Mom's hot loving

It has been said that every person has some dark passion within his soul -- some hidden secret, some hidden desire, a whim that may never surface to be seen by even the closest confidante. Such a secret can be evil or sinister, or it may be trivial and trite.

In a modem society, such passions are easily submerged and hidden by the complexities of everyday living. Yet sometimes these dark passions do surface either with the individual's consent or without it.

MOM'S HOT LOVING is a dramatic representation of a woman -- in this case a young mother -- who dares to let her most base desires and passions come to the fore. She finds it impossible to continue to keep her fantasies under control, and she plays them out to the fullest. And meanwhile, her day-to-day routine continues. But the nagging doubts increase with her pawing depravity, and the young woman begins to wonder if she is willing or able to face the consequences of her actions. Her story is a startling insight into the life of a person who dares to "let it all hang out".


Marian's cunt was on fire.

It was jealousy, she knew. Sheer, idiotic jealousy.

But she couldn't help it. Ever since that little girl, Judy, had moved into the neighborhood, her son had been acting like a fucking fool!

Jack had never shown interest in a girl before. Marian felt he was far too young for girls. Until now, his interest was in mechanical things, or a few of his buddies. But in just a few short weeks, that pretty blonde girl had him head over heels.

Jealousy was something new for Marian. She had never experienced it when her husband was alive and she had never experienced it with Jack... until the past few days.

The fact that her cunt was burning came as a total surprise to her. She had not thought her jealousy could be sexual, at least not for, her son. But there it was, throbbing and pulsating and yearning. As she went about her daily housework, Marian tried to understand her growing sexual desire for her son.

She had not experienced it until his interest in cute, little Judy became obvious. She recalled how uninhibited Jack had been. He seldom closed the bathroom door and only two weeks before she had passed the door and seen him standing, his cock out, pissing into the bowl. Now he was shutting the door and even locking it, when lit was in the bathroom.

That wasn't like Jack at all.

But was she jealous just because he was closing the door? Or was it because he was sticking his cock into pretty little Judy's pussy? The very idea of her son fucking the girl caused a shock of jealous anger to flow through her.

But along with the jealousy, there was also a bubbling, steaming heat between her thighs. Even as she felt the swelling of her cunt lips inside the tight crotch of her panties, she also felt her tits swell and her nipples become like hard rubber. Her clitoris throbbed for a touch, a caress.

Still, she could not really blame Jack for his interest in the girl. Judy certainly was a cute thing, with her flowing, honey-colored hair and sparkling mischievous blue byes. The girl looked at others in such a sweet, innocent way. The expression on her face was what Marian called "innocent sexuality". Judy's lips were full and moist, set in a small, childish pout that gave her an appealing look. And, Marian thought in total honesty, Judy's body was sweetly succulent.

Most of the time, during the hot days, Judy dressed in either skin-tight shorts and a middy blouse, or else she wore sun dresses or sun suits. Her legs were extremely long, finely shaped, and the flesh delicately textured. Her body was tanned in a light golden tint. Apparently Judy took delight in showing off her burgeoning tits, holding the small mounds out proudly. Her cute little ass was tightly rounded and her tight shorts outlined the inviting crack and creamy curves where those succulent ass cheeks tucked neatly into her thighs. Marian envied the little girl her boldness in wearing such revealing shorts. She had seen other girls, and even women her own age, wearing shorts that revealed a teasing portion of their ass cheeks, but she had not had the nerve to wear such a thing -- yet.

With the air-conditioner humming silently, Marian finished up in the kitchen. She stood at the sink and looked out at the well kept back yard. Vaguely she noticed it was time for the gardeners to work on it again.

It was not yet noon and she was still in her robe. Marian preferred doing her chores in her robe first thing in the morning and then bathing and dressing for the day. But the robe was in need if minor repair. The belt, for one thing, would not stay tied and the front of the garment kept falling open.

Wandering into the living room to pick up yesterday's accumulation of daily mess, she saw Jack sprawled on the couch. She looked at him with a slight frown. At least he had his shoes off, she saw.

"Are you sick or something?" she asked. "How come you aren't outside with Brad or Judy?"

"It's too early, Mom," he said, not looking at her. "They have things to do before they can run around."

"Perhaps I should assign you a few chores around here," she, smiled fondly at him. "It would help keep you out of misehief."

She leaned over to pick up the scattered newspapers and her robe parted, exposing her tits. When she straightened up, she found Jack staring at her. She could almost feel his eyes on her tits and for a moment she stood with them exposed a steamy sensation between her thighs. Jack lifted his eyes to hers and she saw the hot interest in them. Finally she pulled the robe together, covering her tits.

"I've got to fix this damn robe one of these days," she said, her voice unusually husky.

"I saw your tits, Mom!" Jack laughed.

"Jack!" she gasped, a warm flush spreading over her face.

"Well, I did," he grinned impishly. "You know, Mom, you've got real pretty tits."

"You're asking for a slap across the mouth, young man," she said. But there was no force in her words. Her legs began to shake and she suddenly felt weak.

Turning, she walked on her shaking legs to the over-stuffed chair and sat down. She gazed at her son, her eyes sweeping to the front of his pants. Like most boys his age, his jeans fit tightly, and she saw the slight lump of his prick. Immediately her mind began to visualize him pissing then the mental picture changed. She saw her son standing at the toilet, his cock very hard. The fantasy grew and she saw him jacking off. So involved in this fantasy, her eyes remained on the front of his pants, the picture growing until she could see him comming, the thick, white come juice spewing from the head of his cock.

She was so absorbed in this unusual fantasy not realize Jack was watching her.

Nor did she realize that when she sat down, the robe had parted again. One of her tits was exposed, the hard nipple throbbing just out of the flap. Her upper thighs, too, could be seen. And her son was seeing it all.

By the time she understood that her tit and thighs had been revealed, it was too late. She saw Jack had a hard-on. It was bulging inside his tight jeans, along the side of his left thigh. It was so hard, the outline of his cock was perfect. She could see the swollen head, the ridge just past it, and the hardness of the shaft.

"Oh, damn this robe!" she hissed pulling it over her tit.

But as she started to cover her thighs, something came over Marian. She did it without thinking, in an automatic, deliciously wicked manner.

Instead of simply sliding the folds over her thighs, Marian lifted the material high, and for a brief, tantalizing moment, Jack stared at his mother's thighs and the tight crotch of her panties. It was long enough look for him to see her cunt swelling against the lacy garment and the dark shadow of her cunt hair.

She stared directly into Jack's eyes as she finally covered herself.

Bolder than his mother, Jack grinned at Marian in a lewd way. "Nice," he said, "very nice."

Confused by what she had done, Marian remained in the chair, too frozen to move. Her cunt was on fire again and her tits seemed far too sensitive as the nipples brushed the fluffy robe. There was a strange sensation between her thighs, a feeling of impending orgasm. After a while, she struggled out of the chair and without looking at her son, left the room. Marian spent the remainder of the day in a tingling, burning desire. Wearing a becoming housedress, she felt a heavy disappointment because Jack had left the house an hour after their little encounter and was gone all day. Her over-heated imagination saw him with Judy, concealed someplace, sticking his cock into her tender cunt. The more she thought of him fucking the cute little girl, the hotter her jealousy became.

Her son returned for dinner and spent that evening at home. Not a word passed between them as they sat and watched re-runs on the color television. Marian, urged by her jealousy, sat with her housedress pushed up her thighs and, although her son peeked frequently, he said nothing. But she noticed that his cock was in a constant state of hardness, and that he made no effort to conceal it from her.

Later, as she lay in bed unable to sleep, her cunt boiled more than it ever had in her life, and she was in torment. She could not rid herself of the torturing picture of her son fucking Judy. And the more she thought of that, the hotter and wetter her cunt became.

She was, still wide awake when she saw her bedroom door opening. Her heart thudded in her chest when she saw her son enter the room. He wore only jockey shorts. Marian had not turned off her bedside lamp and the room was illuminated with soft light.

Jack came directly into the room and stood beside his mother's bed, looking down at her. With a strange sensation of tingling anticipation, Marian gazed up at him. Not a word passed between them, and Marian made no protest when Jack reached out and took hold of the sheet covering her. He lifted it, then shoved it down.

Usually Marian wore a nightgown but this particular night she had pulled on a lacy, almost sheer shorty gown that had been her husband's favorite. He had liked it because it was so sexy, he told her. Her nipples were exposed by the lacy material and the sheer fabric hung not quite to the bottom of her ass. With the sheet at her feet, her son was seeing her body quite clearly.

Her eyes roamed down his hairless chest, then fixed upon the swelling lump in his shorts. There was a moist spot where the head of his cock pressed and she longed to reach out and touch it.

Without a word, Jack leaned over the bed and casually lifted the short gown. Marian's cunt became exposed to her son's hot eyes and as she shoved the gown upwards. She lifted herself so he could bunch it about her shoulders. Her eyes burned upon his swollen cock as he looked down at her, seeing the curve of his mother's tits, her flat, quivering stomach, and the thick triangle of her dark cunt hair. Marian's thighs were closed and she pressed them together tightly, causing her cunt to throb with sudden desire.

She could not take her eyes off her son's thrusting cock even as Jack lowered his hands and began to fondle her swollen tits. His hands felt hot upon her smooth tits as he curled his fingers into than. Holding one of her tits, she felt him, sliding his hand down her trembling stomach and caressing her thick cunt hair. He placed his hand on her thigh, gently urging his mother to open her legs.

Marian felt herself responding and her legs parted. And all the time her eyes gazed in hot desire at the point where his jockey shorts bulged out. She shivered when her son ran his hand up the inside of her smooth thigh and her hips jerked when she felt him cup her, hairy cunt. A soft whimper bubbled from her as he rubbed up and down the puffy, hairy lips of her cunt. She moved her left hand out, watching it move of its own will, unable to stop or control the motion. Her fingertips touched the moist spot of his shorts and then she traced the outline of his cock, feeling it throb powerfully.

One of her son's fingers was pressing between the lips of her burning cunt, easing inside her pussy. Her hips jerked again as he began to slowly work his finger in and out of her soaking cunt. With a low gurgle, Marian cupped her son's balls and squeezed them very gently. Jack pulled his hand off her tit, the finger of his other hand still moving in and out of her hot cunt. As she saw him pull the crotch of shorts to one side, suddenly revealing ins cock and balls, Marian's hips began to move, arching up and down to the rhythm of his finger.

Her hand curled about his balls, tugging and twisting them tenderly. Finally Jack removed his finger from his mother's pussy and crawled onto the bed with her. He sprawled along her side and, still without speaking, he began to lick her rigid, rubber-like nipple. Marian closed her hot hand around his cock, squeezing the hardness and feeling a thrill flow through her as his prick throbbed in her palm. Slowly and hesitantly she began to jack back and forth on her son's cock.

Jack sucked on his mother's nipple, gently at first, then closing his lips closed about it hard and sucking vigorously, his hips pumping into her jacking fist. His hand went back to her cunt and he started finger-fucking her again.

Marian lay almost still, her hips writhing and her fist holding his cock as he fucked into it. When Jack started to roll on top of her, she sucked in a harsh breath, but made no effort to stop him. Her cunt was boiling too hotly.

Jack was between her thighs and she felt his cock brushing about the thick mass of her pussy hair. He reached down and grasped his cock and Marian shuddered with delight when he moved it downward, scraping along her distended clitoris and finally began to press into her cunt.

Marian gazed up into his young face; her hands resting along her sides, her legs, wide. She gasped softly when the swollen head of her son's cock penetrated the slipperiness of her twitching cunt. For a long moment Jack held only the head of his cock inside his mother's cunt, then he began to inch his prick into her slowly. Marian felt her son's cock stretching the sensitive lips of her cunt and her hips moved upwards in slow motion. Jack ran his cock all the way into his mother's cunt and his balls slapped against her curvy ass checks. Marian, her eyes still wide and glazed, her mouth slightly parted, gasped at the exquisite pleasure between her legs.

Jack braced himself by placing his hands on each side of his mother's shoulders. Then he began to thrust his cock in and out of her cunt. They gazed into each other's glassy, smoldering eyes. Marian dug her fingers into the sheet as her hips began to move up and down, meeting her son's hard cock.

She felt his hips-sliding along the hotness of her inner thighs, sending sparks of delight through her naked body. Her breathing increased until she was softly gasping with ecstasy, her hips bouncing up and down in slow motion as he drove his cock into her. The way his balls slapped against her naked ass cheeks increased the pleasure that brought a flush to her flesh.

Her fingers clawed at the sheet and the desire to wrap her arms around him and pull him close, to crush her tits against his chest, was very strong. Still, she resisted the outward display of what she was feeling. She knew a man -- or in this case, a boy -- with a hard cock seldom suffered any shame, until the fuck was over. She didn't want her son to have any feelings of guilt, so she lay still with only her hips pumping to his, gasping softly and gazing up into his face.

Marian had always been a sensual woman. She almost always came when her husband fucked her. Now, however, she felt herself going through a series of warm, almost gentle, orgasms. She was surprised at this. She had heard of women who enjoyed multiple orgasms and had felt cheated. But now she felt them and each one was stronger than the preceding one. She could feel the throbbing hardness of her son's cock as it slid along the wet sensitive lips of her cunt and scraped her clitoris.

Jack grunted as he plunged his cock into his mother's slippery cunt. His pumping hips bounced up and down faster. Marian detected a further swelling of his cock and she could feel it jerking deep inside her pussy. She had felt that same sensation with her husband and she knew her, son was about to come. She wondered, vaguely, her hips moving up and down with him, if he would come inside her pussy. She didn't want him to yank his prick from her cunt when he came, she wanted to feel the thick sweetness of his come juice as it squirted into her.

She had loved to feel her husband's cock spewing into her pussy and if Jack suddenly jerked his prick from her cunt she knew it would be an intense loss. But Jack was speeding up, not hesitating a bit, his grunts hotter with the increased excitement. She saw his eyes film over and she arched her cunt up, writhing her crotch a little more vigorously as he fucked her, his balls swinging against her trembling ass cheeks.

Marian saw him close his eyes and he strained his cock deep inside her quivering cunt. Marian dug her fingers into the sheets, watching his face contort. She squeezed her hot thighs against his hips as he suddenly went stiff. She felt his cock throb once, then twice, and a hot gush of come juice splashed up her cunt.

The feeling of his come juice squirting in spasms sent her pussy into an explosive orgasm. The hair-lined cunt lips closed around his gushing prick as she came. Marian gasped loudly and her hips jerked as her cunt gripped his spurting cock in reflexive waves as she came in erotic ecstasy. She had not known her cunt had the ability to squeeze so tightly as she came.

Her naked body shook beneath her son's trembling body and her tight tits jiggled gently. She bit into her bottom lip as the exquisite pleasure sent liquid heat racing through her body.

Jack's cock seemed to be going through a never-ending spasm, his come juice spattering the velvet-like walls of her gripping cunt, filling her pussy with creamy juice.

When his cock stopped squirting, he held himself upright on shaking arms. Marian knew how weak he was and felt she could hold him now. She wrapped her arms around his naked back and pulled him down. His hairless chest pressed her tits, smashing them. She ran her hands up and down his back, caressing him with love.

Jack buried his face into his mother's neck, breathing harshly, his hot breath almost searing her flesh. She held him until he stopped shaking, then he pulled from her, his cock slipping free of her hairy cunt. He got to his feet and stood there, looking down at her body. His cock and balls glistened wetly in the light, his shorts still pulled to one side. For the first time, Marian saw that her son had very little hair at the base of his cock and it made her realize just how young he was.

And she let him fuck her!

Still without speaking, Jack turned and walked away. Marian watched him, her eyes gazing at his ass cheeks. When she was alone, she lifted herself and looked at her cunt. The thick hair was matted almost flat and she could feel come juice dripping from her pussy. She ran her hand down between her thighs and along her still slightly twitching cunt lips, smearing her son's come juice along her inner thighs. Then she got out of bed and went into the adjoining master bathroom. She cleaned herself, then pulled the shorty gown over her head and tossed it into the clothes hamper.


But Marian was still jealous the next day.

After cleaning the house and bathing, she stared at herself for a long time in the mirror hanging on the bathroom door.

She was taller than the average woman, with a body of slender curves that was quite appealing. She had chestnut-colored hair and dark eyes. She had never noticed the way her eyes smoldered before, but now she saw that they were hot-looking eyes eyes that told of the inner erotic aspect of her personality.

Although she had an erotic imagination, her sexual experiences were quite limited. Marian had done nothing with her husband, sex-wise, except fuck. But there were many things in her mind, many erotic things. But she loved to fantasize erotically, especially when her husband was fucking her.

Marian had a small nose with dainty nostrils and a full mouth and moist lips. Her flesh was a creamy textured smoothness without a blemish. She was very attractive, she knew, without being vain.

She also had lovely tits, tits that swelled out and stood upon her chest firmly, with a spongy feel to them. Her nipples, although average in size, were very sensitive. Once she had, surprised herself by coming off as she played with them. Her stomach was flat, with a deep belly button. Her thick mass of cunt hair was a flawless triangle as it sneaked between her long, smooth, shapely thighs. Her ass, compact and firm, swelled deliciously, rippling tightly when she walked. She knew her ass was beautiful and wished she had the nerve to wear those ass-revealing shorts.

She dressed in a pair of tight jeans feeling wicked in them. The crotch cut into her cunt, outlining the puffy lips and drawing against her clitoris. She had bought them six months earlier but this was the first time she felt courageous enough to wear them. She wasn't going anywhere and the only person who would see her would be her soft. She found an old, faded shirt that had been her husband's and put it on. She brushed her hair and applied a subtle, teasing scent to strategic parts of her luscious body.

The sounds of laughter came to her and she looked out into the rear yard. Suddenly she felt the stabs of jealousy.

Jack was there and so was that cute blonde, Judy. Marian stood watching them, feeling her jealousy grow. There was no reason for this feeling, she told herself. Even if Jack was fucking that cute girl, she had no right to such a feeling. But it was there, anyway.

She had no real evidence that her son actually was fucking Judy. But if he wasn't fucking her, Marian knew he would be quite soon. Judy was a forward little thing, totally unashamed of her growing body and feelings. She was a tease and a flirt and she was turning all of her charms on Jack.

Marian watched the little girl lean against her son and saw them kiss. Judy wore a sun suit with wide legs that was tight about her small, sweet-looking tits. As she pressed her lips to Jack's, Marian saw the girl shove her hand between their bodies and knew Judy was feeling her son up. A stab of jealousy shot through her, along with, a hot stab of desire that was beginning to bubble in and around her cunt. The feelings were miked up, she thought. Jealousy and desire -- jealousy because Judy was fondling her son's cock when she, his mother, also wanted his cock.

When the two broke apart, Marian saw the lump in her son's jeans and so did Judy. She heard the little girl giggle as she reached out and brushed the back of her hand over Jack's lump.

Marian had a bold thought. She couldn't let Judy have her son she couldn't stand the thought of him sticking his cock into her little cunt, not after fucking him herself.

Turning away from the window so she didn't have to look at them, Marian realized her son had come into her room the night before and fucked her because he had wanted to. With only a slight feeling of guilt, she resolved to keep Jack out of that hot-assed little girl's clutches. She knew it would mean becoming aggressive and bold with her son and giving him all the ass he could use and then some. But she had to develop his sexual interest in her and make him forget about Judy.

Jack was out all day, returning only for dinner. He stayed in the house after dinner and Marian could feel his eyes following her about the house. Still in her tight jeans, she sat in the over-stuffed chair with him on the couch and looked at him openly.

