The unfaithful wife

Experts argue over whether or not a man is naturally monogamous. If we accept that he is, we must allow for the undeniable fact that many marriage partners are not satisfied with the favors of one mate.

When we talk of men, we must necessarily include women. Alan and Cynthia Wilson are safely married and incredibly bored with the predictability of their lives.

They both embark upon an existence that offers them the excitement of new lovers and new situations. All the time fearing that the other will discover their infidelities.

THE UNFAITHFUL WIFE -- a novel about how two people deal with their individual desires and needs within a modem marriage.


Alan Wilson was on his way home after a dull and exhausting business trip. Sometimes Alan wondered if the money he made from such trips was worth it. Sure, he had the best things that money could buy. A big house with a swimming pool. A wife who knew the right things to say and how to wear her clothes. He had everything a man could ask for.

Except that his life wasn't exciting.

Alan was the advertising man for a hamburger chain. It was his job to think of little jingles that would sell the hamburgers. His wife thought that his jingles were works of art. He thought that most of them were disgusting, and a waste of the natural talent he had.

It was thinking of his wife and home that made Alan turn off the highway he regularly used. He'd decided that he would drive through the mountains instead. It would mean that he would be two days late getting back to his dull life. Alan wondered why he should feel so turned-off by the life he led. Perhaps it was his wife. She'd been an exciting woman when he married her, but lately he had found himself looking at other women -- although he had never really considered being unfaithful.

Not that he didn't have plenty of opportunities.

There were beautiful, willing girls around the office and business trips. He just never seemed to have the time for them.

Alan didn't see the tree blocking the road until he was nearly on top of it. In his sudden panic he nearly forgot everything he had ever been told about mountain driving. He hit his brakes too soon and too hard. The car went into a skid and he heard a sickening crunch as it hit the ditch.

His car was a total wreck.

He got out to look at it and saw that one side was completely crumpled. There was no way he was going to get it out of the ditch by himself. And it was getting cold. Alan had forgotten how cold and desolate the mountain roads could get at dark on a winter night.

He was wondering what he was going to do when he heard someone coming through the woods. He wasn't prepared for the girl who appeared. For one thing she looked so much like a mountain girl was supposed to look. Her hair was a rich red color and it hung down her back in a tangled mass. Her eyes were a pretty green and looked at him in an amused way.

She wore shorts and a tiny halter top that did little to conceal her huge breasts. Her stomach was flat and tanned as were her long, shapely legs.

"Hi," she said. "It looks like you've got a problem."

"I sure have," Alan agreed. "And I'm glad to see you. Maybe I could use your phone and call a station."

"There's no phone," she said.

She walked around his car as if she was seeing one for the first time. Alan responded to the way her plump, pretty ass filled her tight shorts. He couldn't remember having felt this way about a woman in a long time.

"Sure was a pretty car," she said.

"Maybe you know of a station I could walk to," he suggested. "Someone who can pull my car out?"

"Daddy's got a truck," she said. "He'd be able too pull you out."

"Good," Alan said. "I could pay him. You see, I'm kind of in a hurry."

"He wouldn't take no money," the girl said. "He's nice about helping folks."

"Could I talk to him?" Alan asked.

"You might when he gets back," the girl said, running her fingers across the side of his car. "He's going to be gone for a week."

"A week?" Alan asked. Alan began to think the girl was slow. But that didn't make him any less responsive to her. In fact, it seemed to make her more attractive. She was healthy in a savage kind of way. Alan thought that lovemaking for her could be on an animal level.

"Is there anyplace I can get help right now?" Alan asked.

"You might try Harry's place on Monday," the girl said. "But he won't help nobody on the week-end."

"How about a motel then?" Alan said. "Is there a place I can stay."

The girl considered his question. She was still running her fingers over his car and leaning close so that her breasts pressed against it. Every time she bent over Alan could see her deep cleavage. She sure had a whopping pair of tits for such a young girl.

"You come home with me," she finally said.

"I couldn't," he said.

"Yes," she said. "Mama won't mind."

She seemed to think this settled the question and she started off walking. He called to her but she didn't turn around. He figured he had no choice. Maybe her mother would be a little more practiced in the art of conversation.

He followed her into the woods and up a wet embankment. The sexy young girl was as sure-footed as a mountain goat. He slid down a couple of times and he knew his suit was mined.

"Yaw sure aren't a woodsman," she said, as she stood waiting for him to catch up.

"No," he said, breathing hard.

"You're different from the boys around here," she said. "I think you're nice looking."

"Where's your place?" he asked.

"Just up there a little way," she said.

She started off again and he followed. This time she walked a little slower.

"I'm Stella Anderson," she said. "What's your name?"

"Alan Wilson."

"That's a nice name. It suits you. Do you think I'm pretty, Alan?"

"Yes," he answered. "I think you're very pretty."

"Would you like to fuck me?"

Alan gasped. At first he didn't think he had heard the question right. Fucking her was exactly what he wanted to do.

"How old are you?" he asked.

"Eighteen," she answered, "but you don't have to worry. I've been fucking a long time. I'm good."

"You're crazy," he said.

"Sure, I am," she said, laughing. "But you want to. I can see it in your eyes."

This had to be the damnedest situation that Alan had ever been involved in. Here was the nicest looking girl he'd ever seen asking him if he wanted to fuck.

"The boys around here are dull," Stella said. She put her fingers on his arm and stroked him just like she'd been stroking the car. "I mean, they know where to put it, but they don't treat a girl right. I think some of them would rather do it with sheep and cows."

"You shouldn't be talking this way," he said, pulling his arm back.

He had a hard-on in his trousers that was threatening to break out at any minute.

"I know you want to," she said, and she put her hand on his cock. She only left it there for a second and he could feel the warmth of her hand. Then she pulled her hand away laughing. "Mmmmm. I bet you know how to treat a girl."

She turned around and started walking away from him again. He stood there with his mouth open. Had this sweet young thing really touched his prick?

She turned off on a well trodden path and he followed. In a few minutes they were standing in front of a huge red barn, just like the ones in the paintings.

"We'll go in here," she said.

She went into the barn and again he followed. She climbed up a ladder and he went up after her. They were standing in a little wooden room that smelled of hay.

"I thought you said we were going to your house," he said.

"We will," she said, ginning. "But first we're going to have a little fun. Wouldn't you like that?" He felt like screaming. The sexy young girl reached behind her back and unbuttoned her halter. He trembled with excitement as she shrugged the halter off her shoulders.

Alan's mouth dropped open as he stared at the luscious melon-shaped tits that spilled out of her halter. Her firm, shapely tits were tanned just as deeply brown as she was. Almost a nut-brown. Like a South Seas girl.

The contrast of her big red nipples made his cock grow even harder. His mouth filled with saliva as he stared at her. Her tits were the type that just begged to be sucked on. He watched her run her palms under her tits and lift them up as if she was giving him an offering.

"God," he groaned softly.

"Do you like my tits?" she asked him.

"Oh Christ yes," he answered.

He felt like he had never seen anything as beautiful as her big boobs.

"I've got them all big and hard and hot for you," she said, as her fingers teased her nipples. "Wouldn't you like to kiss them?"

"This isn't right," he said. "I'm old enough to be your father."

"I'm plenty old enough," she said. "I'll give you fucking like you've never had before."

It was crazy but he believed it. His entire body shook with an expected excitement. He got more pleasure out of looking at this delicious looking half-wild girl than he'd ever gotten out of looking at his wife. There was a sense of mystery about her that he couldn't understand.

God, how he wanted to feel this young thing against his body. He wanted to fuck her. He wanted to stick his hard pole between her legs and into her mouth and, ass. He wanted to cover her with his sticky cum.

"Alan," she said. "City man. Why don't you come over here and kiss them?"

He couldn't control himself. He went to her and slipped his arms around her tiny waist. He bent his head and pressed his lips against the creamy top of one of her big tits. She tasted as delicious as she looked. He moved his lips around to her hard nipple and sucked it into his mouth.

He felt her gasp as his tongue worked on her sensitive bud. He pulled her tighter against him and sucked more of her hot and creamy flesh into his mouth. Her youthful body was just so damned sweet. It was hard for a man like him to resist her even though he knew she was trouble.

He quit sucking on her flesh and drew his head back. Her eyes had closed in passion and her face was lust-bloated. He watched her lick her full lips with the tip of her pink tongue. His wife never got this turned on. His wife enjoyed a good fuck but it was never something earth-shattering. He had never been able to make his wife respond like this. He put his mouth back on her tit.

"MMMMMM," she moaned. "Mama was right. She always said to get a city man to suck on your tits. She always said a city man knew what to do."

He wondered why this tender young girl's mother was telling her about city men. There was something really strange about her experience. It wasn't the type of experience a young girl was supposed to have.

And her mother seemed to okay it. Alan quit wondering as he began to suck harder on her tit. All he cared about was the sweet taste of her flesh in his mouth. He moved his lips from her tit and made a wet frail down her belly.

"Oh, Jesus," she said. "That's nice. Let me take my shorts off."

"Yeah," he said, and he was surprised at his own impatience to see this young girl's cunt.

She wiggled her tight shorts over her pretty ass and down her long legs. She kicked out of them. He already could see her thick pussy hairs through the material of her thin panties. She quickly peeled them down for him.

"You're beautiful," he said. "Your pussy hair's almost the same color as the hair on your head..."

He stared in awe at her bright red bush and wondered how such a young girl could have so much pussy hair.

"Do you like my pussy," she said.

"Oh fuck yes," he said. His cock protested at the tight confinement of his trousers, but he still wasn't brave enough to take his meaty prick out. He was still a little afraid that the young girl was going to start screaming and some farmer would come out of the bushes with a shotgun.

"It likes you," she said. "Why don't you kiss it? Show it how much you like it."

It was too late to stop. This young girl had so damned much experience about men. He dropped to his knees. She giggled and moved closer so that he could press his face into her red bush. He'd never felt so excited. He'd been right about there being something savage about this tender girl. She seemed to be a healthy woods creature who fucked when the mood was upon her.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned. "That's nice."

She started to tremble with excitement as he continued to kiss her cunt. With her standing up he was only able to kiss the outside of her cunt. She understood this and she gently pushed him away.

"Just a moment," she said.

She went to a corner of the barn and spread some hay out on the hard wooden floor. She made a nice little bed for herself and sat down on it.

"This is how we do it in the country," she said. "It's more fun than a bed."

At that moment Alan had to admit that it was. He couldn't believe that he was actually living out a little boy's fantasy. He was going to fuck a sexy young thing in a hayloft.

"Let me show you my pussy," she said.

She leaned back with an amused look on her face. She raised her knees slightly and spread apart the lips of her plump pink pussy with the tips of her fingers. Alan thought that he'd never seen such a beautiful glistening pussy.

"Now you can kiss it better," she said.

He couldn't get there quick enough. He was thinking of getting his face between her spread open legs, of licking at her pussy lips, of tasting her tangy juices. In a second he was between her creamy thighs. His tongue stabbed at her wet slit.

"Oh yes," she sighed. "Put your tongue in me. Put your tongue in my cunt."

He stabbed his tongue again and again into the wet folds of her hot flesh. He tasted her tangy juices filling his mouth. He kept feeling her ass moving from side to side. His mouth began making soft, hungry sounds. He began to lick all around her wet cunt-walls. Her cunt tasted fresh and it was going to feel so good to ram his cock in there.

But right now he knew she was getting off on his tongue and she didn't want him to stop. He didn't want to stop either. He had never realized that eating cunt could be so much fun.

"God, that's good," she whispered, as her hand touched the back of his head. "I'm glad you know how to eat a pussy. You do it so good."

He clutched tightly at her thighs as he sucked her tender clit between his lips. He felt her shiver as he ran his tongue over her sensitive bud. More of her juices filled his mouth. She tasted so damned sweet.

He felt her hands pulling on the back of his head as he almost went out of his mind with the pleasure of sucking on her tender young cunt. He could feel his hot cock pounding in his trousers and he knew he was going to have to take it out. God, how he wanted to stuff this young girl's cunt full of his hot cockmeat.

He also loved the way his tongue was making her shiver. For some reason he'd never eaten his wife's cunt before. His wife liked sex but nothing wild. Perhaps she felt she was too cool and sophisticated for that.

"Alan," Stella gasped. "You're making me hot. City man, you're making me so hot!"

Her ass was really squirming as he drove his tongue deeper and deeper into her tight, hot cunt. He moved hands from her thighs and underneath her pretty ass. He began to squeeze her asscheeks.

"I like that," she groaned. "I like that, Alan. Play with my ass, city man!"

She really went crazy when he worked his finger into her asshole. He drove his finger all the way into the buttery softness of her ass.

"Do you like that?" he said, raising his head from her wet pussy.

"Oh fuck yes," she answered.

He kept wiggling his finger in her tight ass while he pressed his face against her pussy again. She began to sob softly as he worked his finger in and out of her ass with the exact same rhythm he tongue-fucked her.

"Oh God," she gasped. "Oh God, you're making me really hot. You're making me crazy!"

Alan had enough. He couldn't stand it any longer. His hard cock already felt as if it was on fire and he knew he had to stick it in her cunt. He raised his head from her sweet pussy.

"Don't stop," she pleaded.

"I've got to fuck you," he said.

He could tell that she was pleased at the intensity of his excitement. He was so damned nervous. His fingers tore at his shirt buttons. She finally had to help him.

"Don't worry," she assured him, as she helped him off with his coat. "I'm not going anywhere. You're going to get the wildest piece of ass you ever had."

Her nimble, experienced fingers undid the buttons on his shirt. She pulled it off to bare his broad, hairy chest. He was proud of his build. He kept in shape by working out at the gym. At least he wasn't as flabby as some executives.

"Mmmmm," she said, as she ran her hand through the thick hair on his chest. "You're a nice looking man. Oh, I like a man with a lot of hair on his chest."

She ran her hot fingers down his belly. He quivered in excitement as she touched his belt. Slowly, teasingly, she undid his belt and pulled down his zipper.

"Let's see what you've got, city man," she said.

She jerked his trousers down his legs. She slowly undid his shoes and pulled them off. Then his socks and trousers. His cock immediately sprang through the opening in his shorts. She looked at his stiff pole with a hot interest.

"You are a nice looking man," she said, as she wrapped her fingers around his prick. Her fingers felt hot as hell as she moved her hand up and down. He felt like he was going to blow his cum in her face any minute.

"You've got me so fucking excited," he groaned.

"I'm glad, because you're exciting me," she said. "I love a man with a fat cock."

"Is my cock big enough?" he asked.

"Oh yes," she answered. "You have a nice one. It's going to fill up my pussy. I love a nice fat cock to stuff into my pussy-hole."

She took his shorts off and he wasn't ready for what she did next. He had not expected her to be that experienced. But her red hair framed her face as she bent to touch her lips to the tip of his cock. He already felt his balls tighten.

"Don't do that," he warned her. "You'll make me come too quick."

"Maybe later," she said, as she sensed that he was really ready.

Alan stretched out beside her. He pulled her luscious body against his and he could feel his prick pressing into the warmth of her belly.

"Mmmmm," she said. "You're making me wet down there."

She slipped her hand between them and rubbed her fingers across the leaking head of his prick. Then she did something that Alan thought was the most depraved, exciting thing he'd ever seen. She brought her fingers to her ripe young mouth and sucked on them.

"Ummm," she said. "I love the taste of a man's cum. I love cum."

"Oh my God," Alan groaned. "Oh God, you are a sweet little bitch."

He pulled her against his chest again. He could feel her hard nipples poking him. She had to be the sexiest piece of ass he'd ever come across. His wife could not compare to this hot young thing. Neither could any of the women in his office. It didn't matter that she was so young. The wiggling, soft body he held against him was mature enough.

He held her tight as she kept rubbing herself against him. He dropped his hands down to cup her naked asscheeks. Once again he probed with his finger at her tight asshole. She gasped as he drove his finger into her bottom hole again. Her body squirmed a little more.

"That's nice," she moaned. "That's nice."

He knew it wasn't the first time that someone had gotten a finger or probably a cock up this young girl's asshole. She wasn't frightened by it.

She parted her thighs and his cock pushed between them. He felt her rubbing her wet groove on the thick top of his rigid prick. He could feel more of his cum-juice leaking onto her bare leg.

"I've got to fuck you," he groaned. "I want to put my cock in your pussy."

"Oh yes," she said. "I want your big fat cock stuffed in my cunthole."

He made her roll over onto her back. He was on top of her and he spread her legs a little wider. He pressed his thick cock against her wet snatch. Her pussy seemed to suck at his prick.

"Put it in," she said. "Give me your hot cock."

Suddenly her legs lifted up and locked behind his back. Her hot snatch pulled at his prick and he couldn't resist any longer. He found his prick being sucked into her wet, hot twat.

"Yessss," she cried.

He pushed hard and his prick knifed her hot sheath all the way to his heavy balls. He remained like that for a few minutes as he caught his breath. He pressed his lips against her hot mouth and their tongues touched.

"Oh God," he groaned.

"My momma was right," she moaned. "She says there's nothing like fucking a city man. She was so right."

"What if your Mama comes here?" he asked.

"It wouldn't make any difference," she said.

"She could come here at any minute," Alan said, as his bony hips began to thrust his prick in and out of her pussy. She squealed and wrapped her arms around his neck. Her ass was bucking upwards so that her cunt met his hard prick.

"Don't be silly," she gasped. "Mother never comes out this way, anyway."

"But what if she does today?"

"Oh shit," she said. "Then don't you think I'm worth the risk?"

There was no doubting that she was as she pushed her big tits against his chest and rubbed.

"Oh Christ," he whispered. "I know you're fucking worth it."

He kept his grip on her sweet ass while he pounded her cunt with his cock. His balls felt heavier than they had ever felt. The little cunt seemed to be rubbing her body against him every place that she could find. She was a wiggling, squirming piece of ass, and probably the finest fucking he had ever gotten.

"Give it to me," she cried. "Oh give me all of your fat prick."

Her cunt seemed to be squeezing his prick each time he drove his pecker into her. He had heard about women with educated cunts before, but he had never expected to find one in a barn on the top of a Goddamned mountain.

"That's so good," she groaned. "That's so fucking good! Fuck me good with your big hot cock!"

Her long legs tightened around his body and he felt like he was getting his big prick even deeper into her cunt. He stabbed his hot prick into her faster and faster, her wet twat seemed to get tighter with every stroke.

"Oh, you animal," she gasped.

As he plunged faster, he was thinking the same thing about her. He pressed his hungry mouth against hers and felt her pushing her tongue into his mouth. Her tongue was like a fiery knife darting in and out of his mouth. God, her sweet ass felt good.

"Not this way," she groaned.

He could feel her getting tense underneath him and he wondered what she meant. She was pushing him off her and he didn't want to go. But she forced him off of her and she quickly turned around. Her beautiful, creamy ass pointed at him.

"Put it in my cunt from behind," she moaned. "I want to get it like a dog."

"Jesus Christ," Alan cried.

She had to be the hottest fucking piece he'd ever gotten hold of. He kneeled behind her. He was tempted to stab her sweet asshole, but he wanted some more of that hot sweet pussy. He reached around and cupped her hanging titties as he drove his sword into her cunt.

"Oh Goddddd," she cried, as his big prick filled her wet cunt once more. "That's the way I want it. Give it to me. Give me your hot cock."

He began to fuck her as he'd never fucked any woman. He drove his cock into her pussy with powerful, deep thrusts. Her ass humped back to meet his brutally stabbing cock.

"You big bastard," she gasped. "Oh my, you big bastard, oh my, it feels so good so good, CHRIST!"

He felt her hot cunt flooding his prick with her juices as she nearly jumped off the floor. He tightened his grip on her titties as he drove his prick into her sweet cunt a little faster.

"I'm going to blow your pussy apart," he cried.

"Oh fuck, it feels so good. I'm going to blow your ass right off. God, it feels good. GOODDDDDD!"

His balls shot the liquid fire up his prick and into her hot pussy. He squirted again and again and she kept humping until he had been drained. He fell backwards, completely exhausted.

"Are you tired?" she asked, turning around.

"I'm drained," he groaned.

"Good," she said. "I like to please a man."

He looked into her beautiful young face and thought that no man had ever been more pleased!


