Hot widow, no panties

The seething passions that lurk within many individuals are often hidden beneath a veneer of normalcy, exposed only under extremely tempting conditions.

The woman who, after a few drinks at a party, takes on all corners, male and female alike. The man who, during a strip show at a stag party, climbs up on stage with the girl and performs with her in front of his friends. The couple who, under group pressure, join the neighborhood mate-traders.

Jennifer Carter is one of these outwardly proper and quite normal people. But within her a love of perversity and a depth of passion she never dreamed existed lie coiled like snakes, waiting only for the proper stimulus to arouse them.

HOT WIDOW, NO PANTIES -- a fictional story about a society that refuses to face many of its real problems.


Jennifer was silting in her living room staring blankly at a late-afternoon soap opera on TV when the newspaper truck pulled up across the street and dumped two large bundles of fresh newspapers at the curbside. The young truck driver, with muscles bulging under his T-shirt, looked so much like George, her recently deceased husband, that she jumped up off the couch to take a closer look. The young driver spotted her and gave a smile and a wave. Jennifer gave him a half-hearted wave back and sank back down on the couch. She didn't look up again from the TV until she was sure the truck had left.

Although the soap opera didn't interest her, she watched it anyway for something to do to keep her mind occupied. In fact, ever since the accident and George's death, she'd been doing little else than watch TV -- the good-morning shows when she got up, the game shows all morning long, soap operas all afternoon. In the evenings she watched whatever was on, falling asleep in front of the TV and crawling to bed sometime during the night.

It had been six months since she'd received the call informing her that a crane had fallen on her husband at his construction job, killing him instantly, and she was still unable to believe it. She kept expecting George to pop in the door at any moment and tell her it had been a joke.

Bin it was no joke. George was dead. Jennifer was alone. She wondered if she was going to spend the rest of her life in front of a TV set, staring blankly at it.

The quarter-million dollars in life insurance benefits she'd received as a result of George's death were a mixed blessing. With the money wisely invested and earning dividends, she was set financially for the rest of her life. She'd never have to work to support herself.

But maybe it would have been better if George had left her nothing and she'd have been forced to go out and get a job. A job would have been good for her, would have taken her mind off the loss of her husband and given her less time to brood. How could she motivate herself to go out and find work though, when her quarter-million was earning her more money than the knew what to do with? So she sat home, watched TV, and brooded over the loss of George, wondering if she'd ever be happy again.

Across the street the two paperboys had arrived and were stuffing newspapers in their paper-sacks. They were both shirtless, and wearing skin-tight jeans. Both boys had dark tans and bushy, disheveled hair. The boy that delivered her own paper, Gary, was barefoot. The boys laughed as they worked, and their loud voices carded through Jennifer's front window. In a way, the boys reminded her of George, sweaty, hard-working, good-natured, and sexy.

Jennifer and George had both been seniors in high school when they'd met, and only months later, soon after June graduation, they'd been married. When they'd first met, Jennifer had been a virgin, but George had taken care of that situation at a drive-in movie a few nights later.

The moment Jennifer had felt George's big cock inside her, she'd become hooked on him and had realized that she'd never be happy unless she could marry him and spend the rest of her life with him. For the ten years of their marriage, Jennifer and George had fucked at least once a day without fail. Jennifer had lived for their fucking. She'd lived for the feel of George's hot cock grinding in her pussy. How could she ever be happy again without George?

She couldn't imagine finding another husband. In the first place, where was she going to find one? And even if she did manage to find out, she knew no man could ever satisfy her the way George had. Although she'd had no sexual experience with anybody but George in her life, she just knew that there could never be a bigger, harder, hotter cock than George's anywhere in the world, and she knew that no man could ever give her as much pleasure and satisfaction as George had.

A pair of stray dogs, one of them an Irish setter, the other a large mongrel, came bounding along the sidewalk across the street, and the mongrel stud caught the setter bitch right in front of the paperboys and mounted her. The stud's tongue dangled and dripped as he humped his furry loins and pistoned his stiff dog cock in the bitch's cunt.

The paperboys nudged each other, snickering. Gary, the blond, got down over his newspaper sack and mounted it, his loins humping as he imitated the mongrel stud. The other boy clutched his stomach with laughter. As an aghast old woman slowed her car and glared at the wicked scene, the boys shouted at her and gave the finger. She roared off in disgust.

Jennifer watched wide-eyed. She'd seen boys being rowdy before, but never so obscenely suggestive. She'd seen dogs fucking before too, but she'd always turned her eyes away in embarrassment and hadn't really watched. Now she became so engrossed in the scene across the street that she crossed the living room and nearly pressed her nose to the glass.

The mongrel's snout went up in the air. His eyes glazed over and his flanks shuddered as he pumped his spunk into the bitch. The two boys stopped their antics to watch the two dogs climax, and Gary stood up. Jennifer could see enormous hard-on's in the boys' threadbare jeans, and she swallowed to moisten her throat. The outlines of their hard-on's looked too big to be real. How could boys with bodies so slender, with hips so narrow, have cocks so long and thick? Her eyes must be playing tricks on her.

As the dogs uncoupled and the mongrel dismounted, Gary stuck his bare toes under the bitch's tail and tickled her cunt. The bitch yelped and ran away. The boys panted after her, their tongues hanging out. When she was out of sight, they punched each other, laughing wickedly. Their hard-ons hadn't gone down a millimeter.

The dark-haired paperboy hoisted his sack, throwing the strap over his shoulder. He tossed his head to get the hair out of his eyes and started off down the sidewalk, tailing something back to Gary and he disappeared from Jennifer's view. Gary shouted back at him and gave him the finger, then hoisted his own paper-sack.

With a toss of his blond head to get the hair out of his eyes, Gary started across the street toward Jennifer's house. She was the first customer on his route. As he padded along barefoot, the bulge down his right leg looked like it would tear through the tight-stretched, threadbare denim. His cock was so hard in his tight jeans that Jennifer could see its head outlined.

As Gary approached, Jennifer moved out of view so the boy wouldn't see her. Her heart was thumping and her face was misted with sweat. Her own jeans suddenly felt two sizes too small, for her pussylips had swollen and the crotch seam of her jeans had pulled up between them like a gag. Her tits had swollen in her red blouse, her hard ripples tingling as the blouse material rubbed against them. Like Gary, she was barefooted, and she wasn't wearing a bra either.

Staying out of sight, she peered out the window from the side and watched the bushy-haired teenager come up her walk. He was pulling a paper out of his sack and folding it over. She could hardly think. She hadn't been fucked in six months, not since the day George had been killed, and until this moment she hadn't realized just how unbearably frustrated she was. As she stared at the paperboy's huge, bulging hard-on, her pussy contracted and she moaned out loud.

The doorbell rang.

She couldn't believe it. Instead of just tossing her paper on the porch, he'd rung her doorbell. What could he possibly want? She'd just paid him a few days ago. The doorbell rang again, and she scampered to answer it.

"Hi," Gary said, his white teeth shining as he looked up at her. "The paper's starting this new thing where you get twenty percent off if you pay for the next six months in advance. Then I wouldn't have to collect every week either. I'd really appreciate it if you could pay every six months instead of every week. How about it?"

"Well, I guess it sounds all right," Jennifer said.

"Good. Can you give me a check?"

"Of course. Step inside."

He dropped his paper-sack on the floor of the foyer. He smelled of sweat and bubble gum. Freckles danced on his nose. Jennifer stole a glance at his crotch and he smiled suggestively, as if he knew what she was thinking.

"I'll get the check," she said quickly.

"No hurry," the boy said. As she half stumbled out of the room, Gary watched her, squeezing his cock through his pants. Wouldn't mind anchoring my fucker between them legs! he thought.

He imagined himself grabbing her from behind and rubbing up against her naked ass, then sliding his cock up her crotch, ever so easy. She was one hot blonde bitch. What an ass she had! She was the one whose husband had got smashed by the crane downtown. She probably wasn't getting banged any too regular these days, and she was itching for it. He could tell by the way she'd looked at him that she was hot for his rigid teen prick. He'd had lots of experience with horny older women who were hot for young cock.

He tossed the hair out of his eyes and wiped the sweat off his face. After watching those dogs, he felt like he could fuck anything. He'd known he'd be beating off in the park bushes if one of the ladies on his route that he fucked regularly wasn't hot for his prick today. He had about six regular women on his route who were crazy for paperboy cock. Most of them were housewives. One of them was a grandmother. He didn't care how old they were or what they looked like, just so they knew how to pleasure his prick.

Jennifer came back into the room with the check. Her face was red and her hand, shook as she handed the check to him. She couldn't keep her eyes off his cock.

"Thanks," he said.

Thanks, widow, he thought. He'd never banged a widow before. He gave her a cocky, boyishly cute smile, the kind of smile he knew turned older women on.

"Say, could I use your bathroom? I've really gotta go."

"Of course," Jennifer said. "I'll show you where it is."

In a daze, she led him down the hall to the bathroom. Time seemed suspended, as in a dream. The boy didn't close the bathroom door. Jennifer stood outside in the hallway, listening for the sound of him pissing in the toilet.

Gary dropped his jeans, the only clothing he had on. He put his hands on his hips, looking down at his eight-inch cock as it throbbed free in the air. His pisshole was open and starting to ooze lube. His cockhead shone a glossy, purplishy-red. His prick veins bulged. He knew Jennifer was just outside the door.

Come on, widow, he thought. Stick your nose in here and take a look. You'll like what you see.

Jennifer stood near the open door, her back pressed to the hallway wall, her heart slamming. Why wasn't he pissing? What was he doing? She wanted to hear him piss, to know that he was concentrating on his cum and not on the door. Maybe then she'd dare take a peek.

The boy's eyes were on the doorway. He wondered what the hell the widow was waiting for. By now the other housewives would have been crawling all over him, or on their knees begging for it. His balls felt like huge hardboiled eggs. His cock was so sweaty and hot he could smell it himself.

Jennifer tried to control her breathing. Her cunt throbbed with each wild beat of her heart. For the first time in six months, she'd forgotten completely about George. All her attention was on the paperboy in the bathroom.

Gary grabbed his cock and gave it a squeeze. "Ohhh yeahhhh!" he breathed. His eyes were on the doorway. "Awwwww fuck!"

Jennifer couldn't control her curiosity or her excitement. Edging toward the doorway, she peeked in.

Gary was looking straight at her, a leer on his face.

"Like it?" he said, waving his enormous cock at her. He licked his lips. "Want it?"

Heat flushed through Jennifer's body. She pulled herself into the doorway, clutching the door frame for support. Unbelievably, the boy's cock was even bigger than George's. The itch in her cunt was driving her crazy.

"Come and get it," the boy said. "It's all yours."

Jennifer swayed drunkenly as she moved into the room, drunk on excitement and lust.

"Take off all your clothes," the boy said. "Get naked."

Jennifer had so little control over her hands that she popped two buttons off her blouse as she pulled it off. The boy's tongue hung out when he saw her lust-swollen tits, which dangled under her like water-balloons as she bent forward to wiggle out of her jeans. She peeled the panties off her loins, away from her crotch, and as she stepped out of them the boy snatched them away from her.

"They're all wet and smelly!" he said. His cock flexed hard as he pressed the wet panties to his nose. His eyes went glassy. He rubbed the female scent all over his face, on his chest and nipples, on his cock and balls. "Can I keep these?"

"Well..." Jennifer said, not sure what he was asking.

"Great!" he said.

He took another whiff of his newly acquired panties, then slipped them in his pocket. Then he grabbed her and crushed her in his arms.

As he kissed her, his cock throbbed between them. His tongue squirmed in her mouth. He was shorter than she was, and he had to pull her head down to kiss her, but he was strong and sure of himself. He held her fight, growling as he rubbed his cock against her. His hand slid between her legs and groped her crotch.

Jennifer became a mass of quivering jelly. If the boy hadn't been strong, he would have dropped her. His body burned against hers. As one of his fingers slipped up her crotch, she went even limper in his arms, moaning, completely helpless.

The boy trembled as he tried to hold her up. "Want me to stick it to you? You want me to fuck you?"

"Yesssss!" Jennifer moaned. "Oh yessss!" Her tits were going to explode. Her loins were going to flame and melt.

He eased her down on the bathroom floor, then trial to turn her over so he could fuck her from behind, but she was too heavy and she wouldn't help any, so he gave up. He could fuck her from the front just as well, and that way he could rub against her tits. As she lay on her back, he raised her legs and forced her knees toward her shoulders.

Jennifer's cunt throbbed, the fuckjuices bubbling out of it as the sweaty paperboy bridged himself and rubbed his searing-hot prickhead up and down her crotch-furrow. As the lust surged through her, tears welled in her eyes. She reached down so she could spread herself wide-open. As she hauled apart her rubbery, swollen cunt-labs, hot juices ran out of her and down her asscrack. The paperboy anchored the head of his cock between her cuntlips and settled down on top of her. All eight inches of his teenage cock sank up her cunt.

"Ohhhhh!" the paperboy and the widow moaned in unison as their fuck-organs coupled.

The boy's eyes rolled back, Jennifer's eyes rolled back, and the ecstatic expressions on both their faces looked almost painful.

Jennifer clung to the sweaty boy, her fingernails sinking into his back, her legs locking around him as he began to rock between them, as he began to slide his thick cock in and out of her seething pussy. As he fucked, he squirmed in her embrace, rubbing his hard chest against her spongy tits. His cock flexed inside her with each thrust, and Jennifer's cunt contracted reflexively in response.

"It sucks!" the boy moaned. "Awwww, it sucks!"

He corkscrewed his prick in her madly clutching cunt, trying to fuck her so deep that his cock would come in out her mouth.

Waves of heat swept through Jennifer's body. Her nipples and toes tingled and tightened with fuck pleasure. Her loins contracted and melted with each grinding thrust of the boy's cock into her. She'd forgotten fucking could feel so good. It seemed impossible that she'd gone six months without this feeling, without the feel of a big hard cock sliding inside her.

"It's so big!" she moaned.

"Yeah," the paperboy grunted. "Fucking big and hard!"

His teeth clenched, he plunged his cock inside her, cracking their hipbones together, popping his prickhead in and out of the mouth of her womb.

Jennifer tingled all over with alternate hot flashes and chills. Her toes curled hard. She churned her ass, grinding her cunt on the boy's ramming cock. She gasped each time the boy jabbed her womb. George had never penetrated her this deep. It almost hurt to be fucked this deep, but she loved the hurt. She wanted him to fuck her deeper, to hurt her even more.

"Harder!" she grunted. "Faster! Deeper! Oh yes, ohhhh yess!"

The paperboy panted, sweat dripping from his freckled nose. As his cock plunged up the widow's red-hot pussy, pleasure shot through his cock and streamed to every part of his body. His dirty toes, itchy with fuck tingles, clawed at the floor as he braced himself and bore down. He was going to fuck this hot widow till she screamed, and when he came he was going to blow lacy head off.

"Oh darling! Oh, yes, fuck me! Oh God!"

Jennifer arched her back, thrusting her tits up against the boy and rubbing them madly against him. Her nails raked down his back, leaving purplish claw marks on his tanned flesh. Her toes curled against his bouncing, churning, contracting asscheeks. She crushed him so hard in her sexual embrace that his back cracked as if he were receiving a chiropractic spinal adjustment.

The boy kissed her savagely, biting her lips, ramming his tongue down her throat. He gnawed the side of her neck, drooling spit. He jerked his head to clear his blond forelock out of his eyes. He writhed on top of her, grinding his cock in her, pleasuring his hot flesh against her hot flesh. His sweat rained down on her and his cock made squishing, sucking noises inside her.

"Ohhhhh yeahhhh!" the pleasure-crazy boy groaned. "Ohhhhh yeahhh!"

Jennifer couldn't remember if George had ever fucked her like this, with such animal passion. Right now she could hardly even remember the image of her dead husband's face. Right now she was deaf and blind to everything but the paperboy bearing down on her and fucking between her legs.

Her pussy-slabs became inflamed, tightening around the boy's plunging prick. Her cunt swelled inside too, tightening with each fucking thrust the boy delivered. She felt fiery tingles in her asshole. Her loins became a mass of itching, throbbing, melting pleasure-meat. She gnawed at the boy's square jawbone, her teeth nearly breaking his skin. Her fingernails tore at his back. As he grunted and growled, slamming his cock into her again and again, the fuck pleasure flooded every part of her body and her pussy exploded with spasms.

"Eeeeeh!" she whined, her body jerking, quivering, shuddering. "Ohoooo yessss!"

Her exploding pussy squeezed and sucked the boys cock so fiercely that his eyes nearly popped out. Her fuckjuices frothed out around his cock and drenched his balls like a flood of hot spit.

The boy's cock ballooned inside her, turning from rock-hard to steel-hard. His balls swelled as big as eggs, every cell of them prickling. As the widow's fist-like cunt tried to skin his cock alive and pop the head off it, electricity shot through his prick in rhythmic surges. When the fuck-feeling reached his nipples and toes, when every cell of his body was ready to explode with sensation, the jism spurted from his nuts and streamed through his cock like molten lava. His body shuddered as his spunk shot into Jennifer's cunt.

"Ahhhhh!" he moaned, his eyes rolled back with ecstasy. With each explosive ejaculation, he shuddered, electricity saturating his cock and spreading throughout his humping, undulating, writhing body. "Uh, uh, ahhhhh!"

Jennifer's eyes overflowed with tears and her face glowed. She rocked her hips, fucking the boy's spurting teen cock, gasping as his hot spunk splashed in her cunt and womb. It drove her crazy when his cock flexed inside her and ejaculated. Her spasms continued to surge through her in rhythmic bursts, torturing her loins, melting her.

