongue across her aching nipple.

To her amazement, it really did feel nice to suck her own tit. Tremors of fresh delight made her cunt gush, and she sucked harder.

"Yeah," Jeff urged eagerly as he craned his head slightly and hefted her other big, shining wet tit to his mouth. "Suck it good while I take care of this baby. Mmmm."

A moment later, they were each concentrating on a taut, hard nipple, their lips working the big pink buds until Peggy was groaning and gasping.

Almost immediately, her cunt was creaming wildly, its juices mingling with the thick white syrup of Jeff's cum and running down her thighs in watery rivulets. His gulping mouth was having its effect, as well. Within moments, she was moaning and nibbling her own tit in waves of pure delight.


Suddenly, she couldn't stand it anymore. Letting her tit plop free from her mouth, she reached down and grabbed his limp but still thickened cock.

"Make your prick hard again so we can do some more fucking like before. Hurry?" She tugged in fast, harsh strokes, urging his cock to get hard once more.

But by now, Jeff had other things in mind. Even as his prick soared up in his sister's fist, he laughed. "Okay, okay, we will. But first I want to finish seeing everything and I mean everything."

With those words, he suddenly knelt, slipping his cock from her wet hand and coming level with her fleecy pussy. Peggy groaned, but her frustration quickly vanished under his instructions.

"Spread your legs, so I can get a good look at what I'll be fucking. Show me your cunt, Peg."

She did as he asked, leaning back against the shower wall and propping one foot up on the bath tub's edge, letting her leg flop open to display her well-juiced cunt.

Jeff marveled at the pink, fat lipped cunt that opened up right in front of him. Its brown matted fur veered into downy blondish tufts that trimmed her pussy in a gold haze. All slick and juicy and streaming drizzle from the spray, her cunt was the most luscious thing he'd ever seen.

Without thinking, he paid that sweet, flared cunt an impulsive compliment. He leaned between his sister's soaked thighs and kissed it, his lips fastening to her sopping cuntlips.

Peggy gave a little cry of surprise and joy at that intimate kiss. Her cunt blasted a flood of fresh fuck juice, and before he quite knew it was happening, he dipped his tongue out to catch the outpouring cream. His tongue slid across her slick pussylips and immediately, she was grinding down on his face and wailing with fresh pleasure.

"Oh Jeff, that really feels nice! Eat my pussy all over. My cunt's tingling more than ever! Eat me like that yes, yes!"

She mashed her cunt against his mouth with little arching gyrations as he probed deeper into her downy furred pussy, lapping up the fuck juices that drooled from it.

He'd never tasted a girl's pussy before and was surprised at its salty-sweet flavor. He was even more surprised by Peggy's reaction. She squirmed and gasped, grabbing handfuls of his wet hair and urging him on.

"Lick me up, lick up all my juice. Yes, yes, Jeff -- that's ohhhhh!"

His tongue pushed up between her frothing cuntlips and wormed into the tight channel of her cunthole, wiggling deep at her cries.

Peggy's whole body shuddered at that sensation. Never having had her cunt eaten before, she didn't expect the blast of sheer pleasure that tore through her now. Fuck juice gushed over Jeff's face, and suddenly, she was writhing and crying out in a frenzy of delight.

"Ohhh, that feels so good! I can feel it right up inside my pussy! Stick your tongue in me, Jeff! Stick it all the way up my cunt and make me come, ahhhh!"

His sister went wild then, hunching on his face and sobbing as she clutched his slick hair. Jeff had never known anything like it before. She was coming like crazy and he'd hardly started! He jabbed his tongue up her pussy, shoving it up her tight little cunt and wiggling it up as far as it would go.

Peggy cried out ecstatically under the rushing spray, her slippery, thighs stretching wide open to encompass her brother's burrowing head. His tongue stroked in and out furiously, gaining momentum as he saw the response it was getting.

Suddenly she burst in orgasm, wrenching and wailing and undulating frantically.

Jeff would have grinned if he could have. He kept tonguing her pussy, soaking every quiver of climax from his sister's body before at last sliding from her cunt and rising with a smile.

"Well, Sis? Did you like that?"

"Ahhhhhh..." Slumping weakly against the tiled, water-beaded wall, Peggy glowed happily. "Ohhh, yes!"

Then her blue, lust-dazed eyes focused on her brother's hand, dripping cock, and she giggled.

"And you enjoyed it almost as much as I did! Just look at you?"

Her hand swooped and caught his stiffened prick, giving it a squeeze. Jeff let out a groan as her fingers once more pulled on his engorged prick, this time with urgent harsh tugs that pulled him toward her.

"Now I want..." she spoken in gasps, feasting on the sight of her brother's cockhead spearing straight for her cunt, "I want you to fuck me again like you did last time. I want you to come in my pussy, so I can feel your jism shooting right up inside me! Hurry, Jeff! Fuck me mow!"

Though Jeff was only too happy to oblige, he almost wasn't fast enough. Even as he hunched his prick forward for a little more pussy rubbing, Peggy came slamming down to meet him with an unexpected lunge.

It happened then. His cock buried its fat inflamed head deep in his sister's sopping cunt. His prickhead slid snugly between her pouched cuntlips, met a slight melting resistance, then drove hilt-deep up her drenched pussy.

Peggy let out a shriek of mingled pain and lust as something inside her tore apart to make way for his big, gouging prick. His cock slithered up and up as if it would never end, ripping her unfucked pussy open and stretching her cuntlips wide.

"Jesus!" Jeff gave a gasp of astonishment as his cock sheathed its whole length in her moist little pussy. "Jesus, Peg! I'm all the way in you!"

Panting, Peggy settled onto her brother's massive prick like a pinned butterfly. Her cunt felt as if it had been split in half, but at the same time, it felt nice, too. And as her pussy muscles slowly began to accept and grip his cock in a firm grasp, it felt even nicer.

"You-you're fucking me!" she groaned. "I'm, not a virgin anymore! Oh... oh Jeff, you're really fucking me!"

At first, that announcement startled Jeff, too. Until now, they'd simply been playing a kind of game, discovering their mutual lust in a brotherly-sisterly sort of way. But this was the real thing. For the first time ever, he actually had his cock completely sheathed in a girl's hot, wet pussy.

And even though it was his sister's cunt that was doing the sheathing, it felt great.

"How does it feel, Sis?" he asked, squirming to feel his prick ripple in the hot vise of her pussy.

Peggy twisted with a mixture of hurt and delight, gasping as his huge prick lurched in her wrenched-open cunt, sending new thrills of pleasure tearing through her. The initial pain had already begun to fade, replaced by those thrills.

"Ohhhh, it hurts nice!" she gasped breathlessly, shuddering on his wiggling prick.

Gushes of fuck cream seemed to pour over his tearing cock, lubricating it and easing the pain even more. Before she quite knew it, Peggy was doing a little wiggling of her own. The hurt seemed to vanish completely as the joy of feeling a man's cock inside her cunt swiftly grew.

"Wow, you really like it, don't you?" Surprised and pleased at her reaction, Jeff began to inch his cock in and out. "I'll bet you'll like this even better, then. How's that?"

His big bloated prick eased in and out of her clenched cunt. She let out a long hoarse groan as fresh bursts of joy exploded through her.

"Oh, oh yeah, that's it!" she gasped, her hips twitching in response. "Ohhh, Jeff, we're really fucking? We're doing it! You... you're fucking my pussy!"

Peggy's cunt was such a tight fit that he could hardly move his prick straight in and out, so he did it with a series of small gyrations that literally screwed a few inches of his cock into her cunt, slowly reaming its taut muscles apart to take more.

Peggy reeled, thrusting now with greater urgency. By this time, the pain had disappeared completely and she was overwhelmed by the new sensation of fucking. For the first time, she was getting fucked and she was getting it standing up!

"Ohhhh!" she panted, hunching down for more. "That, it feels so funny, it's making me tingle worse than anything! Faster... faster!"

Her pussy undulated down on his prick, engulfing his enormous fucker with a velvety snugness that made him groan. Heaving and lurching under the wet spray, he plugged his sister's cunt and inched his cock in and out faster, drawing a loud gasping cry from her.

"Ahbhh! Yes, that's it! Fuck me, Jeff! I'm going to come! Stick your cock in me, stick it. I'm coming! Oh, ohhh!"

She shrieked then, flailing on her brother's sliding prick as it fucked slurpily into her pussy, pumping her to fresh orgasm. Peggy had never come so hard in her life before. The orgasm that went tearing through her now was like nothing she'd ever known, nothing she'd even dreamed possible. Electric jolts ripped up her stretched cunt, shuddering all the way through in. Totally enraptured, she plunged down on his big piercing cock in a frenzy.

"Yes! Oh fuck, yes! Fuck meeee!"

Sobbing and bouncing on his huge swollen cock, she came again and again. Fire cracker bursts exploded in her seething, ripped open cunt. And as she continued to peak, she bounced even harder.

"Come!" she screamed. "Come in my pussy, fuck me good! Fuck, fuuuuuuk!"

Jeff could hardly believe the change that had taken place in his sister. She was bucking eagerly now, riding up and down the entire length of his jabbing prick. Grunting for breath, he clutched her rippling asscheeks and slammed his cock into her with furious stabs.

Peggy's head lolled and her big tits bounced as she surged in oblivious release on his beautiful pistoning cock. She felt his bloated prick gouging deep in the sheath of her cuntwalls and heard his grunts turn harsh as he lunged more fiercely than ever. Vaguely, she realized he was on the verge of coming as well, and that realization made her bounce all the harder.

Suddenly Jeff spasmed. "Uhhh."

His cock jerked and blasted its pent-up load of jizz into her pussy. It spurted again and again, driving her to completion as she soared down to take hall.

"Come!" Her wail rose to a crescendo of bliss with the geysering floods of his hot jism. Heaving and panting in unison, the two teenagers clung to each other, wringing their mutual climax to its dregs.

At last, gasping for breath and grinning from ear to ear, Jeff blurted out his breathless amazement. "Oh fuck, that was great! You really sucked the jizz right out of my balls, Peg!"

Glowing with proud satisfaction, Peggy felt his cock slowly shrink and slide dripping from her cum-bloated cunt. His prick slumped free, and little splatters of fuck cream slid from her cunt and flowed down her legs in a stream.

"Ohhh, that was good!" she gasped, totally delighted by this new discovery. "Your cock fucked me just right! Ahhh."

She reached down to fondle her slightly sore cunt, massaging her brother's leaking jism back into it.

Jeff chuckled, pleased. "Come on, let's dry off. The water's getting cold, anyway."

Wobbly and weak kneed, they stepped from the shower and began to towel each other dry.

Jeff had jerked off lots of times in the past year or so, but he'd never felt his cock so drained before. His prick hung like a tired, sleepy soldier, limp and slick with the sweet sweat of his sister's pussy. As he rubbed his towel gently over her lithe, wet body, he knew he'd just discovered something new. Jerking off would never be quite the same again after this.

With that dawning realization, he felt his cock began to stir again already. Peggy saw it happening and her expression turned gleeful.

"Why, Jeff! Your cock's getting all hard again, see?"

She'd been scrubbing his chest, but now her towel flitted down to scoop up his thickening cock and fuzzy balls and she squeezed them in the soft material.

"Yeah," he muttered, moving his towel to glide across her pliant tits, making her fat nipples pop out. "Shit, you're turning me on all over again!"

Peggy reacted naturally. "Then what are we waiting for? Let's have some more fun!"

Suddenly, she pulled away and dashed for her bedroom, laughing excitedly. Jeff followed and entered just as she scampered onto the bed and flopped her legs wide apart, exposing her precious pink cunt to his gaze.

"Look I'm still all wet here!"

Her hands fluttered teasingly over her spongy, brown-gold pussy bush, her fingers slipping across the rubbery lips of her pussy and easing it open.

"What are you going to do about it?" she dared eagerly, wiggling.

Though not yet at its full massive length, Jeff's cock was throbbing with renewed vigor. He stalked forward, his eyes bright and intense.

"You know what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna make it even wetter, real fast! My balls are loading up again, and this time, you're gonna get more than you can handle!"

With that threat, he got onto the bed and sprawled between her legs, aiming his cock straight for her tantalizing, spread-open pussy. The first gouge of his prickhead between her cuntlips made her buck up hungrily, releasing a lust-filled cry.

"Get it in me, Jeff! I want to fuck your cock some more! Hurry, hurrrruuuhhh!"

Her voice brake into a joyful sob as his cock sank home. His prickshaft slid in neatly, and this time, there was hardly a twinge of pain before her fuck juices made it nice and slick again.

Without hesitation, he began to pump, his prick still blossoming until its veined hugeness stretched her cunt to a glove-tight fit. She thrashed deliriously on his jabbing prickmeat, her pussy sloshing wetly with every thrust.

"Yes! That's ahh! So fucking good, more, more! Fuck meeee!"

Her body arched up, her big tits bobbing and her soft, spongy cuntfur mashing into Jeff's tangle of cock fuzz as they lunged together.

Their second fucking session was even better than the first. By now Peggy's cunt was nicely reamed out and it squeezed on his cock with her frantic hunching motions. His balls slapped against her bouncing ass and almost before he knew it he was panting and his cock to her as if they'd fucked a thousand times before. "Take it Peg!" he grunted hoarsely, jabbing his prick up her fur-trimmed pussy with every ounce of strength. "Fuck it good, take all my cock! Yeah, yeah!"


Peggy sobbed ecstatically, taking in all his prick and plunging up for more. Instantly, she was soaring to a climax once more, fucked to completion by her brother's driving prick.

She wailed and writhed with release, wrapping her slender legs about his waist and lurching up for his engorged cock.

"Shit." Jeff groaned pounding down on his sister's thrashing body. "Oh shit! I'm gonna blast! Take it! Now now ahhhh!"

For the third time that morning, his cock exploded. Its load of jizz tore into her clutching pussy, filling her cunt to peaks of pure joy. Their bodies meshed in a frenzy of union, both twisting and hunching until every drop of cum had been soaked up. Then, thoroughly drained and total release -- they fell into a heap on the bed.

"That... oh yeah, that was the fucking best!" Jeff managed a weak chuckle, feeling the last little tremors of his emptied cock erupt in the sleeve of his sister's cunt. "Wow, can you ever fuck! Hell, Peg! That was great!"


Peggy gave a luxurious little smile, still dazed. Her smile slowly widened, and when she caught her breath enough to speak, the words came out in a gush.

"Now we can do this all the time, can't we? I don't ever want to stop! It feels so good... we can fuck every day!"

That statement took Jeff by surprise and he grinned. "Sure. We sure as hell can. That'd be terrific!"

Peggy giggled at his eager, response. This just might turn out to be their best summer ever.


It was late afternoon, and as she pulled into the driveway and parked the car, Laura Benson was thinking of nothing but the cool tub she was going to climb into. Worn out after another long, unsuccessful day trying to sell real estate, glad that it was Friday and she had the whole weekend to recuperate, she was concentrating totally on that shower. There wasn't another thing on her mind.

Well, maybe one other thing.

Rushing up the front walk Laura could practically feel her cunt squish with wet hunger. She was hornier than hell, and it seemed to be getting worse every day. Today had been especially bad. She'd spent the entire afternoon with a good-looking client, and all through her usual selling spiel. She'd been able to think of nothing but the cock bulge in his crotch, imagining what his cock looked like and how big it might be and how delicious it would feel sliding into her cunt.

With a sharp intake of breath, Laura pushed those thoughts aside and opened the front door. A widow for the past six years, she should have learned how to control herself!

The living room was cool after the heat of the day, and as she stepped inside, she let out a sigh of relief. "Ah, it feels good to be home. Hello, dear."

Peggy turned from her sprawled position on the couch, where she was watching television, to smile at her mother. "Hi, Mom. Wow, you sure look like you've had a hard day!"

"Urn, I have." Laura smiled back. "Where's your brother?"

"Oh, he's up in his room reading."

"That's nice. Did you two have a nice day?"

Peggy shrugged, hoping her mom didn't catch the faint glimmer in her eyes. "It was all right. We didn't really do much, though. Just the usual stuff."

