Incest niece

The majority of today's men and women live in an overcrowded, competitive, noisy world. Most are put into slots and walk on a treadmill going to boring jobs, living in carbon-copy houses, socializing with the same people. Their desperation is reflected in the rising rage of divorce, alcoholism, drug addiction, and at times is frighteningly released through the violent and seemingly unmotivated crime.

The fictional characters in INCEST NIECE are desperate people, like their real-life counterparts. Bored, frustrated, unhappy, they seize the first opportunity for release. In their need, they cast aside morals and scruples, determined to live only for the moment, to grab at pleasure before it is taken away.

INCEST NIECE is a novel about the "quiet desperation" in so many of us -- and the extremes to which it may drive us.


It was a lovely summer evening, and everyone on Dave Harper's patio was half drunk. The warm night air was filled with the sound of music from the blaring stereo, the tinkle of glass and the shrill laughter of the guests. Dave, father of an eighteen-year-old son, was sitting at a table with Greg and Shirley Morton, who lived next door.

His lovely wife, Susan, was mingling with the guests. While he was making small talk with Greg and Shirley, Dave was having a hard time keeping his eyes away from his young niece's shapely bare legs as she moved around the patio in her white tennis shorts. Barbie was a leggy young blonde who was spending the summer with them. Even though Barbie was his own sister's daughter, the sight of her shapely young body never failed to excite him.

Later in the evening, when most of the guests were quite drunk, Dave noticed that his niece was no longer on the patio, but he paid little attention to it because Shirley Morton had captured all of his attention. Sitting next to him at the table, the beautiful thirty-year old redhead had been persistently rubbing her thigh against his for the last several minutes. Shirley, who was married to a man fifteen years her senior, was a notorious flirt, but this was the first time she'd ever been so bold with Dave.

Dave's wife, Susan, was also sitting at the table with them, but she didn't seem to notice the advances Shirley was making toward her husband. Moments later, when Susan excused herself to look after some of the other guests, Shirley slipped her hand under the table and brazenly rested it on the crotch of his pants.

"Oh, Dave," Shirley giggled when she felt his prick starting to swell under her caress. "You're getting a hard-on, you naughty man."

"Hey, take it easy," he whispered. "Someone will see you."

"Don't you like having your cock rubbed?" teased the beautiful redhead.

"Of course I do," he nervously answered, "but not in public."

"Then let's go somewhere where we can be alone," she said in a throaty whisper. "I'm sure in the rood for your cock."

"Where would we go?"

"Don't be silly," she giggled. "You have plenty of bedrooms in this house."

"But what would the other people say if we disappeared?" he asked, becoming more and more excited as Shirley rubbed and squeezed his throbbing prick through the thin material of his pants.

"They're all too drunk to even notice," she answered, giving his dick another loving squeeze.

"Okay," he finally agreed. "You go into the kitchen and I'll join you in a few minutes."

Glancing around for his wife after Shirley had gone, he saw that she was deeply engrossed in a conversation with a group of people. Joining Shirley in the kitchen, he quickly led her up the back stairs to the guestroom.

Just as they stepped through the door, Dave pulled the beautiful redhead into his arms. Kissing her soft, wet mouth, he ground his stiff cock against her loins, feeling the heat from her cunt radiating through her clothes. With his tongue passionately exploring her mouth, he began humping his groin against her pussy. Panting excitedly, he clutched her softly rounded buttocks with both hands, pressing his fingers into the deep crevice between her asscheeks. He pulled her tighter to him, pumping his cock against her in a hunching motion, like a rutting animal.

"Oh, God, Dave," she hotly whispered, pressing her billowing tits against his chest. "I just wanta be fucked to death with your beautiful big prick!"

Both were so filled with their depraved lust that neither of them saw his niece lying on the bed in her nightie. Barbie had first gone to bed in her own room, which overlooked the patio, but there was so much noise that she'd come to this room to sleep. She watched her uncle and Shirley lewdly embracing by the door, and knew they'd soon be heading for bed. Not wanting to embarrass them by her presence, she quickly crawled out of bed and slipped into the closet so she wouldn't be seen.

"Oh, baby," she heard Shirley whisper. "I'm gonna make your big cock hum tonight."

Then, reaching down between their squirming bodies, the redhead grasped his thick boner through the thin material of his pants.

"Oh, give it to me, honey!" she sobbed. "Give me your beautiful prick!"

She began to feverishly squeeze and pull on his thick meat, her hands trembling with anticipation.

"Take it out," she panted. "Pull out your Goddamn prick!"

When he didn't respond quickly enough, the excited woman yanked down his zipper and thrust her hand in through the gaping opening of his fly.

"Jesus, this is a nice big cock!" she panted, stabbing her hot wet tongue into his mouth as she curled her fingers around the throbbing length of his thick, naked boner. Lustily jerking it up and down, she tightened her grip on his shaft until she felt the head of his cock swelling even larger with a throbbing passion.

Pulling his hands from her ass, Dave leaned back against the doorjamb and cupped his fingers around the firm mounds of her luscious breasts. He thrilled to the delicious feel of her tits against his palms. Excitedly squeezing and pulling on her beautiful boobs, Dave could feel the hard stiffness of her erect nipples through the thin material of her dress.

Peeking from the closet, Barbie watched Shirley pull his big cock out of his pants. His long, thick shaft was colored almost a milky white at the base, but the head was a shiny lavender color, one of the most exciting sights Barbie had ever seen. The pretty young blonde could feel herself getting all hot and wet between her legs as she watched Shirley's hand slowly sliding his thick rubbery foreskin up and down over the length of his bloated tool. This was the first cock that Barbie had ever seen, and she couldn't believe the size of it.

Suddenly releasing his big prick, Shirley moved across the room and threw herself onto the bed.

"Dave, honey," she whispered, lifting her skin, exposing the scanty white panties that just barely covered her pussy. "Please come here, and lick my cunt!"

The man slowly walked toward her, his big naked cock jutting out from the opening in the front of his pants. His breath was coming in hot, short gasps as intense excitement churned throughout his body. The beautiful woman's creamy thighs were spread wide apart for him as he dropped to his knees between hers. Lowering his face, he could see the soft tangle of red curls that were easily visible through the wet crotchband of her almost transparent panties.

"Lick me, honey!" she squealed feverishly, pulling his face hard to her cunt, shoving his open mouth firmly onto her swollen pussymound.

Inhaling the heavenly scent of her twat, he began running his tongue up and down, licking at her oozing cunt through the thin material of her panties. Her pussy was leaking the hot juices into the crotch piece of her brief undergarment, and her softly rounded belly was jerking spasmodically as she squeezed her deliciously naked thighs against his face.

"Take 'em off," whispered Shirley. "I want your tongue in my cunt!"

Barbie was staring excitedly as her uncle hooked his fingers into the waist of the panties. Shirley thrust her hips upward to assist him. The closet was very near the bed, and Barbie could clearly see Shirley's twat when Dave pulled her pants off. Her cunt was swollen, puffy with desire, and was fringed with a soft growth of lustrous red hair. The lips of her slippery twat were spread open like the petals of a flower as the moist, pink flesh quivered with anticipation. Barbie could see hat juices leaking from her oozing slit, running down over the crack of her shapely ass. When her uncle lowered his face down to Shirley's swampy, naked crotch, Barbie suddenly wished that it was her own twat he was licking.

"Mmmm!" panted Dave as he lapped away at her cunt.

Shirley's slit was hot and wet with passion as the tip of his tongue slithered deliciously between her fleshy cuntlips. Her pussy tasted unusually good as her warm, oily juices flowed into his mouth. His nose was nuzzled into her heavenly, scented pussy hair as his tongue teased around the swollen nub of her big clitoris.

"Oooh, yes! YES!" Shirley shrieked, her shapely body shuddering with excitement.

The woman began grinding her swampy slit up against his working mouth in slow, sensuous circles, mashing her slippery cunt all over the length of his tongue. His lips were feverishly kissing the lips of her twat, and his nostrils flared at the pungent fragrance of her horny pussy.

"Lick me deeper," she sobbed. "Make me come!"

Dave swirled his tongue around wildly, lapping hungrily at the slick, slippery walls of her deliciously hot cunt. Straining, the man forced his tongue in as far as possible, his nose rubbing the damp hair around her oozing slit.

"Make me come! Make me come!" she shrieked.

Cupping the soft cheeks of her ass in his hands to hold her steady, Dave slowly ran the tip of his tongue up along the length of her slit until it made contact with her clit.

"AAAH! OOOH!" cried Shirley, shuddering convulsively from the electric-like thrill.

Aware of the intense pleasure she was feeling as she trembled and shuddered on the bed, Dave continued rhythmically stroking her clit. The sensitive little bud was stiff and hard as he rolled it around his tongue, bringing squeals of delight from the horny woman. As Shirley became even more aroused with thrilling rapture, he began stroking her little joy-button more urgently, his tongue playing a wild tune on the buzzing bud of flesh. His tongue was stiff as it fluttered deliciously around her screaming clit.

"OOH! OOOH! AAAHH!" she cried, her shrill voice rising higher and higher in tone, her pleasure intensifying as he lightly nibbled on the sensitive little button with his teeth.

Moaning loudly, the screaming redhead rubbed her sopping cunt all over the man's face. She could feel his fingers digging into the soft flesh of her asscheeks as he slurped her steaming slit into his ravaging mouth. She could feel his hot, wet tongue lashing at her quivering clit until it exploded under his lingual caresses.

"EEEGH!" she suddenly screamed, her voice high and piercing. "I'M COMING!"

Her body shuddered from one end to the other, her cunt undulating wildly on his mouth as intense pleasure radiated out from between her legs to every part of her lush body. Dave could feel the intensity of her orgasm as she pressed her cunt against his mouth. Still ravenously licking her clit, he was acutely aware of her soft naked thighs squeezing his face. His tongue slithered up and down over her tingling clit, and he did not slow the ceaseless tempo of his frenzied licking.

"Oh, fuck!" she cried, writhing her cunt more vigorously over his face. "I'm coming again! DON'T STOP! IT'S SO GOOD! SO GOOD!"

Aware that her second orgasm was just starting to peak, he pulled his tongue away from her clit and plunged it deep into her hotly pulsating cunt.


Dave could taste her hot cunt juice as it flowed across his tongue. His mouth was filled with the orgasmic juices from her oozing cunt.

"Oh, God, Dave!" she sobbed, digging her slim fingers into his thick head of hair. "Please make me come again!"

Peering out through the crack of the closet door, Barbie felt her heart pounding madly as she watched her uncle pull his juice-drenched face from Shirley's crotch. Trembling with excitement, the girl stared wildly at her uncle as he clutched his massive cock and crawled up between Shirley's deliciously spread thighs.

"Oh, yes, darling," the writhing redhead whispered as he watched his big purple cock advance toward her open cunt. "Just fuck the hell out of me, lover!"

Pushing his swollen prick knob between her lust-slickened cuntlips, Dave could feel her pussy closing wetly around his cock head. Then, lunging forward, he drilled the thick length of his throbbing dick all the way up into her scalding fuckhole with one fluid thrust.

"YES! YES!" Squealed Shirley, her beautiful face contorted with lust. "Now, fuck me, darling!"

Glancing down as he drew his cock back for another deep plunge, he saw his shaft sticking out of his open fly and realized for the first time that he was still fully dressed. Yanking his prick out of Shirley's slurping twat, he stood up and began disrobing. Seeing what he was doing, Shirley quickly removed her own dress, leaving herself deliciously nude for his enjoyment.

Watching from the closet, Barbie jammed three stiff fingers up under her nightie, and frenziedly rubbed her creaming twat when she saw her uncle drop his shorts. The pretty, teenaged blonde almost fainted when she saw his big, lusty balls for the first time. She began rubbing her hot cunt a bit more urgently as she watched the man crawl back up between Shirley's legs once more.

"Oh, sweet angel," she heard the horny redhead sigh as he slipped his hard boner back into her hole again. "Now, fuck me hard, lover!"

Shirley's cunt enveloped his cock like a hot, wet glove. He could feel the soft, slippery walls of her fuck-passage squeezing the length of his deeply buried shaft, her sticky wetness oozing all around it.

Panting hotly, the man began fucking into her with deep, slow strokes, his cock tingling madly from the intense rapture. His prick was thick and powerful, but he easily worked it in and out through the creamy cunt, well lubricated by her recent orgasms. He could feel her hungry cuntlips sucking on and clinging to his thick cock meat as he pumped in and out of her fantastically hot pussy.

"Oh, God!" she sobbed. "I'm gonna come again!"

She was breathing heavily as he drilled in and out, thrilling to the feel of the hotly gripping sleeve of her cunt. His cock was like a burning sword as it stabbed mercilessly in and out, pounding deep into her writhing belly.

"Ooooh!" she mewled, clutching him tightly in her arms. "That feels so fuckin' good!"

As the adulterous fucking continued, Dave began slamming into her with longer, harder strokes.

"That's it, lover!" she cried. "Bang me good!"

Reaching down under her ass, he clutched the soft cheeks with his hands and pulled her cunt tighter to his thrusting cock. Firmly holding her lush buttocks, he began pounding his prick into her hot, slippery passage at an even faster tempo.

"That's it, baby!" she squealed. Breathing harder as her hips writhed wildly beneath him, Shirley felt that his steel-hard cock was driving all the way up to her throat.

Shirley had never been so deliciously fucked in her life, and she eagerly thrust her cunt upward to meet every deep plunge of his hard prick meat, wanting to give him as much pleasure as he was giving her. Shirley's beautiful face was drawn up with passion as her long red hair flailed all over the pillow.

"Oh, sweet baby!" she squealed, feeling her cunt begin to pulsate yet again. "OH, FUCK! I'M COMING... COMING!"

The ecstasy was almost unbearable, and when she felt his big hot load of thick cum splattering against her quivering cuntal walls, her whole world was filled with clanging bells and flashing lights. This last orgasm was even stronger than the first ones had been!

"Oh, darling," she whispered to him a few minutes later as they were dressing. "I hope that's not the last time we'll ever fuck."

"Don't worry," he laughed as they left to join the other guests on the patio. "You haven't seen the last of this cock."

When they'd gone, Barbie scampered back to the privacy of her own room. Fingering her horny little twat as the lay in bed, the lovely girl dreamed of the day that her handsome uncle might fuck her.


The next day, Sunday, the family had breakfast together on the terrace. Unable to get last night's fucking out of her mind, Barbie could hardly look at her uncle. She trembled like a leaf every time she thought about his beautiful big prick.

"Jay," said Susan, turning to her teenage son. "You haven't forgotten that you're driving me over to Millford today, have you?"

"No, Mom." He smiled. "I remembered it."

Jay was an extremely quiet young man who devoted almost all of his time to books and school. He was well-built and quite handsome, but girls and sports held no interest for him. At eighteen, he'd never been out with a girl, preferring to spend his time in study.

"When will you be back?" Dave asked his wife.

"Not until this evening," answered Susan.

Later that morning, as Dave and Barbie sat in the living room reading the Sunday paper, the girl kept nervously looking at her uncle. Having seen his big, naked cock last night, she was finding it strangely exciting to be alone in the house with the extremely handsome man.

There had been several occasions that summer when she'd caught her uncle ogling her, especially when she was skimpily attired. He always seemed to get flustered when she caught him staring at her. Sometimes Barbie was almost convinced that the man was actually lusting for her, even if she was his niece and only a teenager.

Glancing up from the paper, the little blonde saw him staring excitedly up between her legs. She suddenly realized that because of the way she'd been sitting, her skimpy panties were very visible to him.

"What's the matter, Uncle Dave?" she grinned.

"Nothing," he gulped, his face turning a deep red.

"Does looking at my panties turn you on?" teased the girl.

"Of course not," he nervously snapped. "Don't talk so silly!"

"Does Shirley's panties turn you on?" asked Barbie as she slowly walked across the room and sat down on the arm of his chair.

"What do you mean?" he gulped.

"I was in the guest room while you were screwing her last night," she giggled, running her fingers through his hair.

"Where were you hiding?"

"I was in the room when you walked in," she explained. "SO I ducked into the closet."

"Did you see everything?"

"Yes, Uncle Dave." She grinned with a naughty twinkle in her eyes. "I saw everything!"

"I'm so ashamed," he stammered.

"You have nothing to be ashamed of," she whispered. "Your cock is beautiful."

"Oh, Barbie," he said, shocked at the way the pretty little blonde was talking. "You shouldn't say such things."

"Why not?" giggled Barbie. "Screwing is perfectly normal!"

"Maybe it is," he said, unable to believe her behavior. "But nice young ladies don't talk about men's cocks."

Barbie's skirt had hiked up when she sat on the arm of his chair, and both the sights, of her bare thighs so close to his hands and her naughty talk was giving him a wild erection.

"What's wrong with talking about cocks and fucking?" She smiled, staring at the big bulge throbbing in the front of his pants. "I'd even like to be screwed by that big hard-on between your legs."

"What do you mean?"

"You know," she giggled, reaching down and rubbing his swollen boner through his pants. "Why don't you come up to my room with me, and find out what I really mean."

"Have you lost your mind?" he gasped.

"Nope," she whispered, taking his hand and thrusting it up between her legs until his fingers made contact with her sopping-wet panties. "I'm just hot to fuck. Can you feel how juicy my horny pussy is?"

Trembling with excitement, the man wormed his finger up through the leg of her panties and into the slippery hotness of her swampy little twat.

"Uncle Dave," she whispered, jumping to her feet. "Let's go upstairs to my room. I want to get nice and naked for you."

All of his resistance completely shattered, Dave dutifully followed her up the stairs, staring hungrily at her cute, wiggling ass. Entering her bedroom, she turned and faced her uncle as he drew her into his arms. Not saying a word, he quickly undid the buttons at the back of her blouse and removed it. Barbie wasn't wearing a bra. She was breathing heavily with excitement, thrilled at the way her handsome uncle was ogling her wobbling tits.

The man stared at the lush beauty of her young body as her twin big breasts jutted out so full and firm, deliciously capped with huge pink nipples that were bloated with desire.

While her uncle was admiring Barbie's fat tits, she unbuttoned his shirt and removed it, then pulled his undershirt up over his head. Both of them now naked to the waist, Dave pulled her down onto the bed with him. Her big, hot nipples pressed against his broad hairy chest as they rolled around together on the bed, laughing, hugging and kissing.

Finally pulling his mouth away from her moistly parted lips, he moved down to her waiting breasts, tasting the fragrance of her deliciously naked tits. His tongue lapped hungrily at her big and hard nipples while his fingers worked the upper of her skirt. Expertly undoing it, he slid her skirt down over her shapely legs, totally exposing her pale-blue nylon panties. His strong hands slid up and down over her gorgeous legs, gently caressing her delightfully rounded calves and her smooth thighs.

When her uncle stood up to remove the rest of his clothes, Barbie fell back onto the bed, her legs dangling over the edge, her golden pubic hair faintly visible through the whispy material of her panties.

Dave's throbbing boner was straining against the front of his pants as he unbuckled his belt. Then, lowering his zipper, he quickly tugged down both his pants and shorts. As he bent over to remove his shoes and socks, Barbie stared excitedly at his throbbing cock. She'd seen his stiff cock last night, but it looked so much bigger up close. Dave's hard dick was thicker than her wrist, and was much longer than it had seemed last evening. She suddenly wondered how a woman's small cunt could handle such a huge staff of flesh, but then she remembered how easily it had slipped into Shirley's slippery little pussy.

