Naughty young neighbor girl

Every society is marked by an adolescent stage, a growing-up period. It is a time when each young member of society feels he is infinitely more daring and modern than the adults ruling the establishment he often rebels against. Nowhere is this phenomenon more marked than in an open society like ours.

Many an adult has smiled in remembrance of the time he snuck out back for a forbidden cigarette or beer. The time he challenged another boy to drag race in his father's car. The time he threw a firecracker in the school john.

Linda Bradley's story is that of a young girl growing up in her own special way. She breaks the moral code and more importantly, her peers' code. She learns to flaunt her body and give in to the passions she feels running so deep and hot in her blood. Indeed, Linda makes a world of her own, where hedonism becomes the standard. But the truth is that Linda is searching for meaning in her life, for love and affection, not just pleasures of the flesh.

NAUGHTY YOUNG NEIGHBOR GIRL -- the story of a girl's struggle to find herself, and the shattering experiences that carry her over the threshold into young adulthood and eventual happiness.

A timely story for our restless society!


"Suck it, honey!"

Linda Bradley trembled as she peered through a crack in the high wooden fence that surrounded the Dawson back yard. She hadn't meant to spy on Mr. and Mrs. Dawson.

Frank and Marcia Dawson and their three teenage boys had just moved into the house a few weeks before. Linda had gone over to be friendly. She hadn't expected a treat like this. She hadn't expected to see Marcia Dawson stretched out on a chaise lounge and Frank bending over to suck her pussy!

Linda was blonde and slender and had a golden-blonde tan. She looked the picture of health in mind and body. She looked clean and well-fed, like an all-American girl from an all American family.

Her face was young and soft and she looked as innocent as a virgin princess. She was not a princess and she was certainly not a virgin. Four of her boyfriends in high school had fucked her, and she had discouraged the fifth only because the first four had been too boring. She was a little shy about it, but she was obsessed with sex. Her mind was continually filled with images of sucking and fucking. She masturbated all day long whenever she had the chance. Her young pussy seemed to be constantly swollen and dripping.

It didn't help to have to live with a spinster aunt while her parents were traveling. It didn't help at all.

Now Linda's eyes were fixed on the wild scene in the Dawson back yard. The Dawsons both still had their clothes on. Marcia's knees were pulled up and Frank had his head between her thighs. Linda could see everything.

Marcia's dress was bunched up around her waist. Linda could see how Frank's mouth was plastered on Marcia's cunt.

"Oh, that's good!" Marcia moaned. "Suck it, honey! Suck it!"

Her face was contorted with pleasure. Frank lapped Marcia's thick pink cunt lips up and down. He probed his tongue into her brimming cunt hole.

"Oh, God, I love it!" Marcia moaned again.

Linda was filed with excitement. She unbuttoned the top of her jeans so that she could get her hand inside and down to her pussy. She had never in her life seen people fucking.

None of the boys who had fucked her had gone down on her. She knew all about cunt sucking from some of her friends who'd had it done to them, and she knew she would love it when it happened. Now that she was watching it, the idea of it turned her on more than ever before.

She shivered as she watched Frank Dawson gluttonously suck his wife's pussy. She crouched there behind the wooden fence, one hand digging into her jeans to finger her cunt lips and the other hand holding on to the fence to keep her balance.

She could hear the sexy sounds of sucking. Marcia had her legs spread wide, her hairy wet cunt mashed against her husband's face.

"Oh, honey, that's good!" Marcia moaned. "You suck me so good, baby!"

Linda was envious. It must be heaven to be eaten like that!

Now Marcia pulled her knees farther apart 'till her legs were spread as wide as they would go. Frank raised his mouth up from her wet crotch. His face was covered with cunt juice.

Linda could see the glistening pink groove of Marcia's cunt. Marcia's thick hairy cunt lips were dripping wet. Frank ran his hands down Marcia's thighs and cupped the globes of her ass. Marcia looked down at her husband's juice-coated face and groaned.

"Suck me some more!"

Frank grinned. "You're really hot to trot today."

"It's your fault," Marcia said.

"Aren't you afraid of the neighbors?" he said.

"Fuck the neighbors!" Marcia hissed. "Suck my pussy! They can't see anything anyway. The fence is too high."

She held her cunt lips apart with his fingers. Linda could see the pink meat of Marcia's inner cunt lips. She shivered at the lewd way Marcia was opening her cunt for her husband. Marcia's cunt looked like a wet red flower just waiting to he sucked! Marcia seemed to have no modesty at all about showing her cunt to Frank.

Linda waited breathlessly, hoping that Frank would suck Marcia's pussy again. She waited to see more. It wasn't long before he swooped down on Marcia's cunt again.

His tongue extended out of his mouth. He began lapping up and down the dripping wet gulch of his wife's pussy. Marcia groaned with each stroke of Frank's tongue.

Linda wondered what it would feel like to have a tongue licking up and down between her cunt lips. Just the thought of it made her shudder. She knew she would come like crazy if that was ever done to her.

Her fingers massaged her sopping cunt as she listened to Marcia's moans coming from the other side of the fence.

"Oh, God!" Marcia cried. "Suck my pussy! Suck me out!"

Marcia's hands were at the backs of her knees now, pulling her legs back to completely expose her crotch. Frank rubbed his face up and down and around over the sopping meat of her cunt. He drilled his tongue into her dripping cunt hole.

"Oh, Frank!" she cried. "Jesus Christ!"

Marcia bucked her hips, fucking at his face. She gasped. Her fingers clutched his hair.

"Oh, Jesus, I'm coming!" Marcia wailed. Frank continued sucking. Linda trembled as she watched Marcia convulse in an orgasm. The chaise tongue shook back and forth as Marcia pumped her pussy.

"I'm coming! I'm coming!" Marcia cried. "Oh, dear God!"

When it was finally over, Frank pulled his face away from Marcia's crotch. He wiped his mouth and looked up at her.

"How was that?" he asked.

"Oh, honey!" Marcia moaned. "That was wonderful!"

She straightened her legs out and pulled her dress down. They were sitting there now and talking as though nothing had happened. Linda continued peering through the hole in the fence, wondering if what she had seen had been real or some crazy dream.

Then the teenage girl gasped when Frank stood up and unbuckled his belt. Her eyes wide with excitement, she watched Marcia help Frank get his pants and shorts down.

His huge cock sprang out like a heavy club.

Linda moaned softly. It was the biggest cock she'd ever seen. She gazed at Frank's hairy legs and the dark hair of his crotch. His big balls looked heavy and bloated. Her heart raced as she watched Marcia run her fingertips up and down the throbbing shaft of her husband's huge cock.

Using her thumb, Marcia smeared the cock-juice seeping out of Frank's piss hole over the tight skin of his cock head. Linda stared transfixed at Frank's meaty cock and thought she would faint from excitement.

Linda was insanely jealous of Marcia. The thought of Frank's fat cock head stretching her cunt hole made her shiver.

Now Marcia was smiling up at Frank. Holding Frank's cock shaft in one head, she used the other hand to cup his balls.

"I guess you want me to suck this big thing," Marcia teased.

Frank grunted.

Sticking her tongue out, Marcia began lapping the pulsating head of his cock.

"This way?" Marcia said, giggling.

Her tongue swirled over his knob and then fluttered down the underside of his cock shaft. Linda stifled a groan as her eyes feasted on Frank's juicy-looking cock head! Her pussy was flowing like a river. The crotch of her panties was completely soaked. Her cunt juice had soaked through to wet her jeans. She would give anything to change places with Marcia, to be able to hold and suck Frank's big dick.

She watched as the older woman's fingers fluttered up and down on Frank's cock shaft. She now had his cock head between her teeth. She used her hand in an up and down motion around his cock. She opened her mouth wide and engulfed his cock as deeply as possible.

"Oh, Jesus!" Frank grunted.

Linda trembled and strummed her clit. Her breath came in uneven gasps as she watched Marcia sucking on Frank's cock. She knew all about cock sucking. Each of the boys who had fucked her had had his cock in her mouth. She knew what it felt like to have a fat cock head pressing at her tonsils.

Now she watched as Marcia bobbed her head up and down. Frank's cock was thicker than any Linda had seen. She wondered how it would feel jammed into her mouth.

She could see the expression of lust on Marcia's face. It was obvious that Marcia loved sucking cock. She was an expert at it. Linda could see the saliva drooling out of Marcia's mouth to stream down over her husband's cock shaft and balls. His nuts looked swollen.

"Oh, Jesus, suck that cock, baby! Take it all! Suck it!" Frank groaned as Marcia sucked and slurped over his hard cock.

She gently squeezed his bloated balls, lapping and nipping lightly at the sensitive skin of his ball bag. Then she pulled her mouth off his cock and looked up at him.

"Come in my mouth!" she hissed. Frank shook his head. "Let's fuck!" he said. "We haven't fucked outside in a long time."

Linda stared mesmerized. She watched the Dawsons undress. Her eyes feasted on Frank's naked body. He made the boys she had known look like babies.

She was jealous of Marcia's heavy tits and thick cunt bush and curvy ass. Marcia was a sexy woman and she had the body of a woman who loved to fuck.

Marcia moved into Frank's arms and squirmed as he ran his hands over her full ass.

"Oh, honey!" Marcia moaned. "Fuck me, baby! Fuck me!"

Linda admired the older woman's long lovely legs and sensuous hips. Marcia had just enough meat on her hips for a man to hold onto.

Stretching out on the chaise lounge, Marcia moved a hand down to her pussy. "Come on, lover!" she moaned. "Give it to me!"

Linda held her breath as she watched. Climbing between his wife's legs, Frank positioned himself. He draped her legs over his shoulders, doubling her up so that her cunt turned upward. Taking hold of his cock, he pressed his cock head against her cunt hole and with a sudden lurch of his hips rammed himself into her cunt with one smooth stroke.

Marcia groaned. "Oh, God, that feels good!"

Linda's eyes were riveted on the junction of cock and cunt. She could see the swinging motion of Frank's heavy balls. She could see the dark hairy crack between his ass cheeks. She could see Marcia's gushing cunt hole.

The Dawsons began fucking. Frank pistoned his cock in and out of his wife's steaming cunt hole, his balls slapping against her ass at the end of each powerful stroke.

"Oh, baby, that's good!" she moaned. "That's so good!"

Linda's breath caught in her throat as she watched. She loved to fuck and watching people do it was blowing her mind.

Biting her lip to stifle her gasps, she furiously massaged her cunt with the palm of her hand. The Dawsons looked beautiful as they fucked there in the open. Linda could hear the slurping of Frank's cock in Marcia's cunt. The glider shook each time Frank rammed his cock into Marcia's cunt. He maintained a steady rhythm, his ass pumping like a fucking machine, Marcia's hips rotating as she fucked back at him stroke for stroke.

"Oh, Christ, I'm gonna come!" Frank grunted.

"Give it to me!" Marcia cried. "Shoot it!" He began pumping his ass in a frenzy, grunting and groaning and snorting as he shot his hot load into Marcia's cunt. Her logs rocking, her lips pulled back in a grimace of pleasure, Marcia came with him.

"Oh, God!" Marcia wailed. "Oh, my God!"

Two fingers pumping her own pussy, Linda watched the cheeks of Frank's ass contract and imagined his hot jism spurting into Marcia's cunt. The hot flush of her orgasm almost caused Linda to faint. The intensity of the pleasure forced her to close her eyes. When she opened them again she saw the Dawsons stretched out exhausted beside each other.

Her heart pounding, Linda slipped away as quietly as possible and returned to her house.

Linda locked herself in her room. She could think of nothing else except the scene she'd witnessed in the Dawsons' back yard. Her mind was filled with images of Frank and Marcia sucking and fucking. The memory of it overwhelmed her senses.

She groaned as she remembered the way Frank had looked pumping his hard cock between Marcia's legs. She imagined what his cock would feel like pumping her own cunt. She could almost feel the pleasure of having his cock stretch her pussy.

Slipping a hand between her legs, she cupped her hot cunt and imagined Frank's fat cock head rubbing between her swollen cunt lips. Would a man his age be interested in fucking a young girl? She thought of his thick cock stretching her tender pussy hole.

Moving her legs wide apart, she tossed her head back and massaged her clit. Her cunt was sopping wet again. Her pussy was hot and gooey.

Standing in front of a full-length mirror, she quickly stripped her clothes off. She played with her tits. They weren't as big as Marcia's but they were big enough. Her pink nipples stood out and looked juicy, like two ripe strawberries.

Rolling her nipples between her fingers, she teased them until they were hard. Her blue eyes glittered as she studied her naked body. She liked her body. She liked her large tits. She liked her smooth white thighs and shapely legs. What she liked bet of all was the neat blonde triangle of crotch hair that covered her pussy. She pulled her cunt mound up with her fingers until she could see her pink cunt lips. Her pussy was wet, and her fingers were soon cased with her warm cunt juice. She rubbed some of the juice over her hard, swollen nipples.

A soft moan escaped her lips. She needed a good hard come again. She shivered as she ran a fingertip up and down along the side of her clit. A hot wave of pleasure rushed up from her crotch to make her tits swell.

Cupping her hands under her tits, she massaged them and pulled at her throbbing nipples.

Once again she found it difficult to believe that she had actually seen the Dawsons fucking!

She writhed in front of the mirror, admiring her body, her eyes fixed on the movement of her hand as she massaged her pussy. She could see the wetness on the insides of her thighs.

She ran her fingertips gently into her cunt hole, scooped out some more cunt juice, and once again rubbed it over her nipples. Her pussy quivered.

Moaning, she fell down onto the bed and rolled over onto her stomach. She squeezed her swollen tits. Slipping a hand down between her thighs, she cupped her hot cunt. She ran her fingers up and down the sopping groove of her pussy. She wriggled her hips and moaned as she touched a fingertip to her quivering clit. The tiny knob was swollen and stiff. She rubbed it furiously for a moment and then pulled her hand away.

She was on the brink of coming, but she wanted to delay it. She liked working up to it almost as much as coming.

Sometimes she wondered if she was over sexed or if she played with her pussy too much. She groaned as she imagined a huge cock pushing its way into her tender cunt.

Grinding her hips, squirming her ass on the bed, she once again rubbed her stiff clit and quivered at the sensation of exquisite pleasure. She kept up a steady rhythm with her fingertip until she was again close to coming. Then she pulled the finger away and probed the mouth of her cunt.

Shuddering, she slowly pushed her finger deep inside her fuck hole. Adding another finger, moaning at the lovely feeling of having her cunt mouth stretched, she pumped her ass up and down, fucking her fingers and grunting.

"Oh, yeah?" she moaned. "Oh, yeah!"

She giggled at the creaking sound made by the bed. Finally she rolled over onto her back. She pretended Frank Dawson was fucking her. She thought of his hot cock cream spurting into her cunt.

Her eyes closed, she moved her hands feverishly over her body and pretended they were Frank Dawson's hands. She cupped her tits and squeezed them. She moved her hands down between her legs and stretched open her cunt lips to expose her swollen clit.

Her thighs wide apart, she imagined Frank Dawson was there between her legs fucking her to a frazzle.

She used both hands on her cunt now, massaging her clit with the fingers of one hand and using the fingers of the other hand to probe her cunt hole.

A spasm of pleasure ripped through her body as she approached her orgasm. Her hips arched off the bed. Her fingers moved frantically on her clit, strumming it back and forth and up and down.

"Oh, Jesus, yes!" she moaned. "Oh, Jesus!"

Her hot, thick cunt juice flowed over her hands. Her ass bucked up off the bed. Then the dam inside her broke! She pulled her legs back and cried out as her cunt spasmed through a giant orgasm.


Linda became more obsessed with sex than ever. She was frustrated because school was out and most of the boys she knew were either busy working or away on vacation.

She was amused when her aunt mentioned to her how nice the Dawsons seemed. Linda wondered what her Aunt Helen would say if she knew about Frank and Marcia Dawson fucking in their back yard. Each time she remembered the scene, Linda's pussy quivered.

She found one excuse after the other to go over to the Dawsons' and become friendly with them. Frank and Marcia were usually away, and the two older boys worked all day in a supermarket. She began spending more and more time with young Kevin Dawson. She liked the way he followed her around like a puppy dog. She teased him as much as she could, and she was delighted whenever she saw his prick rising in his jeans. He was cute and her pussy quivered at the idea of getting Kevin all hot and bothered and frustrated.

Then one afternoon, when her aunt was away, she brought him back to her room and let him put his hands on her tits.

"DO you like my tits?" she asked.

"Super!" he hissed.

"Are you a virgin?" she said.

"Shit, no!" he grunted.

She thought he might be lying. She didn't care. He couldn't be any worse than the boys she'd already screwed, and he might be better.

"Would you like to fuck me?"

He stopped squeezing her tits and stared at her with amazement in his eyes. "Do you really mean it?"