"About last night, Jack," she said.

"That was good, Mom," he replied with no show of guilt or shame on his young face. "Can we do it again tonight?"

For just a moment she hesitated, then smiled at her son. "We can do it again tonight and every night, if you'd like," she said, her voice low and throaty.

Jack sat up suddenly, his eyes gleaming. "Hey, that's great, Mom! Let's do it right now!"

Her eyes drifted to the front of his pants and she detected the growing lump of his cock. She smiled at him and licked her lips with slight nervousness. Although Jack was as eager as any young boy could be, she still knew she had to take the initiative.

Marian lifted her hands and began unbuttoning her shirt. She had gone without her bra for the first time in her life and when the shirt was unbuttoned, her arching tits swelled out succulently, pink with dark nipples. Marian had never been the aggressor in her life and she wasn't quite sure how to go about it. But the excitement in her son's eyes as he gazed at her tits encouraged her. Feeling shy, she lifted her hands and cupped her tits.

"Why don't you come over here and feel them, Jack?" she whispered.

When he got to his feet, her eyes stared glassily at the place where his cock bulged inside his pants. When he stood at her side, his hands cupping and molding one of her tits, she ran her hand out and closed it over the lump of his cock. She squeezed it and made her son moan happily.

"Suck it, honey," she whispered huskily. "Suck on my nipples, Jack!"

He leaned down and closed his lips about his mother's hard, rubbery nipple. His mouth was hot and wet as his tongue flicked over her nipple. He molded her naked tit with both hands, making her nipple jut out and into his mouth. Marian cupped her hand into her son's crotch, pressing at the throbbing hardness of his cock and balls. She felt him shaking as she brought her other hand up to hold his head down tight into her tit.

Then she began unzipping his fly. Once it was open, she snaked her hot hand into his pants and closed it about his hard-on. Pulling her son's cock from his pants, she closed her hand around it tightly and began to pump back and forth. Jack moaned around her nipple, sucking harder.

"Wait just a minute, honey," she murmured. "I want your hands on me -- between my legs."

Immediately Jack removed his hand from her tit and ran it down her shaking body, over the slight mound of her cunt and between his mother's thighs. He pressed his palm against the tight crotch of her jeans and Marian whimpered as the pleasure sent a throbbing need through her cunt.

"I meant inside my pants, Jack," she mewled softly. "I want your hand inside my pants."

She released his cock and, with both hands, found the zipper of her tight jeans, tugging it down and then unsnapping the waist. As soon as her pants were open, his hands began running through the thick curls of her cunt, trying to press between her thighs. But the jeans were still tight at her crotch.

"Just a minute," she whispered, shoving his mouth off her tit.

She lifted her ass and shoved the tight jeans down. With a gurgle of delight at seeing his mother's hairy cunt again, Jack helped her until the jeans dangled at her ankles. Marian parted her knees and Jack gazed between his mother's thighs, looking at her hair-lined cunt lips and seeing them glisten moistly. The tip of her clitoris poked from the wet folds of her cunt like a begging little tongue.

"Feel me now, baby," she hissed. "Feel mother up. Jack! Put your hand on me down there."

Jack's hand shot excitedly to her pussy. He curled his palm into her hairy crotch and worked a finger into her cunt. This time she did not stay still. Marian arched her hips up and made tight circles with them as he stabbed his finger into her steamy, wet cunt. She moaned with the pleasure his finger was generating inside her pussy. Again she grabbed his cock and began to pump it swiftly.

"I want to put my cock in you, Mom!" Jack said in a high, eager voice. "I want to put my cock in you like I did last night!"

"Oh, God, yes!" she moaned.

Immediately her son was on his knees before her, shoving her legs up and back. Her jeans were still around her ankles and she couldn't spread bet legs too far. But she wrapped her arms behind her knees and held them against her naked tits, peering between them. She had scooted her ass to the edge of the chair and she made a hissing sound as she saw her son shove his jeans down, revealing his cock and balls.

His prick stood straight up and out in beautiful hardness, the head swollen smoothly. She saw his pre-cum dripping from the flare of his piss hole and her cunt twitched with eagerness.

"Put it in!" she hissed. "Put that thing in me and do it, Jack! Ohhh, please fuck me!"

Placing his hand on the back of her thigh, Jack looked down at his mother's hairy cunt and creamy ass cheeks for a few tantalizing moments. Then, gripping his cock, he moved the swollen head toward her pussy. As the smooth head of her son's cock moved between the hot lips of her cunt, Marian's eyes went wide and she gasped in surprise. A small, but very delicious orgasm exploded inside her cunt. That had never happened before and she lifted her naked ass as Jack thrust his cock completely into her pussy. Again she felt his cock stretching the lips of her cunt and his hairless balls swung against her uplifted ass cheeks.

"Oooo, good!" she whimpered, unable to remain quiet is she had the night before. "Put your prick in deep, Jack! I want to feel it as deep as you can go!"

He had both hands on her thighs, his ass pumping as he grunted. Jack drove his cock in and out of his mother's slippery, steaming cunt vigorously, his balls slapping her upturned ass rhythmically. Marian continued to hold her knees tightly against her tits, gasping and almost sobbing with the tingling ecstasy that whipped through her burning body.

She felt the deep throbbing of her son's cock as he fucked into her gripping cunt swiftly. She could feel his cock rubbing hotly along her inflamed clitoris. Her body shook and shivered and she began to hunch her naked ass up and down, fucking back at him as grunts of delight burbled from her constricted throat.

"Oooo, so good, baby!" she whimpered, churning her ass up and down and rolling it about as he thrust his prick excitedly into her gripping cunt. "Ohhh, that feels so good! Harder, Jack! Ohhh, baby, do it harder!"

Jack was fucking her swiftly, his hips plunging back and forth. His fingers dug into the smooth flesh on the back of her drawn-up thighs, sending darts of delight through her. Marian turned loose of one knee and shoved her hand down behind her naked, swinging ass. She gripped her son's hairless balls tightly, twisting at them in her excitement as he fucked her.

She squirmed and tossed her naked ass about in a wild, furious, totally abandoned state of erotic ecstasy. She was no longer bashful or shy, but eager now. The desire to keep him from fucking Judy gave her the boldness she had always lacked before and she was determined to be as erotic and hungry for his cock as she possibly could. It was the only way to keep him from Judy, she felt.

"Mom," Jack was grunting hoarsely. "I don't think I can hold out much longer! I think I'm about to come, Mom!"

"Then do lt, baby!" she squinted, throwing her naked ass about vigorously. "Do it, Jack! Let it come. I want to feel you coming in me again!"

Jack thrust his cock deep, then held it there. His face screwed up with the ecstatic torture flowing through his body. Marian felt his cock lurching about inside her cunt and, just as she felt his creamy come juice splashing into her, she came, too.

"Ohhh, I'm coming too!" she squealed. "I'm coming, too, Jack! Ooo... ahhhh, yes, yes!"

Marian's hair-lined cunt gripped her son's spurting cock in tight, her wet spasms. His thick come juice filled her cunt as it had the night before. And she felt it running from the stretching of her cunt and over the cheeks of her ass. The slippery heat of his come juice sent her into another powerful convulsion of orgasm. She was moaning and whimpering mindlessly now, her naked ass shaking as his cock into her flexing cunt.

And then Jack slumped against the back of her thighs, breathing harshly. She clung to his balls as he rested, her pussy still holding his cock. Her other hand, leaving the back of her knee, ran up and down his back.

"You're kind of heavy on me this way," she said in a soft voice.

Jack lifted up from her legs, his cock pulling from the hairy pussy and she released his balls. Jack sat back on his heels as she straightened her cramped legs. She sat with her naked ass hanging over the edge of the cushion, her hair-rimmed cunt revealed to him without shame or shyness now.

Marian lifted one leg and pulled off her jeans from one ankle and then the other. All she wore was the man's shirt and it was wide open. I might as well be naked before my son, she thought with a shiver of pleasure.

With her jeans off, Marian deliberately spread her knees very wide as her son gazed between them. Having him look at her pussy so boldly gave Marian more thrills than she would have expected. She had never been an exhibitionist, but she loved it when Jack looked at her naked body. It made her cunt tingle, despite the series of orgasms she had just gone through.

With a husky laugh, she stood up. "Come on, baby," she said. "We're going to my bedroom. I think I would like to do that again, wouldn't you?"

"I sure would, Mom!" Jack grinned up at her, then got to his feet.

She took hold of his slippery cock and gave it a jerk or two. Then, after licking her lips, [missing text].

"Come on!" she said hotly. "I can't wait to do it again, Jack!"

Leaving her jeans on the floor of the living, she walked ahead of he son, the tail of the shirt flapping about her naked, tightly rippling ass. She knew Jack was watching her ass and she made the natural my more prounced for his pleasure.

As she lead him into her bedroom, she removed the shirt and stood naked before his excited eyes. Her resolution to be bold was no longer necessary. Marian was boiling with erotic desire and that made her naturally aggressive. As she stood before her son, watching him take off his pants and shirt, she became a different woman. All her previous bashfulness and shyness was gone and had been replaced by a perverse eroticism that drove her on without shame. She was different than she had ever been with her husband and she knew that since she was a grown woman, she could certainly take her son away from some young, little cunt that didn't know what a cock was really for.

Lewdly, Marian spread her feet on the floor and arched her hips forward. With both hands she framed her hairy cunt and offered it to her son.

"Do you like this, Jack?" she asked in a thick voice. "DO you really like mother's cunt?"

His eyes widened and he nodded his head.

With a slightly nervous voice, he replied, "I love your cunt, Mom! I love all that hair on your cunt and it feels so good around my cock and I love to fuck you, Mom!"

Hearing her son say this made Marian tingle with erotic pleasure. She rubbed a finger along her clitoris as she swayed her hips wickedly. "Are you going to fuck mother's cunt again, Jack? Are you going to stick your hard, sweet cock up mother's hairy cunt and fuck her again?"

"Damn right I'm going to fuck you again, Mom!" he growled in thick voice. "Fuck your cunt... with my cock... and fuck it good!"

"Oh please!" she squealed. "I want you to fuck my hot cunt good with your sweet, hard cock!"

They were using the words to inflame themselves and each other, excited at the openness they were showing. Marian had never used such words before and she found it intensely thrilling to talk like that with her son.

She watched his cock lift, swelling into hardness once again. The light was, on and she saw his cock glisten with her cunt juices. She took his prick in her hand and pulled him close to her, snaking her tongue into his mouth. Her tits pressed against his chest and she mewled when she felt his hands move about her hips and clutch at her tight ass cheeks. Easing his cock between her thighs, she grabbed her son by his tight ass and pulled, digging her fingers into his ass cheeks. She writhed her hips, arching her naked ass into his palms and feeling his cock slide bween her clamped thighs.

"Oooo, you feel so hot and hard, Jack!" she whispered as her tongue pulled from his sucking mouth. "I love it when you have a beautiful hard-on for my cunt!"

"Let's fuck, Mom!"

"Oh, let's do that! Let's fuck is right!"

She climbed onto her bed and, feeling deliciously wicked, drew her knees beneath her stomach and placed her head upon a fluffy pillow. She waggled her naked ass in the air as her son stared, his cock throbbing and dripping. He saw the hair-lined lips of his mother's cunt pooch out from between her slim, smooth thighs and the brown pucker of her asshole seemed to be winking as invitation to him.

"I want you to fuck me like this, honey!" Marian wailed with her new-found boldness. "I want you to stick your hard cock up my hot cunt this way!"

Jack stood at the edge of the bed, his hands moving about his mother's creamy ass checks.

He felt all about her ass while Marian wiggled and cooed in pleasure. He cupped her wet cunt and squeezed it, rubbing at her once-again swollen clitoris. The beauty of his mother's ass made his cock swell even harder and it jerked up and down with eagerness. He was dripping from his piss hole as Marian peered at his prick from between her thighs. Her tits dangled, the sensitive nipples brushing the sheet and making her shiver with a swelling anticipation. She felt him rub the seeping head of his cock along the back of her thigh.

"Do it to me!" she wailed. "Oh, Jack, darling. Stick your cock up my fucking cunt now! Ohhh, I want it inside my hot, hairy cunt -- now!"


Jack thrust his cock forward.

Marian have a yelp as her son's cock stretched the lips of her pussy. It was a yelp of delight. She arched her naked ass higher, swinging it tightly as Jack's cock penetrated deeper than ever before. His balls swung about and his excited grunts reached his mother's ears. She loved the sounds he made when he fucked her. The sounds told her, as much as his eager fucking, how much he loved it -- loved her.

Marian felt her son holding her hips, his fingers very tight against her shivering, heated flesh. His balls seemed to bang against her crotch as he stabbed into her pussy with youthful vigor, stretching her cunt lips in a delicious way. Her clitoris was burning and tingling. She closed her eyes and began to nibble at her bottom lip, mewling softly. She thrust her naked ass back against him, listening to the excited slapping of his lower stomach against her creamy, rounded ass cheeks.

She began to shake and, unable to coordinate the writhing of her ass with his plunging cock, she held still. But Jack pulled and pushed at his mother's ass with his hands, his own hips still as he gazed downward. He fucked his mother's cunt back and forth on his throbbing cock, watching as her hairy cunt lips sucked and clung to his prick. He saw the pucker of her asshole was winking in flexing tightness.

"Give that cock to me, darling!" Marian gasped hotly, once again moving her naked ass. "Fuck me, Jack. Ohhh, baby, fuck me fast and hard! I love it, Jack. Oh, how I love being fucked!"

She hunched her ass wildly, sliding her cunt back and forth on her son's cock with total, erotic abandon. Driven by her jealousy and sudden lust, Marian became mindless to everything but the exquisite ecstasy her son's cock sent racing through her naked body. Cooing and whimpering, she twisted and rolled her shapely ass, knowing that Jack would be delighted and further aroused by it. She was well aware that he was watching her naked ass as he fucked her.

Although she had seldom let herself go erotically with her husband, she had always wanted to. Marian knew the value of erotic motions and soft words of encouragement, teasing and exposure. Her mind had often thought of them, and, since she was excited by all those things, she suspected, that others were too -- especially her son.

So she wiggled her naked ass, arching it up so he could see her asshole and watch her wiggle and twist it. She called out lewd words to inflame her son, pleased when he used them, too.

Her cunt, hairy and intensely sensitive, felt the young, powerful throb of his cock between its lips. She could feel the ridges and grooves of his prick and the roundness of his deliciously swollen cock head. She could feel his balls swing back and forth, slapping against her hairy cunt mound. His stomach gazed her hot ass checks and now and then she could even feel him touch her asshole lightly as he plunged his hard cock in deep.

Jack, with his cock throbbing sweetly inside his mother's boiling cunt, could feel the hot slipperiness of her hairy cunt lips. He was thrilled at the tightness of it and the way her pussy sucked and drew upon his prick. The thought went through his mind that his mother's cunt was almost like sticking his cock into warm, slippery butter, but with a tightness that was out of this world. Her pussy wasn't as tight as his fist, of course, but it was tight enough to send ripples of ecstasy through hi young body.

"You're so hot, Mom!" Jack groaned loudly as he banged his cock into her cunt furiously. "Your cunt is so fucking hot, so fucking wet. I love it, Mom! I love your pussy!"

"Love mother's cunt with your hard cock, honey!" she called out. "Love mother's hairy, hot, wet cunt with your sweet, hard delicious cock!"

The waves of her orgasm had begun in soft ripples, making Marian coo. Now, as her son increased the power and speed of his fucking, her orgasm began to increase in power, exploding harder. Her cunt gripped her son's cock in flexing waves, sucking on him rhythmically.

She began to whimper louder, the whimpers slowly becoming wails of ecstasy. Her naked ass shook and twisted in an almost violent way as she went through a never-before-known series of orgasms. Her tits swelled into a hardness she had not felt before and her nipples seemed about to burst open with tingling pleasure as they brushed against the sheet.

Through the delicious ripples of her orgasm, she felt her son's cock swelling and jerking about inside her cunt. She knew he was about to come and her naked ass slammed back hard against his crotch, the hairy lips of her cunt working about his prick.

Jack groaned loudly, holding his cock as deep up his mother's pussy as he could. Marian held her breath, then gave a loud hiss of ecstasy as she felt his cock spurting thick, creamy-come juice into her greedy pussy. The splashing of her son's come juice triggered a final orgasm inside her steamy cunt and Marian screamed in mindless ecstasy, her head lifting from the pillow, her eyes closed and beautiful. Her face was contorted in intense pleasure.

Jack slumped across his mother's naked ass. Marian felt his weight and tried to remember when his cock had come out of her cunt. She had come very close to fainting with the intensity of the pleasure. Her ass was still jutting in the air and her knees were still curled underneath her body. With a sigh, she slowly lowered herself to the bed, feeling her son remain on her back. His breath was hot on the smoothness of her naked back and she felt her son kissing her creamy flesh affectionately.

Turning, she moved Jack off her. They lay stretched out on the bed. Gazing into her son's eyes, she wrapped her arms about him and pulled him closer his chest against her tits. She ran the tip of her tongue around his lips gently.

"Was it good for you, honey?" she asked with a smile if satisfaction. "Was I a good fuck, Jack?"

Jack grinned impishly as he pulled back and ran a hand over his mother's naked, spongy tits. "I sure love to fuck you, Mom," he said, twisting at her nipple gently.

"I bet you'd love to fuck any cunt, mine or any other girl's," she laughed. "You just like to fuck, that's all."

"I sure do!"

"And so do I," she laughed with him. "But I think it's time we got some sleep, don't you? My pussy is still throbbing. You sure fucked it!"

With a laugh, Jack snuggled against his mother.

The next day she woke up late and found herself alone in bed. With a sleepy sigh, Marian swung her legs over the edge and stood up. The bed was a mess. The sheets had been kicked to the floor and the pillows were all over.

Breaking her normal routine, she ran water in the tub and poured in oils and bubble bath. Soaking in the hot water, she smiled, thinking that Judy, the little girl, was no longer a threat to her. Even it Jack had been fucking the girl, Marian knew that her age and experience and erotic mind would soon make her son forget all about the girl. After all, she thought, Judy was hardly old enough to know how to keep a boy's interest sexually, especially compared to herself.

By the time she finished her bath and dried her slender, curvy body, it was almost eleven in the morning. Her schedule had been thrown off by her sleeping late, but she didn't care. The house was never that messy anyway and one day wouldn't make any difference.

She dressed in a white summer frock with a tight bodice that hugged and emphasized her shapely tits. Again she went without a bra and grinned at her reflection when she saw the darkness of her nipples showing through the white garment. Jack would love that, she thought.

The skirt was full and swung about her thighs as she walked. With a deliciously wicked feeling, she pulled on a pair of her most erotic panties. The panties were tighter than any others she had. The front was a triangular patch of lace, with small holes that exposed the shape and color of her cunt hair. A back patch, only slightly larger, hardly coveted the creamy swells of her ass. At each hip was a simple, narrow elastic band. She slipped on a pair of sandals, held her skirt to her waist, and looked at herself in the bathroom mirror on the door. Her hips were round and flowed to long, creamy enticing thighs. Jack would like this, she thought, dropping her skirt.

Marian seldom wore make-up. Her complexion didn't need it. Most of the time she wore only a faint lipstick and wore polish on her finger and toe nails. But even those colors were subdued, never harsh and blaring. She enjoyed being a subtle female, showing just a hint of her sexuality. My eyes are expressive enough, she thought, knowing they sparkled with erotic heat.