"That's nice." Laura crossed the room, pausing just long enough to give her daughter a peck on top of her head before making toward the stairs. "You don't mind if dinner's a few minutes late, do you? If I don't get out of these sticky things and into a nice tub of water soon, I'm going to die!"

"No, that's all right. We had a late lunch, anyway."

"Thank you, dear. I won't be long."

She hurried up the stairs, intent on following through with her statement. At Jeff's closed bedroom door, she hesitated, then decided not to disturb him and went to her own room, instead.

Once there, with the door securely shut behind her, Laura quickly shed her modest dress. Then, striding for the open window to catch a waft of cooling afternoon breeze, she unhooked her bra and peeled that away, too.

It came off damp with perspiration, and her tits bobbed free.

Laura paused before the window a moment, her fear of being observed by a peering neighbor overwhelmed by the relaxing breeze. It rippled across her big sweaty tits, making her nipples tighten and expand with a tingling sensation.

When she at last turned away, she caught her reflection in the full-length bedroom mirror.

Laura had a voluptuous body, and she took that moment to admire it. Her tits jutted out just as ripe and unsagging as they had been when she was a teenager. She had unusually large nipples, the areolas big enough to make a snug fit in an open mouth and such a dark pink that they were almost brawn. Her tit tips quivered out a full inch, and instinctively, she reached up to tweak them.


She groaned, catching each dark, rigid nipple between her thumbs and forefingers and pinching them with rhythmic little squeezes that had her cunt aching all over again.

Suddenly, Laura knew what she needed even worse than a bath. In one deft motion, she reached down and pulled her panties off. They came away wet and clinging, especially at the crotch. Shoving the silky material along her smooth legs, she stepped out of them and gazed at herself once more, now totally nude.

Her pussy was matted with fuck juice. Its abundantly thick, almost-black curls wound into wet tangles, glistening with the dew of horniness.

She couldn't stand it another moment. It wasn't fair for a vivacious woman in her mid-thirties to go so long without a man's cock. It just wasn't healthy!

With that thought urging her on, Laura slipped her hands down into her rich thick sponge of cunt fur, gliding her fingers into the glossy mound of her cunt bush and peeling it back to expose her drenched pussy.

"Umm," she purred, more turned on than ever by the sight of her own sopping cunt. Its thick lips puffed and flared out, displaying the slick inner pinkness that was her pussy slot. Jutting out, her clit quivered from its fleshy hood as if inviting her touch.

She accepted that invitation gladly. Her fingers dipped into her moist pink cunt crease, sliding over her taut clit and sending shivers of pleasure surging through her.

"Oh... oh God, that feels good!"

Her voice came out in a husky groan as she stroked her cream-bloated pussy, working it into a lather.

Suddenly, she couldn't stand the torture another moment. Moving hastily to the big double bed, she sprawled out on it with her legs flung apart and jabbed two fingers straight up her sloshing cunthole.


That was all it took for her inhibitions to melt away. Her slickened fingers began to move in and out, slowly at first, then with growing friction.

"Ohhh! Oh my God, yes!" she whimpered, mashing the heel of her hand hard against her cunt as her fingers glided wetly back and forth between her fat pouting cuntlips, prying them apart and shoving in voraciously. "That's so fucking good -- aaah!"

Her hips wrenched up, bucking in spasms as she finger fucked herself to oblivion. Laura didn't often allow herself the luxury of jacking off, but when she did, it was always much needed and wonderful. She arched like a bow, one hand kneading and rubbing her spike nippled tits and that other crammed greedily against her cunt.


Release came pouring through her, flooding in torrents over her juice-streaked fingers as she pumped them frantically to soak up every blast. Hunching up to her massaging palm, she climaxed furiously.

At last, gasping and temporarily satisfied, she slumped back on the bed in a blissful heap. Her fingers rippled a bit more in her cunt to eke every bit of pleasure from it, then slipped slurpily out.

"Ahh, so good." Laura groaned, the edge of her horniness now dulled.

Then, relaxed and looking forward to her bath more than ever, she rose and slipped into the rumpled nightgown lying on her bed from the night before.

It was as she crossed the hall toward the bathroom that she decided she'd better look in on Jeff and say hello, after all.

His door was still shut, and Laura knocked lightly before she opened it. "Darling, are you busy? I'm not interrupting, am I?"

She peeked in just as Jeff's head jerked up from the book he was reading. "Huh? Oh, hi, Mom. I'm not doing anything. Come on in."

He lay prone on his bed, his head propped on a bunched pillow and his mouth widening into a welcoming grin as Laura entered and swept toward him.

Jeff's jaw dropped. He got one good look at his mom's sexy figure in her sheer nightgown, and that made him forget all about the book that dropped from his hands.

Without thinking, Laura had slipped into the sheerest nightgown she owned, the one she'd worn the previous night to keep cool in. The blue see-through fabric flowed out around her, giving him a good view of her ample, brown-nippled tits, flared hips and black, undulating pussy fur.

Then she bent to kiss him. "What've you been up to, darling? Anything special?"

Laura leaned forward. The low cleavage of her gown dipped open, and Jeff found himself staring at her enormous, dangling tits as she pressed her full soft mouth briefly to his forehead.

She sensed his sudden excitement, and she pulled back, a little breathless frowning slightly. "Is something wrong, Jeff?"

"No, no there's nothing wrong. It's just that I'm glad you're home, that's all. It's been kind of dull around the house with just Peg."

"Oh. Well, you don't have to worry about that anymore," Laura said, pleased. "I'll see to it that you're not bored anymore."

Then she stopped, suddenly aware that Jeff's gaze was everywhere but on her face.

That was when realization struck. A fierce blush crept over her face as she saw him take in the spectacle of her nearly-nude body, trying to feast his gaze on all of her at once.

Taken by surprise, Laura felt her cunt burst into wicked steamy heat under his stare. Already horny, she creamed even harder when she saw the crotch of his jeans tent up into a tremendous bulge.

It all hit her at once a confusing turmoil of emotions that overcame her initial embarrassment. Though not quite a man yet, Jeff was close enough. And it had been so long since any man had looked at her tits like that, since any eyes had stared right into her pussy until it was a melting mush of sensation, that she couldn't help her reaction.

She tried to laugh the episode off. "Darling, I don't think you should look at your own mother quite that way, do you?"

Startled at being caught, Jeff winced with guilt and tried to hide his hard-on with his hands. "I wasn't looking at anything, honest! It's just... I can't help it, Mom! You're really beautiful!"

His pained expression and blurted compliment made Laura soften. Abruptly, without thinking, she reached out to give his cupped hands a pat. "I understand. You don't have to be embarrassed. Now, is that better?"

As her hand came down, Jeff's slipped away, her fingers brushed against the taut denim sheathed swell of stiff straining cockflesh.

It was first cock she'd touched in years, and the brief feel of it straining under her hand made her want to groan. Her fingers lingered there, her pats turning into loving strokes.

"You see?" she said breathlessly as his prick surged up in response. "It's nothing to be ashamed of at all. You're becoming a man, darling, and men... tense, like that. It's the most natural thing in the world."

She tried to hide the sudden ache in her, the arousal that dripped from her pussy at having a man's prick in her hand after all these years. Even though it was her son's prick, she couldn't resist giving it a little squeeze.

"Abhhh." Jeff groaned.

Though his mom wasn't leaning quite as far forward as she had a moment ago, she was still leaning enough to make her abundant tits spill forward tantalizingly. He could see their enormous dark nipples pressing against the material, spiking out into thick spears that made her big titties seem hardly ripe by comparison, if openly aware that her caress was lasting longger than it should have, he took a wild chance.

"It... it feels better when you touch it like that, Mom. Yeah, lots better. And you look kind of tense too right here."

His hands swooped up and cupped her tits, heisting them in his palms.

Laura's breath sucked in, and instinctively, she gripped his cock tighter. "Jeff! That-that isn't what I meant! Now stop it this instant... don't..."

But Jeff had no intention of stopping now. His held on, rubbing hard against her rubbery, erect nipples. "It's okay, Mom. We're both tense, aren't we? Why can't we relax together?"

All the while, he massaged his mother's tits, feeling her nipples quiver under the filmy fabric.


Laura couldn't help herself. Her voice was a purr as she arched into his hands, rhythmically stroking his cock once more. She knew it was wrong, but she was unable to stop the flow of clit cream that drenched her thighs.

"My, you are in a tense mood today, aren't you? Getting yourself all hard and playing with my titties... I hope this'll satisfy you!"

She rubbed his crotch harder then, leaning down even more.

Abruptly, one of her tits got free of its restraint and hung bare and bobbing over Jeff's fade, its pale creaminess hovering above him. His cock surged with new vigor.

"Oh shit," he gasped, grabbing the bared tit with both hands and suddenly craning his head up. "Oh Mom..." Laura hissed with wicked delight as his mouth clamped moistly on her exposed nipple, sucking it between his lips. If she had any intention of breaking this little incident off before it went too far, all hesitation was swept sway now in a torrent of lust as Jeff eagerly sucked and licked her enormous nipple.

"Oh, darling!" she gasped, clinging tightly to his crotch and pushing her tit to hit face. "Please... this isn't... oh God baby -- don't!"

But her half-hearted pleas went unnoticed. Jeff latched onto her huge nipple, his hands massaging her tit with a milking motion as he hungrily gulped at it. He could feel his mother wilting, could sense her own renewed arousal taking over ax she gripped his swollen crotch tighter thaw ever. She didn't even resist when one of his hands slipped up to tug at the loose shoulder strips of her nightgown, pulling them down until both her tits were exposed.

"Jeff, you shouldn't oh my God! That feels good."

The tap of the nightgown drifted to her waist, sad with a sound of pretended exasperation, she gave in and shoved both hot, aching tits at him.

"Jeff, all right, then. If you must behave like a horny kid, then the least you can do is pay equal attention to both my titties! Go on, honey. Suck my titties like a good baby. Ahhhh, that's it."

Her voice was a purr as she bent lower, mashing her gorgeous big tits in his face.

Jeff was in heaven. His mom was actually letting him suck her tits. She was urging him on! He lapped and kissed and mouthed her fat, oversized nipples, switching back and forth between them until both buds were shining, slick with saliva.

Laura gave groaned and moaned, stroking her son's cock bulge and pushing her mammoth tits at him for more.

"Oh God, that's wonderful! Do it, honey, yesss... oh, ohhh, darling, that's it! Harder!"

Sudden surges rippled through her, and Jeff knew she was coming.

Quickly, he slid his hands down to her waist and began to push the nightgown off entirely.

Dimly, with one tip still held in her son's sucking mouth, Laura knew what was happening. But she couldn't make herself put a stop to it. The crisp material inched over the full flare of her hips and then slipped to the floor.

"Why, Jeff!" she managed a teasing laugh, working up the merest pretense of motherly shock. "You're being so naughty! If I didn't know better, I'd think YOU were trying to seduce me! Well, I guess it doesn't matter if you see a little more since you've seen so much already."

With those words, she pulled her slick tit from between his lips, giving him the full view of her lush, sopping pussy.

He'd never seen such a thick mound of dark cunt curls in his life and the sight of his mother's wet bushy muff had his prick leaping in his jeans.

"Wow? You've got a great cunt, Mom. At looks so good, I've just got to get a feel! Okay?"

Before she could answer, one of his hands dipped up between her wet, parted thighs and clamped onto her pussy.

Laura moaned with pleasure as his fingers wiggled over her cunt, darting along the fleshy lips of her pussy and burrowing deep without hesitation.

"Oh-oh, my darling, yes!" she cooed ecstatically as he probed deep into the flared core of her aching cunthole. "That... ohhh, that's good, sooooo -- good..."

Almost without realizing it, she slid onto the bed, clutching his inflamed prick fiercely and bunching on his fingers which were wedged up in her cunt.

Jeff's fingers began to move in her pussy, sliding easily in and out of it as she groaned and arched on the bed, fumbling with his zipper and clawing at his jeans.

Hardly able to believe it was really happening, Jeff slid his fingers deep into his mom's pussy as she groaned and fumbled for his prick. His cock sprang free suddenly, and with a harsh gasping laugh, she clutched it.

"Now -- ohhh, now, baby! I'm going to relax us both the way we really need it! Oh, lover I can't stand it anymore! Jeff!"

Abruptly, she rose and straddled her son, still undulating on his fingers as she maneuvered into position over his magnificent, throbbing cock.

There was no doubt what she intended now. Jeff plucked his fingers from her wet drooling cunt and got a glimpse of her pink-lipped pussy, hovering like a delicate open mouth over his prickhead. Then she sank down, and the tip of his cock pushed into her hot, brown fleeced fuckhole.


She arched onto her son's prick, screwing herself down on it with luxurious gyrating motions. His cock was even bigger than she'd thought. Jeff filled her cunt, inch after pulsing inch wrenched deep inside her pussy as he lurched up in response.

"Take it, Mom! Oh fuck, that feels great yeah, yeah!"

It was almost too good to be true. His mom's lush, sexy body surged, and the whole length of his prick vanished up her silky, grasping pussy. A look of sheer ecstasy spread over her face then, and she leaned forward, thrusting his cock in her cunt, too long since she'd fucked herself on anything as huge and beautiful as the cock plunging into her pussy now. She heaved and bucked, stabbing her pussy on his wonderful fucking prick and crying out for more.

"Yesss! Yes, baby! Oh, sweet honey, do it! Make me come, lover! Make, me come real hard, and shoot your lovely jizz in me! More, more, mohhhhhhhhhre!"

She humped frantically, wrenching on his cock as the first blasts of climax surged over her. Like a volcano too long pent-up, she erupted. Her body surged and writhed in a chain of climaxes she'd almost forgotten could exist, and she bounced on her son's lunging prick in a fury of sensation that sucked the jism out of his balls.

Jeff's cock jerked and spurted, flooding his mom's clutching cunt with cum. In a fury of seething bliss, she fucked down to take it all, to soak up every incredible blast of jizz that tore from his thrashing cock.

Jeff clung to his mom's bobbing tits as she thoroughly fucked every thick droplet of jizz out of his prick. Her face wore an expression of total joy, and her pumping cunt made tight sucking noises as it soaked up his globs of jizz.

At last, thoroughly fucked and completely satisfied, Laura slumped, panting and groaning, beside her son.

"Oh, Mom! That was -- ohhh, shit!"

She giggled, gasping and feeling his cum dribble from her parted cuntlips in little splatters. "I -- ahhhh, know, baby. Oh my God, how I know!"

Then the reality of what she'd done began to sink in.

Abruptly blushing with guilt, Laura rose. "Well. I'd better get to my shower. Are you all relaxed now, darling?" She hesitated, unable to keep herself from feasting on the sight of his limp cream-sickened prick.

Jeff grinned. "Hell, yes! But I'll probably get tensed up again real soon. See? It's already starting!"

Even as he spoke, his cock began to twitch and rise under her gaze.

Laura gasped. Things had gone too far already, and if she stayed another moment, they might go even further.

"Well, I'm afraid that's your problem, honey," she said hastily, turning quickly for the door. "I-I've done my part already. Let's not expect it to happen again, shall we? Goodbye, dear."

Then she was scampering for the door, all too aware of the new itch tingling in her cum-flooded cunt.

She didn't see Jeff's knowing smile.


Throughout the rest of the evening Laura was uncomfortably aware of her son's presence. Even as she went about setting the table for supper, as Jeff and Peggy talked and whispered and giggled to each other the way they always did, she could feel his gaze occasionally sliding over her body in a possessive way that made her want to shiver.

At last, they all sat down to eat, and for the moment, Jeff's attention was elsewhere.

The meal was half-finished when he suddenly spoke up. The sound of his voice made her jump. "Hey, Mom, you don't mind if Rod spends the night with me, do you? His folks are going to be out of town, and I already promised."

Taken by surprise, she stammered out a reply. "Well, this is rather short notice. Oh, I don't suppose it'll do any harm. Of course he can, dear."

Actually, the thought of having one of Jeff's friends over for the evening filled her with sudden relief. At least that would keep him occupied, give her time to sort out the confusion of that afternoon's unexpected events.

She was overwhelmed with guilt, now. It had begun slowly, and had built up until she could hardly stand it.

It was an accident, she convinced herself. She and Jeff had simply been caught up in a moment of mutual horniness, and it would never happen again. Simple as that.