She smiled at his eagerness. The bulge in his crotch looked bigger than ever. She was turned on now. She was horny as hell. She kissed him and then she began undressing.

He watched her with a hypnotized stare as she slipped off her blouse and unhooked her bra. After peeling her panties off, she straightened up and cupped her hands under her lush tits.

"Promise me you'll keep quiet about this," she said. "If my aunt finds out, she'll kill me."

"Jesus!" Kevin breathed, "Don't worry about that. Christ, what a pair of tits!"

"Come on," she laughed, "Get your clothes off."

She helped him undress. Whatever reservations she had had about what she was doing quickly vanished the moment she saw his throbbing young cock and tight pink balls.

The boys groaned when she put her hand on his prick. She plastered her mouth against his and drew him down onto the bed.

"I'm hot!" she whispered. "I hope you know how to fuck!"

She could feel him quivering in her arms. She slid her hand down over his belly and grabbed his cock. His prick was as hard as iron.

"Oh, Jesus!" he moaned.

"Kiss me!" she hissed. "Tongue me!"

She squirmed around on the bed until she had his leg between her thighs. She squeezed his cock and pumped her crotch. Her pussy was sopping wet. She loved the feel of his silky prick in her hand.

"Oh, your cock is so hard!" she cooed.

"Jesus!" the boy groaned.

She was conscious of how inexperienced he was. She didn't mind. She was enjoying herself. In the past when the boys had been in experienced, she had resented it. Now she found she liked it. She liked being in control.

Forcing him to lie flat on his back, she trailed wet kisses down over his chest and belly and onto his crotch hair.

"Oh, God!" he moaned.

He shuddered when she ran her lips along the shaft of his cock. She swirled her tongue over his velvety cock head and nibbled on the flared rim of his knob. She cradled his cock shaft in her hand as her tongue swiped again and again over his hot flesh.

"Jesus Christ!" he grunted.

The boy moaned as her mouth worked on his prick. She licked his soft cock skin, smelling and tasting it, her tongue bathing it with her spit.

Sliding her lips up and down his cock shaft, she slowly jacked him off.

"Yummy!" she cooed. "Your cock is delicious!"

Opening her mouth now, she wrapped her lips around his cock head and noisily sucked it into her throat. The boy groaned as her hot saliva washed over his throbbing cock. Her teeth nipped at his cock shaft. She clamped the ring of her lips down onto his cockhead.

"Oh, Jesus fucking Christ!" he groaned.

Sliding her lips farther along his cock shaft, she gobbled it up until his juicy cock head jabbed the back of her throat.

He pumped his ass, trying to fuck her face. She bobbed her head up and down, her lips sliding over his hot cock flesh made slippery by her saliva.

She grunted each time his cock head nudged her tonsils! She slurped noisily on his cock, using her fingers to pump his cock shaft. His rampant prick was glistening with her spit. Her cunt throbbed with need. She finally pulled her mouth off his prick and looked at him.

"Do you like it?"

"Shit, yeah!"

"I like it too. I like cock!"

She swooped down on him again. This time she lifted his balls and began licking them, swabbing her tongue over the wrinkled sac and sucking them into her mouth.

"Delicious!" she mumbled.

"Oh, Christ!" he groaned, writhing as she gently sucked on his nuts.

She soon had his balls dripping wet and she worked on his cock shaft again, tickling him with the point of her tongue, sliding her mouth up to his cock head. When she gobbled up his knob, he thrust his hips to get his cock more deeply inside her throat.

She decided she wanted his prick stuffing her cunt. Pulling her mouth off his cock, she rolled onto her back and opened her legs wide.

"Fuck me!" she hissed. "Get on top of me and stick it in!"

The boy quickly crouched over her. He gazed down at her sopping wet pussy. She reached out to grab his cock and pulled him in to the saddle of her thighs.

Slipping between her legs, he fisted his cock shaft and positioned his cock head at the mouth of her cunt hole.

She quivered at the hot lust in his eyes.

He was trembling.

"Do you like my pussy?" she asked.

He leered down at her gaping cunt. "Christ, yeah!" he groaned.

She put her hand on his cock. It was stiff us a poker. Her hungry pussy ached for it. Fisting his cock-shaft, she rubbed his cock-shaft up and down between her swollen cunt-lips. His knob was soon thoroughly coated with her cunt-juice. She moaned every time the hot tip of his prick touched her clit!

He lurched forward, his cock-head pushing into the soft folds of her pussy and ramming into her cunt.

"Oh, yes!" she groaned. "Stick it in -- give it to me!"

She whimpered as he shoved his cock forward. She arched her back and humped her ass off the bed to get all of it. His cock-shaft rasped against her clit.

"That's the way!" she wailed. "Give it to me! Shove that cock into me! Fuck my hot pussy!"

She trembled with need. Her heart pounded as the muscles of her cunt clutched at his throbbing cock. Her pussy needed a good fucking.

"Fuck me!" she cried. "Give it to me! Push in! Oh, yes, that's good! That's it!"

The boy grunted as he sank all of his cock to the hilt inside her steaming cunt.

She wrapped her arms and legs around him. She twisted wider him. Her tight cunt-lips clasped his pumping cock.

He mashed his mouth against hers in a hot kiss.

She sucked his tongue into her mouth. All her attention centered on her cunt, on the boy's throbbing cock slamming into her hot pussy.

She could feel his balls bouncing against her asshole. She groaned. Her fingers raked across his back.

"Oh, honey, that's good!" she moaned. "It's good for me, too!" he mumbled. Their bodies moved together in the rhythm of fucking. Her cunt-lips sucked at his prick, drawing it deeper and deeper into her cunt.

He dropped his head dawn to her tits and sucked her hard nipples into his mouth, pulling at them to the same tempo of the fucking of his cock in her cunt.

"Oh, baby, yes!" she wailed. "Oh, yes, suck my tits!"

Her hips rose off the bed as she met each of his thrusts and fucked back at his pistoning cock.

"Hold me tight!" she gasped.

She thought of his cock-head plunging in and out of her cunt and stretching her cunt mouth. She rolled her hips in a frenzy, squirming as his cock-shaft reamed in and out of her hairy fuck hole.

Kevin shuddered and plastered his lips against hers. He pushed his tongue into her mouth. His hands clutched her ass. He rammed his cock again and again into her demanding pussy. God, how she needed it?

Her ass rose and fell on the bed. Her hungry cunt gobbled up his cock. Her pussy squeezed and milked him. She spread her legs wide, squirming her ass, and then closed her legs again to clasp him tight. She humped and wriggled, digging her nails into his back, urging him to fuck her harder.

The feel of his stiff cock slamming in and out of her tender pussy was delicious!

He was hurrying to finish now.

Her hot cunt clutched at his thrusting cock. She could feel the rhythmic throbs in the walls of her pussy. Her turgid clit quivered.

His ass bucked up and down as he drove his rampant cock in and out of her body.

"Oh, God, fuck me!" she cried. "Give me that cock!"

She wrapped her long legs around his back.

She shuddered at the exquisite pleasure rising up from her cunt. She squeezed his ass-cheeks with her fingers, clutching at him frantically.

She slipped one hand down to feel his cock as it plunged in and out of her pussy. Her crotch was sopping wet with cunt juice.

"Oh, God, I'm gonna come soon!" Kevin cried. "I'm gonna come!"

"Oh yes!" she wailed. "Oh, yes!"

Moving toward his climax, Kevin's rhythm changed slightly. Linda raised her ass off the bed, meeting his plunging cock.

"Oh, Jesus, I'm coming!" the boy groaned.

"Shoot it!" she hissed.

His balls let go and erupted. "AAAUUUUOGGHHH!" he cried.

Spurt after spurt of sticky hot jism splashed into her pussy. Her clit quivered and she began climaxing.

"YES, OH, YES!" she wailed. "OH, GOD!"

She dug her heels into his back and frantically pumped her ass.

He continued fucking her, ramming her cunt with his spewing cock. Her pussy rhythmically convulsed as he spurted his hot cock-cream into her cunt. Her cunt-muscles squeezed his cock.

"Give it to me!" she cried. "Shoot it into me!"

Her nails dug into his ass-cheeks. She found his asshole with her little finger and drilled it in.

"AH-AH-AHHHHHH!" he groaned, fucking her with renewed vigor.

She grabbed his ass as he rammed his cock again and again into her spasming cunt. Cradling his balls, she whined with pleasure as he bucked and twisted between her legs.

When he finally rolled off her, his drooping cock slipped out of her wet pussy with a soft sucking sound.

The two teenagers lay there in each other's arms. Kevin put his hand on Linda's thigh.

She purred.

He leaned over and pressed his mouth against hers. He pushed his tongue between her lips. His fingers moved over the mound of her cunt and he began massaging her cunt-lips.

"Oh, yeah!" she moaned. Her crotch was sopping wet again.

The boy's fingers were soon covered with her cunt juice.

"Oh, Jesus!" she moaned, squirming her ass. "Oh, baby!"

"Let's fuck again!" Kevin hissed.

Linda giggled. When she pressed her thighs together she could feel the juice flooding her pussy.

Kevin moved against her and pushed his hard cock against her cunt.

Her blood raced. She ran her fingers over his cock and balls. She palmed his heavy nuts and jiggled them.

"Ooooo, baby!" he groaned.

He put his hands on her tits and playfully pinched her nipples. They closed their arms around each other, their hands on each other's asses.

"Do you like asses?" Linda whispered.

"Yeah," the boy grinned.

Linda trembled as she thought about having a cock up her ass. She stretched out on the bed.

"Guess what I want?" she purred. Kevin crouched over her, his cock swaying, his cock-head dripping juice.

She pulled him across her body until she had his cock and balls dangling over her face. She nuzzled his pink balls.

"Oh, they're delicious!" she murmured. He moved his mouth down over her belly to her cunt bush.

Reaching down, she spread her cunt lips open with her fingers.

"That's it, honey!" she said. "Get in there! Get in my pussy!"

She opened her hot juicy cunt for him. She spread her thighs wide apart.

"Eat my pussy!" she hissed.

Shifting his body, he positioned himself between her legs and leaned forward to flutter his tongue over her thick cunt-lips.

"That's the way!" she purred. "Eat my pussy! Eat it good!"

She moaned when his tongue tip touched her clit. She closed her eyes and shuddered when be briefly slithered his tongue inside her cunt-hole.

"Suck me!" she wailed.

She loved the feel of his head buried between her legs. He began fucking his tongue in and out of her steaming cunt, his hands moving along her body to squeeze her tits.

"Mmmmmmmm!" she mewled. "Oh, that's good! Yes, that's good!"

She held his head, her fingers tangled in his hair, grinding her cunt against his mouth.

He lapped and slurped over her dripping cunt, swallowing great mouthfuls of her cunt-juice. She felt as though he was sucking her insides out.

"Suck my cunt!" she screamed. "Suck it!"

She humped her ass, fucking her cunt at his face in a frenzy. She arched her back and humped her hips and massaged her slippery cunt over his nose and mouth and chin.

"Suck me out!" she wailed. "Suck! Suck! Suck! Suck it!"

Her crotch was on fire. Strange animal sounds came out of her throat. She snorted and grunted and wailed as she pumped her pussy at his face. She gyrated her cunt under his sucking mouth.

She could feel the approach of her orgasm. "Suck me harder!" she groaned.

He lapped his tongue firmly up and down between her cunt-lips. She moaned every time his tongue rasped over her clit. She shivered at the sound of his slobbering.

Bucking her ass off the bed, her hands covering his to squeeze her tits harder, she suddenly spasmed on his face.

"Oh, God, I'm coming!" she cried.

Shuddering and shaking, she rubbed her cunt on his face as she convulsed in a giant orgasm on his mouth.

When he finally pulled his face away from her crotch, he looked up at her and grinned.

His face was covered with cunt-juice. She giggled as she looked down at him. She reached for his hard cock and fluttered her fingers along his throbbing cock-shaft.

On his knees between her legs, he fisted his cock and rubbed his broad cock-head between her cunt-lips. He found the socket of her quivering cunt-hole. He massaged her clit with his cock-head, and then he pushed his fat knob into her juicy cunt-hole and rammed forward.

"Oh, yeaaaaah!" she groaned.

With a lurch of his hips, Kevin buried the length of his cock in her hot, swampy pussy.

"Aaaaaggghhh!" he groaned.

They began a wild fuck. It wasn't long before they were both grunting and moaning in the throes of a mind-blowing orgasm.


"I hear you got Kevin cross-eyed," Roy Dawson snickered.

Linda blushed. Roy was a year older than Kevin! He was bigger and stronger. The bulge at his crotch was a little bigger, too.

They were sitting on her porch now. Roy had asked her to go to a movie with him, but she hadn't yet said she would. She didn't want him to get the idea she was too easy.

"I don't know what you mean," she said coyly.

"Shit!" Roy laughed. "You made poor little Kevin go down on you. That's the way a guy gets cross-eyed!"

Linda giggled. Her pussy quivered as she remembered the feel of Kevin's tongue lapping at her cunt-hole.

Roy chuckled when he noticed her rubbing her thighs back and forth. "I bet you'd like some of that right now," he said.

"Don't be so sure of yourself," she blushed.

"Well, come on," Roy said. "Let's go to that drive-in movie before it gets too late. You want to go, don't you?"

"I don't know if I do," she teased. "I wouldn't want you to get cross-eyed too."

Then she held out her hand to let him know she would go after all. She liked him and he knew it.

They pulled into the drive-in just as the sun was going down. She snuggled up against him as they watched the movie. It wasn't long before she dropped her hand down on the bulge in his crotch.

When he kissed her, she squeezed the outline of his cock with her fingers.

He groaned. Pulling his zipper down, he brought his cock out into the open.

"Suck it!" he hissed.

She snickered. Lowering her head, she teased him by holding back.

"Suck it!" he groaned.

She moved her fingers over his hard cock. She could feel his cock throbbing. She could feel the wetness of his cock-juice oozing out of his piss-hole.

Dipping her hand into his fly, she scooped out his balls. His hands worked over her tits as she tickled his nuts. Opening his belt buckle, she unsnapped his jeans and tugged at them. He helped her get his jeans and shorts down to his knees.

He leaned back with a groan as she grabbed his cock and wrapped her fingers around it. His cock-juice dripped onto her hand. His cock-shaft throbbed wildly. His balls felt tight and full.

His hot lust made her quiver. She was driving him crazy. She loved it!

"I like your cock," she purred.

"Ahhh-aaahhh!" he groaned.

She ran her fingertips over his balls, jiggling them in their sac.

"Do you like the way I play with you?" she teased.

"Oh, yeah, it's great!" he grunted.

"I bet you want me to suck this big hard thing," she teased. "You want me to suck the juice right of you don't you?"

She looked up at him and smiled as she ran her hand up and down his pulsing cock.

"Close your mouth on it!" Roy hissed. "Suck it!"

She giggled and squeezed his balls, "Mmmmmm big balls!" she cooed. "I'll bet you've got a big load of juice in there."

She stroked his full balls with fluttering fingertips.

"Suck it!" he hissed again.

A last she bent over his aching cock with pursed lips. She closed her fist around his throbbing cock-shaft. She blew her hot breath over his bloated cock-head.

"Oh, yeah!" he moaned at the first touch of her wet lips on his swollen-knob. "Oh, yeah!"

His body jerked as she kissed and licked the glistening hard head of his cock. Opening her mouth, she finally engulfed the swollen head of his prick and began sucking.

"Oh. Jesus!" he groaned. "That's the way!" He put his hand on her head, trying to force her mouth down on his prick.

She swabbed her, tongue around his cock-head, and then took more and more of his cock into her mouth until she had his knob jabbing at the back of her throat.

"Jesus Christ!" the boy moaned.

Her teeth scraped along his cock-shaft as she pulled back. She nibbled gently on his cock-head. She gulped down the cock-juice oozing out of his piss-hole. Her fingers tickled his balls as she began bobbing her head up and down, her cheeks caved in with the suction of her mouth.

"Oh, Jesus, that's good!" Roy groaned.

Pulling her mouth off his cock-head, Linda slid her lips down his cock to his balls. She lapped and slurped his tight nuts. His cock jerked against her face. His balls trembled and pulsated against her tongue.

"Suck my cock! Jesus Christ, eat it!" he groaned.

He gasped as she sucked one ball after the other into her warm mouth. When she released his nuts, they were coated with her saliva. She was doing things instinctively now. She had never done anything like this before. She worked on him with a gluttonous lust, sucking and licking his cock and balls until she had him trembling on the car seat.

"Oh, yeah!" he groaned. "That's the way!"

Using one hand, she managed to get her panties down to her knees and her fingers in her cunt. Her pussy was flooded with cunt juice. She rubbed the palm of her hand on her cunt-mound as she pushed her fingers into her sopping wet cunt-hole.

Her mouth sucked on his cock as her cunt-hole sucked on her fingers. She shivered with excitement and lust.

