Hot horny teachers

The seething passions that lurk within many are often hidden beneath a veneer of normalcy exposed only under extremely trying and tempting conditions.

The woman who, after a few drinks at a party, takes on all comers, male and female alike. The man, who, during the strip show at a stag party, climbs up on the stage with the girl and performs with her in front of his friends. The couple who, under group pressure, reluctantly joins the neighborhood wife-swappers.

Sharon Lester, a prim and proper schoolteacher, is one of those outwardly normal people. But within her a love of new experiences and a desire to be wild and wanton lies coiled like a snake, waiting only for the proper stimulus to arouse it.

HOT HORNY TEACHERS -- a fictional story about a society that refuses to face many of its real problems.


The three teenage boys busily chatting in the hall fell silent as a beautiful woman strode by. She was tall, long-legged, with a fantastic figure, and her gleaming chestnut hair fell to her shoulders. She flashed the boys a smile, and they stared after her till she walked out the front door of the school. Then they all sighed.

"Wow, that Miss Lester is something else, isn't she?" one of the boys said.

"Tell me about it," another groaned. "Man, what I wouldn't give to make it with her."

"Forget it," the third boy said wistfully. "You know she's engaged to Mr. Grant."

Sharon Lester would have been flattered if she'd known about that conversation. She was fond of her students, and she hoped they liked and admired her. At twenty-five, she still considered her career as an English teacher the most important thing in her life. For a long time it had been the only thing in her life. But now there was something else that really mattered to her forth coming marriage to the high school science teacher and track coach, Bob Grant.

Sharon smiled as she thought about her incredibly attractive fiancee. Bob was thirty, successful, and had never been married before, and Sharon knew she was fantastically lucky to get him. She was choosy about her men, which was why she'd never gotten seriously involved with anybody before, but now she'd found the man of her dreams. Everything seemed to be coming together for her at last.

As she got in her car to drive home, she longed to be with Bob, but she wondered if she had time. She was due to leave that evening for a three-day teachers convention in Los Angeles, and she really ought to get right home, shower, and pack for her trip. As she passed Bob's house, she sighed. Her pussy felt so hot and swollen, and a nice hot fuck session with Bob was just what she needed. But she couldn't risk missing her flight, she decided, so she reluctantly drove on home.

Still, in the shower, she couldn't get her mind off Bob. They'd just gotten engaged a few days ago, and that was when they'd fucked for the first time. Sharon had been reliving the incident ever since. It had been a long time since she'd fucked a man, and she'd never had a better lover than Bob. She could hardly wait to repeat the experience. If only she didn't have this damned trip to make! But her fellow teachers had elected her to represent them at the convention, and they were counting on her. She'd just have to try and forget Bob for a few days.

That proved impossible to do. After her shower, Sharon wandered naked into her bedroom and lay down on the bed, feeling so horny she was almost moaning. Her hand wandered automatically to her hot moist pussy, and she began to rub herself there, just as she'd done on many lonely nights for the past ten years and more. Sharon had always liked to masturbate, and she saw nothing wrong with it. She'd been satisfying herself that way since she was very young. She sawed a stiff finger back and forth over her clit while she thought about her fiancee.

It had been last Sunday afternoon, as Bob brought her home from a picnic, that he'd proposed marriage and Sharon had eagerly accepted. He'd presented her with a diamond ring and a kids, and it was the kiss that got things started. He'd never kissed her quite like that before, snaking his hot tongue into her mouth and probing around, running his hands hungrily over her body. Sharon was no virgin, but it had been a long, long time since she'd been fucked, and as Bob began caressing her, she shivered with lust and felt her pussy goings steaming-hot and soaked with cream.

She knew in that moment that if Bob really came on to her she wouldn't resist him. She melted against him and kept her lips open and yielding, letting him explore her mouth with his tongue. Her cunt was leaking a steady and uncontrollable stream of juice that soaked right through her panties. She'd been so preoccupied with her career most of her adult life that she hadn't realized how starved she was for steady sex. Now she knew...

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm," she murmured, "uuummmmmmmmm."

Bob broke the kiss and said somewhat hoarsely, "Honey, if you're feeling like I'm feeling, then maybe we'd better go in the bedroom."

Sharon got up from the couch without a word, took his hand, and led the way down the hall to her bedroom. Up to now she and Bob had only held hands and kissed a few times. She'd been very cautious, because when she finally committed herself to a man she wanted to be sure he was the right guy. Now she knew that this was the man for her -- and she could hardly wait to fuck him. Hot juice was seeping down her thighs as they entered the bedroom.

Bob took her by the shoulders and looked at her intently. "I want you to understand something," he said gravely. "We don't have to go all the way. If you want to wait till the wedding night, okay. It's up to you, Sharon."

"Bob, I love you for that," she smiled, "but we don't have to wait. I want you as much as you want me."

He broke into a big grin of relief, and Sharon could see why. The fly of his pants was enormously tented. He pulled her against him and gave her another steaming sensuous tongue-kiss, and she felt the rock-hard bulge of his cock against her mound. That nearly drove her crazy with lust. She'd almost forgotten how great it felt to have a man's stiff prick probing her cunt. She shivered with lust as Bob finally broke the kiss and carried her over to the bed.

"I've been thinking about this moment for six months," he leered.

"You naughty thing," Sharon grinned.

He laid her down and began undressing her as if she were a great big doll. That was how he'd always treated her, protectively and with respect, and that was one reason she loved him. She seethed with longing and kept eyeing the huge bulge at his crotch as he removed her sandals, jeans and shirt. He reached around her to unhook her bra, and she felt her nipples go rigid with arousal. He drew the bra off and stared hungrily at her melon-sized tits.

"Fantastic," he breathed.

Sharon felt outrageously turned on, lying there in just her bikini panties while her handsome fiancee ogled her big firm tits. He bent low, stuck out his tongue, and gave her nipples a few teasing passes. She gasped and creamed like crazy. Her red nipples stood up stiff, throbbing and gleaming with his hot spit. He grasped the waistband of her panties and began inching them down, and she could hardly keep from whimpering with need.

Bob slowly unveiled the glossy dark brown triangle of her bush, then whisked the panties down her long shapely legs and drew them off. Sharon deliberately parted her thighs a little to show him the moist red flesh of her pussy, and he gave a horny shyer. She was usually a reserved and controlled person, but today she felt like a wanton slut. She smiled invitingly at Bob as he stood beside the bed and ogled her voluptuous body.

Then he started taking off his clothes. It drove Sharon wild. He was the high school track coach, and he was in super condition, but she'd never seen him naked before, and she could hardly wait. She was hotly aroused by his broad, hair-matted chest and his hard muscled arms and legs. He had a nice flat belly and trim hips. But of course one part of body captured her interest more than any others. She was practically panting with eagerness as he peeled his jockey shorts down over his hard-on. It seemed to take forever, but at last he stepped out of his shorts.

Sharon stared with undisguised hunger at his wrist-thick cock. He was fantastically hung, much to her delight. His stiff prick was a good eight inches long, rigid with engorgement and bulging with blue veins. Glistening bubbles of juice were oozing from his piss hole, and his tautly swollen balls were thickly furred with dark coarse hairs. His cock was so stiff it didn't even quiver as he slid onto the bed and reached for Sharon.

She went into his arms without hesitation, hot juice spurting from her cunt and soaking her pussy and inner thighs. She wanted this man urgently, and she saw no point in denying it. She was far too horny to be coy or shy. She tried to recall how long it was since she'd been fucked, and decided it had been three years. Until now she hadn't really been aware of how badly she needed it. She was actually shaking with lust as Bob kissed and caressed her. "Scared?" he asked.

"No, just incredibly horny," Sharon laughed.

He leered at her, then kissed his way down from her full red lips to her big ripe tits. He covered the creamy-skinned melons with hot kisses and teasing stabs of his tongue, and then he licked his way to one of her rigid red nipples and caught it between his lips.

As he sucked it into the steam heat of his mouth, Sharon moaned and almost came. Her nipples were extremely sensitive, and as Bob began sucking on the tender buds, she felt hot stabs of pleasure. She lay on her back gurgling and moaning and creaming helplessly.

"Ohhhhh, yes, baby, yessssss," she hissed, "you're making me so damned hot."

Her words alone were enough to arouse Bob out of his mind. She'd never been like this before, never let herself go with him. The moment he'd met her, half a year ago, he'd known he wouldn't rest till he fucked her, but getting there hadn't been easy. She was gorgeous and bright, but her guard was up. It had taken him a long time to get even a goodnight kiss from her. But all the waiting had been worth it. Sharon was proving to be hot blooded and completely uninhibited, everything he'd hoped she'd be.

He sucked one nipple, then the other, and she was panting and quivering and telling him how much she liked it. She was everything he wanted his wife to be, beautiful and horny and smart -- and open. She didn't try to hide her mounting lust as he hungrily sucked her big ripe tits. Finally her nipples were as stiff matte could get them, and he left them and began kissing and licking his way lower down her luscious silky-skinned body, till he was breathing into the soft fur of her bush.

She smelled deliciously of soap, cologne, and natural spicy female scent. He growled lustily as he pressed his face against her hot swollen mound. Sharon laced her fingers through his hair and whimpered with need. She opened her legs wide, and Bob quickly sank down between them and brought his face within an inch of her luscious-looking red pussy slit. He pushed her legs into a bent position, opening her pussy completely. He stabbed at her erect clit with the tip of his tongue.

"Ooooo, Bob, yesssss," she squealed.

It had been such a long time since a man had gone down on her she'd almost forgotten how fantastic it felt. And it soon became clear that Bob was an expert pussy-eater. He folded back the dark-furred lips of her pussy and lathered her swollen cunt with his hot spit. He tongued and probed everything he saw, the steaming folds of her pussy, the tiny mouth of her cunt, the throbbing button of her clit. He tongued even lower, teasing the little puckered mouth of her asshole.

"Ohhhhh, my God, Bob, I can't take much more of this," Sharon moaned, "you're getting me so excited, I can't stand it."

Bob's response was a lusty growl as he jammed his lips onto her hot little clit and began sucking her off. Sharon gave a piercing scream of intense pleasure and soaked his face with an instant flood of scorching pussy juice. His sucking lips gave her violent tremors of pleasure. Groaning, she greedily shoved her pussy hard against his face, forcing her clit all the way between his lips. She screwed her eyes shut in ecstasy, and in no time at all she was hovering on the brink of climax.

"Unnnhhhhh, shit, it's so good," she groaned. "You're gonna make me come, honey, don't stop."

For so long she'd masturbated every time she got horny, hardly giving it a thought. It was just an automatic response with her. She was a busy and ambitious young woman, she had a career to think of, and often she couldn't take the time to hunt up a suitable man when she needed sex. So she'd just use her own fingers, and then she could get on with her work. But now she realized that playing with herself hadn't truly satisfied her. There was a huge reservoir of lust inside her that only the right man could satisfy.

She knew Bob was that man. He was sucking her clit like he was starved for her tangy cream, gobbling up her juice as it poured fibs her hotly aroused cunt. He was giving her incredible pleasure, and she knew that afterwards she wouldn't be content to masturbate any more. Playing with herself just couldn't compare to the fantastic pleasure she was getting from her fiancee's darting tongue and sucking lips. In less than a minute she was coming like a bomb, her tall big-titted body convulsing hard.

"Unnnnggghhh, I'm coming, baby, I'm coming!" she howled.

Bob felt his face flooded with sizzling spurts of her juice, and her body was shaking so hard that he couldn't keep her clit between his lips. He rose to his knees and watched her coming, so turned on that he wanted, for a second, to grab his stiff cock and jack off all over her writhing, bucking body. Then he decided to save his hard-on for her sizzling little cunt. He'd been wanting to cram his cock into that hot little pussy for six months now, and at last it was going to happen!

"Ahhhh, I'm coming so good," Sharon moaned.

Bob didn't think he'd ever seen anything so arousing as this beautiful tall young woman climaxing. She was out of control, her dark hair flying, her big ripe tits bouncing and jiggling. There was a thick river of pearly come cream flooding from her cunt. She couldn't possibly fake that hot flooding or the violent spasms of release that wracked her body. At last she went still and opened her big blue eyes. They focused right on his belly-hugging hard on.

"Mmmmmmm," she moaned, licking her lips and reaching for his cock.

"Jesus," Bob gasped.

Sharon fisted the thick hairy base of his cock, sat halfway up, and stuck out her tongue. She began licking up all the juice that oozed from his piss hole. The wet juicy meat felt fantastic on the sensitive head of his prick, and he barely kept from shooting his load all over her face. Snorting with excitement, he watched her stiff little tongue tip darting all over the big purple bulb of flesh. She gobbled up every drop of his cream and greedily ate it. "Mmmmmm," she panted, "mmmmmmm."

Bob couldn't believe his luck. Every man and boy in their small town wanted to fuck this woman, but only he was lucky enough to get her into bed and see the lusty female she'd kept hidden. He gritted his teeth and struggled not to come as he watched her tongue darting all over the sensitive head of his cock. But he knew he couldn't hold out much longer, and after a few more seconds he gently eased her onto her back with her legs bent and wide open.

"Honey, I can't wait any longer," he said hoarsely. "I have to fuck you now."

Sharon grinned and held out her arms. He groaned and sank down on her, his thick, coarse chest hairs enveloping her stiff nipples. She felt the big hard head of his cock skidding over the slick flesh of her pussy and sinking into the flooded little mouth of her cunt, and she gave a greedy jerk of her hips, impaling herself on that fleshy knob. She creamed all over the head of his cock as it spread her delicate cunt lips and filled the opening of her hungry pussy.

"Yessss, fuck meeeee," she hissed.

Bob growled and plowed into her, too aroused to be gentle. Luckily Sharon was up for it. She arched her body to take his hard driving cock, and she screamed in ecstasy as she felt her long-starved cunt crammed full of the hard throbbing prick meat. He shoved his cock to her womb, and she drenched it with sizzling juice. She clung to him, digging her nails into his shoulders and whimpering with excitement.

"Ohhhhh, baby, that's good," she panted, "your big cock feels so good in me."

"Your hot little pussy feels good, too," Bob leered.

Her cunt was fantastic -- tight and hot and slick with juice. He shoved his hands under her churning ass and began to fuck her in steady rough rhythm, plowing to her cunt -- with each hungry thrust of his cock. She matched his rhythm with her jerking hips, working her juice-filled pussy up and down the steel-stiff shaft of his cock. She was everything he'd hoped her to be, lusty and uninhibited, a woman who loved to fuck and didn't mind showing it.

"Unnnhhhhh, Bob, it's so damned good," she whimpered. "Fuck me forever, baby, don't ever stop."

Bob wished it could be that way, but he knew they were both too turned on to last. Soon they were going at each other like rutting animals, growling and snarling and slamming their bodies together to get red-hot friction between cock and cunt. Sharon was the first to go into orbit, screaming in ecstasy as a violent orgasm blasted her body. But Bob was right behind her, howling with bliss as he flooded her womb with molten jizz.

"Unnnhhhh, I'm coming, whhaaahhhhh!" Sharon wailed.

"Ahhhhh, fuck, shit, aaaggghhhh!" Bob bellowed.

It had been a marvelous fuck, Sharon reflected now, as she lay on her bed playing with herself and re-living every second of the experience. And she'd been right -- masturbating just didn't do it for her any more. If she hurried over to Bob's place right now, they could fuck before she had to catch her flight. She leaped to hex feet, threw on some clothes, grabbed her suitcase, and ran out of the house. In minutes she was pulling up in front of her fiancee's house.

She was so dizzy with lust, she almost stumbled as she hurried up the front walk. Thank goodness Bob's car was in the driveway. She'd have gone crazy with frustration if he hadn't been home. She just wouldn't rest till she felt his big hard prick plowing in her lust-inflamed cunt. Without bothering to knock, she flung open the front door and barged inside. Then she stopped short and gasped.

Bob was home, all right, but he wasn't alone. He was standing with his back to her, and he had his arm around a girl. His arm was around her trim waist, and she was leaning her head on his shoulder. She was a very pretty girl, slender, young, with long honey-blonde hair. She was just raising her head and starting to give Bob a kiss on the cheek when Sharon burst into the room. Bob and the girl whirled and stared at the unexpected intruder.

"Oh, my God," Sharon gasped.

In that split second her whole world came crashing down. Bob had won her, he'd gotten through the barriers that no other man had penetrated -- and now this! It looked as if all along he'd had another girl on the side. Bursting into tears, Sharon angrily wrenched off her engagement ring and threw it at his feet. She hurried for the door, stumbling, almost blinded with her tears of rage and humiliation.

"Sharon, honey, wait," Bob called after her. "You don't understand."

"Oh, I understand, all right," she spat, "and the engagement is off. I don't ever want to speak to you again."

Bob kept calling after her as she raced down the walk, but she didn't listen. She jumped into her car and drove to the airport, trying to calm down and sort out her feelings. She still had to attend that teachers convention and write up a report about it. She owed that to her fellow teachers. With half an hour left before her flight, she ducked into the airport bar and ordered a double martini. That helped a little in calming her down.

But nothing could take away her bitterness about what she'd seen, about what Bob had done to her. And to add to her trouble, she was still achingly horny. Bob had awakened a lot of powerful needs and instincts which she'd kept buried. Now those needs had to be satisfied, but how? She no longer had a man.

"Oh, my God," Sharon sighed. "What am I going to do?"


During her flight to Los Angeles, Sharon found a solution to her dilemma. Since she obviously couldn't trust men, she'd give up on love and marriage. But she wouldn't give up sex. She'd just leave affection out of it and fuck any attractive man who came on to her. There was no reason to do without, she decided, even if she was soured on men for the rest of her life.

With that bitter resolution in mind, she landed in Los Angeles and headed straight for the nearest airport bar. The convention didn't begin till that evening, and her motel room was already reserved, so she was in no big hurry. She decided to relax with a martini while she struggled to get Bob out of her mind. She was still having some trouble with that. All the more reason to find another man to have fun with, and to find him fast.

She'd hardly had a sip of her drink before another martini arrived. "Where did that come from?" she asked the cocktail waitress.

"The gentleman at the end of the bar sent it," the girl replied.

She indicated a very attractive man in his thirties. He was tan, well-built, and had thick dark hair and mustache. Sharon knew she'd have no trouble getting turned on to him. She gave him a smile and he picked up his drink and walked over to her table. As he approached, she ogled his body frankly. He was in very good shape -- probably worked out every day. He paused beside her table and gave her a polite smile.