Dropping to his knees between her dangling legs, he curled his fingers into the waistband of her panties and pulled them down over her lush hips and legs. Letting them flutter down to the floor, Dave stared hungrily at his young niece's cute, gold-fringed twat.

Lying there, with her thighs spread open and a man looking at her naked little slit for the first time, Barbie could feel her heart pounding madly. She prayed that her uncle wouldn't walk away, thinking that her little body was not ready to fuck...

"OOOH!" she squealed when he suddenly plunged his face between her thighs, pressing his working mouth against her oozing slit. Remembering how she'd watched him do this to Shirley last night, she felt delicious sparks streaking from her hot cunt up to every part of her body as his tongue made slurping contact with her sensitive clitoral bud.

Thrilled by this deliciously new sensation, she began frantically rubbing her hot, wet cunt up against his face. Squealing with excitement, she curled her fingers into his thick head of hair, forcing his mouth down harder over her streaming crotch.

"OOHHH! YESSSS!" she squealed, spreading her thighs further apart, making her oozing twat even more accessible to his sucking mouth. "IT FEELS SO FUCKIN' GOOD!"

Dave sucked wildly on her delicious scented pussy, lapping up the tasty liquids as they flowed up from the depths of her hot, slick fuckhole. Plunging his stiff tongue even deeper into her delicious slit, he had her writhing around on the bed in a feverish frenzy in no time at all.


Realizing that the time had come to stick his hard dick into her hot little teenaged pussy, he slowly withdrew his licking tongue from her slippery cunt hole. Lifting her legs with his powerful hands, the man spread her out on the bed. Rising up from where he'd been kneeling on the floor, he moved onto the bed with her. Crawling up on top of her body, he lowered his head and kissed her softly parted lips, letting the beautiful girl suck her cunt juices from his cream-coated tongue. His thick, slippery tongue passionately explored her mouth, licking her gums, the insides of her cheeks and her hard, white teeth.

Their lips were welded together and their tongues were deliciously entwined. Barbie was clinging tightly to him, thrilled with the way his broad, hairy chest was crushing down on the luscious fullness of her big tits. As he wedged himself between her open thighs, she wrapped her shapely legs around his back and pulled his body even tighter to hers.

Raising his body slightly, Dave took her hand and guided it down toward his throbbing cock. It was the first time she'd ever touched a swollen prick, and she was surprised by the hot softness of the loose outer skin that covered the steel-hard meat beneath it. Loving the way his massive boner throbbed in her grasp, the girl gently squeezed his shaft, thrilled by the exciting texture of the first dick she'd ever touched.

"Okay, sweetheart," her uncle whispered as she lovingly stroked his prick. "Now, just put it in you."

She began poking the head of his dick ineptly between her legs, not making much progress.

"Easy, darling," he spoke with a loving tone. "Just gently ease my cockhead in between your juicy cuntlips."

"Okay," she answered in a soft little voice. "Barbie," he asked. "Are you still a virgin?"

"Yes," admitted the teen.

"Do you really want to go through with this?"

"Fuck, yes!" she panted. "I've never wanted anything so much in my life!"

"You know it's going to hurt at first," he warned her.

"I know that," she whispered. "So just shut up and fuck me."

When she'd fitted the tip of his thick boner between her slippery little cuntlips, Barbie held her breath as her uncle started pushing forward. She could feel his big fat knob slowly stretching her tight pussy walls as it advanced. When he'd wormed a short portion of hard dick into her little virginal cunt, the thick head banged against the resisting tissues of her hymen.

"God, that thing feels big," she panted, not sure of whether she liked it or not.

"I'm up against your cherry," whispered her uncle. "I'm gonna have to push hard to break through it."

"Then push hard," she answered in a soft voice. "I can take it."

Saying nothing more, the man drew back his hips and drove forward with a mighty thrust, wanting to break her hymen with one swift plunge.

"AAAGHHHH!" she shrieked as an unbelievably harsh pain shot through her as his thick knob ripped her maidenhood apart.

Once his thick boner had broken through the barrier, it charged up through her tight passage like a hot, thick poker, stretching the tight pussy walls apart like a wood-splitting wedge. The pretty girl had never experienced such intense pain in her life, and when the entire length of his thick dong was finally completely buried in her tight little virginal cunt, she just lay there in a cold sweat, too exhausted and frightened to move.

Biting her upper lip to hold back the tears, she clutched him tightly in her arms, waiting for the searing pain to recede. Finally starting to relax, she slowly became aware of a rather pleasant sensation as his thick cock throbbed deep in her cunt. Cautiously moving her body beneath him, Barbie could feel his rigid tool rubbing against the walls of her tight little pussy. Squirming with delight, she felt her hot inner flesh rubbing against his steel-hard rod, bringing even more pleasure to the fiery depths of her passion-inflamed hole.

"Oh, Uncle Dave!" she hysterically screamed, feeling his long cock stimulating every nerve ending in her tight little fuckhole when he withdrew it a mere inch. Shivering with ecstasy, she clutched the man tightly as he slid his big dick back in again. Slowly, at first, he drove his cock back and forth, just an inch or two at a time until the initial pain faded.

With her earlier discomfort now completely gone, Barbie instinctively learned that she could enhance her pleasure by squeezing his slippery prick with her cunt muscles. Now that the pain was gone, the lovely blonde was pushing her twat up to meet every downward thrust of his cock. Her soft young body trembled in anticipation of each thrust of his big hard cock, and tears of wanton pleasure began running down her cheeks from the intense ecstasy she was feeling.

"Oh, Uncle Dave!" she sobbed, feeling him drilling his prick deeper and deeper, bringing her more joy with every stroke. "Why have I waited so long for something as wonderful as this? I could have been fucking for years, if I'd known how good it felt!"

Realizing he was rapidly approaching orgasm, the experienced man gradually slowed his movements until he was completely still.

"Oh, God, Uncle Dave," she softly crooned, swirling her hot little tongue around in his ear. "I never dreamed anything could feel so fucking good!"

Grasping the cheeks of his straining ass, Barbie pulled his body even more tightly against her. Dave lay perfectly still, enjoying the way her tight young cunt squeezed and sucked on his motionless cock. When he finally felt that he was in control of himself again, he once more began fucking his cock in and out of her slick, hot pussy.

"Oh, God! Oh, God!" she screamed as his slippery boner slid in and out of her juicy slit. "It's so good, Uncle Dave! So fuckin' good!"

Wrapping her arms around his broad shoulders, she squirmed up against him, squeezing his glorious dick with her hotly grasping twat.

"Oh, fuck, honey, fuck!" cried Barbie, pressing her soft bare thighs more tightly against his waist. "Just fuck the living hell out of me!"

He continued driving his thick cock pole deeper and deeper into her hot, eager hole, forcing big globs of creamy pussy juice out from between her prick-squeezing cuntlips.

"Oh, sweet Jesus!" she moaned, sinking her pearly teeth into his shoulder as her hungry twat muscles sucked passionately on the full length of his hard-driving meat. The feel of his thick boner sliding in and out of her overheated pussy-hole was the most fantastic thing she'd ever experienced.

Wanting to bring her off before he shot his hot come load, Dave reared back and drove even harder and deeper.

"Aaaghhh!" she screamed, feeling his rigid tool zipping in and out of her hot young cunt at a faster tempo. "Fuck it to me, baby! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!"

Barbie was no longer aware of anything except her uncle's throbbing cock fucking heavily into her, the power of it bouncing her on the bed. Each heavenly thrust was bringing more pleasure to her hot little cunt hole.

"Oh, Uncle Dave!" she sobbed. "That's the way, honey! Just bang the shit out of me!"

The man was almost delirious from the unbelievable pleasure his thrusting cock was deriving from his young niece's tight little cunt. Never had anything felt as good as the hot, teenage slit that was squeezing so deliciously on the hard thickness of his rampaging dong the ecstasy streaking up and down the swollen length of his plunging dick was almost painful in its delicious intensity.

Dave was fucking into her like a wild boar, and from the way Barbie was writhing and jerking beneath him, he was very much aware that she was rapidly approaching a climax.

"OH, FUCK!" screamed the blonde when she felt the first tremors of her orgasm. Almost out of her mind from the rapture she was feeling, she feverishly rotated her sizzling pussy up around his plundering cock.

Feeling his spunk boiling around his churning balls, Dave began fucking into her with all his might, anxious to empty his hot load into the youngster's little cunt.

"YES! YES!" she screamed as her body jerked from the mounting intensity of her orgasm. "FUCK ME HARD, HONEY! I'M COMING!"

Writhing frenziedly beneath her wildly humping uncle, Barbie was nearly hysterical from the intense ecstasy she was feeling.

"FUCK ME, HONEY!" she screamed, her hot young pussy rippling around the length of his plunging rod. "I'M COMING ALL OVER YOUR BIG HARD COCK!"

Feeling her hot pussy dilating around his hard boner as she bathed it with her orgasmic juices, Dave suddenly came, and a thick batch of swirling cum shot into her spasming fuckhole.


Their two lewdly entangled bodies writhed passionately as Dave pumped her thirsty little twat full of jism.

"Oh, Uncle Dave," she whispered. "Are you gonna fuck me again when your cock gets hard again?"

"Yes, darling," he said as he smiled. "We're going to fuck all day long."


After that day, Dave fucked his cute niece every time they had a chance, which fortunately turned out to be several times a week. The girl got so involved with her uncle that she had very little time for her boyfriend, Stan Woods.

Barbie was quite fond of Stan, but he was an extremely shy young man that had never made a pass at her. This hadn't bothered Barbie at all until her uncle started balling her, but now she wished that Stan would fuck her, as well.

One afternoon, when she and Stan were listening to records in the den, she tried to snuggle up to him on the couch, but he didn't seem to respond.

"Stan, honey," she whispered. "Don't you like me?"

"Of course I do!" was his answer. "Why did you ask?"

"Because you never try to make out with me!" she answered frankly.

"I'm sorry." He grnned. "I didn't think you wanted boys to mess around with you."

"Not all boys," she whispered. "But you're someone sorta special to me."

"That's funny." Stan blushed. "I always thought you'd slap me if I ever tried to get fresh."

"Oh, Stan," she crooned, turning her face up to his. "Why don't you try it, and see what happens?"

As they passionately kissed, Barbie dropped a hand down to the front of his pants. She was immediately rewarded when she felt his prick starting to throb and swell under her light touch.

"Oh, honey," she whispered into his ear when their lips parted. "You're getting a hardon!"

"I know," he panted, unable to believe that Barbie would ever touch his cock. He'd been going with her all summer, and had always thought of her as a sweet innocent girl that was untouchable.

"It feels like such a nice big prick," she softly crooned, giving his swollen tool a loving squeeze through the material of his pants. "Why don't you show it to me?"

"What?" he gasped.

"Just let me check your plumbing," giggled Barbie, quickly yanking his zipper down before he had a chance to say anything more.

Delving boldly into his open fly with her hand, she pulled out his throbbing boner.

"Oh, honey," she whispered, running her soft, cool fingers up and down the length of his thick shaft. "That's a beauty. I'll bet this thing can really make a girl's cunt feel nice."

Barbie was more than pleased that his thick dong was every bit as big as her uncle's, even if the boy's sexual maturity was stunted. It was very obvious to Barbie that she'd have to make the advances if they were ever going to fuck.

"Stan," she said, releasing his prick from her grasp. "Why don't you take your pants and shorts off, so I can play with your balls as well."

Now feeling as horny as hell, the blushing young man quickly stood up and removed his pants and shorts.

"You can take your shirt off, too," she whispered, staring at his stiff virile cock as it throbbed madly. Not only did his swollen prick turn her on, but the sight of his big lusty balls made her hum with desire.

"I'll bet you've fucked more than your share of girls with that tool," she giggled as he sat next to her on the couch again.

"Well, to tell the truth," he stammered, trying to avoid Barbie's eyes, "I've never fooled around very much with girls."

"How many have you fucked?"

"None," he admitted.

Barbie just couldn't believe that a boy who was almost twenty could still be a virgin in this day and age.

"Well, honey," she teased wrapping her fingers around his prick. "We'll have to take care of that. How would you like to fuck me?"

"God!" he gasped, swallowing nervously as he stared at the teen dressed in brief shorts and a halter. "I wouldn't even know where to start!"

"You can start by unwrapping me," she giggled.

"What do you mean?"

"Just take my clothes off," she whispered. "I want you to enjoy my hot body."

Panting excitedly, he began kissing her, thrilled at the way her sweet young tongue explored his mouth.

"Feel me up," Barbie whispered, pulling her lips from his. "I want you to touch me all over."

His hands began roaming over her lithe young body, down over her bare back, around her waist and up to the firm tits that were straining hard against the material of her skimpy halter. Moaning, she squirmed wantonly against him, rubbing his leaky cock head against the soft, silky skin of her belly.

"Hurry!" she panted. "I want you to undress me."

His trembling fingers began tearing at the knot of her halter, and shaking too much to untie it, he ripped the garment away from her, and letting her deliciously swollen tits spill out.

"Take it easy, darling," whispered Barbie.

"We have all day. Just slowly undress me, like you're unwrapping a precious package."

"I'm sorry," he said, a sheepish grin on his face. "I told you I've never messed around with a girl before."

"Don't worry about that, sweetheart," smiled Barbie. "I'll show you what to do."

Smiling at the pretty girl, Stan reached out and began caressing her big tit mounds, his fingers making her erect nipples swell even harder.

"Kiss my nipples, honey," she whispered, rolling onto her back.

Leaning over her, the trembling young man pressed his lips to one of her swollen buds, sending shivers of fiery passion throughout her lovely body.

"Oh, yes," she whimpered. "Now, suck it!"

His earlier embarrassment now completely gone, Stan filled his mouth with her creamy tit. His tongue swirled deliciously around her tingling nipple, making her body writhe madly with an intense pleasure. When her boob was completely lathered up with his spit, he turned his attention to her other tasty tit.

"Oh, honey!" she whispered hotly when he finally lifted his face from her nipples. "Please, finish undressing me!"

Quickly lowering the zipper of Barbie's shorts, he peeled them off as she wiggled her hips to help him. Next, he curled his fingers into the waistband of her panties, and rolled them down over her smooth shapely legs, deliciously revealing the pink cunt slit that peeked out through her golden triangle of pussy hair.

Letting out a soft groan, the excited young man drew her delightfully naked body into his arms, mercilessly mashing her full tits against his smooth, bare chest. Writhing wildly against her, he felt his hard cock burning into the smooth flesh of her flat belly.

Completely overwhelmed by the silky feel of her naked flesh, he quickly rolled over on top of her, his swollen cock pounding urgently against her thighs. Passionately kissing her moistly parted lips, he moved his hands down until he found the soft bush of cunt hair between her slightly spread legs. Moving his face downward, he gobbled up one of her swollen nipples, making her squeal with wanton pleasure.

"Oh, honey!" she moaned with rapture, her hips jerking upward when his finger made contact with her oozing slit. "Stick it in me! For God's sake, ram your finger up my cunt!"

Spreading the loose, wet lips of her hot pussy apart with his fingertips, he could feel her slippery juices oozing out. Completely overwhelmed by what was happening to him, Stan wormed his thick middle finger between the soft slippery lips of the first twat he'd ever seen or touched.

"Oh!" she squealed, her body stiffening with lusty joy.

"Am I hurting you?" he gasped, starting to withdraw his finger.

"Fuck no! You're not hurting me!" she whimpered. "Ram it in deeper!"

His heart pounding madly in his chest, he shoved the entire length of his finger right into her hot, slippery slit. As his thick middle finger twisted and screwed around in the fiery depths of her cunt-hole, Barbie wantonly undulated her hips, writhing her pussy all over the length of his invading digit.

The beautiful blonde shivered with ecstasy as his lips left her tits and slowly kissed their way down to her adorable little belly button.

"Oh, honey," she heatedly whispered. "Will you kiss my pussy?"

"What?" gasped the inexperienced young man.

"I want you to lick my twat," she excitedly panted. "I love a big, thick tongue in my cunt."

The idea of licking a hairy cunt seemed a bit dirty to him at first, but he decided to do whatever his pretty girlfriend asked.

"Oh, God, yes!" sobbed Barbie when Stan lowered his face down toward her steaming crotch.

A delicious warmth flooded the little blonde's naked loins when she felt his warm breath waft over her open cuntlips. Staring down through half-closed eyes, Barbie watched the young man's face disappear between her widely spread thighs. She let out a soft whimper of delight when Stan's tongue first made contact with her feverishly hot pussylips.

"Oooooh, yes!" she cried, almost losing control of herself when his tongue suddenly stabbed into her hot, juicy slit. Frantically humping her hips around on the couch, Barbie reached down and curled her fingers into his hair, pulling his mouth down tighter into her swampy twat.

Excitedly licking a cunt for the first time in his life, Stan seemed to instinctively knew how to bring her the most pleasure. Swirling his tongue around the most sensitive parts of the young blonde's overheated cunt, Stan reached down under her lush butt and slipped the tip of his middle finger into her tightly fucked asshole.

"Oh, you sweet baby!" whimpered Barbie, feeling Stan's tongue lapping her tingling clit as his finger twisted around so deliciously in her hot little ass.

Sobbing and moaning from the intense joy she was feeling, Barbie squeezed her soft, naked thighs more tightly over his juice-slickened face. The overpowering rapture was racing so rapidly through the horny blonde's body that she could hardly comprehend what was happening. As Stan's tongue brought Barbie closer and closer to a climax, her entire body began tensing, and jerking with intense lust.

"Oh, honey!" she cried, shoving his face away from her smoldering crotch. "Now, shove your cock into my cunt! I'm ready for a nice, hot fucked."

No longer the least bit shy, Stan quickly moved up her body, lowering his hips between her widely parted thighs. Softly moaning, Barbie slipped her hand between their bodies and wrapped her fingers around his pulsing cock. Shivering with anticipation, she guided the bloated cockhead toward her hotly waiting cunt hole.

"Easy darling," she whispered as she parted her slick, slippery twat lips with the big purple knob of his throbbing shaft. "Just relax, and take it easy. Just push slowly until it's all the way in, up to your balls." Clinging tightly to the young man, Barbie could feel his delicious thick dong sinking deeper and deeper into her wet fuckhole.

"Oh, God," he moaned into her ear when the entire length of his heavy dork was completely buried in her tight little cunt. "Jesus! It feels so and squishy in there!"

"You can bet your sweet ass it's hot and squishy," giggled the girl. "Just wait till you start fucking your cock in and out!"

After laying still for several moments, they began to move. It was an almost imperceptible motion at first, gradually growing as he began swirling his hard young cock around in her squeezing little hole. He continued to increase the tempo and power of his thrusts, until his cockhead was banging into the depths of her scalding cunt.

Then, just as Barbie started fucking back to him, she felt his body starting to tense and stiffen, signaling that he was about to come, much too soon. Not wanting their first fuck to be just another quickie, Barbie decided to quickly suck off the inexperienced young man. Then he'd be able to last a lot longer in her cunt with his second erection. Uncle Dave had just recently taught her how to give him a blow-job, and Barbie was anxious to taste Stan's cum.

