The horny teacher

The seething passions that lurk within many individuals are often masked by a veneer of normalcy, exposed only under extremely tempting conditions.

For many it may take only a small incident to trigger the release of behavior society would label abnormal or perverse. A woman at a cocktail party, for example, may take on all comers, male and female alike, after only a few drinks. Or a man at a strip show during a stag party may suddenly climb onto the stage and perform with the girl in front of his friends.

The protagonist in this story, Marlene Ramsey, is an outwardly proper and quite normal individual who makes an unusual discovery about herself. A high-school teacher, she stumbles onto a course of behavior many of us consider perverted -- that of seducing a student. In essence, Marlene is like a time bomb, waiting only for the proper stimulus to arouse her basest instincts.

THE HORNY TEACHER -- a fictional story about a very real facet of society.


Marlene Ramsey, the high school English teacher at Bramanville Central School, was thirty-five, gorgeous and horny as hell. She had not been fucked in fourteen years.

She was twenty-one when she was jilted by the only guy she'd ever loved. He had broken the engagement and moved to New York City. Marlene became afraid of men after that, and never trusted a guy enough to let him shove his cock up into her hot cunt.

And she did definitely have a hot cunt. Sometimes she ached with the need to feel a stiff, big prick being rammed into her cunt, over and over. But she was afraid that every guy would toss her aside sooner or later, and she didn't want to be hurt again.

Lots of guys had tried, that was for sure. But they all went away without dipping their cocks into that nice wet cunt of hers. It was a frustrating experience. People began to think that Marlene Ramsey might be a lesbian.

They couldn't figure it out. She was a stunning woman with lustrous light-brown hair, cut short around her face. She could easily win a beauty contest. In fact, she had. Marlene had been named Miss Syracuse when she was in college.

Her body was fantastic, almost as good as some of the young beauties in her classes who were nearly twenty years younger. She had thirty-six-inch tits, a nice, flat narrow waist, and softly curving hips that tapered down into a pair of beautiful legs... the kind that men like to feel wrapped tight around their backs.

She had soft brown eyes that could give a guy a hard cock with a mere glance. Her skin was creamy and smooth, with just a hint of rosiness in her cheeks. Her high cheekbones gave her a look something like Katherine Hepburn, only a lot younger, of course. It was a sexy, chanting kind of beauty that Marlene Ramsey had -- the kind a lot of guys would have given their right arm to capture.

In fact, it took an assistant football coach, Bob Parsons, to finally break the ice and get her to spread her cuntlips, and let him fuck hell out of her.

He finally had to blackmail Marlene -- or at least threaten to -- in order to fuck her. He had tried everything else, so he figured it was worth a try. After all, a cunt like hers was worth anything, if she would just lay down and take his hard cock willingly.

One night after school, Marlene was sitting at her desk in an empty classroom, correcting test papers. The football team was not practicing because the season had just ended, and Bramanville Central was not in the playoffs.

Bob Parsons suddenly appeared in the doorway of Marlene's room. He was a handsome guy, nearly six-foot-three, with broad shoulders and short blond hair. He had sparkling blue eyes that captivated most women, but not Marlene -- not yet, anyway.

He was thirty-two, married and with two kids, but never could get enough fucking.

He'd been the big man on campus in college, with girls ready to suck or fuck him at the drop of a hat. He missed that as he grew older, and was always trying to find a piece of ass. He had a reputation for being one of the biggest cocksmen in town.

And he was big, too -- that was for sure. Even Marlene, who never got into conversations with other women about the size of men's cocks, had not been able to help overhearing younger teachers in the lounge talk about how big Bob's prick was. They'd brag about sucking him off or fucking him all weekend, or something of that sort.

She couldn't deny that her cunt would get wet when she heard such stories, or that she didn't feel hot sensations rippling through her tits and all over her body. She had feelings just like other women, especially when it came to fucking and sucking.

Marlene had certainly gotten her share of hard cock when she was younger. When she was in college, she must have fucked at least two dozen guys before she'd graduated. And she'd gotten her share of cunt licking and sucking cock too. She often let her mind drift back to the days when hot young studs in her college class had relished eating her cunt out... and how much she'd loved to feel their hot tongues wriggling inside her cunt.

But after she lost the man of her dreams, all that had ended -- forever, she thought.

But Bob Parsons was determined to change all that. He made fucking Marlene a personal challenge.

"Working late?" Bob said, approaching Marlene's desk. "You must love your work."

"It's all I have," Marlene answered, smiling. "There's no reason to go home. Nothing there except four walls. Might as well finish this up here."

"You know you don't have to go home alone. I've told you that," Bob said. "It might do you good to take a friend home sometime... especially me!"

"Ohh, Bob, we've been all through that before. I'm sorry, I'm just not interested. I put men behind me fourteen years ago, as I've told you so many times."

But this time Bob was determined. He'd come prepared to talk her into fucking or else make it so unpleasant for her that she'd just have to take on his cock to get rid of him.

"Well, I hate to say it, Marlene, but I'm afraid if you don't invite me over to your place tonight, and let me give you a fucking that you've needed for much too long, I'll have to report you to Mr. Bascomb," Bob said.

He stared straight into her eyes as she gasped and started to become flustered.

"Whatever do you mean? What could you possibly report about me to the principal?"

"Well," Bob went on. "You remember Jimmy Peterson? The big kid on the football team, whose family just moved to Texas?"

Marlene nodded. The boy had been in one of her classes.

"I didn't say anything about it at the time, because I didn't want anything to happen to your reputation," Bob said. "But Jimmy told me all about the times you used to meet him over at the motel outside Middletown, and suck his cock all Sunday afternoon and evening. He said you could swallow more cum than any two girls he'd ever been sucked off by! And he said you loved to have him fuck you with that big, hard prick of his."

Marlene was so shocked that she couldn't speak. She stared at him wide-eyed, her hand over her mouth, her breathing short. Finally she regained enough of her composure to reply.

"I've never sucked Jimmy Peterson! I never fucked him! I never went to bed with him or anybody else in this town! It's all a bunch of dirty lies!"

"Well, I'm afraid it's your word against his, and you know old Henry Bascomb. If there's a shred of scandal about any of his teachers, especially about fucking a student, you could be out of a job in one day. I'd hate to have to report you, Marlene, but you don't seem to give me much alternative. Sure you don't want me to come over to your place and show you what you've been missing by not fucking?"

Marlene was so shocked that she couldn't think. She knew Mr. Bascomb would never take her word. He always seemed to revel in any kind of scandal, especially something involving fucking with a student. Two male teachers had been fired a couple of years ago for fucking a couple of cheerleaders after a basketball game.

"But I didn't do it, Bob!" Marlene cried. "You wouldn't put me through that. It would ruin me. I never fucked a student, and I never would!"

Bob just smiled at her. He didn't have to say a word. He knew he had her in the palm of his hand. She began to cry. Her lips quivered, and he almost felt sorry for her -- but not enough to forget what a good fuck she was going to be, once she got over the shock of his threat.

Finally, she began to calm down. She dried her eyes and took a deep breath. "All right," she said, staring down at the floor. "I'll fuck you. I'll suck you. You can eat my cunt. You can fuck me in the ass. I'll lick out your asshole. You name it. I'm ready."

Bob felt his cock getting harder by the second. It bulged inside of his pants and threatened to bust a hole in his shorts. His heart was pounding like mad.

"Okay, great! You won't be sorry, I promise you that," he said. "I just wish I didn't have to persuade you this way. Instead of tonight, let's make it Sunday morning, in the mat room off the gym. There won't be anyone in the school, so you don't have to worry about being caught. And it's nice and comfortable there. Plenty of room to roll around and fuck in every position you can think of!" He was elated. He jumped, a smile covering his handsome young face. Then he left.

Marlene knew the mat room well. She had watched the wrestling team practice there several times over the years. It was a large room, the floor completely covered by thickly padded wrestling mats. The room was sound-proofed to quell the noise of the boys while they practiced.

She knew she'd be able to scream and yell and groan as loudly as she wanted to... and nobody would hear her, except Bob.

On Sunday, Marlene was as nervous as a young virgin. She hadn't been able to sleep much Saturday night. Her cunt was warm and wet and, despite her misgivings about it, she was beginning to get excited as hell about fucking Bob.

She pulled on a pair of skimpy, flesh-colored bikinis after a shower and also a small see-through bra -- small, that is, for her ample, full tits. Some girls might have called it a big bra, but it was barely large enough to contain her billowing, soft tits. Rolls of soft tit flesh hung over the edges of the bra, and her hard, erect nipples stuck out clearly.

Her delightful, big areolas and nipples could easily be seen through the thin bra material. She looked at herself in the mirror and liked what she saw. She thought that Bob would too. She was already determined that for as long as she had to go through with it, she was going to give him a good, hard fucking.

She put on a silky, long-sleeved blouse that was cut very low in front, right down in a V that exposed a lot of cleavage -- and a lot of her bulging tits. Then she pulled on a pair of tight stretch slacks that showed off her legs and her round, firm ass.

When she got to the mat room, Bob was already there. He was wearing a T-shirt and a pair of gym shorts. She figured he had neglected to put on a jock strap because there was a knobby bulge in his crotch that stuck out as if he had a grapefruit there.

Even without seeing his cock, she guessed that it must be as huge as she'd heard it was. She gazed at the big lump and felt a tight, quivering ache swirl through her cunt. Now that she was here, she could hardly wait to feel his cock riding hard in her cunt once again.

She was glad it was Bob who was going to fuck her. As long as she was breaking the habits of fourteen long years, she didn't want to get a fucking from somebody who didn't have a lot of cock.

"I see you came prepared," she said with a smile, letting her eyes gaze firmly at his crotch. "I hope you can stay as excited as that all day!"

"Never fear, sweetheart," he said. "This is one prick that you can depend on. He never gets tired of fucking."

"Okay, let's get started," she said. "I hate to waste perfectly good fuck time by talking."

Bob walked over to her, his feet sinking a couple of inches into the padded mat with every step.

He grasped the bottom of her blouse and slowly pulled it up. Marlene felt a flush of warm passion rush over her. No man had done that since she was a young kid just out of school. Sometimes she had stayed awake all night, fingering her cunt, dreaming of what it would be like to feel a man's hands all over her body again, the warmth of his tongue on her hot cuntlips, and the hard goodness of his big prick plunging into her trembling, needy cunt.

Then the blouse was off and he was fumbling with the snap of her bra. The bra fell away. Her big, ripe tits, with those hot nipples sticking straight nut, flopped out and jiggled lewdly.

Marlene was nervous as a little kitten. Her breath was coming in short gasps, and her tits rose and fell rhythmically with her heavy breathing. Her face was flushed, her mouth open slightly. She felt tingling waves of excitement roll through her body.

Bob unzipped her slacks and slid them carefully over the round, smooth cheeks of her ass... over those full, delectable thighs and down off of her legs. She stepped out of than, and Bob tossed them aside with a grin.

He gazed hotly at her crotch, where the soft dark hair of her pussy showed distinctly through her filmy bikinis. A few wisps of her curly brown cunt hair peeked over the top band.

Marlene was impatient. She couldn't wait to be stripped naked and start fucking the shit right out of Bob's hard, long prick.

She grabbed the tops of her bikinis before he had a chance to get to them, and slid them seductively down over the curves of her long and luscious legs.

Her pussy was glistening and delicious-looking. That bush of soft, furry hair was wet with her anticipation.

He already had his T-shirt off, and Marlene felt her heart skip a beat as she looked at the hard muscles of his chest and upper arms. What a hunk of man! she thought.

Then he dropped the shorts, and she saw that she had been right all along -- he wore no jock strap.

All he had under those gym shorts was a tremendous nine-inch cock -- throbbing and pounding with unbridled lust -- and a pair of big, hairy balls that would soon be slapping up against her hot ass.

She dropped to the floor mat and spread her legs as wide as she could, bending them at the knees and curling her toes toward the ceiling.

Her cuntlips were already soaked and swollen, covered with a thin film of cuntjuice that had begun to dribble when she awoke that morning. They were pink and hot, and she fell them trembling lightly with anticipation born of years of frustration and a self-imposed fuck famine.

Bob dropped to his knees and moved between her upturned thighs. His hands roamed over her firm and shapely legs. His fingers slid into her pussy, his thumb over her hot, glistening cuntlips, then to her clit.

"Uunghhh! My God!" she cried. "Ohh, Bob, I'm so hot I can't even think straight! Just fuck me, darling, quickly! Shove your beautiful big prick into my cunt! I can't wait another second! And fuck me hard, baby... very, very hard!"


Bob Parsons didn't need any coaxing. He felt her cunt, and his third finger was so wet that it dripped as he pulled it out of that hot hole. She was ready for a really hot fucking, so he pressed the big head of his nine-inch cock against her cuntlips, and gave a shove with his hips that sent his whole prick ramming deep into that luscious cunt of hers.

"Eeeaaaghhh!" she shrieked. Her eyes were opened wide, staring up at the ceiling. Her head was straining back against the mat, and she thrust her hot cunt up as far as she could toward him. Her neck muscles bulged with the passion of lust unfulfilled, of a craving to be fucked thoroughly and hard and repeatedly.

His cock rode inside of her cunt smoothly, deeply, filling her completely with his hard and meaty shaft.

Bob always believed in the old saying that first impressions are the most important, so he always made that first hard thrust a good one. He shoved his prick hard, sending it deep into her cunt. Broads always liked that, he found. They remembered him for his breath-taking initial stroke. His prick sometimes literally took their breath away when he first sent it up into their hot cunts, right up to the hilt.

"How do you like it?" he asked. "Like my cock, sweetheart? Is it big enough for you?"

"Ohhh, Bob, it's a marvelous prick!" Marlene cried. Her face was colored crimson. She was panting already, filled with passion and a wild, anxious hunger to be completely and furiously fucked out. "Shove it way in, darling! Pound my cunt as hard as you can! I've needed a big cock like yours for such a long, long time!"

He did exactly what she wanted. He leaned over her in the classic missionary position and started lunging his hips, driving his stiff prick hard and fast in her wetly quivering cunt. He felt her cunt flesh growing wetter and wetter with every long stroke.

He'd given her only a couple of dozen expert, deep-pounding thrusts of his cock before she began to moan and whimper.

"Mmmm, unghh! That's nice, darling," she whispered. "You fuck so well. Ohh, I love your prick. I love the way you fuck. You're filling me right up! My God! Ohhh, my God!"

Bob hadn't fucked anyone -- not even some of the young virgins he sometimes lured to his office -- who was as hot and horny as Marlene.

Her whole body shook and trembled as she felt Bob prod her cunt with his big, wide prick. She felt a swirling, hot throbbing that threatened to engulf her whole being. It rushed over her, erupting in her loins and turning her big, jiggling tits into infernos of passion.

Marlene wrapped her long, curvy legs up over Bob's back and crossed her ankles. She began to ride him hard, yanking him to her cunt, prodding him to give her deeper, long strokes of his big hard cock.

She was grunting and groaning with rapture at each thrust of his beautiful prick. "Keep giving it to me, baby. Just fuck me till you fill me up with your hot cum," she urged him hoarsely. "I want to feel that cum of yours shooting into my cunt!"

He got down closer to her, wrapping his arms around her, under her armpits. He braced himself on his forearms, his loins pressed hard against her soft body, his stiff prick deep -- very deep! -- inside of her fevered cunt.

She pumped her hips and squeezed him with her legs, and her whole crotch began pulsating with a throbbing urgency. She gasped and whined, and cried out often with little shrill expressions of ecstasy.

Bob was pouring his cock to her now, pumping fast and furious into her cunt, bringing her closer and closer to her first orgasm in fourteen years.

She begged him for more, whimpering and crying, and imploring him to ream out her cunt with his big prick... and then she suddenly erupted in an explosive, body-wrenching climax.