By the time she finished dressing and left the bedroom it was almost noon. As she moved down the hall toward the living room, she heard a young girl's soft giggles. Frowning, Marian went in.

Judy was there with Jack. The girl was sitting on the couch with her son, turned to face him with her right knee up on the cushions. The first thing Marian saw as she entered the room was the creamy slimness of Judy's thighs. The little girl wore a dress but it was pushed up almost in her lap. Judy looked up and greeted Marian with a bright, friendly smile. Marian returned the greeting and then went into the kitchen to start coffee. She didn't like the girl being here with her son, but she couldn't very well be rude and tell Judy to leave. Marian was not a rude person.

Then she grinned to herself. She knew she didn't have to worry about the little girl, not after last night.

But, as she took a cup of coffee into the living room, she noticed Judy quickly jerk her hand away from Jack's crotch. Jack only glanced at his mother, unconcerned that she had caught him with Judy feeling his cock. A faint blush crept over Judy's young, sweetly innocent face as she peeked at Marian from down-cast eyes. Marian didn't think Judy was really expressing shame or guilt. She wasn't the bashful type, not from what Marian had seen.

Sitting in her over-stuffed chair, Marian pretended she had seen nothing. She sipped her coffee, feeling the sudden tension in the room. It was not tension between her and Jack, she sensed, but between her and Judy. It was as if mother and girlfriend were competing for Jack. That was how Marian thought of it, anyway. What Judy thought, she had no way of knowing.

Judy's dress was almost in her lap. From where she sat, Marian found that she could look up past those creamy thighs and see the crotch of the little girls panties. Her eyes narrowed, then filmed over. A sensation warmed her flesh as she gazed between Judy's thighs, a sensation that took her by surprise.

Marian wanted to kiss that pretty little cunt! A throbbing began between her own thighs and her cunt was getting wet again. Her clitoris swelled against the lacy crotch of her panties and she felt her nipples turn into hard rubber. The amazing thing about it was Marian was not shocked by this sudden desire to kiss Judy's little cunt. In fact, it had long been one of her erotic fantasies -- only it had usually been the hairy pussy of a grown woman she had fantasized about. She had had mental picture of having a woman lick her cunt as she ran her tongue in and out of the woman's hairy, wet, pussy. And as her erotic fantasy grew, she would think of a huge, hard cock fucking her cunt as she sucked the other woman's pussy.

A knock at the door brought her out of the developing daydream. Jack answered it and then told his mother he was going out to play ball. Marian, somewhat flustered by her wild imagination hardly looked up at her son's friend. But as Jack left, Judy stood up to leave, too.

"You don't have to go," Marian heard herself say. "Stay and visit with me a while, Judy."

The little girl gazed at Marian. Then she sat back down on the couch, her knees pressed tightly together and her skirt pulled down. "I didn't think you liked me," Judy said in a soft voice.

"What gave you that idea?" Marian asked, her voice throaty. What she was thinking of was insane she knew. Yet there was a force, a powerful force, driving her.

"The way you look at me sometimes," Judy said, almost shyly. "And you hardly ever talk to me."

"I'm sorry I gave, you that impression, Judy," Marian said in an even lower voice. "I like you! I'm just not friendly with people right away."

There was an awkward silence, for a moment. Then Marian said, "You really like my son, don't you?"

"He's my boyfriend," Judy said, her eyes shining. "I like Jack a lot!"

"So do I," Marian said. "That's why I try to make sure of his friends. I wouldn't want my son to get mixed up with anyone who would get him into trouble."

"I won't get him in trouble," Judy said. "I'm sure you won't, honey."

Marian's cunt was on fire as the thoughts tumbled through her inflamed mind. She wanted to shove her face between those slim thighs and kiss and lick at Judy's cunt with a desperate hunger.

Judy was gazing back at Marian with sparkling innocent eyes, but Marian detected something else in them. She had seen the same expression on grown women. There was a small, almost knowing, smile on the young face. It was almost a repeat of when her son had entered her bedroom and, without a word, fucked her.

With her eyes staring straight into Marian's, Judy ran her hands down her thighs and began inching her skirt. She paused when the skirt was half way up.

"DO you like me, Mrs. Howell?" Judy asked in a soft voice.

Marian's eyes were on those young, creamy, tanned thighs. She did not reply because she was afraid to trust her voice. Her cunt was throbbing with wild heat.

Judy pulled her dress higher until the crotch of her panties was revealed. Marian felt a tremor run through her body and stood up on shaking legs. With her eyes turning into the young girl's crotch, she slowly moved toward Judy, almost hypnotically.

She dropped to her knees in front of the girl and placed her hands on Judy's smooth, round knees. She was breathing hard and excitedly. Judy spread her knees wide, scooting her small, tight ass to the edge of the cushions.

"You want to feel me?" Judy asked in a low, whispery voice that should have belonged to an older woman. "You can feel me up if you want to, Mrs. Howell."

Marian whimpered with erotic excitement as she slid her hands up the warm thighs. As her fingers brushed the panties, she lowered her mouth and kissed Judy above one knee.

Judy slipped her hands down and placed them on Marian's cheeks, urging her to kiss up her smooth, inner thigh. When Marian glanced up at the young girl, she saw those blue eyes blazing with heat. She slipped her hands around Judy's hips and cupped her tight little ass cheeks. Her lips, moist and hot, began to kiss the softness of Judy's thighs.

Judy gurgled with pleasure, twisting her sweet ass into Marian's palms. Leaning forward, Marian darted her tongue out, no longer able to put off tasting the freshness of Judy's lovable thighs. She swirled her tongue against the creamy flesh as her mind burned in erotic pleasure. She licked up and down one thigh, turning her face to leave moist trails of liquid heat on the other thigh.

Lifting her head, Marian gazed into the crotch of Judy's panties. The crotch band was spread wide and, with a low growl, Marian shoved her face into it. She kissed the crotch of Judy's panties, then opened her lips wide and began to suck on them. The moist heat of Judy's cunt assaulted her nostrils and she shot her tongue out, licking up and down the stretched panties. She tasted the moisture soaking through the flimsy panties, and her mind whirled erotically. But tasting Judy's sweet cunt through her panties was not enough for Marian.

Reluctant to turn loose of her springy ass cheeks, Marian gazed up at the little girl with smoldering eyes. "Pull your panties to one side, honey," she whispered thickly. "Show me your little cunt!"

With a delighted squeal, Judy hooked a finger in the tight crotch of her panties and pulled them to one side. Marian gazed at the sweet cunt hungrily. Blonde fuzz sprouted at the top of her curt past her pink, succulent clitoris, but the puffy lips were totally devoid of hair.

With a loud mewl, Marian shoved her mouth into the girl's cunt and began sucking at the wet cunt lips. Her tongue twisted and swirled against them as she sucked. She twisted her tongue about the knotted little clitoris and heard a wail of pleasure bubble from Judy. Marian loved the way the girl held her face in her hot little hands as she kissed and licked the girl's honey-tasting cunt.

Squeezing her fingers into her tight, spongy little ass cheeks, Marian lifted Judy's hips. Her tongue slipped between the wet cunt lips and thrust up as deep as she could. The hot wetness tasted like nectar to Marian and she began to stab her tongue into Judy's tightly gripping cunt furiously. Her mouth filled with the deliciously seeping juices and she tightened her hands on the squirming cheeks of Judy's ass. When Judy began to grind her cunt into her sucking mouth, Marian urged the girl to churn her hips about while wild, hot pants of pleasure came from her with a muffled sound.

Judy churned her ass about, grinding her cunt hard into Marian's mouth. Marian shot her tongue in and out of the tight, hot cunt in furious pleasure. Her own pussy was in convulsions due to the perversity of eating this fresh, ever-so-sweet, cunt. Her hips swayed and the cheeks of her, own ass clenched in spasms as she came in rippling wave after wave. She was mewling into Judy's cunt as her tongue fucked in and out, twisting up to suck on the tiny, throbbing clitoris now and then.

"OOOO, Mrs. Howell!" Judy screamed.

"You're going to make me come! Ohhh, I like the way you stick your tongue way up my pussy! Oooo, lick me, Mrs. Howell! I'm going to come!"

For one swift moment, Marian pulled her lips an inch away from the young, succulent, pink cunt. "Come in my mouth, honey!" she shouted and shoved her open mouth upon the hot cunt again.

Judy arched her cunt hard in Marian's face, her hot hands still clinging to the older woman's cheeks. She gave a loud wail.

Marian, her tongue deep inside the tight, slippery cunt, felt Judy come. The tender cunt flexed around her tongue, and then began to squeeze Marian's tongue in wet tightness. Marian thrust her tongue in and out of Judy's cunt with a furious hunger while her fingers dug into the tightening checks of Judy's ass. Fucking her tongue back and forth as Judy ground her pussy hard against her face, Marian squealed in orgasm.

Slipping her tongue out of the clutching cunt, Marian slid her hands along Judy's trembling, tanned thighs. She looked up at Judy, seeing the expression of delighted satisfaction on her sweet, pretty face.

But Marian wasn't satisfied. She wanted to eat this sweet, lovable girl up.

Getting to her feet, she pulled on Judy's hand. "Come on, honey," Marian said. "I want to lick that pretty pussy of yours again. Let't go to the bedroom."

Judy stood up, eagerly gripping Marian's hand. They held hands tightly as they walked down the hallway.


Marian had never licked a cunt in her entire life. She had fantasized about it often and, as she walked down the hallway holding Judy's hand, she licked her lips in anticipation of tasting pussy once more.

What surprised her was the absolute willingness of Judy to let her tongue-fuck her tight, young cunt. The little girl was far more erotic than she had suspected. Perhaps, despite her youth, Judy was more experienced than she realized. It was either that, Marian thought, or else the girl was so downright sexual, she would do anything, as long as it concerned her delicious cunt and made her come.

Inside the bedroom, she pulled the girl into her arms and kissed her pouting lips. As they kissed, Marian felt the girl hugging her tightly about the waist. Marian had to bend down to that innocent face to kiss it and Judy had to lift her mouth.

"Would you like to undress, honey?" Marian asked in a low, excited voice. "Would it be better if you were naked? I'd love to see every inch of your sweet body without clothes on."

Judy giggled in a wicked way. "Oh, I'd like that, Mrs. Howell," she said. "I never have the chance to take all my clothes off."

"What chance are you talking about, Judy?" Marian asked as she watched Judy stripping her dress away.

"When I'm with a guy," Judy replied simply and without shyness. "Usually I just take my panties off for them and lift my dress."

"Do you fuck a lot, honey?"

"Oooo," Judy murmured as her dress fell to the floor. "Every chance I get!"

Marian smiled as she looked at the girl standing with only her panties on. "And you make sure you get the chance, right?"

"I sure do!"

"Is my son a good fuck?"

"I love his cock!" Judy gurgled as she slipped her panties off, kicking them from her feet.

"I thought he was fucking you," Marian said, and realized she didn't feel as jealous now.

"You don't mind, Mrs. Howell?" Judy asked, almost innocently. "You're not mad, are you?"

"I could hardly be mad, could I?" Marian smiled. "After kissing your pussy myself?"

Judy moved to the bed, her back toward Marian. Marian's eyes blazed upon the sweetness of Judy's tight, compact ass cheeks with hot desire. Judy sprawled out on the bed, her legs spread wide in total lack of inhibition. Her small but very shapely tits looked tight and hard with deliciously pink nipples. Judy's tits were so small, Marian's hand could cup every inch of them.

She stood gazing in desire at the slender, sweet nakedness of the erotic little girl. Her cunt was boiling again, as if she had never came in the living room. She started to move to the bed, but Judy stopped her.

"Aren't you going to take your clothes off, too, Mrs. Howell?"

"Would you like that, Judy?"

"Oh, yes! I've never seen a naked woman before," Judy said excitedly. "I mean a grown woman. I've seen naked girls like me at school in the showers, but never a real woman."

Marian removed her dress and Judy gurgled with pleasure when she saw the swelling of Marian's tits. "Ohhh, those are nice!" she said.

As Marian shoved her skimpy panties down and displayed her thick cunt hair, Judy gurgled with pleasure again. "Golly, Mrs. Howell! You sure have a lot of hair on your pussy, don't you?"

"You will, too, when you get older," Marian said as she climbed onto the bed.

She cuddled Judy into her arms, smashing her tits into the tight, small tits of the girl. They kissed and touched each other's bodies with growing desire. But Marian didn't want to spend a lot of time feeling and caressing. She moved from Judy and sat up on the bed. Leaning down, she licked about the girl's swollen tits, sucking on Judy's nipples. She ran her hand down the girl's trembling, flat stomach and fondled her young cunt, making Judy squeal with bubbling, steamy excitement. As she sucked her delicious, fresh tits and felt the hairless cunt, Marian felt Judy's hand sliding up her thigh and into her crotch. Lifting to her knees, Marian felt Judy slip a finger up her hairy pussy and begin to fuck it in and out.

Licking and kissing, Marian moved her mouth down from Judy's springy tits, swirling her tongues over the heated flesh of the girl's stomach. For a brief moment she delved into the girl's dimpled belly button, then licked into the blonde fuzz at the top of Judy's cunt. Her eyes only inches away from the exquisitely shaped cunt lips, Marian groaned in greedy desire and shoved her mouth into Judy's crotch for the second time in less than half an hour.

Judy wailed in pleasure and raced her hand to one of Marian's spongy tits, digging into it and then pulling and twisting the rubbery nipple. She spread her thighs wide, arching her pussy up into Marian's fucking tongue and sucking lips.

But Marian's mind was inflamed with erotic ideas. She pulled her mouth off the slippery cunt and gently turned the trembling girl over onto her stomach. She gazed at the sweetness of her arching ass, seeing the deep, tantalizing ass crack.

Judy kept her thighs widely spread and Marian leaned over and began to kiss body and wetly at those creamy, swelling ass cheeks. She ran her hands over them as her tongue licked every inch, smearing the girl's ass with her saliva. She licked and kissed hungrily along the hot cheeks and down the backs of Judy's trembling thighs, then up again. She ran the tip of her tongue up and down the hot ass crack and, with a squeal of excited pleasure, Judy arched her cute ass into the air.

Without hesitating, Marian began to lick swiftly up and down the crack of the girl's beautiful, naked little ass. She twirled her tongue about the pucker of Judy's asshole. As with Judy's cunt, Marian was licking an asshole for the first time in her life, fulfilling yet another fantasy of hers.

"Oooo, Mrs. Howell!" Judy gurgled as she squirmed her ass into Marian's face. "Ohhh, I like that! I've never had my ass licked before! Golly, you're licking my asshole!"

Marian's tongue flicked up and down the hot ass crack, probing the tight little hole with the tip. Shoving her face lower between the girl's slim thighs, she fluttered her tongue up and down the tasty cunt, then licked from pussy to asshole eagerly.

She loved the hot feel of Judy's ass cheeks against her face and probed harder up her crinkled asshole. Suddenly, to the surprise of both of them, Marian's tongue was inside Judy's hot asshole. After a moment of surprise, Marian began tongue-fucking Judy up the ass, making the girl squeal and gurgle with erotic pleasure. Judy's ass twisted and squirmed into Marian's mouth, and Marian felt the girl's cunt exploding in tight spasms.

"Ooo, you're making me come!" Judy wailed. "I've never had a tongue in my asshole before Mrs. Howell. And you're making me come all over myself! Ohhh, fuck your tongue way up my asshole, Mrs. Howell!"

Marian shot her tongue as deep as she could into the hot tightness, plunging it back and forth, surprised at herself for tongueing an asshole so willing and hungry. Fantasizing about it was one thing, but doing it was another, she knew. Yet, the actual fucking of her tongue inside Judy's asshole was so much better than just thinking about it.

She was sucking on the asshole with her lips as she fucked it with her tongue, her mind reeling with intense, erotic hunger. She loved the feeling of Judy's asshole squeezing her tongue as she came. Judy's asshole squeezed so tight, Marian had to use force to plunge her tongue in and out of it.

With a final gurgle, Judy slumped onto the bed, sprawling in quivery pleasure. Marian sat up and watched the pretty, little ass twitch and could not help but cup her hand between Judy's thighs and press against her steamy cunt.

As soon as Judy had recovered, Marian spread out beside the girl, her head toward the feet. She fondled Judy's thighs and pussy, feeling Judy explore her thighs, her cunt and her shapely ass with equally hot hands.

Then, without speaking, Marian scissored her thighs between Judy's. She pressed her wet hairy cunt into the eager girl's hairless one. She gripped Judy's leg and pulled her foot into her tits, holding it there as she ran her other hand down to clutch at a tight ass cheek. She began to grind and slide and bang her hairy cunt into the young girl's. Their cunts rubbed against each other, scraping hard, tingling their clits as their juicy cunt lips smeared cunt juice all over each other.

"Ohhhh, good!" Marian murmured as she pound her cunt into Judy's. "Oh, baby, we're fucking! We're fucking each other with our cunts! Ahhh, my pussy is burning. I'm coming, already! I'm coming! Your cunt against mine is making me come, baby!"

Judy squirmed and pressed her hot little pussy hard into Marian's squirming cunt, cooing in her soft way as she came, too. The orgasm that shot through Marian was powerful, making her body shudder violently. She dug her hand into the cheek of Judy's ass, her fingers against the tight asshole she had so recently tongue-fucked.

Orgasm after orgasm exploded in her pussy until Marian became exhausted. She relaxed every muscle of her body feeling like hot liquid. She held one of Judy's slim thighs against her quivering body and licked the girl's toes.

Finally she sat up. "I don't know if I could have taken much more, baby," she said. "I came and came and I thought I would never stop! I never came so much in my life."

Judy, sitting up, giggled wickedly. "I like you, Mrs. Howell. I like for you to lick my pussy and I sure loved it when you stuck your tongue up my asshole!"

Judy had a sandwich and milk in the dining room and Marian watched her eat. They had dressed quickly once Marian realized that her son could have returned home and caught them on the bed. At the time, she had been far too excited to even think about Jack, but now the idea of having him catch her sucking his little girlfriend's cunt seemed appealing to her. She still felt jealous, but not as much as before.

After Judy had gone, Marian realized how much she had enjoyed licking a cunt. She wondered if perhaps she could induce Judy to lick her pussy next time.

Would there be a next time? she wondered. But of course there would be a next time. Judy was too hot not to have a next time, Marian knew.

About an hour after Judy had left, Jack returned to the house, sweaty from playing ball. She greeted her son with a kiss and a quick stab of her tongue into his mouth. He looked at her.

"You never did that before, Mom," he said.

"I never fucked you before, either," she grinned and ran her palm over the front of his pants. "I sense a big change in this house, don't you?"

Jack ran his hand over his mother's arching tits, leaving a smudge on her white dress. "For the better, huh?"

Marian opened her son's pants and pulled out his cock. She squeezed his prick and felt it begin to swell. She jerked her fist on her son's cock, looking down at it. Then she unbuttoned his jeans and shoved them to the floor.

"You going to fuck me right here, Mom?" Jack asked, as willing as usual.

"No, I'm not going to fuck you honey," she said, flashing a lewd grin at him.

She dropped to her knees in front of her son, her head almost six inches above his swollen cock. She gripped his cock in her hand as her other hand slipped up to cradle his hairless balls. Fondling his cock and balls, she looked up at him with misty, smoldering eyes.

"I bet you never had this beautiful cock sucked before, did you, Jack?"

"Are you going to suck my cock, Mom?"

"Want me?" she teased, stroking her fist back and forth on his prick, brushing the swollen head of it down against her covered tits. "Want me to suck your cock?"