"Fuck it in me!" she breathed. "Oh yes, fuck it all in me!"

She contracted her cunt, milking every last drop of cum from the boy's pleasure-raw prick. Jennifer and the paperboy lay together in a mass of sweaty flesh and tangled limbs. Their hearts pounded in unison. Their fuck-organs contracted with the aftershocks of orgasm. The boy lay as if dead on top of her, his hair in his eyes, the sweat trickling down his skin. His cock felt like a fat snake inside her as it slowly softened. She stroked the boy's back, sighing to herself, relaxing. She could lie here like this forever. The cold bathroom floor kit as comfortable to her as any bed.

The boy stiffened. He took a deep breath, then exhaled as he pushed up out of her arms. His cock slipped out of her, and as he stood up he brushed the hair out of his eyes. His cock dangled over his balls like a fat salami, drenched with Jennifer's juices.

"That was great," he said. "I needed that."

He stepped into his jeans, pulled them up, then sucked in his belly as he stuffed his cock in his pants and zipped up. He picked up Jennifer's panties and took a whiff of them. His eyes gazed over as if the panties were a potent inhalant drug.

"Thanks for these," he said, dangling the panties from his fingertips. He rolled the panties up and stuffed them in his hip pocket. With his grubby toes, he tweaked Jennifer's left nipple. "Be seein' ya, widow baby."

Before Jennifer could gather enough strength to stand, the paperboy was down the hallway and picking up his paper-sack in the foyer. He slammed the front door as he left, leaving Jennifer alone again.


Jennifer pulled all the shades, drew all the drapes, and walked about the house nude. The sexual excitement in her body would not go down. Her pussylips remained swollen and throbbing. Her turn stood up firm and tight, her nipples tilted slightly upward, her cherries, hot and swollen, the bumps on her cherries erect and tingling.

Her pussy-lips rubbed together with each step she took, the burning, well-lubricated cunt meat between them prickling and itching with fuck sensation. The paperboy's cum oozed out of her and trickled down the insides of her thighs. She felt drugged, as if she were floating on air.

She could still feel the paperboy's cock sliding inside her, could feel its steely hardness, could feel it flexing and pulsing and spurting. It was a living animal, a fat, wild snake. She wished she could have detached it from the boy and kept it inside her. She needed it to keep her happy, to keep her satisfied. She found it fantastically unbelievable that she'd lived six whole months without coupling with a hard cock. Now that she'd had a taste of cock again, she didn't know how she would manage to keep from going insane without a daily fuck.

I'll offer to pay him, she thought. She'd pay the paperboy for coming over every day and fucking her. She had enough money to do it, the money George had left her by way of his life insurance. It was a wicked idea -- using the money her dead husband had left her to pay a paperboy to fuck her -- but George had abandoned her after all, had left her sexually as well as emotionally bereft. Was she supposed to go hungry sexually the rest of her life?

She went to the bathroom to look at the place where the paperboy had fucked her. Some moisture glistened on the terrazzo floor, fuckjuices that had dribbled out of her as the lusting young boy had fucked her. She tried to visualize how it must have looked, she was on her back, the rutting teenager on top of her, lacked in the embrace of her arms and legs. She could still smell his sweat in the air, could still hear his grunts and growls of sexual delirium.

He'd really worked her over -- right there on the bathroom floor. They'd been like a pair of animals, as shameless and wild as the two dogs that had fucked out in front of the house. It was too bad she couldn't have gotten a picture of the scene. There was something so filthy and perverse about fucking on the bathroom floor that Jennifer's excitement remained at a fever pitch.

I'm free, she realized. Free to fuck whomever she wanted to. Free to do anything she wanted to. She had money. She no longer had to worry about being faithful to a husband, or about doing what he said. George was gone, after all. There was nothing she could do to bring him back. Was she supposed to spend the rest of her life in mourning, a widow in a black veil, her pussy drying up between her legs?

She stood in front of the bathroom mirror, her bare toes rubbing in the fuck juices on the floor. Her tits looked good enough to eat. George had always gone crazy over her tits, and now she could see why. When they got fat and tight with lust, they looked sexier than the tits of the women in George's girlie magazines.

Jennifer went to the bedroom, to George's closet, and she pulled out the cardboard boxes he'd kept his girlie magazines in. His closet was just as he'd left it. Until now, Jennifer hadn't touched it. Until now, Jennifer hadn't accepted the idea that George was never coming back.

It's time I faced up to things, she thought, time I put things in order and went back to living.

Until this moment, she'd never looked that closely at George's magazines, had never seen the more shameless poses the women in them took, the more shameless ways the magazine models displayed their nude female bodies. For a few moments, Jennifer gaped in disgust, but as she continued to turn the pages, her face took on a horny smile.

These women were having fun. These women were hot. They loved showing themselves off and enticing the men who would look at their pictures. They showed the camera the insides of their pussies, showed off their assholes and nipples and toes.

Jennifer sat on the carpet, George's girlie magazines spread put all around her, the middle finger of her right hand up her pussy as she rapidly paged through one magazine after another. These women were so hot they were actually turning her on. She couldn't believe she was getting turned on by the sight of other naked women, but she couldn't deny that she was. She came upon two naked women making it with each other, their tits pressed together, their tongues in each other's mouth, their fingers up each other's pussy.

"Look at that!" Jennifer muttered, her eyes bugging out. She pumped her finger in and out of her pussy, not caring that Gary's cum was leaking out of her and soiling the carpet between her legs. "Lesbo bitches! Look at 'em!"

She kept turning pages. The women displaying their tits and asses weren't any sexier than she was. She could be a model too, if she wanted to. She wondered how many of these women had ever fucked their paperboy. Not many, probably. Probably none of them. She was just as hot as they were, and she'd done things they hadn't.

She found a magazine that actually showed men and women fucking. Pictures showed cocks actually inside cunts. She found women sucking on men's cocks, and she salivated, remembered the taste of George's cock.

So that's where George got the idea, she thought. The first time he'd asked her to suck his cock, she'd thought he must be sick or crazy. How had he come up with such an idea? Now, as she studied pictures of women's lips wrapped around cocks, of cum leaking from women's mouths, of cocks shooting off on women's faces, she realized that her sucking George's cock hadn't been that far out after all.

Her finger slipped in and out of her pussy, making squishing noises as the paperboy's sticky jizz frothed out around it. The alkaline scent of the boy's cum got her a little dizzy. She lifted her jizz-dripping finger to her mouth and sucked it clean. The taste of cum got her drunk. She dipped her finger back in her cunt, then shoved it in her mouth and sucked it clean again. She did this several times, until she burped up the taste of pussy juice and cum.

What would Gary say if she offered to suck his cock? she wondered. What did his cock taste like? Like sweat, she was sure. She tried to imagine his cock quivering and bucking in her mouth as it spurted jizz fresh from his balls against her tonsils. She stuck her finger back in her cunt, jerking herself off as she imagined her lips smacking around the paperboy's big horny prick and his hot jizz sliding down her throat.

"Oh Gary, I want you!" she moaned. "I wanna suck you! I wanna fuck you again!"

She dumped out one of the cardboard boxes in front of her, searching for hotter and more lurid pictures to turn her on as she masturbated. What had been buried at the bottom of the box and now fell out with the remaining magazines made Jennifer look twice to make sure she wasn't imagining things.

There was a huge, flesh-colored cock of solid rubber, with veins and even pisshole slit. When Jennifer lifted it, inspected it closely, she found that it smelled like cunt. Like whose cunt? It had never been up her own cunt!

She dropped the rubber cock and inspected a solid-rubber cunt. It looked just like a woman's crotch, with black pussyhairs and inner and outer cuntlips. A long rubber tube formed the cuntal canal and could accommodate a man's cock. The contraption had straps for fastening it between a woman's legs -- as if a women needed a second cunt! Jennifer discovered grease inside the rubber cunt, Vaseline or something.

What was this? What had George been doing behind her back? Hadn't her own cunt been enough for him? Apparently not.

In addition to the imitation male and female sex organs, Jennifer found a box of condoms -- George had never fucked her while wearing a condom -- and three pairs of smelly, cunt-soiled women's panties. They weren't Jennifer's panties.

That man! Jennifer thought. What had he been doing behind her back all these years? She'd never dreamed he'd been unfaithful to her, or that he'd done anything sexual with anybody but her in the sanctity of their marriage bed.

Jennifer lay back, rolling on the pile of spread-out, spread-open magazines, her legs wide-apart, her finger pumping fiercely in and out of her pussy. Her blood was boiling. If George hadn't been dead already, she would have killed him now for deceiving her, for making her think she was his one and only.

If George could fuck God-knows-who, then I can fuck the paperboy, she thought. Whatever sense of guilt had been nagging at the back of her mind, her boiling blood now destroyed, now burned up and vaporized. If George could do it, she could do it, too. And who was going to stop her? Not George. George was gone.

It was fun while it lasted, George, she thought. But now it's over. You're dead, and my life is my own again.

She shoved the cunt-flavored dildo in her mouth, sucking on it as if it were a real cock. As her finger plunged in her pussy, as it rubbed her squirming clit, her nipples swelled even more and her toes curled sensuously. The rubber cock was bigger than George's cock, and was probably as big as the paperboy's cock. As she sucked the rubber cock, she imagined it to be Gary's cock, and she sucked it as if she expected jism to spurt out of it at any moment.

Her finger twisted in her pussy. Her lips smacked around the rubber cock. She rocked her loins, undulated her body, thrust her tits high. As she sucked, she groaned. The fuck sensation streamed through her body, getting her turgid and hot. She had masturbated several times since George's death, but this was the first time she'd had any fun doing it, the first time the pleasure had been worth the effort. She was hot now, as hot as if she were with a man.

The gassy flesh-magazines lay under her and all around her. She was rolling on naked woman and men. She saw tits and cocks, cunts and assholes, the ecstatic faces of women in the throes of orgasm. She was feeling just as good as these women with the cocks up their pussies and in their mouths. She spotted a picture of a woman on her hands and knees with a man's cock up her hole. She had to stare at the picture to make sure that it was for real, not trick photography.

Up her asshole! Jennifer thought. It can't be! That woman's getting fucked up her asshole!

She rolled on her side and studied the picture. As she sucked the rubber cock, as she pumped her right-hand middle finger in her pussy, she shoved her left hand between her legs and up high behind her. She slipped a finger between her asscheeks, probed her asspucker, worked her fingertip into the hot crevices. Slowly, her asshole opened up, and her finger slipped inside it.

This felt good. This felt great! Why had she never thought of doing this before? Even when she'd been a masturbating teenage virgin, she'd never thought of sticking a finger up her asshole. She was surprised George had never tried to tick a finger up her shitter. He'd apparently tried everything else. She wondered if he'd stuck his finger up the assholes of the other women he'd fucked.

She was sweating. Her skin stuck to the glossy pages of the magazines. Pussyjuice and jism dribbled out on pictures of naked women with wide-spread legs, on pictures of women getting fucked and spurted on. She growled like an animal as she pleasured herself, sucking the rubber cock, jerking off her pussy, finger-fucking her asshole. Never in her life had she let go of herself like this. Never in her life had she acted so shamelessly, so impulsively, nor had she ever felt so free.

"Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmm!" she growled, gnawing the rubber cock.

The taste of cunt filled her mouth. This rubber cock had apparently seen a lot of action in women's pussies.

George, you dirty bastard! she thought. Can you see me, George? Can you see me now, wherever you are? I know about you now, George, I know about your dirty ways. Why didn't you ever tell me, you bastard? Why did I have to miss out on all the fun you were having behind my back?

She realized now that her anger at George stemmed not from a sense of betrayal, but from jealousy. She was angry not because he'd been unfaithful to her and had performed shameful sexual practices behind her back with other women, but because he hadn't told her about them, and hadn't let her join the fun.

I'm going to make up for it now, George, she thought as she writhed naked on the floor, as she rolled an George's flesh magazines and sucked the rubber cock that had been up who knew how many cunts. I'm going to have my fun now, Georgie boy, just you wait, just you watch me!

The hot fuckjuices bubbled out around her cunt-fucking finger. Her thighs slipped together, slick with them. Her asshole got wetter and wetter inside as she finger fucked it, as if it contained a fucklube like that her pussy-hole secreted. Her spit ran down the rubber cock, which still tasted of cunt. This cock had fucked a lot of women, and now she was sucking on it, now she was tasting all those juicy hot cunts.

Her body prickled with fuck-itch and excitement. Every inch of her naked skin glowed with an electric charge. Her loins pulsed and seethed inside. Her clit bent back and forth as her finger rubbed against it, as her finger pistoned between her pussylips and drilled her cunt-hole again and again.

The finger up her asshole stabbed at sensitive spots in her bowels. She'd never realized her asshole could be such a cauldron of seething pleasure. She wondered what a cock up her asshole would feel like, wondered what that woman in the picture with the cock up her asshole was feeling. She appeared to be enjoying it.

She forgot about George, forgot her anger and jealousy, forgot about everything but her pleasure. All that mattered now was the sensation shooting through her body.

She sucked the big rubber prick, pretending it was the paperboy's cock, pretending it was the cock of the man fucking the woman's asshole in the picture. Her sucking sent rhythmic thrills straight to her cunt. Her right hand twisted and jerked between her thighs. Her left hand fingerfucked her asshole. As her fingers squished inside her and her pussy-juices frothed out, as her lips smacked around the thick rubber cock, her fuck-pleasure whirled to a pulsating climax in her loins and exploded. Her body shook violently, as if she were having a seizure.

She writhed on the floor, out of her mind with organic sensation, her toes clawing air, her eyes rolling. The spasms shot through her like electric jolts. The intensity of the fuck-itch made her scream. Her asshole nearly chewed off her buggering finger just as her pussy nearly sucked off the middle finger of her other hand. The fuckjuices bubbled from her pussy, dribbling over her thighs like hot oil. Her tits swelled with each orgasmic wave, her nipples and cherry bumps nearly splitting open with tightness and sensation. As she wailed with ecstasy, the rubber cock fell out of her mouth.

When her orgasm was finally over, she lay a long while on the bed of flesh magazines, reveling in the waves of relaxation that swept gently through her. She couldn't believe that masturbation had brought her to such a shattering, ecstatic climax. If she'd known six months ago that masturbation was capable of producing such intense pleasure when she worked at it, when she put herself in the right frame of mind and let herself go, she would have ransacked George's boxes of flesh magazines the day after his funeral, would have spent the last six months enjoying herself instead of wasting them the way she had.


Jennifer had just finished cleaning up the mess in the bedroom when the doorbell rang. She slipped quickly into her slacks and a blouse and ran down the hall. By the time she reached the front door, the bell had chimed twice more. As she opened the front door, she almost fell over. Two bare-chested paperboys looked up at her.

"Hi!" Gary said. "Mind if we come in?" She stepped back, allowing the two boys to enter the hall. They dropped their empty papersacks as she closed the door.

"I told Tommy here all about you and me, widow," Gary said. "And he said he'd like to meet you."

"Hi," the brown-haired boy said, looking Jennifer up and down. He flicked his tongue between his lips as if salivating at the sight of her.

Jennifer noticed the bulging hard-ons in both boys' jeans.

"How do you do," Jennifer said.

"Tommy wants a blowjob," Gary said. "And so do I."

Jennifer was too stunned to say a word.

The boys unzipped their jeans, pushed them down and showed Jennifer their throbbing teen pricks, both of which were the same enormous size.

"Oh my!" Jennifer said, heat washing through her face, her eyes watering as the lust surged through her. She couldn't believe such monstrous cocks could grow from such tight, slender loins. Fucklube oozed from the boys' pissholes and dripped off as their upright cocks pulsed. Jennifer drooled.

"Like 'em?" Gary said. "Wanna suck 'em?"

Jennifer trembled, hardly able to remain standing. She was tongue-tied again.

"She's hot," Tommy said. "She wants prick."

"Yeah," Gary said. "Let's get naked for her, turn her on even more."

As Gary kicked off his jeans and Tommy kicked off his sneakers and jeans, Jennifer pulled off her blouse and slacks. The pussycream was dribbling from her cunt and down between her thighs. The woman and the boys faced each other, the boys' big cocks throbbing, Jennifer's pussy pulsating with lust.

"Look at them tits!" Tommy said, brushing the hair out of his eye so he could get a better look at Jennifer's huge tit-globes.

"What did I tell you?" Gary said. "She's got the biggest, hottest tits on my route."

"Even bigger than the Lesbo Lady's?" asked Tommy.

"Yeah, even bigger than hers. Let's suck 'em."

Jennifer gasped as the two paperboys went for her tits with open mouths and wrapped their hot lips around her tit-buds. As they sucked like a pair of hungry calves, Jennifer braced her hands on their shoulders to keep from falling over as wild pleasure pulsed and whirled through her body. With each suck of the boys' mouths, Jennifer's cunt contracted, intense fuck-itch pounding in her loins and shooting all the way to her toes.

"Oh God!" she gasped, squeezing her legs together, shimmying her swollen cuntlips together as the pussy-cream frothed out between them.

She had never kit anything like it. The mouths of the two tit-hungry boys gnawed and sucked her nipples as if trying to get milk out of her. She could smell the boys' randy teen cocks, could hear the boys' growls and moans of lust. As their sucking continued, she started to whine like a bitch in heat. She squeezed her thighs together rapidly, desperate to bring herself off before she lost her mind.

As the boys sucked her tits, growling like a pair of dogs, they groped between her legs, prying apart her thighs so they could play with her pussy. As their fingers slipped between her pussy-lips and up into her cunt, her eyes rolled back and she reeled on her feet. The pussycream was running down her legs.

