Hot and eager niece

Beneath the outward serenity of rural America run the same passions that we find in the big cities and sprawling suburbia. Crime is more apparent in the cities, but the same forces that drive urban man to crime are at work in our rural areas. So, too, are the forces that drive people to the pleasures of the flesh.

The characters in this story are a case in point. Outwardly a respectable, conservative farming family, behind closed doors they are all open to sexual promiscuity -- they need only a stimulus, and that stimulus is provided in an attractive girl who is forced into an incestuous relationship with her uncle.

Normal day to day life goes on, though each family member finds a growing unwillingness to control their sexual chives as long as no one is hurt by them. They have given themselves over to the pleasurable. But are they so different from the rest of us?

HOT AND EAGER NIECE -- a novel that gives added insight into the passions we all must deal with.


Lolly Thomas felt a pang of apprehension as she saw Zeke Thomas driving his old car into her yard. Zeke was the last person she wanted to see. The way he ogled her as if she was something dirty or the way he would see right through her cheap cotton dress.

It wasn't that other men didn't look at her. She was a pretty girl with her thick golden hair, blue eyes and fair skin. She expected to be looked at, but not in the way that Zeke looked at her.

He hardly ever looked at her face, but his eyes usually went to the swell of her large rounded breasts under her too tight dress.

He had a way of looking at her that made her feel nervous.

There was another reason why she didn't want to see Zeke that morning. He was after his rent money and there was no rent money. Her father had drank up the money again.

She tried to smile as she opened the screendoor. "Good morning, Uncle Zeke," she said.

"There ain't a damned thing good about it," he complained. "Now where's your daddy?"

"He isn't here," Lolly answered.

"Now that's a damned shame," Zeke said. "I'm here to get the rent money. Is it around?"

"He didn't leave it," Lolly said, "but I'm sure he'll have it before the week is out."

"Always late," he said. "I swear if you weren't blood kin. I guess I'll have a cup anyway."

She really didn't want her uncle in the kitchen. She was by herself and she never liked to be alone with him. Yet, it was his house and she couldn't refuse.

He pushed past her and took a seat at the kitchen table. She felt his eyes on her as she went to the cupboard and took out a cup. She poured him some coffee and took it to him.

His fingers brushed against hers as he took the cup from her. Even the bare touch of his fingers gave her a feeling of revulsion. She moved away quickly.

"Good coffee," he said. "Your daddy drinking again, Lolly?"

The question was so sudden that it took her completely by surprise.

"Yes," she admitted, "but you know how he's been since Momma left."

"Hell," Zeke said. "A man can't go on missing that kind of bitch forever. He should have known that it would be only a matter of time before she ran away. She'd already opened her legs to half the men in town before he married her."

"That's not true," Lolly said bitterly.

"Course it is," he said, "and you damn well know it."

Lolly bit back another angry reply because knew that what he said was true. She'd heard a lot of stories about her mother.

"I'll tell you the truth," Zeke said. "I'm tempted to run the lot of you off the farm. Let the county take care of you for a while. I really shouldn't have to support you just because I'm kin."

She knew that her uncle meant what he said. Zeke had run people off his dirt farms before. He owned most of the little farms in the county and he had never been known for being fair.

"The only reason I haven't run you off already is because of you, Lolly," Zeke said.

"Because of me?"

"Sure," Zeke said. "I like having you around to look at. You're a pretty girl. You should be nicer to me."

"I'm nice to you," Lolly said.

"Not nearly nice enough," Zeke said. "Just think what might happen if I have you put off the farm."

Lolly had thought about it. A lot. It wouldn't be that hard on her. But she knew what it would do to her family. Kenny was nineteen, but he was big and dumb and he'd end up slave labor for some cheap farmer if he didn't get a little more education.

Her sister Grace was small and frail and she'd probably go to a foster home. And her father. He'd end up starving or freezing because he had no place to go. The farm wasn't much, but at least it would give him a roof to sleep under.

"Don't run us off the farm," she said.

"You be nicer to me and I won't," Zeke promised.

"I'll be nicer," she promised.

Zeke sipped at his coffee as a smirk crossed his lips. "Well," he said, "you seem to be sincere. I wonder just how honest you are. Maybe you really do want to stay at the farm. Maybe you do."

"I do," she said.

He put his cup down. "Then maybe we can work something out."

Lolly was beginning to feel scared. He was looking at her in that dirty way, and this time he wasn't trying to conceal where he was looking.

"You're a pretty girl, Lolly," he said. "Just as pretty as your mother. That pretty blonde hair and those big blue eyes and that pure look. I wonder if you're really that pure?"

Lolly tried to say something, but only a dry sob came from her throat.

"And your tits," he said suddenly. "So big and round. I believe they're bigger than your mother's, much bigger. You've got the nicest ones in the county."

"Please don't talk that way, Uncle Zeke," Lolly pleaded.

"Why not, Lolly?" he asked. "Don't you like being complimented on your tits?"

"I think you'd better leave," she said.

"Not just yet, Lolly," he said. "We're here alone. I know that Kenny and Grace are in town today. We're here all alone. Now you can make good on your promise and be nice to me."

Lolly jumped for the door, but her Uncle was there ahead of her. She tried to get around him, but he grabbed her arm and held it in a fierce grip.

"Now don't you run away, Lolly," he said. "You be nice like you promised."

He grabbed a thick handful of her hair. He bent her head back so that he could press his thick lips against hers. She fought against her feelings of revulsion as his wet lips pressed against hers.

"There," he said, releasing her. "That wasn't so bad. Now we're going to get to be real good friends."

He reached for her again and this time she slapped his face. Site slapped him as hard as she could and she left five red marks across his cheek. He seemed stunned. Then an angry cloud crossed his face.

"Alright," he said. "You don't want to be nice. I can see that now. Well, let me tell you something, little lady. You have your sister and brother and drunk daddy off this place by five this evening. I'm going to be back with the law then!"

Zeke was halfway to his car before Lolly made up her mind. She called to him in a weak voice. "Come back, Uncle Zeke," she said. "I'm sorry I slapped you. I'll be nice. Honest, I will."

Lolly was a virgin, but she was also a farm girl. She knew enough to realize what she was promising her uncle. She didn't think he would be satisfied with a few kisses.

"That's better," Zeke said.

He came back in and sat down once more at the kitchen table. He spread his knees apart.

"Come over here, Lolly," he said. "Sit in your uncle's lap."

Lolly shuddered as she walked toward him. It was the hardest walk she'd ever had to make, but she had no choice. She just couldn't let her family get kicked off the farm.

"That's nice," Zeke said as she sank down into his lap. "You're a good girl, Lolly. Now you be nice to me and I'll be nice to you."

Zeke put one hot hand on her knee and then slowly ran it up to the silky feeling skin of her inner thighs.

He had never been able to get into her mother's panties, but he had somehow known that he was going to fuck Lolly.

"Please don't," Lolly pleaded.

He kissed the soft flesh of her throat and he felt her shiver. He continued to brush his fingers gently against her inner thighs while he cupped one of her tits.

She was just as hot and soft as he'd always imagined she would be. He knew that she hated what he was doing to her, but he didn't give a damn if she got enjoyment out of it or not. He only wanted to appease the lust that had burned his balls for years.

"You got nice tits, Lolly," he said.

He kept nuzzling at her neck. Then he moved down to the top of her cheap dress. He kissed the hollow of her throat and then went back up to kiss her lips. Her lips tasted soft and wet and hot.

He had never been kissed that way before. It drove him crazy. He nudged at her teeth with his tongue. She didn't know what he wanted and she was slow opening her mouth. Finally he pushed his tongue into her mouth.

After a few minutes of tongue-kissing her, he released her.

"You taste so sweet, Lolly," he said. "I bet you taste sweet all over."

He squeezed her tit a little harder, and she felt her nipple harden in his palm.

"Ummm," he said. "I think we are going to be able to make a deal. Where's your bedroom?"

Lolly knew she had reached the point of no return. She had to make a decision that would affect her entire life. "Please don't make me," Lolly pleaded.

"Where's your Goddamn bedroom?" Zeke asked angrily.

"Over there," Lolly said, pointing.

She already felt violated as her Uncle Zeke bulled his way into her bedroom. He glanced around at the huge mirror that had been her mother's, at the dolls that decorated one corner of the room. Then his gaze rested on the bed with the pink ruffled bedspread.

"I like your room," he said. He went over and sat down on the bed. "Comfortable. We're going to have a good time, Lolly."

Lolly knew she wasn't going to have a good time. She felt sick to her stomach, but she had made her decision and now she was going to go through with it.

"Take your clothes off," he demanded.

Lolly reached behind her back and started to pull her zipper down. She felt a cold chill as the zipper moved past the small of her back. She slipped her cheap skirt off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She was dressed in a pair of pale-white panties and a white bra. The bra was old and worn and it barely contained her womanly breasts. "Take the bra off first," he said.

She unhooked it and dropped it on the floor. His eyes ogled her plump pink breasts and her big hard nipples. She had a better-looking pair than he had expected. They were large and firm, like two half melons.

"Gawd, what tits," he groaned. "Come over here, Lolly."

Lolly went to him slowly. He made her turn around and sit with her back against his chest. This way he could reach around and grasp her firm breasts. He cupped her plump melons and squeezed hard. Her flesh felt good as hell. He ran his thumbs over her nipples.

"Now this feels nice, Lolly," he said. "Nice big tits. Feels real nice."

She was facing the mirror and she could see herself sitting in his lap while his pudgy fingers covered her breasts. She watched one of his hands drop to her flat belly and then between her legs.

"Open your legs," he demanded.

She didn't want to but she opened her legs so that his hand could get between her thighs. She watched his fingers brushing against her thighs and then touching her panties. No man had ever touched her there. She shuddered as his fingers moved up and down against her soft pubic nest.

"Damn nice," he groaned. "Damn nice."

There could be no mistaking the bulge that pressed hotly against her ass. There wasn't anyplace she could go that would escape that throbbing tool that pressed against her. She knew that in a few moments that same tool would be ripping into her.

Suddenly he released her and pushed her out of his lap. "Take the panties off," he said.

She reluctantly peeled them down her long legs and stepped out of them. His eyes went to the blonde-haired pussy. Her pussy was covered with thick hairs and there could be no doubt that she was a natural blonde.

"So fucking sweet," he said. He leaned back on the bed and cupped his hands behind his head. "All right. You undress me now, Lolly."

Lolly's fingers trembled as she undid his shirt down the front. She pulled it off and then she grasped his undershirt. She pulled his undershirt over his head and revealed his fat, hairless body. He was not a good-looking man, but Lolly began to feel a slight interest.

She couldn't help it. He was the first man she had ever seen naked. Completely naked. She had seen a man's cock before, her brother's, but she had never seen an erect one.

She fell to her knees between his legs and his hands went back to her breasts. He began squeezing her flesh as her fingers fumbled with his belt buckle. She finally got it loose and then she pulled his zipper down.

She peeled his overalls down to his knees and she saw the huge bulge beneath his jockey shorts. She couldn't take his shorts down, not yet. She unlaced his boots and pulled them off. She pulled off his socks and then slipped his overalls off his stubby legs.

Now there was nothing left to take off except his shorts. Again her fingers trembled as she took the top of his shorts and peeled them down his legs. She couldn't avoid looking at his cock any longer. His purplish weapon looked massive. The single eye at the tip of the huge cock-head oozed a drop of cum.

"Yeah, baby," he said. "It's a big one. Now I'm going to show you what it feels like to be fucked. Really fucked. I'm going to give you all nine inches, baby."

He grabbed her and pulled her down on the bed with him. He turned her so that she was beside him and he began kissing her lips. This time she opened her mouth as soon as she felt his probing tongue.

"You're getting better," he told her.

She couldn't help shivering as his tongue caressed one plump tit. Then he sucked the nipple into his mouth and she gave a soft cry.

"You liked that, did you?" he asked.

She didn't answer, but he already knew what the answer was. He could sense the excitement going through her body each time his tongue pressed her hard bud.

"Just like your Momma," he said.

She wanted to protest that it wasn't true, that she wasn't like her mother. But she could only make a sobbing noise.

"Gawd," he groaned. "I'd like to get you hot, baby. I'd like to show you what kind of cunt you are, but I'm so fucking horny. I've got to put it in."

He pushed her over on her back and dropped on top of her. She closed her legs automatically, but he grasped her thighs and pulled them, apart.

He gave her no time to get ready. She screamed as she felt his fiery weapon stabbing into her. He broke through her virgin walls violently and then shoved his cock deep into her pussy.

"Oh stop!" she gasped. "Oh stop! That hurts!"

He stopped for a few moments only to give himself time to rest. Then he began to fuck her hard and savagely. His big prick stretched her cunt walls with each hard thrust.

"So fucking sweet!" he moaned. "So fucking hot! I like your sweet fucking pussy!"

His hands groped her breasts as he drove his prick in and out of her tight pussy. She felt the first swelling of his huge prick-head...

It was all so quick.

"Move your ass, babe!" he demanded. "Move your fucking ass!"

She humped up to meet his thrusting prick as she felt the first hot spurt. Then his thick cum was filling her pussy. She felt the wet dripping out onto her thighs, and she'd felt it when he pulled his prick from her pussy and let the rest of his hot cum spew onto her belly.

She looked down to see the end of his bloated cock covered with red. She realized it was blood. Her blood. Blood from her busted hymen. She was no longer a virgin.

"You're a sweet piece of cunt," her Uncle Zeke said.


"I'd like to see Uncle Zeke, please," Lolly said. Her Uncle Zeke's bony secretary gave Lolly a sour look. "He's busy," she said. "He doesn't want to see anyone today."

"But I have to see him," Lolly protested.

"I told you that's he's busy," the secretary said. "Come back some other time."

The secretary's attitude was making Lolly angry. She knew that the woman knew why Lolly had to see her uncle. Her father had been drinking up the rent money again and there was no way that Lolly was going to be able to pay. Except one.

"You'd better call him," Lolly demanded. "He's going to be mad as hell if he doesn't get to see me."

The secretary looked a little shocked at Lolly's profanity but it did the trick. She pressed the button on her intercom and waited until Zeke's booming voice answered.

"I told you I didn't want to be disturbed!" he yelled.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Thomas," the secretary said, "but Lolly's here and she insists an seeing you today. She says it's important."

"Well, that's different. Send the girl in."

Lolly walked past the secretary and into the private office.

"Shut the door and lock it," Zeke said.

Zeke's eyes were glued to the movements of her round ass as she turned to lock the door.

"Sit down," he told her.

She went to a chair and sat down. She crossed her legs and her skirt fell away to reveal those luscious legs and the tops of her creamy thighs. He remembered those soft-feeling thighs and he licked his lips. God, she was fine.

"What can I do for you, Lolly?" he asked her.

"You haven't been back out to see us this month," Lolly said.

"Well," he said nervously, "I've been a little busy."

"But it's getting close to rent time," she said, "and I was getting kind of worried."

Here it comes, Zeke thought. He saw himself paying out a small fortune to her every week just to keep her mouth shut.

"Is it that time again?" he asked. "Time just slips up on you, sometime. Have you got the rent?"

"No," Lolly said. "You see, Daddy's still drinking and it takes everything I can make doing odd jobs after school just to put food on the table."

"I understand," Zeke said.

Zeke wanted to be very understanding. He didn't want the girl to get really angry at him. Maybe he could make a deal just to let her stay at the farm and he would supply a little food every month. Damn, but he must have been crazy to fuck her. Everything he had worked for could be ruined overnight.

Especially if Janet found out. He thought about his tall, dark-haired wife. She was the one who owned the purse strings. Her daddy had been rich when he had married her. She allowed everyone to think that he was the business tycoon, but it was Janet who made most of the decisions. And Janet would leave him in a minute if she found out about his fucking Lolly.

"What do you want me to do?" Zeke asked.

Lolly thought he was playing games with her. He wanted her to beg him. Well, if that was what he wanted. She just had to keep things in order until her father got back on his feet again. Even if it meant using her body.

"Well, since we don't have the rent money again," Lolly said. "I thought we could make the same sort of deal we did last month."

Zeke was shocked. This had been the last thing he expected. He felt his old confidence return. Lolly was too stupid to realize that she had him between a rock and a hard place. He felt his prick pushing at his trousers.

"Well, I'll be damned," he said.

Lolly felt that he was suddenly looking at her differently. He had seemed ill-at-ease since she'd walked through the door, but now he seemed to relax and he was giving her his old, lustful stare.

"You want to fuck the rent money off again?" he asked.

"Yes," Lolly answered softly.

She wished he wouldn't be vulgar about it, but she supposed that she could expect nothing else. He was a vulgar man.

"Well, come on over here, honey," he said.

She went to him and settled into his lap as if she had been doing that all her life. Her soft arms went around his neck and her lips touched his. She opened her mouth immediately at the touch of his fat tongue.

She went farther than that. Today she wiggled her tongue against his in a wet kiss. Her skirt slipped up her thighs and she could feel his bulge pressing against her. His hands went to her breasts, feeling and squeezing. She felt her nipples become taut little buds.

"Oh," she said softly.

She had felt something before that she didn't understand. This time she was getting the feeling much sooner. Something like a hard little knot in her belly.

He unbuttoned the front of her dress and slipped his hand inside. She wore a loose-fitting bra and it was no trouble for him to slip his hand inside the cup and fondle one of her sensitive tits.

"You like that, sweets?" Zeke asked. "Damn, I think you really do!"

He moved his hand around to the hooks of her bra. He easily unhooked the clasp and pulled the bra away from her tits. He ogled them for a minute.

"Damn," he said finally. "I can't get over how beautiful they are. I can shoot off just looking at them!"

This time was different than before, but she couldn't understand why. He was the same man. He was doing the same things to her. Yet, he was giving her different feelings. Somehow she found herself offering her nipple to his mouth even without being asked. He opened his lips and took just the nipple. She felt a hot excitement go through her as his teeth bruised her tender flesh. He opened his mouth wider and sucked more of her hot flesh into his mouth.

She wiggled against him as she felt the length of his cock throbbing against her thin cotton dress. She couldn't understand what was happening to her, but she knew she liked it.

"Ohhhhhhh!" she groaned. "That feels good! That feels so nice!"

She grabbed him by the back of his head and forced his head closer to her lust-swollen tits. She felt something hot and wet happening between her legs. She closed her thighs tightly together, but that didn't help. She realized, with a shock, that she had felt this way before, but only on those long nights when she had rubbed herself and had her sex fantasy about her favorite movie actor.