"Yes!" he shouted.

"Will you come a lot?" she asked. "Will you come a lot and come in mother's mouth if I suck your prick?"

"You want me to come in your mouth, Mom?" he asked in wide-eyed wonder. "Really?"

"I'd love for you to come in my mouth," she said.

"But... that's almost like peeing in your mouth!"

Marian laughed low and throaty as she jacked his prick and twisted his balls. "It's not the same, honey. I don't think I'd care to have you pissing in my mouth, but I would love to have your sweet cock squirt come juice into it."

"I'll do it, Mom!" he said excitedly. "I'll come in your mouth if you suck me!"

Marian lowered her head and kissed the tip of her son's cock with her moist lips. He was dripping from his piss hole, and the slippery juices burned and smeared her lips. There was a faint, sweaty odor to his cock and balls, but instead of repulsing her, it sent ripples of excitement through her body from her mouth to her cunt.

Holding his cock to his stomach in one hand, she lowered her face down to his balls. She kissed them, a small whimper bubbling from her. Her tongue darted out and licked his balls as she held them in her palm. After she had licked all around his hairless balls, she ran her tongue up the throbbing shaft of his cock, her dark eyes blazing up into his excited ones. Jack leaned against the door, thrusting his cock forward into his mother's face and watching her as she ran her tongue all along his hard, throbbing cock.

Marian flicked the tip of her tongue against his sensitive piss hole, licking up the seeping fluids and finding the taste of his sweaty cock and dripping juice delicious. Holding her son's cock at the base, she gazed lovingly at it for a long, breathless moment.

She had never sucked a cunt uatil today and now she was about to suck a cock for the first time in her life. The anticipation of having her son's cock inside her mouth made her shiver with pleasure. She ran her tongue over her lips, wondering how his conic juice would taste. She had loved the taste of Judy's wet cunt, but this was going to be different, she knew.

Opening her lips, she leaned forward and took the head of her son's swollen cock between them. The slightly sweaty taste of him sent tingles through her pussy. Closing her lips tightly around the head of his prick, Marian sucked and ran her tongue about the piss hole, swirling over the smoothness of his cock head.

Then, taking a deep breath, she shoved her mouth onto her son's prick. She sucked it deep, loving the way the hardness of it slid over her tongue and against the roof of her mouth. She felt it probe the back of her throat and held his cock deep for a long moment. She worked her lips in a writhing motion at the base of his prick, still holding his balls in her hand. Sliding her other hand behind his hips to clutch his ass, Marian sucked back, her tongue licking in hot, wet, swirling motions.

Jack was making strangling sounds as he looked down at his mother stuffing his cock into her hungry mouth. Marian looked up into his hot eyes, her own twinkling with the perverse ecstasy of sucking a cock for the first time especially her young son's cock.

Marian's lips tingled and burned on Jack's cock as she sucked, bobbing her beautiful face back and forth. Jack had his hands on his mother's shoulders, his fingers digging into them as she trembled. Marian sucked in every inch of his throbbing cock deep, sliding her lips faster and faster on his deliciously, throbbing cock.

Her mouth filled with the slippery juices that came from his piss hole and she had to swallow often. The taste of him sent her hairy cunt into spasms. The cock taste and sweaty odor and excitement burned through her until she was gobbling her son's cock in a frenzy to draw his come juice up from his hairless balls.

"I'm about to do it, Mom!" Jack groaned, digging hard into her shoulders. "I'm gonna come!"

Marian braced herself as she sucked hard and hotly on his sweet cock. She didn't know what to expect, only that she wanted to have his thick, creamy come juice gushing into her mouth!

She felt, his ass tighten in her clutching hand and his balls writhing and drawing up against the base of his prick. She closed her lips as tightly as she could on his cock, drawing in hard.

Jack shoved his prick forward, thrusting it into his mother's mouth in mindless ecstasy. The smooth head almost went down her throat and she gagged. Jerking backwards, her lips came free of his prick just as he squirted his come juice.

She gasped as she felt the creamy juice splashing onto her lips. She opened her mouth to stuff his gushing cock back into it again, her fist racing up to grip the base. Instead, Marian found herself jacking his cock as he came, her mouth wide open and two inches from his spurting cock head.

Instead of taking his cock back into her hungry mouth, she held her mouth wide open and jacked his prick, catching the spewing come juice with her tongue and letting it splash into her mouth.

She was surprised by the taste of his come juice. It was very thick, slippery and creamy. There was a sweetness about, it that she loved. It was different than the juice from Judy's cunt and Marian loved it. She held her mouth wide and jacked his gushing cock off, letting the creamy sweetness of her son's come juice fill her mouth. Some of it dripped from her lips and onto her chin and she felt an insane desire to have her son squirt his precious come juice all over her body, especially her tingling tits and burning cunt.

A few drops of his come juice was on her jacking hand, making her fist slide easily. When he stopped spewing, she found her mouth filled with his creamy sweetness. She swallowed and licked her lips, finally flicking her tongue over his piss hole to get the last drop of his come juice. Seeing her hand coated with the thick come juice, Marian stood up and pulled, her skirt about her waist. She had not put her panties back on when she had dressed and she smeared his come into her hairy cunt with her hand, mewling with perverse delight.

Jack slumped against the door, looking at his mother as she moved her hand around her cunt, her mouth glistening with his come juice.

Marian was trembling with what she had done and, after letting her dress drop she grabbed her son tightly against her tits and hugged him, kissing him with burning lips.

"Oh, baby!" she crooned. "That was so good!"

"I came in your mouth like I said, Mom," he replied.

"You sure did!" Marian gurgled. "You filled my fucking mouth up with your come juice until I thought I'd strangle on it! I know one thing -- I loved it! I believe I'm going to be a cocksucker, don't you?"

Jack laughed with lewd delight; "I hope this don't mean I can't fuck you again, Mom."

"Are you kidding?" she laughed. "I'd never stop fucking or sucking cock. I want to fuck and suck forever, don't you?"

Jack hugged his mother tightly, kissing her. She returned his kiss, then pushed him away playfully. Wrinkling her nose, she said, "You better go take a shower. Your cock and balls are all sweaty."


The first thought that came to her when she woke up the next morning was that she, had had one red letter day.

With her son still sleeping next to her, her cunt pulsating gently from the wild and fiery fucking he had given her the night before, Marian thought that the day before had been one of the most exciting days of her life. She had experienced two firsts for her, two firsts that had thrilled her and made her realize more than ever just what an erotic woman she really was.

She smiled to herself lazily, stretching her arms above her tousled dark hair in a luxurious feeling. Her tits arched up with the nipples peaked. She glanced at them, thinking of how her son had sucked them hungrily the night before.

Turning her head, she gazed at her son's sleeping face. He was such a good boy, she thought. And so young to be so downright erotic! There would not be even a shadow of a beard on his good-looking face for a few more years, she knew. He was so young and he had already had his sweet cock in one young pussy and an older woman's -- his mother's.

Most boys his age still had no idea what a cunt looked like, she thought with affection, let alone how it felt to fuck one. Jack was still at the age when boys hid themselves and jacked off, dreaming of the day when their hard cocks would find a hot and willing young cunt to fuck. But Jack didn't have to jack his cock off if he didn't want to; he had his mother's pussy. Marian didn't care at all if Jack wanted to pump his own fist on his prick but she would rather do it for him. Still, if he enjoyed jacking off by himself she certainly didn't mind.

Marian lifted the sheet from his body and looked down at him. His cock was hard with what boys amusingly called a piss hard-on. But piss hard-on or not, a hard cock was a hard cock. His balls, devoid of hair, hung limply between his thighs. She looked at the skimpy curls of hair at the base of his cock and was reminded of Judy's sweet little cunt. She had hardly any hair, either, and Marian's mind saw her son thrusting his hairless cock into that hairless cunt and found the picture very exciting. She was surprised not to feel that jealous sensation.

Sitting up on the bed at her son's side, she gazed down at his prick. Reaching out, she cupped his tender balls gently in her palm, her other hand wrapping around his cock and pumping it up and down slowly with a feathery-light touch. She loved the feel of his cock in her hand and loved to squeeze the hardness and feel it throb. But she loved to have his prick throbbing inside her cunt best of all. A soft giggle came from her. And in my mouth, too, she thought. Who would have ever thought I would become a cocksucker? Cocksucker... that's what I am, she thought with a tremor of delight. A cocksucker for my son.

Marian ran her tongue over her lips as she leaned over her son's upright prick. She held the shaft and watched the head swell, even more in her fist. The piss hole opened wider and a clear bead bubbled up. She wiped it away with her thumb, then lifted her thumb to her mouth. She licked the moisture away and moaned softly.

Jack stirred beneath her hands, but continued sleeping. With a wicked grin, she lowered her head and kissed the head of her son's cock. Then she ran her tongue around the smooth, swollen flesh, tasting the seeping juice that beaded from his piss hole. Running her tongue down the hard shaft, she flicked his balls. With a soft whimper, Marian opened her mouth and pulled both his delicious, young balls into it. Her mouth was hot and wet, and there was still room for her to run her tongue around and lick Jack's balls in sweet pleasure. She held his cock in her hand, pressing it against her cheek as she sucked on his balls. Her first awareness that Jack was awake came when she felt his hand sliding along her thigh.

Twisting her face toward him, his balls still inside her mouth, she flashed her dark eyes happily at him. When her son shoved his hand underneath her body, she lifted so he could caress and squeeze the cheeks of her ass. She turned loose of his balls and licked her tongue up the shaft of his hard cock.

"What a way to wake up, Mom," Jack moaned, half in sleepiness and half in delight. "A hot mouth on my balls."

"You love it," she stated, then flicked the tip of her tongue back and forth over his sensitive piss hole.

Sliding her wet lips over the smooth head of his cock, Marian sucked at it while her tongue licked his piss hole. Her hunger grew like a swelling, gnawing sensation and, with a low growl, she sucked the full length of his cock into her mouth, her lips pressing at the base and writhing as she worked the muscles of her throat on the cockhead.

Jack began pulling at her ass and she sprawled out next to him as he turned onto his side, his cock deep inside her mouth. She lay there and let him thrust his cock back and forth, fucking her wet, hot mouth. She curled her fingers into his ass, her flesh shivering as her son ran his hot hands about her slender thighs and swelling ass.

Lifting one leg, she bent it at the knee and held it wide so her hairy cunt was in full view for Jack. She writhed her hips back and forth, the cheeks of her shapely ass flexing. When she felt her son's lips kissing the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs a few inches from her cunt, she sucked off his cock and looked down at him.

"Mmmm, baby," she gurgled. "That feels good. Why don't you give mother's cunt a nice kiss?"

Jack didn't hesitate. He shoved his face between his mother's thighs and kissed her directly upon the hairy, wet lips of her pussy. Marian whimpered with pleasure as she felt her son's lips pressing into her steaming, hairy pussy. She arched her hips forward, twisting her crotch into his face with her hand on the back of his head to urge him on. Returning her mouth to his cock, she sucked it deep, her passion flaring in fiery heat.

Gobbling his straining prick, Marian twisted and ground her hairy cunt into her son's mouth, thrilled when he ran his hands behind her hips and clutched her shapely ass, pulling her pussy tighter into his lips. Jack grew very excited and began to fuck his mother's mouth so wildly that all she could do was lay there on her side and enjoy it.

As he rammed his hard cock back and forth probing the head against her throat, Jack began to lick Marian's cunt. His tongue lapped back and forth on his mother's pussy lips, brushing harshly upon her inflamed clitoris and making Marian shudder in ecstasy. Jack licked her pussy differently than little Judy had, but it was just as good, if not better.

She loved the way he clawed at her naked ass, his fingers digging into the resilient flesh as he attempted to devour her cunt. Marian wiggled and churned her cunt as tightly as she could into his face, feeling the orgasm starting deep inside her trembling stomach and radiating outward with a steamy heat that sent her mind reeling.

Grunting in ecstasy around his throbbing cock, Marian began going through that exquisite series of orgasms that grew with power. Her tits rubbed against his lower stomach, tingling so madly, while her mouth remained stuffed with his sweet cock. The moist sounds they made filled the room with evidence of their erotic ecstasy.

Marian was almost motionless, her head barely moving as her son banged and fucked her hungry mouth almost in a violent way. Jack, too, remained almost motionless, except for his plunging hips, and ran his tongue deep into his mother's fiery cunt, stabbing it in and out wildly. They moved only from the hips down, banging and grinding into each other's eager faces, both of them whimpering with swelling, ballooning orgasms.

Marian was prepared this time when her son's cock discharged. She was determined not to lose his tasty come juice when he came. She had loved having his cock squirt onto her mouth the way it had the day before, but this time she was going to keep his prick inside her wet, clasping lips.

Jack fucked her mouth more furiously and she realized he would soon gush. She slammed her crotch hard into his mouth, grinding and wailing as a shuddering orgasm shot through her like a bolt of lightning. Her hairy cunt closed like a velvet vise around his tongue and began to squeeze in rhythmic spasms. Immediately after she began to come, Marian felt her son's cock jerk inside her mouth. She closed her lips as tightly as possible, her tongue pressing his cock against the roof of her mouth. Then her son squirted. The thick sweetness of his come juice splashing against her throat and Marian squealed with ecstasy.

Jack's cock spewed in rippling spasms dad squirt after squirt filled her hungry month with his thick, delicious come juice. Marian swallowed as best she could, her excited squeals louder than ever. Her fingers clawed at his tight ass cheeks as she pulled his cock deeper into her mouth, feeling his come juice run hotly down her throat.

Marian held her son's cock inside her mouth for a long time after he finished coming. He had relaxed, his face resting on her inner thigh, his breath hot as it fanned the curly hairs of her cunt. Releasing his cock, she buried her face into his groin, kissing his ball affectionately.

"We can't stay in bed all day, youngster," she said, slapping him playfully on the hip. "We got other things to do besides lay around fucking and sucking each other."

"What's for breakfast?" Jack asked as he got out of bed and stood watching his mother as she swung her legs over the edge.

"Breakfast?" she teased. "We just had breakfast. You ate cunt and I ate cock."

"I enjoyed it, too," he said, turning toward the bathroom, "but bacon and eggs sound better right now, Mom."

She smiled with love as she watched his young, naked ass disappear into the bathroom. He was no different than any other growing boy, she thought. Once he has his piece of ass, all he could think of was his stomach and food. But then, so did grown men.

Pulling her robe about her naked body, she remembered it still needed a few stitches. But then she realized that it no longer mattered.

She prepared her son his breakfast and drank a cup of coffee as he ate.

"I don't know about you," she said, "but I have to spend some time with this house. There's dishes, laundry, vacuuming and I don't know what else."

"Need some help, Mom?"

"No, you go do whatever it is you do with those friends of yours," she said, stroking his cheek.

Wearing cut-offs, Jack gave his mother a kiss and left the house. She watched him run down the walk with a bat in one hand and catcher's mitt in the other.

She went through the house work quickly and, then tackled the laundry. There was a huge stack of it in the hamper and a basket filled with towels.

Carrying them out to the laundry room off the kitchen, she sorted the clothing and started the firs, load in the machine. There really wasn't much else for her to do and she soon found herself missing Jack. She had never missed him during the day, but things were different now. The thought went through her mind that he was almost like a husband to her. He had kissed her the way a husband would before going off to work, he had fucked her the way a husband would, and he had demanded his food the way a husband would. It gave Marian a pleasant feeling as she walked about the house, straightening pictures and tidying up here and there.

She was in the laundry room and didn't hear the door open, so she almost screamed when she felt a hand upon her ass. She had not dressed and was still in her robe. Whirling around with fear in her eyes, she faced her grinning son.

"Goddamn you, Jack," she hissed. "Don't you ever sneak up on me that way again! You almost got a knee in your fucking balls!"

He laughed and hugged her, nuzzling into her tits after pulling the robe open. "I didn't mean to scare you, Mom," he apologized.

"Just don't do it again," she said, turning back to the machine. As she pulled the clothes out and tossed them into the dryer, she felt her son lifting the back of her robe. "Just what are you going to do, young man?" she laughed with pleasure as he exposed her shapely ass.

"You'll see," he said, running his hands over her creamy ass cheeks.

Marian shivered as her son fondled her ass. She leaned on the vibrating washing machine and arched her ass back into his caressing hands, shaking it with invitation. She felt one of his hands leave her ass and quickly heard the soft sound of a zipper opening. The head of her son's cock brushed up and down the back of her thighs, leaving a wet trail that seared her flesh.

"Ohhh, that's nice," she mewled softly as she let him run the wet head of his cock about her thighs, lifting it to brush over her ass cheeks. "You feel very hard, honey? And you're making a mess of my ass."

"Do you care, Mom?"

"Fuck no!" she snorted with a giggled. "I love it and you know it!"

She arched her ass back farther and felt her son press the head of his cock into her cunt. She murmured softly as the stretching sensation of her pussy around his cock sent tingling delight through her.

As Jack began fucking her, she twisted her naked ass about, moving it with his lunges. And as he fucked her, Marian's mind flared with an idea. It was such an exciting, perverse idea she wanted it with a fiery desire.

"Up my ass!" she screamed back at him.

"What did you say, Mom?"

"I want your prick up my ass, Jack!"

"Are you sure?"

"I said it, didn't I?" she urged, breathing hotly. "I want you to fuck me in my fucking ass! Come on, honey, fuck mother in the ass! Stick your sweet cock up mother's asshole."

She felt him pull his cock free of her gripping cunt. As she felt the swollen head of his prick sliding up toward her asshole, she had faint misgivings about doing this. But she had loved it when she had tongue-fucked Judy's asshole. This just had to be good, too.

She groaned as she felt the pressure of his cock pressing against the tightness of her puckered asshole. Since Jack was shorter than she was, Marian had to slump slightly, bending her knees to position her asshole just right for him.

"I can't get my cock in there, Mom," Jack grunted, pressing hard.

"Yes, you can!" she yelped. "Push as hard as you can, baby! Your prick will go up my ass, don't worry."

Jack shoved and Marian shoved back.

Then she screamed.

Jack's cock penetrated the tight heat of her asshole. He had exerted so much pressure, the full, hard length of his prick was deep inside her asshole before either of them knew it. Jack started to withdraw when she screamed, but Marian clamped her ass tight around his cock and shoved backwards.

"Leave your cock up my ass!" she yelled. "Ohhh, it's very hard! My asshole is really stretched. Fuck it, Jack. Fuck mother up the ass! Ram my asshole with your hard, sweet cock!"

Jack was digging his fingers into his mother's twisting hips, staring down in wide eyed excitement. He could see her ass cheeks parted and the pucker of his mother's asshole holding his cock as Marian fucked him. He stood still for quite some time, watching with hot eyes as his mother moved her asshole back and forth on his throbbing prick.

"Fuck me!" Marian hissed with a hot sound. "Don't make me do it all. Fuck my ass, Jack. Come on, fuck mother up the hot fucking asshole!"

He began to move. Holding her hips tightly, Jack began to thrust his cock in and out of her asshole, still watching the way her ass pucker clung to his cock, squeezing it.

Marian did a lewd dance as her son plunged his cock in and out of her burning asshole. The rounded, shapely cheeks of her ass trembled as she shifted her feet, her knees bent and pressing against the washing machine. She leaned over so her tits rested upon the top of the vibrating washer, the motion tingling her sensitive tits. The way her son's cock filled her asshole made her squeal and whimper with perverse delight.

