Hot lips secretary

As our society becomes increasingly urbanized and the family structure weaker, we are seeing more and more of the phenomenon known as amorality. With fewer and fewer people relating to one another in any long-term social contact, and with increasing anonymity in our cities, why, some people ask, is there any need to hold up a veneer of social morality when what lies deep within each of us is a pervading desire to fulfill our own whims, regardless of the effects on others?

Susan Russell is a child of the age. Living the life of a hedonist, she refuses to worry about any serious problems of her future, and rarely thinks of the past in any reflective sense. Never does she question herself or seek any long-term commitments. Her main concern is for today, for herself, and for her pleasure. For Susan, sex is merely something to be enjoyed, sometimes to be performed for the enjoyment of others, but never does it carry any moral or deep emotional overtones.

Her story is a social document, manifesting current trends in human relationships and contemporary morality. HOT LIPS SECRETARY challenges our perceptions of ourselves and our contemporary social mores. With its lesson of what our future may hold, it is a book demanding our serious scrutiny.


Susan Russell was 19, loved her job as a secretary at the naval base in Norfolk, Virginia, but was despondent. She sat on the couch in her small apartment and dreamed about sucking off Bob Walker, a Mr. Universe type who worked on the base with her.

He would be about the fourteenth guy she had sucked since she was in her senior year of high school. She'd gotten so that she loved it so much she couldn't think about much of anything else.

Big, hard cocks were on her mind most of the time. She enjoyed fucking them, but her biggest thrill came from taking a throbbing pecker in her mouth and really giving it a blowjob that the guy would remember for a long, long time.

Susan had not gotten into Bob's skivvies yet, but she sure intended to. She could tell by the crease in his crotch that he had a cock that would be an immense one when it got hard. She wanted to taste it in her mouth.

As she sat on the bed dreaming about Bob's hard prick, her thoughts trailed back to her high school days, when she sucked off Ronnie Ferguson, and then worried about, whether she should have swallowed his cum on her first date. Everytime she let her mind wander back over her sexual past, it always went through the list of boys she had sucked, one by one, in the days before she had become a secretary and had moved to Norfolk. It had been an exciting, hard-peckered trail of blowjobs, and there wasn't one that she hadn't enjoyed completely.

The first one had been Ronnie, a classmate of hers in high school. She had gone with him in his car to the golf course one night when they were nearing graduation. It was a warm, spring night, and they walked from his car out to the second green.

They'd just gone to the movies, and Susan was feeling warm and excited about being close to Ronnie. He was a good-looking kid, with dark, wavy hair, a strong build, and a bulge in his pants that was hard and swollen and ready.

Susan knew he was hot to fuck her and she knew she was going to lick his cock as soon as they got comfortable on the soft, velvety grass of the green. She was a well-built little redhead, with long, lustrous hair that hung down around her shoulders. She had emerald-green, sparkling eyes, and was one of the best-looking and best-built girls in school. She wasn't bragging when she told herself that. It was just a fact of life.

She had milk-white skin, with just a blush of pink in her cheeks, and she was, everyone in school would agree, the most voluptuous, well-stacked girl ever to win the good citizenship award.

She was five feet, two inches and had round, full tits. She filled a sweater like a Hollywood starlet. And the rest of her body was just as delicious. It was a shapely, curvy monument to teenage America.

When the movie was over, Ronnie had suggested they go for a little ride before taking her home. She was not exactly a virgin, having lost her cherry three years earlier to a counselor at a summer camp. He mistook Susan to be much older than she was. The counselor was scared shitless when he found out he'd knocked off a babe in the woods. But Susan had kept quiet about it and the summer had ended without any problems for either of them.

After that she had retained what chastity she had left. Now, when she was nearly ready to graduate from high school, she was getting very hot in the loins... very often.

As she and Ronnie had walked, hand-in-hand, over the freshly mowed fairways to the green, she trembled with excitement. She was filled with passion and was thrilled by the growing tension in her unfulfilled pussy.

They came to the green for the second hole, and walked up on the soft carpet of carefully manicured grass.

"This looks like a good spot," Ronnie said. "Why don't we just sit down here and talk for a while?"

"You talked me into it," she said. She just couldn't seem to think of anything clever to say, but she knew that once they started necking, her actions would speak louder than words.

Ronnie didn't bother with much chit-chat. He just slid an arm around her waist, and pulled her to him. They fell over on the grass in one motion, tumbling around and finally coming to rest with Susan on her back and Ronnie sprawled across lip soft torso.

His face was right over hers, and he lowered his lips. She slid her arm around his neck and pulled him close. Their lips met, and she opened her mouth eagerly, taking his tongue inside and bathing it in the warmth of her own.

Their lips ground, and their bodies squirmed, and Susan felt the ache in her sweet, young cunt growing and growing.

It swirled through her like a storm, tugging at her clit, and making her damp and itchy inside her skinny little bikinis.

Her skirt was up, far above her knees, as Ronnie clung to her and massaged her back and kissed aft over her gorgeous, passion-filled face.

His tongue licked over her lips and slid back inside her mouth and she felt a hot flush of lustful passion which completely engulfed her.

"Oh, Ronnie, you make me so hot I don't know what to do!" she cried. "You're so exciting!"

His hands were roaming farther and farther, down over her luscious, mounding tits, so round and full and deliciously inviting.

She didn't resist because she couldn't. He made her so hot and so squirmy and so full of hunger for him there was no way she could say no.

Soon his hands were on her leg, touching the soft flesh, far up above her knee. Then they were under her skirt and going for that hairy little crotch protected only by a thin film of nylon in the form of a three-inch-wide band of bikini panties.

They were flesh-colored and damp from her leaking pussy juice and she wished she didn't even have them on.

"Oh, Ronnie. My God! Take them off!" she cried. "Pull them down! Pull them down!"

Ronnie Ferguson certainly didn't need a second invitation for that! He had both hands under her ass cheeks in a flash, sliding those bikinis down over her knees almost before she had the words out of her mouth. He drew them down over her smooth, shapely thighs and off her feet and threw them aside.

Then his hands were in her crotch, massaging her slippery, juicy cunt lips and that erotic nub of nerves, her clit. It made her ache with desire, and she tingled and felt a hot wave of lust roll through her shivering loins.

"Play with me, darling! Play with me!" she sighed. "You can do anything you want, but don't put it in. I don't want to get pregnant."

You could have bit him over the head with a hammer. He was crawling the walls already, and on the verge of pulling out his cock and shoving it to her. When he realized she wasn't going to let him fuck her, it was like punching his balloon with a bayonet.

"Not going to fuck?" he asked incredulously. "My God, you're the biggest cockteaser in town!"

"I'm sorry, Ronnie," she said. "I'm not on the pill, and I don't have a diaphragm, and I could get pregnant. You wouldn't want that, would you?"

Ronnie had to agree that was not what he thought of as the perfect ending to a perfect date.

Susan felt crestfallen. She wanted this boy so badly. She wanted to please him and now she had turned him off. She racked her brain to think of what she could do to salvage her date with this beautiful hunk of young maleness.

"Ronnie, I have something else you might like," she said. "You might like it even more, as a matter of fact."

Ronnie was mildly curious. "Oh, yeah?" he said. "What could be better?"

"Take your pants off," she said seductively. "Take your shorts off. Then I'll show you."

He looked at her for a second, unzipped his fly, and dropped his pants to the green. His shorts were off in a second and he stood there before her with a hard-on as big as a baseball bat.

"Now what?" he asked.

"Come here and lie down," she said, motioning for him to lie next to her on the grass. He lay down, and she began licking his belly and all the sensitive flesh along his sides, and over his thighs. He shivered and felt fingers of aching pleasure clawing inside his balls.

Her tongue licked him and worked over him eagerly, and she felt fiery trembles of ecstasy herself as she tasted his hot flesh and ran her tongue through his curly little cock hairs.

Then she reached his balls, and she took one of them right inside her mouth, sucking it softly, and playing her fingers over his loins at the same time.

Her hand went to his cock, grasped hold of it, filling her fingers with its rubbery, resilient meat, and squeezed it tightly.

Susan's tongue was licking over one nut, completely inside her mouth. He felt the warmth surging all through his loins as she teased him.

After a while, she could wait no longer, her passion rising to a fever, her temples pounding, her breath coming in short gasps.

She licked her way up over his balls, to the base of his cock in circles, around and around that throbbing shaft, all the way from the bottom to the top. Then she circled that little ridge at the base of his cockhead, tingling him with the tip of her rigid tongue.

When she licked over those sweet cheeks on the underside of his cockhead, he felt a tingling sensation pierce through his shaft and he cried out in agonized rapture.

"Ohhh, God, Susan! Ohh, that feels fantastic!"

His words soared through her brain, and she knew there was no turning back for her now. She wanted to give him the ultimate pleasure.

Even though she had never sucked a cock before, she seemed to be born to it, having an innate sense that told her what to do.

Her soft lips went to his cockhead and circled it like a ring of moisture and warmth. She took it all inside her mouth.

She slid her head down slowly, swallowing his pounding shaft, and felt a dizziness in her head. It was a gnawing, delicious ache in her cunt that told her she was doing the right thing. She was more excited than she had ever been in her life.

And apparently Ronnie was, too. He moaned and cried out softly. His prick was hard and straining, throbbing so violently that she knew what she was doing was more than just pleasant to him.

She had always wandered what a cock tasted like, and she was pleased to find that Ronnie's had a sort of musky, very slightly salty taste. It had a pulse beat all its own. She remembered practicing a few times on hot dogs and candles and things like that in her room, but this was entirely different.

His prick was alive! It had feelings and sensations and responses. It was full of anxiety and tension and need. His cock pounded hard and she was so excited by it that she almost came.

She began to suck him faster and faster as the passion dwelling within her grew hotter and hotter.

Her long, red tresses whirled and flew around her face as she twisted her head and swooped up and down on his thundering shaft.

Her fingers grasped his balls and fondled them avidly, kneading and massaging that sweet, soft sack, rolling the balls between her fingers and making him so hot she thought she would go insane.

Ron was twisting his ass around, shoving his hips and cock up and down in rhythm with her sucking. His eyes were closed and his mouth was open. He obviously was in another world as she feverishly licked and sucked on him.

"God, it's good, Susan," he murmured. "I didn't think you'd do this. God, it's good!"

She was deliriously happy that she was bringing him pleasure. Her whole body grew warmer and warmer. A flush of blissful satisfaction swept over her from head to toe.

Her pussy was getting very syrupy and her cunt juices were leaking into her panties. She knew that when she finished with the blowjob, she was going to have all she could do to keep him from fucking her, whether she had any protection or not.

As she felt his hard prick between her lips, she could imagine how good it would feel inside her cunt. She had an overwhelming desire to drop his cock at that moment, rip off her panties, and straddle him right there.

But she held off, and took his prick deep down into her throat in long, sucking strokes. She licked it all the way with her quickly flicking tongue. She brought him closer and closer to that magic moment when he would let his cream fly.

She planned to take it in her mouth, but she would spit out the cum, she told herself. Her girl friend, Nancy Brewer, had told her she could get pregnant by swallowing it. She didn't think that was true, but she wasn't going to take any chances.

Besides, if she swallowed it on the first date, it would make Ronnie think she was too easy. After all, that was really going all the way. She couldn't take a chance on ruining her reputation completely.

She was also anxious to know what Ronnie's cum tasted like. She'd heard all sorts of wild things at school. The girls were always talking about it. Some said it was like chocolate. Others said it tasted like good wine. Someone once said it was like lemon sauce. And she'd heard beef gravy, and honey, and salt water, and sugar water -- so many stories she didn't believe any of them.

She thought half of the girls who told the stories had never even had a cock in their mouths, but just wanted to show off and act big.

Tonight she was going to find out for herself, and it wasn't going to be long. Ronnie was getting awfully squirmy, and was moaning louder and louder, and Susan thought he was going to pop his load any second now.

She started sucking him really hard and fast, up on her knees, slaving over him, her lips trembly, her cunt aching and her tits jangling with excitement.

She worked her head over his hot, hard prick in a frenzy of motion, and he suddenly lurched and cried out: "Now, Susan! Now, baby! I'm coming!"


Ronnie's body sprang up like a jack-in-the-box, his shoulders still pinned to the ground. But his belly, his pelvis, and his throbbing, exploding cock shot up nearly a foot off the ground, trembling, quivering with ecstasy, as he hurtled his hot load of cum deep inside Susan's hot lips.

They were both shuddering and ecstatic. Ronnie strained and arched his back, his head rolling on the pass, his feet planted squarely on the pound, his mid-section suspended in air.

Susan, who had been bending far over him, loving his pecker to death, had to pull up sharply to avoid being choked completely as he drove his pecker into her throat.

She didn't miss a stroke. His cock stayed firmly imbedded in her soft throat. She sucked him with rapid, hungry laps, giving him so much suction he thought she would pull the marrow from his bones.

She stretched her soft lips far down on his cock, stroking him in long, loving, feverish strokes, and squeezed his balls all the time. She pulled from him every drop that his hot, young body could possibly give her.

And it was plenty. He was virtually at the peak of his lifetime sex drive. He manufactured cum in those hot balls of his very quickly. He hadn't gotten off in over a week, and when he came this time, it seemed like a bucketful.

The hot cream swirled in Susan's mouth and she thought she would faint from the delirious excitement it created in her.

Her body shuddered. By this time her pussy was drenched in her own juices which flowed out in a stream, and she hadn't even had an orgasm!

She kept swallowing his cream as he spewed it out, jerking in spasms of ecstasy. His cock was at least seven inches long, Susan estimated, and she strived to get every last bit of it inside her hot mouth.

It nudged against the walls of her throat and filled her with desire like she had never known.

She held the hot cock on her tongue, lapping it and sucking it and basking in the sweet, hot juices that melted over her tongue.

When he had finished shooting his load, she kept his cock in her throat, bringing him down slowly, nursing his pecker back to normal, ringing it in soft, warm strokes of her tongue.

She used the whole, broad sweep of her tongue, not tensing it or pointing it, but giving him the satisfaction of its wide, ample brush-like rapture.

"Jesus, you blew my mind," Ronnie moaned. "What a fantastic blowjob! Where in the hell did you ever learn how to do that? How many guys have you sucked off, anyway?"

Susan wished he hadn't said that. She had never done this before, but she had done it so well that it would be hard to convince Ronnie that it was her virginal sucking.

After such a blissful, sweet experience, it was a little disappointing to her to hear those words. But she knew that sometimes boys were unthinking, and that he probably didn't mean anything derogatory by it.

She kept sucking him a bit longer, not wanting to leave the tastiness and the meatiness of his vibrant, young pecker. When she did, she left it slowly and gracefully, retreating in a leisurely, sensuous manner.

She groped his loins and his balls and thighs as she slowly let his long, swollen but tumescent prick glide from her lips. Then she sat up and addressed him: "You may not believe it," she said, "but that's the first time I ever did that. I loved it, and I tried to do my best."

"Well, you sure did one hell of a job!" he sighed, smiling up at her. "I thought my guts were going to melt and come right out through my cock!"

He motioned far her to lie down next to him and she did.

He began kissing her and fondling her, holding her closely, and she thought she would explode with the mad desire welling up in her hot body.

Sucking him off had given her such a thrill that, combined with his playing with her clit earlier, she was now ripe and ready for anything.

She was still worried about getting pregnant, and it was a strange mixture of need and temptation and caution that had her all mixed up.

"Susan, darling, I really must have you," he said. "I'm crazy about you. If I put on a rubber, will that be all right then?"

"Why didn't you tell me you had a rubber with you?" she said. "Of course, that's all we need."