"Hi, my name's Ross," he said. "Want some company?"

"I'm Sharon," she said, "and yes, company would be nice."

They chatted and she found out Ross was a salesman who traveled around a lot and had never been married. He sounded like a strictly one-night stand, which was exactly what Sharon was looking for. She didn't want to get involved again. Involvement only meant getting hurt. So Ross seemed like the perfect way to begin her new life of sexual freedom. She didn't discourage him when he ordered another round of drinks.

"What about you, Sharon?" he asked. "Ever been married?"

"No," she said, "and I never will be."

"You sound bitter," Ross said. "A beautiful girl like you will surely get married some day."

"I don't have time for it," Sharon said coldly. "My career comes first."

"Okay, okay," Ross smiled, patting her hand, "I see I've hit a sore spot. Let me try another question. Have you given up on sex, too?"

Sharon had to laugh. "No, I haven't, Ross," she said. "Why do you ask?"

"As if you didn't know," he grinned. "Your place or mine?"

It was that easy. Sharon, who'd been avoiding casual encounters and quick sex all her life, was astonished at how simple it was to get fucked. She agreed to go to Ross motel near the airport, and five minutes later they were in his room taking off their clothes. It happened so fast that Sharon didn't have much of a chance to get aroused. But Ross was a very experienced lover, and he sensed that something was wrong. He waited till they were naked, then hugged Sharon and rubbed her back.

"Easy," he said soothingly, "I know something's bothering you. I bet you had a fight with your boyfriend."

Sharon nodded but said nothing, not wanting to talk about it to Bob.

"Okay," Ross went on, "I'll make you a promise. In thirty seconds you're going to forget all about the guy? Okay?"

Sharon nodded eagerly, hoping he could make good on that promise. He scooped her up and carried her over to the king-sized bed. He laid her down and arranged her with her knees bent and her legs wide open. Then he crawled between her legs, and she felt his hot breath fanning her naked pussy. Her interest picked up very fast. Then she felt the first delicious touch of his tongue on the swollen flesh of her cunt and she whimpered with excitement and began to cream.

"Go ahead," Ross challenged, "try to think about your boyfriend."

Sharon could have cursed him, for right away that unwelcome vision popped back into her head -- Bob with his arm around that lovely strange girl. But the vision vanished just as fast as it had come, as Ross began whipping his big hot tongue up and down over her juicy red line of her pussy. His tongue raked deliciously over her most sensitive places, her swollen clit and the creaming mouth of her cunt and even over the puckered opening of her ass. She couldn't think about Bob when she was feeling such fantastic sensations.

"Oooooo, yessss," she squealed, "lick my pussy, Ross, I just love that."

Until she fucked Bob a few days earlier, she'd been three long years without a man, and she had a lot of lust stored up. She figured Ross could tongue her pussy for about a week and she wouldn't get tired of it. She lay there gurgling in bliss, legs held wide open, as he expertly lashed his tongue up and down the creamy line of her clit, giving her hot blasts of pleasure. Soon she was helplessly creaming all over his bobbing chin. The molten cream dribbled down the crack of her ass and puddled on the bedspread.

"Unnnhhhhh, yessss, that's so damned good," she moaned.

She was only just beginning to realize what a strain it had been on her to keep up her image as a teacher. She had to be above reproach, perfect in every respect, and she could never let her students or their parents know that she was a naturally lusty and hot-blooded woman. Now, with this near-stranger, she could let herself go at last. Ross didn't even know her last name, and she'd never see him again. She didn't have to worry about her image now.

So she gurgled and moaned and wantonly rubbed her hot hungry pussy against his lashing tongue. After he'd tongued her entire cunt and left it glistening with his hot spit, he zeroed in on the fat throbbing bud of her clit, the most sensitive organ of her body. He teasingly rimmed the pulsating shaft with the stiff tip of his tongue, and Sharon squealed with excitement. Then he caught her clit between his lips and began to suck on it, and Sharon almost flew off the bed, the pleasure was so sudden and violent.

"Unnnhhhhhh, yesss, suck me off," she moaned, "I need to come so bad, Ross."

All of a sudden her lust seemed unbearable. She'd repressed it for a few hours, while she was so angry and upset with Bob, but now it was returning in full force, burning through her body. She'd been horny for days, she realized, ever since she and. Bob had fucked, and only another long hot fuck session would relieve her lust-wracked body. She responded to Ross' expert hot sucking with hoarse moans of ecstasy, and she creamed heavily all over his face.

"Ahhhhhh, God, that's so good," she moaned.

He was making an obscene slurping and snorting noise as he sucked, and that just turned her on all the more. His sucking got faster and harder by the second, and Sharon shrieked in bliss and thundered toward an urgently-needed orgasm. She screwed her eyes tightly shut, blotting out everything but the incredible pleasure she was feeling. That hot pleasure built and built in her pussy till she could hardly stand it any longer. Greedily she arched her body, rubbing her clit hard between Ross' lips, aching to get off.

"Ooooo, make me come, please make me come," she whimpered desperately.

Ross made her come, all right, in a way she'd never have predicted. Still sucking loudly and hungrily on her throbbing clit, he slid a hand under her churning ass and felt around till he located the tiny puckered mouth of her ass. She gasped as she felt him wriggling his little finger up that tight but juicy hole. She'd never had anything up her ass before, and she was astonished at how exciting it felt. Ross started pumping his finger in her asshole and kept sucking on her clit.

"Unnnnggggghhhh, shit, I love it," she gurgled.

She'd never felt such intense pleasure before. All her previous lovers had been amateurs compared to this guy. She had a hunch that Ross wanted all his lovers to be sitting in their rocking chairs forty years later remembering him, saying, "That Ross, the salesman, what a terrific fuck." He wasn't about to get involved with any one girl, but he didn't want to be forgotten, either. All this was fine with Sharon, more than fine. All she really craved was the thorough inventive fucking he was giving her.

"Ross, you crazy, you're gonna make me come," she gasped.

She hadn't realized it was possible to come from having her asshole stimulated, but it was just about to happen. Ross was sucking hard on her clit, giving her hot blasts of pleasure, but what was really driving her over the edge was his stiff finger pumping steadily in her greedily gripping asshole. He gradually worked his finger deeper in the untried hole, till he was in as far as he could get. Sharon threw her head back and wailed in ecstasy as he probed the hot depths of her ass. She felt herself coming, the most violent climax she'd ever had in her life.

"Ajhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, shit, you did it, whhaaahhhhhhh!" she screamed. "Ahhhhhh, Ross, I'm coming so hard!"

Ross kept right on stimulating her as she came, his lips tugging and squeezing her throbbing clit, his finger reaming her spasming asshole. His skill made her climax doubly intense and prolonged. By the time she finally came down from it, she was totally breathless and limp. As she lay there recovering, 'Ross rose to his knees and wiped her sticky cream from his face and mustache. He was grinning broadly.

"I got the impression you liked that," he said.

"Mmmmm, it was heaven," Sharon sighed. She didn't mind complimenting him -- he deserved it.

"And I bet you'd like more, wouldn't you?" he leered.

"Oh, wow, would I ever," she giggled.

"Great," he said, "because pussy-eating just happens to be my favorite hobby."

He ducked down, nosed into her steaming cunt again and this time he lifted her long legs and draped them over his shoulders. She was completely open to him, and she couldn't have escaped even if she'd wanted to. She lay back and panted and gasped with delight as he once more tongue-whipped the entire length of her moist, scarlet pussy. When he'd whetted her appetite and gotten her to panting loudly and clawing the bed, he finally zeroed in on the creaming mouth of her cunt, running the stiff tip of his tongue around and around the tight ringed opening.

"Oooooooo, Ross, oooooooo," Sharon squealed.

It was very exciting, what he was doing to her, but before long it ceased to satisfy. She wanted to feel more than just the tip of his tongue in her cunt. She wanted to feel every throbbing inch of his prick inside her body. Hungrily she began jerking her hips, trying to impale her pussy on his snaking tongue, but he wouldn't let her do it. He was deliberately puffing back each time she thrust at him and soon she was whimpering with frustration.

"Ross, damn it, give it to me, quit playing around," she moaned.

Leering, he raised his cream-smeared face and said, "Tell me exactly what you want, baby, and I'll give it to you."

So that was his game. He wanted to hear her beg for it. Well, she didn't mind. She was just too horny to be bashful about her needs.

"Please, Ross," she moaned, "cram your tongue up my cunt."

"That's more like it," he grinned.

He shoved his face between her legs again and she felt him shoving the whole length of his thick tongue into her cunt, stuffing her with it and almost touching her womb. It was just the sensation she'd been craving, something big and hot and stiff in her famished pussy hole. She flinched with the impact, gasped, and then fed him a huge steaming flood of cream.

"Ahhhhh, yessssss, that's it," she moaned, "give me that big tongue."

Ross cupped her hot little ass and began pistoning his thick tongue in and out of her cream-flooded pussy. His tongue made an obscene sucking noise that echoed through the room, and it added to Sharon's wild excitement. She threw back her head, closed her eyes, and wailed in ecstasy as his expert tongue-fucking hurtled her toward another body-wracking climax. She'd been way overdue to come, and now she knew that one orgasm wouldn't be enough. She needed to glut herself on corning -- and Ross seemed to be just the man for the job.

"Oooooo, do it to me, do it to me," she squealed, digging her nails into the bed and greedily shoving her red-hot pussy against his face.

Ross' head bobbed faster and faster between her widely spread thighs, and his tongue pistoned hard and deep in her greedy little pussy hole. She began tightening her cunt around his spearing tongue, creating more hot friction, and the pleasure built in her pussy till she was shaking and sobbing with it. He must have sensed that she was right on the verge of coming because he worked quickly to bring her to climax. He wriggled his little finger up her asshole and pumped it in short hot stabs, and Sharon screamed and went right over the edge.

"Whaaahhhh, yeah, I'm coming!" she howled.

He clutched her ass tightly and kept her steaming pussy pressed against his face as she came. His thick hot tongue worked deep in her convulsing pussy, reaming out the floods of her pearly come-juice. He ate her out as she climaxed, gulping the tangy cream as fast as he could. At last she went limp, and he undraped her legs from his shoulders and let her rest. Sharon sighed with the delicious after-shocks of her violent climax.

"You're fantastic," she grinned, "and you know it."

"That's right," he laughed. "And now, if you've had enough pussy-eating, how about putting out for me?"

He rose to his knees and displayed his stiff cock. It was flat against his belly, rigid and drooling. Sharon's blue eyes went hot and hungry at the sight of it. She'd just come twice, and violently, but already she felt horny again. This session wouldn't be complete, she felt, unless she enjoyed Ross' handsome stiff cock. Her cunt boiled and creamed, and she writhed with longing.

"Yesssss," she hissed, "stick it in me, fuck me."

"Let's do it doggy-style," Ross leered.

Sharon had no objection. She really didn't care what position they did it in, as long as they fucked. She rolled onto her hands and knees and Ross grasped her shapely little ass and drew it up in the air. She shivered with lusty anticipation as his hands slid to her hips and grasped firmly. She felt him wedging the big hard head of his prick into her slippery cunt mouth and she moaned softly. He started pushing into her, going slowly, savoring the sensation.

"Ooooo, yesssss, stick your cock in me, Ross," Sharon moaned, "give me very fucking inch, baby."

She'd never behaved like this before, never used that kind of language or been so uninhibited and wanton. It was as if, after breaking up with Bob, nothing mattered any more. She didn't care about her pride or her reputation. All she cared about was getting well-fucked, grabbing all the pleasure she could. She moaned softly and steadily as Ross crammed his big hard prick into her cunt, and she creamed all over his throbbing cock meat. At last his cock hit her womb.

"You got it all, baby," he said hoarsely, "and now I'm gonna fuck the living shit out of you -- provided that's okay with you, of course."

"Do it," Sharon laughed, "I need it."

"So I noticed," Ross replied.

He was really curious as to why such a knock-out chick would be so hard up for fucking, but he'd already guessed that she didn't want to talk about it. It was just a fantastic piece of luck that he'd been the first to come on to her in the airport bar, because this lady was out to fuck her way through L.A., no holds barred. Now her cunt felt hot as a blast furnace around his sawing cock, and it was deliciously snug and juicy, too. He sighed with bliss as he fucked into her, sheathing his cock again and again in her velvety little pussy hole.

"Ahhhhh, yeah, you got a nice tight cunt, baby," he moaned.

No wonder, Sharon thought it had hardly ever been used. She'd been so careful about men that she hadn't been fucked more than a dozen times in her twenty-five years. But that kind of restraint was over. She wasn't going to deprive herself of pleasure any longer. She didn't have to be cautious about men now anyway, because she didn't intend to get involved. She let herself go completely as she took the steady deep thrusts of Ross' iron-hard cock, clawing the bed and gurgling and creaming. Each hard lunge of his prick gave her a hot blast of pleasure.

"You like it, baby," he panted. "Am I fucking you the way you want it?"

Good old Ross, he always aimed to please.

"Yesssss," she moaned, "you're fucking me so good, honey, I just love it."

She wished the delicious sensations could go on forever. She wondered if she'd ever been fucked enough in her life -- probably not. She felt like she could take his hard-driving cock for days and still keep coming and coming. She had so much lust stored up, it was going to take more than one man to satisfy it, but it sure was going to be fun trying. For the first time she began to look forwards to her three days in L.A..

"Mmmmm, yeah, fuck it to me, baby," she panted. "Fuck my pussy good, Ross."

Her naughty words of encouragement had just the effect she wanted. Ross snorted with excitement and began to fuck into her very hard, his flat belly smacking her ass loudly. She gurgled with bliss and dug her nails into the bed to withstand the impact of his pile driving cock. This was the kind of rough steady fucking she craved. Her body shook and her big ripe tits jiggled and swayed. The red-hot friction between cock and cunt was driving her wild, and her creaming was out of control. She drenched Ross' prick, and the excess juice flooded down her thighs.

"Unnnhhhhh, yeah, you big bastard, you're fucking me good," she whined, "you're gonna make me come."

"You better believe it, baby," Ross growled.

He fucked into her so hard that the bed began to creak and shake. Sharon loved it. She screwed her eyes shut and blotted out everything else. As he hammered his stiff cock clear to her womb, she felt blast after blast of hot pleasure ripping through her pussy. She started to come, and she couldn't stop. This had never happened to her before -- a whole firecracker string of orgasms that went off one after another.

"Oooooo, shit, I'm coming, I'm coming," she gasped, "I can't stop!"

Ross felt her fiery-hot little cunt convulsing around his prick, squeezing arid releasing in a hard hungry rhythm. Her pussy was sucking the come right out of his balls. He fucked into her as hard as he could and felt the scorching wads of jizz spurting from his prick.

"Take my come, baby, take it!" he groaned. "Awwww, fuck, shit, aaaggghhhh!"

"Give it to me, Ross, cream me good!" Sharon wailed. "Ohhhhh, honey, I'm coming so damned good!"

It was the most fantastic climax she'd ever had, and maybe that was because she'd never completely let go before. She'd always been worried about what her partner would think of her later. But with Ross there was no such worry. They finished fucking, said polite goodbyes, and walked out of each other's lives. As Sharon took a cab to her motel, she was looking forward to more encounters like the one she'd had with Ross. And why not? She didn't owe anybody any allegiance, not any more. She was free to have all the fun she wanted.


That night, during the first session of the teachers convention, Sharon spotted so many attractive men, it made her head swim. It was going to be impossible to pick one man out of so many winners, so she decided just to let the men come to her. From the way they were looking at her, she figured she wouldn't have to wait long. After a few short speeches, the formal part of the meeting was over, and the delegates got drinks and circulated through the hall.

Sharon had been to these conventions before, and she knew that many of the delegates were married men looking for adventure. A lot of them had been married ten or twenty years, their marriages had gotten dull, and they were itching to make it with somebody new. Those were just the men Sharon wanted to meet, because with them there'd be no commitments, no entanglements. She wouldn't even have to tell them her last name, and she'd never see them again. She wanted to make it with as many of these men as possible during the three-day convention.

She felt greedy about it because when she got home again she wouldn't have such chances. She lived and taught in a very small town, and no matter how careful you were, any fooling around was soon detected and gossiped about. So if she wanted to make up for all her lonely years without men, if she wanted to satisfy her stored-up lust, now was the time to do it. She kept an inviting smile on her face as she strolled through the hall, and soon she got what she was after. A strikingly handsome man in his early forties approached her.

"Hello, my name's Larry Morton," he said politely, "and I'm looking for someone to have dinner with, preferably someone nice to look at. Can I interest you?"

"My name's Sharon," she replied, carefully omitting her last name, "and I'd love to have dinner with you, Larry."

An hour later, after a nice meal, they were in his hotel room having a night cap. That had been easy to accomplish because Larry was so obviously on the make. He was trying to be cool about it, but he couldn't hide his lust for Sharon. His eyes kept wandering up and down her body, and she noticed that the crotch of his pants was swelling up. She felt pretty horny herself. Things looked very promising. But they had the whole night ahead of them, and she saw no reason to rush.

"Are you married, Larry?" she asked.

He reddened. "How could you tell?" he sighed.

"It's just that your finger isn't tan where your wedding ring was," Sharon laughed.

"I might as well level with you," he said. "I wouldn't ever leave my wife, not after so many years and four kids, but our marriage isn't much to brag about. Doreen's frigid, always has been. She seems to think the only reason to make love is to have kids. When we get it on, she just lies there like a corpse." He sighed again and tossed off the rest of his drink.

Sharon was glad he'd gotten the truth out. She didn't like to fuck under false pretenses. But now that they both understood it was a one-night stand, she could let herself go with the guy. And with an enticing smile, she scooted closer to him and laid a hand on his knee. She squeezed, and Larry almost fell out of his chair. His eyes darted to her ripe cleavage, boldly revealed by her low-cut dress.

"Watch it," he said hoarsely. "I'm so horny for you, I'm about to pounce."

"Then pounce," Sharon smiled.

He leaned over and kissed her, hungrily snaking his tongue into her mouth. Sharon creamed right through her panties. She'd been very well fucked that afternoon by Ross, but by now she was hotly horny again and eager for a good hard fucking. Larry seemed like just the man for the job. She let him probe her mouth with his big hot tongue, and she felt her nipples go rigid with arousal. He finally broke the kiss and looked at her with lust-glazed eyes. He obviously wanted her, but he didn't know how to proceed. He probably hadn't seduced a girl in fifteen years.