She had never had a cock inside her ass before, but then she had never sucked a cock off or licked a cunt off before, either. She found being fucked up the ass to be as delicious as everything else she had done these past few days.

All of Marian's erotic fantasies were becoming reality and she was looking forward to even more erotic thrills. She knew she had found the right partner in her son, the right person to fulfill all her erotic desires.

She shook her shapely ass in tight circles as her son plunged his cock in and out. She held her asshole closed as tightly as she could, comparing his cock to a huge pole that had been unexpectedly rammed into her ass. But the sensation was so good, so exciting, so wicked, she shivered and banged her ass back against his body, feeling his hairless balls slapping against the puffy, wet, hairy lips of her cunt. She could feel his cock throbbing hotly against the rings of her asshole and thought she could feel it deep inside. Jack was pounding her ass furiously, as if he was trying to stab his prick all the way to her throat.

Squealing and wailing in ecstasy, Marian jiggled and twisted her tight, rounded ass. She could feel her son's hot eyes on her ass and knew the movements would excite him to the highest possible degree.

Jack could not take his eyes off his mother's dancing ass. It fascinated him to watch her asshole squeezing his cock as he fucked in and out. He plunged his hips furiously, driving his cock as deep as he could, his balls slapping against her hairy cunt lips.

"Come, honey!" Marian wailed. "Come in my ass! Oooo, baby, baby! I want to feel your cock coming up mother's hot asshole! Fill my asshole, Jack! Rood my fucking asshole with your sweet come juice!"

Whether it was her words or what, she didn't know. But Jack suddenly rammed his cock into her ass hard and deep, holding himself tight against her hot ass cheeks. Marian wailed when she felt her son gush up her ass. The thick come juice splashed into her asshole and she immediately groaned into an orgasm with him. The spasms of her orgasm caused her asshole to flex in rhythmic suction on his spewing cock, drawing every ounce of his come juice deep into her ass.

Jack slumped aver his mother's back, his cock slipping from the fiery tightness of her ass. He wrapped his arms about her waist, hugging her tightly as he breathed harshly.

Marian stirred and he lifted himself off her. She turned and leaned against the washing machine, a huge grin on her face.

"Did you like that, honey?"

"You're full of surprises, Mom," he gasped. "What will you think of next?"

"You might be surprised," she said, kissing his check wetly. "Don't you want me to think up nice things for us to do?"

Jack nodded, still breathing hard. "Now get out of here and leave me alone," she said. "I've got to finish this laundry -- or you'll be going naked!"

"That's not such a bad idea," he laughed, but left her alone.

Marian turned back to the laundry, feeling a very pleasant tingle in and around her just fucked asshole, ideas whirling about in her erotic mind.


That afternoon while she was alone in the house again, Marian found herself with a visitor.

She was not displeased when Judy knocked on the door. In fact, she was quite happy to see the cute little girl again. By this time she had dressed in a fresh, becoming house dress, although she was naked underneath. She was very beautiful and Judy complimented her beauty and this pleased Marian more.

She was also pleased when Judy didn't ask about Jack. That meant, Marian thought, that the pretty little bundle of sex came to see her and not her son.

Judy was wearing a sun suit, a thing with wide legs and two thin straps over her shoulders. The sweetness of her burgeoning tits were hugged by the top of the sun suit and Marian could see the two little nipples pressing against the thin material.

There was an immediate response between Marian's thighs, but that did not surprise her. With the thoughts that had been going through her mind all day, she was already aroused.

Judy sat on the couch next to Marian and they talked just like two girls of equal age. She learned a bit about Judy, her family, her interests. It seemed that Judy had little interest in anything except fucking. Sex was all the lovely little girl wanted to talk about and Marian encouraged her. It fit in well with what she had planned.

Within a short period of time Marian had the little girl cuddled in her arms and Judy had lowered the top of Marian's house dress. The girl fondled one of the woman's swelling tits as she licked and sucked on the nipple of the other. Marian caressed her hand about Judy's hard little tits and worked her hand down between her tanned, luscious thighs. She easily snaked her hand into the wide leg of the sun suit and rubbed lightly against the crotch of Judy's panties. The thin material of Judy's panties were already soaked and Marian loved the slippery heat of them.

Marian was slightly nervous because this was just what she had been thinking of before Judy showed up. And she had thought of the excitement her son would feel if he should catch her and his delicious little girlfriend fooling around with each other just this way. She hoped it would excite him and not make him angry.

Marian heard him at the door and shoved more of her hand under Judy's sun suit while her other hand pressed at the back of her blonde head, holding Judy's mouth against her tingling tit. She spread her legs wide until her hairy cunt was showing.

And that was the way Jack saw them as he stepped through the door. And, just as his mother had expected, it excited him very much.

For a moment his eyes went wide with surprise. Then a pleased smile split his face. Marian gave her son a wicked grin, then pulled her hand from Judy's head.

"We have company, Judy," she said to the girl.

Judy quickly pulled her lips from Marian's nipple, looking at Jack with fearful eyes. She started to pull from Marian, but Marian held her tight around the shoulders, her fingers rubbing into the girl's hairless cunt.

"Don't be afraid, honey," she soothed Judy's suddenly trembling body. "Jack isn't mad."

"But-but Mrs. Howell...!" Judy stammered, her face flaming with shame.

"Oh, stop this Mrs. Howell shit, Judy," Marian said. "It's about time you called me Marian, don't you think? I mean, if you're going to lick my cunt, you should call me by my first name."

"Oh!" Judy gasped, covering her red face and shooting a look at Marian. "You told!"

Jack, still at the door, his ayes on them, opened his cut-offs, and pulled out his cock. Again Judy gasped with embarrassment.

"Oh, come on, Judy," Marian said. "We're all friends here. Stop acting like a shocked virgin!"

"But you're his mother!"

"So I am," Marian laughed, throatily. "So am his mother, and he fucks his mother with that sweet cock, too!"

"Ohhh, golly!" Judy squealed. "Really?"

Jack came toward them, his cock waving Marian reached out and gripped her son's prick with a tight fist, jacking on it.

"You just watch how fast I fuck him," Marian laughed again. "That is, unless you beat me to this precious cock."

All bashfulness was gone from Judy as her excitement boiled inside her sweet, young body. She watched Marian jacking on her son's cock and began to help him off with his pants. As Marian fondled her son's cock, Judy caressed his balls. Marian was delighted to see Judy getting involved so quickly and willingly. She had been right in her estimation of the sweet little girl's sexual nature.

"I'd love to watch my son fuck you," Marian said, her voice husky.

"You want to watch?" Judy asked.

Marian nodded. "Would you mind?"

"Golly, no!" Judy squealed. "I think it would be fun, Mrs. -- uh, Marian."

"Then take your clothes off," Marian said. Judy's fingers were swift as she stripped her sun suit and panties from her sweet body. "Can I watch him fuck you, too, Marian?" she asked as her panties fell away. "Can I?"

"You sure can, honey," Marian giggled almost childishly, "provided Jack is willing, too."

"Mom, you know fucking well I'm willing," Jack snorted as he pulled his shirt from his hairless chest.

She patted his naked ass. "I know," she said. "How I know, you horny little mother fucker!"

Judy scooted her fine little ass to the edge of the couch, spreading her legs as wide as she could, and leaning her head against the back, her blue eyes smoldering with delight. Marian looked at her sweet, hairless pussy.

"There that pretty cunt is, Jack. Fuck it!" Marian urged.

Jack got on his knees between Judy's wide, slim, tanned thighs. At the same time Marian reached down and took hold of her son's hard, throbbing cock. She placed her other hand on Judy's trembling stomach, moving the dripping head of her son's cock up and down Judy's hairless, but ever-so-hot, pussy.

Judy squealed and arched her hips up, twisting around as Marian rubbed Jack's cock up and down her fiery, moist cunt. Sliding her fingers down through the blonde fuzz, Marian parted the girl's succulent cunt lips with her fingers and thumb and pulled her son's cock to it, making a low sound in her throat as she saw Jack's cock slide into that tight heat.

Still holding Judy's cunt lips wide, Marian pulled her hand from her son's cock and gripped his ass cheek instead, pushing him inward. Her eyes were wide with moist heat as she saw her son's cock slide all the way into Judy's gripping young cunt. With Judy mewling in pleasure as Jack began fucking her, grinding her pretty little ass about, Marian felt no jealousy whatsoever. What, she felt was intense excitement, intense erotic excitement.

"Ohhhhh, baby, fuck her little cunt!" she urged in a hot, thick voice as she watched his cock thrusting in and out of Judy's steamy cunt. "Fuck her, pretty cunt, Jack!"

Marian slipped her hand down her son's ass cheeks and between his thighs, gripping his bouncing balls, tugging and twisting them as his cock stabbed in and out of Judy's cunt. Her other hand rubbed the blonde fuzz and over the girl's tiny, deliciously inflamed clitoris.

It was too much for Marian. Her cunt was boiling hotly between her shaking thighs. She jerked her dress to her waist and twisted about until she was kneeling on the couch, facing the two young ones as they fucked. She moved her mouth to Judy's sweet little tits, sucking and licking from one to the other with mewls of excitement. Then she began kissing and licking down the girl's shaking stomach, her tongue licking and leaving wet trails over that creamy flesh.

Shoving her face downward, Marian tried to get her lips and tongue on the girl's hard clitoris as her son fucked Judy. She managed to taste the heat of the girl's cunt, and as her son withdrew his cock, she quickly licked her tongue over his prick before he thrust it back into Judy's tightly holding pussy.

Judy shot a small hand between Marian's thighs, darting an eager finger into her hairy cunt. Marian wiggled her ass her cunt sucking on Judy's finger as it fucked in and out. She was moaning as loudly as her son was grunting and Judy was whimpering. The taste of Judy's cunt juices and the feel of her son's throbbing cock as she licked it sent her mind into a soaring, erotic cloud of sensuality.

After a taste of sucking cock and eating cunt at the same time, Marian's mind reeled with more erotic ecstasy than ever. She clawed at her son's bunching ass cheeks again as he fucked Judy in a frenzy. The way his mother's tongue licked his cock each time he stabbed it back into Judy's tight, wet pussy caused his balls to draw up tightly.

Judy was thrashing about in wild ecstasy, sometimes, making it difficult for Marian to lick her son's prick. Sliding her free hand underneath the girl's churning little ass, she squeezed into her ass cheeks, but Judy could not stop writhing and tossing. Judy's finger was plunging in and out of Marian's, hairy bubbling cunt swiftly and with mindless thrusts.

Jack was driving his cock in and out of Judy's gripping, hairless pussy with muscle-bunching power, gritting his teeth and grunting in a loud sound. Marian's cunt was convulsing around that plunging finger in tight spasms. She was making moist squealing sounds as she came, her tongue racing from Judy's swollen clitoris to the slippery wet cock of her son as he withdrew Judy began yelping that she was coming, her small hips literally flying up and down with ecstasy. Jack's body shook and he began to lunge more powerfully.

His cock came out of Judy's spasming cunt in his wild fucking and as he stabbed it back furiously to come inside her. His cock slid along his mother's slippery lips and right up into her mouth.

"Oh, shit!" he grunted, just as his cock squirterd.

"Mmmmm," Marian gurgled as she fond herself with a mouthful of hard, throbbing prick that was gushing sweetly into her surprised mouth.

Judy was gripped in wild ecstasy as her cunt exploded. She did not really understand that she no longer had a cock inside her until a few moments later.

Marian sucked her son's cock dry of his thick come juice. Then, with a last flip of her tongue over his piss hole, she sat up, pulling Judy's finger from her pussy. Her lips glistened from the wetness of the little girl's cunt and her son's cock. She grinned at them both.

"Looks like I got the good part by accident," she said, laughing in a low, husky way.

"And you're still dressed," Judy murmured.

"I can handle that easily enough," Marian replied, stripping her dress over her head. Tossing it to the floor, she started from the room.

"Where are you going, Mom?" Jack asked, watching her tightly writhing ass.

"For something cold to drink," Marian answered over her shoulder. "All this fucking and cock sucking and cunt licking makes a woman thirsty."

She had a drink of iced water in the kitchen, leaning against the sink. Jack had been surprised and extremely pleased by what happened and that pleased her, too. She felt no jealousy at all anymore. Perhaps it was because she was involved with her son and his girlfriend. She hadn't lost his affection, but she was realizing that the strong urge to fuck really had nothing to do with love.

Fucking was different than actual love, emotional love. She was understanding that just because her son shoved his cock up a cunt did not mean he had no love for her. A hard cock would go into any hole offered, she realized. And Marian knew she had the holes for hard cock. Putting the glass on the sink, she found herself thinking about one of Jack's young friends, a boy he played ball with. She wonder if it would, be possible... it was certainly something worth exploring.

She went back to the living room to find her son and Judy cuddling, feeling each other, kissing and building their young passions into a roaring fire again.

"None of that shit without me," she said teasing.

"Marian," Judy said, gripping Jack's revived cock in her hot little fist, "what did it taste like?"

"What are you talking about, honey?"

"Jack's cock," Judy said. "Did it taste good? I mean, when he came off in your mouth?"

"You've never sucked cock before, Judy?" Marian asked, surprised because the little girl was so damned erotic.

"Just a little," Judy confessed. "I had a cock in my mouth but the guy didn't come."

"And you wanted him to come in your mouth?"

"Oh, yes! But he pulled it out and came on my titties instead."

"Then it's time you found out, isn't it?" Marian grinned lewdly.

She dropped down before her son's knees, reaching up to fondle his balls while Judy stroked his cock. "Why don't you start by sucking my son's cock off?"

Judy glanced at Jack, who grinned his eagerness back at the pretty blonde. "Okay," Judy giggled. "I'll start cock sucking with this one!"

"Not by yourself, though," Marian mewled, sliding her face between her son's thighs. "You can suck his cock, but I get these beautiful balls!"

Marian shoved her face into her son's hairless balls, kissing and licking them. Judy watched her with huge, excited eyes and giggling in a naughty way. She pumped her small fist up and down Jack's cock, then she lowered her face, stretching out on the couch.

From where she was with her son's balls stuffing her mouth, Marian looked up with hot eyes as the little girl eagerly began to kiss the tip of Jack's cock. She saw the girl's pink tongue flutter out and over the piss hole and heard Judy make soft mewling sounds as she licked. Sucking both her son's balls in her wet, hot mouth, Marian reached up and began to encourage Judy by caressing her swelling, tight, little ass cheeks.

Judy opened her mouth and pulled the swollen head of Jack's cock into it. Marian watched the girl's pouting lips stretch around her son's smooth cock head, while her own tongue licked and sucked his balls hungrily. With a muffled squeal of pleasure, Judy slipped more of his cock into her mouth, her lips round and tight and wet.

Jack slumped on the couch, looking down at Judy's head and his mother's face. Two mouths on him at the same time created ripples of delight in his body.

Marian found it extremely pleasant to watch this sweet young girl sucking on her son's cock. Her eyes became filmy with erotic voyeurism as she observed the girl's stretching lips only inches from her eyes and mouth.

She was not at all surprised when Judy gobbled the full length of Jack's cock into her mouth. She had been certain the little girl would do it. Eagerness and the strong desire to suck a cock enabled a woman to swallow almost any size cock, Marian knew. And one thing was sure about Judy -- she was eager and the desire was certainly strong.

Judy began to race her wet lips up and down Jack's cock, occasionally brushing Marian's lips. This fiery, brief contact sent electrical sparks through both Marian and Judy. Marian felt the girl's little ass bunch up in her hand and she shoved her fingers into the hot ass crack, rubbing the tiny asshole. When she pressed her finger against that tight asshole, Judy wailed in delight around Jack's cock, arching her ass up into Marian's hand.

Pulling her mouth from the throbbing prick, Judy wailed excitedly, "Up the ass! Fuck your finger up my asshole!" Then she swallowed Jack's cock quickly again, her lips racing up and down the hardness with a desperate hunger.

Marian slipped her finger into the tight asshole of the twisting, sucking little girl. Judy arched her ass up as Marian drove her finger in deep. She sucked greedily at her son's balls as she gazed at Judy's pouting mouth as she sucked his cock. Marian's finger fucked in and out of Judy's gripping asshole in a frenzy of pleasure.

Jack was grunting with the ecstasy Judy's and his mother's mouth were giving him. He was holding the back of Judy's head in one hand, the fingers of his other hand clawing at the cushions of the couch.

Marian felt his balls writhing inside her devouring mouth and the sensation sent steaming thrills throughout her naked, over-heated body. Her cunt was about to explode again. Her ability to come almost constantly gave her a desire to fuck and suck her son and Judy -- and anyone else she could entice -- more and more. Even as she sucked her son's balls she was fantasizing about that one friend of Jack's. Perhaps she could get all four of them together and have a real orgy, she thought with a wild, burning mind. But would Jack go for it? she wondered.

Sucking harder on his balls, she thought she would have to talk to him about that. Being the only boy with two hot-cunted girls was one thing, but getting another boy to join them might bother him.

She felt her son's balls draw up tight and writhe inside her hot mouth. She gazed with ecstasy as Judy plunged her mouth up and down his cock, her little ass hunching up into Marian's asshole-fucking finger. Marian knew her son was on the brink of coming off. She watched carefully, prepared to wrap her own lips about his cock when he came if Judy should pull off in surprise.

Jack arched his hips upward, grunting loudly. Judy's eyes went wide as her mouth was suddenly filled by his come juice. A gurgled squeal erupted from her and same of the creamy come juice escaped her tight lips and ran down the shaft of Jack's cock. But then Judy's slender throat began to work, and Marian knew the girl would not release that cock now. Judy's eyes remained wide as she sucked and licked and swallowed the sweet, creamy come juice as it gushed from the piss hole, coating her tongue and squirting into her throat.

Judy held Jack's cock between her lips, closing them tightly around the head until he finished coming. Lifting her mouth off his cock, her face flushed with excitement, she said in a happy whisper, "That was good! Ooo, I love tasting this cock!"

Pulling her finger out of Judy's asshole and her mouth off her son's balls, Marian licked at the come juice that had dripped from Judy's lips and run dawn the shaft of Jack's cock. "So you like to suck cock, huh, Judy?"

"Ooo, Marian, I love it!" Judy giggled. "It was so good when his cock came in my mouth! I love that taste!"

Jack was slumped on the couch, his eyes half-closed with a glowing exhaustion. Marian licked his balls and cock, then moved to sit in her over-stuffed chair. She smiled happily at the two young ones, her cunt pulsating in gentle pleasure.


Marian wanted to put her erotic thoughts about Jack's young friend into action. The only problem she had was that the boy had never spoken to her -- except one time about four months earlier.

She began to feel Jack out by asking subtle questions and found his perception of what she was trying to say better than she thought possible in one so young.

Although it was not said explicitly, she knew her son was going to help her. They skirted her actual desire, hinting at it and teasing each other. But they both knew what they were talking about. In fact, the little game seemed to excite her son. As they spoke in innuendos, she saw his cock swell inside his pants.

The day after their little orgy with Judy, all Jack could talk about when they got up that morning was fucking. His excitement encouraged Marian to feel him out about another boy, and she even went so far as to say she found a particular young friend of his appealing.

"He likes you too, Mom," Jack told her.

"Oh? Has he said so?"

"No, but he sure likes to look at you."

"A lot of people look at me," she said. "That don't mean too much."

"Not the way Paul looks at you," Jack said.

"And how does he look at me?"

"The way a guy looks at a girl he wants to fuck," Jack laughed. "You know, eyes all hot, cock almost hard."

"Hmmm," Marian said softly. "I guess I better have another look at this Paul."