But Laura couldn't be sure, and that was the frightening part. The memory of Jeff's lunging cock was too vivid the feel of his jism spurting up her clit too fresh to ignore. Normal mothers didn't fuck their sons -- but was she really normal? Just the thought of his magnificent prick had her creaming, even as she pretended to concentrate on her food. She couldn't think of anything else. After all those years of going without a man's cock, after climaxing in blissful completion on her son's geysering cock... would she ever be quite normal again?

That was the thought that frightened her most. It was why she finished her meal without actually tasting a bite of it. She was afraid of her own needs, and what she might do if Jeff decided to try to fuck her again.

Supper was finished all too soon, and Peggy was the first to break the silence that had settled over all of them.

"Well, I guess I'll go watch TV for a little while." She rose and headed for the den, pausing long enough to catch her brother's eye. "You coming, Jeff?"

"In a few minutes. I thought I'd help mom with the dishes first, before Rod gets here."

Peggy looked disappointed, but she obviously wasn't in the mood for doing dishes. "Oh, all right. I'll just start without you then!"

Laura caught his grin as Peggy huffed into the den, shutting the door loudly behind her.

Then she began to collect the dirty dishes and took them to the sink, not eager to be left alone with her son, but strangely excited at the same time. She couldn't help it. Jeff was her child, but he'd already proved he was a man, as well. And he'd had his cock in her cunt once that day. The first cock she'd fucked in to damned long.

What would she do if he expected seconds? Half afraid of facing that dreadful question, she filled the sink with sudsy water and turned her attention on the dishes. But the question arose almost instantly as Jeff slipped up behind her and slid his arms about her waist, bringing his hands to rest on her blouse covered tits.

"You want same help, don't you, Mom?"

Laura laughed nervously and tried to shrug her tits from his grasp. "Not that kind of help, I don't! Now stop it, and get a dish towel. I'll never finish if you keep that up!"

"Oh, I'm going to help, all right." Jeff chuckled as he squeezed his mom's tits, rubbing up against her. "I'm all tense again, too. So I kind of thought we could relax some more. Feel how tense I'm getting?"

Laura could feel, all right. His cock was surging up in his jeans, sliding between her asscheeks with a stiffness that couldn't be ignored.

Her cunt melted afresh under that nudging reminder, making her gasp slightly as she tried to sound stern. "Now, Jeff stop! Just because... because I made a little mistake this afternoon, that doesn't mean I'm going to make it again!"

But he wasn't listening to arguments. He could sense his mom's willingness, and he released her tits and slid his hands down over her full, ripe hips, cupping the swells of her taut asscheeks.

"Wow, you've sure got a great ass, Mom," he said, kneading those pliant mounds of firm flesh and pushing his cock more forcefully between them. "I'll bet it's the best ass in town. Mind if I get a look, just to make sure?"


Laura's voice came out in a startled gasp as his fingers suddenly grasped the elastic waistband of her slacks and jerked them down.

The abrupt action took her by surprise, and by the time her suds-covered hands flew back to stop what was happening, the slacks had been peeled midway down her thighs, panties and all.

"Jeffrey Benson, stop that this instant!"

Shocked, she tried to twist about to confront her son. But Jeff's hands had already swooped to her exposed asscheeks, cupping the twin soft globes as his grip held her firm. He laughed lightly, fully aware that, his mother wasn't resisting nearly as much as she could.

"What's the matter, Mom? I'm just showing my appreciation, that's all. Don't you want me to?"

"Not-not like this, I don't!" Despite herself, Laura could feel her pussy heating under his massage. All the guilt she'd built up through the evening gushed out of her in creamy bursts, even as she tried desperately to protest. "If your sister walks in, we're going to have a pretty tough time explaining just what kind of help you're providing! Now be a good boy, and let me finish these before your friend arrives. Jeff, please!"

His hands slid over her flesh, and in spite of her resistance, he slipped his fingertips into the tight track of her ass and pushed her rounded asscheeks apart.

Her pink asshole came into view, and he beamed his delight. "Hey, your ass is really beautiful! I'll bet no mom in town has an asshole that can beat that!"

Shocked but unable to halt the thrill that shot through her at his eager appreciation, Laura could do no more than squirm in feeble objection as one of his fingertips slipped down across her moist little ass hole and cased past its clenched rim.

"Alright!" She gasped, juicing wildly at that intimate touch.

Jeff's fingertip wormed into her sensitive ass entrance and wiggled there enticingly.

"Now oh, oh damn! Now stop it!" she said, half-giggling. "If I'd known I was going to raise such a naughty son, I ahhh I never would've turned my back on you!"

Jeff laughed, watching gleefully as his fingertip sank to the knuckle up her delicate ass chute. "And if I'd known this afternoon what a terrific ass you've got, I sure would've paid more attention to it then! Man, it's so tight and hot -- just like a little pussy. I'll bet it's the sweetest ass anywhere! In fact, I think I'll find out!"

If Laura's mind hadn't been clouded with lust, she would've tried to stop him. But as it was, the full impact of his words didn't even stroke home until she suddenly felt him slip to his knees behind her, his lips sliding over one taut asscheek and his tongue lashing out.

It all happened so swiftly that she couldn't have objected if she'd tried. The first darting licks of Jeff's tongue over her ass had Laura groaning with fresh surges of sensual delight, her pussy churning in automatic response. With his fingertip lodged tantalizingly just within the rim of her shithole, he lapped at her ass, first gliding his tongue over one ripe jutting ass cheek and then moving to the other. Her flesh rippled under him, glistening with the wet slick trails of his saliva.

And in spite of all her attempts to be a normal mother once more, Laura reacted with soaring pleasure. Her tips twitched, and she pushed her ass out for his hot wet probe as she groaned luxuriously.

"Oh baby, please! That... that's driving me crazy! Jeff, don't... don't do that, oh God no, you're awful! Not in my ass -- ahhh!"

But it was too late. Urged on by her moans, he drew his finger from his mother's tight asshole and replaced it with his tongue.

The probing of her son's fat darting tongue between her asscheeks made Laura purr. A blast of sheer unbelievable pleasure ripped from her cunt, and she arched in instinctive response.

"Ahh -- oh, darling, that's... oh, Jeff, yes!"

Before she had time to recover from that initial burst of sensation another followed. Jeff's tongue slithered along the entire crevice of her ass, pushing deep into it and locating the moist tight entrance of her shithole. Without the slightest hesitation, he flicked at her small asshole, digging between her clenched ass lips to explore the snug sheath of her ass.

In all her experience, Laura had never had her ass chute tongued by a man before. Jeff made muffled sounds of enjoyment as his hands gripped her asscheeks, pulling them apart to let him bury his face in the cleavage. His tongue wiggled into her slick ass with a series of little jabs that had her reeling backward blatantly shoving her ass on to him for more.

"Gaaaaaaa -- God, that's so good!" she moaned, bending far forward. "Oh, honey, fuck my asshole like that! Stick it all up inside me and fuck my ass! Yes, yes, baby, yes!"

She spasmed as he did just that, gliding his tongue in and out of her tight ass chute exactly the way he'd tongue-fucked Peggy's pussy just that morning.

The first strokes of his fat soft tongue were more than Laura could withstand. A climax erupted in her with each frantic thrust, and suddenly, she was wailing in a wordless cry of sheer bliss as he stabbed his tongue into her, ass furiously.

She hunched wildly, curling and uncurling in violent wrenches that drilled her engorged asshole on his probe with insatiable delight.

Amazed at her reaction but more than happy to oblige her, Jeff gripped his mother's quivering asscheeks even harder and drove his tongue in until his jaw ached.

"Guuuhhh!" She gave, a little scream of climax, hunching backwards to receive his harsh tongue-thrusts.

"Mffff..." Hearing his mother's cry and feeling her body ripple with tides of orgasm, Jeff murmured a muffled grunt of success.

Then, while Laura was still bent over and weaving in an ecstasy of sensation, he slipped his tongue from her dank ass and rose.

"Man, you really like getting your ass eaten, don't you, Mom? But I got something you like even more than that, and I think I'll just give it to you right now while you're in the mood. That okay with you, Mom?"


Groaning from her unexpected orgasm, Laura didn't at first understand her son's words. But then she heard the slither of his zipper, and realization penetrated.

"Jeff, no not right here!"

But it was too late, once again. Jeff had already shoved his jeans to his knees, and even as she voiced her plea, Laura looked over her shoulder to see his massive cock swinging free and upright, its swaying, veined length rising like a spear behind her.

"Oh..." She gasped as she feasted on that sight, her pussy pulsing harder than ever. "Oh my God... yes! Yes, darling! Fuck me! Get it in me now -- hurry!"

She suddenly couldn't stand another moment without feeling his cock. Not even her embarrassment at being stripped half-naked in the kitchen with her bare ass sticking out was enough to squelch the heat that swept through her now, emanating from the fiery furnace of her cunt.

To prove her hunger, Laura arched even more, until her big tits mashed against the waist-high counter. Her hands flew back and pulled the slick flesh of her ass wide apart, displaying every creaming inch of her seething pussy.

"Now, damn you! You're the one who started this -- so finish it off! Get that lovely cock of yours inside my cunt before I scream! Now, baby, get it in me now?"

Jeff hesitated just long enough to get the full picture of his mom like that: bending all the way forward on the kitchen counter, her wet bare ass sticking far out at him, her fingers holding her moist, pink-lipped cunt apart for his cock. Even the tuft of brunette pussy hair that grew downward from hers spongy pussy rim was all matted and practically dripping with fuck juices.

And it was all waiting just for him.

He stepped forward and placed his reddened cocktip against her pouting cunt entrance and heaved.


Laura let out a rapturous cry as his prick soared up into her, its hugeness sliding between her slickened cuntlips with ease.

His cock had barely sunk to its base inside her pussy before he was pumping in and out, teaming her squishy hot cunt with hard piston's thrusts.

"Yes, baby!" she squealed, hunching back once more. "Baby, give it to me good! Thick me like that faster, faster!"

Jeff grunted for breath, driving his cock into her thrashing pussy with new intensity. Soon he was slamming his prick in so hard, her whole body shuddered with each stroke. And to his amazement, instead of crying out in pain, she begged for more.

"That's it! Oh, my darling, that's just right! Fuck me hard like that. Ohhh, Jeff do it baby ahh! Aaaaah!"

She twisted back on his lunging prick, her cunt gushing hot fuck cream that splattered their thighs and drooled down one of her tapered legs. It had been so long since she had let go really let go, without inhibition that now she couldn't hold in the scream of shrill delight that ripped from her.


Only the blare of the television in the den could have kept Peggy from overhearing her mother's cry as she slammed back on Jeff's cock, fucking it with the savagery of an unleashed, fuck-hungry woman.

She climaxed in ecstatic gyrations, lunging onto his meaty prick and sucking it into her cunt with every rippling surge of her cunt muscles.

That vise-like grip, combined with her wrenching sobs of fulfillment, were more than Jeff could take. Only a few more short hard jabs had him groaning and thrashing as well, emptying his pent-up load at last.



He exploded in her pussy, ripping deep into her grasping cunt in long spurts that drove her to an oblivion of utter pleasure. She fucked onto his spasming prick to catch blast after blast of cum in an orgy of sensation that seemed to wrap her entire body around her son's lush, shooting cock.

Not even that afternoon's fuck session could compare with the bliss that enfolded her now. Jeff's prick filled her twitching cunt with cum-filled it to the brim and kept on spurting until a warm trickle of hot jism seeped down her trembling thighs.

She couldn't, remember ever being so flooded with cum before in her life. But at last, he exhausted his supply of jizz, and finally, he slumped, breathing heavily.

"Ohhh -- oh shit, Mom!" He clung happily to his mother's undulating ass as she groaned and soaked up the dregs from his drained cock.

Satisfied and dazed with the totality of their fucking, Laura collapsed forward against the counter. "Ahhhhh..."

Jeff's limp prick plopped free, and for one gratifying instant, he got the full spectacle of his mom's upturned ass, her pussylips drooling thick jizz, and her asshole winking open and closed in the little twinges of orgasm that still vibrated within her.

Then, hardly aware of what she was doing, Laura slid to her knees. She crumpled, at the same time twisting around, to face the marvelous prick that had given her so much joy.

"Oh, my baby," she cooed, on her knees and eye-level with his dropping prick as her lust-hazed eyes focused on it. "My sweet, sweet, baby..."

At that moment, the front doorbell rang.

Reluctantly, she rose, giving his cock a last pat. No longer bothered by the least hint of guilt, she was sorry to see their fuck session end.

But she wasn't any sorrier than Jeff, who hastily zipped up his jeans as he went to let Rod in.


"Oh wow, look at that!"

"Man, what a pair of tits! What I wouldn't give to have those here right, now! I'd sure show her what they were for!"

Jeff and his best friend Rod snickered to each other, squirming in mutual excitement on the den floor. As the bikini clad girl on TV made a perfect swan dive and came up to the poolside a moment later, her scantily covered tits shining wetly under two flimsy bits of material as she held up a bottle of suntan lotion.

"Mummm..." Jeff made smacking noises with his mouth, breaking them both up once more.

Seated between the two boys and irked by their childish antics, Peggy spoke up abruptly. "Do yow two have to be so noisy? I'm trying to watch!"

Their attention distracted, they turned their heads in her direction. Rod blushed slightly under his mop of long blonde hair, but Jeff made a face at his sister and retorted smugly: "Hell, it's just a commercial! What's the matter, you jealous? I'll bet you wish you had a pair of tits like that, don't you, Peg?"

Peggy glared at him, fuming. And as if that wasn't bad enough, she was so horny, she couldn't shift position without feeling her pussy squirt warily. Her plans for the evening were ruined by Rod's presence. All through supper, she'd hoped to get a few moments alone with Jeff, but it had taken him forever to help Laura with the dishes, and before he'd barely finished, Rod had arrived.

Peggy was disappointed. And even worse she was mad.

That was what made her answer without thinking.

"My tits are as good as hers any old day, and if you didn't both spend your time drooling over other girls, you'd know it!"

The words came out with a totally different meaning from what she'd intended, but it was too late to take them bask. The two boys' eyebrows flew up, and she stammered out a lame explanation.

"Anyway, you've seen me in bikinis often enough to know..."

"Oh yeah?" Quickly taking advantage of her embarrassment, Jeff began to taunt her. "Okay, then prove it. Show us your tits right now, Peg. Let's see a real show, and then we can decide who has the best tits. I'll bet Rod'd really like to get a peek, wouldn't you, Rod?"

"Hey, come on, Jeff." Blushing more fiercely than ever, Rod tried to smooth the argument over. "That's not fair, and you know it. We really were getting kind of loud, and Peggy won't."

"Oh yes I will!"

Rod stopped at that gaping at the brunette.

And Jeff gaped as well which was just what Peggy wanted infuriated by her brother's teasing and determined to shut his mouth in front of his friend, she went on.

"If that's what you want, I'll prove that my tits are better. Then you'll have to apologize, won't you?"

"Hey, come on, Sis. I was only kidding."

Her decision was so sudden, Peggy didn't have time to back out. Besides, she actually enjoyed finally getting the full attention of the two boys. Tingling with mischievous delight, she suddenly reached for the border of her tee shirt and pulled it up over her head. Her big, ripe tits swung into view, bobbing pendulously, unencumbered by a bra.

Both boys gaped in astonishment.

"Oh shit..."

"Christ, Peg!"

Their gasps came out in unison as Peggy tossed the garment aside, now nude from the waist up.

"Well?" She took in their rapt expressions of surprise, itching with a new surge of heat at the way they stared. "Are my tits as good as hers, or aren't they?"

Neither of them answered for a moment. Rod was mesmerized, feasting on the sight of her lush big tits quivering and arching out into the two spikes of pinkness that were her taut, erect nipples.

And even though Jeff had seen his sister's tits plenty, he felt his cock soar up just as hard as if he were taking them in for the first time.

"Oh... oh shit!" Rod's was the first to speak. "I never saw a pair like those before. They're... terrific!"

His praise had Peggy's cunt gushing with steamy arousal. What had begun as an angry response to her brother's casual dare was quickly melting into juicy pleasure, and she liked it.