"It's in the car," he said. "I'll go get it and be right back."

He slipped his pants on quickly, and ran across the fairway to the parking lot.

She watched him go in the dim moonlight and while he was away she lay back, dreaming of feeling his prick inside her. She slipped off her panties and her fingers slowly went up under her skirt to play with the soft, damp hairs and run her finger over her hot clit. It quivered with anxiety and need.

She felt tremors of sharp, aching pleasure shoot up through her loins and along her ribs and through her tits. Her nipples were hard and erect under her bra, and she couldn't wait for him to come back and strip her clothes from her.

Still, she had not realized what she had done. Her stomach was already digesting Ronnie's load of cum, sending it through her digestive tract. She was so caught up in the impending fuck, that the implications of what she had done had not yet struck her.

Ronnie was back shortly, a little square, matchbook-like package in his hand. He laid it carefully on the ground next to her, and, standing over her, stripped down completely in about five seconds flat.

His dick was hard and straight again already, and she gave a little prayer of thanks that he was so hot and eager.

Then he reached over to her, began unbuttoning her blouse and helped her to her feet. The blouse came off, and then the skirt. Ronnie stood close to her, his arms around her, kissing her, fondling her back, brushing his fingers slowly up and down over her hot flesh. Then he unsnapped her bra.

The straps came off her shoulders, and those magnificent, full young tits jiggled and fell out.

They stood out firm yet soft, alluring in the moonlight.

They had perfectly round, pink areolas at the tips of their orb-like perfection. Her nipples were out straight, and as Ronnie gently massaged their marvelous arcs, he felt them grow harder and more full.

The nipples were out like little pencil erasers, but infinitely more interesting.

Then he ran his hands down her back, through the curving arch just above those sweet, round ass cheeks, and let his fingers skim over her thighs and down into that soft flesh of her inner leg and that bushy, red nest of hair.

But he didn't stay there. On and on down he went, smoothing his palms down the back of her curvaceous, mouth-watering legs, right to her ankles.

As he kneeled, his face came to that luscious, soft, mass of red curls between her legs, and he pressed his lips to it.

He let his tongue slip in between the hairs, and lathered over those undulating cunt lips of hers. She let out a gasping cry of delight as he touched her clit.

"Oh, oh, oh, Ron!" she blurted. Her ass bounced backwards and she grabbed his head to keep from falling.

Then she steadied herself, and spread her legs, bending her knees slightly, and shoved her cunt up toward him so he could reach it better.

Still on his knees, he clamored toward her, and nudged his nose far into her crotch, bringing his hands up between her legs and cupping her ass as he licked her.

He steadied her, too, and grasped her firmly as he burrowed his tongue up into her soft, pink pussy.

She thought she would go out of her mind with excitement and eagerness. "Oh, Ron! Fuck me!" she cried. "I can't wait any longer! Just fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeee!"

She lay down quickly and spread her legs, stretching her toes up into the air, as he mounted her on that soft bed of grass. Her cunt was so immersed in juice that when he pressed against her with his throbbing prick, it slurped in and went skidding up into her smoothly and, oh, so easily. It glided on a coating of cunt juice so thick and so syrupy that she felt like his prick was taking a toboggan ride inside of her.

"Ohhh, God! My God, it's goood!" she cried. "Keep it in me forever, Ron! I loooove it!"

Her fervent moanings and her warm sighs of rhapsodic delight turned Ronnie into, a crazed young cocksman. He rammed his cock into her full throttle, humping and humping and humping, mad with delirious, animal hunger.

His cock was pounding in his ears now, demanding payment for his patience. Susan was only too happy to make that payment. Her body was afire with a thirsting, starving distress. She had to feel him ravage her, fuck her into oblivion.

The way he was starting, it looked like that was exactly what he would do. He was, pounding into her in fierce, tremulous drives. His cock hurtled in and out of her soft cunt lips as if he was in a race with himself to blast her full of cum.

His ass reflected the moonlight and, to anyone who just happened to be passing by the second green that night, it might have looked a little something like a white basketball bouncing up and down. It jounced and bucked and swiveled over Susan's soft, trembling body as if he was having a seizure.

She parted her ruby lips, closed her eyes, her lustrous red locks frazzled and disheveled, spilling over her shoulders and down across her heaving tits in disarray.

Her alabaster flesh, like that of a young Goddess, so gently curving, so round and padded just right, was shaking with passion as she received his onslaught.

Faster and faster he fucked her, ramming his cock so far up into her that she thought she would split.

But she loved it. She rejoiced in that feeling of being impaled, filled with hard flesh, her pussy walls bulging and pressed tightly by his engorged cock.

She flung her legs around him, and ground her pussy against his pursuing prick, swiveling her hips and flexing her cunt muscles so that it felt as if he was being grabbed around the cock by five strong fingers every time he shoved it into her.

"Oh, God, keep doing that!" he moaned. "Whatever it is, just keep doing it!"

He thought he would explode from the ecstasy of her pussy massage. He had screwed almost a dozen girls, and nobody had ever done anything like that. Usually they just lay there and did nothing but moan, but never did much moving or anything else to stimulate him.

Susan was something else. She was giving it to him almost as hard as he was giving it to her. She felt like his cock was a bull's prick the way it was firing up into her, hammering away at her pink chasm of a cunt, and she thrilled to the feeling of his big, loose balls slapping against her ass cheeks.

It had been more than three years since that first and only other piece of ass and Susan was long overdue. She knew it. The counselor at camp had been exciting, but he certainly didn't fuck her the way Ronnie was doing it.

Ronnie was hard and strong and he made her feel like a woman. He was taking her and romping through her pussy just like she'd always hoped she'd get it.

Her tits were bouncing all over the place, and she hardly even realized it. Her body was in a frenzy... so oblivious to everything except Ronnie's cock... so erotically stimulated... so far from reality but so close to ecstasy.

Her mind raced with thoughts of orgasm and cock and cum and all the wonderful, sweet, lustful things she'd thought about so much for so long.

If only Nancy and the other girls at school could see her now, she thought! They'd be as excited as she was! And jealous, and horny, just watching Ronnie ravish her!

"Oh, Ronnie, give it to me!" she cried. "Shoot your stuff up inside me! I want to feel you come and come! I want you to gush it!"

Ronnie was sweating and straining, his face lined with determination, his teeth clenched, and he was hunched way over her now, his chest pressing against her soft tits... her nipples boring into him. He clasped her under her shoulders, giving him a firm handhold with which to pull her body down onto him every time he lunged into that soft cunt of hers.

She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and they were locked in a struggle for survival against the onrushing tide of their mutual orgasms.

Then he began to hunker his cock into her in short, rapid strokes, like a rabbit fuck, increasing the tempo until she thought she would blow a blood vessel. He ripped into her in a speeding, lightning-like series of delicious stabs, piercing her inner core... rattling her very bones... agitating her clit beyond her fondest hopes... making her virtually senseless with his urgency.

She took him gladly, opening her legs and welcoming his furious invasion, clutching his prick with her cunt lips, bathing him in frenzied gratitude and urging him on to the goal she knew he was seeking -- to unload his pent-up desires and get his rocks off in one great big upheaval of come and spasming muscles and tremendous, unbelievable sense of relief and blissful respite.

The deeper and deeper he drove himself, extending those rapid-fire strokes until they were reaching deep into her pink folds and his cock began to swell and he trembled violently and then Susan came.

She wanted to get off at the same time Ronnie did, but she could not hold back the mind-boggling emotions that gripped her for one, second longer.

She shuddered and shook and the cream spouted from her, oozing in spurts and starts from around his bulging prick, dripping down her cunt lips and sponging his balls.

"Ronnie! Ronnie! Take me!" she cried. "Take me and fuck me and... ohhh, God... ahhh! I'm coming so haaaard!"

Her cunt quaked with the terrific force of her orgasm. Her loins were trembling madly, and the feelings of incredible pleasure spiraled up through her and wrapped her in a cocoon of unparalleled bliss.

Ronnie was right there too, and when she was still in the throes of her sweet misery, he shot his load and drove his cum into her.

She had completely forgotten about the rubber... and he had never put it on!

But Susan didn't care at all now. She was so full of rapture, so completely enthralled by her orgasm and his filling of her pussy with his hot cum that she could only think of that. She wanted it to spread through her like warm molasses... and it did.

She and Ronnie lay there on the green until nearly one o'clock, fucking the night away, doing it over and over, and Susan had never known such pervasive bliss in her short life.

Even the promise of going away to business college, leaving home in the fall to be on her own for the first time, the most exciting thing she'd had in her life, could in no way hold a candle to what Ronnie had given her.

Still, as she dressed and he drove her home, her thoughts calming down and coming back to reality, she began to wonder whether she had done the right thing when she swallowed his cum. Even taking his load into her pussy without a rubber didn't seem to bother her as much.

She puzzled over it as she got out of the car and went into her house, Ronnie's kiss still wet on her lips.


Susan couldn't put her finger on the reason why she was concerned about swallowing Ronnie's come on the first date.

She knew what the other girls in school would say: If you fucked him, and he came in you, why are you worried about swallowing it? It doesn't make sense. You should be worried about getting pregnant from having him fuck you, not about what he might think of you for taking his cum in your mouth.

But Susan had a different set of values. She had always been concerned with doing the "right thing," and she just felt it was a breach of etiquette, a sign that she was an easy make.

What if he went around telling the other guys that the first time he dated Susan Russell, she sucked him off and swallowed the cum? She would never be able to face them. She would be mortified.

Maybe she was silly for thinking this way, she pondered, but different things bring out different reactions in different people.

She was reflecting on all these things as she walked through the kitchen, preoccupied with her own dilemma, and it wasn't until she was looking for something to eat in the refrigerator that she heard the commotion upstairs. She couldn't think what in the world could be going on at this hour, but then she realized that she recognized the sound. It was the wild careening of bedsprings.

Then she put two and two together, and realized that her brother Freddie must have brought home his girlfriend, Gloria Johnson, since it was a perfect time now that their parents were away for a weekend. Gloria had probably told her parents she was staying with a girlfriend.

She closed the refrigerator door and quietly walked up the stairs and into her bedroom. The door to Freddie's room was closed, but there was a door between her room and his.

She leaned down and peeked through the keyhole. The lights were on in his room, and she had a full view of both Freddie and Gloria on his bed.

They were both bare assed. He was hunching over her, driving his cock into her just like Ronnie had been doing to Susan only a few minutes earlier.

Susan began to feel itchy and squirmy and hot all over again, reliving her fuck with Ronnie by watching her brother and his girlfriend.

She had never seen Freddie bare before, and he had a beautiful body, she thought. His cock was a big one, from what she could see, as it drove relentlessly in and out of Gloria's young body.

Gloria was a dark-haired young beauty, with almost jet-black, long, wavy hair, and deep-set brown eyes. She had a luscious complexion, and a figure which, for a teenager, was absolutely ravishing.

And that's what her brother Freddie was doing to it -- ravishing it.

But Gloria, obviously, Susan thought, was enjoying every minute of it. Her body twitched and jerked and she was straining to meet his cock as its inflamed, thick shaft buried itself again and again.

They were bouncing on the bed as though they were on a trampoline, his prick devouring her juicy, pink cunt.

Susan already felt her juices trickling down out of her pussy again as she peeked through the keyhole.

She quickly slipped off her panties, and slid the third finger of her right hand deep inside her pussy and massaged her clit and twirled it around her squishy cunt as she watched through the keyhole.

Her arms were covered with goose pimples and her legs quivered as she kneeled and thought she would black out from the ecstasy that she felt.

Freddie began to quiver frantically as his head went jerking back. He screamed loudly as he stared, eyes clenched, his mouth wide open as if ib a yawn, facing the ceiling. His back was arched and tensed and his loins drove forward into Gloria in one violent, ramming drive which sent her several inches back on the bed, and his cum shot up into her pussy in a burst of thundering finality.

Gloria hugged Freddie's thighs with her legs, crushing him to her, and worked with him as he came. She pumped his ass with her locked ankles, shoving him deeper into her.

Freddie's cum was so plentiful and so thick that Susan could see it oozing around his shaft every time he pulled it out on the backstroke. He was stroking Gloria once more after that first, tremendous shot.

Then Susan concentrated on herself. Her finger circled that hot clit of hers, all slippery and gooey and tingling with hot flashes of aching rapture.

She didn't have to work long, because she was so excited and so horny that her nerves were on edge and she was a prime candidate for another climax.

It came with astounding speed and strenuous, cunt-wringing spasms. She looked down and saw her belly rippling in waves of involuntary convulsions. She had to lie back on the floor to avoid passing out completely.

The room was all blurry and the ceiling melted right in the walls as she fingered herself over and over, caught up in the maelstrom of yet another delicious come.

Freddie and Gloria were quiet in the next room now, so Susan was careful not to make any noise. She didn't want them to know she was even home. She was anxious to continue watching them and so she lay on the floor for some time. She wanted to hear the bedsprings again before she dared to move.

After several minutes, she began to hear rustlings once more in Freddie's room. Gloria was talking, but her voice was too low so Susan couldn't hear what was being said.

When she looked through the keyhole again, she saw a whole new scene. Gloria was bending over Freddie's prostrate body, running her tongue quickly up and down his sides, along his ribs and into the upper part of his loins.

He was lying there quietly, but Susan could see the twitch in his face, and the look of delight and contentment there.

Gloria was very adept at what she was doing, and Susan wondered where she had learned it. But now I'm beginning to sound like Ronnie, she told herself. Maybe she's never done this before, but just likes it and does it well.

Gloria's long dark hair hung down around her face as she licked, and it brushed against Freddie's body like a feather duster, arousing him even more.

She licked across his belly and up the other side, over that sensitive spot, just at the front of his armpits, then burrowing into his neck and up into his ear.

She worked quickly, fucking her tongue in butterfly strokes, just tingling him enough to arouse him and set his cock on fire.

That ramrod of a prick which Susan had an excellent view of now stood up straight, pointing to the light in the ceiling. It reminded her of an oversized nightstick like her father, a retired policeman, used to wear to work.

Gloria was running her fingers aver Freddie now, working them in conjunction with her tongue, and he was beginning to squirm and moan softly, amused and tantalized by her beguiling tongue.

Gloria was infatuated with Freddie's flesh. She thought of his body as a symphony orchestra. She was the leader and it was her job to make it come alive, all parts working together to make beautiful music.

That was her goal tonight -- to make beautiful music with Freddie. She wanted to make his body sing, to make it soar to the heights and come to a crashing finale that would bring the house down.

In this case, the house consisted of only herself and Freddie... she thought. There was no telling what her reaction might have been if she'd known that every lick she made on Freddie was being observed by his sister.

Since she didn't know it, she was completely relaxed and full of youthful passion and a hunger to arouse and stimulate her boyfriend to the limits of his sexual potential.

Her tongue roved lower and lower, down into that sweet, soft, smooth flesh below his navel. The closer she got, the hotter he got, and the more he moaned and pleaded with her to take his cock in her mouth.

She continued playing with him, however, and licked down over his thighs, on the outside, raising his leg and licking around the back of his thigh, almost down onto his ass cheek. Then quickly she went up the inside of his thigh and, still holding his leg in the air, got up on her knees and licked him right up to his knee.

Then she lowered his leg to the bed once more, and licked down into his crotch and lathered his hair all around his cock. She let the saliva run freely from her mouth and his hair became matted and kinky and almost as though it was cum-soaked.

She licked around the top of his cock, down into his crotch on the other side, and continued now, in a slower pace, to his balls.