"Oh, Uncle Zeke!" she moaned.

He was just as hot as she was. He sucked at one tit while his fingers tugged at her other.

"Oh God!" she sobbed softly. "I want it like before, Uncle Zeke! I want you to fuck me just like before! Oh, Uncle Zeke!"

She was surprised at the abandon she felt in herself. She had never felt this way before. She knew that this time it wasn't going to be a case of her Uncle Zeke just humping her. This time she was going to fuck back just like a wild animal.

"I love feeling it hard down there," she whispered. She bit at his ear. "It feels so delicious!"

Zeke couldn't believe it was the same girl he had in his lap. There was no doubt that just a month before she'd been an innocent virgin. It was crazy that she could get so hot in just a few minutes.

He was no longer nervous about her going to his wife, not when she wanted a fuck as badly as he did.

"I'm going to fuck you," he said.

"Oh yes!" she cried. "That's what I want. I want to be fucked. I want your hot cock in me! I want you to put it in my cunt! I want to be fucked!"

Zeke couldn't ever remember being so horny. He pushed her out of his lap and started clearing things off his desk. He swept papers and pens away into the floor with one wide brush of his arm.

"Sit on the table," he said.

He held her up on his desk and her sweet soft thighs spread almost automatically. He reached between her legs and felt her wet panties. He knew her pussy would be soft and squishy tight. He could already feel his cock pumping into her.

He pulled her skirt up to her waist and grabbed her panties. She held him by the shoulders as he jerked them savagely down her legs and dropped them to the floor. He stared at her sweet pink pussy. Her thick blonde pussy hairs glistened with her wet juices. He gave her a gentle nudge and she spread her legs even farther apart so that he was looking directly into her moist pink cunt.

He couldn't resist the impulse to jab two of his fingers into that tight pink cavern. She gave a low groan as he began working his fingers in and out of her wet twat.

"You like that, baby?" he asked.

"Oh yes," she groaned. "Oh yes, I like that!"

She fell back on his desk as her soft thighs spread even farther apart. He gazed down at her wiggling body as he unzipped and fished out his big pecker. She looked so damned delicious lying there. Her plump tits heaved with excitement and her pussy seemed to be sucking at his fingers.

"I want to be fucked," she cried. "Oh fuck me, Uncle Zeke! Please fuck me!"

He hoped that his secretary couldn't hear what was going on in the office, but he didn't have time to worry about that now. He was as horny as a bull and right then his cock felt bull-big.

He looked at her lust-filled face and that turned him on even more. Her blonde hair framed her face in a tangled mass. Her lips were parted and her pink tongue showed between her teeth.

He pulled her toward him until her sweet pussy was even with his cock. The desk was just the right height so that he didn't have to bend at all. The tip of his throbbing cock probed at her cuntlips.

"Put it in!" she groaned. "Put your cock in me, Uncle Zeke! I need it so bad!"

God, he needed it too. He pushed forward until his big cock-head slipped just inside her cuntlips. He held right there for a moment as the delicious hot pleasure went through his body. She was so damned wet and tight. It was incredible.

"Don't tease me, Uncle Zeke!" she pleaded. "Put your cock in me now!"

She started wiggling against him as she tried to make him slam his cock into her cunt. She wanted to be filled up by his thick cock more than she had ever wanted anything in her life.

"Put it in me!" she screamed.

She felt him shoving forward and she felt the hot excitement of his thick prick stretching her cunt walls. He went halfway into her and then pulled back.

"No!" she screamed. She tried to wrap her legs around his back to pull him against her. "Don't stop! Put it in me!"

Zeke enjoyed what he was doing to the girl. He had never had a woman beg him like this before.

But he couldn't stand waiting any longer. He pushed his thick cock back into her hot, squishy pussy...

"Like that!" she screamed. "Like that, Uncle Zeke! I love it like that!"

He began fucking her in short, choppy strokes. She realized that he was too turned on and that he wouldn't be able to last very long. She tried to slow him down, but he was already breathing heavily and he was driving his cock inks her faster and faster.

"Not yet, Uncle Zeke," she pleaded. "Not yet! Please, not yet!"

But his cock was already swelling in her pussy and she felt the first hot spurt of his jism into her cunt. That wasn't what she wanted. She needed to have her hungry itch scratched, but this time Zeke wasn't going to make it.

"Oh Christ," he groaned softly. "Good hot pussy! Fucking good hot pussy!"

His prick-head slipped out of her. She was really disappointed. She knew that there had to be something more than that.

There just had to be.


Lolly brushed out her long blonde hair and then stood admiring herself in her bedroom mirror. She was naked and her plump pink breasts were flushed from her hot shower.

She heard a truck door slam in the front yard and she looked at her clock. Kenny was already home and she hadn't started supper yet. She'd spent longer in the shower than she'd, intended.

Quickly she pulled her panties and bra on and then picked up her robe.

Kenny was sitting at the kitchen table when she walked out of her bedroom, Kenny was a big, husky teen. He had reddish blond hair and a broad, cheerful face. Kenny never worried about anything. Most of the time he lived in a world all his own.

"Where's Grace?" Lolly asked.

"She's staying with Aunt Janet this evening," he said, shrugging.

"Oh," Lolly said. "Where did you meet her?"

"On the way back from school," Kenny said. "Aunt Janet said that she wanted Grace's help with something."

Lolly wondered what Janet would want with her sister. Grace was the mast intelligent in the family.

"I'll fix you some supper," Lolly said. "Did you see Daddy in town?"

"Nah," Kenny answered.

Lolly was beginning to worry about her father. He hadn't been home in a couple of days. She began thinking about her father as she moved around the kitchen preparing the meal. She had forgotten that she had just wrapped a robe around herself.

She remembered when she caught a glimpse of Kenny's face. He was staring at her open-mouthed and she looked down to where his eyes were fixed. Her robe had fallen open and her breasts had popped into view. There was plenty of her creamy flesh visible.

For one second Lolly felt a hot itch between her thighs, and then she was disgusted with herself. She couldn't feel that way about her own brother.

She noticed his look of disappointment when she closed her robe back together.

She wasn't prepared for what happened next. She had her back to her brother and she suddenly felt his arms go around her waist. Kenny was very strong and she wasn't able to pull away from him.

"What are you doing?" she asked him. "Kenny, stop that!"

His arms tightened around her waist and he pulled her close to him. "Pretty," he said. "I want to see. Pretty!"

His hand went underneath her robe, and she felt his strong fingers touching the top of her breasts. "No, Kenny," she said.

His hand crept underneath her bra-cup and she felt her breast being covered with his fingers. She tingled as he touched her and she felt that same hot itch between her thighs.

"No, Kenny," she whispered. "Don't."

"Pretty," he said.

He was so strong that she felt helpless in his arms. He turned her around easily and made her face him. Her robe was completely open and his hot eyes swept down her lithe body.

"Pretty," he said again. "You're pretty, Lolly. You're so pretty!"

"You have to stop this, Kenny," she said.

He had her bent over the kitchen sink and there was little she could do.

"You stop right now," she said.

He might have stopped, but then her bra gave away to the strain of his hand being underneath the cup. The old material ripped and the bra came apart. Her luscious globes were exposed to his eyes.

"Pretty tits," Kenny said. "I see Lolly's pretty tits. Pretty tits."

His hands cupped her tits and she felt the nipples harden against his palm. She tried one last time to squirm away, but Kenny took no notice of her weak struggle. He kept massaging her tits until she felt them grow hot.

"Oh Kenny," she moaned. "Oh don't, Kenny! Oh please don't!"

He took his hands away, but immediately his face went between the furrow of her tits. His wet tongue began licking her. She gave up trying to escape as the hot excitement flooded her body.

"Oh Kenny!" she moaned. "Oh Kenny, that feels nice."

His hot lips moved to one of her hard buds. His teeth scraped her nipple and she cried out softly. Then her hot flesh was being sucked into his mouth. She arched her back and pushed more of her tit into his mouth.

"Suck me like that, Kenny!" she groaned. "That feels nice. Suck me like that!"

He moved his hungry lips from one pink bud to the other. In minutes he had her squirming hotly. This time she wasn't trying to escape. She was squirming because of the heat in her pussy.

"Kenny, baby!" she gasped. "Kenny, love!"

His tongue went down to the flat of her belly. His tongue licked at her navel and she grabbed at his head.

"Kiss me!" she moaned.

She was hungry for the touch of his lips against hers. Her fingers caressed his thick hair as she kissed him open-mouthed. She jabbed her tongue into his mouth. He tasted different from her Uncle Zeke. He tasted good.

Kenny didn't seem to be inexperienced. His big, broad hand immediately went between her legs. One finger slipped by the edge of her panties.

She felt him push his finger into her swollen cuntlips and she nearly fell from a sudden weakness.

"Kenny, love," she groaned. "Oh Kenny. That's nice. That's nice, Kenny. I love it, baby!"

Somehow he managed to get two more thick finger underneath her panties. He jabbed all three of his fingers deep into her hot, wet twat. His fingers caused a hot tingle to go up her spine. She knew she was done with struggling with him. She couldn't control herself any longer.

"Oh sweet baby," she groaned, "not here. Not in the kitchen. Let's go into the bedroom."

She sensed Kenny's reluctance to release her. Perhaps he thought that she'd start to struggle again, but Lolly had no intention of doing that. She only wanted to be more comfortable.

"I'm as hot as you are," she told him. "But let's go where there's a bed."

"All right," Kenny finally agreed.

He removed his fingers from her pussy and she gave his hand a little squeeze. Lolly's pussy ached and she was curious to see what Kenny had in his trousers.

She hadn't forgotten the fact that he was her brother, but that didn't seem to matter. Later she would worry about wrong and right. Now she only wanted to get her brother into her bedroom.

She led the way into her fluffy pink bedroom and she shut the door behind her.

He watched her suspiciously as she started to slip off her panties.

"Don't worry," she assured him. "I'm not going to try to run away."

The suspicion left his face when she kicked off her panties and he was looking at her thick blonde pubic mound. Even the touch of his eyes seemed to make her hotter.

"You're so pretty," Kenny whispered.

He grabbed her hand and jerked her toward the bed. She couldn't resist the impulse to allow her hand to brush lightly against the front of his trousers.

"Ohhh," she said.

His thick cock felt like a piece of thick oak wood extending halfway down his leg.

"You've got a big one," she said.

He pulled her onto the bed with him and she immediately began undoing his clothes. She got his shirt off and ran her hands through the thick hair on his chest. He looked so much better than her Uncle Zeke. His heavy muscles rippled as he moved.

She dropped her hands to his belt and she was suddenly filled with an urgent desire to see his cock. She had already felt that thick prick pushing at his trousers, and she knew that it also would be much different from her uncle's prick.

She undid his belt and pulled his zipper down and slipped her hand inside the opening.

"Ummm," she groaned as she felt the throbbing meat trying to break out of his shorts. "You do have a big one. A fat cock. I love it."

She searched frantically until she found the opening in his shorts and she tugged his massive prick out. His cock filled her hand. She could hardly get her fingers around the base. She looked down at the massive tool and felt a weak trembling all aver her body.

"It's beautiful," she groaned.

He had to take the rest of his clothes off because she couldn't bring herself to release his cock. The feeling of his hot throbbing meat filling her hand was one of the most exciting things that had ever happened to her. She began moving her fingers up and down the length of his prick. Her fingers got sticky from his leaking cum.

"Oh, baby," she said. "You are beautiful. Your prick is so fine. So fine!"

He was naked now. He stretched out on his back, stroking her hanging tits as she bent over him. His hand was so strong but his touch was gentle.

She wasn't sure what to do with his beautiful cock. Of course, she had heard stories of what other girls did, but she couldn't believe half of them.

But she couldn't put it in her cunt yet. She wanted to hold his thick rod, to caress it a while longer.

"I love it," she gasped.

She moved her other hand to gently cup his heavy balls. She felt him shiver as both her hands worked on his cock and balls. He was leaking a little more.

One of his strong hands grasped the back of her neck and started puffing her head down to his cock.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

He didn't have to answer her. She knew what he was doing. She had thought about kissing his cock. She began to suspect that he had more experience with girls that she had given him credit for.

She touched her lips to the soft skin at the base of his staff just above his balls. His prick had a strong, salty taste and her lips felt sticky when she drew them away.

One kiss wasn't enough for him. He pulled her head back down to his sweaty prick. This time she gave his balls a lick with her tongue and she decided that he really didn't taste bad.

She licked up the length of his staff to the bloated, cum-soaked cock-head. She licked around the sensitive crown, using her tongue like a mother cat licking one of her kittens clean.

It still wasn't enough for him.

She felt his fingers tighten on the back of her neck. She knew what he wanted, but she didn't think she could go through with it. There was something vulgar about sucking the cock of her own brother.

She didn't want to stop. The thought of touching her lips to his cock made her blood run hot.

She let him pull her head back down so that her lips touched the reddened crown. She felt the cock-head against her lips and she rubbed her mouth back and forth.

"Jesus," he moaned.

She opened her lips and began stabbing her tongue into the tiny little hole.

He took advantage and thrust up so that his thick cock went into her mouth. Now she could smell and taste more of his flesh than she had before.

His blood-engorged meat went deep into her mouth, so deep that she ended up with nearly half of his rod between her lips.

"Suck me, Sis!" he groaned. "God, suck me! Suck me good!"

She didn't know how good she would be at sucking his cock, but she tried to be good. She hollowed her cheeks and sucked his prick deeper. She began moving her head from side to side.

His prick grew wet and slimy from her saliva and from his leaking juices, but she didn't mind that. She thought that his meaty cock was the best thing she'd ever tasted in her mouth.

"Christ," he moaned. "Christ, suck me!"

She caressed his balls as she moved her lips up and down on his cock. Her head moved faster as she sensed his growing excitement.

Suddenly he was grabbing her tits and pulling her from between his knees. She was afraid that he wanted her to stop sucking, but that wasn't what he wanted. He pushed her over on her back and he straddled her neck. He pushed his cock back against her mouth and she obediently sucked it between her lips.

He grabbed both sides of her head and began slamming his thick cock into her.

"Fuck," he groaned. "You'll swallowing it! You're swallowing my prick! Fuck!"

He fucked her mouth just as her Uncle Zeke had fucked her pussy. He slammed his prick into her lips savagely, almost choking her. With each stroke she could feel his cock-head growing.

"I'm going to blow my wad!" he moaned. "I'm going to blow my fucking stuff down your throat! Drink it, cunt! Drunk it, cunt sister! SWALLOW MY FUCKING CUMMMMMM!"

For the first time in her life a man spurted hot cum into her mouth. At first it did choke her. She had to spit some of his salty jism out of the corners of her mouth.

But she tried to swallow and she felt the fiery liquid going down her throat. His thick jism actually felt hot all the way into her belly.

She quivered with pleasure as she kept swallowing his creamy cum and then sucking for more. She had never realized that sucking a prick could be so much fun. Her pussy was burning hot and more juice dripped onto her pussy hairs with each swallow she made.

"Oh fuck, Sis," he moaned.

She milked his cock dry and then licked around the head for more of his cum.

"Oh. Kenny," she finally said. "Put your fingers back in me. I'm so hot!"

"You won't need my fingers, baby," he said.

She saw with astonishment that his prick had not gone soft and that he was now moving between her legs. His big prick nudged at her cunt and she stared at his face with wide-open eyes.

"Ohhhhh, Kenny," she gasped.

He slammed his prick into her cunt with one quick thrust. She felt her cunt-walls stretching. She felt his cock-head slip almost into her belly.

"That's nice," she groaned. "That's nice, Kenny. That's nice!"

"Raise your legs," he commanded. "Wrap them around my back."

She had to look again at his face to make sure that he was really her brother.

"Hurry, damn it," Kenny said.

She lifted her legs as he wanted. He moved around until he got her into the position that he wanted.

"That's it," he grunted. "Now lock your legs together. Lock your legs behind my back."

She crossed her legs until they touched and she felt a hot pleasure knife through her insides. It felt so nice. Kenny knew what he was talking about.

"Now I'm going to give you a fucking," he said. "One you won't forget."

"Ohhhhh," she groaned.

He began to fuck her in deep, hard strokes that shook her entire body. He grasped her tits and she felt his thumbs brushing and pinching her nipples.

"Baby," she cried. "Baby, baby, baby!"

He fucked her harder until she felt the quivering knot in her belly start to explode. She thrust up against him as hard as she could, her pussy sucking up his prick as far as it was possible to take it.

"Fuck me!" she screamed. "Fuck your big sister! Give her that big hard cock! Fuck me!"

"I'm fucking your pussy," he grunted. "I'm fucking you. You're a cunt, big sister! A fucking cunt!"

"Yes," she agreed. "Yes, yes, yes!"

He showed her no mercy. He fucked her brutally until there were tears stinging her eyes. She felt almost sore from where his balls slapped against her.

"Give it to me," she groaned. "Really give it to me! I'm so close!" She felt his hot prick growing in her pussy. "You're starting to come," she moaned.

She humped against him faster and she felt her hot juices flooding his cock.

"Oh what's happening?" she asked.

She felt a tenseness growing all over her body. Her nipples seemed to grow harder and she could feel a quivering knot of excitement in her belly.

"What's happening!" she cried. "I can feel you squirting! You're coming, but what's happening to me? What's happening? Oh, it's happening to me! I'm coming with you! I'm coming too! It feels so good! OH GOD, I'M COMINGGGGGGGG!"

It was sweeter than she'd ever imagined anything could be. She felt her hot juices flooding his cock and she felt his thick cum juice filling her cunt. It felt so good!

"Where the hell were you a half hour ago?" Janet Thomas asked. "You were due back right after supper."

"Something came up," Kenny grinned sheepishly.

"Well, I don't pay you for the time you're not here," Janet said. "Now get your tail out to the barn. I should fire you except that you're Zeke's kin."

Kenny ginned again as she left the kitchen.

Grace Thomas felt like vanishing as her aunt's dark eyes turned on her. Grace was a slender blonde with big blue eyes and she was almost painfully shy. She disliked having anyone angry at her, especially her Aunt Janet. The tall, beautiful woman could make Grace tremble with one hard look.

"Well, what are you waiting on?" Janet asked.

"Nothing," Grace answered quickly.