"Do you really think so?" she asked, cupping her oversized tits in her hands and hefting them out toward the two boys. "I'll bet you're just saying that. You don't really think my titties are as nice as that girl's at all!"

Her pretended disappointment made Jeff grin, but it caused Rod to gulp hard. "Hell, I never saw any tits like those before! They look so good they, they're gonna make me bust my jeans!"

He had maneuvered onto his side, and his hard-on was already obvious. But that called it to Peggy's attention as if she were just noticing it.

Her pussy oozed thick, juice at sight of the enormous cock bulge in his jeans. She just had to get her hands on his prick, with Jeff watching or not.

"Well, maybe I believe you," she said slowly, still keeping up a pretense of uncertainty. "But it might be more convincing if I actually saw for myself. After all, I showed you, didn't I?"

She didn't give him time to respond to that question. Before Rod could do more than utter a startled gasp, her fingers darted out, working at the snap of his jeans and deftly slithering his zipper down.

Though taken by complete surprise, he didn't resist. The spectacle of his friend's sister leaning forward, her big taut-nippled tits dangling before him as she dipped probing fingers into his jeans and pulled his cock out in the open, was just too good to be true.

Then his cock flopped up in the air, bare and hard and wagging.

"Ohhh," she purred, examining his thickly veined prick. "You really are horny, aren't you?"

"Uhhh... yeah..." He'd never had his cock so closely inspected before. And certainly not with the girl's brother right in the same room.

But Jeff didn't seem to mind. Instead, he only grinned wider.

"So big..." Peggy murmured almost to herself at the presence of his huge bloated cock, its knobbed head straining up, all pink and smooth. "Your cock's so big, it almost looks like it hurts! Does this make it feel any better?"

Abruptly, she leaned forward a bit more. Her lips brushed his cocktip in a brief kiss.

A gasp whooshed front Rod's throat as his prick jerked with new life, thrashing and thrusting up to Peggy's soft lips, on the verge of blasting its load right in her face.

She knew what his reaction meant, and that meant her smile. A little droplet of pre-cum oozed up at the rim of his pisshole, urging her on. "Oh, that only made it hurt worse, didn't it? Well, maybe I can fix that, too."

Her tongue lashed out, its pink soft wetness sliding over his cockknob and collecting the globe of sex lube there.

Almost before he knew it, Peggy's tongue was flicking all over his cock, tasting every inch of it. She lapped up and down his cock until it was all slick, then brought her lips once more to his inflamed prickhead and neatly engulfed it in the velvety moistness of her mouth.

"Oh fuck!" Rod blurted as she began to suck, mouthing his cocktip and easing down to take even more. "Yeah! Yeah, that feels really good, Peggy! Keep sucking like that! Oh yeah."

He watched fascinated, as her head bobbed up and down on his cockshaft, her tits bouncing and mashing against his thighs.

Rod had never been sucked off before. Dazedly, he glanced at Jeff, who chuckled and said: "That's okay. She likes it, I can guarantee."

That became obvious when she began to bob her head faster, her mouth clamped on his prick like a vise, and her throat emitting hungry little moans as it was slowly stuffed with his throbbing cockmeat.

"Mm ff-fuuuummm."

Within moments, she was taking in nearly the whole length of his cock. Her lips slid up and dawn, brushing his blonde cock-fur as she gulped at his prick, sucking frantically.

"Wow, look at her go!" Rod gasped, feeling his balls tingle in reaction. "Man, she really does go after it! Suck my cock, Peggy! Suck my cock -- yeah!"

His hands flew down, fumbling at the mounds of her tits and hefting them in his palms. He caught each fat nipple between thumb and forefinger and squeezed, rhythmically milking at them with a harsh need that made her suck his cock harder.

That was when Jeff decided to join in. Tired of just watching, he crawled around behind his sister and gave Rod an attention getting laugh.

"Now I'll show you what she likes best of all. Keep sucking him off, Peg, while I take care of these..."

Reaching about her waist, he unsnapped his sister's jeans.

With Rod looking on, he peeled them down and off.

Peggy felt the taut denim easing over her hips and squirmed to help her brother.

The jeans inched off, exposing her pale creamy ass. Jeff jerked them down to her knees, panties and jeans together, then worked them over her legs and off her feet.

Now she was completely nude, her mouth fastened to Rod's cock. She heard the familiar sound of Jeff's zipper and felt her cunt melt in eager anticipation.

Rod's eyes went wide when he saw his friend's prick flop free and realized what Jeff intended. Startled, he squeezed Peggy's nipples even harder.

"Jesus! You're not gonna, your own sister! Oh, man!"

"The hell I'm not gonna," Jeff said, squirming up behind her. "Shit, that's just what she wants! Some nice hard cock to pounce on. Isn't that right, Peg?"

Peggy agreed loudly, sucking on Rod's stiff cock even more frantically as she spread her thighs open for her brother.

Having already tried that position once that night, Jeff now moved like an expert. His sister's wet, dark-fuzzed pussy slash pulsed beneath her puckered little asshole, and he guided his cockhead along her dewy cunt furrow until it was nice and greasy with fuck juice.

Then he eased his cock tip between her pussylips and let the suction of hr arching cunt pull it in.

"Muuuhhhh!" she squealed as her brother's cocktip sank into her cunt.

Even the first tentative probe of his smooth cockhead into her cuntmouth was enough to have her hunching for more. Reeling back in a natural rhythm that flicked her onto each cock in turn, first sliding one deep into her cunt and then lurching forward to gulp the other down her throat.

Rod couldn't believe it. "Shit, look! We're fucking her at both ends!"

They were doing exactly that, and Peggy didn't mind a bit. She seesawed back and forth, taking more of Jeff's cock in her pussy with each thrust and sucking on Rod's big prick as if it were a massive straw. It was more cock than she'd ever had before all at once, and it was enough to have her hunching with a fury of sensation.

"That's it, Sis! Fuck us good!" Jeff laughed out loud, delighted with his sister's fucking frenzy. "Look at her go! Shit, Peg, you're the best piece of ass ever! Fuck us! Yeah, do it hard! Faster, faster!"

The first twangs of climax went shuddering through her. She reeled, taking in the whole stabbing shaft of her brother's prick as she soared in the beginnings of orgasm, now sucking and fucking with all her might.

"She's going crazy!" Rod spouted, sinking his cock into the velvety, tight vise of her mouth. "Man, look at her suck! I'm gonna blow! Oh fuck, yeahhhh!"

His hips bucked, and his cock thrashed down Peggy's throat in a series of surging shudders that slapped his balls against her chin.

At the same time, Jeff plunged his cock into her as well, thoroughly enjoying the way she slammed back on it for more. "Take it, Peg! Fuck on my cock good! Oh shit, that's it, faster, faster!"

Clutching her hips to keep from being tossed off entirely, he jabbed his prick frantically as she pistoned back on it.

"Muuh-guuuhhhmmm!" She soared in release, whimpering and taking the two spearing cocks with a violence that had. Rod and Jeff groaning.

That was all it took to make the two teenagers unleash their pent-up loads of cum. Rod was the first to explode, cramming the girl's mouth full of his prick and hoarsely blurting: "I'm blowing my wad! Yeeaaah!"

Floods of his jism ripped down Peggy's throat and blast after thick blast of hot fuck cream poured over her tongue as she gulped again and again, sucking it all down in the midst of her ecstasy.

Then Jeff began, climaxing and shoving his cock into her cunt with wild hungry wrenches that tore the cum from his balls.

It was a session of sucking and fucking like Peggy had never known before. She took all of their jizz, every precious drop drilling into her pussy and mouth as they lurched in unison, gasping and panting.

It was only when both boys were drained, when they collapsed in mutual groans and their softened emptied cocks slipped from her two fuckholes, that she smiled in pure satisfied delight.

"Oh... oh that was really good, ahhh!" Bloated with cum and twitch with release, she slumped between them in a happy melting heap.

Dazed, Rod could hardly believe it had happened. He grinned at Jeff, his cock slippery and wet from Peggy's sucking.


"Ahhhh... ahhhhhhh!"

Laura awakes reluctantly from a sexy dream to find her pussy pulsing hungrily. She yawned and stretched in the morning sunlight, arching her nude body and sighing happily. Though the details of the dream were hazy, she knew it was about Jeff.

Jeff, and his lovely, fucking cock.

A tremor of guilt shot through her but was quickly swept away in the flooding aftermath of that tantalizing dream. It wasn't normal for a mother to dream about fucking her own son, and Laura knew it. But she also knew that she couldn't control herself any longer.

After all the years without a man's soothing cock inside her after going so long without satisfying the needs that were only natural for a healthy horny woman it wasn't surprising to find her obsessed with Jeff's delicious cock. He was her son, but he was a man, too. And at the moment, she was concentrating totally on the man in him, the gorgeous big prick that could easily drive her to frenzied satisfaction before it had even buried itself for more than the first probing fuck strokes.

Just thinking about his cock made her pussy tingle. It was a tinge she couldn't ignore. Her hands drifted down, her fingers gliding into her tangle of rich dark cunt fur and coming at last to the melting source of that tingles.

She began to massage her cunt, rubbing lightly along its fat outer lips and briefly kneading her taut, hooded cunt.


Laura slipped one finger into her drenched cunt, then another. Both fingers slid easily in and out in a semblance of Jeff's fucking cock, and almost immediately, the first little surges of approaching orgasm soared through her, making her fingers work faster.

"Ohhhh-oh, darling, yes!" she gasped, arching up to her hands. "Fuck me, fuck me! Faster -- ahhhh, faster! Yes, yes, yessss!"

Her voice rose to a small wail as climax came. She shuddered on the rumpled bed, her voluptuous body surging onto her fingers in the blissful pretense that it was her son's prick sheathed in her pussy, pumping and rippling and blasting its steaming hot load.

Ecstatic, Laura plunged her fingers deep and gyrated up on them, climaxing in spasms. Her fuck juice streamed in floods, pouring out just like the overflow of Jeff's erupting prick.

At last, satisfied for the moment and sinking again with sleepy joy on the bed, she gasped breathlessly.

"Ohhh... oh Jeff, honey."

As if on cue, there was a gentle tap on her bedroom door, and it swung open. Jeff leaned in, grinning. "Hi, Mom. I just wanted to see if you were hey!"

His expression lit with delight.

Caught unaware, Laura didn't have time to pull away the fingers that were still moving over her pussy to soak up the last twinges from it. If it had been Peggy at the door, she would've died of embarrassment. But since it was Jeff, she made no effort to hide what she was doing. Instead, she smiled, enjoying his surprise.

"Good morning, dear. Sleep well?"

Still grinning, Jeff stepped into the room. He was wearing only pajama bottoms, and even as she took in his appearance, she saw his limp prick begin to rise and thicken, tenting the cotton material.

"I could've slept better if I was sleeping with you instead of Rod. And from what I can see, it looks like you would've liked that, too."

His youthful face was beaming with anticipation, and if Laura couldn't interpret what was on his mind from that, the rising swell of his massive prick was a dead giveaway.

She giggled huskily, gushing pussy cream. "Now, young man you don't intend to do anything with your friend in the house, do you? I don't think he'd be very understanding if he happened to see us fucking!"

"He's asleep." Jeff strode purposefully toward the bed, pausing long enough to shuck his pajama bottoms as he stared down at his mother's slick, pink cunt. "And Peggy went off to the swimming pool first thing this morning, so we're practically all alone. Spread your legs, Mom. I want to see your pussy better."

At that moment, his pajamas fell away, and his cock sprang up hard and throbbing.

The sight of that luscious prick was enough. As far as Laura was concerned, her son could have anything he wanted. She parted her thighs wide to display the drooling mouth of her cunt, its butterfly folds opening up to show off the juicy depths right up inside her.

"Well, I... I guess we do have a little time to ourselves, then. Are you going to waste it?"

It was Laura's turn to laugh at his exuberance as he sprawled between her legs and brought his stiffened cocktip to the entrance of her open pussy.

Her laugh turned into a groan as he thrust his cock deep.


Jeff's prick slid effortlessly up his mother's cunt, slithering into her until his nest of cock curls mingled with her glossy mound of cunt fur. The urge began to ease his prick in and out, just eyeing the way her pussylips folded once more over his thick cockshaft and sucked at it with artful expertise.

"Oh yeah," he panted happily, sinking his cock into her pussy and hissing for breath. "You've got the best fucking pussy anywhere. Man I could fuck you all day like this. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

"Ycsss," she gasped back, hunching up to take her son's lovely big prick. "Oh God, baby, yes! I never want to stop, never, never, kuhbb..."

Jeff's head dipped, and he clamped, his mouth over one of her large thrusting tits. Its huge pink nipple expanded between his lips, and he sucked at it as if he'd never tasted one before.

For Laura, it was literally a dream come true. She feasted on her son's cock and luxuriated in its filling, sliding presence as it dipped smoothly in and out of her cunt. She mashed her tit against his mouth and bucked up for every delectable inch of his gouging prick as he increased his fuck pace, making her cry out.

"Do it, lover! Fuck the piss out of me just like you promised! Oh my God, Jeff it's so sweet, you're killing me! Fuck me, baby, fuck me hard! Yes, yeehhhh!"

"Shit, you're hot!"

Pleased at his mother's instant reaction, Jeff released her nipple and gazed down at her beautiful lust filled face. Hell, he'd hardly started, and he already had her sobbing.

"You love it, don't you, Mom?"

Laura whimpered, rising to a fresh climax. His cock seemed to shove even deeper somehow, nudging the core of her pussy and sending jolts of bliss ripping through her.

"Yes!" she cried out, spasming. "Yes, I love it! Love -- uhhh."

Now panting for breath himself, Jeff went on. "You'd rather fuck my prick than anything, wouldn't you? Say it, Mom!"

Laura arched and careened on his swollen cock, no longer inhibited by even the slightest stirrings of guilt.

"I want it!" she practically screamed. "More than anything!"

"You -- uh -- you want me to come in you, don't you? I'm gonna shoot off right in your cunthole. Tell me that's what you want, Mom. Tell me, bitch!"

His hips twisted viciously, slamming his cock to her and twisting it around in her pussy with wrenches that sent her soaring into new heights of pleasure.

"Come! Come in me, baby! I wa -- onnhh -- want your cum in my pussy, do it! Give it to -- ooooh! Meeeee!"


Gleeful at her pleas and engrossed in giving his mom the fucking of her life, Jeff barely heard the bedroom door creak farther open.

Then he grinned. He'd almost completely forgotten that he'd left Rod out in the hall to watch. Rod hadn't believed his stories of the past few days and had even gone so far as to bet five bucks that Jeff couldn't fuck his own mother.

Urged on by the knowledge that his wide eyed friend was watching everything, Jeff pistoned his cock harder.

"Aaannhh!" Unaware of a spectator, Laura reeled up in a frenzy of sensation. Her big tits flopped wildly, and her taut ass bounced off the bed more frantically than ever.

"Fuck me darling, fuck me!"

Standing in the doorway, Rod gaped. He couldn't believe it. Jeff was really doing it really fucking the piss right out of his old lady!

Mesmerized, the teenager watched as Mrs. Benson's cunt mound rode up and down on her son's cream slickened cock. He'd heard of mothers and sons fucking, but he'd never really thought it actually happened, until now.

Feeling his own cock throb and lurch in response, Rod saw everything. He saw Jeff's prick slide in and out of that magnificent cock bloated pussy, saw Mrs. Benson arch up and heard her cries of rapture. He still couldn't quite believe it, but it was sure as hell happening!

Totally oblivious to her admirer, Laura reveled in her son's stabbing cock. It was slashing into her furiously now, each thrust jolting her pussy to new heights of climax. The first waves were like the rumblings of a volcano before that final, complete eruption. She soared up, wailing with the sheer ecstasy of her renewed orgasm.


"Beg for it, bitch!" Jeff burst out, intent now on giving his friend the full show. "Beg for my cock in your pussy, cunt!"

"Pleease!" she shrieked, tottering on the very rim of the volcano and ready to do anything for those few precious fuck strokes that would send her toppling over. "Please baby, fuck me! Come in my pussy!"

She came then, erupting with all the heat that the years of denial had stroked within her.