"I wanna suck some pussy!" Gary moaned.

He slid down her legs, fell on his knees, and shoved his nose between her thighs. As he started to sharp at her juice-oozing crotch, Tommy slid down beside him, fighting with him for a taste of Jennifer's seething cunt.

"Spread your legs more!" Gary growled.

Keeping her hands braced on the boys' shoulders, Jennifer planted her feet wide-apart and squatted slightly. The boys pressed their cheeks together as they shoved their faces against her crotch and tried to stick their tongues inside her. They gnawed on her cuntlips, ripping out some of her blonde cunt-hairs with their teeth. Pussy-cream ran down their chins as they licked her crotch and guzzled her tart female fuck-juices. As they sucked and licked her pussy, they started to jerk themselves off.

Jennifer's eyes rolled in her head. Her crotch throbbed, on fire, so raw and wet and exposed that she thought she was going to turn inside out. She grabbed the boys' bushy heads, one head blond, the other brown, and she started to rub her cunt all over their faces. The boys choked, groaned, struggled for breath. Pussy-cream covered their faces, ran down their necks and onto their chests. As Jennifer fucked their faces, they continued to beat themselves off.

"Oh yes!" Jennifer moaned, grinding her seething crotch in the boys' mouths. "Lick me, suck me, eat me! Yes, ohhhh yesss!"

Never before in her life had she lost control of herself like this. She cared about nothing but her pleasure.

The boys kept sucking and slurping and growling despite the violent way Jennifer was treating them. Their hot tongues slithered between her cuntlips, darted into her pulsating fuckhole. Their teeth gnawed and their lips sucked. As one of them caught Jennifer's clit between his teeth, grating it, stretching it, Jennifer's fuck tension surged to a head inside her and exploded.

"Eeeeeeh!" she wailed, grinding her exploding cunt in the boys' mouths, spraying hot fuck juice in their faces. The spasms ripped through her again and again, and if she hadn't been clutching the boys' heads, she would have fallen flat on her ass and jerked around as if she were having a seizure.

The boys growled, eating her spasming pussy and drinking her profuse flow of fuckjuice until she couldn't stand their cunt-sucking a second more. She forced them away, stunned to see their faces drenched with spit-like fluid, fluid that dripped from their chins and trickled down their chests. Pussy-hairs were pasted to their lips and cheeks.

"She comes when she comes!" Tommy said, his eyes big as quarters.

Neither boy had ever seen a woman come like that, and Jennifer had never seen herself come like that either. She'd never had a juicier orgasm in her life.

The boys struggled to their feet. Their pricks looked like billyclubs sticking up out of their groins. Their hairless balls looked as big as hen's eggs. Their cocks quivered and flexed, lube dripping from their wide-open pissholes.

"Your turn, widow," Gary said.

Jennifer was too weak and dizzy to resist as the boys forced her to her knees. She groaned deliriously as they banged their heavy cocks back and forth across her face, getting her cheeks sticky with pricklube, searing her skin with their red-hot cockheads. Their pricks reeked of sweat and a musky, masculine aroma. The smell of their sweat-moist balls made her head swim. As they held her by the hair and rubbed their cocks in her face, she began to lick blindly, her wet tongue slurping all over their cocks.

"She's a hungry widow," Tommy said. "I ain't never had my prick sucked by no widow before."

"Me neither," Gary said, rubbing his balls in Jennifer's face.

The more the scent of the lusting youths saturated her head and got hold of her, the wilder she licked and the hungrier she got. She put her hands on the boys' asses, pressing them toward her. She buried her face against their balls, sucked their crotches, gnawed on the wood-hard shafts of their pricks. She took one cock in each hand, pressed their pricks together, and tried to suck both of them at the same time. Her jaws almost dislocated, her lips almost tore from the stretch, but she managed to get both their cockheads into her mouth at the same time. As she sucked, her spit ran down their cocks.

The paperboys stared wide-eyed at the prick hungry blonde. They'd never seen a woman's mouth open so wide. Most women had trouble getting even one of their cocks into her mouth, but Jennifer was sucking both their cocks at the same time. They groaned in unison as her hot mouth sucked and her tongue flicked. She knew just where to lick to make their cocks feel great.

"Mmmmn, suck my prick!" Gary moaned, trying to stick his cock straight down her throat.

"Eat my fucker!" Tommy said, sliding his cock deep inside Jennifer's mouth.

As their cocks penetrated her mouth farther, Jennifer thought she'd choke to death. She gagged several times, but little by little she managed to swallow more hard cock. Half their cocks were in her mouth now, and her jaws felt dislocated.

"Suck!" the boys muttered, pleasure shooting through their cocks and making them dizzy. "Suck jizz!"

Jennifer moaned, sucking for all she was worth. The boys' prickheads swelled in her mouth, getting hotter and tighter, their pissholes gaping wider and oozing lube straight down her gullet. She filled her hands with the boys' balls, massaging their big nuts until the boys were shaking and trembling.

Her hands moved up between their legs. Her fingers probed between their asscheeks. The middle fingers of her two hands found the boys' asspuckers and twisted against the hot, resisting ass-flesh. As the boys' cocks flexed in her mouth, she forced her fingers up the boys' assholes. The boys' eyes rolled back.

A fleshy knot in each boy's asshole swelled against Jennifer's ass-fucking finger. As she jabbed at the fleshy knots, the boys' cocks shuddered violently and began to spurt.

"Awwwwww!" the boys cried, their toes curling, their bodies quivering and jerking as the fuck-pleasure shot through their cocks and their cum burst into Jennifer's throat.

Jennifer started to choke as their cum filled her mouth and throat. She yanked her fingers out of the boys' assholes, and with all her strength she pushed them away, disengaging her mouth from the cocks before she choked to death. Their cocks flexed wildly in the air, spurting jizz, and Jennifer grabbed them.

As the boys writhed, grunting and moaning as if they were being tortured, Jennifer pumped their cocks, milking out streams of thick white jizz all over her face and tits. Her hands squeezed as their big cocks shuddered and bucked. She watched their prickheads pulse reddish purple, watching their pissholes gape again and again as the white spunk shot out. She caught as much teenage spunk in her open mouth as she could and she guzzled it down.

The boys rose up and down on their toes, fairly dancing with pleasure and excitement. Their belly muscles contracted with each spurting explosion of cum from their cocks. As their orgasms subsided, Jennifer sucked their softening cocks into her mouth again and milked the cum from their long piss-tubes. Thick, jelly-like gobs of spunk oozed into her mouth as she squeezed the boys' cocks and sucked, and she rolled the rich teen spunk on her tongue before swallowing it.

She sat back, letting the boys' rubbery cocks swing free. Their cocks were thick, and still hung a full seven inches long over their balls. She kept her eyes on the two huge cocks as she cleaned the fizz off her face and tits with her fingers and licked her fingers clean. The paperboys watched her, as awestruck by her as she was awestruck by their over-sized cocks.


Jennifer sprawled naked on her bed as the two teenagers played with her. The two paperboys had become hard again within minutes after Jennifer had given them their blowjobs, and she'd led them into her bedroom so they could all be more comfortable.

The late-afternoon sun shone in through an opening between the bedroom drapes, glinting off George's picture on the dresser. George was staring straight at Jennifer as she writhed under the tongues and probing fingers of the paperboys, and Jennifer smiled back at him.

Look at me now, George! Jennifer thought. You had your fun while you were alive, now I'm having mine. Aren't these boys something, George? Look at their cocks. Both of them have cocks bigger than yours, and they're only teenagers. And you thought you had such a big cock!

"Lick me!" Jennifer cooed, raising her arms so that boys could lick her armpits.

The woman-hungry teenagers were licking her all over. She turned this way and that so they could lick both her back and front. They licked out her ears, sucked on her fingers, slobbered over her toes. They licked out her cunt-furrow again, and when she turned over, they licked out her asscrack. Not one square inch of her body did they leave unlicked and untasted, and she became wet all over with their spit.

"I love it!" she moaned. "Oh, this feels so good!"

The boys were eating her, alive. As they sucked her tits, they fingerfucked her pussy. As they sucked her toes, they stuck their own toes between her cuntlips and toe-fucked her. Their randy cocks stood vertical against their bellies, throbbing with each rapid beat of their hearts, drooling cocklube down their tanned belly-skin. Jennifer writhed, grinding her cunt on their wiggling toes, wiggling her own toes in their mouths. Her fuck juice frothed out and dribbled over the sinews of their dirty feet. Gary pulled his foot away from her cunt and stuck it in her face. She grabbed his foot and started sucking his toes hungrily. She was out of her mind with lust, ready to do anything the boys asked of her.

Tommy spotted the boxes of girlie magazines and jumped off the bed to inspect them. He dumped the boxes out, and out came the rubber cock, the rubber cunt, and the boxes of condoms.

"Damn, look at all this hot stuff!" Tommy said.

Gary took one look as Tommy held up the rubber cunt, and he slid off the bed too, abandoning Jennifer so he could look over what Tommy had found.

The boys flipped through the magazines, their tongues hanging out as they ogled all the hot women on the glossy pages. They studied the pictures of men and women fucking. As they pored quickly through the magazines, they squeezed their cocks, jerking their hands up and down.

Tommy picked up the rubber cunt and shoved the head of his cock between the rubber cuntlips. The rubber tube that formed the cuntal canal of the device was lubricated inside, so the boy was able to slide his cock into it all the way, like a sword into a sheath.

"How's it feel?" Gary said as Tommy worked his cock in and out of the rubber cunt.

"Not bad," Tommy said. "But it sure ain't as hot as the real thing."

He pulled his cock out and handed the device to Gary, who slipped his cock up the rubber sheath. "Wow! Wish I had one of these at home!"

Tommy ripped open one of the condom packets and rolled a condom onto his cock.

"Have one," he said to Gary.

Gary pulled his cock out of the rubber cunt and rolled a condom onto his cock. The two boys laughed at each other as their upright pricks pulsed, completely ensheathed in ultrathin latex.

"Feels sexy," Gary said. "You ever fucked a girl wearing one of these?"

"Lots of times," Tommy said.

"Me too," Gary said. "But it's a weird feeling."

The boys pulled the condoms off their cocks, then climbed back on the bed where Jennifer was waiting for them. Although her cunt was throbbing madly, she remained calm, letting the boys control things. Although, her body was tight with sexual excitement, she felt completely relaxed, completely passive. She would wait for the boys to act, would allow them to do whatever they wanted. She had all the time and patience in the world.

Gary took the rubber cock and worked it into Jennifer's cunt. As he twisted it inside her, she squirmed, gasping. The boys leered at her, their pricks dancing. Gary yanked the rubber cock out or her and shoved it in her mouth.

"Eat it, dildo-sucker," Gary said.

"The widow sucks dildos!" Tommy taunted, and both boys laughed.

As Jennifer moaned, gnawing on the thick rubber cock, tasting her own cuntjuices on it, the boys rubbed their hot pricks against her skin, against her belly and tits. Their cocklube stuck to her flesh like a clear honey.

"Let's fuck ha," Tommy said.

"At the same time?" said Gary, smiling suggestively.

"Of course," said Tommy. "I get her pussy, since you already fucked that."

The boys must have been experienced at siring a woman with each other, because they acted as if they knew exactly what they were doing, as if they'd shred a woman together many times before. Tommy lay on his back beside Jennifer, and Gary pulled Jennifer up and made her straddle Tommy's loins. Tommy held his cock vertical, and Jennifer lost no time impaling her cunt on it. She sank straight down on the rigid teen fuck-tool until her ass was squashing the boy's plump nuts.

"Awww, yeahhh!" Tommy moaned, his eyes rolling back, his cock throbbing wildly inside Jennifer's pulsating twat.

Jennifer's eyes were rolling too. She swayed dizzily astride the boy, grinding her cunt on his cock, sucking on the rubber dildo, which was still stuffed in her mouth. She would have toppled off Tommy if Gary hadn't been holding her from behind. Gary forced her to lie forward, flat out on Tommy, while her cunt remained impaled on Tommy's cock. She pressed her tits to Tommy's chest, rubbing her hot nipples against him, contracting her seething pussy around his cock.

Tommy caught the blunt end of the rubber dildo between his teeth, which made it look as if he had a cock growing out of his mouth. As he held the dildo between his teeth, keeping it steady and upright, Jennifer was able to bob her head and slide her lips up and down, sucking the rubber cock as if it were real. As she sucked, her spit ran down the dildo and into Tommy's mouth.

As Jennifer lay flat out on top of Tommy, Gary mounted her from behind. He caught the greasy fuckjuices that were bubbling out of her cunt and rubbed them on his cock. He rubbed cuntjuice between her asscheeks.

Jennifer knew what he was going to do, and she was ready for it. If that woman in the fuck magazine could take a cock up her asshole, she could do it too. As Gary spread her asscheeks, ready to stick his cock up her asshole, her asspucker opened up with excitement.

Gary stuck his cock between Jennifer's asscheeks. His prickhead seared her asspucker. As he grunted, grinding his cock into her, his prickhead forcing her asspucker wider than any turd ever had, Jennifer started to tense up. It was too late to resist, though, for suddenly Gary's entire eight-inch cock was disappearing inside her -- fucked straight up her asshole.

Jennifer's eyes bulged. If she hadn't been chewing on the rubber cock, she would have screamed. Fire tore through her asshole. Her loins felt as if they'd explode from the pressure.

"Tight ass!" Gary groaned. "I love a tight ass."

Jennifer had no time to dwell on her pain. Gary started to hump like a stud dog, plunging his huge cock in and out, turning Jennifer's asshole to jelly. Within seconds, her asshole went numb. Seconds later, the sensation returned, a sensation of heat and pleasure. She started to squirm between the two boys, her body the meat filling in an all-meat, sandwich.

"Ohhhhh yeahhh!" Gary moaned, grinding his prick in her asshole, smacking his hard belly against her soft female ass. He crushed down on top of her, humping with abandon.

Tommy couldn't move much, buried as he was under the weight of two bodies, but his cock pulsed rhythmically and his brown eyes glazed over with pleasure. He didn't have to move. He could feel Gary's prick grinding against his own prick through the thin partition of flesh that separated Jennifer's cunt from her asshole. And Jennifer's loins writhed inside, both her asshole and cunt contracting wildly as she fucked two cocks at once. Tommy couldn't hump very well, but his cock was getting all the rubbing and squeezing it needed. He lay helpless and happy under the hot widow with the big tits, squirming ecstatically.

Jennifer throbbed with pleasure from the tips of her toes to the roots of her blonde hair. Gary's cock fucked her asshole so deep that she grunted with pain periodically, but even her pain was exciting. The pain added to her pleasure, increased the intensity of her fuck feeling.

Gary kept muttering about "buggering the widow", and his dirty talk increased her excitement. She rotated her ass, fucking the cock in her cunt, fucking the cock in her asshole. Needles of electric pleasure shot through her clit. Her cunt-hole and asshole throbbed and clutched and sizzled.

"Yeah!" Gary panted, his slender body undulating, his skinny ass bounding. "Oh yeah, yeah."

His long thick cock fucked in and out. He drove his fuck-spike up Jennifer's ass again and again, trying to fuck the guts out of her.

Jennifer got so delirious with pleasure that she didn't know what she was doing. She jerked and tossed her head, ripping the blunt end of the dildo out of Tommy's mouth. As her head snapped from side to side, she lost her hold on the rubber cock as it slipped out of her mouth, rolling off the bed and hitting the floor with a wet thud.

"Ohhhh yeah!" she wailed. "Ohhh fuck me!"

"Yeahhhh." Gary groaned, humping away at her ass.

"Ohhhh wowwwww!" Tommy moaned, his brown eyes rolling back to white slits. "Ohhh, ohhhh, ohhhhh!"

The fucking threesome squirmed so violently that the bedframe was in danger of coming apart. Tommy dug his toes into the mattress, bracing himself as he drove upward with all his strength, working his cock in Jennifer's hard clutching pussy. Her fuckjuices poured out, drenching his swollen, squirming balls.

"Ohhhh I'm gonna come!" Tommy moaned. "I'm gonna -- awwwww!"

He bucked wildly, spurting his sizzling jism into Jennifer's cunt.

"Eeeeeh!" Jennifer squealed, gasping with each squirt of hot spunk, into her womb. "Oh yes, yes!"

Gary could feel his buddy's cock jumping and spurting inside Jennifer. He could feel the fuck tension verging on the point of explosion in Jennifer's loins. Sinking his teeth into the back of Jennifer's neck, growling like a lust-mad tomcat, he drove his cock in and out of her asshole as fast and hard as he could. Within seconds the fuck-spasms were surging through his loins, the excruciating pleasure was shooting through his cock. His balls contracted repeatedly, pumping spunk into the depths of Jennifer's hard-clutching asshole.

"Ohhhhh, awwww!" Gary cried, bucking and writhing as he shot his jizz up Jennifer's asshole. He sank his fingernails into her shoulders as he bucked and spasmed.

Jennifer's body trembled like a volcano about to erupt. Her arms and legs shook. Her toes clutched. With a last wild frenzy of writhing and jerking as the cum spurted into her, she brought herself off. As the spasms jolted her, she thought the top of her skull would lift, off. Fireworks went off behind her eyes. Her loins exploded with shockwave after shockwave. She almost bawled from the intensity of her pleasure.

She whined loudly, twisting her head from side to side, reveling in the sensations of her own orgasm as the two spasming cocks flexed in her fuckholes and the sizzling teenage spunk splashed deep in her body. As Tommy's body jerked under her and Gary's body jerked on top of her, she jerked between the two of them. Shared orgasmic pleasure shot through all three of their writhing, naked bodies. It took minutes before their orgasms subsided and they lay exhausted and unmoving, their naked flesh stuck together as if welded.