"Why don't we take our clothes off and get more comfortable, Larry?" she purred.

"G-Good idea," he stammered.

Sharon stood up and started taking off her clothes, and he just sat there and gawked at her. That was okay with Sharon because they had plenty of time. Besides, it kind of turned her on to have such an eager audience. Facing him, she wantonly thrust out her tits and stripped off her bra. At the sight of her big melon-shaped tits, his mouth dropped open.

He ogled the heavy, creamy-skinned globes of her rigid red nipples. Sharon hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her panties and began inching them down.

Larry was hardly breathing as her dark triangular bush came into view. She moved her panties down slowly, teasing him, till she popped them over the firm rounds of her ass. Then she let them fall down her long shapely legs and kicked them away. Naked, she walked over to the bed and stretched out on her back, parting her legs just enough to give him a tantalizing glimpse of her wet red pussy. Her big tits stood up firm and stiff-nippled, and her long dark hair shimmered out over the pillow. She could tell by the hot look in his eyes how good she appeared. Now the fly of his pants was enormously tented.

"Come on, Larry," she cooed, "get undressed and join me."

He tried to say something, but nothing came out except a horny croak. Dizzily he began to undress. Sharon was sure that his heart was pounding. It wasn't hard to guess that this was the first time he'd ever been unfaithful to his wife. Oh, he'd probably cheated hundreds of times in his fantasies, but this was the first time he'd gotten the nerve to do it in real life. He had to be wildly excited -- and Sharon intended to make it a night he'd never forget.

She watched with undisguised hunger as he took off his clothes and dropped them on the floor, too intent on fucking her to bother with neatness. His expensive three-piece suit soon lay in a rumpled pile. She liked his body. He was tall, lean, and hard. She shivered lustily as he peeled down his shorts and revealed his steel-stiff cock. He was nicely hung. Not as nice as Bob -- but she didn't want to think about her ex-fiancee. She concentrated on the handsome stranger who was naked now and walking toward the bed, his prick so rigid it didn't even quiver with his movements.

She rolled over to make room for him, and he slid onto the bed with a horny growl, grabbing her and pulling her into his arms. As he gave her a deep steaming tongue-kiss, his engorged cock poked sharply against her belly and left trails of sticky juice. She reached down and fisted his prick, eagerly squeezing and pumping it. At last Larry broke the kiss and gave a wistful sigh as he looked down at her pumping hand.

"I wish Doreen would do that," he sighed.

"She doesn't play with your cock?" Sharon said wonderingly.

"She'd rather touch a rattlesnake," Larry said grimly. "She's never played with it, touched it, sucked it -- I really miss that kind of thing."

That was obviously Sharon's cue and she took it. Grinning, she rolled to her hands and knees beside him, bent down low, and fanned his stiff-standing cock with her hot moist breath. As he realized she was going to go down on him, Larry moaned with eagerness, and she saw a big hot glob of cream forming at the tip of his cock. Hot saliva rushed to her mouth at the sight of that creamy liquid, and she flashed out her tongue and gobbled up his salty juice.

"Jesus, yes," he gasped.

The moment her hot little tongue contacted his naked prick, the guy was in heaven. He lay back with a blissful grin on his face and watched as Sharon hungrily lapped up the hot juice that oozed from his piss hole. She didn't have to fake her enthusiasm. She'd always gotten off on the taste of cock, and tonight was no exception. Eagerly she scooped up big wads of cream from his drooling cock head and rolled them around in her mouth, savoring the taste. Then she gulped them greedily and went after more.

"Mmmmmmm, I love the taste of your cock, Larry," she gurgled.

"I can't believe this is happening," he groaned.

For a dozen years and more Larry's favorite jack-off fantasy had been this -- a gorgeous young girl kneeling beside him and licking his cock like it was an ice cream cone. That was all it took to make him come like crazy in his own pumping fist. Now it was happening for real. The most beautiful girl at the convention was eagerly licking up his cock cream and eating it. It was so much better than his fantasy, he couldn't believe his luck.

"Yeah, baby, go for it," he moaned, "eat all that juice."

Not that she had to be urged. Sharon acted as if she hadn't eaten in a month. As fast as the hot cream bubbled from the cleft of his cock, she speared it up on the tip of her tongue and ate it. She wanted even more of the tasty cream, so she snaked her tongue into his piss hole and reamed it cuit. Larry panted with excitement as he watched her cleaning the head of his cock. When she'd gotten all his juice, she started licking her way down the thick blue-veined shaft, gobbling up the trails of juice and eating them.

"Mmmmmmm, mmmmmm," she moaned.

Soon she had the whole shaft of his prick gleaming with her hot spit. She tongued her way down to the hairy base of his cock and right into his lust-engorged balls. Larry gasped and almost shot his load as her scorching wet tongue touched his sensitive nut sac. She lathered his balls with hot spit, and then her greedy little tongue trailed even farther back between his legs, teasing the wrinkled mouth of his asshole.

"If you do that one second longer I'm gonna come," he groaned.

Sharon gave a muffled laugh and retreated, licking back the way she'd come, over his balls and up the granite column of his cock shaft. Once more her greedy tongue touched the supersensitive head of his prick and he groaned and fed her a steady stream of hot sally cream. It was a miracle he'd held out this long. He fought the urge to conic all over her pretty face. Her tongue was driving him wild as it swirled faster and faster around the engorged purple head of his cock.

"Ahhhhhh, Christ, I can't hold out much longer, baby," he warned her.

Sharon knew he was dying to come in her mouth. Obviously his wife had never let him do it, and he was aching to try it. That was fine, because she was starved for his cream. She fisted the thick base of his cock, opened her red-glossed lips as wide as she could, and brought them down around the upper half of his rigid prick. As he felt his meat sheathed in the searing wetness of her mouth, he gave a violent lusty shudder and a hoarse groan.

"Shit, yeah, honey, suck my cock," he panted, "take it in your mouth and suck me!"

His prick throbbed wildly on her tongue. She took in as much as she could without choking, then drew in her cheeks and began to suck. She started out slowly and sensuously, drawing the tasty hot cream out of his piss hole and savoring it before swallowing. Larry writhed and moaned, his prick leaking a steady stream of juice. Glancing up, Sharon saw that his face was contorted in a grimace of ecstasy, his eyes screwed shut. He was totally in her power, oblivious to everything but her sucking mouth.

"Ahhhhhhh, slit, don't stop," he groaned. "I love it."

Sharon's own hot arousal was increasing by his growing pleasure. She liked being in control for a change, turning the man on with her mouth and tongue. Gradually she increased the speed and force of her sucking, and Larry went wild. Thick hot globs of cream gushed from his cock and dripped into her tongue. He writhed so hard she could scarcely keep his cock in her mouth, and she finally had to kneel between his legs and cup his churning ass, controlling the jerking of his pelvis.

"Ahhhhhhh, fuck, it's good," he whined.

Sharon realized that he had to be living out a very long-term fantasy. She was doing something to him that he'd only dreamed of for years. That made her even more excited, and she went after his cream greedily, suctioning it out of his piss hole and gobbling it down. To Larry it felt like she was trying to suck the come right out of his balls. He completely lost control of himself and began fucking her mouth, jerking his stiff cock right into the back of her throat.

"Get ready, baby, I'm gonna shoot," he moaned.

Sharon had to draw back a little or get choked by his big jack-hammering cock. She let him piston the stiff prick meat over her slippery tongue while she sacked faster and faster, drooling all over his cock as she thought about getting a whole steaming mouthful of his delicious come. It wouldn't be long now. Larry was groaning steadily and fucking faster and faster into her mouth, and his engorged cock was throbbing violently. Sharon gave one long powerful suck and felt the first sizzling spurt of jizz hitting the back of her throat.

"Awwww, fuck, I'm coming, aaaggghhh!" Larry roared.

"Mmmmmm, uuummm!" Sharon moaned.

In an instant her mouth was steaming with a huge load of come. She let it collect till her cheeks bulged out and the sticky cream began to leak from the corners of her lips. Then she gulped it down, and just in time, too. Larry bellowed and filled he mouth with another sizzling load of jism. He fucked hard at her mouth, and now she didn't try to stop him. She wanted every single drop of his delicious come.

"Ahhhhhh, Christ, I can't stop coming," he panted.

Sharon gurgled with excitement as the bellowing man filled her mouth again and again with his hot salty jizz. It wasn't hard to tell that he hadn't been fucked in a long time. Sharon felt sorry for Doreen, his wife. The poor bitch didn't know what she was missing when she refused to see the fun in sex. Larry could be a really terrific lover, if only he'd gotten any encouragement at home. Finally he shot the last drops of his come and Sharon raised her head and smiled at him.

"Did you enjoy that, Larry?" she purred.

"Are you kidding?" he laughed. "Honey, that was a dream come true for me. And now I wanta do something for you, okay?"

"Okay, Larry," Sharon grinned. "Just what did you have in mind?"

"You'll find out," he leered. "Just lie on your back and open your legs wide, and I'll give you a nice surprise."

Sharon obeyed quickly, eager to feel, his steel-stiff cock reaming her horny little cunt. But Larry surprised her. He went belly down between her legs, and she felt his hot breath fanning her swollen pussy. She should have guessed. Any guy who was starved for cock-sucking was likely to be starved for pussy-eating, too. She gurgled with anticipation, then gasped as Larry's big hot tongue began to lash her lust-inflamed pussy slit.

"Oooooo, Larry, I love that," she squealed. "Lick my pussy all over, baby, get me off."

Larry had apparently been fantasizing about eating pussy, too, because he seemed starved for her tangy cream. He probed every fold and cranny of her pussy, tonguing up her juice and swallowing it with a greedy gargling sound. Finally he began reaming out her cunt, plowing his thick tongue deep into her velvety wet pussy hole, and Sharon went wild with excitement, feeding him rush after rush of sizzling juice. She arched her body up to take his pistoning tongue as deep as she could.

"Unnnhhbhh, yeah, that's it, baby," she moaned, "give me that big old tongue, fuck me with it."

Larry growled and shoved his hands under her lustily grinding ass, holding her wriggling body in place. Sharon tried to control her urge to buck and writhe. She threw her legs up over Larry's shoulders, opening herself to hint completely, then gave a hoarse moan of ecstasy -- as she felt his tongue touch her womb. She lay there sobbing as he ate her out. She'd never felt such pleasure from a man's tongue before.

"Unnnhhhhh, Larry, it's so damned good," she moaned. "Keep doing it, I'm almost there. I wanta come all over your face, baby, I want you to eat my come."

Larry must have liked the idea because he tongued into her all the harder, making an obscene snorting and snuffling sound as he gobbled her helplessly gushing pussy juice. His nose rubbed her swollen clit, giving her hot stabs of pleasure, and his chin rubbed the sensitive puckered mouth of her ass. She was being deliciously stimulated all over her crotch, and soon she was hovering on the verge of a powerful climax. Larry plowed his thick tongue to her womb and she took off.

"Oooooooo, you did it, I'm coming!" she shrieked.

Larry felt her cunt clamp like a vise around his tongue. Suddenly her come-cream was squirting out, drenching his tongue and splattering all over his face. It was better than any of his horny fantasies to have this gorgeous young girl coming in his face and feeding him blast after blast of tangy cream. He eagerly gobbled up her juice till she finally went limp. Then he came up for air, wiping the sticky cream from his face and grinning.

"I guess I didn't do too bad, did I?" he chuckled.

"You did great, Larry," Sharon said with a blissful sigh. "Now why don't we finish the evening with a nice long fuck?"

She was eyeing his belly-hugging hard-on. Even after coming so hard from his greedy tongue-fucking, she knew she wouldn't rest till she'd had his cock as well. And it was obvious that Larry wasn't going to disappoint her. With a horny growl, he let himself down on her and drove his steel-stiff cock roughly into her juicy little cunthole. Sharon took it with a gasp of delight. She craved some hard fucking, as hard as she could get it.

"Yesssss, get into meeee," she hissed. "Give it to me, Larry, fuck my pussy good, baby."

Larry clutched her hot little ass and started fucking into her like a pile-driver, snorting with lust as he hammered his stiff cock in her deliciously, snug but juicy cunt. Sharon clung to him and dug her nails into his shoulders whimpering and squealing her pleasure as she took his steady, rough fucking. She couldn't stop creaming. She soaked his prick, and then the molten liquid overflowed her crammed cunt and gushed down the crack of her ass.

"You like it, baby?" Larry rasped. "Am I fuckings you good?"

"Unnnhhhh, you're rattling my teeth and I love it," Sharon gurgled. "Give it to me hard, Larry, as hard as you can."

She didn't know how many hard fucks it would take to finally satisfy her raging lust, but she was just getting started. That hot fuck with Ross and now this lusty session with Larry were a good beginning, but it was going to take even more. It was a good thing the convention was lasting three days! Sharon wailed in ecstasy as Larry's pistoning prick reamed every inch of her hot little pussy hole and drove her helplessly towards climax.

"Ahhhhhh, Larry, you're fucking me so good," she wailed, "I'm almost there, I'm gonna come fast."

"You and me both," he groaned.

Sharon arched her body and rubbed her lust-engorged clit against his sawing cock shaft. That was all it took to send her into orgasmic convulsions. Her cunt clamped hard around. Larry's deeply lodged prick, and he began to come, too.

"Unnnnhhhhh, Larry, you're making me come," she gasped, "I'm coming so hard!"

"Awwwwwwww, shit, aaaggghhhhh, take my come, awwwwww!" Larry bellowed.

Afterwards he invited her to stay with him all night, but Sharon declined. She had to attend all the sessions of the convention and take notes, as she'd promised her fellow teachers. Just as important, she didn't want to get attached to any one guy. She liked Larry a lot, and that was a bad sign. Tomorrow she'd go after another attractive stranger, then another -- and maybe some day she'd finally satisfy her burning lust.


Sharon was busy till noon the next day, attending meetings and taking notes. By then she was ready for a brisk walk and some fresh air. She changed into jeans and sandals and t-shirt and left the hotel. She hadn't walked two blocks before the incident happened. An old lady in front of her had bet purse snatched by a young man who'd darted out of an alley.

"Hey, stop!" Sharon cried, running after the kid.

As she started running, she realized she had no hope of catching him. In fact she hoped she didn't catch him because she'd be no match for him in a fight. But maybe chasing him and yelling would have some effect. And it did.

After a few blocks the kid panicked, dropped the purse, and fled. A few seconds later a patrol car sped up and screeched to a halt. A cop jumped out -- and Sharon couldn't help noticing what a sexy-looking guy he was.

"What happened here?" he asked breathlessly.

As Sharon explained, she looked him aver. He was just over six feet tall, ruggedly built, and very handsome. His blond hair was bleached by the sun, and he had electric blue eyes. Sharon hadn't expected to make it with anybody but the prowling married men at the convention, but here was a man she definitely wanted. She stood up straighter and thrust out her chest a little more, showing off her big firm tits under the tight t-shirt. She thought she saw the cop sneak a glance.

"Okay, Miss Lester," he said, "will you wait here a second, please? I may need to ask you a few more questions, but first I'll see that the lady gets her purse back."

Sharon waited by the patrol car while the cop hunted up the robbery victim and returned her purse. While he was gone, Sharon debated about whether to come on to him. She really had the hots for the guy, and her pussy was feeling all steamy and wet as she thought about fucking him. But maybe he was on duty and wouldn't have time for her, or maybe his particular code of ethics didn't allow him to mix business with pleasure. She was still debating when he returned. He held open the car door for her.

Sharon was surprised. "You need me at the station?" she asked.

As they got into the car and he pulled away, the cop broke into a grin and said, "I do have one more question for you, Miss Lester. How about having lunch with me? It's just about time for my break."

Sharon flashed him a big smile and said, "I'd love to have lunch with you, Officer..."

"Jim," he grinned.

"And you can call me Sharon," she said.

They hadn't driven many more blocks before they decided to have lunch in Sharon's motel room. By then neither one of them was interested in food. Jim left the prowl car in the anonymity of the huge motel parking lot, and they took the elevator up to the third floor. Sharon was quivering with excitement as she fitted her key into the door. Discovering Jim had been totally unexpected, a very nice surprise.

As soon as she locked the door behind them, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her hungrily, backing her against the wall. Sharon snaked her arms around his neck and rubbed her body against him, and as she did so she felt his cock balloon into hardness against her rubbing mound. His tongue searched her mouth and she felt her aroused cunt leaking a thick flood of juice that soaked right through her panties.

"Mmmmmmm," she murmured, darting her tongue into his mouth.

As they exchanged darting tongues, Jim's hands explored her tall curvy body and ended up on her tits. He rubbed her nipples through her t-shirt till they were stiff and throbbing. Now Sharon was creaming through her jeans. Jim's hard-muscled body turned her on like crazy! At last they broke the kiss and stared hungrily at each other, their faces flushed, their eyes hot and glassy with lust. Jim picked her up and carried her over to the bed.

"The minute I saw you, I wanted to get into your pants," he confessed with a grin. "Lucky my lunch hour was coming up."

"The feeling was mutual, Jim," Sharon purred as he laid her down.

He sat on the bed beside her and pushed up her t-shirt, ogling the tightly packed cups of her little lacy bra. He reached around her, unhooked the bra, and drew it off. He was just dropping it on the floor when they heard a key turning in the lock. They were both so startled, they didn't move as the door opened and a motel maid walked in with an armload of clean linen. She was at middle-aged woman, on the stout side, and when she saw Jim and Sharon she stopped in her tracks.

"Oops," she said. Then as she recovered from her surprise, she grinned and said, "I'll put on the 'Don't Disturb' sign as I go out, okay? And remember to use the chain lock."

She set the linen on a chair and left. "A woman after my own heart," Jim laughed. He walked over and put on the chain lock, then leered at Sharon. "Now, where was I?"

Sharon leered right back at him, and as he approached the bed, she was creaming like crazy. He sat on the edge of the bed and cupped her big firm tits and squeezed them. Her stiff nipples dug into his palms, and he could feel her hot tits throbbing as he molded them. Sharon's thick eyelashes fluttered, and she moaned softly as he played with her tits. She reached out and rubbed the hard bulge at his fly.

"We don't have much time," he sighed.

"I know," Sharon said, "so why don't you take off your clothes?"