Then Gloria lay down on her belly, her head buried deep in his crotch, and picked up his balls and sucked them softly with tender caresses, taking both of them deeply into her mouth and sucking in a soft, plunging motion, inside her soft lips, then out almost all the way, then back in, then in, then out.

"Oh, Gloria, you're gonna get me off before you even get it in your mouth!" he said, his voice creaky and almost choking. "Please take me! I need it!"

But she wasn't ready yet. Her tongue licked in little circles around the base of his cock and she took it, that whole, meaty, throbbing shaft, and held it close to his body, pressing it against his belly, holding it by the tip. She started at his balls and with one long, wide, soft swipe, she ran her tongue, just like a cat taking a bath, right up the underside of his cock from bottom to top.

When she finished that first swipe, she went back and did it again, and again, and again.

All this time the fingers of her other hand were softly stroking over his loins and down along the inside of his legs on all his sensitive spats.

By this time, Gloria knew she could not tease and play with Freddie much longer. He was getting much too hot so she quit fooling around and began the final chorus of her "concert". She flicked her tongue up his shaft to that big purple plum of a cockhead and lowered her lips over it.

Slowly and sensuously she worked, making his belly churn with anticipation and exquisite pleasure. She placed her lips firmly around his cock, gliding them smoothly over the soft, shiny flesh. Then she made his whole, pounding shaft disappear into her mouth in one delicious gulp.

Down went her head as she devoured his prick inside her warm mouth, swallowing it and making it hers. Her head twisted and turned as she sucked him, rubbing her lips firmly along the entire rigid length of his shaft and drawing it up into her head with the strongest suction she could apply.

"Uuuggh, that's beautiful," Freddie groaned. "It's just beautiful! Don't stopl"

Gloria didn't stop. She had no intention of even slowing down. She was going all the way with him, and she had not a qualm in the world about swallowing his cum, either.

She only went faster. She let her lips do the guiding, and they took her on a wild, careening ride up and down that hard, jutting prick until her head was whirling with the fantastic need that it spawned deep within her. She felt his swollen cock throb with a new urgency as she brought him to the peak of his desire. He let her have it all -- with both barrels. He jerked suddenly and his prick shot into her throat with a savage, violent thrust that nearly choked her, and she felt a groundswell of all his erupting forces looming up inside him.

She braced herself... and then took his torrential outpouring of cum straight into her mouth and it coursed down through her throat and coated her with a film of warm, glossy sweetness. It was like a mixture of heavy cream and honey melting in her mouth. She loved the feel of it trickling down her throat and becoming a part of her.

She shoved her face down on him... hard, sucking him up... all the way up... into her hot, squeezing mouth. She pressed her fingers tightly around his pounding cock as he moaned and thrashed on the bed, caught up in the tide of his overwhelming orgasm.

She sucked and sucked and sucked. She couldn't get enough of his cock, it seemed, and, long after he had finished shooting his load, long after his hard-on had receded, long after he had regained his breath, she still cradled its meaty goodness in her mouth.

She just couldn't bear to let it go.

It was a classic case of penis envy, but Gloria didn't even know what the word meant yet.

All she knew was that she adored sucking cock. She worshiped, pricks deified them, revered them, could even taste them in her sleep.

And she loved Freddie Russell's best of all.


Susan had been a very busy young lady all the while she was watching Gloria suck off Freddie. She had her eye glued to the keyhole, and her finger was going a mile a minute inside her panties.

She had gotten off so many times she couldn't even remember how many, and didn't really want to. All she wanted to do was feel the fantastic pleasure between her legs, and watch the erotic scene going on in the next room.

They were taking another break over there now, as Freddie relaxed his balls and his brain in the aftermath of being sucked off so beautifully by Gloria. Susan needed the rest, too.

She lay back on the floor again, letting all the sensations of this incredible night sink in. It had been a real mind-blower, to say the least... and a cock-blower, too, if you wanted to get really precise about it.

She let her fingers stroke softly over her dewy, cum-covered cunt, and idly thought about how good it had felt to have Ronnie's prick jamming in and out of her. But still she worried about swallowing that cum. How could she get that off her mind, she wondered.

But she didn't have much time to think about it, because it was only a few minutes before she began to hear activity in Freddie's room again.

This time, when she looked in, she saw Gloria mounted atop Freddie's body, playing with his prick -- now hard and erect once more -- and ready to take him all over again.

Gloria sure is a hot young pussy, Susan thought. She never appeared that way, but that's the kind you have to worry about, she thought. When they don't say much, it means they do a lot. And Gloria sure was an active, knowledgeable sex partner for a teenager!

She had Freddie's cock in her hands, rubbing on the outside of her pussy as she slowly rode up and down on his thighs. The head of his cock was sliding smoothly over her cunt lips and over her inflamed, wet clit, as she worked over him.

Susan could see Gloria's face, and it was filled with pleasure as she rode him. She had her eyes closed, and her jaw was doing little exercises, circling around, as she let her mouth go slack and the sensations of his cockhead rubbing her made her feel all hot and excited.

It was getting to Freddie, too. He was visibly aroused as he felt the sweet, blissful caresses of his cockhead against the curly, wiry dark hairs surrounding her cunt lips and clit.

It was going to be another rousing hump for both of them, but especially for Gloria. She could move her ass at will, and the rest of her body -- so sensuous, so full of youthful energy and the will to fuck -- was bursting to let it all hang out.

Gloria squeezed Freddie's vibrating cock, loving the feel of its hot, knobby stiffness as it pounded against her fingers. She pressed it firmly against her body, riding up and down against it, feeling it coax the juices from her as it slid up and down on her twat.

It was almost as good this way, she thought, as it was inside. If more boys knew what really turned a girl on, they wouldn't be so anxious to be on top all the time.

Gloria loved riding Freddie. It gave her the freedom to move her hands and her ass just the way she wanted to and to have his cock fucking her inside or outside or whatever she wanted at that exact moment.

She liked a certain amount of hard riding, but what a delicious, tantalizing feeling it was, she thought, to have his hard shaft just gentling stroking against that ultra-sensitive spot at the top of her cunt.

That clit of hers was so incredibly filled with nerves almost perpetually on the edge that it didn't take much to have her churning like a cement mixer.

She rode him like that for quite a while, until finally Susan saw Gloria's back stiffen and her crotch shake in a mighty, trembling shudder, and knew that she'd gotten off by that soft, exterior stroking.

She wondered if Freddie would shoot his load on the outside, too, and thought what a waste that would be.

Before he could do that, though, Gloria suddenly grasped hold of his hard cock, and slipped it between her slippery, quivering cunt lips and nudged it up inside smoothly. She hesitated just a moment after getting the head inside her snatch, and seemed to let him "test her waters" for a moment before taking it in a long, silken glide deep into her loins.

It was such a sensuous, artful entry that Susan couldn't help admiring Gloria's knack. She handled herself and Freddie's dork like a virtuoso. She seemed to know so much about timing, and little, subtle ways which make a simple act a real production giving maximum pleasure to both of them.

When Freddie was finally deep inside Gloria's pussy once more, she began a circular, rhythmic motion with her ass. It went around in a soft, almost perfect "O" and Gloria could feel Freddie's pulsating dick nudging the walls of her cunt, first on one side, then on the other, as it pressed against her when she moved about.

Freddie was going out of his skull with delight as he felt the warm juices trickle down over his prick from her hot cunt. He thrilled to the way she was massaging him with the secret passages of her snatch.

Gloria didn't tell Freddie, or anyone else, where she had learned this beautiful little trick but it so happened that she had an aunt who was very sex-conscious and sex-hungry. Gloria visited her the previous summer when her aunt, a woman named Viola Flanders, had shown her a lot of things you can't learn from books.

Gloria had even watched one time while Viola fucked the widower, a guy about 42, who lived next door. All the time, Viola had pointed out things to Gloria, telling her what she was doing, showing her the finer points of fucking.

Now it was really paying off for the pupil. Gloria had herself in a euphoric, blissful state, and Freddie was getting awfully close to cracking his nuts.

Then she began to move a little faster, picking up the tempo just a bit, but enough to make the pressure of his prick against her pussy walls noticeably stronger.

It made Freddie groan and tremble slightly as he felt his prick grinding into her over and over.

"Christ, Gloria," he cried. "You're incredible! You do things to me I've never even heard of before! You've got me so hot I'm going to come any minute!"

But she wasn't ready for that. She wanted to bring him right to the edge and then stop. Since she knew he was close, that's just what she did.

She stopped completely... like a ship dead in the water.

She kept his cock deeply imbedded in her cunt, but all of the delicious movements and erotic grindings and firm massages were stifled.

He pleaded with her to keep going, but she knew what she was doing. She'd watched Viola do it, and was there when the guy next door finally got his rocks off. It was so hard and so violent that she realized the finesse it took to play a hot cock and bring out everything it had to offer.

Even Freddie didn't know how good the bottom line would be when she made him hold off and keep getting higher and higher.

She sat there for a while, just idly touching his loins, without moving her ass at all or flexing her cunt muscles. When she felt that Freddie had eased off, and his libido had backed down from its speeding drive, she started rocking once more, but in a very quiet, tentative way.

Her fingers played over the soft hair on his chest, strayed to his nipples made them stand up and tingle -- hard and erect -- then brushed over his upper arms and across his cheeks. All the time she was tantalizing and teasing him with sensuous, wavy flicks of her tongue as she smiled down on him.

He watched her tongue flit out of her mouth, just waving in the air, and he wanted to feel it flying over his flesh. He strained to shove his cock farther up into her, and his whole body ached with delicious yearning.

God, he thought, what a hot young pussy she is! She knows all the things that turn me on, but that don't get rue quite all the way off!

Gloria got hot just thinking about what she was doing to him, her prisoner there beneath her, and she went on taking him up and up to the heights.

This time she was going to make him go for the moon.

She reached around behind her as she rocked and let her fingers wander down over his balls. She caressed them tenderly, softly rolling them between her fingers.

The way she did it made Freddie squirm and twist and moan with delight. "Fuck me, baby!" he pleaded. "Move your ass around, like you did before. Please, get me off, baby. I'm burning up, for Chrissake!"

She smiled softly to herself as she watched the burning need in him grow and grow. It thrilled her to sense the power she held over Freddie. It made her cunt ache and get very, very wet as she swiveled her pussy slowly around on his hard prick.

Gloria kept him in that lingering, yearning state for quite some time, playing with his lustful desires, toying with his desperate longing to be released and to shower her with his hot, thick cum.

He grew more restless, more strident in his pleas, more hungry with each passing moment.

All the time both of them got hotter and hotter, each in their own way -- Freddie because the soft, pink walls of Gloria's cunt were driving him mad, and Gloria because she had known the sweet, blissful experience of orgasm and was getting her kicks now from the sheer feeling of power that she held over him. She was teasing him, squeezing every ounce of passion from him without satisfying that thirsty, hungry, starving need.

It was an old story. The lust for power, they sometimes call it. Whether it was in politics, or sex, or anything else, it held people in its spell... and Gloria was feeling its spine-tingling effects at this moment.

Even the thrill of power however, must eventually be overshadowed by the loin-wrenching, all consuming enormity of coming. And Gloria succumbed at last.

She felt Freddie's stomach shaking with such hard, muscle-twisting, convulsive spasms that she was carried away herself in a whirlpool of delight. Her cunt began to respond to his urgent desires. It churned with a hot, wet craving, and not even her strong sense of holding him in her clutches could subdue the urge within her to get off.

"Oh, Gloria," he cried. "I'm almost... almost... theeeerrre! I'm commmming!"

Freddie's cock unloosed a wad of cum that would have drowned an elephant. It poured into her ready and willing twat, glazing her loins with a beautiful, wet, glistening film that set her on fire.

As soon as she felt it hit her, she was in its grip. It was like a firing pin on a cannon. It turned on every muscle, every thought, every desire that burned in her soul. It made her body a puppet being moved by the strings of his sensuality. It consumed her in a blaze of passion that tore at her core and sent her pussy into gyrations that racked her from head to toe.

Her body shook and her groin trembled and she began to pour out love-juice in such enormous gobs that she would have drowned his prick had it had a nose to breathe.

It cascaded from her in a swirling, foaming stream and flowed swiftly down over Freddie's cock and saturated his balls.

Yet he still shot cum into her, his whole body twitching and jerking under the tremendous pressure of his orgasm. He fucked and fucked and she pivoted and writhed on his hard, straining cock as she came.

It was a fantastic, fitting climax to a night of untamed lust.

And it had been a great finale for Susan, too.

She came out of her reverie, and wrote a letter to Aunt Sanders, a teen advice columnist for an underground newspaper that the kids all read on the sly. It read: "Dear Aunt Sanders: In oral sex, is it all right to swallow the come on the first date? My girlfriend says I could get pregnant this way, but I know she's wrong. All I want to know is whether it's impolite, or if a boy will think I'm too easy."

Susan liked to read Aunt Sanders' column. The paper it appeared in was quite explicit, to say the least, in its editorial content. Aunt Sanders often answered teenage queries with very strong four-letter words. It wasn't the kind of newspaper delivered to the average, middle-class family in the neighborhood. Some of the kids at school read it more avidly than anything in the school library.

Susan's dearest hope was that Aunt Sanders would tell her that swallowing conic on the first date was not a breach of dating etiquette.


Susan certainly enjoyed watching her brother and his girlfriend suck and fuck their heads off, but she spent the next several days anxiously awaiting the new edition of the underground newspaper that carried Aunt Sanders' column. She tried to concentrate on her school work, and had long conversations with her friend, Nancy Brewer, but still nagging all the time in the back of her mind was what Ronnie Ferguson would think of her for swallowing his cum on the first date.

As a matter of fact, he didn't even call her, or pay any attention to her since that night. Her fears of being too easy might have some foundation, she thought. If he still cared anything about her, why didn't he call? It must be that, like all boys, once they have gone all the way with a girl, and have made their conquest, they lose interest.

She became more convinced than ever that she should not have even let him come in her mouth and that she should not have swallowed the cum. Then maybe he would be back for more of the same.

The day the paper was supposed to come out, Susan was on pins and needles. She couldn't wait for the day to end at school so she could pick up a copy.

When she finally got to the newsstand, there it was, right on top of the rack, where it always was. On the cover that week was a big photo of a girl dressed like a farmer's daughter, her blouse ripped off, her short shorts torn up the side. Her tits were falling out, and she was sprawled in the hay, a heavy-hung teenage stud towering over her, ready to shove the meat to her.

The headline said: "What It's Like to Be Plowed in a Hayloft... Teen Queen Tells All."

Susan didn't bother reading the lead story. She skimmed through the paper quickly, frantically looking for Aunt Sanders' column. When she found it, she felt her heart leap. Her letter was the first one.

She let her eyes race through her own words, just skimming to see if they printed it all. She knew the words almost by heart. And then there was Aunt Sanders' reply!

It said: "Dear S: Swallowing cum is a strictly personal decision. You can do it anytime the spirit moves you. The first date can be as good as the last. No one can give you a yes-or-no answer on such a vital question. As for getting pregnant, tell your girlfriend her brain must be smeared with alligator shit. Any sane person has to know there's no way you can get pregnant by swallowing a load. Maybe through your pussy lips, but never through your mouth lips, so suck away and enjoy. If your guy thinks you're too easy because you swallow his starch on the first date, let him fly, sweetie. Get yourself some others who make more sense. With your obvious interest in sucking cock, that shouldn't be hard to do at all, if you'll pardon the pun. Incidentally, how old is your girlfriend... 85? Yours for bigger and better ones tomorrow, Aunt Sanders."

Susan was overjoyed! Aunt Sanders had more or less vindicated her, and had even suggested she go out and find some new pricks to suck off. What a fantastic suggestion!