She was like a wild animal, Marlene's cunt was soaked with cuntjuice. She felt her climax boiling up from her loins, filling her cunt, bathing Bob's hard-ramming cock with what felt to her like a gallon of her precious, hot juices.

She squirmed and twisted on the mat, riding his cock with every bit of energy she had in her hot body. She writhed and moaned, and cried out in exquisite pleasure as she came and came and came.

All of the pent-up, frustrated need of fourteen years came tumbling out as she squeezed her cuntmuscles and gripped his hot prick between her pulsing cumtlips.

"Ohhh, you're so good to me, Bob, darling!" she groaned hotly. "You're so fucking good!"

"And you, sweetheart, are the best fucking piece of ass I've ever had," he gasped, continuing to shove his prick into her cunt in fast, heavy strokes. He pumped hard, driving his cock in as far as he could shove it, grinding it against her clit and rubbing it all along her undulating cunt flesh.

They fucked like that for a long time, savoring the sweet rapture they had brought each other. Bob soaked his long cock in her wet cunt, slipping and sliding through her hot juices, enjoying the thrill of fucking a woman that no other man had been able to shove his cock into in a hell of a long time.

He was trying to hold back his cum for a while, until he had gotten her to climax a few times. Bob knew Marlene was good for a lot of orgasms today, and he wanted to conserve his energy and make sure she got the best fucking he could give her.

Finally, after she had calmed down sufficiently from her first climax, she suggested that they try a different position. Over in a corner of the mat room was a padded, adjustable table that the wrestling team trainer used to give the boys rubdowns whenever they had the cramps.

"I'll lay down on the table, and you can adjust it to the right height," she said. "Then you stand on the floor and just pour your prick into me. I want to feel that wonderful cock of yours ramming my cunt deep and hard again!"

Bob liked the idea. He had found that he could get an extra inch of cock into a hot cunt when he stood up and hunched over a broad. The table would be perfect!

Marlene crawled up onto it. It was thickly padded, covered with a soft vinyl finish, and she liked the feel of it against her skin. She settled back and felt her body sink into it. Bob cranked the handle and brought her ass up even with his stiff cock. Marlene shivered as she felt his hot prick brush against her leg. This is going to be a good one! she thought.

He locked the table into position and stood on one end. Marlene's ass was right at the edge of the table, her legs upturned, her soft, hairy cunt spread deliciously.

Bob debated with himself for a second. Shall I eat her or fuck her? he thought. Since she had indicated that she needed more of his hot cock, he decided to fuck her again.

This time he bent her legs back so that her knees were almost touching her big soft tits. He held her ankles, pushing them away from him and pulling them apart at the same time.

Then he guided his hard, pounding prick into her cunt with the aid of his hips. His hot cockhead slipped neatly between her quivering cuntlip once again, and he drove it deep into her cavernous but snug cunt.

It was another delicious entry, and Marlene sighed heavily. Her eyes rolled and she shook her head with obvious delight. Bob knew that his deep, swooping style of cock-lunging was enough to sent a horny cunt like Marlene into a state of exquisite pleasure.

"Okay, daddy, be good to me," she whispered. "I want to feel your cock so deep that your balls are wedged between my cuntlips. And don't spare the horses. I like to be pounded with a hot prick!"

Bob leaned forward over the end of the table and let Marlene throw her legs up over his shoulders. His hard long cock was deeply imbedded, right up to his cockhair, in that luscious cunt of hers.

She could feel his thick cock throbbing and straining as he started to slide back and forth in her cunt. His prick was so hot that she imagined him burning her cunthair as he plunged deeper and deeper. Her cuntlips pulsed with a hungry, lustful desire.

Bob slipped his hands under her ass, gently massaging her round and firm cheeks. She loved to feel his fingers against her flesh, stroking, caressing, kneading.

He hugged her whole crotch, pulling her tightly to his loins and sending his prick even deeper into her wide-open drooling cunt.

Then he began to fuck her in earnest. His hips and ass flew up and down in an urgent, demanding flurry. His long, swollen prick -- red and taxed to the limit -- was covered with her hot juice and bulging with his blood-engorged veins.

He humped his cock faster and faster into her sweet cunt, driving her crazy, making his own blood boil with a lustful need that would not be denied.

Again and again, without let-up, he drove his entire nine inches of hard cock in and out, in and out, of her shaking, trembling cunt... until neither of them could stand any more.

Marlene came first, but she had no sooner cried out and begun to shake than Bob shot his load.

"Come with me, baby!" Marlene cried out, sensing that he was right on the verge of unloading his jism. "Shoot your cum into my cunt, darling!"

"Here it is, you fucking hot cunt!" he yelled, his neck tendons knotted and strained. His face and neck were red as a beet, perfect pictures of stress and unequalled pleasure all at the same time.

He arched his back and thrust his loins forward, driving his prick to the limit into her exploding cunt. Their juices met with a splash in her soft, wet cunt lips, and splashed over his hard driving prick shaft.

"Faster, darling, faster!" she yelled, "Fuck me faster!"

Bob was fucking her with everything he had. He was a virile, strong stud with a cock like a horse -- a top-flight athlete in the peak of condition -- and she was screaming for more cock!

She was so horny, so hungry for fucking after all these years, that Bob realized she would probably turn into a nympho after this experience. He kept pounding his prick into her hot cunt, shooting his cum, plunging to the depths of her eager loins.

She was hard to satisfy completely. She knew it too. She loved fucking him, and would spend the rest of the day in the mat room with him, giving him all the hot fucking he wanted, and taking all that he wanted to give.

They did, in fact, stay there all day and into the evening. Bob had told his wife he was going to work out, and then had to go to a meeting of the athletic department, so he probably wouldn't be home until late.

He and Marlene fucked in all kinds of positions -- on the mats with her on top, on the massage table, with him on top, and even with her in a doggie position, with him fucking her cunt and not her ass.

But she knew when the day ended that she had passed a milestone. There would be no more nights alone in bed, no more fingering her own cunt in the dark, no more vibrators, no more dildoes, no more manless weekends.

Now that she had felt a hard cock where it belonged again -- right in her hot but neglected cunt -- she was going to get a lot more fucking... and sucking... and cuntlicking... and everything else she'd shunned for much too long!


Marlene's cunt was burning with an itch for another cock the very next day. It was Monday morning, and she had a first period class for English composition. Young Brian Collins, a bright but shy handsome kid, sat in the front row. His eyes haunted Marlene, and the straining mound at the crotch of his tight pants caught her eye the first moment of class.

She had never noticed it before, but now that she was on the lookout for another hot fucking, his crotch was like a magnet to her eye. She dreamed about unzipping his fly and pulling that hard young cock of his out, sucking on it until he filled her mouth with his hot, youthful wad of cum.

It was hard for her to concentrate as she began the class that day. Somehow she got through it, but near the end she suddenly remembered that Brian was a member of the school's camera club, of which she was the faculty adviser.

"Brian, would you stay for a second?" she asked him as the class ended. "I was wondering if you would be able to do a special assignment for me in the darkroom tonight after school. It would mean a lot to me."

"Sure. I guess so," he said quietly, a little surprised by her request. "My parents have gone to my uncle's house for a few days, so I don't have to go right home after school."

Marlene was delighted. "Good! I'll see you at four o'clock."

What a break, she thought. If he goes for it, I'll fuck the shit out of that kid until the middle of the night. If Bob Parsons can use the mat room, I sure as hell can use the darkroom!

She was worried a little about what would happen if Mr. Bascomb found out that she had fucked a student, but she was so hot, so fucking horny, that she just didn't give a shit.

She had to get another hot cock in a hurry, and she knew that there was nothing hotter than a hard young prick. Back in high school, she and her girl friends used to call them Ph.D's -- perpetually hard dicks.

Marlene drifted through the day, almost like a zombie, trying to teach English to a bunch of kids who couldn't have cared less. She didn't either that day. All she could think about was the size of Brian Collins' cock, and whether he would be afraid to fuck her. She even prayed that he wouldn't be.

After school she almost ran to the darkroom, which was located in a remote part of the building next to the home economics rooms on the third floor. She got there first and unlocked the door. When Brian arrived a few minutes later, she had the white lights off, just the little amber bulb lit which the club used when they were printing photographs.

"Come on in, Brian," she said brightly. "It's all right. I'm not developing yet. But you'd better lock the door and turn the switch to put on the light outside so no one will come in while we're using the darkroom."

Once he had secured the bolt on the inside of the door, Marlene wasted no time. She pulled some phatos her purse and a roll of film too.

"This must be completely confidential, Brian," she said. "Anything that goes on in this room today is not to go beyond the two of us. Is that understood?"

Her hand was shaking, and she felt twinges of an exciting passion grip her cunt. Her belly was churning and she could feel her blood pounding herd in her temples. Her throat was dry, and she could hear her voice cracking as she spoke.

"Yes, Miss Ramsey, of course," he said. His dark eyes and that shy, almost saintly, look about him made Marlene quiver with anticipation. She figured he had never seen a cunt in his life before -- maybe not even a tit, to say nothing of being fucked! She was sure he was a virgin, if that was what you call a boy who'd never felt the hot thrill of dipping his prick into a hot cunt.

She thought it strange that no girl had made a play for him in school, but she realized that it was probably just his shyness that kept him from dating. He certainly was handsome enough, and built well, that was for sure.

Marlene passed the photos to Brian, and he gasped aloud. He couldn't take his eyes from than, however, and Marlene waited while he shuffled through the whole pile.

They were nude pictures of Marlene when she was only nineteen, still going with the young guy who had finally jilted her and condemned her to so many years of chastity and frustration.

"Gosh, Miss Ramsey! Why are you showing me these?" Brian stammered. "Are these really you?"

"They certainly are," she said huskily, her eyelids half closed, her face so close to Brian that she could almost stick out her tongue and lick his ear.

"And I'd like you to take some more of me, just like that, only more provocative. Do you think you could do that? Have you ever seen a naked woman before?"

She could barely catch her breath by now. She was panting heavily, her big tits rising and falling in obvious anxiety and need. She wanted to reach down and grab Brian's hard cock -- which was bulging and pounding between his legs -- but she held off until she was sure she had him where she wanted him. She had to make sure he wouldn't back out before she had him so hot that he couldn't do anything but fuck her.

"Gee, I... I don't know, Miss Ramsey," he stammered. "I could get in a lot of trouble if anybody found out."

"No one is going to find out. And besides, I'd get in a lot more trouble than you. How about it?" With that, she started to unbutton her blouse. Her tits were sticking out, rubbing against Brian's arm.

His cock was pounding so hard that he thought he'd shoot his cum right in his pants. He'd never come any other way than jerking off, and he had a feeling he might be in for something new this afternoon.

His heart was pounding like crazy, and he stared openly at her big tits as she slowly opened the blouse, button by button.

"I guess it would be okay, if you say so," he said softly, his words almost catching in his throat.

He was very excited, but no more so than Marlene. She was burning up with passion, impatient to get her clothes off, and Brian's, too, and then suck that sweet, hard young cock of his.

Then she had the blouse off and her big tits confined in tightly packed bra, were rubbing right up against Brian's chest. He stood against the sink, his hands behind him, braced against the sink's edge. There was a look of fright, and yet lustful desire, in his eyes. His mouth hung open and his breathing was growing faster and faster.

"Wouldn't you like to photograph me with my clothes off, Brian?" Marlene murmured, her eyes half-closed as she pushed her tits up to his face. "Better yet, how would you like to shove that nice, hard cock of yours way into my cunt? That's what you're going to do, you know."

Brian was trembling with a mixture of fright and desire. His cock was throbbing, and he felt Marlene's hands on his pants, rubbing his crotch, squeezing the hard lump between his legs.

"Ohhh, baby, you are excited!" she sighed delightedly. "I never felt a cock as big and hard as this. Hurry, baby, let's get me out of these things, then we'll strip you down and see what kind of cock you've been hiding on me. It's a big one, that's for sure, but I want to feel it in my hand... and my mouth!"

She slid her skirt off and kicked away her shoes. Then she pulled down her pantyhose. Under those, she wore a little pair of bikinis and when he saw those, Brian was so excited that he was shaking all over. He reached out and grabbed one of her tits and rubbed his palm all over it. Then he reached around behind her and unsnapped the bra. It fell away and her gorgeous big tits were bared at last.

He couldn't take his eyes from them, and Marlene felt incredible pangs of aching desire coursing through her veins. She twined her hand behind his neck and pulled his head down to one of her big ripe tits. He opened his mouth and took it into his mouth.

Her nipple was hard, tingling with desire, erect and full of hot blood.

She felt his warm tongue and wet lips licking and sucking on her hot tit. It was almost more than she could bear.

"Hurry, darling! I can't wait," she whispered. "Let's fuck our heads off! Get your clothes off and shove that hard cock into me!"

She pulled down her pants, stepping out of them to reveal her meaty pussy in the dim red light. It was thick with hair, and already beginning to get wet from her seeping cuntjuice.

Brian pulled at his clothes, stripping them off quickly. He wasn't saying anything but his mind was racing. He kept looking at Marlene's luscious, bare-assed body. His eyes roamed over those big, beutiful tits, her gently curved figure, right down to her ankles, and up to that hot, quivering cunt.

He wanted to fuck her so badly that he was actually in pain. His cock throbbed and ached, and he was rushing to get naked so he could fuck her -- something he had secretly been dreaming about ever since he'd first stepped into her classroom.

He had jerked off dozens of times while fantasizing about fucking Marlene. Almost every night when he went to bed, he'd close his eyes and dream of sticking his hard prick deep into that juicy cunt of hers, and fucking her for hours.

And now, through in incredible twist of events, he was actually going to fuck her! He couldn't believe what was happening to him.

When he got down to just his shorts, Marlene couldn't wait. She was impatient for his cock. She grabbed the top of his shorts and yanked them down. They fell around his ankles and she left them and pushed her face right into his crotch.

His cock was hard and wide -- and as big as a fucking horse's! She couldn't believe what she was seeing. That cock was at least a good nine inches, just like Bob Parsons' hot prick.

But Brian's was even better, she thought, because he was going to be fucked for the very first time. The boy virgin! His hard prick stood out from his loins, swollen and throbbing with all the lustful urgency of a hot young stud.

Marlene's heart skipped a beat as she flicked her tongue out and licked the hot shaft of Brian's rigid prick. She felt the scorching heat of his cock meat on her tongue, and it was enough to almost burn her, she thought.

"My God, you are a hot fucking kid!" she murmured. "I'm going to fuck the balls right off you tonight!"

Quickly she pulled a padded stool -- something like the kind one might find in a cocktail lounge -- from a corner of the darkroom. The kids used it while they were developing film.

"Here, baby, come sit on this," she told him.

He crawled onto the stool, and his hard prick stood straight up. She moved right in front of him, and she pulled his legs apart and up over her shoulders.

Then she lowered her wet, warm lips to that gorgeous hard-on of his. His cockhead was gleaming, purplish and thick with his lustful blood, swollen and throbbing and just waiting for her to suck him dry of his cum.

Marlene wouldn't disappoint him. Her lips parted and she softly wrapped them around his sweet prick, sliding her mouth smoothly down over his hot shaft. She pushed forward, taking every last bit of his hot cock right into her mouth.

She was churning with excitement, her cunt burning with a fire like she'd never known. Her heart was pounding and her tits were absolutely sizzling. Brian was even better than she had hoped for in her wildest dreams. His prick was magnificent!

And he was trembling with a feverish, gnawing ache that she could feel in his body as she began to lick and suck that hot cock of his.

She wrapped her arms around his ass, bending down and nuzzling her face deep into his hot crotch. She hugged his crotch to her, taking his cock deep into her throat, bobbing her head up and down and lathering it up with lots of spit.

Marlene thrilled to the feel of his hard cock shaft as her tongue glided over it. She felt all the bony, hard ridges, all the pulsating, engorged veins that ran along the length of that big prick.