Grace picked up her broom again and began to briskly sweep the kitchen floor. Grace wished that she didn't have to spend so much time at her aunt's house, but Lolly had made her promise that she would be nice to Janet. Grace understood that her father had problems, but it was still hard to work far Janet.

"You keep working in here," Janet said. "I'm going to go out and check on Kenny."

Grace watched her Aunt Janet walk across to the barn. She felt a twinge of jealousy as she wondered if she would ever have the kind of figure her aunt had. There could be no question that her aunt was a refined and beautiful woman. She was slender but she had rounded, well-shaped breasts and a tiny waist. She wore black pants that were not too tight but showed off the perfect shape of her bottom.

It was the kind of body that men looked at. Grace had noticed men staring lustily at her. Even her brother Kenny.

That was what made Grace the most jealous. She didn't think her brother would ever look at her with that look in his eyes. Most of the time Kenny stared at her with a blank expression.

Grace began to sweep the floor a little faster.

She got it done quickly and then she went to the closet for the mop. It wasn't there and she couldn't find it on the back porch either.

"Oh well," Grace said, shrugging her shoulders. "I'll just walk out and ask."

She was halfway to the barn when she heard the first soft cry.

Grace froze. It was Janet's voice and it sounded like she was crying. Janet was not the type of person to cry for no reason, Grace wondered if she should go back, but she decided against that. It might be something her brother had done and sometimes Kenny could get angry. Maybe her aunt would need help talking to him.

Grace walked a little slower, but she still went toward the barn. For some reason she stopped just outside the door. She could still hear the sobbing.

"Oh, Kenny baby," Janet suddenly said clearly.

"Keep doing that, keep doing that!"

Grace felt herself start to tremble. She had a sudden feeling that she knew what was going on in the barn but she just couldn't believe it. Not her aunt and her brother.

She stepped cautiously up to the barn door and pushed it open just a crack. She could see plainly though the crack and she felt her body grow cold.

Her beautiful, refined aunt was lying on her back in a pile of hay. Kenny lay next to her and his hand rested on her leg. Janet's blouse had been unbuttoned down the front and her breasts had popped into view.

Kenny had his face against Aunt Janet's tits, and Grace could hear the soft sucking noises he was making.

"Oh my God," Grace said softly.

Grace almost went storming into the barn but something stopped her. She hated to admit it but she wanted to see what happened next, she wanted to see just how far Janet would go.

"Oh, baby," Janet said. "I'm sorry I yelled at you, but I've been looking forward to this all day. You shouldn't keep your poor aunt waiting!"

His lips moved from one of her hard nipples to the other. His mouth fastened on her flesh and sucked like a vacuum. Janet began to squirm.

"Baby, I love it when you do that," Janet moaned. "You know how to turn me on. God, it feels so good! It feels so fucking good!"

Grace could hardly believe that it was her Aunt Janet lying on the hay and mouthing such words. She would have never believed it of the classy woman.

Grace saw her brother's hand go up her thigh and touch between her legs. Janet didn't seem to mind. Instead her aunt opened her legs wider and moaned.

"That's the way," Janet said. "Play with me, baby! Play with my pussy!"

Grace knew a lot of things about sex, but she had never expected to see anything like this. Her aunt was like a wild animal.

Grace felt weak and she had to lean against the barn door. But she never took her eyes off what was happening. She couldn't.

"Just rub me, baby," Janet groaned. "That's right. Move your fingers up and down. Does it make your cock hard? Does that get you excited?"

"Yes," Kenny answered.

Grace felt her tits swelling against the front of her blouse. Without even thinking about what she was doing, she reached up and began fondling herself.

"Oh Jesus!" Janet sobbed. "Take my pants off, Kenny. I can't wait any longer. Take my pants off!"

Grace could see that Kenny was no novice at taking Janet's pants off. He began to unbutton the top button. Then he grasped the zipper and pulled it down. He slipped his hand inside her pants.

"Oh take them off, Kenny," Janet said, a soft smile on her face. "You're making me so hot! Take them off quick!"

He pulled her pants zipper down the rest of the way and then pulled her pants apart. She raised her hips as he slipped the pants down her long, shapely legs.

"Jesus, Kenny!" Janet moaned. "Hurry!"

There was something happening to Grace that she didn't understand. She'd touched herself before, but she'd never experienced this kind of wetness between her legs. She wanted to burst into the barn and join them, but she somehow stopped herself.

Janet wore a pair of flimsy pink panties that barely covered her bushy cunt. The panties looked soft and expensive, and Grace wondered how they would feel between her legs. Then she wondered how it would feel to have Kenny's hot mouth on her tits.

"God," Grace groaned softly.

Kenny's hand went between Janet's legs. He caressed her plump pussy mound until Janet was squirming with desire. Then one of his fingers slipped beneath the edge of the flimsy panties.

Grace could see his finger working beneath the panties, rubbing all over her pussy. Grace could hardly stand up. She wanted to feel her brother's finger between her legs.

She felt jealous and angry at her aunt. It wasn't fair. Her Aunt Janet seemed to have everything and Grace had nothing.

"Oh Jesus!" Janet cried. "The panties. Take my panties off too!"

Grace nearly choked. She watched Kenny obediently stripping those flimsy panties down her Aunt Janet's legs. Janet kicked them away frantically.

Janet opened her legs and Grace found herself looking into the plump pink lips of another woman's pussy.

"Play with my cunt!" Janet begged. "Play with me! Put your fingers in my pussy!"

Grace felt a shiver go through her as her brother's hand played with her aunt's furry mound.

"Aieee!" Janet groaned. "Your hands feel good. Put your finger in my pussy! Now!"

Grace felt so hot as she touched one of Kenny's fingers going into Janet's pussy up to his knuckle.

"That's the way, baby!" Janet screamed.

Janet grabbed the back of Kenny's head and pulled his face back to her lust-swollen tits. She thrust her nipple against his mouth.

"Move your finger faster!" she groaned. "And bite my tit! Bite it hard! You make me feel so good, Kenny! You make me feel so fucking good! I'm so hot! You make me so Goddamn hot! You sweet fucker!"

Grace unbuttoned the front of her blouse and pushed her hand inside her bra-cup. She felt her titty pushing against the palm of her hand, her nipple hard and excited.

"Faster, Kenny!" Janet cried. "Move your finger faster! Ahh, that's nice!"

Grace could see Kenny's hand moving faster. His finger jabbed in and out of Janet's cunt while his teeth scraped against the tender bud of her titty. Grace could almost hear the wet sounds his fingers made thrusting into her cunt.

"It's so dirty," Grace said softly, but she knew she really didn't consider it dirty. It was one of the most exciting things she'd ever watched.

She pulled up her bra so that her tits would be exposed. She wished she had Kenny's mouth on her tits. She wished he was biting her sensitive buds. She ran her hand over one swollen tit and then the other. She itched like she was on fire and there seemed to be nothing she could do. Only the hot feel of Kenny's mouth could help her excitement.

"Oh God!" Grace moaned. "I'm going to die like this! I'm going to die!"

"That's fantastic!" Janet cried. "NOW two fingers. Put two fingers in my cunt. That's right. Ahhh, you sweet finger-fuck! Move those fingers! Goooooood! Fucking goooooood!"

It was almost too much for Grace. She kept fingering her titties with one hand, putting her other hand between her legs. She began to rub herself briskly. She could feel her wet juices soaking her panties. She'd rubbed herself before but it had never been like this. There had never been such an empty feeling between her legs.

She had to feel more. She unbuttoned the top of her jeans and slipped her hand inside.

"Ahhhh," she groaned softly.

Her fingers rubbed against the swollen lips of her pussy and she felt hot shivers go through her.

"Rub my clit!" Janet sobbed. "That's it. A little harder! God, that's nice. You sweet prick. You fucking prick! Keep doing that!"

Janet's slender but luscious body shook all over. Her pretty ass kept humping off the hay to meet the thrust of her nephew's fingers.

"Bite my tit harder!" Janet begged.

Kenny was moving his mouth from one nipple to the other and his teeth scraped roughly. Janet's fingers tightened against the back of Kenny's head.

"Oh Kenny, baby," she groaned. "You know what I want. You know what to do!"

Janet released her grip on the back of Kenny's head. He continued to kiss her tits while his fingers thrust rapidly. Then his pink tongue rubbed the sensitive underside of one of her titties, then down to her flat quivering belly.

"Kenny!" she screamed. "Hurry, Kenny! I'm getting close! I'm getting close!"

Grace watched in wild-eyed disbelief. Surely her brother wouldn't do what it looked like he was about to do? It seemed like such a vulgar thing.

"Oh Jesus," Janet moaned. "Take your fingers out, Kenny! Eat me, baby! Eat my pussy!"

Kenny's fingers slipped out of her cunt and he knelt between Janet's legs. Janet grabbed him by the hair and pulled his face down to her pussy.

"Put your tongue in, baby!" Janet groaned. "Eat me!"

It was happening.

Grace began rubbing herself a little harder as Kenny's face pressed between Janet's creamy thighs.

Grace couldn't see Janet's cunt any more but she could hear the sounds Kenny made and her imagination told her what had to be happening there.

"Oh sweet baby!" Janet screamed. "That's it! That's what I want! Oh baby, that feels good, so good! You know how to make your aunt happy! You have such a sweet tongue! Keep putting it there! Ahhhhh, that's so sweet!"

Kenny's head moved from side to side and Grace could almost feel his tongue inside her own pussy. She wondered what it felt like. God, she knew it had to feel good.

God, she needed to know. She needed his tongue. She needed to know what it felt like.

"My clit now," Janet groaned. "That's right. I'm getting so close! So close. You eat my pussy so fine! Nobody could eat pussy like you do! I love your tongue. I love your fucking sweet tongue! I love your tongue, Kenny!"

Janet's fingers tightened in Kenny's wavy hair and she was thrusting up to meet his licking tongue. The sounds of his licking seemed to grow louder.

"I'm coming!" Janet screamed. "You're making me come! God, you're a hot fucking man! You make me feel so good! Tongue me harder! Harder! I LOVE YOUR FUCKING TONGUEEEEEE!"

Grace knew what was happening as she saw the shivers that went through Janet and she heard the joyful sobs that broke from the dark-haired woman's throat.

Grace felt so jealous. She wanted that hot tongue inside her pussy.

Finally Kenny stopped sucking his aunt's pussy and he raised his head. There was a leer on his face.

Janet was as limp as a rag doll and her shapely body was drenched in sweat. She gave a low moan as she ran her fingers up under her tits.

"You're so good to me, Kenny," she said.

Kenny didn't say anything. He was only looking at his aunt with that same leer on his face. Kenny could never get enough of fucking. He loved nothing better than the feel of a tight, squishy pussy around his cock.

"You're so good to me," Janet said again. "You know how to eat my pussy. I've taught you well, baby. You get better every time you use your tongue!"

So Janet had taught Kenny. Grace understood then. Janet was the one who had taught her brother how to do all those things.

Grace had often thought of Kenny in a sexual way. She had always had the feeling that he would fuck like an animal.

"Ummmm," Janet moaned softly.

Janet wasn't moving and Grace began to think the show was over. She wasn't ready for it to be over. Her cunt was aching and she wanted to play with herself. But she didn't want to be caught spying on them. She started to hastily arrange her clothes.

But the show wasn't over. Janet was only catching her breath. Grace had no way of knowing how insatiable Janet could be when it came to Kenny. Janet had never been able to get enough of his youthful cock. Now Janet was simply catching her breath before she started the action again.

Kenny sat patiently because he knew her well. She would begin when she wanted to begin.

"Are you ready for Momma?" Janet asked.

"Fuck yes," Kenny answered.

Janet smiled lazily. The fun was about to begin again.


Janet pushed Kenny over on his back and she started to unbutton his rough work shirt. "Baby took care of Momma," Janet said. "Now Momma will take care of baby."

She undid the rough shirt down the front and then slipped her hands inside.

"Ummm," she said. "You have such a big strong chest. You're such a man. Not like my husband. He has trouble getting it up, but you sure don't have that trouble."

Grace thought that it was not respectful to talk of her Uncle Zeke that way. She almost giggled at that idea. After all, it wasn't respectful for Janet to have Kenny eating her pussy either.

"Ummm." Janet said. "No, you certainly don't have that problem."

Grace saw that Janet's dainty hand had gone between Kenny's legs.

Janet started to grope Kenny's cock as if she couldn't get enough of feeling him.

"My sweet," she said. "You're so big and hard! You're so ready for me."

Grace wondered what a cock would feel like. What would it feel like to have a big, throbbing cock in her fingers?

Then she wondered what her brother's cock would feel like and she realized that it wasn't just any man's cock that she wanted to touch. She wanted to touch her brother's rod. She wanted to have her brother's prick in her fingers.

"Let's just see how hard it really is," Janet said. "We can't leave it cramped up in your trousers."

Janet quickly unbuckled Kenny's belt and opened his work trousers. Her hand slipped into the opening and she gave a squeal of joy.

"That's what I want," Janet said.

Grace was disappointed because Janet didn't pull Kenny's cock out. Instead, she took her hand out and bent to the task of undoing Kenny's heavy work boots. She unlaced them and pulled them off. Then she pulled off his socks.

Then Janet did something that Grace had never thought about doing. She didn't know why but it seemed damned exciting, like it was something that you weren't supposed to do.

Janet kissed Kenny's toes. Grace watched the tip of her pink tongue licking at Kenny's foot.

"Ummm," Janet said. "You're beautiful all over. You're really beautiful all over!"

Kenny put his hands behind his head and he didn't try to hurry his aunt. He seemed to know exactly what she wanted to do and how long it would take.

Grace wondered how long the two of them had been together. She wondered how many times they had fucked. They seemed to know each other better than a married couple.

Grace remembered all of the times when Janet had made excuses to be alone with Kenny.

Those had been the times when fucking had been going on and she had never realized it. Nobody had realized it.

Grace wondered if her Uncle knew about it, or if he even suspected.

Probably it didn't matter because everyone knew that he had married her for her money.

Now Janet stripped off Kenny's work trousers and he kicked them off. He was dressed in only his shorts, and Grace could seethe huge bulge there. Janet bent her head and kissed the bulge.

"Ummm," Grace said as she felt a hot quiver in her belly. She was getting so excited. Watching this was making her hot all over.

"You're so beautiful," Janet moaned. "I love your strong, hairy legs. I love them."

She kissed his thighs and Grace could see her pink tongue licking at his legs.

"Such a beautiful man," Janet said again. "Someday, somebody should paint you. Maybe I will! I'll paint you with your big cock hard so that all the women in the world will know what they're missing. They'll all be jealous of your aunt!"

Grace wished her aunt would hurry up. Grace was hungry to see that hard rod between her brother's legs.

Janet didn't seem to be in any hurry. She was kissing his legs, sucking at the hairs. She moved her lips up until she was kissing his thighs. Then farther up until she kissed the bulge through his shorts.

Grace gave a little gasp. She could hardly stand up. She pushed her panties out of the way and pushed two fingers up inside her burning pussy.

"Ahhh," Grace moaned.

She had trouble keeping her eyes open as she moved her fingers in and out of her tight, hot pussy. But she didn't want to miss anything and she forced her eyes open.

Janet pulled at Kenny's shorts and Grace was finally rewarded. She saw her brother's big purplish cock. It was a monster cock and Grace nearly fainted at the sight of it. It looked dangerous and exciting at the same time.

"Ohhhh," Janet squealed. "Such a pretty thing. Such a pretty, pretty thing!"

Janet peeled his shorts down his thick, hairy legs and left them at his ankles.

She straddled him and Grace heard him moan softly.

"I'm going to fuck you, you big prick," Janet said softly. "I'm going to ride you like a cowgirl. Get ready for my pussy, you sweet thing. Get ready for my pussy!"

Grace could see Janet's hand grasp his rod as she placed the bulbous head against her cunt. Grace heard her soft squeal of delight as she sat down on his cock. Grace could see the big prick going up into her pussy until his balls rested against her.

"Ahhhhhh God!" Kenny groaned.

"You like that?" Janet asked. "You like Momma's hot pussy?"

"Oh God yes," Kenny moaned. "I love fucking your hot pussy."

Janet rotated her ass so that his cock was touching all of the walls of her cunt.

"Then give her a good hot fucking," Janet groaned. "Show her what you like to do. Give her a good hot fucking! Fuck her until she's worn out!"

Kenny began to thrust up into her cunt. His big balls slapped loudly against her each time his prick slammed into her. She squirmed like she had when he'd been finger fucking her.

"That's the way!" she moaned. "Give it to your aunt! Give it to her good!"

Grace's clothes got in her way as she tried to finger-fuck herself. She stopped long enough to slide her panties down her legs to her ankles. She leaned against the barn so that her bare ass touched the wood. She had to look over her shoulder to see what was happening in the barn.

She thrust two wet fingers back into her tight, hot pussy. They felt so good. Little shivers of excitement went up her spine.

She realized that anyone coming along the road could see her. But the sweet fiery knot in her belly was growing so that only the itch between her legs mattered.

She suddenly didn't give a damn if she did get caught. Let the whole town come and look. She knew she wouldn't stop until she had controlled the fire that threatened to burn her alive. That hot fire between her legs.

"Ohhhhhh," she whispered softly.

Somehow she managed to force another finger up into her tight, virgin cunt. Three fingers thrust in and out of her pussy as she watched Janet.

The beautiful dark-haired woman was now bouncing up and down on Kenny's cock. Grace could hear the squishy sound Kenny's cock made as he fucked her.

Oh God, Grace thought. If it were only her feeling Kenny's hot cock thrusting into her pussy.

If only she were the one who was taking every inch of that magnificent pecker.

She would love it. She would love every inch of his thick prick savagely pumping her, filling her, fucking her. She was a virgin and she knew it would hurt at first.

All the girls at school talked about the hurt. They also talked about how it would get better, how it would feel so good after a long while.

It certainly looked like it was feeling good to her Aunt Janet. The cries coming from her aunt were not cries of pain. They were cries of hot passion. Her aunt was really enjoying the fucking Kenny was giving her.

Grace knew she could give him a fuck like that. She could give him a fuck like he'd never had before. She would burn his Goddamn prick off with her pussy. He would never find a tighter pussy than hers.

She sobbed as her fingers brushed against her hard clit. God, how he would fuck her. A fucking that neither of them would ever be able to forget.