She couldn't wait to call Nancy and tell her the good news. Nancy would be glad to know for sure that sucking and swallowing jism is as safe as the pill, as far as getting pregnant was concerned.

Susan popped into the phone booth and dialed Nancy. "You don't have to worry anymore about me getting pregnant," she said. "Aunt Sanders says there's no way you can get knocked up that way. She even advised me to find other boys who might like me swallowing theirs, and not to worry if Ronnie doesn't call. What do you think of all that? I'm so excited I don't know what to do!"

"You might start by sucking off Kenny Pearson, the cute football player at Bradford High," she said. "The word is that being sucked off is all he thinks about."

"Really? That sounds interesting," Susan replied. But she didn't even know Kenny Pearson, except by reputation, and he was a big wheel on every girl's list of targets. Susan was a quiet, sort of bashful girl that not many of the football stars really paid much attention to. She didn't know how she could ever get him to take her out, much less let her get into his fly.

"Well, I've got to go now," Susan said. "I just wanted you to be first to know the good news. See you tonight at the dance."

The weekly teen dances at the community center usually drew most of the kids from all the schools in the area. Undoubtedly, Ken would be there, but she'd never danced with him, and she doubted he even, knew she existed.

This week, though, since she'd been told that Ken liked to be sucked off, she was going to try everything she could think of to get him to notice her.

As luck would have it, she arrived early and stood near the door, waiting for Nancy to arrive. There were very few kids there yet, and the band was just playing its first set.

When she looked up to see who was coming in, there was none other than Kenny and three of his buddies from Bradford... all football players. He was looking right at her! She was standing there all alone, with nobody else around, so he couldn't help but notice her.

"Hi, good-lookin'," he said. "How come you're all alone? Anybody as cute as you should be locked up and never let out."

"I'm just waiting for toy girlfriend," Susan replied, so nervous she could hardly get the words out. "She should be here soon."

"Why don't you guys wait here for her girlfriend," he said. "This little lady and I have some things to talk about outside, don't we honey?"

He put his arm around her waist and started walking her to the door. "What's your name, baby?" he said.

Susan felt herself moving with him, not able to protest. She was in a trance, not able to protest, not wanting to, not caring whether she met Nancy or not.

"Whe... where are you taking me?" she said, her voice all shaky and brittle.

"Oh, I just thought we'd go out to my car and sit and listen to the tape deck for a while and get to know each other better," he said, flashing her his big smile.

Kenny Pearson was a dream of a boy. He stood almost six feet, two, had wavy, blond hair that fell into place beautifully. Susan longed to run her fingers through it.

He had broad shoulders, and a build that just wouldn't quit. He had been all-state offensive tackle last year, and the word was that more than two dozen colleges were after him to play football for them.

He was handsome as hell besides. His eyes were a deep, sparkling blue, and he had perfectly brilliant white teeth, all even and movie-star shiny. His face was lean and long and his chin was squared off with a deep dimple in it.

When he smiled, Susan melted... from the pussy up.

She felt the wetness well up in her crotch as she walked with him across the parking lot to his car. His arm was around her waist and her tit brushed hard against his chest. She pushed it as much as she dared to without making it look obvious.

When they got to his car she found that it was not a car at all, but a van! Oh, boy, she thought. Maybe he'll take me in the back and I'll really get acquainted with him the way I want to.

They got in and sat on the bucket seats, and Kenny turned on the tape deck. "Anything special you like to listen to?" he asked.

"No, just anything with a beat," she said, her eyes straying to Kenny's crotch. She noticed that he had a bulge there that looked as if a small watermelon was hidden in his shorts.

It made her tingle all over. She could almost feel the hardness, and wanted to reach right over and take it out for him. She fought, to control her anxiety and clasped her hands primly in her lap. She had to... to keep her fingers from fidgeting.

"I haven't seen you around before, have I?" Ken asked. "I come here all the time, and I usually notice all the good-looking girls, and the well-built ones!"

"Yeah, I come," she said, "but I guess I just don't make much noise."

"Well, you're sure makin' it tonight, baby!" he said, eyeing her tits, and the tight, straining blouse she was wearing. It was unbuttoned down so far he could see all that deep cleavage and the mounding are of her soft tits, and it almost made him drool.

If he only knew that I dressed tonight just for him, she thought. She had gone to the dance thinking only of Kenny, but not really thinking he'd notice her. Now here she was with him in his van, still early in the evening, and she made up her mind he wasn't going to get away from her until she felt his hard cock deep inside her hot mouth!

"You mean this blouse?" she said, smiling. "Oh, it's just something I had in the drawer and decided to wear it once more before I threw it out."

"Throw it out?" he said. "Don't ever throw it out, sweetheart! It makes you look like a movie star, for God's sake! It shows off your best parts... and you've got same damned nice parts!"

He reached over and ran his hand idly over one of her big soft tits, and squeezed her blouse gently. Then he bent his head down, when he saw that Susan didn't object, and ran his tongue up and down that sweet, deep crack between her huge tits.

She felt a wave of blissfully radiant ecstasy sweep over her body as she felt his warm tongue caressing her tits. It swirled up through her like a warm, gentle wind encircling her tits, and set her mind on fire. It made her cunt churn and the juices began to flow from her in a soft, steady stream.

"Oh, Kenny, that feels so good," she moaned. "Please don't stop. Your mouth is like something I've always wanted. I've never felt like this before."

Since he didn't know her, there was no way he could know that she'd fucked Ronnie Ferguson. She wanted to make him think he was the first boy who ever touched her or got close to that lovely body of hers.

Kenny kept sucking and licking, and his hand went down to her knee and she felt him roaming up under her skirt. His fingers caressed the soft flesh of her inner thigh, and he let one finger gently go up inside her pants and touch her pussy. She spread her legs wide for him and made his exploration easier.

He was getting very hot. His breath was coming in short, hungry gasps. Susan knew that it would only be a matter of minutes before she'd get what she wanted.

"Oh, Kenny, why don't we go into the back of the van?" she asked. "I wouldn't want anyone to see us."

He pulled his head back and smiled at her.

"Good idea, baby," he said, straightening up.

"Damned good idea!"

They scrambled quickly into the back where Susan was delighted to find a thick, wide mattress of foam rubber, all unrolled and practically covering the entire floor of the van.

She lay down, and as she did so she glimpsed Kenny, just as he was dropping his pants. He stepped out of them, and pulled his shorts off just as quickly. It surprised her, but it also thrilled her.

Kenny was built like a bull. Her eyes widened and she got goose pimples all over when she saw that giant, hard, throbbing cock of his stand out from his body like a mini-telephone pole.

"Why not slip out of those things, baby?" he suggested. "No sense letting a nice set-up like this go to waste. Might as well make every minute count, right?"

She couldn't have agreed more. It took her only ten seconds to slip out of her blouse and skirt and bland panties and stockings and shoes. Then they both lay down again, bareassed and ready for anything. It was obvious right away that anything was going to mean a good, hard, deep, belly squirming sucking for none other than Kenny Pearson!

And Susan couldn't wait any more than he could!

He lay back, propped up with a pillow against the drivers seat. He spread his legs suggestively, hunching his crotch, up so that his thick, bulging shaft was pointing to the roof of the truck like it was begging for a handout.

"You look like you might like a little taste of this, baby," he said softly. "How about it?"

"If that's what you'd like, Kenny," she murmured. "I guess I wouldn't mind too much."

"Good, so get it," he said, and he shut his eyes and relaxed completely... except for that gigantic, yearning pecker.

It stretched out fully, bouncing softly under the strain of being filled with the lust of a hungry young stud. His cockhead was shiny and smooth and ripe to be taken into her mouth and devoured. Susan moved toward Kenny's taut, muscular body, his stomach quivering slightly, his long, hairy legs flung out obscenely, waiting for her.

She bent over him, her eyes filled with the wonder of a young teenager about to suck the biggest cock she had ever seen.

Susan just couldn't believe what was laid out before her! Only a few hours ago, she was hoping this guy would just look in her direction. Now, he was stripped down to nothing, with a hard-on big enough to choke a rhinoceros, practically begging her to suck him off -- just what she'd been dreaming of doing all along!

She thought the Gods must have been smiling on her that day.

She lowered her head to his loins, and took his pounding meat in her hand, guiding it to her lips. She let her mouth drop to the base of his hot shaft, and ran her tongue, slowly but surely, all the way to the top.

Then her lips closed over his big, beautiful cockhead, and she held it firmly in her warm lips, then let her head go back down, taking his stiff prick all the way into her hungry head.

Ken felt like a blanket of warm honey had just been poured over his straining, needy cock.


Susan was moving as though she had been born to be a cocksucker. Her warm mouth was like a silken purse, and Kenny's cock was a roll of hundred dollar bills, tightly wound lengthwise, and the purse did not want to ever let the money go.

She kept his hot, pulsating meat firmly in her wet, slippery lips, sliding up and down on him in slow, sensuous strokes, licking him and sucking him with all the hot feelings that spread through her body.

This was a night of destiny for her, she thought. She was destined to meet Kenny, to be recognized by him at last, and to have him invite her here to his van to give him a blowjob. It was just in the cards, and she was going to make sure all her dreams were fulfilled.

She let her mouth go all the way down to the clump of curly hair around the base of his thick prick. It felt tingly and made her even hotter when she felt his cock hair brush against her lips. She loved everything about cock, she thought. My God, she told herself, what is it about a hard pecker that makes me so excited?

She liked to get fucked, that's for sure. She answered any lingering doubts she might have had about that when she took on Ronnie Ferguson. There was something about taking a hard, springy prick into her mouth that made Susan become another person.

It was as though all her longings, all her sexual desires, all her frustrations, everything that could make her feel uneasy and doubtful, were washed away as soon as she felt that hard cock between her lips.

It was heaven to suck cock!

She loved it! She craved it! She thought she would burst just thinking about it!

All these things ran through her mind as she softly and thoroughly wet down Kenny Pearson's fantastic pecker, at least a ten-incher, if it was an inch, she mused as she tasted its whole, meaty length.

She felt the lovely, stiff but spongy ridges along its shaft with her tongue as she pumped up and down on it.

It had to be the world's most beautiful prick, so she wanted to suck it until Kenny was crying for mercy from the delicious teasing and tormenting of her hot mouth.

Kenny was beginning to moan softly from the working over he was getting from Susan. As soon as she heard him, she automatically went a little faster, just enough so that he felt a churning in his balls that went aching up through his belly. He groaned and shifted his ass and wished she would pop him right then and there.

But Susan wanted it to last. She'd never been with Kenny, so she had no way of knowing that he was good for at least two or three good comes, at the very minimum, every time he dropped his shorts.

She was afraid if she got him off too soon that she might be out of luck for the rest of the evening. She wanted to keep her face full of hard cock all night, if there was any way she could. The best way of all, she knew, was to stretch it, just like you stretch a drink.

She was doing that now, slowly laying him with long, smooth, slow strokes of her tongue, starting at the bottom and going all the way up. She was like a cat or a dog taking a bath. Her tongue lingered and was almost suspended sometimes as she bathed his cock in her warm saliva.

A light from the parking lot shone in the windshield of the van, and she could see him clearly in the dim light. His face mirrored his emotions, reflecting the whirling rhapsody of erotic delight. Susan saw the look of contentment, mixed with rapture and pure, animal lust on his face.

He stretched out full length, one leg raised up, bent at the knee, and the other put flat. Susan was on her knees between his legs, working her magic in a way that was turning him on.

She knew it was going to be a night of unequalled excitement in her young life. There was no way at the time that she could have known exactly how incredible it was going to be. She'd find out soon enough.

Right now, though, Kenny began to stir and twist.

Susan realized it was time to turn on the juice... pull out all the plugs... suck him like she had never sucked a hot, hard young cock before.

And so she did. She hunched over him, taking his balls gently in one hand, and sucked his hot cock right up into her mouth and started bouncing her bead up and down on him. Her hair flew and swirled around his crotch and set his flesh tingling with a fresh new urgency.

She twisted and turned her head as it moved up and down on his shaft like a piston. He was beginning to think he would go out of his mind before she got his nuts off.

"Shit, baby, you suck a mean prick!" he squealed, raising his crotch right up off the foam rubber. She applied all the suction to his cock that she could get from her feverish, hot lips.

It was really getting to Susan... the way he responded to her hot, fast sucking. She couldn't help the heat that rose in her furry twat. Her cunt lips were already squishy and wet. The cream drooled down and ran in a thin little winding river over her inner thighs and down the rest of her leg to the mattress.

She was so hot she thought her cunt would explode any moment! Her heart was pounding hard, and she felt the throbbing in her temples as she filled her mouth with his dick time after time, savoring the smooth, silky feeling as that mammoth hunk of cock slipped so smoothly over her tongue.

It was a twitching feeling in her cunt that gave her the first clue. She thought that was funny. She expected to feel it in her mouth first, or maybe a lurching, muscular spasm in his balls where she had one hand clamped firmly.

So when she felt it in her cunt, she could not understand it. Maybe it was a subconscious thing, sent there by some sexual messenger in her body that she knew nothing about.

But the message was clear, Kenny was about to come. And come big.

It was only a couple of seconds later when she did feel that familiar jerk in his balls. All the muscles and cords there suddenly grabbed at once, pulling his sacs up tightly. Then he shook over his whole body, and his jaw stretched. He tried to yell, but couldn't get a word out. His back arched, and his pelvis shot up... and his cock went flying deep into Susan's ready throat.

And then he came! And he came and he came and he came!

Kenny shot great gobs of hot cum deep into her open, waiting throat. It oozed down into her like hunks of melted cake icing, coating her insides with a rich, hot sauce that she gobbled and swallowed ravenously.

As soon as that first thick, juicy shot came spurting from his burgeoning cockhead and went flying into her mouth, she sucked him with a fervor she didn't know she had. She drained him of his cream, sucking him in deep, loving strokes that felt like they were going to make his prick disappear into her head forever.

She wanted to eat him up, to keep that wonderful, marvelous cock of his, to make it her own special property.

A mad, kind of burning desire completely took over her mind and her body. She went wild with desire... sucking and licking him in fiery, rapacious swoops, never once taking her lips from his hot cock.

She kept it clamped tightly inside her mouth until she had squeezed out every single drop of cum and all the oozy afterglow, and he was completely dry once again.

"Oh, Jesus! You were like a flame thrower and a vacuum cleaner at the same time! You set me on fire and you sucked me crazy, both at the same time! That's the most incredible sucking I've ever had in my life!" Kenny was ecstatic.

Kenny was also pooped out. His cock was at half-mast, still thick and resilient, still big -- and awfully beautiful, Susan thought. He tried to catch his breath from his tremendous orgasm for almost five minutes.

His big, brawny frame was sprawled across the mattress and he lay there panting, a smile of satisfaction and amazement on his face.

"Did you like it a lot, Kenny?" Susan asked, her body on fire with lust and desire for this big, beautiful hunk of man.

"I thought it was going to drive me crazy, you sweet little lover," he said. "It was absolutely out of this world!"

"I'd like to keep doing that to you the rest of the night, if you'd let me," she said. She held her breath, expecting him to say that he couldn't take another minute of it... that she'd sucked him bone-dry, and that he had to get back to his buddies at the dance. She feared his words.

"That sounds like the best proposition I've ever had in my life," he said, smiling up at her. His big boner dick was rising up straight and true, hard as a nail once again.

Susan was beside herself with joy. She felt that thump-thump-thump in her chest again, and the dryness in her throat, and the burning in her ears, and the pulsing in her temples.