Roy finally noticed her hand working between her legs. He leaned over and pushed her hand away. His strong fingers rammed into her cunt.

"Christ, what a juicy pussy!" he moaned.

"You want me to go down on you? You like that don't you? You let Kevin do it to you." She raised her head off his cock. "Oh yes!"

She groaned. "Lick my pussy!"

Her eyes glittered with lust. Her lips glistened with saliva. Pulling her skirt up, she slipped her panties off and lay back with her legs spread. She giggled and glanced at the movie screen to make sure there was time for a good long suck.

Roy's cock jutted up from his crotch. His swollen cock-head oozed cock-juice. His cock-shaft pulsated.

She pulled her jersey top up to her neck and exposed her tits. Leaning over, he put his hand on her tits and squeezed them. She moaned as her nipples hardened under his fingers. He rolled her nipples between his fingertips until she went wild.

"Oh, yes!" she groaned. "Play with my tits! I love that! It drives me nuts!"

He soon had one tit in his mouth and began sacking her nipple. He tickled the flesh of her tit with his tongue tip. She moaned at the exquisite sensations.

"Oh, God, I love having my tit sucked!" she purred.

The wet slurping sounds of tit sucking filled the car. He licked and sucked at her hot heavy tits. Then he reared up. He wanted to taste the creamy flesh of her cunt.

"Don't stop!" she wailed. "Oh, don't stop!"

His mouth moved down over her belly, his tongue leaving a wet trail from her naval to her cunt-mound. His nose pressed into her bush of cunt-hair. Her cunt was wet and hot. Her cunt-lips twitched.

With a grunt of lust, he pressed his face into her steaming swamp of a pussy. He sniffed and licked her dripping cunt, rubbing his nose around in her cunt.

"Oh, God, yes!" she wailed. She squirmed on the car seat, pumping her ass as she fucked her cunt at his face.

Her legs were spread as wide as possible. Using her fingers, she pulled her cunt-lips open to make it easier for him to suck.

"Suck it!" she groaned. "Lick my pussy! Suck me out!"

Her cunt-lips felt swollen and tender. She shivered as he lapped up and down the dripping gulch of her pussy. She went wild each time his tongue tip vibrated against her clit.

"Suck me! Suck my pussy! Eat me out! Lick my cunt-lips! Suck me until I come!"

Her eyes closed, her back arched off the seat, she tossed her head back and forth, blonde hair flying, and urged him to suck harder.

Roy was better at sucking pussy than Kevin was. He was more experienced. He knew how to make her crazy with his tongue and mouth. He knew how to rub his nose against her clit until she went wild.

"You like it?" boasted, pulling his mouth away from bet wet crotch.

"Oh, yes!" she groaned. "Suck my pussy!" Once again he plastered his mouth against her hot cunt-flesh. Her crotch was a swamp of cunt-juice. He drove his tongue deep inside her brimming cunt. He pulled at her swollen cunt-lips with his teeth.

"Oh, Jesus, move your tongue!" she cried. "Fuck me with your tongue! Eat my pussy!"

She was hot and wild and close to coming. She could feel his hard cock pressing against her leg. She squirmed on the car seat as he licked and sucked her quivering clit.

Waves of exquisite pleasure washed up from the turgid bud. "Oh, God!" she moaned. "Oh, my God!"

His mouth made slurping sounds as he worked on her overheated cunt. He tugged at her cunt with his lips and lapped up and down the slit of her cunt with his tongue.

Finally pulling his mouth away from her dripping pussy, he looked at her and grinned.

"I'm going to fuck your brains out!" he hissed.

"Oh, yes!" she groaned. "Give it to me! Fuck me! Shove that big cock in my pussy!"

Her cunt twitched. Her belly quivered. Pulling one of her legs up against the back of the seat, he shifted forward and rubbed his throbbing cock against the wet hair of her pussy. She reached down and grabbed his hard cock-shaft. She positioned his cock-head at the mouth of her cunt-hole, gasping at the heat of his spongy knob.

Her cunt-lips throbbed and her cunt spasmed as he lurched forward to plunge his throbbing cock into her sucking pussy.

"Oh, shit, yeah!" he growled as he rammed his cock into her.

The feel of his hard cock reaming out her cunt drove her into a frenzy.

"Oh, yes!" she wailed. "Oh, fuck me!"

Her body was impaled by his rampant prick. Her juice-filled pussy was stuffed with his cock. She squirmed her ass on the seat, shaking with lust as she urged him to fuck her.

With a deep groan he began pumping his cock in and out of her pussy. Again and again he rammed his cock into her twitching fuck-hole.

"Oh, God, yes! That's lovely!" she cried. "Fuck me! Fuck me, lover! Fuck me!"

She wrapped her legs around his waist now. She grabbed his ass.

"Fuck me!" she wailed. "Fuck the piss out of me! Fuck my brains out!"

He drove his cock in deep with each thrust. Her strong cunt muscles worked against his pulsating cock-shaft. Her cunt squeezed his prick to milk the juice out of his balls. He fucked her in a frenzy. Her body shook as his cock pounded her pussy.

Raising herself off the car seat, she humped her hips up and down to fuck back at his thrusting cock.

"Oh, yes!" she cried out, grinding her cunt against his cock, gobbling up his prick with her cunt until his dangling balls slapped against her ass.

"Jesus, what a hot-assed bitch!" he groaned.

He was gasping now. Sweat dripped off his face to fall on her heaving its. He heaved and shuddered as he continued fucking his cock in and out of her sucking cunt.

His bloated, balls were ready to explode. "I'm gonna shoot!" he said. "Oh, Jesus fucking Christ!"

"Make it!" she cried. "Shoot it! Shoot it into me! Oh, shit, fuck me! Shoot your come!"

He rammed his cock again and again into her hot pussy. Then his balls suddenly tensed, his cock swelled up, and spurt after spurt of hot jism splattered the spasming channel of her cunt.

Her fuck-hole grabbed at his prick. She squealed with pleasure. He grunted like an animal as his balls continued erupting. He shot wad after wad of thick jism into her sucking cunt. His cock cream spilled out of her pussy to drench her thighs and ass.

Their crotches slammed together with a sucking sound. She had turned into a mindless convulsing animal in the throes of a wild climax.

"I'm coming!" she wailed. "Oh, I'm coming! I'm coming!"

Her cunt continued grabbing at his cock, her cunt muscles milking his spasming prick as blast after blast of thick sticky jism spewed out of his cock-head to flood her cunt.

When he finally pulled his cock out of her cunt, his warn jism oozed out of her seething pussy, running down her ass to drip over her asshole.

"Oh, sweet Jesus!" she moaned.

"The movie's over," Roy grunted. "Let's getthe fuck out of here. We can go back to my place. Nobody's home."

Linda had no objections. She was eager to have him fuck her again. Just as soon as they were out of the drive-in, he unzipped his fly.

"Suck my cock!" he said.

She giggled and maneuvered her head under the steering wheel. She held his cock in her mouth all the way home. She was afraid to do more than that. She was afraid to suck him and make him come. She was afraid he might crack up the car!

As eager as she was to fuck, once they were inside his room and the door was locked he told her he wanted her to suck his cock again.

She sat down on the edge of the bed. She wrapped her fingers around his cock and brought it to her mouth.

"Suck!" he hissed.

Her wet tongue swabbed over his juicy cock-head. When she had his fat knob covered with her saliva, she slid her tongue down the under-side of his cock-shaft. Curling her fingers under his balls, she raised them and sucked them one after the other into her mouth.

"Oh, shit!" he groaned. "That's good!"

She finally pulled her lips away from his prick and peeled off her panties.

"Suck my pussy!" she said. "That's what I like."

"That's what I like too!" he laughed.

Roy had fucked dozens of girls at school, but she was the first to come right out and ask him to suck her cunt. He liked that. She turned him on.

He stripped off the rest of her clothes and played with her fat nipples. He teased her cunt-hair and pulled at her cunt-lips. There was nothing better than a girl with a pretty mouth at one end and a juicy pussy at the other.

On the bed beside her, he leaned over to suck one large nipple into his mouth.

"Oh, yes!" she moaned. "Suck my tits!" He chewed and tugged at her soft, yielding flesh. She wriggled under him.

"Oh, yes, suck my tits!" she groaned. "It makes me hot!" He ran his tongue up and down the valley between her firm full tits. He sucked on each nipple in turn with a slurping noise. He finally slid his wet mouth down over her belly and into her crotch-hair.

"Oh, yes," she moaned.

She bucked her hips off the bed when his tongue tickled the swollen lips of her cunt. She groaned when his tongue tip rubbed against her clit. Her ass humped off the bed.

A thick flood of cunt-juice oozed out of her hot pussy. When he ran both hands underneath to clutch her ass she crooned with delight.

"Oh, yummy!"

He nuzzled over her belly, smelling her cunt, getting himself into position between her knees so that he could lean over with his face close to her crotch.

She pulled her knees back, pressing them against her tits to open her juicy gaping cunt.

"Suck me!" she wailed. "Eat my cunt!"

His hot tongue lapping against her cunt-lips drove her wild.

"Oh, yes!" she moaned. "That's the way! Suck me!"

He sucked and slurped up everything she had. He drank up her oozing cunt juice, lapping it up like a puppy dog. He sucked her hot cunt flesh, tonguing up and down between her dripping hairy cunt lips and massaging her clit at the end of each stroke.

Her cunt juice dribbled over his mouth and chin. It oozed out of her pussy and trickled down to her asshole. Her fingers tangled in his hair as she pulled his face more firmly into her crotch and humped her ass under his lapping tongue.

She shuddered each time he touched her clit. A long wail came from her throat when he began massaging her clit with his nose.

"Oh, God, yes, that's good!" she cried. "That's good!"

He finally pulled away from her crotch and shifted his hips forward so that he could get his cock-head lodged in the mouth of her cunt-hole.

He draped her legs over his shoulders. She raised her ass off the bed at the same instant as he lurched forward to drive his hard cock deep into her soft pussy.

"Give it to me!" she groaned. "Give it to me! I love it! Fuck that pussy!"

She gasped as she took all of his cock with one stroke. The older brother had certainly turned out to be better than the younger one. She wondered what the third brother would be like.

"Fuck me!" she groaned. "Fuck my brains out!"


Linda saw Roy almost every night during the first half of the summer. Whenever she got bored during the day, there was always Kevin to play with. She liked Roy much better, but she felt sorry for Kevin and she let him fuck her whenever she was in the mood.

She didn't see much of Frank and Marcia Dawson. They were away most of the time. That afternoon when she'd seen them fucking seemed like a dream.

Her Aunt Helen was busy raising money for the local church, and Linda was left pretty much to herself. She liked that. She liked being on her own. This was the first summer she really had nothing much to do except loaf.

It was also the first summer she was learning so much about sex. She loved it. It was delicious!

One day there was nobody home at the Dawson house except Jerry. He was a big friendly guy, and although Linda often wondered what he would be like when he fucked, she had never had the chance to get to really know him.

Now they played around on the back lawn. They tickled each other in a fit of giggles. They drank Cokes in the kitchen. Jerry finally grabbed her and kissed her.

His tongue pushed into her mouth. His strong arms pulled her body against his. She sucked his tongue and pressed her crotch against his hard cock.

"We'd better not do this," she gasped. "Somebody might find us."

"Fuck them!" he groaned. "You've been fucking with Kevin and Roy. Why not me?"

His big hands were all over her now. He squeezed her ass. He pressed his hard cock against her cunt-mound and forced her to grind her crotch against his.

"Oh, Jesus!" she moaned.

Soon he was unbuttoning her blouse and peeling it off her shoulders. When he had her blouse stripped off, he ran his hands over her lacy bra-covered tits.

"You've got big jugs!" he grunted. "I like big jugs!"

"Do you think they're pretty?" she asked. "Yeah, they're pretty."

He unhooked her bra and peeled it off. Her tits tumbled out like heavy melons. His eyes were wild with lust.

"Jesus Christ!" he moaned. "Look at those nipples!"

He closed his big hands over her tits, groaning as he squeezed them.

She moaned as he pinched her nipples between his fingers.

"I like my nipples sucked," she said. "I can't wait until you take my hard nipples into your mouth and suck on them!"

Her cunt was quivering. She trembled as he lowered his head and took one of her nipple into his mouth.

"Oh, yes!" she moaned. "Suck my tits!" He kissed and sucked and licked her hard throbbing nipples, moving from one to the other until they were both covered with his saliva.

"They're hard as nails!" he hissed. "Your titties are hard as nails!"

Hot sensations of pleasure flowed out from her tits. She loved the feel of his hands and mouth oaths swollen tit flesh.

"Oh, yeah!" she breathed, holding his head to her chest. "Suck me!"

She loved the way his tongue lashed her throbbing nipples. His mouth made a slurping noise as he worked over her tits. She quivered and moaned, gasping for breath, pushing her tits harder against his face, trying to get more of her tit flesh into his mouth.

"Oh, yes, suck my tits!" she groaned. "That really turns me on!"

Crouching down, he unzipped her skirt and helped her get it off. She trembled with pleasure and anticipation. He mooned as he peeled her panties down her thighs and nuzzled her cunt bush.

"Christ! What a gorgeous little pussy!" he groaned.

His big hands clutched the bare globes of her ass-cheeks. Standing up, he unzipped his jeans, peeled them off and dropped his shorts. His huge cock sprung out.

"Oh, God, your cock's so big!" she breathed. She bit her lip as she ogled his fuck-pole. Her eyes feasted on the throbbing shaft of cock. "It's so big and hard!"

When he pulled her against him, his hot fat cock-head pressed into her belly.

"Oh, God!" she moaned.

He pushed her back until she had her ass against the kitchen sink. His hand moved between her trembling thighs as he rubbed the head of his cock up and down between her dripping swollen cunt lips.

"Oh, yes!" she gasped. "Oh, yes, fuck me! I want that big hard prick all the way in my pussy!"

She groaned with pleasure as she squirmed her belly against his enormous slab of quivering fuck meat.

"Oh, Jesus Christ!" he grunted. "You're a hot little bitch!"

He pinned her against the sink, his hands squeezing her tits, his fingers pulling at her nipples, his thick cock throbbing against her cunt. She could feel the quivering in her clit.

Holding onto his shoulders, she raised her body up and in a moment his cock head found the mouth of her cunt hole. He lunged up with a fierce grunt and rammed his cock to the hilt inside her soft pussy.

"Ahhh-aaahhh!" he grunted.

"Uuhhm-uuhhm!" she moaned, as his thick prick rammed deep into her clutching pussy.

Her wet tingling cunt sucked his bloated cock. She trembled in his arms and mewled with pleasure.

"You hot little cunt!" he hissed.

She bucked her ass. "Fuck my pussy!" she wailed. "Go on! Fuck my pussy!"

She fucked back at his cock, clutching at his cock-shaft with her strong cunt muscles as he pistoned his cock in and out of her tender hairy swamp. His hands clutched her naked ass-cheeks. Again and again he plunged his cock into her quivering cunt.

"Oh, yes!" she cried. "Oh, yes, fuck!"

Whimpers of joy and passion came from her throat. She gasped as he slammed her ass against the sink with each thrust.

"Oh, Jesus, what a cunt!" he groaned.

He began fucking her faster now, plunging his cock in and out of her sucking pussy, slamming his crotch against hers, slapping his balls against her thigh with each stroke.

"Oooo-ooohhh!" she moaned. "Oh, my God!"

Sounds of pleasure gurgled from her throat as he rammed her again and again.

"Oh, God, it's good!" she wailed. "It's so good!"

She gyrated her hips, grinding her cunt against his cocks matching him stroke for stroke. His hands were on her tits again, his fingers pinching ha nipples it he continued ramming his cock into the hot swamp of her cunt.

Holding onto his big shoulders, she humped her crotch back and forth as she fucked back at his prick.

"Oh, honey!" she gasped. "Oh, honey. It's good! It's so good!"

An animal grunt came out of his throat as he clenched his teeth and continued fucking her. His eyes were shut tight and he was sweating heavily.

She wriggled on his cock, getting her pussy crammed as full as possible, clamping her cunt muscles down on his prick.

"Oh, yeah, keep fucking me!" she groaned. "Keep fucking me! I'm gonna come soon!"

He licked her tits. He rammed his cock in and out of her fuck hole again and again. His fat cock head slurped back and forth in her cunt. Each thrust slammed her ass against the kitchen sink.

"Don't stop!" she cried.

Gripping her thighs, he raised her up. She hung on his shoulders, pumping her ass in a frenzy as she fucked at his cock.

"I'm coming!" she cried. "I'm coming!"

Her spasming cunt gripped his throbbing cock. The boy shuddered and groaned, and suddenly his cock erupted.

"UNNNG-UNNNG-UNNNG!" he groaned loudly.

Gob after gob of hot cock cream pumped in to her convulsing cunt hole. His thick sticky jism splattered against the walls of her cunt.