"Oh, Kenny." She spoke softly to herself. "I'm your sister, but I want you to fuck me. I need you to fuck me! I need your big cock in my pussy!"

"Grab my titties!" Janet sobbed loudly. "Grab them! Hold onto them while I ride your cock. Come on, baby! Hold onto them tight. Squeeze them!"

Grace saw Janet bend closer to Kenny. She saw his hands grab at Janet's small titties, she could almost feel his fingers squeezing her flesh.

"That's the way, baby!" Janet cried. "That's the way! Keep squeezing my tits like that! You're beautiful, Kenny! You're so Goddamn wonderful!"

Janet grunted each time her ass bucked on Kenny's cock.

"You fucker!" Janet cried. "You big fucker!"

Grace moved her fingers a little faster. She wanted to lean her head back and close her eyes, but she couldn't. She had to keep watching. She wanted to see what happened next.

"Oh Goddamn!" Janet screamed. "Oh Goddamn! It feels fine. It feels so fine! I love it! Oh fuck, I love it! I fucking love it! Oh Goddamn!"

Janet started to bounce faster and faster, and Grace knew the dark-haired woman was getting close to her climax. Again Grace felt that twinge of jealousy. God, how she would like to have that big cock instead of her aunt.

She could make her brother so much happier than her aunt. She knew she could. His big cock was wasted on her when it could be deep in Grace's tight little twat.

"Oh fuck!" Janet cried. She was bouncing like a wild woman now. A savage woman. Her dark hair flew about her face with each plunge onto Kenny's cock.

"I'm coming, Kenny!" she cried. "I'm coming! It feels so good! Your cock fills me up! I love it in my pussy! Oh, you sweet fucker, I'm coming! I'm coming, sweet baby!"

Grace saw Janet raise herself up until she was nearly free of Kenny's cock. Then Janet slammed down with one final savage plunge, taking in Kenny's thick cock right to his balls.

"Uhhhhh!" Janet cried. "I'm there, Kenny! I'm there! I'm coming, sweet baby! I love your fucking big cock! I love it so good! I'm coming! AIEEEEEEEE!"

For the second time that day Janet seemed to grow limp as the hot shivers passed through her body. Janet didn't look like the delicate beautiful woman that Grace had always known.

Now Janet was covered with sweat and she looked like a wild animal, a wild woman who had just been given a good fucking.

She fell on top of Kenny, but she was not completely still. Her ass moved from side to side, with Kenny's cock still deep in her pussy. Grace knew that Janet was rubbing his cock against all the sensitive parts of her cunt.

"Oh sweet baby," Janet said softly. "You know what Janet likes. You know what I like! You know what Momma wants from her sweet baby. You know what I want!"

Grace kept thrusting her fingers up inside herself and she could feel her cunt-walls responding. She knew she was getting close to orgasm and she knew this would be one like she'd never felt before. She knew that this time was going to be something special.

She felt the sweet heat growing in her belly, and a kind of shiverish feeling went all over her body, still, she couldn't take her eyes away.

She wondered what else Janet expected from Kenny, what else he would have to do for her.

"My sweet baby," Janet moaned. "You know what else Momma wants!"

Slowly Janet raised herself off Kenny. Her ass moved and Kenny's hard throbbing cock slipped from her pussy. For a few moments Grace got a good look at the huge trembling cock. She just couldn't believe that she'd ever known anything as beautiful as her brother's cock.

It was so big and thick. She licked her lips and she wondered what it would be like to kiss the tip. Evidently Janet had the same idea.

Grace could see the pink tip of Janet's tongue licking at the swollen organ.

"Why couldn't that be me?" Grace asked herself. "Why couldn't it?"

She was so jealous of her aunt. She watched her aunt licking and kissing at the slimy prick, and she could almost feel her brother's throbbing organ in her own mouth, she could almost taste the spermy sides with her own tongue.

"I want it so bad," she moaned.

Grace saw Janet's teeth shining as the dark-haired woman started to nip at his sensitive flesh.

"Oh God!" Janet moaned. "I love to kiss your big cock! I love to taste your cum!"

"Suck it," Kenny said. "Suck it now!"

There was an urgent note in Kenny's voice. Janet's red lips opened and she slowly took Kenny's large cock-head between her lips. Then suddenly her mouth seemed to swallow Kenny's huge rod. Her lips went all the way to his balls.

"Jesus," Kenny groaned. "Oh Jesus!"

Grace couldn't believe what she was seeing. It looked impossible for Janet's mouth to cover Kenny's huge prick, but somehow she was doing the impossible.

"Oh Christ!" Kenny groaned.

Her red lips slid up and down his thick pole.

"Fuck!" Kenny said. "Fucking Jesus! This feels good! Oh fuck, I love it!"

Janet's lips moved a little faster, and Grace saw a bubble of white appear at one corner of her mouth. Janet licked it away, but then other bubbles appeared.

Grace knew that her aunt was tasting his cum, that she was taking Kenny's thick white liquid into her mouth. Grace was hungry for the taste.

She had never tasted cum, but she knew she would love it. She would go after it with the same excitement that Janet was going after Kenny's cum.

"Oh God, I want it so bad," Grace moaned.

She wanted to tear Kenny's cock from her aunt's mouth and stuff it into her own. At that moment she wanted Kenny's cock more than she had ever wanted anything.

"Suck me!" Kenny cried. "Suck my cock! Suck it, baby! Suck it up!"

Grace wished that it was her that Kenny was begging to suck his cock.

"Suck my pecker!" Kenny screamed. "Suck my fucking pecker! I'm getting fucking close!"

The dribbles of white were more frequent at the corners of Janet's mouth.

Suddenly Kenny was grabbing the back of her head and cramming his prick savagely into her mouth.

He stood up with his hands still pressing on the back of Janet's dark head.

"You fucking cunt!" he moaned. "Suck me, you fucking little cunt! Suck my pecker! Taste my cum! Take every fucking drop in your hot mouth!"

Grace could now see all of his throbbing cock as he slammed it between her aunt's red lips. Aunt Janet didn't seem to mind his tough treatment.

And he was getting rougher!

His fingers tightened on the back of her head and he started to mouth-fuck her brutally, driving his thick prick deep into the back of her throat.

Janet didn't seem to care. She was making soft little sounds as he fucked her mouth, sounds that told Grace that her aunt was enjoying the hell out of what was happening.

Grace put her other hand between her legs. She rubbed her thighs as her fingers still thrust in and out of her cunt. She was so hot and wet down there. God, now she would have loved to have her brother's prick in her wet pussy.

"Oh Kenny!" she moaned softly. "God, Kenny!"

"Ahhh, fuckkkk!" Kenny yelled. "Ahhh fuck, here I come! I'm going to shoot my wad! I'm going to blow my wad down your throat, you little cunt-bitch! FUCK! AHHH, FUCKKKKKK!"

Grace watched her aunt start to swallow and then Kenny was pulling his prick out of her mouth.

Grace realized they had practiced that movement many times before.

Janet held her mouth open as he stood over her and sprayed his thick white cum-juice onto her face. Some of his jism she managed to take in her mouth, but most of it ran down her soft cheeks in wet, sticky rivers.

"Rub it on me, Kenny," Janet said.

Kenny began rubbing his cock against her face and more of his hot jism stained her cheeks.

"My tits," Janet said. "Rub against my tits."

He held the spermy tip of his cock against her tits, rubbing the head against her nipples.

It was vulgar-looking and yet it was so damned exciting.

"Now my hair," Janet said.

Grace watched in amazement as her brother took a thick handful of her hair and began wiping himself.

"Oh Kenny," she groaned softly.

The sight of Kenny wiping his cum-soaked cock in her aunt's black hair was all that Grace could stand. She fell weakly back against the wall and closed her eyes. She had a mental picture of Kenny's big cock as her fingers really went to work in her pussy. Her fingers thrust faster and faster until she could feel the first hot spasms rocking her body.

"Ohhhh," she groaned. "Ohhhhhh!"

She cried out softly again as the joyous heat completely wiped her out. She felt almost sick as the last spasms shook her. She'd been right. It had been the most beautiful orgasm she'd ever experienced. She felt like she couldn't move.

She heard sounds of movement and she peered back into the barn.

Janet was almost dressed again. She quickly started pulling at her clothes. She didn't know what her aunt would say if she caught her spying, but Grace was sure she didn't want to stay around and find out. She raced for the house and she got there only a few moments before her aunt.

"You haven't mopped the kitchen," her aunt said. "Don't I pay you enough?"

"Yes, ma'am," Grace answered humbly.

"Then get to it," Janet said.

"I need to know where the mop is," Grace said. "I couldn't find you to ask."

There was a look of suspicion in Janet's eyes, but Grace kept an innocent expression on her face.

Inside Grace was laughing and already plotting how she was going to get some of her brother's cock.


Lolly looked out the door as soon as she heard the sound of a car. It was getting late and she wondered who would be coming to visit at that hour. She thought that it might have been someone bringing Kenny back home.

Instead she saw a city police car. She wondered what a city police car was doing so far out in the country.

A big, brawny sergeant got out. Her was one of the biggest men that Lolly had ever seen and he gave her a funny feeling. She was somehow afraid of him. There was something about his face that told her he could be a rough type.

"Are you Miss Thomas?" he asked.

Lolly wondered what she could have done wrong. Her first thought was that perhaps he'd come to run her off the property. Maybe her Uncle Zeke had decided not to keep his end of the bargain. She felt her heart start to pound.

"Yes," she answered. "I'm Lolly Thomas."

"I've got something that belongs to you," he said.

Lolly still didn't understand. She had no idea of what the big policeman could be talking about.

Then he opened the back seat and he lifted out a sleeping man. The man was dirty and smelled of whiskey, but Lolly saw that it was her father.

"Daddy!" Lolly cried.

"That's right, little lady," he said. Her father was a big man, but the strong policeman held him easily. Lolly felt a nervous flutter in her stomach. There was something very odd going on.

"Where do you want me to put him?" he asked. "He needs to sleep this, off."

"You can put him in his room," Lolly said. "It's the one in back."

"Well, lead the way," he said.

Lolly turned her back on him and she could feel him watching her. She wished she'd worn something else besides her house skin, but she hadn't been expecting company.

"It's right through the kitchen," she said. "Just follow me."

Sergeant Max Evans didn't mind following her. The blonde was even better looking than he'd expected. She wore a tight, short skirt so he could see plenty of her shapely legs and her plump round ass.

She was a sweet one and she knew how to walk. Her ass moved sensuously. His hands itched to fondle heir.

"You can put him down here," Lolly said.

They were in a room that looked like the master bedroom. There was a big brass bed with only a sheet. He looked around at the faded walls. It had once been a nice room, but nobody kept it up any more.

He saw a picture of a blonde in a faded frame. She could have been the girl's mother. She looked like another one with big tits. He liked big tits. And the blonde fitted perfectly.

He dropped the drunken man roughly on the bed.

"I've been so worried about him," Lolly said.

"I know," he said. "I talked to your Uncle Zeke."

Lolly began to feel a little better. Perhaps the big police officer was a friend of her Uncle Zeke's. That would explain why he went to so much trouble.

"Me you good friends with Uncle Zeke?" Lolly asked.

"I hardly know the man," Max said, "but he saw your old man in jail and he told me you'd be really thankful to have him home. He told me you were worried."

"Oh, I have been," Lolly said. "Really worried. He's been gone a long time this time."

"Yeah," Max said, staring at her innocent face. "Your uncle said you'd be really grateful."

"I am," Lolly said.

"I mean really grateful," Max said.

He watched the expression on her face as she realized what he meant. He let his eyes drop to the aggressive thrust of her tits beneath her dress.

"Please don't look at me like that," Lolly said.

"Why not?" he asked. He stepped forward quickly and grabbed her hands before she could back away.

Lolly felt her heart pounding as if it were in her throat. She was afraid of this man. It didn't matter that he was a policeman. There was something dangerous about him.

"Now don't you play games," she insisted. "Please let me go. I'm not the kind of girl you think."

"Hell," he said. "I know what kind of girl you are. Your uncle told me what kind of girl you are. He said you'd be nice to me if I brought your daddy home."

"Let me go," she said.

"Don't you want to be nice to me?" he asked. "I'm not a bad man. I'm better looking than your uncle!"

"Let me go!" she pleaded. "Thank you for bringing my father home. I appreciate it. Maybe I could give you some money for your trouble. We don't have a lot."

"That won't do it, girl," he said. "Not just a thank you and a few pennies."

"Then what do you want?" she asked. It was a stupid question because she already knew what he wanted.

"I brought your daddy home because your uncle said you'd be nice to me," Max said. "Now I don't care about your money. I didn't give a damn if your daddy rotted in the drunk tank. Your uncle said you'd make it worthwhile."

Lolly realized what her Uncle Zeke had done to her. He really was a mean man. Not only did he get her virginity but now he was going to get his rent money too, by trying to put her father back to work again. The only way to get him working again was to bring him home and that would cost bail to get him out of the drunk tank. Zeke was a shrewd businessman and he'd found a way to get out of paying the bond. Promise the policeman a little pussy from his niece. That way everyone would get what they wanted.

Except Lolly.

Somehow Lolly broke out of the policeman's grip and ran for the door.

She was confused and scared. Sure, she'd fucked her uncle and she'd fucked her brother. She was no longer pure and innocent and she had nothing to lose by simply giving the big policeman what he wanted. Yet, somehow, this time was different.

"Don't run from me!" he yelled at her. "I'll get you and I'll beat hell out of you."

She ran like a deer. Max realized she actually intended to escape from him. He couldn't allow that. He took off after her. She reached the kitchen door only seconds before he did. She would have gotten outside but she fumbled with the lock.

Max slapped her ass hard and she jumped away from the door.

They began a game of cat and mouse around the kitchen table.

"You might as well give up," he said. "I'm going to get you. Make it easy on yourself."

"Why don't you just leave me alone?" she begged him.

"Just keep playing games, cunt," he said.

She ran for the door again, but he was quicker than she was. He caught her and wheeled her around. He carried her easily back into her father's bedroom.

"You play games, bitch," he said. "I came for something and I'm getting it."

He wrapped both his arms around, her and held her tight. Lolly struggled to free herself but his grip was too strong. Finally she gave up and allowed him to pull her against him. The buckles of his holster hurt her, but she didn't try to free herself again.

"That's better," he said. "A girl could get hurt trying to fight me."

That was what she was afraid of. A man as strong as he was could hurt her without half trying. She didn't want to end up broken anywhere. She would allow him to do what he wanted but she wouldn't enjoy it.

She bit her lips to keep from crying as his big hands slipped under her skirt and up the backs of her thighs. He was not gentle. His rough hands cupped the cheeks of her ass.

"Yeah," he said, "that's a lot better but we need to get your panties out of the way."

He slipped his hands inside her panties and touched her naked asscheeks. His fingers were like burning pokers touching her, and she shivered.

"You like that?" he asked.

He cupped her asscheeks a little firmer and his finger explored the crevice of her ass.

"Answer me!" he told her. "Do you like having me play with your ass?"

"No," she answered coldly.

"You're a lying bitch," he said, laughing. "Don't forget. Your uncle told me all about you. He told me what a sweet fuck you are. So don't try and lie to me!"

He gripped her ass tight and pulled her against the hard bulge in his trousers.

"Feel that," he said. "Well, I'm going to put that right up your hot twat. It's a big one, baby. It's big enough to come right out your sweet mouth."

There was nothing she could do to avoid the lips that crushed against hers, the tongue that probed the inside of her mouth.

"Kiss me back, damn it!"

She was afraid he would hurt her and she tried to put more passion in to her kiss. She touched her tongue to his and wiggled it around.

"That's a little better," he said. "Now you're getting the hang of it, baby."

She realized how helpless she was as his lips pressed against hers again. He was just so strong. He held her as easily as he had held her father. He wasn't struggling to hold her. She also realized that she would be just as helpless with any man her Uncle Zeke would send around.

Any man could walk in and rape her and there would be nothing she could do. And she had a feeling that her Uncle Zeke would send more men around. Any time he felt like it.

To him, she was nothing but an easy piece of ass. A little pussy to be shared with his friends, or used in the closing of a business deal, or in getting a favor from a policeman.

Max released her and he began to unbutton his shirt. She could hear the drunken snoring of her father and she suddenly realized that he intended to fuck her with her father in the same room.

"We can't stay here," she said. "Let's go to my room. You'll like it better."

Max had no intention of leaving the room. There was something exciting about fucking a man's daughter when the man was still in the room.

"Hell no," Max said. "We're staying right here. Don't worry about your daddy. He's not going to wake up and there won't be anything he can do if he does."

Lolly realized he was getting a thrill out of being in the same room with her father. But she couldn't stay in the same room. That was just too vulgar.

"Let's go to my room," she pleaded. "I'll do anything you want but not here."

His face got ugly. He was tired of her protesting. He stepped forward quickly and caught her arm. He used a judo technique to turn her around and bend her arm up behind her back. He twisted her arm until she sobbed.

"You'd better understand this, cunt," he told her. "We stay here. From now on you do exactly as I say. You don't argue. Do you understand me?"

"Yes," she groaned.

He released her. He saw the fear in her eyes as she faced him again. That was all right with Max.

He liked his women to be a little afraid of him. Especially the young ones. That way they tried harder to please him.

"Now take off your fucking clothes," he said. "Strip down. I want to see your body. Show me what you got!"

He watched her as she started to take her clothes off. God, she was a nice one.

There was no more argument from her as she stripped off her skirt and then her blouse and bra. She had big, creamy tits, a flat belly, and a thick furry covering for her pussy. She looked exactly the way he liked his pussy to look. And she was young. She was almost a virgin. That made everything so much better.

"Turn around," he said.

She turned slowly and he took a good look at her pretty ass. He whistled. He hadn't seen an ass that good in a long time.

"Fantastic," he said. "You're a fucking gold mine, girl. A gorgeous ass and tits and that innocent face. Goddamn, where have you been hiding all my life?"

He put his hand between her legs. His fingers probed the swollen lips of her pussy and he felt a little dampness there. She was trying not to show it, but she was getting turned on.

"Bend over," he said.

Lolly wasn't sure what he wanted. She could feel her heart pounding as she bent over and exposed the pink lips of her pussy to him.

"Goddamn," he said. "You're a fine piece of ass. Prime stuff. Now you just hold that position, baby, while I get the rest of my clothes off!"