While Alan was fucking Stella in the mountain barn his wife, Cynthia was on her way out of the house. Cynthia was a tall, willowy blonde. She was not beautiful but she had the kind of good looks that made a man want to wipe the smile off her face, with a good fuck. Cynthia was always cold to men who came on to her. She was the perfect, loving wife. She would never dream of messing around.

Cynthia knew how to appeal to men. Today she was wearing her little girl look. She had on tight stretch pants and a fluffy sweater. She had her blonde hair done in two pony tails down her back. Or puppy dog tails, as Cynthia like to call them.

Cynthia was shopping for a birthday present for her husband. She knew that Alan would be home soon and she wanted to get him something nice, something that might help him kick the mood of boredom he'd been in lately.

But that afternoon she just couldn't find anything that suited him.

Cynthia was parking her car in the driveway when she noticed Greg Patterson coming over. Cynthia disliked him. He had a wife who looked absolutely vulgar and Greg was always looking at her with a lusting smile.

The first thing Cynthia noticed was that his big breasted wife had gone off somewhere. The blue car was gone from the drive way.

"Hello honey," Greg said.

"Hello yourself," Cynthia said. "Haven't I told you my name's not honey?"

"Sure," he said, shrugging, "but sometimes I forget. I see your husband has gone off again."

"A business trip," Cynthia said.

"He goes on a lot of business trips," Greg said. "Don't you, ever get lonely?"

"Never," Cynthia replied coldly.

Cynthia was tiring of the conversation. She started walking to the house and he followed her. She wished that he would go away. There was always something about his dark looks and suggestive smiles that made her feel ill-at-ease. He was so different from Alan.

"Well?" she asked, turning at her door. "Was there anything else?"

"I thought you might offer me a beer," he said.

"I don't have any beer in the house," she said. "Now if you will excuse me."

He caught her arm and she found herself looking into his cold, stern eyes.

"You're a mighty pretty woman," he said. "It's a damn shame you're so stuck on yourself."

"You let me go," she said.

"You don't have any beer," he said. "Then offer a man a glass of water. It's awfully hot."

"You can go to your house and get water or beer or anything else," she said. "Just go away and leave me alone."

"Open the door," he said. "I'm going to have that glass of water."

He hadn't let her go and suddenly she was frightened. She didn't know what kind of a man he was, but she knew he had a temper. She'd seen his wife with the marks to prove it. A few times she had mentioned to Alan that perhaps they should call the police. Alan had always disliked the idea.

"All right," she said. "You can have the water and then you've got to go."

He only smiled. She opened the door and walked hurriedly into the kitchen. She opened the fridge quickly but not quick enough for him to miss seeing the cans of beer.

"So you didn't have any beer," he said. "Now that's no way to be."

He took the can out and popped the cap.

Cynthia couldn't believe this was happening. He had no business coming into her home and taking her husband's beer. No right at all.

"Take your beer and leave," she said.

"You know," he said, leaning against the counter. "You're not a nice person. You're not friendly enough."

"If you don't get out of here," she told him, "I'm going to call the police."

"What for?" he asked. "I will," she promised.

"You got no reason to call them," he said. She knew he was right. She would be silly calling them now. But there was something about this man that made her feel afraid.

"I have a lot of work to do," she said. "Please finish that and leave."

"You're a snotty bitch," he said. "I bet you're not so snotty when you've got six inches up your twat."

"Oh my God," Cynthia said.

She couldn't think of what else to say or do. Her legs felt frozen. He was sipping his beer as if he said thins like that to women every day. Perhaps he did. Perhaps he was some kind of sex pervert.

"I'm not going to be talked to this way," she said.

"No," he said. "What are you going to do about it?"

"I'm going to call the police," she said. She'd made up her mind. She went to the kitchen phone and picked it up. She was sure he would leave as soon as she started to dial the number. She was wrong. She'd no sooner got the phone in her hand when he suddenly gave a cry of rage and came across the room. He jerked the phone from her fingers and slapped her across the face.

He didn't hit her hard, but it was enough to spin her around. She had to clutch the table for support to keep from tumbling into the floor. She was shocked. She had never been hit before in her life. It was not something men did to a woman like her.

"Put the phone back," Greg said.

His voice was soft again, but she couldn't deny it. She picked up the phone and replaced it.

"That's better," he said, softly stroking her arm with his fingertips.

"Please," she said. "Won't you go now?"

"I just got here," he answered. "Why don't you have a beer with me?"

"I don't drink," she said.

"That's too bad," he said, laughing in an ugly sort of way. "Because I have a feeling that you're going to need a beer."

There was something terrible about the way he spoke. Something that made her blood feel cold. He kept stroking her arm until she pulled away.

"Please don't do that," she said.

"You don't like to be touched," he said.

"Not by you," she said.

"You shouldn't mind," he said. "You should relax a little. I know something that will ease the tension."

He finished his beer and crumpled it up. He pitched it into the trash can. Greg studied her cool features. He had been thinking about this woman for a long time. She was driving him crazy. His wife understood. Greg was attracted to the tall, sophisticated type. It was the type of woman he had never been able to get for himself.

He had been thinking about her so damned long. He knew he could wipe the cold look off her face. He had the thing in his trousers to do it. He could make her beg and cry for more, just the way he made his wife cry.

"I been watching you," he said.

He was grinning and Cynthia suddenly realized what was going to happen. He intended to rape her. Cynthia remembered the many courses she had taken on rape. She remembered the pictures of those girls who had fought the attacker. Some of the girls would never look the same again. Some of them were so beaten and bruised that their own husbands wouldn't have known them. Cynthia felt a little sick.

"I've been watching you," he said again.

"Why?" she asked.

"I like to look at a beautiful woman. I don't think you're happy."

"I am," she insisted.

"No," he said. "I don't think you are."

"You don't know anything about me," Cynthia insisted. Cynthia was searching her mind for a way out, but she couldn't think of any. He was a strong looking man. He could outrun and outfight her.

She couldn't scream loud enough for anyone to hear. There was only one way. Let him do what he wanted and hope he kept her alive.

"You're not happy," he said. "You don't have the look of a satisfied woman."

"I'm very satisfied," she insisted. "Look, can't we talk about this some other time. I really am very busy."

"Are you still trying to get rid of me?"

"Not really," she answered. "You can come back again. But right now I have work to do..."

"I'm not leaving," he said. "I been wondering if your husband gives you enough. You know, a woman's pussy needs to be very oiled."

"Oh God," she said.

"Wouldn't you like to have your pussy oiled by a real cock?"

She knew what she had to do. She wasn't going to make him angry. She remained very still as he walked up to her. His arms went around her waist. He pulled her close against him. She could smell his strong masculine odor. He was so different from Alan. He was a man who worked with his hands and not with his brain like her husband. He had strong muscles and they rippled beneath his thin tee shirt.

"Do you know what I'm going to do?" he asked.

"No," she answered, but she had a good idea.

"I'm going to give you a good fucking," he said.

"Oh God," she said softly.

"We can do it the hard way if you want," he said, as he felt the tension in her body. "I can make you. It might take messing up your face a little and leaving a few bruises on your body. I might have to hurt you."

"Please don't hurt me," she said. "I won't try to stop you. I won't fight."

He stroked her back through the fluffy sweater she was wearing. She was scared to death, but she meant, what she said. She didn't want to fight him. She would let him do what he wanted as long as he didn't hurt her. She was scared of pain.

"I like your attitude," he said. "You're going to be a good girl?"

"Yes," she answered.

"That's fine," he said. "Now show me your bedroom."

She swallowed nervously. She led him through the house and into the bedroom she shared with her husband. He stopped beside her and let his hand cup one of her asscheeks. He could feel the tension coming once more to her body.

"What's the matter, baby?" he asked. "Haven't you ever let anyone play with your ass before?"

"Nobody but my husband," she answered.

"That's a Goddamned waste," he said.

Greg knew he could get into a hell of a lot of trouble for what he was about to do. He had already spent time in jail for rape. That time the girl had fought him, at least for a few minutes. She had quit fighting when he'd gotten his prick into her tight little cunny. She had started begging for it then.

Just the way this one was going to beg for it.

Sure, it was a dangerous game he was playing with this pretty icy blonde. But it was worth the risk. There was nothing as exciting as getting his big pecker into an unwilling pussy. It was nice to feel the woman coming alive for the first time as she felt his thick prick. He loved to feel the tension easing out of their bodies and then the way they started getting hot. He had never fucked a frigid woman. They could never stay frigid once he got his prick in.

This pretty blonde wasn't going to be able to stay that way either. He could tell what was going through her gorgeous head. She would let him, but she couldn't enjoy it. Then she would pick the phone up and call the cops as soon as he left. Only one of his women had ever called the cops. They couldn't press charges remembering how much they had enjoyed it.

He had a feeling Cynthia was going to be one of the hottest pieces he'd ever had. He had the feeling that her husband had never been able to touch her true potential. He knew his big pole was going to bring out the savage in her.

"This is a very nice bedroom," he said.

"Thank you," Cynthia said. She felt like it was a stupid conversation, but she didn't know what else to say. She didn't know how to deal with a rapist. She didn't want to make him angry.

"How often does your husband fuck you?" he asked. "How many times?"

"I don't know," she said.

"Damn it," he said disgustedly. "Answer my questions. You know how many times you fuck. Tell me."

She had made him angry again. She had done just what she didn't want to do. She realized she was going to have to do everything he told her without argument. She was going to have to answer his questions and do what he said. Even those questions that deeply invaded her privacy.

"How many times?" he insisted.

"I guess a couple of times a week," she said.

This really wasn't true. She wondered why she was lying. She realized that lately her husband hadn't even been giving it to her twice a week. She hadn't thought about it before, but a little warning went off in her head. Perhaps her husband was starting to find her unattractive. It did seem like he wasn't as interested in her lately. He had been fucking her more on an average of twice every few weeks.

"A couple of times a week," Greg said disgustedly. "Hell, I give it to Mary more than that many times a day. Your husband must not have any balls."

"That's not true," she said.

"Then you must be a dull piece of ass," Greg said.

She blushed red. She didn't think of herself as dull but perhaps she was. She remembered Greg's wife. That dark haired woman with the huge tits who never kept herself completely covered. She seemed to always be wearing something that showed off her ample tits. More than twice a day.

She wondered if Greg was bragging and then decided he wasn't. He looked like the type of vulgar man who was always wanting sex.

"I bet I can make an interesting lay out of you," Greg said. "Your husband won't know you when he gets home. I'll make a fucking cunt out of you, all light."

"Please just get it over with," she said.

"I'm going to make you scream for joy, baby," he said. "I'm going to make a hot box out of you."

"You can make me do anything," she said, "but you can't make me enjoy it."

Seeing his face turn red Cynthia was afraid that she'd made him mad again. But this time he didn't get angry. He walked over and sat down on her bed. He smiled obscenely. She thought about running down the stairs, but she knew he'd only catch her and hurt her as he promised.

"I'll make you enjoy it," he said. "Now start taking your clothes off."

This was the moment she had feared. She tried not to think about what she was doing as she grasped the bottom of her sweater and peeled it over her head. She wore a plain white bra. There was nothing sexy about it, but a bigger grin came to Greg's face.

"They're not big," he said. "But there are women who have had less. I like them. Take the bra off."

She unclasped the hooks of her bra and shrugged it off her creamy shoulders. For the first time a man other than her husband looked at her naked tits. She'd always felt funny when Alan looked at them. She knew that a wife was suppose to show herself to her husband, but she did it as little as possible.

Now she was standing in the middle of her bedroom -- feeling uncomfortably warm as she showed herself to a man who wasn't her husband. She started to hold her hands over her naked breasts but she stopped herself. What was the use? He would only make her move her hands again. There was no use in pretending that she could stop him from going any farther.

"You have a nice pair," he said. "You shouldn't be ashamed of them."

"I'm not," she said.

"Sure you are," he said, "Or why would you keep them covered up all the time? Now take off the jest of your clothes. I want to see your naked body."

There was nothing she could do. She peeled her pants off and stood shaking in nothing but her flimsy white panties.

"Take those off too," he said. "Or do you want me to take them off."

Quickly she peeled the panties down her legs. Her legs had to be the best part about her. She kept them firm and shapely and she was proud of them. He liked them. His eyes ran over her slender form and stopped at her blonde bush.

This time she couldn't stop the impulse to put her hand over her pussy. She just felt so naked. She saw the amused glint that came to his eyes as she covered herself.

"Move your hand," he said.

There was nothing she could do and she moved her hand from her bush mound. He grinned as he saw the deep red flush that came to her face.

"You sure are a shy piece of pussy," he said. "I like a shy piece of ass."

"What do you want me to do?" she asked.

"First I want you to come over here," he said.

Cynthia had never felt so naked as she walked across the room to him. She paused in front of him and listened to his deep breathing. She steeled herself for what was to come, but she still shivered when his hands cupped her tits.

"Nice and firm," Greg said. "These feel just the way like them."

He squeezed her tits roughly and ran his fingers across her nipples. Despite her determination to remain cool, she felt herself responding to his touch. She told herself that it was a natural reaction for her nipples to grow so hard. It was just a physical response and it didn't mean a thing.

"I bet you can really throw a wild fuck once you're thawed out," Greg said.

Greg knew exactly what he was doing to her. He wasn't being as rough as she had expected. He was gentle, like a lover. He knew he could be rough when the time was, right. Now he would take her body out of the deep freeze. He would go slow and he'd get her hot.

"I'm going to kiss them," Greg said.

She wanted to back away but she didn't. She felt the strange lips touching her titty-flesh. His lips felt hot and hard. He gently kissed all over the gentle swell of her tits and she felt them getting a little heavier. This couldn't be happening. She wouldn't let it happen. She thought of her husband and that helped calm her.

"So you're trying to fight it," he said, sensing her restraint. "That's all right. That only makes things better when you finally give in."

"I'll never give in," she said. "Do what you want with me but you'll never touch me."

"You keep believing that, baby," he said.

She was taken by surprise at the hand he suddenly thrust between her legs. He hurt her and she pulled away. He was smiling but she knew she had won some sort of victory by her coolness toward him. Well, he was in for a surprise if he thought he was going to get any response out of her.

He started to undress. She stood and watched as he peeled off his shirt. She'd always thought she'd be disgusted by a man who looked like Greg. His hairy chest rippled with muscular movement as he unbuckled his belt. She wanted to be disgusted. Instead she felt flushed again.

He pulled his trousers off. Then his socks and shoes. Her fascinated gaze was drawn to the bulge in his jockey shorts. She couldn't believe that the bulge in his shorts could be real. It looked too damn big.

"Yeah, it's real," Greg said, as if he could read her mind. "I'll show you how real."

"God," she said softly, as he peeled his shorts down his thick, hairy legs.

His red monster cock was huge. She had thought Alan's prick was big but this cock was nearly twice the size of Alan's. It wasn't just that it was long -- it was thick and the heavy red knob looked like a club.

"Oh my goodness," she said.

"You've never seen one like this, baby," he said. "Every woman I've ever had has taken a second look."

"I think it's disgusting," she told him.

At that moment she tried to tell herself that it was disgusting. But she was only fooling herself. Already she could sense how it was going to feel sliding into her pussy, stretching her cunt walls as they'd never been stretched before.

"So it's disgusting," he said.

"Yes," she said.

"Now you've hurt my feelings. You're going to have to make that up to me."

Before she realized what was happening he had grabbed her by her shoulders and was forcing her down to her knees. She knew what he wanted although she'd never done it before. She felt her stomach chum as she stared at the red pole.

"Don't make me do this," she begged.

"You're going to have to make it up to my pecker," he said, holding her firmly on the floor between his legs. "You're going to have to make amends. Kiss it, cunt. Show it that you're sorry for calling it disgusting."

"I couldn't," she said.

"You fucking will," he said.

He took a handful of her blonde hair and he bent her head back until she could feel a strain on her neck. His eyes were ugly. She knew he would bend her head back until it snapped her neck or she agreed to do what he wanted.

"All right," she gasped.

"That's better," he said, releasing her. "Now be nice to my prick."

He put his hand gently on the back of her head and pulled her face toward him.

"Put your hand on my prick and put your lips to the top," he instructed. "Show me how much you like to suck prick."

She wrapped her fingers around his thick, sticky cock and she closed her eyes so she wouldn't have to look at the blood-engorged head so close to her lips. She touched her lips to the cock-head. She tasted his salty cum on the tip of her tongue. She was afraid she was going to be sick.

"Now take it in your mouth, cunt," he said. "Prove that you're really sorry."

Greg watched closely as the blonde took his prick-head in between her lips. He could tell by the sour expression on her face that she didn't like sucking cock. Well, that was no matter. She would learn to love it.

"That's the way," he said. "Now suck on it!"

Her mouth had his cock-head firmly inside and she began to suck. He instructed her to use her tongue around the sensitive crown and her tongue did as he wanted. He knew he had her beaten. She wouldn't make any more stupid comments about his prick being disgusting.

He kept stroking the back of her head as he forced a little more of his swollen pole between her ripe lips. Her hot mouth felt good. Her tongue was working a little more. He could feel the tight fire in his balls.

"That's enough," he said, pulling her head back. "You've shown my pecker how sorry you are. Now come on up here on the bed with me."

She allowed him to pull her up on the bed. She stretched out beside him as he began to touch all over her body. She'd had her husband's hands on her, but it had been different. Greg seemed to start an itching sensation in every place he touched her. And he touched everywhere. Somehow she hadn't expected this kind of treatment. A woman was supposed to be treated roughly when she was getting raped. He wasn't supposed to make her feel so strange. Suddenly Cynthia realized that she was enjoying what he was doing to her. It was a shocking thought and she immediately began to tense up again. For a moment she had lost control of herself, but it wouldn't happen again. He couldn't make it happen again.

"Go ahead," she pleaded. "Fuck me. Get it over with!"

She didn't know why she was rushing him except that she was suddenly in very much of a hurry. She didn't want him to keep touching her this way. She didn't like it. She wanted him to do it and get it over.

Cynthia knew something that always worked on her husband. She reached for his cock. She laced her hot fingers around his stem and began to jerk him off. She had a feeling that that he wouldn't be able to take much of that.

Cynthia was right, but he didn't respond as she expected. He didn't immediately roll her over and put his cock into her cunt. Instead he removed her hand from his cock.

"Don't be in such a hurry, little pussy," he said. "You're going to get it soon enough."

She felt his fiery lips at her tits again. He sucked in one of her nipples and his tongue rolled it from cheek to cheek. She felt her stomach twitching and again she tried to tense herself, to fight the feelings that were going through her.

"Goddamn it," she said. "Do it to me. Get it done."

But he wouldn't be hurried. His mouth moved from one rosy petal to the other. His lips and teeth worked at her flesh until her lust-swollen titties itched with a desire she had never known before, it wasn't fair. She was trying to be a good wife. She was trying to control herself. But Greg seemed to know so much about a woman's feelings.

"Now you're starting to like it," Greg said. "I knew you would."

His lips trailed wetly down her stomach. She knew what he was going to do but she didn't have the strength to stop him. She cried out softly as she felt his lips press gently against her venus mound. This was something she thought was disgusting. Yet, she could feel shooting fires coming from her cunt through her body as his lips began to press closet.

His tongue stabbed at her and she felt a hot shiver of delight go up her spine. Again she tried to steel herself but there was no use. Greg was doing things to her cunt that had never been done before. He was sucking the plump flesh of her cuntlips into his mouth. He was driving his tongue in between her cuntlips and deep into her pussy. He was licking and swallowing her tangy tasting juices.

"Oh, stop," she cried. "Please stop."

"Baby," he said. "You don't really want me to stop."

"Oh yes," she sobbed.

"No, baby," he said. "You're just like any other piece of pussy. You like to have it eaten. You like to have a man's tongue in your pussy."

He quit talking and started eating her again. She couldn't remember ever having such feelings before. She knew that her bottom was starting to wiggle on the bed. It was a sure sign that she was beginning to bet turned on and that he was winning. But she couldn't help herself.

"Oh God," she whispered. "Oh please stop. Oh please stop doing that."

"Yeah, baby," he said. "I'm going to stop. Right now. I'm going to fuck you!"

She knew that she had traded the frying pan for the fire. She was already hot and she knew what was going to happen when he put his prick into her. She wouldn't be able to resist the feelings.

He stretched out on top of her. His hard chest pressed her titties flat. She gasped as she felt his big prick right at the entrance to her hot hole. He began to move his hips from side to side and she felt his prick-head rubbing her groove. It didn't go in. It just rubbed back and forth over the entrance. She felt her pussy getting wetter.