Her face was flushed, and an aching, scaring desire spread through her loins and set them on fire. She couldn't wait to get back into his crotch and feel his hard, hot prick penetrating her soft mouth and throat all over again.

This time, Susan was getting a little bolder. She longed to suck him in a different way, and she mustered up the courage to suggest to him what she had in mind.

"Kenny, I have an idea," she said. "I think you might like it. I know I would. How about if you take the pillow and lean it against the side of the van, and lie down sideways, with your feet facing the other side of the van, instead of lying out the long way, with your head by the front seat, and your feet pointed toward the back door."

"By lying cross-wise, you could brace your feet on the other side. I could get down into your crotch a lot farther, and lick your balls and your ass cheeks, and up and down your legs a lot better."

"I think I could get you even hotter than before. I would really get a thrill out of it. What d'ya say?"

Kenny got a kick out of Susan's enthusiastic sales pitch. She was talking so fast, almost nonstop, that he knew she was really hot to try the new position. He was always ready for something that might give him a better come anyway, so he quickly agreed.

He lay down, braced his feet high up on the other wall of the van, and Susan lay on her belly on the mattress, and began licking and flicking her tongue all up and down his thighs.

It was heaven to Susan. She was back where she belonged, and she wasn't going to leave. Her tongue savored the delicious taste of Kenny's crotch, and again she felt a tingling, aching sweetness deep inside her cunt.

Her tongue was like a warm blanket on his legs, and he wanted her to keep licking and sucking for hours.

"Don't stop," he said. "Just keep going right on around and lick my asshole, too."

Susan heard his words, and they burned into her brain like a branding iron. Lick his asshole! Sucking cock was a world away from licking an asshole, she thought. They might be only a few in her apart, but they sure weren't the same, or even close.

She loved cock. But assholes -- even the thought of them -- almost made her vomit.

Susan was in a dilemma as she sucked away. She didn't want to turn Kenny off. He had an absolutely gorgeous cock. She wanted to suck it more, many more times. But she couldn't stand the thought of puffing her tongue into his ass.

She tried to push the thought right out of her head, and go on giving him the best blowjob she knew how. She licked up and down his legs, and over his balls, and ran her tongue all over his hot cock.

But all the time, in the back of her mind, she couldn't help wondering what she'd do when the moment of decision arrived.

Would she be able to grit her teeth and go ahead with the worst thing she could think of to do... give him a rim job?

Only time would tell, and Susan couldn't even answer the question herself. She could only wait and see what her own passions told her to do when the time came.

Lick his asshole? Ugh, she thought.

And she took his whole ten inches deep into her mouth and let his whole, hot cock slide way down into her throat.


Up and down Susan pumped on Kenny's huge prick, taking it all the way down into her throat, then back up to the tip.

She sucked on it hard, and he felt the smooth, sliding softness of her hot lips, despite the pressure she applied. Then she let his cock slip from her lips again, just as she was getting him almost to the point of coming.

Her head went back down deep into his crotch and she began licking his ass cheeks, ever his thighs and back up to his balls.

Her tongue flicked out in fast, darting movements this time and Kenny felt little pinpricks of delicious ecstasy race through his legs and up into his loins.

Susan really knew what she was doing. She could turn a guy on just by sticking her tongue out. When she really went to work on him, she was like a pro.

She cupped his balls in one hand and pushed them up and stiffened her tongue so that it looked like a pink dart. Then she started lightly licking his nuts with the very tip of it. Around and around she went, and all the time she ran her other hand lightly over his belly.

It set up a churning in Kenny that he thought would drive him insane. His legs felt like rubber. There was a constant whirl in his balls that sent out waves of excitement to his whole body.

"Christ, Susan, you're gonna have me shooting my load again in just a minute," he moaned.

When she heard that, she quickly moved up to the side of his balls, right in there between his leg and his balls. Right in the crotch now, she tongued all over in little, tight circles, wetting him and teasing him still more.

He began to groan and twist his ass around and pushed his feet up even higher against the wall of the van.

Then she went back to his long luscious cock and worked around it with her tongue. It was as though his cock was a candy cane, and she was painting stripes on it with her wet tongue.

Up and up she worked, thrilling to the excitement she was building in Kenny as she licked him. She could feel his rigid pecker shivering and pounding harder and harder as she got near the top.

When she reached that hot, hard, purplish cockhead, she quickly covered it with her soft lips and slowly slipped her mouth down his long cock shaft.

Her lips finally touched his hair, and she felt the tip of his throbbing cock nudging hard against her tonsils. Her mouth was filled with his hat cock, and suddenly she almost went berserk.

She had a flash of desire to taste his cum. She had been holding him back, trying to make it last, but now she could stand it no longer.

Her head began to piston up and down on his prick, sucking and squeezing him with her fingers and pressing his balls. She twisted and turned her head as she sucked, and felt the hard ridges and bulging veins glide over her lips.

Her cunt ached. It was hot as hell and soaking wet. She felt a burning need to come herself. Holding his cock with one hands she let her other go to her cunt, and she began to play with her wet clit while, all the time, her head was bobbing and weaving and her mouth was sucking him for all she was worth.

Then Kenny's belly tightened convulsively, and his legs flew apart. He was spread wide open, and she filled his crotch with her pistoning head and her flying fingers.

"Ooohhh, noooow!" he shouted. "I'm coming now!"

And he let loose a spurting load of hot cum deep into her throat. It trickled down and she squeezed his mammoth prick for more. She tasted the cream and let it run over her tongue. She loved its milky smoothness.

Just as she almost finished draining Kenny's hot prick, she shot her own load.

She didn't let out a sound, but her back stiffened, and her eyes rolled up into her head, almost like she was dead. Her head went back. Her mouth was wide open and the look on her face was a mixture of pleasure and torture.

She shook from head to toe as she unleashed a come that started way up inside her cunt and reverberated through her. She even felt it in her toes.

Her hands twitched and she felt almost a numbness in her fingers. It was like time stood still for a moment.

Then, after that exquisite split second when she was in another world completely, she fell forward on him and the come poured out of her pussy.

Kenny wrapped his big, brawny legs around her, and she felt his hard cock pushing against her belly. She loved this guy, she thought. He was such a beautiful piece of ass. She wanted nothing in the world so much as his cock. Not only was it huge, but it never seemed to get soft. And he could come more than anybody in the world, she thought.

She lay there for a while, resting and basking in the sweet afterglow of her coming.

"You're one wonderful stud, Kenny," she murmured. Her soft flesh tingled where his prick nudged against her. She reached down and fondled his cock and told herself it really was true. That was a ten-inch prick she had in her hand.

Even though she had been sucking on it for a good part of the evening, it was still hard for her to believe what she had in her mouth. She looked at it, felt it and sucked it. But who ever would believe that such a big, beautiful cock could be real?

She almost had to pinch herself to know that she wasn't dreaming. It was the kind of thing she had fantasized about for so long.

Finally, after they had rested for a while, Kenny looked at his watch and saw that it was nearly one in the morning. "Oh, my gosh!" Susan yelled. "I've got to get home. My father will tear me apart!"

Kenny drove her home in the van. On the way, Susan suddenly remembered that she had not been forced to make a decision about eating his asshole.

She was glad. She knew she wouldn't like it, but she also was realistic about it. She knew that if she was faced with the choice of not getting to suck Kenny off again unless she licked his ass, too, there would be no hesitation. She'd lick his ass, and anything else he wanted, just to set that mammoth pecker of his in her mouth again.

After dropping Susan off, Kenny went back to the dance and picked up his buddies.

"Where the hell were you with that little redhead all night?" one of them asked.

"Right outside in the van," Kenny said with a smirk. "Man! Can she ever suck cock!"

"No shit? How about sharing some of that with the rest of us guys? Think she'd take us oil on?"

"She will if I tell her to," Kenny bragged.

A couple of nights later Susan's heart leaped when Kenny called her to ask if she'd like to go for a ride with him and some of his friends.

She was a little disappointed when he mentioned his friends. She wanted to be alone with him again. And suck his prick again. With friends along, she'd have to act like a lady, she thought, but she wanted to be with him so much that she said "yes."

Then, when she climbed into the front seat of the van that night, she was really shocked to find the back full of boys. She didn't count them all, but there were eleven of them, the entire starting football team of which Kenny was the captain.

"You didn't tell me you were going to bring every friend you had in the world," she said, her voice a little forlorn. Her hopes of getting Kenny's cock into her mouth were pretty slim, she thought.

"They're all your friends, too," Kenny said. He was grinning as he pulled away from the curb. "Or at least they will be before the night is over."

"What do you mean?" she asked. She was almost afraid, to ask. She detected a sinister feeling in the air. The boys were all kidding and laughing in the back, but in between their jokes, they all stared at her. She had the feeling she was being taken someplace... maybe for a gang bang.

It was a pretty good guess, although it wasn't exactly a gang bang that they had in mind. They were planning on what you might call a gang suck.

"I told the guys you gave the best blowjob of anybody I ever knew in my life," Kenny said, leering at her. "And they all want some of the same. I told them you'd be glad to oblige."

"But Kenny," Susan protested. She was scared. She'd never even thought about sucking more than one guy at a time. And to do it with other people there... well, she didn't know whether she could or not. "Why didn't you at least ask me first?"

"Because I knew you'd do it for me," he said coolly. "If you don't, you'll never get next to mine."

That's all the prodding she needed. "OK," she said. "But I don't know if I'll have time for all of them. This is a school night and I have to be home by eleven o'clock. It's nearly eight now, so we only have about three hours. That's about fifteen minutes a boy, without rest. It's going to be a busy night. I can see that."

Kenny laughed heartily as he pulled the van onto a dirt road. He had driven out of town, along the creek road, and now was out where there was only moonlight and the chirping of crickets.

About a half-mile down the dirt road, he pulled into the yard of a farm, and Susan recognized it as the old Peabody place. The Peabody's had both died about a year ago and left no heirs, so the farm was abandoned now. Except for herself and eleven young football players.

Kenny pulled the van around behind the house and parked in the back yard. He doused the lights and everything was still. None of the boys said a word. Finally Kenny broke the silence.

"Who wants to be first?" he said.

"You're driving, and you're captain of the team," said Freddie Aker, a big, strapping guard. "I'd say you've go the right to have the first shot."

"That's nice of ya, Freddie, but I already got mine the night of the dance," Kenny replied. "There's so many of you guys, I don't want to see any of you go without in case we run short on time."

Susan's heart sank. She wanted to suck Kenny again, but she was also pretty excited by now about the idea of blowing ten other guys she'd never seen before. Maybe one or two of them would be built like Kenny, she thought. A girl could always hope.

"Okay, we'll draw straws," Freddie said. He tore up pieces of paper in strips, wadded them, and threw them in a hat. The one who unraveled the longest strip would get blown first.

The winner was Archie Keller, a robust, blond fullback with a neck like a bull and a body like a bulldozer. Susan hoped his cock would be like everything else about him.

By the time Susan climbed into the back of the van, the guys had all moved back along the walls of the truck and opened up a space in the middle. Archie was already lying down, his pants off, his shorts down, his cock hard and erect and ready for a good, old-fashioned sucking.

Susan couldn't help feeling nervous as she climbed over arms and legs and hard-ons as she made her way to Archie. She knew she was there to give eleven blowjobs, as quickly and as expertly as she could, but she also knew she was expected to put on a show.

So she decided to give them a real one, a show they would remember for a long time. Even though she did not intend to fuck any of them, she started peeling off her clothes. She heard the breathing suddenly get heavier as she unbuttoned her blouse, pulled it off, and flung it in Freddie's lap.

Then she unzipped her tight Levis and squeezed her smooth, round ass out of them. They landed in the lap of Eddie Slater, tight end. Slowly and seductively, she reached around behind her and unhooked her bra. She let the straps fall off her shoulders by themselves, and her big, luscious, ripe tits jiggled out and bounced just enough to give every guy in the van a roaring hard-on.

Then she lay back on the floor and slid her panties down over her thighs and off her feet. Her sweet, red bush of a pussy was a pretty sight and her voluptuous, perfectly formed body had them all ready to cream their pants before she even got a cock into her mouth. She knew she had them in the palm of her hand.

Archie had been watching her closely as she stripped, and his cock was throbbing so hard she thought it might break. He was lying on his back and his prick was standing straight up... like a cactus plant... and what a prick!

Realizing that time was important, she knew she could not spend much time warming up each of these guys. She'd have to get right to the job if she was going to get them all off.

She went to Archie's balls, and took one into her mouth. It felt soft and warm, like a jelly bean of firm meat. She rolled it around, on her tongue and wet it up while she played with the other ball in her hand.

Her other hand roamed over his belly and down into his hair. She felt goose pimples all over his groin and down his legs. He was so hot she knew it wouldn't be hard to crack his nuts pretty quickly.

She let his ball slip from her lips, and her tongue went quickly up his hard shaft to the top and circled his cockhead a couple of times. Then she took his whole prick into her mouth.

Her head went down slowly... all the way. She swallowed his cock like it was candy. She thought it was even better than candy, as a matter of fact. His thick pecker had a lot of hard, bony ridges. It filled her mouth full and that's what she liked most.

It tastes so good, she thought. What did I ever do before I discovered sucking cock? Her head began to move up and down faster and faster and Archie was getting hotter and hotter.

"Ohhh, Jesus, that feels good!" he cried. "Keep doing it just like that and I'll... cooooome!" And he exploded. His cock swelled up like a balloon and then suddenly he shot jism into her mouth in a torrent of hot whiteness.

He shot so much cum, as a matter of fact, that it filled her mouth in one gush, and came oozing out around the corners and back down over his prick.

She hurried to try and swallow it as fast as he shot it out, but she couldn't keep up with the heavy flow. It seemed like he was full of the stuff.

Susan figured he must not have gotten his rocks off in a couple of months. It was exciting to her to see so much jism, and she felt a heat in her loins that spread all over her as she gladly took his cum.

Her tits were swaying and bouncing as she continued to work him over. She kept sucking him and sucking him as he slowly came back down from his peak. Finally, she got the last drop of that delicious cream from him.

She let his thick, heavy prick drop from her mouth, and she straightened up into a sitting position.

"Okay, next," she said, as though she were a nurse working in a doctor's office. She almost felt like a doctor herself. She was performing a service, that was for sure. There was nothing like a good blowjob to cure almost anything that might be wrong with a young stud, she thought.

The next one to lay down was Milt Wright. He was a chunky guy, with glasses and dark wavy hair, and a nose like Burt Lancaster. His body was tough and sinewy and when he got his pants and shorts off she saw that he had a pecker that was hard to top.

It was a circumcised job, long and really hard. It bounced up and down, it was throbbing so hard. He had a look on his face that told her he was probably getting his first sucking. He was shivering and shaking already.

She was determined to pull his guts right out through his cock with a hard, hard sucking.

That's what she thought about as she lowered her head to Milt Wright's prick and gobbled it up like a vacuum cleaner.


As soon as her lips touched Milt's long, stiff prick, he jumped as though she had touched him with a hot poker. He was as jittery as a canary in a cat house.

Susan did the best she could to calm him down. She went slowly at first, taking his hot prick in long, slow, soothing strokes then she gently licked up and down on his shaft in warm, gentle laps. Then she licked his balls.

Nothing worked. Re jumped and squirmed and shook all over. When she realized there was no way he was going to be quieted down, she knew she'd better just crack his nuts and get on to the next guy.

So she opened her mouth and took his long, quivering cock all the way in and began to suck him fast. Her head went up and down on him, firmly squeezing his hot, meaty dork with her lips, and it was on the eighth stroke that he came.