It was an uncomfortable position but Lolly stayed just as she was. She was afraid to anger the big policeman. She was afraid he would hurt her. She had to do exactly as he wanted.

She did look over her shoulder as he pulled off his shirt. She shivered. He had a massive chest covered with thick black hairs. He looked like an animal.

He took off his holster and dropped it on the floor. Then very quickly he unbuckled his trousers and jerked down the zipper. He kicked off his trousers and stood in his shorts, shoes and socks.

She could see the huge bulge pushing at his shorts, but she couldn't believe anything could be that big. Surely he had something else in his trousers?

But it was real. He stripped off his shorts and she saw his big swollen pole looking more like a weapon than a man's cock. He laughed as he saw her eyes widen. He knew he had a big one and that women were afraid of it.

"It's so big," she gasped.

"It's big all right," he said, "but don't you worry. All my women get used to it. After a while they can't go back to other men. They have to keep coming back to me."

That wasn't exactly true because Max had few women come back to him for a second fuck. But he knew there were very few women who could forget how big it was.

"You're going to get royally fucked," he said. "You've never had a good fucking until you've had my prick."

Lolly felt her heart pound as he walked to her. He reached around her body and grabbed her tits. He squeezed them roughly as he positioned his prick between her legs.

"Please don't!" she begged him. "You'll kill me with that thing! You'll kill me!"

"I haven't killed a woman yet," he said, "but I've made a lot of women scream for joy. I've even had a few of them beg me. Maybe you'll beg me, baby."

"Please!" Lolly wailed, but she knew that no amount of begging would do any good.

She was still bent over as he pressed his massive cock-head against her cunt.

"I'm going to fuck you silly," he promised her. "You're never going to forget this fucking!"

She gasped as she felt his cock-head pushing against her cunt-lips. He pushed gently, but his cock was so big that even his cock-head stretched her cunt. His bulbous cock-head popped just inside her cunt and he gave a sigh.

Despite herself, Lolly felt a little shiver going up her spine.

"Now lets see if you're really the fuck your uncle said you were," he told her. "Let's see if you can take a real man's cock!"

She cried out at the sudden savage shove that sent his cock deep into her pussy. She had never felt her pussy so filled up before. She felt like his cock-head was going to come out her mouth at any moment. He moved back and thrust again and she felt as if she had been torn in half.

"Oh God!" she screamed.

"You'll learn to like it, baby," he promised her. "All my women do. They're all just cunts in the end. Begging and screaming and pleading for more."

He began slamming his big cock into her cunt with deep strokes. She was afraid he was going to hurt her because his prick was so damned deep. It was brutal animal fucking, but she couldn't control herself. She was almost an animal herself as she felt the first hot spasm in her belly.

She couldn't allow herself to be turned on. She tried to fight it, she tried to think of other things. But her mind kept coming back to that thick cock that filled her cunt.

"Fuck back, baby," he groaned. "Slam your ass into me! Fuck my prick!"

Everything seemed to break loose in her at the same time. His cock no longer hurt and she gave a savage little cry of joy and began moving back against his thrust.

"Yeah, baby," he moaned. "Yeah, that's it! You are a sweet little fuck!"

She forgot all about the man, she only concentrated on the hot feeling his cock gave her. She was like a wild animal, like a fuck machine. She matched his every brutal thrust with the hump of her hot cunt.

She began to hump him faster as she felt the hot excitement in her belly. Faster and harder until she had started to sob in pure joy.

"I told you you'd like it," he grunted.

"I do like it," she moaned. "I do!"

And she did. She couldn't help it. She felt so filled up with his thick cock. His massive organ touched every part of her swollen cunt. She could feel his prick rubbing against her aching clit each time he thrust into her.

"All you cunts are alike," he grunted.

"Yes," she moaned. "Yes!"

He laughed and it made her feel dirty, but she couldn't help the response her body made to his cock. She tingled everywhere. She couldn't control herself.

"I love it," she moaned.

"Sure you do," he said. "Every fucking cunt is just alike. Give them a little cock and they go crazy. You're just like all the rest. A hot fucking box. A cunt with a name!"

She tried not to listen to his words, but even his words seemed to make her hotter.

"I'm coming!" she cried out. "I'm coming! Oh God, it feels so good! So fucking good! Oh God, I love it! It feels so hot and hard and so good! GOODDDDD!"

"That's it, baby," he said. "Move your sweet ass like that. Just keep moving your sweet ass. I'm going to shoot my wad. I'm going to fill up your cunt with my cum. Can you feel it, baby? Can you feel my cock squirting? Can you feel it?"

"Yes!" she cried.

"Take it in your pussy!" he cried. "Take every Goddamn drop! TAKE EVERY FUCKING DROP, YOU CUNT!"

His hot jism filled her cunt completely and then dripped wetly onto her thighs.

His cum had a thick texture to it she had somehow expected it to have. He was a strong man and his cum would also be strong.

She felt sticky all over as he pulled his cock out of her wet pussy.

"Turn around," he commanded.

She was nearly exhausted, but she turned and somehow managed to keep from falling down. He made her bend again and this time he rubbed his cock against her face. He left her face stained with his cum.

"A little hair ought to do it," he said.

He grabbed a handful of her blonde hair and wiped himself clean. Then he walked to the bed and sat down.

Lolly sank down on the floor. She had never felt so completely worn out. His fucking had been brutal and she was sore and tired. She didn't think she'd ever be able to move again.

"Get off the floor," he said.

She looked at him. He wasn't making any move to get dressed and she realized that he wasn't finished with her. He wasn't finished fucking her!

"Oh no," she said painfully.


"Come here, bitch," he said.

Lolly didn't feel like she could move. She was so tired and she felt violated in a way that she'd never felt before. He had used her and he had made her enjoy it. That was what hurt the most.

He had made her enjoy it. His big cock had made her hot and she had responded to his hot passion.

"I said come over here, cunt," he said.

"I can't move," she said.

He grinned at her. His grin was cruel. She didn't like anything about the big policeman. She wished he would go, but she knew he wasn't done with her yet.

"Why don't you leave?" she said.

"I'm not done with you yet," he said. "I've just barely gotten started."

"Please just leave me alone!" she begged.

Max knew he had taken a lot out of her with his first fuck, but he also knew that she had a lot left.

"You cunts can always take more than you think you can," he said. "I once had a housewife in a jail cell in town. She was a pretty little red-haired thing with two of the biggest knockers you've ever seen."

Max smiled as he remembered those creamy tits.

"God, could she fuck. She was a tough little bitch, but about the middle of the night she started begging to stop. She said she couldn't go any more. She couldn't, though. I gave her a couple of swats and she started going like crazy. Fucked like a wildcat."

"Please, I can't," Lolly said.

"That's exactly what the little redhead said, until I beat her ass. She found she had strength she didn't know she had. You going to make me beat your ass, sugar?"

She looked into his hard face and she knew he was capable of doing just as he said. She looked into the drunken face of her father.

"Couldn't we just leave this room?" Lolly asked. "Couldn't we go to my bedroom?"

"What's the matter?" he asked. "Does fucking with your father in the room make you nervous?"

"Yes," Lolly admitted.

"Well, I don't give a damn," he said. "I like it. In fact, I kind of like having you nervous. Makes you work better. Now move your ass over here. I don't want to get nasty!"

She climbed wearily to her feet and walked over to the bed. She couldn't argue with him. She felt bruised and beaten and all her spirit was gone.

Her father snored loudly as she sat down next to the big police officer.

"That's better," he said. "Now play with my cock. Make it hard again!"

She didn't want to make that monster cock hard again, but she had no choice. She wrapped her fingers around the meaty stem and moved her hand up and down.

"Play with my balls, too," he demanded. "You don't want to forget about them. That's where I've got some more cum stored up for you. Play with them too."

She put her other hand underneath his balls and squeezed them gently.

"That's nice," he said. "You have nice hands. Soft and cool. Just right!"

She felt his thick prick harden in her fingers and again she was amazed at just how big it could get. She wondered how she had ever gotten that huge piece of meat inside her pussy. A man shouldn't have a cock like that. It was more like a bull's cock. She could hardly get her fingers around the thick stern.

"Beat it," he said. "I'm sure you know how. I bet you've beaten off plenty of your boy friends."

She didn't tell him that she had no boy friends and that her uncle's cock was the first one she'd ever touched. He wouldn't believe her anyway. She tightened her grasp and moved her fingers up and down. Her hand grew sticky from his leaking cum.

"Now that feels real good, baby," he said. "Real nice. But I'm kind of wet down there. Why don't you lick it clean? Show me how much you appreciate my cock."

She wasn't surprised. She had expected him to want his dick sucked. She bent her head into his lap. She smelled her own juices on his cock.

"Lick it," he said.

She began to lick the cum from his crown. His cum had a strong flavor and she had also expected this. Somehow she had known that a man like him would have thick, strong-tasting cum.

"That's the way," he said. "Now lick down the underside of my cock. Do that."

She licked down the soft underside of his cock to his balls. She knew he wanted her to take his balls into her mouth. She slowly sucked one up and tasted the salty flavor. She released it and moved her lips to his other.

"God, baby," he said. "Now that's what I call nice. Keep doing that, cunt. Keep sucking me like that."

She nipped gently at his balls and then slipped his ball into her mouth again. She rolled it beneath her tongue before she released it. She would have never admitted it, but she liked the taste of his balls. She also liked the feeling she got when she sucked his balls. A feeling of power. He was making her suck him, but she was the one in control.

"Nice," he groaned again.

His hand went between her legs and she felt two of his fingers jab into her cunt. She winced in pain because she was still a little sore from the hard fucking he had given her.

But in a moment her juices began to flow and she found herself humping to meet his fingers.

"Fucking nice," he groaned.

His fingers moved faster as he finger-fucked her cunt.

"You cunts are all alike," he said. "You start off hating it, but you learn to love it. You end up begging for it. You end up with your mouth hanging open and a cock in your cunt. You cunts are just alike."

He grabbed a handful of her hair and jerked her mouth back to the tip of his cock.

"All right, cunt," he said. "Suck it. Show me you know how to suck a man's cock."

It was almost impossible to get the huge rod into her mouth but she somehow managed it. It was impossible to get more than half of his flesh between her lips. Even then she could feel his cock-head throbbing against the deep part of her throat.

"You can do better than that," he said.

Somehow she managed to keep from choking as he crammed more of his prick into her mouth.

"You're getting better," he said. "You're going to learn how to be mouth-fucked, baby. This is going to be a lesson you're never going to forget."

Max laughed loudly. His finger left her cunt as he stood up. He grabbed the back of her head and held her so that she couldn't move.

"First you're going to deep throat me," he said. "Now you just relax. I'm going to put all my cock in your mouth, but don't worry. You won't die from it!"

There was nothing she could do to stop him. He held her in a powerful grip.

She couldn't have known that he had done this with many other women. He knew it could be done with just a little patience. He went easy because he didn't want her choking.

First he massaged her throat with his fingers. He could feel her mouth working on his staff and he knew that he was very slowly being sucked deeper.

"The muscles of your throat will slowly relax," he said. "You'll see. You can take it all."

He continued to massage her throat as he pushed a little harder. She gave a choking noise and he stopped.

"Now you're fighting it," he said. "Don't fight it. You can take it all. Every inch. Just relax and quit fighting."

She felt his massive cock filling her throat and all she could taste or smell was his cock. She struggled to move her head, but that did no good. He only pushed a little harder.

"Now you're taking more," he said. "Just relax, baby. You'll have every bit before you know it."

She closed her eyes. She knew she was going to die. She couldn't breathe except in painful little gasps and she was also afraid that she was going to get sick on him.

Yet, strangely enough, the fingers massaging her throat seemed to make her relax more.

She opened her eyes again and suddenly his balls were against her chin and she realized she had all of his cock in her mouth.

"Ahhh," he groaned softly.

It seemed impossible, but the entire length of his massive cock was in her mouth. His thick cock-head pulsated against her throat.

"See, babe," he told her. "I told you that you'd do it. You've got it all now. Every big inch. God, you're a sweet little bitch! Your mouth feels so nice and hot! Use your tongue a little if you can! Yeah, like that! God, you are fantastic!"

He left his cock deep in her throat for a long while. He wanted her to get used to it before he began mouth-fucking her. He couldn't stand completely still. It felt too good. He dropped his fingers to her tits and massaged her nipples.

"You feel so fucking good, you little cunt," he told her. "You're so fucking fine. Now I'm going to show you how a woman gets mouth-fucked. I'm going to fuck the shit out of you!"

He started to move his cock slowly in and out of her mouth. God, she felt good. He squeezed her titties each time he thrust and he could feel her getting a little excited. She was beginning to like sucking his cock. Now and then he came across a cunt like that. A cunt who liked the feel and taste of his cock in her mouth.

"Fuck, this is my lucky day," he groaned. "I never expected a hot cunt like you. Fuck, this is my fucking lucky day! Suck me, you little cunt! Suck me! Suck my cum right out and swallow it! You can do it, bitch!"

His balls brushed against her chin each time he thrust into her mouth. She was beginning to grow hungry. He could feel her lips working on his flesh. She was good. She didn't have to be told what to do. He could feel her teeth nipping gently at his crown.

"You hot little bitch," he groaned. "You make a man feel it right down in his balls. You fucking hot little bitch! Keep sucking like that!"

It was true that Lolly was beginning to enjoy sucking him off. She couldn't help it. It was the same feeling of pleasure that she'd gotten sucking his balls.

There was a hot little knot in her stomach and she knew she was going to have to do something about that. She spread her legs farther apart and she put her hand between her thighs.

She was wet and her fingers slipped easily up into her tight cunt. She moved her fingers in and out of her pussy with the same rhythm that he mouth-fucked her.

"Getting hot, huh?" he asked her. "You are about the best cocksucker I've ever had. Keep it up, you fucking bitch. Keep it up!"

He gripped the back of her head a little tighter as he felt the hot burning pressure in his balls. He was getting ready to blow his wad into her mouth.

"You want my cum, baby?" he asked her. She couldn't answer, but he had the feeling that she was hungry for his thick jism. It was not his imagination. She was sucking too hard far him not to realize that she was enjoying herself.

"I'm getting close," he whispered.

He began to thrust his cock rapidly into her mouth as he felt his cock-head growing.

"Swallow it, bitch!" he yelled. "I'm coming! Swallow it! Swallow all of it! Swallow my fucking cum! Swallow every drop, you little cum-drinking bitch! SWALLOW IT, CHRISTTTTTT!"

His thick hot jism poured down the back of her throat and it was too much for her. She couldn't have possibly swallowed it all, but she tried. He heard her soft swallowing sounds as she took a great deal of his cum into her stomach. A lot of his thick liquid dripped from the corners of her mouth and ran in rivers down her chin.

"Christ," he groaned softly as his cock started to grow limp. "Christ, that was nice, baby!"

Lolly gasped for breath as his cock slipped from between her lips.

"That was fucking good," he groaned.

Lolly was still hot. She could feel her fingers getting wet from her pussy juice. He grabbed her hand and pulled it away from her hot cunt.

"Noooo!" she wailed.

"Don't worry, baby," he said. "I'm going to make you feel good, but not right this minute. You are a sweet bitch. You get hot sucking my cock!"

The thought pleased him. He knew he was going to have to fuck her again and he wanted her hot and ready. Then he had another thought. She was too damn pretty to let any of her go to waste and she had such a pretty plump ass.

"I bet you have a virgin ass," he said.

Suddenly Lolly wasn't as hot. She stared at him in horror. Surely he couldn't mean what she thought he did. One look at his vulgar grin convinced her that he did.

"Oh no!" she said. "You can't!"

"A sweet virgin ass," he said. "I bet nobody's ever fucked you there. I bet it's still tight like a baby's."

"Oh my God," she said softly.

He took her hand and put it back on his cock. He made her move her hand up and down and she could feel it growing hard for the third time.

"Don't you think you'd like to have your ass fucked?" he asked.

"Oh God no!" she begged him. "Not that. Anything but that. Please don't!"

"Now you know you've liked everything I've done to you," he said. "You'll like this too."

She saw that he meant what he said and she had never felt so scared. This time he would kill her for sure. No woman could survive having that big cock up her ass.

"Oh please no!" she begged him.

"Stop acting like a child," he told her. "It's time you became a woman in every way. A good ass-fucking never hurt anyone."

"No!" she screamed.

"Don't get hysterical," he told her. "You're going to get your ass fucked so you might as well enjoy it."

"Pleaseeee!" she whispered.

He moved around the room opening dresser drawers and she wondered what he was doing. Then he found it. A little jar of cold cream. She saw him dabbing it on his cock and then rubbing it all over.

"No," she begged him. "Please don't do that. Please don't."

The look of sheer terror in her face made Max harder than he'd been before. He finished rubbing the cream all over his cock and he walked back toward the bed.

Again there was nothing she could do. She tried to dodge past him, but he grabbed her and pushed her back onto the bed. He was smiling and it was a cruel smile.

"Turn over," he said. "I'm going to put my cock in your ass."

"No, you're not," she said.

She tried to fight him, but she had no idea of just how mean he could get. She found herself wrapped in his arms and then he was pushing her toward her father.

Suddenly she found his hand on the back of her neck and her face was being pressed down into her drunken father's lap.

"Now don't you move, bitch," he said. "You keep your face in your daddy's lap and your ass high in the air. You just relax and it'll be easier on you."

"No!" she begged. "Please don't!"

He had her pinned helplessly and she felt his hard cock-head pressed against her tiny little hole. First it was the brutal thrust of his finger. He drove one finger into her asshole all the way to the knuckle and moved it around.

"Quit moving," he commanded. "If you stop, I'll make it easy. If you don't, I'll slam it right up your asshole just as hard as I can. Now make up your mind."

She quit struggling and lowered her face to her father's lap. She could feel the limp bulge of her father's prick beneath her cheek but she tried not to think about that.

He was on the bed and his prick-head pushed against her tiny hole. He pushed harder and she felt a fiery pain in her asshole. She kept herself from trying to jerk away.

He pushed slowly and she felt his prick-head pop into her tiny asshole.

"Ohhhh!" she groaned. "Oh God, that hurts!"

"Just relax," he told her. "It'll feel better in a few minutes."

She didn't think her body would ever be the same again. He moved closer and his prick started to slide farther into her asshole. He was gentler than she thought he would be.

She bit her lip as he pushed again and she felt half his prick in her ass.