"You want to fuck him, Mom?"

Marian didn't answer with words, but she gave her son a lewd wink.

All their talking soon had Jack's cock bulging, straining against his pants. Marian dropped to her knees in front of her son and fished his prick out. She moaned as she closed her lips around his cock, sucking him hard and hungrily.

"It might be fun with another boy, honey," she whispered up at him, then started sucking his cock again.

With the images of young Paul and her son blazing inside her mind, Marian sucked at Jack's cock with a furious eagerness that had him gushing into her mouth within a matter of minutes. She licked and swallowed his come juice, then kissed his cock, stuffing it back into his pants and giving him an affectionate pat.

"Now go play ball or have a jerk circle or fuck Judy," she said softly, "whatever it is you do with those friends of yours."

She watched him take off with his bat and mitt, knowing very well he would be talking to this boy, Paul. She spent her time alone dusting and straightening the house, her cunt bubbling with anticipation. She drew up mental images of what she could do with both her son and Paul. Marian had never enjoyed two cocks simultaneously and she was looking forward to that erotic experience with a burning cunt.

On the chance that Jack just might bring Paul home with him, Marian bathed and scented her body in all those strategic areas. She pulled on a pair of her sexiest bikini panties and a skirt and blouse. Her nipples were molded by the tight blouse which outlined her exciting points. She even took greater care in applying a faint coat of subdued lipstick and a hint of eye-shadow.

And sure enough, Jack came home with Paul.

She noticed the way the boy glanced at her and it was soon obvious that her son had talked with him. For a brief moment, Marian felt little cheap, but the feeling was fleeting. She didn't consider it cheap to have such strong erotic sexual desires. She was not what the men called an easy lay, a pin cushion, or the neighborhood mattress. She had never been that kind of woman. Besides, Paul didn't look at her as if she were some ogre, but in a way that showed his intense desire for the swelling of her ass, the arching of her tits.

Not knowing just what her son had said to the boy, she was careful with her words and body position, not exposing so much as an inch of thigh past her knees. But Paul seemed unable to keep his eyes off her. She could actually feel them burn upon her thrusting tits and the shape of her ass. It made her feel wickedly excited and her cunt was soon throbbing and moist and she was anxious to get her hands on his young cock.

Her own eyes strayed to the front of Paul's pants. There was no doubt he had a nice looking lump there! She was sure his cock was larger than her son's, but the size made no difference to Marian. It was the hardness of a cock that counted, as far as she was concerned. She licked her lips with a growing anticipation as she gazed at the bulge of his pants. She was trying to figure out how to initiate her plan when her son gave her a helping hand.

She was sitting in her over-stuffed chair, with Paul and Jack on the couch across from her. Without a word, Jack stood up and came to stand beside his mother. He leaned down and pressed his lips against hers. From the corner of her eyes, Marian glanced at Paul as her son kissed her hard on the mouth. The anticipation was strong inside Marian, making her cunt quiver and her tits swell.

It was no time for being subtle. Marian was far too aroused with eager anxiety to be subtle and teasing. She knew Paul was ready, that she was ready, and that her son was ready.

When she felt her son place his hand upon her swelling tit, she moaned loudly against his lips, thrust her tongue into his mouth, and writhed her ass around on the chair. She placed her hand atop Jack's and pressed it into her spongy tit. With her eyes still glancing at Paul, she mewled into her son's mouth as she saw the boy's cock swell into beautiful hardness inside his pants. His eyes burned back at her and Jack, hot with obvious desire.

With her tongue darting in and out of her son's mouth, Marian began to inch her skirt up her long, slender thighs. As she pulled her skirt up, she opened her knees, knowing Paul could see between them to the shadowy crotch of her lacy panties. She saw his prick jerk inside his pants and heard a low gasp come from the boy.

Jack slipped his hand off her tit and dropped it to her stomach. Then he shoved his hand under his mother's skirt and between her thighs. When he cupped her pantied cunt, Marian whimpered and twisted her ass, grinding her cunt into her son's hand.

Either Paul was intensely aroused, or he lacked all shyness and inhibitions, Marian thought. With her tongue still inside her son's mouth and her cunt arching and grinding into his hand, she saw Paul open his pants and pull out his hard cock. She gasped into her son's mouth as she looked at his friend's prick. It seemed to be a bit larger than Jack's, but she wasn't sure. Paul's cock had a lovely head that was swollen with excited smoothness. She lifted her hand toward Paul in a gesture of invitation.

The boy got up and, with his cock waving before him, moved toward Marian and her son. When he was close enough, Marian gripped Paul's cock hard in her hot fist. She pulled her tongue from Jack's mouth and her other hand went eagerly toward the front of his pants. As her son helped her get his cock out, Jack had to remove his hand from her crotch. It was immediately replaced by the hand of precocious young Paul.

Marian now had two hard, throbbing pricks in her hands, and she excitedly squeezed and jacked them. The throb that came to her palms from the two cocks sent signals of intense, burning desire to her cunt.

Paul was not at all satisfied to feel her pussy through her skimpy panties. She gazed down her body, still gripping the two hard cocks, and watched as the young friend of her son slipped his hand into the crotch of her panties, feeling about the thick mass of hair and then finding her boiling pussy. A finger delved up Marian's cunt and she tossed her hips onto it. Her son had exposed her tits now and each of the boys were squeezing and feeling them.

It was not enough for Marian.

"Ohhh, take my panties off!" she wailed hotly; "Take my panties, off and fuck me! I want one of these beautiful cocks up my hot cunt!"

No sooner had she pleaded than Paul was stripping her panties away. She writhed her naked ass as he dropped her panties to the floor and knelt in front of her. Marian spread her legs as wide as she could. Jack leaned down and began to suck on one of her nipples as Paul brought his dripping prick to the hairy lips of Marian's cunt. Without any preliminaries, Paul had his cock inside Marian's steamy, extremely wet and slippery cunt.

Marian mewled with delight as he began to thrust his cock in and out of her pussy, fucking her as he closed his fingers into the tight flesh of her hips. Jack ran his hand down and pulled his mother's skirt to her waist, exposing her hairy cunt fully. Marian churned her ass up and down, mewling and gurgling with this new let cock driving into her sensitive cunt, setting every one of her nerves on fire.

She clung to her son's cock as he sucked furiously on her nipples, going from one tit to the other. Marian watched with fiery eyes, desperately wanting to see her son's young friend fuck his sweet cock into her gripping cunt.

"Take your pants down!" she gurgled hotly. "Take your pants down! I want to feel your balls against my ass!"

Paul and her son both quickly opened their pants and let them fall. Paul never took his cock from her squeezing cunt and was almost immediately fucking into her once more, his balls banging upon Marian's churning, grinding naked ass cheeks. Her mind soared with the ecstasy of being fucked by one of her son's young friends while her son fucked her inflamed nipples. She gripped Jack's cock tightly, letting him fuck into her fist, hoping he would not come off in her hand. She wanted her son's cock to fuck her when Paul finished.

Marian's cunt was convulsing around Paul's pounding cock, her orgasms set off by the sheer perversity of fucking with two young, vigorous cocks at the same time. Marian had never had such an experience before and it was another one of her erotic fantasies. She had read of women who fucked two men simultaneously and had always wanted to know how good it was. Now she did and her emotions were reeling with the intense ecstasy.

Paul was plunging his cock into her tight cunt with such fury his balls banged upon her squirming naked ass, and she wondered why he was not coming off. His cock was stabbing swiftly and powerfully, creating a delicious friction upon her stretching cunt lips and distended clitoris. Flames shot through her, making her squeal in mindless, delightful orgasm. Her eyes were beginning to roll about in their pockets, filming over with more intense passion than she had felt in a long time. It was as good -- if not better -- than being with her son and the cute, little Judy!

Marian thought for sure her tits would burst, explode from the sensations flowing through her body. Her pussy was about to melt from the heat and the friction of Paul's cock driving into it. Marian tossed her hips up and down in a mindless flurry of motion, her convulsing cunt grabbing and sucking at the young cock hungrily. She made tight circles with her hips, straining and arching to take more and more of that throbbing hardness into her greedy, bubbling cunt.

She was like a desperate, wanton woman, senseless with sexual desire, fucking insanely and wailing loudly. Her son was sucking on a tit, his hand squeezing and pulling at one nipple, his mouth hungrily devouring the other one. Jack's cock was very hard inside her tight, hot hand, and he was fucking her fist excitedly. Now and then Jack would lift his mouth from her tit to look down and watch his friend fucking his mother's churning cunt.

"I'm coming all over the fucking place!" Marian wailed in a thick voice. "Oooo, I'm coming so fucking good! Fuck me, fuck my hairy cunt! Ohhh, fuck me hard! Come up my hot pussy! Flood my hot cunt with that sweet, delicious come juice! Give it to me, please, come in my hairy cunt!"

Jack looked up from her tit. "Do it, Paul!" he shouted. "Come in Mom's cunt! Fill her hot pussy up with it! Shoot your come juice in my mother's hairy cunt, Paul!"

Paul began to grit his teeth, his fingers digging hard into her churning hips. He slammed his prick deep into her hot pussy, his body going stiff. He grunted and then came.

Marian felt the thick come juice squirt from the piss hole of his cock, splattering the velvety walls of her gripping cunt. She squealed with pleasure as her pussy was filled with the creaminess of his come juice. Marian's body shuddered with the intense pleasure that shot through her.

She became weak and her ass slumped down, hanging over the cushions of the chair. Paul withdrew his cock from her tingling cunt and sat back, gasping and heaving heavily. Marian noticed his eyes still gazed at her, looking between her still-spread legs, seeing the full exposure of her cunt. Marian found it quite pleasing to be seen in such a lewd way by this young boy and she smiled down at him, twisting her naked ass in a tantalizing motion.

Her son had not come in her fist and big cock still throbbed in that sweet hardness. She kept her hand wrapped around it as he stood upright at her side, one of his hands cupping her shapely, naked tits. Paul recovered from his frenzied fucking and began to pull off the rest of his clothes.

He opened his shirt and tossed it to the floor. Like her son's, his chest was devoid of hair. The appeal of a young male body, not yet mature enough to have hair on it, was exciting. She noticed now that Paul had a bit more hair at the base of his cock that her son did, and she saw a few curling strands on his luscious looking balls.

Marian had never felt so wanton in her life. With the young boy sitting on the floor, naked, gazing with admiration at her hairy cunt, and her son standing beside her with a hard cock, she felt even more wanton and abandoned than she had with Judy. The feeling was extremely pleasant to her. She was not at all surprised to find that her cunt, although she had so recently finished with many intense orgasms, still burned with hunger for a hard prick.

She moaned as she pulled at her son's cock. "Fuck me, Jack," she said in a pleading, liquid voice. "Please, baby, fuck mother. I'm still so fucking hot! Ohhh, honey, my cunt needs that sweet cock of yours! Fuck it for me, please, please!"

Paul's eye widened a bit when Marian said that. "You fuck your son?" he asked, not believing it.

Marian, too excited to reply, nodded her head.

Paul looked at Jack. "You didn't tell me that, Jack. You said she wanted to fuck me."

Marian thought she detected not disgust in Paul's voice, but a tinge of jealousy. Through her desire she felt amusement because of this. One fuck and the young boy felt he had exclusive rights to her cunt. But then, she had felt that same jealousy about her son and Judy, she remembered. The young ones weren't any different than the older, she thought.

Jack had slipped to his knees between his mother's thighs. She ran her hand down and gripped his cock, brushing it up and down her blazing cunt lips, trembling with the anticipation of having his cock up her pussy. She smashed his dripping piss hole against her clitoris as Paul drew himself up next to her to watch Jack's cock penetrate his mother's hairy pussy. Marian dropped her other hand over the arm of her over-stuffed chair and fondled the boy's cock and balls, noticing he was still wet from her cunt. She offered her lips to the boy as her son slipped his throbbing hard-on into her uplifted cunt.

As her son began to fuck her, she kissed Paul, snaking her tongue into his mouth. The young boy sucked at her tongue and began to caress her naked tits with eager hands, apparently forgetting his jealousy in his excited condition.

So Paul watched her son fuck her. He sucked her tongue and gazed with hot, excited eyes down at her tossing crotch. Marian knew he wanted to see this fuck between mother and son, so she contented herself by holding his balls and cock, feeling his prick grow in her hand. She churned her ass up and down, fucking her son as wildly and with as much ecstasy as she had fucked his eager little friend.

She churned her hips and twisted about as Jack fucked her with his youthful vigor. Knowing her movements excited both of the boys, she strived to move even more erotically for them. Her shapely ass cheeks bunched and tightened, flexing as her cunt squeezed and sucked on her son's cock. His balls, just as Paul's had, slapped excitedly upon her upraised, grinding ass. Paul, much too excited by the prospect of seeing Jack fucking his mother, was simply holding one of her tits, his cock swelling into that firmness she loved so much.

Marian experienced another exquisite series of orgasms. They started almost mild, as a warmth that grew into a fierce heat until her cunt was almost gnawing and chewing in rippling waves in her son's thrusting cock. Her cunt was a constant surprise to her. This phenomena was known to her, but only in books. Now she knew exactly what it was like. She loved having the ability to come and come and come until one final explosion sent her mind reeling and her slender, curvy body shattering into liquid ecstasy.

Her eyes were smoldering so hotly her vision was almost blurred. But she could see the expressions on Paul's and her son's faces. She loved those expressions and the excitement in their eyes. She loved the youthful power of their cocks and the way they throbbed between the moist lips of her hairy cunt.

She heard Paul ask in a husky voice if Jack was going to come in his mother's cunt. She heard, as if from a distance, her son grunt his reply. Her ass churned in a violent fury as she began to wail in mindless ecstasy again.

Her orgasm began to build like a tidal wave, racing through her over-heated body swiftly. She began to shiver, then tremble, and finally she shuddered, yelling out when her ecstatic orgasm exploded. Her cunt grabbed in a powerful, slippery tightness around her son's cock, drawing on it. Jack gave a loud grunt and slammed his prick as deep as he could up his mother's starving cunt. Marian knew her son was coming off in her pussy, but it was almost like a dream. She knew his come juice was filling her as Paul's had only a few minutes earlier but she was floating on a cloud of ecstasy and really felt very little.

As Jack sat back on his heels, gasping, his cock pulled out of her reluctant cunt and Marian's naked ass slumped to the cushions of the chair. Her tits surged up and down as she breathed raggedly, her eyes still much too fuzzy to see anything.

When her vision returned to normal, she smiled at the two boys. Paul was still gazing at her half-naked body in almost awe. He seemed more interested in her hairy cunt than her tits. Her skirt was bunched around her waist in a blatant display of erotic wantonness. She noticed that Paul's cock was extremely hard again, as hard as it had been when he had fucked her. She reached for his prick and stroked it gently.

"You like my cunt, Paul?" she murmured. "Gosh, yes!" the young boy gurgled, reaching down to run his hands through the thick mass of her cunt hair. "You don't know how many times I've jacked off, thinking about fucking you, Mrs. Howell."

"What's this Mrs. Howell shit?" she laughed. "I'm Marian now, aren't I?"


Marian gave the two boys soft drinks while she had a glass of iced tea. She let her skirt fall past her hips, but allowed it to drop at her waist so her shapely tits were on full display for the boys.

Both were delighted by her abandoned attitude. Even her son was excited because he had his friend with him. Marian loved the feeling of being seen by their hot, young eyes. It pleased her immensely to know that her body coul hold their attention and keep their sweet cocks up and deliciously hard.

When she sat down across from them to drink her tea, she crossed an ankle aver her knee, putting the full exposure of her creamy, long thigh on display for them. They could see all the way up her exciting thigh to the curve of her shapely ass.

Marian had longed to let herself go in such a way, allowing her sexual nature to expose itself. She hated the pretense of modesty and shyness so many women put on, knowing full well they wanted to let themselves go, too. Women, Marian thought, were all basically exhibitionists. The clothing they wore, those revealing bikinis... hypocrites, all of them. But she could let her fantasies out and enjoy them, at least with her son and Judy and now Paul. She knew she would still have to go along with society and maintain a certain modest decorum outside her house, but inside she could do whatever she wanted.

To test her new freedom, Marian stood up. "I've got to piss," she announced boldly. "Want to watch?"

Both boys were eager to see such a sight. As she walked down the hall to the bathroom, the two boys followed behind her naked, their cocks waving in hardness. She pulled her dress up in back to expose her shapely, writhing ass cheeks to them. Entering the bathroom, she pulled her dress to her waist and spread her legs over the toilet. Then, squatting halfway down, she began to piss.

The tinkle of the piss into the water and the way the boys leaned down to watch her cunt so closely almost made Marian come as she pissed. She deliberately moved her hand down between her thighs and into the stream, then rubbed at her clitoris while she continued to piss.

Finished, she stood up. "Well, how was that? Did you like watching me piss?"

The two young boys nodded excitedly. "I've always wondered how a girl pissed," Paul said.

Marian stood between the boys as they stood on each side of the toilet. She held their cocks, amused as they strained to piss with hard-ons. Soon they were both pissing. Watching them sent a thrill through Marian. On an impulse, she leaned way down and kissed the shaft of her son's cock as he pissed, then did the same to Paul's cock.

With a naughty laugh, Jack suddenly lifted his cock and the hot stream of piss struck his mother's cheek. Marian jerked her face away.

"That's enough of that," she said, but not angrily. "If I want you to piss in my fucking face, I'll let you know."

Leaving the bathroom, she took the boys into the bedroom. With her dress still dangling at her waist, she had the boys lay back, their cocks standing upright. Sitting between them, she crossed her legs and fondled their balls and stroked their cocks.

After playfully pissing in his mother's face, Jack was not as aggressive. Both he and Paul lay there and waited for whatever she wanted of them.

Marian leaned down and ran the flat surface of her tongue along Paul's balls and then turned to lick at her son's balls. Taking Jack's balls into her mouth, she sucked on them as she pumped a cock with each of her tight fists. Releasing Jack's balls, she twisted her mouth to Paul's prick. The young boy gazed down in delight, gasping with pleasure as her hot, wet mouth sucked his balls into it.

"I think we're going to get sucked off, Paul," she heard her son say in a thick voice.

Marian lifted her face and grinned up at them lewdly. "Do you two want a blow job?"

Their replies came at the same time. "Yes!" Marian jacked the two cocks, her eyes blazing in eager pleasure, "Have you ever been sucked off, Paul?" she asked.

"Once," he said, "by a man."

Marian frowned in distaste. "You need to be sucked by a girl, Paul, not some queer cock sucker."

"I know," he replied, squirming his ass about. "But it was good anyway. I've never had a girl suck my cock."

"You're going to have one suck it off now," she laughed in a throaty way. "I love to suck young cock like yours and my son's. Mmmm, and I want you both to come gallons for me."

"In your mouth?" Paul asked. "The man had me come in his mouth, too."

"That's the only way to come," Marian replied. "Either in my cunt or in my mouth. I love it gushing in my mouth!"

She dropped her mouth onto Paul's cock, closing her hot lips about it hungrily. Paul gurgled as she swallowed the full hardness of his cock. A hot hiss of excitement came from him as Marian began to suck up and down wickedly, her tongue fluttering about his sensitive piss hole. She could taste the juices of her own cunt lingering there and it increased her desire.

She clung to her son's cock as she sucked more vigorously on Paul's prick, her fist tight as she jacked up and down it. Having both the boys watching her as she gobbled this young, hard cock sent thrills shooting through her, making her cunt bubble and steam. She closed her lips tightly around the base of Paul's cock, sucking up hard. The boy groaned with the ecstatic sensation, arching his hips up as her mouth sucked upwards.