"Shoot it!" she wailed. "Shoot it into me! Keep shooting it!"

His hot thick jism filled her hot pussy and gushed out to run down her thighs. They slumped together against the sink. She squeezed her cunt muscles, milking his cock dry.

She giggled when she realized his cock was still hard. She could feel his sticky warm jism running down her leg.

"Let's get out of here," she whispered. "Let's go to your room. If anybody comes home, we'll just say we were playing checkers or something."

She kissed him as he pulled his wet cock out of her fuck hole and they left the kitchen.

In the bedroom he took her in his arms again. "You're a sexy little bitch!" he hissed.

"I love to fuck," she said coyly.

His hands clutched her ass.

She moaned as he again began sucking her tits.

He rubbed and pinched her ass cheeks and then pushed her down onto the bed.

"Fuck me!" she hissed. "Give me that hard cock again!"

She stretched out onto her back, twisting and squirming her naked body under his roving hands. She finally pushed him over onto his back and climbed on top of him. She straddled his body. She gazed down at his hard throbbing cock. Bending down, she sucked his fat cock head into her mouth.

"Oh. Jesus!" he moaned.

She slurped and licked and sucked his juicy prick.

She lapped and nipped at his cockhaft and licked up the juice oozing out of his piss hole.

"Jesus!" he groaned, "You can sure suck cock!"

He held her head with his arms, working his cock in and out of her mouth. When she finally pulled her month off his cock head, he forced her over onto her back again. She pulled her knees up and hooked her forearms under her legs and opening them to expose her pink wet cunt.

"Now that's pussy!" He hissed.

Crouching between her thighs, he ran his cock head up and down and around her thick cunt lips and finally pushed it into the mouth of her cunt hole. With a single smooth stroke he buried his long prick in her hot little pussy.

"Oh, God, that's good!" she groaned.

Her cunt hole clamped tight around his cock. She humped her ass off the bed, fucking back at his cock with her cunt. She writhed against him, holding her legs up as high as possible. Gripping her knees, she gyrated her ass to grind her pussy against his thrusting cock.

Each time he rammed his cock into her cunt his balls slapped against her asshole. Her hand slipped down to the joining of cock and cunt. She fingered her cunt lips. She squeezed his juice-coated cock shaft as he pistoned in and out of her fuck hole. She measured the stretching of her cunt with her fingertips.

He suddenly pulled his cock out of her cunt and swabbed some of her cunt juice down over her asshole. The touch of his fingers on her puckered hole thrilled her. It wasn't until he pushed his cock head down to touch her ass hole that she realized what he was going to do.

"Oh, God!" she moaned, "You'll kill me!"

He grunted, paying no attention to her. There was a wild look in his eyes, a look of lust and delirium.

"Oh, Jesus!" she whispered. "Don't hurt me!"

She held still as he rubbed his cock head against her asshole. She trembled at the idea of getting a cock up her ass.

"Do it!" she hissed. "Shove it up my ass!" Trembling with lust, he groaned as the fat knob of his cock pressed against the rim of her tight little hole.

She moved a hand down to stroke her clit.

He pushed. His bloated cock head pressed against her asshole, and suddenly it popped inside.

"Oh, God!" she wailed. "Oh, my God!"

The muscular ring of her asshole grabbed at the plum-shaped knob of his cock as though it wet a juicy fruit. She gasped with pleasure at the painful but sensuous entry. She shoved forward, his cock head slowly pushing up into her shit hole. At last his balls slapped against her ass and he was all the way in.

"Oh, sweet Jesus!" she moaned.

She had every inch of his cock up her ass! Her cunt throbbed. She pulled at her cunt lips and rubbed her clit and finally rammed two fingers inside her aching pussy.

Thick gobs of cunt juice oozed out of her pussy to dribble down over his cock. She held the mouth of her cunt open, teasing the rim of her cunt hole and rubbing her clit furiously.

Then he began slowly fucking her ass. He pulled out with a long slow stroke, and slowly pushed in again. She could feel every inch of his throbbing cock.

"Oh, God!" she groaned.

The mixture of pain and pleasure was exquisite. His swollen cock felt huge in her little hole. She felt as though she had a watermelon shoved up her ass. Her cunt ached with lust as he drove his cock in deeper and deeper.

Slipping her hand down, she ran a fingertip around the rim of her asshole where it was stretched by his thick cock shaft. It was difficult to believe her asshole had actually stretched that much but it had. His big thick cock was pistoning in and out of her ass now as though she had a second cunt.

"Oh, God!" she cried. "I've got your cock in my ass!"

The pleasure of the ass fucking was extraordinary. He plunged in and out of her ass without let-up. Her raised legs rocked back and forth as she accepted each stroke of his rigid cock in her shit hole.

Soon she began gyrating her ass, squirming her asshole on his cock. Cries of pleasure came from her throat. She heaved up off the bed to fuck back at his rampant prick.

"I'm gonna come soon!" she gasped.

She quivered with lust. He continued fucking in and out of her asshole, grunting at the end of each stroke, screwing his cock around in her shit hole with his eyes closed and his teeth clenched.

When she felt his cock quivering, she realized he was about to come. A moment later his cock head erupted and spurt after spurt of hot jism splashed into her asshole.

"UNG! UNG! UNG!" he cried.

Now Linda climaxed. "Oh, I'm coming!" she wailed. "I'M COMING!"

A tremendous orgasm overwhelmed her. With her blonde hair flying, she cried out again and again.

"Oh, God, I'm coming! I'm coming! I'm coming!"

He fucked her even faster, his cock pistoning in and out of her ass like a machine. She loved the feel of his thick cock cream spurting into her bowels. She loved the way her asshole spasmed on his cock.

He blasted his hot jism deep into her shitter. Her cunt quivered and spasmed with delirious pleasure!

"Oh, Jesus!" She groaned at the intensity of her orgasm.

Finally he stopped pumping. Her asshole clutched at his rapidly softening prick. When he slipped his cock out of her ass, his come came pouring out of her. She rubbed some of it into her swollen cunt lips.

With a soft moan she cuddled up in his arms and closed her eyes.

Linda returned home from her session with Jerry with a sore asshole and a tired body. She entered her house through the back door.

The first thing she heard was a strange moan coming from her aunt's bedroom. Moving as quietly as possible, Linda slipped down the hall until she could look through the half-opened door to the room where her Aunt Helen slept.

Helen was stretched out on the bed nude. Linda realized in a flash that Helen had not expected he home for some time. She stifled a giggle when she saw that Helen was masturbating.

Linda was shocked. Helen always frowned, at any mention of sex. Linda had often wondered if her aunt was a virgin.

Even if Helen was forty, she was pretty enough. She had an oval face, a pert snub nose, and lovely gray eyes that went nicely with her brown hair. She had a trim figure and her tits looked firm, but all the same Linda found it difficult to imagine Helen fucking or doing anything involving sex.

Now here was Helen on the bed with her finger in her cunt and a deep moan coming out of her throat.

The teenage girl was mesmerized at the sight of her aunt masturbating! She found it hard to believe that Helen was actually doing it!

Her aunt was stretched out on her bed with her legs spread wide and her hand massaging her cunt. She mashed down and around her soft pussy lips.

"Oh, Lord!" Helen sighed. "Oh, my Lord!"

Linda fixed her eyes on the movement of Helen's fingers. It was deliciously exciting to watch her aunt frigging herself. Helen was a sexual woman after all. She had lovely tits and a juicy hooking pussy.

Now Linda watched as Helen fingered her cunt lips, pulling and tugging at the drooping hairy lips as though to purposely show Linda her glistening cunt hole. Using her thumb and forefinger, Helen pulled out a long pink cunt lip and let it snap back to close the slash of her cunt.

Helen's eyes were closed tight. Her lips were drawn back in a grimace of pleasure. Linda was fascinated at the sight of her aunt's hairy juice-covered pussy. She watched as Helen thrashed on the bed. She feasted her eyes on the sight of Helen's finger strumming her clit.

"Oh, my God! My God!" A loud moan came out of Helen's throat.

She pushed two fingers inside her cunt hole now, fucking herself with rapid piston-like motions of her hand. Linda saw thick cunt juice gushing out of her aunt's cunt hole to coat her fingers.

Pumping her fingers in and out of her cunt, Helen arched her back off the bed and mewled with delight. She trembled with passion, her jaw hung slack. She moaned steadily. Her body quaked as she worked her cunt to an orgasm.

Her fingers were moving rapidly now. Her body heaved with the pleasure of her finger fucking. Linda gazed with fascination at the motion of her aunt's hand as she rubbed her clit and jammed her fingers into her pussy.

Linda stared at the cunt juice oozing out of Helen's cunt hole. A deep guttural groan suddenly came out of Helen's throat as she heaved her ass off the bed and came.

"Oh, I'm coming!" she cried. "Oh, dear God in Heaven, I'm coming!"

Her hand slipping down to her pussy, Linda rubbed her cunt and played with her clit. As she crept down the hall to her room, the teenage girl chuckled at the new revelation concerning her aunt. She could still hardly believe it. Aunt Helen masturbating! Linda wondered what other secrets her aunt had. She wondered if Helen had ever been fucked. Maybe there would be a way to arrange something. The girl giggled again as she stripped her clothes off and got ready for bed.


"Oh, honey, you're as hard as a rock!" Marcia Dawson giggled.

She and Frank were in their bedroom. It was after midnight and the boys were asleep. She was horny as hell and she was pleased that Frank was in the mood.

They had just returned home from a movie, and what she needed to settle her down was an exhausting nightcap fuck.

"I wonder if that little pussycat next door was over here fucking the boys today," Frank chuckled.

"I'll bet she was," Marcia laughed. "I don't blame the boys at all. She's a pretty little thing, isn't she?"

"Yum, yum," Frank said, licking his lips. "I could go for that aunt of hers, too. I wouldn't mind sticking my wick in that one! Maybe I'll fuck them both!"

"Oh, Frank!" Marcia giggled. "You're such a horny old bull!"

Unzipping his fly, she brought his cock out of his pants. She ran her fingers along his thick cock shaft. She fondled his fat cock head. Her mouth watered for his cock as she fisted his hard prick and pumped it up and down.

"Oh, yeah, baby! That's real nice! That's good!" he groaned.

She scooped his balls out of his fly. Sitting down on the edge of the bed, she made him stand between her knees while she ran her tongue over his cock and balls.

"Oh, yeah, suck that cock!" he hissed.

Opening her mouth, she engulfed his juicy cock head. She bobbed her head up and down, sucking on his prick with a gluttonous slurping noise. She cupped his balls in her fingers, squeezing them gently. The tight ring of her lips moved up and down on his thick cock shaft. Her wet hot mouth sucked his throbbing prick.

Marcia was a lusty woman. She had married Frank because she liked the way he used his cock and because he was always ready to fuck when she wanted it. So far he had never disappointed her.

She approved of his fucking other women. It made him a better lover at home. She knew that sooner or later Frank would get around to fucking teenage Linda and maybe even her aunt. The important thing to Marcia was that Frank's cock was at her disposal whenever she wanted it. That was all that counted.

Frank's eyes were closed. "Oh, yeah, suck my dick, baby. Suck that hot rod!"

She sucked on his cock with a steady rhythm. She loved having a hard prick in her mouth. She loved milking it with her lips.

Reaching down, Frank grabbed hold of her tits. He massaged her nipples through the thin material of her blouse.

When Marcia pulled her mouth off his cock, they rolled together on the bed.

"Oh, honey," she breathed. "Fuck me, honey!"

Frank's hand moved between her legs and under her skirt. His fingers were soon slipping inside her panties to grab at her cunt lips. Her crotch was sopping wet with cunt juice.

"See how wet you've made me!" she hissed. "You get me so hot my pussy's soaked!"

She squirmed and spread her legs to give his hand room. "God, I'm horny," she groaned.

A grunt came out of Frank's throat as he located her clit with his fingers. Holding the quivering little knob between his thumb and forefinger, he massaged it until she shuddered with pleasure.

"Oh, God, that's nice, Frank!" she moaned. "It's delicious!"

Squirming around on the bed, she got her head between his legs. She ran her hand up and down his cock. She teased his piss hole with her tongue tip. She remembered all the fucking they had done over the years! She loved it when he came in her mouth. She loved it when he fucked her from behind. She loved everything he did.

There were times when he made her come endlessly. She trembled now as the pressure of his fingers on her clit increased. He was masturbating her hot little clit with a firm rhythm. He wanted her to come.

Groaning, she pulled her cunt away from his hand. She quickly peeled her bikini panties off and straddled his chest. Pulling her skirt up around her waist, she looked down at him with hot lust in her eyes.

"Eat my pussy!" she groaned. "Suck me!" Kneeling over his face, she lowered her crotch down to his mouth. She loved having a hot tongue swabbing up and down in her pussy. Frank grabbed the cheeks of her ass and pulled her down to his lips.

She eased herself down on his face. She groaned when she felt his nose pushing against her clit. She squirmed her ass, rubbing her cunt back and forth against his nose and mouth.

"Oh, honey, I'm gonna come soon, I'm so hot!" she cried.

His tongue probed her dripping cunt hole. His lips sucked at her swollen cunt flesh. His nose massaged her quivering clit.

Changing position, she twisted around and straddled him again with her face hovering over his crotch. Plastering her pussy down against his face, she swooped down and engulfed his cock with her open mouth.

His fat cock head soon jabbed her throat.

She bobbed her head furiously, fucking him with her mouth, sliding the tight ring of her lips up and down on his pulsating cock shaft.

"Oh, yeah, suck that prick!" he croaked.

Warm saliva dribbled out of her mouth to flow down over his cock and balls. Hot cunt juice oozed out of her pussy to flow over his face.

She opened his belt and pushed his pants and shorts down to his thighs.

Frank grunted and burrowed his nose deeper into her pussy. He gripped her clit with his teeth.

She groaned and started sucking at his cock again.

Now as he tortured the swollen bud of her clit with his lips and teeth, he slipped a finger inside her wet cunt. Scooping out some cunt juice, he swabbed it up the crack of her ass.

"Oh, Frank, that's good!" she hissed. "Oh yes, that's good!"

His wet finger probed between her ass cheeks and found her asshole. He tickled the rim, of her asshole with his fingertips. She groaned with delight when he slipped his finger in all the way to the first knuckle.

"Oh, yeah!" she moaned. The mewling coming from her was stilled by his cock stuffed in her mouth!

She shuddered when he pulled his finger out of her ass and went to work on her asshole with his tongue. She trembled as his thick tongue slithered inside her hot asshole. Squirming her ass on his face, she continued chewing on his fat cock.

Clutching at her ass cheeks with his hands, Frank tongue-fucked her asshole with a slow rhythm that drove her crazy.

She loved having her ass worked over like this. She shivered as he raked his tongue in and out of her tight shit hole.

He finally pushed her away from his cock.

"Up on your hands and knees!" he grunted. "I'm gonna fuck your cunt from the rear."

Marcia shivered. She loved getting fucked from behind. Rolling over, she crouched at the edge of the bed on her hands and knees. Her head and shoulders dropped to the mattress as her ass pointed up in the air.

Frank left the bed and moved around behind her. Fisting his cock, he swabbed his fat cock head up and down between her ass cheeks.

"What a juicy ass!" he hissed.

Marcia giggled. She spread her legs farther and arched her ass up to completely expose her hairy cunt to him.

"Stick it in!" she groaned. "Give it to me!" Her face turned sideways, her cheeks pressed against a pillow, she wiggled her ass invitingly.

Probing his oozing cock head between her cunt lips, Frank found the steaming mouth of her brimming cunt hole.

"Give it to me!" she groaned.

Clutching the flesh of her hips with his hands, he hunched forward and rammed his hard throbbing cock into her soft sucking cunt.

"God, that's good!" she groaned. "Fuck me, honey! Fuck me hard!"

Gazing down at the way his cock shaft stretched her cunt lips, Frank began pistoning his cock in and out of her hot dripping pussy.

He loved her cunt. After twenty years of marriage and three kids, her cunt was still elastic enough to grab his cock in a milking grip.

He inched his cock out until only his cock head was inside, and then he plunged forward and stuffed his prick into her pussy again.

"Oh, honey!" she groaned.

Her cunt squeezed his cock. Her slippery cunt lips slid smoothly over his throbbing cock shaft.

He began ramming her, driving his cock in to the hilt and jarring her body at the end of each thrust. A soft moan came from her throat each time he slammed his cock forward.

"Oh, Jesus, that's good!" she wailed. "Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Oh, Christ, fuck me!"

She thrilled at the way his cock reamed out her cunt. Her cunt hole was stretched to the limit. She groaned when he began hunching and jabbing at her pussy, stabbing her with his hard throbbing cock. Again and again his cock rammed into her cunt.

"Fuck me!" she cried. "Oh, Frank, fuck me! Oh, God, make me come! Make me come!"