"That's it," he said. "Just relax. Relax and everything will be fine." He moved again and his prick went farther into her ass. "Just a little more," he grunted.

Then his prick was inside her completely and his balls rested against her asscheeks.

"Tight," he groaned. "So fucking tight."

He reached around and found her cunt with his fingers. He pushed two fingers inside her cunt and rubbed them against her clit. Despite herself, she felt an awakening of the fires in her belly.

"See there," he told her.

He rubbed her clit as he began to thrust his cock in and out of her tight-fitting asshole. She was a good fuck anywhere he fucked her. Her ass was tighter than any woman he had ever fucked. Her anus fit his prick like a gloved hand.

"Christ!" he groaned. "Oh Christ, this is fine. So fucking fine. I love your pretty ass."

He fucked her harder and faster while his finger kept brushing against her clit. She couldn't fight the heat growing in her stomach. She began to moan and her hips began to thrust back to meet his prick. She was still sore, but somehow even the soreness felt good.

"Fuck me!" she groaned. "Fuck me hard!"

He really gave it to her then. He yelled like a wild man as he pumped his prick into her ass. His one hand cupped a tit while his other hand rubbed her pussy.

"You're making me come!" she groaned. "You're making me come! God, I can't help it! It feels good! It feels so fucking good! Oh fuck me! FUCK MEEEEEEEE! FUCK MY ASSHOLEEEEEE!"

Her juices flooded his fingers just as she felt his prick-head growing in her ass and she knew he was getting close to coming also. She kept moving her ass back against him and the slap of his balls against her ass got quicker.

"Jesus," he moaned. "You're tight, bitch. You're so fucking tight. I'm going to blow my wad! I'm going to blow my wad up your ass! OH FUCKKKKKKK!"

His hot jism filled her ass like a soothing balm. He pumped her a couple more times before she felt his limp prick slip out of her sore asshole.

This time she knew he was finished. No man could go again after that.


Lolly lay sobbing into her pillow. Never had she been used so brutally. Max was gone, but she could still feel his cock prodding her. She cried for an hour before she was finally cried out.

"I've got to get hold of myself," she said finally.

She got up and went into her bathroom. She turned the water on as hot as she could get it before she got under the spray. The hot water seemed to wash away some of the dirty feeling in her body.

"You enjoyed it," he had told her before he left. "You loved it. Maybe I'll come back again."

She felt herself shivering for fear that he would come back again. Sure, she had enjoyed some of it. He had brutally used her and she had responded brutally, but it left her with a used feeling. She hadn't gotten that feeling from Kenny or even from Uncle Zeke. Just with the big policeman.

Lolly realized she was going to have to do something. She couldn't allow that sort of thing to happen again, she couldn't allow men like Max to use her when they felt like it. She was going to have to stop her Uncle Zeke from sending any more strangers to her home.

But how? Lolly couldn't think of a way as she washed her bruised and tender body. She didn't know of anything she could do. Soon the rent would be due again and she would be right back where she started.

She turned the water off and stepped out of the tub. She looked at her flushed body in her mirror. She still looked the same. Virgins didn't have some special look that they lost after being fucked. She was still the same person.

She felt the tears coming up again. No, she wasn't the same person. After Max, she could never be the same person again. She still hurt from his hands.

"What can I do?" she asked herself.

She went back into her bedroom and sat back on the edge of her bed. She knew what she was heading for. She had seen lots of girls who finally had to move to the town and start working streets. In a few years they weren't pretty any more.

There would be a lot of men like Max who would use her and leave her hurting.

She was suddenly angry at her father. It was his fault. He should be supporting them. He shouldn't leave the responsibility to his oldest girl. He should be working instead of getting drunk. Other men had lost their wives and they had somehow made it. Her father could too.

Then she heard her father cry out and all her anger was gone. She couldn't help herself. She really loved her father. He had been a good man once. A really good man.

She wrapped a robe around herself as she walked from her bedroom into her father's.

He had been dreaming again. He often had bad dreams about her mother. He lay drenched in sweat.

"Oh, Daddy," she said.

She couldn't be angry at him. He was just so helpless. She went to his bathroom and got a damp rag. She went back and sat down beside him.

"It's all right, Daddy," she said softly. "I'm here. It's going to be all right."

She gently wiped the sweat away from his forehead and cheeks.

"Poor man," she said soothingly. "You loved her so much. So very much!"

Lolly transferred her angry thoughts to her mother. How could the woman have left him? Her mother had to be a cruel woman to leave her family.

It was strange, but Lolly didn't remember her as being cruel. She only remembered soft hands, a soft voice. She couldn't stay angry at her mother either.

Her father cried out again and Lolly spoke to him soothingly while rubbing his forehead.

"It's all right, Daddy," she said. "Your Lolly's right here. I'll take care of you."

Her father opened his eyes and blinked at her. "Lolly?"

"I'm here, Daddy," she said. "I'm right here. I won't go away. Just relax."

She wondered how her father could be a brother to her Uncle Zeke. The two men were not alike. Even drunk her father was a strong, handsome man. Her Uncle Zeke was ugly and fat.

She also wondered how her uncle had ever managed to marry such a fine-looking woman as Janet. Janet was a real snobbish blue blood and the two of them didn't seem to match.

Lolly leaned over and started to give her father a daughterly kiss on the cheek. Instead he moved his head and she found herself kissing his lips. She even felt his tongue stab at her.

She drew her head back as if her lips had been burned.

"Daddy," she said.

"You look like your mother," he said. "Just like her. You're so pretty. Let me kiss you, Lolly."

She was shocked, but she realized she shouldn't have been. Her father was a man and he was half drunk and he had been without a woman for a long time. And Lolly had found that most men were alike.

"Kiss me, Lolly," he said.

She couldn't refuse him, but she told herself that a few kisses wouldn't hurt and it might make him feel better. She felt so sorry for him.

She bent to kiss her father's lips and his arms went quickly around her.

"No, Daddy," she said weakly. She didn't pull away. Even after his tongue began stabbing at her mouth.

This time she opened her mouth and let his tongue rub against her own.

It might have stopped then if it hadn't been that she was hungry for a gentle touch. She wanted someone strong to love her gently, not ravish her as the policeman had done.

Her father was giving her the gentle touch she craved.

All along she kept telling herself that she could stop at any time. Yet she didn't protest when she felt his hand at the knot of her robe. She didn't try and stop him when he pulled her robe apart and bared her tits. He cupped one soft tit and she quit trying to fool herself. She didn't want to stop.

She wanted his soft touch, his soft hand fondling her tit. She knew that he was not completely sober, but she also knew that he was sober enough to stop.

He realized that she was his daughter and what he was doing was wrong. She knew that he didn't want to stop.

Both hands cupped her breasts and his fingers rubbed across her hard, aching nipples. She couldn't believe that she could feel anything after what she had gone through, but something in her father's touch aroused her.

She could feel a quivering excitement in her belly that made her push her tits against his fingers.

"Oh, Daddy," she groaned. "We shouldn't be doing this. We really shouldn't. Daddy, we should stop before it goes any farther. Oh Daddy!"

Even as she talked she knew that she really didn't want her father to quit touching her. She really did need his gentle fingers exploring her body.

He kissed her lips softly and their tongues touched again. His mouth was flavored with alcohol, but she didn't mind that.

His hands cupped her asscheeks and he pulled her tightly against him. She felt the growing bulge in his trousers pressed against her pussy mound.

She knew then that it had gone too far for either one of them to stop. She pulled away from him only long enough to strip off her robe completely.

His eyes ogled her fresh body and she sensed his hot excitement.

"Do I really look like mother?" she asked.

"God yes," he groaned. "Just like her, Lolly. You're such a sweet-looking thing."

One of his hands cupped her tit and then traced a line down her belly to her pussy mound. She tingled as his finger brushed across her pussy hairs.

"Touch me there," she said. "I want you to. Touch me there."

She spread her legs slightly and his hand covered her pussy. His hand was not at all like the rough touch that Max had given her. Her father was gentle but strong, and that turned her on a lot.

"Put one finger in me," she begged him. "It gets me all juicy down there."

She felt his finger prod cautiously at her lust-swollen cuntlips. Gently he pried apart the rosy folds of her pussy and one finger slipped easily into her hot box.

"Ummmm, Daddy," she groaned.

It was like she had promised him. It didn't take her long before she was hat and juicy between her legs. Her father really seemed to know what to do with his hands.

His free hand caressed her plump tit while his finger thrust into her cunt.

"Daddy, I like that." She shivered. "I like that so much."

She was juicy enough and he took his finger out. She didn't protest when he pushed her over on her back and lay beside her. His lips touched the soft white flesh of her throat. He licked at her throat and then down to the tops of her tits.

"I've wanted to kiss these for a long time," he said. "Such along time."

"Oh yes, Daddy!" she gasped. "Kiss my tits! Kiss them, bite them, suck them! Do what you want."

She was really getting turned on now. There was something exciting about kissing her father, something exciting about having his hands fondling her.

It seemed dirty, but yet it wasn't dirty. She couldn't understand her feelings about it. She only understood that she liked it and that it made her hot.

"Kiss them," she said again.

He kissed the tops of her tits and then moved his lips down to one hard bud. She gasped as she felt him suck her nipple between his lips. She was already hard, but something in his kiss made her nipple grow harder.

"You make me itch all over," she moaned. "Your lips feel so good. Suck my nipples like that! You make me feels so good, Daddy. You make me feel so good!"

He opened his lips wider and sucked more of her hot flesh into his mouth and at the same time his tongue fucked at her aching nipples.

His fingers went back between her legs, just resting at first on her soft pubic mound, but then his finger started prodding at her cunt again.

"Jesus," she moaned softly. "Oh Jesus, Daddy! You're really turning me on! You're getting me so hot!"

He started to move his lips from one of her hard nipples to the other.

"Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!" she moaned.

She reached between his legs and she touched the thick bulge in his trousers.

"Ummm, Daddy," she said, "That feels so good!"

He only mumbled as his lips kept sucking at her tits. Now his finger slipped inside her cunt. He moved his finger around in a wide circle that touched all of her cunt walls.

She tried to squeeze his hard prick though his trousers, but she couldn't get to it very well.

"Daddy," she said. "It's so big and hard. It feels so cramped in there."

"It is," he said.

"Maybe we should let it out," she suggested. "I wouldn't want it to hurt from being so cramped."

She laughed as she reached for the tab of his zipper. She knew there was no way that her father was drunk any more. He was in complete control of himself and he damned sure didn't want to stop. It was so hard to believe that this was happening, but then Lolly knew that it had been happening all along.

The comments about her lush body that her father often made in his drunken spells. Sometimes he had sounded as if he wasn't quite so drunk and he was more serious than joking.

And those many times that she had caught him looking at her with a hungry expression.

She knew now that her father had been thinking about this all along but he hadn't had the courage. She wondered what gave him the courage, now, and she thought that he might have seen something in his half drunk sleep.

Maybe he had been awake some of the time when Max had been fucking her.

Actually it didn't matter now. Nothing mattered except taking his cock out. She pulled on the tab of his zipper until she had his trousers opened. Then she darted her hand inside his trousers and touched the warmth of his hard cock.

"Ummmm," she said. "You're not wearing shorts, Daddy."

"No," he said.

Her fingers locked around his throbbing cock and she fished it out of his trousers. It seemed alive in her hand. It jumped and throbbed in a way that she hadn't felt before.

He groaned as her fingers tightened around the staff of his rod and she moved her hand up and down. A little spot of white appeared on the tip of his cock.

"Ummm," she said. "Now let me show you something nice, Daddy. Something you'll really like!"

This time it was her turn to push him onto his back. He had to take his hand out of her pussy, but she didn't mind that.

"You want me to kiss your dick?" she asked him.

"Oh God yes," he answered.

She was teasing because she'd already known what his answer was going to be. She brushed her thick blonde hair back from her forehead and bent her face to his lips.

She kissed the tip of his prick and tasted the salty flavor of his cum. Her daddy's cum! Never had the taste of cum excited her so much.

She took the bloated prick-head between her lips and bit down gently just below the crown.

"Ahhhhh," he moaned softly.

She held his staff tightly as she kept licking and biting the sensitive area around his crown. She kept tasting more of his jism leaking into her mouth.

"Baby!" he moaned. "Darling daughter! Keep licking me like that. Keep up that licking! Such a fine sweet mouth! You have a knack for blowiobs, baby!"

She had never thought of herself as having a knack for sucking, but his compliment pleased her.

She continued to use her tongue around his crown and she sensed his growing excitement. She slipped her hand down to fondle his balls and then she swallowed his thick cock.

"Oh Jesus," he groaned.

Max had taught her the trick and she would never forget him for that.

She willed herself to relax as she felt his prick deep in her throat and his heavy balls resting against her chin. She was able to use her tongue just a little and that increased his excitement.

"Jesus, you've got it all," he groaned. "Your mother couldn't do that. She couldn't take it all. Jesus, you've got all my cock in your mouth!"

Again she was pleased. She'd managed to do something her mother couldn't do. She was sure she could show him some other little tricks that her mother couldn't manage either.

His hands tangled in her thick blonde hair as she slowly released his prick. She didn't keep it out of her mouth long. She began moving her lips up and down the bloated length.

"Oh, baby," he moaned. "You're good. You're so fucking good. Oh sweet baby!"

She still wasn't finished with him. She continued to suck and bite at his rod until she had all of his rod covered with her saliva. Reluctantly she allowed his prick to slip from her lips.

"I'm so hot, Daddy," she moaned. "Now I want to fuck you. I want to fuck your cock."

"Shit yeah," her father grunted. "I want your pussy. I need your hot cunt."

She moved up to straddle him. His face was red with lust and his eyes squeezed shut. He kept licking his lips and she realized he was more turned on than he'd been in a long time.

"How long since you'd had a woman, Daddy?"

"Not since your mother left," he answered.

"God," she said. "That's along time!"

She reached between them and found his jutting prick. She held his rigid prick tightly as she guided his cock-head up to her wet hole.

"I'm going to ride you, Daddy!" she groaned. "I'm going to ride you like a cowgirl! I'm going to ride your sweet cock until you fill me up with cum!"

"Fuck yes!" he groaned. "Put it in your pussy! I need your pussy! I need some good fucking! Ride me with your hot cunt!"

She slowly eased down on his cock. She felt his prick-head stretching the folds of her cunt and then popping inside. She was still sore from the brutal treatment Max had given her and it hurt a little bit.

"Let me rest a moment," she said. She tested a moment with just his prick-head inside her cunt. "Now!" she moaned.

He thrust upward and she felt the long length of his cock slide into her juicy hole. He fitted her cunt perfectly.

"Does it feel good?" she asked him, "Does my pussy feel good, Daddy?"

"Oh fuck yes," he answered.

Her hot juices had gotten her well lubricated and she was able to start a slow bounce. She wanted it slow and easy after all the rough fucking she'd gotten that day.

Her father seemed content to have it that way. He fucked her with a slow, easy rhythm that made Lolly feel good all over.

"Your pussy feels good, baby," he said. "Your pussy feels good and tight."

"And your cock feels nice," she moaned.

She rode him until she began to feel him thrusting a little faster and she could also feel his cock growing in the tight walls of her cunt.

She wasn't ready yet, but she knew that didn't matter.

Her father would probably be able to manage a great many more times before the night was over.

"Daddy," she said. "I'm going to get off now. I want to take your first hot load in my mouth."

"Oh fuck yes!" he groaned. "But you'd better hurry. I'm getting fucking close!"

She slipped off his prick and quickly put her mouth on his cock. She gobbled up his meat as the first thick gob of his jism erupted into her throat.

"I'm coming!" he yelled. "I'm fucking coming! I'm coming in your hot mouth! Fuck, it feels good. It feels so fucking good! I'm fucking coming in your mouth! AGHHHHHHH!"

More of his thick hot jism poured into her mouth and she swallowed as much of it as she could. He tasted good. She sucked him dry and then sucked for more.

"That's it, baby," he said weakly.

He'd come a lot, but she knew that wasn't all he had to offer. She began to kiss and lick at the crown of his cock and she felt it start to harden immediately.

"Jesus," he groaned. "What are you doing to me?"

She gobbled his meat down again and she felt it grow hard in her mouth. She released it and licked down to his balls. She kissed each of his balls gently.

"I need to be fucked, Daddy," she moaned. "I need to be fucked so bad."

It was true. She'd never needed it as much as she did right then. Her whole body ached with need. She found herself being pushed over onto her back.

"Now I'll fuck you -- like a man," he said.

There was something new and different in his voice and somehow Lolly knew a change had happened. He wasn't the same man who had been brought in drunk. He was in command of himself. Perhaps a good fucking was all he really needed to forget about his wife.

"Baby," she moaned. "Put it in me! Put it in my pussy!"

He climbed between her legs and she felt his hard cock nudge at her pussy.

"Lift your legs," he said.

She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his buttocks even as he shoved his cock into her pussy. His prick went in easily and there was no sore feeling this time.

"Ahhhh!" she groaned. "Now fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me good!"

He drove his prick into her savagely and brought it out again. He mauled her titties as he pushed his cock back into her again. She squeezed her thighs tight around his cock.

"Do it to me!" she cried.

He fucked her hard but without the brutality of Max. He was good with his cock. He knew how to move it so that it would excite her the most.

"Jesus, that's niceee!" she wailed.

He slammed his cock into her pussy again and again and she felt the hot spasms shake her. She ground herself up against him, trying to draw his pecker in as deep as she could get it.

"Fuck me, Daddy!" she cried. "Fuck me hard!"

His hands still groped her titties as he drove his prick into her pussy. His balls slapped against her. She felt the first trembling in her belly.

"I'm coming, Daddy!" she moaned. "I'm coming!"

She bit her lips as her body was shook with excitement.

"COMING!" she cried. "I'M COMINGGGG!"

At the same time she felt his thick prick spurt into her pussy with even more cum than before. It felt so good. She wrapped her legs tightly around him as he rocked back and forth.

"That's right, Daddy," she moaned. "Put it all in me! Put in every drop!"

They fell together but Lolly knew that the night was just starting. Her daddy still had plenty to give.


Grace stood in the dim light of the barn and watched her brother pitch hay into an empty stall. He had his shirt off and his muscles rippled with each fork he pitched.

"Did you tell Lolly I'll be spending the night?" Grace asked her brother.

"Yeah," he grunted.