"What are you doing?" she asked, gasping.

"I'm going to let you tell me when to put it in," he said. "You beg for it."

"Never," she moaned. "I'll never do that."

He slipped his hands underneath her ass and lifted her slightly. His prick was nudging at the plump, sensitive lips of her cunt. She felt herself humping up to pull his prick into her hot hole.

"I'll never beg," she moaned. "I'll never beg you. Put it in. I won't beg. Oh God, just put it in!"

She was ready to explode. She needed that big hard prick in her pussy. She needed it bad. She couldn't beg him. She told herself over and over that she couldn't beg. He would lose control first. He would lose control and slam it into her. He was a man. He couldn't last as long as a woman. He couldn't control his hungry desires as she could.

"Oh God, please," she said, hardly realizing that the words were finally being torn from between her lips. "Oh, please put it in. I need you to fuck me. Please give me your cock. I'm begging you. Goddamn, I'm begging!"

Greg had won. He laughed savagely as he felt her wiggling body beneath him. He could feel her wet slippery twat sucking at his prick as he heard her beg. He had knocked that smug look off her face. Now he would give her a fucking she would never forget. He drove his prick savagely between her legs and he gave a loud cry of victory, like a savage man taking his mate in conquest.

"Ohhh," she gasped, and her eyes popped open wide in amazement. She had never felt her cunt so full of cock-meat before. She felt like his big prick was deep in her belly, almost driving up into her mouth.

"You little cunt," he said, as he began to drive his prick in and out other cunt.

"Oh yes," she cried. "I'm a cunt. I'm a cunt."

She had lost all her inhibitions as his big cock filled her pussy. She loved that big piece of meat between her legs. She humped back at his cock as hard as she could. LOW sobs broke from her throat.

"I fucking love it," she sobbed. "I love, it. Oh Jesus, I love it!"

"I know you do," Greg said. "All you women are just alike when I get my cock in. You're all just pussy when it gets down to it."

"Give it to me harder," she groaned.

He gave her the fucking she'd needed for so long. He treated her like a cunt and he drove his cock in deeper than any man had ever gone. He ass mauled her ass while his big prick kept thrusting into her.

"Oh Jesus," she cried. "I'm coming! I'm going to come. I'm coming. GODDDDDDD!"

Her shattering climax rocked her body and left her limp and exhausted. Her pussy made loud wet sounds as Greg continued to drive his prick into her pussy.

"Fuck me," Greg moaned. "Move your ass. Ahhh, you sweet bitch. I'm going to give you my fucking juice. I'm going to blow your ass off. GOD, YOU BITCHHHHHH!"

His thick cum squirted into her cunt until she could feel it wetting her thighs. Almost immediately he pulled his prick from her cunt and started to get off the bed.

"You're not leaving," she said.

"Of course," he said. "I raped you, remember. I'm going to give you a chance to call the cops."

He dressed and left, but she never called the bops. She couldn't have told them about the sweet, wonderful feelings he had given her. It might have started out to be rape but it hadn't finished that way.

And suddenly Cynthia knew that there was a damn good chance that this would happen again.


Elaine watched Stella and the tall, good looking stranger walking up the path together. Elaine didn't know how her daughter managed to do it, but somehow she could pick up handsome men in the middle of nowhere. And she did it time and time again.

Elaine wondered if they had fucked and she decided that they had. There seemed to be something about the man that gave him the look of being well satisfied. Elaine knew that her daughter could really give a fuck to a man.

Elaine put on her brightest smile as she went to open the door.

"I see you've found a little lost lamb," Elaine said to her daughter.

"His name's Alan," Stella said. "He had an accident on the road. This is my mother, Alan."

"I'm Elaine," she said, extending her cool fingers for him to shake.

She saw Alan study her face and then look at her daughter. Like most men, he was startled by the close resemblance between mother and daughter. They both had bright red hair and stunning figures.

"You certainly look like your daughter," Alan said.

"Everyone says that," she said, laughing. "A lot of people think we're sisters."

"I can see why," he said.

Alan looked around, and she could see more puzzlement on his features.

"This is where you live?" he asked Stella.

"What did you expect?" Stella asked him. "A lot of little log cabins?"

It was plain to see that a log cabin was exactly what Alan did expect. He certainly hadn't been prepared for the pretty brick home. Neither had he been prepared for the good looking green eyed carbon copy of her daughter that met him at the door. Alan had been feeling frightened and guilty about having fucked the young girl. His only consolation was in telling himself that she was an ignorant woods girl and she probably did this sort of thing all the time.

He already had a picture of what her parents would look like. Uneducated rednecks who would probably think it wonderful that their daughter had a city man.

He realized he had only been fooling himself as he looked into Stella's face. The woman had intelligent eyes and she was probably as cultured as his own wife.

"Won't you come in, Alan?" Elaine asked, holding the door open for him.

Alan stepped into the modern kitchen. Elaine sensed his confusion as she put her hand on his arm. He felt strong. Stella had really picked a nice one this time. Every now and then Stella had brought a dud home. One of those men who couldn't go the distance. Elaine had a feeling that this city man would be equal to everything asked of him.

"Would you like something to eat or drink?" Elaine asked.

"I am kind of hungry," Alan admitted.

"Good," Elaine said. "It's getting time for our supper, anyway."

They had a good supper of steak and wine and Elaine could tell that this was only adding to Alan's confusion. He wasn't sure what to think about them. They lived all alone in the middle of a big forest and yet they seemed to have all the luxuries. They seemed rich enough. And Elaine knew that he was wondering about her education.

"We don't often have guests," Elaine said.

"I can see why," he said. "You're all alone out here."

"Oh, not alone," she said. "There are many houses near here. We're just a little off the beaten track."

"It's not exactly my idea of a mountain cabin," Alan said, laughing. "There is one thing. Stella told me you didn't have a phone."

"That's right," Elaine said. "We don't have any need for one."

"But there must be somewhere I can make a phone call," he protested.

Elaine crossed her pretty long legs. His eyes were almost automatically drawn to the creamy expanse of thigh revealed as her skirt fell away. He began to look uncomfortable. Elaine mentally congratulated her daughter on finding this one. He had just gotten a good fucking from Stella and already his thoughts were on sex. "I'm afraid there's nothing you can do until Monday," Elaine said. "You might as well relax and enjoy yourself. This really is a beautiful place."

"Yes," Alan said, his eyes once more going over her lush body. "I can see that."

"We have plenty of room," Elaine said. "I'm sure you must be feeling tired. I'll show you your room."

"Can't I do it, Mother?" Stella asked.

Elaine gave her daughter a chilling look. Sometimes Stella could get selfish. The young girl had already had her fun for the day. Now it was her mother's turn. Elaine could already feel a slight tingling in her cunny-hole.

"I can show him," Elaine said.

Alan was feeling tired. He was thankful for a chance to go to his room and get his thoughts together. A lot had happened to him that afternoon. He was discovering that he wasn't as bored by sexual activity as he'd thought. He certainly wasn't bored by the vulgar jiggle of Elaine's ass as he followed her to his room.

"I think you'll be comfortable here," she said, flicking on an overhead light.

"Yes," Alan said, looking around the room. "I think I will."

"The bathroom is over there. You'll find everything you need."

"Yes," Alan said. "Except that I should have brought my suitcase."

"I'll send Stella back for it," Elaine said.

Elaine left him alone in the room. He couldn't help feeling that there was something very strange about the two women. He wondered where Elaine's hubby was. He certainly shouldn't have left them all alone this way.

Elaine was back in a few moments. "I sent Stella for your suitcase."

"Thank you," he said.

Elaine walked to the bed and sat down. Again she felt his eyes drawn to her long, shapely legs. She arched her back so that her full breasts pushed out at her blouse. She liked the way his eyes went over her. She seldom got a chance to have a man look at her that way. Her husband was getting old and he wasn't as interested as he'd once been.

Perhaps he understood her needs and that was one reason he would go off like he did.

"Do you find me attractive?" she asked.

"Yes," he answered. Alan felt nervous beads of sweat on his forehead. That was the problem. He found her very attractive and she was coming on to him.

"How about my daughter?" Elaine asked. "Did you find her pretty?"

"Yes," he said. "In a little girl way, of course."

"Did you fuck her in a little girl sort of way?"

He was shaken by the question. He didn't know if he should run or stand there and take his medicine. Somehow she had found out what he had done. He had the feeling that his life was over. There would be a scandal. He wondered how Cynthia would take it. Probably she would be disgusted. There would be none of the duty wife in her. She would leave him high and dry and everyone would praise her for it.

"Don't turn so green," Elaine said. "You're not the first man Stella has screwed."

"I'm... I'm not," he stammered.

"Of course not," Elaine said. "My daughter has a very hot box. I'm afraid that she inherited it from her mother."

She saw that Alan's face had gotten less pale. He was beginning to understand what she was leading up to. Elaine was glad that he wasn't stupid. She didn't like to explain herself to a man.

"A hell of a lot," Elaine said.

"I see," he said.

"You know," Elaine said. "It's awfully Goddamned hot in here."

Elaine stretched like a cat. There was a smile on her face as she began to toy with the buttons on her blouse. Alan could feel his heart pounding. So this was what the luscious woman had been leading up to all along. Alan was surprised that he could get so excited so quickly after having the good fuck he'd had in the woods.

But there was no doubt that he was sporting a boner that would soon tear his trousers open.

"I think I'm going to take a shower," Elaine said.

Alan stared with hungry eyes as Elaine began to undress. He wondered how he had seen so much resemblance between mother and daughter. The daughter was only a young copy. The mother's body was lush and firm. Her big boobs were capped with rosy red nipples that looked as big as saucers.

"Jesus," Alan groaned.

She stripped off her skirt and stood before him in only a pair of pale blue panties. He could see her bushy red cunt and the long pussy hairs curling out from the edges of her panties.

"Do you think I'm nicer than my daughter?" Elaine said.

"You are beautiful," he said.

"I'm ahead of you," Elaine said. "I thought we were going to shower together."

"Sure," Alan said.

Alan was only seconds in stripping out of all his clothes. Elaine admired his body. He didn't have the bulging muscles of some of the farm boys in that area. But he wasn't flabby. He looked well shaped. She especially liked the long thick cock between his legs.

Elaine walked close to his so that her big, pointy tits pushed against his chest. She ran her hand down his body and grasped his pulsating cock. She moved her fingers up and down the firm feeling flesh.

"Mmmm," she said. "You have a nice one. Let's go take our shower."

She held onto his cock as she pulled him into the shower. She turned the water on and stepped out of her blue panties. He loved her long legs. He loved the bushy mound at the junction of her creamy thighs. In fact, he loved everything about this sexy woman.

They got into the shower together and she took the soap. Gently she rubbed the soap over his chest and shoulders. She made him turn around as she soaped his back and ass. He felt her fingers playing at his asshole. He groaned when she slipped one of her fingers into his hole.

"Do you like?" she asked.

"Uh, yes," he answered.

It was a new experience for him. He'd never had his asshole played with before. She slipped her hand between his legs and soaped his balls while her fingers probed at his prostrate gland. Her hand went higher and she was groping his stiff cock.

"Oh, I like that," Elaine said.

Elaine turned him back around and she pressed close to him. She captured his thick cock between her soft thighs and she began to rub it gently. She kissed him. His lips felt hard and hot. She probed at his lips and he admitted her tongue. She touched hers against his, wiggling it with an excited abandon.

Alan groaned and she felt his hands suddenly clutch her buttocks. He pulled her closer so that his chest rubbed her tits flat.

"Ummmm," she groaned. "You're making me hot. So hot."

He took the soap from her hand and began to soap her down. She'd had men touch her before but Alan was so gentle. His hands made her nipples rise up hard. He soaped all over her tits until she could feel them swell with lust. Then his hand slipped down her belly to touch her cunt.

"Oh yes," she moaned. "I like being soaped there."

He pushed the soap between her legs and began to rub roughly. She felt a hot spasm of pleasure shake her body. It had been so long for her. She hadn't felt a good dick between her legs since the last man Stella had brought home. And that had been weeks ago. Elaine moaned as she felt him moving his hand faster between her legs. She could feel her hot honey-pot dripping juice. She clamped her thighs a little more tightly on his massaging hand.

"Ummmm," she moaned. "You know how to make a woman feel good."

He kept his hand there for a few minutes while she felt his big cock-head rubbing against her belly. She wanted to fuck him so bad. Finally he pulled away from her and she turned off the shower.

They got out and dried each other off. By the time they were finished Elaine was as hot and horny as she'd ever felt in her entire life. She felt his prick again and felt his juice leaking out of the end. Damn, but his cock felt good. She rubbed her fingers across his prick-head and brought the creamy cum to her lips.

"You taste good," she whispered.

"Christ," Alan groaned. "I watched your daughter do that. I thought it was the most exciting thing I'd ever seen."

"Haven't you ever had a woman drink your cum?" Elaine asked.

"No," he admitted. "You and your daughter are the first to actually like the taste. I've had my dick sucked but no woman's ever kept her mouth there all the way."

"Then you're in for a treat," Elaine said. "Because I love to suck and so does my daughter."

Elaine took his prick again and led him out of the bathroom to the big bed. He stretched out on his back and she straddled his cock.

"I'm going to suck you," she promised, "but first I need some of that hot cock in my hole."

"Yeah," he groaned.

She held his cock-head against her wet snatch and slowly began to lower herself onto it. She felt his bog cock-head stretch the plump lips of her cunt. She pushed herself down hard on his cock. His long thick prick slid all the way up into her tight, hot cunt.

"Ummmm, God," she cried.

His cock was deep in her pussy and nothing had ever felt better. Elaine could feel her body being rocked with the delicious pleasure tingles. She began to move. She knew this time was going to be very fast for her. It has just been too damned long since she had a cock in her pussy.

"Baby," he groaned. "Ahhh, you fucking bitch! Your cunt feels so tight. So fucking tight!"

"Did you like my daughter's pussy better?" Elaine asked him.

"No, Christ no," he answered.

Alan wasn't lying to her. Stella's pussy had been young and tight, and it had felt like fucking a virgin. But there was a new kind of experience in fucking her mother. Elaine's cunt was just as tight and wet, but there was a lot more experience in the way her cunt was used. Elaine knew what to do with a man's prick once she got it inside herself. Stella was just learning the tricks. Elaine was the expert.

"Ahhhh," Elaine groaned. "Your cock feels so good and long and thick. I love a hot cock in my pussy. Oh God, it's been so long!"

Elaine began to bounce faster. She could feel his cock slipping half in and out of her pussy as she bounced. The thick feeling of his cock-head stretching her pussy walls was the most exciting thing she'd ever felt. Elaine always loved the cock that was inside her more than any she'd ever had before. Long or short, thick or skinny. Nothing made any difference to her except the way a man used what he had.

And Alan knew how to use it.

His ass was pumping his prick deep into her pussy with each rhythmic thrust. He reached up to grab her titties and she could feel his fingers running over her aroused nipples.

"Oh yess!" she squealed. "You know how to use a cock. You know how to make a woman squirm. Oh yes, you have a fucking stick. A big fucking joystick!"

Her stomach was a fiery ball of fire as she bounced savagely on his prick. She felt her cunt coating his cock with her juices. She gave it to him harder. Her eyes popped open. She knew she looked as abandoned as any woman could. She ran her hands through her wild looking hair.

"Oh Jesus, give it to me," she cried. "I love your hot cock. Stab me with it! Squirt my ass off! Give me your cock and your cum and your big piece of meat, oh God, I'm coming. I'm coming, GODDDDDDDDD!"

Her body jerked with a powerful orgasm.

"Oh my goodness," she moaned. "I needed that. You don't know how much I needed that!"


"Here's your suitcase," Stella said.

Alan had a moment of embarrassment as Stella came walking into the room. He hadn't even thought about Elaine leaving the door open. He was still lying on his back with his rigid prick obviously excited. It was evident what he and Stella's mother had just been doing.

"Oh my God," Alan said.

"Elaine," Stella said. "He looks upset."

"Why should you be upset?" Elaine asked him. "Stella's already seen your hard-on. In fact, she's done more than seen it. Surely you couldn't feel shy."

Alan had to admit that it was idiotic to be embarrassed over Stella seeing his prick. She had already seen his prick. She had taken his prick in her pussy. Yet, there was an uncomfortable feeling in having both mother and daughter staring at his prick.

"You didn't do a good job taking care of our guest, Mother," Stella said.

"I know that, sugar," Elaine said. "I was saving the best for last."

"Ummm," Stella said.

Alan wondered what they had in mind. He wasn't sure if he liked the way they were looking at him. As if he were something to be devoured. Stella came to the bed and sat down beside him. Her soft hand touched his chest.

"I like you, Alan," she said. "I think you're a very nice man."

Her soft hand slipped lower until she was clutching his thick prick. Her fingers felt cool and soft as she wrapped them around his heated flesh. Her hand moved gently up and down. "I really like your prick," Stella said. "I think it's beautiful."

Elaine rolled over on her side so that she could see what was happening. She watched her daughter casually jerking off the handsome stranger. Her daughter was learning some things that Elaine hadn't taught her. Perhaps Stella was getting some outside help that she wasn't bringing home. Elaine decided that she was going to have to keep a closer eye on her daughter. She couldn't have Stella picking up techniques that she wasn't willing to share. After all, that just wasn't fair.

Elaine reached over and began stroking Alan's balls. His face was bloated with lust so that it looked like he was in pain. He groaned as her fingers lightly brushed his sensitive sac. She could feel how heavy and full they were.

"You know that he's never been sucked," Elaine said.

"Never?" Stella asked, with a surprised note in her voice.

"Well, he's been kissed there, but he'd never gotten a real blow-job."

"My goodness," Stella said. "Doesn't your wife take care of you?"

"Not that way," Alan admitted.

"We'll just have to do something about that," Stella said.

Alan shivered as two pair of cool, experienced hands began massaging his cock. Their soft fingers stroked and caressed every inch of his steaming meat, but somehow they kept him from coming. He kept seeing his cream leaking onto their fingers as they played with him. They would touch their cum-smeared fingers to their lips or they would smear it on their faces and on their rigid nipples. Sometimes they would even rub it into their tangled red hair. God, he had never seen anything that made him have so powerful an erection.

He played with the young girl's titties and then with her mother's. He loved the way their soft flesh responded to his gently brushing fingers. He felt the nipples getting turgid and he heard the quick intake of breath each time he touched a really sensitive spot. He liked the idea of his fingers exciting them as much as they were exciting him.

He grabbed Stella by her hair and jerked her head around. He crushed his lips against hem. He felt her lips open in a wet, liquid warmth. He drove his tongue down into the heat of her throat.

He was aware that he was doing something that few men would ever get a chance to do. He was making it with two women. And he was determined that neither of these women would find him wanting as a man. It was hard not to just get carried away and to slam his big prick into a hole. Any hole. But right now they were controlling the action and he was content to let them.

"Oh Jesus," he groaned softly. "You're both so fucking nice!"

He thought that he couldn't have gotten much more excited than he was. He already felt like his body was burning up. His stomach was in convulsions and he knew he was going to explode if something didn't give him relief. But he had no idea of the tricks that Elaine and her daughter could perform. They were just getting started.

Stella took his long thick pecker between her fingers. She slid two fingers up close to the sensitive crown. Her cool finger felt so nice that he wanted to scream. Now he thought he was really going to get sucked.

But Stella didn't suck him. Instead she bent her head close to the bloated head of his prick and began blowing. He had never experienced a feeling like that. Her warm breath blew all over the head of his cock and made it tinge. Somehow her fingers kept him from exploding into her face.

"I think he likes this," Stella said.

"Oh Christ yes," he groaned.

"I know something else he will like," Elaine said. "In fact, I know lots of other things."

"Christ," he groaned. "You've got to do something. You're killing me."

"Ahhhhh, my sweet, sweet baby," Elaine said. "We're just getting started."

While Stella blew on the head of his cock, Elaine moved farther down and began to blow on his sensitive balls. He could feel them tighten each time her warm breath touched his sac. He wanted to drive his prick right into her mouth.

"You're all excited," Stella said. "He's leaking all over himself."

"Lick him clean, darling," Elaine said.

He sobbed out loud as he felt the tip of Stella's tongue lavishly cleaning his cock-head. She stabbed her tongue at his leaking slit and then moved her tongue around the rim of his cock in a slow, sensual movement. He was ready to push his cock into her mouth when she drew back.