When he moaned softly and placed his hand gently on the back of her head, she felt a tremendous, gut-wrenching tug in the pit of her stomach. Her cunt did flip-flops, dribbling out hot cunt juice in a steady stream.

She began to pump faster and faster, fucking her face with his huge, hard cock until she could feel him twitching and hear him moaning steadily. Her mouth sucked his prick and then she took one hand and moved it under neath his hot cock, and began caressing his balls.

As soon as she did that he felt hot, tingling flashes rush up through his loins, spreading all through his body. "Ohh, Miss Ramsey, I think I'm gonna come!" he said hoarsely, his voice filled with an urgent pleading cry for release. "I think I'm gonna shoot a big load of cum right in your mouth! Ohh, Miss Ramsey... here... it... comes!"

His back stiffened. His hard cock rocketed way back into her throat, slamming against her tonsils. He shot a wad of hot cum into her throat that would choke a horse.

"Yeeee Gods!" he cried, his face twisted, full of sweet agony. He strained, his body caught completely in the grips of her hot, sucking mouth. His prick was erupting hard, spewing out gobs of thick, creamy hot cum, his guts and his balls burning with an ache that only a good cocksucking could have relieved.

She sucked him fervently, taking all of his hard cock between her lips, bobbing her head in a frenzy of passion. She clutched his balls, squeezing them, coaxing every drop of cum he had to offer.

She was whimpering and moaning herself as she sucked his prick. She was filled with lustful, animal-like emotion. His prick was filling her mouth, and the cum he was shooting past her lips was so hot and thick that it was all she could do to swallow that hot jism.

Bits of his cum drolled out of the corners of her mouth, but she fought to savor it all. She didn't want to lose a single drop. She was going to show Brian Collins what was meant by the word ecstasy.

An English teacher to the end, she could think of no better way to demonstrate the definition of a word. She still had a few more to go like lust and passion and, best of all, fucking!

This was a class that was going to go on for a long time -- all night, if possible -- and it was going to be a lesson neither of them would ever forget.


After Marlene finished sucking Brian's hard young cock, she let him rest a minute then switched places with him on the stool. She put the big soft-cushioned stool over at the end of the darkroom, in a narrow spot between the sinks and a desk. Seated on it, she spread her legs wide -- one propped up on the sink, the other way ovor on top of the desk. Her cunt was wide open, her shiny pink cuntlips wet and ready.

"Shove that luscious hard cock into me, darling," she sighed. Her voice was soft and filled with passion, a longing for the hot touch of the boy's big prick ramming deep into her hot cunt.

"Come on, darling, give me what I've been needing -- a good, hot, hard fucking!" she cried.

Brian was still shaking from the expert blowjob she had given him. He stared at her hairy, wet cunt, his eyes disbelieving. His belly was quivering, full of that delicious ache of lust. The boy just couldn't believe that he was actually standing there, bare-assed, with his beautiful English teacher begging him to fuck her!

Her body was fantastic. He drooled over her full, round big tits... those curvy, long legs... that flat, smooth belly... and her furry, wet pussy. But, most of all, he couldn't stop looking at her hot cunt. It gaped open, begging him to come and fill it up with his hard cock.

He stepped up between her legs, snuggled between the smooth, creamy goodness of her upturned thighs, and pressed the head of his throbbing cock against her wet cunt.

She cried out softly. "Ohh, Brian, give it to me, darling! Just ram that wonderful cock way into me... NOW!"

He parted her wet cuntlips with one hand, and nudged his hot cock into her, guiding it with the other. He felt his cockhead sink between those warm, moist flaps and disappear inside her luscious hot cunt -- and then he shoved... hard!

He lunged forward with his hips and drove his pounding hard cock of his into her cunt. It was a moment of complete ecstasy for Marlene. She felt his cock fill her up instantly.

She felt the hard throbs, the tremendously hot pulsations of his blood-engorged prick as it beat against the soft pink walls of her hot cunt. It was enough to take her breath away.

"It's wonderful, Brian," she murmured softly. "Your cock is wonderful. Fuck me good, baby. I'm soooo hot!"

She hooked her legs around his back as he leaned over onto her. He stood erect on the floor, so his cock bored into her at just the right angle. She was thrilled by that position because he could sink that hot cock of his into her cunt right up to his balls... and he was doing just that.

He put his arms around her, holding onto the back of the stool, hugging her close to him.

With every lunge of his hips, he felt his chest rub against her big soft tits. Her nipples were standing up hard, and filled with swirling feelings that she felt rippling through her whole body too.

Her cunt was dripping with juice, and his cock was sloshing and sliding as he pumped it into her. In and out, faster and faster, he drove his rigid cock, sending hot, exciting surges of pleasure deep into her cunt.

It was a marvelous feeling to Marlene to have a young boy like Brian -- full of youthful energy and with a cock as hard as granite -- fucking the hell right out of her. She was lost in a lustful, wonderful euphoria. All she could think of was the smooth, hard flesh of his pounding cock ripping through her cunt, sending its message of pleasure and passion through her.

"You make me want to fuck forever," she said, her voice filled with hot emotion. "Shove your hard cock to me, darling. Fuck me harder... harder! Don't ever stop!"

Brian was beginning to get the feel of it by now. It was, after all, his first fuck. He was excited and nervous, and had been entranced by the sight of Marlene's hot cunt and those fantastic tits -- and the feel of her hot mouth suck his hard cock and his soft, hairy balls.

But now, after only half an hour, he was begining to get the rhythm of her churning, hard-fucking cunt. And he matched her steady, demanding humping with straight-ahead thrusts that beat her cunt relentlessly.

His prick was pounding into her over and over, sinking deeper and deeper into that luscious pink cunt, driving her ito a state of delirious ecstasy.

She felt his body -- tense and filled with anxious yearning -- hunched over her in a determined bid to give her pleasure. His cock was grinding deliciously along every erotic fiber of her hot cunt. It rubbed hard against her clit and sent streaking rivers of hot rapture racing through her loins.

He was a wonderful young man, she thought, so wonderful that she'd like to fuck him every day and suck him every night. Right now she wanted to feel him pound that steely-hard prick of his in her cunt until she burst into flames of orgasmic delight.

She wanted to feel his hot cum erupting from his cockhead, pouring through her cunt like a tidal wave. She wanted to taste the thrill of coming at the same time he did -- mingling their cum in one big earth-shattering orgasm.

She was leaning back as far as she could on the stool, resting her head against the back, shoving her cunt forward as far as possible. Marlene wanted to give Brian a wide-open, clear shot at that hot cunt of hers. She wanted to spread those wet, sweet cuntlips of hers so he could pound and plumb the very depths of her hot, overwrought cunt.

Her legs were wrapped around his waist, hugging his body, pulling both him and his rampaging young, hard prick right into her crotch. She pumped her legs in unison with his drives, urging him to fuck her with every ounce of strength and imagination he had.

"You're doing fine, baby, just fine," she said, encouraging him to keep giving her the tremendous fucking she wanted. "Just keep doing what you're doing. Pound that hard cock way into me, sweetheart... way into me!"

Marlene felt a sudden hard throbbing in her cunt walls as Brian, goaded on by her hot urging, fucked his stiff prick even deeper and faster into her cunt. She heard him moaning, and opened her eyes for a moment.

She saw that he was in the throes of a tremendous ecstasy. His head was thrown back, his young, sinewy body tensed up and straining to fuck her hard. His eyes were tightly shut, squinting, his mouth open, his forehead wrinkled. There was a look of agonized ecstasy and concentration on his face. His muscles were tensed as his loins slammed into her over and over, incessantly prodding his prick in her cunt, driving toward that sweet moment when they would explode into a storm of hot, swirling orgasm.

She hugged him tighter with her legs, rubbing her warm, smooth thighs along his ribs, hooking her ankles behind him. She squeezed her cunt muscles, gripping his lunging cock as it worked frantically inside of her cunt. She clutched his prick with her cunt just like she had when that luscious hard cock was in her hand, when she was squeezing it with her fingers.

He whimpered when he felt the hard squeezing of his cock. It nearly made him come, but he wanted to wait as long as he could, savoring the delicious triumph of his first piece of ass, bringing her as high as possible first.

Even through he had never fucked a woman before he had read a lot of fuck stories, paperbacks that described how others screwed and sucked cock. It had given him plenty of experience before he'd ever gotten this incredible chance with Miss Ramsey. That's why he was able to fuck her so well without ever having shoved his hard cock into a cunt before.

From his reading he knew that his job was to give her what she wanted -- to fuck her as hard and deep as he could and prolong her pleasure by taking her to the very brink of coming -- then keep her there without making her come for a while.

And he was doing a great job. Marlene felt that he was a marvelous fucker, better than any of the young boys she had fucked when she was a kid -- better, even, then Bob Parsons, who had started her back on the road to sexual fulfillment when he forced her into fucking him in the mat room.

"I don't think I can hold out much longer," Brian suddenly gasped. "I want to fuck you all night... but... my balls are burning up. I feel funny all over... I... I can't hold it back..." His voice trailed off, his face twisted and full of agony.

He was shoving his cock in and out of Marlene's hot cunt in desperate, hard drives. Fast and short, the frenzied strokes of his rigid prick were bringing her closer to the edge of that eternal abyss of sexual joy. She was on the verge of coming and she whined and bucked and heaved her ass as he grew closer to the brink.

"Come, baby," she urged. "Give me your cum! Fuck me, sweetheart. Shoot your hot cum way inside me. Fill me up with that hot, fucking cum!"

And then he let it go. His cum shot out of his hard cock and splattered all through her wet, hot cunt. His cum was thick and hot, and it came and came and came. He couldn't control himself, or his cock, or his cum. It just boiled out of him in great, heaving shots of cream.

Marlene felt her cunt filling up with his cum, overflowing in a sweet, hot cascading river. It was so exciting, so completely enthralling, that she felt his cum trigger that hot button way up inside of her cunt that unleashed all of her pent-up needs, all of her hot desires, all of her incredible passion.

When she came, it was like opening the floodgates of a dam. Her cunt juice shot out of her in a torrent. She screamed and yelled, her cries filling the small darkroom with a cacophony of shrill, pleading begging sounds. It was the cry of a woman in the grips of untold rapture. Marlene was getting the fucking of her life.

"Uunghhh! Ohhh, Brian! My God, Brian! Ohhh, I love you, Brian! You sweet, hot fucking young cock! My God, you're fucking my cunt right off! Keep fucking, baby. I love it!"

Brian was out of his mind. His cock felt like it was in heaven as it pumped it back and forth in her syrupy, undulating hot cunt. He drove it deeply, time and time again, in a flurry of swift strokes that sent his hard prick boring deep inside of her. He felt his balls slamming against her asscheeks, making a sweet, erotic swirling feeling inside of them burst out into waves through his loins.

His legs felt like rubber, full of quivering, wavy sensations that held him in their clutches. Goose pimples rushed over his flesh. He was flushed, and his skin prickled with the incredible feelings he'd never felt before.

They were sending each other into that delirious, wonderful world of ecstasy that only can be felt by two young hot bodies fucking together hard, until they came in one gigantic unleashing of their mutual orgasm.

That was where they were now -- floating into space on a starship of cum, their minds awhirl, their bodies gyrating to the symphony of the ages -- the symphony of orgasm. His cock was humping into her cunt, still ramming her relentlessly, and she was thrusting her cunt up to meet his evry thrust.

Their body movements were spontaneous, almost a reflex, as their thoughts transcended into a swirling cloud of delicious reverie. Brian felt like he was floating in space, pumping his cum into Marlene's soft, warm cunt, feeling her spasms of delight answer his every thrust.

She was on the verge of passing out from sheer rapture and passionate, aching gratefulness. Her cunt was a whirlpool of cum and hot cuntjuice, mingling together, turning her body into a caldron of emotion and ecstasy.

"Brian, Brian, Brian," she chanted excitedly. "You fuck me so beautifully. My God, you turn me into a creamy, hot bundle of joy. My God, you've melted my whole cunt!"

He slowly began to come down from his rollercoaster ride to Fuck Heaven. His balls ached with the delicious feeling of unbridled release. His cock was swollen and hot and red. It pounded hotly in her cunt, and he felt the hot liquids of both of them rolling over it, bathing it in a sweet blanket of nectar.

"You made me into a man today, Miss Ramsey," he said. "I'll never be afraid of girls again. I'll never be afraid to fuck when I need to fuck."

She laughed. "Yes, but just don't take that to young cock of yours all over town. Remember, I get first crack at it when I need it. And I have a feeling I'm going to be needing it a lot."

Both of them were a little tired after such a hot fucking, but it wasn't long before they were right back at it again, fucking frenziedly, lunging and grinding and bringing each other to the peak of ecstasy.

They stayed in the darkroom until nearly two a.m., fucking in every position they could think of. They never seemed to tire of fucking each other's brains out.

Marlene sucked Brian's big, hard cock several times, and she lost count of how many times he came -- it didn't matter. All she wanted to do was taste his delicious cum, and feel his hot cum pouring into her cunt.

When they finally did get up and go home, they both felt like God had given them the gift of a lifetime. Their bodies glowed with satisfaction. His cock and her cunt were humming with excited, satisfied feeling of having been completely fucked out.

In the weeks that followed, Marlene called on Brian many times to satisfy her overpowering lustful need for hard cock. She took him to her apartment on Saturdays and fucked him all day and into the night. They went into the woods behind the school and did not stop fucking until the ground was soaked with their cum. Once they even went to a motel in a nearby town and fucked for five hours on a waterbed. It was a period of unparalleled joy in both their lives.

But eventually, as with all good things, they began to get the itch for some new and different things.

Marlene heard about Randy Purcell, a local cop, from one of her girlfriends. He was supposed to be one hell of a stud, with a big cock and lots of staying power. She thought about fucking him all of the time after that.

And Brian, by now filled with confidence that he was a good fucker, decided to shove his big prick into a few of the young cunts in school that were still looking for their own first pieces of ass.

He'd leaned how good it was to lose his cherry, so to speak, and thought it might be nice if he helped some of the sophomore and junior girls in school do the same.

So they parted, still friends, grateful for the hot fucking each of them had given the other at a time when they both needed badly to feel the warm goodness of cum blanketing their crotches.


Marlene had heard about Randy Purcell from her friend, Delores Robinson. Randy was thirty-one, married only a few months, and already out fucking any young cunt he could find. He was the small town's only night-duty policeman, and there were plenty of women -- and girls -- who just happened to be out at night driving around.

It was amazing how many of them wound up in the patrol car, parked with Randy behind the high school, getting their asses fucked off by the town's man in blue.

"I was driving home from visiting my parents one night," Delores told Marlene. "It was about two o'clock in the morning, and there was nobody on the streets as I drove through town. All of a sudden this car comes up behind me real fast, and then he's passing me with the red light flashing. He pulled me over and asked me for my driver's license. I was scared to death! I asked him what I did wrong, and he said, 'Nothing.' I just wondered what a nice-looking chick like you was doing out riding around by herself at this time of night. A girl could get all kinds of propositions thrown at her in the middle of the night when nobody is around."

Delores told Marlene that she began to get the feeling that Randy wanted to take her somewhere and fuck her. "At first I wasn't the least bit interested. I was tired and I wanted to go home. But he kept smiling, and saying suggestive things. And he was really cute. I started to get all wet and itchy in my cunt. So I asked him if he'd give me a ride in the police car. Well, he sure did give me a ride! He took me up to the school and parked out back. We got into the back seat and he fucked me for about three hours! It was almost dawn when he finally stopped. I want to tell you, that guy's got one big cock, and he never stops fucking you from the time he starts until he's ready to quit!"

Marlene got all hot and horny just listening to Delores tell her about Randy Purcell. She made up her mind right then that she was going to get some of his hard fucking. She liked the idea of fucking a cop who never wanted to stop, never wanted to take his hard cock out of her wet cunt.

She began right then to plot the strategy that would get her into the back seat of the local police car and get her a hard fucking from Randy Purcell.