"Jesus Christ, what a tight pussy!" he grunted.

His crotch slammed against her bare ass as he pumped his throbbing cock in and out of her steaming pussy. Each long stroke brought a wailing moan out of her throat.

"Give it to me!" she groaned. "Fuck me hard!"

She tried screwing her cunt back at his cock. She gyrated and twisted her hips as she rammed back on him. Her hanging tits slapped together inside her blouse as she writhed on his cock-shaft.

Bending over her now, he unbuttoned her blouse and pushed it to her shoulders so that her tits hung free. He grabbed the heavy tits in his hands and pinched her nipples. His fingers kneaded her tits as he continued pistoning his hot cock in and out of her wet cunt.

"Christ, what a pussy!" he grunted.

Reaching a hand back, she grabbed hold of his swinging nuts. She cradled his heavy balls in her hand as he continued fucking her. Warm cunt-juice gushed out of her pussy to cover her hand. She squeezed his balls and cried out.

"Fuck me, Frank! Fuck me!"

"Oh, Christ!" he grunted. "I'm blowing my load!"

She wailed as he began blasting his hot jism into her cunt. A mind-blowing orgasm ripped trough her body as spurt after spurt of hot cock-cream splattered her hungry pussy.

"Oh, yes!" she cried. "Give it to me! Shoot it! Shoot it into me!"

Afterward Frank stretched out on the bed with his arms under his head.

"Suck on it!" he said.

His cock was still half hard. His crotch hair was matted with cunt juice and jism. Marcia leaned over him and stared down at his juice-coated prick. She shivered with lust at the idea of licking their mixed juices off his cock.

"Oh, yes, honey! I'm gonna suck it! I'm gonna suck it until it's hard again!"

Bending over, she began licking his fuck pole at the base of his cock shaft.

"Oh, yeah!" he groaned. "Lick it good! Make believe it's an ice cream cone."

She giggled. She loved when he talked to her like that. She loved the sweet taste of the juice coating his prick. She slurped it into her mouth. The more she licked, the better it tasted.

Beginning at the base of his cock shaft, she worked up toward his cock head. By the time she reached his swollen knob, her pussy was already twitching again and her nipples tingling.

"Oh, yeah!" he groaned, squirming his ass as her tongue fluttered back and forth over his hardening cock. "Lick it, baby! Lick it! It feels good! It feels real good!"

She held the base of his cock with her fingers. She ran her tongue and lips over the tight skin of his cock head. The feel of the smooth knob against her tongue turned her on. Her pussy was oozing cunt juice again.

Slipping her lips over the bulbous knob of his cock head, she began sucking and chewing on it.

"Oh, yeah, Jesus, that's good! Suck it, baby! Blow me! Blow me! Oh, yeah!"

She loved the feel of his big cock in her mouth. Her cunt was spuming now. She swiped her tongue over the end of his cock and began bobbing her head, sucking him off.

"Oh, Jesus Christ!"

He hunched off the bed, fucking her mouth, twisting and turning his hips. His balls were drawn up tight again. Her cheeks puckered as she applied sucking pressure. She bobbed her head up and down with rapid strokes. His cock was deep in her throat. She nuzzled his crotch. "Suck it!" he groaned. "Suck it!"

He reached his hands out to bury his fingers in her hair. "Blow me! Oh, Jesus, what a cock sucker!"

She felt his cock swelling. His cock shaft throbbed between her lips. A moment later a flood of boiling jism spewed into her mouth.

"AAAUUUGGGHHHH!" he groaned. She gulped and swallowed as spurt after spurt of his cock cream shot against her tonsils. Now she came. Shuddering and shivering with pleasure, she milked him dry.

Slipping her mouth off his wet cock, she wiped her lips on the sheet and looked up at him.

"You can fuck Linda if you want," she said. "I don't care."

He gazed down at her and chuckled. "I think you want a piece of that pussy yourself, don't you, honey?"

Marcia giggled. "Maybe I do and maybe I don't."

While Frank and Marcia were busy plotting the seduction of Linda, the pretty blonde teenager was busy spying on her aunt again. This time Linda was on the roof of the porch peering into her aunt's bedroom window. The girl had a perfect view.

Helen had just arrived home. She was now bending over, getting something out of a drawer. She still had all her clothes on.

Linda quivered with the thrill of spying on her pretty aunt. She watched as Helen pulled a sheer nightgown out of the drawer. Now Helen straightened up and began undoing the buttons of her blouse. She soon had her blouse off and her bra unhooked. Her lush tits quivered in plain view.

Linda feasted her eyes on the heavy tits. Helen's nipples looked huge and juicy. Linda bit her lip as Helen raised her hands to her tits and began squeezing and massaging them.

Helen stripped the rest of her clothes off, and when she peeled down to her bikini panties Linda swallowed a giggle at the sight of her aunt's dark thick cunt bush. Then Helen turned around and Linda had a view of Helen's ass.

Helen's tits jiggled as she moved. God, her tits are luscious! Linda thought.

She watched her aunt take a robe out of the closet. She knew that now Helen would go into the bathroom. Creeping on the porch, Linda moved to the bathroom window and peered inside.

Helen walked in. She closed the door behind her and took off her robe. Now she bent over the tub and showed Linda her hairy cunt from the rear.

Linda gazed fascinated at her aunt's ass. She watched as Helen turned the water on and stepped into the tub. The woman sat there as the water filed the tub. She leaned back. Linda could see her knees. She knew that Helen's thighs were spread.

Now Helen seemed to be looking down at her pussy. Her hands were near her cunt. Her aunt began a rhythmic pumping motion, and Linda gasped as she realized that Helen was jerking off.

The older woman's arm moved faster now as she finger-fucked herself in frenzy. Linda could see that her cunt was close to coming. Helen's features were distorted with passion.

Linda could hear the water splashing around in the tub as Helen continued pumping her hand. She regretted not being able to see more. She wanted to see Helen's fingers rubbing her cunt.

Now Helen was groaning. She looked like a wild bitch in heat, sitting there in the bathtub playing with her pussy. And then the orgasm came. Helen stiffened and moaned. She slumped down in the tub and raised her knees up.

For a moment Helen's head was lost from view, and Linda giggled as she wondered if her aunt had drowned. Then Helen's head reappeared. There was a soft smile on her face. She began humming.

Linda chuckled softly and crept away from the window. What she really wanted was to see her aunt fuck. God, what a blast that would be!

Returning to her room, the teenage girl stretched out on her bed with her fingers fluttering over her cunt lips. Watching her aunt masturbate had turned her on. She began strumming her clit, moaning softly and writhing on the bed as she remembered the lushness of her aunt's naked body. Her finger working frantically in the wet swamp of her young pussy, she soon brought herself off. When she recovered her senses, she giggled and started finger fucking herself all over again.


The first time Linda found herself alone in the Dawson house with Frank, her pussy quivered with excitement. Frank was stretched out on a chaise lounge on the back lawn.

"Have a beer," he grinned.

"I don't drink beer," Linda said.

"Well, then have a Coke," he said. "In any case, sit down."

She blushed. She was irritated at herself for being turned on so easily. She was conscious of the way her skimpy haltertop revealed her tits.

"You've got a great little figure," Frank said, his eyes roving up and down her body. Linda's pussy fluttered. Of all the men in the Dawson family, Frank turned her on the most. He was the only one she hadn't fucked. She wondered if he really found her attractive. She wondered if he ever fucked teenage girls. He was certainly friendly enough. He had a dazzling smile. The way he looked at her certainly made her pussy quiver!

She remembered how she had watched him fucking Marcia. The excitement of the memory made her tremble. She remembered what he looked like with his clothes off. She remembered his thick dangling cock and his hairy balls.

She had fucked each of his three sons, but she knew that fucking Frank would be much more exciting. She blushed when she thought about it. She imagined him between her thighs pumping away at her pussy. She was conscious of the way his eyes feasted on her scantily clad body.

They made small talk. Frank asked her a number of questions about her aunt. He seemed very interested in Helen. Linda was a little jealous, but she was amused at the idea of Frank fucking her aunt. What a gas that would be.

"I've got some work to do in the kitchen," Frank said. "Come on inside and keep me company."

Linda followed him inside. She quickly found out about his so-called work. As soon as they were in the kitchen, he put his arms around her and kissed her. She was shocked. She found herself pushing against his body. She could feel the bulge of his cock pressing against her belly. When the kiss was, over, Frank looked down at her with a mischievous grin.

"We've got all afternoon," he said. "Marcia and the boys on the other side of town. Let's have a little party, honey."

Linda stood there dumbfounded and watched him strip off his clothes. The sight of his big cock swaying back and forth like a heavy baseball bat made her pussy twitch faster. Her heart beat with excitement. She knew she'd be a fool to pass up a chance like this. The problem was that she had no idea how to act with him. He was old enough to be her father!

"I don't know about this," she mumbled.

"Hell," Frank chuckled, "just relax and have some fun, kid. You like to fuck, don't you?"

That she did! It was a perfect opportunity. She had no idea when she'd be alone with him again.

She kept her eyes on his big cock as he moved toward her now. Wrapping his arms around her once more, he kissed her again. His thick tongue pushed into her mouth. Her body melted against his.

She shivered as his hands moved down to clutch her ass cheeks. She was feverish with lust. She could feel the hot cunt juice gushing out between her swollen cunt lips.

Stepping back, Frank grinned at her. "Come on, kid. Get those clothes off. If I do it, I might rip something!"

Trembling, Linda kicked off her shoes. She avoided his eyes as she slipped off her haltertop and peeled down her shorts and panties. When she looked at him again, she could see the hot lust in his eyes as he ogled her heavy tits.

"Christ!" he grunted. "You've sure got a pair of tits, haven't you, kid?"

Linda blushed. She stared at his stiff cock, at his pale blue-veined cock shaft, at his fat purple cock head. She could see the juice brimming in his piss hole. She feasted her eyes on his big hairy balls. Her pussy quivered. Her cunt ached to be filled. The insides of her thighs were wet with her warm cunt juice.

Pulling back her shoulders, she stuck out her big tits as though to challenge him.

Frank chuckled. His heavy cock swaying, he moved towards her and grabbed her tits.

He cupped her heavy tits, squeezing and molding them. He pinched her large pink nipples.

Linda closed her eyes and trembled under the touch of his fingers. God, how good it felt! "You're a hot little piece!" he grunted.

She giggled. "Does that bother you?"

"You've been screwing all the boys," he said.

She giggled again. "Only one at a time."

He ran his hands down her back to cup her ass cheeks. He groaned at the lovely feel of her flesh in his fingers. She was a gorgeous little dish, a hot young cunt who loved to fuck.

Moaning, Linda pressed herself against his body and wriggled her ass under his hands. She let him lead her to the master bedroom. She was eager for it now. Her cunt throbbed with anticipation.

They walked down the hall with one of his hands holding a jiggling tit and his thumb massaging her nipple. By the time he got her to the bed, she was shaking with lust.

She stretched out and opened her legs to show him her creaming pussy. She held her big tits in her hands and squeezed them.

"Fuck me!" she groaned. "Do it now!"

Frank chuckled. He had no intention of rushing things. A girl like Linda had to be tasted piece by piece.

Linda gazed at him through half-closed eyes. She lay there trembling, waiting for him, sure that he would know how to drive her wild. That was what she wanted. She wanted him to fuck her blind!

She still found it difficult to believe that they were actually doing it, that she was actually about to fuck Frank Dawson. Fucking boys was one thing. This was a grown-up man. She'd never fucked a man his age and she was a little afraid.

She wondered how Frank could be interested in her with a wife like Marcia. It seemed crazy. Maybe it was just the novelty of it. Maybe he just liked young pussy!

She giggled and opened her legs farther. She could see the hot lust in his eyes as he stared down at her dripping cunt. God, how it thrilled her to be looked at like that!

Climbing onto the bed and crouching between her legs, Frank lowered his head and swabbed his wet tongue between her thick pink cunt lips. Linda shivered at the touch of his mouth on her pussy.

"Oh, Frank!" she moaned, "OK, yes, lick me! Lick my pussy!"

Frank chuckled and pulled his tongue away. "You like that huh?"

"Oh yes!" she groaned. "Don't stop! Lick me!"

Using his thumbs, he pried open her cunt lips and gazed at her brimming cunt hole.

"Well you're sure in hell not a virgin!" he snickered. "How many guys have you fucked?"

"Seven," she groaned. "Only seven."

He slipped his fingers into the crack of her ass and ran a fingertip around the rim of her asshole.

"You ever had it in the ass?" he said.

She blushed and nodded. "But not with a cock as big as yours," she said.

He leaned over her body and began kissing her tits. She groaned as his wet mouth closed over one of her fat nipples. She shivered.

"Oh, God, that's nice!" she mooned. "That's so nice!"

He teased her by sucking gently, then gradually he applied more pressure until he had her nipple sucked out into a hard spike. She loved it! She moaned and squirmed on the bed.

"Oh, yes!" she cried. "Oh, yes, suck my tit! Oh, that's good! Yes, lick me! Don't stop! Lick me!"

He slurped over her tit until he had it thoroughly wet with his saliva and then he moved his mouth to the other nipple and began all over again.

"Oh, yes!" she breathed. "Lick the tip! Lick the tip!"

When he had both nipples spit-soaked, he pulled his mouth away from her tits and looked down at her. She whimpered and writhed under his eyes.

"What, now?" he chuckled.

"Fuck me!" she hissed. "Stick your cock in me! Make me come!"

He took her nipples between his fingertips and began playing with them. She closed her eyes as he rolled the stiff little buds with his fingertips. His hands clutched her swollen tits.

"Beautiful jugs!" he grunted. "I like bigones."

"Marcia has big tits, too," Linda said coyly.

"She sure does," Frank chuckled. "Have you ever made it with a woman?"

"No," Linda whispered.

She groaned now as he made her pull her knees back to her tits to completely expose her crotch.

"Open up your cunt," he said. "Get that pussy all the way open!"

With a soft moan, she pried open hr wet cunt lips. She had never felt so naked before. Ha knees back, her legs apart, she showed him her dripping pussy.

"That's a gorgeous cunt!" he said, grinning.

Linda blushed.

Frank's eyes glittered as he looked down at her pink wet cunt. Her fat little clit was exposed. He could see the mouth of her cunt hole. She had tasty cunt lips for a girl her age.

He leisurely examined her gaping cunt, and then he pushed her hands away and substituted his own finger. He probed and caressed her soft wet cunt lips. He massaged her clit and then grabbed it between his thumb and forefinger.

"Oh, Jesus!" she wailed.

He began pumping her clit with a rapid rhythm. He smiled down at her as he frigged her.

"You like that, huh? Feels good, doesn't it? I bet you play with yourself a lot," he snickered.

"Is there anything wrong with that?" she asked.

"Hell, no," he chuckled. "It's good for you. Keeps your pussy in shape. Go on. Diddle it a little. Show me how you do it."

"I'm too embarrassed," she groaned. "You do it for me. I like it. I like your hand there."

He rubbed her clit again, but only briefly. He pulled his hand away and pinched her nipples.

"Play with your cunt," he grunted. "Go on. Do it!"

Linda moaned. Her pussy was hot and hungry. She couldn't resist moving her hand down between her legs. She began playing with herself, fingering her cunt lips and massaging her clit.

She was embarrassed at first, but she was soon too excited to worry about that. She kept her eyes closed so that she wouldn't have to look at him.

"Oh, Christ!" she groaned, strumming her cut, rocking her knees back and forth as she masturbated.

She found it hard to believe she was actually doing it. Just a short time before she and Frank had barely known each other. Now here she was frigging her cunt right under his eyes!

Her breathing became ragged. She began bucking her hips, gently fucking her cunt back at her hand.

"That's the baby," Frank chuckled.

When she opened her eyes, she saw that he had his fist closed around his cock. Her eyes fixed on the juice brimming in his piss hole, she slid her middle finger into her drenched cunt and drew it out wet. She rolled her finger over her hot little clit. Once again she pushed her finger inside her cunt hole. This time she left it there, slowly pumping it in and out as she used the heel of her hand to massage her clit.

She continued working her hips. Her cunt was swollen and slippery. She kept her eyes fined on his cock as she finger fucked her hot pussy. A warm flood of cunt juice gushed out of her cunt hole to wet her hand.

"Oh, God!" she hissed. "Please fuck me!" Her clit was erect and throbbing. Her pussy spewed cunt juice like a faucet. She trembled with frustration.

Frank smiled at her as he climbed between her legs. He pushed her knees back to her tits, spreading her thighs apart to completely expose her juice-coated crotch. Fisting his cock shaft, he positioned his cock head at the mouth of her cunt hole.

Linda moaned when she felt the fat knob of his cock pressing against her cunt lips.

"Oh, yes, fuck me!" she wailed. "Fuck me!"

She bucked her ass off the bed, trying to capture his prick.