He stood up to undress, and as she watched him, she wriggled out of the rest of her clothes. He had a terrific body, hard and hairy and well-muscled. As he tugged down his shorts, she stared hungrily at his thick seven-inch prick. It wagged stiffly and lewdly before him as he crawled onto the bed and Sharon couldn't resist grabbing for it. She curled her fingers around the heavily throbbing shaft and began to pump.

Jim grinned and slipped a hand between her legs. While she pumped his prick, he felt around and explored her pussy. It wasn't long before his fingers were wet and sticky with her helplessly oozing cunt cream. He found the small tight mouth of her box and eased the tip of his middle finger inside. Sharon creamed all over it. Jim gave a snort of lust and started working his thick finger up her cunt. That magic her very excited, and she tightened her grip on his big hard cock and pumped it even faster.

"Yes, Jim, yessss," she panted.

Like other men she'd made it with in the past few days, Jim wondered how in hell such a beautiful girl had gotten to be so frantically horny. A girl with Sharon's looks should never have been hard up, and she shouldn't have to go out on the streets to find a man. But he sensed she wouldn't want to talk about it. For sonic reason she was desperate for sex, but he wasn't going to ask her why. He was just going to enjoy the stroke of luck that had come his way.

"More," Sharon whimpered, "give me more, Jim."

He was edging his thick finger slowly up her cunt, and she was creaming all over it and writhing with lust. At last he got his finger into her clear to the last knuckle, and he could feel her fiery-hot cunt gripping and tugging at it, as if to draw it even deeper. He started finger-fucking her, jerking his finger in quick, hard strokes. It made a lewd sucking noise as it reamed the hot cream from her pussy. Sharon gave a squeal of delight and clutched his cock even harder.

"Oooooo, yeah, that feels so good," she cried.

Jim could hardly, wait to get his cock into her cunt. With his finger he was exploring her, and he found her cunt deliciously tight, hot and slippery. He probed deep, as deep as he could, and he kept up a steady fucking motion with his finger. Sharon gurgled and creamed, and her pussy got hotter by the second. Her fist slid quickly up and down the rigid pole of his cock as she eagerly pumped it. Soon they were both panting and flushed with excitement.

"Unnhhhh, Jim, you're gonna make me come," Sharon squealed.

Leering, he jerked his finger even faster in her steaming little pussy hole, and she threw back her head and closed her eyes in ecstasy. He knew she was right on the brink of climax.

The trouble was, so was he. With his free hind he gently disengaged her fist from his cock. A few more seconds of her greedy pumping and he'd have been coming all over the room. He finger-fucked her fast and hard, and suddenly he kit her cunt clamping tight around his plowing finger.

"Ahhhhhh, God, you did it," Sharon groaned, "I'm coming!"

Her cunt clamped and released violently around his finger, and her tall, luscious body rocked and bucked. As he watched her come, his cock gave a horny lurch and leaked thick streams of juice. He couldn't wait much longer. She was still quivering with the aftershocks of her orgasm when he crawled between her legs and socked the swollen head of his prick into her squirting cunt mouth. The big fleshy knob split her pussy lips wide and plugged the tight opening of her cunt. Sharon whimpered ecstatically as she felt him gilding into her.

"Shit, yes, give me that big hard cock," she panted. "Give me every inch of it, Jim."

She certainly wasn't acting like the prim, dignified English teacher they knew back home. Naked, her face contorted with lust, she lay with her knees bent and her legs held wide open, moaning in ecstasy as the young cop plowed his steel-stiff cock to her womb. His plunging prick forced the thick hot cream out of her cunt, and it gushed down the crack of her ass and puddled on the bedspread. As his cock touched bottom, she moaned hoarsely and dug her nails into his broad shoulders.

"You got it, baby, you got it all," he panted.

"I feel it," Sharon moaned, "and it feels so damned good! I wish it could stay in me forever."

"So do I, honey," Jim sighed, "but I gotta be back to work in half an hour. So hang on for a quick ride."

He shoved his hands under her hot little ass, got a good grip, and began fucking her like a stallion, with thunderous hard strokes that made her body shake. Luckily she was up for it. His rough fucking made her wild with excitement and she fucked right back at him, jerking her hips to his rhythm, slamming her juice-slick cunt up and down the granite column of his cock. It wasn't long before the bed was bouncing and creaking.

"Unnnhhhhh, unnnhhhh," Sharon gasped.

"Too hard for you?" Jim panted.

"Noooooo, I love it," she whimpered. "I love you to fuck me hard, baby, as hard as you can."

That was just what Jim wanted to hear. He wished he could spend all day and night with this gorgeous sexy young woman, but he didn't dare be out of radio contact when his lunch hour was over -- and after that it was home to the wife and kids. So he had to make the most of what he had. He fucked into Sharon's hot little cunt as if fucking was going to be outlawed. Their bellies smacked loudly together, and they were both gasping and moaning.

"Awwwwww, Christ, fantastic," Jim groaned.

"Unnnhhhhh, do it to me, baby, give it to me hard," Sharon wailed.

The young cop didn't have much finesse compared to other men she'd fucked. There's been just about no foreplay. He was only interested in straight fucking. But Sharon wasn't knocking it at all. She couldn't get enough fucking these days, and Jim's hard, steady pounding was just what she craved. She lay there with her legs wide open, letting him hammer her womb with his pile-driving cock, letting him ream out her juicing cunt. She felt the pleasure building in her cunt till it was more than she could contain.

"Uunnnhhhh, I'm almost there, Jim," she whimpered, "just a little more, make me come."

Jim gave a lusty growl and fucked into her as hard as he could, brutally hard. He wondered how her body could take so much punishment, but she kept urging him on, clinging to him, jerking her hips to his rhythm. "Yessss, baby, yesss," she hissed, "you're gonna get me off fast."

Jim hoped, so, because he was more than ready to come himself. He hammered his cock into her with all his strength and speed, and then he felt his balls exploding with their hot load.

"Awwwwww, fuck, I'm coming, awwwww!" he bellowed.

"Oooooooo, Jim, you did it, I'm coming!" Sharon howled.

Somehow the first sizzling spurt of his come had done it for her. She felt that molten liquid hit her womb, and she was over the edge, coming like a bomb. Their bodies rocked hard together, and they moaned and panted in one hot mutual climax. It went on for almost a full minute before Jim finally collapsed on her, panting hard against her neck. He was absolutely still for a few seconds, his prick throbbing deep in her come-filled cunt. Then he gave an exclamation of surprise.

"Jesus," he laughed, "I'm still hard."

"I know," Sharon purred, "I can feel it. Maybe your cock's trying to tell you something, Jim."

"Yeah, it's telling me you turn me on like crazy," he leered. He peered at the bedside clock. "Well, this must be my lucky day. We've still got ten minutes."

"Then let's make the most of them," Sharon smiled. "How about letting me do the work this time?"

"I sure as hell can't turn down a deal like that," Jim laughed.

He rolled over onto his back, taking her with him, and she sat up, straddling his lap with his throbbing cock still buried to the balls in her scorching, wet cunthole. She grinned and started pumping her hips up and down, working her slippery cuntal tube around his rigid cock. Jim folded his arms behind his head acid watched her, wondering if he'd died and gone to heaven. She was one of the mast beautiful girls he'd ever seen, and here she was fucking him, while he just lay there and enjoyed it. It sure beat his usual kind of lunch hour.

"Yeah, baby, do it to me," he leered, "give me some action."

Sharon leered right back at him. She was enjoying being in charge for a change, dictating the speed and rhythm of their fucking. She started out with a slow, sensuous space, teasingly gliding her velvet-lined cunt up and down the granite column of his cock, but her greedy lust soon made her speed up. She started fucking him fast and hard, slamming her pussy down till his prick hit her womb. Jim was grinning broadly the whole time.

"Good for you, Jim?" she leered.

"Baby, this is fantastic," he sighed. "I just wish it never had to stop. But..."

"I know," Sharon said, sighing, too, "the damned clock."

Determined to get him off once more before he had to leave, she fucked at him hard and steadily, tightening her cunt to make red-hot friction. Jim appreciated her efforts, and he also appreciated the fantastic view he had from his position. He could watch her beautiful face contort with pleasure each time his cock hit her molten depths. He could watch her big melon-shaped tits bouncing and swaying as she fucked him. Most exciting of all was to watch his thick blue-veined cock plowing in and out between her hugely stretched cuntlips. His rigid hard-on was dripping with her cream. He felt his excitement rising to fever pitch.

"I'll take the wheel now," he leered.

He grabbed her by the waist and started fucking into her like a pile-driver. Sharon gasped and then moaned in ecstasy. She'd really gotten off on fucking him, but this way they could do it a lot harder. And she craved to be fucking hard. She still hadn't begun to satisfy the raging lust in her pussy. Now she threw her head back and wailed in ecstasy as Jim hammered his massive hard-on in her hot little cunt.

"Unnnhhhh, yeah, baby, really give it to me," she yelled. "Fuck the living shit out of me."

Jim gritted his teeth and struggled not to come, wanting to prolong his pleasure till the very last second. He sensed he wouldn't have many chances like this in his life. It wouldn't be too often that a fantastically beautiful girl eagerly took him to her motel room and fucked his brains out. Jim loved his wife and thought she was a terrific mother, but often he wished she was a bit more adventurous and responsive in bed. That was why Sharon was turning him on so much. She loved to fuck, and she wasn't ashamed to show it.

"Ahhhhhhhh, Jim, it's heaven," she wailed, her eyes screwed shut, her head lolling back. "Give it to me hard, I'm almost there."

He fucked into her as hard as he could, making her whole body shudder with the impact. Her long dark hair flew, and her big tits swayed and jiggled. His pile-driving cock was forcing the cream from her cunt in thick hot spurts. He could feel her tightening her cunt around his cock as she got closer to coming, tightening till it was like a velvet vise. He didn't think he could hold out a second longer as her flaming-hot pussy hole began sucking at his cock, forcing the jizz out of his balls.

"Awwwww, shit, I'm gonna come," he gasped.

"Me, too, Jim," Sharon sobbed, "just give it to me real hard, punish me with that big hard cock."

Jim roared and fucked into her so hard the bed rattled. Her cunt clamped hard around his jack-hammering cock, and he felt his meat soaked with a scalding rush of juice. Sharon's gorgeous body stiffened for a second, then began to buck and sway as a violent orgasm ripped through her. She threw back her head and screamed in ecstasy.

"Ahhhhhh, God, I'm coming!" she wailed. "I'm coming so damned good!"

Jim took one last lusty look at her before he screwed his eyes, shut and began pumping his load into her womb. "Take my come, baby, aaaggghhhhh!" he roared.

"Give it to me, cream me good," Sharon sobbed.

Jim felt like his guts were being emptied out, he came so long and so hard. When he finished, his steaming jizz was overflowing her crammed cunt and streaming down her thighs. Sharon gave him a grateful grin as she crawled off him, and he turned to look at the clock. He had exactly one minute to dress and get bak to his patrol car. With a yelp, he leaped out of bed and fumbled for his clothes.

"It's been great, honey, but I have to run," he panted.

"I know, Jim," Sharon laughed as she helped him into his uniform.

She let him out of the room and removed the 'Do Not Disturb' sign, then went to take a shower. Just as she was stepping out of the bathroom, there was a knock on the door, and then the same motel maid as before walked in. When she saw Sharon, she smiled, not at all upset about their previous encounter.

"Have a nice time?" she asked.

"Mmmmmm-hmmmm," Sharon sighed. "Wasn't he a hunk? I just met him by accident a little while ago. Maybe it was crazy, but I just had to have him."

"Honey," the maid laughed as she began to change the sheets, "at your age I would have done the same thing. And it's nothing compared with some of the stuff that goes on in this place."

"Oh?" Sharon said, her interest picking up fast. "Like what?"

"Every way there is to make it, they'll do it," the maid said. "When you work in a motel long enough, you'll end up seeing it all. The next few days are gonna be pretty wild, I can tell you. These teachers are something else. I've seen them at conventions before, and they're wilder than anybody."

Sharon grinned as she listened. She found the information fascinating. So teachers were the biggest swingers of all when they were away from home? She could believe it. And now it was time to go out and connect with some of her fellow swingers.


The second night of the convention was a little more business-like than the first, and Sharon was kept fully occupied taking notes and attending meetings until almost ten o'clock. After that she headed for the hotel lounge and a double martini, wondering if she'd even bother to look for a man that evening. It might be a better idea just to turn in early because she had such a full day ahead of her.

She quickly changed her mind when she spotted a very handsome, distinguished looking man looking her way. He was in bit fifties, well-built, with silver hair, and he was better dressed than most of the delegates to the convention. And he was obviously interested in Sharon. Her lust returned in full force, and she flashed the man a smile. He picked up his drink and walked over to her table. Up close, he was even better-looking than she'd first thought.

"Hello," he said, "my name's Tom Blakely. Would you mind some company?"

"Not at all," she replied. "I'm Sharon. Won't you sit down?"

After half an hour's talk, she'd learned all she needed to know. Tom Blakely was a principal, very successful and popular in the little Oregon town where he worked, and he was a happy father and grandfather. There was just one sour note in his life. His wife considered herself too old for sex. She'd never been terribly interested in sex to begin with, but now she refused to have anything to do with it. Unfortunately, Tom was still very much interested.

"And that," he sighed, "is the reason I'm having an affair with my secretary."

Tom had been drinking quite a bit, and he told Sharon things he normally would have kept secret. But he seemed to understand that everything he said was safe with her, that they'd never see each other again after tonight. He told her all about his secretary, a rather homely but hot-blooded woman in her thirties, who was everything he wanted in bed -- except good-looking. His wife, on the other hand, was beautiful but frigid.

"If I could just combine the two of them," he sighed, "I'd have it made." He downed his drink and looking longingly at Sharon. "What about you, Sharon? Are you frigid?"

Sharon had to laugh. "No, Tom, I'm not." She smiled.

"How do I know that?" he replied. "I bet you're putting me on."

"Oh, would you like me to prove it?" Sharon said impishly. "Come on up to my room and I'll show you I'm not frigid."

She swallowed the rest of her drink, got up, and left the lounge without a backward glance. Of course she was taking a chance, but she was ninety-nine per cent certain that Tom would follow her. Sure enough, when she got into the elevator, he was right behind her, flushed and surprised-looking. They were alone in the elevator, but he didn't grab the opportunity to touch her. He just stared, his eyes wandering up and down her statuesque body.

"You're putting me on, of course," he said finally.

"Why don't you come to my room and find out?" she said mysteriously.

He accompanied her to her room, and she closed the door behind them and put on the chain lock. Then she began to take off her clothes. Tom sank into a chair and stared at her as if he just couldn't believe what was happening. Sharon could understand that. It must seem pretty unreal to have a beautiful young girl take him to her room and strip for him, promising to prove to him that she wasn't frigid. It clearly wasn't the sort of thing that happened to men every day of their lives.

By the time she got down to her bra and panties, Tom was sitting on the edge of his seat and breathing harshly. His handsome face was flushed, and his eyes were hot and glassy with horniness. Because he was leaning forward, hands in his lap, Sharon couldn't tell if he was getting a hard-on, but she wasn't worried about it. She reached behind herself and unhooked her bra and let it slip down off her arms. Tom's eyes widened at the sight of her magnificent big tits.

"I hope you're not just putting me on," he said hoarsely.

"You keep using that expression," Sharon smiled. "Why?"

"Because this is too good to be true," he said.

Still smiling, she began to inch down her panties. She could hear his heavy, hard breathing. She moved closer and closer to him, till his breath was fanning her bare belly. She give him a close up view of her slowly unveiled bush, then she turned and popped the panties down over the firm little globes of her ass. She let go and allowed Tom to tug her panties down the rest of the way. She stepped out of them, naked except for her black high heeled shoes, and turned to race him again.

"Stand up, Tom," she purred, "and I'll help you undress. That is, if you want to get it on with me. Do you?"

"Is the pope catholic?" Tom sighed.

He stood up, and Sharon carefully removed all his expensive clothes. It was a drag taking off that three-piece suit and all the trimmings when she felt so impatient and horny. When she had him nakcd to the waist, she ran her fingers through the thick mat of curly silver hairs that covered his broad chest. Her fingers trembled with excitement as she completed stripping him. The crotch of his shorts was lewdly tented, and she carefully peeled the garment down over his hard-on.

"See what you did to me?" he said hoarsely.

"Mmmmmmm, nice," Sharon purred.

His thick cock was long and rigid as a steel post. It lay flat against his belly, and it drooled hot gobs of cream. Sharon felt famished at the sight of it, and she dropped to her knees before him, stuck out her hot little tongue, and began lapping up his salty juices. As her juicy tongue played over the sensitive head of his cock, Tom groaned and shivered. He laced his fingers through her thick chestnut hair as she tongued his cock.

"Christ, that turns me on," he sighed.

"Come on over to the bed, and I'll turn you on even more," Sharon promised.

She licked up the last droplet of cream from his piss hole, and then they climbed onto the bed and Tom pulled her into his arms and kissed her hungrily, working his tongue around in her mouth. She wantonly rubbed her soft bush against his stiff cock, and she felt her pussy swelling and creaming and growing fiercely hot. She could hardly wait to take Tom's rigid prick into her greedy little cunt. She kept writhing against him as he kissed her, and when he finally came up for air, he looked at her wonderingly.

"My God, you're really horny, aren't you?" he said.

"Mmmmmmm, I sure am," Sharon sighed, grinding her bush against his cock.

"I don't understand it," he said, "a beautiful girl like you having to pick somebody up in a bar."

"Don't look the gift horse in the mouth," Sharon said.

"I'd hardly refer to you as a horse," he laughed.

He started kissing his way down her body, pausing to lather her big red nipples with his hot spit, tonguing the soft cones till they swelled into long stiff buds. When her nipples were rigid, he kissed his way into her bush, then up and down her inner thighs, and then all over her body, kissing and tonguing till she was squealing with excitement. He acted like he wanted to eat her up. She was his fantasy come true, a girl who was both beautiful and lusty.

"Mmmmmmmm, Tom, you're driving me wild," Sharon panted. "You just have to fuck me, baby, fuck me now."

She'd learned that he was normally a very reserved and dignified man, as he had to be in his job as a principal. But now he was hot-eyed and panting, his face flushed, his silver hair tousled. He rolled her onto her back and she eagerly parted her legs wide and bent her knees, offering him her juicy red cunt silt. With a growl of lust he crawled between her thighs and socked the big hard head of his prick into her tight but elastic cunt mouth. She moaned with anticipation.