"Everyone in our family seems to work so hard," she said.

He didn't answer and there was a silence in the barn for a few moments. Grace searched her mind for something to say. She knew he would be finished in a few moments and he would be starting home. She wished she could think of something to say, anything that would keep him a few minutes longer. She just didn't want to seem too obvious.

"Are you sure you told Lolly?" she finally asked.

"Sure," he answered. "I told her!"

"You don't have to get mad," Grace said.

She was trying to hold him in conversation, but he didn't want to talk.

He finished pitching hay and he picked up his work shirt. He started to put it back on.

"Don't leave yet," she said.

"Why not?" he asked suspiciously.

"We need to talk," she said. "We don't ever talk."

"What do we need to talk about?" he asked.

"Just things," she answered. "Brothers and sisters should talk sometimes."

"Got no time," he said.

He started to button up his shin, and Grace knew she would have to tell the truth. It would be the only chance she had. She hoped he wouldn't get mad and hit her. Sometimes it was hard to tell what Kenny might do.

"I'll tell you what we can talk about," she said, "if you really want to know."

"What?" he asked.

"We can talk about you and Janet."

Her brother was often slow in his thinking, but he wasn't that slow. An angry cloud came across his face.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"I saw everything," she said quickly. "I saw everything that happened."

Her brother looked puzzled and she knew he was trying to think of something to tell her.

"Don't worry," she said quickly. "I'm not going to tell anyone."

"Why not?" he asked.

It was time for Grace to be brave. She had to have the courage to tell her brother what she really wanted from him.

"Because I want the same thing," she said. "I want to fuck you too."

He stared at her as if he couldn't believe what he had just heard. He shook his head.

"No," she said. "I'm big enough. I've got feelings."

She started to panic. He looked like he had made up his mind and she knew she would never get another chance. She couldn't let him leave.

"I'll tell," she said. "I'll tell everybody what happened. I'll tell."

"You wouldn't dare," he said.

"I would," she said, "I would, I would, I would!"

She had made him angry, but there was nothing he could do about that.

"You must be crazy," he said. "You must be crazy!"

"I'm not," she said. "I'm jealous. I'm jealous of you and Aunt Janet. I want what she got. It's not fair that she should have all the fun."

"You're crazy," he said.

She could tell that he was no longer sure of himself. He no longer looked angry and she knew she'd won. She had her brother confused and she could take advantage of that.

"Please, Kenny," she said softly. "I just want to have a little fun. I've got small tits but so does Aunt Janet. And I'm a virgin. Don't you think you'd like to have a virgin, Kenny? A sweet tight virgin all your own."

She could tell that she had him interested now. The part about the virgin did it.

"Just a little fun," she said.

She started to unbutton her blouse. She peeled it off her shoulders and then unhooked her bra.

Still, he wasn't convinced.

"What about Janet?" he asked nervously.

"Don't worry about her," Grace said. "She was starting to take a shower when I left and you know how long her showers take. She won't be out for a couple of hours. She won't miss me until then."

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"I'm sure," she said.

His eyes still rested on her small tits, but she knew he was going to take more convincing. She didn't give him a chance to change his mind. Quickly she unzipped her jeans and stepped out of them. She had good, long legs. She took her panties and rolled them down her legs and kicked them off.

"I'm a virgin," she said. "A virgin, Kenny. I bet I'll be the tightest pussy you ever had."

He was really showing interest now. He stared at the plump mound of her nearly hairless pussy. He licked his lips.

"Do you think I'm pretty?" she asked him.

"You're pretty enough," he answered.

It wasn't the kind of answer she wanted, but she knew it would have to do. At least he wasn't heading for the door any more. But he was as white as a sheet. He was really uncomfortable with her standing so naked just inches from him.

"I want to be a woman," she said. "You can make me a woman, Kenny."

Kenny still looked unsure of himself and she moved closer. She kissed him lightly on the lips.

"Now you strip," she said.

She was in a hurry to see his prick again. She wanted to see and feel that big prick she'd seen pumping into Aunt Janet. She tried to hide her impatience.

"Come on, Kenny," she urged him. "Take your clothes off. I've seen you naked before. I've seen you with your prick buried in my aunt's mouth and pussy. There's nothing to be ashamed of. Take your clothes off."

Kenny sighed. He took his shirt off again and dropped it to the floor. Then he unbuckled his belt and pulled his work trousers down his legs.

She licked at her dry lips as she stared at the big bulge in his shorts.

"Take the shorts off," she said.

This time she couldn't keep the urgency out of her voice. It was all she could do to keep from helping him take his clothes off. It was all she could do to keep from shoving herself at him.

"The shorts," she said again.

He stripped his shorts off and she got her eyes full of the magnificent prick between his legs.

He was only half hard, I but she knew how to take care of that. She felt her heart pounding as she reached between his legs and took hold of his dangling cock.

"Jesus," she said softly.

For the first time in her life she had a cock in her fingers and it felt almost exactly as she had dreamed it would.

His prick hardened at the touch of her gentle hand. She laced her fingers around his staff and felt it start to throb.

"It's beautiful," she cried.

"A man's cock can't be beautiful," he said.

"Yes, it can," she insisted, "and your cock is beautiful. The most beautiful cock in the world. I've wanted to have it in my hand for so long. So long."

She ran her fingers up and down the length of his cock, exploring every inch of it. Then she hefted his heavy balls in her fingers.

"They're so big and heavy," she moaned. "Yes, your cock is beautiful."

A smear of white leaked from the prick-head and made her fingers sticky. She took some of his jism on her finger and touched the thick smear to her mouth.

"You taste wonderful," she sighed. "Oh God, I love having your cock like this."

Again she ran her fingers up and down his cock while more of his jism leaked onto her fingers. His hands kept brushing her nipples until she felt a hot fire in her belly.

"Can I kiss it?" she asked him.

He looked at her in surprise, but then he shrugged his broad shoulders. "Sure," he said.

It was like a dream come true for Grace. Kissing his cock was something she'd always wanted to do.

She sank down to her knees in the musty smelling hay still holding his prick tightly.

"I've wanted to do this for so long," she said. "I love your big cock. I've itched to kiss it. I've been in bed at night and I've thought about kissing it, got hot thinking about your wonderful big prick!"

She kissed the bloated head of his prick and came away with a smear of cum on her lips. She licked her lips with the tip of her tongue.

"Just like candy," she said, "except it tastes so much better than anything!"

She licked down the soft underside of his prick, gently taking the loose skin in her teeth.

He seemed to like that because he groaned and grabbed hold of the back of her head.

"Damn," he said. "Damn, that's nice!"

She licked down to his heavy balls. She fucked at one of them with her tongue. IT FELT SO HEAVY! She knew that it was heavy with cum for her.

The thought really got her hot. She sucked his ball gingerly into her mouth and let it rest on her tongue. The thick sac throbbed beneath her tongue.

"Oh, Kenny," she said, releasing his ball. "You taste so good. I could eat you forever!"

"Suck on the head," Kenny commanded. "Suck on the head of my prick!"

She knew that Kenny was starting to get as excited as she was. She licked slowly back up to the bloated crown and hollowed her cheeks so that she could suck the tip into her mouth.

"Oh Jesus," Kenny said.

Her mouth was not wide enough to suck all of his cock, but she was able to get more than half of his thick rod between her hungry lips.

"Oh fuck," he said.

His fingers tangled in her blonde hair and he began to thrust his prick between her lips.

She sucked on him for a few moments before she moved her head away.

"What is it?" Kenny asked.

"I want you to eat me," she pleaded. "Eat me just like you did Aunt Janet."

"Yeah," Kenny said. "I'd like that. I'd like eating your virgin pussy!"

Grace felt hot and shivery as she leaned back on the hay and spread her legs open wide. She saw Kenny licking his lips as he stared at her almost-hairless pussy. She moved her hands between her legs and spread apart the pink folds for him.

"Now that's beautiful," Kenny said. "You have a beautiful cunt!"

"I need you to eat me," she moaned. "I need your hot tongue so bad."

Kenny nodded. He dropped to his knees between her legs. He didn't push his face into her crotch right away. Kenny knew enough about eating pussy to know that the waiting was half the fun. He made her wait a long while.

First he kissed the insides of her creamy white thighs and then the flat of her tummy. He licked upwards until he captured one of her tiny tits in his mouth.

She tasted so fresh and virginal that it was hard for him to move his lips away from her tits.

But he sensed her growing impatience.

"Oh please now, Kenny!" she begged him. "I need your hot tongue now. Oh please now!"

He kissed her thighs again and then his tongue slowly trailed up to her plump mound. He kissed her few pussy hairs before he pushed his tongue against the lips of her virgin cunt.

"Oh Christ, Kenny!" she sobbed. "That's right! Kiss me there! Kiss my pussy right there."

She pulled at his head and then caught his face in a vise between her thighs.

"Keep kissing me like that," she said. "I love your tongue, Kenny. It feels so good. Keep kissing me like that!"

She felt his tongue licking at the entrance to her cunt and then parting the petals of her cunt and slipping into her wet, hot hole. She screamed. Her ass bucked against him as she felt the delicious tingles go through her body.

"I love it!" she screamed. "I love it!" She thrust up to meet the touch of his tongue. "Jesus!"

His tongue went deep into her pussy and she started to wiggle around.

"Ummmm!" she groaned. "Eat me, Kenny! Eat me! That feels so good! Eat me, Kenny!"

She was crying loudly, but she really didn't give a damn if her Aunt Janet heard.

It felt too good to worry about what her Aunt Janet would think. Besides, Janet wouldn't be able to do too much when she discovered that Grace had discovered what was going on between her and Kenny.

"Eat me good!" she cried. "Eat me good!"

Grace nearly jumped out of her skin when she felt Kenny's tongue rubbing against her clit. He sucked the hard little bud between his lips and began chewing on it.

"Oh my God!" Grace cried. "You're driving me crazy."

He released her tiny bud and began thrusting his tongue into her pussy again.

Grace bucked wildly as the quivering knot in her belly grew into a raging fire.

"I'm coming," Grace cried. "You eat my pussy so good! You're making me come! Oh keep doing that! Keep moving your tongue like that! AIEEEEEEE!"

Her hot pussy juices flooded his mouth, but he didn't turn his face away.

Instead she heard him sucking her juices and swallowing them. She hadn't expected him to do that, but it felt good as hell. She moved her ass slowly as the hot feelings left her.

"Ummmm," she groaned. "You're so sweet, Kenny!"

Kenny moved his face from her pussy and she saw that his cock was bigger than it had been before. The bloated cock-head looked like it was pounding.

"I'm going to get fucked," she said.

"You sure are," Kenny said.

It was really going to happen to her and now she felt that she was a little afraid. Would it hurt bad? Her face must have turned a pale shade because Kenny suddenly grabbed her arm.

"It's too late to stop, little sister," he said. "I'm too fucking hard, now. It's too late to stop me!"

"I don't want to stop you," she said. "Just promise that you'll be gentle."

"Sure," he said.

She really was afraid now. It was a little different standing in the door and looking at him fuck another woman. Now his bloated cock was pointing at her and the thing looked as if it could tear her in half. She was not so sure anymore that she wanted his big prick inside her pussy.

"Couldn't I beat you or something?" he asked.

"Hell," he said. "You were the one talking about your virgin pussy and how you wanted to be a woman. Like I said. It's too fucking late now!"

"I'm afraid," she said.

He kissed her tits before he kneeled between her legs. He thrust two of his fingers into her cunt and moved them around. She had suddenly gone dry out of fear and he couldn't get her lubricated enough.

"Relax, damn it," he said.

"I'm trying," she said.

He kept his fingers inside her until she started to respond to them again. She felt her nipples start to harden. He brushed one hand across both of them.

"That's a little better," he said.

He pushed her legs farther apart while he held his big cock in his hand.

"You're going to get fucked, little sister," he told her. "So relax and enjoy. You'll like it. The first time is always a little painful, but you'll like it. I promise."

She wasn't sure about his promises as he stretched out on top of her. She felt his hard prick nudge her pussy hole and she shivered.

"Don't be afraid," he said. "Just relax and don't be afraid. You'll like it."

His cock-head nudged against her cunt again. This time he held the staff of his cock while he pushed the cock-head closer to her pussy. She felt his prick nudging apart her cuntlips.

"Ohhhh," she whispered softly.

"You'll like it," he said again.

He pushed harder and his cock went into her pussy right up against her virgin walls. She moaned in fright and pain. She was afraid of that cock. She didn't want it inside her.

"No!" she said.

She tried to struggle to free herself, but it was too late for her to do anything.

"Lay still, bitch," her brother told her.

He slammed the back of her head against the ground and she almost passed out. She got over her dizziness as he started to push his cock once more against her hymen.

"That hurts!" she said. "Stop! That hurts!"

She was screaming loudly now. She wanted her Aunt Janet to hear. She wanted Janet to come running and for her to stop the violation of her body.

But she had told him the truth about Janet being in the shower and it would be a long while before she would be out.

"Stop!" she whined. "Oh God, stop!"

He was really hurting her. He pushed again, and she felt something giving in her pussy. She realized it was her hymen. She had lost her virginity. He broke through the flimsy wall and he pushed his cock farther into her cunt.

She was so fucking tight. He had never had a tighter pussy before. He could hardly get all of his cock inside her. He pushed again a little harder.

This time his prick went all the way into her pussy. He gave a soft sigh as he felt his balls resting against her. She was fucked now. Soon she would get over the pain and she would start to like it again.

"Take it out," she pleaded with him. "It hurts. Please take it out!"

He had no intention of allowing this sweet pussy to escape from him.

He rested with his cock in the tight confinement of her sweet pussy until he felt her juices lubricating again.

"Now, baby," he said. "Now I'll show you how it feels to get fucked."

He began to move his cock in and out of her pussy slowly, and Grace still hurt a little.

She kept begging him to stop, but her voice got weaker and weaker until she was no longer begging but moaning softly. Then he felt the first movement of her ass in response to his thrusting cock.

"Feeling better?" he asked.

"Yes," she answered. "Yes, it is!"

Grace felt him start to move a little faster, and all of her soreness was gone. The hot feelings had started to come back. A fluttery feeling was in her stomach.

"I'm really getting fucked," she said. "I'm a woman now, I'm really getting fucked."

"You sure are," he said.

She thrust up to meet his cock now. She could feel his cock stretching her cunt with each shove, but it no longer hurt. It was starting to feel good.

She brushed her nipples against his chest as she felt them start to ache.

"This is better," she groaned. "Ahhh, God yes, this is much better!"

Now she was getting fucked as she'd wanted to be, as she'd always wanted except for those few moments of fear. She was glad her brother had gone ahead and fucked her.

She was so fucking glad!

"I love it," she cried joyfully. "I love your cock. It feels good."

She'd never seen anyone do it before, but she somehow knew that it would be more fun if she raised her legs. She lifted up and felt his cock penetrate deeper.

"That's it, baby," he said.

She locked her legs around his back and she almost passed out. His cock was really deep in her pussy now. It felt like he was going to thrust right out her mouth.

"You big fucker," she groaned. "You big fucker!"

"Play with my balls," he said. "Put your hands on my balls and feel them."

Somehow she managed to get one hand between them and she cupped his balls. She squeezed them each time he pushed his big prick into her cunt.

"Ummmm," she groaned. "They're so heavy. So heavy with cum for me!"

"That's right," he said. "Cum for you. Cum for your pussy. Cum for the little cunt!"

She tightened her legs around him. She was no longer jealous of anyone in the world. Her Aunt Janet had nothing on Grace. Grace could take a big cock too.

"Give it to me harder!" she moaned.

He began to thrust harder and she squeezed his balls a little tighter.

"Ummmm!" she cried. "That's nice. That's really nice. You're so mice."

He pulled his cock out of her cunt and she protested loudly. It was hard to believe that just a few minutes before she had been begging him to stop.

"Put it back!" she begged.

"Don't worry," he assured her. "I'm not finished yet!"

She wondered what he was doing as he made her take her legs from around his back.

"Now turn around," he said. "Get on your hands and knees. I'm going to show you a real wild fucking."

She scrambled to her hands and knees and turned her back on him. She peered over her shoulder as he stood up and positioned himself behind her.

"Raise up a little," he demanded. "Get your pussy high!"

She lifted as high as she could and she felt uncomfortable, but she somehow knew it would be worth it. Janet had taught her brother and now he was teaching her.

"This will feel fine," he assured her.

He crouched down a little and she felt his cock-head against her cunt. Slowly he pushed and his cock went easily into her tight, hot pussy.

There was none of the soreness of before. Only good feelings going through her belly. He was deeper than before and he still pushed and she felt his prick going into her stomach. She moaned softly.

"I told you that you'd like it," he said. "This is the way Janet likes to fuck the most. She calls it doggie style. Sometimes I even fuck her in the ass!"

Grace found that hard to believe, but there were a lot of things happening to her that she found hard to believe.

One was that his cock was so deep in her pussy. He moved slowly, without even taking his prick out. He rotated his hard prick in a circle until she was almost crying from pleasure.

"I need to be fucked," she groaned. "Fucked hard. I need to really get it."

"All right, little pussy," he said. "You asked for it. Now I'm going to fuck you good!"

"Yes," she said. "That's what I want."

She asked for it, but she still might not have been ready for what came. He started off slowly, but his thrusts felt a little harder. He began to fuck faster and harder.

"It's good," she groaned. "It's so good."

"But you haven't seen anything yet," he said.

Then he started pounding her. It was like he was trying to beat her to death with his cock. He wasn't gentle. He drove his prick deep into her, withdrew it halfway, and then pounded it back into her again.

She could hear his grunts and the steady slap of his balls as he fucked hard.

"This the way you like it, cunt?" he asked. "Is this the way you like to get fucked?"

"Mmmmmmm," she said.

She couldn't say anything else. She needed her breath. She couldn't believe that he was fucking her that fast and that hard. She wished she had something to hang onto. She had already been fucked half off the hay.

"Fucking hot bitch," he groaned. "Fucking hot sister bitch. I'm fucking you good! I'm fucking you good! I'm really showing you how to fuck!"

She didn't mind that he called her vulgar names. She felt vulgar. She felt depraved. She wanted to feel that way. She loved feeling that way.

"Fuck me harder!" she screamed.

The slap of his balls got louder and she felt his cock-head swelling up with his cum.