He snickered and lurched forward, ramming his cock in with one long, smooth stroke.

"Oh, Jesus!" she gasped.

His fat cock head reamed out her cunt. His thick cock shaft stretched her cunt lips.

"Take it, baby!" he grunted. "Fuck that cock!"

With a grunt he rammed forward again, driving his cock into the hilt inside her hot pussy. He gyrated his hips, screwing his cock inside her cunt, rubbing deliciously back and forth against the wells of her cunt as she moaned with the pleasure of it.

He was driving her wild! "Fuck me!" she groaned. "Fuck me!"

He pulled his prick out until just his cock head was inside her pussy. Then he rammed forward again. His bloated cock head plunged into her fuck hole.

She held her legs open as he socked his cock into her hungry pussy. "Oh, God, that feels good!" she cried.

He began pumping with a steady rhythm, his long thick prick pistoning in and out of her drenched fuck hole. A soft moan came from her throat at the end of each stroke. Her lips were pulled back in a grimace of pleasure.

"Christ, what a hot little cunt!" he hissed. "You love cock, don't you, kid?"

"Yes, yes!" she hissed. "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

"Ask again," he said. "Beg for it!"

"Please fuck me!" she wailed. "Please! I want your cock! Fuck me! Oh, God, fuck me!"

He rammed in and out now fast and hard, pumping her cunt with his cock in a relentless rhythm. He snickered each time she cried out. The bed creaked with each of his strokes.

"Beg!" he said. "Beg for my cock!"

"Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Give me cock! Fuck me! Give me your cock! I've gotta have it!"

"Here it comes, kid!" he growled.

When she reached down to grab his ass, he shuddered. He rammed his cock faster in and out of her cunt like a jackhammer. Then finally he stiffened.

"UUUNNNGGGHHH!" Frank grunted and he reared his head back as he began shooting his load.

Linda shuddered. "I'm coming!" she wailed. "UHHH... UUHHHHNNN!"

Spurt after spurt of his hot jism shot into her pussy. She could feel it splash out to coat her cunt lips. She spasmed on his gushing cock. His cock was soon making a slashing sound as he pumped it in and out of her convulsing cunt.

"Oh, Jesus, fuck me!" she cried. "Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Keep fucking me! Oh, God, yes!"

With a last grunt, Frank emptied his balls and collapsed on top of her.

Linda moaned and squirmed her cunt on his wilted wet prick. She remembered what he'd said about Marcia. She wondered what other adventures the Dawson family had in store for her. With a soft smile she moved her hands down to clutch Frank's ass cheeks.


"When I was your age I thought about nothing but sex," Marcia said to Linda.

They were in the kitchen. Frank and the boys were away fishing. Marcia was sitting at the table and Linda was standing next to her, shivering at the way Marcia's hands ran over her ass cheeks.

Now Marcia once again moved her fingers between Linda's legs to touch the teenager's plump cunt mound through the material of her cut-offs.

"Do you like what I'm doing?" Marcia smiled.

"I'm getting turned on," Linda whispered. The girl looked down at the older woman. A flood of passion washed over the teenager's body as Marcia's hand encircled her waist. Linda shuddered. She seemed to be floating on a cloud.

Marcia rose up and their lips came together in a hot kiss. Their tongues tangled together. Their lips rubbed wetly back and forth as their mouths worked.

Linda was aware of the quivering in her pussy. She wanted this! When she moved her hands to Marcia's heaving tits, the older woman purred with approval.

Linda fondled the heavy tits through the soft material of Marcia's robe. She could feel the heat of Marcia's tits. She moved her hand from one tit to the other, gently pinching the outline of each nipple. Trembling, the girl finally slipped her hand inside Marcia's robe.

"Oh, yes, honey!" Marcia gasped.

Linda tingled with pleasure as she began kneading Marcia's bare tits in her hand. She could feel Marcia's nipples hardening against her fingers.

Marcia's hands moved over the girl's quivering body. She clutched at Linda's fleshy ass cheeks. Linda moaned with pleasure. The older women's eyes smoldered as she gazed at the girl.

"You're delicious!" she hissed.

One hand still gripping Linda's ass, Marcia began unbuttoning the girl's blouse. Linda's naked tits were soon exposed. She breathed heavily as Marcia's hands moved over them.

"Oh -- ummmmm!" Linda moaned.

Her nipples hardened immediately. She found the touch of Marcia's fingers intoxicating. She closed her eyes to savor the delicious sensations.

Marcia filled her hands with the girl's firm young tits. She nuzzled Linda's warm body.

With a groan, Linda began tugging at Marcia's robe, trying to get it off so Marcia would be naked.

She wanted to touch Marcia's naked body. Her fingers itched to feel the ripe flesh. Linda still felt as if she were floating. Her tits heaved in Marcia's hands. Her knees trembled. She quivered when she finally had her hand on Marcia's full tits.

The two women stared at each other.

"God, what are we doing!" Linda said.

Marcia smiled. "Don't worry, honey. Just do what comes naturally. There's nothing wrong with it."

Their lips fused in a wet kiss. Linda groaned as Marcia thrust her tongue deep into her mouth. The teenager cupped and squeezed the older woman's heavy tits. She pressed her lips against Marcia's and caressed her warm flesh with her trembling hands.

When they pulled apart, Marcia gasped.

"Well you certainly turned me on!"

Marcia's hands wandered over Linda's nude body. Her warm mouth pressed against the girl's firm young tits. Linda gazed down and shivered at each forbidden kiss. She leaned forward, hanging her tits in Marcia's face.

Marcia's lips trailed over Linda's round belly. Her tongue slipped down into the girl's blonde cunt bush.

"Oh, God!" Linda groaned as Marcia kissed her cunt mound. She gasped and instinctively opened her legs as the older woman pressed her face into her crotch.

Marcia's tongue fluttered over Linda's throbbing cunt lips.

The teenager moaned softly under the hot caress.

Suddenly pulling her away, Marcia looked up at the girl and smiled.

"Let's get our clothes off and go upstairs, honey."

Marcia rose up from the chair. They pressed their bodies together and wrapped their arms around each other. Bare tit crushed against bare tit. One cunt mound pushed against the other.

Breathing heavily, Linda climbed the stairs with Marcia. She no longer cared that what they were doing was forbidden. All that mattered was the need in her pussy, the cunt juice oozing out of her cunt hole to wet the insides of her thighs. Her body hungered for contact. It didn't matter that Marcia was another woman.

When they were inside the bedroom, they closed the door behind them and moved into each other's arms. Their naked bodies pressed together once again. Linda moaned with lust. Her hands moved over Marcia's lush curves.

The teenage girl quivered with lust. She loved being completely naked with another woman like this. She could feel her wet cunt throbbing. They moved arm in arm to the bed.

Their bodies were soon tangled in a hot embrace. Hands groped for tits. Asses squirmed. Gasps and moans filled the room. The aroma of wet pussy filled Linda's nostrils. She shivered. It was hard to believe it was really happening! It was hard to believe how much she craved it! She loved the feel of Marcia's tits in her hands.

"Do you like when I touch you?" Marcia whispered.

"Yes!" Linda breathed. "Yes!"

The older woman caressed and stroked the teenager's lush young body. Her hands drifted down to Linda's ass cheeks.

"You like that, don't you?" Marcia purred. "You like when I touch you here?"

"Yes, oh God, yes!" Linda gasped, squirming under the older woman's touch.

Trembling, her cunt aching with desire, Linda shivered as Marcia clutched her firm young ass. She writhed on the bed, her senses overwhelmed. Finally she rolled over onto her back and Marcia hovered over her.

"I'm going to suck your tits now." Marcia hissed.

Marcia's hungry lips moved over Linda's tits. She tasted the girl's ripe nipples. Her mouth sucked Linda's vibrant flesh. Her hands fondled the girl's heaving tits and her fingers caressed each stiff nipple.

"Oh, yes!" Linda moaned. "Oh, God, yes!"

Marcia sucked greedily on the girl's turgid nipples. Her tongue twirling, her lips lapping, her hands stroked Linda's back. Linda quivered and gasped under the burning kisses.

Linda's thighs were spread wide. "Oh, Jesus!" she groaned. "Oh, Jesus Christ!"

Her belly trembled and quivered. Her head reeled. She pulled Marcia's naked body against her own and gyrated her ass on the bed in uncontrolled lust.

Marcia rolled over and pulled Linda on top of her.

The teenager straddled the older woman. On her hands and knees, Linda trailed wet kisses down between Marcia's tits and over her belly. She nuzzled Marcia's thick cunt bush.

"Oh, Christ!" Marcia moaned. "Eat me! Eat me!"

Linda's tongue pushed into the oozing wet slit of Marcia's pussy.

"Oh, yes!" Marcia cried. "That's the way! Tongue my cunt!"

The stiff curls of Marcia's cunt hair tickled Linda's nose. She sniffed Marcia's gaping cunt, inhaling her fragrance. The urge to taste and lick the other woman's pussy was too strong to resist.

"Suck me!" Marcia moaned. "Suck my pussy!"

Pressing her face into Marcia's crotch, the teenager began licking and sucking Marcia's musky smelling cunt.

"Oh, yes!" Marcia breathed. "Oh, baby, yes!"

Linda was past the point of any return now. It was too late to stop. Her mouth plastered the older woman's cunt lips as she began sucking and slurping Marcia's meaty cunt.

She sniffed the fragrance of Marcia's hairy wet pussy. Her tongue flashed over Marcia's big protruding clit. The older woman moaned as Linda sucked at the stiff bud, her tongue washing over it. Marcia's ass bucked each time Linda's tongue touched a sensitive spot.

"Oh, that's good, baby! That's good!" Marcia hissed.

Now Linda slipped her hands beneath the fleshy cheeks of Marcia's ass. She buried her face more deeply in Marcia's open cunt and slobbered and sucked on Marcia's delicious pussy hole.

Cunt juice flowed out of Marcia's cunt and into Linda's mouth. She squeezed Marcia's big ass, kneading the white fleshy cheeks.

"Turn around, baby!" Marcia hissed. "Let me have your pussy!"

Linda moaned with lust and anticipation. She quivered as she twisted her body around and straddled Marcia with her crotch hovering over Marcia's face.

Marcia purred and pulled Linda's ass down until the girl's hot flowing pussy was pressed against her mouth. At the first touch of Marcia's waiting lips a long wail of pleasure gurgled out of Linda's throat.

"Aaaahhh-aaahhh-aaahhh!" Linda cried, throwing her head back. Hot waves of lust washed over her body. Then with a groan she dropped her head and clamped her mouth against Marcia's gaping cunt.

Marcia bucked her ass off the bed to fuck her cunt at Linda's face.

"Oh, Jesus!" Marcia cried. "Oh, Jesus Christ!"

They began sucking each other in frenzy. Marcia was experienced, but Linda acted instinctively. Slurping sounds of cunt lapping filled the room.

Linda's tongue swabbed up and down Marcia's hot poring pussy. She twisted her hips and pressed her own cunt against the older woman's face. She rubbed her face into Marcia's steaming crotch.

Marcia's cunt juice had a delicious taste! Linda licked and sucked, gradually working her face down until her tongue hovered over Marcia's asshole.

"Oh, God!" Marcia mumbled through a mouthful of pussy.

Linda teased the little brown hole, running her tongue briefly over it. Finally, unable to resist the temptation, she pushed her tongue at the tight ring of Marcia's asshole.

Marcia shuddered. "Oh, God, yes!" she gasped.

Her body bucked and trembled as the teenage girl, tickled Marcia's, tiny wrinkled asshole with her tongue.

At last Linda moved back to Marcia's pussy. Her tongue and lips worked at the woman's meaty cunt. She probed deep into the red flesh. She nibbled at Marcia's clit.

"Oh, suck it!" Marcia cried.

Marcia heaved and twisted under the girl's active mouth. Linda shuddered now as she felt Marcia's tongue working into her ass-crack. She moved back to Marcia's ass. She looked at Marcia's asshole. The brown ring was well lubricated with her saliva. The small hole beckoned to her.

Sliding a finger into the crack of Marcia's ass, Linda tickled the ring of Marcia's asshole and then pushed her finger inside. Marcia cried out as Linda's finger drilled into her shit hole.

"Jesus Christ!" Marcia wailed.

Marcia's tight ass clasped the girl's finger. Linda pushed harder until all of her finger was inside.

A deep guttural groan came out of Marcia's throat as the teenager began slowly fucking her finger in and out of the older woman's asshole.

Keeping her face plastered against Marcia's cunt, Linda finger-fucked Marcia's asshole with a deliberate steady rhythm. She sucked and tongued Marcia's hot pussy.

It suddenly occurred to her that she'd never done this to a woman before and yet it seemed so natural!

She slurped up Marcia's cunt juice. Her finger worked in and out of Marcia's hot shitter. Her face was wet with Marcia's juices.

"Oh, Christ!" Marcia cried.

Marcia gyrated her body and moaned with pleasure. Her face pressed more firmly into Linda's cunt, her tongue jabbed in and out of Linda's cunt hole. Linda twisted her hips and groaned with ecstasy.

Linda quivered as she felt Marcia probing her ass crack with her tongue. A moment later she felt Marcia's tongue probing at the tight ring of her asshole. Her knees trembled as Marcia's thick wet tongue slithered into her shit hole.

"Unnng-unnng!" Linda moaned as her mouth filled with pussy.

After briefly tongue-fucking the teenager's asshole, Marcia pulled her tongue out and substituted a finger.

Linda sucked in her breath as Marcia's finger screwed into her shit hole.

They each had a finger in each other's ass now. Their tongues worked over each other's clits. Lips sucked at cunt flesh.

Their faces were covered with cunt juice. Linda pushed her tongue deep into Marcia's cunt hole and lapped up the woman's hot cream. She felt herself moving toward an orgasm. She began humping her cunt at Marcia's eager mouth. She finger-fucked Marcia's asshole more rapidly.

The climax suddenly gripped her. With a long deep moan, the teenager twisted her body and heaved up in the throes of a mind-blowing orgasm.

"AAAUUUGGGHHH!" Linda grunted.

Her belly heaved as waves of ecstasy washed over her body. She shook and quivered and shook again as Marcia began coming.

"Oh, God, yes!" Marcia wailed. "Oh, God!"

They clutched at each other, each mouth full of cunt, each asshole reamed by a finger, moans and groans gurgling out of their throats. Then with a final heave, they shuddered one last time and went limp.

"Oh, God, that was delicious," Marcia said as Linda rolled off her.

The teenager lay back on the bed, her eyes closed and her breathing ragged. She trembled when she felt Marcia's hands on her body. With a soft moan she opened her legs to give Marcia's hand room to play with her cunt.

She groaned with delight when Marcia pushed two fingers into her sopping wet cunt hole. It was exactly what she needed. The walls of her cunt throbbed on Marcia's hand. She tossed her head and moaned with pleasure as Marcia began finger fucking her pussy.

"I bet you wouldn't mind a cock right now," Marcia chuckled. Then she added, "You're lovely, honey! So young and sexy."

Linda groaned. Her thick cunt juice gushed out over Marcia's hand. She was feverish with lust.

It wasn't long before they were at each other's bodies again, their mouths and hands working, their legs in a tangle. Linda played with Marcia's swollen hot tits.

Marcia finally straddled the girl with her cunt hanging over Linda's face. A deep animal groan came out of Marcia's throat as Linda mashed her fingers into the older woman's fleshy ass. Linda toyed with the white mounds of flesh, pressing them together and pulling them apart.

Suddenly Marcia threw herself on top of the girl, lewdly grinding her cunt against Linda's gaping hot pussy. Cunt bush tangled with cunt bush. They shuddered with eagerness for more sex.

Linda had never in her life been hotter. She couldn't get enough!

Linda moaned as Marcia raised and dangled a big tit into Linda's mouth. The girl sucked and slurped over Marcia's heavy tit, delighting in the fleshy mound. Her tongue swabbed over the hot spongy nipple. She sucked first one tit and then the other into her mouth.

Linda squirmed her ass on the bed, moaning and writhing. She could feel the stickiness between her thighs as cunt juice oozed out of her pussy.

"Finger-fuck me!" she hissed. "Jerk me off! Make me come!"

Marcia laughed. She gazed down at the hot little teenager wriggling on the bed. Her eyes feasted on the girl's gaping pink pussy. The mouth of Linda's cunt hole brimmed with cunt juice.

Her eyes glittering with desire, Marcia teased the rim of the girl's cunt hole with a finger tip. She slowly pushed the finger inside. Linda bucked her hips.

"Oh, God, make me come! Please! Make me come!"

She squirmed in a frenzy, gyrating her ass frantically, trying to grab Marcia's finger into her pussy. The finger stroked slowly. Linda clutched her tits for a moment and then she grabbed for Marcia's hanging boobs. She hefted and caressed the older woman's big tits. Marcia purred and shoved a second finger into Linda's hungry pussy.