"Get off," she whispered, gently pushing his chest.

"What's the matter?" gasped Stan, his voice filled with disappointment.

"Nothing." She smiled when he pulled his thick, cream-coated prick out of her grasping little hole. "I have a nice treat for you before we start fuckin' again. Just roll over on your back."

When he'd done as she suggested Barbie moved down and lowered her mouth to his thick cock, delightfully lapping her tongue over the sensitive underside, just as Uncle Dave had taught her. Then, raising her head up slowly, she slid the bloated head of his hard cock across the roof of her mouth while lightly tickling it with her tongue. Then she plunged her lips back down again, thrilled at the way his cock probed the very back of her throat.

Staring wide-eyed at the beautiful girl's sucking face, Stan could hardly believe what was happening to him. The sight of Barbie sucking his prick was almost as exciting as the feel of it. She looked so beautiful, her lovely face bobbing up and down as her deliciously ovaled lips sucked and slurped on his wet, glistening tool.

Trembling with intense sensual pleasure, Stan clutched the edge of the cushion as her lips and tongue traveled all over the sensitive skin of his naked prick. Nothing else mattered to the young man except the hot suction of her soft, wet, and warm lips around his cockhead.

Barbie could tell, from the way he was starting to tense and jerk, that he was about ready to shoot his hot cum load. The girl's uncle had taught her that sucking a man's cock was almost as much fun as being fucked by one. Thrilled at the prospect of Stan squirting her mouth full of cum, she was trying hard to please him, to give his delicious big cock every possible thrill that her mouth could bestow.

"God, honey! That's great!" he moaned.

Opening her lips a bit wider, Barbie slid her tongue down along the blue-veined underside of his throbbing shaft, until she found his dangling balls. She licked and bathed the soft, crinkly skin of his nuts until they glistened with her spit.

"Oh, my God!" groaned the young man when she finally raised her head and slid her mouth over his big cockhead again. "I can't stand much more of this!"

Barbie could tell, by the way his dick was lurching in her sucking mouth, that he was ready to shoot his cum. Without any warning, the young man let out a wild sob as great gobs of seething spunk suddenly shot into her mouth. Barbie swallowed fast and hard, but she couldn't handle the vast amount of jism that was spurting out of his jerking prick. It was flowing back out between her prick squeezing lips, dribbling down over her chin.

"Jesus, honey!" Stan panted when she'd feverishly swallowed the last drop. "That was fantastic!"

"I know," she whispered, gently squeezing his limp prick with her fingers as she wiped her lips with the back of her hand. "But you're gonna like fucking a lot more!"

For the next few minutes she gently played with his limp dick, and soon it started to swell again in her fingers. Excited at the prospect of being balled by the handsome young man, she continued stroking his cock until it was as thick and rigid as it had been before her hot blow-job.

"Okay, honey," she said as she finally released his prick and rolled onto her back, her thighs widely spread for him. "Here's my hot little cunt, so start using it. It just loves big cocks, so give it your best shot!"

The naked girl moaned with excitement as he crawled up between her legs and pressed the head of his thick dong against the hot flesh of her slippery cuntlips.

"Oh, God! It feels so nice and big!" She spread her thighs even wider apart as she arched her pelvis up to help him.

Half-crazed by the moist-heat of the girl's horny little twat, Stan plunged forward, sinking half of his thick cock into her cunt. The lovely young blonde moaned, and rocked from side to side on the sofa as he worked a few more inches of his hard meat into her writhing pussy.

Suddenly he was all the way in, and Barbie could feel the young man's lusty balls rubbing between the soft warm cheeks of her ass. Her slippery, oily cunt juices foamed hotly around the length of his deeply imbedded cock.

"Now, start pumpin' it in and out, honey," she hotly whispered, screwing her steaming cunt up around the thick base of his shaft. "That's what fucking's all about."

Rising up slightly on his knees for leverage, Stan began driving his prick in and out of her deliciously hot, tight pussy-hole. Feeling the top ridge of his tool rubbing hard against her swollen clit. Barbie made no effort to stifle her squeals of delight.

"Harder, honey, harder!" the naked little blonde cried with joy. "Just bang the living shit out of me!"

Having never experienced such intense pleasure in his entire life, Stan rapidly increased the power and tempo of his deep thrusts. Feverishly fucking into her as the beautiful girl panted for breath beneath him, he could feel her luscious tits jiggling delightfully against his chest as their body's ground hotly together.

Staring down between her widely splayed thighs as Stan rose up on his elbows, she could see his bloated dong plunging in and out of her bubbling, sucking cunt. She'd never watched her uncle's dick working in and out of her twat, and the sight of her swollen pussylips squeezing and pulling on Stan's thick, juices fuck rod was the most exciting thing she'd ever seen.

"Oh, my God!" she squealed as the powerful orgasm suddenly hit her like an onrushing train. "OOOH, I'M COMING!"

At the very height of her climax, she was rewarded by the feel of Stan's hot cum gushing into her cunt. Thrilled by the feel of his hot juices filling her spasming slit, she made her cunt muscles clamp down tightly around the length of his spurting dong, deliciously milking out more and more of his spewing cum.

"Oh, God," she whispered a few moments later as she lay in his arms, slowly recovering from her heavenly climax, "I wish guys' pricks didn't get soft after they, shoot off. I'm still hot to fuck!"

"Maybe you need more than one man," he teased.

"I think you're right," giggled the horny little blonde. "Why don't you bring a friend with you, next time?"

"Are you serious?"

"Sure!" she answered, her eyes glowing with excitement. "You could take turns fucking me!"

"Who do you want me to bring?"

"I don't care." She giggled. "You see them all, undressed in the shower after gym. Just bring the guy with the biggest cock."

"How about Mack Jordan?" he suggested. "He's hung like a fuckin' horse."

"He's cute, too," grinned Barbie. "I'd like to be fucked by him."

"Are you really serious about me bringing him along next time?" asked Stan, not sure if she was kidding.

"You bet I am!" Barbie answered, looking him straight in the eye. "I just found out how much I enjoy fucking, and I want as much of it as I can get it."

"Then it's a deal," smiled Stan. "I'll bring Mack with me next time."

"Good," she whispered, a dreamy expression in her eyes as she lowered her head down toward his limp, wet pecker. "Now let's see if I can suck this thing hard again."


Sitting with the family at breakfast the following Saturday morning, Susan kept watching her son through the corner of her eye. For the first time in her life, she was wondering if the boy was gay.

There was a special dance tonight for the young people of the community, and Jay was not going. His cousin Barbie was all excited about it, but Jay hadn't shown the least bit of interest. Susan couldn't understand how a healthy young man of eighteen could ignore girls the way he did. Most boys his age could think of nothing but pussy, yet Jay didn't seem the least bit interested.

"Why aren't you going to the dance tonight?" she finally asked.

"Heck, Mom," answered the handsome young man, "I don't even know how to dance!"

"Why don't you learn?" asked his father.

"Sure," Barbie said. "Let me teach you."

"No, thanks," he grinned. "I'd feel dumb, jumping around on a dance floor with a silly girl."

"Well," said his father as he rose from the table. "You should try it. You'd probably find that holding a girl isn't all that silly."

"What are you doing today?" Susan turned to her husband.

"I'm going to work in the yard," was his answer. "How about you?"

"I have some shopping to do." Susan smiled as she stood. "I've been putting it off for some time."

Excusing himself, Dave went outside and started trimming the hedge. He'd been working for about half an hour when he heard his wife driving away in her car.

"Hi, you big-cocked beauty," he heard Shirley Morton giggle from the other side of the hedge. "Didn't I just hear Susan drive away?"

"You sure did!" Dave grinned, looking across the hedge at his beautiful redheaded neighbor, who was standing there in a green summer dress.

"Then why don't you come on over for a little while?" she whispered, her lovely face flushed with excitement. "I feel like suckin' on that big, meaty cock."

"That sounds like a winner," said Dave, stepping over the low bushes.

"You bet it is!" Shirley smiled, suggestively licking her moist lips. "I'm just dying for a nice big mouthful of your hot cunt."

Taking his hand Shirley led him into the house, where she quickly made them both a drink.

"Let's take these up to my room," she suggested, handing Dave his drink.

"Where's your husband, Greg?" he asked about her husband.

"Out of town," she answered as Dave followed her up the stairs to her room. "I'm all alone this weekend."

Taking off his shoes, Dave settled down onto the bed, propped up with pillows behind him against the headboard. Sipping his drink, he unbuckled his belt and opened the buttons of his shirt.

"That's it, darling," whispered Shirley as she stood beside the bed. "You just relax and enjoy yourself. This is gonna be one blow-job you're never going to forget."

Smiling down at her handsome neighbor, Shirley began to slowly unfasten the buttons on the front of her pale green dress. Brushing the long red hair back from her face, Shirley opened the front of her dress until her big naked tits were visible, her nipples standing put hard and erect. When she'd completely unbuttoned the front of her dress, she slowly and sensuously removed it.

Her belly was deliciously flat, and her hips flared out to display the extreme beauty of her body. Her brief panties were a transparent white, the red-hued curls of her pubic hair showing through. Her shapely thighs were slightly parted as she wormed her hand down under the front of the waistband, until her fingers found the soft red curls just above her slit.

"God, honey!" she panted, starting to peel the panties down over her hips. "I don't know when I've ever felt so fuckin' hot."

Staring excitedly, Dave watched her panties roll down over her soft flesh until they were stretched well over her bare thighs. Her juicy, pink cunt looked swollen with lust in the soft vee of her pubic curls. Dave almost came in his pants when the beautiful woman cupped her furry cunt-mound in her hand, and slid her slim fingers into her fleshy slit.

"Oh, sweet Jesus!" she hotly whispered, humping her twat up and down on her deeply imbedded finger. "I'm gonna suck you dry!"

Dave's swollen cock was straining hard against the material of his pants as he stared at Shirley's deliciously naked flesh.

"Oh, baby," she whispered, staring at the big bulge in the crotch of his trousers as she pulled her finger out of her oozing cunt and finished removing her panties. "Lust let me take care of that beautiful, big hard-on."

As she moved onto the bed with him, Dave could smell her perfume, mixed with the erotic aroma of her steaming slit. Placing her hand on his thick boner, Shirley began caressing it through the material of his pants as he leaned back against the pillows.

"God, this is a beautiful prick," panted Shirley. "There's nothing like sucking on a big, thick cock!"

She soon had Dave moaning as her experienced fingers moved up and down over the bulge of the big dong that was wildly throbbing in his pants. Not making any attempt to open his fly, Shirley continued squeezing and rubbing the thick column of his cock through the material. She could feel the bloated head of his dick throbbing with excitement as she lovingly gripped it in her fingers. As excitement raced up and down the length of his tingling rod, Shirley reached down between his thighs and grasped his balls, lightly squeezing them until his cock was ready to burst with ecstasy.

"God, they feel full!" she was passionately whispered. "Are you gonna flood my mouth with cum?"

"Damn right, I am!" he panted, reaching up and touching one of her big, firm tits, which was hanging low just above his face. He was pleased at how warm and soft her tit flesh was as he gathered her swollen breast into his palm. As he squeezed and pulled on her luscious tit-meat, he could feel her big, hard nipple burning against his hand.

"Oh, Dave," she shuddered, half closing her eyes. "I love it when you play with my tits."

While Dave continued caressing her luscious boobs, Shirley lowered the zipper of his pants and thrust her hand through the open fly. Wrapping her cool, soft fingers around the meaty thickness of his bloated boner, the beautiful redhead pulled it out.

"God, this is a nice one." She grinned lewdly, licking her lips in anticipation as she stroked his naked shaft up and down. "There's nothing I like more than a man's big cock. The sight and feel of a big prick always makes me wet and drippy between my legs."

Removing his hand from her swollen tit, he lowered it down between her legs until his fingertips brushed the downy-soft hair of her cunt. Her crotch felt warm and moist as he probed with his fingers, slipping them between the hot, slick lips of her twat.

"Jesus, darling!" he whispered. "Your snatch sure is hot and wet! I've never felt such a slippery hole!"

"I'm glad you like my hot little pussy," she crooned. "Because I want you to fuck me silly after I suck you off."

"Maybe I won't be able to fuck after your blow-job." He grinned.

"Don't worry, baby," whispered Shirley. "It won't take me long to get it hard again."

Without saying another word, Shirley moved down between his legs and lowered her mouth to his stiff boner, closing her lips tightly around his cockhead. Feeling the sudden erotic warmth of her mouth caressing his cock, he instinctively arched his back, pushing his cock up into the soft wetness of her mouth until she felt his swollen knob nudging the back of her throat. With her mouth deliciously wrapped around his tasty dong, she lowered her head, taking more and more of his cock until her lips nuzzled into the crinkly hair around the base of his thick shaft.

"Oooh, my God!" sobbed Dave, shuddering with total erotic pleasure as her wet tongue battered the tender underside of his straining prick shaft.

Staring down at the beautiful woman, Dave could see a flush of excitement on her face, and see tiny bubbles of saliva oozing from the corners of her mouth as she feverishly sucked on his big, tasty dong. Her eyes were closed with passion as her sweet tongue fluttered all around his sensitive cockhead...

"Honey," she whispered, removing her lips from his big, meaty pole. "Why don't you take your clothes off so we can both be nice and naked?"

Dave's thick cock was stiff and wet, and as he stood up, the prick stuck out of his open fly like a baseball bat. Grinning at him, Shirley began working on his shirt, and then his pants and shorts. In less than two minutes, he was completely naked, his big dong pointing toward the ceiling.

"Now, lay back on the bed." She smiled, her eyes blazing with lust. "I'm gonna suck your cock like it's never been sucked before."

Doing what she told him to do, Dave stared down across his muscular belly at his hard, upright dick, Shirley's lovely face poised just behind it.

"Ahhh!" he groaned with ecstasy when her warm, moist lips closed over the head of his bloated cock. The inside of her mouth was soft and wet as her lips worked on his erect shaft. The beautiful redhead's tongue slithered from side to side, stroking the swollen head of his cock, bathing the entire prickin a warm, moist pool of frothy saliva.

Softly moaning, her eyes half-closed, she slid her lips even further down over his trembling shaft. She could feel him quivering with delight as her small, pearly teeth scraped erotically over his pulsing meat. She moved her head up and down, her tongue feverishly licking, lapping, and rolling all over the sensitive head of his big, tasty rod. Shirley became even more aroused as the man softly moaned at the feel of the pulling suction of her mouth around his sensitive knob.

"Oh, my God!" He groaned with ecstasy, drawing his legs up as he planted his feet flat on the bed, one leg on either side of Shirley's sucking, bobbing face. Staring down, he could see her beautiful red hair spread across his belly and thighs as she hotly sucked on his thick, wet cock. Pressing his feet down onto the mattress, he unconsciously arched his hips upward, drilling his shaft even deeper into her open mouth.

Over the years, Dave had enjoyed his share of blow-jobs, but this horny bitch's lips were unlike anything else he'd ever felt wrapped around his dick! Never had he experienced anything so soft, so wet and so exciting as the sucking pleasure of Shirley's talented mouth.

She was completely turned on by the taste of his pre-cum fluids, which were leaking from the tip of his knob. Her mouth was moving up and down, from the head of his cock to the thick base at his belly where her nose was deliciously tickled by his curly growth of cock hair. Peeling his cock twitching wildly against her tongue, Shirley began rolling her head from side to side, rotating his bloated prick in her mouth. The beautiful woman's lips and tongue swirled all around his shaft, bringing him a sucking pleasure he'd not soon forget.

Her velvety mouth felt so fucking good around his throbbing dong, bringing him an ecstasy that was so intense he could hardly handle it. His hips and ass were completely up off the bed, his straining body supported only by his feet, shoulders and elbows. Groaning with joy, he frenziedly fucked his spit drenched prick in and out of her sucking mouth.

"That's it, baby!" he panted, his knees turning to rubber. "Suck me! Bring me off!"

Wanting to give him as much pleasure as possible, Shirley began moving her head up and down in long, deep strokes. When she raised up, until only the tip of his cock remained between her ovaled lips, she lightly rubbed the crown of his throbbing erect prick with her tongue until the buzzing sensations almost blew his mind. Then, when the trembling man thought he could stand it no longer, she once more lowered her face, swallowing the hard thickness of his tasty dong. Then back up again, and down, up and down, up and down, until the raw friction of her wet lips against his sensitive flesh had the man screaming with wanton ecstasy.

Shirley had promised him the greatest blow-job of his life, and that was exactly what he was getting!

When the beautiful redhead finally pulled her lips off of his cock, Dave could see saliva dribbling down his shaft, coating it with the slippery wetness. The hair around his belly and crotch was glistening with tiny bubbles of spit.

"Don't stop!" he gasped, clutching at her head with his hands. "I'm almost there almost there!"

"Take it easy," she whispered. "The best is yet to come."

Gently pushing him back down on the bed, she lifted his legs and placed the back of his knees over her shoulders. With his ass lifted off the mattress, Shirley brought her mouth down to his crotch again.

"Holy shit!" Dave gasped when he felt her tongue washing his balls, licking and sucking them until a wet rivulet of saliva was tricking down between the cheeks of his upturned ass.

The whole area of his meaty crotch ignited as her hot breath made his cock throb even more violently.

"Oh, yes... yes!" he gasped, writhing with pleasure as he felt Shirley suck one of his big, swollen nuts into her wet mouth. "That's it, baby! Lick my balls!"

Being very careful not to harm his sensitive nuts, she gently sucked the other into her mouth. As she lovingly rolled them around her tongue, she could feel the hairy skin of his crinkly balls rubbing against the roof of her mouth.

Dave could feel his balls throbbing with an excruciating pleasure as oily drops of pre-cum fluid oozed from the tip of his spit-coated cock.

"Oh, you sweet fuckin' darling!" he groaned, sweat pouring down his face as he strained to pull his knees back even further, trying to give her easier access to his bloated nuts. "Suck 'em, honey! Suck 'em! Suck my fuckin' balls!"

Feeling the heavenly suction of her mouth on his balls, he felt his cock become even thicker from the hardening pleasure. Glancing dawn, Dave could see his drooling knob swelling with excitement.

Finally releasing his balls from her mouth, she lowered her face and wormed her wet tongue into the hairy crack of his ass.

"Oh, my God!" he roared, trying to keep from shaking as her deliciously hot tongue teased his sensitive bung.

She dug her fingers into the tautened flesh of his asscheeks, pulling them further apart so that her tongue could more easily reach the puckered ring of his ass opening.

"Ah, yes! That's the way!" he cried, his entire body reacting wildly to the lingual caresses to his sensitive shitter. "Lick my asshole, baby! LICK IT GOOD!"

As her experienced tongue teased the forbidden brown opening, Dave almost passed out from the intense pleasure. He could feel her wet tongue licking around the edges of his bunghole as she skillfully carried him to even higher planes of ecstasy.

"Oh, my God!" he shouted as his entire body tensed and jerked. "I'm gonna come, baby... gonna shoot my wad!"

Shirley quickly stuffed his cock back in her mouth, and jammed her middle finger up through the well-lubricated opening of his asshole.