That night Jennifer enjoyed her best night of sleep in months. She went to bed at ten and slept straight through till ten the next morning.

Her sleep was filled with wild sexual dreams, dreams of George, dreams of the two paperboys, dreams of faceless men. In one dream she was being fucked simultaneously up the cunt and asshole by Gary and Tommy, and in the mouth by George. The three males shot off inside her at the same time, and Jennifer's body filled with hot cum as she herself spumed. She enjoyed countless dream orgasms as she slept, orgasms she was sure she'd experienced not only in her mind, but in her flesh as well.

As she climbed naked out of bed, she saw that the fuck juices she'd oozed during the night had left a large wet stain on her bedsheets. She was slippery and wet between her thighs, and before she make it into the bathroom, she had to stop twice to squeeze her legs together. Her loins throbbed with sexual tension. She grabbed George's picture off the dresser and took it with her into the bathroom. She set the picture on the floor in front of the toilet so George could look up between her legs as she sat down and pissed.

Oh George, she thought, I wish we could have been more intimate and open with each other. You didn't have to sneak off and fuck other women behind my back. You should have taken me along with you and let me watch. You could have let me in on the fun. Look at me, George, I'm just as hot and horny as any of those women in the magazines or those women you fucked behind my back. Look at me, darling, look at my pussy, look at my tits, look at how horny I am.

The piss was still dribbling out of her as she spread her legs as wide as she could and pulled apart her elastic pussy-lips and showed the face in the photograph the sizzling wet meat of her inner cunt. Her clit stood out, bold and hard, a nub of purplish-red pleasure-meat, a tiny prick. As she fingered the pulsating meat of her pussy-hole, as she sank her finger into the buttery-slick fluffiness, her pussy-juices dribbled out and dripped in the toilet.

"Feels so good!" she moaned, sliding her stiff finger in and out of herself. "Look at me jerking off, George. Aren't I a wicked lady? It's too bad you never knew just how wicked I can be, or that I never knew how wicked you could be. We could have been wicked together, darling, and life would have been so much more fun. We gave each other a lot of pleasure, darling, but we could have shared so much more if we'd only dared."

Her toes curled against the floor on which Gary had fucked her yesterday afternoon. She closed her eyes and imagined Gary on top of her, his blond hair falling in his eyes, his hard chest grinding against her tits, his big horny cock plunging in her pussy-hole. Her free hand slid up to her swollen tits and she squeezed and caressed them as she jerked off, pinching and rolling and stretching her nipples.

As she played with her tits, she jerked her right hand faster and faster between her legs. The fuck pleasure pulsed through her loins, streamed through her arms and legs and spine. Her stiff finger made obscene squishing noises in her pussy. She gasped and moaned, forcing her legs apart even wider, clawing the floor with her toenails. Her finger pistoned and the fuck itch reached a level of maddening intensity inside her.

"I'm coming!" she gasped, her words echoing in the bathroom. "Look at me, George, I'm coming!"

As the spasms jolted her, she gasped and grunted, grinding her ass in circles on the toilet seat, fucking her finger with her frothing, exploding cunt as hard as her finger was fucking her. She arched her back, shoving her swollen tits high and rubbing them madly against her caressing, grasping hand. As she came, she imagined Gary's stiff cock plunging in her pussy, his hard chest grinding against her tits.

"Feels so good!" she grunted. "Oh yesss!" As her orgasm subsided, she slumped back on the toilet. The finger that had been up her pussy was dripping with a clear, syrupy fluid, and she sucked it clean, tasting her tart female fuckjuice. She enjoyed the taste. She wondered what it would be like to suck another woman's cunt.

She thought about the women, in the magazines who licked each others' pussies. She thought of the paperboys mentioning the "Lesbo Lady" on their route. She'd have to ask the boys about this so-called "Lesbo Lady." Maybe the boys could introduce her to the woman.

Five minute later, Jennifer was in her car on the way to the supermarket. She realized she was famished, that she hadn't eaten a decent breakfast since George's death, and there wasn't a decent thing in the house to eat.

After getting up off the toilet, she'd washed her face and brushed her shoulder-length blonde hair, but she hadn't washed her pussy. She liked the feel of being messy and slippery between her cuntlips. As she drove, dressed in her blouse, jeans and sandals, she could smell her cunt -- a musky aroma that appealed to her. At the supermarket, as she wheeled her shopping cart up and down the aisles, she became aware that she was attracting the attention of most of the men she passed. Now that she was a free woman again, she could take notice of their interest, could respond to the men with smiles, or with a wiggle of her ass.

She imagined herself doing a slow striptease as every man in the store crowded into one aisle to watch her. She imagined them taking out their cocks and masturbating as she showed them her tits, her ass, her pussy. If she bent over, they mount her one by one, each of them humping her like that mongrel stud who had humped the bitch out in front of her house yesterday afternoon.

By the time she got to the check-out lane, she was tingling all over. Her pussy pounded like her heart, and she had trouble controlling her breathing. She hardly knew where she was. All she wanted to do was go somewhere and jerk off to relieve her sexual tension. Maybe then she could think straight again.

As the cashier rang up her purchases, she noticed the bag boy stealing glances at her tits. He was a sheepish, gangly, auburn-haired teenager, and his adam's apple bobbed as he ogled her tits and repeatedly swallowed. He filled Jennifer's grocery bags mechanically, his green eyes focused on her tits instead of on what he was doing. Her blouse was half open and the inner bulges of her voluptuous tit-mounds were hard to miss.

Jennifer walked ahead of the boy to her car, her sandals clacking on the asphalt parking lot. She'd parked at the far side of the lot, near a concrete-block wall. It was a long walk to her car, and she could hear the bag boy breathing down her neck as he stumbled along behind her. She'd glimpsed a raging hard-on in his pants, and she knew without a doubt that he was dying to bend her over and stick his cock up her pussy.

At the car, she opened up the trunk so the boy could put the groceries in it. She opened the driver's side front door and sat down at the edge of the seat, her sandals resting outside on the asphalt, her legs spread. She realized she'd parked in the most secluded, out of the way spot on the parking lot.

"Let me find you a tip," she said, rummaging in her purse as the boy stared down at her and tried to see even farther down her blouse. "I know you're in a hurry to get back, but it won't take but a second."

"No hurry," the boy said. "I'm on break for the next fifteen minutes."

Jennifer dropped her purse and looked up. "Oh, you are? Well, that's good because I seem to be completely out of cash, and I used my last check to pay for groceries. I'll have to find a teller machine or something."

"It's no big deal," the boy said. "I don't expect a tip."

"But you've done such an excellent job, and you've been so courteous. I'd feel guilty if I didn't offer you a tip of some kind. Let's see, I don't have any money, so what else could I give you?"

She eyed the boy's throbbing erection, moistening her lips as she flicked her tongue between them.

"I see," Jennifer said. "I'd be delighted."

Although her hands trembled as she unzipped the boy's jeans, she was surprised at how calmly she could speak, at how fluently her words came out. It was as if she'd done this hundreds of times before.

The boy's cock was too big and hard to pull it out through his fly, so she pulled his pants down. His jockey briefs tented out at her, and she pulled them down too. The boy's cock sprang out, throbbing. It was uncut, and his glossy red fuck-knob half covered with foreskin. The smell of it bit her like smelling salts and made her momentarily dizzy.

"Suck it!" the boy whispered, driving his wet cockhead at her mouth. "Awwww suck it!"

As Jennifer wrapped her hand around his prickshaft, his foreskin peeled back all the way. His cockhead was covered with a moist, cheesy film. As his prick-knob slipped into Jennifer's mouth, Jennifer had to close her eyes and hold her breath for a few moments to keep from gagging. Once she was used to the taste, however, she began to suck hungrily. As she munched on the boy's succulent prickhead, as she slid her lips up and down his cockshaft, she pumped her hand up and down, working his foreskin.

"Awwww yeahhhh!" the boy moaned. "Tongue it! Suck it!"

He shoved his hands down Jennifer's blouse, feeling her tits all over as she sucked his cock.

Jennifer felt the vibrations and contractions of the boy's cock coming rapidly and rhythmically, and she knew he'd be shooting off any second if she continued sucking him. She didn't want him to come yet -- they were just getting started, after all -- so she spat his cock out.

"You wanna suck on my tits?" she said.

"Christ yes!"

"They're all yours."

The boy dropped to his knees between her legs. His face was flushed redder than his hair. Jennifer unbuttoned her blouse, and he pushed it off her shoulders, baring her tits completely.

"Christ, what knockers!"

The boy grabbed one tit in each hand, feeling it, squeezing it, making its nipple nearly pop. Pushing her tits together, he started to lick her cherries, slobbering hot spit all over them.

Jennifer's eyes rolled. Showers of hot tingles saturated her cunt. She chewed her lips to keep herself from whining like a cat. As the tit-hungry teenager started sucking her nipples, she grabbed his big, lusting cock and held onto it for support. It throbbed in her hand, bubbling lube like hot sap.

"Please!" Jennifer said. "Stop for a second! Please!"

"You've got such great tits!" the boy said, unable to take his eyes off her spit-wet tit-buds.

"Would you like to taste something else?" Jennifer said. "Would you like me to push my pants down?"

"You want me to lick your crotch!"

"Fuck!" The boy started to tug at her jeans. She pushed his hands away. "Let me, I can do it faster myself."

The boy sat back, jerking on his cock as Jennifer lifted her ass and pushed her pants down to her ankles. She wasn't wearing panties, and she was dripping between the cunt-lips.

"Pull them off my feet," she said, lifting her legs.

The boy's hands shook so that he had trouble getting her jeans off over her sandals. He dropped the jeans and looked at her as she sat before him with her legs spread, not a stitch of clothing on her body except for the sandals. He grabbed his cock and started beating off.

She kicked at his pumping hand. "Save it. I thought you wanted to lick me."

The boy grabbed her right foot and started slobbering all over her bare toes, his spit leaking all over the leather straps of her sandal. He unbuckled the sandal and pulled it off. He pressed her naked foot to his balls, rubbed his cock against her spit-wet toes, lifted her foot to his lips and started sucking her toes again.

Jennifer's hot crotch throbbed. As the boy sucked her toes, she rammed a finger up her pussy and masturbated.

The boy dropped her foot, gawking at her plunging finger. He moved up between her legs, licking the smooth flesh of her inner thighs, licking at her finger as it slipped in and out of her pussy. She pulled her finger out of her cunt and wiped pussyjuice on his nose. He pried her cuntlips apart with his thumbs and plunged his nose between them. His tongue slipped inside her crotch, licking, probing, tasting.

Jennifer went crazy. She moaned as she rubbed her pussy in the boy's mouth. Electricity shot through her loins. Her pussy leaked so much juice that the boy gurgled as the hot pussycream ran into his throat. He sucked and slurped, his red head twisted between her legs, his lips smacking, his tongue jabbing and twisting.

"Stick your cock in me!" Jennifer gasped. "Quick! Oh baby, fuck me!"

The boy drooled pussyjuice from his mouth all over her belly and tits as he pushed her down on the car seat and climbed up over her. Her ass rested at the edge of the car seat, her legs out the door, as the panting youth guided his cock between her legs and into her clutching, red-hot pussy. As he settled down on her, she fumbled with his shirt buttons.

"I wanna feel your bare chest on my tits," she panted as the boy's cock pulsed inside her.

Panting as wildly as she was, the boy allowed her to open his shirt and push it off before he started his thrusting. Her arms went around his naked back and she crushed him against her, grinding her tits against his hard chest.

"Fuck me!" she moaned, licking his lips, his nose. "Grind that big thing inside me!"

As the grunting, delirious teenager began to hump, hammering his uncut cock up her cunt again and again, Jennifer French-kissed him, licking out his mouth and throat. His own tongue slipped into her mouth and his spit ran down her throat.

The car rocked. The toes of Jennifer's right foot clawed against the asphalt parking lot, the toes of her left foot against the leather sole of the sandal she still wore. As the bag boy fucked her, his jeans down around his feet, his green eyes glazed over and his body quivered. His cock felt like a huge hard snake inside her, striking at the depths of her pussy, reaming her out, fucking her out of her mind.

Jennifer whined, raking her fingernails down the boy's back. She rocked her hips, fucking her cunt on his plunging cock. Her feet came up and she kicked at his bouncing ass. Her legs locked around him.

"Oh baby, give it to me! Please baby, fuck me! Make me come, darling! Oh yes ram that big cock! Ram it! Ram it!"

As Jennifer gibbered out of her mind, the teenager growled like a mad dog, squirming and thrusting between her legs, grinding his cock so deep in her pussy that his balls were almost stuffed inside her with it. Sweat trickled down his face and dripped all over Jennifer's face and neck. He set his jaw and chewed his lips, concentrating all his attention on the pleasure running through his cock. Jennifer felt his cock swell and harden. She could tell by the way he teased up that he was going to come.

"Shoot it!" she grunted. "Shoot it, darling, yes!"

She writhed, the fuck-pleasure saturating every cell of her body. As she churned her cunt on the boy's vibrating cock, electricity surged through her loins and shot to her nipples and clit and toes. She arched up, grunting and wailing like an animal as the spurns exploded inside her. As she started coming, the teenager's cock flexed powerfully, and his cum burst like buckshot into her pussy.

"Awwwww!" the boy moaned, jerking on top of her, firing his jism up her cunt. "Awwwww yeahhhh!"

Jennifer's eyes rolled back to white slits, her eyelids quivering, the ecstasy surging through her body. She felt the boy's cock jumping and spurting in her cunt. As the boy continued to hump, grinding his cock against her clit and deep into the quivering depths of her pussy-hole, she nearly passed out from the intensity of her ecstasy. She clung to him, fucking him back, grinding against him and wanting to melt together with him forever.

After a minute of orgasmic writhing, the boy collapsed motionless on top of her, then lay on her as if unconscious until Jennifer began to feel claustrophobic and uneasy and tried to rouse him. She imagined somebody coming along and catching her with the boy. They'd both be arrested for public indecency.

"Hey," she said, shaking the boy. "Wake up, huh? I think your fifteen-minute break is over."

After a few more shakes and prods, and a few more words, finally got the boy to pull his cock out of her and climb off. He glanced once at his watch and began dressing in a panic.

"Thanks for the tip," he said as he zipped up his pants and turned to leave. "Have a nice day, lady. You've got great tits."

"You've got a great cock," Jennifer said, watching him trot back to work.

She buttoned up her blouse, pulled up her jeans, strapped the sandal back on her right foot, and started her car. As she drove home, she was sticky between the cuntlips with freshly shot jizz, her stomach cried for food. She'd never had such an appetite.


Jennifer was going crazy with horniness by the time Gary arrived for a visit in the early afternoon. The moment he stepped in the front door and dropped his paper-sack on the floor of the foyer, Jennifer was pulling down his pants, which today, as yesterday, was the only clothes he was wearing.

He kicked the jeans off his ankles and stood before her with an erect, throbbing cock. "I didn't even jerk off yet today, widow. I saved it all for you."

Kneeling at his feet, Jennifer nuzzled his sweaty balls, getting herself drunk on his male scent. She grabbed his cock and squeezed it, making his cock veins bulge, his cockhead swell, its lube ooze out. She sucked the lube from his open pisshole, then licked all over and around his cockhead.

"Man, you sure love prick," Gary said. "Too bad Tommy's got baseball practice this afternoon. He don't know what he's missing."

Jennifer growled, going down on the boy's cock, sucking up his cockhead and most of his cockshaft. Her blonde head bobbed as her lips slid up and down and her tongue churned. As she sucked cock, she shoved her free hand down her slacks and slipped a finger up her throbbing pussy.

"Take off your clothes," Gary said. "I wanna see your tits and ass." He let her suck him a few more seconds, then pushed her away. "Come on, take off your clothes."

Her face flushed with heat, her heart hammering, Jennifer got shakily to her feet and pulled her blouse off. As she undid her slacks, Gary felt her tits. She wasn't wearing panties or shoes, so all she had to do was peel her pants off to get herself as stark-naked as the boy.

"You're so fucking hot!" Gary said, pawing her all over.

He slipped around behind her and dropped to his knees. Spreading her asscheeks, he plunged his face between them, nuzzling and licking her ass-cleft, tasting her asshole with his probing tongue. As her asshole opened up, his tongue slipped inside it.

Jennifer braced her hands on her knees and bent forward. She rotated her ass, rubbing it in the paperboy's face, fucking her asshole on his twisting, probing tongue. He kept sighing, as if her ass hole were the best thing he'd ever tasted in his life.

"Aww baby," he said as he pulled his tongue out of her asshole.

Then he spread her cunt-lips and started to lick between them. As her pussy-juice ran out and dribbled down the insides of her thighs, he lapped it up as if it were honey fresh from the comb.

"Eat me!" Jennifer moaned, grinding her cunt in the boy's mouth. "Oh yes, darling, suck!"

The cunt-hungry teenager gnawed and sucked and slurped, devouring Jennifer's tasty female crotchmeat. Her cuntjuice ran down his neck, between his pectoral muscles and down his belly. He wiped up some of the slick female fluid and rubbed it on his upright cock. When Jennifer saw that he was masturbating, she begged him to fuck her.

"Don't waste your cum, darling. Fuck me, please fuck me!"

"Don't worry, I won't waste no cum," the boy said.

Licking the cuntjuices off his lips, he pulled himself up behind her. He rubbed his cock up and down her cunt-slit, getting, her crazy as he greased his prick with her slick juices and rubbed her naked fuckmeat with his searing-hot cockknob.

"Stick it in!" Jennifer gibbered, wildly wiggling her ass. "Oh quick, stick it in, stick it in!"