"Ugh! Oh, God! Uggghhh!" he groaned. The cum shot out of him like oil from a brand new well. It sprayed in a jet of sticky goo that ran over her lips and down under her tongue. It covered her tongue and rolled down her throat and warmed her all over.

She was really beginning to get turned on by this time. The next two guys were quickies, too. They were all so hot from watching Archie and Milt getting sucked that it took very little to get them to pop off.

By now, Susan's cunt was as oily as a frying pan full of bacon... and just about as hot, too. She felt a continuous ache of desire roll through her loins. Her tits felt like they were on lire. She wanted to play with herself again, but she didn't have time!

Even if she did get off, she'd want to rest for a while and savor it. More than that, she wanted to make sure every guy shot his load, so she kept sucking.

Next was Sammy Northrup. He was one of those slim-waisted, big-chested guys. He had narrow hips and a big grin and rosy cheeks and blond hair and blue eyes. In short, Susan thought, he was a dream. If he has a big cock, I'll...

He was just slipping down his shorts when she was thinking about his prick. He gave her the shock of her young life. His cock bounced up out of his crotch like a giant hammer handle. It was so big that it even put Kenny's to shame!

The damned prick must be at least twelve inches long! Susan was out of her mind with lust and passion. She could feel the blood pounding in her temples. She couldn't wait to get her lips around that immense, gorgeous cock!

He had not even gotten down and stretched out before she was on him like a vulture.

She grabbed his heavy dick with both hands, holding it around the base, and hungrily slurped it up into her wet mouth. It was so gigantic that she had to stretch her jaw to get it in. She guessed it must have been four or five inches around at the base.

She tried to cram the whole thing into her hot mouth. It wasn't easy. Even with all the practice she'd had, and all the stretching those cocks had done to her throat muscles, there was a limit to what anyone can take.

She finally got most of it down her throat. If it wasn't so damned hard, she thought, she might be able to bend it and get more inside.

She didn't complain, though. If it wasn't hard, it would be even worse. She thrilled to the touch of a hard, hot pecker, and if ever there was one, it was Sammy's.

Her tongue went over every tiny bit of his hard, bulging prick shaft. She lathered his loose, hairy balls with saliva and she took long, lingering swipes up his cock with her tongue.

She bathed him in wetness, and she could feel her own cunt juices dripping from her hot pussy and running down her thighs. His incredible prick was turning her on like she'd never known before. She wanted to swallow him whole.

"See how much you can get in your mouth, lover," he said. "No woman has ever been able to take it all."

Susan wanted to tell him she'd been trying, but her mouth was quite full at the moment, and she found it very difficult to hold a conversation when your mouth is full of cock... especially a cock the size of Sammy's. She'd be damned if she was going to let that beautiful thing leave her lips.

All she did was to stretch her mouth open as far as she could possibly get it... and relax her throat muscles completely... and shove her head down firmly on that massive prick.

And she did it! She felt her lips brushing against his hairy bush and she knew she had his whole cock in her mouth. She thought she was going to choke. That's how tremendously big it was. But she had it all in her mouth and throat, and she was overjoyed.

"I'll be damned!" one of the guys exclaimed.

"Look at her take that fucking cock!" said another.

Sammy himself, always proud of the fact that no woman could ever take all of his massive cock, could only stare in dumbfounded, silent astonishment.

"Jesus, I never thought it could be done," he finally murmured. "You're incredible!"

She held it there for quite a while, letting it soak in her soft, warm mouth. Her saliva drooled over his throbbing prick and made him shudder with ecstasy. For the first time in his life, he could feel his whole, hot prick being sucked at one time. It was a new and exciting experience for Sammy.

It sent chills of delicious expectations racing through his balls and up into his loins. He felt his whole, hard cock quiver with excitement and he closed his eyes as he felt that sweet ache start way inside him.

It roared through his belly and his loins and came charging up out of him like Old Faithful. It erupted full force in Susan's mouth. The cum hit the roof of her mouth just as she was sliding down on his pounding prick.

The force of his load shooting out of him jolted her for a minute. She had never felt a shot of cum hit her so hard. And it was hot! She recovered quickly and never took her lips from his beautiful prick.

"Christ, you suck beautifully, baby!" Sammy moaned. He was stretched out full length, his eyes half-closed, his mouth slack. His cock was still spurting smaller gushes of cum, and his cock was still standing up hard and swollen.

"She sure as hell does," echoed Jerry Meyers, the quarterback. He hadn't had his turn yet, and he was getting hotter by the minute. They all were, in fact. Some of those who were sucked last were wishing they had time for a second helping.

Milt Wright was talking to the guys who were still waiting their turn. "Try to come fast," he told them. "She might have time to suck us all twice at the rate she's going."

But that was a fantasy, and they knew it. Eleven guys in one night... three hours at that... is a lot of sucking for one girl. It was a lot even for Susan, and she was the best any of them had ever had.

She finished up Sammy and had to sit down for a minute to catch her breath. Then she sprawled out on her back. Her big, round, soft tits lolled invitingly and she let her legs flap apart lazily.

Her soft, reddish pussy was parted just enough to show a tantalizing peek of pink cuntlips. The guys all crowded closer to lick their lips and dream about humping Susan.

"All right, all right, you guys," Kenny yelled from the driver's seat, where he'd been watching the whale show. "She's only giving blowjobs tonight. Forget anything else." After a couple of minutes to relax after that fantastic sucking of Sammy, Susan crawled back to work. Everyone's eyes were on those luscious round thighs of hers and they leered at all the just right curves and soft padding that made her body such a work of art.

"You guys sure have got some hard peckers tonight," she said. It was the first time she'd spoken in nearly an hour and she even surprised herself at the sound of her voice.

She went back to work with renewed vigor, and polished off the last hard cock in record time. Kay had been clocking her.

"Not bad, baby," he said. "Just two hours and ten minutes to suck ten cocks."

"But I thought there were eleven," she said.

"There are. I'm number eleven." He came over the seat into the back of the van, unzipping his fly as he approached. "And since you already have your clothes off, let's give these guys en extra treat. Stand by, you guys! You haven't seen anything yet. Lie down, baby. I'm gonna shove this thing into your throat from the bottom up!"

Susan was so excited she almost fell over as she rolled out the foam rubber mattress and scrambled to lie on it. Even though she'd sucked some awfully good cock for the last two hours including the huge one of Sammy's, she was really turned on by Kenny. There was something about him, besides his mammoth dick, that made her cream all over whenever he looked at her.

She stretched out on the pad with the guys kneeling and sitting, two-deep, all around her. Kenny was just pulling off his shorts and that whalebone of a prick between his legs was up and hard and eager for fucking. Some really hot fucking.

And so was she. She knew she was in for the kind of fucking she'd still be thinking about when she had grandchildren. She couldn't wait to feel him inside her.

He knelt down and let his hand graze gently over her hot pussy. She felt tremors of rapture grasp her loins and swirl up through her body. Her pussy was awash with cunt juice by now anyway, but the moment he touched her cunt hairs it was as though he had turned on a faucet. She began to ooze that sweet, warm juice even more. It came running down and dribbled over his fingers and made them sticky and wet and slippery.

He slipped his third finger part way into her cunt and tan it around in a little circle, touching her soft pink cunt walls. It sent her reeling. Every time he touched those sensitive tissues, she felt waves of passionate desire whip her body. She ached to feel his giant cock ramming up into her.

"Fuck me, Kenny darling," she whispered, her eyes closed, her mouth parted, slightly in anticipation of that moment when she would feel his cock going into her hot cunt.

"I want to feel your big prick sliding way up into me!" she said.

"Jeeesus!" cried one of the young studs. "Give it to her Kenny, before I shove it to her myself. She's dying for it!"

Kenny paid no attention to Susan or to his buddies. He set his own rules when it came to fucking. He let her squirm and toss and get hotter and hotter.

He kept fingering her, touching her cunt lips and hot, moist clit. It was swollen and hard, just like a small cock, and he wanted her to be so overwhelmed with lust and passion before he fucked her that she would be half out of her mind.

She wasn't far from that point already, but she still had a way to go as far as Kenny was concerned.

Then he put his index finger with his third finger and slowly slid both of them as far up into Susan's wet cunt as they would go. She twisted and whimpered and begged him to fuck her.

Still he just kept sliding his fingers in and out of her pussy. They were dripping wet from her cunt juice and they glistened in the light.

Susan's ass churned around, her legs twitched and her tits were rolling back and forth as she writhed in delicious agony.

"Just tell me when you can't wait another second," Kenny told her. "I want you right on the edge of coming. Got that?"

"Yes, yes!" she screamed. "That's where I am! Please! Please! Fuck me! Fuck me! I can't stand it any longer!"

By then it was apparent to Kenny that he could tease her no longer. He climbed on top of her and settled in between her legs. His ten-inch cock was as hard as granite, sticking out like a hunk of hard salami. It was throbbing so hard he could feel the pulse beat in his temples.

He took it in his hand and touched it against her wet cunt, lips, parting them in one move, and shoved it to her with all his might. His bulging pecker went riding up into her soft, warm belly in one smooth, long stroke that filled her to the brim.

"Uuuggghh!" she swooned. "Ohhh, that feels wonderful!"

She felt like she was impaled on a fire hydrant.

He could reach so far into her she thought she would die. It made his loins ache and crave to come.

When he began to fuck it into her, she went into a frenzy of uncontrolled emotion. He didn't have to bother getting hers warmed up. She was already so hot and so wet that he just began whaling away on her right from the start.

He jammed his huge cock into her in fast, deep strokes that turned her into a gyrating maniac. Her ass twisted and squirmed. She wrapped her legs up around his back and fucked him just as hard as he was fucking her.

She reached out with her arms and clung to him, digging her nails into his shoulders and crying out for more.

"That's it, Kenny baby! Give it to me fast! Fuck me hard!!" she screamed.

Her body was curled up almost like a pretzel, her legs pulled up as far as they would go, her cunt pushed up to receive his urgent thrusts. She wanted to get all of his hard prick up inside her.

Kenny was really laying it to her. He hunched over her and slid his arms under her shoulders. His prick was flying in and out of her wet pussy so fast the guys sitting around him could only see a white blur as it rammed her again and again.

Susan didn't need much of this before she felt that sweet rumble in her belly. Her clit swelled up and jangled with exquisite anticipation, and then she let it all go.

She came in a fiery explosion that had everyone in the van at a fever pitch. She grabbed Kenny like a crazed tigress. Her arms and legs were around belly so tightly she almost choked him. As she came, her body came right up off the mattress.

He was on his hands and knees now, and Susan was wrapped around him. Her ass fucked him in violent spasms and her whole body was shaking in convulsions of uncontrolled passion and lust.

"Eeeiiyy!" she shouted. Her mouth was set in a teeth-gritting grimace. Her eyes were shut tightly and she was oblivious to anything and everyone inside the van. She was in her own little world of immense satisfaction.

The cum poured from her and dripped to the mattress and ran all over Kenny's big cock.

Just as she lunged into him for the third or fourth time, still up off the mattress, Kenny let go of his wad.

He leaned over, letting her back down, and lunged into her deeper and deeper as he shot a huge load of cream up into her hot pussy.

His balls tingled with delicious release as he flooded his cum into her. He slid his hands under her beautiful, round, smooth ass cheeks and shoved her as hard as he could to send his cum way up into her sweet, waiting pussy.

Susan spread her legs wide and welcomed every last drop of Kenny's cum and wished there was more. It made her feel so warm and so good inside.

There was nothing in this world quite so thrilling as that fantastic cock of Kenny's, she thought. Well, maybe one thing... his cum.


School was over soon after Susan sucked off the whole football team and fucked Kenny in the van, but she saw a lot more of that fantastic ten-inch pecker during the summer.

She sucked him off many times in many places. Usually it was in the back of the van. She liked it there. It was nice and secluded, and hard for cops to see into if they came around with their flashlights.

They parked on back roads, and behind the school, on the ball field, and down by the old railroad station. Sometimes he'd fuck her, but that didn't really matter to her.

What she really liked most was to suck him off. She loved the feel of his big, hard pecker it her mouth. It was full of hard bumps and big, pulsing veins, and was so nice and big around.

She loved to taste his cum in her mouth and feel his excitement when ho got off.

In the fall it was time far her to go away to business college, about a hundred miles from home.

She missed Kenny at first, and she missed home, of course, but she was excited about being out on her own for the first time. After the experience she'd picked up during her senior year, with Ronnie and Kenny and the football team, and from watching her brother fuck his girlfriend, she was eager to find a new cock to suck at school.

The problem was that there weren't many boys at a business college. There were a few, of course, but they were not very cute or very manly.

After Kenny, Susan couldn't be satisfied with just any boy. She had to find a real stud, one with a huge cock and one who could keep it hard.

It was a little frustrating for the first few weeks at school. Susan wasn't getting any cock, so cum was getting awfully horny. She'd had so much the last few weeks of high school that it was like going from a feast to a famine.

One day she had a brilliant idea. She was sitting in her Business English class. The professor was Mr. Keegan... Terry Keegan... and Susan thought she detected him looking at her quite a lot during class.

While he was standing in front of the class, only a few feet from her desk in the second row, he put one foot up on a wastebasket as he lectured. It drew his trouser leg so tight that she could see the outline of his prick and the bulge of his balls.

He looked right at her when he did it. Susan wondered if he was trying to give her a message. She wasn't sure, but she did make up her mind on one thing... She was going to find out. If he was, she was going to get him into bed.

Terry Keegan was just a little over thirty, with sandy hair and blue eyes. He wore a neatly trimmed beard and he had a strong face, something like a merchant seaman. Susan thought he'd be great in TV commercials with a blue seaman's jacket and blue cap, selling beer or some other he-man product.

She hadn't even thought about sucking or fucking him until that day. After all, he was married and had a couple, of kids. She had never made it with a married inns before. She had no idea if he might be interested in a little something on the side.

She didn't know, for that matter, but she'd find out.

It was a few days later when she ran into him as she was leaving after her last class to go home. He came out right behind her.

"Hi, Susan," he said. "All done for the day?" "Yes, Mr. Keegan. I only have three daises on Wednesdays. That way I can study in the afternoon before my roommate comes in. I like to have time by myself."

"Come on, I'll give you a lift," he said. "I'm going right by the dorm."

"Oh, I don't live in the dorm. I have an apartment over on Westmere Drive."

"No kidding? Gee, that's great. Not many freshmen have apartments. You're lucky. But come on, I'll drop you off anyway."

Susan felt that old familiar tingle in her pussy as she got into Terry Keegan's car. She was wearing a blouse that buttoned up the front. As he went around the car and couldn't see her, she unbuttoned two more buttons so that he could get a good look at her big, luscious tits. That gave him plenty of cleavage to look at and help get him hard.

She liked to wear her skins a little on the short side, too, even though it was not exactly the style any more. When she sat down she made sure there was plenty of leg showing. She crossed her legs and when he got in she noticed that he gave her a long, hard look.

He pretended to glance away and started the car, but that first look was all Susan needed. She knew she had been right about him in class. She turned him on.

It made her all squirmy and hot to think about pulling Terry Keegan's cock out and sucking on it. There was something special about sucking off one of your teachers... a guy more than ten years older than you are, she thought.

"I've noticed that you're haying some trouble with the class, Susan," he said, as they drove to her apartment. "If you ever need any special help, please be sure to let me know. I'm always available."

"As a matter of fact, I don't understand today's assignment very well. I'm going home to work on it now. Do you think you could come in for a little while and go over it with me? No one else is there, so there's no reason for you to be embarrassed."

"Well, you know what would happen if they ever found out at college that I had been alone with you in your apartment, don't you?" he said.

