Wild horny sister

As members of society pass through an adolescent stage. A growing-up period. A time when each young member feels he is infinitely more daring and modern than the adults ruling the establishment he often rebels against. Nowhere is this phenomenon more marked than in an open society such as ours.

Many an adult has smiled in nostalgic remembrance of the time he sneaked out back to enjoy a forbidden cigarette or beer. The time he challenged another boy to a drag race. The time he threw a firecracker in the school john.

Katy Swensen's story is that of an aged girl growing up in her own way, breaking the moral code she has been taught. Haunting her body in open rebellion. Reveling in any and every new wanton experience. Indeed, Katy makes a world of her own, where hedonism becomes the standard.

WILD HORNY SISTER is growing up, going over the threshold into young adulthood. She is learning to see her parents as people. This is the story of one girl's coming of age in our society.


"Betty Blows A Big One," the photo caption read.

In the glossy full-page photo, a man stood in the hallway of an anonymous suburban home, blocking the open door. He was wearing a suit, and Katy guessed that he was in his mid-thirties. By no standards would he have been considered handsome. He was swarthy, with a heavy mustache and black hair.

The man's pants were crumpled around his ankles; he wore no underwear. His thighs and midsection were covered in thick body hair, and rising out of all that curly fur was a huge, fat prick.

Only part of the cock was visible, but it was obvious that the prick was both exceptionally long and extremely thick. It was a lurid pink in color, and the cock was bloated to total thickness, steely and swollen.

"Fuck," Katy Swensen whispered as she stared at the photo and rubbed her pussy through her jeans. Her cunt was getting very hot.

Kneeling on the floor in front of the man was a young blonde. She was supposed to be sexy in her baby-blue negligee, but her hair was stringy, and she was so skinny that Katy could see the full shape of her cheekbones. An obvious whore.

She couldn't tell much else about the woman's face, because her mouth was stuffed with the man's huge, hard prick. Her whole face was contorted by the action of taking his massive prick between her lips.

Her lips were stretched to bursting, clutching tightly and wetly around that veined, rock-hard cockshaft. The woman's cheeks were hollowed, showing how violently she sucked; her eyes were closed, showing her absolute devotion to the cock in her mouth.

A briefcase lay on the floor beside them. The man's head was tilted slightly downwards; a complacent smirk curled his lips as he watched the woman sucking his prick. It was only a snapshot, but Katy could tell that the woman was a very good, enthusiastic cocksucker. She looked so hungry for it. Katy was sure that the woman hadn't stopped until the man shot a big load of cum all over her face, or down her gulping throat.

"Fuck," Katy whispered. "Oh fuck, I want to suck a cock!"

Katy put the picture aside and shot a quick glance at her bedroom door, making sure that it was closed so her parents or big brother wouldn't disturb her. Then the aged blonde frantically pulled down her jeans, exposing her soft, shapely, creamy thighs and the curly-haired triangle of her cunt.

Her pussy slit was pink and swollen, and the flowering folds were very wet. Katy sank two fingers into the sopping wetness of her fuck hole and groaned with pleasure as she finally assuaged the burning itch deep inside her cunt.

Then she started to finger-fuck herself, dancing her plumply rounded asscheeks off the mattress, feeling her big tits shake as she jacked off and fantasized about a huge, cumspurting cock.

Katy had always thought she was typically horny for her age, anxious to neck with boys on one hand, but afraid of the responsibility fucking entailed on the other. She was one of the most sexually desirable girls in her high school, but her parents were strict with her, so she was still a virgin, and she had assumed that she would remain one until her marriage.

Until a few minutes ago, when she'd seen her first picture of a stiff, big, naked prick.

She'd been snooping in her big brother's room, as most little sisters did, mischievously hoping to find a love letter or a bottle of booze or anything that she might tease him about later on. She'd almost bypassed the heavy trunk in his closet, assuming that it just contained a lot of clothes.

It did have old clothes in it, but Katy was completely unprepared for what she found under them, nearly a dozen hardcore magazines, each showing naked couples shamelessly sucking and fucking.

The one magazine she'd dared to bring back to her bedroom was entitled "Horny Humpers", and it contained the picture she's just finished drooling over. It was filled with countless, wonderful shots of men licking hairy pussies, and thick hard-ons fucking into greasy, sucking cunts.

But what fascinated Katy most of all were the stiff cocks in general, and cock-sucking in particular.

For years she'd heard whispered, giggling conversations between her schoolmates in the girls' lavatory, about how some women took their lovers' pricks into their mouths and sucked them to orgasm. Katy had been mildly titillated by the descriptions, but she had generally thought nothing of it. She'd never even known what a real cock looked like in the raw.

Now that was all changed.

"So big and thick..." Katy whispered.

Faster and faster she humped ha ass off the bed, thrusting her wet, throbbing pussy onto her fingers. One of the pictures showed a man shooting thick gobs of jism all over a woman's face. Katy turned to it quickly and jacked off harder, as she imagined that thick cum gushing down her throat.

She had to have a cock now, in her hand or pussy, but especially in her mouth. She was a gorgeous girl, with her long blonde hair and big tits and voluptuous figure. It couldn't be that hard to find a man who would let her suck his stiff cock.


Katy spend the rest of the afternoon and evening jerking off, making the bed creak and her cunt sore as she fingered her cunt to cum after cum. Fantasy images of huge, jism gushing cocks danced before her eyes; her mouth actually drooled at the thought of stuffing a fat prick between her lips.

She was so subdued at breakfast the next morning that both her parents and brother remarked on how quiet she seemed. Katy said nothing, lowering her eyes and casting quick, secretive glances at the bulging crotches of her father and brother. She knew it was terrible, but she couldn't help wondering what her brother's prick looked like naked, or if her mother enjoyed sucking on her daddy's cock.

Katy was completely preoccupied at school too, ignoring her lessons as she wiggled her hot ass on the desk chairs and stared constantly at her teachers' cock bulges. When the last bell rang, she couldn't wait to run home and look at more of her brother's porno collection.

Her father was at work, and her mother, fortunately, had gone off shopping. Katy thought of her brother as she entered his bedroom, but she decided that he would undoubtedly be attending the honor roll society's meeting. He was such an egghead, she thought, thinking of her nineteen-year-old brother's awkward-looking black glasses and his close-cropped black hair. It was hard to believe that he even got horny, that he would have such a fantastic collection of dirty magazines at all.

Opening his closet, Katy hurriedly unlatched the trunk and pushed the old clothes out of the way. Her eyes fell on a magazine called "Do It!". The cover featured a close-up of a pretty young woman sucking feverishly on another stiff cock.

"Oh, shit," Katy whispered.

She sat on her brother's bed and opened the magazine, finding a picture of a man sucking a pretty redhead's cunt. It turned her on, but she thumbed the pages, until she found another one of a blow-job.

"Fuck!" Katy unzipped her jeans and pushed her hand under her panty crotch. She groaned as her fingers found the curly-haired silt of her cunt.

Her pussy was already wet and sopping; her eyes riveted to the woman's lips, wrapped tightly around the man's big prick. Kath furiously started to jack off as she sat on the bed with the magazine in her lap.

Then she heard a sound at the bedroom door. Katy looked up to see her big brother watching her.

He was dressed in a plaid flannel shirt, tennis shoes and baggy khakis that made him look the part of the typical high school nerd. His ordinarily shy, studious face was frozen in an expression of shock. The sound Katy had heard were his school beaks dropping, as he caught his baby sister ogling his porno collection, with her fingers in her cunt.

"Oh, Jesus!" Katy gasped. "Phil!"

"What are YOU doing in here?" Phil said. He shut the door behind him and stepped towards the bed. There was a deep blush of anger and embarrassment in his face as he glanced between her and the open trunk in the closet. "What gives you the right to barge into my room?"

Katy thought quickly, and decided that her best defense was a good offense.

"Well, what gives you the right to have a dirty magazine collection?" she asked sassily. Katy zipped up her jeans as quickly as possible and rose brazenly to her feet. "Huh? How long have you had these dirty magazines, Phil, huh?"

The anger in Phil's face was quickly replaced by fear. "You have no right to come in here," he repeated helplessly. "That's my private property."

"Private property, huh?" Katy waved the magazine in front of her as she advanced toward him. "Well, what would Mom and Dad think of your private property, Phil, huh? What do you think they'd think of that, huh? So there!"

Phil looked suddenly anguished. "Please don't show them. Please."

"Well, don't give me any more stupid lectures about not coming into your room. Okay? I mean, I'm not supposed to come in here, but you're not supposed to have all these magazines, and if Daddy knew about it you'd probably get grounded for the next ten years! So don't start yelling..."

Then Katy happened to glance at the crotch of her brother's pants, and her girlishly defensive monologue ended immediately.

Her brother had a hard-on. It was difficult to tell in such baggy pants, but there was no mistaking the thick, long column sticking out of the crotch. Katy's eyes bulged as she watched the big cock pulse luridly in his pants.

"Please don't tell," Phil whispered hoarsely. "They'll kill me. Please..."

Katy dropped the magazine and stepped closer, staring openly at his swollen cockbulge. "You really don't want me to tell, Phil?"

"No, please!"

Katy pouted. "Well, then you gotta do something for me!"

"Don't blackmail me!" Phil said angrily. "Not like the time I came home drunk and you made me do your homework! You little bitch!"

Smiling shamelessly, Katy interrupted her big brother by falling to her knees before him. She slid her hands up his thighs and made his gasp as she cupped his stiff cock through his slacks.

"Phil, why is your cock so big and hard?" she asked huskily.

Phil gaped at her silently. Hungrily, Katy kneaded and squeezed his cock through his pants, feeling her pussy burn as she felt the hot stiffness of the cock column on her fingers.

"Those dirty, magazines really turned me on, big brother," she mewled. "I wanna see your cock!"

Phil just stood there and quivered as his baby sister unzipped his pants. Then she pulled them down to his ankles, leaving his nakedness concealed only by his shorts.

The cotton of his jockey shorts was stretched obscenely by his swollen cock, and she could clearly see the fat shaft and spongy, heart-shaped cockhead. Katy's pussy started creaming. Her fingers shook as she pulled off his underwear. Free from confinement, his big prick leaped out and throbbed and jerked in mid-air.

"Oh slit, Katy!"

"God, Phil! You've really got a boner!" Katy whimpered. "It's even bigger than the pictures in the magazines! Oh fuck, your cock really turns me on!"

Eagerly, the horny girl slid her hand up her brother's hairy, surprisingly muscular thigh. Her fingers dug into his ball bag, feeling the twin globes there, clotted with a heavy load of cum.

Phil winced as his cock twitched and jerked excitedly up and down. Delicately, Katy ran her fingers up his cock shaft, pinching the tip. She lifted the crown of his hard-on and stared hungrily at the even bigger-looking underside, at the pulsing vein that seamed his cock.

"Katy, don't do this to me," Phil said helplessly. "You're my kid sister!"

"I know who I am. You don't have to tell me!" Katy wrapped her little hand around the base of his cock and squeezed tightly. Immediately it started to pulse and jerk lewdly in her fist. The bloated, shiny-skinned prick knob loomed in front of her face, and a glistening drop of pre-cum appeared on the piss slit.

"Phil, do you jack off when you look at the pictures in your dirty magazines?" Katy asked innocently. "Do you jack off a lot?"

"Katy, for God's sake."

Katy squeezed his prick hard. "Answer my question or I'll tell Mom and Dad!"

"I... I do?" Phil stammered. "That's what I have them for."

"Like this?"

Giggling hornily, Katy pulled up on his cock shaft, dragging the loose flesh with her hand. She pushed her fist back down, seeming, to stretch the skin on the mushroom crown of his prick.

Phil gasped and did nothing to stop her. Katy started to beat her big brother's cockmeat, moving her fist in a blur up and down the rigid stalk of cock flesh.

"Katy, oh Christ!"

"Fuck, your cock's getting even stiffer! It's getting fatter, too!" Katy's pussy was a slick, foaming pool of lust as she gave her brother a hand-job with growing speed and expertise. "Do you like the way I jack off your cock, big brother?"

Phil only grimaced and started working his ass cheeks, fucking his prick through the tight grip of her fingers. Kath noticed that more and more hot drops of pre-cum seeped from the tip of his cock.

"What's all this stuff coming out of your dick? Does this mean you're going to cum?"

Phil was too horny to reply. Bending her head forward, pumping furiously on his cock, Katy extended her tongue and pressed it to the blood-swollen head of his cock. She wiggled her tongue onto the cum slit, lapping up the juices oozing from his balls.

"Fuck, that really tastes good!" she exclaimed. "It's all thick and musky! Is it gonna taste that good when you cum?"

"Nnn!" Phil's bespectacled face was a mask of incestuous desire. "Suck it, Katy! Just like in the magazines! Suck off my prick!"

Katy flared her nostrils for air and pressed her lips to the pulsating tip of his hard-on. Tentatively, she kissed it, feeling her cunt throb and juice much harder as she got her first real taste of cock.

The cock was delicious; she was hornier than ever to give her brother a blow-job. Opening her mouth widely, the horny girl made a wet, gurgling sound as she took the knob of Phil's prick between her lips.

She closed her mouth just under the crown, forming a tight, compressed circle with her lips. Then she swirled her tongue all over the puffy prick knob, tasting her first wick. It was delicious!

Katy's clit started to tingle as she tongue-brushed her brother's prick, tugging on the fat cockshaft with her lips. She didn't know what to compare the act of cock-sucking to except suckling her thumb as a little girl. Except this big, stiff prick shaft was a lot larger than her thumb had ever been, and she had never derived as much pleasure from thumb-sucking as she did from this fat cock clogging her mouth.

Katy shut her eyes, concentrating on the taste and fullness of the cock in her mouth. Then she sucked in hard, making an obscene slurping noise as her cheeks fucked and her lips dragged tighter around his stiff prick.

"Unhh! Don't bite it!" Phil gasped. "Don't use your fucking teeth!"

Katy folded her lips over her teeth, giving her mouth a strange shape as it luridly embraced the meaty thickness of her brother's cock. She sucked again, slurping less loudly, making Phil's big fucker throb wildly in her mouth.

More cock juice oozed from the tip; Katy rolled her tongue around the prick tip to lap it up. Then she sucked again, and again, until she was giving him a feverish blow-job, holding his cock in position with her fist so she could pleasure the crown with her mouth.

"Unh! Oh fuck, Katy!" Phil stared down at the spectacle of his young sister sucking wetly on his prick. "You're giving me a blow-job! I can't believe this! Ohhhh, fuck!"

Katy squeezed her hand tightly around the veined root of his prick, keeping her wide blue eyes tightly shut, thinking of nothing but the huge fuck rod stuffing her mouth. Even as her pussy burned, a strange feeling of contentment washed over her as she gave her brother head. It was like sucking on a pacifier, she thought, like the most delicious lollipop in the world.

Katy gagged slightly as she pushed her face towards his hairy stomach, for more of his prick meat between her lips. Then she sucked his cock harder and faster, growing accustomed to the skills required for a good blowjob, clasping her lips tightly around the aching shaft of his prick.

"I can't fucking take this!" Phil moaned. "Oh Jesus, Katy! I'm gonna cum!"

His cock was getting even bigger and stiffer in her mouth, Katy realized, and she could feel the thick vein on the underside pulsing rhythmically. Inspired, the horny blonde sucked more lasciviously than ever. She couldn't wait to drink, her brother's cum.

Phil lunged his hips at her, as if trying to fuck her face with his cock. Katy caught on quickly, and made little bucking motions with her neck, fucking his prick in and out of her lips.

Her mouth was full of saliva and his drooling pre-cum, and the blow-job became very loud as she sucked harder and harder; the slurping, smacking, kissing sounds filled the whole bedroom. Katy felt starved for cock, like she could never get enough of his cock. Violently, she fucked and bellowed her cheeks, as if trying to milk his prick.

"Gonna cum!" Phil gasped. "Oh shit, you suck so hard! Jack off my prick, Katy! Stroke it while you suck!"

Katy took his cock out of her mouth long enough to lick the whole, throbbing prick shaft, anointing the steely column so that her fist would be able to move on it without friction. She whimpered with animal pleasure as she stuffed the swollen cock knob back between her lips.

Then she started to jack his prick while she sucked it, pumping her fist up and down the thick meaty cock shaft. His cock was so fat that she could hardly curl her fingers around it. But Katy beat her brother's meat hard and fast, sucking madly, anticipating the gusher of cum about to be released from his hairy balls.

"Cumming, Katy!" Phil moaned. "Oh shit, I can't hold it back! I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

His prick swelled to huge dimensions, trembling and jerking convulsively between her lips. Hot pre-cum oozed from the piss hole, more profusely than before. Katy's cheeks flushed as she sucked his cock as hard as she could, realizing that she was about to get the cum she craved.

A thick stream of cum opened his piss slit, shooting across her tongue. Katy tasted his cock nectar and hornily started swallowing. It was delicious, salty and thick and as milk-white as cream. She jacked his cock frantically, desperate for more cum.

Then a torrent of jism rushed out of his burning prick, draining his balls in spurt after spurt of cum. Katy gurgled in wanton heat and gulped it all down, working her throat muscles, determined to swallow all of her brother's jizz.

There was so much jism that the horny girl had to keep on swallowing for nearly a minute. But finally the cum stopped shooting from the tip of his cock. Katy took her brother's throbbing prick out of her mouth and lapped at it lovingly, cleaning the traces of his cum from the bloated length of his big fucker.

"Oh, Jesus!" Shame and guilt flooded into Phil's face as he realized what he'd just done with his baby sister. "Oh Christ, get out of here! Don't tell anyone about this! Oh my God!"

He took his cock from her and pushed her out of the room, slamming the door shut behind him. Katy hurried to her room, desperate to attend to her wet, aching cunt.

She didn't feel guilty at all. She just wanted to suck some more cock.


Katy finger-fucked her hot pussy for the rest of the afternoon. And at supper she could hardly sit still, wiggling her ass on the chair as her mouth drooled for more of her big brother's prick.

She tried to approach him after dinner for a quick blow-job, but Phil wouldn't have anything to do with her. He was obviously deeply ashamed of letting his young sister take his cock between her lips. His guilt showed in his expression, in the way he refused to meet her longing eyes with his own.

He locked himself into his room and spent the rest of the night with his homework. Katy had schoolwork to do, too, but she couldn't concentrate on it at all. Every time she opened a textbook her mind would wander to her brother's huge, throbbing prick. She would think about how good it had tasted in her mouth, how thick and gooey the cum had been as it gushed down her throat.

Then she shut the textbook, ran to her bed, whipped down her panties and start fingerfucking all over again. Katy was beginning to wonder if she would ever get anything else done, if she would always be so hot and starved for cock.

By midnight, her cunt was sore and burning, but Katy was still too horny to sleep. Miserably, the wanton blonde tossed and turned under the covers, rubbing her hairy pussy mound on the pillow, grinding her thighs together in a desperate attempt to satisfy the wet need between her legs.

At a little after twelve, she finally got up for a late-night snack; perhaps a little food in her belly would help her think about something besides cock, so she could sleep. Katy started to put on a nightgown for her trip to the kitchen, but decided against it. Her parents and brother would be asleep by now. There was no reason not to go naked.

Her big tits swung and jiggled as she trotted downstairs, the nipples as stiff as thimbles. Katy was just about to go into the kitchen when she heard a noise behind her. It came from her parents' room down the hall.

There were always strange sounds late at night, from cats or passing cars or even the wind. But this one had been different somehow. Katy immediately padded barefoot down the short hall, staring curiously at the door of her parents' bedroom.

The door was ajar. As she approached, Katy heard another sound, a soft, drawn-out groaning. Then she knew instinctively that she was about to see her parents fucking.