Though this wasn't the first time Jeff had made her come, it was certainly the best. When Laura climaxed, she humped off the bed, screaming.

"Oh shit!" Jeff yelled, clutching his mom's heaving tits just to keep from being tossed off of her. Warm piss gushed all over his jabbing cock and already-sopping balls, and he cried out in pure, delighted, disbelief. "You really are pissing! Yeah, Mom, piss and come all over! Take my cock, you fucking, pissing bitch! Yeah, yeah -- ahhhhhhh!"

He wrenched down, and his cock shot its built-up load deep in his mother's pussy.

"Gaaaaa... aaannh."

Laura yowled, coming harder than she would've believed possible. Shudder after shudder surged through her body, and not even the fact that she was pissing all over herself could lessen the power of her orgasm. Spurt after spurt of jism tore up her thrashing cunt, and she took it all and heaved for more.

Even after the last droplet had been squeezed from Jeff's prick, after he slumped gasping for breath atop her, Laura kept twitching. She was in a haze of ecstasy, and it didn't stop until the last tremor had been soaked from her, squeezed out just the way she squeezed out her son's precious cum.

Finally, drained and more completely fucked than she'd ever been in her life, she sank back to dim groaning reality.

"Fuck..." Jeff grinned weakly, frankly worn out by their fucking. "That was great! You really know how to take it, Mom. I'll bet you could fuck all day like that couldn't you? I'll bet you'd like to just keep fucking and never stop. Hell, with a pussy like yours, you could take all the cock you wanted, couldn't you?"

His blunt compliment made her smile, and she wiggled to feel his shriveling cock roll in her cunt. "Ummmmm, I might... if that's what you've got in mind, darling... ahhhhh, you're going to have to do better than that!"

Laughing huskily, she worked his limp prick in the tight sheath of her pussy as it began to tug awake once more, swelling into life.

That was when he twisted around to look toward the doorway, his cock lurching drunkenly inside her cunt. "Hey, it's okay! Come on in and join the fun, Rod! Now well really show her some fun!"

Laura hardly had the time to comprehend the meaning of those words when Jeff's friend appeared at the door, grinning sheepishly. His crotch was tented out with a massive cock bulge, and the look in his face was unmistakable.


The confrontation was so sudden and unexpected that it took Laura's breath away. She barely had time to realize with a vague surge of horror that the boy had seen everything.

Jeff couldn't have been more pleased. With his cock still swelling in his mom's silky cunt, he chuckled.

"You heard her. She could fuck all day. Let's show her what we can do. Come on, man! Join in!"

"Ohhh -- oh my God!" Laura gasped. Laura tried to struggle, but her mind was hazy from the thorough fucking she'd just received. Still churning in the bliss of her release, she had trouble coordinating her movements.

"Please -- oh God, honey! You can't ohhhh, Jeff!"

But her struggles had little effect. She only worked his cock in her pussy more violently. Her gasps weren't only from shame, then, but also from the feel of his prick. And matters weren't helped when Rod began to remove his pajamas.

He stood at the bed, nude and nervous, displaying a cock so stiff and thick and straining that Laura couldn't help but gasp again at sight of it.

Then Jeff made his move. He slid away, slipping his prick out of her drenched cunt and rising. "Go ahead. I had my turn, now you take yours."

His words horrified Laura, and she let out a little whimper as her spread-open cunt drooled before Rod's eager gaze. "Please, this isn't tight. I didn't want -- oh no, no -- ohhhhh!"

It was too late for pleas now. Rod moved onto the bed between her limp unresisting legs as his engorged cock loomed up, wagging and spearing straight for her cunt.

As if in a terrible dream, Laura watched his cock slither toward her like a hypnotic snake. Its huge, inflamed head bobbed forward, and in the next instant, her cuntlips were pushed apart by it. Rod heaved, and his cock slid home.


"Oh, oh shit!"

It all happened that suddenly. He grunted, and his prick began to smoothly gouge in and out of her sopping fuckhole.

The transition was abrupt and total. Laura couldn't have refused it -- no matter how she tried, and with the first cunt tearing thrusts, she ceased to try. Her pussy melted with fresh heat, and an instant later, she was hunching and writhing with new spasms of joy that no amount of humiliation could overwhelm.

"Ahhhhh -- oh no! Plea... uhh, don't!"

Rod's cock plunged in and out of her seething fuck channel, and before she knew it, she was arching up wildly and clawing his back, begging for more.

"Yes! Oh God, you bastards -- yes! Fuck me, damn you! Fuck me good! Stuff me, baby! Oh, cocksucking sweet lover, give it to me!"

Her voluptuous body bounced up, taking Rod's fuck thrusts with a fury neither boy had expected. Her tits flopping wildly and her cunt riding sharply on his fresh, stabbing prick, she gave in completely to the hunger that had so recently grown inside her. Soon, the teenager was gasping and clinging to her with all his strength, driving his cock into her with wild, vicious stabs.

"Take it, Mrs. Benson! Take it all -- fucking hell, that's good! Oh yeah, yeah!"

He groaned loudly, grabbing onto her lush, pliant tits and hanging on for dear life.

It was a repetition of last night's experience with Peggy, but this time, it was better than Jeff had ever hoped. His mom took Rod's prick as if she was made for it, as if it was the only prick left in the world. Her bushy cunt was split wide open, closing in a vise around his friend's cock and sliding up and down with a frantic expertise that had Jeff's own cock standing out as stiff and straight as ever.

Suddenly, Laura grasped Rod's shoulders and heaved. The startled teen found himself being flipped over, and almost before he realized what was happening, he lay on his back with Mrs. Benson atop him, her dark furry cunt settling onto his prick without missing a stroke.

"Oh fuck..."


Laura groaned as her weight settled on his fat cock, drilling it to the hilt in her cunt. Then, without actually realizing what she, herself, had in mind, she leaned forward and reached behind her, cupping her taut asscheeks and pulling them wide open.

"Now -- ahhh! Now, baby since you started this, you're going to give me all the cock you promised! Come to momma, lover. Come here and give me every inch. Ohhhh, Jeff -- do it! Fuck me now!"

Her unexpected action made Jeff's eyes bulge wide. Lying straddled over Rod's body with his cock nestled up her cunt chute, his mom was offering her gaping pink asshole to him.

When he at last understood what she wanted, his face spread into a familiar grin, and he started toward her.

"Hell, that's a great idea! We can both fuck you at once that's what you want, isn't it, Mom?"

Caught up in the unanticipated chain of events, finding herself willingly surrounded by two young, stiff-cocked lovers, it was exactly what Laura wanted. No longer Jeff's mother, but a hot, fuck-crazed woman, she begged for more as Rod's prick thrashed deep inside her pussy.

"Yesss! Please, pleassse! Fuck my ass, Jeff! Fuck me good in my ass and cunt! Hurry!"

Writhing on Rod's cock and jutting her cupped asscheeks out with blatant need, she gasped as Jeff climbed onto the bed and placed his flared cocktip against the slick pink entrance to her shitter.

It had been years since she'd gotten it before with another cock lodged in her pussy. With his first inexperienced probe against her tensed asslips, she moaned, arching back.

"Yes, stick your cock in me; jam it in hard! Now, baby, now -- oooooh!"

Jeff did just that, and she creamed. His cockhead sank into the tight moist chamber of her ass, inching in until she almost shrieked from the mixture of pain and delight that ripped through her.

It was a tight squeeze, and he gasped as his cock pushed deep into the tight crevice of her ass.

"Damn, you're tight!" he exclaimed breathlessly, shoving his cock even deeper. "Oh, man! What an ass! I can feel it squeezing on my prick just like a little pussy. Oh yeah, that's it. Yeah..."

With a last forceful stab, he shoved his cock all the way up her ass.

"Gaaannhh!" Laura shrieked. Her shrieks rose in volume as he began to ream her ass chute out. In an orgy of pure, uninhibited sensation, she reeled between the two fucking pricks.

"I can't stand it! Harder, honey! Oh you sweet fucking babies, fuck me! Fuck me!"

They panted and rammed their cum-filled cocks into her with youthful abandon. Both boys were totally captivated by the willing older woman who lurched and sobbed between them. Pounding their cocks into her with fresh enthusiasm, they fucked both her torn open fuckhole until she climaxed with an intensity that made her scream out loud.

This orgasm was like nothing Laura had ever experienced not even the blissful climax just minutes ago that had her pissing all over herself. This time, she came with an utter completion that she wouldn't have believed possible. With both those lovely big cocks stuffed into her, she soared again and again into ecstasy, riding down hard on the two pistoning pricks and wailing with a delight that filled the room.

Rod came then, slamming up and rolling his eyes. "Uhhhh!" Cum spurted up her pussy, flooding it with thick fuck cream.

Almost immediately behind him, Jeff groaned, and his load of jizz splattered into Laura's wrenched asshole.

"Jesus, take it! Take my jizz, Mom!"

Jism blasted into her nun and ass as the boys' hot cocks probed deeper than ever before. They erupted again and again as she swooned in the middle her body undulating and bouncing. A droplet of saliva leaked from her full puffy lips and she rode orgasm after orgasm.

Her orgasms didn't stop not even when both cocks had been emptied inside her and lay limp in her two gyrating fuckholes. It wasn't until every drop had been soaked up, when every twinge had been sucked out of their luscious cocks, and she was on the verge of passing out, that she at last slumped from between them.

"Uhhhmmm... ahhhhh..." she whimpered.

Jeff and Rod were gasping for breath and grinning at each other, their conquest complete. They sank onto the bed, one boy on each side of Laura. They immediately began to caress her sweaty body in gratitude.

"Oh... oh shit, Mom. That was... something else!"

"Yeah, Mrs. Benson. You-you sure are everything Jeff said. Even better!"

Laura smiled. Her hands fluttered down and grasped their soft, slick cocks, tugging on them appreciatively.

"I'm glad, darlings."

Her sleepy smile brightened with slow realization. Nothing would ever be the same again after this. No more pretense, no more withholding her needs in an attempt to be a normal, concerned mother. For the first time, she was truly free and would never be chained by inhibitions again.

And nothing could have pleased her more.

Peggy was in her skimpiest bikini, the one she usually wore only in her back yard to get the best tan. Its airy sky-blue material consisted of no mote than a few palm-sized flaps of cloth held together by string ties.

She didn't usually wear this bikini in public, because it was too small. Her large tits spilled out around the top triangular flaps. The bottom was hardly an improvement: its front was so tiny that it couldn't hide the crisp blonde cunt curls that peeked out on all sides and the back creased into the cleavage of her firm ass and almost made it look as if she was wearing nothing at all back there.

Normally, she would have been too embarrassed to even wear the bikini down the street, but now she was glad she had. The expression on Mr. Grady's face was worth it.

And for his part, Frank Grady was equally glad. His initial surprise gave way to a slow broad grin as he feasted his eyes on her lithe, voluptuous body. "Uh, going swimming this morning, I see. Well, you sure picked a perfect day for it."

To prove his point, he wiped a layer of sweat from his ruggedly handsome face.

She smiled, aware of his gaze and enjoying it thoroughly. "Wow, you really do look hot. Maybe you ought to come with me, and we can both cool off!"

Ogling her pliant, tanned body, Frank grinned even wider.

His compliment made her tingle with mischief. Until recently, Peggy would have blushed with embarrassment, but now she beamed. "Oh, you're not so old! And the only reason you never noticed me before was because you never looked. I'm all grown up now, Mr. Grady. Want to see?"

With those words, she twirled around in a leisurely pirouette, letting him get the full view.

The sight of her slender body glistening in the sun made Frank's mouth go dry, and his baggy old shorts began to tent up with his hard-on. Not normally a man to succumb the charms of teenaged girls, he found himself captivated to his young neighbor's boldness.

"Well?" she asked, facing him once more. "I'm a grown woman now, see?"

"Uh-huh." His mouth felt gritty, and he licked his lips. "I see, all right. And if you spend the whole afternoon in the sun wearing nothing but that, you're going to burn. How about something cool to drink before you go?"

The invitation came out without thinking.

He'd known Peggy most of her life, and the last thing he wanted to do now was spend the next half hour sipping lemonade and trying to hide his hard-on with that scrumptious body parading before him.

But before he could take back those words, she brightened and nodded. "Okay. That sounds great. I have to admit, I'm getting hot just standing here!"

With that acceptance, she bounced toward his front gate, her supple asscheeks bobbing and gyrating in a way Frank couldn't miss.

Setting his hedge clippers aside as she scampered up, he tried to ignore her over sized tits in their stretched confines. "Why don't we go around back where the lawn chairs are, and you make yourself comfortable while I get us a couple of glasses of cool lemonade?"

"That'd be perfect," Peggy agreed. "I'll meet you there, Mr. Grady. And hurry!"

She didn't seem to notice Frank's hard-on. With an inward surge of lust, he went into the house to get their drinks.

The back yard was hedged in, affording perfect privacy. Two lawn chairs were positioned across from each other, and Peggy plopped into one of them as Frank hastily edged out the back door with two brimming glasses in his big hands.

"Now that didn't take too long, did it? Here you go -- bottoms up."

Hardly able to take his eyes off the scantily clad teen. Frank settled into his lawn chair and took a long drink.

"Ahhhh, that's better," he groaned as the cool liquid eased a bit of the heat that had built inside him at Peggy's presence.

She sipped her lemonade as well, fully aware of the older man's gaze and feeling her cunt itch and burn in response. "You still don't look very cooled off, Mr. Grady. All sweaty and hot. I know! Why don't you take off your tee shirt, and I'll wipe you dry!"

Her suggestion came as a fresh surprise, and Frank's mouth fell open as she dug into her gym bag and pulled out a big fluffy towel. "Uh, I'm not sure that's such a good idea," he said.

But Peggy wasn't listening. She finished her lemonade in a long gulp and hopped up, already reaching for his soaked, plastered tee shirt. "Here, I'll help. Then you won't be so hot."

"I don't really -- hey!"

Suddenly, her hands were tugging at his shirt, pulling it up across his belly and chest. The action was so unexpected, and Peggy's enthusiasm so compelling, that he couldn't help giving in. The tee shirt peeled up and off, and she dropped it to the round.

"There we are. Now you just relax while I do all the work. Does that feel better?"

She stroked the towel across his broad bore shoulders, and despite his surprise, Frank couldn't help a delighted chuckle, "Christ, you just don't take no for an answer, do you?"

"Not when I don't have to." She smiled back mysteriously, creaming harder at the sight of his hairy chest. If she had been horny before, she was positively gushing now. After all the years she'd known Mr. Grady, she'd never once thought of him in a horny way until now. And the fact that his reaction was the same, quickly became apparent. His shorts began to bulge with cockmeat all over again.

"There, now isn't this nicer than clipping hedges all day?"

It was. Frank wasn't able to resist the luxury of being attended to by a curvaceous, attractive teenager. He leaned back with a sigh as she toweled his shoulders and chest in circular motions.

"Ahhhh, yeah. That feels just right. I've got to admit, you sure know what to do. That feels real good."

As Peggy rubbed, her large, pliant tits brushed his back. His cock was blossoming up as stiff as ever, expanding in his shorts so obviously, that the girl couldn't possibly miss it.

However, instead of reacting with the shock and embarrassment he would've expected from a teenaged girl, she only seemed to increase her stroking, moving the towel down across the slight paunch of his stomach and over his thick carpet of dark curls with a practiced ease.

His prick throbbed, its massive bulge only too obvious. Unable to ignore his cock any longer, Peggy went on in a light tone. "You shouldn't be so tense, Mr. Grady. Just look at this -- you're never going to relax like that!"

Suddenly, her hand swooped down, sliding the towel along his swollen crotch.

"Uhhh!" Frank lurched in surprise, his cock soaring up under her soft, exploring hand. "Uh -- Peggy, I don't think you'd better do that... I mean, oh Christ!"

It happened so abruptly that he could hardly believe the girl knew what she was doing to him. Her hand slid back and forth along his hard prick, making it bob and jerk erect with a sudden lurch that had it aching.

"Oh wow, you're so tense there!" Peggy blurted out. She'd never before suspected how huge his prick was. And despite her pretense that her toweling was just an innocent game, she felt her cunt creaming furiously. "I'll bet it really hurts, doesn't it? Maybe I can make your cock feel better for you, Mr. Grady. How's this?"