"Here it comes, baby!" he suddenly gasped as his hot, swirling jism gushed from the head of his prick, splashing hotly against the back of her throat.

The long finger up his ass was pure heaven as the tip massaged his prostate gland. Her finger swirled around deeply in his ass as the man's cum gushed violently into her mouth. Thick, rich spurts of fuck-cream were flooding all over her tongue and teeth, pouring down the back of her hungry throat.

"Jesus Christ," panted Dave, blinded by the intense pleasure as her finger screwed around deep in his asshole, making his cock gush even harder. "Oh, you sweet fuckin' cocksucker!"

The beautiful redhead's mouth was like a suction pump around his spewing cockhead, while her finger pistoned in and out of his tingling butt. With her leech-like lips welded passionately to the head of his prick, she sucked deeper and harder, thrilled by the taste of his hot, slippery cum.

"MORE! MORE!" he roared, as the pleasure became even more intense. Beside himself with joy, he instinctively closed his asshole tightly around her finger, but Shirley continued pumping it in and out, prolonging his climax as long as possible.

When his cock finally started to shrink in her mouth, Shirley tautened her lips and sucked even harder and deeper, wanting every last drop of the deliciously sticky fluid. At last his limp prick slipped away from her sperm coated lips, and then Shirley used her tongue to lick up every last drop that had dribbled down onto the base of his shaft, and onto his belly.

For the next ten minutes, Dave made no attempt to move. He lay there, completely exhausted, until he slowly became aware of Shirley's lips and tongue working on his prick.

"What are you doing?" he whispered, lifting his head from the pillow.

"Trying to get you hard again!" She grinned. "I'm ready for a nice hot fuck!"


When his father went out to work in the yard and his mother drove off to do some shopping, Jay decided to go upstairs and take a shower. When he came out of his bathroom with nothing but a towel wrapped around him, there was a hard boner throbbing beneath it.

As shy as he was about girls, he was always thinking about fucking. He would have loved to take a girl to the dance that night so he could fuck her afterwards, but he was too shy to speak to one, let alone touch her.

Deciding to give himself a hand-job, and knowing he was alone in the house, he lay down on the bed with the door slightly open, unafraid of being disturbed. Throwing away the towel, he reached down and gripped his throbbing cock with his fist.

He'd been jacking off regularly for the past few years, but the frequency had increased to several times a day since his pretty little teenage cousin had come to live with them this summer.

At the age of eighteen, Jay was a tall young man, his back and chest laced with sinewy muscles. The muscles in his strong young arms rippled from every movement of his hand as he urgently stroked his hard meat.

Unknown to Jay, his mother was standing right by the door, rooted to the spot as she watched him playing with his hard cock. Susan had returned home to pick up a list she'd forgotten, when she passed Jay's room and saw what was happening. Staring at her handsome son with disbelief, she wondered if he was fantasizing about a boy or a girl as he lustily jacked off.

Susan found it quite erotic to watch her big, handsome son stroking his extremely large cock. His face was contorted into a mask of prurient desire as his head flopped from side to side on the pillow. With his hand pumping feverishly up and down on his throbbing young shaft, he was desperately striving to release the aching lust in his loins.

Watching him with his eyes tightly shut as he writhed around on the bed, Susan began getting hot and itchy between her legs. The beautiful gray-eyed brunette suddenly had a wild desire to have Jay empty his hot cum load into her juicy cunt.

Susan knew she should slip away and leave her son alone with his fantasies, but she calmly stepped into his room, her spinning mind succumbing to the insatiable lust that was lurking hotly in her oozing pussy. Unable to control her incestuous desires, she sat down on the edge of the bed and placed her cool hand on his fevered brow.

His eyes suddenly flew open in terror, and he sat up in a frenzied panic, his hands groping wildly for his towel. He wanted to run away as far as possible as shame consumed him. He wanted to tell his mother how embarrassed he was, but only a few squeaky sounds came from his parched throat.

"Darling," whispered his mother, trying to console him as she took the youth into her arms. "Don't worry, honey. You were doing a perfectly natural thing. I even play with my pussy once in a while."

He had the body of a full-grown man, but as she held him to her, the convulsive sobs and shudders were those of a frightened boy.

"Oh, Jay, darling. It's all right," she whispered, pulling his red face to her big breasts as she tried to console him and ease his shame.

Unfastening the top buttons at the front of her dress, she opened it so that his face could rest in the deep cleavage just above her well-filled bra. As the boy seemed to relax a bit, Susan slipped her hand under his towel until her fingers lovingly enclosed the throbbing shaft of his thick, swollen prick.

"Mom!" he gasped. "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

"Just squeezing your beautiful, big cock," she whispered.

"You shouldn't do that," be panted, reaching down to push her hand away.

"Don't be silly, honey." She giggled. "I used to bathe and powder that thing when it was just a tiny little pecker, so why can't I play with it now that it's worth something?"

Saying nothing more, she reached down beneath his hard tool and cupped his lusty balls, thrilled by the feel of his crinkly, hairy nut-sac in her palm.

"Honey," she whispered, gently massaging his bloated nuts. "Have you ever messed around with a girl?"


"Would you like to?"

"Sure!" He blushed as he admitted it, though.

"Then why haven't you?"

"They scare me to death," he said. "I can't even talk to them."

"Do I scare you?"

"Of course not!" He grinned. "You're my mom."

"Then how would you like to mess around with me?" his mother suddenly asked.

"Are you serious?"

"Of course I am," she whispered, lewdly running her fingers up and down over his throbbing boner. "I'd love to teach you some naughty new games."

When Jay said nothing more, his mother stood up and quickly removed her clothes. The boy's eyes almost popped out of his head as he stared at the first naked female he'd ever seen. He couldn't get over the luscious sight of her big, creamy tits, with her pink, swollen nipples. He let his gaze wander down over her smooth, flat belly to the exciting triangle of shimmering dark hair between her legs. His cock throbbed violently as he ogled the hot, slippery flesh of her open cuntlips. He could almost feel his thick boner buried in her smoldering cuntal depths.

"Jesus, Mom!" he gasped. "You're really beautiful!"

"Thank you, darling," whispered Susan, getting back onto the bed with him.

Moving into her son's arms, she softly parted her lips, and her tongue searched for his as her fingers tightly encircled his virile, young cock. Jay began unconsciously pumping his loins toward her as his mother leaned over his young body. The young man had never been so excited in his entire life. He'd never dreamed that such an ecstasy could consume his burning body as it was doing right now.

The young man had a wild desire to pull slightly back from his mother so that he could see the beautiful voluptuous curves of her naked flesh pressing against his lean, hard body, but he was afraid that it might break the spell. He just lay there, grinding his cock against her tightly clutching hand, while her tongue deliciously explored his mouth. Jay could feel his pulse pounding in his throat as her fingernails traced their way up and down over the burning flesh of his naked cock.

He suddenly wondered if his mother expected him to fuck her, and the thought of it was enough to blow the boy's mind. Then came the frightening realization that he might not be able to satisfy her. He'd never screwed before, and he hoped he wouldn't make a fool of himself if she let him fuck her hot body.

"Do you like this?" he heard his mother whisper as she lovingly stroked the hot meat of his throbbing dick. "Does it feel nice, darling?"

"God, yes!" he panted. "I've never felt anything so neat in my life!"

"I'm glad," she crooned. "Because I want you to fuck me in a few minutes."

"But, Mom!" he blurted, his voice almost cracking. "I've never done it before, and I don't know how!"

"That's okay, baby," she whispered. "Just lie back and let me take care of everything. You just wait until my hot little pussy starts squeezing that beautiful big cock of yours. My horny cunt is gonna suck your prick dry. It's gonna squeeze every drop of your cock-juice into my thirsty twat."

Susan's loving fingers continued tenderly sliding the tightly stretched cock-skin up and down over his lurching rod, making it grow thicker and harder with every agonizing stroke. The beautiful woman was well aware that she was about to commit obscene incest with her son, but she wanted to prove to herself that he wasn't gay.

"Why don't you play with my tits, darling?" she hotly whispered. "I want you to suck on them."

The excited young man reached out with trembling fingers until he found the turgid stiffness of the nipples that crowned her deliciously full tits. At first he touched them very cautiously, and then seeing the exquisite passion lighting his mother's eyes, he began rolling and pinching them between his fingers.

"Now kiss them," she softly panted into his ear. "Lick my tits!"

Taking her swollen nipples into his mouth, he first sucked on and then the other.

"Ooooh, yes, sweetheart!" she moaned. "That's the way!"

When his mother began writhing more wildly on the bed, Jay pulled his mouth away, afraid that he was hurting her.

"Please don't stop, honey!" she cried. "That feels so fucking good!"

After he'd sucked on her tasty boobs for what seemed an eternity to the depraved mother, she finally pushed his face away from her hot nipples and rolled the boy onto his back. Lying before her, with his legs spread lewdly apart he saw his throbbing dong pointing straight up at the ceiling.

"You're such a handsome young man!" Susan smiled down at him as she traced her fingers all over his naked body until they once more found his obscenely upright cock. Using her nails like tiny butterflies, she lightly scratched them up and down along the sensitive underside of his thick shaft, sending heavenly shivers through his loins as she strolled the taut skin of his naked cock.

Moving her hand further down, she cupped his furry balls in her palm, lightly rubbing the loose, crinkly skin as Jay moaned softly as he lay beside her. Lowering her face, she lightly kissed his ear and then worked her lips down the side of his neck and across his chest. Licking his slightly salty flesh, she traced her tongue around the nubs of his nipples and down across the flatness of his muscular belly, to the nest of wiry hair around the base of his thick boner.

"Oh, shit!" he cried, unconsciously pumping his hips upward when his mother unexpectedly brushed her hot lips and tongue across the meaty head of his young cock. The fleshy knob seemed to swell even thicker as his beautiful mother's tongue licked and lapped all around his big, shiny cockhead.

At first he didn't think it was very nice for his mother to touch his prick with her mouth, but the moment her soft, moist lips closed around it, he quickly changed his mind. He almost blew his top when she began sliding her mouth up and down over his tool, the fat shaft plunging in and out of the velvety depths of her gulping throat. Unaware of what he was doing, Jay soon began slamming his hips up and down, fucking his cock in and out of his mother's hot mouth.

"Not yet, honey," whispered his mother when his prick started to jump and jerk in her mouth. "Don't shoot your wad yet. Just try to hold back as long as you can."

Removing her mouth from his ready-to-explode dick, she smiled down at his handsome face as she waited for him to cool down a bit. When she felt certain that he was no longer on the verge of climaxing, she rose up on her hands and knees to straddle him. At first she had wanted him on top, but now she decided it would be easier for her to control the inexperienced youth from above.

"Now, just relax," she whispered as she straddled his loins. "This is going to be one day you'll never forget!"

Looking up at his beautiful mother, he could feel her soft thighs and knees pressing against his sides. He could even feel the humid heat of her cunt wafting out from between her legs. Digging his fingers into the sheet, he closed his eyes in anticipation of what was to come.

Squatting over him, Susan slowly lowered herself until she felt the hot head of his cock brushing against the hair-fringed lips of her pulsing twat.

"Ready?" she whispered.

"Jesus, yes!" he panted, opening his eyes to stare at the juicy flesh of her quivering pussyhole.

Jay could feel his heart pounding wildly as the hot, moist slit began sliding down over his trembling cockhead. The feverish heat of her cunt was enough to blow his mind as he watched his dick slowly disappearing up her slippery pussy.

"Holy shit!" he cried when his mother suddenly plunged her twat downward, drilling his cock all the way up into the scalding depths of her cunt. The unbelievable ecstasy he felt as his naked boner plowed up through her deliciously wet flesh was something Jay would never forget.

Now, with her son's thick, hard tool completely imbedded in her grasping, sucking fuck-hole, Susan began rhythmically rotating her hips, grinding his innocuous dong around and around in her hot, tight pussy hole. Susan couldn't get over bow heavenly it felt to have his big, meaty cock completely filling her, throbbing hard against her stretched cuntal walls, basking gloriously in the sucking depths of her squeezing pussy-hole.

"How do you like Mother's cunt?" She smiled down at him through half-closed eyes.

"Oh, Mother!" he sobbed, delirious with these wonderful new sensations. "You feel so fuckin' good!"

"I'm glad," whispered Susan, seeing the glow of erotic pleasure on his face, "I want this to be something you'll never forget!"

Continuing to rotate her hips, Susan could feel her son's virile young cock rubbing deliciously against the ridge-lined walls of her sucking twat. She knew it was incest, but looking down at the joy on his face, Susan was thoroughly convinced that he wasn't gay.

Finally stopping her sexy rotating motion, his mother began sliding her hot, slippery cunt up and down over his throbbing boner.

"Oh, shit!" gasped jay when he felt his big, tingling prick slithering up and down through the hot, moist folds of her juice-slickened fuck tunnel. It was an incredibly wild sensation for the boy as his thick meat slurped in and out of her sucking, squeezing pussy.

Staring down between her legs, Jay could clearly see her gasping pussylips clinging to his glistening-wet shaft as she pumped her talented slit up and down over it. In all his wildest dreams, Jay had never dreamed fucking could be this beautiful as he lay there, watching slippery cunt cream oozing out from between her prick-squeezing twat lips.

Gazing up into his mother's radiant face, with her dark hair flying and her soft lips parted in ecstasy, Jay couldn't get over how truly beautiful she was. He'd never seen anything so provocative as the way her deliciously naked boobs lewdly jiggled to the tempo of her lurching body.

"Oh, Jay, darling!" she squealed, beginning to bounce faster and faster over his lurching tool. "Your cock's so big and hard, honey! God, it feels so fuckin' good!"

"Does it really feel good to you, too?" he excitedly asked, thinking the pleasure was all his.

"You better believe it, honey," she panted. "You're soon gonna have Mother coming all over your beautiful big cock, you sweet fucker."

Completely carried away with the joy and excitement of this new-found sport, Jay began slamming his hips up to meet every downward plunge of his mom's slurping twat.

"That's the way, baby!" she squealed out with delight. "That's the way to use a cunt! Jesus Christ, what a cock! Just fuck the hell out of it! Just fuck it silly!"

Susan soon felt herself rushing toward a wild climax as Jay's fantastic prick pounded deeper and harder into her hot, sucking cunt. She could feel his swollen knob pounding through her pussy until she thought she'd lose her mind with joy. His marvelously big boner was carrying the beautiful brunette to new heights of ecstasy.

She suddenly wondered why she'd waited so long to find out what a fantastic fuck machine she had in her son. From now on she would use his wonderful cock as often as possible. She loved every throbbing inch of it, and God knows how much the shy boy, needed his mother's cunt.

Knowing that he couldn't hold back his fiery stream of hot cum much longer, Jay began slamming his hips up harder, almost knocking his mother off of his belly with every upward thrust.

"YES! YES!" she squealed with joy. "FUCK IT TO ME, BABY! FUCK IT TO ME!"

With her knees pressed against his sides like a vise, she wildly bounced up and down over him while his plundering dong continued ravishing her sizzling fuckhole.

As the moment of her wild climax approached, she began fucking even more feverishly.

"Oh, sweet Jesus! I'm coming!" she screamed, slamming her hot slit down around the thickness of his plunging pole. "YES! YES! FUCK ME TO DEATH, HONEY!"

Thrusting his hips up, Jay almost lifted them both up off of the bed with his wild passion. Grasping her hips as he continued drilling his hard meat into her, Jay could feel his cock ready to explode.

"FUCK! FUCK!" she hysterically screamed. "SQUIRT, HONEY! I'M COMING... COMING! CREAM ME, BABY! JUICE ME!"

The seething mass of bubbling cum that had been building up deep in his balls suddenly erupted. His entire body stiffened with ecstasy as a torrent of scalding spunk shot up through the tingling length of his shaft, spurting a wild stream of jizz into his writhing mother's hot little pussy.

"YES! YES!" she cried with ecstasy. "THAT'S THE WAY, DARLING! CREAM ME GOOD!"

Jay trembled and jerked beneath her until his spurting cock had completely emptied its hot load into her cum-drenched pussy. When the last drop finally shot from his slowly shrinking prick, Susan collapsed down over her son's broad chest.

"Oh, God, I love you," she whispered into his ear, feeling his deflated pecker nestling softly in the juicy warmth of her glowing slit.

"And I sure love you, Mom," panted Jay, covering her softly parted lips with long, lingering kisses.

"How did you like your first fuck?" she whispered when their mouths finally parted.

"Fantastic!" The boy grinned.

"Then let's get this thing hard for another fuck!" Susan giggled. "I don't think I can ever get enough of your wonderful cock!"


Late that afternoon, Stan came over with Mack Jordan to take Barbie for a ride. When Stan told his friend that Barbie wanted both of them to fuck her, the boy was more than willing to cooperate.

"Hi, guys!" Barbie beamed as she settled herself on the front seat between Mack, who was driving, and Stan, who was sitting on the other side of her.

"Hi, Barbie." Mack grinned, driving the car away from the curb. "Where would you like to go?"

"Anywhere that we can be alone," giggled the attractive young blonde. "I've never felt so horny in my life!"

"Mack and I will take care of that little problem," Stan reassured her. "We're gonna fuck the shit out of you this afternoon!"

"Good." She sighed. "That's exactly what I need."

"Just hang on until I can find a place to park." Mack grinned, pressing his foot down harder on the accelerator.

Stan and Barbie had no intention of waiting until Mack found a spot where they'd be hidden from view. Taking the pretty blonde into his arms, Stan covered her softly parted lips with his open mouth. They were both panting loudly as their tongues deliciously entwined his free hand, Stan searched beneath the short skirt she'd purposely worn today, lustily fingering the inside of her naked thighs. Her entire body trembled in response to his, erotic exploration.

"Mmmm," she softly moaned as his thick middle finger slid beneath her elastic nylon panties. The pretty little blonde instinctively thrust her hips upward as he slipped his finger between the lubricated, soft lips of her oozing little slit.

"Mmm, yesss," she hissed into his mouth, clinging tightly to him as the delicious friction of his moving finger, in the slippery folds of her glistening, pink pussy, filled her, with delight. The intense pleasure was greatly increased when he briefly pulled his finger out to tweak and tease her big clitoris, instantly making the bud stiff with lust. She let out another soft moan, writhing her body against his when he slipped his finger back into the simmering channel of her cunt.

"Does that feel good, honey?" he whispered as he screwed his finger around deep in her frothy little twat.

"Oh... ohhh, yes! God, so good... so good," she sighed again and again.

They were suddenly brought back to reality when Mack slammed on the brakes. Looking around, they could see that he'd parked the car in a grove of trees on the other side of the railroad tracks, where they were completely hidden from view.

"Let's get in the back," panted Stan as he climbed over the seat.

Quickly pulling down his pants and shorts, he grasped his swollen boner with his hand.

"Come on!" He grinned, waving his cock around as Barbie looked over the back of the seat at him: "It's all ready for you."

Without saying a word, the horny little blonde scrambled back to join him. She kneeled over the boy on her hands and knees. His cock was pointing straight up at her wet mouth as she lowered her head toward it. Flicking her tongue out, she licked the tip across his swollen cockhead, bringing a soft moan from deep in his throat. She was so glad that her Uncle. Dave had taught her how to suck cocks, because giving blow-jobs was one of the most exciting things she'd ever done.