He spread her cuntlips with his thumbs and stuck his cockhead between them. Then he grabbed her hips and yanked them backward as he thrust. His cock sank into her pussy to the hilt, his hard lower belly colliding with her naked ass.

"Awww yeahhhh!" the boy groaned, slumping over her as he ground his belly against her silky, hot ass and worked his cock inside her.

He licked at her shoulders, at the back of her neck. Some of her blonde hair got caught in his mouth and he pulled it gently between his teeth. Jennifer arched her back, turning her ass up high as she rubbed it against the boy's belly and fucked her cunt on his sliding cock. She turned her face to the side so he could kiss her cheek. As she turned her head farther, their lips met.

"You fuck so good!" she moaned. "You make me feel so good!"

The paperboy reached under her so he could play with her tits. As his cock slipped in and out of her pussy, his fingers pinched and rolled and stretched her nipples. He grunted with each thrust, muttering to himself about tits and pussy and ass.

As his cock plunged, squishing sounds came from Jennifer's juicy cunt. Pussyjuice dripped from the boy's sliding cock, dribbled over his balls, trickled down the insides of Jennifer's thighs.

"Juicy bitch!" the boy mumbled. "Hot juicy widow! The Lesbo Lady would love you!"

Jennifer's ass churned sexy circles against the boy's smacking belly. Her cunt sucked and chewed his plunging cock. Each grinding thrust of the paperboy's prick up her crotch sent electric fuck-thrills whirling through her body. Her tits swelled in the boy's hands. Her cunt swelled around his cock.

"Feels so good!" he grunted, itchy sensations drilling through the core of his cock. "Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh fuck!"

He grabbed her hips and sank his fingernails into her flesh, jerking her back at him as he rammed his cock into her and slammed his belly against her ass. She grunted with each savage thrust, her tits flapping, every cell of her body prickling with fuck-sensation.

"Ohhh darling!" she moaned. "Yes, yes, yesssss!"

"Bitch!" the boy growled. "Hot juicy fucking bitch!"

As his cock swelled inside her, as it hardened and quivered, Jennifer's cunt tightened reflexively, sucking, clutching, trying to pop the head off the boy's cock and skin it alive. The boy and the woman cried out together as their pleasure surged to a climax and they exploded together in mutual ecstasy.

"Ohhhhhhh!" the boy moaned, his eyes rolling deliriously, his skinny body jerking as he fucked his spunk up Jennifer's cunt.

"Ooooooooh!" Jennifer cooed, feeling the hot jism splashing in her womb as the boy's cock flexed again and again. With each pulsating ejaculation of the boy's cock inside her, Jennifer's cunt contracted with fuck-spasms and the pleasures-swept through her in hot, mind numbing waves.

Gary collapsed over her, rutting at her cunt, grinding his belly at her rotating ass. His cock was buried in her to the hilt, bucking and quivering as Jennifer's cunt sucked it.

"Feels so good!" the pleasure-crazed boy grunted. "Feels so fucking good!"

Jennifer let him squirm and rut until he'd squeezed out every drop of jism and every twinge of sensation. As he let go of her and his cock slipped out of her, he swayed dizzily on his feet and caught himself against the foyer wall to keep from falling over.

"I'm wiped out," he said.

Jennifer grabbed his cock and squeezed it. It was still long and fat, but it had softened. She played with it, trying to get it hard again, but without success.

"What's wrong with it?" she said.

"Nothing's wrong with it, except that it's all fucked out. Your cunt's like a vacuum cleaner, widow."

"How long before it gets hard again?"

"I don't know. You'll just have to wait and see."

"So what do we do while I'm waiting?" Jennifer said.

"You got any ice-cream in the house? If I ate some ice-cream it might help me get hard again faster."

"Sorry," Jennifer said, "I'm fresh out of ice-cream. Tell me, does the Lesbo Lady feed you ice-cream?"

"Sure. She'll give me anything I ask for."

"I'd like to meet this Lesbo Lady one of these days. Think you can arrange it?"

"You can meet her now, if you want. She don't live but a few houses away."

"You don't say!" said Jennifer.


The woman lived only four houses down the block from Jennifer, and on the same side of the street. She and the woman had been almost next-door neighbors for years, but Jennifer hadn't the faintest idea who the woman was. The people in this neighborhood kept to themselves, too involved in their own personal lives to care who their neighbors were or what their neighbors did, which was fine with Jennifer, but it was something of a shock to learn that a woman who lived only four houses down the block was known to the local paperboy as the "Lesbo Lady."

The woman appeared at the front door of her house, sipping from a frosted glass of iced tea, and dressed in the skimpiest string bikini Jennifer had ever seen, the tit cups of which hardly covered the silver-dollar-sized cherries that capped the woman's very large, very tanned tits. She was a long-haired brunette, and built like a Playboy centerfold model.

"I hope you haven't been buzzing long, Gary darling, I only just heard the chimes. I was out back, catching a few rays." She turned her attention to Jennifer. "And who might this be? Not your mother, I hope."

"This is the widow from down the block," Gary said. "The one whose old man got killed by the crane a while back. It was all over the news. You remember."

"Indeed I do remember! You're that poor man's wife? You have my condolences, dear. I am truly sorry." She put out her hand. "Sally Harper."

Jennifer took Sally's hand. "Jennifer Carter."

"Pleased to meet you, Jennifer, truly I am. Do come in."

Sally led Jennifer and Gary through her richly furnished house to the back patio, which overlooked a large, hedged-in back yard. The patio and yard were completely private, and it was apparent from Sally's lack of tan lines that she took full advantage of her outdoor privacy by doing lots of nude sunbathing.

The group reined on chaise lounge chairs, sipping iced tea. As the two women talked, Gary ogled them, his cock hardening in his jeans, his bare toes rubbing together sensuously.

"I'm a divorcee myself," Sally said. "My former husband was a banker -- most respectable until he got one of the local high school sluts pregnant and ran off to God knows where. Without a doubt he's changed his name by now and is once again living respectably in some little community somewhere -- secretly fucking every teenage slut he can get his hands on. He left me everything by default, by the way -- this house, two cars, and several large bank accounts -- so I hold no grudges. In fact, I'm glad he knocked up the bitch. I've rediscovered what it's like to be free, totally free. It certainly is wonderful."

"Yes, it is," Jennifer said. "I mean, I'm heart-broken over losing George, of course, but I have to go on living, don't I? Now I'm free to explore all kinds of new experiences I couldn't explore while George was still alive."

"I'm delighted to hear you say that," Sally said. "We do understand each other, don't we? Gary has a knack for introducing me to, shall we say, compatible women." She reached over and patted Gary on the thigh.

Gary's hard prick throbbed in his pants and his toes curled as hot sensations pulsed through his loins. He wished the women would quit jawing and get down to business.

"Do you enjoy nude sunbathing, Jennifer?" asked Sally. "I sunbathe in the nude exclusively, myself. In fact, just before you arrived I was lying out here completely in the buff."

"I've never tried it," Jennifer said.

"Well then, it's about time you did," said Sally. "Come on, off with your clothes."

Jennifer smiled and began undressing.

As the two women stripped -- Sally shucking off her string bikini, Jennifer wiggling out of her jeans, blouse, and sandals -- Gary peeled down his jeans without getting off the lounge chair and dropped them on the patio floor. He reined back, stroking his upright cock and rubbing his legs together as he watched the two naked women.

"Your skin is lovely, but it's so white," Sally said. "We must remedy that. From now on you must come over every day so we can work on your tan. In a few weeks you'll be as brown as I am."

Jennifer didn't think she could ever get as tan as Sally, who resembled a bronze statue.

The naked women lay back on their lounge chairs, their legs spread, the hot rays of the sun penetrating their skin. The sunshine and breeze licked their half-open, glistening-wet crotches, and the scent of pussy rose in the air like perfume. Gary licked his lips at the sight of the wet, half-open crotches of the two women, and the smell of pussy got him drunk and crazy. Suddenly he was on his hands and knees and crawling up between Sally's legs so he could lick her succulent pussy.

Sally arched up, sighing, rubbing her sizzling cunt in Gary's face. "Mmmm, heaven! These paperboys do love to lick hot pussy. Lick it, darling, lick!"

Gary licked Sally's crotch clean, then moved over to lick Jennifer's. As Jennifer gasped, grinding her cunt in the boy's mouth, Sally reached over and took Jennifer's hand.

"Hold on, darling," Sally said. "It feels so good it almost hurts, doesn't it?"

"I love it!" Jennifer moaned, squeezing Sally's hand.

"I can see that," Sally said. She released Jennifer's hand and dropped down behind Gary.

As Gary continued to slurp at Jennifer's spread crotch, Sally pried apart the boy's tight asscheeks and shoved her nose between them. Her tongue lapped at the boy's asscrack, at his sweaty asspucker. As she stuck her tongue up his asshole, Gary wiggled his ass wildly, beating himself off. Sally tongue-fucked his asshole until she sensed him nearing his climax. Then she pulled her tongue out and pulled him away from Jennifer.

"My turn, Gary, darling, don't be a hog. Jennifer, would you mind getting up on your hands and knees?"

"Of course not," Jennifer said.

As Jennifer took a hands-and-knees position on the lounge chair, showing Sally her upturned ass and cunt, Sally spread Jennifer wide-open and began to lick. As Sally slurped up and down Jennifer's crotchlips and asscrack, Gary lapped at Sally's pussy and ass.

"Don't you go beating off now," Sally warned the boy. "I don't want you getting my patio all slippery. Besides, there are better places to squirt your juice."

"You mean, like up your asshole," said Gary.

"My word, Jennifer, did you heat that? Where do you paperboys these days get such filthy ideas?"

"I haven't the faintest idea," said Jennifer. After a few minutes of slurping and sucking, Sally sat back and wiped her mouth. "You're delicious, Jennifer. Would you like to taste me now?"

Without waiting for Jennifer's answer, Sally sprawled out on the lounge chair next to Jennifer and spread her legs wide. Gary tried to get between Sally's legs to resume licking her cunt, but Sally pushed him away.

"You've had your fill, pussy-sucker, give Jennifer a chance now."

Gary didn't protest having to give up Sally's cunt so Jennifer could lick it, because as soon as Jennifer lay face-down between Sally's legs, Gary shoved his nose between Jennifer's legs from behind and started sucking Jennifer's crotch and asshole. A woman was a woman. They all tasted the same to him.

Jennifer felt giddy and drunk. As she pressed her lips to the sizzling fuckmeat between Sally's cuntlips, as she tasted the tart-sweet flavor of another woman's pussy for the first time in her life, her head swam inside and she got so dizzy she hardly knew where she was. She rubbed her nose up and down the swollen, searing-hot flesh of Sally's cunt-furrow. She licked deep. As she probed with her tonguetip, Sally's cunt opened up and sucked Jennifer's tongue inside it.

"Ohhhhhh this is great!" Sally moaned, her fingers wrapped in Jennifer's blonde hair, her pussy grinding in Jennifer's mouth. "Eat it! Lick out my cunt! Suck my clit!"

Sally's hot pussyjuice leaked into Jennifer's mouth, and Jennifer guzzled it down greedily. Never in all the nearly thirty years of her life had she dreamed that another woman's crotch could taste so good. She tried to visualize herself, lying face-down on the chaise between Sally's legs, her mouth pressed to Sally's crotch, and she knew that if George could see her now, that's how he'd be seeing her.

Look at me, George, she thought. If you can hear me, if you can see me, look at me now, watch me now. Look at the fun I'm having. Wouldn't you like to be me right now, George, sucking a hot pussy? It tastes good, George. Mmm, it tastes so good!

Jennifer gasped as Gary mounted her from behind and slipped his red-hot cock up her pussy. As she lay on her belly, her tongue slurping up and down Sally's crotch-furrow, Gary humped her ass, grinding his teenage cock in her cunt.

"That dirty paperboy is fucking you, Jennifer," said Sally. "Look at him, the dirty animal! All he wants to do is stick his dirty prick in any wet hole he can find. Isn't that right, Gary, you'll fuck anything wet you can get your dirty prick into?"

"Fuck yeah!" Gary said, his blue eyes rolling as he bridged himself over Jennifer's ass and plunged his horny cock in her cunt. He humped so wildly that his cock slipped out of Jennifer's cunt. When he plugged it back into her, he shoved it not up her cunt this time, but up her asshole.

Jennifer squirmed, going crazy as the hot cock reamed out her asshole. She twisted her head from side to side, grinding her nose between Sally's cuntlips, kissing and licking and sucking Sally's sizzling crotch.

"Oh this is heaven!" Sally panted. "This is so hot!"

She pressed Jennifer's head between her legs, grinding her cunt on Jennifer's tongue, fucking Jennifer's mouth as the paperboy fucked Jennifer's asshole.

Jennifer quivered, an electric current of pleasure flowing nonstop through her body. Sally's cunt sent electric thrills through Jennifer's tongue and mouth. Gary's cock fucked electric thrills up her asshole. She squirmed on her belly, sucking cunt as Gary's red-hot cock plowed out her asshole. Electric tingles surged to every part of her body, and suddenly she was writhing as the spasms began in her loins.

"Ohhh yeahhh!" Gary moaned as Jennifer's spasming asshole sucked his cock.

Sally shrieked as Jennifer's tongue shot electricity into her cunt. "Oh that's it! Oh God, yes!"

Jennifer groaned, driving her tongue up Sally's cunt as deep as she could. As orgasmic ecstasy pulsed through Jennifer's body, she tried to shove her entire head up Sally's cunt. Gary's cock felt like an electrified pile-driver in her asshole.

Gary bucked on top of Jennifer, plunging his itch-saturated cock in Jennifer's asshole. Sally could tell that the boy was on the verge of shooting his wad, so she reached out and grabbed a handful of his blond hair.

"Stick it in my mouth!" Sally gasped, yanking at the boy's hair. "Feed me your jizz!"

Gary's young prick was already spitting precum as he pulled it out of Jennifer's asshole and got up to shove it in Sally's mouth. Sally wrapped her arm around his waist to steady him as he drove his dripping cock between her lips. The moment his cockhead touched her lips, the first spasms shook the boy's cock and his first slimy ejaculation burst out.

Sally's mouth filled with his thick, alkaline tasting jism. Her left hand pressing against the boy's contracting asscheeks, she grabbed his cock in her right hand, pumping it as she sucked his cockhead. Cum filled her mouth as fast as she could swallow it.

Sally growled and cooed as she satisfied her hunger for teenage spunk. The taste of Jennifer's asshole on the boy's cock made her cock-sucking that much more exciting, and as Jennifer's tongue probed a super-sensitive crevice inside Sally's pussy, Sally went over the brink. Her body vibrated with spasms.

Jennifer was still coming when Sally's curd exploded in her face. Drunk on ecstasy, Jennifer guzzled down Sally's hot, honey-like fuckjuices, sucked Sally's cuntlips and clit, licked out Sally's pulsating crotch-furrow. Sally's legs locked around Jennifer's head and Sally's cunt scoured Jennifer's mouth.

"Mmmmm, ohhhhhh!" Sally moaned, pumping and sucking Gary's cock, guzzling down his teenage spunk.

The pleasure pulsed through her loins, flowed down her legs and through her, toes. As she milked the boy's cock, hungry for every drop of cum she could get, she rubbed her pussy in Jennifer's face. It felt so good to have Jennifer's blonde head squeezed between her thighs.

At last, Gary pulled away from Sally, shaking his head. His half-hard cock hung heavy over his balls.

"What time is it?" he said.

"I think time for you to go pick up your papers and get to work," Sally said. "Jennifer can stay here with me and catch a little more sun -- if she wishes."

"I'll stay," Jennifer said, her head still caught between Sally's thighs.

Before Gary left, he leaned over and gave Sally a long kiss.

"Fuck!" he said. "I'm getting hard again."

"Then you'd better get going," said Sally.


Jennifer relaxed in the chaise lounge chair, taking alternate sips of her iced tea and Sally's hot cunt. Sally stood next to the chair, bending over to give Jennifer a good tongue shot at her cunt from the rear. As the juices dribbled from Sally's cunt and down her legs, Jennifer lapped them lip like a hungry dog.

"You're sweet," Jennifer said. "Like honey."

Sally laughed. "The boys all claim I taste like fish."

"They can say the most disgusting things, can't they?"

"Most disgusting," Sally said, "which is one reason I find them so charming."

Jennifer had learned that, in addition to Gary and his friend Tommy, about a dozen other boys paid regular visits to Sally. Sally rarely left home anymore for fear that one of her lover boys might show up and she wouldn't be there to enjoy him.

Jennifer put down her drink so she could have both hands free to spread Sally's asscheeks. Sally's pink asspucker glistened in the sunlight, moist with musky-tasting juices, which Jennifer lost no time in licking off.

"Oh that's marvelous!" Sally said, rubbing her ass in Jennifer's face. "You do know how to lick ass and pussy, my dear."

"Thank you," Jennifer said.

As she sucked and licked Sally's crotch and asshole, she fingerfucked herself. If somebody had told her two days ago that today she'd be licking another woman's sexual parts and enjoying it, she would have told them they were crazy.

"May I ask you a question?" Jennifer said.

"By all means," said Sally.

"Why do they call you Lesbo Lady, the boys I mean?"

Sally chuckled. "Cause that's what I am, darling."

"But you're not a lesbian, not with all the boys you have hanging around here."

"Darling, you haven't heard about the girls yet, and the women. For every stiff-cocked boy who comes over to get serviced, at least three times that many girls come by. And I have lots of all-girl parties, which you simply must start attending. You wouldn't believe the luscious smell in the air when a couple of dozen hot girls get naked and start to spread their legs all over the place. Darling, it's simply enough to make you lose your mind!"