Marlene couldn't wait to fel his hard cock plunging deep into her cunt. If there was anything in this world that she needed now, it was a guy with a prick of steel that never gave out! She dreamed of feeling Randy's stiff prick ramming into her over and over, until she couldn't take any more.

Delores told her that Randy's wife had somehow froze up after only a few weeks of their marriage. She was frigid, and the poor guy was only trying to keep his wits together by fucking other women. He was a very sensual guy, and be had to get a piece of ass every couple of days or he'd go nuts.

It was no kind of situation for any cop to be in, Marlene thought. So it would be just doing her civic duty to fuck the hell out of him, she figured.

That's when she decided what she'd do to get some of his hard cock.

A couple of night after she and her student, Brian Collins, had finally called it quits, she took a ride through town in her car. At the town limits she pulled her car over and got out. Quickly she went around back and let some air out of one of the tires. Then she waited.

It took almost twenty minutes, and it was nearly one a.m. when Randy Purcell finally came cruising along in his patrol car. He pulled over and checked her out.

"Trouble, Miss?" he said, a broad smile across his face.

Marlene knew right then that Delores had been telling her exactly the way it was. Randy was gorgeous, luscious, a real hunk of man that she would fuck and fuck and fuck at the drop of a hat.

She felt hot flashes of desire rush through her cunt just as soon as he opened his mouth. They kidded and joked for a few minutes then he changed the tire for her.

When he was finished he came back to her, and she decided not to waste any time. "Well, officer, one good turn deserves another, they always say. What can I do for you?" She smiled up at him, giving him the kind of seductive, knowing look that was sure to let him know she was willing to fuck him or suck him, or do anything else he wanted to do with her hot body.

"Why don't we go somewhere and get to know each other better?" he suggested.

"Good idea! You lead the way," she said.

She expected him to drive to the high school, like Delores had said he probably would do, and ask her to get into the back seat of the police car. But he didn't. He went to the police station, which was a small building on the edge of town.

They went into the headquarters and Randy locked the door behind him. "Let's not waste any time, honey," he said. "I got to get back on patrol in a couple of hours, and I am going to lay the meat to you good before that. I am going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before. So let's get to it!"

They went into another office where there was a small bed, and Marlene began stripping off her clothes. It was a race, because Randy was pulling off his uniform in a frenzy.

Marlene won. She danced across the room, her big tits flopping, her soft cunt hair shining and inviting. "Like my body, officer?" she asked seductively, standing a few feet from him, her hands on her hips.

"You bet your ass I do!" he muttered, staring at her big tits and her softly curving figure. "I'm gonna fill that cunt of yours up with the biggest, hardest cock you ever saw!"

He wasn't bragging, just stating facts. He pulled his shorts off, and Marlene almost swooned at the sight of his hard-on. It was swollen and pounding, a long, thick prick with a cockhead that was hot and ready to slide into her hot cunt.

"What a beautiful cock, officer! I bet it's bigger than your nightstick!" Marlene laughed and skipped delightedly to the bed. She lay right down and spread her legs wide, waiting for him to pounce on her.

Randy was right behind her. "This is my nightstick, honey," he said. "Just wait till you see the job it does. You'll go crazy with the way I shove this cock into you. I'm gonna set your cunt on fire, and then I'll ream out your asshole for good measure."

Marlene had never been assfucked, so she was a little afraid of what that would feel like. But she had other things to think about a the moment.

Randy was moving between her upturned thighs, nudging his throbbing hot cock against her wet cuntlips. He guided his prick with his hand and slipped it into her cunt.

She felt his big cockhead inside of her, and its heat quickly spread through her cunt and into her loins. It was exquisite! She rubbed her knees against his ribs and moaned softly, letting him know how good his hard prick felt.

"Beautiful, baby, beautiful," she murmured. "Shove that sweet prick way inside my cunt. I want to feel cock hitting right up against my guts!"

Randy steadied himself on his hands and let loose with his hips, giving her a shove that sent his rigid prick catapulting deep into that sweet, hot cunt of hers.

"Uuughhh!" she groaned, arching her back and taking all of his hard cock. "Jesus, that feels gooood. Give me more, baby, more!"

He started pumping his prick hard, fucking Marlene with a powerful, determined aggressiveness. He was a fast, energetic piece of ass, she thought, just the way Delores described the way Randy liked to fuck.

Never once did he slow down or try to do anything fancy. He came to fuck, and that's just what he did. His hard cock filled Marlene's wet cunt to capacity, and the way he screwed away, stroking way up into her every time, she got wetter and wetter all the time.

It felt like his cock was pumping through a smooth, silky pink sluiceway of cunt flesh, slithering back and forth in bogs of cuntjuice as she got hotter and hotter.

"You sure know how to turn me on, baby," she muttered her face flushing and her tits tingling with excitement. "You are one great stud!"

He smiled and kept plunging his hot prick, filling her cunt over and over. His hips were flying, bobbing up and down in a hard, rhythmic cadence that made Marlene feel as though she were going to be carried to the top of the mountain, to that sexual peak she loved so much, in short order.

She wrapped her legs up around his back, the way she liked to fuck a guy, and felt his rigid prick ripping deeper into her cunt. It slammed against that soft erotic spot at the very deepest part of her cunt, and made trembling, vibrating sensations shoot through her guts and her ass and right up to her tits.

She began to feel an incredible pounding in her temples, and her breath was growing shorter and shorter. Her whole body began to ache with desire and a pounding, sweet pleasure.

This guy is incredible! she thought. My God, he can fuck like a madman! He's got an enormous cock, and he never lets up! She felt his stiff prick sliding back and forth, back and forth, inside of her cunt, igniting all the passion she had been storing up sinces she first heard about Randy from Delores.

"You got one sweet cunt, baby," he whispered. "I could fuck you all night."

"Why don't you," she said. "I've got the time."

"Maybe I will. I'm supposed to be on patrol, but nothing ever happens in this town. And you're the hottest fuck I've had in a long, long time."

She smiled at that. She didn't dare tell Delores he'd said that. She wouldn't want her good friend to know that Randy thought Marlene a better piece of ass than Delores.

Marlene began grinding her ass around in a tight little circle, rubbing her cunt against Randy, shoving it up to him deliciously every time he came back at her with another hard lunge of his throbbing prick.

They moved into an erotic, passion-filled beat, working their hot crotches together beautifully. Her smoothly rounded asscheeks rubbed against his thighs as he shoved his swollen stiff prick deeper end deeper into her slippery, quivering cunt.

She began to shake hard, inside of her cunt. Her dribbling cuntlips were squeezing his prick over and over every time he plunged it deeper into her. Both of them were beginning to sweat, and their muscles were tensed with a lustful anxiety.

Marlene's eye's were closed, her head thrown back, turning from side to side as she felt waves of ecstasy begin to roll through her body. It was a delicious, tormenting rapture that gripped her cunt and made her nipples stand up hard and erect, aching for the greatful release she knew was coming.

She could sense, from the way Randy was panting and moaning and the way his hard cock was throbbing, that he was getting awfully close to that moment of bliss too.

His prick throbbed uncontrollably every time be stroked it to her. His arms and shoulders were bulging with strained, stretched muscles. There was a look of mindless ecstatic concentration in his eyes. He wasn't saying anything now -- just moaning loudly -- his mind focused only on building up to that indescribable moment when he would crack his nuts and send his hot cum shooting into Marlene's eager cunt.

"Are you ready, baby?" he said, almost choking as he tossed his head back, his eyes shut tight, his mouth open wide. "Try to come with me!"

"Yes, yes! Give it to me," she whispered excitedly. "I'm ready. Let go your cum, honey!"

They began fucking feverishly. Randy pumped his prick into her cunt so fast and so far that he was like a sex machine. His ass was a blur of skin as he rammed his hard prick to her. She began trembling violently, her ass bouncing up and down on the bed, her whole body a study of perpetual motion. Her arms and legs churned about, coaxing him on, taking his cock way up inside of her wet, drooling cunt.

"NOW!" he shouted suddenly. "I'm coming!"

"ME TOO, YOU HOT COCK!" Marlene screamed. "Eeeghhh! Ohh, my God! My God! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

She was screaming, yelling at the top of her lungs, her eyes opened wide, her face a picture of rapturous delight. Her mouth was hanging open, her neck muscles tensed and nearly popping, her cheeks a bright-pink, and hot!

Her whole cunt was on fire, she thought. She was shooting cuntjuice out in a passionate hot eruption of all her desires. And Randy was spurting cum into her pussy in huge gobs.

His prick felt wonderful in her cunt, throbbing and jerking in hard spasms of his convulsive orgasm. His jism was hot and thick, rolling over his prick and slipping deep into every crevice and fold of her pink, hot cunt.

"My God, I never felt anything so good in my life!" she bubbled. She looked into Randy's eyes, conveying all the warmth and passion that gripped her very soul at that explosive, erotic moment.

He was shuddering, caught in the web of ball-draining, gut-wrenching convulsions that paralyzed him for one blissful, heavenly moment. His eyes rolled back, almost into his head, as he trembled violently one last time, and shot his final wad of hot cum deep into her cunt.

Then he eased back down, his hard cock still imbedded deeply in Marlene's pussy, and began slowly stroking her back to reality. Her cunt was full of soft, vibrating feelings, overflowing with cum and cuntjuice and a bliss all its own.

"Hey, you big, beautiful cock, you," Marlene murmured, beaming up at Randy. "You did just what you said you were going to do! You gave me the best cuntful of hard cock I've ever had."

"Yeah, but I'm not done," he said. "Remember? I told you I was also gonna ream out your asshole. C'mon, roll over. That's what I do best -- assfuck. And I'm hot to shove my prick right up that hot little ass of yours!"

Marlene felt an exciting, aching shiver run through her. She was scared. She wondered if he'd split her ass apart. Her ass had to be tight because she'd never been filled with a hard cock there before.

But she was also curious -- and filled with a hot, thrilling desire to experience a new kind of fucking!


Marlene rolled over on the bed in the police station's small lounge. Randy waited anxiously, his hard cock swelling up even harder than before. He leered greedily at her beautifully rounded ass and that hot, puckered little asshole that pulsed so seductively, waiting for his hard prick to ram into it.

"Okay, big boy. Let me have it," she said calmly. She trembled, a bit afraid of what was about to happen but curious to find out what it felt like to get a hard cock up the ass nevertheless.

"With pleasure baby," Randy replied. "With pleasure. I'm gonna ram your ass so full of hard cock you won't be able to shit for a week. So hang on!"

He spit in his palm and wiped it all over the head of his cock, then spit again and smeared it over the tight, luscious asshole that Marlene was shoving up toward his face.

When he felt that he had her ass wet enough, he pressed the head of his prick against her wet bunghole and jammed himself into her -- hard. His throbbing, lust-engorged cock rammed deep inside.

His stiff prick filled that tight, hot asshole so full that she screamed and bolted forward, flat on the bed. But Randy anticipated it. He'd fucked so many young assholes that he knew girls who were cherry in the ass often did this very thing.

He hung onto her hips and rode right with her as she went down. His hot prick was still way up inside of her ass, pounding away with lust, impaling her on his lance-like prick. He could feel the nervous twitching of her ass muscles as he began pumping his prick.

"Boy! That is one tight fucking asshole," he said, his voice husky with lust and erotic desire. "You're really turning me on, you hot little cunt!"

Marlene was not quite so excited. His prick was tearing the tender, soft flesh of her ass. It felt like a hot poker ramming her ass -- right up to her bowels!

Every time she moved a muscle, Randy's rigid, bone-like cock sent streaking pains of unspeakable agony through her. She was sweating, filled with misgivings about what she was doing, but still somehow aroused with an erotic cunt-churning excitement that had her mind spinning out of control.

She bit her lower lip and hugged the pillow to her face. She was determined not to let Randy know that she was anything but thrilled. She tried to relax and let him feel how open and receptive her asshole was to the hard thrusts of his stiff cock.

Randy was already so hot and horny that he barely noticed anything that was happening anyway, except for the feeling his prick was getting as it pounded back and forth in Marlene's tight ass.

It was fantastic, as far as he was concerned. He hadn't fucked such a tight, virginal asshole in months -- especially with an older broad.

With a young kid, like some of the college girls in Parkerstown -- a few miles away -- he had come to expect it. But usually, with a cunt thirty-five years old like Marlene, it was different.

Usually they had been loosened up with a good amount of hard assfucking over the years. Their bungholes were usually less exciting, less able to cling tightly to a hot cock, less thrilling to fuck.

But Marlene was something else. Randy was so hot as he stroked her ass with his burgeoning prick that he wondered if she really was as old as he'd figured at first. Her hot ass felt like she was eighteen instead of thirty-five.

He pulled her back up onto her knees, with her asshole nice and high -- spread open as far as he could get it -- and began pumping his hard cock deeply into her asshole with hard, steady strokes.

His prick was throbbing and pounding, striving to give her all the good fucking she needed. He felt a shivery, hot flash of emotion course through his balls, setting his loins on fire.

Carefully -- so as not to let his cock slip out of Marlene's ass -- Randy reached over to a nightstand drawer next to the bed. He pulled out a tube of K-Y jelly and smeared some of it on the shaft of his hard cock.

Keeping just the head of his hot prick inside of her ass, he slapped plenty of K-Y around her sweet bunghole, lathering his cock and giving him a good, lubricated shaft. Then he began to assfuck her with everything he had.

"Here we go, baby," he said. "You better be ready. We aren't stopping now 'til I fill your ass with cum!"

And he wasn't kidding. He began to pummel her ass with his hard cock, driving it back and forth, deeper and deeper, grinding over every nook and cranny of her asshole until she thought she was being fucked by a whole army.

But it was strange the way Marlene began to like the feeling of a hard, swollen cock ravaging her ass. Instead of feeling nothing but torn, sore flesh inside her bunghole, she started to respond to his hard, demanding thrusts. His cock began to feel good, she thought.

It plumbed the deepest parts of her ass, soaring up into her slippery snug asshole like a finger into a glove, rubbing against the erotic, sensuous spots that really turned her on, made her burn with lust and pleasure.

Her tits began to tingle with anticipation. She felt hot all over. Her belly was churning with a delightful, rippling ache that swirled and washed over her like a warm blanket of excitement.

"My God! Where did you learn to fuck like this?" she asked. "You really know how to assfuck, sweetheart. That cock of yours is really starting to turn me on!"

"Like it, eh?" he asked, still ramming his prick in and out of her ass with hard, lunging strokes. "Well, then, let's try something really good!"

Randy jumped off the bed and stood right next to it, at the foot. Then he guided Marlene back, still on her hands and knees, until her hot ass hung just over the edge, and her knees were right on the edge of the bed. He moved in close, pulling her ass down to meet his cock.

He hunched over, with his knees to each side of her round, luscious ass. He spread his legs wide, bending her over at just the right angle, and then slammed his hard cock home into that sweet, hot ass of hers.

In this lewd position -- his knees bent just slightly, his back hunched forward, his arms wrapped around her waist -- he ran his hands over her loins and massaged her hot clit as he fucked her ass.

He was humping her just like a horny dog would fuck a bitch in beat. And his prick was pounding just as deep, filling her ass with a hard, demanding hot cock shaft.

He began to really pour the cock to her now, ripping her ass with long, fast thrusts, sending his prick catapulting time after time a full good, stiff eight inches into her hot ass.

The K-Y was just what he'd needed. And Marlene had, too. It was just enough to make her ass nice and smooth, a slippery, erotic passageway of lust. And he was grinding his cock all along it, fucking her with every bit of strength in his rigid cock and his muscular, athletic body.

His face mirrored his emotions as he lunged deeper and deeper into her beautiful ass. He gritted his teeth and assfucked her with everything he had. His cock was swollen, and throbbing almost to the point of bursting.

Marlene was getting so hot that she could hardly stand it. His prick was fucking her so beautifully, reaming out her ass just like he said he would, that she felt violent tremors shooting through her body with every lunge.