"Yesssss, stick it in meeeee," she hissed. "I can't believe this," he groaned.

"Believe it," Sharon gasped, thrusting hungrily with her hips.

She clung hard to him, clawing his broad shoulders, and shoved her juice-slick cunt down the rigid shaft of his cock, too impatient to wait for his thrusts. She managed to take his thick throbbing prick almost to her womb. Then he caught up with her. Shoving his hands under her lustily grinding ass, he began to fuck into her strongly, plowing deep and cramming her full of hot hard cockmeat. Sharon threw back her head and wailed with delight as she took the rough thrusts of his big engorged prick.

"Unnnhhhhh, yeah, that's it," she moaned, "fuck me good and hard, Tom, really give it to me!"

His eyes were glazed over, and he was grinning as he fucked her, obviously having the time of his life. Sharon was glad to give him pleasure because he sure as hell was giving her a good time. Even after that delicious fuck with Jim, she was nowhere near satisfied, and she knew she'd have trouble going to sleep unless she got off a few more times. She was glad she'd picked up Tom in the bar. It might have been more sensible to turn in early, but she could be sensible when she got home again. In fact she wouldn't have a choice.

"Do it to me, do it to me," she chanted, working her hips to the rhythm of his pistoning cock. "Unnnhhhhh, Tom, that feels so damned good."

"I'll say it does," he panted.

Each time he sank hit cock into her, sheathing the swollen meat in her juicy, gripping cunt, he gave a grunt of pleasure, and he could feel his prick throb and swell. His jerking shaft rubbed her clit, giving her hot jolts of pleasure, and his big hairy nut sac slapped and spanked her sensitive asshole. She was being deliciously stimulated all over her pussy, ad she was loving every second of it. She matched each deep lunge of his cock with a greedy upward thrust of her hips.

"Ahhhhhhh, yessss, fuck me, Tom, don't ever stop," she moaned.

She wished they could fuck all night, but already she was spinning helplessly towards climax, her boiling lust demanding to be satisfied. She arched her body higher and higher, taking his jack-hammering cock as deep as she could get it, and she steadily made her cunt tighter, creating more red-hot friction. She was creaming heavily, the molten liquid overflowing her crammed cunt and gushing down the crack of her ass. Soon she was teetering on the edge of a consuming orgasm.

"Oh, God, I'm almost there," she whimpered. "Fuck it to me, Tom, make me come."

Tom clutched her ass even harder, pulled her tight against him, and fucked into her like a pile-driver, making her whole body shudder with the impact. That was exactly what she needed, his steel-stiff cock blasting into her body, raking her ultra sensitive clit. She exploded, her body rocking and convulsing with successive tidal waves of pleasure. Her thick come-juice boiled around his cock and flooded out to soak her thighs.

"Ahhhhhhh, yes, yes, I'm coming!" she wailed. "Ohhhhhhh, my God, am I coming!"

She expected Tom to come right along with her, considering how aroused and horny he was, and she waited to feel the hot flood of his jizz filling her cunt. It didn't happen. He just kept fucking into her steadily and roughly as she came, and each deep thrust of his cock gave her a violent jolt of pleasure. Her head lolled back, and her pretty face twisted in a grimace of ecstasy as she came. After nearly a full minute, she went limp, gasping for breath. Tom was still fucking her, snorting with lust as he hammered his prick into her come-slick pussy. Sharon opened her eyes and stared at him.

"You-you didn't get off," she said.

"Uh-uh, I'm just getting started," he said, as if this were perfectly normal for him. "How about rolling over with me?"

"Uh, of course," she stammered.

He flipped over onto his back, taking her with him, and she was sitting on him, riding his jack-hammering cock. He held her by the waist and fucked into her as steadily as ever, making her body quiver with the impact, making her big heavy tits jiggle like jello. He was a little flushed in the face, but otherwise he looked fresh and energetic. Sharon began to wonder if she'd finally met her match, a guy who could fuck as long as she could.

"Unnnhhhhh, yeah, that's good, honey," she whimpered, "so damned good. You're not getting tired?"

"Hell, no," Tom laughed, "I like to fuck as long as I can -- don't you?"

"I suck do!" Sharon grinned.

She gave up trying to quiz him. As she'd said to him earlier, don't look the gift horse in the mouth. She just rode his pistoning cock and gurgled and moaned with pleasure. Even though she'd just come like a bomb, she was feeling lusty again, hungry for another body wracking orgasm. And she was sure she could have all the orgasms she wanted with Tom. He was a regular fucking machine, pounding away tirelessly, not even winded or sweaty. He just grinned and fucked -- and fucked and fucked.

"Unnnnnhhhhhhh, unnnggghhh," Sharon moaned, "so damned good."

She leaned forward and ran her fingers through the thick silver hair of his chest. She bent low and watched his thick cream-soaked cock jerking in and out of her fur-fringed cunt. It turned her on in a kinky way to observe his big prick going in and out of her body. It was making a soft lewd sucking noise as it reamed out her cream. As she watched, her cunt grew hotter and tighter, and her lust reached fever pitch.

"Make me come again," she whimpered, "I just have to come again, Tom."

He leered at her but didn't say anything. She sat upright again, and he reached out and grasped her swollen clit between his thumb and forefinger. He began massaging it, squeezing and releasing, giving her hot stabs of pleasure. All the while he was fucking her hard and steadily. She was almost blacking out with the double pleasure she felt in her clit and cunt. She threw back her head and wailed in ecstasy as his big stiff cock hammered faster and faster in her pussy and his massaging fingers worked her clit.

"Ahhhhhhh, fuck, I'm almost there," she cried, "keep doing it to me, Tom, don't stop."

Tom kept hammering his cock in her juice slick cunt and massaging her clit between his fingers. He was getting off on the view and still wondering at his fantastic luck. Here was this gorgeous big-titted girl, young enough to be his daughter, and she was wailing in bliss as he fucked her, begging him not to stop. He ogled her luscious-looking tits as they swayed and bounced with the force of his fucking, and he watched his thick cock pistoning up and down between her cream-dripping cunt lips.

Then suddenly he felt her cunt going vise tight around his cock. "Ooooooo, shit, you did it, I'm coming!" she howled.

Tom watched her thick pearly come-cream gushing out around the base of his cock and soaking his belly and balls. Her powerful young cunt muscles were squeezing his prick hard, and she was swaying dizzily over him. He had to hold her up while she moaned and convulsed. It was exciting to watch, but at no time was he tempted to come. He liked long, long fucks, pushing himself to the edge and then drawing back at the last second, almost torturing himself with the rage to climax, till he couldn't possibly last any longer. Luckily his mistress adored these marathon fucks. He had a bunch Sharon would love it, too.

"Ohhhhhhh, wow, did I ever get off," she sighed. Then she added in wonder, "But you still didn't come."

"Uh-uh," Tom grinned, "I'm not ready to quit yet. I'm having too much fun. How about doing it doggy-style for a while?"

"You're the driver," she laughed.

She hopped off his impaling cock and rolled to a crouching position, her pert little ass sticking up in the air. Tom gave a lusty growl and crawled up behind her, grasping her curvy hips and screwing the fat purple head of his cock into her tightly muscled cunt mouth. She whimpered and shivered as she felt him fitting the big fleshy knob into the first inch of her cunt, and she drenched the tip of his prick with molten liquid.

"Yesssss, stick it in me, fuck me crazy," she hissed.

He'd meant to be more gentle this time, but her naughty words inflamed him, and he growled and crammed his cock to her womb in one hungry thrust. She took it with a gasp, then a hoarse moan of delight and a big rush of hot cream. He felt her velvety cunt molding itself around his deeply buried cock, gripping and sucking, drenching it with cream. He started fucking into her hard and steadily, his thick cock reaming out her molten juice. She dug her nails into the bedspread and gurgled with delight as she took his pistoning hard-on.

"Ooooooo, yeah, honey, that's good fucking," she moaned, "I love that."

Tom didn't exactly hate it, either. He was grinning broadly as he fucked her from behind, watching her big ripe tits swinging back and forth, watching his blue-veined cock hammering in and out between her widely splayed cunt lips. But the thing that most fascinated him was the tiny puckered mouth of her ass. It was opening and closing to the rhythm of his fucking, as if it wanted some attention of its own. The sight aroused a powerful and exciting memory.

"Let me finish you the way I finish Betty," he panted.

"Betty? Oh, your secretary?" Sharon said. "How's that?"

"I fuck her in the ass," he growled.

Sharon gasped, but before she could say anything, he'd jerked his stiff cock from her cunt and was pressing the fat hard head against her asshole. He popped the thick head inside, then slowly but steadily glided his cream-slick cock up her asshole. Sharon didn't know what to think for a few seconds -- until she realized how incredibly excited she felt. She dug her nails into the bed and gurgled and creamed, the molten liquid trickling down her thighs as Tom worked his thick throbbing cock all the way into her tiny hot asshole.

"You like it, baby?" he growled.

"Y-yesssss," Sharon gasped, "it's crazy, but I'm getting off on it."

"You'll like this even better," he said as he began fucking her in the ass.

"Unnnnnggghhh," she gurgled, "yes, do it to me, fuck my ass, fuck it good, honey."

Her ass was just as horny-feeling as her cunt, and as she got used to having that wrist thick cock pistoning in her rear entry, she began to feel delicious blasts of pleasure. The thick hot juice was gushing helplessly from her aroused pussy and running down her legs. As he felt her asshole yielding and relaxing, Tom fucked into it harder and faster, and she responded with squeals of excitement and more floods of hot sticky cream.

"Ohhhhh, my God, I can't believe this," she whimpered.

But she believed it when she started to come. Tom hammered his steel-stiff cock to the fiery depths of her shitter, and she felt a violent explosion in her bowels, a blast of pleasure that quickly engulfed her whole body. Bucking, swaying, creaming, she began to come, her red-hot asshole squeezing Tom's prick almost flat. He let out a bellow and filled her ass with load after load of sizzling come.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh, Tom, fuck my ass, I'm coming!" she screamed.

"Take my come up your ass, baby," he groaned, "take it, aaaagggghhhh!"

Sharon had no trouble getting to sleep after he left. The guy was old enough to be her father, but he'd fucked her till she was exhausted. That was fine -- she needed her sleep. Tomorrow was the last day of the convention, her last chance to fuck attractive strangers and get away with it. And she intended to make the most of her opportunity.


During the meetings the next morning, Sharon kept her eyes open for men who turned her on, and she didn't have far to look. There were so many of them, she found it impossible to choose. So she did the same thing as before she waited for the men to come to her. And as she was leaving her last meeting before lunch, an attractive guy in his late twenties walked up to her, smiling.

"Don't get me wrong," he said, "but you turn me on like crazy."

"Oh?" Sharon laughed.

He took her elbow and began steering her towards the hotel coffee shop. "Not only that," he said, "but if I don't take you to lunch, I'll be kicking myself for the rest of my life. My name's Ben Hamilton, and I sell textbooks, but I won't try to sell you anything if you'll just have lunch with me."

By the time he finished that little speech, they were in the coffee shop. He was a salesman, all right. He chatted to her amusingly all through lunch, and by the time they finished, she felt completely relaxed with him. She also felt very turned on. Ben was tall, over six feet, lean and hard, with curly reddish hair and bright blue eyes. His friendly aggressive manner suggested that he'd be a take-charge lover. In any case, Sharon definitely wanted to find out what he was like in bed. She soon got the chance.

After Ben had paid the bill and they were walking out of the coffee shop, he leered at her in an exaggerated way and said, "And now, my dear, how about coming up to my room and letting me show you a few, ah, samples?"

Sharon laughed, but then she looked him directly in the eye and said, "Lead the way, Ben. I'd adore seeing your, ah, samples."

He locked surprised, but he hesitated only a second before guiding her over to the elevator. When they got to his room, it was a double. "I'm sharing the room with my friend Tony," Ben explained. "He's working this convention, too. But he's out talking to a client right now, so we should have privacy."

"I sure hope so," Sharon purred as he drew her into his arms and kissed her.

He was an expert kisser, just as she'd expected. And she wasn't surprised to find that his cock was already stiff. She rubbed her mound against his crotch and felt the hot hard bulge, and she began to cream heavily. She looked forward to a nice hard fuck before she went back for the afternoon session of the convention. She just hoped Ben's roommate didn't show up at an inconvenient time. Ben probed her mouth with his hot tongue and she melted against him, her lust quickly growing to a fever pitch. At last they came up for air, and Ben's eyes were glassy with longing.

"Mind if I take off your clothes?" he leered.

"Not at all," Sharon smiled.

Like the other men she'd I been with, Ben wondered why on earth such a gorgeous chick had to pick up a stranger in order to get fucked but he didn't ask questions. He just grabbed the chance that had been handed to him.

Quickly, deftly he began to strip her tall shapely body. As he drew off her clothes, he kissed and tongued her warm satiny skin, and soon she was flushed and breathing hard. Ben had been around, and he knew how to turn women on. But seldom had he been with a girl so beautiful.

He removed her bra and stood there a moment cupping and fondling her big melon shaped tilts. He rubbed his thumbs back and forth over her nipples and watched the large red cones stiffen into long rigid buds. Sharon moaned softly as he coned her sensitive nipples into erection. Then he dropped to his knees and began inching her panties down. She braced her hands on his shoulders as she grew dizzy with lust. When he'd unveiled the silky dark fur of her bush, he pressed his face into it, fanning her swollen mound with his hot breath.

"Mmmmmmmm," Sharon moaned.

He drew the panties down over the firm little globes of her ass and then down her long legs, and she stepped out of them. He remained on his knees, his face an inch from her pussy, and he folded apart the furry lips of her bush and exposed the hot pink lump of her clit. His tongue darted out to contact the fleshy button, and Sharon gave a little yelp, then groaned with pleasure as he began to tongue her clit. He stabbed at it with the stiff tip of his tongue, darting quickly.

"Ooooooo, yessss," she squealed.

"I'd have skipped lunch if I'd known I could have this," Ben teased.

He knelt there and teased her clit with the tip of his tongue till thick streams of pearly juice began to run down her inner thighs. She clutched his shoulders tightly, swaying with lust and moaning steadily. Her cunt was overflowing hot cream, and she couldn't stop the molten rivers that ran down her legs. Ben was turning her on like crazy with his expert cunt licking. Soon she felt so horny she could hardly stand it, and she was clawing at his shoulders in lusty impatience.

"Unnnnnhhhhhhh, Ben, you're driving me crazy," she whimpered, "I need to come so bad."

"Well, I'll just see what I can do about that," he leered.

He stood up, and she frantically started undressing him, fumbling with his tie. Ben helped out, and soon he was naked, too. Sharon hungrily ogled his tall hard-muscled body and especially his long, rigid cock. It weaved heavily before him, dripping hot globs of cream. Sharon drooled at the sight of that salty juice, and she quickly knelt, stuck out her tongue, and lapped up the thick cream that oozed from his piss hole. Ben gave a horny shiver as he watched her.

"Baby, I better get you over to that bed," he said hoarsely, "or I'm gonna be coming all over the room."

He scooped her up and carried her to the bed he'd been using, glancing at the other bed as he did so and silently praying that his fellow salesman, Tony Richards, wouldn't come back for the next half hour or so. Ben had had an incredible piece of luck, picking up this gorgeous girl, and now he hoped he wouldn't be robbed of the prize. His cock gave a horny lurch as he laid her down on the bed and climbed on beside her.

She started to reach for his cock, and he grinned. "You like playing with my cock, honey?" he said. "Just a second, I'll fix it so we can play with each other all we want."

With his instructions, Sharon quickly found herself in the sixty-nine position. Her head was poised right over his stiff-standing cock, within easy tonguing distance, and she could feel his hot breath fanning her pussy. Then there was the delicious contact between slit and tongue as he began to whip the juicy meat all over her swollen, creaming gash, and she whimpered with pleasure.

"Ahhhhhh, yeah, Ben, lick my pussy," she moaned, "I just love that."

She dipped her head, stuck out her tongue, and began licking his fat purple cock head, lapping up all the tasty cream that oozed from his pits hole. The room echoed with the lewd sounds of their greedy sucking, as Ben tongued her pussy and she gobbled his prick juice. It was a kinky and arousing scene, and Sharon wished it could last for hours. She'd had too many quickies at this convention, and she was really up for a few hours of uninterrupted fucking.

"I've got an idea," she giggled. "Why don't we skip the afternoon session and just stay here and get it on? Or are you going to be busy?"

"I had a few people to meet," Ben said, "but it can wait. I like your idea, baby. It suits me fine."

Sharon's conscience reminded her that she should attend those sessions and take notes, but she quickly dismissed that small nagging voice. She had plenty of notes already, enough to bore the next half dozen teachers meetings she'd be attending back home. It was time to let go and enjoy herself. Soon she'd forgotten all about the convention and was conscious only of Ben's tongue lapping deliciously all over her swollen cunt gash while she tongued up his hot cock cream and ate it.

"Mmmmm," she moaned, "uuummmmm, I love the taste of your cock, Ben."

"I dig the taste of your hot little pussy, baby," he said hoarsely. "Let's get each other off this way, okay? Just for openers?"

"Just for openers," Sharon laughingly agreed.

She liked this grit. He was about as serious as she was -- that is, not serious at all. He was here strictly for the fun, and so was she. Now she fisted the thick hairy base of his cock and began to pump it, and when she had ages steady rhythm going, she opened her mouth as wide as she could and brought it down around the rest of his lust-engorged cock. Ben shivered and moaned hoarsely as he felt his meat sheathed in the juicy wet flesh of her mouth. She drew in her cheeks sharply and began to suck greedily on his hotly throbbing prick.

"Mmmmmmm," she moaned.

"Stilt, yeah," he growled, "suck that meat, honey, let me feed you a whole mouthful of come."

Sharon drooled all over the head of his cock as she sucked up his tasty cream. Then she gave a muffled groan of ecstasy as she felt him suddenly cram his whole tongue into her wildly aroused cunt. It was exactly the sensation she craved just then, something long and stiff and hot filling her eager pussy. She drenched his tongue and face with her sizzling pussy juice, and she sucked even faster and harder on his cock.

"Mmmmm, uuuummmmm!" she moaned. Now the obscene wet slurping and sucking sounds were even louder, filling the room, as Ben and Sharon went at each other like hungry animals. Sharon sucked furiously on his cock, suctioning out all the hot tasty cream she could get, while Ben pistoned his long stiff tongue in her scorching little pussyhole, reaming out her tangy cunt juice. They were both so engrossed in their fun, they didn't hear a key turning in the lock or notice the door opening and a young man stepping into the room.