"Oh, yes!" Linda wailed. "Oh, yes, make me come!"

The girl's convulsing cunt sucked at the fingers. Linda shivered and trembled. Her ass pumped up and down as she fucked back at the fingers reaming out her cunt.

Her pussy was soaked. Cunt juice gushed out to drench Marcia's hand. The girl groaned as the rhythm of the finger fucking gradually increased.

She swung her ass from side to side, loving the feel of the fucking fingers pistoning in and out of her spasming cunt.

"Oh, yes!" Linda gasped. "Harder! Give it to me harder! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Another finger pushed in. Using three fingers now, Marcia pumped the girl's hot cunt with a deliberate, forceful rhythm. "Oh, God!" Linda groaned. "Oh, my God!"

She trembled at the way her cunt was stretched by Marcia's fingers. Her ass heaved up as she fucked back at the older woman's hand. Her juicy cunt clutched at the plunging fingers as though they were a cock.

"Oh, God, I'm coming!" she cried. "Oh, Jesus!"

She pulled her knees up, opening them wide as she bucked her ass against the fucking hand.

"Come, baby, come!" Marcia purred. Her fingers pumped in and out of the girl's spasming cunt without let-up.

"Oh, Jesus!" Linda wailed. "Oh, my God!"

"That's right, honey, come! Come!" Marcia hissed. Her eyes gleaming with lust, she gazed down at the thrashing girl on the bed.

"OOOHHH, YESSSS!" Linda wailed. She gave one last cry and collapsed against the pillows.

The teenager suddenly froze when after a minute she heard a man's voice. She opened her eyes. Frank was standing in the doorway.

"Well! Well," he chuckled. "Look at the two lovebirds!"


"I told you Linda was a hot little fuck!" Frank grinned. "Was I lying?"

Linda trembled with fear. Would Marcia be angry? Marcia turned and smiled at Linda as though reading her mind.

"I know all about you and Frank, honey. Don't you worry about that! We're going to have a delicious time!"

"Two cunts are always better than one!" Frank laughed.

Linda blushed. She'd always known it was inevitable! After balling both Frank and Marcia, there was no way to keep the three of them apart. She hadn't expected it to happen so soon, but maybe it was just as well.

The idea of making it with both of them at the same time drove her wild. She lay there quivering, her cunt throbbing with anticipation. She remembered how exciting it had been to watch Frank and Marcia fuck. Maybe now she would get to see them fucking close up!

Breathless, the teenage girl watched as Marcia slipped off the bed and crossed the room to her husband, feet and tits bare.

Frank grabbed Marcia's tits and hefted them in his hands.

Marcia purred. She dropped to her knees, her hands running over Frank's thighs, her face close to the bulge in his crotch. Now Marcia unzipped Frank's fly. She brought his long thick cock out and crooned.

"God, what a cock! Look at this, Linda! Isn't it gorgeous!"

Quivering with lust, Linda nodded.

Marcia's fingers fluttered over Frank's heavily veined cock shaft. His plum-shaped cock head looked bloated and ready to explode.

His cock twitched as Marcia blew her warm breath on it. Opening her wet lips, Marcia sucked his fat cock head into her mouth.

Linda's mouth watered as she remembered the feel of Frank's juicy, cock head.

She watched as Marcia gluttonously sucked on Frank's prick. The tight ring of Marcia's lips gradually slid down Frank's cock shaft.

Uncle shivered as she imagined his cock head jabbing Marcia's throat.

The teenager's eyes were wide with fascination. She had seen Marcia sucking Frank's cock that day on the back lawn, but this was different. Now she was right there beside them. She could see the way Marcia's cheeks were caved in from the suction she was applying to Frank's cock.

When Marcia pulled her lips back to Frank's cock head, she left his cock shaft glistening with her saliva. Popping her mouth off his swollen knob, Marcia chuckled.

"This is what I call a hot banana!"

Linda's eyes were fixed on Frank's cock. A wave of raw lust washed over her body. She looked hypnotized.

"I think the kid wants some action," Frank snickered.

Marcia giggled and stood up. One hand closed around Frank's stiff cock shaft, she used the other hand to unbuckle his belt.

Frank soon had his clothes off. He climbed onto the bed. Marcia made him lie back. He stretched out with his hands behind his head as Marcia straddled over him. Her knees were on either side of his hips, her crotch hovering over his upstanding prick.

She grabbed hold of his huge pulsating cock and positioned his oozing cock head at the wet socket of her cunt hole. A moment later her cunt closed over his bloated knob.

"Oh, yeah!" she moaned.

With a deep sigh she settled down, impaling herself on his long cock.

Linda's pussy creamed as she thought of Frank's cock reaming out Marcia's fuck hole. She was mesmerized with excitement. She lay there on the bed so close to them, her eyes glued to the junction of cock and cunt.

"Oh, Jesus, it feels good!" Marcia groaned. "Is it good, honey?" she asked her husband.

Frank grunted. "Keep fucking, baby! Keep fucking that cock!"

She raised up her ass.

Linda could see Frank's cock shaft. The light sprinkling of hair was wet and matted with Marcia's cunt juice.

Marcia pumped her cunt up and down on his cock awhile, her pussy sucking on his throbbing cock, and then she pulled herself off him and rolled over onto her back.

"Get on top of me," she groaned. "Fuck me! Come on, lover. Stick it in and give it to me!"

Frank grunted with lust as he moved between her legs. He pushed her knees back to her tits, turning up her crotch and completely exposing her cunt and ass.

Linda watched transfixed as Frank mounted Marcia. She could see Marcia's obscenely exposed cunt waiting for Frank's dripping cock. Marcia's cunt lips gaped open. Her cunt looked hungry.

Grasping the shaft of his thick turgid cock, Frank rubbed his cock head up and down between his wife's thick cunt lips. He pulled and pinched her cunt lips, sliding a finger around the slippery inner lips.

"Oh, yeah, that's nice!" she hissed. "Oh, yeah, touch me there, baby, oh, yeah!"

Marcia groaned as he wrapped her meaty cunt lips around the head of his cock. She shuddered when his fingertip tickled her asshole.

"Oh, yes!" she cried. "Do it!"

With a snicker, Frank drilled his finger into Marcia's asshole. Her asshole captured his finger with a tight grip. The hot ring of her shitter clasped the finger and sucked on it.

"Oh, Jesus!" she hissed.

Frank laughed. "You always did like your asshole plugged!"

"Give it to me!" Marcia groaned. "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

He teased her. He lowered his face to her crotch and swabbed his tongue up and down the oozing slit of her pussy.

"Oh, Jesus, yes!" she wailed.

She shuddered each time his tongue-tip touched her clit. She tossed her head, her hair flying around, moaning and begging him to fuck her.

"Jesus Christ, fuck me!" she wailed. "Give me that cock! Oh, God, stick, that prick into my pussy!"

Her hands moved down to her crotch. She pried open her cunt lips and pleaded for his cock.

He once more positioned himself between her thighs.

This time she grabbed his ass cheeks, and when his cock head was positioned at the mouth of her cunt hole she pulled him into her. "Oh, yes!" Marcia sighed. "Oh, yes, yes!" His cock rammed into her cunt.

"Fuck me!" she cried.

With a grunt he slammed forward and drove his cock in to the hilt. Her thighs were pushed way back, her knees touching her tits, her ass raised up and her crotch offered to him. He began plunging his throbbing cock in and out of her wet cunt.

"Here it is, baby!" he grunted. "Take my cock! Take it all! Fuck my prick!"

Linda watched with fascinated eyes. She could see everything. She bit her lip as she watched each stroke of Frank's throbbing cock in Marcia's juice-drenched cunt hole.

Marcia groaned and rocked her ass, fucking her cunt back at her husband's pistoning prick. The cunt juice gushing out of her pussy coated his cock and balls and dripped down to the bed. Their crotches were thoroughly soaked with her juice.

Linda cupped a hand over her own cunt. She yearned for the feel of a cock in her pussy. Her cunt felt swollen and tender and needy. Her pussy hole oozed juice. She kept her eyes fixed on Frank's plunging cock shaft.

Marcia cried out as again and again he slammed his prick into her sucking cunt.

"Oh, Jesus!" she wailed. "Fuck we, oh, yes, fuck me! Oh, my God, yes, fuck me! Fuck me!"

The speed of his fucking increased now. He rammed his cock in and out with a steady rhythm.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" He grunted, plunging his cock deep into her cunt.

"Oh, yes, honey!" she groaned. "Fuck me! Fill me with your fuck meat! Don't stop! Keep fucking me!"

Soon he cried out. "Oh, Jesus, I'm coming! I'm coming, baby! Get ready for it! It's a big one!"

Linda massaged her pussy furiously as she watched Frank empty his balls into Marcia's sucking cunt.

Marcia squirmed her ass. "Give it to me, baby! Give it to me!"

Marcia's cunt drank up Frank's thick warm jism. Now she came, her hips pumping in a frenzy as she fucked back at him.

"Oh, my God! Oh, I'm coming, honey! I'm coming!" she wailed.

Her fingers clawed at his shoulders. Her heels beat on his ass. Her nails dug into his flesh. When it was finally over, his wet cock slipped out of her cunt and he eased off her with a lusty grin.

Linda looked dawn.

Marcia's crotch was soaked with cunt juice and cock cream. She looked at Linda. She looked at Frank's drooping wet cock.

"Suck it clean, honey. Get him hard again and get your pussy reamed out! Suck his prick clean!"

Trembling with lust, Linda moved forward. She wanted Frank's cock and she'd do anything to get it. Frank arranged her so that she was straddling over his body with her face hovering over his crotch and her cunt hanging over his mouth.

His fingers were soon probing her pussy. He teased her with feathery touches on her clit. She moaned as he stretched the mouth of her cunt hole with his fingertip.

With a soft cry she swooped her mouth down on his cock and gobbled it up.

"Oh, yes, baby!" he grunted. He closed his eyes and leaned back.

She sucked and slurped on his wet cock. She lapped up the mixture of cunt juice and jism coating his warm cock flesh. She mashed her brimming cunt hole down over his nose.

"Christ, what a hot little bitch?" he groaned.

He pulled and probed at her dripping cunt lips.

Linda knew that Marcia was watching everything. The idea that Frank's wife was right there turned her on even more.

She sucked on his wet cock in a frenzy. Mewling and moaning, she lapped his balls, sucking first one and then the other into her mouth. She loved being on top of him like this. She squirmed her ass on his face, pushing her cunt down onto his mouth and rocking back and forth. She knew that with her ass pointed up in the air, like that she was spread wide open. She knew that Frank and Marcia could see everything she had.

Now Frank pushed Linda farther down along his body. Her ass was still pointed toward his face, but now her cunt was positioned over his hardening cock. It wasn't long before his prick was fit for fucking again.

Husband and wife gazed with glittering eyes at the teenager's lush ass. Marcia ran her fingertips from Linda's hairy cunt lips to the brown nut of her asshole.

"Delicious!" Marcia hissed.

Frank laughed. "You had a mouthful of that, didn't you, honey?"

"Get up and give the poor girl some cock!" Marcia chuckled.

Grabbing hold of Frank's cock, Marcia maneuvered his cock head until she had it at the mouth of Linda's cunt hole.

With a moan Linda sat back and impaled herself on his rigid fuck pole. She took all of him.

"Oh, Jesus!" the teenager moaned. "Oh, Jesus, that's good!"

When she had all of Frank's thick cock stretching her cunt, Linda slowly eased up until she had no more than his cock head inside her cunt. With a soft moan she eased down again, shivering as his fat thick cock head once more reamed out her cunt.

"Fuck me!" Linda hissed. "Give me that hard cock! I've been waiting for it! Give it to me!"

She began fucking him, rocking back and forth, her heavy tits jiggling and swaying.

"Christ, what a gorgeous little cunt!" Frank hissed. "She's as tight as a drum!"

Marcia was flushed with excitement. She ran her hands over the teenager's ass.

Linda moaned when she felt Marcia's hot breath on her ass cheeks. She shuddered with passion when a moment later Marcia's hot tongue washed over her puckered asshole.

As she continued fucking her pussy back and forth on Frank's rampant cock, the teenager waited breathlessly for Marcia's next move. She shuddered when at last Marcia drilled her tongue into the muscular ring of her asshole. Waves of hot sensation flowed up from Linda's ass. Her senses were over whelmed.

"Oh, my God!" she cried. "Oh, my God!" The feel of Marcia's thick tongue invading her asshole was exquisite.

"Don't stop!" the girl cried. "Do it! Do it some more!"

Marcia giggled. She pressed her face into the crack of Linda's ass. She drilled her tongue more deeply into Linda's asshole. She closed her mouth around the tight little hole and sucked for all she was worth.

The girl moaned with passion. A flood of cunt juice poured out of her pussy to wash over Frank's cock and balls.

"Hell with this shit!" Frank suddenly grunted. He pushed Marcia away from Linda's asshole.

"Oh, no!" Linda wailed at the loss of Marcia's tongue in her asshole.

She pulled herself off Frank's cock and turned around to face him.

"Get down on it!" he hissed. "Suck it! Get that cock down your throat! Milk that cock!"

He lay back, his eyes glittering as he watched her lower her head to close her mouth over his wet prick.

"That's the way, baby!" he grunted.

She was sucking her own cunt juice now. His thick cock was coated with it. His crotch hair was matted down. His balls were wet. Slurping up her own juice, she began lapping his cock, running her tongue up and down his hard veined cock shaft, swabbing it over his huge purple cock head.

She feasted her eyes on his cock. She'd waited for it while he was fucking Marcia and now she had it. Saliva dribbled out of her mouth and ran down her chin.

"Oh, yeah, baby! Suck that cock!" he grunted. "That's the way!" He groaned as she slobbered over his juice-coated cock.

She held his balls in one hand and his cock shaft in the other. She slurped up the juice covering his prick. She sucked on his swollen cock head.

He squirmed his ass, fucking back at her face as she moved her lips up and down his thick cock shaft.

Each time she pulled back she worked her lips over his fat cock head.

He groaned when she probed his piss hole with the tip of her tongue. He shuddered as she nibbled on the tender flesh on the underside of his cock.

"Oh, baby!" he groaned.

She bobbed her head up and down with smooth machine-like strokes, fucking him with her mouth, bringing him closer and closer to orgasm.

Finally he grunted and pushed her away.

"Get on your hands and knees!" he said. "Come on, let's fuck!"

She moved in a trance. She no longer cared about anything except getting her cunt filled with his cock. Shivering and moaning, she crouched on the bed on her hands and knees.

Lowering her head and shoulders to the mattress, she raised her ass high up in the air and offered herself to him.

He stood behind her. He ran his hands over her ass cheeks. "She sure likes cock!" he snickered. "She sure likes to fuck!"

Fisting his cock shaft, he swabbed his cock head around her cunt lips.

With the side of her face pressed against the mattress, Linda groaned.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!" she wailed.

Frank laughed. He squeezed her ass cheeks with his big hands, prying them apart and then pushing them together again.

Linda shivered when she felt his cock head move up to tickle the ring of her asshole. She waited breathlessly, hoping that he'd fuck her ass.

"Mmmmm-hmmm!" Marcia purred. "I'd like to see that! Ream her ass out, honey! I bet she's got a tight little asshole!"

Frank grunted and gripped Linda's hips.

Marcia giggled as he pressed his cock head against Linda's asshole.

"Yes, oh, yes!" Linda moaned as Frank lurched forward to pop his fat cock head inside her hot rubbery shit hole.

Marcia sat down on the edge of the bed, curled one arm around Linda's waist, and leaned forward to get her face close to the action. Her eyes glittered as she watched Frank's thick cock shaft slowly pulling out of the girl's stretched asshole.

Linda groaned. "Oh, my God! My God!" she murmured. Her face was contorted with a grimace of sheer lust and pleasure. She shuddered as Frank stuffed his prick up her ass again.

She could feel every inch of his throbbing cock shaft. He had his cock to the hilt inside her shit hole. He began slowly pumping in and out.

She wailed each time as he slammed his cock forward into her hot hole!

"Fuck my ass! Oh, God, fuck my ass!" Linda shrieked.

Frank grunted and snorted as he plunged his cock in and out of her spasming little asshole. His hips hunched as he pumped his cock in and out, back and forth in her sucking shit hole.

He stared down at the shaft of his thrusting cock with wide eyes. The hot rubbery grip of her asshole was exquisite. Each time he slammed forward his balls slapped against her ass.

"Fuck me!" she cried. "Fuck my ass! Fuck me! Give it to me!"

"You're getting it!" he grunted, ramming her with another powerful stroke. "You're getting all of it!"

She wriggled her hips. Her swinging tits slapped together each time the force of his thrust jarred her body. His cock moved smoothly in and out of her ass now, sliding with a steady rhythm like a piece of machinery.

The girl pictured the stretching of her asshole. Her poor little shitter felt about a mile wide!