She hesitated, as a deep need penetrated the innermost depths of her cunt. The sounds continued, louder now; her mother squealed and whimpered, and the bed creaked as her father fed his prick into her wet cunt.

Katy's pussy lips squished greasily together as she took the last steps to the bedroom door. Pressing herself against the hallway wall, she looked through the opening into their room.

She could see their bed perfectly, illuminate by a nightlamp castings subdued glow on the sheets. Her mother was on her back, with her legs wrapped tightly around Katy's father's midsection. She groaned like a wounded animal as Ken hammered his cock into her hairy cunt.

"Give it to me, Ken," Katy heard her mother whisper. "Oh Christ, that feels so good. I wish you'd fuck me more often! Unh, God! My pussy needs your prick!"

Katy's eyes widened as she stared at her father's muscular back, watching his lean, hairy ass cheeks heave and buck between her mother's thighs. June's tits were even larger than her daughter's and Katy could see the fat crimson nipples as her mother's bosom was flattened by her father's brawny chest.

"Fuck me harder, Ken!" June gasped. She twined her legs tighter around his back and started to whip her ass furiously off the creaking bed. "God, you're fucking me so deep! I want to cum now! I want you to fuck my cunt as hard as you can!"

She fucked so energetically that her husband couldn't keep up with her strokes. Ken missed a fuck-thrust; his cock popped out of his wife's clinging pussy; for only a second, Katy got her first look at her father's stiff, naked cock.

Ken's cock was enormous, even bigger than Phil's, a gigantic column of prick rising out of a forest of thick curly, black hair. The entire cock shaft glistened with June's cunt cream, and the proud stalk was capped by a huge, rosy knob, spongy and pulsing as it oozed precum.

Ken positioned his cock head on his wife's pussy slit again and rammed it back home again. Soon he was fucking her harder than ever, making the bed and his wife's ass bounce as he fucked her. But all Katy could think of was that first magical sight of the biggest cock lance she'd ever seen in her life.

Fuck her, Daddy, she thought hornily. Pressing close to the wall so she wouldn't be seen, Katy furtively thrust her fingers through her pussy curls and tuned two fingers in the sopping slit of hr cunt. The naked girl shamelessly started to jack off, watching the stiff rod of her father's prick fuck rhythmically in and out of her mother's cunt.

Fuck her harder, Daddy, she thought hotly. Fuck the shit out of Mommy's cunt!

"Gonna cum, Ken!" June cried. She clawed his muscular back with her long fingernails and arched her ass off the bed, wiggling and grinding her hips in a frantic attempt to get more of her husband's prick inside her. "Aww fuck, my pussy is starting to burn! I'm gonna cum any second!"

Ken fucked her faster than ever, panting as he cradled his head on his wife's shoulder. He could feel her pussy muscles working as her orgasm built in her belly. He gasped as the slippery fuck tunnel clasped and milked wetly around his pistoning cock.

"Cumming now!" June slid her scissored thighs higher up his torso, completely opening her hairy pussy silt for his cock. "It's burning, it's burning so good! Fuck me, Kenny! Fuck the hell out of my pussy, I'm cuuummiiinnnngggg!"

Her cumming pussy violently clung to his huge fucker, as if trying to suck the meaty cock shaft all the way into her body. June gasped and whimpered and clawed his back as the cum spasms swept through her loins, making her cunt ache and her clit tingle as it was continually chafed by her husbands prick.

Somehow, Ken managed to hold back his cum-load. When he finally pulled out, his cock was as hard as stone, every inch of the oversized shaft jerking and twitching lewdly with his need to shoot jism.

"Oh Ken, you didn't cum in me," June said breathlessly. Staring hungrily at the enormous prick throbbing over her drenched pussy curls, she slid her arm between their sweating bellies and lewdly fondled his hard-on. "Do you want to fuck me some more, darling? I can't let you stop with a boner like that!"

Ken nodded mutely and rose to his knees on the double bed; they'd been married so long that each knew when the other wanted to change positions. Hurriedly, June crawled into the dog-fucking position, planting her hands and knees on the mattress, feeling her huge tits swing over the sheets.

Then she surprised her husband by reaching back and pulling apart her rounded ass cheeks, exposing the fucked ring of her asshole.

"Do me dirty tonight, honey," she hissed. "That whopper cock of yours is so wet from my pussy, I'll bet you don't even need Vaseline! Just stuff that huge fucker up my ass!"

Katy came on her fingers as she watched hers father preparing to mount her mother's ass, his enormous cock weaving stiffly before him in the pale glow of the nightlamp.

Biting her lip, the vixenish blonde pressed close to the wall and shuddered through her cum so she wouldn't make any noise. Then, with the slippery wetness on her inner thighs, she opened her eyes wide to watch her father stuff his fat cock between her mother's ass cheeks.

He's going to fuck Mommy's asshole, she thought. And Mommy's letting him do it. God, how can that big cock slid up Mommy's ass?

"Unh! Oh shit, Ken! Sometimes I sure... wish I'd married a guy with a smaller prick!"

She was flat on her belly now, with her huge tits flattened on the sheets, groaning and crying as her husband gradually stuffed his gigantic cock into the rubbery grip of her asshole.

It was no longer necessary to hold her ass cheeks apart; Ken's cockmeat was embedded securely inside her ass. June clawed the sheets and grimaced as more and more of his fat hard-on fucked into her stretched asshole.

"So tight," Ken whispered hoarsely. "Tight fucking ass."

He started ass-fucking her more violently, oblivious to her comfort, pounding his cock between her jiggling ass cheeks as hard as he could. June shrieked and grimaced as she struggled to stand the waves of pain shooting through her bowels.

But it felt good at the same time incredibly good, as the walls of her hot asshole stretched around her husband's invading cock.

Ken wiggled his hips, forcing his prick all the way into the furnace-like heat of her asshole. Then he just lay on top of her, and both of them groaned and panted like animals in heat as he savored the pressure of her asshole milking his cock.

"Fuck me," June finally said. She started humping again, bouncing her pussy on the bed, thrusting her asshole onto Ken's cock. "I want it now. Shit, I love getting my asshole fucked!"

Ken slowly lifted his hips, until only the knob of his bloated, cum-oozing boner parted his wife's ravished asshole. He stared between her spread ass checks, seeing the way her fucked ass ring clung tightly to his blueveined prick.

Slowly he thrust his cock back home again, making June grunt as her bowels were again filled by her husband's cock. Then he started ass-fucking her, slowly at first, then with growing speed, pounding his blood-engorged cock rhythmically through the rubbery sheath of her asshole.

"Yes, Ken, I love it like that!" June squealed. "Harder! It doesn't hurt at all now? Fuck my asshole, kill my asshole with your huge cock!"

Again she reached behind her back to grab her ass cheeks and pull them wide apart, desperate to feel even more of Ken's cock rooting in her ass. But that was impossible; his thrusting prick was already buried as far up her asshole as it would go.

Whimpering, June thrust her hand under her belly, searching through her pussy curls for her wet, swollen cunt slit. Unknowingly imitating her horny daughter outside their room, she stabbed two fingers into the gurgling heat of her cunt. Then she started to finger-fuck herself as her husband reamed out her asshole with his huge, rock-hard prick.

"Cumming again!" she moaned suddenly. She humped her ass in an insane rhythm, making the bed shake wildly as she pleasured her wide-stretched asshole on Ken's big cock. "Oh God, my asshole's throbbing so hard! Can't you feel it? Fuck me hard now, Ken! Oh fuck, fuck my asshole as hard as you can!"

"Cumming too," Ken groaned. "Gonna blow my wad... oh shit, June, here it comes!"

He started fucking her asshole in feverish, lunging thrusts, pounding his prick all the way into her ass tunnel with every fuck-stroke. June gasped, as she felt his massive prick swelling to new dimensions as the cum bloated his balls and his cock meat grew as hard as iron.


A hot stream of jism blasted out of his cock head, gushing into his wife's searing asshole. June shrieked and flexed her ass down hard on his cum-gushing cock, simultaneously whipping her pussy into a froth with her fingers.

Ken grunted and bumped as spurt after spurt of cum cream flooded out of his throbbing, twitching prick. It was as if, he would never stop cumming, June thought deliriously, as if even his balls would shoot out of the tip of his fat, pulsing prick.

His cum-load filled her asshole completely, packing the burning ass tunnel with milky cum juice. Then his cum bubbled out of her hairless ass ring, around his thrusting prick. And as June felt the stream ooze down her ass cheeks, she knew she was cumming again.

"I'm doing it, Ken!" she gasped. The bed rocked and shook as she humped her blushing ass cheeks as fast as she could. "Fuck me now, fuck me deep! Ungghh! Oh Christ, Ken, fuck my asshole, I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

June pumped her fingers onto her throbbing clit and brayed shamelessly as the pleasure swept through, her voluptuous nakedness, making her cunt foam and her asshole suck tightly around her husband's cock meat.

Exhausted but still horny, Ken managed to keep fucking her asshole through the duration of her cum. Then he pulled his fuck-wilted prick out of her stretched ass and collapsed on his back beside her.

"Shit, honey," he said softly. "Maybe you could use a guy with a little pecker once in a while, but sometimes I think I'd be better off with a wife with a lower sex drive. I don't know how much more of that kind of fucking I can take!"

June rolled onto her belly between her husband's thighs. Her expression was almost pouting as she fondled his limp, wet cock, hefting the rubbery tube of prick flesh on her palm.

His cock was covered with her asshole juices, but she didn't seem to care. Within seconds the meaty trunk had started to swell with fresh blood. Dropping her head, June affectionately kissed the tip of her husband's prick. Then she popped the spongy cock knob between her lips and started to suck it tenderly.

"Oh shit," Ken said dryly. "Not again!"

Katy had already finger-fucked herself to a good cum by watching her parents fuck, but she immediately started to jack off some more as she saw her mother take her father's soft prick between her lips.

She's giving him a blow job, the girl thought delightedly. Mommy loves to suck cock too!

"Oh Christ, honey!" A lurid smile spread across Ken's face as his cock grew and grew and grew. "You're giving me another hard-on. I don't know how the fuck you expect me to get up for work tomorrow!"

June said nothing; she was too preoccupied with the cock in her mouth. Ken's prick was growing longer and fatter by the moment, and June swirled her tongue hungrily around it, delighted by the swelling hardness.

"Unh, suck it, honey!" Ken moaned as fresh blood poured into his cock and a new load of jism clotted his balls. "Oh Jesus, you give fantastic head!"

His prick was now almost completely stiff, and still growing. Unable to hold all of his cock rod between her lips, June lifted up and started to bob her head, wetly fucking her face with her husband's prick.

Now his fucker was as hard as stone. Clenching her hand tightly around the root of his boner, June tugged up the loose flesh and started to jack his cock fast and hard. Her lips compressed in a tight circle under the heart-shaped crown of his cock. She sucked very hard, caving in her cheeks to increase the suctioning pressure around his fuck stick.

"Unh!" Ken thrust his hands behind his wife's head, simultaneously bucking his ass to clog more of his prick down her buttery throat. "You're gonna make me cum again, honey! Unh, shit, keep sucking it! Play with my balls!"

Dropping her free hand between his thighs, June dug her fingers gently into the heavy, hairy sac. She found the twin globes and rolled them gently on her fingers, loosening the load of jism clotting his balls.

Ken grimaced and started to writhe helplessly beneath her, unable to stand the tingling stiffness coursing through his cock. June sucked his cock loudly, unwittingly allowing her daughter to hear the slurping, smacking sounds of a good, horny blow-job.

Her head bobbed deeper with every stroke, fucking more of Ken's prick between her wide stretched lips. Furiously, June jacked off his gigantic cock, concentrating on nothing but the geyser of jism her hands and sucking lips would soon make explode from the tip of his cock.

"Aggh, shit, I'm cumming now!" Ken groaned, as if in agony. "Fuck it, I'm cuming!"

The cum sprayed out of his bloated cock head, shooting hard down June's throat. June tasted her husband's spunk and make a contented, smacking sound. She sucked and stroked his cum-spurting cock harder than ever, working her throat muscles to gulp down every drop of his cum.

It kept on shooting out of his piss hole, as if he had never cum at all. June swallowed and swallowed, refusing to release his squirting hard-on until she'd milked every drop of jism out of his balls. Finally she withdrew his cock from her lips and licked it like a lollipop, cleaning the cum and saliva off his still throbbing prick.

"Oh Jesus, honey!" Ken lay motionless on the bed, breathless and sweaty with pleasure. "You give the best head of any woman I ever fucked!"

June lifted her head and looked at him in mock approval. "Of any woman you ever met? Do you mean to tell me that you've been slipping that fantastic hard-on into other pussies than mine?"

Ken gulped and stammered helplessly in response. Giggling, June released his slowly softening cock. Then she climbed on top of him, planting her knees on the bed to either side of his ears, lowering her ass until her dripping pussy slit touched his mouth.

"Well, just for that," she said, thrusting her hands behind her head, "you get to suck my pussy to make up for cheating on me! Go ahead, Kenny! Clean up my cunt with your tongue!"

Ken moaned with pleasure as he inhaled the pungent scent of his big-titted wife's fuck juices. His hands slid up her thighs, cupping the rounded globes of her ass. Then he extended his tongue and dipped it into the swollen, fragrant lips of her buttery cunt.

"Unh! Suck it, Kenny!" June pulled his hair and started to buck her ass, fucking her pussy all over his face. "That feels so good! Make me cum again, lover! Suck off my cunt!"

Ken dug his fingers into her ass cheeks, holding the spongy globes in position as she feverishly humped. He sucked her cunt in earnest, sliding his tongue rhythmically up and down the pouting lips of her wet pussy. With every thrust his tongue drew closer to her hard, burning clit.

"Nnnggg! Lick me, Kenny, lick me good!" June thrust her fingers through her pussy curls and shamelessly spread her cunt lips with her fingers. "Unh, my pussy's getting hot again! I want you to suck up my juices, Kenny! Oh fuck, lick my cunt, make it cummm!"

Withdrawing one hand from her bucking ass, Ken pushed two fingers into the clinging tunnel of her fuck hole. He started to jack her off as he sucked, burying his fingers to the knuckles with every stroke.

His wife shivered and grimaced as she rode his face. Ken wrapped his lips directly around her swollen, red-flushed clit. He sucked it hard, dancing his tongue across the tip.

"Cumming, Kenny!" June cried. The bed creaked as she deliriously ground and humped her cunt onto his mouth. "Lick it, suck off my clit! Ungghh! My pussy's burning, it's so fucking hot! I'm cumming, Kenny!"

Ken eagerly sucked on his wife's spasming clit, knowing the pleasure direct pressure to her ultra-sensitive bud would give her as she came. His other hand moved into her ass cleft, probing for the pink, fucked ring that had just been stretched by his huge cock. As June came, he finger-fucked both her pussy and her wet, ravished asshole, sucking gently on her aching clit.

Katy's bedtime snack was completely forgotten. She forced herself to remain quiet as she tiptoed back down the hallway. But as soon as she was in the living room she practically ran up the stairs to her room, her big tits jiggling and bouncing as she hurried to her bed so she could finger-fuck her pussy.

Sprawling on her bed, the naked young blonde immediately spread her long legs as wide apart as they would go. An intense gasp of satisfaction parted her lips and she fucked three fingers deep inside her curly-haired, dripping cunt. Seconds later she was jacking off harder than she had all night, groaning and whimpering as she pumped her ass off the bed and pleasured her wet pussy with her hand.

Daddy's big cock, she thought hornily. The image of his enormous, veined, purple knobbed prick seemed branded in her brain. She wanted to suck his cock, too, she realized, to nurse on its salty stiffness until he exploded a thick gusher of cum down her throat.

I want to suck it, she thought shamelessly. I want to suck Daddy's big cock.


Katy finally managed to get a couple of hours of sleep that night, but at five-thirty in the morning she was wide awake and hornier than ever. The first thing she thought of was her mother's lust-filled, anguished expression as her father had packed her pussy with his enormous cock; Katy was horny to experience that pleasure herself.

And the best way to get it right away was with her brother. Naked, the horny young blonde left her room, and padded barefoot down the hall to Phil's closed door. One way or the other, even if Phil felt ashamed of himself for haying, incestuous relations with her, she was going to feel his prick rooting into her cunt.

Katy turned the knob and, entered his bedroom as quietly as possible, shutting the door carefully behind her.

Phil lay on his back under the sheets, sound asleep. Katy crossed the room to the side of his bed, already panting with unsatisfied fucklust. As slowly as possible, she lifted the sheet and pulled it to the foot of the bed, exposing her big brother's naked body.

His cock lay on his thigh, already half swollen. A drop of moisture glistened on the piss hole; perhaps he'd been having a wet dream. Katy wondered if it had been about her cock-sucking, and she felt fresh wetness coursing into her hairy fuck hole.

Dropping her hand, she trailed her fingers lightly up Phil's thigh and hefted his thick prick. Immediately, it started to stiffen. Katy took her hand away and watched delightedly as the big cock grew of its own volition, twitching to one level of stiffness after another.

Within seconds, his meaty cock was as hard as a rock. Katy nearly came on the spot as she stared at his huge hard-on, standing in a crescent from his balls and weaving over his belly, capped by a huge crown that was already leaking pre-cum.

I want to suck it, she thought feverishly. What a fat, fucking prick. I want that cock in my mouth. I want to suck the shit out of it, and eat my brother's cum.

No longer worrying about waking him -- he was going to be wide awake in a second anyhow -- Katy climbed onto the bed beside him. Phil stirred in his sleep, but his eyes remained tightly closed. Katy knelt on the mattress beside his hips, putting herself in position to give him a good blow-job. Then she wrapped her little fist tightly around the base of his big cock, dropped her head and stuffed his puffy cock head between her lips.

Phil's eyes fluttered.

Katy ignored him as she wantonly began to suck. His fat cock tasted even better than she remembered it, the ultimate pacifier to soothe her sexual needs and pump her belly full of cum.

When her big brother came to his senses, she wanted him to be so wild with lust that he would make no effort to stop her. So Katy eagerly started sucking his cock as hard as she could, sharply fucking her cheeks to increase the wet pressure around his prick.

Phil's eyes were open now, but his vision was still blurred. As he focused he saw his kid sister starting to move her hand on his thick column of cock, frantically jacking him off as she sucked.

"Jesus, Sis!" he gasped. "I thought I locked the door! How the fuck did you get in here?"

"I guess you forgot!" With saliva dripping from her lips, Katy lifted her head momentarily from his throbbing prick and looked at him with shining eyes. "It was open, I tried it! I was just going to wake you up a little early this morning, but when I saw this fat boner of yours sticking up, I just had to suck on it a little bit. You don't mind, do you, Phil?"

"God damn it, Katy, I can't do this with you!" Phil protested. "You're my sister!"

Katy only giggled and lowered her head, slurping as she again stuffed her mouth full of his rock-hard prick. The stiff nipples of her big tits brushed his thighs as she feverishly continued to suck his cock, wrapping her lips tightly around the center of his cock shaft.

Phil's prick was big and stiff and good, and Katy was already impatient to get a belly full of cum. Her hand tightened around the root of his hard-on. She jacked him off fast and hard, in what was by now a practiced rhythm, as if trying to draw the load of cum out of his balls with her pumping fist.

"Unh!" Phil's eyes lidded as his conscience was fought down by the growing urgency of his lust. "Oh fuck, Sis!" Unconsciously at first, he rocked his hips, fucking his blueveined prick between her lips. "I can't stand it. Unh! You fucking little whore! Oh God... you're making my cock so stiff!"

Katy sucked harder than ever, knowing that now she was really turning her brother on. Her hand raced up and down his twitching cock.

After, stroking and jacking it, massaging the bone-like stiffness at the center of her brother's fuck tool.