"Don't get too excited," Stella warned him. "We're not ready for that yet."

"Oh fuck," he groaned. "Why are you doing this to me? You're making me crazy."

"That's the idea," Elaine said.

He felt Elaine's tongue at the bottom of his balls. His eyes widened as he felt her tongue easing down into the crack of his ass. He lifted himself up as he felt her tongue exploring places where no woman had ever explored before. He nearly died when he felt her tongue probe the entrance to his ass.

"Oh God," he groaned.

"He really likes that, Momma," Stella said, as she continued to lick the tip of his sperm-dripping cock. "He's coming more."

"Then maybe I'd better stop," Elaine said. "I wouldn't want him to get too carried away."

He was already too carried away. He could feel liquid fire shooting from his balls. Right at the last moment Stella quit blowing on his cock. Both of then pulled back and let his prick lay across his stomach.

"Don't stop," he begged. "Not now. Don't fucking stop now."

"You'll thank us in a minute," Elaine promised him. "You'll thank us for the best fucking cock-sucking a man ever got. Just relax."

He couldn't come. He wanted to. He tried but they had known just when to stop. He could feel the pressure in his balls ease off. He had never been treated this way before. It was driving him crazy.

"Oh fuck," Alan groaned. "Let me come! Let me fill your fucking mouth!"

"Be patient," Elaine said. "I promise you that you'll be satisfied."

"But I need it now!" he protested.

He couldn't hurry them. They knew exactly what they wanted to do to him and there was nothing he could do. It took a long while before he felt the tension ease from his body. His prick kept pulsating but there was no danger that he was going to come too soon.

Stella bent down and kissed his lips. Her sweet tongue probed his mouth as once again Stella took his meat into her soft fingers. She made a circle around his cock and held him tightly. Slowly her wet lips moved from his prick up over his body. He felt her tongue playing in his navel.

"Christ, eat me," he moaned.

"Be patient," Elaine said again, but her voice had laughter in it. She knew that it was like asking a little child not to eat the candy. He couldn't be patient. His nerves screamed for an end to the itching fire that threatened to burn him alive. She knew what her lips and hands made a man feel like.

She enjoyed having a man so excited over her.

Stella lowered her head far enough until, she was again blowing on the bloated head of his cock. Elaine had a new trick. One she knew would completely blow his mind. She bent low over his cock. She let her thick red hair brush against his flesh. Gently she moved her head from side to side so that her soft, silky hair was rubbing his pole.

"Oh Jesus," Alan groaned. "Oh fuck, what the fuck are you doing to me?"

The sensations were indescribable. There was something really arousing about the touch of a woman's soft hair. Each touch sent shivering chills down his back and caused more of his cum juice to leak from the slit on his cock. He was really feeling it now. He wanted to ram his thick pole down somebody's throat. It didn't matter which one.

"You Goddamn bitches," he cried. "You fucking cunts! Eat my cock! Don't tease me!"

"Oh, but we're not teasing," Stella promised him. "We're going to eat you!"

He had the feeling they must have practiced this on many young men. They were too damned good together. They never seemed to get in each other's way as they moved around his stiff rod. They had their technique down perfectly. They still couldn't let him come, but there was no part of his cock that they didn't lovingly caress. He even felt Elaine's fingertips softly scratching his scrotum. It was more than he could bare.

"Oh Jesus, Jesus," he groaned.

Finally Stella raised her head. She had a look of anticipation on her face. She licked at her lips as she looked at her mother.

"Do you want him first, Mother?" Stella asked.

"Oh yes," Elaine said. "I'm going to chew his Goddamn dick off!"

He could raise himself on his elbows and see Elaine's flushed, excited face. The redheaded woman looked as if she couldn't wait to have the length of his dick in her mouth. This was new for Alan because he had never actually met a woman who wanted to suck dick. All the women he had met, including his wife, always had to be coaxed into touching his cock with their mouths. They thought it was dirty or something. But neither redhead looked like she considered any part of his dick dirty.

"You want your sweet dick eaten, baby?" Elaine asked.

"You fucking know I do, you cocksucking bitch," he answered. "You teasing cunt!"

He heard the sound of her laughter as she took Stella's place at his prick. Her fingers made a circle around his blood-bloated knob and she looked at his prick closely as if she'd never seen one up close before.

"Ummm," she said. "There's always something so beautiful about a man's prick!"

Her full red lips parted slightly and he could see her pink tongue protrude. She bent closer and blew her hot breath on his prick as Stella had been doing.

"Not that," he pleaded. "Suck my cock, you bitch! Don't just blow on it! Suck it like you said. Oh, you teasing cock-sucking bitch!"

He felt the sweet sensation of her lips pressing gently against his swollen knob. He knew that her ripe lips must have been getting smeared by his thick cum but she didn't seem to care. Then she began to use her tongue as Stella had used her tongue, kissing and lavishly licking his cum juice off the sensitive crown.

"Oh yes," she moaned. "I love to suck cock. I love the good taste of cock!"

"Then suck me, bitch," he groaned.

"All right," she said slowly. "Now you're going to get your fat prick sucked. You're going to remember this for a long time."

"Quit talking and suck," he demanded. "Put your fucking mouth on my prick. Suck my dick!"

He was really carried away or he would have never dreamed of talking to her that way. He couldn't help the hot blood that was racing through his body. He wanted her lips on his cock more than he had ever wanted anything in his life. He reached up for her head, but she shook his hand off.

"No," she said. "If you want to get sucked, then let us do it our way."

"Okay," he gave m.

It was hard but he kept his hand off her head.

Her sweet, hot lips once more encircled his prick.

He felt his pole being sucked into her wet mouth.

Her teeth closed gently on his flesh as she began to suck him deeper.

"God," he groaned. "Oh God!"

She fed his stiff pole into her mouth with her fingers. Deeper and deeper his cock slid until he was more than half in her mouth. He was deep as he had ever been in a woman's mouth and this was where he thought she would stop. Instead he felt his prick being sucked even deeper.

He raised himself on his elbows and looked at her once more. Her face was still flushed with excitement. Her cheeks were hollowed to admit more of his prick. He could see her green eyes flash with emotion.

"Oh fuck," he whispered. "No woman's ever sucked my cock this far into her mouth!"

He kept thinking she was finished. She wasn't. She fed his cock into her mouth like a sword swallower. He felt his shaft pulsating against the liquid warmth of the deepest part of her throat.

Then he was in her mouth all the way. All of his thick cock was buried in her mouth. He couldn't believe what he was seeing and feeling. She was deep throating him. He'd always thought that this was something people made up, and that no woman could really do it. But this redheaded bitch was sucking all of his cock into her mouth.

"Oh fuck," he said. "You sweet cocksucking bitch. You sweet cocksucking bitch!"

He felt his thick knob against the back of her throat for what seemed like forever. Then slowly her lips began to release his steaming meat. Her lips gently slid back up his reddened prick, leaving his flesh covered with her saliva.

"Your turn, baby," Elaine said.

While he watched in awe, Stella took over her mother's position and repeated what her mother had done. Then they began to switch back and forth. First one and then the other took the long, throbbing length of his pole into her mouth. This time he knew they weren't going to stop. They were going to suck him until he poured his cum into their mouths. He could feel that tingling warmth back in his balls.

"Ahhhh fuck," he groaned. "Suck me! Suck my prick! Suck ittttt!"

He began to thrust savagely off the bed as mother and daughter began to linger a little longer aver his prick. Each of the wanton redheads took two or three thrusts of his prick into their hot mouths before they released him.

"Oh fuck," he said. "I'm getting close. I'm getting so fucking close!"

He protested as Stella raised her head from his steaming meat. Her full lips were half-parted and she looked more and more like a savage woman. He could see some of his leaking cum smeared her face.

"Do you want to come?" Stella asked. "Do you want to come in our mouths?"

"Oh fuck yes," he cried.

There was that same half smile on her face again. She started licking the swollen, sensitive head of his big prick. He could feel the heat all over his body. They were teasing him again and he couldn't stand it.

"Oh Christ," he groaned. "Take it in your mouth. Take the fucking thing in your mouth!"

Stella gave in. Her wet mouth enveloped his prick once more. He felt the liquid fire shooting from his heavy cum-filled balls.

"Oh yes," he groaned. "Oh fuck yes. Here I come. Here I fucking come. Oh YESSSSSSS!"

She took her mouth away at the last moment and he saw his thick white juice spurting against her lips. Then her mouth went down his cock again and he felt his cum splattering the back of her throat.

"Let me have some," Elaine said.

Quickly the two women changed places and he felt the last few hot spurts of his cum being taken into Elaine's mouth. He could hear her swallowing his jism as the two women made good their promise to suck him as no woman had ever sucked him before.

"Jesus," he said. "Jesus, nothing's ever been that good before. Oh Jesus."

Both of them laughed softly. He looked up to see them licking their lips.

"And things are just getting started, honey," Elaine promised him.


Cynthia was looking out her window. Only a few minutes before she'd seen Greg come out of his house dressed in his swim trunks. That was not unusual. Greg and his wife always used the pool on Saturdays. She could hear splashing from behind the house and she knew that his wife was already back there.

Cynthia wondered if he would look her way but he didn't. It was like he didn't know she existed. Only the day before he'd raped her. Surely that had to mean something to him?

It meant something to Cynthia. She couldn't forget it. And it wasn't because of the usual reasons that a woman couldn't forget. It wasn't because she felt dirty or anything like that. It was something else entirely. It was because she felt funny. A kind of tingling had been in her body all night long. She kept remembering how his big prick had felt when it had stretched the walls of her cunt.

"Oh, what's the matter with me?" she asked herself.

She was afraid that she knew exactly what was the matter with her. She had enjoyed what had happened to her. Too much! She had enjoyed Greg's body much more than she had ever enjoyed the things that her husband had dope to her. It was crazy, but it was true.

The phone rang. Cynthia thought it might have been Alan and she hurried to answer it. But it was a woman who spoke to her.

"This is Mary from next door," the woman said. Cynthia had a moment of sheer fright. Could Mary know what her husband had done with Cynthia? Cynthia could already see herself being pointed out as the other woman. Nobody would ever believe it was rape.

"Hello," Cynthia said.

"I thought I'd invite you for swimming," Mary said. "It's awfully hot and neighbors should get together."

"Thank you," Cynthia said. Cynthia felt better. It hadn't been an accusation. "I'll think about it."

"Well you just come right over when you feel like it," Mary said sweetly.

Cynthia hung up the phone. She realized she was trembling and she had to go to the couch and sit down. She found it was more than tempting. Greg would be over there. He would be in his tight swim trunks and she would be able to see the outline of his huge cock.

"Oh my God," she said. "Why am I thinking like this?"

She made herself a drink. It didn't help and she made herself another. By the third drink she was starting to feel it, and she was beginning to get brave. It wouldn't hurt to take a swim. It was hot. And Alan was always after her to get to know the people in the area better. There was that tiny swimsuit that Alan had bought her last year. She'd never had the courage to wear it before. It was one of those string bikinis and it barely covered the vital parts. Cynthia didn't think that her husband had ever intended her to wear the suit. He'd bought it as a joke.

"But I will," Cynthia said.

She was floating high when she went upstairs and picked out the tiny bikini. Hurriedly she stripped off all her clothes and slipped into the bathing suit. She took a look at herself in her bedroom mirror.

"Oh my God," Cynthia said. "I look obscene."

She knew she was feeling drunk or she would have never dared put it on. It was a yellow flimsy thing that showed some of her pubic hairs curling out of the sides. She could see her small, firm breasts pouring out of the top almost to her big nipples. As she watched she could see her nipples getting hard. Even thinking about Greg seeing her in something like this was enough to turn her on.

She realized why she'd worn the swimsuit as soon as she walked out into the back yard. She'd wanted to compete with Greg's vulgar looking wife. She didn't have the pair of tits that Mary had, but she knew she looked enticing in the swimsuit.

Greg was swimming in the pool. He grinned at her as she walked out near the diving board.

"That's nice," he said, whistling. "You look good enough to eat."

"You sure do," Mary, his dark haired wife said. "I wish I had your legs."

Cynthia felt a little funny about the way Mary was admiring her long, slender legs. Almost like a man would admire them. Cynthia told herself she was being silly, but there was something about the way Mary was looking at her.

"Why don't you take a swim?" Mary suggested. Cynthia was thankful to be diving off the board and into the fresh water. She came up gasping for breath and loving the feel of the cool water around her. She hadn't realized how very hot it was.

"You dive pretty good," Greg said. He was swimming toward her in a lazy kind of way. But she saw the look that was in his eyes and it made her afraid.

What was she doing here after what he had done to her only the evening before?

She had heard of other women not calling the police but she had never heard of a raped woman going swimming the day after it happened with the man who had raped her. And with his wife looking on?

Getting away from him would be no problem. She could swim for the side and head for home. He wouldn't dare bother her with his wife looking on. She didn't move. Greg swam up beside her and gently paddled to keep himself afloat.

"You should have worn something like that a long time ago, honey," Greg said.

"I'm not your honey," she said.

"Sure you are, honey," he said. "That's why you came over. To be my honey again."

She gave a startled gasp as he lowered one hand underneath her.

His hand slid into the wetness of her bathing suit and roughly cupped her asscheek. Cynthia looked over at his wife in horror. Mary was looking at them. She was leaning back in her chair with her eyes closed.

"Stop," Cynthia said weakly.

"You don't want me to stop," he said. "You know you'll like me to touch you. Why don't you touch me?"

"No," she said.

"Let me have your hand," he demanded.

She let him have her hand. She didn't know why. Nor did she know why she was breathing so hard and making no attempt to escape from him.

"Let's move a little closer to the edge," Greg said. "Where we can stand up."

"I don't want to," she said, but he was already pulling her close to the shallow area where they could both stand.

"This is better," Greg said. "Now you can play with my cock all you want. That's what you came for, wasn't it? To play with my pecker?"

"No," she insisted, "no."

But she wasn't fighting him as he brought her hand close to his cock. She felt the wetness of his bathing suit. He didn't force her hand inside his suit. He only pressed her hand against the outside. She could feel his huge bulge throbbing hotly.

"There," he said. "Is that what you wanted to feel?"

"Why ire you doing this to me?" she asked, almost sobbing.

"I'm only doing what you want me to do," he said. "I'm only making you feel my pecker. You want to feel my pecker. It's what you came over to do."

It was true. She had to admit it to herself. It was what she had been thinking of all night long. It was the reason she had drunk so much. To forget. To forget how big and thick his prick had felt as it entered her. To forget the strange feelings that had gone through her when he made her suck it.

"Oh God, yes it is," she said.

And she moved her hand down the front of his suit to feel his hot meat. Her fingers wrapped around the thick staff and she found that she hadn't been dreaming. It was just as big as she remembered it. It was so damned long and thick and had such a huge cock-head.

"You want to fuck," he said.

She wanted to fuck. She wanted to more than anything she'd wanted to do in her life. But her upbringing made her look at him in horror. It was wrong. It was in broad daylight and it was right in front of his wife. It was sickening.

"You want to," he said.

"No, yes, no," she stammered. "Oh, I can't. Let's go someplace. Not here."

"We'll do it here," he said. "It'll be a new experience for you."

"No," she said, but he was already pulling her wet bottom down her legs. He left them at her knees and he bent her backward in the water. He was puffing his own trunks down. Down to his knees. She felt his thick cock jump out to touch her creamy thighs.

"No, not here," she pleaded, but she knew that she didn't want him to stop. He couldn't stop. At that moment she needed his big prick more than she had ever wanted anything.

"Not here," she said again.

"Hell, sweet," he said. "Who are you trying to fool? You're hotter than a cunt who hasn't had it for a year. Don't try to fool me, bitch."

He pushed his hand between her legs. His fingers probed at her hot cunt opening. She groaned and her head fell back. She couldn't control the hot feelings that went through her body. God, she wanted his cock. She wanted his big prick slamming into her pussy, stretching her cunt with his steaming cock-meat. She needed to be fucked. "All right, Goddamn you," she moaned. "Give it to me. I want it."

"That's better, you little bitch," he said. "You're nothing but a cunt. Now you're telling the truth. You want my meat and you're going to get it."

Somehow he bent her back so that his cock was wedged between her thighs. It might have been uncomfortable if she weren't so damned hot. He moved and his prickhead pushed apart the plump pink petals of her pussy. He went inside -- just barely. His big cockhead felt like it was pumping blood through her body. She had never felt anything that made her feel so strange and good. If only her husband had a cock like this, or if only he knew how to be the type of man Greg was.

"Little fucking cunt housewife," he said. "You sweet hot bitch!"

This was what she'd needed for a long time. He wasn't treating her as if she'd break. He was treating her like she was a cunt, a whore, someone to be fucked. This was making her feel more like a woman than she'd ever felt.

"Call me names," she whispered, her voice hot with hunger. "Call me names. Treat me rough. It's what I need. It's what I want so bad."

"You fucking cunt!" he yelled.

"Yessss," she sobbed.

He stabbed with his massive prick until it was partially into her. She didn't even think he was ready for the hunger in her. She lifted her legs and locked them around his as she sat down hard on his cock. They were both still standing and she gave a loud moan as his cock went deep in her pussy.

"Oh God, what a monster," she cried. "It feels like it's in my belly."

"You like it, cunt?" he questioned.

"God yes, I love it," she groaned.

He began to fuck her. He drove his big cock into her pussy again and again, stretching her cunt and sending his big prick-head deep into her belly. She felt his prick leaking his thick cum onto her creamy thighs. He hadn't taken off her top but she could feel her nipples rubbing the thin material of her suit.

"Oh fuck me," she groaned. "Give it to me. I'm a cunt. I'm a cunt who needs fucking. Give me your rod."

"You Goddamn bitch," he groaned. "You fucking cocksucker. I bet you'd suck it, now, wouldn't you? You wouldn't fight me now. You'd suck my cum right out and swallow it. All you fucking cunts will suck cock!"

"Oh yessssss," she sobbed. "I'll suck cock. I'll do anything. Oh, only give it to me hard!"

She was bouncing on his prick like a cowgirl riding a horse. She kept squeezing with her cuntal muscles each time she felt that hot meat going up into her squishy cunt. She felt the first hot explosion in her cunt.

"Oh fuck yes," she sobbed. "I'm coming. I'm fucking coming! Oh, I fucking love your cock! Oh, you fucking big bastard, fuck me HARDDDDD!"

She really squirmed against him as her body convulsed with the spasms of pleasure. She felt weak and helpless as the last spasm shook her body. She moaned and leaned against him. She couldn't have moved if she'd wanted to.

"You want my cum?" he asked her.

"Yes," she admitted.

"I'm going to give it to you," he said. "I'm going to fill your belly."

He was fucking her faster and his hands had gripped her ass. She no longer thought about the noises they were making. It didn't matter if his wife, or anyone else saw them. This man had conquered her completely and there was nothing she wouldn't do for him.

"Squirt it in me," she moaned. "Oh fuck, squirt that stuff in me!"

"I'm coming, baby," he groaned. "I'm fucking coming! Oh you cocksucking bitch, I'M COMINGGGGGG."

She ground herself against him and kept moving as she felt the hot spurts filling her cunt with thick cream. She had never given herself so completely to a man. She kept rubbing him even as his prick started to go limp.

It was only then that she thought about where she was and that his wife was, sitting only inches away.

But she wasn't sitting anymore. She was standing near the pool watching them.

"Oh my God," Cynthia groaned.

There was no way she could hide what they had been doing. She slipped off his cock and tugged her suit back up her legs. She waited for the angry words to come. But instead, Mary smiled.

"I bet you two are ready for a cold beer," Mary said.

"Yeah, babe," Greg said, pulling up his trunks. "And I want a shower."

Mary wasn't acting anything like what Cynthia had expected. There was no doubt that the dark-haired woman knew what had been going on in the pool. Yet, she was acting as if she saw this sort of thing every day. It made Cynthia nervous. She half expected Mary to go crazy at any moment.

It was more curiosity than anything else that made Cynthia go with the woman into the house. She wanted to understand Mary better, to understand why the woman hadn't made more of a scene.

"Would you like a beer?" Mary asked her.

"Yes," Cynthia said.