Firmly holding the base of the boy's stiff shaft, Barbie began running her tongue up and down its meaty length. Not taking his cockhead into her open mouth, she merely teased his prick with the tip of her tongue, driving the young man into a wild frenzy of passion.

Searching further into Stan's crotch, she cupped his lusty balls in her palm. Dropping her head further down, she lightly ran her wet tongue over his nuts, the curly hair deliciously tickling her nose. Moving her face forward, she licked her lips and slowly sucked both of his nuts into her mouth.

She could hear Stan groaning with pleasure as he dug his hands into her long blonde hair, unconsciously pulling her face tighter to his crotch. Her tongue lapping at his balls, she gently rolled them from cheek to cheek. After sucking and licking his swollen nuts for several more moments, she raised her mouth up toward his cockhead, letting his balls slip away.

"Oh, God!" gasped Stan when the horny young girl suddenly plunged her warm lips down over his sensitive knob.

Thrilled with the taste of his thick, hard prick, Barbie tightened her lips around his prick as she plunged her face down, until the swollen head of his dick nudged the back of her throat. Her tongue fluttered up and down the length of his shaft as she sucked it with her lips. The pretty girl's face was twisting from side to side in his lap.

Then, grasping his hips firmly, Barbie raised her head as slowly as she'd lowered it, running her tongue up along the sensitive underside of his shaft until it almost slid out of her mouth. "Oh, shit!" gasped Stan, pushing her head back down over his cock.

She was thrilled by the sight of the curly mat of cock hair around the base of his cock rushing up toward her mouth as her face plunged down, and then the sight of the slippery shaft sliding out from between her sucking lips as she pulled her head up.

Watching from the front seat, Mack was getting hotter by the second.

"Jesus Christ!" he panted to Stan. "She's sure giving you a good blow-job!"

"You're not just shittin'." Stan grinned. "This little broad's really got it all together. Why don't you come back here and join us?"

Getting out of the car, Mack wasn't sure what to do. Stan was lying on his back, taking up most of the seat, and Barbie was kneeling over him as she sucked his prick. Standing by the door, Mack looked directly at her little panty-clad ass through the window. Opening the door, he could see that the kneeling girl's ass was just in the right position for some hot and heavy fucking action.

Dropping his pants and shorts, he stepped forward and flipped her skirt over her back. His hard boner was throbbing violently as he ran his hands over smooth nylon that was so tautly stretched over her adorable young ass.

Reaching up between her legs, he could feel the heat of her pussy through the wet crotchband.

Using both hands, he grasped the elastic waist of her panties and peeled them down over her softly rounded ass and thighs. Trembling with anticipation, he slipped his thick middle finger into her oozing cunt from the rear. After plunging his stiffened finger in and out a few times, he spread the oily juice over his hand and rubbed it onto his prick.

Grasping her hips, Mack fitted the head of his swollen tool between her slippery cuntlips and pushed forward, and he felt his knob slithering up into her deliciously tight little slit.

"Mmmm," Barbie softly moaned around the thickness of the cock that was in her mouth.

Feeling the lips of her cunt closing around his throbbing boner, Mack began slowly pumping in and out. She was so hot and wet and ready that his thick cock slid easily through the delicious folds of her scalding cunt flesh.

Thinking how much deeper and better it felt from the rear, Barbie tightened her cunt muscles around his meat, increasing the friction as he pumped back and forth. She felt Mack's thick dong fucking into her, and Barbie's tongue began working overtime on Stan's prick, whipping it into a lathered frenzy. Taking almost the entire length of his cock into her wet mouth, Barbie knew that the boy couldn't last much longer.

Then it suddenly happened. Without any warning, Stan exploded a torrent of cum into her mouth. Sucking wildly, the pretty girl was able to swallow every tasty, gooey drop of it. Thoroughly enjoying the tasty treat he was giving her, she thirstily drank up his heavenly spunk until his limp, wet prick slipped out of her sucking mouth.

Happily licking her lips, Barbie once more concentrated on the wonderful tool that was fucking into her from the rear.

"Oh, yes!" she panted. "Fuck me, darling!"

Getting out of the car, the exhausted Stan walked around to the other side, where he could watch Mack fuck his big cock into the horny blonde's cute little cunt hole.

Barbie was almost out of her mind with pleasure as Mack penetrated her deeper with every stroke. Each time he pulled back, his thick cock drew her clit and pussylips out with it, and each returning thrust would deliciously push them back into her soft folds. The way his thick meat was pulling and pushing the slippery folds of her cunt flesh in all directions was the most incredible thing Barbie had ever experienced. His massive boner was so thick and swollen that the mere pressures alone was enough to excite her fully.

Almost ready to come, Mack could feel his scalding cum churning around in his aching balls. Letting go of her hips, he reached around and grasped her jiggling tits so he could enjoy even more of her hot little body. No longer in complete control of himself, he fucked into her at a much faster tempo, driving with the fury of a wild bull. Each deep thrust of his big dong pounded into the very depths of her cunt, bringing unbelievable joy to the horny young blonde.

Barbie could feel his lusty balls slapping smartly against her inner thighs as she ground her ass back, trying to get even wore of his heavenly cock into her overheated little pussy.

"Fuck me, darling, fuck me!" she screamed as the young man frenziedly pounded his hard meat into her. "FUCK MEEE!"

Standing by the car, watching them, Stan was excitedly stroking his rapidly swelling prick.

"Oh, God!" moaned Mack. As he felt his climax drawing ever closer. "Are you gonna get a cunt full of jizz!"

On the verge of shooting his load, Mack cruelly twisted her tender boobs as he mercilessly fucked her. His thick, hard dick was pounding into her like a runaway piston.

"MORE! MORE! MORE!" screamed Barbie, feeling her own climax coming. She knew that nothing could stop it now. Just three or four more thrusts of his magnificent rod, and she would explode into a wild and glorious orgasm.

Then she suddenly felt Mack stiffen and let out a loud grunt as he shot a scalding jet of bubbling spunk into her spasming cunt. She was right in the heavenly throes of climax as wave after wave of erotic sensations flooded through her belly, while Mack's hotly spurting rod filled her twat with an endless stream of hot cum.

"OOOOH! AAAUUUGHH!" she screamed, the muscles of her cunt sucking and squeezing on his throbbing boner with uncontrollable spasms. "OOOH, SO GOOD! SO GOOD!"

As their wild climax slowly subsided, they continued to writhe against each other like mindless animals.

"Oh, God, that was fantastic!" panted Barbie, feeling his warm spunk dribbling down her inner thighs. Still impaled on his slippery prick, she thrilled to the way he was caressing her dangling boobs.

The pretty little blonde's thighs and ass were completely slicked with his cum mixed with her own juices. Her golden cunt curls were damp and matted as his deflated dick finally slid out of her oozing slit with an obscene plop. It was like someone had pulled a plug as a thick stream of slippery cum poured onto the seat from her dripping PUSSY.

Watching the couple fuck, Stan had played with his cock until he had a brand-new hard-on. Anxious to fuck Barbie, he quickly stepped up behind the kneeling girl and gently rubbed the head of his prick against the oozing lips of her recently vacated hole. Then, grasping her hips, he drilled his boner into the scalding depths of her sodden little slit.

Feeling Stan's stiff prick slipping in and out of her sucking twat, Barbie began feverishly rubbing her excited clitty. Every one of his deep thrusts sent shivers of delight coursing through her body, every shiver bringing her closer to a second climax.

There was no longer any doubt that two cocks were better than one. His hard meat pounding into her writhing cunt from behind was filling her loins with a pleasure unmatched by anything she'd ever felt before.

Waves of unbelievable joy were soon flooding through her body as the first heavenly sensations of a great climax began.

Clinging tightly to her lurching hips, Stan could feel his own spunk boiling in his balls, screaming for release. Aware that his orgasm was only seconds away, he began fucking harder and faster, anxious to bring Barbie off before he shot his wad.

Suddenly the little blonde was writhing beneath him, moaning and groaning with joy as her intense climax enveloped her whole body.

"OOOH! OOOH!" she squealed, twisting and turning violently as her young body was wracked with intense ecstasy.

Stan suddenly felt his hot spunk starting its fiery journey up through his shaft, and his entire body stiffened with anticipation.

"OH, MY GOD!" she shrieked as her asscheeks quivered from the heavenly pleasure that was radiating out from between her legs and to every part of her body.

Just as Stan was about to shoot his hot wad, the writhing girl accidentally pulled her cunt away from his cock? Knowing that he wouldn't have time to get his prick back in her hot little hole, he grasped it with his hand and began pumping. After only two or three strokes, he began spraying her lovely, dimpled back with his thick, white sperm. The second spurt splattered against her sweet, young ass.

Reaching up behind her, Barbie grasped his shaft and rubbed his cockhead in the puddles of gooey cum that had formed on her naked flesh. When his cock was thickly coated with the slippery fluid, she moved around and licked his prick clean.

"Oh, darling," whispered the exhausted girl as she collapsed on the seat. "That was so wonderful!"

It seemed that she'd been lying on the seat for hours, though it was only a few minutes before she was aroused by a cock nudging at her mouth. Opening her eyes, she saw Mack pressing the thick head of his cock against her cum-drenched lips. Glancing up, she could see his lust burning in his eyes. She could see how badly he wanted to empty his hot cum into her mouth, and the horny young blonde was more than ready for it.

"Hi, honey," she teased, giving him a provocative smile, "it looks like you're ready for a nice, hot blow-job."

"I sure am!" The handsome young man grinned.

"Then you've come to the right girl," Barbie giggled, grasping the thick base of his swollen dark. "I'm the hottest little cocksucker you'll ever find."

"Oooooh," he moaned as her soft, juicy lips suddenly slid wetly around his heavily pulsating hard cock, her naughty little tongue teasing the tiny slit at the end of his cockhead. She was enjoying the taste of the spunk fluids seeping out of the small hole, and her deliciously ovaled lips began sliding up and down over his thick meat as her tongue swirled around his big, burgeoning knob.

The softness of her slippery lips in direct contact with the unbelievably hard prick made him gasp with lust. Sucking deeply on his tasty cock, she passionately licked the shiny surface of his bloated knob.

"Oh, baby!" gasped the excited youth. "You sure know how to give head!"

Grasping the thick base of his shaft more firmly in her hand, she held it steady as she ran her sweet wet tongue up and down the sensitive underside of his throbbing pole, thoroughly coating his big cock with her abundant spit. Moaning softly, Barbie nibbled at the tingling flesh, bringing sobs of joy from deep in his throat.

The lovely blonde was so thoroughly engrossed by sucking and licking his delicious big cock that she wasn't aware of someone spreading her thighs apart. Then she suddenly felt something exciting happening between her legs.

Still sucking deeply on Mack's thick rod, she glanced down to see Stan spreading her juicy cuntlips apart as he lowered his face toward the golden curls of her oozing crotch. Her shapely legs began trembling as he swiped his wet tongue up along the full length of her hot, juicy slit.

"Oh, my God," she mumbled around Mack's thick meat.

Waves of rapture washed through her body as she passionately clamped her delightfully naked thighs against his face, trapping him against her hotly flowing pussy. The feel of his tongue flicking and darting feverishly around her dripping slit was enough to blow her mind. His thick, rough tongue was teasing the velvety folds of her open pussy as it had never been teased before. Knowing that hers was the only pussy he'd ever tasted, Barbie decided that he was a natural-born cunt lapper.

Sucking on Mack's thick cock, she could feel his hand pulling on the back of her head, trying to force more of his thick meat into her mouth. Gobbling feverishly on his tasty boner, she was conscious of Stan plunging his tongue into the warm, slippery flesh of her pussy, exploring the hot, slick folds of her oozing slit.

"OH! OH!" she squealed with delight when he came into contact with her tingling clitoris.

The beautiful blonde excitedly sucked on Mack's rod as Stan nibbled on the sensitive little joy-button between his teeth. Teasing the tiny pearl of her clit with just the tip of his tongue, Stan made her moan with ecstasy around the thickness of his friend's cock.

Barbie was soon writhing all over the back seat as flames of arousal burned throughout her shivering body. It was pure heaven to have her drooling pussy hotly licked and sucked while she was being fucked in the mouth by Mack's obscenely thick boner. Barbie sobbed with rapture as an unbelievable pleasure coursed through every part of her lewdly naked body. Mack's meaty dong seemed to be expanding even bigger in her mouth as it throbbed between her widely stretched lips.

Digging his fingers into her long, blonde hair, Mack panted like a madman as he fucked his cock in and out of her sucking mouth. Wanting him to quickly empty his hot cum into her throat, Barbie passionately squeezed his swollen balls.

Feeling Stan's tongue working frantically around in her hotly quivering cunt, Barbie was racing toward a wild climax when Mack suddenly shot his first hot load of cum into her frantically sucking mouth. His thick jizz spewed wildly into her mouth while Stan's licking, sucking mouth was rapidly propelling her toward an orgasm.

When she'd sucked the last drop from Mack's limp, shriveling prick, her climax exploded throughout her body.

"OOOH!" she screamed as Stan's tongue swirled around deeply in her wildly spasming slit. "I'M COMING, HONEY! OH, SHIT, IT'S SO GOOD! SO GOOD!"

Finally, after what seemed an eternity to the beautiful little blonde, the heavenly sensations slowly abated, leaving her feeling strangely empty as she settled down onto the back seat of the car.

"Oh, darling," she whispered to Stan as he pulled his sopping-wet face out of her swampy crotch. "That was so good!"

"Honey," panted the boy as he stroked his thick boner. "Now will you let me fuck you?"

"Help yourself," she giggled. "I can last as long as you guys can!"


It was early in the evening, and Susan was alone in the house when her next-door neighbor, Greg Morton, rang the doorbell.

"Hi." He smiled when she opened the door. "Is Dave home?"

"I'm afraid not," she said, holding the door open for him. "He had to go to a meeting, but come on in anyway."

"Thank you." Greg stepped into the room. "How about a drink?" asked Susan as the man seated himself on a sofa.

"That would be great," he answered. "I could really use one."

When Susan returned with their drinks, she sat down next to him on the couch.

"Where is Shirley this evening?" she casually asked.

"She had to meet with a committee at her club," he answered.

"Well," said Susan, taking a deep swallow of her drink. "It looks like we've both been deserted tonight."

"It sure does," sighed Greg, glancing at the deep cleavage between her big breasts that was so visible in her dressing gown.

Seeing the wild expression in his eyes, Susan suddenly realized that she was wearing nothing except the flimsy robe.

Pulling the front of her gown together, she continued making small talk with the man. Their glasses were soon drained, and she quickly made them a second round.

"What time do you expect Dave home?" Greg asked as she handed him his glass.

"I really don't know," she answered. "What time will Shirley be back?"

"I have no idea." He grinned lewdly. "Why don't we stop fooling each other?" Susan smiled. "We both know they're together."

"What?" he gasped.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she stammered. "I thought you knew about it."

"Knew about what?"

"Don't you know that my husband and your wife are having an affair?"

"Are you serious?" he gasped.

"It's been going on ever since the night of our patio party," she explained. "I don't think they're aware that I know about it, but it's been so obvious from the very start."

"Well, I'll be damned!" He sighed. "I guess that calls for another drink."

"It sure does," said Susan, taking his glass. "Are you upset about it?"

"Of course I am," he answered. "Aren't you?"

"I was, at first," answered Susan as she fixed another drink. "But it doesn't hurt so much now."

After their fourth drink, they were both feeling rather mellow.

"Well." Greg smiled at her as he set his drink down. "This isn't the first time she's been unfaithful to me."

"I'm sorry." The beautiful woman smiled back at him.

Looking down at her in his half-drunken state, Greg suddenly became aware of the soft, warm glow in her gray eyes, and the invitation of her moistly parted lips.

"What's the matter?" she whispered, seeing the sudden confusion on his face.

"I don't know," he stammered. "I've never seen you look so beautiful."

"Then kiss me," she said, offering him her softly parted lips.

The man hesitated for a couple of seconds before he drew Susan into his arms. As their open mouths melted together, the beautiful woman rested her hand on his upper thigh.

The touch on his thigh bothered Greg. Even if his wife was unfaithful to him, he certainly didn't want to get involved with his beautiful neighbor.

Then, as her hand began rummaging in his crotch, he felt a certain thrill that was quite exciting. With their mouths passionately locked in a deep kiss, he felt a call of adventure he hadn't known in sears. As much as Greg knew that they should stop before it was too late, he could feel the rush of blood to his prick, his shaft rapidly growing as his balls seemed to tighten up into a knot of flesh.

"We must stop, Susan," he gasped, pulling his mouth away from hers. "We don't want to become involved in a sordid affair."

"Oh, bullshit!" she whispered. "Your wife and my husband are enjoying themselves. Why shouldn't we?"

Feeling the man's cock swelling beneath the material of his pants, she grasped the tab to his zipper and yanked it down. Before Greg could protest, she thrust her hand into his fly and wormed through the opening of his shorts, until her fingers curled around his rapidly swelling shaft.

"Oh, honey," she giggled, playfully squeezing his thick meat. "This is some cock you have!"

"God, Susan," he panted. "We'd better knock this shit off!"

"Why?" she whispered. "The fun's just starting."

"But we're both married!" he gasped. "This is all wrong!"

"So what?" Susan grinned, pulling his thick cock out of his pants. "You can bet my husband's stiff dick is stuffed into your wife's cunt right now!"

Holding the shaft of his thick meat in her hand, Susan wrapped her moist lips over his throbbing cockhead, completely engulfing it with her velvety-soft mouth.

"Oh, God," he groaned, completely helpless, unable to stop her.

She began sensuously swirling her tongue around the head of his burgeoning dick, pausing now and then to probe the tip into the drooling slit in the end of his knob. Greg let out another shuddering moan as her fingernails tantalizingly teased up and down the sensitive underside of his thick shaft.

When the head of his prick was thoroughly drenched with her spit, Susan began slowly moving her head up and down, taking more and more of his thick meat into her mouth with every delicious plunge of her face. Greg's horny wife had often sucked him off, but he'd never felt a mouth so deliciously warm and smooth as this one.

Greg's hips began instinctively moving in time with the beautiful brunette's bobbing head. Completely lost in a trance of sexual rapture, the man was hotly panting, unable to believe what was happening to him. Her warm, moist mouth was stroking his swollen rod with increasing speed, her talented tongue giving his cockhead an extra delicious lick every time she raised her head.

With the gathering sensations concentrating in the head of his prick, Greg could feel his cock swelling even larger as the beautiful woman's tongue and lips deliciously teased and tantalized his dick with every stroke. Greg could feel his orgasm drawing closer and closer, causing him to groan loudly as her mouth worked feverishly on his throbbing joint.

"Oh, shit, that feels good!" he panted. "So good, so good. Just a little more, and I'll be there. Oh, God, are you gonna get a mouthful!"

His breath came in short, hot gasps from his tortured lungs. He could feel his scalding cum burning in his hairy balls, signaling that his cock was about to explode. Frenziedly slamming his hips up toward her face, he could feel the head of his quivering boner pounding against the back of her throat, his wiry cock hairs mashing against her nose.