Lewdly, she swirled her tongue around his rosy cock head, lapping up the salty, translucent pre-cum that oozed up from his piss slit. She pushed her tongue into his piss hole, then made a lascivious slurping sound as she crammed more of his prick between her stretched, sucking lips.

"Harder!" Giving in completely to the ecstasy of his horny sister's cock-sucking, Phil pulled her thick blonde hair and humped his ass quickly off the bed. "Oh fuck, you've got my prick burning so bad! Suck it, baby! Unh, God, do you ever give fantastic head!"

Overcome with desire, Katy moved her head in violent bucking motions, rhythmically fucking her face with her brother's iron-hard cock. Soon his cock again began to swell and stiffen between her lips, until the shaft and knob were so hard that she thought his cock might explode. Her pussy burned; her brother was about to cum.

The smacking, gurgling sounds of her ups filled the bedroom as Katy gave the best blowjob she possibly could. Fondling his balls with her left hand, she tugged his prick root with her right hand and curled her lips tightly around the meaty trunk of his prick.

Her brother's balls throbbed, and his massive hard-on trembled between her lips.

Then it started to spurt.

The thick, salty cum rained down on her throat, pumping rhythmically out of his open piss hole. Phil's face contorted in ecstasy as he came, spurting long ribbons of jism into his sister's buttery mouth.

Katy tasted the gushing cum and moaned in satisfaction around his throbbing cock. She jacked and sucked harder than ever, nursing every drop of jism from his hairy balls.

Afterwards, she continued to lick and kiss her brother's cock tenderly, grateful for the heavy fountain of cum it had just spurted down her throat. Phil's cock showed no signs of going down. If anything, it was harder than ever, and Katy knew her brother was ready for more sex.

"Oh God, that's so good!" A lewd smile of incestuous pleasure curled Phil's lips as he watched his baby sister gently kiss and lick his prick. "I guess it don't really make any difference if you're my sister. No one else is gonna suck my cock like that, that's for sure!"

Katy took her lips from his prick and looked at him with lust-glistening eyes. "Phil, have you ever sucked a girl's pussy before?"

Phil blushed at the question. "Well, uh..."

"You haven't, have you?" Katy said softly. "I'll bet I'm the first girl you've ever had sex with."

Phil said nothing, which Katy took as a yes. Smiling, the horny blonde crawled up the bed and climbed onto her brother's face. Phil looked up at her in surprise as she straddled him, lowering her hips until her pussy curls touched his chin.

"Jesus, Katy!"

"Phil, I saw Daddy fucking Mommy last night," Katy blurted suddenly. "And he sucked her pussy too. They did lots of stuff, and I want to try all of it. Please suck my pussy, Phil! Doesn't it smell good?"

Phil's cock grew as hard as iron as he inhaled the musky and tantalizing aroma of a hot, young cunt. Extending his tongue, he lapped an experimental swath up the flowering folds of her pussy. Katy shuddered and immediately started to bounce her ass on his chin.

"Oh, Phil, I really like that." She thrust her hands behind his head, pulling his mouth onto her steaming pussy. "Suck my cunt, Phil! Lick it real good! Suck my pussy and make it cum!"

Again Phil thrust his tongue between the pouting lips of his sister's dripping fuck hole, spearing it into the bright pinkness of her cunt tunnel. Her pussy tasted delicious; just licking it made his cock grow incredibly hard.

He slid his hands up her soft, shapely thighs, cupping the peach-shaped cheeks of her humping ass. Then he started to eat out her cunt as if he'd been doing it all his life, moving his tongue in a blur up and down the aching slit of her pussy.

"Unggh, yes, oh Phil, oh fuck, yes!" Katy's pretty face contorted obscenely in pleasure as the ecstasy of her brother's cunt-sucking flowed through her pussy. "Your tongue's making my pussy so hot! Lick it some more, Phil! Oh God, I'm gonna cum in your mouth!"

Phil kneaded and massaged her ass cheeks, delighting in the feel of the firm, rounded globes. He saw the stiff bud of her clit rising at the top of her pussy slit; when he touched it experimentally with his tongue, Katy squealed and bucked as if she were about to have a fit.

Phil took her clit between his lips and sucked it tenderly, sensing that this was the best of his sister's sexual desires. Gasping, Katy pulled his hair and quickly started humping his face like a bitch in heat.

"That's fantastic, Phil!" she shrieked. "Unh, yes, suck on it! That's how I jack off, oh God, I love your tongue there so much! Lick my clit! Lick it and suck it! Gonna cum, please make me cum!"

Her ass was bucking much too fast to be held in position by his hands. Withdrawing his hands from her jiggling tit globes, Phil caressed her succulent young body as he sucked her twitching clit.

Then he brushed his fingers through her pussy curls, brushing his lips as he dipped two into the gurgling wetness of her cunt. Katy stiffened instantly, as if warning him that he was about to make her cum. Phil pushed his fingers all the way into her clinging fuck tunnel. With surprising skill he began to fuck them in and out, jacking her off as he sucked her swollen, pink clit bud.

"Cu-cu-cumming!" Katy stammered. She made the bed shake as she frantically humped his face, relentlessly grinding her pussy onto his fingers and her clit onto his lips. "I can't stand it, it feels too gooood! Unh! I love you, Phil! I'm cumming now, on your mouth!"

Phil felt his baby sister's pussy throbbing on his fingers as his mouth was suddenly filled with her steaming cunt juices. For nearly a minute, Katy squealed as she steadily fucked her brother's face, grinding her aching, burning pussy onto his lips until the delicious spasms had finally subsided.

But she had lost none of her horniness, even after such a satisfying cum. All Katy knew was that her pussy was now wet enough too easily admit a cock, her very first cock.

Rising from her brother's mouth, Katy slid down his body until she had straddled his loins, with his fat, drooling cock head twitching just under the slit of her cunt.

She thought of lying on her back with her legs spread, so he could fuck her pussy just as she'd seen Daddy fucking Mommy's pussy last night. Katy was dying to feel her brother's cock inside her fuck hole as soon as possible. The blonde's tits shook as she reached between her thighs, grasping the upthrust length of her brother's hard-on. She planted her knees on the mattress to either side of his hips.

"Do you want to fuck me now, Phil?" she asked teasingly, rubbing his spongy cock head up and down her pussy furrow. "You'd like that, wouldn't you? I've got a nice, tight pussy. Wouldn't you love to feel your boner fucking into my cunt?"

Phil gulped and nodded his head. A little awkwardly, Katy centered his mushroom shaped knob onto the buttery slit of her pussy. Then she contracted her ass cheeks, gasping with pleasure as she felt the tip of his cock push securely into the velvety tunnel of her cunt.

Immediately, she knew that fucking would feel almost as fantastic as having a big cock in her mouth. Inch after inch of her brother's cock bored into her pussy, stretching the slippery tunnel wide. Katy could feel her cunt throbbing as the muscles worked around his prick, inviting every inch of his cock rod into her undulating belly.

In and in and in the cock fucked, until she thought she'd feel the cock head drooling cum in her stomach. Katy had buried as many as four fingers in her horny young pussy, but nothing had ever filled her cunt up as much as this.

"You're fucking me, Phil!" Katy leaned forward, grasping his shoulders for support, letting her D-cup tits swing and dance over his chest. "Oh fuck, I can feel you inside me! Your cock's in so deep! Fuck me, Phil! Fuck the shit out of my pussy with your big, hard prick!"

Phil was beside himself with pleasure, staring at his steely cock shaft as it was enveloped by his sister's wet, curly-haired pussy. He wiggled his ass to bury the rest of his prick inside her, fucking his cock to the balls in the clasping wetness of her fuck hole.

Clumsily at first, the brother started to hump his ass off the bed. Katy squealed as she met his fuck-strokes, pumping her pussy onto the stabbing shaft of his cock. Phil slid his hands down her slender waist, cupping her ass checks. He started fucking her with growing self-assurance, rhythmically pounding his massive hard-on into her clinging, dripping cunt.

"You're fucking me, Phil!" Katy squealed. Growing accustomed to the lewd rhythms, she started to hump her ass like a machine, whipping her pussy furiously up and down on his cock. "Harder, fuck me faster! Unh shit, so fucking good! I'm creaming! Creaming all over your prick!"

With every fuck-stroke, her pussy seemed to suck his cock harder, needfully clasping the veined, swollen length of his fat prick. Ignoring the creaking of the mattress beneath him, Phil started fucking his sister's pussy as hard as he could. He watched her big tits swing and jiggle in front of his face.

"Harder, harder, fuck me as hard as you can!" Katy yelped.

Her wanton moans and cries were nearly loud enough to wake up her parents downstairs, but she was too horny to care. All she could think of was the size and stiffness of her brother's cock, the way it felt pounding wetly into her clinging pussy.

Unable to resist the temptation, Phil lifted one of her big tits and brought it to his lips. The nipple was a dusky pink and the size of a silver dollar, and the rubbery tip was very stiff. Opening his mouth, Phil tugged it in. He sucked her tit very hard while he fucked her pussy as fast as he could.

"Gonna come now!" Katy gasped. Her pussy made lewd squishing sounds as she fucked it relentlessly onto her brother's bonehard cock. "Oh shit, unh, fucking me, fuck my cunt, I'm cuuummmiiinnnggggg!"

The spasms pumped explosively through her pussy, making her clit tingle almost unbearably as it was chafed by the pistoning length of Phil's cock. Phil felt the pressure of his sister's cumming pussy around every inch of his cock.

Still sucking furiously on it, he lifted his ass off the bed and fucked his cock as far into her spasming cunt as it would go. Then, he came too, shooting torrents of thick, gooey cum deep into his sister's freshly-fucked cunt.

Katy whimpered as she felt the hot jism squirting into her pussy, lubricating the ravished wall of her cunt tunnel. But even as she flexed her cunt to milk the jism out of his gushing prick, she was already thinking of how she would use her lips and tongue to make his prick hard again.

As fantastic as fucking felt, Katy knew she would always have a special craving to have a big cock stuffing her mouth.


When he came home from school that afternoon, Phil guzzled a quick glass of orange juice in the kitchen and headed for his room. But June stopped him before he made it up the stairs.

"Phil, haven't you forgotten something?" she asked him sweetly.

"No." Her son looked at her curiously. "What do you mean, Mom?"

"The back yard, sweetheart. You've got a little mowing to do out there, don't you? That you left over from this weekend."

"Aw, Mom!" Even at age nineteen, Phil wasn't too old to pout. "I got all this homework to do and everything! Can't I just wait on it for..."

"Don't talk back to me, Son," June interrupted sternly. "We've all got our chores to do around this house, and you know what yours are too. Now we'll both feel a lot better after the lawn's been mowed. Okay?"

Phil muttered under his breath, dropped his books on the stairs and went to his room. A second later he came down dressed in a pair of old tennis shoes and denim cut-offs.

"Is the mower still in the garage?" he asked on his way past her.

"Just where you left it last time," June replied gaily. "Have a good time."

The back door opened and slammed shut again. In her bedroom, June parted the drapes and watched as her son began his chore, pushing the dilapidated old mower back and forth on the grass.

Then she parted the halves of her lounging robe, exposing the voluptuous, big-titted curves of her naked body. Her son couldn't see her, so there was no harm in it. June slipped her fingers through her pussy curls and hornily started to finger-fuck her cunt.

It didn't really bother her that he hadn't mowed the lawn; the grass could grow as high as corn for all she cared. June just wanted her boy out of the house so she could continue rubbing her pussy. It was a hot afternoon, and she hadn't been this horny in months.

She could still remember how her husband's huge cock had felt the night before, plowing into her cunt and asshole. Why didn't he fuck her like that more often?

The nipples of her enormous, milk-white tits were painfully stiff, and her pussy and asshole had been hot all day. June finger-fucked herself faster, realizing how desperate she was to feel a cock inside of her cunt. It wasn't fair that she should have to suffer like this.

June was about to close the drapes and fall onto her bed for a long session of cumming and finger-fucking. But something made her look at her son again, and when she did her mouth fell open in shock.

Phil had a hard-on! A huge, bone-stiff hard-on. There was no mistaking the thick lump of cock meat swelling the crotch of his shorts. As June stared, the knob of his cock protruded from the bottom of his cut-offs. She'd had no idea that Phil was so well endowed.

June had no way of knowing that Phil was thinking about Katy, wishing her lips were again wrapped around his cock, and regretting that she'd had to stay late at school. June's clit was tingling madly. She knew that her incestuous desires were wrong, but she had never been a particularly chaste or inhibited woman.

In the space of a few seconds, watching Phil's fat cock push out of his shorts, she decided to seduce her own son.

Impulsively, June left the bedroom and went into the kitchen. She poured more orange juice into a tall glass. Then, without bothering to tie the sash of her robe, deliberately leaving it open to expose her lush nakedness, she slid open the glass doors to the back yard and waved to her son.

"Phil, it's too hot to be working out there without something to drink! I got you another glass of juice!"

"I already had some," Phil called back.

"No, this is the last of it! Hurry, or I'll drink it myself."

Phil shrugged and turned from her briefly; June knew that he was stuffing the spongy crown of his cock back into his shorts. Then he dropped the lawn mower and went inside.

He smiled gratefully at his mother as he took the glass. Then his gaze moved down to her body. Phil gasped at the sight of the deep cleavage of his mom's huge tits, at the fat, red nipple circles he could see peeking out of the edges of her robe.

His eyes moved down farther, taking in her girlishly rounded belly, her dark-haired pussy triangle and her long, creamy legs. Abruptly, the glass of orange juice clattered to the living room rug.

"Jesus, Mom!"

"Why, Phil, what are you staring at me like that for?" June asked innocently. "You know for yourself what a hot day it is, I thought I'd cool off a little bit too."

A hot blush spread through the girl's face. Phil tried to direct his eyes to his mother's face, but he couldn't seem to move his gaze from her hairy cunt and enormous tits. Soon his prick started to swell with fresh blood, and the cock knob again protruded luridly from the lower edge of his shorts.

"Why Phil, you're getting a boner," June observed dryly. "Is my body turning you on?"

Phil couldn't do anything but stammer. June stepped closer, her shoulders to make her big tits shake, making the halves of the robe separate farther, exposing all of her naked body. Casually, she dropped her hand and touched her fingers to the oozing tip of her son's aching prick.

"It's a very big boner, too, Phil. Lord, Son, where did you get such a whopper of a cock? It's been so long since I've seen you naked. I had no idea you were so splendidly well hung."

Phil shuddered as his mother brushed her palm up his swollen prick and squeezed lightly on the fat, rubbery tube. His blush was hot with shame, but it was obvious that he was very hot to fuck his mom.

"Take it out, darling," June whispered. "Your mother wants to see your big, hard cock."

Phil didn't move. June fell to her knees, confronting the bloated outline of his cock. Expertly, her fingers undid the button and zipper of his cut-off jeans. She pulled his shorts off completely, leaving him naked, exposing his rock-hard prick.

"God, it's big and stiff." For a moment June took her hands from his hard-on, watching his cock bound and sway and throb before her eyes. Then she wrapped her hand around the root and squeezed it firmly.

"I can feel it throbbing, Son. Mmmmm, it's been years since I've felt a prick so long and hard. When was the last time you had a good cum?"

"Ye-ye-yesterday," Phil gasped. "Oh fuck, Mom, that feels so good!"

"I'll bet it does. Do you jack off, Son?" June smiled vixenishly as she began to pump her hand on his burning cock, pulling her fist up to the crimson prick knob before sliding it back to the root. "Do you beat your meat like this?"

"H-h-harder, Mom! Oh Christ, you're gonna make me explode!"

"I'm glad you like the way I jack you off, darling. But I can think of something that feels a lot better than my hand."

June slid her fist to the meaty root of his cock, holding his rod in position. She dropped her head and pressed her lips to the puffy crown of his prick.

Thick pre-cum was already oozing from the dilated piss hole. June thrust her tongue into the cum slit, lapping up the juice. It tasted hot and salty; her pussy started to burn, oozing just like her son's cock.

Squeezing and tenderly milking the base of his prick, June caressed her son's prick with her lips, planting wet kisses all along the bloated, stone-hard cock shaft. Phil gasped as his hard-on quivered in her grip.

Again June pressed her hot mouth to the tip of his hard-on. This time she parted her lips, smacking lightly as she took in first the knob, then the first several inches of his aching prick meat.

Her lips clasped in a tight circle around the veined circumference of his cock. She inhaled, contorting her face, feeling the blush spread through her cheeks. Then she started to give her aged son a wanton blow-job, sucking hungrily on his cock.

"Unh! Oh fuck, Mommy, that's so good!" Dazedly, Phil gaped down at the unbelievable spectacle of his gorgeous mother with her mouth stuffed by his cock. "I can't believe you're doing this to me! Unh! Suck it, Mommy! Suck the cum out of my cock!"

"Your cock's getting even stiffer, Son!" June took his cock out of her mouth and stared lovingly at the pink, veined prick shaft, now anointed with saliva from her lips and tongue.

She milked the cock hard, several times. More drops of pre-cum dripped out of the slit, running down his cock shaft onto her fist. June kept pumping and, extending her tongue, licked the dribbling cream from the aching flesh of his cock meat.

"I'm gonna cum, Mommy! Oh fuck, keep sucking!"

"Your cock is very, very hard, Son. You've got the hardest cock I've ever sucked in my life!"

Opening, her mouth widely, June made a gurgling sound as she stuffed her buttery throat with as mutt of her son's hard-on as she could take. Her cheeks caved sharply inwards, increasing the suction in her throat. Then she started sucking her boy's prick as hard as she could, sliding her tongue wetly all over the burning stiffness of his cock.

"Harder, Mommy!" Phil curled his fingers in her hair, trying to cram more of his cock between her wide-stretched lips. "I'm gonna cum!"

June sucked his prick loudly and wetly, moaning contentedly as the slurping, gurgling, smacking sounds of a good head-job filled the living room. She thought she could have gone on sucking Phil's stiff prick for hours, but her belly was grumbling. She needed a stomach full of cum.

Tightening her fist on the root of his stiff prick, June started to pump her hand and jack her son off as she sucked. Phil gasped and pushed his hips forward. June's hand moved in a blur, rhythmically stroking and tugging the hard shaft of his prick.

"Gonna cum! My balls are so full, Mommy! My cock's gonna spud!"

June chewed her lips noisily around the swollen length of his cock meat, caressing the prick knob with her tongue as she tried to cram more down her throat. Harder and harder she jerked his fucker, knowing that it would help him spurt. Finally she dropped her free hand between his thighs and clutched the hairy, cum-filled sac of his balls.

"Cumming, Mom!" Phil groaned. "Unh! Cumming!"

He pulled her hair and lunged forward, fucking his cock deeply between her lips. June felt his prick grow even stiffer, until she thought it would explode. Then a thick stream of cum blasted out of his piss hole.

Her son's jism was very hot and thick. Repeatedly, the milky cum gushed out of his bloated cock head, pumping up from his balls and exploding from his cum slit in a molten stream.

June gurgled wetly in ecstasy as she tasted the saltiness of her son's cum.

Hornily the big-titted wife jacked and sucked her boy's cock harder than ever, helping him through his cum. Her cheeks puffed outwards as she took in all of his cum-load. Then June started gulping and swallowing, refusing to release his cum-spurting fucker until she'd cleaned every last drop of cum off his cock.

When it was over, she took his prick out of her mouth and let it bob in front of her face, as if to inspect her handiwork. Phil's cock wilted slightly for a moment, but then fresh blood poured into the cock shaft, and it stiffened back up again.

In amazement, June stared at the bone-hard prick shaft throbbing and pulsing hornily in front of her face. "God, Phil," she whispered reverently, "are you ready for more already? Doesn't your cock ever go down?"