Marian released his cock, tugged gently at his balls, and kissed his moist cock head. She grinned up at the boy. "I can suck your cock much better than that man, don't you think?"

Paul groaned an immediate affirmative reply, his eyes growing larger as he watched Marian turn to her son's cock. Marian went down on Jack's prick greedily, a soft mewl of pleasure coming from her. After sucking up and down on her son's cock, she returned to Paul's. Taking turns with their sweet, hard cocks, she was thrilling herself, as well as the two boys. She went from one prick to the other, sucking up and down a few times, her hands clawing at their delicious balls. She soon had the boys squirming about on the bed, both of them in a high state of erotic excitement.

The two boys urged her to suck on their cocks harder. Their lewd words and thick voices were music to her ears, inflaming her more and more. Marian twisted from one young cock to the other, gulping and sucking and licking as her cunt flexed with pleasure. Her naked tits jiggled tightly as she moved, her nipples rubber-like in hardness. The hot, throbbing taste of their cocks inside her mouth were fantastic to her. She felt more lewd and more wanton, than ever in her life. The sensation was wonderful, creating goose bumps on her creamy, smooth flesh.

Just as excited as the two boys, Marian hoped she could detect the increased throb as a cock became ready to discharge. She did not want to be moving between them when one came off. She was sucking Paul's cock when, without warning, except for a loud grunt from him, his cock suddenly erupted.

Paul sent a hot, thick gob of come juice flooding over her tongue. Marian wailed with delight and sucked at his cock head, her tongue racing about the spurting piss hole, getting the full taste of his young, sugary-sweet come juice. Her cunt exploded as she swallowed, her tongue licking at the creamy juice, flapping upon his piss hole swiftly.

Just as Paul's cock dribbled to a finish, she felt her son's balls drawing up tight in her hand. With a loud squeal, she sucked off Paul's cock and raced her mouth to her son's cock. She closed her lips about Jack's cock just in time. No sooner had she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock than her mouth was filled with her son's thick come juice. Swallowing like a thirsting woman, she sucked his prick with greedy, moist noises, her eyes blazing up at both the boys' sweet faces, her throat working.

She sat upright, her tits jiggling tightly, a huge smile on her face. Her moist lips glistened and her eyes sparkled. She licked her tongue over her lips.

"Mmmm, that was wonderful!" she said softly, cupping her tits in a caressing movement. "You two came so sweetly! I love a cock coming off in my hungry mouth!"

She lowered one hand from her tit and openly caressed her hairy cunt, the two boys watched with interest.

Jack and Paul decided they were hungry and she told them to make sandwiches. She lay back and watched their tight, young ass cheeks as they left the room. She stretched luxuriously with a big grin, thinking she had never had it so good. The heat in and around her hairy cunt made her shiver with a good feeling. She had been getting plenty of cock the past few days, more than she ever had before. She hoped nothing would interfere and stop it.

The boys came back with their sandwiches and sat on the bed to eat them. Marian could hardly keep her eyes off their sweet cocks and beautiful balls. She writhed her ass on the bed, pulling her skirt up to her waist. She lay there with her shapely tits naked and her legs parted to expose her bushy cunt to them. With her dress bunched at her waist this way, she knew how erotic and willing she appeared to the boys. It was the way she wanted to look -- like a woman with a hot, hairy cunt that was always available to them.

"I hope there won't be any jealousy between you two boys now," she said, stroking her clitoris with a light finger.

"I'm not jealous, Mom," Jack said.

But Paul, she knew, felt a little jealousy. She reached out and took the boy's hand. "Paul, there isn't any reason for you to feel that way. After all, Jack is my son and he lives here with me. Naturally we're going to fuck and suck. But that doesn't mean you can't come here when you want. I'll always be here for your sweet prick."

"I know, Marian," he said in a low voice. "I can't help it."

"Honey," she said gently, "there's a big difference between fucking a girl and having her hot ass exclusively. Fucking is fucking and that's all there is to it. I love my son, as a mother should, and I love to fuck him. But that doesn't mean I don't love to fuck you, too. Jack understands this and you should understand it, too. Jealousy would only cause problems"

She thought he was understanding what she saying. "A girl, like a boy, gets all hot for a certain cock," she continued, "and that doesn't mean she doesn't love another guy. After all, like I'm trying to say, fucking is fucking and when the urge is there, do it. You aren't taking anything away from someone you love. You can't wear out a cock or a cunt by fucking it, you know."

Maria realized she was explaining as much for herself as for Paul. She had felt jealous of Jack when he was with Judy but sew she felt no such thing. She had come to realize that her son loved her as much as always, even if he did fuck Judy. She felt relieved to have reached suck an understanding. When her son grew up, met and fell in love with a girl, became engaged and married her, she would not feel jealous. In the back of her mind, she hoped he would meet a beautiful girl with the same sexual desires she and Jack had. A girl who would enjoy being with both her and her son on occasion. They could stay with her, she fantasized, and all sleep in the same bed. She could buy a larger bed, one that would easily hold three people, or four -- or more.

She shivered, coming out of the fantasy.

The boys had finished their sandwiches and sat beside her with Paul moving his hand up and down her smooth thigh toward her cunt. Jack fondled her sensitive tits, twisting her rubbery nipples. Their cocks were becoming very hard once again and she was delighted by this youthful virility.

Paul brushed his hand through the long curls of her cunt, then pulled the puffy lips apart, revealing her glistening clitoris. He stroked it with a fingertip and Marian mewled as she arched her crotch upwards, making tight circles with her hips.

Still rubbing lightly at her distended clitoris, the boy slipped a finger into her cunt and began to thrust it in and out, finger-fucking her. Marian began to boil with a hotter heat. She writhed her naked ass about in pleasure as Paul finger-fucked her, and she reached out and grasped her son's cock with an eager hand.

"Ohhh, you two are so fucking hard again!" she whimpered thickly. "I love it when your cocks get this hard!"

Jack leaned over and kissed hiss mother's nipple. "Mom, can Paul fuck you up the ass?" he asked.

"Of course," Marian squealed and wiggled her ass with a delicious shiver. "Of course he can fuck me up my ass."

"You're really nice, Marian," Paul said his own voice very thick with desire. "You'll let us do anything we want with you, won't you?"

"Oh, yes!" she whimpered. "Anything you want to do with me, as long as it's my cunt, my mouth, or my asshole!"

Paul looked at Jack. "Your mom sure loves it, don't she?"

"Damn right!" Jack laughed.

"I wish my mom would let me fuck her," Paul said. "I think she's pretty."

"I bet you jack off thinking about fucking your mother, don't you?" Marian teased. "Well, if you can't fuck her, then you can just pretend I'm your mother and fuck me all you want."

She drew her knees up and pressed them against her tits. This lifted her ass from the mattress, revealing her hairy cunt and winking asshole.

"Want to stick your cock up my asshole now?" she said in a throaty voice.

"Like this?" Paul wanted to know, leaning over and peering at her puckered asshole.

"Why not?" Marian gurgled.

Paul moved quickly and pressed the head of his swollen cock against the tightness of Marian's asshole. She wrapped her arms behind her knees to hold them against her tits, keeping her ass lifted up for him. The pressure of his swollen cock against her fiery asshole sent a shudder of anticipation through her. She urged the boy to push hard and with a grunt, Paul shoved.

The round head of [missing text] slipped the tight rings of her asshole and Marian gave a loud gurgle of ecstasy as his prick stretched her. He shoved the full length of his cock up her ass, his lower stomach pressing against her bubbling, hairy cunt. She started twisting her uplifted ass when the excited boy began to plunge his throbbing cock in and out.

Marian lifted her ass, churning it up and down and squealing as Paul's cock stuffed her asshole. She felt the hard throbbing of it going deep, his stomach slapping upon her hairy, wet cunt and touching her inflamed clitoris. She shot her hand out to clutch at her son's cock, jerking on it and urging him to lean over her face.

"Fuck my mouth, Jack!" she said hotly. "Fuck mother's hot mouth while your horny little friend fucks me up my ass! Come on, honey, fuck mother in her cock sucking mouth! I want two cocks at the same time one fucking my asshole and one fucking my mouth!"

Jack leaned over his mother on his hands and knees, his cock swinging above her mouth. Telling Paul to hold her knees against her tits, she slipped her hand up between her son's thighs and dug her fingers into his hard ass, pressing his dripping cock to her greedy lips. As soon as her lips closed about her son's cock, he began to fuck her mouth.

Marian's emotions reeled with the buffeting of the two boys, Paul, driving his cock frantically in and out of her gripping asshole and Jack sliding his cock in and out of her hot, wet lips, sent Marian into the erotic heavens of sexual ecstasy. Her pussy began exquisite series of orgasms that made her body shudder as she softly cooed around her son's fucking cock.

She twisted and tossed her ass up and down on Paul's pounding cock, her asshole holding his hardness very tightly and flexing in waves, as though it were sucking on his prick as he fucked her. Her mouth sucked harshly upon her son's cock as he swiftly pumped it up and down. She loved the way his balls swung about, brushing her cheek. She squeezed at his tight ass cheek, then began to rub at his puckered asshole, making her son gurgle in pleasure. Every nerve of her almost-naked body was tingling, burning, ready to burst into a roaring flame. The sweetness of her sensations were enough to make her mind soar.

Marian could hear the excited sounds Paul and her son made, sounds that increased the roaring of her own pleasure. The ecstasy they were giving her was returned to them two-fold through her wiggling, churning ass and her sucking mouth. Her asshole squeezed mid clamped like a vise around Paul's plunging cock, nibbling and sucking it in hot waves as her cunt convulsed with mind-reeling spasms of increasing orgasms. Her mouth grew hungrier and more greedy as her son fucked up and down into her mouth, his swollen, dripping cock head probing at her constricted throat.

For the first time she heard the springs of the bed creak. She was being pounded by two beautiful young cocks, her heated body bouncing on the mattress. Being fucked so violently and excitedly up her asshole and in her sucking mouth made Marian think she would faint with the ecstasy.

Her asshole burned hotly around Paul's hard prick and her mouth watered with the sweetness of her son's cock. He was dripping copiously and she had to swallow every chance she had. Her son was trying to drive his hard cock right down her throat and Paul was reaching for her stomach with the head of his delicious cock.

Sweet, lewd words tumbled about in her brain. Fuck... cocks... cunts... assholes... come... cock-sucking-mother... asshole-fucking-mother... and on and on. If her mouth had not been filled with her son's cock, she would have been screaming the words.

One of her hands was clawing frantically at her own swollen tits, leaving bruise marks. Her other hand pressed into her son's tight asshole as he fucked her gobbling mouth in a frenzy. Marian shot her ass up onto Paul's hard cock, wiggling and twisting and churning.

And then, with a loud scream around her son's cock, Marian exploded. Every part of her half-naked body seemed to come apart in the most exquisite orgasm of her life. As her cunt convulsed, her asshole became extremely tight around Paul's deeply buried cock and the thick sweetness of his come juice splashed, into her ass. Her mouth was suddenly filled to overflowing with her son's creamy, sweet come juice, and she swallowed in reflex, hardly knowing she was doing so.

Her legs dropped, spreading out around Paul as he slumped on top of her, his hot breath coming in gasps and fanning her naked tits. Her son fell to the top of her head, his cock leaving a moist trail as it brushed over her nose and forehead, then tangled in her hair.

Marian sucked in air harshly, her tits heaving against Paul's lips. Her mind was still reeling and her body still tingled. Very slowly, as if her muscles had turned to water, she twisted onto her side, causing Paul to flop away from her. She curled into a ball, her knees drawn up, one hand beneath her cheek. Her face was pressing lightly into her son's cock and balls, and she reached out to hold them.

Her mind slowed and she began to flow with a hot glow of almost -- but not quite complete -- satiation. Her cunt had a very pleasant throb in it and her asshole flexed in a delicious way.

Finally, the only sound in the room was the relaxed breathing of Marian and the two boys as they dozed off into a deep sleep.


That night, alone with her son, Marian was close to him constantly, caressing and kissing him as if they were two new lovers just discovering each other and their passions.

With explicit language, Marian revealed her inner-most erotic thoughts and fantasies to her son, and was pleased when confessed to having the same fantasies. He told his mother his only problem had been in finding a girl willing to do all the things he wanted. Judy he told her, was the only other girl he had ever fucked. Marian told her son how lucky he was to have found Judy as his first fuck-partner. She would have loved to have been the first woman to fuck her son, she told him, but everything had still turned out perfectly for them both.

They sat on the couch, holding each other, caressing and fondling. Marian never tired of playing with her son's cock and lovely balls, nor did he seem tired of caressing her arching tits and hairy cunt. Jack probed his mother's pussy with affection, rubbing her clitoris with a feathery touch. She pumped his cock and squeezed his balls, occasionally leaning down to kiss his smooth cock head as they talked in soft, but increasingly excited voices.

When she felt the need to piss, Jack wanted to watch again. Marian, of course, was eager. As before, she squatted over the toilet and looked down at her son as he sat up on the floor to watch. Jack held his mother's hairy cunt lips wide as she pissed, then with a playful laugh, ran his hands along her pussy, feeling the warm stream in his palm. When she finished, Marian, as playful as he, shoved her cunt into his face. Jack immediately began licking and sucking at his mother's hairy pussy, thrusting his tongue up into it. Marian half-squatted above her son's face and ground her cunt against his mouth, holding the back of his head and pulling his face tightly into her cunt.

"Ooo, eat that cunt, honey!" she crooned.

"Eat mother's hot pussy! Ahhh, baby, tongue-fuck mother's hairy pussy. Oh, I love your tongue up my cunt, darling! Lick me, suck me, eat my pussy!"

Jack's tongue flew in and out, tasting the wet heat of his mother's cunt. He ran his tongue over her clitoris, closing his lips around it and sucking hard, making Marian shiver into his face. His hands came up the backs of her thighs and closed about her swelling, creamy smooth ass cheeks. He squeezed her naked ass as his tongue delved deep into her cunt. Despite the intensity of fucking both Paul and her son that afternoon, Marian was again going through a series of delicious orgasms as her son sucked and licked her cunt.

Her eyes burned down into his and flashed hotly as she mewled to him in a thick voice. "Fuck my hairy cunt with your tongue, you sweet mother-fucker! Tongue-fuck mother's hairy, hot cunt! Hold mother's hot ass, baby! Squeeze mother's hot ass and tongue-fuck the piss out of her hairy cunt!"

Her legs trembled as she squeezed her smooth thighs around his face. She grew so weak she had to pull her pussy from his face and sit back down on the toilet. She scooted her ass to the edge of the seat, her legs wide apart. Jack buried his face in her cunt once again, delving deep with his tongue. Marian shook as her orgasms continued, finally bursting in a long, drawn-out convulsion that caused her thighs to squeeze his face hard.

Jack sat back, his face smeared with the slippery juices of his mother's cunt, his cock standing up very hard. He closed his fist around his prick and began to jack off. Marian watched for a moment.

"Stand up and jack off, baby," she said. "Stand up and jack that sweet cock off into mother's mouth!"

Standing up, his cock was level with her face. Marian opened her mouth and licked the tip of her tongue over the head of his cock as she gazed at his hand flying back and forth on his prick. She ran her hands around his hips and held his tight ass cheeks while he jacked off. Jack thrust his prick forward, watching his mother's tongue lap his dripping piss hole, his fist brushing against her open lips.

With her tongue far out of her mouth, she held it just under the head of her son's cock. As he began to squirt his come juice, Jack stared down. Watching his come juice fly from his cock and into his mother's mouth, filling it, he jacked faster. Some of the creamy come juice dripped from her tongue and ran down onto her tits as her mouth filled. Then, when Jack finished, Marian swallowed her mouthful of come juice, murmuring with pleasure, her eyes closing. She licked her lips, taking in a drop of his come from her upper one.

"Mmmm, that was so sweet," she murmured. "I've always wanted to have a guy jack off into my mouth that way, Jack. We're going to have to do that more often."

Then he arched his prick forward and let loose a stream of piss. Marian squealed and spread her legs, feeling the warm wetness of her son's piss spattering upon her hairy cunt.

And again Marian came.

She sat on the toilet staring down between her thighs, watching as her son continued to piss upon her hairy cunt. Her body trembled and her cunt convulsed. She didn't understand why she came, it didn't make sense to her. She had never had any interest in this sort of thing, other than observing her son as he pissed. And it was fun to be seen by him and his young friend. But to actually have him piss upon her pussy?

Later, lying beside her son in bed, she wondered about the past week. She had become even more wanton than she had been in her fantasies. She was not surprised that she enjoyed all the fucking and sucking and felt so excited about it. But she was surprised by the speed she was going. The more she was fucked, or sucked a cock off, or licked little Judy, the more she wanted.

She was becoming insatiable for cock and cunt, her emotions demanding it, her body burning for it. Her cunt was in constant turmoil, bubbling and eager. Even when she wasn't fucking, it felt as if a cock was in her pussy. Her lips seemed to have a delicious kind of tingle at all times -- a tingle of anticipation for a hard, throbbing cock sliding between them.

After a long time of trying to understand what was happening to her own emotions, she turned her thoughts to her son. Jack didn't seem to be suffering with any shame over their new relationship at all. He seemed to be extremely willing. The fact that he had brought his friend home to fuck her bothered Marian only a little. Jack really didn't seem to mind her fucking his friend or licking the sweetness of Judy's hot little cunt. On the contrary, her son seemed to encourage her in all of this, helping her, even.

Seeing that they were both so happy, Marian's conscience did not bother her at all.

When she woke up the next morning with her son lying at her side, she turned and looked at him. His face, in sleep, looked younger than ever.

It had been a warm night, and Jack had kicked the sheet from his naked body. He lay on his back, his cock standing up straight and very hard, as it usually did in the morning. Marian stared at his prick, looking at the fuzz around the base, his hairless balls relaxed against his thigh. So young, she thought, and so fucking sexy! That sweet cock of his seemed to be hard and ready anytime, every time, anywhere. She had never known a man or boy who stayed so hard all the time. My cunt and Jack's cock, she thought, both always ready to fuck. A ripple of pleasure went through her body as she gazed at his prick fondly.

She didn't know where she and her son were going with their almost marathon fucking and sucking, all she knew was that they would go. Marian was looking forward to it. No matter what her son wanted of her, or she of him, she knew they would do it. They would try everything they could think of. And if they didn't enjoy it, they would discard it and go on to something else, always seeking a greater, more explosive, pleasure.

The orgiastic sensations began to build within her as she gazed at her son's cock and balls, the thoughts whirling about in her mind. She reached out and touched his prick gently with the tips of her fingers, caressing up and down lightly. There was a detectable throb in his cock. She traced a fingertip down his cock and over his balls, thinking how sweet be was and how much he had come into her mouth, her cunt, and now her asshole. He had fucked her every place it was possible for a cock to penetrate. As exciting as it had all been, Marian knew they would search for even greater, more thrilling, pleasures.

Did, she want it that way? She wondered as she closed her fist lightly around her son's cock. The answer came to her immediately -- yes! She not only wanted it, but would help her son in getting it.

Slowly she jacked his prick, still gazing down at it. The head was very swollen, the piss hole flaring. A bead of moisture bubbled up from his cock and she ran her thumb over it. Her cunt began to twitch and grow very wet. Her clitoris swelled and she loved the sweet way her nipples became like hard rubber. Jack continued to sleep as she slowly and affectionately played with his cock and balls.