"Yes, but no one is going to find out. Besides, I need you help very much. You said you'd like to give me some."

"I said I'd be willing to give you some."

"Well, Mr. Keegan. I want some."

Thc conversation was getting pretty obviously beyond the formal stage. The innuendoes were flying. They both knew that the other wanted a good fucking, but they weren't coming right out and saying so... yet.

Terry parked the car in front of Susan's apartment and they went in. Fortunately, it was in a neighborhood where there were no other college kids living. So it rally was safe, he thought.

He could feel his hard-on straining against the leg of his trousers as Susan got out her key to unlock the door. She had seen it too. She never missed things like that in fact, the first thing she looked at on a man was his crotch. If he had a hard-on, she could often get a pretty good idea how big his cock was without even seeing it directly.

She knew that Terry Keegan was hung. She guessed him to have at least an eight-incher. She wasn't far off. He had a nine-inch cock. And he loved to use it on his students.

"Nice place you have, Susan," he said, as they walked into the living room.

"Come on, I'll show you the whole place," she said. She hoped they'd get to the bedroom and he wouldn't let her out of it. If he didn't make his move there, she would.

She gave him a tour of the place, and when they reached the bedroom, she said, "And this is my recreation room." She smiled demurely at him and waited.

He picked up the bait, hook line and sinker. "Wouldn't it be more fun to have a little recreation now than to study business English?" he said.

"I was hoping you'd say that," she replied. She eyed that incredible bulge in his pants and couldn't wait any longer. She reached for it and glided her hand smoothly and firmly over his hard-on. When she squeezed it and it felt so firm in her hands, she dropped quickly to her knees in front of him, unzipped his pants in a flash and took his whole pounding prick right into her hungry mouth.

He was a little surprised by her eagerness, but he certainly didn't protest. Terry just leaned back against the wall and let Susan lick his fiery prick. He unbuckled his belt and let his pants fall to the floor. She pulled his shorts down, hardly even missing a suck, as she began to lather up his throbbing cock with her hungry mouth.

It had been much too long between sucks for Susan and she was out of her senses with lust. She went at him as though she were a starved animal and Terry's cock was the last piece of meat on earth.

I was right, she thought. He had a big one. Terry's cock stood out from his taut, flat belly like a tough spear. It was hard and thick and meaty, just the way she liked it.

She felt chills of excitement race through her body as she knelt there before him. His cock was so hard and so huge that she was delirious with joy.

It pounded in her mouth and she could taste the heat as she glided her mouth along its lengthy shaft. It went sliding deep into her throat and she let her saliva wash over it and she massaged it with her hot tongue.

Terry had never felt anything like it... especially from a student. He wondered how she could learn to suck so well when she was just barely out of high school. He realized she must have had a lot of practice, or else she was just a natural-born cocksucker.

The truth was a combination of both, of course. She seemed to have an inborn talent for giving head, and she made damned sure that she got as much of it as she could.

Terry leaned back against the wall and shoved his prick right out as far as he could. He held the back of her head and guided her onto his bulging cock. It felt so good to him that he thought he'd shoot his load before he ever got to the bed.

Susan was only working him up to that. She could sense that he was hot. His prick was throbbing like an oversized heart on a crazed elephant. Suddenly she let his prick out of her mouth and jumped up.

"Come on," she said pulling off her clothes hurriedly. "Let's get into bed where I can really do a job on your beautiful pecker."

He ripped off his shirt and was bare assed in about five seconds flat... and Susan was right behind him.

Her big tits were bouncing all over the place as she skipped to the bed and jumped on. He was already lying down, all stretched out, his hard-on sticking up big and hard and eager to feel her hot lips on it once again.

She didn't make him wait. She was just as hot to suck him as he was to feel her tongue and lips sucking on his big prick.

Susan went right into his crotch and grasped his cock shaft right at the base with both hands.

She had no intention of doing anything but taking it in her mouth. She couldn't imagine a girl being dumb enough to miss all the exquisite joy of tasting a guy's come... especially a hot stud like Terry Keegan.

Then she felt him shudder violently. His legs jerked and his loins bounced convulsively. His big hard cock swelled for a second and then exploded in a furious torrent of hot jism.

"Jeeesshh, ohhhh... now! Nowwwww!" he cried.

His hips rose right off the bed and his cock jammed deeply into her throat.

She felt the hot, gushing cum shoot into her mouth like a tidal wave. It rolled over her tongue and down her throat and she gobbled it feverishly.

Susan pumped on his prick with her hot, moist lips. She squeezed his cock firmly, urging every ounce of his cream out of that overwrought pecker.

He squirmed and twisted on the bed, his face a mirror of his delicious torment. His eyes were shut tightly and his mouth was wide open in a state of mindless rapture. Every muscle in his body was straining to shove his prick up to her and give her all the cum in his hot, swollen cock.

She took it all. She sucked him and sucked him and wouldn't let his fantastic rod out of her mouth even after he had squirted his last drop.

She licked him absolutely clean, then slowly lowered and raised her head, gently massaging his robust, nine-inch shaft as he came back down to earth from his hard come.

"That was the best blowjob I've ever had in my life!" he exclaimed finally. "You even took the come... and swallowed it!"

"Yes, and I want more," she said with a smile. "That was only the beginning, sweetheart."

She lowered her head once more to his still-hard, softly pulsating prick.


Terry Keegan was so hot that it didn't take Susan long before she had him coming; her succulent, talented lips knew just how to suck his hard, quivering cock to bring him to the boiling point.

This time she was not quite ready and he surprised her when be shot his load. It caught her just as she was licking the purple tip of his dick, and the come spilled over her lips and some ran down her chin before she could clamp her lips over his prick and take his cream in her mouth.

She licked her chin off later, after he was finished. She didn't want to waste a single drop of his precious jism.

By that time, Susan was ready to rest her jaw for a couple of minutes, so she crawled up beside Terry and lay down. She took his big dork in her hand and fondled it lovingly as she kissed his chest and licked lightly all over his nipples and shoulders and neck.

"You know, you really turn me on, especially with your precious prick," she whispered. "I love it."

"I've been trying to let you know that you do the same to me," he said, "but you know I have to be careful. I could lose my job if the school found out about us."

"I was pretty sure you were trying to give me signals," Susan replied. "That leg up on the wastebasket the other day was the clincher. I could practically taste your cock. It stuck out like a baseball bat. Then you looked right at me. That's when I knew I had to get that thing in my mouth."

Terry laughed. "I'm glad you're so perceptive, Susan," he said.

Then he rolled over, his cock growing stiff and hard in her hand once more.

Susan lay back, her magnificent body sprawled across the sheets, and he pressed against her. Her big, soft tits flattened out like luscious mounds of warm dough against his chest.

He pressed his lips to hers and shoved his tongue deep into her warm mouth. She sucked on it and twined it with her own.

He let one hand wander down to her beautiful, moist pussy. He shoved his third finger inside her hairy cunt up as far as it would go. It was dripping wet inside and Susan moaned and shifted her ass as he massaged her deep inside.

"My God, you've got a hot pussy," he murmured.

"You make it that way, sweetheart," she said, huskily. "Why don't you shove that big cock way up in there?"

Terry rolled all the way onto Susan's voluptuous young body. He snuggled in between her shapely, upturned legs and put his throbbing pecker against her slippery cunt lips.

He could feel the heat of her pussy surge through his cockhead. He wasted no time. With one smooth, powerful lunge of his hips, be rammed his eager prick way up into her wide-open cunt.

It was riding into her on a velvety cushion of cunt juice and it burrowed so deep in her hot cunt that she screamed with rapture as he hit that secret button deep in her loins.

"Eeeoooww!" she cried. "Ohhh, it's beautiful. What a fantastic cock! Fuck me, Terry! Fuck me, hard... real hard!"

He began to ram her with lunge after lunge of his mammoth prick. He was up on his knees now, and every time he shoved into her, he raised up on his hands and toes. Then he came down with a thundering entry that sent his prick driving into her like a piston.

His incessant, deep thrusts were heaven to Susan. She loved sucking cock, but fucking certainly was good, too. Until now, she had never had anybody who knew how to fuck like Terry did. He was older and more experienced, she thought, and he knew what to do with his massive dick.

Every time he came down into her again, he twisted his hips just enough to swivel his prick around and go into her in a ramming, sort of circular, gyrating movement.

It felt like a giant corkscrew of hard flesh propelling into her. Now she knew where the word screw came from. Terry was straining and sweating now, stretching to give her every inch of his hard, driving prick.

He shoved it hard and fast up into her quivering, wet cunt. He felt it ride along the hot, wet walls of her cunt and it felt as if be would go out of his mind. He wanted to shove it right top to her belly.

She was moving her ass beautifully. Every time he came down into her, she would open wide and shove her pussy up to meet his hard thrust.

They were rocking hard together, and Susan was moaning and crying as the sweet ecstasy mounted within her hot loins. She felt a delicious ache of pleasure growing stronger and stronger as she took his straining, bulging prick way up inside her, making her feel as if she was on fire.

He rode hard against her clit every time, he shoved it into her and it drove her crazy with lust and passion. She didn't even try to control her emotions or her body. She just let go and her cunt took over. She became a frenzied, lunging madwoman... full of need and hungry desire.

Her arms and legs were flying in a feverish, trembling hysteria. Her cunt was a red hot inferno of passion and the muscles deep inside her grabbed at Terry's cock and squeezed it frantically every time he drove into stand the incredible fucking.

Soon Susan could no longer. She had built up a huge need to come after sucking him off. Now that she was getting what really was the fucking of her life, she was ready to explode into a thousand pieces.

That's almost what she did.

Her cunt screamed out to her its warning of the impending come. She felt stabs of exquisite, aching rapture go shooting up through her loins. She came in a mind-boggling, earth-shattering, cunt wrenching orgasm. It racked her body in spasms of incredible, jolting magnitude.

"Aaaaiieee," she shouted. Her cries carried through the apartment and resounded off the walls as if she was in the Grand Canyon.

That's where Terry felt like he was, too. When Susan came, her cunt opened up and nearly swallowed not only his huge prick, but his balls, too. He thought he would fall in and never get out.

"Harder! Fuck me harder!" she screamed.

Terry gave it to her with all his might, fucking into her body... driving his prick with every ounce of strength in his body. He was driving into her faster than he had ever fucked in his life.

Then he let fly with a load of hot come that went sailing way up inside Susan's hot, wet cunt.

He buried it deep inside her, and Susan felt it shooting into her in a hot jet of stickiness. It spread through her in a thick, creamy mass that warmed her loins and made her hot all over.

She was still in the throes of her own come, and when she felt his cum pouring into her she started shaking and trembling inside as though she was just beginning to come again herself.

Wrapping her legs up around his taut, straining back, she pulled him even further into her hot cunt and bucked and twisted her ass in a mindless fury.

"Give it to me, Terry! Give it to me! I love it! I want to feel your hard cock right up in my belly!"

He kept shoving his hard cock to her again and again, fucking the hell right out of her hot cunt, until they both collapsed in a heap of exhausted, but deliciously satisfied hot flesh.

Terry's cock finally slipped out of Susan's soaked and tingling cunt and they lay down side by side. His prick was red and wet and it glistened with the juices from her cunt and his own jism.

It was still more than half-hard and hung down between his legs like a firehose. Susan gazed at it admiringly. She loved the blue, bulging veins that ran the length of its shaft and the big, shiny cockhead that pulsed with the intensity of his emotions.

"Where did you ever learn to fuck so beautifully?" she asked. "I've never had anything like that in my life! My God, I thought you were going to rain it right up into my throat."

"I was going to ask you the same thing," he replied. "You are the best I've ever had, too. And the youngest! You can fuck better than women twice your age... and you suck like you've been doing it all your life."

"I wish I had," she laughed. "I missed out on all that fun for the first sixteen years, but I'm going to make up for it in the next fifty."

They talked and fondled and caressed each other for a while, savoring the beauty of their tremendous fucking. Then Terry began to warm Susan up again by playing with her clit.

He played with her hot, pink cunt lips, feeling them get wetter and wetter. Then he rolled his third finger around and around in a little circle over her clit until she groaned and cried and begged him to get her off again.

He let his hand stray down over her thighs and she felt tingles of desire race through her body... up and down her legs and swirling through her belly. Her cunt was aching again, and she wanted to feel him inside her... or rubbing her clit harder... or eating her.

Anything. She wanted anything that he would give her... but she wanted it. She ached to come once more. She didn't want to be teased. She just wanted to get off in that sweet, indescribable, delicious torment that would envelop her and send her reeling into the clouds.

That's when Terry bent down and nuzzled his face in between her legs and buried his mouth and nose into that luscious, wet pussy.

He licked lightly up and down on her cunt lips. She felt tremors of excitement ripple through her loins and travel like lightning. She came alive with desire.

"Oh, yes, darling, eat me!" she cried. "Lick my clit and make me come!"

Terry cupped his hands under her smooth, round ass cheeks and dug his fingers into her firm but tender flesh. He held her tightly and placed his lips completely over her hot, erect clit. It stood up hard and ready for sucking.

She felt every nerve in her body jangle as he started sucking softly on that bundle of excitement, giving her the most incredible feeling she'd ever known. It was as if her whole body was wired with electricity and Terry had just thrown the switch.

She twisted and turned and moaned with delight as he ran his tongue back and forth like butterfly wings over her clit. His lips were still covering it completely and he licked her clit as he held it right inside his mouth.

"Mmmmmm, that's wonderful," she cooed. "Keep doing that; I'm going to come any second."

She spread her legs wide, opening her crotch to his eager, ambitious tongue. He bored into her with a hungry, ravenous impatience, shoving his tongue way up inside her and lapping her cunt with a vigorous, insatiable greed.

By now, she was moving around like a demon possessed. His tormenting tongue was driving her wild. He had to grasp her firmly to keep his tongue inside her.

Then he brought it back out once more and started working again on her hot clit.

That time, she hit the ceiling. Her cunt erupted in a huge vibration that shook the bed and bounced Terry's bead up and down.

He stayed with her, locking his arms around her ass, and licked her and licked her and licked her as she unleashed a come that made the others seem pale by comparison.

The cunt juice rolled from her as she locked her legs around his neck and hugged his head with her thighs.

"My God! Lick it, sweetheart! Lick my cunt, you fucking incredible lover!" She was raving and crying and tossing and turning... her body convulsing and heaving and completely without care or control.

She was absolutely overwhelmed with lust and emotion. All she could understand was that Terry's tongue was sending her into a rhapsody of blinding, maddening pleasure.

Susan stayed on that high for what seemed like ages. Every time she began to come down a little, Terry began vigorously licking her clit again.

Then she'd go shooting up for the stars again her body filled with fantastic, shooting stabs of rapture and the ecstasy she felt was beyond, relief.

He had her on an emotional roller coaster.

She came so many times from his fabulous cunt licking that she couldn't even begin to keep track of them all. She wasn't keeping score, but she guessed it was at least eight times.

Her cunt felt like a baker's oven. Her normally pink cunt lips were a bright crimson. They were so wet that they shone like polished chrome.

Finally, Susan realized that her roommate would be home soon. Neither of them could afford to have her walk in on them so they reluctantly called it quits for the day.

In the weeks that followed, Susan got together with Terry many times... always at her apartment when her roommate was out. Always they both enjoyed some of the hottest sucking and fucking and cunt eating that either of them had ever had. It was as though she and Terry were made for each other in bed, Susan thought.

Of course, Susan got an "A" in Business English, and Terry did his best to talk some of the professors into giving her good marks, too.

She became one of the school's top honor students and got great recommendations when she was ready to graduate and go out to look for a job.