"It's because I want to fuck you now, Mom," Phil whispered, still blushing in lust and shame. "I want to put my cock in your hairy cunt."

A lewd smile curled June's lips as her pussy eagerly burned. Silently, she stripped off the bathrobe completely, baring her ass for the first time, exposing all of her stacked, naked body.

Then she lay on her back on the floor and spread her legs widely. Wiggling her rounded ass into a comfortable position on the carpet, she lifted her knees until they nearly touched her shoulders, opening up her curly-haired pussy slit for the invasion of her son's big cock.

"Go ahead then, darling. Fuck away!"

Phil mounted his mother, with his massive hard-on twitching and throbbing before him. He held his cock in his fist and started the juicing, heart-shaped knob between the swollen, dripping petals of her pussy.

As he centered his cock head into her cunt slit, June briefly wondered where he'd learned to put his cock inside a woman. He obviously wasn't a virgin. She had no way of knowing that his sister -- her young horny daughter -- had taught Phil how to fuck only the day before.

Phil worked his ass, fucking his drooling cock knob securely into his mother's cunt. She had a very tight pussy for a woman who'd had two children, and he winced as he felt the syrupy pressure of her pussy slit milking wetly around his hard prick.

June grimaced and helplessly shook her head back and forth as she felt her slippery pussy tunnel invaded by the meaty thickness of her boy's big cock.

"You're fucking me now, Son!" she cried wantonly. "You're fucking your mother! Do you like my tight cunt, darling?"

Phil could only moan in pleasure, as the muscles of her tight pussy sheath clasped his stabbing cock. With a heavy fuck-thrust, he got it all the way inside her, burying his cock to the balls in the churning heat of her pussy. Then he just crouched motionless between her legs, staring at her, at her lust-contorted face and enormous, stiff-nippled tits as her pussy pleasured by his cock.

"Fuck me, Phil!" Hornily, June began to buck her ass off the floor, eagerly pumping her pussy onto his prick. "My cunt's horny too. It needs to get fucked! Push your hard-on in and out, darling! Fuck the shit out of my cunt!"

Phil started bucking, fucking his cock in and out of his mother's clinging, juicing pussy. With every fuck-thrust, he could feel her cunt muscles working around his cock, sucking it into her belly. Her pussy was so wet that the fuck juice foamed out of her red slit around his pumping cock, matting the fleecy hairs fringing her prick-filled fuckhole.

"Harder, darling! Fuck your mother!" Impulsively, June wrapped her long legs around her son's heaving waist, drawing more of his cock into her pussy. "Your cock is stretching me, lover! It's filling my cunt! Keep fucking me, Phil, make my pussy cum!"

Faster and faster Phil fucked her, pounding her ass onto the rug. June lifted her legs until her knees touched his shoulders, completely opening her pussy passage for the stabbing fuck-thrusts of his cock.

Her ass started to move on the floor, grinding and bucking. She grunted as she whipped up her pussy to meet her son's fuck-strokes, hammering her cunt onto his rock-hard prick.

Phil's prick was painfully stiff, already completely swollen with a fresh load of cum. June could feel the meaty cock knob as it seemed to pierce her very womb. She could hear wet, slushing noises as her dripping pussy slit fucked on the shaft of his cock.

Her pussy burned and itched and juiced as it clung tightly to Phil's pistoning cock. June put her hand behind his head and pulled it downward, simultaneously lifting up her huge tit and her fat, stiff nipple.

"Suck it, darling!" she gasped. "Suck on my big titties, just like you did as a baby!"

Groaning, Phil opened his mouth and enveloped the goose-bumped, crinkled red nipple. He sucked it hard, fucking his cheeks around his mother's nipple. His tongue rolled lewdly around the stiff, rubbery tip. He fucked his cock faster and harder into her gushing cunt.

"Gonna cum!" Holding the back of his head, June clawed his back with her free hand in a desperate effort to compel him to shove more of his cock into her pussy. "My cunt's burning, Son, it's burning on your cock! Fuck the shit, out of me! Fuck me as hard as you can!"

Phil pounded his mother's ass painfully on the floor, relentlessly fucking his rock-hard prick into the churning depths of her pussy. June shrieked loud enough to be heard by her neighbors. Frantically, she pumped and humped her ass off the floor, biting her lip and grimacing as the familiar heat built to the exploding point deep inside her cunt.

"Cumming now!" she cried. "Unh, fuck, oh shit, your cock feels so big! Harder, Phil, fuck your mother! I'm cumming!"

The cum spasms flooded through her hairy pussy; making her clit tingle and ache, and her cunt muscles suck tightly around her son's cock. Wincing and panting, June humped her ass madly off the floor, deliriously pleasuring her pussy on her son's big cock.

The cum lasted for nearly a minute, and the spasms were so intense that June thought she might pass out. It was easily one of the most satisfying orgasms she'd had in her life.

But when it was over, Phil's hard-on was still stiff as it thrust in and out of her fuck hole. June's pussy was too sensitive now for any more of his fuck-thrusts. Suddenly, she knew it was time to feel his big cock rooting between her ass cheeks.

"Take your cock out, darling. I can't take any more," she said softly. "I know another way for you to cum."

Obediently, if reluctantly, Phil withdrew his boner from the clinging lips of her swollen cunt. Both of them stared at his cock. It was as hard as iron, standing out from his loins. The knob and shaft glistened with his mother's fuck juices, and the whole hunk of cock meat pulsed and jerked rhythmically up and down with its engorgement of blood.

A hot thrill of lewd pleasure pumped into June's loins, warming her horny asshole. Her son's prick would spear into her asshole like a knife through butter.

Rolling onto her hands and knees on the living room floor, June dropped her head and shoulders so that her enormous tits hung over the rug. Then she spread her knees, raising her ass, baring her hairless pink asshole in invitation to her son's painfully swollen cock.

"You need a tighter hole to cum in, Son," she hissed throatily. "Now it's time to fuck your mother up the ass."

Phil's jaw sagged as he watched his mother's little pink asshole throb and fucker eagerly; his cock grew even longer and stiffer. Mounting her, he held his prick meat in his fist and centered the cock knob on the tightly muscled circle of her ass.

Then he fucked in, and June groaned in pleasure as she felt her boy's big, wet, stiff cock piercing the rubbery tightness of her asshole.

"Yes, Son, that feels so good!" Reaching behind her, she grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them wide to admit his cock. "Fuck my asshole, Phil! Don't worry about hurting me! Your prick is already nice and wet! Fuck it up my ass, Phil! Fuck the shit out of my horny ass!"

Phil moaned as he started to fuck into her, thrusting his blue-veined cock into the burning heat of her asshole. His mother's ass was much tighter than her pussy, but his cock was dripping with her fuck juices and his own oozing cum. Besides, his cock was so stiff that it was easy to cram it into even the tightest hole.

In and in and in it went, and June whimpered in shameless, incestuous delight. "Awww shit, I can feel your cock stretching my asshole! It's fucking me so deep! Harder, Sonny! Fuck me all the way up the ass!"

Convulsively, her asshole muscles contracted, sucking the steely hardness of Phil's cock. Phil slid his hands under his mother's belly, cupping her enormous tits. He milked the creamy tit globes as he bucked hard, stabbing every inch of his fuck rod into the rubbery grip of her burning asshole.

"Unggghh!" June nearly blacked out again, overwhelmed as her son stuffed all of his prick into her shitter. "Oh shit, Phil!" She started humping, grinding her blushing, sweating ass cheeks onto his loins. "Fuck me now! Fuck your mother! Fuck me up the ass!"

Mauling her huge tits with his hands, Phil pulled out until only the knob of his cock pierced her stretched asshole ring. Slowly, greasily, he again slid his fucker into the throbbing depths of her ass. Then he started to fuck his mother's ass, fucking fast and very hard.

June's expression contorted with new lust as she felt her boy's massive boner sawing into her shit hole. Impulsively, she thrust her hand through her pussy curls. Finding her dripping cunt slit, she again began to finger-fuck as her son reamed out her asshole with long, driving strokes of his swollen cock.

"Gonna cum, darling," she shrieked. "Fuck me, fuck your mother! My asshole's pulsing on your cock, Son! Isn't it tight? Don't you love fucking my asshole! Oh God, you can fuck my ass any time you want!"

Phil's fingers tightened around her huge tits. He panted as he started to fuck his mother's ass as hard as he could, brutally reaming out the tender, stretched sucking hole.

He could feel the cum-load pulsing in his balls, demanding release. "Gonna cum," he moaned, fucking her even harder. "Can't hold it, Mommy!"

"I'm cuming too! I'm cumming!" June cried. She whipped her asshole furiously onto his cock, burying her fingers into her hairy, slippery cunt. "Fuck me, fuck my ass harder, harder! I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

Her asshole throbbed spasmodically around her son's big prick, sucking the steely stiffness of the cock shaft. Phil sighed and rammed his cock to the hilt in his mother's churning asshole.

The second load of his cum gushed out of his piss hole, as big as the first. His cock jerked and pulsed as it emptied its spurts into June's tight asshole. June cried out in ecstasy as the hot streams of cum shot into her asshole, splattering the inner walls, soothing the ravaged, raw, burning tunnel of her ass.

She had committed incest. She had just fucked her son, and she didn't feel guilty at all, she only hoped that she would have a chance to fuck with her darling boy again. Soon.


When Katy finally got home from school at about five o'clock, she was very, very horny to suck some more cock. She'd been thinking about Phil's cock all day during her classes. She wanted him to fuck her again, and she wanted to feel his tongue in her pussy. But more than anything else, she wanted his prick in her mouth.

When she entered her hose, Katy found that Phil was watching TV with their mother. They were both on the couch in front of the set, sitting very close, apparently entranced by the image on the screen. Katy winked at her brother and fucked her head towards the door, but he ignored her completely.

"God, you guys," Katy pouted girlishly. "Aren't you even, going to say hi to me or anything?"

"We're watching a program," her mother said patiently. "Go talk to your father, if you want some company. He's in the garage working on the car."

Katy shrugged and headed for the garage. It was still very hot, even in late afternoon, and she was glad that she'd worn her halter top and shortest cut-offs to school. Boys whistled at her, of course. And teachers ogled her cleavage when they were supposed to be concentrating on their lectures. Sometimes Katy had wanted to get up right in the middle of class and start sucking their cocks, but the memory of her brother's big hard-on had kept her in place.

The garage was cluttered with everything from old magazines to a three-legged chair to an old mattress. It was sort of a repository for everything that wouldn't fit or didn't belong in the rest of the house.

There was only room for one car, which meant that June and Ken took turns parking theirs at the curb outside. Now the big station wagon sat in the middle of the garage. Tools were strewn everywhere.

Katy's father Ken labored under the hood. All he had on was a pair of sandals and swimming trunks. As she entered the garage from the kitchen door, Katy could see the grease stains on his forearms. They were big forearms, and the rest of his body was lean and muscular for a forty-three-year-old man.

Katy remembered what she'd seen the night before, and the mental image of his enormous, thrusting cock sent hot fuck juice creaming through her hairy young pussy.

If only she could suck her daddy's prick.

That would be even better than giving a blowjob to her brother.

"Hi, Daddy!" Katy's big tits jiggled in her halter top as she walked up and stood beside him. "Whatcha doin' under there anyhow?"

Ken looked at his aged daughter and smiled a little wearily. "Oh, hi, honey. There's just something screwed up in the distributor. Nothing serious."

Katy nodded and fell silent, letting her father concentrate on his work. She knew virtually nothing about mechanics, but it was obvious that the engine hadn't been torn down much at all.

Her eyes fell to the broad, flat air cleaner, and the thick hose running from it. Katy giggled impulsively. The hose was long and thick and fat, and it made her think of the enormous shaft of cock meat she'd seen between her daddy's legs the night before.

"God, Daddy," Katy said impulsively, pointing to the hose. "I sure know what that looks like!"

Ken studied the hose for a moment, then looked at his daughter in surprise. "Katy!" he said reprovingly. "Don't say things like that! It's not becoming for a girl your age! I mean, Jesus Christ!"

Ken shook his head and returned to his work. Katy lowered her eyes and looked shamelessly at the outline of his cock. The bulge in his bathing trunks was very large, even though his prick wasn't stiff.

"Daddy," she said huskily, "I'll bet I know whose thing is even bigger than that hose!"

Ken dropped his tools and looked at her incredulously.

Wantonly, Katy kept her eyes on his cockbulge. Her father was obviously shocked by her obscene language, but his cock had already begun to swell. Soon it was stretching the bathing trunks to incredible dimensions, swelling rapidly.

"God, Daddy, I guess I was wrong," she said breathlessly. "Maybe your dick is even bigger than that! You're really getting a big hard-on!"

Ken stood up straight and tried to say something, but the words wouldn't seem to come from his lips. His eyes dropped, and for the first time he looked guiltily at his daughter's voluptuous body, studying her big tits through the halter, her long, creamy legs and her gorgeous ass.

The quick glance betrayed him. Instantly his massive cock grew as hard as stone, stretching the bathing trunks to bursting, in the most obvious boner Katy had ever seen.

Katy knew that what she was doing wrong and very sinful, but she hardly hesitated a moment. Stepping close, she dropped her hand to her father's crotch and squeezed his fat, meaty prick through his trunks.

"Oh, fuck," Ken whispered.

"Let me see your cock, Daddy!" Katy groaned as she realized that she could hardly get her hand around his cock meat. "It's so big and stiff. Let me see if it's as big as that old air hose, Daddy, please!"

"Honey, you've got to stop this," Ken said. "You're going to make me lose control of myself, and then I won't... won't be responsible for anything I do. You're much too pretty a girl to be fooling around like this with your father. Please, Katy!"

But his expression was a mask of anguished lust, and Katy suspected that he would probably have raped her now if she did stop. Giggling, the horny young blonde went to her knees on the garage floor. Then she grabbed her father's bathing trunks and pulled them down, releasing his rock-hard cock from confinement.

It popped out like a petrified snake, rising stiffly out of his cock fur to pulse and throb and twitch luridly in mid-air. Katy's little pussy started gushing at the sight of her father's huge prick. The cock knob was right in front of her face, and it was the size of a big plum, spongy and crimson and wet-tipped with oozing pre-cum.

"Oh Daddy, you've got a beautiful cock!" Katy lifted her arms and wrapped both hands around his magnificent hard-on. She squeezed his cock hard, feeling the hot stiffness pulse on her palms. "I want to suck it, Daddy! I want to suck your big cock and make you cum!"

Ken shuddered and pushed his hand behind her head, silently giving his daughter permission to give him a blow-job. Katy milked her daddy's cock frantically, making hot pre-cum ooze and drip from the tip.

Extending her tongue, she lapped up the drops of running juice and, then licked kittenishly up and down his enormous prick. Then she opened her mouth wide and gurgled contentedly as she stuffed as much of her father's fuck tool as she could take down her tight throat.

"Ungghh!" Ken closed his fingers in her hair, pulling her mouth tightly onto his cock. "That's so fucking sweet! Suck it, honey! Suck my prick!"

Katy's pretty, soft lips were stretched to the bursting point; she gagged as she hornily tried to cram even more of her father's cock down her throat. Her pussy burned violently, and her clit was painfully stiff. She felt so lucky, so happy and horny to have her father's oversized cock in her mouth.

His prick tasted delicious, salty and fleshy at the same time. Katy made a slurping sound as she fucked her cheeks, caving in her face around the throbbing hardness of her daddy's cock meat. Then she started sucking his cock, making wet gurgling sounds.

"Unhh!" Ken lifted his head and grimaced at the ceiling of the garage as he felt the wet pressure of his daughter's lips around his cock. "Oh fuck, honey!" He pulled her hair and rocked his hips, fucking his cock in and out of her mouth. "Suck it, baby, that feels so fantastic! Eat my prick!"

Katy flared her nostrils for air, unable to breathe around the super-fat prick. She pursed and chewed her lips around his hard-on, sucking it feverishly. Her tongue swirled around his cock shaft and rosy, spongy cock knob, drinking up the salty cock juices that oozed continually up from his bloated fucker.

His prick grew longer and stiffer by the second, until Katy wondered if his cock would ever stop swelling. Wrapping her little hand around the base of his hard-on, she started jacking it as she sucked the prick knob, tugging her fist rhythmically up and down the iron-like column of her daddy's cock.

"Unh!" Ken held onto his daughter's head and rocked his ass, fucking his huge prick in and out between her lips. "I'm gonna cum, honey! My balls are so fucking full! Keep sucking, baby! Suck it just like a lollipop! Give your daddy the best blow-job you can!"

Katy beat his meat faster, moving her hand in a blur up and down his cock. She made shamelessly loud noises as her lips and tongue nursed the crown of her father's prick. Her cunt was so wet that her fuck cream had soaked the crotch of her panties. Sucking her dad's fat prick turned her on more than anything else in her young life.

"Play with my balls!" Ken gasped suddenly. "Squeeze them! I gotta cum!"

Dropping her free hand between his hairy thighs, Katy gently dug her fingers into her father's ball bag as she feverishly, noisily sucked. Instantly, his cock grew to stone-like dimensions between her lips. The shaft and knob throbbed very hard, and she knew he was about to spurt.

Suddenly she wanted to see it, to watch the thick goo as it gushed out of his cock head. Katy wanted to drink her father's cum, but even more than that she wanted to let jism spurt all over her face.

Taking his drooling cock; head out of her mouth, Katy wrapped both hands around her father's aching fuck tool. She jacked it off as hard as she could, staring intently at the piss hole.

"Cum, Daddy, cum," she whispered. "Go ahead. Cum all over me!"

Ken moaned and lunged forward, fucking his prick through the grip of her fists. A white torrent of cum opened his piss hole, cum spurted all over his young daughter's face.

The first shot landed on Katy's cheek, making her wince as some of the jism got near her eyes. But Katy held firmly onto his cock shaft and continued to jerk off her father's prick. The initial blast was followed by spurt after spurt of cum.

He squirted cum all over her, masking her face in an oozing river of jism. The last of his cum shot less violently from the piss hole. It almost dripped out, plopping luridly on her neck and halter top, and running down the cleavage of her big, stiff-nippled tits.

"Oh, Daddy!" Releasing his still-throbbing boner, Katy wiped her face with her fingers and delightedly popped them into her mouth to suck off her father's cum. "That was so good! You came all over me! Umm, your cum tastes so good!"

Katy wiped her fingers on her face and tits, continuing to lick them until she'd consumed all of her daddy's thick, salty jism. Then she looked up into his face. It was a mask of lust. He had obviously enjoyed the cock-sucking too much to ever keep his hands off his daughter again.

"Let me suck it some more, Daddy," Katy pouted girlishly, reaching for his prick. "This time I really want to drink your cum the right way."

"No, honey," Ken replied, batting her hand away. "Now it's my turn."

Crazed with lust, the horny father picked up his aged daughter and carried her across the garage to the mattress lying on the floor beside the wall. He placed her on it gently, then tore at the halter top stretching across her big tits.

"What a pair of knockers," he moaned, as he tore off the top and revealed her naked tits. "Oh God, they're almost as big as June's!"

Katy giggled happily as her father kneaded and squeezed her big, bare tits, running his palms across the fat pink nipples. Then he lowered his head to her right tit and she moaned in lascivious pleasure as he enveloped the stiff nipple between his ups.

"That's right, Daddy!" She put her hand behind his head and arched her back, thrusting her tit into his mouth. "Suck my tits, Daddy! Oh yes, that feels so good!"

Ken sucked her tit hard, fucking his cheeks to draw more of the milk-white flesh into his mouth. Katy's pussy steamed. As her father sucked her tit she rubbed her thighs helplessly together, trying to soothe the wetness burning through her cunt.