Jennifer pumped her finger faster between her pussylips as she imagined the hot scene Sally was describing. She plunged her face against Sally's crotch, sucking pussy with renewed hunger. She could see how easy it would be for her to become a Lesbo Lady. As she and Sally moaned, the fuck pleasure pulsing through them as they drove themselves toward orgasm, the doorbell chimed inside the house.

"Visitors," Sally said. "Do excuse me, darling."

She started putting on her bikini.

When Jennifer grabbed her own clothe to get dressed, Sally told her to relax.

"Don't bother," Sally said. "If you need to put on clothes, I'll give you ample warning. Just lie out here and soak up the sun with those gorgeous tits of yours. I'll be right back."

Sally returned in less than a minute, followed closely by two teenage girls, one a black-haired girl with pigtails and raisin eyes, the other a pony-tailed blonde. Both girls wore tight shorts, tight T-shirts, and were barefoot. When they saw Jennifer, they gave each other suggestive smirks.

"Girls, I'd like you to meet my friend, Jennifer. Jennifer, these adorable little beauties are Bridget and Candy."

Candy was the blonde and Bridget the black haired girl.

"Nice tits," said Candy admiringly. "They're bigger than yours, Sally."

"Not by much, though," Sally said. "Well, get undressed, girls, what are you waiting for?"

As the girls stripped in the sunshine, Sally took their panties from them to sniff. She tossed the panties to Jennifer, and Jennifer couldn't resist sniffing too.

The panty crotches were moist and warm from the cunts of the two teenagers. The aroma was lighter, more delicate and sweet than the aroma of a woman's cunt. A few silky pubic hairs clung to the panties and Jennifer got them in her mouth to suck on.

"Aren't they gorgeous!" Sally said as the two petite teenage girls displayed their naked bodies in the sunshine.

"Beautiful!" Jennifer said, truly impressed by the nubile young bodies of the two girls.

"Such firm, perky little tits! Such silky smooth skin!" Sally stroked the girls' asses. "I tell you, they're softer than satin."

The girls giggled, and Sally draped her arms around their shoulders, drawing them close to her. The girls embraced her and each girl started sucking on one of her tits. Sally's eyes rolled back with pleasure.

As the girls munched on Sally's large, bumpy tit-buds, as they sucked on her nipples, they cooed contentedly. They squeezed their legs together rhythmically, masturbating themselves by shimmying their cuntlips between their thighs. The slick sounds of wet pussy-lips working together came from between their legs.

Jennifer had watched enough. Her finger pumping in and out of her pussy, she got up off the lounge chair and pressed up against the girls from behind. She was stunned at how incredibly satiny-smooth they were. The sweet scent of their young bodies made her inhale deeply, her eyes closed as she savored the aroma. She pulled her finger out of her pussy and wiped it off between Bridget's asscheeks. Then she began to pet the girls, marveling at the softness and smoothness of their skin.

"Oh suck those cherries, babies, suck those nipples!" Sally writhed as the two girls munched her tits. She squeezed her thighs together, grinding her swollen pussylips together between them as the fuck-itch throbbed in her cunt and the pussy-juice dribbled like hot oil between her thighs.

"Suck, darlings!" Jennifer said, caressing the girls all over. "Do you like to suck nipples, angels?"

The girls smacked their lips, growled like hungry kittens, and cooed like babies. Sally's eyes rolled deliriously as she squirmed with the pleasure of their tit-sucking. Suddenly, she was shuddering.

"I'm coming! Oh God, I'm coming!"

As Sally writhed with orgasm, her cunt exploding between her hard-clamping thighs, her nipples turning steel-hard and red-hot in the mouths of the two girls, Jennifer leaned forward to kiss her, sliding her tongue into Sally's mouth. Had Sally not been clinging to the two girls, she would have reeled and fallen over.

When Sally was done coming, the girls turned their attention to Jennifer. Squirming an about face, they clung to Jennifer and wrapped their mouths around her nipples. They cooed and giggled as they sucked, and Jennifer thought she'd lose her mind as the fuck-pleasure pulsed through her tits and shot through her loins. She squeezed her legs together rhythmically, masturbating herself in the same way Sally had, in the same way the two girls were.

"Ohhhh suck!" Jennifer moaned, feeling the fuck sensations to the tips of her toes. "Mmmn, that feels so good!"

She stroked the heads of the girls, the silky black hair, the silky blonde hair. She stroked their backs, caressed their asses. She had both girls to herself. Sally had sat down and was sipping more iced tea.

"Aren't they the best?" Sally said. "Girls know how to suck tits without being rough. Boys are just too rough."

"I think I'm gonna go crazy!" Jennifer moaned, her cunt doing flip-flops with every smack of the girl's lips, with every flick of their tongues and suck of their mouths.

Sally laughed. "I know what you mean, girl, but hold on. My, you are putting out the juice, aren't you!"

Jennifer's pussyjuice was leaking down between her thighs and past her knees. As she clamped her thighs together, wild squishy, sucking noises came from between them. She was so hot from the girls' tit-sucking that her asshole was opening and closing. She squirmed against the naked young vixens, pleasuring her own naked flesh against theirs, feeding them her hugely ballooned, pleasure-saturated tits.

"Oh God, oh God." Jennifer moaned. "Oh, ohhh, ohhhh!"

The fuck-pleasure shot through her like an electric current, and she came.

The young girls gnawed on her tits, growling and salivating over her burning nipples and cherry-bumps. Jennifer rubbed her tits in their faces as the fuckjuice ran down her legs and she shimmied her thighs together in orgasmic ecstasy. As her climax swept through her, she got so light-headed and weak that she collapsed in the girls' arms, and they had to struggle to hold her up until she was done spasming.

"Time for girl-pussy," Sally said. "Finally. Isn't this nice, Jennifer -- one for each of us."

As the girls reclined on the lounge chairs and spread their legs, the two women lay between their legs and before them, ready to lick their teenage pussies. Each girl reached between her own legs and spread her own pussylips wide apart. Jennifer stared into Bridget's seething, wide-open cunt, inhaling the musky, steamy aroma that poured from between the girl's dark furred pussylips. As Sally started to slurp at Candy's young crotch, Jennifer started to lick Bridget's succulent pussy. The toes of both girls curled sensuously with pleasure as the women lapped at their itchy teen crotches.

The girls panted, squirming in their chairs, feeding their pussies to the women. Their eyes rolled and their tits heaved. Pussyjuice bubbled out of them like warm honey, and the women guzzled them up. Truly, Jennifer had never tasted anything so hot and sweet in her life as Bridget's pussy.

"Makes you envious of the boys, doesn't it?" Sally said as she paused to catch her breath. Candy's pussycream dripped from her lips-and chin. "Makes you wish you had a cock so you could stick it in a sticky, itchy little fuckhole like this, doesn't it?"

Jennifer couldn't argue with that. She wondered what it would be like to have a cock, and to stick it up Bridget's burning young pussyhole. She tried to imagine the incredible pleasure any cock that entered Bridget's young body must feel.

As Bridget's pleasure mounted, she wrapped her legs around Jennifer's head, grinding her black-furred pussy in Jennifer's mouth, rubbing her stiff young clit at Jennifer's lips, fucking herself on Jennifer's sliding tongue. Her hot toes clawed at Jennifer's back. She arched her back, thrust her tits high, tossed her heal from side to side, making her pigtail fly.

"Oh suck me, suck me!" Bridget gibbered. "Oh please, make me come, make me..."

Her words trailed off in a high-pitched whine as her pussy exploded in Jennifer's mouth.

"Eeeeeeh!" she squealed, her body jerking with ecstasy. "Ohhhhhhh!"

Jennifer sucked out the girl's crotch-honey, gnawed and sucked and slurped at her writhing teenage cunt. The girl's pussylips swelled and squeezed and quivered. Her cunt sucked like a mouth. The pussyjuice dribbled out of her like hot cider.

Blonde, ponytailed Candy, her legs wrapped around Sally's head, her eyes rolling ecstatically as Sally sucked out her crotch, reached the peak of her own excitement within moments after her girlfriend had started coming. Her pink toes curled hard and she squeezed her tits violently as the fuck-pleasure exploded in her loins and she sprayed girl-juice in Sally's face.

"Swallow!" Bridget growled, digging her fingernails into Jennifer's scalp, pulling mercilessly on Jennifer's hair, grinding her pissing cunt in Jennifer's mouth.

Jennifer had no choice. She gulped down a mouthful of hot piss. More piss filled her mouth, and she gulped down that too. As she drank the bitter yellow fluid from the girl's cunt, the taste of it began to sweeten. Soon it didn't taste bitter at all. Soon Jennifer was sucking hungrily, greedy for more. Bridget had run out of piss, though.

Bridget giggled. "You sure like that pee, Lesbo Lady!"

Next to Jennifer and Bridget, Candy was sighing as Sally sucked the girl-piss out of her. The girl looked as if she were having another orgasm as she fed Sally her sweet young piss. Sally sucked and guzzled, her experienced mouth not losing a precious drop. When Sally couldn't extract anymore piss from Candy's cunt, she lifted her head and smiled at Jennifer.

"How was your dessert?" Sally asked.

"Delicious!" Jennifer said.

"I knew you'd enjoy it," Sally said. The two women and two girls sat around sipping iced tea and soaking up the sunshine for some time before the girls decided they wanted to suck some cunt. Candy sucked off Jennifer and Bridget sucked off Sally.

Before the girls left, the women took another crack at the girls' horny teen pussies. This time Jennifer blew Candy and Sally blew Bridget. The women finished off their snack of teen pussy with drinks of sweet, hot girl-piss. After the girls had left, the women took turns drinking pies out of each other.

"Now I know why you keep so much iced tea on hand," Jennifer said.

"But of course!" Sally said, smiling wickedly.


After Jennifer left Sally's, she decided to go for a walk instead of going straight home. The late-afternoon sun was still high, and she dreaded the thought of sealing herself inside her house with nothing but the TV to keep her company. She let her sandaled feet go where they would, and soon found herself nearing Lakeside Park.

She was surprised she'd walked so far in so little time. Lakeside Park was at least a mile from her house, a distance she hadn't traveled on foot since she'd been a schoolgirl. It kit good to be using her legs again. It felt good just to be out again. After six months of being cooped up behind the walls of her house, it felt now as if she had just been released from prison. It was amazing how a little walking in the sunshine could lift her spirits. The sex had something to do with her high spirits too, that was for sure, but the walking helped.

She passed a baseball diamond where some boys were playing baseball, and several of the boys glanced her way. She tried to visualize their cocks in their pants, and she was sure they were all trying to visualize her without any clothes on. She imagined herself naked and down on all fours in the middle of the baseball diamond as the boys pulled out their randy cocks and mounted her one after the other, the way that mongrel stud had mounted the bitch yesterday out in front of her house.

I'm in heat, she thought. And they can smell me. At least, unconsciously they can smell me. They're dying to get up on me and rut. She was human and they were human, but both she and they had animal instincts no different from dogs.

Her filthy thoughts sent her quickly away, before she succumbed to her animal instincts and presented her upturned ass to the boys like a true bitch in heat.

Two older women sat on a park bench next to the small lake at the center of the park, throwing bread crumbs to squawking ducks. A few joggers trotted along the lake path, dodging the occasional bicycles that came along. Jennifer sat down on a bench near the lake, crossing her legs and draping her arms over the back of the bench.

Her jeans were pulled up tight between her pussylips, and slowly, gently, Jennifer began to squeeze her thighs together. She knew she could get off this way without passersby realizing what she was secretly doing. She hadn't secretly masturbated in public like this since high school, during which she'd often jerked off in class by squeezing her legs together.

She squinted against the golden reflection of the sun on the lake, pretending to be admiring the view. As she squeezed her legs together and the fuck sensations pulsed through her pussy, her toes curled sensuously against the insoles of her sandals. She thought about Gary and Tommy, about Sally and Bridget and Candy, about cocks and cunts, about pussy-juice and jizz. She salivated at the thought of sucking cocks and licking cunts.

I've been such a dirty bitch, she thought, such a wicked lady, such a slut. I've been terrible! I've done things that would shock the pants off even you, George, if you could see me now. I've drunk piss, George, I've drunk the pin of teenage schoolgirls, and I liked it. I bet that's something even you never did, George -- drink girl-piss. Oh, what a delicious, exciting treat!

She contracted her thighs against each other more rapidly, her eyes glazing over as the fuck itch pulsed in rhythmic waves through her loins and the rest of her body. She was on the verge of exploding with pleasure, but at that moment she felt a tap on the shoulder and she jumped like a jack in the box.

"I hope I didn't scare you," said the young man who sat down next to her. He was dressed in jeans and a shoulderless muscle-shirt. "You remember me, don't you?"

It took Jennifer a few seconds to recover from being startled, and before she could tell him that she recognized him vaguely but couldn't quite place him, he filled her in.

"I drive the newspaper truck," he said. "I stop out in front of your house every afternoon. We waved at each other yesterday."

"Of course," Jennifer said.

They introduced each other. The young man's name was Brian. He'd graduated from high school this spring. He had bushy, fairly long blond hair, and he was taller than Jennifer by six inches.

"I'm sorry about your husband," the boy said.

"Thank you," Jennifer said. "But how did you know about my husband?"

"That crane accident was big news. Your paperboy's been bragging for months that you're one of his customers. You gonna sue the construction company?"

"No," Jennifer said. "I detest lawsuits. Besides, I don't need the money."

They made small talk a while. Finally, Brian glanced at his watch.

"I've gotta be going soon," he said. "The truck's due back in half an hour."

"So soon?" Jennifer said. "I've really enjoyed your company, Brian. Maybe you'd like to come visit me some time."

"I'd like to do that," said the boy.

"I'm all alone in that big hone now, and I get a little lonely sometimes," Jennifer said.

They were silent for a few moments.

"I'll bet you get a little frustrated too," Brian said.

"A little," Jennifer said. "Sometimes more than a little."

"It must be rough not having your husband around."

"Yes. It can be quite rough. You're a very understanding young man, Brian." Jennifer saw the bulge in the boy's jeans visibly pulsate. She reached out and gave the bulge an affectionate pat. "You're very understanding."

The boy swallowed. "Would you like a ride home?"

"Yes," Jennifer said. "Very much, thank you."

The paper-delivery truck was parked in a secluded spot, bidden from the lake by thick bushes. After climbing into the cab and locking the front doors, Brian led Jennifer through a door into the rear compartment, which was windowless, but lighted by overhead lights. Several bundles of newspapers lay in the middle of the floor, and Brian arranged them against each other to form a bed.

"Clever," Jennifer said. "This isn't the first time you've done this, is it?"

Brian grinned. "Nope," he said, pulling off his muscle-shirt. They undressed in silence, watching each other, both of them knowing exactly what they wanted and aware that their time was short.

As Brian straightened up, naked, his erect cock resembled a billyclub. It was enormous, larger even than Gary's, and uncircumcised. Half his bulbous cockhead was covered by foreskin. His nine-inch prick throbbed slowly, fucklube oozing from its pisshole. Jennifer gawked at it, salivating, her loins throbbing with lust.

She lifted her lust-swollen tits, showing them to the heavily breathing young man. He reached out and grabbed her, crushing her in his muscular arms as he kissed her.

Groaning, Jennifer rubbed her hot tits against his chest. He humped his prick against her belly, his cockhead slipping in and out of its foreskin, his fucklube smearing on her flesh. Their tongues worked in each other's mouth. The boy slipped his hand between her legs and wiggled a finger up her crotch.

"Oh Brian!" Jennifer purred. "Your cock is so big! I want it! I wanna suck it! I wanna fuck it!"

"You're so hot!" the boy said, kissing her all over her face and tits. "What a woman!"

Squirming out of his embrace, Jennifer slid to her knees in front of the boy. She held his cock with two hands, peeling his foreskin completely off his cockhead so she could lick every millimeter of his moist, naked fuck-knob.

"Oh man!" the boy said. "Go down on it!" The boy's cock had a sweaty, cheesy smell that repulsed Jennifer at first, but within seconds she was not only used to the smell, but unable to inhale enough of it. She slurped all around his huge, pulsating prickhead, licking its edges, licking the lube from his pisshole. She slurped at the pleasure strand on the underside of the boy's cock and delighted in his gasping and squirming.

"You know just how to lick!" moaned the young man. "Oh Jennifer, suck it!"

Jennifer cooed. Opening her mouth wide, she swallowed his entire prick-knob. Her lips slid down his cockshaft until his cockhead was lodged in her throat. As she munched and sucked the tasty slab of teenage prick, she growled like a hungry lioness. Her right hand slipped between her legs and she stuck two fingers up her pussy. Her head bobbed and her hand jerked as she sucked cock and beat herself off.

The boy caressed her head, his big hands sliding gently down her blonde hair. The veins swelled on his huge prick as Jennifer munched on it, and her sliding lips rippled over them. With each flick of her tongue, his big cock pulsated, oozing warm fucklube into her throat.

"I love a good blowjob," the boy said. "And you give a damn good blowjob."

"I love the taste of your prick," Jennifer said, pausing in her cocksucking to catch her breath and rest her jaws. "I love all this loose skin."

She worked his foreskin up and down. His cock was drenched with her spit, and his foreskin slid as if oiled.

The boy stretched, pushing his arms high above his head, and a tremor went through his body.

"Man," he sighed, "you know how to turn a guy on. I wish I had you around all the time to pleasure my cock whenever I get horny."

"We might be able to arrange that," Jennifer said. She pulled his foreskin down tight and went down on his cock again.