Tony Richards stopped still and gawked.

That lucky bastard! He thought, his mouth dropping open.

When they'd flown out from New York to work this convention, Tony and Ben had joked about all the horny school teachers they were going to seduce, but seriously they really hadn't expected much action. They had a job to do, for one thing. And for another, the women would either be married or not very attractive. They'd worked teachers conventions before. So Tony was really flabbergasted at what he saw now.

Ben was on the bed doing a sixty-nine with one of the most gorgeous young women Tony had ever seen in his life. She was tall, curvy, with luscious big tits that were swaying and grazing Ben's body as she noisily sucked his cock. She was firm and smooth all over, and Tony could tell just from looking at her that her skin was like silk. But of course what really drew his attention was the hungry way she was sucking his buddy's cock. She acted like she was starved for Ben's prick-meat.

Her head bobbed up and down furiously, her long auburn hair flying, and her red glossed lips zipped up and down the granite column of Ben's cock, leaving it glistening with her hot spit. She was moaning softly and steadily as she sucked up Ben's cream and rolled it around in her mouth, savoring the taste. Her throat worked busily as she swallowed the salty juice. No question about it, this was a lady who really adored sucking cock.

Tony shivered with envy as he watched. Ben had his eyes screwed shut in bliss, and he was pistoning his tongue in and out of the girl's hot pink pussy hole, reaming out her musky juices and gobbling them hungrily. Tony felt rooted to the spot. He knew he ought to be a pal and get out, but he longed to go on watching. He'd never watched another couple fucking before, and he found it fantastically exciting. In spite of his good intentions, he stayed right where he was -- and felt his cock going stiff as a board.

The action was getting faster and faster on the bed, the girl's head bobbing up and down, her lips making a lewd, loud slurping and sucking sound as she drew the hot cream out of Ben's engorged cock. Ben's jack-hammer ing tongue was making similar obscene noises as it probed her cunt and reamed out her juice. Tony watched, and his cock strained against the tight confines of his pants. He would have given anything just then to be in his buddy's place.

Well, maybe there was a way he could get in on the action. Once or twice, after they'd had a lot to drink, he and Ben had discussed the possibility of sharing a girl or a couple of girls. The idea turned them both on very much, but they hadn't encountered just the right conditions yet. Maybe this was it. Tony was sure that Ben would be willing to make it a threesome, so it all depended on how the girl felt. Tony slowly moved into the room so that he was within her line of vision. Right now she had her eyes tightly closed, but sooner or later she'd look up and see him. Then he'd know what the score was.

It was just a question of whether he could keep from coming in his pants before she noticed him. The scene was turning him on like crazy! He couldn't help imagining himself in Ben's place, hammering his tongue in and out of her tasty hot cunt while she sucked the thick cream out of his piss hole. He just wondered how in hell Ben had lucked out like this, how he'd found this beautiful girl and persuaded her to get it on. He shifted impatiently from one foot to the other, waiting for her to see him.

Ben couldn't see him. He was standing where his friend couldn't get a glimpse of him. But he had a super view of all the action, which made him both excited and frustrated. He could watch Ben's thick wet tongue working up and down between the girl's fur-fringed cunt lips, and he could watch her hugely stretched lips moving up and down the spit-soaked shaft of Ben's cock. Ben was getting red in the face, making muffled groaning noises, and he seemed to be very close to coming. Tony's cock gave a stiff jerk as he imagined himself coming in the girl's frantically sucking mouth.

But it was the girl who came first. She stiffened for a second, gasped, and then her body began to sway and buck, her big tits swinging wildly back and forth. She sucked with lightning speed on Ben's cock.

"Mmmmm, uuunnnggghhh!" she moaned. As the violent climax wracked her body, Ben whipped his tongue out of her cunt and bellowed, "Suck my cock hard, honey, get me off! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, yeah, here it comes, aaaggghhhh!"

His hips jerked furiously as he began to pump his thick hot load into her mouth. She let the steaming jizz collect till her cheeks bulged with it, then greedily gulped it down. Ben roared and filled her mouth again. Tony seethed with envy as he watched, and his cock strained against his fly. His balls felt ready to burst with their hot load, and he would have given anything to be flooding the girl's mouth with his jizz, like Ben was doing.

"Ahhhhhh, yeah, eat it, baby eat it," Ben groaned.

He finally went still, red-faced and panting, and the girl let his cock slip from her lips. She licked her lips to get the last tasty drops of his come. Then she raised her head -- and saw Tony standing there. He grinned broadly at her.

By pointing at himself and then at the other bed, he managed to indicate that he was Ben's roommate. Then the girl began to smile. Her eyes drifted up and down his body, and she apparently liked what she saw -- a short but powerfully built young man with a gigantic hard-on. She caught his eye and grinned. Tony felt wickedly aroused and he quickly unzipped his fly and eased his stiff cock out for her to look at. She studied it hungrily, licking her lips.

Just then Ben said, "Hey, honey, I feel like I could do another round right away, if you'd just suck my prick a little more."

Sharon shivered lustily. She'd never dream ed of being in a situation like this, but it was turning her on like mad. She fisted Ben's hot semi-hard cock and stuffed the head back into her mouth. She began sucking on it, but all the while she was locking eyes with Ben's roommate Tony, who was grinning and wagging his stiff cock at her. It was kinky, it was outrageous -- and it was making her horny out of her mind! She sucked greedily on Ben's cock, and he responded with snorts of lust.

"Yeah, that's it, baby, suck my cock good and hard," he moaned.

Sharon didn't have to be urged. She drew his prick-meat out like elastic and let it snap back into shape, quickly coaxing it into full hardness. She creamed furiously as his prick swelled and filled her mouth. She knew what was going to happen next. Ben was going to fuck her while his friend watched. Somehow that made her incredibly aroused. She sucked a little while longer, then raised her head and let his stiffened cock snap from her lips. It stood straight up, wet and gleaming with her hot spit, the shaft bulging with thick blue veins.

"Good work, baby," Ben leered. "Now how about climbing aboard for a ride?"

Sharon turned, leaving the sixty-nine position and straddling his body as she faced him. His friend Tony moved, too, out of Ben's line of vision, so that he'd be looking over Ben's head and facing Sharon. His cock was vertical and drooling. His eyes were hot with excitement as he watched Sharon position her dripping cunt mouth right over Ben's fat purple cock head. Then Ben gave a lusty growl, took her by the waist, and slammed his prick into her, hard and deep.

"Unnnhhhhh, yessss, you big bastard, give it to me," she moaned.

"I'll give you every inch, baby," Ben snorted, his face flushing with arousal as he sank his engorged hard-on in her fiery little pussy hole. "Ahhhhhhh, Christ, your cunt's hot."

Tony barely stifled a groan of envy. He was really getting off on watching them, but at the same time his lust was reaching a fever pitch, and he ached to cram his swollen cock into a nice juicy pussy hole. Now he shivered with longing as Ben began to piston his stiff cock in the girl's cunt. She threw back her head and moaned with pleasure, and hot pearly juice overflowed her crammed box and trickled down her thighs. That heavy creaming couldn't be faked. This lovely girl not only loved giving head, she also loved to be fucked!

"Ahhhhhhh, yes, Ben, give me that big hard cock," she whined, "fuck me good, baby."

"You better believe I will," Ben snorted.

Tony couldn't control himself any longer.

As he stood there watching, he started stripping off his clothes. Somehow he was going to get in on the fun -- or he was going to jack off all over the room. As he stripped, Sharon watched him hungrily, digging his powerful hairy body. She was taking Ben's jack-hammering cock with gasps and whimpers of pleasure, and she was creaming uncontrollably. She'd never been in a more arousing sexual situation than this one. She found it turned her on like crazy to have an audience.

"Ooooooo, fuck it to me, fuck it to me," she squealed.

Her words were for Tony as well as for Ben. She knew it was driving him crazy to hear her and watch her as she took his buddy's pile-driving cock. He was watching Ben's thick cock slamming in and out of her body, reaming out her cream. Then he watched her big melon-sized tits quivering with the impact of Ben's fucking, and he studied her lust contorted face. His cock kept lurching and drooling, and he was clearly fighting the urge to fist it and jack off. Sharon deliberately eyed his engorged cock, then licked her lips in a slow sensual circle, silently telling him how much she wanted his prick.

"Oh, Jesus," Tony moaned.

"What in hell?" Ben exclaimed. He jerked his head around and saw his friend standing there, buck-naked and with a hard-on. He burst into laughter. "Tony, what the fuck are you doing here?" he cried.

Tony grinned sheepishly. "Well, old buddy, that's kind of a long story," he said.


"Never mind," Ben laughed, "I probably wouldn't believe it if you told me. Looks to me like you're interested in joining this party, though."

He eyed his buddy with amusement. Tony was standing there with a hard-on that wouldn't quit, and he was just about jumping up and down with impatience.

"That's real perceptive of you, Ben," he said. "Yeah, I'd like to get in on the fun, if it's okay with the lady."

"How about it, Sharon?" Ben asked with a leer. "You wanta make it with both of us?"

Sharon didn't need any time to consider the question. The idea of getting it on with two men at the same lime was terrifically exciting to her. It wasn't something she'd planned on when she came to the convention, and it hadn't even occurred to her in her fantasies, but now that the idea was presented to her, she couldn't resist. She creamed all over Ben's deeply-buried cock as she thought about it.

"I could go for it," she grinned.

"Good girl," Ben said, starting to pump his cock in her juicy little cunt again. "Have a seat, Tony. I won't be much longer here."

"I sure as hell hope not," Tony sighed as he sat on the edge of the bed.

He had a great view of the action -- too great. While he sat there with an achingly stiff cock and engorged balls that felt ready to explode, he could watch Ben thrusting his rigid prick in and out of Sharon's hot little pussy hole. Ben's cock dripped with her pearly cream, and she was squealing with pleasure each time he rammed his throbbing hard-on to her womb. Tony would have given anything just then to be in his buddy's place. It was hell having to wait when he was so horny!

But at least he had something great to look forward to. Sharon would be the most beautiful girl he'd ever fucked, and she was very responsive, a real tiger. Her pretty face was contorted with lust as she took the steady deep thrusts of Ben's cock, and she was creaming uncontrollably. Her whole body was flushed with arousal, her big ripe tits swollen and stiff-nippled. She was a truly sex-loving woman, exactly the kind of girl Tony wanted to fuck.

So he waited breathlessly and watched his friend fucking the girl. As Ben's arousal mounted, he got red in the face, and sweat began to bead on his forehead. His teeth flashed in a lusty snarl, and he fucked faster and faster into Sharon's juicy little cunt till her body shook and shuddered with the impact. But she clearly didn't mind his roughness. She moaned hoarsely as she took his pile-driving cock, her face twisted in ecstasy.

"Ooooooo, yeah, fuck it to me, fuck it to me," she whimpered, "give it to me as hard as you can, Ben."

Tony was almost coming just from watching her and hearing her. He'd never seen a girl who loved to fuck so much. Her cream was gushing out uncontrollably now, flooding around Ben's pistoning prick, running down her thighs. The pearly liquid soaked Ben's cock, balls and belly. His cock was making an obscene sucking noise as it reamed out all that molten juice. Tony shivered with lust, aching to stuff his swollen prick in that juice-filled hole. He prayed that Ben would get off quickly.

"Unnnnnhhhhh, I'm almost there," Sharon was whining, "just a little more, baby, I'm gonna come."

Ben leered up at her as she rode his hammering cock, then decided to give her a little help. He reached out and caught her erect red clit between his fingers and began kneading it. Sharon screeched with pleasure and soaked his lower belly with another helpless flood of cream. As he kneaded her clit, she began to come right before Tony's lust-glazed eyes. He'd never had such a good and complete view of a woman in climax, and it turned him on insanely. Her whole body shook and writhed, her big heavy tits swinging wildly from side to side. She threw back her head and screamed.

"Ahhhhh, you did it to me, I'm coming!" she howled.

Tony almost came, too, as he watched her. Her whole body was involved in that gigantic explosion of pleasure. Her face was screwed into a mask of ecstasy, head weaving, hair flying. She almost fell off Ben's pistoning cock, and he had to hold her tight by the waist till she finished coming. Then he looked up at her with a wicked gleam in his eye, and Tony sensed that his friend had something very kinky in mind.

"I'm about to come, baby," Ben said hoarsely. "How about eating it?"

"Mmmmmm, yessss," Sharon moaned.

With lightning speed she was off his cock and kneeling between his legs. She opened her lips as wide as she could and crammed his stiff prick into her mouth. It spread her lips hugely. She fisted the thick base of his prick and started pumping the rest in the steam heat of her mouth. She drew in her cheeks and sucked greedily at his violently throbbing cock, and Ben closed his eyes in total bliss and dug his fingers into the bedspread. He was panting, his body flushed with hot arousal.

"Yeah, baby, suck my cock," he groaned, "suck it good and hard."

Tony was almost groaning himself as he watched. It was easy to imagine how hot and juicy her mouth would feel around a guy's naked swollen cock. And this beautiful girl not only loved to fuck, she adored giving head! She sucked at Ben's big stiff prick like she hadn't eaten in a week, and she made greedy gurgling noises as she suctioned the hot cream from his piss hole and gobbled it all down. Tony hoped he could persuade her to do the same for him before the day was over.

"Mmmmmm, uuummmmm," she moaned, her throat muscles working busily as she swallowed Ben's steaming cock cream.

"Ahhhhhhh, shit, I'm gonna come," Ben groaned. "Get ready, honey, I'm gonna give you plenty to eat!"

"Uuuummmmm!" was Sharon's reply.

She couldn't say much with her mouth crammed full of cock, but she still let Ben know how eager she was to eat his come. She sucked furiously on his prick, her auburn hair flying, her head jerking fast. She drooled all over the massive head of his prick, and she pumped the base of his cock in her hot little fist. Everything she did was urging him toward orgasm, and though he wished he could prolong the pleasure she was giving him, he was just too horny to hold out any longer. He lost control of himself and began fucking her mouth, his hips jerking fast. Sharon felt the first hot sizzle of come against the back of her throat.

"Eat it, baby, I'm coming, aaaggghhh!" Ben roared.

"Thank God," Tony muttered.

His cock gave a lusty lurch as he watched his buddy come. Soon it would be his turn with their beautiful guest. Ben's eyes were screwed shut in total bliss as he shot his load down the girl's greedily gulping throat. Sharon was moaning with excitement as she kept her mouth fill with the steaming salty jizz, then swallowed it. It seemed an eternity to Tony before she finally raised her head and let Ben's prick slip from her mouth. She licked her lips to get the very last drops of his come.

"Ahhhhhh, fantastic," Ben sighed.

"Move over," Tony said, "it's my turn."

"Tony, where are your manners?" Ben teased. "At least give Sharon time to catch her breath."

Tony groaned. His cock felt ready to explode.

But Ben took his time about getting out of the way. He stretched, yawned, and very slowly rolled to the side of the bed. The second he was out of the way, Tony gave a horny growl and dove to the middle of the bed, grabbing for Sharon as he went. She giggled as he wrestled her down and started kissing her mouth, her neck, her big hot tits. He made greedy gobbling and snarling noises, as he tasted her for the first time. Sharon had never seen a man so horny -- and she loved it.

As he noisily kissed and licked her body, he was crawling between her legs and sinking down between her thighs. She felt his steel hard cock poking hard and hungrily against her pussy, and she whimpered with lust and opened her legs as wide as she could. She'd just finished a hard fuck with Ben, but already she was greedy for another orgasm. Tony's fat cock head hit the mark, splitting her delicate cunt lips and plowing into her body. She greeted it with a massive spurt of hot cream.

"Oooooooo, yeah, Tony, stick your cock in me," she moaned, "get into me, baby."

"Awwwww, Christ, your cunt's hot," he groaned.

Tony figured it was a miracle he didn't shoot his load as he plowed into her. Her cunt was fantastic -- so tight yet so slick, and hot as a blast furnace. He sheathed his cock greedily in that velvety tube, pushing all the way to her womb in one long hungry thrust. Then he paused to savor the sensation, his prick buried to the balls in her clinging, sucking pussy. She clung to him and whimpered with excitement, soaking his deeply lodged prick with hot cream. After just a second or so she began to writhe with lusty need.

"Come on, Tony, move," she whimpered, fuck me, baby, give it to me.

Tony gave a horny growl and shoved his hands under her wriggling ass. He got a good grip and began to stab his cock into her, hard and fast and deep. She let out a scream of delight and clawed at his shoulders. Each deep thrust of his prick seemed to give her intense pleasure, and she moaned and creamed helplessly. Grinning, Tony got a good hard rhythm going, his iron-hard cock reaming her juicy tight box.

"How about this, baby?" he leered. "This good enough for you?"

"Unnnhhhhh, yessss," Sharon moaned, "I love it, Tony, I love the way you're fucking me."

She wasn't just saying that to make him feel good. He was fucking her just the way she wanted it, nice and hard, reaming the hot cream out of her cunt and driving all the way to her womb. She was feeling so horny lately, she couldn't be satisfied by slow or gentle lovemaking. She needed to be fucked till her teeth rattled. She arched her body to take his hammering cock as deep as she could get it, and as her head lolled to one side she noticed that Ben was staring at her hungrily. She'd almost forgotten he was in the room, but now she was very much aware of him.

"Having a good time, doll?" he leered. "You like the way my buddy's fucking you?"

Sharon shivered with excitement. "I love it, Ben," she panted. "I'm so glad you asked Tony to join us."

Something about the scene made her aroused out of her mind. She loved having Ben watch as Tony fucked her. He gradually moved closer to get a better view, and Tony obliged him by going to his knees. Then Ben could watch his friend's rigid blue-veined cock pistoning in and out between Sharon's fur-fringed cunt lips and reaming out her hot sticky cream. Ben stared, glassy-eyed, and licked his lips.

"Fantastic," he breathed. "Why didn't we ever do this before? It's an incredible turn-on."

"We never found a girl who'd cooperate before," Tony said. "But I agree, this is great."

Sharon heard their discussion, of course, but her mind was on the hot blasts of pleasure she was getting as Tony's stiff cock plowed to her depths and raked the walls of her gripping cunt. She was hurtling helplessly towards climax, her clit deliciously rubbed by his sawing shaft. She kept her legs wide open and her body arched so she could get his jack-hammering cock as deep as possible. Her eyes rolled crazily then closed tightly in ecstasy as she felt herself approaching the edge.