Then he released her tit and started to move down her body, planting wet kisses on her navel and belly bulge. Katy groaned in anticipation as he fumbled with the button and zipper of her cut-offs. He pulled them over her plumply rounded ass cheeks, down her long legs, exposing all of her nakedness and her richly furred pussy triangle.

"Oh, Daddy!" Katy clawed the back of his neck and whimpered like a bitch in heat as he kissed his way through her cunt curls, drawing closer and closer and closer to her swollen, gooey pussy slit. "Suck my cunt, Daddy! That feels so good! My pussy's so wet and hot!"

Ken licked her inner thighs, pressing his lips all around the flowering folds of her fuck hole. Finally he glued his lips to the buttery lips of his daughter's cunt.

Her pussy tasted musky and slightly salty, and Ken's cock again swelled as hard as bone as his tongue delved into the gushing folds of her fuck hole. The older man thrust his hands under his daughter's hips, digging his nails into her rounded ass cheeks. Then he started to suck off her pussy like a starving animal, eagerly sliding his tongue up and down her fuck slit.

"Aww Daddy, Daddy, it feels so good!"

Clawing the back of his head, Katy spread-eagled her lush thighs as far apart as they would go. Then she feverishly started to hump and buck her ass, fucking her pussy all over her father's face.

"Suck me, Daddy!" she groaned. "My pussy's so hot! I love the way your mouth feels on my cunt! Please suck me, Daddy! You got to make me cum!"

Eagerly, Ken pawed her ass cheeks, rolling the twin globes in his brawny palms. He thrust his tongue deeply into his daughter's pussy and lapped up the fuck juices oozing from her curly-haired slit.

Her cunt was hard, protruding from its fleshy covering at the apex of her cunt. Ken wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked it hard, nipping his teeth on the reddened tip.

"Gonna cum!" Katy's big tits quivered as she writhed on the mattress in incestuous ecstasy. Wrapping her thighs around her father's head, she grunted as she pumped and ground her throbbing pussy hole onto his mouth. "Suck it, Daddy! Aww, suck the shit out of my horny cunt! My pussy's burning! I'm gonna cum!"

Her ass was bucking too quickly now to be held in position by his hands. Withdrawing them, Ken slid his fingers up his daughter's soft, sweating thigh and touched the pouting opening of her cunt.

He parted the swollen folds of her pussy, making Katy whine and shriek as she felt her daddy's fingers going deep inside her little pussy. Then he was finger-fucking her as he sucked, stabbing his fingers in and out of her gooey, churning pussy as his lips tugged skillfully on her swollen cunt.

"Cumming!" Katy clawed the back of her father's neck savagely, whining and shrieking and tirelessly humping as the unmistakable pleasure burned through her belly. "Feels so good! Aww Daddy, I'm cumming now, my pussy's blowing up! I'm cumming, Daddy!"

She came again and again, deluging her father's mouth and fingers with her gushing cunt cream. Ken kept his lips on his daughter's overflowing pussy. Gently he jacked and sucked his daughter's delicious cunt until the cum spasms had completely subsided.

Then he took his mouth from her pussy and reached for his clothes.

"Come on, honey! Hurry up and get dressed!" His expression was fearful now, as if it had suddenly occurred to him what he'd done. "We can't let June catch us out here like this! It's almost time for dinner!"

Katy still lay on the old mattress, rubbing her pussy mound and sighing as she watched her father stuff his huge cock back into his bathing trunks. She didn't care if her mother caught them. She still hadn't felt her daddy's hard cock in her cunt.


"Is that how you comb your hair for dinner?" June looked at Katy sourly. "Pass the peas." She turned and looked at her husband sweetly. "How was work today, Ken?"

"Okay," Ken muttered.

"Did you have any fuck with that new contract?"

"No." Ken gulped down a mouthful of chicken casserole and shrugged his shoulders. "Armstrong's just being stubborn. Even his own people say it's okay, but I think he's trying to hold out for another labor provision. Don't ask me about it. I never did understand that st-st-stuff."

Ken's mouth dropped open. His sudden stammering was the result of a small, greedy hand he felt moving up his thigh under the dining room table, groping for his crotch through his bathing suit.

Sitting beside him, facing Phil and June, Katy suppressed a giggle. The food wasn't bad, but she couldn't concentrate on it. All she could think of was her daddy's huge cock, and the pints of cum he'd shot all over her face.

What harm could there be in massaging his cock a little bit under the table?

"Did something catch in your throat, darling?" June asked. "I told them to be sure and bone that chicken at the market."

"No, no, nothing like, that," Ken said hurriedly. "Just a hiccup. Nothing important."

The family fell silent. As surreptitiously as possible, Ken put his hand under the table and fiercely batted Katy's away. Katy smirked and kept her hand on his leg.

Again she cupped, his crotch, and was delighted to feel his massive cock swelling with fresh blood. His cock was too big for his swimsuit; she could feel the shaft and spongy crown stretching the sheer fabric. Lovingly, hornily, Katy pinched her daddy's cock head through the trunks.

"What sort of labor provision is it that he's interested in, dear?" June asked.

Ken's face was flushed as his daughter lewdly massaged his hard-on under the table; it was a strain to speak intelligibly. "Oh, he wants a... a special clause stipulating a maximum eight-hour workday, even in deadline conditions. That's all. You know."

Ken again put his hand under the table and tried to push Katy's away. Katy ignored it, knowing that her father wouldn't dare to try to bat it away again. Her pussy juiced as she squeezed and massaged his cock, tantalizing it with her fingers until it was as hard as stone.

"Maximum eight-hour day under a deadline?" June raised her brow pensively. "I never heard of that before. What's his reasoning?"

"Well, it has to do with the materials they're using in construction. Some of them are toxic, and they have to wear special equipment to protect themselves from the fu-fu-fumes."

Katy hornily thrust her hand into her father's bathing trunks. Shamelessly, she fished her daddy's cock out, smiling as she felt the naked flesh throbbing in her little hand.

"Are you sure there's nothing wrong with the chicken, dear?"

"Positive." Ken cleared his throat and tried to continue. "The special equipment... is designed for a ten-hour maximum safety period. But Armstrong figures that means it's only good for eight, which is why he insists on... ohhh!"

Katy wrapped her hand tightly around the swollen trunk of her daddy's hard-on. Wantonly, she started to beat his meat under the table, calmly running her fork through the casserole at the same time.

"Are you okay, Dad?" Phil asked.

"Fine, fine! But... I guess I'm not that hungry after all." Ken thrust both hands under the table, made a hurried motion and rose to his feet. Quickly, he turned his back to them. "You know how it is. Had a big lunch today. Upset stomach. Armstrong thing. I... uh, really, I think I ought to finish working on the car, don't you? Catch you later, honey. Great chicken. Thanks a lot."

Phil and June watched in bewilderment as he left the dining room, disappearing into the kitchen on his way to the garage.

"Dad's sure acting weird tonight," Phil observed.

"Don't talk that way about your father," June said. But she looked curiously toward the kitchen. "Finish your supper."

"Mom, do you mind if I stop too?" Katy asked, dropping her silverware. "I was helping daddy hold the flashlight so he can see under the hood. I think he could still use my help."

"But you've hardly touched your food!" June protested.

"Aw, I've had enough. I gained a pound since yesterday anyhow. I should lose the weight."

Katy rose from the table and vanished to the kitchen.

In the garage, her father was stooped under the hood of the car. But he wasn't working on it, just as Katy had suspected.

Instead, he was furiously jacking off. His back was to his daughter as she entered, but she saw his hand working furiously at the huge shaft of cock meat he held between his fingers.

"Umm, Daddy, I don't think that's going to make the distributor work any better," Katy said teasingly, locking the garage door behind her. "Do you?"

"Little bitch," Ken whispered hoarsely, turning to her. His expression mingled lust and rage. "Jacking me off under the table like that! Did you want your mother to see? What do you think she'd do if she caught us?"

"Probably start fucking Phil," Katy replied, not realizing how close to the mark she really was.

Skipping across the garage, she flung her arms around her father's neck and kissed him hotly, thrusting her tongue between his lips, grinding her big tits on his hairy chest.

"I just couldn't resist playing with that big prick of yours, Daddy. I'm sorry if I bothered you," she mewled. "Oh fuck, I can feel it getting stiff again right now. I still really want you to fuck me!"

"Horny little bitch!" Ken groaned. "You're going to get me thrown in jail!"

He guided her backwards, letting her fall onto the mattress in the corner. Then he fell on top of her and frantically stripped off her clothes. Katy giggled at her father's haste as he ripped off her halter top, pausing to suck the stiff nipples of her D-cup tits.

Then he grabbed her cut-offs and tugged them over her ass cheeks, down her long, tapering legs, leaving her naked.

"Oh, fuck!" Ken pulled off his trunks, revealing his stone-hard cock, which throbbed up and down at the sight of his daughter's hairy fuck hole. "What a sweet little pussy! What a tight, juicy little cunt!"

"Fuck me, Daddy!" Wiggling her ass on the old mattress, Katy lifted and spread her legs wide. "My pussy's already burning! I've got to feel your big hard-on fucking me!"

Ken mounted his aged daughter, holding his cock in his fist as he fitted the puffy crown onto the buttery lips of her pussy slit. He briefly considered going down on her first. His daughter was very young, and experience had taught him that even grown women sometimes couldn't handle all of his cock meat.

But as his cock head touched her dripping, throbbing cunt, Ken realized his, daughter didn't need her pussy sucked after all. Her cunt was already sopping wet for his prick.

Katy gasped as she felt her father's hard-on going into her cunt, stretching her pussy slit wide around the invading thickness of his cock. Then he was pushing it relentlessly up her fuck tunnel, and she whimpered and squealed like a horny animal as her pussy was gradually impaled by his prick.

"It's so fucking big, Daddy!" Hornily she writhed beneath him, tossing her head mindlessly back and forth as her little pussy struggled to stretch for all of his cock. "Ungghh! God, it's going clear up into my throat! Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck my fucking cunt!"

With over a third of his massive hard-on embedded in his daughter's pussy, Ken found the rest of the way tough going. He had to grind and hump his ass hard, forcing inch after inch of his blood-engorged prick into the velvety sheath of her pussy.

"Fuck me, Daddy! It feels so good!" Wantonly, Katy threw her legs farther apart, completely opening up her cunt passage for the invasion of her father's cock meat. She could feel her pussy walls burning as they sucked her father's prick into her belly.

In and in he fucked, gorging her pussy with the throbbing thickness of his cock. My daddy's fucking me, Katy thought hornily. Eagerly, the young girl began to grind and hump her ass off the mattress, lifting her gurgling, foaming cunt for more of his enormous cock.

His prick burned as it bored into her belly, and there was a slight stab of pain as the walls of her slippery cunt stretched wider than ever before. But the pain was quickly swallowed up in intense pleasure, as her pussy muscles contracted to knead and suck the steely column of her father's cock.

"Ahh, fuck!" Feverishly Ken bucked and wiggled between her creamy thighs; forcing the last inches of his hard-on into her buttery cunt. "So tight... so fucking tight!"

Then his cock was all the way inside her, buried to the balls between the fur-fringed, velvety lips of her pussy. For a long time Ken lay on top of his naked daughter without moving, savoring the pressure of her tight pussy around his prick.

"Fuck me, Daddy!" Impatient for her father to begin his humping, Katy scissored her long legs around his back. Then she whipped her ass off the mattress much harder than before, simultaneously flexing her curd muscles around his cock. "Fuck me, Daddy! Your cock feels so big and good! My pussy's creaming all over it! Aww, Daddy! Fuck my cunt haaaaard!"

Ken lifted his ass slowly, withdrawing his swollen cock from the gurgling depths of his daughter's cunt. His prick was now slick and glistening with her pussy juices; he felt the pouting pussy petals clinging to his cock meat as he pulled out.

Just as slowly, Ken thrust his prick back into his little girl's cunt. Then he started fucking her pussy in a slow, driving rhythm, burying his cock deeper and faster with every fuckstroke.

"Daddy, Daddy, feels so good! Make me cum, Daddy! You gotta make me cum!"

Katy's pretty face flushed with incestuous delight. Her lips curled, changing her expression into a wanton grimace of lust. Repeatedly, she shook her head to and fro on the mattress, shutting her eyes, thinking of nothing but the in-out strokes of her father's huge cock as it pleasured her burning cunt.

"Haaaarder!" She pushed her thighs up along his back, opening her pussy slit wider for his pumping prick. "It doesn't hurt any more, Daddy! Aw fuck, your cock feels so fantastic inside my pussy! Fuck the shit out of me, Daddy! Fuck me as hard as you can!"

Supporting the weight of his torso on his outstretched arms, Ken stared down at the spectacle of his young daughter getting fucked. Her expression was a dazed, dreamy mask of desire for his prick inside her. Her nipples were very stiff, and her big tits jiggled gelatinously with every impaling thrust into her pussy. Lowering his head, Ken could see her matted pussy bush, the lips of her cunt clinging juicily to his pumping prick.

The sight aroused him incredibly. Ken's big balls slapped his daughter's ass crack as he started to ream out her pussy as hard as he could; slamming his huge hard-on rhythmically into her soaking cunt.

"I'm cumming, Daddy!" Katy threw her arms around his shoulders, drawing him close as the spasms started to burn in the depths of her clinging fuck hole. "It's hot, my pussy's so hot! Fuck me, Daddy! Unh fuck, fuck my cunt, I'm cuming!"

The cum heat rippled exquisitely through her voluptuous nakedness, making her nipples tingle and her asshole throb as her pussy came all over her daddy's prick. Katy could feel the cunt cream flowing out of her pulsing slit, lubricating her pussy passage as her father's hammering cock brought her through her cum.

Her father's huge cock was still as hard as stone when her cum subsided, sawing relentlessly into her satisfied pussy. Katy's cunt was incredibly sensitive now; she couldn't take any more pressure on her still-throbbing clit.

But she was still very horny, and she was desperate to make her daddy cum. All at once, Katy knew it was time to do the other sex act she'd seen that night in her parent's bedroom. She wanted her father to fuck her up the ass.

"Take it out, Daddy," Katy whimpered. "I just came so hard, I can't take any more."

Ken immediately withdrew his hard-on from her foaming pussy and looked at her worriedly. "Did I hurt you?"

"No," Katy giggled, "but you're probably going to! Now I want you to fuck my asshole!"

Ken was obviously bewildered. If his oversized prick had stretched his daughter's pussy so wide, how could she ever expect to take his cock meat between her ass cheeks? But Katy quickly rolled into the dog-fucking position on the mattress. She lowered her big tits to the mattress and lifted her ass high, exposing her delectably rounded ass globes and the pink ring of her virgin asshole.

"No," Ken whispered, starting to back away. "It'll hurt you!"

"I don't care! I want you to ass fuck me!" Giggling, Katy reached behind her and grabbed her ass cheeks, separating them with her hands. "See my asshole, Daddy? See how it's throbbing? That's 'cause it wants your big cock inside it! Do it to me, Daddy! I really want you to. Fuck the shit out of my asshole!"

The sight of his daughter's lewdly throbbing, fucking ass ring sent fresh blood coursing into Ken's huge prick. He mounted her again, holding his prick in his hand as he pressed the puffy, bloated cock knob onto the tightly muscled circle of her asshole.

Then he started to push his prick inside her ass, and Katy gasped as she felt her bowels invaded by her father's stiff cock.

"Is it hurting you?" Ken asked.

"Ungghhh!" Even as she winced, Katy shook her head. "Fuck me, Daddy! It feels so good! Fuck my ass!"

Ken slid his hands up her torso, grasping her big, spongy tits. Then he started to contract his ass cheeks, relentlessly boring inch after inch of his gigantic fuck tool into the rubbery grip of Katy's asshole.

There was intense pain as her asshole walls stretched, and her fucked ass ring stretched to bursting around her daddy's big prick. But there was also pleasure -- a deep-seated, hotly throbbing pleasure -- and she knew that it would only get better as her father stuffed her ass completely with his enormous cock.

Ken mauled her tits with his sweating hands, pinching the stiff, crinkled nipples between his fingers. Deeper and deeper he fucked his aching boner into the depths of her ass, wincing as he felt the pressure of her ass muscles sucking convulsively about his cock.

"It's feeling good now, Daddy!" Katy squealed suddenly. "It doesn't hurt any more!" She started humping as the pain vanished, eagerly pumping her ass cheeks onto her father's cock. "Fuck me now, Daddy! Fuck my asshole -- ram your cock all the way up my ass!"

With a heavy, satisfied groan, Ken sunk the remainder of his big cock into the rubbery sheath of Katy's asshole. Again he lay on top of her, letting his hard prick soak in the tender, sucking pressure of her bowels.

Then he started fucking her, very gently at first, sawing his swollen cock in and out of her sucking, pink, hairless sphincter. He tried to make himself go slowly, but the pressure of Katy's churning asshole was hard to resist. Soon Ken found himself fucking her faster and faster, hammering his huge, steely cock like a piston into the furnace-like heat of his daughter's ass.

"Haaarder!" Submissively, Katy clawed the mattress with her long fingernails. She grunted as she started humping, making her tits jiggle in her father's hands and her ass cheeks shake as she pumped upward for more of his cock. "That's good, Daddy, keep fucking me! Ungghh! My asshole's so wet! Fuck it for me, Daddy! Fuck the shit out of my asshole!"

Ken panted and sweated as he rammed his cock into her asshole, feeling his balls slap her hairy pussy crack with every fuck-stroke. His balls were incredibly swollen with jism now, and his cock was burning and aching so badly that he could hardly stand it. Soon he would have to shoot his cum-load.

"Play with yourself," he said breathlessly, knowing that would help Katy cum before he did. "It'll feel good, honey! Jack off your sweet little cunt!"

Eagerly, Katy thrust her hand through her pussy curls, finding her throbbing, dripping cunt slit with her fingers. She stabbed two fingers into the gurgling fuck hole and grunted as she jacked off, pleasuring her pussy with her hand as her father pleasured her asshole with his huge cock.

"Cumming, Daddy!" she moaned suddenly.

Katy's pretty face contorted with lust as the spasms swept simultaneously through her pussy and cock-stuffed asshole. "Fuck me, fuck my ass! It feels so good! Fm cumming!"

Now Ken felt he had permission to cum too. Grabbing his daughter's big tits, he fucked his massive, throbbing cock into her cumming asshole as hard as he could. His balls swelled; his prick twitched and stiffened.

Then a veritable river of own blasted out of his cock, opening his piss hole in long, delicious spurts of hot cum. Katy gasped as she felt the jism gushing into her, soothing the walls of her burning asshole with her father's salty cum.

A lewd smile spread across her face as his jism burned out of her asshole around his thrusting prick, running down her thighs. Katy giggled as she flexed her asshole, milking all the spunk out of her daddy's cock.


Two plates of June's best dessert -- an apple cobbler -- sat untouched on the dining room table. Lightly, hornily, June squeezed her son's thigh. Both of them stared through the kitchen at the closed door leading to the garage.

"How long do you think they'll be in there?" June asked softly.

"He's got his head up his ass if he thinks it's just the distributor," Phil said. "I know more about cars than he does. He's got trouble in the block. It'll be at least an hour."

"God, I want to suck your cock so much!"

Reaching between his thighs, June groped hungrily at the bulge of her son's prick through his jeans. His cock was meaty and stiff, and her mouth watered as she imagined how good it would feel to take that fat, young prick shaft between her lips.

"Do it, Mom," Phil whispered. "They won't come out."

June turned her head, casting a nervous glance at the kitchen. Then she slid from the chair and fell to her knees under the table. The tablecloth fell nearly to the floor; if Katy and Ken returned unexpectedly, she could say that she had dropped a fork. It wasn't much of an excuse, but it would have to do.

"Take my cock out, Mom," Phil said anxiously. "I need a blow-job so bad."