She began to squeeze and knead, her tits rubbing against his arm, pushing their taut hard nipples into his flesh. Confused and unable to pull away from her grasping hand, Frank groaned.

"Oh, Jesus! You shouldn't... that's it, honey. That's just tight, ahhhmmm..."

Peggy had shifted around to face him, and a sudden new hunger made her suddenly kneel. "I know. Since I'm relaxing you anyway, we may as well do it right. Here, I'll fix it."

Her small fingers darted for the elastic band of his shorts, and Frank's eyes bulged wide.

"Hey, I don't think that's such a good idea."

In one tearing motion, Peggy had his shorts ripped down his hairy legs, and his engorged cock leaped up from the thickest, fuzziest balls she'd ever seen.

Gazing down in rapt fascination, she gasped. "Oh Mr. Grady, your cock it's really something! I never saw a wick so big before!"

Her praise melted any resistance he had left, and he gave in with a grin. "Oh, you think so, eh? Well, you made it that way in that skimpy bikini of yours. What're YOU going to do about it now?"

Peggy already had the answer to that. Kneeling in a worshipful pose, she deftly reached out with both hands and clutched his huge, bloated prick.

Frank hissed in a breath, and his cock soared and thrashed in her fingers as its big purple tip seemed to expand even more. Without taking her, eyes off his massive, veined prick, she bent forward. "I know what you'd like. Maybe if I kissed your cock a little, like this... ummmm..."

Her full pink lips captured his cock knob then, her tongue darting across its smooth sensitive surface.

Astonished and thoroughly pleased by her abrupt action, Frank watched the teenager engulf his prickhead with real eagerness. His hands automatically tangled in her long blonde hair, and with a voice that was rough with sudden hunger and delight, he urged her on.

"Yeah baby! Oh, Jesus, that feels good keep doing that, ahhhhh..."

His cock was so thick that it stretched Peggy's lips wide apart, and she let out a hungry little groan as her head began to bob, taking in more and more of his lush, nine-inch fucker.

"Mmmmmff... mmmmm..."

It all happened so quickly that her cunt erupted in a blast of creamy arousal, juicing with an intensity that turned her groans to whimpers of need as she sucked furiously, taking more and more of his prick down her throat.

Frank felt his cock surge in the girl's mouth as her golden curls brushed his hairy thighs and her head bobbed faster. Nearly his whole prick-length was now sliding between her tight lips.

"Oh, Jesus," he groaned. "Yeah, that's just what I like. Suck it, honey, suck my cock realgood... ahhhh."

Peggy dipped her mouth even faster, gobbling at her neighbor's massive cock as if it was the last one she would ever taste. Her hands squeezed and kneaded his thick heavy balls, feeling them tighten and tingle with now familiar warning.

It had been a long time since Frank had had his prick smothered so thoroughly, and even longer since he'd been sucked off by a hungry attractive teenager like Peggy. His hands pulled her head down viciously, his hips arching to jam his prick in her soft moist mouth as he felt the first little surges of approaching orgasm.

"Take it, baby," he grunted, pumping his cock in and out of that sweet fucking vise. "Take it all; suck the cum right out of my cock! Oh shit, yeah! Yeah, that's it, that's real good. Now, baby, now! Suck! Suck! Ahhhhh!"

His cock erupted then, in long spurting fountains that made him wrench up with a loud groan, drilling blast after blast of cum into the girl's greedy mouth.

Peggy swallowed again and again, gulping down the floods of hot jizz that splattered over her tongue in smothering wet globs. She'd never taken so much cum all at once before, and it seemed that Mr. Grady's prick would never stop pumping the endless streams of thick cock juice that tore from his balls.

Finally, the last little droplets of jism were wrung completely from his balls, and Frank sank back on the chair with gasping satisfaction.

"Christ, that was good. Oh yeah, real good. You sure know how to relax a man, don't you?"

Lifting her head from his emptied cock, Peggy smiled with an enthusiasm that did nothing to veil the growing ache in her wet cunt. "I sure do... and that's not the only way, either. I know how we can both get really reined. But first, I have to get out of these things. You don't mind that, do you?"

She didn't need to wait for, an answer. Frank's eyes lit up, and he gazed on in horny fascination as she reached up and undid the top of her bikini.

The material slipped to the ground, and her big firm tits sprang free, bare to his gaze. Her large pink nipples spiked out with rubbery stiffness, and Frank groaned as she slipped out of her bottom, as well.

Then, standing entirely nude before him, she said: "Ahhh, that's better. Do you like what you see, Mr. Grady? I'm not a little girl anymore, am I? I'm a woman see?"

Her fingers slipped down into the glossy wet fuzz of her cunt fur, and spread glistening mound apart to display the slick, dripping wetness of her pussy.

Frank swallowed hard, almost unable to believe this was really happening. His saliva streaked cock began to tug up all over again, and his gaze flickered across the teenager's voluptuous tits and cunt as if to take everything in at once.

"And a woman needs relaxing, too, sometimes," she went on casually as her hands slid back up to cup her mammoth tit globes and push them out for his inspection. "See how hard my titties are, Mr. Grady? I bet they wouldn't hurt nearly so much if you sucked them a little. Would you like to suck my titties?"

He gulped, his prick spearing up once more at the enticement of that offer. "Oh, Jesus, yeah, you know I would. Come here, baby. Let's see if I can stop the hurt for you. Yeah..."

His breath hissed out as Peggy came forward with a smile, holding one hard-peaked tit out for the older man's lips.

"Ahhhh!" She gave a delighted groan as Frank's mouth engulfed her taut nipple. He began to suck, lapping and torturing the large bumpy spire until it was quivering and wet.

"Yes, oh, suck me like that more, Mr. Grady! Suck my titties hard! Yesss."

Her enormous tit looked as if it might smother Frank entirely, but that only increased the urgency of his sucking. He could feel his cock soaring up as stiff as a fence post now, more rigid and throbbing than ever as the girl scooted onto his lap. Her soaked cunt hair glided across his thighs like a rich soft carpet until it hovered at the base of his prick, mashing against his engorged balls as she careened in sensuous abandon.

"That's good, ooooh, so good... Suck both my titties! Oh Mr. Grady!"

She grasped his swollen cock as its flared, sensitive head lurched between her slick thighs and gouged up at the melting slash of her tender pink pussy. She groaned as her cuntlips were shoved apart, and the big inflamed head of Mr. Grady's prick slid neatly between them.


Her ass undulated, and Frank's teeth closed on the oversized nipple in his mouth as his prick slid into her soft willing cunt, gliding deeper with every ripple of her hips.

Then he received a new surprise. The lithe brunette took his cock with hardly more than a whimper, easing down on it until her pussy sheathed his rigid cockshaft with encompassing thoroughness.

Peggy panted spilling cunt juice over his monster prick as she slowly worked herself up and down, fucking onto it with increasing fervor. Within moments, she was bouncing wildly, plunging onto her neighbor's cock in an ecstasy of pure sensation.

"That... ohhh, that's it!" she squealed, bucking frantically on the hard slithering ramrod of his prick and shoving her tits against him even harder. "Suck me and fuck me hard! Oh yes, Mr. Grady, I can't stand it! I'm going to come! Aaannnnnn!"

Reeling deliriously on his gouging cock, she fucked down hard. Her big tits smashed into his face, and he nuzzled each in turn, all the while grasping her rippling ass and urging her on. After only a few long, cunt-piercing strokes of his hard prick, she was climaxing in a fury of release, crying out.

"Fuck me! Suck me hard! I'm coming, coming yes, yes, oh fucking yesssss! Gaaaannnnhh!"

Frank grunted and arched front the lawn chair, jamming every stiffened inch of cockmeat into the wailing, spasming teenager. She surged again and again, heaving on her neighbor's massive cock as a chain of climaxes soared through her cunt.

"Fuck meee!" she cried, bouncing now with a fury that pounded his prick into her like a pile-driver. "Come on my pussy! Come! Come!"

Frank groaned and thrashed. His prick pulsed and twitched. Jism spurted up the writhing girl's cunt in hot steamy geysers as she pumped voraciously, soaking up every drop.

They clung together, the older man's cum pouring into Peggy's cunt with a thoroughness that drained him completely. She kept undulating, taking each fresh eruption of jizz as it tore into her cunt until the last twinges of ecstasy had been sopped up.

Then she slid away, purring with satiation. "Ahhh, that was good!"

Frank's cock slipped from her cunt with a plopping sound, and in the next instant, Peggy sank to her knees before his dripping wick, her fingers scooping his spent prick up as her tongue darted out.

"Christ," Frank muttered with fresh surprise as the girl began to lap at his cock, licking up the hot globs of cum and cunt juice from it. "You really are a hot-cunted little bitch, aren't you? Go ahead, honey, lick it up. Lick my prick clean!"

Doing just that, Peggy tongued his shrinking cock and fat hairy balls until they were shining with saliva, cleansed of all traces of fucking.

Finally, she rose with a satisfied smile, scooping up the pieces of her scattered bikini. "Well, I certainly hope you're relaxed now, Mr. Grady! Because I know I am!"

Frank grinned wearily as she shimmied once more into her bikini. "Oh yeah, I'm fine for now. But I've got a feeling I'm going to need some more relaxation real soon. Does that suit you?"

Peggy didn't try to hide the gleam in her eye as she gave him a last knowing look. "That suits me just fine, Mr. Grady. I like to relax especially the way you do it!"

He chuckled, watching as the sexy teenager turned with a last challenging look and skipped happily on her way.


Heaving a luxurious sigh, Laura stretched out between her two breathless young lovers, enjoying the attention she instantly got.

"Uhhmmxn, that was nice," she giggled, feeling the juice from both boys' pricks slosh warmly in her cunt and ass. "So fucking nice. What a way to spend a morning!"

Jeff grinned widely and caught his friend's gaze. "See, what'd I tell you? Is my mom the hottest or what?"

As he spoke, one of his hands slipped down to his mother's cream-slickened cunt. His fingers slid along its pouted crevice, making her gasp. Then he brought his hand to her face, now dripping with their cum.

"Lick it up, Mom. I want to see you swallow our jizz all at once!" Still showing off to Rod, he jabbed his wet fingers at her mouth.

By this time, Laura was beyond making any objections. Whatever her son wanted, he could have. She flicked her tongue out, darting it across Jeff's fingers, collecting the jism from them and scooping it into her mouth. As she swallowed that, he reached down for more.

"Wow!" Rod watched, fascinated. He couldn't imagine his own mother doing anything like that actually licking the cum right out of her son's hand!

But then, he'd never thought of his mom in that way before. Who knew what she did during those long business trips his dad always took?

For the first time considering this new possibility, Rod let his gaze travel down to Mrs. Benson's big, fat-nippled tits. They were beautiful, and he couldn't resist. Hefting one huge tit to his lips, he began to suck.

"Yesss," Laura hissed, squirming as Jeff repeatedly dipped along her pussy and Rod sucked and worked her pliant rubbery nipple with his lips. "Yes, oh, my darlings, that's so nice!"

It took only a few deft strokes of her pumping fists to have their cocks blossoming again, thickening and expanding upward until each fucker was back to full hardness.

The two boys were wiggling and gasping now Jeff, slipping two fingers up his mom's juicy cunt and Rod, sucking her tit with all his might.

That was all it took to have her once more aroused to full peak, hungering for their gorgeous pricks in a dizzying surge of sheer need.

"Oh! Oh, sweet babies! You both have such beautiful big cocks! I've got to taste them, please, please."

With those words, she twisted around and slid down on the bed until she was confronting the two throbbing, upright cockshafts, their swollen inflamed heads blossoming from his fists with new urgency.

The two guys lay side by side, murmuring in delighted amazement as she knelt with each hand wrapped around a stiffened prick. Her tongue flicked back and forth, gliding over each smooth flared cockhead in turn.

Laura tasted the droplets of pre-cum that collected at each pink little piss tip, and that taste urged her on even more. Her fists pumped, pulling both cocks together until she had them positioned just the way she wanted, both massive pricks pulsing and straining together. Then she began to lap and lick in earnest, tonguing them simultaneously.

"Shit, look at that!" Rod gasped.

Just as pleased, Jeff coached her on. "Suck em, Mom! Suck our clicks for us! Yeah -- ahhh!"

He groaned as Laura slipped both cockheads into her mouth, stretching her lips wide enough to take them. It was a tight fit. The cocks filled her cheeks and lurched with arousal as she sucked on them voraciously.

"Oh man, yeah." Jeff rasped, hunching up until his prick sank deep in his mother's throat. She bobbed her head over their thrashing cocks, sucking both boys off with little groans and muffled gasps of pleasure.

Laura's mouth engulfed inch after inch of cockmeat. She sucked and mouthed and licked with greedy joy, luxuriating in the two delicious pricks surging in her throat.

It didn't take much of that cock-starved sucking to get both boys groaning out loud, gleefully urging her on.

"Suck it, Mrs. Benson! Oh shit, that feels great! Suck my cock hard! Uhhh!"

"Faster, Mom, faster -- that's it! I'm gonna come! Man, I'm really gonna blast! Faster!"

The two boys were writhing now, shoving their pricks hard into the silky vise of Laura's throat until she could hardly breathe. But by now, her concentration was totally focused on the two stiff pricks wedged between her lips, twitching and wagging in mutual warning as she sucked more furiously than ever.

Rod grunted, and Jeff let out a long husky hiss when the first warning tingles ripped through their balls. They pumped up harder, tearing Laura's tender mouth wide open.

Then it happened. Rod lurched, and almost instantly, Jeff did the same. Both teenagers cried out, and Laura let loose a hungry wail of her own.

Double loads of hot jism spurted, and she gulped frantically as flood after flood of thick creamy cum spattered across her tongue and slid in rich syrupy globs down her throat.

"Fucking -- uhhh!"

"Oh shit, Mrs. Benson!"

Blast upon blast of jizz filled her mouth, more than Laura could take in at once. Its overflow dribbled across her full lips, as she drank it in, swallowing again and again.

At last, when both boys' pricks had been drained of every precious drop, she raised her head with a wicked glistening smile.

"I hope you liked that, because we're just getting started. Now that you've got me going, I expect the two of you to be in for the finish! And since Rod is our guest, it's only fair that he gets his share of hospitality first!"

Without pause, she gave Rod's shrunken cock a few licks to collect any droplets of cum she'd missed, then moved down to kiss and lick at his balls.

It they hadn't been surprised already, the two teenagers were amazed now by the sheer horniness of Jeff's mom. Fingering and lapping at Rod's inflamed prick and dangling balls, she worked his fucker slowly back into hardness until it was jerking upward once again.

Laura had never been so totally uninhibited in her life. It was as if a darn had burst, freeing her at last to enjoy the things, she needed most -- great fucking and sucking. Even as her tongue urged Rod's cock back to life, she could feel her pussy drooling with juicy torrents of lust like nothing she'd ever felt before. And under the flood of those torrents, she couldn't wait another second.

"Ahhh, that's it honey," she cooed appreciatively, rising. "That's a perfect start. Now let's see what we can do with that sweet hard cock of yours. Just lie still."

"Yeah. Yeah, that sounds great, Mrs. Benson."

Grinning from ear to ear, Rod did as instructed. He lay perfectly still on his back as Mrs. Benson's fingertips teased his rising prick to a thick red blossoming stiffness.

Sprawling on top of him, Laura positioned herself over his lush, swelling cock. Grasping his prick firmly, as if afraid it might escape, she simultaneously reached down to pry open the moist, pink, cum-bloated lips of her pussy.

"Now I'm going to show you some real fucking, honey," she purred, luxuriating in the fact that Jeff was watching it all with a gleam in her eyes.

Hovering on her knees above the two boys, she pulled her slick cuntlips wide open to display the interior of her slippery cunt.

"Now you're going to find out what it means to be my son's friend. I'm going to show you what friends are for. And we'll start like this... ahhhhh."

With one deft motion, she guided his engorged cocktip to the gaping entrance of her cunt and slid easily down over it, engulfing the sensitive knob and gliding effortlessly down to the base of his prick with hardly more than a whimper.