The boy's toes curled with pleasure as Jennifer's head bobbed. Her spit ran down his cock as her smacking lips slid up and down. Her tongue churned incessantly, sending such wild thrills through the boy's prick that he almost lost his balance and toppled over.

Jennifer could tell that he was on the verge of spurting cum down her throat. She wanted badly to taste his cum, but she wanted even more badly to squirm on his big cock as he stuck it up her cunt again and again.

"Fuck me!" she said. "God I'm dying for it!"

He laid her face-up on the bed of newspaper bundles. He was a strong boy and her body was as light as a plastic mannequin in his hands. Kneeling on the bundles, he lifted her spread legs and lowered himself between her thighs. His thick cock dripped hot lube with each wild throb. He bent his big veiny fuckrod down and shoved its naked head against her parted, lust swollen cuntlips. As their fuckmeat kissed, they both moaned. Jennifer quivered from scalp to toes.

"Stick it in me!" she panted. "Shove it up my crotch! Oh God please!"

"I'm gonna stick you good!" the boy growled. "I'm gonna ream you out like your husband never did."

Jennifer caught him around his slender waist and pulled him into her. As his cock entered her pussy, they both groaned with pleasure. His cock slipped up her cunt until their pubic bones butted against each other. His cockhead throbbed in her womb. She could feel his balls against her wet crotch. Her legs locked around him and she clawed his back, gibbering with excitement as the lust pulsed through her body.

"Oh God it's so big? I can't stand it! Fuck me, oh God, fuck me!"

The boy started to thrust, to grind his cock in and out of her. Every muscle of his body squirmed sinuously under his sweat-oiled skin as he writhed in her sexual embrace, rubbing his hot flesh all over her as he churned his nine-inch cock in the depths of her cunt.

It felt as if a rattlesnake had crawled up Jennifer's pussy. The fuck-tension in her loins swelled to an excruciating level of ecstasy, and by the time the boy had delivered a dozen thrusts, she teetered at the brink of orgasm.

"Go slow!" she moaned. "Please, go slow! You'll make me come if you go too fast!"

"Then come," the boy said. "Come now, then come again later. You can come as many times as you want."

He churned his loins, grinding his cock inside her mercilessly, reaming her out as if he were drilling a well. His steel-hard prickshaft filed against her clit until she thought she'd scream. His cockhead bored out the mouth of her womb.

"Ohhhh!" Jennifer whined, raking his back with her fingernails. "Oh please, oh God."

"This feels so good!" the boy growled. "You got the hottest, wettest, tightest pussy!"

Jennifer couldn't hold on. She was going to come and she couldn't stop it. As her toenails clawed the boy's asscheeks, as she gnawed into his neck, her body shuddered violently and electricity jolted her loins. As spasms overwhelmed her, she clung to the rutting teenager, grinding her exploding cunt around and around on his cock. She whimpered as if she were being whipped.

"Oh yeah!" the boy moaned. "Yeah, yeahhh!"

Jennifer clung to him, gasping and moaning as she rocked her loins and churned her exploding cunt on his cock. As her orgasm reached its peak of intensity, Brian increased the speed and depth of his fucking. Jennifer thought she'd lose her mind.

Despite Jennifer's crushing, almost defensive embrace, Brian moved easily and powerfully between her legs, fucking her with longer, deeper, harder strokes. His enormous cock plunged mercilessly. As she screeched and wailed from the unbearable intensity of her orgasmic sensations, Brian bore down, slamming his cock up her writhing, wildly sucking pussy, pleasuring his prick inside her as her fuckjuices bubbled out and drenched his hairy, jizz -- swollen balls.

"Please?" she gasped, her eyes overflowing with tears. The sensations were so intense she was ready to bawl.

Brian wouldn't be stopped. He'd become a wild young bull, intent only on pleasuring his cock as hard and fast as he could in Jennifer's juice-filled pussy-hole. His nostrils flared. His eyes glazed over. He resembled a boy gone mad.

"Uhhhhh!" he growled, every muscle of his body working in coordinated rhythm as he writhed between Jennifer's legs and slammed his cock into her again and again with grinding penetrations. "Uhhhh, awwwww, yeahhhhh!"

Jennifer's cunt had never felt so sensitive. The contractions of her orgasm had subsided, but the intense feeling in her aunt were orgasmic. It was as if she'd been experiencing an incessant, endless orgasm from the moment the boy's cock had first entered her. She became as crazed as he was.

She clawed down his back, raising welts on his skin. She bit into his jaw, into his neck, not caring if her teeth broke the flesh. She contracted her cunt as hard as she could, trying to slow the plunging and grinding of his cock inside her. She kept begging him to slow down, but the more she begged, the harder and faster he fucked. His body crushed her, smothered her. His sweat drenched her.

Despite her biting and clawing, he kept kissing her, kept slobbering all over her face. He rubbed his muscular chest against her tits, and each time his hard nipples met hers she nearly lost her mind as electric jolts shot through her body. His cock rammed, plunging up her cunt like a locomotive piston.

"Come!" he said. "Come again! Come with me!"

Delirious, Jennifer twisted her blonde head from side to side. She crushed herself to the boy, trying to fuse their bodies together forever. Her pussy was melting, yet so tight she feared it would split with a thousand fissures. Her entire body was going to explode. She couldn't tell anymore whether she was feeling pain or unbearable pleasure. As the boy rammed into her repeatedly, she fucked him back as hard and fast as she could, fucked him in self-defense, fucked him as if her life depended on it.

"Ohhh. I'm gonna come!" the boy bellowed. "I'm gonna come!"

His cock swelled so big and hard inside Jennifer that her pelvic bones strained at the stains. It felt to Jennifer like a torpedo about to explode.

"Awwwwwww?" the boy cried out, his body shuddering, his cock flexing rhythmically as spurts of jism erupted from it. "Uhh, uhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhh!"

As his cum splashed in the depths of Jennifer's cunt, as it shot up into her womb, as the boy's cock shuddered and flexed and pumped out gobs and spurts of sizzling spunk, Jennifer forgot herself for a moment, and in that moment she reined. Like magic, the unbearable sensations saturating her fuckmeat melted into the most exquisite pleasure she'd ever experienced. As the boy's cock jerked and vibrated, pumping her pussy-hole full of hot jizz, Jennifer's orgasmic contractions resumed and waves of ecstasy flooded her body.

"Ohhhh -- yessssss!" she moaned. "Ohhhh darling yessss!"

She squirmed under the rutting teenager, sucking the cum out of him with her spasming pussy, feeling the indescribably wonderful ecstasy in every cell of her body.

"Oh yeahhh!" Brian moaned, humping and spurting. "Oh Jennifer, yeah baby, yeahhh!"

Jennifer writhed under him, grinding her tits up at him, milking his cock with her clutching, sucking pussy. She groaned in unison with him, letting him know she was feeling just as good as he was. She thought they'd never stop coming. She prayed they'd never stop coming. It felt so incredibly good! How could anything ever feel so good?

They fucked until every twinge and aftershock and quiver had been milked from their coupled bodies.

"How'd you like it?" Brian said, licking her nose.


Jennifer squeezed his cock with her cunt, and his cock flexed inside her in response.

He pulled his cock out of her and helped her up. The newspaper bundle that had been under Jennifer's ass was slimy on top with pussyjuice and gobs of thick white spunk. The boy had shot such a profuse load that her pussy had overflowed with it.

"I'd better get home and get this truck back to the garage before they send the cops out looking for me," Brian said.

"Are you gonna visit me sometime?" Jennifer squeezed the boy's long cock. "Let me finish that blowjob I started?"

"Any time you want," Brian said, and his cock swelled noticeably in her hand.

They dressed quickly, without looking at each other, so as to void temptation. Brian had to get his van back to the garage.


Jennifer hadn't been home more than ten minutes when the doorbell rang. She peeked through the living room curtains and saw Gary standing at the front door, impatiently tapping his bare foot on the front step. He had another boy with him -- not Tommy this time, but a tall, gangly, red-haired kid who looked a year or two older than Gary.

"Where've you been?" Gary said, pushing past Jennifer into the house as she held open the door. "This is the third time in the last hour we rang your doorbell. Sally said you left her house over an hour ago."

Jennifer was stunned by Gary's accusatory tone. She stood there with her mouth open, watching speechless as both boys unzipped their jeans.

"I'm glad we waited and didn't let Sally do us," said the redhead. He stroked Jennifer's ass, leering at her suggestively and sliding his tongue back and forth between his lips. "You're right, Gary, this widow is hot."

Before Jennifer knew what was happening, the boys were all over her, feeling her up, pulling her clothes off.

"What a set of tits!" said the redhead, groping her naked tits, tweaking her nipples with his thumbs.

Jennifer panted, her heart racing, her legs going rubbery. In spite of all the sex she'd had already today, she was suddenly as horny as if she hadn't been touched sexually in months. As her pants and sandals were pulled off, she spread her legs so the boys would have easy access to her crotch. Cum and pussy-juice dribbled from her cunt, and the boys smeared the sex-juices up and down her inner thighs and all over her crotch and ass as she writhed between them, moaning.

"Christ, is she juicy!" said the redhead.

"You oughta see her when she comes," Gary said. "It's like piss running out of her."

"Goddamn!" said the redhead.

As the boys released her and she teetered on her feet, she watched them pull off their own clothes. The redhead's erect cock was uncut, like Brian's was, but it was shorter than Brian's, about the same size as Gary's -- eight inches.

"To hell with getting a blowjob!" the redhead said. "I wanna fuck this juicy twat." Without warning, he grabbed Jennifer, stuck his cock up between her thighs, and thrust. His uncut prick sliced to the hilt up her jizz-greased cunt. Both he and Jennifer moaned as pleasure shot through their bodies.

"What a pussy!" the redhead said, wiggling his cock inside her as he rubbed his chest against her tits. Her fuckjuices ran out on his balls as he worked his cock in and out.

"Yeah!" Gary said, grinding up against Jennifer's ass. "I'm gonna fuck this pussy too."

Jennifer clung to the redheaded boy as Gary hooked his fingers into her pussy-lips and stretched them apart until they almost tore. She gasped from the stretch as Gary squeezed his cock in next to the other boy's cock and forced it up her cunt. The cocks of the two boys were pressed together belly-to-belly inside her, both cocks buried to the hilt.

Jennifer's mouth gaped in a silent scream. She was more stunned than in pain.

"Feels good!" the redhead moaned, grinding his cock against Gary's cock. "Man, I'm gonna come real quick like this?"

"Me too," said Gary, rubbing his naked body against Jennifer's back, churning his cock in her pussy.

It was as if a fist had been forced up Jennifer's cunt. The two cocks together were as thick as an arm. Jennifer imagined that this was what having a baby must feel like. The stretch of her pussy was incredible.

The cocks slid in and out like greased snakes, rubbing against each other, rubbing the walls of Jennifer's pussy until she almost screamed from the intense sensations. Her cunt pulsed with each throb and probe of the two cocks, and the fuckjuices continued to dribble out of her, drenching the spunk-swollen nuts of the boys.

Crushing her between them, the two boys kissed her and bit her and slobbered on her flesh. They fucked her rhythmically, grinding their cocks up into her pussy again and again. The more she writhed, the more she groaned, the hotter they got and the harder they fucked. Her loins throbbed with fuck-tension, became so saturated with fuck-itch that she chewed her lips nearly bloody in a frenzy of lust and pleasure. She writhed between the grunting, humping teens, her entire body about to explode with pleasure.

"She's a fucking volcano inside!" said the redhead, grinding his cock in and out.

"My prick is in fuck-heaven!" Gary said. "Shit, I'm gonna squirt! Aw yeahhh, here it comes!"

His teeth sank into the back of Jennifer's neck as his cock swelled and shuddered inside her. As his hot jizz splashed in her womb, he danced on his toes, humping, grinding. Jism poured up her cunt.

"Shit, I can feel your prick coming, man!" said the redhead. "It's like lava running all over my cock! Shit man, here I come too!"

He rutted in a last wild frenzy of teenage lust and exploded into Jennifer, his green eyes rolling back in his head until only their whites showed.

As the two boys grunted and moaned in unison, pumping their hot teen spunk up Jennifer's cunt, Jennifer itched in every cell of her body. It was as if their two cocks and her body had become one, as if her body were an extension of their spasming cocks, as if her body had become their cocks. As the fuck pleasure saturated their cocks, pulsing through their spasming fuckmeat in electric waves, the pleasure and electricity flowed into Jennifer's body, saturated Jennifer's every cell, and suddenly she was pulsing and shuddering like an ejaculating cock, her entire body becoming one big spasming prick.

"Eeeeeeeeh!" she whined, writhing, jerking, gibbering like a crazy woman. She clawed the feet of both boys with her toenails. As their cocks bucked and spurted inside her, she jerked and shivered and groaned. The pleasure of being creamed up the pussy simultaneously by two cocks was enough to drive her out of her mind forever.

The boys humped her and creamed her until they were both too weak to continue. Their spent cocks slipped out of her and they collapsed on the floor of the hall, both of them panting as if they'd just been cut down from being hanged by their arms, and whipped. Jennifer collapsed between them. She stretched out on the cool floor of the hall and relaxed as she hadn't relaxed in years. She was spent.

After several minutes, the redhead sat up, resting his back against the wall.

"That was better than any old blowjob," he said.

"Maybe," Gary said. "But you ain't never had one of the widow's blowjobs. She sucks as good as the Lesbo Lady -- maybe better."

"No way!" said the redhead. "I don't believe it."

Then I'll just have to show you, Jennifer thought. Flopping down on her belly between the redhead's legs, she grabbed his floppy, jizz drenched cock and sucked up the end of it. As she went down on his cockshaft, the big prick swelled up and hardened.

"Ohhhh yeahhhh!" said the redhead. "Suck it! Use that tongue!"

Holding the boy's foreskin down tight, Jennifer sucked rhythmically, smacking her lips, churning her tongue. As she sucked, she pumped her hand up and down, jerking on the boy's foreskin. He started to pant and squirm, his bare toes curling as the pleasure shot through his cock.

"She's good," said the redhead. "I wish my girlfriend could suck cock like this."

"Her mouth's too small," said Gary. "The widow's got a big wet mouth with fat juicy lips. It's just like a cunt. Hurry up and suck up that cream, widow, you've got another cock waiting for that hot mouth of yours."

Jennifer didn't have to be urged on, she was starving for hot teenage jizz. She couldn't wait for the redhead's big, spunky prick to buck and spurt in her mouth. Her blonde head bobbed. Her lips smacked. With a moan, the redhead grabbed her head and rammed his cock to the hilt down her throat.

"Take it, baby! Eat my jizz."

As Jennifer gagged, the redhead's cock shuddered and spurted. Her mouth and throat filled with thick, slimy spunk. She gulped frantically, choking as the cum filled her throat again and again. The redhead groaned with pleasure.

"She loves jizz," Gary said, pulling on his own hard cock. "Well, I got lots more for her to drink."

Jennifer was swallowing the last thick drops of the redhead's cum when Gary grabbed her by the hair and hauled her around in the other direction so she could suck his cock. She lay on her belly between his legs as he stuffed his cock down her throat and started to thrust.

"Suck!" Gary said. "Suck my cock! Eat my jizz!"

He jerked her head up and down, reaming out her throat, grinding his blond groin against her nose. He fucked his cock down her throat to the balls. His crotch reeked of sweat and musk. As he humped against her face, he wrapped his thighs around her head, crushing her head between them, grinding his cock in her throat.

"Fuck her throat!" the redhead said. "Jeez, this is hot!" As he watched Gary fuck Jennifer's throat, he stuck his foot between her legs from behind and dug his big-toe into her cunt. His toe disappeared between her jizz-greased pussylips, and he toe-fucked her as she sucked Gary's cock.

The boy's hot toe up her pussy made Jennifer's lust surge. She started to enjoy Gary's rough throat-fucking. She squirmed on her belly, fucking the redhead's hot big-toe with her cunt as she munched on Gary's cock.

"Grind that hot toe in," Gary moaned. "Oh yeah, she's a real good cocksucker! She'll suck anything. She'll fuck anything too. I bet she'd fuck a dog's cock."

Jennifer growled, sucking Gary's teen prick with all her skill. Her pussy was seething, about to explode around the redhead's churning big toe. She wanted to suck jizz. She wanted to come.

"Oh fuck!" Gary gasped, his skinny body quivering. "I feel it coming! Yeahhhh!"

His prick quivered and flexed in Jennifer's mouth, spurting jism.

"Eat my load!"

As Gary grunted like a young bull, pumping spunk down Jennifer's rapidly swallowing throat, Jennifer fucked herself to orgasm on the redhead's twisting big-toe. Her pussy sucked the redhead's toe as hard as her mouth was sucking Gary's pulsing cock. Fuck-itch saturated her cuntlips, filled her loins, streamed through her legs. She squirmed on the hall floor, groaning as she spasmed and sucked, growling as she guzzled cum.

"I wonder, does she drink piss like the Lesbo Lady?" the redhead said as Gary squeezed the last of his cum into Jennifer's mouth.

"I don't know," Gary said. "Why don't we find out?"

Keeping his thighs wrapped around Jennifer's head and his half-hard cock stuffed down her throat, Gary tried to piss. Only a few drops dribbled out at first, giving Jennifer time to sample the taste. It was bitter, salty, not sweet at all, like girl-piss was. The taste was so potent, in fact, that it made her nauseous. She wondered if she could drink piss without vomiting.

"Ahhhhhh!" Gary sighed. His piss gushed out, filling her mouth and throat in seconds. Jennifer retched, spitting piss all over Gary's groin and balls.

"Come on, drink it," Gary said. "It ain't so bad. The Lesbo Lady loves it."