Hungrily, June unzipped her son's pants and pulled them down to his knees, releasing his prick from confinement. The fat, meaty cock shaft rose out of his cock fur, throbbing and twitching with its engorgement of blood.

The prick knob was puffy and rosy and swollen; the piss hole was open as fresh precum leaked from the tip. June wrapped her hand around the base of his cock and jacked it hard. Then she fell into a steady rhythm of beating his meat, nearly banging her head against the table as she stared lasciviously at her son's growing prick.

"Ungghh!" Thrusting his hands under the table, wincing, Phil cupped the back of his mother's head. "That feels so good!"

"Do you like that?" June beat his meat faster and harder, racing her hand up and down the swollen stalk of his cock. "Is this how you jack off? Do you think about pretty girls when you play with yourself, hmmm? Do you think about them kissing your beautiful prick, like this?"

She pressed her lips to the crown of his hard-on, thrusting her tongue onto his piss hole to hungrily lap up the juices oozing up from his bloated cock.

The taste of his pre-cum was salty and musky, and June felt her pussy throbbing violently as she savored her boy's delicious cream. Beside herself with desire, the wanton housewife opened her mouth widely and took Phil's boner deep down her throat.

"Ungghh!" Phil grimaced as he started to buck his ass off the chair, fucking his mother's face. "That feels so good! Suck it, Mommy!"

June made contented gurgling, smacking sounds as she clamped her lips tightly around the center of her son's cock. Her cheeks fucked; she flared her nostrils for air. Then she feverishly started sucking his cock, giving her son the best blow-job she could.

Phil's cock swelled longer and fatter between her encircling lips, continually spitting little droplets of cum. June held onto his prick shaft tightly with her hand. She swirled her tongue continually all over his cock meat, lapping up the cock cream that oozed from his knob.

"Suck harder, Mommy!" Phil curled his fingers in her hair, bucking his ass energetically off the dining room chair. "My cock's so fucking stiff, it's gonna explode! Suck out my cum!"

June gurgled as she began to pump her fist on the thick base of his prick, again starting to jack him off. Her left hand moved between his hairy thighs, fondling his aching balls. Wet slurping, smacking sounds came from her buttery throat as she worked feverishly on her boy's oversized prick. She was dying to taste his cum.

"My cock's getting harder!" Phil fucked his mother's face in a brutal rhythm, pounding his burning cock in and out of her mouth. "Suck it, Mommy! I'm about to cum, any second!"

June began slurping loudly on his throbbing cock shaft. She jerked and sucked him off as hard as she could, bobbing her head to meet the fuck-strokes between her lips.

"Cumming, Mom!" Phil moaned. "I'm cumming!"

The cum sprayed from the tip of his prick meat, filling his mother's mouth with his hot fuck juice. June tasted the spurting ribbons of cum and shamelessly started swallowing. Expertly, her fist tugged and pumped on his spurting cock. She didn't release his prick until her lips and tongue had drained the last drops of jism from his balls.

But even after she'd cleaned the last traces of jism from her boy's cock, his glistening fucker was still as hard as stone. Playfully, the horny mother pinched his cock head, then watched as the fat shaft bounded and twitched eagerly between his legs.

"I've got to get that whopper inside me," she whispered huskily. "But we can't do it here, darling. Where should we go?"

Phil glanced fearfully at the door leading to the garage, then looked wildly around the room. "The bathroom," he said finally, rising from his chair. He didn't bother to pull up his pants as he hobbled for the stairs. "The bathroom upstairs. They won't catch us there."

Licking the jism from her lips, June hurried to follow her son.

"Do a strip, Mom," Phil said softly. "Then get in the shower. I want your pussy to be nice and clean before I suck it!"

Phil leaned against the closed and locked bathroom door and folded his arms across his chest, with his massive hard-on throbbing. Giggling, June unbuttoned the front of her blouse. She loved the idea of teasing her son.

She took off her blouse slowly, delighting in Phil's face as he saw her enormous tits encased in the lacy, D-cup brassiere. Then she reached behind her back and unfastened the clasp. The bra fluttered to the floor. Phil's cock pulse and jerked at the sight of her huge, milk-white tits, capped by giant crimson nipples.

"Oh shit, Mom!" Phil grasped his stiff cock in his fist and jerked it slowly as he watched her strip. "You've got such a fantastic pair of jugs!"

June giggled at the compliment and kicked off her sandals. Just as slowly, she undid her stretch pants and pulled them down her long, tapering legs, leaving her body naked except for her panties. Then she took them off too, and her son's prick leaked fresh jism at the sight of her curly-haired, wet pussy slit.

"Are you sure you want me to take a shower now?" June asked vixenishly. "Or do you just want to give my cunt a good fucking right now?"

Phil nodded and gestured to the shower. June climbed in, leaving the curtains open. She turned on the faucets, and a torrent of water sprayed her huge tits.

Even bathing tuned her on, with her son watching her. June took the soap bar and gently washed down her oversized tits. She pushed the soap into the valley between her pendulous tits, then moved it downward, soaping her belly and navel.

Phil held onto his cock again and started to jack off as he watched. Shower water sprayed onto the tiled floor, but June was too horny to care. She dipped the soap bar into her pussy, soaping up the curly, dark hairs. Then she whimpered as she started to jack off an it, grinding her ass cheeks, thrusting her burning pussy onto the soap.

"Can't stand it," Phil muttered. "Can't fucking stand it any more?"

He stripped off his clothes and joined her in the shower. June barely had time to rinse off the soap before her son was all over her, kissing and sucking her tits as his fingers roamed between her legs.

"Unngghhh!" She shuddered and held the back of his head as he thrust two fingers into her swollen, dripping pussy. "Oh God, that feels so good! Suck it, Phil! Suck your mother!"

The water cascaded on Phil's head as he fell to his knees in the shower. June parted her feet on the floor and arched her back, thrusting up her cunt mound for the boy's slippery tongue.

He glued his lips to her pussy slit and eagerly started sucking it, planting wet kisses on the pouting lips of her fuck hole. Then June gasped as he thrust his tongue into her cunt and began to move it rhythmically up and down her pussy, lapping up the fuck cream that oozed continually from the depths of her cunt.

"Awww, Son, suck it for me!" She pulled his thick hair and grunted as she started to work her ass, fucking her hot pussy all over his face. "My cunt's so hot! Oh God, I've got to cum!"

Phil moved his hands all over her wet, naked body, pinching her thighs and pawing her enormous, quivering tits. Then he wrapped his hands around her bucking ass and squeezed down hard on the humping, round globes. He held onto her ass tightly as he continued to lick off her pussy, forcing her to keep her burning cunt directly on his mouth.

"Wanna cum!" June clawed the back of his neck with her fingernails, groaning and crying as the heat built to a crescendo inside her sopping fuck hole. "Keep sucking me, Son! Unh unh, lick my clit! It's making me so hot!"

Pushing his tongue up his mother's throbbing pussy slit, Phil wrapped his lips around her clit. The little bud was hard and swollen, and June twitched the moment he touched it with his lips.

Phil had only been fucking and sucking for a very short while, but he'd always been an exceptionally fast learner. He sucked his mother's clit gently, dancing his tongue onto the ultra-sensitive tip.

June grimaced as the cum spasms started to burn in her belly. Withdrawing one hand from her helplessly bucking ass, Phil pressed his fingers to the swollen folds of her cunt. They went in easily. He fucked two fingers all the way into her pussy and started to jack her off as he sucked.

"Cumming!" June spread her feet wider on the shower stall floor and bucked her ass like a bitch in heat, rhythmically humping and grinding her pussy onto her son's mouth. "Suck it, Phil! Unh unh please, suck your mother! I'm cumming now!"

The spasms burst deliciously through her cunt tunnel, making her pussy passage throb and pulse so deliciously that June thought she might pass out. When she finally came to, her son was still sucking eagerly on her pussy slit. A quick glance between his thighs showed that his cock was now as hard as stone.

"Stop it," June cried. "Stop sucking me! I've got to feel your cock fucking my cunt!"

Their naked bodies dripped water, but neither bothered to dry as they crawled quickly out of the shower. The tiled floor of the bathroom was covered by an old throw rug. Phil quickly stretched out on his back, with his massive prick twitching and weaving in a crescent over his hard, hairy stomach.

"Sit on it, Mommy!" he gasped. "Take my cock into your pussy!"

June mounted him impatiently, planting her knees on the rug to either side of his hips. She lifted her ass, and her huge tits jiggled and swayed as she reached between her thighs to grasp the upthrust, swollen length of his prick.

June sat on his cock, grunting as the spongy, puffy prick knob pressed between the folds of her pussy. Then it was going into her, boring into her fuck tunnel, and she was feverishly fucking herself on his prick, bouncing and humping her ass in the wild rhythms of fucklust.

"Ungghh!" Lifting his head, Phil watched open-mouthed as his blue-veined cock disappeared into his mother's matted pussy bush. "Feels good, Mommy!" He started fucking, thrusting his cock in and out of her cunt. "Fuck me, Mommy! Fuck your cunt on my cock!"

June ground her ass on her son's thighs, taking his big cock to the balls in her sucking, syrupy pussy. Then she feverishly started fucking, making her huge tits shake as she pleasured her pussy on the impaling stiffness of his prick.

"Faster, Mom!" Phil slid his hands up her slender waist, cupping both of her huge tits. He squeezed and milked them luridly as he whipped his ass off the rug to meet her fuckstrokes. "You pussy's so hot! I'm gonna cum, Mommy, I'm gonna cum in your cunt!"

"Fuck me!" June shouted. Her voice was nearly loud enough to be heard by Ken and Katy in the garage, but she was too wild with lust to restrain herself. "Aw God, I need your cock! Fuck me, darling! Fuck the shit out of your mother's cunt!"

Phil hammered his ass off the hard bathroom floor, pounding his boner relentlessly into the gurgling depths of his mother's pussy. Soon June felt the familiar heat tingling in the molten depths of her cunt tunnel. Squealing, she fucked him faster, pounding her hairy pussy onto his cock.

"Cumming, Sonny!" she cried. "Fuck me, fuck my cunt! My pussy's throbbing, it's cumming on your cock!"

Phil bucked hard off the floor, fucking every inch of his violently-throbbing cock into the depths of his mother's cumming cunt. Then the second load of white cream streamed out of his cock head, deluging her pussy with thick, milky cum.

Tirelessly, June fucked herself on her son's cum-spurting cock, flexing her cunt muscles to drain all of the jism from his aching prick. Her cum had been incredibly explosive; she needed more of that delicious, forbidden pleasure.

But how could she keep on fucking her son without getting caught?


Katy went to sleep in her room shortly after she finished fucking her father, but she woke up late that night, and realized immediately that she was still horny. Her nipples were stiff, and her pussy hairs were soaked with cunt cream. She didn't know if she'd just bad a wet dream, and it didn't really matter. The important thing was that she was starved to suck some more cock.

She wanted to go downstairs and suck the cum out of her daddy's prick, but the thought of her mother quickly erased that idea. June would surely wake up if Katy tried to go down on Ken while she was in the same bed.

Wearing nothing but a dainty, see-through negligee that stretched across her big tits, and barely covered her ass cheeks, Katy climbed out of bed and headed for her brother's room. Her mouth was already watering. It had been a while since she'd last tasted Phil's fuck tool. She couldn't wait to feel her brother's big prick throbbing in her mouth.

The door to his bedroom was unlocked. Katy opened it quietly and slipped inside. It was dark, but she could make out her brother's sleeping form as he lay on his back under the sheets.

Something was sticking out in his crotch area, and Katy's cunt burned and juiced as she realized it was his stiff cock. He was probably having a nice dirty dream, just as she had.

Padding barefoot across his bedroom, Katy stood beside her brother's bed. Her big tits heaved under the negligee as he stared at the tent in the sheets made by his hard cock. Then she pulled the covers slowly to the foot of the bed, revealing his naked body and stiff, upthrust prick.

He did have a hard-on, just as he'd suspected. Katy was about to dip her lips to the quivering knob of his cock, but she suddenly realized that the wet heat in her pussy was too strong to be resisted. First she wanted to feel his cock in her cunt.

She climbed onto the bed with him, straddling him as he lay on his back. Her knees dug into the bed to either side of his hips, but still Phil didn't stir from sleep. Reaching between her thighs, Katy gently grasped the bloated length of his cock and directed the cock tip to her buttery cunt.

"Unh! Unh!" Katy wiggled her ass, embedding his puffy cock head securely into her pussy opening. She leaned forward, putting her hands onto his chest. "Unh, God!" Her ass cheeks jiggled as she eagerly started humping, fucking her curly-haired pussy slit onto her brother's stiff, satisfying cock.

"Unh!" Phil's eyelids fluttered. "What's goin' on?"

Then he opened his eyes wide, and this time there was no shock in his expression as he saw his horny little sister impaling herself on his prick. Instead, Phil lifted the hem of her negligee and slid his hands up her bare, voluptuous torso.

He wrapped his hands around her big tits, pinching the ivory globes, squeezing the stiff nipples. Then he started bucking to meet her fuck-strokes, pumping his ass off the bed, thrusting his hard-on into her cunt.

"I was wondering when you'd come back for more," he said softly.

"Oh, Phil, I want it!" Katy cried. "I want all of your cock!"

She wiggled her peach-shaped ass, then whipped it frantically up and down, not stopping until she had all of her brother's big cock inside her cunt. Then Katy fell into a steady, driving rhythm, hornily pumping her velvety pussy tunnel up and down on his cock.

"Ahhh!" Phil stopped squeezing her bouncing tits and folded his hands behind his head, happily letting his baby sister do the work.

"That feels so good, Katy! Unh, shit, I can feel your pussy sucking my cock? Fuck me good."

"Fuck me too, Phil!" Katy's hot ass was a blur as it pumped tirelessly up and down on the cunt-warming thickness of his cock. "My cunt's getting so hot!"

Phil slid his hands up her thighs, delighting in their smooth, creamy texture. Gently, he dug his fingers into her ass cheeks, feeling them without trying to restrain her bucking fuck-thrusts. His ass moved off the bed, expertly now, he humped his ass to meet her fuck-strokes, pumping his stiffly-throbbing cock into the churning depths of his sister's cunt.

"Suck my titties, Phil!" Katy suddenly pulled her skimpy negligee up to her shoulders, exposing her jiggling, cherry-capped tits. "My nipples are so swollen! Suck them and fuck me at the same time!"

Katy leaned forward, letting her big tits dangle over his mouth. Phil parted his lips. He took his baby sister's aching nipple into his mouth and fucked his check on it, sucking it hard, like a nursing baby thirsty for milk.

"Cumming!" Katy gasped. She clawed her brother's chest and worked her little ass like a machine, fucking her dripping, throbbing pussy up and down on his stiff prick. "My cunt's getting hot, Phil! It's sucking your cock! Fuck me, fuck my pussy!"

The spasms of her climax satisfied her completely, surging through her cock-stuffed fuck hole again and again. Katy felt her clit tingling madly as it was chafed by the thrusts of her brother's cock. Feverishly, she fucked her cunt on his prick, not stopping until the burning cum heat had completely subsided in her ravished cunt.

When her cum was over, her brother's prick had grown incredibly stiff inside her pussy. He was fucking her very hard now, grimacing as he felt the cum-load boiling in his balls. Suddenly, Katy realized that she didn't want him to cum in her pussy, though he was obviously intent on doing just that. She wanted to drink his jism as it spurted down her throat.

Katy lifted her leg, rising off of him. Phil swore under his breath and immediately tried to pull her back down. But his little sister was too fast for him. Katy giggled as she climbed off of his aching prick, then crouched beside him on the bed and watched delightedly as his big, rock-hard boner throbbed and jerked painfully up and down.

"Goddamn you," Phil whispered hoarsely. "I was about to cum! You teasing little slut!"

"Don't worry about it!" Giggling again, Katy wrapped her hand around the swollen thickness of his cock. She jacked it slowly and gently, not hard enough to make him cum, but hard enough to keep his prick very stiff. "I just want you to keep that big wad in your balls for a while! That way there'll be a lot to drink when I suck it all down!"

Phil sighed and folded his arms behind his head, allowing himself to be teased. His cock was very wet with his kid sister's fuck juices, and Katy's hand moved easily as it rhythmically pumped his prick.

Occasionally cum leaked out of his shinyskinned prick knob, and Katy would lean forward to lick the delicious drops from the tip of his cock. But she kept on jacking him off, not hurrying, knowing that she could drink the real load of his jism whenever she liked.

Then, as had been inevitable all along, the brother and sister started to talk about things.

"I should have known you were fucking her!" Katy exclaimed, only momentarily surprised by her brother's revelation that he'd been fucking their mother. "No wonder you weren't coming to my room every night!"

"And I should have figured out that you were fucking Dad, too," Phil replied. He chuckled softly. "No way you are going to stop with just my prick. He's got a really big one, doesn't he?"

Katy nodded and sighed. "God, I wish there was a way we could all fuck together. Daddy really feels guilty about fucking me. I mean, it's so ridiculous! I'm the one who seduced him! But I'll bet Mom feels the same way."

"Yeah, but she's the one who seduced me," Phil laughed. "Yeah, it would be really fantastic if we could get them together. You got any ideas?"

"A couple." Katy looked at the stiff cock throbbing in her fist. "But first I think it's time I gave you a little relief. God, your balls are so heavy! I'll be you're gonna cum buckets!"

Phil's prick was very, very stiff, and the shaft was all greasy with the drippings of his oozing cum. Katy's hand made a wet sound as she slid her fist to the root of his hard-on, holding it in position. Then she parted her lips and pressed them to the tip of his iron-hard cock.

"Unh!" Phil immediately thrust his hands behind his baby sister's head, curling his fingers in her thick, blonde hair. "Suck on it, Sis! That's right! My balls are about to explode!"

Katy made a lewd, contented smacking sound as she kissed the crown of her brother's hard-on, wriggling her tongue into the oozing piss hole. Gurgling, she opened her mouth wide and stuffed her buttery throat with as much of his cock as she could take.

It wasn't quite as big as her daddy's cock, but it tasted just as delicious, and Katy's cunt burned with fresh cream as she finally rewarded herself with the food she loved most. Her lips clasped tightly around the center of his stiff prick. She started sucking, bobbing her head, gurgling and slurping as she fucked her face with her brother's cock.

"Harder, Katy!" Phil pulled her hair and bucked his ass, thrusting his cock in and out between her lips. "Aww God, that feels so good! You give fantastic head! You suck me off even better than Mom!"

Unbearably horny, Katy started to whip her head up and down like a machine, violently throat-fucking herself with the aching hardness of Phil's big cock.

Her hand slid up his hairy thighs, pausing at his balls to squeeze and knead the two cum-clotted globes contained within the wrinkled sac. Again Katy wrapped her fist tightly around the base of his throbbing prick.

She started to jack him off, making more cum ooze from his piss slit, lapping it up with her constantly swirling tongue. Soon Katy was beating his meat just as hard as she sucked it, caving in her cheeks to increase the sucking pressure around his prick.

"I'm gonna cum now!" Phil gasped. He arched his ass off the bed and grimaced as the tingling sensations coursed through his balls and cock. "Keep sucking, Katy! As hard as you can! I'm cuuuummmmmiiiinnnnngggg!"

A huge geyser of jism shot from the tip of his cock, bursting down Katy's throat. Katy tasted the milky thickness of his cum and immediately, thirstily started swallowing, determined to get every drop. She hadn't underestimated the size of a cum-load held back for so long.

Again and again the white torrent exploded up from his balls, shooting up his throbbing prick shaft to spurt and shoot from the crown of his cock. Katy's cheeks puffed out as she struggled to gulp down all of her brother's cum. She kept on swallowing, but there was more of it than even she could take, as starved as she was for his jism. Lewdly, the cum burbled out of her lips around his spurting cock, running down her chin and dripping onto her big, stiff-nippled tits.