"Ummm, yes!" she moaned. "Put it in me. Pussy needs your cum! Pussy needs a squirt!"

"Fucking hot bitch!" he groaned. "Fucking hot bitch!"

They were like two wild animals slamming their bodies savagely together.

"I'm going to blow it in your pussy," he yelled. "Your fucking hot pussy! Bitch! Fuck me hard! Really slam it back against me! Give me your cunt! AGGGGGGHHHH!"

"Squirt in me!" she screamed. "I can feel you squirting! Squirt that hot stuff in my pussy! Squirt your hot cum! Squirt your hot cum in my pussy. I'm coming too! SQUIRTTTTT!"

His prick slipped limply out of her pussy and they both dropped exhausted to the cold floor of the barn.


Lolly felt a little sick as she followed her father toward her Aunt Janet's house. She knew what she had to do, but she didn't like it.

She'd never gotten along well with her aunt and she was afraid this meeting would turn into a shouting match.

But her father had insisted that she go to her aunt and tell the story.

It wasn't that he was angry at Zeke about the sex. He'd been a little angry, at first, but then Lolly had admitted that she'd enjoyed what had been done to her.

The thing that bothered her father was that he used the rent money as an excuse to get into Lolly's pants and then he had sent a policeman out to her house.

"Zeke's car is gone," her father said. "Good. Maybe we can take our time."

Her father looked better than she'd seen him in a long while. He had shaved and showered and changed his clothes. Drunk he was a good-looking man, and he was even better looking when he was sober. Again Lolly wondered how her mother had ever got the urge to leave him.

Her father knocked on the door and a sleepy-looking Aunt Janet came to the door dressed in a bathrobe. She blinked her eyes in surprise.

"It's you," she said. "I can't believe it."

"Invite us in," he said. "We have something to talk about."

Janet felt a little worried as she opened the door for her brother-in-law and his daughter. There was always the possibility that someone had found out about her and Kenny. It would be hard to explain to everyone that she had only seduced the teen to get back at his father. At least, that had been her first intention.

After the first time, she had grown fond of the husky teen and his big cock. But that first time had only been to get back at his father. She'd always had a thing for Bill. A dozen times she had tried to get him into bed, but he had always remained faithful to the blonde tramp he had married.

Now Bill was sorry. Zeke was now the lucky brother. He was the one who had married money. Janet got angry as she compared Bill to Zeke. Why couldn't it have been Bill who chased after her?

"This better be important," she said, "to wake a person up at this hour."

"Most everyone else is up," Bill said. "It's nearly eleven."

"Well, I had a late night last night," she said defensively.

She almost blurted out that she'd been busy fucking his son. She didn't say it. She found that she really couldn't stay mad at Bill.

"What can I do for you two?" Janet asked.

She was surprised by the look of hurt in Lolly's eyes. Janet had never really liked Lolly though she didn't have a good reason why. Perhaps it was because she looked so much like her blonde mother. A big healthy country girl with big cow tits and a dazzling smile. A body like Lolly's always made Janet feel a little inadequate.

But Janet hadn't really wanted to hurt the girl. She knew that Lolly had been having a lot of problems flying to keep her house together while her father was out getting drunk. That was why she had told Zeke to give them rent-free board until Bill could get back on his feet.

"Maybe you'd like some coffee," Janet suggested. She softened her tone this time.

"We'd like that," Bill said.

Janet brushed against him as she went for the coffee. He still gave her that old tingle. God, how she wished she'd had the luck with Bill.

Janet brought the coffee back to the table and watched Lolly sip at hers. Lolly made a bitter face.

"Hey," Janet said. "I know my coffee's not that bad. Why don't you tell me what you've come to say? Get it out."

"I don't know how to say this," Lolly began, "Just say it," Janet urged. "Just talk out." Lolly felt a little surprised at the soft tone of her aunt's voice and she began to talk. The words started to tumble out and she bid Janet the entire story.

"Raise your head and look at me," Janet said finally. "Look at me."

There were tears in her eyes as she looked at her Aunt.

"Are you telling me the truth?" her aunt asked. "Every word?"

"Every word!" Lolly answered.

"Well that horny old bastard," Janet said. "I guess I'm going to have to teach him a lesson."

There were many thoughts running through Janet's mind. Most of them concerned Bill. Here he was beside her and he'd lost his wife and he might finally be open to a little attention.

"What kind of lesson?" Bill asked.

"Well, it should be something good," she said. "Something that he'll never forget. I have an idea. You know how jealous he's always been of you. Maybe we should give him real cause to be jealous. That would break him down a peg or two."

Janet was watching Bill's face closely and she saw the quick look of surprise. But she also saw something else in his face. Something she'd never seen before. A flicker of interest in his eyes, as if this time he might be agreeable. Janet started to feel a little uncomfortable. There was a tickle between her legs. She was close to getting something that she'd wanted for a long time. Lolly sipped at her coffee while her eyes wandered from her father to her aunt. Lolly had understood immediately. It was the perfect answer. Zeke had gotten a little pussy from Lolly and now Lolly's daddy would get a little pussy from Zeke's wife. That seemed only fair.

It would also be the ultimate revenge. Lolly knew her Uncle Zeke pretty well. He was the type who considered everything part of his property. Even his wife.

Getting pussy from his wife would be like stealing something that belonged to him. Zeke would not take that very easily. It would hurt him.

"Wouldn't Lolly be kind of left out on that deal?" Bill asked. "She was the one who had to suffer."

"Well," Janet shrugged her shoulders. "Maybe Lolly wouldn't have to be left out."

Lolly felt a little tickle of excitement go up her spine. Surely her Aunt Janet couldn't be suggesting...

"You mean let her join us?" Bill asked.

"Sure," Janet said. "If Lolly's willing."

Janet had said it. It was out in the open. She could feel the silence all around the table. She was trying to appear calm, but her heart was beating wildly.

"Is there a bedroom somewhere around her?" Lolly asked.

The innocent tone almost made Janet laugh. She might have laughed anyway if it hadn't been for the tension all around. They were not completely comfortable. They were excited, but they weren't comfortable.

"In Zeke's bedroom," Janet said.

"I guess we're wasting time," Bill said.

All three of them went into the bedroom. She had not been in Zeke's bedroom for a long while. There was a huge king-size bed that was perfect for all of them. Besides, it made things a little sweeter by doing them in Zeke's bed.

"I'm a little nervous," Janet said. "You know, this sounds like kind of a business arrangement. I'm not sure we all know what we're doing here."

"I know," Bill said.

He stepped toward her and she fell into his strong arms. She had wanted to be there for so long. She felt odd now that it was finally happening.

"Oh Bill," she said.

He kissed her and his tongue pushed into her mouth. She met the touch of his tongue with her own. She felt hot immediately. Bill had always managed to make her feel that way. She pushed him back. "I guess I could get rid of this thing," she said.

She unbuttoned her robe and let it slip off her shoulders. She was naked except for her panties, and her flimsy panties didn't cover much.

Bill ogled her small, firm tits. She wished they were bigger.

"I'm sorry they're not bigger," she said.

"Hell, they're beautiful," he said.

He grabbed her and pulled her toward the bed. She dropped on her back and he fell down on top of her. His lips nuzzled at her tits. She felt her nipples being sucked into his mouth as he moved from tit to tit.

"I like that," she gasped.

Bill kept nuzzling her tits as Janet turned her eyes toward Lolly. The girl was wasting little time. She had stripped off her blouse and skirt and she wore only panties and bra. Janet could see her huge knockers pushing at her thin bra.

"Ummmm," Janet said weakly. "Why don't you take the rest off, Lolly?"

Janet had never had a session with another woman, but she had read enough to know what it would be like. The thought of it had never really interested her until now. But there was something exciting about the girl standing almost naked while her father nuzzled at Janet's tits.

"Oh Bill!" she groaned. "You do that so good. You know how to suck tits."

His mouth moved down to her belly and then to the tops of her panties. She was still watching Lolly. The girl had reached behind her back and she had unhooked her bra.

Lolly saw Janet watching her and she gave a little shake as her bra dropped to the floor. Her big tits looked fantastic.

"Touch yourself," Janet urged.

Lolly moved her hands down her thighs and then back up to her belly. Then she cupped her heavy tits and lifted them in her hands. Janet watched her hard nipples turn a rosy red color as they grew even harder. Janet suddenly wanted to touch them, to kiss them. She realized she had always been jealous of tits like those, even when she'd been a little girl. Now was her chance to play with them.

"Come here," Janet moaned.

She felt Bill's tongue creeping underneath her panties as Lolly walked over to her. It was fantastic. This was everything she had ever dreamed about. Lolly kneeled on the bed and fed one of her nipples to her Aunt Janet's hungry mouth.

Janet eased her head forward and she took more of the creamy flesh into her mouth.

"Ummmm," she moaned.

Janet now knew why men liked to suck tits so much. The taste of Lolly's flesh was creamy and virginal, and there was a hot excitement in feeling the rough nipple in her teeth.

"Oh, Aunt Janet," Lolly moaned.

Lolly saw that her father was now pulling Janet's flimsy panties down her legs. He parted her legs and roughly thrust two fingers up into Janet's cunt. Janet almost bit down on Lolly's tit as she felt those two hard fingers in her pussy.

"God!" Lolly groaned. "That feels nice. Nice!"

Bill was undressing himself with one hand while he finger fucked Janet with the other. He had never seen two such luscious women in one room and he felt his cock harden like a rock.

Lolly and Janet made quite a sexy contrast. Lolly with her blonde hair and light skin and Janet with her short dark hair and dark skin. The two women were almost opposites. A gorgeous combination!

"Ummm," Janet said. "Let us do that."

She made him take his fingers out of her cunt as she sat up on the bed. Lolly slid her panties down her long legs and now both women were naked. They pulled him onto the bed with them. Slowly Janet unbuttoned his shirt and stripped it off. Lolly was playing with his zipper. He felt her tugging it down as Janet unbuckled his belt.

He felt so damned lucky. He knew this kind of thing only happened to a man once in his lifetime. He was determined to enjoy every minute of it.

They both stripped his trousers down his legs and then they were fighting to see who pulled his shorts down.

"Why not both of you?" he asked.

They compromised and each of them took a part of his shorts and rolled them down his legs. Then both of them were bending over his crotch.

There was nothing shy about either of them. Fingers caressed his balls while two hungry mouths sucked at his prick. He couldn't believe it was happening. He raised his head and he could see the blonde head and the dark head bent over his cock. He could feel their hot licking tongues and the tight circle of their mouths when they sucked him, but he still found it hard to believe. It was unlike any experience he had ever had. His balls felt burning hot.

He felt one hot mouth sucking his prick down to his balls and the other girl was rubbing her soft silken hair against the side of his prick and his balls.

"Oh fuck," he groaned savagely.

They were sucking him quickly now, so that he never knew who was sucking his cock. Their heads kept bobbing up and down.

"Oh fuck," he groaned. "I'm coming already. My fucking balls are hurting! I'm fucking coming already! Oh fuck! This is so fucking crazy. AHHHHHH!"

He couldn't help himself. He was just too damned excited by what they were doing to him.

He looked up and it made him crazier. His hot white cum splashed into their faces and he had never seen anything like the way they were after each other.

They were licking and kissing each other's faces, cleaning their soft cheeks of all his cum.

"Jesus," he groaned softly.

They finally had his prick cleaned and they moved up beside him. They pressed against him so that he could feel the warmth of their tits.

"That was so fucking fantastic," he said.

Lolly was still playing with his prick, but she was leaning across him to kiss her aunt. She tasted more of her father's cum on Janet's lips.

It was strange to kiss a woman. Yet it had seemed natural when they were both sucking her father's dick. It had seemed right that they should kiss the cum away.

Janet reached across and began playing with Lolly's big tits. Lolly knew that was something her aunt had wanted to do from the very beginning. Her Aunt Janet had cool, gentle hands.

Her father turned his mouth to Lolly and she kissed him. She slipped her tongue into his mouth and he wiggled his own against hers. She felt his hands going between her legs. She had a hot itch there. A really hot itch. Her father knew how to deal with it. One of his fingers pushed apart the rosy petals of her cunt and slipped inside.

"Oh, Daddy," Lolly groaned. "I'm getting hot now. I'm really getting hot."

She could feel her father's prick getting hard again. She wrapped her fingers tightly around it and began to move her hand up and down.

Janet was leaning farther across her father and now one of her hands dropped down to also play with Bill's cock. She leaned even closer until her lips touched at Lolly's tit.

Janet got one big nipple into her mouth and she began to suck like a hungry baby.

Lolly felt hotter than hell and she wanted Janet to eat her pussy. She somehow knew that Janet wouldn't mind. She pushed herself away and crawled over her father. Janet knew what was coming and she had a grin on her face.

"I want you to eat me," she said.

"Oh yes, little baby," Janet said.

Lolly stretched out on the bed and parted her legs. Janet never hesitated. Her dark head went between Lolly's creamy thighs immediately.

Lolly gave a look of sympathy to her father but her father wasn't about to be left out. His cock was hard and he got off the bed and stood behind Janet. He slapped her ass and then pulled her into the position that he wanted her.

Janet moved around until she felt his cock pushing against her venus mound.

"Oh yes!" Janet cried. "I want you to fuck me, Bill. I've wanted that for a long time!"

Lolly pulled her aunt's head back between her legs just as Bill savagely slammed his big prick into Janet's cunt. He groaned loudly as he felt her tight pussy constrict around his prick.

She was a good fuck. A damn good fuck! He hadn't known what he'd been missing all these years. He began to move his prick in and out of her cunt. This time he knew he could take it slow and easy. He'd already come once so he had plenty of time. Plenty of time.

Janet was pushing her face closer into Lolly's pussy each time Bill stroked her. Janet had never kissed another woman's pussy before, but she knew what would make Lolly feel good. She pushed her tongue between the pink petals and tasted the moist salty flavor of Lolly's cunt. She pushed her tongue deeper into Lolly's cunt.

"Yesssss," Lolly moaned. "That's it! Yessss, Aunt Janet! That feels good!"

Janet liked the way Lolly's hips rolled as Janet pushed her tongue into the girl's pussy. She also liked the feeling she got when Bill's cock slammed into her. She was glad that he was taking it easy. She didn't want to come too soon. She wanted to enjoy eating Lolly's cunt, and being fucked by the one man she really wanted to be fucked by. She wanted to make it last.

She began to nibble at Lolly's cunt, sucking the flesh of her sweet pussy into her mouth. Lolly started to go crazy. She was gasping and her ass was bucking off the bed.

"Feels good," Lolly moaned. "Suck my clit, Janet! Suck my hard clit!"

Janet found her clit and sucked it between her lips. That was all it took. Suddenly Janet found her mouth filled with hot juices and Lolly was pushing her thick blonde mound hard against Janet's face.

"Suck me, I'm coming!" Lolly cried. "Oh suck me, I'm coming! SUCK ME! I'M COMINGGG!"

Janet swallowed the tangy juices that filled her mouth and she kept sucking until Lolly's trembling body stopped moving. Only then did she raise her head and take a deep breath.

"That was so sweet," Lolly moaned. "God, that was sweet. So fucking sweet!"

Bill took his cock out of her pussy and he pushed heir over onto her back. He grinned as she parted her long legs and he climbed between them.

"Now I'm going to give you a real fucking," he said.

"Oh yes," she agreed breathlessly.

She wrapped her legs around his ass just as he drove his prick into her pussy. She pulled his hair and he bent to kiss her lips. She knew he could taste his own daughter's juices on her mouth and that seemed to turn on even more.

"Ummmmm," she said.

Lolly was sucking at one of Janet's tittie. Janet felt one of her nipples being rolled beneath Lolly's tongue, and she could hardly stand the hot excitement that went through her.

Lolly released the nipple and Janet watched her blonde head disappear at the bottom of the bed. A moment later she felt Lolly's tongue again. At her asshole. She felt Lolly's tongue slipping into her ass and then up to where Bill's cock was pounding her.

"Oh Jesus!" Janet moaned.

Bill's cock pumped into her pussy faster and faster and she felt the first hot spasm shake her body. She ground her pussy against his penetrating prick.

"Give it to me, Bill!" she screamed. "Give it to me! Fuck me like a whore! Fuck me like a cheap whore! Fuck me like a tramp! Fuck me hard! OH JESUS I'M FUCKING COMINGGGGGG!"

Her hot juices flooded Bill's cock and still he kept driving his prick into her with that same steady pace.

"Good, Bill!" she moaned. "Good!"

He was so fucking good with his cock. He was everything that she imagined he would be. Everything! She felt the swelling of his prick-head as he began to thrust a little more rapidly.

"Use me!" she moaned. "Use me, Bill! Use my pussy! Spill your cum in it! Squirt your hot cum in me!"

"Christ yes," he moaned. "Christ yes, here it comes! Here comes my cum! I'm fucking coming! It feels so good! It feels so fucking good! So fucking good! I FUCKING LOVE ITTTT!"

His hot cum began to spurt as she pressed herself against him. This was something she'd always wanted. The feel of his prick in her cunt, the feel of his sticky jism filling her.

Janet had a sudden feeling that before long she would have Bill and Kenny in the same bed. The thought made Janet squeeze Bill a little harder.

All three of them heard the car door slam.

Zeke was tired as hell.

Nothing had gone right for him that day. He'd gotten a ticket for overtime parking and the damned policeman wouldn't even fix it for him. Even after Zeke had promised him another piece of pussy from Lolly.

Then there had been some problems with his work. It seemed like lately he was spending more and making less. It was damned hard to make a living in the times of inflation.

He opened the screen door and stepped into his kitchen. He heard the voices the moment he stepped inside. His wife had company, but strangely enough the voices sounded as if they were coming right from his bedroom.

What would Janet be doing in his bedroom?

Zeke knew, from bitter experience, that it was hard to get Janet into his bedroom.

It was a shame that Janet had all that money.

He would never do anything to make her angry so he never tried to force his attentions on her. He knew that Janet would put out when she wanted to.

He walked into his bedroom and stood in shock.

All three of them were stark naked. His wife had her hand on Bill's prick and her head was resting on Lolly's soft tits. Zeke couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"Hello, you bastard," Janet said softly. "Welcome home. You may not know it yet, but there's going to be some changes made around here. You're going to be chief cook and bottle washer for the family. Now get us all some soft drinks. We need them after that workout."

Zeke's mouth dropped open in astonishment, but he went to get the soft drinks.


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