Marian leaned over and kissed the head of his now-dripping cock with feathery lips, then traced the tip of her tongue over his seeping piss hole. She had woke him up just the other day by sucking on his sweet, hard cock. Jack had loved it and she wondered now if she could get on top of him and get his cock into her cunt before he woke up.

Being careful, wanting very much to surprise him, she spread her feet on each side of his hips. Squatting down, she very gently began stuffing his cock into her cunt. Taking the head between her hairy pussy lips, she held it there for a moment, flexing her cunt around him. Then she slowly sank downward, taking more of her son's cock into her pussy. Before she brushed her hairy cunt against the base of his prick, she began to lift and lower her cunt on him, fucking him slowly. A smile grew on her beautiful face as she watched him, eager to see his pleasure when he woke up and found her fucking him.

His cock was throbbing hard between the stretching lips of her cunt, the cock head feeling wonderful inside her. Jack continued to sleep, although he moaned softly.

With another idea, she lifted herself from his prick and turned, facing his feet. Once again she squatted, leaning over and bracing herself on one hand, and fitted her son's cock into her pussy once more. Lowering herself, she began to fuck up and down slowly, her head bent to watch his cock penetrating her fiery cunt. She could see his balls in this position, too, and that inflamed her even more.

Finally she felt a hand brushing over her ass cheek. Turning to look over her shoulder, she smiled at his face. Jack was awake, and a huge grin spread over his handsome face. He cupped his mother's naked ass with both hands.

"First you wake me up by sucking my cock, Mom," he said, "and now you wake me up by fucking me. You're the greatest mom in the whole world!"

Marian whimpered in pleasure and shook her naked ass for his visual delight. She began bouncing her naked ass up and down faster now that he was awake.

"You like getting fucked this way, honey?" she asked. "You like watching mother's naked ass this way?"

"I love it!" Jack grunted, thrusting his cock into her cunt.

He gazed down and saw the hair-lined lips of his mother's pussy riding up and down his prick, her wet, pink pussy lips stretching around his prick. He could also see the tight wink of her puckered asshole and rubbed his thumb over it, making his mother squeal with pleasure. When he thrust his thumb into her asshole, Marian gurgled and tossed her ask up and down on his cock and finger.

"I want it in your asshole, Mom!" Jack shouted as he pulled his thumb from the clinging rings of her ass. "I want to fuck you in the ass, Mom!"

"Oh, yes!" she gurgled, lifting her cunt from his glistening cock. "Stick your cock up mother's hot asshole, baby!"

The penetration of her asshole was much easier than it had been, now that she was more accustomed to it. His cock thrust deep and she groaned with the exquisite stretching pleasure. She leaned forward, her naked ass bouncing up and down on his cock, driving it deeper into her hot asshole.

She began to lick at his toes, sucking on them, her ass in a constant motion with the ecstatic asshole fucking. Marian sucked her son's toes into her mouth with pleasure, licking them as her ass churned on his cock. She slipped one hand between his thighs and twisted his hairless balls, making her son grunt with delight. The hard throbbing of his cock stretching her asshole quickly had her cunt in convulsions of orgasm and she squealed and wailed as her ass churned.

Her son was breathing hard and arching his cock harder into her asshole. She felt the throbbing of his cock grow stronger and realized he would soon be coming up her ass. The rings of her asshole closed as tightly as she could get them around his cock, her naked, lovely ass literally flying up and down on him now. She had one of his big toes inside her mouth, sucking it hard, her tongue licking, her cunt in spasms.

Jack arched up, driving his prick as deep into his mother's ass as he could get it in this position.

"I'm coming, Mom!" he shouted in a loud voice. "I'm coming up your asshole!"

"Ohhh, yes, baby, yes!" Marian cried out.

Her asshole was squeezing and sliding up and down his gushing cock. The thick, creamy come juice splashed up her ass, filling it, making her tremble with ecstasy.

When she felt her son relax, she settled on him, his cock still deep inside her flooded asshole. She gently gyrated and squirmed her ass cheeks against his stomach, then slowly lifted herself up. Her asshole still tingled as she sprawled out beside him, cuddling him close to her naked tits. She kissed him, licking his lips and darting her tongue into his mouth. She playfully ran her hands up and down his back, caressing his tight ass cheeks as she pulled his wet cock against the curly hair on her cunt.

"You're full of tricks, aren't you, Mom?" he said, much pleasure in his voice. "I love the way you wake me up in the mornings."

"I love you, that's why I do it, Jack," Marian said. "I love to please you and make you feel good. It gives me a good feeling to know I'm taking care of my baby this way."

"One of these mornings I'm going to wake up before you," he said, "and you're going to find a tongue up that hot cunt of yours, or maybe a cock. I haven't made up my mind which, yet."

"I would love that and you fucking well know it!"

She poked him in the ribs and they began wrestling about on the bed, laughing happily, grabbing and exciting each other again.

"Doesn't that cock of yours ever get tired?" she teased as his prick swelled. "I don't think I've heard of a cock that stays hard all the time."

"Does that cunt of yours ever get enough cock, Mom?" he countered, poking playfully at her hairy pussy. "I've never seen a pussy so fucking hot before."

She laughed and hugged him tightly against her tits, kissing him wetly and loudly. "Fuck you, you horny little mother-fucker!"

"And fuck you, you hungry cocksucker!"

They began wrestling again. When they found themselves twisted around on the bed, her face pressing into his crotch and her thighs holding his head tightly, they began to suck and lick each other.

Marian pulled her son's cock into her mouth and licked the smooth head, tasting the juices that seeped from his piss hole. She cradled his ass cheeks in her palms, squeezing them as she sucked her lips back and forth. With his mouth buried into his mother's wet, hot, deliciously hair cunt, Jack ran his tongue along her inflamed clitoris, licked it, then began tongue-fucking her. She squirmed her cunt into his face as he wrapped his arms about her hips, clutching at her round, shapely ass cheeks and drawing her hairy pussy tighter onto his mouth.

Marian pulled her son's cock deep into her hot, hungry mouth, her nose pressing into his hairless balls. She ran a fingertip along the crack of his ass, finally pressing it against his asshole. When she shoved her finger into her son's asshole, Jack grunted into her cunt and rammed his cock down her constricted throat, Jack, in turn, thrust a finger into his mother's asshole and finger and tongue-fucked her in wild delight.

Marian drew hard on her son's cock as she fucked her finger in and out of his tight asshole, banging her cunt into his face almost violently. She squeezed her hot, smooth inner thighs about his faces churning her pussy against his wet, sucking mouth. Her head was being buffeted back and forth by the strength of her son's plunging cock and she loved the hard way, he mouth-fucked her.

The hardness of his cock and the ecstatic manner in which he fucked her mouth told Marian she was going to get a beautiful mouthful of his creamy, sweet come juice. As he fucked her mouth, she licked his cock with hungry pleasure, loving the way it probed her throat. Her finger stabbed in and out of his tight, gripping asshole, exciting her son to a fever pitch.

Whipping her fiery cunt onto his mouth, she mewled around his cock as she began another series of exquisite orgasms, her cunt lips flexing around her son's lunging tongue. His tongue running in and out of her cunt and his finger driving up her asshole sent Marian in a reeling, mind-warping state of pure, trembling ecstasy.

She ground and whipped her convulsing cunt into her son's face brutally as she sucked on his thrusting prick with a desperate need.

When Jack came, she gurgled and swallowed as if she had been starving for the sweet thickness of his creamy come juice. It splashed over her tongue, filling her mouth and making her squeal with happiness. She swallowed his delicious come juice and let her mouth fill a second time, swallowing again after he finished coming.

They pulled apart and gasped with delighted tiredness.

After a few minutes, they sat and faced each other, laughing gaily. "I guess that should take care of your cock for a while," Marian said. "An ass fuck and blow job all in the same morning. We haven't even gotten out of bed yet."

"Give me an hour," he laughed, "and your hairy cunt is going to get it again."

"Fucking braggart," she laughed, slapping his ass as he got out of bed. "So take a shower. I'll have breakfast ready by the time you finish."

Marian went to the kitchen naked, feeling fantastic.

Jack joined her half an hour later and she was pleased to see him eat ravenously. She wanted him to keep up his strength because her cunt was going to need that beautiful cock of his more and more.

"What are we going to do today, Mom?" he asked.

"I suppose anything you'd like," she replied.

"Well, I have an idea," he said, finishing his milk. "That is, if you'd like it, too."

"Since when have I not liked what you've suggested?" she answered. "We can do anything you want just as long as you're discreet about it."

"What does that mean?"

"It means you can't go talking all over the neighborhood about what we're doing with each other."

"Aw, I'd never do that," he said.

"Tell me this idea of yours," she prompted.

"I've got a friend who kind of likes you," he said. "You know, the way Paul does."

"You mean another friend of yours wants to fuck me?"

He nodded.

She smiled. "What are you waiting for, baby?"


After her son left to find this new friend of his, Marian straightened up the house. She was already anticipating a new, young cock in her cunt or mouth. She dressed, not knowing what to expect when Jack returned.

She was very beautiful that day and she felt very good. Her thoughts of the night before and that morning were proving correct. She and her son really were going in search of more and more erotic delights. She had agreed eagerly when he had said that he had another friend who wanted to fuck her. She began to visualize half the boys in the neighborhood coming home with her son, all of them with hard cocks, ready to plunge them into her cunt.

She wore a sexy pair of panties and no bra. Her dress was a fresh yellow with a tight bodice that framed and outlined her shapely, arching tits. Her nipples were revealed by the thin material. The skirt was full, swirling about her thighs. She knew she looked deliciously edible and she had no doubt that she could excite any boy her son brought home.

For a moment she felt a pang of depravity, but it did not last long. She could do whatever she wanted in her own home, she decided. And there was plenty of privacy so no one would ever know, unless either Paul or the boy her son had gone after talked. In a way, she didn't care if they did. But she knew they would have to be careful and highly selective about who they brought into their home for fucking and sucking.

Judy was no problem, Marian knew. The sweet little girl was just as hot and erotic as she was. Judy would do anything and everything right along with her and Jack, Marian was sure. And the girl would not talk, either.

Jack had bees gone about two hours and she began to be concerned. Relief flooded her when he returned and she saw that he had his new friend with him. The other boy, Stew, looked at Marian with glowing eyes. She knew from his expression that Jack had told him what would happen. Like Paul, this boy was bold and lacked shyness. He watched every move Marian made, his young eyes almost burning through her dress as if he could see the tight fit of her panties and the puffy mound of her cunt hair.

Marian could sense the sexuality of this boy and she was anticipating a good fucking from him. Her cunt was streaming in that special, very delicious way, and her clitoris was swelling against her pants. Her own eyes gazed back at Stew, concentrating on the front of his pants. The boy was already getting a nice hard-on!

Stew suddenly came up to her, boldly reaching out and placing a hand upon her thrusting tit. For just a moment Marian was startled at how suddenly he had touched her. Then she smiled and ran her hand down to cup his cock.

As her hand squeezed at his cock, the boy trembled in pleasure and dug into her tit. His other hand moved to her ass and Marian knew without a doubt that her son had told him what would be expected of him.

Turning loose, she stood in the middle of the living room floor with Stew a few feet away and her son nearby. With a wicked smile and racing desire, Marian lifted her dress until it was above her waist. Stew swallowed hard as he looked upon the sheer beauty of the woman. Curling hair stood from the crotch of her panties and, with a deliberate finger, Marian hooked the crotch and pulled it to one side.

The boy gazed at her exposed cunt with hot, eager eyes. Sliding her panties down, Marian kicked them from her feet. Reaching behind, she opened her dress, then slipped it past her hips and finally stood before the young boys, naked.

"Ohhh, shit!" Stew grunted, his cock lurching inside his pants. "Now, Jack?"

"It looks like it," Marian beard her son reply as he began opening his pants.

"Yes, now," Marian cooed, spreading her legs and framing her cunt with both hands.

She watched as her son and Stew stripped hurriedly. She gazed at the boy's cock, seeing a great deal more hair on his balls than she would have suspected.

Marian went to her knees as her hands reached out for the cocks of her son and his young friend. As they stepped closer to her, Marian made a soft whimper as she closed her hands around both their pricks. She jerked their cocks, for a moment, squeezing and gazing at them hungrily. Then she moved her head forward, kissing each prick in turn and running her tongue around their now dripping piss holes.

Finally she sucked Stew's cock into her mouth, making the boy moan with pleasure.

Marian sucked back and forth on Stew's cock, jacking her son's prick with her other hand. Then she turned to her son and gulped his cock deep into her mouth. Stew was amazed at her hunger and his cock throbbed powerfully in her fist.

"Ooo, I want to fuck!" Marian hissed up at the boys, swiftly jerking her fist on their two hard pricks. "I want your cocks in me, fucking me!"

She twisted about on her hands and knees, looking over her shoulder at them and waving her naked ass with lewd invitation. "Come on," she urged in a thick voice. "One of you, stick a cock up my cunt and fuck me! Ohhh, even my asshole! I just want a hard cock in my pussy or asshole! Hurry, damn it!"

Stew was quick to drop to his knees behind Marian's waving ass. He cupped the creamy swells of her ass cheeks for just a moment and then felt about them. But Marian wasn't interested in any such play.

"I want to fuck!" she shouted. "You can play with my ass all you want later! Play with all of me later -- but fuck me now!"

Stew suddenly jammed his cock into her cunt. Marian grunted when the force of his prick plunged quickly into her pussy. She arched her back, shoving her cunt onto him.

She writhed her ass about as he began to lunge back and forth.

Jack stood to one side, watching his mother being fucked by this friend of his. His cock stood tall and hard, throbbing with power. He leaned over his mother and slipped a hand under her to clutch one dangling tit. He manipulated her tits as he watched Stew excitedly fuck his cock back and forth into her hairy, gripping cunt.

Marian murmured with delight to feel a different cock driving into her boiling pussy. She rocked and churned her naked ass, meeting each of Stew's lunges with a lunge of her own. Her pussy was gripping the boy's cock in those now common flexing waves of spasms.

Lowering her head, she pressed her cheek on the carpet and shoved her naked, creamy ass high into the air. She loved the way this new cock throbbed as it filled her hungry cunt. She could feel her son's hot hands moving about her ass and digging into the firm, springy flesh of her tits. There was something exciting about a strange cock fucking her, something that was perversely wicked and made her passions soar.

"OOOO, I love it!" she whispered in thick voice. "I love that cock! Oh, God... I love fucking! Give it to me! Oh, fuck me hard!"

Marian knew the words excited Stew as well as her son and she kept it up, using a continuous stream of words. Her verbal urging sent ripples through her body and into her pussy, making it squeeze the hard cock driving into her.

With Stew's cock pounding violently into her cunt, Marian knew that she and her son were going to slide into the depths of perverse sex. She knew there would be no stopping them now. Both of them were caught in the grips of ecstasy and she knew where that ecstasy came from her son's friends. The boys he played baseball with, the girls he would fuck. They would all be partners for her as well.

As the pleasure boiled through her body, Marian was already beginning to make a decision that she would tell her son soon. But first she was going to let this strange boy fuck her and come in her. She knew Stew's come juice would be as sweet and thick as Jack's.

Marian was coming in waves of heat, the convulsions causing her cunt to suck and squeeze Stew's cock. The sounds she made became louder, filling the room with the ecstasy that flowed through her. Whether it was the actions of her hot cunt or the pleasure the boy felt by fucking her in this manner, Marian didn't know nor care. She felt his cock suddenly erupt, spewing come juice into her greedy cunt. She twirled and churned her naked, uplifted ass for him, draining his balls. She did not move until he had finished, then she slipped her hairy cunt from him gently, turning about to sit on the floor, her cunt dripping.

Her son's cock arched up high, dripping from his piss hole. She reached for it. "Poor baby," she murmured as she stroked Jack's cock. "Mother had better take care of this, and fast."

Jack moved his cock to her face. Using her hand, Marian brushed his dripping piss hole back and forth across her lips. Stew watched his eyes hot and excited. When Marian opened her lips and sucked her son's cock deep into her mouth, the boy gasped with awed pleasure.

"You're going to suck him off?" Stew asked.

Marian pulled her mouth from Jack's cock. "You're fucking right I'm going to suck him off!" she said. "And then I'm going to suck your cock off, too, so get it up hard for me!"

She turned and began to gobble at her son's cock furiously, her beautiful face, bobbing back and forth, her dark hair fanning out. She gripped her son's balls in her hand and tugged on them, her other hand sliding around his hip to clutch one firm cheek of his ass. Her tongue swirled greedily as she pulled the full length of hi prick deep into her hungry mouth. Her lips were wet and hot as they slid back and forth on her son's prick, her tongue flying wildly. She pulled his balls against her chin, rubbing than around as she gurgled with hot desire.

Stew was close to her and she pulled a hand from her son's ass and grabbed Stew's cock, her fist squeezing it as she jerked him. She felt her son's cock throbbing powerfully inside her hot mouth, stretching her lips as she sucked. Her eyes were open, and she glanced over to Stew's cock in her fist, watching it swell into hardness again. This was what she loved most about these young boys -- they became hard so quickly after coming off.

Jack was holding his mother's head, grunting with pleasure as he began to fuck back and forth into her sucking mouth. Marian knew that he was quite excited and that he would soon be gushing his sweet come juice down her hungry throat. She devoured her son's cock with lewd ecstasy, greedy to have his thick, sweet come juice splashing against her tongue and filling her mouth again. She closed her lips tightly about his prick, holding her head still and letting her son fuck her mouth with his almost violent motions. Turning loose of his balls, she allowed them to bang against her chin.

Within a few moments, her son was filling her mouth with his come juice. Marian wailed around his cock, her lips as tight as she could get them. She held his cock deep inside her mouth with his balls resting on her chin, her eyes shining up at both him and Stew. Stew could hardly believe she was letting her son come into her mouth!

"I never came in a girl's mouth before!" Stew said with an excited voice when Marian pulled her lips from Jack's cock. "I didn't know a girl would let me do it."

"This girl will not only let you come in her mouth," Marian gurgled, "but you damn well better come in my fucking mouth! There isn't any sense in sucking cock if you don't come in the mouth."

"You said you'd suck me off," Stew reminded her.

"I always keep a promise," Marian laughed huskily, "especially a promise to suck cock."

Stew arched his cock toward her mouth eagerly, but Marian held him back with her hands on his balls. "Don't be so anxious," she laughed. "I'll suck that cock, don't worry."

Holding Stew's cock tightly in her fist, she looked up at her son, her eyes hot and filled with liquid desire. "Jack," she said in a whisper, "do you think you can find Paul and Judy?"

"Hell, yes!" he said. "They've been asking when we'd do it again."

"Get them!" she hissed urgently. "Go bring them here! We'll have a fucking party that won't stop! Hurry, baby... oh, please hurry!"

As her son began to dress, Marian turned to Stew. Taking his young cock into her hungry mouth, she clutched the boy's naked ass cheeks with her fingers, urging him to fuck her mouth as her son had just done.

As she began licking and sucking on his cock as he started fucking her mouth, Marian began to draw up wild, often impossible, images of the things she would do with the four youngsters when her son returned with them.

Marian knew, as she gobbled this cock, that she would never feel jealousy about her son ever again. She had discovered a deeper, more erotic aspect about herself. And now she understood that Jack was of the same mind.

She and her son, she knew without a doubt, would enjoy their sexuality to the utmost limits. And, since Jack knew so many young boys and girls, Marian's erotic nature would grow and grow.


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