Finally Katy took his suck-wilted cock out of her mouth and looked at him with shamelessly horny eyes. "Now all we gotta do," she said huskily, "is figure out a way we can do this with Mom and Dad at the same time!"


By three the next afternoon, June had finally gotten around to doing some housework. She puttered around the house in a pair of shorts and one of her husband's shirts knotted under her huge tits, dusting and doing dishes and straightening furniture.

But her mind was hardly on her work. All she could think of was how wet her pussy lips felt squishing between her thighs, the wet need burning deep inside her cunt. She needed a good fucking, June realized. She needed it from her son.

She wanted Phil to fuck the shit out of her pussy, but June felt the chances of that happening when he returned from school were virtually nil. The trouble was that Katy would be coming home at just about the same time. June knew she couldn't fuck her son with her daughter due home any minute. She would have to wait till that night, when she could vent her lust on her husband's huge cock. But God, could she use a big hard-on right now...

"Hi, Mom!"

Phil's familiar voice came from behind her as she stood on her tiptoes in the living room, running the duster across a picture mounted high on the wall. The next thing June knew, she felt her son's hand pushing under her knotted shirt, molding to her enormous tits through her bra.

"Mmmm!" Hornily June pushed her chest out and ground her ass cheeks on the bulge of Phil's prick. "That feels good, darling. But you better not get me too excited right now. You know, Katy's going to be coming in any second."

"I'm really horny, Mom," Phil said. "I've been thinking about your pussy all afternoon. My hard-on's been killing me all day."

He surprised her by continuing to squeeze and fondle her tits. The nipples stiffened, protruding through the bra; Phil pinched them hard, and June whimpered as she felt the burning wetness flooding through her hairy cunt.

"Phil, please," she pleaded. "You've got to stop getting me so aroused. Your sister is coming home from school. We're both in trouble if she catches us fucking. You know that!"

"I don't give a shit about that, Mom," Phil said. "I'm too horny to wait. I want to fuck you right here on the floor!"

Then his hands were pushing into her shorts, groping through her thick pussy curls for the moistened slit of her cunt. June stiffened and immediately tried to pull away from him. She knew that the second her son touched her pussy, she would lose all control.

But she was already too late. A convulsive shudder passed through her voluptuous body as Phil sank two fingers deep inside her gurgling, fur-fringed pussy. Then he started to jack off her pussy as he stood behind her, thrusting his fingers rhythmically into the velvety tunnel of her cunt.

"Unh!" Dropping the duster, June helplessly rotated her ass, rubbing her jiggling asscheeks onto the bulge of her boy's hard-on through his pants. "Stop it, Phil! You're making me so horny! Unh! Stop, or Katy will catch us! Unggghhh, shit, oh fucking God..."

She offered no resistance as he pulled down her shorts with his free hand, exposing her bare ass cheeks and her cunt triangle. Willingly, June stepped out of the shorts and humped her ass faster on the bulge of his cock. Phil worked his fingers skillfully into her pussy, pausing to titillate her swollen clit.

Then he was puffing her down with him to the living room floor still holding his fingers deep inside her throbbing cunt. June went along with him helplessly, stretching out on the rug on her back, spreading her legs wide apart.

Phil was disobeying her, she thought.

As little as two weeks ago she'd had complete control over him, the control of a mother over her son. But now that she'd fallen so utterly in love with his stiff cock, he could virtually turn her into his sex slave. His own mother.

"DO you want me to suck your pussy, Mommy?" Phil asked. He knelt between her quivering, spread-eagled thighs and grinned as he watched his fingers fuck in and out of her clinging pussy. "Do you want me to suck your cunt and make it cum?"

Blushing, June nodded her head. Phil withdrew his fingers from her cunt and thrust both hands under her ass, cupping the shaking ass cheeks. Then he slid forward and buried his head between her legs.

"Awww, Phil!" June groaned with pleasure as he glued his lips to her pussy, thrusting his tongue between the swollen folds. "Suck me, darling! I can't stand it any more! I've been horny all day, too! You've got to make me cum!"

Thrusting his tongue deep inside her aching pussy, Phil tongued up the fuck juices oozing from the churning depths of his mother's hot cunt. He'd sucked her off many times by now, and he knew what brought her off best.

His fingers squeezed and milked hr ass cheeks, making her little asshole throb and fucker in and out. Then his tongue moved in a blur between her foaming pussy lips, sliding rhythmically up and down her cunt hole, pausing to wriggle tantalizingly on her clit.

"Nnnggg!" All thoughts of her daughter were forgotten as the red-faced June writhed in the throes of sexual ecstasy. "Suck me, Sonny!" She grabbed the back of his head and wildly started to hump her ass off the floor, fucking her drenched, musky pussy all over his face. "My cunt's burning, it's going to explode! Eat me, lover! Lick out my juices! Make my cunt cum!"

Slurping noisily on her pussy lips, Phil pulled his hand from her bucking ass and slid both hands all over her lush body. He paused at her chest to undo the knob holding her shirt together. Pulling the halves apart, he unfastened the front clasp of her bra and exposed her huge, stiff-nippled tits.

Phil loved her big tits, June knew, as she felt his hands closing around them, and she loved the way he played with her tits. More cunt cream foamed out of her pussy slit as she felt his fingers digging into the rounded tit globes; her nipples crinkled even more stiffly as he rubbed his palms across them.

"Gonna cum, Phil!" June pulled his hair and bucked up her ass like a bitch in heat, relentlessly grinding and humping her pulsating pussy onto her son's mouth. "Keep sucking me! Lick my clit, Sonny! Lick it, make me cream!"

His mother always loved to have her clit sucked just as her pussy was about to explode. And she liked to be finger-fucked then, too.

Pulling his hands from her jiggling tits, Phil pushed one hand between her sweating thighs and inched his fingers back into her fuck hole. June gasped and humped her ass harder than ever. Phil kept pushing his fingers in until they were buried to the knuckles in her sopping, clinging cunt. Then he started to fuck them in and out, jacking her off as he sucked.

"My cunt's throbbing!" June squealed, wincing as she felt the horny pulsation's shooting through her fuck tunnel. "Lick my cunt, Phil! Lick it, lick it, auughh!"

Phil thrust his tongue on her swollen clit. Quickly, he licked and kissed the aching bud, sending tremors of intense desire coursing through his mother's naked body. Then he wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked it hard, pulling on the super-sensitive little bump with his lips and teeth.

"Cumming!" June dug her fingernails into his neck and lifted her ass nearly a foot off the living room floor, pumping her pussy hole onto his fingers, thrusting her spasming clit between his lips. "I'm cumming, Phil! Aw fuck, I can feel it! It's burning so hard! Cumming!" Exquisitely, the cum heat washed through her nakedness, consummating her incestuous lust after a day of unbearable horiness. June pulled her boy's hair and continuously ground and humped her pussy mound onto his lips, gasping and crying as the spasms pleasured her fuck hole again and again.

Then they subsided. When June could finally open her eyes, the first thing she saw was her son's huge cock looming out of his loins, throbbing and twitching.

His pants were down around his ankles now. He had moved between her spread-eagled thighs, with his big hard-on pulsing and leaking juice over her hairy pussy triangle, preparing to fuck his meaty prick deep inside his mother's juicy cunt.

June only spread her legs wider apart and did nothing to stop him. She knew that Katy was due home from school at any moment, that the odds were extremely good her daughter would walk in just in time to see her mother getting fucked by her brother.

But June was too horny to care about it. She didn't care right now if Katy caught them, or if the whole world saw her fucking her son. She just wanted to feel Phil's thick, satisfying prick, stretching her pussy walls as it fucked deep inside her buttery cunt.

Crouched between his mother's thighs, Phil clit the heart-shaped knob of his pulsing cock onto the dripping slit of the pussy he'd just finished sucking. Then he pushed, and his cock went in easily, boring to the hilt in her horny, clinging cunt.

"Ahhhhh, goooooood!" June moaned. Convulsively, she threw her long legs up high, then scissored them tightly around her son's back. "Fuck me, Phillip!" Hornily, she started to work her ass, grinding and humping the ass cheeks off the living room rug. "Unh shit, your cock's really stretching my cunt today! Go ahead, lover, work your ass! Fuck your mother!"

Phil fucked his cock to the balls in his mother's gurgling, sucking pussy. He lay between her creamy thighs without moving, savoring the pressure of her tight cunt around his rock-hard prick.

Then he started to fuck her, making their hairy crotches pound together as he sawed his big cock in and out of her cunt. June groaned and grimaced as the pleasure again built deep inside her pussy. Eagerly, she lifted her ass to meet his strokes, fucking her cunt up for more of his prick.

"It's good, Phil!" she cried. Her cheeks flushed, and her enormous tits shook and jiggled with every fuck-thrust into her body.

"Your cock's filling up my pussy! Harder, darling! Fuck me as hard as you can!"

Phil vented his lust on his mother's cunt, fucking his rigid, burning cock in and out of her clinging pussy lips. Soon June could feel another cum mounting in her loins. She threw her arms around Phil's shoulders and pulled her boy close, shuddering as his prick pulsed deep inside her pussy.

"Cum in me!" she gasped. "Oh, Phil, I can't hold it! I'm cumming now! Fuck me, lover, fuck me, Son! Unh!"

The heat coursed through every inch of her nakedness, making her skin flush luridly. June's pussy overflowed, with cunt cream. Her pussy tunnel sucked tightly around her son's pistoning cock.

Phil groaned and collapsed, on top of her, slamming his throbbing cock as far into her pussy as it would go. June cried out in shameless ecstasy as the white spurts gushed into her pussy, splattering on the inner walls of her cunt. Feverishly, she worked her ass, helping her boy drain his wad completely into her clinging, velvety pussy.

"God, Mom!" a voice cried happily behind them. "You really made Phil cum hard!"

June opened her eyes and gasped at the sight of her daughter Katy.


Katy was wearing a stylish pair of tight jeans and a red jersey that stretched to bursting across her big tits. June's mouth opened in disbelief as her daughter crossed the living room and stood next to the fucking couple.

"God, Mom, Phil really shot a load in your pussy!" Katy exclaimed. "I can see the white stuff dripping out of your cunt!"

June tried to speak, but the words refused to form on her lips. She saw that her daughter was smiling, that Katy didn't seem at all disturbed to find her brother's cock stuck in her mother's cunt. But all June could think of was how ashamed of herself she felt.

"Pl-please don't tell your father about this," she stammered hoarsely, looking pleadingly at her daughter. "Please, Katy, I know it's a lot to ask, but please don't. He'd kill me if he found out. The whole neighborhood... I'd be ruined. Your brother would be ruined. We'd have to move."

"I'm not going to tell, Mommy," Katy replied happily. She licked her lips as she studied the shaft of her brother's cock, boring into her mother's fuck hole. "But I really don't think he'd mind that much. Who do you think has been fucking me all these nights?"

June's eyes widened enormously with surprise. "You can't mean... your father... you haven't been having sex with Ken?"

"Of course, I have!" Katy licked her lips and giggled. "Mmm, I just love sucking on Daddy's big cock! And I want to suck your pussy too, Mommy! Get off of her, Phil. I want to suck your cum out of Mommy's cunt!"

Smiling, Phil rolled off of his mother and stretched out on the floor at her side. His cock was already swelling again, and he massaged it lazily as he watched Katy crouched between June's spread-eagled legs.

"No," June said quickly, shutting her thighs. "This is wrong, Katy. It's..."

"Aw come on, Mom, don't be shy," Katy said coaxingly. "I really want to suck a pussy. I've always wanted to. I'll bet your cunt tastes really good. Especially with all that cum in it!"

June told herself to stop, but she wound up doing nothing to stop her daughter as Katy parted her thighs widely, exposing her fur-fringed slit of her pussy. Her cunt lips were foaming and dripping obscenely with Phil's white jism, and the sight made Katy's cunt throb with lust.

"Oh, Mommy, your pussy looks so good!"

Sighing, Katy stretched out between her mother's shapely legs and inhaled the pungent, musky aroma of a jism-dripping cunt. "Umm, I want to suck on it! Please let me suck your pussy, Mommy! Please?"

June said nothing. Katy whimpered and dropped her head, pressing her lips to the steaming folds of her mother's pussy.

The cunt slit gleamed with thick drops of cum, clinging to the swollen petals of her pink, open cunt. Katy extended her tongue and licked the matted hairs fringing her pussy, tasting her brother's cum. Then she stretched out her tongue farther and cleaned every drop of cum off her mother's cunt.

"Unngghhh!" June bit her lip as the first sensations of new sexual pleasure invaded her pussy. "Oh, Katy!" Helplessly, she started to shake her head, whimpering as her daughter's tongue cleaned off her pussy like a hungry kitten. "That feels good! Oh Lord, I can't control myself!"

Katy slid her fingers up her mother's soft thighs, dipping into the fragrant wetness of her pussy. She spread her pussy slit with her fingers, baring the bright pinkness within. Hungrily, the horny girl thrust her tongue deep inside her mother's cunt, anxious for more of her brother's drooling cum.

"Aw, fuck!" June's face contorted as she gave in to the new incestuous pleasure. "Suck it, Katy!" Thrusting her hand needfully into her daughter's blonde mane, she started to hump her ass off the floor. "My cunt's getting even wetter! Oh God, suck my pussy Katy! Suck my hot cunt!"

Katy glued her lips to her mother's pussy and simply sucked, fucking her cheeks and drawing inward as if her mother's cunt was a cock. June gasped and pulled her hair and bucked her ass wildly off the floor, unable to stand the pleasure that only another woman could give.

"Play with me, Katy!" she pleaded. "Finger-fuck my pussy! Oh God, that feels so wonderful!"

Stretched out between her mother's thighs, Katy rubbed her own pussy mound on the floor to allay the itchy heat in her pussy. Lustfully, she ran her hands all over her mother's nakedness, squeezing the huge tits that were even larger than her own.

Then she returned her right hand between her thighs. June stiffened as he felt her daughter's fingers pushing into her hairy fuck hole, separating the swollen folds of her cunt. Katy jacked her off expertly as she sucked, pumping her fingers in a blur into her mother's throbbing, dripping pussy.

"Cumming!" June cried. She grabbed Katy's head, furiously bucking her ass to grind her throbbing pussy onto her lips and fingers.

It was a delicious cum, one of the most intense she'd ever had. For what felt like minutes, June jerked and humped mindlessly off the floor, feeling the weight of her huge tits quivering as her pussy came on her daughter's mouth.

Katy eagerly continued to lick her until her cum had completely subsided. Then she more tenderly ran her tongue around her mother's pussy, cleaning up the slick fuck juices that had flowed from her cumming cunt.

"Now, Mommy," she said, rising to her feet. "It's your turn to do me!"

June glanced briefly at her son, noting his happy expression and stiff cock; for a moment she wondered if there was an arrangement between them. Then her attention returned to Katy as her daughter stripped off her jersey, leaving herself naked from the waist up, save for her bra.

Her tits really were quite large, June thought, and she could see the big, red nipples through the lacy fabric of the cups. She found herself getting turned on again as she watched her daughter reach behind her back, undoing the clasp to her bra. Then it fluttered to the floor, and June groaned involuntarily at the sight of Katy's big tits.

"Do you like my clits, Mommy?" Katy cupped her tits and let them fall, giggling as they bounced and swayed. "They're not as big as yours, but they're super firm. Daddy really likes to suck on my tits. I'll let you suck them too, if you want."

Without having intended, to, June pushed her fingers through her pussy curls and fingerfucked her cunt as she watched her daughter strip. Katy smiled and kicked off her tennis shoes. Then she unzipped her jeans and pulled them over her plumply rounded ass cheeks, down her long legs. Her panties were lacy and transparent, and June could see her daughter's big, dark pussy triangle clearly through the fabric. The panty, crotch was dripping with cunt cream. Katy was as horny as she was.

Then Katy surprised her by standing over her, putting her feet on the floor to either side of her mother's head. June found herself staring up her daughter's long legs, directly at her panty-clad cunt.

"Pull off my panties, Mommy," Katy said huskily. "Pull 'em off and suck my cunt!"

Immediately, June reached up, grabbing her daughter's panties and hurriedly stripping them down her legs. Katy stepped out of them, leaving herself completely naked. Then she fell to her knees and sat on her mother's face, grinding her steaming pussy slit onto June's lips.

"Now suck my pussy, Mommy," she gasped. "I'm so horny! Suck the shit out of my cunt!"

June extended her tongue, tasting her very first pussy. Her daughter's cunt tasted delicious. It was much like the smell of her own cunt, which she'd learned by often tasting the fingers she'd just jacked off with. But it was different, too -- riper, sweeter.

June found herself becoming incredibly horny. She slid her hands up Katy's thighs, cupping the rounded globes of her ass. Then she began to slide her tongue quickly up and down her hairy pussy slit, wantonly tonguing up the fuck juices that drooled out of her cunt.

"Unh, Mommy, Mommy!" Katy's face grimaced with desire. She held onto her mother's ears and quickly started humping her ass, grinding and pumping her pussy onto her mother's lips. "Suck it, Mommy! Feels so good! Suck my cunt!"

June dropped one hand from her daughter's bucking ass and pushed it between her own legs, finger-fucking herself as she sucked. Her nipples were stiff, and her pussy was incredibly wet.

She had never guessed that eating out another woman would make her so hot. Particularly her daughter. Katy's pussy was delicious; it turned her on almost as much as sucking her son's cock. Avidly, June swiped her tongue up and down Katy's wet pussy, pausing to wiggle her tongue on her swollen clit.

"Get my clit, Mommy!" Katy gasped. "Gotta cum, gotta make me cum!"

June wrapped her lips tightly around her daughter's burning clit. As Katy wildly humped and bucked, June sucked the little bud hard, drawing it out with her lips. At the same time she thrust her fingers deep inside Katy's churning cunt, finger-fucking both of them at the same time.

"Cumming now!" Katy pulled her mother's hair and whipped her ass like a machine, frantically pounding her sopping, throbbing fuck hole onto her mother's lips. "Cumming, Mommy, I'm cumming on your mouth! Ungghh! I'm so hot, you suck my pussy so good! Awww Mommy, Mommy, suck me!"

June fucked her fingers as far into her daughter's pussy as they would go. She felt Katy's cunt muscles working around them, throbbing just as her own pussy throbbed when she was having a good cum.

Then the pussy petals pulsed madly, and June felt her lips drenched by the flow of her daughter's cunt oil. As Katy squealed and gasped, she eagerly lapped it all up, not stopping until she'd cleaned all the foaming drops from the aching folds of her daughter's cunt.

"Oh, wow! Mommy, that was so fantastic!" Katy climbed off of her mother's face and paused to give her a shameless, grateful kiss. "That made me hornier than ever! Now I just gotta have a cock inside me! Phil, come on and fuck me good!"

Katy stretched out on her back beside June, spreading her legs wide in invitation. June watched her son rise up to move between her daughter's thighs. His cock was as stiff as a poker now. He had completely recovered from his earlier cum.

"Have you two..." June started to ask.

"Of course we have!" Katy interrupted. She grabbed her brother's big prick and erected the cock knob to her juicy pussy. "Fuck me, Phil! Fuck the cream out of my hot cunt!"

Phil groaned with pleasure, sinking his meaty prick to the balls in his sister's clinging, syrupy pussy.

Then June lay there and watched as her children began to fuck before her eyes, groaning and panting together, slapping their sweating bellies together as stiff hard-on fucked into sucking, hairy cunt.

One thing's for sure, she thought dizzily. Life in our house will never be the same again.


The television movie of the night that evening was a horror thriller about an enormous fish that terrorized the residents of a Midwestern metropolis. The frightened citizens were played by TV actors June and Ken had seen hundreds of times before. Neither considered it one of the network's better offerings.