Just when he thought he couldn't stand any more of this intense ecstasy, his tingling dick suddenly shot a hot stream of cum into the back of her throat. Susan sucked and swallowed thirstily as the swirling fluid flooded into her gullet.

When his cock began gradually deflating in her mouth, the exhausted man leaned his head against the back of the couch, thoroughly enjoying the way Susan's lips pulled and sucked on his prick until she'd drawn out every last drop of cum.

"Mmmmmm," she whispered, finally releasing his limp, wet tool from her mouth. "That was great! Did you enjoy yourself?"

"Fuck, yes!" he gasped. "That was the wildest come I've ever had!"

"Now, me," she giggled, opening her robe as she spread herself out on the sofa. "It's your turn to lick my pussy!"

Wanting so much to taste the beautiful woman's cunt, Greg began squirming around on the couch so he could stick his face between her thighs.

"Wait a minute," she whispered. "Let's go up to my bedroom, where we can get nice and naked for each other!"

"I'm all for that!" He grinned, leaping to his feet.

Entering her room with him, Susan quickly discarded her robe and spread herself out on the bed to watch Greg undress. The woman's heart was pounding loudly with anticipation when he finally lowered his naked body down next to hers.

"Oh, God, you big-pricked darling," she panted. "I want you to eat me out before we fuck."

Trembling with excitement, the man moved down and lovingly spread her satiny smooth thighs apart. Her juicy, hair-fringed slit was deliciously revealed to him, the moist cunt flesh glistening with her hotly oozing juices. After gazing at her slot for a few brief moments, he lowered his head down between her beautifully tapered thighs, nuzzling his face into the furry warmth of her overheated crotch. Deeply inhaling the pungent fragrance of her slit, he shuddered as the female aroma deliciously assailed his nostrils.

"Oooh, yes! Lick my cunt!" Susan impatiently crooned, writhing her steaming loins against his face. "Lick me good!"

Pressing a thumb on either side of her quivering slit, he gently spread the fleshy lips apart. He could feel the heat of her smoldering pussy against his face as he stared into the juicy slit of her womanhood. Unable to control his lust any longer, he took a deep breath and drilled the tip of his tongue into her eagerly waiting hole. It felt so slick and hot in there as her tangy juices flowed thickly over his tongue.

Whimpering with delight, Susan reached down and curled her fingers into his thick head of hair, pulling his face tighter to her hotly leaking pussy.

"Oh, yes, honey," she wantonly whispered. "Lick me good."

Wanting to give her as much pleasure as possible, he began fucking his tongue in and out between the moist, clinging lips of her slippery cuntal sheath. Swirling his tongue around in the hot depths of her horny aunt, Greg brought loud squeals of rapture from the writhing woman.

"Oh, yes, lover!" she sobbed at the top of her lungs. "Oooooooh! That's it, darling! Don't stop! Don't ever stop!"

Wanting to bring her even more pleasure, he moved his lips further up her slit, seeking the pulsing bud of her little clit.

"OOOOH!" Susan shrieked with joy when his probing tongue made electric-like contact with her sensitive joy-button.

Spurred on by Susan's squeals of rapture, he took her tingling clit between his lips and feverishly stroked it with his tongue.

"YES! YES!" squealed the woman, writhing her crotch against his mouth, smearing the open lips of her oozing pussy all over his face.

As Greg passionately licked and sucked on her tasty little twat, he became more and more aware of the arousal of his own body. Even though he'd emptied a hot load into Susan's mouth only minutes ago, his dong was once more fully hard, throbbing with aching impatience.

He was thoroughly enjoying the delicious taste of her cunt, but now he wanted to stuff his pulsing boner deep into her twat, and fill her writhing cunt with a thick, swirling load of cum. His desire to fuck his cock into her steaming pussy was so powerful that he could hardly control it. He was just about to move up to mount her when Susan suddenly pushed his juice-smeared face away from her smoldering snatch.

"Oh, God, baby! I need your cock!" she cried. "I wanta be fucked!"

Sitting up, she reached down and grasped his swollen boner with her hand, stroked it a few times, then released it.

"Jesus Christ!" she panted, her eyes a flame with lust. "It's all hard and ready again!"

"Goddamn right it's ready," he panted. "And you're gonna get the fucking of a lifetime!"

"Oh, yes!" she hotly whispered. "I just wanta be fucked to death!"

As he quickly crawled up between her obscenely spried thighs, Susan reached down and again grasped his swollen fuck tool. Frantically clutching the base of his thick shaft, she eased the lust-inflamed head between the sopping lips of her moistly slick cunt.

"Now," she passionately whispered, "stuff that big beauty into me."

Pushing forward, Greg could feel the deliciously hot wetness of her cunt closing around the throbbing thickness of his hard cock. He could feel the tightness of her slippery fuckhole slowly flowering open until it swallowed the bulbous head of his dick. Then, flexing his hips, he plunged violently forward, drilling the entire length of his prick up into her seething cunt with one powerful plunge.

"Oooooooh, baby!" she gasped, her pussy suddenly filled with both pain and pleasure. "You go right after it, don't you?"

"No use foolin' around." He grinned. "When a cunt's ready to be fucked, it doesn't want to wait."

"Then fuck me for all you're worth," she hotly whispered, deliciously squeezing her cuntal walls around the throbbing length of his deeply imbedded cock.

Anxious to empty a hot load of spunk into her deliciously tight fuckhole, he began humping her, thrusting his thick boner in and out of her squeezing cuntal sheath with short, smooth strokes. As her hot pussy adjusted to his hard tool, he gradually lengthened his thrusts until he was pounding deeply into her.

He was thrilled at the way Susan was responding beneath him, fucking back at him like a hot little mink. Her steaming loins were slamming up to meet every long, deep thrust of his plundering cock as her deliciously tight pussylips nibbled their way up and down the sensitive thickness of his huge boner.

Her delightfully naked thighs were locked passionately around his body as he increased the tempo and depth of his cunt-splitting thrusts. Feeling the beautiful woman squirming and writhing beneath him, he pressed his hotly open mouth against her moistly parted lips. Their tongues entwined in a sloppy kiss of wanton passion. Susan's beautiful face was contorted with desire, her eyes glazed over and her breath coming in hot gasps as the lewdly coupled pair fucked on. Him screwing her for all he was worth, Greg reached down beneath the squealing woman and cupped her wiggle asscheeks with both hands, trying to pull her cunt up further around his plunging dick.

"Oh, honey," she moaned when his fingertips brushed across the sensitive ring of her puckered ass opening. "Stick your finger up my ass!"

Willing to do anything that might please the woman, he tried to penetrate the tiny hole with his finger, but couldn't get it through the tight little opening. Deciding that it needed lubrication, he rubbed his finger in the slippery cream that was oozing out from between her prick squeezing cuntlips.

"Now, honey!" she excitedly whispered when she felt his juice-coated finger probing around the tight little opening. "Now, ram it in!"

"Okay, baby!" he panted. "You asked for it!"

Without any hesitation, he pushed hard. His finger instantly popped through the elastic ring of her tight little asshole and sunk to the palm of his hand in the buttery hotness of her slippery ass.

"EEEKK," she screamed from the pain of his sudden deep penetration.

Frightened by her cry, Greg was about to withdraw his finger from the depths of her forbidden hole when he heard the woman whimpering with joy as she excitedly skewered her ass back around his deeply embedded digit. While she writhed her burning asshole back around his thick middle finger, she simultaneously thrust her hips up, trying to get even more of his hard cock meat into her seething twat.

"Oh, sweet Jesus!" she softly moaned as she began spiraling up toward a wildly screaming climax. "It's so good, honey, so fuckin' good!"

Greg was fucking his cock into her with ever-increasing speed, feeling the thickness of his middle finger through the thin tissues that separated her two holes. Susan was writhing insanely beneath him, hotly grinding her horny cunt up around the length of his plunging prick. Her shapely legs wrapped around his body, her burning asshole rhythmically contracting around his deeply buried finger.

Drilling into her cunt for all he was worth as he urgently finger-fucked her rectum, Greg could feel a new batch of spunk boiling around in his churning balls. Anxious to empty his hot load into Susan's writhing cunt, Greg pulled his finger out of her ass and placed her legs up over his shoulders. Pushing forward, he forced her knees up onto his shoulders.

With the woman's body bent back in this unnatural position, the man was able to fuck almost, straight down into her up-tilted cunt. Her legs were doubled back, the whole of her defenseless slit vulnerable to his plundering rod.

"Oh, sweet baby!" she squealed at the man who was humping her body. "Fuck me, darling! Oooooh, fuck me harder!"

Susan was almost out of her mind with the pleasure she was getting from his rampaging cock. As her orgasm raced ever nearer, her head flopped from side to side on the rumpled pillow, her long, dark hair flailing wildly around her lust-contorted face.

"OQOOHI OOOOH, FUCK!" she screamed when the force of her wild climax struck her. "AAAUUUGH! FUCK HARDER! I'M COMING!"

Feeling his hot spunk streaking up through the length of his tingling cock, Greg fucked into her with deeper, harder strokes. Then, it was suddenly there. His prick was spewing a torrent of white-hot cum into the beautiful woman's spasming cunt. Feeling the fiery stream of jizz hosing into her cunt seemed to enhance her own wild orgasm.

"That's it, darling!" she sobbed. "Cream me good, baby! Oh, fuck, how I love that hot jizz in my bunt!"

Spurt after spurt of the frothy cream gushed out of his prick as the man continued fucking into her. It wasn't until he'd shot the last drop that he slowed down. Finally feeling his dick starting to deflate in her cum-filled twat, Greg collapsed over her delightfully naked body.

"Oh, baby," whispered Susan, "that was really a wild fuck!"

"You're not shittin'!" Greg beamed. "I want some more of that!"

"Me, too," giggled Susan. "But I'm afraid we'll have to wait. We'd better get dressed before Jay and Barbie get home."


The next night, when Greg went to bed with his wife, he couldn't get over the fact that Shirley was having an affair with Dave Harper. He'd thoroughly enjoyed balling Susan, but he was still upset about his wife's infidelity.

"How was your meeting last night?" he asked as they lay side by side in bed.

"It was just fine," whispered Shirley, reaching over and curling her fingers around his naked prick. His meat was only partially hard, and this puzzled the woman because his cock was usually as hard as a rock when they went to bed. Stroking the soft, thick flesh with her fingers, she could feel him shuddering at her touch.

Wanting to get his cock hard enough for a good, hot fuck, Shirley threw the covers back and lowered her head down toward his crotch. Parting her deliciously moist lips, she took his cockhead into her warm mouth. Wrapping her tongue around the tip of his dong, she began to suck, taking more and more of his rapidly swelling shaft into her warm, wet mouth. The flaring tip of his lusty cock was soon nudging the back of her throat, filling her mouth with its thickness as she sucked and licked, swirling her tongue all around his tasty meat.

While Shirley feverishly sucked on his rigid boner, Greg began to finger his wife's pussy. Worming his thick middle finger into her hotly dripping twat, he screwed it around until it was coated with the sticky juices that were pouring from deep within her horny hole.

The harder she sucked on his prick, the faster he finger-fucked her little red-fringed slit. As her hot cream poured out, Greg began massaging them into her pussy curls. Feeling her lips sucking and pulling on his thick dong, the man smeared her slippery juices all over her lush thighs. The palm of his hand was sticky and wet from the creamy fluid as he rubbed it back and forth over her luscious pussy mound and thighs.

She was soon involuntarily writhing around on the bed as he soaked the woman's lower body with her creamy cunt juice. Finally pulling, her head back, she let her husband's thick cock slip out of her mouth. His boner was now hard enough for fucking, and that was what she wanted most.

"God, that thing tastes good," she whispered, licking her lips as she rolled onto her back.

"As good as Dave Harper's?" he asked casually.

"What do you mean?" gasped Shirley, quickly sitting upright on the bed.

"Don't act coy with me, you rotten bitch!" he snapped. "Everybody in town knows he's been sticking his filthy cock into you!"

Shirley just stared at him, too shocked to say a word.

"Well, what do you have to say now, hot cunt?" he barked, pushing her back down onto the bed.

"N-nothing," she stammered in a weak little voice.

"Now, isn't that something!" he snarled, rolling his wife onto her belly. "Since you're always so hot to fuck, I'm really gonna give it to you tonight! But not in the same hole those other bastards stick their rotten cocks!"

"What do you mean?" she gasped.

"You're gonna get screwed right in your little ass tonight," he answered, with a nasty grin on his face. "I'm gonna split your filthy ass wide open!"

"You wouldn't dare!" she said defiantly.

"Try me!" he sneered. "You're just lucky that I'm not gonna break your fuckin' neck!"

"You're not going to get away with it," she whimpered. "I'll call the police!"

"I don't give a shit who you call!" he snapped. "After I'm finished with your asshole, you can call any son of a bitch you want to!"

"Please don't!" she sobbed as he began rubbing the soft cheeks of her ass with his big hands.

"Listen, you bitch!" he hissed in an angry voice. "If you like being laid by every bastard in town, you're gonna find out how it feels to really be fucked. When I'm finished with your asshole, you'll wish you'd never been such a rotten slut."

Shirley cringed at his threatening words, and a cold chill raced from head to toe through her cowering body. She knew that there was no way she could stop the enraged man from butt fucking her, yet she was sure she could never stand the pain.

His hands were still running lewdly over her trembling asscheeks as she shuddered from the obscene touch.

"Please, Greg," she begged. "Please, do anything to me but that."

"Just shut up and enjoy it!" he snarled. "Any bitch that sleeps around like you do should try everything."

"You're not a man!" she screamed at him. "You're a filthy animal!"

"I don't want to hear any more shit from you!" he growled, grasping his wife's long red hair and pushing her face-down against the mattress.

At first she tried to free herself from his grasp but, overpowered by his superior weight and strength, Shirley reluctantly had to give up the struggle. Spread out flat on her belly, the woman could feel his hands on her crawling flesh as he lewdly fondled the quivering cheeks of her smooth, white ass.

"God, that looks like a tight little asshole," he excitedly breathed. "Are you sure no other guy stuck his cock in there?"

"Of course not, you filthy bastard!" she shouted over her shoulder at him. "You're the only pig I know that's depraved enough to want it!"

Excitedly spreading her deliciously soft asscheeks further apart with his hands, he gazed longingly at the tightly, puckered little hole nestled between them. Shirley was squirming under the obscene fondling of his fingers as he lewdly stroked and caressed her naked buttocks.

"Come on, bitch. Up on your knees!" He grinned, grasping her hips and raising the woman to a bowing position. "Now you're gonna get a big assful of cock!"

She crouched there on all fours, her full tits dangling voluptuously beneath her. The woman's beautiful face was flushed with both shame and fear as she cowered before her enraged husband. She let out a soft sob when he grabbed her head and slammed it down onto the bed. He roughly rubbed her face against the sheet, while her naked ass waved obscenely in the air. Her long red hair was tangled all around her face, completely cutting off her vision. Frightened, and filled with a loathing for her husband, she crouched in front of him, a helpless victim of his raging anger.

She silently prayed that she would be able to stand the pain as her insanely jealous husband continued kneading the rounded orbs of her quivering asscheeks, twisting and squeezing the deliciously soft flesh with his fingers.

"Please don't," she whimpered with shame when she felt his hot, fat tongue making wet contact with the naked flesh of her cringing ass. Her body shivered with revulsion when he licked his depraved tongue all the way up the deep crevice between the ovaled cheeks of her buttocks. The beautiful woman's body shuddered as her sadistic husband licked the widely spread crack of her ass.

"God, baby! I'm sure gonna enjoy fuckin' this cute little hole," he panted, poking his finger at the sensitive ring of her ass opening, until the tip sank in to the first knuckle.

"Please don't!" she begged, her little ass burning from the lewd invasion as wave after wave of revulsion coursed through her trembling body.

Though she hated her sadistic husband, Shirley was powerless to do anything about it as he continued lewdly finger-fucking her helpless little asshole.

"Please, Greg!" she cried, feeling his thick middle finger worming deeper and deeper into her tightly resisting ass passage. "If you ever loved me, don't do this to me!"

Completely ignoring her, he cruelly screwed his invading finger deeper and deeper into her cowering ass depths.

"Take this, you cheating whore!" he growled, twisting his finger in the tight little hole, imbedding it to the palm of his hand in her burning butt.

"Please don't!" sobbed Shirley, her cruelly stretched ass on fire with pain.

He answered her by ramming a second finger up into her defenseless asshole. After screwing his two fingers around in her ass for several moments, he finally pulled them out, letting her brutally stretched asshole throb with extreme pain.

At first she thought that he might leave her alone now, but once again he grasped her asscheeks and cruelly spread them apart until Shirley thought she'd pass out from the pain. With her head pressed down against the bed, she looked back between her legs and saw his thick, hard cock gripped obscenely in his free hand. His big, purple cockhead was poised only inches from her asshole, big bubbles of pre-cum fluid oozing out from the tip.

Staring at the size of his lusting dong, Shirley was suddenly thrown into a spinning cauldron of shameless passion. She was completely aware that her depraved husband was about to sodomize her like an animal, but looking at his throbbing boner, she realized that she had a perverse hunger to feel it stuffed up her ass!

Feeling as if she were a mere bystander watching from a distance, Shirley was numbly aware of his massive cock knob pressing into the wide crevice between her quivering asscheeks. She was vaguely conscious of his hands pulling her buns apart as she felt the hardness of his drooling cockhead pressing against her tiny ass opening.

"Please don't!" she cried, suddenly coming back to the world of reality as she desperately wriggled her ass around to avoid his big, thick tool. "Please don't fuck me in my ass!"

Her writhing body seemed to only further excite him, and with a snarl of contempt, he pushed his prick against her tiny ass opening with all of his strength.

"Stop moving!" he roared, giving the beautiful woman a resounding slap on her sweet bare bottom. "You're gonna get ass fucked whether you want it or not!"

Aware that there was no way to stop him, Shirley held her breath, knowing that his big, ass-splitting cock would soon be shoved up into her belly.

"NO!" She suddenly shrieked with intense pain, as his swollen knob popped through the little elastic ring of her tortured butt opening.

Then, with a low growl, Greg forced his hard tool a bit further in.

"TAKE IT OUT, YOU SON-OF-A-BITCH!" she screamed as the intense pain in her butt streaked to every part of her cringing body, blanking out everything except the unbelievable agony she was experiencing.

The pain became so intense that she wasn't even able to scream, so she hysterically bit into the sheet beneath her. Unable to move or cry out, she crouched motionless beneath him, the pain in her ass almost more than the frantic woman could endure.

Kneeling over her body, Greg could see that only the thick head of his cock had penetrated her ass. There were still several thick, hard inches of throbbing shaft left to be shoved up her tender ass.

"Please take it out!" she sobbed, finally finding her voice. "I can't stand any more of this!"

She couldn't believe that her own sweet husband had turned into such a demented beast. It was absolutely unbelievable that she could even be hunched over in this obscene position on the bed, while her husband fucked his thick click into her asshole.

"UUUHHH!" she groaned in agony.

Greg was grunting, and pushing with all his strength, feeling the delicious tightness of her brutally stretched asshole slowly closing around his throbbing dong. Panting heavily, the man continued pushing forward, painfully opening the channel of her ass with his enormous tool.