She really hated to leave business college. It wasn't that she was afraid to leave and get a job. She didn't mind working. She just knew she couldn't stay in that town and get a good one. There just wasn't any good jobs around. She'd have to move away and leave Terry and his big, hard cock... the best one she thought she'd probably ever find.

Little did she know what was in store for her when she was interviewed by a government recruiter. He had a job for her that would provide her with such good cock that her pussy would be purring for years to come.


The government job recruiter came right to the college to find good secretaries to work for the Navy in Norfolk, Virginia. He was a handsome guy with dark, wavy hair, and Susan felt her cunt get all wet and tingly when she saw him.

She couldn't take her eyes from him as she waited for her turn to talk to him. He had a big smile, pearly-white teeth and was as rugged as an ox. He was a chief petty officer, and Susan wondered if there were more like him where she might be working. If there were, she'd take any job he had to offer.

As it turned out, he did have a good job. It was at the Supply Depot at Norfolk. The salary was right and it sounded good. Besides, he assured her that there were plenty of eligible males that she was free to date if she wanted to.

"We have no ruin against fraternization between Navy personnel and civilian workers," he said with a smile. "If we did, I'm afraid we wouldn't find many women to work in our offices."

That satisfied Susan. As long as there were plenty of sailors around, the job sounded right. So she took the job and became a secretary for the Navy.

She was so excited when she arrived at Norfolk. Her father had been in the Navy during the Korean War, and he had told her all about the city.

A lot of the young guys she saw on the streets she assumed must be sailors, but they were wearing civilian clothes. It was almost like a college town... except that there were a lot more good looking young guys than there were girls.

That pleased Susan a lot. She could feel her pussy get all loose and moist as she rode through town and saw the handsome young studs all over the place. If she couldn't get all the cock she wanted to suck around here, she'd never find it any place, she told herself.

At the naval supply depot, she was surprised to find that there were several sailors working right in the same office with her.

Not long after she became a secretary there, a tall, blond guy with a Robert Redford face and Mr. Universe body stopped her as she was leaving the office.

"Hi, I'm Bob Walker," he said. "You're new, aren't you? Can I buy you lunch?"

"That's the best offer I've had all day," she replied, joining him as they left the building.

"You'll get better ones," he said, smiling. "I'll probably even make better ones myself after I know you better."

They both laughed heartily, and Susan told herself she certainly hoped she'd get much better ones from this guy. He was built like a dream, with broad shoulders, a trim waist and hips, bulging muscles, blond hair, blue eyes, and a dimple in his cheek.

He wore tight Levis that left very little to her imagination. He had a bulge between his legs that would have choked a horse. She wanted to take him some place and suck him off and not even go back to work, in the afternoon.

She really enjoyed having lunch with Bob. He was twenty-one, came from the Midwest, and was not interested in getting married. They liked the same things, dancing and quiet nights at home with soft music and good books and good conversation. At least that's what he told her. She believed him. He was an incredible hulk of a man and she wanted him so much she could almost taste him.

They finished their lunch and Bob did not even make a pitch to meet her again.

So tonight she was spending the evening at home alone, remembering all her earlier sexual encounters, and dreaming about Bob Walker's cock. She longed to suck it and have him fuck her, but was afraid he might not try to take her to bed.

The next day, her worries were banished. Her cunt tingled as he approached her in the office.

"If you're not doing anything tonight, how'd you like to get together?" he asked. "I've got some great albums. I'll bring them over to your place with a little bottle of wine and we could get to know each other better. What do you say?"

"That sounds like a great idea," she said. "How about eight o'clock?" She gave him her address and she immediately started fantasizing about how she'd get him into bed.

All afternoon, thoughts of sucking Bob Walker danced in her head. She was sure he had a big cock, and she would give him a blowjob first on her couch, then take him to the bedroom and lick him all over, and suck him some more.

Maybe she'd ask him to go sixty-nine. That was something she hadn't done very much. She heard that sailors like to do that. She decided to try it with Bob if he liked the idea.

She was very creamy and hot in the cunt before the afternoon was over and she had finished work.

As she rode home from work, she was ecstatic. She was trying to decide what to wear for her evening with Bob. She wanted something sexy that wouldn't be too blatant. She decided on her pink, silky blouse that was open far down and showed a lot of tit, and her black skirt with the big slit up the front so that a lot of leg would show, too.

She flitted around the apartment like a schoolgirl as she waited for eight o'clock to arrive. She made hors d'oeuvres and put out candles and lit some incense and turned on the stereo.

When he got there, she looked like a New York model as she opened the door. Bob couldn't believe what he saw. She wore her hair up off her neck. Her dazzling, green eyes, her alabaster skin, and her lustrous red hair all made him get a hard-on that practically jumped out of his pants. He just gasped.

"My God, you're even more gorgeous than at the office!" he said.

"Thanks, Bob," she laughed. "I'm glad you approve."

"I sure do. I could eat you up right here and now."

"That sounds very interesting," she said, her eyes heavy-lidded and inviting. Her lips were moist and she stood just inside the door after she closed it, leaning back against it.

He hadn't been a sailor for nothing. He recognized an opening when he saw it and he made his move.

Without a word, he went to her and wrapped his brawny arms around her waist. He bent down and pressed his lips to hers and she opened her soft, warm lips and took his tongue inside.

Her arms went around his neck and she pushed her tits and her crotch hard against his body. Their tongues twined and she sucked on his and they both knew instantly that they were in for a hard night of fucking and sucking and anything else they might be able to think of before daybreak.

"I wanted you the minute I saw you," Bob said as they brake their long, deep kiss.

"Same here," she said. "Let's not waste time in the living room. The bedroom is right back here." She led the way. He followed. All her careful plans about how she'd spend the evening getting him ready suddenly went right out the window.

She had her blouse off even before they got to the bedroom. She tossed it on a chair just inside the bedroom door, and Bob was right behind her. He unfastened her bra, letting her big, soft tits bounce out and jiggle deliciously.

He reached around from behind her and cupped her magnificent tits in his strong hands. He fondled them and rolled the soft flesh between his fingers, playing with her big, hard nipples until she thought they would burst.

"Please let roe get the rest of my things off, baby," she sighed. "I want to do a job on you. I can't wait."

She pulled off her skirt and slipped her panties down over her smooth, shapely thighs and off to the floor.

Bob was dropping his pants and pulling off his shoes as Susan walked up to him. Her perfectly shaped body was a thing of beauty. As she walked to him, he thought he was dreaming. He had never seen a more fantastic body in his life. She had big, round tits that stuck out firm and solid, with big, pink areolas and rubber-hard nipples like the tip of a little finger.

In that glorious place that Bob couldn't take his eyes off was her beautifully thick, dark-red patch of pussy hair. Peeking through the mouth-watering pussy was just a hint of two luscious cunt lips waiting to be parted and devoured by his tongue and his lusty, nine-inch pecker.

Bob was down to his skivvies now, and Susan took over. She deftly slid her hands over his hard, flat belly and down over his trim, muscular thighs. She took his pounding prick in her band, rolling it and squeezing it languidly. It made her tremble with excitement. She was beside herself with anticipation as she felt it quivering and throbbing and eagerly awaiting her lips.

Standing close to him, she held his cock and looked up into his sparkling blue eyes.

"Mr. Walker, I'm going to do things to your body tonight that you've never even heard of before," she whispered. "I'm going to lick you from head to toe, and I'm going to suck your cock and your balls until you cry for mercy. Then I'm going to fuck you and fuck you and fuck you until you just can't ram your big prick up into my hot cunt any more."

By now, Bob's cock was pulsating madly in a lustful dance of throbbing desire. It rubbed against her belly and he felt stabs of incredible need knifing through his loins.

"If we don't get into bed right away, I'm going to shoot all over you before we even get started," he moaned. "You've got me hotter than a caged hound dog in a room full of bitches in heat."

She laughed softly and, taking his hand, she walked him to the bed and began a night of sexual abandon that neither of them would ever forget as long as they lived.


Bob lay down on the bed, his big, hulking body stretched out like a giant. His thick, rigid prick sprouted up from his sinewy body like an oak tree. It made Susan's tongue waver and tremble, and she felt shudders of excitement race through her hot cunt as she grasped it in her hand.

She squeezed his throbbing pecker and felt its heat pulse.

"My God, this cock is so hot it's almost burning my fingers," she exclaimed. "How would you like me to cool it off a little with my tongue?"

Susan didn't wait for Bob to reply. She began licking his balls and up and down his hard dick and all around his cockhead. She lapped on the purplish, tight, shiny skin of his cockhead just as if she were licking an ice cream cone.

Around and around she went, her head bobbing and weaving and she wet up his hard cock until he thought he would flood her with cum.

His prick swelled up until it was pounding like the hoof beats of a stampeding bull. Bob was groaning and moaning and shaking his head from side to side, grimacing and clenching his teeth and about to come at any minute.

Just as he was getting closer and closer to exploding in her mouth, Susan stopped tonguing his prick and started flicking her tongue lightly up and down his thighs and then up his sides and across his chest. All over his big, strong body -- all covered with bulging muscles -- she licked. She darted her tongue in and out of his ears, and down across his eyelids and over his cheeks and across his lips.

He felt sensations of wild desire spinning through his brain and his whole body was being set on fire by her imaginative and exploring tongue. It was true. He never had experienced anything like this in his life.

Susan was a wizard when it came to knowing what turned a man on. She found every sensitive nook and cranny on Bob's big body and she went over it once, twice, three times with her tongue. She was everywhere, and her tongue never ran out of energy. It kept seeking out ways to please him and places to touch him that he never knew existed before.

She was turning him into a cunt-hungry animal. In a few minutes, she had him begging to fuck her. Instead, she wanted to play brinksmanship with him. She knew that if she took him right to the very brink of coming, then withdrew and let him simmer down, then brought him back up again and repeated the whole thing a few times, that when he finally did come it would be with an incredible, ball-racking explosion that he would never forget.

She played him with every trick in her book. She took a silk scarf from her nightstand drawer and passed it between his legs. Holding one end in each of her hands, she drew the smooth, sensuous material slowly back and forth between his legs... over his balls... across the soft, sensitive flesh of his crotch and around his hard pecker.

It sent chills of ecstasy racing through his loins and soon he thought he would crawl the walls.

Goose pimples flashed up and down his arms and legs and his balls felt like they were red hot coals. They were heavy with, cum ready to burst out of him and shoot all over Susan.

Bob ached with desire and her, he fought to hold it back. He didn't want to waste it just shooting into the air. He squeezed his ass muscles tight and tightened his balls until he thought they'd burst.

"Suck me, baby! Or fuck me, or lie down! But do something! I can't bold it any longer," he shouted. He was like a big Paul Bunyan of a guy, with a prick that was as big as two ordinary guys, but he was as gentle as a lamb. Susan had him eating out of her hand, but she felt like she'd gone far enough.

She really wanted to take his prick in her mouth again and just suck on it for hours, but she thought he deserved more. She felt that he really wanted to climb on her and fuck her hard, so she lay down quickly and spread her legs wide.

"Give it to me, Bob," she whispered. "Shove your big, beautiful cock way up inside my hot cunt and fuck me 'til I'm full of your come!"

Bob leaped off the bed and scrambled onto her luscious body. His dick was reddish and lined with bulging blue veins and it was pounding with uncontrolled lust.

His jaw was set and his eyes were glazed with a furious, determined look -- that faraway, otherworld look that told Susan he was going to screw her with a blind fury.

He grabbed his hot cock in one hand and shoved it into her wet cunt and rammed it up into her in a rampaging, emotion-filled lunge that packed her full of his hard cock. It went way up into her wet pussy until it hit the very end of her hot hole.

She felt it filling her full and she thrilled to the feeling it gave her. Even with all the big cocks she'd seen and sucked and fucked, she'd never felt anything like that hot, hard thrust of Bob's beautiful hard prick.

It rode up into her hard and plumbed the very depths of her hot cunt, giving her the fucked-full feeling that few women ever experience in an entire life time.

But that was only the beginning. Bob was like a wild bull. He never stopped. Once he began fucking Susan, there was no turning back, and no slowing down. He just kept pumping her harder and harder, and faster and faster, and deeper and deeper.

His big prick went speeding in and out of her hot pussy until she was swimming in cunt juice and aching for him to shoot his cum into her. His cock rubbed hard against her clit and against the walls of her aching cunt.

"Oh, you're incredible!" she cried. "You're fucking me out of my mind! Keep pouring it to me, darling! Just fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

And then she cried with joy. Great tears of ecstasy rolled down her cheeks and she felt flames of rapture envelop her body.

Her tits churned with mind-boggling pangs of delight. Her belly did constant flip-flops as he took her higher and higher, driving his hard prick into her with incessant, pussy-pounding intensity.

Then she felt his cock filling up and out even more, swelling up like a hard, demanding balloon of steel. It bulged with the blood that was pouring into it from his massive body. Then he erupted into her with all the cum that had built up in him.

He let go with an explosive come that flooded her contracting cunt with so much of his hot cream that it gushed into her and quickly filled her to the brim. It squished out around the sides of his swollen cock and ran along his hard, thick shaft. It dripped down onto the bed and made a puddle of thick, white stickiness beneath her ass. It ran down over his flopping balls and looked like little rivers of milk as it oozed over the wrinkles of his loose, hairy sack.

The creamy cum made Susan's cunt so smooth and wet that Bob slid and sloshed his prick into her on a bed of incredible lubrication.

He fucked her and fucked her as he came, and when he was drained, he went right on fucking her. She had made him so hot that his prick never softened for a minute. He was still full of lust and hunger for her despite his ball-draining come.

When he finished shooting his load, he slowed his thrusts a bit and reached down and placed his thumb lightly over her clit as he continued to stroke her with his hard cock.

As soon as he made contact with her fired-up clit, she writhed and twisted and rotated her ass even faster. She was delirious with pleasure by now, because his cum had set her loins afire.

"Uhhh... ughhh... ohhhh, Bob! Now! Noooww!" she screamed.

She arched her back and flung her legs over him, and locked him in a death grip with her thighs. Her heels over his back, she pumped her ass madly. She fucked him with all her might and her pussy banged into his loins over and over as she blew her pussy apart.

It was the most bone-rattling come Susan had ever felt. She felt a pounding in her ears, and spasm after spasm of uncontrollable, involuntary convulsions grabbed at her cunt and squeezed it over and over.

She shook from head to toe as she wrapped her arms and legs around him and screwed him with all her might. Her body lifted right off the bed at one point, and her ass lunged at him, taking his pounding prick deep up inside her over and over. Her crotch was moving like a piston, fucking him so hard her hips were like a white blur.

Her mind was a blank. It was taken over completely by her blind lust. She could think of nothing but the glorious feeling that his cock was giving her. It ground into her repeatedly and made her forget everything else in the world.

It was a whirling, dizzying sexual fantasy come true for both of them. They'd both had plenty of good screwing before, but neither of them had ever had anything to compare with this. They were both out of their minds with lustful pleasure and pure, unadulterated fucking with no holds bred.

They went on screwing for hours, over and over through the night. Susan sucked Bob several times. Whenever he finished another fucking, he would lie down and she would take his hard cock in her hot mouth and suck him until he came again.

He had never shot so much cum in one night in his life. He didn't know he could do it, but Susan drew it out of him again and again... and swallowed it every time.

Every time she swallowed another load of Bob's cum, she couldn't help saying a little silent prayer to herself.

And this is what she said: "Thank you God, for Aunt Sanders. May she help hundreds of other young girls find happiness, as I have, by swallowing the cum on their first date. It opened up the door of paradise for me."


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