They sat at the kitchen table and drank the beer. Cynthia could hear the shower running in the bedroom. She could slowly close her eyes and remember every part of Greg's strong, naked body. She had never had it so bad for a man before. In fact, she had never been attracted to the muscular athlete. Yet, she was more than attracted to Greg. She thought he was the most beautiful hunk of man she'd ever seen.

"You're wondering about us, aren't you?" Mary asked.

"A little," Cynthia answered. "I mean, you know what was going on out there."

Mary crossed her plump legs and took another long drink of her beer. Mary was a lot smaller than Cynthia, more intense looking. She looked Spanish. Her dark eyes danced with a merry amusement as she looked at Cynthia. Cynthia found her gaze attracted to the way the creamy swells of Mary's breasts pushed out the top of her thin bathing suit. Cynthia knew why, she had never liked to look at women as big as Mary. She had always been jealous of their natural figures. Cynthia knew that a man was often attracted to a woman's boobs, and Cynthia had never had a good set.

"I know what happened," Mary said. "It's happened before. I don't mind."

"You don't?" Cynthia asked.

"Of course not," Mary said, shrugging her creamy shoulder. "I've never minded. You see, Greg is enough man for me. Sometimes I'm thankful for other women. It keeps him away from me. I love to fuck but Greg is so macho. He could do it all the damn time."

"Really?" Cynthia asked.

Cynthia found that she was interested in everything about Greg. She didn't understand this need to know about him. She had always kept herself so cool around men, but there was just no way she could stay cool around Greg. Even thinking about him made her palms feel kind of sweaty.

"He sure can," Mary said. "Often he can get it up ten times a day. Even a woman who likes it as much as I do couldn't take it all the time. He wears me out. But God, what a feeling when he leaves you."

Cynthia knew what feeling Mary was talking about. She had felt that same feeling a few minutes ago, when he had left her as well fucked as she'd ever been.

"He can make you feel like a woman," Mary said, her eyes dark with love for her husband.

Greg came padding into the kitchen. He was completely naked and again Cynthia had to gasp at the sight of that big beautiful cock hanging between his legs. He wasn't limp. The water had evidently refreshed him and his cock was half-hard. His huge balls looked like weapons hanging below his staff.

"Hi girls," he said. "Been having a nice conversation?"

"We've been talking about you," Mary said. "About what a stud you are."

"Ah," Greg said, shrugging his shoulders. "I'm not a stud. I just like pussy more than most guys. I mean there's nothing I like better than having my dick in a woman's twat."

Greg opened a beer and sat down at the kitchen table. Cynthia felt uncomfortable sitting there with him naked. And his wife there. A few days before and she would have been insulted if anyone had said she would ever do anything like this.

"There's one other thing I like," Greg said.

"Most of all."

"What's that?" Cynthia asked.

"I like having my cock sucked at the kitchen table while I'm drinking a beer," he said.

Cynthia felt a tingling sensation at the base of her spine. She looked at Mary who simply shrugged her shoulders. Cynthia wondered if she could. She had never sucked a man's cock before, at least long enough to make him come. And Greg had such a huge prick. She hadn't been able to breathe when he'd had it in her mouth the day before.

"Mary could suck me," Greg said. "But since you're the guest."

"Go ahead," Mary urged. "You know that you want to. I like having my husband get sucked in front of me. It makes me hot all over."

Cynthia swallowed nervously. Then she nodded her head. She was going to try. She might not make him happy, but she was going to try. She'd had the feeling before, while he was fucking her, that there was nothing she wouldn't do for him.

"I've never done it before," Cynthia said. "Not all the way."

"A Goddamn virgin mouth," he said.

"I might not be able to make you happy," she said.

"You'll make me happy, cunt," he said. "Or I'll know the fucking reason why."

A strange feeling came over her. Something she'd never felt before. Suddenly he was her master in command. She couldn't refuse him anything.

"Take off your clothes first," Mary suggested.

"Yeah," Greg agreed. "That's a fucking good idea. Strip off your fucking clothes, cunt. Get your ass bare. We want to look at you."

She was trembling as she stripped off her suit. She was still dripping water from her swim.

"Gorgeous," Mary said.

Again Cynthia had that feeling that Mary was looking at her in the way a man would look at her. Cynthia wondered if Mary could be different. Then she decided that Mary couldn't be different -- married to a man like Greg.

"Take your beer, cunt," Greg said. "Pour it all over yourself."

She gave him a puzzled glance but she picked up her beer and poured a little of it down the front of her lush body.

"Like that, pussy," he said. "Except I want you to do it. All over yourself."

She understood that this was just another way to show her that she now belonged to him, that he could make her do any degrading thing he wanted. It made her shiver with fright, but it also made her excited. Really excited.

She picked up the beer and emptied it over herself. The alcohol ran in rivers down her belly to the junction of her thighs. She poured some against her face and into her hair. He was smiling.

"You little cunt," he said. "You're not so Goddamned cool now, are you? You smell like a four dollar whore and you're going to suck my prick until I shoot my fucking jism right in your Goddamn cunt mouth. And you're going to swallow it. Swallow every fucking drop!"

"Yes," Cynthia said, trembling.

"Well, start sucking!"

She sank down to her knees on the cold kitchen floor. He grabbed her by the back of her head and forced her face against his crotch.

"That's it, baby," he said. "That's cockmeat. A big thing for you. Suck it. Lick it. Show me how much you love the fucking thing."

"Yes," Mary said softly. "Show my husband. Show my husband and me what a aunt you are!"

"Oh Jesus," Cynthia said softly and she licked at the thick cockhead.

She didn't know what they'd done to her, but her pussy was a burning, dripping hole. She licked around the big crown and she felt his thick cum-juice leaking out onto her lips. She stabbed the tiny slit with her tongue.

"Yeah," Greg said. "Suck it, you little aunt. Suck my fucking prick!"

She was hotter than ever. She opened her mouth wide and sucked the big crown into her hot mouth. She began to swirl her tongue around the cockhead. That wasn't enough. She sucked harder and his prick went deeper into her throat. She felt his hand tighten on the back, of her head.

"Ahhhh yes, you little bitch," he groaned. "You fucking little cunt. Ahhhh fuck yes."

Her head began to bob. She began to bob her head and got a little more of his hot meat with every movement. She could feel his cock-head going deep into her throat.

"Fucking cunt bitch," he said. "Fucking cunt bitch. I'm going to blow your Goddamn cocksucking head off when I come. I'm going to fill your Goddamn belly. You bitch!"

His vulgar words and the rough hand that guided the movements of her head made her hotter. She wanted more of his cock in her mouth. She gave him one long suck until she had his balls at her chin. She couldn't believe it. She had all of his big thick pecker in her mouth. She didn't know a lot about sucking cock but she knew that this was something that few women ever did.

"Jesus," Mary said softly. "Look at her go after it. She must love it."

"You're fucking right she loves it," Greg said. "She's a cocksucking bitch! A cocksucking bitch!"

She felt jism leaking into her mouth. She was frightened of it, but she didn't take her mouth away. She began moving her head faster and swallowing the thick juice. His cock was beginning to get slippery and sticky. Her saliva mixed with his leaking juices made white bubbles form on the corners of her working mouth.

"Jesus," he groaned. "I'm going to give it to her. I'm going to give her every drop. Swallow it, bitch! Swallow it! SWALLOWWWW!"

She couldn't believe he could have so much cum left. It spurted into her throat in deep, hot rivers. She felt like she had a gallon of it. She sputtered and then began to swallow as fast as she could. Still, a lot of his jism was escaping her sucking hungry mouth.

"She sure loves it," Mary said. "She's going after it like an animal."

"Yeah," Greg groaned. He pushed the back of her head and drove his prick deep into her throat one last time. His big prick spurted the last of his juice down the back of her throat.

"Now you just keep your mouth there, bitch," he said. "You just keep your mouth there until I'm ready."

She remained on her knees with his pecker in her mouth until he had finished his beer. She could feel his prick still pulsating hotly against the back of her throat. He didn't go completely limp but quit throbbing so intently. She felt sticky and sweaty all over.

But she was happy. She had made him come. She had performed her task as a woman. She had satisfied him. Finally he took his sticky cock from her mouth. She ran her tongue over her lips and tasted more of his cream.

"She's hotter than hell," Mary said.

"You think so?" he asked.

"Look at her face," Mary answered.

Cynthia did feel hotter than hell. Her pussy was burning and she needed something to fill it. Anything.

"Well the day is just getting started," Greg said. "We've got plenty of time. Plenty of time."


That same Saturday morning Alan was awakening from a deep, untroubled sleep. He felt better than he had ever felt in his life. He jumped out of bed and did his morning exercises. Then he took a long, hot shower. He dressed in a comfortable pair of slacks and a pullover shirt. Damn, he felt good. He smelled bacon frying as he went down to the kitchen.

"Good morning," Elaine said, as he walked in. Alan saw that he hadn't been dreaming about the good looking redhead. Stella was nowhere around, but Elaine was enough for one man to see when he got up in the morning. She was absolutely stunning.

She wore a pair of cut-off shorts and a halter top that barely concealed her abundant tits. Alan felt his cock responding to how good she looked.

Elaine saw the awakening bulge in his trousers and she grinned at him. "Do you think you can wait for breakfast?" she asked.

"I'll try," he answered.

He stared at her gorgeous bare legs as she moved around the room.

"Me you sure you can wait?" she asked him, reaching down and running her fingers playfully across his cock.

"I'm beginning to wonder," he said, as his prick got a little harder.

"You're so big this morning," she said, as she squeezed his throbbing prick. "And I thought we had worn you completely out."

"It's just that you are so Goddamned sexy," he said.

He pulled her down into his lap. Her beautiful ass settled comfortably on his pulsating prick. He saw her face getting a little flushed. She began to squirm against his prick and he knew he was getting to her. He put his hand down the tight front of her halter and easily pulled out one of her creamy tits. He fingered the beautiful big red nipple. She sobbed deep in her throat and her nipple became rigid. He bent his mouth down and sucked gently on one turgid bud.

"Do you like my tits?" she asked him. "Do you like to suck on them?"

"Fuck yes," he answered.

"Good," she said. "I like to have a man's lips on my tits. It makes me hot all over."

"There's nothing more beautiful than a beautiful woman's tit," he said, moving his hot mouth from one rosy bud to the other. She had started to pant and she was rubbing her sexy ass a little faster against his cock.

"Jesus," she groaned. "Will you take that fucking pole out?"

"Sure," he answered.

He slipped his hand underneath her plump ass. He didn't pull his zipper down right away. First he squeezed her soft asscheeks until her breath came a little shorter. He pushed his finger between her legs and rubbed there. She was really getting hot. He could smell the bacon burning.

"You're going to burn breakfast," he said.

"The hell with breakfast," she said. "Let's get all these fucking clothes off."

She stood up and she quickly stripped her clothes off. He licked his lips as he stared at her luscious big boobs, her flat belly, and the thick red hair at her snatch. He couldn't resist the impulse to put his hand back between her legs. She wiggled her pretty bottom as his fingers explored her wet pussy. He drove one finger up into her wet twat and felt her shiver. She began to move up and down on his finger. Damn, he'd never seen a woman get so hot so quickly. He'd always thought his wife was a pretty good fuck, but she was cold compared to this woman. He saw her put her head back and open her mouth. She was licking hotly at her bottom lip.

"You are making me so hot," she squealed, as his hand rubbed faster between her legs and his finger probed deeper into her slippery wet twat. "You are making me feel like one randy bitch!"

His cock was throbbing powerfully as he bent his head to one of her tender nipples. He sucked it into his mouth and ran his tongue over it. Then he bit it gently. She seemed to go out of her mind. Her big ass moved quickly from side to side as she fucked his finger.

"Oh mother-fuck," she cried. "You're going to drive me out of my mind. Oh, your fucking finger feels so nice. So good! So Goddamned good!"

She was wiggling like crazy as his finger explored the inner depths of her hot fuck-hole. Alan was really enjoying himself. He loved to have this sexy woman squirming because of what he was doing to her. He had never seen anything so lewd as this sexy woman.

"Rub your hand on my clit," she begged him, her hot ass moving a little quicker. "Please. Rub your hand on my fucking clitty."

He searched until he found her sensitive little clit. He began to rub the bud between his fingers and this increased her excitement. He could feel her cunt juicing up and he bent to kiss her titties again. This time he drew more of her hot flesh into his mouth. He bit her gently.

She was sobbing with pleasure as she frantically rubbed her steaming slit against his finger. He stabbed two more fingers up into her cunt.

"Oh, that feels so good," she cried. "Oh, you wonderful Goddamn bastard. Oh, that feels so fucking good!"

He could feel her starting to shiver and his finger was getting a little wetter. He sucked harder on her luscious tits until he grew tired of it. He knew he had her now and he wanted a taste of that sweet pussy. He wasn't going to be satisfied with anything else.

"Oh God, don't stop," she cried, but he was already dropping down on his knees in front of her hot, dripping pussy. He gently pulled his wet fingers out of her cunt, then pulled her cunt lips wide open with his warm thumbs.

"I've got to have a taste of that sweet cunt," he said.

She realized what he was doing and she was more than willing. She spread her legs a little wider and grabbed the back of his head. She pulled his face into her sweet smelling love mound. He tasted her sweet, tangy juices as he pushed his tongue against her wet slit.

"Oh, you sweet bastard," she cried.

He slipped his tongue between her plump, sensitive cunt lips and drove it deep inside her. Her shapely ass jerked as he began to eat the inside of her cunt. He tasted more of her juices flooding his mouth. He began to swallow as he licked and sucked for more.

"You fucking animal," she cried. "Oh, you big fucking animal. I love your tongue. Eat me. Eat me good!"

He began to push his tongue in and out of her sweet tasting cunt. She pulled him closer and it was like her entire cunt tit right over his face. He could smell nothing but her cunt. He found her clit once more and this time he sucked it between his lips. He felt her start to shiver.

"Oh, you big fucking cunt eater," she moaned. "That's it, honey! That's the way I want you to eat me. Oh, I love your fucking tongue. I love it!"

He felt her silky pubic hairs round his face as he sucked on her tiny clitty. He felt the tiny bud get harder and longer until it felt like it was filling his mouth. He bit on it gently and she screamed for joy.

She kept screaming as she ground her cunt into his face and began to stroke the back of his head. He knew this was the real thing by the amount of slick pussy juice filling his mouth.

"Oh fucking hell," she cried. "I'm coming. Oh, I'm fucking coming. I'm fucking coming. Godddddddd!"

She locked her thighs against his face as she began a shuddering orgasm. He kept licking her sweet tasting cunt until her body relaxed.

"That was fantastic," she groaned. "Simply fantastic. Thank you!"

He moved his face from between her thighs. He licked at his lips where he could still taste some of her tangy juices. He ran his hand over her still erect nipples and he felt her shiver.

"Now it's my turn," he said.

"You'd better believe it," she said. "Let's go into the bedroom."

She took his hand and they walked into the bedroom. Her breakfast was ruined but it didn't matter anymore. It only mattered that they were both horny as hell. He could hardly wait to get his big prick into her sweet pussy. He still remembered how tight and good she'd been.

"Ummmm," she said, when they reached the bedroom. "Let me undress you."

He sat down on the edge of the bed while she undressed him. Her nimble fingers unbuttoned and unzipped and in a few minutes she had him naked. She sank down on her knees and gobbled his thick prick up like candy. He felt her moving her soft lips up and down his prick and nipping gently with her teeth. He had never felt so hard as she released him and began teasing his knob with her tongue.

She swirled her tongue around his sensitive crown and he trembled. Slowly she sucked it back into her mouth. He felt it throbbing against the back of her throat. She released his prick from the liquid hot cavern of her throat. She held his prick gingerly in her fingers and began licking his blood-bloated knob as if it were an ice cream cone. Her long pink tongue was driving him crazy. He wanted to stuff it into her mouth as far as he could.

"Oh fuck, suck it," he groaned.

"You like to have your cock sucked, don't you?" she questioned.

"You fucking know I do," he gasped.

"I like to suck cock. I like to have a man's thick, salty tasting cock-meat in my mouth. It makes me feel like a wild woman. Sometimes I want to do it all day long."

"Just do it now," he moaned.

She smiled and put her head back. Her pink tongue licked the soft underside of his throbbing cock. He trembled as he felt delicious shivers in his balls. He knew his balls were getting heavier by the second with more thick cum.

"My balls," he groaned. "How about sucking my balls?"

"Ummmm," she said. "With pleasure."

Her tongue edged down his cock and touched his balls. He moaned as if he was in pain. It almost felt like pain. There was a hot tingling ache every place her tongue licked. He didn't know how much longer he could stand it.

"Take it in your mouth," he groaned. "Take my balls in your mouth."

She carefully took his heavy sac between her teeth and bit gently on them until he was nearly screaming with pleasure. She gingerly sucked the sac into her mouth and began to roll his tender balls beneath her tongue. The pleasure was exquisite, unlike anything he'd experienced so far. God, Elaine knew what a woman's mouth was for.

"Oh fuck," he groaned.

"Do you like that?" she asked, raising her head from his dick for a second.

"Fuck yes," he answered. "You're doing all kinds of crazy things to me."

"I know some other things you'll like," she said. "I bet your wife never did this."

He felt her mouth leave his balls and go farther down. He felt her delicate pink tongue stabbing at his asshole. Even with Elaine by herself it was as good as it had been the night before. She could use her tongue and lips as only an educated woman could. A woman educated in the thrills of new sexual experience.

"You Goddamn bitch," he moaned. "You really know how to turn me on."

"Ummm," she said. "Now I'm going to suck you!"

She was smiling as she slipped the circle of her fingers down to the ridge above his balls. She brushed her hair back from her eyes as she licked back up the length of his sweaty staff.

"You're leaking," she said, as she again stabbed at his wet slit with her tongue.

"I'm going to blow your Goddamn head off if you're not careful," he said.

"What a nice way to go," she said.

This time her wet mouth opened and she took just the head of his shaft between her legs. She closed her mouth just below the rim so that her teeth scraped it. She began to move her head up and down so that her teeth scraped against his sensitive ridge again and again. Once more she had found a new and thrilling sensation for him. He kept feeling her teeth nipping at his crown and her tongue swirling all around his cockhead each time she moved.

"Use your hand on my balls," he groaned.

She kept nipping at his ridge while she moved her hand between his legs to play with his balls. She fingered them gently as she sucked, her fingers causing new tingles to go through his body. He wanted to cram it into her mouth as deep as he could, but he had to control himself. He had learned something the night before. He had learned to take it easy with Elaine. This redheaded cocksucker knew exactly what she was doing. She would tease him by taking it slow and easy, but in the end she would blow his mind.

"Fuck," he groaned. "Fuck, you make me feel so good. Your mouth is so fucking hot."

He was not quite ready as she took all of his big prick down to the deepest part of her throat -- exactly as it had been the night before. It was a damn wonderful feeling. Her throat seemed to constrict on his bloated cockhead, causing him to feel like his prick was caught in some kind of tight vise.

"Ahhh, you fucking bitch," he groaned. "You fucking hot bitch!"

Elaine held his cock in her mouth that way for a long time. Neither of them moved. She could feel his cock growing and she knew she had to give him time to relax. One movement of her head and she might make him blow his wad too soon. She didn't want that.

Finally she could feel the hot flesh relaxing and only then did she start to move her head. Faster and faster she began bobbing and she could feel his cum leaking out into her mouth. She swallowed hurriedly as his thick cock swelled until she could hardly get it through her lips.

"Oh Christ," he moaned. "Fuck!"

He watched her red head bob and he wanted to pour his jism down her sweet throat. But he wanted something else a lot worse. His balls felt tight and he wanted to slam his big prick into her sweet pussy. He could still remember how her tight cunt had held his cock, how wild she had gotten when he was fucking her. Her pussy was like no other woman's he'd ever known. He wanted her to turn into that animal again.

"No, I want you to stop," he said, gently pushing her away.

"Why?" she asked.

"I want to fuck," he said.

"No, I want to suck you," Elaine said desperately. She was hungry for the taste of his cum. He couldn't take her this far and make her stop. She tried to put her head back but he held her firmly.

"No, Goddamn it," he said. "I want some of your ass. You've got the best fucking pussy I've ever had. The very best. And I want some more."

"But I want to taste your cum," she protested. "I can't help it," he said. "I want to feel that sweet cunt of yours. I have to. I've never felt a better pussy."

"Not even Stella's?" she questioned.