The distraught woman struggled against the force of his pressure, but his thick cock relentlessly sank deeper and deeper into her tortured shitter.

"OOOH, NO!" she cried out in anguish.

"Feel it, bitch!" he leered. "Did Dave Harper ever give you such a good time?"

"You rotten bastard!" she sobbed, feeling the tender tissues of her ass ripping before the onslaught of his brutal tool.

She groaned and bucked under his weight, but with his impaling dick almost halfway in, he held her fast. His hotly throbbing boner was painfully stretching her tight little ass almost to the splitting stage as he slowly inched in a bit deeper.

Suddenly giving a mighty lunge forward, he drilled the entire length of his cock into her burning asshole.


Groaning loudly, he reached around her thigh and rammed his thick middle finger up her cunt. Gently rubbing her clit, he began slowly withdrawing his massive dong from the depths of her bowels. He pulled it out just a little bit at a time, until only his turgid cockhead was just inside of the small opening. Taking a deep breath, he flexed his hips and slammed the length of his prick back into her ass with one mighty thrust.

"EEEGHHHH!" she shrieked in pain.

Tenderly rubbing her clit, he began a slow cock-fucking rhythm as her tight ass passage gradually became accustomed to the thickness of his harding rod. With each thrust, he drilled his big toot balls-deep into his trembling wife's hotly clinging rectum, almost knocking the woman off balance with each wild stroke.

All resistance gone, Shirley just hunched under him, letting him perversely use her body in whatever manner he wanted. Resigned to the brutal ass-fucking he was giving her, she just helplessly waited for him to empty his cum into her ass.

Crouching beneath him in her lewd crouching position, Shirley slowly became aware that her revulsion was gradually being replaced by a faint sense of pleasure. At first she couldn't believe it, but as he continued fucking her, a cunt-tingling sensation began building up in her helplessly skewered asshole. She tried to deny it to herself, but her ass was soon buzzing with an unbelievable ecstasy.

"YES! YES!" she screamed, suddenly loving what he was doing to her.

The fantastic pressure of his cock in her ass and his fingers clawing at her clit was blowing the beautiful redhead's mind. Squealing with joy, she wildly rotated her hot, tight ass around his massive pole as he rhythmically pounded it into her.


She was no longer trying to fight back the surges of intense pleasure that were flooding through her spasming body. Only moments ago, she'd considered sodomy as something perverted but now, with the intense ecstasy mounting in her loins, she was fucking back to him, trying to take even more of his prick up her sizzling ass. Enjoying every ass-splitting second of this heavenly fuck, she bucked beneath him like a shameless whore.

"Oooooh," she whimpered between her desire-clenched teeth, unable to control her burning emotions as she passionately screwed her nakedly split asscheeks back against his massive dong. Her sinewy ass muscles were contracting hotly around his big ass-plugging cock.

"Oh, yes, honey!" she moaned in total submission, thoroughly loving the incredible thrill of his thick dong pounding up into her belly from the rear. She no longer gave a fuck whether they were committing a depraved act or not. All that mattered to Shirley were the wonderful fingers of rapturous pleasure that were streaking through her body as she lustily fucked her ass back at him.

Greg couldn't believe what was happening to her. He was ass-fucking her as punishment for her infidelity, yet she was passionately responding to it, loving every ass-splitting thrust of his cock. He couldn't believe the way she was rapturously moaning, mewling little obscenities as she ground her hot asscheeks back to receive his deep thrusts, and then clenching his thick meat with her ass muscles, deliciously prolonging the ecstasy of his withdrawal.

"Oh, sweet shit!" she cried as the flames of her fiery passion seemed to consume her naked body. She didn't care that it was her asshole being plundered that was giving her so much pleasure. She couldn't believe that being fucked in the rear could bring such joy to her tingling cunt.

Enjoying this perverted act as she'd never enjoyed anything else, Shirley was whipped into a wild frenzy, jerking and thrashing in this depraved position as her luscious tits jiggled and bounced beneath her. This was a pleasure unlike any other she'd experienced in her life, and she was so happy that her husband had chosen sodomy as her punishment.

"Oh, darling!" she shrieked, feverishly fucking her ass back around his plunging dong. "I'm gonna come... gonna come!"

The beautiful redhead almost blew her mind as her husband fucked harder and deeper into her churning ass. She was completely lost in the ecstasy of her depravity as her tingling butt rhythmically clenched and unclenched around his plunging cock. Kneeling beneath the man as he lustily fucked her from the rear, Shirley exploded with a wild climax.

Goaded on by his wife's prick-milking asshole, Greg was no longer able to hold back. He could feel his burning cum racing up through the thick length of his tingling shaft.


He roared out as a hot stream of scalding cum shot up into her little prick-stretched asshole, filling her butt with his boiling spunk. It seemed to be a never-ending climax as jet after jet of foaming cum spewed into her shuddering bowels. Still filling her heavenly asshole with jizz, he feverishly fucked his spasming wife into a mass of scathing ecstasy.

Finally, when his quivering dick began softening in her bottom, Greg slowly pulled back until it slipped out of her cum-drenched shitter.

"Oh, darling," gasped Shirley as her heaving body collapsed on the bed. "That was the neatest thing that's ever happened tome."

She rolled onto her back, her thighs wantonly spread out in the posture of a well-fucked woman. Her swollen tits were tingling with delight as she felt Greg's hot cum bubbling around deep in her ass.

Smiling to herself, Shirley realized that her affair with Dave Harper was completely over. From now on, she would be more than satisfied with her own husband's fantastic tool.


The following Sunday, Dave and Susan decided to take Jay and Barbie up to the lake for a picnic. It was a beautiful day, and Susan prepared a delicious lunch that they wolfed up like a bunch of hungry animals. When the meal was over, Barbie and Jay decided to take a walk along the edge of the lake.

The pretty blonde girl kept glancing up at her handsome cousin as they strolled along the edge of the water, wishing her cousin wasn't so shy. She'd been hoping all summer that Jay would fuck her, but he'd paid absolutely no attention to her advances. Deciding that he wasn't interested in girls, Barbie had given up trying to seduce the young man.

"Gee!" Jay grinned as they sat down on a grassy knoll by the edge of the lake. "I wish we'd brought our swimming suits. That water really looks nice."

"We could always go skinny-dipping," said Barbie. "There isn't anybody around."

"Are you serious?" Jay gasped, thinking how much he'd like to see his pretty cousin naked.

"Sure," beamed the little blonde. "I think it would be fun. Don't you?"

"W-well," he stammered. "I g-guess so."

Jay had been dying to look at his pretty cousin's nude body ever since she'd first arrived this summer, but he was too shy to even hang around her. Every time he jacked off, Jay always pretended his hand was Barbie's pussy. And now that his mother had taught him how to fuck, the boy was even more anxious to see his pretty cousin undressed.

"Well, just don't sit there," Barbie said as she jumped up from the grass. "Let's get our clothes off."

Jay's body seemed frozen, riveted to the grass where he was sitting, his mouth hanging open, eyes bulging out of his head as he watched his beautiful cousin quickly remove her shorts and halter. She was the most gorgeous girl he'd ever seen. Her skin was flawless, her lovely tits so temptingly full, with big turgid nipples sprouting from the tips.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" she impatiently asked, standing deliciously naked, her hands on her hips. "Aren't you going to take your clothes off, too?"

Without taking his eyes from her shapely body, Jay stood up and unfastened his belt and fly. Staring down below her cute, dimpled navel, the teen gazed hungrily at the soft blonde curls that covered her cunt mound. Between the sparse tendrils of hair, he could see the moist pinkness of her slippery young pussy slit.

Realizing how shy the boy was, Barbie stepped up in front of him and removed his shin.

"Now you can take off the rest." She laughed as she waded out into the cool water.

With the naked girl in the water up to her waist, Jay removed his pants and undershirts and quickly followed her into the lake. He rapidly ducked down so that Barbie wouldn't see how long and hard his cock was becoming.

After splashing around in the water for several minutes, they decided to get out and sun themselves. Once they were up on the bank, Barbie lay down on the soft, cool grass, her lovely tits and hard nipples proudly pointing toward the sun. Her deliciously rounded thighs were slightly parted to give Jay a peek at her warm, slippery twat as he stood over her.

Staring up at the young man, Barbie was thrilled by the size and hardness of his throbbing cock. She'd been afraid that Jay couldn't be turned on but now, looking at his magnificently long and thick tool, that fear quickly disappeared.

"That's some dong you have." She smiled up to him. "Why don't you lay down by me, so I can give it a closer examination?"

When the shy young man dropped to his knees beside her, Barbie wrapped her cool, soft fingers around his stiff cock shaft and began lovingly stroking it.

"Honey," she whispered, seeing how he was staring hard at her oozing snatch. "Why don't you kiss my pussy?"

"What?" he gasped, unable to believe what he had heard.

"Girls love to have their pussies licked," she mewled. "I'd sure like you to taste, my hot little slit."

Jay couldn't believe that his beautiful blonde cousin would really want him to suck on her cute young pussy, but he quickly lowered his face down toward her crotch before she could change her mind. The fragrant aroma of ripe cunt assailed his nostrils as he inhaled the pungent aroma of her pussy. Then a thundering tingle raced up the length of his thickly swollen prick when his nose and lips made first contact with her soft twat hairs and oozing slit.

"Now, lick it," she whispered, a mischievous smile spreading across her face as his hot breath further ignited her simmering twat. "Just stick your tongue in my cunt."

The young man could hardly believe what was happening as he wormed his tongue between the glistening folds of her slippery pussylips. Her fresh, young snatch flesh was like nothing he'd ever tasted before.

"Mmmmmmm! That's it honey," whispered the little teenage blonde as she wantonly writhed her hot, slick cunt tighter against his sucking face. "Just work your tongue all around in there!"

Panting excitedly, Jay swirled it around even deeper into the teens hotly aroused cunt.

"Oh, yes! Yes! It feels so good!" she sobbed. "Oooooooh, don't stop darling! Just suck me good!"

Unable to believe that he was really fondling his beautiful cousin's naked body, the young man excitedly continued his oral massage of the tasty little slit between her eagerly parted legs. He could hardly believe that he was here at the lake, licking Barbie's meaty cunt. He had spent many nights dreaming about her since she'd arrived, jerking his hard prick as images of her lovely, naked body flashed through his mind.

With every passing moment, Jay was becoming more skillful as a cunt-lapper. The boy's thick cock was swelling even larger as his moaning cousin responded more and more passionately to the wetly teasing caresses of his spearing tongue. As he continued mouthing her hot little pussy, Jay was soon able to predict just how she would react to each little flick of his tongue.

"Now!" the little blonde suddenly gasped. "Stick your finger in my twat! Hurry, honey!"

Panting excitedly, Jay grabbed the girl's horny little pussy.

"Yes... yes," she moaned, the inner hotness of her cunt slit licking at his finger as it sank into her warm little pussy hole. "Oooh! That's it, darling! Now stick it all the way in, deeper, honey! Yes! Yes! Aaauuughhh!"

Jay could feel his beautiful cousin shaking helplessly as his thick middle finger wormed into the hot, slippery passage between her lewdly spread legs. The young man's juice soaked face was flushed with excitement as he feverishly fingered Barbie's hot little pussy.

"Now, kiss my cunt!" she whimpered, writhing her juicy twat up against his hand. "Please lick my pussy again while you finger fuck me! Oh, God, darling, I want you're hot tongue in my cunt again!"

More excited than he'd ever been in his life, he quickly lowered his face until his tongue burrowed between the moist folds of her creamy little cuntlips.

"Oh, God, yes!" she screamed, a feverishly loud gasp escaping her lips as the tip of his tongue found the hard nub of her clit. "Lick my clit, honey! OH SHIT, DO IT TO ME AGAIN!"

Licking frenziedly on her little joy-button, Jay could feel her body shake and shiver as burning ecstasy coursed through her naked body.


Jay could hardly believe what he'd just heard. He recalled how much fun it had been to fuck his mother, and the thought of ramming his cock into Barbie's cute little twat was enough to make him shudder with lust.

"Do you mean it?" he gasped.

"Fuck, yes!" squealed the horny young blonde. "But hurry! Hurry!"

Scrambling around, Jay kneeled between her deliciously parted thighs, his throbbing boner swelling even thicker. He could feel hot blood pulsing through his prick head, just as blood was pounding in his temples. Then he almost fainted when Barbie's fingers closed around his meaty shaft, carefully guiding the swollen head toward the oozing hotness of her desire-slickened pussy.

"Ooooh, baby," she softly moaned. "Are you gonna fuck me with this beautiful big cock? Oh, yes, sweet darling! Fuck it to me! Shoot your hot cum into my pussy!"

Easing the head of his swollen boner between her spreading cuntlips, she continued her mindless babbling, an intense desire building rapidly in her shuddering loins.

"Hurry!" she hotly whispered, thrusting her hips up off the grass as she felt his hot cock probing the mouth of her overheated twat. "Give it to me good, lover! I can't wait another fucking second!"

Jay was trembling from the intensity of his own passion-heated arousal as the bulbous head of his prick slowly disappeared into the lust-lubricated opening between her flowering cuntal lips. He could feel her body shivering beneath him as her pink pussy-hole spread even wider to welcome his deliciously swollen tool.

Anxious to start fucking the adorable little blonde, he began pushing forward, feeling his straining cock pulsating all the way up into the soft passage of her hot, young slit. He could feel his boner expanding even thicker against her squeezing cunt walls as she arched her back to better receive his huge prick shaft.

"Oh, you sweet darling," Barbie whispered when the entire length of his throbbing erection was completely buried in her sucking cunt. "You feel so nice and big in me."

Feeling the warm sun beating down upon his back, Jay began slowly fucking his cock in and out of his beautiful cousin's hotly grasping pussy. Sparks of heavenly pleasure began to shoot up and down the length of his naked boner as he speeded the tempo of his deep thrusts.

They were locked together in a passionate embrace as they rhythmically fucked each other. Her moistly parted lips searched for his, and he soon felt her tongue worming into his wet mouth. Sucking on her tongue, Jay knew he had never enjoyed a kiss so much in his life. Kissing his mother's lips was always fantastic, but it wasn't the same as his little blonde cousin.

Barbie too was more heatedly aroused than she'd ever been before. Jay's thick cock was every bit as large as her Uncle Dave's was, but there was a young virility about his tool that was driving her wild.

"Oh, yes, darling," she softly panted. "It feels so good, sweetheart."

Every muscle and sinew in his strong body was responding to the demands of his writhing cousin. He'd never felt anything to equal the way her softly sucking cuntal sheath was squeezing the hard thickness of his plunging dong. As he continued to feverishly fuck his lovely cousin's hot little cunt, Jay wished he hadn't waited for so many years. He vowed that from now on he was going to ball every girl he could get his hands on.

"OOOH!" she gasped, her hot breath exploding out of her lungs.

Then he drove again and again, his thick, juicy boner filling her sucking cunt with an unbelievable ecstasy. His hard, deep and fast strokes were deliciously buffeting her body as she screamed with unadulterated joy.

"Do it to me, baby!" screamed the beautiful girl, her long blonde hair flailing wildly around her, flushed face. "Fuck me! FUCK ME!"

Barbie was loving every cunt-splitting moment of it! It was the same pounding fuck she always got from his father. Her big, lush tits flopped wildly up and down as he drilled into her cunt with all his strength. Fucking her for all he was worth, the young man felt his bulbous cockhead pounding through the very depths of her clasping fuckhole.

She was thrilled at the way he grunted and panted as his muscular body bucked and heaved against her, making her juice-slickened twat writhe with both pleasure and pain. His cock was ripping fiercely through her hotly clasping cuntal flesh, but the agony and the ecstasy was pure joy to the screaming girl.

"Yes! Yes, lover!" she shrieked, waving her long, shapely legs crazily in the air. "Bang me good! I love it! I love it!"

She dug her nails into his humping ass, her body gyrating wildly beneath his pounding attack, every nerve in her lush body responding to the delicious vibrations of his pile-driving prick.

"Oh, darling!" she cried hotly. "Don't ever leave me, lover! Don't ever go away!"

She was feeling a climax steadily building in her loins, and her velvet-like cuntal sheath was rippling and spasming hotly around the length of his wildly plunging tool. No longer in control of herself, Barbie fucked back to him like a wild animal, her bare feet pounding his back. Her body stiffened as her twat began involuntarily contracting around his hard meat.

"Yes! Yes!" she squealed, her spasming pussy locking tightly around his cock as her orgasm exploded through her entire body. "Oooooooh! I'm coming! OOOH! AAAIIIEEE!"

He fucked even harder into her, further excited by the feel of her cunt squeezing his prick with force.


She came again and again and again! She screamed as one hot climax followed the other through her churning body, torrents of hot juices creaming out of her cock-filled cunt. Barbie writhed and jerked beneath him, his hard-slamming doing giving her no mercy as she continued creaming all ever the slippery length of his shaft.

Clinging tightly to him, she rode his rampaging prick for all she was worth. Each time he thrust forward, she could feel his bloated balls smacking wetly against her sweet, pillowy ass, and each time he partially withdrew, her hotly sucking cuntlips desperately clung to the delicious thickness of his shaft. His hard, deep-thrusts were making her clit throb with joy, the sensitive little joy button burning from the unbelievable pleasure.

As Jay drew closer and closer to his own climax, Barbie could feel his cock growing thicker and harder feeling it expanding, the beautiful blonde knew he was about to shoot his wad.

"Squirt, baby, squirt!" she shrieked. "Fill my pussy with cum!"

And just as a gush of seething spunk shot into her fuck-hole, Barbie came again.

Screaming hysterically, she felt his white-hot jizz filling her pussy as her inflamed slit contorted around his throbbing, spewing rod.

His exploding cockhead was filling her cunt with thick, slimy cum that splattered hotly against the tingling walls of her grasping pussy.

He snorted, trying to plunge his spurting tool still deeper into her jizz drenchcd hole.

The thick, slippery spunk was oozing out through her cock-filled cuntlips, dribbling down the crack of her ass, making a sticky puddle on the grass.

"Oh, my God!" he panted, still pumping into her as he continued emptying his thick cum into her sucking slit.

She came again as Jay pounded his spurting cock even deeper into the juicy hotness of her glorious fuck-hole. Barbie couldn't believe this magnificent boy as she tightly clung to him, sobbing with joy at her rapid-fire orgasms.

As he drilled into her time and time again, she was conscious of nothing but his hot jism gushing into her spasming hole. His spurting prick was still stabbing into her with frantic, jerking movements that were shaking her entire body. His balls were twitching excitedly as he pumped the last of his boiling spunk into her thirsty cunt hole.

Panting and groaning like a wild animal, he dug his toes into the grass, trying to force his jerking pole even deeper into her hat little pussy.

"Oh, sweet precious lover," she whispered, feeling his stream of cum beginning to fade. "You're the most wonderful boy in the world."

He was pumping with less urgency now, but Barbie still kept her hot cunt clamped snugly around his shrinking tool, trying to milk out the last drops of his rich, thick cock-cream.

"Oh, darling," she whispered, holding him tightly as he jabbed into her with less enthusiasm. "That was so wonderful!"

She could still feel the deliciously hot spunk oozing from the tip of his dick in small amounts. His motions began slowing as the last drop of cum dribbled from the end of his prick.