Now Frank leaned over her back and reached under to grab her hanging tits. He humped his cock and squeezed her tits. His fingers pinched her nipples.

"Jesus Christ!" Marcia hissed.

"Reach back and grab my balls!" he grunted.

Linda moaned. Sliding a hand under her belly, she palmed his dangling balls. They felt bloated and tight. She imagined the hot jism waiting to be pumped into her gut. She could feel the cunt juice oozing out of her pussy, sloshing over her wrist. His nuts felt marvelous!

"Fuck me!" she moaned. "Oh, God, fuck me! Fuck my brains out!"

"Here it comes!" Frank grunted.

His head flew back. A loud bellow came from his throat.

Linda rolled up her eyes and came as spurt after spurt of hot jism began gushing out of Frank's cock and into her shit hole.

"OOOHHH, YESSSSS!" she cried.

"UUUNNNGGGHHH!" Frank yelled as he continued driving his prick deep into her asshole.

Moaning with pleasure, shuddering in the ecstasy of her orgasm, Linda collapsed under him and fell onto the bed.


Linda visited the Dawson house just as Frank and Marcia were leaving one day.

"Make yourself at home," Marcia said. "Have a good time with the boys. Frank and I have a special date."

There was a strange gleam in her eyes. Linda had no idea what it was all about and she didn't much care. Being alone in the house with all three boys at the same time was some thing she'd been thinking about for weeks.

As soon as the front door closed and Frank and Marcia were gone, the boys all came downstairs and hovered around Linda. She felt a little awkward, having fucked each one of them at one time or another, but they soon made her feel at ease.

It wasn't long before they had a party in full swing. Linda knew there would be sex. She guessed it would be called an orgy. She looked forward to it. The idea of fucking all three boys at the same time drove her wild with excitement.

All three boys had big bulges in their crotches. She could tell by their conversation and nervous laughter that they were horny. They were acting a little rough, but she didn't care. They could act any way they wanted as long as they fucked her brains out!

It wasn't long before the stereo was blaring. Jerry brought out a six-pack of beer.

"Everybody get your clothes off," he said. "We can't have a party if you keep your clothes on!"

Linda giggled as she watched the three boys strip their clothes off. The stereo blasted out rock music. They had all seen her naked and she had no inhibitions about getting undressed in front of them.

She quivered all over with excitement. Her pussy spasmed and creamed! When the boys were finally naked, she was overwhelmed. She shivered with lust in the presence of all that cock. She gazed at their long thick cocks and juice-filled balls. They looked ready to fuck her to a frazzle.

They soon had her down on the living room rug. They stared down at her, leering. She looked at their swaying cocks and wondered if there would ever be a time in her life when she'd get tired of fucking. She doubted it!

Now Jerry crouched on his knees between her legs and lowered his face to her crotch.

"I'm gonna eat you!" he said. "Open your legs wide!"

He plastered his mouth on her cunt. "Mmmm-mmmm!" he murmured.

"Oh, yes!" she wailed. "Eat me! Eat me good!"

She shuddered as he drilled his tongue into her gaping pussy. "Suck me!" she hissed. "Suck my cunt! Suck me out!"

He tongue-fucked her cunt hole and then moved his tongue up to her clit.

"Like this?" he mumbled through a mouthful of pussy. "Should I suck you like this?"

Closing his lips around the quivering bud of her clit, he nibbled and sucked her.

Arching her back, she heaved her ass off the floor and shoved her cunt into his face. She mashed her drooling pussy against his hungry mouth.

"Yes! That's the way! That's the way! Suck me!"

Looking down over her tits and belly, she quivered at the sight of his nose and mouth pressed into her bush of cunt hair.

His tongue probed and licked and sucked between her hairy cunt lips.

"Oh, my God!" Linda moaned. Cunt juice gushed out of her cunt hole to cover his mouth and chin. She bucked her ass and trembled under his sucking mouth. She squirmed her ass on the rug, massaging her pussy on his face.

How delicious it was to just lie back and enjoy a mouth working on her cunt like this! She giggled when his tongue made a slurping noise pistoning in and out of her cunt hole.

The other two boys were standing on either side of her, leering down at her as she squirmed under Jerry's mouth. Each of them had his fist wrapped around his cock. They slowly pumped their pricks as they watched their older brother sucking Linda's pussy.

She was excited by the idea of Kevin and Roy watching everything. The pleasure she was receiving was doubled by the knowledge that there was an audience. She wondered if she was an exhibitionist or just normal. She didn't really care.

Jerry finally pulled himself away from her cunt and shifted her body onto his knees until he had his cock at the entrance to her cunt hole. With a grunt he rammed his cock into her dripping pussy.

"Here's my cock, baby!" he hissed. "Here's my fuck pole! Take it! Take it all! Take my cock!"

She shuddered as his fat cock head pushed between her meaty cunt lips and rammed forward into her wet cunt.

"Oh, God, yes!" she groaned.

Jerry grunted and began fucking rhythmically.

She eagerly pumped her ass to fuck her cunt back at him. His cock was now pistoning smoothly in and out of her drenched cunt.

"Jesus, what a hot pussy!" he rasped.

The other two boys snickered. "Look at those tits jiggle!" Kevin laughed.

"Yeah, those are some jugs, mama!" Roy snickered.

Their lewd comments turned Linda on. "Oh, fuck me!" she moaned, "fuck my pussy!"

She writhed and twisted, blonde hair flying as Jerry continued stroking her cunt with his hard cock. She cared about nothing now except the fucking. She focused her mind on the cock reaming out her pussy. She didn't care what the boys said.

Now Kevin and Roy knelt down on the rug beside her and began fondling and squeezing her tits as Jerry plunged in and out of her cunt.

"Oh, Jesus, fuck me!" she wailed. "Don't stop fucking me!"

She was sweating. Beads of perspiration covered her body as she pumped her hips up and down. Her long blonde hair was wet with sweat.

Jerry had his hands on her ass, his fingers clutching her ass cheeks and moving into the crack of her ass to tickle her asshole.

She groaned when he slipped a fingertip into her tight hole.

"Hot little ass!" Jerry leered.

Linda blushed. Kevin and Roy knew that Jerry had his finger in her asshole. She shivered with lust. She was at their mercy. They could do anything they wanted with her.

"Jesus, what a hot-cunted bitch!" Jerry panted through clenched teeth. "What a hot cunted hungry bitch!"

Linda wailed. "Fuck me!" she cried. "Give it to me! Fuck me hard! Don't stop! Fuck me!"

She grunted gutturally as she fucked her cunt back at his pistoning cock. He laughed at the way she humped his cock. She was obviously desperate to come.

"Go, baby! Go!" he hissed.

She felt as though her cunt was on fire. Each stroke of his cock massaged her stiff quivering clit. Her cunt lips were swollen and slippery.

"Come! Come!" Jerry grunted. "Come!"

Unable to resist the urge any longer, she slipped a hand down to her crotch and began massaging her clit as Jerry continued stroking his cock in and out of her cunt.

"That's the way!" he hissed. "Give it the old finger!"

The boy grunted as he neared his orgasm. "Oh, shit, I'm coming!" he groaned.

Linda cried out as she felt his hot jism shooting into her pussy. She bucked her ass frantically, fucking her cunt at his cock, trying to drain the cock cream out of his swollen balls.

"Give it to me!" she wailed. "Shoot it! Shoot it!"

She reached for Kevin and Roy on either side of her and grabbed their cocks. She shivered with passion as she held their cocks in her hands. Her senses were overwhelmed.

When Jerry pulled his cock out of her drenched pussy, she squirmed her ass trying to recapture it. She needed more.

Roy took Jerry's place. He ran his cock head up and down between her thick cunt ips, and then with a grunt he rammed his long thick cock into her spasming pussy.

"Next Dawson's here," he hissed. "It's Big Roy, kiddo! It's Big Roy and his big cock! Take it!"

He began fucking her with pile driving strokes. He rammed her like a young bull.

Her lust-wracked body trembled and shuddered. Her face was contorted with pleasure.

"Oh, yes! That's good! Fuck me hard!" she cried.

When he slipped his hand under her ass and his finger into her asshole, she wailed at the exquisite pleasure of it. He reamed out her hole with his finger as he continued fucking her. It felt as though she had two cocks in her, one in her ass and one in her cunt.

"Oh, Jesus!" she moaned. "Fuck me! Fuck me."

"Oh, yeah!" the boy groaned. "Here it comes!" he gasped. "Here's my cream!"

He began shooting his load. His hot sticky jism spurted out, blast after blast of cream splattering into her pussy. She bucked her hips up off the rug and fucked back at his spurting cock.

Her cunt spasmed as his throbbing cock gushed his jism into her. She shivered when he finally pulled his prick out of her pussy.

She had the loads of two boys mixed in her cunt now. Her crotch was covered with jism and cunt juice.

Mow it was Kevin's turn. He slipped between her legs. He gazed down at her sopping crotch. Linda groaned and squirmed under his staring eyes. She shivered when he pried her cunt lips open with his fingers. He leered down at the juice-coated gash of her cunt.

She knew how messy she must look. She could imagine the thick white jism oozing out of her cunt hole. She wantonly pumped her ass off the rug, thrusting her crotch at him.

"Fuck me, baby brother!" she said. "Stick your dick in!"

Kevin snickered and probed her cunt hole with his fingers. He churned his brothers' jism.

Juice flowed out of her brimming cunt hole to run down over her asshole. She groaned and bucked her hips, urging him to fuck her.

He finally shifted forward and pushed his cock head at her gaping cunt hole.

"Yeah, go!" Roy snickered.

A moan of satisfaction came from her throat as he lurched forward to bury his cock to the hilt inside her hungry pussy. God, how she loved it!

"Oh, yes!" she cried out as he began pumping his cock in and out. Her pussy was drenched. She felt like a wild animal. She shuddered at each thrust of his pistoning cock. She fucked her cunt back at him, heaving her ass off the floor, her hands on her thighs, spreading her legs as wide as possible.

She'd never been fucked this way, not by three boys, one after the other. She marveled at the hunger in her pussy. With a soft laugh she held out her hands to Roy and Jerry, beckoning to them.

When they approached her, she grabbed their soft cocks. She pulled at them until they understood. They were soon hovering over her face, and then lowering themselves until she was able to get both soft cocks into her mouth.

"Oh, Christ!" Roy grunted.

She sucked on their cock met as Kevin continued fucking her. She'd never had two cocks in her mouth at the same time. Her mouth was stuffed with cock! She shivered at the luscious, feel and taste of their warm cocks between her lips.

"Jesus Christ!" Jerry groaned. "Jesus fucking Christ! You're a wild woman, ya know it!"

She could feel both spongy cock heads. Her fingers jiggled two sets of swinging balls. She heaved her ass up and down, fucking back at Kevin's rampant cock, grabbing his pumping cock with her pussy and clutching it.

It wasn't long before Kevin was grunting as he began shooting his load.

"I'm coming!" he cried. "Here it comes!"

"Give it to me!" Linda hissed. "Fuck me! Give it to me! Shoot it!"

Her hands worked on the cocks of the other two boys leaning over her head. She jerked them off at the same time, her fists, flying as she pumped their fuck poles. She was finally able to bring them off almost at the instant she had her own orgasm.

Their jism shot out over her face as her cunt spasmed convulsively. She grabbed their cocks and shoved them back into her mouth, eagerly sucking on their spurting cock heads.

She squeezed their balls, milking them dry with her mouth as she milked Kevin dry with her pussy.

The boys groaned. Linda giggled. She licked the jism off her lips and slurped it down. She felt as though she were drowning in jism.

"I hope you guys can get hard again," she crooned.

They snickered and groaned.

Linda blushed. She went to the bathroom to clean up. She washed the jism out of her cunt and looked at her pussy with a hand mirror. It seemed none the worse for wear. It looked a little fucked out, but nothing more than that.

She brushed her long blonde hair and giggled when the realized she wouldn't mind doing it all over again. What a sex fiend I've become! She thought.

When she returned to the living room, she saw the lust in the eyes of the three brothers and realized they were impatient to fuck her again. She eagerly opened her thighs to them.

It wasn't long before they had her cunt creamy again.

Jerry stretched out on the rug on his back and ordered her to mount him. "Get over here!" he grunted.

She straddled him, squatting over his cock, fitting his cock head into her cunt hole, and easing down to impale herself on his long thick prick.

"Oh, yeah, that's the way!" he growled.

Now Roy moved behind her. He forced her to lean forward so that she had her tits on Jerry's chest.

She felt Roy's hands roaming over her ass cheeks. She knew what was coming. The idea of it thrilled her.

"Easy," she said. "Don't hurt me!"

She groaned when she felt his cock head pushing at her tight asshole.

"Oh, Jesus, be careful!" she hissed.

He rammed forward, slamming his cock deep inside her shitter.

"Oh, God!" she groaned.

She had two cocks now, one in her cunt and one in her ass. Shivering with lust, she rolled up her eyes and opened her mouth.

Kevin snickered and moved in front of her face. Fisting his cock, the youngest brother jammed it into her face.

She sucked his hard cock between her lips, gobbling him up until she had his cock head jabbing her throat.

She had three cocks penetrating her body at the same time and she loved it! She shuddered at the idea of it. She felt stuffed to the gills with cock.

"Um-um!" she mumbled, trembling as the three cocks sucked in and out of her three holes.

"Jesus, what a fuck!" Jerry grunted. "She's the hottest bitch in town!"

Linda heard him. She was pleased. It wasn't long before her body was convulsing in the throes of a mind-blowing orgasm.

When Linda returned home early that evening, she was fucked out and exhausted. As she approached her house, she noticed that the shades were down. Her aunt never liked having the shades down, and Linda wondered what was going on.

She had the first inkling that something was strange when she slipped inside the front door and heard a groan coming from upstairs. The teenager froze in her tracks.

"Oh, Jesus!" she whispered. "It couldn't be!"

The groan had sounded like a man's. Was Aunt Helen fucking someone? The idea made Linda giggle.

She crept as quietly as possible up the stars. She moved silently down the hall toward her aunt's bedroom.

The door was open.

Standing in the shadows of the hall Linda peered inside and gasped.

Helen was completely naked and stretched out on the bed with her legs hanging over the side. Frank, also naked, was between her thighs fucking away at her cunt.

Marcia, as naked as the other two, was sitting on Helen's face.

From the heaving of her aunt's body and the muffled moans coming from under Marcia's ass, it was obvious to Linda that her aunt was thoroughly enjoying herself.

The girl giggled quietly. She quickly stripped her clothes off in the hallway. Holding her heaving tits in her hands, she walked into the room to join them.

Marcia was the first to see Linda. "Well, look who's here!" Marcia grinned.

Frank turned his head. When he saw Linda, he chuckled and rammed his cock even harder into her aunt's cunt.

Helen heard them talking, of course, but when she tried to get her head out from under Marcia's ass to see what was going on, Marcia pressed her ass down to prevent her. The two women struggled, and finally Helen was able to crane her neck up to get a look. She gasped when she saw Linda standing there stark naked beside the bed.

"Oh, sweet Jesus!" Helen groaned.

Frank was still ramming his cock in and out of her cunt.

Linda now slipped behind him and grabbed hold of his balls.

Her aunt fell back on the bed with a moan and Marcia positioned her cunt on Helen's face again.

"Do something for me," Linda whispered in Frank's ear.

Frank grunted. "Sure, honey. Whatever you want."

"Fuck her in the ass!"

"I heard that!" Marcia giggled, sliding off Helen's face. "It's a great idea!"

Helen seemed drugged. She avoided Linda's eyes as they positioned her on the bed on her hands and knees. She shuddered as she lowered her head to the mattress and stuck her ass in the air.

Linda ran her hands over her aunt's meaty ass. She pulled Helen's ass cheeks apart to reveal the tight brown ring of her asshole. It seemed crazy that she was really going to assist in getting her aunt ass-fucked. She wondered how Frank and Marcia had arranged to get Helen in bed like this, but then she decided it didn't matter.

"I'll get some Vaseline," Marcia crooned. Linda insisted on greasing up her aunt's asshole.

When Helen realized that the fingers working on her belonged to her niece, she cried out.

"Oh, my God, I'll rot in hell for this!"

Linda giggled. "Loosen up, Aunt Helen! It's time you started enjoying life! Loosen up your ass, because here comes a big fat cock!"

Smearing grease over Frank's rampant cock, the teenager positioned his bloated cock head on the puckered ring of her aunt's asshole.

Marcia sat down in front of Helen and pulled Helen's face into her crotch.

"Suck my pussy, honey!" Marcia purred.

With a grunt, Frank lurched forward and buried his cock to the hilt inside Helen's hot ass.

Linda giggled and shifted forward to grab Helen's tits. The girl quivered with excitement. From now on the Bradleys and the Dawsons would be like one family. Leaning down, she cooed in her aunt's ear.

"I love you, Aunt Helen!"


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