"Not even your daughter's," he answered honestly.

Elaine was pleased. She'd never had a man so desperate for her cunt before. Usually it was the fresh tight cunt of Stella that the men wanted so desperately. She liked the idea. It made her pussy burn with a new hunger. It didn't matter that only a few minutes before he had satisfied her. Now all she wanted was that cock of his. The taste of his cum could wait. She knew that she would have other opportunities before the day was over.

"Do you really want to fuck me so badly?" she asked him.

"Baby," he said. "I want your cunt more than I've ever wanted anything at all."

She grinned as she licked her ripe full, lips. She could taste his jism where he had leaked from the end of his cock. She cleaned off his milky white jism with the end of her tongue, swallowing it obviously because she knew this was something else that he found exciting. This time her young daughter had really picked a winner. He was a damned exciting man.

She ran her fingers over her turgid nipples. Her tits were swollen enough to burst. She rubbed her thighs together and felt her slippery red cunt tingling. She knew that her clit was swollen and hard, ready for the penetration of his big hot prick.

"Come on, baby," he urged her. "Get up here on the bed. I'm ready to fuck you."

"I'm ready to be fucked," she admitted to him. "I'm ready to take it now."

"Then get up here and give me that sweet snatch," he commanded her.

Quickly she scrambled up on the big bed. She stretched out on her back and spread her pretty long legs. Her pussy gaped open in hot invitation.

"Do you think my pussy is pretty?" she asked him.

"Jesus, yes," he answered, looking into the puffy pink lips of her cunt.

"Come on and fuck me," she whispered.

He didn't waste any time. He immediately got onto the bed with her. He put his hand over her luscious venus mound and began to play with it. In a few minutes she was wet enough for him to slide his finger up into her pussy. Again she began to shake as his finger massaged her. He could feel her slippery cuntlips pulling at his finger, trying to suck more of his fingers into her hot, wet twat.

"Oh baby," she groaned, as she felt his finger rubbing against her clit again. "Oh, put it in, baby. Put your big cock in my pussy."

He crawled between her legs and she grabbed his prick. Her fingers grasped him tightly as she guided his big cock-head to her hot snatch. Her ass moved from side to side as she put his prick right where she wanted it. Her pussy was sucking hard and he let his cock be drawn into her.

Slowly his big prick went into the tight confinement of her cunt. He went in deep. His cock pulsated as he drove his flesh in as far as he could. She began to move as she gave in to the sweet feeling of his cock's penetration.

"Fuck me," she groaned. "Oh fuck me! I love your big hard cock! I fucking love it!"

"I love it too," he said. "You've got the sweetest fucking pussy in the world!"

"Oh, give it to me," she whispered. "Oh give me every big inch of your hot prick."

He remained still for a long while as he held the comfortable feeling of her pussy gripping his pulsating cock. She wiggled a little as the delicious tingles went through her body. There was something about having a man's cock in her pussy that she loved. It wasn't just the good feelings that sex gave her. It was something else. Something in her mind and body that loved being dominated and made to feel like a wanton woman. She knew there were many women in the world who never liked having a man fuck them. Elaine wondered what they were thinking of when they were being fucked and she wondered how any woman could think of anything but the cock inside.

"Don't tease me," she said. "Fuck me!"

Alan remembered the night before. He remembered how she and her slaughter had teased him without pity. Now he was going to give her some of her own medicine. He gave her one slow thrust that made her gasp. Her ass started to rotate and her pussy humped up at him. She seemed to be violently trying to suck his prick inside her twat.

"Come on," she groaned. "Fuck me. Give me your cock. Oh please!"

He'd wanted to tease her longer, but the motions of her ass made him lose control. He began to move slowly in and out of her hot, clutching snatch. Her wet twat felt slippery as he increased his rhythm. He could hear his cock making squishy sounds.

"Ahhhh fuck," he groaned. "Ahhh fuck, your sweet pussy feels so good!"

"Yessss," she cried out. "Fuck me like that. You know how to give it to me. Fuck me good!"

He gave it to her faster and harder. His balls slapped loudly against her. He felt her lifting her legs and locking them around his cock. Her pussy felt so damned tight and hot, and it seemed like she was clutching at every inch of his thrusting prick. He was getting into her cunt really deep, deeper than he had ever gotten into a woman. It felt like his big bloated knob was thrusting into her belly. He felt like shooting his heavy load right out of her mouth.

He knew that in a few moments he was going to shoot his load and he wasn't ready yet. He wanted to make it last as long as he possibly could. He wanted to let her know that she was being fucked by a real man.

"You hot fucking bitch," he cried. "You hot fucking cunt! I'm fucking your cunt! I'm fucking you!"

"Yes," she cried. "Now give it to me, you big bastard. Give it all to me. Give me all your cock, you big cunt loving fucking!"

He slipped his hands beneath her ass and began to squeeze her asscheeks. He felt the tension in his balls and he knew he couldn't make it last much longer. It just felt too fucking good. He began to thrust into her a little faster.

"I'm going to fill your cunt with my cum, you tight fucking little bitch," he groaned.

"Yes," she cried. "Give it to me. Give it all to me. I love cum. I'm a cum loving bitch! Fill up my pussy with your hot cum!"

It was torture to keep from shooting his load, but he wanted to make it last as long as he could. He kept giving her long, deep strokes until he could stand it no longer. He felt his hot knob swelling and the first of his jism leaking into her wet cunt.

"You're squirting," she moaned. "Oh yes, squirt that stuff into me. Fill my cunt!"

He gave her one last stroke as his body began to shudder. Then his prick was shooting his wad deep into her belly and she squirmed wildly against him.

"CHRIST!" he yelled. "You're so fucking sweet!"

His cock drained into her pussy and only when his prick went limp did she push him off her. She was grinning as only a well fucked woman could.

"Now can we have breakfast, you sex fiend?" she said, laughing.


"Are you still feeling dizzy?" Mary asked, softly stroking Cynthia's brow.

"Just a little," Cynthia admitted. "What happened to me?"

"You almost passed out," Mary explained. "Greg brought you into our bedroom."

Cynthia nodded her head. She could remember being seated at the kitchen table when suddenly she had started to feel sick to her stomach. Then she had felt dizzy and she had almost fallen out of her chair. Luckily Greg had noticed how pale she was and he had grabbed her before she hit the floor. He had immediately picked her up in his strong arms and he'd carried her to the bedroom. She'd felt safe snuggled against his bare chest. She had heard the loud beating of his heart.

"Here you are," Greg had said, putting her down on the bed.

Cynthia must have passed out then because she didn't remember anything after that. Mary had a sympathetic look on her face and Cynthia wondered how she had ever thought the woman was crude. In fact, Mary was a very pretty woman.

"How long have I been asleep?" Cynthia asked.

"About two hours," Mary answered.

"Oh my goodness," Cynthia said. "I guess I shouldn't have been drinking so much."

Cynthia remembered that she had drunk two more beers after Greg had finished with her. She usually didn't like the taste of beer but somehow today the beer was the best, tasting stuff she'd ever had. She couldn't put it down.

"You shouldn't have had those last two beers," Mary agreed with her, "I just don't think you're the drinking type."

"No," Cynthia said. "I feel like I've been run over by a truck."

"Well," Mary said. "I know how to make you feel a lot better. A good hot shower will do wonders for you. It always helps me when I'm feeling a little hung over."

Cynthia nodded her head and agreed that a shower certainly would feel good. The thought of hot water already made her feel somewhat relaxed.

After the fucking in the pool and then sucking Greg, it seemed like every muscle in her body ached. Cynthia wasn't used to that kind of exercise.

Cynthia wondered where Greg was. He was nowhere in the room. She raised her head and looked around. Immediately she felt a stabbing pain in her head. She moaned and let her head fall back again. She wasn't sure she was ever going to be able to take a breath again without it hurting. Greg had really put her thought it. Yet, she wasn't resentful. She didn't carry anything but need in her body for Greg. He had made her tired but it was a well-fucked tired. Something she had never felt with her husband. Greg's roughness was the part that made her need him the most. He wasn't just some sweet and gentle lover. He was a conqueror who had taken her in a savage contest. Cynthia knew that the feeling she had was one that most women secretly desire but could never have. Perhaps because they weren't brave enough or they simply hadn't met a man who could give it to them.

"Come on, baby," Mary said. "Let me help you into the shower."

"Where's Greg?" Cynthia asked.

"He's around," Mary answered. "Don't worry about him right now."

This time Cynthia was able to raise herself up without that stabbing pain. She allowed Mary to help her into the shower. She didn't feel so alarmed about Mary any longer.

"Here we are," Mary said. "This is going to make you feel much, much better."

"Uh-huh," Cynthia agreed. "At least it will make me smell better."

"Ummm," Mary said. "Greg can get really rough sometimes. But it feels so good."

"Oh yes," Cynthia agreed, shivering.

Cynthia stood quietly while Mary turned on the water. Cynthia wondered what it had been about the dark haired woman that had frightened her so much. Mary seemed like a very nice person. There was no reason to feel uneasy. Just because Mary looked at her strangely was no reason not to be comfortable around her.

Perhaps her only reason had been that she was jealous of Mary's huge boobs. Even now Cynthia felt a pang of jealousy as she eyed those creamy tits encased in the brief bikini top. She'd always wanted breasts like that. Big breasted women had been what the boys had gone for. The girls with the big, pointy tits never lacked for dates. Even if they looked like dogs.

And Mary didn't look like a dog. She was a very attractive woman. Cynthia decided her resentment of big boobs had been the only thing that kept her from liking Mary. Now that Cynthia understood her feelings, she could cope with them. Now she and Mary could be friends.

"There!" Mary said, testing the water with her hand. "It's nice and hot. You get in there."

She didn't protest as Mary helped her into the shower. The hot water splashed into her face and against her titties. It was a nice feeling. She moaned in contentment as she let the water soak her body.

"Would you like me to soap you?" Mary asked.

"What?" Cynthia asked.

"Would you like me to put the soap on for you?" Mary repeated. "I do a fantastic job scrubbing backs."

"No thank you," Cynthia said, as she had that old flicker of alarm.

"Don't be silly," Mary said. "You don't look in very good shape. I'll put the soap on."

Mary had pulled the shower curtain but Cynthia could see Mary's outline through the thin sheet. She watched the woman taking off her top. Cynthia's heart began to pound. Her head already had started to clear and Cynthia was remembering some of the things that had bothered her about Mary. Just that look in the woman's eyes, for example. It was a strange look. Like a man's eyes looking at her body and making her feel almost the same way a man would make her feel. And Cynthia remembered other things. There had been the way she looked at the kitchen table, all flushed and aroused -- and she hadn't been looking at her husband. All the time she had been looking at Cynthia.

Cynthia wondered if it could be possible that Mary was perverted. Perhaps she was one of those women who liked to do things to other women. Sick things. Cynthia felt her heart begin pounding faster. She'd heard stories about women like that but she'd never actually met one.

But she couldn't move as she watched the outline of Mary pulling her bottoms down her shapely legs. Then Mary pulled back the shower curtain and she was standing there naked. Cynthia felt her breath catch in her throat as she looked at the beautiful woman. Mary looked exactly as she'd always dreamed of looking in her fantasies. Like a movie star. Big tits, flat belly, and the darkest bush Cynthia had ever seen.

Cynthia remembered a book her husband had once brought home and thought he'd hidden from her. She'd found it in one of his desk drawers when she'd been cleaning up. It was, an obscene book with plenty of naked women. Strangely enough, Cynthia hadn't been turned off by it. She couldn't put it down. She'd looked through the book twice before her trembling hands had put it back. Then she went to the bathroom and masturbated, something she hadn't done since she'd been a girl.

One of those women in the book looked exactly like Mary Patterson.

"Don't be nervous, honey," Mary said. "I'm just going to scrub your back."

Cynthia was as nervous as she'd ever been. Mary stood close behind her. She felt Mary's big, pointy tits pressing against her. She wanted to run, or to scream.

"Just going to scrub your back," Mary said.

Mary took the soap. Cynthia watched Mary as she put the soap on a rag. Mary started running the rag over Cynthia's back. Cynthia shivered as Mary touched her gently. Now Cynthia's head was completely clear. She was no longer thinking of Mary as a friend. She was wondering what Mary was going to do, and if she would be able to resist. Sure, she had allowed Mary's husband to do all those strange things to her -- but it was different from a woman's doing those, things.

"What's the matter, honey?" Mary asked. "You feel so tense."

"Nothing," Cynthia answered.

"Are you worried about me being in the shower with you?" Mary asked.

"Yes," Cynthia admitted.

Mary gently turned Cynthia around. Her soapy washrag felt good on Cynthia's shoulders and down to the swell of her firm tits. But Cynthia wasn't going to fool herself by thinking how good it felt. She wasn't going to let this woman get away with what she was trying to do. It was just too sick.

"You're worried about me," Mary said gently, "but I'm a woman."

"I know that," Cynthia said. "It's just that... that sometimes you look at me like a man would."

"And you don't like that?"

"It makes me feel strange," Cynthia said.

"Why are you worried? Do you think that I could do anything to you?"

"I don't know," Cynthia said. "I know that sometimes girls do things together. There were two girls who went to school with me. Everyone talked about them."

Mary was softly stroking Cynthia's tits with the rag. Cynthia felt her breath getting a little short. She didn't want to like this woman's hands touching her, but there was something gentle about Mary. Mary touched her differently from a man, but it was with the same hunger.

"What did those two girls do together?" Mary asked.

"I don't know," Cynthia said.

"Would you like to find out?" Mary asked.

So this was it. This was what she had been leading to all along. Cynthia was frightened. She wasn't that kind of woman and yet her nipples responded to Mary's touch. Cynthia could feel the water running over them as they grew turgid. Suddenly Mary dropped the washrag. It was just her bare fingers that began to soap Cynthia's tits. Cynthia felt her boobies swelling up so sensitively. Cynthia didn't want to feel like this. But why didn't she run away then? She could get out of the house and away from Mary. Mary couldn't make her do things as her husband had. So why didn't she run away?

"Would you like to find out?" Mary asked again.

"Oh God yes," Cynthia moaned.

At that moment Cynthia realized she had only been waiting for Mary to make her move. In fact, she had been looking for it. She couldn't have gone after Mary, but she did have the hots for the dark haired woman. Mostly it was curiosity. She had no idea what two women could do together.

"Let's get out of here," Mary said.

Mary reached up and turned off the water. Doing so made her body press even closer against Cynthia. Cynthia couldn't resist the impulse to respond by pressing back. She heard Mary groan and her hands swept down Cynthia's soft back to her full, soft ass. For the first time another woman's hands touched Cynthia's ass. Another woman's pussy rubbed softly against hers. Cynthia cried out.

"Jesus, let's get dried off," Mary said.

They got out and dried each other off. Cynthia had to resist grabbing at Mary. Instead she used her towel very lightly. It was only when she put the towel between Mary's creamy thighs that she felt her own pussy start dripping wetly. Quickly she pulled the towel back.

"What's the matter, honey?" Mary asked. "Are you getting a little hot?"

"Yes," Cynthia admitted.

"Well I'm going to take care of that, sugar," Mary said.

Cynthia was surprised to see Greg lying on the bed when they came out of the bathroom. His massive cock hung half limp between his legs. God, Cynthia had never dreamed that there could be such a man. He was a man who was ready to fuck at any time. Cynthia wondered if his prick ever got completely soft.

"Well?" Greg asked. "What's been going on between you two?"

"Cynthia's getting a little warm," Mary said. "I thought I'd take care of her."

"It didn't take you long," Greg said.

"It never does," Mary answered.

Cynthia realized that Mary and her husband had been in this situation before. She no longer felt the shyness that she'd belt when she'd seen Greg on the bed. Evidently she and Mary were going to put on a little show for Mary's husband. Cynthia felt her pussy growing hotter. There was something really depraved about the entire thing, something that made her so damned hot.

"Come to bed, little one," Mary said.

The two women stretched out on the bed and she felt Mary's warm lips on her own. She was cold at first. It was different than kissing a man. She'd never experienced the tingling feelings that went through her. A different kind of tingling than when a man kissed her.

"You're so sweet," Mary said, as her tongue stabbed deep into Cynthia's throat.

They kept tongue kissing as Mary drew closer. Her hands touched gently at Cynthia's tits. Cynthia arched her back as she pressed more of her soft flesh into Mary's fingers. She liked it. God, she loved it. Her nipples were hard little buds and her body was screaming from excitement.

"Oh, kiss them, Mary," she moaned.

Mary was more than willing. The dark haired woman dropped her face to Cynthia's tits. Cynthia felt her sweet sucking lips on her nipple. Slowly her flesh was sucked into Mary's hot, liquid mouth. Cynthia screamed. She hadn't thought a woman sucking her tits could feel so nice.

"You're getting her hot as hell," Greg said, and Cynthia felt his body pressed against hers from behind. She felt his cock in the crack of her ass. He still wasn't completely hard, but even half hard his prick was bigger than most men's. She began to rub her ass against his prick as she felt her cunt growing wetter. Mary was moving her liquid lips from one of Cynthia's tits to the other. Cynthia had never felt so Goddamned hot. She couldn't resist the impulse to raise her hands to Mary's huge tits.

"Ummmmm," Mary moaned.

So this was what Mary's big tits felt like. Cynthia ran her fingers over the creamy mounds and felt the nipples grow as hard as her own. Greg was kissing the back of her neck and pushing his cock at her ass. She could feel it getting hard.

"Oh Greg," she whispered.

She reached behind her back and took his steaming prick in her fingers. This time his cock felt even bigger than before and it wasn't quite hard yet. She remembered how it had felt in her cunt and in her mouth. She remembered the taste of his thick, hot jism.

"You want my cock, cunt?" he asked.

"Oh yes," Cynthia moaned.

"First let my wife get a taste of your sweet pussy," he said. "Then you can have my cock."

She was afraid again as Mary pushed her over on her back. But it was a delicious kind of fright and she didn't want it to stop. Mary's wet tongue trailed down her belly and she felt it probing her navel. It felt good. Cynthia rubbed her thighs together as she felt her dripping juice wetting her pussy hairs.

"Now let's see what this tastes like," Mary said. "I've wanted to taste this for a long time."

"Oh Jesus," Cynthia sobbed, as Mary's head went between her thighs.

Cynthia nearly went out of her mind as she felt Mary's tongue touching her tangled muff. Mary's tongue gently parted the petals of Cynthia's pussy and slipped inside. It was so nice. She sighed as she felt that sweet tongue, licking the juices in her pussy.

"Oh Christ," Cynthia cried.

"Do you like that?" Greg asked. "Do you like having my wife eat you?"

"Oh Christ, yes," Cynthia cried.

She felt Greg's hands touching her tits. He ran his fingers over her aroused nipples. Cynthia pushed her ass up off the bed as Mary's tongue touched an extremely tender spot. Then it was even worse, for Mary's tongue was rubbing Cynthia's clit. Cynthia felt more juices going into Mary's hot, sucking mouth.

"Oh, I love it, Mary," Cynthia cried. "Oh, I love your tongue."

Mary had gotten her so hot and now it was Greg's turn. Greg pushed his wife off Cynthia and his big strong body covered hers. His mouth pressed against hers and she tasted his tongue probing hers.

"God," Mary gasped. "Let me have another taste."

"Don't be a hog," Greg said.

Mary laughed as her lips touched Cynthia's face. She felt Mary kissing her neck and shoulders and trying to help herself to Cynthia's tits. Only her husband was in the way -- mashing them flat. Cynthia wondered what Mary was up to as the dark haired woman slipped her hand between their bodies. Then she felt Mary's fingers rubbing her cunt.

"You like that?" Mary asked.

"Oh yes," she cried.

Mary's fingers took Greg's cock and she pulled it to Cynthia's snatch. There was something deliciously obscene about having a man's wife beside her on the bed and having her put the cock in her pussy. Cynthia had never believed anything like this could happen to her. What would her husband think? What would Alan think if he could see her now?

"Ohhhhh," Cynthia cried as she felt Greg's blood-bloated knob about to enter her pussy hole. "I'm so hot down there. I'm so fucking hot."

"Greg's going to take care of that, baby," Mary told her.

Getting there was half the fun, for Greg took it very slowly. He slipped his prick into her cunt gently until the big thing was resting inside her. He didn't move. His big cock felt so good just resting in her cunt. It was Cynthia who lost control first. She began to move her ass back and forth.