She'd never felt anything like it. Instead of hurting, her assfucking was turning her into an even hotter nympho than she already was.

Marlene fought to keep her balance, her body beginning to shake uncontrollably. Her arms, supporting most of her weight, were like rubber. Her legs were filled with hot, tingling sensations as she felt his loose, hairy balls slapping against them on every thrust of Randy's torrid, hot cock.

She began meaning and whimpering, half out of her mind with passionate, cunt-gripping emotion. Just feeling Randy's stiff cock fucking her ass so hard made her cunt all wet and hot. Her big clit was on fire wtih lust and desire.

"Jesus, I can't take much more, you hot fucker!" she moaned. "I'm going to come, and I want to feel your cum filling up my ass!"

With a grunt and final burst of hard fucking, Randy brought both of them to the brink of sexual oblivion. His cock ballooned, the blood-engorged veins ready to pop, his balls burning to unload his hot cum.

Marlene felt her cuntjuice begin to pour from her pussy as all those wild, delicious feelings in her loins and her guts -- and way up inside of her hot cunt -- began to churn through her to bring on the sweet release she had been seeking.

"Aiieeee! Aiiee! I'm coming!" she screamed suddenly. Her whole body stiffened, and her tits -- hanging down heavily beneath her, swaying with every thrust of Randy's rigid cock -- jiggled furiously. Her nipples were hard and rubbery, filled with erotic, tingling suspense.

"Fuck me hard, baby!" she yelled. "I can't stand it! That cock of yours is turning me into a fucking slut! And I don't care! Just fuck the shit right out of me!"

Her hair was flying in all directions. Her mouth hung open and her eyes were squeezed shut, her face reflecting the sweet agony of her hot orgasm.

And then Randy shot his big load of cum. His cock puffed up hard as a rock and throbbed wildly. He unloaded a huge, steady, spurting stream of cum way up into the deepest pocket of her soft, wet asshole.

Once he'd started, it seemed as if he had an endless reservoir of cum in his balls. He just kept shooting his cum, pouring that sticky, hot cream into her like there was no tomorrow.

She wiggled her ass, squeezing her ass muscles, clutching at his demanding, hard-driving cock, taking every drop he unleashed into her and still looking for more.

"Don't stop! Don't even slow down! Just keep pounding your hot prick into my ass, darling!"

Marlene was nearly insane. Her mind was spinning, her emotions caught up in a blind, erotic journey through sexual space. All she could feet was the clashing, aching, screaming goodness of her cunt erupting -- and the cascading, still-hard prick in her ass, spewing out cum in gobs so hot and so thick that she thought she could take an elephant's prick up her asshole. And she would have liked that very much!

Randy strained to propel his hard cock right up to the depths of her ass, jamming his huge, stiff prick to the very limits. His ass was flying... grinding her bunghole with rampaging, shit-churning drives of his long, hard cock. Up and up he shoved, sending his hot prick into places it had never been before... into places Marlene had never been touched before.

It was a furious, frantic, powerful kind of assfucking, and even Randy had never fucked a tight asshole so hard before. He wondered how she could take so much hard cock, especially the first time. But he didn't spare the horses -- he just rammed his cock home until he had given her every drop of cum he had in his nuts.

They were both exhausted when they finally dropped down onto the bed. He was breathing heavily, his cock covered with cum, and swollen and red.

Marlene was tired too, but her body was alive, every nerve jangling with vibrant thanksgiving. Her pussy was swimming in cuntjuice. Her ass was loaded to the brim with Randy's hot cum. She pinched her ass muscles to keep it inside, blocking his sweet cream from rolling out of her ass and onto the sheets.

But she knew she couldn't keep his cum inside of her ass forever. It was so hot, it was almost like an enema. She felt her stomach growling, her bowels warning her to get to the john, and fast.

She jumped up suddenly, leaving Randy alone on the bed, his hands behind his head, dreaming about the hot ass he'd just fucked so thoroughly.

Marlene ran to the toilet and just made it. She loosened her ass muscles and a gushing, cascading torrent of come and wet shit spewed from her reamed-out ass.

Her cunt dripped a thick, sweet stream of hot cuntjuice into the toilet too.

She felt completely fucked out, completely drained, completely wonderful!

In the other room, Randy listened to the wet, slurping noises in the toilet and smiled to himself. It always happens with a first-time cunt, he thought to himself. She gets nervous, her bowels get loose, she gets a load of hot cum up there inside her ass, and you get an instant case of the shits.

He was just glad that she held off until he was finished and had pulled his hard cock out of her ass. He didn't like to get his cock dirty.


It seemed that the more fucking Marlene got, the more she wanted. But she had to think fast when it looked suddenly as though her hot cunt might get her fired from her teaching job.

Brian Collins, the kid who had seemed so shy, was spreading the word all over school that be had fucked Miss Ramsey. Finally, the rumor got back to Mr. Bascomb, the principal. He called Marlene into his office and confronted her with the report.

"Is it true, Miss Ramsey?" he asked sternly. "Did you, in fact, have sexual intercourse with a student?"

Marlene could see her whole career going down the tubes right there. She had to think fast. She depended on her instincts and had the feeling that -- behind that self-righteous facade -- Henry Bascomb was still just a man, with a cock and balls, and all the lustful thoughts that most men had when they were in the presence of a good-looking, ready-to-fuck woman.

She had nothing to lose, so she decided to play her hunch all the way. She was sitting in a straight-backed wooden chair in front of his desk, and Mr. Bascomb was standing behind his desk.

Marlene crossed her legs slowly, pulling one up so high that he could see into her crotch clearly. She left her skirt hiked up far above her knees as she began to answer him. He was staring at her legs, just as she had suspected he would.

The principal wasn't that old, and he still had a full head of dark wavy hair. His eyes were big and round and brown. He was built well, Marlene thought. In fact, he wasn't that bad-looking. It was just that he was so straight-laced and stuffy.

She wondered what it would be like to suck him off. It was crazy, she thought, how she couldn't help undressing every man she met in her mind. Right now, of course, it was probably the only way she could save her job. If she could get Mr. Bascomb hot enough to let her open his fly, he couldn't very well fire her for fucking Brian Collins.

"Really, Mr. Bascomb," Marlene replied to the principal's question about whether she'd fucked Brian Collins. "Do you really think I'd be interested in a young boy? I think I have everything I need to get an older man, don't you?"

She crossed her shapely legs the other way and left no doubt in his mind that she was ready, willing and able to give him a good, hard fucking.

By this time it was obvious that he was getting hot under the collar, and hard between the legs! His prick was straining hard, pushing his pants out and forming a huge bulge in his crotch. Little beads of sweat stood out on his forehead, and he was getting that flushed, flustered look.

He stared right at her bare legs and could see all the way up into her crotch. He couldn't take his eyes off her luscious cunt which was covered with her scanty little bikinis. But wispy little cunthairs peeked out around the edges and made him wish he was shoving his hard cock right into Miss Ramsey's delicious-looking cunt.

"And besides," Marlene went on, "only big, hard men really turn me on. I wouldn't know what to do with a young boy. I like older men, who have experience and big, satisfying bodies."

"Hhrrrump! Yes. Well, I see," Mr. Bascomb said, stammering and trying to regain his composure. He half-turned away from her, but she caught him shifting his hard cock and balls, trying to give them more room.

"But this is a very serious charge, Miss Ramsey," he went on. "I must see to it that no fuck... I mean, sexual relations are permitted between teachers and students. We must confine our teaching to... uh, er... more conventional instruction... I mean... oh, goodness, I don't know what I mean..."

Marlene saw that the chance she was waiting for was at hand. He was so flustered and mixed-up, so excited by looking at her legs and thinking about fucking her that he couldn't even think straight.

She jumped up quickly and locked the door to the office. His secretary, Harriet Johns, was right outside, and Marlene couldn't take a chance on her walking in without warning.

Then she walked across the office to Mr. Bascomb and slowly, sensuously, wound her arms around his neck. She rubbed her crotch firmly but slowly back and forth across his bulging loins.

"Oh, my God," he murmured, his eyes wide, his mouth open. He braced himself against the windowsill, and Marlene's hand went slowly down to his hard cock and rubbed the hot, hard lump sticking out so far in his crotch.

He was breathing hard, not saying anything, too excited to move.

"No, Mr. Bascomb, I don't want young kids," Marlene purred, her voice low end velvety, her eyes half-closed, a sly grin playing at the corners of her mouth. Her head was bent forward slightly. She was giving her best sex kitten performance -- and it was working!

"The only thing I need is a real man's hard, throbbing cock. A really hard cock... like yours is right now, Mr. Bascomb."

"Oh, God, you're driving me mad!" he wailed.

"How would you like me to take this beautiful hard cock of yours right out of your pants and give him a nice, warm bath with my tongue? Would you like that, Mr. Bascomb? We really shouldn't keep him all locked up, should we! Not when it's so apparent that he's crying to get out."

She kept on rubbing her body against him seductively, fondling his cock with her hand, sliding her fingers down over his balls, until he was half out of his mind with passion and desire.

Then suddenly he could take no more. He lunged at her, ripping her blouse open as he grabbed at her tits. With his other hand he reached up under her skirt in a flash, grabbing at her bikinis, trying to get a finger inside of her hot cunt.

Marlene jumped back, frightened at first. But she realized she had him right where she wanted him. "Please, Mr. Bascomb, calm down!" she cried. "There's no need to lose our heads. Just calm down and get those clothes off, and I'll give you everything you need. I'll suck you and I'll fuck you and I'll kiss that big, beautiful cock of yours until eighth period, when I have to go on hall duty."

He didn't even answer her. He just started ripping off his clothes -- his tie, shoes, socks, vest, shirt and undershirt all went flying in every direction. Then she reached for him and made him let her unzip his fly. She let his pants drop to reveal a pair of baggy, Navy-style boxer shorts. His hard-on -- big and hard and red as a beet -- was sticking right through the fly.

Henry Bascomb was built like a horse. He had a huge cock, and Marlene could see right away that she was going to have her hands -- and her cunt! -- full, giving him a fucking. But she really couldn't wait to get started.

She unsnapped his shorts and let them fall to the floor. "Oh, Mr. Bascomb! What a magnificent prick!" she exclaimed. "I can't wait to feel your huge cock fucking my little wet pussy nice and deep and hard!"

He reached out to grab her tits again, but Marlene ducked just in time to avoid having him tear her blouse even more. Then she quickly got undressed herself.

When she was down to just her bra and pants, she beckoned to him to help. Like a wild animal, the hot and frenzied Mr. Bascomb leaped onto her and yanked her pants off. He fumbled feverishly with her bra snap and finally broke it, pulling her bra off in one animal-like gesture.

He immediately fell to his knees and started lapping at Marlene's soft, furry pussy. His tongue was hot and wet, and he lapped her whole crotch with a furious, ravenous anxiety. His tongue was everywhere at once, getting Marlene hot almost from the very first flick.

"Oh, Mr. Bascomb," she sighed. "You are sooo good! You make me feel so hot!" She stroked his head and hugged it to her fevered cunt.

He licked her even harder, flicking his tongue up over her cuntlips, then parting them and shoving it right up into her cunt.

"Uunghhh! Ohh that's good!" she cried as she felt hot flashes of pleasure streak up through her loins.

She was a little surprised, but really delighted at the way this was all turning out. She had deliberately tried to seduce Mr. Bascomb to save her job, thinking he'd be a really bum fuck. But she could already see that he was going to be a real hot stud.

"C'mon," he said, getting up. "Let's go over on the couch."

He had a big, soft leather couch along one wall of his office. Marlene went to it and stretched out full-length on it. He guided her ass right up onto the arm at one end, with her legs hanging over the end. It put her ass up in the air beautifully... at the exact height of his cock as he stood on the floor on the other side of the couch arm.

She put a pillow under her back for support, then spread her legs wide for him. He was panting so hotly, eager to shove that hard, throbbing cock of his into her waiting cunt.

He reached down immediately after she got settled and ran his fingers over her cunt, shoving his third finger deep into that steaming, hot pink hole.

Then he rubbed it over her clit, and she felt sharp, delicious ripples of pleasure roll up through her body.

"Ohhh, Mr. Bascomb, that's wonderful," she sighed. "Keep rubbing my clit. I love that!"

"I'm going to give you a lot more than that, you sexy little cunt," he rasped, his face red and sweaty. "And, for Christ's sake, call me Henry, not Mr. Bascomb."

"Okay, Henry, but don't make me wait any more," she pleaded. "I want to feel that hot cock of yours jamming way inside my cunt. Give it to me, baby, right now!"

He watched her pull her knees up almost to her tits, and wide apart as he took his cock in one hand and pressed it against her hot cunt. Rolling his prick, in a tight little circle, he wedged it between her wet cuntlips. She felt his big cockhead slip inside wetly.

"Here I come, baby," he said hoarsely, then shoved with his hips and sent his wide, heavy hard-on riding deep into her hot, dribbling cunt. She was so wet already with her own cuntjuice that Henry made a loud slurping noise as he sent his hot cock careening into her pussy.

Marlene gasped loudly and whimpered with delight as he began his frenzied pumping, driving that hard, thick cock of his deep into her cunt. He was forceful, almost ravenous, as he went at her, pumping his prick like a madman bent on ravishing her soft, sweet young cunt.

She really had a beautiful cunt, no doubt about that, with long, shapely legs, a pair of big, soft tits, and a desire to fuck that went beyond anything else she'd ever done.

Secretly, Henry Bascomb had wanted to run his hot cock into her willing, wet cunt ever since he first laid eyes on her. But he had to maintain his dignity, and he'd thought the chance would never come.

Now that it had, he intended to fuck the living hell right out of her luscious cunt -- then take whatever else she had to offer or that he could think of that might please his hungry sexual appetite.


Marlene wrapped her legs around Henry's back as he bored his throbbing, lust-swollen prick deeper and deeper into her soft and warm cunt. She was responding with more passionate emotion than she had ever felt while getting fucked. She could feel waves of ecstasy rolling over her whole body, and he was turning on hard too.

"Ohhh, Henry. You're beautiful!" she cried, bouncing her ass in tune with his strenuous frantic lunges. His hard cock was ramming her so hard that she could feel his thrusts clear up to the top of her head, and she loved it.

Her cunt was burning with a fire that only a big, ball-busting orgasm could quench. Marlene was going to crack his nuts with the biggest, hardest fucking that either of them had ever had.

"Ram me, baby," she coaxed him, whining and goading him to fuck her harder and harder. "I want to feel your hard cock up in my belly, sweetheart. Shove that prick to me!"

Henry was already cramming her cunt full of his stiff-cock, his body tensed and full of erotic drive as he rocked his hips and drove his prick in and out of her wet cunt.

Her ass was sliding all over the arm of the couch, bouncing and jerking with wild abandon. She just could not hold still while he fucked her so hard and so hot. His prick was prodding every sensitive corner of her slippery pink cunt, turning her into a hungry, eager piece of hot pussy.

"I'm going to fuck you and fuck you and fuck you, Miss Ramsey, until your cunt is red and raw, and you cry out for mercy!" Henry cried. "I'm going to teach you not to fuck young boys in my school! I'm going to teach you that you're not to fuck anyone around here but me! Do you hear me, you fucking cunt?"

She had never seen him like this before. He had his fits in school, but you never knew what a guy might do when he was truly angered -- and filled with unbridled lust -- as he was now.

She decided just to go along with him, to let him fuck her just as be wanted to. He was doing a fine job of that. She'd never had her hot cunt so packed full of hard cock, so thoroughly fucked with a hard, fast-stroking prick, so completely thrilled by the way her clit was being rubbed over and over and over and over.

"Yes, Henry," she said, playing slave to him as master in a harmless little game. She felt him ramming her pussy even harder as he shoved his prick deep into her cunt.