"Oh, God," he gasped, collapsing on top of her, his cock luxuriously soaking in the heavenly warmth of their combined juices.

With his broad chest pressing down against her luscious big tits, she could feel his soft prick pulsing in her cum-drenched twat. Her soft, naked legs were still wrapped around his back, her soft fingers tenderly caressing his bare shoulders.

"Oh, you sweet darling," she whispered when he finally withdrew his limp, wet tool with a soft slurping sound. "That was some great fuck!"

"You're marvelous." He smiled down at her.

"Oh, Jay," she sighed, stretching out like a kitten on the grass. "We're going to have so many wonderful times together."

"Jesus, honey," the boy panted. "You sure know how taste a man feel good. How long have you been fucking?"

"I just started this summer." She grinned shamelessly. "Your dad was the first ever ball me."

"NOW, now," they heard a voice behind them. "It isn't nice to kiss and tell."

Turning around, they saw Dave and Susan standing there, in their swim suits.

"Oh, Uncle Dave!" Barbie giggled, seeing the big bulge in the front of his trunks. "Jay's all fucked out, and I'm still horny! Why don't you empty that hot load into my juicy little cunt."

"Go ahead and screw her!" Susan smiled, staring at her son's limp prick. "I'm gonna try to suck Jay's cock hard again."

Watching her uncle quickly removing his trunks, Barbie rolled onto her back, lewdly spreading her legs to receive his thick dong into her little spunk-drenched pussy!


"Honey," said her naked uncle as he stepped over to Barbie. "How about getting on your hands and knees?"


"So I can fuck you dog-fashion," he explained, obscenely stroking his big, lusty cock.

"That sounds dike fun!" Barbie excitedly giggled, quickly kneeling in front of him, with her cute ass waving invitingly in the air.

Crouching down behind the girl, Dave gently grasped her hips and eased the fat head of his prick between her hotly dripping cuntlips. Firmly holding her, he plunged forward.

"OOOH, YES!" she squealed with joy, feeling her uncle's thick meat gliding into her little teenaged pussy.

His long cock thrust forward so violently that it almost knocked the breath right out of her lungs. Barbie writhed and squirmed beneath him as the man continued shoving his big dong deeper and deeper into her deliciously tight little fuckhole.

"Oh, Uncle Dave," she whimpered when his swollen tool was buried to the hilt in her young cunt. "That feels so fuckin' good!"

Barbie liked the feel of his hairy balls tickling her inner thighs while his wonderful cock pulsated deep within her little cunthole. The ever-horny girl's hot juice was boiling wet around her uncle's thick prick as she feverishly pumped her ass back against his ass.

"D'ya like being fucked like a dog?" he excitedly whispered over her shoulder.

"Shit, yes! Uncle Dave!" she panted. "Now, give it to me good!"

"Don't worry, honey," he gasped, partially withdrawing his dick to start the assault. "This is gonna be one fuck you'll never forget!"

Digging her fingers into the grass, Barbie braced herself to receive his wild plunge. Suddenly his huge dong slammed into her, the cockhead pounding against her womb as his balls slapped noisily against her ass flesh. The pretty blonde's entire body lurched from the force of his thrusts, her voluptuous tits bouncing crazily beneath her.

"OH, YES!" she shrieked, her ass feverishly wriggling as he fucked deeply into her hot little cunt from the rear. "Bang me good, Uncle Dave! Just fuck the hell out of me!"

Susan had removed her brief bikini, and as she watched her husband fucking his thick prick into his niece's little pussy, she tenderly fondled her son's limp, wet dick. She loved the wonderful warmth of his soft cock-skin in her fingers as she gently squeezed his heavy hunk of meat. It felt like a velvet rod in her hand, thrilling her almost as much as when it was steel-hard.

Lowering her face, Susan thrust out her tongue and lightly licked the tip of his cum smeared cockhead.

"Oh, Mom," whispered her son. "That really feels great!"

"I'm glad." She smiled, her twat starting to ooze hot juices as she fondled his soft prick. "Mother wants to get it nice and hard so you can fuck me!"

She parted her lips and covered the tip of his smooth round knob with them. Not taking more than the head of his limp pecker into her mouth, she lovingly licked and sucked on it. She thoroughly enjoyed the taste of the sticky spunk that still clung to his knob. Her warm saliva coated the soft prick flesh as her hot tongue deliciously stroked it.

Wanting more of his meat, the beautiful woman opened her mouth wider to take more of it inside. When almost half of his prick was in her moist mouth, she could feel it starting to swell and harden. She swirled her tongue more rapidly around his cockhead as it grew and pressed out against the insides of her cheeks.

"Oh, God, Mom!" he moaned as she began fondling his balls, while his dick continued stiffening in her mouth.

Wanting his cock to be fully erect before they started fucking, Susan redoubled her efforts, her mouth sucking his sensitive cockhead like a vacuum cleaner. Taking more of his burgeoning cock into her wet mouth, she felt the fat tip probing the back of her throat. Her lips and tongue were working faster now, his prick straining in her mouth as the fat knob throbbed against her tonsils.

"Holy shit, Mom!" he panted as his mother took even more of his tingling boner into her mouth. "You're some cock-sucker!"

Unable to control himself, the naked young man began unconsciously bucking his hips up off the grass, driving his hard rod deeper into her throat as she hungrily sucked and licked. The frenzied undulations of her tongue and mouth were driving him wild. His cock was now fully erect, the skin stretched taut over his thick hunk of meat.

Running her nimble tongue all around the head of his swollen dick, she sucked hard, forcing it in and out of her mouth with a wild fucking motion. It was so thick and hard that his prick filled her mouth completely as it pounded against the back of her gulping throat. The more his swollen pecker filled her mouth, the more she wanted to feel it buried in her hot, itching cunt.

Giving his cock an extra passionate suck and a final sloppy swipe with her tongue, Susan let her son's spit-lathered dick plop wetly out of her mouth with an obscene slurping sound.

"Hey, Mom, don't stop!" cried her writhing son. "Please, keep sucking!"

"Relax," she whispered. "Now it's time to fuck!"

Her handsome son spread out on his back, Susan began crawling up over his body, feeling his hard cock burning against her naked flesh as she inched upward. Finally lying full-length atop him, Susan could feel her son's thick boner standing straight up between her thighs, rubbing against the crack of her ass. Their hot bodies undulating together, they were both panting with feverish arousal, there open mouths welded together in a tongue-sucking kiss.

Finally breaking the deliciously deep kiss, Susan rose up on her knees and firmly grasped the shaft of his throbbing dick. She was straddling his loins, her hotly leaking twat hovering just above his straining cockhead.

Jay's entire body was tingling with expectation as she slowly lowered her pussy closer and closer to his throbbing boner. Suddenly he was conscious of the swampy heat radiating from her open slit as her soft cuntlips brushed lightly against the tip of his dong.

"Ummmmm," Susan whimpered as her thick cunt juice oozed onto his prick, the hot sticky fluid dribbling down over the length of his straining shaft.

With their mad desires almost overwhelming them, Susan could hardly wait to impale her burning pussy on the spike of her son's hard meat. But she fought to control herself, wanting to prolong his heavenly penetration as much as possible. Lowering herself down further, she slowly rotated her pussy so that the tip of his cock lightly rubbed between her steaming cuntlips.

Holding the shaft of his dong lightly in her hand, she teasingly stroked her erect clit with the smooth head. Lightly rubbing first this way, and then that, she could feel his hot knob caressing her sensitive joy-button, and that was enough to blow her mind.

"Oh, shit, Mom!" panted Jay, frantically arching his back up off the grass. "Stick it in your cunt! I can't take much more of this teasing!"

"In a minute," she whispered, still lightly rubbing his quivering knob against her juices lick pussylips. "Mother doesn't want to rush things."

Squirming over him, she was barely making contact with his throbbing boner head as she rotated her hotly oozing slit against it.

"Goddamnit, Mom!" he gasped, pressure building up in his swollen balls as her deliciously wet cunt rubbed lightly over his bulging cockhead. "I can't stand any more of this shit!"

Unable to control his burning lust any longer, he violently grasped her hips and pulled her down with all of his strength.

"No!" protested his mother. "Not yet, darling. I want to play some more."

Playfully struggling to free herself from his tight grasp, Susan could feel his swollen knob parting her juicy cuntlips. No matter how hard she struggled to free herself, she was no match for his strength as he kept forcing her cunt further down over his thick young cock. She had wanted to play he teasing game a bit longer, but Jay was too hot to bury his swollen boner into his mother's frothy twat.

Giggling, Susan struggled to lift her twat up off of his dong, but her son kept pulling her down, forcing more and more of his cock up into her scalding pussy. She could feel it slipping ever deeper into her tingling hole, as the slippery inner folds other cunt flesh gave way before his invading tool.

Now filled with an overpowering passion, Susan no longer wanted to play games. She was more than ready to feel the thickness of his big rod buried deep in her cunt.

Jay was panting like a bull beneath her as he thrust his hips upward, slowly imbedding his cock deeper and deeper into his mother's writhing pussy.

"Shove it into me, honey!" she cried, hotly grinding her horny twat down over his throbbing cock.

"Feel it, Mom!" he panted. "Can you feel my big, hard prick in your cunt?"

"I love it! I love it!" she whimpered. "Give me more of it!"

Thrusting his hips up, he drilled the entire length of his magnificent dark into her steaming pussy.

"YES! YES!" she shrieked with joy. Sitting upright, with a knee on either side of his hips, Susan was deliciously impaled on her son's lusty cock. It felt to her as if his steel hard cock was trying to pierce her stomach. Whimpering softly, the wildly aroused woman began squeezing and milking his hard, thick shaft with her talented cunt muscles.

They began moaning in unison as they started rotating their hips, making the hugeness of his cock rub against the sensitive walls of her deliciously filled hole.

"Oh, yes," sobbed Susan when her son began slamming his hips up and down, drilling his prick in and out of the impaled woman's slippery slit. As he bucked and heaved beneath her, she wildly gyrated her pussy, reveling in the burning ecstasy of his pounding cock. The harder he fucked into her, the hotter she got, and hot jolts of unbelievable pleasure zipping through her twitching pussy.

"Oh, yes, you big-cocked darling!" she cried, starting to slide her cunt up and down rapidly over his plunging rod. She was babbling obscenities as his hard prick dug deeper into her. It was wonderful to feel the thick hardness of his prick tearing into her overheated pussy.

Each time she slipped her hot cunt hole down over his hard tool, Jay thrust his hips up to meet it. She was bucking up and down over his steel-hard pole, his frothy cock slamming harder and deeper into the slippery depths of her feverishly aroused pussy staring down between her legs, Susan could see her son's thick, wet shaft appearing and disappearing between her slickly spread cuntlips.

"Look, honey!" she excitedly squealed. "See how your big cock is going in and out of Mother's hot cunt! Wow! You're really fuckin' me now!"

Glancing down, Jay could clearly see his heavy boner slithering in and out of her hot, wet hole. He'd never witnessed anything so erotic in his life, and the sight of his cock fucking into his mother's pussy was making him hotter than ever. She was gyrating faster and faster over him. Jay reached out and lightly pinched her erect nipples as his mother's lovely tits jiggled up and down in front of her. Wildly working her hips up and down, Susan was rushing them wildly toward their climax.

"Oh, fuck, Mom!" he sobbed. "I'm gonna fill your cunt with jizz!"

"Oh, yes, darling!" squealed Susan. "I want you to shoot me a nice, hot load!"

They were filled with unbelievable passion, their bodies wildly thrashing together, her pussy deliciously contracting around his plunging prick while his spunk boiled around in his churning balls. Their naked bodies were slapping noisily together as they feverishly worked toward their climax.

"OOOW, MOM!" he groaned. "Get ready for it!"

On the verge of shooting his hot cum load into his mother's waiting cunt, he grasped the cheeks of her lush ass as she wildly bucked above him.

Susan could feel his plunging dark jerking madly in the depths of her twat, and she knew he was about to come.

"Yes! Yes, honey!" she squealed when the first gush of hot spunk shot into her writhing belly. "Let it come, darling!"

"Aaahhh!" he gasped, thrashing about wildly as he drove his spurting rod into the very depths of her cunt, jolting her pussy as great swirling globs of slippery cum jetted into her.

Feeling her own orgasm building up deep within her loins, Susan tingled and, shuddered from the way his spurting cock was shooting creamy globs of white-hot cum into her spasming fuckhole.

"OH, DARLING!" she squealed. "MOTHER'S COMING, TOO!"

Suddenly she was climaxing as her scalding pussy involuntarily clamped tightly around the length of his shooting cock. The beautiful woman screamed at the top of her lungs as she exploded into her intense climax, her orgasmic juices flowing hotly around his spurting dick. They passionately clung to each other, their lewdly coupled bodies bucking and humping in the throes of their mind-blowing mutual orgasm.

"OH, FUCK, HONEY!" she screamed, wildly clamping her cunt around the thick base of his shaft. "MOTHER'S COMING ALL OVER YOUR BEAUTIFUL BIG COCK! CREAM ME GOOD, DARLING! FILL ME FULL OF JIZZ!"

Almost out of their minds with ecstasy, they came and came and came, buckets of perspiration pouring from their humping bodies. They trembled and shivered as they wildly bucked together, his hot, wet cum filling her cunt to overflowing. Wildly creaming together, he lathered the walls of her cunt with his frothy spunk as her cuntal muscles deliciously milked his squirting cock shaft.

"OH, DARLING!" she squealed, feeling a second orgasm exploding within her loins.


Anxious to please his wildly thrashing mother, he fucked his spurting cock deeper and harder into her cunt. They humped and lurched, creaming together as they feverishly fucked each other for all they were worth.

"Goddamn!" he panted when his prick finally began shrinking in her cum-filled twat. "That was really fuckin'!"

"You're not shittin'!" his mother whispered hotly. "I never thought I'd stop coming!"

Too exhausted to sit upright any longer, Susan collapsed onto her son's broad chest, feeling his limp, wet prick slipping out of her oozing twat.

She'd forgotten all about her husband and Barbie, until she glanced over and saw him fucking his thick cock into her little teenaged cunt from the rear. She could see her husband drilling his thick tool into her with deep, long strokes, and from the expression of ecstasy on Barbie's face, there was no doubt that she was thoroughly enjoying herself.

"That's it, Uncle Dave!" she squealed. "Fuck me, honey I bye it... love it!"

Watching them, Susan realized that it wasn't right for her husband to ball his little niece, but what right did she have to criticize them when her own cunt was full of her son's sticky spunk?

"YES! YES!" Barbie squealed, her ass wildly wriggling as her uncle fucked into her hot little slit from the rear. "Bang me good, Uncle Dave!"

He could barely control his depraved excitement. This was the tightest little cunt he'd ever fucked, so wet and hot as it squeezed his thick rod like it had never been squeezed before. For a change of pace, he began slowly screwing his dick around in her heavenly little twat as she rotated her butt back against him.

"How does that feel, darling?" he panted. "Is it good?"

"Shit, yes," she answered, grinning back over her shoulder at him. "It really feels neat."

Dave could feel her scalding pussy-cream flowing all around his deeply embedded cock, as the girl's snug little hole hungrily squeezed the thick length of his shaft. Her darling little fuckhole was so hot and slick, and was easily the most adorably tight snatch he'd ever fucked. Unable to control his depraved lust any longer, he began balling the kid with long, deep strokes that banged deep into her luscious cunt, almost knocking her off her knees with every wild thrust.

Barbie was moaning with wild passion as his deliciously big dong drilled into her, stimulating every square inch of her sweet sucking, grasping twat.

"Ooooh, yes!" she shrieked ecstatically, creaming all over, his cock as she shook and wiggled her ass. "That's the way, Uncle Dave! Fuck me, honey! Just bang the hell outa me!"

Kneeling, with her ass thrust high into the air and her face resting on her cum, Barbie was being bounced all over the grass by the hard thrusts of her uncle's prick. Her tits were jiggling deliciously beneath her as his powerful hips rammed his huge, blue-veined boner in and out of her tight, drooling little snatch. The young blonde was half-crazed by the unbelievable ecstasy of it, as well as by the deliciously erotic slurping sound of her uncle's thick meat squishing hotly in and out of her squeezing little cunt.

"Oh, shit, Uncle Dave!" she wailed. "I love it! I love it!"

He was panting and grunting as he drilled his thick tool into the fantastic tightness of his niece's juicy little slit at an ever increasing tempo. He'd never found another cunt in the whole world that was as hot and juicy and tight as Barbie's little pussy. It was driving him mad to feel her strong, young cunt muscles sucking and pulling on his tingling shaft as it plunged in and out of her creamy fuck-hole.

"Oh, Uncle Dave!" she whimpered, wriggling her lush ass a little more urgently. "Fuck me, honey! Give me everything you've got!"

Wanting to please his lovely niece, Dave further increased the hot tempo of his humping. His hairy belly slammed loudly against her hot young ass as he drilled into her with all the strength he had. As his huge, slippery prick pounded in and out of her widely stretched pussy, hot juices oozed out from between her pink, cock-squeezing cuntlips, and dripped down her inner thighs.

Barbie had never enjoyed a fuck so much in her life, and each lusty stroke of his hard meat was carrying her to new heights of ecstasy. There was a wild grin on her flushed face, and her big blue eyes were rolling wildly around in her head as she frenziedly clawed at the grass with her fingers.

"Harder! Harder!" she screeched. "I want more cock in me!"

Urged on by her cries, Dave fucked into her for all he was worth, slamming his big cock in with all his strength, almost knocking the youngster off her hands and knees with every wild thrust.

Barbie couldn't get over how good it felt to be fucked by her uncle's big, thick rod. Her tight young cunt felt raw, numb and tingly, yet it was an ecstasy beyond description. The squeezing walls of her pussy were hot from the delicious friction of his plunging dong, and she was on the verge of a screaming climax as her nipples burned and stiffened with excitement.

"Oh, shit!" she suddenly screamed, crazily waving her ass around. "I'm coming, Uncle Dave! Oh, fuck, how I'm coming!"

Shuddering from head to toe as her cunt contracted around the length of his plunging rod, Barbie was swept into the wildest orgasm she'd ever had. This was further intensified when she felt his white-hot spunk spurting out from the bloated head of his twitching prick.

"YES, UNCLE DAVE, YES!" she shrieked as his thick, hot cum splattered up into her writhing belly. "SQUIRT, BABY, SQUIRT! CREAM ME GOOD, BABY! SQUIRT! SQUIRT! SQUIRT!"

Collapsing beneath her uncle's exhausted body, Barbie felt her loins filling with a delicious glow. Both Jay and her uncle had given her such a wonderful screwing this afternoon!

"Gee, Aunt Susan." She smiled over at her uncle's wife. "I'm sure going to miss these two studs when I go home!"

"I'm sure you will," said Susan. "But you'll be back next summer, won't you?"

"If you'll have me again," giggled Barbie. "I'd love to come!"

"I'll probably need you by then!" laughed Susan. "I'm afraid these two guys will wear me out this winter!"

"What a way to be worn out!" Barbie giggled. "But I'll be back just as soon as school is out next spring!"

"That's something we'll all be looking forward to." Dave smiled, feeling his cock starting to swell again. "But in the meantime, let's all get down to some serious fucking!"


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