"Oh fuck me," she said. "Go ahead and fuck me. I need it so bad."

He thrust that big pecker in and out of her cunt while Mary's tender fingers massaged them both. Cynthia couldn't think of anything that could be so exciting. She began to hump back violently to meet the thrusting of Greg's big prick.

"She really gets hot," Greg said.

"She's a hot little bitch," Mary agreed.

"Yes," Cynthia cried. "I'm a hot bitch. I'm a hot little bitch. And I want your cum."

"You're going to get it, baby," he said.

He thrust faster and harder and she felt his prick-head filling her cunt a little, more with each thrust. He was swelling and Cynthia knew he wasn't going to last.

"Oh, you big bastard," she cried. "Oh, you big hot bastard!"

"My cum, bitch," he groaned. "My cum! HERE'S MY CUMMMMM!"

His big body shuddered as he shot his wad into her hot cunt. He nearly crushed her into the bed with his excitement. He gave her two more powerful thrusts before all of his jism shot into her. She lifted her legs and locked them around his back to keep him in her for a few minutes longer. But this time his prick did go limp. She felt the last of his leaking jism and then his cock was slipping out of her. No amount of moving her ass could get him hard again.

"Oh don't stop fucking me," she gasped.

"I think she's still hot," Mary said.

"Why don't you do something for her, then?" Greg told her.

"Ummmm," Mary said. "I think I will."

Greg pulled himself off of Cynthia and stretched out by her side. The day's fucking had finally gotten to him. He looked exhausted. She closed her thighs together and felt the sticky touch of his cum.

"What are you going to do?" Cynthia asked.

"I'm going to eat you some more, baby," Mary said softly.

Mary's face went back between Cynthia's thighs. This time Mary began to lick up the cum juice that her husband had shot into Cynthia's cunt. Cynthia moaned. Mary pressed her face in closer. Her tongue began to flicker around Cynthia's tiny clit as she had been doing before.

"Oh my God," Cynthia moaned.

Her tongue began to thrust into Cynthia's cunt a little faster. Cynthia's ass began to jerk off the bed as her body was hit by small spasms. The delicious joy spasms got a little worse and then she felt as if her body was exploding.

"You're making me come," Cynthia cried. "Oh God, you're making me come. You're making me comeeeeeeeeee!"

Mary didn't take her mouth away from Cynthia's wet, quivering twat as Cynthia came. Cynthia knew she had to be choking Mary with her juices. Her husband had always accused her of being very wet and slippery. She couldn't help it. She had a lot of tangy juice. Mary didn't seem to mind. She was sucking and swallowing as if she loved Cynthia's juice more than anything else in the world.

"Oh gosh," Cynthia groaned. "Oh God!"

Mary finally took her mouth away from Cynthia's wet twat. Cynthia was still shuddering as Mary stretched out beside her. Mary absently stroked her soft nipple.

"You liked that, didn't you?" Mary asked her.

"Yes," Cynthia admitted.

"I'm hot too," Mary said. "Are you going to do something for me?"

"What could I do?" Cynthia said.

"You can return the favor," Mary said. "You're not stupid. You know what I mean."

"I couldn't," Cynthia said.

"Ahhh baby," Mary said sweetly. "You know you want to. You've wanted to suck my tits since you first looked at them. Now don't be shy."

Mary put her hand on the back of Cynthia's head and Cynthia allowed herself to be pulled down to Mary's creamy tits. She tenderly touched her tongue to one of Mary's big nipples. At the first taste of Mary's flesh, Cynthia knew that she had wanted to touch her lips to Mary's tits for a long time. Perhaps she'd always had that desire to suck on another woman? Perhaps that was why she had always been so cool with others of her sex and found it so hard to make friends.

"Ahhh yes," Mary moaned.

Cynthia sucked more of Mary's sweet tit into her mouth. She began to run her tongue over the big nipples and to nip at them with her teeth. She could feel that Mary was really starting to get excited.

"Suck my pussy now," Mary said, pushing hard at the top of Cynthia's head.

"I don't know if I can do a good job," Cynthia protested.

"Go ahead, baby," Mary said. "You'll do a good job. I know it."

Cynthia's tongue trailed down to the top of Mary's dark patch. Cynthia had second thoughts. This was something she'd always been taught was wrong. Of course, she had been doing a lot of things that were wrong that afternoon. And she had enjoyed all of them.

She knew she was going to enjoy eating Mary's pussy.

She got up enough courage to press her face between Mary's soft thighs.

"Oh yes, baby," Mary moaned.

Mary's pussy tasted tangy. Cynthia pressed her face closer.

"I wish I could make it last," Mary cried. "I can't. I'M so hot! I'm so hot. I'M SO HOTTTTT!"

Mary's body began to shiver in orgasm and Cynthia licked faster. Cynthia felt good at being able to make a woman come. She no longer felt guilty. She kept sucking until Mary's body quit trembling.

"Oh God," Mary said softly.

"Did I do good?" Cynthia asked.

"Oh yes, baby," Mary moaned. "You did good. You did very, very good!"


"Come on," Elaine said, tugging at his arm. "There's something outside I want to show you."

"Let's stay in here," Alan said, trying to pull the gorgeous redhead back into the bed with him. "I've still got something to give you."

"No," Elaine said. "You come with me. I'm going to show you something really exciting."

"I see everything exciting that I need to see," Alan said, as he pushed his hand, between her legs and tried to wiggle a finger into her cunt. Alan had had a nice nap and now he was ready for some more fun and games. But Elaine was serious. She shrugged his hand away.

"Come with me," she said.

"Like this?" he asked her.

He was naked and she was dressed in nothing but a pair of white panties.

"Nobody's going to see us," she said.

He was made curious by the intense look she had on her face. Perhaps there was something outside that he needed to see. Perhaps Stella was up to something. He had wondered where Stella was. He hadn't seen her all morning long. He had been kind of disappointed. He'd wanted both the redheaded women in bed with him. He didn't bother to dress. He took her word for it that nobody would see them. He followed her out of the house and up a shaded hill. It was a little cool but not cool enough to make him uncomfortable. He started to say something but Elaine put a warning finger to her lips.

Elaine said nothing else until she'd found them a place to sit at the top of the hill. They could see down into the glade below the hill. They were well sheltered from prying eyes by a couple of frees.

"Why are we here?" Alan asked.

"You're going to see a show," she said.

"What kind of show?"

"One that you'll like," Elaine said. "Now promise me that you'll be quiet."

"I'll be quiet," he promised, "but I haven't figured out what you're up to."

Elaine gave him a suggestive smile that made his balls ache. He pulled her into his arms and made her stretch out on her back. He began kissing her rosy red nipples until they had become hard. He ran his tongue lavishly over each of the twin rosebuds.

"Ummm..." she groaned.

"You've got the nicest titties," he said. "I can't get enough of kissing them."

"I can't get enough of your kissing them," she said.

He kept running his lips over her creamy breasts until he heard a sound from below them. Elaine put a hand on his shoulder and gently pushed him away. She put her finger to her lips telling him to be quiet again.

He nodded his head. Elaine rolled over, on her stomach and he stretched out on the grass beside her. He was beginning to sense how excited she was. This was probably something else that she'd done before, something that was as depraved as all the other things.

He began to feel a tightness in his stomach as he looked down below. He had been right about Stella being up to something. The healthy young girl was walking out of the woods followed by a big, gangly farm boy. Then the tension was made worse because he saw that other farm boys followed the first. There were six big broad strapping boys standing there. Every one of them looked as if they could break boards with their hands. They were tanned and muscled, looking as if they had all been cut from the same pattern.

"What's going to happen?" he asked softly, although he already suspected what was going to happen.

"Just be quiet and keep watching," Elaine said. Elaine slipped her hand underneath his crotch so that she could feel his cock. He put his hand gently on her ass and squeezed. She moaned and moved closer to him. He could tell that Stella's mother was already really excited about what was going to happen in the woods.

"Stella," one of the farm boys said. "What the hell did you bring us all the way up here for? Your house is back in the other direction. Me you lost?"

"No," Stella answered.

"But what the hell is this?" another boy asked. "We're supposed to help your mother do some work."

"There's no work," Stella said. "I just made that up."

"Made it up? Why?"

"I wanted all of you to come with me," Stella explained.

"I think you've gone crazy," one farm boy said. "You promised us some money if we'd come up and help your mother. There's other things we could be doing. We don't want to spend our afternoon following you around the woods."

"That's not exactly true," Stella said. "I didn't exactly promise you money."

"Yes, you did," one boy insisted.

"No, I didn't," Stella said. "I just promised you some sort of reward."

Alan thought that they were some pretty stupid farm boys. It was obvious what Stella was talking about, but the boys didn't seem to understand. They still looked angry at the way, they had been fooled. One of the boys began to kick at the ground.

"I'm going home," another said. "I'm not going to waste my time."

"Are you sure you don't want to hear about your reward?" Stella asked.

Stella was wearing a short red skirt and high boots. From his vantage point Alan could see that Stella was wearing no bra. Her big soft, tits pushed obviously at her thin blouse. For the first time the boys may have started to get the idea. Some of them started to redden.

"Maybe I do," said the boy who had started to walk away. "Tell me about it."

Stella sat down on the ground and crossed her legs. Alan watched her skirt inch up above her creamy thighs. Now it was evident that the boys were interested. They had started to grin. One of the big farm boys rubbed his crotch.

"Yeah, Stella," another boy said. "Tell us what our reward is going to be."

"I think you know," Stella said. "And it's here for the taking."

Stella ran her fingers lightly over her thigh, Alan knew it was causing the boys to want to touch her badly. Alan could feel his own cock harden and he heard Elaine's gasp of surprise. Her soft fingers encircled his prick and she began stroking him gently. It wasn't enough to make him come, but it felt damned good.

"Are you saying you want us to fuck you, Stella?" one boy asked.

"What do you think," Stella answered.

"Yeah," the boy said. "I think she does. I think she wants to fuck us."

"All of us?" another boy asked incredulously.

"Well she brought us all here, didn't she?" another boy asked. "I mean, why else. I always thought she was a horny bitch."

Alan knew what they were doing. The boys were finding it hard to believe that Stella had actually invited them there to fuck. They were talking among themselves and trying to get their courage up. Alan knew they were only one step away from rushing her.

Alan couldn't take his eyes away as Stella leaned back on her elbows so that her short skirt was sliding even higher on her thighs. It was evident that she wasn't wearing any panties. Her skirt was already showing some of her pubic hairs. Alan wondered what else the boys needed. It was so damned obvious what she was there to do.

"Goddamn," Alan said. "Your daughter is one sexy little bitch."

"She thought you might enjoy a show before you left," Elaine said. "Kind of a little gift for you."

"You're fucking right," Alan agreed. "I've got a feeling that this will be better than a porno movie."

Elaine gave his hard cock a squeeze. He was already so excited that he could feel his jism leaking out onto her fingers. She must have liked the sticky feeling because she squeezed his cock again.

Alan kept running his fingers over her titties. He could sense how aroused she was. Elaine may have seen her daughter do stuff like this before, but evidently she wasn't so used to it that it didn't turn her on.

"Somebody come over here and sit down," Stella said, patting the ground beside her.

There was a rush to see which boy would make it first. Finally they compromised by having one boy sit on either side while the rest of the boys sat near. Alan noticed that the biggest boys got the choice spot. It was such a savage scene, just as it had probably been hundreds of years ago when only the bravest and toughest got the girl.

"Why don't one of you kiss me?" Stella asked.

That was all it took to make the boys quit hesitating. One boy put his arm around Stella's shoulders and fondled her tit. The other boy put one hand on her soft thigh. Alan watched Stella sigh as the boy's hand moved up the moist spot between her legs. A look of flushed excitement appeared on her innocent face as the boy rooted around underneath her skirt. Alan wondered if the boy had a finger in her pussy. He would have.

"Damn," Elaine said. "Nobody loves to fuck better than Stella."

"I can see that," Alan said.

His cock was so hard that he was punching holes in the dirt. He wanted to roll Elaine over and stick his cock about a mile up her pussy. But he wanted to see what was happening even worse. Real life was better than any magazine or movie he'd ever seen. He still couldn't believe Stella was going to take on all the boys, but it looked like she was going to try.

"Let me stand up," Stella said.

"No," the boy said, who played with her pussy. "I like this just fine."

"Let me up," Stella said, and she pushed both boys away from her. The boys started to get angry. Stella wasn't teasing. She only wanted to get more comfortable. The boys stared in awe as Stella peeled off her dress and stood naked in front of them.

Stella was as excited as a bitch in heat as she looked around at the ring of boys. Every one of them had gotten suddenly uncomfortable as they stared at her lush naked body. Stella almost laughed as she saw them changing their positions so their cocks wouldn't be so cramped.

"Well," Stella said. "Do you think I'm pretty enough to fuck?"

"Fuck yes," almost all of the boys answered at once.

"And you're not sorry you didn't get your little bit of money?" she asked.

One of the bays answered her question by wrapping his arms around her. He pulled her close so that she could feel his hard cock poking her in her soft belly. His hands clutched at her ass and she felt his finger at her asshole. He kissed her hard, and she touched her tongue to his. His finger stabbed her tight asshole all the way to his knuckle.

"Jesus," she moaned.

She hoped that Alan and her mother were both getting a good look at this. She like the feeling of being watched as she fucked. It was arousing. Stella knew she was an exhibitionist at heart.

"You want to fuck me?" she asked the boy, as she reached for his hard prick.

"Jesus, yes," he answered.

"Then why don't you all get out of your clothes?" Stella asked.

She knew this was something these dumb farm boys had never expected. But they weren't so dumb that they weren't going to take advantage of it. She wondered what they would do if she told them that she'd suddenly changed her mind? Probably kill her and fuck her anyway.

But Stella knew there was no chance of her changing her mind as she watched the farm boys tearing at their clothes. She'd never seen so many beautiful, muscular forms. Actually Stella had never been with this many boys before. Two had been her limit. But somehow she had known that this was to be the day when she'd seen them walking up the road. She knew that she could handle them.

The boy put his arms around her again. Now he was naked and she could feel his bloated knob leaving a smear of cum against her thighs. She reached down and wrapped her fingers around his stiff pole. God, he had a nice one. She moved her hand up and down the long length of his prick.

"I've got to fuck you," he said.

She knew there was no slowing him down. He pushed her down on the grass and she just went along with it. She spread her creamy thighs as he worked his knob inside her. She gasped as she felt the first deep penetration of his thick prick.

"That's it," she groaned. "Oh God, that's it. That's the fucking way!"

The boy was excited beyond all control. He fucked like a savage. He drove his prick in and out of her cunt and mauled her tits with his rough hands. He was so strong that he made her feel out of breath. She couldn't keep up with his thrusting rhythm.

"Slow down," she gasped.

In answer to her request he reached beneath her soft ass and lifted her up. And then he began driving his big prick into her tight wet twat a little faster. He fucked her as roughly as anyone had ever fucked her. She could feel his cock swelling inside her pussy.

"Oh God, slow down," she begged, but there was no way he was going to be made to slow down.

His hard thrusts grew longer and deeper and she felt the first spurt of his jism into her cunt.

"Fuck," he groaned. "Ahhhh fuck, I love her tight pussy. Ahhh fuck, I love it! FUCKKKKK!"

He kept pounding her until she was afraid he was going to pound her ass into the ground. His big prick spurted again and again into her pussy. He must have had a gallon of cum. She could feel it dribbling on her thighs as his cock started to grow limp and he pulled it out.

"I've got seconds," another boy cried.

He didn't even give her time to catch her breath before he was on top of her. His prick was bigger and longer than the first boy's. He slammed it violently into her and then just rested, for a moment.

"Ahhhh," he said, "You've got a sweet pussy. A sweet, sweet pussy."

Then he began to fuck her with the same violent rhythm of the first boy. She felt a hot spasm clutch at her stomach, then delicious pleasure all over. Her body glowed with the warmth of his cock. He pounded her faster and faster and her ass came off the ground.

"Ohhh Jesus," she cried. "Ohhhh Jesus, I love it. I love your cock. Ohhhh Jesussssssss!"

She had never tome so fast before and it had never left her feeling so weak. For the first time in her life Stella was beginning to feel a little afraid. Maybe she'd bitten off more than she could chew this time? These boys were animals and nothing was going to stop them until they were completely sated.

"Oh fuck," the boy inside her cried. "Oh fucking hell, I'm coming. Get ready for it, cunt. Get ready for my cum, you fucking whore! OHHHH FUCK... FUCKKKK!"

His hands also clutched her ass as he drove his prick deep into her. His body began to jerk with the powerful orgasm he was having. Stella could feel the pumping of his fluid into her cunt again and again.

"Oh God," Stella moaned, as the boy pumped one last time.

She felt sticky and sweaty as he pulled his cock out of her hot pussy. She also felt exhausted. In just a few minutes she had been fucked as brutally as she'd ever been fucked before. These boys were something else. A third big, brawny farm-boy was approaching her. He had stripped off all his clothes and she saw that his cock was bigger and thicker than the other's.

"Oh no," she said. "Give me a few minutes rest."

"You wanted to get fucked," he said. "Baby, you're going to get fucked."

She lacked the strength to resist him as he straddled her. She knew what he was going to do even before he pressed his shiny, cum-stained knob against her face. He ran his prick up the soft side of her cheek and she felt his sticky cum leaking onto her skin. Then his sperm-tipped pecker was placed against her lips.

"I'll give your cunt a rest," he said. "I'll use your mouth."

She parted her lips and she felt his meaty staff being slowly pushed down into her throat. She hollowed her cheeks to take all of his cock. She felt his big prickhead against the deepest part of her throat. She began to lift her head up slightly so that she could make a sliding motion with her lips. She would let her lips slide half off his cock as she lowered her head. Then she would suck him back up again.

"Now that's nice," he said softly. "That's real nice. I bet your mouth's as good as your pussy."

He wasn't as rough as the other boys and it was a damn good thing because his cock was bigger. If he'd been rough he might have choked her with his thick meat. He fondled his balls as he began to quicken the pace. He was getting deeper but she had already prepared herself for this. She felt his cum-juice leaking into her mouth.

"Now I want you to suck out every drop," he said softly. "Don't you waste any."

He was smiling but it was a hard smile, and he had grabbed her head to make her do as he wanted. She knew he meant what he said. He was going to make her swallow every drop of his cum and he didn't want her to waste any.

"I'm going to fucking come," he groaned. "You swallow it. Don't you spill any, Stella. You wanted to be a cunt and I'm making you one. NOW YOU FUCKING SWALLOWWWWW!"

His thick jism began to fill her mouth. His cum had too salty a flavor and she almost choked on it. She remembered that her mother always told her to swallow quickly. She was glad of Elaine's advice and of the practice she'd had sucking cock. She didn't panic. She just kept sucking his prick until all of his jism had spurted into her mouth.

"That's nice," he grunted. "That's really nice, baby. That's nice!"

He finally took his prick from her mouth and rubbed his cock-head against her face again. She was beginning to feel sticky all over her body. And the boys weren't finished with her. There were still three left who hadn't come.

"I'm so fucking horny," one boy said.

"Let's all ride her," another boy suggested.

"At the same time?" a boy asked.

"You fucking know it."

Stella looked at them in horror. She began to back away. This was more than she'd wanted when she'd brought the boys out here. She'd expected to get fucked six times and perhaps to suck off a couple. But she'd expected gentle fucks. She hadn't expected them to be as rough as they had been.

And she'd never expected three at a time.

"What's the matter?" a boy asked. "You chicken?"

"Not all three of you," she said.

"Why not?" he asked. "You got three holes. Hell, you wanted some fucking."

"Not like this," she protested.

She tried to scramble away, but they were too fast for her. She wondered what was going on on the hill. She wondered if Alan would try to help her. Then she decided that he wouldn't. He would think this was a part of the show she had prepared. So would her mother. It would be an interesting show. Watching her get fucked by three guys. Stella wished she was up on the hill with Alan watching it.

"Please don't," she said.

They weren't gentle. They made her get to her hands and knees while one boy slipped up under her. He pushed his excited cock against her belly and snatch.

"I want you to sit down on my prick," he said. "We're going ta give you a fucking you won't forget."

"Please don't," she said again, but it was no use begging the boys. They had already gone too far to be talked out of what they wanted. She was forced to sit down on the boy underneath her. She winced in pain as she felt his cock penetrating her already sore cunt.