"I'm going to teach you that you'll never find a better cock than mine!" he screeched at the top of his lungs. His face was red, his neck strained and the arteries bulging. "Feel that cock inside your cunt, woman! Did you ever feel anything that good in your whole fucking life? Feel it. Feel how fucking hard it is? That's a real cock, and you'll never find a better one! That's why you won't ever want to fuck anybody else but me after today! Do you hear me, cunt?"

"Yes, Henry," she replied, gasping for breath. All the time he'd been yelling at her, Henry had been fucking her harder and harder. His long, rigid prick was flying back and forth in her dripping, hot cunt, driving her to hysterics with the erotic, incessant, and demanding fucking he was giving her.

He clutched at her ass as he hunched over her, pulling her whole crotch to him with every thrust of his hips. He drove his prick like a man possessed, a man obsessed with an overpowering urge to ravish her cunt, to fill her hot cunt to capacity. He pushed her cunt lips apart and rammed his hard, wide prick farther into her cream-filled pussy than any cock had ever gone before, or ever would again.

"Jesus, Henry! I can't hold on much longer!" she pleaded. "I'm going to come! You're burning me up with your fantastic cock!"

That only seemed to infuriate him. "You can come when I say so, and not before!" he yelled, his face contorted and twisted with rage. "Don't come before I come, you slut!"

Marlene did not know it at the time, but he had not shot a load of cum into a woman's cunt in nearly eight years. His wife was so plain, so mousy, so lacking in sex appeal, that he had been turned off to the point where she could hardly give him a hard-on. He had resorted to jerking off at home most of the time.

That was why he had come on so hard with Marlene, but she had no way of knowing it at the time.

He was close to coming himself, and was determined to crack his nuts into this beautiful, passionate cunt of Marlene Ramsey's. He was going to fill her pussy so full of cum that she would be swimming in it. And he wanted to come at the same time she did.

Knowing that she was close, he went to work in earnest, concentrating on her luscious body. He grabbed one of her soft, round tits with one hand and kept his other hand clamped around her ass.

His cock was pounding away with lustful, mind-churning plunges, driving home into her cunt with a fury that could not fail to make both come. He felt swirling aches of passion deep in his balls, and knew that the sweet beginnings of a delicious orgasm were shooting messages of release to his overwrought prick.

Every muscle in his body was tensed, stretched to the breaking point, as he drew closer and closer to that magic moment when his cum would shoot out of his cock to drench Marlene's hot cunt.

"Ohhhh, Henry! Please hurry, darling," she moaning, clawing at his back, wrapping her legs around him with an urgent, pleading hunger. "Fuck me, darling! Give me your cum! Shoot me full of that sweet, sweet cum! Fill my cunt with that hot jism! I neeeed it!"

"Shut up, cunt!" he yelled, furious that she might still have her climax first. "Just shut up and fuck!"

Marlene felt the rapturous, rolling swells of hot emotion seize her cunt. They churned through her loins and tore like spasms of ecstasy across her belly and up into her hot, full tits, making them wobble back and forth as she took the onslaught of Henry's tremendously hard fucking.

Her cunt was burning with a sexual fire that screamed to be satisfied. Her clit was a bundle of hot lust, begging for relief.

She was so hot, her body so filled with passion and yearning, her cunt so ripe to feel her own climax as well as Henry's, that she began to cry. She sobbed and writhed, reaching out for his body, clutching him in a desperate, terrible longing.

Then, with one final, ball-ripping surge of power, Henry gave her a series of super-fast strokes with his hard cock, jamming it rapidly in and out of her hot, squirming cunt, and he came.

"Okay, let it go, baby!" he shouted. "I'm coming, I'm coming, I'M COMING!" There was a look of child-like glee, mixed with hard, loin-wrenching satisfaction, on his face.

He leaned back and hit her with a flurry of hot thrusts of his cock, draining his balls of hot cum. He sent big wads of cum spiraling up into her cunt, drenching her in a thick coating of creamy, sticky cum. It oozed through her soft, pink cunt like warm syrup, rolling over her fevered pussy flesh and filling her with a wonderful sensation of being smothered in her cunt.

As soon as she felt the first hot load shoot into that gorgeous, slippery cunt of hers, Marlene erupted in ecstasy the likes of which even she had not felt before. Her whole cunt began to quake and tremble. Her cuntlips felt as though an electric jolt had hit them.

Then she matched his shooting cum with a shower -- actually, more like livid flood -- of her spurting lovejuice. Her cunt sauce rocketed out of her loins, up through her quivering, shaking cunt and out over his burgeoning prick.

When it came, her pussy juice was thick and hot, and it shot from her in a torrent. She had absolutely no control over her cunt or her juice, or any part of her body. She shook and twisted and turned, writhing and moaning with incredible, gyrating abandon.

"Aaaaaiiieeeyyy!" she screamed, repeating that blood-curdling scream over and over. She was like a broken record of unbridled rapture and hysteria.

Her arms and legs were flying, her cuntjuice pouring out in a cascading river from her hot cunt, mixing with Henry's spurting cum and blanketing the leather couch in a sticky, slippery coating of rich, creamy essence.

"My God, Henry. You've fucked me so hard that I don't know if I've got a cunt left!" She gasped. "Your cock is made of iron, for God's sake!"

Henry was still pouring the meat to her, ramming his cock in and out of her hot pussy.

He didn't answer at first. He just leered at her straining to drain every remaining drop of cum from his balls into her tense, grateful cunt. He ground his prick in a circle, slowing his strokes, rubbing his cock on every thrust against her tingling hot clit.

Finally, he spoke, just as he finished shooting his come. And a serene, satisfied, contented smile spread across his face.

"Don't worry, baby. You've still got a cunt, all right," he said. "You've got one hell of a hot cunt! The best I've ever had, that's for sure. And I guess I'd have to agree with you about my cock. I do have a cock of iron. Ever want to fuck anybody else after this?"

"No, my God, no!" she cried. "You're all I ever need. You fulfill me beautifully with that hard cock of yours. My God, it's wonderful! A hard cock with the energy of a horse!"

Marlene and Henry fucked twice more on the couch. Then he lay down on the carpet, and she got down on the floor and gave him a tongue bath that he remembered to his dying day.

She licked him from head to toe, wiping away all the cum from his twitching, swollen cock. She lapped his balls with all the sweet, fondling tenderness she could muster.

Her finger glided over his flesh and caressed him as she licked and sucked and kissed every last part of his body.

When they had finally finished, and the bell rang to start eighth period, they quickly got dressed.

"I'm afraid we didn't get much official school work accomplished today, Miss Ramsey," he said. "But we certainly cleared up a few things that have been on my mind for a long time."

"That's an understatement, my dear," she said. "Incidentally, what about that matter you called me down here for in the first place? Fucking a student?"

He waved his hand. "Forget it, my darling. Put it out of your mind. Whoever it was that reported that filthy rumor was out of place. You wouldn't do anything like that in a million years. You are a devoted, honorable teacher. Just leave it to me. I'll take care of everything, my dear."

"I'm sure you will, you iron-cocked man of my dreams," she said, kissing him lightly on the lips.

Her little love tap sent blood rushing to Henry's cock all over again, and he grabbed Marlene's hot ass. Then he took a big handful of soft pussy, right through her skirt, and then bent her over backward and pressed his lips hard against her soft, yielding mouth.

His tongue shot out and filled her mouth. She sucked on his tongue as he rubbed her cunt hard. His prick -- stiff and bulging in his pants once more -- rubbed against her thigh as he drove his tongue deep into her mouth.

That was the way they were when a soft tap came at the door, and Harriett Johns' voice said: "Mr. Bascomb! Are you all right, sir?"


Marlene was blissful for days, riding the merry-go-round of sexual fulfillment, dreaming about Henry Bascomb's hard cock, about the way he had fucked her so hard and so deep, and how he had shot so much hot cum into her vibrant, trembling cunt.

She went back to school every day, hoping that it would be the day when he would invite her to strip down and let him ram his hard cock into her hot pussy again.

But he seemed cold and aloof, almost afraid to fuck her a second time. Almost trying to act, she thought, as though nothing had ever happened between them, as though he had never gone wild over her hot cunt and given her the best fucking of her life.

It wasn't long before Marlene was to be scared again herself -- even more so this time than when she had been confronted by Mr. Bascomb earlier. And, once again, her job was on the line because of fucking.

She was walking down the hall during the lunch hour when she met Harriett Johns, the principal's secretary.

"Miss Ramsey, can I talk with you a second?" the secretary said.

"Sure, Harriett. What's on your mind?"

"I just wanted to let you know that walls have ears, darling," Harriet said.

She was not a bad-looking woman -- a little severe, maybe, with dark hair drawn back close to her head, and horn-rimmed glasses. She was twenty-nine, with a shapely figure hidden beneath clothes that always had a tailored, flat look that hid all of the best features of her body.

"What ever do you mean, Harriett?" Marlene asked.

The secretary's eyes bored into Marlene's. "I mean," she said evenly, "that I was at the door to Mr. Bascomb's office the other day while he fucked the living hell out of that hot cunt of yours. It was quite a performance. I was wishing there was a window in the door."

Marlene gasped. A look of horror acknowledged her fear of Harriett's intentions. But she could not have guessed -- in her wildest dreams, even -- what was to come next.

"Now, listen to me carefully, because I'm only going to tell you once," Harriet said. "You are to come to my apartment tonight at eight o'clock. You are to come alone. You are not to tell Mr. Bascomb or anyone else I have talked to you. If you fail to do exactly as I have instructed you to do, I shall go to the board of education and tell them what I know. You and Bascomb will be out of a job so fast it will make your heads swim. Oh, and one more thing... don't wear panties or a bra."

Then she turned and started to walk away.

Marlene's head was spinning. Her heart was pounding wildly. "Wait, wait," she said, running up to Harriett and clutching the secretary's arm. "What do you want of me? Why must I come to your apartment?"

Harriett stared at Marlene for a long moment, a smile playing at her lips. "You mean you can't guess? No, I guess you can't. You really are a dumb, silly cunt, as well as a hot one. Well, to put it bluntly, baby, I'm going to lick that hot cunt of yours for a couple of hours. And I'm going to turn you on like you've never been turned on before. I'm going to make you forget all about Bascomb's hard cock, which you seem to love so much, and every other prick that you've ever had!"

As she watched Harriett disappear down the hall, Marlene felt all sorts of strange sensations take possession of her body and mind. How could she possibly let a woman make love to her? Would it hurt? Would Harriett want to kiss her and shove her tongue down Marlene's throat? How could she possibly feel clean after such an ordeal? She'd always considered lesbians unclean, almost as weird creatures.

Most of all, she wondered, what would it feel like to have Harriett's warm tongue licking all over my wet cunt probably lapping her way into my cunt as well.

As the day wore on, Marlene's mind strayed endlessly. She was unable to concentrate on anything except what might happen that nigh in Harriett's apartment.

She daydreamed about all sorts of situations. She saw herself being forced to lick Harriett's cunt, too, and taking a dildo up her ass, and having Harriett sit on her face. Some of it was scary, but before the day was over, Marlene found herself getting all wet in the cunt. A few times, she almost came when she imagined Harriett lapping her clit and playing with her nipples at the same time. She began to look forward to that, hoping against hope that the evening would consist mostly of that kind of treatment.

At home after school, Marlene took a warm bath and then lounged around for a while, her cunt swirling, her tits tingling in anticipation of what was to come. She ate a leisurely supper, barely nibbling at her food.

Then she dressed. Following Harriett's instructions, she went without underwear. Standing bare assed in her closet, she chose a pair of tight, black stretch slacks and a shimmering, silky white blouse that was cut in a low V-neck that plunged down to reveal her luscious, deep cleavage.

Her full, heavy, and round tits strained against the blouse, which accented beautifully the sweet fullness of those gorgeous boobs. She admired herself in the mirror and put on a bright red lipstick that made her lips look full and sensuous and hot.

That should turn her on, Marlene thought as she finished brushing her hair and looked herself over. She was one sexy cunt, and she knew it. There was no doubt that Harriett's mouth would be watering when she saw Marlene step through her doorway.

"If this is what she wants, this is what she's going to get," Marlene said to herself. "I can't afford to lose my job. If I've got to fuck a dyke, I've got to fuck a dyke, so I might as well make it worthwhile for both of us."

By the time she got to Harriett's place, Marlene was feeling almost as excited as if she was going to a man's apartment, ready to get a hard cock shoved up her cunt.

"Come in! Come in, you gorgeous piece of pussy," Harriett said, smiling broadly as she greeted Marlene.

Harriett was wearing a filmy negligee with nothing beneath it, and had her long hair hanging down around her shoulders instead of pulled back in a severe knot behind her head.

She had her glasses off, and Marlene couldn't believe it was really Harriett. She was actually beautiful -- and her body was magnificent!

Marlene couldn't help staring at the big and soft tits that were hiding behind Harriett's negligee. They were lovely, she thought, so nice and found and full. Without knowing exactly why, Marlene felt a twinge of lust flash across her cunt. Then a mysterious but exciting tingle swept across her big tits.

"Well, you know why you're here, darling," Harriett said, coming to Marlene and petting her cheek softly. "I won't keep you in suspense." Her voice was soft, husky, filled, with passion and arousal.

Harriett took Marlene into her arms and brushed her lips across Marlene's cheek, kissing her over and over on the cheek, forehead, eyelids. Then their lips met, softly at first, then firmly as Harriett pressed her mouth against Marlene's soft lips.

"Ohh, Marlene, darling! I've wanted you for so long!" Harriett whispered. "I've longed to undress you and touch your bare body and kiss your wet pussy and lick your beautiful big tits! My God, how I've wanted to run my tongue over the sweet, wet cuntlips and into that hot cunt of yours! Now you're going to be mine at last. Tonight, my darling, I will show you what it really means to be fucked... and sucked!"

She reached out and took hold of Marlene's blouse and began pulling it up slowly. Marlene felt sweet, exciting chills of anticipation flashing over her. Goose pimples peppered her body. Her stomach was churning, her pulse pounding in her ears.

"Don't be afraid, my darling," Harriett whispered softly in her ears. "I will not hurt you. I will only fill your cunt with my hot tongue. I'll make you climax more tonight than you've ever done in your life. I will make you come and come and come tonight, sweetheart. Just wait and see."

Then she slipped the blouse over Marlene's head, and tossed it onto a chair. Her eyes want to Marlene's gorgeous, plump tits. She sighed heavily, shuddering a little with the excitement those full, sensuous tits stirred within her.

Harriett was hot -- no question about that! Her breathing was shallow, almost like gasping, as she caressed Marlene's jiggling, perfectly-formed tits.

She bent her head down and took one of her big, pink areolas and a hard, tingling nipple right between her wet lips. She sucked softly, but urgently, spinning her tongue around and over the nipple. Her fingers nimbly grazed both tits, setting off swirling sensations in Marlene's cunt.

"Harriett, ohh, Harriett," Marlene sighed, closing her eyes and resting her hands on Harriett's head. "Your lips are so soft, so warm... you make my tits feel like they're on fire!"

Harriett pulled her head away. "I can't wait to taste your cunt, honey," she rasped. Her voice was suddenly husky, full of lust. "I want to taste your hot juice. Let's go to bed."

She led Marlene into the bedroom, slipping out of her negligee along the way, when Marlene turned around, next to the bed, her eyes opened wide at the sight of Harriett's fantastic body -- beautifully full tits, a softly curving midriff and flat, small waist. Her hips curved out just right, with a nice, round ass and thighs that curved down exactly right. She had the nicest legs Marlene had ever seen.

"My God, Harriett! You're beautiful!" Marlene said softly. "I never knew..."

"No one ever does," Harriett said. "I save it for girls I want to fuck. No one ever really knows me until I lick their cunt. Then they never forget me! And you, Marlene Ramsey, you are going to remember me for the rest of your life! This will be a night so fucking good that your cunt will never let you forget it!"