"Come on, drink it," the redhead said. "We know you love it, just like the Lesbo Lady."

Jennifer couldn't help swallowing the piss as it flowed from Gary's fat cock, and soon she was used to the taste and sucking hungrily. The boys were right, it really didn't taste half bad.

The boys laughed with delight, calling her a good old piss-drinking widow.

When Jennifer had sucked all the piss out of Gary, she turned around and went for the redhead's half-hard cock, engulfing it like a snake-eating lizard. She swallowed his uncut cock to the hilt, sucking on it gently until the boy got his piss flow started. As his hot pin flooded her throat, she sucked harder, gulping down his bitter-sweet bladder-juice with satisfied smacks of her lips.

"We oughta bottle it and sell it," said the redhead. "I bet these rich ladies would pay good money for stud-piss."

"Maybe we oughta start charging 'em for our cum too," said Gary with a laugh.

The two boys dressed, thanked Jennifer for the use of her fuckholes, and left her lying naked on the hall floor in a puddle of piss. She'd never learned the redhead's name, she realized.

"I'm a certified slut now, George," she said out loud. "Having sex with boys whose names I don't even know. How much worse can I get?"

She rubbed her ass in the piss on the floor and laughed.


Jennifer ordered chow mien from a local Chinese restaurant for dinner. There was a chance that Brian, her new-found truck driver friend, would be able to join her for dinner this evening, so Jennifer ordered extra food just in case he showed up.

She prayed that Brian would show up. She was dying to finish off that blowjob she'd started giving him this afternoon. She could still taste his enormous uncut cock in her mouth. Every time she thought of it, she drooled.

In anticipation of Brian's arrival, she put on her skimpiest string bikini, the bikini that used to turn George into a wild animal every time she wore it. She felt so sexy pacing around the house in the bikini that she was tempted to jerk off. Several times, she slipped a finger under the crotch of her bikini panties and massaged the sizzling wet meat between her cuntlips, but each time she forced herself to stop masturbating before she got too carried away. She wanted to save the release of her sexual tension for Brian.

"Please show up!" she said out loud. "Don't disappoint me, Brian, please don't!"

She prayed he could sense her need for him through mental telepathy or something.

The doorbell rang and she ran like an excited little girl to answer it. Without peeking out first to see who was there, she flung open the door. Her smile wavered when she found herself face to face not with Brian, but with a pimply-faced delivery boy from the Chinese restaurant. The boy's blue eyes bugged out at the sight of Jennifer in her bikini, and he almost dropped the bag of carry-out food.

"Come in," Jennifer said, biding the disappointment from her voice. "You're just in time. I'm starved. Wait here, I'll get your money."

When Jennifer returned from the kitchen, where she'd dropped the bag of hot food on the table, she found the delivery boy exactly where she'd left him, just inside the front door, and just as wide-eyed and red-faced as ever. Shamelessly, he looked her up and down, as if trying to memorize forever every curve of her voluptuous, nearly naked body. She could see the outline of a bone-hard erection down one leg of his pants.

"I am sorry," Jennifer said, "but I only have enough to pay for the food, not enough to give you a tip." She was lying.

"Don't worry about it," the boy said, his eyes never leaving her tits. "I hardly ever get tits anyway -- I mean tips!"

He laughed sheepishly at his slip of the tongue. Jennifer laughed too.

"Tits or tips," she said. "You really ought to get something for being so prompt and efficient."

As she handed him the money, she intentionally dropped a few bills, and before the boy could retrieve them, Jennifer was bending over. Just as she'd intended it to happen, the bikini halter strings slipped off her shoulders and the tit cups slid off her nipples. She dropped to her knees at the boy's feet, her naked tits hanging delectably before his eyes as she looked up at him, the retrieved bills clutched in one of her hands.

The boy stared as if stunned by a ray gun. The cylindrical bulge down one leg of his pants pulsated visibly.

"You simply must have a tip," Jennifer said. "I wouldn't feel right if you left here without getting a tip. And I think I know what you'd like."

She reached up and started to unzip the boy's pants. He watched her without saying a word, and soon she had his pants pulled down to his knees. His sweaty, bone-hard cock stood up boldly, throbbing inches from her nose. It was a slender, fat-headed cock about seven inches long. She grabbed it at the base of his cockshaft and swallowed the end of it.

"Ohhhhh!" the boy moaned, thrusting forward, grinding his loins in circles. "Ohhh yeahhh."

"Mmmmmm." Jennifer growled, bobbing her head, churning her tongue, smacking her lips as she sucked hungrily.

The money fell forgotten from her hand. She reached up to play with the boy's bulging nuts as she sucked his cock. He breathed loudly, sounding like a bellows as he became more and more delirious from Jennifer's cock-sucking. "Can I fuck you between the tits?" the boy said. "I'd love to come between your tits."

Jennifer was anxious to feel his big cock bucking and spurting in her mouth, but if coming between her tits would make him happier than coming in her mouth, then she wasn't going to deny him the pleasure he craved most. This was his tip after all, not hers.

Pulling her head back, she let his cock slip out of her mouth. She pressed her tits together, mounding them up, and let him stick his spit greased cock between them. He grabbed her by the shoulders and started to hump, working his hot cock in the silky soft furrow formed by her pressed-together boobs.

"Big fucking tits!" he muttered. "Wow, what a set of tits!"

Jennifer was surprised at how pleasurable it was to have a hot cock sliding between her tits. As the boy humped, she pressed her tits closer around his cock. Her nipples throbbed with fuck-itch and she pinched them. Waves of fuck pleasure pulsed through her tits and cunt. She squeezed her thighs together, shimmying her pussy-lips between them.

"Do you like my hot tits?" she said, gazing seductively at the red-faced boy. She licked her lips, trying to excite him even more.

"Fuck yeahhhh!" the boy said. "Oh Christ!" His cock flexed hard suddenly. Then it shuddered and began to spurt.

"Uhhhhh!" the boy grunted. "Awwwwww!" He appeared more surprised at his sudden orgasm than Jennifer was.

Jism gushed between Jennifer's tits. Jism shot up against her neck, dripped from the underside of her chin. Jism ran down her tits like hot frosting and got her nipples slimy.

"Yeahhhhh!" The boy gripped her shoulders hard, driving his cock between her tits, firing his hot cum. His cock slipped from between her tits, shooting jizz in her face as it flexed freely in the air.

Jennifer grabbed his spurting cock and stuffed it in her mouth, sucking it till she'd drained out every drop of spunk. The boy moaned as if he were being whipped, his eyes rolling deliriously.

As the boy pulled up his pants, Jennifer wiped the cum off her tits with her fingers and sucked her fingers clean. The boy watched her.

"I gotta go," the boy said finally. "I got lots more deliveries to make. Thanks for the tip."

"Don't mention it," Jennifer said. "And feel free to come back any time."

"I'll be back," the boy said.

Jennifer was in the bathroom, cleaning up, when the doorbell rang again. She adjusted her bikini halter and ran to the door. This time, Brian was waiting for her.

"I'm thrilled you could make it," Jennifer said, leading Brian into the kitchen. "I hope you like chow mein."

The boy laughed. "That's what Mom was making at home."

They sat across the table from each other, gazing more than eating. Brian was still dressed in his red muscle-shirt and jeans. He slipped off his sneakers under the table and he and Jennifer started playing footsie.

"You look so fucking sexy in that bikini," Brian said. "You've got me so riled up I don't think I can finish eating."

Jennifer lifted her foot and pushed it between the boy's legs. Her toes stroked the steel-hard cylinder in his jeans.

"Keep eating," she said. "I'll take care of you. You can have your cake and eat it too."

As Brian watched, she pulled off her bikini, then crawled down under the table. Brian lifted his feet, stroking her tits with his hot toes, tweaking her nipples. She grabbed his feet and kissed them, then started sucking his toes.

"Shit!" the boy said. "How can I eat with you chewing on my toes? The feeling shoots straight to my prick. It's driving me nuts!"

He rubbed his cock through his pants.

"Keep eating," Jennifer said. "I'll suck you off."

She unzipped his pants and he raised his ass so she could pull them down and all the way off. His cock throbbed upright against his red shirt, drooling silvery fucklube on it. Jennifer grabbed his enormous prick and bent it down, peeling his foreskin completely off his cockhead so she could lick his fuck-knob naked.

"Awwww damn, I can't eat!" the boy said. "Not like this!"

"If you want a blowjob, then keep shoveling in that chow mein. You'll need lots of energy for later. I don't want you pooping out on me." She flicked her tongue at his moist, glossy prickhead. "Eat!"

"You eat too," Brian said. "Eat up my cock!"

He rubbed his naked ass against the chair seat, rubbed his naked cockhead against Jennifer's lips. As Jennifer licked his cock, he shucked off his shin. Both he and Jennifer were stark-naked.

Try as she could, Jennifer could only swallow two-thirds of Brian's cock. His cock was too thick, too long for her to swallow all of it. The head of it lodged in her throat, and her lips nearly tore as they stretched around his cockshaft.

"Yeahhhhh!" Brian groaned, chomping on his food as he worked his cock in. Jennifer's throat. "Ohhh yeahhh, suck it!"

The boy's prick tasted so salty, so sweaty and musky that Jennifer salivated all over it. Her spit ran down his cock and drenched his balls. Her head bobbed. She pumped her hand, sliding his foreskin up and down. Her tongue slurped all over his cheesy tasting fuck-knob and she growled like a hungry kitten.

"Oh Jesus!" Brian groaned.

He was tingling all over, ready to jump out of his skin. He dropped his fork, unable to eat another morsel of food without choking on it. As Jennifer drilled his pisshole with her tonguetip, as she pumped his foreskin up and down and sucked on his cockhead, such electric thrills shot through his cock that he shuddered.

Come on, baby! Jennifer thought, sucking as rapidly and skillfully as she could. Feed me! Squirt your hot spunk down my throat! Come on baby, shoot it!


Brian's toes clawed at the floor as the orgasmic waves began in his loins. As the hot pleasure shot through his cock and his cum spurted into Jennifer's throat, he lifted his ass off the chair seat, working his cock between Jennifer's lips, rubbing his pulsating prickhead in her throat. "Eat it! Oh yeah, suck it!"

Jennifer gagged on his flow of thick cum. Her skull vibrated with each shudder of his cock in her mouth. Her mouth and throat filled with cum and she swallowed frantically, gulping down mouthful after mouthful. As fast as she swallowed, she still drooled cum on the boy's nuts.

Jennifer growled as she ate the boy's load. Her lips smacked, her tongue churned, and her head bobbed. She didn't stop sucking until she'd drained every drop of spunk from the nine-inch prick.

Brian slumped back. "That was great!"

"Have you finished your meal?" Jennifer asked.

A trickle of cum had leaked from one corner of her mouth and Brian wiped it off with his finger and fed it to her. "Now that you've finished your meal, I'll finish mine," he said.

Dinner over, Jennifer left the dirty dishes on the table and led Brian to the bedroom. At the bedroom doorway, she and Brian kissed, working their tongues in each other's mouth. Brian's cock swelled to a full, throbbing erection against Jennifer's belly. He picked her up as if she weighed no more than a willowy teenage bride and carried her over the threshold. He laid her on the bed and lay down next to her.

"You can be my new husband," Jennifer said. "We don't get married, but for as long as you want, you can be my husband and use me in any way you want. How's that sound?"

"Fucking great!" Brian said.

He puled her against him and together they rolled back and forth across the bed, grinding against each other, kissing madly, clawing each other's back. Brian fingered Jennifer's crotch from behind. He smeared her pussycream up into her asscrack. The middle finger of his right hand slipped into her asshole.

"That feels good!" Jennifer purred. "Do you like my hot asshole?"

"I love your hot asshole," Brian said, nibbling on her jaw with his teeth. "I love every hot hole you've got."

His finger plunged, buggering her asshole. Jennifer rolled on top of him, grinding down against him, rubbing her tits against his chest and her belly against his huge cock, which throbbed between them like a hot rattlesnake. As his finger twisted in her asshole, she squirmed and moaned. They kissed, and she drooled spit in his mouth. The boy swallowed it.

"I wanna fuck you!" Brian moaned. "I wanna shove my big cock up your cunt."

Jennifer wriggled out of his embrace.

"Don't move," she said. "Just lie there and let me do the work."

As the boy lay on his back on the bed, Jennifer straddled him at the waist. He reached up and stroked her tits as she bent his cock up between her legs and screwed her pussy-lips onto his naked prick-knob.

"Fuck!" the boy groaned as she held his foreskin down tight and wiggled her cunt around and around on his cockhead. He watched her fuck juices dribble down his cock like hot oil and felt them trickle over his hairy, lust-swollen balls. He pinched her nipples, making her cunt contract. The tight sheath of her pussy slid down his throbbing fuck-column.

Jennifer's eyes rolled back as the huge prick sank up her cunt to the hilt. She moaned with pleasure, rubbing her ass against the boy's hot nuts. His cock flexed inside her, and she responded by squeezing it with her cunt.

"Feels so good!" Brian moaned. "I could fuck you forever, baby."

Jennifer smiled as she began to ride up and down. Her slick, searing-hot pussy slid up and down all nine inches of the boy's rigid cock, and the fuckjuices continued to dribble out of her. As she fucked his nine-inch cock, juicy, squishing noises came from her cunt.

"This is fucking great!" Brian groaned, his eyes rolling deliriously, his muscular body squirming under Jennifer as she churned her cunt up and down his cock.

Bracing her hands behind her on the boy's thighs, Jennifer raised her feet one at a time so be could suck her toes. As she wriggled her toes in his mouth, he drooled spit all over them, and hot thrills streamed through Jennifer's feet and legs. Her cunt contracted with each suck the boy gave her toes, and suddenly, without warning, her cunt went into spasms.

"Oh God!" Jennifer thrust her tits high, jerking her loins up and down as she rode the boy's cock, her orgasm exploding in her cunt. Her electric toes curled in his mouth, clawed at his smacking lips. "Yessss! Oh God, yes!"

As her spasming cunt sucked the boy's cock, his big prick flexed wildly inside her and his eyes rolled with delirious pleasure. He was on the verge of coming when Jennifer pulled up off him and fell forward, kissing him as the last twinges of orgasm pulsed through her cunt.

"I was almost coming," Brian complained. "Why didn't you let me come?"

"You'll come," Jennifer said. "You've got all night to come."

Brian rubbed his cock against her ass. "Let me stick it in you again."

"Let me catch my breath," Jennifer said.

A minute later, she raised up over Brian's loins again, his cock in her hand. She relubricated his prick by rubbing it against her dripping cunt-furrow, then shoved it between her asscheeks. As Brian watched wide-eyed and unbelieving, Jennifer fucked her asshole down on his cock. His prickhead was like a fist being forced inside her. For a few moments she feared she wouldn't be able to take it.

"Christ!" Brian said. "No woman's ever been able to take my cock up her ass. It would split 'em in half. It'll split you in half."

"Then split me in half!" Jennifer growled, her teeth clenched. With a grinding motion of her loins, she fucked her asshole to the hilt on the boy's cock. Her asscheeks squashed down on his balls. His cockhead throbbed in the heart of her guts. Her loins felt like they'd explode.

"So fucking tight!" Brian gasped. "I don't believe it's really in there!"

"It's in there," Jennifer said. "Believe me!"

Slowly, she began to ride. Brian arched up, grinding his cock inside her asshole as she slipped up and down. Jennifer shoved her hand between her legs and rubbed her middle finger between her pussy-lips, bending her clit back and forth, rubbing it in circles. As the fuck tension increased in her loins, her asshole tightened even more around Brian's cock. Pussyjuice dribbled from her cunt, dripping from her jerking hand onto the boy's belly.

"This is it!" Brian moaned, churning his ass and grinding his cock inside Jennifer. "This is fucking it!"

His toes clawed into the mattress as he thrust upward, knifing his cock up Jennifer's asshole as she jerked up and down.

Jennifer was delirious. She'd come only moments ago, but she was ready to come again. She sensed she could come repeatedly all night if she wanted to, as long as she had Brian's cock to turn her on.

"Get ready!" Brian gasped. "Shit, get ready!"

"Shoot it!" Jennifer said. "Shoot it now!" As Jennifer jerked up and down, her tits flapping, her hand sliding between her legs, she caught sight of George's picture on the dresser. Look at your widow now, George, she thought. Look at me ass-fucking this horny teenage truck driver. I'm free, George. I'm alive! From now on there's no stopping me!

"Uhhhhh!" Brian bellowed, exploding his spunk up Jennifer's asshole. His cock flexed repeatedly, spurting cum deep in her guts.

"Yeahhh! Yeahhhh!"

"Yessss!" Jennifer moaned. "Oh darling, yesss!"

Her blonde head tossed from side to side. Her eyes rolled back to white slits. As the spasms exploded simultaneously in her cunt and asshole, she shuddered all over, every cell of her body wracked with pleasure.

"Jennifer!" Brian moaned, reaching up to play with her bouncing tits as he pumped his jizz up her asshole. "So fucking hot! Oh Jennifer!"

I'm the hottest widow in town, Jennifer thought. I'm the hottest woman in town. And I always will be. You just wait, George! You just wait and see!

Brian was still oozing jizz up Jennifer's asshole when she began to piss on his stomach. It was the filthiest, hottest thing any woman had ever done to the boy, and as her hot piss flowed over his belly, he smeared his hands in it and rubbed it on Jennifer's tits. Soon, his own hot piss was flowing into Jennifer's asshole and drenched his hot balls.

With a sigh, Jennifer began to grind her ass in circles, ass-fucking the boy's big pissing cock. It felt good to her. It felt great! She'd be coming again very soon.


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