Rod's cock reeled and thrashed inside her, and he let out a harsh groan of delight as his prick shaft soared up even harder within the soft clutching vise of her wet pussy.

"Oh, man, you've got a hot cunt! Take it, Mrs. Benson! Take my cock-slit! I can feel my prick wiggling all the way up your pussy! Take it real good! Unnh!"

He twitched, gyrating ecstatically as Laura eased up and down on his hardening cock, drenching it with cunt crew.

Then, leaning back with a sudden motion that wedged his prick tightly in her pussy, she groaned and watched like a bow to feel the whole length of his wonderful, stiff prick throbbing inside her fuckhole.

"Oooh," she gasped. "Now, baby, I'm ahh! Fm going to give you the kind of treatment I only give very special guests! Fuck me, baby. Fuck me! Oh. Jesus, yes!"

Still bent far backward and leaning on her hands, she began to undulate her hips up and down on Rod's cockshaft in a blatant display, allowing Jeff and him to see every motion of her pussy sliding along his meaty prick.

Mesmerized, Jeff feasted his eyes on the scene before him. From where he lay, he could actually see his friend's prick slurping wetly in and out of Laura's cunt, splitting its down covered lips apart and working it into a froth of juices. His mom's fat cunt flared out, grinding down hard against Rod's cock base with each hump of her ass.

Just the sight of his mother fucking another cock had his own cock reeling up, stiffening and growing until it was every bit as hard as the one that plowed his mom's furry cunt.

"Hey, I told you so, didn't I?" he said, delighting in this new situation. "Hell, my mom's got a cunt that never wears out! Look at her go, man! Fuck her, Rod! Fuck her real good!"

Without even a trace of shame, Laura increased her pumping, still leaning back to let Jeff take in the whole spectacle as she seesawed on Rod's prick in a growing frenzy of lust.

In response, the teenager lurched up, wildly drilling his massive prick forward to meet each increasing down thrust.

Juice flowed furiously over his probing cock, covering his balls and stomach with a hot filmy wetness as she hunched even faster.

"She's really taking my cock now." Rod gasped, clinging to the woman's hips and trying to work his cock even deeper cube came down on it. "I'm gonna bust my load any minute if this keeps up! Take it, Mrs. Benson! Take my prick in your cunt so I am really cut loose! I'm gonna cum! My balls are going to bust any second!"

His face twisted into an expression of need as Laura slammed her oozing cunt onto his prick again and again. Her pussy was creaming and tingling insatiably, boggling at his lovely smooth prick. With in moments, she was sobbing openly, rising on a crest of bliss as she soared toward fulfillment.

"Give it to me!" she wailed, caught up in a haze of fresh lust, "Give it all to me honey! Pour your sweet jizz up my cunt so I can taste every drop inside me! Fuck me good! That's just right baby, shove it in me hard! Harder, harder! Gaaahhh!"

No longer able to contain herself, she reeled upright. Her full weight came crashing down on Rod's jabbing prick, as she screamed.

Laura bounced in a frenzy on the boy's prick, her big taut-nippled tits flopping and jouncing with an enticement that Rod couldn't ignore. He snatched the two swaying, oversized tits as he lunged up to bury his cock in her lush sucking pussy.

"Oh, oh fucking shit! I'm gonna cum! Take my jizz, curt! Fuck me real good for it! Oh, fucking bitch! Mrs. Benson, take it!"

Suddenly, his eyes glazed over, and with a powerful cry, he bucked up in a humping frenzy. His cock wrenched in spasms, and Laura could feel load after load of jism spurting up her pussy as if it would never end.

That was all it took to bring her own orgasm to completion. With a hoarse sobbing shriek, she slammed onto his writhing cock, her climax unleashed. Surging and shuddering, she rippled, her cunt around Rod's cock until it was totally drained of cum. She kept on pumping even after the last droplet had been soaked up in her cunthole even after he sank wearily back onto the bed as his prick shrunk like a wilted flower inside her.

Oblivious to all else, Laura floated in rapturous orgasm on his shriveling prick until only its limp-knobbed head was still lodged in her seething pussy.


It was late afternoon by the time Peggy got home. She dashed into the house, happy and glowing from the feel of Mr. Grady's jism oozing in her moist cunt.

"Mom, I'm home! Jeff?"

At first, Peggy thought she was alone in the house. But as she rushed upstairs to take a nice cool shower, a noise from her mother's bedroom stopped her cold.

"Ahhh-ohhh! Oh God, baby, yes!"

There was no mistaking that noise. She recognized her mother's groan, and knew what that groan meant.

"Yes, yes! Fuck me, honey! Suck it -- uhhh!"

Peggy knew those sounds only too well. After all, she'd made them often enough herself these past few days!

But in that first moment, she could hardly believe it. Her own mother fucking?

Shocked by that thought but drawn by sheer curiosity, she crept forward until she could see straight into her mom's bedroom.

"Uummmmm, that's it! Do it lover, do it!" Laura gasped, spreading her legs as wide as they would go and arching up as Jeff sprawled on top of her, gliding his prick smoothly in and out of her cunt.

Rod had gone home a few hours ago, happy and drained. That had left the two of them alone to enjoy their whole, day with each other.

Laura couldn't count the number of times she'd come already. It seemed like a hundred, and a hundred wasn't nearly enough as far as she was concerned. All she could concentrate on was her son's magnificent cock. It pounded deep into her pussy, making wet squishy sounds as it slid back for each new thrust. His muscular body quivered and writhed, and he put his entire weight behind every lunge as he speared into her pussy furiously.

"Uhh... yeah, Mom, yeah! It's so fucking good to have my cock in you like this. Fuck it! Fuck it good and hard! I've got gallons of jizz left! Ahhh!"

He hunched wildly, pistoning his prick into her squeezing cunt. Laura felt another orgasm geysering up from her pussy, shooting jolts of electric pleasure throughout her body.

"Yes, baby! Give me your cum! I want it all! Shoot my cunt full, Jeff! Shoot it -- I want waaannnhhh!"

Instantly, their bodies were thrashing, straining toward ecstasy.

That was why neither of them noticed Peggy standing in the doorway, her mouth agape.

Too stunned to move, the dark-haired teenager stood staring as Jeff fucked their mother, his engorged cock sliding between the woman's cuntlips with an case that made it only too obvious that this wasn't the first time they'd fucked.

And as she looked on, Peggy felt her own pussy begin to heat up. The spectacle was so unexpected, the sight of her mom twisting and sobbing under his meaty prick so overwhelming, that she couldn't help reacting. Her pussy melted in a burst of liquid sensation, and the crotch of her bikini moistened and clung in a sticky crease between her flaring cuntlips.

As Jeff's cock plunged into their mom's sopping pussy, Peggy let her hand slip down to caress her horny, aching cunt. Her fingers dipped along the wet silky material that hid her cunt, and she gasped.

At the same time, Jeff increased his fuck pace, grunting in a loud hoarse voice as his balls tingled with approaching climax.

"It feels good! So fucking good! I'm going to cum! Take it, Mom! Fuck my cock good! Oh, you fucking sweet bitch, do it! Make me come!"

His athletic body wrenched in the throes of bliss. The fat rigid length of his throbbing cock sheathed itself in Laura's pussy gash, and she cried out as the first blasts of completion burst through her.

"Baby! Give it to me, honey! Give me your jizz! Fuck my pussy good! Now, now!"

The big double bed shuddered under the impact of their climaxes. Jeff's cock lurched and ripped inside her cunt, and she shrieked loudly as his load of jism spurted in long fiery arcs to the very core of her hungry pussy.

She bucked frenziedly, wrapping her long legs about his waist to capture every drop of cum. His prick thrashed again and again, erupting like a volcano, spewing its precious load into her pussy until finally, satisfied and once more drained, the two of them collapsed in a groaning heap of fulfillment.


"Oh Jeez!"

Peggy saw it all. She saw the look of pure joy on her mother's face. She saw Jeff's prick pulse in the soaked trap of the woman's cunt, pumping the last of its toad as little surges of cock cream dribbled in wet tails between her thighs.

Standing there with her fingers rubbing frantically at her cunt, the girl took it all in. Then, with sudden decision, she swept into motion. Hastily tearing off her bikini top and tossing it aside, she wiggled out of her bottoms as well. They peeled away wetly, and a small trickle of pussy juice streamed don between her tapered legs.

She strode into the bedroom and spoke in a loud, unconcerned voice. "Well! I see everybody sure managed to keep occupied while I was gone!"

Her words acted like a gunshot. Still panting for breath, both Laura and Jeff twisted their heads abruptly as the girl pranced in, smiling.

For a brief instant, they gaped, frozen in their lewd position. It was Laura who spoke first.


With Jeff's cock still crammed in her pussy, oozing out its last drops of cum, she managed to focus her glazed eyes on her daughter.

Humiliation surged through her. She didn't even notice the slow grin that was spreading across Jeff's face as she stammered, trying to explain.

"Darling, it's not what you... I mean..."

"Oh, isn't it?"

Peggy stood above them now, her hands on her hips. Too shocked even to notice that her daughter was nude, Laura kept sputtering trying to explain. "We-we were just tired, that's all... uhh."

Finally, at a total loss for words, Laura slumped down, defeated. She'd been caught fucking her own son how could she explain that?

"Tired? Is that what you call it? Well, I can certainly see why! I only wish I could be tired like that!"

It was all happening too fast for Laura to follow. Dimly, the fact registered that Peggy was totally nude, standing unembarrassed before them with a taunting look on her face.

Then Jeff spoke up, confusing her further. "Hi, Peg. Come to join in?"

"What... what are you talking about?" Completely flustered, Laura managed to blurt out her bewilderment. "Peggy, what do you mean coming in here unannounced like-like that?"

Turning to Jeff, she saw that he was smiling at Peggy knowingly. Understanding began to sink in, and her mouth dropped open.

"No! I don't believe it! Jeff, you and your sister! Have... have you two been... oh my God!"

The impact of the truth was like a hammer blow, numbing Laura's overstrained nerves. And if there had been any doubt left, Peggy quickly smothered it. "What's the matter, Mom? Did you want to know if we've been fucking? Sure we have! Just the way you were when I walked in. That's why Jeff's so good -- he's had lots of practice!"

Jeff chuckled at that, glancing down at his mother. "That's right. Hell, it's fun. And I haven't heard you complain, have I?"

It was all too much to take in at once. Getting caught fucking her own son, discovering that he and his sister had been doing exactly the same thing under her roof all this time.

For her part, Peggy was tired of talking. Her pussy was seething with fuck juices, churning even harder as she saw Jeff's shrinking prick slide from Laura's pussy until only its knobbed head lay captured between her cuntlips. A fresh flood of hot cum poured from her pussy, staining the sheets.

"Ooh, Mom, just look at yourself!" Peggy exclaimed. "You're letting all Jeff's cum leak out! It'd be a shame to let it go to waste like that. Here, let me help."

She abruptly knelt and leaned forward, smelling the sharp tang of her mom's pussy mixed with the vague musky order of cock juice. Acting on impulse, she flicked her tongue out, darting it across her brother's limp cock, and collecting a glob of thick syrupy jizz from the juncture where his prickhead was held in her mother's fragrant pussy.

The first lapping stroke of Peggy's tongue had an unexpected effect. Despite herself, Laura felt her cunt suddenly writhe with excitement.

"Mmm," Peggy murmured, swallowing the heady mixture of pussy cream and jizz. "I love the taste of Jeff's cum, but your fuck cream makes it even zingier."

Laura couldn't stop what was happening. Peggy's tongue flicked back and forth, trailing across Jeff's wet prick and then sliding along her mother's cock-filled pussy in an effort to catch every drop of their combined fuck juices.

"Baby, stop! You don't know what you're doing! Ohhh, oh, darling please."

But Peggy knew exactly what she was doing, and Laura's cries only urged her on. Though it hadn't been her original intention to concentrate on her mother's cunt, the sharp pungent flavor of pussy cream had its effect. The tip of her tongue nuzzled into her mom's sopping cunt mount for more. It dipped along the creased furrow of her pussy, plowing against Jeff's cockhead and worming along her slickened cuntlips to explore her clit.

"Unnggh! God, oh God, baby, you're you're driving me crazy!" Laura moaned. Her hips arched, and Jeff's limp prick plopped free with a soft sucking noise as her pussy mouth gapped open.

Peggy was crouched, over her mom's wet inviting cunt her small hungry tongue slapping and wiggling across it with uninhibited delight. She'd never eaten a woman's pussy before, had never even thought about it in her wildest fantasies. But now it was happening, and she couldn't have enjoyed it more. Hot streams of cunt cream poured from her mother's pussy, and she slurped every bit up.

Laura reeled up, gushing pussy juice over Peggy's face as the girl plunged her tongue into her fiery cunt, drinking in the last traces of her brother's cum and drilling deep for the pussy nectar that welled up from her own mother.

"Baby!" Laura wailed, shoving her cunt up against Peggy's tender lips. "Oh, baby, that's so sweet! Eat my cunt, honey! Eat it up! Fuck me with your tongue and suck on my clitty yes, yesss! That's right -- that's just what I ohhhh, oh, lover, suck me! Fuck me! More, more!"

Laura's needs took over completely then. Her hips bucked, legs flailing out to open her pussy totally to Peggy's lashing tongue.

The teenager moved her mouth across Laura's cunt, discovering every crevice and crease and fold there. Her lips pursed around her mother's fat clit bud, sucking it until the woman sobbed and humped in a delirium of ecstasy.

Then Peggy stabbed her tongue out to glide roughly along Laura's taut quivering clit and slip down once more to probe her heated pussy slash. It slipped deftly inside, then began to work in and out with harsh cock-like lunges.

Though she'd never eaten a cunt before, Peggy was a natural cunt sucker. She knew what women liked -- what she liked and now, she used every bit of that knowledge to give her mother satisfaction. Alternately tongue fucking Laura's cunt and sucking her hard trembling clit, she quickly had her bouncing on the bed and crying out in ecstatic bliss.

"Fuck me, darling! Fuck it to me, and make me come! Oh, sweet lover, more!"

Laura arched up, quivering, as Peggy's tongue began to slide in and out of her cunt.

That was when Jeff moved to join in the fun. Watching his sister's tongue drive back and forth in their mom's pussy had had an effect on him. His cock rose up, hard and red and bobbing urgently with life. Not about to waste his new hard-on, he stepped forward.

"Yeah, that's it, Peg. Eat the bitch out good -- she loves it! And while you're doing that, I'm going to have some fun of my own. I haven't had a piece of your cunt all day, and it's about time I got one!"

With those words, he squatted at the foot of the bed behind her.

Peggy felt her knees being shoved wide apart and heard Jeff's murmur of approval as he gazed down at her glistening cunt. Then she felt his inflamed prickhead pushing against her tight pink pussy, and a fresh gasp escaped as his prick sank instantly between her cuntlips.

Jeff groaned appreciatively as his cock slid neatly into her small hot fuck channel. They'd fucked in this position before, and without even a pause, Peggy's hips began to pound back and forth, shoving every inch of his prick home as she continued to give her mother the tonguing of her life.

"Come, baby! Make me come!" Laura shrieked. "Eat my pussy up good for me! Eat it -- ohh, ohhhh, I'm going to explode! I'm exploding, honey! I'm coming! Now -- owwwwww!"

She let out a scream of rapture, surging in orgasm.

Peggy screamed, too, her voice echoing dimly in the closed walls of her mother's pussy as Jeff's cock fucked her cunt into juicy release. Though she'd been thoroughly fucked by Mr. Grady only that morning, her brother's pistoning prick held a delight all its own. She sobbed into the cunt plastered over her mouth, writhing in climax as Jeff pumped viciously into her thrashing fuckhole.

Laura cried out at that moment, clamping her cunt muscles down on the sweet darting tongue that drove up inside her. Orgasm after orgasm tore through her body. The violence of her climaxes sent her arching off the bed, openly sobbing as the last vestige of motherly restraint melted away in an ocean of erupting fuck cream.

Although she was too preoccupied to notice, that was when her children caine as well. Jeff let out a long growling moan and slammed his cock to the base up his sister's hot squeezing pussy. His load of jizz spurted, and long streaming geysers poured into the girl's cunt sheath as she wailed her blissful acceptance.