"Ooooooo, baby, I'm almost there," she whimpered. "Fuck it to me real hard, Tony, as hard as you can."

"Excuse me," Tony said to Ben, "I gotta get back to work."

His ass knotted and jerked, his hips moving with lightning speed. He fucked into Sharon's greedily sucking cunt so hard that he made her body shake and quiver. Ben, watching intently, knew how much she loved that hard fucking. Now she was screaming with excitement, her pretty face all twisted and flushed with ecstasy. Her little pink tongue lolled out, and she was clawing the bed. He'd never seen a woman so insanely aroused. Then suddenly her body began to buck and jerk.

"Ahhhhh, shit, I'm coming, whhhaaahhh!" she howled.

"Jesus Christ," Tony gasped.

Ben knew exactly what he was feeling. Sharon's convulsing cunt was gripping and squeezing his cock, almost flattening it. Ben had experienced that fantastic sensation already, and he knew how difficult it was not to come while that was happening. Tony groaned, gritted his teeth, and fucked hard into her spasming cunt, obviously trying to prolong his pleasure as much as he could. He succeeded. Sharon convulsed for long delicious moments, then went limp, but Tony was still fucking her, his prick as stiff as before.

"Mmmmmmm, Tony, you greedy fucker," she laughed. "How about trying it another way?"

"Sure, baby," he laughed as he rolled off her, "I'll take it any way you wanta give it."

Sharon's real purpose was to give Ben a better view of the action. She wanted to turn him on and drive him wild with lust. Now she rolled onto her hands and knees and assumed the doggy position, her luscious little ass up in the air, and Tony eagerly got behind her, grasped her slim hips, and socked the swollen purple head of his prick between her delicate cunt lips. With a horny growl he plowed into her and she moaned with pleasure.

"Yesssss, get into meeeee," she hissed.

Already her strategy was having the desired effect. Ben watched Tony's long blue-veined cock gliding into her juicy little pussy hole and his own cock stiffened and rose, hugging his belly in a huge hard-on. Tony started pistoning his stiff cock in and out of her cunt, and it made a lewd wet sucking noise that drove Ben wild with horniness. His prick lurched and began to leak big hot globs of cream. His balls quickly swelled and he couldn't help imagining himself in his buddy's place, blissfully hammering his engorged prick in Sharon's velvety wet pussy hole. As Tony had already discovered, it was hell to have to wait for a turn.

But it was also an incredible turn-on to watch another couple fucking. Ben got as close as he could, his eyes hot with lusty excitement, his breathing heavy and harsh. He was fascinated with the sight of Tony's rigid cock jerking in and out of Sharon's little fur-fringed cunt mouth. Each time that thick slab of meat reappeared, it dripped thick pearly cream, and each time it vanished into her body, Sharon gave a hoarse moan of pleasure. The hot cream dripped down her inner thighs and puddled at her knees.

"Ooooooooo, Tony, you're fucking me so damned good," she squealed.

She crouched there with her pretty little ass up in the air, her big ripe tits bouncing and swinging with the impact of Tony's fucking. He was fucking her so hard she had to dig her nails into the bed to keep from being knocked over. But she wasn't complaining. Just the opposite -- the harder he fucked her, the better she liked it. Soon his flat belly was slapping loudly against her ass, and she was screaming her pleasure and creaming more heavily than ever. Her pretty face was starting to twist into a grimace of ecstasy.

"Unnnhhhhh, Tony, you big bastard, you're fucking me crazy," she moaned. "I love it, baby, don't ever stop."

Tony had a big triumphant grin on his face as he hammered his cock into her. "Don't worry, honey, I'll get you off," he leered.

Suddenly Ben had to get in on the fun. He just couldn't sit there quietly and politely, waiting for his turn. If he didn't get some action right away his cock was going to explode all over the room -- or at least that's how it felt. But he couldn't very well just shove his buddy aside and take over Sharon's cunt for himself. What to do? If only she had more than one hole to fuck!

Well, didn't she?

Ben's face lit up as he realized the solution to his problem. He crawled around in front of Sharon and sat there, his legs stretched out either side of her body, his steel-stiff cock standing right before her eyes. She had her eyes closed just then, totally absorbed in the hot blasts of pleasure she was getting from Tony's pile-driving prick, but when Ben rubbed his juicy cock head against her lips, her eyes popped open. She stared at the fat purple head of his cock and his drooling piss hole. She licked her lips.

"Yeah, baby, go for it," Ben rasped. "You can get both of us off at the same time, right?"

"Right," Sharon leered. "I'm so glad you thought of that, Ben."

Now Tony was opening his eyes and taking in the scene, and he snorted with laughter. "Ben, you lunatic," he cried, "you really think that's gonna work?"

"There's only one way to find out," Ben grinned.

Sharon agreed, and she could hardly wait to start the kinky experiment. It was beyond her wildest fantasies to get two men off at the same time, but she was eager to try. She opened her mouth wide and brought it down around Ben's stiff-standing cock, taking in all of it but the thick hairy base. That she couldn't take without choking. She began to suck ravenously, her cheeks drawn in sharply, her throat muscles rippling as she gobbled up all his oozing cock juice.

"Mmmm-hmmmmm, mmmmmmmm," she moaned.

"I figured she'd go for this," Ben chuckled. Tony realized that his friend's plan was going to work out just fine, and he felt insanely aroused. He'd never imagined a scene like this, fucking a girl's searing wet cunt while she sucked off his friend. He snorted with lust and fucked into her even harder than before, and she gave muffled moans of pleasure and drenched his prick with sizzling cream. As her excitement mounted, she sucked faster and harder on Ben's cock, and Ben's face twisted into a grimace of lust, his nostrils flaring, his teeth flashing.

"Ahhhhhhhh, shit, that's good," he groaned, "that's out of sight, baby. Keep sucking, don't stop."

"Awwwwwww, Jesus, her cunt's so fucking hot," Tony growled. "Hang on, honey, I'm gonna fuck the living shit out of you."

He pulled out all the stops and fucked into her as hard as he could. She was pitched forward by the impact, her head smashing into Ben's lap, his cock spearing tight down her throat. He quickly put his hands on her shoulders to brace her, but she didn't pull her head back. She had his whole prick now, half in her mouth and half in her throat, and she wasn't choking. She was moaning with excitement. Her throat was fantastically hot and tight around his cock, and Ben bellowed and started to come.

"Eat my come, baby, eat it, aaagghhhhh!" he roared.

His excitement was infectious. Tony watched his face contort and his eyes roll shut as he jetted load after load of hot jizz down Sharon's throat. It made Tony lusty out of his mind to watch, and he gave a hoarse bellow and started flooding Sharon's womb with sizzling come. That in turn triggered Sharon's climax. The first hot spurt of come set off the delicious convulsions for her, and she gave a muffled scream and rocketed off into a body jerking orgasm.

"Unnnnhhhhhh, unnnnggghhhh!" she moaned.

"Ahhhhhhh, fuck, shit, aaahhhhhhh!" Tony roared.

Afterwards they all agreed that they'd better get back to their work, but the two young salesmen invited Sharon to have dinner with them. Ordinarily she would have declined because she'd decided not to make love twice to the same man. But in this case she decided to make an exception. After all, the experience she'd had with Ben and Tony wasn't exactly your average fuck. She looked forward to seeing them again that evening.


As she was leaving the final meeting of the convention, Sharon saw Ben waiting for her outside the auditorium. He was a welcome sight. The last minutes of the meeting had seemed to drag on and on, and Sharon couldn't help it when her mind wandered to her favorite subject -- sex. She felt desperately horny and she greeted Ben with a big smile.

"Can I guy you a drink?" he asked, already steering her towards the cocktail lounge.

"Sure," she said, "where's Tony?"

"We'll be meeting him a little later," Ben answered. "He's setting up a surprise for you."

"A surprise?" she exclaimed. "What do you mean?"

"If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise," Ben laughed. "But I promise you, baby, you'll love it."

The suspense was maddening, especially when Ben insisted on staying through two rounds of martinis. It would take Tony that long to arrange the "surprise", he said. Sharon was grateful for the drinks after the long session she'd just put in, but she was also very horny, and she wondered why she and Ben couldn't just go to his room and get it on while they were waiting for Tony. Then, just as she was running out of patience, Ben looked at his watch and said, "Well, I guess we can go now."

"Where are we going?" Sharon asked.

"To the room," Ben grinned. "That's where the surprise is."

"Oh, I bet I know what it is now," Sharon laughed. "Tony's going to pop naked out of a cake."

Ben wouldn't enlighten her and she quivered with curiosity as they rode the elevator to his floor. When the got to his room, he knocked, and she heard Tony call for them to come in. Ben unlocked the door and gave Sharon a little push inside, and the next thing she knew an incredibly handsome young man leaped in front of her, stark naked. She was open-mouthed with astonishment. He was a husky six-footer, with dark hair and mustache, and he had a fantastic body.

"Hi," he leered, "I'm Mark, and I'm your surprise. I sure hope you're Sharon, otherwise I'm in a lot of trouble."

Sharon began to laugh. Ben came in and chain-locked the door, and he and Tony came over to her grinning. "We figured the more, the merrier," Tony explained. "We knew our friend Mark was in town, so we invited him to join the party. What do you think, Sharon?"

"You're all crazy," she laughed. Then her eyes swept over Mark's powerful hairy-chested body, and she added, "But it was very thoughtful of you to have this nice surprise for me."

She and Mark locked eyes, and she felt her pussy going wet and scorching hot. He pulled her to him and gave her a deep, hot, sensuous tongue kiss, and she melted against him, her hot cream spurting through her panties. Mark was a complete stranger to her, but he turned her on like crazy. And since this was to be her last night of fun, she was primed to let go completely, to do whatever wild thing occurred to her.

Tomorrow she'd be home again, in that small town where you couldn't even sneeze without everybody knowing about it. And she'd be alone, now that thing. Were ruined between her and Bob. She didn't like to think about that. So for tonight, she'd just grab for the fun she could get. She let the handsome stranger probe her mouth with his long hot tongue. Then he broke the kiss, scooped Sharon up in his arms, and carried her over to the bed. He set her down and began undressing her.

"Sharon, I just know you and I are gonna be friends," he leered.

He hadn't had a hard-on when she first walked into the room. At that time he hadn't known if she'd appeal to him or not. Now it was plain that she did. His cock was hugely engorged, weaving stiffly before him as he bent over her and removed her shoes, pantyhose and dress. As he took off her bra and panties, she was shivering with excitement. Something about his gentle but sure touch told her that Mark was an expert lover. Starting to breathe heavily, he slid onto the bed beside her.

"Hey, Mark," Tony called. "Nobody said you could be first."

"Yeah, Mark, we just wanted you here for decoration," Ben teased.

"Fuck you guys," Mark replied in a friendly tone.

He reached for Sharon's big melon-shaped tits and began molding and squeezing them, and she purred with pleasure. Tony and Ben drifted over, drinks in their hands, and sat on either side of the bed to watch. Sharon found that terrifically exciting. Maybe she was an exhibitionist or something, but she really got off on having an audience. She didn't feel at all bashful as the two men watched Mark fondling her naked tits.

Mark rubbed his thumbs back and forth over her cone-shaped red nipples and quickly teased them into long stiff buds. That way they were twice as sensitive, and Sharon squealed with pleasure when he bent, low and started sucking her nipples, darting from one to the other. Hot juice spurted uncontrollably from her cunt and soaked the insides of her though. Hungrily she eyed Mark's cock and watched it drool thick streams of juice. She knew it was going to be an incredible night, with three horny young men to fuck her.

She'd have one stiff cock after another, and she didn't intend to quit using them till she was fucked raw. This would be her last chance, for a long, long time to enjoy herself sexually without having it broad casted all over town. In the big city nobody knew her, nobody cared what she did. So tonight she could be a complete slut. She gurgled with excitement as Mark sucked her throbbing nipples and left them glistening with his spit. Then he quickly kissed and tongued his way down her body, into her soft warm bush.

"Open your legs for me, Sharon," he said in a muffled voice, "open them wide."

Moaning with eagerness, Sharon bent her knees and spread her legs. Mark crawled between her wide-open thighs and pressed his face against her scorching, wet pussy. She felt his big thick tongue creeping up her cunt, and she threw back her head and whined with excitement. There was nothing she liked better than feeling a big hot tongue up her pussy. He shoved it in clear to the root, and she felt it throbbing against every inch of her gripping cuntal tube. He probed around in her steamy depths, giving her hot blasts of pleasure.

"Ooooooooo, yesssss," she hissed, "eat me out, baby, give me that big old tongue."

While those delicious sensations radiated from deep inside her cunt, she became aware again of her audience. On either side of her Tony and Ben were sitting, breathing harshly and watching with lust-glazed eyes. They were still dressed, and the flies of their pants were sharply tented. That turned Sharon on like mad. Both those big hard-ons were for her. She wasn't going to run out of stiff cock for hours. It was like a dream come true, after all her years of loneliness and sexual frustration.

If she could ever get enough fucking, tonight would be the night. If she was ever going to satisfy her hot lust, this had to be her chance. She gurgled and creamed all over Mark's face as he noisily reamed out her cunt with his long slick tongue. He scooped out her tangy cream and ate it with lusty growling noises, then probed for more. Sharon was panting and whimpering with the need to come. His hungry tonguing was driving her to a fever pitch of lust.

But just as she thought she had to get off or die of need, Mark whipped his tongue from her cunt and rolled away from her, onto his back. Whimpering with frustration, Sharon turned and stared at him. He was grinning broadly, and his massive eight-inch prick was standing straight up, pointing lewdly at the ceiling. It was leaking thick streams of hot juice. Sharon eyed that thick slab of meat and moaned with longing. She felt like she'd go crazy if she didn't get off.

"Come here, baby," Mark grinned, "and I'll take you for a nice ride."

Sharon didn't have any pride left. All she had was the uncontrollable need to be fucked. Panting, she crawled over to him, her ripe tits swaying, Tony and Ben watching her lustily. She climbed over Mark's body and straddled him, bringing her dripping cunt mouth down to touch that tantalizing cock. The knob-like purple head of his prick met the opening of her cunt, and she creamed all over the fleshy bulb. Mark snorted lustily and grabbed her by the waist.

"Hang on, honey," he leered, "this could get rough."

Sharon hoped so. She needed to be fucked roughly. She needed to be fucked till she couldn't take another second of it. Maybe then she'd finally take care of the burning need in her pussy. Mark growled and pushed into her, cramming her cunt full of thick throbbing cock, and she threw back her head and howled with pleasure. He started fucking her hard and fast, and she whimpered and creamed all over his pistoning prick. Dizzily she noticed Tony and Ben scooting closer to watch.

"Unnnhhhhh, yeah, Mark, fuck it to me," she moaned, "fuck my pussy good and hard."

Mark grinned at his friends. "Hey, you guys weren't shitting me," he said. "She's really something else."

Mark really hadn't believed his long-time friends when they told him they'd found a girl who was fantastically beautiful and would probably fuck all three of them. But since he didn't have anything else to do that night, he decided to go along with the joke. He was supposed to jump naked in front of the girl and introduce himself. What he expected to encounter when the door opened was Ben with a camera. So he was really blown away when he encountered Sharon instead.

And he was even more flabbergasted when she immediately went for the idea of fucking all three of them. There was no argument, no hesitation. For some mysterious reason, this lovely girl was horny out of her mind. Mark could feel how terrifically hot her cunt was inside, how slick with juice. And each time he plowed his swollen cock into her, she wailed with pleasure. He'd been around, and he knew she wasn't faking her response. She was loving his fucking, and she wasn't bothering to hide it.

Still he loved to hear her say it. "Am I fucking you good, honey?" he leered.

"Mmmmmmmm, you sure are, Mark," she moaned. "Just don't stop, baby, keep fucking me forever."

Mark seemed ready to do just that. He was a regular machine, fucking away hard and tirelessly. Tony and Ben, hotly aroused by watching him, began to get impatient. First Ben started taking off his clothes, then Tony, so they'd be ready for action the moment their friend finished with Sharon. But that could be a long time from now, judging from how Mark looked. He wasn't even flushed or sweating. He was just lying there with a big grin on his face and pistoning his stiff cock in the girl's juice-dripping cunt.

"Unnnhhhh, mmmmmmmm, that's so damned good," she moaned.

Looking at Sharon just made things worse for the two horny men. Her pretty face was twisted in a lusty grimace and her big heavy tits were jiggling enticingly with the force of Mark's fucking. They could see his thick blue veined cock slamming in and out of her cunt, dripping with her cream, and each time he shoved into her, she gave a hoarse moan of delight. Tony and Ben were ready to yell with need, but Mark seemed in no hurry to finish.

"You know what?" Ben sighed. "I'm beginning to be sorry we invited this turkey."

"I'm with you, buddy," Tony moaned. "Looks like he's never gonna get off."

"I don't know what you two are complaining about," Sharon giggled. "I think he's terrific!"

"There, you hear that?" Mark chuckled. "What do you guys know?"

"Just get off, for chrissake," Ben moaned. "My cock's about to explode."

Sharon got off on all their horseplay and their hints about how badly they wanted to fuck her. But of course what excited her most was Mark's huge hard cock plowing in her cunt. Gradually she tighten fed her greedy little cunt, making more and more hot friction between the cock and cunt, and soon the pleasure was building in her pussy till she couldn't stand it any longer. She let her head rolled back, and she screwed her eyes shut. She knew she was just seconds away from a body-wracking climax.

"Do it to me, do it to meeeee," she squealed, "fuck me hard, Mark, make me come."

"I'll do better than that, baby," he leered.

Still hammering his big prick hard and deep in her gripping cunt, he reached out and caught her swollen clit between his thumb and forefinger. He gave it a brisk massage, sending hot jolts of pleasure ripping through her pussy. With both her clit and her cunt deliciously stimulated, there was no way she could keep from coming, even if she'd wanted to. She gave a hoarse wail and felt a violent explosion of pleasure deep in her cunt, an explosion which quickly engulfed her whole body.

"Ahhhhhhhhh God, you did it, I'm coming!" she screamed.

The three men nearly came along with her. Her body swayed, her big tits weaving back and forth, and thick floods of juice shot from her cunt, spurting out around the thick base of Mark's cock. The molten come-cream soaked her thighs and his belly. He watched her with hot lusty eyes, his prick deliciously squeezed by her convulsing pussy. Ben and Tony impatiently waited for him to lose control and shoot his load into her hotly sucking cunt, but to their disappointment he managed to hold out.