Then she unsnapped Marlene's slacks and peeled them down off of her marvelously contoured thighs. The both of them grew silent as Harriett gazed at the indescribable beauty of Marlene's naked body. Her soft, downy cunt hair was wet and shimmering in the soft light of the bedroom.

Harriett looked as though she would devour that cunt at any moment. Her lips were only inches from Marlene's hot cunt as she pulled the slacks from her feet.

"Quickly, darling, onto the bed!" she moaned hotly. Harriett was beside herself with lust and a hot, erotic craving for Marlene's hot cunt.

Marlene had barely stretched out on the crisp sheets, her long, shapely legs parted slightly, her tits gently rising and falling as she fought to catch her breath, before Harriett was upon her.

Harriett went right to Marlene's feet and began licking furiously, lapping her way up the insides of her legs -- first one, then the other -- lathering Marlene with her wet, warm tongue.

Marlene knew as soon as Harriett began that it was indeed going to be a night to remember. Her cunt began to ache with desire. Her tits were aflame with passion, and her mind whirled with emotion as Harriett's tongue -- licking more furiously -- drew closer and closer to her hot cunt.

Harriett was wild with lust. Her body trembled excitedly, her face flushed with a greedy, thirsty longing to thrust her wet tongue deep into Marlene's quivering hot cunt, to taste the rich, creamy juices that were already beginning to flow.

"Mmmmm! God! You're beautiful, baby," Harriett gasped. Her tongue lapped at the soft flesh high up on the inside of Marlene's thigh. Patches of prickly goose pimples spread out across Marlene's legs, up her arms and across her hot, tingling tits.

"Ohh! Lick my cunt, Harriett," Marlene found herself saying, half out of her mind with lust and need. Her cunt was flooded with juice, and she could feel her slippery, delicious cuntlips slide against each other. She twisted and turned her ass, striving in vain to relieve the tremendous ache that enveloped her whole burning-hot crotch.

Then Harriett moved in for the hot-tongued moment of truth. Her tongue flicked out and began wetting down Marlene's thick, furry pussy with wide, swathing, wet strokes of her tongue.

She was a genius with her tongue... a beautiful cuntlicker... a sensational lover, Marlene thought.

And then Harriet parted those trembling outer cuntlips and started licking Marlene's red-hot, sensitive inner-lips, all the way up to that churning, emotion-filled nub of desire -- her clit!


"Eeeiiieeee!" Marlene screamed as she felt Harriett's eager, delicious tongue touching her clit. It was wet and warm, and when Marlene felt it licking lightly against her red-hot clit, she thought she would go crazy. Her loins jumped with an electric, highly charged bolt of hot, erotic pleasure.

Her ass bounced up and her legs spread wide apart, forcing her clit and her soft, pink, glistening cuntlips right up against Harriett's open mouth.

Harriett grasped Marlene's thighs, down underneath near her ass, and drove her pointed, rigid tongue deep into Marlene's aching, quivering cunt.

Marlene went almost blind with excitement. She felt Harriett's tongue lapping and circling furiously inside of her cunt. It was an erotic dream come true. Suddenly Marlene realized that she had subconsciously been longing for a woman's hot tongue inside of her pussy for a long time. She just hadn't been able to admit it to herself because of the social stigma attached to lesbian cuntlicking.

But this was just too incredibly good to ever go without again, Marlene thought. She felt rippling waves of intense desire waft over her loins, filling her body with a gripping, pulsating longing. Her cunt felt like it was being pulled in three directions at once, churning with a delirious feeling of hard, throbbing erotic pleasure.

"Ohh, Harriett! I never knew anything could feel so good," Marlene murmured, her lips parted, her cheeks tinted a warm, rich pink. "Lick my cunt out, sweetheart. Lick my clit... and everywhere!"

Harriett didn't need to be told how to lick a hot cunt -- she had been born into it! She always said she'd been licking cunt ever since she was put in a crib at the hospital with another baby girl.

She loved the feel of a warm, juicy cunt, of wet, pink cuntlips sliding and throbbing against her mouth as she strained to shove her tongue deep inside. She loved the excitement she could arouse in a young, horny cunt when she wrapped her soft lips around a cunt's hot clit and sucked hard on it.

Right now that hot cunt belonged to Marlene Ramsey, and Harriett couldn't remember a hotter, more desirable body ever crawling into her bed before. She was going to make this cuntlicking last all night. And she'd make it a complete, belly-churning job. She'd make sure Marlene's cunt -- and every other hot spot on that magnificent body -- was licked so well that Marlene would be begging for more tomorrow.

Harriett spread her hand out across Marlene's loins, stroking her belly and abdomen with her fingers as she stroked her cunt with her tongue. The sensations that this dual stimulation set up in Marlene's body were fantastic.

She began twisting and squirming, moaning and whining with a lustful passion. Her cunt was twitching and vibrating with incredible, juice-inducing spasms.

"Sweetheart, sweetheart, you're making me so fucking hot I can't stand it," Marlene whined. Her face was a picture of agonized rapture. "You know everything that makes me feel wonderful all over!"

Harriett was shaking her head back and forth directly over Marlene's hot cunt, licking rapidly at her hot clit every time her mouth passed over it. Marlene gasped for breath, fighting to keep control of her body as she waited in anticipation each time for Harriett's exciting, cunt-lapping tongue to come back again.

The sensations she set off inside of Marlene's cunt were enough to make bells ring in Marlene's ears. She felt as though she would scream, it felt so good.

Harriett snuggled down firmly between Marlene's outstretched legs, shoving her face right into her wet, hot cunt. Her month was pressed firmly to Marlene's slippery-wet, pink cuntlips and her tongue -- even her nose! -- was right inside of that luscious cunt.

She clung to Marlene's perfectly round asscheeks and stretched her tongue out as far as it would go. It snaked over the delicious, slithering folds of Marlene's hot cunt, massaging each and every one with fast, flicking laps that sent the poor woman flying.

Her legs began to churn, pumping up and down on the bed as though she was out of her mind. They were spread wide apart, and every curly dark hair of her cunt was turned up into Harriett's face, her pink cuntlips quivering and shaking violently.

Marlene's crotch was a thing of beauty, and it was on full display for Harriett, open to anything she wanted to do with it. Marlene was completely in her power, and Harriett was eating out that marvelous cunt of hers with all the gusto she possessed.

"Uuummmm, sweet cunt," Harriet mumbled, her words slightly slurred by her lustful enthusiasm and the wet cuntlips that filled her mouth. She was lapping furiously, covering Marlene's hot clit and those sweet, pink cuntlips with dozens of slithering, wet kisses and flicks of her tongue.

She burrowed in closely, straining to push her face even farther up into that luscious hot cunt. Her tongue was like a magic finger, searching out every sensitive, tender area of Marlene's delicious, juice-filled cunt.

"Ohhh, God, baby! I could suck your cunt for days and days," Harriett finally gasped hotly, pulling her head back for air.

"That's right, darling. You can lick me for days," Marlene moaned. "I'd love to have your tongue inside my cunt for about a week. I wouldn't sleep. I wouldn't eat. I'd just lay right here and take it as long as you could lick my cunt."

Her fingers were roaming through Harriett's soft hair, clutching at strands each time Harriett's tongue touched her clit and sent her mind soaring once again.

Marlene's ass was gyrating, grinding around in a steady circle, alive with hot, flashing throbs. She felt a constant hum of erotic pleasure swirling through her body, setting her on fire, making her mindless of anything in the world at this moment except the sweet, expert tongue of Harriett Johns as she brought Marlene's hot cunt closer to the climax she wanted to bring out of her passion-filled body.

Harriett kept on sucking Marlene's clit, coaxing it, urging it to erupt. Suddenly she thrust her third finger straight into Marlene's cunt, too. It sunk in deep, massaging the warm cunt walls and tickling the soft flesh in the very depths of that hot hole.

"Jesus!" Marlene wailed, stretching and turning, her head thrown back on the bed, her back arched, every muscle taut and strained. That finger in her cunt had been sudden and without warning, and it made Marlene's cunt snap with a thrilling, exciting convulsion.

"Play me, baby! Play me!" Marlene screamed. "Take me all the way, darling! I want to come. I'm ready! Make me shoot my juice right into your fucking hot mouth!"

Her body was shaking hard, her cunt a boiling pit of hot emotions and hot, drooling cuntjuice. Harriett's finger played quickly back and forth, curling and spinning inside that moist and steamy cunt, bringing Marlene quickly to the very edge of orgastic ecstasy.

Harriett was shivering now too, excited by Marlene's trembling cunt, eager and willing to lick her hot lover until she shot a hot load of juice into her willing, waiting mouth.

Faster and faster she licked, running her free hand up and down Marlene's soft, shapely high, raising goose pimples and hot, pulsating throbs deep inside of her sweet, hot cunt.

"Come to me, baby! Come to me, baby," Harriett kept mumbling, almost incoherently, between laps with her fevered, rapidly flicking tongue.

Her head bobbed and weaved quickly, her back rising and falling, twisting to and fro, her finger sliding furiously in and out of Marlene's cunt. Cuntjuice was seeping out in a steady winding trickle from Marlene's overflowing cunt, through her crotch and over her asscheeks to the moist sheet.

Harriett tried as best she could to lick up the hot juice as it streamed out from between Marlene's soft, pink cuntlips and between her quivering thighs.

But Harriett had all she could do to keep he lover's hot clit covered, and to keep bringing her nearer to that sweet moment of climax.

Then, just as Harriett was about to flip Marlene's legs up over her shoulders and bore, deeper into that marvelous, hairy cunt, Marlene came.

"EEEE!" she screeched, her lower lip drawn tight across her teeth, her eyes opened wide in amazed, shocked disbelief. Her body was tensed, every muscle straining to the utmost, her body arched upward, her cunt pressed hard to Harriett's wide open, trembling mouth.

Marlene's big, soft tits jiggled and swayed as she heaved up and down, responding with uncontrolled rapture to the erotic demands that Harriett's hot tongue was placing on her cunt.

Hot juice shot out of Marlene's fevered cunt, splattering over Harriett's eager face, drenching her eyebrows, her cheeks, and her nose, and hanging in gobs of thick cream from her tips.

Harriett was nearly out of her mind, just as Marlene was, as she brought this hot, fuck-hungry teacher off. She licked and licked and licked her torrid clit, her finger deep into Marlene's quaking cunt, fingering her quickly, then jamming two -- and then three -- fingers deep into her cunt simultaneously.

"Ohh, God, Harriett! It's wonderful!" she wailed. "Your fucking tongue is wonderful! My cunt feels like it's coming apart!"

Harriett went berserk with lustful excitement. She was like a machine that could not be turned off. Her tongue was devouring Marlene's clit, then the next second she would have the whole hot clit in her mouth, sucking it up hard, nibbling at it with her lips and rubbing her face into Marlene's writhing crotch.

She lapped up Marlene's spewing juice with relish, licking up the rich, creamy liquid in wide, loving swipes of her warm tongue. She let the sticky juice roll over her tongue and she swallowed it. Some of it she kept in her mouth, rolling it around like fine wine, savoring its sweet, heady aroma, its delicate, light taste.

Cunt juice was like an elixir to Harriett. It made life worthwhile for her. Marlene's sauce was the most delicious she had ever tasted, she told herself. Just like this beautiful cunt, her juice is magnificent!

Marlene's eyes were closed, and she was beginning to calm down a little from the first electric-like jolt, when Harriett bit her clit and made her cunt explode in another wet, creamy eruption.

Her mind focused upon Harriett's mouth, still titillating her clit, still sending jangling messages of pleasure racing up through her loins.

What a fucking lover! Marlene said to herself. What a wonderful, beautiful discovery! Harriett Johns -- right there in school all the time, and I had no idea she could make my cunt feel so fucking good!

To think that I was fearful of letting a woman lick my cunt! she thought.

Marlene Ramsey would no longer have any doubts about going to bed with Harriett Johns. She was already looking ahead to what else this hot cuntlicker had in store for her.


In the weeks that followed, Harriett Johns took very good care of Marlene's newly reawakened cunt. Not only did she lick her cunt dry night after night, but introduced Marlene to a whole new variety of ways to climax.

Harriett liked to strap on a big, vibrating dildo and fuck Marlene deep and long, and hard. She'd ram that big dildo way up into Marlene's cunt, and fuck her until she was screaming for relief from the sweet torment.

Sometimes Harriett would pour some kind of thick, warm liquid -- like honey, or maple syrup -- over Marlene's entire body, and then lick it off slowly, sensuously, until Marlene was so hot that she'd come and add still more hot juice for Harriett to lap up.

And, every once in a while, Harriett would lick and fondle Marlene's asshole, greasing it with K-Y jelly and spit and Marlene's own cuntjuice, then shove a vibrator about twelve inches up into that hot, erotic hole.

All during this period -- almost three months -- Marlene never went to bed with a man -- never even dated one! She was happy with what she was getting from Harriett: lots of good, hot cuntlicking and assfucking.

She sometimes thought about a hard cock, and fondly remembered the big pricks on Bob Parsons and Brian Collins and Henry Bascomb, and how they'd fucked the hell out of her. But she didn't go out hunting for another stiff cock -- not yet, anyway.

So she was more than a little surprised -- and pissed off -- the night she answered the door and found Brian Collins standing there. After all, he was the one who had spread the story all over school that he had been fucked by Miss Ramsey.

How else could Henry Bascomb have found out about it in the first place? Marlene sure as hell hadn't told anybody!

"What is it you want, Brian?" she asked coldly.

"It's not so much just what I want," he said, "but what we are going to get."

Then four other guys stepped out from behind some bushes near the door. Three of them were students at school. The other guy was about thirty, built like a tank, an Elvis Presely look-alike.

Without another word they pushed past her and into her apartment. "Hey, just a min..." she started to protest.

The older guy, whom she found out was Jake Farnum, yanked her wrist, twisting her around, and slammed the door behind them in one quick move.

"Just shut the fuck up, you dumb broad!" he snarled. "Can't you see you're gonna get a good, old-fashioned gang bang? There's no sense putting up any fight or giving us a lot of shit, 'cause we're gonna fuck your ass dry tonight no matter what. And I'm first!"

"Brian, what is the meaning of this?" she asked.

"Brian, darling, what is the meaning of this?" Jake mocked, putting on a high, whiny voice. "I just told you, you fucking dum cunt! Everybody in town knows you fucked Brian. If you don't want the school board to know, you're not going to be dumb enough to say anything about tonight. Besides, you're gonna love it. Ain't she, boys?"

He leered as the others agreed.

Brian and the other boys from school sat on the couch and in chairs around the living room. If it had been only them, she thought, she could handle this, maybe talk them out of fucking her in a gang bang. But Jake Farnum scared her. He was rough, with long hair and sideburns, a T-shirt and that hang-dog, sultry look of a greaser from the old days.

"You guys go get the mattress from her bed," Jake said, starting to unbuckle his belt. "Drag it in here and put it on the floor. Might as well make this a public fuck arena right here."

He dropped his levis, and his cock was standing out straight -- hard and long. He wore no shorts. His prick was wide and thick, so engorged with hot blood that it was red, throbbing with lust.

"Come on, shithead!" he yelled at Marlene. "Get your fucking clothes off before I rip them off you!"

She still didn't move fast enough for him. She was too scared to undress, so Jake moved to her and, with one hand, grabbed the top of her blouse and ripped it right down the front. It hung in shreds, her bra exposed and her big, soft mounds of tit spilling over the tops of her see-through cups.

"Nice tits, baby," Jake drawled, his mouth practically watering at the sight of Marlene's luscious big boobs. "I'm gonna give them a workout, you can bet your fucking ass on that!"

Then he grabbed one of the bra straps and pulled her whole bra off. Her jiggling mounds of plump, juicy tit flopped and jounced. Her nipples were hard and covered with goose pimples as they fell free.