"Yeah," the boy groaned. "This I like. This I fucking like. What a sweet pussy."

Stella had been fucked in the ass before, but she still wasn't ready for the sharp hot pain as the boy behind her pressed his prick against her tight hot hole. He got his prick right against her asshole and he began to shove. His prick was like a sword of fire going into her ass.

"No, please," she begged. She tried to escape his big prick but there was no use. Her wiggling movements only excited him the more. He shoved hard again and his big prick went into her tight ass to his balls.

"Oh God," she cried. "That hurts. That hurts."

"Will you shut her the fuck up," a boy said.

Stella opened her mouth to talk again and a boy shoved his bloated cock between her lips. He drove it deep into her throat so that she couldn't make a sound. They had her where they wanted her and there was nothing she could do. All three boys began driving their pricks into her. She felt like she was being covered with prick-juice.

"My God," Alan said softly, as he watched from the bill above. "I'll say it again. Your daughter's fucking hot bitch!"

"We're both hot," Elaine said. "Both of us are hot bitches. Do you want me to prove it?"

"Fuck yes," Alan answered.

"Then get up on your knees. I'll give you a blow job while you watch my daughter getting fucked."

Alan quickly jumped to his knees and let her stretch out on her stomach in front of him. His cock already throbbed as she took it into her sweet, sucking mouth. He couldn't take his eyes off what was happening as he began to thrust his cock gently into her.

"Christ," he said. "She's really getting it now. They're fucking the shit out of her."

He watched as the three boys fucked Stella as she had never been fucked before. Her lush young body was moving all over the ground. She couldn't get away from the three cocks that thrust into her hot holes. The other three boys had gathered around them. They were clapping their hands and calling Stella names like cunt and slut and pussy. It excited Alan even more. He grabbed the back of Elaine's red head and held her tightly. He began to push his cock into her mouth a little deeper with each hard stroke.

"You're a bitch top," he said. "Just like your daughter. You're both cocksucking bitches."

Elaine couldn't answer him because her mouth was so full of cock. Alan could see that the boy fucking Stella's mouth was really getting excited. He was thrusting his prick deeper with every jerky movement of his hips. Suddenly he gave a cry and pulled his prick out.

"Here you go," he yelled. "Here's some cum for you, you cum sucking bitch!"

His cock waved in front of her face and Alan saw the white cream splash against Stella's youthful face. She licked at the jism that coated her lips, but she couldn't keep the rest of his cum out of her hair and on her face. Alan could see the boy rubbing his cock against her big, soft titties.

"Christ," Alan groaned. "I'm too Goddamned excited. Oh Christ."

He pumped harder as he felt Elaine's tongue swirling around the head of his crown. Her tongue was licking up some of the jism he was leaking.

"Cunt face," he cried. "You cunt! I'm going to come, you pussy! AHHHH! SHITTTTT!"

He gave his cum to her in powerful spurts that dribbled from the full corners of her mouth and stained her chin and the tops of her tits. She kept licking at his cock until she had taken every drop into her sweet mouth.

Alan stood up to watch the last of the excitement in the valley below him. They had started to come. He could see the two boys' bony asses jerking wildly as they pumped their jism into Stella's body. Finally they were done and they groaned as the two boys left Stella alone.

But not completely alone.

They didn't fuck her again but they stood around her in a circle and showed Alan a sight he would never forget. Every one of the six boys began to beat themselves off. Alan watched in amazement. So did Stella. She looked as if she couldn't believe what was happening to her.

The boys jerked themselves faster and faster until their cocks were brick hard and some of their cum liquid was leaking out.

"My God," Elaine said, as she turned around to watch what was happening. "I can't believe it."

"I can't either," he said.

The boys started to groan and one of them came with a spurt of milky white cum that covered Stella's big tits. Stella's mouth dropped open as two of the other boys started to come. Milky white splashes of cum covered Stella's body. Everywhere. Even the bottom parts of her legs got some of the creamy jism. Then the rest of the boys began to come.

There was no place Stella could go and she had to take their wet sticky offering.

It seemed to last forever. Finally the boys were done and they dressed and went off laughing into the woods. Stella stayed there a long while before she had the strength to stand up.

"I know one thing," Alan said. "It's going to be a hell of a long time before I forget what happened to me this week-end."


Cynthia and Alan were having supper. It was supposed to be a romantic supper, but Alan had been in a foul mood all evening long. Cynthia had never seen him this way, before. She'd always prepared for his return in the same way. She washed and pampered herself and put on her sexiest nightgown. Tonight she had on a filmy blue thing that barely concealed her creamy breasts and made it obvious that he was wearing no panties.

Usually Alan was in a horny mood when he came home. But today there was an uncomfortable tension in the air.

"I guess I'm not hungry," he said, picking at his food. "Maybe I'm coming down with something."

Cynthia knew it wasn't the flu that was making him act the way he was, but she couldn't understand what. There was something odd about him. Some look she had never seen in his face before. It made her nervous. She thought she knew her husband very well. She usually understood any changes in his actions. But she didn't understand this.

"I'll have another drink, though," Alan said, and she watched her moody husband pour his fifth glass of wine since he'd sat down at the table. She'd never seen him drink so much. Alan just wasn't a drinker. She realized that the thing that was troubling him must be really serious. There could be one thing that was that serious. Somehow he knew. She didn't know how -- but he knew.

"I think you've had enough of that," Cynthia said.

"I'm just fine," Alan said.

"But you never drink this much," she protested. "Goddamn it," he said, standing up. His face was angry and he suddenly swept the food and wine off the table and into a mess on the floor. She hadn't been prepared for this sudden burst of temper. For a moment she thought that he was going to swing at her.

"Alan," she said in a shocked voice.

"Don't go telling me how much to drink," he said. "You're my wife. Not my Goddamn mother!"

He strode angrily away from the table. He went into the living room and she had the feeling that he would be making himself another drink. Except this time it would be the hard stuff. He knew. He wouldn't be acting this way unless he knew. She started searching her mind for some way out, some excuse she could make to him. But there was no excuse a wife could make to her husband after two days fucking.

And sucking, she thought, and other things that she had never done for her husband. But damn it, she would have done those things if he had ever acted like Greg. If instead of asking her, he had just taken what he wanted. Greg had made her feel like a wild woman -- which was something Greg had never done.

His lovemaking was nice. He had a nice big cock and he used it well, but there was never any of the savage feeling she'd had with Greg.

Alan was drinking something else when his wife walked into the living room after him. He knew she was deeply troubled by his actions, but he didn't know how to explain it to her. What had happened to him had made his feelings change toward her. He knew he couldn't ever be happy with a woman like Cynthia after Elaine and her daughter. It wasn't that Cynthia wasn't pretty or sexy. It was just that Cynthia had never abandoned herself to depravity the way Elaine and Stella had. Alan had found out what fucking was all about and he didn't know how to tell his wife.

"Alan," Cynthia said softly. "Don't you think we'd better talk about it?"

"There's nothing to talk about," he answered.

"Yes there is," she said. "Something's bothering you. I think I know what it is."

"You do?" he asked.

"Yes," Cynthia said. "Somehow you found out what happened while you were gone."

"What happened while I was gone?" he asked, confusion clouding his thoughts. He wondered what his wife was talking about and then he saw that strange expression on his wife's face. She was afraid of something. Of him? Why should his beautiful wife be afraid of him? He'd never done anything to harm her.

"You know, don't you?" Cynthia questioned him. "You know about Greg."

And then he understood. He never thought that he could feel so angry. It no longer mattered that he had spent the week-end fucking other women. He was a man. It wasn't right that his wife should screw around behind his back.

"What about you and the guy next door?" Alan asked.

"You already know," Cynthia answered him. "Please don't put me through this."

"No," he said. "I want to know everything. I want to know every Goddamn detail."

"Please don't make me," Cynthia said.

Cynthia started backing away. She was suddenly afraid of the look in her husband's eyes. She had never seen him angry before. Not really angry. Not like he was now. She really started to feel afraid that he would hurt her.

"I want to know everything," he said.

"I can't talk about it," Cynthia said.

"You will," he said. "You will talk. Or I'll break your fucking neck."

She tried to run but he caught her in two steps. He grabbed her by her arm and twisted it behind her back. She was frightened or she would never have tried to claw his face. She got her fingernails into his skin and drew blood. He gave a cry of pain and released her. She never saw his fist but she felt it in the pit of her stomach. He knocked the breath out of her. She bent double in pain and he pushed her back onto the living room couch.

"You little bitch," he said. "You're going to tell me everything. Every damn detail."

"Please don't act like this," Cynthia begged him.

Alan was feeling drunk on he wouldn't have acted the way he was. He wouldn't ever have put his hand on his wife even if she had been unfaithful. But he was feeling the effects of his drinking and he was aroused in a strange way. He wanted to hurt her, abuse her and to make her feel something she'd never felt from him before. He grabbed her by a thick handful of her blonde hair and began slapping her face.

"Oh stop it," she pleaded. "I'll tell you anything you want to know."

He stopped hitting her. Cynthia leaned back on the couch and felt dry sobs shake her body. She'd never been so afraid of her husband. But then she had never expected such anger from him. This wasn't like him at all. He was, a nice, easy going man. She didn't believe that just her being unfaithful would make him behave this way.

He made himself another drink and he walked back to the chair in front of the couch. He sat down looking at her. He liked what he saw. Damn, she was a cool looking woman even if he couldn't get her to feel much. He wondered how Greg had ever gotten into her panties? Cynthia had just never been the kind of girl who fell over men.

"Tell me what happened," he commanded.

"I just had another man, that's all," Cynthia said. She knew better than to tell about Mary.

"You mean you fucked another man?" Alan asked.

"Yes," admitted Cynthia.

"Was he good?" Alan asked. "Did he give you a good fucking?"

"Yes," Cynthia answered honestly. "Yes, damn it. He gave me a good fucking."

She saw the anger in his eyes again. Also arousal. He was getting hot thinking of her fucking another man. Cynthia wondered what she should do. She could run next door but that would be stupid. Greg and her husband might end up fighting and then somebody would get hurt.

But she just didn't know what else she could do.

"You need to be punished for that," Alan said.

Alan had been thinking about his wife's pretty ass ever since he came home that evening. He was remembering what the farm boys had done to Stella. He would have like to sink his own cock in Stella's ass but there just hadn't been enough time.

Then he had started thinking about Cynthia's ass and about how pretty and round it was. He was sure that she would have a wonderful cherry ass that would fit his cock so Goddamn perfectly. But she'd never go along with anything like that. She would find the idea disgusting. That was one of the reasons Alan had been so angry.

He wanted his wife to be a woman and not a cold-assed frigid bitch. He didn't think Greg had gotten a good fuck out of his wife. He had certainly never gotten a really good fuck out of her. Sure, she would say and do the things she was sure he'd like but she never lost control. Not completely. Not wild like Stella and Elaine.

"What kind of punishment?" Cynthia asked.

"Maybe you need your perfect little ass spanked," Alan suggested.

"You wouldn't do that to me," she said.

"Why wouldn't I?" he asked.

"You just wouldn't," she said. "You're not that type of man."

Something was happening to Cynthia. She could feel her nipples rubbing against her filmy blue nightgown. They were getting hard as if she was getting aroused by the thought of her husband beating her. She wondered what else he would do to her. He wouldn't be satisfied with just slapping her ass.

"Yes," he said. "I think you need your pretty ass whipped. Come on over here."

"No," she said.

"Get your fucking ass over here," he said.

His voice left no room for argument. And she didn't want to argue. For the first time in their married lives her husband was acting like a man. Like Greg had acted. A month before she would have hated him for it. Now she realized that she needed a macho man. A man who would make her do as he wanted and with no argument.

She got up and went to him. Alan was puzzled. He didn't understand the look on his wife's face, as if she was getting turned on to him.

"Take your gown up," he said. "Show me your pretty ass."

She bit her lower lip nervously as she slowly lifted up her gown. Her husband stared at her long bare legs as if he'd never seen them before. He made her turn around. She shivered as he cupped one asscheek with his hand. He rubbed his hand all over her asscheeks and even probed at her tiny asshole with his finger. She didn't dare say anything.

"You do have a nice ass," he said. "All right. Bend over my lap. I'm going to spank you."

Cynthia had never felt so excited nor so helpless. She lay face down on his lap. She remembered how she had felt as a little girl when her father had spanked her. Later on she told herself that there had always been something strange about the way her father touched her asscheeks as he gave her a spanking. It was more loving than it was spanking.

That was the way her husband now touched her ass. He rubbed his hand gently over her creamy mounds.

"Such a pretty ass," he said. "Did Greg fuck you more than once?"

"Yes," Cynthia said.

"And was there anything else you did for him?" Alan asked.

"Yes," she said.

"What?" he asked.

"I... I used my mouth on him," she stammered.

"You mean you sucked him off?"

"Yes," she answered, shivering. She knew that this would anger him again, but somehow she had to tell him. She couldn't keep any secrets from her husband when he was like this. Even telling him that she had sucked off another man, something she'd never done for him.

"And did you swallow his cum?" Alan said.

"Yes," she answered.

"You're a cunt," he said. "You're a cocksucking cunt who needs her ass whipped."

"Yes," she said.

He slapped her ass hard. She bit back the tears as he began beating her. Finally she couldn't contain them any longer. She broke down sobbing as his hand kept slapping against her ass. Harder. She'd never been beaten like this before. Not even by her father. It hurt. God, it hurt. It also made her pussy feel hot and wet.

"You're a cunt," he said, each time his hand hit her ass. "You're a Goddamn cunt. A fucking whore. You sucked another man off. You couldn't wait to get down on your knees. Okay, you Goddamn cunt. I want to see how good you are. I want to see if you really can suck cock!"

He quit slapping her. Me grabbed two handfuls of her thick hair and forced her down to her knees. He pressed her face against his throbbing erection. Alan felt so fucking hard and strong. He was going to punish his wife even more and he knew how to do it. He was going to make her do something she'd never done to him. He was going to make the little cunt suck him all the way. He was going to fill her Goddamn hot little mouth with his jism.

"All right, cunt," he said. "Let's see how good you are. Let's see you suck on that."

He wasn't going to be gentle. He pulled his zipper down and pulled out his throbbing tool. He forced her mouth back to his prick. He felt her sweet lips touching the top of his hot pecker. That wasn't what he wanted. He wanted the little bitch to take a mouthful. He was going to stab her fucking throat with his hot rod.

"Take it in your mouth, you Goddamn little whore," he said. "This is all you're Goddamned good for. Suck my cock. Suck it!"

He slid his prick between her lips and jabbed it to the back of her throat. He heard her gasp for breath and try to escape his steaming meat. He wasn't going to give her the opportunity to escape. He kept his prick between her lips and began to thrust back and forth.

He knew he was choking her but he didn't give a damn. He wanted to know that he had punished her. He began to get another idea. Just fucking her mouth wasn't enough. It wasn't all he was going to do. He was going to make her pay in more ways than one.

"All right, bitch," he said. "You suck that cock. I'm going to give you a mouthful of cum."

He didn't let her suck him. That wasn't what he wanted. Instead he gripped the back of her head and he began to fuck her sweet mouth as brutally as he could. His prick went deep into her throat and he felt her gag each time. That was okay with him. He didn't want her to enjoy it. Not this time. This time was her punishment.

"Feel that, cunt," he said. "You feel that big fucking pecker in your throat. Feel that jism leaking on your tongue. Well I've got a lot of it, bitch, and I'm going to give you every Goddamned drop!"

He held her head tighter and fucked her a little faster. Cynthia had never been abused this way before. There was nothing she could do but take his big cock in her throat. He was right about having a lot more. Already she had swallowed what seemed like a gallon and he hadn't come yet. She choked as she tasted another thick wad in her mouth.

"This is it," he cried. "This is fucking it. You're going to get it this time, you little bitch! This is fucking it! Suck it up! SUCK IT UP, CUNT!"

He thrust powerfully and crammed his prick all the way into her throat. Hp felt his thick cum splattering the inside of her mouth.

"Swallow it, bitch," he said. "Don't you spit a Goddamn drop out!"

He heard her swallowing as quickly as she could. He didn't release her until he was sure all of his jism had drained into her sweet mouth. Only then did he let her go and she fell backwards, gasping for breath.

He expected her to be angry, but she wasn't. Instead there was a moony look in her eyes. A look of respect. He hadn't ever gotten that kind of look from her before. It was as if she had finally given herself to him body and soul.

She sat at his feet and made no attempt to move.

"You know what I'm going to do next, cunt," he said.

"No," he said.

"I'm going to fuck your sweet cherry ass," he said. "Your ass is cherry, isn't it?"

"Yes," she said. He could tell she was frightened of the pain but she didn't move away. It was like she was telling him that she would let him do anything he wanted -- that she was his slave. Alan wondered why he hadn't done this a few years before. He'd never felt so much love for her as he did now. It didn't matter that she had spent the past couple of days fucking another man. He knew she wouldn't do that again. Now she was his.

"Do you want your ass fucked?" he asked.

"I'll do anything you want," she answered.

"Go to the bedroom," he said. "Get some Vaseline and come back."

She hurried into the bedroom and came back with a jar. He told her to strip off her gown and she did as he told her. He then told her to kneel by his cock and put the Vaseline on it. She kneeled by him and tenderly rubbed over his cock with the Vaseline. He could feel his prick growing hard again.

She had such fucking soft nice hands.

"All right," he said. "I want to have you on your knees on all fours. Just like a dog."

Cynthia nodded her head. She turned away from him and kneeled on all fours. She looked over her shoulder as he stood behind her. She thought he looked like a stallion. She was afraid of his big hard prick, afraid of the pain he was going to give her. But she wouldn't have moved from that floor for any amount of money. He was her man. She knew that now. She was going to do as he wanted.

He pressed his prick against her tiny asshole. His prick felt so damned big. She knew that he was going to tear her in half if he tried to put it in. She breathed deeply as she felt the gentle pressure of his cockhead.

"I'm going to give it to you," he said. "I'm going to put my fucker right up your ass."

"Yes," she groaned softly.

She screamed as she felt the next hard pressure. This time his cockhead popped into her tiny opening. He was pleased with himself. He didn't move. She looked over her shoulder and saw that he was smiling.

"You're hurting me," she whimpered.

"Good," he said.

She nodded her head. He had settled it. He was going to fuck her in the ass and it didn't matter if it hurt her. She deserved it. She steeled herself for the next sharp stab of intense pain. It wasn't long in coming. He pushed again and his big prick spread apart the tight cheeks of her ass. He pushed one last time and his brutal cockhead broke through all resistance and slipped into her ass.

"Christ yes," he groaned. "You cherry assed bitch. You're just as fucking tight as I thought. You're one sweet cherry assed bitch!"

He drove his prick into her again and again. He didn't give her time to relax. It was painful at first. Then a warm glow came over her. After all, she was being fucked in the ass by her husband. It was all right. Her husband was her master and this was the way it was supposed to be.

"You bitch," Alan moaned.

Alan hat never felt his cock caught in such a tight hold. He began to drive his cock prick harder into her sweet cherry ass. His balls slapped loudly against her asscheeks. This was the way he liked it. His wife getting punished by his big cock. This was better than having Elaine and Stella at the same time.

"Oh Christ," Alan groaned. "I'm going to fucking come again. I'm going to blow your sweet ass, it feels so good. SO GODDAMN GOODDDDDDD!"

He gave a last powerful thrust and his prick began to spew his thick white jism into her asshole.

Her asshole seemed to tighten on his prick as she rubbed her ass frantically against him.

"Oh God," she moaned. "Oh God!"

"You sweet fucking bitch," he moaned.

He let his prick stay in her ass for a long while. Slowly he finally pulled it out of her wet ass. He leaned back in his chair with a smug expression.

"Go and get me a rag," he said. "I want you to clean me up."

She left and she was back in a few minutes with a warm wet washrag. She ministered tenderly to his cock until she had it clean and fresh looking. She gave a tender little kiss to the crown.

"Now get me another fucking drink," he said.

She hurried to mix his drink and brought it to him. He sipped it and licked his lips in a satisfied way.

"Do you want me to do anything else?" she asked.

"Not right now, sugar," he said, patting her tenderly on the head. "But you just stay right there. I'll think of something."

Alan leaned back and sipped his drink. This was going to be heaven from now on.

Alan was a very happy man!


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