"Unnnhhhh, shit, I'm coming so good," Sharon whimpered.

"Hey, Mark, aren't you ever gonna get off?" Ben demanded.

"Yeah, come on, man, give us a turn," Tony cried.

Mark glanced at them with a bussed-out expression on his face. "Shit, mail," he drawled, "I'm just getting started."

Sharon heard all this as she was coming down from her climax, and it gave her some pretty kinky ideas. She was sure there had to be a way she could satisfy three guys at the same time, and some very interesting possibilities came to her mind. She was sure her partners wouldn't object to her plans. As she enjoyed the delicious after-shocks of her climax, she was already horny again just from thinking of what she wanted to do with these guys. She felt Mark's thick cock still hard and throbbing in her cunt and she creamed all over it.

"Mminmmmmmm," she purred, giving his dick a hard squeeze with her strong young cunt muscles. "That feels so good, Mark."

"Ready for another hard ride?" he leered.

"Aw, come on, Mark," Ben moaned, "what are you trying to prove? You don't have to go all night, for chrissake."

"Yeah, we invited you to join the party, not hog the girl," Tony protested.

They weren't joking any longer. They were getting really desperate and pissed off. It was time for Sharon to announce her plan.

"Don't worry, you guys," she grinned, "I think I know a way to get you all off at once."

"Far out!" Mark exclaimed.

It wasn't that he hadn't wanted to share -- he just couldn't think of a way to do it. Tony and Ben looked eager, too. Sharon felt dizzy with lust as she prepared to carry out her kinky scheme. Could she really go through with it? Would it actually work? Well, there was only one way to find out. She slid down as far as she could on the granite column of Mark's cock, taking his throbbing meat clear to her womb. She leaned forward a little, raising her ass and exposing her pussy from behind.

"Ben," she panted, "get behind me. Fuck me in the ass."

"Fantastic," Ben said, his voice croaky with lust.

His cock wagged stiffly and dripped hot cream as he crawled over behind her. He had a look of insane arousal on his face, which didn't surprise Sharon at all. She'd known from the moment she met him that Ben had a dirty mind, and she loved him for it. That was why she'd assigned him the role of ass-fucker she knew he'd really go for it. Now he knelt behind her, straddling Mark's legs, and touched the drooling head of his prick to the tiny puckered mouth of her ass.

"You sure you can take it?" he asked.

"Yes," she moaned, "go ahead, stick it in me."

Ben gave a lusty snort and popped the fat hard head of his prick inside the tight-muscled mouth of her asshole. Sharon gurgled with excitement and creamed hugely around Mark's pistoning cock. Mark wasn't letting up a bit, still fucking into her eagerly as Ben worked his cock up her ass. Ben was careful not to hurt her, but he could hardly contain his lust, pushing into her steadily, working his thick hot cock deeper and deeper into her deliciously tight and scorching asshole.

"Ahhhhhh, Christ, it's tight," he moaned.

"Jesus, I can feel your cock now," Mark exclaimed. "This is really kinky."

"It sure the fuck is!" Ben leered. "Yeah, I can feel your cock now. Jesus, that makes it tight."

Sharon could fell both thick throbbing slabs of meat cramming her belly, and they were separated only by a thin wall of flesh. She was stuffed so full of cock she could hardly breathe, but she felt outrageously turned on. At last Ben pushed the final inch into her steaming ass and he paused to catch his breath. Then he started fucking her ass, matching Mark's strokes so that they both thrust into her at the same instant. The pleasure was incredible.

"Ahhhhhh, God, yessss," Sharon wailed, "fuck my cunt, fuck my ass."

All the while this was going on, Tony was inching closer and closer to watch, his cock hugging his belly in a fierce hard-on and drooling big globs of hot cream. He looked like he was eating his heart out as he watched his two buddies pistoning their cocks in her cunt and ass. Sharon didn't blame him for feeling left out, but she was about to end his misery.

"Tony," she panted, "come over here and let me suck your cock."

"Now that's an offer I can't refuse!" he leered.

It was somewhat of an engineering problem, but he managed to get in place, straddling Mark's torso and resting the drooling head of his prick on Sharon's full red lips. She opened her mouth greedily and let him glide his throbbing cock over her tongue till she had a hot mouthful of cock. She closed her lips around the hot shaft and drew in her cheeks. As she started sucking his cock, Tony gave a hoarse moan of bliss.

"Yeah, baby, suck my cock meat," he cried.

"Jesus, she wasn't kidding," Mark panted, "she really can make it with three guys at once!"

"Somehow I'm not surprised," Ben chuckled.

Sharon knew just what he meant. There seemed to be no end to her lust, no limit to her capacity when it came to sex. But maybe tonight she'd finally be satisfied. If three lusty young studs making love to her all night didn't do the job, then her situation was hopeless. Seething with excitement, she sucked hungrily on Tony's tasty cock, giving muffled moans of pleasure as she took the two pistoning pricks in her cunt and asshole. With that kind of stimulation, it wasn't long before she began to come.

"Unnnhhhhhh, unnnnggghhh!" she moaned, gulping furiously at Tony's prick.

"Ahhhhhhhh, shit, eat it, baby," he groaned, "eat my cum!"

Her mouth was suddenly flooded with his steaming jizz, and as she was swallowing it she felt hot spurts of come deep in her cunt and ass. Ben and Mark were bellowing as they came. All four people were writhing and moaning together like some strange eight legged creature, combined in a gigantic mutual climax. Sharon came hard, almost blacking out with pleasure. When they finally rolled apart, she collapsed, panting.

"Get that lady a drink," Ben grinned. "She needs something to pick her up, cause it's gonna be a long night."


The convention was over, and Sharon was flying home. She looked out the window of the plane but didn't see anything. She was lost in thought, wondering why she felt so empty. She'd had some incredible adventures, some fantastic sex -- so why wasn't she satisfied? She'd finally taken care of all her stored-up lust, yet she still felt something was missing from her life. Sex alone just wasn't enough.

It didn't take her long to figure out that what she missed was her fiancee, Bob Grant. She missed his affection, the fact that he cared about her, that she wasn't just a body to him. With all those other men, it had been strictly sex, and though the sex had been wonderful, it wouldn't satisfy her loneliness. She desperately needed the love Bob had offered her -- but she'd lost it. Maybe she should have been more understanding about that other girl, maybe she shouldn't have walked out on him in anger.

But it was too late now. Sharon felt like crying as the plane landed and she gathered up her hand luggage. Then as she walked into the small-town air terminal, she was astonished to see Bob waving at her and grinning. And clinging to his arm was that strange girl she'd seen him with before. Stunned, not knowing what to do, Sharon just stood there as they hurried over to her.

"Honey, I'm so glad you're back," Bob exclaimed. "You didn't give me a chance to explain. This is my sister, Lynn."

"Oh, my God," Sharon gasped, clapping a hand to her mouth. She blushed beet-red. "I feel like an idiot!"

"It was an understandable mistake," Lynn smiled. "But you ought to know that Bob's been frantic. He was afraid you'd never speak to him again."

Bob and Sharon fell into each other's arms, and Lynn watched with an approving smile. It turned out she was on her way home after her visit with her brother, and Sharon and Bob escorted her to her plane and saw her, off.

Then they picked up Bob's car and drove the short distance into town. Sharon cuddled close to her fiancee and rested her hand on his knee, not wanting to be parted from him ever again. As he drove up in front of her house, she looked up at him pleadingly.

"I've been such a fool, Bob," she said. "Please let me make it up to you?"

"Just what did you have in mind?" he grinned.

"I think you can guess," Sharon purred.

They hurried into the house, and Sharon locked the door and drew the drapes. To hell with what her nosy small-town neighbors might think. She and Bob flew into each other's arms, kissing hotly and using their tongues, pawing each other, rubbing crotches. It was a blatantly sexual reunion, but it was more than that. It was a way of saying that they couldn't do without each other and never wanted to be apart again. Sharon quickly forgot all the other men she'd fucked in the last few days. Bob was the only one who mattered, to her.

They finally came up for air and started stripping off their clothes, too frantically horny for each other to make the short trip to the bedroom. The living room rug would just have to do. Sharon was creaming right through her panties as she tore off her clothes, and Bob had a massive hard-on, his wrist-thick eight incher hugging his belly and drooling thick streams of juice. Naked, they slumped to the floor and Sharon dived for her fiancee's cock, cramming it into her mouth and caving in her cheeks with the first greedy suck.

"Ahhhhh, Jesus," Bob moaned.

The sight was enough to make him forget all about their recent misunderstanding. Sharon knelt beside him, her big ripe tits grazing his body, her lips hugely stretched as she crammed his lust-swollen prick into her mouth. She took as much as she could without choking, and she fisted and pumped the rest. Her mouth was hot as fire around his cock, her sucked-in cheek linings juicy and velvety. She began to suck as if she hadn't eaten in a week, hungrily suctioning his salty cream out of his piss hole. Bob felt hot streaks of pleasure tearing through his prick and balls.

"Baby, that's great," he moaned, "but I wanta play with your pussy while you're blowing me. Scoot around here."

He was on his back, and it was easy for Sharon to maneuver herself into the sixty-nine position without letting his cock slip from her hungrily sucking mouth. She threw a leg over him and presented him with her luscious-looking red pussy and its fringe of fine reddish brown curls. Bob grasped her pretty little ass and drew her into tonguing range, drooling at the sight of all that juicy pink flesh. He stabbed at her pussy with the stiff tip of his tongue and felt her shiver with excitement.

"Mmmmmmm, mmmnmmmm," she moaned.

Bob began lashing his greedy tongue all over her sizzling, tangy-tasting pussy, and hungrily gobbling up her thick cream. Sharon experienced hot stabs of pleasure, and her aroused cunt gushed more musky juice for him to eat. She sucked ravenously on his big hard cock, drawing the salty cream from his piss hole and gobbling it down as fast as she could get it. The room echoed with the obscene wet sounds of their tonguing and sucking.

Sharon wanted to kiss and lick and taste and suck every inch of her fiancee's exciting male body, but unfortunately she could only do one area at a time. She sucked strongly on his prick, sheathing it in the hot wet folds of her cheeks and tongue, and she gave muffled moans and whimpers of pleasure as he tongue whipped her hotly aroused pussy. Then suddenly he crammed his whole thick tongue up her cunt, and she almost flew off the rug, the pleasure was so sudden and violent.

"Uuuummmmmmmmmm," she moaned.

Bob began tongue-fucking her hard and hungrily, stretching his big slippery tongue almost to her womb. Sharon was insanely excited as she felt his tongue probing deep and tickling every inch of her greedily gripping cuntal tube. She drooled all over his big throbbing cock and sucked even harder for his juice. It wasn't long before she was hovering on the very brink of climax, his tongue giving her long delicious stabs of pleasure as it pistoned deep in her seething twat.

Two, maybe three more thrusts of his tongue, and she was coming like a bomb. She threw her head back, his wet cock snapping from her lips, and she screamed.

"Ahhhhhhh, Bob, honey, I'm coming!" she shouted. "Ohhhhhh, shit, am I coming!"

She crouched there wailing and convulsing as Bob hungrily tongue-fucked her through that body-wracking orgasm. He gobbled up her molten come-cream as it spurted from her cunt, then reamed her spasming pussy for more. Sharon climaxed for almost a full minute, then panted and whimpered with the delicious after-shocks. Only when she went totally still and sighed with satisfaction did Bob draw his cream-soaked tongue from her pussy.

"Mmmmmmm, baby, that was fantastic," she sighed. "Now let me suck you off."

"Uh-uh," Bob leered. "There's only one place I wanta cream my cock, and that's in your hot little cunt!"

He slid out from under her and knelt behind her, caressing her shapely little ass. She shivered lustily as he petted her, then whimpered with excitement when he wedged the engorged purple head of his cock into the tight-muscled mouth of her cunt. His swollen prick pushed her pussy lips wide apart. She creamed heavily, helplessly, all over the head of his cock, then moaned eagerly as he plowed his stiff meat into her.

"Oooooooo, yes, give it to me, Bob, stick your big hard cock in meeeee," she squealed.

He shoved it all the way into her, butting her womb and reaming every inch of her greedily gripping cunt, and then he started fucking into her in quick hard strokes that made her squeal with excitement. Each lusty thrust of his rock-hard prick tugged at her pussy lips and gave her a delicious rush of sensation that made her cream like crazy. Soon his posting cock was dripping with her juice.

"Good for you, baby?" he growled.

"Unnnhhhhh, Bob, I love it," she whimpered, "I want you to fuck me forever."

"Just what I had in mind," he leered.

Bob had been around, and he'd fucked dozens of girls but none of them had been more fun to fuck than his beautiful fiancee. And that wasn't just because Sharon was a lovely girl with a fantastic body. It was also because she responded. She loved his fucking, and she didn't try to hide it. There was no false modesty about this girl and certainly no frigidity. Her cunt was searing hot, greedily clinging, and slippery with her sizzling juices. She adored his cock, and she let him know it.

"Unnnnhhhh, baby, I love how you're fucking me," she moaned, "I just love it."

"I love your hot little pussy," Bob leered.

He also very much liked the nice view he had. He could watch her lusty reactions to his fucking -- the way she clawed the bed, the way she writhed with pleasure, and the way her big tits swung back and forth with the impact of his hammering cock in her juice-filled cunt. Even more exciting, he could watch his cock slamming in and out between her swollen pink cunt lips, reaming put her cream. Each time he rammed into her, she gave a hoarse moan of delight.

"Ooooooooo, yessssss, Bob, it's so fucking good," she whimpered. "I love your big old cock, baby, I love it."

Bob had never heard her talk like that before. One of the things that had first turned him on about her was the challenge. She'd seemed so prim and remote, so hard to get to. But he liked the change even more. He liked breaking through her resistance and turning her into a hot-cunted howling slut. He watched his thick cock forcing her hot cream and making it flood down her legs. He knew his cock was driving her out of her mind with pleasure, and that made him crazy with lust, too.

"Take it, baby, take my cock," he growled.

"Oooooo, yeah, give it to me," Sharon squealed, "fuck me as hard as you can, baby."

Bob accepted the invitation and fucked into her like a pile-driver, his belly smacking hard and loud against her raised ass. He feared he might hurt her, but he needn't have worried. The harder he pounded his cock into her, the more excited she got, and the more heavily she creamed, soaking his prick with the molten liquid. She dug her nails harder into the bedspread and whimpered steadily as his jackhammering prick drove her over the edge and into another violent orgasm.

"Oooooooo, Bob, ooooooo, I'm coming!" she screamed. "Ahhhhhhh, Christ," he groaned.

It was a miracle he didn't come. Sharon's spasming cunt was sucking and tugging at his cock as if trying to suction the jizz right out of his balls. Her pussy was flaming hot, and it went into a delicious squeezing action that almost got him off. But Bob wasn't ready to come yet. This was their reunion after all, and he wanted it to be a session they'd never forget. Besides, he'd gotten pretty damned horny during the week without his fiancee. He just barely managed to keep from shooting his load as she squealed and rocked and creamed her way through that body blasting climax.

"Unnnhhhhh, Bob, I'm coming so good," she moaned.

As he rode out her climax and tried to ignore the fantastic squeezing action of her cunt, he noticed the tiny puckered mouth of her asshole. It was opening and closing to the rhythm of her spasms, keeping time with her climax, as if it, too, were involved in those convulsions of pleasure. And maybe it was. Maybe her ass was just as responsive and lusty as her cunt. Suddenly Bob knew he wouldn't rest till he found out. He had to get his cock into that tiny hot hole and see what it was, like and he had a hunch that Sharon wouldn't... raise a lot of objections.

While she was still shivering with the delicious after-shocks of her climax, he slipped his juice-soaked cock put of her cunt and trailed it backward over her swollen pussy till the hard head was touching the puckered opening of her asshole. He tubbed the juicy knob of flesh around over the tiny mouth, and Sharon whimpered and wriggled her ass a little, letting him know that she liked his idea so far. Panting with lust, nostrils flaring, he set the head of his prick against her asshole and began pushing gently but steadily. Incredibly, the tiny opening expanded and admitted him.

"Yesssssss," Sharon hissed, "yesssss."

She felt indescribable excitement as her handsome fiancee worked his wrist-thick prick up her ass. The fit was so tight that it took a long time, but the farther in he got, the more insanely aroused she felt. Her asshole was very sensitive, and she could feel his prick throbbing against every inch of that tight hot passage. It was several minutes before she finally felt his coarse-haired balls come to rest against her pussy. The entire length of his cock was pulsating inside her steaming ass.

"Ooooooo, Bob, it's driving me crazy," she whimpered.

"You and me both," he chuckled. "Now hang on, baby, cause I'm gonna fuck your little ass good."

"Unnnhhhh, yeah, do it to me," Sharon cried, almost sobbing with lust. "Fuck my ass!"

As always, his technique was just right. He began slowly and sensuously, gliding his long, throbbing cock to the depths of her asshole and just as slowly pulling back. Her ass relaxed and expanded as her arousal mounted. In a few minutes she was writhing and pumping her ass, signaling her need for more action. Bob responded with a snort of lust and began fucking harder, faster, into her deliciously snug and steamy ass. He worked up her need and her excitement till he was ass-fucking her hard, making her body quiver with the impact.

"Ahhhhhhh, yeah, give it to me," Sharon moaned, "fuck my ass good, honey. Fuck me hard."

"Jesus, it's tight," Bob groaned, "so fuckin' tight and hot!"

Somehow he'd managed to hold out up to now, but he couldn't last another second. Her ass was so incredibly tight and squeezing, so hot and throbbing, that his balls exploded with their thick load and he shot his jizz into her bowels. He went out of control, fucking into her like a maniac, his belly smacking her ass.

"Ahhhhhhhh, shit, fuck, aaaggghhhhh!" he bellowed, his hips jerking with lightning speed.

"Cream me, Bob, give it to me!" Sharon gasped. "Ohhhhhhhh, baby, you're making me come!"

She gurgled and moaned with ecstasy as her fiancee shot load after load of sizzling come up her ass. She realized that she'd never need another man as long as she had Bob, because Bob could do everything for her. Her little escapade in Los Angeles had been fun, and she wouldn't have missed it for the world, but now her partying days were over -- and she wasn't going to miss them at all.


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