"Where do you want this, Jake?" one of the boys asked just then, as they came into the living room with the mattress. When they saw Marlene Ramsey -- their high school English teacher -- with her magnificent, full tits completely exposed, they dropped the mattress right where they were.

"My Gawd!" exclaimed Willie Crabtree, a little guy with freckles and reddish, kinky hair.

"Geez, Miss Ramsey, you got beautiful tits!"

If she hadn't been so frightened by the sudden turn of events, she might have laughed at Willie's naive, boyish remark. She did make a mental note to give Willie a good fucking when it was his turn. It was obviously going to be his first piece of ass.

Jake was impatient. "Put the fucking mattress over here in the middle of the room," he told the boys. "And you, cunt, get the rest of those fucking clothes off! I want to see what kind of pussy you've got."

Slowly, deliberately, she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Jake ogled her shapely, richly contoured legs and thighs as she slid her bikinis down and stood before him, bare-assed.

The boys were dumbfounded. There wasn't a soft cock in the room. She looked around and was not really surprised to see that every crotch was filled with a big, hard bulge. Brian's was especially big, and she knew what delicious hard cock lurked inside.

Strangely, she began to feel excited as they all began to take their clothes off. She remembered how much animal drive Brian had shown her. She imagined that kids this age could fuck for hours without ever losing a hard-on. She'd know soon enough.

Jake had a super body, she had to admit. When be got his shirt off, she felt a hot tingle in her cunt as he flexed the big, bulging muscles of his chest and upper arms. His waist was small and flat, and his legs were hard and sinewy. He had a nice, tight ass, she noticed, just the way she liked them.

"Okay, pussy. Lay down," he said, motioning for Marlene to get on the mattress and prepare herself for a five-man fucking.

She sprawled out on her back, her big, soft tits lolling seductively, swaying heavy and hot as she lay down.

Jay took charge. "Okay, Brian. You and Willie take an arm. You other guys -- Johnny and Boris -- you each take a leg. Hold her good and steady. I don't want her jumping all over the place and making my prick slip out when I start to fuck her good and deep."

Then he reached in his pocket and took out what Marlene thought was a package of rubbers. He need not wear one of those, she thought. Doesn't he know that every girl takes the Pill these days?

But then she realized it was a strange looking rubber, different from anything she'd ever seen before. It looked almost like a rooster's comb -- with little rubber fingers sticking out all over it.

Jake slipped it over the end of his cock, and his big, long, hard prick looked like a giant instrument of lust as he moved between her legs. She wondered if her cunt could handle such a big cock, with that fierce-looking rubber contraption on the end of it.

"Ever get fucked with a French tickler before, baby?" Jake asked. Marlene shook her head. "No? Well, just hang on then, because your cunt is going to go wild in just about one minute."

The boys held her arms and legs. Her arms were outstretched so that her tits were spread wide and flattened, yet still mounded up in delicious, round globes of flesh.

Jake had the other two boys stand up, pulling Marlene's legs up into the air, then bend them back slightly at the knees. Her legs were spread apart so wide that she thought her cunt would split wide open even before Jake rammed that enormous hard cock of his way up it.

He looked quickly at her wet, well-parted pussy and at those delicious pink cuntlips. Then he wedged his wide, solid cock right into the gaping mouth of her hot cunt.

Shoving quickly and firmly, he sent that unrelenting hard cock of his rocketing way up into her soft cunt flesh, filling her cunt, driving her wild with excitement.

"Uuugghhh! Jesus!" she yelled, her body lurching and bucking as she felt his long, unwavering cock sliding way inside of her loins. Every little rubber finger on his French tickler rubbed against the erotic, hot walls of her cunt and made her cunt whirl in a mad kaleidoscope of lustful desire and craving.

She bucked and heaved, squirming and twisting almost from the very first thrust of his hard cock in her cunt.

"Hang onto her, Goddamn it!" Jake yelled. "Keep her spread-eagled! I don't wanna miss one fucking stroke on this hot bitch! I'm gonna fuck her living guts out!"

He began pumping his long, rigid prick in and out of her. He pressed forward, placing all of his weight on his hands, his arms locked stiffly on either side of her body, holding himself up as though he was doing pushups. His hips swiveled and turned, his prick lunging into her over and over. He swiftly drove his cock in and out of her trembling cunt, firmly rubbing against first one side and then the other, then against her hot, fiery clit as he poured his cock meat to her.

He was merciless in the way he pounded her soft cunt flesh with his iron-hard cock. She was helpless against such an onslaught of carnal urgency.

Marlene felt her belly lurching, her inner cunt lips fluttering wildly, her big tits burning with great leaping fires of erotic craving. She was being fucked like nobody had ever been fucked before, she thought.

"My God! I just can't believe what's happening to me!" she shrieked. "Fuck me, you beautiful, hard cock! Shove that fucking piledriver of a cock right up to my throat, for Christ's sake!"

It was almost no time at all -- Marlene guessed about thirty seconds, but it was actually about five minutes -- until she was ready to climb the walls. And then she reached the peak, and her cunt melted. She came and came and came, so hard that the juice spurted out around the sides of Jake's cock and splashed against Boris and Johnny, who were holding her legs up.

Jake went right along with her all the way. He shot his cum, emptying his balls in a flurry of fast, hot fucking strokes, burying his hard cock deeply in her cunt each time.

"Ohhh, God! My God! My God! Ohhh, Jake! Fuck me hard!" she screamed. She kicked her legs and fought to free her arms, but it was in vain. Her tits were flying around, bouncing and flopping like Jake's hairy balls.

When they were finally done, both were covered with sweat and cum and cuntjuice. Jake slowly pulled his juice-covered cock out of her cunt. It made a loud slurping noise as it pulled free, and her wet cuntlips smacked together.

He peeled the French tickler from his cock. It was full of thick, creamy cum, and he tossed it at Marlene. It smacked against her cheek and clung there. She pulled it away and began licking it clean of all of Jake's hot cum -- every last drop!


It was now time for the four schoolboys -- including Brian Collins and Willie Crabtree -- to take their turns filling Marlene's wet, ripe cunt with their youthful hard cocks. She was ready and waiting as the first one -- Johnny Grandison -- climbed onto her soft, voluptuous body.

He was only a boy, and he was as nervous as a kitten. He was a cute kid, she thought, with a nice, smooth young body and a lovely, hard young cock. But he was so damned young, and she prayed that he wouldn't get her worked up and then shoot his load quickly, to leave her hanging on that sexual precipice, unfulfilled, her climax still churning inside of her cunt.

As it turned out, she called the shot right on the money. Johnny was so hot and so horny that he had barely shoved his stiff young cock into her cunt, taken not more than ten or fifteen quick strokes, and shot his wad of hot cum up into her pussy.

Just as he felt himself about to come, he got so excited that he let his prick slip out of her twisting, heaving cunt. When he came, his hot cum spilled all over her pussy, on her thighs, and even splashed in little white, gooey droplets all over her belly.

The other guys laughed their asses off at Johnny, and he sullenly retreated to a chair across the room. Marlene wanted to laugh herself, but she knew how disappointed Johnny was, and she consoled him.

"That's all right, Johnny," she said. "You can come back by yourself sometime, and we'll take all the time in the world and get it right."

Next came Boris Randolph. He was a big kid, a junior at the high school. He was a defensive tackle on the football team, and he had a cock that matched his big frame.

He sat in a big upholstered chair next to the door. When Jake told him to take Marlene's cunt next, he said, "Come here, Miss Ramsey. I want a blowjob instead. Right here in the chair."

That surprised and, at the same time, delighted Marlene. She hadn't tasted a stiff cock for quite a long time. She jumped up eagerly and knelt in front of Boris, kneeling between his legs, lowering her head to his thundering, massive hard-on. She touched the tip of her tongue to his hard cock and felt hot, pulsating throbs pounding through it.

His prick was a good nine inches long, she figured, and she could hardly get her fist around it. Bulging wavy blue veins wound their way along the length of his rigid cockshaft.

He was breathing hard. His head was pressed back against the back of the chair, his legs draped up over the arms. His marvelous big prick stood straight up -- full and wide, and hotter than hell. It was a reddish-purple on the tip, and she immediately felt the blood pumping in her temples from his incessant throbbing as she wound her soft, wet lips around his inflamed prick and let them slide down... down... down.

"Oooo! Oh, baby, that's good," he moaned, his eyes clamped shut. She nearly took his breath away on that first delicious suck of his cock.

But if she thought she was in for a nice, long, exciting sucking, she was mistaken. Because Boris Randolph was just as horny and excitable, full of boyish sexual hunger just like Johnny.

She had sucked his hot prick only about half a minute when he groaned suddenly and grabbed her head, his mouth open in a silent, agonized scream, then shot his cum into her mouth until she gagged and almost choked trying to swallow it as fast as she could.

With Willie Crabtree, things went a little better. Willie was young, just a little guy -- about five-feet-four -- but he had a good-sized prick for a kid his size. And, even though none of the other guys knew it, he'd been fucking his older sister for more than two years, so he had some experience.

He rode Marlene for about fifteen minutes, fucking his nice, hard prick into her cunt in rhythmic, satisfying strokes that had her moaning and groaning with delight.

When he was ready to come, he warned her and she said, "Okay, baby, let it go... I'm coming, tooooooo!"

She liked the way Willie fucked. She made a mental reminder to keep him on tap. In a year or two he'll be at his peak, she thought. Then I'll get him over here by himself on a Saturday afternoon and do a real hot job on that sweet young cock of his.

Then Brian Collins was the only one left. He'd been holding back, waiting for the others to finish, because he knew he'd had a lot more fucking experience than the other, and could give Marlene a fuck she'd enjoy. Sort of a grand finale, so to speak, to the first gang bang Marlene had ever taken part in.

He approached her, his long, stiff full prick standing out like a stallion's in front of his lithe, well-developed young body.

Marlene remembered so well the great fucking he'd given her in the darkroom, on the stool, and the hot sucking she'd given his hard cock the same day. Funny, she thought, he never did get around to taking those nude pictures of me! Oh, well, maybe another day.

She was back on the mattress, her legs outstretched, her cunt pink and wet and fully open to him. She smiled as he got down between them.

"Hello, Brian," she said softly. "Back for more? I must have given you a good fucking last time. Is that why you told everybody about it?"

"Yeah, that's right, baby," he said, a lot less shy than when she'd first fucked him. He'd rammed his cock into a lot of young cunts since then. Now he was ready for a more mature pussy again.

He hadn't been able to really appreciate what a good fuck Marlene was last time. But now he was going to give her a good, hard cunt-reaming fuck -- one that would keep her happy for a long time!

His prick was good and hard, swollen with a hard, lustful hunger, his balls hanging heavy and full of cum. He was ready to fuck.

But first he told Johnny to throw him a couple of soft pillows from the couch. He jammed them under Marlene's ass, bringing her cunt up higher and making it easier to drive his cock deep inside of her pussy.

Then he positioned his buddies and gave them their instructions. He was going to get Marlene so hot that her pussy hair would singe, he said to them.

"Willie, you take her left tit," he said.

"Just suck it nice and slow and easy, until I tell you to suck hard. And stroke her sides and her belly with your hands, light and easy, so she gets all tickly and hot. And Johnny, you do the same on her other tit. Boris, you take her legs, one at a time, and run your tongue up and down them while I fuck her. Jake, you get her face. When she starts to get hot, give her lots of tongue... right down her throat. If you want to, shove your cock down it... she loves that."

Everyone took their places. Jake didn't waste any time. He pressed his lips to Marlene's mouth before Brian even shoved his cock into her cunt. She moaned a little and twined her arms around Jake's neck as the other guys began licking her tits and her arms, and sliding their hands all over her hot flesh.

Then Brian moved into her crotch. His cock was almost ready to ignite, burning with an urgent demanding heat. His cockhead was beating a steady throbbing cadence in his hand as he guided it between her wet, excited cuntlips.

With a powerful swinging lunge, he drove his stiff prick deep on that first, beautiful thrust, sending it straight into her cunt. He slammed his balls hard against her furry crotch.

He imbedded his whole, pounding prick right up to his hot balls inside of her. It was a delicious, sweeping thrust, and she felt her guts ache. The sweet feeling of carnal pleasure swept through her hot, syrupy cunt.

"Don't spare me anything, boys!" she swooned, already caught up in the delirious, once-in-a-lifetime experience they were giving her. "Lick me everywhere! Suck my tits! Fuck, me, Brian! I want to come so hard I'll melt your glorious cock!"

Willie and Johnny had her full, ripe tits in their mouths, rolling their tongues over her hard, tingling nipples. Their fingers danced over her belly and up her sides, raising goose pimples and making her cunt sing out with hot, surging waves of passion.

Ecstasy enveloped her whole body as Boris quickly licked up and down her legs with his tongue. Jake sucked on her tongue, then licked down into her neck and inside her ear.

With fingers and tongues igniting her flesh everywhere, covering her with rapturous pleasure, turning her body into a melting pot of sexual arousal, she needed only a minimal amount of hard fucking from Brian to make her climax crazily.

But she got a hell of a lot more than that. He began shoving his hard prick into her cunt with long, silken strokes, boring a hot path up her cunt, his cock twisting and turning. His hard prick was like a human corkscrew, lunging into her at every angle as he shifted his ass on every stroke.

He drove into her from one side, then the other, then pressed forward with his body and rubbed the whole length of his hard cock shaft against her hot, fiery clit.

His prick rammed into her cunt over and over. Her mind was a blank but her body was a twisted bundle of raw nerves, each screaming for release from this mind-boggling, cunt inflaming gang bang.

"I can't take any more!" she finally screamed. "I'm only human, for God's sake! Make me come! Brian, for Christ's sake, get me off! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

Brian responded with all he could give her, all the hard cock he could ram into her trembling, hot cunt. He was like a sex fiend, pounding his prick to her in unceasing, rapid-fire strokes until she screeched and shouted and became a madwoman possessed of sexual demons that clawed at her cunt and sent forth a torrential outpouring of cunt juice.

It took all five of them to hold her down when she started to come. Her body was like a tornado. She shook violently from head to toe, and they struggled to keep her on the mattress as they went right on licking and sucking her, Brian impaling her up to his hot balls with his long prick.

"Ohh, Jesus! I can't get enough!" she screamed. "I want all your cocks! Give me all your cocks! I neeed your cocks!"

Jake quickly jumped astride her face and shoved his throbbing prick onto her open mouth. Johnny and Willie placed their hot young cocks in her fists, and she squeezed and stroked them wildly. She sucked on Jake's cock ravenously. Her cunt muscles contracted on and off -- hard -- and clutched Brian's cock in a vise-like cuntal embrace.

Brian came first. His cum sped into her cunt and shot over her pink cunt flesh, spreading its hot seed all through her pussy. That turned her on even harder.

Then Jake's body stiffened abruptly and he unloaded his wad of hot cum into her mouth. She moaned loudly and lapped up his cum, swallowing it like she was starved for its sweet creaminess.

Johnny and Willie got their nuts cracked right after that, spurting hot cum in jet-like sprays over her big, soft tits. Her fists milked their young cocks as she groaned and went on spewing out her own cuntjuice.

Her fists were drenched in cum. Hot cum spread out over her tits and rolled down to her belly button. Her mouth was full of Jake's cum. Her cunt was drenched in Brian's huge offering of cum.

Only Boris had missed out on the greatest fucking orgasm of all time. But he was not to be outdone. He sat on the floor, her feet between his legs, behind Brian. He placed her feet on each side of his hard cock, holding them with his hands, and began pumping his prick. She realized what he was doing and began sliding her feel back and forth, pumping her legs, and pretty soon he shot his cum, too.

It spurted out onto her calves and thighs, completing the creaming of Marlene Ramsey. She was covered from head to toe with cum -- inside and out!

And when they were done, Brian and Johnny and Willie and Boris knew they'd never flunk English. Their teacher owed them entirely too much.

As for Jake, he knew he'd found one of the best fucks of all time.


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