"God, this slit is boring," Ken yawned.

"See if there's something else on." Lying next to him under the covers, June cuddled against her husband's thigh and smiled at him affectionately. "Just about anything will be better than this."

Ken picked up the remote control and fucked from channel to channel. The horror thriller was the best the media had to offer that night. Sighing, Ken tossed the remote control onto the nightstand and folded his hands behind his head.

"It's only ten-thirty and this crap's already putting me to sleep," he moaned.

"Oh, honey, you could use the rest, anyhow," June chided. "You can turn this off anytime you want to. I don't mind. If I feel restless, I can go read a book or something."

She cuddled closer, sighing as she threw her arm across his bare chest, resting her cheek on his muscular arm. Curiously, Ken glanced down at his beautiful wife.

She'd been acting strange all day, he thought, ever since he came home from work. It wasn't like June to be this affectionate, especially after being married for so many years. She'd cooked him his favorite supper, and kissed him before and after dinner. Ken couldn't remember the last time that had happened, except when June was extremely horny to be fucked.

And there was something mischievous in her eyes, too, he thought, something knowing. It was as if she had a surprise planned for him and couldn't wait to see his reaction when he finally discovered what it was. But he didn't have a birthday coming up. What in the world could she have on her mind?

Then the bedroom door burst open, and Ken looked up at his daughter Katy.

"Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad," she said breezily. "Whatcha watching?" Her eyes widened as he studied the television at the foot of their bed. "Oh, the piranha movie! I read about it in the TV Guide yesterday! I just love horror fucks! Can I watch with you, huh? Can I, please?"

"Of course you can," June said warmly. "Ken, move over a little so Katy can join us. Apparently our daughter is under the impression that is a good movie."

Ken squirmed to the center of the broad mattress, giving his daughter room to crawl in with them under the covers. But he wasn't happy about the arrangement, and he did his best not to look at Katy directly.

All she had on was that damn sexy negligee of hers, the transparent, skimpy thing that barely covered her ass cheeks, a thing no young girl had any business having in her wardrobe. Ken was surprised June hadn't commented on it when Katy came into the room. He could see her pussy bush and big tits through it so clearly.

Ken frowned uncomfortably as he felt his daughter pressing close to him under the blankets. This was the same girl who had brazenly beaten his meat while they were eating dinner. If she tried that now, with June right next to him...

"Oooh, look!" Katy exclaimed. Ken felt her succulent ass cheek press his hairy thigh. He wished now he'd worn his shorts to bed. "The big fish is swallowing up all the people!"

"You mean the special effect is swallowing up all the people," Ken grunted. "June, I think I changed my mind about this. Let's quit while we're ahead so I can get some sleep."

"Now, Ken," June said gently. "Katy just came in, and you can see for yourself how badly she wants to see this movie. We can stand it for a little while longer, don't you think?"

Ken grumbled and continued to stare worriedly at the television. A few minutes passed in silence. Then the inevitable happened.

He felt Katy's hand on his thigh, moving up his hairy leg toward his huge, already half-swollen prick. Ken immediately squirmed and tried to move away from her, but there was no room with June flush against his opposite side. All he could do was lie on his back while Katy's fingers groped his crotch.

She touched his cock, pinching the fat, pink prick knob. Then she wrapped her little hands around the rubbery cockshaft and started to squeeze and milk it rhythmically. Ken tried to concentrate on any non-sexual thing he could think of, including the movie, but it was hopeless.

Soon his big prick was as hard as stone, and the only reason it didn't lift the sheets was that Katy was holding it down with her fingers. Ken's expression contorted as he struggled to figure a way out of his predicament. Out of the corner of his eyes, he could see his daughter smiling lewdly. Then she wrapped her hand tightly around his meaty hard-on and lewdly started to jack on it.

"Goddamn it, Katy," Ken whispered, turning his head to her and speaking as softly as possible. "Stop fucking doing that to me! You want your mother to see?"

"Aw, Daddy, it feels good," Katy whispered back. "I can't help myself."

"Goddamn it, you leave my cock alone!"

They spoke softly, but not softly enough. June suddenly sat up in bed and looked at them curiously.

"Ken! Katy! What are you two whispering about?"

"N-nothing," Ken stammered. "Nothing at all."

June dropped her eyes and looked at the bulge over her husband's crotch.

"Katy, what are you doing to your father under the sheets?"

Katy said nothing. Then, as far as Ken was concerned, the worst happened. June grabbed the sheet and pushed it to the foot of the bed, revealing their nakedness, exposing Katy's small hand wrapped around her father's stonehard prick.

"My word, Katy!" June gasped. "Are you giving your father a hand-job?"

"Oh, shit," Ken moaned. "June... honey... I can explain this. Please don't get mad, please. Honest, I can explain the whole..."

"Why Katy, I had no idea you were such a horny girl," June interrupted. "Do you often molest your poor father like this?"

"As often as I can," Katy giggled, and she shamelessly started to beat her father's meat right under her mother's nose.

"Oh, Jesus," Ken moaned. "Now you've done it, Katy. My ass is really grass."

"Umm, Daddy," Katy purred, stroking her hand faster and harder on his bone-like prick. "Your cock is so big!"

"You better believe it is," June said softly. "And you'd better know how to take care of it, if you're going to share my husband with me. Start sucking, Katy. I want to see your technique!"

Ken opened his eyes wide and looked at his wife in disbelief. Then Katy dropped her head to his loaded cock head, and he turned his head just in time to see her stuff her mouth with his enormous prick.

Hungrily, the aged girl swallowed his hard-on, wrapping her lips in a tight circle around the center of the cock shaft. Then she feverishly started sucking her daddy's prick, seemingly oblivious to the fact that her mother was right beside, them. Her cheeks caved in, sharply increasing the suctioning pressure around his prick. Wet slurping, smacking sounds came from her lips as she noisily gave her father head.

"Oh Jesus, I can't believe this!" Ken stammered. Wildly, he looked around the bedroom. "June... I don't know what's happening, I swear I don't."

"Oh, fuck," June whispered. "That looks awfully good."

With her eyes riveted to her daughter's lips around her husband's cock, June spread her long legs widely apart on the bed. Her huge tits jostled spongily as she pushed her fingers through her pussy curls, burying two in the slippery wetness of her cunt. Then she started to finger-fuck herself, groaning and whimpering as she watched Katy sucking Ken's fat cock.

And then Ken realized that he wasn't going to get in trouble after all.

"You... you dig it," he said softly. "You dig watching us, don't you?"

"Yes, oh yes, I really do!" June fingerfucked her pussy harder, stabbing her fingers rhythmically between the curly-haired, pouting lips of her aching pussy. "Suck on it, Katy. Isn't your father's cock wonderfully big and hard? Doesn't it taste good, honey? That's a good girl; suck the cum out of your daddy's prick."

Ken stared at his wife a moment longer, unable to believe any of what had happened in the past several minutes. Then he sighed as the wet, gurgling pressure of his daughter's feverish blow-job started to make his cock feel incredibly good.

Moaning, Ken settled down on the mattress. "Suck it," he said softly.

His fingers curled in Katy's long, blonde hair, drawing her face closer to his crotch. He started to rock his ass off the bed, fucking his massive hard-on in and out between her lips.

Katy was giving him the best blow-job yet. Her cheeks worked like bellows, rhythmically puffing outwards and sharply fucking inwards again. She bobbed her head up and down tirelessly, slurping and smacking as she fucked her daddy's cock hornily down her buttery throat.

His cock swelled stiffer, and salty pre-cum leaked from the tip. Katy pressed her tongue on the piss hole, lapping up the juices oozing up from his balls. Then she rolled her tongue all over the burning column of his prick, licking it as she wantonly sucked.

"Jack his cock, Katy," June instructed. She humped her ass off the bed as she wildly finger-fucked, pistoning her cunt onto her hand. "Beat his meat while you suck the cock head. That's what your father loves."

Obediently, Katy wrapped her hand around the thick base of her father's fuck tool. She started to stroke it hard and fast, milking and tugging the loose flesh into her mouth. His cock grew thicker, and she had to stretch her lips obscenely to engulf it in her little mouth. "Oh Katy, that looks fantastic." June leaned forward and touched her husband's balls. "Please, I want some too. Let me suck it for a while."

Kitty released her father's prick and wiped the saliva and oozing cum from her lips. Ken moaned as his aching, rock-hard boner throbbed and twitched over his stomach.

Then June dropped her cheek on his stomach, opening her mouth wide for the wet, glistening, rosy knob of his cock. Ken gasped again with pleasure as his wife took his prick deep into her hungry mouth.

She immediately started sucking his cock violently, determined to outdo her daughter. Frantically, she forced her head towards his crotch, nearly gagging as she took almost half of his over-sized prick between her lips.

June kept her left hand between her legs, jacking off her hairy cunt. Her right hand closed around the root of her husband's hard-on. She beat him off so hard that her wrist moved in a blur, rhythmically stroking and tugging the fat shaft of his cock meat.

"Unh!" Ken dug his fingers into his wife's hair and grimaced as he pumped his ass off the mattress. "Oh fuck, June, I can't take it! My balls are so full! Gonna cum, oh fuck, oh shit..."

Katy watched her father's enormous cock swell between her mother's lips, until it was as hard as it could possibly get. His balls tightened, she knew he was about to spurt.

"Ooooh, Mommy, Daddy's gonna cum!" she squealed excitedly. Katy licked her lips and hornily tried to push her mother away. "Let me suck it now, Mommy! I want to eat Daddy's hot cum!"

Like a good hostess, June took her lips from Ken's boner and sax back to watch and fingerfuck. Katy gurgled as she again sank her father's massive prick into her mouth. This time she took in as much as her mother, until her father's drooling, shiny-skinned cock head was boring all the way down her throat.

Frantically she sucked, slurping and gurgling and bobbing her head, intent upon the impending explosion of her father's jism.

"Cum for her, Ken," June whispered. She spread-eagled her slender thighs on the bed and grimaced as she pounded her fingers into her clinging, sucking cunt. "You can see for yourself how hungry Katy is. She needs to be fed. Fill her belly with your thick, hot cum!"

Ken gasped and started to pump his ass violently off the bed, feeling the pressure building in the wrinkled bag of his balls. Katy grabbed his throbbing cock shaft and jacked it off with both hands, feverishly sucking on the drooling crown, anxious to drink her daddy's jism.

Then the cum spouted out of the tip of his prick, erupting in a thick geyser. The boiling rush of spunk pumped past Katy's swirling tongue, jetting down her throat. Shamelessly, the horny girl started swallowing, working her throat muscles in lewd, prolonged gulps as she savored the milky thickness of her father's spurting cum.

"Oooh, fuck!" June finger-fucked her pussy into a lather as she watched her husband's cum-gushing cock pulse rhythmically between her aged daughter's lips. She came convulsively on her hand as she saw the thick cum ooze from Katy's lips, running in a stream down her chin.

Then his cum was over. Katy took his cock out of her mouth and watched the swollen, glistening tube of cock meat pulse and twitch over her daddy's stomach. It was still as hard as bone, she realized, ready for yet another cum.

"Oh Daddy, you've still got a hard-on," she whispered huskily. "Can you keep your cock stiff for me, Daddy? I want to feel your hardon in my cunt!"

"Yes, Ken, fuck her!" Dropping her left hand between her thighs to join her right, June lewdly finger-fucked her fucked, rubbery asshole as she simultaneously pleasured her pussy with her fingers. "Fuck Katy. I want to watch. Fuck your daughter's cunt!"

Ken moaned and nodded his head. Quickly, Katy tore off her see-through negligee, making her mother groan at the sight of her voluptuous young body. Then she straddled her father as he lay on his back. Her knees dug into the mattress to either side of his hips. She leaned forward and held his shoulders for support, letting her big tits sway and jiggle over his chest.

Reaching between her creamy white thighs with one hand, Katy lifted her daddy's enormous cock. She clit the swollen prick knob onto the creamy slit of her pussy. Then she started to buck and hump her ass, grunting like an animal as his throbbing hard-on pierced the clinging, slippery tunnel of her cunt.

"Oh, Katy," June sighed. "I can see your father's cock going into you. It looks so good."

"It is good, Mommy!" Katy cried. She pistoned, humped and twirled her ass, gasping as inch after inch of Ken's fuck stick bored into the clasping sheath of her pussy. "Aw Daddy, your cock is so big! Fuck me, Daddy! I want your prick all the way inside me!"

Ken slid his hands down his daughter's lithe torso, cupping the rounded cheeks of her ass.

Then he started to rhythmically grind his ass off the bed to meet Katy's tireless fuckstrokes, pounding his cock up her cunt.

Finally, his cock was all the way inside her, buried to the balls in her tight, sucking pussy. Both father and daughter rested for a moment. Katy groaned as she felt her little pussy stuffed by the huge, pulsing prick. Ken winced as his little girl's pussy tunnel clasped repeatedly around his cock.

"Fuck her, Ken," June hissed. "Move your ass. Fuck her pussy good!"

Ken started pumping, fucking his cum-swollen prick in and out of Katy's clinging cunt. Katy squealed and immediately started humping her pussy onto his cock. Soon they were fucking in rhythmic unison, with Ken's eyes wide as he watched his big fucker disappearing and reappearing from the matted fur fringing his daughter's pussy.

"Oh fuck, I can't take this any longer," June groaned. "My pussy is so wet." She turned her head toward the bedroom door and suddenly raised her voice. "Phil! I know you're out there! Come in here, lover! Your mother needs to be fucked!"

Ken stopped fucking Katy, but his huge cock stayed stone-hard inside her belly, nursed by the constant pressure of her tight pussy. His jaw sagged open in shock as the bedroom door opened, and Phil came in, headed for his spread-eagled mother on the bed.

Phil was naked. His cock was stiff, and Ken saw quickly that it was almost as large as his own. It didn't seem to bother Phil at all that his father was watching him. He grinned as he crossed the room, climbed onto the bed and crawled between his mother's thighs.

"Suck my titties, darling," June purred. "They need your lips on them!"

Ken watched in amazement as Phil sprawled between June's thighs. The horny bay dropped his mouth to her enormous tits and opened his lips widely, taking one fat, taut, cherry-red nipple between his lips. He sucked it hard, fucking his cheeks like a baby hungry for his mother's milk.

"Unh!" June grimaced and grabbed his ass, trying to draw his hard-on into her buttery pussy. "Okay, Phil, that's enough. Fuck me now. Fuck your mother!"

Phil climbed into position between her shapely legs; holding his prick rod in his fist, he dipped the spongy knob between the pouting petals of her pussy. Katy and Ken both watched as he slammed his aching prick all the way into her cunt in one fuck-stroke.

Then he was fucking her, and his big-titted mother was whipping her ass off the bed to meet his fuck-strokes. Katy looked hungrily at her father and tightened her pussy slit around his huge cock.

"Oh, Daddy, they're fucking!" she squealed. "It's making me horny! Fuck my pussy some more, Daddy! I want to cum on your cock!"

Close to cumming himself, Ken again began to buck and jerk his ass. His daughter met his strokes in a fever, slamming her hairy pussy rhythmically onto the stabbing implement of his prick.

"Cumming now!" Katy cried. Her big tits shook as she moved her ass like a bitch in heat, grinding her wide-stretched pussy slit on the very base of her daddy's cock meat. "Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me harder! Aww, my pussy's so wet! Fuck the shit out of me, Daddy! Cumming!"

Ken turned his head, watching Phil frantically fuck his rock-hard prick in and out of his mother's eager pussy. He turned back again, watching Katy's cumming cunt slide up and down on his prick.

Then he dug his hands into her ass cheeks and lifted his hips, fucking his huge cock all the way into her throbbing pussy. The second load of jism gushed out of his puffy cock head, shooting deep inside her cunt. Ken gasped and pumped his ass, letting all of his jism shoot into his daughter's velvety cunt.


"Put lots of it on, Daddy," Katy whimpered. "You know how big your cock is!"

The bad movie had given way to the news, though none of them had been paying much attention to the TV screen. Katy and Ken were alone in the big bed now. Phil and June had gone off to his room for more fucking.

Katy lay on her belly, with a pillow fucked under her pussy mound. Her lushly rounded ass cheeks gleamed in the light of the night lamp as she looked expectantly at her father over her shoulder.

Even after cumming twice, Ken's big prick was still as hard as stone. He held a jar of Vaseline in his hand and was liberally smearing the goo between his daughters jiggling ass cheeks.

"Unh, Daddy, that's making me so horny!" Katy wiggled her hips as she felt her father's greasy finger piercing her fucked asshole ring, coating the insides of her ass tunnel. "That's enough, Daddy! I'm wet enough! Give me your cock!"

Ken tossed the Vaseline jar aside. He replaced his finger with the spongy knob of his cock, mounting his daughter. Katy squeezed the bed sheets and braced herself. Ken humped his ass, gradually forcing inch after inch of his bloated cock into the rubbery depths of his daughter's asshole.

"It's going into me, Daddy!" Katy cried. She wiggled her hips and furiously started humping, pumping her pussy off the bunched up pillow, desperate for more cock. "It doesn't hurt at all. Oh yes, your cock's stretching my asshole! Oh fuck, Daddy, it feels so good!"

Ken fucked harder, moaning as the powerful muscles of his daughter's shit hole sucked and clasped around his turgid prick. Katy bucked beneath him like a wild woman, but it was difficult to force his prick all the way between her ass cheeks. Even with the Vaseline, she had the tightest asshole he'd ever fucked.

Finally, his cock was all the way inside her ass, buried to the root. Ken sighed and slid his hands under her rib cage, cupping her big, stiff-nippled tits. He pulled out his cock until only the crown stretched her fucked, clinging asshole ring. Then he fucked his cock all the way back into her throbbing ass.

"Fuck me, Daddy!" Shamelessly, Katy thrust her hand between her belly and the pillow, groping through her pussy curls for her pink, dripping cunt slit. She pushed two fingers into her cunt and started to finger-bang as her father fucked her asshole. "That's good, Daddy, it's making me so hot! Fuck me harder, Daddy! Fuck your cock up my ass!"

Ken started fucking her, punching his massive cock shaft through the rubbery grip of her asshole. Her ass tunnel loosened just enough for him to move more freely. Beside himself with lust the horny father ass-fucked his daughter in long, driving strokes, feeling his ball bag slap her hairy pussy crack with every fuck-thrust.

"Gonna cum, Daddy! Keep on fucking me!" Katy cried. She made the bed shake as she pumped her hips as hard as she could, squealing like a little girl as her father's enormous prick pleasured her burning asshole. "I think I'm cumming now! Oh yes, I can feel it! My asshole's throbbing, Daddy!"

The spasms gushed simultaneously through her asshole and pussy, making both holes suck and contract spasmodically. Ken wanted to sustain the pleasure, but he couldn't hold back his wad. He fell on top of his daughter's sweating, naked body, ramming his cock as far into her shithole as it would go.

The third cum-load streamed up from his balls, spurting heavily from the swollen tip of his cock. His balls seemed to have an endless supply of cum. Katy moaned as she felt the thick ribbons of her daddy's jism squirting into her, anointing the ravaged walls of her asshole. Ken sighed as the last drops of cum oozed into the burning tightness of his daughter's asshole.

"Oh yes, Daddy, I love it!" Katy mewled. "Keep cumming. Don't ever stop fucking me!"

Lewdly, she flexed her asshole muscles, trying to coax another hard-on from her father's fuck-wilted prick. As horny as she was, a happy smile spread across her innocent-looking young face.

She loved the fact that her whole family had finally fucked together. Now that their incest was out in the open, she could fuck her brother or father whenever she wanted to, and June could give Phil a blow-job right at the dinner table... or at breakfast, or at lunch, or before they went to bed at night.


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