The three of them formed a churning, hunching, groaning mass of completion that seemed to go on for hours.

At last, drained and sated and happy, mother and children sank onto the bed, gasping.

"Ohhh..." Laura sighed, clinging to her two babies. "Oh my sweet, sweet darlings, that was... ahhhmmm!"

"I liked it too," Peggy gasped. "Wow, I never came like that before! It was great! I wonder if other families have this much fun!"

"Well, ours is sure going to from now on," Jeff said. "The fun's just getting started for us. And now it can be even better, because we don't have anything to hide. Isn't that right, Mom?"

His wards sank in, and Laura spoke in an awed whisper. "Why, yes. That's true, darling. We don't have any secrets now, and we never will again. I love you both, and I'm going to prove it in every way I can!"

They laughed at that as her arms squeezed them to her. For the first time, she understood. A mother's love could take many directions, and this one was no worse than many others.

Sighing peacefully, she delighted in her new understanding. And it was true: the fun was just getting started. There'd be no holding back now!


It was as the three of them lay gasping for breath that they heard the dim ringing of the doorbell downstairs.

Laura was the first to catch it, "I'll get it, darlings. You just relax. I have a feeling you both may need some rest before this afternoon is over!"

Peggy smiled happily, and Jeff chuckled. Sliding from between her children's supple bodies, Laura grabbed up a night robe and hastily slipped it on as he headed for the front door.

As she dashed down the stairs, she could feel her cunt heating up all over again. In one short weekend, she had changed, no longer denying her own needs but reveling in them like any other normal adult female. Though the ways in which she satisfied those needs might not seem quite so normal to some people, she knew now, without a doubt, that the important thing was her children's reactions, their acceptance of the situation and what it meant.

And they were accepting it quite nicely.

Smiling at that thought and emanating a satisfaction beyond anything she'd ever known before, she swept the front door open.

"Why, Mr. Grady! How nice!"

"Uhh, hello, Mrs. Benson."

Frank Grady stood in the doorway, Peggy's gym bag dangling from his fingers. He hadn't been expecting Laura to open the door, and now he gaped at her as she stood before him in a filmy night robe, her expression gracious and seductive.

Taken aback, he hefted the gym bag and turned on his most charming smile. "Your daughter stopped by to chat awhile this morning and left this by accident. I thought I'd better drop if off, before she missed it."

As he spoke, his gaze dropped, taking in the way her large firm tits jutted out, their big spiked nipples outlined under the thick pink material.

Laura was well aware that the night robe she'd chosen showed off more than it hid. The late afternoon sunlight was cascading in over Frank's shoulder, and a glance down at herself displayed the fact that he could see right through her wrap. Even the thick brown tuft of her cunt mound was exposed, its rich fleecy fur only too obvious from where he stood.

Blushing at that realization but strangely not bothered by a twinge of shyness, she found herself enjoying his stare. "Why, thank you, Frank -- and I wish you'd call me Laura. I'm sure Peggy will appreciate your thoughtfulness, and so do I. Come in, please. Would you like a drink to cool off? It's the least I can do by way of reward."

"Well..." Frank stepped inside. His cock tugged up hard and erect in his trousers, swelling at the spectacle his attractive neighbor made. "That'd be fine, I guess. But there is something I'd like more."

"Oh?" Her voice sounded absolutely innocent, though it was perfectly obvious from the cock bulge in his pants what he really wanted. "And what would that be?"

His eyes glinted. "I'd just like to stand here and take in the view, if you don't object. When a man lives alone, he doesn't get much chance to enjoy that kind of scenery!"

Dropping any pretense, he gazed openly at Laura's bounteous body.

He was unable to tear his eyes from the sight of her magnificent big tits. "Uhhh... oh, Christ! I can't see that you're short on anything! But then, I'm willing to take all I can get!"

His prick gave a lurch to punctuate those words, soaring up in the confines of his trousers with an urgency that made him wince.

With a small husky laugh at the way her pussy creamed and gushed hot fuck juice, Laura felt any last hesitation slipping away.

"I see that you haven't been shortchanged in any way, either. Why, Mr. Grady, I never suspected you had a prick like that! And after all the time we've lived practically next door to each other... you don't mind if I do a little inspecting, too, do you?"

She didn't wait for an answer. The growing ache in her cunt was too demanding for that. Instead, one of her hands dipped down, and suddenly, Frank found his stiff prick grasped in a greedy clutch, the widow's fingers gliding over it with hungry curiosity.

"What -- oh, Jesus!"

Though he'd more or less known Laura throughout the last several years, Frank had never imagined her to be anything like the sexy, scantily clad woman who now grasped his cock, purring her delight at its stiffness. His first reaction was pure astonishment, and in that moment, she spoke.

"Oh, my -- you really are enjoying the scenery, aren't you? I never felt anything quite so... so positively bursting before! Maybe if I enhance the view, we'll both enjoy ourselves more."

She made a shrugging gesture. Half of the robe slipped to her waist, and one large, fat nippled tit sprang entirely free.

Frank's prick jerked as her fingers caressed it. The bright, gleaming tit bobbling before him and sticking its enormous prick bud out for attention was too good to pass up. Groaning, he lowered his head, engulfing that huge, rigid point of tit flesh with a gulp.

"Ahhhh!" Laura purred, arching in response as her neighbor's mouth fastened on her nipple and began to suck.

A hot flood of cunt juices oozed from her pussy, and she could feel his massive prick in her hand, wagging and blossoming with an intensity that threatened to rip the seams of his pants. Mashing her tit against his face and clenching his hard luscious prick more frantically than ever, she humped and writhed with desire.

"Annnh -- yesss! Ooh, baby, yes -- suck my titty for me! God, that feels so good! Don't stop! Oh, baby, keep sucking hard! Ahhh..."

Her free hand was ripping at the loosened night robe as she spoke, and a moment later, it drifted to the living room floor.

Frank barely had time to realize Laura was now totally nude before his own clothes were being stripped off, too. His shirt was torn away by her eager plucking fingers, and almost before he knew it, his trousers had been unfastened and were being shoved down to his knees, freeing his cock from its stifling prison.

His prick swung up in the air, hard and veined and throbbing, as Laura's fist wrapped around it, gliding across its length in fresh discovery.

"So big," she cooed, tugging rapturously on his prick as her pussy undulated forward to nestle against it. "So fucking big! Oh, Frank, I want to fuck it, I've waited so long for just this! Give it to me, give it to me now!"

She was wilting to the floor, pulling him after her. Her tit plopped wetly from his mouth, and for the first time, he got the total unobstructed view of her body as she lay sprawled before him, her legs flung invitingly out, and her hand sliding back and forth on his cock with urgent pumps.

"Jee-sus. Christ!"

Frank grinned slowly. She had one of the most gorgeous pussies he'd ever seen. It was plain now where Peggy got her stuff: her mother's cunt was a pink open gash of sweetness half-hidden by a rich wet muff every bit as luxurious and perfect as her daughter's.

Aware of his stare but no longer satisfied with just being looked at, Laura gasped out loud. "Wha... what are you waiting for? I need it! Oh, hurry, get your cock inside me!"

She gave his prick a painful jerk, but he soon recovered enough to chuckle.

"Oh, I will, don't worry about that. But first, I'm going to get a taste of what I've been missing all this time you don't object to that, do you?"

He didn't wait for a reply. Instead, he knelt between her slim legs, his mouth nuzzling its way into her lush mound of soaked pussy fur, his tongue stabbing out.

"Aaaaah!" Laura cried as her pussy was invaded by his hot, eager probe. It slithered between her parted cuntlips and plunged deep without any of the usual preliminaries, worming all the way up her heated cunt channel and instantly driving in and out with efficient cock-like strokes, fucking her to the first furious waves of climax within moments.

"Ohhhh, oh God, Frank, you're killing me! That's so wonderful, I'm... I'm coming, sweet baby! Your tongue's making me come! Ahhhh!"

Twisting and arching on the floor, she crested in a tide of orgasm so intense that it might have been the first she'd had in weeks, rather than mere hours. Frank's tongue moved expertly in her cunt, flicking its way over every crease and fold to taste the full creaming flavor of her lush heated pussy. Wave after wave of instantaneous climax rippled through her writhing body, making her thrust on his stabbing tongue in a frenzy of bliss.

"More!" she wailed, clutching his head and bucking up. "More, give me -- annh! Give me more! Uaaahhhhh!"

Her voice rose in a shrill shriek of passion as Frank pistoned in and out of her cunt even more furiously to lap up every new blast of cuntjuice that poured from it. It had been a long time since he'd eaten a pussy this wild, and he took full advantage of it. His tongue jabbed and buried deeper than ever in her thrashing cunt, keeping up with each undulation and ripple of her body until the last surges of orgasm had been soaked from her.

Then, as she sank in a gasping, groaning heap on the floor, he rose with a soft expectant chuckle. "Now we'll find out if your cunt's as good as it tastes, baby. And the best way to do that is with this!"

Moving between her slim legs, he let his massive cock press its fat head straight into the seething pit of her drenched fuckhole.

"Annnnhhhh!" Laura cried at the first spearing thrust of her neighbor's prick. She soared up, grabbing handfuls of his ass as he plunged, grunting with pleasure at the ease with which his cock slid home.


"Yesss!" she hissed, hunching up to take his enormous cock as it began to glide smoothly in and out. "Yes, fuck me like that! I want all your beautiful prick in me! Fuck -- ohhhh, fuck me! Fuck! Fuck!"

Still caught up in the completion of her first climax, Laura was instantly erupting with fresh vigor as she came again, pouncing up on her neighbor's driving prick almost without pause.

Frank's cock was a huge slithering slab that tore between her flared cuntlips like a battering ram as he heaved and gasped, intent only on filling her lush, scented pussy in a way it had never been filled before.

Their bodies wrenched in simultaneous frenzy, lunging together in a unison that sank his cock hilt-deep in her sucking cunt sheath as if they had melted together.

The two of them were so absorbed, that neither of them had noticed the two teenagers who stood at the bottom of the stairs, gaping.

"Guhhhhh!" Laura wailed, wrapping her legs about his waist and hunching with all her might. "Now, baby, now! I'm coming -- oh, my God -- I'm coming all over your cock! Fuck it to me hard, harder, yes, yes, aaaaahhhh!"

Her scream mingled with Frank's groan as mutual orgasm ripped through them both. She sobbed in open bliss as his built-up load of thick steamy jizz blasted deep in her pussy.

She took every drop and humped wildly for more, not releasing her hold on his prick until she'd wrung it dry. Then, satisfied and bloated with jism, she slumped in a happy purring heap.

"Ohhhh yeah, that was... aaaah."

She moaned, still sliding along his prick to sop up the last little oozes of jism from it.

Frank laughed. "You know it, honey. And that was just the beginning."

A flicker of movement caught his eye, and he twisted around.

Jeff and Peggy, who'd watched breathlessly as their mother fucked Mr. Grady, finally spoke.

"Hey, that was really something!"

"We just came down to see what was happening you don't mind, do you, Mom? It was fun to watch!"

They dashed forward, both teenagers still nude and unembarrassed as they pranced before Frank's open-mouthed stare.

Twitching beneath him, Laura gave them a slow sexy smile. "Of course I don't mind, darlings. And I don't think Mr. Grady has any objections to make either... do you, Frank?"

She'd noticed the way Frank's gaze had automatically fastened on her daughter's lithe sensual movements, taking in the jounce of her supple tits and gyrating cunt moved as she came toward them. Astonished, Frank took it all in. Even when Laura scooted out from under him, her soaked cunt finally releasing its hold on his prick, he hardly noticed.

"Well, you don't have to look so surprised!" Peggy chided, aware of the effect she was having and proud of it. "We don't keep any secrets around here anymore, Mr. Grady, so you don't have to worry about that. Anyway, I see you certainly managed to smooth things over with Mom!"

"Uh..." At a complete loss for words, his voice came out as a grunt. "What the hell!"

Before he had time to overcome his initial shock, it was followed by a second even bigger surprise. Unnoticed, Jeff had headed straight for his mother. Now, standing above her and looking down at her as she lay there with Frank's jizz leaking from between her pooched, inflamed cuntlips, he began to get a hard-on. His cock wagged up, growing stiff and straight and long as he grinned.

"Wow, that sure was a hell of a show. I only wish we'd come down a little sooner, so we could've seen the beginning."

To Frank's further amazement, Laura merely laughed. "It looks as if you've seen enough to perk you up already, young man! And if a show's what it takes to do that, then maybe I ought to give you one you'll really enjoy!"

Abruptly, she sat up, her hands eagerly scooping up her son's hardening cock and dangling, fuzz-covered balls. Before Frank's blank stare, she leaned forward and wrapped her mouth around the swelling knob of his big prick.

That spectacle was too much. Frank let out a gasp like a long whooshing hiss of air.

"Jee-sus Christ!"

But at that moment, he grew aware of Peggy kneeling before him, and the spectacle of Laura sucking her own son's prick, faded into the background as the girl's slender fingers groped at his limp slickened cock, grasping it and tugging on it eagerly.

"Don't worry, Mr. Grady. This is a very understanding family, and I mean ver-r-r-y understanding. We don't have to pretend. Not even about this!"

Her last words were followed by a sharp little jerk on his cock. Frank simply had to turn his attention fully to the smiling teenaged girl.

"Well, then, what're we waiting for? It looks like we've got to keep each other company, so let's enjoy it. Come here, babe."

His big hands reached out, drawing Peggy willingly atop him.

Giggling, she complied. Still keeping a firm grasp on his swiftly soaring prick, she spread her slender thighs in a straddling position that splayed her tender pink cunt directly over, her neighbor's red cockhead. In one deft motion, she sank down, burying his prick in the silky velvet sheath of her tight pussy without even a tinge of hesitation.

Groaning, Frank felt his cock ease into the delicate little cunt stretched around it. With an enraptured gasp, Peggy began to seesaw, riding on his prick as if she was made for it.

"Ohhhh, oh, Mr. Grady, your cock feels soooo good! Yes, oh yessss!"

Beside them, Laura's lips smacked greedily about her son's stiffened prick until she had it bobbing up as straight and firm as a thick hovering spear, all quivering and ready to take flight into her still-gushing cunt. Satisfied, she pulled her head back and spread her cunt wide, flopping her legs wide apart.

"Now, honey, now!" she panted, unable to resist the presence of his wonderful rigid cock. "Get your prick in me now. Oh, sweet lover don't keep your mother waiting! Please!"

Not one to disobey, Jeff instantly squirmed between his mother's thighs and heaved. His prick slid easily to its base up her drooling cunt, and with a blissful sigh, he began to hunch.

"Take it, Mom! Take my cock!"

"Annnnnh..." Laura cooed, arching as his prick rammed in and out with all the exuberance she had come to expect and appreciate. Within moments, she was once more sobbing with joy, clinging to Jeff's athletic body and clamping her cunt muscles down hard on his gliding prick.

Beside her, she vaguely heard Peggy's whimpers and Frank Grady's groans as they rose to mutual frenzy. Then, everything else was blotted out everything but the smooth cock pounding into her pussy and the hot breath panting on her neck. Jeff rammed his cock in with hard thrusting spasms and soon they were both bucking in the fresh frenzy of mutual climax.

"Yes, oh yes, darling, that's right!" she gasped. "Make me come, that's yesss! I'm coming, oh sweet fucking baby aaaahhhh... aaaaannnnggghhh!"

Orgasm exploded in her cunt, its shock waves lifting her body from the floor in tremors of release. At the same time, as if caught up in her mother's explosion, Peggy cried out as well. "Uhhhmmm!"

Frank growled, and Jeff hissed. Their cocks erupted simultaneously, emptying their loads in the twitching cunts of the two having, ravenous women. The four of them made a twisting, lurching, ecstatic mass of release on the living room floor as their bodies meshed in completion. Again and again, they shuddered, until the two men sank, back, drained, their chests heaving.

"Oh... oh shit, Mom!" Jeff gasped as he felt the last ripples surge from his cock. "Every time gets better than the last. Hey, just think how it'll be by the end of summer!"

Laura laughed lightly, already thinking about it.


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